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1 Clues Clues Clues Clues American Historical Society Of Germans from Russia 2016 Edition


3 Clues CONTENTS Surname Exchange Introduction... 1 Surname Exchange Section I... 3 Surname Exchange Section II AHSGR Village Coordinators U.S. Draft Records Instructions for Submitting GEDCOM files to AHSGR Database Immigrants from Odenwald, Germany, to Russia in Argentina Index/Clues of Germans from Russia Additional Articles Published by American Historical Society of Germans from Russia 631 D Street Lincoln, Nebraska Phone Edition Copyright 2016 American Historical Society of Germans from Russian. All rights reserved. ISSN


5 The Surname Exchange Introduction The Surname Exchange is a research tool enabling AHSGR members who are researching similar names to engage in correspondence that can prove mutually beneficial. The Surname Exchange is published every two or three years according to a calendar set by the Board of Directors Description The Surname Exchange is composed of two parts: SECTION I contains names currently being researched, and SECTION II contains names and contact information of researchers. SECTION II does not represent the entire AHSGR membership only current AHSGR members who have expressed an interest in research and a willingness to share information that includes Ancestral Charts, beginning with the member for those lines of a parent or ancestor born in Russia, and Family Group Sheets. SECTION I of the Surname Exchange lists surnames being researched by members. Each surname is followed by one or more index keys, or Surname Exchange Numbers (SENs). The identities, addresses, and ancestral villages of the researchers who were assigned to each index key are found in SECTION II. For example, the surname ZITTERKOPF in SECTION I is followed by the index keys B526, W078, Z005, Z030, and Z075. In SECTION II after the index key Z005, one finds Dennis Zitterkopf with his mail and addresses and villages. Continue this procedure for the other index keys following the surname. The addresses of AHSGR members are listed after the mailing address. If you have an address that is not listed in SECTION II, send it to with the heading member address. Contacting Members The purpose of the Surname Exchange is to enable a free exchange of information, member-tomember, thus enabling those truly interested in recording their family or village history to gather as much information as possible. When you have identified others who are researching the same surnames you are researching, you may contact them. If you contact them by mail, it is helpful to include information about the family you are researching and a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE). If you are writing to an address in another country, send a self-addressed envelope and two or three international reply coupons (IRC), which may be obtained from the post office. The recipient will then exchange these international coupons for the appropriate stamps of his/her country. Citizens of other countries cannot use postal stamps of your country when mailing a letter from their country. Once you have received a reply to your letter or message of inquiry, it is customary to send a note of thanks to the sender and offer reimbursement of any charges incurred by the sender. We encourage members to respond to all s and letters of inquiry. Even if you do not have information for the person who has sent you an inquiry, a response is helpful. Often a dead end is just as informative as a good lead to genealogy researchers. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

6 If you are currently listed in the Surname Exchange and do not want to be contacted by other researchers, contact AHSGR to advise that you wish to be deleted from the Surname Exchange. Becoming Listed in the Surname Exchange You will not find your name in this Surname Exchange if you are not a current member and have not sent us a complete set of the three required forms: Membership Data Form, Ancestral Chart and Family Group Chart. These forms are sent to all members when they join AHSGR. If you cannot find these forms, we will supply you with a new set. These forms may also be printed from AHSGR s web site at Send all three completed forms to AHSGR Headquarters in Lincoln, Nebraska. This is not the responsibility of the chairperson of your chapter genealogy committee. If you use genealogy software, you may submit a GEDCOM file of your information in place of the Family Group Chart and Ancestral Chart forms. Instructions on submitting data compatible with AHSGR s database appear on the AHSGR website at and in this issue of Clues. The intent of the surnames listed in Clues is to include only ancestors born in Russia including married names of women born in Russia and ancestors from Prussia who established residence in Russia. Since space is limited, we will publish up to 32 surnames per person. If you are not listed in this edition and wish to be included in the next Surname Exchange, submit the completed genealogy forms. If listed in this Surname Exchange, you do not need to resubmit the forms. Updates As you continue your research and discover more details about your family lines, you may update the information you have previously submitted to AHSGR at any time. 1. Submit hard copies of the forms (Ancestral Charts and Family Group Charts) provided in the New Member Packets (additional copies may be obtained from AHSGR). 2. Submit hard copies of the forms you print out from your own genealogy database (please be sure the format is similar to AHSGR s forms). 3. Submit a GEDCOM update on a CD or DVD in place of hard copies of the Ancestor Charts and Family Group Charts. Refer to your genealogy software manual for information on producing a GEDCOM file. If using PAF 5 you may refer to this issue of Clues for more detailed directions. When submitting updated forms, write UPDATE and your Surname Exchange Number (SEN) on each form, preferably in red ink. Please note this information on the GEDCOM media. To add names and villages to an update listed in the Surname Exchange, we must receive a hard copy of an Ancestral Chart, with your name in the #1 position, showing the direct relationship of those surnames and/or villages to you. This ensures that we have correct documentation. You may only update forms that you have submitted. AHSGR does not change information on other member s forms without their written consent. Contact AHSGR Headquarters if you have questions or concerns about the Surname Exchange. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

7 A Aab,D125, Aabe,G475 Abel,S119 Aberle,F462 Abert,S233 Abrahams,R197,S601 Achziger,H477,W213 Ackerman,G086 Ackermann,R192 Ackerrman,H525 Adam,N126,S806 Adams,H436,K229,M224,M280, Z052 Adler,E036,E094,K606 Adolf,A076,K082 Adolpf,W098 Adolph,S637 Agazius,T178 Ahl,F052,P166 Albert,L112,M491,S282 Albrandt,D131 Albrecht,C027,D133,M160 Alendorf,B715 Allerdings,W186 Alles,A150,H087,H477,R234, W312 Alexander,H597,R597 Alt,S015 Altenhoff,K277 Altergott,A017,C151,D101, G412,L098,S397,W114, W481 Aman,B720,F052 Amen,A018,B011,G221,H164, W018,W312 Amen(d),A123,D131,M712 Amend,E003,K092,S800 Amendt,L059 Anchupz,M225 Anderson,A009,H688 Andreas,K148 Anhalt,A157 Anschutz,B496,C073,G264, L508,T125 Anton,D441,F462 Anselm,S517 Appelhans,D210,K012,K440, W285 Appelhant,L049 Appelhanz,A108,B483,G269 Appelhanz(s),A003 Arnbruster,G320 Arndt, D484,H299,J030,L238, S828,W114 Arnhold,H492 Arttle,E018 Artzer,A003,A108,B483 Aschenbrenner,B482,V018 Ashler,K536 Asmus,K315,T099 Asselborn,K159 Auker,A047 Aul,A092,S1352 B Bach,B446, M813 Bacher,R066 Bader,R531 Bador,M722 Baelder,F107 Baer,E056,K287 Baergen,W211 Baerns,W336 Bafus,B214,H871,S588 Bahl,R183,S292 Bahn,K082 Bahrd,D053 Baier,M424 Bajohr,R324 Baker,D189 Balaban,G371 Baldzer,M332 Baltzer,M332 Balxer,R035 Bamesberger,S619 Bandenberg,N064 Bangert,C228,M129 Banquert,C033 Barber,C147 Barbie,K536 Barnes,B397 Barns,W336 Barrath,H115 Bartel,Z005 Bartels,S819 Barth,B506,D053,F224,R390 Barthlay,P019 Bartholoma,M409 Bartholomous,M409 Barthomoleu,H477 Barthuly,B269 Bartolomay,M491 Basgal,K440,S825,K012 Basgall,B715,K146 Bast,G229 Bastron,J071,N126 Bastrum(om),K224 Bath,B537,M131,R378,Z064 Batt,C228,F224,H599,L047,S828 Batty,R024 Batzer,N104 Baude,W313 Bauder,S918 Bauer,A123,B038,B441,B482, B489,B652,D111,G378, H243,H262,H503,H894, J116,K092,K536,L158,R192, R228,R431,S569,S800, S1150 Baum,C052,F224,M712 Baumann,R192 Baumbach,D430,H388 Baumung,J071 Baus,P166 Bausch,S1077 Bautz,P112 Bea,K287 Beach,B406 Beahm,B379 Beall,B161 Beargen,H181 Bebler,T130 Becht(h)old(t),B469 Bechthold,D430,L012,S629 Bechtholdt,B892 Bechtold,B892,D053 Beck,A117,D179,H090,K606, M421,M424,R037,W114, W779 Becker,A047,B077,B167,B507, B536,B768,F046,G026, H087,K056,K173,K287,K463, L233,M813,P155,R054, R323,S397,S672,S750,S814, S1162,W326,W407,W722 Becket,U003 Beckner,Q005 Befort,B489,B609,R380,T130 Befus,M342,R261,S569,W728 Beg,F010 Behm,B441,B785,L497, M093,R258 Behnke,J030 Beiber,M060 Beierle,D231,F010,U003 Beilman,H517 Beisel,B283,H459,W236 Beitz,W114 Bekel,M421 Bellendir,B917 Bellinder,B483 Beltz,B478,H250,K056,N014, P217 Belz,B483,R061 Bender,B038,B496,G182,K054, K247,M409,M225,R024, S569,S860,S1075 Bendewald,P277 Bending,H525 Bendulin,K506 Bendzulla,K506 Bengert,R431 Benne,B532 Benner,B532,L132,M021,M421, O074,P098,S588,W386 Benson,A092,B504 Bentz,D112 Benz,H122 Benzel,D224,E221,G234,H477, K180,M015,M160,P098, S700 Benzil,S302 Beratz,P200,S765 Beren,E018,H435 Berg,B715,D210,K382 Bergen,H181,J042,L247 Berger,G265,H405 Bergman/n, F363,R408 Bergthold,F363 Berndt,B785,Z025 Bernhard,W448 Bernhardt,B441,C356,C359, D462,K224,L259,M405, S872,V071 Berreth,U003 Berschaer,M160 Berschauer,G169,M225 Bertram,H503 Bertsch,K612 Bettger,W779 Bertze,F164 Betz,C356,H436,H931 Beyl,L211 Bezo,H545 Bich,P219 Bicker,D230 Bieber,B483,K506,L049 Biegler,M419 Bieker,E075,H479 Bier,L238,R287 Bierig,B450 Bigner,Q005 Bill,G320 Billinger,B431,B489,R183 Billman,H469 Bingham,B116 Bingly,H525 Bippus,B116 Bischel,D201 Bischke,M539 Bisterfeldt,T089,W236 Bitsch,B038,B406 Bitter,B006,B123,B400,B509, B637,D293,H102 Bittner,M813 Blasius,W104 Blatz,K440 Blehm,B334,D435,P329,S819 Bleich,M372 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

8 Blem,D435 Blind,F462 Blinde,F462 Blindt,F462 Blitz,B500 Block,B118,B166,F363 Blotzke,B608 Blum,B166,C039,D435,K317, L251,P166 Blumenschein,R280 Blunderfield,R311 Boam,B003 Bobbelheim,T090 Bobermin,H042,N126,W497 Bock,B756 Boegel,M421 Boehler,G086,G182,S285,S517 Boehm,B379,B483,B785,R440 Boekel,M421 Boell,D186 Boes,J097 Boese,F140,H356,H630 Bodke,M409 Boger,D186,E159 Bohl,BL,H341,W078 Bohlender,B768 Böhm,B379,B785 Bohn,B233,I022,P360 Bohnert,S761 Bohnet,L174 Boitz,K119 Boll,L036 Bollander,G229 Bomersine,A065 Bommersein,A065 Bongert,C228 Bonner,B269 Bonnet,D112 Boos,B903 Borgardt,C151,H041,L098 Borgart,B289 Borgens,B791,W003,W213 Borger,G478,H459,M405,S872 Bornn,J042,M813 Borth,S251 Bosch,L211 Bosgal,K440 Boss,R423 Bostrom,B537 Bostrom(n),W386 Bott,B537,G234,H186,H262, H356,H630,P155,R139 Botter,W779 Bottz,R305 Boturous,M421 Bousche,M021 Bower,F164 Boxberger,C168 Boxler,H630 Boyd,B238 Brack,O131,R037 Brandt,C266,F359 Brase,K248 Brauer,S1162 Braun,B431,B489,B493,M813, J010,P112,R440,S545,S765, V022,W386,W722 Brautigam,D201,O047 Brauwn,S1432 Brehm,A018,B066,B167,B357, B537,H186,K229,N012, P155,P166,P257,R287, W466,W576 Breim,S1162,W312 Breiner,S517 Breit,B404,B715 Breitkreuz,E040 Breitling,K082 Breitmeier,B077 Brening,W003 Brenning,H545 Brethauar,G371,A117 Brethauer,B283,G371,W236 Brethour,W236 Bretthauer,G371,R234,S095 Bretz,B483,M442 Bretzer,D240 Breuning,G026 Brickman,M251 Bridegam,D201 Brill,B157,R234,R287,W448, W576 Brinkman,H350 Brinster,S1121 Broeckel,B123,D053 Broll,B483 Brost,B516,H489 Broteel,S1502 Brott,B310,H188 Brotzman,B899 Brotzmann,H459, Brown,M813,S1432,W386, W722 Brug,I023,S648,Y021 Bruhan,M331 Bruhn,W443 Brull,D230,R311,R380,T130 Brumgardt,S269 Brun,F224,W448 Brungardt,B442,B489,B606, H887,M357,R183,R311, R378,S622,W018 Brunner,H890,S872 Bruntz,P195 Brusch,L336 Buchholz,D016 Buckengerger,L174 Buckhammer,M496 Buckner,Q005 Buecher,G165 Buehler,M712 Bujer,O091 Buller,H762 Bullinger,H485 Burbach,D435,F010,H965,S150, S133,S308,W094,W466 Burg,G165 Burgemeister,B608 Burgess,G165 Burghardt,H090,H341,R440 Burk,B168 Burkart,H090 Burkhardt,E042 Burtsch,S732 Burwald,P112 Busch,B379,C033,H294,H474, L269,R287 Buschel,R287 Bushel,H294 Busik,K119 Butherus,P098,R044 Butts,H262 Butz,E125,L241,W312 Buxman,W294,C143 C Carpenter,W203 Chase,P217 Chicky,C122 Christman,K082 Chumf,M496 Cichy,C122 Claus,C129 Clauser,H367 Clauss,C129 Coates,C214 Coffmann,C147 Conrad,P112,S545 Constantz,L238 Cook,C062,K180 Cornelsen,H762 Croissant,H515,W294 Cuelsch,M813 D Dachtler,H320 Dahl,V018 Dahleimier,M813 Dahlinger,F208,K056,L497,R258 Daiker,W481 Dalke,N143 Damaschke,K154 Dahmer,B507 Damm,S1438 Dandorfer,S616 Danner,C446 Daubert,W236 David,D111 Davison,B511,D127 Deaser,G054 DeBox,W203 Debus,D219,P217 Dechant,B397,B493,D366,P200 Decker,K056 Deckert,H124,K463 Deering,J095 Defehr,J042 Deganau,R287 Degen,F049 Degenhardt,B483,K440,S825 Deghand,P200 Degraf,J019 Dehling,N126 Deibert,G026 Deiner,S006 Deines,A009,D044,D218,D354, H437,K365,L497,M160, P030,R024,R258,S648 Deiter,H316 Dekert,L086 Dell,B532,B720,H388,H899 Dellos,D201,R287 Demm,S037 Demmer,S037 Denges,C014 Denning,M813,R380 Denner,W548 Derheim,D112 Dering,K467 Derksen,P112,P212,S545 Dermer,B310 Derr,B118,B161,V053,W498, Z046 Derring,K331 deschreiner,b482 Detter,M415 Detterer,S397 Deubert,G026 Deutsch,G478 Deutschmann,F359 Dewald,L211,M331 Dick,F237,H356,H630,J140, P112,S545,S564 Diebert,H446 Diede,S794 Diegel,R192 Diehl,B508,L258,P211,S1375 Diel,K148,W371 Diener,A092,D481 Dienes,R388 Dieno,N010 Dies,M411 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

9 Dieser,G054 Diesing,L435 Dietel,C189 Dietrich,C033,D125,R423 Dietz,B118,D218,G257,H186, M160,N169,S144 Dietzel,F362 Dilgar,S691 Dillie,K012 Dillje,B483 Dillman,B899,D366 Diner,S314 Dines,H392 Dingel,W779 Dinges,C027 Dinkel,B442,K159,S269,W77 Dinkelacher,S846 Dippel,D222,S037 Distal,G269 Distel,K536 Dittel,T089 Dittenber,M015 Dittenbur,H521 Ditter,J071,K365 Dittus,P053,W497 Doan,L134 Dobler,E094,P277 Dockter,D112,E126,H048 Doe(h)ring,K331 Doerfler,B493 Doering,S807 Doerr,S269,S282 Doetzel,K012 Dohn,L134 Dolberg,D009,D162 Doleski,B166 Doll,W256 Dome,R341 Dones,B537 Donhof,K247 Donis,B066,E125,G191,G320 Donnerstag,L251 Doos,D186 Dopkus,C147 Doring,K606 Dorn,A117,D101,H525,W236, W416 Dornes,D170 Dörr,B652 Dorsch,H459,M496 Dosch,S1346 Dotzlaf,S037 Draeger,C214,E040 Drafs,J030 Dreher,D230,H357,S825 Dreiling,B493,M178,M813, R183,S622,W283,W722 Dreilly,S269 Dreith,D170,G191,H405,L023, L241,M242,R583,S634, W312 Dreling,M357,W722 Drescher,D210 Dreuth,R583 Drews,J030,P112 Drieth,H405 Drueger,T068 Dueck,F237,P112,R197,S545 Dukart,D441 Dumler,D435,M235,S690 Dupper,D231 Durban,D280 Dutenhoeffer,S1346 Dutt,P190 Duxberg,S422 Dyck,F363,J140,P112,S545 E Ebel,H459 Ebelher,G112 Eberhard,S619 Eberhardt,E126,K224,M541 Eberhart,C039 Eberle,E075,F462 Eberlein,C146 Ebert,N169,S233,W275 Eboisz,B038 Eckhard,B413 Eckhardt,B791,F479,G264, M418,S095,W548 Eckart,B489,G264 Eckerdt,K221,L036,L315,M093 Eckert,B688,K328 Eckes,A108 Eckhardt,B484,E036,J071, R596,V071 Eckhart,E094,H421,K382 Eckhiem,M411 Eckner,W312 Ediger,W211 Ednerschtan,K536 Efski,G268 Ehli,M424 Ehmann,M332,S1193 Ehoff,D232 Ehresmann,B404 Ehrhart,H459 Ehrlich,B289,B334,B398,B496, L047,M406,M320,S819 Ehrman,E126 Ehrusz,B038 Eichhorn,B899,E125 Eichman,B334,M496 Eichmann,M235 Eifert,R298 Eigenheim,B077 Eirick,H243 Eisemann,R192 Eisenach,D354,S652 Eisenbach,D280 Eisenann,R192 Eisenbeiss,K612 Eisener,L238 Eisenkirch,W182 Eisich,F010 Eisinger,S285 Eissenger,L291 Eitel,H294,J077 Eitelman,R600 Eitemuller,S732 Eizelmann,R600 Ekhard(t),F164 Ekins,B537 Ekkert,M093 Eley,F462 Elis,D117 Elli,F462 Ellinberger,D224 Ells,E003, Ellwein,E056 Elrick,H243 Els,E042 Elsenbach,D280 Emich,E225 Enders,F079 Endes,S325 Endton,F462 Engel,B500,E042,F217,K092, M409,Q009 Engelman,B256,M364 Engelmann,H599 Engleman,M111 Englemann,R155 Enns,E159,J140, R035,S564 Entzi,M306 Epp,E113,F140,R197 Eppinger,M722 Erbele,F462,K082 Erbert,W275 Erbes,B441,D354,E138,S397 Erdle,E018 Erdmann, K387 Erlich,F224,H096 Erlick,M779 Ernst,B483,W098,W236 Ertle,E018,H435 Eschebrenner,F164 Eschenbrenner,B484 Esenger,M236 Esslinger,B038 Etzel,Q009 Eurich,B441,C151, H041, M267,M407,S688 Eusel,S233 Everettson,H436 Ewert,P112 Ezenfer,M236 F Faber S126 Faas,M424 Fabricius,F147 Fabrizio,W283 Fabrizius,D218,M160 Fachs,B123 Fahr(e)nbruch,D177 Fahrenbruch,B756,C189,D224, F164,G257,K009,K387,L036, L315,M418,S221,V053, W213 Farenbruch,M418 Falkenstein,F360,K146,K536 Faller,B489,H492,R311,S577 Fannanstiel,M242 Fass,M424,S327 Fasse,M424 Fasz,S327 Faust,B166,B441,N067,R423, W203 Fauth,K397 Fazius,R287 Fears,H181 Fech,H168,K247 Feddick,B168 Fehler,W336 Fehr,U003 Fehrer,S718 Feickert,D112 Feierstein,W466 Feil,F140,M411 Fein,L012,S629 Feist,L107 Feit,B483,H314,S819 Felde,J116 Felde(r),A092 Feldman,G169 Felk(n)er,L132 Felker,B511,K289 Felker,P019 Felsing,H041,H294,R156,W495 Felte,H314 Fendel,K247 Fenrich,L107 Fenzlein,M539 Fertig,H439,B168 Fettig,B168 Feucht,S619 Feuerstein,F441,W466,Y007, W466 Fibick,P281 Ficks,S850 Fider,H525 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

10 Fiebig,D435,P281 Fiedler,F217 Filer,J066 Fink,D435,F209,K387 Fischbuch,F049 Fischer,C147,D112,G229,K146, M424,S064,S517,S810, W104,W203,W285,W691 Fisher,B715,S667,W203 Flach,D201,R287 Flack,R287,D201,P217 Flath,S911 Fleck,L297 Flegel,F010 Flegler,C228 Flitter,K154 Flittner,C189 Flohr,H439,K296,S150 Floth,S911 Fode,F107,H042,K082 Folk,F196, Folwerk,J097 Folz,D125 Foos,F096,H477,R024,R258, T198,W133 Forchert,M539 Forster,G485 Forkel,H577 Foth,F046,F363 Fox,D362,F251,H250,M015, M262,N169,S757 France,M357 Frank,A003,B231,F029,F223, G320,H980,K012,K440, K536,M160,M262,M813, R258,R431,S690,S872,T130, W139, W204,W285 Franz,R287,V044 Frasch,E056 Freehling,S634 Freese,N126 Frei,S251 Freier,M424 Freihaute,S616 Freisorger,B506 Freisz,S175 Frey,H200,H324 Frick,C174,D127,H470,L086, R088,R156,S135 Fricke,R388 Frickel,C122,C168,F223,L057, M160,S690,W133 Fricklel,G320 Friebus,C073,G264 Friebus,T089 Friedenberg,E040 Friederick,S517 Friedrich,B508,K082,O091 Friehe,H294 Fries,B066,L023,R390,S1162, S1162,W312 Fries(e),H545 Friesen,C171,F140,F237,P112, S601,S691,W312 Fritz,B309,M113 Fritzler,C110,C319,D131,F196, F200,G195,H459,H931, L153,P166,R024, S690,T090 Froehmueller,C165 Froeming,M165 Froemmerich,S707 Fromm,F208,K082,M442,N104, P211,S819,W203 Froschauser,R280 Froscheiser,W312 Frosheiser,D240 Frosschhauser,H421 Fruchtenicht,F359 Fruck,S175 Frueauf,R066 Fruechting,F359,S545 Fruehauf,K317 Fruehling,H381 Frychel,L336 Fuchs,D111,D233,D362,F251, F441,K146,K536,L315, M262,M712,R335,S329, S406,S569,V071 Fuehrer,G443,S511 Fueller,B903 Fuhrer,S511 Fuhrman,W294 Fults,C134 Fultz,C134 Funckner,K148 Fundrau,R380,T130 Funk,B496,F362,R390,L505, K506,N126 Funkner,B003,L238 Fuss,L315,V071 G Gabel,B903,G279,H401,H477, S1352,S700,G378,H087, W576 Gackle,P053 Gaiewski,K506 Gall,K154 Galliart,S064 Gallinger,R272 Ganshorn,W078 Ganz,H503 Ganzhorn,W078 Ganzke,N126 Gareis,B483,G265,G277 Gargis,R272 Gartner,D112,F360 Gass,G278 Gassman,B397,G244 Gatschmet,R311 Gaub,P190 Gauss,G026 Gebhart,S619 Gefre,B168 Geibelhaus,P166 Geibler,R311 Geier,D366,H871,K328,K612, M245,W133 Geiger,G112 Geigle,H525,N085 Geis,B166,L158,M263 Geisick,E122,H350 Geisinger,S031 Geisner,B917 Geiss,S806 Geist,B442,G187,K082,R234 Gellner,N012 Gemar,S517 Georg,F010,S1162 George,R600 Gerber,B442,L336,M813,S269, W722 Gerbrand,W211 Gering,G217 Geringer,A203,B123 Gerk,G054 Gerlach,B688,B899,S814 Gerlack,B511 Gerlinsky,H534 Gerlitz,L435,S037 Gerner,C198 Gersch,H299 Gerstner,H401,K159,T092 Gertie,W285,G269 Gertner,H435 Gertz,C171 Geschafske,M112 Gessele,G165 Gette,E223,G102,K308 Gettman,D127,H421,H479,L036 S095,S621,W213,W416 Gideon,G169,M160 Giebelhaus,S308,S589,S1118 Giebrecht,R164 Gies,A150,D232,R121,H186, H521,M491,P233 Giesbrecht,B166,J140,R164 Giese,L336 Giesick,P233 Giesik,Z088 Giessel,G250 Gill,G112 Gillig,F096,H931,R024 Gimbel,C071 Ginder,H421 Ginther,H350,H459,S221,W386 Girshewski,M112 Giskie,P195 Glaman,H341 Glander,G326 Glantz,E003,H492,L227,L290, P166 Glass,L153 Glanz,F010,L153 Gleim,B003,G026,K148,W480 Glied,P112 Gniess,F096 Gobel,D435,R440 Goebel,G378,L238 Göebel,W576 Goehing,K082 Goehring,C071,G182,R054 Goeringer,A203,H446,K148 Goerzen,B166 Goessele,G165 Goette,S134 Goettrann,K365 Goetz,H048,K119,T130,W496, W722,W728 Golka,G177 Gomer,C033,G257,L012,R088, S629 Goossen,J140,S601 Goring,H124 Gorlitz,L435 Gorr,C151,D446,H041,P150, R202 Gorte,R570,S810 Goslin,C129 Goss,D053 Gossen,P216 Gossman,L508 Gotte,T092 Gottlieb,S285 Gottmann,L315 Gottschalk,S911 Gotzfried,P210 Grab,H357 Graber,H124 Grade,G326 Gradwohl,B231,F029 Graeb,C214 Graefer,C214 Graf,D112,H096,H479,P276, S622,S1383,Graff,B413, K296,L264,M280,M405, M320,P276 Gramita,K154 Gramm,E040,G182 Grasmick,B123,S780,W218 Grass,B398,N092,S333,S1429 Grassmick,G026 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

11 Grau,C073 Grauberger,B465,M111,M364 Green,L247,L264,S135 Greenawald,R531,R531 Greenemeier,G191 Greenwald,G262,H294,H525, R531,W098,W312 Greenmyer,N167 Greif,B283,W236 Greilig,W003 Greim,C147 Greinemeier,M242 Gren,P190 Grenke,H326 Grening,K009 Gretje,G269 Grentz,K387 Grenz, G229,K154 Gress,H081 Grienemier,M242 Griesman,A092 Griess,G086,G136,G443, H516,S517,U003,W779 Grischkowski,F462 Gritzfeld,H459 Grochwoalsky,F462 Groff,R311 Groh,G195,L153,S150 Groskopf,Z064 Grosmeck,G026 Gross,B493,G234,H357,K612, R506,R617 W149 Gross(z),W497 Grosshans,B038,G136 Grosskopf,G279,H064, M280,R054 Grotz,G086,S517 Grove,P030 Grubel,M418 Gruen,S233 Grueneberg,K506 Grünemeier,B107 Gruenemeier,L241,N167 Gruenewald,R531 Gruenwald,H887,W213 Grun,B166,H262,L247 Grune,D101 Grunemaier,S1383 Grunewald,H525 Grunwald,R531 Guenther,H421,R311 Guenthner,E056,M746 Gunsch,M424 Gunther,B444 Gust,P075 Gustin,G485 Gutekunst,S1193 Gutmann,S095 Guth,H388 Gutsche,B608,G113 Gutzeit,L291 H Haag,A157 Haas,D218,G278,H200,H283, H324,J097,M160,O036, P166 Haase,W497 Haberer,S707 Haberkorn,E018,H401,H435 Haberman,C134,G443, H164,H630,Z047 Haberman(n),H356 Habermann,B500,K287 Habig,B483 Haefner,P200 Haeuser,F010 Haffner,F224,S819 Hafner,B917,F147,H316 Hagen,P112,S691,V018 Hagmann,A157 Hahm,S1383 Hahn,B167,G264,J095,K082, P155,S308,V018 Hamberger,H496 Hambuch,B123 Hamburg,M491 Hamburger,B166,D111,H055, L227,P098,V007 Hammer,H503,N097 Hanaman,H577 Hanchun,M095 Handel,M021,M113 Handhardt,H931 Handschuh,N097 Handwercker,B427 Hanhardt,H931 Hanneman,B465 Hannjeanes,D170 Hanschu,F224 Hansen,M357 Harbach,L336 Harder,J140 Harding,H316,J095,P166 Hardt,B500,H474,L297,P150, S690 Hardter,C168 Haring,M418,M320 Harms,Z005 Harnheld,S577 Harning,R380 Harres,S1383,S1438 Harris,S1438 Harrman,K082 Harsch,D179,S619 Hart, D009,S634 Harter,G264 Hartfiel,H299 Hartman(n),H899 Hartmann,B855,J116,L238, S126,S1435,W139 Hartung,H316,K365,H887, J095,W018 Hartwig,K247 Hasenauer,G265 Hasenhauer,B483 Haspert,H662 Hass,F140,G113 Hassllbach,E003 Hath,Z064 Hauck,P277 Hauer,S037 Hauerich,L086 Hauf,S732 Hauk,M419 Haun,G264,S788,S1087 Haunstein,P166 Haupt,M586 Hausch,D005 Hauser,L238 Haussauer,U003 Haux,P277 Haver,L336 Havers,S819 Heagle,S133 Heardt,W022 Hearst,G026 Heck,G112 Heer,D231,H087 Hefele,T099 Heffel,P030,H096,W236 Heffley,S794 Hefner,A003,B243,M128 Heft,G217,W133 Hegele,S133 Hehr,F107,F354 Hehsler,K331 Heibert,S564 Heid,G054,P190 Heidenreich,L275,T178 Heidt,B123,H534,S1075 Heier,F107,H320,J140 Heil,D484,R495,S031 Heilman,S269 Heim,H366 Heimann,M251 Heimbach,H896 Heimbichner,D177,E042,H350 Heimbigner,H599 Heimbuch,K247,L086,R315, R423,W218 Heimbuchner,R390 Hein,C189,E021,F164,H048, H192,H421,H599,H688, H894,H896,R069,R588, S006,T125,W166,Y032,Z064 Heinbook,H896 Heinbuck,R423 Heine,H320,M746,S1075 Heineman,J030 Heinitz,N097 Heinle,H446,L291,S285 Heinrich,H075,K119,R442,S785, S789,S802 Heinrich(s),C027 Heinrichs,H214,J042,S627 Heinrichsohn,G182 Heins,J095 Heintz,B398,J095,L188 Heinz,K659,N067,R156 Heinze,A123,D435 Heisel,B003 Heiser,G182 Heit,E223,G054,H401 Heite,P166 Heizenrader,W236 Heitzenrader,A065,W236 Heitzenreder,H350,W104 Heitzenreider,L259 Heitzman,H087 Heizenreder,W371 Held,G412,S233 Helfenbein,H304,W294 Helfenbine,O083 Helfer,S269 Hellmuth,K229 Helm,D117,L297 Helmer,D435 Helmuth,L134 Helzer,B066,B796,E003,G371, K180,P166,P329,Y007,Z046 Hemming,M112 Hemminger,L233 Hempel,S221 Hemple,H341 Hendricks,D223 Henke,D053,M112,N010 Henkel,F010,H895 Henne,D112,H122 Henry,S133,S785 Hensel,S175 Hepner,H102 Hepp,H479 Hepting,E159,H175 Herb,A157 Herbal,S794 Herbel,H096,M411,W420 Herber,M345 Herbst,E042 Herd,K247 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

