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1 The News at Imperial Golf Estates May 2012 Issue GIB GATEHOUSE Voice Mail: GIB Gatehouse Fax: IGEHOA PLATINUM PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Property Manager: Amy Bruener Platinum PM Fax Acct: Kevin Gaffney WEB MASTER: Mike Shields IGEHOA Website: THE BOARD 2012 Pres. Harlan Dam V.P. Michele Korri Treas. Bob Neff Sect. Ed Lindsay Dir. Jim McCauley Dir. Leonard Joyce Dir. Charles McElligott COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS: ARB - Michele Korri Security - Harlan Dam Entrada Gate Committee - Charles McElligott Superintendent - Mark Thieme GIB PROPERTY MANAGER Gulf Breeze Management Michelle Pacitto IMPERIAL GOLF ESTATES HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION INC. Reminder: You must call in all of your guests and visitors, including pizza delivery, to the front gate or they will not be allowed access. The voice mail call in number is and you will need your five digit PIN number for authorization when requested. Highlights of May 24, 2012 BOD Meeting: The meeting was called to order at 8:35 A.M. by President Dam. Those also present were Vice President Korri, Treasurer Neff, Directors Joyce, McElligott and McCauley as well as Superintendent Mark Thieme and Amy Bruener from Platinum Property Management. Secretary Lindsay was absent. Review of Minutes: The minutes of the April 26, 2012 BOD Meeting minutes were approved with changes. Treasurer's Report: (Treasurer Bob Neff) Financials and Special Assessment As of Apr 30, 2012: Operating Cash $125,242 (Iberia) Reserves $324,910 (CNL Bank) Total Cash & Reserves $450,152 Accounts Receivable $173,711 (Special Assessment $89,299) Total Current Assets $642,457 Total Liabilities $387,966 Treasurers Comments: For the period ending April 30, 2012 Imperial HOA was on target in terms of Profit and Loss Budget Performance. In fact, we were over budget for Net Ordinary Income by $166. Items of note in the income area were $1,000 collected in fees for the month and $4,000 year to date. Additional, we collected $154 in late charges and $1,588 year to date. Further, as mentioned last month we received $1,200 year to date in financing fees. This could grow to the level of about $8,000 for the full year, which will be an unexpected bonus. This will carry over into 2013 due to the final Special Assessment payments. On the expense side, sign repair was over budget by $2,287 for the month due to the replacement of signs at Marquis Gate. Finally, on a positive note, Legal Fees have been running below budget ($1,443) for the month despite our aggressive response to our Accounts Receivable accounts. Related to Accounts Receivable, Imperial HOA made further significant progress during the month. Total Accounts Receivables dropped by $14,000 ($13,000 Special Assessment, $1,000 fee receivables). This leaves Total Accounts Receivable at $173,711 at month s end. This is a drop of more than $55,000 since year-end and we are only looking at four month totals. We have been collecting receivables at a rate of over 85% this year, which by any standard is excellent. Additionally, we are on the verge of collecting a few very large accounts in the area of 100% in the near future. I feel comfortable in saying that receivables are becoming very manageable due to Board s consistent hard work. 1

