Three's a charm? DNR tests soii again By Darroli Clem staff writer

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The sales hours are 9 a.m. to 9 pm. both days. f -, THE NEXT n the seres of free <>utdoor concerts wll be held,>at 0 pjn. Sunday by the Westland, Cultural Socety at the Westland - Meetng House, on Marquette, -\ Catf of Newburgn, Show tanas -wll be performed by a lve band *4d the evert co-sponsored by ^Ret^rta/Charfej RckerM and ^AseocateaL Mask fans are retfonded to brng ther lawn retalor blanket. \<f*j ;>;>;-.". ^THEWAYNE-Westland Soccer League s regsterng CpUyers for the fall season wth rgs-upforms avalable at Baley f Recreaton Center, on Ford east * #JNeWbargh. To be avalable ths vfall wll be ghs teams for those \& and under and 16 and under. ;.Personsmay also get regstraton forns at the Wayne Communty < Center, on Annapols and Howe, Wayne, or by callng «QtHEWAYNE- ;;W STLAND chapter of Parents Wthout Partners s plannng two major events for, Aug. 23, and Sunday, Aug. ^^Tbe Aqg. 23 event wll be a y^eheraj meetng for members an^ guests n the Am Vets Pott 171 Hall on Menmao near ^Avohdale. t wll start at 8 p.m., followed by a dance. ;. ; On Aug. 25, there wll be a socal evert, M Amgos Nght Out," startng at 7 pm n the W«Cellar of the Red Apple res^uraot, Mchgan Avemw at V«n«y. t s also open to the -^ ^tjforp»re nformaton on the _ /call»5-411«or 5»- w^.*x }.. fmw ffllmbebly. RODRGUEZ of Frankln /Hgh School was awarded a ftfetorup to attead the flae f. take Ftoe Arts sammar camp. ;!TW scholarshp s sponsored by a ^tansto masc company and < vahwd at 3» Emberly s the daejfcter of George and Pat gm WESTLAND Caatar recently two staff members as aftfmbnoth. for me center oa Bond watt of Wayne and Ctodt Pay, a drect w«vjk,">.;.--.. * j^.;;v. SaTHE WLDWOOD School PTA h loosng tor people Or groanstorant tables far ts S-H&t. J arts and crafls snow. TVe fannual tvent wn ha held»the school at P) N. WUdwood at m H8L RaataH art» for 4ft* ste-ft* table and 941 for two may can An* atm-lt*. By Darroll Clem staff wrter An attempted recall of three Wayne-Westland school board members ht a snag Wednesday, as Wayne County electons offcals rejected the proposed pettons that recall organzers had hoped, to crculate. But recall commttee charman Steven Lnd, sayng school board crtcs wont be deterred, vowed to reword the pettons and submt revsed versons ths week to the county electlos commsson^ "Ths s not gong to slop us. Well march forward," Llnd sad Wednesday, after county offcals rejected the pettons durng a hearng n Detrot. "We feel that (Kathleen Chbrbagan, Leonard Posey and Andrew Spsak) dd not.act n the best nterest of the people and students n the Wayne-Westland school dstrct, by cuttng educatonal programs and class tme. Whle n,the mdst of sad program cuts, an 11.9-percent pay ncrease was ratfed for teachers. Furthermore, (board members) voted to conduct mllage The recall, commttee must receve petton approval and collect sgnatures from 4,420 school dstrct voters before a specal recall electon can be held. The three-member commsson ruled that the pettons to oust school board members Kathleen Chorbagan, - Leonard Posey and Andrew Spsak lacked clear language. The dstrct ncludes most of Westland and part of Canton Townshp. The decson came after attorney Rchard James hred by the three board members blasted the.recallpettons for what he called "plan false" and/msleadng* statements. Attendng the hearng were Lnd, hs wfe, the targeted school board members, ther attorney, and electons for a 7.15-mU ncrease on four occasons, for the purpose of payng for addtonal wage ncreases for fve other school unons. The mllage was defeated thrte tmes, but was met wth further threats of educatonal programs, wth no attempt to restore prevous cuts, despte a fund balance n the mllons" Thte s not gong to stop us. Well march forward. -r-steven Lnd recall commttee charman Wayne-Westland Denns ONell. Superntendent JAMBS, ADDRESSNG the electons pommlsslpn, crtczed a petton allegaton that says board members "dldnot act n the best nterest" of.dstrct students and resdents. James called thetatement "woefully short of clarty" and sad he found t "mpossble to respond to." James sngled out Posey n opposng a petton allegaton that school board members, durng ther current terms, sought a tax ncrease on four occasons. Only two of the lax electons occurred durng Poseys current term, whch began July 1,1996, James stressed. Durng the hearng, the electons.* commsson,-voted separately on each of the three recall pettons. The panel rejected the charges aganst Posey ln-a_ 3 0 vote and blocked the pettons aganst Chorbaglan and Spsak n a 2-1 decson. A moton by commsson member Ray Wojtowcz to reject the three pettons won support from panel On top ART EMANUElE/s.taft photographer These Cub Scouts recently completed a major project a 12-foot hgh sgnal tower. For more on the project and the boya behnd t, please turn to Page 3A. Please turn to Page 2 Threes a charm? DNR tests so agan By Darrol Clem staff wrter The Whttler school ste wll be tested a thrd tme for toxc sol, n the wake "Of earler studes that showed conflctng results; state offcals promsed last week. The Mchgan Department of Natural Resources agreed to test Whttler sol ths week. Results are expected next week before the school year starts Sept. 3, sad Mary Vanderlaan, DNR envronmental qualty manager.. The Westland school part of the Lvona school dstrct has been desgnated for students forced out of nearby Cooper Elementary, whch was bult on a toxc landfll. Sol-test results announced last week ndcated Whttler s safe, but some of the 400 parents who attended a DNR-organzed publc meetng n Westland rased concerns Thursday about an earler study that showed elevated levels of some metals, ncludng lead. Parent Charles Pare, drawng strong applause from the crowd, called for the ndefnte shutdown of Whttler unless new sol samples prove the school would be safe for former Cooper students. "The tme for safety s ".now- not later, when t may be too late," House clean hjg* Frtz returns to ByDsrrellClem staff wrter SHERRE BUZQY/trf pholoo.r#ph«f Lnda Fannon dsplays photographs of her son, Gary, n happer days...>. _ drector post Westland Mayor Robert Thomas fred hs buldng drector, Mchael Cullty, last week and warned that other department heads may be toppled amd "a house-cleanng" n hs admnstraton^ "Stay tuned," he sad. n an ronc twst, Thomas replaced Cullty wth Robert Frtz the buldng drector whom the mayor fred as part of an admnstratve shake-up that occurred when he took offce n January, Thomas fred Cullty Monday, Aug. 5, and put Frtz n charge of the buldng department two days later. " just wasnt happy wth the drecton the department was gong n," the mayor sad. " nformed hm (Cullty) that thngs were just not workng out." Thomas sad he wants stronger enforcement of cty ordnances amonk <uher buldng department mprovements, but ho declned to elaborate on hs reasons for frng Cullty whom the mayor descrbed as "a longtme frend." Cullty, a cty employee for 21 years, refused to dscuss the mayors acton, " really dont want to say much. ts a real emotonal thng to me," he sad durng a telephone conversaton Frday. " would rather keep t off the-record." Cullltys annual salary of 44,890 has been reduced to 40,165 for Frtz, accordng to the ctys personnel department. THE MAYOR, n an ntervew Thursday, conceded that hs decson to rehre Frtz "was knd of a shock* to some observers. "We have had some long talks about my concerns," Thomas sad. " told hm would gve hm a shot at the job agan.". > Please turn to Page 3 Drug law challenged by Westland mom By Pal Murphy staftwrjter The Oakland County prosecutor beleves he has some good ammunton wth whch to defend Mchgans "tough over 650 drug-lfer law -- the one requrng lfe n prson for people convcted of possessng 650 or more grams of cocane. The average person sentenced to lfe n prson under the Mchgans drug-lfe law s a whte male, 32 years old who sold drugs for proft, not necessarly because of addcton, accordng to prosecutor Rchard Thompson. Thompson sad ho drew that profle after revewng statstcs provded by the Mchgan Department of Correctons oh the 144 people sentenced under the drug-lfer law durng (he almost 13 years t has been n effect/ "OPPONENTS of the, law want 1 you to beleve the law puts a lot of underprvleged, 18-year-old kds n prson for the rest of ther lves because of a mstake," Thompson sad. "That smply snt the case." Thompson, one of the states taunchest supporters of the drug- -lfer law, sad he expects the nformaton to bo useful as state legslators come under ncreasng pressure to change the law. One such person s Lnda Fannon whose son, Gary, a 1986 graduate of Pare sad durng the meetng n whch ctzens questons were felded by the DNR and representatves from the Lvona school dstrct, state and county health departments, and the Westland cty admnstraton. -.. Many parents contnue to oppose the use of Whttler on the north sde of Ann Arbor tral between nkster Road and Mddlebelt and across the street from Cooper. On gven ByDsrrellClem staff wrter Two Westland men accused of runnng an apartment-based gamblng busness were fned 1,100 each Frday, placed,on probaton and ordered not to gamble. Fredman E. Cox, 62, and Paul Petryczkowycz, 56, also were ordered to perform 20Q hours of communty servce as they appeared for sentencng before Judge Gal McKnght n Wcstlands 18th Dstrct Court..- Ther LvofaTrttorney, Charles Burke,-Could.not be reached for comment Frday afternoon. The men could have faced up to a year n prson. N*«whats nsde Classfeds... Auto..;.... Employment. Entertanment. Sports..... Strootscono.. Tasto... Travel... NEWSLNE. v WEEKENDS.. SPORTSLNE. CRCULATON CLASSFED B-D..-. B-D... C,D.... C...4A...,1B....9A....3B....7B Thursday, they voced fears that students health could be threatr ened at Whttler f cleanup efforts at Cooper are conducted whle school s n sesson. "Wll you-be-teachng our kds ; how to put on a gas mask n 10 seconds, or how to seal up a room?" asked parent Mary Geslnsk, av member of a homeowners group, ".. Please turn-to Page 2 Cox and Petryczkowycz pleaded gulty July l to runnng a gamblng busness that Westland polce sad resulted n potental earnngs, of thousands of dollars a week. They were arrested durng a March 23 rad by local polce and FB agents who sezed hundreds of dollars and gamblng documents. from a Westland Estates apartment. - Polce Sgt. Tmothy. Abramsk sad the men used the apartment as a base for a sports-bettng scheme n whch they, accepted bets by telephone on numerous sportng events, such as the NCAA basketball tournament. Please turn to Page 3 fnd jour- "olace whether ts a house, condo,. or apartment, wo havo hundreds of selectons n the teert)er&3ec«ntrc classfed ads PloasoturntoPogo3 WWM ufvhjammmmmmmmmmmmmmm MM

2 -.Sf-V A"-. r- / -v. A(W) O&K Monday, Auguet 12,1991?-,;,- X-- f. V\ Electons board rejects recall pettons, rewrte s expected fyontlnued from Pago 1 memw Fred Burton Jr., but member Mara Slemlnsk cast a dssent- trg vote pn the Splsak and ChorbagtUJ pettons...".. ^glask later sad that she be-. Ueyed the language on those two pet- tlowwas clear - ;. rt/vu-."....." THEJPETTdNS accuse board m«nbera ; -of.slashng educatonal pvograrns amd a budget crss, yet approvng teacher pay rases of 11.?- Krceot oyer two years. The"; pell* * uoo9 abb say the board" soughta" tax 1 ncrease 1 td pay for wage ncreases forother employees. Moreover, the language accuses the board bf thfeatehlrg cuts at a tme when th6 dstrct had cash reserve* "n (he vmllon?."..-; ; nla^hallway outsde the hearng* j*om^wednesday,".board members coromen,ted on the recall effort. VJChorbagan questoned the recall commttees motves, sayng she has alredy announced her plans to qut the school board when her term expres next year. "s t that he (Lnd) wants to be on board?" she asked. Lnd has sad the recall commttee has not dentfed any potental board canddates that t would support.*- f the recall proves success- fll and leads to a specal electon;," Chprbaglan also defended her board actons as necessary so that the dlstrltt could have a slate^mandated balanced budget... " refuse to break *ne law for rvtr. Llnd. 1 - she sa( ; "-. \ ;,; PckVourPet Out Of The Gla feds POSEY ALSO crtczed the recall commttees efforts and accused ts members of formng "a vglante group." Splsak sad he would expect to bo recalled f he had taken board actons, to warrant t, but hehas, repeatedly sad that he cast votes\ln good conscence, -.-,.- y. Superlhtendeht OlNel ald after Wednesdays hearng that the recall controversy Has overshadowed much of the postve, developments 1«the dstrct; a stuaton that he,called "Unfortunate."-; V, Whtters sol gets thrd fest Contnued from Page 1.. CHECK, an acronym for Concerned for the Health and Envronment of our Communtys Kds. "Our chldren cant be replaced," shesald... N/OTHER developments A Lvona school offcal promsed to ask the school board to fence p the entre Cooper ste whle work contnues there. At the DNRs request, Art Howell, the dstrcts drector of operaton*/sad he would approach the board *; probably at ts next meetng oh Aug,19/.,. The DNR has completed tests showng that tre Cooper - 1 landfll stops at least 25. feet from-the nearby - Badelt subdvson, where some resdents.had become con cerned after harardous chemcals, such as DDT, lead, arsenc and cadmum, were ound on Coopergrounds. -- ;..--. Alr-qually tests conducted ^, -, < v, nsde Cooper ndcated "no problems," Vanderlaan sad. Near Whlttler, the DNR has found several barrels -- most of them vrtually burled and a thck orange Uquld beleved to be ron bactera, But nvestgators found no evdence of a threat ether to.the Whlttler ste or the nearby Wlson dran, Vanderlaan sad. - v" v The DNR s settng up a ctzens ; JnforrrfaUqn commtter, to keep concerned resdents ^abreast ofrtewdevelopmenls,sadandrew Hogarth, assstant chef of the DNR8 envronmental response dvson; The panel wll- nclude members from CHECK, Lvona schoow, the cty.of; Westland. and the Badelt subdvson^ among other groups, \ \-/-.? -. -.,--. f Vanderlaanf sad no evdence has been support allega- ttors that ; some of the land fll brought to the Cooper ste may have been dumpedat Whlttler. AT THURSDAYS meetng, parents contnued to demand the permanent closure bf Cooper, but they dd not receve any guarantees from Howell. " dont thnk we can answer that queston untl the nvestgatve process has been completed," he sad. "t may well be that (Cooper) could be closed forever, but we certanly cant make that determnaton at thlstlme," Resdents who spoke at tre metng voced a wde array of concents,.rangng from the possble declne n property value* to th^ ned for free blood tests for former Cooper Students. Y. * Barbara Orukrh, whose ^chldren attended Cooper, sad her 14-year^ old son has shown elevated levels of;.lead, whle her. 10-year-old daughter, may have health probv lerns assocated.wth hgh cadmum levels. Her daughters doctor plans to conduct.more tests "to make sure her kdneys are not expellng proten," GruJch sad. the Hometown and Observer and Eccentrc Creatve Lvng" secton as the largest selecton of suburban dsplay real estate ads n the metro area. # ^.-. E 4 >/ S--4? &«r^ -.JV-v--, M^ %Z-K-} XT -^- mk ft=* WS tel mm m. fk p - ^;fe.- te; 1 SS J" estlarfr seruer f^y s ^ (USPS 6&3-530) Publshed every Monday and Thursday jy Observer & Eccentrc* Newspapers Schoolcraft, llvonla, 1/, Second-class^ at^uvpnla. 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For more than half a century, weve been workng to earn your trust..«metro Detrot Offces Fetndolo Deloll Medcol Cenler RoyolOoV Shelby Souhwosl Detrot SlelngHeghlt Toy Wsstlond NCUA the pobuc All latererttd pertlee»«wekoroe to tttedend {retest ther^^tonuneats The procoeed Zools Ordluace RtfuUUoa»sd Zoolo* bup u* tnutble lor pwwk tupectloo»t tbe PUfldof Offce, or»t tbe aty Ort Offce, Cerdea aty, aty FUU, MH N. HldOebelt, G*rdeo aty, Mkblftn tll» betvees the bosr of» mud»«pax, Moedey Uro«(kTrldty. A copy o( thtt doewneot wll tn be er*lu»le tot bmfectloa «t the Oexdes Oty Ubruj, tlt h&ttkotu Rat, ffrwn comroestroocer&lathe propoeed Zoofl* Ordloeaee RepUtkee or Zoo* hup m*y befebrojuedto tbe aty Cert OfDce»t the ebore loeeuoo pror to the beerlff. ;K..--;" -f^ &~- f Vj 1 m ^ ^> te m Wo- fc Wf- mrm+r C> )#, J-V"* ; s ^½^ W^. ^r.,,,te- f m&? 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3 mmtm Monday, August 12, 1091 O&E JB Frtz returned to drectors post bymayok Contnued from Pago 1 n frng Frtz last year, Thomas sad, "t was my decson to try; someonenew.".*; n rehrng Frtz, the mayor sad, he wanted to.fll CulUtys post wuv someone who knew the buldng de partment and had experence V n hs 21 years wth Vhe clf, CulUty held numerous-postons n varl- ous departments.. j - s " w0 r about ev^ryde^ partmenv he sad Frday.;; v- ; > y The-rtayor, bbnselfja longtme v.. v cty employee, rwallefwbeh he and. V CullUy.used to trm trees together^. Frng Cultywasnot easy, Thomas/. sad, "because weve been longtme. "frends.- ;>.-;; -;.-/ ; Meanwhle, TbolJas alluded; to< other admnstfatlve changes/, though he declned to name speclc departments that mght be affected.- n a stern warnng n the wake of.. Culltys frng he sad; "1 expect my drectors to follow my lead and to work hard and dlgently. f dont get that, then these are some of the thngs that can happen.". Garnblers fned,] gven probaton Contnued from Page 1 _> Pullng the tower up are the Cub Scoute and ther adult leaders. WESTLAND CUB Scouts n Den 3, Pack 881.recently completed an. ambtous project n the back yard of ther den leader. Wth the help of 11 Cubs, a 12- foot hgh Sgnal tower was desgned and constructed as a lashng and knot-tyng actvty. The project was "borrowed" from an older Boy Scout Handbook, sad John Carglll, den leader and assstant Cub Scoutmaster. Asde from developng Jashrg and knot-tyng sklls, the sgnal tower project was valuable because t helped earn an engneerng patch for the boys. "t s an excellent means of demonstratng the necessty of teamwork and cooperaton," Cargll sad.,.; The tower s n the back yard of the Cargll home on Avon Ct., n the area south of Ann Arbor Tral between Mlddlebclt ard Merrman. TARNG PART were Cubs Scott Balko, Scott Smth, Chrs Frank, Steven Gerstehbrand, Nck Palazolla, Fernando Cazares" Justn" Valentes, James Cargll, Andrew Mehalch, Jeremy Martn and Keth LaRpuehe. Fathers helpng out were Cargll and assstant den leaders Dan Mehalch, Bran LaRbuche, Steve Smth and Larry Frank. tower Cargll sad the den was formed three years ago wth some of the charter members stll n the group.. n past projects, Scouts bult wooden toys, wnd ndcators, wnd chmes, model planes, model brdges, pne wood derby cars, wood storage carryng cases and toy catapults. "Many projects are made for ^redt toward advancement patch ~es~ whle some are for fun or because of nterest, expressed by the boys,.cargludded. Besdes workng on the sgnal tower ths summer, the den also enjoyed a fve-day summer Scoutng camp and met weekly for swmmng and volleyball. UNDER A plea agreement, felony! charges aganst the. men were - dropped, and each defendant pleaded gulty to two msdemeanor charges.; Pror to sentencng, they had remaned free on a 15,000 personal bond. ; Durng the afternoon rad, polce; and FB agents forced ther Way nto. the apartment where they found) schedules of sportng events, memo pads contanng the names and ad-- dresses of bettors and a calculator,! among other documents that ndcat-; ed a gamblng operaton. * * Bettors waged amounts rangng! from 25 to 500, Abramskl has sad/ As many as 50 bettors were lsted n; documents sezed by authortes. \ } Cox and Petryczkowycz apparent- ly earned ther lvng from the gam-- Wng proceeds, polce sad.. "-. Durng the rad, polce obtaned; more nformaton about the case when two telephones on the ktchen table rang numerous tmes. Westland mom challenges states Contnued from Page 1 Plymouth Salem Hgh School, was 18 n July 1987, when sentenced under the drug-lfer law. The law mandates a lfe sentence wth no chance of parole for anyone conr vcted of possessng a pound and one-half or more of cocane. Thompson, who has obtaned more than 80 drug-related ndctments from the Oakland ctzens grand jury over the last two years, says the tough law helps polce use lttle guys n a drug operaton to get to mlddlemanagment operatves. "Very often the lttle guys wont talk," Thompson sad, "that s, untl they realze they face lfe n prson... then theyre ofter ready to make a deal." ^ LNDA FANNON nssts the law s a mscarrage of justce. "Murderers and rapsts arent punshed that much," she sad. Fannon, who lves n Westland, nssts Thompson, and others lke hm, are usng the law to boost ther own mage as tough crme fghters, ^_^_ to buld a reputaton. " dont defend drugs," she sad " hate them. People lke my son should go to prson... but not for the rest of ther lves, not for a mstake." Lnda Fannon has been, ntervewed by newspaper columnsts and talk show hosts recently as she focuses publc attenton on the case of her son, and what she consders the unjust drug-lfer law that put hm n prson.,,- She sad there are extenuatng crcumstances n her sons case. One of the Canton Townshp dfctcctlycs nvolved n her sons case, for exnmj pe, was subsequently Hrcd for allegedly usng drugs. " The detectlvesdsmjssal was upheld n arbtraton, Fannon sad. But he was never charged wth a crme. "Theres no farness there," she sad. "He (the offcer) s nvolved (n drug use) more than my son, but hes not even charged. But my sons n prson for the rest of hs lfe," Lnda Fannon challenges the valdty of the convcton of her son on ovldcncc gathered by polce who themselves may have been nvolved n drugs. SHE ALSO challenges the Wayne County prosecutor whose offce could have charged her 6on wth a lesser offense one carryng a less sevcrcsentence. But most of all, Fannon challenges the nflexblty of the drug-lfer law Jhat takes away judcal dscreton. Gary Fannon. s currently n the r Ryan Regonal Correctonal Faclty n Detrot. Hs mother sad he s 16 college credts short of an assocates degree, "Hes copng," she sad. "Hes earned numerous commendatons for helpng other nmates learn to read. He doesnt deserve to be n prson for lfe.". Lnda Fannon sad she favors and wll fght for. a modfcaton lke that proposed by State Rep. Wllam R. Bryant Jr., R-Grosse Ponte Fafrns. Bryant has a bll pendng, H,B. 4024, that would modfy the law by empowerng judges to mpose lghter sentences H.B. 4024, whch s supported; by a number of people ncludng Macomb Prosecutor Carl Marlnga and Oakland Crcut Judge Barry L. Howard would enable judges to mpose lfe sentences wthout parole, f warranted. But ts-precsely that knd of tamperng wth the the drug-lfer 1 aw that Thompson hopes to.tnwart wth hs profle of the typcal felon now servng a lfe sentence. ^ THE US. SUPREME Court upheld the consttutonalty of MchU. gans tough drug law, Thompson sad. "And 1 beleve t wll be upheld ths fall (when ts scheduled to be revewed by Mchgans hghest court). But the bggest challenge wll come from legslators who want-to. change the law." Thompson sad he dsagrees wth the mage promoted by those who want to change the law. "The/want you to beleve the law pcks on people who smply made a one-tjmc mstake. Thats bunk"... Statstcs provded by the Mchgan Department of Correctons seem to substantate the prosecutors contenton that those dong lfe under thc-drug-lfcr law are far 1 from beng the frst-tme nnocent. Of 144 persons convcted between 1979, when the law went nto effect, and last June 27, sx arc ago 19 or younger. Most arc between 20 and 29 (52 locales) or 30 and 39 (50 people). There are25 people between 40 and 49. currently n prson under the drug>!fcr Jaw.and 11 who arc 50 or older. ;..-,. "There are some teenagers," 1 Thompson acknowledged. "But what about the other teenagers who de or become addcted because of the cocane they were carryng?" RACALLY, accordng to the correctons. department, 70 of those servng tme under the drug-lfer law are whte, 63 are black, sx are Hspanc and fve are classfed as "other" (Arabc, Asan, ndan, etc.). But the most tellng part of hs profle, Thompson sad, s the number of nmates who sad they do not use drugs. "That dsputes the theory most of them sell drugs because theyre addcted. Theyre n t for proft." Fgures on the number of druglfers who themselves use drugs s ncomplete and, accordng td.the Department of Correctons, unrelable. Of the 144 nmates less than 50 answered when asked f they themselves are drug users. And even those responses are suspect, accordng to prson spokesman Gal R. Lght, whose offce provded nformaton for Thompsons druglfer profle. "The nformaton on drug use was voluntary," Lght sad. "And there s no way to verfy the -answer."- -=.- - Thompson, however, remans convnced that many dealers partcularly whte-collar types n Oakland County - are not hooked, but sell drugs.because of the enormous profts. Thompson has never dealt.wth Lnda Fannon. But he sad he understands a mothers angush at the thought of her son n prson for lfe. But that doesnt, change the prosecutors support for^lhe tough druglfer law. legslaton he says s necessary f socety s serous about - the war on drugs and drug-related crme. SOClETYshouldnt feel sorry for Gary Fannon; sad Thompson, "he made hs choce. What about the people who would overdose or become addcted wth the cocane he was carryng?" Thompson sad he doesnt know all the specfcs of Fannons case, but he presumes the Wayne County prosecutor probably consdered a deal - chargng hm wth a lesser crme provdng he cooperated to get the supplers. "Ask hm (Fannon) why he ddnt cooperate. "A lot of young people get nto drugs because t seems lke easy money," Thompson satd. "And they cant envson gettng caught." STANLEY COLLECTON SHOW ntroducng on exctng collecton v of career spor (shear Oossc coordnates for the contemporary fuller fgure womon. Thursday, August 15 Clarewopd, Lvona Noon to 8 p.m. Formal shows at noon and 630 p.m. Saturday, August 17 Clarewood, Rochester to 5 r).m. Formal show at 1 p.m. * VVc welcome Jacobsons Charge, MasterCard 5 and VSA! Shop untl 9 (\m on Thursday and Frday, Untl 6 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday.

4 . _. *. m^m -. "C f - t V- }.>> f S fc- K; f -.. & W < V *!!».-.¾ M> -;v.-.v.- m- w 8B*(P,C,R.W.G-4A) Ol-E Monday, August SCREEN SCENE Jean-Perre. B lard ( r)c Prat) and Gather f)e3llard (Catherne Jacob)-enjoy, dnner n "Tatle Danelle," a French flm by Etlenne ChatHez showng, Frday through Thursday,. Aug , at Ke Mchgan Theatre. *, ; ; qtv WDE ClNEMAr Wayne \f State Unversty (^mrnunty Arts Audtorum, Cass between Krby and;ferry Mall, Detrot Call for more nformaton. (5; 3.50 students and senor ctzens) ; "Strangers n Good Company" (Canada 1990), 7 and 930 p.m. Aug and 4 and 7 p.m. Aug When seven -women and ther bus drver encounter mechancal trouble, they are forced to seek food and shelter n rural Quebec?. ^DETROT FLM THEATRE, Detrot nsttute of Arts, 5200 Woodward Ave.; Detrot. Call for more nformaton. (5) JThe Comfort of Strangers" {(USA ), 7 and 930 p.m. Aug. ll,and 4 and 7 p.m. Aug. 18. Lovers Natasha Rchardson and 1 Rupert Everett are on holday n ; Vence wher) they meet a sexually jwsted, game-playng couple, played by Chrstopher Walken and Helen Mrren. Harold Pnter provded the dark screenplay, wth d- ; rectlon by Paul Schrader. ( \HENRY FORD CENTENNAL LBRARY, Mchgan Ave., Dearborn. Call for nformaton. (Free). - "The nspector General" (USA -1949), 7 p.m. Aug. 12. n one of bs best muscal vehcles, Danny Kaye stars as a nave and llterate tramp who s mstaken forthe Emperors nspector General bythe ; corrupt offcals of a small Russan vllage. LVONA MALL, Seven Mle and Mlddlebelt roads, Lvona. Call for nformaton. (Free) "Ro Bravo" (USA ), 10 a.m.-»ajj,.13 w Qy,ejTated but stll fun, ths Howard Hawks western fnds sherff John Wayne tryng to prevent a WlleF from breakng jal. Wth Rcky Nelson, Dean Martn,; and Walter Brennan. As part of a monthlong trbute to classc west- erns. MAGC BAG THEATRE CAFE, ^ Ne ors Cffldln Need! n Thrd World countres, hundreds of thousands of chldren are n desperate need" of food, clothng, medcal care the < ;.bascs of lte. These ^rls and ;boys are even dened the "opportunty to attend" school. -They are our neghbors n a world that grows smaller 1 every day. -.. lhrou^h TTr (JCh youcan sponsor a neghbor s chld.the cost s 18 a month just 6CK r a day to help a poor chld n Asa, Afrca or Latn Amerca a chld who has vrtually Jjnothng. Please pck up your phone now and dal the toll-free number below Be a gtxd neghbor by helpng an nnocent chld. Ghrstpn Chldrens r. Fund, nc ^393 ;...-VroSFf /Woodward Ave./ Ferndale. Call "60 for nformaton. ( 4) Shes Gotta, Have t" /USA ),-8 p.m. Aug. 13. Spke Lees feature flm debut s hs least abrasve and most entertanng. A freesprted woman cant decde between three sutors one understandng and gentle,. another macho ard narcssstc and the thrd (played by Lee), a goofy goldlovng loafer. As part of a seres called "Personal Favortes," hosted by WDET rado host Dave Dxon. MCHGAN THEATRE, E. Lberty, Ann Arbor. Call for nformaton. (5, 3.50 students and senor ctzens). "Drownng by Numbers" (Brtan ), through Aug.. 18 (call for show tmes). Three women, all wth the same name, plan copy-cat murders of ther husbands. Another abrasve flm from drector Peter Greenaway, completed a few years ago but released here after the success of hs "The Cook, the Thef, Hs Wfe and Her Lover " "A Clockwork Orange" (Brtan ), 945 p.m. Aug. 12 ard 7 p.m. Aug. 13. Stanley. Kubrcks dark look nto the future, where stylzed street gangs rule London, stll provokes controversy today.. Malcolm McDowell lends a chllng portrat of Alex, who gleefully performs a number of henous crmes before undergong recondtonng. Based on the novel by Anthony Burgess. "Tatle Danelle" (France ), Aug (call for show tmes). n ths btterly funny French comedy, Tate (aunte) "Danelle appears at frst a feeble, harmless old woman. But n actualty, shes a hellon who tortures the housekeeper, a knd-hearted nephew, small chldren, and the famly dog. REDFORD THEATRE, Lahser, Detrot. Call for nformaton. (3.50) JohnMonaghan 4 The Doctorthrves n "The Doctor," Wllam Hurt play3 a self-centered sawbones who learns about lfe on the other end of a scalpel. A bref bout wth throat cancer subjects hm to the long lnes, callous doctors, and reams of paperwork that defne a modern hosptal Vst; Treat patents wth respect, he, moralzes. All doctors become pa-, tlents sooner or later.,, f ths Aesops fable of Yuppe self-redempton sounds famlar,, t should. Wasnt t Just a month or so, ago that Harrson Ford, as the jaw- yer n "Regardng fenry," went through aslmllartransforrhatlod? r Fortunately, ths.s tho superor flm of,the two whlcf occasonally reles. on; che^p., senjttmert&ha\*. predctablty. Lke the fables of old,.!the Doctor"delvers a smple but powerful message, helped nharge.. doses by Wllam Hurts wnnng per- ; formance.- -\ -;;-;. The blank Expresson that carred HurtHhrough flms lke "The Accl- dental Tourst" s replaced herety an entre range of emotons. The openng scene fnds Dr. Jack MacKee performng open-heart surgery whle sngng along wth The Four Seasons "Bg Grls Dont Cry," whch s pped nto the operatng room.. A REAL cut-up, MacKee qups to doctors and patents alke, crackng jokes that arent always n the best taste. When a woman confdes., that the unsghtly scar on her chest worres her husband, Mtchell qups, By LeAnne Rogers staff wrter * rern^ As "Were No Angels" begns/the prson warden attempts to put the fear of God nto the nmates by graphcally descrbng how a convcted kller wll meet hs end n the electrc char. The condemned man sneers and glowers but prsoners Ned and Jm, (Robert DeNro and Sean Penn), are sutably mpressed. Because the par talked durng the wardens exhortatons, they are summoned for punshment n the room where the executon s gong to take place. When the kller stages a volent escape from the prson, Ned and Jm are faced wth a dlemma. They are really scared of the gun weldng kller, who clearly expects them to escape wth blm, but when they try fallng behnd durng the chase through the prson, the guards lay down 6 lne of fre.. jtrapped lke rats, Ned and Jm conclude the kller s the less mmnent danger and are soon nervously enjoyng ther freedom. Exactly, what Ned and Jm dd to end up n prson s not made clear. Some Careers Promse You The World. A Travel Career Delvers t. Open Houses Aug. 19 thru 21 L_, 16-week program taught 2 evenngs per week. Hands-on tranng at an actual travel agency. Job placement assstance. 3 convenent locatons Southfetd, Southgate ancl Sterlng Heghts Classes held r cooperaton wth the DonespnTravel Agency, Kmberly Travel & Focus on Travel. For reservatons or more nformaton, call Amercan nsttute of Travel and Toursm 1751SWNr-er-VeRd S^to A D?w&u& EVERYTHNG SELLS FOR 1 Toys Books Gfts Accessores Clothng Jewelry Housewares Noveltes Cosmetcs Food Pet Food Health 8, Beauty NOW OPEN N WESTLAND CROSSNG W. Warren Road (Wayne & Warren Roads) WESTLAND HOURS Mon.-Sal Sun tckets please John Monaghan mmmmmmmaaa The blank expresson that carred Hurt through flms lke The Accdental Tourst s replaced here by an entre ranqe of emotons. "just tell, hm you-re a Playboy centerfold and have the staples/to prove f ; vv. -;."..;.. Hs phlosophy concernng heart surgery s well-known by the young nterns he teaches "Fnd the problem, fx t, and get out of there," he says*; - - ; v.. \, Gvng a damn about the patents as people has nothng to do wth surgery.-..- v Hs own change of heart occurs when he meets June (Elteabeth Perkns) n the watng room for radaton treatments. MacKee knows that the young woman, who s dyng of a bran tumor, could have been saved f the proper tests had been admnstered. Ther blossomng relatonshp as frends, not lovers s the flms weakest lnk. She looks too good fpr They dont seem very tough or too worldly; Probably beng n the wrong place at the wrong tme, based on what happens to them durng the flm. The duo never s actually able to make a plan and carry t out. Through a msunderstandng, the par, lookng lke a couple Bowery Boys escapees, end up pospg as a couple of Arzona prests vstng a monastery at the Shrne of the Weepng Vrgn. NOBODY NOTCES they dont really look much lke ther pctures.. The par have ther eyes set just north of the monastery, across the rver to Canada. The par make an unlkely set of someone undergolng-jthe helfof radaton treatment, especally when she dramatcally removes the scarf from ter head to reveal her Snead OConnor scalp.;. Shes a tfe-affrtnlng an^ej n a peasant skrt who has learned toacr cept her fate. But she3 also one-dmensonal and a cheap catalyst for the doctors own complex transformaton. THERFRENDSHP does effectvely contrast the problems between the doctor and wfe Anne (Chrstne Laht, n another thankless supportng role). She suffers because he, lke many patents, keeps the people closest to hm at arms length. "The Doctor" reuntes Hurt wth Randa Hanes, the drector of "Chldren of a Lesser God^" Emotonally, pass thepopcorn LeAnne Rogers prests. The bggest laugh had from the move was a scene when DeNro and Penr nervously try to sng along wth the French prayers before dnner. DeNro provdes some rather unorthodox advce to a deputy who s makng a confesson about cheatng on hs wfe. ^ Penns character, a smple and rather gentle soul, uses bllboard quotes and comc books as the" bass for phlosophcal statements hs lsteners fnd pfofond. 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PLUS; nvestors Daly gves you." 3 key measurements lo rack and A n erc ts AV; ftuwh V pufvr Wllam Hurts, wnnng per* formance s Jhe rght pre.r scrlptldn n the flm, "The Doctor." she knows. what buttons to push Vsually, she employs a smple style whch at ts showest conveys the topsy-turvy feelng of beng wheeled nto surgery; ; You dont need to be a bran surgeon to fgure out what drecton shes takng us n. Lke the block letters MacKee scrawls on hs erasable board durng recovery, "The Doctors" message s bg, bold and easy to read. "Mona Lsa" drector Nel Jordan s surprsngly short on laughs. The scrpt by Davd Mamet s often angry and loud, the volence too much for what should be a lght comedy. SET N 1935, the flm doesnt captalze or- the humor that could evolve out of the stuatons n whch DeNro and Penn fnd themselves. The best performance comes from Penn, who through hs smple opennessstarts feelng drawn to the contemplatve lfe of the monastery. 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5 WOT PWOTOT rr^mrw^^ww^^^vm^mf 0 v^^tt^wt^^&^t m>. tm w\. mrmrmpm? County profles ts communtes By Wayne Pest staff wrtor. Plymouth Townshp s part of Mchgans "Golden Corrdor.". Westland boasts "excellent access to the freeway system as well as ar, sea and ral transportaton", v Lvona, meanwhle, "has t all.",;ajt least thats, the -way all three, communtes are descrbed n new Wayne County communty profles.. The just-released prcjflles of all 43 Wayne County communtes are part of, the countys Busness-attracton strategy..? "WHEN PEOPLE want to move. nto Wayne County they often are There was no trouble for 10th Dstrct County Commssoner Maurce- Breen n Tuesdays prmary., Runnng unopposed, Breen nonetheless receved 4,919 votes n capturng the GOP nomnaton for the two-year, 41,396-a-year_ county seat...;; -/. - - Breens dstrct ncludes the ctes of Lvona, Plymouth, Northvlle, as well as Plymouth and. Northvlle townshps.. lookng for ths knd of nformaton and we wanted to provde t at ther fngertps/ sad Tmothy Johnson of The former- Plynmouth Townshp supervsor was apponted t<> the seat earler ths year after thre^-term n-; cumbent Susan Helnlz resgned to become drector".-of the governors southeast Mchgan offce.. Breen wll now run unopposed n the Aug. 27 commsson electon. Prmary turnout was boosted by. the heated GOP prmary for the 36th ChooChoO^oo^ cla«h e a t ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ " Wth 0 & E classfeds, -youre always oh he rght track AJ aboard for Savng s V Y ". (- Dr. Norman A. Smpson Dn Davd G.Holzworth are pleased to announce our new locaton n the Garden Cty Hosptal Medcal Buldng nkster Road - Sute 301 Garden Cty, Mchgan (313) We specalze n he treatment of., Allerges Ear, Nose & Throat Problems ^Plastc & Reconstructve Surgery Cancer of the Head & Neck. - Hearng Dffculty Please call t we may be of servce -*- - _ ; _-. 1 J the the county offce of Jobs and economc development. The surveys have been sent to each communty, as well as to area.realtors and busness developers., Prnted n blue on whte stock, each four-page.profle contans a treasure troye of, nformaton on each communty, 7 - ""?". Leadng employers, fnancal nsttutons andutlues are lsted. But the profles also nclude sfch detals. as communty ncome level*. tax rates and ayerage home sale prces. Statstcs for western.wayne, communtes are as follows Canton Descrbed as "rapdly developng" wth "a comblnauon of sngle-famly and multple-famly dwellngs,"- nearly 40 percent of Canton households haye ncomes oyer 50,0f)0. ts tax rate s 6049 to mlls, dependng upon school dstrct. Average home sale prce s 1100,930, a 50 percent ncrease from *.harden Cty Nearly 30, pertcent of households have ncome over 50,000. the tax rate s 76,69 mlls. Average home sale prce s 57,600, an ncrease of 43.¾ percent from 197&-89., *; Dstrct statetlouse. seat, Northvlle Townshp Supervsor Georglna Goss a frend of Breen was the wnner n that race wth 3,061 votes, compared wth 2,794 for Plymouth Cty Commssoner Jerry Vorva and 2,517 for Canton resdent Deborah Whyman. Lke Breen, Goss wll also appear on the Aug. 27 ballot wthout a Democratc Party challenger. 1991^92 Fur Collecton The Fnest Furs And Leathers For Men And Women Save 15 to 40% On Every Fur Lvona "has t all," accordng to ts profle, ncludng a full array of. housng plus substantal commercal, ndustral and offce development. Nearly 40 percent of households have ncome above 50,000. The rate s to mlls. Average home s^ale prce 9f,740, a 60.7 percent ncrease from Plymouth -Roughly25 percent, of households have ncome,above 50,000.¾½ tax rate la;«5.1/ Average home sale prde s 197,280, a percent ncrease.from 1979"- -89;. r,..-; \-;,, » Plymouth townshp Roughly 50. percent of housejolds have ncome above/56,000 The tax rate te 54,75 mlls. Average home sale prce s 151,610, a percent ncrease from * v / -. Redford Roughly 30 perqent of all households have ncomeabbve 50,000. The tax rate s to mlls. Average home sale prce s 56,800, a 38.6 percent ncrease from Westland Roughly.25 percent of all households have ncome - above 50,000. The rate vares from to mlls, dependng upon school dstrct. Average home sale prce s 59,770, a petcenrrcrease from ^ hs Vtekj; Specal ^ Luxurous, Desgner MNK COATS By Donald Brooks Many Wth Fox Trm JusY 15 Coats_ At Ths Prce AUGUST SPECAL 2497 C6n& AS&9 BLOOMFELD HLLS N. 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(Between Henry Ruff and Mddlehelt

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7 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm^mmmmm m t t^^^^^^ l^ m t t^ t t t m m t t m m a m m m m m t t m m t m t m m m ^ m m m m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Monday, August 12, 1991 O&E *7A JM JAGbFELb/»tdH photographer Lnda Mardroslan, left, and Betty Grant* atock supported employment program, wererecont* the shelves at the Westland TJ Maxx store ly named store "Assocates of the Month." tvhere they work. The women, members of a " ndepehdent lves 6y Wayne Peal ^taff wrter. Just lke everyone else, Betty trantz and Lnda Mardroslan share Jn* the easy banter of co-workers. Day s done at the Westland TJ Maxx store where they work and theyre on the way home. ; ts a short trp n terms of mles, rjut a long journey n many other ways. ;> Betty, 63, and Lnda, 44, have S*peot a combned 52 years n mental health care.facltes before.ther jew Jobs gave them perhaps ther best-ever chance for ndependence. * Lnda, a small, energetc woman, wll return n a few days to clean pndows, tdy up and stock shelves at the Warren Road store. l, Betty, a grandmotherly type for ^hom legal blndness s no barrer, jlso stocks clothng at the store.». "THEY GET treated just lkeanyttodyclse here," sad ther boss, assstant merchandse manager Marshall Falconer. Popular wth co-workers, the two recentlyl shared the stores "Assocate of tlje_ Month" award, voted by the slore^ls workers. " thnk the award shownww* ther co-workers dllsde feel about them," Falconer sad.. "Theyre good workers," added Job coach, Gertrude Potts. "They want to do ther own work, they dont.want anyone to do t for them." Potts, employed by Sants nc., a prvate, Romulus-based socal servce agency, "works wth both women] helpng accommodate them to the workforce.. The process s called supported employment, but the day s comng when the support, wll no longer be reo.ured. "What we lke to see s a Stuaton where they can work on ther own," sad Dentse Mogos of Wayne Communty Lvng Servces, a state agency that recommended both women for ther jobs. "The purpose 3 for" them to become as ndependent as possble," -. Nether Lnda nor Betty had ever worked before,. accordng to state records, but ther success n the workforce has been accompaned by an upgrade n lvng condtons. Lnda, a former group home resdent, now lves n ah apartment n nearby nkster. "ts what we call supported ndependent lvng?" Mogos sad. "There are people who look n on her, but she has a degree of ndependence." ndow Both women are classfed as developmentally dsabled, but Mogos sad the classfcaton shouldnt lead people to lmt them as capable workers or ctzens. "The message we want to get across s they they are people, just lke everybody else," she sad.. n addton to workng two days a week at TJ Maxx> Lnda works another 4wo^ days at a* nearby McDonalds "and an addtonal day per week at Sants, nc. offces. Betty, a two-year TJ Maxx employee who works fve days a week, recently moved nto a smaller, less restrctve Redford group home. At the new home,.betty s responsble for her own cookng, shoppng and cleanup, as well as takng care of her two beloved cats. ;.-. She also attends nght school n the Redford Unon Schools, "She goes everywhere," sad home manager Km Prophet, "out for ce cream, to the moves, to the beach. She really seems to enjoy her autonomy." Betty states her reacton to her job and new home more smply "1 lke t a lot." n conversaton, ts obvous both wornehake prde n ther now -esponslblllles. ctory Lvng Hstory Movng Wall Annual Parade perods wth voyageurs, mltary unts, & trappers n a lvng encampment Vetnam Veterans Memoral Movng Wall (Froglslahd Park) August 14-20, Annual Dowjtown Hertage Parade 10 am, Saturday Arts & Crafts Jf you want buyers to notce your car for sale...park t n classfed! bsfertjet & Eccentrc CWaaftro ADYEftTkMNG OaWa/xl County 5» Wayrw County Rochwter/ftocheslef Hlh s Over 160 Artsts and Crafts vendors dsplayng Ceramcs^ Jewelry, & Folk Art Ypslant Area Vstors & Conventon Bureau Events -(313) " Hotel nfo.-(313) ENERGY BHCENT ^J... at St. Mary Hosptal Health Care Centers! 6^m^s WALLSDE FACTORY ^55¾^ Mflftfn llflftck P/cslcJonl Schoerer Detrot. Ml % FlnunclnrrAvallable (Wth Approved Credt). 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FREE No Oblgaton n Home Estmates TOL mt <X> St. Mary Hosptal St. Mary Hosptal Famly Medcal Center l»jj5n!f[tmn fwlkc/stvn M(!« Hour* M TThllt W; 1030 «S 111 H»1*.M MlllO VOVV VCOKHNlllU H5 So why wat untl the last mnute to have your chlds back-to-school physcal? Promnow through Labor Day, September 2\ our physcans wll be offerng specal-rate physcal examnatons requred for school, camp or sports,. Our physcal exams are personalzed and thorough. S(. Mary physcans take the tme to learn about your chld, and gve a physcal exam so compelc that even Mom wll be satsfed. FOR ONLY 25, your chld wll receve. A physcal assessment by a personal.< physcan." An evaluaton of growth and development. «A medcal hstory (be sure la brng armnun/alon records), - Vson screenng Basc urne tests (mrmn/apnsatul addtonal lab tests -^ "-f-n?qutrcd wllbc an nddtonnkhargc)r- - So now that schools out, ts tme for your chlds most mportant exam. ts a short trp to your St. Mary Hosptal Health Care Center. Appontments can be made at your famlys convenence at the locaton n your neghbor- V.U WHt/llll. hood St. Mar> Health.Care Center l.tvonln 9O0 MMebtlt, north c( Jo) M-K.9-6 Sll«-1 wt mm Sl. Mary Health Care Center Northvlle - ^OCOSUMlf»olorl»Ktrt) lloorc M TTh Vt 9S>0 \Y»;J0* J

8 ^wn t^mmmmmmw^f^. ***^**w ^»WW" 8AJW,G> 0 K Mondoy, August 12,1931, Benefts outwegh danger of lberal meddlng * ;» ; ONE OF MY co-workers contlnu- - ally complans about so-called lberals screwng up the country. Those lberals, the newsroom hound bays, are to blame for nearly every socal 111 n our socety. The lberals, he contnues ad nauseurn, are merely a bunch ft - whlners who cry lke Jbables Hhey. dont get ther way on ssues rangng from gun control to tl.s. Syxreme.-. Court nomnees.- *v -" \ ranother coueague. frequently con>> p alns that government s too nvolved n ssues that are none of ts.. busness and that should be left to ndvduals or.the prvate sector. \ Please, thebarf bag oh,.both beefs. TS THOSE dame people, usually conservatves, who generally complan when somethng 13 amss and vf hen-ther ox s gored.they want government to step n and do somethng about t. 11 recall a former state representatve, hardly a lberal. n anyones hnd, addressng a western Wayne County Republcan conventon. The audence was made up entrely of V 4 " & & W-t J ST" Leonard Poger whte, mddle ncome people,, mostly male, ",» <... expected the legslator to delver a talk that was safe. After all, the tme was the late 1970s, Presdent Jmmy Carter- was la the; Whte House, nferest.rates were soafng, the economy- was begnnng to pluhgejecause of a new surge n the wholesale prce of Nldeast ol and oth4r factors. y - * BUT HE avoded takng a slam at the Democrats and voced nsght for, all mddle Amercans to remember when they bellow about {he lberals or bg government messng up the country. The.leglslator, as memory recalls more than a decade later, told hs audence that they should avod complanng about Democrats and lberals and remember that most new government programs or servces were created because a group of people wanted them. Many of those were far from lberal. They were probably conserva? lves whose wallet or purse was threatened and wanted rjelp or protecton from the government - federal, 5 state or local., LETS TVKE a quck look, at several examples of the bg, bad government" and what t dd to mess up thocountry, ;.,-.. T..When,few people could afford a sngle-famly house, the government, created FHA-and VA-backed nlortgages; v. Ths created an nstant market for Realtors because now mllons of people could afford houses and could move out of rented apartments or flats. - Durng the Great Depresson, people lost ther money that was on depost n banks and savngs and loans. The lberals then created the Federal Depost.>ns\ranc(#Gotp., whch provded government-" guarantees.that -deposts (later. ncreased to f 100,000) would be safe. 7 " < That, created a new confdence n sayngs nsttutons that helped them \ make loans and make money... -,- WHEtf ^MAL Wr^ wre up-. set about people harmlng tal, dogsv and horses, they were sucessful n.cty OP GARDEN CTY.. MCHGAN.-....* V NOTCE TO BDDERS NOTCE S HEREBY QVEN tlt KW propoul wll berettlved t U* Offce of He Ctj Cl«k lo lfc< Cvc Ceottr. (004 MJAdkbelt Road. Grtxa Cty. M)chl<to 481». (Telepbooe»1-HJ-MH), ca or be/ofe Thursday, Avgust )1,1»91 t.» P.M., for U>e purchoa of tb«(ollowlaj lltaa.. SUJfllcsSt<elR<p»lrCUnp«, HwUnj tod CooUat SyUm Mlpttaoe* for te Quto C5tj Polce SUUoo Proposals must be mbmlted cc /ortn» tumbledfrytb< Purcbutff r>p*jtroect, la «Mkd eovtlope ~ etxjone wth U* ttle.oflfc*!umco wtlch jcu arc bltmlag..e. «Jfd Bd tor SUlalet Slctl fuplr CUmps."-*. _ Tfc«Cty re«ncj l«rgktlo cceft or rtjccl lay or ll W4*. " "oolt or n part and to wlve toy. lrjormuues utta 6>troed lo te best lateral oj tb< Cty., >. ; ;... PsbUsLAc«] RD.SHOWAtTER. Cty Oerk-Treuur*/ havng state and local ordnances enacted to make thata crme. > When ndustral employees wanted to gan arudvantage n collectve barganng wth uncooperatve em- "ployers, they pushed Congress nto enactng the Natonal Labor Relatons Act; whch" establshes gude-, lnes for unon organzers and companes n unon recognton and barganng matters. * ; ^,. Later, when corrupton was. ds-/ covered n- the Teamsters.Unon n the (ate 1930s, the government got,lntd the act agan to makesureunon. MERR-BOWL LANES Fve MlQRd.vUvonla, Ml Good 6r Days Are Back! August 11 thru 18 Come See What a Buck Can Buy! electons and penson funds were rut ; > honestly. ; Under the conservatves vews^j let the unons run ther own buslne»;j*» and an * take a chance on ther owr*. crooks. CONSERVATVES USUALLY want government out of our lves r- untlthey fjndan objectonable booc at ther locallbraryand then <te, {. mand that cty offcals remove.the" "drty"- books and. consder ord* v. nances prohbtng those books frajt» crculaton... >v-v" ; V, v. v t * Underprced matchng char avalable, both n desgner, fabrcs "We Dscount Uuxury" CHARLES FURNTURE WAREHOUSE 222 E. HARRSON ROYAL OAK Bhckt N.oflO Mte. 1/4 Block E. off Mtla OPEN MON.-SAT FRDAY TL 8 P.M.- OPEN SUNDAYS 12 Noon to A P.M. dtf PLYMOUTH DENTAL ASSOCATES.J.C. s pleased to announce that. John Houston Payne, D.D.S. Has recently become a partner n our. practce. John s a graduate of The.Unversty ol Detrot School 01 Dentstry and had been n prvate practce 1or 10 years pror to jonng our group. Ths addton wll contnue our tradton of excellence. >- New patents are welcome. -..]"... * Gary E. Hal, D.D.S. Dean p. Sommerfeld, D.D.S. Robert Stefansk, D.D.S. Frankln L. Gordon, D.D.S., M.S., M.S Schoolcraft Plymouth, Ml """ ST. STEPHENS NEW BOSTON, MCHGAN rd Annual Festval AUGUST 16, 17, 18 FOOD SPECALTES. Frday - 5 p.m. Fsh Dnner Saturday - 3 p.m.. Summer Buffet Dnner Sunday -12 noon Bar-B-Que Chcken Dnner AH Three Days Stuffed cabbage, perog, pna, kelbasa, namburgers. ENTERTANMENT Frday - 7 p.m.-11 p.m. " Vartones^ Saturday *.3 p.m.-7 p.m. Mchgan Polka tels 7 p.m.«11 p.m. Act y Sunday 2 p.m.-7 p.nt. Msty Blues. 7 p.m.-11 p.m. -. Don Calkosevvskl jnd hs Polsh Kd Orchestra. Crafts, baked goods, refreshments, Bngo, Las Vegas tent (500 lmt), games, plus much more! Proceeds go to St. Stephens General Fund DRECTONS Take t-275 to 1-75 south lo Sbley Rd. ext (#13), go west to Huron Rver Drve, (urn rght. SYNOPSS OF MNUTES BOARD OF EDUCATON Lvona Publc Schools * Farmlngton Road July 15,1991 Or \ * - V- J ttbe followng U a summary, lo sysopes form, of the Board of Educatons tegular meetng of July 15, 1691; the full text of the mnutes s da /te lo the [offce of the Superntendent, Farmlngtoo Road, Lvona, and n the prncl- 1 pals of flee of each school, and s avalable on request, j Presdent McKnlght- convened.the meetng at 700 p.m., n the Board Room, Fannlngton Road, Lvona. Present Joseph Laura, Rchard McKnlght, Marjore Roach, Patrca Sar, Rchard Thordereon. Absent PatTancll, James t Watters. Wrtten CommonlcaUou Letter from Dr. Nagl Musleb. Rata Knght Yonsg Artst Award Matthew Derogea, second grader from Cass Elementary, was presented wth a resoluton of recognton for wnnng the two dmensonal award as part of the Ruth Knght Young Artst Awards as establshed by the Lvona Cultural League. Andkace ComanakatJoos; Twelve ndvduals addressed the Board relatve to the Cooper school landfll stuaton. Recess Presdent McKnlght recessed the meetng at 742 p.m. and reconvened at 752 p.m. MaUs The mnutes and synopss of the organzatonal meetng of July 1,1991 were approved as wrtten. The mnutes and synopss of the regular meetng of July 1,1991 were approved as wrtten, Blljs for Payment Moton by Tbordersoa and Laura that general fund checks No* n the amount of 13,228, be approved for payment except for check Nos. 186MS and whch are vod. Also moved that buldng and ste check No n the amount of 12, be approved for payment. Ayes Laura, McKnlght, Roach, Sar, Thorderson. Nays None RHC Settlement Moton by Thorderson and Laura that the Board of Educaton approve a settlement between the Lvona Publc Schools and Rural Housng Corporaton d/b/a Centrum Development Company. Be t further resolved that Mr. George P. Butler of Keller, Tboma, Schwarze, Schwarze, Dubay & Katz, P. C, and Arthur W. Howell, Drector of Operatons/Lvona Publc Schools are authorsed to sgn the settlement documents on behalf of the Board of Educaton. Ayes Laura, McKnlght, Roach, Sar, Thorderson. Nays None Retrement The Board unanmously adopted a resoluton of apprecaton for toe followng ndvdual upon her retrement from Lvona Publc Schools KatneraeCoUM. [""Recall of Teachers Moton by Laura and Roach that the Board of Educaton recall 19 teachers to dstrct employment for the school year, Ayes Laura, McKnlght, Roach, Sar, Thorderson. Nays None Teacher Approvals Moton by Laura and Thorderson that the Board of Educaton accept the recommend!uoq of the superntendent and offer employment for the school year to the followng teachers Lt Col. Norman Baumann, Vlck C. Dwelley, Stephane S. Smth, and Susan KslelewskJ. Ayes Laura, McKnlght, Roaclj, Sar, Thorderson. Nays None Sabbatcal Leave Moton*by Laura and Roach that the Board of Educaton accept the recommendaton of the superntendent and grant a sabbatcal leave of bseoce to the followng admnstrator for the school year Wllam MacFarland. Ayes Laura, McKnlght, Roach, Sar, Thorderson. Nays None Reports from tbe Superntendent Dr. Marnell reported on the followng topcs Update on the facltes/technology project, ncludng progress of tbe dstrct plannng commttee, and preparaton of a plan for, Board revew on July 22; Status report on the tax base sharng legslaton currently under dscusson, The bll has gone to conference commttee to be revewed by members of the house and senate to ron ovt the dfferences.. Recesr Presdent McKnlght recessed Ux; meetng at 810 p.m. and reconvened at 816 p.m.. B**r Commttee Aolgameat* Presdent McKnlght made Board commttee. sjnghmnts for the school year. B*K4 Commttee Reports Reports were herd" from the Tolowng Board commttoes Buldng and Ste Polcy, Lvona Lason, Crrkuom; and Personnel. \ Bearng from Board Meml*r» Board members»11 expressed ther apprecaton to the parent* who addressed the Board sharng ther concerns for the students t Cooper Elementary and assured that the Board and staff were very concerned and commtted to resolvng that stuaton. Ctonod Sewfenu Moton by Sar and Laura that the meetng be recessed to closed semoo for the purpose of dtsawrfruj legal and personnel matters. Ayes Laura, McKnlght, Roach, Sar, Thorderson. Nays None Presdent McKnlght recessed the meetng to closed sesson at 820 p.m. and reconvened tbe regular meetng at 9.05 p.m. NEC Ltgaton Moton by Sar and Thorderson that^ the Board of Educaton, adopt a resoluton authorzng the djstrlct to ntate a lawsut aganst Natonal Educaton Centers for the purpose of ssung notce for NEC to vacate Dcknson Junor Hgh School. Ayes Laura, McKnlght, Roach, Sar, Thorderson. Nays None. AdjMrmment Moton by Thorderson and Sar that the meellng be adjourned. Ayer Uurs, McKnlght, Roach, Sar, Thordersoo. Nays None >- Presdent McKnlght adjourned the meetng at 9.07pm.,.-, NfctafcAHwUum. "; Answer Blood eucpse Montor^ Systerrjf~ f shaped^^r;; ^"Z^ZXS*.*"* s 1 N c <W» YourPrce Home Blood Glucose Montors *7doo Cost / tj Mfg. Mal-n rj> [* 00 Rebate ^DSCOUNT MEDCA Mchgan Ave, Canton, M Open House Saturday, August 17th & 24th Also Avalable " " -. """ ".-." " " S Z -8 ~j w V),... Urv d -j -.,...4.^^-.^-^.-. "N. 1 E ~*wa<om / (Of»«T^" t)r ^.ovl*-...nrfl*l c * WE- Fnd Us Fast Under HOSPTAL EQUPMENT & SUPPLES n the West-Northwest Area Amerteeh Pages Plus. MOTORZED TR-CART 1 QOQ00** lao«7t7 Aftfr. MaHf.cturlnj{ Mal-n Rctate \VhHe Sppllc. S " * t mmm, 4P»

9 ^ u* 4 (lje ODboVruer & Scceutrtc ^euspapcrb # U t V- p.p.r.w.gxwb.b.t.roea;"^ ^^^tt. - > * ^11¾¾¾ Hamlton HH & a fttng trbute to the legacy of Detrot rocknroll he helped create, several area muscans are puttng together ah all-star beneft concert for the famly of gutarst Joe Hubert. -..-;. -,--",-. he former member of the Detrot \Y^els ded June 19 of cancer. t* concert Sunday, Aug. 18, at HKpos Concert Theatre, Harper at Ofafmers, off 1-94, n Detrot wll feature a specal appearance by Mtch Ryder and the Detrot WheeU Doots open at 7 p.m. (For nformaton call ). cott Campbell, Detrot Blues B}d, The Ratlonals wth Scott Morgan, The Polsh Muslms, Twggy Brbust & The Lzards n Jars and thfe Garfeld Blues Band are also scheduled to perform. All proceeds from the concert wll gdtb Kuberts wdow and 9-year-old daughter. "ts mportant the communty supports tself/ sad Scott Morgan, whose Ratlonals was another Detrot act makng a name for tself n the aje 60s. "Ths 3 somethng defntely-worthwhle dong.!"h8 what the local musc scene should be about beng more connoted." ;Plans nclude havng the show dgtally recorded for a lve album to NrVeleased at a later date along wjth materal Hubert recorded wth th^detroltbluesband. HUBERT WAS consdered to have hd a large role n the Detrot Wheels sound when the band was kckng out hts lke "Jenny Take a Rde" n the late 1960s. "He provded that nce lttle rhyum," sad Mtch Ryder, whose frendshp.wth Kubert dated back to Junor hgh school. Kubert performed wth the Detrot Wheels untl 1967 when the Vetnam draft decmated the band, Y«s, Kurt 8«rbus wll don the dftnef jacket and desgner e#gl«t»«* for the last area rttdtton of "The Oavl and Stftnmy Davs." - - * v * CONCERT \tm. ;M«*Uy, A»f Y.M., wll perform at RleVa Cafe, 611 Church, Ann ArbfcfFor nformaton, call»« X>NAm)SKVHAM> Tuwday, Aug. t - l.ynard Skyward wlt perform wth gueau, Jeff Healey BatW, 6 p.m. at Pne Knob, Sashabaw ft&, off Tckets are» for pavllo^ 20 for lawn. For nformaton, call S FAT DUO JCTS Ht4*tU*y, A*g Flat Duo Jets wll perform wth gxfta, Chckasaw MvxJd Puppes at the Blnd Pg, 208 S. Flrat, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call m *J55. Jf.O.D. Xe*at*ky t Aug MOD. wll perforth at Rlcka Cafe, 611 Church, Ann Arbor; For nformaton, call M6-J747. MOTHERS FROM ANOTHC R Htorn TWatay, Aug. 15. Brother* from Payng ther dues as 13 Engnes s Mke Robbns (from left), Grant Ethler, John Crtchley and Jm Hughes. - v accordng to Ryder. Kubert later hooked up wth Jmmy McCarty and the Detrot Blues Band. Ryder sad the two kept n contact and even.worked together a couple of tmes-. " have very few" male frends n my. lfe," sad Ryder n a telephone ntervew. " defntely count hm as one of them." "After he left the band, we never got close agan," Ryder sad. "ts sad. We should have been." Four months on Nagle Street n Hamtramck? Lets ju^say 13 Engnes ran dle. "We ddnt do much tell you that," sad John Crtchley dscussng the bands temporary resdence two years ago."we watched a lot of TV. We probably drank a lot of beer and wrote a lot of songs." THE TORONTO-based band returns to old haunts Frday, Aug. 16, headlnng at Alvlns n Detrot. Doors open at 9 p.m. 13 Engnes dd tme n DetrojJ n the. fall of The four-member outft hung out here whle ther second album for Nocturnal Records, "Byram Lake Blues," was beng re-; leased. A majorty of those songs, n fact, were wrtten durng the bands stay n Byram Lake; Mch, Lkewse, a porton of the.numbers can be heard on 13 Engnes recent SBK release "A Blur to Me Now." -. So does ths mean members consder Detrot/Mchgan somethng of a second home? Well... Crtchley s qute the dplomat but he wont go that far. nstead, the Motor Cty dwellng s chalked up to the band payng ther.dues. "Blur to Me Now" s a back-to-bascs ln-your-face rocknroll album. There snt an ounce of extraneous gutar matter or pop bombast on ths effort. Part of the credt for that goes to producer Davd Brggs, whos best known for hs work wth Nel Young. 13 Engnes recorded "Blur to Me Now" n a flat sx weeks, rehearsng for awhle at Youngs Calforna ranch.. COMPARSONS to Mr. Young are natural, but ther valdty only comes n the way 13 Engnes streamlned aesthetcs when makng musc. -, "f you spend your tme n the stu- <no, trggerng drum machnes ts no longer 13 Engnes," Crtchley sad. Speakng of studos, Park the Karma 13 n Tempermll Studo, recordng ther yet-to-be tlled debut album for Black Garlc records. The band features members, vocalst Lor Wyatt, Jack Smth, Raquel Salaysay (formerly of The Truncheons) and Kerry Gluckman (formerly of Walk the Dogma). Mol Trffd goes western By Larry OConno? staff wrter Someone better tell Don McLean that Mol Trffd has gone to catch the last tran for the coast. Dont worry, the musc hasnt ded. ts just movng. A farewell dose of vocalst Kurt Serbus apocalyptc screeches and Klmo Balls double-barreled gutar wll be gven Saturday, Aug. 17, at Club Hedelberg n Ann Arbor. Oh, but to see Serbus don the dnner jacket and desgner eyeglasses for the last area rendton of "The Devl and Sammy Davs." Then n one fell swoop, Mol Trffd wll be off to San Francsco. Theyre even takng Bloomfeld Hlls Lahser graduate/drummer Scott Mast, who replaced John Westerman last September. Smply put, Mol Trffd has grown trcduf tlrerscene here Theres not a hell of a lot of places to play," sad Klmo Ball, sttng n the lvng room (we thnk) of ther Ann Arbor apartment wth a For Rent" sgn on the door. "Detrot s sad. ts ether people loyal to ther* favorte punk band or apathetc to a Martan band from Ann Arbor." Theres no btterness nballs voce, Just resgnaton. Mol Trffd Another Planet wll performat 3D Club, 1815 N. Man, Royal Oak; For nformaton, call 589-3M4. WLCYOOAT T»«r»day, A»g. 15 Blly Goat wll ^r/orm wlthgvcsls,,the Brotherhood Recpe*, at Sant "Andrews Kal, 431 E. Congress, Detrot. DOOM open at 9 p.m. Tckets are 5. For nformaton, call 961- MKLT. A88EMBU REQURED Tharaday, Aug. 15 Assembly Requred wll perform at Rcks Cafe, 611 Church, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call « R0B RTPAtHER Tlmday, Aug. 15 Robert Palmer wll perform wth guest, Deacon Blue, at Pne Knob, Sashabaw Road and 1-75, Clarkston. For nformaton, call ». 6WM3M0 RCHARDS Frday, Aug. 16 Swngng Rchards wll perform wth guests, Llarhe^d and accomplshed more n three years here than the average bunch of longhared, power-chord metal churnng quartet! THE BANDS frst sngle last year, " Want to See Pretty People Dong Ugly Thngs-," revealed Serbus penchaft for explorng the bleakest realms of the human sprt. nstead of warness, the lead sngers tremblng screams seemed to revel n the madness as he vvdly descrbes a pathetc creature alone watchng pornographc flms. Balls ncendary gutar peces only made the package more hypnotc. More mportantly, the 7-nch sngle was nstrumental n garnerng the band an nstant followng. Snce then, Mol Trffd toured the East Coast and the Mdwest regon extensvely and set Up a home base n Ann Arbor. Whle on the coast, the tjandtecord<sd a majorty "Of ther upcomng release, "Touch the Monkey," n Boston. The sx-song project s 50 mnutes long and wll be released on (fast becomng extnct) vnyl n the fall. Among the selectons wll be a number; "Satn Rules," n whch Serbus pokes fun at the hystera revolvng around alleged devl worshp. Another song s ttled, "Wllam Kowdoyado3, at St. Ardrcws Hall, 431 E, Congress,Detrot. For nformaton, call 961-MELT. DETROT BLUC8 BAND Frday, A«g. 16 Detrot Blues Band wll perform at Moby - Dck3, 5452 Schaefer, De,tborn. For nformaton, call ,1 DESTRUCTON RDE Frday, Aog. 16 Destructon R dc wll perform wth guests, All You Can Eat, af Club Hedelberg, 215 N. Man, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call QEOROE BEDARD AHO THE KlNOPNS Frday, Aog. 16 George Bcdsrd and the Kngpns wll perform at the Blnd Pg, 208 S. Frst, Ann Arbor. For nformaton, call OUY CLARK Frday, Aog Guy Clark wll perform 830 p.m. at Brmngham Untaran Church, 651 N. Woodward. Tckets are Shatner Sleeps on the Eye of the Harmonc Convergence He Dreams.". MANY OF the Serbus-penned r numbers come from hs own twsted perspectve of every. day events. "The Devl and Sammy Davs," for example, was the result of the late sngers bography, whch dvulged Davs* alleged nvolvement wth the Church of Satan. Whether a move to the Golden Gate Cty wll lghten up Serbus songwrltng remans to be seen. He wasnt present at the ntervew. "Hes nto t (the move)," sad bassst Dave Sahjdak. As, too, are the rest of the band members. For Mast, the relocaton s of partcular exctement. The drummeralways wanted to be a member of Mol Trffd ever snce hs -former hand,.pontne, op^nrd f them at a show n Ann Arbor. "Kurt has a lot to do wth t,! Mast, sad.."sp does the musc. He hassuch.a presence. Hes so ntense." Mol Trffd wll perform wth guests, Thudpucker,. Saturday, Aug. 17, at Club Hedelberg, 215 N., Man, Ann Arbor. Cover s 4. For nformaton, call For nformaton, call UN8OUN08 ORCHESTRA Frday, Aag. 16 Sun Sounds Orchestra wll perform on the Boblo Moonlght Crul*e. The boat departs 11 p.m. and returns 1 a.m. For nformaton, call or m..._. QEOROEBEDARDAND THE K«f*0MN8 FrWay, Aag. 16 George Bcdard and the Kngpns wll perform at the Blnd Pg, 208 S. Frst, Ann Arbor. For nfor- mallon, call TEVC NAROELLA Frday, A»g, 16 Steve Nardella wll perform at Sullys, 4758 Crcenfeld. norlh of Mchgan Avenue, Dearborn. For nformaton, call LADYSHP BLACK MAM9AZO FrWay, A»g. 16 Udpmlth Black Mambao wll perform wth Arrow and Thrd World at Chcne Park Musc Thcalec.l^DetrolL Tckets are f 25 for pavlon; for lawn. For nformaton, call and far between Famnes are tny ndependent musc papers put out by regular, people nstead of some huge publshng corporaton. Theyre usually cheaply prnted on mmeograph paper wth crude graphcs, a bunch of msspelled words and. a casual wrtng style. But thats what makes them great. nstead of begnnng a record revew wth "phrases lke "the thematc elements and pognant tonal qualty... "Fanzne wrters tend to use sentences lke^these boys have plenty of neat-o effects pedals." Back n the 1960s, alternatve magaznes were n ther heyday and anyone who had somethng to. say would wrte t down and vola, they were n the publshng bz_ Lately, however, fanzne producton at least n ths area has gone the way of bell bottoms, lava lghts and altrustc behavor. A survey of local record stores (the major dstrbuton pont for fanznes) revealed that most had zero or at most three copes of local magaznes. Most fanzne producers today have to be welwversed n ad rates and dstrbuton technques. But theres stll a few people, armed wth only a coper and somethng to say, who manage to make ther lttle place n the lterary world..... Of the few that are out there, these are some of the best "*." New Drecton Ths s a Juv or-sed fanzne put out by a guy who calls hmself Nck Name and hs "proofreader, lover and best frend" Splrulna. Although the jnag s tny, t does get around. The mal secton n the front of the book has letters from readers as far away as England. Anyway, New Drecton focuses only on musc. Mr. Names taste n tunes runs toward the alternatve/. college sort. One ssue featured ntervews wth That Petrol Emoton, Snuff and Lovers and Other Monsters as well as lve revews of bands lke the Chlls and Socal Dstorton., But the real body of the magazneconssts of "Ncks Pcks," a lengthy secton of record revews, Ncks-revlews are lke lstenng to that frend of yours who. frequents. the nde bn at the record store theyre smart and full of obscure muscnfov Scattered throughout the text area bunch of funny/phlosophcal quotes lke Hans Selyes "f you do what you lke, you never really - work. Your work s your play." or-3 George Carns " am not plete vegetaran;.eajonlyanrnalsthat have ded n ther sleep". New Drecton only comes put twce a year n. June and December and can be had by send ng 1.50 to New Drecton, 520 N, Ashley, No, 1, Ann Arbor Brassneck ts "a musc rag wth a wcked sense of humor put out by Chp.Porter (lead-off htter, Jpken chump) and Tm Sendra; (feldgeneral, token grump). They say that ther debut ssue "generated about as much exctement as a Flock of Seagulls reunon," but snce Tm s a recent graduate and "doesnt have a job or pont n lfe" and Chp s a worker n a party store where he specalzes n stockng canned shrmp, they decded to put ou a second s-_ sue snce they had nothng to do. The frst ssue was nearly a masterpece n "znedom." t fea-! lures a comc about Snuggles the cuddly fabrc softener bear havng 0 a bad day and gong on a kllng rampage, plus two "horror" stores" about the tragedy of gpng bald at a young age wrtten (by the two Sendra boys (baldness runs n ther famly).- "The second ssue s more muscorented, but wrtten n the typcal Brassneck style..n hs revew of the Rde LP, for example, Sendra wrtes, "Revewng ths record makes me feel lke an elephant n s patch of dases or a cement mxer drvng over eggshells." To get your hands on 1 Brassneck, send one buck tq* Brassneck HQ, 474S Northgate; Ann Arbor < Motorbooty Ths s a good bet for those of you are nterested n Detrots nfamous past musc hs- tory crca the late 60s-early 70s; Another Rough Day? HELP S JUST A PUNCH AWAY! Pressure, Duadllnes. The boss contnues to breath* down your neck and hover over your desk. Dont tell htm to take a hke.,, Yellng. Screamng, fghtng. Your off-sprng are, drvng you off your rockef. Dont lock therh out and; throw away the key. Lot us smooth out the rough spots. CD FM, WXCD s Detrots new rado staton. We play tho absolute srnoofhost sounds around. YVXCO features musc that s relaxng butnever borng. Fre*t», exctng musc. From artsts lke Kenny G, George, "BeTVSOTrSpyfO Gyra, Steely Dan, Paul Smon, BasJa, Pat Methoney, Anta Baker and Karl Klugh. Tho newest < musc wllrrout a the hypo and talk. When llfos anxous lttle moments start to get on your norvos, dont punch a wall. Punch us up"! / v Relax and enjoy. DETROT.S NEW RADO STATON FM, l <.A * Jl. H J «* A *»

10 T ^ w f w t ^» ^ * T n " T ^ ^ ^ > F»W»^^^^»^^»W^^^^ L".Hll." " ««P«np ^ 1 m " f 4 t 1 1 m ). M" \E <- H- 11 v, J1 " V s l! W 10A* - -^fr^orkteyrauflost-l 2, Madonna offers legal assstant courses ; ; Regstraton contnues through Saturday, Aug. 31, for fall term legal [assstant courses and semnars at. MadonwUnlverslty. Programs begn Saturday, Sept. 7, wth a legal semnar taught by Madonna legal assstant program drector Jennfer Cote., Programs nclude "-;/ ;; ;;. Envronmental. Law V the four-day workshop meets 6-10 pro- PYJday/Nov. 8 and 22, and 8 a.m to 5. pn.saturday,nov. 9 «nd 23; Theworkshop s taught by attorney Mary.- Ursko, assstant drector Of Madpn-; assstant prograrr \ -., --.* Arbtraton; and; Medaton- ^- \, The course concentrates on pulng together facta to present a case to an arbtraton panel t meets 6-10 pn Frlday.Oct. 18and25,and6-10p.m. Saturday, Oct. 19 and 26. t s taught, by attorney Rlahard Dmann...) > Usng Computers n the Law ; The class ncludes word processng, computer programmng theory and legal research. Medcal Legal Records ahd Medcal Concepts The class.meets 6-10 p.m. Frday, Sept. 20 and 27, and-8-a.m.-to 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept.- 21 and 28. t s taught by Dmanln. Other classes nclude Legal Assstant Orentaton and Legal Research and Wrtng, taught by Ursko; Legal ntervewng and nvestgaton and Law Offce Economcs and Management^ taught by Oakland.County Crcut Judge Gene Schnelz; Legal Research and Wrtng, taught by Oakland County Crcut Judge Fred M. Mester; Ltgaton, two sectons taught by FederafDstrlct Judge Patrck Duggan and attorney Debra Holt; and Torts An Overvew of Neglgence, taught by Dmann....-, Addtonal nformaton s avatfable by callng Ursko, Madonna s at 1-96 and Levan, Lvona. EMT program scheduled at S-praft EAL DRECT WTH THE FACTORY! Smply Beautful Lustra Wall Custom Porch Enclosures A Local Mchgan Manufacturer ^By Appontment Free Estmates Pato Door Sales, nc. Factory/Showroom ; 254SUV..Seven Mlo Rd., Redford Twp., Ml ;. Snce Arthrts Today Joseph J. Wess, M.D. Rheumatology Farmngton Road Lvona, Mchgan Phone /vn emergelcy medcal techncan programs- beng offeredn the fall Schoolcraft College course schedule. Students completlbg.emt courses wll bo elgble tqtako Allchgan.Pe- >partnent of Publc Health exams as,- an emergency medcal technlcjan, emergency medcal-techncan specalst orvnedcal frst responder..classes nclude Emergency Medcal < Techncan Specalst Topcs nclude advanced arway therapy and ntravenous therapy, as well as basc skll Mon.-Fr. 8-5 Le. #21004 We Do On-SUe Rcpc WHEN CHANGE N THERAPY S NOT N ORDER When your body aches despte therapy, you may feel t s tme to fc-.,,^ m -.-,....,, change medcatons. Unfortunately, the panmay be a reacton to "" - " "* stress not reversble by medcal therapy. For example; you hurt n your heels. The basc problem coud be that dstortons n the poston of the toes make t mpossble for you to strke the floor wth a normal strde. Your heef pan s the result of a structural rnpa/rment of your foot, no medcal regmen can slraghten the toes, let alone resolve your heel pan... When your doctor questons you about your jont pan, he gans an dea f a structural problem rather than nflammatory reacton s the cause. Structural pan s borng, contnuous, not releved by test, and not dmnshed by beat or medcaton. Examnaton helps decde the queston. Lookng at the toes often reveals why the heef hurts. An x-ray of theknee, revealng prevously unsuspected jont loss, may explan why you developed an ache down your leg that prescrptons or njectons fal to reseve At tmes, the alternatves for-care-are ether surgery or acceptance. The experenced doctor knows when you have armed at such a pont, and that tryng other medcatons s a gamble lkely to cause more hazard than help. relnforcementthe class meets 6-10 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays;-begns nlng Sept. ^7v Fee s 2ft5. Medcal.Frst Responder Topcs nclude ntal patent survey, treatment of Mendng/shock,, cardac arfeslt, fractures, spnal njures and jother medcal emergences. The class meets 6^9 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, begnnng Sept. 24. Fee s "1105..,;-;.... ;/."-... ;v ; To regster, or tor addtonal nformaton, call the college of flee of contnung educaton servces, ; ";-. ; =. -. LOSE WEGHT WTH ACUPUNCTURE _ Youve probably tred to lose wolght wth all the usual ways. Acupunc- " turo s an flnclen Orental way of therapy. t has proven veryhepm n Keatng many of modern day problems and dseases. Losng weght s one ol them. NOW s the tme to make a change and lose weght wth acupuncture. For further nformaton, CALL NANKN PROFESSONAL CLNC, P.C. Mchael T. Nadolny, D.O Vasssr, Sute 800, Uvonla r mrnew How Can A Leather Char Look Ths Good And Stll Reclned ts From Bradngton-Young Choose the style that fts your - decor...n 15 elegant colors. Your Choce Sale.Ends, Aug. 26, 1991 ;«v "... v Mddlcbelt, Lvona South of 8 Mle. HOH. TV1UB >R!. *»-»«0 "BB " "V m», wto,mt. no-» J Pck Your Pet Out Of The Classfeds GBSON SCHOOL A Qualty envronment for The Exceptonal Student NOW ACCEPTNG APPLCATONS FOR FALL r«4 s f c 3 X o. Full & Part-tme Day Care - Ages 2½ to 5 yrs., Gfted Pre-School through 8th Grade Low Student-to-Teacher Rato Fnancal Ad Avalable for School Program.SAC.S. Accredted _ Fenton Road Redford, Ml (313) Now Ths Fall On-Ste DAY CARE Open to a.l tcgardess of race, color, refjglon, natonal or ethnc ott&n Oakland County artsts receved most arts grants The Mchgan Councl for the lallon, sad Kaza, vce presdent for Arts has redstrbuted money from polcy research at the Macknac -the poorest parts of the state to the^xentet. rchest, a conservatve thnk-tank study says. \ n 19l8e, artsts n Oakland County; wth Mchgans hghest per-caplta ncome, receved 46 arts councl grants, the largest total of any county n the sjate, accordng to a study released today-by the Macknac Center, a Mdland-based publc pojcy thnk tank. -. MCA dstrbuted 83 grante to artsts n Oakland.and Washtenaw countes, whch has.the states sec-, bnd-hlghestjper capta ncome.,- Artlsts-to 24* of Mchgans 25 poorest countes grants from The Mlcldga^ Councl for the Arts durng a fve-year perod. "BY REDSTRBUTNG tax dollarsfrom.poor and mddle class to rch areas, the Mchgan Councl for the Arts has faled to serve the publc nterest," sad Greg Kaza, the studys author. The group recommended abolshng the MCA". Gov. John Engler last week reversed hs decson to abolsh the MCA, nstead establshng a new group that wll phase out grants over three years. The MCA gave more than onethrd of ts total number or arts councl grants to courtles wth less than one-seventh of the state popu^ The Macknac Center study recommended phasng out all state fundng to the Detrot nsttute of Arts, Detrot Symphony Orchestra, Mchgan Opera Theatre and other cultural groups-over a three-year, perod so that they are able to so- cure alternatve fundng from prvate and non-proft sources. "REFORM S necessary because there s no emprcal evdence doc«umehtlrfg that these state^funded organzatons are sferylng. the poor,"kazasald. ;. "The State of Mchgan can ll af ; ford the aclscouncll gly.en the 1 prevalng ecpnpmjcrecesson^ budget crss and the needs of mddle-class taxpayers for property tax relef," Kazasald..-. *-. The perod was analyzed because t s the most recent tme span for whch fgures are avalable, he sad. The 24 poorest countes whch receved no. grants are Lake, Keewenaw, Ogemaw, Baraga, Oscoda, Houghton, Presque sle, Montmorency, Clare, Schoolcraft, Chppewa, Mssaukee, Gogebc, ron, Kalkaska, Osceola, Alcona, osco, Luce, Cheboygan, Arenac, Roscommon, Gladwn and Macknac.. - " Compare the rest were stll the best! nterest roles os of MONEY MARKET FranKln Savngs Bank NoNonol Bank of Detrot -vtorurfogturerj Comedca Mchlgon Natono! Slondord Federol Frst Federol of Mchgan Frst of Amerca RATES m OXK ; Bcd on J5.0CO dcfvn-; SCKJ^ rnln/nurn tl^post r«3ufcmcnt my x l<»^rr. 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11 PPfWPP mmmmm w* mm W\t #bscruer ^eutspapets Sports WfcDE Taste, page 3B BradEmont edtor/ nght lne Monday/August 12,1091 O&E «;J*»utMr (L,V/)18 f t *! ^t ; By Dan OMeara staff wrter, ); Joe Burton was. the. Metro SumfraerHockey League scorng champon ths year, so, t was-fttng he [should be the one to score the last ; goalof the 1991 season. ; Burton scored just 18 seconds nu rovertlme last week to gve the ; Wolvernes a 5-4 vctory over the j Lakers n the MSHL champonshp l game at Plymouth ce Arena. ; The 24-year-old Garden Cty reslj dent fred a slapshot from the rght ; wng and decded the ssue at 644 n the extra sesson. "n overtme, you try to get as many shots as you can and, hopefully, one goes n," sad Burton, who jserves as player/coach along wth! farmer Unversty of Mlchgan- Dearborn teamnmte^m-osbomr"!- ;felt lke got all of t; shot t hard land t went n,". The Wolvernes were rewarded ;for a persstent effort wth ther overtme wn. * THEY TRALED for much of the >jjame and ralled from one-goal defcts three tmes to the thrd perod to r -4±sfld eventually force the over-.~* t, The Lakers led 2-1 after Mke jkrygler scored late n the frst per- Od and held that edge untl Osborn at 1039 n the thrd. The ; Lakers tred to wn t, twce gong a ;goal up only to have the Wolvernes show new lfe., y "Wc Just tred_to_kejep-t close^we- knew we could score," sad Burton, who led the league wth 28 goals and 50 ponts n the, regular season. "As long as we werent down more than three gong nto the thrd, we felt pretty confdent." - The Lakers went ahead 3-2 and 4-3 on goals by Kryger and Jm Mtchell at 609 and 220 n the last perod, but tbe s Wolvernes pulled even a short tme later when Scott Dresch and Mark ssel countered wth the tyng goals at 523 and "What really hurt us gong nto the thrd perod was a lack of bench strength," sad Lakers coach Mke -Kester-of-LlvunJa. "Wtb-our-twolnes gong up aganst ther three, we had to play strong defensve hockey f we were gong to hold that lead. }"They also had two or three saves by ther goale (Darren Burton). We had hm down and out; all we had to do was put t on the top shelf. But we put t rght nto hm, and they were excellent saves." KESLER ADDED some of hs bet. ter players began to tlfe late n the game, but he ddnt want to dmnsh the effort and ablty of the Wolvernes by usng that as an excuse." "Nobody else n the league can put fve guys out there who are as good as the fve they had on the ce at the end of thethlrd-perlod^nd gong ntooverttme/hesad. JM JAGDFELD/etaH photographer Wolverne goale Darren Burton watches the puck sal wde of the mark as teammate Denns Schlmmelpfenneg converges on the play. Kesler added he never thought the game was hs to wn even though the Lakers held the lead most of the nght v "Never. They have too much frej)ower_on_thal.tea_rn/l_he sad. "Thats when you start gettng nto trouble, when you start thnkng lke that." ; Mtchell opened the scorng n the frst perod, and Burton ted t before Kryger put the Lakers n front ,, n addton to hs goal, Osborn had three asssts for the wnners, and teammates Denns Schlmmelpfenneg, sseltmax Weslphal and Jaysoh Weatherngton one each. Brent Bes- -sey also had three asssts for the Lakers, Chuck Carvey two,.krygler and Mtchell one apece. BURTON WONT hve much rest untl next season. He reports Sunday, Aug. 18, to Denmark where he wlll_ play f orrungstedtn"the DahTshTer professonal league. Lvona goale cool on ce ByBrad-Emons staff wrter - The only.thng mssng from Davd Mtchells busy summer tnerary was a trp to Japan. ; Mtchell, who wll be a senor ths ; fall at Lvona Churchll Hgh, got as far as the U.S. Olympc Tranng Center, July n Colorado Sprngs, Colo. The goale was one of two alternates on the 22-member USA Natonal Select-17 Junor Hockey Team. Despte beng the odd man out among throe goaltenders vyng for a spot on the Select-17 squad, Mtchell s quckly becomng one the countrys rsng sons. - "The other two guys Jeff Moen (of Rosevlle, Mnn.) and Tom Asht- -ey-fc^wheatfeld, N.Y.- - were both really good," Mtchell sad. They had both been on Uxe Natonal 16 team and had more experence n nternatonal competton. "But at least got my foot n the door wth USA Hockey." (Perhaps the Select-17 could have used Mtchell n Japan. The team flnjshed ) Mtchell made the most of hs opportunty after attendng a regonal camp at 0ak Parks Compuware Arena; ganng an nvtaton to attend another USA Hockey regonal camp (June 23-30) n Lake Placd, N.Y. (Lttle Caesars Mdget squad teammate Greg Logas, who wll also be a sejlor at Churchll, was another camp partcpant.) DURNG HS STAY n Lake Placd, Mtchell was able to rase hs game a notch. "Bascally at that level ts all evaluaton?* Mtchell sad. "They (the coaches and scouts) want to see, where you ft n the USA program. "You just go out and try to mpress the scouts. went out pretty lad back and played well. thought had a good shot of gong on to Colorado Sprngs." The regonal camp n Lake Placd enabled Mtchell to get acclmated to a new style of play. "Everythng s so hgh tempo because the nternatonal game s so hgh paced," Mtchell sad. "You have to be ready all the tme." Mtchell has-bejen well-schooled n the game snce he was 5½ years-old. The son of former Unversty of Mchgan-Dearborn and ex-churchlll Hgh coach Adam Mtchell, Davd began n the Lvona bouse leagues as a dcfenseman before makng the swtch to goale wth a Westland travel team. The past seven years hes played for Lttle Caesars n the AAA leagues. Among Caesars promnent alumn are Westlands Mke Modano, now wth the Mnnesota North Stars, and Pat Peake, a recent frst-round NHL pck of the Washngton Captals^ from the Detrot Ambassadors. N , Mtchell played on the Lttle Caesars Bantam Major team that won the state champonshp and fnshed second to Alaska n the natonals. Last season he led Caesars Mdget club (16-17 year-olds) to state and natonal crowns. He was also the Mchgan Natonal AAA Hockey Leagues top goaltcnder the past two seasons. Mtchells ultmate goal s to play Dvson college hockey. He was recently drafted by the Detrot Junor Red Wngs of the North Amercan Junor A Hockey League (Ter t), and also by the Omaha, Neb. Lancers of the U.S, Junor A Hockey League. Despte the two offers, Mtchell s not tempted. He plans to stck wth the Caesars Mdgets for another year. "ll be only one of three returnng players," he sad,"were not nearly the same team, but well play 80 games and get to travel all over. We have somethng lke 13 trps planned. Were gong4o Calgary and Montreal and out east two or three tmes l be able to get more exposure. The Junor Wngs have ther goale comng back anyway. The man thng s to play," MTCHELL doesnt beleve hell receve an offer from a Dvson school durng the NCAAs early oneweek November sgnng perod! Mtchell, however, s an attractve package, carryng a 3.25 grade-pont average whle havng passed ACT and SAT requrements. " hope to catch a scholarshp somewhere, maybe a partal as a thrd goale, t depends on what knd of year have "he sad. "m a lttle nervous, but always wanted to play hockey at a hgher level," he sad. "ve been playng senors for two years and fnally got a break. "The European style s more my style played on the open ce and not as physcal. should be able to skate wth them. "m hopng to have a good year and maybe get an offer from a better team. Maybe Jl get notced and come back over here." n the MSHL semfnals Sunday nght, the Lakers doubled the score ( on the Spartans 10-5, and the Wolve- rlnes whpped the Falcons " Bessey and Mtchell scored three v-,goals apece and also had three and two asssts, respectvely. Kryger chpped n two goals and three as* ssts. Phl Berger scored three goals for the Spartans.. " >...- Osborn racked up fve goals and four. asssts tojead the Wolvernes,. who also got a three-goal perform-, ance from Burton Davd Mtchell Caesars goale Judgngby hs summer showng, Mtchell has already mpressed some college coaches. The 5-foot-ll, 165-pound Mtchell, meanwhle, tres to keep mprovng, patternng hmself after Red Wng. jetmnder Tm Cheveldae, "He stands up and tres to cut off the.angles,".sad the Llvonan. " don try to be flashy. dont try to hot-dog t. Thats not my style." Mtchell admts hockey takes up most of hs tme. "1 lke to fsh and play tenns wth some of my frends," he safd.vbut rght now were havng tryouts for our Lttle Caesars team. Were gong,to a tournament n the mddle of September n Toronto.",,, Hebestrets stnt n Europe a Dutch treat By Steve Kowalffcl. atar wrter Davd Hcbestrelt enjoyed hs recent European stay so much, hes plannng a return vst. Ths tme for good. 1 Hebestret, a 1989 Lvona Churchll graduate, just, returned from Amsterdam, Holland, where he played for FC Volendam, a Dvson 80ccef club. Playng forward for the frst tme n hs career, nstead of hs usual halfback poston, Hebestret was second on the team n scorng wth 10 goals and nne asssts. Voendam fnshed durng an nternatonal Tournament Tour of fve" dfferent countres, and Hebestret played well enough to earn a professonal contract offer from FC Brugge, a Frst Dvson team n Belglum. Hebestret sad he could sgn mmedately and begn playng for Brugge n September, or he can wat and start a professonal career wth the team next year. soccer Hebestret, who played n 1989 for Schoolcraft College, also has three years of college elgblty remanng and could decde to stay n the Unted States and play soccer and fnsh a degree. Whatever the case, he plans on playng professonally overseas sometme n the near future. "F CAN get nto a nce college wll stay here and try over there n a few years," sad Hebestret, who has been stayng n shape snce returnng from overseas by playng wth the! Plymouth Football Club, ncludng former.salem standouts Jeff Gold, MattGold, Matt Tudor and Greg Chrstansen. "ts a goal of mne to make Europe my home and to play soccer there. love seeng new thngs, meetng new people and playng soccer. ts the love of my Jlfo." Money snt the motve, for Hebestret, hesald snce Brugge only offered 87,000 Belgum Franks a. month (1,200 lh Amercan money). One of the frnge benefts of lvng there, however, s he wont have lb pay for housng. One of the ncentves Europe can offer on the feld s an enthusastc crowd. "The dfference between Amer^ can soccer and foregn soccer s some games they have 15 to 20,000 people n the stands and ts overwhelmng playng n front of that many," Hebestret sad. The hghlght of Hebestrets season came aganst a Cechoslovaklan team when he scored FC Volendams only goals n a 2-1 wn on the road. He s glad, also, to have swtched to forward. " lke to fnsh now," he sad. "Beng over n Europe playng 13 excellent, but to score two goals. aganst another team s a rush. My knees got weak." THE FC VOLENDAM team frst heard about Hebestret two years ago, when Hcbestrelt was named Most Valuable Player of the Mchgan Gold durng a European tour. Hcbestrelt was gong to" play for an Elte USA teanvlhs summer durng the recent nternatonal Tournament Tour, but nstead hooked, up last sprng wth FC Volendarn to get more exposure. - "t was a bg decson on my part, whether wanted to go wth the U.S. team or get exposure and get to know (he Dutch players and coaches better," he sad. " was the only Amercan on the team and t was a lot of fun. Wth all the Dutch guys had to conform and learn from them. Theyve played the game snce they were two. They lve for t." Language snt a. barrer for Hcbestrelt snce most of tho people he met spoke Englsh, He also enjoyed some of the comforts of home n the form of fast-food restaurants. "They have McDonalds, Prn Hut, Burger Kng - theyre very Amercanzed," he sad. By C.J. Rlak staff wrter t was really no surprse, what cok legdtopped the lst when the results n the coaches vote for the preseason favorte n the 1991 Mchgan n-_ tercolegate Athletc Assocaton football race were announced, Albon College frst, followed by Hope, Olvet, Adran, Kalamazoo and Alma.. t would be dffcult to argue wth Albons pre-emnence. After all, the Brtons were a year ago (4-0-1 n the MAA), wnnng ther secondstraght ttle. Whats worse for everyone else n the MAA, anyway Albon returns seven starters on defense and eght von offense, ncludng the leagues top passer, sophomore quarterback Mke Montlco, from Detrot Country Day. Of course, t should also be noted that n the prevous 23 coaches preseason polls, the rght team was selected Just eght tmes. BUT THS year, t looks lke a lock even though there are no more patses n the MAA. Kalama- zoo and Olyet, for j^ears the lea v gues doormats, arebjalh much mproved. Stll, Albon has all the ngredents ncludng depth, wth players lke junor lnebacker John Brannan (6- feet-1, 205 pounds), a Plymouth Salem graduate, and sophomore recever Mke Spaccarotella (5-7,155), from Lvona Churchll. "Weve got some holes to fll-on LLdefense^Lsad Albon coach^pete- Schmdt, tryng valantly to dodge the burden of the favortes,role. "But we have a fne lnebackng corps and secondary comng back. That wll help." Hope, wblootled Albon n 90, and Ou>et,.whch lost last year oo a blocked extra pont n the fnal mnute, wll challenge only f theycan replace some key people. At Olvet, thafmeans fllng the holes create^ by all-maa frst-team quarterback KenKubak and the - leagues.^most valuable, defensve player, lnebacker Jeff Verone. Bll Thams (5-11, 225), a junor defensve tackle from Plymouth Canton, should help... BEFORE ALBONS emergence as favorte, there was _ AdranrThe- Bulldogs were tryng to three-peat last year (they ted Albon for the 1969 ttle), but fell flat wth a overall record, n the MAA. Now Adran must replace quarterback Pete Mazzonl (Lvona Stevenson), a three»year starter. Enterng fall drlls, there are eght canddates. No wonder coach Jm Lyall sad "we have a lot of gaps to fll. Our defense wll have to carry the load untl the offense can come around. "We are cautously optmstc." One reason the return of senor lnebacker Kevn Messner (5-11, football OBSERVERS MAA PLAYERS - Adran College-. Bran Connefl, sophomore lnebacker, Plymouth Canton; Steve Fufler, freshman ; wde recever,,westland JOhn Glenn; Jason Gouk,.freshman Snebacker, Westland John Glenn; Kevn Messner, senor 8ne backer, Bedford. Unon; Joe PaptttJan. fesnman lacwe, Ga/don Cty; Paul Rockwood, ffeshmar wtdo recever. Ltvorfa Stevenson; Tom Sark. freshman wkje tecerver, Lhorva Chur chjl. Albon Cofle^e Mke. Spacca/otrjtta, s<)p{somore wde recefvef, Llvonta ChorchD), John Brannan, junor lnebacker. Plymouth Canton. Alma Cotteae Jeff Sknner, defensve lneman, Farmngton Harrson. Ka!ft/na20O Coflege Dale Ccrter. Junor defensfye back, Uvonla ChurcMt; M a rco OeSanto, freshmanfnebacker, Lvona Stevenson; Erch KcWand. freshman defensve end, Llvonta Stevenson; John Mddova/v junor ouard. Lfvoha Frankln; Sco t. Myrand, urlof defensve tackle, Lvona. Frankrm; Tony Prey, freshman offensve-defensve Sneman,Westland John Glenn; Bran Scholu, sophomore defensve back, Plymouth Salem. ". Olvet College BU Thams. junor defensfve tackle, Plymouth Canton. 195), a Redford Unon graduate. Sophomore Bran Connell (5-10,210), from Plymouth Canton, could help, too. Kalamazoo mproved to n 90, but the Hornets were stll just 1- -B-Hn-the^MfAAT The hope of coach Davd Warmack s.that~they are headed n the proper drecton. "WE MAY surprse some people ths year," Warmack sad. "Well be bgger than n the past. And our numbers are up, from 64 to 82 players. Plus,<weve had a good recrutng class. thnk well be more consstent offensvely." v~, Junor John Moldovan (6-0, 195), from Lvona Frankln, may help at offensve guard. And junor Scott Myrand (6-0, 225), also from Frankln, could be a contrbutor on the defensve lne. One freshman the Hornets fgure wll have an mmedate mpact s Westland JohL Glenn _grad Tqny_ Prey (6-1, 248). The onlyquestlonts where; Prey could wn a startng spot on ether the offensve or defensve lne, y Sophomore Bryan Schultz (6r3/ 170), from Plymouth Salem, and junor Dale Coller (5-10, 170), from Churchll, wll provde depth n the defensve secondary. At Alma, hope s hgh, but realty can be a wearsome weght. Frstyear coach Jm Cole doesnt have a lot to work wth, but junor defensve lneman Jeff Sknner, from Farmngton Harrson, may provde some relef. Burton Hollow prevals Burton Hollow extended ts relgnv n the ndependent Summer Swm League by wnnng ts ffth consecutve champonshp recently n the Plymouth Colony pool. The defendng champon so domnated the meet wth 378 ponts the contest for second place was the only real ssue to be decded. - Northvlle was runner-up n the fve-team meet wth a pne polnt edge over Farway Farms, 252-Z51. Plymouth Colony fnshed wth 243 ponts, Ncwburgh 63. "We have a lot of ycar round Swmmers on the team, and thats bascally what t s," sad Jane Whtney, who co-coaches the Burton Hol low team -wth Mke Gocke^ when asked about the clubs contnued success. 1 "One tme ths year a lot of our swmmers went to Cedar Pont, and wc lost a dual meet for the frst tme n fve years. When we have all our people were really strong.". Plymouth Cotony, the team that defeated Burton Hollow n the dual, held the early lead Saturday, but Burton Hollow was ahead followng the mornng sesson wth 183 ponts. Farway Farms had 147» Northvlle 132 and Plymouth Colony "WE WERE losrfg for a whle and were gettng klnda worred," Whtney sad "We had a lot of our younger swmmers n- the easer freestyle and backstroke events. But wc came through n.the harder, strokes (breast, fly.and ndvdual medley) because thats where we put more of our; year-round swmmers,"; Burton Hollow, whch has won or shared the ttle nlne.tlmes n the l5r. -year hstory of the SSL, won 19 events, ncludng sx relays. The champs had a tro of double wnners n ndvdual events Anne Arsteo won the 1M and butterfly n. the grls age group, Sarah" Rleder, the samocvents n grls and Kevn Rclnke-the backstroke and JM n boys The 10-andunder grls dvson was one of Burton Hollows strong suts. t had three wnners n the age group wth KrlsHn Derwtch wnnng, the backstroke, Jule Kern the brcaststroke and Becky Peterson the - butterfly.. " -< Other gold-medal swmmers from Burton Hollow were Casse Ehlcndt, Sender backstroke; Jll Knapp, 13«15 breast; Mke McCowan.10-under breast; and Aaron Rleder, open back. Jennfer,. Dave and Lynn Knapp,.-. Mart and Mara McKcrtzle and Tracey DcWtt also starred for Burton Hollow, accordng to Whtney. DcWtt had a "fantastc" swm wth a second-place fnsh n the grls 10- under brcaststroke, c.. The only other ndvdual double wnner was Steve Donn of Farway Farms. He won the boysloundcr. backstroke and butterfly.

