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1 WHO WAS WHO, G LA 2nd ed Address: 27 Charlotte Street, Portland Place, W. [Died 27 Sept KRUGER, Stephen J. Paul, b. Colesburg, Cape Colony, 10 Oct m. 1st, Miss Du Plessis 2nd, Miss Du Plessis, niece of 1st wife (b. 1834, d. 1891) 3rd (d. 1901) emigrated across the Vaal, 1839 Commandant General of S.A. Republic, 1863 Member of Executive Council, 1872 visited England as delegate from the Transvaal, 1883 travelled in Holland and Germany, 3884 President of the Transvaal Republic , confirmed 1883 (re-elected 1888, 1893, and 1898) left Transvaal to seek refuge in Holland during the war, Nov Publication : Memoirs, Address : Hilversum, Holland. [Died 14 July KUHE, William pianist b. Prague, Address : 5 Cathcart Road, Brompton, S.W. [Died 8 Oct KYNASTON, George Henry, chief reporter and news editor of Birmingham Daily Gazette and after the formation of the Association (afterwards Institute) of Journalists in 1884 one of its Hon. Sees, and member of Council and chief Committees b. Chester, 1850 s. of well-known citizen. Educ. : at one of most important public schools there. Last sixteen years of life in Birmingham previously on literary staff of Manchester Courier, and prior to that at Chester and other towns always an ardent supporter and worker in aid of the scheme to bring journalism into line with the other professions, and of all philanthropic movements in connection therewith. Publications : occasional magazine articles on journalistic and other subjects. Address: Daily Gazette Office, Birmingham. [Died 29 Jan KYNASTON, Rev. Herbert, D.D. Canon of Durham Professor of Greek and Classical Literature Univ. Durham, 1889 b. London, 29 June 1835 m. 1st, 1860, Mary Louisa Anne, d. of T. Bros, Barrister 2nd, 1865, Charlotte, d. of Rev. John Cordeaux, Rector of Hooton Roberts four s. three d. Educ. : Eton St. John's Coll. Camb. (Scholar). Camden Medallist and Browne Medallist, 1855 bracketed Senior Classic, Fellow of St. John's, 1858 Assist. Master Eton, Principal of Cheltenham College, Vicar of St. Luke's, Kentish Town, Publications : Cheltenham Sermons Exemplaria Cheltoniensia Theocritus for Schools Greek Elegiac Poets Exercises in Greek Iambics Poetae Graeci Metrical Translation of Euripides' Alcestis. Recreations : rowing University Eight, 1856 (No. 7) 1857 (stroke) golf. Address : The College, Durham. Club : Athenaeum. [Died 1 Aug KYNNERSLEY, Charles Walter Sneyd-, C.M.G Resident Councillor at Penang, Straits Settlements, from 1897 s. of late Thomas Clement Sneyd-Kynnersley of Moor Green, Worcestershire b m. Ada Maud, d. of Rev. George Nash, Prebendary of Salisbury, Educ. : Rugby. Entered Straits Settlements Civil Service, 1872 accompanied expeditions to Perak and Sungei Ujong, 1875 (medal) 1st Magistrate Penang, st Magistrate Singapore, 1890 Resident Councillor Malacca, Address : The Residency, Penang. [Died 11 July KYNSEY, Sir William Raymond, Kt. cr C.M.G F.R.C.P.I., L.R.C.S.I. late Principal Civil Medical Officer and Inspector- General of Hospitals Member of Legislative Council and J.P., Ceylon s. of T. B. Kynsey, M.D., J.P. b : m. Isobel, d. of Capt, J. K. Jolly, H.E.I.C.S., M.L.C., Ceylon, Educ. Trinity Coll. Dublin. Entered Army Medical Staff, 1863 retired 1875 served in Ashantee War, (medal and clasp). Address : Courtenay House, Horsham, Sussex. Club : Oriental. [Died 11 Jan LABOUCHERE, Rt. Hon. Henry, P.C b. London, 1831 e. s. of John Labouchere, Broome Hall, Surrey m. 1868, Henrietta (d. 1910), d. of James Hodson, Dublin one d. Educ. : Eton. Entered Diplomatic Service, 1854 left it, 1864 M.P. (L.) Windsor, 1866 Middlesex, 1867 Northampton, Address : Villa Cristina, Montughi, Florence. Club : Reform. [Died 15 Jan LACK, Sir Henry Reader, Kt., cr b. Surrey 7 Feb nd s. of late Edward John Lack m. 1884, Georgiana M. M., d. ot Richard William Lack. Educ. : private tutors. Entered Civil Service 1850 Board of Trade, Clerk of Commissioners of Patents and Registrar of Designs and Trade Marks, Secretary to Commissioners for Commercial Treaty with France, 1860 Anglo-Austrian Tariif Commission, represented Great Britain Statistical Conference, St. Petersburg, 1872 at Industrial Property Conferences, Paris. 1880, 1883 Rome, 1886 Madrid, 1890 Comptroller-Gen. Patent Office, Publication : The French Treaty and Tariff of Address : Brooklyn, Surbiton Hill Park, Surrey. [Died 12 July LACKEY, Hon. Sir John, K.C.M.G. cr b Chairman of Committees, Secretary for Public Works, , Minister of Justice and Public Instruction, 1877 President of the Legislative Council, Member Legislative Assembly, , Member Legislative Council, Club : Warrigal, Sydney, N.S.W. [Died 12 JVoz LA CON, Sir Edmund Beecroft Francis Heathcote, 5th Bt. cr Captain 12th Lancers formerly Lieut. 3rd Batt. Norfolk Regt. b s. of Thomas B. U. Lacon and Florence, d. of R. G. Banks of Toronto S. uncle 1899 served South Africa, (two medals). Heir: b. George Howard Usher, b Clubs : Junior Carlton, Cavalry, Hurlingham. [Died 3 Oct LACON, Sir Edmund Broughton Knowles, 4th Bt. cr Lieut. 23rd Foot, retired 1865 partner in Norfolk and Suffolk Bank b a. father 1888 m. 1st, Henrietta, d. of Sir R. J. Harvey, 1st Bt., 1868 (d. 1873) 2nd Florence, d. of M. H. Foster, C.B., Brickhill, Bedfordshire, Educ. : Eton. Heir : n. Edmund Beecroft Francis Heathcote, b Address : Raynham Hall, Fakenham Ormesby House, Great Yarmouth. Club : Carlton, Junior Carlton. [Died 11 Aug LA FARGE, John, artist b. New York, 31 March 1835 s. of John La Farge of N.Y. OT. Margaret Mason Perry of Newport, Rhode Island, 1861 : four s. three d. Educ. : Columbia Coll. N.Y. Mt. St. Mary's, Maryland. M.A. Yale LL.D. Princeton LL.D. Mt. St. Mary's Officer of the Legion of Honour, France. Painter after 1876 glassworker and decorator in general President Nat. Society of American Artists President Nat. Society of Mural Painters Art Commissioner for City of New York travelled South Sea, Japan, etc. - Publications : Some Notices on Japanese Art, etc. Letters from Japan, ] 897 Considerations on Painting, 1895 Great Masters, Lectures at

2 LAFFAN WHO WAS WHO, the Metropolitan Museum, New York One School Audersonian University, Glasgow. Hundred Masterpieces of Painting, , Was for some years in a foreign shipping etc. Recreation : water-colour painting. merchant's office in Glasgow went to Valparaiso in 1867 Address : 51 West 10th St., N.Y. Clubs : went to Portland, Oregon, Century, Grolier, Arts, New York. in 1872, and commenced business as a shipping merchant appointed British Vice- [Died 14 Nov LAFFAN, Mrs. Robert Stuart de Courcy (Bertha Consul, 1874 retired from business, 1895, Jane), novelist on staff of All the Year when commissioned Consul for the States of Round from 1880 d. of Frederick Grundy, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho the State solicitor, The Manor House, Mottram-in- of Montana added to district 1907, Territory Longdendale, Cheshire m. 1st, Surgeon- of Alaska Recreations: trout-fishing. Gen. Leith-Adams, F.R.S., LL.D., 1st Batt. Address : Portland, Oregon. Club : Arlington, Portland. [Died 5 Jan Cheshire Regt. 2nd, Rev. R. S. de C. Laffan. Publications : Winstowe, 1877 LAIDLAW, Rev. John, M.A., D.D. Professor Madelon Lemoine, 1879 My Land of Beulah, of Systematic Theology, New College, Edin 1880 Aunt Hepsy's Foundling George's burgh, (now Emeritus) b Wooer Geoffrey Sterling, 1883 Louis Educ. : Edinburgh Univ. New Coll. Edinburgh. As Bulwer-Lytton Prize, Honorary Draycott, 1891 Bonnie Kate, 1892 Colour- Sergeant No. 1 Company, 1894 The Peyton Degree of M.A. conferred by University, Romance, 1894 The Old Pastures, 1895 Edinburgh, Free Church Minister, Accessory after the Fact, 1898 The Prince's Bannockburn, 1859 Perth, 1863 Aberdeen, 1872 Degree of D.D. conferred by Feathers, 1899 Song, Good-bye, Daddy, 1900 The Vicar of Dale End, 1906 Dreams University, Publications : The Bible made Verity, 1910 Their Experiment (One Doctrine of Man (Cunningham Lecture for Act Play, 1904) Dramatised version of 1879), new edition revised and rearranged, Geoffrey Sterling, Fulham Theatre, The Miracles of Our Lord, 4th ed. The Sacrament of Silence (Play in four Acts), 1902 Foundation Truths of Scripture (Bible 1906 On the Right Road (One Act Play), Class Handbooks), 1897 Robert Bruce's 1906 volume of Poems, 1907 Cycle of Sermons on the Sacrament Song, We (Englished), Sing the King! 1907 The with Biographical Introduction, Scout's Song, Recreations : music Edifying Thoughts on God's Paternal Heart and the drama. Address : 119 St. George's A Commentary on the Lord's Prayer, Road, S.W. [Died 5 Sept C. Hv. Bogatzky, corrected and edited, LAFFAN, William M. editor and proprietor Edin., Address : New College, Edinburgh. [Died 21 Sept of the New York Sun b. Dublin, Ireland, 22 Jan e. s. of Michael Laffan, H.M. LAIDLAY, William James, F.R.G.S. barrister, Customs m. 1872, Georgiana Ratcliffe, d. advocate, and artist b. Calcutta, 12 Aug. of Judge Daniel Ratcliffe, Baltimore, Md., nd s. of John Watson Laidlay, Seacliff, Haddingtons, and Drumore, Argyllshire. U.S.A. Educ. : Dublin. Address : 335 Lexington Ave., New York Laffan House, N.B. Educ. : Loretto St. Peter's Coll. Lawrence, Long Island. Clubs : Arts Cambridge (B.A., LL.B.). English and Union, Riding, Fine Arts Society, Westminster Kennel, Lawyers', New York Yacht, Scotch Bars, 1872 practised at Scotch Bar, studied art in Paris, in Racquet and Tennis, N.Y. Chicago, Chicago. Beaux Arts and several years as pupil of [Died 19 Nov Carolus Duran and Bouguereau founder of LAFONE, Alfred, J.P. b. 13 Feb the New English Art Club a constant *. of late S. Lafone, W. Derby, Liverpool exhibitor at Royal Academy and Salon, m. 1852, Jane (d. 1885), d. of William Boutcher, of Greatley, Hants New Gallery, joined four s. two d. R.S.B.A Publications: The Royal M.P. Bermondsey Div M.P. (C.) A cademy, its uses and abuses, 1898 Lena Berinondsey, Southwark, Address : Hanworth Park, Hounslow. Club : Laird, 1901 The Origin and First Two Years of the New English Art Club Art, Carlton. [Died 26 Apr Artists and Landscape Painting. Recreations : shooting, cricket, tennis, golf, captain LAFONT, Rev. Eugene, S.J., C.I.E. (1880) M.I.E.E. created Chevalier of the Order of Scotch cricket for several years. A ddress : of Leopold by H.M. the King of Belgium, 50 Circus Road, St. John's Wood, N.W. Club : 1899 late Lecturer in Experimental Science Oxford and Cambridge. [Died 25 Oct and Rector of St. Xavier's College, Calcutta LAING, Sir James, Kt., cr D.L., J.P. from 1871 b. Mons. Belgium, 26 March b o. s. of Philip Laing, Deptford 1837 e. s. of Pierre Lafont and Marie House, Sunderland m. 1st, Mary, 4th d. of Soudan. Educ. : Coll. of St. Barbara, Henry Tanner, Bishopwearmouth, nd Ghent studied philosophy and theology in the Jesuits Seminary. Fellow of the Calcutta University, 1874 Officer d'acade'mie, 1895 Associate Member Asiatic Society. Entered the Order of the Jesuits, 1854 teaching in Belgium sent to Calcutta, 1865 taught in St. Xavier's College vice-pres. of the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science. Decorated for long services in the educational line pioneer of Experimental Science in Bengal as Public Lecturer and Founder of the St. Xavier's Coll. Solar Observatory. Recreation* : entirely devoted to the study and popular teaching of Physical Science. Address : Archbishop's House, 12 Park Street, Calcutta. [Died 10 May LAIDLAW, James, H.B.M.'s Consul, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. b. Fisherton, Ayrshire, 23 Jan s. of Rev. James Laidiaw, minister at Wanlockhead, Dumfriesshire m. 1st, 1875, Louise Carpenter, Brooklyn, New York (d. 1886) two s. 2nd, 1890, Charlotte C. Stout, Portland, Oregon two s. three d. Educ. : Wanlockhead Parish 406 Theresa Talbot, 8th d. of Thomas Peacock President of Chamber of Shipping of United Kingdom, Address : Thornhill, Sunderland Etal Manor, near Cornhill, Northumberland. Club : Reform. [Died 15 Dec LAING, Samuel, M.A., J.P., D.L. b *. of late S. Laing, Papdale, Orkney m. Mary, d. of Capt. J. Couen, R.Js., Educ. : St. John's Coll. Cainb. 2nd Wrangler, 1832 Smith's Prizeman Barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1837 FinanciaUSecretary to Treasury, Financial Minister in India, a railway commissioner, 1846 M.P. (L.) Wick, , , Orkney and Shetland, Publications : India and China, 1863 Prehistoric Remains of Caithness, 1865 Modern Science and Modern Thought, 1885 A Modern Zoroastrain, 1887 Problems'of the Future, 1889 Human Origins, [Died 6 Aug. 1S97. LAIRD, Hon. David b. 12 Mar m. 1864, Mary Louisa (d. 1895), d. of late Hon. Thomas Owen. Minister of Interior Lt.-

3 WHO WAS WHO, LAMBKIN Gov. North-Western Territories, 187(5-81 Presbyterian. Address : 404 Bay Street, Ottawa. [Died 12 Jan LAIRD, Sir William, K.B. cr J.P. Ironmaster b. Blairgovvrie, N.B. 3rd s. of late James Laird, farmer, Cruchies TO. ChristinaForbes, d. of John Forbes, Glasgow, Educ. : Blairgowrie Parish School. Trained to the legal profession took service with William Baird and Co., ironmasters, Gartsherrie assumed partner, Took a keen interest in politics President of the National Union of Conservative Associations for Scotland, 1895 Chairman of North British Railway Co Recreations : curling, quoiting, and draughts. Address : 7 Kew Terrace, Glasgow. Clubs : Scottish Conservative, Edinburgh New, Conservative, Glasgow National. f Died 14 Aug LAKE, Sir Atwell King, 6th Bt. cr late Capt. 104th Foot b. 1834' S. father 1846 m. Frances, d. of W. Jones, Surrey, Carmarthenshire, and widow of Col. R. Ouseley, Served in Indian Mutiny. Heir: n. St. Vincent, b Address: 50 Sandford Terrace, Cheltenham. Club: Arthur's. [Died 15 July LAKE, Admiral Atwell Peregrine Macleod b. 11 April 1842 m. 1889, Constance Mary, d. of Gen. Augustus Turner three s. Educ. : private school. Midshipman of " Niger " took part in various operations on the Canton " River, 1856 " took part in Sybille in operations against Canton, 1857 (China Medal, Canton Clasp) Capt. of Royal Naval College, Greenwich, Capt. Senior Naval Officer at Gibraltar, 1892 A. B.C. to Queen Victoria, Umpire at Naval Manoeuvres,' Commanded on Coast of Ireland Recreations : shooting, fishing. Address : St. Arvans, Marie Hill, Cheltenham. [Died 27 Aug LAKING, Sir Francis Henry, 1st Bt., cr Kt., cr K.C.B., cr G.C.V.O M.D. Grand Cross of Crown of Italy, 1903 Grand Cross of Immaculate Conception, Portugal, 1903 Grand Cross of Dannebrog Order Physician in Ordinary and Surgeon Apothecary to the King and Prince of Wales Apothecary to H.M.'s Household Consulting Physician to Victoria Hospital for Children b. 9 Jan m. 1st, 1873, Emma (d. 1905), d. of Joseph Mansell one s. 2nd, 1905, Eleanor Mary Angerstein (d. 1912), d. of late James Hackworth, Robslyn, Dunedin. Commander Legion of Honour, Heir : s. Guy. Educ. : Heidelberg St. George's Hospital. Address : 18 Cavendish Square, W. [Died 21 May LAMB, Sir John Cameron, Kt., cr C.B., 1895 C.M.G., 1890 Knight of Grace of St. John of Jerusalem, 1911 b. 3 June 1845 y. s. of late John Walker Lamb, South Shields m. 1871, Bella, e. d. of late John Farquharson, Banchory, Kincardineshire three s. one d. Entered Post Office, 1864 Assistant-Secretary, 1889 third Secretary, 1896 second Secretary, Chairman of many Departmental and Inter- Departmental Committees British Delegate to International Conferences for Protection of Submarine Cables held in Paris in May and December 1886 First British Delegate and Delegate of Cape and Natal at International Telegraph Conference of Paris, 1890 (thanked by French Government and presented with groups of Sevres china) Royal Commissioner on Electrical Communication with Lightships, etc., First British Delegate and Delegate of Cape, Natal, and New Zealand at International Telegraph Conference of Budapest, 1896, and President de la Commission des Tarifs thanked by Emperor-King President of International Telegraph Conference of London, 1903 Senior British Delegate to Conference on Wireless Telegraphy at Berlin, a Commissioner of Income Tax for the Post Office to 1905 Chairman of Government Committee to Inquire into Injuries to Submarine Cables by Trawlers, 1908 Vice- President and in Chairman of Council Royal Society of Arts Vice- President and Deputy Chairman, Royal National Lifeboat Institution President British Consultative Council, Hungarian Society, Jubilee Medal Knight Commander of Dannebrog Officier of Order of Leopold Hon. Diploma and Medal of Portuguese Royal Humane Society. Publications : The Lifeboat and its Work Chairman's Address Roy. Soc. of Arts, Address : 18 Downside Crescent, Hampstead, N.W. Club: Royal Societies. [Died 30 March LAMBERT, Rev. Brooke, M.A., B.C.L. Oxon. vicar of Greenwich b. 17 Sept unmarried. Educ. : private schools Brighton College King's College Brazenose Coll. Oxford. Curate, Preston, Worcester, Hillingdon, St. Mark's, Whitechapel vicar of St. Mark's, Whitechapel Tamworth Greenwich Educational Secretary Social Science Association, London University Extension Society, member of Departmental Committee (1) Poor -Law Schools, (2) Industrial Schools, Publications: Sermons on Pauperism Sermons on the Lord's Prayer articles in Contemporary Review. Address: The Vicarage, Greenwich, S.E. Clubs : Athenaeum, Albemarle. [Died 25 Jan LAMBERT, Veterinary- Col. James Drummond, C.B., F.R.C.B. Director-General, Army Veterinary Department, Governor of the Royal Veterinary College b s. of Septimus Lambert, of Stretford unmarried. Educ. : Manchester Grammar School Great Imperial Veterinary School, Alfort, near Paris, by the permission of the Emperor Napoleon the Third. President of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, Gazetted to the Army Veterinary Department, 1857 gazetted to the 17th Lancers, 1863, and joined that regiment at Secunderabad served in the regiment seventeen years, including the Zulu campaign, 1879, with battle of Ulundi (despatches, medal, and clasp) was principal Veterinary Surgeon in expedition against the Boers, 1881 principal Veterinary Surgeon of the army, Publication : Horse Sickness in South Africa. Recreations : hunting, shooting, cricket, golf. Clubs : Army and Navy, Naval and Military. [Died 3 Feb LAMBERT, Maj.-Gen. William, C.B b. 16 Aug m. 1873, Margaret, d. of Rev. H. R. L. Johnson. Educ. : Marlborough. Entered Army, 1854 Maj.-Gen served Crimea, 1855 (severely wounded, medal with clasp, Turkish medal) Indian Mutiny, 1868 (medal with clasp) Kaffir War, (despatches, C.B.) Zulu War, 1879 (medal with clasp). Address : 30 Christchurch Roa'd, Winchester.* [Died 5 June LAMBKIN, Colonel Francis, A.M.S., L.R.C.S.I., L.R C.P.I. Administrative Medical Officer, S Africa b 1858 s. of Robt. Lambkin, J.P., Feltrim, Co. Cork TO. Evelyn Bertha, d of Major Henry Reveley Mitford, 51st Light Infantry one d. Educ. : Ratcliffe Coll. Entered Army, 1881 served in India, West Indies, and as Senior Medical Officer of Lord Dundonald Brigade, present at battles of Colenso, Val Krantz, Spion Kop, Pieters Hill, and Relief of Ladysmith afterwards in operations in 407

4 . ment LAMBTON WHO WAS WHO, O.F.S. and Cape Colony (Queen's medal, 5 clasps King's, 2 clasps) specially employed on Army Headquarter Staff. India, 1905, as Syphilologist Lecturer in Syphilology at Army Medical College, London went on a special mission under the Colonial Office in 1907 to Uganda to inquire into the ravages caused by syphilis in that country Bt. Colonel, 1906, for distinguished service. Publications : The Treatment of Syphilis by Intramuscular Injections of Mercury, 1891 An Epitome of 3200 Cases of Syphilis treated by Intramuscular Injections of Mercury Syphilis and Physical Degeneration Treat- of Syphilis by Anglarsinitis The Treatment of Syphilis Syphilis, its Diagnosis and Treatment. Recreations : polo, golf, tennis. Club : Junior United Service. [ Died 8 March LAMBTON, Lt.-Gen. Arthur, C.B b. 19 Oct th s. of W. H. Lambton of Biddick Hall, Co. Durham (b. of 1st Earl of Durham), and Henrietta, 2nd d. and coheiress 9f Cuthbert Ellison of Hebburn. M.P. sis. of 1st Lady Northbourne and 3rd Lady Kensington m. Alice, d. of late Robert Lister two s. one d. Educ. : Eton. Entered Army, 1854 Col Lieut.-Col. commanding 1st Batt. Coldstream Guards, Major-Gen retired, full pay, 1892 served Crimea, 1854 (despatches, medal with clasp, 5th class Medjidie, Turkish medal) Egyptian War, 1882 (medal with clasp, 4th class Osmanieh, Khedive's star) Soudan, 1885 (despatches, C.B., clasp). Address : Old Tree, Heath, near Canterbury. Clubs : United Service, Garrick. [ Died 2 March LAMONT, Daniel Scott, A.M. Vice-President Northern Pacific Railway Company, U.S.A. President Northern Pacific Express Company b. Cortland, U.S.A., 9 Feb paternal ancestors from Rothesay maternal ancestors from Hawick, Scotland. Educ. : Union Coll. Military Secretary to the Governor of New York State with rank of Colonel, and Private Secretary to same, Secretary to the President of the United States, Grover Cleveland, Secretary of War for the United States in Cabinet of President Cleveland, Address : 49 Wall Street, New York. Clubs : Metropolitan, University, Manhattan, Lotos, New York Athletic, Democratic, Lawyer's, Union, New York Yacht, Riding. (Died 24 July LAMONT, Sir James, 1st Bt., cr J.P., D.L., F.G.S., of Knockdow, Co. Argyle President of Clan Lament Society b. 26 April 1828 o. s. of late Alex. Lament of Knockdow m. 1868, Adelaide, 2nd d. of Sir G. Denys, 2nd Bart. Educ. : Rugby Edinburgh Military Academy. Ensign 91st (Argyllshire) Highlanders, contested Paisley (L.) 1857 Buteshire 1859 and Feb M.P. Buteshire (L.) travelled much in Africa, Arctic regions, etc. Heir : s. Norman, b Publications : Seasons with the Sea-Horses Yachting in the Arctic Seas. Owned 6000 acres. Recreations : shooting, salmon fishing, yachting. Address : 4 Queen Street, Mayfair, W. Knockdow, Toward, Argyll. Clubs : Turf, Arthur's. [Died 29 July 1913, LAMPSON, Sir George Curtis, 2nd Bt. cr, 1866 D.L., J.P. b S. father, 1858 m. Sophia, d. of M. Van Gelderen, 1886 Educ. : Trin. Coll. Camb. Heir : s. Curtis b Address : 19 Albert Gate, S.W. Holfield Grange, Coggeshall, Essex. Clubs. White's, Conservative. {Died 7 Nov LAMSDORFF, Count Wladimir, Russian Foreign Minister from 1900 possessed al the Orders of Russia including the Grand 408 Cordon of St. Alexandre Nevsky from 1898 b. St. Petersburg, 25 Dec (old style) 8. of Count Nicolas Lamsdorff, A.D.C. General to the Emperor Alexander II., g. s. of Count Mathieu Lamsdorff, tutor to Emperor Nicolas I. Entered Foreign Office 1866 transferred to Chancellery Foreign Office, 1872 First Secretary, 1875 Director of Chancellery in Foreign Office, 1882 Senior Councillor of Foreign Office, 1886 Assistant Foreign Minister, 1897 Acting Privy Councillor from 1901 Secretary of State to the Emperor, 1902 Gentleman of the Chamber to the Emperor, 1865 Chamberlain to His Majesty the Emperor Alexander II Master of the Court, 1889 accompanied the Emperor Alexander II. to Livadia and 1880 accompanied the Emperor Alexander III. to Dantzig, 1881 to Skierneviu, 1884 to Kremsier, 1885 to Livadia, 1886 to Zust-Litovod, Address: St. Petersburg. [Died 20 March LANCE, Lieut.-Gen, Sir Frederick, K.C.B., cr C.B., 1889 unemployed Supernumerary List b. Buckland St. Mary, Somerset, 3 March 1837 s. of late Rev. J. E. Lance, Rector of Buckland St. Mary and Prebendary of Wells, and Madelina Louisa, d. of late Josias Du Pre Porcher of Winslade, Devon m. 1869, Eling Eliza, o. d. of late Francis Hoare Spragge, J.P., Paignton four s. Educ. : Winchester Addiscombe. H.E.I.C. 55th Bengal Native Infantry, th Punjab Infantry (afterwards 24th P.N.I.), nd Punjab Cavalry, 1858 (commanded Regt ) Col. on staff commanding at Ferozepore, Brig.-Gen. commanding Bengal Presidency District, Maj.-Gen Lieut.-Gen served in Indian Mutiny, (severely wounded at Sisseya Ghat, and horse shot under him, despatches, medal) Dour Valley, 1872 Jawaki Expedition, 1877 (severely wounded, despatches) Afghan War, (despatches twice, medal and clasp for Ahmed Khel, Brevet of Lieut.-Col.) Mahsud Waziri Expedition, 1881 (despatches) Colonel 22nd Sam Browne's Cavalry (Frontier Force), 1904 wound pension. Recreation : Councillor of the Borough of Wandsworth. Address : The Laurels, Roehampton, S.W. Clubs : United Service, East 1m" United Service. [ Died 13 Jan LANE, Maj.-Gen. Charles Stuart C.B Indian Army, retired 1882 b i 1852, Anne Josephine, d. of Rev. R. B. Boye~. Lt.-Col served Indian Mutiny, 1857 (medal, two clasps) Bhootan expedition, 1863 (clasp) Afghan War, (despatches, medal). Address : Harcourt Hoi Camberley, Surrey. [Died 27 Dec. 191 LANE, Very Rev. Ernald, Dean of Roche from 1904 b. 3 Mar th 6. of J< Newton Lane, King's Bromley Manor, Staffordshire, and Agnes, d. of 2nd Bs Bagot m. Evelyn, e. d. of J. W. Philips, Heybridge, Staffs, 1879 one s. one d. Educ. : Balliol Coll. Oxford (M.A.) 1st class Mods Fellow of All Souls' Coll. Oxford, 1860 ordained 1862 Proctor for Diocese of Lichfield, Prebendary of Lichfield Cathedral, 1888 examining Chaplain to Bp. of Lichfield, 1891 Vice- Provost of Denstone College, 1898 Rector of Leigh, Stafts, Archdeacon of Stoke-on - Trent, Recreations : rowed in University boat No. 5, Putney, 1858 No. 3, Henley, 1859 rowed in river or 3rd, The Deanery, College boat, head fishing. of the Address : Rochester. LANE, Henry Murray, 16 Jan Chester Herald from [Died 1864 College Registrar of of Arms, 1880-

5 WHO WAS WHO, b. at Leamington, Co. Warwick 3 March 1833 s. of Rev. Charles Lane, M.A., Rector of Wrotham, Kent, and Hon. Canon Canterbury, and of Frances Catherine, d. of Right Rev. Daniel Sandford, D.D., Bishop of Edinburgh Bluemantle Pursuivant of Arms, 1849 Secretary of the Garter Mission to Russia, 1867 m. 1st, 1862, Mary Isabella, d. of Richard Fiennes, s. of Fiennes Wykeham-Martin of Leeds Castle, Kent (d. 1881) : 2nd, 1885, Amelia Elizabeth, d. of Rev. Augustus Asgill Colvile, Rector of Livermere, Suffolk (d. 1897) 3rd, 1901, Mary Grace, d. of Thomas Norman Wightwick of Dane John House, Canterbury. Publications : Chronological Sketches of Kings of England and France Vendigaid, an Historical Romanec of 13th Century Gerald's Ordeal, a novel in 3 vols. and articles in Genealogical Magazine Notes Address : College of and Queries, etc. Arms, E.C. St. Surrey. Anthony's, Weybridge, [Died 27 May Kt., cr Hon. Gallery, Dublin LANE, Sir Hugh Percy, Director Municipal Art Director National Gallery, Ireland, from 1914 formerly Governor Member of Council National University of Ireland : ft. Co. Cork, 1875 s. of late Rev. J. W. Lane, M.A., and Frances Adelaide, d. of Dudley Persse, D.L., of Roxburgh, Co. Galway. Took a leading part in the revival of Irish Art by organising winter exhibitions at the R. Hibernian Academy and at Belfast, also exhibitions of Irish painting in London presented a collection of Modern Art to the City of Dublin formed collection of Modern Art for Johannesburg Municipal Gallery, also the Cape Town National Gallery collection of 17th century Dutch pictures was first Hon. Director, resigned. Recreations : travelling, collecting works of art. Address : Lindsey House, 100 Cheyne Walk, S.W. Clubs : Royal Automobile United Service, Dublin. [Died 7 May LANE, Col. Maitland Moore-, C.B Royal Artillery, commanding Duke of Connaught's own Hampshire and Isle of Wight R.O.A. (Militia), b. 18 Dec $. of late Thomas Moore- Lane m. 1869, Georgina Mildred (d. 1908), y. d. of late I. Allan-Cooke of The Grange, Stroud, and Clifton, Gloucestershire one d. Address : St. Sussex. Olave's, West Worthing, [Died 22 May LANE, Richard Ouseley Blake, K.C., J.P. Metropolitan Police Magistrate for West London, b e. s. of Rev. J. Lane, Killashee m. Sophia, d. of P. M. Burke, Barr. Inner Temple, 1870 Q.C Metropolitan Police Magistrate, North London, Address : 10 Stafford Terrace, Kensington, W. [Died 28 Feb LANESBOROUGH, 6th Earl of (cr. 1756), John Vansittart Danvers Butler, D.L. Baron of Newtown-Butler, 1715 Viscount Lanesborough, [1st Baron's father took part in the Civil War as a Royalist.] Representative Peer for Ireland from 1870 Capt. Royal Navy, retired 1881 b. 18 Apr e. s. of Hon. Charles Augustus Butler, b. of 5th Earl, and y. d. of Colonel Freese, Madras Artillery S. u m. Anne, o. c. of Rev. John Dixon Clark, Belford Hall, Northumberland, Lieut. R.N Flag-Lieut Lord-Lieut, of Co. Cavan Heir: Lord Newtown-Butler. Address : Swithland Hall, Loughborough Lanesborough Lodge, Belturbet, Co. Cavan. Club : Carlton. [Died 12 Sept LANG, Andrew, D.Litt. hon. Oxon. Fellow of tiie Royal British Academy writer b. 31 Mar *. of John Lang and Jane Plenderleath Sellar. Educ. : Edinburgh LANG Academy St. Andrews University Balliol College, Oxford. Hon. Fellow of Merton College, Oxford. Publications : Ballads and Lyrics of Old France, 1872 Oxford : Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes, 1879 Ballads in Blue China, 1880 Helen of Trov 1882 Custom and Myth, 1884 Ballads aiid Verses Vain, 1884 Rhymes a la Mode, 1884 Princess Kobody, 1884 Books and Bookmen, 1886 In the Wrong Paradise, 1886 Letters to Dead Authors, 1886 Mark of Cain, 1886 Politics of Aristotle, 1886 Myth, Ritual, and Religion, 1887 Grass of Parnassus, 1888 Ballads of Books, 1888 Gold of Fairnilee, 1888 Blue Fairy Tale Book, 1889 Letters on Literature, 1889 Lost Leaders, 1889 Prince Prigio, 1889 Red Fairy Tale Book, 1890 Life, Letters, and Diaries of Sir Stafford Northcote, 1890 How to Fail^in Literature, 1890 Old Friends, 1890 Blue Poetry Book, 1891 Angling Sketches, 1891 Essays in Little, 1891 Green Fairy Book, 1892 The Library, 1892 Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia, 1893 True Story Book, 1893 Homer and the Epic, 1893 St. Andrews, 1893 Yellow Fairy Book, 1894 Ban et Arriere, Ban, 1894 Cock Lane and Common Sense, 1894 My Own Fairy Book, 1895 Life of John Gibson Lockhart, 1896 Pickle, the Spy, 3897 The Book of Dreams and Ghosts, 1897 The Pink Fairy Book, 1897 Trans, of Odyssey (with Prof. Butcher) of Iliad (with Mr. Myers and Mr. Walter Leaf) The World's Desire (with Mr. Rider Haggard). The Making of Religion, 1898 The Companions of Pickle, 1898 The Homeric Hymns, 1899 The Red Book of Animals, 1899 A History of Scotland from the Roman Occupation, vol. i. Prince Charles Edward, 1900 Magic and Religion, 1901 Alfre'd Tennyson, 1901 The Mystery of Mary Stuart, 1901 The Disentanglers, 1902 The Valet's Tragedy, 1903 John Knox and the Reformation, 1905 Homer and his Age, 1906 Olive Fairy Book, 1907 Sir George Mackenzie, King's Advocate, 1909 A Defence of Sir Walter Scott and the Border Minstrelsy, Recreations : cricket, golf, fishing. Address : 1 Marloes Road, W. The Club, St. Andrews. Club : Athenaeum. [Died 20 July LANG, Very Rev. John Marshall, D.D. LL.D. C.V.O., 1906 Hon. Member of Imperial University of St. Petersburg, of Imperial Military Academy, St. Petersburg, and of Egyptian Institute, 1906 Chancellor and Principal of Aberdeen University from 1900 formerly minister of St. Nicholas (East), Aberdeen of Fyvie, Aber'deenshire of Anderston Church, Glasgow of Morningside Parish, Edin., and of Barony Parish of Glasgow since 1873 b. 14 May nd. of Rev. Gavin Lang and Anna Roberton Marshall of Nielsand m. 1861, Hannah Agnes, d. of Rev. P. Hay Keith, D.D., Minister of Hamilton six s. one d. Educ. : High School and University, Glasgow. Deputy to U.S.A to Australia, 1887 Moderator of Church of Scotland, 1893 chairman of Commission on Religious Condition of People, president of Council of Reformed Churches (Presbyterian), 1896 Baird Lecturer, Publications : Heaven and Home Life : is it worth Living? The Last Supper of our Lord Homiletics on St. Luke's Gospel Central American Faiths (St. Giles' Lectures) The Anglican Church (St. Giles' Lectures) The Expansion of the Christian Life (Duff Lecture) The Church and its Social Mission (Baird Lecture), etc. Recreation : travelling. Address : Chanonry Lodge, Old Aberdeen. Club : Royal Northern, Aberdeen. [Died 2 May

6 LANG WHO WAS WHO, LANG, Sir Robert Hamilton, K.C.M.G. cr 1897 b. Scotland, 1836 s. of late Rev. Gavin Lang, Minister of Glassford, Lanarkshire, and Anna Roberton Marshall of Nielsland m. 1876, Margaret, d. of late Walter MacLellan, Blairvaddick, J.P. Educ. : Hamilton Academy Glasgow University. C.M.G Manager of the Imperial Ottoman Bank's Agency in Cyprus, H.M.'s Consul for Cyprus, Manager of the Imperial Ottoman Bank's Agency in Egypt, Director of the Imperial Ottoman Bank at Constantinople, 1875 Director-General of the Re'gie des Tabacs en Roumanie, Director-General of the Administration of Six Contributions Indirectes, Constantinople, Director General of the Ottoman Public Debt, Director-General of the Re"gie des Tabacs Ottomane, British Member of the Council of Direction of the Egyptian Daira Sanieh Administration, Director-General of the Imperial Ottoman Bank at Constantinople, afterwards on the London Committee of the said bank. Publication : Cyprus its History, Present : Resources, and Future Prospects, Address : 28 Heath Drive, Hampstead, N.W. [Died 2 March LANGELIER, Sir Francois Charles Stanislas, Kt., cr K.C.M.G., cr Kt. of Grace of St. John of Jerusalem Lieut.- Governor of the Province of Quebec from 1911 b. 24 Dec m. 1st, 1864, Virginie Sarah Sophie (d. 1891), d. of late I. Legare, uebec 2nd, 1892, Marie Louise Adelaide raiin three *. two d. Educ. : St. Hyacinthe Coll. Laval Univ. (B.C.L. LL.D.) Law Faculty of Paris. Professor of Roman Law, and afterwards of Civil Law and Political Economy, Laval University Dean of Faculty of Law since 1892, and Member of Council of University M.L.A. Quebec, House of Commons Canada, Minister of Crown Lands, Quebec, Provincial Treasurer, Q.C Mayor of Quebec, Puisne Justice of the Superior Court, Acting Chief Justice of Superior Court of Province of Quebec for Quebec division, Roman Catholic. Publications : De la Preuve en matiere Civile et Commerciale : Commentaire du Code Civil de la Province de Quebec. Address : Spencer Wood, Quebec. [Died 8 Feb LANGEVIN, Hon. Sir Hector Louis, K.C.M.G. : cr. 18ttl C.B. 1868, K.C. LL.D. Laval Univ. Knight Commander of St. Gregory the Great Privy Councillor of Canada, 1867 M.P b. 25 Aug m. Justine, d. of Col. C. H. Tetu, 1854 (d. 1882) two d. Barr. Montreal, 1850 Q.C Minister of Public Works in the Dominion of Canada, Secretary of State, Postmaster-General, Mayor of Quebec, Delegate to the London Colonial Conference, , to complete terms of Union B.N.A. Provinces Leader of the Lower Canada Conservatives, 1873 Solicitor General, L.C., Address : 73 St. Louis Street, Quebec. Clubs : Albany, Toronto Rideau, Ottawa, Canada. [Died 11 June LANGEVIN, Most Rev. Louis Philip Adelard, D.D., O.M.I. Catholic Archbp. of St. Boniface, Manitoba, from 1895 Metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of St. Boniface, comprising the diocese of St. Boniface, the dioceses of Prince Albert (Saskatchewan), and of Regina (Saskatchewan), and the vicariate apostolic of Keewatin b. St. Isidore, La Prairie, province of Quebec, Canada, 23 Aug s. of Francois Thdophi'e Langevin, a near relation 410 of Sir Hector Langevin, late Minister of Public Works in Ottawa, and Pamela Racicot, sister of the Right Rev. Zotique Racicot, Bishop of Pogla and Vicar-General of the diocese of Montreal. Educ. : Montreal College. Studied theology at the Sulpiciau Grand Seminary, Montreal completed the course of his theology (moral) at St. Mary's College (Jesuits), Montreal entered the order of Oblates of Mary Immaculate, 1881 ordained priest, 1882 preacher for diocesan missions, Professor of Moral Theology in the Catholic University of Ottawa, where he soon became Vice- Dean of the Theological Faculty, 1885 D.D went to Manitoba as Superior of the Oblates in the Archdiocese of St. Boniface, and Rector of St. Mary's Church, Winnipeg, 1893 battled for the Manitoba School Question visited England, France, Belgium, Germany, 1890 Rome and the Holy Father, 1896, 1898, 1904, 1908, visited the Holy Land in He also visited Austria in the interest of 100,000 Galicians, Poles, and Ruthenians coming from this empire founded 80 parishes, 50 educational convents, 3 hospitals, 2 orphanages, 6 Indian boardingschools, 1 Good Shepherd Home, 1 Carmel, a Misericorclia Hospital, and an Infants' Home started a new order of missionary nuns, The Oblate Nuns of St. Boniface, and a seminary for missionary priests trebled the number of priests and the number of missionary stations among the Indians. Publications : issued 14 pastoral charges and 50 circular letters Les Cloches de St. Boniface, Address : Archbishop's Palace, St. Boniface, Manitoba, Canada. [Died 15 June LANGFORD, John Alfred, LL.D. Journalist and Lecturer b. Birmingham, 12 Sept Was on the editorial staff of the Birmingham Daily Press, Daily Gazette, and Morning News a member of the Birmingham Free Libraries' Committee, teacher of English Literature in the Birmingham and Midland Institute, a member of the Birmingham School Board, and of the Yardley School Board, wrote twelve letters on Australia for the Birmingham Weekly Post, 1876 contributed to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Publications : Religious Scepticism and Infidelity, 1850 Religion and Education in Relation to the People, 1852 English Democracy, 1855 The Lamp of Life : a Poem, 1856 Poems of the Fields and the Town, 1859 Shelley, and other Poems, 1860 Prison Books and their Authors, 1861 Pleasant Spots and Famous Places, 1862 A Century of Birmingham Life, 2 vols Modern Birmingham, 2 vols : Staffordshire and Warwickshire, Past and Present. 2 vols Birmingham, a Handbook, 1879 The Praise of Books, 1880 Child-Life as learned from Children, 1884 On Sea and Shore, 1887 Heroes and Martyrs, and other Poems, 1890 The Lily of the West, and other Poems, 1898 A Life for Love, and other Poems, Address : Astley House, Feruley Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham. [Died 24 Jan LANGHAM, Sir Herbert Hay, 12th Bt. cr J.P., D.L. Lieut. 1st Life Guards (retired) b. 28 April 1840 S. u w. Anna, 2nd d. of 3rd Lord Sandys, 1868 (d. 1876) one s. one d. Owned about 7700 acres. Heir : s. Herbert Charles Arthur [b. 24 Mar : m. 1893, Ethel Sarah, e. d. of Sir W. Emmerson-Tennent, 1st Bt. (ext.)l. Address : Cottesbrooke Park, Northampton. [Died 13 Dec LANGLEY, Batty, J.P. merchant alderman b 1834 s. of late T. Langley, Uppingham, Rutland. Mayor of Sheffield, 1893 M.P.