12 Herder,H074 Herdt,B785,H477,H568,K173, R423 Hergenrader,H521,P378 Hergenraeder,M409 Hergenreder,W116 Hergerdt,S269 Hergert,B506,G278,H314,K289, R037,S696 Herget,W116 Herklotz,M178 Herl,T130 Herman,F205,H357,H477,K512, N092 Hermann,D293,S825 Hermony,S690 Herrfort,P112 Herring,B547 Herringer,M586 Herriot,M357 Herrman,H630 Herrmann,G250,H320,H444, N097,S1077 Herstein,H250,H294 Hert,B785,H087,H477 Herter,J077 Herth,H568 Hertz,D016 Herz,R431 Herzberg,S819 Herzog,B855,D232,H041,H243, H521,S084,S569,S819 Hessler,H492 Hetterle,S809 Hettig,B283 Hettinger,D149,N118,O018, R305 Hettich,U003 Heuke,H240 Heyd,S1075 Heydel,P190 Heyel,P019 Hiatt,S1075 Hieb,H124,N012 Hiebert,B166,H762,K463,M315 Hienz,K659 Hiepalm,G169 Hiev,D112 Hildbrand,S126 Hilderman,C033,N169 Hildermann,H459 Hiley,H652 Hilgenberg,G264,L508,T125 Hilgenburg,D101 Hill,B156,B256,B538,K606, O074,R044,S221,W104 Hiller,G113,W735 Hillmert,P112 Hills,R304 Hilmer,S819 Hilscher,W497 Hilt,B406,N092 Hilzenteger,B168 Himmelspach,D441 Hinger,H115 Hinkel,H392 Hins,H489 Hint(z),W201 Hinther,G412 Hirsch,H350,M424 Hirsche,B511 Hirschmann,F010 Hirstein,H294 Hitz,J071 Hixt,S308 Hizt,J071 Ho(e)nke,D053 Hoar,M196 Hoch,W104 Hochhalter,F217,K612 Hochstatter,S251 Hock,G206,R583 Hoefenieder,R287 Hoehn,S1193 Hoehnsellar,T127 Hoelzer,Y007 Hoersch,M424 Hoerth,H446 Hoff,A123,C110,E094,H192, H887,M357,S707,S750 Hoffard,M419 Hoffeneider,R287 Hoffenieder,R287 Hoffer,H048,P277 Hofferber,C356,G221,G257, H186,M415,S221,W416 Hofferder,W410 Hoffman,B238,B442,F052,G160, H250,H436,H479,H492, R121,R287,S1330 Hoffman(n),H489,S308 Hoffmann,B446,H283,H474, J010,S119 Hoffmeister,W186 Hoffmeyer,L336 Hofman,B537 Hofmann,G086,S517 Hohler,H577 Hohnstein,D044,H055,H262, H436,P166,R018,R066,S015, S672,S1118 Hohweiler,H459 Holdorf,W201 Holinka,H437 Holstein,H877,W094 Holzberger,N094 Holzer,R287,S761 Holzmann,W201 Holzwart,K154 Holzwarth,B406,G182,S511 Homan,N143 Homburg,R583 Hoover,S1075 Hopp,B791,G412,H503,N126, R370,S828,W114 Hoppe,H041 Horch,B006,M387,S1075 Horg,C014 Horleck,Z025 Horn,S637 Hornbacker,M320 Horning,H320 Hornung,M160,R024 Hors,G264 Horst,G026,G264,H081,H421, H514,H595,L297,M060, R431,S084,S788,U003 Howser,M372 Huber,B484,E056,G443,H366, H516,H590,L211,M746, S280,S707,S1075 Hubert,H048 Huck,B166,W078 Huddle,T143 Huebner,G326 Hueckstaedt,B756 Huenergardt,A045 Huess,C356 Huether,S251 Huff,B209 Hufman,L086 Huft,P190 Huhn,W779 Humbert,L336 Hume,H405 Hummel,D053,H048 Hun,G264 Hunger,M357 Hurst,D266 Hurtengraber,M813 Hust,H081,H164,H516,K564, U003,Z047 I Ickstadt,S126 Idler,H316 Idt,H074 Ilgner,P053 Ille,F462 Il(l)se,M418 Ils,E042 Ils(e),M421 Ingenthron,I022 Intemann,L188 Ipheffer,M160 Irion,F107 Isaak,L247 Isack,L336 Isinger,M236 Islinger,M418,W722 J Jacob,R341 Jacober,S619 Jacobs,G277,H447,J097,P360, R121,R183 Jacoby,D441,J041,P166,Q005 Jaeger,E167,N126,W495 Jahnke,P112 Jahraus,G182 Jakel,D441 Jakobs,R183 Jakoby,F010 Janke,J030,M746,P112 Jans,J122 Jansen,S601 Jantz,H181,J122,K196,M264, P112,S325,T196,Z005 Jantzen,K056 Janz,L247 Janzen,F046,F237,J042,R197, S545,S601 Jauk,G412 Jaworske,E021 Jebauer,K277 Jenner,M021 Jenning,S517 Jerge,D112 Jeschke,G217 Jeske,D016,G217 Jesse,G217 Jesser,H122,S325,W779 Joachim,K685 Johanner,C027 Johannes,C014,H521,K148, L134,R155,S789,S802 Johanson,H048 Johnce,D446 Jones,J049 Jordan,H545,M015,S696 Jorg,B688 Jorsch,M267 Jösser,J122 Jost,W372 Jundt,H577 Jung,B427,C143,F147,F200, H503,R035,W063,W757 Jungblut,G177 Junker,G229 Just,E003,H200,H324,W294 Justawitz,M251 Justus,W312 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

13 K Kaberlein,H447,R341 Kablanow,F359 Kabobel,P354 Kaeberlein,R341 Kafftan,P112 Kahler,F049,S015,S1383,S1438 Kahm,B507,C290,H243,P035, S569,S1383 Kaiser,B310,B480,C290,G221, H436,H459,H474,H590, K331,L238,M200,N164, S308,S569,S648,S671,S788, T090,W182,W285 Kaland,K088 Kaledo,C129 Kalmbach,B516,K082 Kaltenbrenner,W068 Kaltenburg,J095 Kambeitz,G112 Kamerzell,B892 Kammer,P200 Kammerer,K092 Kammerzell,C189,K387 Kammerzelt,G257 Kampbell,K333 Kampel,P197,R335 Kanzler,D224,I003,W213 Kapp,D112 Karber,W294 Karch,W104 Karg,H102,W104 Karle,S682,W104 Karlin,B442,R311 Karlla,W003 Karst,G412 Karsten,E159 Kauerleder,P190 Kauffman,H599 Kaufman,B917,D165,H074, K315,L086 Kaufmann,C189,M586 Kaul,W722 Kautz,G234,H965,L047,R305 Kautzman,W256 Kechter,H436 Keck,B509,M021 Kehm,H243,H896 Kehn,B413,L315 Kehren,S084 Keib(f),S610 Keihn,L315 Keil,B506,H470,L512,L188, T099,Z046 Keksel,T127 Kelch,G41 Kellen,H304 Keller,A092,A203,B399,D125, D201,H188,J105,K636,L238, P166,R423,S892,V050 Kelln,B917,H459,N085,N097, W203 Kembel,J105,K333 Kemmel,R024 Kempf,D101,K612,S442 Kemph,H041 Kerbel,B480,C189 Kerber,K119 Kerbs,C359,H890 Kerkel,A203 Kern,H606,K630,S133 Kerner,B418 Kersten,K506 Kerth,B404 Keske,G217 Keson,B077 Kessler,R246,S794 Kibler,K082 Kieffer,G086,U003 Kieler,O091 Kies,K308 Kiesner,H447 Kiesz,K092 Kilber,M746,W009 Kildow,B547 Kilthau,K331 Kimball,R335 Kimbel,K333 Kinderknecht,M357 Kindler,A157 Kinn,B507 Kindsfater,E122 Kindsfather,R201,Z005 Kindsvater,K382L269,S064,S664 King,K440 Kinney,M332 Kinsfather,S221 Kinsvater,S664 Kinzel,D484,R068,S126 Kipka,N094 Kippes,P360 Kipps,R183 Kirschbaum,U003 Kirschen,M014 Kirschenman,M014 Kirschner,A157 Kiselman,H294 Kiser,B446 Kishlie,W104 Kisling,K148,W341 Kisner,K146,L033,P360,R341, R440 Kisselmann,H250,M263 Kissler,C189,D462,G257,H515, K259,N126,S221,S809, S1087,W272 Kister,A117,R068 Kittler,W201 Klaassen,F140 Klam,G279 Klamm,N067,R440 Klass,P166 Klassen,H214,S627,W211 Klaus,B269,B493,E075,F010, H366,J097,K180,L336,R617, S664,S872 Klauser,H367 Kle(a)tt,M113 Klehman,H341 Klehmann,W133 Klein,B768,C189,F224,F354, F359,G221,H459,H974, K365,K564,L114,L211, M160,M635,P112,P195, R087,S156,S185,S511,S569, S850,S1075,W256,W497, Z025 Kleinbecker,H294 Klem,R177 Klemm,C129,J089 Klerhr,K331 Kleth,B077 Kletke,S378 Kletter,K287 Kleveno,D222 Kleweno,D222,L242 Kliewer,P112,R197,W211, W728,Z005,Z075 Klimach,H545 Kling,B269,H439,W236,W430 Klippeert,M421 Klippert,B538,M418,W236 Kllundt,S060 Kloberdanz,A108,K012,W139 Klooz,R054 Kloss,S872 Klotz,G165 Kluck,S280,Z025 Kluever,K443 Klug,B483 Knappen,K221 Knaub,B231,D189,F029,K467 Knaub(p),F381 Knaup,H064 Knaus,B269,B399,H459 Knell,K082 Kniess,W779 Knihs,S807 Knipple,W466 Knippelberg,C290 Kniss,M395,W779 Knittel,S732 Knizek,K119 Knobel,S517,S850 Knoepfle,D112 Knoll,B238,H974,R121,R183, S269,S422 Knopf,K054W104,W272,W448 Knopp,S037,W272,W448 Knorr,F052,K503 Knuppe,D127 Knur,P112 Knurr,K536 Koch,B465,C168,C356,D005, D201,D224,H459,H477, H599,H895,K180,K365, M712,P098,R054,S037, S750,S800,S806,T178,U003, U018,W203,W312,W495, W690,Z005,Z030 Koehler,B006,B482,C134,D111, D125,E036,E167,K287,S015, S589,S1383,S1438 Koehn,K463,M264,T196 Koelln,B399,N097,W203 Koenig,S060 Koerner,M348,R311 Koester,S819 Koffman,L281 Kogarodt,B157 Kohl,G140 Kohler,C134,D280,E167,O091, S1438 Kohlman,F360,H517,K536,S788 Kolb,A150,R423 Kombel,K333 Kondel,M457,S517 Konrad,K154,M442,N126 Konradie,B547 Konshuh,D117 Konstanz,R440 Kopec,L297 Koppel,S282 Korbmacher,T127 Korell,B500,M245 Koroch,G177 Korrel,W098 Koschel,R431 Kost,G086,G229,K092,S285 Kraemer,K440,W133,W139, W495 Kraft,B413,H590,K173,O073, R234,S691,S1162,S1346, W395 Krameg,S084 Kramer,C228,N104,S1346 Krampitz,F049 Kranzler,G182,H419 Krass,P217 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

14 Kraus,F260,G257,H459,K056, P257,S397,S422 Krausch,G026 Krause,C171,H341,M113,S037 Krauss,O018 Kraut,R024, Krautwurst,N010 Kreick,B688,K328,R201,W078, Z075 Kreiger,P166 Krein,D112,M635 Kreiter,S126 Kren(n)ing,B892 Krening,C356,H514 Krentz,N097 Kress,L241 Kreth,A065 Kretzschmer,K394 Kreutzer,D230,H357,K159 Krieck,B688,Z005,Z075 Kriedel,P210 Krieg,K397 Krieger,B899,H262,K254,K331, M541,N143,R298,S133, S308,W416 Krill,S585,W466 Kroeker,B166,F140,F237,L247, P112,S545,S601 Kroeger,P112 Kromm,K627,M539 Krone,B361 Kroneberger,K443 Kronevitter,B493 Kronewitter,M178 Kröning,K009 Kronwitt(er),D366 Krorn,D117 Kruckenberg,S707 Krueger,F359,K277,P112,R298, S517,S673 Krug,B379,C183,F209,M160, M457,W204 Kruger,H695,R298 Krum,S789,S809,W236 Krumm,A203,C129,S329 Kunkel,K463 Kruse,C146,S327 Kubatch,S700 Kuch,K082,P053 Kuehlthau,K331 Kuehn,E021 Kuenzel,S126 Kuest,K154 Kuestner,M722 Kuhleber,W104 Kuhler,O091 Kuhn,B166,B489,H357,H590, K159,L315,R183,S269,S308, S622,S806,W722 Kujak,B483 Kuk,C062 Kulthau,K331 Kuntsmann,J071 Kuntz,W256 Kunz,M746 Kunzmann,J071 Kupke,W497 Kupp,S156 Kurfeldt,F362 Kurle,K612 Kurtz,E028,F354,R177,S1075 Kurz,M014 Kusler,W415 Kuss,W735 Kuszmaul,P277 Kutscher,S1162 Kutter,B166 Kuxhaus,B480,K296 Kuxhausen,K296 L Lachenmaier,B038 Lachman,S1432 Lackman,S674 Lackmann,C228,S674 Ladner,S707 Laechelt,W497 Lahnert,U018 Laib,D430,K092 Laikam,C146 Lambke,C266 Lambrecht,G277,P360,R341 Landenberger,D112,E126 Landgraf,P281 Lane,L066 Lang,B442,C062,G217,H447, J071,L174,P098,P360 Langlitz,S037 Langmacher,S672 Lapp,H599 Latenslager,S569 Laubach,B166,B480,L461 Lauben,S872 Laubhan,F224,W063,W367 Laubhaun,W430 Lauck,H168,H405,L023,L241, M242,S828 Lauckman,C143 Lauer,K536,M232 Laumann,G102 Lautenschlager,C052,M113, S406,U018 Lautenschleger,L132 Lauthenschlager,H871,S037 Laux,P190 Lay,P219 Layher,M746 Leachman,S1432 Lebsack,D354,H188,K632,L059, L259,R037,R054 Lebseck,D111 Lebsock,B537,M418,S652 Lechman,G277,L049 Lechmann,B483,K440,K536 Lechner,E159 Leece,L057 Leetz,M112 Leffler,L259 Lefkev,B493 Lefler,L041,S1162 Lehl,L158 Lehman,S329,S672,S1429 Lehmann,K277,L114,R440,S280, S1077,W116 Lehr,F052,W003 Lei,Z030 Leichner,L287 Leicht,M442 Leider,S637 Leiferman,N067 Leikam,J089,R311,S333,S622, S672 Leiker,K512 Leikham,L211 Leinacker,S687 Leinweber,C052,L435,R261, S037,S569,W728 Leis,A157,L290 Leischner,H489 Leisle,L238 Leithold,M746 Lembke,C266 Lemke,M165 Lempke,S175 Lenhart,G235,R335,S135,W386 Leno,S285 Lentz,P233 Lenz,L057,I023 Leonhardt,B011,C189,C356, H064,N084,R390,T090, T092,W018,W386 Leopold,R440 Leppke,P112,P216,S545 Less,G217 Lesser,A065,B756,G257,H350, J089,W018 Lewis,L297 Libsack,H350,V071 Lich,C110,C129 Lichenwaldt,G475 Lichewald,G412 Lichner,F096 Lichtenberg,D232,H521 Lichtenfeld,K440 Lichtenwald,W116 Lichtner,G264 Lickam,J089 Lieb,J122,W779 Liebsack,J077,V071 Lietzman,R315 Lightfoot,F079 Lind,F096,L281,P166,P197 Lindegren,S585 Lindeman(n),H577 Linderschmitt,T178 Lindt,H474 Linger,K659 Linhal,C189 Link,S185 Linker,A150,E122,G278,K659, L112,R234 Linkert,K659 Linnaschmidt,M095 Linnenberger,S269 Lino,F440 Lippert,F052 Lipphardt,B899 Lipsack,S135 Lir,M392 Lis,L057 Litt,M718 Littke,J122,S325 Litz,R054 Litzenberger,D222,L103 Lobe,L336 Lobes,N126 Lobsack,V071,W018 Lochman,K173 Lochmann,F200 Lockmann,H459 Loeb,K287,L233 Loebsack,H421 Loeden,K463 Loeffler,F079 Loewen,G054,P112,R197,S545 Loff,H436 Lofing,K315,L036 Lofink,L315,S133 Loghry,L086 Lohrengel,G412 Lohrenz,J042 Lohrey,A203,P150 Long,W367,W430 Longhofer,R388 Loos,H262,M395,P378,R280 Loose,L281,W203 Lorei,R388 Lorenz,D484 Losing,S060 Lottigan,L033 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

15 Lowergrenz,R278 Luders,C266,U003 Lüttke,J122 Luft,F251,J077,K101,L132, M342,M712,R261,W236, W312 Luker,L047 Lundgren,H283 Lundgrun,L114 Lung,G026 Lust,D293,S037,S588 Luther,L287 Lutz,H525,K394,L036,L291, M112,M424,R192,T198 Lutzi,L269 Lutzin,S806 Lutzow,G156,L098 Lux,M813 M Maas,M014,R431 Macht,P084 Mack,M419 Maerz,M635 Magel,H168 Mageleit,J049 Mahler,B238 Mahs,K443 Mai,A009,C168,D218,H243, K247,M160,M225,M235, S064,S269,W350 Maier,A009,C165,D232,D435, E056,H577,M160,M225, S819 Major,G136,M236 Mandery,P210 Mandtler,L247 Manschau,B483 Mantei,G113 Marcus,B511 Margheim,Z052 Margraf,L297,M267,P150 Markus,A203,R202 Marquardt,M001 Martens,M405,R164,S691 Martin,B413,G268,H041,H314, H459,M224,M418,M320, M457,N104,N164,W094, W336,W481 Martinefski,R272 Martsen,M603 Marz,P210,R324 Martzen,M603 Marzolf,D112 Masch,E167 Maser,R155,S1383,S329,S802 Mashke,J030 Mastel,J066 Matdesan,S585 Matt,H316 Mattern,S031 Mattheis,H521,M424 Matthies,R202 Matz,B489,R311 Matza,B483,K440,W285 Mauch,D179,K154,K612 Mauer,K536,M813 Maul,B166,M320,M406,S1383 Maurer,H240,K012 Mauter,S1383 Max,K443 May,M411 May(i),G175 Mayer,F052,F107,H324,M111, M332,M364,R570,S1193 Mehl,M407 Mehlaf,C071,G136 Mehling,N097 Mehringer,K443 Meier,D165,D210,F224,H188, H200,H459,J066,K054,K333, L033,L241,M160,M235, M779,P200,S292,S622, S765,S819,S1369,U003, V053,W139, W203,W401 Meinhardt,S282 Meininger,M015,R228 Meisinger,B166,M263 Meisner,H590,H974,W430 Melcher,A117,W236 Melchior,S292 Menchinger,M112 Meng,B166, Mensinger,M112 Merk,D232,S672 Merkel,B006,K082,M442,M539, M712 Mermis,B493,E075,R121 Mertz,M267,P354,T130 Meske,M113 Messman,C147 Mettlar,L211 Mettler,C071,H124,M021 Metzler,D165,K331,R068,S682 Meyer,H652,L241,M113,M457, P354,S302,S634,S641,S819, U003 Meyers,D165 Michael,B406,M428,R335, W133 Michaelis,D218,M160,N202, P030,R024 Michel,B688,C228,D005,K328, K659,L047,M245,M280, M342,R335,S333,S761, W133 Michll,R335 Midenberger,R272 Mierau,J042 Mikel,K659 Milberger,G494,N084 Milden,G265 Mildenberger,G268,H662,R272 Mill, L241,W300 Miller,B238,B399,B892,C095, C151,C168,C228,E056,E122, G191,G264,H124,H168, H435,K154,K247,K606,L211, L508,M093,M128,M160, M196,M214,M225,M267, M280,M306,M419,M460, R139,R278,R440,R600,S006, S221,S397,S732,W371, W690,W734 Minch,H599 Minlbar,P166 Minow,G371 Miscal,H275 Mitchell,W341 Mittelstadt,M372 Mittelsteadt,A047 Mitzel,W407 Modzeleuskaya,D186 Moehrle,S1193 Moening,S819 Mogck,K154 Mohn,W294 Mohr,C052,H240,H887,L242, M325,S126,S133,S585,S780, S1077 Mohrlang,M131 Molko,H188 Moll,S517 Moller,F049 Monheiser,B917 Moor,B482,S870 Moore,C052,S780,S1077 Moos,R431 Morasch,S569,S588,S696,W728 Morast,W009 Morgenstern,T125 Moriarty,G160 Moritz,S1352 Morse,C014 Mosentine,K333 Moser,G112,R192 Mosmonn,D280 Mu(e)ller,K387 Mudel,D230 Muehlbeier,R431 Muehlberger,D494 Mueller,B269,B399,B404,B483, B489,C073,C095,C198,C228, C356,D053,D218,D232, D435,E056,F010,F200,G264, H081,H435,K082,K154, K287,K387,M196,M214, M225,M236,M267,M419, M722,N094,P219,R037, R121,R202,S037,S156, S1162,T125,W018,W104, W779 Muench,H599 Muenster,P155 Muesser,M813 Muhlbeier,S285 Mulbeier,Z064 Müller,M267 Muller,B892,E018,K387,M093, M160,R183,R311,W018, W690 Munsch,D230,M306,W415 Muntz,M262 Muth,G195,M460 Mutt,G195 Mutzenberger,M113 Myksol,H048 N Naas,D112 Naasz,G229 Nachtigal,W211 Nagel,B547,G086,P166,W094 Naibauer,P233 Nazaranus,M245 Nazarenus,W312 Neb,H405,O036 Nedel,R024 Neibauer,L211 Neiberger,S828 Neiderhaus,B688,K328 Neis,S794 Neiwerth,R054 Nelcher,H965 Nelson,N014,N097 Neppke,P053 Netsch,N064 Neu,M342 Neubauer,D224,F223,W426 Neuberger,H283,W312 Neufeld,C171,R164,W157, W211 Neuheim,K221 Neumann,S175,N012 Neuwirth,E233,H877 Nickel,F046,N035,W300,W341, Z005,Z075 Nicolausen,N017 Niebel,K154 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

16 Niebert,L297 Niedens,H534,R035 Niedenthal,N084 Niederhaus,D005,R088,S006, W078 Niederquell,N104,S082 Nieherdt,R423 Nieman,R440 Nies,Z025 Niessner,N010 Nikkel,F363 Nikolaisen,N017 Nikolaus,W201 Nill,N085 Nilmeier,B418 Nilsen,M603 Nitschke,N085 Nold,W182 Nolde,F441,P166 Nolte,K328 Nufer,G478,H931 Nuss,F224,H081,K173,L297 Nussbaum,J097 Nusske,G113 O Obenauer,G182 Obenlach,P210 Oberlander,H350,S850 Obert,H042 Oblander,H350,P329 Ochs,H931,O131,V018 Ochsner,S517,S850 O'Connor,L098 Ocshner,S517,W779 Oeding,C266 Oehlberg,O079 Oestrich,H439 Ohlberg,M409 Ohlibera,M409 O'Kazin,T178 Olding,C266 Oldt,W104 Olhauser,B768 Ollenburger,P112 Olson,M235 Ordner,M160 Ormsby,N118 Orth,S269 Ortmann,S622 Osborne,O074 Oschner,G136 Osmus,A017,K315 Oster,B768,K082,S850,W018 Osterhaus,B504 Ostermiller,W312 Ostermueller,P019 Ostwalt,T148 Ot,M112 Ott,D179,H931,M165,R197 Ottmar,S251 Otto,H096,M112,P281 P Pabst,V044,W312 Pahl,R121 Palmer,G050 Pankratz,B077,B166,F237,H762, P075 Parsons,L251 Pastronin,J071 Patder,S282 Patton,K154 Patzer,L233 Patzold,R378 Paul,K506,N092,S622 Pauli,H436,K331 Paulos,M813 Pauls,P112,S545 Pauly,A018,K331,S671 Payne,M264 Peif,W236 Peil,M235,M428,R597 Peltz,M015 Penner,C171,F140,F363,L247, N067,P112,R164,S144,S545, W319 Peopek,K506 Pepe,R287 Peppler,K296 Perkins,T178 Perlenfein,U003 Pernitsky,H534 Perris,B168 Perry,Q005 Peter,S310 Peters,B166,F140, H214, J042,R197,S627 Peterson,H115,R068,S585,S682 Peterson(sohn),B003 Petkowsky,H534 Petrie,H439 Pfaff,W018 Pfaffenroth,C052,M539,S280 Pfan,W722 Pfanenstiel,P163 Pfannenstiel,B397,B489,M242, M813,Z091 Pfeff,H048 Pfeifer,B431,B489 Pfeifer,B493,E042,H479,J030, M357,P197,R121,S577, S622,W275 Pfeiff,P217 Pfeiffer,H762,M113,S031,S422, U003,W300 Pfeifle,B116 Pfen(n)ing,K331 Pfenning,B161,F010,G412 Pfief,R588 Pflugrath,F010 Pfugrad,F010 Phenning,F441 Pickelhaupt,S761 Piester,K224 Pietz,L174 Pinneker,P155 Pister,M160 Pitch,P105 Pitsch,D111,H623,K606 Platt,H444 Platz,K440 Poff,B123 Polansky,P210 Pope,P098 Popp,B413,J095,P257,S302, W022 Poulsen,P211 Prediger,F360 Preis,B123 Preisendorf,R234 Preszler,C071,M021 Prevo,M178 Priebe,T032 Prince,S757 Prinz,C228 Propp,P197 Prochnau,S037 Puffenroth,S569 Puhl,S765 Puhlmann,S378 Pullman,S378 Q Quäsner,M586 Quast,G113,M014 Quenzer,W186 Quesner,M586 Quiring,F359,H214,J140 Quirran,K082 R Raab,K247 Rabe,N067 Rach,R024 Radach,L336,N126,R390 Radal,S616 Radke,B077,B608,G326,V050, W497 Raff,R035 Rahm,D441 Rahn,W734 Ramer,S1075,W312 Ramig,P281 Rapp,J049,L211 Rarick,B168 Rath,G113 Rathke,M372 Rattlemeier,S765 Ratzlaff,F237,R164 Rau,C174,L264,R278,S460 Rausch,G102,S037 Rauscher,D095,H081,Z047 Rauter,N126,R390 Rauther,N126 Rawlins,K054 Reb,R069 Rebmann,H444,S911 Rech,R230 Redler,P210 Reeb,J097 Rees,W203 Reger,J041 Reh,R280 Reheiser,K536 Rehm,D441 Rehn,H436,H514,K333,R228, U003,W734 Reibe,W283 Reiber,G278,K180,P098,R228, S641 Reich,C228,E122,L174,L336, M251,P277,R066,R287, W022,W430 Reichart,R234,W497 Reichel,B379,F196,J105,L497, R258 Reichenborn,B483,P084 Reicherdt,M457 Reichert,B379,E122,H405, K606,L269 Reichert,M345,P105,P210, R258,S037,W497 Reidel,B489,B507,G191,H479, K323,M813,V027 Reider,R088 Reidlinger,W186 Reifschneider,M757,R155,R280, S688,S802 Reihner,W283 Reim,P200 Reimer,F140,H181,M200,P112, S545,S1075,W211 Rein,H965,M225,R024,Y021 Reiner,H320,K612,M746 Reinhard(t)D201,R287 Reinharddt,B006 Reinhardt,B289,D293,F096, F209,K119,K173,M160, R024,S233,S327 Reinhart,D201,R305 Reinke,L336,M251 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

17 Reis,B478,H240,S1383 Reisbeck,B209,K331 Reisbich,L275 Reisbick,K331 Reisenbueckler,N094 Reisig,M442,S819 Reispich,K331,R287 Reissig,M325 Reister,H459 Reiswig,B720,E042,G412, H388,R442 Reitel,F223 Reitenberg,S789 Reiter,C189,G279,L315,T148, W133,W204 Reitz,C014,K287,S802 Reizenstein,H168,K636 Remmick,H048 Rempel,J140,R207 Rempfer,B516 Renk,S378 Renke,B077,S1426 Renner,H485,S1162 Rennick,H437 Rentz,M779,S1378 Renz,E021,F140,S1378 Repp,J049,L242 Reppuhn,R096 Reschke,F010 Reschke,G217 Resiszck,J030 Retelbach,B516 Retmann,H316 Rets,D232 Retz,D232 Retzlaff,F010 Retzloff,H517 Reuber,G412 Reuscher,F010,P257 Reuter,M160 Reuther,P277 Reutter,D112 Rexius,C174,O083 Rhiner,Y021 Rhode,M112 Rhodenberger,H386 Rice,E018 Richael,W133 Richelieu,F217 Richmeier,K323 Richter,A036,D053,E003,J041, K088,N104 Ridlinger,U003 Rieb,F079,L508 Riedel,B107,G191,H479,V027, W312,W722 Riedlinger,S060 Riefschnider,G475 Rieger,G158,K082,M165 Rieker,K092 Ries,G235,H124 Riffel,H064,M095,R388,S872 Rinas,N064 Rinehart,D354 Ring,H283 Ringler,R156 Rinehart,D354 Ring,H283 Ringler,R156,R548 Rininger,U003 Riplinger,J066 Ritter,B899,S707 Roademoal,W218 Robertus,E042,K247 Rochel,B483 Rock,S765 Rockel,B269 Rodach,F217 Rode,G217,M112 Rodenberger,M331 Rodenborger,S1330 Roduner,H604 Roeder,S060 Roehlich,S892 Roehrich,H652 Roehrig,D232 Roemer,B483,N167,S732,S1075 Roemmich,G086,H048,L297, S850 Roesler,H115 Rogalski,L251 Rogel,L049 Roh,B917,H474,K101,R156 Rohde,G217 Rohden,W350 Rohleder,R183 Rohmer,S1075 Rohn,D232,E122 Rohlman,R495 Rohr,B493,D230,F205,G250, M178,R183,R337,R380, R506,R617 Rohrig,C110,C129 Rohwein,G054 Rohweiss,G054 Roll,H457 Roloff,L336,M251 Rome,V022 Romey,R380 Romig,P281 Romin,N126 Romme,S622 Rommel,L290 Rommey,R380 Romminger,N126 Roscher,S1378 Rose,S422 Rosenau,W735 Rosenbach,H662 Rosenof,H350 Rosenov,U003 Rosenoff,H599,P098,R335 Rosentreter,R230 Ross,B484,F010,F164,R228 Rossman,K082 Roth,A203,D170,E040,H164, H447,H517,H974,K247, M603,P166,R044,R087, R121,R202,R246,R315, R423,W312,Z047 Rothamel,C027 Rothenberger,E042,H386 Rothermel,S671 Rott,R246 Rowe,R054 Rowein,B483,G054 Rube,B400 Rubink,R431 Rudel,P276 Rudolph,M603,O091,S031 Rudy,W166 Rueb,J097 Ruebe,C095 Rueger,J041 Ruff,B547,L336,M111,W063 Rughl,L049 Ruhel,L049 Ruhl,C359,G268,R234,R272, S687 Rummel,H386 Runk,S282 Rupke,M160 Rupp,B413,B489,H479,Q009, R311,R380 Ruppel,B166,E233,F200,M200, P354,S125,Y021 Rusch,H240,R378 Rush,F079 Russ,F441 Ruterer,P075 Rutt,K333,T148 Rutz,R305,S308,S397 Ryske,G217 S Saalar,M196 Sach,S140 Sack,E223,R311,S006 Sader,S800 Sagel,H503 Sagert,G326 Sailer,M746 Saliht,W735 Salneirer,L281 Salwasser,L134,N092,S327, S333,S1429 Sander,B431,B493,K159,M178, R183,S622 Sauer,D053,F010,J095,M395, S269,S809,U003 Sauerwein,H459 Saunder,R311 Sauter,W201,Z064 Sawatzke,R164 Sayler,S285 Schaaf,S006 Schaak,F354 Schaal,S084,W497 Schactel,F360 Schander,S280 Schaefer,B517,D218,E042,E125, H974,L259,M225,M813, R044,R390,S292S150,S577, S292,S327,S478,S577,S806, S1330,T090,W722 Schaeffer,D210,E167,H492, H630,K247,K365,L036,S789, W272 Schaf,S222 Schafer,B504,B506,B517,C240, J071,L134,M331,M395, R068,R201,R440,S1369, T099,W018,W104,W133 Schaffer,C134,H474,H890,K315, M280,N012,P329,S1157 Schaffert,S619 Schall,K082 Schalske,C165 Schamber,A003,S732 Schanamen,K315 Schaneman,S150 Schanenan,M015 Schantz,S846 Scharf,B418,H931 Scharich,M267 Scharnik,L134,S789 Scharton,K148 Schatz,R531,W426 Schaub,C174,S688 Schaubm,S638 Schaubert,B532 Schauer,H200,H324,P277 Schave,P075 Schechtel,B483,F360 Scheck,K503 Scheffler,R024 Scheibel,M015 Scheiblehut,S333 Scheideman,A079,L290,M395, W420,Z046 Scheidemann,B166,K317,S233 Scheidon,W576 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

18 Scheidt,B066,C014,D293,H102, S757,S1429 Scheierman,S037,U003 Scheikofsky,P112 Scheimann,C147 Scheirman,D222 Schelenker,H366 Schell,D231 Schellenberg,G054,P216 Scheller,D441 Scheming,E021 Schempke,S084 Schendler,S464 Schenk,S1075 Schenkel,N014 Schenkofsky,L251,P112 Scherbenske,G229 Scherer,P053,R192,W372 Scheske,S464 Schessler,H087,O074 Scheuerman,S302,S569,S588, S641 Scheuerman(n),D222,M539, W236 Scheuermann,S712,U003 Schewe,P075 Schick,G182,H459,O083,S691 Schiebelhut,C039 Schiffelbein,P200,S765 Schiffman,K148 Schiffner,A117 Schilberg,S406 Schild,L047,M457 Schill,E094 Schillereff,S652 Schilling,A065,B483,F010,G160, H887,O068,R305,S761 Schimke,H489,M251 Schimmel,S406 Schimpf,B480,L264,R096,S460, S872 Schindel,L233 Schindler,H087,S084,S464, S819,W779 Schkenker,S084 Schlack,D430,S037 Schlaeger,S135 Schlaffman(n),G165 Schlagel,L158,W166 Schlager,S648 Schlaht,H320 Schlecht,E126,N143 Schlechter,S1193 Schlegel,O018,S688 Schleger,H299 Schlegl,K056 Schleicher,C039,H590,P378, S064,S302,S810 Schleiger,K331,S671,S1352, W133 Schleining,M541,W094 Schlenker,P053 Scherr,S1502 Schleske,R177 Schleucher,S718 Schleuger,B688,S718 Schleuning,R287 Schlichenmayer,E126 Schicketantz,C356 Schlichenmeier,P190 Schlichter,K612 Schlichting,F140 Schlidt,S308 Schliecht,E126,N143 Schlitt,P195,S673 Schlitter,B715 Schlittler,S292 Schlitz,L041 Schlothauer,A017,H367 Schlotthauer,P166,S1369 Schlotthower,M235 Schlundt,B450 Schmall,H283 Schmalz,B483 Schmear,H186 Schmeer,S335,S671 Schmeister,W722 Schmer,H186,L264,M457,S1118 Schmick,S690 Schmidt,A157,B398,B442,B483, B484,B547,B720,C143,C319, D053,D112,D435,E113, E125,E167,F046,F200,G235, H081,H181,H240,H316, H350,H477,H662,H931, H936,J030,J140,K056,K612, L297,L315,L497,L508,M113, N014,N067,P150,P219, P276,P360,R156,R258,R311, R440,R442,S037,S126,S135, S285,S422,S511,S585,S629, S682,S700,S761,S794,S802, S807,S811,S872,S1087, S1345,S1383,T090,T127 Schmidt(t),J071,U003,Y021 Schmidtberger,S622 Schmidtbergere,R311 Schmiedt,B540,H042 Schmierer,S185,Z025 Schmit,R069 Schmitt,O091,P112 Schmode,M372 Schmuck,S819 Schmuland,L233 Schmunk,D186,E159,L497, M457,S819 Schmunk(t),R258 Schnabel,H320,M021 Schnaidt,S031 Schnaldt,M021 Schnegelberger,L023,S828, S1162 Schneible,P190 Schneidemann,P166,Z046 Schneider,A009,B166,B483, C168,C290,D165,D232, F200,H314,H405,H421, H762,H895,J116,K606,L216, M001,M014,M021,M160, M325,M392,M813,N202, O083,S031,S285,S422,S761, S782,S1148,S1352,S1369, W068,W078,W395,W722, Z005 Schneiderm,S031 Schneidmiller,M712,W204 Schnell,A018,F010,K315,M224, P257,S589 Schnobele,H444 Schnor,D125 Schnorr,S785 Schock,B077 Schoel,P112 Schoenaman,K315 Schoenberger,S1162 Schoenemann,M224 Schoenfeld,B283,H299,S687 Schoenfeldt,P200 Schoenhals,H304,S794 Schoenthaler,B404 Schoessler,H477,L112,M421, P098,W104 Schoettle,S1193 Scholl,B168,C073,G264,Z064 Scholskin,D053 Schonfeld,P360 Schopf,H320 Schoppert,H388 Schork,S828 Schott,H314,L241,S918 Schottle,S1193 Schrader,N202 Schrag,H124 Schramm,L211 Schreiber,L158,M746,S664 Schreiner,B166,B231,B483, D039,D224,D362,E036, F029,G378,H367,H405, K323,M331,M419,M746, R335,S1330,W104,W204, W410,W420,W576,W691 Schrieber,N092,S335 Schroeder,F046,P112,S545 Schroh,B483 Schuber,M095 Schuckman,T130,W727 Schuetz,N126 Schuhart,M342 Schuldheisz,K154 Schuldizer,H965 Schuler,H604 Schuller,B489 Schulmeister,M813,P200 Schultheis,D005 Schultz,C214,F046,G177,L251, T196,W497 Schultzen,K056 Schulz,C073,H042,K088,M200, M411,N126,P075,R390, S060,S082,S156,Z043 Schumacher,S1346,T130 Schuman,S672 Schuman(n),S282 Schumm,W294 Schundt,S788 Schuppe,H168 Schutt,S126 Schuts,J089 Schutz,J089,K221,N126,R390 Schuvie,B493,S622 Schwab,B334,B398,B489,G102, H350,H367,H503,H568, N084,S397,S788,W104 Schwabauer,C039,H188,H652, H696,K247,N409,W350, Y032 Schwabenland,D232,D293, L461,M603,R068,S682 Schwadauer,M409 Schwagerus,W114 Schwalbach,A065 Schwar(t)z,S233 Schwartz,G176,K536,M541, O068,P197,R087,S308,S806 Schwartzkopf,B289,F096,G475, K054,Z030 Schwartzkopf(h),S233 Schwarz,S517,U003 Schweigert,H081,H339 Schwein,N084 Schweinfort,K397 Schweitz,R261 Schweitzer,R155 Schweizer,S802 Schwemmer,H096 Schwerdt,R069,S292 Schwert,K146 Schwidder,E042 Schwien,D218,M160,N202 Schwind,L290 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

