1' Mr. Willie Wright (Forme r P resi d e nt, Queen of Angels Parents and Teachers Association) 179 Newton Street

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1 UNITE D COMMUNI 'I'Y CORPORATION BOARD OF TRUSTEES *.!:!2. nor a ry President Hon. Hugh J. Addonizio May or, City of Newark Cit y Hall, Room 201 Newar k, New Jersey.tv<...I *Pre s i d ent c. Willard Heckel, Dean Rut gers Law School 53 Washington Street.Vi.I *Vice Presidents Rtv Rev. Msgr. Joseph Dooling Director, Mt. Carmel Guild 99 Central Avenue 62 2=1460 Mr. Kenneth Gibson (Engil".eer)...,.,,,r~r.k Housing Authority 5 7 Su s sex Avenue Rabbi Jonatha n J. Prinz Associate Rabbi Temple B'nai Abraham 621 Clintou Aveuue Newa rk, New Jersey Mr. Timothy Still (P resident, Newark Tenants Ass oc iation) 4 5 Se ve n teen t h Avenue New a rk, New Jersey BI *Vice Presidents (continued} 1' Mr. Willie Wright (Forme r P resi d e nt, Queen of Angels Parents and Teachers Association) 179 Newton Street *Secretary *Assistant Secre t a r ies.miss Hilda Hida lgo (Council o f Pue rto Ric a n Organizations} Ch i ld S ervice As so c ia tion 284 Broadway Newark, New J ers e y Mr. Andrew Washington (Cornrnissioner, Newark Co mmiss i on f or Neighborhood ~onser v a tion and Rehabilitati o n) 38 Eckert Avenue Newark, New J ersey or *Treas u.rer Mr. Francis Quil l an Vice President of P ers o n n e l Prudential Insura nc e Company Prudentia l P laza Ne wark, New J ers e y

2 2 *Assistant Treasurers Mrs. Estelle P i er ce (Member, Bo ard o f r rustees New a rk Pr e - School Coun c i l ) 203 Renner Av enue New ark, New Jerse y Mr. Ir v in g Rosenberg (Commi ssi on er, Newark Housing Authority) Reta il Union of New Jersey Broad Stree t wark, New J ersey *Chairman, Building Committee Mr. Louis Danzig, Executive Director Newark Housing Authority 1' 57 S ussex Avenue i:iewa r k, New J.:~r sey or ; *Ch ai rrjan, Finance Committee Dr. Thomas Rey~olds ~,,.. Area Redevelcpment Associatio n 40 East Park Street *_9~1airman, Membership Committee, Rev. B. F. Johnson, Pastor.Metropoli ta..r1 Baptist Church Prince Street Newark, r-ew Jer sey r b *Ch a irman, Nominatin_g Committ e e Mr. Robert Curvi n (Bo ard of Directors, National Co ngress of Racial Equality) 106 Huntington Terrace Newar k, New Jersey r b *Ch a irm a n, Personnel Committee Mr. Walter s Chambe r s As s i stant Supervis o r o f Personnel New Jers e y Bell Telep ho ne Co. 540 Br oa d S t reet New ar k, New J ers e y r b *Chairman, Pr ogram Committ ee Mrs. Ceil Arons (Former Member, Newark Board of Educatio n ) 47 Stengel Avenue Newa~<. New Jersey Mr. James Ab ra ms (New a rk Att o r n ey and Essex Cou n ty Surrogat e ) 51 Clifton Ave nu e Newark, New Jers e y Hon. Fra nk Addonizio (Newa r k Cou n c i lma n ) 78 Mead Street Newark, Ne w J e rsey Mr. Haro l d Ash b y (Pres i dent, Newar k Bo ard of Educat i on) 236 Cus t er Av e n ue Ne war k, New J e r se y r b Mr..Amade o Bermude z (Secretary, c ounc i l o f Pu e r to Rican Or ga n iz a ti ons ) High Street Newa rk, New Jers e y Mrs. Gloria Bridges (Hou s ew i f e, Ac t ive in Girl Scouts) 84 Boyd St r eet Newcrk, New Je r sey