2 For the month of April we received $1,500 in transfer fees (3 homes sold) while the year to date number was $9,000 or 18 homes sold. Imperial has had a strong turnover of homes this year and the number of available homes is becoming rather low. Resident Balances (President Harlan Dam): Special Assessment Payments Delinquent: 13 total owing and all are at the attorney Quarterly Maintenance Dues Delinquent: 48 total 16 at the attorney 26 have paid since of these are $ Fines 21 remain owing (includes the fines) Newsletter Ad s: The Board agreed to accept property for rent ads in the Estates Classified s by property owners in Imperial Golf Estates HOA, space permitting. GIB Report: (President Harlan Dam) For April, 2012 the GIB was under budget by $2, for the month. Multiple expense categories were under budget but Security was over budget by $1, (April has five weeks for payment.) Year to date we are $ under budget for our Operating Expenses. Income Year to Date is $7, over budget primarily due to Gate Tag Income. These sales should slow down as the part time residents go back north. Reserve account balance is $199, The drainage project was completed with a reduction of $500 in the contract price by the contractor due to a Val Pak coupon discovered by Anne Harruff, GIB Beautification Chair. The revised gate house Post Orders for the new driver s license scanner for the visitor entry gate was discussed. It is hoped that a soft launch of this new access control procedure will start by the end of July and hopefully will be fully in place by October when season starts. This will affect anyone entering through the guest gate. Tom Harruff and two Directors will be meeting with the Tennis Club to go over the new access control use of this system to capture all driver license photos of those authorized visitors entering through the guest gate. The Beautification Committee reported the power washing and painting of the Imperial sign at US 41 and front entry walls. The curbs are being painted also. Greenspire is planning to start the irrigation installation on the strip of land on the north side of the exit lane from Rt. 41 to the wingwall. A reserve fund is being considered for next year s budget of.25 cents per door ($5,440.00) per year to establish the necessary funds to replace the curbs around the center island as they are starting to break down and will need replacement in 3-4 years at a cost of approximately $13, This new reserve account will then be available for the replacement of any other curbs that need replacement. New 2 plants to replace the Crown of Thorns are being planted and all turf fertilizing has been done. Greenspire is sending a proposal to install a hose bib at the irrigation distribution tree in the middle of the 41 island. The existing one was removed to meet the County s requirements which require a vacuum valve IGEHOA Superintendents Report: (Mark Thieme) Commons: Worked with Carlos (Edwardo Tree Service) in trimming out East Imperial Park while they were in to do the perimeter trimming. West Perimeter: Worked with the school district in placing no trespassing signs on the school property (fire area). With the signs up, the area will now be patrolled. Weirs: The weirs were changed for easier adjustment and maintenance in the event of heavy rains. Did the yearly drainage check in Phase 5. Gate House: A number of gate instances were researched as every month. Signs: Two signs were installed along with a new Zack's Lake sign for the park bench on the East side of the Circle. Bus Drivers: Saw the Operations Manager of school transportation about bus drivers in Imperial. Beautification/ Common/Park Areas: The Cypress Park landscape project is now complete and both the sod and trees are doing beautifully. The Verawood s are already showing their yellow flowers and the north Australian Flame is starting to show a reddish/orange flower. The two breaker boxes at both Imperial Drive East and Regal Park have been replaced and the irrigation head directed away from them for the future. The extensive brush and tree work is now completed behind the 1800 block of Imperial Golf Course Blvd. and the 1800 block of Princess Court. This will put us in a much better position during dry seasons and was very well received by the residents that backed up to our common area along our western boundary. We also trimmed the palms from the wingwall up to the four way stop. The exotics have been removed on the west side of Imperial Drive East Park and we will be clearing out exotics at Princess Park prior to the Board meeting. This should only leave our annual palm tree trimming on the balance of the palms in late November. While we were in the area, we did trim the single palm in the cull de sac on the 1800 block of Princess Ct. After discussion the Board agreed to install sod and irrigation on the 30 feet of frontage at Duke Park now rather than wait until next year. Roads and Walkpaths: (Secretary Ed Lindsay) I did a total drive through and a walk of the circle as an inspection of current conditions last week. Everything looks good, nothing new to report.