7 (G.L.) Sheffield, Atterclilfe, WHO WAS WHO, Address : Queen's Park, Bournemouth. Club : National Liberal. [Died 19 Feb LANGLEY, Admiral Gerald Charles, retired list b e. surv. s. of late Henry Langley, 2nd Life Guards m. 1893, Juanita Maxwell, 3rd d. of late A. G. Scott, of Ashbrooke, Edinburgh three s. two d. Educ. : private school H.M.S. Britannia, Lieutenant, 1872 Commander, 1882 Captain, 1889 Rear- Admiral, 1902 Vice-Admiral, retired, 1906 landed at Ismailia, 1882, and present with advance and taking of lines of Tel-el- Kebir (despatches, promoted to Commander) served as Naval Attache" to Courts of Europe, Washington, etc., Address : Lhassa, Camberley, Surrey. Club : United Service. [Died 18 Apr LANGLEY, Rt. Rev. Henry Arehdall Bishop of Bendigo (from ] 902) Educ. : Moore College, N.S.W. Ordained, 1865 Curate of All Saints, Bathurst, Incumbent of Orange, Curate of St. Andrew's Cathedral, Sydney, 1870 and Incumbent of Balmain, Sydney, St. Matthew's, Windsor, Sydney, St. Matthew, Prahran, Victoria, Canon of Melbourne, Archdeacon of Gippsland, Archdeacon of Melbourne, Address : Bendigo, Australia. [Died 5 Aug , Samuel Pierponl, D.C.L., Oxford LL.D., Harvard, Princeton, Michigan, Wisconsin, Yale, Stevens Institute D.Sc., Camb. F.M.R.S. Sec. Smithsonian Institution from 1887 Correspondent of Academy of Sciences, Institute of France F.R.A.S. Member of the Royal Institution, National Academy of Sciences (U.S.) ForeignM ember of the Reale Academia dei Lincei b. Roxbury, Mass., 22 Aug Assistant in the Harvard College Observatory, 1865 Assistant Professor of Mathematics, United States Naval Academy, 1866 Director Alleghany Observatory at Pittsburg, Assistant Secretary Smithsonian Institution, 1887 President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1887 awarded Henry Draper Medal and Rumford Medal by the National Academy of Sciences Copley Medal of Royai Society Janssen Medal by the Institute of France Medal of the Astronomical Society of France constructed first steam-driven flying machine which actually flew, Publications : The New Astronomy Experiments in Aerodynamics, Internal Work of the Wind, and numerous other Papers. Recreations : reading, travel, and golf. Address : Smithsonian Institution, Washington City, U.S.A. Clubs : Metropolitan, Cosmos, Washington Metropolitan, Century, Strollers, New York St. Botolph, Boston Duquesne, Pittsburg. [Died 27 Feb LANGLEY, William Henry, C.M.G F.R.C.S.I., L.R.C.S.I., F./.S. P.M.O. Southern Nigeria from 1911 retired P.M.O. Gold Coast Colony retired Dep. P.M.O. Protectorate of N. Nigeria. Assist. Surgeon, Richmond Hospital, Dublin served in Borgu Operations, (medal with two clasps) Kontagora Expedition, 1900 (despatches, medal and clasp) Kano and Sokoto operations (clasp, special mention). Address : P.M.O., Lagos, N. Nigeria. (Died 12 June LANGLOIS, Hippolyte, Ge'ne'ral de Division Senateur et Membre de I'Acad^mie franchise b. Besancon, Doubs, 7 aout 1839 m. two s. Educ. : Lyce"e de Besancon. Eleve de I'Ecole Polytechnique, 1896 f Sous-Lieut. d'artillerie, 1898 passe" par les diffe'rents grades, jusqu'a celui de Ge'ne'ral de Division embre du Conseil aupe'rieure de la Guerre. M LARK Publications : ArtilJerie en liaison avec les autres armes Enseignements de deux guerres recentes Manoeuvres suisses en 1907 Dix jours a 1'arme'es suisses Conse"quencfstactiques d u progres de 1'armement La Belgique, la Hollande, et le pangermauisme Question de defense nationale articles dure"s (Revue des Deux Mondes, Revue Bleue, Opinion, Temps, etc.). Address : 1 rue de Stael, Paris. [Died 12 Feb LANGMORE, Col. Edward Ham, C.B Indian Army (retired). Colonel, 1875 served Punjab, (medal) Indian Mutiny, 1857 (medal with clasp, a year's service, Brevet-Major, thanks of Government) Cossyah Hills Campaign, Address : Glenlui, Branksome Avenue, Bournemouth. [Died 29 Apr LANGRISHE, Sir James, 4th Bt. cr b. 24 May 1823 S. father 1862 m. 1st, Adela (d. 1901), o. d. of Thomas de Blois Eccles, Charlemont, Staffs, 1857 one *. three d. 2nd 1905, Algetta Maud, d. of Sir Henry Gooch, 2nd Bt., Clcwer Park, Windsor. Heir : s. Hercules. Address : Knocktopher Abbey, Co. Kilkenny. [Died 20 Aug LANGTON, John, F.R.C.S. Consulting Surgeon m. Spohia, 2nd d. of late John Scott, J.P. Consulting to St. Bartholomew's Hospital Surgeon and Lecturer on Clinical Surgery, St.Bartholomew's Hospital (retired) Member of Council of Royal College of Surgeons of England (retired( Junior Vice- President, 1896 Senior Vice-President, 1900, R.C.S. Bradshaw Lecturer R.C.S. of England Surgeon to City of London Truss Society Surgeon to City of London Lyingin Hospital Surgeon to Memorial Hospital, Mildmay Surgeon to Mildmay Hospital, Shoreditch Consulting Surgeon to Prince of Wales Hospital Surgeon to Friedenheim Hospital President of Clinical Society of London and Medical Society of London (retired) Hunterian Prof, of Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of England Member of the Board ot Examiners, of the Court of Examiners, Royal College of Surgeons (retired) Examiner in Surgery, Royal College of Physicians of London and the University of Durham (retired) Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine, Medical Society of London, etc. Edited Holden's Manual of Dissection. Address : 20 Bentinck Street, W. [Died 11 Sept LAPRIMAUDAYE, Commander Clement, R.N. retired, C.V.O. Collector of Customs, 1903, and member in Executive Council and Council of Government, Malta m Alice, widow of Vice-Admiral Hammetj C V O., and e. d. of late Sir Henry Paston Bedingfeld, 7th Bart. Possessed Royal Humane Society medal and clasp. Address : 7 Brechin Place, S.W. Club : Naval and Military. [Died 31 May LARK, Rev. Willaim Blake President of Bible Christian Conferences Governor of Shebbear College, b. Fowey, Cornwall, 1 Dec nd s. of Edward Lark, late of the Isle of Man m. Miss L. Chanter of Exeter three s. three d. Educ. : private academy, Devonport. Entered the Bible Christian Ministry, 1859 secretary of the Conference, 1880 and 1881, president, 1882, 1898, and 1907 was one of the representatives of the denomination at Methodist Ecumenical Conference, London, 1881, Washington, 1891, London, 1901, and Toronto, ]911 President of the United Methodist Church in Publications : was a frequent contributor to the denominational magazines. Recreation : walking. Address : Hawarden House, Bude, Cornwall. f Died 14 Apr

8 LARKING WHO WAS WHO, LARKING, Col. Cuthbert I Gentleman Usher to the King, and Equerry to H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught J.P. for Herts b. 28 Feb e. s. of late John Wingfleld Larking, The Firs, Lee m. 1864, Lady Adela Maria Hare, d. of 2nd Earl of Listowel four s. one d. Educ. : Cambridge Univ. At one time in the 13th Light Infantry and 15th Hussars, and retired Col. 4th Batt. Royal West Kent Regt. was A.D.C. to late Khedive of Egypt, and was a Bey in the Egyptian Service Hon. Col. 2nd County of London Imperial Yeomanry. Publications : Various. Address : Layston Lodge, Buntingford 6 Charles Street, Berkeley Square, W. Clubs : Brooks 's, St. James's, Bachelors', Marlborough. [Died Oct. 30, LARPENT, Sir George Albert de Hochepied, 3rd Bt. cr Col. of 88th Connaught Rangers from 1895 b S. father 1861 m. Rose, d. of William Armstrong, and widow of Lieut. -Col. T. Camden Lambert, Served throughout Kaffir War, and Zulu War, Heir : none. Club : Naval and Military. [Died 18 May LASCELLES, Viscount Henry George Charles Lasoelles Hon. Attache" Diplomatic Service A.D.C. to Governor- General of Canada from 1907 b. 9 Sept e. s. of 5th Earl of Harewood. Educ. : Eton. Retired from 2nd Lieut. Grenadier Guards Hon. Attache", Rome, Address : 13 Upper Belgrave Street, S.W. [Died 9 March LASCELLES, Rev. Hon. James Walter, Rector of Goldsborough from 1857 Hon. Canon of Ripon b *. of 3rd Earl of Harewood m. 1856, Emma Clara, d. of Sir William Miles, 1st Bart. Educ. : Exeter Coll. Oxford. Ordained 1855 Curate of Cirencester, Address: Goldsborough Rectory, Knaresborough. [Died 25 Nov LASCELLES, Capt. Walter Charles, D S O 1900 Durham Light Infantry retired b. 5 July rd s. of Rev. Hon. J. W. Lascelles, Canon of Ripon m. 1902, Louisa Gertrude, o d. of Colonel Knox of Creagh, Balimrobe, Ireland. Educ. : Marlborough. Entered army, 1888 Captain, 1897 served S. Africa, (severely wounded, despatches, Queen's medal with clasp, D.S.O.) [Died 13 May LASLETT, Henry James, I.S.O Naval Store Officer, H.M. Dockyard, Chatham w i 7 ^Ug> * i of Thomas Laslett, of H.M. Dockyard, Woolwich. Educ. : privately. Address : Rainham, Kent. [Died 30 March LASSALLE, Jean, French baritone b Educ. : Paris Conservatoire. [Died 4 Sept LAST, William Isaac, Assoc. Memb. Inst. C.E, Senior Whitworth Scholar, 1877 Science Director of the Victoria and Albert Museum bouth Kensington from 1904 b. Dorchester' 11 Aug e. s. of late Isaac Glandfield Last of Dorchester m. 1893, Anna Maria Quare, d. of late George Macilwain, F.R.C.S., I.R.S., of the Albany, Piccadilly, and Matching Green one s. one d. Educ.: privately Owens College, Manchester. Commenced education as a mechanical engineer, 1873 engaged in civil and mechanical work in England and South Africa till 1890, when appointed Keeper of the Machinery and Inventions Division of the South Kensington Museum Senior Keeper, Address : II Onslow Crescent, South Kensington, S.W [Died 7 Aug LATEY John, F.J.I. editor of The Sketch, and editor of The Penny Illustrated Paper : b. London, 30 Oct o. s. of late John Lash Latey, many years.editor of the lllus. London News m. Educ. : Barnstaple Lond. Commenced journalistic career on first number of Penny Illustrated Paper, 1861 created P.I.P. Showman sketched parliamentary doings several years as " The Silent Member ".in the Illustrated London News was assistant editor of the Illustrated London News, and dramatic critic also wrote plays and novelettes joint-editor with late Capt. Mayne Reid of the Boys Illustrated News. Publications : novelettes Love Clouds The River of Life A Daughter of the People A London Prima Donna The Queen of Hearts Mine Diamonds Led : Hearts are Trumps, etc. comedietta, The Rose of Hastings Life of General Gordon English translations of Alexandre Dumas's Mohicans of Paris, and Paul Fe"val's Fils du Diable (entitled in English The Three Red Knights). Recreations : chess, volunteering, swimming steadfast advocate of all manly exercises calculated to promote a sound mind in a sound body. Address : 198 Strand, W.C. Club : a founder of London Press Club, Fellow Journalists' Institute. [Died 26 Sept LATHAM, Rev. Henry, J.P. Master of Trin. Hall, Camb. from 1888 b. Dover, 4 June nd s. of John Henry Latham, one of the paymasters of Exchequer bills, and un- Harriet, o. c. of Edward Broderip, M.D. married. Educ. : Trin. Coll. Camb. (Scholar), B.A. 18th Wrangler, 1845 appointed tutor of Trinity Hall, 28 Dec ordained deacon 1848 Fellow of Trinity Hall, April 1848 M.A ordained priest, Publications : Geometrical Problems in the Properties of the Conic Sections, 1848 On the Recommendations of the University Commission, 1857 On the Action of Examinations, 1877 Pastor Pastorum, or the Schooling of the Apostles by our Lord, 1890 A Service of Angels, Recreations : in earlier life rowing, travelling. Address : Master's Lodge, Trin. Hall, Camb. Southacre, Trumpington Road, Cambridge. Clubs : Athenaeum, Oxford and Cambridge. [Died 5 June LATHAM, William, K.C Educ. : Harrow Trinity College, Cambridge. Called to Bar, Lincoln's Inn, 1860 Bencher, Address : The Priory, Frensham, Surrey. [Died 29 July LATHOM, 1st Earl of (cr. 1880), Edward Bootle-Wilbraham, P.C., G.C.B. Chancellor R.V.O. Baron Skelmersdale of Skelmersdale, Co. Lancashire, 1828 Lord Chamberlain Hon. Col. Lancashire Hussars Hon. Col. 1st Volunteer Batt. Loyal North Lancashire Regt. J.P., D.L. [Title taken from Lathom in Lancashire and Skelmersdale.] b o. s. of late Hon. Richard Bootle- Wilbraham, M.P., and 3rd d. of Sir Richard Brooke, Bt. S. grandfather, 1st Lord Skelmersdale, 1853 m. Alice, 2nd d. of 4th Earl of Clarendon, 1860 (d. 1897). Protestant. Conservative. Educ. : Eton Christ Church Oxford. Lord-in- Waiting, Capt. Yeomen of the Guards, Lord Chamberlain, Deputy Grand Master English Freemasons, Pro. Grand Master, Owned about 11,000 acres minerals in Lancashire. Recreations : shooting, farming. Heir : s. Lord Skelmersdale (late Maj. Royal Horse Guards), b Address : Lathom House, Ormskirk. Clubs : Carlton, Turf, Marlborough. [Died 19 Nov LATHOM, 2nd Earl of (cr. 1880), Edward George Bootle-Wilbraham, J.P. Baron Skelmersdale of Skelmersdale, Co. Lanes, 1828 [title taken from Lathom in Lancashire and Skelmersdale] b. 26 Oct s. of 1st Earl and Alice, d. of 4th Earl of Clarendon S. father, 1898 m. Lady Wilma Pleydell-

9 WHO WAS WHO, Bouverie, d. of 5th Earl of Radnor, 1889 one s. three d. Educ. : Eton. Formerly Major in Royal Horse Guards (Blue) Com. R.N.V.R. Mersey Division. Owned about 11,000 acres minerals in Lancashire. Heir : s. Lord Skelmersdale. -Address : Lathom House, Ormskirk, Lanes 1 Bryanston Square, W. Clubs : Carlton, Turf, GarricK, Marlborough Royai Yacht Squadron, Cowes. [Died 15 March LATIMER, Frederick William, C.I.E b, 10 June 1845 s. of William Latimer, of C.->. Antrim, Ireland m. 1st, 1872, Harriet M. Cockburn, of Simla (d. 1883) 2nd, 1892, Mary B. Pratt, of Prattsburgh, New York State. Confidential Clerk to the Chief Secretary for Ireland (Lord Mayo), , and accompanied him to India Assistant Private Secretary to the Viceroy, [Died 23 March LAUGHTON, Col. Arthur Frederick, C.B. ] 886 retired b. Simla, 18 June rd s. of Richard Laughton, H.E.I.C.S., and Ann Agnes, his wife m. 1869, Georgiana Emily, e. d. of Gen. H. Man, Chief Commissioner Andaman and Nicobar Islands, formerly Resident Councillor, Straits Settlements three s. three d. Educ. : St. Paul's School. Joined H.E.I.C.S. India, 1857 Interpreter, Madras 18th Infantry Interpreter, 3rd Palamcottah Light Infantry Interpreter, 66th Foot served in Madras Police, 1863 in Commissariat Dept served at base in the Afghan Campaign, Principal Commissariat Officer in the 3rd Burmese War, medal, two clasps, twice mentioned in despatches, C.B. Decorated for services in 3rd Burmese War. Publication : Treatise on Bread Making for the use of the Army in India, published by order of Government. Address : 11 Aberdeen Court, Maida Vale, W. Club : Junior Conservative. [Died 4 Sept LAUGHTON, Lt.-Gen. George Arnold, Indian Army b. 16 May 1830 m. 1880, Annie Barbara, d. of Rev. J. S. Beaumont, Edinburgh. Entered army, 1846 Lt.-Gen Unemployed Supernumerary List, 1885 served Persian Expedition, (medal and clasp) Indian Mutiny, (medal). Address : Rosslyn, Arnewood Road, West Southbourne, Bournemouth. [Died 5 May LAUGHTON, Sir John Knox, Kt., cr M.A. Professor Modern History, King's Coll. London, from 1885 Sec. of the Navy Records Society, b. Liverpool, 23 April 1830 m. 1st, 1866, Isabella, d. of John Carr, of Dunfermline 2nd, 1886, Maria Josefa, d. of Eugenio de Alberti, of Cadiz. Educ. : Royal Institution School, Liverpool Caius Coll. Camb. Naval Instructor, R.N., 1853 served in Baltic during the Russian War, (medal) in China during second war, (medal and 3 clasps Fatshan, Canton, Taku Forts, 1858) afterwards in Mediterranean and Channel Mathematical and Naval Instructor, Royal Naval College, Portsmouth, also at Greenwich, and lecturer on Meteorology, lecturer on Naval History, president, Royal Meteorological Society, Honorary Fellow, Caius College, Cambridge, 1895 Hon. D.Litt., Oxford, 1904 Hon. Litt.D., Cambridge, Publications : Physical Geography in its Relation to the Prevailing Winds and Currents, 1870 A Treatise on Nautical Surveying, 1872 Studies in Naval History, 1887 Nelson (English Men of Action), 1895 Nelson and his Companions in Arms, 1896 Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of Henry Reeve, C.B., D.C.L., 1898 Sea Fights and Adventures,.1901 Numerous articles in the Dictionary of National Biography. Edited : Letters and Despatches of Lord Nelson, 1886 Memoirs relating to the Lord Torrington (Camden Society), 1889 Defeat of the Spanish Armada (Navy Records Society), 1S94 From Howard to Nelson- Twelve Sailors, 1899 Recollections of Commander J. A. Gardner (N.R.S.), 1906 The Barham Papers, 3 vols. (N.R.S.), A frequent contributor to the Edinburgh Review. Address : King's College, W C 9 Pe^ys Road, Wimbledon. [Died 14 Sept LAURIE, James S., of the Inner Temple Barrister-at-Law b. Edinburgh, 21 Sept 1831 *. of Rev. James Laurie, Chaplain, Royal Infirmary, and Jean Somerville, d. of Rev. Simon Somerville. Educ. : Edinburgh University Berlin. Formerly H.M. Inspector of Schools, England Assist. Royal Commissioner, Ireland Special Commissioner, African Settlements Director of Public Instruction, Ceylon. Publications : Editor of Laurie's Technical Readers, Laurie's Standard Readers, Laurie's Science Manuals Gospel Christianity v. Dogma and Ritual Story of Australasia, etc. Address : Canford Cliffs, Bournemouth. [Died 18 July LAURIE, Lieut.-Gen. John Wimburn, C.B. (civ.) 1902, (mil.) 1905 D.C.L., J.P. Hon. Col. R. Munstcr Fusiliers and 63rd Halifax Rifles, Canada b. London, 1 Oct e. s. of John Laurie, M.P., Barnstaple, and Eliza, d. of Kenrick Collett, Master in Chancery m. Frances, y. d. of Hon. E. Collins, M.L.C., Nova Scotia, 1863 two s. three d. Educ. : Harrow Dresden Sandhurst Staff College. Ensign 2nd Queen's Royals, 1853 Major Special Service, Canada, 1861 Major-General, 1882 Lieut.-General, 1887 volunteered for Crimea and served before Sebastopol, (was twice wounded, and mentioned in despatches for repulse of two Russian sorties with very small detachment of the 4th King's Own) both attacks on Redan (Crimean War medal and clasp, Order of Medjidie and Turkish War medal) Staff- Officer of a Field Force in Central India during Mutiny, (medal and clasp) Inspecting Field Officer of Militia in Canada, Repulse of Fenian Raid, 1866 (medal and clasp) Exped. to Transvaal, 1881 second in command and Commandant of base and lines of communication during half-breed rebellion N.W. Canada, 1885 (medal and clasp) Red Cross Commissioner in Servo-Bulgarian War, 1885 (Order of Red Cross of Servia, Order of St. Sava, and war medal) Red Cross of Prussia, 1907 Grand Master of Freemasons of Nova Scotia, Warden of Halifax County Council, and President of Board of Agriculture, Nova Scotia, M.P. Shelburne, , in Canadian House of Commons Master of Saddlers Company, , Grand Warden of Grand Lodge of Freemasons of England Provincial Grand Master of Freemasons, South Wales, since 1897 Candidate Pembroke Boroughs, 1892 member Paddington Vestry since 1891, and of Borough Council Mayor of Paddington, M.P. (C.) Pembroke Boroughs, Chairman Royal Military Benevolent Fund since 1900 Governor, Imperial Institute, City and Guilds Institute, Northampton Polytechnic Member of Senate of University of London Chairman Canadian Trade Section London Chamber of Commerce. Publications : Lectures on Agriculture, on Scotch Regiments in the Army, and Imperial Federation also communications on military subjects to press. Recreations : member of Governing Body of City and Guilds Institute and other Technical Institutes agriculture, breeder of thorough-bred stock, and personal super-

10 LAURIE WHO WAS WHO, vision of an experimental farm also of children settled in Canada from Mrs. Birt's home at Liverpool. Address : 47 Porchester Terrace, W. Oakfield, Nova Scotia. Club : Carlton. [Died 20 May LAURIE, Col. Robert Peter, C.B V.D.,,T.P. Col. Commanding 3rd London Rifle Vols. Hon. Col. 3rd London R.V. ft o. s. of Robert Peter Laurie of Harley Street, London, and Elizabeth, d. of late Charles Sparkes m. 1867, Amy Forbes, d. of Sir J. R Martin, C.B., F.R.S. Educ. : Tonbridge School. M.P. Canterbury, Bath, Decorated for Volunteer Service. Address : Dropmore, Canterbury. Club : Conservative. [Died 29 July LAURIE, Simon Somerville, M.A., LL.D. Aber., St. Andrews, and Edin. F.R.S.E. Hon. F.E.I.S. Emeritus Professor of the Institutes and History of Education and Gifford Lecturer on Natural Theology, University of Edinburgh, ft. Edinburgh, 13 Nov e. s. of late Rev. James Laurie and Jean Somerville, d. of Rev. Simon Somerville m. 1st, 1861, Catherine Anne, d. of W. Hibburd, Berkshire 2nd, 1901, Lucy, d. of late Professor Sir John Struthers, M.D. two s. two d. Educ. : High School and University, Edinburgh. Emeritus Secretary to Education Committee of Church of Scotland Visitor and Examiner to Dick Bequest (Educational) Endowment, 1856 Secretary to the Endowed Schools (Scotland) Commission, 1872 Hon. Secretary to Association for Promoting Secondary Education in Scotland, founded 1876 at one time President of Teachers' Guild of Great Britain and Ireland at one time Member of Edinburgh University Court Corresponding Member of The American National Educational Association. Publications : Constable's Series of Educative Reading Books, 1861 Philosophy of Ethics, 1866 Primary Instruction in relation to Education, 1867 (5th ed. 1898) Notes on British Theories of Morals, 1868 Life and Educational Writings of John Amos Comenius, 1881 (6th ed. 1898) Metaphysica Nova et Vetusta, by Scotus Novanticus (2nd ed. 1889) Ethica, or the Ethics of Reason, by Scotus Novanticus (2nd ed. 1891) Mediaeval Education and Rise and Constitution of Universities, 1886 Language and Linguistic Method in the School, 1890 (3rd ed. 1899) Institutes of Education, 1892 (2nd ed. 1899) Historical Survey of pre-christian Education, 1895 (2nd ed. 1900) The Training of Teachers and Methods of Instructionselected papers, 1901 Studies in the History of Educational Opinion from the Renaissance, 1903: Synthetica, being Meditations, Epistemological and Ontological, comprising the Edinburgh University Gifford Lectures of 1905 and 1906 many philosophical and educational articles. Address : 22 George Square, Edinburgh. Club : University, Edinburgh. [Died 2 March LAW, Major Sir Edward FitzGerald, K.C.M.G., cr K.C.S.I., cr C.S.I Major, Reserve of Officers 6. Rostrevor, 2 Nov rd s. of late Michael Law of Castle Fish, Co. Kildare, and Sarah Anne, d. of Crofton FitzGerald of Carrigoran, Co. Clare m. 1893, Catherine, o. d. of Nicholas Hatsopoulo of Athens. Educ. : privately R.M.A. Woolwich. Lieutenant R.A commanded transport Guards Brigade, Suakin, 1885 (medal and clasp, Egyptian bronze star, mentioned in despatches) Captain, 1886 Major, 1886 entered diplomatic service as Financial and Commercial Secretary, 1887 attended the late Shah of Persia, 1889 British Delegate for commercial treaty with Turkey, 1890 Commercial and Financial Secretary, 1894 British 414 Delegate for Commercial Convention wi.th Bulgaria, 1896 British Commissioner on International Financial Commission at Athens, 1897 President of Commission, 1898 Minister Resident, 1898 British Delegate-Council of the Ottoman Public Debt, 1898 Financial Member of Governor- General's Council in India, British Commissioner on International Commission in Crete, 1906 Censor, Morocco State Bank, Clubs : Army and Navy, Travellers'. [Died I Nov LAW, Francis Towry Adeane, C.B, Lieut.-Col. R.A. (retired) ft s. of Hon. William Towry Law, 5th s. of 1st Baron Ellenborough. Entered Army, 1852 Maj.-Gen served Crimea, including siege and fall of Sebastopol (medal with clasp, Turkish medal) China expedition, 1860, including surrender of Pekin (medal with clasp) Kaffir War, 1878 Zulu War, 1879 (despatches, C.B., medal with clasp). Club : United Service. [Died 27 March LAW, Rev. Thomas, Methodist minister Secretary of the National Free Church Council from Sowerby, near Halifax, Yorkshire, 15 July 1854 m. 1882, Elizabeth, d. of late Rev. George Downing two d. Ordained minister, 1876 held pastorates in Birmingham, Glasgow, London, Gatesheacl, Bradford. Recreations : golf, walking travelled in United States and Canada, and throughout the Continent of Europe. Address : Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, E.C. Thorniloe, Coolhurst Road, Crouch End, N. Clubs: City Liberal, National Liberal. [[Died 1 Apr LAW, Thomas Pakenham, K.C. 1880, M.A. Crown Prosecutor for County Meath and Queen's County ft. 28 May nd s. of Samuel Law of Killbarrack House, Raheny, County Dublin, and Sarah, d. of Admiral Hon. Sir Thomas Pakenham, G.C.B. m. Amelia Catherine, o. d. of Horace William Noel Rochfort of Clogrenane, County Carlow, and Charlotte, d. of 2nd B. Bridport and Charlotte-Mary, Duchess of Bronte" (d. and heir of 1st E. Nelson). Educ. : Rossall School Trin. Coll. Dublin. (Prizes in mathematics, chemistry, ethics, and logic.). Barr. Ireland, 1859 Bencher of the King's Inns. Recreations : yachting and manual employments. Address : 48 St. Stephen's Green, Dublin Elsinore, Howth, County Dublin. [Died 30 May LAW, Maj.-Gen. Victor Edward, Madras Cavalry ft. 24 Nov th s. of Rev. Hon. W. Towry Law and 4th d. of 2nd Baron Graves m. 1st, 1867, Mary (d. 1870), 5th d. of H. Bowden 2nd, 1875, Helen, 3rd d. of Hon. J. W. Crawford, Lt.-Gov. of Ontario. Entered army, 1859 Maj.-Gen retired, Address : 40 Alexandra Court, Queen's Gate, S.W. [Died 15 Apr LAW, William Arthur, dramatic author ft. 22 March 1844 y. s. of late Rev. Patrick Comerford Law of Killaloe, and Rector of Northrepps, Norfolk Rural Dean and Frances, d. of Alexander Arbuthnot, Bishop of Killaloe m. Fanny Holland one s. Educ. : Royal Military Coll., Sandhurst. Gazetted Ensign in 21st Royal Scots Fusiliers, 1864 served eight years, and retired as Lieutenant. Actor at Theatre Royal, Edinburgh, Surrey Theatre, and provinces, , when joined Mr. and Mrs. German Reed's Entertainment. Savoy Theatre, Author of A Night Surprise, 1877 A Happy Bungalow, 1877 An Artful Automaton, 1878 Enchantment, Reward, 1879 Castle Botherem, 1880 A Flying Visit, 1880 A Merry Christmas, 1880 All at Sea, 1881 Cherry Tree Farm, 1881 A

11 WHO WAS WHO, C LAWRENCE Bright Idea, 1881 Uncle Samuel, 1881 A LAWLESS, Henry Hamilton, M.A. Strange Host, 1882 The Head Recorder of the Poll, 1882 Nobody's Fault, 1882 Hope, 1882 Mr. Guffin's Elopement, 1862 The Happy Return, 1883 Treasure Trove, 1883 A Moss Hose Rent, 1883 A Mint of Money, 1884 A Terrible Fright, 1884 Old Peculiar Case, 1884 Knockles, 1884 A The Great Tay-Kin, 1885 Chirruper's Fortune, 1885 After Long Years, 1886 Gladys, 1886 The Mystery of a Hansom Cab, 1888 John Smith, 1889 All Abroad, 1890 Dick Venables, 1890 The Judge, 1890 Culprits, 1890 In Three Volumes, 1893 The Magic Opal, 1893 The New Boy, 1894 The Ladies' Idol, 1895 The Sea Flower, 1898 The Showman's Sweetheart, 1898 New Year's Morning, 1900 A Country Mouse, 1902 The Bride and Bridegroom, 1904 The Rising Sun, 1904 My Cousin Marco, 1906 Three Blind Mice, 1906 The Game of Patience, 1909 The Strange Case of Mr. Begbie, Address : The Homestead, Parkside Road, Parkstone, Dorset. Club : United Service. [Died 2 Apr LAWES, Sir John Bennet, 1st Bt. cr F.R.S. country gentleman b. Rothamsted, 28 Dec o. s. of John Bennet Lawes. Educ. : Eton Oxford. F.R.S LL.D. Edinburgh, 1877 D.C.L. Oxford, 1892 D.Sc. Camb Practical and scientific farming since 1834 manufactured artificial manure, and sold the business, Publications : Over 120 separate papers upon subjects connected with the science and practice of agriculture, 1847 to 1899, collected and bound up in three quarto and six octavo volumes, and presented to various national institutions throughout the world. Recreations : farming, deer-stalking, salmon-fishing. Heir : s. Charles, b Address : Rothamsted, St. Albans. [Died 31 Aug LAWES-WITTEWRONGE, Sir Charles, 2nd Bt., cr sculptor b. Teignmouth, 3 Oct o. s. of Sir J. B. Lawes, 1st Bt. m. Marie Amelie Rose Fouritaine, Educ. : Eton Trin. Coll. Camb. B.A., Natural Science Tripos S. father [Assumed additional name of Wittewronge by Royal licence, 1902.] President of Incorporated Society 9f British Sculptors Chairman of Lawes Agricultural Trust Vice- Chairman of the Incorporated Society for extending the Rothamsted Experiments in Agricultural Science. Publications : various pieces of sculpture. Recreations : old Cambridge blue 1 mile running amateur champion, amateur champion oarsman 1865 i mile, 1, and 6 to 25 miles amateur records cycling, At Eton won the 100 yards, hurdle race, i mile, 1 mile, and steeplechase, the sculls and the pair oars At Cambridge, the 5 mile, 1 mile, and 2 miles, the Oxford- Cambridge 1 mile, and the amateur championship 1 mile The Cambridge sculls, the Diamond sculls, and the amateur championship of the Thames won the National Cyclist's Union paced records for J mile, 1, and 6 to 25 miles, Heir : s. John Lawes, b Address : Studio, Chelsea Gardens, S.W. Rothamsted, Harpenden. [Died 6 Oct LAWLESS, Hon. Emily, Litt. D. (hon.) Dublin, 1905 b. Ireland e. s. of Edward, 3rd Baron Cloncurry. Publications : Hurrish, 1886 Major Lawrence, F.L.S., 1887 The Story of Ireland, 1887 Plain Frances Mowbray, 1889 With Essex in Ireland, 1890 Grania, 1892 Maelcho, 1894 A Garden Diary, 1901 With the Wild Geese (poems), 1902 Maria Edgeworth, 1904 The Book of Gilly, Recreations : dredging, mothing, gardening, geologising. Address : Hazelhatch, Gomshall, Surrey. [Died 19 Oct of Great Yarmouth 4th s. of late John Lawless, solicitor, Dublin. Educ. : Trinity College, Dublin. Called to Irish Bar, 1880 to English Bar, Middle Temple, Address : 3 Essex Court, Temple, B.C. T. A. 90 : Temple. Clubs : Arts, Oxford and Cambridge Musical. [Died 30 Nov LAWRANCE, Rt. Hon. Sir John Compton, Kt. cr J.P., D.L. P.C Judge o! the King's Bench Division of the High Court of Justice, b. 30 May 1832 o. s. of T. M. Lawrance of Dunsby Hall, Lincolnshire m. Charlotte, d. of Major Smart, Barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1859 Q.C Recorder of Derby, M P S. Lincolnshire, Address: 7 Onslow Square, S.W. Clubs: Athenaeum, Carlton, Junior Carlton. [j)ied 5 Dec, Dean of St. Albans from 1900 Rector of St. Albans from 1868 b. London, rd * of Edward Lawrance, president of Incorporated Law Soc m. Caroline S d. of Yen. Anthony Grant, D.C.L., Archdeacon of Rochester and St. Albans, 1871 two s three d. Educ. : St. Paul's School Trm. Coll. Camb. 3rd in 2nd class Classical LAWRANCE Very Rev. Walter John Tripos, 1862 captain of St. Paul's, 1858 Truro gold medallist, president of the Union Society, Cambridge 1862 ordained, Hon. Chaplain to Her Majesty, Chaplain in ordinary Archdeacon of St. Albans, Address: Deanery, St. Albans. Club : Constitutional. [Died 12 Aug 1914 LAWRENCE, Alexander John, C.I.E. b. Simla, 15 July nd s. late Lt.-Gen. Sir Geo. St. Patrick Lawrence m. Susan Kathrine May, e. d. of late Wm. Edwards, Bengal Civil Service, Educ. : E. I. College, Haileybury. Served Bengal Civil Service, , leaving as Commissioner Meerut Division of the N.W.P. commanded Volunteer Rifle Corps in the N.W.P. at Agra, Allahabad, Meerut, and Mussourie for 13 years appointed C.I.E., Col. (Hon.), A.D.C. to the Viceroy, 1891 Governor Guy's Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital Royal Bath School Officers' Daughters Soldiers' Daughters' Home, etc. Decorated : Indian Mutiny medal (wounded musket-ball, August 1857) C.I.E. for Volunteer services. Recreation : golf, Prince's Golf Club. Address : 39 Queensborough Terrace, W. Club : East India United Service. [Died 4 Aug LAWRENCE, Sir Edward, Kt., cr Liverpool Merchant b m. 1853, Jane Harrison (d. 1886), d. of Giles Redmayne of Brathay Hall, Ambleside. Educ. : privately. Mayor of Liverpool, a Director of the British and Foreign Marine Insurance Company from 1863 Chairman of Council, University College, Liverpool, Address: The Grange, St. Michaels, Liverpool. Club : Constitutional. [Died 30 May LAWRENCE, Major Freeling Ross, D.S.O General Staff Officer, India b. 21 Sept Educ. : Wellington College. Entered army 1894 Adjutant 14th (King's) Hussars, served Niger Territories, 1898 (despatches, D.S.O., medal with clasp) South Africa, (despatches twice, promoted Brevet-Major, Queen's medal with 8 clasps) p.s.c. General Staff Officer, W T ar Office, Address: General Staff, 9th Division, Secunderabad. Clubs : United Service, Cavalry. [Died 9 March LAWRENCE, Sir Henry Hayes, 2nd Bt. cr b s. of 1st Bt. g. s. of Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence, K.C.B. [who fell during defence of Residency at Lucknow] S. father 1864 m. Victoria, d. of late 415