12 ^m^mmmw JtV m 2B(L,W) OAK Monday, August 12,1991 Mohacs ads robbery vctm MARY MOfACS to the rescue! After hearng that an 88- year-old maa was robbed of hs car. clothes off hs back and hs bowlng ball, the Lvona resdent and propretor of the "Wght Approach" pro shop decded to replace hs stolen equpment free of. charge. Ths sort of -=*. - nejrr^welcomejjp know that there s sortvrtxxly who cares enough to da some-" thng for someone else who went through. a bad tme. The "Rght Approach" s locatedtothe Mcrrt-Bowl Lanes n Lvona. K ", «The "Good Old D4y3" arc here, "agan.. The Bowlng Centers Assocaton s agaj sponsorng *thu promoton ths fmooth of bargan/*tea and socne swcm at rolled-back prces for all bowlers. rsjost area bowlng centers are paruclpattag.;. u. " - >». jwt«n the BCA.frst trjed UrfsAugust promoton, tbey had afe {schedule of phces and dates whch each jcenter-wtnt ajong wth- Now, after several years of the promoton,t has been decded that, U «centers can.each select ther own dates and rates n keepng wth ther local demographcs. Call your favorte bowlng center for, troes and dates of the "Good Old Days" promoton. jthe Good Old Pays" s an opportunty f<jr famles to come n and enjoy some very affordable good lmes. The regular bowlers can stop n and sharpen ther old sklls pror to the start of the season and Others who have not been actve n the sport can come n and gve t a try. Ths s also a good tme to vst the bowlng centers and fnd, out what knd of leagues they offer, and whch need bowlers. The Western-Wayne Youth Travel League wll be holdng a "MJnl-Camp" for youngsters of prep age from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Aug. 17 and 18 at Town & Country Ljnes on Wayne Road n Westland. The ^ nstructon and bowlng are free for ^-.youth league bowlers.!the nstructon wll cover the bascs of Ue fame, such as stance, ball poston apd grp, the release, spare shootng and more. Regstraton for the Youth Travel Lfeagoe wll also take place at Town & Country on the letb, starlng at 11 a.m. Ths league bowls at 10 a.m. on Sundays, wth the bowlng held at the followng lanes Satellte Bowl (Dearborn Heghts), Lodge Lanes (Bellevlle), West-, land Bowl, Town & Country and Plaza Lanes (Plymouth).! For further nformaton on the Mn Camp and the Western. Wayne Youth -Travel league, call Joyce Zelek (453- Utt), Norm Klmka ( ) or Hal._.. Wnters (45S-WW). - \. Youth bowlers who are ready to get nto a compettve state of mnd have a choce of three excellent travellng" leagues wthn the area. Besdes the Western-Wayne Youth Travel League, there s the Sunday Youth Classc, whch bowl locally at Drakeshlre Lanes (Farm- ~ gtoo Hlls), Nov! Lanes, Country Lanes (Farmhftoo Hlls), Cherry Hll Lanes (Dearborn Hehgts). -.-»,.; They also start at 10 a.m. Sundays. ; They are drected by Jm Lhamon(47&- «15) and Ed Wrght ( ). Call t-, f sports roundup UVONA GOLFER 1ST Megan Johnson, an ncomng senor at Lvona Stevenson Hgh, won the Golf Assocaton of Mchgan Junor Grls Golf Champonshp last tfreek at Pne Rver Country Club n ^ma. Johnson shot 84 and 80 for a 36- hole total of 164, beatng Amy Lovscek of Flnt by three strokes. The Stevenson golfer fnshed ffth n the 1990 state Class A grls golf fnals, SOCCERTRYOUTS V TV Mchgan State Youth Soccer Assocaton has announced ts tryout schedule for the 1992 Grls Olympc Development program. Tryouts wll be held Frday, Aug. 23; Saturday, Aug. 24 and Sunday, Aug. 25 (nvtaton only). Under-14 grls born Aug. 1, 1977 through July 31, 1979 wll meet PJTL Frday, Aug. 23, and Ml a.m. and2-5p.n.saturday,aug.24,._." - Uoder-16 grls born Aug. 1, 75 through July 31, 77 wll meet p.m. Frday, Aug. 23, and 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5-8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 24; For more nformaton, call Kachv Coyne at &3ft?.V- ] mmm HHHHHOHHMMHH Spartans K < - y p M h-jjj- -***&. 10-pn alley. Harrson themfor more nformaton. The oldest; jjf;.-tho yoyjh travellng leagues 6 thececl Ward League, whch generally bowls at Bowl One (Troy). North Hll Lanes (Rochester), Atro Lanes (Madson Heghts), Century Bowl. (Pootlac), Cherry Hll North (Clarkston), West Bloomflfldd Lanes, among others. The league usoatly starts at 1 -p.m. Sundays, althougb tmes can vary...."* Fordetatf-on the Ward Travelng Classc, call Betty Heder (W ).. -.All thre* of Uese leagues ar<s sanctoned by.the.yaba ard the kds who -. have the ablty usually graduate nto the "aduh leagues and the classc leagues.,. The youth leagues also do much for the socal development of the kds as they learn to relate well n a hghly compettve atmosphere...,,.the Mchgan BCA-YABA s an- "nounclng the schedulng of coachynstructor schools. They wll conduct fve separate schools around the staten August ad September wth the one n ths area slated for Saturday, Aug. 24, at Thunderbowl Lanes n Allen Park. Anyone nterested n becomng an nstructor for youth bowlers s nvted..the schools have been revamped by the YABA to nclude and update teachng technques of the junor bowler. Dan Ottman, a Troy resdent and all-star bowler, s wth the local BCA offce n Southfeld. He and Sharon Schlldroth of the Mchgan state YABA are conductng these schools.. Cost of the class b 116. The classes are scheduled to run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. f you have any questons, feel free to, call Dan Olman at the assocaton offce ( ) n Southfeld. f nterested n the class, dont delay. Entres are lmted to 64 people. - Sv SURE STOP FREE Wrtten Estmates 1 Day Servce on MoarJara - Senor Ctzens Dscounts -. > All Work Guaranteed 5*en^ chart course Becky Peterson and Tara Dltchkoff each captured a par of frsts, whle Randy Cobb added another ndvdual ttle for the Llvona-Novl Spartan Aquatc Club at the State Long Course swm champonshps, held Aug. 1-4 at Eastern Mchgan Unversty. The meet, hosted by the Ypslantl Otters and Golden Serpent swm clubs, attracted 545 swmmers from 35 teams. _,. ^-- PofeWr, corv{*tlngrflec Grls 10 and under age dvson, took frsts n the 200-meter ndvdual medley and. 100 butterfly. She also added seconds n the 50 backstroke and 50 breaststroke, as well as fourths n the 100 breastslroke and 50.freestyle. Dltchkoff (Grls, 15-18) won* tho 800 and 1,500 freestyle events, whle addng a par of seconds n the 40Q M-and 400 freestyle. She also fnshed eghth n the 200 freestyle. -./-, Cobb<Boys 13-14),won the llhf breasutfoke and fnshed second n the 200 breaststroke. Ho also ganed ffth n the 400M. v,.-.;.-. ~.-.-;,;>..- ; OTHER SPAftTAN FNSHHR8/ - ;->." (p!aco3ft8)....;* ;..!»OrtsbandyrdenJutaKcrn secondp!ace200rkflvwu-; atrrxtfoy end -100 backstroke; thrd, 10P.breaststroke; fftr*, Becky Peterson and Tara Dtchkof f each captured a par of frsts, whle Randy Cobb added another ndvdual ttle for the Lvohla-Nov Spartan Aquatc Club at the State Long Course swm champonshps, held Aug. 1-4 at Eastern Mchgan Unversty. The meet, hosted by the YpsllanU Otters and Golden Serpent swm clubs, attracted 545 swmmers from 35 teams, Peterson, competng n the Grls 10 and under age dlvmoo, took flrsls n the 200-meter ndvdual medley and 100 butterfly. She also added seconds n the 50 backstroke and 50 breaststroke, as well as fourths n the 100 breaststroke and 50frcestyle. Dtchkoff.(GlrU 15-18) won the 800 and 1,500 freestyle events, whle addng a par of seconds n the 400 M and 400 freestyle. She also fnshed eghth n the.200 freestyle. Cobb (Boys 13-14) won the 100 breaststroke and fnshed second n the 200 breaststroke. He also ganed ffth n the 400 M; ~ OTHER SPARTAN FNSHERS (places 1-8) Grls 10 and under Jule Kern second place, 200 (odmdu- BRAKE & TUNE NC. Lcensed Mechanc* 6940 Mddlebelt Garden Cty (2 blockss.of Warren) call for appontment WrSTANDN FRONT OF OUR WORK" OPEN 6 DAYS Mon.-Fr. 6-6; Sat noon WE MEET. OR BEAT ANYONES ADVERTSED COUPON PRCE BRAKE SPECAL FRONT or REAR Only, ncljjrt tvune Wjranty on ToJ 4 Sha.1, Turn DnAnt tmjh. lrvnj,!c"tv<t ll)drjulc S)t(tn. Urn & A;uJ"Hrd>»Jt<<< C.-Hc»... Plo< 15Tc«r.,llrrt^cbon. Mxt fwa cn nacojfon LtpL-nS PBnwT PMn c _ FRONT END AET TEST - OL, LUBE, FLTER ALGNMENT ^^ot ANYTME.. \\XhC<>jpa[;-sS-3l-9l 1695S; 1995 Ors tvlujrt S Q-jrl c( Ol U F!\». 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BARGANS Carrer Were The nsde Guys ^ Schoolcraft (Between Merrman and Mddlebelt) LVONA M F 9 6 SAT. 9 4 DO-T-YOURSELF Cash and Carry FURNACE SALE! 50,000 BTU 58GS0501KA 375 Regular 00 Reg SALR 75,000 BTU - 58GS0751FA ,000 BTU - 58GS1001GA f ,000 BTU-58GS1251GA NSTALLATON AVALABLE - FREE ESTMATES swmmng TOO bulterfty; Ktelen Dcrwch tecood, 60 freestyle; sovc-nr, 00backstrc*9; e-qhlh;-looftrsryfey VJuXflXcKtMo _ eghth. 60 bacvstroko. Boys 10 end under Steve Domn second, 100 treest/*; thrd, 200 M; fourth, 50 and 200 jreesyes, 60 butterfly. «Q!fs 11-12AnneASsteo wcorvd,200and 400frcostytes. 100 bottoffly; thrd, 200Man<J100 backstroke; sxth. 100 freestyle; Gfta Pamor seventh; 100 backstroke; Mary Corazza e^hth, 2^0 rob»«yte..- Olrj Kate Martn, e^lh, 400M; JU MetSs"-^". setenth, ftobgerhyv.-,.;, ; Boya 13-14Aaron Bcrto hw, freestyle; 6ever\tl, <0O froost>1e; Drew Sopha, ftrtk,.1,600 frexttfyte; sxth, AQO t* seventh, 200 breaststroke; eghth. 100 breastslroke. * Boy* Mko Ofrtl ffth, -100 M; 6aK 800 artd fr^ostytes; Jaoo Flsbe* seventh, 800 freofyl^ ; -. " RELAYFVE8UUT8 / -, Gfs 10 and lnden- Man McKonzje, Jt^lo Ken, Becky Peterson and krlsten Derwch ^-, frst. 200 medley; Second, 2Q0freestyle;Melssa^^^Uvanos, Chrfstnd;, al rned^y end.100 backlrc*e thrd, 100 rjrc^stslroke; ffth, 100 butterfly; krften Onvlch second, 60 freestyle; seventh. 100 oackstroke; elohth. 100 freost>1«; Mart McKonzJe. e^th. 50 backstroke Boys 10 and under Steve DomV second, 100 freestyle thrd, 200 M; fourth. 60 and 200 freestvfes, 60 butterfly. Grls Anrte Arlsteo second. 200 and 400 froestytes. 100butterfly; thrd, 200 M and 100 backstroke; swth,-100 free-. st>1o; Glna Palmerl seventh. 100 backstroke; Man/ Coraz2a eghth, 200freestyle.." Grls a-14 Kate Martn elgwa 400 M; Jn Molls seventh, 100 bvterfly. 8oy» Aaron Berln hkd, 1,600 freestyto; soventh, 400 freestyle; Drew Sopha ffth. 1,600 froestyto; sxlh, 400 M; seventh, 200 breaststroke; eghth, 100 breaststroke.. Boys MAo Orrs ffth, 400 M; suth, 800 and-f.600 freesr/es; Jason Fsher seventh, 600 freestyle. ^ELAYRESULTS - Grls 10and under Mart McKende, Jule Kern,. Becky Peterson and krlsten Derwch ~ frst. 200 rrted-- ley; second,.200 freestyle; Melssa Llvanos, Chrstne Alltama Kate Booms and Megan Mocerl eghth, 200 medley; Booms, Uyanos. Alttama and KoHly Noble seventh, 200 freestyle. Boys 10 and under Dan Kennedy, Derek Zerber, Steve DojtvlQ and Charle Rozum. sxth, 200 freestyle; seventh, 200 medley. *".". Grls Glna Palmer, Andrea Moretll, Anno Ar- Broehurn Golf Club Drvng flonge JJJeeUdQyJZott Specal 18 Holes 91 so 4m each Reserved Weekend Teo Tmes Nou ftvabbte Also bookng mornng leagues. Mens 5 Lodes for Plymouth -. Alttama. Kallo Dooms ond Mogan Mocorl eghth, 200 modloy. Booms, LJvanos, Attama and Kelly Nob!a seventh, 200 freestyle. Boys 10 and under Dan Kennedy, Dc/ck Herber. Sto-^e Oomln and Charllo Rozm sxth, 200 froestylol sovcnh. 200 medloy, Qlrls Gna Patmerl, Andrea MOfetll/ Anno A/- -feteo and Mar/ Coraua r-. thrd, 200 medloy; tlth, 200 freestyle.... Boys Japon Schad, Mke Llvanos, Chrs Booms and Robby Bt? 6ovonlh, 200. mo<jtoy; Kenny Gallant, Llvanos, and Booms covenb, 200 freestyle. «"._..-" Grls Susa" Prltchard, Jonnlfer Gallant/Colleen Gfeohan and Lauren Tengtln sxth,-800 fr.eesyo Kate McWhWef, Ka.tloGob!e, Jl MelsflndJKaty Martn-> (fth; 400 medley;-soventh, 400 and-800 freestytes; GaHaht, Creehan, Tengm end M.Gattagher eghth, 400 medley. ;....>, Boys Aaron Bertlh, Randy Cobb., DrewSopha and Tom Satwtz foorth, 400 medley; ffth, 800 free- styte-* sxth, 400 freostyjer Jason Sphad, Joo.Foster, Mattsofokac and JaqwsGalford. -r eflhth. 800 free- stylo.." ;/?}.,-. _. " steo and Mary Corazza thrd, 200 medley; ffth, 2^ freestyle - "s- Boys Jason Sohad, Mke Lrvanos, Ch>fc> Booms and Robby Btz seventh, 200 medley, Kennj;; Gallant, Lrvanos, Bu and Booms -r seventh, 200 free style....- ;,. Grls Susan Prlchard, Jennfer Gallant, Col- leen Creehan and Lauren Tengnn sxth, 800 freer* style; Kate McWhlrter. Kate Goble, Jll Molls and Katy;. Martn ffth, 400 medley; sevonth. 400 and 800, freestyles; Gallant, Creehan, Tenglln and Jll Ganagher 1 eghth. 400.medley.;, Boys Aaron Berln, Randy Cobb, Drew Sopfv and Tom Satwtz -r fourth, 400 medley; ffth, 800 free style; sxth, 400 freestyle; Jason Schad. Joe Foste. Matt Sorokac and Jamee Galford eghth, 800 treo. style. *.*.-./ -* y Grls 15-18fTara Dlchkoff, Olen LessJg, Lz Soroka<V. and Robblh Tenglln ffth, 800 freesfylerbrandl Gary,, Sonya McWhlrter. Healher Anderson and Shelly Bodne eghth, 800 freestyle; Lesslg, Dltchkoff, Sorokac ano Shannon OBren flth, 400 freestyle and 400 med-. ley. ;. Boy? 15-18; Crag Stesbetz, Mke Orrs, Jason Fsher and Peter Gutenberg sxth, 800 freestyle; seventh- 400 medley; Orrs, Steshelz, Fsher and Zack Kasprzak ffth, 400 freestyle; Kasprzak, Chrs Yelcho. Dre^ Varsava and Matt Terlel eghth, 800 freestyle. GHJANTC SJMMKll N-S10HK WAREHOUSE ST-K \\ THE BEST SK & SKWEAR BUYS OF THE YEAR SPECALTY SK SHOPS OPEN DALY 10-9, SAT, , SUN SALE ENDS AUG, 31sUl O N N N U RUN WALK RDEL L L E N G E A «Beneft for Northwestern Communty Servces, a communty mental health agency servng chldren ard ther famles n Western Wayne County / ^ SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1991 REGSTRATON «.m. RACES 900 a.m. AWARDS 1045 a.m. HNES PARK at MERRMAN ROAD l l l l l l l l l 900 a.m. 10K, (6.2 mles) ejp 5K(3.1 mtes) 90.5 a.m. 5K (3.1 mles) "Wonder Walk (non compottve) 945 a.m. 10K (6.2 mles) "Road Ramble" (non-compettve bcyclo rde) ENTRY FEES MAL-N REOtTRATON DEADLNE Frday, August 23, mal-n regstraton (ncludes T-shrt) 12 QQ regstraton (ncludes T-shrt) FRKK RtaTRATON PLUM SHRT WTH 23 N PLEDOKt! RUNS Custom awards 1st, 2nd, 3rd place argroup3. Specal awards to overall male, female runners. Fnshers elgble for przes and drawngs. WALKS Fbbonsforallfnshers; also.. _.^they are tgble fof prze drawngs. RDES Rlrobons for all fnshers, also, they are elgble for prze drawnqs. MAJOR PRZES Hdden Valley Resort, Gaylord The Rlz-Carlton, Dearborn. TG Frdays, Dea/born Sponsored by The Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers Marner Fnancal Servces, nc., Securtes Broker?Dealer,- And Pferrrfs Blua Cro» A Blu* Shltld ol-mlchlgan Garden Clly Ot}»oj>«tMo Hotplml. John Santl«ua Son Man* Do-t Cenler. M«nuf» c tur«r» Bank Plant* * Moran Fun for the whole famly regardless of skll Prze drawngs Free Snacks For nformaton call Name Address. Cly. ; Tclophono (Day) _. Sfato. Plo^so ontor nvs n fj 5K Run P WonclorWafc Shrt Szo C) Small L") Medum Age L.Contact Person ) Road ftamblo Ocyclo Rdo _.... So.x n falo D Fcmalo CHALLRNOK TaTAM - Partcpant C) Yos L"J No U Lergo fj Xt.argo Chalonrjo Team Nnmo ;; _* _.. VTelophono... _ ^^ taw ^m mm mm m m* tmmm Urn» m*"*m mmm mmmmmm. (Eve ) tj lokrurf-.zp n VaSxfflc^atarc^m. n conskte-atco e r>^»r*k*t<>fl!<y ^ nu^.val K«p C M. (t WGf. H.c ^yf^>o«lp / c^. r, J^ft^Kv^t^l1<] y^,,,- A Oor.A«c<f wf, lh-» <%<vf4 from»-y»m»1,m V for «"V WuV W tumv/ J tsng (rem my pmclpa! w v,, fm c** S^ VO rvcvgvkjtffotvjywzkr fnck/!-<jj (p, S) 0}» _rej<xy»t-m-. «MJ^ c^-j Ap9/t><olo WrC-SnuHV.AlK.nDeCnAUtr^E «,»To..,- fufw/k/»ocamof«t.. MZMcM.-ftc^^ k C»-J?.Cty,Ml4JtM mm mm mm mm M M MM M 1-1 «M M mmm m* 1 * mmmm^m** m *»mmmmmmwmmmmmmmmmwmmmmmmwm% h

13 f V"» ft"" v pu* j*^m*nw^^nh«v^^nnm«p*ppwppvp«9vnppq»q^^ ^M«PMW«^pp^l«^MP^^P9PPpnOTPPPP«HP«^«p«v le baeruer & Eccentrc Newspapers KoolyWygonlk edtor/ ; Mondaj^August 12,1991 QE **30 taste buds chef Larry janes m feelnga lttle "deja yu" here as st and once agan, ^nder"the Abundance of zucchn and tomatoes overpowerng my. garden. Ths year, because of compostng all of last years leaves, clppngs and food waste, the garden has sprouted forth lke never before, whle the jar of Mracle Gro sts lonely and untouched on the garage shex -- really thought had planned t a lttle dfferently ths tme. n addltfm to my over-szed plot of j fresh herbs, a sngle tomato plant coupled wth a sngle zucchn would suffce. ~ \Vhat ddnt plan for Were the sproutng of vrtually hundreds of pumpkn and spaghett squash plants nadvertently tossed n the compost ple and tlled nto the rch sol from last fall. On returnng from a two^week vacaton, found my entre rear.yard enmassed n dabolcal ^ "lookng fronds and blossoms. 1 pulled at least 60 or so plants and left but a few.,.. -." AS of ths wrtng, already have pumpkns the sze of three gallon stock pots, enough spaghett squash to half fll a Mchgan basement and yes, 5- foot tall tomato plants and zucchn that seems to grow vrtually overnght. ; As the pumpkns begn to turn a hazy orange and the spaghett squash fatten wth every mornng showeryl focus most of my attenton on the zucchn, tomatoes and fresh herbs.. Ths year have dscovered pesto. Havng always been a fan of the basl, pne nut, garlc and orconcoctlon, ths years abundant basl crop has spurred me on to makng pesto pasta sauces, not to menton cannng herbaceous tomato sauces. One of the best fnds of the summer, however, was locatng Alcamos Market. Ths old tme talan market on Shaefer Just south of Mchgan Avenue nf Dearborn stocks everythng talan. could easly drop a paycheck pckng up ther outstandng mported Mozzarella (that tastes so good layered between thn slces of rpe tdmatoes) and Prosclutto de Parma.. On hot summers eves, wrap aper thn prosclutto around Eunks of honeyrock melon wth just a twst of cracked black pepper. The taste s nothng short of "dyng and gong to heaven." Ths summer, the Janes Gang has enjoyed baby zucchn, zucchn blossorns dpped n - tempura batter, zucchn bread, zucchn and potato pancakes and -ratatouuleup^hekajop^ah ths from just one plant. ~ ^- Momma used to make a dsh of slced cucumbers wth buttermlk, sour cream and dll that always tasted so good. J compromsed and look some baby zucchn, slced them as thn as Mommas cucumbers and dd the same/smply out of ths world. Next week, get out the old Foley Food Mll and begn the annual Janes "pulttn 1 up the salsa" week. About 5 pounds of onons, equal amounts of tomatoes and peppers, not to menton a basket of garlc gets smmered and jarred for those showy wnters eves when you need a lttle warmng up. f you have a garden, no matter what sze, and you stll havent dscovered the, joys of fndng free pay drt every sprng, now s as good a tme as any to begn compostng. The lbrary has loads of nformaton, as do all the envronmental chapters n the area. Ths s my frst year reapng the rewards of last years leaves. And f my pumpkns, spaghett squash, tomatoes, zucchn ard, herbs arc any ndcaton, you Just cant beat what you make yourself! -..- mmmmmm By Marty Flgf»y specal wrter Herbs m, READ! J(JST the wosd sug> gests a pcture, or.bread bakng n the oveh ard the aroma waftng throughqut the house! Wth herbs, fresh or dry n the mxture there s a provocatve aroma, and the flavor s exquste. Bread has been a staple food for centures; grans used for ths pur,- pose have been found datng back 25,000 years. Most every country has a bread sutable for ther cusne, culture and clmate. Wheat, rye, bran, buckwheat, rce, amaranth and others! or a combna* tbn of these grans, are used for bread-makng. Whole-gran breads, are ganng n popularty becatse they are. healthy and gve such, unlquetexture and taste. Of all the grans commonly used, wheat contans the hghest amount of gluten (a proten) whch, when mxed wth water, forms an elastc network to help the dough rse. Many bakers prefer unbleached flour to bleached. / - YEAST S a key ngredent n - bread-makng and s actvated when t s mxed wth a sweetener such as ] sugar, honey or molasses. When t s then mxed wth the flour a fermentaton process begns. ; t snt clear whether the Chnese or the Egyptans frst used yeast, but t ls_the rqslcommor eaventng_ agent for^bread. Others are eggs, bakng powder, bakng soda and starters... mxes that were kept. for years by the.homemaker for ths purpose.. - On the other hand, salt slows down ths acton. t also brngs out the flavor of the bread. Fat, whether butter, lard, ol or margarne, or a combnaton, lubrcates {he gluten n the.. dough and facltates rsng. t also adds flavor, rchness and tenderness. When mlk (butter or sweet) s used, the loaf s softer than bread made wthout t. Kneadng develops the gluten and ncorporates ar nto the""dough, causng carbon doxde to form. Ths makes the dough rse. After the frst rsng, t s sometmes necessary to punch the dough down to redstrbute the yeast and let t work agan bes fore bakng. One gran, amaranth, s new to me. t s very hgh n proten and s avalable as an un-hulled wholegran, a fnely-ground flour and and n pasta Substtute V cup of ths flour for all-purpose flour for a fresh Mn \n Sometmes Janet Bondar and Frank Blar get a lttle too Jnvolved n ther "wdrktfle-twp aro.owners of. Francos Gourmet to Go n Farmlngton Hlls. SKAnON LoMGUX aff photographer and unusual flavor. Look for t n health food stores. Just about anythng can be added to bread dough. Fruts, nuts, meats, cheeses, vegetables, and wne enhance the flavor, as do. many herbs. «, By Arltne Funk* specal wrter. TRY ONE or more of the followng basl, chves, dll, garlc, marjoram, parsley, rosemary, saffron, sage, savory, tarragon or thyme. Herb seeds also add ther specal pzzaz/anse, caraway, cumn, dll, fennel, poppy and sesame are possbltes.; Ground spces such as cnnamon, nutmeg, and corander also change the taste and are fun to try. There s no set way to ncorporate What could be more "summer" than a refreshng plateful of chlled pasta salad? "ts good, healthy food and farly nexpensve," sad Frank Blar, 30, who sngs the prases of the versatle pasta salad. Blar and hs partner, 31-year-old Janet Bondar, operate a Farmlngton Hlls restaurant called FrancosGourmet To Go. The par have made pasta salads the centerpece of thetr summer lneup. 4 A PASTA salad can be made wth any knd Of noodle, cooked al dente untl t offers slght resstance to the bte. Once cooled, t can be garnshed wth carrot slvers or broccol, olves, sweet onons or any desred vegetable. Toss n some dced meat, cheese or seafood, f you wsh. The crownng touch s a coat of glstenng, zesty vnagrette dressng. The result an easy, tasty summer meal or temptngsde dsh. Blar lkes to combne fresh herbs and specal ngredents such as pea pods and, shtake mushrooms,.along wth the pasta and dressng. - "People want somethng fresh and somethng dfferent," Blar sad.,. Francos Gourmet To Go, whch opened almost 1¼ years ago, s n Murwood Square, at Grand Rver and prake v Although there s seatng for around 20 people, the bulk of the busness s n carryouts. BLAR TAGGED hs restaurant wth the name Francos to reflect hs upscale goals. Francos s the French equvalent for Frank. Bondar, 31, of Farmlngton Hlls, s a former banquet sales manager tot a local hotel. Blar s a former maltre d for several hotel dnng rooms. He also worked as Garden fresh Hef& bread surrounded by cflll, sago, parsley, thyme, wheat., flour and dry sprlgsf of.wheat artd rye...; JERRY ZOtYNSKY ; staff pho.ofl father - herbs nto breads. Dred herbs can be mxed wth the dry ngredents; fresh or dred herbs can be mxed wth the lqud or nfused n the ol before they are mxed wth the dough, --^ Kneadng herbs nto the dough wll also work. A plnwheel effect can be acheved by sprnklng them over the dough when t s flattened and rolled, before t s put nto the pan. \ As a general rule, use a tablespoons^ of dred herbs or V* cup of fresh for each loaf! Used alone or n combnaton wth others, herbs can help you make a bread to sut your own palate..".-" ; Here are some combnatons to get you started equal parts sage (or garlc chps, oregano) and parmesan; equal parts basl and chves; onefourth teaspoon nutmeg wth a half tablespoon of thyme; or plan parsley added to the dough... all are good. A quarter cup of rosemary s also recommended. BECKY, OF Beckys Oven Ln Royal Oak serves the wholesale and re- " tall trade. She told me that when onlonsjaj-ejmu^breada bjtof_garlc "wtt sweeten the flavor. For two loaves, use less than \k teaspoon garlc and ¼ cup of dehydrated onon flakes, or V* cup fresh onon. Dave Auer, of Bakng by the Auere n Sputhfeld (also wholesale and retal), uses only Afresh herbs and ngredents. He makes bread usng rosemary, basl and red ard yellow ; peppers.. - Jm Maler, Executve Chef, Henry Ford Museum, Greenfeld Vllage,. suggests sprnklng the herbs used n..> the bread on top of the loaf before bakng. f the top s lghtly brushed wth water or egg and water, the herbs or seeds wll adhere better. To add crunch to some breads, cornmeal s sprnkled on the bottom of the pan. Breads can be made quckly usng. one bowl, or at a more lesurely pace * (especally when yeast s used). Whether you begn wth frozen dough or a box mx or start from scratch, experment and enjoy. Bread makng has been around for a long, long tme, and many wonderful meals can be planned around ths smple food. manager for a caterng frm and prepared sauces at a local restaurant, now closed. Blars style s "fuson cookng," whch he defnes as blendng regonal spces and ngredents to create exctng new combnatons. "f somethng looks good and smells good, chances are t tastes good," Blar sad. The restaurants popular shrmp salad Orental combnes Jngunl or angel har pasta wth cooked shrmp, pea pods, red * onons, chunk pneapple, shtake-. mushrooms, toasted almonds and baby corn ears. The dressng s a spcy mxture of fresh gnger, garlc, teryak sauce, pepper, v curry powder, lemon juce and^ll. _, Blar uses fresh pasta/he often mxes twoknds of ol for a rcher blend. Potato salads are made wth redskns. Hs Caesar pasta has sun-dred tomatoes, capers, red onons and parmesan cheese. A NEWuChlled bean saladftehch provdes proten and fber, s a.nutrtonal powerhouse. "U you are takng the meat out, you have to put n some proten," Blar sad. "That comes from the beans." - The salads range n prce from around to^3.75 for a half-order and from 5,50 to around*^ for a full order. The restaurant features a number of other specaltes, ncludng several hot pasta dshes, grlled chcken, and spcy, blackened meat/ Caterng also 3 avalable, and the _ restaurant has served a varety of functons, especally of flee partes and busness meetngs. FrancosGourmet To Go.s n Afuru-ood Square, Grand Rver Ave. and Drake, Farmngton Hlls. Hours are 10 a.m. to p.m., Mon.Sat., and 3 to p.m., Sun. For nformaton, call * V n ll k-r» -?.- K.- L"=-. n^mwtmmtmmmmm m m m m m m m m m m m t m m m

14 4B* O&B Monday, August Herbs add spce to bread See related stojy, Page 3B DLLCOUS BREAD N A CAS SEROLE Ths lght-textured bread s,great Jo serve wth a hearty soup. The "secret" ngredent s cottage cheese,;., 1 pkg. actve dry yeast >A cup-warm water. 1 cup creamed collage cheese 2 tablespoons sugar.. --/ 1 tablespoon nstant mnced onon 1 tftbfespoott softened butter ojr margarlne,..-" ".. ""-. 2 teaspoons dred dll weed. v 1 teaspoon salt.,^ l A teaspoon bakng soda >.1 egg beaten -.--/--...-; \ v - 2 V«to 2 s Vt oups all-purpose,-. Soften yeast n warm water. Heat cottage cheese to lukewarm.and pomblne wth yeast mxture. Add remanng ngredents, except flour, and blend together..- Add enough flour, n severaj^ddt-; flons, beatng well aker each, to form a stff dough. Coyer wth buttered wax paper and a lnen towel. Let rse n warm place (80-90 degrees) untl lght and. double n sze, about mnutes. ;. Str down dough and turn nto a well-buttered round ceramc or glass casserole (1 V.«2 qt. sze). Cover and let rse agan n a warm place untl lght, about mnutes. Bake n preheated 350 degree oven for mnutes untl golden brown. Brush wth melted butter and - sprnkle lghtly wth Salt; Remove from casserole and cool on rack. Serve warm. Makes one round loaf. HERBED BREAD FROM A BOX The herbs can be changed to sut your taste. ".." 1 pkg. (13 V* oz.) hot roll mx >. -..-,¼ teaspoon mumeg,., V* teaspoon sage (or rosemary.) % teaspoon tbyme - -,.>. -. ft teaspoon bregano(6r najof am) hot roll px as drected;on label, add seasonngs frth, ture. Covet, wth cloth and let rse n a warm place about40 mnutes or untl doubled n sze. Punch, down and roll or pa} nto a.9 x 5.fnch rectangle; place n a greased loaf fcan 9x5x3 nches, CoVer,.and let rse 30 mnutes Bake"n.3.75 degree oven mnutes or untl done. Remove from pan and cool on rack. Makes one loaf.. GARDEN-FRESH HERB BREAD _ )_The combnaton of -herbs nn ths recpe can be changed to use herbs growng n your garden. J 2 cups warm water 2 pkgs. actve dry yeast 1 teaspoon sugar 1 tablespoon nstant chcken boullon x k cup brown gagar /«cup ol 3 cups uoblcached all-purpose flour 2 tablespoons fnely chopped fresh chves 2 tablespoons fnely chopped fresh parsley % tablespoons fnely chopped fresh dll,-..^--.^ 2 tablespoons^parmesa cheese ; 3*3.½ cups unbleached all-purpose ; flour v..;..-.". ;..--. j Combne (lrst three ngredents, and >let set, 3-5mhut«tb actvate, yeast? Str fa the! next fpur ngred- Ments and beat well. Blend n the, herbs and cheese. Oradually; add the remanng. flour; turn put, on ;a floured board and knead fntl srnooth;- Place n a greased bowl, turnng once to grease the top! Cover and let rse untl double n bulk mnutes. Knead dough down n bowl and dvde n hajfv Shape nto loaves and put n 9 x 5. nch rectangle pans, or shape nto balls and put nto round pans (well-greased). Cover and let rse untl almost doubled mnutes. Bake 350 degrees for mnutes. Cool on wre racks. Makes 2 loaves. Keep your cool wth pasta salads See related story, Page 3B FRANCOSSUMMER BEANSALAD ¼ cup black beans ft cap garbaoto beans ft cup navy beans (Great Northern) 1½ cop lentls - fc cup pnto or kdney beans V4 cup dced red peppers */* cup dced gteen peppers V* cup dced bermuda onons V\ cup basl vnagrette dressng (see below) gat and pepper to taste 1 teaspoon fresh basl WSpoon gffflfctlnlnced tablespoon balsamc vnegar, 1 tablespoon red wne vnegar - -. t-. ] Prepare beans. Heat to a bol and smmer 1-2 hours dependng upon the beans. Rnse and reserve. Canned beans may be substtuted to mnmze preparaton tme. Dont cook all beans together because they have dfferent cookng tmes. f canned beans are used, rnse them wth cool water. n a large bowl combne beans, peppers, salt, pepper, garlc, dressng, onons, basl and vnegars. Garnsh wth. more basl and serve over lettuce or as a cool sde dsh. BASL VNAGRETTE ft teaspoon garlc, mnced ft teaspoon shallots, chopped v 1 tablespoon red wne vnegar 1 tablespoon balsamc vnegar 1 tablespoon fresh basl. salt to taste ft teaspoon cracked black pepper ft cup olve ol. * ft cup salad ol Combne frst seven ngredents n mxng bowl. Wth whsk, mx vgorously. Slowly add ols to emulsfy. Yeld 1 cup. SHRMP SALAD ORENTAL medum shrmp, cooked ft cup pea pods. ft cup red onons, dced ft cup chunk pneapple ft cup shtake mushrooms, cut n Julenne strps 2 tablespoons toasted almonds ft cup baby corn ears ft pound pasta, cooked (lnguln, angel har or cellophane noodles) ft cup orental vnagrette (see below) Combne all ngredents n bowl. Chll and serve. Serves 4. ORENTAL VNAGRETTE 1 teaspoon fresh gnger, chopped fne 1 teaspoon garlc, crushed A cup terlyakl sauce ft cup red wne vnegar 1 teaspoon fresh cllantro dash cayenne pepper dash whte pepper dash curry powder 1 teaspoon lemon Juce 1 tablespoon sesame ol 1 cup salad ol Combne frst nne ngredents n a mxng bowl. Mx wth whsk vgorously. Slowly add ols to emulsfy or use food processor. Yeld 1 ft cups. (Recpes are courtesy of FrancosGourmet To Go) The Hometown and Observer and Eccentrc Creatve Lvng" secton has the largest selecton of suburban dsplay real estate ads n the metro area. mmwmm Better Health at a Better Prce r-. COUPON v rncc Bottle of VTAMN C ^* ^ 1 Wth Any Purchase of 5 00 or More One Coupon Per Person Please r. Expres j STARK ROAD Just South of Sehoolcraft - Jeffres Freeway 830 am-430 pm Monday-Frday Call For The Locaton Nearest You Wonderland Mall vdearborn Downtown Eastland Mall -, West Bloomfeld Bedford" " ;.- W Wbn %. m 1 V- ^«Mon.-Sal. 9-8 Sun. 9-6 Prces Effectve Aug.12-Aug?, 1991 vc West Warren Westland Merr-Warren Shoppng Center Your Local Fresh MEAT, DEL, SEAFOOD, FRUT & VEGETABLE STORE U.S.D.A. Western Gran Fed Beef Rotssere- Style Boneless EYE OF ROUND ROAST 2.59, Great For Grllng BOSS OWN STORE MADE FRESH POLSH HOT OR SWEET TALAN SAUSAGE. 111 lb. 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15 - -. ^, - H. \ )S \. { -. n - A Fteap rewards 0f gardenng ; See xelated story, Page 3B 1 JANES GANG TOMATO SALSA Z clove* garlc, peeled aad chopped <ffae. _ <;chlle pcpperfbrouedj.-...,.... ^. teaspoon tea salt J>jpbund tomatoes V cop chopped onon, H pop chopped red, green or yellow. ^peppers. _, >.;.,. ; V4 cap loosely- packed cllantro, <V chopped. «.-Blend the garlc, chllea and salt \<hgather to form.a pa^te."gradually arfd thetomatoe, grndng well af- ter each addton.!stc n the onon, - papers and cllantro. Thl^ s.a snn pje sauce made to bfe eaten the same day. The sauce cam be cooked by, ( Matng two. tablespoons of ol n; a * large nort-mettalc saucepan and addng the frst three ngredents. Tjhen add the remander and cook for 20 mnutes* or untl thckened and reduced by *V., DlLLED ZUCCHN WTH A ; CREAM SAUCE - 5;paby xucchln, slced thn smal onon, slced nto rngs dash salt and fresh ground pepper to -!; taste -< W cup soor cream V4r cup buttermlk lrteaspooff dred dll weed or 2 tea -spoons fresh dll, chopped ;;Comblne all ngredents n a glass bowl. Toss to mx throughout. Cover and chll n refrgerator for several hours. On vacaton Betsy Brethen s on vacaton. Her column, "FamlyVTested Wnner Dnner," wll return n September. k..< -4.Monday, August 12, 1991 O&E Come jon us for a Hot Dog & Peps (Real Cheap!) for M.D.A. & Jerrys Kds. August 16, 17 & 18 at the Auto Mall located at Joy Rd. and Ulley Rd. wth our help maybe a youngster-wll smle another dayl Thanks & Hope To See You There -Bob U.S.p.A. ChQlceBeef -, BONE-N, SRLON ^-STEAKS ; ^,288 "-.. ^XJ 10 LB. LMT r U.S.D.A, Choce Beef PORTERHOUSE STEAKS «3.99 lb. U.S.OA Grade A Dearborn Sausages S.S.D. 1^ HAMS 1 «5j5y b. U.S.D.A. Grade A Southern Fred CHCKEN NUGGETS or PATTES ^ 2.29 fa^ssgr lb. U.S.D.A. Choce Beef T-BONE STEAKS 10 LB. LMT v\ "Lefkofsky". TURKEY BREAST 1.99 lb. "Armour" HARD SALAM 2.29 ~ b. Homestyle MACARON SALAD 89* -Snacks- CRUNCHY CURLS 99* 12 oz., Sale-Bg" HAMBURGER Made;From; GR6UND J M CHUCK...; l-ypjb; GROUND 4 ffcq ROUND.,.;,... wajb,- ;CHOP*EP^Jfl SRLON J\lf\fy ; (FauVPac^lObs.OaV) mported Polsh Style HAM 2.88 Lpars MOZZARELLA CHEESE -Snacks- CH-CHS CORN CHPS MM 1.99 lb. Lpars SHARP AMERCAN CHEESE *g.19b Reg Snacks- WAYONDOT TORTLLA CHPS 99* ea. 12 oz. BOBS OF CANTON U.S.D.A. Grade*A"..,, BONE-N ^ COUNTRY STYLE SPARE4 A RBS *.l*.o lb, f BONELESS 1.68 b 10. LB. LMT U.S.D.A. Choce.Beef STEW MEAT 0 ^ Q Lmt mmmj9 lb. 5lbs.Please U.S.D.A. Grade PORK STEAKS 1.49 lb. U.S.D.A. Choce Beef ROMP ROAST 1.89,b EYE OF 0 07 ROUND ROAST *LM lb. A.OB Vw\O AAAAAl AA/Vv^. \A/\A A *a \AKAA " Leave a clean tral* 8611 N. Lllley Road Canton, Ml Prces Good Aug. 11 thru18!. v - "- HOURS Mpn.-Sat. 9 a.m.-8 p.rn.r Sun. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. We accept jflff Qffl U.S.D.A. Food Stamps We Reserve The Rght To Lmt Quanttes On All Sale tems. Thanks. vvftyjlfnrffl flfflhvxvrf.a^fxovjfewgl Qfflhvx^ n,v<!xovjqwffflffll^maf t^a^[f^-(^k^^d FXfffvjj [E^^v! [rav^y^ [p^^] ^lep^a] rvy*^! rv*k-t*v[ ^r-&xa s5 &*al ESSEZ3 bx-x^ ESSsa BACK TO SCHOOL CELEBRATON..; N PERSON - THE STARS OF THE HT TV SHOW, "SAVED BY THE BELL" Saturday, August 17 2OOpm MARO LOPEZ TFFAN-AMBER THESSEN (SLATER), (KELLY KAPOWSK).. Heres your chance to get to know NBCs hottest young stars! Queston and answer sesson! Autographs! pnly at Lyonla Malll BACK-TO-SCHOOL FASHON SHOW Sat., August a.m. & 1230 p.m. CKLW & FAYGO DET COLA TASf^TEST -- Thurs., August a.m.~130 p.m. ~~THE AWESOME^CELEBRTY AUCTON to beneft the MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY ASSOCATON Sat,,-August p.m.-900 p.m. -- LVONA MALL Mlddlebelt & 7 Mle Roads Fall.semester wll bg here before you know t. And MedStop makes t easy to take care of school \ or sports physcals, shots or vaccnatons. Our doctors and nurses arc ready,to help wth everythng you need ncludng fdg out school medcal forms Best of all, were rght n your neghborhood. Thats a plus all year long. school/sports physcals and shots MedStop Plymouth Road Lonn, Mchgan 48J50 (313) AKlau-d \vth OarJcn Cy Hospal mmbnours;\fon.- r. smtj-. Sat.-Sm.10-0 UolclllfS 10-0»w»w«w>»U"»MWjnwM»j*m»MnnWw>.nmlg<<ft,, latftmmmnfcttft.1 BBHmmmHmmmmmmamammmmm m m m t t m

16 mmmmm ^.. -vl» * \%^t^*^^^^^mm ^ff^p^^^w^ ^*m>wmmmm*m*****!m*mmmmmmmmmm ^*tw w^ft^mf^w-wm M_^ «p J vp < ;. -. A Monday. August 12, &E P an et s ess vs lb e t K.s_rn.brt h. Ths month s gong to be a slow month, astronomcally speakng. Of the fve naked-eyo planets, only Saturn wll be easy to see n the mornng sky. Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupter can be seen only wth dffculty, they all appear close to the ^sn ths month. The hghlght wll." the annual. Perseld (PER. se d) jneteor shower., The amount of sunlght we receve ", n August decreases by one hour and w A/nlnutes. On Apgrlj the sun_rose a>6;29, and setat S57 p.m. for a A -" possble 14 houra and 28 mtttutes of sunlght.oh Aug. 31 these tln\es ; dre 701 s.nv and 813 p.m H Whch per- ; mlts 13 hours and 12 mnutes, of pun. ; New. Kfoon was at 102 p.m.. on ; J. Aug. 9*.The nbon s located between. ; V^UpUer s pflclally n conjuncton ";. be the remans of/a cometthatdlsn- wth* the sun On the; 17th; t s located. tegrated long ago.when the;earth behnd.the sun,.as" seen- from; the; v* the earth and" the sun and s not vlsl* passes through the orbt of Vmeteor earth, and s.nof vsble, kate n the" ble/ -1.-, -.1 -J...,, swarm, many more meteors than month t emerges nto the mornng - r One- of the years best meteor usualcan be seen, and we can sky,.. V.-.; showers, the Perselds (PEftsee ds), predct precsely when that wll hapreaches ts peak on the mornngs of MERCURY s at nferor conjuncton wth the sun on Aug. 21. t s " * n - "-/ Aug. 12 and 13. Meteor showers are hamed for the constellaton from THE PERSED swarm s one of located between, the earth and the whch they appear to radate, n ths the rchest, A patent observer can sun. On the next day, Venus s at nferor conjuncton. Dont worry case Perseus. The Perseld shower expect to see an average of 50 wll be especally nce ths year because there wll be no moon n the.;. sky scatterng lght, the darker the sky k the more meteors you can see. Meteors are more commonly known as fallng stars because they look lke lttle stars fallng from the sky. Some Amercan ndans thought they were stars runnng from dan-., ger. But they have nothng to do wth stars; meteors are rocks fallng out "of the sky. 5 But n space there are rocks, stones, grans of dust, and other rubbsh tumblng around. f one of fbese objects fal s nto our atmosphere t heats up because of frcton, nwhman ft \ /4.?& _fcaa_s^j;w_3mbg»m skywatch Raymond E. Bullock burns, and gves off lght, A patent ;skywatcher/can expect to see a few sporadc (occasonal) meteors "any? clear nght../.- V ;.- ;";"/./ { Many of thesv meteors, are orbtng around the sun Jn.well»de/lned.-. orbtsj They, may be trallrgjalong as the debrs of a domet, or they; ntfty. meteors every hour, whch s about one every mnute. The best meteor dsplay occurs between 2 a.m. and sunrse/although Perseus s nearly overhead, the meteors can appear n any part of the sky. Ther trals can be traced back to Perseus!. MeteVs burn up about 20 mles above the surface of the earth, but f an exceptonally large meteor falls to burn completely, t could strke the earth and produce a crater. Most of Earth s covered wth water, so any meteor mpact s more lkely to produce a bg splash than a bg crater. s t possble to be ht by a meteor? TbkChances of that happenng are."astronom-cal.- The brght star above and to the left of the moon on the evenng of the 13th s Splca (SPY ka). Ths s the brghtest star n the constellaton of Vrgo. Splca s about 275 lght years away. <- Notce.the moons postof on the evenng of the 14th. t s now below and to the left of. Splca, The moton of (he moon n just one day s very. apparent when t passes a brght star or planet, -..;.//.;. ; ,.. The moon s, approachng the star Ahtares(^)on_the evenng.of the 17th. Antares s the brght orange-red} star to the pft of the nght "later the moon has passed AntaresV,;, \* /, -..about.collsons occurrng durng all these conjunctons; the planets are mllons of klometers apart You can use the moon on the evenng of the 22nd to locate Saturn. Saturn s two degrees to the south (rght) of the moon. Saturns beautful rng, system s easly vsble through a small telescope. Full Moon occurs at 507 a.m. on Aug 25. The moon s fully lghted by the sun and wll set n the southwest as the sun rses n the northeast. On the evenng of the 25th the moon wll rse n the southeast as the sun sets n the southwest. t wll rse n the early twlght durng the next three nghts as well, resultng n the "Har- The Perseld eho wer wll be especally nce ths year because there wll be no moon n the sky scatterng lght The darker the sky, the more meteor you can..-r. see.» v vest Moon" effect that occurs next rfl6ht. ;p ^/Vv. v/-/ Mercury, V&us -andjupter are offlcally mornng objects ay the end of the month, but theyre very close. y to the horzonand wll bedfflcult to see. You mghtwant f<> "use bjnocu-^ Jars and gve t>»trjy Look toward.-the east northeast, about-30 mnutes before sunrse on the 29th. Venus wll be sx degrees to the left of due east, just barely clearng the horzon. Mercury wll be four degrees to the left of Venus and four degrees above the horzon. Jupter wll be four degrees to the left of Mercury, but only two degrees above the hor-; zon. You have to have a clear, unobstructed horzon to have any hope of seeng these three planets. (A spectacular -groupng wll occur oj September 10.) The moon s back n Taurus on the evenng of the 31st. Look toward the east northeast around 1145 p.m. and youl see the Pleades rsng above the nearly last quarter moon. An excellent ad for learnng constellatons and keepng up to date wth the sky s the monthly Sky Calendar, A one year subscrpton s 6 and s avalable from the Abrams Planetarum, Mchgan State Unversty, East Lansng, famly festval to mark SCs 30th annversary " t Schoolcraft college s celebratng Medcal group health far,, /ts 30th annversary wth a Famly Fun Festval, noon to 5 p.m. Sunday,, Sept.15. < 60% - Actvtes nclude a famly fun run and walk, tenns socal and Metro KTCHEN CA C CABNET OMLC HAASSCHBOCK - MERLLAT - MARSH FREE DESGN SERVCE NSTALLATON AVALABLE W St** TrttUtf <U4* «A4 H*«tf Ptchs **^k*t»*^fah MUUJOMt C»*M»r tr*4*<*u* t l*w C**t MflpuwooD mm 6332 Mddlebelt Garden Cty Free Federal Cpnsomef nformatoncatalog. Oepl. TO. Pueblo. Colorado 81009, EREE WNDOW REPLACEMENT Come sec how easy t s to replace worn-out wn-, (lows wth energy-effcent, Adersen* wndows. DatC Wednesday, August 11 Tme 700 P.M...,. Place Ann Arbor Tral. S.W. Corner of Telegraph -_ T0H1 Heghts Xomc QuAry WNDOW CKNm "We Andersen Wndow lxperts" * Ann Abor TraH DEARBORN HEGHTS (313) FREE CLNC, AUG7l Rochester Road. ROCHESTER HLLS (313) The famly fun run/walk begns at noon. t features a.3.1-mle cross country run or 1-mlle run/walk. Partcpants wllreceve a T-shrt and are elgble for przes., The health far features free blood pressure screenng, body fat analyss, vson screenng, glaucoma check and dabetes screenng. t also features heart assessments for a mnmal charge. Entertanment ncludes chldrens games, glass blowng exhbtons, a classc Jaguar show, a magcarr and performances by the Schoolcraft College Wnd Ensemble and other musc groups. To regster for the fun run or run/ walk, or for addtonal nformaton, call v ;*.->.. "!/>/ y^^s^/- "^ ^^,.-^ fo*n \ r.^,"^>^^j^«v N mm ^n^v" ^4 5^ A V;. >, X^ j^*-*/*^ -^Vv" 1 ** O^^- n / -? " " ^ " v V ^., ; WvvudU/}*t o- Jfddeuy jbtcocdcn,q\amel Claf^ Tssoru* Opentoack ^8¾ S?. 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17 " " "^^^^WPPPP^pBWKBpppppp t^mmm rmmmmm m^mm r- S e Wh% tw <f, Hf tff 0 eua pnp2m O&E MONDAY, AUGUST 12,1001 mmmmmmmmmmmmmrtmmmmumu 7A*VMS,F4m)(L-KJ,[\tULVY,G-8l) Jule Candler/of" Brmngham joned other local traveler* recently nlarame, Wyomng. By Julfo Carfdl«r specal wrter ; ^^. _ m* w» w * p You may be met by Butch Cassdy Three Mchgan travelers clmbed he three mles from Lake Mare, at 10,000 feet elevaton, to the hghest peak n the Medcne Bow Natonal Forest, at 12,013 feet, for a great mountan-top vew of Larame. n (he group wth wrter Jule Candler of Brmngham was Vlckl Lange of Brmngham and Dutton Morehouse of Bngham Farms.. About two mles up, the tral turned nto ples of huge boulders to scramble up. Leadng the group on yras Shrley Nelsen, an experenced clmber. Another seasoned mountan person, Sandra Rardn, was assgned lo the rear, to help the stragglers. " seldom saw Shrley,*. Candler sad. " nearly caught up to her when she stopped for a breather once, but then she moved ahead. But saw a lot of Sandra. kept askng her, Are we almost there?" "Wth lungs that wouldnt adjust to tlje alttude, was the last of the group to huff and puff to the top. Wthout the helpng hands of Sandra and another veteran clmber named Dck Reddeck who carred my pack, never would have made t. The C8AUT NORTH MOTEt- ST, GNACE 70 ground level rooms, ar cohd., cable TV, located on 32 acres of land, woods- (3 trals, outdoor pool, pcnc facltes,, barbeque grlls, nghtly., bonfres n July & Aug. Pets accepted. Close to Lake Huron. Reserve Now for Fall Colors. M Read. Then Recycle. tpetsylre nn Boardng. wthout cages n a lovng home envronment Call for free brochure Cruse Easter 1992 Royal Carbbeans New "Monarch of Jhe Seas" Aprl 19, 1992 Book Now! For.Crcat Dscount* c*n Only By * (j 7*mr^ fntykk and the, Sundance Kd you vst the Wyomng dude ranch Jcnown as the Vee Bar, The sturdy par of Belgan horses wll provde an old-fashoned Western-style welcome by haulng a hay ; wagon to meet the tran from Larame... vew from the top was worth the struggle." Brmngham wrter Jule Candler, catches her breath on the mountan top lookng down on Mrror Lake. Be EnergyWse CRUSETHE PANAMA CANAL& CARBBEAN 2ND PERSON CRUSES FREE! Only RtgerKV Cruses laksyou. on a partal transt of the Panama Canal plus throe fabulous Cantv. bean ports ll n 7 daysj^njoy»upcjx«)tlcauvl onc. spacous staterooms.- attentve Kur«.fean servce and tfreat vntcrtannt-nt RF.C K NT STAR 7 Days From.MontetfoUay to he Panjnu Canal (parlu transt), CMlagena. Anba-and Curacao. Pr<eM* t<p>40 > Jo^^cxvp^tf Pel CKJ*9<.-»3TJ>-XS3«.c^* Sf-35;c^s-r Your Travel Planner Cruse -¾ 51, j»y ^T-rJty Ne.tworK. 30O«FOHOHOAD OAHDENCrY <J keg NCYsCRUSrt m DUTY FREE TflAVELFRS TO CANADA BEEB %^S.N SU R P E T 0 C 60% CH npfrj FVERY DAY 7 A.M PM-. AT?HB Bm^B&PHO^yO^^, PORT HURON Q" SAULTSTE MARE, AND MARNE CTY, MCHGAN., LQUOR SOLO ON SUNDAYS & HOLDAYS CGARETTES from 7.25 carton. LQUOR from oz. FOR NFORMATON CALL (313) (906)63^ , " The ralroad lne s the Wyomng/ t^lorado/bult n 1887 to run to the tny gold-mnng town of Centennal, just a couple of mles beyond.the Vet Bar >» As our group leaves the tran and clmbsv aboard the wagon where baled hay perfumes the ar, we arc greeted by a handsome man n a cowboy hat. He s Duane Harm, formerly seen n Mchgan dong commentares on WJRT-TV n Flnt, whch he managed n the md-60s. After Harm sgnals a glddyap to Butch, and Sundance, the two horses bounce us through tall yellow prare grass. We clomp across lands where the Soux and Cheyenne once rode, near a marker that says, "Overland Tral, " A CAREFUL observer sees ruts left by poneer wagon wheels. Everywhere we look, the horzon s lned wth mountan ranges. f we watch closely, we can see antelope, deer and elk on nearby hlls. Butch and Sundance slow to cross a narrow wooden brdge. The rpplng; rock-bottomed rver below us s the Lttle Larame, well-known to local trout fshermen. Just beyond/a huge log structure s the barn where horses were stabled when the Vee Bar was a stage coach stop. Alongsde s a corral flled wth beautful saddle horses. After a turn, we see tho lodge, bult 114 years ago and once a guest bouse for weary overland travelers. nsde, the walls seem to emt the ghostly fgures of hardy homesteaders and settlers who once stayed ner A Harm retred last year from a career n TV management and bought the 870-acre Vee Bar. He and hs Choo.ChO 0 ** 00 ** Duane and 8usan Harm turned the Vee Bar n Larame, Wyo., nto a dudo ranch. pardner,. wfe Susan, turned t nto a dude ranch because "we wanted to be wth people, as well as horses." Now people come to rde horseback over 26,000 acres of plans and mountan trals. They also-fsh, hke, eat good food, shoot trap, go tubng on the rver, play horseshoes and volleyball. THE HARMS have renovated the lodge and added a roomy area where people can relax, around a bg stone freplace. Susan usedjjer talenkas a professonal decorator to add color and coness lo the three cabns and 10 guest rooms, each wth a bau>. Among recent guests n these rooms, were sportscaster.. Curt Gowdy, hs wfe and daughter. Wyomng Governor Mchael Sullvan stopped by the Vee Bar recently for a quet getaway. Vlckl Lange of Brmngham and Dotton Morehouse of Bngham Farms are here for a tour and outdoor barbecue wth our group. - _ n wnter, skers usng the nearby Snowy Ranges 23 runs stay at the Vee Bar, Corporatons and groups mmm TKrr- sjwk Ckt^1**?^^ Wth 0 & E classrfl6d>. youre a!v,ays on tha rght track! All aboard lot ^avo^s! OAKLAND UNVERSTYS Meadow Brook t ^NCCSOPERAPONV/THTHE ; ( burler & lecentrt NEWSPAPERS CK^;AM800..ona Mel Tor me wth UNTED TECHNOLOGES AUTOMOTVE Gleo Lane John Dankworth Wednesday, August 14 at 800 p.m. Pavlon S22.S0. 18,50 Lawn kal Q 95 Laser gmmmm ^nn <BN wwc mm*»* \.» am a m Robofcs Spectacular "Amadeus 1 Greatest Hts" Rchard Kapp, conductor Meadow Hrook Festval Orchestra Frday*-August 553 & Saturday, August 24 Pavlon 20, 17 Lawn rrj<yn nn-twffp^n.f tt^"""* 11 " CKH1 AVAUAm At All f/gxsf/// *&.. rtzf&n txnus CUCVNG KVMONJ HWOMY MCK.>H AHO joyno^^eocks so«o«ca Kurowt-oc* KVJJ.C Jt!(VAl BOXO*{!Cf v <313) VM««dow BrooV Musc Fe rval J move n for secluded semnars and, conferences. But the Vee Bars bggest attracton s 39 beautful rdng horses. "We work hard to pck the rght horses," says HannT^We^tootfor gentle, well-traned horses that know how to be rdden."... Horseback rdng and all other ranch actvtes, plus three meals a day, are ncluded n the Vee Bars dally rates rangng from 95 a day for one person to 432 for fve people. F YOU come to the Vee Bar for a week, your rdbg sklls wll be assessed and a horse that suts you (wth Western saddle) wll be yours for your entre stay. You and your»*ucxkt" j»<x».g< e.* ^ Photo by JvG* Candler horse can go on breakfast,.lunch or dnner rdes, where gudes stop along the tral and prepare food flavored by delcous mountan ar. Or you can choose to rde to a pcturesque _spot n the hlls for tentng over-. nght. * Guests say they prefer the downto-earth atmosphere at the Vee Bar to what theycall "yuppe ranches" wth condos and gou courses. Other dude ranches n the area are also serous about horseback rdng and -outdoor lvng. Contact Vee Bar Guest Ranch, on Hghway 287, 2? mles south of Larame,.by callng (307) Contact Larame Area Chamber of Commerce, 800 S. Thrd St., Ste 200, Larame, Wyo or telephone toll-free (80U) PRESENTS THE FRST ANNUAL ^ W 0 % 4& v* AUGUST 16, 17,J8 Downtown Plymouth THREE DAYS OF FREE ENTERTANMENT wesx UJM abb? WXCD FM JHhrfAJWuO. Presents Frday p.m. "A TASTE OF PLYMOUTH" The Gatherng (5.00AdmJ8son)» < talan Cucna Ernestos AJs Papa Roraanos Daly Drve n Staton 885 Roman forum Eagle Snacks FREE-"BLUES N THE PARK" CONCERT -JAMES WA1L1N BLUE BAND. Steve Gornall & The Blue Collar Blues Band George Bedard and the Kng Pns Presents Saturday-Noon-600 p.m. FAMLY FUN DAY KELLOGG PARK - FREE Noon - The Mchgan Opera Theater performng - "Lttle Red Rdng Hood" 100 p.m. "The Ronald McDonald Show" 200 p.m. "Lvng Scence" Exotc Anmals 300 p.m. Cvl War Renactmcnt Band 400 p.m. Karen Chapn - Chldrens Polk Songs "AN ELEGANT PCNC" 500 to 600 p.m. A gourmet pcnc prepared and served by Cafe Bon Homme r Kellogg Park. Rolled Tenderlon. Fresl^Grlled Vegetables. Potatoes and a Flamng ce Cream Bjyftbjpr/Dessert. Dnner To Be Served at 630 p.m. Dnner Tcket Must Be Purchased n Advance Only Per Person Candlelght Dnner. Beverage, Dessert & Gratuty. - Afso at 5 p.m.- FREE JA2Z CONCERT N KELLOGG FEATURNG Paul Vornhagen Deported From Cozumcl. Sunday 1100 a.m. to 200 p.m. "A CLASSCAL BRUNCH PCNC" 1100 a.n>. Vocalst Karen Chapn p.m. The Anderson Strng ^uatet 1-.0Op.m. Performers qf.the.mchgan Opera Theater, Brunch n the (Jatherng by RestjvaHon Only; 8.00 Adult, SG.00 ChldrtUV. 2^00 p.m. to 600 p.m. PR sentst^nb^ CE CREAM SOCAL" _,_ FREE COUNTRY MUSC CONCERT 200 p.m. The Lbertnes 300 p.m.county Cuzfcns Dancers Plymouth Ffe & Dnm Corps 330 p.m. Southern Ren - Featurng Lany lans and Casey Clark 430 p.m. CovntyClass Dancers 500 p.m. "A Trbute to Elvs" By Sherman Arnold A Specal Lve Appearance by Bg Boy AH An*rnoon 5Mur<!»y *r.o SmOny, Otl<K>n Schol P/f»fnt«- U.«Hcor>» fcr O.c Kfrfv ft<( f«lr.llng * TnVt wfth C>rt» ThtKcd.XJ> <<< Ut» am 1, - )ru-t «J.*rc< ff <\n l,» ~ _ ~*~ToVlnTo"rmatTo(>Tc^ d"oM59 ; 343" ~ Tkkcts af.-cofs Bon fommt. Mayflower Hotel. P/ym<x;tn Chtmbtr *;td -jk fnn *&(l/ ** Or^.t - * CAlU0«TU J3 «-45»44«^r;SH.o> )unouf)v%5ftf OMNKXM,5¾ n conjuncton wth the Plymottlh Chamt>ef ot Commerce jf **^K

18 m j m m m m **m t. >-, Ut 1 V=Jf J 5 H. fl 1 r, J* *J 4L " t> ) ^- S THE(PtetYter& 3 c»ntnc CLASSFED DEANSELLERS FORD SELLERS SELLS FOR LESS 86 TEMPO GLX ^ Ucl. )* r<>. t..»-jrf J re* fc2.ta.-uy t "88 MUSTANG Gt J «8995 J H%89 PROBE GT J?8795 1*86 ESCORT V/AGON 1. Af. t-."a. k>«rce j»3296 J 87 TAURUS 1 " loa-od &0JEePWflANOLER 1 tcrf.,t/.>. 15.0«r" CHEVY BLAZER 1 - \at-. T ^14,995 J 87 DODGE CAfAVANSE "] ful pqf-lf, k^htrm r -" L»5995 [ 66 JEEP COMANCHE1 "; 4x4 PCKUP. L V,0.N7 1ASU 1 «5495 L 86 FORD f F-150 PCKUP 1 hj YVC»>, SpCOll ^, o^ TROY MOTOR MALL Monday & Thursday Evenngs * "Equpped not strpped" GM specal purchase cars ; 1991 Cavaler Package 1, automatc, AM/FM -stereo, power RS 4 Door steerng and brakes;, #rtjn Now Only 1 eltfus-poce rear defogger and Wa» > 9488 «0 Aoo* ***<?** moro. Rebate 1000 «8488* M*B» TRACKER CONVERTBLE 5 speed Was 8995 Rebale NEW90 CORSCA Was 9868 gggg Rebate REATTA W«J 13,995 HOQQC Rebate -StOOO 14)999 3J570 Plymouth Road 90 LUMNA EURO Was 10,995 «* % * * Rebate CAPRCE Was Rebate * TON PCKUP.5.7 automatc, ar. Was Rebate Uvonls w?? Geo Prco ol ca/s pxus <5<>c. <CCJ. lu, Ce a p!a!c» wth approved crw.. Rebates removed. Subject lo pror sa."e. WE WLL BEAT ANY PRCE CAR FOR CAR AND MORE FOR YOUR TRADE! 1988 BERETTA GT REO 5 «p««<1. tm C+ loj. rtf/ lo 0 t CAVALER RS Mf SKCTRVH 2 DA HATCHBACK mo vnvnucn no } *x/. po««vttow--r con, f. OVM. U, «.\r>. (o. 30.0CO MARK V Fuffy KfjppwJ. lo* r^<». tl " A M4CAWLUC SEDAN DEYLLE 2-Sor*. trjfcxsn klhw neoof,. ewy 000ft. en)/ 4 2,000 rr.h»»12,490»9490 1»84 PONTUC SUNBRD 4 Dfl. Pt*»W K.-kVmj em tod, CAM,, ut. «.000 r>». t».» SCORPO 4 DR. FuT1 po*«s. *Vrjny^ wr*-;, Krroof. 20.COOrrV«v 10 L 49O» POMTUC BONNEVLLE SE <.6»3«4. orv/ 44,000 m^<», red ljlf» OOS REGENCY SEOAN Fu?/ ecjupf-ed. hckxjnj feathw. """ BUCK USA6RE T-TYPE 1987 CAVALER 4 DR. Afl or^vul t^ck fccajf/»»»» (^thftff" * ttrr^pwrm TflUCK CENTCA» CAMAROROCZ28 Tr*5 port r>ct<rf\ po*f *r*»*» fc-4 fc<lj. crjs«. V t, U;-t. M.000»9490 Acrot* from ts* T»H J Mtl Wh e om2w,!e 355"! 000 Tjrn tofl «Ll«Rr^.J a Kotc) Opf.T Mon. & TTwes. ty.j 9 00 TRUCK AND HOT LOT SPECALS! 89 JEEP WRANGLER H/d lop, sen-top, on!/ 23.KO rr.c». j-_. \* o;.vr...,..,..- ONLY 89 JEEP CHEROKEE SPORT OV/JJ.OCOmlcj, leaded. 2 Of 90 JEEP CHEROKEE LAR 2 Dr., cdcd OV/ 23.KO fr-wr 89 JEEP COMMAJJ 4«, ,f, 6c^l r>c auto* PK^.ocr P«c>}Jf ^ 88 JEEP Opfor.j gj^ &d <o<a a»91j 6 ONLY 12,998 fsralrl^t LERJSUNOER. llop;pv*m. w,,; jftx&xm.only OMMANCHE ftck-up. _.. _. 6,cy1J<Jftt MomL*, tlcrw, SHP^QQ cffufjls «cap ONLY # "W^Jfc 90 JEEP WRANGLER ^ v ^j-- Ha/d top. 6 cylnder, automasc, exc«lvnlcondtk>n A C O.ONLY tvw 88 JEEP SLANDER 04*70 Hardtop, 6 cy^vfcr, ncceo eajsetls.oarlv ^ ^ w llage v Jeep-Eagle 361«WOODWARD (N. ol 13 Mle) " Cars Most under 4980(! Fnancng Avalable P6or Credt No Credt 1984 LYNXcfnfa, 4speed,4 fax..thsweek....* COUGAR XR7 ted, loaded, sharp... M THUNDERBRD LXV6, loafed,dean,...^ TEMPO LX 4 door, auomasc, ar, tke new. / TAURUS automatc, er, stereo, Cke new TAURUS GL console, sweof, loaded..., ½ ESCORT WAGON auto, ar;-wuse...* ½ ESCORT 2 door, automattc, ar, red, shapl ELTE V8, automatc, a.r,36,000 mes.../ MUSTANG HATCHBACK aw, ar, power LNCOLN TOWN CAR leather, loaded.-.. f MERCURY ZEPHYR 4 dr., auto, ar E-150 CONVERSON VAN loaded, sharp 7280 VUage &m Used Cars 25M5 Mkhtgtn Av«v. mm» w«m ontt*fe»ft PORSCHE Fully equpped,-prced at»13, PARK AVENUE Loaded.loctdng leather. «21, BUCK CENTURY Well equtppkf, low mles, prced at v. * « NSSAN 240 SX Fully loaded, prcod at «11,488 fcr^l T T L. Lot «8 SUlU TROOPER LS Automatc, ar plus much more. «9, SUZU PCKUP mles, exl/a clean. « OLDS DELTA 88 Red, prced at « HONDA ACCORD X Fully loaded, low mles prced at 12,988 NTERNATONAL AUTO MART ACROSS FROM THE TEL-12 MALL Souttfefd 2858S Telegraph Mttmwn mummm MONDAY >5t? \E (P.C,n,V/,Q-8D)A9D MARKETPLACE "ONE OWNER ONLY" ^USEDCARS 89 F-150 4x4 91 TOWN CAR 23,000 mslesjjke now. 10,000 r*»,vtjl A Grel&.,l 9*8 «20j SABLE FEClory^fffaJ, 11,000 (TtS.»12, MARK V LSE 89 MUSTANG LX 0; t.c,v. S.K0 rat B M/TfHU,»8988 «CONTtOfTAL SlfNATVRE. Leather, moonroof., Leather, mle! «7988 «13, bodg.e 0AKOTA 89 ELDORADO.Auto, 13,000 rrrles Loaded, thats a great « COUGAR LS ebjown CAR Ke-.t, 1«j^*.»^o. k.->< Camsj*. fvo; r«w/«j. fc»f«r, tr.*» M»«ej! On» 1«T4»n! corrfpukr, «<>,( fc!-.>.»»t. BcsU*X « ~ TOWS CAR SGNATURE 34,000 mles. rnmacutato. «14, SABLE LS 4 door. « PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 85 GRAND PRX U 3 KcJ, <3XC*3 r rj.-y ^ DAMOND LNCOLN/MERCURY Roval Oak, ¾ PR to 1^ ^1988 AUD 90 T?S^y> RED 11,995 we delver _ brngs 1988 NSSAN SENTRA RED» BtAV 325 * HONDA CRX» ACURALEGEH0 LS COUPE»14, MAZDA 323»4995 out a smle CETRADETERMS 193«ACURA LEGEND LS SEOAN 11, P0NT1AC SUNBRD LE2DOOR» CRX S AR» VWQT S8 AUD GT COUPE AUTOMATC» TOYOTA COROLLA 5995 TheHappy face Pkxe< sunshne ^. 349QO G.-a-Kl R ver. East bf 0«e Farm-nown H.s Phone <. * l^vw t ** L+. J SPECAL SAVNGS MONDAY ONLY 88 MONTE CARLO LS AJr, AM/FM stereo, clean. SALE PRCE MERCURY COLONY PARK LS WAGON Loaded, N/d seat, only 30,000 mles. SALE PRCE ^ REGAL CUSTOM Loaded, sha/p. ( SALE PRCE BEREnA Aulomalr.0 -M.-FM ste-?- f ;. -^ SALE PRCE DELTA EGHTY-EGHT BROUGHAM Loaded, sharp, v SALE PRCE GRAND PRX SE Loaded, luxury car. SALE PRCE ESCORT U AulomalJc, a;r, AM/FM stereo, clean. SALE PRCE NOVA Automate, A. grevr.,.- SALE PRCE % Lou LaRTche CH&/RJZL&T f^gpggl SUBARU LOCAL METRO Plymouth Road, Plymouth Autobohn Motors Bloomfeld Hlls Fnest 91 PEUGEOT 405 MM6,.-_ ^^ Was 22,475.. NOW13, PEUGEOT 405 DL «rt^rt^. Auto, ar Was. 16, HOW * MAZDAS -} r l^ Auto. ar..;..;... ;.;../;.-.r..;^-.from JETTAS V «Att^e Auto, ar, sunroof,amtm stereocssetts...-.from MATA V Low mjea! Extra cleart... L 13* VVV CQRRADbS ;3.t0 erg oosotrom...;...;.;... ^rorr>m2j,530 ^0 GEO STORM ; Arto, ar, stereo ca>sotte~ ;...;-...> H t 39GT!S sorta- 2 \h crjoosofrom... startng at BLAZER SLVERADO 1500 ".,.. ^-^ Loaded^... ;...;,... *11, MAZDA RX7 GXL *.^^^ Low mles......;... 88VWJETTAGL..;....., , floe Auto, a.r,s.efeo cassette, cnjse, 11,000 rrv^es. # MAZDA RX7, - _ Auto, ar, stereo cassetlo, alloys, low mtes Telegraph, Bloomfeld Hlls, M NORTH BROS The Only & rd Dealer on ffrd Road USED FORD HEADQUARTERS 1983 MUSTANG CONV. Automate, V. tm nor»l « MUSTANG LX 5.0 Kf.onrx.»», load*a, m*. 11, AEROSTAR EXT From ^13, F250XLT >S1 V*. «/<yr4w, tt, nor«.» F150XLT CjVKS«.»J0CJc. u. rvv, « El50 CONV. VAN.%».»v»0<rjne,tjr, ruc/5 mcrt. 10, El50 CLUB WON. 11, SABLE. pc«wurtrvjowlockmas TBRO! r>l»» 11, PROBE LX V* «jto<t*m nztt. 10,993 TAURUS WAGONS S. < to cnx ^ « E350XL U ; Jtstfa*. 440 VS. J-.W-JJC OjU 4/.».000 rr.vv * 15,495 NORTH BROS ,.1..,t r>n FORD ROAD, WESTLAND (313) THS WEEKS SPECALS! 1985 COROLLA SR5 Lk««w, onfy M.OCO r«. « CAMRY LE «,000tn3ev « NOVA K/.orM, peww-tfjorno, 4 trju.» COLT 4 floor, «utom<. pttw ceorvj & brtkevckt, RVERA FjteVa CcndjOft. « LEBARON TURBO Coo^-ertb-*, a.-o. -! J*<, cahe*. loadw} ^8.- TEMPO CELCAQT (U<5. tutocujc tjr, cn»s«. 11, CRESSOA AJor-c, toafcd. 11,995 MM PLYMOUTH CARAYELLE TUR MR2 T-top», «/0<rj*Jc, f. « MERCEDES 190f loatd. 13, CAMRY « ? BMW 1 7,995 &61TOTOf4 (313) Mle & Telegraph tor (MLLAR P*n rp*> OJ». n^ ; s. f.p^r^ e -- 5ft Lv- 1-,\mM< \ j o.. 90 SEDAN DEVULE. Red, vcy clean 17, BROUGHAM. factory car, Black/Red leather, only 3,900 mles, 25, SEDAN DEVLLE Whte/Red*" leather, LOADED ,990 * 88ELDOftADpBARlTZ- Navy/Blue nteror, wre wheels and Gold trm , PORSCHE CARRERA - Black, all books and records... 30,900 *89 BROUGHAM -Grey/Black leather, «34,000 clean mfes 14, SEDAN DEVLLE - Grey/grey leather, full black, custom top, ONLY 22,000 mle*..,.. 17,300 SPEClAsFREE 0//7 tt/jf// PLRUMSk! ytwwy^st ram m^bnntj fwwll BRPy 1965LcSABRELTD /J>.» 1.^-».or,V «000r?*v *029S *, , S10 DURANQO PCKUP» f)vj»<, t c<yv5"or.v.j fc^gt«5l *899S 196» 6000 LE Pw-*er ^VVf<*1, potk *X*l.pO*W *», n»«k >«. c\»;» wtof. V»x/ "«." * 3»8 1989BER6TTAOTU Aj«.-^-j-«. «e^-sntfw Tu» pc-*c» <d38s CALAS « BERETTAOT >^1<rj^<. V«, p<*»/ k<l KN KA~-T< OPEN SATURDAY rv 1987PONNEVLLELE F/J p-ow#cr v»of Oeart SPRNT AolC-Ac. -fo. C«-.V rv* SKYHAWK >j.<r-.»<.»» CO-Olt-.Aj c»ll"^^ ltv-«l. crj^m <orvc4 c* rrflt CORSCA w?--«j, crut cot^.w N><a CELEBRTY. « STORM 2 + 2»r ce«%3>yjno. o>c"» MON. & THURS. 9 A.M. TO 5 P.M. 1 OPENUTE /JJv UNTL 9 P.M. Jack^SlCauley 7020 Orchard Uko Rd. r^^rcen t* & 15 Me Ro*d) CR6STW00O DOO&l USED CAR SPECALS 1987 RANGER Suoe r Cab Automatc.^( W GRAND KARQUtS s Sunroof *>atho. Loaded, mut* M« , SHADOW 1988 RELANT MDOOGECONVmof Loaded, hgh top TV. VCR. «14, CADLLAC BROUOHAM Automatc, ** « SPRT ES Loaded, 6 r.vlndor. «9750 AntO-n;t(, BNCXCS L<MdM» w*m, «10, FORD ROAD - r--»/*#* GARDEN CTY. Ml 4^ PY T BUY ll WhollCr youre seekng a sporls car >r.1 camper, a bke or a beapje, a horn or a home, were the resource you can rcly on. Classfed. ts the easy-to access, nformaton-packed ^marketplace vsted regularly and successfully--by all knds of consumers. ffltttm & JUtmttt CLfl^mCO RDYCftTr61NG M Oflksnd County ffll-owo W«)r» County Roche^ter/nochojtw H»Hj rt»>wmwuwnmp rr

19 > * * *..,. - 2C*{P,C > R,W > 0-1C) Ol* Monday, Augusts, 1991 Ste #b00ruer & Eccentrc ^euspajjerb awmealllallamt 1» *M tt^^tfe»^t 1^a^.-^fWjFws^PA;-tBM>-.-afea3 )^ 3 *U2 BUY T. 1 SELL.f H- FNOT. " t> <v rnl^. j srfsfarm Where You Wll Fnd.... -, * Autos For Sale * ". SECTONS B,C,P H^p Wanted SECTONS C,D Home &.Servce Gude Merchandse For Sale SECTONS SECTONS Real Estate SECTONS C Rentals SECTONS REACH MCHGANS FNEST MARKET OFtyCEHQUflS YOU MAY PLACE A ", CLASS^Ed ADVERTSEMENT..,.FROM- 800 A.M.-530 P.M. MONDAY.FRJDAY DAL CLASSFED DRECT Waym County pakland County_ Rbche^er/R6che8terHlltel *; Fax Your Ad,. " * Deadlnes For Placng, cancellng or torrecllnflot lne ads. Publcaton bay. 0 Deadlne MpNDAY SSUE p P.M. FRDAY THURSDAY SSUE frp.m. TUESDAY EQUAL HOJUSNQ OPPORTUNTY Al,real estate adwrvsng n ths. ne#spapo( <j subject to he, Federal Far Housng Act ot 198 ttfuw) maes ft T-egalto ad* \vns any preference, SrrtUtor or d4cvn)nadon basedoo" csc0,oo&. relgon, sex. handcap, (arrufa.tatu&r natonal or. g-n or ntenton to make any such preference, UmatJon or cf.sdrrft/oa Ths newspaper n3 not knovmgty accept a.?y advertsng tor real estate n \otaon ot law.our readers are hereby nformed that an dr.vong advertsed n ths ne*spaper are avalable on an equal opportunty bass. "-. Ll-- HOM & S^RV1C GU1DC #1-899 An alphabetcal drectory of all your servce needs. See Above For Secton. N/ RCfll CSTATC toftsfllc # Open Houses 302 Bfmlngham-Bloonnfe^ 303 West BtoOmfeW-Orcha/d Lako 304 Farmngton-Farmlnglon Hlls 305 Brghton, Hartland, Howell 306 SoothfektLahnjp; 307 South Lyon, Mrford, Hghland 308 Rochester-Troy 309 Royal OaMJak Part Huntngton Woods 310 Wexom-Convnerce Lakes Area 311 Oakland County Homos 312 Lvona 313 Canton 314 Prymouth - 315Northvlle-Nov 316 Westland-Garden Cty 317-Redtord 318 Oearborn-Dearborn Heghts - <319Grosse Ponte 320 Homos- Wayne County -32( Homes-Lvngston County 322 Homes-Macomb County 323 Homcs-. Washtenaw County 324 Other Suburban Homes ~" 325 Real Estate Servces.. 328Condos 327 Hey* Hdma 8uWers Duplexes & Townhouses 330 Apartments 332 Moble Homes 333 Northern Property 334 Out Of Town Property. 301 Opw Hou COWSON *Suv,Aua.t8,1-5 «20 &tmft*n4««n Ct., 3 bedroom cotortaj Brmlrvgrum BrOomf^W BRMNGHAM BLVO. BRCK Cwtmlo ta», v**utx/t» tntry, e*fptt- d lyng room, wood burrng flr»- ptao*. Kxmd dnng. 3 bedroom*, ceramc Ue beth lt Boor. Urge. ^,f>*droofn 25x19 2nd level, t*>ement W/tower & tvatory, o»» heel, Urge 100x134 ft lot. 1142,500.. THE HOME CO. ««-7777 BCOMRELD H1LL8 home kxeted neer 14 MBe A Frenklrv n the new nnerwoode of Btoomfletd deveoomenl. 7 bedroom*. 10 bethe, welk out ravtrw eertra» Prce nclude* 1125,000 exteror»t»- provement BLOOMRELO KLLS 1900 Devon- hlre, Woodwerd & Sq. Uke Rd. tree 3 bedroom rnch, 1¼ beth*. famffy room, podenoee, trtechm gerege,» Agent. e»4-31m SLOOMnElD VLLAOE - 4 bedroom, 2V, b«v cotorj*), lovev brck pello.»349,000. OlMCorp FRANKUM VLLAOE Jmmeewtet* 4 bedroom. 2 beth r*nch wth open floor plen, 2flreptocee,cnVet*»etung. Reduced to «193,500. F-24EV- F. C««Metody BurmeWer at ext 40. ERA COUNTRY RlDOE REALTY OPEN SAT. & 8UN t-«. 15«9 Sodon Uke, N. ol Lone Pn*.. ol FrenkHn, lovely 3 bedroom. 3 b«u) brck ranch on beeutlful per-h* eettlng, prced for mmedtat*»*h.»229,000. THE WFFERENCE REALTY "" 3»M 5*8 " 303 W.BmfW.K«^o Orchard Uk*> BY OWNER --4) bedroom, 3½ bath, flrbhed walk-out batement, new Mlohen A foyer, marble flrepleoe. much more FRANKUN CORNERS untoue 3000 *q ft., contemporary bvtevel 4 bedroom, matter aufte, budtln*, deck. Ke«vBy wooded.» s1-7»69 MUST SELL OWNER TRANSFERRED Beautful 3 bedroom 14 beth»oft oontemporary ranch. Famly room wth rveptaoe, 2 car attached garage, W. BOomfMd achoch, com- >*tefy redecorated, ncludng carpet, petal, weftpeper, fght flture*. matter beth, plu* lebvtou* 3 ter deckng overlookng goroeov* wooded lot. No tm aw ant. Owner w«conaker a* offer*.» PLEASE ASK FOR FRE0 MORRS THE MCHOAN GROUP or 670*706 TWO AORE8 ON ORCHARD UK E J bedroom ^^S* 1 *- Aakng»2 2 rnhon, Prncpal* onh/. Leave meeaag* UPPER fltrahs LAKE ACCESS Beech a. boet prtvvege*. 3 bed room*. 2 bthe, l*m»/ * Wno room. Oetrable»r»*. Broktt/crwn+r. « Open Sun *2 W BLOOMF1ELO - New 3 bedroom, 2H beth Cape Cod, cedar akftng ft. + potebl*»ur1«over garage, beaemen, ar, lake orml*ge*.m2-569« Fwrnlngton FaHmlogtOf Hll* FARMNOTON KLLS 3 bedroom*, 1H beth*, 2 cer derage, Contemporary decor. New carpet, ktchen, and belh»106, PLYMOUTH»2«,*P0 BeeuWul ranch on over ½ *cr». Fr-t- M-e*. 3 beth*, 24 x 12 FXxWa room wtth cuttom bar, updated contemporary ktchen, hardwood floor*, track Hornng, 2 gerage* wth 6 cer capacty. Thl* gorgeou horn* boatt* exqutatt* heated pool wfth butt k Jacunl. Horn* Warranty. rm one mutt be aeen. (Q1341 CCNTUBQr 21 WEST h \, - NDGC Of ClflSSFfCflTONS 304 Farmnjgtor Farmlngton Hll FARM1NQTON HLL La Muera. H. of 11, E. of Orchard Lake. 3 bedroom*. lamby room. 3 ftre^ place*. 2 car garage. Half acre lot. 40x20 nground pool. Agent, Martn Coco. 5*5-2528, FARMNGTON HLLS -Ore*l, very Urge home. 4 bedroom*. 2½ b«ths. huge rec room, large yard. LarkaMre Elementary.» HEPPARO & ASSOCATES FARMNOTON H118-3 bedroom, 1100»q. ft. Oarage, targe yard, excellent Farmlngton KK* acnoo^ «67,900. HEPPARO & ASSOCATES OREAT NVESTMENT - TN» 2 tory bungalow located near downtown Farmlngton offer* you character and charm. Enclosed front porch. Urge fenced yard, large bedroom*. 1V4 bath*. *nd much more.»72,900. F-22PO-F. Cafl BREATHTAKNG BRCK RANCH\ n MMdcwgTeR ^/MS«oa 3 bedroorn.- 2½ bath home wth baaemenl2 t»t garage, cerarra tvj entry wth drcutar ttalrcaa*. Home U don* n neutral tone*, oak cabnet* n Ktchen, French-door* nto greet room, bey wndow n dnette, flrepuo* n greet room.» F- ERA COUNTRY RDGE RECENTLY REMOOELED Contemporary Colonal n Farmlngton Soua/*. 4 bedroom*, 3H bath*. My rvuehed contemporary baaement^s car garage, aeduded backyard. Manyextra*.» ROLUNO OAKS Sub S bedroom, VA b**h colomej. new aporencea, attached 2 car garage, dnng room, famly room, den, 1*1 floor laundry, tt condtoned, newly deocrated. mmedate occupancy, by owner.»219, SuporCkwn Oreet ttarter home, ne*er petal and carpetng alow* you lo move rghl n. Anderaen wood wtadow*,oemng fan, and remodeled wth an addton n car garage. Eety ecoee* to everythng, and you have a wnner tt»59,900 The Prudental Harry S.Wolfe, REALTORS Wependehtty Owned and Operded 305 Bfahton-HnrtltrKl How*H BRKJMTON - wetertronl, by owner. 3 bedroom cokmlel, 2.\ b*(h, flnfthed w**( cvt beeemenl, central *w.»164, SouthfkW-Uthrtjp UTHRUP VLLAOE - Owner. VA ttory brck Tudor, 3-4 bedroom*, 2V1 bath*, famfy room, Wehed baeemert.» RANCH - updated wth rxvlral decor. f*m»y room, 2 car garage.»64,900. CORPORATE A?30C. ATESNC REDUCED 8p*tou«Cape Cod on over ½ acre. BeeuttMy lendataoed lot whh matwre treee, crcle drtv* & tapartt* petkj wth berbeov* grw, 6 wge bedroom* wth 2 M beth*. formal dtajng room»mng room wth flrapfec>e, Wehed baaement offer* eeoond fvepece A drybar. 2 car attached garage wm door opener. No* aektag»109,900, (»51 lh C«!CHR3 COURTNEY Remerca HOMETOWN REALTORS Tmo Share, Southern Property 337 farms./ 338 Country Homes 339 Lots & Acreage 340 Lake Rver Resort Property 342 Lake Front Property 348 Cemetery Lots. 358 Mortgages/land Contracts 36 Money to Loan-Borrow. 362 Real Estate Wanted 364 Lstngs Wanted COMMCRCftl/lNDUSTAAl StUCOftlCASC # afts Rnsnnss Opportuntes 366 Offce Busness Space Safe/Lease 367 Busness & Professonal Buldngs Sale/Lease. 368 Commercal/Retal. 369 ndustral/warehouse Sale or Lease 370 ncomeproporty- 371 ndustral Vacant Property 372 nvestment Property -. RCAl CSTATC ACNTAS # Apartments FurnHure Rental 402 Furnshed Apartments 403 Rental Agency. > 404 Houses 405 Property Management 406 Furnshed Homes 407 Moble Homes 408 Duplexes 410 Flats 412 ToAThouses/CondomnJurns 413 Tme Shard 414 Southern Rentals. 415 Vacaton Rentals "416 Halls 417 Resdence to Exchange. 419 Moble Home Spaco 420 Rooms * Lvng Quarters to Share 306 SouthfrotdUthrup CUSTOM BULT TR-LEVEL 3 bedroom, 3 fun bath*, open floor plan, gourment klthcen w/bum-ln applance*, newer roof, hot water healer, furnace & patnl. Seller want* an offer. A*k!no 1129,000. A*krorChare«Hou*e CENTURY 21TOOAY LATHflUP.VLUkQE 12 MWSouthfteld area. Under con-»t/ucuon. Complete eary 8ept. Move k condton 3 bedroom cofonlal/me*1*r auhe, 2½ b»lh, ftmly room/flreptao*. 2 car attached garage, central ar, brck & vnyl sdng, aaung « Ca* Southflelds Best BLT/ You wont-be duapponted when you waft nto tht* lovely 3 bedroom, 1¼ bath colonal tha ha* been beeutrtufy redecorated n neutral tone*. You wu love the park-fx* aetung wtth mature tree*, deck, and proretalonal landtcaptng. Open floor plar wtth apadou* room* and newer carpetng make thl* a great buy at «107,500. The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, REALTORS ndependently Owned and Opera! ed SOUTHRELO.»104,900 3 bedroom, 2Vt bath oolonlal that look* a)moel-new. Ceramc bath*, no-wax Moor* n ktchen 6 foyer, *unken famffy room whh wet bar» retted hearth flreptace, central ar. Mott ol the home hat been recently panted A carpeted. On the border or Lathrup VWege, thl* home hat a nce yard whh tree*. (L185X CENTURY 21YVE8T TELEGRAPH/9 Mle. V* tory brck, 3 bedroom, Mng room. 2 bath, ta car garage, 100x257 lot.» Cedeau Realty , South Lyon MlfOfd-Hrohlarrd A NEW COMMUNTY SNGLE FAMLY HOMES EAOLE HEKJHT8. SOUTH LYON 3 or 4 bedroom home* wth b*»ement. garage, prced from» lot ncmed. New Model Open 12-6pm 1961» MRford Rd. 8. lo 10 Mle Rd, W. to MM Street,rghtlo model*. Modet Offce ADLER HOMES NC. Brghton. Ml.,. Avod The Hasslo of but>d!ng a new home and save money n the procet* wtth fm» <*- lorn bult on* year old home. Thl* abeomery beautful colonfel ha* 4 bedroom* and alt* on V«acr* lot. Ha* lot* ol atra* rkt 2 tvapteot*. 1»t floor laundry, and tot* ol oak.»249,900- The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, REALTORS lnd«?ender.tty Owned and Oper»r*d NEW CONSTRUCTON n South Lyon. 1,700 aqt. ConterSporary, centra) ak, ceramc flr»p>*ce. 2 car gerage wth opener, te«emen whh extra hk/ ce*ng. aprnker (Ytem.»149,900. le*v*p>ee*eg*,4m-3753 SHARP SPLT LEVEL n 6outh Lyon teefura* 4 bedroom*, 2 b*tl>». on* wth butt n tec^"l tub, famly room wtth FrankKn ttov*, Urge covered deck ovtroc+tng lanced treed yard, 2 cer garage.» CENTURY 21 tlwttord South-Wetl SOUTH LYON Elegant Country Ntag tt an affordable prce. Secluded, tpeolou*. cojntry ranch on 2V1 acre*. Many extra*, nducng cov- red forch, flrepjao*. deck, central av. M beeemenl wtth.garage.»149,600 Owner. 48p-4>3 422 Wanted to Rent Wanted to Rent-Resort Property 424 House Sttng Servce 425 Convalescent Nursng Homes 426 Home Hearth Care 427 Foster Care 428 Homes for the Aged CMPlOVMCNT/lNSf AUCTON SCftVCCS * Help Wanted Help Wanted-DentaVMedcal 504 Help Wanted-Offce/Clercal 5u5 Food - Beverages 506 Help Wanted Saes 507 Help Wanted Part Tme 508 Help Wanted Domestc ; 509 Help Wanted Coup!es_ 510 Sales Opportunty * 511 Entertanment 512Stuatons Wanted, Female 513 Stuatons Wanted, Male 514 Stuatons WantedrMale.Temale 515 Chld Care STC-EWetty Care 4 Assstance. 517 Summer Camps 518 Ed ucalon/1 n structons 519 Nursng Care 520 Secretaral Busness Servces 522 Professonal Servces 523 Attorneys/legal Counselng 524 Tax Servco wn / ^^^^^^^^^^^BH ANNOlfNCCMCNTS j^ Personals 602 Losl & Found (by the word). 603 Health, Nutrton, Weght Loss 604 Announcements/Meotngs/Semnars 606 Legal Notces 306. Rochetler-Troy BY OWNER - TROY; Altrectrra Contemporary Colonal, approxmately teoo aq. ft Mng tpace. 3 Bedroom*, v b«th», underground tprnklert, central ar. Appontment only.» BYOWNER-TROY VA Acre treed MHtlde home. Beautful area. Poaable owner fnance.» OAK RVER, lovely Georgan, 4 bedroom*, 3 fun bathe, 2 half baths, 3700 aq. ft., 3 car garaged Securty, 2 furnace*. Ce* 5-9 PM ROCHESTER HLLS - 3 bedroom ranch, 2¼ car attached garage. Large fenced lot Bust n Appl lance* ncluded.» TROY Long Lake & Adams, 4 bedroom*, 2½ baths, new ktchen & carpel, famly room wth freplace, manyextra*.» TROY. Wall kept 3 bedroom colonal. Newly decorated, flnbhed baaement, desrable lot backng up 10 wood*, central a/v 2 flrepuce*.»1*4,900. Buyer* ony Royal Ok-Oak Park Huntngton Wood*.CUTE 3 bedroom ranch n Royal Oak, fnshed baaement, 2 bath*, new ktchen, all appfjance* ncluded N. Vermonl. M ROYAL OAK N. - 4 bedroom, 2 6*lh Quad, central ar. Home totally redone Sept., CHnlng room, famly room wtth Veplace, 2¼ car garage ROYAL OAK- Open Sun Oakroge,. 6. of Cattlpa. 2 bedroom* wtth thrd bedroom/lam^ room, freplace, updated khchen, 2 baths, neutral nleror. Excellent area.» ROYAL OAKS FNEST NEK3HBOR- HOOO. overlookng Vtaett* 6 park. 3 bedroom brck ranch on 200 lot completely updated thruout, fnshed basement. By owner (96.9O Wlxom-Cotrmtfc«LakfttArea Commerce Twn. 2 ttory colonal, brck ronl. 3 - bedroom*, 2V4 bath*. ftrapjaoa, 2½ car garage, wood wndow* rtm, Many extra*) Large Ml. Lot «5. EAn 01.3 ol Wse Rd., W ct Carroll lake Rd,»142,700. J.T.KELLY CUSTOM HOMES Homtt Oakland County CLARKSTON SCHOOL AREA 3 bedroom on hll sq. ft. Hew 220,000. mmedate occupancy. Sylvan , ,. 1.,,. CALL EARLY!! We place over 10,000 ad3 a weok and our phones got very busy on Tuesdays and Frdays. Call early ao we can be sure to gel your ad n the next publcaton Q S Fax Your Ad Hom»t Oakland County 607 nsurance" 608 Transportaton/Travel 609 Bngo. 610.Cards ol Thanks 612 n Memoram 61.4 Death Notces MCftCHANDSC ^ #700-75* 700 Aucton Sales. 701 Collectbles. 702 Antques 7fY> rv-foo Rummage Sale/Flea Markets Wearng Apparel Garage Sale-Oakland County 707 Garage Sale-Wayne County 708 Household Goods-Oakland County 709 Household Goods-Wayne County 710 Msc. for Sale-Oakland County 711 Msc. for Safl-Wayne County ;. 712 Applances 713 Bcycles Busness & Offce Equpment._.J 715 Computers "71 ~67Cc*TWeftfaJ-1ndustrfa Equpment,. 717 Lawn, Garden, Farm & Snow Equpment 718 Buldng Materals. 719 Hot Tubs^Spas & Pools 720 Farm Produce -Flowers, Plants 721 Hosptal Equpment 722 Hobbles-Cons, Stamps. 723* Jewelry. 724 Camera and Supples 726 Muscal nstalments 727 Vdeo Games, Tapes 728 VCR, TV. Stereo, Tapo Decks 729 CB Rados, Cellular Phones 730 Sportng Goods 734 Trade or Sen 735 Wanted to Buy 736 Absolutely Free FARMNOTON KLL8 - Entertstaer* deoghl Three bedroom,- 2 bath ranch wtth Urge famby room wtth flreolace. Betler than new. newer furnace, central ar. sharp Can for more nformaton. Too many emer- Ue* to tol» FARMNGTON - Two block* from Downtown Farmtngton. Much desred ranch n Wynset Condos. Two bedrooms, 2 baths. nclude* dnng room, basement and attached garage. Bg ktchen wtth lot* ot cupboard space. nclude* al eopo- nc«. Condg * mmacultta.» NOV! -Totally charmng ranchn HovL Three bedroom, two bath, famly room wtth wood-burner. Two car attached garage. Great yard lo enjoy, Can lo NOV) Summer* here and so should you be lo vew ths adorable two bedroom condo. Attached garage, end unrt wth prnts entry, lot* ol new amenfue*. CaH lor appontment» Tre Group Realtors Lvona BEAUTFUL COLONAL Country C»ub,.4 bedroonvl».bah. dnng room, flntahed baaement, 2 car attached garage. Shown by ap. potatment, «114, BY OWNER - 6 MdorXevsn aq.fl. 4 bedroom, 2A bath colonal, 1»t. floor laundry, new furnace A ar, newer roof A carpet. mmedae occupancy Dream Home Spadou* 3 bedroom brck ranch wth 1V4, baths, large country ktchen, dwng room, fnshed baaement cenual ar. and attached garage. A dream come truel»94,900. CENTURY 21 ROW > Famly Favorte &*>t buy 2»1ory brck, <*>«e lo elementary school n the heart ol Central UvcoSe. Fentfy room, freplace, cvnng room, tlrjehed baaement, central ar. and 2 car attached garage.»109, Bult- 3/4 Acre NOrth Lfvort* cu«tom 1865 tq. ft. ranch offer* 3 very large bedrooms, M matter bath, antra deep basement. 20 X 20 gre*troom wth flr*. p?*c*; 2½ car attcned garage and central ar.» " The Prudental Horry S.Wolfe, REALTORS ndependently Owned and Ope<*t«d LOCATON 0*»ulM 3 bedroom ranch n an euehenl areel Fam»y room wth tvep"»oe, VA bath*, country krcnan, flnehed basement, 2 car etttchm arage + nground twtmmvg poor. t CS SHERRYJOYNER CENTURY 21 ROW m PCTSAVCSTOCK # » 312 Lvona BEAUTFUL TREEO LOT 3 bedroom home,-n-ground heated POOL Lrvonl*.» Broker BRCK RANCH bedrooms, central ar, basement, car garage on Vt acre wtth pool Land contract pots/we. « Central Lvona Value wth thl 4 bedroom brck end ek> mlnum home. Cathedral cetfng* m frvng room, nce stte famdy room, and newer central ar and rumace.»66,900 A Rare Opportunty to own a lanta*6c home n one ol Lvona* flnaet tubs. Thl* 1985 bunt Tudor ha* a dramtuc great room vew from the 2nd floor and many other extras such aa a sde entrance garage, beautful deckng, maser bedroom wth doorwal and balcony, and premum locaton;» Custom Bult on 1¼ *cre».tn* *pr*w8ng c»nch features a «brary wtthfreplaceand bult-ln bookshelve*, a w»k-ln cedar closet and al he other detal* you would *xpeet n a thoughttuby desgned horns. n addton, thsrea a jvf car outbuddlng.»196,000 Canterbury Estates * he ste of ths 4 year okt colonal wtth the worts Beautful premum lot backng up to wooded nature area s beautfully landscaped wth sprnkler *y*tem. Al naturu woodwork, top quabty carpet, country ktchen, N* home * pcture perfect throughout.»172,900 The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, -REAtTORS ndependent^ Owned and Operated LVONA -» bedroom ranch boaatlng acroened m porch, cenual ar, ceramc t»e batka, large famjfy room wth wel bar n lower level. Beautful Ounfl* bv«rt-ln pool wth heeler, prvacy fence and»prlnk«ng»ylem. Home Warranfy. Great house at a great prce. (8139)... ^ CENTURY 21 WEST ONE LOOK t as ft takesl 3 bedroom, trt bath brck ranch, febulou* a* new oak ktchen, Whed basement wtth workshop. 2 car mechanc* dream garage wtth heal a ek*wc. Move-n condton, Hurry.. askng»109,500. (S5207PJ. -. CallRUTH MARTN. Remerca HOMETOWN REALTORS Recent Prce Reducton - Make* thl* 3 bedroom. \<A toth brck ranch one of the be«t buy* m th-onl*. ft* been panted, ha* a new roof end shngles, ho! w*t*r neater has been replaced, and extra nsulaton has been ntased. lo keep heatng co»l down. Enjoy he flord* room and ftnsred bawmenl. Add a oarage a,->d you hre a p/«t house. Lookng For Newer Home th«t you can *t» add some ot ycur Own fwsh-ng louche* lo7 Com* ate tml cuttom bulft Quad wth tot* ol curb appeal, located k Northwest lv.vna. Hottest area n a locaton ol hgher prced home*. You wn lov* the large lot wtth mature tree* *nd * tream njnrwv through t Brng a«. otter*.» The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, REALTORS ndependently Owned and Operated 738 Household Pets, 740 Pet Servces. 744 Horses, Dveslock Equpment flutomotvc RCCfCATONRl VCHCCS # Recreatonal Vehcles. 802Sncwhobfles;-.804 Arplanes 805 Boat Docks, Marnas 606 Boats/Motors 607 Boat Parts & Servco. 808 Vehcle/Boat Storage nsurance, Motor 812 Motorcycles. Go-Karts, Mnbkos 813 Motorcycles,. Pals & Servce ; ;81 ^.Campors/Motorhomos/Trallers 816* Auto/Truck. Parts & Leasng 818 Auto Rentals, Leasng 819 Auto Fnancng 820 Autos Wanted.,821 Junk Cars Wanted 822 Truck^ltor Sale 823 Vans -fc 824 Jeeps/4 VrTeel Drrve 825 Sports & mported 852 Classc Cars 856 Bulck 858 Cadllac 860 Chevrolet. 862 Chrysler " 864 Dodge 865 Eagle 866 Ford 872 Lncoln 874 Mercury Nssan 876 OWsmoble 878 Prymouth 880Pontac 882 Toyota 884 Volkswagen 312 Lvona BY OWNER-BEAUTFUL 1700 sq.ft, 3 bedsoom, tvt b*u\ brck home, S.W. Lh-onl*. fww furnaoe. wndows, centraf ar. Sprnkler*, neutral decor. A must seel»107,000. Open Sunday FND OF THE YEAR Many updated feature* n ths sharp 3 bedroom ranch, (ovary ktchen + dnng L, lamby room, fnshed basement. 2 car parage;» Carl BOB KENNEOY -CENTURY 21 ROW VALUE PLUS Wed mantaned 4 bedroom. VA bath colonal. Country ktchen, formal dwng room, large tamtfy room, recreaton room, «pc*snc*. central e*.»119,000. LAUREL PARK Enjoy the nce feature* of ths 4 bedroom, 3½ bath colonal. Over-»bed ktchen and master bedroom. 1*1floorlaundry, smby room. dock, sprnkler *y*tem.» CENTURY 21 Hartford South or26l Canton ABSOLUTELY AMAZNO magne Bvtng n Canton tartlng at 89,W0 BuJder now (axng^reservaton* on abmtteonumber otwoodecl"." homeste* wth cty.*-*ter 6 sewer. Specous floor plans wth many amenjte* hghlght ths new subdmskx. (Plymouth. Canton SchooUL PHOENOt LAND OEV. Offlo* Model Open weekday* t-7 Weekend* 12-5 Located on Cornn*. N. off Cherry HO. betw. Sheldon 6 UBey. COLONAL - 4 bedroom, 2A btlhs, tmng room, famhy room, dm^>g room, flraplace, 16X32 pod, new carpetng/ktchen floor/wtndowt/ hot water tank.» NORTH CANTON 4-bedroom, 2«blth colonal, new wndows, new roof, new centre! ar. mmedate occupncy,» , ? OWNER TRANSFERRED mmedaa occupancy on lh?» J100 *q. fl.tjuad h N. Canlon. Open floor otan, overaled lamlfy room wsh fvepeoe, 3 bedroorr*. 2 Ml btlhs Very *peclcv4 ktchen wth cathedral certng, pu* formal dmna (ocm. 2 car attached garage, central atr, back* 10 park.» Alk lor, LYNN BENDER COLOWELL BANKER SCKVElHER 459*000 Vacaton At Home ngrc**^ pool A deck t lha sellng for th"» 3 bedroom ranch wth year round 25 ft. Florda room, neuta decor, central ar, basemen. *ttched gar age» more. 1129,900. Remerca HOMETOWN REALTORS Plymouth 0Y OWNER 4 bedroom. 2.» ba!h», ttmlly room, c«n1r*l»lf. n LakedolM. Prymouth Twp. C*! art* fpm., OOWNTOWN PLYMOUTH, ower home, 3 bedrooms, \A bhs, basemen. carport. «99,900. Come seel Ct* lor appolntrrerl Plymouth BULDERS MODELS Open dally 81 Sur 1-6. CLOSED THURS. Plymouth schools. 1 Cape Cod. 1 ranch, 1 colontal. mmedate occupancy. Ann Arbor Rd. located lust W. of Beck Rd. n QuaA Run. Roaltora welcome. For. nfor- matlon cal t-6pm at PECE OF MND Ths lovefy ranch located n Crty ol Plymouth s the exceflenl»tarter or retree home. 3 bedroom, newer krtchen, furnace, electrcty, plumbng & bath wtth Jacuzz. Urge lot for the tamlry lo enjoy. A tremendou* vfue.»79,900.- Remerca HOMETOWN REALTORS PLYMOUTH. 225 HOLBROOK Lookng lor quabty? Oont mlu ths 4 bedroom brck cotona.1. Econen enclosed porch, central ar, attc an. compelluvery prced n ths weu kept locaton. C*S for more nlormatlon. James C. Culler Realty TRALWCOO - Plymouth Twp. Creekwood Ctrcle Colonal. 4 Bedroom* pkjj den. very dean, updat- -ed neutral, central ar, many extras. Askng»194,900. Owner bedroom Ranch, redeooraed, famly room/rreptce, fnshed basement. 2Vt car. marry exlras/updstes. Must see.» Norlhvllle-Nov Everythng s New n ths 3 beoroom ranch raa l&rg^ lot wthn wsjwng dstance o>downtown NorthvHe. Large l*!and ktchen and nook wth doorwas lo wood dock and prtvat* yard. Prced to set) at onry» Walk to Downtown NorlhvtR* and all schools rom h* 4 bedroom horn* wth a large lamry room wllh flrepleoe. Ths home ha* an attached 2 car garage and a beautful prrv*!* backyard. Great country decor. K-ce famly neghborhood.» The Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, > REALTORS ndependently Oxned and Operated New Constructon Exclusvely NOV) most wantsd new»0t>. ExceptonsJ Cfua^ty consjructlop compttt* wth s Wanted arn^v 1!!?*. F/om» HOMEARAMA SUO. pra-ssles rom « AGENTS WANTED - pecl&tjjng n new construtlorv ASK FOR NANCY MElSlNOER or or NOATHVUE 4 bedroom, 2½ bath CCJonlal wth n>m(er sulta. custom bu»; 1990 lots ol extra*, large lot.»193,000. Open Sun. 1-4 Or bv ppowmont Ovor A Acre Tudor Modern 195J butd. 251» sq. ft. trck coton^l on a goroaou* rtmscped.65 tore tetllng. 4 bedrock.*, %A btths ncludng deck fvb n mtstar, 2nd floor laundry, central ar, dwng room, and larg* deck.» The Prudental Harry S. Wolfo, REALTORS ndependently Owr*d and Operated WEACCEPT -V > MoslcCofd PLEASE CHECK YOURAO The Observer & Eccentrc wll ssue credft for typographcal or other errors only lxu_the-^ffst-nseftort-of-"arr advertsement. f an error occurs, the advertser must notfy the Customer Se-vce Department n tme to correct the error before the sec- ondnserron.- POLCY All advertsng publshed m The Observer & Eccentrc s subject to. the condtons stated n the applcable rate card, copes of whch are. avalable from the Advertsng Department, Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers/ Schoolcraft Road, Lvona, M 48150, (313) The Observer & Eccentrc reserves the rght not to accept an advertsers. order. Observer & Eccentrc Ad-Takers have no authorty to bnd tlfs newspaper and only publcaton of an advertsement shall consttute fnal acceptance of the advertsers order. 315 Northvlte-Nov NOV) Royal Crown Subdvson One of Novl * premer sub*, located «t 9 Mle & Tart Rd. Wa busd custom homes, from 2400 *0. ft Treed lot* & waftout* *u avaawe. Model located el Bertram Or. Open every day, Noon-6. Thursday by appontment enfy. - AJ. VAN OYEN BULOERS NOV - 3 bedroom. 1V1 bath brck ranch, larg* treed tot, Al basemen. cathedral great room, central ar. By owner.» Open Sun., l-5pm. * Outstandng Locaton n popular HortfMOe Colony Estates. A great neghborhood to rat* your famoy n, thu tradtonal 4 bedroom, 2* bath colonal offer*, new carpetng, most-applance* tt*y. Central ar, ade entry garage, sprnkler system, and much more. Crcle trt* ad end cat today. Attractrvefy prced at» Maple Hll -.. Decorated * tasteful neutral decor. upgrade* too many lo Bst Ths contemporary 3 bedroom, 2¼ bath brck Cape Cod has t aa. Urge master sut* wth prvate bath, enjoy * relaxng bath n the whrlpool tub. Gourmet ktchen overdoka large deck n beautfully landscaped yard. Ths realty 1* a must see house, one showng wj convnce you that thl* la your drearrt com* true. Brng al offer*.»254.«00 The Prudental. Harry S.Wolfe, REALTORS ndependently Owned and Operated RARE FlNOt 3 bedroom brck rareh wth conlemporery flar and overtred garage. Open floor plan, and neat as a pn. Back* to commons area. Just» N-22M-N ERA COUNTRY RDGE ; 318 WMtland Garden Cty AFFORDABLE 3 bedroom brck ranch wth fnshed. baserf«nt wltf wetbar. Lovefy wood burnng flreptace. New wndow* 4. updded kncnsn wth dshwasher, ta fenced yard & garage. Home enfy loo!»61,900. (U5206P). C Doug or Judy Courtney; Remerca HOMETOWN REALTORS JUST LSTED OREAT vav*. 3 bedroom brck ranch, newer wtncvws, furnace, door-l. pumbtng 8. mora, 2¼ car oartgeabatemeo fust» EOROOM brkk ranch that wool last long, newer wndows 6 doova, country khchen, doorwsh to pa.k). basement 4 2.s car gvageca4 today» Century 21 -Dynamc LVONA SCHOOLS C-aMtAV decorated, 3 apeckx* t-sdroorns, VA beth*, remodffd country ktchen, ch*hw#*h*r, huge larrjv room, newer wndow*, cental ar.gsrac-*, 1 JT. home warr arty, low dewn or L.C. terms.» WOW whl bu>1 Brck 3 bedroom ranch. spacaxt ktchen wtth butt m range, garage, mmec*** occupancy, 1 yr. home wanantv- Century 24 CASTELL CENTUR!ON AWAROWlNNNOOrf/rCE