19 Schwindt,B547,D189,D219, M442,M541,P166,S015, S280,S308,S634,W133 Schwint,S1118 Schwisow,S641 Schwittay,K506 Sciitz,S807 Scleuiger,S807 Scwindt,S133 Sears,S750 Sedar,K229 Seder,B166,S800,W448 Seefried,S707 Seelman,J030 Seewalt,S616 Seib,R155,R311,S125 Seibel,A150,B118,D430,E122, K289,K394,M160,S084 Seiben,F360 Seibert,H446,L238,R440,S819 Seid,R183 Seidler,W497 Seifert,S819 Seinie,M235 Seining,R087 Seip,B283,H367 Seitz,P112,P360 Selesky,S785 Sell,C189,K009,M325 Semmel,F200 Semones,W009 Senner,S807 Serr,C071,K092 Sessler,D481 Sewald,K012 Shaefer,K308 Shaffer,S634 Shapiro,S789 Shimmel,D232 Shimp,F147 Shpet,J071 Shock,B077 Shriner,F147,J105 Shutzm,S031 Sibernagel,S1112 Si(e)gmund,H604 Sieb,S125 Siebel,H477,P166 Siebenhaar,S292 Sieber,J047,S892 Siebert,K056,S819 Siefert,T099 Siegfried,H568 Siegmund,H604 Siegward,H367 Siegwardt,W104 Siegworth,R234 Siemens,B166,S564 Sierocki,C129 Sikorski,M746 Silbernagel,S1121 Silvernagel,M419 Simon,A092,L098,R139, S314,S810 Singer,G165,K092 Sinner,B066,B400,F441,H096, H459,K287,S308,S664, S802,S807 Sittner,S140 Sitzman(n),C356,H350,W098 Sleicher,S064 Smick,S588 Smith,B397,H688 Snyder,F200 Socolovsky,F200 Soder,W448 Soeken,S064 Soemner,D210 Sokolowsky,S156 Somerheiser,S144 Sommer,P360 Sommer(s),B003,L461 Sommerfeldt,A065 Sommers,B003,L461,S333 Sosnowski,K506 Sowmemm,S672 Spacht,E167 Spadi,D219 Spadt,H243,S569 Spadte,J071 Spady,D219,F441,H262, H446,S133,S673 Spaedt,J105 Spaeth,W218 Spahn,B209,F010,K023,R341 Sparmann,S1378 Sparwassser,L238 Spate,F010 Spauman,K148 Specht,S732,W236 Speht,J071 Speidal,Z025 Speier,P105 Spencer,R341 Sperl,B418 Sperling,K536,R197 Spielmann,W104 Spies,V022 Spomer,B107,C122,D240, H381,K148,R280,S327, S364,S1162,T068,W312 Spotte,D230 Spratt,B469 Spreier,B256,K382,P105,S064 Spreir,P105 Sprier,E122,P105 Springler,M407 St(i)eben,H517 Staab,B442,B489,S622 Stab,G176 Stabler,S511 Stadler,S687 Staebler,S511 Staehle,R278 Staerkel,B504,L258,S1375 Stahl,S253 Stahlbaum,S422 Stahle,R278,H895 Stahlman,S819 Stalingson,K569 Stamm,H965 Stang,F360 Stanke(y),R495 Stark,H087,H477 Starke,F046 Starkel,B482,B791, M428,P166,S1375 Starzew,C165 Statsman,H444 Stecklein,R380 Steckling,M372 Stedinger,K229 Steg,S060 Stegman,J097,L033 Stehli,Z064 Steiglietiz,B003 Steinbach,A108,B483,D280 Steinbrecher,M325,N118,O018 Steiner,D441 Steinert,B289,B334,H459, N104,O036 Steinhauer,L233 Steinke,J030 Steinle,O036,M235 Steinmetz,B118,B465,K289, M111,M364,S750 Steinmiller,R596 Steinpreis,R423 Stelter,S037 Stelzer,J010,L336 Stenzel,N084,S610 Sterger,D201 Sterkel,D201,L258,M224, M541,S133,S672,S1375 Sterling,S892 Stertz,G320 Sterzer,N092 Stetzenbach,R024 Stevens,K229 Stieben,H517 Stieker,Z052 Stienbrecker,L259 Stier,D232,S800 Stiirm,S732 Sto(e)hr,M236,S569 Stock,F164,G136 Stoehr,B855,H243,M236,P019 Stoessel,K443 Stoll,E138,E159,L012,M160, P166 Stoller,K092 Stoppel,L508,T089 Stopper,S037 Stork,M718,S569 Storkel,L258 Storm,H479 Strackbein,H240 Stramel,J116,W722 Strasser,G182 Strauch,E125,H381,L493,P166, P600,S634,W312 Strecker,C228,K173,L047,M225, M494 Streitt,N012 Strecker,G494 Strecklein,R380 Strek,S610 Stremel,W722 Stremler,P360 Strethel,M813 Stricker,M494,S630,S788 Strimske,N126,R390 Stroah,M395 Stroebel,K082 Stroemel,B404,W722 Stroh,C356,D112,G257,H421, 459,J010,J095,K365,S221, T148,W003 Stroman,D149 Strombecker,P105 Stromberger,S221,W063 Strott,S809 Struemske,L336 Strumske,N126 Stuber,O091 Stuckart,L435 Stuertz,S611 Stuhr,W350 Stumpf,A157,S126,S314,W018 Sturtz,H459,N104 Suderman,P112,S545 Sudermann,R164 Suebel,B077 Suko,N143 Summer,R183 Sunderman,S819 Suppes,D233,H192,H436,H630, P200,S610 Swartz,F200 Swartzkopf,Z030 Swezig,S222 Szymanski,L297 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

20 T Tatley,S060 Taufest,L497 Tauscher,K512 Tautfest,H623,R258,W133 Tempel,K331 Temple,B283,K331,N012,W236 Tenberg,J097 Terry,Y032 Teske,C214 Tesky,P190 Thalheimer,F205 Thaut,M060,W213 Theil,P098 Theophil,H320 There,S622 Thiel,K180,S1375 Thomas,N164 Thompson,J097 Thorn,P098 Tiede,N126,R390 Tiel,L258 Tieszen,H124,K463 Tietz,D016,N126 Tieve,H489 Tillemann,S806 Tillman,B899 Tittel,T089 Tnupp,L315 Toepfer,V027 Toews,J042 Tomann,L047 Torinus,M372 Tormer,R287 Tout,S1150 Traudt,B166,B357,S133,S589, S664,S1150,Y007 Traut,S1150,Y007 Trautman,S850,U003,W407 Trautmann,G086 Trebelhorn,R315 Treber,K254 Treichel,D016,S175 Treu,T032 Tribelhorn,W312 Trieber,K331 Trieblehorn,E036 Troppmann,T189 Trott,T090 Troudt,H437,K315 Trout,S1150 Trübelhorn,B107,B507 Trueber,K331 Trupp,C189,H514,J117,L036, L315,S135,Z064 Trye,M196 Tschikorski,H087 Tschritter,S239 Turau,G326 Turner,H638 Tutt,W386 U Ubert,U036 Uebach,D225 Uffelmann,G176 Uhl,D053,G182,L238 Uhrich,B441,G221,H599,K009, S652,W272,W548 Ulmer,B427,U003 Ulrich,C189,C290,H439,Y032 Unrau,F363 Unrein,H401,T130 Unruh,M264,T196,W294 Unterseher,C095,M746 Urbach,F362,H496,L264,P098, S422,S1118,W336 Urban,B442,B715,D210,J097, S825 Urich,K054,M280,Y032 V Valko,V044 Vaupnitz,B730 Veit,S819,V054 Veith,B483 Veller,H339,V044 Vetsch,M001 Vetter,S1193,S1502,W497 Viet,B283 Vietz,H087 Vietzel,H366 Vilhauer,C071,F217 Vix,U003 Vocht,B166 Voegele,A047,H122 Voegler,M224 Voelker,B511,K289,M712 Voellm,D179, Vogel,B489,D218,K277,L336, N064,S292,V050,V053, W722 Vogler,F441 Vogt,B166,N092,V018 Voht,H521 Volger,D189 Volker,M042 Vollmer,P276 Volz,B500,B855,D484,H243, K247,S569 VonFeldt,H479,V022,W283 von Felt,B442 Von Hise,R495 Vondra,R311 VonJantz,H181 Voos,G412 Vosler,M813 Voth,F363,J140,L247,T196 Votruba,F096 W Wacker,B484,B547,B791,D127, E036,F164,H262,K009,K247, P166,S1150,W063 Wackernagel,C214 Wadnitz,B720 Wagemann,D112 Wagenhals,U003 Wagenleitner,K148 Wagner,A047,B441,B450,B483, C189,C356,F096,G026, G165,H320,G412,I023,J071, K092,K229,K308,K536,L057, M320,M406,O091,P150, P166,R037,R280,R388,S828, S1395,W022,W078,W098, W104,W149,W166,W691, Z005 Wagoner,S819 Wahl,F052,H366,S251 Wahlenmeger,R192 Wahler,W203 Walker,B547,D127,H262,H437 Wall,J042,P112,S619 Wallentin,S911 Waller,W104 Wallert,H096 Walter,B006,B309,B400,B489, E122,F234,H459,H477, K315,L211,L315,M421, P098,R234,R261,S135,S517, S622, S806,W018 Walter(s),S803 Walters,B119,H444,W496 Walther,N104,S850 Walz,H320,M746,S084 Wambold,W300 Wanklyn,P030 Wanner,G182,W256 Warnke,S1429 Warkentin,P112,P216 Waschenfelder,S652 Wascheleska,S037 Wasemiller,K054,H974 Washenfelder,D233,Z064 Wasinger,M178,M348 Wasmuth,S761,T127 Wassenmiller,B167,F224,G412 Wassinger,H630 Webber,M060 Weber,B223,B489,B511,D170, D266,D293,F010,H081, H102,H115,H339,H439, H489,H630,K082,K088, M015,P019,P112,P195,R037 R311,R408,R431,R588,S135, S765,S1383,S1435,T090, W003,W068,W133,W201, W218,W236,W275,W294, W386,W430, Z046 Weckerle,H965 Weckwardt,S1077 Wede,W372 Wedel,M264 Wedmann,E021 Weeder,W372 Weeks,W116 Wegener,S819 Wegli,L238 Weglin,A009 Wegner,T127 Wehnes,H437 Weiback(h),N037 Weibert,M320,M406,W367 Weickum,G086 Weideman,H350 Weidemann,K259,N126,R390 Weiderich,D112 Weiderspa(h)n,H477 Weiderspahn,H477 Weidner,H459,N010,S378 Weidou,T092 Weidtman,G217 Weigand,R246,S064,W437 Weigandt,C014,H439,K536, N014 Weigant,S664,S1150 Weigel,J066,K323,M178,M357, Q009,S577,W495 Weigmer,P019 Wegner,T127 Weigum,N010 Weil,E126,G320,H294,W312 Weiland,W426 Weilert,L033 Weimann,R202 Weimer,G412,K331,M405, O083,Y028 Weinbach,R024 Weinberger,S1435 Weinbrenner,H762 Weingardt,H980,S1432 Weinmeister,H341,L047 Weins,H181,W211 Weis,B077,D053,F052 Weisenburger,W009 Weisenmiller,B167 Weishaar,A076,K092 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

21 Weisheim,Z047 Weiss,E042,F107,K173,L281, W114 Weisshaar,A076,K092 Weiswig,A150 Weisz,H087,S084 Weitz,R261,W728 Weitzel,H192,J095,K317,R018, R588,S233,S718,S788, S1118,W395,W437,W576 Weizel,P166 Welk,N164,S1502 Wells,S1426,V071,W415 Welsch,B855 Weltz,B489,W415 Welz,S1426 Wenig,D232 Wenning,K397 Wensrich,H459 Wenst,J097 Werner,D101,K148,H341,H590, L211,L238,W341,Z064 Wernick,C062 Werth,D218,D230,H357,T130 Wertz,K467,N167,S1383,W312 Werz,K012 Wetch,M060 Wether,M813 Wetzel,H200,H324 Wetzler,M021 Weyand,H762 Weyand,L134 Weyl,W312 Whitten,L112 Wickbolt,H604 Widiger,M779,S1378 Widman,S690 Widmer,M306,R177 Wiebe,G054,H214,K463,S564, S627,W008,W757 Wiederhold,M392 Wiederkehr,D353 Wiederspahn,P329 Wiederspan,H087,W371 Wiederspohn,K154 Wiedmann,C095 Wiedrich,N010 Wiegand,S064 Wiegel,C151,F362,N202,P150 Wiel,S1162 Wiens,H124,J042,J140,P112, P216,R164,S545,S564,W211 Wierzbach,B250 Wiesner,I022,L033,M813 Wiest,W294,W497 Wigand,B688,S1435 Wilde,S140 Wildeman,W182 Wildermuth,M746 Wilhelm,M428,S1352,W022 Will,B796,M635,S682,S794, W236 Willging,E094 Willhelm,M093,W022 Willman,M280 Willms,W319 Willt,M165,M539 Willte,K612 Wilt,S327 Windecker,O074 Winder,W430 Windholz,B431,B489,K238, M813,R311,W275,W722 Wingenbach,L107 Winn,E125,W727 Winsz,R164 Winter,B480,B509,D266,H459, H590,S819,S872,S1148, W185 Winterholler,S282 Winters,M325,M460,M496, W480 Wirth,W083 Wirtz,W312 Wist,G112 Witherspoon,P329 Witler,B905 Witt,W257 Wittig,W022 Wittman,B489,J097,S084,S765, W094,W410 Wittmer,S060 Wock,D441 Woehl,U003,Z047 Wohn,K012 Woht,H521 Woit,S095 Wolf,B469,B483,B489,D053, E125,K024,P166,R311,S422, T068,W009,W372,W410 Wolf(e),K331 Wolfe,W186 Wolff,B361,D112,D441,P166 Wollert,B458 Wollman,P112,W149 Womans,K119 Wombold,C228 Wonnerberg,S1426 Wooster,M405 Wormsbecker,F217 Wormsbecter,L247 Worster,M405,S1383,W350, W498 Woushter,C319 Wuckert,C319,D240 Wulf,B003,M718 Wunnik,G217 Wunsch,D293,Z046 Wurtz,D240,N167 Wutzke,E040,N143 Wyber,S1394 Wygant,S1150 Y Yager,P166 Yakel,D484 Yauck,H304,H459,K227 Yauk,G412,W203 Yeager,H492,L264,S672 Yeakel,B379 Yekel,B379,S1087,Y032 Ynuker,M813 York,B688 Yost,B066,B166,E003,H048, H055,H186,H356,H496, H630,L041,L227,M496, M541,P098,P166,R139, R234,W576 Young,F200,H470,W063,W149 Youngblood,G177 Younger,B442,K101,S269,Z091 Younker,M813 Yuckert,R335 Yurk,M267,Y021 Z Zacher,E094 Zachman,B404 Zaft,D053 Zahn,N085 Zander,K287 Zatsalowsky,T032 Zauner,N094 Zeasner,D053 Zechmeister,B123 Zeier,F362 Zeigler,B483 Zeiler,A123,B441,B506,B791, C189,E094,J089,S095,W003, W104 Zeitler,S810,V044 Zeitner,H444 Zeller,M263 Zenker,H122 Zerfus,H357 Ziebart,L107 Zieg,B500,Z047 Ziegler,G268,K154 Ziegler,R272,S788,Z052 Zielch,O068 Ziemann,K082 Zier,L047,L211,R258,W204 Zietler,S064 Zihg,E042 Zilg,O068 Zimbelman,Z047,Z064 Zimbelmann,H081,S310,U003 Zimmer,C110 Zimmerman,D230,D430,H357, Z091 Zink,K082 Zirk,L233 Zisch,S682 Zitterkopf,B526,W078,Z005, Z030,Z075 Zitzer,K023,Z043 Zitzman,N084 Zoellmer,G113 Zuern,B116 Zulauf,L259,S460 Zwetig,G412 Zwetzig,B334,F147,H545,H568, M428,S460 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

22 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II A003 Isadore & Sara Jane (Brinell) Appelhanz 5829 SW 28th Terrace Topeka KS Rothammel, Pfeiffer, Seewald, Schoenfeld, Degott, Marienberg A006 Mary Alt 3927 N Shadydale Ave. Convina CA A009 Myron Anderson 1376 Saginaw Point Drive Windsor CO Ahrenfeld, Merkel, Kratzke, Donhof A017 Harvey & Elsie Altergott PO Box 98 Vienna MD Saratov, Schwed, Donhof A018 Delbert & Nella (Pearson) Amen 2400 Ashley Drive Oklahoma City OK Frank, Norka A036 Ella (Richter) Arnst 325 Superior St. Saginaw MI Dobrinka, Schultz A045 Scarlett (Huenergardt) Adams PO Box 6880 Snowmass Village CO Balzer, Wiesenmuller A047 Luana (Mittelsteadt) Auker 621 North Cheyenne Hardin MT Bessarabia, Balzer Gluckstal, Stahl am Tarlyk A065 Bonnie J Anderson 4619 Chouteau St. Shawnee KS Hussenbach, Frank, Dosen, Stavropol, Karlsruhe, Katharinenfeld, Johannesdorf A076 Gregory P. Adolf St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church Sierra Vista AZ Org Brienne, Bessarabia, Lichtental A079 Patrick & Shirley Ansley 1028 S 1740 E Spanish Fork UT Norka, Hussenbach A092 David & Margaret (Benson) Aul Montana Ave. Melrose Park IL Krasnoyar, Rosenheim A108 Shirley (Kloberdanz) Arendt 2530 N Spurgeon St. Santa Ana CA Rothammel, Seewald A117 James & Jeanette (Brethauer) Anderson th Ave. Greeley CO Walter A123 Jerry Amen 255 S W Ave. #404 Elmhurst IL Frank, Walter A143 Joseph L. Arnold Sr Stratford Court NW Huntsville AL Donhof, Kronental, Kolb A150 Harold & Margaet (Kolb) Alles 8125 Devoe Court Lincoln NE Neu Walter, Walter A157 Adam & Brunhilde Anhalt 8615 Tropicana Drive Riverside CA Leitershausen, Killmannstal Antonowka/Ershov, Volga, Hochheim, Felsenber/Nikepol, Feodorovka/Stalino, Blumenthal A203 Gregory & Connie Armstrong 4969 W Locust Ave. Fresno CA Alexandertal, Kukkus, Lauwe, Norka, Kutter B003 Irene Boam 2781 W. Celeste Apt 1 Fresno CA Hoffental, Samara, Dinkle B006 Dr. Norman C. & W. Joyce (Vaughn) Bitter 6255 N Forkner Ave. Fresno CA Lauwe, Stahl B011 Ruth (Leonhardt) Barfknecht 723 E 6th St. Hastings NE Frank B038 Melvin Bender 201 Woodman Ave SE Medicine Hat AB Canada T1A 3H2 Kassel, Grossliebental, Hoffnungstal, Freidendorf, Weinitsch B066 Katherine (Brehm) LaPella th Ave. S Federal Way WA Beideck, Norka, Stahl am Tarlyk B077 Rudolph & Stella (Pankratz) Breitmeier PO Box 517 Harlem MT Elsass, Helenental, Lada, Rossweiler, Teplitz B107 James & Sandra Barlau 658 Corte Maria Ave. Chula Vista CA Beideck SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

23 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II B116 L. Dale & Judith (Bingham) Bippus 1614 Jordan Amarillo TX Odessa, Guldendorf B118 Connie Jean (Steinmetz) Bennett PO Box Holden UT Walter, Brunnental B123 Martha (Geringer) Bitter 1717 S Winery Ave. Fresno CA Lauwe, Peterstal B157 John & Nedra Brill 2410 NE 58th Ave. Portland OR Norka, Huck B161 Robert & Bonnie (Brady) Beall 1460 Orenco Station Parkway Hillsboro OR Norka, Balzer B166 James & Arlene Beckman 4525 Utah Drive El Sobrante CA Norka, Messer, Kutter, Schilling, Lichtfelde, Orloff, Wernersdorf, Alexandrone, Kleefeld, Furstenwerder B167 Raymond & Hilda (Weisenmiller) Brehm 164 Rainbow Drive #6425 Livingston TX Nieder Monjou, Shcherbakovka, Norka B168 Michael & Gail Burk 499 Estrella Drive Scotts Valley CA Odessa, Strassburg, Baden, Elsass B193 Janice M. Baier 55 Oxford Place Concord VA Saratov B209 Neil & Joan (Huff) Bankson 1212 Washington Ave. Central City NE Norka B214 Larry & Darlene (Everist) Bafus 102 Camargo Lane Pasco WA Yagodnaya Polyana B231 Dorothy L. Brandner 1199 N Terry St. Sp286 Eugene OR Gluckstal, Kautz, Kassel B233 Waldemar & Anna (Kutschke) Bohn N9172 Hwy 42 Cleveland WI Blumenthal B238 Darrel W. Boyd 1019 Stimel Drive Concord CA Graf, Herzog, Leichtling, Seewald B250 David & Elaine (Wierzbach) Borgardt 919 Wisconsin Ave #204 Sheboygan WI Reinwald, Schwed B256 Ralph & Florence (Spreier) Bolen 475 NE Conifer Drive Bremerton WA Dietel B269 Wayne & Diane Bonner Ogram Ave. Gardena CA Balzer, Moor B283 Jerome Brethour 184 E Parkview Drive Shirley NY Neu Balzer, Pfeifer, Frank, Streckerau, Walter, Kraft, Dreispitz B289 Esther (Schwartzkopf) Bolte 2336 Montclair Drive Salina KS Eckheim, Neu Dönhof B309 Barbara Beck 2140 NE 54th Ave. Portland OR Hoffnungstal, Walter B310 Ronald & April Brott 2411 Adams Ave. Des Moines IA Warenburg, Seelman B334 Rolene Kiesling PO Box 215 Groveland CA Schwab/Baidako, Shcherbakovka, Seelman B357 Leonard & Leta Brehm 6800 S Granite Ave. Apt 338 Tulsa OK Norka B361 Cynthia (Wolff) Boock 2613 W. Lake Vista Court Mequon Paris, Jacobstal, Bessarabia B379 Roger & Wendy Beahm 1512 Fox Hollow Road Greensboro NC Kutter, Dietel B397 James Barnes 3 McKinney Drive Hudson NH B398 Donald & Lonna Bennett 540 Sunridge Lane Lowell OR Bangert, Stahl, Shcherbakovka SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

24 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II B399 Molly (Miller) Both th Drive NE Marysville WA Holstein, Unterdorf B400 Glen & Elizabeth (Sinner) Barker Juanita Spur Tecumseh OK Beideck, Frank, Lauwe, Stahl am Tarlyk B404 Craig A. & Susan Breit 5403 E. Scrivener St. Long Beach CA Bukovina, Kamenka, Pfeifer B406 Andra Beach 1570 Cress Court Boulder CO Hoffnungstal B413 Robert & Samala (Popp) Brown Kansas Circle Omaha Ne Balzer, Brunnental, Frank, Holstein, Norka, Neu Norka, Rosenberg B418 Diana Bell 5515 N. Fresno St. Apt. 222 Fresno CA Stahl am Tarlyk, Straub, Dinkel B427 Edward & Klara (Jung) Bender 156 Rafferty Road Lebanon CT Karlswalde, Mantildorf, Gruenthal, Marjanurka, Kruchyko Stapol B431 John Brown 500 Melrose Liberty MO Franzosen, Herzog, Mariental, Graf, Pfeifer B441 Harley & Mary Ellen Behm 55 Wayside Lane Ponte Vedra FL Donhof, Frank, Kolb, Neu Donhof B442 William & Beverly (Schmeidler) Brungardt 1848 Toulon Ave. Hays KS Herzog, Kamenka Katharinenstadt, Schoenwald, Graf, Ober Munjou B444 Marvin & Raynona (Gunther) Bohrer Moccasin Trail Meeker OK Katharinenstadt, Saratov B446 Richard & Sue (Colburn) Bach 4446 Shadow Wood Drive Eugene OR Balzer B450 Michael A. Buck P.O. Box 509 LaSalle CO Bauer, Dietel B465 John & Kristen (Hanneman) Ball Linwood Road Linwood KS Dietel, Yagodnaya Polyana B469 Joyce Bowlin 3197 Stanford Ave. Boulder CO Donhof B478 Melvin & Deloris (Beltz) Bellinger Four Seasons Drive Dumfries VA Kukkus, Schilling B480 Karen S. Barton 1301 Pepperdine Ave. Edmond OK Oberdorf, Messer, Awilow, Shcherbakovka B482 Howard Bauer 3333 NE 135th Ave. Portland OR Norka B483 Nicholas & Barbara (Catron) Bretz 6733 Reed St. Arvada CO Hildmann, Kamenka, Köhler, Seewald, Rothammel, Schuck B484 Jean Brandt 1600 Texas St. #605 Fort Worth TX Frank, Norka B489 Jerald J. Braun 218 Castillian Gardens Hays KS Franzosen, Göbel, Graf, Herzog, Louis, Pfeifer, Katharinenstadt, Mariental, Schuck, Ober Monjou, Semenovka B493 Gerald & Wilma (Klaus) Braun 604 E. 16th St. Hays KS Ober Monjou, Herzog, Mariental, Louis, Graf, Gobel, Schuck, Franzosn, Pfeifer, Katharinenstadt, Semenovka, Pfeifer B496 Michael & Diane Bender 118 N 3rd Sterling KS Hussenbach, Kratzke, Nieder Monjou, Rosenberg B500 Bruce Benne 534 Linwood Ave. Santa Ana CA Balzer, Moor B504 Robert Marvin & Marge (Kauffman) Benson 9128 Starina Way Sacramento CA Anton, Grimm, Kukkus, Norka SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

25 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II B506 Marion Barth PO Box 486 Port Sanilac MI Yagodnaya Polyana, Beideck/Talowka, Erlenbach, Oberdorf, Walter B507 George A. Becker 2975 N 3550 W Plain City UT Beideck B509 Lawrence & Margarete (Beikert) Bitter 4203 Rosedale St NW Apt 25 B Gig Harbor WA Lauwe, Straub B511 Velda Bucklen PO Box 613 Kersey CO Brunnental, Volga, Huck B516 Bryan Bradley Brost # Pleasant Valley Rd. Vernon BC Canada V1B 3V2 Wittenberg, Krasna, Alt Posttal, Katzbach, Beresina, Tarutino, Albota B517 Charles & Sandra Barnes Windwood Drive E Boerne TX Brunnental B532 John Alan Muise-Benner P.O.Box 1038 Acme AB Canada T0M 0R0 Yagodnaya Polyana B536 Lowell George Becker 502 S Chelan St. Ritzville WA Warenburg, Kolb B537 Ken & Shirley Breinig 510 W Southridge Road Marshalltown IA Beideck, Frank, Moor/Mohr B538 William & Mary Jane Bolton 7936 W 71 st Ave. Arvada CO Walter, Frank, Walter Khutor B540 Barbara E. (Schmiedt) Bryant 8902 E Acampo Road Acampo CA Dennewitz, Teplitz, Pulin, Vohlynia B547 Linda (Walker) Baldwin 304 Oak St. Windsor CO Norka, Dietel, Bauer B557 Vicki Bauer 2645 Alicia Lane Lincoln NE B606 Wayne & Sandra Brungardt 2722 Thunderbird Drive Hays KS Herzog B608 Arnold A. Burgemeister 3660 S. Pleasant Valley Road American Falls ID Alt Elft, Kulm, Denewitz, Krasna, Katzbach B688 Leslie Bill 3338 Glenhaven Place Lincoln NE Beideck, Messer, Norka, Huck B715 Joan Breit 204 W 23rd St. N Newton KS Kamenka, Rothammel, Pfeifer B720 Jody Burke PO Box 116 Angle Inlet Kronental, Landau, Kronsdorf, Friedrichfeld, Rosenfeld B756 Harold & Thea Baird 3616 Timber Creek Drive NW Comstack Park MI Alexandrowka, Frank, Blumenfeld, Norka, Walter, Beideck B768 Larry Bohlender th Ave. Greeley CO Hoffnusberg, Ukraine, Freudental B785 Judy Behm Boddy th St. Greeley CO Kutter B791 Ronald & Catherine Bordens 7393 Brunswick Circle Boynton Beach FL Frank B796 Luke & Karen Binkley 6420 E. Shire Way Long Beach CA Hussenback, Samara B855 Rosemary Welsch Stoehr Barta 5738 S 239 th St. Elkhorn NE Balzer, Schafer B892 Dick Bechtholdt 1512 Baster Woods Beaumont CA Frank, Donhof, Kolb B899 Roger & Jeanean Rogers Beamer Deep Canyon Drive Escondido CA Norka, Huck SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

26 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II B903 Gerald Boos 1 Chemin Prive du Sommet St. Andre d'argenteuil QC Canada J0V 1X0 Ober Monjou B917 Linda Marie Bright 7637 O Neil Wichita KS Schilling, Holstein, Kohler, Gobel C014 Leilani (Morse) Cross Rawhide Road Sonora CA Kukkus, Norka, Stahl, Stahl am Tarlyk C027 Dee R. Cole 1490 S. Redbud Trail Buchanan MI Anton, Kukkus C033 Lydia (Busch) Carrick 1460 Portage Ave. #605 Winnipeg MB Canada R3G 3M9 Dietel C039 David & Sharryn Clark 303 Mount Royall Drive Mount Pleasant SC Balzer, Norka C052 Viola (Moore) Clark th Ave. Court E Tacoma WA Yagodnaya Polyana, Kukkus C062 Richard I. & Patricia Cook Gramercy Drive San Leandro CA Bessarabia, Arzis C071 Rolland & LaVelle (Preszler) Campbell 6012 Amber Oaks Ave. Bakersfield CA Gnadenfeld, Kassel, Johannestal, Klein Neudorf C073 Linda (Grau) Currie 3121 SW Dorr St. Topeka KS Nieder Monjou, Fischer, Paulskoye, Rosenheim C095 Kathleen Carlson th SE Bellevue WA Lichtental, Kassel, Crimea C110 Doreen Connelly th Ave. Wainwright AB Canada T9W 1J3 Balzer, Frank, Alt Moor, Wiesenmuller C122 Jon Chicky Willoughby Point Drive Fairfax VA Beideck, Kautz C129 Jerri (Claus) Sierocki 1400 S. Miller Road Saginaw MI Kukkus, Wiesenmuller C134 A. Bruce & Betty Cropper 849 Camino Ricardo Moraga CA Balzer C143 Karen Childs Limpit Lane Florence OR Wiesenmueller C146 Hilda Lorraine (Kruse) Caskey 4659 E Clinton Fresno CA Laub C147 Dawn (Messmann / Coffmann) Crowley La Rosa Lane Fountain Valley CA Vessole, Prussia C151 Barbara Carlson 930 Ontario St. #3F Oak Park IL Schwed, Swarewka C165 Lillie (Starzew) Coad 6111 Lambert Lane El Dorado CA Simferopol/Krim C168 Thomas & E. Jean (Mai) Carr 513 Peterson Wichita KS Ahrenfeld, Beideck, Eckheim C171 Richard & Mary R. Carter 2114 S. Hughes St. Amarillo TX Neu Weimar, Oberdorf, Schonhorst, Knortitza C174 Becky Christensen Rd 26 SW Mattawa WA om Dobrinka, Frank, Kraft C183 Steven & Deborah (Krug) Call 361 Lookout Point Drive Selah WA Leipzig, Rosental, Tarutino, Worms C189 Kenneth & Barbara Calkins Berry Road Golden CO Frank, Hussenbach C198 Bettinna Medlin-Chatham 3641 E Desert Drive La Porte TX Kamenka C214 Robert & Nancy Coates 6305 Post Lane Edina MN m Volhynia, Kraft C228 Betty Lou (Wingert) Carvalho 831 Mericrest St. Brentwood CA Dietel, Kratzke, Huck SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

