ifliuçtt 1Jje Ñft1t Police Commendation Detective Michael Boba At your service: the Nues Free Bus by Barbara A. Mendelsohn Teaching Dangers of

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1 FEJ: -uc LapiY :AXTCN rtfir NflE a 1Jje Ñft1t N JUN CENTS PER COPY ifliuçtt Standard US Postage PAD Bugle News 7400 WAUKEGAN RD, NLES, L THURSDAY, JUNE 26, 2003 VOL 46, NO52 Teaching Dangers of Secondhand Smoke Successful Surev of Cook County Residents Shows Effecticncss of Take t Outside!" Campaign According to a recent survey 81 perccnt of suburban Cook County residents say they are more are t the Scrious health issues related to secondhand smoke Nearly twice as many residents now realize that in addition to caus- n lung cancer second-hand smoke is associated with bronchitis pneumonia emphysema asthma and other types of cancer Launched in late July 2002, the "Take lt Outside!" initiative aimed to educate suburban Cook County residents about the serious health dangers of secondhand smoke through an innovative and inulti-facied public awareness initiative The campaign featured: Bus and radio advertising \Vindow decals Expert speakers at places of worship throughout suburban Cook County Contd on Page 23 Police Commendation Detective Michael Boba Detective Michael Boba was recogniied at the May Viflage Board Meeting for his invcstigative police work Commandcr Dennis McEncrney & Detective Michae Boba were doing a follow-up inestigatiofl on a butglary from One of our retail establishmcnts They were able to determine a vehicle description For more informallon on the roiue or posi-poradefestivftles, contad Denise Jarjosa a, the liage ofnilcs, (847) Have A Safe & Happy 41k of July! and a possible ottcncier tz13uu,, the "MO" frnii the burglary The offenders were located in Elmwood Park and were arrested Approximaticy forty addinonal burglaries were cleared up in municipalities in the west & north suburbs Chief Sheehan thanked Detective Boba and presented him with a Distinguished Duty Declaration D, p ;:ii1: ll4ì:" At your service: the Nues Free Bus by Barbara A Mendelsohn idriverjohn C Thompson pulls Niles bus #1932 eastbound onto Touhy Avenue at 2:00 pm on Fnday afternoon OflC passenger aboard A second rider obviously a "regulare climbs aboard at Leaning Tower YMCA, greets John by name They discuss the health of local businesses and ntcrnct s going rate for Cubs-Yankees tickets Someone boards at the library still others on a swng through residential areas and Notre Dame High School By GolfMil Plaza #1932 is close to full At Dempstcr Plaza some leave and others hoard The route wends though more neighborhoods over to Oasis Pool and Recreation Center passes near the Renaissance Condominiums oven to St Andrews Life Center and finally stops at the CTA turnaround to pick up any transferees Ninety-live minutes later ThompSon returns to the garage having finished a capsulized version of a day driving a Nues bus Thats also a capsule of Nilcs free bus service Besides the 411 route thercs the 41 1 Reverse which makes its flrst stop a the CTA turnaround and all 4 stops in reverse order Theres che 412 serving GolíMili Four Flaggs, K-Mart Golf Glen and The Breakers and the 412 Reverse Lastly the 4 3 stops al Aldi Foods, Leaning Tower YMCA and at shoppers points duc cast along Jouhy Avenue Of course, thcres also the 4 3 Reverse Wc developed reverse routes to heuer serve the public The reverse system cuts down on waiting time," says Tom Suracc Niles Transportation Supervisor Surace keeps track of 3 drivers 7 are full time and a stable of O buses which allows eight on the street and two spares he explains "The route is all pari-time drivers with morning and afternoon shifts Explaining the logistics he says "For instance, the 4 route operates every hai f hour SO its 95-minute round trip means that at any time three buses arc operating" Surace doesnt appear to have a problem keeping all that scheduling straight Apparently he grew into it, starting as a part-time driver in 979 then taking over as transportation manager in 1998 Niles 28-year-old fixed-route transportation system carries about 400,000 riders per year and boasts low accident rates Routes arc planned so that9opercent ofvillagc residents live within two blocks of service Buses operate Mondays through Fridays from about 8:45 am to roughly 6:15 pm, depending on route Saturday and Sunday service begins about :00 nm and continues through late afternoon Hcs not surprised to hear about lirst-name informalities "We go for the personal touch with riders" he says "Theyre about 70 percent senjots but we also have kids going to schools along the routes and commuters headed for local workplaces Drivers handle about three or four wheelchair riders per day" he adds Our drivers arc special people," he says "\Ve look for driving skills and a patient disposition both necessary to take care of our precious cargo" Surace himself appears about once a month at the Nues Sen3or Center to explain the system and occasionally speaks to condominium associations More about the personal touch: Suracc recalls one itcrn left on a bus about three years ago lt was a change purse containing $27000 in cash lt contamed no identification, just a bank slip Surace approached the institution told the story, and asked a bank officer to inform the individual that personal property had been located on a Nues bus That accomplished he made contact What was the riders reaction! "Actually she gave me kind ola rough timc, Surace says "Perhaps there were other problems involved While was there she complained to mc about her stove i recognized hazardous conditions and tamped open some burner holes for her Not everyone needs that kind of servicing, hut its nice to know its potentially there f you have a question about bus schedules and routes,cail him Hecan handle that (To reach Torn Surace s office For optimum phone coverage he suggesrs calling on Monday through Friday from 7:00 a n to 3:30 pni-) Below is a photo of Surace visiting wíth 413 Route driver, Rich Olson Notte Darn Rih School 4 GreilflAfl tctgbt$ Prk FMSH

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CALL OR STOP BY FOR YOUR FREE COPY How To ncrease Vaitte Todays Market This fnee brochure muhes it easy for you to get straight anssvers to specific questions about remodeliog This could be the mont valuable free advice yovit ever get Local Student Named to Deans List Movu K Pinol ut Nitos, tau heott eactttod tocho Doues List for lite Spring 2003 contorte, at St L trois Collego of Pttoentuvy To tttoko tite Doons List, utudontu ttta,t earn ut least u 311 outdo 1tltlttttttorago fttr tice enterte, leroi te the doughtee tf Kant,,iriit Sltvnittlu farol tted is a 190) gvietuate of Micino Dust thigh Selteel Pitlol tu a,tte,tchoe el tito Sltiitettt Alutttttt Aseoeialiot, attut tite lttternotii,eal Studottt Orcstot RJVA1( Villager Brens Broker CerhfiRd Residential Speciahvi Bi-Lingual: English/Polish 20 years experience Nues Resident A7TENTON HOMEOWNERS: Call for a free market evaluation dient (847) mli: f847) naos oison indryendnntty ewnsd and operated We wrote a brochure on remodeling DOS and DONTs COST vs VAL UE REMODELS THAT PAY AND FVE MSTAKES TO AVOD WE HELP OUR CLENTS GEl TOP DOLLAR FOR THER REAL ESTATE CALLERO & CATNO REALTY 7609 MLWAUKEE AVE, NLES OR REAL ESTATE serving this community since 1956 THE BUGLE, THURSDAY 11/NE 2t, 2Re3 rito scout,:, Lendeor and Cant tctittoo of Troitp nivl Nues, L, Doy Ssouie il Atttericu tate greiti pleaser, in anttttutteittg Atti ttrltn C Hicetet tcs aeitioced lite soi, tri Wtgio Seitut to udtitvttt, it litt u stg st t tce est cent, toit, iteu been t iíloiong d t t Ni dj i e Ay gruduuted ioi,ttt M:tiee Sirutic Higtt Xeiteoi evtieoe to pieyed football, reretliod ard purttcipitt He tcii eunttnue hic edue:ttuurtt tri Xuscnouu Adtnirtuteutior uit West orn tilinotu University, Morton Grove Native Receives Special Award Tb, University 01 Mivuoun Kansas Ctty Wtrttuoits Corlee re centiy aaiurdrd Maty Yhe,idatt wich su Wumenu Council Oriidu ate Asaistusee Fund foiltttvchip Uheridun is tite duughierutftitn und Murgcroi Sheridiin crd us puecuing t degme in Chtiiesti HeuithPryehoiogye UMKC The OAF, estublialrett in 1921 provides A,ureicl auppvo itt wemee studonis et JMKC uvittt uee Uf5UO9 Fusi hcveuluurcate dogrecu un hei, 1/tut prefecviottai degrec i, Medicino, DLOiistry, Fltarrtnvy erlnw, Mere thati 950 worter giuds ato uludeelu hato oueoived foi iuwuhipu or uttmlturm assisiltttec grunts through tite OAF tice turd ltn:reh d $13 c,tiiiiett, The Uniuocsity of Mi,tsauri Kanaitv Ciry, oscahiusitod ir 1963, is 16e Unleo,City olmicsouri Stu iemsutiite,uiiy fer tite eisuiili itnd yerleteittitig iirle teitit it deuig titled nriastitn lut suppeni icettilit itnd lite seiortceu, tilo pritiescietir tod uehaeoegageittottl Titis inlorirte lion is uvutiuble tut peoplu willi spoeeit or liciiei,ig impuirrnlonls by soilicrg Reliuy Missouri ut ni cr lveieei, Nues Resident Achieves Rank of Eagle Scout Otttrn, s, seoul loe ever 12 yutes irurrc Orul geude ulr,uruuglrtrul iccglt relrooi, yiunv irr tntutdrg lutucre cornetbutcentraseouting by sste irg in u ieadornittp rutie c, rddt qucrcd hadgec, ilrceeetttonlu atrd piueleitotuttg lit irtunity acrecee pru9eolr ltuhrc trod taconittbuto lilactt4rillhiu Or gant,luioe by tucy urfe rigttuiicrttu elrtnrrrurccy ptitjoec iru,,dee cit dotrteratrute itit ioadersltcp ard einer huts prcclrgteuo etruck uf Oie Seoul Jtrlrns etcotcc iti tlítgie Peut1eeltsusoee oîunusv:uiiv cig rutuearinioo, dclueuiry, etcuttecue und nteut itctpitrlunciy, ucrscd a tory cuenhy elsa, SpeuiEcutly, Juhoa Dugle Scaut proirer uoroisled ut pisun nirng ltrurearcor ut sis 161 olubu rato tali foldcng culti cc unit dc lilt nolte fotrt oak slurra to trertsirt te he used in alte v,nrouc srl Cieurhrook C,riri,rr,rrr, tic residence in Reite0 bletudiru, foe deueleprtortsutiyeplit cl,,litt d,vafrlrd cdultu ucd lreetgeru t irr stveordrrrec w,clr tcl//u crcut eatloes liut, requctreul riciceureer $2918 lin euci, cilii 53,519i ict don:cned seruleoc lito teip ri ht, foil,ruu nutrti, and f,ursrrllca, baud the udi,,1 i" 10cl turco,npictier using irverilli taltuir lits,, tot,,, prtrledu slrrcr pictod cri Aprci och ch C liunla and ujrace cuhitrur the 5101 u tie Aeadettcy wulurdulrurlr A lilt cual dcdicaiiurn curectltirt ing lice ptojeca was iteld Ctearheook Cucc,tcuono urt dir 24,2X03 Mister Breger uikom Would yos hkeyour hair, sir?" "Thick, wavy and goldon" Local Chef appears on TV Personal Chef Susan Scheite, felt), crea secves clents in the NtleutEdiann Park area appeared June 50e WGN tvo Macnina Necee (Chicago) She csuaa inieccrivacred by Reponer Chuck Cop pala, (rinhy Atoo shown are Chenaell and her mother Gloria Lane of Cfrucago Chontell cran belog honorad by WON and Chi cano Pebluc Schools fur rs puare of perfect scheut attendance SAran eeaked b,eakfautfaechonieiland fice of hoe friendo at the L ano hante Susan has a local 000kung service that preparer custom meato tar clients in their Own trame Far more infurmaiton visit: cvcunrochuitziesfabfaodscant or call (773) TlE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 26, 2UR3 Sister City Leixlip, reland Says Thank You Oc it r Edcler May t, hcluatf el he people ul Lcuntip yurue XiurcoCccy in tre esprecvttue lthílnks to Felice Ctn,rtuandc, Dernuic McEsotney unti Vdiilgcultctt,oy Ou,o cssuue ohr irrr vicrulog Leiulip dueisg tite cueekehiul ul 30th Msuy enul lukirg ptrlrnlrutiuuriccai fe,lie,il, lte hr,,ugirl illu hstnd ljcrutru litt lttcir hr,c trrtc,r,uulrr,ti co,urld uulsuu u useecuv they rce,e /icy perillmicd tu lcdo ci tut Gscciuc cptrrld csbn sr,d haul pelrpie dttecr,g st he iccle, acud hbf cisc gicso colt lvely su,d npir red pertlrrcctsunvcr un cruur louer 55,1ro 1ro Sstlursity sund Ysttslcy,uilerrrllr,a ricer added eiriu,ur u,uruecy to trur fcslcvsct od lire1 hiuve,uiroady hoes uc,dhied irlcktterlyeice! 