12 LAWRENCE WHO WAS WHO, Theodore Walrond, C.B., Educ. : Eton Trin. Coll. Camb. (B.A.). Contested Heywood Div. of Lancashire, Recreation : hunting. Heir : u. Henry, b Address : Belgard, Clondalkin, Co. Dublin 79 Ashley Gardens, S.W. Clubs : Travellers' Kildare Dublin. Street, 27 Oct [Died LAWRENCE, Sir Henry Waldemar, 3rd Bt. cr b. 24 Jan b. of 1st Bt. and s. of Sir Henry Montgomery Lawrence, K.C.B. [who fell during defence of Residency at Lucknow] S. nephew 1898 ra. 1873, Emily Mary, d. of Sir G. B. L'Estrange Barrister -at- Law,T.P. for Surrey and London Sub-Treas. Inner Temple one s. one d. Educ. : Harrow Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A.). Barr. Lincoln's Inn and Inner Temple, Heir : s. Alexander Waldemar, b Address: 20 Montpelier Square, Knightsbridge, S.W. Alenho, Ridgway, Wimbledon. Club : Savile. [Died 3 June LAWRENCE, Sir James Clarke, 1st Bt. cr J.P. formerly partner in William Lawrence & Son, builders, London b nd s. of late William Lawrence, Alderman of London m. Agnes, d. of M. Castle, Hatherleigh House, Clifton, Gloucestershire, M.P. for Lambeth, 1865 and Lord Mayor of London, Address : Coombe Lands, Addleston, Surrey 23 Hyde Park Gardens, W. Clubs : Reform, City Liberal, Devonshire. [Died 21 May LAWRENCE, Sir James John Trevor, 2nd Bt. cr K.C.V.O. cr Pres. Royal Horticultural Soc., b. London, 30 Dec o. s. of 1st Bt., Serjeantsurgeon to the Queen, and Louisa Senior, Broughton House, Bucks S. father 1867 m. Elizabeth, o. c. of late John Matthew, Burford, Dorking, 1869 three s. one d. Educ. : Winchester St. Bartholomew's Hosp. Indian medical service, , during the Mutiny M.P. (C.) Mid-Surrey, , Reigate Div. of Surrey, , when he retired Fellow of the Imperial Horticultural Society of Vienna. Heir : s. William Matthew Trevor [b. 17 Sept m. 1908, Iris Eyre, y. d. of late Brig.-Gen. E. M. S. Crabbe, C.B. two d. Address : 68 Elm Park Gardens, S.W.] Recreations: was greatly interested in gardening, especially in the cultivation of orchids, and in Japanese art, of which he had a large collection. Address : Burford, Dorking 57 Prince's Gate, S.W. Clubs : Carlton, East India United Service, Junior Constitutional, Burlington Fine Arts. [Died 22 Dec LAWRENCE, 2nd Baron (cr. 1869), John Hamilton Lawrence Bt [John Laird Mair Lawrence (afterwards 1st Baron) was 1st Lieut.-Governor of the Punjab, holding that office, , during Indian Mutiny. He was made a G.C.B. and created a Baronet, He held office as Viceroy of India, , and was created a Baron, 1869, after his retirement] b. Simla, 1 Oct s. of 1st Baron and Harriet, d. of Rev. Richard Hamilton S. father 1879 m. Mary, o. c. of Richard Campbell, Glencarradie and Auchinbreck, Argyllshire, 1872 one s. twod. Protestant Liberal Unionist. Educ.: Wellington College Trin. Coll. Camb. (B.A.). Barr. Lincoln's Inn, Owned 10,000 acres in Hants. Recreations : hunting, shooting. Heir : s. Hon. A. G. Lawrence [b. 29 Mar m. Dorothy, d. of A. Pemberton-Hobson]. Address : Chetwode Manor, Buckingham Grateley, Andover, Hants 66 Pont Street, S.W. Clubs : Brooks's, Travellers', Athenaeum. M [Died 22 Aug LAWRENCE, Sir William, Kt., cr D.L. Alderman b s. William Lawrence, architect. Lord Mayor of Lon- 416 don, 1864 M.P. (L.) London, , Address : 3 Adelaide Crescent, Brighton 75 Lancaster Gate, W. Clubs : Reform, Devonshire, City Liberal. [Died 18 Apr LAWRIE, Sir Archibald Campbell, Kt., cr b s. of J. A. Lawrie, M.D. m. 1880, Constance (d. 1890), d. of John Dennistoun and widow of J. W. Hamilton Senior Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court, Ceylon, Address : The Moss, Dungoyne, Co. Stirling. [Died 11 May LAWSON, Andrew Sherlock, J.P. for North and West Ridings of Yorkshire, and D.L. for West Riding Hon. Major, Yorkshire (P.W.O.) Hussars (retired) b. 22 Feb e. s. of late Andrew Sherlock Lawson, D.L., J.P. m. 1889, Hon. Elinor Frances Butler e d. of 14th Viscount Mountgarret, of N: Hall, Yorks two d. Educ. : Trinity I Cambridge. Address : Aldborough Ma Boroughbridge, Yorkshire. Clubs : Carl Turf, Bachelors' Yorkshire, York. [Died 20 Aug LAWSON, Sir Arthur Tredgold, 1st Bt, cr Chairman of Fairbairn, Lawson, Combe Barbour, Limited Director of Great Eastern Railway Chevalier of Legion of Honour J.P. North Riding, Yorks, West Hiding, Yorks, and City of Leeds b. 8 Feb s. of John Lawson of Bramhope Manor, nr. Leeds m. Louise Frederica Edith Augusta, d. of John Stacpole O'Brien, J.P. of Ennis, Co. Clare, and Tanderagee, and Co. Armagh, Ireland two s. one d. Educ. : St. Peter's School, York. Heir : s. Digby [b. 3 Sept m. 1909, Iris Mary, e. d. of Hon. Eustace R. S. FitzGerald. Educ. : Winchester Cambridge]. Recreations : driving, shooting. Address : Bedale Hall, Yorkshire. Clubs : Carlton, St. Stephen's Leeds. [Died 1 June 1915.' LAWSON, Sir Charles Allen, Kt, cr b. London, 17 May 1838 s. of late Jonathan Wise Lawson, London m. 1st, Mary (d. 1892), d. of A. Webber 2nd, 1893, Catharine Jane (d. 1914), d. of William Shaw. Secretary Madras Chamber of Commerce, editor Madras Daily News, 1863 Madras Times, Madras Mail, presented Jubilee Address (Madras) to Queen Victoria, Publications: British and Native Cochin, 1860 At Home on Furlough (1st series), 1868 (2nd series), 1874 The Private Life of Warren Hastings, 1895 Memories of Madras, Club : Constitutional. [Died 13 Aug LAWSON, Sir George, K.C.B. cr Assistant Under-Secretary of State for War from 1895 b m. Edith, d. of late Entered War Office. Edmund Packe, Assistant Director of Supplies and Transport, 1878 Deputy Accountant- General, 1888 Director of Army Contracts, 1891 C.B Address: 36 Craven Hill Gardens, W. [Died 11 March LAWSON, Sir John, 2nd Bt. cr. 1841! D.L. b. Richmond, Yorkshire, 17 Dec e. 8. of 1st Bt. and Clarinda, d. of John Lawson, Yorkshire, M.D. S. father 1865 m. 1st, 1856, Mary Ann (d. 1868), d. of F. S. Gerard : e. d. of Edmund two d. 2nd, Agnes, Molyneux Seel, 1870 one s. five d. Educ. : Stonyhurst London Univ. B.A [The 1st Bt, was s. of John Wright, Kelvedon, Essex.] Owned about 2700 acres. Recreations : hunting (in former years) and other field sports. Heir : s. Henry Joseph, b. 26 Dec [m. Ursula Mary, o. c. of P. J. C. Howard. Address : Brough Hall, Catterick, Yorks. [Died 10 Dec LAWSON, Sir Wilfrid, 2nd Bt. cr M.P. (L.) Camborne Div., Cornwall, from 1903 b. Brayton, 4 Sept e. s. of 1st Bt. and Caroline, d, of Sir James Graham

13 ' i I Queen's 1 ' WHO WAS WHO, LEACH of Netherby S. father 1867 m. 3rd, d. of LEA, Arthur Sheridan, M.A., Sc.D., F.R.S. J. Pocklington Senhouse, Netherhall, Cumberland, Educ. : home. M.P. (L.) and Assist. Tutor of Gonville and Caius Fellow, sometime Lecturer in Physiology, Carlisle, , Cockermouth College sometime Assist. Lecturer of Trinity Div. of Cumberland, Owned College, and University Lecturer, Cambridge. about 8300 acres. Recreations : various. Address : Caius College, Cambridge. Heir : s. Wilfrid, b Address : Brayton. Carlisle. Clubs : Reform, Wellington. LEA, His Honour [Died 21 March [Died 1 Judge George Harris, July M.A., LAW SON, William Norton Recorder of Richmond from 1869 b. London, 29 Jan e. s. of late William Lawson of Bourne Place, Hildenborough, Kent m. 1856, Frances, 4th d. of late George Smurthwaite, of Temple Lodge, Richmond, Yorkshire. Educ. : King's College, London Trinity College, Cambridge, M.A. 26th Wrangler, Barrister-at-Law practised as conveyancer and equity draftsman. Publications : The Law and Practice under the Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Acts, Address : 6 Stone Buildings, Lincoln's Inn, W.C. 9 Hartfield Square, Eastbourne. Clubs : Constitutional Sussex, Eastbourne. [Died 28 Jan LAYARD, Sir Charles Peter, Kt., cr b. 5 Dec o. s. of late Sir C. Peter Layard, K.C.M.G Ceylon C.S. m. 1882, Ada Alexandrina, 2nd a. of late A. A. Julius Mortlake three s. two d. Educ. : Cheltenham Coll. St. John's Coll. Camb. (M.A). Called to Bar, Inner Temple, 1873 Advocate, Supreme Court, Ceylon, 1873 Solicitor- General, 1888 Attorney-General, Chief Justice, Address : The Grey House, Langton Green, Kent. Clubs : Royal Societies, Oxford and Cambridge. [Died 8 June LAYARD, Edgar Leopold, C.M.G. b. Florence, Italy, 23 July th s. of Henry Peter John Layard, late of Ceylon Civil Service, and Marianne, d. of N. Austin of Ramsgate, Kent m. 1st, Barbara Anne. d. of Rev. J. Calthrop 2nd, Jane Catherine, d. of Gen. Blackball. Educ. : private school. Entered Civil Service of Ceylon, and after nine years left on account of ill-health invited to Cape of Good Hope by the then Governor Sir Geo. Grey entered Civil Service there founded the South African Museum and became first curator private secy, to late Sir G. Grey, and accompanied him on special mission to New Zealand appointed judge and commissioner under Slave Trade Treaties at Cape of Good Hope on abolition of office was transferred to Consular Service and sent to Para, S. America summoned thence by tel., and sent to Fiji to inquire into offer of cession was first administrator of the government of the new colony, and then resumed Consular Service in New Caledonia, and retired after forty-seven years' service. Decorated C.M.G. for the cession of the I Colony of Fiji. Publications: Birds of South Africa. Recreations : shooting as an ornithological collector and observer of natural history an extensive collector of birds, lepidoptera, shells, ferns, South Sea Island clubs, etc. fishing. Address : Otterbourne, Budleigh, Salterton, S. Devon. [Died 1 Jan LAYTON, Major Edward, D.S.O the West Riding Re7t., retired Acting D.A.Q.M.G., Natal, and Staff Captain, Middelburg Sub. District, Transvaal (retired) b. 27 Nov m. 1884, Jane Elizabeth, e. d. of late J. Clexton, Queen's County one d. Joined army, nd Lieutenant Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1887 Capt. South Staffordshire Regt Adjutant, Major, W. Yorkshire Regt served South Africa, (despatches, medal with 3 clasps, King's medal, 2 clasps, D.S.O.). Address : Argyll Lodge, Lichfield. [Died 15 Oct Judge of County Courts, Herefordshire and Shropshire, from 1891 b. 2 April 1843 y. c. of George B. Lea, The Larches, Kidderminster m. Marion Bushell (d. 1901) three s. four d. Educ. : Trin. Coll. Camb. Recreations : travelling, golf, cycling. Address : Broadlands, Hereford. Clubs : New University Herefordshire County. [Died 3 May LEA, Henry Charles, LL.D. of University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, and Princeton University S.T.D. of University of Giessen Fellow of Imperial University of Moscow b. 19 Sept s. of Isaac Lea and Frances Ann Carey m. 1850, Anna C. Jaudon two s. one d. Educ. : privately. In business as book publisher, then retired. Publications : Superstition and Force, 1st ed. 1866, 4th ed Historical Sketch of Sacerdotal Celibacy, 1st edit. 1867, 3rd edit Studies in Church History, 1st edit. 1869, 2nd edit History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages, 1888 Chapters from the Religious History of Spain, 1890 A Formulary of the Papal Penitentiary in the 13th Century, 1892 History of Auricular Confession and Indulgences, 1896 The Moriscos of Spain, their Conversion and Expulsion, 1901 History of the Spanish Inquisition, 1906 The Inquisition in the Dependencies of Spain, 1908 numerous pamphlets and articles in periodicals a chapter on the Eve of the Reformation in the Cambridge Modern History French Translation of Inquisition of Middle Ages by Solomon Reinach, Paris, 1899 German Translation of the same, edited by J. Hansen and H. Haupt, Bonn, Recreations : none, except historical research. Address : 2000 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, U.S.A. [Died 24 Oct LEA, Sir Thomas, 1st Bt. cr J.P. b. The Larches, near Kidderminster, 17 Jan e. s. of late G. B. Lea m. Louey, d. of W. Birch, Barton-under-Needwood, Staffordshire, Educ. : privately. M.P. Kidderminster Co. Donegal, M.P. (U.) S. Div. of Londonderry, Recreation : interested in cricket formerly played for Worcestershire and other Midland Counties Clubs. Heir : s. T. Sydney, b. 28 Jan Address : Sea Grove, Dawlish The Larches, Kidderminster Cranley Mansions, Gloucester Road, S.W. Clubs : Refom, City Liberal, Worcestershire and other county clubs. [Died 9 Jan LEACH, Arthur Francis a Charity Commissioner from 1906 b. London, 1851 *. of Thomas Leach, barrister m. 1881, Emily Archer, d. of late S Kemball Cook four s. two d. Educ. : Winchester New College, Oxford (Scholar). 1st class Classics, 1873 Fellow All Souls College, Stanhope University Prize Essay, Barrister, Middle Temple, 1874 Assistant Charity Commissioner (Endowed Schools Department), 1884 Administrative Examiner, Board of Education, 1901 Assistant Secretary, Publications : English Schools at the Reformation ( ), 1896 Southwell Minster (Visitations and Memorials), Camden Society, 1891 History of Winchester College, 1899 History of Bradfield College, 1900 Memorials of Beverley Minster (Surtees Society), 1898 and 1903 Early Yorkshire Schools (Yorksnire Archaeological Society), 1899 and 1903 Beverley

14 LEACH WHO WAS WHO, Town Documents (Selden Society), 1900 *, History of Warwick School, 1904 The History of Schools in the Victoria County Histories of Hants, 1903 Surrey, 1904 Lincolns, Northants, 1906 Berks, Derbys, Durham, Gloucesters, Sussex, Yorks, and Suffolk (part), 1907 Beds, Bucks, Herts, Lanes, and Warwicks, 1908 Notts, 1910 Worcesters, 1913 articles on Schools, Roger Ascham, Chicheley, William of Wykeham, William Waynflete, Nicholas Udal, in Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1910 Educational Charters and Documents (Cambridge University Press), 1911 articles on History of Education in the American Cyclopaedia of Education, and on the Schools of Winchester, Eton, Harrow, Rugby, etc., The Schools of Medieval England, Address : 34 Elm Park Gardens, Chelsea, S.W. [Died 28 Sept LEACH, General Sir Edward Pemberton, K.C.V.O., cr V.C. K.C.B., cr C.B C.V.O. 1903, R.E. b. Londonderry, 2 April nd s. of Sir George A. Leach, K.C.B., R.E., and Emily of late Leigh Pemberton Leigh, e. d. Edward of Torry Hill, Kent ra. Elizabeth Mary, e. d. of Sir Thomas Bazley. Educ. : Highgate School R.M.A. Woolwich. Entered Royal Engineers, 1866 served First Lushai Expedition, (medal, received thanks of Government of India, despatches) Afghan War, (medal, despatches, Brevets of Major and Lt.-Colonel, V.C. 17 March 1879) Expeditionary Force at Suakin, 1885 (despatches, medal, and C.B.) appointed Colonel on Staff, Egypt, 1885 commanded troops at Korosko, commanded British Brigade, Assaun, specially employed in Canada, 1898 commanded 9th Division 3rd Army Co: and Belfast District, G.O.C. in C. Scottish Command, retired Club: United Service. [Died 26 Apr LEACH, Lieutenant- Colonel Sir George Archibald, K.C.B., cr Commissioned in the Royal Engineers, 1837 retired, and became a Civil servant, 1861 retired from Civil Service, 1892 b. Lichfleld, 25 Apr th s. of late Thomas Leach, and nephew of late Sir John Leach, Master of the Rolls m. 1844, Emily Leigh (d. 1898), d. of Edward Leigh Pemberton, Torry Hill, Sittingbourne, Kent six s. one d. Educ. : privately, and R.M.A. Woolwich. On Ordnance Survey in England and Ireland charge of Irish Survey, Assistant Copyhold Inclosure and Tithe Commissioner, 1861 Commissioner, 1877 the Commission became the Land Commission for England under Lord Cairns's Settled Land Act, and was subsequently absorbed, 1889, in newly formed Board of Agriculture, of which he was first Secretary. Recreations : yachting, one of first members of the Council of Yacht Racing Association Vice-President (retired) mountain walking. Address : 6 Wetherby Gardens, South Kensington. Clubs : Athenaeum, Royal Thames Yacht, Royal Victoria Yacht. [Died 18 June LEADAM, Isaac Saunders, M.A., F.S.A., F.R.S.S., F.R.Hist.S. Barrister at Law Recorder of Grimsby from 1906 s. of Thomas Robinson Leadam, M.D., of 1 York Place, Portman Square, W., and Georgiana Harriet, d. of Rev. Issac Saunders, M.A. (Oxon), Rector of St. Andrews-by-the- Wardrobe and St. Anne's, Blackfriars, London m. 1st, 1875, Elizabeth (d. 1903), y d. of John Egginton of South Ella, East Yorks one s. one d. 2nd, 1909, Geraldine Elma, d. of late Stephen Moore, D.L., of Barne Park, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Educ, : Cheltenham College Merchant Taylors' 418 School, London University College, Oxford (Scholar). First Class Classical Moderations, 1869 First Class Litt. Hum., 1871 Fellow of Brasenose College, 1872 sometime Assistant-Tutor of Brasenose and of Magdalen College, Oxford H.M. Inspector of Schools, 1875, resigned, 1876 called to Bar, Lincoln's Inn, 1876 Member of Midland Circuit contested (L.) Altrincham Division of Cheshire, 1885, 1886, and 1892 Barnstaple Division of Devonshire, 1886 Lancaster Division of Lancashire, 1895 a Member of Council of Royal Historical Society and of Committees of Cobden Club and Reform Club. Publications : What Protection does for the Farmer and Labourer (1st ed. 1881, 5th ed. 1893) The Domesday of Inclosures of 1517, 2 vols., published by the Royal Historical Society, 1897 Select Pleas in the Court of Requests, with Historical Introduction and Notes, published by the Selden Society, 1 vol., 1898 Select Pleas in the Star Chamber, with Historical Introduction and Notes, published by the Selden Society, vol. i. 1902, vol. ii The Political History of England, vol. ix , 1909 Life of Sir Robert Walpole, and numerous other biographies in the Dictionary of National Biography frequent contributions to the Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, the English Historical Review, the Law Quarterly Review, and many other reviews. Recreations : fencing, cycling, golf. Address : 21 Cadogan Gardens, S.W. 4 Elm Court, The Temple, E.C. Clubs : Reform, Cobden, Eighty, Epde. [Died 18 Dec LEAF, Cecil Huntington, F.R.C.S. (Eng.). M.A., M.B., B.C. (Cantab) Surgeon to Cancer Hospital, London, and to Gordon Hospital (for piles, fistula, and diseases of the rectum) Capt. R.A.M.C. (T.) London Division Electrical Engineers b. 19 Feb s. of late Frederick Henry Leaf, Streatham Common m. Fanny, d. of late James Grierson one d. Educ. : Marlborough Trinity College, Cambridge. Entered London Hospital, 1887 filled offices of House Surgeon, House Physician, Clinical Assistant and Clinical Ophthalmic Assistant Demonstrator of Anatomy in Medical School, Fellow of Royal Society of Medicine, Anatomical Society, and West London Medico - Chirurgical Society Research Worker Brown Institute. Publications : The Clinical Causes of Cancer of the Breast and its Prevention, with Analysis of 100 Cases Some Considerations regarding the Modern Operation for Cancer of the Breast Polyclinic, Common Diseases of the Rectum and Anus (Joint) Lancet Experiments with Chloroform Surgical Anatomy of the Lymphatic Glands Translator of Les Lymphatiques Various Contributions to Medical Papers. Recreations: cricket, racquets, tennis. Address : 75 Wimpole Street, W. Clubs : M.C.C., Queen's Streatham C.C. [Died 5 Oct LEAKE, George, K.C., M.L.A. Premier and Attorney- General of Western Australia b. Perth, 1856 e. s. of late George Walpole Leake, Q.C. Educ. : Perth St. Peter's Collegiate School, Adelaide, South Australia. Bar, 1880 Acting Crown Solicitor, 1881 Crown Solicitor, returned for Roebourne, 1890 returned for Albany, 1894 Leader of the Opposition, one of the delegates from Western Australia to the Australasian Federal Convention at Adelaide, Address : Perth, Western Australia. [Died 24 June LEAMY, Edmund, M.P. (Ind. N.) North Div. of Kildare from 1900 b. Waterford, 1848 m. 1889, d. of E. Hanley, Kilmurray Grove, Bray. Educ. : University High School,

15 WHO WAS WHO, LEE Waterford Tullabeg College. Irish Bar, 1885 M.P. Waterford M.P. North East Cork, 1885 and 1886 M.P. South Sligo, 1887 contested East Waterford, 1892 Galway City, Publications : Fairy Tales. Address: 60 Edith Road, West Kensington, W. [Died 10 Dec LEAN, Mrs. Florence see Marryat, Florence. LEAR, Ven. Francis, Archdeacon of Sarum from 1875 Canon of Salisbury, 1862 Rector of Bishopstone from 1850 Chaplain to the Bishop of Salisbury, 1885 b. 23 Aug e. s. of late Francis Lear, Dean of Salisbury m. Eda (d. 1892), 2nd d. of Canon Fisher, 1850 two s. three d. Educ. : Winchester Christ Church, Oxford (M.A.). Rural Dean of Chalke, 1852 Precentor of Salisbury Cathedral, Recreation : cricket Winchester Eleven, 1841 Oxford Eleven, Address : Bishopstone, Salisbury. [Died 19 Feb LEATHAM, Major Bertram Henry, D.S.O nd Batt. Yorkshire Regt. b. 2 Mar s. of S. Gurney Leatham, Hemsworth Hall, Wakefield m. 1912, Everil Gordon, d. of Rev. Canon H. Robinson, Badsworth Rectory, Pontefract one d. Educ. : Charterhouse Sandhurst. Entered army, 1900 Captain, 1906 Adjutant, served South Africa, (Queen's medal, 5 clasps) European War, (D.S.O.). Address : Hemsworth Hall, Wakefield. [Died Sept LEATHES, Rev. Stanley, D.D. Prebendary of St. Paul's Professor of Hebrew, King's College, London Rector of Much Hadham, Herts b. 21 Mar s. of Rev. C. S. Leathes. Educ. : Jesus Coll. Camb. privately. Hon. Fellow Jesus Coll. Camb. Publications : The Birthday of Christ, etc. Three Sermons before the University of Cambridge, 1866 The Witness of the Old Testament to Christ (the Boyle Lectures for 1868), 1868 The Witness of St. Paul to Christ (the Boyle Lectures for 1869), 1869 The Witness of St. John to Christ (the Boyle Lectures for 1870) The Structure of the Old Testament, 1873 The Gospel its own Witness (Hulsean Lectures for 1873) The Religion of the Christ (Bampton Lectures for 1874), 2nd ed contributor to the Bible Educator and Dr. W. Smith's Dictionary of the Bible Grounds of Christian Hope, 1877 The Christian Creed, its Theory and Practice, with a preface on some present dangers of the English Church, 1877 Commentary on Daniel, the Minor Prophets, and the New Testament Old Testament Prophecy, its Witness as a Record of Divine Foreknowledge (The Warburton Lectures at Lincoln's Inn), 1880 The Foundations of Morality, 1882 Characteristics of Christianity, 1883 Christ and the Bible, 1885 The Law in the Prophets, Address. Much Hadham, Herts. Club : Athenseum. [Died 30 Apr LECKY, Sir Thomas, Kt., cr J.P. for City and Co. Londonderry Chairman Limavady Rural District School Board resident country gentleman b. 16 Nov e. s. of late Thomas Lecky, Longfield Lodge, Eglinton, Derry m. Eleanor (d. 1891), d. of late Rev. Henry Scott, Foyle Hill, Derry, 1873 one d. Educ. : Foyle College, Londonderry. Mayor of Londonderry, (eleventh member of his family to be Mayor of Derry) retired officer Londonderry Light Infantry Militia. Recreations. was very fond of all field sports, especially shooting, fishing, and coursing was one ol the oldest coursers in Ireland, and possessed many good greyhounds, notably Laertes Leonardo, Leander, Locksmith, and Lustre Address : Greystone Hall, Limavady, Co Londonderry. [Died 11 Apr LECKY, Rt. Hon. William Edward Hartpole, P.C O.M. b. Ireland, 26 Mar e. s. of John Hartpole Lecky, Longford Terrace, Dublin, and Maria, d. of W E Tallents, Newark-on-Trent m. Elizabeth, Baroness de Dedem, d. of Baron de Dedem, Lieut.-Gen. in the Dutch service, 1871 Educ. : Cheltenham Coll. Trin Coll Dublin. M.P. (U.) Dublin Univ Publications : History of the Rise and Influence of the Spirit of Rationalism in Europe History of European Morals from Augustus to Charlemagne Leaders of Public Opinion in Ireland History of England in the Eighteenth Century Poems Democracy and Liberty, 1896 The Map of Life, Address : 38 Onslow Gardens, S.W. Clubs : Athenseum, Dublin University. [Died 22 Oct LECONFIELD, 2nd Baron (cr. 1859), Henry Wyndham, D.L. Captain 1st Life Guards (retired) Vice-President of St. George's Hospital, S.W. M.F.H. (Leconfield Hunt) b. Brighton, 31 July 1830 s. of 1st Baron and Mary, o. d. of Rev. William Blunt, Grabbett, Sussex S. father 1869 m. Constance, 2nd d. of Lord Dalmeny g.-d. of 4th Earl of Rosebery, K.T., Educ Eton Oxford. Cornet 1st Life Guards, 1849 M.P. W. Sussex, Owned about 110,000 acres. Heir : s. Hon. Charles H. Wyndham, b Address : 9 Chesterfield Gardens, W. Petworth House, Sussex. Clubs : Carlton, White's. [Died 6 Jan LE CORNU, Colonel Charles Philip, C.B A.D.C. to H.M., " F.S.A., Col. Royal Jersey Croix du Me"rite " Agricole Artillery (French Republic, 1884) b. 13 July 1829 y. s. of late Philip le Cornu, of Vinchelezde-Haut, and Mary, d. of late Daniel le Geyt m. 1858, Anne, o. c. of late Lt.-Col. P. Helleur, Jersey. Educ. : Langley's, Joined Royal Jersey Militia, Southampton served on Staff, president Royal Jersey Agricultural and Horticultural Society, , member of States of Jersey, president of Socie'te' Jersiaise since Publications : Prize Essays, Royal Agricultural Society of England " Archaeological Subjects, Socie'te Jersiaise." Address : La Hague Manor, Jersey. Clubs : Royal Societies Victoria, Jersey. [Died 27 June LEE, Edgar b. Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, 21 Mar m two s. Educ. : Pembrokeshire Grammar School London " Institute. Rambler " in Sunday Times, edited Critic, Railway Service Gazette, staff of Moonshine, acting editor St. Stephen's Review, co-edited Once a Week with Florence Marryat, at one time edited Court Circular editor of The Encore from 1897 Proprietor Universal Press Agency from Publications : Pharaoh's Daughter, 1887 Maria and I, 1890 Love of a Lifetime, and Christmas Roses, The Coming Paradise, The Great White Spot, 1883, Recreations : chess, and took a great interest in collecting Black and White drawings by well-known men, of which he had a large collection. Clubs : Savage, Yorick. [Died 14 Dec LEE, Sir Edward. Kt., cr wine merchant b. Thame. Oxfordshire, 16 Oct nd s. of Rev. F. Lee, Rector of Stantonbury m. 1870, Emily, d. of Thomas Davis. Educ. : Thame Grammar School. Studied Art in early life : founded and became subjointly Managing Director of Educational Department at Crystal Palace, which became one of our leading educational institutions was Managing Director of the Exhibition of Arts, Industries, and Manufactures, 1872, at 419

16 LEE WHO WAS WHO, Dublin afterwards Managing Director of Alexandra Palace, etc. Recreations : outdoor sports, hunting and shooting. Address : 14 Waterloo Place, S.W. Gwladmor, Porthcawl, Glamorganshire. [Died 5 Apr, LEE, Fitzhugh commanded Department of the Province of Havana and Pinar del Rio, Cuba, to 1901 b. Virginia s. of Commodore S. S. Lee and Anna Maria Mason m. Miss Ellen Barnard Fowle, of Alexandria, Va. Educ. : United States Military Academy, West Point, N.Y. Served in U.S. Army, and afterwards at the secession of the Southern States in the Confederate States Army rose to the rank of Major- General, and commanded the Cavalry Corps of Gen. R. E. Lee's army (is a nephew of Gen. R. E. Lee) was U.S. Consul-General to Cuba until war broke out between Spain and that country Maj.- General of Volunteers in command of 7th Army Corps, Spanish - American war was afterwards made a general officer of the regular army, U.S., retired. Publications : The Life of Gen. Robert E. Lee, and other publications. Address : Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S. [Died 28 Apr LEE, Rev. Frederick George b. Thame Vicarage, Oxon e. s. of Rev. Frederick Lee, M.A., Rector of Easington, and Mary, o. c. of George Ellys m. Elvira Louisa, y. d. of Rev. Duncan Qstrehan, B.A., Vicar of Creech St. Michael, Somerset (d. 1890). Educ. : Grammar School, Thame, and St. Edmund Hall, Oxford. Newdigate Prize, 1854, The Martyrs of Vienne and Lyons, which passed through five editions S.C.L. Oxon Hon. D.D. Washington and Lee University. Incumbent and founder of St. Mary's, Aberdeen F.S.A one of the founders of the Association for the Promotion of the Unity of Christendom, 1857 and one of the founders and officers of the Order of Corporate Reunion, Publications : about 100 various books, occupying 21 pages of the MS. Brit. Museum Catalogue. Recreations : Verse-making, archaeology and Christian antiquities. Address : 22 Earl's Court Gardens, Kensington, S.W. Club : Union, Oxford. [Died 23 Jan LEE, Harry Wilmot nd s. of J. B. Lee of Sonning, Berks m. Minna Constance, d. of C. R. Williams of Dolymellylyn, Dolgelly, Wales four s. Educ. : Marlborough. After leaving Marlborough travelled J.P. Kent and Merioneth. Recreations : cricket, real tennis and racquets in early days : golf, shooting, and fishing later. Address: 26 Basil Street, S.W. Gedigemlyn, Dolgelly, N.Wales. Clubs : Junior Carlton, Ranelagh. [Died 21 Sept LEE, James Paris, inventor of the Lee-Metford, Lee-Enfield, Straight Pull, and other magazine rifles the Lee-Enfield used by the British army, and one or other of his magazine rifles has been used by the United States, Roumania, China, Denmark, Mexico, and other governments b. Hawick, Scotland, 9 Aug s. of George Lee and Margaret Paris of Roxburghshire, who emigrated from Hawick to Gait, 1836 m. Caroline Chrysler of Chatham, Canada (d. 1888). Educ. : Gouinlock School, Gait Dickie's Settlement, Dumfries. First invented and manufactured his magazine rifles at Milwaukee, U.S., then with the Remingtons at Illion, N.Y., and afterwards through Companies at Hartford, Connecticut, and London, Eng. travelled much in Europe and America. Address : Gait, Ontario, Canada. [Died 24 Feb LEE-HAMILTON, Eugene b. London, Jan half-bro. of Violet Paget (Vernon Lee) m. 1898, Annie E. Holdsworth. Educ. : France Germany Oriel College, Oxford. 420 Entered Diplomatic Service, 1869 Paris, 1870 Lisbon, 1873 resigned, Publications : Poems and Transcripts, 1878 God, Saints, and Men, 1880 The New Medusa, 1882 Apollo and Marsyas, 1884 Imaginary. Sonnets, 1888 The Fountain of Youth, 1891 Sonnets of the Wingless Hours, 1894 translation of Dante's Inferno, 1898 Forest Notes (with Mrs. Lee Hamilton), 1899 The Lord of the Dark Red Star, 1903 Selected Poems in Canterbury Series, 1903 Romance of the Fountain, Address : Villa Benedettini, San Gervasio, Florence. [Died 7 Sept LEE-WARNER, Sir William, G.C.S.I. cr Hon. LL.D. Cambridge b. 18 April 1846 s. of late Canon James Lee-Warner of Thorpland Hall, Norfolk, and Anne Astley, g.-d. of Sir Edward Astley, Bt. m. 1876, Ellen Paulina, e. d. of Major-General J. W. Holland, C.B. three s. Educ. : Rugby. Exhibitioner and Foundation Scholar of St. John's Camb. B.A M.A honours in Moral Science Tripos Fellow of the Univ. of Bombay. Entered Indian Civil Service, 1869 retired 1895 held various revenue and political appointments in India, including those of Collector of Poona and of Satara political agent at Kolhapur Under-Secretary in Foreign Office of India Secretary to the Government of Bombay in Political and Judicial Departments Chief Commissioner of Coorg and Resident in Mysore, and additional member of the Viceroy's Council also served on several special Commissions, including the Education Commission, the Financial Commission, and an inquiry into the Dikshit case at Hyderabad Secretary in the Political and Secret Departments of the India Office, Whitehall, Member of the Council of India, Decorated C.S.I for services rendered in India K.C.S.I for services rendered in India and at the India Office member of the Executive Committee for the Coronation of 1902 Vice-President of Council of the Royal Society of Arts, and of the British and Foreign Bible Society, the C.M.S., and other Societies J.P. Surrey. Publications : The Native States of India The Citizen of India Life of the Marquis of Dalhousie, K.T., 1904 Memoirs of Field-Marshal Sir Henry Wylie Norman, 1908 contributions to the Cambridge Modern History, the Imperial Gazetteer of India, National Dictionary of Biography, the Quarterly Review and other periodicals. Recreations : won several events in College sports, and represented the University of Cambridge in the racquet competition with Oxford, 1889 shooting and fishing. Address : Glencairn, Bickley, Kent. Clubs : Athenaeum, East India United Service. [Died 18 June LEECH, Sir Bosdin Thomas, Kt., cr J.P. b. 13 Nov e. s. of late Thomas Leech, Urmston, Lancashire m. Edith Mary, d. of Alderman William Booth, 1868 five s. one d. Educ. : Hawthorn Hall, Wilmslow Commercial Schools, Manchester. Mayor of Manchester, an originator of the Manchester Ship Canal, and Director of the undertaking Manchester Director of the Royal Insurance Co. Publications : History of the Manchester Ship Canal. Address : Oak Mount, Timperley, near Manchester. Club : Reform, Manchester. [Died 16 Apr LEES, Sir Charles Cameron, K.C.M.G. cr Governor of British Guiana from 1893 b s. of late Sir J. C. Lees m. Marie, d. of Sir O. Nugent, Lieut. 23rd Foot, 1854 retired, 1866 Colonial Secretary of the Gold Coast, Governor of Labuan and Consul- General in

17 WHO WAS WHO, Governor of the Bahama Borneo, Islands, 1881 Leeward Islands, 1884 Barbados, 1885 Mauritius, Address : Georgetown, Demerara. Club : Army and Navy. [Died 28 July LEES, David Bridge, M.D., F.R.C.P., M.R.C.S. Consulting Physician, Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street Consulting Physician, St. Mary's Hospital. Educ. : Trinity Coll. Camb. (scholar, 22nd wrangler, 5th in Natural Science Tripos, Cams prizeman, twice Deal try prizeman). Publications : The Treatment of some Acute Visceral Inflammations, and other papers, 1905 The Physical Signs of Incipient Pulmonary Tuberculosis, and its Treatment by Continuous Antiseptic Inhalations, Address : 22 Weymouth Street, W. [Died 16 Aug LEES, Sir Elliott, 1st Bt. cr D.S.O J.P. Hon. Lieutenant-Colonel Dorset b. Lancashire, 23 October (Q.O.) Yeomanry 1860 s. of late T. Evans Lees, Woodfleld, Oldham, and Bernarda, d. of Elliott Bay Turnbull m. Florence, d. of late Patrick Keith, 1882 three s. five d. Educ. : Eton Christ Church, Oxford (M.A.). Contested Rochdale, 1885 M.P. Oldham, defeated Sir J. T. Hibbert. 1886, but was defeated by him, 1892 contested Pontefract, 1893 M.P. (C.) Birkenhead, was a Director of The People newspaper M.F.H. South Dorset Hunt, winner of House of Commons Point to Point, served S. Africa in command of the 26th Dorsetshire Company Imperial Yeomanry, 1900 (despatches twice, medal with five clasps, D.S.O.). Owned 3500 acres. Recreations : hunting and shooting. Heir : s. Thomas Evans Keith, B.A., Christ Church, Oxford b Address : South Lytchet Manor, Poole 14 Queen Anne's Gate, S.W. Clubs : Carlton, Garrick, Conservative. [Died 16 Oct LEES, Very Rev. Sir James Cameron, D.D., LL.D. K.C.V.O., 'cr C.V.O Chaplain-in-Ordinary to the King in Scotland from 1901 Dean of the Order of the Thistle, and of the Chapel Royal of Scotland from 1887 b. London, 24 July 1834 e. s. of Rev. John Lees, A.M. m. Rhoda, d. of Major Rainsford Hannay, of Kirkdale, Creetown one s. Educ. : London, Glasgow and Aberdeen Universities. Minister of Carnoch, Ross, , of the Abbey of Paisley, , of St. Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh, Chaplain to the late Queen Victoria, Publications : History of the Abbey of Paisley, 1878 History of St. Giles', Edinburgh, 1889 Tobersnorey, 1878 Stronbuy, 1881 Life and Conduct, 1893 A History of the County of Inverness, Recreations : fishing, travelling. Address : St. Giles', Kingussie. Club : New, Edinburgh. [Died 26 June LEES, Sir Thomas Evans Keith, 2nd Bt. cr nd Lieut. Dorset Q.O. Yeomanry b. 11 April 1886 s. of 1st Bt. and Florence, d. of late Patrick Keith m. 1913, Benita Blanche, e. d. of Sir Harold Pelly, 4th Bt. S. father, Educ. : Eton Christ Church, Oxford (B.A.). 2nd Lieut. 15th (the King's) Hussars Extra A.D.C. to Lord Chelmsford, Owned 3500 acres. Heir : b. J. V. E. Lees [b. 11 Dec. 1887, Lieut. K.R.R.C.]. Address: South Lytchet Manor, Poole. [Died 24 Aug LEESE, Sir Joseph Francis, 1st Bt., cr Kt., cr K.C. Recorder of Manchester from 1893 M.P. (L.) Accrington Div. Lancashire b. 28 Feb m. 1867, Mary Constance, d. of Wm. Hargreaves six s. two d. ^Educ. : Univ. of London (B.A. LEGARD 1863) Camb. Barr Q.C Bencher Inner Temple, 1898 contested Preston, 1868 Accrington, Heir : s. William Hargreaves Leese [b. 24 Aug m. 1893, Violet Mary, 4th d. of A. G. Sandeman three s. one d.] Address : Sutton Park Cottage, Surrey 2 King's Bench Walk, Temple, B.C. Club : Reform. [Died 29 July LEFROY, Bt. Major Bertram Perceval, D.S.O Royal Warwickshire Regt. General Staff Officer, 2nd Grade Chevalier Legion of Honour b. 18 May Educ. : Harrow Sandhurst. Served South Africa, defence of forts Itala and Prospect, (despatches, Queen's medal, 5 clasps, D.S O.) European War, (despatches thrice). [Died 27 Sept LEFROY, Very Rev. William, D.D. Dean of Norwich b. Dublin, 1836 e. s. of Isaac and Isabella Lefroy m. 2nd, Mary Ann, 2nd d. of late Charles Maclver, Calderstone, Liverpool two d. Educ. : St. Michael-le-Pole School, Dublin privately. B.A., M.A., B.D. (stip. cond.) D.D. Connected in early life with the press curate of Christ Church, Cork, 1864 incumbent of St. Andrew's, Liverpool, 1866 Donnellan Lecturer, Univ. of Dublin, 1888 Hon. Canon of Liverpool, 1880 Proctor for Liverpool Archdeaconry, Rural Dean of Liverpool (South), Archdeacon, Dean, 1889 built St. Leonard's Church, Bootle, St. Polycarp's, Everton, both in Liverpool also Holy Trinity, Riffel Alp St. Anne's, Rhone Glacier St. Andrew's, Adelboden was Trustee of Jesmond, Newcastle-on-Tyne Vicarage, Reigate, Surrey St. Cleopas, Toxteth St. Polycarp's, Everton St. Leonard's, Bootle Christ Church, Lowestoft, etc. Vice-Chairman Edward VI. Grammar School, Norwich, funds for the rebuilding of which he collected Chairman H. B. Noble Trustees Trustee Greet Hospital, St. Helen's, Norwich Chairman Norwich and Ely Diocese Training College. Publications : Lecture on Scepticism Plea for the Old Catholic Movement, 1875 Pleadings for Christ, 1878 The Christian Ministry The Christian Start The Christian's Duties and Responsibilities All the Counsel of God Echoes from the Choir of Norwich Cathedral Lectures on Ecclesiastical History Norwich Cathedral History of Norwich Cathedral Agoniae Christi, in Preachers of the Age Immortality of Memory Christian Science contrasted with Christian Faith, and other sermons. Recreations : mountaineering was a great lover of music, and raised a large sum for the complete restoration of Norwich Cathedral and for a new organ was rearded as the originator of the Clergy ustentation Fund. Address: The Deanery, Norwich Southmoor, Deanpark, Bournemouth. Club : National. 11 Aug yjied.receiver-general, Jersey b. 'St. Helier's, Jersey, 31 May 1852 s. of late John Le Gallais, of La Ferriere, St. Saviour's m. 1883, Louisa, o. d. of late Isaac Falla, of Les Capeiles, St. John's, formerly Lieut.-Col. in the 1st Regiment Royal Jersey Militia. Educ. : Victoria College, Jersey. M.A. of Jesus Coll. Cambridge Barr.-at- Law of Gray's Inn. One of the advocates of Royal Court of Jersey was for 21 years member of the Jersey States (local Legislative Assembly) leader of the local Bar, re-elected, 1902 President Jersey Law Society, Address: La Ferriere, St. Saviour's, Jersey office 8 Royal Square, St. Helier's. [Died 30 Jan LEGARD, Sir Charles, llth Bt. cr D.L., J.P. an Alderman and Chairman of 421