20 f/c-cj /. ft J! ^ ose (P,C,n,VAO-2C)A3C -( *! 31S,WMtUt>d jsttdwrt Crty OAROfcN c^rr -~by c* 4-.- fll DrvttM. 2-J 6»CT» Lkv fan* ww. A* **s**- v*<l»} ft C4 vaar r*4* M *--»;!. S -«1101. Apprwwr }n.»-j A*uo«.#?SO0, to **** *- ntoumrg d* 4 «*» \ r Uf. Parfacx-n Ratfdarn m» rwrj>cv» OA-AC 0»/ fcrt* r*v;h. t * u j. t. v* t*»vt<wt. PU*?*^^^ l/s-\ aco* r*» fr^anvcar/*! M. 5*-.j* «.- J n- --grewxl.ppof. 49,400 Thd Prudental Harry S. Wolfe, *REALTORS ; kvjapar<^<-j#/owmd a>-«j Op* **-<*3 8«m f wm*- PRCE PEOOCSO rofl C>CK SALE 74,943-4 badrrxr-\ t*;* ****. 2 HfA M t-m*-.*0 vp^««luvnan, na* c*r wj. r*«ryv. r r*ac3*sa 0CCupar<y- arw f^** k*5 hww fct4r»>» k Mr/. 3M«OrkM-rVrw. W«*«*-4. Cal ru.* j <x AOafor *(M. Cfcan Hy. w S-JX 1-4 0»ft«P7») r.*». 72 t-22^. ^POAT O.BEAUTY Vartograd taodacap-a *c/rc^> trfe faa*or> Mfcr"cfc rarcn K at bre*. TM. C«Pfrrt ar & *tva WW«ps&» cat. aa Bo-mar a )cy. fv-rsw baaarftar- a*h rac recr*. f** U9> ahoaar... tf-u-1t t/jr.l ttarr. botest toad c**-*«& f^/wvjjcw. Wra fctthan dacor. B-tS 4 v./*-? Upd*!ad. FljrMCa. C*\-7 «1 HV, afc»c- Va mrrfc*. cc^par pt*r4r\g d naw O* eoxp*->ey.afpa/««* *» " ;., «- ; -., LOOKJMQ FOR SQ. FOOTAGE? TK» t JL 7*9» -«> cos^s/ crw". homa envanaar/ cj>2a» k.»<f-*n fcl eppure**. r«w*r vvr,1 wndow* w??» wood Vc\ %j(r*tc* 4 c*y fral ar. BaavtAJ Franch dcfr* cfl tamy rc«(d t C-VJ^ rccrx t*rn Cy\s fn«cf jrca &H9 (<rq*. EncJOMd «rp *t>f porch /J Ws on dout«to* * on p<+a^a jtm. 21 J. Scott.lnc " WE3TAMD A NEW COMMUNTY &NQLE FAMLY HOMES.. 75, MOVES YOU N Prffrfmr S />«* ^3¾¾ nomv, Kt btttcrnm. let PMt*4 QT»Q*. larga m&sl«r badocn *^» ard much mere. OJ1 hmlm grou-d Boor MLLPONTE thubotn J^!^ l^jl? VVHYV/An Cel 3 t>. ;» t^>>.t» \n 0»»stSA*»>--«- «Vt*j v* * J **?/ f^< l»m w.^x/. f»*»«^ c_-»-9. E.^«> *-.l t.a^j fjj f.v h-v-.j VXA lj^j H t/ Ftf H4.VM Century 21 J. Scott.lnc ¾ Kom** W»yrx) County 3 t«j*t*"n r<h, 1,t-*~\ J*-^. JJ-^ <?J. V * ***, t?r» /*TJ t^.tj.w0-pr»#4rc«*> tst^<;3 Jn. 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BOSS REALTY 32ft-«j«l 317(Mford BY OWNEfl REOFOftO TVYP. 1M0 *4L ranch, lot rta 125XJ25 aeaavacroa, Vrt*f»,»m»/ ryn, AraptacCA^v 6aok, 2 car anatfad uaaja. - Hovat nawfy r4mo4vtv4l»f>».. 2M-34W BTOWNER 3 badroom brde ranch, oan^afur. l/4 batha, YA car 9*- r»da. naw *tn4o««/pantcarpat/ ls5n.m,*». &37-09M ^LDWEPKWP- CaaH 4 Tr**t kadrooa howa «40 ak*ran#n ccrnar acrv bade )«U0raat Mattr hom* or ncona rarm4-«w tato^ br^^or ohar a%a> aa doaopavnant, lotat SnfOO. Aftar <W L*»>» M7-4*» <obo«, You Loo*e ~.» aa«m» *ah«packet* Aatfay^ ** t attfac} 3 «rpat»8 tn atrtcova Mw4jror flwnwn lftwt.ofnrlnq rtmhvmaf naaaoffl cnsrtnar ont* rarahaj»21x tt ft. maatar ba» roo^ fematf baaamant. Tat #JOOT haa oast, flaw wjfl avowa, wojfl "r. arrt 7½ car oaraja ^Mf) t«m«o. the Prudental - Harry S.Wotfe, ^.REALTORS nyyoanad ar< Qparatad DtlrMrn P ttrbora f Wgh U OCARSOflH KTS Waf kapl comar lot. cuatom but! brt* ranch, 4 batfracff*, 2 M batfw. 2 rmnl nr»- pajcaa, braaraawj attachad to 2 car garaoa. cwjval ar, artaltaj baaaraan aw ^aat bar, acraanad k\*ouc*3to«7.M0. -- * -. SavKM WOOWE PAOPtATY-FM. 2 up 4 2 dawn, aaparata utaaaa. trk*. 2 car ottta*. ElCt!*f>l c-sntfcn. 47,900 Byo*r*r. 474-»0< BWrfHOHAM -1«ftoor urrt. al appcancaa. nauval cvx/. 2 t«oroor4, 14 b«9a, acarc oorrcar. troa Wlchan, S+3-5*» BLOOMF7ELO HOS W*t*«k La»atrorrt Cofttfo. mma«a»a «CUP*TCT. Too marr/ «xva» lo Bat W-y<«h concwod 3 b**ocm», r>* fce"a. B/OWTW.35»,<«0.. 3J D (XAT THM rsks * -. WABEEKOHTKELAXE ULTRA LUXUfK>U3 COMXJ 3-4 bacvoona, 3*00»q. ft ww> baau^m ta>a «*»* 4 lou of MA Var/ *a*«, b*m «Cwt», darn,»»- aba 20x43 ft. tomav room ww wak cvl to yaal fjs«ha LooUng for aomaona who oaatrat tha baat. Laaaa by ow^ar or aala opoon LETS TALK eoomnto pfcue CX>MOO L» hw«. prtcad to *w7-4s3-75m W BfttOKTON A NEW COMMUNTY /. Woodrtdoa H*a Condoa, naw r-o4- ak, rarchaa 4 lownhonaa. 2-3 baov rooma, on, 2 batha, 2 car ear»aa. taaananl, aoma wak-ovt*. nraptaca. ar conowortng, dadc Fromltl».SC70.. Mooat* Opan 2-6om. U3-23 EJ* S», W. to Hcfcatt Rd, f*jw to OaMooa Or, tart to radga Ct. tuc tan lo (ha mooata. Mc4a>J)27»4778 Of%w22»-»722 AOLER HOMES4f*Gr BrtOHTOH.Ul CAH70N-C«y 2 badroord Condo. SMdorTWarran araa. Cantral ar. Hautral dacor throu^owl Apc«- May.»7> «FARM94QTOH HLLS CondO-2 badrocm. 2 bath, p*rwad wam. appcmoaa. naw carpwttno. w» tm doaats. 2 carport*.»»,5» «FAAMNOTON HM.LS 2 badroom. 2 bath, graat room, 1^00 aq. ft, pool fur*. t%jt^ 2nd. raduccon -»4«0737-»*45or FARUMQTON KLLS Luxury oondo radwoad OYH C1 &^"-^ /notfvalad. elmoat 1/4«aq." ft-.»w.w0.lae.a e2«-2»«faflwnqtom - Va»ay Vaw Condo. 2 badroon*. YA b*r» wwl pod, HX»0 towwd C43WV9 coat* Awl raducad lo K«.KO SW KJW8 MLL - frortktlle 3 badroon and nrt 1½ bath, M ba»a<-*-tt Ojfc houaa fadwaa, V*,VX>. 3«-S570 FVnc-O Tcarar/p Prced Befow Market TM* 2 ba4rocra crrto crtw» tarj* frtr«araa, Ktonan eoow»w al apcancaa. 1 fc*?>. t«*aorl partat/ l!r^r>ad- ndwsat waahar arv dryr. G*» and waar hduovdh *saoefcfen dua*. nnadv.a oooxun- Cf.Atr4 mv ocrr^ta. tsfoo. Bemedca. HOJr<ETOWN REALTORS P,OrAL OA)COoc*j batvaw) Uto. 1 fcadrcco t^wraouaa. vt t*?\ tnwad fcaaar-art. carton. K1/XO. 435->S««TftCrr, aharo 3 badrwn. r^ twja, cantraj-. 4V, - attajhadl 4/»^. «114,6« WafcdLafca Sharp townhou* Oraat for tha up and corng yovno aaacvtfk, or ampty uaalw. Thja bacvoow, YA baas cendo offara ovar 1^000 aojuara faat of Frng tpaca w«h tft oak cabnata, dacorwtf* varbcal rr*4-banda. AJ tht» H awoodadaarans.179^00. The Prudental Harry S.Wolfe. REALTORS tndapanoangy Ownad and Oparlad WEST BLOOMfaX) COMOO - 3 badrooma, 2 M fcatr*. wa4out larwy nxxn wfth v**w of laka. 2 car ttacnad oaraoa. B«oomflald Hfc 6cnoda. UovaHn cor^won. fycad to»*- lrrrr>adl»1«occupancy. E*a«451-«M tk»r»?2*-&>w WESTLANO TMa npaocabta uppar ranch rryta oondo arth aowtham axpoa>» haa two badrooma, ona bath, nauva) dacor hrou^oul Atrnond appa> anca* h Uehan. U*JX*) fj»man) COLDWELL BANKER Schwrttzw R*al Estate; Vf. BLOQVFlf LO PANCH COSOO BrtA patto. prswla artranea.bay wkvjow 4 traatnarrta, arf»gw». nraplaca, yaupad caatrv*. 2 badrooma, 2 bath,wafc-n dnt. 2car pwaa. FWahad baaamar drywa»ad. car. patad. cuatom CWW-BC «w bar. Addwona badr«m 4 H tw*. ortca. Tna, tarjn coortt 4 pool. S149,«00. 7»«-03«FARMNGTON HLLS 200 Hoaa P«-jT/ents* 175 Lot Rent 375 Total LOT RENT GUARANTEED 2 YRS «MSruu >J% d?w» rvs*«r» LTTTLe VALLEY &-4O70 fo-rl/fenrftglon A/ea S50/MO. OFF LOT RENT - FOR 1YEAR LEASE On cra-cwrad homaa aa lew aa «12>50.2 baevoor*. 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Mw-3200 rtfcv*-^ t>j< T"«*T v-»-** - - t+-o^ 3 tjtaaa, kv,-* afs-t *»*. trtt+>3»«*.-^.t».r^*. * t-ap^c^.^-rw^-v 4 -^- ^-^-5,f, LAOyrJST» fwc*«k> fv-^«-- t^a, 1 tojr *-.v* 0?f.»\ l^fa J-5; &-*w, f-r<^4«fv.--*- L«;*f» ft»w EjP^s)»jEso-*<k> 1K1»S rt 5-3k^f«LKr\ s** SMcf- -r*rt w^ *»»^ *» = t. r6!l-u 4 «mm t>4r? KJ 3<» - tarra. f C?l WOWES,.»* 0 l3*2*-!?2;- TrAltl^ O-TY CC«SDO o Wr ka Ma. 2 S*3o=r\ 2 b*l\ rxacax VKJfJtr >fe*t»\" t*k.-?.»rfe?.-o. c*4 &* s^=k\ ftb Vu tftvcr* Pf^wtw* _ ttf-hm&x * ALO** l-»a - Bt» cwr^a.. U-nat-ad. 2 fcao-;cra. franca >» «. a^*-»>j ta*a Scat Ccct *»KC.«7-4H1 er(<2-c441 PlHTWOrtE LAKE ASEA 2 >33 a*.*, 3 L«3-son, 2 tacts 1¾ for* o» aocdad bu Wtt p-v-t 5A» fet «!>. Kcratts^a Lata. tt^coj. 44»-S C*m***ry Ut FOL«CEVCTEKY ptoe at OakJartf HbUrVJ G*-3W». rtfjed at 3720 aadk «9 **1 for (&>} aach or twncflar M>O LA*->< CEVETEKY 1W. UM or bam cflw. C*lM2-8*» C.-JXO UfrX Saeftfl 1; 2 cf dot h L#sWy}*tKh.W3r*QcCXl* FAJWCrV WSkfOKALAJVOWA 2 tots H Oa-dart c( Fatt, 1S00 for t>3?.cal*ftarnocra FOSELAXD PAF9C6art>r. 2 ardkt orr^ asaa, worth *20 aach. aofftj fcr KO each. Cal «.*^r 6pr» 4M-764S VVTTE CHAPEL -Oardan Of Uadtx&n.4otx.»&S0 4acA r-htte CKAPEL - -Oardan of &tt*tx<><r. Sactton C-TCkSc «00, C* 1-e»2S-7114 HARBOR SPRNGS Jooer 250,000 Spacucukw YYatartror Lou EtawMatlhawa 1-»0-7*«-M<S A-nartcan CownVy Dnatopcarvt KTWEUOuat^bano n tha Uppar PanrwwuaB w*7*ov^ tsa clatarxa, 2«acraa of baauttu rc4lng and woodad Jand. Badu up toatata land, pwnwet for huntkg or buftdvq, Swnwyad 4 par\ad. Ona hour too datror S17-54«-««HUNTWQTOHW0OO3 Comar lot raltf, tor*. 134*. WV bum to wjl TWO CarwtnjcOon Co. 6«3-5«43or PCOFORO X 50,2 badrooma. annrfad roof. w.ratrloarator. Joy Hd. Tatanrwph aa.«o ¾ new ar SKYUHE-;»«4, 14 x 50. Al apptancat, naw carpal, low lot cant Exoaaaru conotvon Locaaq r rar natonhb*. 11, t-»«24 SKYLP4E x 79^2 laraa badrooma, 2ha1 batha. Wknd kmchan wtf appaancaa. 14,530 naoo»- ac4a.0a*f.aja.. « TEFHJM x70ft, 2 badroom, 2 ba9. ar, waahar 4 < )5^00. Crcaaart condwon. Oron Northern Propwtly Fof8w KUB6ARO LAXE; Haw. 3 badroom. hrapaca, oarapa, unftnlasad homa onkavarrcrtv^nlcabaach. 14O0q.ft.Cal MOUYWE 4 Saaaon ftaacrt Comrrrtfy/Gaytord. (2) 14-nda pew courtaa, dubhouaa, raataurant. ndoor /outdoor, poo)*, ataa. downhal 4 crow country adng. Prma OoV Couaa Lot - 22,509 (313>99«-2103 YOU J^.«m^ v, -Z-. *~»»».jzmv+jbte&mm&r* ^^JEBak&w & <*. ^^^ftf^jww-^^^-^r"t,y. -"TT^T \ * 25*- v.. BANK ONUS FOR GREAT HOME SALE RESPONSE! u U 1 When you advertse your home n our Creatve Lvng Secton, you can expect great response from home buyers. People look forward to ths great secton every Monday and Thursday n... Creatve Lvng wth Classfed Real Estate Your Complete Home Secton CtarLter & ccmtrtc CLflOlPCD RDVCRT6NG OnMand County M1-OW0 W«yn«County Roch«rtt#r/Rochest*r Mffs M*aH«a] 4 t M 1 y».a»>4t f ot t r*.a#0ar rertrow r% t M. r mo*. t o* WOMMT»prrK> LYON TOtYHSrtP - baavtmy woodad 1223 acra parcaf wfth pond. OaUV 4 wwl matasad. ParUd. 8dRaca» aoon. Land confact lama fwlcl. 94X ^WortaQttA Und CofrtTKts CASH FOR LAW OOWTHACT3 t-mad>*a Phona quotaal Wont ba cul-bmt Jfortpaoaa/naArancaa. bkrtptoa Corp. of Anarca *9 or 1-8CO-4*S-«13 Cracn ProWara 7. 1L«2ndWongaeaa - Pr/ ctt t*» or land contract K.V. PHUJ?3 4 CO. S53-8C20 3«2RMlEtttfWnt«d UETAO AJTwXmT - laera. Wdda> b*a Pt. k-dnupa. mduatrw or ccomardaf sr*» 425.O04. Mual awl now. Oraat rryaate*w-t MfLFOfO - PraaOgfcua UMord Farm* araa, 2.4 atra* harrfy acodad. cornar cuj-oa-aac mp HOflTHFlELO TOWNSMP 10AcraPwoaLTrw»d,Part»<l 4^x60 camant bkocfc barn. Land Contract Tarma HOftTHfeO TOWNSHP 3«ACMES. w«dmda, haavty woodad, ravtna, acaam, ro*n) Mrrak\ parfcad-tand Contract NOTl. BuadabH) lot for aa*. 100X140 daap. Can ba uaad lor waft-out 8 of Orand ftvar, W cf Hovl Road on Marlaon. AaUna 42, LYON NEW 6V6CMSVON 44 Cour*ry,hor,at. CA acra lo 1 acra). 23 laft. Tarma; Paymants at tow aa 300 par mo. ww 10% down, 33^00 and up. Fraa Brocnura « VYEST BLOOUFELO Uocurloua Oakbroofca SubdMacn. co04c4 ocs. noo*ec*jn*ovraven WakvtLa»«4LonaPVw « LaA«-Rhrtr-R«tort. Propwfty CAHACMAN LAKES - Baanrt^jl mapw andewx woodad 1oL 150 loot trontaga on pavad ttraat Oo*. aw»tc?wh,au « ^9¾ CENTRAL MCHGAN CANADAN LAKES LAKE PflOPEfUY SPECUUSTS - Cottaaaa from 44,900 loufrom3.»00 OwnaraSb Haakt Prtraoat. OoH Tannfc Acraa of Laka Poc* &W Qwbtouaa* 4 Horal Lakes Realty VPN (616) TORCH LAKE- GRAND TRAVERSE BAY VACANT OT8 ANO HOVES^ many oflarlroa on both a and Orand Trnwraa Bay W* Torch Laka batwwn Efc Bapfda and CnarVrroOL Wa apadaka n handpno atwtoot <>w>>9»and kaap a *n of avary proparty onwad tor aah on Toroh Laka, E* Laka, and Orand Trtvaraa Bay batwwan Elk Ftapld* and CJwrtaYobc ln*ormatton avwtabht by phon* or fax. cat u* 7 day* a TOflCH LAXS VACANT LOS - trom 75,000 lo both Earl and ryawl ada, aoma w^t* land contract larma ayaaabka. LAKE MCWOAN - M«R BAY Lot*»*abj«Bttnaw Elk AapM and Cfarlavolx p;1ctd from 100,000 to 200,000, a«o*aart varlaty of o^artnya a< a»»t a. narvy ath land coolract (armt T0Y1CH LAKE»0»* S - t<*h faat and Waat t*h prtead from 190,000 nd up. w»h cp-wtdwabw va> W»y of LAXE k«ch!oan - TftAYtRSE BAY HOMES *H****^ * r. 0?._*. 1 * tkf&q*wbws V9tT&)f ^"Oe. REAL ESTATE ONE BELLARC/EASTPORT ^53^ JLa**fr<mt Proptrty "AL SPOHncOm Mw»d lav 140 k»at Mafrorr M, rr**** «waa, kaptkj par ma, gradad rvron Vaaay School.Aak»Sj *4-19«mn~OH~AKE~~pr«goua «** ton on M x 150 lot. fnmacvam 4 CASHTODAY OR. OUAAVfTEEDSALE AMo B n Foradofura OrHaadOtPapaa- Century 21 CASTELL BtJwaTttw* CTpportum+jw A«T OSSTr58UTOfl aaaung cartnar for kjcal paaary. Urftonry ART OtSTTuec/TOn naada parvwr. Chack caahna. ownar ratlrtno, Ltndfcpa butlr.ttt,. orot 200,000. P&zarta, rauat aa Cat lor mora ntormaaorr AUTO DETAJUNO BUS»«SS. Oood locaton, pood cuatomar baaa. D.aaant epecrvrtty to aapand ALfTO ENQME febulu*40 Groaa o»ar 1 trjaorv Ecaaat orad- rtttng a muat A4 paraonrw a4j ramatrlqacpmajty AVALABLE SKAftEO EXEOLfTrVE Ohtoa, bualraaa. anawartng aarvtoa, aacrwaryaarvloa.. W BoomfMd BOOKSTORE FOR SALE 14,000 for Krturat and clock. Poaa&a laaaa anprarnaaa. Cat4S3-2»0 EUSY eealfty SALON for *4t* n htah ranc araa of fctor*. Ownar nuataat.calaflar4pm KA>R SALON - EatabaaSarj axoav lantkxatlontnclaaaon. 50,000 for buatnaaa, aoupmant aod fbcturaa. AMuma whona kataa. Loratta Kapa.C-2rart^»» HAJRSALON, Lhora. 13 ataoorv E>cw4arrt Ma -tocattorv OVwat waax-a 4 ratal trafflc.rvload at aft>9«?k^ LAND CONTRACJpf ERMS Oaa C on OatroU Waaoaoa. ndudaa buaovg. ca/ry-out, oontarru 4 nvantory. Oraat trtja monay makarl5s.o0a. " ASKFOftOAVE Cantury 21 Hartford South LAWN MANTENANCE - Account* 4 aqukpmwm. Qroaalng 750 par wwak T^hfTTw* L Sartoua nojukat onry LVONA Excalart anal tualnaaa for ramty ofaratfon n buay LryonM afopptna xnp.c«jsmwpwaaa COLDWELL BANKER ScfTW»ftzwR4k«JE4tate N0ATHVRLE COMMERCAL BnWNO n tha haart of dvwotowa ApartTwnw. ratal, and ofvaa. ftcyma ar» an evrrarty rantad. Excaaant ratwm wah fhk aouara footaga 900,000. N- loma-ff ERA COUNTRY RDGE Pft"NT SHOP, co«p*a» ley*! cu*tomar baa* low lr»*a<mwl0vaatopportunr>y tat 7779 SflLC««STMA8TnrE8 300 lo 900 baawfajl ha~j ahaarad ^ ;h Pj^a You tag. nr\ dwkar or 41»-3*4 «.»00 UNDERWRTTFR NEEOEO" fo rrrwh n NW Oakland proparllaa H»»h yk>kd-nortak. W YtS7ACT(Vt ra aataht7a»~aa for *a% n Norflwrn MXttrjw\ ^th a geod krrrrkory of MVpt and aocaftarl k-aov rawrd r* **m Omar nwl lo t#*t Tot m<>-» (M aak for A*n, Ko*a PaWty Co., 219? 0*3 27 S. 0*f«crd. Ml (517) badroom brtrk ranch, 3 car parapa. « M1M KU««Ano LAKE 3 yaar om. yww round 2 ba*oom homa on WJft lakafront. By ownaf. Atklna ^"PP VrVa*"^»M»aP*a wrfa^pa^p &J^H mrhqw Mw natonal Svakyaat C-antar A/y»a fryny W ft. any lanath wm, aharad offoa oanta w 11!! aacra^arlal aanrtoaa, or cortnyntlonal apaoa. Prma locarona n No4 Canton. SkarPng Hafohta 4 Ann Arbor. (<y««a/waranouaa uvw tt*> avalabkthnotfonfy). CalrBCat 998 3«0 AC-?C-f l! TVT.-S ->{. -^ = -.^-- *, kvs.. <l\;wsfchtf-jol.jt.t.* CJ^ " *-h>\jk<fonk-3l tf!");<\-rc*;*. Vlll h. -. ferwrj.f^^x *?f -Xv/<?, V"^>!>.?!{! Jtttok <j!v.</.<l*. -t,.tft H.ssfrW.. t <^.\ 4».)C. 1 -Vm." ><PW\ f trs^3^1)^4.--.jsv Mtav, -..- t-ss.tjy,- --J>S-Sa;>^^^ - tnt -. WCr.x lrt.- \<n -l %-y<7j,-c* y^ V*.--.\\o t» - 4.5?< CO^-J Jtjf. c-s*s - Vv tfc">k<) WA.V-MUM JCST^Vv^.. ^- M - 1>J pc^a*"^ HfjkJ! -, ^ K j - >." d>x>^s «- J J K^co srr,t<>t «VVV.SV^ &S YVcsfS **ay fsv>s-^ 6«H«p;,*. t«c«5 f;^ -^. 7 fsxm - \- J>CWH ";».Fu5»..-.; Answer (o Prevous Pu2*le \L M D n A E N T O N O S T P E S Efefefel vfjj MF AJ" m% 1 T F! N N A B E A 2 OaK" r,."..3 Agave plant. 4_nomanroad.5 Mape 7 6 l*p)eten Fal5^ood 8 Chore - 9 Teofonlc t 11 JS 2. --, < 24 V S 6.1. * w. T 7 ] u 62 S ^ 21 30* 47 ^ K " 1 17 *, 31 l " 3« l P * * et" 10 " 43 W\ Unted Feature Syndcate Complments of The Brrangham-Bloomfeld Board Of Realtors,, Oclty " 10 W/c)e5Sels 12 SOfJum «yr)&ol, 14-Localoh3-17 -^ vera 20 Orent. 23 bo Bk;.-.24Arllclo 25 "Muslalor - V Kenton 27 Force, 30 Brdge le<m 32 Caudal appendage 35 Loosely woven cottonv _ 37 Har5h and forbddng 38 Greek epc poem 39 Swtler 41Slgn 43 Ted tre score 44Compaf.s - pont 46 Greek tetter 48 Ardent 51 Peruse. 53-Gull- ke brd 57 Outft 58 Therefore 60 Opp.ofWNW 62 Tantalum. symbol 64 Note of scale LB REALTOR 396 OrwSotv p^c0~ 8«f/ljMM. _ *ftt AsV -JCkxx* CnstfaS **JW U.Ua-TWla OptfW «Strf/UtM AFFCflDABLE EXECVm-E Ofloaa- Why pay tor tha hto/t coat ol dcang bwamaaal 6hara tha coat whxm faatry tryyrfaduaf marraoa &n aor<a4zad Waphor wvolaaalonaf aaoarlarlaj <ta* tf tha art aqutpmanl Cortfaranoa rowraaltohan. daafy toctlad oh Troy** Ookdan Corrloor, 1475 W Oka BaaTWrfd. TwyreustESS otmrtess For paraoraf lour cat. « ANNOUNCNG Mapta Rafraaa Cantor of Troy Baat ralaa n town, no laaaa naoaaaary, 227 to 5X«0 aq ft en Mapta, naar Unarntat.. From 234 uojar morah. PENTHOUSE. Alto avaaabto, 850 aa ft, natural akyoght, prhrata raafroom wtth howar, vary tavoraba rata », B»3 BEAVEA 4 Cooaopa. prtrala ofttoa. 12x20ft k fuf tanrtoa bu8d- ng. 350 par month nctodaa awct/ haat4>ar«ortol BRMNGHAM SOUTH ACAMS SOOAflE Stncfs.ohtoaa aya4abta, rant atartt 143/ma mmadtota occupancy Two to 4 room fltea afcta, rata* atanyg at 13JQ/ML ft. narx rovoaa ar concvaorwg, naat 4 tonftorw arvtoa. kwapnona anaaartto 4 aacratanaf aanrtoaa avat- « BRMNGHAM (r^rwptkkaw V - w^ ta^^trl ^raabral anrwara^v W par mo. « BJAMJnk3HAM^UMtoua wkndowad oaca w9j at kx nay 4 ftnandat ptamar. SaoratarW araa 4 u4 aarrtoa* 1 alttl B4PM940HAM. 2 offtoaa (180 aa. ft. aach] naar Mapla 4 Hatar. At poor parluhg. Sacratanaf aarrtoa* ava4- abla. Ptoaaa cat 9an>5pm « BtflMJHOHAM ETON 1100»9. ft. - 4 offca awfm LftWaa 4 Parkng hdwewd BLOOMFrELO HOL8 OfTOCE apaoa for laaaa. Woodward 4 Long laka Rd. araa. Oood parung. Smal formahad <**<* n Exaouthw aufta ww tatoohona 4 acratarlaj nwtocw. 200 month CANTON Ford fm.w. of aq.ft.4up tewaaq.ft. Exacuthr* ptvah carpat Bu4dlo«uft OOWNTOWN PLYMOLTTH 7 room aufta, apprcuuvnatafy 1150 aq. ft. Convanfant locaton, fj-ewkant parkng. Cat ^ EXK^WTTVE OFFCE 6yrTE8 fl. nl. M.. U^b ^ ^.. - woom^^q rww. n^<?vonax aaawt* anca, uttajaa fe^dudad.short tann (.313)54^9040 FAW»*^TO^V>OWNTOWN Ratak/ohtoa apaoa atartfcy at 393 mo. fcxtodaa utatoaa. Panty of parkmg. rtoady for mo»a-*v 477<17 FAR MNQTON HLLS ATTENTrON; BAROAJM HUNTEftS Prkrw 4 Hot-So- Prma Ratal Spaca 19 M«a at Orand RKwr (Frawawy Plata) (Orand Markat8q«ara) from aq. ft to 2.900»q. ft. CALL TODAY CERTF1EO REALTY, NC FA4NQTON HH.18 OfTX-E. Naar E^prWMway, (OVWMJ BrVar Mk**abw> araal »q ft. undar mart at rant FAflMtftOTON prma downtown ontoa on Orand Tfvm. 355 Kwrwt Kr*gh*. Ouka, 6ro*w lfvo»f A, PAWJON Raatauran contaranoa room. On-ato manaoamanl. ftw-w from 2O0 rno, af sr*»- t>a». kx*udad.»rt*ar pf»»khd. Syd Mawnan, *7 UVONkA SCHOOtCftAFT 4 NKSEft Prm* omoa tpaca n artkra c*n>m. 250 lo 3400 aq. ft WW dmda to ML Ram a* tow aa 44/aq. ft. 8ro*«-» protocad. Cal LVONA 8<t<>ccr»fVMkdd»abafL Now laaamg ***** «, **fs* rtt - ^ nt Cfr>H*fty OTStOrV Aa**?!]^, T/ffal ^ pajft* k^ kr^art protortad. 4J1O770 rvonka. 115j»V"ft- t»*a~~ ~~ 99W par month groaa rant w*ft bco^a monft»a. Day, Era, VOMA Mkddkrtaa. at t a^als - -* fc>r*w* * ** * * - ^ * -» --- PWP Pnfl T^vVrV S^WfPvfW trvftfrvp 74 9Maa._yK ft. to 2099 aq. ft ohtoaa.avaaabla. Phona ay^al afraady k/ ptooa, Vwy compatthra. Cal Kan Hat* Day* Evwfc 281U11 LVONA On Farmtolon Rd. 3u3tSovthot»M4» MEDCAL & -PROFESSONAL SPACE FOR LEASE EXCELLENT RATE 4 LOCATON aquara faat CERTTEOfaSkTYJNC LTVONLVrYESTLANO ARCA-Prtrfla rjraca apaoa for toaaa.apcroxjrrwtaly 2.0XX1 aqjl Cjuaaaa trafflc LWONU- W**4akfe^*)9*»taotfth^otltoaa, SSOO^Phona vwwalrg. " rtoa bdudad. Copktr. FAX and word probata ngrvaaaba or NEED A 9fHa or a lot of offtoa kpaca? Rant 225 aq-ft. tor 350 a mo. groaa, or 4 offtcat for 1000 oa groaa. Canton. Cal Natonal euatnaaacamar* WCELY F1MSHEO Offlc* aufta kv duovw M ktcnan and luncfroorn rralarfa tor mmadata occupancy aq. ft. oontantor.tfy focalad al 20*80 W. 12 Uta^Road, batwaan Lanaar and Evargraart Amc#a raa paru^g. Put your nama on tha WEWANT TO LEASE TH1S.SPACE NOW! HO REASOHA81.E OFFER REaeED NOWW ML TAFT t-»tory buddng w/1200 aq. ft. o( omca apaoa. Mm. S yr. laaaa. prhrata parkng. Oood for profaaatonafa OFF)CE8 O W. BLOOMF1ELO Orchard Laka Rd. PrWtta antranoa, 800 lo 5500 aq. L OFFCE 8PACE FOR LEASE Lahaar naar Barrlar baa. From 400 to 3800 ktoannaa tvaaabta PLYMOUTH - ANN ARBOR RO aq. ft, 1390 a month ndudatuxm PLYMOUTH - MAN 8TREET Profaaaona ohtoa apaoa lo taata aqfoat PRME RETAL & OFFCE apaoa avaaabta tn ekrnlngham, Royat Oak. W. BfoomMd 4 Waftad Laka. Cal for dattaa SANBREEN COMPANY REASONABLE RENT Nawydacoratad, 1000»q. ft, Daarbom Ht*. tmmadata occupancy REDFORtTUFFTCE Frv«Mtl«Rd. (Ww»lc4,Talagrapf) Two room prfvata antranoa auha. kv dudaa bathroom and kvautta ttoraoa. Naw carpattng. vartcal band* & a* corv*fonlng. Al uttwaa kxfodad. Cal loday for Spatal Rata. CERTFED REALTY, NC REOFORO - Tatograph Rd. N. cf 8 M4a, Ar oondtlonad\. 900 tq ft, adowonal ftoawfch, «50/mo. Cal8am-5pm Redford Townshp Joy Ro»d. (.KwlWa«*olTaagr»pM.. «55 fq. ft. 575 par month aq. ft. 1,0» par month FRCEHtAT r Rf E Aft comornowfo ffteeelecrclty FREE LWOEROROUO PARK>NO Cal Mary Ann Sn»*bowaM Cf.RTlFEO REALTY, NC. (313) ROCHESTER hfm dahrm ot*«a oondo for Mt«. Orrylwrt PrtvaH hayh A*, 335- W4 J 8HAr*0 OfTCF/cvhMa Woodwwd M 14. Startkg at «SUtKF.AttOEAl.S trtra^gham - Kro»w«>d ofltoa part. kwkhr road at Map**. /«*» Haafng. oooana and kra 8chandan/*tra>h Oroup. J32-511J 3f7StJw,-frof.W(»8«. WS/ tm Vf^a^aT, 8\wmaa» ohva for laaaa aq ft, ptonty of parvv<g. rraa rtanckng buadvw at 8«ach fvy A echooto-aft on 1«yafWaat rorr-wrly damal o»o*, Hat k>a*a 18O0parrte. « Sett -CotSWlaVf t VtrW WWT11m\% Rtt«l! ART STUOO, OR PRVATE OFFCE 540»q. ft Cat Brmngham - Downtown - EaatMapka.2.700aq.ft..- Cal 645-5*53 BRMNGHAM SOUTH AOAM3 SQUARE Fkytal anctoaad mal apaca aval- acta. 942 aq. ft fu!a ttwtmg w* 13/aq. ft toduda* haaf. 4 ar conov * tsontog " Canton Townshp *. CornrnartUl prooany wfth 2300 r aqjl brsk buftjt-g. 14 acraa tonad * C-3. hghway ortarrtad commartu. *. Many uaaa parmftlad. Localad *t 8325 Lkwyacroat from Matt** Ar- * port Oflaradat 199,000. Remerca HOMETOWN REALTORS DOWNTOWN ROCHESTER FOR LEASE. Raul-offloa Madtoa-Danlal. Cafa/Oal Locaton BaautySaton DOWNTOWN WAYNE. 1,200. 1,800 Or 2,800 tn. ft. ter* m buw Krosar- Parry»Wp eantar 00 Mchgan Ava. n Wtyna. Ampa parkng, good traflc, raaaoruwa rant Cal Farrnlngton/Downtown Prma focajon hgh kvaga.; Ratan/Ot(lca/Ra«u)urant»p*c«t. Fu9y raalorad Nxtorte bufcsng en Orand Rrrar (ntxl door lo Ctnamxl Hgh traffc) LVONA - atorat for kt 17 lora natahborhood khoppmg cantar Ann Arbor M, H rr0a E M bockt W of Htwbuon Rd. (^ PLYMOUTH Hot Spot Chctoa. htoh traffc, ratal locaton naxt lo Parm Thaatar aqft. l»t tlma olfarad. Carot ,427-9W5 REOFORO - Laaaa 1000 aqft., tuft-^ abta tor any typa buatnaaa, ar condton. 550/mo Mat, naar BaachOafy , ; ROCHESTER. OOWNTOWN 2.400»q. ft. ratal or ofttoa apaca SHOPPNG CENtEftS FOR LEASE ^ Bfoorrrnald. Mapla 4 L-*tar. fs*z vtaw.orangaakg * UP TO SOTO SO rt."retar" n downtown Ptymouth. Rant* naootlabka. Cal «9 rkhntjwwfwrwutt 8*9»/Ltw ~ ARPORT COMMERCE CENTER Awwd Wnnng Davatop<r«r;t lndualrta) Sunwa M-59 1 PONT1AC ARPORT 1200 aq ft. tornpw* Othar awnwa ffdm 1*00- to.000»q ft. Cal A) Montafro « , «; -j. t, *, BlRMNOHAM - Pwrfoct for mar»><, taclurart rap, fam mduatrm. ator-1, aga, t Nght orarhaad door. 1203», aq.ft/940.97»<t.ft./»3*5. ( AlKON RtAL f SATE *, CTY Of PLYMOUTH - 2,000 ort, 4000»q. ft, 750 par monm. groa*. 1] Prma locaton. Nawty pa*rtao.. Cataftwapm, *4«, For LMM 2100»q.rt p4* mofth grow Cfoaa lo an major hghwayf. - Cal ORf AT f Oft N*w Sl«Kl-Up Comp8nrW Small un!t«-350/mo <Jf o«c4r.<t+f locnad lo mafor hkjnway*. ^^^24¾ ft NOL*!WAL WarwVvaa or *T+> ahop, ovtrhaad &xx, c*fan, MapH 4 Coo»dgamaa. ffaw «Vr4ngham. Evwk, 842-9K5 MANCHtfTERT"M ""4T347 aq. ft on 4Vt acraa, W. Ann Arbor.», dot**, up to 72 c*«ng. 110 <*. parad partng. ba*u«fm p*ant, ran-. qu*t Mmrnunfty. 1,100,000. 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21 4C*(P.C,R J V/ 1 Q-3C) 0*E Monday, August 12, ndutvwarehouw SUB-LEASE1850eq.t. Urorta nrl-wm offoa tveflabla BENT NEGOTABLE. C«lt 4S4-J<«> WAREHOUSf. MAWfACTURHO wttoraj*»pto«avtfat** ,000 M. ft., fwatod, aprtrwarcd» aarrned (of rva a t&gtary. 12 «w ft/mo. Bypttr**., r» 370 ncone Property MllfORD. Mx*bre*.vluhcftJon, 1-2 b&tocm*. aptflanom, ea/. p*ur». a>. es.000 tfcwv 20 VT». 11%.\ST0fT-EAJ»a v PERRY REALTY 313 «4-116» 371 ComrnUfnd yacanl.propocly BRkJHTON-20.4» tae- <xvx! rm fxklrw (Of SA^.A.1 u ftvl, W»tJ*j ara avafama, easy freeway aooetvcoot&ct T09AOL R,pnOXEn (313)2^ ^¾ 37¾ J.nvHt Property SOUTHflElO - 3 bttfcoom, 2 M t*u>t, (rvnfl room. famay room, 1 w caraaa, 1.4*2 e<j. ft 100+/rr». pove cah How. Exc«lf«nt laoanta. 5»,000 « WAYNE brk* 22 urvta, 3 bvmjno*. 1-2 b*ov6om>. appc»/k«a, Ur. r*w uprsdt. 52 J.OOO. Tarm*. 100,000 (krtp.m 1%. AfOfl. (313) On Jl13)«295M7 400 ApU. For Rept APARTMENTS AVA11ABE «HOfUKVae AREA., 1a2t*droom»520-aOO monlmoaxjm foal 1yctrtOA*». Ptusa ea.1 * AUBURN HlLL.9 Bloorrtlle!d Orchard Apts. Spdouj 1. tojroorr «prtmult«lr0.1\»4<0.00; bvv>3{ j 5D4, fsj 4»»1«. B V. kvrj--.<m - x4 t Uuo (5<y fv v*1 term. t - FAKMNGTON HLLS BRMNOHAW - AUettrv», nawty r«oov«t(4 1 & 2 txkjfoom*. Ectfknf coodtjon. Wa* to ahoojmna. Heat water & carport.»525 & 700. CaaA/v>afl»rePM. « Blrmlngharr/Claw&on - Studo apartment n tt* heart ( 8*m!n^»m..Oer(/«< av, p«tk>, vertcal Mr>d». 475 par month toc*jo*»he»l Bedroom To-*nhoo»«s - ft om 725 hxfno. Heat No pet» ptes*. Leaso. EHO THE BENECKEGROUP " CHATHAM HLLS E^VJOy COtOJVAL CHARM Attached garages, 1 & 2 Bedroom Apts. wth choce of 1 bath to 11/¾ baths wth den., FULL HEALTH CLUB MEMBERSHP NCLUDED N RENT FROM ndoor Heated Pool Stc Deck Pcnc Area «515 Wndow Treatments 8otd Maaotwy Constructon TuOf Equpped Ktchen - SUPER SPECAL - _! Meet Our "We Care" People Hours Moa-Fr. 9 a.m, - 7 p.m.. 9*L. k Suo. 11»m> 4 p.m On Od Grand Rver bewem Drake 9L Halattad MOVES YOU N Selected nts Only CROSSNGS AT CANTON Spacous and 2 Bedroom Apartments, 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom Townhouses Startng at M45. " FREE CAS HEAT MC«M.s 19 FLOOR PLANS DENS. FREPLACES.CATHEDRAL CELNGS SPRAL STARCASE CARPORTS SMALL PETS WELCOMED OLYMPC NDOOR HEATED POOL " > FTNESS CENTER SAUNAS LOCKER ROOMS BASKETBALL COURT VOLLEYBALL PT CLUB ROOM. A charmng rental communty just 20 mnutes from Ann Arbor and downtown Detrot, yet comfortably away from t all. FromT-275, ext Ann Arbor Rd. west to Haggerty Rd,; follow south to Joy Rd. then cast to The Crossngs/ Mon.-Frl. Saturday Suulay «.W» fc»--cr,> ClrJ> dmnl <KJ.«C\ Affh!!) J2»fe Mj.--».<vd totvnhcn Now Leasng Phase Lakefront Unts On ZnteWatt > < No Securty Depost Startng at 610 ace-n OKNORTHV.l.l- UVSH 1 and 2 BEDROOM APARTMENT HOMES 16 Contemporary floor ptans Euro-stylo cabnetry. Ceramc tle bath and tub enclosures Cathedral celngs ndvdual washer and dryers " Mcrowave ovens n unt storage Prlvae covered parkng.. Fully»qulpp«d clubhouso, work-out roorn. Awotyc CM»<* Wftlklno/joogtog tralf. SaOfta 4 J*cuzl Pool wth t*p markers Tenns covrtv VolKybaU pft Dlwtly acc*s!b!«to , 196. V14 - ".. ".... \ EXPERENCE THE ELEGANCE OK, -An exqustely panoramc 105 acre communty perfected on ho shores of Lako Succoss, nestled nto sconc tmbered vows. Park Placo of NorlttvlJo. establshes a tradton of unsurpassed oxcollonco n apartment homo lvng Mon.-Frl. 9-6 Saturday 9-5. Sunday 12-5 AUBURN HU8 - LortJy 2 boovoom lownttqum, V* b»tm. C*flt*> tt, Cltp*\od, b*hmenl, pofloncc* M»)ejto Pcofxxt)^ BEMtEY Alt/»c«N». nettty <J«coratM 1 bedroom, dmn, qu)«t toc- Uoa He«t tkmv). W»flr 10 hoppng. 12 M0^Coot!<S9«v«« OX/ORO HOUSE S44-77JJ 8RMNOHAM tabrmnafram.... BUCKtNQ.HAJUt ;. BUGKNQHAM V/ MANORS ; " YouDESERVE ln»"bucwnjhwr> UfMtyto" BRMNGHAM cv.e.;t condg m belux«2t«droorn «pt» KrmVsg!u/,S for rat V/a.1 to doatlt«n. 1 tjroom w/hardwootf 1V4bsthJ, -.»Sx. th«f«rght. tj?ooset«. Pooo. > "<^o lr<jd-tet 547- f US 6»48<TW, c»" ^ 5325 Dwjtfu totl^n, -.* ONLY 300 MCUftty<«(>OtJt." CALL NOW! * VQHA.A, (ov*f/ 1 bedroom. 5 C«rp«ted, newly d«co bt^corr/ Of p»uo. O»0Tt r»-. l rwatd. 301 N. Eton, N. of -»o. 3e-2600 Of e-^e4»-1650 AUBURN HLLS BLOOMFELO SQUARE AvondaJe Schdol Dstrct MOVE-N SPECAL \ 480 r545 All sppsanow, vtr^!mnlfj34 U/0>. *tof*g«wm. Yoa TM AA<J Oart/tJ f, (ntefcom*, pool «nd24 how «me/g»ney mjttennc*. OoMTto»hopptpo. b«r*lnn, OU; OCC a/yj th«rxrw lr>*j«truj and 1 Ch o«f>lar», S mlnulm frpm 1-75 Of M-59 )u»1 o«8ovft BJvd. B^tWoon «<)ufrel40prf)rk« Mon-Frte-e.JrwrjlO;. 8»t1t-5 4 5unJ2-3.-, ^4377^ A BRMNGHAM FARMS, 2 BEDROOMS.." fake a lesurely stroll and st on your porch at... Hbopg^sT Only 515 Per Month FREE PORTABLE PHONES* Tenns Courts > Full Basement Central Ar Prvate Drveway Prvate Patos * Dshwasher 15 mn. from Troy, easy access to -75. M-59 & Oak Tech Center Call Now! Wth 12 Month Lease -Lmted Supply PLYM O UT /CAN TON ^toge Squrt. Apartments 1 BEDROOM SPECAL Mtnutct from t-^s - J 9<5 kulc Area A BUQs TtanlvCovrf; " P>ol ft SJ.;U3 Sccoo(l»Trom twsc Tr«!!t B«j.Vct>Al Covrt ClUdnrVs fu^.frca Vcrtlcjl Bt.->d Tct Scttl->n A^*Ub!c Spacous, ncwlv decorated sutes /. wth dlskwashers- ndvdually controlled heat & ar. Short Tcn Lcas^s Avalable job Transfer Clauses A> r alablc FRKB HEAT FROM 3Mt^ *3891 /dft Ford Road, just east of DaUy9-7 SafurdAy ll-<5 Su/dayll-5 (A P A U T M K N T-\S) 1991 Specal (Lmted Tme) 100OFF 2 Bedroom Apartments Brght, Ary, Extra-large Rooms. Heat & Vertcal Blnds ncluded Celng Fart Bedroom or Dnng Area 1. Bedroom Also Avalable N. WAYNE RD. WESTLAND South ol WesLmd Mall FURNSHED. MOOEl. OH DSPLAY MON-SAT orl fw 1st 6 months ot 1 ytt l«>so tot new rejkftrtt only Where We Have Somethng -.- For Everyone! You choose f/?e mmtksyoumnt HEAT NCLUDED V " 12 UNQUE WASHER & DRYER FLOOR PLANS N APARTMENT New 1 &2 Bedroom Lakefront Apartments from 415 OCA1H) N NOV1 ()\ OST-NC TRAL. 1 MLL EAST-O"nCCK ROAD OPEN OAUY 9*6 SUNDAY ,6 U}UM H<H»>\( <}!)< >KU\tl) BRUfNOHAM W-TCWN, 670 Ana quet 1 bftdroom. c«fp»t. blnd, dtjfw»»hef. t*m lrx*^«d. No P0t» Leav» » BRMNGHAM LNCOLN HOUSE APTS, 505 EAST LNCOLN Sp«ctou9 2 bedroom» *rur>«ft* Oorrrtf>J«nl to downtcwp D«tux«0«vx>l Eoctrtc *pp?/k*> OecU»J«>., Vertfc^tbSndt. Lc/0«Clot«t«4«tOf*9«<«a4 "0" SECURTY DEPOST - Ouajm«d *ppbtuu ooty... v 645^2999 BRMNOMAM - p«kwood MtflOf. DsKu»2b«d/oom,6erv!/«t^. V p«uo."»of»9»/porn,?«rpof1, «00. tu)., ^ BwJroom Aplfc ; Apofoxlm«l«r/8507l1008<]. Fl.. FREJEH«4l4W»t«f.-.-.BRMNGHAM";- TM BEflLAKE APABTM ENTS n bssrt (A\tr*h AttracU** Unt*. V*r1fc«18Snd»CKjhwa»V9f ; Mjacw»y««T>p9MvC/A>f 1 Bedroom Bedrooms-680 HALF MO.S FREE RENT catovew 26a-n69 ; -; v«fng» - weekend* BRMNGHAM ; 1 n6 2bed/oom lonr\.v>us*s..-.- FromS3S 1 bodrooro pvml f/om 445 Smat cfarmv-^ cotrfa«xe, prvet* «otf«nees & b&s«<n«nt» wth hookup tor wtstet & <tyu. W*rlr>9 d)»- t«no8 to do-*rto*t! S XVjp&fQ. Ho peu. L»«e EHO THE BENECKE GROUP etamlhoka14-2 bodroom towrv hou>«, V* b»thl, n*«v <J»cof»l«d, new Bpc/e/O«s, ttr6en»«ttva. c*o»4to1o*n.?so. 64S-2437 FARWAY GL.UB QolfsldeAfls. 142BodfOom. Free Golf Hea»& Hot Water Free -,." Carport ncluded -.-,. / ,1 tp CANTON..- 8-olJoy.W,.W.ofB7P.. & 2 8edroomApartments ; Frorh.365*> ; HEAT NCLUDED STONEYBROOkE APARrMENTS , Mon.-Frt.9-5 Ut Urrod rmt. FVrt 6 month* of or* ywr tem* N?«r r"«<c«f»u. S*)6ct»dunfl». Canton. WNDSOR WOODS LUXURY APARTMENTS 1* 2 BooVoom Apanmeotj From 475 wth carport. yartc«l BSrtd* Ttrooghowl Covered parkng Qvrtat Soundpf ooj Corutructlon. W«ftloShopptng Sy^rfnno poo* 4 e*baft«6«w«rr«n between 8hokfon/UBejK Moa-Frt,»-5pm.S«L ft Sua 1-5pm Evenng appontment* «v»rta61« AtkAbout Our2-^edroom Speckl WOODCREST VLLA APARTMENTS & ATHLETC CLUB Spacous.1 & 2. bedrdotrt apartments, each v/th a frreplace,.-mn-blnds and balcony or pato. Pjvate athletc club featurng year-round ndoor-outdoor pool, sauna, steam bath, whrlpool and exercse Tobm. Secluded settng amdst woods and duck ponds. Pets welcome. Senor ctzen dscount CO.-.f. -.7LYlOC*T 0O*f WWVtBO E-ET.VEN WW«J.Of..KEM Th; Y.ESTU.VD ShO??.V3 WAL F."*lCf?^E «OVKtC-T -.VM-SJJ - WESTLAND - HAWTHORNE Park & Golf Course Settng Mcrowave Ovens Ar Condrtk»o4n9 Celng Fan* CLVB- Btlnds Pool Cabto «Fr»e H*at Laundry SUPER SPECAL Short Term Leases Avalsbte 7560 M*rrm«n Hwtd Between WurrtMr flranrt Artwr Traal Sat. 4\ Son Dajly >7 A P A R T M E N Locatfd a^actot to naturauy wooded^ Hnes Part, ccopotncal, 1 and 2 bedroc.n, aoarlmtnts md lovnhouscs. Co^fortabt ( lnng sth a; cor.dtonn, pnte bajcones, hu < clo«ts. heat mluded. Also Cable TV, 2 svmran! pools and ^aerobcs ftness cfr.ler. SMART stop at the front eotraxct, West Warren. between Mddlebelt and Merrman Roads 1ST MONTH FREE A Royal Way of Llfo 4..;. Presontlng Luxurous.2 BcrJroocn/2 Oath Apartments Deep Ple Carpots «Majestc Wndow Seats, Lavshly Apportod.Ktchens toafurng rango svlh sbh-cleanhg. ovon. solf-dofroslng fefrtgerator/freozer. bult-n mcrowave and dshwasher, full sto washcr/r/ryor n each unt Ars_tocratp. Fully-Cqupped Health Club & Pool Stately, Exqustely Mantaned Grounds Central Ar Condtonng Regal Master Dedroom Dgnfed Separate Entrance and Carport ncluded Servces Desgned to MaVo.You Feel Lko Noblty CALL or Vst Our Model Pavlon Drve o(f Haggerty between 9 Mle A 10 Mle (Convenently located near 1-96, , and Twelve Oaks Mall) - ~ OPEN DALY 9 A.M.-7 P.M. Saturday 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Sunday 11 a.m.-4 p.m. eft/rwham 2447 E. Map*. 1 bedroom, ca/pet, bbnd*. <Hshwasher. cent/tt atr. Lease. Ho pel* BLOOMFELO HLL8 - SuWet 1 bedroom lop level apayvneftt wth bajcorr/; Nke vew of 8o^n/«Lake. S15pefmonU. 9M-SM7 Canton; APARTMENT ^QGAT0p^ ;1-80Q^77-5.6e- Shoppng- Bu* Lne»1 frortf door, From 340. be* mdrtth ». SvelnSeftBoney CALL ABOUT OUR 9 EHOR v _. Open 7 Oav».. CrrUENWSCOUHTSft-.- Cot6/-WJe!>». < REKTAt SPECALS.^- AJA/ea*4Prtc«* " -. Turn 3 day* nto 30 MlnVte* - - _B STAPAfTUEHT VALUE. ;; Cwfo,ottCf>y<oe». TROY " ?2C Rocnester M, SOUTHFELD W 292«NortJwettern Hwy. > CANTON FordPd. NOVt ^ ACOM from 12 Oak* Ma 4 0 CLNTON TWP M700arneW / APAflTMENTS " UNLMTED ThaEasJealWtyToFrxJ aoreat PLACE! CLARKSTOnt - GREENS LAKE 1 and 2 bedroom apartment* on over 1000 ft. of frontage on Green* Lako end P>e CKntQn Rver. Enjoy Swmmng - Fvdng - Boellng - Prvate Beecf - Tenrd* Court - CKbhou*«- Carporl* BatoonSe* - We*. out* - Wnter Sport*.-- Frorn415/mo. Located off 0(x)e Hwy. Mort-Frl.»-5.S«t^orLl ; OearboroHta, CAMBRDGE APTS. WUMn walkng olstance to ahopplng, envroh. reuauranu, *peckv* 1 ft 2 bedroom deluxe apt*. N«*V modernzed OWce rtr*. M Mon. tm Frt. S*L10-4 York Propertes nc. SEVEN MLE/JELEORAPH Spscfcv* 1 bedroom, horn 410 ft o. 2 b»droom ncludes r>esl *«!Cf EGRAPH ft 7.4^¾ area. Very. 1 bodrootr.^orom from goft o. 3«/mo. owl ncluded. 533-«S35 - -OT-7 M!)«/Lah*ef. Kce -» >m apt N»»rfy decorated, car-» -.heal and a!f.32rmo. « «CAfTOH. 1 bodroom, refrgcrttor; atovt, carpet ft btndj. 400 perff*. < pu* tecurr/. ndvdet htm ft « QtS OJS1 Full Speclrvrh Selecton At Amber Apartments CLAWSOU/TROY - Ne* 1 bedroom. -CaaaUarC* t»n, «H bfnd, av, dlthwaaher,- anack bar. rrv»f *ee. 4&5/rya. B49-^? J TSAREA " \ effcency C«J»J«T«n6oh DEARBOfN WEST. SPACOUS NEWLY OECOaATEO. J Stodto. 1 ft 2 bedroom apartment*," Heat free. Carpet ft appbanee* kv cfuded. 1 Mock to Mlchben Ave. 4 MRMNQTdN HLLS. TMBER!DGE; DELUXE 2 BEDROOM UNTS ;;.., ncfode* appttanoes, vertcaf bfnd*,- carpetng, pool, dose n Fermlnglon HK» locaton.. Enter East off Orchard Lake Rd. on. Fobum S. ot Grand Rhrer. Model Open Oa»y 9-5 &oept Wednesday FAJWWOTON Farmfnglon Manor. How avafabse, newfy decorated *lvdk>3 from 420 and t bedroom 450-(470. nclude* water, applance*, vertce bend*. contra) aj. carpetng. No pets. Call FARMNQTONHfLLS Ten M3e ft Mlddlebeft Large 1 bedroom, from 455. Free Color TV WHh 1 Year Lease FARUNOTON HK.LS Near freeway. 1 bedroom, 800»q.fl- Avalable mmedately. 500/mo FARMMQTON HLLS 2,000 SOFT. OF PURE LUXURY EJegantfy desgned 2 Of 3 bedroom ranch, or 3 bedroom townhouse*, 2H bath*, whrlpool tub. fd basement. 2 car attached garage. From * "..., COVNGTON CLUB, 14M5e&Mldd1eber! Managed by Kaftan Enterprse! nc. FARMNQTON HLLS 865 Moves You n {ON SELECTED UNrT8> 1600 nl, 2 bedroom. 2 bath ml w!x-ln closet*, covered parkng. * washer/dryer, vertcal band*, at-" tended gatehouse, and a 24 hour monltored ntruson and r^e alarm. SUMMT APTS. NORTHWESTERN &H0OLEBELT Managed by Kaftan Entwprtsea, nc. FARMKQTON NXLS- Elf>dency Apart-.ent, 350 per montft, 350. secvr;,. AJ»rj (nc>jded. Plea**, <*»-" c MOVE N SPECAL. NOV WATERVEW FARMS From Country Settng Large Area Near Twelve Oaks Mal Spacous Sound Condtoned Masonrv Constructon Pool Tenns Dsnwasher Lots of Closets Central Ar Pontac Tral between west & Beck Reads Open untl 7pm Daly 9 a.m.-7 p.m Sat & Sun 12-4 p m BEST APARTMENT VALUE N FARMNGTON HLLS Charmng 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments from *475 Featurr^ * 6 mo. & 1 yr. leases avalable Convenent to fre^nays, shoppng, and. T3us!ness dstrcts Central Ar Condtorng. Prvate Bafcony/Pato < v.mmlng Pool Carpo/lsAvaPable Beauttul Landscapng Located on-12 Mle Road between Mddlebelt & Orchard Lake Roads. Open MortT-Frl.-^tjrSatraSun! 12-5 E««-H Hoot/.y OppoTlu-J^, 47f.1 OAC\ < >QUAKE (A P A R T M E^R T «0 UNDELlEVAnLK! A quant fv quet apartment communty n Lvona, close to great-shoppng, rcmaurant,.-96 access ft Metro Arport. Reduced Securty Depost! Attractve 1 and" 2 RcdroomAp*rtments. fro,,, 515 ^ M85* HEAT AND VERTCAL BLNDS NCLUDED Located o. 3 M!«Rd Jg»t fcrut of Md<tltb*t«rt t.lvonll. O>KN T 7 DAYS ol tydx-tt <yy kv H 6 n»v.h» o, 1 yr. lcn«r{* rc-dc!» C">!y. am LL)^jwwwmw«f ( m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m wmm wh

22 mwfmmmvm «PM«PM««««pnpp«pmMPPOTP ««v^ Monday. August 12,1991 O&H {p,c.n,yy,g-4c)*6c t 400 Aptf. For Rent FvrrJnjon Hls BOTSFORDPLAGE GRAND RVER-8 MLE 8feWMBot)fM()Hosp) >;- SPECAL- 1 Bedroom for Bedroom for Bedroom for,689 * PETS PERMTTED > Smoke Cfeteclors nstated <, ar^w WsJoor-.a. rrmetfso o«vp*/*ey, WatovaC*.Mran. HEAT 4 WATfcR NCLUDED <Xt«t prastlga, address, ar corvdl- Honng. carptv^, stova 4rsMgarator a?,ut» os qc*f>t electrcty lv ekxjad. Warm s^trtroarls, Laurxlry fadwes. ".. >. -,- For mora, tnforrjnawrt, pr>of>a - ; * ndependence -. Farmlngtor Hlls ; Farrrdr>)torvHl«THE HOUSE OF ^BOTSFORD = 1&2 BEDROOMS PLUS TOWNHOUSES FROM 495 FREE HEAT Spacous apartments vrlh Ar oono- Honng. cckad foyer entry, futty equpped ktchen ard basement Storage. Uehlf*! parkng and car ports. Pool. 2OSJ0BOTFORDDRV. Grand ffvar. Drectly behnd 8otsfor d trm Adjacent to BottJordHospal FARMNQTON HLLS - 2 bedroom corner of Or&ke & Or&nd RJver. Leu tnan 6 mvxrtes to expressways. Outdoor 4 ndoor pools, health, club, anns courts. Central ar. *M5/mo. 6 momh tease M FARMNGTON HLLS. Sub Lease Mulrwood. to 2/28/92. 1 bedroom. SJSVmo. negotable. Ask for MonJ- « home FARMNGTON HLLS Nevrty decorated 1 bedroom at MONTH FREE RENT NCLUDES HEAT. Applances; carpetng A ar, Cabte avasable. No eecurty depost requred FARMNQTON MUS QflEENWOOD APARTMENTS On 8 MUe Rd, W. of Fermtngloo Rd. Deluxe t bedroom, over 600 aq. ft ncludes alt applances (almond), vertcal blnds 4 cnarnpeone carpetng No pels. For nformaton. 476-S3S0 FARMNGTON HLLS ORCHARD CREEK APARTMENTS 1300 KJ. ft. J bedreom/2 bath wtth ndvdual entrances, gas, freplace, GE- eppflenoes ncludng washer/ dryer,. montored Are 4 ntruson alarm, plus much more. From 825,000 " Located on Orchard Lake Rd. Hmle South Of 14 Mle FARMNGTON HLL8,920 Moves You n (ON SELECTEO UNTS) New S00 sq.fl bedroom townhousee, 2«baths, specous master bedroom sute, washer, dryer, bdnds 4 covered parkng.. Foxponte, Townhouses Marteged by Kaftan Enterprses FARMNGTON - Large bedroom*. Cteen. quet communty. Heet ncluded. From 485. Orchard Lake Rd. N. ol 8 ML VLLAGE OAKS APARTMENTS Managed by Kaftan Enterprses, nc. FARMNGTON/ V LVONA ASK ABOUT SPECALS \ DELUXE LARGE 14 2 BEOROOM APTS. 1 HEAT NCLUDED Menman Rd. (Orchard Lake Rd Just 1 bl*. S. of 8 Me Rd. MERRMAN PARK APTS FARMNGTON Quet complex. 1 bedroom 475 mo 2 bedroom. 2 bath 570 mo. Heal 4 waler ncfuded. CaBMon.-Frl.9-5, FARMNGTON - 1 bedroom, 1 bath. great locaton. Free heal, water 4 free gareee. Quet buldng. No pels. Redyor move-n FERN0ALE- Charmng 2 bedroom. ruc* neghborhood. BeaulMry decorated New ceramc bath. Stove/ refrgerator ,- FERNDALE bedrooms. f*«4 ho»ster. ar condrtlonlng, 400 and up. ; GARDEN CTY f^ord/mlddlebeltarea Specous bedroom apartments. Amenltlea nclude r. Owner Pad Heal 4 Water. Central Ar ntercom Syalem Garbage Dfeposel laundry Facfute* Wndow Treatmenls/MlrJ 8!*nds From 410 monthr/ GARDEN CTY TERRACE GARDEN CTY. 1 bedroom wllh carpetng, Wlchen appfances, heat n- eluded Avalleble mmedately 4 atoo one avalable n Sept. 400 per monthplue securty M4 M.OARDENXlTyr-J-bedreonMre panted, carport, laundry faontlee, 395 monthr/; securty 520. Senor (BaeounL No pels GARDEN CTTY - 1 bedroom". 400 per month, 300 securty ncludes beat 4 water..carpetng, * appuancec or GARDEN CTY 1 bedroom apartment, lower, carpeted, ar, vertcal b"nd». 425 monwy GARDEN CTY 1 bedroom apertmenl. Freehfy decorated. Krtchan appflanoae 4 heat nctuded. 420/ mo+aeewrty. Nopeta ? GARDEN CTY - bedroom, newfy decorated, ar, No pets. 419 plus tecvrftydepcell OT NK8TER SuWeaee ) Tedroom from Sept 1-Apr8 30, 397 per month pfva securty, heel (ncfjded. Leave meeaage at UYONA CLARTA PARK Brand new specous 2 bedroom, 1½." bath unts avalable lor mmedate occupancy. ncludes dshwasher, garbage depoeer, layndry hook-up, vertcal Mnda, prtvtte entrance, cable 4 pheoereaov. MwantrMends.ofT MMWebett Oarlta MotM hour* Mon. - 8al " t 4r* ^ LVONAS FNEST LOCATON Merrlman corner 7 mle» Large deluxe 1 ft 2 bedroom unts»aappf«r»e».varhcalbande Pool v.»nearby shoppng <- %, From 570/mo. MERRMAN WOODS rjsm«open»-5 except Thyradey 47fW7 Offce ^1-.! 400 Apl. For Rent rvona DONT WAT! The/re gong fast. pacous 1 end 2 bedroom apartments. Dont wat. Can now to End more «about; \ *. Our rapacous Hvtrtg. «Carport ncluded. Vertcal blnds ncluded..- t On-ste pcnc area wth barbeques.. Great tocettoh rtev Urorda Maft. Ak about our rnove-(n... pecla... ; v/w6o0rloqe r -..."" CaSOvcW -,;.-.., r uyona.; ;.HEATNCLUOEO ; ft NTFROM*49S -. secufytydeposrr»v,. Spacous 1 & 2.bedroom apts. wth pfvshcarpet, vertcal blrds.-satt cleanng oven, frosttree t efrtgerator, dlslyraher, ample storage, ntercom. carport, dub house, sauna, exercse room, tenns courts, heated poos.,., On Joy Ftd. W. of Newburgh On selected unts only. UVONtA 2 bedrooms, afl applances, avalable to SUB-LET.lmmedlaery.»590 per month. Cell vy- Ume MADSON HEGHTS 450. Clean, quet bundng SpacJous bedroom Free heal CHAT8FORD VLLAGE John R «13 Mle ««Madson Heghts SUMMER SPECAL CONCORD TOWERS 14 2 BEOROOM APARTMENTS ncludes "Stove 4 refrgerator Dshwasher Carport.- ntercom. Newfy decorated Smoke detectors SprlnXler system.fromt<05 l-75«nd14mle. Next lo Abbey Theater MLFOAD-Serene bedroom apartments. Qaa, heal 4 water ncluded. 1 (edroomv bedroom st momha feht free w!tmyearre«m NOftTHYLLE CARRAGE HOUSE 2 bedroom ncludes use of 1 car garage, redecorated and refurbshed. L0T8 OF CHARM. LOCATED ON RANDOLPH NEAR8MLERD. Walkng dstance- to downtown ". Northvl5e NORTHVLLE GREEN BEAUTFUL bedroom apartments. On Randolph at fl Mle. A Mle W. cf Sheldon Rd. Weft to downtown NprthvlDe RENT FROM 520 SECURTY 200 ncludes carport, plush carpoung, appuarveea. Waft n elosea ApU. For Rent Madson Heghts >* «GREAT APTS GREAT! / LOCATON^ 50,Socurlty Depost For 1 Bedroom Apts. RENT NCLUDES V ; ; V HEAT ;/ CACLFOR^ SUPER SPECAL ON FJRS.T.MONTHS^RENT «rfton\hor 1 year Je4s*.\Vefl maln- (a.ned. Mpfy dooprated Features. Ar condtonng, re/rfgeraor. range, smoke deteclors. laundry facwtes 4 extra tlorage. Swmmng pool Cable avafake... ALSO 2 BEOROOM APTS. LEXNGTON VLLAGE PET SECTON AVALABLE, 1 bedroom apts. from J and 14 Mle Oppostte Oakland MaB ; PRESDENT MADSON APTS. 1 Bedroom Apts Bkx* E. of John R. Jvst S. of Oakland MaS HARLO APTS. 1 Bedroom Apt. 450 Warren, Mfch. West ade of Mound Rd. JustN.of13MUe Opposte Q M Tech Center NPRTHVULE - Newer ruxury 14 2 bodroom aps, w/all amervtjes ncludng ndvdual washer 4 dryer, End ol summer specal startng at 49». Can ThomasvlHe Apts. for Wv medlalsoccvpancy NORTHVLLE S0,..SPECAL Where else but at our TREE TOP LOFTS Wll you fnd yoursot so dose to a babblng brook Surrounded by» scenc park.. Central ar, walk^n closets, patos, balcones, and much mora. EHO 1 Bedrooms from 495 Barrlor - Free. Apt. Avaable Located onncrrl Rd., N. of 8 M.!e THE BENECKE GROUP N. DEARBORN HTS. FVst Toor 2 bedroom, applances, ar. No Pets, 445/month n93 ScctsdalQJlp^mQtfs Newburqh between Joy & Warren From SUMMER SPECALS 425* FREE HEAT FREE COOKNG GAS VERTCAL BUNDS 1 & 2 Bedroom 1½ Balhs Central Ar Pool Laundry & Storage Tcnnl3 -Carport Clubhouse Cable Ready Model Open 9-5 Dally 12-S Weekends (=r Urr..c ~ r.^ Canton FRANKLN PALMER ESTATES Quetly Tucked Away FREE HEAT Spacous U Sound Condtoned Outdoor Pool Sauna Cable Large Closets Dshwashers Pet Secton LMTED OFFER from On Palmor West of Lllcy on.-fr. 9 7 Sat. U Sun PLYMOUTH T wn... A arbors, * apartments Plymouth best kept secret! *300 REBATE. On our huge 1 and 2 bedroom aparlmcnls. Free cable hook-up and 1 month free basc servce. Vertcal blnds and celng fans, cenlr.l heat and ar, all applances and lots of closets arc Just a few or the many thngs that can be yours to Cn,0y VWYU Lmted Tme Offer.. CALL NOW 453*800 Great locaton, only seconds from OPEN / DAYS ll 8 P.M. on Tucs. & Thurs. 400 Apt. For Rent NORTHVLLE. Studo aparlmenl d Vlclortan home n doftntown. 385 P+JS untes. No pels. Leave mewaoe NORTHVLLE-Very modern,1 bed room, wood burnng flrtplace. Washer/dryer, carport. Dscounted ralellencefent locaton NORTHVUE- walv to downtown, larpe 1 bod;oom. freplace, cevntry atmosphere, troos 4 stream, per month.. ;347-«565 Norl APARTMENT LOGAtGR;; ^-5616 "~... Save Tme 6 Money. Open7Days. Color Vdeos An Areas 4 Prces -, Turn3 Drramto 30 Mnutes - 0>er Chotcoe NOVt"-" Acrossfrom 12 Oaks Mafl SOUTHFELD ?266 Northwestern Hwy. CANTON FordRd. TROY Rocresler Rd. - CLNTON TWP. V Oarfeld APARTMENTS UNLMTED, The Easest Way To Fnd aqreatplacel N. END OF PONTAC - 5 rooms. 2 bedrooms, full basement, rjas heat, Garage, no pets. Reereooes fe- 3 ulred. CaS Mon. hnj Frl., 9am to pm., PLYMOUTH - AFFORDABLE Sertfof Ctzen Specals. Spacous bedroom apartments n quet adutt Communty. Walk to shoppng. Central ar, dshwasher, vertcal Wnds. carport, pool. Avalable 1o ouajffled applcants PLYMOUTH HOUSE APTS. SUMMERSPECAL AVALABLE Modern docor n a serene sottng Spacous 14 2 bedroom acts. Prvate communry atmosphere Mnutes rom downtown Plymouth Hoat ncluded A York Propert-OS Cc Aplfj. For Rent NOV Treo Top Meadows MssdOrtbrooK4 lomlerds. Ront Rebate Specal. FNAL OAY8 CaM for datas or bur unkju* BmHed offer rent coupons. EHO ". ;. 1 Bedroorr Bodroom *. -. *. * - Erjoy Quet surround!nd l n our spacous apartments vttlhrrjtny. features ncludng.-., Central ar Over steed bkconlea» paoos. VertcalbKnds t Covered parkng T " Walk to shop, places ol. " %..worshp 4 restaurants * asy-acc^ to 3 expressways; - SenkHCttCtehsalways^welcome "-. - _ r^ervdalv " THE BENECKE GROUP ; PLYMOUTH r BROUGHAM MANOR - APTS; 18EDR0t)M445 2 BEDROOM 465 Yearease. Heat 4 Water Pad Aduu. No pets. " PLYMOUTH LVE ON THE PARK 1 Bedroom,..445 Heat 4 waler ncluded. Senor Dlscounl. Central ar, pool, securty Ptymouth Rd.. Apt PLYMOUTH MANOR APTS SUMMERSPECAL AVALASLe Quet Dstncton ComfortaWe ffvtng speclous.1 42 bedroom apts. A communty settng mnutes from dcwlown Prymoulh, heat ncluded. Futl eppllaneos A York Propertes Communty Plymouth V /*~- - N. TERRlTdnfAL-S/ELDON - SPEC/AL Hmon">»v"l> -#t>-.»- FRErr"v k ^-TGK- r, c,j^,j p vro^;r Heftaae Aprs ^.t WESTLAND HUNTNGTON ON THE HLL 200 SECURTY DEPOST SPACOUS * ELEGANT Free Heat Central Ar Condtonng Beautful Park Settng Storage C.hlc Pool - Dshw.tsh-r Vertcl Blnds Sfrorf Term Leases Avalable On Ann Arbor Tral. Just West of nker Rad Mon.-Fr. 9-6 Sat FROM Plymouth - HLLCREST CLUB Wth ts Old World charm nestled n a wooded country-sde settng, HLLCREST CLUB offers Celng Fans Vertcal Blnds Ar Condtonng Dshwasher Outdoor Pool Pcnc Area Spacous Sutes Laundry Facltes Free Heat SUPER SPECAL from Rsman South of Plymouth Rd.. east of Hoggerty Mon.-FrL 9-7 Sat. & Sun Apartments LVNG YOU CAN AFFORD TO ENJOY Central Ar Condtonng. h Convenent To Shoppng And Expressways.;«Cable TV Avalable» Prvate Balcony/Pato " --., Ktchen Wth.Open Bar Counter,«Dens Avalable 1V» Bath* Avalable And Moc... Vst Us And See For YOurseltl TL- On llalstcd V Mle north of Grand Rver n Farmlngton Hlls FROM 4^7,5 - ^sa r f. AfJfl-^rnt >VkW Sl.M On, X _fc ^^^^^sx.. lowt 1 M ^L. ^^ajmml<>nm V\l G * AH 0_BJVcn ^A^^W. --^ l OPfN Mon. - Prl. 9 6; Sat. 10-5; Sun rj r>a[ cs OUsM. >(.>HTUSH\ 400 Apl. For Rent NOV v STOP LOOKNG! We have what youv* been lookng for Spacous 1 and 2 bedroom apts, 4 fabulous 2 bedroom lownhomea. Vertcal Bunds. Great kxauon-rvear 96,696; Noyl School Sj-stem Aerobcs n the clubhouse. N6yRD(3E. On 10 M3e betwten Novt Rd. 4 Meadowtroc*. > OPSN7DAYS OPEN MON. 4.THURS TJLL 4PM PLYMOUTH. Mayflower Hotel, 760 month. DaJy room servce, 24 how message servce. Color. TV. No leases. mmedate oocupancy. Creonot Mare PLYMOUTH - -, PERF^T; Thas what yoob aay when you see, our terrfc apartments. Wa have ex ectry what youve been lookng for Huge 14 2 bedroom aple. «Prvate Balcony SparkHngPool Oreat locaton near REBATE CAHNOW TWN ARBORS OPEN70AY8... Tues. 4 Thora. UB 8 PLYMOUTH - spadous. Carpeted 1 bedroom. 395 mo., 1V4 mo. securty. 6 month lease. Utnues extra. Pets ok. Can arter 7pm PLYMOUTH - Spacous 1 bedroom, aa applances, ar, n-unlt washer/ drer. near town, eveflabte mmedately. 550 mo. No pets PLYMOUTH - Spacous 1 bedroom apartment, smaaer complex. Al applances, ar heat 4 water kv cfuded. mmedale PLYMOUTH, epedoue 1 bedroom. applances,.heal ncluded. Prvate entrance. Sept, 1, no pets. deal for sngle. 425 month Apt*. For Rent Plymouth 77 beautful acres of park and recreatonal paths - Four Seasons of actvty wlh comfortable lvng n a specal leghborrtood atmosphere n. Farmlngton Hlls. Excellently servced and mantaned. 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and townhouses. Easy and quck access to l-96.and drect routes to the arport, downtown Detrot and Brmlngham/Southfeld areas. 9 Mle Road 1¼ mles west of Farmlngton Road. A UZNS DEVELOPMENT Plymouth Hlls Apartments 746 S. Mll st -MOVE-N. SPttGAL. m * * -" "-.." " ^FrorfT 435 -". OPENDAH.Y12.6PM PLYMOUTH,, Upper - 1 room effldaocv. ncludes stove, refrgerator, heat J PLYMOUTH. OeelreMe 1 bedroom. Carpeted, appear***, vrgutea. 425 owmonmplusdepoell > PLYMOUTH - 1 bedroom duplex, atove. refrtdgaretor, and bnda t4o0/month. AJso Canton 1 bedroom PLYMOUTH. t. bedroom, Farground area, prvate entrance, large deck, ar, carpet, feat nduded. 450montfl. ALSO 1 bedroom basement apartment, prrrala entrance ponteo -.. ORCHARD LAKE ROAD near Telegraph. Beautful wooded settng. 1 bedroom apt Carpet. Ar condtoner, heat ncluded. FROM 376 ORCHARD WOODS APTS REDFORO - Above restaurant on Plymouth Rd. n**r Beech. 1 large bedroom.- sove/refrlgerator, ar, newfy decorated, 395/mo. + 1st mo 4 securty. Attar 3pm REDFORDAREA T«4egraph-5 Mle bedroom, dean, decorated, quet, carpet, ar condtoner, bonds, heat nduded. For ma lure. - professonal people wth referenoea. From 375. PARKSDE APTS; Lakefront Apartment Lvng Cable TV Avalable. Convenent to Westland Shoppng Center Thru-unt desgn for maxmum prvacy & cross unt ventlaton Swmmng Pool & Clubhouse Storage n apartment Balcony or pato Ar condtonng. Dshwashers avalable AnRACTVE 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments, 400 Lrx4led on Warren Rd. between Wyne & Newburgh Rd*. n Wet Hand Open Mon. St. 10-6, Sun. 12 Phone TQUAt, HOUSNG OrTORTUN! TV udse APARTMENTS and J LVNG YQU CAN Afford To Enjoy! 1 & 2 BEOROOM APARTMENTS FROM HEAT NCLUDED Beautful Settng n a Great Locaton Srtr«rrvr«u POP C?"o!-o T Scr.-.v ModpK Open > Mon S.t <) 6 Sun Apt. For Rent NORTHVLLE GREEN Large contemporary 14 2 bedroom KHrtments, On Randolph al 6 Mr*. HMSe W. of Sheldon.Rd. Wa* to downtown NorthvWe. RENT FROM SECURTY 200 ncludes carport.-plush carpetng, appsahees, < "PLYMOUTH Oulet sngle story. Washer dryer hook vp- Patjos. 1 pedroom fur-, nlshed 4 unfurnshed. 2 bedrooms unfurnshed. Prnceton Ct Apts. ort W<>4llorfHaggerty." PLYMOUTH -.2 bedroom on frst floor, Ptymoutt RO* 1 4.HorWook. HP«carpel 4 decoratons. Stove, rolrlgerater. ar, drapes., we* ^to town. AvaRable mmedately. 445 >uthgles. " PONTAC. Unque 1 bedroom apt Prvate r»s)denual>enmg wtu\ ^ garage. 450/MO, REDFORO - Smaa basement studo apt. sutable (or 1 prtvata entrance 4 bath. Partally furnshed. Ho peta 300 mo. CaS after 7pm ROCHESTER Large 1 bedroom Heal, water 4 gas ncluded, carpetng, appbancej, laundry facts- OesJe-r! REDFORD TWP. AREA COUNTRY HOUSE «14 2 bedroom apartments Heal Carpet.Vertcals -. Ktchen Ape* ancel Pool < Cable ready. FROM 420 1ST MONTHS RENT A OFF Hours Mon.-Frf Apt. For Rent ROCHESTER LUDLOW APTS. 1 bedroom apartments p. -. avalable. St srtlng at Securl Depost Speda ROpHESTER ROCHESTER.-. SQUARE FROM MOVES YOU N AR-CONDTONED. FREE HEAT.., MN BLNDS DSHWASHERS CAUNDRYFACLTES. "~ CABLfAVAUBLE v..;", PCNC AREA ^^ \ Short Term Leases -.".;- Avalable ; * -.-.,-.." 678 Man Street Daffy *; -. ;8att.9un.12-4 R0YAL4CLAWS0N Freplaces, vertcal bands apd Jons n many Amber Apa 142 bedrooms 4 studos. Washer/dryer hook-ups? Pets? Askl ROCHESTER bedroom apartments 4 townhouses starlng at 435. Heal 4 waler ncluded. Garbage dsp<jja, refrgerator, tenge 4 carpel- Laundry facn.lca and storage room "lor apartment. Laundry hook-up n townhouses ROYA 11«-B *K EFFCENCY j. prfcato entrance. -to325eecur Nov/Lakes Area * WESTGATE V BACK TO SCHOOL SPECAL From 475 Areas Best Value Quet Spacous Apartments Attractvely Landscaped Lakes Area Near Twelve Oaks Mall * Central Ar Podl Carport Walk-n Closets Pato and Balcones Off Ponlac Tral between Beck & West Mm from Daly 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.. Sal. & Sun p.m. Open Untl 7 p.m O^UcTJated 1 and 2 Bedroom Apartments from 375 "Less than 5 mnutes from Nov! & Farmlngton Hlls" Convenent to Twelve Oaks yall Cable. TV Avalable Dshwasher. Pool - Prvate Balcony/Pato Varety of Fltfor Plans Avalable Ar Condtonng Open Monday Frday , Weekends lg.\[ HCJyM". o; luhhahy - Gardens A lo\v, low rental for lots of lvng. Beautful grounds, great,jocalloa ^ andseven, apartment and ^ townhomo plans. Adjonng Ba, t. Howell Park and close lo expressways. 6nd pyblje transporfallon. f you vst. PorkvlowGardGns,.youlchoosolll Bedroom apartments. from 350/mo. ncludng carpetng ASK ABOUT OUR SPECAL DEALS! Open Monday. Wednesday &TkJay 9 5 Tuesday & Thusday Bedroom and 1 & 2 Redroom Towntousos ;.. -.Also AvalabtG Parvlew Gordons stdcdbd ot tho NE c6"rter of Schoolcraft and Telegraph kjs. uwlsonsmrn ramaarx*.mon

23 1 1 ^ ^ ^ n mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmm 6C*(P;C,R.W,Q-5C) 400 Apts. For Rent O&E Monday, August 12, 1991 REDFORO TOWNSHPS BEAUTFUL LOU PARK APTS. hs* a ^voty 1 bedroom tvabs*. Al apo-ances, carpetng, ar cond,t)onng, free K*1 ) whor. Cablo rtsdy. Pod wth shced pcnc area wth e&qcwj!«.c«p«rjr.., -tle All FOR UNDER 500/M0. Pfeaseca-; Romufu*. OAKBROOK VLLA 2 and 3 bedroom townhoute* flangng from 399 lo 500 nclude*».1 utltes Open Moo. Wed, Frt 9 am-sprh Tes.4 Tf>w«, 9am-6pn Sal tlarr-2pm.,.closed Sun.,15/*) BRANDT, «41-*u57 ROYAL OAK, AMBASSADOR EAST. 1 bfk. South d 1J M?* oo Greenfeld Road, lovery t4 a-bedroorr apartments. Nr* carpetng; vertcal ; FREE^STMQNTH 288-6^ ROYAL OAK/CAWSON. Doggy, DogW, l»t> re *W y«u *v*r -Al ArfberAparmenlt Permsson lhey.g»y*f « ,flOY»L OAK Super dean and quel complex. Lou of doset space and extra storage. Al/. pool, balcony. No po(e. 1 bedroom, bedroom ncludeswater. 1 yesrleese ROYALOAK 1-2 BEDROOMS.1V4>BATH3 Spacous, carpeted, heat ncluded, btlndl, cedng an*, pool. Great locaton. No peu. ; ROYAL OAK qmle&coolldge v 14 2 Bedroom Apartments FROM 384 HEATNCLUOEO WOODWARD NORTH APARTMENTS Mcn..Frl9-S " lmted lme. (U«l 8 mos. da lyearlease.selectedunu. 400 Apts. For Rent SOUTHFEOS CARLYLE -... TOWER- Excellent central locaton. SPECAL OFFER FREE 35mm CAMERA lo the fal 10 eppflcante on 2 Bedroom. 2 Balh Apertmente. * 3 Bedroom, 2. Bath Apartmonl also ava^aue Ask^about our Senor Ctzen Dlscountl Some ol the features a/e Fa/rvty Atmosphere»SwlmrrlngPod TennJsCourte «Convenence Store BeautySaJon. FR EHe*t4W*ler, Socuvlry/Ooormw*.«P rate Becorue* UrdergrouM Parkng AvafL. " "Dshwasher Central A* Co/K«0onlng- ; -. -."/ and Morel,,-.- SEENO 13BEUEV1NG 1 - Monday-Frday. 900 em (o 6.00 pm Saturday-,.; art to 500 pm b X313) ProYWeoce Drve. 8uft* «10 J SouthBefd, Ml Restrcton aposoe Southdeld ; -.-;. ROYAL OAK - 2 bedroom, new kllchen counter lope, freshly pawed, dean, Avattab!* mmedately. 451/MO, ncludes heat SOUTHFELD Clean 1 bedroom wth uraa+ doeel. JntruaOft ajamv LtgMed ParUr». HMtlncJuded.S460. lah»»r. near 6½ M3e -. VYE1.LHQTON PLACE.35S-1069 Managed by Kaflan Enlerprtjes, nc. SOUrHFlELO r DELUXE 1 & 2 BEDROOM APTS. PrJvale ent/ence lor eacn unt, carport lnck>dod."washor, dryer each apl. Wa»-1r» dotot*. florae- room, b&jcortyof pauo. 2 bedroom ndudee 2 bath* SAVE UP to»790 OFF RENT SECURTY DEPOST t+m PARKLANEAPTS SOOTHF1ELO, FROM 555 Oean, quet 112 bedroom Walk-n closet* Free Heal Covered Parkng 24 hr. montored ntruson alarm l2m0ealah»er. TWYCKlNOHAM VALLEY Marvafled by Keftan Enterprljee, rx;. APARTMENT LrOCATdR j «ve Tme 4 Money Open7Dayt.--.-." Color Vdeo* ABA/ea»aPre*s Turn 3 Oay» nto 30 Mnutes Over Chotoe* TROY r Rochester ftd. SOUTHFELD »2J«NoflhweHornH*y.. CANTON Ford Rd. NOVl Across from 12 Oaks Ma CLNTON TV.P MroOarfeld APARTMENTS UNLMTED The Easest Way lo Fnd.-. GREAT PLACE1 400 ApU.ForR«n» SOUTHFELD 11 M«e between Lahser 4 Evaroreeo Spacous 1 &2 Bedroom. Apartment*. FROM 816 HEATNCLUDEO Knob(nThBWood8 Apartments Mon.-8e vn.12-9 SOUTHFELD UMSeW.otTeJeo/apft 1A 2 Bedroom Apts. From 527* HEAT NCLUDED PONTE-0^ WOODS APARTMENTS ; Morv-eat, 9*,. - «w"j-4 ";. Ctoeed To**d«y. * Ujnred tme. Frst t month* c4 one yew lease. NevTrMdent*. Selected UnJta, TRDY/GLAWSON C* eboul our Rent 8pedalj - Kwt Enstand Place Apartments; 2 mbee east of BlrmaTOam, wood burnng freplace*, heat 4 water tnduded. t.poo sq n., 1 bedrooo}. W70-»90. For rental nformaton cal TfWy/CLAWSON/ROYA. OAK AVeas. -One-Stop apartmeota " png*. Come Sunday, Aug. 18 pm-4pm. Offce bufedtng at Crook*. Royal Oak or call wr appontment Pets? Aakl AMBER APARTMENTS ; HAMPTON COURT \ AP"ARJMENT8- - * *. *- 1 - ** 1& 2 BEDROOM APJ8. -Starlng at nbedrocrr apt* ,40..¾ bedroom apts. over 100O*q.* Jar^wafkJgsotageroorr)/_. -. 7* V---;84Jcor^«C«A50r» ;6R-CTZEN SPECLAL 0 UmKed tme, new re»sd«ftt/ onry, 2 year lease avaume, dscount on rent. CaJ for delaas..- Beautlrulty landscaped wth pcnc grounds and pool. CortveolonOy located oft Ford Rd., 1 bkjoktastotwsyne. SOUTHF1ELO HDDEN OAKS APARTMENTS ONE MONTH FREE (Anymonth o( your.choce) c\freebunds- NSTALLEO OE applances, ceramc bath, central ar. carports avalable, ntercoms,, patlos/btconles. Cable ready, large 1 (or age area, laundry fedlftles.. 18EOROOMfrom...*495 2 BEDROOM from...*5w Hours Dary 114, Set. 9-2 (Closed Thurs. 4 Sun.) basod on 13 month occupancy New tenants only SOUTHFJELD NORTHAMPTON APARTMENTS Lahser Roed near CMc Center Ortve. Deluxe 2 bedroom apartments SOUTHFELD - 2 bedroom. 2 bath luxury apartment). Pool, large storege area, many large closets ncludng walk-n, carport, laundry facultes, easy access to r69fl. toppcng & trensportebon. SENOR CrflZEN OSCOUNT. Ouardlan Property Management SOUTHFELD 1 Bedroom Apts. From 438* HEAT NCLUDED HDDEN VALLEY APARTMENTS Mon.-Frl. 9-5 Sat. 9-Noon Lmted tme frst 6 months of a 1 year lease. New rehdents. Soected unts. SOUTHFELD 12 MLE & TELEGRAPH SAVEUPTO RENT FROM t575 SECURTY DEPOST»150 Luury 14 2 bedroom apts. wth puh ca/pet, vertcaj blnds, gourmet ktchen, sef cleanng oven, frost free refgerstor. dsh*sshor. ntercom s>stem, lots o( doset* 4 ca/porl, comnxmrty ocntor. exerdse room, sauna & heafed pool. Guarded en t/ano». ntruson a^srm sysl9.t SOUTHFELD 2M3eRd. 1 block East of Telegraph, - SPACOUS 2 & 3 Bedroom Apartments \ Heat ncluded LANCASTER HLLS APARTMENTS.. ^ Mon.-Frl. 9-5 S«l.9-Nooo SOUTHFELD 12 Mle W. ot Telegraph 1 Bedroom Apartments FROM 388* HEATNCLUDEO TEL-TWELVE PLACE APARTMENTS Mon.-Frl 9-5 Sal Umtted lme, fl/sl 6mcnths ol a one-year lease. New resdents. Selected unts TROY Ncest 1 bedroom ncludes Ml szed washer 4 dryer n each. Water 4 heat, dshwasher, carpetng, carport, pool. AJ for 410 mo. (300 securty. Quet and wea marv talned.cturcha8quar«39s-o960 TROY Rochester Rd. North otc<uar*uk»rd. 3 Bedroom Townhouse* FROM1643* HEATNCLUOEO ROCHESTER VLLAS Morv-Sa L «am-spm Lmted tme frst 6 mo*. 0* a 1 year lease. Selected unt*. TROY SOMERSET AREA Studo end spedous bedroom apartments. Amentes nclude Owner Pad Heat SwSmmlno Pool Laundry Facflrtles Balcones or Pato* -> ntercom* Dshwashers Dsposals Ar Condtonng. Wndow UMtmenLs/Vertlce bands Close To Shoppng 4 Expressways From t49s VLLAGE APARTMENT WALLED LAKE- Aflordable lakefrorrt tvlng, 1 bedroom, heat ncluded.»395. Please caj after 6pm. SS-7221 WAYNE Cotumbo* Apartments 2 bedroom, freshly panted, wtth appoanoes plu* depost Cal, WAYNE, oojy 1 bedroom, wa* lo town, heat, fove, frge furlshed.jup pets. 275 month plus securty WAYNE. Attractve 1 bedroom apartment. Prvate partng. 330 a month, an uthrtlee, 2 ta* from Annapols Hosptal TELEGRAPH/6 MLE - 1 bedroom, large Mng room, carpetng, heat 4 applances ncluded. 3l5/mo. + seeuflty TROY CROOKS & WATTLES NEAR 1-75 RENT FROM 550 SECURTY DEPOST 150 SAVE UP TO 670 OFF RENT Luxury 14 2 bedroom apartment* wth plush carpet, vertcal blnds. gourmet ktchens, dens, locked fcyor entry, refrldgorator, range, dshwasher, garbage dsposal, central heel and e!r condtonng, carport, tenns court, swmmng pod, cat>!e TV avalable. sundry fedktes. ON SELECT UNTS WESTLAND FORO/WAYNE RD. AREA Spactoue \ 4 2 bedroom apartments located dose to shoppng 4 expressway, the* amenttje* nclude Ca/petog. Dshwasher Park-Uke 8etUng Owner Pad Heat Laundry Fecfftea Wndow Treements/Mm Band*»New countertop* Garbage CMsposals Prvate Entrance* From 405 monthly COUNTRY VLLAGE APARTMENTS ,Apt.ForR»nt WAYNE 1 MONTH RENT FREE bedroom apta Kew carpet, tt up/v-dude f«*t. water 4 appflancea B W E bedrooms rom»3m50 heavweter ncluded. Oreat localon. 6pedal-no seourhy. Mon.-Frl.,»30-44o ¾ 400 Aptt. For Rent WE8TLAN0 Venoy 4 Parr^r. bedroom apartment, 350 per month ndudo* hest and wsler. Senorswelcome WESTLAN0 - CAPR APARTMENTS bedroom startng at 420. Heat 4 water ncluded. CeKfornU tyle, cathedral cellng, balcony, fully carpeted, vertcals. Specal»200 securty depost. 2«t-540 WESTLAND- (Qenwood-Vanoy). Remodeled 1 bedroom apt Stove, vetrgvtor, carpet. Now avusme. low*ecurtty.3wmo ¾ WestUnd Moh-.Frt 6at9-5Surt. 9am-5pm noon-spm Weetand SAVE 35 EACH MONTH Specal Lmted Tme Offer V 200 Depost One bedroom from 405 wth 1 year lease and credrt. Month to month rat* from 440. Heat kv djded. No fee*, new tenant* enfy. Two Bedroom from 515 Westland Estates. WayneAYarrenRd. Easy access t o 1-276/M ajor X-ways SrySMARTbus&e E*e«<sem shoppng em.". Spadous. dean, quet apertmenta, walk-n doeet, huge bath, beet, central ar, carpet, pool 4 mora. Cable hook-up. vertu* band* optonal Excellent mantenance. No pets. Open 7 day* Westland * SPECAL SECURTY DEPOST & 2 BEDROOM APTS. Lmted tme only POOL Club House, Pato, Pets, Ar. Carpet, dshwasher, band*. FREE.HEAT 4 HOT WATER 1 BEDROOM from BEDROOM from 505 BLUE GARDEN APT8. Westta/xTe Fmeet Apartments Cherry Htl Near Merrtman OaDy 1 tam-«pm. - Sat 0*m-2pm Sun. 1pm-5pm Westland TOP FLOOR f you have never tved n an apartment before, or are about lo wave your parents home, we have the deal plac* for you? One 8. Two Bedrooms Carefree, no lawn to out or mantan 4 any knd, Jon cur other 122r«aldent* already frng wth u* *l Warren near MMdVebeft Enjoy swlnmmng m our large heated pod, per mo. nclude* *v«ryhta except electrcty 4 telephone. Cal foranapptat WESTLAND- MODERN tngle *1ory ranch type home-apartments. 1 bedrooms 4 tudlovprfval*. Entrance", pato, stov*, refrgerator, dsposal. Close to shoppng, leas* onry. mmedate OOCupancy WATERBURY APTS, Westland GradousLvng 1»Your*At. VENOY PNES APTS. SUMMER SPECAL AVALABLE 14 2 bedrooms (some/flreplsoes) Swmmng Pool Tenns Court Clubhouse Dshwasher Professonally managed SeaurfuCy landscaped CENTRALLY LOCATED N WESTLAND A York Propertes Communty -...v..-...v,» ; Yv-f...^v W--.--,----.¾ ^---^-^4-1^.-;.^ ;.v;^v..-. WESTLAND TOWERS Ask About Our Summer Specals 1 & 2 bedroom hgh-rse, wth exceptonal balcony vews. ndoor pool 4 tenns, wthn walkng dstance to Westland Mall. NO HEAT BLLS! WESTLAND -WAYNE/FORORD.AREA ; 6pactout 14 2 bedroom apart, ment* located dose lo shoppng 4 expressway. Other emervtjej kv Park-Uke Settng Owner Pad Heal AJrCondtlonlr^ Garbage Dsposal Laundry Facto** Wndow Treetmenta/MM Bends From 410 monthly COUNTRY COURT APARfM EHT8., waettand ; % Western Hlls AptS ffz ^edroptvapts Only 300 Securty Depost.Wth 12 Month Lease... Central AJr, Pod. VertlcarBHnds J HeateVVVaferPald / " Cherry HJ4 Newburgh WESTLAND WOODS APARTMENTS 8padou* 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. Amenftles nclude Carpetng Owner Pad Heal -. Pool Laundry FacffUe*. ntercom ArCondKlorUng doe* To Shoppng 4 Expressway WVkcVM TrMtmerUmw Band*. From 420 monthly 725-2*50 Westland --. 1st. Mo.s Free wtth approved credrl. 2 bedroom* tradable lor mmedlae occupancy. Heat 4 water ncluded. Clo** to shoppng 4 schools. 450 per month W. BLOOURQ-D - Msty Wood* Condo, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, appsanoe*. nlc* vtow. 1,000 *a ft»6«/mo W. BLOOMF1EO MWy Wood* Condo, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, appflances, nce vew so. ft «M/mo ^ Furnltv«dApt. For Rent BRMNGHAM - OOWNTOWN. 1 bedroom executve rental wtth al amentes. Quet, elegant 4 *xoeptjonaj.1050permonlh BRMNGHAM PUTNEY MEWS Completely furnshed townhouse*. 20 debghtful 2 bedroom unt*. TV, dshes, Knena. Extendable 30 day lease*. Greet locaton. From Brmngham/Royal Oak Furnshed Apts. Monthly Lease*.knmetfats occupancy. Lowest Rates TastefuBy Decorated SUTE LFE BRMNGHAM SHORT TERM LEASE AvaBable tor 1 month to 1 year, elegantly furnshed 1 bedroom unt Perfect lor transferred executve. CaJ DENNS WOLF OCENSEO BROKER HALL-WOU PROPERTES APARTMENT HUNTNG! Every Monday and Thursday n the.classfed Real Eslate Secton. Youll fnd an mpressve number of lstngs that cover a large suburban area. Youre sure to fnd that specal place among the large number of lstngs n Wmm & tmtt CLA66HED RDVEftT6!NG Oakland County Wayno County Rochostor/Rochoster Hlls Ot ATXN ;» P M. TUESDAY FOB THURSOAY t WtON/S P M FfllOAY f OR MOS0AY EDTON, Westland Two Bedroom Specal 200 Securty Depost Free on* month wtth 1 year lease 4 approved credt wth ths *d. Westland Park Apts. Across from Cty Park (CherryHU).- (between Mlddlebert 4 Merrlman) Clean, spacous bedroom, VA baths, dshwasher,.vertcal blnds, central ar, ntercom,- secure 4 locked hallway*, cable hook-up. laundry each bundng, swmmng pool, exeeftenl mantenance. Heal ncluded. FROM 445-No Fees ^-.Montrvy or tease.._ OpenTdays E*mngham/W. EUoomfleld/Troy 6LOOMF1ELO LAKES APTS. Corporsls apartments n ama, <julet complex. FuVy funvshed 4 decorated 1 and 2 bedroom unts. nclude* dshes, Bnent, etc. Cleanng servces avasa Me. Beach prtvsegea. No pets pleas*. Rents startng at 550, Heet 4 water ncluded. Short term lease* for quashed appgcants Beeper LAKE OftlON-very prvate, al furnshed. Upper hal Vctoran on lake Oron. Refned. non-smotjng. norv drlnklngadutuony Plymouth Abblngton Laxe-from 795 Temporary Assgnment? Relocal- ngl We have corporate apt*, for short lerrn leas*. FuDy furnshed wtth lnens, houseware*, utltes, leevtslon, stereo 4 mcrowave. Convenently located n western suburb. easy acoet* lo afl x-way* 4 arport Pets wescom* n selected unha. Can anytme ROYAL OAK - DOWNTOWN FURNSHED targe 1 bedroom wtth ar, Cshwasher, 475 pet month. Studo wth ar. 395 per month. Ott Street parkng, laundry facfwes. Adurt buddng. No pets 1 yr. Lease Applcants must earn mnmum 14,000 per year to apply. Cat Agent. 25&62O Horn* For Rent BERKLEY greet 3 bedroom bungalow, basement fenced yard, apptances, bonds, nce area. AvaJab)* 9-1. No pets.750/month Westland UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT RDOEVrboO APARTMENTS Can or vst. Located on Yale St. S. ol Warren. WESTLAND Warren Rd W. of Merrtman 1 A 2 Bedroom Apts. Fr6m350* HEATNCLUDEO Wndow Treatments " 4 Mlcfowaves HNESPARK APARTMENTS Moa-Frl. 9-5 Set 10 5 Lrrvted lm*. fvs) 6 months of. a on* y*er l**»e. New t esdents 8e*Kted unts. WESTLAND 2 BEDROOM APTS. ASKABOUT. OUR SPECALS 2 bedroom. \ bath wnh p^sh carpetng, wfvkn meter c*oeet & terage. Bfnds. d>»hw>*her, securty ha* doors w»h ktercom, balcony or pso, pool 4 pty ar»*a By Weekend Ms*, cat* *>»owed. WOODLAND VLLA WESTLANO -- J K0F1OOM apartmant.»tov», refrkserator, heel ncluded. kjeel locaton, 450 deport «WESTLAND 6200 North Wayne Rd. STUDO-3M 1 BEDROOM. 44J 2 BEDROOM ncardet heet 4 water. Sen<cr Dscount. Pool 4 Hr. Cloee lo Westland Shoppng Center BRMNGHAM Adorable 2 bedroom, dnng room, ktchen wtth apc4anc«s,fu basement, large yard. 575 mo BRMNGHAM, attractve 3 bedroom ranch, carpeted, stove, frg, garage, near Lncoln 4 Adams r750 permonth t- BlRMlNOHAM Downtown. t^> 3 bedroom colonal, Vt bath, new carpetng, appflances, central ar. beeement, garage, yard BRMNGHAM - OOWNTOWN. Dramatc contemporary, completely remodeled n bedrooma, 2 baths, 1175 pr mo Hou»e» For Rent BERKLEY, St John* Wood, *tlr*ctrre neghborhood * wung lor W* 2-3 bedroom, brck home, 2 bsth. carpeod.uf»pl>oe..rvlsr*d UJ*- ment. fenced yard, eppcancee. V/> car garage. Drve by Waksh?*d, 555. A»a»abl* Sept. U*y*Ar«Sat. Aug PM M1 BRMNGHAM 5 ALL ClTlfS / HOMES FOR RENT r SE100-8WHERE TENANT84LA>rXORD3 SHARE US TNGS « FREE CATALOGUE 554 So/dama. E^rmlngnam. Wl -. BRMNGHAM 2 bedrooma, garage, screened porch. * appffenc*s. Great Locaton! securty, we-7645 or BRMNGHAM - 3 bedrpom, cenfral ar, hardwood floor*, garage, l*nced shdcaped yard, mucn more permonth, BLOOMFlELDMUS.Verpor est(e*..lov*fy4 bedroom, 2J bath colonal, fsmfh room. brary, A rec rocvn. 3.<»0 4¾. ft F>fctur»**J«lot on Vernot lake. Avrtab* 6ept 1. «,oo.cet-.-.--,-. " FranV356-O803, Real Estate One, BLOOMFlELD HH.LS Qualty home wth old world charm, wooded area, 2 bedroom, brary or Srd bedroom, large country took ktchen, Mng room wth brck chmney and large mantel, no pets. 1200/monh ¾ BLOOMFlELD TWP.-4 bedroom. 2V bath Cdonlal, Urge prvatelot, securty tystsm, morel BlrrhVgharr) Schools. 1,550/month BLOOMFELO TWP - 4 bedroom ranch, 3 ful batha. temfy. great room, garage, basement Wng Lake, StMOAnontf CANTON Warren/Canton Center. 4 bedroom brck colonal, 2½ bath*, famfly room, freplace, dnng room, central ar, 2 car attached. Pfymc«tuT^ton»cf>oo»*.1300/mo H PROPERTES CANTON < 3 bedrooms, central ar, _, frvna room, famby room, fenced yard. M basemerrt 2 car flrepace, fenced r garage. 950 mo CANTON 3 bedroom colonal. 1½ bath, attached garage, dwng room, Mng room wth freplace, 600/mo. CalafterSpm ½ CANTON Hanford. 4 bedroom. 2V» bath, freplace, famffy room, central ar, attached 2 cat garage. 1100/mo. Avalable Sept , » COMMERCE TWP. 3 bedroom wth den, basement 4 garage, wtth yard space. 500/mo.+ *ecurty. CaB COMMERCE - 2 bedroom, a* apf*- encee, 1,500 sq. ft of fnshed Mng space, 1½ ecr* fenced lot. 2½ car garage, 725. per month. Evenng* after 5«) DEARBORN HEGHTS - We* 2 bedroom Ranch, Utctao eppfance*. fenced yard, carpetng. Opton lo buyavaab*.s50/mo DEARBORN HT8 are*. Van Bom 4 Beech. 2 bedroom. 2 car garage, 525 par* securty. Mchgan Horn* mprovement SCHAEFEfl OUTER Da, 6 bedroom, fnshed basement, 550 month. Frst 4 last months plus *ecurtty. PayownutHKJes DOLPHN. >9«4 Outer Drve area, 2 bedroom ranch, alumnum aded, 330 per mo. plus securty depost Secton 8 welcome DETROT-WESTSOE 3 bedroom*, new carpet 4 pant Stove 4 refrgerator ncluded. 375 monthly plus securty FARMNOTON HLLS 9 mfle 4 Fsrmlngton 2 bedrpom. applance* ncluded. No pet*. 565 month FARMNOTON HLt «0. ft colonal. 4 bedroom. 2½ bath, 2 freplaces, ar, beautful common* area per month JSpS V< acre. FARMNOTON HltLS- 2¼ acr*. 3 bedroom, 1H bath Colonal, freplace w/hardwood floor* 4 carpeted. 1175/mo. teecurlty FARMNOTON HltLS 2 bedroom. 500 per monuxtear Grand Rver FARMNOTON HLLS - Orchard Lake 4 11 m&e. 273 bedrooms. 2 car garage. Famffy room. No pel* mo. * securty FARMNOTON HLLS - WestUk* Sub. 3 bedroom brck ranch, m baths, famly room, attached parage, 875. per month FARMNOTON HLLS Executve ranch, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, basemen), central ar. - freplace, deck, garage, great locaton month. 553-W42 FARMNOTON - N TOWN. 3 bedroom and more 3 bath, storage galore, lower walk-out studo /month NKSTEft Beech Qary 4 Van Borne. 2 bedroom. - garage, fenced yard. 425 monthly ncludes water. 425 securty depost NKSTER Sharp 3 bedroom brck Ranch Basement 2½ car garage. dnng room. Opton to buy avalable. 5590/MO NKSTER. 3 bedroom brck bungalow, basement 2 car garage. Hove, refrgerator. Dearborn Heghts Schools, no pets. mmodjae. 525 ± utatea KEEGO HAR80R. Cass lakefrorrt, 4 bedroom house, Wesl BoomfWd Schools, 1,200 per month + depostees LAKE ORON- Keatlnglon Sub, must»ee, mmaculate. truevet sqft, overszed rooms, 4 bedrooms. 4 baths, 250 acre el sport* lake access. No pets. Nonsmokers. Mnutes from / mo. References rec>utred UVONlA - Executve ren1* 3 bedroom ranch, 6 MBe area. Appaances ncluded month, UVONlA - nktfer/rvmouth Rd. are*. LMng room, dwng roorrl 2 bedrooms wrwssher 4 dryer. 600/ mo. + securty 4 reference. AfterSpm UVONlA r Merrtman near 19«. 3 bedrooms, tamby room, 2 car garage, ar condtonng per month, 1*1 month 4 securty depost n advanoerevenng* (414) " LfVONtA MerrVnan - 5 ML are*. 4 bedroom colonal, vt bsths, frer eoe. Florda room, ek, garage. 1050/mo LVONA HE. lny 600 so. fl house. Apcflances, carpet cal ok. 355 plus utltes. No basement or garage. Clean, oulet BRMNGHAM Lease wth opton evamwe on ths 3 bedroom ranch wth 2 car (a/ege. walkng dltknc* to cty park 4 shoppng, carpeted throughout *h serth on* color*, ktchen appb. anoe*. lenced m yard 4 mora Avalable now. 795 per month. EMO.. THE BENErCKE GROUP BRMNOHAM - newv renovated. 2 bedroo(t.». wooden twe hru out. 950»q. ft Ful basemw.t 720<mo p»ul utpm. Ask lor K«reoM4-J545 BJRMNOHAM - N. Of Beverly. 3 bedroom brlc* ranch, v-t be^4, hardwood Mng room, den, fw»h»j fcssement, rvepsce, 2 car detached, central ar. 1450mo. 0 4 PROPERTES BRMNGHAM SCHOOLS, S w>e 4 Orwnheld. 3 bedfoorr,», 2 M baths, smpy room, sto^-e, rerlawlor, 5!0 ptu* untes. 6et»76 BftMNGlUM f>rc*. 3 bedroom, 1 tath, afl epppfcxea, fvep»o*, 2 car garage, avssbt* mme- <f*l!ry.l7»/monw> BRMNGHAM The Jn-Townhcvee you never houghl youd fnd. 2 bedroom r»/y;h on prv»* km* ovetloolng Rouge Fttver. large fvlog room w»th tvwpec*; acre«n«d. terpeted porch. BeV/M shady lot. attscred garage, beeement «53. mo. Cel 61. f busy BlRMNOHAM. 3 bedroom. Ht b*h brck ranch. Hardwood, freeh psfnl. deck OverocAtng ElOft bark, fnshed basement Eton,openAug » BRMNGHAM- 4 bedroom wth loft. t M Nth*. c»th*dr*l cernng*. s^yflghl*. flreplac*, central ar, basemenl.arge deck* eve L1YON1A 2 bedroom ranch, garege, fenced yard, avtfable krvnad^alery. 616 rnonlh + securty UVONlA - 3 bedroonv 1W btth, 2 car garage, ar, fnshed basement. lerced >-ard, cty wsler 4 sewer, dean. *30/mo LrvONA 3 bedroom*, basement. s/ge ktchen, new panl 4 carpet, lenoed yard, store, refrgerator, no pet*. 1525/mo p»u» 625 securty «19325 or 551*355 UVONtA - 3 bedroom brck rajkrl wefl m»*,m», ned wth fvepsce and garage. Oean. fnc* yard, good neghbor*. 1795/r^o. 349-J481 UVONlA 3 bedroom home on 1 ecr* lot, MkWecot.5 M>e area. 5>5 a month plus securty. P»l» OK C*J e-.-enlng* M LrsOWA - 7 and levsn. 3 bedroom prme ranch, ar. 2 car attached.»j r<w*y deocreted. earth tones, appfarxes, 1, NOVl. 10 MWMeedoxbrOok. 3 bedroom rs.-vch, 2 M blht, s-nn; room. Crefsc*. bexmsnt, central av, 2 car. deck. Sect 30\h occupsncy. fkhod n sub. 1200/mo. 04 H PROPERTES 7374C02 NOV! - 10 Mfe/Taft 1W9 3 bedroom rsneh. Ofeetroom, cathedral ce«ng», formsf dvvw room, neulral decor. \\ behs, 1900 *q. n., dec*. No pets. 17«Vmo. _^ortrftoptftnts " NOV! 3 bedroom brck r*r>ch, 2 b»h, 1 car ft-)*, new carpet, lre>wy pevtw, 6 month leese, re.- erence* requred. 1900/mo. C*< fterspm OAKANO TOWNSHP - 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, large country ktchen, famffy room wth screen porch, pool and barn lor horse* 00 3V acres, 1,600 per month. 9 Month less* mnmum. Tor appt cal or Eve* Houeos For Rent HORTHYLLE-5 acres, 4 bedroom brclr, garage, 2 belhs, ttsem^nl, oonl/al ar. epp-t tnoes. P^t* r^gotlab>.?75 mcfudng r»s«t NOV! - Wa-Tod La>* UXeront exec- WtK-e home. 3 bod/com fanch. 2 bahs. ftrepftoe, newer horr^, 2000 mo NOW 3 bedroom brck ranch wth attached oarage, large (amfty room, nce lot. 10/Meadowbrook area. Nopet*.876/mo NOW-3 bedroom, 1 b4t\ fenced yard, carport No pets Ava,HWe Sept mo. Securty tv* month*. After 1 lam, OAK PARK, Sharp 3 bedroom brck ranch, fun basement; w*a *!r condt- Oon, mmecsale occupancy r»9. Cat Moa- Frt, 9-5pm657^970 depoett Open Frl 11-8;-8 st Harvey. 3l3-625t1552 PLYMOUTH TYYP 2 b*droom horne, ga/ag*, fenced m yard, appttancee and garden, 574/mo 94M.J25 PLYMOUTH - rbetvoorn, fenced yard, b**emera, leas*, eeourtv. 875 month. AvaaaN* now. No peta, or 591*530.PLYMOUTH. 2 bedrooma, refrgerator 4 stov*. Ho pt*. 4M per month. MorttMomontf., V PtYMOUTH - 3 eedroom, 2V4 bath, nlo* neghborhood doe* W schoos, ator**, major rrwy Axtable 8ept PLYMOUTH-4 bedroom*. 500 per month. OaforeVrfeSs REDf ORO Cute 2 bedroom Ranch, fenced yard, freshly decor«led. mmecaste occupancy. Opton lo buy *Yas*bl* REDFORO Woe 3 bedroom bungalow on o/et street 2 car garage, basement, fenced yard, 550 rnonlh REDFORO TWP. 8 bedroom ranch, no basement or garage. Purtan and 5 Pdna. 550/mo. 1st last and securty depost REDFORO TWP. 3 bedroom compewy remodeled, double tot 750/ mo. 4-1*t last 4 securty depost teev* message REDFORO TWP 4 bedroom home, Redford Schoos. garag*. basement, deck. 700 month + securty REDFORO. Large 3 bedroom brck ranch. N)oe fenced yard. AppBanc**. Close 10 school*. 750 rrxythplu* 750 securty REDFORO Schoolcraft 2 Bedrooms, tvlng room, ktchen, Ceagar*f^.50u7MO REDFORO, 3 bedroom bungalow, fnshed basement dshwasher, stove, no pets. mmedate occupancy rutoes ROCHESTER - darng kvtown 3 bedroom, m bath. Basement Garag*. Al *ppaanc«s ncludes lawn 4 snow mantenance. AvaSabt* 8*pt ROCHESTER H!U8 - Brck ranch wtth attached garage, 2 large bedroorh* wth ful baths, w*fk4n doset applances, central ar, 1,075/ month ROCHESTER HLLS - 4 bedroom + den. 2½ baths, CoonaL Central *>. eprtnkert, famffy room wth Vepac* 4 wet bar. ndoor tnground pool Ran or rent wtth opton. l550/m0.pfu»ut8tle*. Cal > ROCHESTER HUS -M1O0 sq.flx 3 bedroom, redecorated, large ktchen, utlty room, fenced yard. 700 ± utatles. Depost ROCHESTER HLLS 4 bedroom, 3 bath cofcyaj, famy room wtth freplace, brary. central ar. sprnmng. securty, a* ktchen applances, carpetng, wndow reatrrents, 2V» car garage, fwshed basement large rear deck, park s>* settng. No peta. Avalable Sept S, wth opton to purchaae,2100/month ROCHESTER - Lvemols/Avoa 4 bedroom, central ar, ful basement 2 car garag* wth opener, 1 SO + utffltle*. Avalable Sept N. ROYAL OAK 3 bedroom ranch, buflt n pod. fenced yard, near downtown Brmngham. 540/mo., 1*1. month pars securty SOUTHFELD - Brmngham choos, dean, 2 bedroom ranch, new stove 4 rerrlgerator, Florda room, garage, 650/mo. 1½ mos. aecurtypujutldlee SOLfTHFlELO greet famfy home, 3 bedrooms, 1 bsth, 2 car attached garage, near tchools/shopplng, 12 MDe/Plerc* area SOUTHFELO - 12 Mae/GreenfWd. Attrectfvery decorated 3 bedroom, fenced yard, targe doset s, peu OK. Good famlryare* Houses For Rent W. BLOOMFlELD, VffXr 6lra!U pr/joges. 4 bodrcom, 2½ tllh, 2500 sq fl, ec* gj/ege, b4^err*rl. appvances. Avafst* Ajg /mo., v W. BLOOUFlElO.- La-^e/**, 4 bodroom. C-rng jfcom, GftfQ room, fam*/ room, dnelt*. f450/nv>. Reftrerces. 6* or W. DEARBORN - Clean 3 bedroom, carpet appte.vce*. bts«n>8nt psrsge. 675/mo. + securty. Reference*. No pet» Property Manaflsmonl ABSENTEE OV/NER vra fxxtorjtf* cjt servke lo rr*el you/ leasng 4 management needs. Broker -ponded - 8ped*l!ng n corporals traraferees 1. * Bsfor* msxng a d«cs>3n. call rsl -. D&rt ncome Property M g mt. Fa/m?nfltoh Hlls FurnlhsdRoutes For Rent BRMNGHAM -3 becvpoms, com, ptetey furnshed appnance*, dth- **, «nen», cent/*} tr. Garage, fenced yard;monthly CASS LAKE - compfetety furnshed 4 bedrooma. 1«bath*. Sept thru Aprl. 70oymonlh"plus securty. depotrr and utstle*. Lea-re-message, or UNlOtf LAKE AREA - Long tahefront Condo convenence n a 4 bedroom house. Furnture. Dshes. UUre*. lawn care. Short or long term /MO UNON LAKE area, lakesde rental. Sept. or Oct 1st to M*y 1st 2 bedroom*, lt bath, garage. Just brng «nens UNON LAKE FRONTAGE Completefy furnsfed. Dock, lorefy home, 3 bedrooms, dnng room, 1 bath, flrepace. 2 car attached garage, 1595/mo. t year mnmum. D4H PROPERTES Moble Homes For Rent FARMNOTON HL.L8-1 bedroom. 55 per week 4 up. Securty depost requred. Oulet Parte. No pels Duplexes For Rent BRMNGHAM -N-TOWN - Your chotoe; 1776 Hsynes/776 Ann. 2 bedrooms. 1 bath, central ar. basement, garage. 795rmo. Bob Jerry CANTON DUPLEX, ett/ecth-e 3 bedroom ncludes oven, range,.frg, dshwasher. Avalable Sept plus»ecurty. tynd* DEARBORN, dean 3 bedroom lower duplex, applances, basement garage. Rent 550, securty Wttamsofl, Cftfley Realty DEARBORN HEGHTS - Al applances, 1 bod/oom, 380/mo., mo. securty. Leave message FERNOALE.. 2 bedroom upper fst 425 plus uts- Hles. " ". Cal GARDEN CfTY DUPLEX BeauWU 1 bedroom (rashly decorated. Laundry room, al appsancea. LAe your own home. Prvate sde drve yard. Senor dscount No peu. 42S/MO. CaJ.. (313) PLYMOUTH - mmaculate 2 bedroom brck - ranch. Washer/dryer, ar. drapes, lawn care. 830/mo. No. pets REDFORO, 5 room dvplex. 1 car garage, fenced n yard, newty redecorted, carpeted. No pets 525 plus depost ROCHESTER-HSTORC AREA Large 3 bedroom, m bath, centra) a>, applances,.parage. Ml basement No peu 500 mo. + securty. After 5pm652-74e ROYAL OAK - spado. 2 bedroom plus den. 2 baths, eppcancfts, carpeted. ar, basement attached ga rage. Cal after 3pm WESTLAND - 2 bedroom duplex. (onced yard, freshly panted, carpet od per mo. pu securty..." Flats BERKLEY, 2 bedroom downstars flat hardwood floors, frdge 4 «tove. share basement garage 4 backyard wtth upstars. 520/mo BRMNGHAM Tudor, downtown, charmng 2 bedroom upper, freplace; breakfast nook, enclosed back porch. Seek quet non-smokng sngle or couple only ututles. Eves. Won-Thur SOUTHFELD 2 smal bedrooms, 400 month, 400 securty depost SOUTHFaO 3 bedroom, fnshed basement central ar, applances, 2 car garage, dean 4 comfortable. 595 mo or SOUTHFlEtO 3 bedroom, targe»v- ng room, fenced yard, nce neghborhood, applances lnca>ded, carport. 555 mo. BB S. DEARBORN HU 3 bedroom ranch, central ar. screened pallo. 2½ car garage, al appgancea, fenced yard. 650/mo TROY MMEDATE occupancy. 2 bedrooms, krchen appeance* ncluded. 650/monL\ securty depost requred. Eves, after 8 or weekend* TROY TR-LEVEL, 3 bedroom. 2 bath,- famjy room. mmedlae occupancy. Close lo»choot 875/mo. CtM Joyce TROY - 4 bedroom executve cotoref, premum arnentje* throughout avassbl*"»ooa 1600 per month, prompt pry dscount VAN BUREN TWP. 3 bedroom, 2V, bath colonal on acre plus lot wth 2 car attached garage Freplace, formal dnng, drcutar drhe. Mnules td Securty Oepost and references requred. 665 marhy. Can WARREN - 9 M3e 4 Hoover;2 bedroom home. 450 * month. 950 depost mmedate occupancy. Cal anytme, WESTLANO - Cowan Rd. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, dnng room, basement, flrepteoe, large yard 4 garden, 2½ car garage. 500/mo WESTLANO-Ford/ -2f5.area. 3 bedroom, 1H ba\ basement Just decorated, carpel, central a.v. No petl.695tmo.o*an WESTLANO HOMES- 2 or 3 bedroom homes for ren). 2 bedroom. 375,mo. 3 bedroom. 550rmo. Csflanerfpm. * WESTLAND - Uvone schools. n»wv decorsed 3 bedroofn brck ranch, V/ bathe, fv!v>*d ba«em*nf. 2V4 car garage, Ava»»t->e 9-1.?75/mcv p>us. securty WESTLA»fO - (Merrtman - PamerV Remodeled 3 bedroom duplet, m bslhs. carpet, nc* svarabse. low securty. WESTLANO 2 b*droo-rv 1 t-efn brck ranch homes feature Newly remodelfd krcher* Vt^ remgerstor end stove Ful bajementt " PrtvatS Entrances, drvewty*. and ya/cs ttrsp+vrvs.-th fcr«r>*d ate OocupVKy On s-l* rr,*n»g>!r*ft 4 msvtens.x* CALL NOW lor*-wt!oa!j rformeon 4 dvecton*. OfTVe 2758 AcK»»y. Westand Open 9*m - 9pm Week<J^>s, 10-5pm Saturday, 12-5S^ndey WESJtANO. 3 b»jroom ranchtfn] ^Jn^Q -»7#WH^*?frT; Wt>»\ #^ ^0 y*/d. No P«{*l700 r>>. (*curly D«)^ Or t^-es 6J4»15 W. BlOOMrELD. 3 bedroom, huo* l*,tv9y room, Preptsce, tvton^ ktchen, attached garage. 1M* prn-^ge*. 900 mo W. BLOOMFELO. LWq-^e l*ke»ronl cartler home k wooded Loc& Pnes. 2 bedrooms, den. 2 belhs, central ar, vsuted oemno. frep"*c)*, deck, larg* garage. Aswceton mow* lawn 6 rernove*»now. 2 la*e>.14«/ DEARBORN - Clean Lower 2 bedroom, app&ances, basement, garage. 495 month, securty depost References. No petv 554-S350 UVONlA - Very nce basement unt lor rent 1 bedroom, vt bath for non smokng female. No pels. 400/mo. ncludes trustes NW DETROT Upper 3 bedroom. gas ncluded. Newty carpeted.4400/ mo securty. Mature emptoyeed people PLYMOUTH - Cute and dean 1 bedroom. Walk 10 town 400 per month, v* months securty. No pets. Must seel After 6pm PLYMOUTH OOWNTOVYN - 8rr.aH tudto. appfances, washer 4 dryer, afl utatles, sutable for one. No pet*. 415 per mo PLYMOUTH-PENNMAN AVE. Upper 1 bedroom fla! for rent mmedsts occupancy. Cal PLYMOUTH Top notch flat»v*3- able, Sept 1. WaTc to downtown Plymouth. 550/mo. ncajdes heet 4 garage. Lease. *ecurty 4 reference* requred. After PLYMOUTH - 2 bedroom lower tat Basement oareoe, hardwood floora, apptances, utltes PLYMOUTH - 2 bedroom, 4 75/mo. plus securty. No pels ncludes heat, stove 4 refrgerator. AvaSaMa 9/ North Ml PLYMOUTH - 2 bedroom lower, w (> baaemenl. elo^, refrgerator, oft street parkng, preler no pete, 575/ mo. pkrs 1 mo. securty REOFORO TWP. - 3 bedroom upper, 1500 sq. fl..»575rmo. ncludes cas 4 wa!ar. Cs1 aher Pam ».-- Of ROCHESTER - dcrvnlown 2 todroom lower ava."sbe. Stc^e,retrgerstor, 450 mc1l^ phj d>pos.l ROYAL OAK - We 1 * todowrto»n. Cue, cory 1 bodroom upper. F*r>c«<J yrd. prl/** entjttc*. p«t Oka/, M-03e4 SOUTHFELO - 2 b*}.oo<t«, ful fcalh. prtvta er..ry, rww corjtrvc. Von KO *q, ft. V00 rno.ncludes ul- tes, Ncn-s.-x\rxs TROY- 2 bedroevr.*. Meets 4Pochetter Rd srojs. Stc.-e a P.?-lgf>rstof, large lot. 47ro A\a! ste mrned-ateh; Townhoutee- Cortdos For Rent AUOU^N MLS, SOUTHFELD FARMlStJTOSHLLS 0\jHte.nJ bedroom CTT.-fwx/KS 4 r*xh?>. sor5th *ttachkj jsregs 4 f.-tsva-^. WMlb-jry-Aub-jm f* VY*9>«r5!or>.*.Souh, *J FoxpcJr.a F*rrr^.j;c.-> Hs SunrK-vt F&-n^g!onll»f? CcVngton-FsrmVKoh f KAFtANENlERrnSES THE TOWKHOUSE SrECAUST cnm;.-;oa>j co.otd*oce"on. 1 b*oom.»v v.ves. centra!»v, at pc--t. tecor/. P*- 10 Hest,"»eer l-kk-ded ^6 rsrvwoam/floyaloak. 1 b^3- roc>rr furf*«v>d cevjoe. r?jtr» decor. con/ft. 1 *-.! txjl r >. Wc!*r 4 nmt trrf»_-ded rjfmnoam -~W^r~a^TSrg7>v do, 2 beacom lov«.-.vvy«.»1»rptancee, pdafd k!oh-<, neulsl o>co», 1lneh*J baw^te-l, b»«t kvafonwtno complex BRMl^HAM - 2 bedroom.»1.» b«l\ es spfjencek. pool, carport. 775/mo. Short ws\ to downtown Townhouwj* Conctos For Rent ; B^rr,>gh.T,/C, j <,;<y LKE A HOME 6padous er.*c-rf-/e tcra-.-^jj-j. 2 bedrooms, V* tal*. hece Charmng rantes are rr.ore l>e «house wth prvate lrtod^n psjo yard, (rdh-d^sl fu9 baxrnenl, central ar. deluxe krcxn,- to.v parkr^4mor*..,- F/orn 725 Heat nclufjod - ~ Ask stout pur onl spocl 4 St. chzendscount Take 14 mfe E. from Crook* 10 1st SghC turn left; -..;., -,;. -_". Also evehduo fjdfp apartment v 475 wtlh f*1 loduded Ho p. lease-. EHO. ;.-;, THE6 N X*eGWXlP..).. ;;. " j ;" BRMNGHAMS BEST GETS BETTER,^...NEWLY OECORATEQ " J 2 or 3 Bedroom Apts - -* - ". Jownhorpe* {wkh Fu» Basernonl).- -. From7O0 Month, - ".- rrktcdats Occupancy - - ONE MONTH FREE ftf NT ; Leasng How>* rom 9am-*pm Oaty Sat 12noorv3pm or cas ".; > - -. BRjVllNGHAM. SHORT TERM LEASE Avalable for 1 month to 1 year, elegantly furnshed bedroom-unt. Perfect lor traneerted eecuve. C*».- DENNS WOLF UCENSEO BROKER HALL-WOLF PROPERTES " BRMNGHAM 2 bedroom, central ar. & app8, ancee, 760/mo. + searry. The Home Co EuRMNGHAM-2 bedroom, hardwood floors, ar, wssher/dryer, dshwasher.. 790/mo. mmedate rxxupahcy ; «. BLOOMFELO - Condo w/laxevlew... bedroom. 2 balh ar, 1200 sq.ft. New. bands 4 applances. 775 nduces heat/water Boomned Has WA8EEK ON THE LAKE. ULTRA LUXUROUS CONDO -, 3-4 bedrooms, 3800 sq. ft wth, beautful lake vew* 4 lots of *wv. Very eale, best teftoos, gant.?/ able 20x40 fl. famsyrocnt wtlh w»*. out to great FSHNG. Lookng for, tomeone.-who desres the best Lease by owner or sae opton -. LETS TALK-^ BLOOMFELO HLLS TOWNHOUSE- Near Cranbrook. Bloorr.held Hlls Schools. 3 bedroom. 2h bath*. *urv, room, fnshed basemert/famffy; room, wax-out to palo. freplace*- hardwood foors, wndow l/estmenu. ar. app9anc«*, washer 5 dryer /mo. ncludes essod-"- ton fees. No peu No smokers. For apppnlmenl atter 6pm f BLOOMFEU) HLtS. rent/lease wtth opton, 4500 per month, sharp 2 bedroom. 2 bst.h. great locaton. Cal Ba OADey. Ofufey Realty BLOOM FELD ON SQUARE LAKE - 2 bedroom. 2. bath lakafront 1000, per month rent wth possble opton topurchas* or939-21S2 EUoomfdcVWaterford - BRARWOOD. TOWNHOUSES;" bedroom, some wth garages, some wth freplaces, ranch 4 2-slory. Swmmng; poot partfe, natuc* traj plus much more.,- Coofey Lake Lochaven..,. 363,7545 CANTON bedroom, 1H baths, fnshed basement, ar condnonng 4 appuances ncluded. Pry own ut>b- Ues. 550 month. 1 month depost X^J after 5pm CANTON - 2 bedrooms, Vj baths central ar. Mng room. dwng room, ktchen, fnshed basement Poot dubhousa CANTON 2 bedroom, ShddonAVarren area. Neutral docor Uvou^>ou-., - central»jr, 550/mo. Days, eves CLARKSTON - 2 bedroom. 1H ba.\ fnshed lower level wrwa"k-out ne> -.- tral decor. AvaSable Sept». 750 mo leave messagr FARMNOTON DOWNTOWN. 0" bedroom condo. dosed n sun porch, reserved psrkng, pod P* < heat S50 per mo \ FARMNOTON HLLS. 1 bedroccondo, upgrades; washer 4 dryer. urvt. pod 4 terv.fs -530 mo. Day Mort-Fr Eves f FARMNGTON HLLS - 1 bedroot end unt, pato, carport, tenns» pool. Cyntha Drobot. Real EsU-, One or851-19< UVONlA MALL AREA ~\- 1 bedroom condo. avalable 9/ 1/J. - Washer/dryer, central a>. SOOJOS - sellng, deposr and ul.j.uc - Sorry, no pets NORTHVLtE. - HTghUnd lakes, -large bedrooms. 1½ ba.hs, ar. ap - pances. pod. tenns 550 lnclydf - heat wster. No pets /- NORTHVLLE - HghJ-d LakOS.. bedroom wth basement Ca/p«- drapes, applances. Pod. No pel. 965 mo., heal ndjded NORTHYHE-3 bedroom HlgVer-- Lakes condo. basemerrt, Ayalb Sept. 1 1,000. Heal mdurfed. Call Hertage, < NOV) BEAUTFUL TOWNHOMES STARTNG AT ONLY Be a,part onovlsbest rental eorr munty. Ctoje to corrvenlences, fj from expensve. W* ofter. 2 Spadous Bedrooms Terrfc Ktchens Full Basements - Nov! school ryjlem Grest localon-near ,6 27? HURRYlONLYafewleft NOVl RDGE - Loca led on 10 W!e - teu-ee Moadc^brook4NovtRdl -. * OPEN 7 DAYS OPEN TLL 6PM MOM. 4 TOUrlS. NOVT CONDO - 1,200 SO f! 2 boc room. VJt ban. «V. epc-"s->c«poot lonrtj. 875mor.h rcjjde. heat4«foceo,-f«s NOVl - 2 bcxjroo-n. fres>^ p»>.too new appra.oces. new rc<xlr^. c* lr*l e!«. csraj*. poot. No pets 655 D»ar>a. RE/1.l4J( 100!nc. 345-SXK PLYMOUTH 2 t-mooo. 1 ba.h. 1f>» sa h <cr. do. long or short lerrn. C"o«e t Dowrvtcnn 474!«;( ROCHESTER - d5*r.rc*. 2 l-cr} too.-^.»»k-.- ccjc-t. n u.-f wasf*r/dr>-tr. ««..»,-. tfkw.-/ torr^je. carport, %S? ; ROCHE S t E R "nrcs"^ FtcSTtV- -s fcelh. psd r*-t 4 v»v*f, al Spc^sxe*. 650/mo t r>po^1 Cale-.-er..-vgs ROCHESTCR HLS»--uy 3 t+o" <cv\t en Graat 0*kj Cow\ry CJub 3 -.* ta^. 2 car «.-»{», np^ lo K) eve^t-e-jum/rvo ). " """ rrt6ckeste"fl ~ 2 CAj^-^v-n 1V-.3 roo-. rr.-r loom. CAport. ts-co-vf. f-25/mo locudelu t cv ROYAL OAK-14 kl <ecroc*e, bojroor.1 C^do, erp" jrces * waj-vr/dryfr. av No f-^e. ^V3 AvarteSep 8 64S S>{ SOOtllfLO LUXURY CONDO 2 t-»d^>.-r>, 2 fv^l t«\ app-«y*s C*^J» r-»»r lr>j?-5>6. f-»/rn»-lh. 3*8.ll SOumfo MrAOOwaftOVK wu. 2 r? roo-. \\ tr*! rentel cx-^-y^ rtves er»-^-.*j. securty. >>»«. co-.frsj cerpcvtt. f,n»^.>ppe^ kla*n,.car.,,r»l»v. ch"dren* r»«y ^.-r» e.^d rvjch r->o*l lrx*ed c^ l«-«er t<wren M->*. C!> ^ 1-5f,-n &<*} TN."e 5 Sun. UN ON AK?".1^/*y v1«wt NgS on a Mu towr-aouse 2 bedroom, b-4" cc^-.y. th bsr^.s. r,»t.j.-*l fv«>p<s<e,. doorwst lo plto." c*t gr». app<. a.->c<s 4»sv\fr/drrsr, new carpet. rv}. *Vt txj\rv> No pet» Utles, ccuylty (9 c- bumm m t m ^ m m m m m m m m m m m m a a M f t^

