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1 WELCOME PACKAGE January, 2018

2 WELCOME TO THUNDERBIRD HILL VILLAGES II AND III (The Other Florida Villages) ( We think we have a great place to live -- wonderful neighbors and many activities to appeal to our people. Because other newcomers have had questions after moving in, this package will try to answer some of these and point you in the right direction to have all your questions answered. If you do not have a copy of the RESTRICTIVE COVENANTS and BYLAWS, please contact an officer and we will see that you get a copy or consult our website ( The Villages community is governed by a Homeowners Association, whose officers are elected at the annual meeting of our Homeowners which is held in January of each year. We do not have any paid managers or officials; our officers volunteer their services in various areas. Current officers and their duties are posted in the Clubhouse on the Bulletin Board to the left as you enter. ANNOUNCEMENTS of activities, sign-up sheets for these activities, and other items of interest are also posted there. When you pick up your mail, please check the announcements of special interest posted on the mailbox bulletin boards(there are 3) In general, officers are responsible for the Clubhouse, shuffleboard courts and pool, the operation of the irrigation system, lawn maintenance and violations of the Deed Restrictions. Should you have SUGGESTIONS for the good of the Homeowners here, we ask that you put them in writing and place them in the Box in the Clubhouse, and they will be considered by the entire Board at their MONTHLY MEETING on the third Thursday of each month. You may be placed on the Agenda at that meeting by contacting the President prior to the meeting date. We ask that you consider the fact that these officers are doing their job on a volunteer basis, and contact them personally only on an emergency basis, as it takes full Board approval for any action to be taken. The irrigation system is managed by several pumps and timers operated and maintained by the Association. The maintenance of the sprinkler heads on your property is YOUR responsibility. If the homeowner adds additional sprinkler-heads it throws off the pressure and the balance of the Whole system. Therefore you are asked not to add additional heads to your system. The irrigation system is paid for by the Homeowners Association out of your monthly fee. During the summer months when the full Board is not present, meeting may be suspended, but important decisions will be made by telephone conference if necessary. We are asking for new volunteers to be on the Board every year, it is important that officers feel that they will not be bothered unnecessarily or cornered at social events concerning complaints. Giving them a pat on the back for a job well done is considered appropriate any time, any place, however! PAYMENTS of the monthly HOA fee may be made by mail to Thunderbird Hills Homeowners Assn, 3906 Sunbird Circle, , or placed in the Box with the

3 padlock to your left as you enter the building. The HOA Fee is due on the first of each month. There is a $10 late penalty after the 5th of the month. SHUFFLEBOARD disks and sticks are in the cupboard on the pool deck. Please sweep the court if needed before using and return all equipment to the cupboard when finished. Do not walk on playing surface. The rules for USE OF THE POOL are posted. Entrance to the pool can be made from either side or through the Clubhouse. The Pool is heated and the temperature is ideally kept between 85 and 90 degrees. Because there are so many variables that affect the temperature, it is impossible to maintain the temperature constantly. The duty of the LAWN CARE COMPANY is to mow all the lawns, to trim around the driveway and the street. They will also maintain the entries and the cul-de-sac in Village III. Homeowners are responsible for the edging and maintenance of islands or flower beds. The company will do this edging for individual homeowners at an additional cost, billed directly to you. ARTWORK ON GARAGE SCREENS is not allowed. If you would like to RESERVE the Clubhouse for a private party, please check the Calendar in the Clubhouse, and if the date is open, write your name and the hours you request. Please mind regularly scheduled events, such as bridge, Bingo, etc. The Board produces a monthly newsletter and distributes this to all homes in the community. These are also on our website. In order to keep a peaceful and orderly community, we ask that you handle COMPLAINTS in the following manner: If you have a complaint about one of our vendors, such as the lawn maintenance people, we ask that you contact the officer in charge of that activity so that he may know of any problems. If you have a complaint about one of your neighbors, please talk to the neighbor themselves first. If you do not resolve the situation, and if it involves a violation of the Deed Restrictions or By-laws, write a note to your officers explaining the situation. Check the Bulletin Board in the Clubhouse and the Board located on the mailboxes for updated information. THHA Board of Directors Marsha Kimball, Board Secretary

4 Revised January, 2018 TO: HOMEOWNER & LOT OWNER THUNDERBIRD HILL VILLAGES II & III SEBRING, FLORIDA RE: SALE OR LEASE OF RESIDENCE OR LOT Dear Member: The Board of Directors and the membership of the Association have adopted the provisions under the Fair Housing Act which will preserve the "Community for Older Persons" provisions as set forth in our Covenants, and Restrictions. Accordingly, the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws have been so amended. The Board is also directing this letter to each homeowner and request you keep it with your records and issue it when you intend to sell or lease your residence or lot. Our attorney advises us that a seller or lessor are the ones that could be liable if you sell to someone who does not comply with the provisions of the Fair Housing Act Which basically is that any purchaser or lessee be at least fifty-five (55) years of age or older, or if it is more than one person, at least one of the persons shall be or that age group. We therefore request you keep this proforma letter and if you sell or lease, issue it to the prospective buyers or lessees, or if you do not understand or lose this letter, please immediately contact the Homeowners Association and they will provide you with the proper format to place your buyer or lessee on notice, as to the Covenants and Restrictions requirements of a "Community for Older Persons. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated, and your Board sincerely thanks you. Respectfully, Vernie Frank, President Thunderbird Hill Homeowners Assn. Villages II & III Sunbird Circle Sebring, Florida 33872

5 THUNDERBIRD HILL HOMEOWNER'S ASSOCIATION VILLAGES II & III To: Homeowners From: Crimewatch Coordinators Since the 911 Program has been in effect our crimewatch procedures have become obsolete. Please disregard any crime- watch material you previously received. If you feel that some event (trespassing, etc.) is taking place on your property and needs checking out please call the 911 telephone number. If you notice something suspicious taking place on your neighbor s property and the neighbors are home please call the neighbors to report it to them so they can, if necessary, call 911. If your neighbor is not home and you see something suspicious taking place then please call 911 to have it checked out. If you leave your home for an extended time, please let your neighbors know that you will be gone. For a crimewatch program to work it has to have a neighbor helping neighbor philosophy. There are still some households that are in violation of the county ordinance stating that house numbers must be at least 4 inches high. If your house numbers are in violation would you please make the change to larger numbers? Some things that can be done to make your home safer are: attachments can be put on your windows so they will only open up to approximately 6" which prevents entry through your windows without breaking the glass. Lights can be installed in your back yard. Dead-bolt locks can be installed on your doors. Sliding patio doors can be fixed so they cannot be lifted out while closed. If you have any questions, please contact anyone of us. THHA Board of Directors Marsha Kimball-Secretary of the Board

6 CLUBHOUSE SECURITY (This information for homeowners & renters only) Because of security concerns and insurance company recommendations the Board of Directors of Thunderbird Hill Homeowners Association Village II & III has voted unanimously to have a combination lock installed on the front door of the clubhouse and to have padlocks on both pool area gates. The front door is usually unlocked during normal activity hours,(8-dusk) Pool area gates are opened from 8-dusk, unless there is cold weather. If the pool is locked and you want in see Bob Kimball, or Vernie Frank. THHA Board of Directors Marsha Kimball, Board Secretary