3 Mark and I did an inspection of the culvert right at the beginning of the property as was discussed at last meeting. It does not require any action at this time. Stormwater Drainage System: (Director McElligott) Lanzo Lining Services will be out next week to video the failing Empress sewer line. The following week they will fix the problem by lining the existing pipe. I will be checking all the weirs with Mark to make sure we are ready for the rainy season. Mark replaced all the wood weir plates with metal, which should make them much easier to lift. Collier County President s Council on : (President Dam) The majority of this meeting was spent on discussing what topics are of the most interest to the group for the next twelve months. Committees were set up with members showing an interest in a specific month s topic and they will work with the Planning Committee on each month s specific speaker. The 2012 legislative session is now history. Governor Rick Scott signed a $70 billion dollar budget, vetoing only $143 million worth of projects (about.02% of the budget), and mostly small items. The Florida Supreme Court upheld a second draft of the Senate redistricting maps, and the EPA gave preclearance approval. So we now have new maps for the Florida Senate and House districts. Key legislation signed by Gov. Scott includes: HB Increases corporate tax exemptions from $25,000 to $50, HB Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance reform: Sets up tough licensing requirements for medical providers treating patients for auto injuries. HB Gives cities and counties flexibility in using reclaimed water (irrigation) with minimal permitting. HB Provides tax breaks for renewable energy producers. SB Provides a statewide framework for independent fire district consolidation. In other legal activity, 47 Florida counties entered court challenges to HB 5301, a new Medicaid law requiring counties to reimburse the state for unpaid billings. This is the latest battle over unfunded mandates imposed on local governments by Tallahassee. Though not directly related to legislation, two recent events are noteworthy: FPL now proposes a $1.41/kwh rate hike for 2013, down from the previously estimated $2.48/kwh increase. Citizens, the state-backed insurer, sold $750 million in bonds to build its hurricane reserve. This will cushion Florida policyholders from assessments to cover claims in the event of a major storm. banks to mitigate distressed properties so far over the last several years. Whereas the County was following 400 vacant properties at that time, that number is now down to 112 vacant. Entrada (Marquis) Gate and Road: (Director McElligott) The yearly maintenance for the back-up generator has been completed. We had some problems with the entrance gate Wednesday May 2nd through Friday morning May 4th, but new I.Q seems to have fixed the problem. The phone number to call if the gate is not working is now on the entrance and exit gates. The spring hinges on the walk through gate have been replaced, and it is now closing properly. Architectural Review Board Report: (Vice President Michelle Korri) May was a busy month for the ARB committee with (14) requests from new and current residents that included upgrading hurricane protection, exterior painting, a dumpster for interior renovations and a new pool cage. The Board approved (8) requests without conditions. Six requests were conditional approvals: removal of trees and installation of a new irrigation well. For details, see the ARB activity report for May, posted on the owners only area of our website, There were no disapproval recommendations for the period April 27 to May 24, Please remember that ARB approval is required for the use of Dumpsters and Port-a-Potties even if the renovations involve only interior changes. Perimeter Awareness Committee: (Director Joyce) Pulte Homes bought the parcel of property that is on the perimeter of Imperial Golf Estates for future development. Traffic Safety and Security Committee: (President Dam): There was a recent rash of car break-ins. The thieves are targeting unlocked cars and ransacking them. It is very important to lock your vehicles and your homes. A resident reported that he left his garage door open one evening and during that time all of his fishing rods were stolen. A report has been filed with the Collier County Sheriff s Department. Violations and Fining Committee: (Director Joyce) There were 7 fines issued due to violations determined by our Violations and Fining committees. The committee also granted extensions for 7 (one of which has resolved the issue) others which will again be reviewed in June. North Naples Task Force Meeting : (President Dam) $2.7 million has been spent by the 3

4 Classifieds While we hope that you support our advertisers, the Board of Directors of Imperial Golf Estates HOA, Inc. does not officially endorse any producs or services advertised herein. 4

5 FOR RENT IGE: 3 BR / 2BA / 2 car 2450 sq. ft. AC lakefront pool home with screened & covered lanai. Large, welllandscaped lot. No smoking. $ or Lawn Service Trimming Fertilizing Pest Control Mulch Installation Planting of Annuals Handyman Services Pressure Washing Landscape Lighting ALENCIA Lawn Nursery & Handyman Services, Inc. Cell: Joel Garcia Co-Owner Cell: We Service Any Manufacturer s Shutters 5 IMPORTANT NUMBERS TO KEEP HANDY Sheriff Non-Emergency Domestic Animal Control Humane Society Animal Shelter Garbage / Waste Pick-up Solid Waste Management Code Enforcement Comcast Naples Daily News Circulation Dept

6 Current Activity as of May 31st 2012 (Averages are for Year 2012) Active Houses on the Market 18 Pending with Contingencies 5 Pending with No Contingencies 3 Closed Sales During 2012 from 1/12-5/12 20 Average 2012 Sales Price $430,700 Average 2012 Price Per Sq. Ft. $ Closed Foreclosures or Short Sales 2 Non Foreclosure Average 2012 Sales Price $440,389 Non Foreclosure Average 2012 Price Per Sq. Ft. $ IGE Residents: Full Time 70% Seasonal 30% Source: From Naples MLS Provided by John R Wood Inc. 6