27 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II C266 Jerry & Karen Calkins 1430 Louis Drive Mulvane KS Jevenstadt, Flensburg, Schleswig, Holstein C290 Joy Citta 2800 S 74 th St. Lincoln NE C319 Daneen Fritzler Christensen Rd J SW Mattawa WA Grimm, Biedeck, Schilling C356 Mary Lynn Coyle 5008 Briar Tree Drive Dallas TX Frank, Kolb C359 Lynette Clyde PO Boc 13 Heber City UT Galka D005 Janis (Bowman) Davis th St E Puyallup WA Huck D009 Glen& Bonnie Dolberg 5163 W Fortrose Drive Herriman, UT Beideck, Norka D016 James & Ruth (Tietz) DeNault 4030 Calle Ariana San Clemente CA Odessa, Bessarabia D044 Dean & Joyce Deines 92 W 5 th St. Ste. A Fremont NE Norka D053 Elaine (Sauer) DeBoer 1275 Pleasant Grove Blvd. Apt. 101 Roseville CA Alt Posttal, Kulm, Eigenheim, Neusatz, Grossliebental, Leipzig, Worms, Peterstal, Rohrbach, Guldendorf D095 Frieda (Rauscher) Dobler 3001 S 51st Unit 4408 Lincoln NE Freudental, Teplitz, Gnadental, Helental, Rohrbach, Tarutino D101 George Dorn Crescent Lake Drive Crest Hill IL Paulskoye, Stahl am Karaman D111 Stephen & Jennifer (Safford) David 515 Glenco St. Denver CO Frank, Dietel, Norka D112 Gregory & Jacqueline Dockter 412 Versailles Ave. Bismarck ND Bergdorf, Neudorf D117 Kathryn (Helm) Drozdik 1728 Sugarpine Court Coquitlam BC Canada V3E 3E4 Yagodnaya Polyana D125 John L. Dietrich 8021 Cooper Ave. Lincoln NE Balzer D127 Michael & Beverly (Davison) Dell 1418 D Sreet SW Ephrata WA Frank D131 Sandra Dyke 1903 W 101 St Ave. Thornton CO Grimm, Frank D133 Carol (Albrecht) Dare 1843 Lexington Circle SE Salem OR Friedenstal D149 Virginia (Hettinger) Durr 3601 Ponderosa Court #1 Evans CO Dietel, Hussenbach, Michaelsdorf D165 Janet Deason 205 Windflower Way Windsor CO Alexandertal, Serdof, Suratzacuale, Benda D170 Samuel A. Dreith 1939 S Kearney Way Denver CO Balzer, Beideck D177 Ann Louise (Fahrnbruch) Daniel 3610 Plum Brook Circle Sandusky OH Frank D179 Michelle Dunn rd St Apt B Manhattan Beach CA Lustdorf, Hoffnungstal D186 Wilhelm G. Doos 1919 N Summit Ave. #10-D Milwaukee WI Dinkel, Krasnodar, Michaelstahl, Vorouzovka, Fastov D189 Bonnie DeDonder NW 62nd St. St Marys KS Rosenfeld SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

28 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II D201 Donna Day 235 N 24th St. Lincoln NE Doenhof, Jost, Kolb, Laub, Stahl D210 G. Stephen Drescher 4003 Banoak St. High Point NC Kamenka, Rothammel D218 Paul Deines 724 N 8th Wakeeney KS Pudowkin, Kratzke D219 Donald L. Debus 6880 Xavier Circle #2 Westminster CO Kukkus, Norka D222 Ruth (Dippel) DeLuca 171 East Maple St. Walla Walla WA Yagodnaya Polyana D223 Betty J (Hendricks) Dunquez 2505 Beluche Drive Galveston TX Brunnental, Norka D224 Betty DeVries 9668 Paramata Place Highland Ranch CO Frank, Kautz, Kolb D230 Elmer & Evelyn Dreher 1319 MacArthur Road Hays KS Neu Ober Monjou, Ober Monjour, Marienthal, Schoenchen, Wittman, Marienburg D231 Kenneth K. Dupper 7711 Oconner Drive #2215 Round Rock TX Friedenstal, Odessa D232 Richard & Beth Davenport Hardtke Drive Lansing MI Jost, Kukkus, Enders, Balzer, Straub, Schilling, Laub D233 Robert & Starlet (Washenfelder) DiBiano 4517 W. Quail Hollow Drive Lake Charles LA Hussenbach, Teslugavskaya, Volhynia D235 Michael John Dreiling Jr Red Pine Court Citrus Heights CA Graf, Herzog, Rohleder D240 Barbara (Bretzer) Dellinger 2230 Lake Park Drive #207 San Jacinto CA Beideck, Balzer D266 Donna Denniston 2544 Manchester Drive #4 Oklahoma City OK Shcherbakovka, Moor D280 Carol Durban 3800 Bradford St. SPC 48 LaVerne CA Degott, Husaren, Leichtling, Kohler D293 Linda J. Duffield P.O. Box 444 Orcus WA Schilling, Stahl, Straub, Schwab, Lauwe, Laub, Stahl am Tarlyk, Balzer D353 David & Charlotte Duncan 1767 E. Geddes Circle North Centennial CO Laub, Kukkus, Saratov D354 Paul & Nancy Deines Chestnut Glen Place Louisville KY m Neu Donhof, Frank D362 Martha V. Davis 1922 Avenue D Billings MT Hussenbach, Kautz D366 Christina Dillman 74 Strathaven Heights Strathmore AB Canada T1P 1P3 Mariental, Graf, Katherinental D430 John Dobrovolny 499 Meadwood Lane Burnsville MN Belowesch, Crimea, Rundeweise, Sarata, Chernihiv, Heilbrun/ Temesch, Beresan, Grunau, Johannenstal, Odessa, Mariupoul, Kaltschinowka D435 Debbie R. Dumler 2400 NE 27 th Drive Gresham OR Grimm, Blumenfeld, Norka, Walter, Strassburg D441 Raymond & Carol Dukart Overlook Drive NE Albuquerque NM Donhof, Moor, Katherinental, Landau, Kherson, Sebastianfeld D446 Deidre Dawson 2713 Timber Ridge Drive Temple TX Stavropol D462 Morna De Vries Box 579 Sturgis SK Canada S0A 4A0 Frank SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

29 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II D280 Carol Durban 3800 Bradford St. Spc 48 LaVerne CA Degott, Husaren, Lichtling, Kohler D481 Maribeth Diener 8 Shenandoah St. Dorchester MA Reinhardt, Schultz D484 Melissa Lorenz Danielsson 3605 Brindle Ridge Drive Suwanee GA Warenburg, Balzer E003 Marshall England 118 S Eldridge Way Golden CO Hocherberg, Norka, Schultz, Walter E018 John & Karen (Rice) Ertle 1146 King's Court #102 Sterling CO Vollmer, Gobel E021 Wayne & Irmgard (Hein) Ellingson 200 Highland Drive #2 Decorah IA m Dobra Wola, Glückstal, Maximowka E028 Lucille (Kurtz) Elrite Bittersweet NW Coon Rapids MN Romansdorf, Zhitomir E036 Kenneth L. Eckhardt 2942 Brookwood Drive Napa CA Frank, Beideck, Kolb E040 Elmer & Margery Ensminger th Street NE Medicine Hat AB Canada T1A 5V8 Kophoff, Volhynia, Chechenova, Matchulak, Kercher, Kassel E042 Gerda Engel 182 Bowlsby St. Nanaimo BC Canada V9R 1K1 Balzer, Hussenbach, Walter, Chortitza, Alexandropol, Elisabethstal, Josefstal E056 Kathleen Ellwein 3122 Wyandotte Circle Kansas City KS Heilbrunn E075 David & Kathleen Eberle Mile Road Racine WI Herzog, Mariental, Yagodnaya Polyana, Neu Ober Monjou E094 Doris (Eckhart) Evans 4148 Christensen Road East Almira WA Frank, Teplitz, Katsbach, Kolb E113 Herbert & Carol Epp Sunnyridge Road Palos Verdes Peninsula CA Blumental, Kuban, Caucasus E122 Dorothy Elrod 1204 W 88th Ave. Thornton CO Dietel, Walter E125 Dr. Jacob & Mary (Winn) Eichhorn 4501 Arbor Drive Midland MI Bauer, Beideck, Donhof, Grimm, Messer E126 Harold M Ehrman 1970 Silverleaf Circle #307 Carlsbad CA Hoffnungstal, Kassel, Neudorf, Nesselrod E138 William T. Erbes PO Box 530 Cedarburg WI Dönhof E159 H. David Enns 6423 Okanagan Landing Road Vernon BC Canada V1H 1M5 Riebensdorf E167 Sherry (Koehler) Edris 2534 Lakeshore Drive Fennville MI Huck, Dietel, Norka E221 Gary & Jeanne Englund PO Box 1048 Newman Lake WA Kolb E223 Stanley & Shirley Elliot 1174 N Franklin Ave. Louisville CO Semenovka E228 Justin Ehresman Malplaquetstr 38, Berlin, Germany m Neudorf (Glückstal Colonies), Freudental, Neuburg, Alt-Elft E233 William & Kathryn Mary Ewalt 135 Cramerton Court Lewisville NC Reinwald F010 Arthur Flegel 1895 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park CA Norka, Alexanderfeld, Eigenfeld, Rohrbach, Kulm, Frierichsfeld, Kronental, Rosenfeld Gross, Tarutino, Markowsowka, Leipzig, Lilienfeld, Marienbrunn SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

30 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II F029 Larry R. Frank 2111 Gemstone Walla Walla WA Dietel, Kautz F046 David & Fran Foth 1348 W. Garland Ave. Fresno CA Kuban Area, Lenau, Stokowa F049 Norman Fischbuch LaCaille Place SW Calgary AB Canada T2P 5E2 Markowitsch, Volhynia, Nololeindorf, Nataliendorf, Novograd, Volinskiy F052 Robert Freeman 611 Esplanade Redondo Beach CA Bergdorf, Gluckstal, Neudorf, Kassel & daughter colonies F079 Blanche (Lightfoot) Fritz 600 Auten Rd #104 Hilleborough NJ Enders, Rosenheim F096 Fay (Votruba) Foos 2816 Stafford St. Wichita KS Doenhof, Grimm, Neu Doenhof, Schoenfeld, Friedenfeld F107 Dr. Horst & Gabriele Fode Muehlenstr 10 Kassel, Hesse, Germany Alt Posttal, Beresina, Wittenberg F140 Ruth (Reimer) Feil 4450 Davis Ave. S Apt. 323 Renton WA Tashkent, Lindenau, Alexandria, Sedgrodaski F147 Gerald & Rosa Fabricius 6746 Desert Quail Drive Twentynine Palms CA Hussenbach, Kratzke, Morgentau F164 Donald & Alta (Stock) Fahrenbruch 218 W Armory Drive Norton KS Frank, Norka F196 Robert J. Folk Sr Fort King Run Brooksville FL Grimm, Dietel F200 Evelyn P. Fritzler PO Box 248 Woodward OK Dreispitz, Stephan, Anapa, Dobrinka, Galka F205 Ronald & Maxine (Thalheimer) Fiman th Lane SE Olympia WA Mariental F208 Robert & Beulah Fromm 2032 May Valley Way Henderson NV Volga, Saratov F209 Rodney & Bertha Fink 148 Fawn Ridge Macomb IL Dietel, Neu Donhof F217 Webster & Gloria Fiedler 2954 Grand Ave. Davenport IA Alt Danzig, Kassel F223 David L. Frickel 1905 E 11th Road Hampton NE Kautz F224 Janet (Laubhan) Flickinger 2544 Angus Lane Salina KS Brunnenthal, Frank, Shcherbakovka, Muhlburg, Kutter F237 Oris & Carey Friesen 5136 East Le Marche Ave. Scottsdale AZ Kleefeld, Morgentau Klippenfeld, Pastva, Molotschna, Ukraine, Volhynia F244 D. Michael Frank 2201 NE 156th Ave. Vancouver, WA Kautz F251 Norman Howard Fox 96 Bow Landing NW Calgary AB Canada T3B 5J8 Jagodnaya Polyana F354 Eileen French Box 584 Brooks AB Canada T1R 1B5 Crimea, Bessarabia F359 Vail & Pamela Fruechting 102 North Terrace Wichita KS Grunau, Mariupol, Molotschna, Odessa, Wickerau F360 Greg Falkenstein 5415, 113 A St. Edmonton AB Canada T6H 1A4 Schuck, Volmer F362 Duane Funk 1101 E Grissom Drive Palatine IL Rosenheim, Schwed F363 Howard & Mary Foote 7713 NW 30th St Bethany OK Kronsweide, Chortitza, Alexanderwohl, Molotchna, Bergthal, Marienthal, Karlswalde, Steinfelt, Graudenz F440 Patrice Fraker 2225 Belvedere Toledo OH Donhof SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

31 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II F441 Jill Kathryn Firestone 2048 NE 97th St. Seattle WA F462 Michael & Roxanne Ferrari 3521 N Hampton Lane Modesto CA Boragan, Crimea G026 William & Gayle Gleim 1005 Aster Ave. Sunnyvale CA Knadendorf, Yost, Kukkus, Laub, Dinkel, Nikolajewka G050 Helen (Palmer) Gaede th St. Sacramento CA Blumenstein, Friedensdorf, Liebenau, Margenau, Marienberg, Schonau G054 Edward & Marina Gerk 621 Grandview Road Kelowna BC Canada V1V 2C8 Memrik, Klippenfeld, Josefstal, Semenovk G086 Frieda Gress 225 Frances Lane San Carlos CA Rohrbach, Worms G102 Phyllis Gette Albert St. Regina & District Chapter, AHSGR Regina SK Canada S4S 3P4 Semenovka, Bangert, Weisenmuller, Lauwe, G112 Timothy Geiger PO Box 624 Leader SK Canada S0N 1H0 Taurutino, Rastadt, Bessarabia, Kandel, Liebental, Karlsruhe G113 Horst W. Gutsche A St Barrhead AB Canada T7N 1J5 Alt-Elft, Kulm, Leipzig, Ebenfeld, Mannsburg, Tarutino, Wittenberg, Neu-Sarata G136 Nancy C Grosshans 9611 W. Tierra Grande Peoria AZ Kassel, Worms, Grossliebenthal G160 Brian & Verna (Moriarty) Goral Crabapple Road Golden CO Frank, Hussenbach G165 James T. Gessele st St N. Apt. 512 Minneapolis MN Bersina, Rohrbach, Hoffenungstal G169 Eugene H. Gideon 1104 West Lime Ave. Lompoc CA Kratzke, Odessa G176 Dale & Ina (Schwartz) Glasgow Cook Underwood Rd Underwood WA Hussenbach G177 Janet Greenlee 2514 E. Hayes Davenport IA Nemanowka, Stephan, Volhynia, Romaneski G182 Clarence & Viola (Jahraus) Gramm 907 E Ida Bell St. Sunnyside WA Neu Danzig, Kassel, Rohrbach, Hoffnungstal G187 Carl W Geist 3709 Picnic Point Drive NW Gig Harbor WA G191 Peter & Betty (Miller) Greenemeier 3813 S Whitnall Ave. Milwaukee WI Beideck G195 John A. Groh 8716 Stone Pointe Lane Johnston IA Grimm G217 Victor Gess PO Box 1225 Lafayette CA Volhynia, Karlswalde, Shinutka, Rovno, Julianowka, Satyjow, Maschulki, Tuchkino, Sablotle, Shinutka G221 Robert & Ruth Galitz 314 S 13th Place Norfolk NE Frank G229 Kenneth & Jeanette Grenz 9763 W. 121st St. Overland Park KS Freudental, Worms, Friedenstal, Gnadenfeld, Hoffnungstal, Karlstal, Peterstal G234 Cynthia Gross Bedwell 662 Seville Lane Vacaville CA Kolb, Merkel, Norka G235 Kay (Ries) Gavin 2555 Hamline Ave. #105 St.Paul MN Crimea, Rosental G244 Michael & Denise (Gassman) Grau 3916 SW Windsor Court Topeka KS Nieder Monjou SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

32 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II G250 Michael D. Giessel 1555 SW Stratford Road Topeka KS Mariental G257 Marjorie Gomer PO Box 57 Severance CO Bruental, Frank, Donhof G262 Ronald & Lynn Greenwald 5882 Seldovia Road Fort Collins CO Greenwald G264 Steven Grau 7330 Bucknell Drive Dallas TX Nieder Monjou, Fischer, Kaneau, Paulskoye, Beideck, Rosenheim G265 Joseph A. Gareis 75 Little Brook Road New Hartford CT Koehler G268 Barbara Geist 2285 Marshall St. Edgewater CO Koehler, Hildmann G269 Joseph E. Gertge 8031 S 2250th E Ogden UT Rothammel G277 Judith C. Gareis 1384 S. Main Drive Apache Jct AZ Köhler, Pfeifer, Rothammel G278 Teresa J. White th St. NE Salem OR Walter, Brunnental, Kolb, Donhof G279 Sydney Gabel 2056 N. 4th Road Huntley MT Frank, Warenburg G320 Mel & Bertha 'Bettye' Grant 1717 Dashwood Drive Roseville CA Beideck, Rosenberg, Kautz, Schilling, Shcherbakowka, Stolengrad G326 Elmer Grenke 3602m th St. W Vancouver BC Canada V7T 2N7 Kremjanka, Volhynia, Josephine G371 Jill (Brethauer) Gaddis 4170 Stacey Road W Jacksonville FL Frank, Walter, Norka, Shikrilikita G378 Gary & Kathy Gable 707 Avenue B Snohomish WA Norka G412 Katherine Gerber 269 E Magellan Lane Elk Ridge UT Eckheim, Holstein, Shcherbavkovka G443 Judith Griess 3525 N 167 th Circle #332 Omaha NE Worms, Balzer G475 Ron & Patty George 1506 SE Pinewood Drive Lawton OK Donhof, Kutter G478 Clifford & Joyce Guinn 7921 Dorado Canyon Road Somerset CA Riebensdorf, Michaelstal, Ruhental G482 Edwin & Frances Grey 2447 NW 62nd Topeka KS Seewald G485 David Gustin 8018 Ainsworth Ave. Springfield VA Landau, Habstadt, Speier, Karlsruhe, Rastadt, Sulz, Katherinental G494 Sharon K. Gottsche 7721 Glynoaks Drive Lincoln NE Blumenfeld, Grimm, Eckheim, Shcherbakovka H041 Harold & Verna Hoppe 6130 Albert Lane North Branch MN Schwed, Stahl am Karman H048 Judy (Remmick) Hubert 240 St. Mary's Road Lafayette CA Borodino, Worms, Leipzig, Beresina, Glueckstal, Hoffnungstal, Neudorf, Freudental H055 Dale & Margaret Hohnstein 2042 E H St. Torrington WY Norka H064 Sadie (Riffel) Hand 3109 Scranton St. Aurora CO Frank, Morgenthau H074 William R. Herder 926 Hart St. Gallatin TN Beideck, Schilling, Norka H075 Robert J. & Norine Heinrich 7615 N 22 nd Place Phoenix AZ Kukkus SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

33 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II H081 Agnes (Weber) Horst 5525 E. Levee Road Sacramento CA Rohrbach, Worms H087 Delilah Hert 626 W. 2nd St. Hardin MT Alexanderdorf, Freudenstal, Leipzig, Walter, Waterloo, Franzfeld, Arzis, Eigenheim, Klostitz H088 Marcia Heit 8434 Everett Way, Unit E Arvada CO Semenovka H090 June (Burkart) Hensley 1980 Hwy 284 Townsend MT Walter, Rostov, Frank H096 Charles & Mary Hockenbarger 1934 NW Taylor St. Topeka KS Dreispitz H102 Elvera (Hepner) Hoffmann 7880 Pioneer Creek Road Maple Plain MN Laub, Stahl H115 Linda (Peterson) Falk 6005 W. Excell Spokane WA Neu Freudental, Worms, Fruedental, Alt-Danzig, Gluckstal, Bergdorf H122 Douglas & Lynn Henne 9 Cellini Court Lake Oswego OR Kleindorf, Neudorf H124 Wilbert Hieb 1231 W 8th St. South Brookings SD Pordenau, Karolswalde, Kotosuvka, Waldheim, Volhynia, Poltawka, Molotschna, Odessa H164 Janice Haberman 8110 SE Madison Portland OR Balzer, Frank, Odessa H168 Ronald & Kathy Hill 1510 Divot Sebring FL Grimm, Michelsdorf H175 Thomas Hepting 602 Vine St. Apt. 12 Sweet Springs MO Knitaf H181 Debra (Fears) Holland 1043 Monroe St. Wanatchee WA Gnadenfeld, Hierschau, Molotchna, Mamak, Franztal, Bachmut H186 June (Brehm) Hoagland 925 Freedom Blvd Apt A-310 Watsonville CA Walter, Norka H188 Marc & Shirley (Keller) Halvorsen 1415 Emerald Green Lane Houston TX Balzer, Frank, Kraft, Norka H192 Effa Hoff 824 West Alamos Ave. Fresno CA Frank, Hussenbach H200 Eleanor Haas 9518 Country Club Drive W Sun City AZ Kassel, Kleindorf H214 Vida (Seigal) Heinrichs Elizabeth #201 Wichita KS Fürstenwerder / Fuerstenwerder, Margenau, Schardau, Landskrone, Crimea, Simferopol H240 Dr. Thomas E. Heuke 619 Garfield St. Lincoln NE Messer, Schilling, Ukraine H243 Howard & Susan (Bauer) Heinisch 182 Kranichwood St. Richland WA Balzer, Goloy Karamysh H250 Betty (Harpster) Hoffman 8979 S Greenspointe Lane Highlands Ranch CO Kukkus, Hussenbach H262 Adrienne Spady Hacking 376 S 950 E Layton UT Norka, Balzer H283 Ermadene Haas 1966 Center Ave. Mitchell NE Franzosen H294 Gladys (Eitel) Herstein Shasta Lane Lincoln NE Beideck, Kukkus, Laub H299 Judith Hagen 1960 Piercy Ave. Courtenay BC Canada V9N 3G3 Kostopil H304 Roy & Shirley Helfenbein 5090 Lippincott Road Lapeer MI Kraft, Holstein, Shcherbakovka, Stephan H313 Sylvia Hertel 608 S Washington Ave #207 Albert Lea MN Black Sea area H314 Donald & Dolores Hergert CR 27 Greeley CO Oberdorf, Samara (Nov), Grimm, Ehrlenbach SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

34 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II H316 Ray & Beverly Harding th Place NE Marysville WA Frank, Kolb, Sarata H320 Sharon Hamill 1433 Black Eagle Trail Billings MT Crimea, Heilbrunn, Klostitz, Borodino, Alt Posttal H324 Roger & Roberta Haas 8618 SE 36th Ave. Portland OR Kassel, Klein Neudorf H339 Sue Hess 1249 N. Sunnyslope Drive Unit 103 Mt. Plesant WI Krasnoyar, Reinwald H341 William G. Hemple 5046 Windleigh Place St Louis MO Dietel, Huck H350 Richard & Shirley Hirsch Hilltop Circle Ault CO Argentina, South America, Frank, Hussenbach, Walter H356 Don Haberman st Ave. SE Lacey WA Norka, Mulhle H357 Bertha (Werth) Haas 881 S Ginger St. Cornelius OR Graf, Herzog, Marienthal, Schonchen H366 Helmuth H. Huber th Ave. #328 Fargo ND Balzer, Borodino, Bessarabia H367 Arliss (Klauser) Hoskins 8324 Noren St. Downey CA Dobrinka, Kraft, Dreispitz, Schwab H381 Ella Marie Hayes 3610 Woodhaven Drive Cheyenne WY Beideck, Frank H386 Shirley Hurrell SW Rigert Terrace Beaverton OR Hussenbach H388 Penny Henniger 585 E Westfield Ave. Porterville CA Crimea, Gottland, Neusatz, Temesh, Rundewiese, Belowesch H392 George & Mary Jo Hinkel 1835 Circle Lane SE #528 Lacey WA Norka H401 Robert & Peggy Haberkorn 2223 SE Spruce Court Topeka KS Semenovka, Gobel, Ober Munjor, Marianthal H405 Tracy Hume th Ave. Place Greeley CO Beideck, Kraft, Driespitz H419 Richard Hammarstrom PO Box 490 Kaysville UT Kolb H421 Kelly Horst 1142 S.204th St. Seattle WA Frank, Saratov, Volga H435 Clara Headley 1183 N 8 th St. Sterling CO Gobel, Volmer H436 Lyle & Dianne Honstein 155 Wild Briar Lane Loveland CO Hussenbach, Kolb, Norka, Walter, Frank H437 Betty (Troudt) Holinka 2600 Seltice Way Ste. A Post Falls ID Moren, Norka, Dönhof H439 Irene (Ulrich) Houtchens th Ave. #17 Greeley CO Bauer, Merkel, Grimm, Messer H444 Donald R. Herrmann 521 Rushmore Road Rapid City SD Josephtal, Neusatz, Turubina, Kassel, Zueriechtal, Paris, Tarutino, Friedental H446 Raymond & Frances Heinle 2661 E Carla Vista Drive Gilbert AZ Dinkel, Johannestal, Lauwe, Norka, Rohrbach, Jost H447 Evelyn (Lang) Huggins 5021 NW Brickyard Road Topeka KS Pfeifer H459 Edgar & Charlotte Hoak 5423 RFD Long Grove IL Holstein, Stephan, Dreispitz, Galka, Grimm, Schwab, Schuck H470 Elizabeth (Young) Harrison 7703 Braesdale Lane Houston TX Neu Straub SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

35 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II H474 Lois (Hoffmann) Howard Kings Garden Drive N. #R108 Shoreline WA Balzer, Schilling, Dönhof H477 Darrell & Dee Hert 3889 West Tuscaloosa Way W. Jordan UT Kolb, Neu Messer, Kautz, Dietel, Hussenbach, Frank, Alexanderdorf, Walter, Beideck, Katherinstadt H479 Leroy & Jeanette (Hepp) Hoffman N 75th St. Longmont CO Herzog, Liebental, Ober Monjou, Frank H489 Allan Hins 5963 Chase Ave. Downers Grove IL Kulm, Neu Posttal, Wittenberg, Freudental H492 Frederick A. Hessler Alexander Drive St. Clair Shores MI Beauregard, Graf, Katharinenstadt, Norka, Herzog H494 Brent& Ruth Hale 6217 Stonehill Drive Dallas TX Beideck H496 James L. Hickman 22 Watertree Drive The Woodlands TX Norka, Jost H503 Betty Hughbanks 975 5th St. Gering NE Kraft, Gnadentau, Morgentau H514 Bill Horst PO Box 2604 Yakima WA Kolb, Norka, Walter, Frank H515 Linda LaVon Hack (Croissant) Azams 4637 W 23 rd Greeley CO Odessa, Frank H516 Elizabeth Hoffmann nd Ave. E Sutton NE Rohrbach, Worms H517 Catherine (Retzloff) Hawinkels Street NW Edmonton AB Canada T5Z 1X2 Vollmer H521 William & Margaret Herzog 724 Wagon Wheel Drive Ft. Collins CO Kukkus, Walter H525 Carole (Greenwald) Hardy 393 Lampson St. Victoria BC Canada V9A 5Y6 Simperofol, Crimea, Bessarabia, Odessa H534 Jacob M. Heidt 1850 Balboa Drive Apt. N Idaho Falls ID Dreispitz H545 Joan Harvey th Street SW Calgary AB Canada T3H 4C7 Volhynia, Bethanien, Hussenbach, Neviera, Konstantinowka, Pyatigorsk, Kana H568 Don & Betty Herth 1922 E. Maple Enid OK Schwab, Galka H577 Jerry & Linda (Lindeman) Hohler Cedar Drive Maize KS Gluckstal, Friedenstal, Hoffnungstal H590 Sandra M. Hammons 2792A W. Washington St. #181 Stephenville TX Warenburg, Lauwe H595 George & Carolyn Horst Taylor St. Omaha NE Frank H599 Margretha Hein 272 Sylvan Road Glenco IL Saratov Region, Frank, Kolb H604 Janice M. Harris 1527 Green Valley Road Grafton WI Alexanderfeld, Alexanderhilf, Grossliebental, Bosinowa H623 Thomas Hayes 917 Dornick Drive Ardmore OK Dietel H630 Cindy (Haberman) Hagemeier th Road Meade KS Pfeifer, Norka, Gobel, Liebenthal, Herzog, Marianthal H652 John & Shirley Hiley A St. Surrey BC Canada V3S 2P2 Balzer H662 David Haspert Homeland Drive Hughesville MD Koehler SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

36 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II H688 Michael & Constance Hein 1530 Warbler Circle Grand Island NE Frank, Bruennental H732 Keith & Bonnie Harding th Ave. SE Renton WA H762 James E. Hiebert 220 Bluebird Lane St. Augustine FL Alexanderwohl, Neuhaussen H871 Stanley & Linda Harris 711 S. 234 th Place Des Moines WA Jagondnaya Polyana H877 James & Kiesten Holstein 9038 NE Fremont Portland OR Galka, Dobrinka, Neu Weimar H887 Arthur Hoff 2748 Cambridge Drive Steilacoom WA Frank, Beideck, Walter, Kolb, Hussenbach H890 Candy Hays 2664 Augusta Drive N Clearwater FL Galka H894 Maria L. Hein 3612 NE 17 th Ave. Portland OR Frank, Kolb H895 Lindy Haagensen 5495 Roundtree Drive Apt D Concord CA Oberdorf, Kutter, Kolb H896 Catherine J. Heimbach 531 Tarrogon Drive #8 Kaukauna WI Balzer H899 Terry & Magdalena Hartman # Adam St. Terrace BC Canada V8G 0H2 Beresina, Belowesch H931 Ronald D. Hanhardt 317 N Lala Otis KS Schoenfeld, Grimm, Neu Messer, Kutter, Riebensdorf H965 Beverly Marie (Burbach) Holt 4050 El Paso Road Bullhead City UT Norka, Neu Norka, Merkel, Kautz, Kolb, Frank, Walter, Rosenberg H974 Dr. John Herold 3469 Amick Road Elon NC m Grimm H980 Jeffrey Holdman 9 Sauk Trail #1 Indian Head Park IL Rothammel, Dietel I022 James H. Ingenthron 310 S. Dakota Dunes #116 Dakota Dunes SD Breise, Kamenka I023 Dollie Iberlin 565 N Carrington Ave. Buffalo WY Bauer J010 Charles E. Jones Jr S. 33 rd St. Lincoln NE et Frank, Leipzig, Kulm J030 Robert Janke 7938 VW Ave. West Schoolcraft MI Alexsandrya, Chorochorin, Julianow, Marynkow, Serchow, Wincentow, Ozorkow, Genandorf, Koenigriese J041 Richard & Gloria Jacoby Lafayette Circle Omaha NE Norka, Popovka J042 Tim & Rachel Janzen SE Ridgecrest Road Happy Valley OR Einlage, Hierschau, Kronstal, Molochna, Ruckenau, Mazifka Landskrone, Neuendorf, Petrovka, Orenburg J047 Anneliese (Sieber) Johnson 2701 Williams St. Aston PA Katharinenfeld, Tiflis J049 Jack I Jones 2806 Forest Grove Drive Richardson TX Yagodnaya Polyana, Neu Yagodnaya Polyana J066 Mary (Filer) Jacobson 2724 Scenic Hills Drive Clarkston WA Elsass Lorraine J071 David & Janette Jury 2664 W. Cloud Street Road Salina KS Bangert, Frank, Hussenbach, Kutter, Anton, Zaumorje, Cevastyanovki J077 Jared & Carol (Luft) Jones 144 Wood Court Newberg OR edu Beideck, Frank SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

37 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II J089 Gloria Johnson 156 Phillips Road Richland WY Kukkus, Laub, Frank, Warenburg J095 Jacquie (Weitzel) Jones 8517 N Gaetano Loop Tucson AZ Frank, Grimm, Norka J097 Francis & Alice Jacobs 4625 NW Geronimo Trail Topeka KS Kamenka, Ober Monjou, Pfeifer, Herzog J105 Mark & Kathy (Keller) Johnston PO Box 585 Deadwood SD Balzer, Dietel J116 Jeanette Jones Del Monte Drive #54F Seal Beach CA Koehler J117 John & Peggy Jester 1314 Karen Ave. Clovis CA J122 Velma Jesser 2217 Santo Domingo Ave. Las Cruces NM Rohrbach, Worms, Klostitz J140 Robert Johnson 712 Alice Place Elgin IL Altonau, Blumstein, Alexanderkron, Blumenort, Brenkenhofswalde, Gnadenheim, Molotschna, Deutsch Wymischla K009 Phyllis (Uhrich) Kaiser 5225 N. 10th St Tacoma WA Frank K012 Timothy & Rosalinda Kloberdanz 310 N 28th Ave. Fargo ND du Rothammel, Seewald, Volmer, Rothamel, Degott, Minsk, Seewald, Schuck, Brabander, Franzosen, Pfeifer K024 Kermit & Lottie (Wolf) Karns 519 S Kline Aberdeen SD K054 James & Helen (Rawlins) Knopf nd Ave. NE Redmond WA Frank K056 Richard Kraus 9 Laurel Hill Drive Leverett MA Alexandertal, Schilling, Donhof, Kutter, Stahl am Karaman, Huck, Karlswalde, Karlsberge K082 Victor Knell th Ave. N #3 Fargo ND Beresina, Brienne, Freudental, Teplitz, Gluckstal K088 Peter & Judith Kaland 551 West Harrison St. Columbus WI Schulz K092 Della (Laib) Kiesz 306 W 10th Ave. Ritzville WA Hoffnungstal, Rohrbach, Worms, Michaelstal, Gluckstal, Peterstal, Bergdorf K101 Donald & Elizabeth (Younger) Krcmarik 1313 S Helberta Ave. Redondo Beach CA Schilling K119 Harvey & Joan Knizek 1533 NE 97th St. Seattle WA Kukkus K146 Victorine Kisner 9111 W. 21st St. #58 Wichita KS Kamenka, Pfeifer, Rothammel, Schuck K148 Richard Kisling 23 Vintage Court Petaluma CA Lauwe, Stahl, Straub, Warenburg K154 Allen & Mary (Patton) Konrad PO Box 157 Rowley IA Bessarabia-Akkerman: Kloestitz, Paris, Alt-Postal; Kherson-Beresan: Friedenstal, Gueldendorf, Rohrback, Worms K159 Alan F. Kreutzer 1352 W Highway 40 Hays KS Liebental, Louis, Mariental K173 Leland & Ramona Kraft 1801 Upriver Drive #171 Spokane WA Eckheim, Shcherbakovka, Stephan K180 Lois K. Klaus 111 NE 67th Ave. Portland OR Kolb, Norka K221 Ron Knappen W21975 Hess Road Galesville WI Huck, Kuban, Novorossiysk, Neuheim SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