24 ^»^*»»»SJ*JP ^^mr^^^r^^^m^mmmmmm9*vmmmmmm*m*mmmmmmmbfm mmmmmmmmmmmmmm BPUPP Bl m /?v r /. a.^--^- Monday, August 12,1991 O&E 4 townbouwt- Condo* For Rwl MJBEfl GREEN 3.Bedroom townrv>u»*» tt A.l.t«r Greet} Apartment* n Royal Oak. WforrYtf hoc*tp*. M,-M tee to epcvee«at,a7«/mo. S6O-1700 RcysJOa* " LUXURY TOWNHOUSE., LOVE CML0ft N& PETS """. 2215STAflfl 2_k)ngsbefcodroom*..spadous try. tr>9 room, woodfc-jrnlna feplaoe, 1 M easement, J ev, r. self-clean oven,»«!or, -.- S/mo froyj PEOROOM, 2\4 bath, 04- t*o«, JrJshed basement, ^, frepjaofc pool, lertnt*. take.tfeck Over- -9<W9 woods, no pet*.. 1J00 ncfcdea.heat&^etar,. «t-sj3» WE3TUN0 CONDO -. * bedroom*. * baths, ft** carpet & dlsha-asher. AJ; applance* ncluded.. srw* "cowl* 4 pool.»650/mo. + securty,.; oa?9. v&s M* ESTLAN03 bedroom cordo, ceo- ^ ar,»1 eppsadcee, 1 car OVbM,.pc^,4700/morrth. 1«f,Jtat**ett- Hylorooverv?«j-35«1M?3TAH6 -»-< jedroom tww cqndo. 1 mmedate occupancy. f[w/mo.+ securty depost. CaB ***Mf>-» 3pm-*30pm « >»* 414 8cK?fwn Rwtal AOAPDLOO condo. Dee 1H MJ Dec 3t»t. Leree J bedroom. 2 bath.wth mafd eervtoa located oo he ttt-. 1WJ» d«y, trc-m 12-Ho »150 day from MS lo ; DfSNEY/EPCOT - LrTrve. sal Studloe. J W M Jea away. Luxury 2 wnd 3 bedr03m, 2 bath condo. weshvr, dryer,. rtoro* are. pool. Jesvnl, lenn* courts. From l25 par week..f^ya Ev*n)no^478-sm ;FOflT MEYER BEACH, beeutlfuffy ; ckteoretod 1 bedroom oondo, drecthfon Guff. Avalable by *wek «rwoth or act. FOHT MYEB3 BEACH FLA. 2 bad-.- room. 2 bath fwrahed coodo on he - duff. 3 to 4 month* rental preferred. ;*" FT, LAUDERDALE, aeroee from ocean, 2 bedroom, 2 bath coodo fvmlshed. corner unh, vfcr* of ocean /lnlsrcoslal. 313-*4l-««9 414 Southern Rental* FT. MYER3 - Crow Cr«*. 2 bedroom. 2 t»th, COrlooUvj 41h tcjry.a/.as«/r<>vt<«a M HLTON read OCEAN CONDO Oeech, Pool. Tortls, 1 Badroom e-j.h.«75awt^ Cafl Evaou-^. 45J-55W HLTON HEAD - 1 baovoom. 1 bath coodo aocomnvxlataa 4 *<Mt», fu3 Htchan. On lha b**ch. certfa.h/ k>calad.425/w<«k <94-2C07 MAfCO 3LWVD, South Saaa, Towu luxury condo on baartm Qvtl Baach. OH-*a«aon rataa. Dtarvalakg. 31J-735-7M1 MARCO SHORES, FL. LakaMa oondo. OoM, pool*. l*nnl», 6 nttv u!aa (com Oufl. Prma Uma ta ooan. CaHaflvSpm *4-571«TEQUE^TA FLOftDA 2<bodroom, 2 bath. c»rdan coodo. SE expoau/a on ooff (ouraa UrUtmrtad ootf noh^jad. 4 month mwmvm laaaa. v, *-» Vftcatlcm Rental* AUTUMN.N. TRAVERSE.CTY Tha Baaoh r>^ndomwunvho^*l. Al tha Altar. LarQQ aandy baach, wndpool batha, haatad pool 4 apa, uaopa 4, cawa. Spac«a<?jta/purj«ls4FeflColof., MnuaafromOo!(4Shoppng.." Raaarva now (of F* <S«6t-0«! Mdweek from...*»» Waakandj from,., t&»13» Tha Baaoh Condomlnhjm/HotaL Peweaa. ;. (816)»3»-?22.d 415 VscsllonRental 8R;OOE WM KNO 4 Oo!f Ovt^l Groups orjy. B<<J 4 BctVlajt hoca on LaXa n (xjan R--w e/os. _ Soapaupto 1«R-jytvafloV arrvjl. V -^(31 J) EXCTlNQ Tra^aa Crty.. K^ytM East Oay raaorl wlng. 1 ard 2 badroorrj, Wtthao. pool. tu. SpoclaJ w^olt/ rata* rom t ^ , FAL COLORS Beaut.M Lake Chtrtff.-oOt Luxury 3 bedroom, 2 bath condo va"aba ts, weak)/ or wtckand. Sfe«p» 4. nort-sotoklno. /L»0 ar»,"absa for W aeatoo, 2 rr.^e* from Bo>ne Mt. A*K lor ntormaton aboul Hrboraoa LM.135, ;1-6O0-45«-4313 ORAXP TRAVERSE BAY AREA Lata aummor 4 an offera a rataxad atmosphere. tyookawe cottaoaa haa exoeoanl flah>>0 4 boatlnfl wth aalmon 4 trout. Bhno. rrjautaa r*ay- Enjoy coff 4 1a1 color*. Saw 2 JK. Cta r.erfoohan « Vacaton RetuU ALONG LAKE MCHGAN Huoa rr^d*rn, yaar-rourkj LaXa M^hkan home. Sfeep 10.5 room*. 2 baths. AH the conferanoe*. 35% ofl ralaa Aug labor Day *o<* and a> ajab.e LAKE CHARLEVOtX - brtsm 4 claan 3 bedroom home, aleepa 12 oomtortabr/. 200 fl. rontaoa, la/oa vard. J9O0r*1(.C»a4e-3?W>OJ 420 Room* For Rent BLOOVfELO 1U8, lur.hhed (OCf/bslh, ( Noma, non drlx- L-^/*,T,<*^.».350/mo.+ d-pol, bkudea uluoea 4 enen» AKE CHARLEVOX Defne lakefront condo, 3 bedroom, 3 bath*, pool, beach, fuf/ eo/jfp&ed. Av*.1> akae/17-8/ NEAR MACKNAW, Ukefronl cablruj on Monroe l(aa, aeepa «, ft*h for Ban 4 POe. S»Vn ara/or ohjdran. Avarlabla Aug HARBOR6^NOS/PETOSK Y A/ea. Condo 4 conaje rertaj*.»4s> 1150 njaktr/ wtth a 3 nght mnmum. - HolWay Accommodaton* 1(4001* ,; HARBOR SPRlrWg ^ large 4 bedroom; 3 bath home m..brchstrood Oofl 4 Country Oub. Aog., ept. 4 Ocfrental* avajable HKJO.NS LAKE Knotty pne lakefronl conega. SJaepa 5. Prepaoe, t550 per week.»200a4cgrlty.. 517^ YNE AREA Walloon Lake Swm, gotf. Sleepa twerve CRYSTAL LAKEFRONT-Ncely, furnlthad, 2 bedroom cottage. aeduded locaton, avaflawe Auo. 24 to Labor Oay.» OAYLORO; Sk Seaaon Rental New 3 bedroom, 3 bath home.on bg lake. Avaftabl* thru HALE Famlfy get away weekend n the north woods, 6 bedroom collage, ndoor pool, wooded area , HARBOR SPRNQ3-3 bedroom collage, freplace, gte* ** beach, canoe, weeks Aug 17,24,31»800. eye* , day* e HOMESTEAD Beach front condo (Beach Comber). Sept. 4 (all al reduced!** Spectacular lake vew HOMESTEAD. GLEfrARBOR 2 bedrooms, 2 bath oorxto orkake Mchgan. Avalable bogtnrrfng.">v. Augusl LABOR DAY VYEEXEND,»150 25rnBe»W.olLhronla. Boat, playprojnd, no peu. 1(313) LAKE HURON - Osooda Oreenbuah. 3 bedroom*, large great room, gtasaed n porch overlookng beautful aandy beach, Mr/ furnshed. AvaHable mmedaefy Or, LAXEMROARETHE Weal of Ora>Ung. Vacaton ootsge. 1. bedroom, competefy furnshed. Great for boner*!»225. parjreek. For reservaton* oes (517) {--.- tr 500 rwpwant»d A CAREER N REAL ESTATE W*S WTH US S A "REAL JOB". Oyr proarama and aupport *ys1ema ^r a ao eftacttva. we guarantee you a mnmum annual ncome of» wth unltrrjled potental DONT GAMBLE WTH YOUR. FUTURE CALL ME TODAYlll A* NDRA _ REAL ESTATE ONE. NC. no- Farmlnglon-farTnlrgtoo HB* L DEALERSHP ACCOUNTANT/ BOOKKEEPER, Ford expartenoa puferred, excellent pay 4 beneft*. Appfy wthrn Stark Hfckey Ford, /MjfeG^artdRrver.DetrofL. ACCEPTNG APPLCATONS-FOf -part tme offce cleanng. Evenng hra. Grand Rrrer 4 Beech Oary M ^ ACCEPTNG *x APPLCATONS, (,1M Job* hte month wth mora. 1 openng later. Good aajary/benem*..»tgt»t be Hgh School dploma Qrad, and wmng lo rekcala. «1 Call ^ACCOUNTANT -atry level poawon n Brmngham - -Pjoperty Management company. -8*2 yean axparvano*, Lotua necea- -«ayy. Norvamokar. ExoaNot bene-. At*. Send reaume lo TaJe- "7ap>;Rd., Sute 210. Bngham ", Ml ^ACCOUNTANT. For. progreaatva Farmtngon Hll* ^WA frm. Penranent poftlon wth growth potental. Mnmum 5 year* - wrfefrt pvmc accountng axpert- roc* Lotua 4 P.C. experence hetp- W. Send reaume to Box 65«Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft ftd. Ovoma, Mchgan ACCOUNTANT - ruh tme, account* fecefvabe, general accountng. Estperlenca neoaaaary, Lotua helpful. Mual be ndeoeodent workt,-^jrwho * wmrtg lo reocala lo,. Chcago. Send reaume to 834! Wllna. Dm AKw-t YmUnl (> Wdlow Run AJrport, YpeHantl, ML J 48198, Attn Fnance Department», T - ACCOUNTANT/JUNOR <* S«me experence deerred. ExoeHent >! "efcoorlunfty 4 benefltt. Reeume lo ^CPA Offce W. lomllefld., l\ 8yl1e2l3,,Soutrt1eld,Ml >V/WCOUKTANT HEEDED for general J * conearuclon corrtrador. n Auburn Hf*. Heavy emphaae* on ob coal f Aa*pcna**bea tndude all account- J 1¾ functon* (A/P, A/R. caah flow. J )96 coal/p/r). Overaee accountng ; cmka * ueege of computerzed *ya-, ; tems-^erw reaume to Artco Con-! rctlrg mt, 22*0 Auburn Rd. /Vtbu>nH*»,M4432«. ;j->."v Anrt O.W.8leffea!..11 <».. >»..1-. " " ACCOUNTlNQ ASSSTANT. Bachelor* degree or degree eeeklng Clercal Accountant wth 2-4 year* experence n general accountng eppscetfon* * needed lo aeetel Ao-.wuntma Manager. The deal canddate wa pou avcog problem aomng ekma,- PC ekk* ncludng Lolua WordPerfect 4 Pbaae, Good workng knowledge of al accountng traneactlons f ammarlty- ww tutomaled accountng ayafem*. at a mnmum you poeeeee heae *k«*. pleeee tend your reauflw n confwenoa to _,tro4er. 4440«Helm Street,.Ml KANTY CREEK Scr-u»a Mou{la!n Chael. 4 bodroom, 2Vtbalrv completely fedeo6r*t«m, TV 4 VCR. wth as amorutea, ^ SUGAR LOAF RESORT Prratary o»t>ed one bedroom condo, nee/ Tra/eraa Cty. 2 nght mnmum.cas;, ,794 SUGAR 4.0AF RE30RT Travert* Cty condo on the 18th (arway.? boqroom* «ach wth jacuzz), steep* 7,»170/n!ght.»500Aveak TRAVERSE CTY-. - Luxurfo Beachfront Condo* 00 water. Executrre style, 2 bedroom. 2 b*lh. Weekly tena!*.» TRAYERSE CfTY - Popular Lakashore resort. 8mll charmng beachfront resort. 1-2 bedroom*, ktchen. Eve ^094. TRAVERSE Crty, bedroom luxury beachfront condornlnlurh* on Eaal Bay. Desgner ktchens, VCR, 4^80, healed pool TRAVERSE CTY - RV alte* wth full fook-u>n.8andy beach, ho tub, WWJammV. Beach Resort»15/ nkjhl > TRAVERSE CTY - Collage* for rent. Sandy beach ho tub, Wn- Jammer Beach Resort.»39O-«50/ wk.»49465 nghtly Moble Home Space ALWAYS SUNNY al Golden HA* Park n Ocala. Large lots, pools, clubhouse, much more. A* low a*»130 a month. (904) «FARMN-GTOM HLL3 ampo/od VT. old.»75/«*»k *!h fua hcjee prhhegoa. catla. Uur^ry. CaHajtlerCpm Lvng Quarter* To Share FARMlNGTON HLLS- Sleepng room, non-srnokw, rr.stura workng adu.1,»50a»k. 476^8<21 GARDEN Cty. ov*1 homa; Hoopng room, l*jndry. Pefer kxlmdua) on afternoon*. Hon drnker prater rod.»250/mo. Reference*. ; 4^ UYONA Furnshed room n a lcre>»v home near 1-9«. Non-smoker, profftsa!onaj raepohabtaperaonoav. Cable4prrv«t*phooe «LfVONtA LARGE room tor 2,.»00 a>week, atno^e.»60 a we»k. Wlchen use. rrva^, non-smoker UYONtA. Ncely fvrnhed *eep-nfl room. Older ^shtoman praferrea Out of towjr welcome. 0»y4/woek. end* NORTHY1LLE >Fumlsh«d, *X condton*}.»80/weok. Wegoj Wheel 1.ounge, Man NORTHVLE alore lop apartment, jrnllhed room for ran. Yu& prm- (ege*. Utflet ncluded.»250 month. Female PRYATeKTRANCE Bath, clean furnlsfted»jeop!ng. V1al9«,U75.8Mefllewburgh»60 weekly REOf 0R0 AREA - Pfymouth 4 Telegraph. Nce furn*hed room. Kltohon prmlege*. UtlttJea fr>duded,»65/ wk. phj* 1 wk. aecurlty depost Ret erenc«*.cafl ROOM FOR RENT Near WesUand Shoppng Center. Can before 10am or after 6pm SOUTHFELO- Q+eUdean room for non-amokng male n 3 bedroom Twuse, cenvat a 4 laundry.»240/ + utmtee «083 SOUTHFELO-S.W. Nce area, clean 4 cjuet. Large room for, female. Mutt tke ca*.»50 per week nclude* utltes 4 laundry FREE EXPR SS FOR TEHAfrS" featured on-. KELLY 4 CO. TV 7 AH A^e*. Tas M, Occupaton*. Background* 4 Ulestyte*. HOME-MATE SPECALSTS Grosnneld Rd, Southed All CTES "SNCE 1976 PAY NO FEE Untl You See Lstngs of "OUAUf ;ED PEOPLE" SHARE LSTNGS FREE CATALOGUE 844 So Adams, Brmngham, Ml. ATTftAQTlVE FumWed 4 bedroom, 24 b»th. Canton home to there whrl professonal gal. Prefer nonamok er.»350/mo. utste* locuded. (Home)?81-669«tY/ork)97^-« lvng Quarters To Share FEMALE non-smoker to «haro North,1^ apart/wr,t.--»370,- per rronlh * one hal low ut^lloa. CalParn FEMALE - Norvs-Tckor wanted to ahara 2 bedroom aptrtmer.l n PhTTOuth-»265 rr^>. plus ututlea. Ca16herr» FEMALE ROOMMATE to Share 2 bodroom apt wth aame n Troy area. Le.a meaaaga FEMALE ROOMMATE/FRJENO wsjad. Non amoker. 12 M?.«4 Mldd*btt. Ava-aWe Sept, FEMALE TO SHARE - Luxury, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, SouthWd apt.»340 + utate*. Near 694, Augfree. Lb*; ^23 AUBURN HLL8 - responjtble V^tt apt. wth aavne. Reference* appredsled. lt MO. rent ptu* Mourtry, ; BEAUTFULLY, decorated vg«2 bedroom. 2 bath apartment (0 hare n Berg/CMc Cenler, Soutffeld e/e*. A NorVamoklng pro!a*«lon*j - nfant Ok«y.»300 pkr* 1/2 utjutlea «BlRMNOHAM - young, tralght, profetsonal male, seekng tame to aha/e noma.»350 month + utfltues COMMERCE - Very large, well furnahed 3 bedroom, 2 bath, tveplaoe, waterfront home, professonal nooamoker desred.»375 per mo. ncludes uuatles *9 FARMlNGTON CHATHAM HLLS Professonal non-moklng atralght male lo ahara 2 bedroom, 1 bath.»290/mo..+ H utstes. Call between 7am-4pm «FARMlNGTON HL6. male Of female, non-»moker. own bedroom and bathroom.»295 a month Pkr* 1/3 utltes 4 aecurlty FEMALE - Lookng lor aame lo ehare large 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment n Someraat, Troy. CaB day* or evenngs, *5 FEMALE TO aha/e 3 bedroom home n W. Bloomflold.»250/mo. + LrtBJt)os.C«JG!«nna FEMALE WANTEO. - To ahf* 3 bedroom home. Laundry 4 klt*eb prtruege*. Royal Oak area FEWALE.. Workng profeaslonal. hen tmofcer, to *har* tame, 3 bedroomftcvnen Garden Cyy.»350.. ncfudea ut^ea «a.1 1 rj- FEMALE young. proe»*!onu lo aha/e 2 bedroom, 2 bath, WesUand apavtmenl»300. mev± utltes FREE ROOM 4. BOARDtoTroy condo n exchange for ewoxjrhafery 20 hour* per week. Ughf housekeepng 4peraonarereof alert educated quad. Nurae or nuralng student pr> terred. Hour* 4 extra pay negotable FURNSHED BEDROOM n apt Ar. pool, TemaJe ony.»65/week + V* electrc Ann Arbor Tral 4 Meatman. Westland GRAPHC OESKJNER wanu prbfesalona person lo»hare FerndaJe apartment»265 per month nclude* uttbtle*. Nce area LARGE ROOM - Waterford area. 10 mnute* from OCC. Can MOTHER - ol 3 work* mdnght* wlahe* to thare Troy home wth female, NOV) male or female to ahara furnshed moble home wlh elderly couple. 2 month* aeourlry depost. *250/monlh t-.utltes.. 624"-5l Lvng Quartere To Share NEED PROFESSONAL non smokng JerasJe r ooovuls to»h.y *?nd 2 bedroom 2 bsh epartmenl n FarrrJr.g!on/Soulr.r.&!d area. Mus. lkeea*. 3J OLDER WOMN aeek* room wth prvlege* k exthfc-««lor cookng, Cghl housekeepng 4 companlonahlp. Ca>l e-** PROFESSONAL dean, non smoker, lookng fr* **ma to share beautful large fskefronl home n W. BrOomlWd. Prtvale room wth bath.»550 per month utjtles ncluded. Ca3 leave rr04a»ge, PROFESSONAL - wanted lo share ne-* VY. Bloomfled cc^do,»600. plus hart utlte*. mmedate occupancy. Reference* , PROFESSONAL female roomat* needed to ahara my Roy*t Oak home, great locaton.» September occupancy «>ROFESSrONAVWOMAHTO aha/e large 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo wth, aame.»325/mo. pk»*utlfltes, socurrty. Cat OK. Farmlngton HHl*r Oey»655-T723 v*» REOFOft.0 - tpadou* SVbedroom home, for. adult*, country aettsng. freplace, bedroom ha* 2 ctoaet*.»2»5 nclude* utahe*. 532^2520 REDFORO - workng adufl rnale, dean 4 Yosponsbe for. a room n house. *305 month pfu* utrjtto*. HoXraeprfytlege* RESPONSBLE ^RSONover 40, preferrabfy non-jmoker. to ahara Grandmonlhomej You pay uthke* 4 mnmal rent ROOMMATE - female, non amoker, wanted to ahara 3 bedroom home, Southfeld Rd «.»228/mo. + 1/3utatl*s- * ROOMMATE wanted lo share We*tland apartment Full utctte*.»250/ MO.pfu*»100deoo»ll «SHARE DELUXE 2 bedroom, 2 bath apt. n SouthrteSd. Tenns, pool aval? able. 4325/mo. + -* uthjlle*. Can Seve al W. BLOOMFELO. Seekng non- mokng. open -mnded m&je to share luxury.2 bedroom apt, wth matufe male, Prfvta bath. End unt laundry.»325. H utrnle* (P,C,n,V7,G-6C)A7<H 421 Lvng Quarters To Share SOUfHFElO EASY accew to rr.a- Jor r««**,», 2 bedroom hog*e, furnuhej, "rw.-4.,-*klr,g lamaje, lso/ mo.p>^*au!j--»s SOUTHFELO, furnshed room, ktchen, laundry, errplo-ed, non-smoklro pr**rred TROY Professonal male lookna for roommate to share furnshed bedroom apt.»350 * securty depost. Can Steben TWO bedr&om Madson Hl». *p>rtmen to thare. Furnshed. CabK. durr<ath«r. Laundry facuttea. «240 + ^Vlues. securty (6 2_ c * WE8TLANO - 60 )<V.eM plu* male needed to ahare bedroom, 2 pt\b fumlahed.corxjo.»240/rrtonlh eludng utdte*. 421.¾ S 4 bedroom.-2 bath, furnshed 8outnfeld, home; washer /dryer, oenlral al/. oasemen.»225/mo. pkj v4 ufl- Wes^vanableSepl fft3? 43a Wanted To Rent ^ BlftMlNGHAM AREA pral«rsa?1, or 2 bedroom apartment lor 5¾^¾ month perod beg!nnjr>g (n Ocm»- aponbe senor... « ; FlORJOACONOO NEEDED Seekng «mo*, lease. 1 or. 2 bedrooms, furnshed 4 dean; Please cejsskyal, Hou»e Slttkg Serv. RETREO PROFESSONAL couple seek* houaesltng stuaton n-suburbs for 6 month* 2 year*. Reference* avalable Garages* Mn Storage LARGE STORAGE 12x55 12x22 9 Ml* 4 F*rmlng(on»285/mo, Caa after 6pm WAYNE. Mchgan 4 Wayne.Rd., area. 30 X 40 commercal storage. Healed and bathroom.»290 month, 684-4*55 YEAR ROUND, storage, 2 ca»hflarege, 19x22, 8 ft door. Perfeoer vehcles or boats. 9 Mle 4 Grand Rver area *20 **-**-.*» EMPLOYMENT 500 Help Wanted. ACCOUNTANT 5 + yeara publc accountng experence requred. Exoeneot opportunty 4 beneft*. Send resume CPA Off- ce W. 10 Mle, St*. 213, Southfleld.M ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE COLLECTOR Establshed servce organzaton seekng a serf motvated, eggresarv* ndvdual for collecton*. Poa-tlon f*<julm good telephone communlcatkw skbl* and a hghly organzed ndrvwual wth the abfllty to handle account reednclbauon*. audt. W5-. ng and caah depoart*. Compettve salary and benefts. 8end resume or cej Me. Thome* GUARfXAN ALARM SouthrWdRd. Southftetd, Ml AEROBC NSTRUCTORS Per Hour Fltneae USA has openngs for erv thueeatc ndrvdual* that are outlned, certfed batructort. Mutt have own routne*. Hour* can be arranged tofyour schedule. Apply Monday thru Saturdty Fenkefl. Detrot ADE - PART TME PERSON needed to care for 47 yr. old atroka vctm (femae). FsVmlngton HMa. CaB Jeannlne at AR COMPRESSOR SERVCE TECHNCAN Fortune 500 ccmpenyrvewce and benefts provded. 8elery\commenusurat* wth experence.»eapond to box 672 Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft fd, LrvonJa, Mchgan ARLNE "^TAREOFF" WTH THE ARLNES LOCAL OPENNGS TO22K Come nto our offce 4 see avalable )obe today. Wl tran 4 experenced «FSght attendant Ground crew Reaervaton* Mechance. Plus many other* CALL Thl* l* not a fob recordng. No gtmmtea. Actual arlne K** avalable for mmedate Mre. ALARM NSTALLER muat be experenoad, card acoeea, CCTV a mual, qualfed only need can to tchedut* an ntervew ALL PERMANENT POSTONS Accountant*. Account Executve Advertsng Aaeembht BenkTefler J18-38K»18-33K T0 32K»7-10/h/.»4-«/hf. 1. STAFF" ACCOXTNTAMT - r^,,-. fob feepoerbwe* nclude monthly VTmande) statement prepsrston j Uyough year end. reel eetat* or l!v.a!cpe»lv manatjemen experence <,.V«ouM be hepm, 4 yr. aecountna r "SJgre* requred and knowledge c4 }. r <otu* muat. Competrtrv* / beneft package avahawe. psseae ;»-*end resume and salary requre-. j*«m*ntjlo6ox«0«t - OWerve* A Eccentrc f^wscepers, J1..»jtKS1 Schootaaft Rd, fvorha, ;»f^hecft»»y*ll50,-{**a«. -..; ytul^.-- ACTVTY CHRtCTOR -t -UV ( ; > t, atupertenced Acthrfty Dtredor need ed Wf a nurafno home factory wwtn,r^*«> SOutWfleld, J*ch»gan radlu*. l nnta send resume n conuoenoe.?<,(#.--., >1 - Wrectof Humen Reeouroes/DRfl #..;- P.O. BOK «424,*.. AnnArbor,M«t07, U "~ An Equal OppOrtwty Employer *-{ ADVERT9NO POSfTON,*«"? Est«bhed trade pvb»ceton la 5«- t***wm*eff-*1arttnflndvdual ^j^ \l h ttmara.ptac* *M». SaM J *-?*sv*a orapmca experence heapfu-,. - W«tran. Ca Rosemary between W-trMMl \-V AEROBC 4 AQUATC netructors, V wjperleftced onfy. Prater oermct- ( A Bon, good pey. Also floor nstructor, «wfl (ram. Unted Hesth Spa « M Admlnlstrattve Agent* 4 Ateetem Menagwr* r-jobs! JOBS! m JOBS ;>; 38 Jmrrwdlnt Op«olro«j.fcvlematlonslyouth orented c-orrve- lft openng 4 new ofl»oe*. Need guy* ±L kff*,e < * P 1 *- Mvtt & en»m 1¾ fv-fe w "HkXrs, enthueeetc netf-rtarfer end J&tolojt* * "? ^.^, f^>0!f t * rpw Week to start. -Cv ftfflltfnlrw X»l A*k for JENNY & t»*c...** »*CROBC NSTftUClOfW. J ^ N»4 W Dowrrown Athletc Oub n dk- ;. J t ^fwogham Can 446-«144 ^ AVlER SCHOOL CAftC DRECTOR m r-t-v L - - Northern Oakland county prvate choc*. Beg*w)no Sept. CaH,647.80«2 at, ; ) Bualneae AdrrWnltrtton»2-39K Casher*»5 50-7/hr. Clercal - Receptlont»6-t0/hr. Computers»18-41K Credt CoHectons»4-12/hr, Customer Servce» 7-9/hr. Dock Work» /hr. WtSstter Drver* LOce + O.T.R)»7-14/hr. Engneer* (AK) To»60K Factory»4-14/hr. General Laborer*»4-9/hr. Oroden po/oo)»7-11/hf. Heatng A Codng»4-9/hr. HlkoDrtW»4-11/hr. Keypunch M/hr. Legal Secretary»9/hr. Loaders»«-8.30/T>r. Mechtr* Operator* (AK)»«.18/h>. MaMtenence J10/hr..Manager* (21-29K Manager Tranee»17-1»K Mechance /rr. Meocel (Al) To»22/nr. McxMMehef - <t<m7/hr.. O«o» Manager»24-3K Packagng»6-«/hr. Producton *8/hr. Qu«Ry Control To»12/hr. 3a**e-ne<eJl 44-9/Tr. Whol«*«k) -»!3-34K Securty»7/hr. Store Manager*»14-24K Telemarketer*»6-11/hr, Welder* (AK)»* 19/rf.< Warehcvee»7-2/7r. And Many. More... ClTYWlOE EMPLOYMENT AOENCY «>%He«uh<Jeb»*»»5F*e " Betler BuHns*) Bureau Memb» 500 Help Wanted AN OPPORTUNTY to use your a/, fstc 4 creatve abltes. t you enjoy floe art 4 pleasant conversaton A consder yourself enthusastc, outgong A creatve, leta dscus* a permanent part tme poston wth natlorudfy known, rapdly expandng Wooden Brd Art GoTeres. 12 Oaks Man tocauon. JlmFarka* APARTMENT MANAGER COUPLE For Brmngham apartment complex. Must have 3 year* experence and rexence*. Apartment 4 ut alles ncluded. Ca Mort-FrL 9am- 5pm; An Equal OpportunJty Employer APARTMENT MANAGER COUPLE for Oak Park epartmenl complex Mus have 3 year* experence and references. Apartment 4 utltes ncluded. CaB Moru-Frt. 9am-5pm An Equal Opportunty Employer APPLANCE REPARMAN Experenced. All applances 4 mekee.after6pm, Troy ARE YOU Reflabks 4 Trustworthy? Prompt? Carng? Youll lke Merry Mads. Weekfy pay. Monday-Frday, daytme hours onry. Car needed. Cahtodayl ART Fu» tme postons avalable tor ml nor art work on photographa. We ww tran. Must be ebefo work overtme 4 somestturday*. Art experence helpful. Startng pay»5.15 per hr. Rases 4 promoton* based on performance. ApprY North Amercan Photo, Schoolcraft. Uvona.M.. ART GALLERY WOES Part-tme 4 FufMlme Job* Avalable Park West Gallery seeks gallery ade*. Responsbltes nclude Hangng art n the gallery, delverng art to clents homes at well as nstallaton n ther envvonmenl, Dghl pantng 4 general mantenance. Part-tme postons requre a mnmum ol hours per week. Flexble schedules may be arranged. Applcatons accepted Monday thru Frday, 9.00am-4.OOpm a. PARK WEST GALLERY 2?459 Northwestern Hghway Southfleld. Ml 440*4 ASSEMBLY POSTONS mmedlale postons avalable for dependable ndvduals al a plastcs company dcaled n the Novt/ Wtxom area. 8hft hour* 7am-330pm, startng pay»5-»525/fr. - Call lor an ntervew SOMEBODY SOMETME ASSEMBLY 4 PRODUCTON Worker* Needed for growng plastcs manufacturer. Opportuntes are tvaeb* on Day 4 Afternoon shfts.»^tt^hr.-flptok«perfourte*tarl. Beneftte. Apply n person swrence Plastc*, nc Oekley Park fd. Wafted lake, Ml AMERCAN HEART ASSOCATON NEEDS PHONE OPERATORS Mon. thru Frl, 9am to 1pm and 5pm to 9pm. Poehon to begn Sept. 3. Can (313) ANMAL HOSPTAL seek* m*xe person who kes an*nef* 4 people for vared Cut**. Reefy 10 P.O. Box 100». Roy* Oek. Mk* 440«APT.MANAGRCOLTpTf Huebend A wtfe teem to manage luxury apartment rynmynlry n Fermoglon H«*. Pror»p#nmenl manager experence a mun. Excellent sery A beneft lo rtaht canddate*. Cel for appotntmertl K»ft«n Enttw prsma, nc. _ 352^800 ^ AWHTECTUAtyNTEfldfl e»pervsnoed dtafl person needed for raptdhr growng aoorseefve rataa desgn fvm. txos#rrt detswng and proved meneyftnent #*t needed. Auto CAD experence muet. Send reeum* tc. Box 542, Obeever A FccentrW newspapers, Schootcraft Rd, LrvonW, Mchgan ASSSTANT MANAGER lor retaa operaton located W Northwest suburbs. Send resume A salary requrement* lo Box 5«4, Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspeper* choc4craf Rd.. Uvoma, Mchgan ASSSTANT MANAGEMENT CRAZY WKLY Expandng wholes te company needs MS.CRAZY r^mdu*** lo manage new locaton, f you lke money, musc 4 havng tun*t work. CetlSuze Help Wanted ASSEMBLY Wndow Wnd manufacturer now acceptng appncatlon for Sght manufacturng producton work. Applcant must know how to read a measurng tape lo wtthln 1/8 of an nch. *nd be ava^able the week of Fua tme posaons wth beneftl*. Appfy m person onry W. 8 Mle Rd.. Farmlngton (2 bfte. E. of Farmlngton Rd.L - ASSSTANT MANAGER Depend a bte couple needed to assst n management of attractve apt. communty located n Oea/bom Hs. Mantenance experence requred, good salary, apl A beneft*. Can between 9-« ASSSTANT MANAGER - front end. Large retaa operaton. Fast paced demandng envronment Exlenerve responjburtles. Growth opporturj- Uee. Mnmum 1 yr casher experence. College tranng A produce experence a plus. Reaume to Lena, Oak Farm* Frut Market Cootdge. Oak Park, Ml ATHLETC SUPPLY Management Tranee to»20,000 a year. Can earn»35,000 up n 1¼ year*. FuB benefts. College and/or aale* experence a plus. Employment Center nc. Agency ATTENDENT8 WANTED female/mae, needed for fufl serve ga* A ca/ wash, fun A part tme postons are avalable, ca or apply n person Colony Car Wash, 302 W. Ann Arbor Rd. Pfymouth ATTENTON ao cert/fled aerobc nstructor*, lockng for mors hours?! More fun?l Mora money?! Varety of hours a varable, classes startng kt early FaH Call Cndy for an epptal ATTENTON STU0ENT8/0RA0S/0THERS»7.05. TO START Flexble around ceaeea Scholarshps. nternshps avanable Marketng department CaH9*m-9pm ATTENTON»10 per hour to start. Men 4 women lo fll poston* n marketng, customer servce, area repreeenlatrve, delvery, manager tranees. No experence necessary due to company tranng program. Frnge beneflta and pad vacatons. Csa only «you can start kmrnedeefy ATTENTON yr.ows FREE TRANNG JOB SKLLS AVALABLE N Auto Technology - Buldng Malntence CAD CAM Clercal/Word Processng Computerzed Accountng Culnary Arts Electroncs Hearth Occupaton Prntng Technology Other Course* Avalable. Contact, WAYNE WESTLANO COMMUNTY 6CHO01S For quamcatlons 59&_-2314 _1 Ah Equaf Opporfur.rr/ Employer AUTO CAD yrs. Work experence background n electro mechancs! engneerng.»28-» Ray Greene Personnel «AUTO DEALER n need ol parts counter person. Experence preferred. Appfy n person at Joe Dwyer Vorvo-Suberu Orapd Rh-er. AUTO DEALER needs experenced offce manager. Deerborn local on. Toyc a experence preferred. For nformaton please cah LaFontstneToyola, AUTO GLASS NSTALLERS -- Expereoced prefsf rsd, good drhtno record. Rochester arse. 2* A1ENTON Ot»n Mfls s now Wrng part l^>«evenngs for phone sses. K you enjoy sfktng on the phone and makng moneyc*\3pm to9pm ASSST ANr TRANEE _..NOW HRNG»300»400 Weekly Average Needed to hre krvnedstsfy careermnded ndvduals for nernstlonaj whow«e*e outlet. NO EXPERENCE NECESSARY Chosen applcants must be wt.g to leern somlnlstrston, persor>ner, sates 4 markellng. To arrange for a personal ntervew call Mr. Jsmes, t ATTENTON General Help Fortune 500 Company hs* ful tme openngt n Canton sre* for perspnsrjs people Prons earl mmedaefy n set up/d*f lay. Rapd advancement Pad vacatons. No ekporlenco necessary. Guaranteed ncome. Cvr expendng company has OpportunSe* for tho*s wf.h sfrtcer* desre to work. Must have own car 4 be 18 A o<der. For ntervew* on TuesdeycsJ. < /( AUTO GLASS NSTALLER; Experenced. Hourly pay plut beneft*. Good workng condtons AUTO MECHANCS Shop specalzng n exhaust, brakes, and front end seek* energe".< enthusastc persons. Wsorer;_....^,.,.r.,._,.. Hourly pay plus overtme FenJbe h-xr* Health benets Pad ho^deyt, Postve slmospn we Lesttrkl THE MUFFLER MAN 26610M<h>g4nAvs AUTO MECHANCS NEEOEO Wesjde deevthp. Must be muster cert lf *} 3 5 yw>t «>p*r«vce preferred. Beneflls 4 rstremenl vstsble. Appfy n person s 30J50 Or and Rver Farmlngton H<"» Help Wanted AUTOMATC SCREW MACHNE Seekng a person wth Davenport experence. Mus be quauty orented. Pay commensurate wflh experence. Overtme, medcal, dental, beneft package. For appt. Calt Help Wanted BRl DO PORT OPERATOR Fxture bunder. CNC helpm. Must be experenced. Apply n person Pfymouth Rd, Plymouth. AUTOMATC SCREW MACHNE operator A set up personnel Experenced on Acmes, Days/nchts. Apply Newburgh. lvenla AUTOMATC SCREW MACHNE Acme operators, days A nghts. Fua Ume, beneft*. Experence requred. Apply at North ndustral Dr.. North of Grand Rfver between Haggerty and Halsted. AUTO MECHANC Must be certfed and experenced n exhaust and brakes. Excellent pay/ Blue Cross. Lvona. Top Value Muffler Automotve General Servce Tranees TVe work and ol changes. Advancement opportuntes. Full lme, mmedate openng*. MARCH TlRB CO. PJCK AUTO PANTER mnmum 10 year* experence wth good reference*. Rand/* Collson; Farmlngton HfBa, AUTORECONOmONlNO Futl tme A part tme poston*, wlng lo l/aln lor. ca/ cleanng. Ptymouth area AUTO TECHNCAN Front end steerlno knowledge requred. Ford Lncoln Mercury experence preferred. Excellent pay. good beneft*. Contact Bob McLaughln- *t Bob Bcrst Lncoln Mercury Troy AUTO TECHNCANS - Heavy techncan needed lor GM dealershp. Must have GM engne experence. Compettve wagea 4 benefts. Apery Olson OMsmobOe, Grand RrVer. or can Mke; AUTO TECHNCAN Fu8 Servce. Must be Certfed and have own toola. New pay plans, PrecHco Tune s growng AUTO TRM NSTALLER. Experenced. Hourty pay plus benefts. Good workng condtons BAKERS ASSSTANT - d«y 4 afternoon shft wanted. Keego Harbor. W. BloomfTetd area BAKERY ASSSTANT needed nuvonle, 730AM-2 30PM cr2pm-7pm C*8AM-3PM BAKERY MANTENANCE PERSON deal for early retree, mornngs days/wk. Ho weekends or afternoons. Also, we need someone to help us make the best bread n town (afternoons). Appfy n person Tuee - 8at Burghardte Bakery, W. 7 Ml. corner of Farmng- on Rd. BANKNG REPRESENTATVES Oua to the openng ol several new branch offloea, Sterlng Savngs Bank ha* entry level career opportunte* avakabw for Bankng Represent sthves. SuccessU candwales must be sef-mouvaled, pleasant 4 profeeetontl, A work web wtth people. Effectve oommunlcston skw*. math apttude A problem somng skms, accurate typtng/dtla entry skll* also requred. Prevous bankng or customer servce e«psrence preferrw. Startng offers opportunty for advanoemer.t,. salary pk* commsson A Ml beneft* package. Pleeee apply n person or send resume to Personnel Dept, Sterflng Savng* Bank, Northwetlern Hwy., Sle SoulhWd. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer BEAUTY SAVON RECEPTONST. Part or fun tme for eejon n Northwee t area. Experence not necessary BODY PERSON APPRENTCE wanted lb prepare cars lor body work. Wn tran. Plymouth area. Ask for Jerry 9am-Spm BOLTMAKER SET-UP OPERATOR Large dlemeler specalty par*. Mnmum 4 veer* experence. Excetert pay A benefts. Prvrrvouth/Canton area. Respond lo M York, 6672 PettyrrWe Rd, Plnckney, Ml BOWLNG CENTER - Pn Jumper Experence fx*e»r*d AMF Mayflower Lanes Pr,-n-.ojlh Rd.nedlord. BULDNG NSPECTOR. Charter Townshp of Canton s acceptng appocalohs lor a fuo-ume BuDdng nspector. Possesson of current BuOder* Lcense ssued by the Stale of Mchgan preferred. -Must secure a State of Mchgan ceruflcatlon as a Bundng nspector and plan Revewer wthn 8 months of employment. Rate of pay»13,90 hr. plus excsoent beneft*. Last Mng date Aug. 23. t991. Appfy at Canton - Townshp Personnel. OMtloo, 1150 S. Canton Center Road, Canton. Ml 4414«. An Equal Opportunty Employer. CAD OPERATOR Gong to school? lust graduated? MRM AJr Products s lookng for an ndvdual to run our Auto Cad Systems. Must have experence A workng knowledge of Auto Cad 9. f vou are a sefl starter, motvated A a creatve ndvdual send resume to C.S.. MRM Ar Products. P.O. Box 354 Novt ML CANVASSERS For Home mprovement Company SOMMSSrON Pad Hlgh.CO! Can Sam 9AM-10AM , CAMPUS POUCE OFFCER Eastern Mchgan Unversty has an mmedate need for Polce Offcer* (o perlorm puboe **(ety and securty functon* on the Unversty cam- pus. OuaDflcatons Hgh school dploma.or the equfvalen combnaton of educaton and experence s necessary. M.C.L.E.OT.C. cenncalon * requred. (Persons who are hot currently certfed need not apply). Possesson of a vand Mchgan Drlvera Lcense s necessary. An Assocate* Degree and pror experence as a polce offcer or other drectly related law entorcemen experence s desrable. Salary s 20k plus excellent beneft package. nterested person may submt, by 5pm, Frday, August 25, a resume wth copes 0! M CLE O.T.C. certfcate and drlvera lcense 16 Poston CPBF Kng Haft Eastern Mchgan Unversty,-. Ypslantl. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer MATURE EXPERENCED Caregvers needed. 2 par tm«postons avalable at the Wesrand Kmdercare. 4W-1950 CARPENTER. E>; N. Oakland area, rm^^ references x 500 Help Wanted BUSNESSANO ACCOUNTNG MANAGER Establshed and growng law frm located n Troy requres a dedcated, aggressve and trustworthy employee tor key poston as Busness and Accountng Manager wth a recent oooege degree and a grade polnl average above 3.6. Must have fnancal skbls capable ol malntanlno the nternal accountng (general ledger, account* recevable, etc.) and related functons OncJudlng psyrofl tax returns) of the frms fnancal accountng records on a Law* computerzed accountng software system wth an BM 3«computer, and the desre to meet the every day challenges of handng the busness alfar* of a medum szed law frm. Excellent career opportunty wth 4 exxnpeutfve combenssoon package Send reaume wth salary hstory and requrement to Personnel W. Long Lake, Troy, Ml Help Wanted CAB COMPANY seekng drvers A dspatcher*. Also need a mechanc w/alr condtonng experence. Call tor applcaton CABNETMAKERS lor retal store fxtures. Must be experenced. Peaae caa between 14 3pm «CABNET MAKER Experenced - an phases of cabn try CARPENTERSWANTEO wtth framng experence CARPET CLEANER Permanent poston. Job leader. Hgh qualty resdental CARPET CLEANNG TECHNCAN wanted. 2years mnmum experence requred. WesUand. Only dedcated workers need appfy CARPETNO CLEANNG TECHNCAN Full/part lme. CaH for detals. Great Lakes Chem-dry CASHER for gft shop. Blue Cross Buttdmg Downtown. Mon. thru Frl., 8arh- 4pm. Can leave name A telephone number for ntervew CAR WASH ATTENDENT8 - Frendly outgong ndvduals for dryng cars and customer servce st Mr. Glow Car Wash n Northvfe. Days, arernoons or weekends. Good workng condtons and. flexble houre. Appfy n person st Belanger, nc oheny C. or call M*^c^a-* v-fv -j *v UU>«fn r^r ar- CAREER OPPORTUNTES Ful tme postons avalable n a professonal photo fnshng lab No experence necessary. Mrst be able to work overtme and some 8aturdsys. Startng pay»5.15 per hour. Rases and promotons based on performance. Apply North Amercan Photo, Schoolcraft. Lvona, Ml CAR WASH ATTENDANTS/ Cashlers/Oeta0efS/8a)es - ful tme postons stvahtble for tufl servce wash kxelsd on Ford Rd. 4 HU n Canton. Oay*. afternoons, weekends.»4.50-*5.50/hr. pendng poston. Appfy n person st Mr Gkrw Car Wash Ford Rd. or cas CASHER Full and part tme poston* avalable. Appry wthn Aba/Ve Bottle A Basket 190 North Hunler, Brmngham. CASHERS NEEDED, part Ume, flexble hours, possble fub Ume. Alt shrflt avalable. Apply al Mobl Ol, Orchard Lake Rd. comer of 12 Mle. 6am to 2pm. Mon. thru. Frl. CASHERS A 8TOCKPERSONS FuH and par tme. Flexble schedules. Vacatons, 40.1K. Appfy at Randezzo Frut Markets, 6701 Newburgh, at Warren. WesOand or Joy Rd, *l Telegraph. Dearborn Heghts. - CERTFEO TECHS Motvated, career mnded ndvduals needed to fw enry-levet and experenced postons. Beneft* nclude. nsurance, pad vacaton, and addtonal Honda tranng. nterested ndvduals can Ose Uske. Servce Manager, at Rosenau Honds n nkjter Al ntervews held n sulc est confdence, CHEMST Wth experence n (qualty assurance. BS or MS n Organc or norganc Chemstry. 2-5 years experence n metal workng or food A beverage ndustry. Knowledge ol cleaner*, stampng compounds. Salary negotable. Send resume to Box 634. Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd, Uvonla, Mchgan 4«150 CHLOCARE Assstant Must lovs workng wth nfants A toddlers, ful tme, Farmlnglon HUs area.»5/hr. leave message H«lp Wanted - ;. CASHERS- FuH Ume poston avalable, experence preferred, beneft* nclude medcal, dental A vacston...;.. Appfy n person onfy.. JOES PRODUCE 33152W.7M3e-lvoo!a... CEMETERY GROUNDS KEEPERS Fu3 and part tme. Appfy 9an>4pm Beth BMemoral Park AMffe Rd..Lfvona., 421¾¾) CHANGEYOURUFE Start anew career n re*j estate,; today. CeJ Ern Walsh s 35«-7/f 1 REALESTATEONE CHAUFFEUR for bu*y OmouWhe servce. Must have experence- fua and part lme avalable. Please/tal 9AM-5PMMon.-Frl. «26*282. PLYMOUTH PRE-SCHOOL la acceptng appocatoh* for experenced fre-school Teacher to yrork half day n the mornng. We also have openngs for-part tme after- ; noon Chd Care AJdee. deal for college student. \ CHLD CARE ASSt3TANT8 Par tme for toddlers Morv-FrL, 2-4pm A Tue*.-Tnur*., 715-2pm." Also Part tme for school aged ohsdren 1-530pm. Must have educaton A experence. Apply n person 3880 W. 6 Mle. Lvona..- CHLOCARE HOME ;, Needs mature person to assttl n qusflry care for chldren n a preschool envvonmenl Must b{ ^patent and love chldren. Hours,_ 930-6pm. Leave message 6«L&33 CHLOCARE STAFF for Lfvonla. preschool. College cmd development requred CLARENCEVUE 8NOOL8 - hrng latch key ades, certfed man teacher, and AB E nstructor. CeJ for salares and schedulng, CHURCH CUSTOOAN < Ful tme poston avalable lo ha/dworklng ndvdual wth postve per sonaty. Most be a serf-starer. berleflu nckde Major medcal, denal, vacaton and unfforms. AppfjcarrCs appfy n person, Mon-Fr between 9am-4pm to KRK N THE HLLQ W. Long Lake Rd.. BtoomWd HH*. Ml "» MMEDATE OPENNGS ACT NOW Long term day shft avalable for experenced crcut board assembler PACKAGNG Assembly warehouse Entry level jobs avalable n the Lvona. Plymouth Canton and Wayne areas No experence necessary Must wave relable transportaton. 2 peces of D Beneft package offered CALL TODAY General Management Servces Farmngton Rd. Sute 104 Lvona. Ml ASSSTANT DRECTOR PLACEMENT OFFCE..,. -. * > Newy. created poston fo growng- plocemejt ] offce.....! Provde coeet odvce, mortet pogronns oocj}; se.mces,. osssf n rrxrogernert n compus of- - lecrutng ptogrom ond job lstng syslerns. *.")*, Wnmurh requrements ore o 13001^10^5 Degreo,v knoa^edge of employee abty skds and busnesv carecs, sae^nxrkotrvg expedence & cornpufe!j lterocy. Must be avo ab)o soma oan/ ovonngj. *; Send resume and sakary tequemenls lo -> Personnel Offce 1-^ - Walsh College 3838 Llvernols " Troy, Ml _vj; -JU AUTOMOTVE TECHNClANS New car dewer fnds t n«c*s»ary lo e>p*r<d ft* servce opwslon. W* are n6w acceptng appncsor.s n hefohowfngareea LWHT REPAR teavv REPAR TRANSMSSON DfllVEABtUTY Wa offer securty wth 60 year frm, 6 dsy workweek, company p*>d benefts, ooettenl comoenmton pro- ^am. Donl ml»* W* opportunty, pfy n person Ford Rd.. See John vtss. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MANAGERS, ASSSTANT MANAGERS & LEASNG CONSULTANTS Vllage Green Management Company, a leadng natonal propertymanagementfrm headquartered n Farmlngton Hlls, Mchgan wll be schedulng ntervews for on-ste personnel n the Metro Detrot area. deal canddates should possess excellent wrtten ard verbal communcaton sklls. A strong sales and/or customer servce background helpful. Pror apartment management experence or background n hotel management along wth a collegeeducaton benefcal. Attenton to detal, great ENTHUSASM and a professonal mage are a must. We offer top compensaton, tranng, tuton rembursement and a strong beneft package. Snce we wll be attemptng to schedule ntervews quckly, please provde a daytme and evenng phone number and send resume whch MUST nclude salary hstory n strct confdence to VLLAGE CREEN MANAGEMENT COMPANY Northwestern Hwy., Sute 300 Farmlngton Hlls, Ml t H r s r, Attn Thomas Unger Vllatfc bfcen WWWWHP M m eoua orporwsm Mt>L0YC* AR TRAFFC CONTROLLERS 25,000 TO 68,000) No Experence Requred Under 31 YcaraOf Age Hgh Schools Dploma or G.Efjf». U.S. Ctzenshp Requred >. Full Pay Whllo Tranng Postons AvaaWo n Local Area FREE ORENTATON! m mm. Holday nn Detrot Metro Arport S * t W ^ 3f 200 ndustral Expressway M^^K Romulus, Ml m * Tw«, ( %m2wp.».9ft!00p;f\ Call or H-Tech Research Corp. CNEMARK THEATRES NOW HRNG M/WAGEMfNT & STAFF for stale of, the ol 16 screen move theater openng soon at the Unversal Mall n Warren, Ml* Benefts and advancement possbltes. f youre loo\ng l"or ectemcnl and a challengng career (hen CNEMAKK s lookng for you. Stop by and see wlul \st? can work out for you or send resume (O SCA Prostatc c/o TERRACE CNEMA Plymouth ROAC Lvona, Ml

25 CHUO CARE TEACHERS 4ADES NUonV accredted t-j-ncy has M fd part tlrr.a pos-t^rutoday c center. Requres erpcrlonce workng wth nfwts, toddler* w.vpre-kr-ool; (xb.df es/fy chm- -, hood «*xtv<^. Apt-y s*ton. st.vtooenl Sarah FUh*r, nkster Rd CH;LOREN3 SHOP Safes Assstant, M twr.*/p*r1 Cm*. Jon Ct\3d<*ns Orchard natonal t ancttse of cwj- dc6ns res** toutlque* M a M <ff*/psrt lme»»! assstant ^Ctaerful, frendly atmosphere h«tp- ~lng mom 4 kd*. Ratal experence preferred. Ce.1 today CNCOPERATOR/PlOGRAMW? ff^^ wth crussdor M C0r,lro7? CAD/CAM progrerrm.rvg MpM. Fu3 benefts ncludng 401K, AdfOrdarea r COLLEGE8TUDENTS For to* Oeem Trucks. Routes n U.onle 6 suburb*. Mus have dean CVMng record. Apply, PonguS/ ce Cuffl, Sdvootcrafl, Uvonla 1-Jpfl 6J CLEAN HOMES, day* Mon-Frl.O*n <*r, 15-)7 t*. Nce-workng condl Kan. please apply Toes, Wed. & Frl 1 9-J?aon-1l30a.T, Park»M» pl&* 3"l«FJy»MJ»^M> &^ jclranlno PERSON-PART TME for Fermlnalon Hjt» apartment com- 5p<X. WOOporhour. Noexperence rfooessary , r/ CLEANNG PERSON ;- Need^ o dean bar. -, -.--fam-oamduty. Mob«lounoe ;C*l1on ^9770.CLEANNG PosTot^PAfl TME Tor Senor CttUen apartment* n FyslAftoo Ha*. deal lor retree or UlodenLCaV" v«clercal. - ;,^ MESSENGER mmedat* openng lor dependable "person. 15 orotov to workpartrtrf* weekday* a ft General OftSce.- Clerk ahd MMWW. deallor ooceg* ftudaot Work mlfjmumol - f-nour*. 5 day* per week, arrange.(pm your schedule. Mu»l have retjswe car wth nsurance and good record. *476 per hour + 34 < per mf 11 Mle and lnk«ter Road A/a*. \CeJ Nancy COMMEa-CAL CARPENTERS Mala) atuds, drywab, Suspended C«llV>9». Whad WCHX«1<. Mjjl ba amwkxu & mo>l hava AKk & 100¾. 2«-0285 COMMTTMENT DEDCATON -EXCELLENCE Tha a our co<rtpny» mottol Ooa o V*. oounuy la»l«t orowno mas ordar comparr/ haa rul 1Sm«6p«r»- jno lor 6ftfKrt( MUc paopta. Kn»r-W/lw. tjcoj wth eomplala OanV rtt. paw baryta lfk*jd^ proa aharlftj. hoah rauranea. vacatora hoflday. Bacons a rr*< of tfta nvoal dynamc maaord«r conv part/auhkrrvyjuavy.. < CUPefaory»o(;35H700 - COMPUTER SOFTV/ARE CO. n &o-jlf,r^d t*v>» an t>f<yhcko4 p«aoo lor l(» aoft*a/e locf^al Mjst l»ra e»lo<. v,-a PC a«p6rl«nca. 0/30d communk^tk>n»kj.»p«k^ca.ctb 6J9-59M COH3TRUCTJOM SUPEnHTEN- DANT r» d«d lor cvst&m bulldar. Oao/aa pfefwrod. 10 yr» a>pwlar<a. Retrf/ P.O. Do* Fa/mlr>9lonHl!.Ml4&333 COHTROUER - reptdf/ p/o*^ r^m r**d» eonl/ptsar»flrt backoround n U* oqufpftwl kalng ndotry & rr.anacaral aoeo-jnunj lor mvx.fa^lgrcra. W«pro-da an exc«!on opportunty for an aogrejalva a dadjcaled ndmdya). Exeal. tenl oornoonaalton lucrat^a a<ju(fy nyawp potanlaj. Coma jto*»+h u». Malta U>e raxllew yea/a Q«n«rala reward* that VJ tal a Ula- Hma. HOT JUST A JOB - BUT A FU TURE, Ca3^l3-eM-«1»1 ClERK TO nput and l/ack MaJntananoa PM and work <x<s«n. Tactcal backpround davad. 7.00/ 9 00, baneflla. Sand fmurna o Mr. Smth, PO Box 3V7, Troy. Ml 4*343.. aervwarehouse PERSONNEL ;- KQHLAKD SUPEftSTOREShaa m-. modlata oper>na for wvarvouaa a,- offlc* paraonnel at our WeaUand Stora FuS & par tme poaltona ara.av^abe and Kextbte acr>adytes ara >R*adad. Clercal )ob dutlea kduda 4to ant/y, caahjerng, poona 6on Mart 4 oocd vwbaj commonteaoon aksa. Wareoouaa fob dutea loduda >T«enlory oontrol& cuatomar.«adrvoa. Wa oflar an axceftanl, banefta packaga ncludng pa<d vacaoon, 401{KL profll aharlnq, ^¾¾ en empfoya* dscount. Peaaa apply n paraoo al; ~ *615 Warran Rd.. Wealland.. Equal Opportunty EjnpJoyar M/F. COMMUNCATONS SPEOAUST... NONPROfJTAOEfCY Mnmum baohelora dagraa o puboo feuuon*. eornmurtcauora, or «(atad Wd wtn 2/yra experanoa. Canddata moat hava e«ad«n wrttan/ oral oornmuntcauon akw. apodal vama, pubbc apaaklno & cdmmunt. t rjavalopmart axparlanoa ta a p«u». Sand rasumaa o PO Box»34, Wtyr»,M49lS4byAua 30,1W1 CLOSER/PROCESSOR Mul hav«troa nsurance axperv anoe. Sa^rr oommensurala wlh axportenoa. Cool act Tony Alcala or Joe A/eel n Farrrtogtoo H* for nlervlew appontment. A COHECTrONS - heavy cofectloha of Accounu Reoehrablea lor leaotog healthcare oroanaalton; ndmdua). rnyat have pravkxrt cobectlona a rpedenca and aboty to cornrnunlcala alfacthrary. Send resume wth aajary hulory o; StraJghl nc. - PeraorvW Oaody Bhrd.. SL Pe?efbwg. FKx1da Commefdal ReaJ Estate "-" Postons open lor dosng Offcer A Sales poraon. Experence needed. TrUe exparono* a c*j». Peaaa respond to Box 516, Observer 4. Eccenrk; Nawspapar. 362SV Schoolcraft Rd. Uvonla. Mchgan 4«SO ; Egual Opporlunrty Employer - M/F.COMPUTEROONSUUANT - nternatonally affwated Southfeld CCA. frm seek*degreedndmdual -»flh al feast two yaara of P.C. and rcmofk conauflng experence. SuccesM candldale wd have demonstrated marketng and communlce Hon awns. Puble accounlng spa- T~«nce pratar.rad, axcallenl JA compensaoon end beneftta package..* atoog wrlth CjuaJty work envronment.- jnd opportunrty for growth. Please aend resume wth aajary roourementa o." UnlormaUor Systema Olredor " SCHMALTZ 4 COMPANY. P.C. -; Frankln Rd..»50 -*- SoulhBeW. Ml. 4*034 COMPUTER ORAPH1CS ARTST noed OrapWca Artsl to produce computer-ganaraed graphl«a {a!dea, ransparondea and/or hard copy on Mac ntoah system usng AWua Freehand, Pegemaker & Persuason software for preaenuuona/ propose!*. Msy assst n desgn of brochurea 4 advertsng malerlala. Poaroon requremertta - bachojora degree n Fne & Appsed Arts or equrrajent work exporenoe; axpertanced n usng SSmm *»de Km records/a n conjuncton wth Postscrpt werpetera 4 exceuarjl verbal 4 wrtten communfcalloo skjfta. Salary range 1B E>oeOent beneftta package.. Send resumea onfy to Mrs 8oyd, 700 Fsher Buldng. Detrot, Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer. COSMETCS.BOTAMCAC. Fu*/part tme, nallona/varnstlor^l travel,. Mercedes Benx program, 59-43<4 Aug t3,7pm. CUrlor Ho!*. Farmlngton H.Us. COUNTER.HELP, no experence necessary W tran n BcVal dasgn. Fu* or part tme. The ^rofassooal Florst, Southhofd 4 Rochester Hfls. Sentor»w«ooma. Call J HelpWantod CUSTOMER SERV/CE. PRPFESSOKA NsUorftlde stock broker heado/jar tcrod n OeVcJt s lookng lormaturs kvr.mjaj o work n Customer Strvce Dopl. Profwrcd appr<anu should have 1-2 years sxpwtonce n handsng customers questons 4 probtom-somng. Ths s an das! petton <x the rght canddate lo advance n the brokerage ndustry. Fun bonefl package avalable Forward resume 4 salary roqulremanls to CvjJomar 8ervloa Prolaaslooal,P.O. 80x779 Cr>trot.M4«2jr. COUNTER MANAGER For dry cleaner*. Mus be mature. relable 4 have counter 1 experence. SomereoVCaanera. ;» * f CO0R1ER3 HEEOE6, Fu«or par tme. Suburban Oetrott A/aa, Excellent d/mng record. Resume P.O. 130x285, Sytvanla. Oho, CPA - Career opportunty wth a growng Troy CPA frm for an ndvdual wthfestrong tax background. We offer compettve salary 4 frtngaa. Partnershp opportunty lor the rght ndmdual wttlng to share fesponsmjj0es.-3.ya. pubbc accountng experlonce preferred. Send resume lo Box 612, Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspapers, Schoolcraft Rd. Uvonla, M ~ CREDT/COLLECTONS 3 years oommerdal experence necessary. Professonal. Typng end cornpuer roquvod Berkley. Send resume and salary requremenls lo Box 404 Observer & Ecconlrlc Newspapers, 3825t Schoolcraft Rd, Urorta, Mchgan COMPUTER OPERATOR mmedate Mdnght shft openng for art ntermedate Computer Operalor wtth 2-3 yea/a techncal experence worklna wth large BM Manframe VM/MVS Operatng Systems. Exooflont oral and wrtten communcaton ak»s. Some achedulod weekend overtme. Exoeflent beneftta Send resume, lncxk>lng salary hstory 4 requrements to Personnel AdmWstrator Automated Martetlng Systems Evergreen Rd^Ste. 400 * SouthWd, Ml 4607«(313) FAX (313) CONSTRUCTON Engneerng Company requre* fuh tme Ppng Estmator. Mus have master plumbers foenae. -.- = COOKNG CLASS Ktchen Assstant. Fun teamng experence, part tme. Apply Ktchen Qlamdr Oreat Oks Ma, Rochester Apply n person 623 W. 9 M3«. ferndeje, between 10-4 pm. Customer Servce Progress^ lnsurar<e corr.pany has a poston avalable for a leam-orlentod ndrrsdual wth the fooowng experence ExtensN-a telephone background CRT axpor*nce Problem aomng abwoes OraJ 4 wrtten communcaton ; Hour* for poston are; 9;30am-6pm. Moa. Frl.FuB beneft package. An Equal Opportunty Employer -.- H nerasled pleaaecafl Human Rasource on August 13 between» 4pm, ask for Rosarve or J-& ; %. NO PHONE CAL8». PROR TO A.UO. 13 PLEASE. 500 Help Wanted DRECT CARE " STAFF WE-B mangod area group homos K(Srq %\Kty), c*rng stall 10 fr&rve d*.«fopr^ntall/ d sabod eduu retldor.l*. Varlet/ of shft*. Blue Cross/ Bua SrJadfc-suranoe.Competve wage*. Can losm^pm; BVVrae ej9360«ovarbornhts Radford; Wastlarvd DRECT CARE STAFF neodod lor Uvorta Group home. Afternoon 6 mkwghls. *6. par hour to stsrt. Progressve wed run organuauon. CM Jacke al DESGNER.-CHECKER vqetaller Custom MkhMe M anulacturar Growng company lookng fpr qualfed Tndjvtduals. n engneerng capacrty MochanlcaJ background requred usng AUTOCAD. Famtaartty wth drawng practce* 6 standards a must OesJgner/Checker requred, mnmum 6 years experence n specal machne/fxture desgn.- Strong math 4 geometry background checker poston a must. DetaSer requred mnmum of 2 year* experence n drawng 6 removng detals from desgner layoua/asserably." Beneft package, compettve wth ndustry. Submt resume wth f requrements to Mke Terran a. technology 6. Electronca Ar Gage Co., Gbson, Wa" DESGNERS 4\CHECKERS Board 4. CAD. Mln/nym 5 yra; gage 4 ftxture expererwe requred. Overtme, fuh benefa.vecrate*. Poerte*sGage,nc \ DRECT CARE 8TAFF, needed wfth behavoral adufl coents wtr a dosed head njury. Experence preferred. Relable Uansportatlon roqurod. fvk 4 par tm* postons avasab*. Please send resume or apc*y n person lo Personal Therapls! tncj 33*» 5 Mle,UrorJ*,M HelpWantod ORAfTS P ERSON/DETALER V/Sttlda a<jlomo!lro pn* euppter b tookk-o for a capobla, hrdr.orkto VfXMH lo M poj.t^y n produ;l er^rreorr»j. CAD lra>jr-o 1» a fajs. Selsry corjt^nsural* wth ax- PWonce. Plrso aond r«*>r* wtth saury ft5jvl/err*nt«lo eox 576, Observer 4~ Eccentrc flajpsp>er*, M51 Schoolcraft M<Wg an Rd, Uron;*, DWVER/MA1NTEHANCE PERSON RataS company seek* proleeefcnsl, tt«9 groomed, responsble ndmdual wtth chauffeur* lcense. Must hare twtro do general mantenance 4 tam thng. Vr* u» aooklng depend-»bta, alert, hardworkng ndmduas. (Entryle-.-eflLCeS Ho!p Wanted DRVEru-rVAREHOUSE - Entry kvelposton ava^sble for full tme help. Must hjajst be able to gel chtutfewa Bccrrfe.-Hca-r/ kft/>g roqutod. Appr/ «1 R. J. Loods. 2*655 W. 7 M^e. Uvonla OFWERNEEOED. FULL TME Must have good drvng record. Apery n person Detrot Bomedcal Lab, Freeway Put Or., 10 Me «HaJsed area. ORECT CARE Worker - PetpatHM part tlmo, weekenda Wor>g wtth devaoomvafy. duabled adufu. 5^r.OakfandM*JlareA DRECT CARE WORKERS FeK 4 part tme poston* avsjabja lo work wth devolopmontary d»-, abed people. W.42 to start.,15.72 afjer pepl. of WentalHaanh ranmg.caj \ or427,-791» An Equal Opportunrty Employer DRECT CARE WORKER, needed for Afternoon Shft lor * medca-ty rrrofyed group home. - V*neurenTwp.»57S46/h/... AskforUnda For com/nunrty-baa* program. Fu»-cKaroe ed (o run 40 cflenf pr DRECTOR" baaed Vocatonal e person needprogram. Stale funded. Drect- experence wth development ally. dsabled heplut. Bacnelora n busness or socal servce requred. Knowledge of budgetng, personnel 6 behavor modrfcatlonhetpm. Salary 1M2K.Hyou ara lookng lor a unque opportunty, reply by ma, wth resume 4 salary requrements lo ARC/Bustness Ventures Corp., Merrlman, Lfvonla.M48152 DESK TOP PUBLSHNG SPECALST Our growvw custorj> t/arvng/consultng seekng an ndvdual who can utatza Macntosh skus n CUSTODAN Growng Janllorla. Servces Co headquartered n Ferrtda* s. peekng men, women 4 couples to M evenng postons n Farmlnotoo M^JaTrVS? 1.¾ fffj ^6¾^4 <J T 1 f <yt^^- U^ - - ^^ ng materal*, rjlcnt proposals, ar>3 marketng materal. SuccesU canddates must possess expertse n Macntosh applcatons, ncludng Mcrosoft Word, Aldus Pegomaker, end graphc* programs. Speed and accuracy of text nput graphcs development, and page layout scrttleaj^ BjJkgroynd n marketng/ graphcs desgn ta a pks. Qualfed appdcans should submt letter/resume o Trad Performance TecfV nc+ogles nc., 3O10T Northwestern Hwy. Sute 330. Farmlngton HBs, Ml Attn; Mac. CUSTOMER SERVCE REP. For large glass plan! n UvonJa. Assstng clens ever the phone and general offce dutes. Data entry experence helpful. Pleasant phone voce and norvemoker preferred per hour plu* benefts BALLROOM DANCE NSTRUCTOR Needed for lesson* for 1 couple. Uvonla. Phone between 9am-2pm weekday* or weekends, ATA ENTRY REPORT PROCESSNG CLERK Ths excellent temporary poston n Northern suburb* requres 1 year experence. W18 convert QUALTY ACCOUNTNG TEMPS --COMPUTER GRAPHCS SPECALST ; fw-servce ad agency n Troy has mmedate openng for strong. Mac,. tntbsh-based graphc specalst.... Mus be profcent and Pegemaker. Quart. llustrator, Freehand, etc.. Conventonal, mechancal products skas a plus. Send resume end cover letter wtth salary requlrments to Denham 6 Co East Bg -bssver. Sute 200. Troy, Ml 46063,. Attn Robert MeGowan COPY CONSULTANT/Key Operator, M tme, s needed for a busy commercal copy center. Canddate should possess exoeoent customer servce swh as won as operatonal knowledge. Applcant* must be learn player* and wqlng to work overtme when requred. Sond reaume and coveretter to Al Luna, Northwestern Hwy., Southfeld. Ml COSMETOLOGST FuB. or part lme. Top pay. COenUe watng. Nu Alttude Hearth 6 Beauty COUNTER CLERKS FuB-tme. ho experence necessary. Corrplea benefta. Janet Oavls Cleaner. 15 Mle at tahser COUNTER CLREKS full or pert-slme. wl8 tran, good pay and all bonefrls. apply al any Ma Kal Cleaner* or ca.1 for your nearest locaton COUNTER KELP - Fufl or part lme. Wd tran Appry wtthm Los Gross Cleaner*. 33J10 W. 12 M^e Rd., FarnrJnglon H.l DATA ENTRY WordPerfect experence necessary. Assstant to corporate owscere. A-t career opportunty for rght person. Smanne DATA PROCESSNG PROFESSONALS NOW 13 THE TME TO.. MAKE YOUR MOVE PROGRAMMER ANALYST SYSTEMS ANALYST SYSTEMS PROGRAMMERS CALL Mon tut HR FAX GENERAL EMPLOYMENT 17117W.9MLERO.STE SOUTHFELD. Ml 4607S PERSONNEL AGENCY/FEE PAD DEL4PROOUCE Experenced. Fu«lme. Good pay. Farmlngton Hlls. Ca» DEL/PRODUCE 2 Yra experence. Brmngham market. Mornngs, Benefta. Top wages Ca., lke0yaf1er6pm OE SETTER -JOB REPAR Clean, effcent metal stampng plant seeks person prondent n settng, tunng. 4 operaton of progressve des Salary standards strctly enforced. Excellent beneft*. Salary based on experence. AppVln person 300 ndustral Dr., Plymouth. (Across from Unyss) s ORECTCARE Full.4 part-lme Drect Care Workers, noeded mmedately tor Group Home n Rochester area. Mus be fudy MORC/WCLS traned, current n CPR/Flrst Ade and have good drmng record. Compettve Wage plus Benefts to start. Cas, MOn-Fr. 9am-5pm, CMRECT CARE STAFF Needed for Group Homes located n Wayne 4 Oakland County, experence prelerred but not necessary. For more nformaton. Call W. BloomfWd Terry, Farmlngton HUs Dane Canton Maureen Wayne Km Northvtne Andy, Lfvorto Kalhy DELVERY DRVER Apply n person el. Amercan Racng, FeMane, UvcrJa. DRECT CARE STAFF To work wtth devejopmentally dsabled adults. FuB 6 part tme avalable. --. South Lyon Plymoutb Novt Westland Wesland CNRECT CARE WORKER - creatve. carng ndvdual to assst adult spodal pooualon. ralnng provded. Flexble scnodula 6 ful benefts, j Near Metro Arport DSPLAY Lord; Taylor. ExbeOenl fud tme opportunrty s avalable for experenced, creatve, career. mnded ndmdual..-.^ Vsuaf" Trmmer Canddate must possos* 3 year* relek/dsplay and fashon mannequn expert-. ence. We offer an excebenl salary and beneft* package ncludng medcal/he nsurance, proft sharng plan and a lberal 25% storewlde dscount plus apodal days Ofupto40S.. Please apply n person to ha Human Resources Department, MornJsy thru Saturday. 10am lo 6pm, at the foflowtng localon* Lord & Taylor Twelve Oaks Center Nov! 300 Brlarwood Crcle Ann Arbor Equal Opportunty Employer M/F. DRVER OPENNG-. FuH,Ome. Must U 21; educaton Jn chm devefcpmen or experenoe. Houra 730-1pm 4 3-5pm. Appry n person 3680 W. ««ne, Uvonla. ; - - DRVER ^ " PART TME* - Florlsl needs par tme help" tor floral defvery,6 mlec Job*. deal for re- Ufee. go<)<tdrmng record 4 cfteuf- fjr* fcceoe red/jted. Permaoent poston; apply n perado onfy -.-- J06VS PRODUCE 3315»W 7 Ma-, Uvonla, v. ORJVERS NEEDED.-> W* a* pveaanoy takng applcaton* for fuh tme Drfver* wth a current chauffeur* Rcenae. A dean drvng record la essental. Appry fem- 530pm at Fraler Sudden Servce, Tofegreph. Redford, DRVNG NSTRUCTOR FOR TEENS W* need a Cert?«d T**n tnslructor to leach 4 cv.e at our new Garden Ctyoffce. TWs ww-d be a yes/ a/ound par lme porton. ABC DRVNG SCHOOL DRY CLEANERS PRESSERS Experence preferred, wn tran. Plymouth are*. CeJ DRYWALL DELVERY CREV/ Makv dlslrbulor of do/*aft has operg for experenced truck drver/boom operator 6 helper. Drver must have COV * excel ant drtrtng record. Top pay 6 benefts offered. Fu* tme po-»1 tloa Apply et.js^nes. ndusvlej RJchlWd Ct. Jwnl*- EARN UP TO «8 AN MR- No experence necessary. \2 Shfts Avalable CalTm at Century Comfort., ; 500 H»lp Wanted EXPORT CLERK/Dorr«s-Jc/fcrolgn 6Wpmenla. FoCow-up for Sst Dvson, etc. 18K. Troy loca-.on BeocMs. No toe B.HAML PERSONNEL < EASTERNONrOH, Loc*V>g lc* dancer*, anger* 6 co* medan*. Must have roll able transport stjorf, frl.a perl«rr>* poaltlorf* vauabte...," ELECTRCAN/JOURNEYMAN CommarcaJ and ndustral experts enoe. Cal Bob, 6pm-6pct, LECTRC(AN7XHtftNEYMAN M/F - ". URAlNfES ExooDent pay 4 benefts. Commerdel experence. Can, DOLLAR RENT A CAR has openngs for servce agents end bus ortvera. Must have own transportaton. Appfy n person Mon 4 Tues only, 6-5 at 334 Lucas Drve. Metro Arport. No phone can*.." DOOR NSTALLERS HELPER Experenoe preferred. Some tools necessary. Can, Monday-Frday. 830am-6pm QR/VER/DELVERY No experence necessary. Clean lcense requred, some heavy thng, wa trejn.fu* tme, beneft* ORtVER/WAREMOUSE hours per week. CaX DRVER fast growlog Lrvone company seekng tractor-trallor drrver/delfrery. Must have neat professonal appearance. vam COL a must. Cal Wed. 4 Thurs. between 9am-4pnv DRVER FULL OR PART TME, entry level posftton. Rolreos wf- Come. Appry Pant era Suppfy MWdlebct, Garden Cty. DRVERS PACKAGE. VAN.. LOCAL DELVERES FULL AND PART-TME ; DETROT & NORTHERN SUBURBS Are you tred of long-haul drvng, workng nghts or awlngshm? WouW you want to spend mora tme wtth your (amdy? And would you lke to rare above average earnngs? Roadway Package System. nc.. a Subsdary ol Roedway Servces. nc. has Mceflent opportuntle* tor OWNER/OPERATORS lo derver and pck up mar packages n the local area. MONDAY THROUGH FROAY. NO OVERNGHT. Must b* at least 21 and have at least ONE YEAR OF VERFABLE COMMER CAL DELVERY EXPERENCE. Women, encouraged to appfy. Onfy serous ndmduaj* neod respond, n nterested n beng a_part of raptdry growng deflver/ system, contactt ROADWAY PACKAGE SYSTEM, NC An Equal Opportunty Employer Affrmatve Acton Employer DRVERS SmrtM< ne Beechsm Clncal Laborttere* has 2 afternoon and evenng part tme dlont dstrbuton representauve postons avalable. Excellent drvng record requred. Company car- provded. Sond resumeto Personnel Manager CO ndoplexca-de Farmngton HB*. Ml Equal Opportunty Employer M/F DRVER WANTED - EXPERENCED Flat-bed wrecker drver wanted. Top pay tor good drver. Cell ORrVER/WAfEHOUSE PERSON for electrcal contractor. Good drtvrecord. Send resumes- o Keey. P.O. Box Wlxom, Ml DRVNG MESSENGER Mus use own car lor Western Wayne 4 Oakland County. Contact Tony Alcaa or Joe Arcel ELECTRCAL TECHNCANS Long term postons Automotve harnesses DesgnEngneers assstants Coordnate wth manufacturng Documentaton frendly Draftng and CAD prelerred nnovatve 4 eggrosfv* Organzng 6 procedure skks deal for P.M_«student Send resume and saary requrements lo. ALLANCE TECHNCAL SERVCES Telegraph Rd, SoHe 2183 Bngham Farms. MJ4S025. EquaJ Opportunty Errployor M/F ENGNEER - electrcal, BSEE,»30-»36, yr* experence magnetc cont/ou), CAD background, know power dr cutt*. Fay Greene Personnel ENGNEERS/CORROSON TO»60K 4 year degree 2-3 year* experenoe requked. CE-A. Cal ENGRAVER/PANTOGRAPMER Experenced on Deckel GK ESTMATOR Plymouth manufacturer s seekng entry level person for estmatng, poston. Must have excellent blueprnt readng ablty, good communcaton & record keepng sklls a must. Send resume & salary requrements to.. LOC PERFORMANCE 201 ndustral Dr. - Plymouth, Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer FTNESS _ READY FOR " A REWARDNG - CHALLENGE? A career wtth Frtnes* USA Ht*M\ Seas s exdtng. *atsf,v«and most ol a.1 - fnancuy raw-vang pl-js a chajenge, prorw/g t/^ hlgl^st qualty of servce to our member *. Ftnes* USA needs enthutlsstle, datermlned, ambtous rwmduls who have the confdence to succeed F<rancta5y, Y6u> success 1» based solely on your effort and ebmy to apery what yev have sear nod. ft* 100% up to you. We p/re you er^rythlng you need to succeed. Compst* profeaslonaj tranng, the Hoeet tut* of the art equpment n (ha fltnaeandustry, and an award wnnng convrvtment 1» rrternfcvs^sfectoa -" / / So take- the chasengo and make No commftmenl We offer»7 per hour to atar, 3 or 4 day workweek, de- Vxe benefts and g-^a/antced advancement based on your results., A0phr Monday thru Saturday. 17JZTFenke*. Oat/oft. 500 Help Wanted GENERAL HELPER Ft1 t rra grc->^s work for Vssf.-M H."s apartt^nl corrplf-x. Cfel l.on.-frf S-n-Spm. 642 Gr20- An Ecr.H Ofportur;!/ Cr./j/U FLORAL DESGNER - experenced or wll tran. Management pcporlurvty. Jon Mlchgar 1 * targesl Flortst CalWeaeerry GENERAL HUP FuH Ume pos^^on n vt!.*ln*ry ttt.- ptal for happy ua l-rjr/ w,-j\, Ct^ar.lrgand erxall.vsra. Apf^y n person Wag* ArCmeT Clr^, 34415Grand, FarrrO.-^ton G*ENERAL-LABOR- for pofcshlng4 buffj-g. F/1 Lme wth tenant*. Apply n person, US. (Td^Vlal Tod, Cleat Plymouth. GENERAL LABOR Growng producton mscl"lna */> needs genere laborers. No experence necessary. Appf/ 9am-3pm at 6140 Hlx, Wesllar^. QENERAt LABORER needed n fower shop. Sorr^ {hfa nvof.od, hours per wee*, MxJWe npur* ^4;" GET N SHAPE 6 tatn»5.50 p«r ly. Mn Mad needs e/r.boos foe tght ho^sekoecjng.moo-frl. J hr*.per wk.., GROUNDkEEPER for. luxury apt compfex n Wesf etoomfey. Good, worker who take prde kv" hs worlf CeHbetween " GROUNDS LABORErVTfe.MMER. Renabl*. transportejort, extecen) drvng record. Must be 16. SCvfb* TreaCarelnOearborn ¾ FLOWER 8HOP/PART TME* General flower shop help, deovery requred. Flexble hour*. Southfeld FULL TME Order Wer poston* tu8 tlme r Southfeld locaton. Must have prevous H to drvng experenoe Unton ahop- Send resume tcr P.O. Box 5091, Southfeld, Ml FULL TME T-Shlrt 4 Gft Store need* relable person for kty post- Con. Appfy at Tees Pkx* Lotto. Uvona Mall. 7 MB* 6 Mddlebell FURNACE CLEANERS WANTE0 for large establshed heatng 6 pool^ ng company. Good pay 4 opportunty for advancement WB rak rght ndmduala. For ntervlevr cal Dan or Tm at, GARDENER Local funeral home lookng lor a part tme gardener. Cas betweon 1pm-5pm ESTMATOR/PURCHASNG AGENT For company manufacturng retah store nteror*. Must be experenced and have ablty to work wed wth people. Please aend resume to Box 582, Observer 6 Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd., Uvonla, Mchgan EXCELLENT OPPORTUNTY To learn trade, marble 6 granrta cuttng 6 fnshng. Fut tme, entry level, w tran. Southfeld area EXCLUSVE West Btoomfleld floral shop seekng fuh Una and part tme desgners, deovery drver*, and weekend party set-up people. Can for appontment 1(800) FELD ENGNEERS EJectrca. 2 good 16 month Job*. Send resume* to Syschk me, W.7Mle Rd.Northvme or FAX FTNESS 4 RACQUET.ClUB front Desk Receptonst 4 Membershp Sales postons now open. CaSKathyat FTTERS Experenced n al phase* ol heavy plate steel (ebrtcetlon. Good pey. good beneft*. Redford area Dale, Detrot * FLOOR FNSHER ASSSTANT Part, tme»7 per hour. Experence helpful, but can raln the rght person. Growth potental FLOOR porson, M tme, experenced n al aspects of floor care day, afternoon 4 mdnght sh.f*. Mon thru Frl. 7Me 6 Haggerty a/ea. Ct3 Mon - Frl 10am 4 5pm OT FtORAL pesrgner/manager Fu3 tme, experenced, for shop near Unfvers.ty Or. Pleaseca GENERAL ASSSTANCE Flexble part urne poston. deal lor coooge student or senor cfttrerv tght mantenance, errand and offlce help. Send resume or appfy at. ftarthcare/preferred Laboratores Telegraph Rd,... Southfeld. Ml GENERAL LABOR-TOP WAGES mmed! ale openngs tor PRESS OPERATORS ASSEMBLY CONTROL PANEL ELECTRCAL WRttjOJejperencod) JANRORAl MACHNE SHOP (experenced) OVERTME PAY, HOUOAY PAY. BONUSES. TEMP-MEO NSUR ANCE Uvonla Southfeld, SNELUNG TEMPORARES NEVERAFEE.-. GENERAL SHOP FABRCATNG, Press Operator 6 Possble Truck. Ful lme. Must be 18 yra. and over. Vkng BulWng Ford, Garden Crty. No Phone AppScatlon*. GOLF CART MECHANC Experenoe helpful but not necessary. Appry at Msson H3ts Gort Club Sheldon Rd. Plymouth. Mch. GOLF COURSE. Pro Shop Counter Hotp. Gort Car Mechanc and Drvng range help. Apply Jn person Lnks. Of Novt Mle Rd..Novl.. GRAND OPENNG Wa wa be lo M 12 fuj-lmo permanent postons n our Canton frm^no experence necessary. Company wj tran. Qua/antoed ncome. Good opportunrty for ad-.a-cemont lo manager. Only those wth a sncere desre to work need appfy. Ca.1 Mon 4 Tues fr ntervew. _, GUARANTEED NC^MERflOGRA,^,» mjnlmtm annualnccrnel.. Get a fast start 10 success wth ; effectve"-end corr^lete ramng. ProfessonalsA makes a dfferenoh CALtTERRY AT Real Estate One. nc. Weatl and.,. A FRST dass beauty salon undpr new ownbrshp n Farmlngton HKsls ourrenlfy ntervewng 1st dsss cosmetologsts. Excellent commlsllon and workng condton*. 7 dayoperaton, for ntervlevr 66T-69M BORCS S COMNG TOTRAVERVLAGE. ;. Borc* s openng a new saloh on Plymouth 6 Nxon roads n Ann Atbor. ExceBent opportunrtea exst Ux M and part tlmeprofeaslonaf Har Stylsts. Wa offer the fdoovrna «xceflenl houry wage plus cornrrjsslor package, rase every 6 monlhsj - equpment eupptesrcoentele pfo-" vlded. Excellent opportunty for advancement. Health nsurance and M beneft* for full tme. No Sunday work. f nterested please cart or stop by our Salon on Mon. Aug. 12 from 1lam-7pm W. Stadum road, Ann Arbor for an ntervew. YouB be glad you dldt SHAMPOO ASSSTANT/RECEP TONST needed for progressve NorthvtBe salon. Saturday* only. Please calf -.-^ TOP SALARY POSTONS Avalable lor Hardresser* and Shampoo Person. Frankln VKage salon ASS1STANT Mature 4 dependable lcensed shampoo asslsanty for salon n NW Uvonla. Fu«tme. Sagonas J1 HAR ASSSTANTS needed. Great educaton - great. opporlvn!ty _ n busy downtown Royal Oak Salon. Palanolo HAR-CARS,---- Lcensed cosmoloogst wanted, we oflar ecellenl benents. hourly wage, bonuses 6 pad tranng John ryarfassodates HARDRESSER Assstant needed M Ume. Farmlngton Area. Ask lor Betsy or Lsa. « HAR DRESSER noeded n Canton. M or part tme. Pad tranng, no clentele needed. CaS-tor mora nformaton HAR STYLST AS MANAGER also RECEPTONST, tcensed or tormerty. mature LKonla - Westland area HARSTYLST Oukea f amfly Hak Shop. FuS or part tme. Clentele watng. RedfOrd/Uvonla area HAR STYLST - Fu«and part-tme openngs; at hgh volume Fantastc Sams. Farmlngton. Ptymouth. Garden Cty, Wayne 6 Westland. Can Glenn Shaw Jr. 6 Assocates HAR STYLST, rl you era Bcensod. career mnded, lockng for an excottort earnng opportunty wth tdvanced educaton 6 benefts can Wonderland HAR STYUSTS (3) mmodale openngs lor busy F-o- Chester aaon. Great atmosphere 4 opportunty HARSTYLST To rent staton lor bury talon at 6 Mle 4 Newborgh U~ HOM <5» S ftvc GUD CR DEADLfNES 4 P.M. TUESDAY FOR THURSDAY EDTON/ 4 P.M. FRDAY FOR MONDAY EDTON TO PLACE YOUR AD CALL r-^mjmwmmmtmmmm^ w Afumlnum Cleanng.- ALUMNUM or VNYL CLEANNG Waxng 6 paolrefurbfshlng. 47 T-2600 A-1 EXTEROR HOUSE WASHNG Alumnum -Vnyl Brck 4 slap process. Comml/Resl Free Estkmate EXPERT SDNG CLEANNG Premum Palm 6 StaJn - All Home Repar* 6 mprovement* 10 yr*. Exp. Can lee > POWER KLEAN-rr Sldlng-Brck-Deck FteetortUon... nsured/satsfacton Guaranteed The Cleanng Expert* at Alumnum Sdng AAA/ALUMNUM/VNYL SDNG Trm, gutter*, replacement wvvdows, door*, decks, oarages, repar*. Le/ns. Free est. Ken, ALUMNUM 6 YNYL SlDlNG Trm 4 aeemlee* gutters. Replaoemenl wndows 6 doors, lcensed. MANNNG CONST H VNYL 4 Alum sdng. Gutters, trm, enclosure*, fgorlng 4 related work Aphalt Stalcoallng STAR SEALCOATNG * "Orveway Speclals" FREE ESTMATES A» Work Ouarantoed. 2 coats prce ol 1. References - Sr. Dsc Baement Waterproofng ALL TYPES OF WATERPROOFNG Guaranteed Free Estmates Peter Mautl BASEMENT LEAKS REPAREO r>ay%a 6 Sump pumps repared 30 YEARS EXPERENCE EarlH Jensen WALLY-S WATERPROOFNG Fee Est, 26 yr* exp.summer Spec 30% off; all type* cement Lcensed 6 ns S Aphalt.A-1 PATROT ASPHALT. \\ (You can rely ort us) «26 years experence v Lcensed & nsured > Free.E8llmate3." Deal wlh the Owner Conlury Asphalt Pavng RepaV Seelcoamg Res. # Comml *> K * ; \- n DOMNO CONST. CO. NC- -ASPHALT PA VNd-. Snce 196«. Resdent!*! 4 Commercal FreeEtrrfates EAGLE ASPHALT. Cortvn/Resd l Reas /OUST.. « WET BASEMENT PROBLEMS? NATONWDE SNCE 1958 FULLY YVARRANTEO. LCENSED 4 NSURED B^DRY SYSTEMS MACOMB WAYNE OAKLAND 27 Brck, Block, Cement Angelo s Supples CONCRETE READYMrX HAUL T YOURSELF. /«lo 2 YDS. TRALERS FREE BEST CHMNEY CO CEMENT WORK Reasonable Prces. Speda/ng n removal 4 replacement, drves, garage floora, etc... Free Est COBRA CONSTRUCTON.. Al Type* of Cement Work. Resdental-Commercal- Free Est Lcensed 4 nsured DOGONS Kl CONSTRUCTON BRCK BLOCK 4 CEMENT WORK PORCHES. CHlMNEYSS ORWAYS. FREE EST R1VEWAYS. porches, loundauonj" lcensed , -Free Est UNVERSAL CEMENT CO garages, walks, Brck 4 Block. 33 Bldg. & Remodelng Absolute Satsfacton Guaranteed AS phases ol nt/ext remodelng. Ktchen, bath, roofng, sdng, etc. AM Pro Constructon Co A FAMLY BUSNESS RON DUGAS BLDG Crown - Uvonla A PERSONAL TOUCH* KTCHENS, VANTES, COUNTERS BASEMENTS. DOORS. REPARS VNYL 4 PELLA WNDOWS Uc 4 nsured 28 Yr. Experence." CONTRACTOR- Rellred/Lcensed Complete Remodelng Ktchens, Bathrooms, Addtons. Wndows. Enclosure*. Awnngs, etc Mary Carpentry A-1 CARPENTRY. Ktchen*, Basements, Baths Ooor* Decks, Drywa* Much Mora Satsfacton. Guaranteed. Bob t CARPENTER/HANOYMAN 0 r>«>krt Chens-Rec Rooms Repar*. No Job Too Small Bob CARPENTRY FNSH OR ROUGH Addtons, Ktchen*, Orywa.1. Closet*, P.antrea, Basements, Decks. "No Job too small" Uc FNSHED CARPENTRY., Custom freplace surround*, mantels, bookcases, deck*, rec rooms, remodel. Uc. RSteallckl DEWOLnON ABLE ENTERPRSES Buldolng > Ste Clearng Or ao%ng free Estmates. - B.U Brck, Block, Cement AAA BR«CK REPARS Porches, chmney*, stdewafts. Concrate drty*w»y* ¾¾ n brck pavng, ratos, sdewalks. 30 )Tt. a\p. Free Est Can Ken AA-ACE CONCRETE SpedaTrlng n Drveways, Wa"k. Slsbs. P«to. Garege floor*. ; 533^^634 AAA CUSTOM BR>CK WORK SpKtlrlngJn e.1 masonry repak* & new constructon brck smewal* aso chlmns-/. 4 porch repar*, brck ddtons 6 oast bsxk. free fat. RoerraU tvalsye Cat Ke-th ACECEMENWORK. Remote 4 R>ps<e Drves Patos Porches SkJevaks 4 Pcln Tuckng Cat Tom, 72, EMH CONTRACTNG NC Cement & Masonary AS Repass " Orfveways Patos Steps ^ootr-gs Porches floors Water pr 00 V>g WORKMYSaf Sman or large Resdental Commerdal ndusrta " fast, effcent lcensed nsured eeckhoework FREE ESTMATE AC0MP CONCRETE CONST UCTON NC. Drhewj)*. Footngs. P»tlos. Garages le, lns\ Fee Est DO SMALL WORK * Cemenl - Majorry. Porches - patos ws\s, steps Drves, (brck - block luck work) Resldent^l C*T>e>-.t falo Constnxon Cemo-t C4. Gara.24, cvke^ay*. pafes. Garage ValJng l>t«5n>od. Bondod..surtd Sr<«1950. " MAPSS,COMPANY-^-- "Asphalt, Pa^ng 4 StsJcostmg R*T 4 Corr.m.. Free Et M"(Cll. AL PRO. Comml 6 R., dtlrsts)-*, p*d>ng lots. *ea)ooatng. l*w* courts; re* est, all work guar. Specal rsres thru August tstone ASPHALT PAVNG NC dentn, commerdsl. free wtltesmates nsured 4 Dua/an-.3JP the JEFFREY CO. Pack Top Pavng OR ft Asphalt 8ealcoatlng AOVAHCEO 6EAUNG 4 PAVNG A*ry>an/Cement Pavkn 4** Coatlng/CrKk fnng ADVANCED PORCH 4 CONCRETE ** AH type* cen^r.t work. No Job too *m»/. AJ work gusranteed 15 )fl. epenerxe-.nef S6 AFf OROABLE TOP QUAUTY Wvonary 30 >T. 4"o<che* <Chln. ne>* SKJ«wa>s/D(S*w*ys >Roof» 4 Dec** RebuMRepav*. free est Klsrm Contrvctkn Co A FREE 4 FAR ESTMATE on (!) concrete (Ob*, (drve*, WJ.1*. pslos 4 noors). Ao masonry repar* (porches.»a", chv-vne^s Brck or beck 4 foundaton*. Ro». 4 Comml Sn-a5 or s/ge Jobs Uc 6 nturtd.cha.-yme ALL 0R"CK, BLOCK. CEMENT, foundlons, fuef/aces, new. repsr Commercal 6 Ref.denta) ALL CEMENT REPAR ONLY Chmney*, porvh«. brck, bvxk 4 steps, dropped *K11 rased, root leakrepav.«tc. J78056J,75«6J9J ATL*TYPET^brck, bk>ck, ce.-nont, chmney*, drfv*w«y*. New6 repay. 47, A QUALTY JOB Better prce, (*Cfu»re»*b repjscement) Porches, masonry (no wanng), flesdenfjl Cement JAVES OUNN MASONRY 4 CRCK REPAR Porches, chlmneya, tuckpcnnhg 6 brck cleanng, free Est , JOESCEMENTWOnX,.... Sdewalk*, Drveway*. Curb* Outter* Pato*. Porches, Steps HOMESTEAD BULOERS NC. Ktchens, baths, addtons, rec rooms, replacement wndows, decks, lcensed, nsured and reputable. ; T COSTS NO get, 1st class workmanshp. flrst PLACE WNNER of two natonal awards. HAM LTON h»s boon satsfyng customer* for over 35 yt*. f REE Estmates Desgn*. AddtonsDormors. KrlchehsBaths. porch Enclosures, etc HAMLTON BULOERS Call hrs. LOUS 4 ALBERT REMOOEUNG SPECALSTS Ktchens, baths, basements Lcensed MR. KTCHENS tvmofte Kt CHEN 4 OATH Sf EC1AUST Orchcra14 PocXMrCsblnetry Cra(;r«J Wndow* free kvhome Ettk-nates Bank fv.s-xng. Lk. 4 nsured 20YrS. Experence QUALTY WOODWORKNG Custom Cabnetry 4 Carpentry Carpet Layng Repar AAAS N NSTAL 4 REPARS Pad va-table. All work Guaranteed References. 6 Yr*. Experence. CaJDave AA CARPET REPAR ALL TYPES OF REPARS SAME DAY SERVCE ALL WORK GUARANTEED Decks - Patos CUSTOM WOOD DECKS Lcensed Bunder - Free Estmates Can Mark, DECK-T CUSTOM WOOD DECKS Desgned 4 buft by Ron Causey Free estmates , KELLY3 CARPETS Professonal nstallaton ncludng te. Al ttlprk guaranteed. Carpet 6 pad avertable RS CARPENTRY The Jobe Ho Done TB You"re Satsfed Your materal or mne PaneTog Trm Carpentry* Door Replace, Wndow* Counter Tops Vanltlee Mnor Plumbng Snks " Water Tanks»MJnor Electrcal (fans, opener*, awttohea, fxtures). H can be ol servce, please cal Lcensed Bunder. Ron Sr TOP QUALTY WORK. Rough Carpentry Servce Addtons,- Garages, Rec. Rooms. General Repare ns. Repars Monarch Coos Rec rooms. Basements, Ktchens. Bathrooms New 4 repalra 40 Cabnetry A Formca Cabnet Kng Newer reced. MorlTst cabnets 4 vanty*. - Or custom butl by The Kng Formca or aosd wood doors Center top* a">d vsntty lop*. floors by Arm Jtrong Free n-home estmats*. 55 Chmney Cleanng, Buldng, Repar AAA CHMNEYS Tuckpolntlng,. New 4 Repars. Screens, Al Type* flashng. Expert, Mason Call CHMNEY N*w4 Repars Screens Cleaned/teaks Fxed }45 Senor Dscount 1 day *erv!ce "Guaranteed Best Prce" Bu?t new 4 repar." Wll beat any prce! - Sorter duen dscount, lcensed 4 nsured. BEST CHMNEY CO DECKS 4 GAZEBOS Lcensed 4 nsured Free E*t DO ALL BOBCAT SERVCE POST HOLES ADOfTrONAL HOLES EXTRA CALL, LUMBER"1"DECKS Let* desgn your one of * knd! Free professonal desgn aervvce 4 estmates. Cafl Randy, Dressmakng & Talorng ALL TYPES OF SEWNG Over 30 year* experence. Lades apparel, weddng perlee, costumes, home decoratng. Merffyv Drywall DRYWALL4 PLASTERNG New 4 Repar*. Hand or Spray, Texturng Aoousllca CeB. Uc. Guar. 30Yr» Exp Excavatng EXCAVATNG POOLS TRENCHNG. Sewer, Water Lves Parkng Lota, Drans, Septc Tank* Reasonable. Lcensed Fences. ARROW FENCE COMPANY All type* lervdhg. Snce 192t Floor Servce ALLHOMESERVCES^ Repar* MantenanceRemodel AN EXPERT JOB AT A FAR PRsCE Your Materals or Mne - Vantes, eeffng fans, eomler lops, dshwasher, hot water tank*, v/l/yl wndow*, ktchen, bath, basement, steel door*, vnyl doorwafla. rooftvg. rool repa^a, sdng, gutter*, drywall repar*, pantng, and more... Le Joe or Rch A BETTER FLOOR SANOCNG JOB Old floor* our spedalry. Stan work beautlfuffy done. Also new floor* nstalled A-1 WOOD FLOORS We nstall, aand 4 fnsh, al types of wood floora Custom work a epedel- ty. For Free Estmate can, CARPET. 1116, LNOLEUM. VNYL Ceramc TBe, Wood floors. Floor levelng 6 Cappng Comm 4 Rea. Jm Haggerty Furnture Fnshng & Repar 102 Handyman Male/Female COREYS HANDYMAN SERVCE Remode-Vg. Repars, Mnor plumbng 4 electrcal, decks, AH type* of work. Reasonable Rale* Du-rr-AL Home Care 4 l-rvprovemer.t Pavtng, prywah, Plumbng. Elc Phone anytme A HANDYMAN/CARPENTER ft Decks-KKchens-Rec Rooms Repar*.* No Job Too SmaS -. Bob REPAR 4 REflNSH furnlture Any type ol Canng and Rush New 4 repar plasterng, laptf>g, laxturxng. stucco. 66 Electrcal. LAMDERTO CONSTRUCTON AL TYPES OF CEMENT HO Job To BSJ CY Srr\»! free Est Uc 4 nsured NELSON MASONRY Smalt Jots 4 repers n««t Rates 695-4*51 PADUlA CEM EM T CO fsc Al Tjp-es Ol Cement Work f>)/comm. Llc/bOrx);d/lns Cat Lee P«*ya, rvons 525-toe* 29 Boat Docks BOAT DOCKS Unon a* e area Be*J\. pkrnc area, resroorr-.s. prnste s^e. no put-he eccea* J 33 Bdg. <\ Remodelng BATES HOME CONSTRUCTON Al your Home lmprov»rr-en1 need* from AtoZ Le 4 ns.. Vse4 Master Card accepted S.-< ORSNBUHDNGCO. AH type* ol Horn* MOderntllon. Roots tfrtchons Bslhs» Addton* Oarages. Free Est Don REC ROOM, KTCHEN 4 BATH SPECALSTS All Romode-ng formca 4 tmnata REPAR ALL NtERlOR/EXlEROn M! nor Rr^pslrs- f.«;or (^ ^ ^ ^^ FrMEst -Le -rjuted Can Matt Carpentry AnRACVEOUAlMY CUSTOM WOODWORKNG D004S. str*, cablnss, RomodcJ, n(r*4re r VMsN,Oavkl A-CARPENRV Repar* to complete remodclrvg UcenWd 4 tr.jured CaHJor-^ CARPENTERrORHlRE rx Lkps. Remodelng, Odd Jobs. (Ptymoulh ArtaV KTCHEN 4 BATH REMOOEUNG Have Merrtst 6 Kraft Me»d cebrets. 25 year* e»f«l«nce. le 4 Ls. 42t~3.lP t^".» Carpets CARPET CONTRACTORS. NC Sa 1 *** nstallaton Repars Carpet, Kn<.«/-n, wood, t^a SA-npVs broudhl 10 you free Est Carpet Creanlng & Dyeng AN ALPNE FRESH CARPET - steam canng tervce. 2 room* 4 ht. 135; truck mcvntm eoa-pn-ent. Any»o» 30 Any lo-ewl l?5. Any ch»r»20. reakofcle*.t SSS CARPET CLEANNG Bonded 6 nsured, RfaOnsb 1 * " Rate*. Conmercsl 6 Resdental fre*mt STEAM CLEANNG SPECALTES Vng rm 123. DWng rm 20. fhr,*fm?0, BdrmsllO. (Average rooms) 2 room mn CUst-slfled Ads GET RESULTS Classfed Ads CHMNEYS-PORCHES. BRlCX RESTORATON ; PKbjl, RepaVed, Leets Stopped. Tuck Pontng. Flashngs, C5e*.Ted 4 Saeer>ed. All Work Gutrarteed FreeEstvnale*, lcensed, nsured. « HON AT C-MNEYSWEEP Rvcaf.s. De.T^er*, Repar* Guer*.t«d no me**, tnsuned - Uc(B2778)> T 61 Decks *Patro» BEST VALUE N TOWN, 12x16 wom deck compete *-!th tot on fa, deck wrap, ater, vj^veen 4 gravel. Top Qusty» Cell Pet* *t K(>hContra>;(Vg CUSTOM DECKS ByJm4Mw«Slarlro al 15 per 1-¾ ft 30 )T». f? C>Vs cj rel. free del on 4 est lcensed 5233«2 CUSTOM DECKS SYRS.EXPERENCE LfCEN5E0 6NSUREO CAl L or 6*5 03S4 OCCK SALEM OFF freeoasgrh A* tew as t5 SO per *q ft W srr.s Bdg Co nc 354-J052 DECKS Any SUe, Any Style le/ns. CaS John, A4A ELECTRC Re*. 4 Convn, bre**er 4 fuse panets. plugs, vto-t.kxs. Uc low Prces, free Est. An>tL-ne ABSOLUTE QUALTY NSTALLS ResWental - CoTmercal - 7 d>* "Lcensed - nsured - Guarar.eed LVONA ELECTRC COMPANY * Af f OROAOtE ELECTfVC * Qualty Work Gv*af.t«ed 4 nsured Res, der,t*sp«lftjts CompKt* Wrng «C*1 9* BLL OKLER ELECTRC nee. 4 Ccr»,Tk. Uc 8 r.j. Specstrtna n o>d home* - « EltCTfcCAL New, Ok} or Replr, R«f.3enlt*l or Commercal An Electrcal Comply. CcvUKlor Pcer-.Md.Cel 24 hr ClECTRClAN NEEDS YOUR WORK No (ob loo s.tvr C*>*ng ta.-.*, 220 Kn*>, spss. recsr*. etc. CsJOary, 7dayvat EXPERENCeOtLECTRCLAH vaab* No K-b too t*g or too S.-r\a^. freeeel^ralee. R**<oneb>e rate*. Cal M=va ^ _ _ - _. Sees;* ncreeaea Tools 4 Spas. ReVdeotlsl 4 Co-nmerclel C»1N«4An>1lme "ttjtctfncenjectl^c Sr^nf or fvge Jots, frre Est Sen! o» C^rer-s dscoun*. Uce.-.Mdtns C" ROWE E TTcTrc 4 SUPPLY" Electrc Oor.lfKng 4 Supp 1 -** Resldentsl Commercls) Van Bom, W«yne» Garages GARAGE DOORS & OPENERS V/e eefl 6 SerMce al make* of garage doore 4 opener*. All work guar,. Pans 4 labor YYol boat your best deal nsurance work On* day servce SAVE MONEY FREE ESTMATES SHAMROCK DOOR Garage Door Repar SAVfcSAVEtSAVEl Garage Door /Ope^aParl* Al beanos. Entry 4 s.orm c"ocr re-. pars4rec>,»c«m«<-t«free est Snce tn-^-^rj.a-* t«ave Cal "One cal l-ata av 99 Gutters AAAOUTERS New or Reps.VM. Oe«.>»d and Screened. Fa»Ca Board Root Repslrs CALL COMPlTfE OUT 1ER WORK 1 6 ROOF P.EPAR ECONOMYSVSTCMS UMLO AjmnV-n. SM.T. 1 ***, L>C;.-S 20 yr*. Exp.Free fjt. Syr.w erra.-ty. Ft,-rrs.vjtn are*. 4S5-7A48 Llvonla/Bloomfleld. Gutter DJS to large de.-.a-d r^n Mr\\-^g OAKLANOAWAYNE^ ASK ABOUT OUR SPECAL RATES ON ANY l\hl SSTAt AUOS SeaWess Gutlw*. ftf^j.-*. 0^1.1-%). Sa«-->3 SR CTZENSD-SC. faleest. 4 74*910 OMERGUTERSERVKE GutN*de«,-ed repaked ecree-kd. New gutter s Roof tepv«free E*tm»t« HES BACK HANOYMAN EXTRAORDNARE free estmate*. Reasonable rates AsKTorTJ459-2e0l Retred HafTtTyman.. ALtypes of worc, SlDNQ. ROOflNG. V.NYL REPLACEMENT WNDOWS n busness 13 years Lcensed 6 nsured, Al home repelrs Haulng A-1.HAULNG Movbg So-aprvMel, Cleanng baseme-ls. Garage*. Stores, etc. Loweat prce* n tow-» Oyck aervlce- Free Eat SerV-vg Wayne 4 Oekard Cou*.**. Oe>-.ral kcallon. -^47J7&4.<y.55983S FOR A LOAD OF>^TT«1wTND~ Cat Ta^e-A-Way Traah Servtca, f Wa»p*Oa5«t 1 t-ne p*ck-ups, pre pt jer-^ce to Troy, Roc*>e*er. Brm-> v.a -n - E4oo-r.*"ejd ar*** CHEAP HAlll*^ CLEAN PCKUP TR.KTK W.H Move AN>THNG ANYWHt S!!t CALL SEAN VS 106 Ht>atng 4 Coong DON T WAT UNTtL S TOO A1E 14 pt rurnnje check up *pec A wnte--tre your er co.vj.»\8 95 Py appt onty. Le 6 \r% Ttt-o HEATlrK»rAR 4 DUCT WORK 7 "" Honest. re"ab *w-.v> at n f»r cxk*. UCENSE0 6 NStltf 0 464<*S 110 Hjoueecjeanlng GWENSHOUSEKEEP»«OStR\--VE Freef r.-eee Resorafe Re** - p^ttr^c^ 972S454 htu-servce Mvura, on-evfte *perl~se() p*or«e w+4 cv«n yc«y» hcu«* t/ effce. lc» fvv-e A» *.;.»**. 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26 mmm mmmmmmm mm mm axhhefp Wanted Monday, August 12,1091 O&K. ( HAR 8TYU3T Barbere or BeeutJdans. W«need help el a y&ry bur/ shop- Clentele Wahlng The nam* C4lh* shells-share YOUR HAR 2772» Plymouth Rd, Uwla Ask for JoAnne HAR STYLST & HAL TECH needed st bury Manson.. CM Deletes at HARSTYLST needed for hgh tech h!/ eejon. Exce8e/j) commsson. nsurence. "." -< « HARSTYLSTS Ful of part tme. Salary plus commsson, p*y vacaton & hoodey*. Advance tranng. COenlo!* not hecee>«y.cel UnaVcantonM rltfar 8TYUST WANT EO Xcrw>)*sJof or booth rental. /./Peasonable. Lven a area. Ak lor Drew S00 Help Wanted HGH SCHOOL SENORS To model (Of Sartor Brochures Ca.1 Suzle at Motopholo HOTEL Th* Country Hearth v U currently n essrch ol «*ceo*hl ndmdusjs to M S* (orov/.tg postons Housekeeper Mantenance Person laundry Desk CJerkMudtor The successful canddate wta pssess hgh energy level wtth en ay* lor d*u3. toty h person COUNTRY HEARTH NN 4O5O0 Mchgan Ave. Canton. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer 500 Help Wanted " * HAR STYLST. H you *r» lcensed. amwflou*, lookng {of a career at.ww f«cepuon(«t. Of ha> stylst, wlth*»n estemsbed s*lqn chan e WeslsW* mafl locaton, w* tan ofter yojj."r excefrent earnng 4" learnng, onpr>avty wth an ettrectve ncentmffpd fc«0»m Pto&vn T HAlLCLEANttn > xperenced (of Weellend eptv comptex, log Urn*.»5/hr. "tru" coc- KAUMAJpC8TORET -.V.Lqdug tor, Ml of part,lma safes. vjt/ppry n parson ar Cards Etc.. TeJ-Tweva MaS durng regular mal.» hour*.-.-.*,\. ;7, KANDYPERSON", ; - Nettled lor smafl eset* and farm to tax* car* of poo), lawn. garden and Off* barnyard work. Must hev* reference*, trensportetlon and be mbtlveted. Applcant has opportunfrytcrleem horse ear* and work wth horse*. Rata cc<nmonsur*l* wth ab»y,caa HOUSEKEEPERS. Hotaf axpart- nce pr*f«rr«<j. C*5 Mort-fr. 10am-2pm HOUSEKEEPERS ne«6ad tor M part t!m«must be *W«to- tr.vr< **k«n<j». % por hour to atar. Appfy m paraon Sup«f 8 Mote*, Mlcfrf- 0»nAv«at NSTALLERS W«ha* op».!n{) tor d**>«xr!yo nvr Ulnoo* ft»<p«rr«<vc<<j rutajtera n M fkm ot /-!«.TU tw^kra kjtjatlon. tn>-e>»t-g»ta our oppor turttoj, *«ofl^r Comp«tJOf«*6-jo Atlracll-rd fc«0*r.t«oofkjfrm A(f»anowr*nt CaJ (or mora nformaton. Corporal* rutlallon S&noej fk. Noy1,A*kforSo« Help Wanted JEV/ELERV/ANTEO PteMut, Tm Btrvvm 3* NSUAANCE AQEKCY n W. 6Mxnrd<} M*X» M av>d port Vna, nonvnok«r to Mnd>«paraonal )n«4 Must hava *xler»»)>r». ndependent ao^ncy wperaooa. CaJ,e51-2M NSURANCE Cwatoovar Serlvc* R«pf**ent«Uv* ne«ted tnmadlalaty lor rapwno, gro*v>g larmlnoton ruranoe aj*ney. Commarcu aupmenoa muat. #nd t«**r* t<y. P. O. Bo? 371». Farmlnfltorl Hl1», M r J03HUNTNO? Po>. tonj (6< otftoo. Motr end ServVo v* avakabe. you ar«an. ^¾¾¾ OVland County resdent CallSET, Help Wanted taooder lxf^\u-«y n rr..vva *»!«* ttjj and r^aj^wmcf and wv*&f bmt HOUSEKEEPER WANTEP Part Cm* (or aanlor crftan af*1 mon(». Hoorn ««m-4;30pm. 3 oav/ V*.8ouUrlaldar**.^5*<r12 HUMAN SERVCES Roapon«.XM p«oo«n«ad«d to wort <V.5 Of MJ* tjrrw.ln MtfH flrowp W(h# - nw oa^rpopfpafaffy wa-- Nad. Aflamcof 4 mldnlohl»hm. 6«n«flta. Muat 7utv«eurrent dr»v»r» fcena*. Cal Ma. twtt, between «am-5pm at.9* f 296-S568 HVA0 SERYCeTECHNlC(AN8 MW/r/Un a jc*. exporlerk* n commerda) a«y(oa, *orv. Top pay & beneft*.. C«S3l34»-5500 >«.-JSEATH CLUB HELPERS FuU pan tme needed. Powerr>o«Qymn, caj Fred HEATlNOaCOOtlNO 5EPV1CE PEftSON & NSTALLERS 4XPERENCE0 ONLY WANTED.. c.; mu PRODUCTON AUTO eort-»loh,_aj posaonv experence requred. ; Hotel.. -JON US AT ; DEARBORN! Ma/rtotj.elesenl Dearborn nn hw mmedate ocportunluea lor; Ohfcf Steward r -»Transent Sale3 Rep.. ;>.Sup rvjsors ". S«rv«r8. Host/Hostess/Casher *0[ft Shop Clerks ^Rostaorant Attendant ; Utlty. CorTvpeuUy* wages and outttandmg benelttal Appty n peraon Monday- Wedrteeday, l6am-2pm at the DEARBORN NN "2030 TOakwood Blvd. -- Dearborn, Ml tqoal Opportunty Employer MJrByty/r^maWHancncapped/Ve f YOU ARE OWNQ NOWHERE n a aupermarkat, ptaa parlor or jaa elaton matte career for youretf wtm an ettablaned company. Vartou* poattjon* open. No experence neoeeaary- Mu» t>* neat and»ogreawe. Excellent atar ng aalary and benefta. Apofy " BUaT-RMHTCENTEfl 2*55 Woodward-#275 8toomn*M HUM, ML, 4*304.. nagrance-experlenoedonjy ; AGENCY POSTONS SovthlWd t Dvonla - Troy OeUort Oearbor n - Farmlnfllon CommerdsMrVaonal Una* WR>Ma»1cetlno-Ca)m-Ratef» - CONCORD PERSONNEL Mddlebeft Rd., NSURANCE- Experonoed Commarcfal nsurance Bep. Farmlnfloft HHU.Aooncy. Part Ume. Contad John or Jack at... V NSURANCE - TROY ConvnerdaT Knee, CSR conalrvctlon." 2,5.000-» Mbanem*,Hole*.. B.HAML PERSONNEL JOBS - JOBS - JOBS Pfckagtra Cl«rk« f S(Uot- Cal Today WQlvcrlne Temporares *1 XEROX LANDSCAPE AK0 ARK3AT10N Labore*! Af<>Sc«or,j no«tx-n} accepted.applytnporson K«rr*ra Landacape Co., 1320 Ladd Road, Waned Lake laukoromat ATTEKDANT NorUst^ area. Perl tlma. Hour negotable. Can aftar 6pm «500H«!pW«nt«] LOHTMAJNTEKAKCE AfTERNOOSS Ca/fWcppofurKvvhtou.hf-utera WW-Jgana l/e««l a-jppr*r ol r.sjhtach Secomm-jncatona oovpment. LloM day & afternoon rnanle- rsr<» (/ to p.m.) Moody t>*y FrWey. Startng p/ b&»d on expertsnoe. Ca.1 Martt 8m;l at e». 357 lo arr anj* an appcsntmont. LAWN CARE WORKERS. BraeburnOofCub 5.75 per hour or LEASNG AGENT noodod e-.-onuvjj.weokenda for apartment convrvjnlty V\ HonrtEe, F<jt hrthof Vforrpa.uoncaa Jon The wrnngestv ^ leapr n offce MMOS!,-^ MPUL8E HAR & Natl* etc S&Jon. lookng for ttysat wlu coentele. Cal Tye».-8at NCOME TAX PREPARERS No experence or experenced. Free tranng now. FuO Of part tme employment opportunftea n your negnbortood for lax aeaaon for those people who awcceaafuoy complete tranng. ExoeOent earnng potental. -^-. Nattonwld* noorpe Tax Servce A HOTEL Secvrfty Ovard, Frt 8Sat n)ght«. MvaT be over 18. Apply wltnn btrt W, Plymouth Rd, Uvonla. SHERATON OAKS HOTEL» nncm now hrng.hcvaekeapera/room Attendant* Day*; lufl or part tme. AppV n penons«alnovlrd HOUSEKEEPER needed (of M tme day poartjon. f mereated pleaae appry n peraon lo Ptymouth Court Nur»lng Horoe, 105 Haggerty Road, Plymouth, Ml.HOUSEKEEPNG Dependable people needed to dean oflfcea n Royal Oak area. Muat be flng lo make long term commtment A have relable traneportatlon. Work 8pm - 130am per hour. Cal now. ^TEMPORARY RESOURCES ^vonla - Farmlngton H,*a SouthfMd Trojf; " ArvEjual Opportunty Employer NDUSTRAL MANTENANCE aolea POSTON. Food manutacluref lookng (or mantenance peraon wth aksla n pravantaure mantenance and repar of large machnery and pumpe. Mul have HP Boler Dcenae. Muat be wstna to work. Send resume to Box 622 Observer & Eccentrc N»w*paper* Schoolcfaft Rd., Vvonla. MlcWgan NTERESTED N FREE JOB TRANNG? JOB SKLLS AVALABLE N Clerlce/Word ProoeasVg Accountna/Computlng Electronlca "* " Re* aur ant Oocup* t lone Auto Repar Health Occupetona BuOdlng Mantenance. Prntng Technology - Contact. WAYNE-WESTLANO COMMUNfTY8CHOOL3 FofquasncaUona An Equal Opportunty Employer NVEdTKJATORS NEEDED OrVy experenced need apply. Send resume lo P.O. Box 5198, Dearborn, Ml., TEM PROCESSNO SPECAUST To operate a Ngh speed document sorter, doe* down the computer fyatem and assst n the preparaton wtnnsttcsjh letters. Fuflllme - evenng poston, some Saturdsya requtrsd. Ma resume to CCCU, P. O. Box.6210, Detrot, Ml Attn Hugh NFANT & TODDLER TEACHEftS needed ful tme. Must be motvated and team workers NSTRUCTORS. CERTFED. nstnxtors needed n the fooowtng vocatonal areas Medcal, Word Processng, tool machne, vdeo producton, commercal foods, computer programmng, auto, electronc* 8 efecrtca repar, accountng, smaa engnes., wood fnshng a law en(orcemenl Send resume to Pearson Educaton Center, Seech Daly Rd. Retford ML NSTRUCTORS N6EDEO n the followng areas. Pharmacy Techncans, Vstsrtnary assstng and draftng. Bedford Unon School* Adult a Communty Educaton. Me/yKorp) NSURANCE CLERK Chropractc Clnc n Rochester Htn*. Experenced n nsurance relatons and flng for as type* of nsurance desred. Two day* per week. To apply, phooe NSURANCE Commercal lnes assstant Mutt be temper wth converages. Comerdal Unee CSR large One* experence. Exceflenl benefts, nonsmokng offce. Must have ^"SV^ NSURANCE CSR - Rapdly growng agency s seekng commercal & personal Gnee CSAs v>1h st least 2 years experence. Send mum* to FD. AH Mr*. Serrs 395SSOfth*/C HW»ao» Ste «CC Hov M.-4837«JANTORAL POSmON - Fuf> Bme for western Wsyne county mantenancecompany. Must be-able to operate heavy cleanng equpment Experence preferred. Vsfld drtvers EcenserequVed JANTORS - Retrees, 400 par month take home pay, mdnght work n suburbs a downtown areas. Must have own ear. Leave message JAZZ NSTRUCTOR - Advanced. Experence preferred. 6end resume to Gotta Dance, Carol on Lt, Weatand, JOBCOACH hard worwng, problem softer wrth good nterpersonal *kjv* needed lo assst persona wth developmental dlsablrtl** to work n the bbmmurtlry. MORC Valned h/. plus benefts. Farmlngton HDa KARATE NSTRUCTOR lo leech part tme evenngs n NorthvSle. Black belts, male or female. Need not be presently tranng. Jon the fastest growng martal arts orgsnluton m Mchgan. Oood psy, management posfw*. Full Ualnlng. 0* KEYPUNCH KEYTAPE OPERATORS Experence requred. Dry* and afternoons. Farmlngton area. Can «KNOERCARE N NORTHY1LLE la hrng a M lme Teacher lor 4 year olds. Some chrd care experence s necessary. We offer compelfve wages and benefts. Can a ask for Donna st, KNDER CARE la lookng (or nfant 8 Toddler Care Gvers..Postons aao avalable n Pre-Schcot rooms. *ppfy Rd, */~uftoon ml* 6S XsrbxUteeluV^euccoMru. buses* ovfners,.ssjejpeopje and olher prcfesslonaj* to Jon fts Authorlted Sales Agent Program, as a Xerox Safes Agent m Northern Mchgan. You"! be assgned an exclusve eaes terrtory, where your be a prmary source of Xerox Copters and (ax machnes Youll proft from ah establshed Xerox customer base Youll receve cornplete saes tranbg, natonal advertsng and marketng support and free demo equpment Ycx/J earn substantal commls slons-wlth low start up costs and no nventory nvestment Canddates should, have proven sales SkSs and be commtted lo makng ther partnershp wth Xerox a success. f youd Hxe to expand an exstng offce products or related busness, or start your own successful busness. &n the wlnnlnges team n offce products tod ay. Send your busness profle or resumelo --." DAVE HALE BAY E. DRVE, TRAVERSE CTY. Ml XEROX * a traderrark of XEROX CORPORATON 1 leasuo AGENT pan tme weskerxls lor Yfestand apt. complex, experence prefereod; 6/hr leaslflq CONSULTANT For beewwut FarmTngton apartment complex, 40 hours per week.-sales helpm..ssjsry plus experence spsrtment LEASNG CONSULTANT.. Fu? llm^ poston for srge allvuent property Sn BkxjmlWd. Ha^ Requres strong markstng and leasng experence. Good co/rvrvuncatfon skts and astf sttng-matugsf m~over all tenantretstlbnsand busnessadrrjnstratlon. CompetuSe salary ard bensmepackage. Call 332-7, LEASNG CONSULTANT part, tme weekend leasng consunant experenced preferred. Parklane Apts. 8outh!Wd. \55-e770 UBORATORY TEST TECHNCAN HhyteaJ testng. Develop lest fb> tures. document and conduct tests. nterpret results. Assodate degree n applcable feld requred, but related educaton and experence wtl substtue. Must be prordenl n one or moro Ol the focowvg. Closed loop servo rrydreutlc fltgue testng, fastener testng, olectro magnetc vbraton testng, pneumaoc system desgn and bulk), envronmental testng, statc structural testng, located n western suburb*. Complete beneft package. Only resumes statng salary hstory and requrements wts be consdered. Send resumes to Box 626, Observer 8 Eccentrc Newspapers. S6251 Schoolcraft Rd, Uvonla, Mchgan An Equal Opportunty Employer ~ LBRARAN-PART-TME ~ 20 hra. per wk. r needed lot prvate busness cohege, some weekends requred. Responsbltes ndude provdng reference servce, eoordl- MUng a developng programs of bblographc nstructon. MSLS requred. Busness lbrary a or teachng experence + knowledge ol database searchng preferred. Applcaton, deadlne Aug 30th. Send resume wth salary requrements to Walsh CoBege lvernbls, Troy, Ml An Equal rjpporturlty Employer MACHNE HAND Job shop experence on ml, drll a surface grrtdar. Top wsges a bene fts, Blue Cross, B!y* 6h%«. WaUa Tool 8~ Engneerng lberty Dr.WUom Machne Operators mmedate openngs for ndmdus* wth 6 mos. experence on screw machlte. Lfvon* locslon. Day a nght shfts avalable.. CALL Help Wen 1*J MNlENACG - QrowVg menu- (sourng cornptn-y nsed* an epsrer<«d fef-ersl M»nt*na.-Ke Persc-n. Good salary a berrelts. Af-pV n psrson, Ctplto, Oak park. MANTENANCE PERSON sxperenced, lor apartment coounu-. rttf buddng. Ful tme 8vn to 5pm. Appfy mperson, MlcMgsn Ave., Wsyne. Ml MANTENANCE PERSON GsnersJ melnlenence and other dutes. Appfy n person Oualy nn, 6 Mle and "- MANTENANCE PERSON (of 147 unm apsrtmenl complex located n Canton. Knowledge of generel mantenance, grounds 8 Jantoral - v - /53-M requred. Prease eel MACHNE OPERATORS 8 TRMMERS Lvona manufacturng f,rm has openngs for machne operators on the afternoon.8. nght shrts, a trmmers (or the dey etvft. > 525 atsrt. ExCoCenl beeerts, ApeVy»tAl!mand,Assoc. (no Levsn, LfvorCs, Ml An EOAJSlOpporturyy Employer MACHNSTS. 01¾ FarmVotoA Hls attomolfve..wu. trefn-h4 whe-ectory e«pek*ocej 4«.25/hr. Call Los at U^FORCE MAlOS WANTED dsy shft, pad unllorm*. hosdsy* a v«*t)on*. Must be hard workng a dependable. FermJhgton HjSs MANTENANCE TECHNCAN A plastc contaner manufacturer s lookng for a ma.n(enanoa technfdanrwth experence n helobowng veas - ChKed Water Syateros.,Alr^ompreasors MroaCooBng-.,,..,-. AlrDryers,. We offer a goodwge a beneft peckso>a ewebent oppoftunlty <or edvancement Please appfy m pereon, Mon. thru Frf. eem-5pm, 1351 HtxR*, WesUand(S.ofCord)..., l.. ^,!,!.». MANTENANCE - Fu«Crne (or SouWfletd N-rtse. Must have knowtedge plumbng, heellng/cootlng. fvaca^lectrjcaf.cea U8RARY ADES Southfeld PubOo Ubrary Bookshefver* Needed hr*. per wk. Flexble schedule ncludes 2 evenngs, weekends per h. For ntofmauon call Pat WHlams LBRARY SECURTY MONTOR Mon, Tues and/or Wed. eves. 6-9pm. Must be 21 yr old. Ablty to enforce bray rules n a censttlve manor. 7/hr. Contact Me. lauser, W. eteomftefd Lbrary LFEGUARD Luxurous apartment commurfty, k> Farmlngton HlDs, lookng lor fub or part Ume ndvdual to oln our tfeguard team! For mata kffyrrnttrv, please cal LARGE NTERNATONAL pest con- /bt company seeks mdmduals to work n a secure servce busness. We need steady work record, work flexlbtlty, good wrtten a verbal ekms.a good drvng record. We oler excellent salary, comprehensve benefts package, unforms, com- Pjele tranng 4 company vehcle, medaf* conslderauon please For mmedla call LEASNG AGENT -PartTme- For luxury apartment communty n Farmlngton HH» area. Must be wllng (o work weekends; Csll Mon, LEASNG AGENT - Great Oeke Apartments needs weekends 8 M- m. Wul tran. 6.35/hr. Apply n person 9am-5pm. 940 Oak Wood Dr.. Rochester, LEASNG..AGENT-Full lme lor Farmrngton H."s apartment complex. Cal Mon-Frl. 8am-5pm An Equal Opportunty Emptcy* LGHT ASSEMBLY - Work n Small factory. No experence necessary , Mon. - Frt. 4.50/hf. Sound Around, 9119 General Court. Ptymouth LGHT NDUSTRAL lathe experence helpful but not requred, fub erne, beneft*. appocauohs taken fam-12 noon only at Globe, Uvona. 6J1-KH1 MANTENANCE Mantenance Person lor ndustral/ commerda) property management company. Some HVAC, electrlce and genoral mantenance experence requred. Apply n person, sea Shore*.at- ndependence Green Apartment (>jmp *x Washngton Ct., Farmlngton JUS* MANTENANCE needed for luxurous Farmlngton H8s apartment communty, lookng (or a eel(- mouvsted, energetc person lo Jon our rru^tenanr^redecorapon department.. Apply at Mutrwood Apartments, MuVwbod Or, Grand Rher a Drake, between 9-5. MANTENANCE - Reeponslb.* tedndsn wlh"pool a punch-oul experence, HVAC helpful. Apply n person pnv s CarnegH Park Apa, W Carnege Park Dr. (on U mr>e between nkater a FranWn) Help Wanted MANAGER FOR V* fc^try. Expsrenced on./. Southr*!d. nc-pv to Cox 590, Observe* 8 ECC.Mrfc N«*spepcrl Schoolcrall Rd, l.onla, McMgen MANAGER TRANEES l eoklng for men a women A «**;«Oetro area lor nu/&j.yr.ent poslloos. - «No Experence Necewry Ar*e maneoer earns 150,000 Bonuso s 8 n W ence 8eculty H accepted. Can Nowl SovthWd 1 -- " «Ts/or Uvon* Warren AnnArbOf 677-O Help Wanted MODEL MAKER v.anted lo do SOnvs 3 n-.c-del ^oat cf pro- C4 j-jg 6<v.!prr.«n1. located n Lf/or. Csll bouocn 9j.-rv-4pm lesv* rr^msje 8 brot resume 437-J161 MOLO MAKER Kfpof/Upgra<}«f 3-5 >eere *«pcrtc-nce. Mus be e&* to-opere* surftc* grnder*, brdgeport* a letrves. Futl benefts. Ncvfsree hop MANCURST per week renlel. Cflenlefl* prelsrred. 6sgon*a H*> Sekxl. Northwest LrvonTa. Ask lor Kathleen or Teresa MANUFACTURNG MANAQ Efl lmrr«dae openng avalable tor manufacturng, manegsr/who has broad bsekground n machne bted a electronlca, that wn eggremtvefy control costs a de9vere*, n local pent Full benefts a eaay n tne wth expereqee. Reply t«box 620,.Observer a Eccentrc NeNv»«pers, Schooler*/! Rd..- - Urona, )Achgan4e50 ;. MANTENANCE SUPERVSOR Needed Mtme, tor suburban apartments. 8eary ncludes apartment a utates. Experence a must For ntervew please c*3, MANTENANCE TECHNCAN Hardworkng, relable thdmduel needed (or mantenance wortc-et-a. UQHT NDUSTRAL. WAREHOUSE SterRng Ketohte/Troy. Must have good math ekjlte. OwrV transportaton. Oood work references. One year ot steady prevlbus empoymenl Must be able to work any shft HUo expe/ence helpful. MOM Servces UVONA COMPANY needs a person to fta parts order*, shppng and rocefvlng. Supply prevous Job experence and quarncatlons n wrtng to Manager. P.O. Box Uvonla. Ml UVONA FRM needs responsble, dean cut person (or Rout* sales to exstng offce accounts. Hgh school dploma. Excellent drvng record. Pleasant personalty requred. Pay commensurate wth experence and sklls. Cal 2-4 PM LVONA STORE acceptng applcatons tor al full tme postons. Please appfy n person between 9am-11am, Mon-Sat at Communty Thrft,6tor* Plymouth,. (n Perry Drug center). MACHNE OPERATOR/.O.GRNONG. Shop xpertence preferred. Wfl tran rght person. RL Schmttt Company QlendaJe, Uvonla. MACHNE TOOL BuHdere, Electrcans end Ppe Ftters. Now ntervewng. Send resome or can the Sharted Co. nc.,?157 Avon ndustral Dr., Rochester M apartment communty n Farmngton Has. The deal canddate should have experence n al areas of majr>. lenance ncludng plumbng, electrcal a HVAC. Qualfed applcants apply n person Mon-Frl, 4pm-6pm. VJLLAGEGREEN Ot Fsrmlngton HEs Vdage Green Blvd. (On Haggeny, between Mle Msnsgor/Asst. ""MAKE THE SYSTEM WORKf OfrYeU; A Nutrt/System. the naton* premer wegm loss cornpany, we offer an excellent management (ranng program and advancement opportuntes. A* an Asstsnt Manager, you wffl support he Center Manager n overseeng al center operatons; workng together n achevng revenue and servce goals through effectve staff. management. To qualfy, we requre a mnmum of 1-2 years of ratal or restaurant management experence. These exceptonal opportuntes, n the Northeast Detrot and Plymouth -areas, offer a compettve salary and lucratve ncentve plan complemented by an outstandng beneft* package. Wegh the advantages. Cel Km KeBer at (517) W* are an equel opportunty employer.. NUTR/SVSTEM WEGHT LOSS CENTERS.MANAGEMENT (COLLECTONS) Fremen* Fund Mortgage Corporaton, la seekng an ndmduel for Asshtsnt Management Posllloh n pur collecton department Reapon- SlbOrtlea nclude drect supervson of our loan counselor*, development 8 completon of performance eppre- safs a the montorng of varous actvtes - beng performed by our counselors m other organzatonal unts. Specal prolscts ww be assgned 8 publc speakng s requred. The deal canddate wta possess both management a mortgage cooecuons experence. However, canddates wth at least 1 yr. of rneneoement or 2 yr». of mortgage cooedon* w9 be consdered. We offer compettve beneft package. Qualfed canddate ahoutd appfy Mon-Frt, 9am-4prn. or send confdental resume stalng salary requrements tec Human Resource* F1REMAW8FUND JJX^TGAGTCORPORATON..- ^27555 FemtngtonRd. - Farmlngton HBls. Ml Equsl C»p^>prtunfty Employer M/F/H MANAGER f you are career-mnded professonal wth hands-on experence n ar aspect* of runnng a smal company wtth strength n bookkeepng and accountng, we have en excetr lent poston for an nsde Operatons Manager. Good *alary wth ncentves end health nsurance. 8end resume to Maxne lewte. Unted Pet Supply Roanoke, Sute 201 Southfeld. Ml MATERAL HANDER Suburban automotve suppler t seokng an experenced Materal Hander (or our stampng oporetlon. 2-3 year* experence prfjforrbd. n cod handlng, huo drvng and assodal»d unct>ona. Opr UAW afftlsled shop offer* compettve wage and an *xce0erl>enent* package. Apply au Johnson Stampng Co^ 9120 General Or, Prymouth. MECHANCAL ENGNEERNG ASSSTANT needed. Experenced wth HVAC and plumbng systems helpful. Oraftlog ablly must Cal Gatcheo a Assocate*, for nformaton MECHANC. Certfed for lectory authorsed heavy duty truck deejershla n-- U.^na. W MONTESSORl TEACHER 8 ADE Pert or fuh lme. Wa"ed Lake/Y/. Boomrtefd a,-**. Expcrlerce wth cmdren requred. C* »--/ <»» Mortjsge Bankng UNDERWRTER... Freman* Fund Mortgsge C<xpore-Ar- Hon, one of the nston* lergosl mortgage corpor S on* wth over 1 "* 35 bf.fon n servcng 1* seekng erf ""* xperenccd underwtl6f (or ouf*^" Farmlngton H9s hesdqusrtere. The successm canddate wfl be responsb!* lor lesdentaf undeorlng eclmt*s for our ve/loos orgnaton of. r, rce* as well as V/hoteseJe lenderav^ kxsted throughout th* U.8. WtvC lookng (of en ndfrldual _wh<,.- possesses a mwmum of 2-4 yeafs^/ -. recent full tme underwrtng exterlvw ence. The proper desgnatons te«.-«. underwrte HUO Otreet Endorse- mdnt J.oans/VA Aulomstc LOena. Wong wth eotd experence tnmf} dervrrftng FNMA/FHLMO Corryeha- ;. one! Loans s requred. A compeu- v " > tv» bener.k package nc*0atn5 _ aa~~.." Employee Stock Own^shlp Plan fs of/ered.,ojualned candda)es should l sende/esume wl h ealeryvequ!^.! mentato; - Humen Resource* ^ "-. V FREMANS FUHO MORTGAGE CORPORATON ; 27555Farmlhglonftd Ferrrfngton HWS, Ml. 4633^4 Equaf Opportunty Employef M/F/H^."MECHANC- FWd and Shop wth 6 year* + ex perence. Prefer knowledge of heavy constructon equpment Must hsve your own tools and truck. FD out eppneetfon el 7740 Avon ndustre! Drtve. Rochester HK*. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer Affrmatve Acton Employer MECHANC Mechanc needed (or semh/er repar shop. Must be experenced MECHANC8 Helper. Energetc person to assst Mechanlo wtth fubrcauon a dean up work to slart. Appfy Amrheln, between Levan 4 Newburgh MANAGER TRANEES HOW WOULD YOU LKE TO WORK 60HRS. PER WEEK ALL THE OVERTME YOU CAN HANDLE Must have car, be dependable, dv* money and want a career wth a future! 35 people needed lor muttlmrson docar expanson program. Our manager* average 7415/h/. For personal ntervew. Cal Barb MANUFACTURNG MANAGER Flter meda end housngs. 10 year* plus background. 55,000 range No B.HAML PERSONNEL FAX-(313j «MARKETNG TRANEE Local offce of natonal organzaton needs a few good people wlng to work hard end be trened. Earn hue you learn. Guerenleed 25,000 frst yea/ ncome. CU Ern Walsh at «MARKET rvaaaarch ntervkrwers mmedate openng* Telephone, door to door and mystery shops. Flexble hours. Experenced preferred but wm tran. Cell Louse, MATERAL HANDLERS Plastc njecton moldng company has openng* on afternoon a nght Shltta lor materal handlers lo start. Excellent beneft*. Apply el ATmahd Aseodefee, nc Leran Rd, Uvonla. Ml ~80 MLTARY POLCE Wanted for the Mchgan Natonal Guard n Taylor. Part-tme and no experence necessary. Wll tran. Pror servce welcome. Cat} Nowl MOLO MAKER/TOOa DE Experenced lor alocone rubber manufacturer. Apply n person 6699 Executor*.,WWtJand MORTGAGE SURVEY party chef*, helpers, a drtftepereon wanted, Experenced need only apply. Also regstered a Bcdnsed land tvrveyor wanted. Send resume 8 salary hstory lo C Weton E. 9 Mle Road, Femdae, Ml Mortgage.,-. Loan Counselors Lookng (or an opportunty to enter th* exctung Held of mortgage bankng? Do you posses* the tejent that promotes effectve customer relatons? Our corporaton s desrous of enthusastc ndvduals who are challenged by the opportunty to effectvely communcate drect wtth customer* on a one-to-one bass. These career poston* also requre good wrtng and math sklls. Advancement opportuntes wtl certanly exst lor those ndvduals who demonostrele the eb)my lo eucceed. ndmduels must. be eveleble to work vared shft* es requred. A compettve beneft patkege end a startng ealary ol 14,600 s beng offered. f you ere lookng for a challengng atar n a dynamc envronment, please forward us your resume or epply n person Monday through Frday, 9em-4pm. Humsn Resources FREMANS FUND. MORTGAGE CORPORATON Farmlngton Rd. Farmlnglon Hl,l», Ml Equal Opportunty Emp-oyer M/F/H MORTGAGE / CAREER OPPORTUNUTY Tranng dess n mortgage orgnaton now formng. Top compensaton eveltsbe. No pror experence necessary. Cal to reserve your spot/ Mortgage Loan ProcessorJ^r. Experenced Processor wanted 10¾.. (est paced Mortgage Corporaton.,^ Most have thorough knowledge <4U FHA. VA and Convenlloel Loen Pro K-^ cesslng, Pre-Closng; Closng and,.,* Post-Closng actvtes. a --.- hlghy mottvated learn player. Excel.--> lent eatery and.benefts. Send re-->. sume end salery requrements to D. We/ace - Republc Bancorp Mortgage, nc. "-- P.O. Box > Farmlngton HK*. ML 4* An Equal Opportunty Employer " - MORTGAGE LOAN Of FCERS -- Oq you close al least 6 mmon p%" - yesr? Do you went lo earn more." than DOUBLE the ndustry norm n"- compensaton? Can you appredat j / prcng al your ownloans?ths.,.- compensaton pten tflnrsjvalv*. yet.. very basc. Only those that answer-. ed yes to above questons should,-v ee>.ve)entla>trebuechl MP8.WANTED - 85 for new Teytof Natonal Ouard Armory. Part tme. No experence requred, wa tran. - Cel Bob Nalman MUSC TEACHER for Pre-School A" Elementary n Watled lakeavj " Boomrled area. Part tme. Expert- * ence requred. Caa " NAL TECHNCAN lor nal salon Jn Plymouth. Call evenngs NO SELLNG, no experence noees- -, sary. Enthusastc phone votoej- only. «-9 an hour. Cal Mra Alen " at ] OFFCE CLEANNG " Part tme, Monday thru Frday,. evenng*. Wlxom, Novl, WeJled Lake, Farmlnglon HHs-8 Ptymouth Areas. Can " OFFCE MANAGER 1-, LAW FRM.... Lew frm needs Offce Meneger/Admlnljtrator. We requre fufl oharge. bookkeeper wlh computer capabts-, ty. Menage/ must admlnljter Novell Lan *ystemr manage al aspects of - upport personnel; us* ntatve lo carry out an management dutes 1 ; report to executve partner. Pleas*., forward resume 4 saery requre;.,. ments lo Box 628, Observer A Ec» - centrc Newspapers Schoolcreft Rd.. Uvonla, Mchgan v OPTCAL FRM.seeks Dspensers,,. Receptonsts a Lsb Toch/Mdar.s*-, Experence preferred, tranlng pro-.- grem eva^abe. Base pay + com..-. msson. ntervew by appontment. on>ycs-l Of c? * HOM & S RVC GUD LJQ DCADUNE84 P.M. TUESDAY FOR THURSDAY EDTON /.4 P.M. FRDAY FOR MONDAY EDTON TO PUCE YOUR AD CALL QO ^JwtorW Cleanng. Bonded* ADVANCE JANTORAL Offce a Apt Complex Very reasonable Rat*. 4 nsured T /ADVANCE JANTORAL Hom^ orftee, apartment complex cttswng, Floor strppng a wslng. Fre^M Low rate* > ll ^UelKrtCtplrsg AA- ACE LANDSCAPNG ;. s ExperencedQerdener*. Comc*et* Yard Cleen-Up Weedtog, Trfenmlng Experts =/,. 8trp a Sod. Shrub Removal * Transplantng 8 Reendecapng ^! ^ Un<te«png FARMER JOHNS GREENHOUSE Landscape Desgn RecondKlonlng FreeE8t. Call Now! Ask for Dean or Brad ADMRE YOUR YARD new a renew landscapng. 4 seedng. Shmbs & Tree*.. png svppee*. Ur^grouod eprlnklen rsslased a servced. Tlm- MC Work, Trenchng. Oownepout a flurhp Pump borw. Orsenag* problert *ohtv. Beokhoe work, reclor wcrk^pp*. pwmng; truckng - BG * HACKER SERVCES EQUALTY SERVCE SNCE 194«><n- r J V- Ay»or^*b^L*rK*S<4V»r>gl^L*Cour» Custer*!.new landscapng. Old j*r>d*cef>lng_ restored. Tr***_a *tsmb* nevssd. Cwlom deesgvad Deeoretfve Stone, Shredded nvuvwlq WW*», DrK*X w*k* apwos; Soddtng, gra^ng a... seedng, lesv foundehooe re- Mresl, Tree trmmevg a deen-wp jyfc^ sftdscepe arcrhectur* avs*. f orr*rmrc*sf ground* rnelnl. Com- *4*t*lrrgelon8y*twn* ANATTRACTrvtOmOOOR ffvvlftc+fmeht FOfl YOUR HOME RH* Oeegn a Servce He* 18 prolnxerm expertenc*. We toe kv creettve a nocrathre, custom bfldt A stone petce eye, lendeceye r«novtons, j w*j*j*; pelnunge. C-4>Arfworf< h ovr prorty. GROW PeTE DUK3N 8 SERVCE *?.. ««3-4?70 Ret. a Coml. Fu*ry n* TM Eat. ANGELCS SUPfHES >. SUMMER 8ALE Toeeof.«0». beg.99 P**t Cede* Mulch - Wood CNp*, Drh*w*^aC>ee<)r»MrgStone V Play, Pool, S4M a FWSand» *--o^t*e»wn»s*eyeerr** of Defrrery Open 7 Dsy* <<T; od Cutters, Posl Hole RototHers, U-Hsvl Cement _L jabple Landacaptng &! Dversfed Servces Landeospe Deekjn a metaharton fl Rene*) 0W Landscapng See* a Seed Ckan-up* rrteashrvb Mawt. A n*mov*l weefnjm Wsela 0 Grsd^g e^tyecy Fence* Wood CH«r*s " ConersH Oreve Drfve* (Myeurbvetnee* «H. RENAS LANDSCAPNG Snce Complete landscapng, corjlructkn 4 desgn, Movng & Stwagt BOS MOVNG A SERVCE NC. Arty Soe Job Reesonsble Rates Short Notce Servce Free Eetmate- nsured EXODUS MOVNG LNE OtAce/ResldenUal. Storage. Summer Specal (42/HR or «75-SAF-MOVE LOCAL MOVNG RJ. UO0Y AG ENT (or WHEATON VAN LNES FREE ESTMATE or NOBLES LANDSCAPE SUPPLES BOULDERS Deeoretfve a Olvewey S one TopeotePeet-TopeoflMx Shred Bark Wan Stone nterlockng Perer* Pato Block Landscape Tmbers Pckup or Detvery RCH DRT FREE May soon dg ebcvt 100 cubc yard of fertle eon from pond. WM dettver free wthn Rve mfjee of Bg Beaver a Woodward. t nterested eel. AM onfy, SANDY CREEK 800 FARM Monro*. Mchgan Pck up 8 delvery or SOODtNO Sod Repar Seedng Mulchng, Top Sol Work Shrubs Sms* Tree Removal. C.J.s SODDNG T0PS0L Specal*. 7 Yard* Screened Top Sol OK 95 P*Mng - Or*dng - frector Work Randal Landscape F»rm.» Btoom«*»d Arte* WANTED Fr**c*een (*. Cen ves up to cu. yoe N<M *fl*. convenently kx-««< *vr dumpng. Celt *0 for mc«nformaton. 135 Uwn HWnt«ft«ocf BOeSLAND8CAPE MANT. Shrub 8 Hedge T*WT#g. C*e*rvupj L*rdecaf«n«Qw*»ty work. Fsrrnlngten HtSs/l vor** MOVNG??? Complete Preparaton Servce Pack agng Dsassembly load Expert, professonal, 19/yrs. exp. 20/hr. Free est. Cal Mark** Movng Assstance TWO MEN 8 A TRUCK MOVERS let u* tak* the alresa out ofvnovtngl ProfessfoneJ mover*. Low rstesl Uc. 8 ns. Oakland Cry W*yneCty. 722-MOVE 165 Pantng/ Decoratng EURO PANTNG COMPANY Pantlng Amerca Beeutlfu. ft** n home estmate*. ntsrlor/exteror. Commerdal/ResMentlal European Touch WALLPAPER - PANTNG GLAZNG - MARBLZNQ FREE ESTMATES NSUREO Mrrors CUSTOM MRROREO WALLS B4-fc*d doors and gfee* table tops nsusted gae* Dscount prces , Pantng/ Decoratng A BETTER JOB REASONABLE RATES SHUR PANTNG nteror Exteror Stanng. Plaster repar a drywafl Sprsy tutur*d cewng* Paper hangng a removal Alumnum Swng Reflnt*hlrg Your Sett»t*ctlon guararrlsed wtth * 3/y wrttlen warranty Free Apprasal AFFORDABLE PANTNG, Our thorough prsperstlon wm *n*vr* th* fnest p*mj nnl*h. Free est. today. Gary, ALL TYPES OF PANTNG And wefpeper rsmovat. Drywafl rspelr. Ahrmlnum sldtng pern led. W*/r*f. Mark lermen, Fantastc Prces 50% Off Estmate Todsy Pant Tomorrow NTEROR EXTEROR COMPLETELY NSURED AM work fully guerenleed FREE ESTMATES- 30 YR3. EXP ^ ^ GEORGES PANTNG nteror/extedor. Bonded a ns. Free Eel. Can George JOHN CRAK3 PANTNG Free Eel. nteror-exteror. Lcensed a nsured. Guaranteed lowest Rstss LOW RATES PANTNG, PAPERNG Pleslerng, Repar * 8 Welhveshlng PANTNG BY MCHAEL Hghest QueHty. nt/ext. StaWng. Stucco. Alumnum Sdng Befrtshlng. Deck,Pr*»*rv*. W»Tp*p*r removal. Orywen Repar. Free Est PANTNG NTEROR 8 EXTEROR 27 veer* *>p. Free eetmeee.. C. Robert* Pantng Company * Pantng/ Decoratng STEVES PANTNG SERVCE WE DO T ALU - 50% Off NT/EXT. 15 Years Exp. Stanng, Wood Placement Deck Cteenlng. Bruvh a Rottng. Alumnum Sdng Pelnllng BONDED 4 NSURED " WNDOWS; Re-Putted. Panted a Ceufked. Broken Glass Replaced, Wndows Washed. (Spedabee n Putty Work a C»ufklng)Any Knd Of Glass Work - n Trad* 25 Yrs. CeaKen Photography ROCK SOLD PHOTOGRAPHY Weddng, portrele, chldren, pet*, etc n sfudto or on locaton. No mnmum package reqd Plasterng * A-1 PLASTER 8 DRY WALL * Matter Pasler-Dusl free repars. Texturng, water damage. Smal Jobs welcome. 31 yrs. exp HOUSE REPARS - Plaster - Pantng Roofj, Gutters A Carpentry JACK8 WALL REPAR Specalzng, frt dual free dry*** 8 Hester repars Lcensed/nsured. lm*«)obswekemed. 4J2-2S Plumbng Plumbng 8 Sewer Cleanng. Repars 8 Alter stlons. Remodelng # Plumbng repare. Trouble shootng Reasonable rales. Fast servce. 233 Roofng. AAA ACURATE ROOFNG Tear Offs. Re-Roofs, Repars Seamless Gutters. Uc A ns. Neghborhood Const. Co AAA AFFORDABLE ROOFNG QueSty work guerenleed. No leek* AAA APEX ROOFNG, NC. Quae try work completed wtth prde. Famty owned. Le-ns. FsJr prces. For Honesty A ntegrty cal Days Anytme AAA VELASCO ROOFNG JULY SALE 25 Off ANY JOB OVER 1000 WHEN YOU PRES ENT THS AD AT THE TME OF ES TMATE. Tear-off*, shngles, fst root *peds?m». AJ work guerenleed Snce Roofng PATS ROOFNG OF UVONA Repar work a epedelty. complete tear offs done n 1 dsy. Flat roofs speclslry, ventlaton problems solved. n busness 10 YEARS m Uvonla. 75 OFF WTTH THS AD Senor savngs. Free Estmates ROBNSON ROOFNG Lcensed A nsured. Rerools 8 tearoff. Guerenleed workmanshp (or 6 years. 8en)or dscount, ROOFS ROOFS ROOFS Hays Home mprove 6pecateng H Resdental Roofs Tear-oft* Repars Re-decks Re-f oofs Flat Roofs New Work W* oh*r 25 yr». xperlenoe. qualty workmanshp and Sr. dtlzen* dsc Ucans ACE R00FER3 EXTRAORCHNARC Excellent fob at a reasonable prce. Roof ramovs)* 8 akytlghts welcome. RetBdns-CharBe All ROOF EAX8ST0PPE0 New Roofs, Seamless Outtsrs Vents, neshno, Ortp Lsdge, VsAeys. Guerenleed, References, F lcensed. Free Est «. ALL TOPS ROOFNG Re-Roofs, Tear Ofts, New Roof* 20 yr. EsteNshetfBusness lcensed A nsured a Guaranteed nsurance Work. C*H SOBS CUSTOM PANTNG NTEROR 8 EXTEROR QUALTY WORK Fermngoft HWs/Lfvon* & ARTWT8 Ovynery Lendecspng Sse^ A oed l*jnd*c**se*, shrvb rs;t^>nd. tod leytg, yerd dsen-up Oreet >rtj**.fre«*et, Deve txkatcncfd LAN06CAPtrvO*rdener; Weedng, pssmtny. shrub Mrrslrg, tewn moweg. Rfeeen- Jtps. Pree Est Mere. 422-W61 MR. ehovel lahoscapwg f K jtoft&xmcc***? Ontntft low Arses Rwpslred rw B*ee**j**e - Laarw l**je*sje ty»»j Rlla QueatyWork -7>*vl729«M7 OOftOONS LAWN a HOME CARE Lswn M**nl«nenc», r*ndkep»ng, tree 8 ahrvb trmmng «MARKfTT AWN"CARE - lswn cvt fng. hedge hsmmrd. 2 Fre* gr*rxleted f*rt*rtng«wtth remander of eeseon te*! cwwng. 825 f»54 R8HAWNCARE WVy. Mow*ng. Scfvvb Trmmg ft R**rov* LXhetchkw. Aerstng. Osct R«+e M,638-1l/o 7~w LMAfTarffET cuf"~" NEW verds lrw<*0«d/o*d yevds removed p*.s s»wn m**m*rv*r>ce. O* 2«5* Morfng A Storage NDEPENDENT MOVNG Free Eatmete* nsured Ucen*e«Mf»SC L-t9«76 Courteoue, Careful A OompeSent LOW RATES BOURQUE PANTNG FATHER 4 SON nt/ext Over 30 veers exp. Quelty work. ReeeonebH fate*. Ft** e*t Le. A n*. Cal anytme BRUSH PANTfNG CO. nt-ext. Weapeperng Uc. A ns. Free Est VTsVMester Cards accepted CALOS Cuslom PeMtng Company nc W* Ar» «11n W. A Ext. P**n ng. Ovr ReovteHon Spe**e For ftsetf. Csl Now Set Up Appohvtmenl. For Summer SpsdeM.- Free fat. A»k U* About Our Oertng CUSTOM PANTNG 8 OTANNO 1990 prce* ktsrof a Exteror Heel, precse A tlmefy rr*e *et. Mfk* KtVryon DAYLTE PANTNG CO. ResWeot** A Commerde. nterlof 8 Exteror StsWng. Cyatom.tofor.- PERFECTON PANTNG Quefty work done your wsy. 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Lkersed Mester P-jmber Hot war* heelers, *-jmp pump*, eewsr* desned, t*>c*1* r»c*lred or rsc-aced. 8*n»or Crt«n D^count SOUTHFrELD FARMNOTON Al8 HOME REPAR SERYrCE Al PWn-.bV>g RepeJ*. F»x*ts, g»rbees dspoev*, hot w*!*r *n)(s rep*! r*d A replaced. No servce charge. CeflA LCENSED MASTER PUMBCR Res. ACornm. FreeEet. 0<J*r*nl*ed Work Fully njured CelTom PLUMBNG WORK DONE Ressonabe rate*. Feat servce. Nojootoosmet «BAGGETT ROOFNG 8 SDNG CO. Hot Asphalt eu«-up Roots. SWng* Roof*. Snce Uc ana.northylll* BALCO CONSTRUCTON CO, ROOf^8ONGaolJTTER3 A«Types Of Rooflhg, ReVdentsJ 8 Con-.cnertteJ, Fre* Est. - Uc. 8 ns. Henry Kevn B 4 L ROOFNG - New - Repetral Tear-off -.A Spedslty! Gutlers, Venlallo K* loo bg or sm* M4- Free Eat C.J. ROOFNG Shtngls.fat roofs A good loot Al work guv. Free Est FAT ROOF PROBLEMS? Ne-nr rubber roofs nstalled on flat reefs ShngMj. repevs. nsured. Joffl GREAT LAKES CONSTRUCTON CO., NC. Wthgsne Fnetl lcensed A nsured As Types C4 Roofng NtYV, RECOVER, CEOAR SHAKES. THE, SATE. REPAR Plus S? fj-pe* ol Horn* mprovement Can Today for Your Fre* Eallmal* or ROOFNG Bull New A Reps^ Wll beat any prlcol Senor Cflren Dscount Lkenwd/nsured 30 y a experence BEST CHMNEY CO VAUGHNS ROOFNG 8ERV1CE Re roofs, tear off*, new. a rspelre. Prof, work, fuvy guer. Uc 8 ne Free Est VELASCO CONSTRUCTON, NC. Quelty work al affordabee prlose. Re-fpofs, tear-offs. vsnls. Flat roofs, rubber roof*. PRESENT THS AO AT THE TME OF ESPMATE a AVE 35 ON ANY JOB OVER 1, New 8 repar. SWnglee, flat tarrng, cedar, gutter* 8 rtjated carpentry. neurence work Sawng Machne Repar, ANYBRANDTUNEOUP. Nr0UR HOME -FORONLY5.60 Free Est. tf Addltlons Work Needed SEW PRO, NC., Tls Work J. B, TLE COMPANY. QUALTY CERAMC TLE. Futty Uceneed 8 nsured. For Estmates, call Jm Tree Servce A-1 CONNOLLY TREE SERVCE Tree Removal. Trmmng, Stump Removal 8 land Clearng. ne.-freeest ACE STUMP REMOVAL SHRUB 8 8MALL TREE REMOVAL Dscount Slump Grndng. Free Est A-1 ANDREW TREE SERVCE Tree 8 stump removal TrVr^nlng. loppng. Free esumeles- God Bless You BSM TREE COMPANY Reasonable Rates. Free Estmates. Uoensed and nsured COMPLETE TREE 8 STUMP REMOVAL >.- Top son 8 sand delvered US; "-. or R&R TREE SERVCE FREE ESTMATES.NSUREO RON « SUMMER SPECALS VAV Tree Servce Tree trmmng. t/»e/tump removal Free Est nsured SUPEROR LAND SYSTEMS Stump Removal Tree Removal Free Estmates Wallpaperng Paperng, Remove). Pelnllng Plasterng, rotated refrslre. 285 Wall Washng WelNreshlng, wndow 8 rug dean ng. Pantng. AH types ol repare..; 290 Water Heaters TREE TRMMER NOT TRYNG TO GET RCH.4U3T MAKE A UVNQ Removers nsured Free Earmete* Senor Rate* or Upholstery 255 StoneWorK.STONE MASONRY. Quelty cuslom atone wont wtth ell type* of alone. Comm. A Res. CeflBOB(&nvtlme), TeJephone Servce ARepar. PHONE JACKS NSTALLED Homes A sml b-j Unesses Beslrstes CeKPevrl TELEPHONE WRNG AND TElEFllONE JACKS NSTALLATON AND REPAR Cel Jerry at Tle Work ACE TLERS EXT RAO RO MA RE Tr*. Msrt+e, Re-grout, RepeV Reasonable Prces, Vereoce*, Free E»t CM Lee anytme HARRS CGRAVlC THE Experenced tftfstatton end recera.* n remodeng. kftchen*. bath*. Re»*onsb>* prce, tft>cha sdvce. Excetent re^renoe*. C*» Bruce nowf «JMSEOHl RENOVATONS- Comptet* b*throom A ktchen r»- mod*s/cer*j-rlo tke, cabnet* A fxture*. Free **lm*le» J.C.S UPHOLSTERNG Home 6 offce tumnxe, boat nteror*, furnture reper. Free Estlmatw MAKE YOUR Furnture took new by Mchgans»1 Oua;;ty Upho-serng Over 30 yrs. experence. Free n-horre esltate Wallpaperng A BETTER JOB.. WALLPAPERNG A PANTNQ Peper Strppng (Master Repevs Exceflent heferenees; 15 Yrs. tp. tc Don J2-4J50 All OUR WORK GUARANTEEO Paferlng, Strppng 8 Hangng Flatterng6 Pantlng Exp.-Be. Cal Joe or Keren All rght t* lme to do t rghl WALL TO WALL COVERNG JOn! CUSTOM WALLPAPER Wapepef remove), ps"ntng 4 reps, tsyra.ejp-crhneo DAVES CUSTOM PANTNG A WAllCOVERNO., Free Estmates. 100*/,cuarertr»d. neancelt 360-9t?2 THE WALLPAPER AOY H*no>g/6 trppng l5yra. fxp.-rexs. Pates CaKethya ( WALLPAPER REMOVAL NSunf.o ARNOLOQOLON )1 SEARS The Most Trustee}-. Name n Home mprovement **; WELL r NSTALL A WATER HEATER N; Y0URH0MK WTHN 24 HOURS;- Guaranteed!. CALL Full Lne of water healers avnllawo Enorgy Elflclont Sundays and Holdays may bo excluded n ~. - some areas Ssare, Roebuck A Co, Wlndowa r v, WNDOW REPLACEMENT " Wood Of vnyl ROUOUGASBUltONO,_ 83<«Crown, Uvorv* BUY T SELL T -s FND1T ;" Classfed Ads ^.- Call Today " fh > 3. -! V /