7 Comcast Issues: (President Dam): After a lengthy discussion with VP Barbara Hagen of Comcast, it has been explained that the weather radar on channel 25 will not be returning. The company that supported the software has gone out of business. The best source of weather during a storm will now be a free channel 216 that is updated 24/7 several times an hour. Channel 47 is the National Weather, and there is a channel 101 for weather but it is only available as part of a very large package that is quite costly from Comcast. You can also go on line at and enter your zip code to view the latest radar for your area. Unfinished Business: (President Dam) None. New Business: None Quarterly Special Assessment - Coupon/Due Dates Coupon Feb 1, Payment DUE MAR 1; Coupon May 1, Payment DUE JUN 1; Coupon Aug 1, Payment DUE SEP 1. Please include your Account Number (Phase and Lot Number) and coupon with all Special Assessment payments and mail in the envelope provided to IGEHOA, PO Box 9056, Naples, FL Lot Owners can contact Kevin or Gina in Platinum Accounting at if you need another coupon book or to discuss the coupon book process. Future Board Meetings Day Meetings are held at the Weybridge Clubhouse, 8:30 AM; May 24; Jun 28; No July meeting; Aug 23; Sep27 Homeowner Issues: As of now, bicycle riding is permitted on sidewalks. Due to a recent dispute the board will discuss the issue at the next meeting. Fire Hydrants: Collier County will be replacing 38 hydrants shortly in phases 3 & 4. Please be watchful of workers during normal working hours. Quarterly Maintenance Fees - Coupon/Due Dates 2012 Quarterly Maintenance Fee $355.00/Qtr. Next Quarterly Payment due Apr 1, 2012 Coupon about Dec 1, Payment DUE JAN 1; Coupon about Mar 1, Payment DUE APR 1; Coupon about Jun 1, Payment DUE JUL 1; Coupon about Sep 1, Payment DUE OCT 1. Quarterly Maintenance Fees - Please include your Account Number (Phase and Lot Number) on all payments to preclude any delay in processing. The Account Number is on the coupon that should be returned with your payment. Owners with multiple lots must indicate how they wish their payments applied. The correct mailing address for Quarterly Maintenance Assessments is Imperial Golf Estates Homeowners Association, Inc., PO Box 9056, Naples, FL If you are using an automatic bill pay service, give them this address for mailing purposes and ask that they include your Account Number (Phase and Lot Number) on all payments. REMINDER Special Assessment Quarterly Payment First Increment - Your last quarterly First Increment Special Assessment payment of $ from your coupon book was due Dec 1, Second Increment - Next payment for both increments is due Mar 1, Use the provided envelope. 7 In the coming days and weeks there will be reason to celebrate this year s graduates and their accomplishments. There will be multiple parties and gatherings with friends, family and neighbors in Imperial. Please drive carefully around homes with multiple cars parked around their properties and on the streets. Home owners hosting parties should be mindful of the Entrada Gate Rules and have all guests enter and leave Imperial through the main entrance. We wish all those celebrating will have a safe and wonderful time, and we congratulate all 2012 Grads!!!! CLASSIFIED ADS Imperial residents can place a classified ad in The Estates Newsletter to sell household items within Imperial Golf Estates at NO CHARGE. Residents can also place Rental Property ads for properties within Imperial Golf Estates. Ads should be 4 lines or less. Simply your text ad to Greg at: If you would like to advertise a service or product in the Estates Newsletter please contact: Bob Neff , or to: for rate and deadline information. An Advertising Request Form will be sent to you for completion. We accept existing ads, business cards and photos. Submissions of existing art need to be in jpg, tiff or pdf format, (300DPI, RGB or CMYK). We can also design an ad for you. For submissions of art work and files or ad design and layout please your information to: Greg Hierro ,

8 Imperial Golf Estates Homeowners Association, Inc. Platinum Property Management 1016 Collier Center Way, Suite 102 Naples, FL PRSRT STD US POSTAGE PAID PERMIT 524 NAPLES, FL

9 Golf and Social Memberships Are Currently Available