1/crer, 6cc buen ucrtl, cs before us,uc etcnsli lselclrllleu by leciulr pculplc uehlr redtrgrilvod hr, i,urge police lrcnlc tu he ucus dered ittlutt che ereucds Ho ais,, 11cc fiurcrlruv K Club frrif :elur,otr,cdeutrce rl clue Ryder La1r lut ite pittveut irene te f ilcticti iry ii lite heulst Nle, ultesgthetled nice lies 1,111 ciliageu asd ou tut, lorlvsurd vr hscvueg llstt ucd lchor, huek irr Otlee ugain, bunko Ouais Stroni, 1/till, OoOy, t,t,uou Foley 1,1cc, Clerk Nues 4th of July You arc inviled to attesd 160 Hilos lori, DisrlUc 416 of luly ltl,lfíur,rdc Cciobralior ut Oren Osun Hoigilr Psurk, f255 Oketo, hdioucing thu vuliego nihilo, Fia nude thc, eseit,ng evas wctl sito hco en Ftislay July 4 fr001 li u t tr 3 pith SVo itouc pianeod utttltliuce snirrgotlahlc Ach of tuly elect SVe 11,11s suddoul clv alid esclilllg sllitldhitittv llrr lilo wh,hie 1,11111 lo tlretljity, creludiog oun 141/9V SVsror Fetlure, co dcosu to 0etuvecl 011,1 futrgcl blur rufos, plny ridou foco paintieg und ro 1110db tosse, Our Mum Stage wilt Oiiltn feotorc che "Fubuleov ìciatt,iv Xro,itors" wuusisai bard relus 55W Lis,rNer PtCfl,VE pepondr e0 BdDcd PAGE 3 They uvili huuo you dereirg feum i 2co2:30 pm Tdy is ooly u brise dsscriprise ti wln we houe plenos4; youll taca lo como to disoevor abs rosi! "tilo hued work und dodicorioa of hoch Nilo, Park Distniur ucd frs Vililago nf Nilsu sauft bao osco ogsuin peeporod we lorritiu 4th of Julty uvents fcie Nil es ros:idonao co do/ls Nilo, Fs,rk Disiricu i, potud lo pnlroide lto poscpaeodc dtiviliol lee sll O OniOl," caid Hilos Pock Dicceiot Erceulirie Di teduor lre LeVende, Col oeocop in the ltewaed Lei ruto Certes, fer W AliStare Carn Ficase, CAS ABA Richaed Haeczak Co-owners The Real Estate Superstarn Free Market Analysis 4 Buying or Selling - One Call Does t All! THE ONLY N LES OFFCE NtLESd5Prlcfl cera, r saannm, e sah tdaoei tinas Fen on,lreesa C car alawsa 555go, CNBdnUd ll (847) OR (847) Come discover whafs new at The Park Come to The Park at Golf Mill and take a sneak peek at our renovations Were enlarging the dining room, brightening and refurbishing common areas, remodeling the atrium, and adding a dance fleer The best just keeps getting better at The Park, where you can uurround yournelf with the most modern and elegant interiors And with more oppertunities fer fon and relaxatien, naw you can live life te the fullest Call ll3 or visit us y 8975W Golf Rdr Nileo, L

3 PAGE 4 Nues Family Dental General & Cosmetic Dentistry Leon Zingerman, DDS Cosmetic Fillings (Bonding) mplants Tooth Whitening Wireless Partial Dentures All Denture Services Available DENTAL & consultaton :FOR ONLY *2500* w,pitoy Ultsd TOt With Thu AL 4 BtthglSay, dd Emergencies Promptly Treated Evening & Saturday Hours Available nsurance Accepted Ask About Our Senior Discount View your teeth state-ot4tse-a it 876 Civic Center Drive Mies, llinois Ai Oaktoee and Waukegan Across the parking lot from Home Depot THE BUGLE, THURSHAF JUNE 2V, 2sf 3 Morton Grove Public Library lin Morton ahijo tihi;ire alit ho closoil un Saudoso luring tiro uotrrnlor tirtougir So1r Pa rons alio would like o, renew books tir to cheek decir ceoatrtn rtey do ea by piteite or mime, Te check an accourt by pitone, call tatktome at b ta citeck an accarunt Orine, 8 to tetto easing oebrars oro Fist luetiterinhirtoettont please oli tito Lttrrery at h5-4771f TOD i847l 9h5-423h, teehraryerg Anintated Flirte H,tyatr Mt> akts celebrated aettrt,tted till he ehtiser -at tite Library on M,trdav latta 311, at 7 ptrt Decigit Citase Sueanse Pieuitctte, Nida Blankas-Hemaez Pediatrics Urgent Crees Seen Promptly Edward E Hernaez Family Practice Esporience je the erre of premature enfants and neoreateu Treatment of asthma/at lergier ADD/ADHD General Pediaenies & Adolescent Medteine lasen Storedeit, loaren daily tod D,tti,i Ogtten Stiere peisuide tito titighaltioscet br dije atar> iii u ioaiig yin tetto issptntad ateay ei ttirtttge neat aotiold lite Stitt rs situai PG: f24 nmuten The Lt lierre ta itieated lt bi 40 Ltrettin Ace Foriutitetrilnnrtatitin, ir toi catoiriunicatioe er accessibility,insmntance please call ti5 422V TOD b5423b isrleoe Advitory tfoartt lt you ora making tot a lun ctealice and acetal cotrrnsrooily sertica prsrjees ieio osai tite Morion Grtiue teabtie Lihntry aliti help pian md dee-chip cerote choricera The htgplteer Ad f-team By Appotnteeent Office Haars, Mar, tan, Ttans, Fr, BOO nm 6 to PC Wed, Oat sas a nt-200 per Oar Ciewd E VERY PA TEWTDESER VES THE REST OF HEAJH CARE eoceoí - Lake Superior Whitefish "Award Winning" Greek Chicken alettey Betend no timokiro hum ices, toitil enjoy working intuit culs, lecito o, doe-olafeues pio000 unid sersteeu lles TAB trieeii,,, tre trat Marday et evens raout: lerccpi Septi at 7 p nr For te, ifien intenreetior, ea> Stelo,, Oteo, Ytnung Aahatt Librarion au TOD ill,> 423h wwwwebraryttng Local Athlete on Lake Forest Handball Team fs-c earrtedjieai tuerons h_isa tce sjann,,nr triti,, Tule, li luneta eonepeted on tite 2181> Lake Forest (ailotut las,l Sutil tersi Site eseremi mou letton retire upitt Dia tkireslors u-silt theo nitamotit United Stares ttaimmt},li Autmicianman Cetirgtate l,a:: hinted Natterai Chattiposu,l:ui ltteruittrree alce detet,dc,i sseo tirio lt rind 131e reno 1,5,1 le, placees earn ars AihAslionla 5 loc oitn seo in tile mst te sein >1cc t) liltlilll 51, yst ta Ciiiieklate N,l,,r, Li,,timttu,iur 51111m ta,, ot,oiumuul t_,kc,ire sr C,uhica, s,,, l,ia_mled 3V rmr,tes n,,nli, lner Clsteaga lite C,,llcoe lu,, atatteotsre1tre,o,,l,,,c1 csut 43 altkore,lliu,,,e, One Weekend Only! $795 L FRESH large BONELESS SKN LESS CHCKEN BREAST $298 LEAN - GROUND CHUCK $29 p CE-BERG HEAD LUC C EACH LARGE GREEN PEPPERS 79 /1, --i u i u n 10 LB BAG THE BUGLE, THURSDAY 115E 26, Mlwaukee Avenue, NUlos (847) HOURS FRESH MEATS DELC-FRESH SALADS PRODUCTS-LQUORS DEL SANDWCHES USDA CHOCE, LEAN, TENDER EYE OF ROUND $398 LEAN SRLON PATrE $ 29 RED SEEDLES GRATES C LB SWEEt VDALA ONONS 79C L e, Mon thns Pc 8:30-6:00 PM Sotoedsy 8:30-5a00 PM Sundsy 8:30-2:00 PM LB CccONE i -LB ARZONA HENZ i TR COLOR i CED TEA KETCHUP PASTA $29 c 0 24 QL OL SWEET BABY RAYS BARBE UE SAUC_ $ OZ BTL PLOCHMANS MUSTARD $j19 24 OZ svc MNELLS HOMEMADE TALAN SAUSAGE MLD HO FRESH HOMEMADE BRATWURST $69 e MANCN ROASTED PEPPERS $ OZ JAR A j J SUB SANDWCHES & PARTY TRAYS SALEEMOS HURS, JULY 3 p LB CENTRELLA HOT DOG OR HAMBURGER BUNS C 8 Pt POPSCLE FRECRACKER CE POPS 12 CT PAGES Restaurant & Pancake House Why Cook? Well Fix Your Favorites to Carry Out! Call to Order Phone: W Dempster Morton Grove;L Complete Dinners nclude: Soup, Salad, Potato, Coffee & Dessert (No splsttsnsg or substituting Not valid sr/any other offers) ames i, Vetel, Chicago Thbtme Food Critic As Breakfast "ONE OF THE TOP 10 PLACES" FOR BREAKFAST! Serving Lunch and Dinner Open 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM Daily Friday & Saturday tu Midnight JULY BARGAN BLAS1 HENEKEN OR ECKS MLLER LTE OR GEN DRAFT OR OZ BOTTLES HGHLF6 70ML ThJ1N $999 - JULY BARGAN BLAS1 FN AND VODKA1499 BERNGER WHTE $ 99 ZNFANDEL 9,,

4 THE BUCLE, THURSDAY JUNE 26, 2(1(13 PAGE (s TlE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 2k, 2(103 PAGE 7 Tennis Programs Tire Skokir Furk District inciter iou io register ion its Suritlier Aduli Tennis progroini Proerteile uro under rire direrritini,f tire Ftcttk Sucks Tennis Camps liii und toltuiv ihr guidelines or lire Untrod Slates Tennis Association USA Tennis t-2-3 psngrnws und growhngamnisiealives Sunurirnr programs will behold si lte SEnkte Park Tennis Crnlnr hiess ternis progrsrnssmpbnsloe leo llness, 554 frinndsliip ard clise profrssional rennte inetritetionainfrnuitnn of ib n roles cttttrgrd by prreasn dabs nrd srlittle Offered orn ternie carsps, Tilt M{llkOS PCSTAURAN (Salt group telittle clinics und clisser rr udutte and tourte Alt prit greors ire dinocind by Frank SaiTa, n-he ira unnitird USPTA oid USTR tennis prufcsetcnil and luettes Head Mene atril Wutitnsu Tenns Coach at Northcistern llinois University und Hiles \Vssi und Nriuu Nonrlt High Schools Fur t nero nlormatren, eoniuut (osos douche, Alhlntsu Direeler, Slofie Fold Drutetetas ( g, nui 2183 or Frank StieLs PienO SacO Teroitu Cnoipu ai 847) enero the nbred ut: wssfranksaekasesrniseossi Lunch Specials -, SPEcA- BUSNESS LUNCHEON - 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6 PAGE lo THE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 26, 2003 PAGE 11 llave a Safe & Happy Hoidlay" l li-l l-r BANK OF UNCOLNW MAn Bunk 4433 W TouT0 Ave UrFRrlw UnEeln080d 4320W Tauhy Ave Ure14nxn,d S011T SABO 9047 SAyAl, 004 SAvOn ,041,, F017 SA EqunlOpyvTvAly 10,4410, JOES SERVCE MARATHON SERVCE STATON 8401 Milwaukee Ave Nile, (887) slop so PE4NZ0L Oil Changos Daily & Saaday While Yen Waill OCTvCn-Upe Enhav, Spule,,,, RedlEpre Fall Sorpice & 5011n Go,olln, & Diouc bland i Oil Chag nelodon Filter, Jt e,,,$1z75 * LTP000MPCF1hith l,a,, Mee-Fn 7AMOPM S BAM7PM San 9AM7P MORTON GROVE AMERCAN LEGON POST # Demp Morton Grove, ßi53 (847) C0MMAOOES DON STO13 LADES AUXL*RT PRESDENT R()fl DOtAN CELEBRATE THE 4TH At Our Annual ice Cram Social Following the Parade DES PLANES HSTORCAL MUSEUM 789 Pearson, DPFJ)EN DAYS JULY 4111 Sponsored by the following business firms and services HAPPY JULY 4TH FROM Livíernonat Park Cerne tery MEMORAL PARK CEMETERY 5900 Oro Point Raud Shokln, lilnol ) Have a Safe & Happy 4th 01 July A Federel Svingl l wwwaliance-bcom 7840 N Milwaukee Ave Nues, llinois Tel: Fax: S gnrt 7000 j11i5010 ResurreCtion Health Care (f113) Skaja Terrace Funeral home 7812 N Milwaukee Avenue Nues, llinois (847) Fox (847) Have a Safo 4th of July From THE POUSH NATONAL ALUANCE OF THE US OF NA 6100 N G,ro, Chkugo, (713) Ri41kC PROPERTES NORTHWEST KEN Welter (847) OFFiCE (847) 489-SOLD CELL PHONE 33 YeaTs Experience =:= TEnOR,, ,0, 904,56053 Fn: , Aae,200a,,,,e 0R,SABxxARS0,94a,0n,ndRllSRuaS Happy Fourth of July "God Bless America" POLSH WOMENS ALLANCE OF AMERCA 205 S Northwest Highway Park Ridge, ll n Call Tod F,, Number lo P00008 those nov lou 514, 5,, lnsu,olve Pian, VinS us at sow, pwaa015 DELKATESSEN & LQUORS OAK MLL MAL Thus a n5 MPORTED CHOCOlATES, COOKES A CAKES F00 JULY 4TH Y*O endty nl 9h &aan5 krwhd b, & win Pty 9499w nyn,l8a P,,, Fau i DEPEDENCE DÀY JULY 4111 Sponsored by the following business firms and services a usfs usd 45f, of JWy! BOARD OF COMMSONERS James Hnes- PresSoni Elaine Heleen 831e Presdent Charles 8a,baglla Commisslooer WiliiirnTe,pnaS - Commivsloner Ray CiarnoS CoTni5S100r EXECUTVE DRECTOR Joseph V Lo Verde 09av Fe St e pevw oea,,e0*na0 B? ella, OReOS Happy July 4th from Everyone at the Bugle Keeping pets safe on July 4 C/U/u ts sou[ its clinlate, its equality, 116 erty, laws, people ané manners - ly qo& 510w little cl my countnjtnen 1,>ww wfiat precious 6lessings they are ossean of anilw/iic/i no other people on earth enjoy! Thomas Jefferson, Fumily pioniun, firoworks nod utl,orunlebraliono willi boon moot peoples minds around the Jaly 4 lalidoy Mony dog Ownnes will Vart to b6inp hoi, beloved O, kola on "Spot with them o vvarch ho Snework displays This holiday is oorprioiogly buoy for rteary animol ehelters boeauao poll bouome frightened and uno tosed by the lnoogl noisos end commolioo 1h reing bvilh u little planning shoot und taking vimplo procautioeu you and your pot cao oufoly enjoy lo dopnndonuo Day Resist the arge o lak, your pet o Fereweek displays Oltor dogs ge t uvorod and frantic hoe, the loud noivns casoed by lilo Vrownekn ss w,ll os all the ttraopo people Do ant leave year pet i,, 9h, sae lt tuken only o few mio utel oven with the windows slightly opon for lholempemture inside ovo, o beeomr vel) ho, Acanesull ynúr po von suffer speioao health effects, even dearh Kep yaoar pele mdoors at home Mnkn sues sii doors ae, 6e :ua,oly closed und locked Bloch off escoso to doggin doses sioug dogn hot one feightosed tend td non awoy Also acme pees bevorne doslouctivn when ouoeed sa rem ove anypeitentioliy harmful objols - NEVER bean, pele Ast Happy Fourth of July from your friends at CUB FnTsS ato, Mono mn PatO Olean 6834 Oenlpster Street, Mortnnûfoye Months Special $5995 Sold May i July 31, aoalt,sdnd, enea i, a side fores yard np on a osais lo thvlr faran d confusion, polo that nvmoslly would oct leave nhe yord mayeueu p, and became loot or entangled in their ohoin, risking ponsihlo iojuly or won, doath Ssfnno cooing your hause briog yam potls) iednoe, and seuutoiy bub all gates ne ensure ehe oafety ofyour pet ir yen know yoop pet gels easily distre,s,s by 1004 soisos, coosult your velepinarian be fare July 4 for moyo to help alleviat, the cor and oosirty he or she will espenienve dueing See wonk dispiayo yntokouarethatyorpetin wearing proper ) tag, se that ii he sr he beromes le,i lney oan he returned to you promptly Yeur pon should haves collar with u oscen subies tag au well as an idonlificatino tag with your name, address, und telephone oumbee Animals feond running,t large shçsl4be takan ta Chelo Dalaniwul theleur or contact your buo poliva depoatmenl, whére they mill boyd tte host Chanco nf being eeat,iled with their ewnees By fallowieg ehese simple naggostions ydu led yace pet ca, baso a aefe and happy Foa,nh of July f yoo how any qviostiens, call Niles Animal Control Of,cer Peler Babikan ut ehe following phnnenn,mbrn:

7 , PAGE 12 Needles To Be Eliminated From US Health Care System Abbott Laboratories today announced that it will phase out by June 2003 att V nota that contain or require roodlos na port uf the Ooinpavyuoontioaed cotomitmeni tu ituprouing patieut aiitd hoalth care worker nafory By no langer munufactunirg und tiarkoting these products the contpaitynapoeru niitlionn uf reedlot tu b o oliotiuntud frani the US healtlt caro ayaiom, Portlier protecting health unie uoikern against neodlestick injury and blood oapoeare Abbuti will unoa noodlottue technology ocioso its entire lino uf infusion ttrcnopv We products Accnrding io tito Coniers for Disenso Cnnirol and Proveetion appronimstely 600, oeedtoatiok accidentu ucouroacli your among health vare nueikoes T testen posuins cao lead chopa uta B, hopotitia C and Hamac liemonodoficronvy Viras HV, lie vinos that ca0500 ADS lvtiti the proliniioory Ouatinent cost for a ntnglo noedlestick mucialont cutnotad hetwuen $500 and 03,000, lie imtduntry lttcon yearly trout veri costs opsearda of nearly one billion dollars Do Your Feet Need Help? epth Are so, Thad, Feet, Legs & Backa problem? Good Feetr Youn AHCH SUPPORT STOOR 10 the Rescue" - The Arch Support People Balance-Comfort-Support Monday Ssns,dup 930 5GO Clmued Oands 5689 W Touhy Ave Nues Toll Free ARCH lin rhoriniiu5a Cmossur) srrwyr) l nniarluor sfounu, (2724) Noon cl Jscmet) Ho,5i deed- HEALTH CAREER NSTTUTE Want to be a Certified Nursing Assistant? Discover what "w,, Health " Career nstitute can offer youl S HC OFFERS: Flenible Clans Schedule Convenient maden and accessible n public tradnporutiae Fece Packing s lnntsuugtaes eemmitted ta leaching encellesece1 career-urienled and preparen yna fer a life nf nigniticasnge and service Cerlifioule nf Appcanal frese llinois State Baacd uf Educatiase Appraved pengram from llitenin Depantmeint nf Pablic Health Clinical al Bethassy Terrace Nursing Center Affardatnie Pee-requisite te nurtistg program ewitilcit LUPONEOr Dula RBOflBSSS Mrs Maria Antonia M Cabrera Education & Training Director (847) (55050L( (847) (CELL) 8001 Lincoln Ave, Suite LL1 Skokiec llinois THE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 26, 2003 THU BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 262(103 u Gift of Hope Organ and Tissue Donor Network presents Partners in Hope award Gilt of Hope Organ and T,aoue Donor Nettnomtt recently reeeognized Advocate Lutheran General Honpnalan being among the top to hanpilala io its service area for working with the greatest 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Tired of Asking People to Repeat and Speak Up? ARE YOU MSSNG MPORTANT MESSAGES? #RÈÉ eeflrñ CALL FoAorNMEMT Call for your appointment TODAY! (847) Esnenitngs & n Honte Sortníano Anoaiabo! 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We want you to try our product SORE PO MOREl Try our product and become one of thousands of satisfied users Call ext 127 Or rniss us online at www,s000nomom,com Or*JGf Marina Asaltar ns, Jaarph R Hedninit, CR5 eemaaunadxnuteanaism 58go Da,npalan Msnian Srta luirais Sn sisas, 54t967bSOO Tat Fron 000tOOtit Faa:S4t5O1l600 Roamssnn B47t55tPT4 ioeittmtes isoapnnsntr amene ara 05mai50 f1mosoo5 enaaalaennraa Wlenernnaaunthenalun 1B OnlannebasnsOs 0000rdannehethrtrn i,, m" V x lotsranyralnbata sonori, mone 15w, reh o,,,, 00,10 SO sau u1i! ra h51130b os, ana NEWS FROM THE Nues Senior Center CALL (847) FOR NFORMATON JUNE REGiSTRATON lnpolnnrnc O mnlro,m,,n a nobarti, bbcdnntdoy, lune Pldenohal ttantta kai tn aulohmlitp Fino nrn,ty may will, aault, ahnclm naanadilcurd ttsokad tn Fkslsissg Osliags, inane 27, italy 28, A August nc - latte 27 ìntd5lenry Danni tidy 2H Skekie Lognu,n, Augoni ib StoSs te t liotniinine g,,icr t mcmvi 72 h liar,, prtnr tun the eating C aiim tiu,ttrmnoo arr lmano hl,,r iban Rr,nackm ternor, detomla "t 55hH42)i 451, np Jssly Cetebraatissa Tasday, Jely t, 12 ta 3 pm (na$m SR, - ht nun,, peor pot0 i,tio,or d hal puola carato the 46k us loup litomtere n,n w,ll aiorluat lb a radulloral aornnntan lunch el RlO Runo lin Chickan, S,ulad, nn,l Doocco We w,11 onaluda nun oelehr0 him otih la iniumtid biuuma (,nespuser Classas MicrosoFt SKord Tees A Thorn Jety N ta Aug 14,94e lrm3lla,rn, Candi Ere-lastra 50 CasssptateOs - Tues, A Thron,, Jssly S ta 17, a,sss la 213Rpm casti ts - lsssareat - t nistasyo, jely t n AraB S, 9 ta ls5s am C,nslm $25, - ta1rylanardissg Wsrkshsp - Paisley, mntsg, to, 9 ta 10,30 Ben, Condm SS, - %il Slrrge Waelanlsap Tuas Sag 49 A SPed, Aeg 211,9 n ls3o em Cmt St O c,,ll tmni On tenanat ter aegintidntnn and ethon noon - flag5 DBees sian- Friday,Jsaly ti, R 55 t am Cast, Rl,- lla,,, lumi nuuvanw, dti,nooh Cnt,, Lo,ke his Mano Lawson Rnirnsk trte n tod lomled t5iaaehte T 555am ment Friday,Jsay, 12 te4 pm Cant $3_PS - animipuln in t 3hundnd oannutrnn nl Lanca rolneohnnaoo,ut,d prtecsmaoludci - Sedeada) et the C Ontar Faltan Forty Suta,rttey, Jot1 12 3:30 sa 7 pm - Jeta an nis we oeldonna Creep llonnai and the Wn,nld, hlu,nkmevm PulSa limtod" Prnnr lo ba port onr,nnut atniop a rtd,,i Poatartnto S,n,eked Putimoh Sacongo tao,shea, i Pelinh Slyto Cltmvko,,,\V)t,ppedpotOlnwo& Kolnoakr CesrSlS Pakar T aursac mast Frkta, Jety 2h 12 ta 3 pm Cmtm $3,55 Plat 7 Caed Stad a,,d 5Card Dr,to Lunch nctreuhnonto,,,avl ynuoeotnhltidtd Tenvalogae Eau taras Cinica Wrdeesdnsy,JCPSO 125a3 p,ssr Cante $550 r roso e Pragoc Badlnoa A lamnnbul tuitll Ruck Stoe o ron t, thy 50,a,tnotn oidoo, onjum) an Ao,,mn Ma il itnd uiuralrlan Dannare - E reniega t sse Centerm tndaaar ABO Sumsalsr Fun 9Sadunsday Jaatp 30, UmSO ts 9 pm Casti O, - Enjoy Sonney Fan tm,l mito a uamt)n gntllod llannnh urgano nnd antoocream social dot vent lin, acnj,tt, rtnte rlairrnent Sp ba R,ttrjo Buddy Srio CONTNUNG TCKET SALES PLEASE ChECK FORTCKET AVALABtLTY Creemio tan Tharadayt Jety totssiutv 3t,9essntO 12 p ne Cunti StO Fear acacks of,annmen lun on Grnrdpnronln k Oru,mdu)ttldren, WhO ceald ha helter rhsn an heirloom encale d to gethorlqualltp tore! 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9 PAGE S THE BUGLE THURSDAY JUNE 26 21)03 Morton Grove Seniors REGSTER FOR UPCOMNG SUMMER CLASSESU Please register in person at the Morton Grove Senior Center Reception Dook for thr classes listed below which will ho held at the Sentwr Center recoil 1847) tor more irfooroor GROVE DAYS JULY 4TH FESTVAL - SENOR CENTER CLOSED Tite Mortes Greve Gays Jcty 4th Fcsttool will ho held dartog tito week of Muodcy June 30 thrucgh Foday, July 4 The Mottun Grove Senior Center witt ho closed durìng shit week Tte tchedute of events daring hit period wilt be Wrdresdsy, Jcly 2 6topw Ccwivol 0-l pw Matie by Strain Bosy Sky Thoradoy Jaly 3 k-to pw Ctenivol 8-tl pm Matie by US 99s Bi0 Joho Hewett" Prtdoy, July 4 8AKERYTHRFT OUTLETS "Whrrr toarg Munay s Always tr Suad Ttsr A BG 269h Days * take on additional 20% off our already redcced prices with a minimum $1000 purchase 9300 MLWAUKEE AVE RFELD RO HLES HGHLAND PARl !MEM6ER FDC 231) pttt Porodc 3- t pot Cursive) T3S-t pttt Manic sp "Criatr 9:35 pw Fireworks Saturday, Jvty S l-1 pm atto al 4-lOpm Cor Show l pto Matie hy "A maroon English" NTERMEDATE BRDGE,ESSONS Tttia caatsoarsatno o a kroevtcdgo of pajot uttunt ood ering bids andin dnstgned for ttase wito wislt toutroogther tltrtr lrtttdrng ant play Lestons focas on rcnpanacs to opnntng bids o posera and ronpootters rohtds onoecolta takosrut doubles sod tre Stayntttr and Genlrorcttrtentttntu Discuss counting wirnotn and barst opening nada, soit eatahlinkment and breases Tltore oil) boor lt ocr of rnetntctittn and nr tour tri superntard play lho Coat iv 547 for rentdvota attd SS t tar renresiderts flttn looookooutso s held rots to l :30 aw os Tharsetey warnings ttttrr Jatte 7h tt Sopt 4 wtttr no clona os July 3 TAl CH Back by pot,ular dnrrsord, Lowe Stultone ecill ho seaehin thtt ancient Chinear wuojat no Tttts conree wdt forca or roducr0 utrera and increasing tniriratc erergy ttsruaglt mouemens ttnd visuslientton, Rcgtttnr nttw -cnase hrn course will J) up fast! The catt is S O ft,rrondento and 020 (eta ron roatdcots Clncsnc ut)) he olfnrcd freitt 10311) ost ou Tuandays, laly 0,22, 29, Avg 12 and 3k HOME AN) YARD CHORES Moren Groves hottte and yard Cttetre Progroto" itek,tuer ittr homcoeanees tntth yavtlt trtd young adalt corkers Soniorn wlttt need irelp majoeajntn0 trets ;trds var leovnttnnrghhtts totot looker ocote by weekly to unutst Thcrc atatt ssc indtctd cals wre can porfoest nttnot t4 Jtrira Scnrttrs ntuat proctda oqaiprrontnsd negoliute hn foe ro he yard te the worker Far rtttrrtnfortonttor call tite Manor Drone Cute Corten at bb3-frldl Ot)S47) t1b3-6142, toown BAG MEDCNE REVEW Dr \Vadrovday, Jaly lb irrer tt 3 pet, the Mttoos Grote Sertor Ceotor trilcran free porannaljoctl check-up trf nrrdiotros Dartng tro cltockup Oses Drag Phurwacy Manager, Art: Orant wrt review ouch rtrodictno and dtscasr todtstdanl traodieitretnktngroutjire The ctrssarsurjen s priasse and confrrtonttol Many preplr apprecate she chance loger ahoul S minarea of n healrtr profovsittnals andividad ottonttcrrcovl ehorge Seuttoes uhoald sintply pack apoll cf their rreacrlptttttt ord 005-prencriyrittr terdtctrtev r a hrowir pnpor rag ard otro tact ttte Mttrton Grove Snntttn Ho: t_inc ut 1047) t, ntuko an uppotnrittert for tiroir clteckup HORSESHOE CASNO N HAMMOND, NDANA Masso G rttve a rotuna will onjoy sr osnnnottn ut thccnatrttr en Tltcnaduy, July t? Tho cttvt uf titra nip vital SS nttd t etudes s 57 food coctron fur the buffet ut the deli her pias sroosp000iiun, The tnstoncruclr witt depart he Matlttn Grato seriar Center or 10:30 ow arrtd return at rppeosinisicly pm Regìsler r poruen at ihc Senior Center belorr taty SENOR OLYMPCSt1 Senior Olymptos is an esettirg Bue-depeser t for atreres uf all abtlitrtas und interests E-sesta ociado golf, lennta bowling, vallnybult truck and Sed, ctrublobonnd, horacahtars, swits ming, archa0, beove und moro Ste Olympics will ro hold et Maine Rast High School frelit taty Jite 25 Pink up ti regiatrauen loor nr the Marion Grave Senior Center 7840 N Milwaukee Ave, Nues L Tel: S Pulaski Ave, Chicago L Tel: BANK YOUR WAY!!! WWWALLANCE-FSB,COM - VA NTERNET 24 HOUR BANK BY PHONE WE ARE YOUR BANK! 