27 B.rt*tT>rw»rt.rtM*lm»>«!»,»,«wa SCO H*lpW«nt(Kl jcu L-* ^=)^^0.^1 r*v^****w«awhfr»*t***y4flt>*»fc***fr ^ t*farthart ^M>&» *a{>^h*jftlbmja.tfeaptfrfr fm VJ- Monday, AugusM2, 1991 O&E (r\c,r,y/, J G-CC}* D V.^* ^^^--^-^-^-^^^-^. J. f ~.,^,,,.,^,^,-,^ ntmtnrrnttv/mrwarra^ BHWMMHMwMMt Of nc MANAGER/R CEPTK>H 1ST for»wn car* tudto h g^mbv^^m. M. t Mv«p/sod peop* *ke*. c*a Of F3ET PR S3 OPERATOR. Experenced. APOck MO *tth T-rvaad. Ben*!,* PKa**c* >\ ONE HOUR MW PHOTO LAB Experenced f>e»p needed ful tlrr,*. Appty»t F-S.op, SMO CooMa*. SfkWy.rtwlMW.* -, OWE HOUR PHOTO LA8- TecfnW/ needed pa/1 lme. C«.O(v*Houf Pfy^oWer*»,Lrvon[* " OPTlCArUDlSPEKSER. u,-,-. Experenced cnl/. Exoefleft *atary A r^.&g*rv>». -v.. ^ w, OPTCAN WAtfTEQ - ABO certfed, rran. 8 yr*. experence. Practce, located m 0/ota* Pont* arte Send (MUM to r)an. Donahue. 732 E.. Hurd, Moore*. Ml 4*161 ORDER DESK Our growng m*l order joomparry ha* openng lor proteaalonal, Mgnry mottraltd peop* to eaaft otth our ncomng order*. TM** M Um* poatlon* ndud««xlen*fv* tranng, pad beneft*, vacaton* A bowey* wm* earnng *748/rY. Sale* «xpertonotaphm. CtfSS-etOO ;POLKeOfFK6fl» Canton TovrryjKp t acceptng applcaton* tor Po6o* Offcer from candsd«t««*fw po***** 0* tooowfew -m!ftoumr»^w»w4» Aaeoctele* degre* n relaed.feld,- VLEOTC o»rwlc«uo«/«c»d«my graduaton. utufectory eomptwon ol MEOTC wrtten and phytc* warn. et4ry «22,823-34,6fa par yr, pa* excebertt frnge beneft*. Apply at Canton TovmaNp Peraorwal OMelon. 11W 8. Canton Center Rood. Carton, Ml L*M da!* lor ffng Aug. 23, An Eqg«l Opportunty Employer. OROER PROCESSORS Manufacturer of aerospace product* lookng lor n rvjmdual wth 2 year* order proceu experence. Strong wrtten ard oral oommonk*- tor *Mt* requred. Must be ebf* lo compoe* totter* rxl txm 40WPM. Contact BanoVl Ot*o6rnh ( Ortand raaum* W»S Cotmonoy Corp^ 3W61 8epnon»or Wwy.. M««*on HtahU, ML , Aft Sandn QJaoomln. OUR OROW1NQ ratal opwauon nu tmmaolaa opanlngs for «narg«t)o. rwponabto p«op<a wth teasjarfrwp ke* to n Sa)«* a 8upanrf»ory poaruon* n our auburoan locatons. Mut ba «tbng to do «fttttvw t lakaa to gat tha lob dona. Retal ax> perv«a a plj*. Ko poena cae*. land raauma to KkJoTa Land. M130 CooOdga, Oak Park Atljnton Bamay. PACKAQ1NQ/A3SEMBLY FaAafe* praferred. Small Kama to baackagad 6 auamb4ad. wa ba ftandtng. Ctoan atmospnara. Utu«noT>a, MQM8arvtoM ;PACKAQ!NO DePARTMEHT Vnamr) company. Ratable, naat appat/anoa. Pght packagng par hour, PM daby. Ten Mfla/ Orand «vara/aa., PACKAGNG. Lrvona & Novt. MS/hr. pkf» over- Uma. Thraa anfta. cas Lota at UNFORCE PACKAOrNO/UPB - Troy baaed company aeem part Uma help to package & *Mp advellng materal..hoora Decuata aaaaonaffy. 15 an hour. 6and to Box 592. Obaarver & Eccentrc Nawpper*. 362S1 Schootatfl Rd. Uvonla, Mchgan PAWTEFt C>srnmarcta/RealdanUal Rejabla, rtardarormng. Must have own tranaportaton. Pry 1» hourly and * comrreneurae wfth atparence.cal5om-epmonly PAMTER3 3 yaara axparlanoa neaped. Muat ha^a ratable. trenaporlatfon and gojd referencee. Can PANT8PRES3ER Fut Uma for Canton Ctaanara. No fartenoa nacaaaary,»41 tran hours par weak. PaW 6«ha«a. Mfte P»4> Cajt. PAPER 6UPPUER haa M Uma arv try level poaruoo for hartwortung kv dmbual n our paper packagng department. Benefts vaflana. Appfy L^Hcrthweal Bruaprlnl Co Faffonglonl Bcnookyafl. UvooJa. c PART-TME ASSOCATE Clean, stale of the art metal stampng" company seeks persona nterested m part Uma employment sortng A packagng amal parts per hour, nexftta hour*. Apply «person ndustral Or., Ptymcuth, (Acroas from Unyss) PART TME DRECTOR - Communty Lteracy Councl nc. non-proft organzaton. Setf-drected worker UrrOar wtth Ptymoutft/Canlon. Responsbe for coordnaton of vokmtear tutor racrukment. uatnlng 6 placement, pubac relatons and off- ce management; eeleblehlng flrurv <?4l ndependence lor CounoL Prevtou* adult taracy work helpful, not requred Appacatons/raaumea accepted untl Aug. 23 at CC nc., 650 N. Hofbrook, Ptymoutf H«tp Wanted PLACEMENT COUNSELOR. (Part-Tme \ A m^or srr^^juy s«r,to) n K>a Lr.cWa att has an lmne«ata bn\ Uma poshjonsvatabuj Men.. frl,- 12. noon 6^0pm. You must enjoy a. t*m paced emrtvonrnent & wortfcg on the tsstprjone. t ypu offce experence requred.. CaSjaat., PORTERWANTEO To dean ear MARKS AUTO OfOs/denCtty PR1KT1NQ PRESS OPERATOR. Experenced, RYOBY 3200/T^eaA CaSMDca ENTRY LEVEt RPQ PROORAMMER Fast growng Southnetd publahng company loowng for ah eneroaw and enthujtajtlc programmer. 6/36 or AS/400 experence a plus. A*» data* degree n compuer scence praferred. Send resume and salary requrements to Tony, P.O. Box 3133, Farmlngton Hfls, Ml Probaton Volunteers 52 vl OtttrJct Court Probaton seekng volunteers to supervse adult offender*. Cafl lofctsrvlew. PROOUCDON CONTROL ^manu- (acturar n Fa/mlhgl on KSs area KM opartng for person wth axpertenoa n producton plannng, work achedusng & machne aonedvflng. Computer experence needed. Reoant experence n manufacturng offce needed; Salary negotable, benefts, pad holdays & Vacatons. Call Sharon for ntervew, PROFESSONAt Photo lab haa 2 fut tme postons avajtame lor responsble 6 dependable persons. FBm processor operator.a stock Person a custom prntng a mountng person. Apply n person" Frst Foto Plymouth Rd., (YV. of Evergreen), Mort-ttru Frl., loaflvspm. PROGRAMMER/ANALYST Lvona baaed dstrbutor offers outstandng career r opportunrry for mothrated and detal orented kvflvwuat a* Prograrnrner/Anarys for our BM AS/400 model 45. Reapon- baua* nclude analyss, desgn, programmng, user tranng, communcauons. remote ste processng and PC coordnaton. deal canddate wta have bachelors degree, 2+ yr. AS/400 and RPQ experence and strong analytcal and oommurjcaton skms. TNs chasenglng posfton offer* compaouva salary and frnge benefts.wtth excellent opportunty for growth. Send raauma ncludng salary hstory and requrements n confldeooabyaug to Box 630 Observer a Eccentrc Newspapers, Schoolcraft Rd,Uvora,Mchgan PROORAMMER Ful Uma Southfted kxatton. Must have mnmum 3-4 year* programmng experence on BM A&-400. RPO language. Should have excellent mrtf a&ty a cxtrrvnuncalon akta. Send reaume ncludng salary reoutrarnant* lo Atefrtorv Kan, P.O. Box 6091, Southfleld, PROMNENT AREA BULDER seeks tuaaant parson to greet vlartor* at luxury model homes n Rochester and/or Koomfefd. Hours 1J-«pm, daffy, except Thursdays, weekends ncluded. Cal 12-6om PROOFREADER -mmedata openng for dey/mldnlght for axperlanced CAfy (3 yr. mnmum) Send raauma to Proofreader, P.O. Box 841. Novt. Ml QUALFED automoble graphc m- stsaers- CaB 11am-2pm lor ntervew. Weettend, ,7 PCAN 8PEOAUST. Detrot Uw frm has an mmedate Openng for ful Uma experenced fclam SpecteRst. WordPerrect axperanoa raowlred. Oood bereftu. Sasry negotable. Send raauma to. Box 632. Obearvar a Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd, Lrvonle, McNgan PHOTOORAPHERS ASSSTANT FULLTME. KgNand Superstore* has an er.t/y tevet opportunty avarlabla wthn the Photo studo et our Corporate Headquarters n Plymouth. YYa a/a currently seekng a motvated xtmduel to aaslrt our stall photographer tn preparng for photography aaaalon and general up-. teep. the requrement* nclude nowhdge or vew camera lechtque* and photographc proceeeea and/or studo tghtlng wfth strobe power unt* preferred. The ebttty to (nova/hft apptlances/efectronlca Merchandse when preparng lor photo sesson* requred. W» offer a ccynpetmv* salary and beneft package, ft you meet our crtera, appreclal* a challenge and desre a fast-paced work anvlroofner.t, send your reeuma or apply m parson loc HK3HLAN0 SUPERSTORES Corporsle Human Re*ourcea-PA 909 N. Sheldon Rd. QUALTY ASSURANCE ndmdua wtth OEM automotve 6PC, ASOC. FEMA8 and POPS background. Famlfar wtth personal computer*. AteocUt* Degrea n Ouany Assurance. Send reaume and salary requrements to Ron Roeen, Startng Technologes, Commerce Or, Farmlngton HSS, Ml Help Wanted RtCEPTlONlSTHAlR 8AL< Part tme *-«*,{;. Keego Hs/1 C»3 9-5Moo..8ll, ^ REGULATORY V. AFFARS.SUPERVSOR A ch4,">eng!ng cpportunty axljl* lor a Regulatory AKaUt S-jporvsor. Play a pvot»1 tot* n mplarnfentlrg ana audtng OC programsand procedure* for ths Crtcal oar* dmson they apply-to madcardevpe manufacturers.. Must posteas effectve communcaton and..frterpersonsj *y.m. Bachelors degree or equvalent requked as volf as strong analytcal and organtuocnal skb* essontsl. We offer an axoeoent salary, and comprehensve benefts peckage. Send resume n confdence to Human Ftesourcea Maflnckrodt Senor Systems P.O. Box 2367 Ann Arbor, Ml 46K» ;. An Equal Opportunty Employer RESPONSBLE ADUtT to act as school crossng guard at the Beverly Elementary School S.75/V. Contact Ot. Cox, Bevery HE* Dept. of Pub8e8aJ*ty, SALES CERX Mt lme for Uvora ana flower shop. Hours, 830am to 6pm, Thur. off. experence helpful SECRETARY - Exceeent typng, computer a shorthand skr* a must Fast-paoed offce. Mnmum 6 years offce experence necessary to apply. Send resume to Secretary Telegraph. Sura 4. BkomMd HUa,M46302 SERVCE PERSON for commorclal, nduslrtal a reslden- Usl heatng. oopsng and raflgetaton wtth at least 6 year* experence. Beneft* offered. Caa SHPPNG a RECEYll+a Open for. Shppng a Recevng Leader, ndustral experence, relablty;- drtva end good cernmon»«nsa a mm Oood pay and benefts. Apply n person PoCflex, Eght Mtte,a Evergroen, SoulhheW SHPPNQ/RECEPVNO CLERK Must be experenced n all aspects of shppng and recemng. warehouse mtxttenanoa and materal benomg. Experence wth hwo drvng and MRP systems and possessng^ cnauffoura Bcense a plus. Apto Undsay a Paveach Mfg a Dr. Canton ML HOP MANTENANCE 8Y8T EMS REPARMAN Must have Basc mechancal abfflty Proven machne repar experence Smple electrcal background.. Permanent poston for the rghtperson 66. hr. to start MGM Servces »* SHOPMANAOER Sped s machne bum plant, S.W. of Fenton, Mchgan. Person must be hghly motvated wth experence n machne desgn, electrcal, pneunatlea, hydraulcs 6 hands-on machne bufld. WW answer to the Presdent wth ax dry to day operatons of plant personnel, Sand resume to; Argentne Rd., Undon, Ml SHOP PORTER for Farmlngton US* CoEBslon Shop. S4 per hour. C*X Pat after 330pm SHOWROOM ASSSTANT FuS or part lme. Merchandsng dsplay and mantenance. Call Paul at Rfemer Floors. Bloomfefd Hltls srre DRECTORS/ASSSTANTS Part-tme, hrs. per w*, workng flexble hrs-, part of Farmlngton Utchkay Program. Apply n person Farmlngton YMCA FannlngtonBd. AttrvjOon Mandy. SKLLED MACHNST - Wanted ful lme Grnder and brtdgeport experence desred. Send resume to Engneerng Manager, 9033 General Or.. Plymouth, Ml QUALTY CONTROL Suburban automotve euppoer s lookng for experenced nspector* lor both recemng a floor nspecton. 3-5 year* experence wfth metal tampng* n eddfuon to knowledge of SPC a assocated qualty methods s requred Must be able lo work day or afternoon ahtft n our UAW emaled shop. Compettve wage a exoseent beneft* package. Send resume to Johnson Stampng Co..»120 General Drve, Plymouth, Mch QUALTY CONTROL SUPERVSOR We are a metal.stampng company located n the Southfleld area. Must have complete " knowledge of atdsocal process control and al related pheaee. Computer knowledge necessary Must be able to handle suppber and customer audts. Automotve knowledge a must Equal Ptymouth. Ml a Opporturtty Employer PCTURE FRAMERS Experenced Only^Fu a par tme. Troy/Rocr**- ler area. Rapd advanoament to rrvanagemenltmr.paul, PLUMBER lcensed joumarymsn {mala/ female) or master. tahl commercal *»pertenc* requred. To»35,000 per year wth an exc***nt benem package. Ask for Seve or Don at BEROS1ROMS8NC Schookrafl, Uvcrt a KuMStftS NfEDEO - axpareroar.h new raddentet. True*, hand a power toot*. Send rseum* to 8.R Boehm Aasodatea. P.O. Box 242, remngton. Ml <- PLYMOUTH BOWL PfymcvthfM. COUNTER/CLERCAL - leag>.>e atpereno* hetom. Typng n«c*«- Wy. Tut tme. day*. «PW JUMPtR/aoon PERSON - FaVl lme, avenlng* a wmaftvj. )0R!LL HELP-Part tvne. evenng* a wwktnjfa. J WAT PERSON- Part m*. a-rorjng*. S PRESS OPERATORS, METAL STAWPMOS Jmr?«}ale cp*r<ng* for np»rt- *nc«d ooerstors to produo* prvts STtflrlna SPC letfrnlque*. Fu* Urn*. 4>v>aflfs. Ar<vy War^sn Products fnc, 637 Old ft*****. Hortf.vf^e. PftNTER A«cpwslor for A8 Dck 3*5 wtth T-he*d wtth e<«ctro»v tataa. Troy v PRNTNG Entry kvel po*.tlon.ay»fsb»*. W*fl orgwvmj kvjmoval to asvt m fxoducton/ful Ume. Beneftl* REAl ESTATE Ooefng Agent lor bulders offce. Exparenced lf> <*»- k<ga and knowledge of mortgage* a mutt. Can Mary B*th REAL ESTATE HOSTESS OR HOST Weekends. Canddal* must have neat appeararwe, cheerful personalty, rwoauve, and w»sngn*e* to learn. Real e*t*l* erperenc* helpful but not neoseaary. K an hour. Ca* Frl.aft*r12pm » DAYSTOCKERS& 4am-12pmSTOCKeRS. FULLTME F 8 M DSTRBUTORS Orchard Lake Rd.. Fe/mtngton Wfl*, Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer STOCK/DELVERY.Needed, full tme. Good pay, company bonens. Southfeld carry-out defl. Ask for Sd. Harry, or Bob STOCK HELP Fufl 6 part Ume. at Walters Home Applance, Plymouth Rd. Uvonla STOCK PERSON For full tme slock work and general schjop dutes s upscale nteror desgn frm. Should be hghly organsed, metculous sboul detsb. enthusastc about desgn and tvs/d workng. Brmngham STOCKROOM ASSSTANT/COURER Permanent part tme posrttor rnornlrg hours, Moh thru Frl.. Must have car for bank errands. Salary plus mleage. Northwestern Hwy..nea/14MeRd.C*! Ann at Help Wanted TEACHERS Garden Cty PuWc Schools Preschool end lelchl.ey Program* are now hrng cnlhuvwlc and detf/cst- 1 ed leachsrs. Provous experer>oe end/or ed-jcajon r&qytr»<l. Apply n poronat. Marquolte Ch^drons Corner Marquette, Q&rdehCtty {botureon 9sm ard 6pm) TEC NCAl llostrator - Openng? lor^tfay/rnjdnjht, ab4 to read a layout components from Wye* prnb Ex&re/tced only, need apply. Send eume to luulrator, P O Box 841,Novt.M JECHHCAL SERVCE ASSSTANT For rxjnllal suntlr*- repar um (jany. nte/tted n a career opportunty wth chance lor advancerhant based on ndmduajs abmty. P/afer tome pror aperence. Good beneft exogyamwesttandaraa., T22-J2U TElEJJARKTTEflS " Top Notch person* for Top Payl Background n accountng help ful. Hour* 10-4pm. Redford (00 TELEMARKETNG CALLNG ALL HOMEMAKERS Now you can be a homemakor and a MONEY maker tool How? By caffng prbspectrre customer* for Amercan Frozen Food*. - W*"re the rvatlona largest, most successful shop-ethome food servce company and we canofferyou Convenent part-urn* shfts g. ors-9. llpto 7/hr.PlUScc<nmlsslon Bonuses Vacaton a skk pay f. Can today for an nlervlew An Equal Opportunty Employer AMERCAN FROZEN FOODS An employee-owned company -TELEMARKETNG Mature, dependable person lor a non-smokng company nnov*. Experence preterred. Full or part Ume TELEMARKETNG Experenced telemarketng reps needed to gonora* leads for a fast paced sales dvson of a growng moble communcatons frm. Ful tme. Pad tranng, hourly wage and commssons. Call our Madson Heghts offce pm. Mon. - Frl Tea&rtARKET V per hour plus bonus. 3pm-9pm Mon.-FrL. 9am-4pm Sat 37 hour -w^votlrrvvwreuoornreld a/ea. 6afb TELEPHONE NSTALLER/ SERVCE TECHNCAN mmedate opportunty wllh southeastern Mchgans largest uppfler of hlgmech teecommuruca- Upna equpment. Full company provded benefts -. Modlcal, Dental a Optcal nsurance, vehcle allowance, and expense rembursement Startng wage based on experence. Experence wtth AT8T or Toshba s helpful CsJ Bob Otsen at axt. 354 to arrange an ntervew. TELEPHONE WTERVlEWlNO Market research frm seek* ndmduals lor part tme 0«y a Evenng Work. ndvduals must hav* excellent phone skms. Typng and computer exporenoe preferable. deal for vjmemakaes, students, retrees and those re-enterng the fob market No sales nvolved. CaS Sandy 10srn-4pm woekdsy* TELEPHONE WORK Survery people wantod. No solng, no experence necessary. Ask lor Mssy TELEPHONE WORKERS Part tme, hourly pay plus bonusea. Wel/aln. Must ba able to make LO CAL CALLS to any ol these cte*. Farmlngon, Farmlngton Hlls. Lvona, Pfyrnouth, Cenlon. Cafl Mon thru Sat 9*nv6pm TELLER Pos.tlons avalsw* wth large credt unon. Prevous teller expertenoe.requtrod Excefenl salary, benefts 6 opportunlty.for advancement Apply n person between 0am-4prn a Co-op Servces Credt Unon 15201W. Warren. Dea/ bom (or) r MWdebett, Uvonla. TEMPORARY MANTENANCE Canton Townshp s acceptng appoeators for a Temporary Mantenance worker lo perform routne manual labor and heavy trftng. Some mantenance, custodal and Jantoral exporenoe requred. Possesson of * current vald Mchgan Drvers Ltcensa and an exceenl drvng record per hr. Apply a Canton Townshp Persorj%el Dvson, 1150 S. Cenlon Cenler Road, Canton. Ml Last data for H- mgaug An Equal Opportunty Employer STOCKWORKER/MANTENANCE Fu3 or part Ume. Depend able, aetfmotvated only. Send resume 6521 Lyndon, Detrot Ml STORE MANAGER Needed for HsTmark store at Tet-12 Man. Mansgemenl experence preferred. Fun Job for a decson maker who la responsble, tke* the publc, want* lo order product, merchandse, hgher. *ome boot keepng. Please respond to P.O. Box 992, Southfeld, Ml REAl ESTATE OFFCE MANAGER new real e«l»t* ofva m the cea*)- eet bumlng m Novt. xoe*ent opporturrfty for an *»par*no*d reel ae- ta manager and real e*l*te sam r t. Very competrthr* eomml*»fon tur* lor lop agent* REAL ESTATE SALES cuaravteedl. f you ahr*)* wanted to Hart a career m real. ««)***. but left VCM.WVWOXV** a Chenc* on a fcrwer frstyear ncome, nowr*lh*llmeloget»1»r1*d., Ca" Mr, Berfue* t *6 to rv^d out ebout our guaranteed ncome Program, and *tart mmedately n a career fy*d of unfcnfted potenhal. fvona Red*ord. REAl ESTATE ONE RECEPTrONlST ANrMAL HOSPTAL, txc^ent t<yrrfnunktton,*k!», acme clercal and comp-^ter abbt/. Fut or part t*r>*. 8om* evwvng* and 8*turd«y*- Salary baeed on expervwxe. Aprtr n person Frv* Mt* Rd, llvon*. RETAL SAltS Gag* 6 Gts of Rochester, llvon**. CM<V> 6 W**«*nd *****»«p«r1- enc*j 18 A c**r ***** personnel Fu 6 part tro* po»ftk>n» rrtv»*bl* fh furthtr nformaton c*< RtTAL STOCK CERK T\A tm», r*apontb*» p*r»*> needed for stock poston. R*»pon»!bl<ll*l nclude; unloadng ruck. deank^g 6 *tor* mektenanc*. A*o ftk/vlow *<p*rl*no* a pk**. Mml be wefl groom*d 6 r>p*nd*b**. Permanent fv* tvn* postw. llvon* locaton. (CntryleveaCa" SCREW MACHNE OPERATOR Brown a 6h*rpe est up man. Mutt be ataa lo *«u6 * run 2-G auto»cr«w macnne, 3-5 year* rr*nmum xperlence, overtm* a b*n*«t* PleWM apply tn pfvaorv Dtxla, Redford SURYEYERS ASSSTANT CM Engneerng land surveyng frm locatedv Farmlngton HOfs. Poston on Survey craw. Phone, CERTFEO KN0ERGARTEN Tocher, tndrvtdulljed prvate school. 185 per week. Or*at lakftl School, M*d*onHgtt. 54t-6500 TfACKEfrASSSTANT n«*d*d part lme,lor Farmlngton nrj Nursory School. Cafl after 10.._ TEACHER FOR alter school/ stch key program. Mon.-- Frl. 2 30pm 6pm. Apply « Ford Road, Dearborn H*+gh!t. TEACHER/PRNCPAL Now hklng tod«y. Te*»-cht-g», certfed matua teacher to run *mn rlv*t«e»em*nt»ry Khool. M^krvOnrt veers *<jperer>c* \n fnf lo thrd gcao>* a week to start. Apply. SWW-McrKho* TCACHER3 Certfed, experenced. Elem*o!«ry grade*-afternoon hour* Suburban prvate school. Ctrl Mon. thru Ttvjr*?*nv3pm., *0 TEACHER-suesrTure for pre Khoo>t n Rochester 6 Troy. Send raeum* or Ht1«r lstng «xper*noa wth vourg ch«.jr*n to.. Someraet School C-oo"3g* Rd, Troy.M4SO«4 TEACHERS - W* netd computw te*>;h*r K - 6 part tme, a lub.- Mct AJ*o dsycer* ca.-* g>m*. expervjro* pr*erred Appfy o CXrector. GbKo Schoc-t. 129J3 Fenton. R*dtc<d, Ml4»»9 TELEMARKETMO e>st Rl* Wndow - *>f+r}#>c«-3.0«y o< e.*vng *h-1. Ful or psl Uvt* Top p«y. HourlypV TFACrNG ASSSTANTSTF^ 4 part lme afssbt* to< nsonsry - scored ted Nursery School n fvorux. Startng p«v bs**d c-n Kluca- Kv. Ore-al ber**!» WEEOEO MMEDATELY Cenlon offce need part lme tmemarketers, prevlov *xper>enc«m«*m»ry. Can TERRTORY SUPERVSOR Clark Oa s currently acceptng resumes lor the poston of tenrory suporvtsor. Ths poston nvolve* overall supervson of several serf serve gsorne stsllon*. Candldales mul possess strong mathematcal verbal a manageral skns. Prevous experence n a retal rnarkelng supervsory poston s requred. We offer an exoefent startng salary, 2 weeks pad vacaton, medcal benefts, lfe nsurance. 401 K ptsn. 6 an opportuntly lo work n the hghly o^marxtng a exctng retell gasolne market ol the Detrot area. Forconsderaton, please vend resume. ncludng reference* 6»atary hstory. n confdence to; CLARK OL P.O. Box South Beech Day T*yW. Ml Altentkx Stscey Ylmet EOE MP TOOOLER TEACHER - part-tme needed lrtyneds*ly lor mornng shrt. West BoomlWd e/e*. C* *x1.255 TOOL 4 OrE MAKER to tak* en up and conv log marketng prclecl* -.. CaT40Partrv!<.S,p TRAFFC/BLLNG. COORDNATOR brflted. del*n-orented non-s-toker for t/arfc/t-rt. kg departrr.jr.t m Farmngton 11.¾ dvertv.-g company. 6c-r,-.» t,prvcom- puter skm necostry. U00/mO. CA0LE MECA CORPORATON TRAVEL A0EST - Experence r+> e»»*ry. CcmpetV,-* Maryrc-enels. D**.born are*. S*nd rr-sur-k to P.O. Box 461. W*)T>e, Ml, TRAVEL AGENT - Experence reovvel WorW»osA/D«t hef M. Ben«rt». p^-s c<1 SAM-STM for htervlevr, TRUCKNO DRVNG pov."ort av*1- b 1 * 40 hr»/..k. Mv«t h«v* g->5d drhv^ record, good n-m^ s*^! *r* mvl b* f«t,l-w v^ lha Detrot Metropo r 1». *.-M. Appfy n pnon al; rfynvxth R. h\->ms Aug. Hthaapm K»lp Wanted TOOL MJNTENANCE PEftSON For medum (Ued rtwtsj fsbrtcatng ptan. Must hava good tool background td qu43f/l Oood wcyklng conduon*, beneft* 6 wage*. Bond reply d Box 662 Observer a Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd.,Uvorva,Mchgan , VSYl GRAPHC ARHST Oenerj* MsrVerng needs a vnyl Gr*rWc artstto crest*».vd prod-xed ccmpulerred grrv-^cs fhs grour^ foor pcston reqoves a perkn wtth tre totcmng ql^ttea rvl vrr Producton crented. amb-t-xrs, wst orgs,vr»d, team ptyer, <re*ts-». wllng to work wtth a PC. DrsVng»Ms helpful 6*>*ry end b*>*.1l». Send resum* lo Gene*u» M*rk*llng FrankKn Rd, SouthWd, Ml TRAYEL AGENCY MANAGER t*a*ng natonal raref manage^ ment corr<)*ny seekng experenced Sabre AgenlrManager for new M aeryoa offloe h Troy. ExceflerH salary 6 beneft*, package. Respond wftf resume fo Box»576, Observer a Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft fd., Uronla, Mlohgan V- 7 VETEftNARY Hosptal nood* peraort wth.experence or wa tran. Vared dull«*. Radford. 8and resumes (o P. O.Box 39245, Redford. Ml V1DEOGRAPHER Experenced. Must have own ndustral equpment. Permanent, part tme, must be flexble. ; WANTED - pano accompanst for alter noon a *venlng classes. Please leave message, tooor." AUDO VDEO SUPPLY Now accepltng applcaton* for parttme warehouse poston*. Offerng flexlbt* weekday hour*. Job ncludes prcng, order puffng, peckng, and shppng ol small electronc accessores. AppScant* mutt be etf-mouvated apd hard-workng. Appfy h parson at. Xv.8, Fry* MU* Road Plymouth,Ml (313) WAREHOU3E DELVERY SmaH medcal auppry. 66/hr. Must hav* vehcle. wm pay fnseag*. Reply to Box «610, Observer a Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd. Uvora, Mchgan WAREHOUSE DELVERY PERSON Entry-Level Openng The natons largest rsmanuf actum of drve tran components ha* an mmedate openng at our Uvonla locaton. DuUo* nclude general warehouse upkeep and aome product 6»«v*ry.VvdMduaJ must pas a pfryska. drug acreen, and have mnmum of Class B drvers *- cense. Cal for an appolntmerrt Jasper Engne* a Transmssons Attenton Ouana Samelak Phone Equal C^c^rtunrf/Empoyer M/F WAREHOUS rt>bor Fufl Ume, some heavy SfUng s requred. Entry level East Detrot area Warehouse Operatons Assstant Manager Our cemparty has an openng for an Assstant Manager ol Warehouse Operaton*. The qualfed canddate must have a - mnmum of vr*. of experence n warehouse dstrbuton. An Assodsfss Dogroe wth at least 5 yt* of *upervtsory experence necessary. Experence wth plant layout, computerzed nventory system, APC8 a transportaton a plus. Exoscent human relaton sus must We offer * wmpettfv*. salary and an excellent beneft package. PSeaae aend your reaume and salary hstory n comptee confdence 1«Box 604 Observer a Eccentrc Newspapers, Schookrafl Rd, Lvona, Mchgan 48 SO WAREHOUSE PERSON WAREHOUSE WORKERS AL SHFTS AVALABLE»5 per hour and up. Long/shorl tarm assgnment*. ARBOR TEMPS WAYNE WESTLANO YMCA nstructor* needed. Aerobc*, flexble hours. Latchkey Drector 60 credt hour* ol college needed. Youth a preschool sports nstructors. Ade*. Oustng a craft nstructor* flexble hour*. Apply n person 827 South Wayne Road HdlpWantwJ Dental-Medcal CHROPRACTC ASSSTANT Long term part ttrr* poston ava.1- ebt*. Mon, Wed. 6 Frl pm. SeekWvj a frendly energetc ndvdual lo learn al aspects of a busy chropractc offce., Clercal»kHs reo/^red.. CM Mon., Tue*_. Wed., Frl 912noon Joy Rd. vl block WdlnkslerRd CHtnOPRAOTrC.ASSlSTANTS -fu«6 part tme. Experenced preferred. Troy ares, Cal Or. Hortart between 9am-.Tpm.Mon.Frl CLWCAL DENTAL A»sljl»n4/Reoeptonlal. Are you carng and ttaa- M. weuw you ek* to be part of a WLUAM O FORD Vocatonal Cantor poston openngs. Ful Ume nstructor* n; buddng Mantenance and Hearth Cxtupatona. AppQcent must poaaea*.vocatonal certfcaton a 2 yr*. related work axperlenoe wthn past 6 yr*. Reaume la Mary Mc Gowan Executve Drector, W*yrt* W*lll*nd Communty Schools Marquette, WesUand M An Equal Opportunty Employer. WOOLPRESSER experence or wta tran, fulume, benefts. Henry Sms Cleaners, W.Btoomfeld WORKERS needed for day 4 afternoon shft* t Llvon* area prnt shop. Pack agng/cola tng postons. 5/Tv.CeJ ETD Temporary Servce YARO HELP WANTE0 -»5/hr. Please cal YARD PERSON Mature 6 responslw* ndvdual for Yard Person poston. Must be relable 6 able to work steady hours. For ktervtew call Retre** welcomed. YARD PERSON - SmsJ apartment complex n Canton lookng for Yard Parson. Apply 1681 Columbus; phone 397-O rwp Wanted D^!al-Mw<rrcal ASSSTANT - Oowntown Rochester 2 dentst practce **eklng experenced Oental Aaafstant for part Urn* poston. Tue*. 6 Thur*. *v«r)ngs ASSSTANT FOR well establshed dental practce. Top salary a beneft*. No «v*rrng«. Experence neceesary. Rep*** confdental. Call days, or after 7pm, ASSSTANT FOR OENTAL Of F1CE Ouamy person deeked. Expereroed preferred ""CHLDRENS HOSPTAL Hasan mmetfale openng for en LPN/ln-p*y*nl chart Audtor lor t* Pedatrc buskveee offce. TN* poel- 1kx\ wm be r**porr»b»* for rrrewlng mp*tl«nt chtrtt On th* unrt*. sd*nt> fytng and codng pvcsa»lnal servve*. Cand<d*t«wK be an PN wfth cfrjcal k-p»!l*nl *xp*r»no» Vd knowledge ol fee b«- kr* W.9 accept appfclor Mon. - Frl, or»*nd r**um* 10 Departmenl of Human Resource* CHUDRENS HOSPfTAL. 390l»**ub>*n OftroH.Ml Equal Cvportunlfy Emp*cy*r ; Mnor lty/r*m*m/harv>c*pv*d^e CHNESE RESTAURANT Wart fvton*, a* *«n*. Bartender, Host Person. WW lr*«n. No «xf>kleno* nuany, RAMw nn. rtch»rd Mafl, Orchard l»*a»1 Map**, W**t Boomfeld CUSfdMER" Tf RVCE~RE FRT SENTATVE - Meer P-ntal ***** kv t>4* a-*»» person, pv** ewartng or eq->r»**r;1 «^p*r*oo* r»qu*r*«f. Comp*»t* company oenefl*, *»c<!ller.l *dv*nt*m*rt rwortjnrry. 8*r>d rmrr* M*er 0*nt*l, 7277 N. Hegg*rty Rd, C*nlon. Ml Attn llb H»nd**»m*n DtNTAl ASSSTANT, fvoe. Our B-jsy perodontal otfo* * lookng for a brght energetc person for fut.m* poston. CO A or fro A preferred w<th mnmum 2 yr* experence. Cxofent **>*ry 6 beneftt No vervng* or 8*furrJ»ys. W* *r* team orented practto* wh«f* *mptcy*** ar* *ppr*ca««d tor the* m- TOfv*ment a talent. Flee** t**, ask foroew pattenl centered practse that truly apprecates staff. Caa. ; couectog, v Communty EMS. of Nov! s accept kvg app6c*tons forful lrrt* cccec- tor wth rrnln. of 2 yrt, expelnpe * small clams. Excellent benelfs ard wage*. For- addtonal nformaton contact Us* at ; CUSTOMER & SERVCE REPS A Medcar* Part B Suppeer has postons avasabl* for fxratomer and Servce RepreeenUUve*. Experence Wll medcal supples a must Knowledge ol Part B a plu*. W* offer a ccmpttltfv* salary and excellent beneft* package. For consderaflon»end *a!*ry requrement and resum* n confdence to; CAPCARE P.O. Box 6626 Ann Arbor, Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer DENTAL HYGlENlST NEEDED for rendry offce n Uvonla. Prefer Ml Ume, but WJ consder part Ume DENTAL ASSSTANT. Canton derv t* practrtoa seeks an experenced self-mouvsted. frendly dental a»- slstarrt Part Ume. For detalts DENTAL ASSSTANT/ OFFCE RECEPTONST Needed for expandng dental prao- Uce. denlalbxperonce a must Ful or part tme, flexble hr*. Please cal Jackeab OENTAL ASSSTANT Are you an experenced assstant lookng for an opportunty to ex>»nd skas 6 advance profes*on ry n a Mgh quasry praeuce? For en extraordnary poston wth top salary plus beneftl*.caa OENTAL ASSSTANT Experence.for Canton area dental offce. Hrs. varable, eves, a Sat Part tme posfton DENTAL ASSSTANT Garden Cty. Frendly, responsble person. Soma experence requred. A rjotf opportunty DENTAL ASSSTANT Part Urn*. Garden-Cty. Excellent <>pportunlty for enthusatc. outgokvg ndrvdual. sary. Experence neces DENTAL ASSSTANT - Fut Ume. Establshed preventatve orented practce n Boverly HOs. deal workng condtons, benefts, experence necessary. 642 r7l20 DENTAL ASSSTANT - part Ume for prograssfv* Farmlngton HSts offce. Must be wtmng lo team, energetc a a aerf-starter. Experence preferred but wehng to tran qyaofled ndrvdual. Cal Sue DENTAL ASSSTANT - Canton. Our busy famby denustry offce 1* searchng for a brght, energetc person, wfth chalrsde experence, who enjoy* slast pace. We offer a challengng career ocportunlty n a team orented envronment where rnployeet ar* rjy appradated tor ther nrtjrvement and talent Please cal Mkvdy * DENTAL ASSSTANT Part tme, flexlbl* hours. Experence necessary. Frendly dental offce, Uvorta. Caa DENTAL ASSSTANT Qua&ty offce seekng qualty person, wa tran, OENTAL ASSSTANT Wanted WJ tran the rght people orented person. Monday thru Thursday and some Saturday* DENTAL ASSlSTANT/CHARSlOE 3 ful dry*, Tue*. Wed, Thurs.. Experenced or wl raln. 7 MSe, nkstar OENTAL ASSSTANT Part/ful Urn*. Southfleld omc*. Experenced only. No weekends. Top salary a benefts OENTAL ASSSTANT - full lme, Farmlngton Has offce, experenced. Pleas* cal Nsrvcy DENTAL ASSSTANT Part Urn*, experenced, needed for general dental offce n Canton. Pleasant relaxed atmosphere. 2 or 3 day* per week dentalassstant HAVNG FUN. Wa ere) Wa want the dental assstant trals fast n skjbs wth a good sense of humor, DENTAL ASSSTANT - Part tme Mon. thru Thur, 2-7 and Sat. Wltng to tran, tsso hr. lo start. Need dependable, mature person. North Llvon* offce. 47W95 OENTAL HYQEN 1ST mmedate opportunty, Frdays only, 9-5. SouthWd DENTAL HYGlENlST EJWEAENCEO part Ume. Watarford area DENTAL HYGlENlST Wa are lookng for an exceptonal ndvdual for our dental offce. Wa focus on excellence n * warm, carng envronment. 3-4 days per week. Pero axpertenoa desred. Cal Mon.- Thur* 9am-4pm, DENTAL HYGlENlST Part Ume poston, downtown r Rochester, two der.ust practce, Tuea. 12-8PM Cafl OENTAL HYGlENlST Part Urn* posvtson avs>ab!e Wed.- Frt. n Mspte/Tetegraph General Denal offlo*. CaS DENTAL HYGlENlST -wearng trygtewst needed for relaxed, progree- rve, 13/Telegraph offce. No *v»*. or S*furd*Y* Benefrls." Ful ktk- Newgrad-jtleawelcomeL « DENTAL HYOENE ASSSTANT Are you an experenced **!*! *>.L accurs!e wtth chartng. akwed n takng lmc<***lcv,* 4 x -r *y*. 6 *t*o to work Mependenlly? T»k«*!*p up. c*l an axokshg prattle* where yo* prof***onat atlrtbute* wm be apprecated * rewarded. Cal «OENTAL HYGlENlST Ar* you lookng for a profesvoo*) reeponvwfy. ratua 4 c^«^enge n a practce wher* >>ou rw hav* yo-j Own operalory, work wth a most up to d»le equpment. 8»&ujfry.h.l;.ca My sbest p*t«nl treaunemf- For fus-tlm* hyoen* wth future n a Norfw**! aubutb6 lor commena».vat«salary a benefts, ca.1 *.ytrn* ENTA HYOEN ST n**._1ed lor Tue*. 6 Thur*. 9AM- 7PM, h Trey. Peewcr-l 3*2 ;o^ MNTATKOEN^T Mtlrn*, benefta, born/s program, yev.^g c-r»ctc«, *ot sau* m*n«ng*m*nt. O.Nt K"* lor rvl pw*on, P«y nego.sw* Hvcwa/Norlhva* Se* DENTAL HYGlENlST W* need ycu lo provvj* rv.< a* 1» enlhv-emm n our lean oro-.ted r*p*«y grcw^j Farr^Von H""* pr Ktsce.lfyou»r* reedy lo eccept Ch*«*vg«4 dwah* *xx*e*. p**«5* cdklha evenng* at Of NTAt HYGENST~"~~ - Wa need a-jtftab 1 *, rv-^»ed p*of* who t*r* sboul her sk.h;) *.-«3 profe*«*on Fun and part m* nosllkx,s *v»**b<e throughoul h».xhropc*t*n are*. Compet.^lve ***,es.- RDH HEALTH SERVCES Kelp Wanted Dental-Medcal DENTAL ASSSTANT Roc*n! experence praferred- for pleasant W. De-jrborn 2,H}*V.!S1 quajfy placjce. Good per/ end frnge* , DENTAL ryoenst -.. Do you «r\)oy axeofleoc*. a/e you.kv novaln*. dependab* 4 lrsrrd>/7 Do you love relatng to 6 helpng pegpe? Jon our stall. Excellent satary. WBloomfeld.,, OENTAL HYGlENST,; for.tuesday*. References and 2 rw experence requred, for bur/.mo* ern, quaaty-derrtaloffce.n Warren. As^fcvCMvdyMacLoua, 765-7p70.. DENTAL HXGENST - Are yoo lockng lor «c>ppcrtutvty to grow wtth a very people orented pracuce. Mon a Set Experence preferred.. 0/ DENTAL- OFFCE seekng Busness Assstant. An rxlmdual scnerer who s responsble warm a carng -« DENTAL R C PTK>«3T/Assstant Full.Ume. Some experence, requred. Frendly personabty. Peav ant staff, Uvonla are* OENTAL RECEPTONST FuS Ume. Mature, frendly, outgong porsonasry. Experence preferred. Llvontafamfly practce, DENTAL RECEPTONST - Expertenoe, ful.ume needed for Ngh-quatrty Southfeld offce. Excellent pay, beneft* a bonus**.-> OENTAL RECEPTONST We are lookng lor fu3-ume experenced, self-starter wth computer knowodge lo K*> our frendly, progressrre teem J - DENTAL RECEPTONST For West Bloomfetd Orthodootc offce. Ful ume, no Saturdays. Dental offce experence pr«ferred. WM tram, word processor/computer. Mon-Fr..6-5pm DENTAL RECEPnONST Ful Ume lor staa-ot-the-art Uvonla dental offce. Experence requred n al phase* of dontal recepton dutes, ncludng dental nsurance. Lookng for maturt, pleasant ndvdual DENTLA HYGlENlST Kgh-quaEty cbont and pfevenuve orented. Two denust practlc* wo Kre a top-notch, artculate, carng, team-orented person for pcoducuv* mult-personnel hygene department.,6kh* n soft Ussu* managment a plus. Flexble 3-4 day*. Salary 4 boned ta negotable. CaB between. 9am and 4pm DETARY SUPERVSOR The Detrot Medcal Center s look ng for a Detary Supervsor for ft* 265 bed long term care lactfty. Responslbme* ndud* *uporvl*ton of a dtttery start o» 25 persons, menu plannng, purchasng 6 resdent nutrton assessment*. D*ot*Oc techncan certfcaton requred wth mnmum 1 Vr. supervsory experence n a health care settng. Compettve salary, good benefts 6 pleasant envvonmont Pcas* tend resume or apply n person to; OMC NursJvg Center Powers Ave. D*)lbomHts DRECT CARE STAFF Prevous «xpereno* wth devetopmentavy dsabled preferred. Excellent beneft package avajube, plu* (ranng provded lor those who qualfy thru to start For further nformaton call between 11 am a 2pm week d ay*. Uvonla Group Home Conne Kelhy, Yvonne Canton Group Home Dane, T7 Befevtna Group Home Luclle, DSPENSNG OPTCAN For new shop. Al least 2-3 year* experence requred. Must be able to run sold shop. Must know barng requrements. Lab experence preferred. Cel Gordon for an ntervew OO YOU WSH TO advance n the Dental feld? Dental group seek* person havng basc denal skms. (4 handed, x-ray*, etc) and s wsnglo bum on hem. Full Urn* or part Ume. Benefts HEALTH CARE MANAGER Mental healtn/substance abuse cfnle seeks experenced Manager ol front offce staff. Experence wth JCAHO. OSAS. and varous nsur, ance plans essental. Send resume to P. O. Box 1092, BtoomfWd HJKs, Ml Hstology Techncan/ Technologst Clncal Surgery Unt Ths s an exeecont opportunty tor a HSslo-Techncar to work n a settng apart from the routne pslholo gy lab. Youl be workng drectly wth a surgeon nvolved n a procedure requfrlng frozen aoctonsr apoccant must be board certfed as a Hstology TectvMelsrl wfth the Amercan CoCege of Csmca Pshotogy and have experence m cryotomy prefersbly n a OR. settng wth a mnmum ol two yeare of general laboratory experence. FuVume, days. nterested, peasa send resume lo HENRY FORD HEALTH SYSTEM Errp»oyment Ontston, DepL MM 600 Fsher ButoTng -Detrot, Ml *> An Equal Opportunrty/ AffrmaLV* Acton Employer M/F/H. HOME HEALTH CARE RH% PNa, ADES Choosebom varety of cases. Set your own hrs. Work (or the only U of M affnal ed home health care agency. Cafl Vstng Careodayt FARM;NGT0N H^S OFFCE lookjng for part tme H/genlst, FexJb 1 * days. No evenngs or- Saturdays *30 HYGENST - Needed Tuesdaj-s only for Wgh-qus-Jty South rejd 0>.-taj off<e. Feasanl workng emronmer.t Excellent pay HYGlENlST N*eo>d part tme. Souttfe*d/F*rrr.h-g,on ares. Pleas* cat,, HYGlENlST needed full tl.-re. Dearborn Wesl Offce HYGEN^T - pert m*. 25 hrs/ week Sssry porton, e.ternat-g Sst.. wtt) 1 evenng 3 Spm/Benefts, Deer born Hs. s/of MMEDATE NEE0 cr RN S 6 P S. pedatrc ca>«. Jov 8 Merrt-nsn Rd a/e* TStse CA Al Homo Nurs-^g Servce* LPN Full tmo - Attor noon PtrtT-«M ; <v-jm t.-rnstart.^gpjt* NGHTENGAEWEST 6?6 NewX*v«RJ. VYesfSKl, PMf JdyR-t An Eq-^l Ofport.-tty mfc *r ~"TrT^rTRNTpXRl rme~ ~ Urgent r*r«cener n thcs- l r>mje<* l ft>«tt^«t 241-Jfl MATunE rtrson, vtn f»<«wry. to be l>,l er, Book**ep«r, Recep- V-**\ t*» buly doctor/rvntsl onk*mh\v.*.c»n 4«! 2774 LPN/nN~ T Part l -«rx--on a,j".«t o 7-3 a-vd 3-TlN-f.s rf»vs»r>p^ m r-frsc-n fjeororovula ^OWMt 12M;(onj South«e-d.kl46C76 An tq-.m OppCftu..l( Frnpoyf-r ME01CA ASSSTANT bvsy dermaorogsl otf-c* n Scv!^ (WJ. evperleno* rveferred CM Help Wanted Dontal-Medlcal LPN & RN Fun 6 part tme Day* Also, Mdn hls pert tme. Apply n perton FrankHn Manor, Frar,kfln M, SouthHold (benrd the Hpnday LvJ. LPN 6 RN NEEuEO for d*y swm.- PosslM* fexlble hours. Generous benefts. Tuton rembursement Cas Mr*, tk Norger for appontment at LPNS \,.,vpo*9».-.. vcnas^,. Upto ( y - Can Jdfcsn " - Y^OLVERJHE ULEOCAL STAf FJHG " ;..; ; MECHANC Communlry?MS Of Novl s accept-. ng appscauohs. jor a ful tme mechanc Ths ndmdua must be master certfed n Ford BgM truck* 4 dose experence s requred. For addtonal nlormaton. contact Lsa at RECEPTONST Ful Ume for busy Rochester famby practce. Mus hav* prevous medcal offce experence, typng. 6 medcal balng. Send resume to - Fecepttonlst 427 W. Unrversfty. Rochester. Ml, =-.. MEOCAL ASSSTANT - M tme. Experenced m yena puncture. Fut Um* >-WesBand doctor"a offo*. Can 0am-5pra MEOCAL ASSSTANT for foot doctors offce n WesUand. Part Ume. 2 ful days per week Mon 6 Thur*. No experence necessary. Must be frendly 4 depondsble. Please cal Beckyal MEOCAL ASSSTANT warrled. nterns welcome. Part Ume. fexlb*. Farmlngton area MEDCAL ASSSTANT Part Ume, wtth X-ray axperlenoe for BloomfteW HO* urgent care center MEDCAL ASSrSTANT School graduate for Rochester energy offce. Approxmately 25 hour* perweok-cal MEDCAL ASSSTANT part tlmey must be experenced,busy famay practce n Novt area X)035 MEDCAL ASSSTANT or LPN - Very busy OB-GYN offce, m Farmlngton HOs, needs porson mmeov ately. Must ha-ve venpuncture experence MEOCAL ASSSTANT lor busy dermatology offlce. 40 hours. P*y dependent on experence. Send resume tc.jl Wt ten, 2999 E. Bg Beaver, TrOy Ml MEDCAL ASSSTANTS At least 1 year experence for hosptal dmes or prvate practce. Oakland a Macomb locatons avajube. Ful Ume or work when you want to. CaH UeTnd*. Tempro-Medcal MEDCAL ASSSTANT permanent part Ume. Approxmately 16 hour* per week tor Uvon)» Podatry offce. Mature person. VYU tran rght person. Frendly hardworcer and fast learner. Must be flexble wfth hours, aom* evenng hour*. Cal Mon.-Wed., U MEDCAL ASSfTANT Experenced. FuS Ume. For fam»y pr acto* n Dearborn H*. Please cal Helen at MEOCAL BKLEftS mmedate openngs for msjor medcal cenler. To 69/hr. Cal Mary at UNFORCE MEDCAL BLLER Experenced for Dearborn Heght* offce. Send resumes toe PO Box «1081. Garden Cty. Ml MEOCAL SLLER A Medcare Part B Suppler has a poston avalable lor a medcal beer. Medcare Part B bang experence must P.E.N. Wng a plus. Wa oftar a compeuuve salary and excedent benefts package. For consderaton send salary requrement and resume h rxxflderce toe. CAPCARE P.O.Box6626 Ann Arbor. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer MEOCAL OFFCE help for busy dermslotogy offce hours. Send resume lo N. Wltlen, 2999 E. Bg Beaver, Troy, Ml MEOCAL RECEPTONST needed lor busy doctors offce. Must be enthusastc responsble 6 hav* experence MEDCAL RECEPTONST Experenced. Dearborn Heghts offce. Send resumes to PO Box»1061, Q*rp>n Cm/. Ml 46, MEDCAL RECEPTONST _ for Brmngham offce. Approxmalefy 36/hr*. per week. Mon., Wed, Thurs. 6 Frt Jxperenced MEDCAL RECEPTONST > expandng otologypractce has ful Ume pos-don ayasabe tor mature ndmdua wtth exc*6enl ccmmunlcauon skts. Must be experenced n ts areas of medcal recepton, appontment schedulng, casherng a nsurance beung. Please send resume 4 sa.ary hstory ta - Personnel Drector Mddlebelt, Farmlngton HRts, Ml MEDCAL RECEPTONST Part Ume, for busy famey practce offce.. Experenced preferred. Please send resume 1o famly Medcne PC W. 9 M,>, Ste. 618, Southfeld. Ml MEDCAL RECEPTlOSST for peasant-paojd Fa/m!no,ton HJ\s offce. Part Ume. Wrte lo Box 624 Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers, Schoocraff Rd, UvonTa, M-chJgan Help Wanted D«ntal-M«JfC*) MEDCAL. AS3SrAN, Parttmepostton kv 0E0YN,0T<«torx{-d n eoomfetd Tytp. perouj t/pcrterce s necettary. mmk!!s!» ojwnng Please corrtact, MEDCAL ASSSTANT. r.-ju c^perer^odrrjhre r^vvka P*vt, tme. S&rVd resume to Prc.-4--" dene* Or.. S*. L1300, SouthfeM, All K»Sy,../ MEDCAl ASSSTANT.4^V»cep!lbn.. l»t r*ede<3 for ^ty doctor* offpav- Fun benjr.-u. Send resume 1«Urof- * AsscdateC W. 12 ua m «3,SouthT^d.Wl46076 ; ^.MtU>«ALrECEPTK>tl3TVj.;<;- 3 days per week, possble M Tm*.-.- Good covrvnonfeatpn akl*. Woodwsrd/S^<w9.UV* area. M**ce) ej^erertceprsferred S35-65«-- MFDCAL RECEPTONST V expert-.-. ence needed for nlemal mecdolnevofflce, part tme aftwnoon*. Ferm- Huts rfftqnl; MEDC; MEOCAL RECEPTOHST/Bl!tt«Part tme. Experenced. -.»-^- Uvonla alea. ^.-.», ^ MsrJlcal Records- A.R/tv/ Part Urn* for prvate YV. BtoomfWoV. nferutrty practce. 24 hr*. per week.---, no hoftdar or weekend* MEDCAL RECPTlONtST/ w» /-. ASSSTANT for busy dermatologst offce. - Ful Ume. Saturday*.- - Boomreld Ha* »- MEOCAL RECRUJTEa Must have experence ntervewjog,; medcal offoa personnel Wl haj>- _ de placement of bffler*. receptjpn-^ WJ, offce manager* 4 medcal assstants. Beautful offces! Contact-, M;ffle Mohforte at Harper Assocates Mddlebelt. Fam-Jngton Has. Ml MEDCAL SECRETARY Major medcal center requre* sec-. retry wsh~butumat». TollC/Jv! Call Mary at UNFORCE MEDCAL SECRETARY 0, Part Ume. Mon-Frt, SprrvtOprn.- Computer experence requred. Plymouth kxaboa Cal MEDCAL SECRETARY TT Fuf/part Ume. for chldren*!*y* practuoner. Typng skus 4 nsurance *xperence necessary. ; Cal MEDCAl SUPPORT T * BBer*, Medcal Asslstarrta. LPNa, Offce Manager* 4 PTryslcUn Hsfttants, for prestgous clentele. V^r6- ty of aenngs, locajona 6 safartee.*. Allete-employer.pad. Cal or tend resume to MSe at 932-Urq Harper Assodata* Mlcebelt, Farmlngton HBa. Ml MEDCAL TECH/RegWared Needed for Uvonla physcan*.pftce. Part Ume.-aflerroon*. Cat MEOCAL TRANCPJPTrONlT8 Ful 6 part Ume poston*. Expert-, ence s a must Compettve benect* a wages. Please send resume* to Mrs.. Gotts, 2221 Uverno!*. St*, a 10*. Troy. Ml., Jf,v MEDCAL TRANSCRJPTrONlST Pert tme e-.-enngs, Mon-Frt, flexjoa hrs. Experence reqnrad, WordPerfect helpful Plymouth locaton. CaS , NUCLEAR TECHNCAN " fultm.forcjgnojtee** -. noevborn.peaaecalcarol "" NURSE ASSSTANTS u ; Acceptng applcaton* for J-11and 11-7 ahtfu. Pad tramng KMrhC- Certfed nurse asatstants 6 J5/V; Apply n person only. *,.; PEACHWOOONN Z) 3500 W.60UTH BLVD. *;-.> ROCHESTEfl HLLS. Ml -* THE MCHGAN EYE CARE NST TUTE, e leadng ophtr^amoogcal pracuca n Southeaslern Mchgan. h lookng for an ophthalmc ttd/ysctan. Prevous axperenc* a* an ophthalmc techncan * rvqulred. CompeWv* wage*/b*n*frt*. To trrage ah ntervew, cal Ftok OPTCAL DSPENSER^ Wanted for Ophthalmolgy Offce n Southfeld. Cal Barbara,, OPTKAL DSPENSER or Management povnson. ful tme, experence preferred Brmngham - BoomfWd - Madson Heghts are*. Cal Roe* PHLEBOTOMST Postons for blood drawer* «r«av able at both Auburn HWaand., Southfeld locatona. Experence d*v. * v - *!r*be. ex cedent drvng record and pleasan personasry a muat. ncerv"; tlve package* offenad... \ «xt 4147 r r^ - PHYStCAlTHERAPY ADE "\ Part tme avskawe k SovtfWetd.- 830am-1^0. Mon-Frt. Muart f>j*r> ; erg*tlt_frj*tur«wsh good oo^^n»w-., * caton akks. Cal 6uzarwe 557-7JS6 ; PRESBYTERAN VLLAGE Of 0*tro*T ; now accept ng appacatlort* for c*v»v fled nurs* asajstar.ts for tt» PM and, n-jdnlght ahfl*. Full 4 part Um* po- J anons avafabje, For more tfomse- Uon, contact MarOyn , QUALTY ASSURANCE PERSON < Experencd. for growng hem* * health agency. Amercan Horn* * Health Carec or 261-1M2 \ RECEPTONlST/BtlUNQ " Needed ful Uma for hlemel metfcal t offce, Dearborn. Experence only, d«y* *r*41, RECEPT0N3T lor Troy dermalokv \ 0<!t. /norrjng* per week, rhumj jv* recent Or* offce axpwtert*., Cal, ) k RECEPTlOS-ST.--.-; Needed lor OpM.^mologwl onot^t located W Southfeld Pleaaw F^one vok* 4 medteal 6f*ce *»per>? ence requred. Salary b***d er exv * perenc*. Please cad Mr* WrkjSsV" > J ,. *--"v; CYTOLOGY ^> SmlthKOno Beccrtam Clncal laborafotret n<«;. mmedate career oppj&rtonrtfet ayalrabre kv.~ our CyloJogy Department r ; ;- CYTOLOGY SUPERVSOR.;.. < yoors CYlokxT-y oxporoncc yeo o f. superv^x pettmoc..*..". L CYTO-TECHtNOLOGST..._* veotcv-oloch experonco ;[ Evccenl beneft pockocje. SOV>Y corrvtorvuah> x w^t experence Send CJOTO ond soo.y h fo V. Personnel Monagbf CO SmllhKlno Boocham Chnlca! Lobootores rdoplox Crcle FamtnglQn Hlls. Ml >*r rtvv* V -.~>cr. EXPANDNG CANTON DENTAL OFFCE Wo are lookng for 2 TFAM MEMBERS lo comptmcnl our growng practce. ;, DENTAL ASSSTANT Our busy offce s seekng a brght, eneryotc person wth clnrsldo experence. Mus be w*\- accept somo front desk responsblty. DRNTAL HYGlENlST Out pntcnt orented pr.tclco s seekng a fnalty hyrjcnst enthusasm, motvaton and gooctvcbnl sklls a must. Career ccncd persons plcnsc call «

