L P 75A AVENUE HIGH RISE PROPOSAL. Monday, December 17, Date: Annacis Meeting Room City Hall. Location: 4:30-5:15 pm. Time:

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1 L P 75A AVENUE HGH RSE PROPOSAL Date: Location: Time: ntroduction: Presentation: Monday, December 17, 2018 Annacis Meeting Room City Hall 4:30-5:15 pm Marcy Sangret Director of Community Planning & Development Aloke Chodhury, Hari Homes Lance Barnett, Barnett Dembek Architects nc. Mary Chan Yip, PMG Landscape Architects Tanya Levin, HY Engineering Sean Phil/ips, Blunt Engineering Background Materials: Memorandum from the Director of Community Planning & Development dated December 12, 2018 Copy of Applicant's Presentation

2 MEMORANDUM City of Delta Community Planning & Development To: From: Date: Subject: File No.: CC: Mayor & Council Marcy Sangret Director of Community Planning & Development December 12, 2018 Council Workshop for the 75A Avenue High Rise Proposal LU Ken Kuntz, Acting City Manager This purpose of this memo is to provide supporting information for the December 17,2018 Council Workshop on the 75A Avenue high rise proposal. The applicant, Aloke Chowdhury, requested a Council Workshop to provide an update on the application prior to proceeding to Council for consideration of the bylaws. Proposal Summary The high rise proposal is located at the northwest corner of 75A Avenue and 120 Street (Attachment A). The applicant is proposing to consolidate five properties and a portion of lane into one development site to permit a mixed-use project with a 35-storey building containing 280 apartment units, eight ground level townhouse units, a 82.2 m 2 (885 ft2) commercial unit (e.g. coffee shop) and a m 2 (2,951 ft2) child care facility. A threestorey building with six townhouse dwelling units is also proposed along 119A Street for a total of 294 units. The majority of the parking is located in four levels of underground parking accessed from a new rear lane north of the development site extending from 120 Street to 119A Street. The applicant's workshop submission is provided as Attachment B. The applicant is proposing a variety of dwelling unit types including: 75 apartment units with one bedroom or one bedroom plus den ranging in size from 45.6 m 2 (491 ft2) to 75.3 m 2 (81 ft2). 205 apartment units with two bedrooms or more ranging in size from 68 m 2 (732 ft2) to 150 m 2 (1,615 ft2). 14 townhouse units with two bedrooms plus den and three bedrooms ranging in size from 101 m 2 (1,087 ft2) to m 2 (1,629 ft2). To proceed with the subject proposal, an Official Community Plan amendment, rezoning, road closure, development variance permit, development permit and subdivision (lot consolidation) are required.

3 City of Delta Community Planning & Development Subject: Council Workshop for the 75A Avenue High Rise Proposal Page 2 of 3 File No: LU Community Amenity The applicant is proposing to provide the m 2 (2,951 ft2) child care facility, adjacent outdoor play area and associated parking spaces to the City of Delta as a community amenity contribution. Additionally, the applicant would provide a cash contribution towards tenant improvements and either construction of the outdoor play area or a cash contribution. A memorandum of understanding has been drafted that would be signed by the owners prior to Council's consideration of the first and second readings of the application bylaws. Public Consultation Summary Two public information meetings were held on September 21 and November 29,2017. Both meetings were well attended and staff have received 171 comment sheets or s to date. The majority of the correspondence received is in opposition to the proposal based on traffic impacts, inconsistency with the Official Community Plan, height and density. Additionally, a 560-name petition in support and a 1,004-name petition in opposition have been received. A letter has been sent to residents within the notification area (Attachment A) advising that the application, which has been on hold at the applicant's request since May 2018, is now active. The project webpage ( has also been updated to reflect the current status. Committee Review Summary Community Planning Advisory Committee: The Community Planning Advisory Committee reviewed this application on February 1, Committee members expressed the following concerns: e The 35-storey proposal is overbuilt and out of scale with the surrounding context. e The proposal is too high and too dense. e The project is well designed, but is in the wrong location. The Delta Rise project is in a better location. t There is a discrepancy between what is allowed in the Official Community Plan and what is being proposed. The proposal is unfair to neighbouring residents who originally bought a home in the area based on the current land use designation outlined in the Official Community Plan.

4 City of Delta Community Planning & Development Subject: Council Workshop for the 75A Avenue High Rise Proposal Page 3 of 3 File No: LU Some Committee members expressed their support for the application being presented to Council for consideration and referred to a Public Hearing in order that community members be given an opportunity to go on the record. However, the motion to support the application was defeated on a tie vote. Advisory Design Panel: This application was reviewed by the Advisory Design Panel on February 22,2018. The Panel recommended resubmission of a revised design to address their comments and concerns including the following items: a more active link between the two lobbies, refinements to the daycare, improved access from parking to commercial, day care and public areas, provision of cross sections through the public realm, more pedestrian-friendly public realm design and provision of more details on proposed rain gardens. The Advisory Design Panel reviewed a revised design at their April 26, 2018 meeting. The Panel recommended approval of the resubmission and commended the applicant for the quality of the proposal. nvest in Delta Mayor's Standing Committee: This application was received for information by the nvest in Delta Mayor's Standing Committee at their meeting on April 17,2018. Next Steps An updated traffic impact study is required prior to the proposal proceeding to Council for consideration of the application bylaws. t is anticipated that a revised traffic study will be received in the next few weeks. Subject to any comments received at the Council Workshop, this application would proceed to Council for consideration of first and second readings in late January Should Council refer the application to a Public Hearing, staff would coordinate with Council to schedule a separate Public Hearing date for this project in North Delta. Marcy San t Director of Community Planning & Development TM/ph Attachments: A. Location Map B. Applicant's Workshop Submission Package g:\current development\lu files\lu008\lu008315\council\dec council workshop.docx, Wednesday, December 12, 2018,12:11:37 PM

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