38 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II K224 Otto Kopf 535 SW 125 th Terrace Oklahoma City OK Frank, Galka K227 Carrol Kaatz W 272 N 2675 Lakeview Blvd Pewauke WI Holstein, Neu Norka, Schilling K229 Joyce (Brehm) King 3063 S. Xanthia St. Denver CO Neu Bauer, Norka K289 Donald & Sharon Kluge 116 Chippewa Circle Gretna NE Brunnental, Huck K296 Larry A. Kuxhausen 1089 Lake Washington Blvd N #A401 Renton WA Hussenbach, Merkel, Rosenberg K308 Edward J. Kies 59 Raven Drive Aurora IL Josefstal, Semenovka K331 Else (Pfenning) Kilthau 7060 W 43 rd Place Wheat Ridge CO Dobrinka, Neu Norka, Norka, Frank K333 Vernon & Elizabeth Kembel 5267 Mt. Lehman Road Abbotsford BC Canada V4X 1Y4 Kolb K365 Diane Koch 1950 NW 192nd Ave. Unit 141 Hillsboro OR Kolb, Frank, Norka K397 Kenneth & Beverly Krieg 2113 Enslen Ave. Modesto CA Neu Freudental, Neu Danzig, Gueldendorf, Bergdorf, Lichtenfeld K440 Helen R. King 920 S. Dale Court Denver CO Rothammel, Seewald K443 Andrew & Joyce Kroneberger 808 E Mississippi St. Florence AZ Dehler, Brabander K247 Richard & Karen (Miller) Kaiser CR 24 Sterling CO Balzer, Dönhof, Katharinethal, Frank K259 Clarence & Donna Kissler 8760 S Garland Court Littleton CO Frank K277 Marie (Lehmann) Korth 4535 N 92nd St. #C202 Wauwatosa WI Orlovskoye K287 Paul & Janet Koehler 83 Spoonbill Lane Ellerton FL Bangert, Stahl am Tarlyk K315 Ervin D. Kaufman 901 W. Walker Road North Platte NE Frank, Neu Norka, Oberdorf, Walter, Norka K317 Ruth (Moreau) Kahre Schultz 3830 Garrison St. Wheat Ridge CO Norka K323 Wilfred Konrade 703 NE Gratten Topeka KS Pfiefer K328 Dorothy (Nolte) Kreick 920 N 68th St. Lincoln NE Huck K382 Harold & Linda Kindsvater 7734 N Madsen Clovis CA Dietel, Gnadentau, Wiesenmuller, Stahl, Brunnental, Armavir K387 Larry & Florence Kammerzell rd Ave. Greeley CO Frank K394 Karla J. Kretzschmer Abington Drive Farminton Hills MI m Dietel K463 Caroline Kipps 122 Bollingbrook Drive Charlottesville VA om Paulsheim, Waldheim, Karolswalde, Molotschna, Mariental K467 Geraldine Kugler 8456 W. Quarles Place Littleton CO Beideck, Saratov, Balzer K487 Kenneth Kerner 5545 N. Fresno St. Apt 1111 Fresno CA Dinkel, Lauwe, Straub SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

39 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II K503 Morris Knorr Box 333 Saskatoon SK Canada S7N 3G7 m Grosswerder, Yekaterinoslavkaya K506 Ann M. Kersten 1000 N. Northern Vista Place Tucson AZ Toporischtsche, Zhytomyr, Osterode, Olschowiec, Maryynin K512 Judi Kingry 2460 Yarmouth Crescent Oakville ON Canada L6L 2M8 Ober Monjou, Mariental K536 Sylvester & Paulette Kohlman A St. Wainwright AB Canada T9W 1L3 Rothammel, Schuck K564 Ken Klein Townsend Drive Scottsbluff NE om Rohrbach K606 Susan Kern th St. Des Moines IA Dietel, Walter, Saratov, Kautz, Norka K612 Charles & Victoria Kurle 2040 Highland Drive Hastings MN Neudorf, Bergdorf, Kassel, Worms, Gluckstahl K627 David E. Kromm 2825 Virginia Drive Manhattan KS Lessen K632 Jon & Peggy Kindschy 4004 Plum Creek Drive Loveland CO Frank K636 Donald & Beverly Keller 3844 S Richfield St. Aurora CO Kamyshin K659 Ronald Keller 5602 Summerfield Lane Spring TX Eigenfeld, Hockheim K685 Kim Beata Joachim Krausher 1204 NE Burnham Place Coupeville WA Friedenstal L012 Pauline (Stoll) Lehr 4045 Abilene Circle S Aurora CO Huck, Donhof, Golobodwka L023 John Lauck 214 Teal Lane Sugar Land TX Beideck L033 Rosemary Larson 703 Wesley Lane Mendota Heights MN Kamenka, Zug, Pfeifer, Katharinenstadt, Louis L036 Velma R. Lofing 2550 Pacific Coast Hwy #182 Torrance CA Frank, Huck L041 Dr. Lawrence G. Lefler 650 W. 21st St. Apt. 173 Fremont NE Norka L047 Lynn M. Luker 514 El Blanco Drive Boise ID Dietel, Kolb L049 Vincent Lechman 311 Linda Lane Lino Lakes MN Rothammel L057 Richard L. Lenz Sr Avon St. Sheridan WY Bauer, Karanischewka L059 Helen Lebsack 9760 W 63 rd Ave. Arvada Co Frank, Norka L065 Lillian (Goebel) Losey 4025 Oakdale Court #C108 Sheboygan WI Reinhard L066 Helen T. Lane 1820 Valencia Place Victoria BC Canada V8N 5W1 Christina, Cherson, Felsenberg, Nikolayev L086 Janet Lloyd 2151 N. Yellow Creek Road Casper WY Balzer, Frank, Langenfeld, Norka L098 Robert & Mary Jo Lutzow 1069 Birchwood Drive Pingree Grove IL Enders, Schwed L107 Carolynn Leeuw Pacific Way #99 Kamloops BC Canada V1S 1T1 Krasna, Franzfeld, Kronental, Odessa L112 Loys & Betty (Whitten) Lamb th NW Seattle WA Walter L114 Aubrey D. Lehmann PO Box 603 Gaylord KS Dreispitz SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

40 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II L132 Margaret Losier 5613 Autry Ave. Lakewood CA Yagodnaya Polyana L134 Arlene (Salwasser) Lichti PO Box 276 North Fork CA Bangert, Emilchin, Kukkus, Stahl, Osoki L227 Virginia (Yost) Louvar SE 218th Place Kent WA Norka L233 Ronald & Alma Loeb Box 1507 Beausejour MB Canada R0E 0C0 Bangert, Kukkus, Volhynia, Stahl L258 Wandola Gregg Lockridge E. Flynn Road Douglas OK Moor, Norka L259 Kenneth Leffler 2671 Plummer St. ALC Room 109 San Jose CA Frank, Grimm L290 Jack & Patricia Laes 907 Lord St. Kelso WA Hussenbach, Norka L291 David & Susan Lutz 6325 Cresthaven Drive La Mesa CA Sofiental, Odessa, Johannestal L153 Elenor L. Leroux 1560 Howard Ave. San Carlos CA Grimm, Stahl L158 Nellie (Lehl) Lohrding 508 E Cottonwood St. PO Box 147 Coldwater KS Michaelowka, Saratov L174 Dr. Harold & Violet Lang 410 NE 114th Ave. Portland OR Kassel L188 Lillian (Keil) Larwig 2133 NW 25th St. Oklahoma City OK Neu Straub L211 Violet Leikam 78 27th St. W #120 Billings MT Blumenfeld, Kautz, Feodosia, Rayon, Kronental, Laub, Zurichtal L238 Jacob J. Leisle N St. Joe Drive Spirit Lake ID Warenburg L241 Richard A. Lauck 1815 London Lane Apt. 605 Arlington TX Beideck, Erlenbach L242 Terrence & Vilma Luck th Place NE Kirkland WA Schöntal, Yagodnaya Polyana L247 Mary (Kroeker) Loewen 6405 Prince Albert St. Vancouver BC Canada V5W 3E7 Alt Danzig, Schonau, Michaelsburg, Lindenau, Kosweide, Kirovograd L251 Janet Larson 600 4th St. SW #507 Rochester MN Alexandertal, Kirschwald, Mariupol L264 Jack & Lillian (Schmer) Lawrence 916 NE 107 Pl Portland OR Dobrinka, Norka L269 Judy Lutzi 4619 M St. Lincoln NE Dietel L275 Gloria L. Lammy 5201 Woodhaven Court #312 Flint MI Messer, Norka L281 Donald & Naomi Loose 2939 Joell Drive Toledo OH Frank, Kraft L287 Robert M. Leichner Tracie Court SW Olympia WA Huck, Kutter, Balanda, Mikhailovka L315 Jim & Janette Lofing 163 Lakewood Ave. Ventura CA Huck, Frank, Norka L336 Gary & Sharon Lobe 2307 Crestline St. Spokane WA Kulm, Akkeman, Bessarabia, Alt Eift, Eigenheim, Leipzig, Klostitz L435 Don Leinweber 432 S. 200 East Farmington UT Jagodnaja Polyana L461 Lynn Lembke Gold Country Blvd. Gold River CA Dinkel, Straub, Laub L493 Frank & Judy Strauch Leyhe Northridge Drive Maryville MO Beideck SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

41 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II L497 David & Cynthia Ledford 2805 Rawhide Drive Rapid City SD Dietel, Frank, Kautz, Rosenberg L508 Elaine Clara Lovett (Funk) 4521 NW 32 nd Place Oklahoma City OK Neider Monjou, Urbach, Fisher L512 Jeremy & Myrna Landt 2 Rabbit Road Santa Fe NM Katharinental, Grimm, Straub, Neu Straub M001 Lewis R. Marquardt 7116 Foxtree Cove Austin TX Kandel M014 Raymond & Donna Maas Hinton Castro Valley CA Johannestal, Plotzk, Paris, Neudorf M015 Dr. Robert A. Meininger 6936 Old Post Place Lincoln NE Kolb, Kukkus, Norka M021 Gladys (Handel) Mettler 1604 Cherrywood Way Lodi CA Kassel, Neudorf, Grossliebental, Johannestal M060 Gloria A. Menke RR 1 Box 1137 Hardin MT Kolb, Sulz M093 Larry D. Miller 309 Yellowstone Place Spearfish SD Unterdorf, Schwed M095 June (Schuber) Montgomery 1302 Sooner Fairview OK Dobrinka, Galka M111 Harvey May 270 Troy Road Troy VA Dreispitz, Schilling M112 Roger Menchinger 615 W. Shawnee Road Baroda MI Slomke, Volhynia, Frierichsdorf M113 Richard & Constance (Peter) Meyer th Ave. NE Seattle WA Arzis, Friedenstal, Galicia M128 Teresa (Hefner) Miller 1820 NW Polk Topeka, KS M131 Edna Macht 1900 Edison St. #304 Brush CO Frank, Walter, Kohler M160 Brent A. Mai 75 Stone Ridge Way #1F Fairfield CT Kratzke, Ahrenfeld, Grimm, Kautz, Frank, Holstein, Donhof M165 Jenettie (Rieger) Miesen 3695 Zinnia Lane N Plymouth MN Glückstal, Neudorf M178 Carol Malecki 3615 SW Spring Creek Court Topeka KS Herzog, Louis M196 George P. Miller 114 N Center St. Naperville IL Stahl am Tarlyk M200 Maria (Kaiser) MacTavish 190 Range Line Road Apt E Kohler WI Reinwald M214 Ronald L. Miller 813 Calle David Santa Fe NM Enders M224 Jerry W. Martin PO Box 554 Oysterville WA Rosenberg, Norka, Neu Norka, Holstein M225 Raymond G. Miller W Hampden Ave. 103 Unit 13 Lakewood CO Kratzka, Nieder Monjou, Friedenfeld M232 Norma (Lauer) Miller 2320 W 113th Place Unit 3332 Chicago IL Friedental, Crimea M235 Maynard & Lois Mai PO Box 415 Glide OR Dreispitz, Holstein, Kratzke, Schwab, Kraft, Grimm, Friedenfeld, Friedenberg, Blumenfeld M236 Richard McGregor 17 Newcroft Warton, Carnforth Lancashire UK LA5 9QB Grimm, Rosenberg, Muller M242 Ruth H. Mayor 6 Beth Ave. #315 Leominster MA Beideck, Talowka, Usmorje M245 Victor & Shirley Michel 2714 N. Lincoln Ave. #412 York NE Huck, Kutter SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

42 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II M251 Frank & Delma McLean 3811 McLean Drive Yakima WA Alt Elft, Eigenheim, Gnadenfeld, Kulm M320 Thomas P. Martin 2049 C 26 th Ave. S Grand Forks ND Guldendorf, Lichtenfeld, Grossliebental M357 Thelma (Kinderknecht) Mills 1200 N Washington Abilene KS Mariental, Louis, Herzog, Pfeifer, Liebental M406 Donald & JoAnn Maul 8003 Bluebell Drive Wausau WI Schilling, Messer, Unterdorf, Shcherbakovka M262 Robert W. Muntz 5113 N. 27th St. Tacoma WA Kolb, Kautz M263 Michael & Kim Meisinger Briar Drive Overland Park KS Messer, Balzer M264 Linda (Payne) McGee 2424 NW 120th St. Oklahoma City OK Jadvanin, Karlswalde, Ostrog M267 Helen Morgan PO Box 236 Hingham WI Reinwald, Schafer M280 Michel Mallenby 9373 Maplewood Blvd. Omaha NE Blumenfeld, Frank M306 Stuart B. Munsch PSC 473 Box 50 FPO Partol, Bessarabia, Friedental M325 Theodore W. Mohr 327 Shining Rock Beaumont CA Beideck, Kutter, Shcherbakovka, Warenburg M331 Doris Marshall 6065 Verde Trail S Apt. G126 Boca Raton FL Hussenbach, Kolb, Messer, Frank M332 Beverly (Mayer) Mach th St. S La Crosse WI om Alt Posttal, Plotzk, Wittenberg M342 Marlene L. Michel P.O. Box 547 Keoma AB Canada T0M 1G0 Yagodnaya Polyana, Huck M345 Robert D. McDonald SE One Rosa Drive Happy Valley OR Kraft M348 Patricia (Koerner) Moore W 80th Ave. Arvada CO Graf, Katharinenstadt M364 Gwen Mayer 5385 W. Lehigh Ave. Denver CO Dietel M372 Stacy L. Howser 7512 Ridge Road Cheyenne WY Dunajewski, Trebnitz M387 Donald Meisner 2329 N. Monroe Ave. Fresno CA Frank, Jost, Lauwe, Stahl M392 Dottie Wiederhold-Momany 2325 Rockwell Drive #162 Midland MI Paulskoye, Enders, Fischer M395 Glen & Patricia (Scheideman) Myers N. Scioto Ave. Oro Valley AZ Frank, Norka M405 Gary & Sandy Martens 929 Lighthouse Lane Savannah TX Dobrinka, Neu Norka, Schilling, Konstantinovka, Neu Shilling, Galka, Neu Schilling II, Alexandertal M407 Timothy & Patricia Mehl 4082 Ivy St. Galesburg MI Reinhard, Reinwald M409 Betty (Engel) Muradian S Academy Ave. Kingsburg CA Anton, Balzer, Danzig, Kukkus M411 Harvey May 2229 Texas School Road Wingina VA Dreispitz, Schilling M415 Robert Munger 6327 W. 61st Place Arvada CO Frank M418 Thelma (Klippert) Martin Thatcher Ave. Orlando FL Frank, Walter M419 Carl & Joan Mack 5378 Rucker Drive San Jose CA Elsass, Krasna, Mannheim SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

43 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II M421 Herbert & Geraldine Mangis 1726 Parkhill Drive BIllings MT Walter M424 Joan A. (Fischer) Minnis th W Mountlake Terrace WA Brienne, Danielsfeld, Freudental, Lichtental, Teplitz M428 Barbara A. Michael 4711 Old Cheney Road #20 Lincoln NE Huck, Norka, Schwab M442 Benjamin Markel 5124 Quince Court Livermore CA Kohler, Gobel, Klostitz, Gluckstal, Wittenberg, Shcherbakovka M457 Terry Meyer 1320 W. Laurenwood Way Highlands Ranch CO Merkel, Oberdorf, Dietel, Komkhan M460 Robert Miller 704 Meadowbrook Road Yakima WA Grimm, Stephan, Morgentau M491 Jerry & Jolene (Albert) McInnis 5614 Harmony Court Lincoln NE Walter, Khutor, Latrig M496 Mary Mushrush 5933 W. 43rd St. S Tulsa OK Schwab, Kraft, Galka M539 Norman & Judy Ann Miller PO Box 41 Bowden Canada T0M 0K0 Yagodnaya Polyana, Neudorf, Freudental, Friedenstal M541 Shirley Morey 6071 Trevino Court Fort Collins CO Norka M586 Maureen B. McCormick th Ave. Maple River BC Canada V2X 0V7 Jost, Konstantinovka, Schilling, Donhof M603 Phyllis Mitchell Tollhouse Road Clovis CA Straub, Stahl M615 Michael & Marva McKenzie 30 Raccoon Road Sequim WA M635 Stephen Maerz 255 Hillcrest Blvd. Strathmore AB Canada T1P 1W2 Gluckstal, Kassel M712 Donna Lovlace Moore 3025 SW 128th St. Oklahoma City, OK Yagodnaya Polyana M718 Debra L. Mowery 5025 Cocoa Drive Pensacola FL Dinkel M722 Rose M. Muggli Box 2961 Humboldt SK Canada S0K 2A0 Kostheim, Waldorf M746 Sandra A. Merchant 8 Hardesty Drive Shawnee OK M757 Gerald & Sandra Mackie 1400 W 3 rd St. Hastings NE Kukkus, Kutter, Samara M779 Lee Macklin 8322 Charlotte Ave. Citrus Heights CA Vohlynia, Zhitomar M782 Deanna Miller 1301 Walnut St. #F Windsor CO m M813 Barbara McMillan 6795 Colorado Blvd. Commerce City CO om Mariental, Graf, Herzog, Louis, Kamenka N010 Roswita Niessner 1144 Paschal Drive Louisville CO Gnadenfeld, Bendery, Hoffnungstal, Meschen, Kronental N012 Keith & Carol (Streitt) Neumann 1118 Hazel Ave. NW Bremerton WA Neudorf, Odessa N014 Frances Nelson 2436 S. Harlan Court Lakewood CO Kutter N017 Leroy Nikolaisen 6656 Lindenwood Place St. Louis MO Dinkel SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

44 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II N035 John P. Nickel PO Box 1674 Battleford SK Canada S0M 0E0 a Chortitza, Crimea, Neudorf, Rosenort, Kronsgarten N064 Dwane Netsch 2304 Denver Ave. Spirit Lake IA Volhynia N067 Marlin & Nathalie (Leiferman) Nelson 3158 Gracefield Road #302 Silver Spring MD Feodosia, Bangert, Kukkus, Rosenberg, Grunau, Warenburg, Zurichtal N084 Corrine Niedenthal 6088 Rebecca Way Mc Farland WI Frank, Grimm, Hussenbach, Kratzke, Kutter, Wiesenmuller N085 Luther E. Nitschke nd Road Cambridge KS Beresina N092 Sandra (Hilt) Norris 826 Oak Valley Lane Cheyenne WY Anton, Mariental, Neu Mariental, Norka, Stahl N094 Victoria (Kipka) Nied NW Casey Drive Portland OR Borso, Duma, Nemecka, Morka N097 David & Debbie Nelson th St. NW Edmonton AB Canada T5Z 0A5 Galka, Holstein, Shcherbakovka, Hussenbach N104 Gerald & Carol Niederquell 6910 Trowbridge Court Saginaw MI Erlenbach, Schulz N118 Dr. Kimberly (Ormsby) Nagy 1251 Oak Hill Drive Downers Grove IL Donhof N126 Bradley & Susan (Hopp) Nakaji Glenbrae Drive Saratoga CA Frank, Leipzig, Kulm N130 Suzanne Nolan 4124 Little Gap Loop Ellenton FL Strassendorf, Samara N143 Jack & Donna Norton 70 Alaska Road Riverton WY Tarutino, Friedenstal N164 Barbara (Kaiser) Nelsen 1108 SE 210th Ave. Gresham OR m Selz N167 Kenneth&Carol Norberg Pennsylvania Circle Thornton CO Beideck, Schoensee N169 Linda (Hilderman) Napier E Quail Run Road Cornville AZ Dietel, Saratov, Hussenbach N202 Bernard & Alberta Nichols 7700 Killarney Place Wichita KS Biedeck, Ahrenfeld O018 Ruth (Steinbrecher) Ormsby 5777 Eagle Trace Drive Sylvania OH Donhof O036 Laura Ollek 528 N Eby St. McPherson KS Dreispitz, Kraft, Stephan O047 Ellamae (Brautigam) Oliver 3225 Freeport Blvd. #610 Sacramento CA South Russia O068 Jean L. O'Brien 3575 NW McCready Bend OR m Hussenbach, Norka O074 Roger & Stacey Osborne 500 Lois Place Laurel MT Walter, Frank O079 Christine Oehlberg 1206 Old Mill Lane Elk Grove Village IL Enders, Ust-Karaman, Reinhardt, Reinwald O083 Susan Schneider O'Grady 1925 Etton Drive Fort Collins CO Kraft, Galka O091 Elizabeth Oryall 650 South 600 East Payson UT Worms, Rohrbach, Johannestal, Guldendorf, New Danzig O131 J. Dean Ochs 123 N Main Caldwell KS P030 Richard & Kathryn (Wanklyn) Peltz 8563 Maynard Road Palo Cedro CA Saratov, Kratske SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

45 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II P035 Mildred Pelkey 403 W. Ordnance Road #206 Glen Burnie MD Balzer P053 Rachel (Gackle) Pribbeno E Hampden Ave. #314 Aurora CO Alt-Elft, Beresina, Alt-Posttal, Borodino, Eigenfeld, Sofiental, Wittenberg, Benkendorf P075 John & Shirley Pankratz 807 W Badger Lane West Bend WI Milsk, Platoon, Rowno, Pitschalowka, Minsk, Gutslafshagen, Dreno Weisbruch, Zarnowka P084 Thomas & Nona Prockish 2310 Scott Ave. Lincoln NE Koehler P098 Daryl Plager th Circle NE #3521 Redmond WA Kolb, Norka, Walter, Odessa P105 Myron E. Pitch 700 Grant Helena MT Dietel P112 Larry & Karen (Suderman) Penner 928 Spruce St. Newton KS Annenfeld, Altonau, Ladekopp, Lindenau, Muntau, Waldheim, Nieder- Chortitza, Kaltschinowka, Friedensfeld, Gnadenfeld, Prodenau, Prangenau, Schardau P150 Lillian (Hardt) Peterson 5367 Sierra Vista Riverside CA Enders, Kutter, Schwed P155 Reinhold & Mary Pinneker Wildgrove Road Poway CA Beideck, Moor, Norka P163 Michael D. Pfanenstiel 3125 Brent Gray Trace Owensboro KY net Ober Monjou, Mareintal P166 Debra Persinger 5770 Sea Breeze Ave. Las Vegas NV Donhof, Grimm, Norka, Brunnenthal, Frank P190 Sharon (Gren) Pheil 8770 Norwood Lane N Maple Grove MN du Glückstal, Kassel, Hoffnungstal, Neudorf, Bergdorf P195 Eileen Porter 2949 Winter Park Place Madison WI Merkel, Norka, Bauer P197 Charles & Ruth (Lind) Propp 1225 Oak Island Court Fort Collins CO Neu Donhof, Kolb, Hussenbach P200 Todd & Kim Penrod 3608 Pointe Shore Drive Brighton MI Pfeifer, Marienburg, Kamanka, Streckerau, Graf P210 Paul & Dinah Polansky 2200 S 29th St. Detroit Lakes MN Rastatt, Berezan, Munchen P211 Howard Poulsen 34 Wallford Way Nepean ON Canada K2E 6B6 Laub, Morgentau P216 Martha (Warkentin) Pass 2127 W. University Ave. Stillwater OK Liebenau, Elisabetal, Neukirch, Prangenau, Ladekopp, Blumstein, Gerhardstal, Chortitiz, Annenfeld P217 Lawrence & Cathleen Pfeiff Slater St. Overland Park KS Kukkus, Jost, Stahl P219 Helen Patil PO Box 1753 Davidson NC Besersina, Kulm, Friedenstal, Gros Markosowka, Chemchelly P233 Terry Poole 633 Driftwood Drive Eugene OR Hoffnungstal, Hoffental, Walter P257 Harold & Vicki Popp 2780 N. Andy Way Bloomington IN Norka, Alexandertal, Schilling, Rosenberg P276 Lillian Mary (Schmidt) Pavelick 136 Linacre Road Winnipeg MB Canada R3T 3R6 Vollmer, Neu Kolonie P277 Kevin & Joan Peterson N Silver Meadows Loop Athol ID Kassel, Bergdorf, Beresina, Neudorf P281 Jane Marie DeMars Peterson 2430 Cameo Court Loveland CO Grimm SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

46 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II P329 Ted & Joyce (Helzer) Philabaum 7700 Fox Road Unit F106 Hughson CA Brunnental, Frank, Shcherbakowka P354 Sally Petersen 8724 S Southfork Lane Spokane WA Reinwald, Erlenbach, Dobrinka P360 Beverly Long Penz th Spc 5 La Grande OR Pfeifer, Kamenka, Streckerau P378 Sherry Pawelko 2830 Coronado Drive Lincoln NE Norka, Kukkus Q005 Kathy Quiggle PO Box 74 Wray CO Laub, Jost Q009 Dorothy A. Rupp Quinn PO Box Portland OR Ober Munjou, Herzog, Pfeifer R018 Betty (Hohnstein) Renfro 918 Cahill Drive Cheyenne WY Norka R024 Dr. Dona (Batty) Reeves- Marquardt 7116 Foxtree Cove Austin TX Donhof, Grimm, Kratzke, Merkel, Friedenfeld, Grimm R035 Elvera (Enns) Rhines PO Box 1057 Hooker OK Alexandertal, Furstenau, Schontal, Paulsheim, Wiesenmuller R037 Arlene (Lebsack) Rolfs PO Box 171 Geneseo KS Brunnental, Frank, Hussenbach, Messer, Pobochnoye R044 Jean Adele Roth 515 N 79th St. Seattle WA Walter, Walter-Khutor S050 Martha (Krening) Schafer 3735 W 95 th Ave. Westminister CO R054 Karmen Rowe 4812 S. Fern St. Nampa ID Kassel, Frank, Neu Weimer R066 Mary Jayne Reich Wentworth Place Garden Grove CA Norka R068 Sharon Robertson 2137 Holt Ave. Sanger CA Dinkel, Straub, Warenburg, Brunnental R069 John J. Reb 239 NE Freeman Ave. Topeka KS Kamenka, Pfeifer R087 Edward Roth 2180 Poplar Drive Apt. 104 Coos Bay OR Frank, Hussenbach R088 Richard G. Reider 4120 Wild Horse Drive Broomfield CO Donhof, Huck, Kautz R096 Dr. Steven D. Reppuhn Reycraft Road Boyne City MI Erlenbach, Reinwald R121 Donna M. Roth 3125 Willowridge Road Marion IA Graf, Herzog, Pfeifer, Kamenka R139 Dr. Kathleen Ritter 8004 Wimbley Way Bakersfield CA Bauer, Kolb, Norka R155 James L. Reifschneider 812 N.W. 17th St. Blue Springs MO Kukkus R156 Margaret Roh % Angel Manor 9219 Elms Road Clio MI Katharinental, Schilling R164 Albert L Ratzlaff Hwy 22 Dallas OR Choritza, Kicin, Rudnerweide, Schoenwiese, Kronstal, Kondrajec, Alexanderheim, Kudashev Khutor, Deutsch Wyymsle R177 Leland & Greta Roseberg 1790 SW Aberdeen Court Oak Harbor WA Gnadental, Gross Markosowka, Kulm, Wittenberg R192 Annie Rae PO Box 306 Edgerton AB Canada T0B 1K0 Hoffnungstal R197 Donald & Deloris (Kliewer) Reinhold 431 Liberty Drive McPherson KS Alexandertal, Lindenau SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

47 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II R201 Patricia (Schafer) Reed 6038 S White Deer Lane Freeland WA Huck R202 Lilly Roth 3830 Swenson St. #316 Las Vegas NV Reinwald, Schäfer, Schulz, Schwed R228 Alfred L. Reiber 2317 Hilltop Drive Scottsbluff NE Kolb R230 William J. Rosentreter 699 Rosewalk Tamassee SC Crimea, Gnadenburg, Volhynia R234 Beverly Ruhl E Harvard Ave. #210 Denver CO Norka, Walter, Kraft R246 Daniel & Joan Rott Canvas Back St. Woodland CA Odessa, Messer, Gluckstal R258 Harold & Dorothy (Reichel) Richard 2100 Circle Drive #112 Scottsbluff NE Dietel, Rosenberg, Frank R261 Barbara (Walter) Rusho 805 Compassion Drive Apt. 301 Windsor CO Yagodnaya Polyana R272 Peter & Monika Ruhl 6316 Union Court Arvada CO Koehler, Hildmann, Uzda R278 Keith & Mollie (Staehle) Robbins 3610 Benck Drive Alsip IL Grimm R280 Jonathan & Rosalyn Reiff 2713 Kenwood Court Edmond OK Beideck, Kutter R287 Donita (Reich) Rotherham 200 Harbor Drive #3502 San Diego CA Jost, Laub, Norka, Straub, Moor, Rosenheim R298 Edythe F. Robinson 4226 NW Circle 233 Starke FL Basel, Unterwalden, Nab R305 Roger D. Rutz 1646 N Dayton St. Chicago IL Dietel, Dönhof R311 Kevin Rupp 2301 Canal Blvd. Hays KS Louis, Ober Monjou R315 Jan (Roth) Schoonover 1208 W Lake St. Lincoln NE Balzer, Beideck R335 Patricia A. Rogers 3736 W. Ironwood Drive Phoenix AZ Kolb, Frank, Saratov, Dietel, Dönhof, Huck, Kautz, Hussenbach, Rosenoff, Michel, Schreener, Kinibel, Yuckert, Juggert R337 Alvin Rohr 3107 E. Boston Wichita KS Mariental R341 David & Sheri (Spencer) Rose 9612 T Road Hoyt KS Pfeifer, Husaren R378 Richard & Nikki (Brungardt) Rusch PO Box 280 Walden CO Frank, Bethania, Biedeck R380 Chas (Bud) Romey 2601 NE 101st St. Kansas City MO Mariental, Herzog, Ober Monjou R388 Leland R. Riffel 4385 W 152nd Court Stanley KS Bolga, Galga/Galka R423 Dennis & Kathleen Reilly 7741 Green Links Drive SE Caledonia MI Balzer R431 Duane M. Rubink 1545 Success Lane Sandy UT Odessa, Worms, Freudental, Waterloo, Johannestal R440 Annette Reyonlds 2177 S 2000 E Salt Lake City UT om Warenburg, Pfeifer R442 Gary D Reiswig 606 Three Mile Harbor HC Road E Hampton NY Walter R495 Harold & Helen (Heil) Rohlman Roscoe Ave. Sterling AK R506 Joseph Rohr 1228 S Florence Ave. Tulsa OK Mariental R531 Patricia L. Reesman 1108 Wishart Point Road Virginia Beach VA Odessa, Johannestal SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

48 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II R548 Robert G. Ringler 4167 Four Lakes Ave. Linden MI R570 Rhea Roth 311 Carter St. Libertyville IL Reinwald, Enders, Alexandertal R583 Patricia A. Reisch 1731 East 114th Place Northglenn CO Frank R588 Marta Rupprecht NW 11th Ave. La Center WA Frank R596 Judith (Eckhardt) Reeve CR 50 Kersey CO Frank R597 James & KayDonna Roh 624 Mt. Thor Drive Coldstream Canada V1B 3A3 Schilling, Schwab R600 Edwin & Diane Rothfuss Higginson Road Zephyrhills FL Beideck, Grimm R607 Heather Robben PO Box 458 Wakeeney KS R617 Thelma Jean (Rohr) Rowland 6701 E 4 th St. Hutchinson KS Ober Monjou, Marienthal S006 Emma (Miller) Sack G 2117 Magnolia Lane Flint MI Fresental, Huck S015 Betty (Lackner) Schmoll nd Ave. NE Apt 205 Bothell WA Norka S031 Oscar & Sharon Schnaidt 106 Woodlawn Ave. Taft CA Gluckstal, Mannheim S037 Jim & Sandra Stelter PO Box 509 Vulcan AB Canada T0L 2B0 Jakowicz, Nowa, Siedlow, Rdwanke, Sieczka Howa, Volhynia, Yagodnaya Polyana S050 Martha (Krening) Schafer 3735 W. 95th Ave. Westminster CO S060 Edgar & Marjorie (Tatley) Schulz 1621 Hunter Hill Road Hudson WI Ariz, Rohrbach, Grossliebental, Makarovoka, Schoenfeld, Tarutino S064 Don & Karen Soeken 4161 Lotus Circle Ellicott City MD Krasnojar, Reinwald, Dietel, Huck, Drespitz, Gnadental S084 Vernon & Belva Schindler N Golden Mirror Drive Marana AZ Teplitz, Heilbron, Neudorf, Katzbach, Rosenheim, Schwed S095 Vikilyn Strong 2715 E. Banbury Road Salt Lake City UT Brunnental, Frank, Walter S119 Mary Lou (Abel) Shively 4325 Silva St. Antioch CA Franzosen, Kratzke, Friedenberg S125 Gerald D. Sieb 739-8th Ave. NE Calgary AB Canada T2E 0R8 Kraft S126 Barbara L. Dehn W 4264 Hilltop Drive Fond du Lac WI Warenburg S133 Harvey & Gloria Sterkel 2815 Leonard Lane N Aurora IL Norka S135 Wilma Schmidt PO Box 115 Odessa WA Frank, Messer, Neu Messer, Norka S140 George & Rosealice Sittner P.O. Box 1345 Estacada OR Huck, Saratov S144 Norma J. Somerheiser 2675 S 11th St. Lincoln NE Walter S150 Rodney & Cheryl (Flohr) Schaneman PO Box 62 Melbeta NE Grimm, Merkel S156 Victor Sokolowsky 2707 Clare Ave. Apt 429 Bremerton WA Dreispitz, Holstein S175 Loraine (Treichel) Stindt 2414 Cooper Ave. Saginaw MI Leipzig, Tarutino S185 Ronald E. Schmierer 1204 N 131st St. Omaha NE Worms, Johannestal SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