28 ; 16C* 0-.= Monday, ^t 12, V % 5to * * * * 4f>L U- f 75!REBAT«NEW 1991 FESTVA L 2 DOOR J*A^r r 5*1,0Qfe ZREBATE* NEW 1991 festvagl.2 DOOR REBAT - NEW1M1 ESCORT PONY 2 DOOR HATCHBACK M NEW MUSTANG X 2 DOOR HATCHBACK Power equpment group, power locks, dual electrc remote mrrors, power sde.wndows, styled.road wheets, cargo te-down net, front floor" mats, speed control,.am/fm electrc rado wth cassette and -ctookt-ettstom-equlpment-gfoup, ar, duauuyrnlnated-vsor-mlrrors, automatc overdrve transmlssfon, rear yvndow defroster, nterval wpers; flower steerng, ghv group, nstrumentaton, console, cargo area cover, dual remote control mrrors, bodysde moldngs, rear spoler, power brakes, tnted glass. Stock #6975. WAS 13,987 ^OW^ NEW 1991 ESCORT GT 2 DOOR HATCHBACK flwwndow dafroater, bodysld* mowng, consols, 8*U9*«, courtwy-amps, racmng bucket s«ms. power braxaa, ad* jrfrdgw tfrcrjster. Slock #W76. WAS NOW NEW 1991 TEMPO L 4 DOOR SEDAN *-W * FC automatc transaxte, P185/70R14 Wack sldewl tres, rear wndow defroster, manual, body-sde moldngs, dgtal ck»ck, console, Humnaton, dual vsor mrrors, power brakes, sde wndow demls.erj, tnted gass, AM/FM stereo, po%r steerng. Stock # WAS 10, NOW NEW 1991 PROBE GL 2 DOOR HATCHBACK Power brakes, flp-told rear seat, reclnng bucket seals, courtesy lamps, dual mrrors, bodysde -moldng, -monochromatc pant, cargo cover, electrc clock, console, gauges, AM/FM stereo, rear wndow v.per/ washer, Stock #9212. WAS 7943 NOW *flt09 2% NEW 1991 TEMPO GL 4 DOOR SEDAN flc a/xvttc V-**>, TA-^JJ c*rtot M, <**t locx }»?, M tv.r; rtv raj-v-.*.*, FBww, r.a.%;*, w -. ^ «, J.«^0«r K>CA 9-.V7,».«rc.TC ccrtol ferret, w >**.>)»*a«l, p<> r astvr*«l}.rtv *WJ«(k^jbr, 1¾^ yap, tm wrc tr.-ep, AV.f H t»m *t>.h CvttC* &r*j cx*, ttn rd rear foot fa!}, d*cr;fc3um=?9 <x*. tc!f <h cvasrvj, evtm w*r«l ewff, tfyd txk, wrv;te, 6r->.jav p+n bftw, «)»V*k» (JrrT-etwj, fred 3J», fo*«jftrr-j, rcsrvj VpM- Stcc* #X?1 WAS 12,790 NOW 9185 NEW 1991 TAURUS L 4 DOOR SEDAN Automatc tranaaxlo, electrc rearwndow defroster, remoto control drvers- mrror, moldngs, cargo area cover< console, reclnng bucket seals, power brakes, sde wndow demstcr, tnted gass. Stock #8171. WAS 9233 NOW 7835 NEW 1991 ESCORT LX 4 DOOR Power steerng, rear wndow dtfoste, tyl co^ettnce group, automajc transaxe, rnanua) ar, AM.TM stereo cassette rado, power brakes,.bodysde moldngs, cargo area cover, console, reclnng bucket seats, sde vrndow-demster. tnted gass, chkd safety locks. Stock #SS03. WAS 11,827 NOW NEW 1991 TAURUS GL STATON WAGON r. Rear wndow defroster,-luxury convenence group, manual ar; cayman decor opton, premum sound system, cljarcoat pant, fog lambs, dual electrc remote control mrrors, bodysde moldng, rear spoler, alumnum wheels, cargo area cover, console, lght group, sport performance bucket seats, rear seat headrest,. 4 wheel power dsc brakes, tnted glass, remote control lftgate, AM/FM stereo wth cassette, power steerng, sport handlng suspenson, tachometer, nterval wpers. Stock #9624. WAS 13,642 10,676 NOW Tll steerng" and cluster, 1, tnted glass, electrc rear wndow defroster, ar," electronc stereo cassette wth premum sound, alumnum wheels, tnted glass, dual mrrors, bodysde moldngs, cargo cover, dgtal clock console, sde wndow -demster, performance nstrument cluster, reclnng bucket seats, power brakes, power steerng. Stock #9187. WAS 14,250 NOW 11,307 Automatc overdrve transmsson, speed control, rear, wndow defroster, manual ar, clearcoat pant, exterloraccentgroup, bodysde protecton," bodysde moldngs, dgtal "clock, AM/FM stereo, tlt steerng column, power brakes, sde wndow, demsters, chld safety locks, tnted glass, nstrumentaton, power sleerhg, nterval wpers. Slock #6236. WAS 15, NOW Po*er convenence group, power door locks, poaer sde w-ndows, 6 way power "drvers seal, OgM group, manual ar, rocker panel moldngs. AM FM stereo rado vsf cassette, speed control, rear vrndow defroster, remote fuel f.lter door release,.automate overdrfve transmsson..rear wvxtov wper/jvasher, rear racng thrd seal,.cast alumnum wheels, power steerng, power brakes, tnted gtass, nstrumentaton; nterval wpers. exleror accent group, luggage rack, duals electrc remote control mrrors, bodysde, cargo area cover, dgtal dock, AM Ft stereo, tt steerng column, sde wndow demster, ch kt Stock #9639. WAS 18,555 NOW saetywks- 14,446 NEW 1991 RANGER 4x2 New t& ftawf^ft 4x2 SUPERCAB NEW 1991 RANGER ;4x4 SUPERCAB J f t Custom trm, overdrlv* buwntoton.»4»cfrwc rad«wth clock, black rear step bump*r. powwr brake*. rtntm fllass, dual fold away mtrrorwa, «po»*«<, dorne lgnt, nstrumentaton, scufl plates, nterval wp*r, r»ar am Hoc* brake. Sk?ck (9407T.. WAS 8555 NOW 7215 NEW 1991 F150 4X2 STYLESDE PCKUP Brlghl tow mount.swng a«ay mrrors, AV.f M electronc sloreo ck>ck, deluxe a/ger. st/ed street wheels, CU.O.T trm, power slewng, po«r brakes, rear enr lock brakes. * * 9.s< crgo box lght, cevrtesy t-ghl. dorre tghl, nstrum^" - *t r cv? r-es, ver.l wnooasstock # WAS11,325 NOW 9091 VVV VV VyV Cuslom trm, cloth ca^tns chars, tachometer, automatc trsmlsslon, brght low mount swng a*ay mrrors, electronc AW FM stereo.cassette dock, rear jump-seat, po*er brakes, rear ant-lock brakes, 19 ga"on fuel tank, power.steerng, rear step bumper, cargo box ght, spopcr, dome fght, nstrutentaton, nterval wpw. Stock #94 3T,. WAS 13,971 NOW 11,576 EW 1991 F152 4X4 STYLESDE 7-r PCKUP N4* appaaranca packaga. XLT lana hm»gm oonv*aw\c«group «lr, AM,fy tcromc tarao caaartt clock ovcavt trtnamttnon. 335 nato raguar axw convananca oackxj* poowr nwh8- poa«bn*ta», cargo &o hgn. >t* gteu co^taav»grt. do«n» ga«. nommmaaoc tacrwnaar *wn mroomx, WM rmrm wtpara. mar an»-toca braftaa 9wc* /97QST "Tow» Plus tax, ttle, lcenso & destratbn. Rchato, f.r,p!cab!o, ncluded. Retal ^a!cs only. Pcture r*v not represent n.-vj. vf--^f> Satfl end 8/16/^1. Custom trm",ov»rdrv«t^nsmwon, 3.73 rajo f.r."^ sp JAO, ar, atactrorvc AM.TM tareo wth clock, super engne coong, cast alumnum da»p*»h»m*ets, dolh capjanj chars, fsoor corwoe, power bn*a», rear arttwock brakes, power sleerng, rear step bompar, cargo box lght, dual Wd awayrmrrors, spo-ler, dome lght, natrumarraton, tachometer, nt«<v»l frpef. Stock #9764T.. WAS ^aswm^mr efrmtmsm EXT XL WAGON fxl) (rm (tell. a>. prr.jcy CvJSS (<\M fj S/Of ( Sp(\J KCld. t.1 *-\H, Xt TVJJWOC»yv e.n^ rcr»r<jo* ^vn. tect-c A.M.FM tf JO CSS.t^ctx.- pc*0r tor.c*<e CTC>-p (k.w!! pj-.. pew tc.ej. ny kx tacs, p-*jf serng s-p-t-r coovg \- gsss. fc-w *»y rrrcrs. SfC-Vf. rey»asv^r» f-<. r^.! *;-*». -.5A--< R-jr/=-<g bods0«v S«k nnn WAS 19,274 ^ ^#** NOW ** On select models through 8/16/91. Sec sales person fodot-s. NEW 1991 THUNDERBRD,2 DOOR " Electronc AM/FM wth cassette, 6 way power drvers seat, rear wndow defroster, luxury group, cast alumnum wheels, 6 way power passenger seat, automatc overdrve transmsson, power lock group, power steerng,-tnted glass, power brakes, ar, bodysdemoldngs, console, reclnng bucket, seats, sde, wndow dofogger, nstrument n, power wndows, nterval wpers. Stock /,r - ; 30 WAS.17, lowqtaut «0^ ^»A»l «0. "HOOAW» UffTtMl SBVK GUAHANT f ^t^mo ro tm«mcvrnt mrl»hlf TANK Of Cl A S Alt" k T y lll^ k «tl n, )ur The Dc.ofshp Wth A Hr.rt TELE GRAPH RO Just North of 12 MLE RO.. SOUTHFELD OPEN MON & THURS.. TL 9 PM or vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv ^ - ; a aa«a«a*< t.- mmttt^m

29 *PS*WW WJP lj.p l.hll, P y 1^,1 jm.,m,»».» *- J» J.JP..» 2p*(P.c.n,w.QP) 502H#lpWnld ^ D^al-MtxHcal O&E Monday, August 12,1991. Orthodontc Assstant Ptymouln, no evenng* w Saturday*. WM tran. 4 WOK? PHYSCAN -//ASSSTANTS -... Henry Ford Health System ha* fv!- -Ume, PhyeWan AeeWant potrtfon*.- **r»jleqfc at the fc*c^ng locatons OetftOfT CAMPU3»C«fdlc^*»cutv Medcne.. Department ol Emergency MedWn* / Wectou* Dsease -»nternal Medcne N*»olOO «<. > * r*uma Surgery -, l>kesloeme0cal CENTER» Waft 4n<Jtnlc (con tr^tpojkn) FA1RLAN EM EOCAL CENTER CUT ".,«Hematology. v»ort)x»**orc,. - ; tp^kc*. -, - -.Urology Qv«Wc*Uort nclude a Bachelor** - Degree n Physcan/Surgcal Assst. anc*; natons" certfes lon or eflgl bbty whh the AAPA ard a Y*M r MteW9«n- Physlclafl AssfJtam U- ";; par**.- ; -.. ; ;" v We offer a Mghfy compettve **Ja/y ; _ an* excencnt benefts. Please eond,yc<r resume to.-, HENRY FORD / HEALTH SYSTEM Employment Dtvlslon. DepL MM 600 FTsner Bufkflng r*ubft, Ml AnE«W»Oppo«1unJ^/AWnT>*tty8 Acton Employer M/F/H 502 HtMp Wanted D#<t»l-PU<llc*l "ROBSON DENTAL S GROWNG! CHAlRSOE ASSSTANT Oo you elate weh wllh peop^t Do you work effectve*/ H M n member? Do you 0*4 your sar n hearth proeeeon?- W so, ** w«nt to talk Wth you. Plea** phon* 10 a/rang* confdental v.arrlew H#(p Wanted Offlct-Ckftcal 504 H«p Wanted 0tTTc*Cr#r!cal ACCOUNT AOMW3TRATOR Experenced n Accounts. (*p*rt> rtfl, stsstc, PC d«ta *nlry. Must txcet n people akn*, <HgenutaonaJ skll*, decson n nn j, follow through. Send reeume ov contact- A0.8TRA CORPORATON 101 Unon Pr/moLrthMl48170 Attn Randy Ophal , ext RECEPTONST- FULL TME - 8om* Saturday*, for bu«y doctor** offce n Farmlngton rffle. ResponslblEtle* nclude answerng phono*, Mng, computer *ch*du9ng. Must be organzed A reeponslble. some off- lo* & computer experence preferred. Contact Llaa at RECEPTONST Mature per ton rweded (or bu*y oral urgery «a«je* n 8outhn«W. ExparWca halpfut, but not naoaaaary. Plaa»acalMon.-Fl.»-5 S5M1W Las a/aa. PedUtrlc axpertano* pfeferrad. 47T-O100 Regtetered V^/-N^se".- Opportuntes at - Potsford General Hosptal MadKal/Surglcal, fu9 and part-t!ma. aflamoon portofu. ;crtteal Cata Complax. FvB-tlma mlovlshu and aftamoon posltjonx Emattgancy, fub and pa-tlma m)d-. nlghl poakwns- ER a*pert«ooe Wjlv- Crtcal-Cara Suparvtaor, Fufl-Hma day anlft poaltlon. ManaQamant axperanoa and BSN /aqulrad. Hot** Managar. Waakand part-uma (T*Jn)gM pooon. 6SN and m«nagamant axpartanoa tao^drad. A*k about our apaclal program* lor Oradueta Nuraa*. Our compranatv ajya banaft and salary packaga maka Bottrbrd an axcrlng CVMT cfxsoa. Call or aand raauma to Joan Hntton, Nuraa RaoruKar,.,471-8^55. Botsford General Hosptal Grand Rhrar FarmJngtor. HfSt W., 4«33«-5»33, An Equal OppOflmVty Emptoyar ACCOUNTNG. ASSSTANT lor proparty manangarftant Vm.lrt Farmlngloo HH»., SaTtd raauma vrth alary racuramar^u to D. -Pacn Northwaatam Hwr, #110. FarrrJoglon HW». 4433*,.,- ACCOUNTNaCCEftK ; Fal p*c*<s grovlng company n«ed» an tnargatlo and e>»naclaruou Aocowrtlng dark. Fam«arlty wllh Lotvt a pfca. thd^dual w t» /aaponalbla for a wda ranga ol aeoogrvtngduttaa. &eod raauma to. Accountng Managar,PO Box2191, 8outhBa(d.Ml4« * ACCOUNTNOCURK A waalam auburban automotxva auppmr naada aocounung cark raaponabla lor aocount» raeavabta & account! ptyab* n cornputarttad anvvormanl. Pfeaaant ofttco. good paytkdbonafnnaadlor. mmadlala arnploymant Plaaaa aand raaumaa to Box 69«, 0b»*rvar & Eccanuo Nawapapar, Scnoocraft Rd., lyonja, WcWgan «150 AGA Servces WF.EOS Clercal Personnel Secretares PC axparlaoos rxvpm Typsts Word Processors. A* Sortwva* Data Entry WJn. ol 1 Yr. F*jW>o Af>pr/Mon.-F.«-12or M...J30?7Qraanr 1«ld.6una162, SouthWd.Ml J2S5 -,. ASSfSTANCE tor aocour,ty> daptrtmtnt. Account racarvabla kno»t»d9«laqutrad, waakday, U-rorJa araa. A»k lor Bavarty AnEHTrON" 60 SENOR TYPSTS. NEEOeOMMEWATEtY.. > - Wa ara lookng (o ftf long and ahort term atagnmanu n lha matro patrolt tea*. Prolaa»Sonalandenlnualajlte ndmdual* «tx> poaaaaa t/ong otfloa»kjk«and mwrnurn typng apaad of 60wp>-n anovld ta3 today loranappolfltmant. FOSTtn-OAVS V, - VernpwaryPtraorAal.lnc.,- tl^-roo AUTOMOBLE OEALEASKP n Ballevlla has an mmadlala opan!ng Mr an axparlareed ear bbw. Cl Loralta at AtohSaon Ford for an ntarylaw. 0* ACCOUNTNG CLERK -part Uma, account* roc*fv»we/p4yaw«, bank raconduauon. Sand raauma wl H aalary raqyvarnanu to Box 614, Obaarvar 4 Eceaotrfc N«w»p»par» chootCrafV Rd. Qronla, Mlohtoan R O3TEREO Madfcal Tacnnoogtat ~ -«M/pW-ttne. Grand-Rn«r/Ctcta7a- -A<XX>UNTW0/PAYROCCCtEfyr Our Farmlngton Hfa baaad aarvloa organualon la aaaklng aorraona ttuh payrot axparlano), tnat <*a handla caah cooactlooa and otnar gaoaral accountng dut)a«n a fa*l paoad accountng dapartmanl TbU M Uma poauon oflara a compat- Uva banam packaga and a graal workng anvronmanl Gand raauma wtth aaary rao^kamant* to KP, Human Raaourcaa, P.O. Box «072. Farmlngton HBa, Ml., cytuaa.,aug.20,1991. Equal Cworlunrty Erhptoyar Mlnorty/FerwJa/Handlcappad/Vat AUTOMOTVE OPPORTUNTY al TEC.Joba Ara PJantfut... Sflvatl naw and axdung opportuql- Uaa adat lor top-r>otcn CWrlcaJ & AoVnlnlatratrya paraonnal. mmadlala aaatgnmanu avaltac4a,workng on tocabon at major auomotva Vn^a^auppOarcornpanlaa -.;, Gaoaral Offloa/Clarteal Data Entry ExecuUw SacratarlM RaoapUonM* Sacratartaa WordProoaaaora Long & 8f»rt-Tarm. Aaatgnmenta tcatm ln-*x*m ncludng Ann-Arbor, Oatrolt, Lryonta, Ptymoulh, Troy, & Ypanantf. SPECAL NEEOS lor rodmduala wth atroog knowladga ot Mcrosoft Word. Fraa lanca, Exoal, &/or R-Baaa. Ganaroua wagaa/banefla. PleaM ca9 or Fax roauma to TECHNCAL ENGNEERNG CONSULTANTS (Fax) 504 Help Want»d OrtlctvCkrlcal CLERCAL Farm Bureau lr.»tfa/-<«ort^p h& a epcal opanlro n our P,/rrrouth oftk*. f>jt;» v«a rrc^a publc eoolact, l.rlg, tffrq, a»} corr.fxjt«r larmn&l work. Tjprg ablr/ ol at (aatt 60 wpm and pra--ou* cmtlca and pubvc conac a^parlanca raq^rad. Mkrocor.pvlar and nmranoa knowladga b*n*ac44. Quat- Rad canddttaa aand raauma* to FARM BUREAU HSURANCEGROUP Attn RacruMng Coordnator 7373 Wa*t Saglna* Htof.xa/ PO Box Lansng, H 4J An Eqj*! Opporlunry Employw, CLERCAL Paft-Tme Enargatlc and d«uj1 orlantad parson r*«j6d for knmadlsta part-uma opervfw at a dynamc oodutar commur^caltons company; RaaponalbCtlea»t (ncluda dancat ouaa. cuttomar*»ta7rtl«raoorts and lelaphona actmty. Mu«onjoy workng wth nombara. Apply m parson or aand your raauma to.. CELLNET CcWwne***"*. nc- Attn Uurla Shalna ^,. 3l075slernf.," P.O.BOX71043,. Madson HafgM»( Ml (Just-N.ofJ3M6afld.) NO PHONE CALL8 PLEA E CLERCAL/SALES A5S13JAJ4T Full tma n Troy. Should ba com- JorfaWa wth numbar* & keyboard. Enlry tore! or 2 yaara of axparlanoa. Plaaaacan Help Wanted 0ftlc*Cterlc»J DATA ENTRY 6.00 Per Hour Fu^-tlnvo p<-j.kyu c-p*l n our Tatomarkallng Oaparlnvenl lev hard workng onlaar.lry elavs, MrJ.T.jn 3 month* cartcal apart«nca n«adad. You mul h»»a ajkc»n*t proven typng 6>.l» and an^y workng n a qvkk paoad arr,1ror^nam> * C«1 no-«lor an rrvnada^atlervlo-* FTNESS USA HEALTH SPAS OATAPROCESSNO Fud lma, tampor ary ansry level pos- Con n Auburn MS*. Mj*t ba avajaba to work smttl. Exo»n«nt drtrtng racord raqulrad. Danarlu and ahm prarnlurr.l. Afpf/fcparson or sond raauma lo Paraonnal. Socurodats Corp W. EntrancaDr., Auburn Hlls, aoa. * ENTRY LEVEL v- SECRETARY -.18,000. ALLFESPAJO. ExeeSant workng condtons, at racuv* ffloa. major medca), pad hotldsy*. 7 sck day*. On lh«job lajaj ralrfng,- typng ol 60 pwasa. WordParlact 5.1 s a plu». Wondar, M opporl unty for tha lucky dnawho cans Patty NELUNG PERSONNEL SERVCES FARMNOTONMlLfl ACCOUNTlfWPOSmON - N. suburbs, 6 yr* exparlenca. dagraa prafarrad. accruajs, raconduaona, Journal & ladgar entry*, Exeaf *oftwara, exosnant banafh* pks. Fee pad Oacmata, WordParlact-word prooasslng oparatora for. long -» short tarm aaognmant*. * LOS RAY PERSONNEL SOUTHFELD RN BONE & MNERAL <.- CLNCAL v RESEARCH. NURSE Hghly mouvatad nuraa naadad lor. natonally promlnant raaaarcrt program. WW coordlnata nnovstva projact baaad n Bona 6 Mnaral Dvson and foevsad on Pagat* Ola-. aasa of Bona. nvorvaa coordnauon wth Otolaryngology and Radology. - Mcnlgan Hcanaad RN wth two to. hraa yaar* of ccnlcal axparanoa s racjutrad. Ra*earcn or raatad canlcaj axpartance U daalrsbla. Fufl-tlma day*. W loaraatad, plaaaa sand raauma to HENRY FORD.HEALTH SYSTEM. - Emptoymant OMalort, Oapt OT 600 Flshar Buldng Oatrdt, Ml An Equal Opportunty/ AfflrmauVa Acton Empkjyar M/F/H. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Major non-proft organzaton aaaklng an Account* P«y*t+e Clark for ts dvsonal haadquartar*. Raaportaba for an aaoact* of account* pay- *c4a. Must be anargatlo & organzed. Experlenc* wltf Lotus 123 preferred. 8end reeuma wth salary requrement* to Controller, Northland Or., Southnekf. Ml ACCQUNT8 PAYABLE CLERK mmecuata openng. Manual bookkeeper & PC experence necessary. Pfymouth foeatoa. CUDolore* ACCOUNT8 PAYABLE CLERK Furnture Ret alter has entry level poartlon n our account* payable depl Computer axperlenoe and baato accountng - knowledge necessary. ContactJohn BACK TO SCHOOL BACK TO WORK TOP WAGES FOR YOUR SKLLS. Offce poston* avertable for Ul of thefoflowlngareas., -. SECRETARES/TYPSTS WORD PROCESSORS CLERKS " RECEPTONSTS DATA ENTRY 0PERAT0R3 OVERTME BONUSES. ANCE PAY. HOLDAY PAY, TEMP-MEO NSUR- CLERCAL SUPPORT Detrot fnancal corporaton aeeks en afflejem clercal "support ndvdual for a f ast-paoed workng teratonmenl Canddst* mu»t be able lo work accuralafy under- pressure, able lo work wth rtle aupervujon, & have h*nd»-on WordStar 4/or Word Perfect experence. Thf* poston * lor a motvated hard worker who * wdfng to accept challenge*. Poston provde* lor a complet* aalary 8. benefts package. QualM canddates forward resume n complete confdence to CLERCAL SUPPORT P.O. Box 779 Detrot, Ml jcuslomef_servca_ Novl busness ystem* dealershp s lookng for a customer servce assocate to add to our servce support department ExcaOenl telephone technque, typng sxm* and dat» entry are a mu*1. Beneft*. Please sand resume Attn. Offce Manager, Brdge SL, Novl, Ml CUST6MER SERVCE To Beautful corporate offce seekng ndmdual lo handle busy phone Ones. Computer experence a pfu*. Top benefts. Sand reaume or cak DVERSFED RECRUTERS CO Novl Road, Sls.106 NovLMf All Fees Co. Pad CUSTOMER SERVCE REP.- Entry Level Poston. BaseSalary Prof Sharng EXECUTVE SECRETARY Fortune 600 hgh techlrm neods OW 4 experence. Up lo 20,000/yr. CaB Susan al UNFORCE FARMNOTON HLLS.nsurance agency seekng part tme Personal Lnes clercal hefp.ert/y leye! poa Uon- Send reaume lo P.O. Box 2999, Farmlngton HW* HelpWantod Ottke-Cffflcal LEGAL SECRbTARY/PARAlEQAL <<j(/5v fc-f U.*y gorvwal p-roc./* t* Trrn n Scjtfvr^d. WJJ be axporonc«j, rr.stjf*. r»*pcr» t.-le and d«pendjbe. Mu;l hs.-a ec^-enl wlurvg and pfoofffre<} <v} ak; 1 *, tr<e sbl^ty to m*«t and work w;h paopa and V/ordParfy.t 60 arperer^* W-1 be pfk-r to f^a. Please lorws/d resume W.\l\ aalary r.»tory ta Box 600 Otservsr 4 Eccentrc Nsntpsper, Schoolcrsfl Rd., LW.*. MV,lgan 481M LEOAL SECRETAR-ES NEEOEO 3 Portons axperenoed/tranee/fua & part Tme. Trey U* frm, non srr^ung. Cs Barb^ LEGAL SECRETARY/Expertaoced Mu»t know WorrJPorlecl. Personal njury fctlgatlon frm, non w^ker Ask for Mark. 737^400 f LEOAL6ECRETARY" Part.tlmo. Mutt know WordPerfOCt. Able to pdontua & work ndecerdontfy.scmef-axbj^t/lnhjurs. - CaflAnn. < leqalsecretary.. Fortur>e 500 Corporalon seek* Btfgaton experence & strong communcaton skes.for legal dapjrtmenl 1-5 yr*. experenoa»oughl. CaS Arthur Thomas Executve Search LEGAL 8ECRETARY - Dependable, dedcsed, probate/corportte aecrat&ry, mnmum 5 yr*experence neodod for busy. troy lew frm. WordPerfect 6^ preferred; Must be norv-smoker who enjoy* re*pom)b6- fry. Pleasant offoe. 8»le/y commerv *uratevrfhexperehce GENERAL OFFCE. (1 Grl). Must have experence n *J offce procedure*. Dynamlo Reeearcfl Heenp Or. Novl off 9 MBe, between MeadowtrookftNovRd, GENERAL OFFCE Fufl lme pffloe worker needed. Typng 45 wpm, computer experfenos ence. Great beneft* and locaton. nelp fut Send reaume to P.O. Box! «7109«, Canton M GENERAL OFF>C - Entry level. Ex perenoe wth WordPerfect preferred , Moa - FnVSasrr coenr-soond Axbun37S119 General Court. Ptymoulh GENERAL OFFCE CLERCAL FEES PADfl COMPANES Easy lo work for companes f you have typng of so and some offce experence. Most offer advancement opportunjue*; Cal NEUNG PERS0NNEL8ERVCE8 Llvonl* SouthWd SNELUNG TEMPORARES NEVER A FEE ACC0UNT8 PAYABLE PERSON needed lor growng 8outhne<d management & constructon company. Computer experence preferred. Please send raauma and aalary requrement* to Box 61«, Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers, Schoolcraft Rd.. Ovonla, Mchgan _.- ACCOUNT8 RECEVABLE Fua tme. Uvonla locaton. Must have mnmum 3 year* prevous Job experence n account* recevable. Excellent math ablty 4 10 key calculator akfll* necessary. Should be detal orented 6 have excellent communcaton akua. Send reaume ncludng aalary raqulrementa to P.O. Box 6091, Southfteld. Ml RN/BSN-8TAFF NURSE. W* currently have an openng for an RN or 8SN m our reewemlal teen mother 6 nfant parentng program. TM* * a part tme pceftlon whch nvolve* provdng hearth mantenance 4 educaton to teen mother* 4 ther ntent. Because we ere a prvet* not for proft aodal servce agency our pay la not oompetwve (ll/hr.) but we do offer flexble hour*, a pleasant work envronment 4 a competent professonal daft of chad cam worker* 4 aodal worker*. H you ars lookng for dfferent type of nursng experence, why not oorv alder ths cpporturvty. Send reeum* to SL VVtcent 4 Sarah Fsher Center, VY 12 MSe.Farmlngton HJTU, Ml An Equal Cpportunfty Employer RN-0AY8HFT Fua tme. See Mr*. Martn. taghngafe We*t Newburgh Rd. Weatland j Mtrroaer Joy Rd RN for busy pedatrc omca m Watt BloomfMd, par lme. Pteeeanl workng condrtlona. Ce»N*nc\ RN Pedatrc omoe, Farmlngton. Part - Urn* avenlnga. Cell ask for Chrs RN. BUSY SOUTHFELD GYN offoe needfs part tme RN. Experence preferred. Can Mrs. Oeyer or Sally ACCOUNT3 RECEVABLE - Order entry bhng, caah recepts. Experlenoed only. Apply n person al Edward. Madson H*., off 14. ACCOUNTS RECETVABLE/Payro«Clerk. Manufacturng Company le lockng for an account* recevable 6 peyrottclerk. Poston requtraa 24 hr* a week. Flexble schedule n hours. Pfevtoue manufacturng 4 computer experence helpful tut not requred. 8end reaume wtth aalary requrement* lo ControBer, P.O. Box Dearborn, Ml ACCOUNTS RECEVABLE CLERK Varety and fast pace can be yours at thla slabe automouv* related company. Fast and accurtt* typng requred. Exceaant beneft* nclude prom ahartnej. Can Ter, NELUNG PERSONNEL SERVCES ACCURATE 4 fast person sought. pert or full tme, lor msc. clercal work. ncludes data baa* enlry. sortng mall 4 anewerlng phone*. Adams 6 15 MPe. 8end reaume lstng rat* dealrad to Clercal Poston. PO Box S970, Brmngham, ADMNSTRATVE SECRETARY Preegou* large offce need* Mlcroeoft Word. To 9.50 /hr. CaK Mary al UNFORCE ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT Excellent secretaral skms 6 word proceeetng lor nlernattonel auto manufaclurw. Recent gred* consdered. To /yr. Cal Sloan* at UNFORCE BG 3 AUTOMAKER 4 OTHER TOP AREA COMPANES VTENEEO WordProoeasor* Secret arte* ReoepUonlrt* Typat*(50wpm) Data Entry Legal Secret sre* SNELLNG TEMPORARES TROY DETROT BOOKKEEPER/FULL CHARQ E Mnmum 3 year* experence. Compulerteed account* payable requred.. Lotus 123 hepful Send resume 4 aaary requrements to Paraonnel, Grand Rver. Farmlngton Klfls, Ml BOOKKEEPER Fua tme tor manufacturng company. 2 year* accountng anddsa enlry experence needed. Lotus 123 requred. Beneftte. EEO Employer. Send reaume lo PO Box 6, YVsyne, Ml 45164, att; Human Resource*. BOOKKEEPER Large property management company located n Southfetd has openng for accurate detal-orented Bookkeeper. Please send reaume to Bookkeeper. P. O. Box. 6071, 8outhfeld, Ml, Ma] resume Southfteld. Ml. lo P.O Box 514, OATA ENTRY Clerk lo nput and track Mantenance PM and work or* ders. Techncal background desred. t7.00/*9.00. benefts. Send resume trx Mr. Smth, PO Box 397, Troy, Ml DATA ENTRY/CLERCAL FULLTME Energetc and detal orented person needed to work for a dynamc ceoular communcatons frm. Data Entry/Typng efcm* a must ncludng Some nung, word processng and dercal dutes. you posaeaa the above quantee, dont <nl*s ths opportunty to become part of the ceou!*r revoluton. Send resume" wtth saary hstory lo Mr. Joseph G*U1hrer P.O.BOX7043 Madson Heght*. Ml NSURANCE/PART TME Must have Personal Lnes experence. 3 Days/wk. 6.50/hr.; wtl lead to ful tme. No lee. B.HAML PERSONNEL DATA ENTRY Experenced BM36 operator needed for long term poston *! Detrot tvm. TEMPORARY RESOURCES Lvona - Farmlngton Huts Southfleld Troy An Equal Opportunty Employer -. DATA ENTRYOPERATOR nsurance bmer, Southneld. 9,000 keyatrokes,»7/hr. Cafl Dana at UNFORCE BOOKKEEPER. Part tme. Restaurant experence very helpful. Flexble hr*. Send Return* to 271 Oak Lane. Rochester HC*. Ml BOOKKEEPER - 8outhfleld CPA frm seekng bookkeeper, experenced m PC accountng, payroll tax preparaton and bank r*concula>- Uon*. Send r*eom* to Oavt* 6 Davt CPA Northweelern, Southfeld, Ml BOOKKEEPNG ASSSTANT Growth orented *eef company need* ndmdual wth knowledge of payable* 4 reo*fvat4»a, workman* comp and nsurance ctebrw background lo aaalst bookkeeper. Ful Beneftla. Send reeuma to Hercute* Drawn 8te* Corp., Amrneln, Uvonla Ml 48150, attn. Personnel. 80CALWORKER ; Unh-erslty, Convalescent Center s Utereated Jn tpeekng wtth Socal Workarl who era experenced n *rorklna wtth he gertetrlc populaton, fleeponebune* ndude &* charge plannng, tare plannmg and *c<m/*mouona nterventon*. We ara eeekng Secnelor prepared kxsvwv***, lor both par tme and fun tlm* posrtton*. A* pert of the Heefth Car* 4 l^lremert Corp w* offer exoetent cempeneerton end benefts. Pe*** submt rtsums to Rene* 8. December Unversty Cornel seoent Center 2665M M4e M, Uvonla, Ml 4«154 Afl Equal Opportunty Employer SUPERVSOR CLNCAL SERYJCta _.- «V;- H. *?. -.. FuS-tlme poeftkn *v»4*b«e lor en RN wth Nursng Supervsory eperano*. ww be r**poneb* for the Nursng Servces, Redtotogy. end Lab. Prefer candtdet* wftt Quaflty Aseurtnce experence. P**/* send resume* lo Human Resource* Department. ; DM0 HEALTH CARE CFWfERS. WOOOLANO W. 12 Mm Rd. Novl, Ml, Amf*l*d wth The Oetrott Meov* Oanler, an EqueJ Opportunty f m- P*oyw- 8UROCAL ASSSTANT NEEOtO «fcvty oral surgery prtr** m SouthfleM. Experence he*pfv, but oof neoeseary. Peae* ca«mon- Fr TRANNG POSTON" computer toftwtr* oompeny. M. Clemen*, experenced medfcel b#er, eon**, trvel, benefff*. ce* Laura \ X-RAY TECHNCAN - Enera*«o rv ; dmduaj for buey **», nose 6 throet.practce. Medc*! aeehtmg a pua. Fu»/p*rtllme » ADMNSTRATVE CLERK pert tme, computer»kws, typng 65 wpm 4 good customer ret*non* needed, weekend work requred, good wage. Apply n person - The Crotemg* At Canton, 6375 Honeytree Blvd. Canton ADMNSTRATVE A5S13TANT Brght, weh-orgentred, detal-orented; non-smoker for pert tme po«- fon. Experence wth pnone*. Muftlmate, Lotus l-ll-l and general offce management neceeaary. Job r«~ qulre*.(bafty to r***t* fo customer*. Send reaume and talary requrement* to.... HN 31000l*h**r-Ste.9 - Bfrmlnghsm. Ml ADMW8TRATVE ASSSTANT/ RF.CCPTONST needed M tme for luxury sparlments n downtewn Nc>rtNvle. lujwleetg* «4 WcndPerfect hepfol. C*yK»*st ADMNSTRATVE ASSSTANT - r 1 tme, po***1 *M tlmepoettlon Lhtxle/Ptymovth. H*nd*rg vared tasks. Mus h«r* word perfect 5.1 eperleno* 4 exc«*ent commumcal>on *»H. Cafl Mary at ARE YOU a M*twre, dep»nd*b»e coneo«ertou* person? * your f am»y r»*eed and youre lookng (of an nt»r**»v>g Job7 Oo you have e»perlenoe *e reospt^onh, order *ntry, typng, phone conteel wth culom- *r*?lt»o.w«needyoul "MJWOfVOA r AETTRY~" Troy omo* he* op*n>no. Job r*- ouv*e Audnng and ***** reports oet* enlry, some e»p»rlenoe n accountng prefsrr+d. Mutt be proflc*ent wttft a lo-key.-ce* 10-1pm, weekdays An Fquel Opportunty Employer AUTO DEALERSHP Lookng for (ndfvmuel wth some dealershp experence lor caewer* of«oe. A0P computer system. Norv- moajng omo*. Appfy *f Jo* Panan Chtvrolsl, Telegraph, 8outhfe4d CAREERSfl SWTCHBOARD 13,000 Experence requred pv» good typng skb*. SALE3 ASSSTANT 15,500 Good math, computer sxm*, fast paced offce. RECEPTONST 16,000 Profeeslonal, courteous, swtchboard experence 4 typng * must. ASSSTANT BOOKKEEPER 18,000 Mnmum 3 yeers experence 4 spreedsheet knowledge. WORD PROCESSOR. 19,000 WordPerfect Cotut are requred. Addtonal poston* «Y*fl*p* Evenng Appontment* Avefltbte ALL FElS COMPANY PAD PERMANENT STAFF Farmlnflton Hlls Southf«4d Uvonla Troy 585^2720 An Equal OpporunKy Employer DATA ENTRY OPERATOR Nov) clnc, key (torke*. lo 7.50/hr. Cafl Martha at UNFORCE OATA ENTRY OPERATORS PART TME/ON CALL Experenced, accuracy and speed of 7,000 plus k«y*lroke» per hour. Flo! shft, 7.-00*m-330pm and second shm. 330pm - 12 mdnght. Need qualfed, oommflted people to. caff/apply «1 AOSTRA CORPORATJON 101 Unon.. Ptymoulh Ml Attn Randy Ochal , *xt GENERAL OFFCE POSTON FEE PAD Stable growng engneerng Arm of far* beneft*, varety and a gre*t opportunty for addtonal responst>t&. tes to the applcant who can 65 wpm. Bookkeepng background la» okrs. CaB Mary-Pat rght away SNELUNO PERSONNEL 6ERV1CES FARMNGT0N HLLS NSURANCE AGENCY seekng experenced Receptlonlst/Typltt. Send resume to P.O. Box 2999, Farmlnglon HT NSURANCE AGENCY kl W. BloomfWd aeeks full and par tme, nonsmoker lo handle personal 8ne*. Must have exensfye. rvjepenoont agency ejperance. CaS, NSURANCE- CUSTOMER REPRESENTATVE Experenced Personal and Commerda! Casualty. Fu* lma LEOAL8ECRETARY Pteporsble^dependsble and de<scaled.raal estate, *st«t* plannng secretary wth strong skn* *nd experence needed for busy Farmngton Law FVm. Pleasant offce. Salary commensurate wth experence. CsJ!Donna LEGAL SECRETARY 23,000 FEE PAD 8uburb*n lawfrmneeds your lgallon and word processng expert- 504 H«lpWanlad 0ltk««Cl«H,c«l OCE ASSSTANT Sn.W pla/l r*6<3s en a^sfsnt Oul!«l r<*jtt ph<v»s. lr,voc- ; ng, pur- ^rng, f-.;ng & lea/rrg comcmtar *>>;* for rrn.jf4cturl.-m. Cs."! 9-3 Men thru Frf ) OFFCE ASSSTANT Tor co>yrn«<(j* rsal ests!* cc^rp*- r>y. Good phone skss, kno^edg* of WordperlecL l4on-s<rok*r, K^M be lgln/ organ^ed and able lo handle rrcjpte task*. 30 f*uf per week. Ftrnv.ngtoAl 1 * «OFFCE CLEFOCAU Part lrm person for order processng, corretpondence. Computer experence fj«pkjl. Send raeun-^ to Larry Lpc- ky, FAWCO, P O Box 7LV, La^jup V/*ge, Ml "" OffrC6/gro*-!ng nveetmert *cy>aor. Must pos>s«* computer orgsnltsllon 6 con-jtwnlcatlon sktss- Oute* lr<judecf!er,t, fund 4 broker contact. Beneftsft compensaton bated on experence. Ptease send tosume to Flexble Plan nvestmenls, 3563 Ttyeguph,»100. Bloomnad Ht!*, Ml 46)02, OF/TCE SYSTEMS MANAGER ww accounung background. Establshed furnture 1 *JftTl 11.n Royal. mmedate export JRy/Calor appontment, PERMANENT M» tme poshona wth; expaodlng MlcWgsn corporaton. Exconem wort condrtons/ roflt sharng, productort bonuses management tranng. Must b*.a rrdnlmum of JO yr*. old, Ngh achoot gr*d and mhswe to stsrllrnmech tt sly. Pnone Olverslfed ndustre*; 11 am tn 6pm only Caa or fax resume ( SNELLNG PERSONNEL SERVCES OF TROY ---r^egat ^- SECRETARY TO 26,000 FEE PAD New, growng Detrot law offce of fers a great opporturlly (or an ener> getlc aggressfve Logs/ Secretary,! year* tlgarlon experence needed Can Msry-PtL SNELUNG PERSONNEL SERVCES FARMWGTONHLL8 LEGAL SECRETARY TO 26,400 Corporate or estate plannng experence neoded for plush suburban frm Wort for senor partner. Benefts nclude proft sharng. 40K, yea/ end bonus. Fee pad.. CaB Kalhy SNELUNG PERSONNEL SERVCES MAL ROOM/MESSENGER EXCELLENT OPPORTUNTY Corporaton *e*k* ndmdual good work; thlca. AdvancemenL pad overtme and full beneft*. Celt Arthur Thorn** Execulrv* Search MAL ROOM/SUPPLY CLERK Non-smokng company seeks, msa/ supply dork. Applcanl must be energeto. responsble 6 manlam a good drvng record. Fu3 tme wtth (axlble hour* ncludng tome evenngs 6 Saturday*. Send resume lo Supply Clerk. P.O. Box 300, Southfleld, ML, NTERNATONAL DVSON SECRETARY One of Metro Detrot* largest corps ha* openng* n nternatonal area. Exclllng opportunty offerng growth, axceflent beneft* and parka. Requrement t nclude, protaealonal mage, the eb&ry to communcate wth hgh level clentele from around the world, and typng ol 60 plus wpm. Word perfect or shorthand a pru*. Can Or send reeum* lo Rta Roeden. Nancy Barr 4 Assoc. 2963«Telegraph. Southfteld, Ml JR. 8ECRETARY/RECEPT10NST Ad agency, 7.50/nour. Word processng knowledge. CaS Rene at UNFORCE JA SECRETARY - needed lor fub Urne poston n Southfteld. Must be relable, mature, hard workng ndvdual, experence preferred but nol essental. Requre* general offce skns. Salary <V- Pkr* benefts. Start date negotable, aand resume to 8hlrokl Corp. % Mr. Tomlnaga, Evergreen, #275. Southfteld, Ml OATA ENTRY OPERATORS keystrokes. Alpha & Numerc. Aa shfts *v*l*ble. MOM Servce* DATA ENTRY OPERATOR One yes/ clercal experence to nclude CRT profcency»nd Bght typng for poston n medcal clam,*. Good communlcaljon and orfentutsonsklh*/ Excst-ent beneft package. Send r*-_ *urr>* wth salary hllory lo Hum*nfleeouree* -DE Corporal* Servce, nc W. Fve Mle Read Uvonla. Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer DATA ENTRY Permanent. Ml tme poston lor Executve Ofllce al 12 Mle & Northwe*t*rn. Llghl typng, data entry 6 good math sk»* r*qulr*d Mon. thru Fr, 6*m-4.30pm. Unant 6 More. Mr. Psvtanto CAM3 SERVCE CLERK Entry l«ve! poston. avehaw* n SouthWd company. Mutt have good organzatonal tkm* and pjeesenl phone marverf Send resume to Clam* Servce Clerk, P.O. Box 300, Southftetd, Ml CL E R^ At j. fcr»yv<**n. taewar** omc*. Fua tlm*. Muet be flendy 6 prrjfttelanel n*th typng, phone & flng *kl*e. Paul or PM CLERCAL-Fu*. tme general offoe work for SouthNtd Apertmtnl -. compev. Csfl Mon.-Frl.»*m Jpm An Equal Oppcrtunrty Employ** CONSTRUCTON COORDNATOR poelton avasebl*. Typng, phone* 6 aoco-jntng tke* reo/asd. J 4K)9011 "cerlcal/ftcctptofst^ Busy Llrone offce seeks t prof«**»onel *nd *rtcu*t«front oflo* Receplontt. One year expert*"** wth a 6 lne Oood typng and f»ng s*»* a r*^*. 2O0 220aw*»k. C#A for appolnl rnent MGM CU3TOMER6ERVlCEClErtK Entry lev*! posfton *v***b* n Bouthfleld comperry. Mu*t h«v* good ofganlatentf thll* end pleaeant phone manner. Send reeum* focu*to*n*r Servce Clerk. P.O. Box 300, Southfteld. M)., 46037, OATA ENTRY POSTON wtth Sutomotve suppler. Startng selary 14,000 and beneft*. Send reaume to MCP Sale* nc., 1607«Swtthmore Cl N., Uvonla, LAW CLERK (part tme) 6 Legal Assstant Tranee (fuo lme) needed lor Troy law frm. Non smokng omce. CaBarb LEGAL EXECUTVE SECRETARY wanted for partner of NcM/NorthvlB* law frm. ndvdual apohtng must possess strong organtzttlonal skm*, accurate typng, transcrpton 6»hortr*rtf/sp*edwrttng abwty. Lltgtlon/corporata experence hepfut aa weq a* knowledge of word perfect 6.1. Cell Ann, LEGAL SECRETARY For 2 assocates n Troy. nsurance defence law frm. Mn. 2 ytvexperlence k Bwgaton LEGAL SECRETARY for Troy law frm. Word processng and st least 1-2 year* legal experence (Corporate/E*t*ta Plannng) requred. Shorthand preferred but not requred. Non-smoker. Send reeume to Secretaral Commttee. P.O. Box Troy. Ml, MARKETNG ASSSTANT 4-9PM. Mon. thru Fr. Secretaral & WordPerlect/lotu* backgroend preferred. Apply n wrtng by Aug. 15 to.beth Segler, FrenkBn Rd.,SoutM5etd. Ml Contnental CaNevlslon s An Affrm* lve Acton, " Equal Opportunty Employer MATURE PERSON - Advertsng busness, general offce, computer knowledge. Resume lo Box 666 Observer 6 Eccentrc Newspaper*, Schoocrtfl Rd, Uvonla, Mchgan j-age Clercal «jwc Mor Raptdry growyxfmortgege Company seektvj organbed clercal person to work w <3o*lng/Fundlng Department Experence a plus bu wm tra.n. Must be good wth numbers and computer keyboard Send resume to S. Clark RepubBc Bancorp Mortgage. nc. P.O. Box 2716 Farmlngton HHs, Ml An Equal Opportunty Employer - PERSON FRDAY- ". Food equpment dstrbutor seok* qualfed experenced person to handle a dryertlfled poston nvofvmg all facet*, of offce operttons. Please lorwt/d reeum*ncfve*ng salary Wslory 6 current salary requvernent to; Branch Manage/, Research Dr., Farmlngton Hlls, Ml PROMOTE TO OFFCE MANAGER! 15,000 FEE PAD Fast-paceo communcaton* oompany offerng exceflent beneft*. outstandng workng condtons, 35 hour work week and plenty of room for enhancement, f ywre ready lo worr tnd you can type 60, cal Jance now SNELUNG PERSONNEL SERVCES FARMNGTON HLLS RECEPTrONST/TYPlST Fast paced NW Oetrott offce seeks respor^blelndmdusj for ccvertmed clercal posfton. Offce axperencd wtth accurate - typng and dee/ phono voce a mustl RECEPTONST - 40/Tvs. per week, pleaaarrt offce settng located n Rochester. Answer phone* 6 tome clercal, pleas* cafl RECEPTONST For 8outhfo(d law frm. No experence necessary. For appontment r^nsaj, a.9am-4pm RECEPTONST Major corporate sales offce. Uvonla, up to 7/hr. CaS Ruth at UNFORCE RECEPTONST W. Btoomfted har salon. Approx 30 hour* per week. Meture, MeMly, dependable,»ccur«t* 4 compute/ Kerala RECEPTONlST/Secreta/*! poston. Full lme. Experence requred. Send resume and aaary. requrements to LogU, P.O. Box Uvonla, M, RECEPTONST 4pm - 6pm, Moa - Fr., typng 6 PC experence requred. Must woncwefj wtth the pubfk. Apply n person Peaohwood nn, 3500 W. South Blvd.. Rochester HBs. RECEPTONST/SECRETARY strong communcaton 4 typng sklls, hgh school grad or equvalent, amen offoe, N.W. Detrot, 67 hr. plus nsurance. Reply to box»602. Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspaper*, Schoolcraft -Rd, Uvonla, Mchgan RECEPTONST/TYPST Manufacturng company n Westslde Suburb needs experenced recep- Uonjt4typUL RECEPTONST FuB tme, ExceTeht communcaton SVBU. Data entry/ accountng helpful. Send resume 6521 Lyndon. Detrot Ml 4623«- RECEPTONST Part tme. Computer hepfuf NEW G RAO/CLERK - Bllngs, credt, phones, fgure apttude. 15,600 to start. Fua benoflts. no lee. B.HAML PERSONNEL OCCASONAL TYPNG, Clercal work. 6pm-9pm. P.O. Box 269, Waled Lake, Ml OFFCE HELP (fub Um*) for laal growng company n Farmlnglon Rus. Pleasant phone voce requred. 6/hr. Cell 9sm-1 tarn OFFCE MANAGER needed to supervse staff of 8 n SoulhWd.- Typng 60+4 good Salaryl " RECEPTONST PART TME WHh experence 6 good phone skats. Hours 0am-3pm. Mon. Fr, Send resume to Attenton DLK, K J Law Engneer*. nc; W9 MBe, NovLMr48375 EOE work ethcs. S* ACCOUNTANTS ONE Northwestern Hwy.. Sute 202 8ou1hfle*d. Ml OFFCE STAFFNG 3 Roceptonhls wth typng (50wpmj 2 0eneVslSecretsrW(Su>«pm)... 1 Clerk Typfst/Ftlng Long 6 short lerm avacable MQMServloe LEGAL SECRETARY. Experence requred lor 1-2 attorney offce n Walled Lake. Must have word Proceasng sklls, cafl for appl LEGALSECRETARY Partner of newfy lormed BloomfWd Hlls frm requre* experenced, or gantzed ndmdual, prefertbfy wth»dv*nc«d Word Perfect *>«* 6 other computer experence, to esslsl wth corporal* practce, soma HUgttlon, 6 frm org*ntr«l!on. Salary commenaurate wtth skns and experence. CM DATA ENTRY Exc^Jent opportuott** lor axpereneed dat* entr/clerk*. Mlrlmum of 35 wpm-typng. Long-lerm»**)gnment* n Llvonl*, Prymoulh,»nd Farmlngton HNs.. ARBOR TEMPS DENTAL ASSSTANT Congers!, experenced person, ennueate bout commltrnenl lo grovng pr»e- 11celnl^on!s OeSKRECEfTlONlSTS needed lor llvonl* Health Cub. Furl or part tme poetfon* affable. Sl»rtng*t4 50anhour EXECUTVE SECRETARY Farmlngton company kx*lng lor lopnotth secrstary wtth ao«d work htory, f r.teretled cefl lorl St. Ad*P«*>nn*l Servce* EXECUTVE SECRETARY To W0.00O CN-eer cppolvnfv for *»peter<*d»*</»!*ry wth lep notch *M«s. Shorthand pva; mme-j 1 *!* openng 8*n*f!t«. Temporary to permanent. ARBOR TEMPS EXECUTVE SECRETARY SouthheW servce company»«** msfur*. brght, hardworkng ndvdual to.**>! praetdenl. Carew orlenled candd*!* wk»ng lo cor.vmt hour t»s requred. F>ce»*M secret/>l *k»s. Ojeffed «*nc«d»!e mutt be energetc, wwng to work he-xlbl* tv>m*, be sell motysted and organlted wth sttenton lo detss. Sendev+eume lo Execute Secretary P.O. Box 300 SouthfleM. Ml, LEOAL SECRETARY/ReceotlonUl Part tme. Farmlngton HU* Uw frm, WordPerfect, 50 a mu»t. Call 8a/ah LEGAL SECRETARY. fvh or part tme for general practce 6 personal njury. Some ep*reno*. ScuthfleW area. Ca«, LEGALSECRETARY Mut know WordPerfect. Experenced only. mmedal* openng n busness lew rum, LEOAL SECRETARY for 1 attorney. SouhfWd. Must have **o**!nt typng & computer skn*. WordPerfect SO. Call LEGAL SECRETARY mmedate openng for smafl SoytnfWd offce. WordPerfect experence a pfe*. CslNlck «or tcoav STC1TETARV "heeded for partner n Southeed personal r.jury Arm; st least 5 year* s^perlerce Csl Mrs. Raven *l EQAL SCRETARY PART TME day* per wee*. Troy 3-4 earn word pr oce*k* off** 3M-3SJ2 LEOAL SECRETARY PART1ME 3-4 day* (m week. Troy ctftce. Le*rn word proceesor. J62-36J2 ~~~~LEar\L SECRETARY Experenced for Fsrrrngton V* lew (km. Pfsntnt worlng cond too* for non-smoker. M-r»l><*>* vtperlenc* n word pr«*«*»ng. Sfsry bated on e»perence. 4* UOATSTCRETARY rmutthtve^ leest 6 yt». tegel *>perenc* lor 6 lawyer frm. Med>c*J kmrarke. Farmmgoo H** kxtlkv n ful s*-rke buyng on Nortf;wMt»rn Hghway. Can Sutanne f 5-)205 LEGAL SECRETARY lor growng medum *r.e Farm!.->jton HHS, cfv mgtton 6 bvvnem l*w r^m. Four years rngtkv cpertnee for 6j*ry practk* 4 envvor.nent. Wordperfect, non smokng. E*c*o*n1 salary and beneft* PERSONNEL RECEPTONST Oue lo recent ntern*) promotons, fast-psoed personnel servce requres a mutl-lsented kxfmduej to manage busy recepton lobby. Seekng a mature, prolesslonal canddate who enjoy* worklno, whh peopl«l CornpetJrJve wages a benefts! Please mat resumes lo Techncal Engneerng Consult ants, nc. 391 Arport ndustral Dr., Ypsfent). Ml 49198, Atl*nHon\)aneMartn. PROGRAMMER/ANALYST Great pay and txooftj. Need people now tor.. MS, CCS, OB2 McCormlck 4 Dodge Dec VAX, ORACLE PCOS/2.C»LNC14 VAX, C.X Wndows PCK RS " Send rasvmes lo Sytchk nc W. 7 Mt-e Rd.. NorthvlT*. Ml or FAX RECEPTONST. For Oontal Offce. 6 mornngs. Blrrnnc/am/eoomWd area RECEPTONST/CLERK Brmngham dtrbutor seek* energetc person wth computer 4 phone sklls. CaB BM RECEPTONST/ASSSTANT for medlcaj offoe n Brmngham. Part lme. Frendly,- people-orented practce. ^_ RECEPTWNST/TYPSTy 1?-_pm. For.electror*; manufacturer. 6 an hour. ADCO Crcuft*, Rochester HfTl*. Contact Mona; An Equal OpporturVty Employer RECEPTONST wtth account^g experence lor property menangement frm n Farmlnglon HJls. Send resume wth salary requrements lo O. Padottl, Northwestem Hwy, tt 110. Farmlngton HBa, R CEPTONlST/SECRETARY Pert lme, 30 hrs. Phone*, typng, computer. Perfect lor parent of school chsdren. Apply L 4 L Engneerng ndustral UvonJa RECEPTONST for Boomfleld Hats */chft*cmr*l frm. Dutes nclude telephone, general offce. Word processng a must. Send resume tec Personnel Manager. 636 W. Long lake Rd, Sut*»250. Boomfed HB*.Ml, Help Wanted Ortka-Cltrlcal COMPUTfR SOFTWARE company, n ScjLWd, «**ks rtceptonl wth a p**a..t ls*pnona voce 6 good etuoe. Must be tt-* lo f*n- 2¾ <.* fce.m.y ar>j k a profos- Slonal rr,vs»(. Cll 6J RECEPTO.ST v.*n!«d tot bur/ c+rce. M-J«be self-starter who can work ndependent/. Strong clercal slrf* 4 bookkeepng background. Knowodg* of manu*) Jcjrna en- rs* p+j*. Excettsnt startng talsry 6 btr*nt packsge. Send resume or appry n person to Offce Mnsger, Ur<t*c1 Pant Tesgrtpr Rd.. Soutffeld. Mt No le^phono nqu^a*. RECEPTONST Exctng poston n veternary hosprel for brght u4 ohoery person. Ful lma Apply n person; VBage Anmal Ctnlc Grand Rver, Farmlngton.. RECEPTONST Mature, tenable person, lght typng. fwng. yya U»Jn. Starflngpsy 4 76/hr. Apof/ n person Anson Mok?,l\nMartal 81, Canton;- ^ RECEPTONST Wth Kc»t bookkeepng «<perence lor CM offce n BoomOeW H»». S*nd resume to Personnel Oepl, 1600 Woodws/d Ave, Ste. 20o Boomfed ftl3s. Ml RECEPTONST wantod part, lor but> Farmlngton Hat* real ens bffqe. Experence.on muftnr^ phone tyslem hepfut. Must type 40 wjpm., e-/enlnqs and weekends avalable.. Ralph.Manuet Assoc. West. Contact Oantof* Bubuk /2 RECEPTONST - Natonal n^oeornputer manufecturer seeks to fb 2 Receptonst/ Admnstratlv* postons. Exoe6anl communcaton skbs, PC knowledge a must Resume lo Receptonbl, P 0 Box 317. Novl, MlcK.4637«RECEPTONST/SECRETARAL Farmlngton Hfs based computer company ha* mmedate openng for a permanent,part tme person to work 2-3 days per week, 630am- 6pm answerng telephone* and typng. Word processng helpful. Cea Susan at RECEPTONST* For O.O.C Optcal Center kvw. Boomfed. fc30arn-6pm, Mon. 6 Wed. Excelsnt communcaton, telephone 6 organzaton*! skrls wth outgong, erergelle personalty. RECEPTONST for mufj company frm. Dutes nclud* answerng phones, data entry and dercer- WordPerfect and Lotu* pfus. Good benefts. Send return* lo 201 W Bg Beaver, Sute 720, Troy, Ml, RECEPTONST/TELEPHONE ANSWERNG Exceflent eommunlcttkm and pleasanl speakng skrs mu»u Full Un-e po*ft>on avalabe at our llrona locaton n laurel Park Place. 8en*nu/lnoentrv*s. Pleajecal. (313) Admnstratve Assstant»,. -<... TELCORP s oxp.vk ng our octrvlfos n our Mch gan Dvson and s seekng an experenced Admn- stratrvo Assstant.. TEJ-COfLdCSfoto..folA[s.and-rn*nta"ln* toprvw lcalod call processfngvoco mal and vdeoconferencng systcns whch cnh.nco our customers ablty to bo mevo responsve and produclvo., Tho successful canddate wll en)0y vared.cspon- sbltjes ncludng general offco njanagendnl, admnstratve 6uppot for salos and opcatons actrvlos and assorted customer support actvtes. Excellent communcaton and organzaton sklls are a must tor ths busy offce. Overso PC background a defnte advan> tago. V/otd processng oxperenco s requred, knowledge ot graphcs packages helpful WordPerfect and CorelDraw a plus!. Sound nterestng?.m you ere challenged by s (astpaced envronment and a/o lookng lor an excellent compensaton and benefts program, send your rosumo, wld e3rnngs hstory to Nolhwostorn Hghway Sute 7B Fnrmlngton Hlls, Mchgan Attn Trcln Frazer RECEPTONST - ASSSTANT For doctor* offce. Must have basc clercal jk. and excecent-personety for deafng wth people. Experence helpful but wu tran qualfed. Cafl 9am-7pm 652 porapn. Cafl 9am-7pm Reoepllonlst/Socretary 17,000 No Fee Beautful Blrmngharn offces of major corporstjont Top benefts Adv»neernenll Need sold 60 or better typng, 2 yrs. offce experence and aome computer experence.. RBS ASSOCtATESAQY RECEPTONST Major brokerage Arm n downtown Brmngham ha* mmedate openng (or a ful lme RecepUonsL Responjlbflrtle* nclude Bght rang. typng, 4 other general offce dutes. Contact Unda Burk, Mon.-Frl., Shearson, Lehman Brother* An Equal Opportunty Emptoyor RECEPTONST Southfteld based company seekng Receptonst lo handle muttl-tln* pnone system. Must have mjnm&m 1 yea/ swtchboard experence. WordPerfect knowledge, Harvard Graphc* preferred and typng skats of 65 words p«r mnute accurately. Compettve salary/beneft* package offered. Contact Communty Home Care Recruter An Equal Opportunty Ernpfoyer RECEPTONST - - \ We currently have a long-term receptonst poston avalable n our offce. 1 year experence a mustl Beneft* avtsawe. Call Karen for an appontment al ENTECH SERVCES, NC RECEPTONST/SECRETARY Seekng a wed organzed, con sdenlou s serf-start er lor mmedate poston as receptonst secretary. Must possess superb communcauon sklls and a pletttnl, protaslonal phone manner. Word Procesang/Compuer *xporenc* wth the Apple Macln-. tosh A MUST (MacWrlts/ MacOraw/Excel softwares). Please *ubm!t resume n confdence to Personnel Manager Telegraph, Sute 3360 Bngham Farms, Ml KdlpWantMJ OHc* Clercal SECRETARAL ASSSTANT. On, or t*to days per wrx* 6 vkotkr.s. Must to ffcnl&r WV\ computer*. WordPufoc, tottl. Oor*rsJ owce work. 8*nd resvrr.a, or.-u ettsr 6 tsry h.ory to O0*3, Horxr & A5toc Fre^ll^ Rd. Sute 130, ecorr.ft-d H.U Ml. 48J02-O331 SECRETARAL U,wl^fscturtng corrpany f^s a fu3 kte petton ava.tbla lor an excellent typst po>tu<na a hgh fer.ol of ecourtcy wtlh number* and proflclrxt n Lotus 1.2,3. f you */ dependable, ftexlb* 6 sol -starlar, ptoase send resume wtth *ala/y requlrerr,60ts lo Personnel, Levan Rd, Lfvons, Ml, SECRETARY/ADMNSTRATVE. SUPPORT. Lght trprg Must be *We to handle mum ns phone system. We recognzed ths poston as crltea to our ss-tes»ffor». Profsv sonsl. outgong, pleasanl personal- ty rtkqutns* BeneftH,-Send/**ume lo R H EE, 1602 Rochesterfcduslrt-- al Drve,;Roche4l*r HH» t4e309. SECRETARY/BOOKkeEPER- -; fmmedata openng..general.oface skjfs/experence requted. Accountng, swus prafened." Salary negotable. Troy SECRETAflYy.. CUSTOMER SERVCE. ; mmedla!* potloonl f securty and good benefts are mport act to yc*/, hb s your opporturjty. Experence n. customer servce along wth your" good offce ska* wa be noaded he/e. Cafl Lynn, SNELUNG PERSONNEL SERVCES SECRETARY FOR wed estamshed Troy law frm. Exceflent beneft*. Word Perfect and *UgaUon experence preferred. Send resume to Offce Manager, PO Box 628, BloomnekJHlHs.Ml SECRETARY - GENERAL OFFCE. Busy offce wth an nternatonal flar, requres axceoen typng snd offce skk*. Knowledge ot WordPerfect a plus. Experenced canddate need only apply. P.O. Box 3035, Farmlngton HHs, SECRETARY CHARTER TWP. OF REOFORD EMPLOYEES CTVU SERVCE COMMSSON v Applcatons are beng accepted for the poston of Departmental Secre- - tarylll. SALARY 8.76 TO per hour, plus exceoent frnge benefts. AMONOVTHe REQUREMENTS Graduator from hgh school or G.E.O. Certfcate; p4u» two (2) year* - of verflod" offce experence. Typng CO wpm. *nd dctaton, 80 wpm. A compele Job descrpton b avalable at the lsted address. APPLY n person al ttvllseavtce OFFCE BEECH-OALYRO. REOFORD, ML AppScaUona wm be accepted week- -days startng Monday, August between the hours of 9 AM. and<pm. CLOSNG DATE FOR FlUNG FRDAY. AUG. 16, 1991,4 PM. The Charter Townshp of Radford s an" equal employment oc^ortunftyemployer end b soeung quaned black and ouwr mnorty eppttesht*. as wefl as whte tppdcants wthout regard to race.,..., SECRETARY, nternatonal Corporaton Mchgan based frm seek* 2 «xperf enced secrttares wth excellent typng (65 worn) and nterpersonal skrs for nematonaj ard marketng dmslon. Corporaton offer* advancement, tuton rembursement 6 dependent coverage. CaB Arthur Thomas Executve Sear ch, (5 RUNNER/RLE CLERK lor Brmngham law frm. Must have own car. Flng experence necessary. FuB Urn* 9-5pm. Excellent benefts. Ask for Personnel DepL SALES ASSSTANT - P*rt tme for growng Rochester busness form* 6 prntng company. General offce, phone 4 computer expert-. enoa necessary. Postve atttude a most FtaxJbl* hour*. Salary commensurate wth experence. Can Unda at ALES SECRETARY Non smokng company seeks sharp ndmdual wth nman-e and good secretaral.skbs to work flexble hours. Typng 40 wpm. and abhty to work wefl wtth others a must! Send raauma to Sale* Secretary, P.O. Box 300, Southfed. Ml, SMALL TROY CPA frm lookng lor Secretary wth Dght bookkeepng experence hours per week. 8«nd reeume n confdence to 1287 KlWook, Troy. Ml., 4*098. CONSTRUCTON ENGNEERNG Company requre* fua lme secretary. Must be computer Uterat*. Ce» SECRETARAL POSTON - Fufl tme, 8am-5pm, n Southfteld. Dulles to nokxje coordnatng communcatons from Osy Shft lo Ntghl Shft,»ome typng 4 dealng wth personhel. Good communcaton skt* neceeaa/y. Send resume to 900 Wfshlre Dr.. St*. S310. Troy. Ml SECRETARY Must be fast, tccurtt* Word Processor wth good speojng and grammar. WordStar 2000 a pkj* but not requred. FuB tme preferred, bu wbl consder 3 or 4 days. Salary based-- upon ablty. Ftesumeorvy to The Creatve Group Northwestern Sute #360 Farmlngton Hlls, Ml, SECRETARY NEEDEO -,development offce, M tme. Shorthand 6 typng a must. 13 Mae 4 Northwestern Hwy... CaB SECRETARY needed lor tmajt Troy computer frm. Dutes nctude answerng phones, Bght accountng, purchasng 4 word processng. Person must be a self-starter. 150 an hr. + beneftla. CaS Susan SECRETARY/OFFCE MANAGER for pleasanl smoke 1rt«W. Btoonv fleld offce. Computer 4 word processng skflts requred hour work week, benefts avalable. Resumes fo Box 599. Observer 6 Eccentrc Newspaper* Schoolcraft Rd, Uvonla, Mchgan SECRETARY/PART TME Noeded for busy real estate apprasal company n Fa/mlngton H!fl*\ Computer knowledge necessary. Dutes nclude typng. Rng, phone answerng. Real eslal* experence preferred! Shorthand helpful, but nol needed. Approxmate hour*, Tues. 6 Thura, 9-5 PM. Compensaton based on abfsry and expert-. ence. Prepare resume and cal Laura al or aher SECRETARY PART-TME Secretn/ needed lor 30 hrs. per week n ptscoment offce. Exceflent computer skns 6 aptllud* requred, preforabry WordPerfect 8 DataBase tpprcatons. Responsbltes nclude answorng phones, *sa!tsnt- ng jtudents &employers, data nput & data management. Send resume wkh saary requrement* or apply m person to Welsh CoCege. 3*38 Uvwnol. Troy. Mt An Equal Opportunty fjnployer - SECRETARY Cly Kr«.a<h, nc, ho wwld cjkrr n po\ftjl hjjh. pc-cj u pcrn^rputcrs h.«n n<m<tlyr openng l* m tvpcrcxod W<rdjr) " "> VwthflcU olf-o. R>««>l rw^jdo peovdr>g sccrc-tdrjl wrp>-jt tl vrt nd «rv<p pork>wl, j<-.4\\v-r.r.g busy phc"-*^, j«.^s!-^ n ln- profvrj.n <>f p.-tp>xjlt and s.dc provcr,(jk>nv m-a.-v mr jn< num nv.rn(,\flx-n>. ru.vlnn-^ offhc t VJ.-V. updtu-.g rsj.l n^ L»t«tn& roncfnj; lap lo-jmc mj..ngs..-- hc dcjl <4rx)dj>M.l Kn«2-1 >C.-s nu^ cvpcrlcncc mljd ng dcrnnmrcd fac-n»y us-g.j,vhln;<^-,h PC ^A UV<d tycxt l»p«tk-r<c «vh f \. H "«j PLn\c<po-"H p-\ t>c<-!knl <onym>."<jl<x slh f^hrljl \Vf «-.1 re\»jd )\xjr»vl!s jl JVVH \\-.h?> (*j"y!*ul ({KT-jK-nvtk^ pjn thjl rxk-ovs pt\_j-\ \,Y\*<nf, n <u<t,jx...m-utf s>y... * fc* TnvJ j^c t*v,&.!*r. pcjv -ctvt )w ^u.v.c rd»jjr>. rt-quroment to..,- -..,. Attn Anctcas & Asa Pacfc Group luma Resources CRAY RESEARCH NCORPORATED )440 Northland Drve _S Mcntlc! Ulle»)(,Ms ; Mt5, r»20 Nt-XfUl //V..1^-1, 1 ) ra F.urttr. U * f/-«.= J h- t»* *"T r rv..,-(^v % -,*,\t MUtV *we»«*»*»»»*^»^g^ mtj* t»»*w*«w«aw**w»^*j*»»w»»ujw t umm mn w»r» w* 1^ ACCOUNTS PAYABLE Growng retal organzaton offco needs accounts fxjyablo clefk-wlv expeonce to handle corporate accounts payable responsbltes. Dutlos, to nclude moln offco admnstraton, accounts payable nvocng, mortgage, and rttlty payments, wth workng knowledge of computerzed accountng and Lotus 123 Nce beneft package. Ploasp call Schoslak Brothers & Company, nc *y ^ m* wm

30 P* mmmjmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm PH^*P V 04 H«pW«nt«d Omc#*C««}ca1 SCCfETAfVf ADVERTSNG Dfyerafled, Cn*S*ng;-.g poston;. orar.tad M.ron-. mem **e*ft;o.-al beneme»nc*j*g dentaf. proft tarng end tuhloo rerufnoursanerl. C*AM*.Oow AVT0S0N LAftO & ASSOCATES SECRETARY Northwest TedY-v,*. -Sodefy seeks a norvamourg secretary for K* oert-aea- Mon department PQt.oa.demand* a hghly motvated. eervalarter. wtw L ca-. P*We of easurrjng a wwo-. varety o reapona&fttje* wfll* deadlne*. Requlre- rojant* nclude 3-5 yr*. **C-, ratarel experence, typng 60wpm; >C expartence, " <W<X(JP«rfKl prefer***?, rjmapnone, exceflent com- - mgracetron (oref wrtten), grammer/spellng. skll*. Send ratum* & salary re-. 0>rV «nv*ol» toe -Personnel CoordlnetoV-SEC f.0.8<n 1»M«, 0«Uo«, Ml. «J1» SECftCTARY part tme poellorjfor SoutMMd Arm.Good pror* manner. Computer. WordPerfect end/or mcro soft work) end pror offce exd»r»r>cerec,urec>;c*fl «7-953» SECRETAAY,- pert Urpe. 3 4*y» MoA, Tuea. & frt. Troy, expertaneed aacrat-ary/word processor; Word Perfect 5.1 mud, Lotu* a pm, qu4*y potraor n professonal evr. roundng*. 0*1 Rosemary or Carol. MO-6001 SECRETARY/RECEPTONST. Farmnglon H.lrt manufacturer n»a mmedate, M tlm* openng lor peradn wth 0004, al around offce & phona efc**. Good computer emm reqrtd, recent experence tnmarv ufecturfrg Offtoe, mu»t be eerj alerter. Mary negotable, beneft*, pad hcmaytl vacaton*, f^ ntervew c*a. Sharon rwpwanl«d Ofrkt-Crtlcl SOUfhfaOLAWfnM ts-j*t r«rf*t+a, rorjvjtad Oork lo L9, Hw*ct wth tser.t* ard assst v<!ln co«r>spo.",}*-<e 6.-^ computer kvput flours. 1-SPM, Moo.- ra SJO-JMO SWTCHBOAPO or-yvtoa mmedate operwu lor trr!lcm>04/dv c!«rv*l posl^n. folm pforte»;»- tern, non-smokng offce, please appry at Joe Panan Ct*vrc4o. sll T«^cxaph.SouV(Wd 35J-100O TELEPHONE RECEPTONST/ SEcneTAflY Cxperlenoecl kdmdutl needed lor mnuf»ct»rlng co,-npa/vy. Full lma. Co<TJXl»r expttlanca hwom. ExcaltetM frrv* t*r*rtu. Canton kxatoo. &wt **<J(T<«wth aalvy r*<;u</arr*r!» to; P. 0. Box 40*. Plj mouth, Ml..«170. -A TELEPHONE BECEPTON9T/ CaaMar. SwHWna Honda la lookng lor cuerm. an«re«tc pa<**«lo hand!a taaphona recaotlortul/ c*>war dulaa. Ooa full Urr>«aod coa part tawpotrton la flfa>la. Al 8un»4lr*. our cualomara a/a our fkkxj.»o tfva awty to max a aaot) cuttomar h*v«a pnftnt axparton * on th«phorva or payng th«*r bxa 1» a muat»ou quaty. wo oflar a, frtandfr., worvng anvlronovant eorr<>«m,v«pay «nd baoaflta ar>d a COrr««ny r*fm*\s*n lor tfjtrt/. <M Mux+m HelpWtntrt COOKS HELPERS for eav.e«la. Fu3 t^na posk^m lor fvjftocj ^.h c<para-x*. Os*Ua!>5t-a^ & bwmt. S*nd r«*vr,>«lo C. Traoa.--.VP. HO CrooKt Rd, Troy MH3C44. - COOK5. WM.8l»rt, 8*rt*-^«* " Put OT^. Bansjual fcd taaltua/l *o.k. U.-orka. Exc*1«fl pcvron lor mjuapoc9la.ca3to.-n. 476-SJ45 COOKS WANTED" "~~ Mon. thru Frl, d/tlr*, good p«y. CfurK* lor adyarvo»ft*r.l. C*a9yn-3pm WO COOK 4 "WXTPf R-SOH, e*ces*rl cay lor a paraoo wth (uvja^jdoa of Po.jh Amartctn cooflfo Mlddle&fe.OafdtoCrty. 4;5-t>7l COOK"..* WAT PERSON Fufl or Par TVM Aftwnoorva Exparl«Aca ftffolu, twl ool n««aa*y- Co-T,p*t;t)Y» wtgaa a boo^^*- A^r/nparaoA > ^. T. LVONA Y -, F>rr>ovth»Fa/mlnolo<Rc! TOP PAY Tor Word Prooeaaora,- * *t«t growtog Tamporary Saw* lookng Jor Word Prbcaaaora «t>o kr*w» WordParfael, lotoa ar)d Murtf- Mata. Wa oflar croaa tranng lor our rspodal TarapVCaX (oday to bag^> an axctung aaagnmonl wth t locacornpa/ty. Cal ,-. ETO famporary Sarvloa WCMTARY RECEPTONST mmadlata. opportunty wth aouthaaatarn MloMgana largest aupc<ar ol hlghtaoh talaoommunlcatlofta aqglpmanl Full company pro- \M*d baoawa.. Madlca). Dental & Opjcaf loavranca, - SurBngwagabaaadooaxparteoca. Exar)ncal»nateM.C4S Bop Claan at , ext 358 to arrtngamhtarrlaw. BECRETARY/ftECEPTlONlST M, tma poaruon for amu offoe. Good typng and orgacuvona AM* raqvtrad. Aocounllng and compvlar aaparlanoa prafanad. Cortol-4pra. M WORDPROCESSORS Upto10/MR A)ao Naadad - Data Entry Cfarka < SVtchboa/d Oparatora " CALLTOOAY Wolvern^empof aresr / >- TOOKWANTEO Gteftrwrrt-tWf COJr**.?W45 W. 8 Mfa fy. Appf/ n jaraon altar 3pm. W«rak, HelpWentad Food-Bovef g0 6EnVEft3 8 HOST/HOSTESS P4 p/ of 0XJr^3 Couft/ ftv«l tlnrestsjrtr.t P*dP6f#}c<>)ljenL>3.... EJ plo>*9 4 l/tcy c-kount «6e>^!»a.t»t<9 "" - tt«r*rlft g R..KS ^l!!f_ w * n!^*!!!_ ATTTUDE CtLCKVlT)C-jr^,a a Crcal»ll.1>*>. f.4«n* v-hjva (Ml cm k>-.v.»4» >CM out of hs f&t r&cvl 24hOLrr6Cord.-g *" ~C0OXEEPEf Experfonctd.Conputcr kno*1- c<jg> N.VV. «vvj/t» WKJ R * M M 4 try requv»;," (of Co^j 5C-, Obaarvar 4 EooanUk; f+esr-spx**. S*251 SchookreM fw,, M^g«n<S1K> THE MOOSE PRESERVE LOoWng lor tnr«j^jjt!o, «r,we«t< p«opla to f J tf< W.o».ng posjtlonj; COOKS HOST/HOSTESS BUS STAFF DSHWASHERS. Fu 4 parl-tlrna aohodu^t av&^ma. Oood >«r»ga».4 bwwfh*. A«>(y n paraon batwarn 2-4prrt, Mon-Prt. at23wwoodward Av*., --. 6tooMrk)fdH^». V COOK *em«d - part m*.»»»* artdr. 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PERSONNEL 8ERVTCES " BECRETARY Tmporry Aaalgnrnanta Lang 4 atwrt tarm Taprataa «DOatan comcaolaa WordParfact 4L«ua Cal for an apoowmant today MASTANTUONO 4 ASSOOATE SECRETARY To 130,000 caant aaalu your axoaflant aacratarw amla. WordParfact a pfatt. A^ranoarnartt opporturrtlaa 4 lop banafha. Sand raauma or cal ervemufleo RECRUTEnS CO. H 2HM Nov) Road. 8t*.lu8 Novt Ml 4* Co. Pad *g**»< ; Secretary We need a Juggler ; wth a good eye AtJaradata. wa wateoma nnovathra tnnug TM cart matcf ourcommk maot lo erawng ravomlonary oor porcta datttaaa ayttarna. Our ad vanoa tarfmr4hrr. tenrlal wttft our MgNyquaffladsaflhaamadauaan Wuatry laadar. Your amtty. to craau vfcual praaantattona ualng Ppwarpolnt and Exoal on tna Macnloa^wMhatpkaapuarara.. AV tha raoonat Sacraury n our Da- - trah aflfea. vou wv oroduoa oradhc craaartatloa. uttoyour Mcroaof Vwd akba,-kartcla aooourrta paytcaa, rnalta Vaval arrangamanfa, ftfl ^Mrd^atakvofnoa r^atlnga ard apadal avarrta. AHgh aohoofo>* ptoma (or aquf.atant) la raoulrad. Formal tacratarlal aducatlon (* pra- WORD PROCESSOR Part tma Houra -.. EVE7JN0S Word frooaaaor naadod for targa nwraneaorlfc*. 1-2 yra.buthaaa expartanca nckjog t/amcrpfon akfla. W1LLTRA1N Mul poaaaaa acourata typng and axcabant lanc^aga akjta. N0N8M0KNQ Offce PSaaaa aubmt wrtten knar daacrtbng work axparanea and abfttlaa. Houra araflaxlbla. O.ECONOMO MEADOWBROOK NSURANCE Tafagrart SoutWWd. ML, MpWan!«d Food*B«v«r«g«ALBrS F00O8, NC. naada ganaral labor n Lhrontt food prooaaalng plant. MorvFrt. Oay*. Oood pay. ful/ part ttma. Calf Jam-noon ALL POSTONS Expartancad halp. Walt paraon. but paraon, bartender. Apply n paraon to fhad Plpar. 3W0S Ptymouth M., Lvona. ARBYS Upto5/Hr, 18 yr8,«v over, day/nght shft. Apply Mddlebelt, Lvona near 7 Ml. BANQUET WAT PERSONS 8AN0UET PORTERS Wanted dependable Ml/part tme, flexble People. Apply n paraon only Ho*dav tm, Banbuat Departmant Laurel Par* Or. North, L/vonla. No prtone ca BAR EXPECMTOR NEE0EO FOR prfvate dub n Bwmrgham area. Par tbrve nfarrts. Oood wagaa and workng eonoltsone. Cal Tuaa, ft 9am-5pm. « BAR STAfF, WAT PERSONS, Cook* -al entn*. Appry after 8pm. R*«era Kyaboard lounge, Way Road. Weetand OtAMONO. JM BRADY-8 Bar 4 Orfll openng aoort Hrng lor the fodor- Kg poanon* Una A Prep Cooka, Oltnwaahara, BusMrt. Walt Staff, Bartandora 4 Ooor H04t/Ho>te»a. Acoeptng appbcaoona 4 ntervewng tuea. Aog.vU, pam-2pm 4 Thura. Aog 18, " - TownCeny.4 next to mo-oa. A3 energetc, profaaalonal ancouraged lo appf/. ^S^»KLao,- ply n peraon- NorlhvUla OSheehana, W. 7 Md«. DETARY.SUPERVSOR Bearcnng (or a. detary auparvtaor for )84 bed aused nurang canter, 11;30am-8pm, Mon. thru f<\., every other weekend on cea. Reaponalbfl- \St» a>^jda monkorlng trey Xne. aanhatlon. nventory 4 budget controt. Cookng experence desrable. Apply n par oen, between 9an<4pm, Unh-eraJty ConY»!aaoen Center, Fve NltM., UvonJa, An fjqual Opportunty Empto>w DSHWASHER Days, M lme Mon.-Frl Oood pay, meals, pleasant worung condtons lor hardworkng, dependable person. RFFLES, NorthvSe. A*k for Chel B n DSHWASHER wanted, days. Morels Restaurant, Telegraph, Brmngham. DSTRCT MANAGER Major fast food oomany seekng qualfed fmd repreeenteore 10 serve stores n Northern Detrot BA n Busness 4 fast food experence partcularly benefcal. Adaptable to travel, flexble hours, soma ovamlghta. Beneft package nclu4ec aajary of 118,000 pkta bonus 4 oommjaslon. company car 4 expanse account Please sand resume PERSONNEL DRECTOR 7280 W. Boulevard. Bundng K-2. BoardmanOH445l2 D. OENWSON8 la now acceptng appbcstlone lor day dnng room poewona only. Apply n parson ml, Lfvonle. WATER/WATftESE3 COCKTAL SERVERS..LNECOOKS -BUS HELP. KTCHEN HELP ;."" BARTENDERS- Ft-B or plrt lma. day. Of «<«nlog. Apply 2.4pm,- Casa Lupta, 085 Ctsa. fbjgbwverjtroy/ WATRESS or WATTERS > Full tme. Part tme for banquets,m. per hour. Also b«ed Wartperspn for Banquets. DtVwashar M 4 part Hme. Apply W. Ws/ren, Oea/bornHeJght.. WAT 8TAff. Bartenders. Managers. Now hrng al Rock Montsnaa ohh-orca.- 458^480 WAT 8TAFF 4 OUS PERSONS Experenced orjy. Appry al Walnut Creek Country Cfub, Johns Rd.,8outhLvon WAT8TAFF Osys. Exporlonoed n aoafood 4 0- qoof *." WAT8TAFF Frendly, rerble people wantsd for Downtown Plymouth restaurant PleasacaJl 453-4W3 WAT 8TAFF wanted. Days or nghts. Appfy n person Konw sland kvv lr6n.a Man. 7 MM 4 MWdabeft. CABLE TV Cor.^Artsl Cat** Vson l loo»j<vg lor M lma *t*4 rap.-frar.uj.wto *trt n our Davtor HelgMs a.vl Was.lwd a/aas. olfsrs an cxceect oc-r.per.jatjon 4 b<r*m pckage.cased CEM67ARY 8 ALES DRECTOR ANOCONSLfLTANT *tr.!*d (or Orteler OelrCht t/w. Hvyest coovn**to<ve pad, txxfarlenced cour*«k-rs preferred, but WA rav hvjy notf.»!*d LVhMual wh sota sales b*ckjround. For confldsndsj nterrlew call Mon.-FnV»AM^PM 517-7»3-«5»7 OfFAXreeumatO txrectma^ewfle Opportunty. Ssary plw commsson Some a^covrrlt svallttla to tervloe. OpenJcga V» Wayfte and* OaklandCounty. Mve Tn&va Drect MsJ) sslea or Newspaper sales experence. 8end reaume, to. JM75 NprtKane, Ta)<or; ML, DO YOU UKE MEETNQ PEOPtE7? Do/ou nka talkng an the phon*?7- Do you Eke helpng people?? Do yox have a technea background?? W» rrjy have the )ob you are looklna for-oeorga ostrument Company has openngs for an nsde and outsde aulas parson. You need a background n electroncs or physcs Assodataa 4ejn«wouM be helpful. Our company s fuby rx>mputerted and has aome ol the latest rypee of ndutrtaj prooau rutrumanlstlon to fu9 benam package and oompetlttva svary. Send raauma la Personraef Department. George Vv slrvment Company, 4840 Oeemere, Royal Of*. ML DOWNTOWN BRMNGHAM FrrervdN, a«labbshad furnture store, teaks M 4 part tme Woe. Hourly plus commsson ncentve, Mature adurtt welcome. Can EARN WHAT YOUR WORTH! Wa offer tranng and support Ful or part tma. Sand resuma lo JAM.8eJe*.P0Box6»7, Plymouth. Ml Help Wanted Sales A CAREER N REAL ESTATE SALES WTH US 13 A "REAL JOB". Our programs end aupport systems a/a so effectve wa guarantee you a mnmum annual ncome of 25,000 wtth uftfrnrted potental. DONT GAMBLE WTH YOUR. FUTURE. CALL ME TODAY1 8UE KELLY REAL ESTATE ONE, NC- Bloomfleld - Brmngham A CAREER OPPORTUNTY FOR JEWELRY LOVERS Unflmled ncome 4 terrfc award kv canllym a-rehabfe to ful 4 part tkrte postons. Great for moms and outgong ndvduals lookng for fun 4 extra money. V/el tran you. Cal Udtaat GOURMET COOKNG. Edward Caterer 4 Cae n Northvffle, W or part tme. Ask for John GRLL COOK 4 wat auff needed. Cooks hra. would ba 4pm-10pm. Appfy n person alter 4pm. Pogos. Oodan Gate Strp Ma, 8««3 UB«y Rd., Canton. - HRNG DAY W AT 8TAFF., for fal openng*, Mon.-Frt Expert-; enoad, outgong, rrendfy parsons wanted. Rlfnee, f4orthv»a BARTEN06R Exparencad part Uma. Mobl lounge. Canton BATES HAMBURGERS Fve Ma, Lvona MWdfabatt. Farrrlngton. All awrtt, hj 4 part tme, meara 4 unforms fumleted. Apply n person Sam to 10am 4 2pm to 6pm. BENNGANS Now acceptng applcatons (or Watntaff. Apply n person between 2-4pm Monday thru Frday at Arv> Arbor Rd Plymouth Yaradata provldea _ane«*flent - 4rnpanaatlort and banaftta package, and the opoortunry to work k J",.y* 1 8. *"??- < ff* n * c anvk-onrnant Appacarrts should fax a reaemc (f ft) «, or raapond tar J. Oafton, y**6*» Corporatton, H WW*a Drfva, Sufta 510. Troy. tctajan, We are m equal opportunty employer M/F/V/H. ^TERADATA afecretary ww axoaftant word prooaaalng amaand good tela. pfaona vofce needed n Novt area. ftmftk. 8end your reaume lo F4jj[>3»474^780, attenton Pam. SECRETARY wth outstandng orgtngwtofm wm*. n/)owtog% vt rat ^a 4 a «-- * - n * VfOfv^nvc. nwv»n>cm#r. MR roc Mjft ,. r* SECRTrARY Word Paraet 8.1 for Fortune 600.,T«elOrr*. CeJ 8heron at -4^aTOBCC. « !acC«ETAflY/WOftO PROCESSOR JUwraafaaaarchoarrtar. WPS. and u j*. Up to M.50/hr. Cal 8heM at FOfW 473-2W1 AHY - 20 hours pec W Eaatar SaeJs Sodaty n Lvona %tn ttanwt and aajarv raqufca- WanraHarwXalfj to 5153 Pon Tatty. WCumlalJ HMa. Ml, tervc* COORONATOfl To \**ao\aa^byay home care agan-»y. EacaaantPQTvnunleaUon <*art- - aaj ataa raoulrad. Exoaaam pay ; framyhomecare 22«-*««M- BLL KNAPfS RESTAURANT has poetttona avaawe for ful 4 part Uma Oay Servers. Appry oday at BW Knappe, Grand Rrvar Ave. BOB EVAN8 SOUTHF1E LD Hrng nloht ahlft amployaas AJpoeKJona Premum pay - Premrum lpe Do not phona Appry 10H 4 Telegraph BUS PEOPLE Webeefc Counlay Club now hkng full 4 part lma bus people per hour plue gratuty, pleeee appfy n paraon 4000 Cubgef e Dr.. BtoomneH H*e. BUSSER, 2-3 lunch, plua 2-3 rjnner shfts per waak. Muet have vaad drvers lcansa. Excettenl tps, Round TaWa Club k Plymouth BUS STAfF, WATT STAFF. Server staff. Host staff. Cocktal servers. Door persona, Dtehweehert. Appfy n paraon Mon.-Frl., 4 0pm. Ok) Woodward GrW, Woodward, Bwmlrgham CAFETERA SERVER BUS PERSON Hearth 4 We nsurance. Mornng 4 afternoon ahrhs. Appry n parson. RCRAROJteSS 273 Perce 8t. Downtown Brmngham CATERNG Experence, 4 <*t prermee caterng and prep work, fum tma, par hour. BeneAtt. Appfy n person at 3458 S Telegraph. Dearborn, or FAX reeumeo *» HEAD CrfeF - FULL TME OeetMty encouraged. nvenfory and orderng experence dee* able. mr/ awa*ty. Ngh voluma rasau- /»<T Roe* Conao< Tea Room, «.mgttowtoygfMQfw Vnt, wmrtvoon ; JhMt M* 40 wpm, " 111 lt a^^^^^^.^^^^,^ c fnora tworrrauon and wea+ande, for ptwctaaor w«t ewae. KrowlM»a at Word aand tm**& wtth sawy W. Mantaar, PO 6<n, farmlngaon, 448M p*oct8*#aa 8«cAtwT c ^fta^aadda «4 4,1 wordparfaat w*c - ^Mraaa/a la vartaorfba, form^. pro- JaVoa nd rayta rovtma**[yp"gj. Mad doaumana h word proo^as- JH oamar. MtrawtumfoatfW ww >faw aar»a_ at aaxfrupwr grapmo* CMEF/COO wanted» mmerfvrre fx*han rum c 04.- nrn* C*y ne»<* Poetona rwab*e n Tray warvav "" C FVCMMG cck^-~fxpwaroe necaaaary Peeao worrrto atmoaprtere lnra Cell Branoa, Mon.- Frl. toem-spm M-sM) "~ COOK Experence a p«u> Oey 8 f#gm Nft 44/V. lo Met t*mm apofy n person blhmr 1-4ryn. Mr B, 24M6 No«1 RO NOV HOST/HOST SS STEAK & AL s now fhong poetona for Ml 4 pert tme dtyt/nlghu. Benefts. Appfy n person for mmedate ntervew al 12 Mle/Orchard Lake HOTEL Bartender, fvt/part tme. Must ba over 18, must be experenced. Appfy wtthln Days nn, Plymouth Rd., Uvonle. KTCHEN HELPER 4 BUS PERSON 2 part tme poertjortt open. Keorbena Realaurant, Wast 6 Mas Rd. Detrot KTCHEN HELP part tme, Plymouth area, can TVn Klott Tuea. thru Frl. between»-s UTTLECAE8ARS Laurel Park Place Now hrng Mornngt 4 Evenngs, up to 45 an hr. Apply wflhn 6 Mle 4 Nawburgh.. - UTTLE TALY RESTAURANT Now acceptng eppftceons for arparancad lunch wat and bus surf. Cafl330-5pm MA17RE d axparencad wth, table ade cookng. Appfy n parson or reaume to Ed Partal, Walnut Creek Country Club Johne Rd. 8. Lyon, Ml Ph MAROS PZZA now hrng for nawe work. Day thfft Must ba dependable. nqure wthn Plymouth, at Levar, Uvonl a NOW HRNG Cooks, Pantry Kelp 4 Dtehwaater*. Ful or part tme. Apply m person at Double Eagle, 67» Rochester Rd, Troy. NOW HRJNO for all poetona, experence orry. Apply n person Jalepena Pete - e Cowan Rd, Westland. ACCOUNT EXECUTVE 8ALES ANDNSOE8A4.ES Caraar opportunty wtth southeastern Mchgans largest auppcer of Mghtech telecommuncaton* equpment networks and aoftware. Hghest commssons n the ndustry wth bonus, proft sharng, 401-K retrement plan, modlca/ppucat/denlel nsurance; car etarehoe. and expanaa rembursement ndustry experence la a mutt for the outsde sale* poston. Can Bob Otsen at , ext. 351 to arrange an ntervew. Cal Dave Fsher at 469-OHS, axt 352 to arrange an ntervew for the mefde eefee poaftlon. ADVERTSNG ACCOUNT Managers exparencad, motve ledrprofeeslooej only. Excellent commsson, up to 3u%. Send amploymant hljtory to mage PubBcaUooa, P.O. Box , Detrot, Ml ADVERTSNG SALES Pan W PubOcalon has nsde aejes poston avalsble salng ads m church pubffcatlons to amax bustnasaas.- Job requres a pleasant telephone voce, freodtlnase, optmsm, perslttanoe 4 ealee experence, tranng program provded, salary, eomrr^sslon, bonus 4 benafts. Located near Oakland Mel Call Ann A GREAT PLACE TO WORK REAL ESTATE ONE, NC. PLYMOUTH - CANTON Chart your course for real estate success. Work wth an offce managed by 4 CRB* - (Cerfrftad Reel Estate Broker age) 25,000 Guaranteed Mnmum ncome. Ca.1 Today. Joseph P. Mom* CRB, CRS EARN 25,000 PLUS Your FYs! Year b Marketng Tranng. Lookng tor Lh-onla, Fermlnglon, and Fernv ngton HSs Resdanu. We are wta- nglotrelnandworlwlthyoa - Call EXPERENCED FURNTURE SALESPEOPLE. Desgn background hopful Cal Crog ^5 H? 1?^?^?*.. LOOK.G T6rt ^wlm S^-M Rof^vJo.-lstS* kr a <t-.» ehop dtxl.vj v,lh c-tc^n UM.jfr-J produc.. DpOfrvr^tt-J frowro MCOCAL SALES Of«<^->g x fc-.krg twr;r/ tjvt f4>r*3c.!lrr«. Oo.T/r.lWlon ML^M 10 ho*pl(*ls 4 orthopedxa surgeon*. n nortlvo, Mgr-lKh orll.opadlc proxls. Prefjr suocaw^ medk or f^.ar().*;«utlc*l aale* «xp*re.-c«f>a banerls 4 exc*."*-.! tra.^rrj pro.jed. Se>d r*t«jm* to Sjrclcal 6p*rl*.lla»..447^4 HVm. Pt>Tr*uth, Ml. 4» JO. MOVE UP TOLAURA ASHLEY Wsro kno*n r&ughout 1 * VK<W 1«our urjqua fashon 4 ho^>4 «>1- LxtAWS. Our ak>p at Th*. l w 0»XJ Ma 1» now aoaklng a p«rt tme So;«>A!oct«. VYT-.r-e us wn eorutd*r a sharp boo..-war, s«vs ratas salee ej^>*levce 4 ar> evuslmm tor KS Eaure Ashley rrle, would ba a plus. Hour* are fl*j.b5«. Out- a.tpo)tnsnt package \M^t*a a compettve aaary 4 frsrv atrx* merchanorsa dsoownl h a peasant sl-«p Mtlng. Cafl lh* - Mans.j«..T M60 MULT) LEVEL-PARTY PLAN S»Ja«Utnt-j^. Start «1 top. fna art or- gan-auon. Very, very fjgh aaml.-oa A*ranc«nvsn 16 Ystlonalle-^el. Macfc,V (, PROfESSlOflALTRAJNlNG- FRM seek dynamc fcvjfrldjsl11o -- sen.end tran.exoefler.t commssons. Sord resume to;, THE POTEnAL 60URCE 921 Howard, Oevbcrr MHS124 Monclay.AuouBt O&t; 506"Hp WanWSalar ^l^wntad Satoa (P.C,n,v7,a.2D}*3b, RETA.LJLVtLrf8A.ES f.t.fa 6r.d {<o aa4 no.m-tls»,h rr.,-.*.r«r,t pcls. d a-x^l tor W.-VJ* l-m poltor.* at our Lhc-Ja Ml s.oro. Fwtt-T a/perwyre a p>j. Va oler a co.xp*.>_\e wary t,-j bfc-.*m* pfr»j-a. tf >cu fcro )nlrwh-j n Kr^ an wtvv^ad, t.pc..clv^ f/m v,l^ Ofport/rvlty tor a-j.notrrart,e;p.*yln -;-- pcrt-an or conl set Mr. Lar.jtra lor tn eroo-lnl-ent. *" UEYER JEWELERS An E5-j» Opforturtty E/r.poytr RETAL 8ALC3 fcl tkne povmon wth Hfrnart tora tn rruy.ngton. CsS Nancy loo-t-fprn RETAt 8ALE3 t*tp needed, k Pr.rvxlh. rwy to f30x *524, Observer 4 Eocar.trc Newsfepere, 3*251 S^^olaaft Rd., LhvxU, Mcr.!gn44l50 RETAL 8ALE3 Paj lv.-/e for Watt Boonf^Womftnt clothng shop. Experenced prafwrad. AvafaWa waakams PERMANENT Ful Tme Mtt poslpon arv*bla lor buay catasog ordo/ company. Must ba avtkama fa work dsyt/eycftnge 4 weekend*. Hourfv woge plus. Ovrnmasop. Apply, efc malop*, nn H(>*Ep Dr., NO/CMT ,.. ;.-.; - ;-,. 8AltS T-. Advertsng SpecfsHlea 4 6uslr>c*s ama. lndevahde,- Rfpreaanttlrre. Goodopportuflrry.SuaVl corrynlatlort^^.; ^900.REAL ESTATE CLASSES LeVn how lo obtan your Mchgan Real Estate Dcanse. Our dases ore (augfcl by exborenced profeswon. State of the art facsy. Djy end PM dtsses svalnwe nclude* tut lon and materals. For mora nform loncas durng busness hours JfAL ESTATE 8A1JE3-25,000 Guaraneedl f you always wanted to start a career n real estate, but felt you ooutdn take a chance on a lower frsl yea/ ncome, how t the tme to p«t started. Cal Trchaa to fnd out about our guaranteed ncome program, and start mmeotatefy k a career feld of ur&ruled poterae REALESTATEONE. EOC EXPERENCED NEW HOME SALES Person for growng bufldlng company. East sde area. - Cal Elane RaMd* EXPERJ ENCE NOT NECESSARY Local company lookng for people who want to earn par week eomrnlsslon. Company vehf. de, management opportunty. For ntervew cafl Mr. Brady 0am-4pm.. (313) FARMERS NSURANCE GROUP Has openngs to atar own agency. Tranng provded, subsdy pad when qualfed. 1(313) FENCE SALESPERSON Experenced only. Apply n person or send reaume to Contractor* fence Servce, Telegraph, Radford. Ml FNANCAL PLANNER- 03 Fnancal Servce nc. 4 Amercan Express Co. For detals can - TonyWhrtbaek FREE CAREER SEMNARS! You are cordally nvued to change your We n CaJ for reservatons for our next scheduled career nght 8eatng t lmted, so cal today... ; «CENTURY CHALET 47^-1800 REAL ESTATESALES Energetc aef-startar to learn from lop traner wth natonwde real aetata company.- Can (oday to begn your euooemful career. Wa offer a vsraty of commbtjon plana, ncludng 100%. n Plymouth caa Joanne Bryngelson CodweS Banker SchwefLtar Real Estste. 190mce«Expect the bast* ROOMATTHETOP Due lo he promoton* b thta mmedala area 3 openngs now exst n the local branch of a large organzaton. t selected youl be gven 2 week* of dassroom tranng at our axpensa. Wa provde complete company benefts, major medcal, proft sharng 4 optonal penson plan second to none. Vary pood guaranteed ncome to start 4 al promotons are baaed on mert not aenjorty. To ba accepted you need to be 21 or over, hgh school graduate, have a pleasant personalty, be ambtous, eager to gat ahead 4 free to start wortt mmedately. Wa era partjeutarty nterested n leadershp ebtety and people lookng for a genune career opportunty. Cal Mon through Wad 10am-5pm, Mr l*k An Equsl Opportunty Employer SALES ASSSTANT FlrJ tme entry level Lhrona locatons. Must have pravlou* offce experence, excellent math ablty 4 10 key cso/atcr sufe necessary. Prevlout exparlonca n sales or customer servce helpful Send resume kv cfudng salary requlramanla to P.O. Box 5091, Southftddv Ml ALES CABEER OPPORTUNTY J 41 rxjwlflaf Supply, an atlabdahad and fast grownglnduntrtal *uppfy company n Uvonl* * lookng for addnonal people to growmto profauonaj laleaervtoa **>*«rapreaantjjvos. Folowtng product tram-, lr^. >ou wta olr our rapdly expandng sale* stall w/good career opporturktes, ExPertanoa n nduttral aajea 4 daanngwtth the pub&o are necessary , axt 5445 SALES ENGNEER For two producton safes experehce re know tunfng. chne*, enterle** (,3-5j 4 yra. red. Must bar ma- Experence calbng on autornotlva aooounla wtl be a plua. Peasa cal Laura, Mon-Frl,8-4pm aJe». EXECUTVE SALES Tha Prudental * eeeklng a brght, hghly-mouvaled ndmduaj who has tha kvtlauva to busd a sold, prof ev atona) aclaa car ear m nsurance and nvestments. Extensve, two-year, aam-as-yow-learn tranng program. 8tartlng salary up lo 400 per weok. ExoeOenl beneft*. Equal Opporturtfy Emptoyer, Mlnortfy/FemaJe. Cal or»»rxs reaume to. ROGERT HOC DSTRCT MANAGER, PRUOEhTTlAL nnancal6ervrce Mchgan Ave.. Suts 505, Oearbom, Ml 44124, (313) SALES COUWElVSOCK POS TON (p4jt-v^,j) a.s>le n Con>nwcJ PaV.t 6tor«- No*d tf-vp ln- C.Mjs lor sst-f-ad er..vonmant. Computer experence po«red but nol necasswy, wj U*!n. SorM haa-.y Lhng roqulrcd. Appt/ n pawn at LWad Pant, 2«.» 1 Teogf«*h, 8outhf*M, Ml NotaephoneoeHa- 8AE3 PERSON wth experence for ennngtom chsdrent and Jr. cl«uvkvj boutlq-je. Permanent fub-tw Koa.rr^nj* or Sundays. 4<7-460S W6 Ke!p Wanted 8st«3 ^ Ssl-s/rslde Skrt. OFFCE PRODUCTS, MACAUEYS NC, MjoWgan* m«l prograaaha offlca prpductt deajjr, whch ha* bean aerytng tr^ Mchl- Can area for w 120 )»*». la «- plf/hna ther outsde wmmercfc aajeatfaff, Tha rtsh WMoVal ahoud f-4>a out- S^aSa^aparanca foro tha offloa proauct* ndustry. TO* SSl^tw&^tnSc^lxtM packaga. f3and.oonf>d*ne*l raauma to..- ; -.- >, ;. - v; MACAULEyS. OFFtCE PRODUCTS 15144W.8M«eRd Dat/OH. Ml ". Attenton John Smot* ate a cocnmteeloned **>* poall wm axeaflenf cornpanaaton m- dk^g» d^r^a medcal 4. dental 6ALE8 PERSON wth knowladga of engvjearlng prooeaslng. Small bualness nvofvad wkh aulomotrva aarvtot noedt ndvdual to axpa.vj cu»- tomar basa. Salary and/or rjornmleslon eommanauraa. wjn experance. AutomoUva contact* «plua. Rareae weksorne. Sand reaume 4 salary requrements to Bex 874, Observer 4 Eeeantrto Newspaper*, choolcr*H Rd, UvOnla, Mchgan ALES PERSON WANTED to work for Urbftfa era* chameaj turf, tree 4 ahrub care frm. Wa are m need of a;wgh ay*argy paron that can doea potental cuttomar* by phona. Wa are offerng hfghfy.compettva wage* for the sooda safe* parson. The poston H current* year round and tha hour* are flexble. Ask for Ken at ALES-fu«orpartUme. Personal car* & aeff mprovament products. WW tran. Cal Chartolte SALES MANAGER TRANEE 30 year old, rapdly expandng food aaes corporaton lootng lor team orented, asaarth-a. sett motvated ndvdual* who desre 16 control and augment ther ncome. WE OF FER pre-aet, pre-qu*dfled appts. for new 4 exlslng accounts -KO.oold ealflng also completa tranng, rap- d advancamaot opportun)to»v a Ml beneft* package plus commsson, bonus and ncentve for a frst yr. average of 30k plus. For ntervew c*a Mr.Sagrund SALESPEOPLE - Jewelry Sale*. Full lme. Resume requred. Can between 12ooon-5pm Mon. thru Frl. AskforKokoorVto FULL TME, permanent Sales Poalton n W. Btoomnefd chffdrena tore. Apply n parson PEANUT8, 6905 Orchard Lake Rd. FURNTURE 8ALE80 SQN HUJsd* Furnture, a contemporary epeteftst he* knmadlate openngs for experenced tales people whh a background n deaton. BloomfWd HHAVatt Bloomfad area. Contact John lor appontment al «GENERAL/SALES WH tran, good pay. Sept. Oct Nov. Apply Mondtv-frlday 9-5. FRANKLN CDER MLL Frenkfn Comer/14 M*a. ALL LEADS PROVDED Wa *r* lookng for 2 experenced loansed Real Estate Agent* to work wtth tha HUNDREDS ol Buyer leads wa have al HELP-YOU-SELL fast results. Great tranng. Call today «NOW HRNG Host person* - wat staff, bus, ba/ alaff 4 mawt, Apply n parson at KoHdey nn South feld Tetegreph NOW HRNG snack bar attendant. Apply Tuea. thru Frl, 2-5pm al Maedowbrook Country Club, W8M»aRd.,Nor1hv»a PAPA JOHNS OaSvarlng The Parted Pttza" s now hrng drvers, p^za makers, telephone operators, furl 4 part t^na. Apply n person at Papa Johns Pat, Troywood Shoppng Canter, 6vs Mle 4 RocheaUr Rd. An Equal Opportunty Employar PERSON needed for snack bv n bowlng carrer. 4 50/hr for experence. mwmum wage for no experence. Lhw»a/Weetfc>d PREP COOK - Part tme leecmg to fun tme. Experence preferred. Comparttrve wage*. World Gym Cafe, Canton. Chef Tom ,artet of Mac Moth daakap (** M18 aj^awt uaag Arava t*- " ^yjssf andpartuaton ra *o praduoa oomfa/asr-oeraraamaa lajm p a^ar^^^ *<^W MeaH t ah^t/or hrg oopy) ^ Mf 8aMry,890. gjcther.t bana- 1M4 paoum. aartd raawrfaa only to A & Kfttea? mm "**" + -*,*," - ^ j^^t ^^ ^^a^wf«,;j,/,^ A^ta^e^rttjnftyf/ryoyar! > f- >- - wow pawctaabw fc;,vl -vy. lotuarj?m* X&- A f fu ^4^ ^0^._ forfca^jo0cc*npayw»svae to.bseff nav dapartmawas, m^aay 4N# Tray ataa. WWSWO COO Exparenoad ben*t«ru* era* "Mw pay. Oood r*. l.fvone corw r.m rm pen tme t*ru jorr saaeon. F-eo 90* prtva^je* fm H«S, tmour COO* r>»»f Mf tenaaavv 1 SOamapn.» amyt «aat Fxva hour* aaaatxw * waang ^ wort t*hur*xmcr~ MK>y ^ «w.-4prn Drtlvw K») C-Gt- Carxar 2«««n nv, M«* Ra L*v«Ma *4tM 4n FoxMt Opo»h^a»v f mp*nyw COOKS 4 COL1NTFR HCl P Fnpartarwad ooc*» oountar halp 6 at^try peraona mnm M <w part»*»y k\ parse* tto*>-f" Aug 12 l«aam-tam at Mr tmmtmt. 37««8 5 Ml. (at Naw«urgh). RtSTAURANT 8TAF F M poaroont. Appfy Mon. thru Frl, 10«m-5pm SEBASTANS GRLL 2745 W. B^BeavaV _... - - A UNQUE RESTAURANT CORPORATON UNT 64^6625 ROMA 8 Of BlCOMflEl 0 la now acceptng apploaon for part ttme poewor a lor wan ataff, batander t porter; Appfy n pe*»on Telegraph, ttc-srrvwd. Ml STATON 885 NOW HRNG. E>perenc*d wttrttfl, Hcsast/ Heat 4 Bue Paraon*. C+f or rvghl ahm. M or pert tme. AppV wwn batwaan 2pm Spm, 7 day* per waek al 8*5 Starrwaathar, Plymouth (n Ptymovma Watorc Old l»aga) THE RAOTL FACTORY" ~ H row Wrng deytlne Courrt«r help. Apply n person W. 12 M^e Rd., 9outh»e*d. " POSTTON OPEN" ForWeftpertOO. Appl,-. f(m^r*,hook >7>5W*at8MHe rvcrta wn T rn*«k>r TS**}>~fA, T-3 (U^ner «rvn» rxr wa»»p«r*~tn» -Qu^rrd (j,*lfpvw./lf H V ^ ALVNS women* specalty store eeeklng Ml tme 4 part tme sales personnel. Prefer exparencad, Wghfy moth-stad ndvdual*. AMna offar* a compenelon package ncludng basa pay 4 commsaton. pad vacaton, tbaral employee dscount 4 401(K) rettrament plan. ApOfy Blrmlnp^am, Fartane, TwaVa Oaks, 4 Lakaalde. ARE YOU SEROUS. ABOUT SELLNG REAL ESTATE? Wa are Serous about your aucceatl Extensve tranng ncludng pre-tlcansa. Exparencad. agents, ask about our 100% plan. n Troy, can Jan Grvpdo COLDWELL BANKER SchwoUzer Real Estate 19 Offces Expect the best* ART OALLERY Outsde Sale*. Very, very (Vgh earnngs. No art experence needed. Rapd advancement (o management Anthony ATTENTON- NEEDMONEY? P*1 l<me or fun lme. Homa mprovemenl con-pan/ need* h^nv motfrsted people. Csn.tswr* 4 phone aofcorl. H^hh/ pad. Cell Mr. George 27«v2J2 AUTO - 6ALES" "" H&rd»y Cht^TO*tf CJfer.tty.M openlnst for q t f"«d sa<a p»5p!e h c^r new and u«*d car department- Applcants must be d^pend-»b*. h*r}work»r», h>gf->/ rnatrsted and Mr* a strong da»!re lo eucaad For detls contacl New S»*«M«nagar. Holday Chevrolet Farmngton Hlls 3u25O0ltnd Wvfr H1GHLAN0 SUPERSTORES haa mmedate part tme 4 full tme sales openng* at our Waatland store. We a/a lookng for frendly, leamhdrented men 4 women to eeft TVt, appuencee, audo/vdeo 4 home ofnea equpment Hghland offals a flexble schedule and a benefts prc- ¾e.-n whch ndudaa pad vacatons. 1(kL proft aharng 4 an employee decounl Ptaaae tovtt n parson st Warren Rd.. Waatland Equal Opportunty Employer M/F HOME MPROVEMENT 6a!et Person. WB tranthe rght person. Straght 10% commsson. Set Own hour*. t Set your SALES MANAGEMENT PROFESSONAL ONLY THE WATER COMPANY S NTERVEWNG FOR A DETROT BRANCH MANAGER f you hove, o successful bockgrourkj rnanogng lfe nsurance HousngSoles " CopeSotes /v Home faxj" Book Soles.1.^-» Mutual Funds. Land Sales. Auto Soles. Network Saes Food Plans WE OFFER A ; Serous rcomo ond cornpensaton pockoge You cant do better than tho best. Fof o confdental ntervew.con Mon. ha Frl.9-5. John Psala THE WATER COMPANY An fr?lo Oppo~ny (motyrr SALES POSTONS AvaUWe Tor Farmngton HBa, Southfldd, Brmngham araa. Corporaton w» h.v* aaff mothrated, ovtgdng; wet groomod paraonnel to tel new method of manxetmg and advertsng butnesa, prpducu and tervom to guest* of hotels thru our new bold nformaton servce* system. Ground floor opporuhlry. Soma sale* experence helpful. Possble ncome frst year 25, ,000; 2nd year.440, rd yr ,000. We w» tran. Send resume to Eureka fd..«.102, THE "! NSDE STORY W ON A GREAT r X SALES CAREER -S j - Thar* 1» r.0 cold can.-g at Nutr/ -; Syjlam. k.aratt n vjt pramar. " wagfl Jos* program t s*oepr ng tl^ naton; ov» 8alt* Corv Kftar.t* spend trvaf* tvna re- < r spondnfl to prospects. r«t f.nov^ them. As a 8ae*, you wtl * ba ewponube for l^ndang phona can* from prospacur*.- dlantt and conductng, saa* «. conkttsto.*. You prorm* yaart tajea axparlenca, wa -< K r/rld* a rx>rnpr*h*r.sha tran, program, PoarUon* av«*6l* n 8out)vfad. Uvona, Fe/rr*gon. H!E» and l>fymbuth. W* offer ah exceben companaauon packaga kxjuchng «cornrnlsalon plarv Wegh tha advantapaa. C*om Keeor at (517) and learrt mora.about how you can t*ccvnmpartc4t!*n<a1/6yv* tarn uam- Wa /* an equal op- portunhvarfployar...- <>. «>. *v ;V... ;> ?> ; ^ - 8. ;* - NUTR/SYSTEM WEGHT LOSS CENTERS «L L ; 8ALE3 REP Baaa 10 30,000.+ bonus. 1-2 >a«rs sales experence contract or temporary placement rv * dustry. Beneft*.,47-?2r»> Slavan J. O^eena Personnel "<* 8AU8 REPRESENTATVES 400 waak eelery par* eomml*., tlorwbonusa*. Cam what youre worth. Cal today 425^9533., "TELErSALES^ - EVENNGS <. r Exoaaanl part Uma opportunty lor,, exparencad aalee paopa naaotno.; EXTRA NCOME. TN* rjarmanan poston ttaru at 88/hr.* ncludet,- parformanoa bono*. W* sal servce contract*, 8outhfle»d 4 Taylor toca-.. ton*. Cal Mon. thru Ft, 1pm-4prr TELEMARKETERS * Lookng for tha cream of the crop.?. WUBna to pay lop wage* 4 oommfs* on. Mutt hava a dynamc pertorv«- allty. Mnmum 3 years experence^ Monday-Frday.430-«*).. -c? Cal Martha, after noon at -" , axt 2221» TaEMARXETlNG.8ALE Flexble hours Send resume lo MF8, P O Box 90. PfymoutKM481T0. r REAL ESTATE AGENTS Earn 50% Referral fees You genetate the Load You earn thousands of dollars annually We do (he Lstng- We do the Sellng-. We do the Closng We pay the Board Dues We attend the Offce Meetngs We offer.tranng, Medcal, ns.; Postons avalable for ful! tme REALTOR* Choce Propertes Referral Network f YOU ARE YOUR OWN. Toughest compettor, you have the key lo beng successful n our creatve sale* arena. We are eeeklng the person who musl hava freedom. ndependence, fmhle** fnancal reward*. achevement, and experence. Top sales people earned n exceu of 80,000 Al For appontment cal or eubmlt resume n confdence to Cort Ott*rbel.\ Mchgan Fnancal Group, Telegraph. 8ufte 2191, Brolngham, Ml Fleeee respond only f youre serous, codecs degree preferred. NSDE SALES/STEEL Mutl plant ateet dstrbutor looung for person currently workng n metal saes. Two year* mnmum nsde sale* experence naadad. Must pose** good rxxtrnunlcatlon skhjs 4 ba hghly motvated. - Excellent wage* 4 beneft*. Appry n parson only, Tuea., Aug. 13. Cont/ectora Steel Co., AmrbakRd. [rx* Levtn) Uvonla. NSURANCE PEOPLE - lre 4 Health. Wanted to share apace n Rochasar. 65% Ufa, 65% CXMbWy contract*. Ron NTERNATONAL CORPORATON Expandng rapdly seeks embous men 4 woman. Excellent career opportunty wth young growth company. Caa Mr. Ferton S5 JEWELRY 8ALES help needed. FvV 4 part tme. Oak Park area. Experence helpful bul wll tran rgm parson.. 9* JOtN OUR laam of concerned parents. Ojtslandlng program creatvely desgned to use chm* strengths to mprove decson makng, problem eomng and creatve thnkng. FersonetUed learnng system de«- fnged lo *?ow parents to me** a sgmcar.l df*rence m ther chfttfs sxcess Cat Educatonal S/Ttams. fm2-5««8 l^_r VrN">4TMlTY SUf+tV"- W. B^orrfjfkS tooklng for 8*la»per. co sperencad n Coemek*, r&rytr-c**, and t*auty aupporrs CtDfcrr^-^mrTent "TcNsTo REXLTOR NEE OFO" * lor new constructon sale* n Sovth Lyon hourt per waak. Commsscn be^s. Mus be wtang to work weak ends. Call Pta/ve al CcJon*l Acra* Beany, nc. (313) «COOK8, 0e3tfWA«H«f» at Rook ter**** WAlTF*«<mf) ra» or part "me. arar^ga 6 w»«* end*, w* fan. Mayfowar L*-*«, 4**-#4ar) 7««O0 Plym<>yW Rd, Radford. elllondollar OLOBAL MARKETNG CORPORATON UP AMA7NG 35-40/. *>«from l»»l yaorl lockt^g for motv»ted prcf» l on»l ffoc*»»*e*tng fvvks frr«dom wtth background h bualrvy.^, recrvvg. and/or ***». Urgent, r«u ^ or ^c6m?ulfl"8ale? Vrflutl Tach.^ogy an lndj?1ry l*»der n pl^g co<vp*t*bh compute LOAN OFFCERS WANTED *>pe. rlencad. E>o»»en1 companseon r^an. Cat, Dan *) Frn Hertaga MorjagaCorp J7 MAN A0E MENT"4 ~ M <*Tpo* ^ fuvpart ^na for k^rety ^,rrr^-^c^.^m gft snp. Fwtal a»p»rv»no» raqjlrtd NATONAL~COM"r^>Y*l*jv>g~a rv\*/r!c/e9gre»«rr* ndmdul wfl pocan/ and phcoa a-parenos. C%- fnthahed terrtory c«"vg on rrs.or whofaaars 4 chvn *vj-«rrr»r>*»*. Collage 4*Qf** a fa/. (.nf.-n^ad pol*-t*l Cad 333-3M0, *r r-ervl^arss s e^ptm^ng..un«ys or fn* d.->^q-l~c, * rl * r "* ap^l-nce talae rr«pra- Round Table >r-1»rva wf-h provr t/ac\ r»«-rd aavlng a vary f<oft»be csrm. _._, jraasaaendrerj.melo / Mr. PsVd Hnt VRTUAL TCCMNOlOGY NC W^ervlew Dr. RXr+ttet H"»», Ml NEEOEXTRA NCOME? Wor k From Your Home E»rn4»tot!O0/rry). Own Your Own BvVna»*. MWrr al nvtwt/rwnt Uv5ar J;o C«H Km Kerr»k» 477-6M7 PART TME OPrOflTUNFTY - - Wrn thst naadad extrt hc->r>* marketng envtronrantal and educ»tr>^»l prckjuctf. f>t-th hours. Strong COmper.y aupporl 4 tranng Cr* LARGE METRO CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH DEALER WANTS 20 AUTO SALES PEOPLE TO SELL NEW & USED CARS F YOU HAVE A desre to succeed Good workng habts Honesty Warm smle WE OFFER An opportunty to earn per year Opportunty for advancement Monthly bonuses Pad vr.tnn«blur Cross hcjth ;>..!. NO EXPERENCE NECESSARY PLEASE CALL FOR APPONTMENT , ext. 20 or 21 ASK FOR MR. ROLPH OR MR. MORGAN START AT THE TOP Now ntervewng For A Few.Select Postons MONTHLY PRE-LCENSE COURSE We offer the bggest & best lcense school n the state. Oay or evenng classes talored teyour schedule. Classes startng now. Full-tme n-oflpe tranng to help yoa to a fast start.. ln-offlce rejocaton depalment 9¾ Hartford Soulh, nc. Call the Proven Professonal Phylls Stutzmann or CAREER SALES OPPORTUNTY -For-oyer-40.-yearfnrrncfon - ot qufjrfy ftcal estate Orbkerage has - boon our Hallmark at WER, MANUEl, SNYDER & RANKC, NC. Work v/th sorto of Mchgans hghosl earnng Heal Estato Sales Assocates. A lmted number of salos postons aro currently avallablo OFFCES N ROCHESTERTTROY, BRMNGHAM, PLYMOUTH AND WEST BLOOMFELD. N-HOUSE TRANNG PROVDED TRANNG CUSSlS START REGULARLY For moro nformaton and confdental, ntervew wth Phylls Goodrch, Drector of Careor Development call fls ART VAN FURNltURE ;" Are You Lke Me? m 33, have 2 chldren, and want the better, thngsnllfe-my career rewards me well for my efforts. work between 42 and 46 hours n a well-dsplayed showroom. enjoy people and get great persoha satsfacton from knowng ther lves wll be better for havng* purchased my product.. presently earn n excess of 2500 a month salary plus commsson and.m not the hghest pad salesperson n my company. also have a full benefts package ncludng major medcal, prescrpton, dental, and even proft-sharng. f ths sounds lke you, we should talk..-.- NOV Mr. ShOfld«n WESTLAND Mr. Webb ^ LVONA. Mr. PhtlHps WER, MANUEL. SNYDER & RANKE, NC. REALTORS NTERESTED N A -REAL ESTATE^AREERr Lot us teach you how to lst and sol n our tranng classes. 100% Commsson Program Pre-llcenso classes begn September 17, 19*91 Classos held Tuesday & Thursday 6-10 p.m. For confdental ntervew or nformaton call Bette Ball Chamberte»n V,,, M ffealtofrs # Slnco 1948 A you can clopond on n Real Estatol *v". ll m m m m mam M M m