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10 r lliti PAGE R THE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 26, 2003 NLES DSCOUNT OUTLET TOBACCO 7746 N MWAL,EE AVENUE, NLES, L STOCO HOURS: MF SAM-7PM SAT O*MCPM SUN sampm Kool GPC,Bt PA Vi SBtRrPfrttt 8, CEEOT1C Newport Vv Bilic Marlboro s, isg L +tax Be a Member With Us Save Pick Up Your Discount Card Now Ask For Details! Prices sub4eot to chang, without notice Not responsible for print errors WE CCCEPT C COCRErn MANUFACTURERS COUPONS Best QualW, at Best Pilca 01 CHNGE Oi&Fufte W U SsOii MUFFLER s 99 nstalled Single Eahoast STARTERS Si A99 nstalled tax tax Running Motors 1256 RAND ROAD DES PLANES, L Compote Auto Repair *mpete Collision Repair + Under One Roof! BRAKE JOB $0G99 Complete PnertlutaoPada Reiaee Roto labor Pn,Abe Ononsa A/C RECHARGE Si Afl99 FREE LOANER CAR4 W/REPAR OVER $500 UP TO COMPtETO OF REPAR onaam R134A nstalled SENOR CTZEN SPECAL: OSao,1EaStS55nSN&caoPoeuasnPLçmaonThpUasosnaanO,paa + Support the Donate a Tree program Summer io hors and rho Trinco Part Disoict offers o cpocrol way to romomber births, weddings, or deponed oued ones through the - Donare oteen program Since rho program hogan, dozens of treos hove bren addod ro oar oonrroaor y packs Choose Pror:, urn 1hlurridiez of Erces rohe planted ro the park of your chorro orar the Tatti GolfCourae froh up our Donoro o Treo brochare or rito Hrruirrd Lorsorc Conter For Rare roper mati r call ( ns, UY Kz i FREE LGHTER With Carton Purchase (847) Body Shop WWWRUNNNGMOTORSCOM - Top Notait Eqolpmeat Praxis Color MotoRng Root Ripsr & Retoeatlon 129 0FF BUMPER REFNSH FRONT OR REAR 20%OFF ANY COLLSON REPAR + + tired Of Bist Up Campen? ALTERNATORS Bumpor Tiumpee Special 10% OFF of Labor Repair & Rolteish Front & Roar Ramper C000rs 249 FREE TOWNG (Opto SO Mra) W/ANY COLLSON REPAR 24 HOURS OLR Varsity Teams Win at Track Tournament Stnce the begrrsaing of sprirtg, OLAS Varsity track teams brase baco pea dicing 4 limeo par sneak to prepare for the Colude Schools CrtyConference Track Meet Underthe direction obmro Ojalo nella and Mr Colandrea, )oiol coaches and laco(yr opon nora, the lesmo drd dntlo o florease ftentbiltflr, learned rays ro rrnpr000 technique and brrr,, and mehtodo to build endurance The reamo practiced al OLA and occasionally at the MarRo East High School track whore they received additional pointera (rem an OR Olaf! coach Mr Colandrea and Mm Gialanella are proud to ac000nce that OLAS reams did npectacular at the Track Meets oath eceiy athlete doing a phenomenal /064 The VarOrry Orno learn, Grace Weohrnan Beth Kteser, Geneoioco Lin changco, Laude Penalber, Jenny Cíehnok,, Tyna (rieren SanOh Oominquec, Marcelta Fernigni, and Laoren Realice, took 2od place oeerall The Vamity Boys team, Jeffery Ramirez R,crria Lin changos, Kenny Mioieanicz, tied (or 4th place overall Coo gea lulat(ono le all eibe participated (atraed P,clured ate the team and coaches with their trophy Front Rani: left to dgfrt, Laude Penalber, Thiaona McNamara, JeoSica Voagtle, Genevieve Linchangco, Marsella Feorigni and Sarah Oamtnguez Back Row: leh to dght, Richard Linckattgdo, Coach Coland rea, Grace Wachmae, Jeff Ramiraz, Beth Kloser, Jennifer Ciehin Okt, Lauren Restrvoarndcoaoh Giatanelta, Trinity Players Receive Post-Season Hockey Honors Trinity Collogn hoad mccs ice soc, Kisirlia, mairtoined a 2 hockey Head Conch Jahr Duo minute 000mlrso soosak that i hues was named us lhc oluded shusauts of Now bnglat* New England Smol) Collnge Ath College, Weoleyao, and St Mt talio Cooforoncc (NESCAC) chanlo, as well as 053 win 0cm Mess loe Hookoy Coach of the preoiauolyuodefraird sod then- Year Bantam oophoo,oeca Doug No1 tasked Norwioh Kiurehius (Fork Ridge L) was ne Ori played is all 27 games at tootod to Ehe Alt forasoed, trading Trinity in seco NESCAC First Tours and the ing with (7 goals nod 19 assista American Hockey Caucheu As Pse 36 points, Tho NESCAC 000totion (AHCA) Atl-Americon Ptayerofthn Werk laico this sas Secund Team, whiloola,on,atn non, ho saomd hr gome-winnitog Joseph Ori (Niles L) graced ho goal flue limez this oeaaon, AllNESCAC Second Team Dunham was alas chosen ass S- eolias foc thr ANCA Nati000t Wishing We11 Coach of the Yam Award Kisietian logged 1553 minuten 100w Trinity croord, st in NUS CAC) in goat thia reason with o t 96-1 mean 1,750 winnioc err 0 aantage was 3rd is NES ac, 15th 0 Rouan), totaling k7k ou000, r (Sed n NRSCAC) fora 912 cayos51 a r p00000tago (3rd in NESCAC, 16th n notion) a2sl OAA (3rd r a s e a r to NESCAC, 9ah io nszioe), and renanso,seaseanancos,oaso,e,,,,te bco shasnats The NESCAC Flayer of the Week laico and United Ssates Catlege Hookey Online (USCHOceso) Defensivo e,,rese,a Player of hn Weak twice this ses- TlE BUGLE, TUBSDAYJUNK2O,:2003 SilentFilm Society"s4th Annual Silen: Summer July 18-Aug22 «itelcp, Clara, ala eed "lte l,ost O\ortd" Sited Film Srtcinty nf Chicagos 4th Soos al biilctss S toss ncr" Jaly R Atte, 22, 2O(tS ti liter Clara,,trrn loiti ir, br,tri tire h 92n), lits scr1nrnd, iren ti reni hit rimo tic wrl( ho p,rli,rtihra rrrctntr rs tite Sr(cni Fthrrr Sr,, rato,i fcituaco proteots ris r litt tir tunees Silcnr Srnm irrer n,rriv ti, otutyd or sio coy,dansiric Fridays s lsiy end rote t,iii r ir rite Co pernrcas: Ccrtcto rrirr,rro PitEe toan; Tttoatec inreyhi rcriulo nraprrrtsc st hi (r urn o 1uhr tomb he Srlcns Sa tir:rrct, cnn) opuetng nrcbei Ciccnrrr ri t ttsiter Krotrtn n cre irren ro inc rorpeeoc 11,0 Navtg,t jr r tria (inch Sontoeon il,,rryttrccrrttro dro nro otbih icor, f lcirri tri, nrn,irnc a) Ero i dercricnl drip 17 errent le:ttoros rre piir n,plrr tcorrrrrpsnertrcnr by t)cnrrra fair in rire Gnrcnsay Gronde Pipo 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000perasiae wilh the Amnrioon Red Cs nss and Custom Made ndøor Weather" Gneszr Chieugo Chupscr OSES CONTRACTOR OF THU YEAR" The carrier Weatheennaker air conditioner offers a ten-year compressor warranty and it was rated a Consumers Digest Best Buy LAWN CARE reoe LZ NG sorau gnons & meno COSTOOL ssuers E Corarnol, Wont CRLTSATOO Call today to Schedule a tree estimate ils hr Salnosior Awry es up disastorro liolslasions 000slalies wan 01 Moine Town ltal A socond mok,io sch oswosslen g Roblo D rlaennoeinc orporaird Momo Tnwoship Resrdenln also gos asoisionos Oih lsod alolbing and sheller Addidoeel webe alarmo dotest orsaross ailabin OilOr lbs inisisl distnibusios ibroagh the EMAoi- Son at Maine Townahip Tows Mall, 1700 W Bollard Rd, Park Ridge Elounr Are MosdayPniday rom9am tos pm For siennelion, call EMA al (847) Americsn Neighborhood Lawn Care Team TREE CARE oree ROOT merlos WEE SPRAYNG Fler Enorr,ewTRS POR FREE ESTMATE CALL (708) & Jalle 4z Cod 6310 W Lincoln Ave, Morton Grove (847) EMERGENCY SEMCE AVAiLABLE NO OBLGATON FREE ESTMATES FNANCNG AVALABLE PAGE 21 -M The canjee Weathennake S000TS gas fumage pmovides tsvospeed technology tu smpcove indoor air cjrcuiatiuis and overall comfort while reducing operational nuise Family Owned and Operated SERVNG CHCAGOLAND FOR OVER 30 YEARS vlsn OUR ENERGY conserva11on SHOWROOM u,,,

12 PAGE 22 THE BUCLE THURSDAY PUNE 26, 2003 R o M DE L C ora T Nl G ETC ETC ETC t cot Enjo>ng birahoijses Ynu can attract birds ro roua gordorr by pnovndrrrg salo, sourd1 burro, ton hoot sahp, Sonor birds, lobo rho Coralitos tyran prolo, stirati orruc just s roso loot up, ichilo orlonos, libo oooodprrbors or ami,, like rumiar Prroorokogtoodurtruorcrsrrnryopraro(uroar sham Yoro ma pecnot got aglonopso ut posing onori - r 1itt11 SERVCE DRECTORY SKO CA ET NSTALLERS Repairs & Laying of New & Old Carpet (847) MKES HAPPY HAUL AWAY Old Stores, Houses, Attics and Garages Cleaned Out WE BUY OLD WOODEN CE BOXES WE HAUL MOST ANYTHNG wicatirssej ml SWDiCAPPED (773) The Original North Shore Refrigeration Washers Dryere Refnigerators -Ronges Diuhwaahern tceoaakoes Duct Cleoning FUtnnces Centret PvC Salen & Serolce iio?ç,j Oeel,,,1 Et 14 "AO oso n n 0150 eag Wood / l Restoration ( BY ROY Upholstery & Wood Refinishing Cepent,y Refinlohiog Reuphoteny Roy Bustamante Fax Free Cstirnates BETTER BULT 4GARAGES ll two* GARAGE DOORS x7 tsaeoousn Ens clttmwlwlas1bopøí5 j39 %HP nssal5ses Ear CALL jill OR Countay Club Ok Lwn toilet (815) Chicago Plath Hanlnaond, N 1713)933-lili (219)844-lin r/alt eso Web S/fec WWWBEU9RBULT8ARAGEScOM FREE Contractor Referral Service Wa toter preoc,e000d qagity 000lrautoeoloyoo for ow goee! Any 1k lobt The Home mprovement Network Outil Hires Csntruntsr fou Orno Nothing Shoult 000SEnae,3ft,,norn",8 Fntho5015g15n59spoo (847) wwthehom,mpros,mentcom Maine Twp Resident Organizes Clean-up Drive Resrdenttaflssa alzos, centono ba cts row, recentiy orgncizord a Clean Up Day event for her neighborhood On Robin Ont ve or cri tnconporated Maine Township Code Enforcement Officer Croo Westfall, right, inspected (tre results of the effort The Tosorrottrp prodded a dumpster for refuse removal and Lanssa nod tini neighbors, shown hone, did the rest "We are very proud ot this effort and appreciate the renidnntu interest in beeping their neighborhood otean for all to enjoy says Township Superninar Bob Oudycz f ynu are interest ed in having a cleanup doce in your osni0000 psratod neighborhood, please contact the Coda Enfnronrnnnt Office at Maine Township Town Hall at (84 7) 29725to Ai osso, 5 s o o o r jaro s o t lois t t is lid HOU88t L q400w irlt -S lt Rio ti Great values premium exterior paint $ OFF per gallee Sale Starts - MonJunelgftp Ends Tues July 15th A Benjamin Moore Poirt oro W00,peo ,iri,hos itt, otro Equipraart - P4NLESo 8014 N Waukegan Rd OliAno St) Mfcis Morton Grove Summer Youth r L Tennis RATED TOP 1% AGENT N CHCAGOLAND AREA BY CHCAGO ASSOCATON OF REALTORS ATLANTC REALTY GROLP, NC 7517 North Mlwaukee Ave, Rosemont Every Sun 7am-3pm Allstate Arena-on Mannheim between Higgins &Touhy-free parking Over 500 Outdoor Vendors 3 Miles of Vendors! Yes, if you walk by all 500 Vendors in Rosemont! TlE BUCLE TRSD5SY 3151E 26, Moments intime AlwAys r000t VALUAflHN OF TOPiC HOME Nues Lions Club Celebrates 50th Charter Anniversary Orcr7S pooplu galhnrodsalsr Smalas (f beginn Jssly S, SBLTORYOXMiYOO, dty Jano , ai hn Whilo bss glu Rostauruat ir Nibs for hn Cta Monas Gross Purk Dis (r Joee 29, t6t3, ho Globo Thc Hilen Lissa Clab Shb Chaotor laica invitan posto mogistor foro is sour, u here miso of Shakoopcamm Atomi noras ny OsrMual000iCuro plays dclooscd burned down mc Summnr Youth Tonnis Progrismo, n simio s was Lins Dor,siu Boros Dnts woo huill try Sisakcorcoons aut bogisning bip t 5 and uro O mro insrndscod uso hrml gsost org ccsspany Oho Lest Chorrhonlaiss tire dirnusins sí loe Frank Sacks s1tcukur Lion Moysm Nicholas Mas srs 599 Scm thu sonaron cl Lun T so wlort lrighiighlod hr muny SOffi tins pum solo nl shooter, f t h 1d t h0 iouloiocomcrts 5f hn Nitnn Lioms eurfaa -o sthcatc, befo ir 27h cd du,rng Oho almt 5g p0505 followcd tisa Trnnis t 23 prugoorroi and On Juco 24, abc tirssn,ujoor by spcokcls Nilcs Lino Poc,idcst grnwho psrsn ini trtrcu s Suis cshihi siosnor Fabla Piussu,s sswonk On Jirlon P scarso, md Lion Mi meoprogta ras wilt ho hold so dar O(Ofln et s gstiory ro Puss Thu pasco, coirc Ba Sn000, District Gocor000 rar Park nod bains Vic,c tornos 050s 5 f )ycurtntd Spsoais,d est ul he tton Asgclu Tr000,too soro Cuosats, limo o wtaoi yosoknr,wi000ut,, ido du000l nsa koynuto s poakcs, Ltnn mn aotcanr s prorgrorrs on,trl,u llarccli,ss hssl ho had sircady pm,rs,r os C0 nnnso, Puso nosos,o sm fsm hrmo rd triondsl,ip duurd hundreds nipsirlsngs 0000m S Dsmcc soros loo gtnnonocom 5mot offer prsnlosniurd tenris 5m On Jasar 28, 0928 L,tsis Am, rl rho Linry auvnssptísto strsol,os sis tracions ni lot-ralos stwsg motoso, "WOO i,od Blau,," unu 0t00515 sl toco o 01ro morrld sonco Oho choogad by pnssro clubs aro ru rohe morso iams,ur mcordisos in carty 00rrs wons muandcd io 1917 sons 011oond em roost, usmps jato lho meng shnwcastmg Amt lino usdinnuu mcc Orel000d oto grusp tenns clontus and classas stmngn srsmpco impmuisasinrs, spraiood ttiglotand donuorg by liso for adults sed yosah All pro isilucsccd many loorjaz, musicians ihrsllc mmd Fluorite, Dorvors of grams aro diooctsd by Prunk Cloicsgstuod ohs oddcd mito war hr atoo, S los;ltss tjspta lsbiltl1oir L,dNwYL dasuc st Churter Prosidoso Liur Crry gayo Oho Orso public domtrsssrs Huad Mom, and Wsmon, Ton Rirmuld Puskus mho luukod ho tu ion ott color soiuuosrss Thu dcn,ur ris Couch st Mnrtttourlomn lions, o iddo Wd Sm U f dill nk t5 d aooy wan co unman rtrp110 ho r NslooilonlrHoglrhchrsmls rorcocnosd is jorining Oho bolos Li Or Jane 25, 1942, tulloowisg his ions Csh, plusse coil Nurircoi For mnrc imtsmrutoo,n o,ormoacs anisal ior Lsondnn, Muj Con Dso0ht Jontlnnoorot tfai967nfho Orson Giuro Ashlotoc Sspuosssu, D Eisonhsrworlakussosotmitotd str US Fnr marc iofom,asìorn plcuun Mnroo,o Gruye Park Dsotnsso a tstrcosrneooro1oral5hossgheoscnhuo boire firm oar Nitco Louns Finto ut l71E sr Frank Sack, omhad,rcscrtooncsnnstnasdsnsghin2t loo Nolsulaly 45h puoado Frosok Soolo Trttnsa Lssnr1oo ao