3 3 Mr. James Bro wn Interna t i onal Longshoremen ' s Associa t io n, Local Belmo n t Avenue. Ne wa r k, New Jersey Mrs. Reynoldf Burch (Fo under) Executive Director, The Leaguer' s 8 50 Clinton Avenue Mr. Frederick Ewi n g (Newark Association of Comme r c e and Industry} Bure a u of Municipal Research 605 Broad street Mr. Charles Garrison Vice President Bamberger 's - Newark, 131 Mark et Street or L l Rev. Boyd B. Cantrell (Pastor, Hopewell Baptist Church) P r esident, Newark Branch, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People 190 Cl int on Avenue Rt. Rev. Msgr. Thomas Carey (Roman Catholic Archdiocese) Queen of.angels 44 Belmon t Avenue Mr. Richard Donova.n I- (President, Essex, west Hudson Labor Counci l, AFL-CIO) Director, Labor Participation Departmen t, United Comnnmity Fund and Co uncil 45 Branford Plac e Newa r k, New J ersey Mr. Thomas Edwards (Bu siness Representative, Asphalt Wor k ers Union, Local 889 ) 894 South 19th Street New a rk, Ne w J ersey or !.t/-Mr. Ralph Geller, Supervisor New Jersey State Err~loyment Service 309 Washington Street Miss Dorothy Go uld (Board Member, Fr i endly Neighborhood Ho use) 65 Seymour Avenu e Newark, New,Jersey Mr. George Haney (Newark At~orney) Auchincl.oss, Parker and Re dpa t h 60 Park PlacE: Newark, New J e rsey M.r. Robert W. Harvey Executive Vice 1President Prud ential Insurance Compa ny Prudential Plaza Newark, New J erse y "f' Rev. Kinmoth W. J eff e rs on (Greate r Newark Council of Chu rch e s ) 15 Sch e erer Avenue Newa rk, New Je rs ey r b

4 4.. Mr. George Jon es (Housing Manager, Scu d der Homes) 165 Court St r e et Newark, New Jers ey Rev. Ea r l Huff (For me r Chairman, Newark Coor din a tin g Council ) Pasto r, Trin ity American Methodist Ep i sco pal Chu r ch 71 Wilse y Street Newa rk, New Je r sey Dr. Edw a rd F. Kennelly, Su perinte n d ent Newark Publ ic Sch ools 31 Gre en St re e t Newark, New J ersey *,. Mr. Fra nk Loria (Ex e c u t i ve Secretary, Federation o f I t a l i an Ame r ican Societies ) 1 Melrose Avenu e Newar k, New Jersey Mrs. Grace Malone, Director Departmen t of Welfare City o f Newark 57 Gr ee n Street Mr. Za in Matos {Co u n c il of Puerto Ric a n Org ani z atio ns) 56 Nort h 9t h Street Newa rk, New J er s ey Mr. Duke E. Moo re, Sr. (President, Pen ni ngt on Co urts Tenants As s o c i a ti o n ) 175 Pennin g ton St r eet Newark, New Jers e y ~ Rev. Mar, i o Mucc i te l l i (Di r ector, Community Cen t er working predominantly wi t h Span i sh - speaking peo p le) Our Lady of Perpetual Help 196 Broad Street or Mrs. Louise Patterson (Memb er, Clinton Hi~l Nei ghbo r h oo d Counci l) 721 Hunterdon Stre et Newurk, New Jer s ey Mr. James A. Paw l ey Executive Di r e ct o r Urb an League of Es s ex County 5-8 Jones Stre et Newark, New Je rsey Mr. Wi lliam D. Pa yne (Membe r, Newa rk Br a nc h Na t i ona l As s o c iatio n f o r t he Adva nce men t of Co lo r e d People ; Wi lliam D. Payne As s o c i at ion) 243 Re nn er Av e n u e Newark, New J er se y cr Mr. Lou is Pi tts (Member, Newar k Human Rig ht s Comn1is s ion) 34 Farley Avenue Newark, New J e r se y r b X 507 _ Mr~ Ra ymond Pr o cto r Membe r, Newa r k Esse x Congres o f Racia l Eq u a l i t y 271 Park: Ave nu e Ea s Ora n ge, Ne w Jers ~y 67~ - ;! tf Mr. Lo u is Qua d, Ma nager v Pub l ic s e rvice Electric and Gas Co. 80 Park Place Ne wark, New Jersey

5 4 I, ~ 5 Mr. George C. Ri ch ar dson (Former Vice P re s iden t, Bu siness and Indust r i al Co ordinating Counci l an d Fo rmer New J ersey Assembl yman ) 435 So ut h 1 2th Street Newark, Ne w J ersey Mr. Os car St afford (Ch a ir man, Project: Concern, Are a Board I) 167 James Street Newark, New Jerse y Mr. Abe Sudran, Executive Director J ewi s h Community Council of Essex Cm.m t y 3 2 Cent r~l Av e nue Newa r k, New Je rsey Hon. Irvine I. Turner (Newark Councilman) 613 High Street Mr. James Williams Stella Wright Tenants Association 254 Prince Street Mr. James Wynn (Member, Voters Civic League, West Ward and Alpha Lodge #16 F & A,.1\1) 190 South 11th Street Newark, New Je r sey **Mr. Sidney Reit man 24 Co mmerce St reet Newark, New J er sey *.Memb ers of the Exe cu ti ve Conuni ttee **Member of the Executive Committee as Legal Counsel t o Corporation 7 /30/ 65 (b)