31 11. > mm^m^^mwmummm wmmmmm w^****^ 4D*(P,C 1 RW,Q-3DJ 508 Help Wanted Sales SALES EXECUTVE fcucnge/te exclusve drtrbuor lor RCA/OE commercal product*; wthn the lodgng ndustry. Successful f eck record k commercal»4!«(«must). Cafl Mr. fordon t ALE8 - M or part Urn*, Fn* Jow*f- rt, Exp*rl*r«*d_only, fjouthflew, Reply lo Box 690, Observer & Eccentrc Newspapers, 362J1 School- CAft Rd. Uvoole, Mchgan 4»150 DEAL PART TfME poston for reeont hgh school graduate. Must h* 1.-* some data «017 krvowtodg*. non-smokng offloo. Hours Moo. 4 Th«r». 3 «9pm; Tu*e. Wed, Fr, 3 K 6pm. Jo* Panlen Chevrolet, J«111 Teloo/sph. 8ovUfW<J SALES REPRESENTATVE ENTRY.tEVEL (base + commsson) average 1st. yea/ kxorn*. Rocerrt college ced* or degreod people wtth..1-4 w». out>#e *Je* experence. Natonal company, tooel terrtory. Beneft*. C*fca/lowaroe *7210, 8l«ven J. Green* Personnel 8UPPLY SALES4 SERVCE.-.-. fuppfy dvson of major offce ; e/julpment dstrbutor. h»* Jmmedl- «14 openng for outsde sales and - customer lupport. ExceOent orgent- " ratonal ftboltyend verba convnunfcetoo ska* must pror tales ex- P«rt«oe» helpful. 8er4d r«ktm to»gdy loughran. Cop/ qupscetng Pro*et M«o**7 Soutbted.M4«os; - -TELEMARKETER For PtofeaslonaJ nsurance orgflnj- Ulljt/ M Urn*, flexble,hour*, experence preferred. Base plus bonus. Send resume to.- ~v POBoxS40 We/ren. Ml TELEMARKETNG. ExptrWot necessary for ntema-. uonaf servce avmpany. Up 10 7/hr. C»S TTvelrn* tt UN1FORCE TELEMARKETNG No experence necessary. 5 per har lo start + bonuses & conv mlssslon. Workng hours 930am- 3pm. Uvonl* area. Ask for Debbe r telemarketng Heeded Sharp, dependable ndtvtdu** To»urt our offce n Trpy. Must have good vole* and personalty. Salary plus bonus. Cal after Spm, O&E Monday, August 12,1991 T 507 Help Wanted Part Tme JANORAl holp wwtws. part Urn* w«*erd». Aferrwoo & rrjdnlght»fjh tvtrabls. 7 M<«& H&09«rty «/««. C«D Nrwooo 10«m 4 5pm Or34»-3210 LOVE TOYS & CHLDREN?. OomoMUH* WSCOYEaV TOY8 «cr«r) hr. Eem frm Wt. HowV«lr>yg. 476^376 A» mo. pk>, pr«-»c*>oo«r, Mft- ^rftvltrre/ n««d 0*p«o<lat>l«kMng w«n our BVrnlng^am hom«, Tuov Frt.. 6«m-6pm. Non emofcer. Ref*reoe««, own u»r«port»lon. PW«M e»fl «Y«* «7 MACHNE REPAR (ACfocUfl. «x> p«rt»nc«o. Exe«K«f)> opportutfty lor URod rshrm. 4-6 hr».. of) J nw»l-.eodj.pkajoctjjjw^at;. 522-W15 MATURE PERSC* pf^feokl. %kxt * -_.,-1 1. JTLE NSyRANCE Lawyer"* THJ«eooepurtg reutr»* for Jhe (obowtng M Um» povuor 8»)e* Repre«ertltUv* om«lua expereno* reuqlred. 8«od resume* to Box 516 Observer & EojMotrtc Newspaper*, eftOOlCf«rt fd, Uvonl*. Mchgan 48)50-. tbfjl Opporhmfty Emptoyor Wt T-SKRT8 New home party plan. SoJ We 111*4t faswon wee/,. tweat*. mprtntable Tee*, and apod team* - Plrtoru. But*, Probed, etc H you warn a/> exctng new career, handsome ncome and name brand dotmng ( dacount prces, we need you. Can Oopher*, 10-5pm WANTED 50"people wtx> are aertouar/ ntereated n losng weght and/or makng money. Cafl M or Qma, Q7 Help Wanted - Part Tme ANMAL HOSPTAL seek* meohancajry nclned perton deal lor student P.O. Box 155, Westland, Mch APPLCATONS NOW beng taken for part tme aajes/demo hvp. - Work Sept Nov, Average 13/nr. Supervsor poswom avabable. NO nvestment utt motfvauon. C+lSandy APEA QALLERY1* aeeklng mdmdua* wth artstc talent to *eb custom framed wa decor n spare tme BARN KELP - experenced wth horeea ft farm equpment Plymouth area. 4> CASHERTHOST PERSON Part Ume wth flexble hr*. t armlngton HH*..- Aaklor^oanCrOave CASHERS 2-3 days per week 4-10PM. Apply uuo* Restua/ant. «49 H Wayne {near Cherry K» M) AskkxJorm, CASHlEfl WANTED for part-tme"afternoons. Apply al Garden Ctty ACE Hardwre, Ford Road, near MkJdebefL CLERCAL WORX-TEMPORARY Must be accurate 8 conadenuous, flexble hour*. Perfect for students per hour " COLLECTONS-Part Tme posftjona - avalable for consumer nan collector*. Flexble hour*, between 0am-4pm. Mnmum 3 year* eofecuon background requred. ntervew* by appontment onry. Can Mr. N. Smth An Equal Opportunty Employer COSMETC FRM desres part lme offce helper. 9 MJe ft Drake Rd. area. Can after 5pm COUNTER CLERKS Mature person* or students, w«tran, good pay. apply al any Ma Kal Cleaners or can for nearst locaton DANCE NSTRUCTORS needed - wffl tran. Evenng hour*. Northvflle SlerBng Heght* EARN extra cash telephone advertsng. 11. per hr. earnng potental. Won. thru Trwr*, 5-Oom ft 8*1. 0am-3pm GFT DEPARTMENT SALES HELP Sherwood -Studos, evenngs and weekends. 8 per hour. Phone Brenda HO HO HCM Now hrng 15 Seeson- *) Demonraof. free 8300 kt ft tranng. No nvestment CaB or HOUSECLEANERS. EXPERENCED Part tme for Lvona s/ea. CompeWve wages Job* wsjtlngl = DEAL FOR RETREES Weeam suburban mobne bankng operaton requres raflawe person lor part-tme work on ThuradtY* 4 Frdsy* n Kl convenleoee bankng dmslon. Must be bondsbl* ft able 10 SaAMr. Burke JANTORAL ft mantenance help Wanted, part tme. deal for retree, cafl Lou at SouthfleM Medcal BuHd- Kg JANTORAL PERSON or COUPLE Wanted lor par Una evenng*. 7 Mle ft Haggerty area. Csl Mon. A &»etw*en 10am to 5pm rx349-32o LADES 6EL UNDERCOYERWEAR ftngerfa al home parfe* startng fee. Car needed. Aug»fe-.MERCHANDSER GERMAN ENT.PART.T1ME- Obson Oreetng* seeks responsble. frvmoval to aervloa cards.h Novt/P^,mout^ Respond to P. O. pox72»6.flplm146w7 -. An Equal Opporlun!ty Errplcyer ak»t necessary, 2 day* pev Mvt have pelblrty.fu* tme. 5-6weeks n the summer. 85. offlo* 8845/hr. / PART TME person 3 days/**, good telephone SAJwerng skjhs requred, soma typng, 2,44^133 PART TME RUNNER - for 7-eKor ney offlce. To dp dellverle* ft court Mngs. etc; Car ft. vard drvera 8- eense requred. Resume to; 1028 Buhl Btdg., OetroH, ML PKONE RECEPTlONlSt permaneol,^ day* per. week, Oood. phone voce. Bghl tjplng. exeouuve manner. North west arn Hwy atlahser. *. v PLANT LOCATEO N UVONA hs part tkne poston avalable for a person experenced n Matera)* Handng, rf you qualfy, please can for an ntervew.6914)111 SOUTKFELO LAW FRM seekng pn Ume PAcecttontst for short term employment to answer phone* and do Mng. kjeel afternoon hour*. Pleasant condton* RECEPTONST 2T30prtvf30pm, Mon-Thur*. Experence requred. Ca The Communty Center..--, RELABLE CLEANNG PERSONS Famlnpon KB* - PM. NcM- AM.Please cafl " PARTTlME/OfflCECUnX [Afternoons. Fermlngtcn W-% law frm. Mutt hav* t*r lor rr^k ertandl, ft be awe to work anernsla Sturday mornng*. mng, msl. reoepton. typng, omc* cleanup. Excel- ; lent lob for atuder.l REDREO TOO EARL Y7 Packagng store has part tme poston avalable for personable retree to assst wtlh counter & packagng. 45*0808 RGHTEOUS JOB DUDE! Tha* what youl gal R you grv* us a cal after 630pm (onghl Rghteous pay. Rghteous hour*. PJghteou* bonuses. And a totally rghteousenvronment. f you w*nt aotafv aweaome lob n a casual, relaxed envronment ca* or after 630. coum b* the most rghteous thng youve done al year! SALE ASSOCATE; Lookng for a specal person to Jon our learn. Farmngtoo HHs are*. Cal. Bett/a HaBmark, SHPPNG ft RECEVNG EXPORTS, loadng ft unloadng trucks, aome record keepng. Apply Vt person, TNT Skypax, Metro Arport Center, Ste. 102, Romulu*.- WAREHOUSE HELP - Bghl shppng ft KandBng for smab frendly company, sellng precson vsh-es ft fttng*. Perfect Tor retrees, hours, 10am- 4 pm, Mon. thru Frt. Cafl for appo ktment , WEEKENDS Hosl/hosteas desred to assst Real Estate Broker n greetng customers hnortfmbe, for luxury homes Contact Krs Help Wanted Dometlc ADORABLE 8 mo ft 3 yea/ old noed babystter, Mon, Wed, ft Frt n Brmngham home. Non-smoker. Own trensportstlon AFFECTONATE BABY8TTER needed lo car* for nfant daughter n our 8lrmlnoham home..mon.frt Exceftent wage* for exceptonal person wtlh references. Non-smoker. Own ca/. Lght housekeepng a plus. Start Sept. 64frO903 AFTERNOON BABYSfTTEfl for 2 grts, Mon-Thurs 3-7pm n our W Bloomfleld home. Need car, norv amoker A LOVELY care provder s needed for a 2 month old boy. Exoeflent references requred. Southhed. Caa A RESPONSBLE, non-amoklng babystter needed k teachera Horthvffe home, Monday Frday, 8-5pm PLYMOUTH/CANTON echoot bus drver needs experenced, gentle lovng babystter. My home? your transportaton. Experence wth newborn a mutt Need recent referencee. 2pm-430pm. ExceOent wage plus weekly gas allowance TEACHER NEEDS mature ft carng part lme babystter n my Troy home, Mon. - Frt. Nonsmoker, awn t/ansport>uon, rater encee EXPERENCED DAYCARE provder to care for 1 yr.old n our W. Bloomfleld home. M. W. F. Own transportaton. References. CaB FARMtNOTON Hlls couple lookng for maure, experenced nonsmoker to care lor 6 mo. old chld n our home. References BABY CARE needed, ful tme, startng Febvary n our Uvonl* home. References requred. Can after 8pm BABYSTTER/Bloomrteld HWs, lor an adorable 2 yea/ old, weekends. ExceOenl (06 opportunty tor a ma~ ture 13 yea/old f older BABYSTTER. experenced, my P»ochealar home, for mlanl Fu*. tme Mon. thru Thure. or Frt. lve-n optonal. Start Sept BABY SrTTER for 5/yr. ft 9 month dd m my Canton home, Mon. thru Fr Reference*, non smoker, exoeflent wages, BABYSTTER for local anns dub m Farmlngton Hs*. A few ev»nlngs ft days per week. Mus be responsble ft energetc Call BABY STTER lor 2 boy*, 1 yea/ and 6 year, Wednesday and Frday, 6*m-6pm. Car. experence, reference*, non-smoker. n our. f ermlnatonhmhome BABYSTTER HEEOEO Mature person. Thursdays ft FrdSy* n my Westland home. Pleas* can after 7pm BABY STTER needed. 3 day* a week, 9 AM. - < PM, lor our 1 yea/ old and 1-4 PM.. for our 5 year old. Our home. Farmng on BABYSTTER needed n my Farmlngton Hf"» day ca/a homa.-tnergetlc. flexble, part lme, good refer antes, non-smokng, own car f3aoy~&««fc^r WWW. WWTrrWl morrjncs, afternoons and evenngs, k my LKons home for t\ year old BABYSTTER wanted for 3 mq ow m my Rochester horrva._part lme, oma eves. Lght dutes. Experence ft relerenoee requred «? BABYSTTER - 2 toddle, 2 days Monday ft Frdsy. from 8AM-4PM. n my Nm* M;«/H*ggerty home. Re"erenc*s, DONT GO HOME WTHOUT US Lot Fdelty Nursng Systems provde you wth tho care you need at homo. Regstered Nurses Lcensed Practcal Nurses Nurses Ades Ltve-ln Companons Homemaker. - ff* f/pr/7t 637 E. Bg Beaver "f /v./7yw^ 8ult0111 Call Anytme, >oy f M Hours A Day (313) Help Wanted Qomeetlc BABYSlTTEFt HEEOEO n spsdous Fa/rnngton Hhls home. 8 mo. 4 3V* yr. old. Part t!n-r». Some" flexbva hour*. Non»<T,oker. Own t/ansportalon BABYSnER wanted for 1*1 for r#*bofn 4 toddler, FksxJbe hour a. Transporalatlon ft ralorencos requred. W. Blcorr.Wd BRMNGHAM FAMLY need full tme n home female caregver for 2 chadren, eges 10,4 3. Fteeponsbe. own transportaton, recent expert-- eooe.arferopm-. * 433/1629 CAREOfVER for my 5 mo. old»on begtnnng md-aug. Uve n or out Moh-Frl, 8-8pmV WoodwSrd-Squa.* take ere*. Experence, references, own car, Non amok JL _3J3j0708 CAREGVEfl neoded n our home lor our 2 tons, 2 yr. em ft 8 mo. old. Mu*l be paten. lovng.*xporenced. dopendab*. norvamoker. Yery good pay. Happy; casual atmosphar*. Wort thru Frf> 4am or 9am pm. Unon LaR* vketh ftl/sfowa/aa. Mus furnsh references. CaB afer6.30pm, FLEX18LE PERSON To cere for.lodd)er n my Brmngham home. Part 0m»,- own tranaportstlon, nonamoker Cafl after 6pm A MATURE woma wanted lo Kve-ln to car* for chldren and home n W, Bloomftold Experenced onfy PEftMANENT, PART TME. ; ChBd Cera needed n fny NorthvOe home. 2 occasslonany 3 day* per wk. Early am lo 430pm. Relable carng experence. Reference* requred. (313) CHLO CARE ASSSTANT Experenced; mature and dependable for my toddler*. Full or part Ome. CaB 10am-3pm CHLO CABE/aghl housekeec«>g. Uve-ln. Young woman for warm, professonal famly wth preschooler ft baby- Mus love cnsdrert Responsble. Non amoker. Drver* Eoenae, references requred CHLO CAflE needed m our - W Bloomfleld home 114 MBe/Mlddlebeft) for 2 yr dd, Mon.-FrL Some housekeepng, hon-smo*,er, reference*, own ca/ CHLD CAKE needed for 2 boys, 7 ft 4 yr oml, UnfversJty HlBs EJementsry e/ea. 630am-6pm. Experence A references requfred CHLD CARE needed for 11 mo. old ft 3 yr old, 3 or 6 day* a week. My Westland noma preferred, wb consder, your home for rght persorv CHLO CAflE WANTEO ful Ume for one nfant n my Farmlngton HBs home. Starts November. Referenoes requred. Leave message CLEANNG PEASON Part Urn* - hour*, 5pm-9pm, Mon. thru Frt, SouthfWd locaton. Mutt have prevous cleanng experence. Salary negotable. Apply between Se/n-3pm. Mon. thru Frt, Supreme Dstrbutor* Co, Telegraph. SoutMWd. COLLEGE AGE or aduft to care for my 2 school age glrs. Dary 3pm- 630pm n my home. Must have ca/ avababte. Ce after 6pm DEPENDABLE CHLD CARE, ful Ume n my North Royal Oak home for newborn. Own transportaton, reference*, non amoker ENEflOETC BABYSnER wanted mornng* ^ our home. Mon.-Frl. Begn mld-aug.. non-smoker, own transportaton, refer enoes ENERGETC carng person to care tor 2 chldren, 3 day* per week. My W Bloomfleld home. Transportaton references. Alter 8pm ENEAGY ft EXPERTSE needed to watch 14 mo. old and newborn n our Lvona home. Oct-thru June Mon. Frt nonsmoker. reference* a must CaB Lee, FRANKUN FAMLY aeeklng chm care lor 4. year old." n our home, startng tn September. Part tme work from 2pm 6pm. Mon. thru Frt. School pv* up requred. Must be carng & dependable- wtth reference*. ExceOenl drmng record requred. Exoeflent salary. Cal after 6pm GENERAL HOUSE Work - 4 days/ wk. Mus be experenced, able lo drve and have good reference* Reply w/phooe number to Box 608 Observer ft Eccentrc Newspapers Schoolcraft Rd., Lfvonl*, Mchgan HOUSEKEEPER - Part Urn*. Needed for apt cleanng, Tuea. mornngs or weekends. SoutM)«>d area. Transportaton f needed UVElN BABYSTTER/Housekeeper needed n the PUmer woods are*. Pleas* cal UYE-N CAREGVER for 26 yr. old ma>a quadrplegc. Lftng necessary. WW tran responsble person. Room4»*!«/Y LVE N CHLOCARE lookng for mature woman, non-smoker,- own transportaton, must have references. W. Bloomfleld area. Cal 4 ask for Unda or Petty UVE N NANNY - Non smoker, exoeflent pay 6 Mng area. Must have experence wth chldren W. Bloomfleld. Leave message LVE-NS NEEDED MMEDATELY! All Areas. Must have.experlenco and transportaton EXCELLACARE, NC. UVONA TEACHER needs mature, non-smoker to carejor her toddler 4 schoolag* chld n" her home, Sept-June, Mov-Frl. 8AM-4PM. Ca/ 6 references requred. Exoeflent wages MAD WANTEO - 1 hour per dsy. 3 days per week. 810 per hour. Reference* requred. Pryrrouth area. CU Paul*, evenngs MATURE BABYSnER NEEOEO for yr old. Vandenburg School Dtalrfct. Bedford. Ful lme. Cafl af- 1*r8pm* MATURE FEMALE to car* for 4 month old baby n our home. 17 Mle 6 Dequtndte area. Reference* 4 experence necessary MATURE PERSON to car* lor 2 grls n my Berkley home. Mutt love kd*; hav* own car. Norhsmokar, references. After 6pm MATURE PERSON 10 car* tor 2 chldren n my.lfronf* home, 6 Ml. 6 Merrman. weekday* begnnng (n Sept., MATURE. RESPONSBLE, M tme bebystler wanted for adorable baby n Brmngham Mondey-Frtdty; lght housekeepng. Can Cathy MAURE^-B.S QfSaLt..nort *mok*r to cere for 7 month 0>d, 1-2 days a we** n my Troy home. Mutt have references. Ca* MATURE SnER wansd lor 8 yea/ 4 3/4 year old gvt*. Mornng t onfy. Mutt have trantpcrtttlon. Reference*. Canton. Afttr 4fm NANNY tor 3 yr. ra boy n our. Brmngham horr.e. Full tme, 630nv8pm. ExCetlenl ulary. Please send lellar lo Box»618, Observer 4 Eccentrc Newspaper* choc*</afl Rd, Uvonl*. MlcNgn NANNY - M tme for 2 boys under 2. Some mnor hovse-sork. mutt be very n*at Non *mc**r. C* NANNY/HOUSEKtEPER Lh-s n or Ltve-ovt. M or part tlrn*. Mutt love thhovan. Reference*.»xpetlenca proerrad NANNY/HOUSEKEEPER 3pm-«pM. 2 lovely th*dren. r^der gfsnd-na, <h! rd care and Pght NANNY NETWORK. NC TopSrary. Nannes, Hca^sekeeper* 4 FkJerty Car*. Mture. reflawe, tv* n/ovrt, fuvparl lme NANNY WANTEO for 10 month old b«by grt n our LhOrva home. Mon- Frl, Startng Sept. 3rd. Fteferenoe* CM* A 3U-2808 WANTED dependab"* 4 ref*n«cmd car*, m home, Mon. hrv Frt 6 30*m 430. Non smoker, 1 week pstd vkaton, Tenken - Brewster, Rocneter, T m Help Wanted Domestc NANNY 2 cnrdren, ajss Must t-e outgong, encrgeuc, aeau-,*. FwS/pert Tme. Wast Btocrr.w<>. 64l-9te8 NEED BABYSTTER kl my RcrfJ Oak home. e*m-6pm, mutt drve. 8alsry negotable. CaH after 6pm NORTHYUE MOM rxxxh affao tonaj*. depondaw* care gver (or 1 year old n my home. f\a Crna. nonamoker. references. Salary negouebse.cas after 6PM SnER FOR teacher-* kd*. 7am, 9am, Mon-Frt.»85. Hon mckor, own transportaton. Cell after 4pm. NorthvSl* Commons. 3^ TEACHER NEEOS slter n Rochester Hll* home, 11-4pm Man. - Frt Own transporlsuon and references. Cafl after 6pm WANTED MMEOtAVLX Uve-m. Ught housekeepng, help to Care for 2 chldren; Must hav* Own l/anspor- 1»0Oft4refer*noe*.v WEEKETlD/EVENNG NANNY - De- UgfjtU 10 yr. old gfel. Some lala ef- Jerroqf * evenngs end mott Satur. d*y nloms. Hgh pay..bloomfleld HArea. Please cafl., WOMAN tor 1-2 dsy* ^general housed^voft}/ wjshloj ronng- R«nabl*/tr8st»rorlhy wth retjsr ences Bloomfleld WJs Hetp Wanted Couplet APARTWENTMANTENAKJE Couple needed 40 hrs per week for beautful Fa/mlngfon Hts Complex. Heatng 4 coosng experence preferred. 6eU«+ apartment.. 478J3O80 APARTMENT MANAGERS Refned, maure couple for a qualty buqdlng n Brmngham. Apartment experence helpful, but not neoeseary. Ha must b* a handyman and she must be personab!* and people orented. An exceflent epportunfty "for the rght couple whp want to va and work n the areas best vocaton and for a hgh quadty frm. deal for a retred couple who keep actv*. Reply to. P.O Box 3040, Brmngham. Ml APARTMENT MANAGER COUPLE To manage 4 mantan Suburban adult buldng. Mddle-aged prefered Apt 4 salary APT. MANAGER COUPLE Husband ft wfe team to manage luxury apartment communty n Farmlngton Hts. Pror apartment manager experence a must. Excellent salary ft benefts to rght canddate*. <^ for appontment Kaftan Enterprses, nc CARETAKER COUPLE deal for mddle aged or older. 20 famly apartment complex k Royal Oak, (Woodward/11 MAe area). Free 2 bedroom apartment Wrte lo Lassco nvestment Compsny POBo«324 - floyat Oak. Ml MATURE COUPLE Wanted to assst n the management of apt communty located n WestJend.. Mantenance experence requred, excellent, opportunty for advancement. Good salary, apt ft benefts. Cafl RESDENT MANAGER COUPLE Experenced for Farmlngton apartment complex t bedroom apartment 4- salary 4 uuooes. No pott Entertanment ALLL AB0ARO..DJ EXPRESS- Oflertng a professonal DM show snce Weddngs, partes, etc Cafl or 468-DSC Jockey* CAROLC8 MUSC FOR UFE. Soto Panst or Ouo/TroQuartet Bach to Booge, Jazz 6 Classcal. Al Occasons. Lessons also MUSC TO YOUR EARS DJ for Weddngs, Partes and Graduatons. Fftes 4 Sxtes Specal- sls. Dave NNJA PARTY TURTLE CTSdrena panto* 4 personal appearances. Musc, games ft fun.. Krey Productons Stuatons Wanted Female ABSOLUTE QUALTY CHLO CARE Palmer 4 Newburgh. Specal attenton lor your newborn, lots of love, play 4 fun for toddlers 4 up. Ful fr, " lme only. Westland up AFFECTONATE. LOVNG Mother of one wshes to care for your chld full tme, Non-amoker. Redford area. PleesecaJt, AFFORDABLE UCENSEO CHLD CARE % Full 4 part lme. Play area. Learnng actvtes. Meals 4 snack*. All ages. Weyne/Wesftand area ARE YOU TRED? Worn out? And your house lacks tha fresh dean look? Cafl today so your bouse can get het facelft 1255-« RESPONSBLE mature mom of one wtfl babyst your chld, Ml or part tme. Nce Southfeld area. Non amoklng envronment BEST LOVNG 4 NURTURNG Envronment tor your Want n West Boomneld specalzng n quaty. care for newborns CANTON - lovng experenced Mom has before 6 after school openngs. Hoc-en EJementa/y ttts Reasonable rates, references WESTLAND MOM Would Eke to sv M lme. nfants and toddlors m my home. Prefer daytme, reasonable rstes. Cafl 5pm-9pm CHLO CARE. ANY AGE, nfant CPR. Uvonl* 6 Plymouth area. 24 year* experence. References. Shtrey CHLOCARE BY mom/certfed teacher. Ful tme. Nuvttou* meals 4 snacks provded. Exosflsnt refer. enoes. Cathy CHLOCARE Experenced mom ws provde qusflty care lor your chm. Canton e/ea. No over crowdng, fenced yard and ndoor play area CHLD CAflE - Experenced 6 f»seble Mom has fufl dm* openngs tor your lttle people. CPR certfed. 6M1e/fJeeoh., CHLD"CARE M or par tme Also before 4 s fter school c*/e. WVdwood Elementary area. Non smokng home Nancy CHLO CARE - lovng etmoshpere. wll provde mea.s. snsck*. games 4 ectmfea, rarerencet,- weekdaya. Wayne CHLO CARE - Loy/>g mother of 2 to care for your chud Mon-Frt, meals provded. Farmngtoo Hda area. Cafl Debt** CHRSTAN MOTHER Plymouth/ Canton Araa. day-car*. ^afeceocm, mea?»&*,-ec**.uc or453 0S?6 DAY CARE by *rt^n*d leocher, age* 3 e.">d up. M V ^8. Crtftt. project and lotof fun. References, Farmlngton H** ENERGETC MOM of 2 would love lo car* for your cr-wren m Redlord. Plenty ol TC and fun. MeaU. anackt.mcjuded Exr R flceo MOTHER wllh cwvj car* degr6e wh car* for-your chd. Wetland «EXPEfVENCEO, re^nod co^ge ttu- <Jent, d*sres ger^ral cleanng. d«!!y. C*»r> transfodttlon ft r«*«enr«* GARDEN CTY MOM»ta provde tub"* envvorst^nl tor your chjvjren wfr* you wc<k. M*at ncluded. Ferrr>">gtontT*rr*M*ry ltousecleannq - genera) Or deep cvenl-g. We*k>y or bl w«*.ty nen»b«. honel, refsr*n<*s 4 rev»orjt>* M A MOM who woud tve to ctrt lor a ttw ch-drerv. nterns wevron 1 **. MSe-Orchard ske. ExCerVr.t rel- Hence* LOtofUC NFANT chm tu* by woman wtlh S )Ta experence. Fun lme. Re*»rencee. Joy 4 Farmlngton Rd»re«5J58J82 JANE AOOA.MS Knoergsrten ch»- cven - before ft after school c*/«avafabl*. Experence 4 reference* avaleble Karen Stuatons Wanted Female KELtY KARE of Taylor - ChSd care a.tttrlt for am/pm. Fcncod yard».h k>!t of toy*. Ressonsbl* ra.s*. Rsorcncet LADY WLL CLEAN your home or condo. ExcoRoot r*!«rc«c». BJoomfWd/B^^^rn/FrenkXn or Rochestor area " LETU3 do your mar^ 4 dstrbuton work lor you. Gve ut a cal UVE N - mature, experenced as companon for ambulatory person <x housekeeper. Honest 4 carng. ExcoConl references LOVNG C1VL0 CARE Canton Mom wtthet to cere for your chfldrev, (ul or part tme, age* 2 ft up, reler enoes. « MAVUflE MOTHER wfl) care for your cmdren. farrrdngtcr. KS* home, your transportaton., MOTHER/DAUGHTER TEAM wjn ce/a pt your cf,fdr«n part or M tme. Lovng, fun envtronreht, 11 vhe/mlddtebet) area MOTHER OF 2. age* 24 ft 7,yrs. wm babylfl your ch8o> M tme. Ford ft Sheldon rd*. Reasonabla rale*. -; ;.> -. M»THE«0(4 yf ow wt* babyst H thf 7 ML/Beeoh area, Moo Fr, day* 4 afternooa*. Orop-W. wttoem*. Non smoker. Cafl Sandy NEEO YOUR HOME CLEANEO? Aeferenoes Cafl after 5PM J PRVATE OUTY NUR8E - Thouroughfy experenced n carng for the termnally t, handcapped ft ederty. Long-term permanenl poston. Exceflent reference* QUAUF1EO, EXPEFOENCEO chfld ca/e teacher and drector lookng d provde qualty chfd ca/e wth TLC. Uv^a/Pymouth are* QUALTY HOME CLEANNG Experenced professonal. Reasonable. Save tknel Let me pamper your home. Cafl 7 days RETRED PROFESSONAL lady dealres vared Jobs. Accountng U my professon. am good seamtrea*. have good penmanshp - how can work for you THE WESTLANO RANBOW - - CreaUveohBdca/e f\a dary schedule for age* 2-5 Phon* Stuatons Wanted Male; LANDSCAPE WORK eny majnte nance, aeraton, dethatc/. fertflte- ng, Fall dean up, t/ee cuttng 4 trmmng. Reasonable YEARS SELLNG EXPERENCE Can eel your product.. Commsson 4 smafl salary Chld Care AAA STTER Earn extra money. Flexble hours. f you have excellent references, good transportaton and.wsh to provde sttng servce, we would meet you. For nformaton cafl ABC* ARE MPORTANT. SO s TC. QuaDty program, famsy tettlrlg. We gve chfldren securty n ther formlt>reye*r*.cahtoalfceftsod.. Darlen* ARE YOU. CONSlDEflJNG Home Daycare for your chd? Lmted openng* are now avalable. U- censed home daycare provder wtth xstenatve early ehbdhood educaton 6 experence. Pre-school program. No T.V. Royal Oak Beaumont area. Cafl.-schedule a vst A TOUCH ABOVE N QUALTY A touch below m prce. Lcensed Canton day car* provdes craft projects,, pre school computer pro-, grama, ndoor/outdoor play 6 mosl cteltlccalkethy BERKLEY LCENSED home ChBd care. Degree 6 10 year* experence, 6 woek* 4 up. Ful tme. Meals 4 snacks ncluded Beverly Hlls.Chld-Care Center nfanta. Toddlers, Pre-Schoot, Kndergarten, Ages 8 Weeks - 6 Years Open horn 7am-6pm Non-proft Servng Nutrtous Meal* B^mngham Area CANTON MOTHER wtth exeeoent touch 6 references wq ca/e for your chldren age* 2 4up. Lots c4 TLC 4 fun ectmtlos. Lcensed CHLO CAflE for smafl group. Lots of TC, fun learnng. and hot lunch**. Excellent references. 5 Mle/FarmJngtoa CHLD CAflE n my Bcensed Oak Park home. Warm 4 tovvvaenvronment Mon-Frt, 7am-530pm. Cafl tesle CHLO CARE POSTONS - Toddler/ pre aebooer*. Woodward/Square lake are*, S yrs. experence. Lovng care, age approprae actmte*. For furtrer formaton CHLO CARE PROGRAM lor ages 6 week* 10 6 yrs. of age. Certfed Teacher*." Part tme 4 ful tme, programs. Located n Uvonl* EXPERENCED - LCENSED Husband S^wtfe"leemTcVng m-hotne envronment for your ch»d. Cobblestone Chfld Care haa M 4 part tme openngs. Meals ncluded. Rochester Hms. CU Jan orpaul FUN FLLED DAYS for your enfld n a nuturng envronment Developmental actmes. Ptynysuth/rlorthvllle area. 2-4 yra. old. Vctora; KOS - lookng lor a fun f.led day? Youll enjoy plenty of outdoor play, crafts, educatonal actmle*, and that mport anl love and ca/e you deserve. Ted your parents Klmmer* Kldsstheptaoafofyoul L1CENSEO CHO DEVELOPMENT teacher has M tme Openngs for nfant to 5 yr olds. Hon amoker. 6/ Farmlnglon Rd. are* LCENSED DAYCARE PROVDER WA car* for your chld, open 1230pm - 830pm, 6 mo.- 3 yr*. 12/ Telegraph, Southfeld, 3S LCENSED EVENNG CARE Mon-Frt nghts. North Redford ere*. 6 Ma* 4 nktter. 6 yean experence UCENSEO HOME day care. 6 Mfle 4 Farmlngton. MWt 6 ectvltle*, 18 monlhj 4 older. Ful tme onfy UHLE TOT9 Home Otycere has opon>ngs let me love and care for your ttoe tot We do Sot* of thng* etcwlh fun learnng LOVNG MOTHER to care for your chfd tul tme n my Lrvpnla home, lovng envronment certfed n FV»tAd4CPa885/wk NANNY NETWORK, NC. Nannes. Housekeepers 4 EWerty vw. vwr ftr S*Jr1 j- - " ftrt - fafl^^r p«rttme.pre-kreened. Ca850V«70 OPENNGS FOR PRE-SCHOOLERS (22 Mos. 4 up) at afl 3 Farmlngton Pubte 6choo Early Cr.dhood CenlN* - Alameda FafrvWw Fa/m-vgton Commun.ty School 46^-3373 Ces whe there are *!t openngs OUAUTY N HOME DAYCARE kranlt4pfe*rtvo»*ra SlUBcens* 7 y*ara. EUrrJr«ham school dtulct e ROYAL OAK, lcensed Dsy care. M*a», Snac k t, FtrK*) n > ard, Frst we** ree wf depcsl Campben »l2 518 Elderly Cere AAetetence A Free Nvr»* As>e«*T>*ol Vlt-Hlnyoortjom* HOME HEALTH CARE Scrooned. RN tvper/taj. nsured AVJot " Nurses 24 hours-7 day* rrefm>or,»l HeeHh Care PersonnH ARROW MEOCAL Tr*.v>port«ton wheelchar vsnj avaatje. M«.jv;al 4 socal appolnlmenl*. Exc*nt rale* LOVELY PRVATE ROOM m cheerful lamhy home wth 24 hr. assstance avaftb 1 * tor your toyed one lcensed Uvons Elderly Cere & Assstance A Carng Ps<son n YCJT Home NURSEAOES H0MEMAKER3-LVE-NS 8 44¾ horn* care Termnal pabonl car* Dsabled person Dsease care «Compwonshsp 4 domwuc» Transportaton-. _.-. Traned, courteous personnel. bored 4 losurod. Ava.4be 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, afl */*** Farmlngton KJt* EXCELLACARE NEED HELP N YOUR HOME? t, /t4houfv3/7da^8 -.. >!6meHea!tr Ades Companon/Stters., Transportaton ; Ptrat* dutyt home car* agency h«(p» you ramak^lr^ependen-n youro*n horn*.-.. anoe, eep- vansporta- Uon. C**>u»V.acfeened.»W qualtfed errpoyee* era RN aupervaed. For more nformaton cal. UNTED HOME CARE ;.SERVCES Educaton & nstructon BARTENDNG 2W*ekCour»e 47T-2777 ntemattontl BarterxSng EARN toms PER HOUR- T Tran to be a bartender, leam by dong,- Job placement assstance Pay bttlort from Mur* earnng*. CALL Professonal Bartender* School FREE COMPUTER CONSULTATON PrtvaU oneron-on* aermrvsr* evatfabta. Leam WordPerfect Lotu* 1-2- SandMlcroson. CU KARATE NSTRUCTON Tang 800 Do atyle 4 Nerve Attack* 20/mo. Cal John Colett* Nursng Care WE HAVE UCENSEO RNe 4 LPffS (XflTlFlED NAS. Uve n 4 st bv Reasonable rates. Ful tme/pan tme avalable Secretarat & Busness Servces MORTON PROFESSONAL Servces Word Processng.- Spread Sheets, Lajor Prntng. Fax Servce. P1ckup4Defcery, NEEO REPORTS, RESUMES. SPREADSHEETS 4 MORE TYPED? Fax, Coper ft Conf erenoo* Rooms avalable. Canton cat Natonal Busness Center* PROFESStOXAl SERVCES Al you/ busness.ootreapondenoe done profeeatonafly wtth qutok turn around, laser prntng. Xerox, FAX. aatwerngservto*. r SECRETARAL SERVCES Resumes, DtctaOon. Bookkeepng on Lotus, Word Prooesslng Ou/computer flexble hour* Model Offce, kx TYPE TOGO Word processhmg servce, resume*, busness 4 general correspondence. Garden Ctty TYPNG Professonal qualty. NorthvHSe a/**. Resume*, term paper*, lege/ documents. eta-computerzed Laser prnted. Notary arevloa avabab*. Exceflent rates. Cafl for quote. Leav* message Professonal Servces CLAYTON 6 ASSOCATES DeskTop Pubflshlng. flyers, forms, graphcs, laser, maltng, resume desgns, transcrbng T> SrGNEVOflAFTSMAN Remodelng, addtons, new constructon. Experenced. Cal GROUP PSYCHOTHERAPY For men 4 woman over age 25. Cal for more nformaton PROFESSONAL RESUMES "C.EA gves your resume the edge you need a bev* evaryone else." Compettve fee. For appontment wth Mchgan (censed employment agent cafl WORDPERFECT SPECALST Are you usng typewrter technque* wtth your new word prooeeaor? leam powerful new way* to speed up and eu-eamsne your repet/uv* typng chores. Mrs. EBs, Attorneys Legal Counselng, ALL REAL Estate 4 Busness ssues, LMva WBs, WBs, Otvoroe, Trusts. Tax Ally. N.Chaneaa, Town Center, 1360, Southfeld BANKRUPTCY FROM 850 DtVORCfcFROMSO Also Personal njury and Probata Matters Keth M. Nsthanson, Allorney Perec-nats BOOY?MN0? SPRT? Whoareyou? Cafl t-600-fof-uvth. NEW WEGHT LOSS CONCEPT Feel great whse you to** weght naturafly. Jnfo. meetng on Wed. 4 Thurs. 7pm el Polo Oub Aptt. Oubhouse n Farmlnglon HlXs-.or Cafl PHYSC 4 CULTURE Tarol Card readngs by Susan. Teflj past present 4 Mure. Open de.fy ^ PRAYER TO ST. CLARE - say 9 Hafl Mar/a for 9 dys, on th«vtft. day pubfjth tht* prayer 4 make 3 wtahea, your wlahe* w«b«answered. MAS 600 Personals ATTENTON! f you have had rooent bad experence wth gas from tha Oklahoma Gas Statlort n Plymouth at Plymouth Rd. & Eckles, PLEASE CALL ME ANYTME Bran FREE ANALYSS; 8Mn Care ft Werdrob* Consult &/.L Ava-tabl* lo *»*!*! you wth new fa3 ft wnter de- **. For lae corvsutuuon FflE PEflSONAUTY TEST. Your personalty determne* your happness. Know wfr/? Cafl MEXHNO VERY 6PEC1A for the HoOday* «y»n be your* * >ou order *oon. An crtgna* fr* ft^wstev cofer of your famly homeor bbn. Makes a unque gft Cjt become* a famly treasure Commsson* now beng taken. Wrtte-. Janet Anderson, P O Box 383. Hazel Park. Ml pr cal evenngs at v, THE S!NGl<T LFE, oneon otv* dtscusson*for separated and dhrorced person* wshng to get beck nto me wrvjotl*... -, VC TANNY VJ^>; Ufetrne M*mb6r«shp. tsooflrm. Cefl Oarv after 330PM;>. - "., Lost ft Found FOUND AREDALE femxe, Uverr^4MctlJchot*ar*a.,! Haa a broken leg FOUND Week female dog. mxed. 15 1bV8 mo*. Garden Crty. Found «wk* ago. Canl keep. Needs lovng horn* , FOUND male dog. n good hearth, m Ptymouth-cefl Sally FOUND orange 4 wht* male cat wtth very *hort las. VtoWty 12 MJe 4 nkserftd FOUNO - WW1* mues znaje dog. ponted ears, named Ncky. 13 Ml 4 Greenfeld area. Found FOUND, young female mxed br**d dog. medum sze, long hared dark blond, coda/ ft flea coflar. frendly. Found on Merrman nea/ Annapoft* Hosptta FOUNO 8-3 Joy, E. of Telegraph youngr male cat, brown fe* cobar, green eyes, under body-whlt*. dark Urtplng. frtendty LOST Black setter/black lab mtx. Aqu*CO&ar. "Trekker". Reward. Home; Work LOST - «** 4 Whle husky named ANoafl.No cobar. Parafzed person* «>mp*nlon. Lost Aug..6, 11 Ml 4 Mtodlebefl area, Farmlnglon. Has. REWARD. Contact Mr. or M/a. Waltert / LOST CAT Black A whte, medum har. 1H yr*., neutered male..last soon, S/Fermnglon, 7/ LOST CAT. gray, wht* ft Week Perelan. Oedawed. Lost e Warren/Beck. Rewardl LOST CAT. gray 4. whte, neutered mate, front dedawed. nkter*. ft Plymouth Rd. area of Uvona snce July 31. Reward LOST DOG Female Labrador - Ex- ^peelng. Black, wme markngs Last seen Sun. at lnkster/7 Ml LOST - gold bracelet, 3 opals, 8 «me» damonds. Canton Corper putt or Roadsde market on Joy. /award LOST Grey CockeUet t4 Mfle/ MlddJebatt area. Please cal f seen orcaptured LOST Whte cockatet. 7/19. Reward lor return. Any nformaton please can LOST; whft*. feme)*, Coek-A-Poo, Mssng sne* Aug 6th. Cranbrook 6 Quaronarea LOST. Large male tong hared orange tabby cal, Joy MddebeQ area, reward, after 4pm Health -Nutrton Weght Loss DARWNAN PLEA - A Corporate Execuuvea. never publshed. Exquste recopes POrHoBo of 3 leasts. 2 transform your rvsx dnner party kto a MEMORABLE FEAST, m for gourmet/gou/mandl Each over 10 course* + drnk*. Satsfacton guaranteed. Wrte lo 737 E. Fox Kll Or, BtoomfWd HHs, Ml Announcements - Meetlngs/Semlnare FREE - NTEflVlEW WORKSHOP One of Mchgans fnest loansed 6 bonded agences * conductng tree ntervew workshop* to the pubfle. For more nformaton cafl Transportaton 6 Travel ARUNE TCKET lo Seattle Washngton. 1 way. Sept 26th for female *42 FLORDA 4 BAHAMA v*fton lor 2 plu* crutse. 7 days, 6 nghtt for FREQUENT FLYER msea Wanted. Northweat preferred. Cafl between 9-6pm LOCAL CASH BUYEfl desre* Northwotl Cal Sue, 8am-5pm, Mon-Frt Card olthanks THANKS TO ST. CLARE for prayer* answered. 700 Aucton Sales. S MCHGAN PUBLC AUTO AUCTON. Mondays»6pm Fleet lease < Bank flepos 9200 N. Telegraph Ml S. of 275, f) ML 8. el Flat Rock 701 Colectlbkt JUKEBOX 1959Seeburg..-. let.»!«reo model Good wndtjon NORTAKE CrOna (AzaJe* 4 Mkanol CandVrlok. ttan gsss, war stuff, msc YOLANOA BELLOWS Jenr."er Ooll. M.l condton n the box. nqulree, Collectbles 25AQfF AL BASEBALL CARDS CCNTACTDANAT Antques ALL ANTQUES BOUGHT. Postca/dt, old movu magaznes. She?/ chma, Rut>o8 Wrght chna, paprdons, toys,msta/y ANN ARBOR ANTQUES MARKET THEeflUSHERSHOY/ Sunday, August Ann Arbor 8*.*>» Road. ExH 175, off L>4. Oror 350 dealers n quadty antques and so?ocl COCoctbto* Al Horns guaranteed as reprensenled and under core/, 6 AM.. 4 PM. Admsson 3. TrMrd Sundays, 23rd. Season. TheOrgmefll ANTQUE SHOW* 8ALE WNCHESTER MAL Rochester Rd. al Avon. Rochesler, Mfch- Aug S^Aug 16. Ma* hours Glass repel/ by Mr.Ch/p* ARMCHAR ft eldecher, 41". ; walnut, 100 year* t*d. Both for 126»..,,, ,» CHNA. -, Olscononued dlnnerwar* pstterns. - W«buy ard s*s (snce l966)->.; CalM.fF a/l 71.. EMPRE wa-mt ecre<ery bookcase; mahogany serpln. front secretary bookcase 1930t. Sever al chars frar^h carved wajnutand many Other tovelythng* OAK CE. box, 8300, oak kftthen cabnef, t450, oak fosto desk, OAK 9 CURVED rol top desk, many SecOofts, f>*rrywood Drs examnng tsbe POOL TABLE ^Monarch Brunswck Balne CoOendar Co, Antque pool table. 100 yr*. old, slate, outsde leather. pockets, wood pedestal tegt-takvgotlors, WHX1AMS/MARY sfyl* dnng room set, 7 leafs, 12 upholstered char*. cmna cabnet. 2 bullets. nlad walnut Garage Sates Oakland BlOOUfELO HlllS - V/orr-n ft chlldrar^s cotttnj. furrkjre 6 ele Brjhtmore Rd. t-jfcoc-n lor^ ske 6 tone Pne. Auj 15,10-8. FAKMNOTON - Oor^oy Ct g6/ef-s r. sale, entlqxs.»1 tfr^-d gut* lamp.",-.^ a*rjno*«r, chjdrens clowt, furrd- ^,, ture, 4 elw a kjtc/^ron srj<,., v; Aug, 14,17,18, N. of frwsdom, V Farmng on. Rd A»ta Lo>3 S;b. r>-» FARMNOTON HlLLS V/aVvut Lane. W. ef Fa/mJr^ton, between MJ* 1 day sa^. TrV^rs, Aug am-5pm. New bouty suppm*. aalesman sample*, hevsohod rr^tc. FARMllrGTON HlllS - Aug Caso Organ, computet*, new.16 Hegrver scrol sew, Sears rcdlal arm saw ft other Tools. 16 chan aavsjtoy*. bkes. gloo 4 A/fn* dog houso4-cr*ftt, twv luobor, emq-je" bras* bed. hx<sehod ft nyjoh more. > PfJmfcroOk, N of 12 MSe^E of Haggertt, 9-5. No pre-saje*,. ; v? FARMtNOTON Soon to Move Sale. Aug >/tlqu* leaded gass door. lawes, chars, offce furnture, eseetrle t/eadms, osdar chest, gar- den tools, pool ex^rfprnent refrge/-. ator,»to»e.l*pda/v faceter. msc. houtehold 4 h*rd»«re tem* Orchard U. 8d.,. H mbe H of 10 " Mle. 9anv5pm onryt No tales be- - (erac<after*cf*lufcdut>es. ;-, ROCHESTEfl HHL8. Sup*e* aaet- donmssaug.lme.m " T0S1 Grandvjew. CWvasler Sub..^ ROCHESTER HLLS Thurs. 4 Fr. 9r Augusta, Br.ookwood Sub. of12" ; Tenken between Adama/Uvernols. ^-; ROCHESTER HUS-.l Day Onfy.?- ; Thursday. Augusl anv4pm.» J 207 Orchards!*, bfl Walton 6fvd."> lust W. of Uvorppt "- 703Cratte CERAMCS -^clearng outl Kln, molds. Bfl auppbe*. ~--484t0625 CRAN8ROOK LOOM 44 nch and accessores. Excellent shape CRANBROOK 8 ft. Loom. 6 harness Wearng Apparel GONOONCE...GONQ TWCE Wnter Arrval/Summer Clearance New/OenlV Used Desgner Apparel Washngton, Royal Oak Mort-S«l. loupnv MUST SEL - Weddng gown/hoed pece, 2,600. Sck trench coat wtth fox collar 4 Hnlrg Gown 4 coat never worn. Best otters consdered WEDOtNG GOWN 6 head pece Worn coo*, mermad style, eze WEDDNG GOWN atz* 18 lafl. stunnng orgnal Askng 4 SO or best offer ACCEPTNG WOMENS DESGNEfl ctotmng for resale consgnment boutque. Sat Aug 7h ONLY. Cal foreppt BLUE FOX FUR /6 length, Arzona bound. Valued at 699. askng 300. Stt»8/ ^071 LADES BUSNESS suts 6 blouses, sze 2, Mont navy sut, sze 38. sued* leather Jacket sze 40. Thurs- Frt WEOOlNG GOWN - ste 8, Vctoran style, orgnal prce wa sel for WEDDNG GOWN sze 10, womens racoon/jeather jacket etx* Cafl after 6pm WOMENS CLOTHES, szes eho gkls ctothes. szes Sock, Garden Cty Oarage Sales Oakland AUBURN H1LL8. MutU fsmfly. 841 Nchols, between Adam* 4 Squrrel oft South Blvd. Thure, Frt. BEVERLY HlllS Aug 15-16, 9-5. Housewarea, TV. furnture, ctothes. stereo, exercse equpment-tods 4 much mor* Bvverty. BEVERLY HL8-2 FAMLY SALE 2 ktchen ranges, tghtlng. housewares, Andersen wndows, gofl cejbs,.toys. Thursday. August 15, Saturday. August 17. 9*m-4pm Esstlady. 8. ol 14 MCe. between lahser & Evergreen. BRMNGHAM - Huge Gvage Sale Antques, furnfture 4 MHc. Thurs. 4 Frt. 6am-6pm. 344 f awsx, Maple/ CheslerfteoArea. BRMNGHAM SUPER SALE Sat only, Aug am-4prh Lncoln, between Lahser 6 Tetograph/ Baby ctolhea, toys, twtog. chav, xtcot, ca/ seat and accessores. Desks, chars, table, shelves, houseware*, frames, lots of country knck-knacks, clothes, shoes, coats, smafl. appsanc«s, rowng mecmne and lots, lots; more-. - BRMNGHAM - 2 households. Furnftur*. household. ktchen, applances, dshes. nens 4 beddng. TV sets, garden, spors, sk equpment dull coaster bkes, offce computer, motor b&e. snowbtower, mat/esse*. gas grts. stereos, acquarum. planls, fugs, pctures, rame*. books, records, much more. Aug , Auburn, 2 blks N. of 13 Ml 1 blk W. of Greenfeld. BlOOMFElO HUS FumTtur*, Jewelry, baby tems, sfver. cryslal. etc. Must sett FARMNGTON - Aug Beechwood. S. of Grand Rver off On. Scfcwtnn bkes, antques, stereos and desgner ctothes. FARMNGTON HLS» Aug Chldrens toys, household goods 4 mora Eton Gton. Colony Park Sub, 12½ 4 Drake. FARMNGTON RoWnwOOd. between E. of Farmlngton Rd Aug pm. FARMNGTON HLLS - a>r>0st new aecttonal. other furrvture. ctothes, tots of goodes Ela. near 9 MWHalstead. Frd*y.-Awfr NO early brds. FARMNGTON HUS MOVNG/ Garage Sat* gulty tems, everythng mull go. FuoVlure, household tems,ctothes, msc. Thurt-Frt Aug 15-16, 9-4pm Otymore, 1 blk E of Drake Jus Sot 14 W^ ROCHESTER HLLS- 4 famly **)*.-, Aug Furnture, ctothes-! 6 rrdsc 1440 H. Farvew Lane, ne*r» Tlenken 4 Uvernots. <-" ROCHESTEfl HLLS, sofa, love teat..^.- btcyde, grts ctothes. toy*. Aug.* Stonetre* Orde,,* off Walton. Near Oakland UnMrslty., -. ROCHESTER HH18 Annual MufU - Famly Sale- Adult 6 chbdren* ctotn-. mg, household goods, sports equpment, lots more ft 1107 H*ok>, berry Cl<de, Uvernou/Tlenken - a/ea.tws.thnt8at9llls -- 5«R0CHE8TER HLL8-9am-Spm, - Aug. 15, 18, 17 (Thor*.-SaL) An-.. ttques 4 cotectabes nclude*hun--. dreds ol dffer en l tems. Ohjna,-.- gass, fumrture. No earfy or latet. sales. 253 Stonetree Ctrde, Brook^v dale West Sub. Wa.ton/Ad*m*. - ** ROCHESTER Home 4 yard sale... Aug Oak St 4 doors T South of Unversty. ROYAL Oak, Aug. 17, 9am. Pne - Tree Estales Condoa ?.- Torquay, off Crook*, 1/4 ml Nyt4..\ Housohold goods, funvtur*, etc. -* ROYAL OAK S. Wlson (near MB* 4 Campbel). Thurs. Fr. 6.- < Sat 9am-3pm.Antques SOUTHFELD APT. SALE; W;; 12 Ma, PW»AJre Apfe «.1S1. Men. 4 women*. CtothSng. mlsc^ houses. wares, etc..thur.-sat, l0-4prn., Between Telegraph 4 Northwestern. SOUTHFELD SHARON Meadow* subdvson gant garage sal* over.. 20 parudpanfs. H. of 12 Mle, between Marmor 4 Bermuda Lane to - Meadow Larva..1 block W. of Ever-, green. Aug ,9-Spm. SOUTHFELOThurs, thru Sun.. 10-" 5pm Brentwood. N. of 12,. between Greenfeld 6 Southfeld. B&e*. toys, ctothes, houseware*. SOUTHFlElO. Aug am- 2pm, Woodgate Dr.. S. off block E. Evergreen, baby; ngs, household goods. SOUTHFlELD Rrvervlew, N. on Bel Rd. N/11. E/Telegraph, Aud; Household, clothes, eld 1 SOUTHFELO ForesMew. 10 Mae/Beech. Aug 15-17,9-4. Msc- - household 4 ctothes. TROY - MovWj Sale. Furrrturet- beds, redwood, butcher block labev^ - ctothes, toys, books, eta 8494 >» Denton Ct, W. Crooks, N. Squar**- Lk. Sat, < UTK5A- 8/15-17, St John. 1 bk. 8. ol 21, between VanOyk* 4 Shelby. Rdng mower, oak bedroom aet + 38 yr*. ol aocumulalton. W. BLOOMFtELO. Oeerfled VlUges-.^ 3 Fam?y. Household, dothlng. trte** Post Oak. S. of Maple, W. o*--- MkJdlebeft Aug w W. BLOOMFELO - Aug , Crspn Ct. W. of Mlddtobelt N. of Wslnut lake Rd. r>. Fruehaut Farm Estates. 10 speetfb3e. books. Jewelry, household, horse equpment 6 more. W. BLOOMFELO - Aduft/chBdrens clothng, many household tems, VCR, T.V.. etc Furrwlure, drtpes, carpetng, much more. Aug pm Spansh Oaka. N. of long lake Road, between Mddlebelt ft Orchard lake Rd Garage Sales Wayne CANTON-Aug ft 17, 9~C Lyme Ct S. of warren, E. of Sheldon. OMrent dothe* A toys. CANTON Sub wde sale. Aug ft V. from 830am-5pm. Embassy Square sub, off of Ford Rd ft - Sheldon South. CANTON 2 Famnes. Aug th. 10-4pm. Household ft baby Hems, maternty, toy* 4 much more Rudgafe. E. of Canton Center? between Palmer 4 Geddee. DETROT Garage Sale Handmade Rem*, very reasonable also numer- out other Hams. To be held Aug. tlh. 15th, 4 16lh er*mell,tj blocks east of Ann Arbor Trafl. one" block north of Warren Ave. UVONA - Aug am-Spmr Mcrowave 4 atand. portable tf^hwasher, womens ctothlng (sze** 4-HL,ceramc Me*, kf.chen cup- board doors & hardware, old records, tots of Mso. goode*; Stamwlch. W. of Mlddtobert. ROeMB*. UVONA- color TV. gas g/3,dnng -s set aduftklds qualty ctothes. lev*. V«new. Thur-Sat, 9am. 316» Curt». N. of 6 W. of Merrman UVOMA - Fr, Aug. 16. Sat, Aug from.9am-6om. 2 householda Vanty dresser wtlh mrror, also 1950 fumrture, toys, dahe*. " UVONA-Garage/EttateSalel. Aug 1H7, 10-5pm Westmore, between Mle, 1 bfk. E. of Fermjvgon. Ctothes, ktchen stuf, antques, toys. <tc. Fantastc Yard Sales Well let the secret out a Classfed Yard Sale Ad helps spread the word about your bargans. Collect all the useful tems you no longer need around your house, organze them, prce them "and set them out. Well do the job of tettng-evoryone - know where to fnd you.. Youll have a fun, proftable day wth the holp of a Classfed Yard Sale Adl WS»W»M»W»»"WWWW*« #b&tuer & Eccentrc CUtt6!flGD ADVEmaNG 64«H070 Oakland County Wayne County Rochester/Rochester Hlls «A#»J»l*f»aTUf#0AYV«Tm«^Y»0rTK>1/»f. ^^mmmmmmmmmmkmm^mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmmm

32 » *- J *-, < " 1* > *> r. f ** ^V \ * * \ -x- 1 * -> r,. * ^ 707 Garage Salas Wayne DETROT, NW. 0¾ «;«. HSO Burt Rd N o( Lyndon, Furnture, hoo*-ohow goods, b*o*. loc-tj, tnlx. Aug t6.6,7th.9-6. GARDEN CTY. Aug. 18 A 17, 10-PLYMOUTH - Trelfnood tfl- 6pm Baby clothes, msc. household Wndsor. otllfmt&r.-, GARDEN Ctty/bsamenl; 6076 lathers. N. of Ford/W. of r.kslor Aug-14 ONLY. 9. lots for»m GARDEN Crfy. garage too", vphol- Sterlng & household goods Pa/do»1 Sohuman. 1 block rom For<JRd Aug ,9-5 LVONA Aug V3-16, 9-5. ChH drene clothes,.to>s, furnture, household tems, msc Knot on. ne4/newt»jrgh4f>e. LYOfflA Aug , Wam^xn, Clements Crde W., t «1 Mlddlebelt. S. ol Plymouth Rd. Bo/ A Mds dothee, A baby mlsc Garage Sales Wayne LtVOM!A-3 FMVC» M*. hc<jwhold. anllqusj, chldren* clolxj. furrmvre, now sre 10 brwa! go*n. Tu*s.-Fl Summc-re (Farrr/rtglon 4 School/»ft) nyson (W ol Sheldon. N ol Arm Arbor Rd). Aug Women* ClOth»», fabrc*. ChndCvWS, ptcturoe. furnture, Jewelry, old records, ktchen gadgets 4 msc. REOFORP - 11th Annust Ml<«Long Sa.*. 0 Gsytord bolrmn 6<*ch 6 UYON1A BrookfcM. C. 1 nmtv.slxmmjosevonm.vs.» Farmlnglon, S. Ol Plymouth Aug Aug ," 22-24, 9 4. Furnture, /8 record*. Hc*rtOhOld,mJsc 1 books. KnerS"., LVONA levn, Wbd-FrL 9n\-5pm.. lotl ol knck-knack,!, sohtethlng lor e>wyone. -.- VONJA 2 Homo*. Aug 15-17, 5p S ol«m-jv, E. o" Haffgarty on Rso Drve. Furnrtyre, fovserfold 1. Apple. ) computer desk, cameras. Clothe*, kds cjothea A toys! LVONA 3 FamJry, Aug 15-17, 9-5 Furnture, chad/baby fems (crlbx la/go mens/womens clothes A mucf rnlsc A lue Skes, off Lyndon W.otNewburgh PLYMOUTH-Aug Good yea/ tre*, complete Hvtng room set, electrc slove,.ajr condtoner, gas grn, much more. 555 Byron. S. ol Ann Af bor Rd., E. of Man St. PLYMOUTH 2 famne*. Clothng, household, records, msc.. Trors., Aug 15 A Frl, Aug 1« Pne Tree Or. 2 blocks N. of Ann Arbor Rd, between. Sheldon A Canton. PLYMOUTH N Terrtoral, between Rdge A B«ck, Aug , 9-? Snowbkm^r. 4nt)<5u s 1 csolhes, hous«wsr«s. REOFORO. m«ns Suts A slacks,»rt>m«ns. S Exce!!4nt condlt>oo Furnrtura. odds A ends. Thors. - S«l Royal Grand. E. ol Bo»d\N ol Scnoolcrafl Oregon, BeUeen Palmer A REDfORD - movng sa* Glenwood, off Unvtne. -Rfyal Grand, (N. ol 96) Thurs. thru Sat 9-«*Jt»orta- l-0o0<l{6s rom records from 50s thru 60», etc REOfORO Starts Mon. thru vreek Norborne, 8 M!«A Beech OaJy, wall unt, rr.lsc. hcojohow tems, etc No toots K 0 9*7 f. < 4 PLYMOUTH 4 s/rjry gs/ege te. Thvrs. A Frl. 9tm-5pm O.-OfdaJe Ct. WoodXxe North Sub. S. ol Ann Arbor Tr*3. N. ol Ann Arbor Rd.. ecro!4 fr6.t HWop OoM Oourw W!jc.^hous^po!d tems. cmdfonhoys, boot»ab!kes. J REOfORO - Yard sa*. Aug *m-pm Toys, clothes, houx^ofd rtfms A gol ckjbs Otfrc&. 1 M E. ol Beech Oa.y REDFORD Wakenden. H. ol 5, W. ol Bosch. lntw6stng»o!oc- UontAyg.15 A R^Of0R Potnclana.S Of Seven Mle. Eolnkster, Aug , 9-5.1{OvW>oldrn^«. > REOFORO* 3 Famly Yard S*V Wey.-Thura.rFrt Brady. Seven MCo/Orahd RYsr vea. TAYLOR - Antkjuee..cojkxnbtes. msc. Aug Prncess. 3 chvflck,eolwtst»f-..- V --" WESTLANO -. Aug. 16 A 17, 9am- >m. Masefve earty cwdhood safel S ame brand, LVe new dothes. Hgh caajr, ptaypen, etc Sandra, E. ol Farrrngton, Sol Joy. WESTLANO Aug S - 17, 9-5pm. Household; yard A car tems, chars, books, games, clothes (Jr. A pette), holday- stuff, smalt applances Freoblos lor Wds Ravtne; off Joy bef*«en Wayne A Nowburgh WESTLAND- M*C., toy*, ctolhes. grls bodroom set. couch. Tues- Frl Tawas, Wayne/ Wa/renarea. Y/ESTLANO - Movng aaje. Sal, Aug Cor an. N ol Waaen.Ecf Wayne. WESTLANO - Ya/d Sala. Movng, everythng must gol Aug Houehold Goods ~~ Oaklwd-Cftunly ALL FURNTURE Goes lndudl-4 washer A dryer, prced to tod. C»^nVanl Ejcco.-en) ^AJTHA*\ condlon. CJ"; 669-0M2 703 Household Goods Oakland County AREA RUGS (2L 6»9. t. A.11VA 14 ft Muve. 150 both. AW runrvar BAR STOOL8 - pr>o pong lsbe top, rej-»ood p!<n!o labte, chojt U&uu, compact lomg-wator, lawn chajrs, ejt t. ec»"ent cond.on. Csa after 6pm BEAUTFUL CRYSTAL A beajs chsnd6!>r, lot*/ w oy*f & d^lng eoom. B!a<k vroogm ron chandeto< wlh largo cryst* dropj, black shsdss tlnod wth gold ma/bflrad paper. Urtque Vctoran settee, old wkkerchajse BEAUTFUL dwng room»e«, beau lfuj 6 p!ec*j - lab!^, 4 cmrs. 3 tmves, buffsl, Household Goods Oakland County DNlN0 SET. conlcur.porary t-o.c-td roctangur g>ss Jab e. 4 chsts, tx- CC-Tent cc^dl^. J <04 DNNG tsbve (04nshX 6 up-mttored chsjrt; 2 ch;o.t^ A gs4> elsgercs A matchng consote tble; b-ack ktchen tablo A 4 upholj.ertd chaj(»;ml}c. furnture DREXEL tf^lng, pecan, table 44" dameter, 2, 6 chars, caned back, cuce-tenl, DUNCAU PHVFE mahooany laba, 4 chars, cabnet, bufl6t. 2 pece Bav Kt Mng room sel, uprght Grnnel pano. Cas 8am-l0pm bed set. complete, cocktal table, 2 BEDROOM FURNTURE; 3 yr. old bar sloos, washor/dryer. carpetng, Thomajve ter-style < bed waft, queen abe. nalural oak, ahowtoom tonduon new;»1u ssorlfce foe f no «nj»»r leave meswge ext, 465 or BEDROOM SETS 12) - 1 sngle Mn bed set A also 2 Jhrn bad eet. Very-good condton, BUNK BEO Oesk - 50 Wood, goodconartlorv CH-NA HUCH A butfot, bu«bt ckv- ng abe^ cherry Anlah. no c/alre. Panasonc VH3 wmera A VCR comblntteo or «o(d toparatefy...- Pea*«c4)l, V COUCH A LOVESEAT, brown A neutral tones, exuemefy comfortable, CUSTOM, a!,t,or«j ccjc*, formca, 6 ft., Txrffet. other msc. houaeoow Hems OESK- ptcklod oak, acoomodahjs oompuler prnter, pufl oul fle system, pad 600, best offer OjNNQ ROOM SET- 7 beoe. Pecah. ekcotlenl condton DNNG room sel, 7. pece French jxcmndaj, lghted chna cabnet A marble top.crederua^ DNNG ROOM set, Engash Tudor, comer.hutch. Water bed* Antkjue desk, etc DNNG ROOM SET - 4 fabrc cnalra wth aqua/e 45"X87/" long, frultwood tablewth btack smoked glass nserts. Brand new T DHNG"ROOW^ -ThemattUla. -tredf- Uor^J. Rawtessl Chna, buffet. 6 chars A table DO YOU... ESTATE SALE - glass lop ktchen sel, lamps, end SKM. pctures, twn electrc freplace, el? ESTATE SALES BY DEBBE V Houlehotd. Movng. Buy Outs. t tem To Whole House. 20% Foe , EARMNGTON HLLS Werfor. desgn frm warehouse aale. Commerdal.A* resdental ^furnlsh- ng, H-^>tlng f<tures.<b6d.r6om set^ end, tables, mrrors, etc. -Aug. 15, ftan>7pm. Ural nterors nc Orchard Lake, )usl 8. of MUe Q/ME TABLE A 4 chars, elsgere, aofaf-tabte new. Chalra need re-upho!storng. All Drexet Korllage Woodbrla/, 500. Entertalnmeht center, GE WASHER A DRYER.-TOP ol the lne 350. Henredon qulted sofa, PXM A whte. Walnut server ba/ 75. OP. Gympec 1500, bench 60. Treadmll JASPER secretary desk,-.--. wedgewood blue. 350 or best offer KTCHEN set, Bulcner bloc* K* top, t wth leal, chrome trm nght stands, 2 pr UV1NQ ROOM SET, 6 pece, very contemporary, excellent eonduon, Must sefl MATCHNG dresser, desk A njght stand, couch,. computer, desk, dryslnk, standng mrror, stand, moped, 1978 Frebrd, needs engne DNNG ROOM table wth 6 cftaln), Formca" coftee table, end UMe, work, make offer Cghl fxtures, eta MOVNG SALE-Afl fumtture must be DNNG ROOM. table; rectangle, sold Mn condton. Reasonable brand new, fghtgrey. Ca! Laura, offers accepted. t2.mle/northweternarea. behveen MOVNG SALE - bedroom, study. fafnrytoomrrfr«w(r>g A dwng room, furnture, oompuler A TV, Household Gooda Oakland County LANE glas A cfuoma th<; end cornor Ub*, 200. Vanty table/dual, 50. Thomjsv^s bedroom wt, trple drovser wth double mrrors, fxsadbord. trr.e and rcght Stand, 550. Aflor e^>m, LARGE "Pay! Bunyon" style 7 pece Bvtng room sel, good condton, sol- d wood trm, end leblos to match Bror>n/»erth tor*s. 750/besl. Crb A mattresa wt. 65/best LOVESEATS (2) - neutral large floral prnt, cream color polsned cotton, 400/bo!h, MlcroWj-.u, Amena Ra- CvtJ-wy) MOVED from large house to small house. Mus seh. 2 Chnese rugs 9<J2 pad 3,000 eectv2.250 each or 2 for 4, crkmlel Pakstan ka/echl 8x10. pad 6,150. V aecrtnc Also one sze Axl. pa.y2, o MOVNG - MUST SELL Couch A lov6seat 200. End tables A coffee, table t00. Black lacquer bookcese /5. Water bed paraons 1 ckslra (peach) 76. prts bedroom! jet 150. Contemporary dnng room set ba/ stools 50. Mower 150;" Weed wacfcer 50, msc»wn tools. Washor/os dryer 250. v.,, \ 5w MOYNG SALE- FERNOALE. Washer A Dryer, Etc " 39^*65«.... MOVNG 8ALC Fumtture,sofa, 2 cffajr*,- 2 tables, ottoman, wood make, 2 yrs. old, 200. Wetorbed, (uv>d. mrror headboard, drawor pedestal, extras, 500. OeHtng an, targe, 4 blade, 3 speed, reversble wth lght, MOVNG 8ALE - Southhefd Arlngton Ct. Fumfture, dryer, tnd mocs.sal.9-5..orc«j vfust SELL Make me an offer. 27 stereo TV. sks, boots A poles, afze 6, sola table, bar stools, exercse btve PERFECT for studenl fumlshjng apt Contemporary, double steeper sofa, neu1ra)cofora.175, QUEEN SZE bod. matt/ess. box sprng, frame CeH after QUEEN StZE hwe-a-bed. tan corduroy, 78" long,-34" wde. 24" hgh, excertenl condton, REMODELED Sub-zero ade by *9e-2lVt eu. ft. refrgerator; ktchen snk, whle enamel; 30" stove hood; 25 cherry cablnels; garbage "dsposer. Wn separate. WeeXnlghls; SCANDNAVAN FURNTURE. Catalog sales, save bg. Appontjnqnts onfy. weekdays 10am-6pm. BraschAssocaes. - Have so many un-needed tems you dont know what to do? Household Good9 Oakland County MOVNG SALE THuns.c\Fn.,e BalmofeJ, Clarkslon Hegraph N. lo Dlx-e, to Parvlrrrr. fjut passed tha M-15 l-jrntjlo. tabatvsr*; Garr^ table set. player pano, aoc/elarles, bullets, chna cablnsts, queen bed. Empre tf«k, dresser, color TV, rsfrtgerstor, stove. w»-r^jl table, EastsVe chars, ktchen tems, gass-*are, antque ecoewotes, doucng, much rr^orel Worth th* drtre lo hljtorc Clarkston Sales by Hertage. Remodettng 8a!e Travertne dlrjng lebser 2 arm chan, 4 sde chsjrs. *er«w. 1, SEARS dryer. 100, wee-lent condt Lco..3 B*ea. 40 each. 2*4ts of sldng doors, 40, each. 35W669 SECRETARY, pnno room «1*/ server, chw twn We bed, wtte Wood frame, 6tc Cafl bef*4*n toarrntpm, SECTONA., dmmg /00m «t wth rf,lra, hme-a-bed. etoct/k dryer, coovtop, etc v,- SNQER V ; DAL-A-MATtC ZKJ-2AO sewtng rr^clcne. Makes desgns, appflques.vbuonholes, etc Repossessocf.. Pay off l54c«sh ox 6 per month. GUARANTEED - UNtVERSAt SEWNG CENTER J570OWeHwy SOFA 68". Earty Amercan, hounds toolh uphoutery. good condton, SOLO HARDROCK maple 9 pece dnette, SoOd hardroek maple twn bods, box sprng, matt/ess New Ca!-styl«glass/brass dnette, set wth 4 genune leather chars, tor set. Antque record player Stereo epeakers/eawnet Whrlpool. 25;. OH pantng TH0MASV1LLE. Fr4ltwood, FrtltwOOd, 8 pe. dnng room set, 500. Gold sofa bed Wagon Wheel Lane. Kngs Cove Condoa WEOGEWOOO OSBORNE pattern complete servtoe for 8 wth extra*. Never used. 2 trench chars dated excellent condoon. gold qutkjed end Hfc upholstery. Orexel - secretary, cocktal table A commode lamp lable. Cafl after (^ ~ ~M-MH THEN CLASSFED S THE PLACE FOR YOU. 708 Houwhold Good Oakland Coftty Monday, August 12, 1031 O&E TFFANY rypo hn-jro fc.p, le*j*d )**rt A c/**n rr,rb«t/w ul*+» n g*cvr,«.re dee^n. 24" d, ;t*r, e<wtont cond Uo.% J6 *J ***^ WQOUGHTTonfu^^ra/) 0Cv<h. 2 chs-r, 3 tttte* + m*!cfj - >g 36 gshtop rourrd t*t!«a cafe cnas. Afl cotton wshlons. ttgfrt b»fm cok " VM WHou»*hoWGo<Kle Wayne Cowty A ORL8 4-dr&#9<- *W!«df 178. Green plad couch, very cxnlortabe 25. TaWee A «>?»» f^j me en offer APARTMENT 8TPV5. *«**,¾¾ pong l»b«; bsr A cvyer. 637-^005 BEDROOM - double ov«sef wth mw. by DtxJe. m g-smeo ca, 200 Headboard, V BEOROOM SET queer 1¾J pece contemportry, tk# new, 400, CeHaflervpm j»2jt^g2a CANOPY BEDROOM"8ET.Grf ll^ 6-. pleom wth. mattreteej, *00. Goodeortdrton DCRATf-CRfCO*^ *W> ntres* 300. dreeeer/ehanojar <m. Oak fnsh.;, COtlEGEtOUNO? fcrtuk^p soveeeat. end table, coffe*. l»«e, book eheff, 2 recunera. Bost offer. A«or6pm, -.- > «CONTEMPORARY - 2 Mrr**<*. chan, one oak curo cabnet. Awe*-, lent condton; «60FA - Kehtage. perfed condton, CONTEMPORARY; Furnrtuf» frutwood wtjh orental desgn fabrc, 36" hassock to match. Both for condton, 17«.. V l29 couch, 2 chars. 2 end tabtee. good 150, COUCH A toveseat, 40¾ merbtt table, 50; 2 orents rug*, 100 e*. Glass long foyer lable COUCH A Loveeeet. radlonej, off whhe. green A gold. F»a»onaWe. Can after 7pm ; ONNQ ROOM - Country.Frerveh, table, pads, 2 leaves, 6 char*, chna cabnet, buffet, 950/be«t ONlNG SET - Blonde chars, chna cabnet. table GOLD velvet sole, 2 velvet chars, 1 wtng sde char n velvet strpes, curo, pctures, lamps, mnora, plaques, lamp tables, also aeseceo by meror decorator. 8tu/dy ktchen table A 4 chars, ttke new. Draperes tor Jvtng room A JamUy room, electrc blanket - queen tn. Nettle Creek bedspread queen sze. Shefvtng wth mountng strps, desk, weddng gown sue Numerous other ttems Classfed wll fnd a buyer...for your bke, banjo, blender, bed, bnoculars, boat, and leather coat...for your car, camper, clarnet, couch, camera, cat and top hat...for your tent, typewrter,, trumpet, T.V., table, tres, tools, and bar stools...for your stereo, saxophone, scooter, swngset, stove... ( barber &Xccmtrt CLfl66FCD fldyeftt6ng Oakland County Wayne County Rochester/Rochester Hlls DEADLNES 5 P.M. TUESDAV FOB THURSDAY EDTON/5 P.M. FRDAY FOR MONDAY EDTON BUY T. SELL T. FND T CLASSFED 709 Houwrhod^Goode Wayne County CR3 wl-.h-raaboss 115. ks/psn 40, hlcrctltf 25. Thwrr,- drrpts, trvtk pallern. *<»" 50. Tur.tal-!e *60. Sn.spp*, ccctrlc Slarl S^-Ort Wo A V % 3W_ CUPFOAROS. "cou..!)r top. gs» o.en, broker. g4l cootop w/4 large burr»tr».--lltlen More**.*, ell n gc«deond,llefl OltV.NO SET -, srr^ke Oass tsb^. 4 cha^s. mstcwna kwncy shaped tar. 2 stools. W0 ta. or beat cfter. Anlqje kbrery table, rc- Srtlvtl barrel char*. 125 es. tvre cr>n*. s«t of 8. msc.frt EARLY AUEfcCAN Tab-e end 4 cht^s Moss groon t2bra.yedrug. t FUST CLASS home bargan sale All furnshngs by Gormsns, etc. Very.unqje pleoes. AJ Horns avsuable.qesfot sho-*^ OLASSTOP OUTOOOrt table, 42njc76rn dra*u drcsver, 40.. Cha.*r, 25.. Bookcase. 48 rl»*w,26lr>.la!.m CS J4 or HEAVY 30rA4 lo-.-eseat. textured, neutral colors wth ceramc lamp.» LVNO BOOM chajr* (2), brovm leather retf«)or6 be^e velour. Rod fur tounge cha>. 75 lakes all, ajl n AMcor3rton.,53, LOVESEAT (lght brrjftnv bege chav,3monthsojd." C*1. -," NEYy.MAnfESS 4. box sprng, 10 veerwa/ranh/. pad 435, sett best offer., W PERSAN RUGS, twn. «mo>t brand-new. 350/bOlh Cea 4 leave message; REFFOGERATOR HOPONT fl mo. om 450. Pne Paut Bunyoh double bed and 66" dresser 300. Anltoue chorrywood dnng room eet 295 Stove 24" 35. Stove 40" 50.. Everythng n exoeont condton. Can anytme after 6pm, ROLLTOPDESK Exoecent condton SECRETARY. Cherry wood, Tradk llonal fnsh, Sorot) top, urn fnlels, glass doors, maker unknown SOFA, 6\ 2 cushons, mull-eolored prnt, manly coral, avocado 4 gold, excefen condton, SUPER SNGLE water bed. mattress, heater, oak frame. Perfect cohdtoon,tken«w.-7s SWVEL ROCKER wth matchng ottoman, honey, color, 75. Square coffee table, ("sold walnut. 15. Excefen condton THREE pteee rattan Dusty Roe. Char, lovesest 4 ottoman. Excellent condton. Askng 225., TWN POSTER bed, Ethan Allan. Scrofl headboard, broken pedment, urn fwells, Cherry wood, Tradtonal fnsh, lke new r1282 VERTCAL SUNOS, rust detachable materal. Couch, new. Must, eefll NOfy/p m^ VCTORAN Style dwlng fable wth 4 chalra wth 1 matchng counter stools, 2. matchng ehandoners Compuler desk4 hutch. 50. Swtmmmg pool wth all eooos- SOrte», WASHER, DRYER store 4 refrgerator, (matchng). Couch 6 love eeal Cafl after Mttt. For S8l Oakland County ALBERTA SPRUCES 8 R. Tall 15 Tf &s MakeOffer FNAL EXT by Derek Humphry to now avajtable from Hemlock ol Mchgan lor 17. Can JUNGLE GYM, cuslom deluxe wotmanljed. 10 x 12 deck wth clubhouse, slde, cargo net. monkey bar. 2 swngs, rope swng, you move, 2400 or best offer LP COLLECTON. 100 rock & Juz Jbuma, BeeVes. Stone* & many more. Good condton WOOO BURNNG stove complete wth blowers 4 trple w&n ftu WOOD/COAL burnng stove. Vermont castngs, Oefant model, excellent condton, WOODEN STORAOE dosets/skjng doors, work benches, new Corvette oar cover. After 6pm Msc. For Sale Wayne County TWO wndow av condtoners, large bedroom dressers, msc. lows.a n good condton DESGNER orgnals, somethng dfferent, ladng prvacy screens, some for you lo fnsh, others now on sale at my cost OOORWALL 8t1. whle wth screen, good condton bar stools, Eke new. padded seals 6 backs GREENLEE 4 Chcago Bendersppe des up to 4 nches, Motor starters, stjes 1, and msc. electrcal equpment JUKE BOX. Seeburg value Best offer LARGE steel cettnet " nch color TV, 50. Rowng Exercser, 40. Argus C4 camera. 30. Freplace toots, stand, LOGS - 12, 4 hkjh 4 6 wde. 75 delvered wthn 15 mnute radus ol Dearborn. Wn dofver to other areas wth addtonal charge SAW, ta", sabre saw, womans golf dubs, 33Vs records, gas grut. mxer, 7 alumnum ladder SEASONED FREWOOD (Kardwood). 2 cord mnmum. Denvered - 62 per cord TABLE SAW-12 la UTLTY TRALER 4 cover, 5 x 8, exelenl heavy duty 3500 lb. axles 4 30" thjee. Claw wth 2" ban. 10 ph/ llres 4 spare; 600/besl Applances AR CONDTONER - wndow BTU ARCONCHTONER(wlndow) BTU. Excc-*nccrK!lk>nt60., AMANA - washet/ktnrnore gs dryer, good cond.lon.?25/pa-r Evenngs; S7 AMANA 22" Sde by sdo Refrgerator, gold, ecellenl condton ELECTR-C RANGES (3) One gold. 2 green, 75 ech. Asn. 1 whte gas dryer. 45. * ELECTfl!C-stove, fva now, wme. 275., 458-4^21 FRlGDAme. 14 tvt-c rt rergtra tor, alfhond Epol^t cond lon. ^ OE. 16 cvb ft refrgerator. 30T*^ pan gal range Very cond.hon KENMORE20«( rafngfrrator, almond wth bleck L«a front, ko maker,-freerer on-tc^. 2 ye od cash only. After fcn838-0j52 NEW WAUR HSATrn. 40 ga"on. too. or best 652-8«0 PORTABLE ORYER. Kcwnore. 2 yeer od, whle, vjry good condton. 300/bes 355 9MW REFRDGERATOn. S«srs 21 cubc fcmst gc^d sde by-tde. k<-rv«r, ;CO"<<nl condton. )MV offer. Celater5p-m nlf7 r (3TnATo7tl~slov" (sc;- ceenng. eectrlc). Goc-d cond *on, best offer. Cslaher 6pm REf n GERATOR Brand now Ktnmore sde ty-sme; counter top love. Washer, t*g«loctorrs Afl n great cond [Son WAR03 ****** ld<)tt. wmlo, good condton. 100 Alter 6pm WASlT(Vl5mTn<enmor7«0 for both. Exotfencond-ton (P,C,R,V/,G-4D)*5D 712 Applance* SALE Rebu- rtlrjcrelors. e.r. «. COnd.llOWS,»!0,-fcS, rr.<ro«a.6j v TVs. Gjrtlc-c-J 4 rwvt-rod. We ajobjyr;bu c!»teur.l» SouthWd esc6gr«-- r,«d. 6J BEARS uprlc/.l ffrjjer, ma-usldolrcsl <ufJ._ j Y,HnLPO0L {ss dryor, top ol the lw) Exce"o." conaton e43.. vmftlpool wahtr 4 r,<,<, 15. c;ch, range 125, retlgerator or WNOOW ar cora>lor,or, -Sanyo, " 6000 BU. rotary, hermojtalc control. Exce-Ont «713 Bcyc!e& CENTUPJOU t?mto GT, 15 goar lour. Jngt-ke, ecohent cond-ton, 2Tframe, Ce-le.enJngs 454-6W6 f^ehs RAlEGH..12 -spood. 19". frame, eco^fcondton. 100.,. - >.. > 51-84t Busness* -Orlc* Equpment CONTEMPORARY OfFJCE ture Large «e<?jtve desk, tredeh; a.-eeplevs char aftd 2 executve Chal, L-shaped receptonst desk. 1 wood desk. Good condton Mu\T, - sacrfce". Best,- >»-. Salty 63r-3523 or Pea/ ;.; OESK. 6 drawera f fle.drawqr"( Wtf exoeutve Ch»)r. ;.».3«7483?^ DSRAY -- PR0P&FXTURe9AlE V. Ma/mequ-ns..-j (Rootstelns. GrorxVers. Pallnaj) _ Chrstmas decoratons - -, florals. Much much more! - Most n excellent condton Everythng most gol *./ ALL SALES FmlAL.-. Open Mon. thru Sat. 10am-7pm.*. HADLEYARDEN ClawtonCenter - -.«1l65W14mfeRd. (J-jtE. Of Crooks) -! OFFCE FURNTURE. Mus sell - Oosk. crederua. lateral. Ke; desk 4 crederua; desk. Contacts Rchard or RJ,. (313J OFF SET prntng press r ^ OPEN HOUSE^-Sat. 8/"24 9am-12pm- Local leasng company ropossessed equpment. Copters. Faxes, Type--; WTtters. Phone Systems and.more! MustSetCall MotvFrt8am-5pm "* (Bob) 3693 Research Park Dr.. Ann A/bor. 194 W. to Stale St., S. d Research Park Dr. S. ". XEROX 1090 Mvalhon coper, prnt-shop qualty. 92.copes por mnute. Cotsate, staple, reductofv enlargement features. AssumabSe lease or purchase. Susan Computers APPLE"le - montor, dual dsk drve, prnter, desk 6 WordPerfect pro g&m.600, " ArtaE OS MG RAM. color montrs^and prnter Bsud, TANDY 1000-SX - BM compatbly Computer, prnter, 6 color montor.; Software ncluded. Lke now ZENTH SUPER SPORT (3) Lap to? computers, 20MB hard drve, ca»,; excelent condton. 1,000 each.; Caf8-5pm.Mon.-Frl Commercal ndustral Equp. ABOVE GROUND Automotve hy*. druljc hott, Moha«k 6ystem -11,. new askng AR COMPRESSOR -Englow, ga» powered, 5 hp Wsconsn enoln*. excedent condltoh. most soft, 875. Cell after 5pm AVENGER SPRAYER 1¼ hp. SO.ft. hose. 2 lps stea Also Brand New SCAFFOLDNG. 2 slory. lock wheels barg alnt PORTABLE GAS TANK 350 gallon wth batlorypump. Good condton Lawn, Garden, Farm, Snow Equp;. BOLEH RDNG MDWEa 30" blade wth bagger also Jacobsc-rf snowbtower. Both (n good condt- Uon > HONOA 8 5 HP md engne rdng mower, dual bags. HT-R3009. excellent condton JACOBSON lohp tractor»1lh mower, &nowtrro«or, plow, weghts, chans, etc. 650^ Ca.l JOHN DEERE garden tractor. 50, nch mower. 46 nch snow throw or j lke new. towhours , JOHN DEERE lawn tractor, mower? 6 hp. vacuum, blade, blower, or Eve S LAWNMOWER V pub cord, excellent condton. 50. / Buldng Materals. earnwoo0 4BEAMS from earty 1900 barn, great lor fm!-» fyrooms.elc. Can ?. NEW REO COLONAL BRCK brcks. 4 prced. Must sol Specal order over-runl Call Bn at TWO STANLEY 9X? SOCllone{ doors, a.1 hardware. Excolentl Par; 345/b«t. St<r.e , 719 Hfct Tubs, Spas & Pools AQUATC TECHNOLOGES.-. Factory overstock on 1990 com^ plete potsbles. WERE3885.! NOWJ435! ?; 040 SPA SALES 6 SERVCE CUSTOM NSTALLATON - 24 HOUR SERVCE _l OVAL POOL. 15x25. an oqu-pmcr.lf 3 years old, wll After 6pm( X 24 OVAL Doughboy pool.-.a 1 ) accesorles. bko new 500/oeat MujtsellLea^rr.essge, o3 POOLCLOSEOUTS ; ; Ksyak-Lke abo\-e ground swltvnjej pools. Alt ahjrrjnum wth cercotc^ docks and wavnajv Startng,at 3, POOL HEATER wanted, for 16x32 Swmmng pool Or678-24(J POOL SHOE; ten hand cure; 376. Canaler 5pm )62, 720 Flowers-Plants Farm Produce -\ BLUt SPRUCES to Choote from. 4ft.- 6ft. 25 each. 7f1 91t 35 CKh. locudcs dogng 4 tagg. k>g. Order any «-;-vount^froml.t 700 3<SSS5 721 HosptalrMedlcal- ; -^.^SlfPJl^Q. _ * AM 00 3 *^<-M ecttc carm"-.s t-3vo J charocr E«l(k p-d*?r (^ SMt P/((MlS3C(r<o 356 3^C4 CEf.EY - ntd-jj spral, ooct^. Chs 1 / slar lll. M.nt cood-llon Off of hs-jdcsprkkluopmj PORfAOlE COMMODE 6 pat))>4 OMhopodc (ht tor shower. L-*» re*.mat a oler. 538-T35 723_ Jewelry^ rolfxmevs Prosdcn.l (KgoVT? rnonlhsod P-cstcHe 726 Muscal nstruments ANQUE Mucel *»-,trd Pre-1930 _etl^m nstrufno^u OADY GRAND p.svr Mc^t-ch (G»)«;*), Csl atcr 4prn 6*2-57^ BALDWN Psho A t<<kh"7cecel cond" must ol 652-4S93 0Al*D\YlVFtANOS" ^ \ 5lochrXse AH(n<jd«. bon<h. ton ^.»nd nxnng ) M<Wgsn r.l^occrpar.y 54«-}?oo ClAffNtl. Evctlo wood. TrSsr modtj. ncudos cav», good condton. Me use--250" ¾¾ -..

33 /. 6D*(P,C,R,W,Q-5D) O&E Monday, August 12,1991 / 7^ Muscal nstruments / CLmLANOtrombone. ex«ry>l condtlon, cm after 6pm _ *_., CONSOLEPANO, Plays ooo<j end sounds good. Wth, eb«rxj\hjn!^.e/)dr(vo,vvg, (490. > Mlchgen. Pano Co.r-.peny ¾, HAMMONO, &-3 Organ wth less* & Bass rofex cabw. ExceCenl condton.»2500. "47t>1195 = KMBALL ARTST console pano & bench. Ex.oettent oondtlon,»700 or bestoffer, KJMBALL PANO exoetlenl COndV too.» wweal.qftoam swtnger 300, V 477-C922 KfUBELL poum grand pano. n walnut exoefenl condton, Owner* movng.»2 oo.\ m-7433.,- YAMAHAORGAll j 5 Keyboard. e.joe «nt condton, St.rpO.!~, TK» fl OAK SCHOOL PAMO, «*butt nteror."»475 frm. Very good condton., lano\ Wee* console Knabe, lover/sound, bench.jus turvjd, perfect Vr** stydenl.» «PANO Contnental CUM, Uprght Cherry. nclude* bench,»360 Of best p«tv.cejyer 6pm, ; PANO - Kambal console, black lacquer fnsh exceflenl condton.»990, Cal..,/.»41-609«PANO. Story & Clark, penok dark Wood. WOO PANOS WANTED Wo buy Spnets, Consoles cy Grands. Call, ask (or Mr. Howard 427^0040 PLAYER PANO & Bench wth 60 ross, Slory & Clark 1»90.»600. (319) SPNET PANO Cable Nelson, n fjchol fnsh, excellent condton, recer.uylunod.t600. " *2 8TENWAY 79 Grand. Model C professonally rebult 4 refln- shod m black MV. beautful sound. reredeaejc.» VJO darnet exceflenl condton,»135. Please call WE BUY HAMMOND ORGANS Wanted B-3. C-3, A others. Catl, ask for Mr. Howard YAMAHA- 6 ft. Grand Pano, model Q-3. natural walnut hgh gloss Wsh. EjutfJent» M VCR,TV,ttrto >.,-. H-F, Tap* Mckt LVE N WESTLANO? Oont rt* hu FREE Cable TV offer. Get 1 month of 8pectmm Cabas Free, c«a Restrctons may appfy.. ONKYO HOME 8TEREO, CD changer 150 waru,»600 or beat RCA1»ln.TV*225/be*t PANASONC 4 channel tuner, «76. Black Yamaha cutter wth hardshell ease» PANOSONC VDEO camera wtu character generator, Panonc portable vdeo cassette recorder & tuner. Vldlcreft specal effects generator, VJdcraft prooeeamg emphnfter. VWtcrsft detalfer ll mage enhancer, Sony dgtal super mposer, Sony-pcture computer,, color TV ACOC monflor. Pad»6200. s«0»9 for» STEREO, 56 wtth record player and rado. Also 19 black & whte TV wth stnd Sportng Qood Extfclss Equpment CUSTOM QUAL-TEES SPORTSWEAR APPAREL Embrodered ecreen prnted. Team outftters MARCY EM-1 home gym wth free slander, heavy duty 300tb. weght capacty, excellent condton.» ext. 465, after POOL TABLE, custom bum, 9 pece slate, oak turned lege, leather pockels, wth accessores. ExceOenl condton. After 6pm POOL TABLES AH slate, antque, ultra modem, bar stze. Floor model demos Eves Sportng Goods Exercse Equpment NEW GUN SHOP 3-D SUPPLY (Pontlsc-Wttsrford ert-s) Opon Aug 10,11th 9sm-4pm Weekdays f-pm-spm «Cott Anaconda» Otock2145ACP» Slo-Ssuer22J.9mm» W 666, Slak.357 M«g» Con.223 sporler rfle»64999 Mosborg 12 ga. pump» We ca/ry many more products BoraltaAMT-BrowTJng-Bersa Cot-n ter a/ms-lord* M o*s b«r g 8)g-Sau«f-Taurus-Det«rt»o«- Otock-Safart Land-0.&lco-RoMr & more Cass Lake Rd ^across from 300 Bc*1), ; POOL TABLE - freneh fjovv-dal Was, 9 loot, «1500. n, CtUafttpm «? POOL TABLE *; 7 ft. seta wth pngpono lop 4 accessores. C. a^es SCHWNN 6o*fl«-» resstance Vafn- 1nflrhacf*vf.»« V SOLOFLEX axe/csajnaohlne,»675 Of best offer. t-,>,.-<. ; TRAMPOLNE. 14 ft. crcular. -Vh" garvantzsd frame, 100 spcnos wth pad,3yrs,old.»400. > Wonted To Buy ALWAYS BLfYNQ Promotonal model cars, kts, axrlo sales Bterature&magane* ^COCKER 8PANEL PUPS - 6 weeks, eke, champon sred, buff, 1 female 1 mart. After 5pm \.; BASEBALL. footbab, hockey, basketball cards. Any sports momorabtfla. Topp C«Sh.W«trave CASHPAO Old orental rugs, tapestres, top prlospakl WANT TO buy OkJ fshng eous. pemnl kwes, fsh decoys, etc Cefl before after Absolutely Free Runs Mondays Only AS tems offered m ths "AbsoMery Free" column musl f>e exactly tha. "FREE to those respondng. TWs newspaper makes no charge for these fsungs, but re- trlcfj use to resdental. Observer 4 Ecoentrc Newspapers accepts no reeponslbtsty lor actons between ndvdual regardng "Absokrtefy fre*- AAy (Nnft-eommardal ec- -o-y**/, counts onfyl Sorry-nofree pets. - ~ Pease cooperste by placng your "AbsoMefy Free" ad not later than 6PM Thursday for next Mondays pubcatlon.- =! ^r FREE DRT You haul. Also free U/o» shed door, 7x6, as hardware, youptckup.» FREE - FREWOOD, noods spfttlng, about 1 face cord, LARQE TREE n front yard to be cut down 4 hauled away for frewood. n Lrroma MOLDNGS. Knotty pne pfteqng. 4 storm wndows. Must take ajl Cal After 7pm, TRUCK CAP - Gray, fts short bed Ford pk* up. Good condton T<093 WASHER older Sears Kenore, whte, works fne YOUTH BEO. eght wood, good condton Houwhold Pets ADORABLE ROTTWELER PUPS - AKC. shots, avalable now. Excofent btoodlne.» AKC SBERAN Kuskle. female, tan. ahota, bom 6-22,» ANNOUNCNG New pet shop open n WeeUand. Paradse Bay Aquatcs,»497 N. Wayne, al HoOdsy Plaa. Check our»9 cent tropcal fsh sale AUSTRALAN SHEPHERD Female pups. TrL Blue Merfe.» BOSTON BUtL terrors old.»150 each. 6 weeks CA1RM TERRER Puppes, AKC, 6 weeks, females, calf after 6pm WANTEO LOVNG HOME FOR LOVNG BLUE PERSAN CALL CHERL CHNESE SHAR-PE. fawn colored ma!e. AKC. 1 yr. old, pck of a 9 Uter 4 Show qualty,»400 or best Household Pets BASSET PUPPESAKC. chsrr^on t^e, shot>, w&rrr^d, V«l chocked.»350.aft9r12uoon, M DEAGLE PUPPES AKC, 6 wcoks od, Shots 4 r,ornre<j. H*jntJng does Or pets.» B&HOH pup, fems-e, ntodt horr* mmedtety. hot», hous«brc*en. Charr^lon bred,» *36 MUST FND LOYlUG HOME for affectonate orange male c«l. Nwlered, hs* daos, lves outdoors, shots up 10 date CAT» Black 4 wms 2 yr. old neutered max OonUe. To cood home. Can aft or «pm 59 J CHNESE Shsr-pef pup, SaUe male, housebrokan, shots, good Sne.»200 orbesloffar.., 426,4669 CHOV female, AKO, ls*n, excelkwl lanftpermenl movng 200/ best offer to good home COCK-APOO/.8heltle mx 3 moruhjj housebrokon.»shots. great WlthWdS.» J COCKATEL - MUST sol. Hand trajnod ApproxVnsteV -j. yr. old. Cornpelewthcege COCKER PUP3, AKfe, BuffVPrV,» males, 2 lemajes, 6w*aks. Wormed.-wK approved. 93f-556 COCKER PUPS, AKC champ, eked. bu«;color,6weekso(d COCkER 8PANEL puppes, AKC, 3 mles 4 1 female. 6 weeks old, buff -color,»250, e»ch COCKER 8PAHEL8, gorgeous, buff, AKC, caj for pck of the Bter. boys»199. grls» OACHSHUND - AKC, mwelure smoothes. 2 males, 7 wks, shots, great wth kds.»250. Can sfter 890pm DACHSHUNDS AKC long hared mnatures/ 2 male, 2 female, black 4 tan DACHSHUNDS HOME RAJSEO. Puppes and adults. AKC. Al vsrle- Ues. Champon sred stud servce. Terms. Bob AJbrecht DALMATAN PUPPES. AKC. BAER chested, champ sked, famy rased DASHHOUNOS - MW. red. AKC, 9 weeks, 1st shots.»225 6» OOBERMAN MX - spayed smale. 3-^^s^-c4dj-excefler*-wst<h-dOfl.- Kousebroken. To a good home. Owner aflergc GERMAN 8HEPHERO puppes, AKC Regstered, whte, black wth grey»1an.» OANT 8CHNAUZER poppy, 6 months, champon NoodHne. must seb GOLDEN RETREVER puppes, fuj bred. AvaBable Aug. 9. Cal JaneorWes HMALAYAN CATS. 2 Sealpotnte females, 4 months,» year od»100. Al regstered, dedawed. shots. Must secrlnoe-aerces LAB - Chocolate. 3 mo. old male. AKC wth papers, shots 6 cage.»400. Ceave message LAB PUPS - AKC champ efred. OFA, eyes, certfed, chocolate, dewdawed. shots 6 ready «LABRADOR PUPS - AKC, chocolate or black; prce reduced LAB/SHELTE Mtx-Blonde, 6 mo. c4d male. Loves kds. Al shots. To a good home. After 690pm, LARGE. BUNNY cage wtth ray, feeder and water botoe. 2x3x2.» LHASA APSO pups. (3) AKC. Shots, wormed. 10 wks. Great famffy pet. Celsoocl LOVNG CAT; male, neutered, declawed. Free case of cat food. Home work MACAW Scarlet, t&.x*. hand fed. very frlendv. al accessores 6 brd 4500/best MALTESE PUPPES AKC, extra good pedgree, thole, vet checked.»200endup. ", PEKNGESE puppes - fufl blooded, S weeks old. mala 6 lemale, 1st. shots.»150. Cal. after 5pm264-0»l9 PERSAN CAT-2 years <M. declawed, champon nes» PERSAN KmENS. 9 and 4months and adufts, cream and black majes^ CAF, shots Household Pots MATLtRf, k>/^ cat noods good f*me. sld wth (X^M 6!orm. Ct.T Oorcon d»/s, 7.30m- 930pm P>^/r.y GosL f rrpered eme. 1 yev, bsck,»l25.frm. Aflsr 5pm 62^9653 RARE BRAZLAN FLAj 6 mos. vorv Urge, hou»br&ktn, starlng obed- Unt. Hyge,»700/best ? ROTTWEHER AKC. 6 months old. (emate., rr*rtl saenflce.» ROTTWELERS puppes, AKC regstered, good blood Ene, ms.e,»400. female,»950, SHETLAND 811EEP DOG-AKC, sable ma>. 1 yer SHETLANO shospdog pups, AKC, -1?63 cj shots ^ HH-TZU- AKC. adorable pup J, 6 weeks, male 4/0.1^4½. bt&ck/brown 4 whle.»375., HH-TZU A Pood* Puppes mxed, toy. Non-sheddng. Shots. ( (313) SHfH-tZU Pups - AKC. 8 weeks old, shots, gold 4»hfe SHH TZU PUPS - AKC, ouasty toys.guaftnteod, tlnyypes. shots. > Females, al eol«vs «SAMESE KTTENS; potty Ualned. real beautes, healthy, ejectjonele p»enfs v»f25each TALKNG YELLOW Head 4 Moluccan Cockatoo»625, Parakeet par» TWO CATS, whte, come as a par, al shots. Both.fxed. Need a good home WANTEO fenced n dog run.» WELSH TERRER Adorable purebred female pups.»500.b.oeporre WE match homeless BaMers wlh responsble homes. 666^6367 or YORKSHRE - Adorable female, wants lovng home, 6 weeks old,»375.celwana Pet Servces DOG HOUSES " WM buld any sze or 1 fyle you want.»65 6 up. OeBveres avalable. " HORSE-BORDtNG - 6 mm. fr6m -»6. ext 137, da»y turn-out. great pasture, exercse track, stal.+ fed.»95/mo. Cal eves LOVECATS Mature lady wh feed, vst 4 cars tor C tenner.*) for a emal fee. rarmon/lfvona area Horsos, Lvestock Equpment AQHA black geldng. 8 years, 15.2 hands, good confrmaton. stre/mto Commander. Rdes Englsh 4 Westem. Shown Blue Water arcurt 4 4H.»3500. Also Arab/Morgan mare. Good tral horse,» HORSE EQUPMENT oarage sale. Hunter 4 dressage, 1¾ selecton Crspn Ct; West BJoomfled. Aug 15-17th, 9-4, W. of Mlddebeft. N. of Walnut Lake Rd m Fruhauf Farms. NOW BUYNG! G»od ramsy-tyte honos 4 pontes.- CeJ anytme QUARTER HORSE Geldng. 5 years old. healthy 4 sound.»t40o THROUGHBREO MARE 5 yr-okl hands, hunter /Jumper, very fancy.»3,500. Meanle Rec. Vehcles Ffth Wheel Koontry AV generator, ar, mmaculate,» new. askng»15,900, HONDA 1977, ATC whoeer. Far condton, everythng works.»300. CU NEW n 1968 Odyssey 65,»2500/ best. Drt bke, 1989-¾ RM 60 wth Max S full 6 more. 11 too/best Cat or leave message 805 Boat Docks & Marnas WEDONQ DRESS - Hgh style detlgner try UUsa, aba 12-14, very elegant.»700/best offer Boats & Motors ALUMNUM 12boat, Whp Mercury, 1691 rajter, exvas.»775 or best offer. Jeff Come and Meet the Ths Summer. Boblo sland s Open Now Through Labor Day! Sorry, Closed on Tuesdays For more nformaton call (313) or (519) ^ Canada. Dscount Tckets are avalable at your nearest Total Staton, AAABranch Of llces and-tcket Masler Locatons. WN TWO FREE PASSES TO BOBLO SLAND! * Sond your n&rne and address--nclu^.ng your zp code--on.. -_. a postcard addressed to / B0BL08LAND OBSERVER A ECCENTRC NEWSPAPERS Schoocrafl Road Hvon, Ml Please Only One Postcard Per Famly Well mparllally draw names lor w.nrers from your cmcs Wotchypufhomotown newspaper Classfed scc.o^s. where we w.ll prnt wnners names f you fnd your name among moclassfed advertsements, cafl and dam your Boblo sand passes ls as easy as that. Monday wnners must call by 6 p.m. Tuesday. Thursday wnners must call by 5 p.m Frday. Passes w be ma.ed to wnners.. -#b (tuev & Eccentrc" anwnnaw CLfOOntO ADVERTSNG M4-1100O*kl«nd Coonty 8S1^7fO0 W«yn«Couoty» nochostor/rochcser Hllj Mfcrxe^Sv 1» M TV«S0.«fO*1>V»50.«tOt^A,,» f u (Km»0* UOS5H (OKH ALUMNUM 12 ft Fshng boat 6 traler, 9¼ hp gas motor, electrc troclng motor, battery 4 oars. taooflrm AMERCAN NTERNATONAL - 22 ft, 2.9 Jter sea drtve. center console fshng boat. Koden os 101 depth fnder, 4 cannon downrlggers, t>*q John planer boom 6 boards, 5 brownng rods 6 Garca reels, Eagle custom traler, everythng goes.»20,000. Chrs BAYLNER 1986, 14 ft Capr, SOhp.. extras, low hours, super clean, must see.» CANOE, Mch-Craft 17 ft., alumnum, paddes, Ufa preserves, tlkenew,» CANOE - 17" Grumman. axxnlmun. wth safl.» CATALNA ft. swng keel salbost. Traler, motor 4 3 sals.» CHRYSLER 16 ft. Buccaneer sal boat, good eond.-uon, must sell.»6s0orbel C0MPAC, /2. LAe new condton w/cover, man g)b. crusng spwker Jenoa hp, outboard 6 traler.»5500/best. Mus sefll Ask for Bran FABUGLAS trt-hul bowrder. 16f. 70hp outboard, wth roter traler 4 cover.» FOURW1NNS. 1975, 17 FT., wth traler,»0 hp outboard motor, sks 6 SCcesaores.Best offer FOUR WNNS 1989, 201 lberator, excellent condton. 60 hours. 350 musl lee. 119,500. Days 455^5748 FOUR WNNS Horton. 200HP V-6. mboard.out board, loaded, traler.»15, FOUR WNNS Horlon, 140HP nboard/outboard. Excefent cond.tlon,» FOUR WNNS HorUon bow rder. SLX pact age, \ hp. low huurs, excellent condoon, garage k ept.» QLASPAR 16 ft. 6SHP Evtvude.» «?3.6J JOHN BOAT 15 h wth lrs"-er..9.8 mercury motor/gas lank, t/ew^t. depth ttkw, M Mnnkota. rur/jna Bghts, cover. Before 9p-n } LARSON ft, nboard wth canva tcp Ca.1 after4pm.._ « RANKER. 19J6 DECK OOAT, 21 ft. ncludes t-z losder t/«"er, 305 V8. less than 100 hr». Mmy SJtrss. Excerenuond-tlon.» CsR after 6pm;, 6* RNKER W-VFt, 350 W»gnum. 270 fp, sceo-l ondton, wter accessores,» " SALBOAT, 33 ft, futy e^^food. 1 own^r. Mult sefll B«t ofvr. 8J SEA RAY SEAVlltE ft. bowruer, lntx>ard.outbo*r<j. 140 merb. E2 losd lr»"or. nc«r 6nl cond.lon SEARAY ft. bowrdwc nbosrd outt-osrd. M C*r.vS«, k?* hours, mam/««tm. rrmt.mutt se.» or betl SRV 1985, 187- Sent* Monaco, open bow. 200 horse. nbovd/tolbosrd. V6 Mercury <rv»e. E-2 k>9d lrs"er. Mus stll»7500.»7» 5*70 STARCRAFT fcetosd tr»"«r, 60 hp 4 4.» hp EV.vuds, ** houra. many extras, V* n4-*, mujt S««t After 6pm WELLCRAFT 1979;!5 Mercn/>er. V8 260hp. ExceOenl ccydllon. Wlh lrs!»er.»10,000 Or bmt offer WEllCRAFT 1»89*0«tO»Volosded, 49 ft., al electronc msrurr*nt». custom dssh, lew. hrs. wel mantaned Mr. S-nVh, d»)s; MS 867» >.. ^806 Boats K Motors V.ELLCRAFT-1953 Slop tfl V20. V8 4.3 ter More cnfm/, 150 hr. 206 ft cog. 8.0 ft. bevn. CO cson t-^l lnk, M pjs tlrjrj lop, uvsd porta pott/, VF redo, fufl nsl/urrxy.u pj» d*pth SJjge, tocksble cvdjy csbn s.e&ps 2, transom lddv, S«ff dz&y.lng f.berotas cockp.1, gelh-o ms/rsd, * 16,000. Stored n rack 6 tsur<h *4 WNNER/THOMPSON ,Fr/ brdge. Low hours. Boat V»e new. 233 Morcrv<ser, M cerwa. M>JJ see.»6000. A-so 1868 landem Ua»- v eva-fene. After 6pm CHEVROLET ¾ 6 CyCnder, automatc, po*er stcorr*. Uf FT. HEAVY avrrjnum boel V- Haul,» Craftsman Rada) arm saw on stand, very lttle u»ed.» t Vehcle a --,, Boat8torafge, AAA STORAGE Boats. Traftsrs, Truck* Outdoor, wrf-lgfted, secured. eectrtoty BY«f7#b!e. 6acres. ;». Jeffres 4 Telegraph area Motorcycles Mn-Bkes BMW, ld /5 wftf sde car, ^600 org1na7.rnces, < ;,..?. -oreve BMW 197*, ^100-7,^10^^^^^.»2000 or post offer HAflLEY DAVDSON 1990 soft tal ouatom 12O0. two tone ruby red wtth wndsheld.»9-500/best HONOX EUTE Moped. 1JS9 - Black, very good mechancal condton, body far,»400 or best HONOA 1961CB 760 K.» " HONOA 1966 CR2S0 v wel mantaned, exceflenl condnon,»1200/ best offer. condhjon,»1200/ HONOA 1966 Spree, red, great condton,» YAMAHA, 197» 760 Specal w/estres.»800 0fbesl YAMAHA 1882 VRAGO, excesent condton, low mfes,»1500 or best Offer. After 6pm YAMAHA Enduro - Red 6 whfle. low mbes.»3.000 or best offer Motorcycle Parts 4 Servce; HONDA-1977 CB 740 F. Restored. Some assembly requred.» , Campers, Tralers " *~ & Motorhomes - ARSTREAM 1969 ExceQa 1000, travel tralor. 34 ft twn bed. ar, locded,»40,000. -V ARSTREAM, 26 ft., 1963, excellent nslde^ out Rear bath, new draper. kts, electrc Jack, hefudes hftcfu»5.000 or best offer APACHE,.1974, Camper. Hard sdes, sleeps 6, good shape..» CAR TRALER 2 axal wtth electrc brakes, new tres,» COACHMAN ft. mn, Ford 460. low mfes, 2 ars, extras, excellent]»20, DUTCH 8TAR gueen bed, ar condtonng, awnng, must set).» or best EQUPM ENT TRALER - Double axef low boy. 6X16, Beaver tal, ramps, electrc brakes, 11,000 b. capacty. Must sell» FOR RENT Oats A Motorhomes; popups and travel traler*. Welcome hunters. September Specals HOLOAY RAMBLER Afumalfte XL Class A 1966, many optons, excellent condton,»28.000, KT CALEY ft (ravel traler, excellent condlllon, loaded,» Junk Cars Wanted ALL AUTOS 6 TRUCKS >jnk,.fcektd. rurv^. TopCosr. E 6 M Aulo PtrU WAntO fxao OR ALVE Avtps ard TrucS.. 24 hour tc(.v>j \>f> 10»5000. LARfYS TOVLSG 335-T Trucks For 8a!e CHEVROLET S3, fu»y loaded, 3600 m"/9s,» or CHEVY SUBURBAN V8, exotfeo rvortra coodt^n,»875 or bestower /Cartton CHEVY 1972, C20, Carreer spodt, 35Q automaue. very orpondble,»650.or best offer CHEVY H ton pfck-vp wth cap ml, 6 cf, 3 speed, tm/ fmc«ssetje^t ¾ CHEVY «ter.eutomeltc power str*hr»/bfakes. stored, cap. long box.» DAKOTA 1969 LEVV6, automatc ar, loaded, 1o«mB»s.cap.»7968 ".-!. - BRUCE..- ;-. CAMPBELL v Dodge, DAKOTA Power stesryvg 4 brakes,.automatc, am/m stereo, rafy wheels, bedhrv«r. cap/tool box, very low mbes,»6500,, 43^5307 DODGE O-150 1»J7-318.V8,eutOmatJc exeebent condton ml,»5,8o0/besl After 6pm EL CAMNO , 4 barrel, 4 boft mams, headers, street strp turbo 350. handlng package, sunroof, AM/FM cassette. Class B recever, many new parts 4 extras. Hoods some body work and wndsheld.»600. After 5pm FORD RANGER 1990 Low mses. aharp,*7665." FOX HLLS CrVysSer^ Plymouth ;.; FORD DUMP TRUCK eres.. 10 yd.- bed. new motor.»4,600 or best offer. Runs Bte newt FORO 1979 F250 Super Cab, «cythder avtdmatlc. runs good.» FORD; 197», Haff ton, V8, rebum. automatc, AMFM cassette. Good condton.» FORD, 960, pckup, F-150, runs gres. Practcally new kes. Must ten.»750 best. Anytme FORD 1964 * ton pck-up. Ar, cruse, am-fm stereo, V-6. cap.»4500. Cal FORD Flare sde, power brakes/steerng, low mleage, tke new,» FORD 1966 F140 LARtAT 6 Speod, ar condton, cassette, custom cap. low mbes,»6695. Hlnes Park Lncoln-Mercury exl 20V FORO 1968 F-150 XLtkarat. 6 cyl, 5 speed, ar, stereo, tn, crvtse. dual tanks, 2 to choose. - Onfy»7995. Jack DemmBr Ford AFFORDABLE USED CARS FORO 1966 Ranger XT. automatc, am-fm stereo cassette, power steer- STO/brekes,»4800/best. ATlerPrtY FORD 1969 F150 Super Cab, automatc, am-lm. many extras, must sea.»6.500 or best FORD F-150»4000 worth of altar market optons. Sen for M FORf> 1989 FSOXLT-Ladal, mfes, 6 cylnder, 5 speod, cab red 2-lone, loaded, mnt. Glass cap. « Kathy, » FORD 1990 "Super Duty.Dump"»16,990 - FORO X4 Dump,» Jack Oemmer Ford LAYTON Traler, 1965, 25ft, bunk beds, front ktchen, sleeps 6. Excellent,»6000. Cel eves NEW 1991 Starcrafl Pop-up. Mnt) Sleeps 6, deluxe optons.» After 6pm NOMAD 29ft traler, rear bedroom, 1 yr. old Carefree awnng. New carpet. Clean.» FORD 1991 F250 SUPER CAB XLT Otosd, automatc, loaded, 18 m3es.» Jack Ford FORD 1991 RANGER Super cab. alumnum wheels, low mleaoe, toaded.j " PALOMNO 1968 Colt lent tra-ler, steeps 6. Very nce.» POP-UP CAMPER, Sleeps 6. clean, real good condton.» PROWLER 1976, 21ft. sleeps 6, love, refrlg 6 furnace, bathroom 4 fufl awnng. Cal STARCRAFT 1979 traler, 20 ft sleeps 6. very dean, 15 ft awnng, extras.» STARCRAFT ft. Good condton. Must see.» Cal Tues. 6 Thure., After 5pm; STARCRAFT Pop-up camper, sleeps 6. clash, extras,» TrOGA ft motorhome, 12,000 moes, roof ar. cab ar, cruse, tlt, bcycle rack, new 12 fl awnng, also ncludes car tote. Mnt WdftJon.»29, TRALER-4 x 8 utlty, Stake t>4«*. 1 ton capacty.» YELLOWSTONE traler, completely redocorated, cream color exteror wtth mauve 6 teejorm green nteror. ncludes storage shed, Mes, dshes, bedspread etc. Whal you need to move n mmedately. Dock 4 deck ncluded.» Auto & Truck Parts 4 Servce CENTURY 1986.»400 or best offer, forpsn ESCORT PARTS. Leave message FORD, 1974 LTD. lor parts FORO 1960 FARMONT.»100 for parts except engne GOOD YEAR TlRES (4) Eagle VRSO P nch. Brand new.»500/ best offer MARCH TRE CO. Has many good used tres. - 13\ 14". S" Call Ddn MERCURY N 7.1S82 for pans NEW 16 5x pfy vtetfboft on new wheels wth hubcaps» REMANUFACTUnEO ENGNES Complete engnes 6 ahort blocks. - Wa beet anybodys pcel TRANS AM K*«d T for parts or as ts. A9*rPa<k TWO P235/60SR P27J/60SR Vs Road Hugg»r QT t!r»s mounted on Keystov* CtsjJc rrr.j, H50 or best Auto Fnancng ; AUTO LOANS Nothng Down MooVs hr. 820 Autos Wanted ABSOLUTELY HGHEST COllARfAO FOR QUALTY AUTOMOBLES We sot wth conden<*, we t».y»h ntegrty. Ded»e cat.<y fw,<on CAR WANTEO - thesp reavorts- Hon n gocd runnng cond son SLNOR GROuFb^rnglJdwwtS kfpt cers for 0<*r cllmns. Prerer ev.c>tvs!c and er. Pay f«w prce S WANTED. AUT08A.TRUCKS BLL BROWN -USED CARS rt)tr>ovth Rd, Lh-pnta NTERNATONAL 1970 Dumptruck. 10 yvds. rebuel engne, runs Bte new. askng»2, JEEP COMMANCHE 1966Re^dyto work,»3995. FOX HLLS Chrysler-Pr/mouth MAZOA. 1987, B SE package, 5 speed, Ourafner, power steerng. great condton.»4,800/best offv RANGER 1987 XLT, mfes, 5 speed. bedsner. cap, excellent, t5400/best RANGER cyl. 5 speed, stereo cassette, alumnum whoefcs OnryJ2e95 Jack DemmBr Ford AFFORDABLE USED CARS SUBURBAN, SLVERADO H ton. 2 wheel drtve, 9 passenger, tatoste.» Vans AEROSTAR 1966 XL rrtfes, clean, one Owner, no rust, nonsmokera car, now shocks, new brakes, new sprngs. M AEROSTAR 1967 XLT - automatc, lar, stereo cassette, tt. crvse, power wndows 4 locks, 4 captans chars, tu-tone. extra dean and sha/pl. Only 72«5 Jack Demmer Foro* AFFORDABLE USEOCAR AEROSTAR, 1966 XL - Gres condton. 7,000 fvm Days or AEROSTAR, Ar, autorrjtjc, am/m cassette, dark Mue, condton.» AEROSTAR 1989XLT,29.000mSes. FuHy losdsd. Mn condton.»10.»95.rt>esl oher ASTRO Excolonl condbon. 6, Automatc vansmlsson, power steerng 6 brakes, a&rm,»5300 or best oner, Ask forget Or/s Nghts ASTRO Cal 24 hr. recordlno fordetsls. 82S-6456 ASTRO 1990 LT. Losd«d, exc**«m condton, rr.jes CARAVAN 19» SE. V5. edomttlc, sr,. po»fr- wlndoms/lockl..sjn screen, tatlsr tow package,» CHEVY Lur-lna 19-M.APV. Beck; losdtd.csx6»->v 5S4-M-28. or^y CHEVY. 1982, CARGO - 6 cvlsder, eutomslc. po* llewk-vj/brvm. em/lm tltfto dtpy*lb\»1,500. Cs^ sfter Noon COOOE CUSTOM M.hl VAN 1955 fl*sdylolr«v-e,t9»5... FOXHllLS C-Vyser-P^moulh _. "- 3 " 1 OOOGE runs good. *t- «S>mt work vs-v.»5!-0/w 5t S*3-UJ4 DODGE 1915 rk van, M?y k>3j-!-3 T)~e "does ft»;**. Tr c<-rf>» p.-k.-m rcv ch?v Q,Jf1 h <-* rr^h?-nk«auto 4 >* ; 6 bobofrsrrrc^sv-. tv-t fo* Chrrtv e«n\ e.-fo ^- e^ b*vh t*»t.-bcd <or->-««! c>\ rvtt * {*>-{ W.xlK-n, tsck a.t.^-n runn.*.j bosrd & door g.s/d». f^h K«h wa/rsfy a.vsble. csl atx (<>~\ Or w-fatv-njj. CotrvK^ce T*p. 3M6511 FlfnOCLUa \Y^j*vl9MXLT - Av trv/lm, pr-vecy-gatt. fjtdmshc. kx*l4rvm&ood.l2f!-0 C FOR0 1PJ6E-2SO»\«k vsn.»»tc>\ ru.-.t good FORO 1847 EconoTne convwa<on van, runs terrlhc, hljh\ <v m*e», must see to apprecate, a.t lha 900^^*6300/ Vans DODGE 1965 CARAVAN SE 7 pss- *«-.gor. r, 8( ¾. surwccn C-s.l/Jtlwl DCK SCOTT USED CARS GARDEN CTY DODGE 1666 Cere-ran, Speds Edton, ajr, am-fm.»4ce!«rt cork}.uon,»5500 cr best offer FORO 1979 Cube van, low n <a, good condton.»1700/bosl offer FORO 1S64 Con.-erslon van, looks end run good,» » FORO, 1964 E150, 6arcraf1 GT Converson, hft/ loaded, exeecenl condton.»5600/0* FORD, 1964 E150 SUPER VAN Chrome ted bumpor. 6 cylnder automatlo,»e00.,- 344«054 FORO cargo van, rtbuft engne, laddor rack, best offer over « FORD 1865WORK VANS -» Fleet D^partn-<>nt. * ^ FORD, 1966, Cargo Van, utomallc. ert/s bench eal, (2950 or best offer or PM FOR01966 Oub Wagon XLT - loaded, al power,good tres, dual gas tanks.»3500 or best offer OORVETTE l968.convefubl«,»lr, Bose stereos stored wnters. vn6v..10,000 mbes,> 23^ FORD 19»1 VAN 8All AEROSTAR 1991 Automatc, ar., 7 passenger,» E Super Cargo, V6. Loaded,» E passenger, mses,» E1S dubwagon,. XLT.»12,990 Jack Demmer Ford GMC1964 Starcrafl. 6.2 Desel. exoeeent condton,»4000. Cel after 6pm, GMC Safar CargoVan Power wndows, locks, am-fm casserte. Askng»4000/best Cal Jute or GMC 1966, ar, stereo cassette, power door locks, double buckets 4 1 bench, ml» GMC, 1986, SAFAR Mn-van SLE 8 passenger, burgundy color, tat, ar COTKlHlorfng. stereo, excellent condton. Must SeB»7, GMC 1990 Safar 8LE, exoebent condton, loaded wth several custom Optons.»19, GRAND VOYAGER 1990 SE.- V6, automatc, ajr. loaded. Eke hew.»t7.644 Dodge BRUCE CAMPBELL GRAND VOYAGER 1989 SE - V6, automatc, ar. loaded, low mles. J1J.468 BRUCE CAMPBELL Dodge VOYAGER 1987 Automatc, ar condrtlon, mbes. onfy» FOX HLLS OvyjSer-Ptymouth WANTED TO BUY Mn van. Reasonable, need badly. Pay cash. Cal anytme _ Jeops & Other 4-Wreel Drves BLAZER." 1983, K-S-rtverado7 62,000 mles, loaded, garage kept t4400orbest BLAZER Ful sze. V8 950, fuef njocted engne wth overdrve. Saver ado, ful potter, electrc rear wndow, trajlertng package, ar, tnted back glass, am-fm cassette, tft wheel, new brakes, cruse, 34,000 mses, dark blue metaldc, m9e warranty.»19,600. Cal after 6pm BLAZER door, whte, loaded. 15,000 mles,» ftONCO.ll Automatc, rebulrt engne, reboot transmsson. Good condton.»3.30o/bett. Please cal after 4pm S BRONCO. 1986, FORD - FuOHS, exceflenl shape, stereo. CB. 4X4.» BRONCO 1990 Edde Bauor rnnos. *e new,» CHEROKEE X4,.lmted, maroon/gold, great condton, loaded mses,»10,500/best CHEROKEE 1968 Lar ado. 2 door. 4 wheel drve, loaded, must see.» CHEROKEE, 1989, taredo. 4 drve, whte, loaded.»12, CHEVY BLAZER, 1990, 8-10, 4x4, red, loaded, exoeenl condton. best offer CHEVY 1S87 S10 Blazer, 4x4, et/lomatlc. loaded, good condton.» FORO F , 4x4, black, runnng boards, bedsner, excellent cond.tlon,» FORO 1990 Edde Bauer Bronco. black/tan. loaded. Make offer. Cal after 4pm, MC JMMY 1991 SLE - 4x4, bkje, most optons, traler package, GM employee.»15,99s/besl GMC X4 Suburban, comp«tay loaded ncludng raser package, burtfar alarm, runnng boards, *xlepded warranty roed nvles, excefent condton. (12, GRAND WAGONEER x V8, Chjfcoal gray. M power, good oondtkvv» JEEP 1976 CJ, Lots ol new parts. Needs body work. After 6pm JEEP 1565 Laredo, loaded, very. good condton, hard 4 aofl lops. automatc,»4000/best JEEP 1969 Wrangler. ecef«nt condttonrfsoo ^-1)4^10^1(,4^3780 JMMY S-1S SPORT Loaded. 62K, dean nsd* 4 out. new tves.»6,500/negotlab<e PREMEf<1990 E3. loaded, grey on gray, nves, extended waranty«v»nab>e.» RAMCHARGER x4, V8, automatc, ar, low rrjes, fterew. t*644 BRUCE CAMPBELL Dodge 53S SpOftsA mported Cars ACCURA ntegra OS. bsck. ksded. cd psyw. *«ce»ent condton.» or b«t o?jw. 562^926 ACURA LEGEND 1?«7 - t>\*.grry; loaded. etceoenl condfon, survool, letser Seats ACURA 1967 rtegra RS automattc. sr. a.-n-tm c«ss«tl». red/mack nteror. 77,000 rrj.»60> ACURA 1857 NTEGRA- Except 0^11,/1.( ACURA 19S7 NTEGRA LS. k*. su> roof, a.m.lm csrmtla m r «s, J M porte & mported Cars BMr - / SW - Al wf^el dr.e, 4 door nl, k^tfed. lmr.u./.».71.ujq 625-7W2 ZUU W 62«, 29,000 r.>.s, oac<*r bje/na-ry r.tsrlor. extra dean 27,500. Phone T*rry. C CORVETTE 1975, orjvst rr^-j, slortd wnters,» CORVETTE looks sharp, rurj great. Haw tle. sxhsul and mora;» CORVETTE, 1950, Rod/red losther 8-teror, ne«pant, 58,000 msos, Mustaeft. mc/rlng» CORVETTE ML.tjBy loaded, excvlenl condton, stored wnters. (12.600, CORVETTE, 1885, red wth grey n-, toror, automatc, rr^ses, absoluler/mpt tl4/xx>., 477-3S97 CORVETtE 1987-Gasstop, loaded. rod -nsde 4. Oul; Hke, r*« rrvses.4t4-r^u2j 476^4030 CORV TTe-19B7; consarube, m!.» Cal OennJs at, or COftveTTE. 1989,,9.000 ms«*. wnte/oreyleaher nteror, loaded. (23,000..,- v CORVETTE19«9oor*9rtlbe,bt*ck. Exoeflenl condrtloa - Low mleage. «24, CORVETTE 1989-converuMe. trple back. mn, rnlles.» Peger DATSUN, T-top, T owner, beautful condrton, 48,000 mles»4760/best offer FLAT. 1980, SPOER - Convertlbe, hardtop ncluded, too many parts to SO «2.400 Or best MM540 HONDA ACCORD, 1966, OX Hstchbeck, 6 speed, no ar. very wed malhlajrw.t 50,000 m/»4,200. Chrs HONOA CRX S Black. 21,000 mfles. ar, 6 speod. Mnt condrton,» Leave message Sports & mported Cera - _ MHRCEOTs vSEl, "g<>od COnd.lon.Flf»1( MERCEDES CO (cfselx COupsJ Very, v-ryctcen,-wdgd.v poaw roof WftSjvl, Otr.VA 6- cn-^secor.t/cl «3< >» - MO MOGET 19f3, rod convertble,* orclnal mrjs. 4 spr-cd, verygood coryston.»3200, e?9 5754J MlTSUOlSK! 1969 Mjega LS. Ar-J or.8 car, efprorrr.att/ s m-%s, 4 door, ejtorr^.c. ar. yjxdorb<>5l o PORCHE, SC - Vhte w/r Mack. r*w tve, 16" rms, low m*, r>esr mnt.» >7 r*-ts-«porsche Turbo-look Ce-< broel.rod/usck. losd-xl. 37,000.1 ml J..XS fyfj.(32,000., * 914/ 15^00¾ ArUone - car.t », PORSCHE-1985V*. rrr^s.. ktjr.scuata. WS.500. PORSCHE. 19S5, Csrera.; Coupe. GW>rds Red^Vck h.hftr., 2JT.000 rrtles. CtS after 7 PM...;.. -;-..;, ½ PORSCHE >669, ,^4^. 1 Vbfy lemm3>age. r e«.tetvwv coo-lt<) lon, tfkrk blue wth wtvh«,ln.<*or*-»41,500. C*3 between- 3pm-7prr«v.;-. -.,.-> r ;e45-917p- F\E,NA0LT ALLANCE 1483 Ot, "> «xc*!v.t shape jeeds re<>»!r. > Mskeoff*..-, SAAB 1989,COf<VERT3Le-W>-t»,j low mleage. loaded. (19,000 o«, bojt. 651*655 or <2. SCORPO 1989 Tcxng pscv.saj from,»l t Jack Demmer Ford -» TRAJMPH , 1F.5S. 1 Complete cars. f/av a offer f 852 Classc Care BUCK 1975 Electra, 2 door, V3 en-e gne, exc*eenl cond.llon, 1 _O«r<r, low. mleage. B/. appontment, 6BJL- 6am-10pm. No answer, le*v» r«s-" return your cat HONDA 1963 Prelude. 2 door, red, loaded, sunroof, exoecent condton.» HONDA CMC. back to school transportaton, good condton,» HONDA Accord LXJ - 3 door, automatc, ml.»5500. HPNOA, 1987 CMC - 4 door. 5 Spoed. ar;» HONOA1»66CMo«atchback. 5 speed, am-fm stereo, no ar. Can after 6pm." HONOA 1966 CMc, slate grey, crushed velour naror, am-fm stereo, surround sound, less.than mtes on new engne,» TYMEAUTO " HONDA, CRX. S, red, power moorvool, ar, 5 speod. Blaupunkt A74FM cassette, excecent, orgnal owner, mres, Parents great car tor kds.»4, HONOA 1966 Prefude, low mbeage. loaded, 5 spoed, superb condton, superb mantenance, must see to apprecate. Brmngham HONOA 1866 Prelude, - 44,000 moss, stereo, sun roof, loaded, garaged, very sharp. Have co. car now.»5,665. Y/. BmL Eves HONDA Accord, runs greal looks good.»5600 or best ofter. Dsy»332-77«Eves"683*440 HONDA ACCORD LXJ 4 door, whte/burgundy nteror w/ sunroof, stereo 6 equalzer. Loaded, new tres, great condton.»8500 or bestoffer HONDA ACCORD LXJ - 4 door, 5 speed, bsck, m, new tres, alumnum wheels, luggage rack. Excellent.condton.» HONDA. l99qaooord LX Loaded. 4 speed, mles.» LalhrupVlOage HYUNDA 1989 Excel, ful warranty. AM-FM cassette.- 30,000 mles. loaded, hatchback. ( JAGUAR. 1892, XJ Excoftent condrton, ml, flawless nteror, 2 sets of wheels/tkes (wre 4 mag), many extras. Rarefy drh-en. Reasonable. Can MAZOA RX GTU, mmaculate condton, loaded, must son. Oays, Eves, MAZOA 1982 RX-7, Rod. 5 speed CVea/L wfes car. Very Good condton! Best off er MAZOA 1S runs great. good condton. 5 spoed. 4 door.» MAZDA, RX-7 GSL-S1 One of a knd, spedat edton.» Cal Mr. Rob / MAZDA RX-7, sfw blue, automatc, ar, amtm cassette equler. exceoenl condtlo.1.»55o0/best offer. Ta 5pm MAZDA RX7. GSL, dark grey, Metafle wtth maroon nteror. Ar, unroof, al optons, excellent condl- 0or.»4300orbesL MAZOA 1968, RX-7, turbo, extras.»fter4pm MAZOA RX7 - Convertble. beck. gr«y leather, gorgeous, must sacrtftoej frm MAZDA 1969 MX-6, GT turbo. 5 apeed. Jow m3es, bsck, extras.»11, MAZDA SE - automatc. low mbes.»4768 Dodge BRUCE CAMPBELL MAZOA Turbo, whte. anu-kx* brakes, spoler, loaded. 21,000 mbes, e xceftent condton,»10, MAZOA 1990 MX6, black, loaded. ar. stereo, electrc sunroof.» MERCEDES 6ENZ, E. red wtth saddle nteror, mes. mmaculate. ( O MERCEDES BENZ SE. for parts»500 or best offer. Ask for Rathael MERCEOES 1972, 250C. hgm blue, dark blue nteror, AM/FM. 1c,»3600/besl MERCEDES ar. gc-jd COnd-Don, (JOOO/best ofter lake Oron MERCEOES **! Ml, v-s gas. senroof. (6500 F^m Rochester MERCEOES S0SL. god. 2 lops, browrt leather nteror.» Cel ask for Lsa MERCEOES Tmto, Bed, chrome tflm pocksge. suorool. EUast owner n\1*s No runt.» MERCEOES SEL, 4 d.xv. blue. 95,000 m^s, good cond.n,» w;ee»ds)-sonfy. 3J MERKUR 1969 XF14T1 leslhv 5 p«#d. moon, ml«.n.» Jack Demmer ford CAtMLLAC 1978 Q Oorado Bls/rU. Ar Rde, factory alarm, eft power< 425 VS. lornl v.hoo drfre, 2 tone,; "exceflenl cood Hon,» CHEVY 1955 pck-up. 8SV. COT.C plate, t4500/pest offer COMET 1966 CALENTE - 2 doo^ hardtop, 63,000 rr-sjs. 269 V rb. FtestQcod. (2,500 or bos! oher. se-8-3eo3 COUGAR 1977 XR7 - wwe w-x rod nteror, looks tke rk!w «2995 Hlnes Park Ucon-VeCj") ext 201 COUGAR 1979 XR-7. So-jlfK-rn cr. Loaded! xcx>"9ot cortf..lon. B^st offer. lr,h FAT 1972 SPOER, e^s b"-.*, reslored. excehert oor-ton.»17m /59 FORD, 1960, Facon. Wegon actual mfes. 8ks rww»7900 or best offer =4 GTO V/ANTED R«1o<-1 able wlh good exteror 6 rtcrof, 4!. tpooc) transmsson. Csl 6-10pT> Leave m«ss»g> 462S377 LNCOLN 1970 MvkK. low mr^sge. great shape or best Ofler > MERCEDES 1956, 160 SL- VW>. ; good coteclors car, runj good, POftlOP. 125,000 Turn. _. - t (313)694 8JS41" MERCEDES 1963, 220SE, convortl- > bte. 4 sealer, 2 owner, except ( condton, servces rocords, SAVWJ nqures onfy.» MERCURY 1964 Mar sudor, 390 en-1 gxe. body good. nteror except. needs TLC orgnal mros. t Best reasonable offer MERCURY MontPgo. 351» Oc-/ttand m^s. ex-, osceol «3.0M*ott , MUSTANG, jeow hardtop COmpJetefy Org nal. mr.t»7.000 Cal(6-10pm OLOSUOBLE ExM-Gct 455. aulo, ar. power steerng rf bra.ves/»trdows.» J T-BRD orgnal mr«5.l whlterbtack nteror, ecolent,-» THUNOERBlRO 1S52 runj oood^ rra.-vertr» parts M-jStsot lf Amercan Motors, ALLANCE spoed. ar, vory good cond.uon, eeehart tre.-.-spot-; tatlon.( ALLANCE rr.rss manual transn-jsson. grc trahs porljton After ( 49-66^ t; RENAULT ALLAtlCE 1537 OL - - Autorr^tC. powor steorlng/brakcsj m3es.uke no-*, ( Cal after 5pm t5" RENAULT 1963 Al ance. good condton, a/tomslc e!r m^as ( J?0a 856 Buck CENTURY 960 Um;ed V-6. goo<( condton. ( * CENTURY good condton J bestoffer. CaJl after6?m- ; S2 CENTURY 1966 UnVtod, loeded; mt«. cxoc-snt condton»4700. Day Q.Eve ¾ CENTURY Ll.TJled. pc*.,*/. brakes, sloorng,»rvdo-*s. doors ak. tape dock f*- ELECTRA » C«!1 trtlory 3pm (0 ELECTRA T-T)pe. 4 dxr k>adod.g,-estbv.y.» CeSeatyam C61-t025> LESABRE 1??4. 4 door, am 1,-n sc-j eo. ar. 2 extra lrts. vtayl roclj» ¾ E SABRE docx. sr, po*c^ br ak es/s! «r ng Aock flew brax«sn;re.m.-.ll« ^ LESABRE 1959 LMTED - S^s-, whte leather.. fu"y e^upp-ca» \ 33^^25¾ LESABRE CUSTOM - 4 door loaded, N«\y Buo. erctfent cc-dj 1on ml PARK AVENUE. EJ-6 - Ht-* brakes 4 tlrts. e«ccftm cc-rs}-.v^-x ( After 5pm 464-EOC9 PARX A.-enua 1951, Plj!>om ty.^; 7,600 mss, le^thor, rf<-.o;s, lo.l Od. 21,500 Os-jS 649-C-S39 REATTA 9^0Cor.\x\.f«,ttre j r.-tv*dcy;;-c-".»40.c>o?-* 7^.3 RVERA. 19J5. losd-m. Usvr»* t rey lojth^r. Very gx<l corrjl^.n, S2O ^ FUERA?c5" kotj>r"ttp>ts" etce-er.t covt r-.c* p-s rms. 55-> » «Sf Uv.4J >2-Olb] RVERA. tod>. t-ock. f st^o.v.r O/,» ; *.f»1 CvV>"J v.vj.-j ektk fu.voof, r.-t ^.-.-/<- - " « f-f--r>. oo-rl- 4,1e -? 7 SKYHASK. 151* C)".-,<--.-l»K<.. r<fx; l-x^s. u.>«, \c. " >U 1(-1 g->>d cc-r ^ S>3 C-. 1 jd3,s?t<-?;o v ACURA 1S91 l.vogs. S. am-fm <ss«c-t!0,(!r,» <>63S BMW 15M 320t, d«k bvs. K-r.m CSMte.»V.K.vrx-l. E«C*>r( rx»j t^. (44CO.?« EM"WT«S8. ES. R*d. S^tpsc*»*«! mstcuousv <!n, m!-.>»rce trx«d> (12, *5 D.tvTses stst.vdy.wc^t k. s-j^roof.»1 FK~rt*. ABS. C*t p-sone. Very twsen. (*(X). 5S3 91 S CORVET e 19 "j~c-~p+~ lo^s-t Uf-. tvte b»>k. y-ft r 1 *^. n-.-t muhr^fklo.ocor^. f« COfvU TC,"""V76""re 3785^000 mvjt, *<<*>.-1 cr>vt! co. (7,750. Cste-Ov-n CORvTn E7"tTjTcoovw ; t*e. 7r> tkk top, ChSfOe <!>5lh. tt.!;(h S«lte. 4 sp*»d, r». exlr«oevc>.\(19.fxo CORVE1 TE 1990 Covpe, bsck w<th black leather, gts root loaded! 9,500 g«otle m\«s, garaged, never art srrow showroom nw,»24,s\vbesl Boblo sland TCKET WNNERS Jance Nelson 1415 Brlanswny Rochester Hlts Walter Polnat Golfvlcw Lvona Please call tlo promoton department of the Observer & Eccentrc-by 4 p.m. to clam your two free tckets Congratulatons!

34 mmm mm mmmmmm mmmmm wmmwmt^^mm^m^^ *. * - Monday. A j.r/ 1?, 190, OSE (P,C,n,\V,. 6D)*7D t Wl UK m t J vm ese Bukk,R OAL 19*1». Turbo coupo, n. Wsc* bssyty, whts ksth«- ln(«(w, -. rnjtl Ur ss-csnt b«fjs a^.-o box.«flm worfcl,»th tf* (JoOf CkMd, how *flw»sv«know?? H3W..TYM6AUT0 4W-««;R OAL door, tl/v.powsr,1«rlno(t>f«>a4., *.n-hn, rssr <J«rog. ;M5..;- ( «1-3*?! RVHEfA 1980 floysl, t>lu». PsmperwJ. A rxrst ml Asfclod l-jh^tjo,._,-4s-9<h SKYKAWK 19*3, sx* mw,.oood {rsrs^orjsucr,»00 OCb*M >.<}««<.. /4M-MT«.SKYHAWK 19e4 18 W, 6 ScW, >f*w«f «l»»rwj/t)f«x6a, AM/FM, d«-,»y,»rp«r» l ervrfs*. res/ tfsfoo, /{700. /" ; vskyhawk 1*56-svtomstft tk,n- dal Urea, ornpwa ssrvfc* hstory, ; raduoad bom 2,599. Btfs *** oojy j TYMEAUTO 4»5-55W SKYLARK A door, -txostlsrt > condton, Ordnal mbes, power tloarno/tk&ktt, orutss, suto- ; -matlc, ar, am/lm, C«dUK COMVEnTBU.,1987. Mwl S«* lo rsopredas 4 undertland. Drtvw ;.v«rynjoa COUPE DEV11LE Exoaflenl eondtonrt5«ffornl«csr, loaded * tx» offer. «39-9«99 ELDORADO BARRTZ mwngh blue, atanfeaa ateel eunroof, - bood eoocuoon, low mseaoe, loadedj7,990/be»l ELDORADO 19«3. leather, power -everythlno. landau top. Call JuJe W ELDORADO, mflea. dark No*, dark blue leather. Ztobart + pejnl protecooa 17,800. After 8pm EL DORADO COUPE Excel lent condton. ABS, leather, 19,500 or beat Aak for 3efl. day* N^hta 3* hvaeewqoo Every opton. leather, low mbee, Bke new BRUCE CAMPBELL Dodga SE0AN OEV1LLE 1975, 800d COndJtton, 1500 or beat offer YE9TERDAY8 PRCES TODAY! TYMEAUTO " 660Ch«vro(«t BERETTA-1988 OT, V8. 5 apeed. loaded, M power, handlng package,- black, CaSfornla car. W,007orb*et CAMARO. 19*4. Z-29, new engne, pant, lre* brake*, exoelent condtkxv murt eetl. 3,200. Leave me« MO.ChwoM BERETTA 19*8 5 SJWSd. e!r, K!. CAVAUEH 1SS5 2 door, eokse, dslsy wtpsr, stars, custom tntsrfor, rafly wtwsts BEftttTA 1990 STZ, quart low H.Q. maroon, loaded, lorvool, ctsso. l10.h)0ort>c«loff*r CAMARO, 19S3, 128. WhHs. HOM, fuey tosdfto, maw. *5.3W b**tt-ftsr.. 35S-3W CAMARO WBsrfrwtts, 1 OWTX*. V8. )o*d*d, sxostknt - condftjon, nujts«*.*45o0/or.-/ CAMARO. 198«boo, &ack & csy, Moot, automatc, sr, «0.000 m9*s. exoaaeo eorvdnjon CAMAR0.1986*. 2 8, V rale*. CO player, aharpl» «9r-M9tf CAMARO, 1989lflOC-Z - Loaded, aharp, ax«x/»3. 12,000 or t>m offer. Mn Arbor CAMAR0199 J R3 - V8. Wa<*, loadad4more.*l3,000/best. Ca»aJer6pm M CAMARO 1977 Aulomtlc, ar, 31,000 actual mle* tx«new CaS after 7pm CAMERO, 197« ml. loaded. Runs and looka greal 2,( CAPrVCE Ctajato wagon, loaded, 6 psjaenger, rurva oood ^ CAVALER R Automatc, ar. power eteerng and brakee, tn. tereo. low mheege, DCK SCOTT USED. CARS QARDENCTY ; CAVALER R Ml!««, aut> matlc, ar, cassette, one careful owner, HOM Park Lncoln-Mercury ext 201 CAVAUER Z red convertble, loaded, 28,000 moea, 9.900/be«t offer CAVAUER ntoe ahape. manual. rrvmlly hghway jrtles, lrat YptaanU CAVAUER Orgnal owner m3e*, ar, crufae, am/lm ftereo, rear defrost, runa great. 2300/be«t CAVALER 1984, ea power, 4 door moee CAVAUER ,000 hwy. ml. exoebem condton, eunroof or beet offer, muat een CAVAUER, Z24 ConvertJbte- Fuffy loaded, ruatproofed.-exoenent condton, 1 owner. Must eeet 8,600. John after 4pm CAVAUER 1969 staton wagon. V8. power, bfue, aport model, excenenl wxdltlon, CAVAUER RS, ar. caasete, crul»e,-6 speed fun, 35,000 mbee, veryde«n,« OVER-STOCKED! One of the largest OLDSMOBLE NVENTORES ^ AA/ n Mchgan. - ^ ^ 1.9%. P ao T U O P 2,000 GMAC Fnancng Olds Rebate HEW 1991 EGHTY-EGHT ROYAL TT^ 3800 V6, automatc, ar, AWFM stereo, lt wheel, deluxe wheel coves, rtnted glass, pute wpers, ower locks, delogger. (ock # ,495 NEW 1991 CUTLASS SUPREME COUPE Automatc, Vo\ power sleerfng and. brakes, AM/ FM, rear defrost, ar and mucr more. Stock #(042 *13, MCHGAN AYE (1 8* W ot Telegraph! DEARBORN !.*% KPA 24 nooct>fl» ~* mt ;o «. -* - ~ < \. 660 Chevrolet mfsss, from. South Ca/oSfts, r>ew tlr«*. & bsttery. AM/fM cssetts. *1jb0. 42S-«W CAVAllER Automslto. sr, dotl nteror, ends*. AM/fM, power tocm, m8«s,««46snt condton, ; CAVALER 19*8, 2 door.ulomatk;. e^.teroo,and. more) Boc*e!» * oc^soto. Low msea. Asxlno Sated Auto.," CAVAUEft 188» Z24 rxm-srtlble, ma/oon wllrt Wack lop, als/m. tjebart/exoedenl condton, 27,000 ml.-mu»! a8o..»^800/pfst. 626^8844 C6LEeRltY automatc, 6 cfr loder, loaded mkea, hand cont/pta. (rt lor handcapped. Ajtl^ o0. M carl. eto. o»/xjr«. 170/offef.Oac*. - V CELEBRTY - 1*87. loaded v orb«lorf*r CELEBRTY ey». muk) port fl, all power, low muee, pampoced, 4 door, 4 600/bwl. "^ 6*9-029«CELEBRTY 198«4 door, loaded. N«w brake*, Urea. ExoeCenl ooodl- Uon CHEVELLE 1973, low mles. HtUo rust. 275 or best offer., «CHEVETTE 1984, autoroatlc.a m/ fm. good tros and brakee. 76,000 mbes.995/bea CTATON 1981, good condton, 700. or make offer CTATON 1982, Automatc 700 or beat offer. Runs good. Please C«J! CTATON Good condton, low mleage, runs.wod. Mutt aettl Beatoflerl CORSCA 1990, V8,-.cassette, cruse, power locks, tow mfeage. 10,000 or beat offer CORSCA Hatchback, V8. 6 speed, fuffy loaded, ml, 8,000. Can alter 6pm CORSCA 1991 LT 4 <!r, V6. a!r. tlt, cruse, AM/FM cassette, 9789 or assume lease. After 6pm GEO PR1ZM,-1989, LS - Must eeo Ar,. automatc, am/frh cassette, electnc sunroof, 35,000 ml. 8,600. C*3 orgnal owner at OET MORS For your used car or truck. Lcensed bonded dealer w(0 son on eontfgn-" ment or pay cash. Take the hassk* out ol sellng your used car. No charge unless we do the lob. TYMEAUTO «MPALA ExceCent transportetoa 500 or best offer. - Ca» after 5pm MONTE CARLO SS mles, black, t-tops, alarm, power package. + more. 10.5O0/besL After 5pm, leave message CAMARO RS CONVERTBLE V-8, automatc overdrve, ar, stereo cassette, power wndows and locks; cruse, tea). Stock #3650. Was 21,082 NOW 8,839* 1st Tme 860 Chevrolet GEO J950 Prsm, 4 00/, amlrn stwoo, sr ml!«s, royal tan. 8.MO. After Cm» GEO 1990 Storm OS. yocow, sposd, slsctftc sunroof. exososnt corxuoo, « Of LUMllA 1990 Euro. Loadod, new tres 4, brakes.. orgnal o«r>«r. 11,100 or best offer. > LUMHA 1990 EUROSPORT - 4 door, ar. em/tm cassotte. «f-6-e. 10/400. After 6pm. 347-«*3J MAL1BU 19B n 4 door; rvn» good /,/ ^ MOMTE CARLO "". new fcxh&st. Georga xsr. 900 Of b«t offer NOVA Dark bfue,»r.rear wndow defooger, am/fm «ar*o ;-* NOVA <987. exceuont condton, loaded, 5 speed, "..." HOVA-1968, 6 speed. 4 door, power, stereo, mmacufate. Mechancalfypurrfoct3600/best SPRNT 198«2 door hatchback, 6 spe«d, amfm cassette, low mbes. new brakes, excooent condton, After 6pm Chrysler CHRYSUR 1889 LANOAU Mark Cross, leather package, aj power, Lst 24,900, Sale 10,900 FOX HLLS." Ctvyslor-PlYmouth 45S« LASER 198«, XT Turbo, loaded, Nack. leather nteror, excellent condton. B«st offer LEBARON CONVERTBLE 1991 Weft eoulpped, VS. Balance of new warranty, from 14,3*5. FOX HLLS Crryslor-Pymovth LEBARON 1960, eulomauo, everythlftfl-wo<kt. Ar. 0 to or beel ofler LEBARON 1989 GT8.4 door, turbo, 26,000 mles. Monochrome black, loaded, NEW YORKER loaded, new tres, shocks A struts, NEW YORKER, Fuffy loaded. 4 door, wre wheels, orgnal owner. Garaged & exceptonal clean. 14,000, Call 6^9pm YESTERDAYS PRCES TOOAY TYMEAUTO TH AVENUE 1983 leather, sharp, FOX HLLS Chryslor- PtortOutf "YEAR END" CLOSEOUT -x^, 1st Tme Buyer 18, CAVALER RS CONVERTBLE Automatc, V-6,- ar, stereo cassette, tll, cruse, whto wlh whtp trm. Stock #364L. Was 17,112 ^15,495" NOW»15,995* SWTCH TO LARlCHE - NOT KARD TO FND - EASY TO DEAL WTH 40t7fl AT CRESTWOOD YOU CAN LEASE FOR NEW AR CONDTONNG 3.3 LTER V6 50/50 SPLT SEAT FULL SPARE WHTEWALL TRES AM/FM STEREO. Stock # ^ me ou^e abs tan. c 662 ChryV HEW YORKER 1968 Mark Cross Edton, leather, e-.vry op Don, low m!lce BRUCE,-... OAMPBELL Dodge Dodge ARES-196«AulorosUc. ar., power teerlng and brakes, sharp car, DCK SCOTT USED CARS QARDENCTY.,; ASPEN wagon, runs good, J CHAROER 198/ - speed, power steerng & brakes, stereo, good condton, y COLT, good condton, 875. /, - v.*; COLT GT - Gray wvgrey nteror, ml, exoofont."condton. Askng )168 OAYTONA Runs and look* ke newl 1,628. MARK8AUTO OgardenCty DAYTONA Mles, 6 speed rdaytona Speed, btecfc, ood runner, recent tune-up, 2200/besl off er «daytona am/fm. 4 speed, ar, Wl, cruse, runs excellent.2700, OAYTONA 1968 * automatc, ar, loaded BRUCE- CAMPBELL. Dodge ; DODGE e*- 8-Turt>o-Co(v vertwe. Ak. Tape deck, Good coodwoa3000. ; YNA8TY 1968 L V8, automatc, ar. loaded. 598«> BRUCE ^. Dodge CAMPBELL LANCER 1955 Hatchback, afr, cassetle, cruse. Professbnalf/ mantaned. 1, OMN, speed, ejr, am/fm. very oood condton. Must seel 64,000 ml OMN Door, transportaton specal DCK SCOTT USED CARS QARDENCTY > SHADOW speed, turbo, ar, new tres, power wndows & kcks. 2/450, 679-9)42 SHADOW, Btor turbo, power wndows/locks/mrrors, sunroof, ar. 4, HADOW 1989 Turbo, red. loadod. exceoont condton. 1 owner, must sefl «995/c*st SHADOW 1989, S speed, red, excellent condton, 17,000 mdes. 7/70 warranty. 5, SHADOW door, automatc, ar, 25,000 mbes. Must sea. Best offer Eagle PREMER, 1989 E3-39,000 ml., V6, loaded, leather. exceflenl Must sed nowl Only «PREMER 1989 E3, loaded, V6, c»- mate control, «speakers, ESP. mantenance ledger, new tkes, extra clean, hghway ml *« Ford Blackwell Ford Factory Offcal, Cars! Hu ge savngs on 1991 Models Crown Vctora Tempo Escort GT Probe Balance of Factory Warranty NEW CAR ESP AVALABLE BLACKWELL DODGE LESS!! 1991 DODGE DYNASTY jsr 2¾¾ 1 GOOD SELECTON NEW 1991 DODGE CARAVAN Y AR CONDTONNG AUTOMATC POWER STEERNG POWER BRAKES AM/FM STEREO 7 PASSENGER REAR DEFROST MUCH MORE LEASE FOR 249 * * mo. 209 * * LEASE FOR mo. NEW 1991 SHADOW "AMERCA" Stock #22138 AUTOMATC *. AR CONDTONNG POWER STEERNG POWER BRAKES REARDEFROSTER LEASE FOR RECLNNG BUCKETS* m ^#%**- W w mo. Based on 48 mo. cosed end lease w/approved -redt th- c»y " * " tdo rqu-v or cash down payment. Securty depost equals payment founded to the next 25 naer"*" 1 <- K ^ \co- a ;...> r-,se ;*<. ".-p^s nloaor ^c per ml., 60,000 rno ", a- Hon. Opt. to purchase at "as«ft^d at value dete^"^) v n,-sr- \>vf\ tor,-. QM ota fhr rrntpy r>hvr-eo( by 48. K*^. * SC CRESWGOD Ford Rd., Garden Cty t*\vr<twy fvtoe ^\ HowrS, * KH l f «KE J? Oulsdr Drttot 886 Ford CARSNEEOEO LCENSED BONDEO DEALER WU sea on corwgnmenl your car lor more than yeu were of leted for trade-n. CeH for nformaton or cashapprasal TYMEAUTO CLUB WAGON, A6tomst)o, ar. tnted wtndow*, stereo, new Ures ^911 MUSTANG, 19*3 COrrrertlWs OCX, CROVYN VCTORA, 1989 LX. Al optons, premum sound, exceoent 6.0 ter, brown, true spok* whees, condton, 31,000 mle*,. 1-owner. 63,000 mftee, 35«640^6¾ Must»eef 10^ MUSTANG 1969 GT, Ortotnel SduH DEMMER DEALS ; TAURUS 1691 Loaded;., from , taurus 1960 HO from 11.6»;. CROWN VCTORA 1991 LXfrom12.»9..THUNORSRDW13-46 choose, 11,691 THUNOtRBlRO loaded, from 9990 PROBE 199pAutomalkv 5 ar.from TEWP Lc*o>d ESCORT 1991 GT 8991 DEMMER FORD ESCORT WAGON Automat- c. ar condton, cassette, luggage reck. 20,000 mles, Mnes Park Uncoln-Mereury exl.201 ESCORT 1982 wagon, mdes, 4 speed, ar, AM/FM, yery good condton, ESCORT, door hatchback, 4 spood, 550. Call after 6pm ESCORT actual mbes. one owner, 1,2*5. MAfKSAUTO OGardenCtty ESCORT 1964 AM/FM cassette, 4 speed, runs good, mbes ESCORT. 1984, rebum engne. 45,000 mllos. New ck/lch, struts A tres. Runs great ESCORT 16*4- - wnte ml. new part, dean, amfm, runs great, automatc. 260O/t«« ESCORT speed. 2 door, whte, mdes. exceoont condton, removable AM/FM cassette, 1900/best ESCORT 1985½ - 4 door, 4 speed, ar, new tres. excesont condton, 2, ESCORT automatc, tt BRUCE CAMPBELL Dodge ESCORT FuBy loaded. 35 mpg., only at Tym*... 1,199. TYME AUTO ESCORT. 198«, GT - Black, 6 speed, elr, new brakes/bsllery. Prtoed to SO», 1, ESCORT 1989 HATCHBACK,. stereo cassette m9os. Very deanl 1,695. ROBS ESCORT. 198«. 4 door, automatc, stereo, ar, excellent condton, «ESCORT. 1987, automatc, ar, 62,000 mfes, now tres. excerlenl ESCORT 1987 Of 4 speed, e.y. excellent condton, Leave message at ESCORT hatchback, auto- -matc. ar; runs good ESCORT Ar. AM/FM. dean. Good buy! 3,500. Please call ESCORT 1988 GL - tow mles, extended warranty, dean, AM/FM cassette, 4900/bost ESCORT 1968¾ GT, loaded, new accessores, excellent ESCORT, 1988«. GT, 5 speed, new tros. ajr, good condton. Askng 5500 or best ofler ESCORT GT - Good condton, extended warranty, 5,100 or best offer ESCORT 198«GT, black, mses, ar. manual ESCORT-1988 GT, 5 speed, sr. crute. cassette, and bra. Excenent condton S«-8301 ESCORT 1968 LX SutomaUe, ar, loaded BRUCE Dodge CAMPBELL ESCORT door. 4 speed, ar, stereo. A nce carlonr/ Jack Demmer Ford AFFORDABLE USED CARS ESCORT, 1989 GT-Ar, cruse, sm/ fm stereo/cesselte. Excellent condton ESCORT-1989 OT, 5 Speed, sr, amfm. low mles, great condton /6«st fl169 ESCORT, 1989 OT. 5 Speed, whle mles, ar. crwae, premum soond, sunrool 4 more, warranty, excenenl condton. 58S0rT>est. CaH ESCORT-1989 LX/4 door, ar, automatc, power steertno/brakes, amfm stereo w/cas»elte ESCORT 1989 LX Power Steerng; brakes, AM/FM, excellent condton, mles. 3, EXP 1982 automatc, sun roof. LooK and runs extra sharpl 1,039. TYMEAUTO EXP Burgundy, black accent strpe, mag wheels, sun roof, reduced from 2,299 to 7S0...thls week only. TYMEALftO EXP, black whh red nteror, suruool, cruse. 5 peed. 45,000 mles. Must sen. 3, FESrVA speed, ar, tereo cassette, economy PLUS dnty 2795 Jack Dmmer Ford AFf OP.DA6LE USrt CARS OET N THE 90S - Dealer wu sea your car for Ml retal on consgnment. Oont psy unl«ss we do the lobl CsT tor nformstlvn. TYMEAUTO GPANAOA 1978, needs worx. runs, OfWNADA 197* Sjtorr.jte, am/lm rdto, powor stterlnj/orske, ml, g<>od tranrport.tlon, e95/b«st orfor QRAHO MafO;jf» tj New tr«. rtuns good Ctll GHA.HO MARQUS , bvs. 5 0, sr, k>m*d. vsrvoood Condnon. toooo m,; <>», LTO r(jv»l condton, t door, has b*en repsnled LTO 1955 Brougham. V5. gr«y. power ev»rytw.->g, ro rust. sr. rvrs good,»00 or best MUSTASO CONVERTBLE X \t«8.0 automslte. fufl power, or^v orlglnl owner rf,!»e*. trple blsck. 10,900. (lnes P*fk Lncoln-Merc>jry ext 201 MUSTANO 1987 OT convwt th, ds/k shadow fae/llfc-^m, gf»y lealer. remote t>*nn ms«, stored wlnet. ece^enl condonl 10,600. After 7p.-n MUSTANO 1987 X.4 <yt. 5 speed, sfr, stereo csseets, crvje, powerlocks. 0^y24«5 Jack Demmer Ford AFFOROABLEUStOCARS <. 886 Ford MUSTANG, 1971 Black on t4*ck. rebuftt motor & trans, new brakes & patol 34O0/bert Ofler *6«MUSTANG* 1976 GHtA, 60 U* V», MUSTANO 4 speed, 68,000 /r**«, Very c»s«v 4*3-«J17 HJUQ/&H* otter, MUSTANG cyt euoms*), goktarvdajo»food,r00e»b«st -. 72*0754 MU3TANO, 1965, LX, 4**, Ma*, 64,000}nKe*, ar, loaded, gre«4 00¾ <StOft «1-0*» MUSTANG 1664 GT, W*CS\ 4fft#- lent condrton, k*d«d, T ope, c«v phone, alarm, must M - a deal at 520O,Ca4anerpm 471-4««0 MU9TAN Gray. M power, T-tops, very oood condruoa Must se«.5000/wr.;;..- 63«-«203 MUSTANG 1987 U 60. avtomato. sr, 36,000 msm, alarm, soaded. Stored wnters, adult owned, mw condton. 7200; MU3TANO. 1M7 LX ml, P0*«r sleertng a brakes, automallo, 4 cyflnder, ar or beet offer. Call between 6am-330pm.27«-«765 MUSTANG 1666 GT 6.0, Mac*, low ml. loaded, new tres/brakea/tun*- up. CaH Renay after 4pm MUSTANG eulomatto, low mpes. loaded, sunroot MUSTANG 1989 GT, loaded, kjw mdee, alarm, axoeoent condnon. 10^00. CaB after 7pm MUSTANG 1689 GT convertble, loaded mses, stored wvrters. perfect condton, 13,600, MUSTANG. 198«, GT, Convertble, garaged wnters, 3700 mles, 15,100.» MUSTANG 1969 OT, loaded, expatlent condrton, wfth alarm. 12, f87.-e«35 MUSTANG 1689 LX Convertble, excedent condton,.must sacrfce, 9800/best ¾ MUSTANG 1690 GT convertble, 6200 mfles, never saw ran or snow, loaded, leather, 16, MUSTANG, 1660, X- Red convert be, loaded, exoeflent condrton ml. 14, PtNTO, engne, swwythng rebuftl 2000/be«Co4T»r. Vofcswsgen, wfth Baa Kt Best offer. Can after 4^ PROB 1989 X - Beyond loaded. Addtonal features nclude; AM/FM caseette wttrt CO player, sunroof, automatc, ar. power group Package, transferable, extended warranty, deluxe alarm /negotl«b<e. Please leave message SEDAN DEVLLE FULLY EQUPPED 8*3F0fd MUSTANG 1991 BLOWOUT 19»1 OT -. From 11,991. MLWTANQ 1991 Coups -V8, from o.m. -, V, M4J6TAMO 1990 Ccnv*rfM«e - froat 10,990.. MU6TANO 1W - AutomafJo, t4r. amlm0 CpeTAMOl**OT-*«9 DEMMER FORD! MUSTANG Vs, LX. 4 cy*>der,) door, jautorhcto, Mr, eunroof, cower ws-dowsaxfca,. SUMSM entry 8. mora, not 4tfven tt.nlnm, mlntl Vmrmt.9W.OtyK-~ 52JS», ; em.453-3»j0 M08TANO, tw1. Cortvertfcla, 5.0 twr, 0 apeed, 3,000 rrjus. 17,600. ^ ^ PROBt* OT. 1»90. My loaded, 4 y*ar-<0,000 m»«sxlendod warranty, mea f ROeE-1989 LX, loaded, amfm cassette, premum sound, sunroof, excedent condton. 29,000 mfles. fsfoonmt After 5pm, 45W049 PR06C 1990 OL ml, ar, 8 peed, emended warranfy. pant protecton. 11, PROeE OT. loaded. exoebent condnoa 6 spsed, 11,000 or best PROBE 1990 U. V«, e>, low mbes, premum sound, extra dean, extra Kst9.99dV or Beeper TAURUS 198«r 4 door, from orgnal owner, beeuwj condnon. star- O, * and morel Askng MectAuto, TAURUS. 19» - FJ ponrer, excellent oondklcn, 25,000 ml, lght ttt*nlum,e4o0. 476HB0M TAURUS 1989, OL, loaded, excellent condnon, 4 door, Mrgan Ce64 l! TAUR. «85; Wagon. OLTTpSs^ aenger. AMFM cassette, ar, good, low m»es. 10^ T-eR automatc, ful power, 1,495, MARKS AUTO 04 Garden Ctty TEMPO 19*4 OL, ar. slsreo. Oood eoftdftjonl 1,695. -,--- ROBS-638-S547 TEMPO, 1964 OL, 4 door. e-jto. power steerng/brakes, AM-FM rado, reoufl engne TEMPO Runs great, good oondltfon, low mthsj2300. V THUNOERBRO a* power, mbes. newty rebuffl transmsson, 1/yr.- old exhaust, askng <36 Ford T-BlftO 1985 > torgundv, tesrlng/bralss. a^,,v6. Extra sha/pt.»2,7w. Csn ftnsnce anyone wtthoutco-sgno - *- TYXEAUTO «TEMPO auomalk;, s, am- fm sl er eo; low ratos, 1,C 99. TYVEAUTO «TEM PO 1966 OL SJtcmstlc. 4 door," loaded, smfm cassotte, TEMPO 16*8 Ol. new engne. ex-» cfer*ntcomtk>n,2600/besl..--< TEMPO 1989 OL LownSl.w, 4door, suomatk, s3r, am-frt cassstte, power lockl, 6500.Vres, 72t«647 TEWPO WhHe.wtth blue klerlor, rustproofed,.sutomstkx^ loaded exceflcnt " TEMPO door, 22,000mBes,. automatc, a!r, - power steerng/. brakes/jocks/mrrors, a/n-fm <av setts, warranty, 5, THUNDERBRD C. btsckv leather nteror, fully losdod, CO A moon roof, 16, «THUNDERBRD mnt condton, an power optons, no rusl red exlerlor & nteror, 2400, THUNDERBRD SO - tow. mbes, every opton, unjoue must SOOf^ THUNDERBRD, 1989, SC ml., 6 speed, a.1 avausble optons. exoepl leather «moonrool. S yr./ 100,000 warranty. Alarm, ZJeba/ed, pant teslsnt. all mantenance records. 6howroom condnon; 13,000 frm. "" «TOPAZ Oood condjoo. Manual trsnsmssloa Ca3 476^891 TOPAZ manual, black, red nteror, mnt condton, very dean, mvsl see «TORNO ELTE Tennessee car. - Good trsnsportaton. runs good. 600or best offer Lncoln 0 Mak fv.-t efy Seres, 4 wfoel dscs, whte over blue, 400 engne, loathor, MlcheUrt tres, over-all good condton, ^ CONT1NEMTAL, low mleage, no rust, fufly loaded, new tres, mufflor brakes. 4, MARK V, 196«- Whle, low mfles. dean. BBS wheels. 8,300, MARK V 1990 SC - Loaded, alarm. JVL sound. 11 months dd, 18,000 mbos. Movng, most son. l7.6o0/best offer Ptoasec&BTerry al Or33«-5310 MARK V 1990 LSC Btsck tosdo<j, from, Jack Dommer Ford REBATE Now Avalable! Your Cadllac Alternatve!! HERTAGE (m) ^sy. Fort Street, Southgate 28M LUHUm o 1. PEKXSYVAMA ^-- r 3 1 /2 Mle South of Eureka SUMMER SAVNGS EXPRESS SALE ENDS AUGUST 13th - ALL CARS & TRUCKS ** N STOCK ARE 100 UNDER NVOCE!! 1991 MAZDA MPV 1991 MAZDA B-2200 PCKUP 6.cylnder, ar, cold packago, power wndows and locks, crulso, tlt wheel, AM/FM cassette," alumnum wheels. Stock # Stock ft A great truck at a great prco!, 8230* DEMO SALE 8 AVALABLE!! *PuS tt. t 1 * -3r*" *r. nvo/c* t-^; rv,-.-4?v y< VJ-"*** **+ h- 1tAc-^*""v Lvona nc Plymouth Road Lvona.-1 (,ct.vy. -. ryco. T^VZ * Ur.c todtcr lmn (j< Allows vttt J909 SALE EN06 AUGUST 13th -. AU CARS & TRUCKS N STOCK ARE 100 UNDER NVOCE!!* 1991 VOLKSWAGEN GOLF.*!05 ^ 5 speed, AM/FM car,souo, ar condtonng and mnro * * 1991 VOLKSWAGEN FOX, Stock // tfZWS- AM/FM cassette, tnted glass, heavv duly coolng and electrcal. 7602** DEMO SALE 8 AVALABLE l/tska loll \Hhrtn hon b«l s^rsrt*!^ K!Hm#nt»M fs r-?l ret \nk< col lo <f«^«f. "Plu n. l4, hcvmh 1»4 >% h»«<n«. Aff lt»w«fklt f rcert^e atj-c lo (ttt. LVONA VOLKSWAGEN \\m pymou Lvona l

35 mmmummmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;j 6D*(P.C,n,W.GV0) "e72j.l>co4f COmNHTAL 1M1 lmv..t fc> tl. Hlvea P*fV Ur.vfrfr-. Mercery 453 2<2-l *«cojrwthtac 8*a"4 5»~A Wlf, ds.-nlh.54*. CONTlNEKfAU 1M» SttNATurf.3. feorolto^m.....,,. j Jack Dwnm«r f-ord 721-6WO TOWN CAB 1*45 - Every opl^,»zc*»k.1.62,000 rrj Ctrrtr^. _ <??*C> Jack Demner Ford 72f6560 #4 Mfcury COOOAH 1978, e«*4ent runtfng c4f,c*mtt»f4*/«^.**&,._ COOQAft. «87. W, Mf/ loaded, a*ceoen< condton, 00, 44,000.. msee. 7,000 or beet offer COOOAR LS He he* Before 6fn *nef6pm COUOAB rrvtee. bed- ad. moorvoo, eoeoft W*l roof, W-4S28 ORAHO MARQU Lfl B*ck, {oaded mjee, 10.. r^\ QRANO MARQWS, 1»«. t8. A-1 eondvon. No njrt. Orty ORANO MARQUS Or*Y. Fvty loaded, cood conaton ctf after 6eJ> ORAHO MABOUS3 19M, preferred eaupntnt package, neeed WvdWtM. l/ejter pecfege, eeovrtty rr»t«m. OrWrvel owner, woef-enl -CondNon, 4>00 m."*», /4 Mercury OSE Monday, August 12,1991 t.octnm**. Kl-yhM. j M2- t2 "OR/JO MAROL-.3 1>50 13, ere/ M.0O0(rAM.»t1>>). 421-!s/o 74 M«rcury UtX-1J2. Mom&JC vn r*jv> TOWH CAfT Vert*; t Co.-,dV^d, 74.O0O t»v r/.tc*, Don rrsee, Wrt* t*j4. TaJf cv^j-.v.»«o0 (A b««o«*f. jtofr^f.1.«at ess-lea? «5O0/r*flOl!t«. 7S1-S486 PflAMT 1*33 Eco-xo/, taj ton nftt,»<j«5.»87». MMS^ 427-2M9 TOPAZ to***} Gr Wt OELTA « Rc,C<J, 4 door, tt. LYOC.JSM M.tfJ>x»c, wcoo mr^ e^v.!orj ^mo^v TO/H CAR. 19*6. e*or.*fc*e Cerlee, porfw k>;k», tr, e- ra»!j,oo. FOX HLLS OfW. SOOd cood5!on ».f. fltfl.n <»M*J#, n>* mjff^ ft , "- 4^3534 CfJ-jj^F/.r.OuUl gg/.yw /6 tf akw. fdc*my hsd -jh»», OJM ftr»«t.<240o/b< TOPAZ 1637 ohoot ovntt. eolorrjllo. a!f tor^jrtct. <<cj ZtSGO rft ,, 8* FRE7(ZA 1855 H-Otack, f>0*»r TOWH CAfl " wfje, r *// cjolh.eoruvj & U»>t», e-v, AM-^U e.w- u.satkce ^"ftlflh/pr.y^ valvs1<x*. My loaded. (rt.1 corv UH5C -1W <SooVo-4«l.«CO T Atoo rnnee,. r-c-udee 4/ >f+m. H. «xc4!«ot COfvSKoft, Hr*» PwkLtxo?(>M*fOjry CK». -, M.OCOM, <,-1s *f\ 201 FlRENZA Autefseo, V4, 2.gSoKtl^,-, " doc*, 1¾. *m" m CMKH. tv.v&of, FOX HLLS- " TOWN CAH 1969 onkw»nprt-" MAROUtS 18 1»» R6«4/ to l/v*. ZEPHYR t97». futlon *J«on, M flood *f.»p».v!oo. ^ CTvys*r-P?/moutA vta. Florda wnley. WNWejt/a*. M»?3. nvshe»-5>j.c*5»nw8pm , * " ""TJORECASH SUNDAHC (^0.^11¾. ev, J<,Sx)fr>»*^»H.»0-, 2S-4429 "1, ~ t.11 M^W! M" FOX HLLS, FORYOynWEpCAW v»d,h*r.lm.446s. 40VYNCAR » mte*. curtat^fmovm\ ; NUsn Hc«r,«}, borkjod,.(r.»uf*d d»>er ; BROCf..-.»;. k»4lher, «M *** norfd car,.no wf *t on cor,!g6t*r.l C*a lor } 4JH740 L MMtTt /HM4, tEKTAA, SPORT COUPESE nlo/rmlvx}, r?. CAMPBELL! ; MAROU13, 197». (»t«jsj, V.1ert<y» Bxtetv* v»\<a. frjwoor. He,-TYMEAUTO 45W»5 Dod3< TOWN CAA m- OEO v/neae.. tutrx tm^n. 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Hloca P»A Unoo!.vM</eury *11201 YEAR END CLOSEOUT N PROGRESS 4.3 V6, 5 spoed overdrlvo, ar, Tahoe package, deep tnted glass, -tlt steerng, delay wpers, slereo cassette, P205/75 R15 whte letter tres, black. Stock #T7461. Was 16,131 _«"" REBATE «1000 GM employees and qualfyng famly save ah addtonal 7821 WtfWUR 18½»j?.J» HPA k.»v..v W.tVx, wwjl, o/w»^f.t CO.-^,-.-X, UXO.lUt MERXUn. 19«3. Xft<(l, 52,000 rr-.*.», to;.*>j, kj^^ tr^.ortof, r.»t- <- eo.», 9, »v-> OPA^MAMa7r«jr»57"O SAELE, \»7, S - lo*rrj«, lc4-»<j ttt. 1 ) mol op;c*j oul «o^t*. Mutl»oa. 63K310 GRAND MjrQ./» 1« ABLE 1937 Weoon LE, M ectk>rj, rrlu. fv-r/ \C*C#). 1 ttv?/ fr^rs»<j vcxycu-v* n&ty Ctf, "- V*y 00>J COfrJ/J-JO. N«r«-Sf Ua<.«rt/(< " *Mv.%.JWO M78 -- TOPAZ , 4 doo/. VAoerAtc, 1^. AM7-M tsjcl!*, 01/.»». c«y, N0W 13j899 SWTCH TO LARCHE - NOT HARD TO FND - EASY TO DEAL WTH ^3a L0uLaRche 96M flfwwwth B d, Pfynwrtf.fljs Ux. r^tnt*. n*l reoa!» ut tm«buycr»-aj.v,-<«fc\«f««.amor DOfUn «44-11» fjarnettpqmttac/klssah fftssak , ZX 2 X 2. lotd- M. 8f«y, 6ood ^^fld¾!on. Cl otf»^; PA8AR T top. 49,000 msw, flood cofto^uon, Oldmobllo CALAS 19e«OrtM SucrtrtS*, 2 tfoo/. S tpowj. teamed,39,000 m»o»,»v«hew CJERA 1945, 4 door, tdr, po*«f door-kxal mfos, excatonl coo*tk)rt.m,too ?! OERA door. 4 cydvj«r, 8ABLE l6*dod. k?«m3«. to«5ed. «xc*llerm»hp», wlr«fr0mlf.99l wt*ejj, Jack Demmer Ford CUSTOM CRUDER p*w«v ow. loaded, noacertl AjnrJrtfl rjf>goo<v condrborv, 94,000 ml, 2« " CUTAS Sopcenw - reooft VKh**, tt, eruf*». povret teertno/ bf»xm,am/fm,14s0. 3S4-7^«CUTLASS 1943 S^x-tmo. po*w Hl»vtofl-.bftka». tm-ta-tl«aq. l3007bojt"cflor.afl9f CVTASS 1944 Cky«. 4 door, tt, 62,000 mrm. mfls».»f kl power, exoofleol eood-too rdelta ^ Cootwltte - Rum est, mull sol B«M offer. CSJ)OY«CsJ) ove nlghlt DaTA 4» door. Hf, or^.1*! owntr, «oe(l«r>l «yyffvw, 1«)0/ oosl ofler. At» w4 30pm. 437-S»j DELTA ^ Mos. rufu flood. l.coo Oldmobll» Scopo, k>*}>.-1, CurASS SSjTa ~V6."f."K-r X t.v.o&f>). lv«ntw. S79S8 efyce." CAMPBELL SflKO StLTAM 1914^^^^0^7^. 2 <!c<y, M K/oM- "> r-** t3!t«rv 6 U*V0». C«1v-.l,5,eO «; DELTA *e3, 1S9 P^yl* ErOu.>-*-v 4 Door, k>j<5«1, >tr/ c!c*n. o«* t!f&4. Rvr.J H/CV^. 3^03. Ct3 J-n (eve!) 4J1-02JJ DELTA J8, w»j W/po*J a)LH6uEnE Old* compsny c*», tourlr^ ttda va fjmun*, te»n>or,power wlndowt, povt«t door look*. 8 w»/ «*al *m/ fjn ttt*o */0 c*»5«<l», eleouo f»*r d*?ogo4r,- CA/SO «of.t/o(. flocls SX , BRAVADA 040¾ eomcany oar, tostfur.ewclrt U\rtr%rr>«l panel, ftafler lowng paccefrt. SWdr 0X ,695. CHARNOCKOLD MlehlgtrtAv* EOock. WMt of T«4«ortph OLDS ^98,1987 R«fl«ocy Brovohm lo*d4d. Ero«6*nl condluon, ccrrru lop, tet?*r, REQE7CY 1946 Brouflf*m - 10«ded. Or«y. WW* c«r. Exe«6«n» cooot- oa400. Cl* REOEWY 1944 BrougTm. t.000 m»w TORONAOO 19«69,000 mt**, exv«d««n, n*w exhaust, t^o»3«nt COOd-ton,4800/ot1er. 2oO-3S Plymouth ACCA!M 1990 A(/.om*Ue tt eorttftoo. rwo urrrtf ly, FOX HLLS Cftrysot-PhTTKxJth HOR1ZOH 1S35-4 door, twomtuc. «V,»ter«o, LASER X Tuoo.- A op- UOft*. r*» lre*. Good COTKJ.UOO, 1,299, RET1AHT L6, ,tr4tt, 2.2 ter*. e./tom«0c. povttr.e<rt>a/ btxtx, rr^f, a,a-1hetl C e2 "Subarus Cost Less n Ann Arbor". Lowest Prce Best Servce Best Sefecton "WE BEAT ALL f-99 ANN ARBOR SUBARU AND USED CARS 4255 Jackson Rd /d Plymouth KOf.W U-37. r,;-.«lj, L".;r/ & c>/ch. 5 tfwtj.. c;-5. 4->>d c>>< "cl, %V/>. C-st 6,c../^ a «.**..;.-,<» CO 4114 T(6vz6>T,v*^bL~4!7t?^~<, trr, t,- rtc!o, tv. U/ w!^;*. C-jd/ tl e*-**-;l c-.^.->>. r7co. Ak 1-¾ Mr/A/-JOf J<n lasrrlfjwts^fjtc--f-x.t o-jrdt CM, t<lm, 15,0¾ r-.», 10, S S32 FJTllAHT~»1«rTtfco^ vart&xd wawvo, 1 CO cr TUR ; 5MO. U34. S-jnrool. *j1«njtfc,!«reo.r^jr tvu. rv»t <o0<6d. thvp- Mult t« Fontac BQNSEV1LLE 1939 U. rr*01wn erl/aray, (o*s«d. E*ot->»ol cor3ltk<v m!e» CsJ, MooFll, BOfNEVlLlE 1949 E Wm,»>, tjt. crut»«, c«m«tf», mw, 19»00_ Aner 6pm BONMEV1U.E. 1*44 SSE ml n*n Bee*. «xc*0«rtt oondton M Or» BONNEYLLE 1989 LE. Waok mse*. cao«4anl coodklon, ^4144 ewnevlle, 194», LE. Ar, 191. orva*, o*5m<(*, low m?o», v«ry c*4n,m*k*orr«r BOHHEVALE 1969 SSE. red, «oe«- lenll F->1«oded -warranty, turvoof. «frt, 12,500.»«! F1ERO LE 1885 Automatc, ar. erulm, UL power»lndow* «nd lodu. easett*. low mseao* DCK SCOTT USED CARS QARDEMCfTY J] fl0.19a4.0lt Red, ula 1,600, CaJ «7tor 4pm HERO 1844 SE - 4 ep«*d, wn-#, «*lom wf>«eu, dean, F1ERO 1943 SE. U optloot 4- moon roof. Cvto Rtl«red eporta carl ChaaplTYMEAUTO HERO.1944, rtd.w^sa car, 37,000 rrde*. never brvv washed, new UfOV4O0O f ERO 1966 SE 2 M 4, flow.loeded. T lop»,aarm, mdca. E*«*- Kr,Jcood«)on,4500.» FtAESRO Else*, eutomette,, mag. dean, rut»h*n>..400 OJT ba/ral (<416 f RE6;R0 16-S3 - FVert^t /ed. vory Jow mve». radal Urw, 799 down U-woeUy. Z«/o rterto!, tns orr/. TrMEAOTO FORMULA V* automata, flood corxston, rrlw. o«st offer GRANOAM t>oejon1 condtton /b«l ofter. " GRAND AM 1964 LE mtos, power leertoo/txakea, V6, td. crulae, 4,000. After 3pm QRAHO AM 1966 SE. «cysnder, loeded, or eat condtuon, bbok A flo«,5200/betl ORAXO AM, door, loeded. *4j><rWy mantaned. 4760, Daya Evee OAAMO AM automatc, 2 door, a* power, mnt eorxlvon, ftoeewood. 4* CRAHO AJ4,1990. E - 4 C-Cnder, 6 peed, 2 door, power brtxea/etaer- ng. a.7. tm/tm tered s*ete.»rh. u.e *«.! «por1. *^««J- 32,000 ml Excefer.l OOnd.S<«\ 8,900.. Oay Ev«a; ORANO AM 1990 SE Coop*. Oued 4. btadt Wh tan. M power m0e«.10^ ORAHO PRTX tpeed, ar, urvoo. A-1 eond.uoa MJ? es C*S GRAO PRX Enflto need* work Toyol-a _ -. CfLlCA W-At-S/.*, w/kttfo 11 v>j.» >,u-d Crf. >ry Oun, \l La 10d to 7^ V ^»c«-vf4 b/ Fr A-jg. 15, 1/)1. Ctl Mr. e^e/. *>/ds,» 9T. - tyx frs-locoe»t J4.Kolad{V. -r ~ TtCtfVCK. TERCEL S^RA"T«0~e^«<>S. T*7taT«p* * f<,-.v t/ myvx. Urt Kl/. 3Sv6. bd y} n\*l trr^-jcjtte. HJVJ P/1< U-KO-MMC-jr/ 20, ) e*t.20t m Toyota COr.OLlA 1J4-5 - t/co.wl cor>3!. t-on, po>.jt.tssq. tf,».</«ctts.»jtvr-j<, 63.0CO m!!}». t&jo REASON W4 Vo!k*wcjon eeatle 1K3 n food ahjpe. Alo 13710jg^pf1». 6* OT «t4 V^e. ex&6"«*t cofdtjon, tlr ov&to-r-g. ajxng, *!-»*»* f.-»-«y 3 * *r, r ^ >f tj fnmfchta «* *> r ^ 4 V&^^gtL JElFA; U-SJ.GO.Tdoor, 6 tt-x,- tlhvoof, 90,000 D/.o-nt cofv.tjon. fc/^ cw. t.oco cf pj-j lo* pay ofljwtr S. 648-(87 SUPtR EEErLE1971. SX-d tod/ f/ejft Pdrt. dv* art&n, rw4 ooo<j * ^ M AK K BETTER 1) -More car for your money 2) - Best selecton n town 3)- Best performng cars HERE ARE JUST * FEW EXAMPLES; 1985 HONDA PRELUDE Automatc, ar, red, sunroof. ^ FORD TEMPO CAMAROLT Automatc, ar, V8, full power or A 1989BERETTA Automatc, ar, V6, full power. sasa 1991 GAM ARORS " Automatc, ar, ultra blue GEO METRO 20,000 mes, ver> affordable MCHGAN AVE. WAYNE, MCHGAN 1 2 Blocks East of Wayne Road 1987 RAM CHARGER t>e4x4 Automatc/ar.._ LDSMOBLC CUTLASS CERA Great value FORD F-250 SUPER CAB Automatc and ar. 25, Years of Servce n the Same Locaton V-s FEATURNG U of M BASKETBALL COACH STEVE FSHERS DEMO!! The Sae of *;s vehcle wll bo granted to the (rsl tc^c-zt t ys- so get here early! UP TO s N REBATES OR 2.9% A.P.R. Fnancng Avalable on Selected Models. ttldooge 8HAD0W CONVBVTBE WAS 15,942 NOW M2.461* leqa f*«m» ortr*. Kf.H PaX fnm "l991 DODGE" DAYTONA ES V-6, automatc, pop. equp, pkg. WAS 14,381 NOW 11,773 ttcontbkx 2 9\ APR" 6A. fp>x4 V**».»y«d P»»>n LO/JAXK* " Free Tank of G*s wth Every New Cor Purchase [TfoTrWV&«5p*V [»_p n Utr<* Opw TMjp_ft 1991 DODGE COLT "Equpped Not Strpped" WAS 9103 NOW 7074* 7871 S T DODGE SPRT Customer pr^fvm6 pkfl 22D. WAS 13,217 HOW 10,674* 1991 DODGE DYNASTY AS 15,775 NOW 11,769* J15W of 2 r- A P ft S;«.#Ms?3 "" 99TDODGE"" CARAVAN 7 passenger seat. WAS 14,349., NOW 12,30* tw\kp»- >n---o(?9\ APH. ma rm j v> «>«_ DckStott T D0Df OUT OF TOWN CALLS ACCEPTED MH 1991 DODGE MONACO "Loaded" WAS 15,954 NOW 1991 DODGE OAKOTA CLUB CAB -.-4 V6, a>utcmrmrhc. WAS 13,430 NOW»10,925* 1,0«HaUe. at f\»»»»-?*. <N4W) 7 lul ls«. l.j. d»-,.;.»v.j.-> Rcbtte /t>^e.l to d*.v«r. Pc(v.-*» hc.n1 rjy rot rr»>0!cr flct..-.!m<>-. "2 9X «/3.«Vfl tor of) fpor.m No Reasonable Otter R«futedl 604 ANN ARBOR RO. (H Ml. Of 275) HUMOUTM ^ ORAHO PRTX V6. 4-jtomjtc. ar. loaded, tow n-jea, F>e new. 784«BRUCE. V CAMPBELL Dodge ORAHO PRX 1990 SE. %+*», l04lr>er»041». loaded, dve pl«>ar, ej.«4- lentcon*0on, 12^ J2O , 2 door. 5 *p*4aj!tc< wtthtereo.l POKT1AC STE - >,y mneege, run* wel. new t/a.*tvtu»- tloryjrea- )900. Eve* POMTUC nteror, erterlor good. Femlry car Mocnanlcal?/aound POWTAC door.»2200 or test ottor )5 PONTtAC 6.J LE mtle*. very clean. 4,600 or beatofter POJTAC 6000, door, *A> rrjl^, ar. cruje. 1--1, rear defrost, dom eeetng, eay tart^g, reen, Wue. 41,000 n, 1 owr*f. Aatlng 3,100. Royal OaA SUN8R door eulommlc,»!/, power ateerwg 4 brake*. U^,»ter«o..1 omer, low m»e«j DCK SCOTT USEO CARS OAROENCTY SCNBRO, dw. a>..automa.v, rear derrott. ca&eef.e rrf*» SUHB.RO-1S54. 2 d.x>r. ejttmje, cutom aeata, ar. ca4«ue, 3,600 leave rr*jj»fle SUNO.RD 1947 <3T loa>j»j. Wje 6 Week 210(^, 6»p*«d. ct»an. 4, SUNB-RO 1944 Turbo Coo rt<lt-v». Red, QT. AutomaW, *f. lo*dedl Cefl after 6fm *6 SUNS RO d«c el.torreo. av,pcwerloc*a. tereo. r»*rd«!ofl SUM* f.o. m>, d.xv. CCW>P»V CV, 80 7W rvv». J.Kl or t*«l cfftr. r. t e**^ «6?00 rvj.-d* O, C- -. llv(ct/«> ;.l..v-v- -,*M. (M UK./;.) («.-,-. ** t)».v> r».v»**.-^,(-^. "-> Tfl AC! v W»J» -.-^^ <».k. ^.* ^-^^^,^ e.-.on.- \ v \.»rv..-»4 vr 14.^ f-* «6««l«2 Toyota»uf»»#5 4 (V*«.vnaS-,» tr\ -«r -^w r^»»»n b*h%, K x-.ry>m» *«-. ««<?*«^u t> -»a v«^ v ^-<«! ;-, 5 KKM v X<r> *A*a «v«r. r^l- «^ u *v >*# \«71 rfl ^r ^^ c->»* «>m»"m».vtfwr <«* ^4*V1 -.," «"» ;«e6 ^ o^fhf^c^ofertfv- MORAN MTSUBlvSH ^A /WC ---K.K-, kr,-»w>es CtltCA, 1M7 ;V«.^,tM-ta r,; f»ft C^MlU.V f«v H»rV t--.p 6.).405 n 1 *" t* eoor «r* 1»,N) f -ucat»er"ok e"»r#a*-v>*" l->.1.??.^>*f "kn-.t lew»/t*»v>.»*jj 4«-?18 CflT*!*<!. GTS T«.»> r~»**;..¾¾ r-*». AS {{«- <-» c*- v-1 OnWoeo»7,«0. ft."* 17M COmoV A" t»87 e«ce*j >«. Hon. 44,000 meet Hew tve*. «*, ewto«v»«c;.1eft \»0.p>>47/-»?3 Mow OnW YW a* Pet Summer Clearance \% NEW 1991 NSSAN STANZA XE ^^Ml^l^MrtMlrtrlflWlt; Stock # Automatc transmsson Dual remote mrrors Rear defroster NEW 1991 NSSAN 4x2 HARD BODY PCKUP Stock * SALE 4f fcoc PRCE Q NEW NSSAN SCNTRA XE 7. DR Kt>~s*.»jt r.»-,-j rtv o v vve.. tr k-c-^ *-t ^-.j.-<m!vatnn. WA a _; ". JjftWONvY y jws "NEVM99TNSSAN S~FfN?flA SE R ^C-M " 5 - > -/^11; c\-)»?c* s > \ *>o-*;. VraS11.7.p. f 4QR KOA OMY WjtffJ "NEW 1991 llvssan MAXrMAGXE " l "-,[....> x"..^;» «M.. ---<-^ l..-f.-...v L». ^r,>,^ r+c;yv_c.0- *1 f 898».. ^SWW 3 - < ^ ^ Automatc, ar, 17,000 mles,- #a" - ^e se** ro OkV Tlt steerng wheel Cruse control n. NEW 1991 NSSAN SENTRA E 2 DOOR Stock # SALE PRCE 8995 NEW 1901 NSSAN MAXMA SE >.«..» <».^ V.-AS JJ1.730 \<»"S -*». v.t KOWOSlV 18,495 NEW 1991 NSSAN PAlllRNDLR!D LR"X6 XE 4YA "AW tv._* < ^?,-. r.>,f» * " NO/.Orv 18,950 NtW^C9NTsSAN3007X -< c-f.^, p,» ^ \ rf /c.. WAS UtAH, HOW ONLY _2,9?5; P. lu..-<->*. P.^» ->j!.-;,-> Odt/t (c^-.t? "CH t«.l 0-1 r* - -^ Cc^ 1 c^j tcm-? rwt >> p.<,->«-,> A <ccu-ty.--^-! r..t t-o-h f\v, r.!>-. [! 1 pf! 4 l»«-«l <! "cs rxr>t". tbfcr T;-«p" 1 " > Tr pc*,.vr-l f.vs.-! T-S rj, rt- f. ;h f.(\[vc-.,-.l- "HGHEST REAl DOLLAR PAD FOR YOU* TRADC" GRAND RVER AT 10 MLE Bll fyy^00 l/llvjuuk MH*»

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Industrial/Flex in Airport Area

Industrial/Flex in Airport Area Industral/Flex n Arport Area Wth Tenants n Place Ideal for Investor, User, or New Tenant (828) 665-9085 Chrstel, Arden NC Just Off Arport Road n Ashevlle Arport Plaza Area, Ths Property Works

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CITY OF DELAND, FLORIDA REQUEST FOR COMMISSION ACTION. FEBRUARY 15, 2016 Attachments: X] Ordinance X ] Staff Report ] Location Map.

CITY OF DELAND, FLORIDA REQUEST FOR COMMISSION ACTION. FEBRUARY 15, 2016 Attachments: X] Ordinance X ] Staff Report ] Location Map. Department: Plannng Subject: A- 6-0; Abandonment of Rght-of- Way Located Wthn a Porton Co. Plat X of the Blue Lake Celery CITY OF DELAND, FLORIDA REQUEST FOR COMMISSION ACTION FEBRUARY 5, 206 Attachments:

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VnnEA, the Planning Commission of the City of Issaquah has


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{Lpv ~1- u 1, BY-LAW N020

{Lpv ~1- u 1, BY-LAW N020 M {Lpv 1- u 1, (3) /-;2..;..f,3-;,L.,-... CORPORATON OF THE TOW BY-LAW N020 fyfla ;74 fy.;.>t 21. :m LED, r/t:.x b {.;...;:)Oq- ol.f] BENG A BY -LAW TO AMEND BY -LAW 87-112 AS AMENDED (Prvate Property

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service x;jf»p 3 Westland men face sex abuse charges Gunfire reported in neighborhood after brawl PLACES & FACES Clowning around INDEX

service x;jf»p 3 Westland men face sex abuse charges Gunfire reported in neighborhood after brawl PLACES & FACES Clowning around INDEX ^^.W^P. JtfP^PLP^ '~ r *.,.,,..,^,,.,,,, j,.,,,, mn^p^^^ppp^p^pupyp^pppp-pgyjp. WHWP V.OLUME28NUMnEH7 % ^rzm&^w^t 7&&&zm&&;&3& MONDAY, JULY 6,1992«WBSTLANJP. MCHGAN.36 PAGES fnrv. CENTS servce

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Modeling the Impacts of Vacancy Taxes on the Taiwan Housing Market

Modeling the Impacts of Vacancy Taxes on the Taiwan Housing Market Proceedngs of the Natonal Scence Councl, ROC Part C: Humantes and Socal Scence 00,Vol.,No. Modelng the Impacts of Vacancy Taxes on the Tawan Housng Market Yen-Jong Chen Department of Urban Plannng Natonal

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BROWARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE BROWARD COMMUNTY COLLEGE We keep you thnkng. Offce of the presdent To: From: Date: Place: Members of the Board of Trustees J. Davd Armstrong Jr., Presdent December 3, 2008 Regular Meetng of the Board of

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Hedonic pricing approach to estimate flood damage in. Tokyo Metropolitan Area

Hedonic pricing approach to estimate flood damage in. Tokyo Metropolitan Area Hedonc prcng approach to estmate flood damage n Tokyo Metropoltan Area Abstract There exsts a great deal of lterature on economc losses from flood dsasters. However, examnaton of the lterature rases concerns

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White Lake Township Zoning Ordinance

White Lake Township Zoning Ordinance Whte Lake Townshp Zonng Ordnance As amended through February 1, 2017 (Intentonally Blank) Formattng, organzaton, graphcs & desgn 2013 Clearzonng, Inc. All rghts reserved. clearzonng Table of Contents Table

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Henley Business School

Henley Business School Henley Busness School School of Real Estate & Plannng Workng Papers n Real Estate & Plannng 07/09 The copyrght of each Workng Paper remans wth the author. If you wsh to quote from or cte any Paper please

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For Lease. Class A Office/Retail. 227 Fayetteville St. Downtown Raleigh, NC

For Lease. Class A Office/Retail. 227 Fayetteville St. Downtown Raleigh, NC 227 Fayetteville St. Mid-Century Meets 21st Century nnovator Meets Policy Maker Your Business Meets Downtown Property Features Class A, 105,000 SF column-free office building Only

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THE IMPACT OF AIRCRAFT NOISE ON HOUSE PRICES S. Huderek-Glapska, R. Trojanek. The mpact of arcraft nose on house prces. Internatonal Journal of Academc Research Part B; 2013; 5(3), 397-408. DOI: 10.7813/2075-4124.2013/5-3/B.60 THE IMPACT OF AIRCRAFT

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Quality Built, Customizable, Energy Efficient, Beautiful Homes. Plan Showcase. Office:

Quality Built, Customizable, Energy Efficient, Beautiful Homes. Plan Showcase.  Office: Office: 360.423.5151 Quality Built, Customizable, Energy Efficient, Beautiful Homes Plan Showcase 2014 Edition It s an honor to be in a business that allows us to make dreams happen.

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Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months

Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months No Agents No Fees No Commissions No Hassle Learn the secret of selling your house in days instead of months If you re trying to sell your house, you may not have

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City of Richmond. Report to Development Permit Panel. we Att.

City of Richmond. Report to Development Permit Panel. we Att. Cty of Rchmond Report to Development Permt Panel To: From: Re: Development Permt Panel Wayne Crag Drector of Development Date: March 8, 217 Fle: DP 16-745853 Applcaton by YuanHeng Seasde Developments Ltd.

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Real Estate Services Proposal

Real Estate Services Proposal Real Estate Services Proposal Prepared Especially for: Potential Seller For Marketing the Property Located at: 123 Blueberry Land Prepared by: Senior Sales Associate - REALTOR Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

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Renting vs. Buying: When Should You Rent? When Should You Buy?

Renting vs. Buying: When Should You Rent? When Should You Buy? Renting vs. Buying: When Should You Rent? When Should You Buy? Interest rates remain at historic lows, so I should definitely focus on buying a home when I move to a new town, right? Well, there s more

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Finding an Apartment LESSON 4. Choosing an Apartment

Finding an Apartment LESSON 4. Choosing an Apartment Finding an Apartment LESSON 4 Someday you will be on your own with a full-time job and ready to live independently from your parents. Choosing an apartment is an exciting step in your life, but you must

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The COMPLETE GUIDE To Privately Selling Or Renting Your Own Property

The COMPLETE GUIDE To Privately Selling Or Renting Your Own Property The COMPLETE GUIDE To Privately Selling Or Renting Your Own Property Preparing Your Property for Sale or Rent By preparing your property correctly for your target market, you will be assured that you have

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Welcome to Mirabel Park and Campground

Welcome to Mirabel Park and Campground Welcome to Mirabel Park and Campground Thank you for inquiring about our Family Park. If you are interested in renting a spot for the season, please fill out the application in its entirety. If there is

More information o t a g a m o t I l Sa ST U D EN T A RT C O N T E S T SEND IN YOUR ENTRY BY TUESDAY, MAY 31ST THE STEAMSHIP AUTHORITY vtes local studets to submt orgal artwork for ts augural Sal to Imagato studet art

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APVLXCAXION FOR ZONING MAP AMENDMENT City of Oxford, Mississippi. Interest in Property ( ) Owner { ) Leaseholder (XJ Option

APVLXCAXION FOR ZONING MAP AMENDMENT City of Oxford, Mississippi. Interest in Property ( ) Owner { ) Leaseholder (XJ Option 05-07-1997 03:33PM FR ~~NG~~LA~~ ::;.::;. ~-.= ~~.~~~ 16019560489 P.02,. CASE NO. 61 ~l--- Applc~nt's APVLXCAXON FOR ZONNG MAP AMENDMENT Cty of Oxford, Msssspp Name ~J~a~rn~.e~s~P_._c_a~r~n~e;~~----------------

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The Class of Medical Student Housing Survey Class of Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017!

The Class of Medical Student Housing Survey Class of Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017! Medical Student Housing Survey Class of 2016+ Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017! Once again, the Class of 2016+ would like to congratulate you all on your acceptance into UCR s

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Meet Utah Artist Lily Toy Hong

Meet Utah Artist Lily Toy Hong Children's Book and Media Review Volume 14 Issue 2 Article 3 1993 Meet Utah Artist Lily Toy Hong Lillian H. Heil Follow this and additional works at: BYU ScholarsArchive

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Homeowner s Exemption (HOE)

Homeowner s Exemption (HOE) Homeowner s Exemption (HOE) Table of Contents CHEAT SHEETS... 3 Add HOE to a Parcel...3 Edit HOE Record...3 Remove HOE from a Parcel...3 Find the HOE Amount...3 Who is getting the exemption?...4 New Application

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Multifamily Owners: Including Utilities May Be Killing Your Profits Learn how to protect your NOI

Multifamily Owners: Including Utilities May Be Killing Your Profits Learn how to protect your NOI ARTICLE P.O. Box 51356 Colorado Springs, CO 80949 1356 Tel: (877) 410 0167 Fax: (719) 599 4057 Multifamily Owners: Including Utilities May Be Killing Your Profits Learn how to protect your

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Youth Life Youth Future Youth Money! TUTOR WORKBOOK. Flatting and Renting

Youth Life Youth Future Youth Money! TUTOR WORKBOOK. Flatting and Renting Youth Life Youth Future Youth Money! TUTOR WORKBOOK Flatting and Renting CONTENTS Flatting and renting... 4 Investigating the Financials of Flatting!... 4 Aims... 4 Principles... 4 Task Overview... 5 Where

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ENGLISH FILE Elementary Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A GRAMMAR 1 Complete the sentences with the correct word or phrase. Example: We went to Rome last week. were went go 1 Did they enjoy the party? Yes, they. enjoyed

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What is the impact of non-contributory pensions on poverty? Estimates from Brazil and South Africa

What is the impact of non-contributory pensions on poverty? Estimates from Brazil and South Africa What s the mpact of non-contrbutory pensons on poverty? Estmates from Brazl and South Afrca Armando Barrentos * Insttute for Development Polcy and Management, Unversty of Manchester Harold Hankns Buldng,

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Small area estimation under a Fay-Herriot model with preliminary testing for the presence of random area effects

Small area estimation under a Fay-Herriot model with preliminary testing for the presence of random area effects Catalogue no. -00-X ISSN 49-09 Survey Methodology 4- Sall area estaton under a Fay-Herrot odel wth prelnary testng for the presence of rando area effects by Isabel Molna J.N.K. Rao and Gaur Sankar Datta

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THE CONSUMERS GUIDE TO REAL ESTATE STAGING THE CONSUMERS GUIDE TO REAL ESTATE STAGING Definition of Staging Real Estate Staging is the act of preparing and showcasing residential or commercial property for sale. It is a systematic and coordinated

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The Secret Life of Bees. BY: Shaneda Wade

The Secret Life of Bees. BY: Shaneda Wade The Secret Life of Bees BY: Shaneda Wade Something About The Author (Sue Monk Kidd) Born in Albany, Georgia She was a Writer, Novelist, and a Memoirist Her work focuses on the challenges and victories

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City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Department

City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Department City of Fort Worth Code Compliance Department Safety in the home is everyone s responsibility ~ Compliance through cooperation ~ Table of Contents General Guidelines...1 Utilities...1-2 Locking A Tenant

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Résumé, Winter, 1987, Volume 18, Issue 02

Résumé, Winter, 1987, Volume 18, Issue 02 Western Washngton Unversty Western CEDAR Western Reports and Résumé Western Publcatons Wnter 1987 Résumé, Wnter, 1987, Volume 18, Issue 02 Alumn Assocaton, WWU Follow ths and addtonal works at:

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The 4 Biggest Mistakes FSBO s Make (And How to Avoid Them)

The 4 Biggest Mistakes FSBO s Make (And How to Avoid Them) The 4 Biggest Mistakes FSBO s Make (And How to Avoid Them) From the desk of Kenner Kee Your neighborhood REALTOR! One of the biggest reasons people choose to forgo a realtor and sell their home themselves

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Rental ID #324 Saint Germain Courtyard Studio 4 rue de Buci, Paris. Thanks for booking with VIP and welcome to Paris!

Rental ID #324 Saint Germain Courtyard Studio 4 rue de Buci, Paris. Thanks for booking with VIP and welcome to Paris! USA Toll Free: 1-800 403 4304 From Europe: +44-(0) 20 3002 0760 Worldwide: +1-973 948 3535 Rental ID #324 Saint Germain Courtyard Studio 4 rue de Buci, 75006 Paris Please print and carry this document

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9859 N Main St, Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

9859 N Main St, Whitmore Lake, MI 48189 Prepared by James H. Chaconas, Colliers nternational May 31, 217 on CPX 734-769-55 [O] Michigan Real Estate License: 65235811 Retail with Whitmore Lake Frontage 9859 N Main St,

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Llanthony Secunda Manor Church Road Caldicot NP26 4HN

Llanthony Secunda Manor Church Road Caldicot NP26 4HN Llanthony Secunda Manor Church Road Caldicot NP26 4HN Seller Insight This magnificent 12th Century manor house, one of the oldest buildings in Wales, occupies a superb location within the charming village

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Reading for Critical Analysis Test 5

Reading for Critical Analysis Test 5 Reading for Critical Analysis 5 Name: Instructions: Copyright 2000-2002 Measured Progress, All Rights Reserved : Reading for Critical Analysis 5 from From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

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The list below shows the errors that can occur during submission, as well as some details about each one.

The list below shows the errors that can occur during submission, as well as some details about each one. Identifying s Version: 1.5 Publish Date: 09/09/2013 When an appraisal is submitted to UCDP, the XML data will immediately be checked for errors. Some of these errors can cause the submission to fail, while

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Do you know what percentage of people in South Africa will retire rich at the age of 65?

Do you know what percentage of people in South Africa will retire rich at the age of 65? 5 things you need to know to create wealth through property Do you know what percentage of people in South Africa will retire rich at the age of 65? Do you know how many people will either be poor, reliant

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HOW TO START BUYING AND FLIPPING HOMES IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TODAY HOW TO START BUYING AND FLIPPING HOMES IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TODAY Community Restoration Group Teaching Real Estate Investing Through Partnership Presenter: Stephen McKee Phone: (951) 777-9966

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Subject: Authorizes Los Angeles Department of Water and Power File P Grant of a No-Build Easement to Studio Lending Group, LLC

Subject: Authorizes Los Angeles Department of Water and Power File P Grant of a No-Build Easement to Studio Lending Group, LLC ,. Los Angeles rc~~ Department of Water & Power ERC GARCET Mayor Commission MEL LEVNE, President WLLAM W. FUNDERBURK JR., Vice President JLL BANKS BARAD MCHAEL F. FLEMNG CHRSTNA E. NOONAN BARBARA E. MOSCHOS,

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Miranda Price & Brandy Farris (719) Office

Miranda Price & Brandy Farris (719) Office Miranda Price & Brandy Farris (719) 888-9299 Office Dear Homeowner, Thank you for taking the first step in researching whether you should use a Realtor to help you sell your home. As

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This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today's Market By Diane Keyes READ ONLINE

This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today's Market By Diane Keyes READ ONLINE This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today's Market By Diane Keyes READ ONLINE Get 133 ways to sell your home, no matter the circumstance! No matter how you choose to put your home on the market,

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Approval of the Negotiated Settlement of the Pending Condemnation Action for Zante Parcel- NE 171st St Urban Parkway Project

Approval of the Negotiated Settlement of the Pending Condemnation Action for Zante Parcel- NE 171st St Urban Parkway Project CTYOFWOODNVLLE, WA REPORT TO THE CTY COUNCL 17301 133rd Avenue NE, Woodinville, WA 98072 WWW.C.WOODNVLLE.WA.US To: By: Subject: Honorable City Council Brandon Buchanan, City Manager Rick Roberts, Public

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Landlord Information Pack. asset management

Landlord Information Pack. asset management Landlord Information Pack asset management BEST MOVE PROPERTY RENTALS is an Independently Owned & Operated Office that provides a level of service second to none to the property investor, landlord and

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RENTING TO PET OWNERS RENTING TO PET OWNERS A Guide for Landlords This brochure contains suggestions for landlords who want to allow tenants with pets into their rental units. It also contains forms landlords may want to use

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3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals

3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals 3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals Cash Flow for Life August 2015 3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals Dear Reader, This is part two to last month s Cash Flow for

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variety of living choices to students, faculty, and staff. Washington University has a longstanding

variety of living choices to students, faculty, and staff. Washington University has a longstanding Living off campus Washington University s location at the edge of the city of St. Louis, surrounded by suburban neighborhoods, is an asset to those who study and teach and work here. The surrounding neighborhoods

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Maison Le Bitoulet Region: Languedoc Guide Price: 1,893-3,615 per week Sleeps: 14

Maison Le Bitoulet Region: Languedoc Guide Price: 1,893-3,615 per week Sleeps: 14 Maison Le Bitoulet Region: Languedoc Guide Price: 1,893-3,615 per week Sleeps: 14 Image not readable or empty typo3conf/ext/olivers_travels/resources/public/img/pdf-l Overview This townhouse in Languedoc

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Teacher's Guide. Lesson Four. Living On Your Own 04/09

Teacher's Guide. Lesson Four. Living On Your Own 04/09 Teacher's Guide $ Lesson Four Living On Your Own 04/09 living on your own websites Students can greatly improve the experience of living on their own and renting an apartment by learning about important

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[MPC Comment] Fwd: Opposition to Mesana Development of Westland Oaks 1 message

[MPC Comment] Fwd: Opposition to Mesana Development of Westland Oaks 1 message 5/9/2017 KnoxMPC Mail [MPC Comment] Fwd: Opposition to Mesana Development of Westland Oaks [MPC Comment] Fwd: Opposition to Mesana Development of Westland Oaks Tue, May 9, 2017 at 7:42 AM From: Mark Byers

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What You Need To Know About Mobile Homes

What You Need To Know About Mobile Homes What You Need To Know About Mobile Homes This booklet covers general facts about mobile home laws. It explains your legal rights and duties. 1. If you are buying a mobile home see page 1. 2. If you own

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Case applicant of rights commonly enjoyed by other properties owners within the neighborhood;

Case applicant of rights commonly enjoyed by other properties owners within the neighborhood; Case 1502 Applicant: Owner: Request: Location: Zoning: Jerry and Jean Jordan Same as above (30) Thirty foot front (South) yard setback va riance 1087 Augusta Drive Grand Oa ks Planned Unit Development

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Solar Open House Toolkit

Solar Open House Toolkit A Solar Open House is an informal meet and greet at a solar homeowner s home. It is an opportunity for homeowners who are considering going solar to see solar in person. They can ask questions about the

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TENANT LAW SERIES. Care homes TENANT LAW SERIES Care homes A care home is a place you rent, where you get health care services, attendant care, or help with daily living. If you live in a care home, you are a tenant and have legal

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TEACHER S PET PUBLICATIONS. LITPLAN TEACHER PACK for THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES based on the novel by Sue Monk Kidd TEACHER S PET PUBLICATIONS LITPLAN TEACHER PACK for THE SECRET LIFE OF BEES based on the novel by Sue Monk Kidd Written by Catherine Caldwell Mary B. Collins 2008 Teacher s Pet Publications, Inc. All Rights

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REAL ESTATE MARKET OVERVIEW 1 st Half of 2015 REAL ESTATE MARKET OVERVIEW 1 st Half of 2015 With Comparisons to the 2 nd Half of 2014 September 4, 2015 Prepared for: First Bank of Wyoming Prepared by: Ken Markert, AICP MMI Planning 2319 Davidson Ave.

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CITY of NOVI CITY COUNCIL CTY of NOV CTY COUNCL Agenda tem C November 14, 216 SUBJECT: Approval of a Storm Drainage Facility Maintenance Easement Agreement from Grand Beck Partners LLC for the Citygate Marketplace commercial project

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PROPERTY INSPECTION REPORT Logo Your Company Name Address City, State Zip Code Phone number, email address Website address PROPERTY NSPECTON REPORT Prepared For: (Name of Client) Concerning: (Address or Other dentification of nspected

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STANFORD HISTORY EDUCATION GROUP Document A Riis took this photograph in a dark, windowless tenement in 1890. The men and women in the photograph did not know they were going be photographed and were surprised when he discharged a bright

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BEST ADVICE AND BIGGEST MISTAKES IN A HOT HOUSING MARKET BY: SYDNEY LONEY BEST ADVICE AND BIGGEST MISTAKES IN A HOT HOUSING MARKET BY: SYDNEY LONEY Real estate experts and homeowners weigh in on what you need to know when it comes to buying your first home, making your first

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Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014

Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014 Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014 NOTE: Hold CTRL when clicking a link so it opens in a new browser window. Dear, Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow, I said as my 4-year-old son looked up in my eyes. We

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CHECKLIST. I figure if I give you something of value, you may REMEMBER ME WHEN THE TIME COMES FOR YOU OR YOUR BUYER TO USE MY SERVICES. CHECKLIST The information in this For Sale By Owner Help Kit is designed to "assure" a quick and successful sale of your home. There is no cost or obligation to you. The recommendations and checklists

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The Orchards Region: Meribel Guide Price: 2,416-4,111 per week Sleeps: 8-22

The Orchards Region: Meribel Guide Price: 2,416-4,111 per week Sleeps: 8-22 The Orchards Region: Meribel Guide Price: 2,416-4,111 per week Sleeps: 8-22 Image not readable or or empty typo3conf/ext/olivers_travels/resources/public/img/pdf-l Overview The Orchards is quite simply

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A Spatial Multi-Criteria Model for the Evaluation of Land Redistribution Plans

A Spatial Multi-Criteria Model for the Evaluation of Land Redistribution Plans ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 2012, 1, 272-293; do:10.3390/jg1030272 Artcle OPEN ACCESS ISPRS Internatonal Journal of Geo-Informaton ISSN 2220-9964 A Spatal Mult-Crtera Model for the Evaluaton

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International Journal of Development and Sustainability Vol.3 No.9 (2014): Introduction

International Journal of Development and Sustainability Vol.3 No.9 (2014): Introduction Internatonal Journal of Development and Sustanablty ISSN: 2186-8662 Volume 3 Number 9 (2014): Pages 1862-1877 ISDS Artcle ID: IJDS14032304 Reverse tenancy and dstress contractng among

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Page 1 of 5 Leasehold Forum Wednesday 20 th September 2017

Page 1 of 5 Leasehold Forum Wednesday 20 th September 2017 Page 1 of 5 Leasehold Forum Wednesday 20 th September 2017 Venue Merry Hill Office Present: Martin Cartwright (MC) Lyndon Whitehouse (LW) Anne Whitehouse (AW) Billy McCormack (BM) Karen Phillips (KP) Ann

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TEN THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT FLORIDA QUIET TITLE ACTIONS: 2012 FLORIDA QUIET TITLE ACTIONS: 2012 A Complimentary Publication Larry Tolchinsky, Esq., Attorney at Law Sackrin & Tolchinsky, P.A. 2100 East Hallandale Beach Blvd, Suite 200 Hallandale Beach, Florida, 33009

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We look forward to working with you! Sincerely, Richard Grimes President & CEO, RealtySouth

We look forward to working with you! Sincerely, Richard Grimes President & CEO, RealtySouth list tosell Thank you for taking time to meet with our RealtySouth agent and for reviewing this listing presentation designed to introduce you to the expertise of RealtySouth. The power of RealtySouth

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Hey guys! Living in London: What to expect. This video is for you if you re curious

Hey guys! Living in London: What to expect. This video is for you if you re curious Renting in London: What to Expect CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO : By Jade Joddle Hey guys! Living in London: What to expect. This video is for you if you re curious about

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8 P1Í:.GES COUN1'Y SHELBYVILE, MISOURL, W DNESDAY, JULY 31, HISTORY OF SHElBY CO. FROMITS'ORGlNllATWN / SECTWN G 8 P1Í:GES f VOL 65 NO 29 SHELBY AMONG THE SHELBY COUNY' BUSNESS ESTABLSHMENTS Wnetrouh's Store was Largest n County; N C Mler's and Pnest's Anong the Oldest ' A M Prest 76 year old drug 'moved

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Selling Your Ophthalmology Practice. Financial Interest Disclosure 5/2/2016. Mark E. Kropiewnicki, Esquire, LLM* Daniel M. Bernick, Esquire, MBA*

Selling Your Ophthalmology Practice. Financial Interest Disclosure 5/2/2016. Mark E. Kropiewnicki, Esquire, LLM* Daniel M. Bernick, Esquire, MBA* Selling Your Ophthalmology Practice Mark E. Kropiewnicki, Esquire, LLM* Daniel M. Bernick, Esquire, MBA* The Health Care Group Plymouth Meeting, PA * Financial Interest Financial

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Need to Buy Houses, Land & Commercial Real Estate!

Need to Buy Houses, Land & Commercial Real Estate! Learn How to Get All the Money You Need to Buy Houses, Land & Commercial Real Estate!...Without Banks, Hard Money Lenders, or Credit Checks! October 21, 22, & 23, 2005 Atlanta, Georgia Dear Investor, What

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How To Organize a Tenants' Association

How To Organize a Tenants' Association How To Organize a Tenants' Association Before You Begin Once again: * you have no heat and hot water. * the building's front door lock is broken, and a neighbor was mugged in the lobby. * you asked the

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ADDRESSES MUST BE CORRECT An Unlawful Detainer actions is a Special Summary Proceeding, lawsuit that entitles the landlord to statutory priority over other civil cases. Your action still falls in this class as long as procession

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SdD jrawcidco. Doris Sloan and Tod Fletcher, editors

SdD jrawcidco. Doris Sloan and Tod Fletcher, editors ' / SdD jrawcidco ^ Cultural mpact4 Doris Sloan and Tod Fletcher, editors # Senior Seminar June 1986 Environmental Sciences Group Major University of, Berkeley Berkeley, CA 94720 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The members

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Melbourne is in the midst of a rental crisis (I know, I'm looking for a place)

Melbourne is in the midst of a rental crisis (I know, I'm looking for a place) MARCH 9, 2017 Melbourne is in the midst of a rental crisis (I know, I'm looking for a place) I have lived in Melbourne since the end of 2009. For the first six years of my time here I was a uni student.

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Sleeps 8 Pool Private Solar Heated Pool Bedrooms 4 Views Mountain and sea Bathrooms Beach 1.5km

Sleeps 8 Pool Private Solar Heated Pool Bedrooms 4 Views Mountain and sea Bathrooms Beach 1.5km Casa Do Bispo Hout Bay, Cape Town Sleeps 8 Pool Private Solar Heated Pool Bedrooms 4 Views Mountain and sea Bathrooms 3 + 1 Beach 1.5km Summary Peaceful and secure, self-catering holiday home located in

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Fall Update from the Mayor s Office. Dear Residents,

Fall Update from the Mayor s Office. Dear Residents, Township of Frelinghuysen Dear Residents, I write this fall message to continue the open and transparent government the Frelinghuysen Township Committee has promised to maintain. Since my last letter the

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VILLAGE ROYALE GREENRIDGE (BLDG # 7) COA, INC. VILLAGE ROYALE GREENRIDGE (BLDG # 7) COA, INC. C/O Sea Breeze Community Management Services, Inc. 4227 Northlake Boulevard Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 (561)626-0917 Fax (561)626-7143

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Tudor Glen Village. Tudor Glen Village 111 Locust Street, Woburn, MA Ph: Tudor Glen Village

Tudor Glen Village. Tudor Glen Village 111 Locust Street, Woburn, MA Ph: Tudor Glen Village Tudor Glen Village A great place to call home Tudor Glen Village Tudor Glen Village is ideally set in West Woburn s residential area. This suburban location sits on 16 acres of professionally manicured

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How Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor Stacks Up Against Your Other Options

How Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor Stacks Up Against Your Other Options How Selling Your House to a Real Estate Investor Stacks Up Against Your Other Options Pros, cons, costs, and timeline of each option So, you need to sell your house. Selling in a market like today s can

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WILLIAMSTOWN TOWNSHIP PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING October 20, 2009 WILLIAMSTOWN TOWNSHIP PLANNING COMMISSION MEETING October 20, 2009 CALL TO ORDER The Williamstown Township Planning Commission convened at 7:30 pm at the Williamstown Township Hall located at 4990 Zimmer

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July Relocation Assistance Amounts - July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018

July Relocation Assistance Amounts - July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018 Rent Stabilization Update July 2017 ANNUAL ALLOWABLE RENT ADJUSTMENT The annual allowable rent increase for rental units subject to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) for the fiscal year from July

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The advantages and disadvantages of private selling

The advantages and disadvantages of private selling The advantages and disadvantages of private selling Copyrights belong to Lizette Vilonel of Meridian Finance and Properties ( Free distribution of this publication is allowed,

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