49 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II S221 Harry Stromberger 1475 Main Rm 102 Windsor CO Frank, Doenhof, Dietel S233 Delven Schwartzkopf 411 Sunnydell Circle S. Hutchinson KS Alt Dönhoff, Hussenback, Beideck, Norka S251 Gloria (Borth) Sackmann PO Box 399 Lind WA Eigenfeld, Neu Berlin, Neusatz, Peterstal, Neu Freudental S269 Lucille (Younger) Sauer 2821 E. 140th Ave. Thornton CO Gattung, Graf, Herzog, Mariental S280 Quentin & April Schander 5693 Williamsburg Drive Norcross GA Karlsruhe, Yagodnaya Polyana S282 Phil Sweet 1107 Pearl St. Port Huron MI Kind, Susannental, Unterwalden S285 Robert & Kathy Schneider 1649 N 3rd St. Spearfish SD Johannestal, Worms, Rohrbach S292 Edward G. Schwerdt 3043 SW Arvonia Place Topeka KS Kamenka S302 John Schleicher 411 S 48th Ave. Omaha NE Kolb, Norka S308 Delores (Giebelhaus) Schwartz 1000 Butler Ave. Lincoln NE Norka, Huck, Donhof S314 Louise (Stump) Sikes Redstone Hill San Antonio TX Warenburg S325 Edna (Jesser) Scott 1201 W. Abriendo Ave. #220 Pueblo CO Kolstitz, Rohrbach S327 Ruby Marie Spomer 541 N. Westberry Blvd. #124 Madera CA Stahl am Tarlyk, Straub S329 Alton & Eleanor (Krumm) Sissell 9491 Lake Natoma Drive Orangevale CA Kukkus, Stahl S333 James L. Sommers 4000 S 56 th St. #114B Lincoln NE Laub, Stahl am Tarlyk S335 Jacqueline L. Stoner NE Russell St. Portland OR Norka S378 Robert B. Strohm th Place Homewood IL Alt Elft, Kronental, Elisabethdorf S397 William Schwab 2195 E. Egbert #148 Brighton CO Donhof S406 Gilbert L. Schimmel PO Box 205 Bessie OK Radomechetlilbo S422 David & Sai Schmidt PO Box 886 Martinez CA Stahl am Karaman, Casarsfeld, Boaro S460 Ruth I. Storey 5424 Meadowbrook Drive Cheyenne WY Erlenbach, Grimm S464 Richard R Scheske Jr Rosewood Lane Strongsville OH Volhynia S511 Duane Stabler 4544 N. River Run Savage MN Hoffnungstal, Bergdorf, Worms, Neudorf S517 Gary A. Schwarz Lost Colt Drive Laguna Hills CA t Worms, Rohrbach, Kapitanowka-Chutor S545 Joel Suderman 1350 Old Mill Road Marion KS Altonau, Elbing, Gnadenheim, Ladekopp, Muntau, Neuendorf, Nieder-Chortitza, Pordenau, Prangenau, Schonwiese, Thorn, Tiegenhof, Waldheim S564 Paul R. Siemens 1263 Yuba Ave. San Pablo CA Daulekanovo, Tiege, Zagradovka, Molochna S569 Robert & Dorothy Stoehr 705 S Ash St. Gardner KS Yagadnaya Polyana, Balzer SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

50 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II S577 Fr. Bernard J. Schafer, OSB Marmion Abbey 850 Butterfield Road Aurora IL Josefstal, Herzog S585 Martin A. Schmidt 610 Ellwood Drive Coupeville WA Stahl am Tarlyk S588 Robert G. Smick 1737 E North Crescent Ave Spokane WA Yagodnaya Polyana S589 Lorna Schnell th Ave. Ponoka AB Canada T4J 1J1 Huck, Norka S601 Francys Slaton 505 N. Via Firenze Court Arroyo Grande CA Landskrone, Pastwa, Molotschna, Halbstadt S610 W. Jean (Stenzel) Smith 1501 Arrowhead Drive Atchison KS Hussenbach S611 John Sturtz 2612 Lafayette Ave. Lincoln NE Norka S616 Jack & Isobel Seewalt rd Ave. Vermilion AB Canada T9X1S5 Seelmann, Seewald S619 DeLoris (Schaffert) Summers 5150 SW Wichita St. Tualatin OR Glückstal, Neuberg, Hoffnungstal, Grossliebental S621 Sherrie (Gettman) Stahl 4189 NW Spoon Place Portland OR Brunnental, Frank S622 Marvin & Nancy Schmidtberger 410 N Thompson Pratt KS Katharinastadt, Graf, Louis, Herzog S627 Leann (Heinrichs) Strobel 442 Robbins Norwich KS m Fuerstenwerder, Margenau, Schardau, Landskrome, Molotschna Colony S629 Harold Stoll 4300 W. 9th St. Greeley CO Donhof, Huck S634 Kenneth E. Schwindt 7936 Mockingbird Drive Fort Collins CO Beideck, Michaelsdorf, Norka, Caucasus S637 Marilyn Scott 617 Major Vista Court Pinole CA Lauwe, Marienfeld S641 Barbara Schwisow 406 W. 9th St. Ritzville WA Kolb S648 Lee Ann Schlager 1020 NW 9 th Ave. #116 Portland OR Merkel, Neu Dönhof, Sarepta, Dietel, Donhof S652 Herbert G. Schillereff 3900 Garrison St. Wheat Ridge CO Frank S664 Mark & Connie Schreiber 2830 Shure Drive #202 Virginia Beach VA Huck, Norka S667 Theodore R. Saldin 811 SE Klemgard St. #152 Pullman WA Yagodnaya Polyana S671 Arlis Schleiger 1358 Crabapple Drive Loveland CO Norka, Neu Straub S672 Terrance E. Sterkel 1907 CR 4130 Bonham TX Laub, Messer, Norka, Stahl am Tarlyk S673 James R. Spady 1710 Terrace Ave. Bozeman MT Norka S674 Beverly (Lackman) Sanders 3142 New Hope Drive Billings MT Dietel S682 Warren R. Schmidt 5411 Sadring Ave. Woodland Hills CA Dinkel, Straub S686 David Scheid 624 Garden Circle Fernley NV S687 Francis E. Stadler 3421 SE 37th Topeka KS Kamenka, Kohler S688 Franklin P. Schlegel 1723 S Wheeling Way Aurora CO Anton, Huck, Kukkus, Balzer SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

51 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II S690 Henry L. Schmick 7019 Tumbleweed Drive Cheyenne WY Grimm, Kautz S691 Patricia (Houdyshell) Starchman 6571 W. Ebony Road Joplin MO Blumenfeld, Galka, Dobrinka, Tiege, Einlage S696 Donald & Corlene (Jordon) Smith 510 Foothill Road Pismo Beach FL Yagodnaya Polyana S700 Delbert G. Schmidt 8089 Icicle Road Leavenworth WA Hussenbach, Norka, Schilling, Waldheim, Konstontinowka, Tempelhof S707 Tom & Janice (Huber) Stangl Cardinal Pond Terrace Apt. 301 Ashburn VA Arzis, Borodino, Friedenstal, Gluckstal, Kassel, Neu Elft, Neu Beresina, Nesselrode S718 Louis F. Schleuger PO Box 773 Lobeco SC Norka, Balzer S732 Robert A. Schamber 1666 Tibessart Court Folsom CA Kangle, Kijabak, Kronental, Merkel, Burtschi S733 Steven Schreiber 6806 SE 35 th Ave. Portland, OR m Norka, Brunnental, Frank, Oberdorf, Warenburg S750 Gary & Donna Sears 1214 Shannon Drive Pueblo CO Dietel, Kukkus, Frank S757 John W. Scheidt 3553 Amherst Road Cheyenne WY Neu Weimar S761 Lucy (Schneider) Sanders 506 Shannon Drive Norfolk NE Kind, Susannental, Ernestindorf, Hummel, Beckersdorf S765 Stephen Schiffelbein 4606 NW Kendall Drive Topeka KS et Herzog, Liebental, Marienfeld, Seewald, Holstein S780 Shirley Schmeltzer 9433 S Oakley Ave. Chicago IL m Balzer, Moor S785 Albert & Janyce Selesky 4897 W Pere Marquette Rd Coleman MI Donhof, Fischer S788 Gary & Patricia Sellenrick 115 Rice Ave. Sheridan WY Rosenberg, Kutter, Shcherbakovka S789 Mark & Janet Shapiro Hunting Bear San Antonio TX Emilchen, Kukkus S794 John & Anneva (Schoenhals) Sander PO Box 425 Seiling OK Dreispitz, Kraft, Glückstal, Stephan, Johannestal S800 Henry & Judith Sader III 2030 Saltillo Road Roca NE Norka S802 William C. Schmidt 5908 Londonberrie Court Midland MI Kukkus S806 Marvin L Schwartz PO Box 603 Fortuna CA Norka, Neu Norka, Dietel, Kolb, Urback, Donhof, Galka, Kautz, Merkel, Frank, Stahl am Karaman S807 Gary Senner Vista Montana Court Cathedral City CA Norka, Warrenburg S809 Richard Oscar Sauer PO Box 852 Tonopah NV Norka, Kukkus, Frank, Christiaowa, Walter, Peterstal, Neusatz S810 Lynn A. Simon 526 Jameson St. Saginaw MI Krasnoyar, Reinwald S814 Barbara Jean (Gerlach) Stoye Lido Drive Murrieta CA Norka S819 Kathryn (Bartels) Stahlman 1540 Bench Trail Schertz TX Galka, Scherbakovka, Erlenbach, Awilowa SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

52 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II S825 Lyle & JoAnn (Degenhardt) Staley 2938 SE Peck Road Topeka KS Rothammel, Pfeifer, Kamenka, Seewald, Ober Monjou S828 Elias E. Schnegelberger 8405 Azelea Place Raleigh NC Beideck, Dietel, Michaelsdorf, Frank, Jost, Stahl am Karaman S846 Tom Z Schantz 87 Lone Tree Lane Lyons CO Messer, Neu Messer S850 John & Barbara Stumpf 407 S. Arlington Ave. Elmhurst IL Worms, Peterstahl, Odessa, Rohrbach S872 Gary B. Schneider PO Box 350 White Sulphur Springs MT Galka S892 Karla Sieber Bartel N 8126 Rusmar Road St Cloud WI Dubno, Volhynia S911 Ted & Marlene Strand Apple Road Wilton CA Kloestitz, Kulm S918 Steve & Sara (Bauder) Schott 1340 Furnas Lincoln NE S1075 Barbara Schenk & Ron Stephenson 6974 Rim Acres Lane Boise ID Neudorf, Gluckstal, Alexanderhilft, Bessarabia, Volga, Beideck, Seimeny, Schabo/Schabolat, Grossleibental S1077 Florence Nelson-Smith 239 Lampard Crescent Red Deer AB Canada T4R 2W5 Klein Neudorf, Sonata, Kassel, Kischinew S1087 Sharon Stahla 1715 Glenmere Blvd. Greeley CO Frank, Hussenbach, Muller S1112 Richard G Silvernail 3318 S. 91st St. Omaha NE Odessa, Elass, Selz, Kandel, Mannheim, Kutschurgan S1118 Ronald Swint Starbrook Lane Mt. Vernon, WA Norka S1148 John & Theressa Schneider 139 Feliz Drive Oak View CA S1150 Douglas S. Sharp SW Monte Carlo Ave. Wilsonville OR Norka S1157 Kenneth & Lois Schaffer Jordan Road Whittier CA Frank S1162 Benedict Leonard 808 Monroe St. Ellis KS Beideck, Norka S1193 Michael W. Shimeta W Shields Drive Franklin WI Alt Posttal, Bessarabia S1330 Roger A. Schreiner 3003 Carey Ave. Cheyenne WY Frank, Hussenbach, Grimm, Langenfeld S1345 Michael & Karen Schutte 3608 Green Spring Drive Fort Collins CO Susannental S1346 Jim & Benita Schumacher PO Box 949 Mukilteo WA Franzfeld, Baden, Neu Liebental, Elsass, Kandel, Mannheim, Selz, Strassburg, Georgental, Klein Liebental, Grossliebental, Josefstal, Mariental S1352 Michael & Cheryl Schlaeger 604 Oak St. North Aurora IL Krasnoyar, Rosenheim, Samara S1369 Amy Schlotthauer 3309 Barbados Place Boulder CO Kraft, Grimm S1375 Marilyn Kay Lockridge Steele 492 Kanasgowa Drive Drevard NC Norka, Moor S1376 Brandt & Crystal Spies 2510 Barton Springs League City TX Liebenthal S1378 Joan Scott 430 Hermosa Way Menlo Park CA Zhitomir, Volhynia, Alexandria, Ukraine, Paulinowka, Kotosufka SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

53 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II S1383 Carol Ann (Kahler) Salow 236 Tom McGuinness Jr. Circle Fallbrook CA Schilling, Beideck, Moor S1426 Cathy Scott 3606 Druid Lane Annadale VA Tarutino, Kulm, Mannsburg S1429 Suzanne Ellen Scheidt Chabot Drive Yorba Linda CA Balzer, Dinkel, Kukkus, Stahl am-tarlyk S1435 Richard Lee Sundet 2624 W 65 th Ave. Anchorage AK Reinwald, Schultz, Beauregard, Phillippsfeld S1438 Deborah Savidge 5520 Rockford Drive Lincoln, NE Balzer, Beideck, Schilling S1459 Donna Jeanne Stricker Baseline Road Soc 81 Rancho Cucamonga CA Rosenberg S1502 Anton Schweitzer th St. SE #2 Jamestown ND Elass, Selz, Strasburg T032 Bodo Treu 280 S 216th Circle Elkhorn NE Josefstal, Neuhof, Preibe Chutor T068 Kathleen Turnquist 406 W. Amberside Drive Elgin IL Orlovskoye, Hockerberg T089 Jerry D. Tittel Eudora St. Thornton CO Dietel, Fischer, Nieder Monjou T090 Donald & Margaret Trott 60 Park Lane Fond du Lac WI Grimm T092 Carol (McKee) Treptow 405 Lenwood Drive Sparks NV Volga T099 Ruth (Siefert) Thomason 4426 Ashlawn Drive Flint MI Erlenbach, Oberdorf, Rosenberg T125 Rolene (Morgenstern) Thompson 2678 E Oakhills Drive Layton UT Neider Monjou, Odessa, Plotzk T127 Kerry (Schmidt) Thompson 1721 E 17 th St. The Dalles OR Susannental T130 Patricia L Thibault 2707 Hickory St. Hays KS Ober Monjou, Wittman, Schoenchen T143 Katherine (Huddle) Teel 1435 NW Springdale Place Seattle WA Frank T148 Barbara (Ostwalt) Taylor NE 77th Redmond WA Kolb, Kautz, Frank T178 James Thomas 3409 Elmwood Drive Clio MI com Biedeck, Huck T196 Gus & Anna Thompson 3950 El Cerrito Norman OK Volhynia, Antonofka, Karlswalde T198 Janice M. (Lutz) Trenary 5746 Crestwood Drive Fort Collins CO Frank U003 Erwin Ulmer 1731 S 15th St. #B-4 Lincoln NE Kolb, Rohrbach, Worms, Bergdorf, Gluckstal, Kraft U018 Elsa (Lahnert) Unterschultz PO Box 353 Blackie AB TOL OJO Yagodnaya Polyana U036 Gary R Ubert 6030 SW 43rd Terrace Topeka KS Katharinenstadt, Mariental V018 Don J. Vogt 87 Virginia St. Unit 1 Seattle WA Norka, Pobochnoye V022 Dr. Francis J. Von Feldt th PL SE Apt 57C Bothwell WA Louis, Herzog, Mariental V027 Darline Vanderbeck S Hwy 213 Mt. Angel OR Fischer, Graf, Herzog, Paulskoye V044 George Valko 119 Trslyn Way Louisville KY Krasnoyar, Volmer SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

54 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II V050 Ervin C. Vogel 6764 Pepperwood St. Wichita KS Borodino, Neu Elft, Josefsdorf V053 James J. Vogel 8414 Pine Thistle Lane Spring TX Frank, Franzosen, Walter V054 Kirk Veit W5079 Tuxedo Lane Fond du Lac WI Galka, Gobel V071 Susan Vigil Wyandott Drive Colorado Springs CO Frank W003 Gordon & Roseann (Stroh) Warren st St. Cody WY Frank, Kutter, Katharinenstadt W008 Raymond F. Wiebe 704 S. Ash St., Apt. 10 Hillsboro KS Alexanderwohl, Gombin, Margenau W009 Donald & Anita (Semones) Wolf Winchester Blvd. #36 Los Gatos CA Lichtental, Crimea, Rosenfeld W018 Donald A. Walter 334 W. Park Place Spokane WA Frank, Warenburg, Freudental W022 Gracie Wilhelm Big Trail Drive San Antonio TX Pobochnoye, Neu-Schonfeld, Neu-Yagodnaya, Schönfeld, Schöntal, Strassendorf W063 Harold E. Walker 1685 S. Quivas St. Denver CO Donhof, Avilova, Dietel, Norka W068 Lorena (Griffin) Weber Ray Road Gaines MI Bohl, Grimm W078 Rodger & Pamela (Zitterkopf) Wurst 7508 Nemaha St. Lincoln NE Huck, Kutter, Anton W094 David K. Wittman 1935 Burlington Billings MT Norka, Kana, Holstein W098 Irma (Greenwald) Waggoner 2304 Lynnridge Place Lincoln NE Dönhof, Frank, Gnadenfeld, Hussenbach, Sarepta, Warrenburg, Moor, Brunnental W104 Edward Wagner 1836 NW Couch Portland OR Frank, Kraft, Frank Chutor, Grimm W114 Donna K. Weiss 6954 Dover Way Arvada CO Holstein, Michaelsdorf, Karas, Frank W116 Doris M. Watson 2309 West Fulliam Ave. Muscatine IA Donhof, Stahl, Kukkus W133 Lillian (Schwindt) Weber 5700 Fremont St. Apt. 142 Lincoln NE Balzer, Dietel, Kautz, Norka, Huck W139 Joseph & Eileen (Kloberdanz) Wier 540 M Parklane Waterloo IA Rothammel, Seewald W149 Donna (Wagner) Watkins 1250 Sunset Drive Derby KS Pobachnoya, Wiesenmuller W166 Ronald Wagner 3121 Sheffield Drive Missoula MT Pobochnoye W182 Dr. Richard A. Wildeman 71 Beasley Crescent Unit 13 Cambridge ON Canada N1T 1P5 Kleinliebental W186 Larry D. Wolfe 88 Pirates Lane Nanaimo BC Canada V9R 6R1 Guldendorf, Danzig, Alt Danzig, Wilhelmstal W201 Marianne (Sauter) Wheeler Long 225 W. Britton Road Oklahoma City OK Johannestal, Worms, Rohrbach, Tarutino, Leipzig W203 Harriett Arlene (Kelln) Wahler 297 Prairie Run Edmond OK Shcherbakovka, Erlenbach, Holstein, Eigenfeld, Freudenstadt, Friedenstal, Bessarabia W204 Freda (Frank) Wilhelm 1619 University Drive Walla Walla WA Kautz, Hussenbach, Dietel SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

55 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II W211 Robert & Dorothy Wiens 1666 O'Bara Court Carmel IN Kleefeld, Schardau, Waldheim, Molotschna W213 Elaine (Fahrenbruch) Wilcox 9 Coconut Court Homosassa FL Frank, Kolb W218 Dr. Darrell Weber 560 E Robin Road Orem UT Balzer W236 Mark B. Wills Acuff Lane Lenexa KS Kraft, Frank, Dreispitz, Balzar, Neu Balzer, Neider Monjou W256 Rose (Doll) Wood 400 W 67th St. Apt. 213 Richfield MN Katharinental, Landau W272 Katharina (VonDerAhe) Walker Lincton Moutain Road Milton-Freewater OR Frank W275 Oren M. Windholz PO Box 1083 Hays KS Baumkulie, Furstental W283 Carolyn E. Fabrizio 1809 S Union Blvd. Lakewood CO Herzog W285 Bernice Williams 1600 Parkside C Lafayette CO Rothammel W294 Prof. William M. Wiest 5009 SE 46th Ave. Portland OR Brunnental, Moor, Rohrbach, Wiesenmuller, Mueller, Gnadenau, Friedrichsfeld W300 Alan Wambold 128 E Eastman St. Plymouth WI Weisenmuller, Lauwe, Dietel, Balzer, Warenburg W312 James K. & Stella L. Wright 725 Elm St. Windsor CO Beideck W319 Hildegard Wasnick 8305 Alexander Cavet Drive Knoxville TN Tiege, Tiegenhagen, Gnadenfeld W336 Patricia (Martin) Woolf 3336 N. Camino Los Brazos Tucson AZ Enders, Mannheim, Stahl am Karaman W341 Sharon (Mitchell) White 3285 E. Ruskin Court Sandy UT Warenburg W350 James F. Worster 6045 Hidcote Drive Lincoln NE Balzer, Schilling W367 James M. Weibert 4421 Longview Drive Rocklin CA Messer, Shcherbakovka, Neu-Yagodnaya, Erlenbach W371 William N. Wiederspan 1427 S. Dahlia St. Denver CO Frank, Stephan, Walter W372 Timothy C. Weeder 3043 Oakhurst Ave. Los Angeles CA Fischer, Paulskoye, Stahl am Karaman W386 Leonard Welch 4137 Alla Road Los Angeles CA Frank, Walter W395 Joann (Kraft) Weinmeister th Ave. Court Greeley CO Oberdorf W407 Jaci Williams th Avenue N Minneapolis MN Rohrbach, Peterstal W410 Melvin & Mary Ann (Wolf) Lyerla 5608 Popo NW Albuquerque NM Grimm, Frank W415 Dale M. Wells 1511 S. Washington St. Denver CO Bessarabia, Worms W416 Kathleen (Hofferber) Williams Ulester Way Thornton CO Frank, Norka, Walter W420 Brenda (Herbel) Whitfield 8124 Shoshoni Drive Arlington TX Dreispitz W426 Diana White PO Box 786 Valle Crucis NC Freudental, Neusatz, Marinoro W434 Kim Willems 121 Morningside Lane Billings MT SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

56 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II W448 William & Loretta Way 4 Lindenwood Circle Johnstown CO Norka, Frank W466 Joni White 1329 Elba Lincoln NE Norka, Schilling, Kolb, Neusatz W480 Frederick & Lois Wrightson 200 Birkdale Lane Jupiter FL Straub W481 Keith Scott Wilberg 208 Flax Hill Road #36 Norcross CT Zurich W495 Keith Wiegel W Walnut Drive Plainfield IL Schwed W497 Harold Wiest 851 Sicamore Drive Kamloops BC Canada V2B 6S1 Rohrbach, Leipzig, Kurudschika, Kulm, Eigenheim, Teplitz, Benkendorf, Dennewitz, Kloestitz, Tarutino W498 Constance Kay Worster 2701 Corabel Lane Apt 5 Sacramento CA Schilling, Beideck, Norka W548 Diane Whetstone 4890 Lambskin St. SW Tumwater WA Walter, Frank W576 Ernie & Judith Wilmink 1820 CR 1168 Burnet TX Norka W690 Clifton & Barbara Wright nd Ave. NW Gig Harbor WA Kolb W691 Cynthia Wheeler 114 Sheridan Place Chickasha OK Bauer, Neu Bauer W722 Shirley R. Wilcoxon 5310 Allison St. Apt 118 Arvada CO Herzog, Kamenka, Graf, Marienthal W727 Curtis & Pauletta Schuckman Winn PO Box 3946 Bartlesville OK Pfeifer, Gobel W728 Brend Bafus-Williams 116 Poplar Court Montrose CO Jagodnaya Polyana W734 Barbara Jean Munson Wray NW Eastview Drive Scappoose OR Kolb W735 Rebecca Ann Palmer White 25 White Oak Circle Dyersburg TN Tarutino W779 Judy (Bettger) Wiese 1778 S Uinta Way Denver CO Waterloo, Norka, Rohrbach, Odessa Y007 Patricia (Wallwork) Yencho 898 Grape Ave. Sunnyvale CA Norka Y021 Gerald J. Yurk Bald Cypress Circle Ft Meyers FL Reinwald, Merkel Y032 Paul & Joan Yekel PO Box 146 Hay Springs NE m Gnadenfeld, Huck Z005 Dennis L. Zitterkopf 822 N. Cypress Court Wichita KS Huck, Deutsch Kasan, Deutsch Wymischla Z025 Norma J. (Schmierer) Zedlitz PO Box 4 Wallace CA Beressina, Neudorf, Neu Danzig Z030 Ronald E. Zitterkopf 3500 W 128th St. Shawnee Mission KS Huck, Rosenburg Z046 Greg & Kristine (Wunsch) Zelinka 4026 NE 69th Ave. Portland OR Norka, Galka, Ust Kulakina, Dobrinka, Saratov Z047 Duane H. Zieg 7219 Adrienne Glen Ave. Springfield VA Balzer, Rohrbach Z052 Marvin E. Ziegler CR 20 Scottsbluff NE Merkel, Rosenberg Z064 Robert & Arlene Zimbelman 113 Piedmont Lane Georgetown TX Frank, Rohrbach, Waterloo, Worms Z075 Ben Zitterkopf 355 N. Vassar Wichita KS Huck SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

57 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION II Z088 Ruth Jean Alles Zaskowski 4325 Annandale Lane Crown Point IN Walter Z091 Daniel & Judith Zimmerman 418 N Jaax Court Wichita KS Schoenchen SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

58 VILLAGE COORDINATORS The AHSGR Village Coordinator Network A group of AHSGR volunteers, known as village coordinators: Coordinate research for the village among interested persons Respond to inquiries from researchers interested in the village, for AHSGR members and non-members Their research is gathered in village files, which are maintained in the AHSGR headquarters. Contact the AHSGR Library for more information or to obtain copies. This list is subject to change. For the most current information, please see: Ährenfeld/Aehrenfeld, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-6, N E Brent Mai 75 Stoneridge Way #1-F Fairfield, CT Alexander-Höh, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-3, N E Dee Hert 3889 W. Tuscaloosa Way West Jordan, UT Alexanderfeld, North Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant E-2, N E Arthur Flegel 1895 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park, CA Alexandertal (Neu-Schilling), Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-7, N E Richard A. Kraus 9 Laural Hills Leverette, MD Alt-Danzig, Kirovograd Map 23, Quadrant G-1, N E* Alt-Elft, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-8, N E Manuel Goehring #2-569 Pape Ave. Toronto, ON Canada M4K 3R5 Alt-Posttal, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-8, N E Dr. Horst Fode Mühlenstrasse 10, Reinhardshagen 1 Germany Alt-Schilling, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C N, E Gary Martens 928 Lighthouse Lane Savannah, TX Alt-Schwedendorf, Swedish Colonies, Nikolaev, Kherson Map 23, Quadrant K-6, N E* Alt-Weimer Map 6 Quadrant E-8 Leland Riffel 4385 W. 152 Court Stanley, KS Amilchin (Emilchin, Emilcin, Amilcin) Volhynia, Ukraine, Russia Anton, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-4, N E Dee Hert 3889 W, Tuscaloosa Way West Jordan, UT Sharon White 3285 E. Ruskin Court Sandy, UT Avilova (Wiesenfeld) Kathryn Bartels Stahlman 1540 Bench Trail Schertz, TX Arzis, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-8, N E SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

59 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Atmagea/Atmadscha, Dobruja, Romania Baden, Kuchurgan, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant B-7, N E Balzer, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-4, N E Wayne Bonner Ogram Ave. Gardena, CA Dr. Darrell Weber 560 E. Robin Orem, UT Bangert, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-4, N E Paul E. Koehler 1468 St. Joseph Circle St. Joseph, MI Winter address (Nov. - April) 83 Spoonbill Lane Ellenton, FL Bauer, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-5, N E Michael Buck P.O. Box 509 LaSalle, CO Beideck, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-4, N E John Lauck 214 Teal Lane Sugarland, TX Elizabeth (Sinner) Barker Juanita Spur Tecumseh, OK Beresina, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C N 12 E Manuel Goehring #2-569 Pape Ave. Toronto, ON Canada M4K 3R5 Bergdorf, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant B-4, N E Sylvia Hertel 928 W. Front St. C# Albert Lea, MN Birzula (Kotovsk), Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant B-3, N E Blumenfeld, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-7, N E Debbie Dumler 2400 NE 27 Drive #307 Gresham, OR Also see Lower Yeruslan River Colonies Boaro, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-2, N E David Schmidt 3428 Sugarberry Lane Walnut Creek, CA Borodino, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant, C N Judy Remmick-Hubert 240 St. Mary s Road Lafayette, CA Brabander, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-4 Andrew Kroneberger Indian Beach Road Spicer, MN Winter Address 808 E. Mississippi St. Florence, AZ Brienne, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-9, N E Victor Knell th Ave. N #3 Fargo, ND SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

60 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Brunnental, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D-5, N E Sherrie Gettman Stahl 4189 NW Spoon Place Portland, OR Cäsarsfeld, Samara, Volga (destroyed 1774) David F. Schmidt 3428 Sugarberry Lane Walnut Creek, CA Cataloi/Katalui, Dobruja, Romania Chasselois (Chasoil and Schasslwa), Samara, Volga Map 6-Quadrant E 3 (about) N, E Kevin Rupp 2301 Canal Blvd. Hays, KS Chortitza Mennonite Colonies Map 21 Karen Penner 928 Spruce Newton, KS Ciucurova/Tschukurow, Dobruja, Romania Dehler, Saratov, Volga Map 6, C-4 Andrew Kroneberger Indian Beach Road Spicer, MN Winter Residence 808 E. Mississippi St. Florence, AZ Dennewitz, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-9, N E Dermanke, Volynsk, Volhynia U Map 3, Quadrant, B-5, N E* Dietel, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-5, N E Don Soeken 4161 Lotus Circle Ellicott City, MD Karen L. Bouton 4512 S. 262nd St. Kent, WA Dinkel, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D-4, N E Leroy Nikolaisen 6656 Lindenwood Place St. Louis, MO Dobrinka, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-7, N E Gary Martens 928 Light House Lane Savannah, TX Dönhof/Doenhof, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-4, N E Karen Kaiser County Road 24 Sterling, CO Drei-Brunnental, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson Map 2 Dreispitz, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-7, N E Mark Wills Acuff Lane Lenexa, KS Duchlonoff, North Caucasus Map 13 Eckheim, Samara, Volga E-5 Map #6 SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

61 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Eigenfeld, North Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant E-2, N E Arthur Flegel 1895 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park, CA Eigenheim, Akkerman, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant E-7, N E Eigenheim, Kuban, North Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant F-3, N E* Elsass, Kuchurgan, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant C-7, N E Emaus/Emmaus, North Caucasus (abandoned 1918) Map 13, Quadrant J-4, N E* Enders, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-2, N E Beth Mueller Davenport Erlenbach, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-7, N E Kathryn Bartels Stahlman 1540 Bench Trail Schertz, TX Fischer, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-2, N E Brad Hertz Yalecrest Ave. Salt Lake City, UT Frank, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant A-4, N E Doris Eckhardt Evans 4148 Christensen Road E Almira, WA VC, Data Bank & Charts Coordinator Margaret Hein P.O. Box 418 Glenco, IL Frankreich, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-8, N E Leland Riffel 4385 W. 152 Court Stanley, KS Also see Lower Yeruslan River Colonies Friedenberg, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D-6, N E Brenda Silvey Box 516 Sechrelt, BC Canada V0N 3A0 Friedenfeld, Samara, Volga Map 21, Quadrant F-5, N E Friedensdor,f MolochnaColonies Map 21, Quadrant F-9, N E* John S. Niessen 3454 S 173rd Lane NW Andover, MN Friedensfeld, Akkerman, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant D-8, N E Victor Knell th Ave. N #3 Fargo, ND Friedenstal, Akkerman, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-8, N E Friedental, Simpferopol, Crimea Map 9, Quadrant D-5, N E Friedrichsfeld, North Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant G-2, 45 45N E Arthur Flegel 8195 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park, CA Galka, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-7, 5022 N E Gary Martens 928 Lighthouse Lane Savannah, TX SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

62 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Glückstal Colonies Research Association Includes colonies: Bergdorf, Glückstal, Kassel, Neudorf, Grigoriopol, and Hoffnungstal Gnadenfeld, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-5, N E Irma Waggoner 2304 Lynnridge Place Lincoln, NE Gnadentau, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-6, N E Goebel, Saratov, Volga Map 6, coordinates B7 Ben Markel 5124 Quince Court Livermore, CA Graf, Samara, Volga Map #6, Quadrant E-3, N E Kevin Rupp 2301 Canal Blvd. Hays, KS Grimm, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-5, N E Henry Schmick 7019 Tumbleweed Drive Cheyenne, WY John Groh 8716 Stone Pointe Lane Johnston, IA Güldendorf, Grossliebental, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant D-7, N E Gurahumora, Bukovina, Romania Gut Reisenhauer, Berezan, Odessa, Kherson Map 2 Hahnsau, Samara, Volga Map 6 Herzog, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-3, N E Jerry Braun 2223 Felten Drive Hays, KS Hoffental, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-4, N E Hoffnungstal, Akkerman, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-7, N E Hoffnungstal, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant C-5, N E Holstein, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-7, N E Gary Martens 928 Lighthouse Lane Savannah, TX Hölzel, Samara, Volga Huck, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-4, N E Dennis Zitterkopf 822 N Cypress Court Wichita, KS Pam Wurst 7508 Nemaha Lincoln, NE Husaren, Saratov, Volga Map 6 Sheri Rose 9612 T Road Hoyt, KS SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

63 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Hussenbach, Linevo Ozero, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant A-5, N E Susan Nakaji Glen Brae Drive Saratoga, CA Shari Mehling Stone 4782 W. Vermillion Drive South Jordan, UT Johannesdorf, Karlsruhe, North Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant F-2 Johannestal, Berezan, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant E-5, N E* Ray Heinle 2661 E. Carla Vista Drive Gilbert, AZ Josefstal/Schwabe Khutor, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-7, N E Edward R. Gerk 621 Grandview Road Kelowna, BC V1V 2C8, Canada Jost, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D-4, N E Beth Mueller Davenport Kamenka, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-6, N E Rosemary Larson 703 Wesley Lane Mendota Heights, MN Kamyshin, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-8, N E Kana, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-7, N E Kandel, Kuchurgan, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant B-7, N E Karlsruhe, Berezan, Odessa, Kherson Map 2 Karlsruhe, Burlatzki, Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant H-3 Karlstal, Grossliebental, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant C-7, N E* Kassel, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant B-5, N E Katharinenfeld, Luxemburg, South Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant J-6 Katharinenstadt, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-2, N E Raynona Bohrer Moccasin Trail Meeker, OK Katzbach, Akkerman, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-8, N E Kautz, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-5, N E D. Michael Frank 2201 NE 156th Ave. Vancouver, WA Kind, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-1, 47 N, E Klosterdorf, Swedish Colonies, Nikolaev, Kherson Map 23, Quadrant K-6, N E* Köhler, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-6, N E Barbara and Nick Bretz 6733 Reed St. Arvada, CO SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