18 LEGQE WHO WAS WHO, E. Riding of Yorkshire County Council chairman of Sherburn District Council and Scarborough Board of Guardians b. 2 Apr m. Frances, d. of F. A. Hamilton, Brent Lodge, Finchley, Educ. : Eton. Ensign 43rd Light Inf. contested Norwich, 1871 M.P. Scarborough, , when defeated. Owned about 6500 acres. Recreations : won Champion Pigeon Shooting Prize, 30 yards rise, against 74 competitors at Gun Club President M.C.C kept pack of Harriers from , and a pack of Otter Hounds, President Scarborough Golf Club and Conservative Association from Heir : cousin Algernon, b Address : Ganton, York. Clubs : Carlton Yorkshire, York. [Died 6 Dec LEGGE, Rt. Rev. Hon. Augustus, D.D. Bishop of Lichfield (from 1891) b. 28 Nov th s. of 4th Earl of Dartmouth and Frances, d. of 5th Viscount Barrington m. Fanny (d. 1911), 2nd d. of late W. B. Stopford, Drayton House, Thrapston, 1877 two s. two d. Educ. : Eton Christ Church, Oxford. 2nd class Law and History, Ordained 1864 Hon. Canon of Rochester, and Chaplain to Bishop Thorold of Rochester, Vicar of Lewisham, Rural Dean of Greenwich, Lewisham, Address : The Palace, Lichfield. Club : Athenaeum. [ Died 15 March LEGGE, Hon. Charles Counter, H.M.'s Inspector of Constabulary b s. of 4th Earl of Dartmouth m. 1868, Mary, d. of Very Rev. Thomas Gamier, Dean of Lincoln, and Lady Caroline Gamier five s. one d. Educ. : Harrow. Served in Rifle Brigade, medal for N.W. Frontier of India was subsequently an Adjutant of Volunteers and Chief- Constable of Lancashire. Address : 36 Victoria Street, S.W. Club : National. [Died 15 Nov LEGGE, Col. Hon. Heneage, b s. of 4th Earl of Dartmouth. Educ. : Eton. Formerly Captain Coldstream Guards and Lieut. -Colonel 9th Lancers served Afghan War, (medal with clasp, bronze star) Military Secretary to Viceroy of India, 1884 contested Holmforth Division of West Riding of Yorks, 1885 commanded Reserve Regiment of Lancers, 1900 M.P. (C.) St. George's, Hanover Square, Address : The Deanery, Marlow. Clubs : Carlton, Wellington. [Died 1 Nov LEGGE, Rev. James, D.D. New York LL.D. Aberdeen and Edinburgh 1st Prof, of Chinese at Oxford University, Huntly, Educ. : King's College, Aberdeen Aberdeen University Highbury Theological College. Missionary in the East, Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford (M.A.). Publications : The Notions of the Chinese concerning God, 1852 critical editions and translations of Chinese Classics, [Died 29 Nov '.EGGE, Lt.-Col. Norton, D.S Entered 22nd Hussars, 1882 Major, 1898 served Soudan, 1885 (medal with clasp, Khedive's star) Egyptian Frontier Field Force, (despatches) Dongola, 1896 (wounded, despatches, D.S.O. British medal, Khedive's medal with two clasps) Soudan, 1898 (despatches, two clasps). [Died 13 Dec LE GRAND, Gen. Frederick Gasper, Royal Marine Light Infantry Dec s. of Dep. Inspector-General F. W. Le Grand, M.D., F.R.C.S., Royal Navy, and Sarah, d. of Rev. Chaplain, British Embassy, Constantinople?n. 1867, Catherine Rigby, d. of Rev. J. J. Wason, 46 Montagu Square, W. Entered army, 1854 General, 1899 served 422 Sebastopol, 1854 (medal with clasp, Turkish medal) Egypt, 1882 (medal, 3rd class Medjidie, Khedive's star) Victoria Jubilee medal South Africa Battalion, Clubs : United Service Royal Naval, Portsmouth Bast Sussex, St. Leonards. [Died 5 Aw LEGROS, Alphonse, naturalised Englishman painter, sculptor, etcher, medallist, draughtsman b. Dijon, 8 May 1837 m. Frances Rosetta, 3rd d. of Samuel Hodgson, Kendal, In 1848 apprenticed to house-painter, then at Lyons under decorator went to Paris worked under Cambon, the scenepainter entered Ecole des Beaux Arts, studying under Belloc and Lecoq de Boisbaudran bought himself out of conscription and devoted himself to Art came to England in 1863 well received by G. F. Watts, Dante G. Rossetti, etc. in 1876 appointed Slade Professor of Art at University College, London, in succession to Sir Edward Poynter (resigned), and retained the chair for about 17 years speciality of practical demonstration by drawing and painting from the modei and by portraits of wellknown artists speciality of lectures, illustrating his lectures with practical aesthetics i.e. working before his pupils, by painting portraits of well-known artists, etc. Pictures, etc. : Portrait of Father (1857, Salon, now at Tours Museum) The Angelus (1859) Ex Voto (1861, now at Dijon Museum) Mass for the Dead (1863) Stoning of St. Stephen (R.A. 1866, Salon 1867, gained gold medal) Amende Honorable (Medal at Salon, 1868, now at Luxembourg) Pilgrimage (Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool) Blessing the Sea The Tinker (belonging to Constantino lonides, Esq.) Jacob's Dream (Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge) Dead Christ goldpoint portraits of Sir Seymour Haden, his son, and others (Luxembourg) Women at Prayer (Tate Gallery, Millbank) bronze medallions of Tennyson, Danvin, etc. one of the revivalists of etching finished draughtsman in chalk, silyerpoint, etc. Recreations : his work, drawing from the antique, and motoring. Address : Melbury, Clarendon Road, Watford, Herts. [Died 8 Dec LEHMANN, Rudolf, painter and author b. near Hamburg, 19 Aug m. Amelia (d. 1903), d. of Dr. Robert Chambers, 1861 three d. Educ. : Johanneum, Hamburg. Studied painting in Paris under b. Henry Lehmann, Membre de 1'Institut in Munich under Cornelius and Kaulbach joined his brother in Rome, 1839, where he spent, with some interruptions, 16 years largest picture. The Blessing of the Pontine Marshes by Six'tus V., exhibited in Paris in 1846, bought by the French Government for the Museum of Lille settled in London, 1866 painted numerous portraits of distinguished persons 3 gold medals after Exhibitions in Paris Order of the Falcon of S axe-weimar. Publications : An Artist's Reminiscences, 1894 Men and Women of the Century (edited by H. Marillier), 1896 Reproductions of Pictures of Italian Peasant Life, by Julien and others, published by Gambard and Goupil, in Paris. Recreations : reading history, especially memoirs, autobiographies, and letters sketching in country rambles, travelling, making and collecting pencil sketches of distinguished persons. Address : Bournemede, Bushey, Herts. Clubs : Arts, St. John's Wood Arts, Athenaeum. [Died 27 Oct LEICESTER, 2nd Earl of (cr. 1837), Thomas William Coke, K.G., J.P. Viscount Coke, [Sir Edward Coke (d. 1863) was the distinguished lawyer he was an active supporter of the privileges of Parliament,

19 WHO WAS WHO, and framed the Petition of Right, and wrote a Commentary on the Tenures of Littleton.] Keeper of the Privy Seal to the Prince of Wales (afterwards King Edward VII.), Lord-Lt. of Norfolk, b Holkham, 26 Dec s. of 1st Earl and his 2nd wife, 3rd d. of 4th Earl of Albemarle S. father 1842 m. 1st, e. d. of Samuel Charles Whitbread, Cardington, Bedfordshire, 1843 (d. 1870) 2nd, Hon. Georgina Caroline Cavendish, e. d. of 2nd Lord Chesham, 1875 seven s. seven d. Educ. : Eton. Owned about 49,000 acres. Heir : s. Viscount Coke. Address : Holkham Hall, Wells, Norfolk. [Died 24 Jan LEIGH, Major Chandos, D.S.O K.O.S.B. b. 29 Aug e. s. of Hon. Sir Edward Chandos-Leigh, K.C.B. m. 1912, Winifred Madeline, d. of late Rt. Hon. Arthur Jeffreys, M.P. Entered army, 1895 served South Africa with Mounted Infantry, (despatches, medal, 6 clasps) serving with Egyptian Army from 1902 served Bahr el Ghazal expedition, (medal and clasp). Address : 45 Upper Grosvenor Street, W. Club : Army and Navy. [Died Aug LEIGH, Hon. Sir Edward Chandos, K.C. K.C.B., cr b. 22 Dec nd s. of 1st Lord Leigh m. Katherine F., d. of James Rigby, D.L. of Lancashire, 1871 two s. two d. Educ. : Harrow Oriel Coll. Fellow of All Souls, Oxford 2nd class Law and History Honours, Oxford. Barr. Q.C Recorder of Stamford, 1864 Bencher, Inner Temple, 1887 Speaker's Counsel, Recorder of Nottingham, Publications: Leigh and Cave, C.C.R. Reports Leigh and Le Marchant, Election Law Bar, Bat, and Bit, Recreations : Captain Harrow Eleven, 1851 Oxford Cricket Eleven, President M.C.C Chairman of the London Playing Fields Society. Address : 45 Upper Grosvenor Street, W. Club : Brooks's. [Died 18 May LEIGH, Sir Joseph, Kt., cr Hon. Freeman of Borough of Stockport Chevalier of Legion of Honour, France b e. s. of Thomas Leigh, cotton spinner, Stockport m. 1868, Alice, e. d. of Daniel Adamson, who was the first Chairman Manchester Ship Canal four s. two d. Educ. : privately Mayor of Stockport, 1884, 1886, 1887, 1888 and member of the Borough Council for 29 years J.P. Cheshire and Stockport : contested Stockport in 1885, 1886, 1892, 1895, and 1900 M.P. Stockport, , Address: The Towers, Didsbury. Club : Reform. [Died 22 Sept LEIGH-BENNETT, Henry Currie, J.P., D.L., B.A. M.P. (C.) Surrey (Chertsey Div.), bye-election, Feb b. Thorpe Place, Surrey, 25 July 1852 e. s. of late Henry Leigh-Bennett, J.P. (d. 1880), Rev. and Caroline, 2nd d. of George Henry Crutchley, Sunninghill Park, Berks m. Florence Nightingale, 3rd d. of Thomas Miller Mackay, 23 July Educ. : Winchester New Coll. Oxford. Barr. Inner Temple and Oxford Circuit, 1878 member Surrey County Council Chairman Chertsey Rural District Council do. Thorpe Parish Council Deputy-Chairman of Surrey Quarter Sessions, 1896 a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, and a Director of the London and South-Western Railway. Recreations : shooting, study of the old masters. Address : Thorpe Place, Chertsey 61 Elm Park Gardens, S.W. Clubs : Carlton, United University. [Died 7 March LEIGH-PEMBERTON, Sir Edward, K.C.B., cr D.L., J.P., Kent b. London, 14 May 1823 e. s. of E Leigh-Pemberton o. bro. of Lord Kingsdown m. 1849, Matilda (d. 1906), e. d. of Hon. Rev. Francis LEITH- BUCHANAN Noel (Gainsborough), and Cecilia, sister of 1st Baron Methuen. Educ : Eton St John's College, Oxford. Barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1847 Major E. Kent Royal Yeomanry M.P. for E. Kent, assist. Legal Secretary Home Office, patron of two livings. Conservative. Address : 5 Warwick Square, S.W. Torry Hill, Sittingbourne, Kent. Club : Carlton. [Died 31 Jan LEIGHTON, John, F.S.A., F.Z.S. artist one of the original proprietors of The Graphic a founder and vice-pres. of the Ex Libris Society b. London, 22 Sept unmarried. Educ. : under Mr. Howard, R.A. With Roger Fenton founded the Photo- member of Copyright Com- graphic Society mittee, Society of Arts, lectured on many subjects and travelled extensively illustrated many books. Publications : Suggestions in Design, 1881 (pen name, Luke Limner). Address: 12 Ormonde Terrace, Primrose Hill, N.W. [Died 15 Sept LEIGHTON, Stanley, D.L., J.P. M.P. (C.) Oswestry Div. Shropshire from 1885 b. Shropshire, 13 Oct nd s. of late Sir Baldwin Leighton, Bt., and Mary, d. and heir of Thomas Netherton Parker, Sweeney Hall, Oswestry m. Jessie, d. and co-heir of late H. B. W. Wynn, Nant-y-Meihaiad, Co. Montgomery, Educ. : Harrow Balliol Coll. Oxford (M.A.). Barr. Inner Temple, 1861 retired, 1867 after prolonged tour in India and Colonies contested Bewdley, 1874 M.P. North Shropshire, 1876 Chairman Clergy Defence Committee during Welsh Tithe Riots Governor of Shrewsbury School Chairman of Shropshire Parish Register Society. Publications : Records of Oswestry Papers and Letters of General Mytton during the Civil Wars. Recreation : sketching. Address : Sweeney Hall, Oswestry. Clubs : Carlton, Athenseum, Oxford and Cambridge. [Died 4 May LEININGEN, H.S.H. Prince Ernest Leopold Victor Charles Auguste Enrich, G.C.B. cr G.C.V.O b s. of late Prince of Leiningen, half-b. to H.M. Queen Victoria m. Princess Marie, d. of Grand Duke Leopold of Baden, Admiral, late Commander-in-Chief at the Nore. Address : 2 Carlisle Place, S.W. Club : United Service. [Died 5 Apr LEISHMAN, Rev. Thomas, D D. Minister of Linton, Roxburghshire, from 1855 b. 7 May 1825 e. s. of Rev. Matthew Leishman, D.D., Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, 1858 m. Christina B. Fleming, 1857 (d. 1868). Educ. : Glasgow High School and University (M.A.). President Scottish Church Society, , 1901 General Assembly's Lecturer on Pastoral Theology in Scottish Universities, , Moderator of General Assembly of Church of Scotland, Publications : Order and Westminster Directory, 1868 May the Kirk Keep Pasche and Yule, 1875 The Ritual of the Church of Scotland, 1891 new edition of Westminster Directory, Address : 4 Douglas Crescent, Edinburgh. joint-editor Book of Common Club : University, Edinburgh. [Died 18 June LEITER, Levi Zeigler b. Leitersburg, Washington Co., Md m. Mary Theressa Carver, Address : 101 Rush Street, Chicago. [Died 9 June LEITH-BUCHANAN, Sir George' Hector, 4th Bt. cr D.L. late Capt. 17th Lancers ( ) b. 10 Aug S. father 1842 m. 1st, 1856, Ella Maria (d. 1857), e. d. of D. B. Chapman of Roehampton, Surrey 2nd, Eliza, d. of T. Tod, Drygrange, N.B., Owned about 2000 acres. 423

20 LE JEUNB WHO WAS WHO, Heir : s. Alexander, b Address : \ Ross Priory, Dumbarton, N.B. Club : Army and Navy. [Died 29 Sept LE JEUNE, Henry, A.R.A. (retired) b. London, 12 Dec m Gold Medal of the Royal Academy, Address : 155 Goldhurst Terrace, N.W. [Died 5 Sept LELAND, Charles Godfrey, F.R.S.L., M.A (Harvard), and Member of American Philosophical Society author founder of the Rabelais Club and Hungarian Folk-lore Society President, Gypsy-lore Society, afterwards of Buda-pest b. Philadelphia, U.S.A., 15 Aug e. s. of Charles Leland, merchant m. Miss Belle Fisher, grand-niece of Csesar Rodney, signer of the Declaration of Independence, Educ. : Universities of Princeton (U.S.A.), Heidelberg, Munich, and Paris. Took active part in Revolution of 1848, and was one of the American delegates to congratulate Provisional Government studied and practised law in Philadelphia, engaged in journalism and writing books till 1869 took part in the Civil War went to Europe 1869, and remained chiefly in London till 1880, occupied with literature returned to America 1880, and remained four years engaged in introducing the minor arts as a branch of instruction to public schools resided from 1886 in Florence, travelled in Russia, Egypt, etc. member of many Congresses i.e. the Oriental, Social Science, and Folk-lore at all of which he read papers discovered, and first published, a paper on Shelta, a British Celtic tongue. Publications : Poetry and Mystery of Dreams, 1850 Hans Breitmann's Ballads, 1868 English Gypsies, etc., 1872 English-Gypsy Ballads, 1873 Life of Abraham Lincoln, 1881 The Minor Arts, 1881 The Gypsies, 1883 Algonkin Legends of New England, 1884 Dictionary of Jargon and Slang (in collaboration with Prof. A. P. Barrere) Etruscan Roman Re- Gypsy Sorcery, 1891 mains, 1892 Legends of Florence, 2nd series, Hans Breitmann in Tyrol, 1895 Songs of the Sea and Lays of the Land, 1895 Mending and Repairing, 1896 One Hundred Profitable Arts, being issued as a series of handbooks Legends of Virgil, 1899 Have You a Strong Will? 1899 The Gothic Mother Goose also a General Dictionary of the Minor Arts in Detail Flaxius, or Leaves from the Life of an Immortal American-Indian Poems, illustrated by the author, written in connection with Prof. J. D. Prince. Recreations : in early life walking, riding, and swimming in later years experimenting and practising minor arts given to investigating life among Gypsies, Red Indians, Italian witches, etc. collecting traditions and folk-lore designing patterns for art work. Address : Hotel Victoria 6, Florence. Club : Savile. [Died 20 March LELY, John Mountney, M.A. ft. 12 Aug y. s. of late John Lely Ostler of Cawthorpe House, Bourn, Lincolnshire m. 1867, Mary Letitia, d. of late Major George Carr, of the 21st Bengal Native Infantry, and had issue. Educ. : Cheltenham College and Magdalen College (demy), Oxford (1st class Moderations, 2nd class Lit. Hum.). Called to Bar, Inner Temple, 1869 member of Oxford Circuit. Publications : (joint) Lely and Aggs's Agricultural Holdings Lely and Foulkes's Licensing Acts Lely and Foulkes's Judicature Acts Law of Municipal Corporations Church of England Position editor of Wharton's Law Lexicon (7th to 10th eds.) Chitty's Statutes of Practical Utility (4th and 5th eds.) and annual continuations thereof (consolidated in ) Chitty on Contracts, llth (joi with Sir W. Geary, Bart.), and (singly 13th ed. Hodges' Law of Railways ( and 8th eds.) and Woodfall's Law Landlord and Tenant (llth to 17th eds. Address :. 23 Sumner Place, S.W. G smith Building, Temple, B.C. Clubs Athenaeum, Authors'. [Died 12 June 1 LEMAITRE, Francois Elie Jules, Officier de Le"gion d'honneur Membre de 1'Acade" Francaise b. Veunecy, Loiret, 27 Aug. 185 Educ. : Petit S6minaire d' Orleans Pi S6minaire de Paris Lyce"e Charlemagne Ecole Normale Supe"rieure. Professeur Rh^torique au Lyc<*e de Havre Professeur a 1'Ecole de Lettres d'a Maltre de Conferences a la Fac des lettres de Besancon, Profi a la Faculte" des lettres de Grenoble, Publications : Les Contemporains Impressions, de Theatre. Romance : Les Rois Serenus Myrrha Contes en marge des vieux livres. Plays : Revolted Les Rois Lois " Le Pardon L'Alne"e La Massiere trade, etc. Address : 39 rue d'artois, Paris. 8E [Died 21 Jan LE MARCHANT, Sir Henry Denis, 2nd Bt., cr ft. 15 Feb S. father 1874 m. 1869, Hon. Sophia Strutt, e. d. of Lord Belper five s. one d. Educ. : Eton Christ Church, Oxford (M.A.). Barr. coin's Inn, Heir : s. Denis [6. June Educ. : Trinity Hall, Cambridge]. Address : Chobham Place, Surrey 44 Pont Street, S.W. Club : Brooks's. [Died 21 Jan. 1915, LE MARCHANT, Lt.-Col. Louis St. Gratien, D.S.O the East Lanes Regt. ft. 2 Dec s. of Rev. Robert le Marchant, Rector of Little Reisington, Bourton, Gloucs. Entered army, 1886 Captain, 1895 Adjutant, 1898 served Chitral Relief Force, 1895 (medal with clasp) South Africa, (despatches twice, Queen's medal, 3 clasps, King's medal, 2 clasps, D.S.O.). Address : Ahmednagar, India. [Died Sept LE MESURIER, Col. Cecil Brooke, C.B ft. 15 Feb m. 1854, Countess Nicolina, e. d. of Count Spiridione Zancarol, Corfu. Entered R.A Col served Afghan War, (medal). Address : 11 Drayton Court, Drayton Gardens, S.W. Club : United Service. [Died 6 Feb LE MOINE, Sir James MacPherson, Kt., cr D.C.L. Knighted for literary service rendered to Canada ft. Quebec, 24th Jan m. 1856, Harriet Mary, d. of late Edward Atkinson, Past President of Royal Society of Canada. Educ. : Petit Seminaire de Quebec. Barr Lieut.-Colonel, Militia. Publications: L'Ornithologie du Canada, 1861 Les Pecheries du Canada, 1862 Maple Leaves, (6 vols.) The Tourist's Note Book, 1870 Quebec Past and Present, 1876 The Scot in New France, 1879 The Chronicles of the St. Lawrence, 1879 Picturesque Quebec, 1882 Canadian Heroines, 1887 The Birds of Quebec, 1891 Monographies et Esquisses Legends of the St. Lawrence, 1898 The Annals of the Port of Quebec, 1901 Address : Spencer Grange, Quebec. [Died 5 Feb LEMPRIERE, Lt.-Col. Henry Anderson, D.S.O th Dragoon Guards ft. 30 Jan Entered army, 1888 Captain, 1898 Major, 1903 Lt.-Colonel, 1911 Adjutant, and served South Africa, (despatches twice, Brevet- Major, qualified for Staff, Queen's medal, 5 clasps, King's medal, 2 clasps, D.S.O.) Brigade Major, 3rd Cavalry Brigade, 1903 Staff College, Address: Secunderabad, India. [Died Dec

21 WHO WAS WHO, LENBACH, T. yon President, Artists' Association, Munich. [Died 6 May LENDON, Penry Bruce, M.V.O. Capt. 3rd Batt. King's Own Regt. b. 31 Dec *. of R. W. P. Lendon m. 1910, Emmeline Gertrude, y. d. of late Rev. Canon Richardson, Vicar of Northop, Flints three d. Educ. : Sandroyd Tonbridge. Address : Court Lodge, Chipstead, Surrey. [Died 29 Oct LENG, Sir John, Kt., cr LL.D., D.L., J.P. newspaper proprietor and general publisher b. Hull, 10 April 1828 m. 1st, Emily Cook, of Beverley, 1851 (d. 1894) 2nd, Mary Low, Dundee, Educ. : Hull Grammar School. Sub-editor Hull Advertiser, 1847 editor and proprietor Dundee Advertiser, 1851 subsequently established People's Journal, People's Friend, Evening Telegraph travelled in Canada, United States, Europe, Egypt, India, Ceylon M.P. (L.) Dundee, Publications : America, 1876 Electric Lighting by Gas Corporations, 1878 Scottish Banking Reform, 1881 American Competition with British Agriculture, 1881 Practical Politics, 1885 Dealings with the Unemployed, 1886 Home Rule all Round, 1890 Excessive Patent Fees, 1891 Nationalisation, the Dream of the Labour Party, 1895 Letters from India and Ceylon, 1896 Some European Rivers and Cities, 1897 Glimpses of Egypt and Sicily, 1902 Letters from the United States and Canada, Recreations : travelling, yachting, boating hon. member Royal Tay Yacht Club. Address : Kinbrae, Newport, Fife. Clubs : National Liberal, Eastern, Dundee. [Died 13 Dec LENG, Sir William Christopher, proprietor and editor of the Sheffield Telegraph s. of Adam Leng, Hull, and Mary, d. of Christopher Malton m. Anne, d. of Ruthven, Forfarshire, 1860 David Luccock, Stark, (d. 1893). down the Broke Trades Union, tyranny at Sheffield. Recreations : literary work and politics. Address : Oaklands, Sheffield, and Carlton Club. [Died 20 Feb LENNARD, Sir John Farnaby, 1st Bt. cr J.P., D.L. b e. s. of late Sir William Cator, K.C.B., and Penelope, d. of Sir John Farnaby, Bt. m. 1st, Laura, d. of late E. Golding, 1847 (d. 1850) 2nd, Julia, d. of late H. Hallam, F.R.S., 1852 (d. 1888) 3rd, Isabella, d. of J. Brand, Bedford Hill House, Surrey, Educ. : R.M.C. Woolwich. Assumed name of Lennard in accordance with will of late Sir Charles Farnaby, Bt. Owned about 4900 acres. Heir : s. Henry, b Address : Wickham Court, West Wickham, Kent. Clubs : United Service, Carlton. [Died 27 Dec LENNOX, Sir Wilbraham Gates, V.C., K.C.B. cr General R.E b. Molecomb House, Goodwood, 4 May th s. of Lieut.-Col. Lord George Lennox, M.P., 2nd s. of 4th Duke of Richmond and Louisa, d. of Hon. John Rodney, R.N. m. 1st, Mary, d. of Robert Harrison, 1861 (d. 1863) 2nd, Susan Hay, d. of Admiral Sir John Gordon Sinclair, 8th Bt. Educ. : R.M.A. Woolwich. Entered R.E served in Crimea, throughout siege and capture oi Sebastopol, in trenches, then as Adjutanl of Left Attack, and finally as Adjutant of R.E. with the army battle of Inkerman, 1854 attack and capture of (Tryon's) Rifle Pits (Victoria Cross), 1854 mentioned in despatches Crimean medal, with clasps for Inkerman and Sebastopol battle o: Khujwa, 1857 Chief Engineer to Gen. Sir Colin Campbell, 1857, including relief o Lucknow, and operations against Gwalio 140 LEONARD mutineers, 1857 commanded Engineers and Sappers at Khodagunj, 1858 served at Lucknow, 1858 commanded Engineers at Fort Rooyea and at Alleegunj, 1858 commanded Engineers at Bareilly and Doundeakera, 1858 against Fort Oomreah, 1858 present at Burjeedia, Fort Mujeedia, and on the Raptee, 1858 (mentioned in despatches) Indian medal with 2 clasps (Relief of Lucknow, and Lucknow) sent to Prussian siege operations at Coblenz, 1868 attached to German Army, Franco- German War, Military Attache 1, Turkey, with Turkish Army in Russo-Turkish War commanded garrison of Alexandria, 1884 commanded troops in Lower Egypt, in Ceylon, Publication: edited 1st ed. of Instruction in Military Engineering, Recreations : was very keen and successful in shooting big-game while quartered in Ceylon, , when elephants were so destructive that the Government offered a reward for every one that was killed patented a light portable table specially suitable for camp also invented Tug-of-War and Pallas Word- Game travelled twice through Palestine, and once round the world. Address East Pallant House, Chichester. Club : Army and Navy. [Died 7 Feb LENOX- CONYNGH AM, Sir William Fitzwilliam, K.C.B., cr J.P., D.L. b m. Laura, d. of G. Arbuthnot, Formerly in 88th Regt. Address : Spring Hill, Moneymore, Londonderry. [Died 4 Dec LENTAIGNE, Sir John, Kt., cr Past President, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Surgeon Mater Misericordise Hospital Consulting Surgeon, Royal Hospital for Incurables, Donnybrook Surgeon to the Household of His Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland Consulting Surgeon to the Convalescent Home, Stillorgan, and to the National Maternity Hospital, Holies Street 3rd surv. s. of late Rt. Hon. Sir John Lentaigne, C.B., P.C. widower three s. two d. Educ. : Clongoweswood College Catholic University and Trinity College, Dublin. Publications : various Surgical Papers published in proceedings, Royal Academy of Medicine in Ireland. Address : 42 Merrion Square, Dublin. Clubs : University, Dublin Royal Irish Yacht Royal Dublin Golf. [Died 30 March LEO XIII. (Vincent Joachim Pecci) His Holiness the Pope, Bishop of Rome and Vicar of Jesus Christ, successor of St. Peter, Prince of the Apostles, Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, Patriarch of the West, Primate of Italy, Archbishop and Metropolitan of the Roman Province, Sovereign of the Temporal Dominions of the Holy Roman Church, 257th Roman Pontiff b. Carpiento, 2 March 1810 ordained priest 31 Dec consecrated Archbishop of Damietta, 19 Feb trans, to See of Perugia, 19 Jan proclaimed Cardinal, 1853 elected Pope, 20 Feb. and crowned 3 March [Died 20 July LEONARD, Hon. James W., K.C. Barristerat-law b. Cape Colony. Member of Executive Council, Cape Colony took part in Cape politics and held office in two administrations as Attorney- General subsequently practised in the High Court, Pretoria, and Johannesburg. Recreations : riding, hunting, shooting, whist member of the Jockey Club of South Africa, formerly a Steward also a Steward of the Johannesburg Turf Club. Address: 12 King's Bench Walk, Temple, E.C. [Died 4 Sept LEONARD, John William, C.M.G e. s. of late James Leonard m. 1862, Fanny (d. 425

22 LEONARD WHO WAS WHO, ), 2nd d. of N. Warren of Hormead Herts. Retired Chief Clerk and Chiel Accountant, office of Crown Agents for the Colonies. Address : Rackenford Lodge Weybridge, Surrey. [Died 15 Nov LEONARD, His Honour Judge Patrick Marcellinus, M.A., J.P. b *. of S. J Leonard, Queen's Fort, Tuam m. Mary (d 1899), d. of late J. Pearson, Tandridge Hall Surrey, Educ. : Trin. Coll. Dublin. Barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1847 County Court Judge (Circuit No. 51), Address. Ken-field, Winchester Queen's Fort, Tuam, Co. Galway. Club : Athenaeum. [Died 5 Apr LE POER TRENCH, Hon. Frederick b s. of 3rd Earl of Clancarty m. 1st, 1883, Hon. Harriette Mary Trench (d. 1884), d. of 2nd Baron Ashtown 2nd, 1891, Catherine d. of late George Simpson one s. one d. Entered army, 1853 served Indian Mutiny, (medal with clasp) : New Zealand, (despatches, medal, Bt.-Maj.) Major, Address : Edymead, Clarence Park, Weston-super-Mare. Clubs : Army and Navy, Royal St. George Yacht. [Died 17 Dec Medical College Secretary to Director- General LESLIE, Colonel Archibald Young retired I.M.S., and Sanitary Commissioner with Govt. of India. Publications : official from command of 79th Cameron Highlanders proprietor of the estates of Kininvie reports. Address : Simla, India c/o British Linen and Lesmurdie, Banff shire J.P., D.L., Banffshire, from 1868 Bank, Threadneedle Street, E.C. Clubs : East India United Service 14th Laird of Kininvie e. s. of George Abercromby T. Leslie, 13th Bengal United Service, Calcutta. Laird, and Barbara Stewart, d. of General [Died 27 March William Stewart, C.B., of Lesmurdie m. LESTER, Rev. Canon T. Major, Hon. Canon 1868, Alice, d. of Colonel of Cautley, Ryall Hall, Liverpool from 1884 Vicar of St. Mary's Stamford five s. one d. Educ. with St. : privately. Lawrence, Kirkdale, Liverpool, Entered army, 1860 retired on retired since pay, 1855 Chairman of the Liverpool 1895 Convener of Banffshire for 3 years. Self-help Emigration Society from 1880 Recreations : angling, shooting, foreign m. Elizabeth, d. of Edward Dennel Maddock travel. Address : Kininvie, Dufftown, N.B. and niece of Sir Herbert Maddock, M.P. Clubs : United Service New, Edinburgh. Educ. : Christ's Coll. Cambridge M.A. [Died 31 March Rural Dean of Liverpool North since 1896 LESLIE, Sir Charles Henry, 7th Bt. cr Ex-Chairman of the Liverpool School C.B Colonel on Staff, India Board of the Stanley Hospital retired, since b. Banda, Bundelcund, India, 27 of the Kirkdale Burial Board from Nov : o. s. of 6th Bt. and Jessie 1890 a Vice-President of Trinity Coll. (of Elizabeth Smith m. May, d. of R. M. Music), London, from 1897 Founder, Edwards, Educ. : Grange House Treasurer, and Hon. Superintendent of the Kirkdale Industrial School, Edinburgh Military Coll. Sandhurst. Ensign 103rd Foot, 1867 trans- Ragged Schools and Homes from 1856 Commissioner for the ferred to 107th Foot, 1867 entered Indian Archdeaconry of Liverpool, 1896 Ex- Staff Corps, 1870 Commandant 2nd Member of the Batt. Liverpool School Board. Address : 4th Goorkha Rifles, was in the Everton, Liverpool. Chin-Lushai, Manipur, Chitral, and Tirah [Died 3 Nov Expeditions. Decorated for Chitral. Heir LETHBRIDGE, Sir Wroth : Acland, 4th Bt., s. Norman, b [Died 12 Oct LESLIE, Frank (Mariam Florence Folline, Baroness de Bazus), was President Frank Leslie Publishing House, and Editor Frank Leslie's Monthly b. New Orleans, 5 June 1851 m. Frank Leslie (d. 1885). Educ. : at home by her father. Inherited Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, etc. in 1905 sold out all interests in them. Resumed the title of Baroness de Bazus, cr. temp. St. Louis, which belonged to her ancestors. Address : Sherman Square Hotel, New York City. [Died 18 Sept LESLIE, Hon. George Waldegrave-, LL.D., D.L., J.P. b. Harptree Court, Somersetshire, 30 Sept rd s. of Admiral 8th Earl Waldegrave m. the Countess of Rothes, a Scotch peeress in her own right, 18th Earl, Committee Clerk of House of Commons, 1845 Assistant Librarian of do., 1847 Barr. Middle Temple, 1848 on staff of late Earl of Elgin, Governor- General of Canada, 1851 in India, under late Marquess of Dalhousie, 1854 appointed Principal Secretary, British Embassy at Constantinople, under Viscount Stratford de Redcliffe, 1858 Official Secretary to two Speakers (Viscount Eversley and Viscount Ossington) Private 426 Secretary to Sir George Grey, Secretary oi State for the Home Department, M.P. for Hastings sat in two Parliaments : frequently employed on confidential political business abroad by Viscount Palmerston and Earl of - Beaconsfleld. Recreations : past Captain Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St. Andrews commanded Cinque Ports Rifle Volunteers, which regiment he raised, Address. Leslie House, Leslie, N.B. 16 Suffolk Street, S.W. Clubs : Athenaeum New, Edinburgh. [Died 14 July LESLIE, Lt.-Col. John Tasman Waddell, C.I.E I.M.S., M.B., Aber. D.P.H., Oxon. Sanitary Commissioner with the Government of India from 1904 b. 1 Dec m. two d. Educ. : Gymnasium, Old Aberdeen University, Aberdeen, and in Edinburgh, London, Munich, and Paris. Joined I.M.S., 1884 military duty until 1889 served Burmese Expedition, 1885 (medal and clasp) Secretary to the Inspector-General of Prisons and Sanitary Commissioner, Burma Junior Civil Surgeon, Rangoon Chemical Examiner, Calcutta and Prof, of Chemistry, Calcutta cr late of the Rifle Brigade b S. father 1873 m. 1861, Anne, d. of T. Benyon, The Gleddowe, near Leeds (d. 1882) 2nd, 1889, Gertrude, d. of Rev. C. T. Mayo (d. 1890). Owned about 3900 acres. Heir : s. Wroth, b Club Army and : Navy. [Died 26 Nov LEUTY, Thomas Richmond, b. Leeds, 1853 s. of Thomas Leuty, linen manufacturer. Educ. : Bramham Coll. Mayor of Leeds, ex-m.p. (L.) East Leeds. Address: Headingley Lodge, Leeds. [Died 15 Apr LEVEN and MELVILLE, llth Earl of (cr. 1641), Ronald Ruthven Leslie - Melville, D.L., P.C., K.T. Baron Melville, 1616 Baron Balgonie, 1641 Earl of Melville, Viscount Kirkcaldie, [1st Baron Melville was Ambassador to England to plead for the life of Queen Mary of Scots, st Earl of Leven was a very distinguished soldier, serving in Holland and becoming a fieldmarshal of Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden he took part in the Civil War, and contributed to the Parliamentary victory at Marston Moor, 1644 but afterwards worked for the Restoration 2nd Earl Melville inherited as 3rd Earl Leven.] Keeper of the Privy Seal, Scotland, from Lord High Commis-

23 WHO WAS WHO, sioner to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland Representative Peer for Scotland from 1892 Lieutenant for City of London b. 19 Dec s of 9th Earl and 2nd wife, Sophia, d. of Henry Thornton, M.P. S. half-b m. Hon Emma Selina Portman, e. d. of 2nd Viscount Portman, 1885 four s. one d. Educ.. Eton Christ Church, Oxford. Directoi Peninsula and Oriental Steamship Co At one time Director of Bank of England Owned about 8900 acres. Heir : s. Lord Balgonie. Address : Roehampton House Roehampton, S.W. Glenferness, Dun-' phail, N.B. Clubs : Carlton, Athenseum Travellers'. [Died 21 Aug LEVE SON-GOWER, Frederick Neville Sutherland, D.L. b o. s. of late Lord Albert Leveson-Gower, 3rd s. of 2nd Duke of Sutherland and Grace Emma Townshend d. of Sir T. N. Abdy, 1st Bart. Educ. Eton Christ Church, Oxford. M.P. (L.U.) for Sutherland, Address : Berkeley House, Hay Hill, W. Clubs : Travellers', 5t. James's. ]Died 30 May LEVINGE, Sir Richard William, 10th Bt cr D.L. Co. West Meath Lieut. 8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars b. 12 July 1878 e. s. of 9th Bt. and Emily Judith, 2nd d. of Sir Richard Sutton, 4th Bt. S. father, 1900 m. 1910, Irene Marguerite, d. of late J. H. C. Pix of Bradford one s. Served South Africa. Owned about 1000 acres. Heir : s. Richard Vere Henry, b. 30 April Address: Knockdrin C.ostle, Mullingar, Ireland. Clubs : Cavalry Kildare Street, Dublin Royal St. George's Yacht. [Died 30 Oct LEVY, Joseph Hiam b. 17 July 1838 m. Emily Wheeler (d, 1894) two d. Educ. : City of London School and City of London College. Examiner of School Accounts and Registers at Board of Education, which he entered in 1862 and left in 1902 Professor of Logic and Economies at Birbeck College and City of London College, at both of which he initiated the study of these subjects Examiner in Economics for City of London College and National Liberal Club Political and Economic Circle Founder of the London Dialectical Society was on the Council of the Land Tenure Reform Association Founder and Hon. Secretary for nineteen years of the National Liberal Club Political and Economic Circle Leaderwriter of Examiner, and of National Reformer, editor of Shield, , and of Individualist from 1886 Hon. Secretary of Personal Rights Association, and Editor and chief contributor to its series of works on Economics, Ethics, and Politics. Address: Florence, 11 Abbeville Road, Clapham Park, S.W. Clubs : National Liberal, Cobden, International Women's Suffrage. LEWENHAUPT, Count [Died 11 Nov Carl Swedish and Norwegian Minister at London, b. Sweden, 1835 s. of Count G. Lewenhaupt and Maria, d. of Colonel von Geyer m. Augusta, d. of Count Wirsen two s. Educ.: University of Lund. Civil Service examination. Stenographer in the House of Nobles at Stockholm, entered the Swedish and Norwegian Diplomatic Service, 1858 General Secretary of the Foreign Office at Stockholm, 1873 Minister at Washington, 1876 umpire in the Court of arbitration between Spain and the United States concerning claims of American citizens on account of imprisonment or loss of property in Cuba, Minister at Paris, 1884 Minister for Foreign Affairs at Stockholm, Address: Helsingborg, Sweden. [Died Dec LEWIS WER, Surg-Maj.-Gen. Robert, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. A.K.C. Entered army, 1857 retired, 1895 served Russian War, 1855 (medal) Afghan War, (despatches medal with 2 clasps, bronze star). Address : Wickham Lodge, Queen's Place, Southsea LEWES, Maj,Gen. H. b of late Lewes of Derriford, Valentine Langmead Devon, and Llanfair-ybryn, Llandovery, formerly of 62nd Foot m. 1866, Eleonore Sutton, d. of late John Harman of Moor Hall, Cookham, Berksone *. two d. Educ. : R.M.A. Woolwich. Commissioned R.A A.A.G. R.A. Army Headquarters, War Office, Col. on Staff commanding R.A. Madras Presidency and Burma, Insp.- General of Artillery in India, Maj - Gen served Afghan Campaign, (, m al) retired on Maj or- General's pension, Address: The Pines, Camberley. Club: United Service. [Died 1 Aug Captain R.N. Commanding H.M.S. Superb, First Battle Squadron b m. 1894, Anne Josephine, d. of late Lieut.-Col. Tulloch one s. Entered R.N Commander, 1898 served Juba LEWES, Captain Price Vaughan, C.B. 1913: River, 1893 (D.S.O. general African medal, clasp) Candia, 1898, (promoted to Commander). Club : United Service. [Died 9 Nov LEWES, Sir Samuel William Sayer, Kt., cr b Entered Admiralty, 1841 Director of Victualling for Navy, Capt. 27th Kent R.V. (retired).' Address : 163 Lewisham High Road, S.E. [Died 28 Oct LEWIS, Arthur Griffith Poyer, M.A., J.P. Stipendiary Magistrate, Pontypridd, from 1905 Chairman of Carmarthenshire and Vice - Chairman Pembrokeshire Quarter Sessions Chairman of Quarter Sessions for town and county of Haverfordwest Secretary to late Bishop of Llandaff, Chancellor of Dioceses of St. David's an.d Llandaff, 1908 b. Denchworth Vicarage, Berks, 29 Feb o. s. of Richard, Lord Bishop of Llandaff, and Georgiana King, d. of Captain Lewis, H.E.I.C.S. m. Annie Wilhelmine, d. of late James Ellison, M.D., of Windsor, surgeon to H.M. Household, Windsor three s. one d. Educ. : Eton Univ. College, Oxon. Called to Bar, Lincoln's Inn, 1873 joined S. Wales and Chester Circuit, 1874 formerly Registrar of the Diocese of Llandaff, Recorder of Carmarthen, Revising Barrister for S. Wales, was a prominent Freemason, a Past Grand Deacon of England, and Deputy Provincial Grand Mark Master of South Wales. Recreations : rowed in the Oxford boat in the Interuniversity race of 1870 and in the Oxford Etonian winning crew for the grand challenge cup at Henley Regatta in winner of the O.U.B.C. pairs, 1871 fours, 1868 rowed Head of the River, winner of Ladies' Plate, Henley Regatta, Visitors' Foiir-Oared Race, Henley Regatta, Address : Trenewydd, Llandaff Henllan, Narberth, Pembrokeshire. Club: Westminster. [Died 5 May LEWIS, Bunnell, M.A., F.S.A. Fellow of University College, London b. London, 1824 [descended from Philip Henry, father of Matthew Henry, the commentator, and from a French Protestant family which seems to have emigrated into England at time of Reformation]. Educ. : The Islington Proprietary School University College, London. Gold medal in Classics, 1849, then awarded for the first time. Eaxminer in Latin for four years in the Queen's University in 427

24 LEWIS WHO WAS WHO, Ireland elected a Foreign Corresponding Associate of the National Society of Antiquaries of France in 1883 delivered lectures on classical archaeology at University College, London, in 1873 and 1874 travelled in many countries for purposes of antiquarian research and laboured to introduce studies of this kind as a part of University education Professor of Latin, Queen's College, Cork, to Publications : A series of memoirs in the Archaeological Journal, Address : Sunday's Well, Cork. Clubs : Athenaeum, Royal Botanic Gardens, County Cork. [Died 2 July LEWIS, His Honour Judge David, B.A., J.P. County Court Judge (Circuit 28) from 1893 b s. of John Lewis, J.P., Swansea. Educ. : Llandovery, and Christ's Coll. Cambridge. Barr. Inner Temple, st Recorder of Swansea, Publications : The Beaufort Progress 1684, etc. Address : Swansea. [Died 9 Sept LEWIS, Very Rev. Evan, M.A. Dean of Bangor from 1884 b. Cardiganshire, South Wales, 1818 m. 1st, 1859, Anne, 2nd d. of Very Rev. James Henry Cotton, Dean of Bangor (d. 1860) 2nd,1865, Adelaide Owen, d. of Rev. Cyrus Morrall, Plasyolyn, Salop. Educ. : Jesus Coll. Oxford. Proctor Clergy, Diocese Bangor, Chancellor, Bangor Cathedral, Canon, Bangor, Publications : Treatise on Apostolic Succession, 1851 Defence of the Doctrine and Polity of the Church Exposure of the Wesleyan Secession, 1858 Paper read at Swansea Church Congress, 1879 Address on the Church, Address : The Deanery, Bangor, North Wales. Club : Junior Conservative. [Died 24 Nov LEWIS, Sir George Henry 1st Bart., cr : *Kt., cr C.V.O., 1905 b m. 1st, 1863, Victorine (d. 1865), d. of Philip Kann of Frankfurt on Maine one d. 2nd, 1867, Elizabeth, d. of F. Eberstadt one s. two d. Educ. : Univ. Coll., London. Solicitor, 1856 senior member of Lewis <fe Lewis, Solicitors, Holborn. Heir : s. George James Graham Lewis, b. 12 Sept Address : 88 Portland Place, W. Ely Place, B.C. Overstrand, Norfolk. Clubs : Devonshire, Portland, Arts. [Died 7 Dec LEWIS, Rev. Canon Henry, M.A., Rector of Bermondsey, S.E., from 1896 Rural Dean of Bermondsey from 1905 b s. of late John Lewis m. 1883, Sarah, 2nd d. of Rev. F. Tugwell, Vicar of Hayering-atte- Bower, Romford. Educ. : University College, Durham. Ordained 1881 C.M.S. Missionary in India at Agra and Secundra, Lucknow, Senior Curate of Immanuel, Streatham, S.W., Surrogate and Vicar of St. John, Carisbroke, W., Hon. Canon of St. Saviour's Cathedral, Southwark, since Publications : Life as Service magazine articles on Elizabeth, o. c. of late Thomas I'Anson, of Housing and Social Subjects Address in Harnby, Co. York m. 1872, Lettice, y. d. of Church Congress Report, Recreations : Henry "Pritchard, of Trescawen one s. three book-hunting, literary work, golf. Address : d. High Sheriff, Anglesey, 1869 Hon. Col. The Rectory, Bermondsey, S.E. Royal Anglesey Engineer Militia retired [Died 9 Jan Capt. 5th Dragoon Guards served Crimea, LEWIS, Rev. James Dawson, M.A. Rector of Balaclava, Inkerman, Tchernaya, and Sebastopol, (Medjidie) Lt.-Col. and Hon. Trowell from 1901 Canon of Southwell from 1885 late Vice-Chairman Nottingham Col. commanding Royal Anglesey Royal School Board b. 4 March 1845 s. of James Engineers, Address : Henllys, Lewis, merchant, Liverpool m. 1875, Mary Beaumaris Bodior, Holyhead. Clubs : Caroline, d. of Hudleston Stokes, I.C.S. Carlton Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes. Educ. : Royal Institution School, Liverpool [Died 10 March (Scholar) Trinity Coll. Cambridge (Foundation Scholar). Ordained as Curate to late e. s. of late Francis Leyborne-Popham, J.P., LEYBORNE-POPHAM, Francis Wm., b Canon Morse, Vicar of St. Mary's, Nottingham, D.L., and Elizabeth, 2nd d. of James Block 1869 Vicar of St. Ann, Nottingham, of Charlton, Wilts m. 1890, Maud Isabel, 1901 was a member of the Nottingham y. d. of late Henry Howard of Greystoke School Board for 20 years. Recreations : Castle, Cumberland. Educ. : Harrow. Patron tennis and cycling. Address : Trowell of three livings. Owned 12,000 acres. Rectory, Nottingham. Club : Nottingham Address : Littlecote, Wilts. Constitutional. [Died 9 Nov [Died 15 June I. of LEWIS, Most Rev. John Travers, D.D., LL.D. Bishop of Ontario from 1862 Archbishop of Ontario and Metropolitan of Canada from 1893 b. Garrygloyne Castle, 20 June 1825 s. of Rev. J. Lewis, St. Anne's, Shandon, Cork m. 1st, Anne, d. of Hon. Henry Sherwood, Canada 2nd, Ada, d. of late Evan Leigh, Manchester. Educ. : Trinity Coll. Dublin. Ordained 1849 Rector of Brockville, Address : Bishopsleigh, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, [Died 6 May LEWIS, Rt. Rev. Lewis, D.D. Bishop of Llandaff (from 1883) b. Pembrokeshire, 27 Mar s. of John Lewis and Eliza, y. d. of Charles Poyer Callen m. 1847, Georgiana King, d. of Capt. John Lewis, H.E.I.C.S. Educ.: Bromsgrove Worcester Coll. Oxford (Scholar). Rector of Lampeter Velfrey, Pembrokeshire, 1852 Prebendary of Caerfarchell, 1867 R. Dean of Lower Carmarthen Archdeacon of St. David's chaplain to Bishop of St. David's. Address : The Palace, Llandaff Henllan, Narberth. Club : Athenaeum. [Died 24 Jan LEWIS, Col. Percy John Tonson, C.M.G retired b. 5 April 1861 s. of late Colonel R. H. Lewis of Rushbrook, Co. Cork m. 1892, M., d. of R. Griffith, Glenmore, The Park, Cheltenham one d. Educ. : private school, Cork. Entered Royal Artillery, 1881 transferred to Army Service Corps, 1889 served operations on Nile, 1889 (medal, bronze star) expedition up the Gambia against Fodey Cabba, expedition to Tambaku country, N. Africa, 1892 capture of Tambi (despatches) expedition to the Gambia, 1892 capture of Toniataba (despatches, brevet of Major, medal and clasp) S. African War, , on staff (C.M.G.). Recreations : hunting, fishing, golf. [Died 28 Oct LEWIS, Lt.-Col. Richard Charles, D.S.O V.D Officer Comdg. A.G. Artillery, Tasmania. Served South Africa, , in command of 1st Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen (despatches, Queen's medal, 4 clasps, D.S.O.). Address : Hobart. [Died 16 Sept LEWIS, Sir Samuel, C.M.G., Kt., cr Mayor of Freetown unofficial member of Leg. Council of Sierra Leone from 1882 b s. of William Lewis, Freetown m. 2nd, Edith, d. of Hon. William Grant, Sierra Leone. Educ. : Wesley College, Sheffield University College, London. Barr. Middle Temple, 1871 Chief Justice Sierra Leone, 1882, 1894 took a leading part in the affairs of the Colony. Address : Oxford Street, Freetown Christineville, Sierra Leone. [Died 9 July LEWIS, Col. Thomas Lewis Hampton, J.P., D.L. b e. s. of late Maj. John Lewis Hampton-Lewis, of Henllys, and Frances

25 WHO WAS WHO, LINDSAY LEYS, John Kirkwood, M.A. author s. of late Rev. P. Leys, Strathaven, Lanarkshire b. Glasgow, 1847 m. 1st, Mary King, d. of late William Munsie, Glasgow 2nd, Helen, d. of late James Holligan, Colonial Secretary of British Guiana five s. two d. Educ. : High School and University of Glasgow. Called to Bar, Middle Temple, 1874 joined Northern (afterwards North- Eastern) Circuit practised as a barrister for some years in Newcastle-on-Tyne. Publications : The Lindsays, a Romance of Scottish Life The Lawyer's Secret The Black Terror The Houseboat Mystery Held in the Toils A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing The Broken Fetter and several other novels. Address : Amersham Hill, High Wycombe, Bucks. [Died 10 Nov LICHTENBURG, Capt. John Wills.tfXS.O th Hussars b. 19 June Served South Africa, (despatches, Queen's medal, two clasps, King's medal, two clasps, D.S.O.). Decorated for gallantry at Maseppa Drift, 30 June [Died 15 March LIDDELL, Rev. Edward, Hon. Canon of Durham e. s. of late Colonel Hon. Augustus Liddell, Scots Guards, Deputy Ranger of Windsor Park m. 1871, Christina Catherine, d. of C. E. Fraser-Tytler. Educ. : Eton Christ Church, Oxford. Successively Rector of Wimpole, Cambridgeshire, Jarrow-on- Tyne, and Vicar of Welton, Northamptonshire. Publication : St. Alban's Abbey A : Guide. Recreation : Chess. Address : Birdshanger, Puttenham, Guildford. [Died 22 May LIDDELL, Very Rev. Henry George, D.D. retired from Deanery of Christ Church, Oxford, 1891 b. 6 Feb e. s. of Rev. Henry George Liddell, Rector of Easington, Co. of Durham, and Charlotte, d. of Hon. Thomas Lyon m. Lorina, d. of James Reeve, Lowestoft, Suffolk, Educ. : Charterhouse Christ Church, Oxford. Double 1st class, Oxford, Student of Christ Church, 1830 Tutor, 1835 Select Preacher before University, White Hall Preacher, 1845 Chaplain to Prince Consort Headmaster Westminster, 1846 Dean of Christ Church, Oxford, 1855 Vice- Chancellor, 1870 Hon. Chaplain to Queen Victoria, Publications : author (with Dr. Scott) of the Oxford Greek Lexicon, 7th ed Roman History for Schools, many editions. Recreation : rowing, while at Oxford. Address : Ascot Wood House, Ascot, Berks. [Died 18 Jan LIDDERDALE, Rt. Hon. William, P.C. director of Bank of England from 1870 Deputy- Governor, 1887 Governor, Commissioner of Patriotic Fund from 1893 b s. of John Lidderdale, St. Petersburg m. 1868, Mary, d. of Wadsworth Dawson Busk. Address : Bank of England, E.C. [Died 26 June LIE, Jonas, one of the leading authors in Norway b. 6 Nov m. 1860, his cousin, Thomasina Henrietta Lie. Educ. : Tromso Bergen. Publications : numerous works, of which amongst others the following were translated into English The Visionary, 1894 The Pilot and his Wife One of Life's Slaves Kommandorens Dottre Weird Tales from Northern Seas The Little Graij Niobe, 1897 Naar Jerntoppet falder, Address : 11 Avenue de la Grand Arme"e, Paris. [Died 5 July LIPFORD, 5th Viscount (cr. 1781), James Wilfrid Hewitt, J.P. Baron Lifford, [1st Viscount became Lord High Chancellor of Ireland, 1767.] Late of 3rd Foot b. 12 Oct e. s. of 4th Viscount and Lady Mary Acheson, d. of 2nd Earl of Gosford S. father 1887 m. Annie Frances, e. d. of late Sir Arthur Hodgson, K.C.M.G. Ensign 4th Regt rd Regt Heir : b. Hon. Archibald R. Hewitt b. 14 Jan m. Helen Blanche, e. d. of C. S. Geach. Address : Austin House, Broadway, Worcester Club : Carlton. [Died 20 March LIGHTPOOT, Yen. Reginald Prideaux, D.D., Archdeacon of Oakham from 1880 Rector of Uppingham from 1890 b. 26 May 1836 e. s. of late Rev. Dr. Lightfoot, Rector of Exeter College, Oxford. Educ. : Radlev Balliol College, Oxford (M.A. ). Address: The Rectory, Uppingham. [Died 18 Sept LIGHTFOOT, Yen. Thomas Fothergill, B.D. Archdeacon of the Cape from 1885 Missionary Canon of St. George's Cathedral, Cape Town, from 1870 Priest-in-Charge of St. Paul's Mission, Cape Town, from 1880 b. 4 March 1831 s. of Robert Lightfoot, lace manufacturer, Nottingham, Educ. : Old Grammar School, Nottingham St. Augustine's Missionary College, Canterbury. Journalist, at St. Augustine's Missionary C9llege, ordained Deacon by Bishop of London (Tait), 1857 Missionary Curate of St. George's, Cape Town, 1858 ordained Priest by Bishop of Cape Town (Gray), 1859 Vicar-General of Diocese of Cape Town, , , 1897, and 1903 Hon. Fellow of St. Augustine's Coll. Canterbury, 1883 B.D. by Archbishop of Canterbury, Address : St. Paul's Mission House, Bree Street, Cape Town. [Died 12 Nov LILLEY, Hon. Sir Charles Kt., cr b m. 1858, Sarah, d. of J. Jeays. Educ. : Univ. Coll. London. Barr. Queensland, 1861 Q.C Justice of Queensland Attorney- General, 1865 Premier, 1868 Colonial Secretary, Vice-President of Executive Council Chief Justice of Queensland, Address : Brisbane, Queensland. [Died 20 Aug LIMRI, Thakur Saheb Sir, Jaswantsinghji Fatehsinghji, K.C.I.E., cr b. 23 May 1859 S. father, 1862 married. Educ. : Raj Kumar Coll. Rajkot. Member Legislative Council of Bombay, st trip to England, nd trip to England and to America, Area of State 343 square miles population, 31,287 salute, nine guns. Address : Limri, Kathiawar, Bombay. [Died Apr LINDSAY, Lady, R.I. writer of poems and painter b. London d. of late Rt. Hon. Henry FitzRoy, M.P., P.C., and Hannah Mayer Rothschild. Educ. : partly in London, partly in France studied painting at Heatherley's, Newman Street. Publications : Lyrics, 1890 The Philosopher's Window, stories in prose, 1892 A Tangled Web, 1892 A String of Beads, verses for children, 1892 The King's Last Vigil, 1894 The Flower Seller, 1896 The Apostle of the Ardennes, 1899 The Prayer of St. Scholastica, 1900 A Christmas Posy, 1902 From a Venetian Balcony, 1903 Poems of Love and Death, Recreations : violin playing. Address : 41 Hans Place, S.W. [Died 10 Aug LINDSAY, Alexander Martin, C.I.E., 1900 took an active part for many years in advocating the establishment of a gold standard in India without a gold currency, and gave valuable evidence before the Currency Commission of 1898 b. 12 Aug s. of late Rev. Alexander Lindsay of Peffermill House, near Edinburgh m. 1st, 1880, Catherine (d. 1883), d. of Major Richard Fanshawe of Glenora, Moulmein, Burma 2nd, 1889, Laura Wilhelmina Margaret, d. of late Dr. James Fawcus, Inspector-General of Jails, Bengal Deputy Secy, and Treasurer of Bank of Bengal, five s. one d. Address : 33 Argyll Road, Kensington, W. Clubs: Junior Constitutional Bengal, Calcutta. [Died 19 July

26 LINDSAY WHO WAS WHO, LINDSAY, Sir Coutts, 2nd Bt., cr J.P., D.L. b. 2 Feb e. s. of Lieut.-Gen. James Lindsay, and e. d. of Sir Coutts Trotter S. maternal grandfather by special remainder, 1837 ra. 1864, Caroline Blanche Elizabeth (d. 1912), d' of late Rt. Hon. Henry FitzRoy, M.P., P.C., and Hannah Mayer Rothschild. Captain Grenadier Guards, Heir : none. Address : 4 Cromwell Place, S.W. Clubs : Travellers', Grosvenor. [Died 7 May LINDSAY, Lt.-Col. Henry Gore, J.P., D.L. s. of late George Hayward Lindsay and Lady Mary Katherine Gore, sis. of 4th Earl of Arran b. 26 Aug m. 1856, Hon. Ellen Sarah Morgan (d. 1912), d. of 1st Lord Tredegar five s. one d. Educ. : Eton. Late Lieut.-Col. Brecknock Rifle Volunteers formerly Captain Rifle Brigade. Address : Glasnevin House, Dublin. [Died 17 Dec LINDSAY, Thomas M., LL.D., D.D. Principal, United Free Church College, Glasgow, from 1902 b s. of Rev. A. Lindsay m. 1872, Anna (d. 1903), e. d. of A. Colquhoun- Stirling-Murray Dunlop of Edinbarnet and Corsock, formerly M.P. for Greenock three s. two d. Educ. : Edinburgh University (Shaw Philosophical Scholarship, Ferguson Scholarship). Examiner to the University of Edinburgh Assistant to the Professor of Logic and Metaphysics appointed to the Chair of Church History in the College of the Free Church, Glasgow, 1872 for fifteen years Convener of the Foreign Mission Committee of the Free Church of Scotland visited Greece, Asia Minor, the Lebanon, and spent twelve months in tour in India. Publications : Translation of Ueberweg's Logic with original appendices various articles in 9th edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica Handbooks on Reformation, on Acts, Mark, Luke Life of Luther Cunningham Lectures on The Church and the Ministry in the Early Centuries contributor to the Cambridge Modern History, Cambridge Medieval History, Cambridge History of English Literature, History of the Reformation. Address : 37 Westbourne Gardens, Glasgow. Clubs : Savile University, Edinburgh. [Died 6 Dec LINDSELL, Col. Robert Frederick, C.B., 1900 retired b. 18 April 1856 s. of Charles S. Lindsell, Holme, Biggleswade, Beds m. 1882, Kathleen, d. of Richard Eaton, of Mitchelstown, Ireland two s. three d. Educ. : Harrow. Sandhurst, th Regt Capt. Gloucestershire Regt Major, 1891 Lieut.-Col served in South African War, present at the action of Klip Drift and battle of Paardeberg (severely wounded), occupation of Bloemfontein, and operations in Cape Colony, Orange River Colony, and Transvaal (despatches, Queen's medal, 3 clasps, King's medal, 2 clasps, C.B.) Assistant Adjutant- General, Bloemfontein District, late Lieut.-Col. commanding 2nd Gloucestershire Regiment. Decorated for active service Address : Woodside House, Turvey, Bedford [Died 7 Apr LINDSEY, llth Earl of (cr. 1626), Montagu Peregrine Bertie, D.L., J.P. Capt. Grenadier Guards (retired). [Richard Bertie m. Katherine, Baroness Willoughby d'eresby, anc his e. s. became llth Baron Willoughby d'eresby, who gained great distinction as a soldier in the reign of Elizabeth, and m, Mary, heiress of 18th Earl of Oxford 12tl Baron unsuccessfully claimed that Earldom : he was created 1st Earl of Lindsey, became Lord High Admiral of England, and fell al Edgehill, nd Earl was taken prisoner at that battle and wounded at Naseby, th Earl became 1st Marquess of Lindsey anc 430 then Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven, th Duke d and the Barony fell into abeyance 5th Duke d. 1809, and the Dukedom and Marquessate expired.] b. 25 Dec nd s. of 9th Earl and 2nd wife Charlotte, d. of Very Rev. Charles P. Layard, Dean of Bristol S. b m. Felicia, d. of Rev. John Earle Welby, Hareston, Leicestershire, Became Captain, Owned about 4800 acres. Heir : s. Lord Bertie, b Address : Uffington House, Stanford. Club : Carlton. [Died 29 Jan LINGEN, 1st Baron (cr. 1885), Ralph Robert Wheeler Lingen, K.C.B., D.C.L. Member of Committee for editing the Statutes and State Trials. [A direct ancestor was Thomas Lingen, whose elder brother, Sir Henry Lingen, was a most strenuous Royalist, defending for two months Goodrich Castle, one of the last fortresses held for Charles I., 1646 another brother John, a Royalist captain, fell at Ledbury.] b. Birmingham, 19 Feb o. s. of Thomas Lingen, who was y. s. of Rev. Ralph Lingen, Rector of Rock, Worcestershire, and married Ann, e. d. of Robert Wheeler, of Birmingham m. Emma, 2nd d. of late Robert Hutton, Putney Park, Surrey, M.P. for Dublin. Educ.: Bridgnorth Trin. Coll. Oxford Ireland University Scholar, 1838 Hertford University Scholar, st class Classics, 1840 Fellow of Balliol Coll Hon. Fellow of Trin. Coll barrister, Lincoln's Inn, 1847 Secretary to Committee of Council on Education, Permanent Secretary to Treasury, Alderman L.C.C., Heir to title : none. Address : 13 Wetherby Gardens, S.W. Club : Athenseum. [Died 22 July LINKLATER, Rev. Robert, Prebendary of St. Paul's from 1907 b. 12 April 1839 s. of Thomas and Jane Linklater m. Mary Catherine, d. of late Sir William Grossman, M.P. of Cheswick, and of Holy Island, Nor thumberland no c. Educ. : Brentwoc Grammar School Trinity College, Dubli Mathematical Master of St. Mary's Colle Harlow Assistant Curate of Illingwor Yorks, and Curate of Frome Chaplain Peter Richard Hoare of Kelsey, Beckenham for eleven years Assistant Curate of SI Peter's, London Docks, under Father Lowder first Missioner of St. Agatha's, Land Vicar of Stroud Green, N., ,. cations : The Making of the Body of Christ Tracts for the People True Limits of Ritual Sunday and Recreation The Lord's Da. and the Holy Eucharist contributor to the " Life of Charles Lowder." Recreation : golf. Address : 60 Coleherne Court, S.W. Holworth House, Dorchester. [Died 17 Feb. 19 LINLITHGOW, 1st Marquess of (cr. 1902), Jc Adrian Louis Hope, P.C., K.T., G.C.M.G. G.C.V.O., D.L. : Earl of Hopetoun, 1703 Viscount Aithrie, Baron Hope, 1703 Baror Hopetoun (U.K.) 1809 Baron Mddry (U.K.) 1814 [Descendant of John de Hope, wh came from France in 1537 in train of M dalene de Valois, Queen of James V. Thomas Hope was Lord Advocate of S( land in reign of Charles I., and Kinj Commissioner to General Assembly of a position never occupied before or since bj a commoner. John Hope, father of Is Earl of Hopetoun, was drowned in wreck frigate Gloucester with Duke of York in I" Fourth Earl was a distinguished geners officer in the Peninsular War] b. Hopetoi 25 Sept e. s. of 6th Earl and Ethelre e. d. of C. T. S. Birch Reynardson, Holyw Hall, Lincolnshire S. father 1873 m. He Hersey de Moleyns, 3rd d. of 4th Lord Ventry, 1886 two s. one d. Educ. : Eton. Visit" 1

27 WHO WAS WHO, Turkey and Egypt, 1881 America, 1882 Whip, House of Lords, 1883 Lord-in- Waiting, , Lord High Commissioner to General Assembly of Church of Scotland, Governor of Victoria, Paymaster-General, Lord Chamberlain of H.M. Household, President Institution of Naval Architects, Gov.-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, resigned Secretary for Scotland, 1905 Brig.-General Royal Company of Archers Major (retired) Lanarkshire Yeomanry Hon Lieut.-Colonel commandant Forth Division Submarine Miners (Volunteers) Kt. of Justice and Sub-Prior of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Owned about 42,600 acres. Heir : s. Earl of Hopetoun Recreation : owned pack of Harriers and pack of Beagles. Address : Hopetoun House, S. Queensferry, Linlithgowshire. Clubs. Carlton, Bachelor's, Boodle's New, Scottish Conservative, Union, Edinburgh. [Died 29 Feb LINTON, Elizabeth Lynn (Mrs.) literary woman b. Keswick, 10 Feb y.c. of Rev. James Lynn, Vicar of Crosthwaite, and Charlotte, d. of Dr. Samuel Goodenough, Bishop of Carlisle m. William James Linton, engraver on wood, Educ. : home. Went to London on an independent career of literary work in 1845 lived in London fifty years. Publications : Azeth the Egyptian Amymone Grasp your Nettle Lizzie Lorton of Greyrigg Sowing the Wind Joshua Davidson Patricia Kemball Under which Lord? Learn Dundas My Love! The World Well Lost lone Stewart Paston Carew The Autobiography of Christopher Kirkland Through the Long Night The One Too Many In Haste and at Leisure Dulcie Everton With a Silken Thread The Mad Willoughbys, The Girl of the Period countless essays and short stories not collected. Recreations : embroidery, reading, the garden. Address : Brougham House^ Malvern. [Died 14 July LIPPINCOTT, Craige, President of J. B. Lippincott Company. Publishers b. Philadelphia, 4 Nov e. s. of J. B. Lippincott. Educ.: Univ. of Pennsylvania. Address : 218 West llittenhouse Square, Philadelphia. Clubs : Rittenhouse, Art, Union League, Raquet, Philadephia Cricket, Huntington Valley Cricket. [Died 6 Apr LISBURNE, 6th Earl of (cr. 1776),Ernest George Henry Arthur Vaughan, D.L., J.P. Viscount Lisburne and Lord Vaughan, 1695 b. 30 July 1862 o. s. of 5th Earl and 1st wife, Laura, d. of Edwyn Burnaby, Baggrave Hall, Leicestershire S. father 1888 m. Evelyn, 2nd d. of late Edmund Probyn, Longhope, Gloucestershire Callingwood, Burton - on - Trent, Owned about 42,800 acres. Heir: s. Lord Vaughan, b Address : Crosswood and Birchgrove, Aberystwith. Club : Carlton. [Died 4 Sept LISLE, 5th Baron (cr. 1758), John Arthur LITTLE Lysaght. [Grandfather of 1st Baron distinguished himself as a Royalist, 1641 his son commanded a troop of horse at the battle Foreign Affairs, Address : Armitage of the Boyne, 1690.] b. Pilton, near Barnstaple, 12 Oct s. of 4th Baron and Clubs : Brooks's, Wellington, Ranelagh. Hill, Ascot, Berks 64 Cadogan Square, S.W. 1st wife, e. d. of Samuel Knight S. father [Died 26 Feb m. Henrietta, d. [,of John Church, LITTLE, Archibald John, F.R.C.I., F.R.G.S Heir : s. George, b Address : b. Fenchurch Street, London, 18 April 1838 Kauturk, Co. Cork, Ireland. s. of William John Little, M.D., F.R.C.P., [Died 19 Apr late Senior Physician London Hospital m. LISMORE, 2nd Viscount (cr. 1806), George y d of late Calverly Bewicke of Hallaton Hall, Ponsonby O'Callaghan Baron Lismore, Leicestershire. Educ. : St. Paul's School, 1785 Baron Lismore (U.K.), 1838 retired Berlin, Went out to Hon. Col. 4th Batt. R. Irish China in 1859 opened business in Szechuan 17th Lancers Regt. since 1855 b s. of 1st Viscount and 2nd d. of 17th Earl of Ormonde S. father, 1857 m. Mary, 2nd d. of late John George Norbury (Lord-Lieutenant of Tipperary, ), Owned about 42,300 acres. Heir : none. Address : 31 Old Burlington Street, W. Shanbally, Clogheen, Cahir. Club : Travellers. [Died 29 Oct LISTER, Hon. Charles Alfred b. 26 Oct o. surv. s. of 4th Baron Ribblesdale. Educ. : Eton. Attache", 1910 appointed to Rome, rd Secretary, Address: British Embassy, Constantinople. \Died 28 Aug LISTER, 1st Baron (cr. 1897), Joseph Lister, F.R.S., D.C.L., LL.D., D.Sc., O.M., P.C., F.R.C.S., etc. Baronet, cr President of Royal Society, President of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1896 b. Upton, Essex, 5 Apr s. of late Joseph Jackson Lister (Society of Friends), Upton, Essex, and Isabella, d. of Anthony Harris, Maryport, Cumberland m. Agnes, d. of Prof. J. Syme, 1856 (d. 1893). Educ. : London University (B.A., M.B., 1852). Assistant Surgeon, Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, 1856 Serjeant- Surgeon to Queen Victoria, 1878 Professor of Surgery, Glasgow University, Prof, of Clinical Surgery, Edinburgh University, Professor of Clinical Surgery, King's College, London, famous for discovery of antiseptic system of treatment in surgery. Heir : none. Address : 12 Park Crescent, Regent's Park, W. Club : Athenaeum. [Died 10 Feb LISTER, Hon. Sir Reginald, K.C.M.G., cr C.V.O M.V.O Minister Plenipotentiary, Tangier, from 1908 b. 19 May rd s. of 3rd Baron Ribblesdale, Nominated Attache", rd Secretary, nd Secretary, 1893 employed at Berlin, Paris, Athens, and Constantinople Secretary to H.M.'s Legation, Copenhagen, Councillor Embassy Rome, Councillor to H.M.'s Embassy, Paris, Publication: Jean Goujon and his Work, Address : British Legation, Tangier. [ Died 10 Nov LISTER, Hon. Thomas, D.S.O th Hussars b e. s. and heir to 4th Baron Ribblesdale. Entered army, 1897 served South Africa. [Died 13 Jan LISTER, Sir Thomas Villiers, K.C.M.G. cr D.L. b s. of Thomas Henry Lister, Armitage Park, Staffordshire, Registrar-Gen., author of Granby, etc., and Lady Maria Theresa, sister of 4th Earl of Clarendon m. 1st, Fanny, d. of late W. Coryton, Pentillie Castle, Cornwall, nd, 1877, Florence, d. of late W. J. Hamilton, s. of 10th Lord Belhaven and Stenton. Educ. : Harrow Trin. Coll. Camb. (M.A. 1853). Entered Foreign Office, 1853 was Private Secretary to Earl of Clarendon and precis writer to Lord John Russell was attached to Lord John Russell's special mission to Vienna, 1855 to Earl of Clarendon's Special mission to Paris, 1856 to Earl Granville's special embassy to Russia, 1856 to Earl of Clarendon's special embassy to Prussia, 1861 Assistant Under - Secretary of State for (West China), establishing the Chungking Trading Company made first ascent of the

28 LITTLE WHO WAS WHO, Yangtse rapids in Feb in small steamer, and established steam communicationbetween Chungking and Ichang by steamer Pioneer in 1900 (steamer now bought by British Government and converted into gun-vessel for patrolling the Upper Yangtse River) founded the Kiangpeiting Mining Co., Ltd., of Szechuan left China in Publications : Through the Yangtse Gorges Mount Omi and Beyond The Far East (Mackinder's Regions of the World) articles for Quarterly, Nineteenth Century, Contemporary, North American, etc., Reviews. Address : The Haven, Falmouth. Club : Oriental. [Died 5 Nov LITTLE, Lt.-Gen. Henry Alexander, C.B Indian Army J.P. b. 14 Aug m. 1866, Ellen Wade, d. of late D. P. Thompson of Stonestown, King's County. Entered army, 1855 Lieut.-Gen served Crimea, North-West Frontier, India, 1863 (brevet of Major, medal with clasp) S. Afghanistan Field Force, 1880 Burmah, and (despatches, C.B., two clasps). Address: Fairleigh, Slough. Clubs : Grosvenor, Junior Con servative. [Died 7 Sept LITTLE, Hon. Sir Joseph Ignatius, Kt., cr Chief Justice of Newfoundland. Address: St. John's Newfoundland. [Died 14 July LITTLEJOHN, Sir Henry Duncan, Kt., cr : M.D., LL.D. Edin., F.R.C.S.E. b m. Isabella Jane, d. of H. Harvey of London. Educ. : Perth Academy High School and Univ. of Edinburgh Paris. Late President Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh Medico - Chirurgical Society, Edinburgh Royal Institute of Public Health Prof, of Forensic Medicine in the Univ. of Edin Medical Officer of Health for Edinburgh, Publications: numerous, bearing on Legal Medicine and Public Health. Address : 24 Royal Circus, Edinburgh Benreoch, Arrochar, N.B. [Died 30 Sept LITTLER, Sir Ralph Daniel Makinson, Kt., cr C.B K.C., B.A., D.L., J.P. Assoc. Inst. C.E. one of H.M.'s Lieuts. City of London Chairman Middlesex Quarter Sessions, County Council, and Alexandra Park Trustees b. 2 Oct s. of late Rev. Robert Littler. Educ. : Univ. Coll. School and University College, London (Common Law Prizeman). Called to Bar, Inner Temple, 1857 Barrister, Middle Temple, 1870 Q.C., 1873 Bencher, 1882 Treasurer, 1901 practised on Northern and & N.E. Circuits Past Deputy Grand Registrar and Past Provincial Grand Senior Warden (Middlesex) Freemasons. Publications: Practice and Evidence in Divorce Cases Digest of Cases before Referees in Parliament The Rights and Duties of Justices. Address : 2 Plowden Buildings, Temple, E.C, Oakwood Court, W. Clubs : Carlton St. Stephen's East Sussex County, Carlisle. [Died 23 Nov LITTLETON, Alfred Henry, Chairman of Novello and Co., Music Publishers and General Printers e. s. of Henry Littleton b. London, 1845 m. 1st, 1868, Rosalind', d. of Edmund T. Harper of Hillsborough, Co. Down three s. five d. 2nd 1914, Emma, d. of late Alfred Welby, of Cleckheaton. Educ. : University College School, London Germany. Member of the Council of the Royal College of Music the Committee of the Royal Choral Society, Royal Albert Hall Master of the Musicians' Company, Ritter of the Prussian Order of the Red Eagle. Recreations : yachting, shooting, gardening. Address : 50 Lancaster Gate, W. 160 Wardour Street, W. Clubs : Conservative, Garrick. [Died 8 Nov LITTLETON, Rev. Hon. Cecil James, M.A. Hon. Canon of Southwell b. 12 Feb th s. of 2nd Baron Hatherton m. 1881, Katherine, y. d. of Sir Charles Rowley, 4th Bt. Educ. : Eton Christ Church, Oxford (3rd Class,Theol.). Ordained, 1874 Vicar of Penkridge, Vicar of Chesterfield and Hon. Canon in Southwell Cathedral, Rector of Stafford, Publications : Through the Way of the Wilderness, 1886 The Office and Work of a Priest, 1889 The Message of the Cross, 1907 The Work of the Holy Spirit. Address: Churchdale, Rugeley. [Died 12 March LIVERPOOL, Earl of, Cecil George Savile Foljambe 4th holder of the title but 1st of revived title also Viscount Hawkesbury of Kirkham, Co. York, and of Mansfield, Co. Notts cr. of earldom, 1796 revived 22 Dec also Baron Hawkesbury of Haselbech, Northamptonshire, and of Ollerton, Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire cr title revived 1893 J.P., D.L. P.C Lord Steward H.M. King Edward VII.'s Household from [Charles Jenkinson, e. s. of Col. Charles Jenkinson, who commanded the Royal Horse Guards (Blues) at Dettingen, b cr Baron Hawkesbury in 1796 Earl of Liverpool he died 1808, and was S. by his e. s., Robert Bankes, K.G., 2nd Earl b called up to House of Lords in father's Barony of Hawkesbury, 1803 Prime Minister, d. s. p S. by his half-b., Charles Cecil Cope, G.C.B., 3rd Earl and 3rd Baron, Lord Steward, , d s. p. m. 1851, whose d. and co-heir (the eldest to leave issue) Selina Charlotte, Viscountess Milton's e. s. was the 4th holder of the title], b. at Osberton, Notts, 7 Nov m. 1st, 1869, Louisa Blanche (d. 1871), e. d. of Frederick John Howard (bro.-in-law of 7th Duke of Devonshire), Compton Place, Sussex one surv. s. 2nd, 1877, Susan Louisa, e. d. of Lieut.-Colonel William Henry Frederick Cavendish, West Stoke, Sussex, 1st cousin of the 7th Duke of Devonshire five s. five d. surv. (one d. dead). Educ. : Eton. Liberal. Served in R.N., in Naval Brigade, New Zealand War, at storming of Rangiriri (medal and despatches) retired as Lieut, in 1870 M.P. for North Nottinghamshire, 1880 Mansfield Division, Nottinghamshire, 1885, when on Mr. Gladstone's returning to office he was raised to Peerage by revival of grandfather's title seconded the Address, 1894 Lord-in-Waiting to H.M. Queen Victoria, Publications : papers in numerous Archaeological and Antiquarian Magazines. Owns estates in Northamptonshire, Yorkshire, and Notts. Recreations : Archaeology and family history. Heir : s. Viscount Hawkesbury. Address : Kirkham Abbey, York 2 Carlton House Terrace, S.W. Club: Brooks's. [Died 23 March LIVESAY, Capt.R.O'Hara.D.S Royal West Surrey Regt. b. 26 June Entered army, 1896 served South Africa, (despatches, Queen's medal, 5 clasps, King's medal, 2 clasps, D.S.O.). [ Died 4 Oct LIVINGSTONE, Ven. Arthur Guinness, Archdeacon of Sudbury from 1901 b. 19 Dec th s. of William and Henrietta Livingstone, of Westport, Co. Mayo. Educ. : Queen's Coll. Oxford. 3rd class in Law and Modern History, Ordained, 1864 Curate of St. Peter, East Oxford, Bisley, Gloucester, Assist Chaplain, Rome, Longdon, Worcesters, Vicar of Forthampton, Glos Vicar of Mildenhall, Suffolk, Rural Dean of Mildenhall from 1894 Hon. Canon of Ely from Address : Sudbury, Bury St. Edmunds. Club: Primrose. [Died 12 May 1902.

29 WHO WAS WHO, LIVINGSTONE, Rev. Richard John, Hon. Canon of Liverpool from 1884 b. 6 Dec s. of W. Livingstone, Westport Lodge, Mayo, Ireland m. 1876, Hon. Millicent Julia, 2nd d. of 3rd Baron Headley two s. two d. Educ. : Trinity College, Cambridge. 1st Middle Bach. Moral Science Tripos, 1852 M.A Vicar of Aigburth, Rector of Pencombe and Perpetual Curate of Marston Stannett, Address : Prestfelde, Shrewsbury. [Died 14 Oct LIVINGSTONE, Stuart Moodie, Unicorn Pursuivant of Arms from 1860 publisher. Educ. : Edinburgh High School. Address : South Bush House, Musselburgh. Club : Union, Edinburgh. [Died 20 May LLANDAFF, 1st Viscount (cr. 1895), Henry Matthews, P.C., K.C. [Descended from the Welsh family of Mathew of Llandaff, another branch of which were formerly Earls of Llandaff, peerage of Ireland.] b. Ceylon, 13 Jan o. s. of Hon. Henry Matthews, formerly of Belmont, Co. Hereford, Puisne Justice of Ceylon, and of Emma, d. of Wm. Blount, Orleton unmarried. A Roman Catholic. A Conservative in politics. Educ. : Bachelier es lettres of the University of Paris, 1842 B.A. and LL.B. with law scholarship, University of London, Fellow of University College, London. Member of Senate, University of London. Barr Q.C. and Bencher of Lincoln's Inn, 1868 M.P. Dungarvan, contested Dungarvan, 1874, 1880, and N. Birmingham, 1885 M.P. E. Birmingham, 1885 and 1892 Home Secretary, Publications : articles in the Law Magazine, National and Dublin Reviews. Recreation : hunting. Heir : none. Address : 6 Carlton Gardens, S.W. Clubs : Carlton, Athenaeum. [Died 3 Apr LLANGATTOCK (of the Hendre), 1st Baron (cr. 1892), John Allan Rolls, J.P., D.L Capt. Royal Gloucestershire Hussars (retired) Hon. Col. 1st Monmouthshire Volunteer Artillery b. The Hendre, 19 Feb o. s. of John E. W. Rolls and Elizabeth, d. of Walter Long, Preshaw, and Mary, d. of 7th Earl of Northesk m. Georgiana, d. of Sir Charles Fitzroy Maclean, 7th Bart, of Morvaren, Protestant Conservative two s. one d. Educ. : Eton Christ Church, Oxford. F.S.A. M.P. Monmouthshire, and 1892 contested northern Div. of Monmouthshire Provincial Grand Master of Freemasons, Eastern Div. South Wales, 1894 Mayor of Monmouth, 1897, Owned about 6100 acres in Monmouthshire had land in Southwark, Newington, Camberwell, Bermondsey pictures by Gainsborough, Romney, Terberg, Owen, Von Hoist, Harlow steam " yacht, Santa Maria." Was Master of Monmouthshire Hounds seven years. Recreation : yachting. Heir : s. Hon John Maclean Rolls. Address : South Lodge, Rutland Gate, S.W. The Hendre, Monmouth Llangattock Manor Croft-y- Bwla, Monmouth. Clubs : Carlton, Arthur's, Junior Carlton Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes. [Died 23 Sept. J912. LLEWELLYN, Col. Evan Henry, J.P. D.L. : 4th Batt. Somerset Militia (retired) b, 1847 s. of L. Llewellyn, Buckland Filleigh, Devon m. 1868, Mary (d. 1906), d. of T. Somers, M.P. N. Somerset, served South Africa. Address '. Langford Court, Somerset. Club : Carlton LLEWELLYN, Robert [Died 27 Feb William, J.P., D.L., b e. s. of late William Llewellyn J.P., D.L., of Court Colman and Baglan Hall, and late Eleanor Emma, d. of Rev Robert Knight of Tythegston Court m Harriet Annie, y. d. of Wm. Blandy ot LLOYD Kingston Bagpews, Berks four s. two d. Chairman of Newcastle and Ogmore Petty Sessions, and a Vice-Chairman of Quarter Sessions Capt. Royal Glamorgan Light Infantry Militia and formerly a Cornet in the Royal Dragoons. Address : Court Colman, Bridgend Baglan Hall, Britonferry, Glamorganshire. Club : Travellers'. [Died 10 Feb LLOYD, Rev. Arthur, M.A. Lecturer in English Literature, Imperial University, Naval Academy, and Higher Commercial School, Tokyo, Japan b. Simla, 10 April 1852 *. of late Major Frederick Lloyd, Bengal Native Infantry m. 1st, 1877, Maria Rosa Theresa Lloyd one s. two d. 2nd, Mary von Fallot (n6e Tolput). Educ. : Brewood Grammar School, Staffs. Peterhouse, Cambridge ( 1st class Classical Honours). Curate of St. Barnabas, Liverpool, 1875 Fellow and Dean of Feterhouse, 1877 Rector of Norton, 1879 Vicar of Hunston, Bury St. Edmunds, 1882 resigned both livings to go to Japan as Missionary S.P.G., 1884 Professor in the Keiogijuku, and instructor in Naval Academy Professor of Classics in Trinity College, Toronto, Headmaster of Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario Professor in the Keiogijuku, 1893 was reappointed at close of war with China to Naval Academy, succeeding late Lafcadio Hearn at Imperial University, 1903 was Lecturer at the Mercantile Marine College, and President of St. Paul's College, Tokyo President of the Asiatic Society of Japan, , now Librarian. Publications : Kenshin's Vision (a poem), 1893 Development of Japanese Buddhism, 1894 Nichiren (a poem), 1894 The Gospel of the Four, 1903 Buddhist Meditations, 1905 Imperial Songs (translations of Poems by the Emperor and Empress of Japan), 1905 Life of Admiral Togo, 1906 Confessions of a Husband (translations of Japanese novel), 1906 The Praises of Amida, 1907 Russo-Japanese War, fully illustrated, , etc. Formative Elements of Japanese Buddhism (Trans, of Asiatic Society of Japan), 1907 Kirchenvater und Mahayariismus (Mitt. d. deutschen Gesellschaft fur Natur und Volkerkunde Ostasiens), 1908 Everyday Japan, 1908 Shinran and His Work, 1910 : Birthday Book of Japanese Verse, 1910 The Creed of Half Japan, Address : Azabu, Tokyo. [Died 27 Oct LLOYD, Rt. Rev. Arthur Thomas, Bishop of Newcastle, from 1903 Archdeacon of Lynn Rector of North Creake since 1894 s. of Rev. Henry W. Lloyd, Vicar of Cholsey, Berks, and Georgiana Etough. Educ. : Magdalen Coll. School, Oxford St. Edmund's Hall, Oxford. Curate of Cholsey, Curate in charge of Watlington, Vicar of Aylesbury, Vicar of Newcastle - on - Tyne, late Hon. Canon and Rural Dean of Newcastle Bishop of Thetford (Suffragan to Norwich), Recreations : the usual ones in boyhood gardening. Address: Benwell Tower, Newcastle. [Died 29 May LLOYD, Rt. Rev. Daniel Lewis D.D. Bishop of Bangor (from 1890) b. 23 Nov s of John Lloyd, Penywern, Cardiganshire m. Elizabeth, d. of Rev. D. Lewis, Trawsfynydd, Merionethshire. Scholar of Jesus Coll Oxford. M.A Headmaster DoK gelly School and Curate of Dolgelly, Headmaster Friar's School, Bangor, Headmaster Christ Coll. Brecon, Publication : Emyniadur yr Eglwys (Welsh Hymn Book). Recreations : tennis, golf, cricket. Address : The Palace, Bangor Gwynfrvn, Llanarth, Cardiganshire. [Died 4 Aug

30 , late ".'. LLOYD WHO WAS WHO, LLOYD, Maj.-Gen. Francis Thomas, C.B retired pay b. 28 July 1838 s. of Mr. E. J. Lloyd, Q.C. m. 1st, 1864, Louisa (d. 1880), d. of late H. Visger 2nd, 1885, Penelope Rosalind, d. of late E. Surges, The Ridge, Chipping Sodbury, and widow of Archibald Douglas two s. three d. Educ. : Blackheath Proprietary School R.M.A. Woolwich. Lieut. R.A. 1 Oct Capt Maj Brev. Lieut.-Col Col Maj.-Gen Campaign in Egypt, 1882 Soudan, 1884 Nile, as D.A.A.G. and A.A.G. three times mentioned in despatches Brev. Lieut.-Col. and C.B. became D.A.G. for R.A. at headquarters, 1894 Governor R.M.A., Woolwich, Col. Commandant R.A., 1909 J.P., Co. Kent. Recreation: golf. Address : The Lawn, Upper Walmer, Kent. Club : United Service. [Died 18 Nov LLOYD, Col. George Evan, D.S.O., commanding 1st Batt. Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment) in South Africa from 1900 b Entered army 1876 Lieut.-Col served with 51st Light Infantry, Zowaki, 1877 (medal with clasp) Afghan War, (medal with clasp) Nile Expedition, (despatches, brevet of Major, medal with clasp, 4th cl. Medjidie, Khedive's star), Soudan Frontier Field Force, (despatches, D.S.O.) Sarraa (3rd cl. Medjidie) Suakim, 1888 (despatches, clasp) Suakim, 1899 (despatches, clasp) Dongola Expeditionary Force, 1896 (despatches, Lieut.-Col., medal) 2nd cl. Medjidie for services under Egyptian Government. Club : Naval and Military. [Died 29 Nov LLOYD, George Whitelocke, J.P., D.L. b m. 1st, 1854, Selina Jane (d. 1860), d. of Arthur Henry, of Lodge Park, Co. Kildare 2nd, 1861, Lady Anne Margaret Butler (d. 1901), d. of 3rd Earl of Carrick 3rd, 1904, Anna Maria, d. of George Wheeler Bennett of Ashbrook, Co. Limerick three d. Educ. : Trinity Coll. Cambridge. High Sheriff of Waterford, Address: Strancally Castle, Tallow, Waterford. Club : Kildare Street, Dublin. [Died 14 May LLOYD, Rt. Rev. John, D.D. Bishop of Swansea Suffragan to Bishop of St. David's from 1890 Rector of Cantref, Breconshire, from 1907 b. Newport, Pembrokeshire, Oct e. s. of William and Jane Lloyd m. Harriet, d. of Charles Bishop, Dolgarreg, Carmarthenshire, 1883 one s. three d. Educ. : Haverfordwest Cardigan Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. Scholar, Exhibitioner, and Prizeman (Divinity) B.A. Sen. Opt M.A D.D Ordained to the Curacy of Roehampton, London, 1876 Curate of Storrington, Sussex, 1877 Vicar of Llanfihangel Aberbythych, Carmarthenshire, Rector of Penboyr, Carmarthenshire, Vicar of Carmarthen, Vicar of Jeffreston and Reynalton, Vicar of Lampeter, Cardiganshire, Canon Residentiary of St. David's Cathedral, Treasurer, Publications : pamphlets, sermons, and addresses. Recreations : boating, fishing. Address : Cautref Rectory, Brecon. [Died 9 June LLOYD, Jordan, F.R.C.S., M.D., M.S., M.Sc., J.P. Professor of Surgery, University of Birmingham Consulting Surgeon, West Bromwich District Hospital and Dental Hospital, Birmingham Senior Surgeon, Queen's Hospital, Birmingham Consulting Surgeon, Birmingham and Midland Counties Hospital for Sick Children Lieut.-Colonel R.A.M.C. Officer commanding 1st Southern General Hospital, South Midland Division. 434 Educ. : Queen's College, Birmingham Durham University. Publication : c< tribution to Clinical and Operative Surge Address: 22 Broad Street, Birmingham The Mythe, Ampton Road, Edgbaston. [Died 4 Apr. 191 LLOYD, Admiral Rodney Maclaine, C.B retired b. 3 July 1841 s. of Edm Lloyd, Thornbury, Gloucestershire 1875, Catherine Louisa, d. of Hon. W. Pa. Georges two d. Educ. : Naval Academ Gosport. Entered R.N Command 1870 Capt Rear-Admiral, 1894 Vice-Admiral, 1900 Admiral, 1904 serve in Baltic, 1854 China, (despatches twice, medal, two clasps) against Chin pirates, (slightly wounded, thank by Hong-Kong Government, promoted) at New Orleans, 1874 (special appro- Lords of Admiralty) U.S. of Coloml 1875 E. Soudan, 1884 (medal and bron star) Commodore at Jamaica, Admiral-Supt. Malta Dockyard, commanded Mediterranean Fleet, Jul Sept member of Mercantile mittee of Board of Trade, January 1902 to May 1903 Assessor for Appeals, House ise of ui Lords Assessor for Shipping Casualties, ilties, Decorations : C.B., Jubilee med ledal, Baltic, China, Egypt and Khedive star, Humane Society. Address : 66 St. Thomas's Street, Portsmouth. Clubs : R.N., ortsmouth Royal Yacht, Cowes (hon.). [Died 16 May LLOYD, Tom, R.W.S. m. 1908, Constance, d. of late Henry Brooks and widow of G. Colebrook. Address : Lambolle Lodge, Littlehampton. [Died 23 Nov LLOYD, Wilson, F.R.G.S., J.P rd s. of late Samuel Lloyd and Mary, d. of late Joseph Honychurch of Falmouth, Cornwall m. 1883, Margaret Emily, 2nd surv. d. of Thomas Underbill, M.D., J.P., West Bromwich. M.P. Wednesbury and Mayor, 1888 and Address: Park Lane House, Woodgreen. Wednesbury Honychurch, Hampden-in-Arden. Clubs : Carlton, Junior Carlton. [Died 4 Sept LLOYD-MOSTYN, Maj.-Gen. Hon Sir Savage, K.C.B. cr C.B. (retired) Colonel llth Devonshire Regiment, rd Royal Welsh Fusiliers (retired) b. 27 Mar 1335 s. of 2nd Baron Mostyn m. 1891, Emily, d. of Rev G. Earle Welby of Barrowby, Lines one d. Entered army, 23rd Fusiliers, 1853 served Crimea, 1855 including Sebastopol and attack on Redan (medal with clasp, Turkish medal) Indian Mutiny, , including Lucknow (medal with two clasps) commanded headquarters Gold Coast throughout second phase Ashanti War, 1874 (several times despatches, C.B., medal with clasp) commanded a Regimental District, Maj.-Geri Address : Maes-y-Nant, Wrexham, Denbighshire. Club : Army* and Navy. [ Died 2 June LLUGEN see Cullen, Rev. John. LOCH, 1st Baron (cr. 1895). Henry Brougham Loch, P.C., G.C.B., G.C.M.G., D.C.L. (Hon. Oxford) Governor of Cape and High Commissioner for S. Africa, Hon. Col. 4th Batt. Cheshire Regt. from 1884 b. 23 May 1827 s. of James Loch, Drylaw, Midlothian. M.P., and Anne, d. of Patrick Orr, Bridgeton, Kincardinesnire m. Elizabeth, d. of Hon. Edward Ernest Villiers, niece 4th Earl of Clarendon, Served in ll.n cornet, 3rd Bengal Lt. Cavalry, 1844 A.D.C. to Lord Gough in Sutlej campaign Adjutant and 2nd in command of Skinner s Horse, 1852 raised Irregular Turkish cavalry in Bulgaria, 1854 attach^ to Earl of Elgin's mission to China, 1857,

31 Address : Ic King Street, St. James's, S.W. Club : East India United Service. [Died 1 Oct LOCHEE OF COWRIE, 1st Baron (cr. 1908), Rt. Hon. Edmund Robertson P.O LL.D., K.C., D.L. Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1872 Reader on Law to the Council of Legal Education b. Scotland, 28 Oct e. s. of Edmund Robertson, Kinnaird, Perthshire. Educ. : St. Andrews Corpus Christi College, Oxford (M.A.). Civil Lord of Admiralty, M.P. (L.) Dundee, Secretary to the Admiralty, Publications : American Home Rule numerous articles on legal and constitutional subjects in 9th edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica. Address : 49a Pall Mall, S.W. Castlemaine, Dulwich, S.E. Corpus Christi College, Oxford. Club: Reform. [Died 13 Sept LOCK, Robert Heath, M.A, Sc.D., F.L.S., F.R.H.S., Inspector H.M. Board of Agriculture and Fisheries from 1913 : b. Eton College, Windsor, 1879 s. of Rev. J. B. Lock m. 1910, Bella Sidney Woolf (author of children's books), e. d. of late Sidney Woolf, Q.C. Educ. : Charterhouse Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge. Scholar, 1899 Frank Smart Student, 1902 Fellow 1904 First Class Natural Science Tripos, Part , Part II Scientific Assistant to the Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya, Ceylon, 1902 Curator of the Cambridge University Herbarium, 1905 Assistant Director of Botanic Gardens. Ceylon, 1908 Acting Director, 1909, 1912 ' specially engaged in investigations in connection with Hevea rubber cultivation. Publications : Recent Progress in the Study of Variation, Heredity, and Evolution, 1906, 3rd ed Rubber and Rubber-Planting, 1913 numerous scientific papers on subjects connected with Genetics, Agriculture, and Botany, published chiefly in the Annals and Circulars of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya. Recreations : member of the winning Charterhouse VIII. at Bisley in 1898, golf, lawn-tennis. Address : Tregonna, Streetly, Staffs. [Died 25 June LOCKER-LAMPSON, Mrs. Jane, o. d. of Sir Curtis Lampson, Bt. m. 1874, Frederick Locker, late Clerk in the Admiralty (d. 1895) two s. two d. Publications : Bible Readings from the Gospels Bible Readings from the Acts Pedlar of Copthorne Common What the Blackbird Said. Address : Rowfant, Crawley, Sussex Newhaven Court, Cromer. [Died 26 May WHO WAS WHO, LOCOOK and afterwards at headquarters of army LOCKHART, Sir Graeme Alexander Sinclair, engaged in China brought Treaty of Yeddo 10th Bt., cr C.B., J.P, D.L. landed to England, 1858 secretary to Chinese proprietor, Lanarkshire held Sinclair of mission, and bearer of Treaty of Tien-tsin Stevenson Baronetcy b. 23 January 1820 and Convention of Pekin, I860 private s. of Robert Lockhart secretary to Home S. cousin, 1899 m. Secretary, Sir G. Grey 1861, Emily Udny, Lieut.-Governor of Isle of Man d. of James Brebner, advocate. Educ. : home chiefly. Entered Commissioner of H.M. Woods 78th Highlanders 1837 went to India, 1842 and Forests, Governor of Victoria, in Persia, 1857 served during the Mutiny, Governor of the Cape and High 1857 entered Lucknow with General Commissioner South Africa, Heir : Havelock's force and commanded his s. Hon. Edward regiment. Decorated for having commanded Douglas Loch, D.S.O., Grenadier Guard*, b Address : 23 regiment in Lucknow. Recreations: Lowndes general Square, S.W. Stoke College, Stoke medals : Persian and Indian. Heir : n. by Clare, Suffolk. Clubs : Athenaeum, Marlborough, Travellers'. [Died 20 June House, Wishaw, N.B. Clubs : Robert Duncan. Address : Cambusnethan New, Edinburgh Conservative, Glasgow. LOCH, Lieut.-Col. William, C I.E b. 20 Aug s. of late T. C. Loch, B.C.S., ra. [Died 20 March , Caroline Eleanor Mary, e. d. of late LOCKHART, W. E., R.S.A b. Dumfries. Gen. Henry Knightley Burne, C.B. one d. Painted, by Royal Command, the Jubilee Entered Bengal Infantry, 1862 served in Service in Westminster Abbey, N.W. Frontier campaign, , being [Died 9 Feb present at forcing of Umbeyla Pass (medal LOCKIE, John J.P. Co. Devon b. Glasgow, with clasp) A.D.C. to six Viceroys, s. of John Lockie, Glasgow merchant, and gazetted Lieut.-Col and Elizabeth Laidlaw Smythe m Principal of Mayo Chiefs' College, Ajmer, three d. Educ. : George Watson's College, placed on U.S. List, Edinburgh. Founder of the National Industrial Association, 1901 originator of the South African Trade Commission, 1902, the entire expenses of which he was responsible for. Conservative contested Devonport, 1900 M.P. (C.) Devonport, Recreations : golf, billiards, collecting Japanese curios. Address : Buston Hall, Lesbury, R.S.O., Northumberland. Club : Southwestern, Plymouth. [Died 26 Jan LOCKROY, Edouard (Etienne Augusts Edouard Simon) b. Paris, 18 July 1838 s. of Joseph Philippe Simon m. 1877, widow of Victor Hugo's son. Took part in Garibaldi's Expedition to Sicily, 1860 Secretary to Renan on his tour in Palestine, 1864 commanded a battalion during siege of Paris, 1870 : elected Deputy for the Seine, 1872 Bouches-du-Rhone, 1873 Aix, 1876 Minister of Commerce, Minister of Education, Minister of Marine, , 1898, Publication: Au Hasard de la Vie. Address : 41 Boulevard Lannes, Paris, XVK [Died 22 Nov LOCKWOOD, Charles Barrett, F.R.C.S. Consulting Surgeon, St. Bartholomew's Hospital Member of Council, Royal College of Surgeons, England President (retired), Anatomical Society President (retired), Harveian Society of London President (retired) Medical Society of London Professor, Royal College of Surgeons, and 1895 Surgeon (retired), Great Northern Central Hospital. Publications : Aseptic Surgery, 2nd ed A Radical Cure of Hernia, Hydrocele, and Varicocele, 1899 The Surgery and Pathology of Appendicitis, 2nd ed Cancer of the Breast, Address : 19 Upper Berkeley Street, W. Club : Conservative. [Died 8 Nov LOCKWOOD, Sir Francis, Kt. cr Manchester Grammar School and St. Paul's, London Q.C. M.P. (L.) York since 1885 b m. Julia, d. of late S. Schwabe, Educ. : Caius Coll. Camb. (B.A. 1869). Barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1872 Q.C Recorder of Sheffield, 1884 Solicitor-Gen caricaturist, contributor to Punch. Address : 26 Lennox Gardens, S.W. 2 Paper Buildings, Temple, B.C. 547 and 548 Royal Courts of Justice Coburg Hill. Cloughton, near Scarborough. Clubs : Brooks's, Garricic. [Died 19 Dec LOCOCK, Col. Herbert, C.B. (Civil), 1894 retired Colonel of Royal Engineers b. London, 28 March th and y. s. of late Sir Charles Locock, 1st Bart. m. 1st, 1863, Agnes Edith Fanny (d. 1877), d of F. T. Coxworthy, Deputy Comroissary- 435

32 LODER WHO WAS WHO, General 2nd, 1882, Adelaide, widow of Capt. H. A. Mackey, R.A. one s. three d. Educ. : Harrow Royal Military Acad., Woolwich. Lieut. Royal Engineers, 1856 Capt., 1865 Major, 1873 Brevet Lieut.- Col., 1881 Lieut.-Col. R.E., 1881 Col., 1885 Assistant-Director of Works at Headquarters, Deputy Inspector- General of Fortifications at Headquarters, retired Decorated for work at headquarters. Address : Frensham Grove, Farnham, Surrey. Club : Junior United Service. [Died 13 Aug LODER, Major Eustace Steward Jockey Club from 1912 J.P. Co. Kildare High Sheriff, 1912 b. 16 May th s. (twin with Sydney) of Sir Robert Loder, 1st Bt. Educ. : Eton Trinity College, Cambridge. Fifteen years in 12th Lancers Adjutant, Member of Jockey Club Steward of Turf Club and National Hunt Club, Ireland won Derby with Spearmint, 1906 Oaks, St. Leger, etc., with Pretty Polly. Address : 95 Mount Street, W. Eyrefteld Lodge, Co. Kildare. [Died 27 July LO FENG-LUH, Sir Chih Chen, K.C.V.O., a functionary of the 2nd rank Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of H.I.M. the Emperor of China in Russia, b th s. of Lo Shao Tsung, a distinguished scholar of Foochow, South China m. 1st, Ouei (d. 1899), sister of Ouei Han Taotai, superintendent of Foochow Arsenal 2nd, Kiping Ouei, cousin to the 1st. Educ. : privately by his father, and at Imperial Naval College, Pagoda Anchorage, River Min. Passed out as most successful student of the Foochow College with full marks in Attache" to first permanent Chinese Legation, London, in 1877 transferred to Berlin in appointed secretary to H.E. Viceroy Earl Li Hung Chang in 1882 became his first secretary on important foreign missions, including those of peace negotiations at Shimonoseki, Japan, in 1895 and congratulatory embassy to coronation of the Tsar and subsequent European and American tour in 1896 industrial tour to England and Scotland, : Minister in England to Publications: Problems in Nautical Astronomy and Navigation Solutions of Problems by Indeterminate Equations. Translations : China (Lord C. Beresford), 1899 One Hundred Greatest Men in History of the World, Recreations : collecting the old Chinese caligraphy and books, and studying the comparative philology. Address : Foochow, South China. Clubs : Athenseum, St. James's. [Died 10 June LOPTIE, Rev. William J., F.S.A., F.Z.S. retired Assistant Chaplain, Chapel Royal, Savoy, b. 25 July 1839 e. s. of John Henry Loftie, Tanderagee, Co. Armagh, and Jane Crozier m. Jeannie, widow of J. J. Burnett, Gadgirth, Ayr, 1865 one d. Educ. : privately Trin. Coll. Dublin (B.A.). Joined staff of Saturday Review, 1874 National Observer, Publications : The Latin Year, 1873 Plea for Art in the House, 1877 Memorials of the Savoy, 1879 A Ride in Egypt, 1879 A History of London, 2 vols Authorised Guide to the Tower of London, 1886 Windsor, 1887 Westminster Abbey, 1890 Inigo Jones and Wren, 1893 Inns of Court, 1894 Whitehall, 1895, and London, 1887, in Prof. Freeman's Series of Historic Towns London Afternoons, 1901 Coronation Book of Edward VII., 1902 Colour of London, 1907 five chapters in Poets' Country, 1907 and several smaller books on art and archaeology edited Orient Guide. Recreation: searching for unrestored churches. Address : 3A Sheffield Terrace, Kensington, W. Clubs : Savile, Burlington Fine Arts. [Died 16 June LOFTUS, Rt. Hon. Lord Augustus Will Frederick Spencer, G.C.B., P.C. an ex- Ambassador, retired on a pension after nearly fifty years' service b. 4 October 1817 s. of 2nd Marquis of Ely and Anne, d. of Sir Henry Dashwood m. 1845, Emma (d!. 1902), 2nd d. of Admiral H. Greville. Educ. : private tutor. Attache" Berlin, 1837 Stuttgart, 1844 Secretary to Sir Stratford Canning (afterwards Viscount Stratford do Redcliffe) on special mission to the Courts of Europe, 1848 Secretary Legation Stuttgart, 1852 Berlin, 1853 Envoy at Vienna, 1858 Berlin, 1860 Munich, 1862 Ambassador, Berlin, 1865 North German Confederation, St. Petersburg, Governor of New South Wales and Norfolk Island, opened the first International Australian Exhibition at Sydney, Publication : The Diplomatic Reminiscences of Lord Augustus Loftus. [Died 7 March LOGAN, Sir Charles Bowman, Knight, cr b s. of John Logan, W.S., Edinburgh m. Margaret, d. of Robert Romanes, Craigerne, Peeblesshire, Educ. : Edinburgh Institution Edinburgh University, LL.D. Writer to the Signet, 1860 Crown Agent for Scotland, contested (U.) counties of Elgin and Nairn, 1889 Deputy Keeper of the' Signet in Scotland, Address : 12 Rothesay Place, Edinburgh. Clubs : Devonshire, Caledonian New. University, Edinburgh. [Died 2 March 1907, LOGAN, Lt.-Col. Ed. Townshend, D.S.O rd Batt. Cheshire Regt. served S. Africa, (despatches twice, Queen's medal, 3 clasps, King's medal, 2 clasps, D.S.O.) m. 1896, Hilda Emma Frances, d. of late Carruthers Johnstone, and widow of Walter Duckworth. [Died 26 Sept LOGIN, Rear-Admiral Spencer Henry Mrtcalfe Login, C.V.O at one time A.D.C. to King Edward VII. Capt.-Gen. Depot, Portsmouth Sept Educ. : Wellington College. Entered Navy, 1865 Lieut Commander, 1888 Captain, 1895 Rear-Admiral, 1906 served Ashanti, (medal and clasp) Suakin, (medal and clasp, Khedive's star). Recreation : played Rugby football for England, Address: Wakefield, Claygate, Surrey. Club : United Service. [Died 22 Jan LOMAX, Maj.-Gen. Samuel Holt b. 2 Aug Entered Army, 1874 Capt. Scottish Rifles, 1880 Major, 1886 Lt.-Col Col Maj.-Gen A.A.G. 2nd Army Corps, Brig.-Gen. 10th Brigade, General Officer commanding 1st Division since Address: Aldershot. [Died 10 Apr LOMBROSO, Cesare, Alienist-Professor of Psychiatry, Univ. of Turin b. Verona, 1836 m one s. two d. Educ. : Univ. of Turin. Publications : in English Man of Genius, 1891 Female Offender, 1895 in Italian Pensiero e meteore, 1878 Sull' incremento del delitto in Italia e sui mezzi per arrestarlo, 1879 L'amore nei pazzi, 1881 Omicidio e furto per amore pazzesce, 1883 Sul mancinismo motorio e sensorio nel sano, nel pazzo sordo-muto, ciecp-nato e nel criminale, 1884 Lettere politiche e polemiche sulla pellagra in Italia, 1885 Delitti di libidine, 1886 Tre tribuni studiati da un alienista, 1887 Studi sull ipnotismo, 1887 Le nuove conquiste della psichiatria, 1887 Troppo presto, 1888 L'homme de ge"nie, 1889 Sulla medicina legale del cadavere, 1890 Palimsesti del carcere, 1891 L'uomo bianco e I'uomo di colore, 1892 Microcefaliae cretinismo, 1892 Fossa occipitale mediana delle razze umane Dell' influenza dell' orografla nelle stature,

33 WHO WAS WHO, LONGWORTH 1892 Trattato profllattico e clinico della pellagra, 1892 Le piu recent! scoperte ed applicazioni della psichiatria ed antropologia criminale, 1893 Le piaghe d' Italia, 1893 L' uomo di genio in rappotro alia psichiatria, alia storia ed all' estetica : sesta edizione : 1894 Gli anarchici, 1894 L'homme criminel, 1895 Studii clinici ed esperimentali sulla pellagra, 1892 Crime politique, 2 vols., 1891 La pazzia nei tempi antichi e nei moderni La femme criminelle et le prostitute, Torino, 1895 L' uomo clelinquente in rapporto all' antropologia, alia giurisprudenza ed alle discipline carcerare : quinta edizione, 1897 Les conque~tes recentes de la psychiatrie, 1898 Le crime : causes et remedes, 1899 Lezioni di medicina lagale, 1900 Delitti vecchi e delitti ntioyi, 1902 Lombroso e Laschi, il delitto politico e le rivoluzioui in rapporto al diritto, all r antropologia criminale ed alia scienza di governo, Recreation : bicycling, Address : Torino, Via Legnano, 26. [Died 19 Oct LONDESBOROUGH, 1st Earl of (cr. 1887), William Henry Forester Denison, D.L. Baron Londesborough, 1850 Viscouat Raincliffe, 1887 Vice-Admiral of the Yorkshire Coast Hon. Col. 2nd Batt. East Yorkshire Regt. since 1893 b. 19 June 1834 e. s. of 1st Baron and 1st wife, 4th d. of 1st Lord Forester S. father in barony I860 m. Edith, y. d. of 7th Duke of Beaufort, K.G., Was Hon. Col. 2nd Brigade East Yorkshire Artillery Volunteers, 1860 Hon. Col. 1st Volunteer Batt. East Yorkshire Regt M.P.(L.) for Beverley, Scarborough, Owned about 52,700 acres. Heir : s. Viscount Raincliffe, b Address : 29 Grosvenor Square, W. Londesborough Lodge, Scarborough Londesborough Park, Market Weighton. Clubs : Carlton, Turf. [Died 19 Apr LONDONDERRY, 6th Marquess of (cr. 1816), Charles Stewart Vane - Tempest - Stewart, G.C.V.O., cr K.G., P.C., LL.D., D.L., J.P. Aide-de-Camp to the King, Baron Londonderry, 1789 Viscount Castlereagh, 1795 Earl of Londonderry, 1796 Baron Stewart, 1814 Earl Vane, Viscount Seaham, 1823 sat under creations 1814 and 1823 [Sir Piers Tempest served at Agincourt, 1415 a descendant of his was John Tempest, whose heir was Sir Henry Vane-Tempest, who was also heir of Rev. Sir Henry Vane, 1st Bt. his d. married 3rd Marquis of Londonderry 2nd Marquis of Londonderry is known to history as Vis- C9unt Castlereagh 3rd Marquis was a distinguished general officer under Wellington and diplomatist] Hon. Col. 2nd Durham Artillery Volunteers since 1876 Hon. Col. North Down Rifles, 1902 Lieut, for the County of the City of Belfast, for Co. Down from 1902 b. London, 16 July 1852 e. s. of 5th Marquis and Mary, e. d. of Sir John Edwards, 1st and last Bart. S. father 1884 m. Lady Theresa Susy Helen Chetwynd-Talbot, e. d. of 19th Earl of Shrewsbury, 1875 [Lady Londonderry is the author of Robert Stewart, Viscounl Castlereagh] one s. one d. Educ. : Eton Christ Church, Oxford. M.P. (C.) Co. Down Viceroy of Ireland, Chairman London School Board, Postmaster- General, President the Board of Education, Lord-President o the Council, Order King Charles III of Spain, Owned 50,400 acres. Heir s. Viscount Castlereagh. Address : London derry House, Park Lane, W. Wynyard Park Stockton-on-Tees Seaham Hall, Sunderland Mount Stewart, Newtownards, Co. Down Club : Carlton. [[Died 8 Feb LONG, Sir George Henry, K.B., cr solicitor b. 19 July th s. of William Long and Harriet Hopson m. 1st, 1851, Jane (d. 1867), d. of Capt. John Crockett 2nd, 1868, Rose, sister of Sir C. J. Palmer, Bt. Held many public offices Town Clerk of Windsor, Mayor of Windsor Alderman of the County Council Chairman Windsor Royal Gas Company, etc. Rowed at Henley in the Windsor 4 for three years. Owned 162 acres, 248 houses Address : Beaumont House, Windsor. [Died 22 Jan LONG, Charles Wigram, J.P., D.L. Colonel R A. (retired) b s. of late Ven. Archdeacon Long and Anna, d. of Sir R. Wigram, Bt. m. Constance, 7th d. of late Col. Vansittart, Coldstream Guards M.P. (C.) Evesham Div. Worcester, Address : Severn Bank, Severn Stoke, Worcester. Club : Carlton. [Died 13 Dec LONG, Ven. Robert, Archdeacon of Auckland from 1881 Rector of Bishop Wearmouth from 1884 b. Norfolk s. of Edward Long. Educ. : Corpus Christi College, Cambridge (M.A., Wrangler and Fellow) Crosse University Scholar. Ordained 1856 Vicar of St. Simon, Chelsea, 1863 Vicar of Erith, Kent, 1871 Vicar of St. Andrew, Auckland, Address : Bishop Wearmouth Rectory, Sunderland. [Died 24 Nov LONGFIELD, Captain John Percival, M.V.O Norfolk Regt. b. 27 Oct Address : Norfolk Regt., Aldershot. [Died 1 Oct LONGHURST, Dr. William Henry b. Lambeth, 6 Oct s. of James Longhurst, organ builder m Educ. : Chorister's School, Canterbury, Mus. Doc. Cantuar. et Toronto Honoris Causa. Assistant organist of Canterbury Cathedral, organist, retired as hon. organist, Publications : anthems, part songs, violin and pianoforte duets, collection of short anthems, cantata for ladies' voices, The Village Fair. Recreations : walking, gardening, chess, whist, etc. Address : 5 Summer Hill, Harbledown, near Canterbury. [Died 17 June LONGLEY, Sir Henry, K.C.B., cr Chief Charity Commissioner for England and Wales b e. s. of late M9st Rev. Charles T. Longley, D.D., Archbishop of Canterbury, and Caroline, d. of 1st Lord Congleton m. Diana, 2nd d. of John Davenport, Foxley, Co. Hereford, Educ. : Rugby Christ Church, Oxford. Barr. Lincoln's Inn, Address : 8 Lawndes Street, S.W. Gwydyr House, Whitehall, S.W. Clubs : Carlton, Athenaeum. [Died 25 Dec LONGSTAFFE, Amyas Philip, Judge of County Courts (Circuit No. 12 Halifax, Huddersfleld, and Dewsbury) b. 28 Sept e. s. of John Lawrance Longstaffe, 3 Upper Westbourne Terrace, W. m. 1884, Alice Rose, e. d. of L. Lewis of Horton, Bradford two d. one s. Educ. : Westminster and abroad. Called to Bar, 1880 read in Chambers of Sir Robert (then Mr.) Finlay joined N.E. Circuit and W.R.Y. Sessions, 1884 Revising Barrister for City of Bradford and Shipley, Keighley, and Skipton Divisions, 1890 junior Counsel to Board of Trade in Wreck Enquiries, 1905 a Commissioner for the holding of Formal Investigations under the Boiler Explosions Acts Assistant Recorder of Leeds, Address : 17 Cumberland Road, Leeds. Club : Union. [Died 13 June LONGWORTH, Francis Travus Dames, H.M. Lord-Lieutenant and Gustos Rotulorum for Co. Westmeath from 1892 b nd s of late Francis Longworth Dames, Green- 437

34 LONSDALE WHO WAS WHO, hill, King's Co. m. Frances, d. of late William Noble. Educ. : Cheltenham College Trinity College, Dublin. Senior Moderator and First Gold Medallist, Trinity College, Dublin, Irish Bar, 1855 Q.C Bencher, 1876 Lieutenant and Gustos Rotulorum of King's Co., Recreations : field sports. Address : Glynwood, Athlone Clubs : Kildare Street, Dublin Constitutional. [Died 3 Dec LONSDALE, Rev. John Gylby, Canon of Lichfleld from 1855 b. London, 28 Jan nd s. of John Lonsdale, afterwards Bishop of Lichfleld, and Sophia, d. of John Bolland, M.P. m. o. c. of David Jardine Barrister, 1845 four d. Educ. : Eton, Shrewsbury Trin. Coll. Camb. (Scholar) Secretary National Society for Church Education, Reader at Temple Church, Examining Chaplain to Bishops Selwyn, Maclagan, and Legge. Publications : An Exposition of the Parables, 1856 Recollections of Work done in Lichfleld Cathedral, Recreations : in former days rowing, foreign travel. Address : The Close, Lichfleld. Club : Athenseum. [Died 8 Apr LOPES, George, J.P., M.Inst.C.E., Major Engineer and Railway Staff Corps b o. surv. s. of Ralph Ludlow Lopes and Elizabeth, d. of S. T. Kekewich of Peamore, Exeter m. Hon. Ernestine Frances, d. of 1st Baron Ludlow, Educ. : Winchester : Jesus College, Cambridge (B.A.). Recreations : shooting and fishing. Address : Sandridge Park, Melksham. Clubs : Conservative, Oxford and Cambridge. [Died 28 June LOPES, Rt. Hon. Sir Massey, 3rd Bt., cr P.C., J.P, D.L. b S. father 1854: m. 1st, Hon. Bertha Yarde-Buller, d. of 1st Lord Churston, 1854 (d. 1872) one s. 4th Marquis was a general officer, fought at Fontenoy, 1745, commanded the cavalry on the Royalist left at Culloden, and served abroad 5th Marquis was also a distinguished officer] Lord Keeper of Privy Seal of Scotland since 1874 Hon. Col. 3rd Batt. Royal Scots Regt. since 1889 Capt.-Gen. Royal Corps of Archers since 1884 President Society of Antiquaries, Scotland, and B,. Geographical Society of Scotland Knight of Grace of St. John of Jerusalem, 1899 b. 2 Dec nd 8. of 7th Marquis and o. d. of 2nd Earl Talbot S. b rr,.. Victoria, e. d. of 4th Duke of Buccleuoh, K.G., Educ. : Glenalmond Eton New College, Oxford. On Sir J. Outram's Staff. Persia, 1857 entered Diplomatic Service and became 2nd Sectetary at Frankfort, 1862 Madrid and Vienna, 1865 Secretary for Scotland, Keeper of Great Seal, Vice-President of Council of Education for Scotland, Lord Rector of Edinburgh University, Owned about 32,400 acres. Heir : s. Lord Jedburgh. Address : 39 Grosvenor Square, W Newbattle Abbey, near Dalkeith Blickling Hall, Aylsham, Norfolk Monte viot, Jedburgh. Clubs: Carlton, Travellers'. [Died 17 Jan LOUDON, James, President of the University of Toronto from and Professor of Physics from 1887 b. Toronto, 1841, of Irish parentage m. 1872, Julia, d. of John Lorn M'Dougall of Renfrew. Educ. : The Grammar School, Upper Canada College and University of Toronto. B.A., M.A., LL.D., Univ. of Toronto LL.D. Queen's, Princeton and Glasgow Universities D.C.L., Trinity University (Toronto) F.R. Soc. of Canada Pres. R.S.C. (1901-2). Math. Tutor in Univ. Coll., Toronto, 1863 Classic and Math. Tutor Math. Tutor and 2nd, Louisa, d. of Sir R. Newman, 1st Bt., Dean of Residence, 1865 Prof, of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy, Educ. : Winchester Oriel College, Oxford (M.A.). Lord of Admiralty, Publications : various Mathematical and 1880 M.P. Westbury, S. Devon, Physical papers in Journal of Canadian Heir: s. Henry Yarde-Buller, Institute, the Philosophical Magazine, the b [m. 1891, Lady Albertha Louisa American Jour, of Math, and the Trans, of Florence Edgcumbe, d. of 4th Earl of Royal Soc. of Canada. Address: 83 St. Mount Edgecumbe]. Address : Marristow, George Street, Toronto, Canada. Roborough, S. Devon 28 Grosvenor Gardens, S.W. Clubs: Conservative, Carlton. LOUIS, Sir Charles, 4th Bt. cr Maj.- [Died 20 Jan Gen. (retired) b s. of Sir John Louis, LORIMER, John Gordon, C.I.E Indian 2nd Bt., and Clementina, d. of Lieut.-Col. Civil Service b. 14 June 1870 s. of Rev. W. Kirkpatrick S. nephew 1893 m. 1st, R. Lorimer of Strathmartine, Dundee Jane, d. of J. M'Kay 2nd, Ada Georgina, m. 1903, Marian Agnes, o. d. of G. C. d. of Maclean, Rev. J. C. Napleton. Entered Army Edinburgh two d. Educ. : Edinburgh (Royal Marines), 1837 Lieut.-Col., 1862 University Christ Church, Oxford. Maj.-Gen., 1873 present at storming of Appointed, 1889 Assistant Commissioner, Sidon, 1840, in Syrian Expedition in Baltic Punjab, T Assistant Political Officer Expedition, bombardment of Acre, Tochi Field Force, 1897 Political Officer, and occupation of same. Heir : s. Charles, North Waziristan, Political b. Officer, Clubs: Junior United Service, Khyber, 1899 Assistant Secretary, Government of India, Foreign Department, LOVELACE, 2nd Earl of (cr. 1838), Ralph Ramblers'. [Died 6 Feb Deputy Commissioner, Frontier Gordon Noel Milbanke, D.L. Baron Wentworth, 1529 Province, 1901 Special Blockade Officer, Baron King and Ockham, Mahsud Blockade, Foreign Office Viscount Ockham, 1838 [1st Baron Simla, Political Resident, Baghdad, King was n. of John Locke, the philosopher, since Publications : Customary Law and became Lord Chief Justice of Common of the Peshawar District Grammar and Pleas and Lord High Chancellor, th Vocabulary of Waziri Pashto. A ddress : Baron was created Earl of Lovelace, and m. Baghdad. Club : East India United Service. [Died 9 Feb Baron Byron, who was heiress through her 1835, Hon. Augusta Ada, the o. c. of 6th LOTHIAN, 9th Marquess of (cr. 1701), Schomberg Henry Kerr, K.T., P.C., LL.D. (Hon. descended to her son] b. 2 July 1839 s. mother to the Barony of Wentworth, which Edinburgh, 1882), D.L. Lord Newbattle, of 1st Earl and 1st wife, o. d. of the Poet Lord 1591 Earl of Lothian, 1606 Baron Byron S. father 1893, and b. in barony Jedburgh, 1622 Earl of Ancrum, Baron 1862 m. 1st, 1869, Fannie (d. 1878), Kerr of Nisbet, Baron Long-Newton and d. of Rev. George Heriot 2nd, 1880, Mary, Dolphingston, 1633 Viscount of Brien, e. d. of Rt. Hon. James Stuart Wortley. Baron Kerr of Newbattle, 1701 Baron Ker Owned about 18,500 acres. Heir : to earldom, half-b. Hon. Lionel F. King Noel (U.K.), 1821 [1st Baron was an extra-ordinary Lord of Session 1st Marquis was High to barony, d. Lady Ada Mary Milbanke. Commissioner to the General Assembly Address: Wentworth House, Swan Walk, 438

35 ' M.P. WHO WAS WHO, LUARD Chelsea Embankment, S.W. Ockham Park, Surrey. Club : Athenaeum. [Died 28 Aug LOVETT, Rev. Richard, M.A. Secretary, Religious Tract Society from 1899 b. Croydon, 5 Jan m. 1879, Annie H., d. of late W. Reynolds, Lowood, Torquay. Educ. : Cheshunt College graduated, London University, B.A. Honours in Philosophy, 1873 M.A., Minister of St. Stephen's Church, Countess of Huntingdon's Connection, Rochdale, Book Editor, Religious Tract Society, Publications : Norwegian Pictures, drawn with pen and pencil, 1885 Pictures from Holland, 1887 Irish Pictures, 1888 London Pictures, 1890 United States Pictures, 1891 James Gilmour of Mongolia, 1892 The Printed English Bible, , 1894 The History of the London Missionary Society, , 1899 The English Bible in the John Ryland's Library, 1899 James Chalmers : his Autobiography and Letters, Recreations : cycling and golf. Address : R.T.S., 65 St. Paul's Churchyard, E.C. Club : National Liberal. [Died 22 Dec LOW, Gen. Alexander, C.B th Hussars b Entered army, 1835 General, 1880 served Crimea, (medal with four clasps, Brevet Lieut.-Col.,. Kt of Legion of Honour, Sardinian and Turkish medals, 4th class Medjidie). Club : Army and Navy. [Died 8 July LOW, Lord Alexander Low, J.P. a Lord of Session, Scotland b s. of James Low, The Laws, Berwickshire m. Annie, d. of Lord Mackenzie, Lord of Session, Educ. : Cheltenham St. Andrews University St. John's Coll. Camb. (B.A. 1st class Honours). Called to Scotch Bar, 1870 Address : 12 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh The Laws, Edrom. Club : Athenaeum. [Died 14 Oct LOW, Sir Hugh, G.C.M.G., cr F.L.S., F.Z.S., F.A.S. retired Colonial officer, 1887 b. 10 May 1824 s. of Hugh Low m. 1st, 1848, Catherine (d. 1851), d. of W. Napier 2nd, Anne, d. of Gen. Sir R. P. Douglas, 4th Bt., Educ. : private schools. Visited Borneo at 19, became acquainted with late Rajah of Sarawak, Sir James Brooke, 1845 appointed Inspector to colony of Labuan, 1848 British Resident of Perak, Publication : Sarawak, its Inhabitants and Protections, Address : 23 De Vere Gardens, Kensington, W. [Died 18 Apr LOW, Gen. Sir Robert Cunliffe, G.C.B., cr Keeper of the Crown Jewels from 1909 b. 28 Jan s. of late Gen. Sir John Low, K.C.B. m. 1862, Constance (d. 1900), d. of late Captain Taylor, H.E.I.C.S. Entered Bengal Cavalry, 1854 served in Indian Mutiny Afghan War, Burman War, commanded Chitral Expedition, 1895 commanded the Forces at Bombay, December Address : St. Thomas's Tower, Tower of London. Club : United Service. [Died 6 Aug LOWE, Rev. Canon Edward Clarke, D.D. b. Everton, 15 Dec Educ. : private school, Liverpool Lincoln College, Oxford ^Porta Latina and Divina Commedia di Dante. Address : Henfleld, Sussex, R.S.O. '^College, Ely, Cambs. [Died 31 March 1912 LOWRY, Henry Dawson b. Truro, 22 Feb Educ. : Queen's Coll. Taunton Oxford, unattached (B.A.). Began writing in National Observer, 1891 came to London, 1893 wrote for Pall Mall Gazette went on staff, 1895 staff of Black and White (edited Ludgate), staff of Morning Post, 1897 wrote as The Impenitent in the Daily Express. Publications : Wreckers and Methodists, 1893 Women's Tragedies, 1895 A Man of Moods, 1896 Make Believe, 1896 The Happy Exile, 1897 The Hundred Windows (Poems), Address: 49 Dulwich Road, Herne Hill, S.E. [Died 23 Oct LOWRY, Lieut.-Gen. Robert William, C.B. 1871, retired b. 20 March 1824 s. of Capt. W. Lowry, R.N., Drumreagh, Dungannon m. Emily, d. of late Sir H. G. Ward, G.C.M.G., Governor of Madras. Educ. : Gracehill Royal School of Dungannon Belfast Academy. A.D.C. to Lord High Commissioner, Corfu, Resident of Zante. In Crimea, 47th Foot, Alma, Balaclava, and Sebastopol on Staff, Adj.-General's department, in Crimea and at Scutari Lieut.-Col. 47th Foot, commanded Field Force against Fenian Raid at Fort Erie, 1866 (Canadian General service medal and clasp) commanded Brigade Depot, Preston Colonel Princess Charlotte of Wales or Royal Berkshire Regiment from 1894 Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in England. Decorated for service in the field. Owned 1800 acres in Ireland. Address : 25 Warrington Crescent, W. Clubs : United Service, The Grosvenor Fellow and Member of Council Royal Colonial Institute. [Died 8 June M.P. (C.) Kent, Thanet, from 1888 J.P. b s. of late Sir C. H. Lowther, 3rd Bt. unmarried. Educ. : Westminster Trin. Coll. LOWTHER, Rt. Hon. James, P.O. Camb. Called to the Bar at the Inner Temple, 1864 J.P., D.L., and County Alderman for North Riding of Yorkshire an Admiralty Commissioner of the Tees Conservancy M.P. York, N. Lincolnshire, Parliamentary Secretary to Poor Law Board, 1868 Under-Secretary for Colonies, Chief Secretary for Ireland, Address : 59 Grosvenor Street, W. Wilton Castle, Redcar. [Died 12 Sept LOWTHER, Hon. William, D.L. and J.P. Westmorland and Cumberland J.P. Bedfordshire and Suffolk b m. 1853, Hon. Charlotte Alice (d. 1908), 3rd d. of 1st Baron Wensleydale four s. two d. Educ. : Magdalene Coll. Camb. Entered Diplomatic Service, 1841 Attache", Secretary of Legation, Secretary of Embassy, Minister at Buenos Ayres, (C.) Westmorland, N. Div. Westmorland, Address : Lowther Lodge, S.W. Campsey Ash, Wickham Market, Suffolk. Clubs : Carlton, Travellers'. [Died 23 Jan LOYD, Lewis Vivian, J.P., D.L. b e. s. of late William Jones Loyd, J.P., of (3rd class Lit. Hum., 1846). Second Master Langleybury, Herts, and Caroline Gertrude, of King's School, Ottery St. Mary, and Curate d. of late John H. Vivian, M.P., of Singleton, of parish Deacon, Headmaster of Co. Glamorgan m. 1879, Lady Mary, d. of St. John's College, Hurstpierpoint, th Earl of Donoughmore. Educ. : Eton. Provost of Denstone College, Canon Late Lieut.iGrenadier Guards M.P., Chatham Residentiary of Ely, 1873 Provost of St Clubs: Guards', Bachelors'. Nicolas College, La'ncing, Proctor [Died 21 Sept for Dean and Chapter of Ely, Publications : Erasmi Colloquia Selecta LUARD, Maj.-Gen. Charles Edward, F.R.G.S. An English late R.E. b. 13 Oct e. surv. s. of Primer of Religious and General Instruction late Major Luard Selby of Ightham Mote and George Herbert, Church Poet, with Notes 1st wife, e. d. of Col. Richard Elmhirst of Young Englishman's First Poetry Book West Ashby, Lines m. 1875, y. d. of Thomas 439

36 LUARD WHO WAS WHO, Hartley of Gillfoot, Cumberland one s. Entered army, 1857 Lieut.-Col Col Maj. -Gen reconstructed Household Cavalry Barracks, Windsor, Executive Officer, London, during Fenian disturbance, 1867 accompanied mission to Sultan of Morocco, 1868 devised scheme for rearmament of Gibraltar, 1871 served on Staff Headquarters, made the United Service Recreation Ground at Portsmouth, C.R.E in Natal and Zululand was for fourteen years C.C. Kent magistrate and member of Grand Jury founded the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs, 1901, and the Patriotic Society, 1907 lectured at Royal United Service Institution and elsewhere. Publications : several treatises. Recreations : fishing, golf, and shooting. Address : Ightham Knoll, Kent. Club : Naval and Military. [Died 18 Sept LUARD, Adm. Sir William Garnham, K.C.B., cr retired Admiral b 7 Apr e. s. of Wm. Wright Luard, The Lodge, Witham, Essex, and Charlotte Garnham m. Charlotte, d. of Rev. H. Du Cane, Witham, 1858 three s. eight d. Educ. : Royal Naval Coll. Portsmouth, Joined H.M.S. " " Actseon as Mid Lieut, for services in China, 1841 gazetted for services at capture of Rangoon and Kemmendine, 1852 (China and Burmese medals with clasp) Captain of "Conqueror" at storming of Simono-seki Batteries (C.B. and Legion of Honour), 1864 Vice-Chairman of Ordnance Committee Superintendent of Sheerness Dockyard and of Malta Dockyard Chairman of several Admiralty Committees, and on the Education of Naval Executive officers President of Royal Naval College, Nov to Nov retired as Admiral. Address: The Lodge, Witham, Essex. Club : United Service. [Died 19 May LUBBOCK, Edgar, LL.B., D.L., London Master of Blankney Foxhounds Director of Bank of England b. 22 Feb th s. of Sir John Lubbock, 3rd Bt. m. 1886, Amy, d. of Christopher G. Peacock, Greatford Hall, Stamford two d. Address : North House, Grantham. [Died 7 Sept LUBBOCK, Henry James, J.P., D.L. banker b. 7 Feb nd s. of late Sir J. W. Lubbock, Bt., of High Elms, Kent, and Harriet Hotham, d. of Col. Hotham m. 1866, Frances Mary, d. of Rev. H. Turton, Incumbent of Betley, Staffs. three s. three d. Educ. : Eton. High Sheriff for County of London, Recreations : master of and hunted W. Kent harriers 13 years cricket, racquets, tennis, golf, hunting, shooting. Clubs : White's, Wellington. [Died 25 Jan 1910, LUBBOCK, Sir Nevile, K.C.M.G., cr President of the West India Committee b. 31 March 1839 s. of Sir J. W. Lubbock, 3rd Bt., b. of 1st Baron Avebury m. 1st, 1861, Harriet Charlotte, d. of Western Wood (d. 1878) 2nd, 1881, Constance Ann, d. of Sir John F. W. Herschel, 1st Bt. six s. seven d. Educ. : Eton. After leaving Eton went into City was Governor of Royal Exchange Assurance Corporation Director of the Colonial Bank a Vice-President Roya Colonial Institute. Recreations : music golf. Address : Oakley, Bromley Common Kent. Clubs : Athenaeum, West Indian. [Died 12 Sept LUCAN, 4th Earl of (cr. 1795), George Bingham K.P., J.P. Bt Baron Lucan, 1776 [Sir Richard, 1st Bt. N. Scotia, reduced risings during 1586, 1590, 1593, and became Marshal of Ireland 5th Bt. m. g. -niece of th< celebrated Patrick Sarsfield, Earl of Lucan who fell at Landen, 1693] Representative Pee: 440 for Ireland Knight of Legion of Honour of Medjidieh, 5th class, 1857 b. 8 May 1830 s. of 3rd Earl and Ann, d. of 6th Earl of Cardigan S. father 1888 m. Lady Cecilia Catherine Gordon-Lennox (d. 1910), y. d. of 5th Duke of Richmond, K.G., 1859 six s. one d. Educ. : Rugby. Lieut.-Col. Coldstream Guards, 1859, retired 1860 A.D.C. to father in the Crimea, 1854 M.P. (C.) for Mayo, Vice-Admiral of Connaught, 1889 H.M.'s Lieut, and Custos Rotulorum, Co. Mayo, Owned about 63,000 acres. Heir : Lord Bingham. Address : Laleham House, Staines Castlebar House, Mayo. Clubs : Carlton, Turf. [Died 5 June LUCAS, Sir Arthur, 2nd Bt., cr b. 22 May 1853 s. of 1st Bt., and Mary, d. of R. Chamberlin m. 1876, Agnes (d. 1914), d. of George Jamieson. Educ. : Harrow. J.P., Middlesex and Suffolk. Heir: b. Edward Lingard b. 16 Feb [m. 1886, Mary Helen, d. of Henry Chance two s. Address : Whitley Ridge Lodge, Brockenhurstl. Address: 42 Half Moon Street, W. Clubs: Turf, Carlton, Arthur's, Marlborough. [Died 14 June LUCAS, Rear-Admiral Charles Davis, V.C. J.P., Kent and Argyllshire b of D. Lucas, Clontibret, Monaghan m. 1879, Frances, d. of Sir William H. Hall, K.C.B., F.R.S., g.d. of 6th Viscount Torrington three d. Served in Burmese War, present at capture of Rangoon, Dalla, Pegu, Prome served in Baltic, was the first recipient of the V.C. Address : Great Culoviden, Tunbridge Wells 48 Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, W. Club : Army and Navy. [Died 7 Aug LUCAS, Reginald Jaffray b. 28 Dec *. of late Sir T. Lucas, 1st Bt. unmarried. Educ. : Eton Trin. Coll. Camb. Late Captain 3rd Batt. Hampshire Regt. M.P. (C.) Portsmouth, Publications: George II. and his Ministers Another Point of View Colonel Saunderson : A Memoir, etc. Address : Albany, Piccadilly, W. Clubs : Carlton, Marlborough. [Died 9 May LUCAS, Richard Clement, B.S., M.B., F R.C.S. Consulting Surgeon, formerly Senior Surgeon to Guy's Hospital, and Lecturer on Surgery in the Medical School Member of the Council, late Vice-President, of Royal College of Surgeons s. of late William Lucas of Oaklands, Midhurst, Sussex w. Kathleen (d. 1912), d. of Surgeon- General Saville M. Pelly, C.B., F.R.C.S., and niece of General Sir Lewis Pelly, K.C.B., K.C.S.I., M.P. two s. Educ. : the University of London and Guy's Hosp. Passed First Division at every examination awarded gold medal at M.B., Honours at B.S. Member of Socie'te' de Chirurgie de Paris Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and of many others appointed in succession, Demonstrator of Anatomy, Lecturer on Operative Surgery, Lecturer on Anatomy, Lecturer on Surgery at Guy's Hospital Coronation medal for attendance in Westminster Abbey Bradshaw Lecturer, Publications : many lectures and papers on professional subjects. Recreations: hunting and shooting. Address : 50 Wimpole Street, W. Oaklands, Midhurst, Sussex. [Died 30 June LUCAS, Sir Thomas, 1st Bt. : cr J.P., D.L. b s. of late 'James Lucas and Elizabeth, d. of T. Pearman, Chipping Norton m. 2nd, Mary, d. of R. Chamberlin, Catton House, Norwich, Heir : s. Arthur, b Address : 12A Kensington Palace Gardens, W. Heatherwood, Ascot, Berks Lowestoft. Clubs : Carlton, Junior Carlton, St. Stephen's. [Died 6 March 1902.

37 WHO WAS WHO, LUCAS-SHADWELL, William, J.P. D.L. b. 14 Aug of late W. D. Lucas Shadwell m. s. Beatrice, d. of late J. B Rutherford, 1878 one s. three d. Educ. Pembroke College, Cambridge. Largely interested in social questions affecting welfare of working classes contested East Finsbury, 1892 M.P. (C.) Hastings Private Chamberlain to H.H Pius X. Address: The Hall, Fairlight Hastings. Clubs : Carlton, New University [Died 31 May 1915 LUCAS-TOOTH, Sir Robert Lucas, 1st Bt., cr 1906 F.R.G.S. s. of late Edwin Tooth of Cranbrook, Kent, and assumed by Royal License name and arms of Lucas-Tooth b.7 Dec m. 1873, Helen, d. of Frederick Tooth, of Goderich Sydney two s four d Educ. : Eton (Eton Eight, 1863). Returned to N. S. Wales at the end of same year contested East Sydney, 1879, and was defeated sat for Monaro in N. S. Wales for two parliaments appointed Commissioner for Canada on Council for New South Wales Exhibition in 1879, and held medal for services returned to England, 1889 contested (C.) Loughborpugh Division of Leicestershire, 1895 Chairman of the Bank of New South Wales, London Member of Committee of Management of King Edward's Horse (Overseas Dominions Regiment). Heir : s. Selwyn Lucas, Captain 3rd Batt. Lancashire Fusiliers [b. 19 March 1879 m 1908, Everild Blanche Marion, 2nd d. of Sir E. L. Durand, Bt. one d.]. Address 1 Queen's Gate, S.W. Holme Lacy, Herefordshire Kameruka, Co. Auckland, N.S. Wales. Clubs : Carlton, Junior Carlton. [Died 19 Feb LUDLOW, Col. Edmund Samuel, C.T.E Indian Staff Corps unemployed list b. Madras, 14 Nov e. s. of late Major- General S. O. E. Ludlow, R.E. m. 1863, Jane Emily, e. d. of late Col. R. Macpherson, R.A., Lieut -Governor, Wellesley Province, Straits of Malacca. Educ. : Southampton College. Entered the service 4 Dec as ensign in the Madras army served with Colonel Carr's column in 1859 in pursuit of Tantia Topi served for several years Inspector-General of Police and Jails in H.H. the Nizam of Hyderabad's territory raised the Hyderabad Volunteer Rifles in 1882, and commanded them till Decorated : Indian Famine of and Address: 79 Davies Street, Brook Street, W. Clubs : Junior United Service, East India United Service. [Died 22 July LUDLOW, Sir Henry, Kt., cr Chief Justice of the Leeward Islands, b m. Alice, d. of Thomas Sworder, Educ. : Christ's Hospital St. John's Coll. Camb. (Fellow). Barr. Lincoln's Inn, 1862 Attorney-Gen, of Trinidad, Address: Hythe, Kent. [Died IQNov LUDLOW of Heywood, 1st Baron (cr. 1897, on the occasion of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee), Rt. Hon. Henry Charles Lopes, K.B. cr P.C. Magistrate D.L. Wilts, Somerset b s. of late Sir R. Lopes, Bt. widower m. Cordelia Lucy, e. d. of Erving Clark, Efford Manor, Devon, Educ. : Winchester Balliol Coll. Oxford. Barr. Inner Temple, 1852 Recorder Exeter, 1867 Q.C M.P. Launceston, April Frome, Judge in the High Court of Justice, 1876 Judge of Court of Appeal, Treasurer of Inner Temple, 1890 Chairman of Wiltshire Quarter Sessions, Heir : s. Hon. Henry Ludlow Lopes. Address : Heywood, Westbury 8 Cromwell Place, S.W. Clubs : Carlton, Athenaeum. [Died 25 Dec LTJGARD LUDLOW, John Malcolm, C.B., 1887 b. Nimach, India, 8 March nd s of Lieut.-Col. John Ludlow, C.B., H.E.I.C.S. m. 1869, Maria Sarah, 4th d. of Gordon Forbes, of Ham Common. Educ. : College Bourbon, Paris. Bachelor of Letters, University of France. Barrister, Lincoln's Inn, 1843 practised as conveyancer till 1874 Sec. to Royal Commission on Friendly and Benefit Building Societies, Registrar of Friendly Societies in England, then Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies, 1874 resigned, 1891 member ( ) of the Trustee Savings Banks Inspection Committee C.B (Civ.). Publications: Letters on the Criminal Code, 1847 editions of the Joint Stock Companies Winding-up Act, 1848, and of the Joint Stock Companies Winding-up Amendment Act, the Master Engineers and their Workmen, 1852 British India, its Races and its History. 2 vols Thoughts on the Policy of the Crown towards India, 1859 Sketch of the History of the United States, from Independence to Secession, 1862 Woman's Work in the Church, 1865 Popular Epics of the Middle Ages, 2 vols President Lincoln Self-Portrayed, 1866 (with Lloyd-Jones) Progress of 'the Working Class, , 1867 The War of American Independence, 1876 edited or joint-edited Politics for the People, Christian Socialist, Journal of Association, Reader, etc. contributions to Edinburgh Review and other magazines, etc. Recreation : none in particular. Address : 35 Upper Addison Gardens, W. Club : Athenaeum. [Died 17 Oct LUEGER, Dr. Karl, Biirgermeister of the City of Vienna (Austria) from 1897 Member of Parliament from 1885 Member of Diet from 1890 honorary freeman of the City of Vienna b. Vienna, 24 Oct single. Educ. : Classical College at the Theresianum- Academy, Vienna University at Vienna. Doctor of Laws. Advocate, Town Councillor since 1875 Vice-Burgomaster, holds Grand Cross Franz-Joseph Order. Address : Vienna, Town Hall, 1 Lichtenfelsgasse. Clubs : Chairman of the Christian Social Union of the Parliament Chairman of the Anti- Semitic Union of the Diet of Lower Austria. [Died 9 March LUGARD, Rt. Hon. Sir Edward, G.C.B. cr P.C. General (retired) b m. 2nd, Miss Matilda Fulborough, Educ. : Sandhurst. Entered army, 1828 General, 1872 served Afghan War, 1842 Sikh War, Punjab Campaign, Persian War, Undersecretary War Department, Address : 19 Marioes Road, Kensington, W. Club : United Service. [Died 31 Oct LUGARD, Colonel (Brigadier-Gen.) Edward John retired pay b. 2 Jan e. s. of late Colonel Henry Williamson Lugard, R.E., and g. s. of Capt. John Lugard, Inniskilling Dragoons m. 1st, Emineline (d. 1886), d. of Capt. Hyder, 10th Hussars, one s. 2nd, Una, d. of Donald Mackinnon, of Moreep, Victoria, Australia. Educ. : Mount Radford School, Exeter The Lyce"e Imperial de Versailles Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Ensign, 4th King's Own Regiment, 1863 served Abyssinian War, (medal) Egyptian Campaign, 1882 (medal with clasp, 4th class Osmanieh, bronze star, Bt. Lt.-Col.) passed Staff College, D.A.Q.M.G. Cork District Aldershot D.A.A.G. Egyptian Field Force commanded King's Own (Royal Lancaster) Regiment Bombay District Madras District Southern District, India Jubilee Medal, Recreations : shooting, fishing, 441

38 LUKE WHO WAS WHO, tennis, and riding. Address : 85 Cadogan Gardens, S.W. Clubs : Army and Navy, Hurlingham. [Died 20 Feb LUKE, Lieut.-Col. Edward Vyvyan, C.B Royal Marine Light Infantry Commanding Royal Marines, H.M.S. Pembroke, Chatham : b. 4 April 1861 e. s. of Colonel H. F. Luke, late A.P.D. m. 1889, May Jessie, 3rd d. of Benjamin Hallowell Carew of Beddington Park, Surrey. Educ. : Royal Naval School, New Cross. Joined Royal Marines, 1880 served Egyptian Campaign, 1882, present at actions of Tel-el-Mahuta, Mehsameh, Kassassin (twice), and Tel-el-Kebir Adjutant and Gunnery Instructor Royal Marines, Adjutant 1st V.B. P.W.O. W. Yorks Regiment, served during Campaign in China, 1900 Commandant International Troops at taking of Military College, Tientsin, 17 June military command Naval Brigade at Tientsin, June (slightly wounded, 3 July) in command Royal Marines taking of Tientsin City, July (slightly wounded) appointed to command of International Police, Tientsin Provisional Government, which he relinquished to command battalion Royal Marines for relief of Peking present at battle of Peitsang in command British column sent to operate with French for relief of Pehtang Cathedral (despatches twice) promoted brevet Lt.-CoL, 29 Nov (awarded C.B. 26 June 1902, medal, Egypt, China, and Khedive's star). Recreations : shooting, golf. Address : R.M. Barracks, Gosport. [Died 22 Jan LUMB, Sir Charles P., Kt., cr. 1909, M.A., LL.D. Educ. : Downing College, Cambridge. Scholar and Prizeman B.A. degree in Mathematical Tripos, Called to the Bar, Lincoln's Inn, 1874 joined Northern Circuit and practised on it till 1887 appointed Junior Counsel to Treasury, 1886 ex-member of Liverpool School Board, and also Vice-President of Liverpool Institute Puisne Judge of Trinidad, Drafted Ordinance establishing District Courts in Trinidad, and Education Ordinance and Rules thereunder Puisne Judge, Supreme Court, Jamaica, Chairman of Education Commission in Jamaica, one of founders of Prison Farm Judge who tried Insurance actions after the great earthquake in 1907 retired Address: Liguanea, Limes Road, Folkestone. Clubs : Oxford and Cambridge Radnor, Folkestone. [Died 23 Feb LUMSDEN, Col. Dugald M'Tavish, C.B b. Peterhead, 1851 s. of late James Lumsden. Tea planter in Assam, Captain Durham Mounted Rifles, 1886 appointed to command of Assam Valley Light Horse, 1900 raised Lumsden's Horse, which served in South Africa, March to Dec (despatches, Queen's medal, 3 clasps, C.B.). Address : 4 Whitehall Court, S.W. Clubs : Oriental, Junior Carlton. [Died 10 May LUSHINGTON, Sir Godfrey, G.C.M.G., cr K.C.B., cr Permanent Under-Secretary, Home Office, b th s. of late Rt. Hon. S. Lushington, M.P. m. Beatrice Ann Shore, d. of S. Smith, Embley, Romsey, Hants, Educ. : Rugby Balliol Coll. Oxford Fellow of All Souls' Coll. Barr. Inner Temple, 1858 Counsel to Home Office, 1869 Assistant Undersecretary of State, Home Department, Address : 34 Old Queen Street, S.W. Stokke, Great Bedwyn, Hungerford. Clubs : Athenaeum, United University. [Died 5 Feb LUSHINGTON, Sir Henry, 3rd Bt. cr b S. father 1863 m. 1st, Eliza, d. 442 of W. Trower, B.C S., 1825 (d. 1862) 2nd, Eliza, d. of J. Shelley, 1863 (d. 1889). Educ. : Haileybury. Bengal Civil Service, 1821 Judge in the North-west Provinces. Heir : s. Henry, b Address : Aspenden Hall, Buntingford, Herts. [Died 29 Sept LUSHINGTON, Sir Henry, 4th Bt. cr b. 24 Jan S. father 1897 m. Elizabeth, d. of Anstruther Cheape of Rossie, Fife, Educ. : Haileybury. Late Bengal Civil Service. Heir: s. Arthur Patrick Douglas, b. 23 Jan Maj. 3rd Dragoon Guards. Address : Aspendea Hall, Buntingford, Herts. [Died 15 March LUSHINGTON, Sydney George b. 6 April nd s. of late Edward Harbord Lushington, J.P. of Brackenhurst, Cobham, Surrey, and Mary, d. of Col. Michael Ramsay m. 1890, Chippindall (d. 1900), e. d. of John Henry Chippindall Healey, late Lieut, llth Foot two s. one d. Educ : Eton University Coll. Oxford, 2nd class Honours, School of Jurisprudence 1st class Honours, B.C.L., M.A Called to Bar, Inner Temple, 1884 member of the Northern Circuit Standing Counsel to Board of Trade in Bankruptcy, and to General Medical Council at one time one of editors of Justice of the Peace one of editors of 5th, 6th, and 7th editions of Lumley's Public Health editor of 2nd and 3rd editions of Archbold's Lunacy, etc. Address : 4 Temple Gardens, B.C. Elmhurst, Cobham, Surrey. Club : Oxford and Cambridge. [Died 18 Aug LUSHINGTON, Vernon, J.P., R.C. b th s. of late Rt. Hon. Stephen Lushington, M.P., D.C.L. n d. of F. Mowatt, late M.P. (d. 1884) two d. Educ. : Trin. Coll. Camb. Barr. Inner Temple, 1857 Q.C Deputy Judge Advocate-General, Secretary to Admiralty, Judge of the County Courts for Surrey and Berks, Address : 36 Kensington Square, W. Kingsley, Bordon, Hants. Clubs : Athenaeum, Savile. Died 24 Jan LUSK, Sir Andrew, 1st Bt., cr J.P. head of Andrew Lusk and Co., London one of H.M.'s Lieuts. City of London b. Barr, Ayrshire, 1810 m. Eliza, d. of J. Potter, Grahamston, Falkirk, Sheriff of London and Middlesex, Alderman, Aldgate, Bridge Without Lord Mayor, M.P. Fiusbury, Heir : none. Address : 15 Sussex Square, W. Clubs : Reform, City Liberal. [Died 21 June LUTHER, Rev. George Minchin, Prebendary (Canon) and Rural Dean Rector of Cahirnarry from 1873 b. Dublin s. of Guy Luther of Crohane, Co. Tipperary, and Alicia Fitzmaurice of Carlow m. one d. Educ. : Trinity College, Dublin. Curate of Lisburn, Co. Antrim, 1870 Curate in charge of Randalstown, Co. Antrim, Rector of Camlough, Co. Antrim, Address : Cahirnarry Rectory, Limerick. [Died 15 Oct LUTTRELL, George Fownes, J.P., D.L. b. 27 Sept e. s. of Lieut.-Col. Francis Fownes Luttrell of Kilne Court, and Emma Louisa, d. of late Samuel Drewe m. Ann Elizabeth, d. of Sir A. Hood, 2nd Bt. four s. two d. Educ. : Eton Christ Church, Oxford. B.A. High Sheriff, Somerset, 1874 Captain llth Somerset R.V. (retired) Patron of 4 Livings. Address : Dunster Castle. Dunster, Somerset. Club : Brooks's. [Died 24 May LYALL, Rt. Hon. Sir Alfred Comyn, K.C.B., cr G.C.I.E., cr Hon. D.C.L. Oxford and LL.D. Cambridge P.O., 1902 Ford's Lecturer in English History, Oxford

39 WHO WAS WHO, LYON University, 1907 b. 4 Jan s. of Rev. Alfred Lyall m. 1863, Cora, d. of P. Cloete two *. two d. Educ. : Eton. Bengal Civil Service Lieut.-Gov. North- West Provinces, India, Member of Council of Secretary of State for India, Publications : Verses written in India British Dominion in India Asiatic Studies Life of Warren Hastings Tennyson (Men of Letters Series), 1902 Life of Marquis of Dufferin, Address: 18 Queen's Gate, S.W. Clubs : Athenaeum, St. James's. [Died 10 Apr LYALL, Edna see Bayly, Ada Ellen. LYDEKKER, Richard, B.A., F.R.S. F.G.S., F.Z.S. J.P. Herts b e. s. of late G. W. Lydekker m. Lucy Marianne, e. d. of Canon O. W. Davys, 1882 two s. three d. Educ. : Trinity College, Cambridge. Second in 1st class Natural Science Tripos, 1871 on Staff of Geological Survey of India, Publications : Indian Tertiary Vertebrata Geology of Kashmir Catalogues of Fossil Mammals, Reptiles, and Birds in British Museum, 10 vols. Phases of Animal Life Life and Bock Geographical History of Mammals Royal Natural History Study of Mammals (with late Sir W. H. Flower) A Manual of Paleontology, 2 vols. (with late Professor H. A. Nicholson) The Deer of All Lands Wild Oxen, Sheep, and Goats of All Lands The Great and Small Game of India, Burma, and Tibet The Great and Small Game of Europe, N. and W. Asia, and America Descriptions of South American Fossil Animals ( An. Mus. la Plata) three vols. of Allen's Naturalists' Library Mostly Mammals Horns and Hoofs The Game Animals of India, Burma, and Tibet The Game Animals of Africa The Sportsman's British Birds A Trip to Pilawin A Geography of Hertfordshire The Horse and its Relatives The Sheep and its Cousins The Ox and its Kindred. Address : Harpenden Lodge, Harpenden. [Died 16 Apr LYNCH, Hannah, novelist Paris correspondent of The Academy contributed to various reviews and magazines. Publications : Prince of the Glades George Meredith, a Study Dr. Vermont's Fantasy Denys d'auvrillac, etc. Through Troubled Waters Daughters of Men Rosni Harvey Jinny Blake An Odd Experiment Toledo Clare Monro Autobiography of a Child French Lite in Town and Country. Recreations : intelligent conversation and pleasant books, foreign travels, music. Address : 60 Avenue de Breteuil, Paris. [Died 15 Jan LYNCH, Henry Finnis Blosse, M.A., F.R.G.S. b. London, 18 April 1862 s. of Thomas Kerr Lynch, one of the Lynchs of Partry House, County Mayo, Ireland, and Harriet, d. of Col. Robert Taylor of the Indian Political Service unmarried. Educ. : Eton Trin. Coll. Camb. (1st class Class. Hons.). Called to Bar, Middle Temple, 1887 joined firm of Lynch Brothers, Eastern merchants, of which he became senior partner travelled extensively in the countries between India and the Mediterranean for purposes of scientific, political, and commercial research first journey, 1889 Alexandretta, Aleppo, Diarbekir, on horseback, and down the Tigris on a raft to Baghdad inaugurated a new river service under the British flag on the Karuu river travelled from the Karun across the Bakhtiari mountains to Isfahan, and surveyed for a new trade route into Persia this new route (270 miles) was opened by his firm through the construction of a caravan road with steel suspension bridges under treaty with the Bakhtiari chiefs opened to traffic, 1900 second journey, the Caucasus, Armenia, climbed Mt. Ararat, reaching the summit, Sept third journey, 1898 Armenia surveyed the great crater of Nimrud and mapped the country, assisted by Mr. F. Oswald M.P. (L.) Ripon Division, West Riding, Yorks, contested Gloucester, Publications : Armenia Travels and Studies (2 vols.), 1901 (Russian edition, uniform with English, Tiflis, 1910) various articles in the reviews and proceedings of learned societies map of Armenia, 1901 (Russian edition, Address : 33 Pont Street, S.W. Wardington House, Banbury. Club : Athenaeum. [Died 24 Nov LYNDHURST, Baroness Georgina d. of Lewis Goldsmith m. 1837, 1st, and last, B. Lyndhurst (d. 1863). Address : 5 Eton Square, S.W. [Died 22 Dec LYNE, Joseph Leycester see Ignatius, Father. LYNE, Hon. Sir William John, K.C.M.G., cr M.P. Treasurer Australian Commonwealth, b. 6 April 1844 e. s. of John Lyne of Gala, Cranbrook, Tasmania m. 1870, Martha Coates (d. 1903), e. d. of E. C. Shaw one s. three d. Secretary for Public Works, 1885, , and Secretary for Lands, 1889 Premier and Colonial Treasurer of New South Wales, Minister for Home Affairs, Minister for Trade and Customs, Commonwealth of Australia, , and Address : Grand Hotel, Melbourne. Club : Warrigal, Sydney. [Died 3 Aug LYNN, William H., R.H.A. Address : Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin. [Died 12 Sept LYON, Brig. Surg. Lieut.-Colonel Isidore Bernadotte, C.I.E., 1889 M.R.C.S., F.C.S., F.I.C. b. Edinburgh, 28 May 1839 unmarried. Educ. : Edinburgh High School University College, London. Medallist in four subjects Atkinson Morley Scholar Demonstrator of Anatomy. Joined Indian Medical Service, 1865 appointed Professor of Anatomy Grant Medical College, Bombay, 1866 appointed Professor of Chemistry same College Chemical Analyser to Government, 1867, and subsequently Professor of Medical Jurisprudence repeatedly thanked by Government of Bombay for services while Chemical Analyser, and created C.I.E. for same, 1889 Dean in Medicine, University of Bombay, 1888 retired, Publications : Food Tables for India, 1877 A Text-Book of Medical Jurisprudence for India, 1889 (2nd ed. 1890). Address : 164 Sutherland Avenue, W. Club : East India United Service. [Died 27 Apr LYON, Rev. Ralph John, Rector of Wickwar, Hon. Canon of Gloucester, Educ. : Trinity College, Cambridge (M.A.) Curate of Haydon, Dorset, Melcombe Regis, Weston-super-Mare, Dalston, Cumberland, Rural Dean, Hawkesbury, Address: The Brambles, Malvern Wells, Worcestershire [Died 28 Nov LYON, Thomas Henry, J.P., D.L. b. 28 Oct nd *. of late Thomas Lyon of Appleton Hall, and Eliza, d. of late George Clayton of Lostock Hall, Lanes m. 1st, 1860, Vanda (d. 1861), d. of Rt. Hon. John Wilson-Patten, M.P., afterwards Lord Winmarleish 2nd, 1872, Edith Grace, o. d. of late W. H. Brancker, of Bispham Hall, Lanes. one d. Educ. : Eton. Entered Navy, 1839 served first China War (slightly wounded) left Navy, 1853 entered first Royal Cheshire Militia President Warring- 443

40 LYONS WHO WAS WHO, ton Branch, National Defence League at time of death the oldest subscriber to the Cheshire hounds. Address : Appleton Hall, Warrington, Cheshire. [Died 14 Feb LYONS, Sir Algernon M'Lennan, G.C.B., or D.L. Admiral of the Fleet, 1897 Admiral on active list of the Navy b. 26 Aug s. of Lt.-Gen. Humphrey Lyons m. 1879, Louisa Jane, d. of Thomas Penrice, Kiborough, Glamorganshire. Entered R.N served in the Black Sea during the Russian War, Commodore in West Indies, Commander-in-Chief Pacific Station, , and North America and West Indies, Commander-in-Chief, Plymouth, Principal A.D.C. to the late Queen Victoria, Address: Kilvrough, Parkmill, R.S.O. Clubs : United Service, Army and Navy. [Died 9 Feb LYSONS, Sir Daniel, G.C.B. cr General, 1879 Constable of the Tower from 1890 Colonel of the Sherwood Foresters Derbyshire Regt. from 1878 Hon. Col. of 1st Vol. Batt. the Royal Fusiliers b. Rodmarton, Gloucestershire, 1 Aug s. of Rev. D. Lysons, Hempstead Court, Gloucester m. 1st, Harriet Sophia, d. of Charles Bridges, Court House, Overton, nd, Anna Sophia Biscoe, d. of Rev. Robert Tritton, Educ. : Shrewsbury. Entered 1st Royals, 1834 served throughout Canadian Rebellion, (mentioned in despatches) was D.A.Q.M.G in Nov was wrecked in transport Premier (mentioned in despatches) was Brig - Maj. at Barbados, served throughout Crimean War, brought the 1st Brigade Light Division out of action on 18 June 1855, and commanded 2nd Brigade Light Division from Oct to end of war (medal with three clasps 3rd class Medjidieh, Sardinian medal, and Officer of Legion of Honour, several times mentioned in despatches, and severely wounded) sent to organise Militia of Canada at the Trent affair, Dec D.Q.M.G. in Canada, commanded Brigade at Malta, 1868 Brigade at Aldershot, Northern Division, Q.M.G. to Forces, commanded Aldershot Div C.B K.C.B Publications : sundry Drill Books The Crimean War from First to Last, 1895 Early Reminiscences, Recreations: hunting, shooting, fishing, yachting. Address : 22 Warwick Square, S.W. Clubs : United Service, Army and Navy. [Died 29 Jan LYSTER, John, Bishop (Roman Catholic) of Achonry Count of Roman Court Assistant at Papal Throne b. Athlone, 5 Oct e. s. of Patrick Lyster, architect. Educ. : Summer Hill College, Athlone Catholic University Maynooth College. D.D., Rome. Professor in Summer Hill College, Athlone President of Sligo College. Publications: sermons on various occasions. Address : The Abbey, Ballaghadereen, Ireland. [Died 17 Jan LYTTELTON, Rt. Hon. Alfred, P.C M.A. Cambridge K.C. F.R.C.I M.P. (U.) St. George's, Hanover Square, from 1906 Hon. M.A. Oxford) barrister Royal Commissioner on Port of London, and Alien Immigration Chairman, Transvaal Concessions Commission Bencher, Inner Temple, 1899 b. 7 Feb th s. of 4th Lord Lyttelton and Mary. d. of Sir Stephen Glynne, Bt. m. 1st, 1885, Octavia Laura (d. 1886), d. of Sir Charles Tennant, 1st Bt. 2nd, 1892, Edith Sophy, d. of Archibald Balfour one s. one d. Educ. : Eton Trin. Coll. Cambridge. Legal Private Sec. to Sir H. James, Attorney-General, Recorder of Hereford, 1894 Re- 444 corder of Oxford, Chancellor of Diocese of Rochester, 1903 Secretary of State for Colonies, M.P. (L.U.) Leamington, Warwick, Recreations : -golf in early life many other games. Address: 16 Great College Street, Westminster Wittersham House, Kent. Clubs : Brooks's, Turf, Athenaeum. [Died 4 July LYTTELTON, Hon. George William Spencer, C.B., 1894 M.A. J.P. Worcestershire F.R.G.S. b. London, 12 June th *. of 4th Baron Lyttelton and Mary, 2nd d. of Sir Stephen Glynne, Bt. Educ. : Eton Trinity College, Cambridge. Captain of the Eton Eleven and in the Cambridge Eleven assist, private secretary to Mr. Gladstone, , his principal private secretary, assist, private secretary to Earl Granville, member of the Executive Committee of the Royal College of Music. Decorated for services to the Prime Minister. Recreations : golf, hunting, foreign travel much interested in music and Art generally, and travelled extensively formerly a crickerer. Address : 49 Hill Street, W. Clubs : Brooks's, Reform. LYVEDEN, 2nd [Died 5 Dec Baron (cr. 1859), Fitzpatrick Henry Vernon, D.L., J.P. b. 27 April 1824 *. of 1st Baron and Emma, d. of last Earl of Upper Ossory 5. father 1872 m. 1st, Albreda, d. of 5th Earl Fitzwilliam, 1853 (d. 1891) 2nd, Julia, d. of Albert Emary of Hastings, Educ. : Eton Durham Univ. Attache" at Madrid, Hanover, 1848 Berlin private secretary to Commissioner of Woods and Forests, Lord Seymour, afterwards Duke of Somerset, 1850 to Secretary for War, his father, 1852 to President of the Indian Board of Control, his father, Owned about 4200 acres. Heir : n. Courtenay It. P. Vernon, b Club : Wellington. [Died 25 Feb M MAARTENS, Maarten (Joost Marius Willem Van der Poorten-Schwartz), LL.D. Utrecht Hon. LL.D. Aberdeen Hon. Fellow R.S.L. Hon. Lit.D. University of Pennsylvania Hon. Member Author's Clubs, London and New York novelist b. Amsterdam, 15 Aug Educ. : Konigl. Gymnasium, Bonn Utrecht Univ. Law Lecturer, Utrecht, Lived in Holland, also much in Paris and on the Riviera. Publications : The Sin of Joost Ave lingh, 1890 An Old Maid's Love, 1891 A Question of Taste, 1891 God's Fool, 1892 The Greater Glory, 1894 My Lady Nobody, 1895 Her Memory, 1898 Some Women I have Known 1901 My Poor Relations, 1903 Dorothea, 1904 The Jailbird, one act play at Wyndham's Theatre, 1904 The Healers The Woman's Victory, 1906 The New Religion, 1907 Brothers All, 1909 The Price of Lis Doris, 1909 Harmen Pols, Peasant, 1910 Eve, Address : Zonheuvel Castle, nr. Doom, Holland. Clubs : Athenaeum, Garrick, Savile, National, Authors', Dutch Utrecht Gentlemen, Dutch Automobile, International Touring, Dutch Cyclists. [Died 5 Aug MACALEESE, Daniel, M.P. (N.) for North Monoghan, from 1895 editor and proprietor of People's Advocate b s. of Daniel Macaleese, Randalstown, Co. Antrim m. Jane, d. of Charles MacAleese, Loughguile, Co. Antrim. Formerly editor Belfast Morning News and Ulster Examiner. Address : Hoolly Lodg, Monoghan. [Died I Dec

Part 2: Empire All the World; a monthly record of the work of the Salvation Army in all lands

Part 2: Empire All the World; a monthly record of the work of the Salvation Army in all lands Part 2: Empire Journal Title Place of Publication Date Range Achill Missionary Herald and Western Witness, The Dublin 1837-69...continued as Irish Church Advocate and Achill Missionary Herald, The Dublin

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The Presbyterian Church in Canada Archives. Finding Aid. Records of The Rev. William Gregg and Family

The Presbyterian Church in Canada Archives. Finding Aid. Records of The Rev. William Gregg and Family The Presbyterian Church in Canada Archives Finding Aid Records of The Rev. William Gregg and Family 50 Wynford Drive. Toronto, Ontario M3C 1J7 Telephone: (416) 441-1111 1-800-619-7301 Fax: 416-441-2825

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Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Bushell VC, DSO

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Bushell VC, DSO Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Bushell VC, DSO Biography Lieutenant Colonel Christopher BUSHELL VC DSO. 7 th Battalion, Queen s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). Killed in Action 8 th August 1918 aged 30 years.

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Middle East Centre, St Antony s College, Oxford. OX2 6JF

Middle East Centre, St Antony s College, Oxford. OX2 6JF Reference code: Title: Sir John Spry Collection Name of creator: Spry, Sir John Farley (1910-1999) Knight Dates of creation of material: 1919-1948 Level of description: Fonds Extent: 1 box Biographical

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West Wall Paintings. Archbishop Laud ( ) after Sir Anthony Van Dyke

West Wall Paintings. Archbishop Laud ( ) after Sir Anthony Van Dyke West Wall Paintings 1 Archbishop Laud (1573-1645) after Sir Anthony Van Dyke Archbishop of Canterbury (from 1633) and close adviser to Charles I. His attempt to anglicise the Scottish church led to his

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li John Smith Purdy, Medical Officer & Lieutenant Colonel ( ) MUSEUM VICTORIA COLLECTIONS Page 1 of3

li John Smith Purdy, Medical Officer & Lieutenant Colonel ( ) MUSEUM VICTORIA COLLECTIONS Page 1 of3 Page 1 of3 MUSEUM VICTORIA COLLECTIONS Medal - Purdy Memorial, 1936 Photographer: Rodney Start Source: Museum Victoria Copyright Museum Victoria I All Rights Reserved (Licensed as All Rights Reserved)

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William Lachlan Mac Macquarie Redfern (27 Jul 1819 Sydney - 30 Jun 1904 Westminster, Eng.)

William Lachlan Mac Macquarie Redfern (27 Jul 1819 Sydney - 30 Jun 1904 Westminster, Eng.) William Lachlan Mac Macquarie Redfern (27 Jul 1819 Sydney - 30 Jun 1904 Westminster, Eng.) Surviving son of surgeon William Redfern First child with Sarah Wills. Announced in Sydney Gazette 31 July 1819.

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION 1 BRANCH: VANCOUVER Applicant Title The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Fax (416) 591-7506 Email: uela@becon.org

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Served as civilian doing Operations Research at Headquarters, R.A.F. Bomber Command,

Served as civilian doing Operations Research at Headquarters, R.A.F. Bomber Command, Freeman J. Dyson - Biography (detailed) Born: Crowthorne, Berkshire, England, December l5, 1923. Education: Winchester College (England) 1936--1941. University of Cambridge, 1941--43. Served as civilian

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(Patrick) Basil Barlow ( )

(Patrick) Basil Barlow ( ) (Patrick) Basil Barlow (1885-1917) 36 Patrick Basil Barlow (who seems to have been known as Basil) was born in Bloomsbury, London in 1885. He was the son of Sir Thomas and Lady Ada Barlow who married on

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Descendants of Thomas Colston

Descendants of Thomas Colston Generation 1 1. THOMAS 1 COLSTON was born about 1716. He married Elizabeth Humphries, daughter of Thomas Humphries and Elizabeth Colwell, on Mar 30, 1741 in Stonehouse, She was born in 1715 in Stonehouse,

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DRAFT. Charles Cospatrick Douglas-Home ( ) Detailed List. 1 Writings, Broadcasts and Lectures. Books

DRAFT. Charles Cospatrick Douglas-Home ( ) Detailed List. 1 Writings, Broadcasts and Lectures. Books Charles Cospatrick Douglas-Home (1937-1985) Detailed List 1 Writings, Broadcasts and Lectures Books 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/4/1 1/4/2 1/4/3 1/4/4 1/4/5 1/4/6 1/4/7 1969 1971 1972 Sep- 1981 Aug 1942-1981 1973

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GUIDE TO THE LANE FAMILY PAPERS PVMA Library GUIDE TO THE LANE FAMILY PAPERS PVMA Library GENEALOGY OF THE LANE FAMILY taken from Susan Minot Lane by Joseph Peter Spang III (1990), and An Imperfect List of Descendants from Job Lane, Wm. Lane of Dorchester,

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Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death

Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death Swindon World War II Civilian s 1939-1945 Surname Name Age at Adams William 23 Of 41 Station Road, Wotton Bassett 19 September 1940 Victoria Hospital Barnard Mary Ann 62 Wife of Emmanuel John Barnard 17

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Ref. First Name Surname Service No. Rank Year Unit

Ref. First Name Surname Service No. Rank Year Unit Ref. First Name Surname Service No. Rank Year Unit 1 A C S Couldwell Temporary Lieutenant 1914 Highland Light Infantry 2 Albert Couldwell S.S.8220 Ordinary Seaman 1918 3 Albert E Couldwell J.91389 Ordinary

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Burials of members of the Beaumont family at St. Mary s Church, Coleorton

Burials of members of the Beaumont family at St. Mary s Church, Coleorton Burials of members of the Beaumont family at St. Mary s Church, Coleorton The following has been transcribed by Samuel T Stewart from information left in the archives of John Crocker ( local historian)

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Twentieth Century Women

Twentieth Century Women Twentieth Century Women Patricia Kettner Marjorie Mutch Debby Lexier Evelyn Blankstein In Canada, women have been largely left out of historical narratives on architecture and design. For this reason,

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ROBERT CAMPBELL HAMILTON Booklet Number 19 ROBERT CAMPBELL HAMILTON 1883-1968 This booklet remains the property of Saint Andrew s Uniting Church. Please see a Guide if you would like a copy. A Reference for Robert Hamilton from

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Victor Spencer Bowater Liveryman and Other Members of the Bowater Family

Victor Spencer Bowater Liveryman and Other Members of the Bowater Family Victor Spencer Bowater Liveryman 1891 1967 and Other Members of the Bowater Family Victor Spencer Bowater joined the Glovers Company as a Liveryman in 1915 and remained on the Livery until he died in 1967,

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WICKHAM MARKET TM WICKHAM MARKET TM 30192 55706 WW1-31 WW2-9 WW2 Civilians - 4 With acknowledgement to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission http://www.cwgc.org/ WW1 Casualties Awards Rank Number Service Unit Age Parish

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Mary Irene MARTIN, b. Aug. 1889, nurse, married + Harry WATSON, they moved to Detroit, Michigan, and back to Calgary after retirement

Mary Irene MARTIN, b. Aug. 1889, nurse, married + Harry WATSON, they moved to Detroit, Michigan, and back to Calgary after retirement Updated Feb 2017 Martin Family Joseph Alexander MARTIN, born Nov. 1854-56 in Ontario, died 1930 in Stettler, AB and is buried in Our Lady of Grace Cemetery, Castor, Alberta, Plot E, 020. + Mary, born Jan.

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C Martin, Maude Williams ( ), Papers, linear feet

C Martin, Maude Williams ( ), Papers, linear feet C Martin, Maude Williams (1879-1953), Papers, 1896-1989 3909 3 linear feet This collection is available at The State Historical Society of Missouri. If you would like more information, please contact us

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This page intentionally left blank

This page intentionally left blank CHINUA ACHEBE This page intentionally left blank Chinua Achebe Novelist, Poet, Critic David Carroll Professor of English University of Lancaster David Carroll 1980, 1990 Softcover reprint of the hardcover

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OBITUARIES. PROFESSOR W. C. KERNOT, M.A.,M.C.E., PAST PRESIDENT V.I.E. Born 1815, died OBITUARIES. 39 OBITUARIES. 39 South Australia. One gunboat, one small torpedo boat, both over zo years old. Western Australia. Nil. Tasmania. Nil. The torpedo boats mentioned are not large enough to take part in an action

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Second Lieutenant John Walter Hanstock ( ).

Second Lieutenant John Walter Hanstock ( ). Second Lieutenant John Walter Hanstock (1899-1918). 12 th Field Company Royal Engineers. If in some smothering dreams, you too could pass Behind the wagon that you flung him in My friend, you would not

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Collection List No. 102

Collection List No. 102 Leabharlann Náisiúnta na héireann National Library of Ireland Collection List No. 102 McCarthy PAPERS (MSS 35,700-35,701) (Accession No. 5398, 5212) Papers relating to the descendants mainly in England

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William C. Allen diaries, MC

William C. Allen diaries, MC William C. Allen diaries, 1904-1937 MC.975.01.001 Finding aid prepared by Kara Flynn This finding aid was produced using the Archivists' Toolkit April 20, 2016 Describing Archives: A Content Standard Haverford

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Descendants of Thomas Scrase b1806

Descendants of Thomas Scrase b1806 Generation 1 1. Thomas Scrase-1. He was born 1806 in Wivelsfied, Sussex. Occupation 1841 in Farmer. He died on 29 Sep 1848 in Ditching, Sussex. Harriett Holford is the daughter of John Holford and Sarah

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A WASHINGTON TOKEN. BY WILLIAM C. WELLS. A WASHINGTON TOKEN. BY WILLIAM C. WELLS. T the present time, when England and the United States are preparing to celebrate the century of peace between the two nations, ancl the Manor House of Sulgrave,

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Correspondence between Berthoud and Prince

Correspondence between Berthoud and Prince 1 Papers of Professor Jacques Berthoud (1935-2001) relating to F.T.Prince, 1971-2012 Correspondence between Berthoud and Prince 1/1/1 Letter from J.Berthoud to F.T.Prince regarding David Tacium and The

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Descendants of William Turnbull 13 October 2012

Descendants of William Turnbull 13 October 2012 Descendants of William Turnbull 13 October 2012 I. William TURNBULL was born (date unknown). William TURNBULL had the following child: A. William TURNBULL was christened on 27 Jun 1740 in Stracathro, Angus,

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FULL NAME Alexandrina Victoria. DATE OF BIRTH May 24 th, 1819 PLACE OF BIRTH

FULL NAME Alexandrina Victoria. DATE OF BIRTH May 24 th, 1819 PLACE OF BIRTH QUEEN VICTORIA FULL NAME Alexandrina Victoria DATE OF BIRTH May 24 th, 1819 PLACE OF BIRTH EARLY LIFE Upon Victoria s father death, she became the heir apparent, since her three surviving uncles, who were

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APRIL 1916 AND A ROYAL IRISH FUSILIER APRIL 1916 AND A ROYAL IRISH FUSILIER By Brian McConnell * The uprising of April 1916 in Dublin, Ireland is now ought of as pivotal to e history of e country. Even en it must have felt like it was having

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Lecture One, titled 'The Kiss' Lecture Two, 'The Burning Child' Joseph Leo Koerner

Lecture One, titled 'The Kiss' Lecture Two, 'The Burning Child' Joseph Leo Koerner Vienna took its interiors seriously. Between 1898 and 1938, many of this city s greatest minds grappled with how to structure and appoint the inner spaces of everyday life. The result the modern home would

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SIR WILLIAM TITE, KT. F.R.S., F.S.A. / M.P. FOR BATH SIR WILLIAM TITE, KT. F.R.S., F.S.A. / M.P. FOR BATH 1855-1873 TITE CREST: ET VIRTUTEM ET AXISAS : TRUTH is AXIS Sir William Tite From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sir William Tite, CB (February 1798

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North Merchiston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Grave

North Merchiston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Grave North Merchiston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 77 PRIVATE D. MACKENZIE 2ND BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 22ND SEPTEMBER, 1915 Age 30 Gone But Not Forgotten Donald (Daniel) MACKENZIE

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Descendants of John Levett

Descendants of John Levett Generation 1 1. JOHN 1 LEVETT was born about 1740 in Stepney, Middlesex, He died before Mar 24, 1819 in Barking, Suffolk, He married Deborah Nock, daughter of Tobias Nock and Catherine "Kitty" Fletcher,

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1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname

1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname 1881 Census ID Household ID House name First Name Surname Relation to Head Condition Sex Age Profession County of Birth 1 1 Rd Thomas Cooper Head M M 46 Ag Lab 2 1 Elizabeth Cooper Wife M F 37 3 1 Elizabeth

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Morgan Academy Roll of Honour

Morgan Academy Roll of Honour Morgan Academy Roll of Honour 1914-1918 M Surname Macdonald Serial G3 David Johnston Craigie Cliff, Ferry Road, Dundee Royal Garrison Artillery Captain 29 October 1917 France "He died at his post directing

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The Edwin Harold Rian Manuscript Collection

The Edwin Harold Rian Manuscript Collection The Edwin Harold Rian Manuscript Collection Collection Summary Creator: Rian, Edwin H. (Edwin Harold), 1900- Dates: 1927-2007 Extent: 2 box (1.0 linear feet) Language(s): English Repository: Princeton

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Hector Bolitho: An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center

Hector Bolitho: An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center Hector Bolitho: An Inventory of His Collection at the Harry Ransom Center Descriptive Summary Creator: Title: Hector Bolitho Collection Dates: 1851-1969 (bulk 1926-1969) Extent: Abstract: Language: 3 boxes

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S0440 Matthews-Chambers Papers, Folders

S0440 Matthews-Chambers Papers, Folders S0440 Matthews-Chambers Papers, 1811-1974 29 Folders This collection is available at The State Historical Society of Missouri. If you would like more information, please contact us at shsresearch@umsystem.edu.

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Monroe County Library. Tom Hambright Monroe County Historianc2001

Monroe County Library. Tom Hambright Monroe County Historianc2001 Monroe County Library Tom Hambright Monroe County Historianc2001 Key West Salt Works Key West Population 1840 Freemen 76 Slaves 97 1860 Freemen 160 Slaves 451 1870 Blacks 989 1910 Blacks 5,515 Freemen

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Report for Andrew OWENSON

Report for Andrew OWENSON Report for Andrew OWENSON Generation 1 1. Andrew OWENSON-1[1]. His birth 1762 in Trim, Meath, Ireland (Trim is a small town located in County Meath, on the banks of the river Boyne about 45km. (28 miles)

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Correspondence sent to Sir Richard Wallace and Sir John Murray-Scott

Correspondence sent to Sir Richard Wallace and Sir John Murray-Scott Correspondence sent to Sir and Sir John Murray-Scott Reference: MS176 1/15/2015 Correspondence sent to Sir and Sir John Murray-Scott MS176 Correspondence sent to Sir Richard Wallace and Sir John Murray-Scott

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Interaction between Geotechnical and Structural Engineers

Interaction between Geotechnical and Structural Engineers 2012 JENNINGS MEMORIAL LECTURE PROF JOHN BURLAND CBE DSc(Eng) FREng FRS Interaction between Geotechnical and Structural Engineers A structure, its foundations and the surrounding ground interact with each

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The Law Society of Upper Canada Archives. Laura Legge fonds PF45

The Law Society of Upper Canada Archives. Laura Legge fonds PF45 The Law Society of Upper Canada Archives Prepared 2013 TABLE OF CONTENTS Biographical Sketch Immediate Source of Acquisition Scope and Content Series Descriptions: -1-2 -3-4 Correspondence Addresses Photographs

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Northwood. Cemetery MEMORIALS FAMILY TRAIL Northwood Cemetery MEMORIALS FAMILY TRAIL ENTRANCE NEWPORT ROAD Memorials Map of Northwood Cemetery 1 2 3 4 Augustus Hamilton Harriet Fellows Henry Wheeler Harry Guy 6 7 8 9 Cust family Allan Cust Olivia

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Bennochy Cemetery, Kirkcaldy, Scotland. War Grave

Bennochy Cemetery, Kirkcaldy, Scotland. War Grave Bennochy Cemetery, Kirkcaldy, Scotland War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 521A PRIVATE F. TORSON AUST. MACHINE GUN CORPS 23RD SEPTEMBER, 1918 Age 39 Frederick TORSON Frederick Torson was born in Stockholm,

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St Gabriel s Churchyard, Middleton Junction, Lancashire. War Grave

St Gabriel s Churchyard, Middleton Junction, Lancashire. War Grave St Gabriel s Churchyard, Middleton Junction, Lancashire War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 7112 DRIVER A. WADSWORTH AUST. ARMY SERVICE CORPS 6TH NOVEMBER, 1918 Arthur WADSWORTH Arthur Wadsworth was born

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County Borough of Bournemouth Book of Remembrance New entries for the Centenary year Commemorations, 2014

County Borough of Bournemouth Book of Remembrance New entries for the Centenary year Commemorations, 2014 County Borough of Bournemouth Book of Remembrance 1914-1918 New entries for the Centenary year Commemorations, 2014 At the start of the Centenary Commemorations in 2014, the names of 14 Moordown men, originally

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FAQ: The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot

FAQ: The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jack Holmes (410) 516-6928, jmh@press.jhu.edu August 11, 2014 FAQ: The Complete Prose of T. S. Eliot WHAT IS THE SIGNIFICANCE OF PUBLISHING THIS MATERIAL AND WHY HAVE ELIOT

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Descendants of Edward Swain

Descendants of Edward Swain Descendants of Edward Swain William Swain [64] Unknown Mary Swain [65] Mary Swain [80] c. 3 Jan 1707 St Mary's, Hitchin Charlotte Swain [10] c. 7 Mar 1781 St Mary's, Hitchin d. Dec Qtr 1862 Luton Reg Thomas

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Durrington War Graves. World War 1

Durrington War Graves. World War 1 Durrington War Graves World War 1 Lest We Forget 4680 PRIVATE R. DALEY 23RD BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 11TH DECEMBER, 1916 Age 26 Too Far Away Your Grave To See But Not Too Far To Think Of Thee Commonwealth War

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Essays in Anti-Labour History

Essays in Anti-Labour History Essays in Anti-Labour History Also by Kenneth D. Brown LABOUR AND UNEMPLOYMENT 1900-1914 ESSAYS IN ANTI-LABOUR HISTORY Responses to the Rise of Labour in Britain edited by KENNETH D. BROWN, M.A., PH.D.

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Habits of Devotion: Catholic Religious Practice in Twentieth Century America (Edited). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2004.

Habits of Devotion: Catholic Religious Practice in Twentieth Century America (Edited). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2004. JAMES M. O TOOLE History Department 31 Quisset Brook Road Boston College Milton, Massachusetts 02186 Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 02467 (617)696-2712 (617)552-8456 E-mail: james.otoole@bc.edu EDUCATION

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The New York Public Library Humanities And Social Sciences Libarary Manuscripts & Archives Division. Theodore Winthrop, Papers,

The New York Public Library Humanities And Social Sciences Libarary Manuscripts & Archives Division. Theodore Winthrop, Papers, The New York Public Library Humanities And Social Sciences Libarary Manuscripts & Archives Division Theodore Winthrop, 1828-1861 Papers, 1844-1860 Nick Tucker March, 1997 Main Entry: Winthrop, Theodore,

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GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS LOGIEBRIDE KIRKYARD. WSHS Recorders: Margaret Brown, Rae Imrie, Allan and Eleanor Scott

GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS LOGIEBRIDE KIRKYARD. WSHS Recorders: Margaret Brown, Rae Imrie, Allan and Eleanor Scott GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS LOGIEBRIDE KIRKYARD WSHS Recorders: Margaret Brown, Rae Imrie, Allan and Eleanor Scott 1 Propped against mort-house wall: 1831 Erected by JOHN ROBERTSON and HELEN ALLAN Gibbistown.

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Ernest A. Love Letters

Ernest A. Love Letters Guide to the Ernest A. Love Post 6 American Legion Collection Ernest A. Love Letters With addition of letters sent to Ola Henry from Love And other related material about Ernest A. Love Sharlot Hall Museum

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UNIV ONLINE CATALOGUES 1 The village of North Cerney is situated in Gloucestershire a few miles north of Cirencester. University College bought the living of the parish in 1753, out of the fund created in 1714 by John Radcliffe

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CONTRIBUTORS illustrate the rightist position in French politics during the period between the two wars of the first half of the twentieth century.

CONTRIBUTORS illustrate the rightist position in French politics during the period between the two wars of the first half of the twentieth century. Bibliography Ashley, M. H. The Splendid Century: Some Aspects of French Life in the Reign of Louis XIV (London, 1953). Carston, F. L., ed. The Ascendency of France, r648-r688, New Cambridge Modern History,

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Ernest Frederick Walden

Ernest Frederick Walden Page 1 Ernest Frederick Walden Ernest Frederick Walden was born in 1899. He was the youngest child of William Frederick Walden and Mary Ann Walden, nee King. William was born in St George s-in-the-east,

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THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE ARCHIVES THE UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE ARCHIVES STEELE, PHILIP JOHN (AND FAMILY) 1975.0120 furniture 1868-1960 3 cm. Steele migrated from Ireland in 1868, and until 1889, held positions with several major furniture

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Model of Chiswick Villa by George Rome Innes

Model of Chiswick Villa by George Rome Innes Model of Chiswick Villa by George Rome Innes COURSE HANDBOOK URBAN DESIGN: ANCIENT WITH MODERN SPRING 2017 1 Teaching Institution Tutor Chelsea College of Arts George Rome Innes COURSE OUTLINE This module

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St. Peter s Churchyard, Meavy, Devon. War Grave

St. Peter s Churchyard, Meavy, Devon. War Grave St. Peter s Churchyard, Meavy, Devon War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 14591 GUNNER J. R. WILSON 5TH BDE., AUSTRALIAN FIELD ARTILLERY. 2ND DECEMBER, 1918 Age 24 A Soldier And A Man James Reginald WILSON

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Taylor House Office of the Commissioner of Yukon

Taylor House Office of the Commissioner of Yukon Taylor House Office of the Commissioner of Yukon Historic sites restoration and reproduction specialist Gisli Balzer works on restoring an original interior door for the Taylor House. All photos: Government

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GEORGE NICHOLSON BRADFORD VC GEORGE NICHOLSON BRADFORD VC BORN: 23 April 1887 (Darlington, Durham) DIED: Killed in VC Action 23 April 1918 (Zeebrugge Raid) VC ACTION At a time when Allied shipping was coming under increasing attack

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GIBBONS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt - Wellington Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGibbonsYoung)

GIBBONS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt - Wellington Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGibbonsYoung) GIBBONS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt - Wellington Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGibbonsYoung) GIBBONS and YOUNG Family History Harry Clifton GIBBONS B 1860 Spalding Lincolnshire

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ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian.

ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian. ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian. John Joseph Dexter Wilson (1911-12), H. M. S. Hawke, October, 1914. Rifleman Norman Stanton Bryan Donkin (1905), Rifle Brigade,

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Highland Road Cemetery, Portsmouth, Hampshire. War Grave

Highland Road Cemetery, Portsmouth, Hampshire. War Grave Highland Road Cemetery, Portsmouth, Hampshire War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 MAJOR C. FRANKLIN O.B.E. ROYAL MARINE LIGHT INFANTRY 5TH SEPTEMBER, 1919 Age 58 Charles FRANKLIN Charles Alfred Franklin

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The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416)

The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) The United Empire Loyalists Association Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 1 BRANCH: Colonel John Butler (Niagara) Branch Applicant 1. Name in full.

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ART ARCHIVES - SOUTH AFRICA. Edin CURRIE-WOOD Paintings, graphics ART ARCHIVES - SOUTH AFRICA Edin CURRIE-WOOD 1919-2001 Paintings, graphics Edin Currie-Wood in 1962 (illustrated in Contemporaries / Tydegenote 1963 ) Brief CV Edin Godfrey Currie-Wood was born at sea

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RDFA/107 Rosemary Savage VAD (20 Jan Feb.1983)

RDFA/107 Rosemary Savage VAD (20 Jan Feb.1983) DUBLIN CITY ARCHIVES RDFA/107 Rosemary Savage VAD (20 Jan. 1893-3 Feb.1983) Royal Dublin Fusiliers at Dublin City Archives Finola Frawley, Dublin City Archives (August 2016) & Edited by Cillian Fearon

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Comely Bank Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland. War Graves

Comely Bank Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland. War Graves Comely Bank Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 66188 PRIVATE E. C. CAMPBELL 57TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 6TH FEBRUARY, 1919 Age 19 In Memory Of The Dearly Loved Son Of Mr &

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David Henry Pinkney. President. American Historical Association

David Henry Pinkney. President. American Historical Association David Henry Pinkney President American Historical Association 1980 David Henry Pinkney, president of the American Historical Association, is professor of history at the University of Washington. He was

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FIDDIANS WHO WENT TO AUSTRALIA FIDDIANS WHO WENT TO AUSTRALIA Over the past 150 years a number of members of the Fiddian family have chosen to move to Australia and set up home there. Interestingly, the 30 or so individuals that made

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DOZIER FAMILY PAPERS AR 774 DOZIER FAMILY PAPERS AR 774 Dozier family, ca. 1920 Southern Baptist Historical Library and Archives Updated February, 2012 2 Dozier Family Papers AR 774 Summary Main Entry: Dozier Family Papers Date Span:

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The family history of Thomas Charles BOYLE and Sylvia Ethel GILES

The family history of Thomas Charles BOYLE and Sylvia Ethel GILES Chapter Four Children and descendants of Thomas and Georgina BOYLE (Weblink Thomas Charles Boyle and Sylvia Ethel GILES) (Weblink to parents Thomas Boyle and Georgina Miles) Thomas Charles BOYLE B 16 May

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J.J. Lankes Papers, (bulk , 1942)

J.J. Lankes Papers, (bulk , 1942) 1 of 9 J.J. Lankes Papers, 1907-1988 (bulk 1922-1934, 1942) Administration Information Creator J.J. Lankes RBR Illus. L2 1907 Extent 2 letter-size document cases, 1 legal-size document case. 1.5 linear

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Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Graves

Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Graves Warriston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 7684 PRIVATE OLIVER ALFRED PAGE 12TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 27TH NOVEMBER, 1917 AGE 42 Oliver Alfred PAGE Oliver Alfred Page

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Guide to the Nicolas de Carlo Papers CMS.010

Guide to the Nicolas de Carlo Papers CMS.010 Guide to the Nicolas de Carlo Papers CMS.010 This finding aid was produced using the Archivists' Toolkit September 20, 2013 Center for Migration Studies August 24, 1976 Table of Contents Summary Information...

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Descendants of Nicholas Kellogg Page 1

Descendants of Nicholas Kellogg Page 1 Descendants of Nicholas Kellogg Page 1 1-Nicholas Kellogg b. 1488, Debden, Essex, England, d. May 17, 1558, (Debden, Essex, England) +Florence Hall b. Abt 1510, Debden, Essex, Eng., m. Oct 4, 1515,, Debdon,

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Dissertation Title: Under the Shadow of the Patriarch: Elizabeth Isham and Her World in Seventeenth-Century Northamptonshire.

Dissertation Title: Under the Shadow of the Patriarch: Elizabeth Isham and Her World in Seventeenth-Century Northamptonshire. Academic Appointments Isaac Stephens Assistant Professor of History Department of History Saginaw Valley State University 7400 Bay Road University Center, MI 48710 Tel: (989) 964-2465 E-mail: isstephe@svsu.edu

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Charles Dean (Doox) Prangley

Charles Dean (Doox) Prangley Charles Dean (Doox) Prangley 1897 1916 Birth and Family Charles Dean Prangley was born on the 16 th March 1897 at 90 Harley Street in London. His father was Charles Wilton Prangley who at the time of his

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Ada, Countess of Lovelace: a programming pioneer OR

Ada, Countess of Lovelace: a programming pioneer OR Ada, Countess of Lovelace: a programming pioneer OR Ada Lovelace, Charles Babbage and the Analytical Engine Page 1 David F. Brailsford John Dunford Professor Emeritus School of Computer Science University

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Jim Tovey is Mississauga s Councillor for Ward 1 and currently serves as vice-chair of the Heritage Advisory Committee.

Jim Tovey is Mississauga s Councillor for Ward 1 and currently serves as vice-chair of the Heritage Advisory Committee. Jim Tovey, Councillor, Ward 1 Jim Tovey is Mississauga s Councillor for Ward 1 and currently serves as vice-chair of the Heritage Advisory Committee. A founding co-chair of the Lakeview Legacy Project,

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Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 1801 Jun 25 STRICKLAND Matthew s.o. Joseph and Hannah Strickland (born 16.6.1801). 1802 Mar 29 NICHOLLS Armelle d.o.

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Frederica de Laguna Alaska Expedition records

Frederica de Laguna Alaska Expedition records 1077 Finding aid prepared by Jody Rodgers. Last updated on March 02, 2017. University of Pennsylvania, Penn Museum Archives 2/4/2016 Table of Contents Summary Information...3 Biography/History...4 Scope

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JOHN [BANFORD] BENFIELD & MARY JOYCE JOHN [BANFORD] BENFIELD & MARY JOYCE John [BANFORD] BENFIELD and Mary JOYCE are my maternal 5 th Great Grandparents. Their daughters, Mary Ann BENFIELD and Margaret BENFIELD, are my 4 th Great Grandmothers.

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Queensferry Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Graves

Queensferry Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Graves Queensferry Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 STOKER 3988 THEODORE GORDON JENNINGS WARD H.M.A.S. AUSTRALIA ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY 12TH MAY, 1915 Age 19 Erected By His

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Durrington War Graves. World War 1

Durrington War Graves. World War 1 Durrington War Graves World War 1 Lest We Forget 6644 PRIVATE A. E. WOLSTENHOLME 6TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 24TH FEBRUARY, 1917 Age 36 Peace Perfect Peace Commonwealth War Graves Headstone for Pte A. E. Wolstenholme

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CARTMEL PRIORY CHURCHYARD ARCHIVE. Some wear; badly stained. POSITION See Plan D1 Headstone Some wear; badly stained. IN LOVING MEMORY OF ANNE the devoted Wife of GEORGE MEABY LL.D of Cartmel Grammar School who died March 16th 1879 Aged 70 Years. Also in dutiful

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TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP. John Belle traveling in England between studies at the Architectural Association in London.

TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP. John Belle traveling in England between studies at the Architectural Association in London. JOHN BELLE TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP John Belle traveling in England between studies at the Architectural Association in London. 2018 2018 JOHN BELLE TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP The John Belle Travel Fellowship is a $10,000

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John James Burton. Pioneer of 1844 by sea. compiled by Stephenie Flora oregonpioneers.com

John James Burton. Pioneer of 1844 by sea. compiled by Stephenie Flora oregonpioneers.com John James Burton Pioneer of 1844 by sea compiled by Stephenie Flora oregonpioneers.com John James Burton b. 19 Feb 1816 Sheldon, Devonshire, England 15 Sep 1879 Portland, Multnomah Co, OR buried Yamhill-Carlton

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CORDLEY William Bains born: - died: - practice: chemist and druggist in Colchester education: - other information: -

CORDLEY William Bains born: - died: - practice: chemist and druggist in Colchester education: - other information: - CORDLEY William Bains born: - died: - practice: chemist and druggist in Colchester 1878-1894 education: - other information: - CORFIELD Walter F other information: elected onto Colchester Medical Society

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St. Bridget s Churchyard, West Kirby, Merseyside. War Graves

St. Bridget s Churchyard, West Kirby, Merseyside. War Graves St. Bridget s Churchyard, West Kirby, Merseyside War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 4162 PRIVATE A. LALLY 25TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 2ND AUGUST, 1917 Age 32 He Gave His All For Others His Loving Sister

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