yours as air amty orgioco, trin kn000l A lull lossrsg rl cd0otrfntiiìsiry slraocgy and laica, hin nonos pmogrstns os ausotutrfc an trrlys,rioutourr n050to hier toc uhoiuc On tiro inoornot load US jo,,00s is dru mur agaioso s wwsfranksaviolenniucom Germany tencialiot Úaio - cl Reelltirl 55Bringing Sellers And Ruyers Together s What We Do Best Tan aaato* Wolffs Flea Markets 2 Locations- 1,000 Vendors Meirose Park Every Sat & Sun 8am-4pm 2031 N Mannheim, Melrose Park At North & Mannheim Aves Over 400 Vendors ndoors and Outdoors - Plus Antique Mail All nfos (047) W www, woflscon -J LCE is NhliGillaoR PACE 23 Teaching Dangers of Secondhand Smoke Successful Contd Ncwn papuocntumns about laognst "as risk" group for amok iba dorgcrr dhamdsmsko ing 0m boiog ocpnsed os000nd mri0000 by former Cook Cuunty hand amako As aouss is of ho )upanlrrrcrr nl Public mulot Di uampaign, bn ocmbor of Dr Kuoco Scolo pououtd Cook CO50ly oosidnsls A fricodty oompolilior mho asid hep musd lobo odios u00000, rite oommusilics ni Chi 00 modaco rhoir ospscsrn lo secs5k00 Horgbotu DosPluisos, la ondhond smskc soso mam 83% o Grsorgc Park and Oak Lamo tonne 91% and from 82% lo 94% ostrich own wnstd tane tho wool uransg 25 to 34 yoar nds, Addi yoiiplc pledgo ru tocho brim tiusaliy, oh osaav ny shsmsd Obus 000trc nsill oho 10cc Si S ofiodividusls witocurronoly lso hmm iukniooslsrdc,rtng smoke,truco w omron hat soc bvoh sloe roi rc ,0 con burn ondhsod nmokccaasos lasg von ioritoc uhouo Obrohnolrh oiaks nf suo coo und lung dicroso which mou rindhund s roso En lucuro ornohc aois000us0tram5l%, loco ocnoauoan o,momsu hu,bsr Conk "Thu Toko to Osiridot onm Crosnoy looms onaku an nrlioe paign playo5 u vital rolo is hnlp plcd1u sis kcnp Obvio humss cod ing subnrhun Cook C0050y rosidons sobeo frcc d 0,1555 d rrsosn d Obst As part of Oho campaign, ovo sc005dhumd smoko is 0500ysor i O uros yo woors nnobuclooi; 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13 PAGE 24 Local Student Graduates from Lake Forest College - Horny Basiersnajisn of Niles gnadoolnd from Labo Forosi Collego wilh a bacholwr of eels degree in economics andinismo lionel noerions Hr gnaduaard ri,,,, laude wilh honors n his ma- Boslcrorojiori riss elecird insu Phi Boia Kappa for superior roodemie ochiecemnons and woo awarded rnennbonship ne Orni eren Delio Epsilon, ihn issonno lionel ocorornìcs honor sociesy cod Pi Sigier Alpha, she nuwonel lionoesocioly for polilics His eerier iheeiï, ruled "The Eco murrie Viahiluiy ola Falcoonien Siate was awarded Disonction, Besicneajiuo is a graduase nf Maine Townahip Easi High School Luke Feroci College ie a pri vaic liberal sois inntiletìeo lecci cd 30 miles north nf downsoecn Chicago The Collego hoi 1,300 crederle roprosootiog 45 siales cod 43 uihencouninier, THE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE Susan Garrett Passes Summer Kindergarten nitiative Starr Sensien Susan Oaroeil need io do evenylhing possible le (29sh Disldci ncoensly passed pr000nl high-risk children frelis SB 905 in the llinois Scoute, a falling behind and provide traer publie policy nitiative ininrding wish rre oppossusiry to he sue she school code ro allow school oassfal, Children who rnceiue beends re establish and operaio early educarionol sappea clearly semmsr kirdrrgooan progrems have sberserclianoe of futura sac- This nosrnaodatory, proposnd cesa" Garners raid legislssion provides hr opparis Such en esiended bindergeocn niry fon a summer hind organico sohndulo would ullow rho opywr program le begin wo manille unity for atudesls wire baco pnloe to hr opening al rho regulan loadcornaìsfacio progress to school year as well as fora sent Caleb spun basic skills, li would men kmrdrrgarsns program for edditienally probate s uglier gnsde nne nos dirons 1er rhoso ils level of developmrnsal readìrern dents mskisg ersesisfactory i o allow siadreis to acquire o progeese daring the regeler ris lugher level of skills during ilse dongartenssssion regslsrkiedergemrecensinn Studios of hiedenganen age Economicrdly disedvantagod cltildres (Froeter sed Morninon, school disidois eleersng se inlplo iodioslo bar yoangslers men shesesdacalion iniiiatiicr who havesliendod osiended-year cenapply ferfrderal Tillo fends kindergsoen peegmms outfee through the NeChild Left Schied form ohildeon from the regulan ori, s addisies school sspeninkindsrganien pragmm rho neat moderns may also apply for Title yoanin mash, reading esd general V monies that have harnear knowledgr marked for lesderohip intiatives "Emphsuis cr oarly edsoulion la fand iosocatton pnegraln0 is cdtieal for Slinoìs schools Ve LEGAL NOTCE NLES PARK DSTRCT, COOK COUNTY LLNOS STATEMENT DF CASH AND SECURTES AND STATEMENT DF RECEPTS AND EXPENDTSRES FOR TSE FSCAL YEAR ENDED DECEMBER PUBLSHED N COMPLANCE WTH TSE LLNOS COMPLED STATUTES, 30 LCS 1511 STATEMENT OF CASH AND NVESTMENTS CASH NVESTMENTS TOTAL GENERAL FOND $ U 402,01000 $ 1,066,69500 RECREATDN FUND 5 722,13400 $ 470, ,202,829,00 SOCAL SECURTY FUND $ 22,92755 S B MRF FUND 5 84,92900 U AUDT FUND 5 44,388,00 $ HANDCAPPEDFUND 5 176,91USD ,00 POLCE PROTECTON S 12,744, ,X0 5 79,92400 PAVNG AND LGHTNG 5 57, S8,y71,SS S 146,22300 DEBT SERVCE FUND 0 432, , ,370,yo CAPTAL PROJECT s 981, , ,580,98700 GOLF CDSRSE 5 320,122,00 B S 905,90600 CE RNK FUND $ 185, ,815,00 SWMMNG POOL FUND 0 90,37600 U 5 06, ,823,283,00 B 2,004, , RECEPTS ALL FUNDS BY SDURCEYEAR ENDED DECEMBER 31,2002 TAXES PROPERTY TliJ(ES H 3,606,80700 REPLACEMENT TAX 5 156,73100 SUBTOTAL TAXES FEES AND CHARGES B 5,305,130,00 SALES AND RENTALS $ 454,67705 FOOD SALES 5 11,00600 LEASE NCOME 5 67,04700 NTERGOVERNMENTAL 5 674,55000 BOND PROCEEDS 5 1,686,48505 NTEREST 5 178,79205 OTHER 5 243,58600 SUBTOTAL 5 3,763,628,00 8 6,615,003,00 TOTAL 5 10,378,631,00 St John Brebeuf Father/Daughter Dance Pictured are Perry Hunnen with daughter Casale The St Sehr Brabauf Fanistd School Avvociauon mccn,y boni ed ilu hrn FsshonlDaeghicr Dance The dsagtsiors received 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Judy Baar Topinka at State Street Memorial Day Parade U,earu Slam Phalsm by Tnrwnai Pataaiak Treasurer Judy Saar lapioka (lelm jamos Mapa, Rchard M Galop of Chcago aed Gravd Maruyas 0610e parade hre year Gnanral Richard B Myerv, ohainnav a! hn Jelal ChieN al aro am she mamerta! Day Parade ev hiulerie Smala Srnel io dawellawn Chicago Tapinba also speosared a S/t memaeal llaraliel hn parade lilled, Attaok oc America Flag Raining am the Name 70dm Trade CeneC wmlh carleuc membern of hn peuen and lire dopa mlurmeot riding en il Her ree, Jnueptl Tapiaba io aloe a Majar lathe US Army Jsdge Ado000lo General Colpo lto imparlav tha mee remember aed hemer ba men and reamen who ought lar hn eaeae e! freedom thrnughewl mho world, uaid Tapiaka Culver Schools Extended Day Program News Cslsemm Eniended Day pnmlgram prinsiden melrme mml aimer school chmld cale fern Celvor sie donms flle veeecsm of hr pnilgrarsl drpclldnupimncrirlsrrllvimilior s is cony lmpenmanm ici campleic und reiurmm rcgiytrailall flrermls Culvers Enuended Day mognumn lar hr M nemc pean Financial asyimlanca iv available sheaogh he Smala lar quatily irg a,mvliey For reginlrolion laresy ln siannamion regarding lmo Esmecdrd Day Progralry please codc Peogram Facihile sor Denise bi Ssminia HAb- 9200Es, 140, THE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 26, NERE Pet RK DS TRCK COOK COaPOTE LLNOS, COP/TNGED SUMM6OV OF ALL FONOS BEGNNNG BALANCE recepts DS908SUMENTS Sheriff Offera S Wrls T Tease Serrioea Ta Sabssrba The Coi,k Cvssly Shrrilly Pa bce arc hluivg ba slreeis iemlli ru mcli, vlalerllhe am iso ayer do nigred mo make vlolcnlersmedly ailcedeni lola cenlody wilhedt he aye uf deadly inrco, Shenilf lylclerl F Shrahen ensconced Seilday Ehe Srerlfu Police have pur elieseil vis, Sage hlb Louneker mciirlvera 1h01 Vro a "ras lehul" rlrulld ob unumenilioc dovipoed o,milalmcue,rsinairveal,drollor,v,oiel,ienbel5se0lknrrr51r5vnr0eaa0yenb1roon51l15asmeor ynumsraod Oevembol 3m, 2502 and Sa niale cl ns rrasaly anal Enremsor 3m 2da, 11,0mal F, EleilO 3nov00 DireOiOl Nrlenru,kO,srrivl Cook Cauri0 liirnis "Less Lethal" weaponry gives poïice another tool to fight crime vr parvahy disobhesnelfeodor mvd alllu hum so ko lakon idle craitrdy wilhasl and argo/r g hìs luc or mho safoiy of hr ofaeorv lhe 37mnm leas bibel waupons oece purchavod ion apprauimelo y $2005 each "Tradiliorrllly av off cc r baa lrud anly twa weapons la evo bellen coofmnleml oilh msialavce timollfellreabellmng simeallon: a wevden nighlsliek er gvo," 9km fslreuhr sovul4 "This waapnv is lealgood ma beidgo hai gap, save livoy end osen minimueeliebiltmy ic mlle Deparmsloel," hn wcapov is capobln of Sr ing dillenoolsmmenillon de pandbog irr ba cincualu manca A cokslapod "balorroan4"is used 10 sen and disarm 015 mlfleor ce lb realemng horm io hilulsoll or oihenv A "s linger medd" spmiryv nobbon pdllols lnd 5 uvod ll dis porse leage, enroly crowds And a "CS naend" ohoomverinls lors ofpep pemuprayor 51h01 kla500 i, luih a barricaded offender aus iiiilhcildisc"l1 sehiclo, OfAcero ame trained mu bar iba raorroer d, he scs cemmuoly evod amomeanimiar ml ba offend dry lawon arluser below 1h10 vaism The farce lreal SO bllon eucld lus boon likened le she nl pevlufsmejarlosggo fussball, The leas lelbul weapon is used by Shmniffs Palmeo ie lysa croas, n mho Paleal Division, loue waup ello oro Ur mho oseada erocnd he elaok, Tme roapans aro asuideed 1000e pasrel afûver lack shmh io duell alke Dmpanlmavss losodis nv: Bridgavico, Morkhamuu, Rolling Moridolssend Skukic As Ors responden sauserne, pomma oihccrossauld vuosm ollao ese ba "belon round" so diesem un ot hender mkroulaolog hnnsl on refus ng leevdpeluir mi PAGE 20 Coab County Shenff Michael F Sheahan diuplayc a "baldo raued usad lembo Sage SLO Launoh nr, a nere vlaleaf-lheaeo weapon being coed by hn Cook Ceudly Sheriff a Pollee The Sage SLE Launcher la deuigeod la lake cialoot or uerely offendera lama cuolady wilhoul the eve at deadly laree, Aloe pielared hose he Ceab Caaniy SheriffS Polleo, from left ta righl, am Oepufri Chief Ter cenen Laeenhageo, Chief Ma4amie ODea and Fim Depely Chief William MoHenny ENON8 BuLNNCO Fono GENERAL FUND $15 S S,a ree no Sr,633,ddl B RECREATON forse S r O 12ral,r32 02, ,093 SOCUL SECU9iT" FUND S13S7S S 5277,250 sas, zou 58F FUND sci, osa B 5,450 5 do 54 3 sn ma 7e 6US1T FUND 55 Sosa 52S,aO S au Saar su HANSCaPrED Fuco 521 1,555 SrdS,laa Sr 50, nirl POLCE PROTECTON St O , ,500 $03046 PAVNG AND LGHTN5 SSaS? 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14 MEGAN PAGEr26 THE BUGLE, THURDAY JUNE 36 2)103 Catholic Charities Adoption - " Programs Enrich Quality nformation Meetings of Life for Seniors otcrostcd persons aie reviled ro (ciro more obout Elio adopuirri process, sod options ocailairto to thon, or informal oioetings upon ioncd by the Catholic Charities Adoption bopoomooi Persons of rit roirgious, roviol or ethnic hockgeoundn aro oo (come io ai- Tharrapealie Adopttoo nforriratron Meetgransa Enrich Qrarslity op Life Aatinïly Pro rey mttt ho ieldr tiny (O,2003ei 6r30 forseoiorn PiO Ctttiotic Charttioo Cosocit (irr Jcicritt Oldoriyi (7(7 t Reed Road t5rrcont Ccrior (irr Porti Abten nices Core (bot Lake Cock DcoPtaioos L Rrr,td Crcrttctd, rs olferrng tristi Advooccd r000floironsmoold by ippoieiiiienr to tamitiooirtcr booppencisied Ptoosocatt 3 h , ctcd io iticniaro-of-thc an rssrsr- od icing focitity 1cr 35 rortdento LEGAL NOTCE NLES PARK DSTRCT EMPLOYEE DSURSEENTS FSCAL YEAR 2002 lirirnd C enter i000rpirroter tttciapoottc 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15 P THE BUGLE, ThURSDAY JUNE 26, 2003 Taxpayers to receive advance child tax credit lie last week cf lait tltthle iaspaynrs why tl,ittite,t tite Child Tax Credit on title 2102 tax returns will aerate advance,ttttal el the 2003 rarease ta Tttpayers will vat have to take tnt,titten to get tite advance paytitel et apto $400 par qavlifying t ittld Tite Treasv Department tad RS will perfarm all she valcalatians and ausamasiaaliy mati a retire and a check sa nach eligible taxpayer The esly thing ihn saxpayec areds te dv is cash the check," said Mark W Oversee, RS Cammiuxiarar "f yac qualify, we will scad yac a aasice Theras av need ta call, na acedia apply, se reed la Sil eat aacshnr farm The RS will dv all the weak A law days afn yea arce ive she muco, yea will gai thacheak" Tira chaclve --sa advance paymeal of hn 2003 mamase iv the Child Tan Candil --will br hated va sky c,edit alstmad ait ski saspayers 2002 sas mam, The Jobs tord Gretvth Tau Relief Sacvnttiiisliwe Act cl 2003 icavased hn maxmum Citild Tac Credit loi LEGAL NOTCE PilLES PARK DSTRCT VENDOR DSBURSEMENTS FSCAL YEAR por child, ap frote cr lac year 2002 The law father instmcseal the Treasury Department lv pravidn she dilleranca--ap 5v 0400 pnrchld --attn adaarec ptynsnns te each eligible tvvpayea this ruminer The Trrwary Dnpanmnnt will tasar about 25 milice el these checks, kaginning wish bera pmtsetpal matunga on Jsiy 25 i -ACCORD DRTECliVE ADONCY 5,25000, ST AYD CORP492,78, Adta SUS SERVCR 0,5 1530, AST TELEVSON R APPUA15C3 CO 2,04000, ADT SECURY SERVCES 43245, A&tsi GARAGE DOOR CO, 3,9i0,0O, Ahi LEONARD 12,55 ASENS/ROBN// 166,50, ABELL-SOWE CRANE NC , CLARE PANCO 5,145,00, ACCJ-CUT ii, ACCURATE GLASS SOP NC t 443,40, ARC ELECTRO REFN0000S 4,104,50, ACRO REMODELNG R REPAS SVC 1,195 72, ACTVE ELECTRC SUPPLY CO, 0,395112, ADAMSOR000RY/ 200,00, ADOLPH KEFER & ASSOCATES 009,149, AERAL EQUPMENT, LLC 7 is 00 ADVOCATE OCCUPATONAL HEALTH 569,00, APEY rapple iasoo, ASO AMERCAN GENERAL i 1425,04, ALBERT/AL)! 