64 VILLAGE COORDINATORS David Haspert Homeland Drive Hughesville, MD Kolb, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant A-4, N E Kelly Horst 1142 S. 204th St. Seattle, WA Mr. Kelly Koch 1912 N. 14th Boise, ID Konstantinovka, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-5, N E Gary Martens 928 Lighthouse Lane Savannah, TX Kraft, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-7, N E Ron Burkett 7400 Crest Way Drive #804 San Antonio, TX Krasna, Akkerman, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-8, N E Krasnoyar, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D-2, N E Sue Weber Hess 1249 N Sunnyslope Drive #103 Racine, WI Kratzke, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-5, N E Brent Mai 75 Stoneridge Way #1-F Fairfield, CT Kronental, North Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant G-1, N E Arthur E. Flegel 1895 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park, CA Kruglik, Zaslav, Volhynia Map 3, Quadrant B-5, N E* Kuchurgan Catholic Villages, Odessa, Kherson Map 2 Baden, Elsass, Kandel, Mannheim, Selz and Strassburg Kukkus, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-4, N E Eleanor Sissell 9491 Lake Natoma Drive Orangevale, CA Kulm, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-8, N E Arthur E. Flegel 1895 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park, CA Kutter/Brehning, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-4, N E Frances Nelson 2436 S, Harlan Court Lakewood, CO Laub, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D-4, 51 N 46 E Donita (Dodie) Reich Rotherham 200 Harbor Drive #703 San Diego, CA Patricia Windecker Canada 1152 Buenos Aires, Argentina 1618 Lauwe/Laube, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D-4, N E Ray Heinle 2661 E. Carla Vista Drive Gilbert, AZ Leichtling, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-6, N E Darryl W. Boyd 1019 Stimel Drive Concord, CA SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

65 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Leipzig, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-7, N E Arthur E. Flegel 1895 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park, CA Lichtental, Akkerman, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant D-8, N E Liebental, Samara, Volga Jerry Braun 2223 Felten Drive Hays, KS Lillienfeld, North Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant E-2, N E Arthur E. Flegel 1895 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park, CA Louis, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-3 Kevin Rupp 2301 Canal Blvd. Hays, KS Lower Yeruslan River Colonies Research Project Map 6 Daughter colonies Wiesenmüller, Gnadenthau, Friedenberg, Blumenfeldt, Morgentau, Kana, Strassburg, Frankreich, Weimar and Neu-Galka Lower Volga Villages, Saratov, Volga Map 6 Dobrinka, Dreispitz, Galka, Holstein, Kraft, Mueller, Schwab, Shcherbakovka, and Stephen See individual villages for contacts. Luzern, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-1 Kevin Rupp 2301 Canal Blvd. Hays, KS Maienheim, Samara, Volga Daughter colony of Dehler, Samara, Volga Andrew Kroneberger Indian Beach Road Spicer, MN Winter Residence 808 E Mississippi St. Florence, AZ Mannheim, Kuchurgan, Odessa, Kerson Map 2, Quadrant C-7, N E Marianin, Volynsk, Volhynia U Map 3, Quadrant C-4, N E* Marienberg, Biziuk, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D-5, N E Jorge Bohn Pringles 1142 Bario Pueyrredon Argentina Cordoba City Marienberg, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant B-3, N E Sylvia Hertel 928 W. Front St. #3 Albert Lea, MN Marienbrunn, North Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant H-3, N E Arthur E. Flegel 1895 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park, CA Marienfeld, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-8, N E Mariental, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-3, N E Denise Grau 3916 SW Windsor Court Topeka, KS Kevin Rupp 2301 Canal Blvd. Hays, KS SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

66 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Mariupol, Rostov Map 25, Quadrant A-5 Markosowka, North Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant E-2, N E Arthur E. Flegel 1895 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park, CA Merkel, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-5, N E D. Michael Frank 2201 NE 156 th Ave. Vancouver, WA Messer, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-5, N E Mike Meisinger Briar Overland Park, KS Michalochka, Shepetovka, Volhynia, Ukraine Map 3, Quadrant B-5, N E* Molochna Colony Mennonite Villages Map 21 Karen Penner 928 Spruce Newton, KS Moor, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-5, N E Irma Waggoner 2304 Lynnridge Place Lincoln, NE Wayne Bonner Ogram Ave. Gardena, CA Morgentau, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-7, N E Robert Miller P.O. Box 1087 Yakima, WA Also see Lower Yeruslan River Colonies Mühlberg (see Shcherbakovka) Mühlhausendorf, Swedish Colonies, Nikolaev, Kherson Map 23, Quadrant K-6, N E* Mueller, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-6, N E Gary Martens 928 Lighthouse Lane Savannah, TX Nesselrode, Odessa, Kherson (see Birzula) Neu-Arzis, Akkerman, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-8, N E* Neu-Beideck, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-5, 50 52N, E Neu-Beresina, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant C-5, N E* Neu-Balzer Marvin Heckman 4630 Parklane Drive Kearney, NE Neuburg, Grossliebental, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant C-8, N E Neu-Danzig, Nikolaev, Odessa, Kherson Map 23, Quadrant G-5, N E Neu Donhof, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-4, N E Lee Ann Schlager 1020 NW 9th Ave., #1116 Portland, OR Neudorf, Glückstal, Odessa, South Russia Map 2, Quadrant A-4, N E Gregory Dockter 414 Browning Ave. Bismarck, ND SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

67 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Neudorf, Volynsk, Volhynia Map 3, Quadrant D-4, N E Neu-Galka, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-8, N E Leland Riffel 4385 W. 152 Court Stanley, KS Neu-Glückstal, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant C-5, N E* See Glückstal Colonies Research Association Neu-Hussenbach, Gashon, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-5, N E Shirley Ansley 1028 S E. Spanish Fork, UT Neu Kolonie Map 6, Quadrant C-6, N E Jorge Bohn Pringles 1142 Bario Pueyrredon Argentina 5000 Cordoba City Neu-Messer, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-7, N E Mike Meisinger Briar Overland Park, KS Neu-Moor, Volga, Saratov Map 6, Quadrant, N E Irma Waggoner 2304 Lynnridge Place Lincoln, NE Neu-Norka Map 6 Quadrant B-7, S 45 E Marvin L. Schwartz P.O. Box 603 Fortuna, CA Neu-OberMonjou, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-3 Kevin Rupp 2301 Canal Blvd. Hays, KS Neu-Sarata, Bessarabia (see also Birzula) Map 1, Quadrant A-7, N E* Village Coordinator Needed Neusatz, Crimea Map 9, Quadrant D-4, N E* Neu-Schilling I, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-6, N E* Gary Martens 928 Lighthouse Lane Savannah, TX Neu-Schilling II, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-6, N E* Gary Martens 928 Lighthouse Lane Savannah, TX Neu-Schönfeld, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-4, N E Neu-Straub, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-1, N E Lillian Larwig 2133 NW 25th St. Oklahoma City, OK Neu-Weimar, Samara, Volga Gary Martens 928 Lighthouse Lane Savannah, TX Leland Riffel 4385 W. 152 Court Stanley, KS Neu-Yagodnaya, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-4, N E* SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

68 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Nieder-Monjou, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-2, N E Michael Grau 3916 SW Windsor Court Topeka, KS Steven Grau 7330 Bucknell Drive Dallas, TX Norka, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-4, N E Steven Schreiber 6806 SE 35th Ave. Portland, OR Norka Database Coordinator Louis Schleuger P.O. Box 773 Lobeco, SC Oberdorf, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-7, N E Elena Vega Stehle Calle 109 N 2175 (CP 1650) San Martin Buenos Aires Argentina Ober-Monjou, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-2, N E Kevin Rupp 2301 Canal Blvd. Hays, KS Odessa, Odessa, South Russia Map 2 Orlovskoye, Samara, Volga Map 6 Quadrant E-1, N E Paris, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-8, N E Paulskoye, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-2, N E Timothy C. Weeder 429 N. State Road Carsonville, MI Pfeifer, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-6, N E Rosemary Larson 703 Wesley Lane Mendota Heights, MN Pobochnoye, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-1, N E Polish-Volhynia Polish, Map 29 Mabel Kiessling Braxton Road SW Calgary, AB, T2W 1C6, Canada Pruess, Samara, Volga Rastatt, Berezan, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant E-4, N E Reichenberg, Luxemburg, Zaporozhye Map 21, Quadrant H-9, N E Reinhard(t), Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-2 Brenna Stokes 281 N. Peach Ave. Clovis, CA Reinwald, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-2, N E Sue Weber Hess 1249 N. Sunnyslope Drive #103 Racine, WI Rohleder, Volga Map 6 Kevin Rupp 2301 Canal Blvd. Hays, KS SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

69 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Rohrbach, Berezan, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant E-5, N E Erwin Ulmer 1731 S. 15th St., Apt. B4 Lincoln, NE Rosenberg/Umet, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-7, N E Dr. Richard McGregor 17 Newcroft, Warton, Carnforth Lancashire LA5 9QB UK Rosenfeld, North Caucasus Map 13, Quadrant E-2, N E* Arthur E. Flegel 1895 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park, CA Rosenheim, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D-2, N E Duane Funk E. Grissom Drive Palentine, IL Rosental, Crimea Map 9, Quadrant D-4, N E* Rothammel, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-5, N E Nicholas & Barbara Bretz 6733 Reed St. Arvada, CO Joseph Gertge 8031 S E South Weber, UT Sarata, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant D-8, N E Schaffhausen, Samara,Volga Map 6 Quadrant F-1 Jim Parsonage P.O. Box 172 The Gap, Queensland Australia 4061 Schafer/Schaefer/Lipowka, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E N E Brenna Stokes 281 N. Peach Ave. Clovis, CA Schellenberg (see Karlstal) Schilling, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-5, N E * Gary Martens 928 Lighthouse Lane Savannah, TX Schilling, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-4, N E Gary Martens 928 Lighthouse Lane Savannah, TX Schlangendorf, Swedish Colonies, Nikolaev, Kherson Map 23, Quadrant K-6, N E* Schönchen, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-1, N E Terri Dann 785 E Road Baldwin City, KS Denise Grau 3916 SW Windsor Court Topeka, KS Schöndorf, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-4, N E Schuck, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-5, N E Cathy Hawinkels nd St NW Edmonton, AB Canada T5Z 1X2 Schulz, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-2, N E Peter & Judy Kaland 551 W. Harrison St. Columbus, WI SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

70 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Schwab, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-7, N E Rolene (Eichman) Kiesling P.O. Box 215 Groveland, CA Schwed, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-2, N E Keith Wiegel 374 Northgate Road Lindenhurst, IL Seelmann, Samara, Volga Seewald, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-5, N E Nicholas & Barbara Bretz 6733 Reed St. Arvada, CO Selz, Kuchurgan, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant B-7, N E Shcherbakovka, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-6, N E Janet (Laubhan) Flickinger 2544 Angus Lane Salina, KS Speier/Speyer, Berezan, Odessa Map 2, Quadrant E-5, N E* Stahl am Karaman, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-2, N E David F. Schmidt 3428 Sugarberry Lane Walnut Creek, CA Stahl am Tarlyk, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-4, N E Paul E. Koehler 1468 St. Joseph Circle St. Joseph, MI Winter address (November-April): 83 Spoonbill Lane Ellenton, FL Stephan, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-6, N E Robert Miller P.O. Box 1087 Yakima, WA Strassburg, Kuchurgan, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant B-7, N E Strassburg, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-8, N E Leland Riffel 4385 W. 152 Court Stanley, KS Also see Lower Yeruslan River Colonies Strassendorf, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-5, N E Straub, Samara, Volga Map 6 Sharon White 3285 E. Ruskin Court Sandy, UT Streckerau, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D5, N, E Jorge Bohn Pringles 1142 Bario Pueyrredon Argentina Cordoba City Sulz, Berezan, Odessa Map 2, Quadrant E-5, N E* Susannental, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-1, N E Kerry S. Thompson 1721 E. 17th The Dalles, OR Swedish Colonies, Nikolaev, Kherson Map 23, Quadrant K-6, N E* Alt-Schwedendorf, Klosterdorf, Schlangendorf, and Mühlenhausendorf SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

71 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Taganrog, Rostov Map 25, Quadrant C-5 Tarutino, Akkerman, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-8, N E Arthur E. Flegel 1895 Oakdell Drive Menlo Park, CA Teplitz, Akkerman, Bessarabia Map 1, Quadrant C-9, N E Sylvia Hertel 928 W. Front St. #C3 Albert Lea, MN Tiegenhoff, Luxemburg, Zaporozhe Map 21, Quadrant J-8, N E Unterdorf, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-7, N E Unterwalden, Samara, Volga Map 6 Quadrant F N E Vakarskii Khutor, Glückstal, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant B-5, N E Volhynia Polish, Map 29 Mabel Kiessling Braxton Road SW Calgary, AB Canada T2W 1C6 Vollmer, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant B-6, N E Cathy Hawinkels nd St NW Edmonton, AB Canada T5Z 1X2 Walter, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant A-4, N E Village Historian Jean Roth 515 N. 79th Seattle, WA Data Base Coordinator Michael Fyler 1625 Franklin St. Denver, CO Mary Jane Bolton 7936 W. 71st Ave. Arvada, CO Walter Khutor, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant A-4, N E* Village Historian Jean Roth 515 N. 79th Seattle, WA Data Base Coordinator Michael Fyler 1625 Franklin St. Denver, CO Mary Jane Bolton 7936 W. 71st Ave. Arvada, CO Warenburg, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D-5, N E Ronald E. Brott 2411 Adams Des Moines, IA Sharon White 3285 E Ruskin Court Sandy, UT Waterloo, Berezan, Odessa Map 2, Quadrant E-4, N E* Erwin Ulmer 1731 S 15th St. #B4 Lincoln, NE Weimar, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant E-8, N E* Leland Riffel 4385 W. 152 Court Stanley, KS Also see Lower Yeruslan River Colonies SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

72 VILLAGE COORDINATORS Wickerau, Luxemburg, Zaporozhye Map 21, Quadrant J-8, N E Wiesenmüller, Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant D-6, N E Gary Martens 928 Lighthouse Lane Savannah TX Also see Lower Yeruslan River Colonies Winkelmann See Susannental Wittman (Soloturn), Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-1, N E Kevin Rupp 2301 Canal Blvd. Hays, KS Worms, Berezan, Odessa, Kherson Map 2, Quadrant E-5, N E Erwin Ulmer 1731 S 15th St., Apt. B4 Lincoln, NE Yagodnaya Polyana, Saratov, Volga Map 6, Quadrant C-1, N E Marlene Michel Box 547 Keoma, AB, T0M 1G0, Canada Zug (Gattung), Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-1 Kevin Rupp 2301 Canal Blvd. Hays, KS Zürich (Eckardt), Samara, Volga Map 6, Quadrant F-1, N E Keith Wilberg 208 Flax Hill Road #36 Norwalk, CT SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

73 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I U.S. Draft Records By Mike Meisinger has recently loaded WWI Draft Records into their database. These can be very interesting, particularly for our ancestors who were born in Russia. Even if you do not have a subscription to Ancestry, many public libraries have institutional licenses so you can access these records there. I used the following procedure to view the records for my ancestors and other family members. 1. On the initial Ancestry Screen, select "Military" from the "Search" pull down. 2. On the next screen enter a last name and optionally a first name and "Russia" in the "birth location" field. 3. On the next screen select "Draft, Enlistment and Service" under "Military" on the left. 4. On the next screen select "U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, ". 5. Unless you are searching a common last name the results for your family member should be displayed within the first few pages. 6. If there are too many results, you may want to further limit the search by selecting "Edit Search" on the left and entering a state in the "Lived In" field of the next screen. The information provided varies somewhat from state to state and county to county, but as an example these are the fields on one of the more prevalent forms: Name Address Date of Birth Citizenship Status Birthplace Citizenship Country if not U.S. Occupation Employer Name Employer Location Dependents Marital Status Race Previous Military Service Reason if claiming exemption from draft Previous Military Service Height Build Eye Color Hair Color Bald (yes or no) List of any disabilities Date of Registration Here is the record for my Grandfather who was living in Torrington, Connecticut. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

74 SURNAME EXCHANGE SECTION I Ancestry has also recently started adding World War II Fourth Registration Draft Cards to their database. This is commonly referred to as "The Old Man's Draft" since this registration was specifically for men born on or after April 28, 1877, and on or before February 16, Currently Ancestry has the records loaded for: Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. The records for Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee were destroyed and will never be available. The records for the remaining states are being loaded and will be made available over time. These records include: Name Residence Mailing Address Telephone Number Age Date of Birth Town or County of Birth Country of Birth Name and Address of Person who will always know your address Employer's Name and Address Place of Employment Race Height Weight Eye Color Hair Color Complexion Any other Identifying physical characteristics You can find these records using the same procedure as above by selecting "U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942" in step 4. The next page provides a sample record for Adam Schreiber who was living in Portland Oregon. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES


76 INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING GEDCOM FILES Instructions for Submitting a GEDCOM File to the AHSGR Database Introduction Since AHSGR was founded, we have asked members to submit their genealogy information. This has been done to create a repository that patrons may use in their research and to enable AHSGR members to share information with each other. At first, this member-submitted information was extracted from the genealogy forms (Ancestral Chart and Family Group Chart) and placed onto Family Group Cards. In the early 1990s, a database was developed to store and enable research of member-submitted genealogy data. This database now holds more than 490,000 entries. To ensure uniformity of style and spelling, AHSGR has drawn up the following guidelines for entering data. Please follow these guidelines when submitting data to AHSGR in GEDCOM format (refer to your genealogy software manual for instructions on creating a GEDCOM file, or see the following section concerning "Creating a GEDCOM"). Each member is urged to submit a complete set of genealogy forms: Membership Data Form, Ancestral Chart, and Family Group Chart, but a GEDCOM file may be submitted instead of the Ancestral and Family Group Charts. REMEMBER: some of these directions refer to PAF 5.0, the genealogy program AHSGR currently uses. Some data entry fields may vary if using a different program. Refer to your program s user guide if you encounter problems. General Do not use parentheses () or quotation marks " " in any field. They will all have to be removed before we can add the data to our database. If data is unknown, leave that field blank. Do not enter "unknown" or "unk." Umlauts and Symbols While some genealogy programs will accept and properly use diacritic markings, this is not universal. Please spell out all umlauts: a = ae, o = oe, u = ue. Spell out the German β as "ss." Dates If you do not know a specific date, please do not use "before," "after," " circa," "ca," or "about." Instead, use the abbreviation ABT followed by a year. The software used by AHSGR will put the ABT into the month field and the year into the year field. Do not try to expedite this by putting the ABT into the month field. Type ABT where you would ordinarily type the day field. For example, type "abt 1896." It does not matter if you use lower- or uppercase for ABT. The software will convert it to upper case. Names Capitalize the first letter only of each name. In the Full Name fields names should be entered last, first middle. When typing in a name enter your SEN following it. Example: Smith, John Jacob S541. A screen comes up that will tell you that numbers are not usually part of an alpha field, just click OK to proceed. If you wish to put in a religious affiliation this is where to do it. Type a dash then use the first letter: C (Catholic), M (Mennonite), P (Protestant) followed by a dash and then the SEN. Example: Smith, John Jacob -P-S541. There are no other fields to enter religious data in. Nicknames Put any nickname in the nickname field provided by your program. If your program does not have such a field, then enter it with the middle name. Do not use quotation marks! Title Do not put a title such as "Dr.," "Prof," "Miss," etc. in the title field of files to be sent to AHSGR. There is no title field in PAF 5.0 and titles are not used in the AHSGR database. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

77 INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING GEDCOM FILES Place There are generally four subfields for indicating the place of an event such as birth, marriage, and death. Some programs do not clearly separate the subfields. In PAF 5.0 below the Personal field there is the Events field. Here there are spaces for Birth: date, and place. This is the same for Christening, Death, and Burial. When entering places use the following format: United States Germany Russia City, Town Village, City Village, City County County (e.g. Isenberg) Sub-region (e.g. Saratov, Samara, Odessa, etc.) State State (e.g. Hesse) Province (e.g. Volga, Black Sea, etc.) United States Germany Russia, South Russia or U.S.S.R. (for only) A completed field will look like this: Lincoln, Lancaster, Nebraska, United States, or Norka, Saratov, Volga, Russia If places are not known just leave the field, or space, blank. For events that took place in Canada or the United States, you should not have problems with these fields. Remember to capitalize the first letter of the name. When filling in the "county" field, do not use the abbreviation "Co" or "co" after the name of the county. Use the name only. (You may use the abbreviations "twp" for a township.) If you do not know the county name, leave this field blank. (You can find the county name in the zip code book at your post office.) This field should be left blank for events in Canada. Under the state or province field, do not use the standard, postal code two-letter abbreviation. Instead spell out the name of the state or province completely. For someone born in the U.S.A., you may use U.S.A. in "Field 4 of PAF 5.0. This is the only abbreviation you should use in any place field. Otherwise spell out every place to the best of your ability. To maintain uniformity and facilitate future research, we are taking some liberties in place name designations, especially with the county field. Village If the village has both a German and a Russian name, use the English transliteration of the German name only. Do not use the dialect spelling of a name (Denhof, Gliksthal) but rather the standard spelling of the name (Doenhof, Glueckstal). If the village has only a Russian name, use the English transliteration of the Cyrillic name, not the German transliteration as found on the Stumpp maps. For example: Stumpp-German English Tschscherbakovka Shcherbakovka Orlowskaya Orlovskoye Nikolajew Nikolayev There are various systems for transliterating from Cyrillic to Roman letters. AHSGR uses the system adopted by the U.S. Board of Standard Names. On file at AHSGR we have the seven-volume gazetteer published by the U.S. Board of Standard Names showing the transliterated spellings. This gazetteer has been extremely useful in determining the names (as of 1970) of the former German villages still in existence. If you are in doubt about the spelling of your ancestral village, contact AHSGR and we will give you our preferred spelling and the preferred place field designations. County It is in this area particularly that we are taking a number of liberties. These will, however, make researching on the database much easier. For example, the "county" for villages on the Bergseite or west side of the Volga River should be listed as "Saratov;" those on the Wiesenseite or east side should be listed as "Samara." Technically speaking, "Saratov" and "Samara" were the provinces. For villages in Bessarabia, list the county or Kreis (Cahul, Akkerman, etc). For South Russia, if the village belonged to a specific group of colonies, i.e. Glueckstal, Grossliebental, Molochna (not Molotschna), Khortitsa (not Chortitza), Berezan (not Beresan), etc., use the colony group name. To find the county designation for your village, contact AHSGR. Remember, you can leave this field blank. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

78 INSTRUCTIONS FOR SUBMITTING GEDCOM FILES State/Province Again, this is a field with some variations. We have decided to use the names of the Stumpp maps (English transliteration where applicable), such as Bessarabia, Odessa, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev, Caucasus, Crimea, Volga, Volhynia U (Ukraine Volhynia) or Volhynia P (Polish Volhynia), etc. Do not give any of these provinces the title "Ukraine" unless the event took place after Because this field will be one of the main criteria for searches, it is necessary that this field always be completed. Country These variations are in keeping with historical designations, but have been adapted to meet AHSGR's needs. South Russia: Use for those areas bordering the Black Sea, which are considered to be part of South Russia. This includes Bessarabia except for the periods when it was part of Romania. Russia: Use for the rest of Russia. U.S.S.R.: Do not use unless the event occurred between 1917 and Ukraine: Do not use unless the event occurred there after Russia or Poland: Use for Volhynia, if you know for certain where the location was situated at that date. Otherwise leave it blank. If you have a question about spelling or how to fill out these place fields, you may telephone, , or send a selfaddressed, stamped postcard or envelope with your question. We do ask that you spell out all place fields completely to the best of your ability and do not use abbreviations (with the exception of USA). Submitter Put your name and address in this frame so the information will be printed on any sheets printed from the GEDCOM media. Please also indicate your name, address, and SEN on the label of the media, as well as UPDATE if the data is an update to data currently held at AHSGR. Notes and Sources We will not store extensive note fields in our database. We realize the importance of documentation and often your documentation is contained in your notes. However, we do not have room to store everyone's notes. We are happy to serve as an outside repository for your GEDCOM, and the notes may be included on the media you send us. They will not, however, be stored in our database, so it may be easier when creating a GEDCOM to just leave them off. Again, we stress that our database is to be used as a resource tool a finding aid for information you are lacking and to locate others researching the same family lines. Notes included in the database will be limited to immigration and naturalization data and the name and address of the submitter. These requirements for completing the fields to be submitted to AHSGR on electronic media may not agree with the system you have developed. Use the system that suits your needs best. The system presented here will serve AHSGR's needs best. Try to conform to this system when submitting information to AHSGR on electronic media. It will save the Society staff time and money in processing everyone's genealogy submissions. Sample Place Fields VILLAGE COUNTY STATE COUNTRY Beideck Saratov Volga Russia Beresina Akkerman Bessarabia South Russia Bergdorf Glueckstal Odessa South Russia Kandel Kuchurgan Odessa South Russia Katharinenstadt Samara Volga Russia Katharinental Berezan Odessa South Russia Khortitsa Khortitsa Zaporozhye South Russia Rozyzscze Volhynia P Russia Tiege Molochna Zaporozhye South Russia Tiege Zagradovka Col. Nikolaev South Russia Varvarovka Volhynia U Russia SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

79 Immigrants from Odenwald, Germany, to Russia in 1766 Ella Gieg wrote a five-volume set of books titled "Auswanderungen aus dem Odenwaldkreis," documenting Germans who emigrated from the Odenwald section of Germany in the 18th, 19th, and early 20th centuries. Most of the people listed came to America, but many left for Russia in the year The following is a compilation of those immigrants to Russia pulled from the five volumes. Of course, not everyone who left Odenwald made it to Russia. We hope that this listing will help someone find the ancestral German village of their German Russian ancestors. The information included below was extracted by Mike Meisinger and Karen Penner. Last Name First & Middle Village German District Comments Volume Page Amann Johann Fränkisch- Fränkisch- Friedrich Crumbach Crumbach "Häfner von Roßdorf, mit Frau und 4 Kindern nach Rußland" Arnold Johann Peter Hetschbach Höchst "Frau und 3 Sohne, der alteste, ein Stiefsohn 18, der jugste 4, Rußland, Gorodok " Arnold Johann Peter Hetschbach Höchst "Born Vielbrunn, Married Höchst, Eva Rosina Reeg, verwittwete Luft, Born Ober-Kinzig. Aus der I. Ehe der Frau mit Wendel Luft sind folgende Kinder ausgewandert: Johannes Luft Born , Johann Georg Luft Born Aus der II. Ehe: Johann Philipp Arnold Born Die Familie wurde in Jagnodnaja Polnaja, Wolgagebiet, Rußland, angesiedelt." Bauer Johannes Etzen-Gesäss Bad König "Born , Nieder-Kinzig, Married Höchst, Elisabetha Catharina Schmidt, Kinder: Magdalena Born Annelsbach, Johann Adam Born Pfirschbach, Catharina Elisabetha Born Pfirschbach, Anna Margaretha Born Ober-Kinzig, Johann Jakob Born Etzen-Gesäss, Eva Margaretha Born Etzen-Gesäss. Bauer War Hirt und wohnte zuletzt in Etzen-Gesäss, von wo er 1766 nach Rußland auswanderte, nach Rußland" Becker Johann Jakob Fränkisch- Fränkisch- Crumbach Crumbach "von Wersau, F: Anna Barbara Eidenmüller, nach Dehler, Wolgagebiet, Rußland" Becker Johann Jakob Wersau und "Married 5 September, 1765 in Fränkisch-Crumbach to Anna Barbara Eidenmüller, Brensbach Bierbach born 11 March, 1734, nach Rußland vermutlich in Dehler, Wolgabebiet, angesiedelt" Bleitz Apollonia Brensbach Brensbach "Married 17 June, 1766 in Büdingen to Johann Adam Hartmann von Kleestadt, Wolgagebiet, Rußland (es handelt sich evtl. Um eine Blitz)" Blumenschein Johann Adam Reichelsheim Reichelsheim "Born 19 August, 1748, Rußland" Blumenschein Margaretha Elisabetha Reichelsheim Reichelsheim "Born 17 September, 1740, Rußland" Bock Johann Fränkisch- Fränkisch- "Married with Eva Katharina Schaab von Rirkenau, und 3 Kinder, das Jüngste etwa 1 Heinrich Crumbach Crumbach Jahr alt, Gebiet Petersburg, Rußland" Breinig Konrad Breitenbrunn Lützelbach "Frau und 6 Kinder, Rußland" 1 94 Brücher Johannes Hetschbach Höchst Rußland Bruecher Johannes Rimhorn Lützelbach "als Brücher 1766 nach Rußland zieht, erkauft Johann Georg Flath die Holfreite und ""geringe Stücklein Land"" für 30 fl, insgesamt nimmt er 236 fl ein. Seine Schwiegermutter war Philipp Kargs Witwe. (StA Wertheim, Rimhorner Rechnung 1766/67), nach Rußland" SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

80 Daum Margaretha Ober- Elisabetha Kainsbach Reichelsheim "Born 28 February, 1735, Tochter von Nikolaus Daum, Rußland" Dopper Johann Georg Bockenrod Reichelsheim "Born 22 July, 1748, Rußland" Dorsch Johann Nikolaus Breitenbrunn Lützelbach "Frau Anna Margareta Eichmann Married Büdingen, Rußland" 1 94 Edel Johannes Reichelsheim Reichelsheim "Married in 1766 to Anna Barbara Schäfer, born 15 December, 1735, deren unehelicher Sohn Georg Heinrich, born 17 August, 1763, Kaltschinowka, Belowesh, Rußland" Eichmann Johann Michael Breitenbrunn Lützelbach "Frau Anna Barbara Völker Married Büdingen, Rußland" 1 94 Eidenmüller Johann Martin Fränkisch- Fränkisch- "Born 29 May, 1720, married 21 February, 1749 to Christine Zahn und 4 Kinder, in die Crumbach Crumbach Nähe von Petersburg, (Leningrad), Rußland" "Born 5 August, 1722, married 21 February, 1748 to Agathe Bock, born 7 June, 1718, K: Johann Georg, born 6 February, 1750, Anna Margareth, born 6 February, 1750, Eidenmüller konfirmiert, die Kinder heirateten alle in Neu-Saratowka, bei Petersburg (Leningrad), Rußland" Johann Fränkisch- Fränkisch- Johann Jakob, born 18 December, 1752, Johann Adam, born 5 April, 1756, Johann Nikolaus Crumbach Crumbach Nikolaus, born 29 December, 1756, das zweitülteste Kind bereits am Sonntag Cuntate Frank Dorothea Laudenau Reichelsheim "Born 1 August, 1726, Rußland" Fröhlich Johann Adam Kirch- Beerfurth Reichelsheim "mit Frau und 2 Kindern, Wolgabebiet, Rußland" Göttman Johann Peter Nieder-Kinzig Bad König "Born , Uter-Ostern, Married Kirch-Bromach, Elisabetha Margaretha Hoffmeister, Born , Kinder Johann Heinrich Born , nach Rußland" Götz Johann Georg Ober-Ostern Reichelsheim "Born 23 April, 1722, Rußland" Grall Johann Adam Ober-Ostern Reichelsheim "Born 5 December, 1735, im Mai 1766 nach Russland" Grall Michael Breitenbrunn Lützelbach "Frau und 3 Kinder, Rußland" 1 95 Gräulich Eva Katharina Neustadt Breuberg "Married Büdingen, Johann Georg Hubert von Steinbuch, nach Rußland" Haag Nikolaus Höllerbach Brensbach "Married 28 April, 1766 in Büdingen to Anna Margaretha Brunn(er) von Wallbach, nach Kaltschinowka, Belowesh, Rußland" Hallstein Johann Adam Hetschbach Höchst "Frau 2. Ehe Maria Barbara Hallstein Kinder Anna Margaretha Born , Eva Maria Born , Johann Adam Born , Elisabetha Margaretha Born Kinder alle aus 1. Ehe mit Eva Maria Neff von Haingrund Died Jogadnaya Polyana = Beerenfeld, Rußland" Halstein Susanne Hetschbach Höchst "Schwester von Johann Adam Hallstein, Rußland" Hammann Johannes Hetschbach Höchst "Rußland, vermutlich" Heist Johann Peter Reichelsheim Reichelsheim "Born 26 January, 1718, married 2. Ehe 22 May, 1764 to Anna Elisabeth Schumann, Witwe des Nagelschmied Martin Schumann, K: aus 1.Ehe: Anna Margaretha, born 29 September, 1746, Anna Eva, Born 28 October, 1752, Elisabetha Katharina, born 23 October, 1754, und Kind der 2. Frau: Maragaretha Elisabeth Schumann, Rußland" Hess Johann Peter Fränkisch- Fränkisch- Crumbach Crumbach "Jäger, Frau und 1 Kind, Rußland" Heusel Johann Georg Hetschbach Höchst "Frau Margaretha Morasch und 4 Kinder, Rußland" Heusel Johann Georg Mümling - Höchst "Born , II. Married Marie Margaretha Morasch von Höchst, Born SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

81 Grumbach , Kinder I. Ehe: Johann Leonhard Born , Jakob Wendel Born , Kinder II. Ehe: Johann Georg Born , Anna Eva Born , nach Rußland" Höck Marie Elisabetha Hetschbach Höchst "Mann: Johannes Schäffer von Höchst, Married: Büdingen, Rußland" Hofferbert Johann Leonhard Hetschbach Höchst "Frau Anna Katharina Dachs von Ambach Heirat D62 Büdingen, Rußland" Hofferberth Magdalena Hetschbach Höchst "Born 1740 Frau Maria Elisabetha Höck von Rimhorn Heirat: Büdingen , Rußland" Hofferberth Johannes Hetschbach Höchst "Frau und 3 Kinder, Rußland" Hofferberth Anna Barbara Höchst Höchst "Born , vermutlich mit Bruder Johann Leonard, Born , der in Büdingen am die Anna Catharina Dachs von Ammerbach heiratete, nach Rußland" Hörr Johann Georg Kirch- Beerfurth Reichelsheim "Wolgabebiet, Rußland" Hubert Johann Georg Steinbuch Michelstadt "Married 20 April, 1766 in Büdingen to Eva Katharina Gräulich von Neustadt, Rußland" Kather Anna "Married Büdingen, Johann Adam Thüruff aus Eschen (=Eschau), nach Höchst Höchst Margaretha Rußland" König Johann "Married 3 June, 1766 in Büdingen to Anna Margaretha Scheffer (Tochter von Wallbach Brensbach Leonhard Wilhelm Schäfewr, Bockenrod/Reichelsheim?), Belowesh, Rußland" Lang Johann Christoph Momart Bad König "Married 9 May, 1766 in Büdingen to Anna Margaretha Burger von d. Felde, Rußland" "Nach Rußland 1767 in der Kolonie Belowesh angesiedelt. Laut Revisionsliste von 1807 war er 67 Jahre alt und seine Frau Katrina 58, seine Kinder Hannes 33, dessen Frau Katrina 32, dessen Kinder Lina 8, Charlotte 4, Katrina 2, Kritja 17 Besitz: 12 Lautenschläger Joachim oder Ober- Pferde, 16 Rinder, 10 Schafe, 10 Schweine, 40 Tschernigower Maß Brotgetreide, 20 Mossautal Jakob Hiltersklingen Fuhren Heu, 1 Pflug, 1 egge und 2 Wagen. Quelle: Karl Stumpp: Die Auswanderrungen aus Deutschland nach Rußland in den Jahren 1763 bis Hinweis: In der Einleitung auf Seite 823 wurde als Ansiedlungsjahr 1776 genennt. Es handelt sich offensichtlich um einen Druckfehler und muß 1767 heißen." Lichtenberg Johann Fränkisch- Fränkisch- "F: Anna Margaretha Weber, sowie zwei Schwestern der Frau in die Nähe von Christoph Crumbach Crumbach Petersburg (Leningrad), Rußland" Loretus Johann Fränkisch- Fränkisch- "aus Schleswig-Holstein, Beisaß in Erlau, Frau und zwei Kinder, in die Nähe von Balthasar Crumbach Crumbach Petersburg, Rußland lebten in Neu-Satatowka" Luft Johannes Hetschbach Höchst und Bruder Johann Georg Born mit Stiefvater Peter Arnold nach Rußland - siehe auch Peter Arnold Luft Veronica Hetschbach Höchst "Born und Geschwister: Johann Heinrich Born , Eva Maria Born , Johann Georg Born , (er lebt vermutlich 1809 in Gorodok, Belowesher Kolonie.) Es sind die Kinder von Susanna Hallstein und ihrem 1. Ehemann Johann Nikolaus Luft (Born , Died Hetschbach), nach Rußland - siehe auch Johann Philipp Lust, Höchst - " Lust Georg Heinrich Hetschbach Höchst Born Frau Christine Elise Mueller von Sandbach Russßland Lust Johann Philipp Hetschbach Höchst "Born zieht 1752 ins Branderburgische, kommt wieder zurueck und SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

82 wandert dann mit seiner. Frau Susanna Weber, Witwe des Johann Nikolaus Lufft von Ober-Kairsbach nach Rußland aus" Lust Georg Heinrich Höchst Höchst "Born , Married Höchst, Christina Elisabetha Mueller von Sandbach, Kinder Anna Maria Born , Johann Michael Born , Anna Regina Born in Hetwwschbach, nach Rußland" Lust Johann Philipp Höchst Höchst "Born , Married , Susanna Hallstein, verwitwete Luft, Born Hetschbach. Kinder aus I. Ehe der Frau: Veronica Luft Born Hetschbach, Johann Heinrich Born , Eva Maria Born , Johann Georg Born , er lebgt 1809 vermutlich in Gorodok, Belowesher Kolonie, Johann Balthasar Lust Born und Johann Nicolaus Lust Born nach Rußland Die in Band 1, Seite 126, zu Joh. Ph. Lust gemachten Angaber sind unrichtig. Seine Frau war Susanna Hallstein von Hetschbach, wie oben erwähnt. - siehe auch Nachtrag Hetschbach, Veronica Luft -" Meister Friedrich Hetschbach Höchst "Rußland. Klein-Werder, Beloweshergebiet" Merz Johann Peter "Born 29 November, 1739 in Kirch-Beerfurth, married 26 April, 1766 in Fränkisch- Fränkisch- Fränkisch- Crumbach to Margarethe Muth, born 24 October, 1743 in Ober-Kainsbach, Crumbach Crumbach Wolgagebiet, Russland" Mohr Johannes Höllerbach Brensbach "Married 9 May, 1766 in Büdingen to Elisabeth Kramer von Habitzheim, Rußland" Morasch Johann Georg Hetschbach Höchst "Frau Veronika Lust und 5 Kinder, nach Jagnodnaja Polnaja, Beerenfeld, Rußland" Morasch Anna Eva Höchst Höchst "Born , mit ihrer Schwester Maria Margartha, die mit Johann Georg Heusel von Mlg. -Grumbach verheiratt war, nach Rußland" Morasch Morasch Muntermann Muth Nic(k)las Johann Georg Johann Jakob Konrad Anna Margaretha Johann Jakob Mümling - Grumbach Höchst " Born , Married Anna Walpurgis Weigel von Hainstadt, Kinder Anna Catharina Born , Maria Katharina Born , Johannes Born , Anna Margaretha Born , Johann Dieter Born , nach Jagnodnaja Polnaja (Beerenfeld), Rußland" Höchst "Born , nach Rußland" Mümling - Grumbach Fränkisch- Crumbach Ober- Kainsbach Ober- Kainsbach Fränkisch- Crumbach "Und Frau, Wolgagebiet, Rußland" Reichelsheim "Born 24 October, 1743, Rußland" Reichelsheim "Born 24 January, 1722, Rußland" Nickla(u)s Johann Jakob Rimhorn Lützelbach " ""am wurden die Güterstücke durch den Centwchultheis Hofferberth von Höchst verkauft"" - Erlös: 180 fl für Haus und Garten, 317 fl 10 xr für übrige Felder - total überschuldet. ""Wegen verarmter Umständer"" muß er für sich 2 fl, für Frau 1 fl xr und für 4 Kinder 4 fl an Manumissionsgeld bezahlen. (StA Wertheim, Rimhorner Amstscrechrung 1766/67), nach Rußland" Olt Johann Adam Hengmantel Lützelbach "Frau Gertraut Meyer von Brensbach Married Büdingen, Rußland" 1 97 Olt Johann Nikolaus Hetschbach Höchst "Tuchmacher, Frau Anna Katharina öhlmann, Kinder Anna Eva , Rußland" Orth Johann Michael Hetschbach Höchst "Schuhmacher, Frau Susanna Kinder Anna Margaretha Born nach Georgien, Rußland" SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

83 Orth Orth Pertsch Anna Margaretha Susanna Barbara Johann Georg Höchst Höchst Fränkisch- Crumbach Höchst Höchst Fränkisch- Crumbach Rahmgen Georg Nikolaus Wallbach Brensbach Rahmgen Johann Christoph Wallbach Brensbach Reh Benedikt Reichelsheim Reichelsheim Reinhard Karl Ludwig Fränkisch- Crumbach Fränkisch- Crumbach "Born , Vermerk im KB Höchst: ""zieht in Georgien"", womit vermutlich Georgia (Neu Georgien) in USA gemint war und richt Georgien in Rußland, Auswanderung erfolgte" "Born , ""nach Georgien"", wobei es sich vermutlich um Georgia (Neu Georgien), USA, und nicht um Georgien in Rußland handelt, Auswunderung erfolgte" " ein früherer preußischer Soldat von Erlau, Frau und 5 Kinder, in die Nähe von Petersburg (Leningrad), Rußland" "Married 10 February, 1750 in Kirch-Brombach to Eva Elisabetha Fleck, K: Anthon, born 6 August, 1752, Johann Peter, born 8 August, 1755, Johann Leonhard, born 28 December, 1757, Anna Catharina, born 10 February, 1761, Anna Justina, born 7 September, 1765, Sohn Johann Leonhard ist bei Stumpp, Seite 830 unter Nr. 39 aufgeführt. Der Eintrag lautet: Reimchen, Leonhard, Schneider, 53, seine Frau Sophia, Tochter Katherina 3, Helena 1, Landmenge: nach Verlegung der Wirtschaft in die Kreschtschater Steppe 3 Dessjatinen. Sohn Peter ist bei Stumpp, Seite 841 unter Nr. 38 aufgeführt. Der Eintrag lautet: Re(i)mchen, Peter, Landmann, 51, seine Frau Katerina 26, seine Kinder Jorich 23, dessen Frau Elisabetha 17, Christian 18, Charlotte 15, Katherina 4, Maria 2, Landmenge: 22 ½ Des. Die Auswanderung der Familie Nikolaus Rahmgen mit Frau und 5 Kindern nach Rußland erfolgte" "Married 22 May, 1766 in Büdingen (unter dem Namen Ramig) to Agatha Seeger von Affhöllerbach (born 14 June 1744), Rußland. Nach Stumpp, Seite 825 unter Nr. 20, ist folgender Eintrag zu lesen: Reimchen, Christoph sen. 75, aus: Wallmersbach ü Uffenheim-He., ev. Luth., seine Frau Okde 73, seine Kinder Philipp 30, Hanikel 24, Julianna 17, Christian 25, dessen Frau Maria, dessen Shohn Anton 3. Wi: 3 Pferde, 9 Rinder, 4 Schafe, 6 Schweine, 50 Tschw. Brotgetr., 8 Fuhren Heu, 1 Pflug, 1 Egge, 2 Wagen es handelt sich aber einwandfrei bei der auf der Rivisionsliste 1807 in Belowesh aufgeführten Familie um Johann Christoph Rahmgen aus Wallbach, seine Frau Okde (=Agathe) Seeger von Affhöllerbach" "Frau Margareta Elisabetha Blumenschein von Reichelscheim Married Büdingen, Beideck, Wolgagebiet, Rußland" "Schuhmacher, F: Anna Eva Schmunk, und 2 unmündige Kinder, in die Nähe von Petersburg (Leningrad), Rußland" Rudolph Nikolaus und Frau Hetschbach Höchst Rußland Rudoph Johannes Hetschbach Höchst "Born 1734 Frau und 3 Kinder, Rußland" Ruppel Franz Heinrich Kirch- Beerfurth Reichelsheim "Wolgabebiet, Rußland" Sartisson Eva Elisabeth Reichelsheim Reichelsheim "Born 5 March, 1728, vermitlich nach Kaltschinowka, Belowesh, Rußland, married r.k. Fürth II, married mit Balthasar Müller" Sartisson Johann "Getauft 5 January, 1721 in Lindenfels, married 8 May, 1761 in Reichelsheim to Anna Reichelsheim Reichelsheim Nikolaus Elisabeth Edel, Kaltschinowka, Belowesh, Rußland" Saul Johannes und Frau Hetschbach Höchst Rußland Schäfer Georg Philipp Fränkisch- Fränkisch- "von Michelbach, F: Elisabeth Friedrich, und 1 Kind, Wolgagebiet, Rußland" SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

84 Seeger Stumpf Agatha Johann Leonhard Affhöllerbach und Stienbach Erlenbach Brensbach Erbach "Married 22 June, 1766 in Büdingen to Johann Christoph Ramig von Wallbach, Kaltscinowka, Belowesch, Rußland" "Married 20 May, 1766 in Büdingen to Anna Barbara Volk von Birkert, nach Rußland, Stumpf ist jedoch in Erlenbach nicht nachzweisen" Crumbach Crumbach Schäfer Anna Barbara Gersprenz Reichelsheim "Born 15 December, 1736, Kaltschinowka, Belowesh, Rußland siehe auch Johann Edel, Reichelsheim" Schäfer Anna "Born 8 December, 1733, Schwester von Anna Barbara Schäfer, Rußland (vermutlich Gersprenz Reichelsheim Margaretha ebenfalls ins Belowesher Gebiet)" Schäfer Johann Kirch- Christoph Beerfurth Reichelsheim "Wolgabebiet, Rußland" Schäfer Johannes Höchst Höchst "Born , ""nach Georgien"", womit vermutlich Georgia (Neu Georgien) in USA gemeint war und nicht Georgien in Rußland. Auswanderwung erfolgte" Schäffer Johannes Hetschbach Höchst "Born 1740 Frau Maria Elisabetha Höck von Rimhorn Married: Büdingen , Rußland" Schenkel Georg Konrad Kirch- Beerfurth Reichelsheim "von Groß-Zimmern, Hirte, Frau und 3 Kinder, Wolgagebiet, Rußland" Schimpf Johann Georg Reichelsheim Reichelsheim "Born 20 October, 1747, Rußland" Schimpf Johann Jakob Reichelsheim Reichelsheim "Born 6 June, 1721, Rußland" Schmidt Johann Hetschbach Höchst "Frau Eva Maria Walther von Ober-Klingen, Heirat Büdingen, Rußland" Schneider Michael Hetschbach Höchst "Leinenweber Frau Anna Margaretha verwitwete Lautenschläger von Rimhorn, Rußland" Schneider Michael "Married , Anna Margaretha Stockum, verwitwete Lauterschläger, von von Breuberg Rimhorn, Kinder Maria Magdalena Born , Johann Philipp Born , Sandbach Stockum war Leineweber" Scholl Johann Nikolaus Hetschbach Höchst "Frau Anna Barbara Hofferberth und 4 Kinder, Rußland" Schumann Margaretha Elisabeth Reichelsheim Reichelsheim "Born 23 June, 1750, Rußland" Traut Valentin Fränkisch- Fränkisch- Crumbach Crumbach "Strumpfweber, reformiert, Frau und 3 Kinder, Wolgagebiet, Rußland" Walther Johann Ludwig Fränkisch- Fränkisch- "mit Stiefvater Johann Georg Lehn und Mutter Maria Elisabetha Schäfer Crumbach Crumbach ausgewandert, Wolgabebiet, Rußland" Walther Johann Philipp Fränkisch- Fränkisch- Crumbach Crumbach "und F: Anna Marie Weber, in die Nähe von Petersburg (Leningrad), Rußland" Walther Johann Peter Kirch- Beerfurth Reichelsheim "Frau und 5 Kindern, Degott, Wolgagebiet, Rußland" Weber Johann Fränkisch- Fränkisch- Leonhard Crumbach Crumbach "Schmied, mit Schwager Johann Phipipp Walther in das Wolgagebiet, Rußland" Weyrich Johannes Wallbach Brensbach "Frau und 6 Kinder, Rußland" Zierköbel Christoph Brensbach Brensbach "Born 28 March, 1744, married 19 June, 1766 in Büdingen to Margaretha Elisabetha Blumenschein von Reichelsheim, nach Jogodnaja Poljana (Beerenfeld), Rußland" SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

85 ARGENTINA INDEX / CLUES Argentina Index/Clues of Germans from Russia Presented to the American Historical Society of Germans from Russia (AHSGR) By Isabella Kessler, at the AHSGR Convention Lincoln, Nebraska, 2010 Isabella Kessler of Argentina attended the 2010 AHSGR Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska, bringing with her an Argentina variety of Index/Clues of Germans from Russia. She presented it to AHSGR with the hope of helping families make connections between families in the United States and Argentina. The original of this Index/Clues is located at AHSGR Headquarters, 621 D Street in Lincoln, Nebraska. The surname is on the left-hand side of the column, followed by the names of persons from the family from Russia that went to Argentina. You will note that some family members first went to Brazil. The word busco means looking for. The last part of each entry gives the name of the person seeking information and their address. BACH BACH, NICHOLAS, Great-great-grandfather, came from Russia with a brother BACH, JUAN, to Brazil, father grandfather, born in Brasilia village BUSCO: Looking for information about his family and his surname and to find the parents of his grandfather. BACH, DANIEL, San Jorge, Santa Fe, ARGENTINA BECK SOPHIE BECK (from Russia to Nebraska EEUU, BUSCO: Looking for cousins of grandmother, and relatives in Brazil or South America MICHELLE DUNN. BECKMAN (BECKMANN) He was born in Entre Rios ARGENTINA, Volga JORGE EDUARDO BECKMAN. BELGARD FURGER ZINC MEHRBALD MIGUEL MEHRBALD born in Bremen, Germany, Jan. 15, 1878 Son of Federico Mehrbald & Rosa Belgard LUISA FURGER born in Alavarrea, Oct. 5, 1886 Jose Furger & Luisa Zinc married in Buenos Aires Jan. 30, 1909 BENZ RUMBERGER JACOBO RUMBERGER Arrived in Argentina about 1900 His grandson lives in Argentina. VALERIA BENZ. BUCHAMER LEISS BUCHAMER, Argentina, married in Entre Rios LEISS, Volga LEISS, ADRIANA. BUCHHAMMER, her grandparents went to Argentina between Parents: Juan Jose Maggio, LUISA BUCHHAMMER MAGGIO, MARIA LAURA. BURGART SUEHDORFF KRIGER DUESSEL BARBARA BURGART, great-grandmother (rusa) ANA SUEHDORF (rusa), married JUAN KRIGER (German) They had 13 children. First went to Brazil, then settled in Rio Negro MARIA DUESSEL (Brazil) mother of Juan Kriger VERONICA SANCHEZ. MIRTA LILIANA CASTRO MEHRBALD. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

86 ARGENTINA INDEX / CLUES DEMKE DREWANS FEDERICO DEMKE married CRISTINA RATQUE Augusto Demke, son, born in Bremen, grew up in Sachsen FEDERICO DREWANS married FEDERICA WENZEL Albina Drewans, daughter born in Bremen or Dueseldorf AUGUSTO DEMKE, born in 1879, married at age 30 ALBINA DREWANS, born in 1882 Left Hamburg, Ship: Koneig Friedrick August, arrived Aug. 27, 1909 NORA ISABEL DEMKE DE MARDERWALD. DIETRICH JOHAN DIETRICK, Brazil in 1890, SOPHIA KESSLER, wife LUIZA FERNANDO RODOLPHO, deceased in 1963 (Paternal grandfather) MARIA JUAN CAROLINA Brazil Iza Maria Dietrich Jaworski. DIETZ Lorena Christina Dietz LORENA CHRISTINA DIETZ. DIETZ SCHMIDT ADAN DIETZ married APOLONIA SCHMIDT both born in village of El Salto. FRANCISCO DIETZ y ELIZABETA GEIST (Adan s parents) JUAN SCHMIDT Y MAGDALENA PRETZ (Apolonia s parents) MARIA GABRIELA DIETZ. DUMRAUF Argentina Grandfather (Jose) and a brother came from Germany, settled in the Chaco area of Argentina EBINAL Russia FRANZ EPINAL, great-grandfather. Born in Rosthad. Left Russia and passed through the port of Bremen, Germany EDGARDO EBINAL. EBINAL (EPINAL). SCHTRACK (SCHTRAK) EDGARDO EBINAL. FELMAN TOR FELMAN MANUEL Argentina paternal great-grandfather, German Married CRUZ FUEDES, Argentina TOR PEDRO Argentina Maternal great-grandfather (German) married JUANA JALTHAVES, Argentina HUGO MARTIN FELMAN. FINK JORGE FINK great-grandfather DIEGO MARTIN FINK phone (011) /09 Int Buenos Aires FUCHS Argentina GUSTAVO FUCHS, Santa Fe Argentina. FUCHS (FOX) Argentina y Canada JORGE FUCHS. Argentina. NORMAN FOX. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. CHRISTIAN DUMRAUF. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

87 ARGENTINA INDEX / CLUES GETTE AMALIA GETTE, great-grandmother married JUAN GETTE LINO GETTE, paternal grandfather Argentina born in Una Mue, La Pampa. They left from SI MOVOSKA, Russia with a daughter AMALIA GETTE. BUSCO: Where is SI MOVOSKA in Russia. Is the surname GETTE German or Russian? FABIOLA VANESA GETTE. GILLIG STIER SCHIMPF His grandfather was in Dianonte, Entre Rios. JORGE MARTIN GRUBER, Brasil. GRUENEWALD SCHELL JUAN GRUENEWALD/ANNA SCHELL great-grandparents JUAN GRUENEWALD grandfather, born in Coronel Suarez in 1905 OLGA GRUNEWALDT. HABERKORN HABERKORN NESTOR. HEFFELE FUCHS Mother Heffele; maternal grandmother Fuchs from Dobrinka Great-grandfather from Dreispitz Guillermo Fabian Correa Heffele. HEIL (HAIL) From Pfifier on the Volga 1900 Grandfather PEDRO HEIL, died 1975, married CATALINA ROTHAR Daughter of immigrants from the Volga FERNANDO HAIL Franzot. HERGENREDER DENK Grandparents: Leon Hergenreder, Elena Denk Father: Silverio Miguel Hergenreder PATRICIA HERGENREDER. HOLSTEIN RIFFEL CUEVAS GROSS Paternal Grandparents: Holstein, Riffel Maternal Grandparents: Cuevas y Gross BETIANA HOLSTEIN. KEES Father: ROMALDO KEES Argentina Native of Colonia San Miguel, Arcasgel, Argentina ANDREA KEES. KESSLER MAIER Grandparents: Pedro Kessler y Cristina Maier Father: Abel Andres Kessler VICOR ABEL KESSLER. KLOSTER KESSLER VINZAG Great-grandfather: Juan Kessler Great-grandmother: Margarita Vinzag Paternal Grandparents: Susana Kessler, Andres Kloster JUAN CARLOS KLOSTER. KLOSTER Great-grandfather: JOHANN KLOSTER ANDRES KLOSTER. KLOSTER HOLZMANN Grandparents: Andres Kloster married Catalina Holzmann MIRIAM KLOSTER. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

88 ARGENTINA INDEX / CLUES KONRAD STREY (STRAY) Mother OLGA NELIDA KONRAD Paternal Great-grandparents: To Argentina in 1912 Maternal Great-grandmother: AUGUSTA STREY (STRAY) DE BERG - Arrived in Argentina from Brazil EVELYN CONTEROS. LINGOR WAGNER Felix Lingor fled WWI Francisca Wagner fled WWI CECILIA LINGOR PABLO MONTEAVARO. METER MAYER Paternal Great-grandparents: Juan Meter Kamenka, born , son of Andres Meter and Catalina Polalak Barbara Mayer Born in Estrecenean, Russia 1891 to Jose Mayer and Barbara Rausch (parents) FRANK MOLLECKER Maternal Great-grandparents: Jorge Frank Born in Russia , to Juan Frank y Ana Maria Holzmann (parents) Maria Mollecker Born in Brandesen, Russia 1880, to Pedro Mollecker and Ana Obert (parents) GUSTAVO A. MARTINEZ. Telephone: (0054) MEYER STEINBOK HEIM KESSLER Great-great-grandparents: JOAQUIN HEINRICH MEYER married DOROTEA JUANA STEINBOK Great-grandfather: WILHELM ERNST MEYER, born 1893 in Borsthal Great-great-grandparents: ENRIQUE HEIM y ELENA KESSLER Great-grandparents: CRISTINA HEIM married WILHELM MEYER, 1920 CHRISTIAN ALEJANDRO MEYER. PREISS METZLER Jacobo Preiss married Cristina Metzler Felipe Bohl o Boht married Catalina Kolmaher Pamela Velazquez Preisz. (Daughter of Amanda Maria Preisz) PREISS REICHEL DAMER Great-grandparents: JUAN JORGE PREISS y CAROLINA REICHEL, from Friedenthal, Russia Maternal Grandmother: AMALIA PREISS Paternal Grandfather: EDUARDO DAMER, settled in Colonia El Potrero MARIELA DAMER. RAMM KRETT Grandparents: ALEJANDRO ALFONSO FEDERICO RAMM (German) ELLINOS MARIE KRETT (Latvia) ALEJANDRO CASTIGLIONE RAMM. REGNER KAINER DOBLER TRAILIN (Drailin, Dreilin) Maternal Great-grandparents: Jose Regner y Barbara Kainer Martin Dobler y Rosa Trailin (Drailin, Dreilin) Maternal Grandfather: Adan Regner, born April 4, 1953 in Pilar Maternal Grandmother: Emilia Dobler, born May 15, 1941 in Dianonte Mother: Teresita Susana Regner, born in 1932 in Villa Maria NORMA SUSANA D ADDATO REGNER. REICHEL Great-great-grandparent: Johan Reichel Great-grandmother: Susana Reichel VERONICA URSO. REICHEL SCHIMPF MULLER BROTZMAN Has no data SILVIA REICHEL DE MULLER. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES


90 ARGENTINA INDEX / CLUES SENGER (SAENGER) ADAN SENGER married MARGARET LEINECKER Lived in Leichtling, Saratov SOPHIE SENGER, 1884, married KASPAR WEIGEL, Pfeifer who immigrated to USA in 1912 JOHANNES SENGER 12 children ANA SENGER, married Adan Kloster 2 children PAULINE SENGER 6 childrren ANDREAS SENGER VALENTIN SENGER MARTA WEIGEL MICHALAK, EDWARD MICHALAK SEVALD (SEWALD) GAREIS Father: LUIS SEVALD, born in 1923 Grandmother: Catalina GAREIS CRISTINA SEVALD. SINNER Grandson of Volga Germans JAVIER SINNER. SINNER KOLLN RUFF Name of Father: SINNER Surnames from my Mother: KOLLN y RUFF INES ISABEL SINNER. STIEB PASCAL (Bascal) Great-grandfather: FELIPE STIEB, died in Esperanza Province Paternal Grandparents: FELIPE STIEB, MARGARITA PASCAL Father: ROBERTO STIEB CECILIA STIEB. TELKER MAIER Great-grandfathers: JUAN TELKER, JORGE MAIER JORGE ALBARINO. UHRICH My 4 grandparents are descendants of Volgas ELSA UHRICH MINOR. UHRICH GAUSS MULLER Paternal Grandparents: DAVID UHRICH y MARIA GAUSS Maternal Grandparents: JORGE MULLER y JULIANA GAUSS MARTA MARIA UHRICH. WAGNER WENNER Came to Argentina in 1877 Paternal Grandparents: EVA WAGNER y PEDRO WENNER Father: ADOLFO WENNER Mother: CATALINA ELIZABETH ARENST Parents born in 1898 in Entre Rios; they had 11 children. FEDERICO WENNER. WAIGANDT (Weigandt) MOHR DITTER Great-grandparents: BALTHAZAR WEIGANDT y CATALINA MOHR Grandparents: ALEJANDRO EDUARDO WAIGANDT, married in 1899 HENRIETTA DITTER, Her parents, Heinrich y Barbara Ditter Father: ALEJANDRO EDUARDO WAIGANDT, born 1929 MIRTA WAIGANDT. WAIGANDT MOHR DITTER Father: ALEJANDRO EDUARDO WAIGANDT Grandfather: ALEJANDRO EDUARDO WAIGANDT (1899) Great-grandfather: BALTHASAR WEIGANDT left from Hamburg Great-grandmother: Catalina Mohr MIRTA WAIGANDT. WALTER Great-grandfather: JORGE WALTER came to Argentina in 1889, Settled in Entre Rios ASTRID LAMPON. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES



93 ADDITIONAL ARTICLES Nebraska homestead records available online A project is underway to make all U.S. Homestead Records available online. Those for the state of Nebraska have been completed. Nebraska was chosen as the first state to be indexed because the first homestead ever claimed was in Nebraska, 45% of Nebraska's land was given to homesteaders, and homesteading occurred in all 93 of Nebraska's counties. Work is underway for the other states and we hope we will see more available soon. The Nebraska Homestead Records can be accessed via Fold3. A subscription is required to, but many libraries have institutional copies. Here are the steps to access the homestead records once you have access to Fold3: 1. Scroll to the bottom of the Fold3 home page and click on "see all documents." 2. Type "Homestead Records" into the search field at the top of the next screen. 3. Click on "Homestead Records (NE)" which should appear just below the search field. 4. Type in the last name of the person you want to search for in the "Search" field of the next screen. (If it is a common last name type the last name followed by a comma, a space, and the first name.) 5. Scroll down the right side of the next screen to select the person you are looking for. These records can be very interesting. As an example, I did a quick search of a few sections around Sutton, Nebraska, and found records for Christian and John Nuss, both born in Russia. The record for Christian Nuss was 23 pages long and included copies of his Naturalization Declaration of Intent, his Naturalization Certificate, the Homestead application, the Homestead proof, testimony of witnesses, (Anton Schwarz, John Klein, John Geo. Nuss, and Christian Grosshans), his testimony as claimant, and other documents. The record for John Nuss was 26 pages long and included much of the same type of information including the testimony of his witnesses, (Jacob Kart and Paul Nuss). There was also a 24-page record for John Klein, Christian Nuss' witness. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

94 ADDITIONAL ARTICLES Historic newspapers online Old newspapers sometime contain interesting articles about our ancestors. I have recently discovered some web sites that list old newspapers that are available online. Here are two examples: The second one, (Library of Congress), is particularly useful. Using its Advanced Search function, you can restrict your search by state or newspaper, time period, and a phrase you are looking for. Here are a few examples of interesting articles I found by searching Kansas for two German-Russian family names. The Wichita Daily Eagle, May 29, 1892: The Devastation at Wellington Duplicated at Harper (Special Dispatch to the Daily Eagle) Anthony, Kan., May 28. A cyclone struck the north part of Harper County last night at 7:30 o'clock and swept through the business part of the city of Harper, nine miles north of here, creating fearful havoc. Crystal Springs was swept away and Attica slightly damaged, but Anthony, Bluff City, Danville and Freeport were uninjured. The storm belt was six miles wide a straight blow with severe hail along the outside. The wind started west and south of Harper and swept away 30 farm buildings before reaching that town. At Harper the ruin is fearful. At least 60 buildings are crushed to the earth and their contents are a complete wreck. One hundred more houses are damaged more or less, and scarcely a building escaped injury in that town. Hundreds of families are homeless, without food or shelter. The dead are as follows: William Stranahan, a farmer at the west edge of Harper; killed by the house moving from its foundation and catching him half out of the cellar. He was caught by the neck and dragged six feet into a space only four inches high. The family, down cellar and up, were uninjured. Mrs. Thomas Gallagher, living three miles west; skull broken; died today. A son of Mrs. Gallagher's A grandchild of E. Mallory; the mother of the child is fatally hurt. A brother of W. H. Harrison, living northwest of Harper F. A. Beath, living one mile north, had all his fine buildings destroyed. His wife's thigh was broken and his little daughter Minnie received a severe scalp wound. S. H. Challis and wife each had an arm broken, and their home was scattered to the winds. In the town of Harper James Dickerson was knocked down at the Red barn and bruised up. S. E. Cole received a slight injury. Mr. Corby was considerably hurt in the falling of the Masonic block. Peter Gerard, a boy, received a severe wound in the leg. Mrs. A. Grey was caught in the falling of their residence, and received a slight wound. Robert Lebrecht's leg was broken in two places. Miss Florence Sayers was struck and remained insensible for an hour. Their house was turned upside down. Mrs. Feirath, living west of town, was brought in this morning severely injured. Gotleib Hanhardt and family, two miles northwest were seated at the supper table. They were caught and carried 100 feet. Mr. Hanhardt SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

95 ADDITIONAL ARTICLES received a wound in the foot. The house of M.M. Munger, north of town, was blown down over the family, bruising them considerably, but not seriously. Mr. Munger was in Wichita on business at the time. Ellis Miller and family, two miles southeast, narrowly escaped with their lives. A brand new building, the result of nine years' savings, was crushed flat. A miraculous escape was that of J. H. Seibert and wife. They were in the upper story of the Thompson block when the walls fell in, and escaped with but few bruises. Both the public school buildings are badly damaged. One is a total loss. The Catholic and German churches were blown down; the Baptist and Christian churches greatly injured, but the Methodist Episcopal church is safe. The Masonic block, on the corner in which was the Harper Mercantile company, is destroyed. The Queen City block and the opera house are almost worthless. Of the 11 houses north of the Santa Fe track eight are crushed to the floors and the contents total losses. The Murphy property is greatly damaged. The store is a wreck and the three residences more or less a total loss. The standpipe stands intact, but a small dwelling beside it is completely crushed and the contents are all smashed. The owner, standing among the ruins, was happy in the fact that his family were unharmed, having run to the northwest. In the Odd Fellows cemetery, one mile northwest, over one-third of the monuments are prostrated, toppled to the northeast. The north fence is down and nearly all the headstones are leaning. A four-wheeled vehicle was landed among the graves. The grand-stand, box stalls and buildings of the fairgrounds, one mile south, are leveled to the ground, save the east end of the agricultural hall. The Hutchinson and Southern sent a relief special south from Hutchinson and Kingman today and a relief special will go north from Anthony Sunday morning. The mayor and fire department of Anthony, with hundreds of her citizens, were up today and work squads will go up tomorrow. Hutchinson, Kingman and Anthony have relief committees at work. The Hays Free Press, Thursday, November 6, 1919 Fred Meisinger Killed Fred Meisinger, one of the well-known young men of the eastern part of the county, was killed Monday morning in an automobile accident, three miles east of Loretta. Just how the accident occurred will never be known as no one was with him at the time and he had evidently been dead for some hours when discovered. Fred had taken his brother to Hays, leaving early in the morning, and was on his way home when the fatal accident took place. The car had turned completely over and when found the edge of the machine was across Fred's throat. He had been pinned under the car and was probably chocked to death. He was a young man about 26 years of age and had only a few months ago returned from overseas service with the American forces. He was held in very high esteem among a wide circle of acquaintances and the many friends will be grieved to hear of his sad and untimely death. The funeral services were held at the Otis Methodist church yesterday, and were attended by a very large number of people. Several soldiers of the recent war from LaCrosse attended the funeral services in a body. LaCrosse Republican. SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES

96 ADDITIONAL ARTICLES Naturalization petitions of intent from Lancaster County, Nebraska The website below has an index of Germans from Russia who signed petitions for citizenship in Lancaster County. The examples below are entries I found for a few common German-Russian names: Name Dorn, Katremarie Age 50 Birth Date 25 May 1887 Birth Place Neu-Messer Last Residence Neu-Messer Departed Hamburg Arrived New York Date 30 Sep 1906 Ship Bluecher Date Filed 13 Sep 1937 Name Meng, Jacob Jr. Age 21 Birth Date 2 Aug 1907 Birth Place Neu-Messer Last Residence Neu-Messer Departed Liverpool Arrived Boston Date 10 Apr 1911 Ship Latonia Date Filed 23 Feb 1929 Name Meng, Katharena Age 82 Birth Date 31 Aug 1860 Birth Place Alt-Messer Last Residence Saratov Departed Libau Arrived Boston Date 13 Apr 1913 Ship Ivernia Date Filed 5 Jan 1943 Name Ochsenhart, Heinrich Age 40 Birth Date 5 Jun 1868 Birth Place Messer Last Residence Saratov Departed Quebec Arrived Detroit Date 15 May 1904 SURNAME EXCHANGE PAGE AHSGR CLUES


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