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1 PEOPLE'S REPUBLC OP BULGARA CONviTTEE FOR SOCAL DJPOEDLA'PON AT THE CUUCL OF NNSTERS POPULATON AND HOUSNG CENSUS LN DECEXBER 4, 4985 C B5i S US QUES TGNNARE oí' dif~el.lings, residential buildings and population ~isti~ict... Settlemeiit systm (municigzlity) Ccntm GL" p~?ul~-tion (tc-tm, vill.zgc, seighbowhood, hamlet; for' the c: t:-cs - %orou.~il,.;ctif:.n:; ec'tc!tc,?!loc:: ìk! (Ciiriscizn, yewsqwic a d fzi.-.ily nme 02 the ovner, tenant or i c: u s s s -X n a 6 e -) a i..onrl.i;or district T... Ziiuaerating section : i, c!f tile building in Zie cnunere.ting ~istr~c~. i- o?" the dwelling in the ku-ilding....*e33-5 Line iiumber on List; XC -2 (FiX-2a)... ~LU:L~:!mJ.d: :. s~~3~~~vï~~~:...*

2 CARD DRB POR D\VEZLUG. AND RESDE;N!EAL BULDNG CHAPTER, DWELLNG c A. KND 03 U UVELLGG, (Underline the answer and encircle the figure).- Ordinary Occupied ( Ol l dwelling Unoccupied 02 helling in a non-residential building (administrative, O3 business, etc.) Communal dwelling (a boarding house; hostel, monastery, etc.) 04 Nobile \?/agon, caravan O5 dwelling Boat, barge, ship 06 Primitive dwelling Bas emen t 07 Attic 08 Bhed, hut, dugout o9 Building unf if for Òccupation Building under construction o, Other,kind of primitive dwelling 2 ATTE3KEOJ! - Only Section A is filled in for mobile and primitive dwell ing! 4

3 -3- B. DWELLNG OWNED BY:, The state An enterprise Public organization (:Bulgarian Communist Party, Bulgarian Agrarian Party, Fatherland Front; Dimitrov Young Communist League -L BCP, BZNS, FF, DYCL) Cooperative organization (producer cooperative, Central Cooperative Union /CCU/, district, cooperative union) ndustrial worker Agricultural worker Off ice worker Member of a oproducer cooperative Other c, HOUSEHOLD OCCUPYNG '33.E DViELLNG:. Owner Tenant, Owner and tenint Unoccupied or communal dwelling 4 2. s

4 - 4 - D,,SZE AND NUhTBER OF PREMSES N THE DWELLNG i Living Long Wide Surface premises (meters (meters (whole :. First room a 2. Second room. and cm) and cm) sq m) ---rr rrr Note! i. 2 i 4 :! t i 9. Living room (with window) i J O. Vestubule. f ( tr/ it hout L i -- 6! _-. ---, i! i f!.!

5 - 5 - a Kitchen 6. Outdoor kitchen kitchen) 4 sq m and more A A 8. Living space - total sq rn (equal to line plus line 7) Area (whole sq m) Note 9. A room smaller than 4. sq m 20. Corridors 2. Entrance halls l 22. Bathrooms 23. Toilets Bathroom and toilet 25. Cellars and closets 26. Other auxiliary premises (glassed in balconles, etc,) Area of the auxiliary premises (from line 9 to line 26 incl.) # 28. Projecting and recessed balconies (not glassed in)

6 - 6 - E, WHAT ELSE DO YOU USE THE K2CKEDT one mgwer, always the upper one!) As a bedroom 7 As a work room As a living room 3 2. have no kitchen Unoccupied or communal dwelling F, HGUSEHGLDS PERWW?TLY USNG TH3 KTCHEN 5 6 One 4 Two 2-8 Three æ.. 3' Four and more 4 No kitchen 5.. Unoccupied or communal dwelling 6 G, S THERE ELECTRCTY DJ THE DVLlZGLJG? Yes N O. 2

7 - 7 - H, WATER SUPPLY (Give one answer only) n the From the public mains dwelling From own aource 2 From own source Other.sources of water supply (vell, river, lake, eh.) 7, RUJllSG HOT ffater i Ko running hot water. 3 Unoc cup ie d dwell ing 4 Connect ed' w-3. t h the pub ic sewerage -+* Connected with a sceptic.pit or cesspool No sewerage 3 2 t,

8 ~~~~~~~~~ ~ HÈADG ('Barne no more than two baaic sources) Central heating (thermoelectric station, boiler in building) 2, Local heating (in the basement or on the same floor) 8. Unoccupied dwelling L. TOLET: STUATON AND TYPE (Give one answer) n the dwelling Without flush 2 n the building but With flush 3 not in the dwelling ivithout flush 4 a Out of the building!yith flush.. Without flush.- 5

9 ~~ ~ ~~ - 9-8, BATHROOM! (Give one answer) Yith shower With shower and bath-tub With other facilities TJO bathroom Unoccupied dwelling (Give one answer) Par que t Wood 2 Wall to wall carpet Linoleum, plastics and other such material Chip board Bricks Stone, concrete, cinder concrete and other such material Earth Uno c cup ie d dwell ing s

10 O, CULTURAL - AND HOUSEHOLD APPLANCES (Pie ces ) Radio set Radio receiver, incl. portable and radio gramophone t Tape and cassette recorder Radio cassette recorder TV set - black-and-white A- TV set - colour Video cassette recorder Te e phone Electric cooker Gas cooker, u. L Combined cooker Coal and wood stove Refrigerator Ordinary washing machine Automatic washing rnachfne Vacuum cleaner,.sewing mac h%ne Car f - Motorcycle, motor bike Motor boat, yacht