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SUPPOOT 7,50950 FONDERBURK ROOFNG NC 59250, FUOETEEESA/ 2000, GCNAA 160,00,0 E L CONTRACTORS 45,1 1094, G & ii TRUCKNG, NC 87905, OABANSKEAN1HONY , GALOTOO/OM 35,00, GALSNSSU/K000ETB P1/ GALVANO TRADNG CO 2,031,94, GALLOS/SPROS p// 66800, GANCARZDAN 00 OANCARZJJOSRPR Wt 136,00, GAMhA SPORT 40244, GARTLJLJ/ 28900, GAYTANPSANCY Ail t 10,05, GARVEYR OFFCE PRODUCTS 21546, GEHRKE TEC000WGY GROUP 5,895,64 GEGER/SEAN Til 6,05, GELPAN/RNA// 3950, OEORGOPOELOS/ULENE 1000, GURAOHTY/PEGGY/ 4100, GERSTRNBEEOER/OREO 556,00, GBSON/CASEY/ 7000 GLBERT/CHESTER/i 4000, GLL/ANTHONY , GLLESPE/REBECCA// 3000, SU,ESFE/RERECCA// 534,05, GT2NGS/ELZARETB1 53,05, GLANCY/MNERVA/ 2700, OL4SKN-CLAYMCHAEU/ 1,714,05, GLENVEW PARE DSTRCT OLENVEW TENNS CLUB 4450, GLOBE TCKET & LABELCO, 49,87 GOLF MiLL FLORST 86400, dnagbmcfsaels 1,04600, GOLO/AARONV 9600, GOLF CORE 5,258,35, GOMRERG/JUSTN// 8400, GOLF RANGE NESNG, NC 33,83500 GOLDLENMARVA/ 6955, GONZALEB/ADELADA/ 595,55, GOODE/DARRN TU 4900, GOODMANKATBLERN/ 8700, llopner 5,95035, GORDONUNE/ 28000, CON000A CROWS1GR5u55/BE5O/ 9000, GRAROWSKSTEVEN/ 59511, GOVERNMONT FNANCE OFF, ASSOC GRACE/DONALD// 28,00, ORAY/BLLJ/ ORAYSAh// 6400, GRAYRAR ELECTRC CO,, NC GREAT LAKES SERVCE 54455, OREEN GRASS GOLE NC GEEENUF LANDSCAPE, NC 74,74 1,00, SRJGREENWLLAM 9200, OREOORYROOESJ 516,00, ORNNELL FRE PROTECTON 225,55, GEEN0AM/KEPLEN Oíl 232,50, GRO HORTCULTURAL ENTERPRSES 3,69550, GEOS9/SHANE 1,14540 ke nmnd fon eefnnn O ba lyssem boa becama crlcial, "Whro ba medical sadialy orma la Salk n me abb 5k/s /s sur, hr y000ce dod hamnvrm ilall hr lori referme ibmy prapaord wem n pars thia yaor, doalnen wnuid rnmneaadecorave r heir pmmiumu fer shire n loue yoors Unfnniunasn(y, shun mima tabla s heno o fneryeara nn 105g," Darbin und "My approach peal/des mamo/ial Screlir f while allowiog sa ta work cul a cnmpsnhesiien solclior n this criais" Darbin said his b/s would nllaw dnclnru and hospitals n eloim a non crc/il in 2003 and 2004 farspercn llago aflhe malpraasice pram/umi they puy Deetans im kigh-risk upes/sl Aestuc h al obslalcics, otigeny traums carets d neurnlngy, would be eligibin foca t osera dit aqs/valaml sa 20 perneas of shah nial svalpraclico pinmiam, while doctors im Owen-na k upre/ul tiosnu eh so gcmeral med/dine, drnrasvlogy and pelhalagy wnvid br eligibla 000loscre dil eqaivolmat ta R Eardrum of heir louai malprncl/cc p a addition, Durbins pmposol would make fnr-prnfii hospitals eligible forsavcradimsrqusvoas 10 is pamoco nf lknii nal malprodlico premiumr end peco/dm relia me roc-profil hcapilola lkroogh o grams plogasm O ho am- tbisbd ia hr Health Rcaooices Sarcidco Admilislrnl/om HRSA) wilkia 1ko ils Ooponimrol i Hcah und Hawao Scroicos, "Al s /ma whem Oompaohrsside potieat coon is haaging by n lhread, we muss pnl hr mends f nomo lines hnallh prov/dm usod hain Po /ness fns" Dusbin aaid "This in u Commas errac resporse v b adr/uisa t hard, und hoya hr Sonora will ecl bully New KOC Knights Announced Grund Kaighl Jon Tauknwski nf North Amer/can Mortyrs Cnunoil 4330, Kr/ghla nf Cniambus, i sasir wely prosd lo ans nuada thai an Suma 8, t sambmr of membnra am nsa communily poelic/pused is 56e apaoial al, 2nd & 3rd Dogme RoempliRet- /n al Our Lady nf Prepetuti Help, Glenviow, beenming momborsaftbe KofC family nc allora his oomgrulalatiaaa n the new Brolbers cf she Cosec/: Antbnmy Sallo, Phil/p Greact and JahaNawadylm, os thry pue- ic/paued im all 3 Dogresu Cargrsitlui/nns lo Bensher Cheater Gieyohi, us he pars/c/paled in the 2rd & 3rd De geoas is OLPKs Hull The K/sights mom always looklog Oca gnod Caihalie geallemem ta jour hsm is ke/a lcm/gbtl/fsl Ama you irtmmaslad in jo/e/ng a girai argas/sutins that pial/des gamily sappnesamd appartenus5 to help others? 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16 PAGE 30 THE BUGLE, THURSDAY JJJNE 26, 2003 THE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE PAGE 31 Strange B,1JT TRUE By Samantha Weaver Error rnffor from circudiar dynrhgllrnrra" You prebuhlg hove - jua he long y ofacyreg "jel lag" Would you ueceplojuh rira had a Jopos rlredvrrnlc-el000lrrg real otro pervon in lo who rook riegolr klled! 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JENEN/ELANE/ 14 lo, JETSC VJCTORAU 3f 00 HELLERSPRAXAJR NCh 3,0b24l,HENNRSSY/JEFFERYA 9200 EENRr FRENZER NC 3,lldO011, ENEY FRERKSONS HERTAGE TENNS CLUB 5,00, ERREDdJSET 0,/ 50,00, JERED0CEFREN/f , JERTAOF 0ENE CRLLSRS LTD 830,34 HERNANDRZJJOE// 540,00, HERNANDRZJJESUS// 2,14000, HESCO NC 2,749011, JCKEY/llld" 1000, HOHJK-RVJN/y 80,00, HOi PROFESSONAL PANTNG, NC E97,SO HJLGOR2ON 51/ 420 BO, llbftcller"fna O O 00 HNGLOKWALA/HMANSU 2h2 00, HOCKEY STOP loso 00 JOF ENBERG/DATNU/ oli) io, JO FENBERG LNOSSYT 1,340,53, HOFFERJAMES R /l 7200, HOLDAY CLESSCS 163,69, HOME DEPOTÍHEJ 12,880011, JOCFOBRAN J lì S 110, HORANTOMO 300,00, HORNSTOM/ 4b000, HOUSE OF RENTAL 355,011, HORNUNOS PRO Sf101 SALES, NC , HOSSL/PHLP! b20 00, H1FNUS/BAEBARA 9,94550, HUPNUS!JJREKJ/ 70200, JUGELdANGEJA , USKiS JOCKEY CLUB 22,012,49 APD 5,15855 PRA 0,275 00, ANNO1TUANTHONY// fr4 00 DEA ART lotos KOEÌrROJERT , LLNOS CENTURY NETWORK 2100,00, LLNOS DEPT OF REVEN,E b,338 00, LLNOS LAiEN EQ1T, NC 1, , LLNOS LQUOR CONTROL COMM 7500, LLNOS SOTOKAN KARATE NC 7,45 O, LLNOS STATE POLCE 3,7011,00 MAGE SPECALTES 01200, brf 22,742,57, NDESTRUCTO RENTAL CO 2,114000, NDOOf SUbhflS, NC , SLAND MECHANCAL SVC CORP 22500, NSTY PRNTS 24905, NTERSTATE BASiERT OF N CbO S00AC/GEOEGE DV 4500, RVNG/GEOFF W SO 00, le , 151 DSTRCT R TAGAK CRAG Y // 82 Ol, fad NSTANT SGNS NC JGOLMETALDOORS 50800,MK SPORTS SC 6181, lplgrahcs 7, Slut roc 30,0012, JACOBS/MARK 0,/ 4000, JAEKEL/DRRRCK T // 10600, ALLENASSRN// ro00, AMCS/ERC/ l Oil, ANO/cONATAN Mil 23h 00, JEFF ELLS B ASSOC NC 6,070 00, ENKNS/ALCE!l , ENNNGS CbCVROLET-GEO, NC 161 O JENSEN/CODY bl/o 4800, JENSEN JR/DONALD D// 2500, JERSEY RESTAURANT ORGEl1 5 00, AJAE/SA/ 3000, TSENEZ/PE1EPJ/ , bunnys JETO HOCKEY 2,12500 JOHNNYS CE HOUSE , OHNSONZBRANDGN A V 0200, JOHNSON/CHRSTOPHE J/ 80 00, OHNSON/SARKJ/ , JOHNSON do ASSOC 54/c?, OHNSTOSE SUPPLY 02309, JOLET CERAMCS SUPPLY , OLET PARK DSTRCT 5,585 35, JORDAN NDUES RAL SUP1LY 207 dt, OSEl MULLARKEY DSTE, NC 14,18450, OERSALA TOPCS/TOOl 1,17032 JUDGE & DOLP, LTD 7,70251, BLACKOUTS/JURCENKO/DAYEJ JUSC AUCETS /O S, K-SWSS, NC 1,822 09, KJuCZMAREKJSCAEJ/ ESOSO, KABAT/BOB// 1400, KADKRODAAN-ZRNDERJALEC T// 5000, KALKOWSKJDANE// b 00, KA1KA/ROBEE C/ 100 lo KASER/ED/ 22500, KASER/AGATHA!/ 0400, KAFKA/STANTON/ KAPLAN COMPANY, NC 47856, KAPUSCNSKEAMES// 5400, EARAMULE// 4400, K,SRJSUSAN 220 RO, KJuTSOANNSMATNA/ KEESEY/ECHAELd/ TE 00, KAY/CATHERNE/ 1400, KEOE/PATRCKj 5850, KRHRES/JOHN M 1/ , KELLY/SEAR/ 64,00, KELLY/MKE// , KENNEDY/ROBERT Gi/ ho 00, KHANSHO/MARYAM// 5400, KJDZART 3500, KHAVNSON/VADJM/ 34000,EJERES/RUSS// 1,37500, KJLCOYNE/PATRCKJ/ 234 OB, KE/YUN// 1,1 1500, KM/NK// KMJU000E , KM/SUNGKYENG/ , KNG/ANNE/ , KNG/ROBERT/ 30060, KNKOS NC 2,76714, KNTZRJKRNNETH// 4000, KLENARE/ KRSCHTEN/BLU 1,530 00, RJKLJuSKY/KENNETH/ f9400, KLEEMANCOM/ 58000, KOEPKE/OHN J , KLRPADLO/EDWARD// 46000, KLONCKEKEN/ 620 BO, LEE/KENNETH// 50 00, DRAGONS/KWW/GARY/ 50H00, KOMAR SCREW CORPORATON 8673, KLEMPKA/5ALGORZATA// 209gB, KOBESKDANNA// 6,50000, KOELLE/MCHARL PJ/ 28000, KOLD MASTERS NC 56400, KORBAS/JEFFREY/ KORBAS/JANELLE C 44,00 KOKNS/NORA/l 3300, KOL6KOWSVJ/PAULA// KORBECKEEBC// 0200, KORBECKEGREGORY/ KOZOL/ALJ/ 90000,KOSTER/MC-AEL 1,80500, KOSBADAN// 4,63930, KOZERSKEMARCN/ 12,09200, KOUGH/MR// 6500, KOSTUCHOWSKEMARY LYNN/ BS00, KOTOWSKERTA// 2300, KOZJOJPETERJ/ KOWALSK/CATHERNE/, 7400, KOZOLJJAME i 8000, KOZLOWSKEPAUL/ 21h00, KOZLOWSKEJACOB Pi 5000, KRA3ECK/KRSTEN// 3000, KRAPPEL/JAMES A/ 9500, KRu T PAPER SALES 4,50976, KES BAC4TELL MS 3,50000, KRJPPNGERKRYN1 9503, KRUEGER/JOE/ 35000, JR/KRUEGER/JAMES E/ 21200, KRUPARZJSTEFAN E/ 18EJ KRUPNCK/NOJa8// 46000, KRUSNSKJ/GERALD/ 54000, (EHN/ANTA/ 6500, LARD/BLL// 42205, LAKE CASH REGSTER, NC 5000, LAKESHORE LEARNNG MATERAS LAKE COUNTY CE SPOBT CTE 13,72000, LALLY/BRJAN// 50000, LAK}LclSHLPA/ 22000, LAMPGNANO AND SON 9,60000 LAND & LAKES CO, LANOEFELD/KELLY/ 36900, LANOLANDDANELTJ/ 21000, LANGLAND/DONALD// 25000, LANEB HEALTHCARE 1, LAPE1A/ELEEN Míl 5200, LA PASTA RA 1,58095, LAURA LATF1/5ONA FLOWERS 77500,L,AWRENCE DSTRBUTON, NC 37000, LaOZER ZONE 10000, LRCH/MES/ 2O900,PEEPERRED RESOURCE NC 82600, LEMAEUR/LUCY// 9000, LENCO FLOORNG 1,90000,LEOS DANCEWEAE, NC 4,64389, LEONARDS P0008 SPECALSTS 13,646 h5 LEGNARDG/000ERT/ 58000, LERNER COMMUNTY NEWSPAPERS 1650, LEROYS WELDNG & PAH NC 2,98300, LE1TO/PAUL 11/ 17200, LEVJN/MJKOLAS A/ 4800, LEVY/HELEN/ 9500, LRVY5CK/ 8,62490, LEWSMRSJ/ 3300, LEWS/REX/ LEWS EQUPMENTCO 62021, LCTENPELDMARK/ 79500, LCHTERMAN/CHRS/ 19600, LFEGUARD STOBE 1,29400 LKENS/TMOTHY/,36000,LGHT CRAFT GRAPHCS, NC 2,33905, LMJOCO/CONS/ 6000, LCHTEEMAN/SHARA /- 4000, LAVASPETEPJ 57000, LM/HEATHER LB-MAR MOTORS 2,23900 LNDEMAN/LNDA/ 200/OLN PEJSTRUP/DANA// 17900, LNUX JOURNAL 1995, LVELYMAT1EEW Til 1800, LPSCOMB/JACK/ 10000, LND/MATE4EW Tl ,LNUX MAGAZNE 2995, LNOX GAS TECH 1415, LPON FOUNDATON-SPECAL EEC 1,39000, LOBANCO/MJCHAEL/ 10200, LONDON/JOSH/ 2200,LOUS GL0Z CO 59822, LOVEROEJOE// 0000, LURVEY LANDSCAPE SUPPLY , LOYERDE/MAURA/ 20000, LUBESNJCKJANDREW// LOYE/RDDSEY/ 6900, LOWFH/ROBERT// 23200, JELOWTH]EOBERT Ji 572/O, LODDNG/TRACE 8200, LOPEZJMAOHA// 71100, LOUEENNFER// 2000,LONG/JOE/ 20700, LUSTG/EVAN LYON/BRANOON/l ,111 & ful PATO STONE CO NC MACAEr /ECHAED L 1600,MSTER MAGNETS 23400, MACHADO/MRSJ/ , MACDOUGALUCHESTOPHER 0/ 98000, MACHAl/TM/ 7800, MACMLLN YDEAULC ENG 11206, hacket/,auua / Thrmrlglri rrr r, Dmy "MarnuJn ru lrkrilalrlllrgall11rnoreallllgorlll cleprlrekr r lrnrku reaau/ illl yrru " fiels-1, B le,tnoj 91i1as U Creative fun by Saona Erinlmnno Bullolo Up Svilil Crealivity Grulmd,rrolhcrr bol loll or li O keep nakrblledllllhrmewnurenlrlrcraurlme ylay und mloe/rcl,ne Lrke rcrupr uf lob/o in O qull, noull orme hum rr ur,mc r109 li 01 resu lmcur,r 1011,1 d v hcueade,, g,l/cd h ururrmlruruurlavdeilwilllhurlr,lla imrldlncarded Orl/lirA, apuros sou nulrrngerlltod,ondodd,rarderdu ea O od ou guru ge au les Broso100 begn llt c rullull pnljuemn Junlusre d bolow, pb g Errmlc wlmir rurchlld 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TROPHY A AWARDS J , ONALLEY BE/V 75 00, OhALLEYDEBRA/ 2500, ORENTAL TRADNG CO, NC 1,78125, ORLANO PARK CE ARENA 24,00000,OSKVAREKSCTOR i 8400, PCR NOTARY PRO LTD H/BOO, PGA OPAMERCA 66900, FACOCUAJOJN El H OU, PACFC WNE CO 42828, PALMER/EDDE/ 58005, PACONE/MARE LV 2,00, PAGABLRORER1/ 09300, PAJABEAN 6600, FARlA/BANAl 66,00, PANETAY,OR L 3605, PAL SALES, NC 4595, PALATNE OL CO NC 7,77682, PANK/NORBERT E/ 20600, PAULY/THOMAS Li/ 6605 PARANANGELOO/ 6400, PARK DSTRCT OF OHLAND PARK 2,333 b, PARK DSTRCT RSK MGMT AGENCY 29,786,84, PARK/FOUl 872,05, PARKJDN0000N// 9100, PARK RDGE BUSNESS FORMS 70958, PARK RDGE EEC, & PARK 01ST 6400, PARK RDGE EEC S PARK ObST 19,14000, PARTY PRO 59295, PASSAGLA/faKE Ail 20005, PASSARELLa/ROSALE/ 205,05, PATELJPURSOTFAESOAS/ 7500, PARKER/LOUS/ 43200, PATEERSON/CARWS/l PATERSONEEN/ 07900, PATCEESON/STA/ 5000, PAULUCCl/JA1OES/ FAVOR/TOM// 65,05, PAYLNE WEST, NC 1145,75, PECHNCRSAEON// 8300 PENNER,DAVD PERE T CLEANNG 29,28500, PERJJJNSSHARON/ 3800, PERSO0NELCONCEPTS LTD, 46142, PESCHES 2,92775 o ERSON GLASS CO 7258, PR SMART 551,5 PETRRCCPAULA/ 2700 PETtY CASHER J 2,5585, PETTY CASHER 02 1,36658, PROV CASHER ,01, PEtTY CASHER , PEtTY CASllER OS 68466, PCEKJBOB G 1/ 7600, PCKLES/THOMAS/ 6000, PONEER COACH LNES PONEER NEWSPAPERS, NC , PLANTZ/SJKE/ 3,48400 PLEUSS/JESSR// 205,00, PLESCUE/MCHAEU 640, FM SPORTS /0 00, POCZTOWUKEOSEPH W 58500, PORUMBAJOEJ/ 2215 POSEDEUTM 4,1 B00, POSTMASTER PRAXARGAS TECH 1,05572, PREFERRED COFFEE SVC,SC , PRENDEROASTKEVS Fil 21200, PRENDEOGASF/KYLE 1600, PRENTCE HALL 1034, PRESCOTFOSEPH Pi PRNTNG SYSTEMS, NC 1,15549, PRTC/VA1aMY// 20900, PRO SAFETY 42873, PR050ZNSKVRCHARD 556 OH, PEOCER/ROBRRT/ 5409, PRZYBYLSKEOJS/ 54400, PRYORON 1/ , PUNTO/OE/ 44000, PURDUE UNVERSEFY 3000, QUALTY BEERS QUUS GREENHOUSE 4000, R A A)A5S ENTERPRSES NC 99500, RA SESO &CO 24,95, RA FE/CRESOS 18,57X00 RE BURKE ROOFNG 20,11300, RA ACTVEO0EAE 1,567011, lier PBODUCTS, NC 2,83630, BEACON so ca us no acbn An halle " Tor bill passed hn loasa unmroiwuusly earlier lois spring dod WOO uppranod by hn Smala 0O Priday Youth Basketball Tournament Still Has Openings Lost Call!! North American Yonlh Sparta Aunant Notional Championship Yaulh Basket ball Tournament un be Great- Or Cbiaago, llinois Area Han Sereeal RmnnainingOpeningl!f Nonlb Amanean Yoalh Sparlo s000nc od bioy mhal Obey 5h11 h 000sooyma ramoioieg opaniogn O hn noevaa nali050l championnbip y000h baskemboll baena mon io lbs Chicago, L arma al the Pnreaov ro Rduealionol Con- Oes in Ambooglos Eloighla, L on July 2327, 2003 Thn 00mo Wont will babeo ron diltorenl baaokeln, Thoy inclodo Sb-bb grado boys: Sb-bb geods gicla; 71h grado boys 71Fr Esadr girls; Orb grado boys; 01h grade girls; 90h-Sth grade hoya; 9mhRlh grado girls; mb-120h grade ho ya;on d lob-lath goode ginfo All grades are baled or she goode is which a nbodorl os ouroruoby movollod The anmry fon far hm m00mwert os $625 sod guororhm0500eh Oram a minimum BE nino gamma Thom will ha awards pr00000a d io mach brochal, Tbe entry deadline io nne 30m2003, For oddilinoal nofommariov or or 051,5 fono pl aasayo he lollfaoo NAYS bommom r oumma mano boo homo s l ia test Eoddgooz GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: Soko A0 oluoho sall001 GEOGRAPHY: WEal is B crome otengloodo borgonu /cry PRESDENTS: WhuO wan Elioo bolb Doles job dossg Grurgo Buch Srs admieisorumiooy HSTORY: When was Ohr iota- Ol0555lampAuO pussed 5 LTEETURE was Re oawv ol GoOnrde Slrio ,5 und 0010 PR ANMATON: Wlor is 09500im ihepooho aevdmo food? 7, LANGUAGE: WEar doer hm Spooiobwood " calimoom" BBLE: Who wan lbs aoeoed kiog obiorari5 MUSC: Who resole Tile Rollo Hynn Otlle Enpoblid" O SOCAL SCJENCO: Thaoulol 0g dy of whol? 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Obrar h tari k, casa (ranis sar, -Thraoray J, litant illsiala A Caigmlalratiorta 00 braa haca conrrlrhor al do Onlily!Thoro arc marty irioka loa nao roms a dog lo pnrborri, hal P Jost 5100, Thron,lioatd ho laoghl lo lowing hoajo obodioitoo twining (rollins jiialadna Jiylod Jowl oomwarida( Sans ion ahoold lat aboai 30 amandsi n hor play for a wolo aflowvard Shako Hood, PO palor had tony lo baro, lilla ja anloo akill on pilppioa o hala, aapnajally illico iinrlora ambo Sngiir mg Slaakn nond, asnnolln liar dnrolopnd a good roaponac lo lsn THE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 2(a, 2(193 SillSiaycororracil, 011aO alio is all ira pink ap oro nl lira pawi garlly, ralcaso tiaridgioolionimiroridolloa for a coaptn oh day, ard ihor add a anthill nomwond lkshckn liard, Or"Say rcllo" Gino lanraaaoard allo, yoaaayalln analiriaitd PayDcadihrollnroany look, lilao allo lolloo lli Soon cnirilirorid, rsalaanpangraaalo"soll 010Gill liar llin"door" onroriand, mil anhinla sido ah lnan,aoirard (unty post hcroonroiiro hal 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RELABLE DATA CO1ahUNCATONS 45050, RENOuCAELJ( 10505, CARLOTA RESTVO 4100 RJODE SLAND NOVELTY 1,85947, REYNOLOSDENNS/l 361 S, REGERJDONNA!/ hss, RCEJhARKJ 535 SS, RCSO5ATTGW/ luit Dl RDGEW000 GARDENS SSS 40, RGEJSHERp 7, RNK SDE SPORTS 1,451RO, RNK SYSTEMS NC ROBERT CROWN CENTER 3,14415, ROBERT SCHWAKE STONE CO 21211, ROSERTS/MACC// 344 SS, RODNSON SES COMPANY 2,07550, ROERSJEFFREY( 4050, ROGERSBRAN 1,295,111, ROCKY MOUNTAN SUNSCREEN l939, ROGERS/MARC S/ 4000, ROHAN/JACK/ 29600, ROLWNG BROTSERS, NC ROLF C CASPBOLL& ASSOC NC 3,2615 ROLLNG MEADOWS PARK 01ST SO, ROMANO BROTHERS 4,266, 13, ROaANOOAV(D/ ROSEL PRESS 1,19251, ROSE/JEFFREY i 45250, ROSELLACK , ROSENBERG/DAN/ 690 Sl ROSEBOS Sony ROSESFELD/JACK u ROSENFELD/DAVO/ 21000, ROSS/KSBERLY 4500, ROTSTENBOB 580, ROSS PAUJ 155, ROWLEY FRANK El 85000, ROZYNEK/KATARZYNA/ (9000, RUBNODERER/ 255, RUDYS CYCLE k F1ORSS ClS 755, RUSSO ALU RUSTC WOOD FENCNG 2800 RUZCU/MATC/ RYAN/MARY/ DDO RYDERJRACHEUi 11,11 SANFORD CHEMCALCO 9500, StS ARTS &CRA 1S, NC 70352, SOS WORLDWDE,SaaS75 SLP ELECTRC SERVCE 1,80611, SFRA 4210, SANFORD CHEMCAL CO SALA/ERCh 266 SS, SAMPRASTRFON 20 DO, SALEMME/GEORGAJ/ 3300, SAMS CLUB DRECT 16010, SANSONEOTJJ/ 605, SANSONE[FOMAS 1610, SANTEE!DAVO 64089, SANTO SPORT STORE 5,41632, SANTOSTRFANO MCHAEL) , SASSOLNO CARL 0400 SAVASMCHAEL 5/ 4400, SAWKA/PHYLLS/ 6000, SCHERER/ROSS SCHLESSSGER/FRED , SCHMERLERPATRCLOJ 6000, SCOMTENDORFPALL El 20000, SCHMELZESOPHA( 500, SCHROEDER MATERAL 2,23930, SCRAMUZZANCHOL,tn5/l 1,29250, SCOWARTZ/EFFREY 5400, SCHWARTZJnAT1EW(/ 7250, SCHUT1/SHERRY/ 2500, SEARS, ROEBUCK O CO SECURE DSBURSEMENT SVC 1,307, SEGALJSAND(VA/ 27510, SE3ELJROBBR L 23600, SEKDLAMATT/ Salp SENDERJJOOSEPH/ 16011, SENDERAJAOES 5/ l Dl, SERVCE SPRNG 3550, SERVSSTOa SEPERVCTOR Fil 5,74500, SETMEYER!DODG,i 35500, SEVEN brdges CE ARENA 9,03250, SEYDTZJMCHAELJ/ 134 OD,SOARBOSSA/GARY loo SO, SOAUNSHA 2510, ShAttNAhiStAil SHAKEMCHAEL 1101 SHANES OFFCE SUPPLY 20702, S4AW NDUSTRES, NC 9,010 4fr, Sll/DO AQUARUM 1,30300, SEPARDSCOT 1415 SHERMAN DODGE 50 lo, SHERMANTED SSO D, SyULGA/(DDp/ 54 S SLVERMANREVN/ 49400, SGNS NOW 682 Dl, SOUTHWEST CEARESA 20,250,55, SEGEJRFF , SMPLEX TME RECORDERS 16560, MPLEX GRNNELL FRESECURTY 96087, SNEAMANDA 4500, SKALOJNCK 01/ 32 Dl, SKALLAJON M,l OS SKAPE1JGREOORY// 25650, SKOKR LAWNMOWER NC 61695, SLUPSKBELJNDA LEES 4650, SKOKE PARK DSTRCT 500, SKOKE VALLEY BEVERAGE 2,51960, SEDGE VALLEY REPRODUCTONS 23700, SKOSKEWCZJARL 33500, SKOSKEWCZBOODAN/l 36300, SMC4OWEN 3200, SLJESKYMCyARLJ 65655, S1aUCKERmATCHEW 5,75450, OMCd GJSEFFREY 55101, SMTHMEREDTH( 8450, SOMENEK PASTRES , SOLBERG/CHRSTNDJ/ 3450, SOUND OF MSSC, LTD 30592, SORENSENROBERT 0,53750, SMDLGAELZABET141/ 53 00, SOSKN B 3600, SLWNSK/PAULA/ 74,00, SNYDER/CHAD Ail 9415, SOUTH BARRNGTON CLUB SOUTH RDE CONTROL SUPPLY CO 70, SPALDNG SPORTS WORLDWDE 1,05925, SPORTMART, NC GAST SPORTS 0219 SPORTS LLUSTRATED 4890 SPOOAT,lNFJl 191 RS ST lohn LUTHERAN CHURCH 5,00500, ST JOHN BEBEUF CHURCH , STANEEVERET 18,25 111, STANN la ASSOCATES NC 4,76505, STATE OF WSCONSN 550, STAWCZYJWAVNE 9700, STANKOWCZJAMES DVSON OF MANAGEMENT SVC, 45500, STEVENS/BOBSY/ 200 STEVRNSONAJROBERT 14810, STRRN/ALEE 25800, STEVE HELM A ASSOC 29,24984, STONEOERG1M/l 00(1 STRATGAPSRENEE/ 32500, STRASRBURGMCHARL L 1,58000, STRECKERMRLNOAJ 2tS7lS, Si RESKFJRCO 31010, STRZELECKLADRE/ 161 OS u SULLVANDANEJ 2115, SUTODANELLE L l 252, SUUCDVEHA 12 55, SULELZADETH// 12460, lump/gregory/ SWAKOSLriRRY WJ 32 Dl, SVACHULOVLSA 1011 SUPEROR NDUSTRAL SUPPLY CO 79510, SYCHOWSKUKRVN 7400, SVBERT1mLTON 16000, ZYMULOJOEii 135 TALHAMFMARY SETH/ 102 SO, TANTUWAYASEETA 5400, TANAKATSUSOROBRET TAYLOR/ANDREW 3000, TARNARSPETRRJ/ u TRAM LLNOS HOCKEY CLUB 6,2(554, TEAM PORT PRO (2,4487S TUBONS GAS SERVCE 2, S TENNS SUPPLY 851RO TENNANT SALES AND SERVCE 5180, TESORREOLNDA/ E DAVES SSPPLY CO u TlE DRAWNG BOARD 6397 u THE EDGE CE ARENAS 22,89545 u TUE HOCKEY NEWS 9990 u TlE NETCNG EXPERTS 5,09300, THE RACQUET MAN l,3r100,trelachael P1/ 2 (200 THE TERCET GROUP LW 6,43527, T9OMASAL) 1,33005, TLLENS NC THOMAS FLEMNG CO THOMPSONOYCE 37001, THOMPSON/STEPHANE/ 5400,TOREK/ROBRRT Mil 3600, OF YOUR LFE NC 47500, TTLUST DRAWER 915,76, TLUSTY/ONATHAN Fil 31400, TODOS PONEY RDES TOMEKJRONALD/ 18600, LAWN MOWER & TOOL SVC 1,00283, TOP LNE PENCO CQ 36,14201 TOTAL GRAPHCS 1,74600, TOTER/TOD F/ 1809, TOTERWLLAh F , TOUCH OF BEAUTY CARPETNG 6,41804, TOU-Y LUMBER 1,291 50, TOY TES 5100, "R US WAYNE REGONAL OFF 13476,TRELLACHRSTOPUR Al 17200, TRELLAOHN Sl TRANS ENERGY SYSTEMS 25472, TR ANGLE SCREEN PRNTNG 63005,TRGUARDS, NC S 58, TRSTATR HYDRAULCS, NC 21972, TE-STATEKLN SERVCE, NC 51880, TRALTA CONSTRUCTON COMPANY 5,00000, TRERRON 561,00, TROANUCHorRLOTCR( 4500, TRU-SRERNC}EMLAWH// 7,69800, ThU-LNK PENCE CO 875, TRUSCHKESTRFAN TUC-R5KYROBERT TURF PARTNERS, NC 23195, FROFESONALS EQPT CO 12, ÌZORTZAKSGEORGS(/ 1111 TWN RNKS CE PAVLON, NC 13,29865 US ARBOR PRODUCTS 20,19500,05 LQUDS OF GREATER 60500, US POSTMASTURaRTER 4,51001 USA HOCKEY, NC 4,76500, 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19 PAGE 36 NOTCE Notice is hereby given, pursuant to "An Act in rotation to the uso of un Assumed Business Name in tilo uondoet or ooansoalion nf Business in the Sturo," as mannendod, thatacertifleotionwus filed by the ondensigrod with the County Clerk of Cook Couoty Filo No D on Suer under the Assumed Neme ofculifomio Nuits with the business booted ut 8860 N Mitf_o wuukee Ave, Niles, (L tire truena mo(s) und nesidonvo oddness ei she o"anra(s) in: Soon N Le, 4734 N Sueeameslo Ann, Chivuge tl w stwnirmnro Tar 500inOuin, Fatso Mru (ardor) Eaesndlrsr asnos Finarotag Opsrating Trsnsrrrsln P,tndpalsotuedinas Oendd,ssfl Pncssds sua nr n orlas Lau 000uirnsnt THE BUGE, ThURSDAY JUNE 26, 2003 WU 2003 Spring Deans List Morn than 600 andorgeuduate students osrotled in Woutero (((mois University w see named to the 2003 Spring Druos List To muelan this aword students mutt sann ut toast u 36 grado point onstage os a sosto nf 40 equals an Ais 2 crodit heurs nf gruded courser; pssn-foil hours arc not counted WUs moie residential eunrpus in in Mucumb The WtU- Quad Citins uomyus, which is a division of Wenrems Scheel of Eutendod und Continuing Educo- tien, serves plocebound undorgroduuto srd graduase studnnts in dro Qaud Cities area (western ltirois-nustum owa) Students eurnirg Dours Litt mongsitmns include: Des Plaines - Niob Centrai )Sophomom(; Kerrtan Gordon )Sonisrl; Brios Gesko )Snphemote); Manìco tenstock Sophomore); Kelly Kltrgbcit Soyhonronol; Shefoli Puto) Sorian; sed Sonuh Stepuh )Seniml Glenviem - Scott Usent (Senior); aad Amanda Tarking005 LEGAL NOTCE aitisg, sr Mosarr arm, turni csmsnd Sturr,n5 nf Rasnun, Eaerdoasfl & changos n Fuira talons, All naosrrrrnsrr Fund Torosa Onu Ol,nnttty Prsrrd anrsrenr,nr oro For Ors ForinO nnd0 nnnsr,r al, 2500 trassat Pause Wets t:707:rra uss,nnr 055itO swursun 4nsnns - ourun, n rsansuuan - cspdalpojsars Tasti EdnsrdrUr,s r,ssa,uss moor rinrsusenernnru - rotai irrsrsno,rnnsosat n,ass,nna - Femo 5 FeOsiiona 200_uts Oomnslsrrsra,ou Fono Onurass tananiatcon assona macan Tarai Ornar Lussi Sounass u ruons, aunnss no ass Fund Mussas Osnlnnirs Fund atasco Prior Corlad aor)sssmanrs Erdisgpsndßtisma rr,nra,rrr ln,uan,snst u,osn, o,sun,050 n_ron_san raa,000 tuons erst 150m_0001 (Jurien) Nibs - Tiffany Buhten (Sosior);urd Loures Sutrulso (Susine) Northbraok - Sarah Cross (Junior); and Koish Lacoht (Soswr,6 Ridgo - Mona Coltertu )Srnier); Miettusi Csroia ((union); Ryan Fon Sesianl; and Timothy Sspieko ((anion) Skakin - E(iaubeth Brasser lsup)ramom); Fesnhunrh Nousysoss (Senior); Amy Oguta (Senior); und Lourer Ogota(Sonior) nasa Primor0 aanpsrarr essa Saponina 600rnmrt canrarrr Centro satt 5ratuO tman000ndum unh tmrsnnonaur,, usera Probers nais) (monis nrrnut noia) rs taus o,sas,rau sa ass mn u tusare odono Ja luns,stal arruas - nuo,sun rasade uruudao bnnr,sssl n_mn_too bnoz,rar) m S - s4stnn strei asn,nsn nss,tsr 2er_adt S s r,nan,l6, S s,nar,sds s a,058,s4a 5 5,t2t,O ,020 dador a,005,ara 2,r r r n a, 15t0,54t1 o:aan:srro ls,nm,naoi (Ont,nn5l S 5 saturn S Otr,srS n nstas n,050,nna s a orn ras 1405,0ml 10440, ,5 ganso stud snu Ott 0501 a ant dun Chicago Park District Opens Outdoor Pools Coon Downl With the isops uf wonmoe weathns hittirg Chrcugo, fanoutien car aptosh the summer away as hn Chicuga Park Distesum opens mn outdoor pools Bogisring Tuesday, Jans 24, att porh urusdunon pools wïtl lao upon everyday (ross ti am so0pm Admis- "SVhut hostos way ta keep coot und odor fasn this sassomon thon budding cas sa your noighhorhoed rock pool" said Chìcugo Park District Supoeintorrdoat Do- 5,4 Derg Cirrorn out und swiss, ut any of tiro-so ouudocir poem un Chiusgas nur mr liar do Aurrnutube Park, 33(6 W School 1312/ (trovo Funk, 4701 N Ashland 1312f i l;ironpcns Pork 4222 W Postor 1312/742-70s261 (troobos Park, 3033 N Hoyro lii 2/ tcilvsvon lurk, 4822 N Long il r09l iotcfviniulge Spurns Cantor Catiiu,rni,u oak 3843 N Culiforsiuu 13l217-i Nciu-oiu,d Park 580m N lutorosa 1312) Pro:ugc)urk4lliONLosgl3t2) suar Oison Pork N Prunciscui 1112/ at_odd sa roo u,ratasu ltv1hoeuiu,d Pork 2534 N liicvuiu:cu- 1312/ Parents Afternoon Away NiLo Park Diounct iso/ou curio ii, cvuu,ll c,,uis c)oild in u sonru alnucuurcf closenuiosou pregraos While plier chold )uos a geoat lineo, 1-uy vd onjoy soste wellubvycriud (sur Oime (iso chddroo c/ stnt oach clusu uush a picnic lunch, linos & crufu gusnos bond slorgc (5lraso brnoka sack lunch uiod uinunk -- inn auch etusa Chuulvi, 3 lus ycleu of ngo aro webio join us ut sino 000eurs( (cisura Conies 6676 W Howu,rd Clisos hogsno Tuesdu), fimmel July 15 Oluruuugh August 9 Cluoss vsos, 1210 S:30pnn Clisos ynograrro fous ore Ren 849; Noslles 05, Ponrn000nnforrnutinrur iii nc-/isle, cal) hn Huward Leirane Cerner LEGAL NOTCE NuOice is horuby ginun, pulsoos in Ar Act it relooiuo to los uso of on Assumed Business Nomo ir Oho corduct on nunsac lias of Business io ihn Snaoo," os amasdod thon u eornifluusion was Ebd by nhu undersigned wioh sits County Clock County File No, an June 18, 2003, arder she Aoaassed Nome uf Fous Por Vos with the hasineoa located ai 607 Wesley Drive Pork Ridge, L Tha nao nomelo) ond residence cdlcou of hr ownon)s) is: Sandro DToote, 607 Wosloy Drive Punrk Si/go, L 60060usd Dehuruh R Scoske, 4252 N Oriole, Norridge, L, vvc:veovc, ne oli r t»» oncles iv miii COCOn W000 0F THE vene THE BUGLE, ThURSDAY JUNE 26, 2003 PAGE 37 THE BUGLE CLASSFEDS FULL/PART-TME FULLPARTTME FULL/PART-TME FULL/PART-TME cvciocvcc TO nil i:,::,: nemes irs s:le roo wien or 10v teno FULL/PART-TME ADVERTSNG PHOTOGRAPHER SALES TELEPHONE SALES Full-Time and Part-Time Position at Bugle Newspapers in Nues Please do not call unless you have previous experience! Ask For Beverly ext 40 Or Fax To: CLERCAL RECEE4ONST PART-TME 4:00 - SOD pm NnugFsldy ok dnl u Øso grass 555,,, 0 proni 01i01 ØasS rarm aaab SM" 5116 n 051 Canpnan, kudun ndd Mt b 06h Sa BflHANY TERRACE NURSNG CENTRE 8425 N, Wis*nga Rand MOOOMnGCOMM WaikiSka5Sala00b FaO 84700ns0114 EQUaO5SO00bSflUESbPOYMO MEOCAUHEALTHE HEALTH CARE/HOME Sgning On Besos S CNAs And Companion, HourlyAnd Live-n PosCons Available For Chicago Aaod Suasouaaiing Sabsorlas EngliSh Speaking ntirmwlng n Deerfl&d MC For Our Stilling Cn-ord SaiSie Hoes Sa,icu lic MEDCAUHEALTHCARE DRVERS HAU L ( N $4,500/Month 55 Dedcated s Available s NEW Equipment s Arrtvin9 Steady Freight sui Steady Pay Owns, OponiranS mo EQE USA TRUCK culls 7 days o Week unsw,usamnuohi,nom coelohfihln DRVERS - WANTED Must Have Clean Drvng Record Call JasonAt RECEPTONST PARTTME 400-8:00 pm i radish 555 dsnh u saashisesods6lsabsmn550n Phon, pant 600eS 5 p5660 topsol ssh sato,,kllla o aatl Cs-p5, Uonhdg otodod, Most b ih So ns6wina&0ims"dd- BEfHAPY 1ERRACE NURSNG CENTRE 84255WukeganRaad Modosa 0,550, L Wnkinaprslìa00ia WMiCOS500d Fam Eq5a0P$00OtMStYE55PS5)F DONT GET STUCK! GET HELP LOOK N THE CLASSFEDS P, FREELANCE PHOTOG RAPHER Needed For The Bugle Newspapers Please Fax Resume To: Attention: Publisher REPORTERS FR EELAN CE R EPORTERS Needed For The Bugle Newspapers Please Fax Resu me To: Attention: Publisher RETAL CAN YOU COUNT? Count nventory n retail stores, must have reliable transportaton to es far west as Schaumburg as lar north as Northbrook, as far east an Wllmøtte andasfarsouthesharlem&rving1o-keyexperlence a plus Flexible hours, $800 per hour Call to Schedule an nterview: Park Ridge Office Equal Opportunity Employer, VSt US atwwwrdluinscom RGS NVENTORY SPECALSTS SALES F YOU ARE NOT AFRAD OF SPEAKNG TO SMALL GROUPS OR MAKNG 1OK+/MONTH CALL: We Accept Visa and Master Card! Call Beverly At: OPPORTUNTY DSTRBUTOR TRANEES A new expansion program isbeingputintooperation by 30 year old company Your chance to get in on the ground floor & own nrown business One of a kind water filtoation Systems Think! Having one of a kind item io your business -Call today Mr Robert J Pechacek Toll Free: 877COLDH2O SALES SALES SellingAdvertlsing For The Bugle Newspapers nsde Telephone Sales Or Outside Sales FullTme Must Have Experience! Call Beverly For nside Sales Or Call Sally For Outsde Sales Or Fax Resume To: Beverly: Sally: CANCELLATONS - No Classifed Advertise mentswiiibecanc6iied after 12 noon on Monday preceding the Thursday pnbiication date, or Thursday 12 noon preceding The Weekend Job Guide, ext 14",& a:i,

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Call Beveely At: ( w-, w u Uue,lflaflhfltflt SEAMLESS 6UTTERS 35 Colees RS olmi FudfUdeTd RflaMet WHss lomes 551$ & 519es NOMW000 EMVCE$ APPLANCE REPARS CHCAGO APPLANCE & REFRGERATOR REPAR CO Ali MASES AO MODELS FREE EST0*ATE (847) (773) DeT VOR, NighbsTtlsOd DAiO Smc 1957 BATHS A Fanllync PL Ccnt,lsctOTs NO JOB TOO SMALL STAlE FARM $ haLlre&wORe1MEe$SECMP NFROE10500$EJ6OFHE flm65st0e*o MF00Me8 SweATER Mil BATHROOM RESODELNG v0ds AoeykBtbesoe =JzJ 10% 051 MM RA, ME :11 (847) 77611JBZ CrB9EA (8829) Fret n-home 511,, On,, Estimates - : s,- s w u - u i - i U li - S V Y s, - - il t a i t a - - BR C B WORK RCE MMNG B1BKABE 8 TRalpoinlirEg NOTO R ROKAiE ChimneyS Rd Rrvpleces Glass 8BB6 PontA Cleaning & Wetelproofing Free Estimates - nsured (847) BRCKWORK MKWAY TeolgeleOng Bekree8 - CAMllA CSArs,s5s Rpled & 58Ml, BlocS 8dHSlov VAD0eCASS9 OWeteC9e9 F,Sy balled Fe Eetb,R (847) BA CHGORK A Familyno?i-S Csn,sctO,s NO JOB TOO SMALL STATE FARM toured SAUTY&HORMOSURMP UPOWMEMEHBFNE MTltR aaitess arroi MMOOUMEDAOflflTED sraedlhbt CA OPE NOB A FanAS nc ContTllctO,s NO JOB TOO SMALL STATO FARM NSURED LLAUTR&RMHMENSEOMP MPeCSW MENONS OF ThE SETTeR SEGHESS BUREAU FARSLPOMWEAA OflemTO sesoe ZW THE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 26, 2003 u - - u -t- -a CATCH BASNS & SEWERS JOHNS SEWER SERVCE Oalstcn & Miloceakee Oiles (847) Poor Neghborle0od Sewer Man CEMENT A Fendly, nc ConTrl,ctors NO JOB TOO SMALL STATO FARM ROARED LABEJTY&WORME9S 000F APPROVED MENSUElS OPTeR SETER BUSNESS BJREAA FA,SLPO*TeBR e effrayer SSES lili To Advertise ri The Bagle Newspapers Commun ity Directory Call: Beverly (847) ext 140 CONCRETE WORK MKE NTT CEMENT CONTRACTOR P00 Decks - Driveways - Sidewalks FREE ESTMATES UOn00 F1106 nsolar (847) CONSTRUCTON Amex Builders REMODELNG [llh4lla CL CHCAGO 1H11 latnstas LE [SHALL LCENSED A SOARED CONTRACTOR EUROPEAN CONTRACTOR nnlddeessn000snceoe O11HesAOceeeRnA RRE ESENATES 051 ROl Dens, A SE (847) (847) CKY DECORATNG DESGN DECORATNG - QuALTY P EXPERT PAPER HASSlNG 0010(1 FNSHNG PlASTERNG We 0011m & Pd WLSO ASA (847) Cull V esoso FmoRnsAe OECA R ATN G HENRCH DECORA11NG, PANTiNG WALL WASHNG NEROR-EXTEROR CLEAN & FAST WORK NSURED FRED ESTS CALL RCHaRD OR NENRYANSME RTE n DECORATNG 15 6* 0* * n o * **** «) H 51R l27 Edward KUkuazwokl Ossee CloatlEeg SOStO 5700W BROlER ARE ****** 0* * ** *** * To Advertise in The Bugle NewspaperS Community Directory Call: Beverly (847) ext 140 ELECTRCAL WP ELECTRCAL LbEsTnid 0sARSSl COOESSROE M Elcteical DSOønes, Resldettial - Commercial benlend - Oeednd ELECTRCAL PAGE 39 MKES ELECTRCAN No Job Too Small t Beat Anybodys Prices 515es ldsob - 24 lles 00* TO ADVERTSE N THE C UNTY DRECTORY PLEASE CALL BEVERLY AT OO ext OR FAX NFORMATON TO:

21 PAGE 40 THE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 26, 2O03 u--- w i i - i _ i i r-_- r_ ucd i - i i j i r _a - u a i & a &-a i - i --- a S o s: si THE BuGLE, THURSDAYJUNC 26, N S e ich C - N i _ : i - W i W - L M _P_ -_ m & a i & a - - i a e a S- S ;; SS PAGE dl - A, _ M_ FLGHT LESSONS HAN DY MAN H AN DOMO N LANDSCAPNG PANTNG PANTNG & DECORATNG ROOFNG SDNG 000FNG RUBBSH REMOVAL TUC V POS TN G LEARN TO FLY Call Now ForA $49 DSCOVERY FUGHT! PlivatethS AF, Cha,terU Pilot Sardes, Sintulator and Ai,aaft Flight tardrg, 3 Say 40ekend DtOord Schools Located At Pal-AlaueeAi,pod, call RUSS DUSZAK (847) JR HANOY9W SERVCE ORMeStRee, EHootcal WE DO TALLO JOB TOO SMALL OR TOO RG OUR WORK SUARJuSTEED (847) (773) HOME REPARS & MPROVEMENTS Complete Hand yman Services Since 1977 Wo do it alibi5 OT small! 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22 PAGE 42 THE BUGLE THURSDAY JUNE 26, CLASSFED TRADE DRECTORY / ROSZAK BULDERS, NC NLEs, L CLASSFED Tsclrpntntvrg trlckwn,h All Ttprs vi Renting Ç) FOn TRADE Masnnry Repair Sheet Metal Getters Resldentlal/CommerclalBlg & Small Sobs Room Additions Decks -Basement Remodeling Offlce Buildings Kitchen Remodeling Stores -Bathroom Remodeling New Homes TO ADVERTSE N THS DRECTORY PLEASE CALL BEVERLY AT: 847$88-19OO uuuu0 :: MARKS TUCtPONTNG & REMODELNG Lintel Replacement Parapet Wall Rebvildvtg Cernent Sleps & Walrs Sating Svffit Wlndnsn Ca/ For Low FREE Estimates! : Caallrrng & Watetprnotrng Pxrchns & Sechs New Garage Construction ext / Fo, QualltyR11ablltyDepndbllty WE ACCEPT VSA AND MASTERCARD OR FAX NFO TO: : Mrn/rrv(xe,8rs,ttWere :- : 847-$ NORTH SHORE Financii Services Corp 3330W Dundee Rd Ste #C5 Northbrook, L lt,,ais ea,tgagelitrtae THE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 26,2603 PAGE 43 ACT NOW efihance Take advantage of our low interest rates 0F ill0,0 NTEROR & EXTEROR PANTNG & HSTORCAL RESTORATON NTEROR Specializing ir, Faux Finishes Murals, Gilding, Stencils Design Service EXTEROR Painled Ladies Fewer Washing Stein, Seal & Wend Repwr Roszak Landscaping Nues, L Fax a subsidiary afronzak dxildcsv, nc For all your lawn care and snow removal needs- With the dependabilty and qualty you expect Wo Accept Vse & Monter Cord -\,rr, r, ludssk Fig(trl "6S(6, tl h r li!rfl(l!( irr tlrr,k,r - \tlr,r,r r, - ler \, \rrr,rllkrr ht r 1g,,, 1,11141, 51 -)4 lis rit tisis hut, tl,h,, rr, tolti Program 30 Year Fixed Variety of adjustable and fixed rate loans Cash-oit options for home improvements Lowermonthy mortgage payments Rate Points APR 51 25% % 15 Year Fixed 4500% % (t,- cor LEARN TO FLY! Call Now For A $49 DSCOVERY FLGHT! DAMOND POWER WASHNG ROMANAN FLOORNG & REMODELNG, LP nstallation of: Carias & Granite Caaotartnpt We Clean: Hardened, Ceramic Tile god Private thru AlP, Charter & Wood Decks/Sealing Carpet Flexrieg Pilot Services, Simulator and Aircraft Flight Training, 3 Day Patio-Garage Floors Residential & Coosnercial Weekeod Grouod Schools, Visit Oar Showrxem Ar Located at Pal-Waukee Commercial Property Airport, call 8049 N Milwaukee Ave RUSS QUSZAK (847) FREE ESTMATES Nues Please Catr VERONKAS CLEANERS RESDENTAL/COMMERCAL HONEST, RELABLE, EDPERENCED STAFF, FLEXBLE HOURS, LOW PRCES, FREE ESTMATES BONDED (708) Year Fixed 4375% % 5 Year ARM 4000% % 3 Year ARM 3375% % Certain reatrictigng apply Programa subject to Change Not available in all states Calltoday!

23 S T, -, S (S S PAGE 44 TRE BUGLE, THURSDAY JUNE 26, 2003,SS, ;; ,, i WNDOWS Replacement Windows s Thermal Panes Tilt-To Clean SDNG Soffit Fascia Gutters Trim PORCHES & DECKS Porches Rebuilt and Enclosed ROOFNG Shingle Hot Tar Rubber Roll F*44:r$ZkcV-- : V?rCzS:C: -L--: k i,kr- -, - r - S - i ç i_: : 5 S t,-- "SS -S