11 ~~ - - P. BOOKS (Excluding textbooks) None o and more 6 Unoccupied or communal dwelling 7. Q. DOES THX HOUSEHULD O uvn: (More than one answer is possible) 2. Country house - 3.i A plot without a villa 8..None of the above Unoccupied or communal dwelling

12 . -2- Ø.R. GARAGE' Yes No ' 2 Unoccupied or communal dwelling 3

13 -3- CHAPTER. RESDENTAL BULDNG No, OF THE PROPERTY (Not to be filled by the Enumerator) ONE ANSVnR EACH QUESTON! (Except Sec tion L)! r Residential occupied Ordinary Built or a villa 2 Residential unoccupied 3 Out-âoor kitchen 4 Hostel, boarding house, monastery, home for the aged, etc. 5 r- 2. cer-tre of ppd-ation : villa am2 2 Fr private 2ro;?erty G;: other cft2 outside "ile centre of population 5 5

14 -4- C. YEAR OF BULDNG ì. c o 4 0 8, b. BULD-UP AREA.... * e sq m J.. c E. OUTER WALLS 4ATERAL t. Pre fabricated i l, Concrete and steel 2 Brick 'stone 3 4- Sk-dried (unbaked) brick *. 5 ~~ Wood (planks, chipboard, wattle and daub) Other material

15 -5- F. ROOF NATERAL zoncrete and steel slab riles (flat interlockind 2 Asbestos cement slabs Tin 4 5 ~, Stone slabs 6,, Straw, reed, cane 7 G. NUMBER OF FLOORS N THE BUbNG..... LFT [.i O 2. GARAGE r Garages or parl-ang lots in the building - nuxber... Garages outside the building - number...

16 - 6- f v. J. UNFXNSED HOUSNG PRENSES Number Lo CULTURAL, COM4 UTAL AND TRANSPORT SERVCES WTHN NO MORE THAN A QUARTER OF AN HOUR tyalkng DSTA\TCE FROM THE BULDNG (More than one answer is possible), A foodstore 3. Consumer durables store 5, A childcare establishment (rindergarten, nursery) +. A school 5. A community centre or club 5. A cinema 7. Communal services 3. A polyclinic -? Playgrounds 0.A public transport sto2

17 -7- TO THE ATTENTON OF CENSUS OFFCALS! CARD Ai The data recorded should be relevant to the status of the persons around the critical moment of the census - No person Unified civil re gist er numb er m + name e e e e ~ e ~ e o 4 e e ~ e e ~ ~ ~ e ~ 2, Relation of the person to the head, Head of the household; of the household. 2, Spouse; 3. Son, daughter; O. 4. Son-in-law; daughter-in-law; 5. Grandson, geat grandson; 6, Parent of the head or of the spouse; 7. Grand-mother, grand- father; 8, Other relative; 9. Other person 3. Permanent population, temporaily l e Permanent population absent and temporarily present persons* 4. Reason for the temporary absençe (Presence) 2. Temporarily absent person 3. Temporarily present person. 5. The person has been temporarily Before June 4, 685 After June 4, 985 4, 955 absent (present) since e o. e. e e e. e. e date n.

18 ~ / 6. Address of temporarily absent District (state) Place of residence -~irstrict.~.~~...~.. J '. Centre of population (town,.. v i ~ ~ a ~ e )..... t. o.... e ~ ~ ~ ~ 8, Citizenship Ol, Bulgarian other.^...^ Sex Male, Female. llfarital status de jure 3E.Single; 2,Married; 3,Divorced; 4. Widowed c 2, Marital status de facto" : Not registered 2,Register-C * ed

19 -9-3. ChiZdrkn Number of children born alive (Fil in only for F women with re- year month ' st - 2nd gistered and un- - registered marri- 'age, divorced an $th rlsth. r/ widow ed ) Month and year of the children's birth l ear mon 3rd * year month 6th i"'"'[. Number of children alive s the person a. No; 2. Regular student; 3. Extraniural or evening student; 4. Regular post-graduate student? dent; 5. Extramgral post-graduate student 5. Educationx 0: Higher; 2. College3Sedondary special;. (Underline the 4. Regular post-graduate student; 5. Extra- 'U highest level of mural post-graduate student; education. Under-. line CHLD'for children below 6) '

20 Specialization, acquired upon the graduation of higher, serni-higher and secondary edutation, comprehensive secondary school with vocational training, technical school and trade school. Put down the specialization acquired upon... the graduation of a higher level... of school). 7. Does the person nork around December 4, 985*. Yes 9. Sources of livelihood.. Basic job; 2. No m 8. Months at' work in months at work ' ' d 20. Occupation... l

21 ~ ~ ~ Place of work a) Kind of activity (production enterprise, organization, establishment - name t of the workshop, aux- iliary production, 22. Social group*,ndustrial worker; 2. Agric-ultural worker ; 3, O f fice worker j 4; Member of a cooperative farm; 5. Member of a producer cooperative; 6. Floncooperated peasant; 7. Hon-cooperat- -u,985; 2, Works in th6 centre of 2opulatFon where he/she lives; 3.!?io~ks in other centre of populatio:i (niiich)

22 Did the person migrate in Did not migrate the period? Migrated in 9...(from where). (f the person migrated Di~trict...~...~...~... Settlement system. more than once during (municipallity)... the period in question, Centre of population (town,' eqter the year of last migration) ~llage) L NB! n Questions 3,, 2, 4, 6, 7 and 22 with underlined code boxes, the correct answer is underlined and the figure printed in-front of the answer is written in the box. NFORMATON about the members of the family (families) residing permanently out of the household: