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4 INDEX VOLUME LI. A. Abbott, Edward Andrew, alias Albert Adams, Ethel Adams, William Ahern, Michael Ahsam, William Alcock, Thomas Alderdice, William Ambrasussi Jimmy Ambrose, Herbert Anderson, alias Winifred Amy Croft, alias Morfield 43 Anderson, alias Edward O'Brien, alias Ignatius Guilfoyle, &c., &c. 92 Anderson, Jack Anderson, Henry Anderson, Peter Anderson, Samuel Anderson, William, alias Dyer Andrew, Joe (Malay) Ansell, Edward , 56 Archer, Billy, alias Jackson, &e Archer, Charles Arekin, Serger Armstrong, Chas. Frederick 199 Arnold, Walter, alias Nobby Atkinson, Charles Attie, alias Arthur Weiler, alias Count M. Velasco, &c., &c Aylott, Herbert Abbott, W. C Acreman, John Adams. E Adams, John D Adams, William Adelaide S. Ship Company Adsett, Tryphena Elizabeth Ahearn, Beatrice M. C Ahearn, Mary Ahles, Printers Ahles, W Alderson, C Allan, James Allen, Mrs. Jack Allen, William Alley, Bert Althaus, Heinrich , 226, 232 Alway, Beatrice 53, 222 Anderson, Alexander Anderson, Richard , 272 Andrew, Eliza Andrews, Joseph D , 41 Anglim, S. M Appel, Hon. J. G Appel, Mrs Antonini, J Archie!n.alf-caste aboriginal) 1 Archer Bros Armstrong, Rev. J. B , 181, 196 Arundell, Sidney , 282 Asp in all, Chas Aspinall, James , 239 Athei ton, W Atkinson, W. F Attwease, Harry Austen, Frederick Australian Pastoral Co A. U. S. N. Company Adlard, Harold George Ireland Alway, George Allen, Robert Richard , 132 Archer, Chas. H Ashby, Jack Ashton, Herbert Chas Austin, Edward Arthur Osing Friends- Adams. James Allen Thomas , 356 Anderson, Archibald Anderson, Martin Andrews, Norman F Aston, Percival , 222 Agnew, alias S. McNevin, &c. 151 Ahern, Sydney John Albert (S.S.I.), alias Wool Alcock, Thos. H Allard, Janet, alias Blair 28, 92, 111, 201, 312 Allen, Frank James Allen, George or Bernard Allen, Joseph Allen, Richard An, Gee Anderdice, William Anderson, alias Winifred Amy Croft , 250 Anderson, Henry, alias Ellesan Anderson, James Anderson, Samuel Anderson, William, alias Dyer Andrews, George Andrews, Wm. Jas., alias Gordon 108 Angus, Charles Angus, Charles Apjohn, Thomas 135, 249, 308 Armstrong, William James Ashwood, John, alias Page, &o Aston, Ernest Abel Athrie, Arthur, alias Weiler, &c Atkinson, James Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Ahearn, Michael Anderson, Robert Cairns , 264 Anderson, Wm., alias Dyer Andrews,- Joseph Arekin, Serger Atkinson, Charles Prisoner Released under Crim. Code- Abbott, Edward A Warrants Lsued for- Abbott, E. A., alias E. Albert Adler, Alfred Alexander, Ernest Allen Tlrnn:as William Alien, 17illiam Benton Angus, Charles Aspden, John Austen, George Devere B. Bains, David Baker, alias Thos. White... Baker, Frank... Ball, Parry Ballard. Charles Holton S.... Banks, Williotn Bar''our. William Stanley BArlo -.v, Geo. Crawford Barncs, William.. Barr, Alan Barrett, Thomas Chas.... Barrie, Samuel, alias Jackson Bartlett, Robert Basham, T homas Bassett, William... Baudino, August... Ban r, A. H. Bayliss, Henry Becker, Thomas... Beckett. alias A. Weiler, &c. Bell, John Galloway Bell, Wm. Thomas... Bennett, alias Harry Foster Bentley, Walter, alias Apie Berril, Randolph, alias Nolan Bertie Brown (abor. ) Bertram, John Best, Ernest Best, Frank... Best, Frederick John Bevan, john Bianchi, Charles , E'A0E continued. Billy (abor.) Black, Robert Black, Win Blake, Thomas Blacklock, Stanley Geo Blackman, Albert (abor.) Bligh, alias Clarence Helenick Boba Khan Bohan, William Boldesiri, Gustave Bonwell, John Booth, Kenneth, alias Boothby Bourke, Sydney Braddock, Joseph Brady, James Brady, Peter Bradshaw, William Bray, Timothy Brennan, Alfred Brereton, Geo. Anthony Bright, Jesse Broadbridge, William Alfred, alias Huett Brook, Frederick Langdon Brooks, Geo. Henry Broughton, Edward , 198 Broughton, Edward, alias Dent Brown, Bertie (abor.) Brown, James Brown, alias Leslie Glover Brown, Martin, alias Roy Uhr, &c , 324 Brown, Samuel Brown, William... Bryant, George Bryant, James, alias Campbell 224 Bryant, Robert Buckle, Christian Buckley, alias M. Rahill Bucknall, George Budd, Joseph Budd, Percy Bue, Ali Budge, alias Geo. McKay Bulberry, alias Ossie Dick (abor.) 5 Bulka, Karl, alias Schwarzborg Bulmer, Clarence Burns, Henry Gavin Burchell, William Burgess, Norman, alias Owens Burke, Thomas Burton, Harriet Butler, Errol Levison 5 Buttel, Charles, alias Tancred Bacon, Thomas Badahm Ally Bain, Ellen Bain, James Baines, Herbert Bailey, John Thomas Bailey, S. J. 119 Baker, S. B Baldwin, Rev. Father... 75, 168 Baldwin, Walter Jno. 88 Ball, J. P Balls, Mrs Bainberry, Mary , 159 Bannister, William Barrett, Florence Barrett, H. F Barrett, Mrs.- Charlotte Barrey, Alfred James Barrington and Perry, Messrs Barron, J ' 76, 118 Barron Valley Farmers' Co-operative Co......* Barry, Tessie Bartlett, Alfred Bartlett, Bernard Joseph Barton, Daniel Barton, Harold Gilbert Bauer, C. O Baxter, Duncan

5 iv. continued. Baynes Bros Bayntun, Augustus Edward Beak, C. W Beal, Mrs Beal, Robert Beardmore, Edward , 41 Beardmore, Miss Beasley, Chas ,119 Bedford, Miss Behan, Thomas , 222 Bell, Fred , 54 Bell, Edward George Bell, John Bell, Joseph 53 Bellamy Brothers Bench, Geo. Win Bennett, Fred Bennett, Thos.. Chas Berg, T. W Berry, Chas. Albert Best, Eric Henry Betts, Richard , 68, 77 Bezant, H Bindon, Vericker Bird, Elizabeth Ann Bishop, Charles Black, Gavan Blackley, Ellen Blackley, Robert Blackley, Thomas 21, 22 Blake, Harold Bleakley, Chas. A Blease, John , 356 Bloxome, Herbert S Boland, John , 276 Bolands, Thomas Bolt, Trunklyn P Bolton, Charles Bommey, Harry Bond, A Bonnett, Edward Boloolencoff, Michael , 39 Booth, John Booth, Mrs Bostock, Robert Bostum, Moses Bottrell, Mrs. B Bonley, J Bowden, Arthur Jas Bowden, Henry Bowden, Kid Bowen, William Bowell, James Bowman, Adam Bowman, William , 321 Bradfield, Joseph , 167 Bradley, Wm. F Brady, Daniel Brady, T. U Brandt, Wm Brazier, Jane Breen, Martin Brennan, John Andrew Brennand, Malcolm Bridge, John, and Co Bridge, P. A Brigham, Mrs Brisbane City Council Brodie, Norman Grey Bromilie, Windham , 40 Brooks, A. H Broughton, T. D Brown and Donoghue 303, 332, 344 Brown, A. J Brown, Edward , 272 Brown, James Brown, J. L Brown, Nellie Brown, William Bramby, Mrs. Hannah Bryant, Thomas , 119 Buckley, Alfred James Buckley, Daniel Burden, Arthur Bulgin, John Burgess, Mrs Burkett, , 374 Burnard, Miss May Burnham, Daniel Burns, Johnson, and Humphries, Messrs Burrell, Mrs. Ada Butler and Sons, Edward Butler, Charles Butler, John Burton, John ,118 Byrne, Kate Byrne, Rev. Father Baker, Sidney Thomas Baker, William Balderson, Stanley George Barrett, Alfred , 77 Barrett, Edward , 119 Barrett, William Henry Batterbu ry, Edward S INDEX. continued. Baxter, Percy Donald Bear, William Thomas Beecham, Ted Jack Benewith, Robert... ' Bennett, William James Bennett, William John Biggs, Alfred S Blundell, T. A Bolt, Charles Booth, Charles Henry Bourke, William J Bridger, William Thomas 119, 132, 168 Broadbent, Harold Bromcher, V. H. M Brumfield, Alexander M Bull, Frederick J Burden, George Burrup, George Butler, Frederick William... 77, 212 Butterley, L. J Miscellaneous- Body of unknown man found Body of unknown infant found Bagley, E. R Bailey, Harry Bains, Alexander Baker, Edward R Baker, Billie Banks, William Barrett, Thomas Bates, John James Bates, Po l l ie Bates, Robert William Buttaglione, Marion Beatt, Frederick William Beavis, William Henry Beer, John Beck, William Bell, Eva Birmingham, Patrick... 13, 77 Blackband, Willie (abor.) Blake, Anthony Bonham, David , 197 Bostock. Leslie Boyce, John Boyce, William Branch, Alfred Brian, George Brock, Christina L Brook, Frederick L Brooks, Arthur B Brown, James , 13 Buckridge, Frank Buderus, Eric Bundamba, Alexander, alias Thomas 144 Burke, William Francis Burnett, Alexander Burns, Harry Burnside, R. A Burrows, Daniel , 90, 183 Busch, Wilhelm , 293 Byrnes, Arthur Baird, Edward, alias Beard Baggott, Andrew Baker, Frank Balding, Richard George Balke, Paul Ernest Banhain, Walter W Banks, William , 93 Barbour, William Stanley Barco, Peter Barker, William Barnes, alias Eugene Forrest Barnes, Francis J Barrett, Thomas C., alias Cooper 248 Barris, Amelia Barron, Andrew Bartells, Mary Jane Bartlett, Robert Barton, Barton, Charles H., alias Balmer Bassham, Thomas Baxter, John A , 149, 249 Beauchamp, alias B. P. Pratten, &c. 215 Beecher, D., alias Collins, &c Bell, alias John Wade, &c Bell, William, alias McAllister Belmont, F., alias Cottle , 309 Benjamin, Evan Bennett, alias A. A. Weiler 313 Bennett, Edward J Bennett, William.. 58 Benson, George, alias Munro, &c. 137, 252 Bernard, Joseph Bertram, Elizabeth Bessant, Bob Best, Claude, alias Clarke Best, Frank 297 Best, Percy R. W Betts, Arthur George 96 Billington, William , 108 Billy (tabor.) Black, William Henry Black, Robert, alias Gargero Prisoners Discharged -continued. Blackman, Henry Blake, Agnes , 312 Blair, Janet, alias Allard 92, 111, 201, 312,28 Blake, Agnes , 201, 312 Blanch, Gertie Bock, Arnold Bogue, William Boland, Gis (half-caste abor.) Bolton, Jack, alias Ryan Bomis, John or George Bourke, Thomas Bow, Ali Bowman, John Bradshaw, William Brady, Patrick Brady, Edward Brady, Peter Brand, alias J. Sullivan, &c Branson, Roy , 297 Brassey, Ernest E Briggs, William Brennan, Mary, alias Cuddihy 28, , 201, 250, 266, 312 Brennan, Michael Brennan, Patrick, atlas O'Brien Brennan, Patrick Bromwell, Mary, aliw_ Campbell 61, 312 Brooks, alias C. J. Ca-,,ell Brooks, Mattram E Broon, Frederick C Brophy, Richard Broughton, Edward Brown, Ada , 111, 312, 28 Brown, Alf red E Brown, Alice, alias Murray, &c., 111, 148, 201, 250 Brown, Annie Brown, Bertie (abor.) , 93 Brown, Gordon Brown, James , 249 Brown, Jessie, alias McNish Brown, Leonard, alias Glover Brown, Leslie or Leonard Brown, Robert Brown, Sydney, alias Stepper Brown, William Henry Brumpkin, John Thomas Bryant, James, alias Campbell Bryant, George Bryant, Robert Buckle, Christian Buckley, Timothy Budge, Henry, alias McKay Budd, Percy Bulmer, Clarence Bull, Johanna, alias Sullivan Bunch, Louie, alias Riley Burgess, Norman, alias Owens Burke, Edward , 248, 309 Burke, Thomas , 251 Burke, Patrick, alias McKelvey Burns, John Burns, Henry Gavin Butler, Arthur Butler, Charles Henry Buttel, Charles R Byrnes, George Byrnes, John Byrnes, Mike Byrnes, Thomas Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Ballard, Charles H. Stanley 174 Banchory, Joe (abor.) Barnes, David Barr, Alan Barry, Charles Barry, Samuel Bartlett, Robert Benstead, Sydney Best, Ernest Best, Frederick John Billy (abor.) Black, William Bock, Arnold Bonwell, John Bowen, William John Brady, James Broadbridge, William Alfred Broughton, Edward William Brown, Charles , 307 Burney, Laythorne, alias Bernardo 172 Prisoners Released under Crim. Code- Balding, Richard George Beauclerc, Frederick Brown, Henry George Barnes, Willie Bassett, William r Boldesiri, Gustana ' '` Black, John Graham Brazier, Jack D Brennan, Thomas Brown, Michael Brown, William Butler, Errol L,

6 Warrants Issued for- Ballard, Charles H. S Banks, William Barron, W. J Barry, Frederick Bassett, Abraham William 259 Batchelor, Richard Bates, John Belot, William Leslie... 88, 113 Benstead, Sydney , 141 Bergstrom, Carl Berry, Henry Joseph 63, 129 Black, Dougall Blackman, Henry , 231, 259 Bluey Bock, Arnold , 281 Bourke, Thomas Bradford, Percy (or Frank) Brault, Leonce Brennan, Charles Brown, Harry Brown, John Brown, Walter James Burchell, Edward Richard Burke, William Burns, Frederick , 103 Burr, John Burrows, Daniel Burton, Harriett Bussell, Sydney William Buttsworth, Reginald C. Cable, William John Caine, Patrick Calvert, Henry Cameron, Alexander Cameron, Kenneth Campbell, Andy, alias Bryant Campbell, Ethel Campbell, Jack Duncan Campbell, Lionel Forrester Caplick, August Richard Capper, Matthew Cardoza, Frank Carroll, Andrew Carroll, Walker, alias J. Carter 224 Carson, Mary Carswell, Charles Carter, Edward Carter, Francis Joseph Carter, Prosper Edward Cartwright, Job Chapman, Walter Chapman, Frank Chee, Ah Chenery, William Cheong, Ah Chin, Tung Chin, Nam Chip, Ah Chong, Ah Chong, Ah, alias Jimmy Ali Chee 123 Chong, Willie Ali Chong, Yong Chow,. Ah Chow, Your Choy Chong Chuen Yuen Chun Wah Yee Clancy, alias Michael James Duffy 69 Clare, Margaret Clark, Ernest James Clarke, John Joseph 146 Clayson, Ardren Vernon Clifford, Arthur Clifford, Claude Clifford, Edward Clifton, James Clinton, Samuel Robert Cloke, Richard Clyde, Rexford H Colledge, Geo. Frederick Connell, John Connors, Thomas Gray Conter, Albert Jean , 171 Conroy, alias F. Ferguson, alias Mitchell Cook, James 306 Cook, Vincent Silvester Cooper, alias Charles Wood, alias Delaney, &c Corbett, Dora Conish, Malcolm , 274 Costello, Uhlrich Olsen de Coster, Leopold Couch, Sydney Cousin Charlie (Malay) Cowie, Alex., alias Harold King 91 Cox, Frederick Coyne, Annie Crachuett, Edward Croft, Winifred Amy 43 Craig, Edward Crawford, Matthew Creighton, Arthur, alias Harry de Lacey, &c INDEX. continued. Creswell, George Bernie, alias Houston , 294 Cronin, Thomas Cuhhane, Edward , 222 Cullan, Hugo Samuel... 44, 253 Cullen, John Cum, Foo Cummings, Andrew , 253 Cummins, Evelyn Curly, William Curtis, Ted C. J., alias Farrell Cuthbert, Harry Caban, F. T. W Caboolture Shire Council Caisby, Henry Cameron, C. A. S Cameron, Colin Cameron, Jno. Hugh Cameron, Norman Campbell, Hugh Campbell, Roderick , 211 Campion, Caroline Cannon, John , 322 Carberry, John , 211 Carberry, Mrs Carlin, John Carlyle, Mrs. Wm. Henry Carmen, Violet Carr, Arthur Oliver 53 Carroll, Edith Carroll, Matthew Carroll, Thomas Henry 162, 222 Carter, A Carter, H. J Cartwright, Mrs. Chas Cassidy, Mrs Caswell, Walter Cavanagh, Mrs. E Cavanagh, Patk Cavil 1, E. J Ceneigh, Antonia Chambers, Elizabeth Chapman, Dr. W Charles, Leslie Charlie, R. G Cheeseman, William Chenery, Mrs. Rachel Cherry, Edward Chicken, William Childs, D. J Chillagoe Railway Manager Christie, Colin Clair, George Albert Clark, Alexr Clark, William , 272 Clarke, Cornelius , 167 Clarke, William Henry Clemenhead, Joseph Clifford, Arthur Clifford, Jeremiah Coape, J Coatty, William Cobb and Co , 167, 303 Cochrane, James Cockrine, Ethel Cocks, Henry Cocks, Robinson Cocup, Moses Henry , 282 Collins, C. E Collinson, Fred Commissioner for Railways-2, 3, 12, 21 38, 40, 46, 52, 53, 67, 68, 87, 88, , 105, 116, 118, 119, 130, 131, 142, 143, 159, 167, 181, 195, 196, 211, 221, 231, 259, 260, 271, 272, 282, 290, 291, 304, 322. Commis. for Railways, Sydney 290, 302 commis. of Police 76, 159, 211, 275, 327 'Conachan, J. P.... Condon, Gerald... Connell, Amelia... Connolly, Hugh Glynn Connolly, Robert. Continental Rubber Co. Cooke, Burton Chas... Cooley, James (China) Coomera Shire Council Cooney, Thomas... Cooran, William Copley, Mrs. H. J. Corotkevaca, Michael Costello, Agnes Costello, T Costin, George Counahan, C. C.... Courtney, Annie Cousins, Andrew... Cowan, Mrs. Percy... Cowell, Walter Ernest Coxon, William... Crabbe, Isaiah Craft, William Craig, Herbert Geo.... Craig, Mary. Craig, Mr. Crane, Adam Boyce , , continued. Cribb, Harry Cronin, James , 322 Crossland, Benjamin Crowley, Conne Cruce, Henry Crystal, Miss Mabel Cummins, Edwin Cunningham, John Cusack, Jno. 87 Cusack, Mary and J Cuthbertson, Robert David Cahill, James Wilfred Campbell, William Cantieni, Peter Leonard Carter, Thomas Casey, John Joseph Clarke, Ernest Clumick, Richard Coleman, Thos. B Collins, E. B Collins, Thos. Bernard Connell, Wm. By. James Cook, Henley James Cook, William Robt Costello, Henry Clarence Cotts, Jack Eric Crowther, George Riley Curtin, Edward Richard L Curtis, Albert Charles Curtis, H. V. R Cahill, Hy. Francis , 120 Cahill, R Campbell, George Campbell, Leslie F Carte, Mr Cellis, Aldo , 321 Charlton, Tom Christensen, Jack Clark, James Clinch, Wm. Elias , 120 Coakley, Thos Cohen, Leopold Cohen, William Cooper, Ernest or Walter Collins, Gusty Conway, Stephen Conyers, John Corbett, Alf Corbett, W Cordon, Frank Corke, Jessie Crichton, Andrew B Crimp, Charles Cunningham, H ,77 Curley, Bridget Currall, Wm. George Cable, Wm. J Cain, Edward Caine, Patrick Cairns, John Calinan, A. E., alias Jno. Gordon 151 Calvert, H., alias Jno. Watson Cameron, Alexander Vincent Cameron, Ivy Campbell, Andy, alias Bryant Campbell, Christina Campbell, Ettie, alias Corona, &c , 312 Campbell, John, alias Scotty Campbell, John Capper, Matthew 58, 109, 149, 247, 249 Carl, Herman Carlson, Edward, alias Hamer Carpenter, William George Carson, Jesse Carter, Annie or Kathleen J. 250, 312 Carter, Edward, alias Rose Carter, Kathleen J Carter, Prosper Edward... 95, 297 Carroll, Jno. Joseph Cassells, Herbert Cartwright, Job Casey, alias Mary Jackson 28, 148, 201, 312 Cavell, Chas. J., alias Brooks Charley (abor.) , 214 Charters, Joseph, alias Wilson Chee, Ali Chenery, Wm. George Chin, Yuen Clabby, George Clancy, Michael Clare, Margaret, alias Mair Clarey, Robert Clarke, Anthony, alias Healy 58, 151, 248 Clarke, Alex. R., alias C. Best Clarke, George J., alias Moore.. 29 Clarke, May, alias Harris, alias Williams , 92, 136 Clarke. Robert Clarke, Thos., alias Daniels, &c Clayson, Andrew V I

7 Ti. Prisoners Discharged - continued. Clemo, Charles Clifford, Claude , 308 Clifton, James Clouston, Alfred Cohen, Ernest Colquhoun, Arthur Collins, J., alias O'Callaghan, alias Beecher Collins, John, alias Donovan Collins, J., alias Thos. Smith Collins, John Condren, Patrick Condrin, Ernest Connolly, Patrick Connor, Thomas Gray Connors, alias Palk O'Connor... 2A Connors, Denis.. 136, 203 Conroy, alias Mitchell, alias F. Ferguson Conroy, William Cooke, William Cooper, alias S. Rowbotham, &c Cooper, or Capper, Matthew Cooper, Tom Cooper, alias Thos. C. Barrett Copdell, Edward E Cosgrove, James Costa, John H Costin, John Moody Cotter, George Cottle, Sydney, alias Belmont 200, 309 Cousin, Charlie, alias Cassin Cowan, Fanny... 61, 111, 148, 250, 312 Cowie, Alexander Craig, alias Thos. Gregg Craig, Alfred Craig, Robert George Craske, Richard Craven, Blanche, alias McLaren Crawford, Nellie, alias Ryan 111, 148, 200, 214, 312 Creswell, G. B., alias Houston 311, 313 Croft, Winifred Amy, alias Anderson 111, 250 Crowley, John , 152 Cuddihy, alias Mary Brennan 28, 136, 148, 312 Culgan, John Culhane, Thomas H Culligan, Patrick, alias Callaghan 10'), 200, 247 Cumming, William Cummins, Alfred Cuneen, Edward , 248 Cunde, Charles Cusan, Thomas Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Cameron, Alexander, alias D. McKinnon Campbell, Lionel Forster Carney, Michael Carroll, Thos. Edward Wm Carter, Albert James, alias Carroll 307 Carter, Francis Joseph Cash, George Edward Chapman, Frank Chapman, Richard Clarke, William Clyde, Rexford H Colledge, Geo. Frederick Connell, John Connors, Thos. Gray Oonter, Albert Jean Couch, Sydney Culhane, Edward Cullan, H. S., alias Wm. Smith Curby, William Cuthbert, Harry Prisoners Released under -Crim. Code- Campbell, Lionel F Cornish, Malcolm Clarke, Harry Cullan, Hugo Samuel Curby, William but not sent Gaol-- Ch,alm ers, Andrew Chambers, Walter Percy Charlton, Alfred Patrick Charlton, John Herbert Collins, Henry Bede Collins, Victor John Cornish, Malcolm Cullan, Hugo Samuel Warrants Issued for- Cameron, Norman Campbell, James , 321 Carey, Arthur G , 211 Carswell, Charles Charlton, Albion Bartholomew Clark, Joseph Clarke, J , 160 Clyde. Roxford H , 210 Cohen, Zippora , 220 Cooke, James , 167 INDEX. Warrants Issued for - continued. Conway, Edward Cooper, John Thos Couch, Sydney Cox, W Croker, Charles D Daley, Bryan Daly, Martin Daly, Patrick Dave, Alfred Dave, Charles Fredk. b9 Davidge, alias Alf. Jas. Wilson 186, 302 Davies, Violet, alias Muriel Parker 161 Davis, Archibald Davis, Ellen Davis, Mary Davis, William Dann, James Wallis Day, Ali De Lacey, Harry, alias Creighton, 134 Delaney, William Jno Decker, Emil Max Dent, Cecil, alias E. Broughton De Costello, Ulrich Olsen Dickie, John, or J. Colin Dillon, alias Emily Self Dinte, Hector Vivian Dixon, Manuel Donald, George , 302 Donaldson, Frederick 69 Donovan, John , 295 Donovan, William, alias Thomas May, alias Geo. Oakley, &e Donnelly, James, alias Delaney Donnelly, James, alias Wood, alias 'Watson, &c., &c Donnelly, John or Percy Doon, Ali Dougan, Chas. Victor Dowey, Leslie Downs, Harry Doyle, William Doyle, Charles Driver, Arthur James 4 Duck, Ali No Duffy, Michael James, alias Clancy 69 Duggan, Maurice R , 26, 142 Dunderdal, Wm. Chas Dunwoodie, Mary Dwyer, William Cyril Dyer, alias Harold Nichol Staff Dyer, William, alias Anderson Compla inants- Dalgety and Co Dahl, Catherine Daly, Timothy Dalziel, James Danaro, Phillipo Daniel, H. F Daniel, Walter Scott 46 Darker, Mr , 287 Darley, Mrs. J , 303 Darnell, John Davenport, J. R , 181 Davidson, Kenneth Jno. 89, 119 ' Davidson, Robert Davidson, W. D Davie, T. G , 22 Davis, William Davies, Gordon Davies, Joseph Kilbey Davis, Hugo George Davison, Robert 11 Daw, Gertrude , 331 Dawes, W. A Dawson, Thomas Day, Albert Deakin, Mrs. Margt Debo, Anthony Deen, Prose Deep, Alias (Greek) Delaney, William , 118 De Lange William Dempsey, II'imothy Denby, Edward Denman, W. T Dennis, Herbert , 346 Depator, Henry Devey, William Dewars, T. J Diamond, Walter Dilger, Leo Dillon, John , 334 Director, Brisbane University Dixon, Edward Dixon, Dr. G. P Dixon, Maud Elizabeth Dobbins, Patk. J Dobson, F. C Dodd, Mrs. A. J Dods, Vincent Ada Doherty, Delia Doherty, John Dohoe, Sam continued. Dolan, Chas Dolan, Steve Donaldson, Robert Donnelly, Dominic Donnelly, Luisa Donohue, P Donovan, Patrick Downing, James Robt Dowling, William Doyle, Martin , 283, 334 Drake, Ellen Drake, J. D Draper, H. C Dreghorn, R Drummond, Chas Duchett-White, Albert W , 11 Duckmann, Fredk. W Duffin, William Dulsen, Fredk. E )umma, George Dunn, Thomas Dunne, John Dwyer, Annie Dwyer, Patrick Dyndely, John , 72 Dawson, Harold W D'Arcy, R. C. C. G ,356 Davison, William Day, Richard... 77, 132, 133, 168 Dennis, David Deuch, Wm. Henry Dewhurst, Harold Bernard Dods, Francis Drescher, Alfred 120, 132 Druce, Benjamin Wallace Drower, Frederick Wm Duffield, Edwin Dungey, Edwin J Daley, Frank Davies, George Vincent Davidson, James Kerr Davis, Charley Davies, Joshua Hughes De Bornemisze, Marie E Dickensen, Alfred Henry Dineley, Thos. Victor Douglas, Andrew , 112 Donoghue, Michael Jas Dougall, Jas. B Donovan, John , 223 Duffy, Philip Dunne, Mary Dunne, Bridget Dunne, P. J Dunne, Lizzie Duthe, Philipp Daly, Bryan , 95 Daly, Wm. John Damino, Grace Daniels, alias Thos. Clarke, &c David (Cingalese) Davidge, Alfred J Davis, alias Drennan, &c Davis, alias Hume, alias J. Meighan ,30-) Davis, Edward, alias ll ;ley, &c Davis, Henry, alias O'Reilly Davis, John Davis, Joshua or John Hughes Davis, William Davis, William T Dawson, Violet, alias S Kelly Delany, William J Dellavadoer, Anthony, alias Murray 135 De Silva, George, alias Bennett, &c , 136 Devitt, Martin Devine, Matt Dick, Ossie (abor.) Dinston, Hugh Ditto n, John A Doherty, Jack Doig, John Donaghy, John Hugh 58 Donnelly, John or Percy Donnelly, Thomas Donohoe, Thomas..., Donovan, John Donovan, John, alias Collins Donovan, Stephen Doon, Ali Douglas, alias Barrie, &c Douglas, Percy, alias Lang Dowling, Wm., alias Morgan 153,247 Doyle, James, alias Fred. Norton 29, 249, 308 Duffy, Eileen or Lizzie r Duffy, Lizzie `QQ$$ Duggan, Maurice Dunn, Daniel Dunne, Esther , 266, 312 Dunne, Martin , 149 Durant, Charles, alias Watson 135, 200 Dusche, Maggie

8 continued. Dwyer, May... 61,111 Dyer, alias William Anderson Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Davis, Archibald Decker, Emil Max De Costello, Ulrich Olsen De Lacey, Henry Devine, James Devine, Thomas John Dick, Ossie Dolan, Joseph Donnelly, James Donnelly, James, alias Delany Duggan, Maurice Dyer, alias Wm. Anderson Prisoners Released under Crim. Code- Nil. Dickenson, William Watson Dowey, Leslie Downing, James R Driver, Arthur John Dyer, alias Harold Nichol Staff Warrants Issued for- Daley, George Daly, Patrick Daly, Wm. P , 52, 181, 355 Davis, Benjamin Davis, Hugh George Deacon, Frank Decker, Emil Max Dickie, John Dillon, John Dorrington, Jno. Thos Druit, Edward Dunlop, S. E Dutton, Frederick 21, 259 Dyer, S., alias H. V.,Staff 2 E. Eat (or Fat), Ali Egan, John Ellems, Edward Emmanuel, George England, Harold Ericksen, Arthur Emmanuel Eugene, Joseph Evans, alias Henry Hunt Evans, Arthur Ernest Evans, Charles Evans, Jack, alias Snower Evans, Norman Exton, Billy Eade, James Eames, W. F Edgar, W. G. J , 341 Edgeworth, William Education Department 117, 130,131, 142, 180 Edwards, A Edwards, G Edwards, John Egan, Thomas Egbert, Albert Ekberg, Wellwood M. 304 Elbowine, Thomas Eldrett, Eli Elgar, Henry Herbert Elliott, Donaldson Douglas Elliott, Arthur Eric Elliott, M. T Elliott, Michael Ellis, Frank , 275 Emerson, E. E Emmerson, C Engineer, Wee McGregor Mine English, Scottish, and Australian Bank Eric (Japanese) Etheridge Mining Co Evans, John , 334 Evans, Mrs. Catherine Evans, T Everett, Mrs. George Evers Motor Co Exley, Eric 118 INDEX. PAC E. continued. Elliott, Walter Ellis, James Elsbury, George , 246 Elzy, George or Wilson Elzy, Mrs Eppner, Heinrich Everett, Albert Joseph Eccles, Harold Edwards, Albert John Edwards, Percy John Elliott, Benjamin Elliott, W. G. C Ellis, W. J. Sydney Eppel, William Joseph Eagleshatn, David H Earl, Joseph Edwards, Arthur Edwards, John Max Edgar, William J Edwards, alias John Ashwood Edwards, Richard Edward Edwards, Thomas Egan, John 293 Egan, John, alias Tomlin 153, 248, 311 Elms, Fanny, alias Postgate 61, 111, 148, 201 Ellesan, alias Henry Anderson Elez, John Elliott, alias John Hartford Elliott, alias Lister, &c Elliott, Joseph Ellis, Henry :, Emore, James, alias Bell Erdman, Hermann Ericksen, Arthur E Erickson, Charles Eugene, Alexander Eugene, Joseph Evans, alias Chas. Durant , 200 Evans, Daniel Evans, Jack, alias Stace Evans, William Everett, Alfred John 188 Prisoner Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Eugene, Joseph Edwards, Henry... Enwood, Frank... Evans, Arthur E Warrants Issued for- Ellis, John Eugene, Joseph F. Fabern, Frank Farrant, Thomas James Farrell, John Fearman, John Fenerman, Sol Newman Ferguson F., alias Conroy, &c. 215 Fernleigh, Margaret Fermandy, Fortosa Ferriter, Wm. Joseph, alias Ferris 224 Fines, Percy Finnen, Thomas Fisher, William ill Fitch, Arthur Richard Adolphus... 5 Fleming, James Florence, Alfred Fletcher, Geo. Edwin Fletcher, James Thomas 14, 136 Ford, John (half-caste abor.). 69 Foreman, Stephen Edward Hazel, alias Charles Stockwell Fong, Ah, Foo, Ali 56,134 Foo, Charles (Chinese) 43 Foo, Sue Foo, Sun Foong, Jimmy Ah Foster, Harry alias Sidney Royal, alias Bennett Foster, William Jas Fotheringham, Peter , 123 Fox, Joseph Frank (abor.) Frazer, Arthur Jas Funnell, James Furlong, Claude Fairweather, L Falkner, Frank Faraher, James Farleigh Estate Sugar Co Farrell, James Fellows, Thomas , 260 Fents Commission Agency Ferguson, John Findlay, Mrs Finucane, Fisher, Joseph Fitzpatrick, Edward Flynn, Frederick Flynn, Martin John , 222 Fogwell, Thomas Foot, Alfred... 62, 322 Forbes, Captain Ronald Ford, Thomas S. N Forrest, Herbert Forrest, Mrs continued. Foskett, Mrs. Jessie Foster, Lucy Flora Fox, John Herbert Fox, Miles R Foxlee, Chas. E Foxton, Colonel Foy and Gibson ,142 Franke, Wm. H. F Franz, Albert T , 167 Free, John , 77 Freeleagus, Christy Freeman, Charles French, John Thomas Frisch, John , 68, 119 Frost, William Fry, Ernest David Fugimoto, H Fullerton, Andrew Furniss, Lionel Gertie 2 Fehningham, F. Herbert Fenny, Thomas Ferguson, Andrew Waugh Fitzsimmons, Edward Victor Flemmingham, F. H , 272 Footit, Albert Nolan Forbes, Patrick Henry Fordyce, James Francis Foskitt, Frederick Wm Franklin, James Fraser, William Graham Fullett, Alfred H Farrell, John Joseph Feakin, James Feller, Franz 54 Fennelly, Sydney James , 273 Field, Henry George , 197 Fisher, William Fitzgibbons, Annie Fitzgerald, Jack Flaherty, Jack Flannery, George Foley, Fox, Elizabeth Fraas, Karl H Frahm, Elizabeth Francis, Patrick Franklin, Roy Albert Friday, Young (abor.) Frost, K. A. P Fabian, Frank Fallon, Thomas Farrant, Thos. Jas Farrell, John Farrell, Mary Farrell, Thos., alias McKnight Farrell, Thos., alias Johnson, &c Fat George (abor.) Faulkner, William Faulkner, William A Fealy, John Fearman, John Feeney, Michael, alias Ryan Ferguson, F., alias Conroy Fenton, Sydney Fernleigh, Margaret Finlayson, Michael Finn, Thomas Finnan, Thomas Fischer, Robert Fisher, Henry Fisher, William Fitzgerald, Richard Fitzpatrick, Patrick Flanagan, Margaret, alias McNichol 32 Fletcher, Alfred Fletcher, James Fletcher, James Thomas Florence, Albert Flynn, Francis Foley, Alfd Foley, John Foley, Julia Foley, William , 2200, 308 Foley, William James Ford, Darcy or Michael Forrest, Eugene, alias Barnes Fossey, Leonard, alias Stewart Foster, John Foster, Fred., alias R. Steele, &c. 215 Foster, William James Fox, Joseph Frank (abor.) Franklin, Walter Jno Fraser, alias Jas. Troy , 249 Fraser, William Frederick, John Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Ferguson, Francis Ferguson, John Fermondy, Manuel Fortosa Fines, Percy

9 ' Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court-- continued. Foster, Harry Fleming, James Fletcher, George Edwin Fuzzledean, Chas., alias Rem Khan 284 Prisoners Released under Crim. Code-- Fontaine, August James Foreman, Stephen Edward Hazel Filce, Albert R. A Fletcher, George Wm., alias John Smith, alias Symes, &c Foley, James Patrick Fontaine, August James.. 45 Foreman, Edward Stephen Hazel 147 Fotheringham, Peter Fraser, Arthur James Warrants Issued for- Falconer, George Fallon, James Douglas , 221 Fines, Percy Fish, Arthur Fitzgerald, John Francis Floyd, Frank Flynn, George Atcheson Furness, John G. Gallacher, William Gamil, alias Watson, alias O'Brien 69 Gan, Ah Gaul, George , 171 Gavegan, Ivy Pearl Gealy, John 262 Gee, Ali Gee Fong Gee Hook George, alias Shaw (abor.) Gerns, Harold Gewt Ah Gielis, Charles Gip, Ali Glanville, Jas. Alfred, Glover, John, alias Green Glover, Leslie, alias Brosnan Goeldner, Julius Goeldner, Richard Gong, Ali Goo Sing Gore, James Gordon, Emily Gordon, John, alias Ryan, &c. b Gordon, William, alias Paul, &c. 107 Gorman, Chas. Henry Gough, Harry Gould, Charles Gould, George Gow Kit Gow, Willie Ah Graham, John Graham, Mina Grant, Thomas Gray, John Stuart Grealish, Kate Green, alias Mary Healy Green, Jack, alias J. Anderson Green, Ted Gregg, Frances Jane Grey, Charles Grey, Gertrude, alias Neilson Grice, William Henry Griffiths, , 134 Guilfoyle, Ignatius, alias O'Brien, 91 Gaffey, Rev. Father Galich, Mitchell Gall, M Gall, William J , 105 Gallichan, Winnie Galvin, E Galvin, George Gankrodger, D. W Garbutt, Herbert R Gardner, David Gardner, J. E. V Garkey, Charles Gate, Emmanuel , 167 Gates, Harold A Gee, Sam , 10,11 Geldart, Mrs , 260 George, Dr. W , 167 Gerhardt, Ellen Gerrie, James , 374 Gibb, Thomas A Gibson, Wm. L Gilbert, Mrs. W Gillam, E , 268 Gillies, Hugh , 197 Gilligan, Mrs Gilling, Capt. S Gillmeister, William , 232 Gilroy, James Benedict Girdis, Con J INDEX. continued. Glascock, J. L :. 212 Glaspool, Len Gledhill, A. J Glissan, Claude H Glynne, Mrs Godsall, George Gotara, Shima Golden, James Golding, William Robert , 272 Goldring, Miss Goldsbrough, Mott, and Co Goldsmith, A. E Goldsworthy, W. J b9 Goodsalls, R Goolimrisool (Afghan)... 7 Gordon, James Gore, Miss Goss, Henry and Charles , 282 Goss, Rose Gough, Geo. T. H , 2 71 Gough, H. W Gould, Jack Gould, Lily M Grace, Geo. Francis Grach, Joseph Graham, E. R , 46,68 Graham, , 291 Gral (Afghan) Grant, John Gratten, John Gray, David , 119 Gray, Mabel Grayson, John Green, Alfred Green, Harry Greentree, Fred Grice, Thos , 119 Griffin, Thos Griffiths, Henry Grimes, George , 166 Grocini, Grizella Grundy, William Gugoo, George Gulliver, Mrs Gunn-Nolan, Chas. Henry Gunne, Joseph Gwolzemon Mullhih (Afghan) Gwyther, Lloyd , 261 Gwynne, George Gard, Thos. Gustave Gardner, Charles Glur, Ernest Albert Godden, H. 222 Gooch, Alfred Gray, John Stewart , 292 Grimshaw, Lawrence V Guidice, Guidico Guido... 68, Gaggin, Mrs. Hannah Gallagher, Ernest or Glover 183, 177, 223 Gannon, Michael , 212 Garvie, Charles Gaul, John Gawthorn, William Jas Geike, Douglas Gordon... ;.. 35, 89 Gerke, Charles...:. 283' Gibson, Alfred Idiod , 217, 283 Gill, Henry Albert Gleeson, Roger E Grandison, Albert Granger, William Hy Green, Percival Grey, David Peter Griffiths, Charles Guilfoyle, Patrick 169, 246 Gagliardi, Joseph.., Galvin, Michael. 109 Gamey, alias Jno. O'Brien... 32, 296 Gannon, Robert Gargero, Richard J Gatlon, Geo. Jas., alias Mitchell Gaul, Geo., alias King, alias Schaffer , 285 Gee, Jimmy Ah, alias On Kee Gee Fong Gee Hook George (abor.)... 70, 326 Gibbon, John, alias O'Reilly Gibson, Harry Gip, Ali Gleeson, James Glover, Leslie, alias Brown Goeldner, Richard Golden, Patrick Gomez, Ceason 151, 202 Goodwin, Harold Gordon, Albert Victor Gordon, John, alias Calinan Gordon, Thomas Henry Gorman, Chas. Hy., alias Johnson 150, 252 Gow, Jimmy,Ah Gray, alias James Muldoon Grant, Annie, alias Whitlock J continued. Greathead, George... Green, Mary, alias Healy... Gregg, Bridget Gregg, Thomas, alias Craig, &c. Grey, alias W. J. Johnston... Grice, William N. Griffiths, Albert Griffiths, John... Greuer, Arthur Grounds, Johanna Guilfoyle, William Gun, Tommy Ah Gundry, Jno, Thos. Gurney, Edward Gylander, Edward , , 93, Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Gallacher, William Gaul, George Goo Sing Gough, Francis Gough, Henry Ward Gow, Willie Ah Grey, Charles Griffiths, John Prisoner Released under Criminal Code- Gough, Harry Ward Gavegan, Ivy Pearl Gee, Charley Ah Germs, H Glynn, Thomas Goeldner, Julius C. A Gow, Ah Warrants Issued for- Gallagher, Alfred Gaul, George Gibbs, Thomas Gilligan, James Goo Sing Gordon, Robert Gough, Harry Gould, Norman 220, 281 Graham, James Henderson 103, 125 Greenfield, John , 125 Grey, Charles Gubbins, William Gughelmo, Fabbri H. Ha Moy Iab, Ah Haffenden, Percy M Hagen, Francis Hall, George Frederick Hamilton, Frederick Sven Hammond, Harry Hansby, William Hardgreaves, Ernest Harding 253 Harford, Jack, alias Lester, &c Harris, Frank,. alias Wright Harris, Halbert, alias Rolls Harris, J., alias McGill, &c Harris, Morris Henry, alias Warren 91 Harris, Percy William Harris, Sidney Herbert Harrison, John Thomas Harvey, William Charles Hausen, Ernest Hawkins, Maud Hay, Catherine Hayball, Francis Leslie Head, Alfred Head, Alfred Ernest Healy, Mary, alias Green Heath, Charles S. R Hegarty, James, alias Ryan 161, 211 Helenick, Clarence, alias Howlett, &c Helwige, Reuben Henderson, Charles Henderson, George Henry, James Henry, Leo Herbert, James Hamilton Herman, Charles Hessian, Thomas, alias O'Connor 91 Hester, Thomas, alias McAuliffe Hicks, George Hill, Edward , 294 Him, Ah, alias Whie Tin Hip, Ah Hoban, Frank Hockings, Ernest Hockings, Roy Hodge, Richard Hogg, John Robert Holmes, Edward Holmes, Ivy Holmes, Samuel Holliday, Stewart Hon, Ali Honeyford, George

10 continued. Hook Wah Hopgood, Henry, alias Woods, &c. 80 Hopkins, alias N. Matthews Horan, Patrick Hornsby, Arthur Frederick Hour, Ali Houston, alias G. B. Cresswell Houston, William Howatson, Walter Thomas Howell, Emma Hudspith, Joseph Huett, William Alfred, alias Broadbridge Hughes, John Alexander Hum, Ah Hun, Ah, alias Loo Jung Hunt, Henry Hunter, Robert Henry Hunter, William Thompson Hurley, Robert Hackett, Patrick , 222 Hackett, William Hagan, Thomas Hagerbaum, E. J Hain, William Halberman, H Hall, Henry , 334 Hall, Mrs. E. J Hall, Walker Hallahan, Daniel Hambleton, William Henry Hamilton, William James Hannelswang, H Hampson, James Hanfiel, H. W. F , 334 Hannon, J. J Hansen, H. P Hanville, Mrs. H. P Harbey, James Maurice Ha.rdacre and Mason 291 Hardcastle, Mrs Hardie, P Hare, W. M. 103 Harford, Mrs Harper, J. P. Russell Harris, John Harris, Mrs. M , 334 Harris, William R Harrison, John William Hart, Thomas John , 322 Hartens, Frank Hartley, Jean , 303 Hartley, Tom Pearson Hartvigsen, William , 322 Harvey, R Haskins, Albert Haugh, John Haugh, William Hawes, Frank Hawk, Amelia Hawk, Thomas Hawthorne, Stewart Hayden, Henry H , 119 Hazel, Joseph Healy, Oscar Healy, Richard R , 222 Healy, T. J Healy, Thomas, , 167 Heaton, William Patrick... 86, 131 Heezig, Albert William Henderson, Thomas Henneque, W. J Hennessey, Mrs. L Henry, Jaynes William... 34, 68 Henry, Martin Heywood, Mrs Hickey, James , 12, 40 Higgins, Harry Higham, Samuel Hill, Arthur Hillman, Jacob Hinrickson, Frederick , 276 Hipwood, Percy Hirakawa, Harry Hirschfeld, Dr Hitchings, Frederick Hoad, W Hoar, Herbert Hockey, Mrs. E. A Hodge, Richard J Hodson, Mr Hoey, H. W Hoffatt, H. H , 7,182 Hoffmann, Victor Albert Hogan, Margaret , 211 Hogan, Martin Hoghen, Alfred Hohn, Joseph Holdsworth, Macpherson and Co. 282 Holgate, George Spencer Holman, Donald Holman, W. 54 Holt. Bertram Edward Holzberger Holznagel, Paul F Hooker, G. S Hooper, John Thomas Horne, Albert { IND1! X. Complainants - continued. Horne, Arthur Horrigan, Cornelius Horrigan, M , 34,68 Horton, Alfred Robert Hosken, Walter Hourigan, Patrick G House, Mrs. B , 222 Houston, John Houston, Mrs. E. 181 Hugall, H Hughes, Archibald Hughes, J. E Hughes, Mrs. M. M Hughes, Mrs. Margaret Humphries, Burns and Johnson Humphries, Mrs Hunt, John Hunt, Mrs. 50 Hunter and Co , 181,211, 292 Hunter and Son, John Hunter, John Huntley, Mrs Hurliman, Charles , 119 Huth, Carl Huxley, R. C Hyde, Benjamin Charles Hall, William George Hamilton, Eric Denner Hampson, Joseph Hanlon, John Ardle Harding, Horace James Hart, Harry Oliver Hart, Claud Leslie Harwood, William George Hawkins, Edwin , 232 Helped, Claude William Herridge, Sydney H Hill, Thomas Alfred George Hinch, Charles Alexander Hoad, George H. E , 168 Holland Reginald Hollowell, Albert James Ernest 132, 168, 197 Horton, Herbert Hough, Thomas Hovell, Walter Harold Hughes, David Graham Hall, John Hamilton, George, Jane, and Nannie Hampshire, Norman C Hansen, Albert Ludvig Harding, Robert S Harris, Percy W Harrison, William James Harry, Old (abor.) Heggarty, William Hewison, Louisa Emily Higgins, Minnie , 356 Hill, Jack Hill, Thomas Boyle Hillman, Frank , 347 Him, Ah Holmes, Ivy Hooper, Leslie Benjamin , 170 Hurford, John Hurst, nee Morton, Frances Mary 223 Hurst, Frances May, alias Elzy Hyland, Reginald Hackett, Hugh , 326 Hagan, James , 251 Hah, Ah Haid, Johanna, alias Wilkinson 61, 250 Hale, Martin M Hall, John , 108, 150, 249 Hamer, Ernest, alias Carlson Hammond, John Hanahan, Michael Hanley, Edward Hanratty, Lawrence Hardy, John Percival Hare, Thomas Harford, alias Lewis, alias H. Lister Harford,. John, alias Lewis, alias Elliott Harngun, F. alias Thomas Smith 150 Harper, Harry Harri, Frank, alias Charles Wright Harris, alias James McCoy, alias McKay Harris, Robert , 200 Harris, Rosie Harrison, A Harrison, John T Harvey, Thomas Harvey, Henry Harvey, William Charles II ashamoto, Edith Hawthorne, Herbert Hector 286 Hay, Catherine B Hay, Luke, alias Fred Norton 29, ix. continued. Hayes, James Hayes, Michael Hayes, Richard , 249 Hayes, Robert , 214 Hayman. John H ayne, Frank Healy, Anthony C., alias Clarke 58, 151, 248 Healy, Mary, alias Green Healey, Timothy, Heggarty, alias Joseph Ryan Hehir, James Heley, alias Lain, alias E. Davis Hemmling, John Henderson, George Henry, James Hepplewhite, William Herbert, John Hamilton Higgins, Patrick Hill, alias Brand, alias J. Sullivan 296 Hill, Edward Hill, Thomas Hoar, Herbert Hoare, Herbert 59 Hodgson, alias Reed, alias Alf. Jackson Hoey, Denis Hoffman, George M Hoffman, William Holliday, Stewart Holman, Walter, alias Williams, alias Loftus 60 Holmes, Richard Holohan, Norah , 61, 111 Horan, alias E. Swenson 148, 250, 312 Hourigan, Michael Houston, George Henry, alias C resswel l , 313 Howard, Lawrence Howard, John Marshall Hughes, Archibald R Hughes, Daniel, alias Knoxes Hughes, Francis Hughes, John Hughes, William John Hume, alias Davis, alias Thomas Meighen 200, 249, 309 Hunt, alias Beauchamp, alias Pratten Hunt, Albert Hunter, Frederick William Hurley, Robert Hutchison, Charles Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Hall, Frederick George. 236 Hansen, Charles, alias Steinmitz 173 Harris, J., alias McGill Harris, Percy William Harris, Sydney Herbert Harrowell, Mary Ann. 225 Hayes, Billy, alias Wongai (abor.) 225 Heath, Charles S. R Helenick, Clarence Hicks, George, alias Wasley Hixon, Ethel Holland, Lionel, alias F. L. Keller 237 Hon, Ali Hopgood, William John Horan, Patrick Hudspith, Joseph Humphries, Frank Hunter, Frederick William Hunter, Robert Henry Hurley, Robert Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Hansen, Theodore Harris, Percy William Hixon, Ethel Ada Hudspith, Joseph Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code, Hansen, Theodore Head, Alfred Ernest Henry, Leo Hicks, J. A. E.,alias Snowy... 6 Honden, Victor William Hook, Lee 6 Hornsby, Arthur F Horstmann, George Edward Huxley, Clarence William Alex. 45 Warrants Issued for- Hall, Frederick George Hambridge, William 76 Harper, Frederick Bartley 195 Harris, J Hart, James Haskins, Albert , 345 Heskett, William Hill, Mrs. G Hindley, William Hoffman, F Hogg, John Robert Holohan, Norah , 259 Hudson, Frederick Charles... 2 Hudspith, Joseph Hunter, Frederick William... 21

11 1. I. Ilsley, Thomas Immanuel, George Ing Hing Kwong, alias Ing Sing Hawk Innocenti, James Irvine, William, alias Irwin Isles, James Ives, Ettie Inglemore, Mrs. H Intelligence and Tourist Bureau 22, 260 Ironmonger, Alfred , 77 Irvine, William Isaacson, John Isen, W. G Ives, Mrs. Florence Izatt, Samuel M Deserter from H.M. Service- Isan, Albert Victor Ilsley, Ralph Joseph Immanuel, George Imperial, James Innes, Alexander Ireland, Frank Irvine, Archibald, alias Wallace Irwin, alias R. McKelvay Jr. Prisoner Tried under Criminal Code, Irwin, alias Paul Vivian J ack (abor.) Jack, Ali Jackson, Thomas Jang Gum... 91, Jenkins, Chas., alias Trifitt Jenkins, Henry Jennings, Wilfred J iear, Army Henry... 55, 262 Johns, Sylven , 324 Johnson, Charles Johnson, Daisy , 224 Johnson, Sarah Ann... : Johnson, Thomas Johnston, Sylvester John Johnstone, Thomas Johnstone, William Jones, Charles Henry Jones, Francis Arthur Jones, Herbert George Jones, Mary Jones, Wm., alias Potts Jones, William Jong Dock Jordan, John Ju Fong Jukanany, Billy, alias Archer Jurgens, Joseph vomplainants- Jardine, W. C Jenner, Geo. Henry Jenkins, David Johansen, Gustav Johns and Co., W , 158 Johns, Richard Johnson, Charles Johnson, Florence E Johnson, Humphries, and Burns Johnson, Mr Johnson, William Joll, Herbert Stanley Jones and Ormiston Jones, A Jones, Ernest Jno Jones, Gabriel Jones, J. F Jones, John Henry Jones, Lilian Jones, T. J Jonsson, S Jordan, Mrs. Mary , 158 Jordan, William , 196 Jorgensen, Joseph Joseph, Mrs. Jane Jowett, E , Jarrett, Frank Ernest Johnson, Ambrose Henry Johnson, C. S. McIntosh Jomartz, William Charles Jones, Enoch P Joseph, Albert Joy. James Tov. John Albert Edward IMAX. continued. Jansen, Mary Jensen, Agda Jimmy, Old (abor.) Johnson, Benjamin Arthur Johnson, James Johnson, Mrs Johnson, Peter Jackson ) Johnson, Reginald Jones, Alfred Jones, Llnyd Francis 182, 191 Jones, Thomas , 41 Jones, William , 120 Jubb, Horace , 217 Jackson, John Jackson, Mrs Jackson, Thomas or Samuel Jamie, David , 223 Jack (abor.) Jackman, Patrick Jackson (abor.) Jackson, Alfred, alias Reed, &c, , 200 Jackson, James.. 137, 203 J ackson, Mary, alias Casey 28, , 312 Jackson, Robert, alias Williams Jackson, Thomas Jackson, Thomas B Jarryangs, Jack (S.S.I.) Jenkins, Henry Jenkinson, Percy Sydney Jennings, Chas., alias Percy Jerry (abor.) t4 Johnson, August Johnson, Charles Johnson, Daisy Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Frederick Johnson, John, alias Farrell Johnson, Rose, alias Brown Johnson, T., alias Gorman, , 252 Johnson, Thomas Johnston, alias Wilson :0 Johnston, alias Farrell Johnston, alias Gregg 30 Johnston, Robt. Edward Johnstone, Thos Jones, alias Thos. White Jones, Emily , 214, 327 Jones, Mary Louisa , 312 Jones, Thomas , 309 Jones, William Jonsen, Albert Jordan, Arthur, alias Trevale Jordan, Paul Jung Chong Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Jackson, Thomas Jie Fong Johansen, Gustav Johnson, Sylvester John Jones, William, alias W. H. Potts 307 Prisoner Released under Crim. Code- Jiear, Army Henry Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code, Jennings, Wilfred Jiear, Army Henry Johnstone, Walter Jones, Thomas, alias Fletcher, alias Underwood Warrants Issued for- Jackson, Thos. B Jenkins, Charles Jie Fong Jones, William, alias W. H. Potts 307 Jordan, George K Kains, John Kee, Ah , 294 Keley, John, alias David Kelly Kelly, Frank Kelly, James Kelly, David, alias John Keley.. 44 Kelly, Joseph Patrick Kelly, Patrick Kelly, Thos. V. S. G Kennedy, Samuel Kenny, James Matthew Keyler, Henry Kim Sing Kin Yen , 198, 324 King, Ali , 524 King, Ali, alias Len Grew King, Harold, alias Cowie King, Jean, alias Murat, &c. 134, 186 King, Tommy, alias Ing Hing, &c. 394 Klass, Gustave, alias Schutke Knight, S. V. Spencer Kong, Ali Kristoferson, Hans Kuhnell, John Kulbertz, Herman Kurunara, Peter, alias Zilva 284 Kye Lee....., 171 Kahanna, T. J Katterns, Walter Katthagen, Henry Keane Patrick Keats, Walter Kein, Mrs Kelleck, Mrs Kelleher, Michael Kelly, John Kelly, John Michael Kelly, Michael... 2, 258 Kelly, Mrs. Mary Kelly, Mrs. M. T Kelly, Robert Patrick Kemp, Carl Kemp, James Kemp, Miss Kendall, J Kennedy, William Patrick Kennis, Chas. Albert Kenyon, Regd. H Keong, Mrs. Frances Keown, Richd. Lewis Kerr, James Kelso, Robert , 226 Keyes, Alfred J Keys, Gilbert Kilroe, Joseph Kindness, Rubina Kinealy, Mrs. M Kirby, A. J Kirby and Co., A. W Kirby, James Kirby, Mrs. S Kircheiner, Karl , 52, 119 Kirwan, Phillip , 41 Kleiner, Hans Knapp, J. J Knight, Arthur Knight, Harry Knox, George Kohara, Wuanosuki 66 Konovan, William Kruck, Frank Kuhn, Annie , 322 Kuhnert, Julius Kean, John Edward Kelly, Thomas Alexander '7 Kenble, Arthur Edward King, James Kinnear, George Kleeberger, Oscar Hugo : Kapistory, Ferdinand Kaus, James , 223 Keane, John Keating, Edward Kell, Robert Kelly, Frank.. 54, 120 Kelly, Michael Aloysius Kelly, Patrick , 223 King, Albert King, Thos. Wilfred Konoguris, or Socrat Ruhr Koitka, Paul, alias Kolberg 277, 356 Kranotich, Metteo G Pr:soaaee- Discl reed-- Kan, Tommy Ali Kassian, alias Charlie Cassan. 251 Kean, Thos., alias Keane , 249 Keith, William Kelly, alias Eugene Forrest Kelly, alias Hugh Reid Kelly, Albert Newton Kelly, John, alias Ginger Kelly, John Francis Kelly, Patrick , 109 Kelly, Sophie, alias Dawson Kelly, Thomas V. S. G Kennedy, Alice , 200, 312 Kennedy. John Thomas Keogh, Joseph Kierna.n, Conrad, alias Miller Killalea, John Kin Yen. alias Ali Lung Kinean, Edward, alias Cuneen. 248 King, Chas., alias Gaul, &c. 214, 284 Kippie, John, alias Kirby Kirkwood, Percival Knoxes, Joseph Krnck, Thomas Kucks, Arthur, alias Smith Kulbertz, Herman Kurunaru, Peter, alias Zilva Kye Lee Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Keller, Francis Lionel, &c Kennar, Patrick, alias Willis Kennedy, Samuel Keyler, Henry King, Jean Prisoner Released under Crim. Code- Kelly, Fredk f

12 INDEX. Prisone Tried under Criminal Code, Kuhnell, John Warrants Issued for- Kelly, Michael Aloysius... 21, 45 Kennar, Patrick, alias Willis, &c. 307 Kohler, Frederick Alfred Kye, Ali Lofthouse, Joseph Logan, Willie (half caste)... Lomax, Charles Lone, Willie (Kanaka)... Lonergan, Emma Lonergan, Matthew Long Sing Long, Willie (China) Loong You... Louie (Philippine Islander) Louis, alias Count de Velasco, &c... Low Hin Low Ping Low Sun Low Young.. Low Your, alias Ak Your Lowry, Evelyn May... Lowry, Frank Lowry, John Loy, Ali, alias Yung Loy Lucas, Thomas Luco, Major Lum, Ali Lung, Ali Lung, Ali, alias Ken Yen Lunn, Richard Lynch, Edward, alias Sleeman Lynch, William, alias Brown Lyons, John Perry Lyttlewood, William L. Lancashire, Jim Landener, Edward.... Lander, Ernest James Lang, Winnie Maxwell... Lavell, Charles James... Lawson, William Lay, Albert Edward... Leadbetter, Benjamin F. Lee, Ali Lee, Billy Lee Choy Lee, John Lee Quay Lee, Tommy Leek, Elizabeth..... Leilflisch (or Zielflisch), Louis. Lein Jew Len Hon Lenehan, Josephine Lester, Bertie George Lester, Harry, alias Harford Lethbridge, alias Geo. Morris Lewis, John Lin, Tommy Ali Lincoln, Henry Lindsay, Bertie, alias Sparrow Littlewood, William Ladewig, Walter Laffey, S. G Lahey, Wm. George Laing, John M Laird, Louisa Lalor, Capt. J Lamb. Herbert Lambert, Ltd Lands Department Lane, Eileen Lane, Harold Lanfott, H. B Lanham, David Larkin, Thomas Larsen, Abraham , 167 Lavers, Rev. W. H. W Law, William Lawrie, Annie Layton, Albert Jas Leahy, Michael Leane, John Lee, Patrick Lee, Thomas Lee, Wing , 232 Lee Yan Lees, Mrs. John Leitch, Charles Leney, Alfred Leney, F. C. H ,105 Lenham, Ernest , 3i2 Leo, Mrs. Selina L' Estrange, John Lether, Mary Lever, Bridget Levers, John , 322 Levich, Mrs. Mabel Lewis, Annie , 333, 344 Lewis, Richard Herbert continued. Lightbody, J Lincoln, Eric A.... Linskil, William James Lissner, Rose Lithgow, William... Little, William... Littler, George Livingstone Shire Council Logan, George Logan, James Lonergan, P Long, John Long, Mrs. Isabel Lott, Joseph Loveday, John Lovell, George Thomas Lovell, John... Lowe, Herbert George Ludlow, Mary Ellen... Lunck, William Lynch, Humphrey... Lynch, James Lyons,, Marcus Lyons, James , , , , , Laycock, Thomas Gray Leigh, John Harold Leighton, William Walter Leslie, William Lewis, John , 304, 323 Lewis, Rees Horace , 182 Liminer, Albert A Love, Samuel , 182 Miscellaneous- Licenses, Treasury 23, 24, 25, 78, 79, 121, 122, 184, 185, 233, , , , , Lamb, Harry... Lamplight Larder, Charles Larracy, Mrs Larrans, Christo, Law, Ivy Lawson, J.... Lawson, Mrs. Robt Laxton, John Chas Leek, Mrs.... Lees, Tom, alias Petterson, &c. Levy, Aubrey Vincent Lillis, Alfred Lindholm, R Liston, Locke, Thos Locke, William Longley, Margaret Ludham, Ethel May Luff, Valentine Thos Labalestier, H. R Lagerman, Henry Lain, alias E. Davis, alias Holey 311 Lain, alias Wiley, &c Landener, Edward Lane, George Lang, alias Percy Douglas Larkin, alias Margarett Clare 250 Larkin, Elsie, alias Marr Larkin, J. alias Burgess, &c. 153 Lauchlan, Hugh Lawton, alias Jos. Williams Lawson, Gustav, alias Jonsen. 248 Leek, Elizabeth , 148 Lenehan, Josephine Lenehan, Michael Leo, John Joseph Leonard, Jeremiah Levis, John Lewis, James Francis Lewis, Nellie, alias Narrie 61, 92, 95, 201 Lindsay, James D Lineberg, George Henry, alias White 309 Ling, Ali, alias Kin Yen Lister, Harry, alias Harford, &c. 296 Little, Roland W Lomax, Charles Lonergan, Matthew Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Lane, William George H Lay, Albert Edward be Quay Leadbetter, B. Franklin Leckie, Sydney, alias F. Murray Linskett, William Lofthouse, Joseph Luco, Major (abor.) Lawson, Ernest Lee Hook Lindsay, Mary Warrants Issued for- Lang, William R. C Le Quay Lee Leypoldt, Julius Fritz Li.ddle, John Livingstone, Montague Loy, Wm. George Ali Lucas, Frank Luco, Major (abor.) M Mack, Jack, alias Rogers Maher, Daniel Maher, John... Mahoney, Cornelius... Major, Andy Male, Mark Malone, Patrick... Maloney, Thomas... Manton, Patrick... Marratti, Willie... Marsden, John Victor... Marler, Cecil Martin, D. or Richard... Martin, John James... Marston, August Robert Dyball Mason, James, alias Wood, &c. Mason, Michael Mason, William.... Mather, Thomas James Matsuoka (Japanese)... Matthews, Charles Henry Matthews, Lilian Matthews, Norman, alias Hopkins Maxwell, Winnie, alias Mrs. Lang May, Thomas, alias Donovan, &c... Morten, Albert William Morten, John Milroy, Robert Miller, George, or Arthur Edward Millie, Arthur Ming Ali Mitchell, alias Francis Ferguson, &c. Mitchell, Charles Mitchell, Joseph Mitchell, William Morfield, alias Winifred May Craft Moore, Alexander Moore, James Moore, Robert Morris, alias Wm. A Morgan Morris, Ernest, alias Rosier Morris, George... Morris, George, alias Lethbridge... Morton, Robert Mulvena, George Mullins, Thomas Henry.. Munro, John, alias The Wild Man Munro, John Andrews... Munro, Mary Murat, alias Jean King, &c. Murita (Japanese)... Murphy, Denis Murphy, John Michael... Murphy, Patrick Murphy, Sylvester..... Murphy, Wallace, alias McNamara Murray, Charles... Murray, James... Murray, Richard... Murrell, Charles... Musson, Thomas Long, P. alias J. A. Munro Long, Percival, alias McCall, &c Maby, John Long, Willie Macall, F Louie, alias Leonica Lopdell, Edward Ernest Low, Ernest , 59 Low, Ernest William , 247 Low Young Low, Louis James Lowry, Julius Francis Loy Ah, alias Yung Loy Lung, Ali Lup Tow Lynch, Martin Lynch, Michael , 137 Lynch, Michael or Martin Lyncham, Edward Lyons, Stephen , MacDonald, D. F Mackay, Sarah Mackenzie, E. W Maher, James Maher, John , 143 Mahomed, May 162, 167, 292 Maitland, Edward Mallicolla, Martha Malony, Eli Maltman, Alexander Manager, Chillagoe Railway ddann, Wiliam B Marcusen, Marcus Marine Department Mark, William

13 -Complainants - continued. Markay and Coy , 346 Marks, Mrs. Keight Marr, Patrick,Joseph Marsden, Alexander Marshall, James Martin, George C Martin, Ivy 142 Martin, Johanna , 292 Martin, John Miller Martin, Mr Massey, William... Mathers, John Mathieson, C Mathisen, C Matthews, Aubrey..... Matthews, Charles Matley, Edward... May, Gilbert Maybury, George... Mayo, Elton... Mead, Alfred Carter.... Meadmore, Mead Meacham and Leyland. Meek, Arthur Mehan, Mrs Mehegan, William Meiers, Joseph... Meikle, William..., Mellichs, S Melrose, Jane Memmott, Mrs. J Messenger, Charles Meston, Mrs. Oscar Michael, Joseph Miers, Mrs. Johanna Milburn, Frederick... Military Forces, Commonwealth Miller, A. J Miller, D.... Miller, Donald Miller, Frederick Charles... Miller, James Miller, Thomas Milligan, William... Mills, Ernest Mills, H. C Mills, Reuben Mills, Richard Milner, Lily Minis, John Andrew Mishael, Frederick Mitchell, T. W.... Moffat, David Moffat, Frank Moffat, H. H Molloy, Ellen Monahan, Eugene... 7, 34, Monland, Albert George... Monsour, Joseph Montgomery, Edgar Charles Moore, Arthur E Moore, Daniel Moore, Francis Henry... Moore, Frederick... Moore, Mrs. Rose Moore, William S Moran, H. S. F.... Moran, Nurse Moran, Patrick... Mordant, S..... Moreton, P. M Morgan, Miss Morris, G. W Morris, Joel... Morris, Mrs. Elizabeth... Morrison, Rowland Morton, F. H Morton, Miss Mulcahy, Thomas... Muir, Mrs. Christina Mullen, Joseph Mullanphy, Deen... Muller Brothers Muller, Rudolph Jefferies... Munroe, J. R. D Murilla Shire Council Murphy, Ellen Murphy, John Murphy, Pierce... Murray, Andrew Murray, Frank Murray, Frederick H. Murray, William Myles, John David Myles, Samuel , , 68, , , , , , , , , , , Maddison, Lancelot Joseph Maddock, Henry Bernard Maher, Aloysius W. S '2 Mardell, William Martin, Henry Joseph Martin, George Robert Mason, Albert Edward Mason, John Henry Masters, John Matthews, James Alfred Mead, Benjamin Merriman, Harold Stanley M X. Deserters from H.M. Service - continued. Mining, Alfred John... 68, 22 Mills, James Edgar Mills, Wiliam Edward Miller, James Mitchell, John Monaghan, Albert James , 132 Moore, Samuel Charles Percy Morrison, Henry Morrison, Henry Walter , 54 Murphy, James Andrew Murphy, Sydney Charles James 22, 212 Murphy, William Thomas Murray, Harold Alexander Miscellaneous- Male infant found dead Macfarren, Thomas Mack, J. E Maddock, Clara Annie Maher, D. N Maher, James Mahony, John Iay, Charles Erskine Menadue, Frederick Mick (abor.) Miller, Sydney Miller, Thomas Harold Miskin, A. E Mitchell, William P Morton, Charles Moult, Charles Mulholland, James Mulvena, William Munro, William Murdock, Robert, alias Burnside Mabuiag, Peter MacDonald, P., alias Shen Maher, John Mahoney, Cornelius Maitland, alias Lucy Wright 250, 312 Major, Andy Mallon, Patrick , 285 Malone, Patrick Maloney, Mary , 312 Mandeno, Percy Marr, alias Margaret Clare, &c. 250, 28 Marston, A R. D Martin, John James Mason, Michael 297 Mathers, Thomas J Matthews, Herbert Maxwell, James Maxwell, Winnie , 266, 312 Meighan, T. alias Hume, &c. 200, 249, 309 Mellham, alias R. Jackson, &c Mercer, James Miles, John, alias Smith, &c Miley, Patrick Miller, Arthur Miller, John Anton, alias Kiernan 297 Millett, Leonard 60, 93, 149, 153, 310 Ming, Ali Mitchell, alias Francis Ferguson, &c. 153 Mitchell, Charles Mitchell, Charles B Mitchell, George Thomas, alias Gartlon ' 110" Mitchell, James Mitchell, Joseph, or John , 308 Mitchell, Joseph ,69 Mitchell, Stanley Moitan, Nana Moloney, Thomas Monaghan, Mary , 136, 250 Monahan, Vincent Morgan, Patrick 96, 297 Morgan, alias W. J. Dowling 153, 247 Morley, George Henry )0 Mooney, Patrick Moore, alias George 'Clark Moore, James Morris, Charles Morrison, William Morriss, alias A. A. Weiler, &c Mortimer, Frank Mortimer, Frederick Mosley, Robert Mossop, Arthur Woodford Moughty, Herbert Muirhead, Richard E Muldoon, Wm. James, alias Gray. &c , 310 Mullen, Clara Mullen, John Mullen, Thomas Joseph Munro, John Andrews, alias Benson , 25? Munro, Mary , 250 Murphy, Agnes 61, , 312 Murphy, Annie, alias McMahon 111, 136, 201, 214, 250 Murphy, Daniel Murphy, John Murphy, Patrick , 30, 110 Murphy, Sylvester '!,GL. Prisoners Discharged -continued. Murray, alias Alice Brown 111, 148, 201, 250 Murray, alxs Antony Dellavadeer 135 Murray, James Murray, Sydney A Murray, Thomas Murty (abor.) Prisoners Tried at S. C. or D. Court- Maher, Daniel Maher, John Merten, Alfred William Merten, John Morgan, William Augustine Morley, George Henry Murphy, Denis Murphy, John Michael Murray, Charles , 395 Murray, Frederick, alias Leckie Murray, Frederick Joseph, alias Chas. Wilson Prisoners Released under Crim. Code- Macdonald, Edward James Mathieson, Victor Mattis Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code Macdonald, Edward James Malcolm, John, alias Underwood, &c Martin, Claude Martin, May E. C Millar, Thomas, alias " Scotty " 57 Mullins, Thomas Henry Murray, Richard , 147 Murray, Thomas Warrants Issued for- Mack, Charles , 220 Maconochie, G Maguire, , 210 Major Luco (abor.) Maxwell, Winnie , 281 May, George Edward Merger, Henry Charles Marten, Albert William Merten, John Miller, Thomas, alias " Scotty " Mills, Luke Mills, William George Morris, Athol , 281 Morrissey, Matthew Morton, Robert Mudie, John Mulavey, Thomas Mungara, Joe Murphy, John Michael 281, 307 Murray, William, alias Williams Murrell, William Henry Murri, Willie Myers, Abraham 195 Mc. McAuliffe, Humphrey McAuliffe, Thomas, alias Hester 80 McAvoy, Leslie McBride, alias Helenick, alias Howlett McClements. Hugh 80 McConkey, James (or James White) 134 McCloy, James McClure, Peter , 295 McConnell, Clarence McCosker, Henry McCoy, William McCray, John McDonald, alias Guilfoyle McDonald, Ed. James McDonald, James McDonald, Leslie McDonald, Patrick McDonald, William McDonnell, Kiernan McEwan, John McFarlane, Charles McGill, Edward, alias Thompson McGrath, John McGregor, Alexander McGregor, Robert William McGregor, Walter MGGucken, John McGuire, Joseph Andrew McGuire, William McIntosh, James McKay, George, alias Budge McKenzie, Alexander McKenzie, William H McKinnon, Donald.. 69 McLean, Frank, alias Turnbull, &c. 123 McLean, John Henry McLeod, George McManus, Charles McMillan, James MeMonagle, Edward McNamara, J., alias Murphy McNamara, John Joseph

14 continued. McNamara, Leonard Roy McNeil, Alexander McPherson, John McPhillimey, Charles McAlister, Angus McAlister, Robert McAuley, Neil McBride, W. J McCaffrey, Thomas Joseph McCallum, John McCamey, David McCarthy, Patk McCaughy, Sir Samuel... 98, 124 McCaw, James McCluskey, Joseph McConnell and Kirk McCormack, Harry M McCulloch, Alexander McDonald, James , 119 McDonald, Daniel McDonald, M , 68, 89 McDougall, Edward McDougall, John , 272 McEvoy, J. J McGillivray, Alexr McGowan, H. D McGrath, Thos McGrath, M , 356 McGrath, Mrs. Lucy McGregor, Annie McGregor, Mr McGroarty, Hugh McGrory, Robert Joseph , 282 McGuire, James McHale, Michael McHardy, Patrick , 212, 272 McIntosh, Jeannie McIntosh, Lorna May McIntosh, Stasia McKenzie, Mr McKenzie, Robert McKerchar, J McKergow, Hugh McKellop, William McKinless, Thomas McLaren, M. A McLoughlin, McLaughlin, Miss E. A , 245 McLean, Alexander 167 McLean, James McLeod, Alexander , 373 McLeod, Samuel McMillan, Hugh McNamara, David McNamara, M. J McNally, Mr McNaught. W. H McNully, Percy McPherson. Robert McRae, John , 68 McWhirter and Son, Messrs. 159, McCarthy, Edward McCracken, Joseph McGlinn. Robert James McGregor, Charles F. R McHardy, Lyell McIntosh, James McKenzie, Norman , 168 McKinnon, Charles James McLachlan. Ernest McLean, Hester Alexr McLeary, Alexr. Allen McAleer, Benjamin , 120 McCallum, George McCann, Harry McColl, Duncan McConnell, Percy Albert McCoy, Chas. Henry McCreath, Robert Henry , 283 McDivitt, John , 357 McDonald, James McDonald, John McFarlane, Arthur John McFarlane, Robert McGuinness, Harry P McGurk, Henry McIntosh, Jean Fletcher , 13,23 McKenzie, Alexander F. 23 McLean, Thomas Walker Louis 13, 120 McLeay, Neil McLeod, John Patterson McMahon, Mrs. T McNamara, Leonard Roy 246, 261, 283 McReady, Victor McAllister, Archibald, alias Bell 200 McArthur, William McAuley, Frank McCabe, John McColl, John, alias Munro, &c. 137,252 McCann, William Henry McCarthy, Daniel, alias Williams 251 McCarthy, Bertie INDEX. continued. McCaskill, Donald McClements, Hugh McCloud, Janet, alias Spence, &c McClure, Peter, alias George Pert 297,314 McCormack, Annie McCoy, James, alias McKay McCray, John McCrae, Oscar McCully, Robert , 203 McDonald, James 30, 93, 110, 248, 310 McDonald, James, alias Slim McDonald, William McDonald, Zadie, alias Carena 266, 312 McFarlane, Charles McI+ arlane. John, ahecs Smith 60, 135 McGarry, Kate, alias Sweeney, &c, 92, 312 McGrath, William Gordon F Mel ; regor, Alexander McGregor, Alick McGregor, William Clarence 215, 308 McGuire, Andrew Joseph McGuire, alias Eugene Forrest McGuire, William McGuire, Wiliam, alias Stafford McGurran, Thomas McHale, James McInerney, Michael , 327 McIntyre, Frank McIntyre, John McIvor, Henry Edward McKay, George, alias Budge 247 McKelvey, R., alias Irwin, &c McKenzie, Alexander McKenzie, William 149 McKinlay, Violet, alias Heath McKnight, alias Farrell, &c McLean, Frank McLean, James McLean, John McLaren, alias Blanche Craven McLaren, Rose alias McLennon , 312 McLeod, Annie... 94, 95 McLeod, Jean, alias Spence.. 28 McMahon, Annie, alias Murphy 111, 136, 214, 250 McMahon, Edward McManus, Charles McMonagle, Bernard McNamara, Joseph McNevin, Sylvester, alias Agnew 131 McNicol, alias Margaret Flanagan 32 McNight, alias Thos. Farrell, &c 247 McNish, Mary Jane, alias Brown 201 McVeigh, Thomas Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- McCullough, Alexander McGill, Edward, alias Thompson McGuire, Wm., alias Stafford McIntyre, Neil McKenon, Donald, alias Cameron 172 McLean, Frank, alias Turnbull McLean, Janet Robertson McLean, John Henry McSpadden, Joseph Prisoner Released under Criminal Code- McCafferty, Patrick F McArthur, George A. MoD McCafferty, Patrick Francis cconnell, Clarence McDonald, Edward James McEwan, John McGrath, John Patrick McGuckin, John McPherson, John Warrants Issued for- McColl, Duncan McCulloch, James McDonald, John R McIntosh, Leslie McKell, Thomas McLean, James McNamara, Michael McPherson, Harold , 281 MeS weeney, James N. Naughton, Bernard Nedwick, Joseph Neil, James Neilson, Gertrude, alias Grey Nelson, Charles Nelson, Leslie Nelson, Walter Nelson, William Nelson, William Thomas Nevins, Charles Nevin, James PAGES continu ed. Nevin, Norman Newman, Jack, alias Fennerman Newman, Willie Henry.._... 6 Newton, Edmund Robt Newton, William Henry Nightingale, Jane... 50, 107 Nixon, Alice, alias Childs Nobby, alias Walter Arnold Noel, Leland , 284 Noel, Wriothesley Baptist... 14, 306 Nolan, Margaret Nolan, Reginald, alias Berrill Noonan, Joseph Northover, William Norton, Edwin J Norton, John Nagel, A. B Nash, Mrs. C , 334 National Agricultural and Industrial Association, Queensland Neal, Cecil Neary, John Neill, Walter , 119 Neilson, Clause, Neilson, Frederick , 374 Nelson, Gilday Patk Neville, Augustus Ne wlands, J. 1) Newton. Percy Allen , 22 Nicholas, Charles Edward Nieho l1, Mr Nicholson, J , 282 Nicholson, Mrs Noble, Charles Noble, John , 282 Nordica, Madam Northunage, (Jap.) Nowland, Denis Newgent, W. H Nuss, Mrs. Maria Nyland, John Deserters from H. M. Service- Napier, William Charles Nash, Thomas Henry Neale, William Gifford Nelson, Frederick Nelson, George Bastian Nicholls, Morris Bernard Nokes, Harry James Norton, Edwin J Nunn, Herbert Abel , 160 Nellie (Aboriginal)... Nelson, Cecil Nelson, Gilbert Henry Nelson, Gordon August Nich olaus, Wm. Robert Nicholls, Sydney Herbert Nixon, Ada Louise... Nolan, James Nana, alias Nana Morton Nash, Alfred Frank 29 Neilson, James Neirhoff, John Henry Nelson, Eric William Neuman, James Neuman, Robert Neville, James Nicholson, Percy Nelson Nicolls, John Nixon, Alice Beatrice Noble, alias Percy Ryan Noble, Francis M Noble, Stephen Noel, Leland Noel, Wriothesley Baptist... 29, 60, 93 Nolan, Margaret Northover, William Norton, Frederick , 249, 308 Norton, John , 326 Nugent, John, alias Norton 59,310 Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Neilson, Gertrude A Neilson, Hans Nellie, alias Winnie (abor.) Newman, William Henry Newton, Augustus or Gus Newton, William Henry Noel, Leland Norton, John Prisoner Released under Criminal Code- Nelson, Charles Prisoner Tried under Criminal Code, Nelson, William

15 Warrants Issued for- Neilson, Gertrude Ann Nellie, alias Winnie (abor.) Neville, Percy Newton, William Henry Nicholls, Joseph Nioolo, Vocifori Norton, Peter Nottingham, M. P , 88 Nungara, Joe Oakley, George, alias Donovan, &c. 80 O'Brien, Edward, alias McDonald 92 O'Brien, Edward John O'Brien, John, alias Watson, &c O'Callaghan, John O'Connell, Arthur or Patrick 134 O'Connor, alias Thomas Hession O'Connor, Patrick Ogden, Florence Maud O'Gorman, Thomas O'Hara, John Oldco rn, Ben, alias J. Rylance... 6 On, Ah On Kee, Jimmy Opey, alias Walter Bentley Orchard, Thomas O'Reilly, Frank Ormiston, George Ossie Dick, alias Bulberry... 5 O'Sullivan, Philip Jos , 294 O'Sullivan, Terence O'Toole, Thomas Owens, alias Norman Burgess Owens, Thomas Cleveland Owens, Elizabeth Ellen Owens, Patrick Philip O'Bernie, Fergus , 124 O'Brien, Bridget , 167 O'Brien, Edward O'Brien, Michael O'Connell, C O'Connor, Denis O'Connor, James O'Connor, John Ambrose O'Connor, Leonard O'Connor, Michael O'Connor, William Thos Ockleford, W. K O'Donnell, J. 168 O'Donoghue, Daniel O'Donoghue, Lawrence Ogiso, (Jap.) O'Gorman, Mrs. J O'Keefe, E O'Keefe, Thomas Wm Oldham, Nurse O'Loughlin, James , 322 Olsen, Alfred Olsen, Andrew Olsen, Jack Olson, William O'Neill, James O'Neill, Patrick Orchard, Thomas , 196 Ormiston and Jones Orphanage Department Ortt, Michael Godfrey O'Shea, James O'Shea, Patrick O'Sullivan, Hugh O'Sullivan, M Oswald, Annie Overells, Ltd , 292 Owens, Mrs. Johanna Oxenham, A. E Oxenham, R. K Missings Friends- Obbes, Johanna Cornelia O'Donnell, John O'Donnell, Michael Oldham, Arthur Olive, James Owen, William O'Brien, Edward O'Brien, Frederick O'Brien, John , 296 O'Brien, William, alias Brennan O'Callaghan, Jno., alias Collins, &c O'Connell, William O'Connor, John alias Sullivan 29, 60, 135, 200 O'Connor, Patrick, alias Connors O'Hara, Frank or Walter O'Hara, John O'Hara, Walter ,95 Oldham, Fred O'Loughlin, Henry James Olsen, Halver, alias Oliver 109, 149, 200, 248 INDEX. continued. Olsen, Jack Olsen, John On Kee, alias Jimmy Ali Gee Orchard, Thomas O'Rielly, Frank, alias Gibbon O'Rielly, William O'Rielly, William, alias Davis O'Rourke, Ellen, alias Balkes 61 O'Rourke, Patrick , 32,95 Ossie Dick (abor.)' O'Sullivan, alias Jean McLeod 28, 148 O'Sullivan, Owen Overland, Nelson Owens, alias N. Burgess, &c Prisoner Tried at S.C. or D. Court- O'Brien, Edward John O'Connell, Andrew or Patk Ogden, Florence Maud O'Gorman, Thomas Oldcorn, Ben, alias John Rylance 237 Olsen, Jack Owens, Elizabeth Ellen Owens, Philip Patrick Prisoners Released under Crim. Code- Onions, Clarence W Owens, Elizabeth E Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code O'Driscoll, Thomas Ohl, Alfred Warrants Issued for- O'Brien, Edward John O'Brien, John O'Connell, Patrick O'Connor, Bede O'Connor, Patrick Orr, John Ossie Dick P. Page, Walter Paisley, David Palmer, George Pang, Ali Parker, Muriel, alias Davies Parle, James Pasley, Leslie Gibson or Skipper Patterson, Alex Pau, Kum Paul, William Gordon, alias William Gordon, &c Pawley, Thomas Pegg, Ella Victoria Pengelly, James , 294 Percy, Charles Percy, James Perry, Joseph Persal, Ernest Henry Peters, Julia Peterson, Francis Norman Pickles, Edwin Pitt, William Colin T Pitts, Charles, alias Atkinson Plummer, Sydney Pointer, Frank 261, 262 Pope, Thomas Porter, George Porter, William Porter, William B Potts, William Hy., alias Jones Poulsen, Jack Power, Edgar Power, Elizabeth Jane Prentice, Arthur William Prosper, Edward Carter Proudlock, Frank 26 Pagan, Mrs Palmer, Edward Palmer, Marshall Parfitts, T Park, William.., Parnell, Mrs. A. H , 341 Parry, Thomas Hy Pascoe, Constance Patch, Mrs. A. S , 322 Patterson, Archibald Payne, William , 231 Pearce, Thomas Pedres, Lena (or Lend) , 211 Penhaligon, Jas. R Penhaligon, W , 239, 282 Pennefather, Mrs Perkins, Gladys Perkins, P , 89 Perkins, Thomas Perry Bros , 68 Pesch, Frank Petersen, Christian Peterson, Alfred Oscar Peterson, William , 167 Pfaff, Charles continued. Phelan, Richard F Y, 105, 195 Phillips, E. H Phillips, Harry Phipps, Albert Phipps, J Picking, Agnes Pigram, Frank Pillinger, William P irie, W Pitt, Matthew , 261 Pizzy, Frank , 20,75 Pleak, Theodore Carl Pleystowe Central Sugar Mill Podd, Bertha A Poggioli, F. H Police, Pittsworth , 175 Pond, Mark Pool, Harry Porteous, Norman Porter, E , 272 Postmaster-General 11, 41, 131, 221, 259, 291, 355 Potage, George Poulsen, Scott , 194 Powell, A Powell, William Pratt, A. W Preston, Wm. Geo Prose, Deen Price, Arthur Price, Gladys Public Instruction Department 117, 130, 131, 142, 180 P ul l ar, J. W P cserters from H.M. Service- Parker, John William Parsons, Emil Clarence Peacock, Harry , 132 Pearson, Stephen C Pederson, Edward P..., Penfold, Albert Perrett, Alf. Frank Petterson, George Pocock, F. A Pollock, John Power, E. C Prebble, Walter James Preston, Albert ',1 'ssing Friends- -' ackwood, Samuel Thos. Paisley, Leslie Gibson , 261, 283 Palmer, Edward William Parascos, Solon,.. 68 'arsons, Wm. Stafford 233, 283 Patterson, Henry Payne, John Pearson, alias Wm. Swinton. 169 Pearson, Stephen C Penny, Frederick Peter, Old (abor.) Phipps, Robert William Pickett, Alfred Pilster, Doris May , 212 Piper, Walter Hill Polites, Maria r Powell, Alfred Foynton, Norah Pratt, Thos , 212 :.3oners Discharged- Page, alias John Ashwood Page, Walter (abor.) Packwood, Thomas S Palmer, Charles, alias Burton 97 Pang, Ali ' arle, James Patterson, Frederick Wm i' atterson, Thomas awley, Thomas Pearce, John A ' earce, Patrick ' earson, Edward Pearson, John T i'alin, William Percy, Charles, alias Jennings Worry, Joseph Pert, George, alias P. McClure Peterson, Percy i'frimder, Ernest , 150, 249 Phelan, Sydney Ponikarofsky, Michael , 200 Porter, George Postgate, Fanny, alias Elms 61, 111, 148, 201 Potter, Bridget , 92, Poulsen, Jack i'oulsen, John Powell, Bridget Power, William James Pratten, Bertram P., alias Beauchamp Prendergast, John , 202 Prendergast, Walter , 327 Prescott, Alexr Priest, Henry Howard Price, George, alias Thomas Pugh, John

16 Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court-237 Paisley, Leslie Gibson Patterson, Frederick Wm Pawley, Thomas Percy, James Persal, Ernest Hy Pickles, Edwin Pitt, William Colin Theodore Potts, William Henry, alias W. Jones Price, James, alias Sparrow Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code Patteson, William Patterson, Frederick William Pill, William Robert Porter, George Plate, Albert August Henry Warrants Issued for- Paisley, Leslie Gibson Patten, George Peacock, John Clarence Pengelly, James , 211, 271 Perrett, Edward Phillips, alias Ebenezer Sanity Phillips, Bernard Lecrowe Plant, Cuthbert Potts, William Henry, alias William Jones Pratt, Leo 270 Q. Quay, Jimmy Ah Q u e, Ali Quien Hop Quinton, James Quirk, Patrick Thomas Quong Dye Quay, Willie Quamby Hotel Queensland Copper Coy., Trustees Q. M. E. Agency Quertiers, Hilary Quigley, Henry Quinlan, Gray, and Co. 111, 282 Quinn, Arthur Quinn, Patrick , 275 Deserter from H.M. Service- Quinn, Henry David Missing Ffiends- Quinn, John Joseph Quinn, Michael Prisoner Discharged- Quinton, James , 109 Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Quay, Ali R. Rahill, Michael, alias Buckley Reardon, Thomas, alias Thompson 80 Rebgetz, Godfrey Archibald Reed, David Reid, George (h.c. Maori) Reid, James Abernethy Reid, Sarah Elizabeth Reid, William Reid, William James, alias Watson, &c Renner, Carl Renton, Ira Reynolds, John Richards, James Riebelt, Gertrude A., alias Grey, &c Ring, Peter 14 Rixon, Harry Roberts, Millicent Robinson, Isaac William, alias Shandy 294 Robinson, Jack Robinson, Joseph Roche, Denis Louis Roche, John William Rodgers, alias Robertson, &c Roffey, John Rogers, alias Francis Ferguson, &c. 213 Rogers, John, alias Mack Rollason, alias Clarence Helenick, &c Rolls, alias Halbert Harris Rosenberg, Ferdinand Roser, Edward Rose, Frank Rosier, Claude Walker, alias Morris 324 Rossi, H., alias Morris Rossity, &c Rossini, Maria Rothery, George Rouse, Albert, alias Tussey INDEX. continued. Royal, & Sidney, alias Harry Foster, Rowe, John Russell, Sydney William Russell, William, alias Manton Ruthenberg, Otto Ryan, Daniel Ryan, Dennis Ryan, Forbes Denis Ryan, James G., alias Gordon, &c. 5 Ryan, John or S... 5 Ryan, John Joseph, alias Hegarty 161 Ryan, John Joseph Patrick Rylands, Cecil Rylince, John, alias Oldcorn... 6 Raby, Cissy Rafter, James Rahu, Umbra Railway Department , 167 Railway Manager, Chillagoe Ramsbotham, -Vernon Rankin, Alfred , 105 Ratcliffe, Fred Rahhe, William , 334 Ravinstack, Mrs Realf, Joseph Henry Reddell, Harry , 117 Reedy, Thomas , 182 Reeve, Waugh and Sons Rebenhoff, V Reid, Arthur ,77 Reid, Matthew Reid, Rev. Father Reinhardt, Edith Reis, A. A Rennie, Mrs. May Rewick, William Reyburn, Agnes Reynolds, John Rice, George , 322 Rice, T Rich, Elizabeth Richardson, William Ridgeway, Vida Rigby, Mrs. Hannah Rivers, William Godfrey Roache, Edward Robb, John Roberts, Clarence V Roberts, Walter Robinson, Jessie Robinson, S. J Rockhampton Municipal Council Rocklands Proprietary Coy. 98 Rodgers, George Rofee, Edward Alfred Rogers, Mr Rogers, William Romera, Luigi Rooney, Fred Rose, Annie Rose, Anthony Rosanoff, John Rose, R. G , 304 Ross, Donald Ross, Hugh Ross, John Ross, Mrs. E Ross, William Roth, Louisa , 51 Rothwell's, Ltd Rothwell, T Rothwell, Thomas J Rowan, John Rowe, William , 12 Rowell, Joseph Alfred Rowntree, Harold Rubach, Herman, and Julius Ruddle, Arthur Rush, Thomas Joseph Russell, R. F., Ruthning, W. H Ryan, Michael Ryan, Miss Ryan, Mrs. P. J Ryan, Mrs. W , 119 Ryan, Patrick , 232 Ryan, Stanley , 261 Ryan, Thomas xv. Missing Friends - continued. Robertson, William ' Robinson, Thelma Dorothy Rose, Percy Alfred Roy, Edward Kingman Ruhr Socrat or Konoguris, Russell, Arthur Russell, George , 83 Deserters from H.M. Service- Rice,. Clifford Allen Rich, Alfred Charles Roach, Percy Robins, Arthur Charles Roberts, D. J Robinson ; William James Rowatt, Leonard Rozenberg, Andrew Moritz Rubery, Harold Ruskin, Alfred Reinke, Christie John Reynolds, John Rigby, William 106 Robertson, Hunter J. 54 Raher, William Ramsay, James Rankin, alias James Ryan Reardon, Thomas Reddy, John Reed, alias A. Jackson, &c. 149, 200 Reed, alias Victor Vale, &c Reid, Hugh, alias Kelly Reid, Sarah Elizabeth Reily, George, alias Train Reilly, Miles Rendle, John Renner, Otto George , 325 Renouf, William Reynolds, John , 150 Reynors, Valentine A Rice, Hugh Edmund Richardson, Benjamin 150, 200, 247 Rigby, William Riley, alias Louie Bunch Ritchings, Frederick , 247 Roach, J. alias D. McCarthy Roberts, alias Arthur Seery Roberts, Joe Roberts, Mary Ellen , 312 Robinson, George Robinson, James Robson, George David Roche, John William Roebuck, George R Rogers, Thomas William Roman, Ernest Victor Rose, Richard Henry E Rose, William Roseman, Thomas Rosini, Mario Ross, Alexander Ross, George Ross, John Ross, William Rowbotham, Stephen, alias Riley, &c. 215 Roy, Norman, alias Tommy Russell, Harry Ryan, Edward Ryan, Daniel Ryan, Denis , 51, 151 Ryan, Ellen, alias Crawford 61, 111, 148, 201, 214, 312 Ryan, James , 265 Ryan, James G., alias Jordan, &c. 215 Ryan, James T., alias J. D. Smith 109 Ryan, Joseph, alias Bolton Ryan, Joseph, alias Rankin, &c Ryan, Michael Ryan, Michael alias Feeney Ryan, Percy, alias Noble Ryan, Thomas Ryan, William or W. H Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Rebgetz, Godfrey Archibald Reid, William Rewald, H. C. August Robinson, Joseph Rodgers, Joseph Rosi, Frank... Rossini, Mario Rudd. Joseph Russell, Sydney William Russell, William, alias Manton Ruthenberg, Otto... Ryan, James Joseph P.... Ryan, John Ryan, William or Wm. Henry Rylance, John alias Oldcorn... Rylands, Cecil ' Prisoners Released under Crim. Code- Renner, Carl Henry Roche, Denis Louis Rylands, Cecil Rasmussen, Edward Roberts, Millicent V Robinson, Jack Taylor Roche, Denis Louis Royes, John Hougham Ryans, William Warrants Issued for- Rahill, Michael , 291 Ranson, John Reed, David Reid. Norman , 39 Reinhardt, Julius Ritchie, Willie , 141 Roberts, George Herbert

17 avi. INDEX. Warrants Issued for-continued. Complainants (continued)- Roberts, Thomas 141,180 Schurack, Louis Rossi, M., alias Morris Rossity... 2, 11 Schwartz, Rachel Rossini,' Schubel, Frederick Ruthenberg, Otto Scott, James Ryan, Ernest Alexander, alias Scott, Mary Jefferies,- &c......, Scufield, Miss Olive Ryan, James Joseph P Seaton, Mrs. M. A. See, Ali.. See Chong, Willie Seeney, Joseph.. S. Seymour, Alfred Sales, George Joseph Sales, John Joseph Salmon, William Sam, Ali , 146, 171 Sam, George Ali Sam, James Sam Won , 274, 324 Sargeant, Samuel Sayers, Albert Sayers, Alfred Schrader, George Schutke, alias G. Klass Schwarzberg, Karl alias Bulka Scott, Alexander Scurr, Walter Ernest See Sing, Archie Seip, Andrew Self, Emily, alias Dillon Sellers, Norman Edward Semple, Douglas Sewell, Edward Shandy, Tristram, alias Robinson 294 Shang, Bob Shanks, Frederick Shaw, George, alias Fat George (abor.). 294 Sheehan, Michael Short, Harry Sheridan, Clarice Si- You, Siilett, James Sinclair, David '224 Sinclair, George Sinclair, John James Sing, Ali. 44, 56, 146 Singing Dick, alias Trevale, &c... 5 Singleton, Frank, Sippie, Amy Skipper Pasley Slaughter, Edward Percy Sleeman (or Seeman), alias E. Lynch 294 Smith, Charles... Smith, Francis., Smith, Fred, alias Simiti Smith, George Smith, Harold Smith, James... Smith, James Dawson Smith, John Smith, Richard Joseph Smith, Robert Wilson Smith, Thomas Peter , 222 Smith, William, alias Cullen Spencer, William Thomas.. 5 Spillane, Daniel Stace, Peter, alias Jack Evans, &c. 123 Staff, Harold Nichol, alias Dyer Starling, George, alias Sniith 123 Starr, David Edgar ` Stayt, Ellen Stayte, Thomas Henry.. 5 Stevens, Alice Maud Stewart, Colin. 146 Stewart, John Donald Stewart, Joseph Stockwell, Charles Stoddart, Ernest Stone, Frederick Arthur Strour, Henry Charles, alias Walker 44 Sturgeon, J o h n A. L Sue, Ah Sue Lee Jang Sullivan, James, alias Wood, &c Sullivan, Michael Summers, Minnie, alias Sheppard Sung, Ali, alias Ali Sam Sung, Charlie Symons, Florence Margaret Sabramarcus (Japanese) Sakrzewski, Gustav R. Sam Pan Samut, F. Sandel, Otto Sanderson, John W. Sanderson, Robert... Saunders, Mrs. Mary... Savage, Miss Edith.. Scanlan, Patrick... Schlecht Brothers.. Schloss, William Robert Schmidt, Miss R.... Schoenkneabt, Henry... Schubert, Mrs Schuchard, C. R.... Schultz, Harry s373 3"2, , 333, 341, , Shah, Accubut... Shallcross, Thomas Shaw, John Shaw, Miss E. A Sheldon, Mrs. S. F.,.. Shepherd, Mrs. Gertrude... Sherlock, Thomas... Sherry Mr Shields,, M Shullerend, Julius Sibraa, James Sikes, P. J Simonsen, John Simpson, Frederick Simpson, Hugh..... Sims, Clifton.....,,. Sirett, William Sklaevos, Nicholas Smith, A. A Smith, Alfred... Smith, Bertha......, Smith, Bertie Smith, James Bunten... Smith Charles Smith, D... Smith, Edward Sydney Smith, Henry Smith, H. Mercer... Smith, Thomas Joseph... Smith, Mrs. Ellen Smith, Robert Smith, Stephen Smith, Thomas Smith, Thomas J Smith, William Henry... Smythe, James Smythe, Mrs. C....,. Sneath, Alfred , Snell, Arthur... Sokuro, Yenemitsu..... Solomon, Miss Gertie Solsdritun, Hair..... Sorensen, John A South, Mr. N... South Brisbane Bowling Club South Brisbane Gas Company Southwick, William H. W... Sparkes, A Spence, John..... Spicer, James..... Spranklin, Mrs. William 290, Squire, Henry Charles... Stabenow, Otto Stacey, L Stacey, William....,. Starch, Richard... Steenson, A. W. Steinmeller, Albert.. Stephenson, Alexander.. Stevens, Thomas Stevenson, John Stewart and Coy., James.. Stewart and Sons, Alexander.., Stewart, Charles E.... Stimpson, Frederick Arthur Stirling, Alfred C Stokes, W. J Stoneham, George Studdt, Herman.... Stump, Mrs Sturt, Clifford Leslie.. Strain, Robert Street, Mrs. E Suleima Siurc, Sullivan, C Sullivan, Hugh... Sullivan, Mrs. S Summers, Arthur James. Sun Chong , Surawski, F. J Suter, Miss E Sutherland, Mrs. E Sutherland, Mrs. J Sutter, Harry Alfred Sweetsur, Mrs Swindall, Mrs. Elizabeth... Sye, Mrs. G Symons, Ernest , ,, , , , , , , , , , , 159.., ,, , ,74,,, 142,, , , , , ,, ' , , V ,, , 322,., , , , 341 continued. Skelton, Albert Henry... 89, 160 Skuse, Arthur Hawthorne Smeaton, Cooper Smedley, J. J Smith, Albert Leslie Smith, Alexander Smith, Frederick William 77, 222 Smith, G. W Smith, Harry Smith, Harry Hugh Smith, John Smith, John William Stewart, Reginald Speed, Joseph Manley Spencer, Harry Stanford, Evan Stapleton, Reginald Samuel Steel, John Straiten, James Strong, James Savage, William G , 132, 168 Simpson. William Thomas,., 222 Sayers, Lawrence Allen 222 Scarff. Frederick Albert 105 Schacht. Norman Lewis 283 Shier, Joseph Sim, Edward Thomas 272 Saunders, Henry Scard, Jasper James Schmidt, Emil G. C , 223 Schultz, Alfred Frederick Schwab, Gustav Scott, Charles Joseph Scully, Joseph Patrick Searle, Mrs....,.,. 106, 183 Sells, Richard , 323 Serber, Simon Shannon, Patrick Sharp, Bruce Sheppard, George , 223 Simmons, Albert Simpson, Frederick... 42, 120 Skinner, Harry Skuthorpe, Lance , 323 Smith, Charles Smith, Eileen Teresa Smith, Emily Smith, Harry Smith, Henry Raymond Smith, J. H Smith, John Joseph Smyth, Charles Edward Stack, Edward John... 22, 77 Staples, Thomas Steid, John Street, James , 169 Stevens, Arthur Stewart, 'A. A Sydenham, C. J. L Swanson, Adolph Swinton, William, alias Pearson Salmon, Thomas William Sam (Malay) Sam, Ali , 267 Sam, William Ali Sander, Otto Sanderson, Charles William Saulsbury, Joseph Saunders, George Scadden, Bridget, alias Smith Schafer, Wilhelm H. C Schultz, A. F Scott, Alexander Scott, Margaret Scott, Thomas J Seary, Arthur, alias Roberts, &c. 248 See, Ali Seppie, Amy Shamann, William Sharp, William Porter , 200 Shaw, Elsie May Sheehan, Michael or Thomas Sheehan, Patrick Shen, Patrick, alias McDonald...29, 59 Sheppard, Jack Sheppard, Jack alias Robert Stirling Short, Percy Harold Shue, Ah Sick Deong Siep, Andrew Simpson, Bert Sinclair, George Sing, Ah , 295 Sinnott, Joseph Skinner, Ernest Edward Sleep, George Small, Annie , 312 Smallwood, Aylmer Smart, Frederick Smith, Albert, alias Kucks Smith, Alfred S., alias Spalding Smith, Alick, alias Clarke, &c.... lb. ' Smith, Charles Smith, George , 326 Smith, James Smith, James Dawson, alias Ryan 109 Smith, Jack Smith, John , 325 Smith, John, alias McFarlane 60, 135

18 INDEX. IAii. continued. Smith, John, alias Miles Smith, John Thomas Smith, Robert Wilson Smith, Thomas, alias Collins 'Spence, Janet, alias McLeod 28, 148 Spillane, Daniel , 247 Spring, Thomas Squires, George , 309 Stace, Peter, alias Evans Stafford, alias Wm. McGuire Stanka, Olaf Stanley, Reginald Stayte, Ellen or Emily Steele, Robert, alias Foster, &o Sterling, Robert, alias Sheppard Stewart, Jack, alias Fossey Stoddart, Ernest Stunden, Jesse , 249 Stratford, John, alias Stratwood Strow, Henry Strow, Charles Henry 31 Sue, Ali Sullivan, Gerald Sullivan, John, alias Brand, &c Sullivan, Mary Ann 61, 92, 148, 250, 312 Sullivan, Patrick, alias O'Connor 29, 60, 135, 200 Sung, Ali Sutton, Edward Swanson, Ellen, alias Horan 148, 312 Sweeny, alias Kate McGarry, &c. 92, 312 Swenson, Ellen, alias Horan Swyer, Daniel Sydney, Harry Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Sales, George Joseph Salmon, William Scholes, John Shaw Scurr, Walter Ernest Sellers, Norman Charles Sinclair, George Sinclair, John James M Skinner, Ernest Edward Skuthorpe, Thomas Slaughter, Edward Smith, James Dawson Smith, John 172 Smith, Percy Smith, Thomas Peter Smith, William, alias Cullen Sparrow, alias James Price Stafford, alias Wm. McGuire Starling, George, alias Smith Stemmitz, Emile, alias Hansen 'Stewart, Colin Strowse, Henry Charles, alias Walker 172 Sung, Charlie Prisoners Released under Crim. Code- Sewell, Edward Smith, Richard Joseph Southwell, Alfred Staff, Harold Nichol Starr, David Edgar Sewell, Edward Short, Harry Sillett, James 27 Simpson, Vivian Slattery, William Smith, John, alias Fletcher, &c. 57 Smith, Robert Spencer, William T Staff, Harold Nichol, alias Dyer Starkey, Noel Stephen Starr, David Edgar Symes, George or John, alias Fletcher, &c Warrants Issued fcrbai Diy, alias Ak Kye.. 21 Sanity, Ebenezer, alias Phillips Sawyer, R Schaumann, Gustav August 141, 181 Scholes, John Sharp, George Sims, Albert Thomas Sinclair, John Francis Sing, Ali Skuthorpe, Thomas Smiles, George , 211, 220 Smith, Francis Smith, James Smith, Percy , 119 Sordelli, Caesar Stack, Michael , 379 Staff, H., alias S. Dyer , 75 Stanley. Donald Starr, Steega, David Henry Edgar Stewart, Charles Stewart, Clive Stewart, Colin Stirling, John Stokes, George Sullivan, Henry Swan, J , 75 T. Talbot, George Talbot, Harold Talty, Peter Tancred, Owen, alias Buttel Targo Singh Taylor, Chas. Alfred Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, George Thomas, James, alias Thompson 284 Thompson, alias Thomas Reardon 80 Thompson, Edward, alias McGill 56 Thompson, George ' , 224 Thompson, John Henry Thompson, William Thompson, Elizabeth Threschman, Silvester 134 Tie, Ali, alias Mow Day Tim, Ali Tillman, James Togo, alias Paul, alias Gordon Tolly, Thomas Town, Florence Emily Trembath, Benjamin Tremlin, Wm. John Treschman, Teddy Trevale, alias Jas. Gordon; alias Ryan, alias Singing Dick... 5 Triffitt, Charles, alias Jenkins Trowe, Thomas Tully, Patrick Laurence Turner, Joseph Tait, Thomas Takizo, Wyemura Talbot, Ellen Talbot, Mr Taylor, A. M Taylor, Benjamin , 334 Taylor Bros Taylor, Harry Bowden , 334 Taylor, Mrs. A. R Taylor, Mrs. E Taylor, Robert Taverner, W. J Teigs, Frank Terkleson Bros Theile, F , 89 Themor, William Thiele, Carl , 211 Thomas, John Thompson, Ernest Thompson, George Thompson, Mary Thorn, G , 119 Thorsen, Catherine Thwaites, Richard Tilbury, Archer , 40 Tim Kin, Edgar Timbury, F. R. V Toner, James , 119 Tonks, Electrical Engineers Tottingham, John M Town, Eli Townsend, George Trackson, Mrs Tranton, Thomas Trebiles, F Tropical Institute, Townsville Trotter, William James Trustees, Queensland Copper Company Turnbull, H. J Turnbull, John Turnbull, Robert , 334 Turner, Daniel Turner, Mrs Turney, James Twomey, Michael Tynan, Andrew Tate, Joseph Bogus Temple, Walter Terry, Charles Henry Thew, William Edward Thomas, William , 283 Thompson, Albert L Thompson, George Robert Thompson, Leonard Thorpe, Harry Thorpe, Jack Tierney, Thomas Joseph Tolliday, Leslie Tracey, William Perkin Trevelyan, D'Arcy R '272 Turner, John Joseph continued. Tidy, William James , 183 Town, Florrie ,197 Tracy, Michael Turnbull, Chas. Bertie Turner, Thomas Edward Taggart, Frank M Taylor, James Philip.. 41, 233 Thomas, Alexander, alias Bundanba 144 Thomas, Mabel Alice Vane Thomas, William , 155 Thompson, William Thompson, William Hy Talbot, George Tanna, George (S.S.I.) Tant, Alfred, alias Watson Telford, John, alias Nigger 141, 200, 248, 310 Thomas, alias Geo. Price Thomas, Henry Charles Thomas, Jack, alias Black Tom 109 Thomas, Richard Thompson, alias Douglas, &c Thompson, George Thompson, John Thompson, William Tick, Ali Tillman, James Tim, Ali Timol, James, alias Timon Tomlin, Frederick, alias J. M. Egan ,.248, 311 Toohey, James Toohey, John Train, John, alias Kelly Trevale, Arthur, alias Ryan 215 Troy, James, alias Fraser, &c. 110, 249 Trundle, John Turnbull, Frank H. alias McLean 238 Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Tarrant, William John Taylor, George Teys, William Norman Thompson, Edward, alias McGill 173 Thompson, George Toye, Richard Joseph Tremlin, William John Trower, Thomas Turnbull, F. H., alias F. McLean 173 Turner, Joseph Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Tarrant, William John Toye, Richard Joseph Thompson, John Henry Tolley, Thomas Warrants Issued for- Tait, Samuel Tait, William Talbot, Henry , 21 Tamme, E Taylor, John , 163 Taylor, John Henry , 244 Teichmann, Jas. Samuel , 321 Thompson, A., alias Sydney Williams, &c Thompson, Albert , 117 Thompson, Matt Thompson, William Thrischmann, Theodore Treloar, Harry Trickett, J. Charles Turner, George U. Uhr, Roy, alias M. Brown Ufer, May, alias May Wilson Underwood, Edward University, Brisbane Upstill, Martha Urquhart, Mrs. Martha Missing Friend- Unknown Woman (re death of Ah 90 Miscellaneous- Unclaimed Horses Unknown dead body, Townsville Unknown Infant found dead Prisoner Discharged- Ungerer, Ellen Underwood. alias George William Fletcher, etc Warrants Issued for- Unknown Man, Assaulting Police 75, 117 Unknown Man, Dog Stealing Unknown Man, Wilful and Obscene Exposure Unknown Man, False Pretences Unknown Man, Forgery and Uttering

19 Xviti. INDEX. Warrants Issued for- continued. Unknown Man, Wilful and Obscene Exposure... Unknown Man, Unlawfully Wounding Unknown Man, Unlawfully Wounding Unknown Man, Wilful and Obscene Exposure Unknown Man, False Pretences... Unknown Men, Stealing by Means of a Trick Unknown Man, False Pretences... Unknown Man, Wilful and Obscene Exposure... Unknown Man, Murder, Sydney... Unknown' Man, Robbery, Sydney... V. Vail, Malvie Knight... Vale, Victor, alias Watson, Ven Lee Vizer, Harry Prisoners Released under Crim. Code- Vivian, Paul Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code Vickers, Charles Henry Vivian, Paul, alias Irwin W , 213 etc Wade, John , 43 Waldell, Louis Waldock, John....,..., 198 Walker, Herbert Walker, Norman, alias Strowe.., 44 Wallace, Alf. Robert..., Wallace, Henry Robert Wallace, John , 294 Walsh, Thomas Walters, Thomas Ward, Frank , Ward, George Ward, Maria ,171 Warren, Frank, alias Harris Washington, John Wasley, George, alias Hicks, &c Watson, alias O'Brien, alias Gamil 69 Watson, Edward James Watson, Henry Watson, John, alias Reid, &c Watson, John Watt, George , 284 Way Tai Wayman, F. C Webster, Emily Weiler, Arthur, alias Weller, &c. 161 Wells, Archibald J.... Welsh, Frederick.., West, Ernest J. Whimp, Frederick J. Whie Tim, alias Ali Hin White, Charles... White, James.. White, James P. White, Robert... White, Thomas'... White, Thomas, alias Baker White, Walter Whiting, Crispin.,.,., Wiedonhofer, H. P. Wilcox, Walter.,,. Williams, Edward...,,, Williams, Henry Williams, Lewis....., Williams, Peter,.,.., continued. Williams, Richd. John Willie, alias Billy Hayes, &c Willie (abor.) Willie, Logan (half-caste) Willie Lone (S.S.I.)....,. 14 Willie Long (China)....,. 14 Willis, John, alias Curly Wilson, alias Opey, &c Wilson, Alfred Jas., alias Davidge 186,262 Wilson, Arthur Wilson, Charles Wilson, Donald Austin Wilson, Jack Wilson, James Wilson, Violet, alias Wilson Wilson, William Winnie, alias Nellie (abor.) Won On Wong Duck Wong Gow Wong See Wood, Charles, alias Mason, &c Woodcock, William G. T Woodie, Jimmy, alias Ali Chong 123 Woods, alias Henry Hopgood, &c. 80 Woods, -Daniel Vincent Wreid, Horace Wright, Charles H Wright, John Alex Wye Chow , 262, 274 Vanbell, Annie 40 Vellacott, Charles Jas. 181 Verdon, James Verong, Max Verbog 67 Vievers, David 268 Vines, Thomas Wagner, Mrs. A. Waldron, James... Walker and Co., Messrs. Vardy, Oliver Francis Walker, Charles Vaughan, Henry Lewis Walker, James Walker, John,,. Walker and Walker Vale, Victor, alias Watson, &c Wall, Frank R. Valesco, Count, alias Weiler Walsh, John..... Vavrie, Ellen, alias Lewis, Walters, Charlie... Vaughan, Arthur Walters, Henry Vaughan, Arthur Richd Walton, Mabel... Vigers, George, alias Bigger 58, 93, Warberton, E. C. A , 135, 150 Ward, George William Vigers, Henry Manning Warren, Frank ,, , ,26.,, ,.., , , 197, ,, , Waters, Mrs. Allan Watts, C. W , 341, 344, 374 Wearin, John T.... Webb, Henry Beran... Webber, Agnes Weberdorfer Bros. Ltd. Webster's Cafe Webster, David.. Weidinhopher, Harry P. Weikse, Hanna Welch, Beaumont... Werner, Henry Herman West, William Joseph West's Theatre Wharley, Walter Arthur Wharton, Clarence Wheatley, Nellie Wheret, Frank... White, Alfred White, H.... White, Hugh... White, J. White, J. W. White, Joe... White, Leslie... White, Robert... White, Stewart Loftus Whitelaw, J Whitlock, Arthur... Whittaker, W Whittle, Robert,., Wigand, George.. Wildermuth, Miss H. Wilkinson, Charles.., Wilks, William... Williams, Edward Williams, Evans Morris Williams, George F.... Williams, J. F. Williams, Miss,.. Williams, Miss Emily Williams, Richard John Williams, Wm. H.... Willis, Henry..... Wilschafsk, F. J.... Wilson, Annie Wilson, D. M Wilson, Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Annie , , , 280.,, 53..,.... 3, , , 322, , , ,, , , 105, , , ,,. 46,119, ,, , Wilson, William Wing Lee Winn, Richard Wissener, William Wockner, C Wockner, Louis Wolman, Frank Wood, Eric Woodcraft, W. F , continued. Woodruff, Thomas Woods, Austral Compton Woods, Henry Dyson Wooloweke, Adolf Wright, Harry Wright, I. C Wuest, J. F. C Wynne, Richard Wynnum Town Council Walker, Frederick James Wallace, James William Warburton, William , 105 Ward, Ernest Thos Warnnock, George Watson, George Watt, Geo. Alexander Watt, Walter Alexander Applin Weir, Alfred John Wells, Archibald J Wendt, William Westwood, William White, Robert Charles White, William George Williams, Geo. Henry Williams, Henry Grose Williams, Hugh Wilkins, Stanley , 212, 261 Wilkinson, Albert Ernest... 68, 132 Wilson, Charles Arthur L Wilson, John Swain Wright, Charles Stanley Wade, Hugh Alexander Walker, William John Watt, Wesley Watson, Mrs. Rose Watson, Norman Webster, George William Weir, Mary Teresa , 160 Whip, Albert James White, Charles White, George Whiteside, Robert Wieg, Ann Williams, Leslie Ernest Williams, Percy Owen Wilson, John 169 Wilson, John Robert Wilson, Joseph Wolstenhohne, John R...., Won Chong Woodruff, Thomas Wright, William Wade, John, alias Bell Waldell, Lewis Walker, George, alias Betts Wallace, John Wallace, Robert Wallace, William, alias Irvine Walters, Elizabeth Walls, George Ward, Cyril Ward, John , 95, 202, 296 Ward, Maria or May Waterfield, David Watson, alias Alfred Tant Watson, alias Chas. Durant 135, 200 Watson, alias John O'Brien 32, 296 Watson, John, alias H. Calvert Watson, William Wawn, Robert Cecil Weiler, &c. Arthur A., alias Bennett, 313 Welby, Frank Welch, James Wells, alias Thos. C. Barrett Wenanda, William West, Ernest J West, William White, alias Alice Brown , 201 White, Edward White, George Henry, alias Lineberg White, Thomas, alias Davis, &c White, Thomas, alias Jones Whiter, Charles Whitfield, Joseph Whitlock, alias Annie Grant Wiggs, Harry 94 Wiley, alias Lain, alias Davis Wilkinson, alias Josephine Haid 61, 250 Wilkinson, James Williams, alias Daniel McCarthy Williams, alias Jones, alias A. Jackson Williams, alias W. Holman Williams, Abe Williams, Edward Williams, Henry Williams, Joseph, alias Lawton.,. 153 Williams, Lewis Willie (abor.)

20 ' continued. Wilson, alias A. J. Davidge Wilson, alias Arthur Seary Wilson, Arthur Wilson, Bella Wilson, Charles F Wilson, Ellen, alias Johnstone Wilson, G., alias S. McNevin Wilson, James 251 Wilson, John J Wilson, Joseph, alias Charters Wilson, Patrick Wilson, Sarah , 312 Wilson, William , 203 Wong Gow or Yow Wood, James Woodcock, Wm. Geo. Henry Woods, Charles Woods, William Wright, Alexander J Wright, Charles, alias F. Harri Wright, Frank Wright, James Wright, Lucy, alias Maitland 250, 312 Wyer, Jessie Wylie (abor.) Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Walker, Herbert Walker, N., alias Charles H. Strowe Walsh, Mary Ellen Walters, Thomas Ward, Frank Ward, Stanley Wasley, alias Geo. Hicks Watt, George Weiler, Arthur Alexr White, Thomas Whiting, Crispin Williams, Richard Jno Willis, John, alias Kennar, &c Wilson, Chas., alias F. J. Murray 237 Wilson, James INDEX. PAGE Prisoners Tried at S.C. or D. Courtcontinued. Wilson, William Wilson, William Edward Winnie, alias Nelli (abor.) Prisoners Released under Crim. Code- Wakeham, Geo. Alexander Williams, Peter Williams, Richard J White, George Whiting, Crispin Thos Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code Warner, Charles Warrian, Clifford Geo Warrian, William Henry Watson, William Wilcox, Walter Williams, Jack Williams, Peter (half-caste abor.) 57 Wilson, James Rodger McDonald Woods, Henry Wreidt, Horace Warrants Issued for- Walters, Elizabeth 210, 281 Ward, Stanley alias William Clarke 173 Watkins, John Wetherell, N. J Wheldon, Rudolph White, L., alias Olive, &c. 259, 400 White, Thomas Williams, Chas. K Williams, David , 52,76 Williams, J. W Williams, P. C Williams, Sydney, alias Thompson, &c Willis, John, alias Willis, &c Willowdean, F. W Wilson, Alfred James Wilson, Arthur Wilson, William Edward Winnie, alias Nellie (abor.) 180 Wiscombe, Albert G Wright, John Alexander Y. Yee, Ali Yen Fong Yon, Ali Yong Chong Your, Ali, alias Lour Your Yun See , 146 Yung, Ali , 324 Yung Loy, alias Ah Loy Yarsley, Frank Yeates Bros Yeo, J. C Yosida (Jap.) Young, Charles Young, James Edward Young, John Young, David M Young, William Young, Robert Young, Jack Young, James Richmond Yates, Charles Yee Lee Jang Young, Ali ,. 31 Yung Loy, alias Ah Loy Prisoner Tried at S.C. or D. Court- Yun See Z. Zilva, Victor Zeilflisch, Louis Ziller, Robert Missing Friend- Zustovitch, Antonio Prisoner Discharged- Zilva, Arthur Warrant Issued for- Zegenhagen, Frederick William

21 xx. INDEX. PHOTOGRAPHS OF DISCHARGED PRISONERS. A. Allen, George or Bernard Anderson, Henry, alias Ellesan. Andrews, William James, alias Thomas Henry Gordon Armstrong, William James Ashwood, John, alias Page B. Balding, Richard George Balke, Paul Ernest Barnes, Francis James Barton, Charles Henry, alias Palmer Bell, alias James Emore... Best, Percy Robert William... Blunt, Ernest Raymond... Bourke, Thomas Brown, Bertie. Brumpton, John Thomas Buck. Thomas Byrnes. George C Cameron, Alex., alias Donald McKinnon Campbell, John, alias Scotty... Charters, Joseph or Joshua, alias Wilson... Clary, or Cleary, Robert... Clarke', alias Henry Cooper... Cooper, Henry, alias Clarke... Costa, John Henry Costin, John Moody D. Devine, Mat Donaghy, John Hugh.., Donnelly, Thomas Douglas, Percy, alias Lang... Duggan, Maurice E. Egan. John Mortimer, alias Frederick Tomlin Ellesan, alias Henry Anderson... Emore, James, alias Bell Erdman, Hermann F. Fossey, Leonard, alias Jack Stewart Foster, Fred, alias Robert Steele... Fraser, Archibald G. Gleeson, James... Gordon, Thomas Henry, alias William James Andrews Gow, Jimmy, alias Julius Ali Gow... Gruer, Arthur No. H. 29 Hardy, John Percal (or Percival) 30 Hayes, Richard Holliday, Stewart.. 31 Howell, John Marshall Hughes, Archibald Robert I. No Irwin, alias Roughan McKelvey J. Jacky, alias Johnny Marraman James, William, alias Robinson Jenkinson, Percival Sydney Johnson, August K. Kruck, Thomas Kurunaru, Peter, alias Arthur Victor Zilva N Neilson, Frank Nicholson, Percy Nelson L. Lagerman, Henry Lang, alias Percy Douglas Lee Sin, alias Ali Sam Linehan, Michael Leonard, Jeremiah, alias Harry Ryan Long George Lowe. Louis James Lyons, Stephen M. Marraman, Johnny, alias Jacky Mercer, James Miley, Patrick 63 Morris, Arthur Mo. McGregor, William Clarence McKelvey, Roughan, alias Irwin McKinnon, Donald, alias Alexander Cameron O'Brien, Edward, alias 'Thomas 50 Edward O'Brien Ossie Dick, alias Ossie Young Dick 67 P. No. Page, alias John Ashwood Page, Walter Palmer, alias Charles Henry Barton 36 Pearce, John Alfred, alias John T. Pearson Percival, alias John Percival Hardy 52 Pheelan, alias Patrick Wheelan Purches, Richard Roy R. Reid. Albert Ritchings, Frederick Robinson, George (or Matthew) 71 Robinson (or Robertson), alias William James Rvan, Harry, alias Jeremiah Leonard Ryan, Thomas S. Sam, Ali, alias Lee Sin Schafer, William H. C Skinner, Ernest Edward.. 74 Smith, Alfred Sydney, alias Alfred Sydney Spalding Smith, Harry Squires, George Steele, Robert, alias Fred Foster Stewart, Jack, alias Leonard Fossy 11 T. Tomlin, Frederick, alias John Mortimer Egan V. Vaughan. Alfred James, alias Henrickson W. Wawn. Robert Cecil Wheelan, Patrick, alias Pheelan Wilson, Joseph, alias Joseph or Joshua Charters Wilson, William Y. Yates, Charles Henry Z. Zilva, Arthur Victor, alias Peter Kurunaru By Authority : ANTHONY JAMES CUMMING, Government Printer, Brisbane.


23 INID EX A. Anderson, George Anderson, Harry Anderson, John Anderson, Robert... Anderson, Ted, alias Orchard Andrews, Albert Wm.... Andrews, Dimitri Andy (abor.)... Appoo, Harry Archer, Chas. Arkinstall, Arthur Aroon, Amelia Ben Ash, Richd. Atcherley, Jack R. Atkinson, Harold Auster, William Ayre, Anna Bertha , , Adams, Robert Alexander, Chas. D., alias Theyus Amelia, Ben Aroon Amundsen, Harrick N. T.... Andersen, Arthur Win. Andersen, Ethel Abercrotnbie, J Abood, J Ackred, Geo. A Adams, Jno. Fdk Adamson, Strettle, and Co Addison, Mrs. M Ager, Chas Agnew and Smith Agriculture and Stock Dept. 340, 633 Akisson, Ola Alderson, G Alexander, Robt Allan, H. T. 332 Allan, Harris, and Co Allan, Thomas Allen, Mrs. Agnes Alley, Bert Allingham Estate Alloway, Ashley Ambrose, Win A. M.I.E. Union Anderson, Cecil A , 460 Anderson, Robt , 540 Andrews, C. A. S Andrews, Nellie Andrews, S. T Angel, Geo. Chas Anlezark, Ellen Anthony, William Archdall and Maloney Armstrong. B Aronson and Co , 519 Art Gallery, Adelaide Ash, William , 590 Ashaur, Chris Ashton, W. H Ashworth, Thomas Askew, Claude Atkins, Alfred , 427 Atkinson, Alfred Atkinson, W , 484 Atkinson, Wm , 502 Aubrey, Lena Augustenson, Julius C Auld, James Australian Estates and Mortgage Co., Ltd 'V.U.S.N. Coy., Gladstone _.W.U., Bundaberg , 540, 612 Ash, Richard Aubrey, A. C Miscellaneous- Admissibility of Answers given by Accused-High Court Ruling VOLUME Ll. Ahern, John P Aitken, Morley Aldridge, Wm. Thos , 486 Allen, Thos. Win Altree, Charles Austin Anderson, Irvine Andrews, Regd. A Andrews, Wm Annie (half-caste ) Ansell, Ronald L Arbuthnot, Bill Arcinas, Caesar E., alias Salazav, &c Archer, H Armstrong, Frank Win. F Armstrong, William G Axhurch, Fred Abbev Adams, Ethel Adams, Robert, alias Sweetman, &c Adams, William , 508 Alex. 431 Alexander, Maud 450, 472, 511 Allen, Henry Allkins, William Alston, Thomas, alias Eaton, &c Ambrose, Frederick Anderson, Charles.. 395, 623 Anderson, George, alias Leal Anderson, Hy., alias Ellason Anderson, Robt , 605 Anderson, Theodore Anderson, William M Andy (abor.) Andy, Major Apjohn, Thomas , 362 Archer, Charles Archer, Frederick Armit, Harold P Atcherley, Jack Rowland Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Anderson, Arthur Wm Anderson, Robert Armstrong, Chas. F Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Andrews, Albert William Andrews, Dimitri Anderson, Arthur WTi Anderson, i ohn Archer, Billy Austin, Thomas R Abbott, Edward Andrew Adams, John Adams, Robert Anderson, James Anderson, Robert Anderson, William, alias Stevenson 620 Ansell, Edward Arkinstall, Arthur Armstrong, Chas. F Atkinson, Harold Warrants or Summonses) Issued for- Abbott, Win. John Alick labor.) A.M.P. Society Anderson, Albert , 392 Anderson, Charles Armstrong, Arthur Maltby, alias Durant, &c Auckram, Thomas W. 494 B. Bailey, Joseph Philip Baird (or Beard), Frederick, alias Reid , 378 Baldwin, William (Jondowaic) Baldwin, William (Chillagoe) Bamford, John Banister, Thomas Edward Barclay, Samuel Barnwell, Thomas Alfred, alias Kelly Barrett, Ada Barrie, Samuel Bartells, Mary Ann Bartley, Herbert T Bassett, Robert Batchelor, James , 471 Battie, Garnet Bayliss, Stephen Beckett, Leslie Bell, Charles Ben Aroon, Amelia Benbelly, Murphy Bennett, Edward Bennett, George Henry Benson, Jack Benson, John 542, 572, 612 Bergin, Edward William Bergen, Paul von, alias Muller Berry, Joseph Lewis Biddle, Donald Peter Bioby, George Bishop, Arthur Black, Robert Black, William John Blackburn, Annie Blackburn, Charles Henry Blackley, John Blair, Robert James Blumichal, Paul Bock, Arnold Bolton, Denis Bolton, Willie Bomford, Alfred Peter, alias Johanson Bonis, John Arthur Bonner, Henry, alias Bee Bool (or Borl), William George Bowers, William Bowman, Andrew Boyd, Eric Boyle, Peter, alias Critcher Bradshaw, Thomas, alias Williams 490 Brett, George , 583 Bridger, William Broad, Peter Broderick, Edward, alias Lynch Brombey, Adrian Brook, Frederick Langdon Brown, Arthur Granville Brown, Harry Brown, James , 612 Brown, James Bartlett Brown, John , 618 Brumby (abor.) Brumby, Ronald Burgess, Eric Lloyd Burgess, Norman, alias Larkin, &c , 497 Burke, Patrick Thomas (or John Joseph). 339 Burke, Walter Joseph Burke, William Burnett, Jai-nos Burton, John Bury, Harvey Butcher, John Franklin Byrnes, David, alias Mather 618, 637 Bacon, C. H , 428 Bailey, Bert , 415 Baillie, Christina Bain, Ellen Baker, Adolphus A , 520 Baker, Alfred Herbert

24 iv. continued. Baker Brothers Baker, James J Balfe, George Ballard, Alfred Bamford, A. M Barbat, A. J Barclay Shire Council Barker, Annie Barker, Winifred Barnes, Mr Barrett, P Barrett, Thomas Barsby, Rutland Burslem, Henry B Bartlett, Stephen II Bartley, James Bartley, Lily Barton, John , 458, 460 Basestre, Marco J Bassell, Joseph Herbert Bassingthwaite, Chesleigh Batson, Henry Bauman and Goodchap Baxter, Duncan Baxter, Henry Beal, Robert Beambrose, Robert B Bedford, G. T Beedell, Mrs. Edith Beel, Miss B Beel, W. B. 333 Begley, Thomas Beirne, T. C., and Coy Bell, Edward Charles 434 Bell, Robert Bellamy's Ltd Bell-Booth, C. J Bennett, Fred , 615 Bennett, Harry Benstead, P. L Bergstram, Arthur S. 480, 484 Berryman, A. 356 Bertheau, Walter Biddies,, Percy, , 520 Biellar, George A Bigg, Reginald L Binger, Frank (or Frederick) Bird, A. E Bishop, W Blackman, Emily , 631 Blagg, Joseph Bland, Felix Bleaney, Patrick Blick, P. W , 570 Bligh, Lancelot J. S Bliss, W Blurton, Albert Edward Board of Governors, Adelaide 427 Bogush, Timothy Boland, Mrs. C. R Bolton, John Bond, Richard W Borey, G. H. 634 Bovrell, Frederick Borthwick, Thomas and Sons Boscrup, Bertha Bourke, Mrs. Susan Bourke, Sidney George Bourne, Charles Henry Bourne, Frederick Bousfield, John William Bowdler, Sidney George Bowels, J. P Bowerman, Mrs. E , 579, 580 Bowler, F Bowman, A. M Bowman, Rosenia Jane Boyce, David Bryce, Henry Boyge, William Boyle, Cornelius Bradley, Walter Bradley, William O. T Bradshaw, James , 615 Brady, Thomas Francis Brake, Edmund Arthur Brambley, William , 443 Brandt, Frank Bree. William Henry 333 Breen, Rev. Father Bremmer, Donald , 633 Brewer, John.434 Brennan, Henry Brennan, J Brennan, M. 614 Bridge, John and Co. Brisbane City Council (Lamps) 384, 401 Brisbane City Council (Hoe). 551 Brisbane Ice and Cold Stores, Ltd. 345 Brisbane, Mary Britcher, Henry Samuel Britton, E. J Brocklesby. Robert William. 415 Bromby, Robert 581, 591 Bromley, Mrs Bromi]y, Norman 355 Brook, Bernie Brook, J. W INDEX. continued. Brookes, Philip Brooks, Stephen , 581 Brooks, William Broomfield, Joseph Brosnan, Cornelius Brosnan, John Brown, 551 Brown and Donohue (Sydney) 332, 344 Brown, Alice Brown, Ethel Brown, James , 427 Brown, Lona Brown, Mrs. V , 415 Browne, Thomas William Bruce, Mrs. Mary T Brumby, Thomas V. 527 Buchanan, James H , 356 Buchanan, Joseph H Budge, Samuel , 481 Bull, Frank Bundaberg Gordon Club Burford, Percy Burge, Maggie Burgess, H. A Burgess, Olive May Burke, John Thos Burke, M Burkett, Thomas Burns. Kate Burns, Owen Burrows, Alice M.' Burrowes, Wm. H Burton, Mrs. F , 383 Bush, William Butler, Charles Byrne, W , 392, 484 Byrnes, John Francis 378 Bailes, Roy Vincent 346 Barnes, Thos, Albert 346 Barrett, Wm. Henry.., 416, 530 Baxter, Percy D. F Bentley, Edward T Blackman, Albert Reed Bolt, Charles Braitling, Albert , 437 Brancher, Valentine H. M Brown, George Smith Brown, Thos. Robinson , 570 Butterley, Leonard John Miscellaneous- Babinda Police Station Opened Benaroon, Amela (Proh. Immig.) Benbelly, Murphy (Proh. Immig.) 334 Bodv Found Sandgate Body Found Fortitude Valley Body of Infant Found Queenton 442 Body Found Cape Marlow Barber, Barrett, Thos. John Bass, Patrick Edward. 592 Beausang, John....., 520, 541 Bebb, Ivy , 486 Becht, Chas. Henry Benstead, John Henry , 520 B eresf ord, Thomas J Biggs, Fredk., alias Pigg Boase, Frances Sylvia, alias Smith 485 Bottrell, Thomas and Walter Bougan, Norman Bowman, Roseina Jane Bowman, Wm., alias Perrette 615 Bradley, Horace Brennan, John Brisbane, Annie Brisbane. William Brooks, Norman Brown, Phillip Bruce, J Burke, Edward , 530 Burke, Thomas Burns, Charles Burridge, Charles Butler, Victor, alias Do Burgh Byrnes, Garrett Bachelor, Walter, alias Rowe Bailey, Jas. Herbert, alias Bell Bailey, William Baird (or Beard ), Fredk., alias Reid, &c. 420 Ballard, Ernest Barnes, David ,508 Barrett, Robert Barrie, Samuel, alias Douglas, &c. 449, 603 Barron, Andrew, alias O'Brien 362, 407, 534, 556 Batchelor, Walter, alias Rowe Baudino. August J continued. Baxter, James Baxter, John A Beckett, Leslie Beesley, Stephen Bell, George 560 Bell, William Benson, Jack Bentley, Walter Bernard, Joseph..., Berry, Joseph Louis Bertram, John Best, Benjamin Biddle, Daniel Peter, alias White Bioby, George Bismarck, John, aliasfletcher, &c. 421, Black, Thos., alias Musses Blackley, John Blackman, Albert (abor.) Blackman, Henry Blake, Agnes , 564, 574 Blake, Elizabeth , 563 Blake, Henry , 603 Blumenthal, Paul Boo, Johann 491 Bohan, William (or Joseph) 408, 448,449 Bolton, Willie Bonis, John , 449 Bourke, Edward , 473 Bourke, Thomas Bowers, William Bradshaw, Thos., alias Jas. T. Williams Brennan, Thomas Brook, Frederick C Brook, Frederick L Brooks, Wm., alias Albert Simeon 595 Brown, Ada , 472 Brown, Annie Brown, Edward Brown, James Bartlett Brown, Samuel Brown, Sarah Jane Brown, Sydney, alias Stepper Bruce, Mansell Buckle, Christian Buckli, Christian , 448 Budd, Joseph Buist, Francis T Bulka, Carl Bu ll, John Burgess, Norman, alias Jos. Larkin 4'73 Burke, Edward Burke, John, alias Buckell Burke, Miles 404 Burke, Patrick (or Thomas) Burke, Thomas Burton, John, alias Holloway, &c. 473 Butler, Cha.s. Henry Butler, John 603 Buttel, Charles II., alias Taiicred 366 Byrne, Patrick , 405, 407, 449 Byrnes, John Jos Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Bamford, John Bartley, Herbert Thos , 636 Benstead, Sydney Bergin, Edward Wm. 636 Bishop, Arthur Bolton, Willie Boyle, Peter, alias Critchor 489 Broad, Peter Prisoners Tried at Suprc;ae, or District Courts- Bailey, Joseph Philip Baird, Frederick Bamford, John Barclay, Sam Barlow, George Crawford Batchelor, James Beattie, Garnett Beckett, Leslie Bell, Robert Benson, Jack Benson, John Benson, John, alias Dalby Bergin, Edward Win Bertram, John Black Robert 585 Blackburn, Annie Blackburn, Charles H. 554 Bolton, William Bourke, Sydney (or Thoma s)... 5F Brady, James Brennan, Alfred ,14 Brill, James Broderick, Win. Do niel Bromley, Edward Foord M Brown, Martin Bryant, George Bul, Ah Burke, N17alter Joseph 553 Burns, Patrick, alias Dwyer 533 Murton, Harriet

25 INDEX.. Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code, Ballard, James, alias Watson Bannister, Thomas Barron, Joseph Bartley, Herbert Thos Bartz, John Bates, Ilolman Bayless, Stephen Becker, Thomas Beckett, Gertrude B:egg, Leslie Bell, John Galloway Bonham, Jchn Thos Bennett. Edward :jinn., Noel Kalfield Bi sho _), Andrew Black, John Graham Black. Win. John Blair, Leslie 643 Blake, Thomas......, ?eeth, Kenneth...., B; ad,,haw, Thomas Brennatn, Thomas Brereton, Geo. Anthony Broad, Peter Brook= Goo. Henry it!'own, Arthur Granville Brown Gordon Bryant, Stanley Bncknall, George Burgess. Eric Lloyd Butler, Esther May , 645 Warrants (or Sumnondes ) Issued for- Barnes, Walter Hy Barry, Chas. Fredk Bartlam, Edgar Ernest Bartley, Robt. Edward Batchelor, James Bengley, H. 345 Benson, Jack, alias Dalby, &c Beutel, Mary Elizabeth Bloomer, George, alias Dineen 415 Bodley, Francis Richard Bradford, Percy and Frank Brannan. James Broadiey, W illiam Brown, Allan 468 Budgen, Wm. James Burrower, J. 345 Burrows, Dan , 459 Butler, James Byrnes, Reuben Byrnes, Thomas C. Caine, Gladys Calvert, Edgar Ca. _npbell, Harry Campbell, John , 462 Carmichael, John Carmody, George Carmody, Michael F Carr, John Carson, Mary Carswell, Charles , 434 Carter, Edith Cartwright, Job Cauley, Ruth E Chapman, Geo. Fredk Charlton. Jas. Patrick Chaw, Ali Chee, Ah , 571 Chee. Jimmy Chhun Yeats Chin Meng Chong, Tommy Chow blow , 462 Choy, Alt Christ, William Christensen, Kristine Christenson, Lawrence C Christoffel, Will Chun Boo Chun On Clark, Ernest 540, 571, 612 Clark, Grace, alias Damino Clark, James , 637 Clark, Thos. Edward 617 Clarke, Billy (abor.) Cleland, George 417, 593 Clifford, Harold Stanford Cloherty, James Coar, William Henry Coe, Jas. Albert Cohen, Rov, alias Harris Co l ahan, john Coleman, Leslie Colson. Willi am Coltman, James Condon, Sarah Alma Condon, Wm., alias Ryan Connell, James Connolly. Willbaot Cook, William Cooke, Edgar continued. Coolee, Patrick Coote, Wm. John , 523 Corbett, Thomas Cosgrove, John, alias Gilmour Costa, Henry Costa, Paul, alias White Costello, May , 497 Court, John Groves , 552 Cox, Ormsby Richard.. 506, 522 Craft, Geo. Thomas, alias Austin 378 Crawley, James 346, 348 Critcher, Thos., alias Boyle Croft, Norman..., Crouch, Jonathan Chas Crowley, James , 348 Cullen, John , 506 Curran, Norman Curtin, Daniel Cussen, Thomas Emanuel C utbill, Frederick C. S. R. Company... Cairns Harbour Board Cakel, James... Cameron, K Cameron, Mrs Cameron, Thomas Campbell, Colin A. Campbell, John A. Campbell, Ruby E. Canning, Patrick Carini, Ettie... Carment, David... Carmody, Miss Carpenter, John Alex. Carr, Henry Carr, M Carrington, Albert S... Carrodus, J. H. Carlisle, R. H. Carle, Catherine... Carseldine, Percy... Carson, Mary... Carstens, John Siemon Carter, Mrs. St. John Casey, E. Caspani, J.... Cassidy, Frederick... Cassidy, John... Castori, Leone... Castleberg, R. D.... Castree, G.,.. Cavanagh, Emily... Cavill, Jim Cavill, R. T.....,. Chadwick, George Chalmers, Robt. Chas. Chambers, Frank... Chambers, John... Chambers, William... Chan Yee Chapman, Alfred Chapman, J. M. Chapman, W. Chape... Chappelow, C.. Charlton, Mrs. Maria... Cheros, Charles Chester, Geo. Thos. Chong Yee... Christensen, James Daniel Churtun, W.,...., Clacher, J Clancy, John Joseph... Clarke, Henry Peter... Clarke, Wm. Henry... Claws, Walter Clayton, John..... Cleghorn, Hopkins... Clews, Wm. Charles... Clifford, Charlie Clinton, Mrs. B.... Close, John... Cobb and Co Cochrane, S Cockings, Henry.., Cole, Mary Jane... Coles, John Joseph... Colin, Alexr. A. Collins, David.. Collins, Edward Wm. Collins, Frank Dowse Collins, William... Colls, George Colsell, Edward... Colton, Arthur James... Commonwealth Military Forces , 401, 442, , 458, 459 Commissioner of Police Commissioner for Railways- Opossum rug, &c., 333, 355;cattle dog, 334; trunk, &c., 334; stout, , , , , , , 390, , 541, ; fancy goods and trunk, &c., 346; obstruction on line, 354; signal lamp, 355;flour, 355, 435; points tampered with, 372 ; goloshes, 373; whisky, 374, 520, 550, 613, 633, 634; watch, 382, 383, Complainants - continued. 442, 443; rugs, suit case, &o., 383;milk, jam, &c., 383;whisky and sherry, 384; eggs, 384, 428, 469, 483, 503, 504, 541, 591, 613, 633;motor car tyres, 384; portmanteau and clothing, 385; rice and flour, 385;dog hooks, 391; picture film, 391; tobacco, 391, 427, 482, 484, 519, 591; money, goods office, Toowoomba, 401; jerseys, 401; Gladstone bags, 401; bran, 415; schnapps, 415; tarpaulin, 415; forks, 415; trousers, 415; gelignite, 426;hinges, 428; soap, 428; butter, 428; knives and steels, 428; cigars, 428;horses, 431; flour, 435;rum and sugar, 436; ram, 436; confectionery, 436;wire, 443; satin, &c., 443;bicycle lamp, 443;biscuits, 460, 482, 503; sugar, 436, 483;galvanised iron, 482;crane chain, 482;canvas bag, uniform, corn, herrings, &c., 483; cartridges, 484; sheep, 494; white lead, schnapps, cheese, and meat, 495; fish, lollies, potatoes, &e., 503; paper parcel, milk, &c., 504;letter, peas, &c., 519;tomahawk, 520; white lead, 495, 540; swag, drugs, tacks, &c., 551; lady's shoes, &c., 591; umbrella and disinfecting machine, 569; gin press, &c., 613; ale, lamp, &c., 633;condensed milk, &c., 634. Condie, Amy Hannah.., Connor, Charles Connor, W. J Connolly, Mrs, Connolly, Thomas Conroy, Miss 581 Conway, John , 385 Cooper, Tom Cooper, William Corbett, Evelyn Mary Corbett, H. J , 444 Corby, C. E Corcoran, James Corotoon, J. 428 Corry, William J Costello, Francis H , 384 Coulter, Thomas Cours, G. H. 434 Cox, A. J Cox, Sarah.....,....., 483 Coyne, Ethel Florence, Craft, William Craig, John ,. 475 Cramp, Mary , 384 Cribb, Benjamin F Crick, Chas. Henry Crick, Henry Crimm, Wilhelm Cripps, Joseph ,. 469 Cromwell, Sidney L Croouez, Marcel Cross, Abraham and Thomas 344, 349 Crostwaite, George....., Crouch, Mrs. W Crowley, William Crust, William Cullinane, Limited , 608 Cummins, J Cunningham, Charles Cupples, Henry Curator in Intestacy Cussens, W......, Customs, Townsville Chermside, Robt. John Clarke, Ernest Clinnick, Richard Cluv, Leslie Win. O Collinson, George E. V Cook, Bertie Cronk, William Cross. Albert Lewis , 520 Curtin, Edwin R Escapee- Cook, Harry, alias Yellow Harry Cahill, R. Cameron, August... Cameron. Oliver Campbell, Charles... Campbell, Patrick... Carr, John Bradford... Carson, Dorothy Cashman, Daniel... Cawte, Martin Cha Chee Chalmers, Alexander... Chambers, James Charles, Henry Charlton, Tom Chong Ah Wong., , , ,

26 INDEX. continued. Chong Kong Chong You Chow Yong Cissie, H. C Clarke, M Clarke, M., alias Darkie Clynes, Vincent Joseph Cohen, Wm., alias Williams Coleman, Frank Bernard Collins, James Collins, John Collins. Morris Cook, Harry, alias Yellow Harry Cook, Maud Coolan, Alvina Cooney, Matthew Costa, David Crawford, Croher, Willie (abor.) Croker, Thos. Edwin Crotty, Eileen J Crotty, Chas. James Currie, Ernie Currin, William Prisoners Discharged- Cairns, John 603 Cain, Mark '103 Caine, Patrick ,623 Callaghan, William Calvert, Edgar Cameron,, Alexander Cameron, Alexr. John , 576 Cameron, Ivy , :507 Campbell, Christina Campbell, James Campbell, John, alias Wilson 558, 61)5 Campbell, Thomas.. 562, 604 Capper, Matthew, 362, 447, 509, 561, 576 Carlson, Frederick E Carlson, John Carmody, George 545 Carney,V Patrick Carr. John " Carr, Mary , 574 Carr, Robert 510 Carruthers, Charles J., alias Wallace, &c Carson, Jesse Carsten, Joseph Carswell, Charles Carter, Annie Carter, Edith B Cartes, Edward, alias Rose 509 Casey. Lizzie, alias Jackson 364 Chad-der, Louis, alias Callard 625 Chandler, Henry Charley 498 Charters, Joshua Chong, Ah Christianson, Lawrence C Christie, Edward (or Patrick) 406 Chun Yuen Cla,kson, Charles Clancy, James Clark, Anthony, alias Healy Clark, Frederick Clark, May, alias Harris, &c., Clarke, Edward Clarke, Edward, alias Redmond Clarke, Frank Clarke, George John, alias Moore 446, 443 Cleland, George Clifford, Claude 361, 404, 408, 557, 604, 448 Clines, John W Cloherty, James , 407 Coe, James Albert Coffey, James Peter Coleman, J. W Collins, Daniel Colson, William , 606 Combo, Ben (H.C.) Connolly, William Connor, William Thomas Connors, Dennis Condon, Mary Condren, Patrick J , 622 Conroy, Richard Ceoktown, Pat (abor.) Cooney, Daniel , 560 Cooper, Bernard Cooper, Thomas , 558 Corbett, Thomas Corcoran, Edward Cordiay (or Corday), George John 507, 509,553 Cormie, William Corrigan, James 418 Cosgrove, John, alias Gilmore Costa John , 449, 534 Costa, Paul, alias Was. White Cottle, Sydney, alias Belmont 563 Cowan, Fanny 364, 511, 564 Crabb, Perey Craig, Robt. George (or Robt. Jas) ,561 Craske, Richard Prisoners Discharged - continued. Craven, Blanche. 450 Crawford, Nellie, alias Ryan 361, 409, 4E,; Crichton, Alexr. M "77 Crozier, William, alias Wray, &e. 471 Cuddihy, Margaret 364, 409, 450, 511, 564 Cummings, Andrew Curly, Patrick Curtain, Daniel Cushing, William H. (or Edwd. E.) 447 Cussen, Thos. Emanuel Prisoners Released under C' iminal Code- Carroll, Thos. Edward Was, 43,1 Carroll, Walter, alias Carter 433 Carter, Albert Jas., alias Carroll 433 Charlton, James Patrick 433 Clendenning, Win. Robert 643 Cloherty, James Coote, Win. John b36 Critcher, Thos., alias Boyle 489 Culhane, Edward Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Campbell, Jack Duncan Campbell, John 533 Cardoza, Frank Clark, Ernest 622 Clark, Billy (abor.) 585 Cleland, George Clinton, Samuel Robt, 545 Coleman, Leslie 532 Coltman, James 585 Condon. William Coate, Win. John Costa, Paul Craft, George Thos Crowley, James Cummings, Andrew Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code, Carlnody, Michael Francis Carter, Edward, alias Roser Casey, John Michael Casey, Lucy Cauley, Ruth Emily Chapman, Walter Charlton, James Patrick Christensen, Krestine Clendenning, Wm. Robert Clifton, David Coar, Wm. Henry Connor, Charles Copley, Terry Coplick, August Richard Coppin, Alfred Norman Costello, Mary Cox, Albert Crackwell, Edward Cranney, Thomas Croft, Norman Crossey, Leonard Ernest Cunmin, Evelyn Curran, Norman Curry, Arthur Wilson 621 Warrants (or Summonses) Issued fo r -- Cain, M Carey, J. 600 Carlsson, David Frederick , 504 Carmichael, Edward 503 Cavanagh, Cornelius Chappelow, William 469 Chivers, L Christensen, Carl Einar Cusack, William Clarke, George Clifton, David 402 Coleman, Michael Cowin, William (or Jack) Conway, William Court, J. G Cox, Ormsby Richard 459 Cumming, H Cumming, A Curtis, Frederick K Dawson, William , Tie net'. 403, ( continued. Dawson, Wm. Frederick Day, Joseph Hall Deep, Alias Dempsey, Wm. Michael Denham, Henry ])out, Carrington Barry Dequire, Emil Do Vero, Caul Dezoet, John Mark Diamond, Charlie (Ilindoo) Dighton, William Dignan, James, alias Murphy, &c. 348 Ding (or Ling), Ah Dixon, Brownie `. 1 Dixon, Charles 348 Dixon, Frank Domanenico, Louis Donovan, Stephen Dooley, Mick (abor.) Dorrington, Oscar Douglas, James Doxey, James Doyle, Patrick Drew, James Thomas Drew, Valentine Duck, Ah Duell, Frank Henry Dullavella, John, alias McMahon 497 Duncan, David M L5underdale, Win. Charles Dunlop, S. E Dutton, George D. A pprehensions- Dalton, James Daly. Annie Daly, Charles Dalziel, George Dandon, Joseph... D'Arcy, Olive..... Darker, Robt. Henry... Davidson, Samuel T.... Davie, Prince (abor.)... Davis, Lucy. alias Costa Dawes, Grace..... Dawson, Violet, alias Dagg, Arthur Dahl, Louie , 378 D :lgety and Company Daly, Winton Daniels, John , 581 Daniels, Mrs. Marjory , 374 Darbon, Albert E. E Dare, Alice Davies, Joseph Kelly Darrott, Mervyn Daveson, J. W Davidson, Frances Davidson, Frederick "' m Davis, Edmond Fraser Davis, James Davis, Was. George Daw, Gertrude Day, Matthew Day, Victor Dean, A. J Dean, William Do Conley ' s Limited Deco, Chas. Mahomed De Ellett, John G Della, Peter Demyer, L Den ham Bros Dennis, Herbert Denny, Miss N Detters, John , 459 Develin, Beatrice L Diamond, Emily Dibble, John Dick, James 444 Dickson, C Dignau, Peter Dilger, Leo 414, 415 Dillon, John Diminick, Stanley N X011" C Doggett. Mrs. Louisa Dolan, Edward Dolan, Frank Donnelly, Patrick Donohue, W. 443 Donovan, John Donovan, Michael Douglas, George Douglas, James Douglas. John Dowrick, George Doyle, Martin Doyle, William , 374 Draper, H. C Drennan. John T , 460 Droughton, C Droughton, O Duckling, Edward Duffy. Thos, Edward Duggan. Mrs. 502 Dunloa, John Dunlcary, Bernard 631 Dunlop, Andrew 634 Dunlop, Annie Dunn,Molly V Dunn. Thomas Dur-hl, Victor De,,ei iers f"om H. M. Service - D'Arcy, Reginald C. C. G D sins v, James Dnuge, James Dlnce. Reginald Wallace Dstmmgey, Edwin John 334

27 Escapees- Day, S\ dney Dempsey, Win. Michael , 442 Davis, John Davis, John, alias Forest Devil 581 Davis (or Davies), Mrs. Rhoda and son , 470 De Burgh, alias Victor Butler Devine, Frank Dewar, Andrew Clark Donellan, Thomas and Michael Donhams, George Drake, George N , 616 Draper, Albert Daly, Charles Davis, Alfred J Davis, Edward, alias Wiley 447, 561, 606 Davis, Henry, alias O'Reilly Davis, Joshua Hugh Davis, Lucy, alias Costa Dawson, Violet, alias Trenery Dawson, William Dawson, Win. Frederick Day, Joseph De'Edgerley, Emanuel Deen, Ada Deep, Alias Dennison, John Do Silva, George De Silva, George (or Jeremiah), alias Bennett De Weldon, Alexander Dewie, Henry Deverell, Oscar W Devitt, Martin , 450, 575 Din Pan Ding (or Ling), Ali Dixon, Brownie Donnelly, John (or Thos.) 556, 558, 603 Donovan, John Donovan, William Doran, John, alias McVeigh Doran, Thomas , 536 Doxey, Thomas Doyle, Patrick, alias Keir 362, 446, 508, 558 Drennan, James, alias White, &c. 405 Drew, Valentine J Duck, Ali Duffee, Lawrence Dullavella,, John, alias McMahon 474 Dunn, Arthur Dunn, Daniel Dunn, Esther , 409, 563 Dunn, Martin Dunn, Robert (abor.) Dunning, John Chas Durrant, Chas., alias Watson, &c. 449, 606 Durstan, Hugh Dwyer, Lawrence Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Davis, Archibald Decker, Emil Max Douglas, James Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Dally, Lena Davey, Prince (abor.) Davidson, Samuel Truesdale Dempsey, Win. Michael Dent, Carrington Barry De Vere, Caul Dignan, James Donald, George Doxey, Thomas Duell, Frank Dullavella, John Dwyer, Thomas, alias Burns Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code, Daly, Annie Daly, Martin Dandon, James, alias Ellis Dann, James Wallace Davis, William Dawe, Grace Deen, Sadder Dickenson, Win Watson Dillon, John Dinte, Hector Vivian Dixon, David Douglas. James Drake, William... 61'3 Duell, Francis Henry Dunderdale, Wm. Chas NVarra,r,is (or Summonses) Issued for- Dalby, Frank, alias Watson, &c. 344, 580 Daley, Wm. Patrick Daly, Patrick Darchy, Thos. Eccaboon INDEX. Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for-- continued -- Darke, John Davis, A Davis, Albert Davis, Christopher Dent, Carrington Barry Diamond, Joseph. 518 Digman, R. 502, 568, 580, 588, 632 Dineen, George, alias Bloomer 415 Dixon, John Wm Drewe, Douglas Duffey, R Duggan, Jack Duncan, John Dunn, Ernest Durant, alias Arthur M. Armstrong Durkin, F Dkye, George E. Eastick, Arthur Frank Edser, Sidney Edwards, Alfred Edwards, Charles Edwards, Harry Edwards, Walter Egan, Herbert Hugh , 617 Egan, John , 572 Eli, Ernest Elliott, Amelia Elliott, Edwin Elliott, William Ellis, Stewart Emerson, Robert English, Bridget Mary En Gutt Evans, Wm. John, alias Stace Cotnplainants- Eadie, Robert Ebzery, Herbert Roy Edkins, Beresford H Edmonds, Joe Education Department 415, 443, 460 Edwards, Harry Edwards, Herbert , 494 Eger and Son, Limited Eglinton, Miss Grace Eisenberg, Pauline Eldershaw, W. F. H. N , 460 Elley, Henry Elliott, Michael Engineering Supply Co., Ltd., Brisbane 355 England, Wm. Henry , 581 Ernst, Julius C Eshelby, John Espie, George Etheridge Prospecting Syndicate, Limited Evans, John Evans, Mrs Ewers, W. E Miscellaneous- Edmonton Police Station, in lieu Hambledon Edwards, John Max Edwards, Robert Ellams (or Elms), Henry Evans, Thomas , 375 Edgerley, Emanuel do Egan, John Elliott, Edwin Ellis, Henry , 623 Enoksen, Emelius Everett, Alfred John Exton, Robert Win Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Egan, Herbert Hugh Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Edwards, Alfred Ellis, Stewart Evans, Charles Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code, Echert, Chas. Wm. George Egan, Herbert Hugh Eli, Ernest Ellis, Joseph Lawrence, alias Dandon. 621 Evans, Norman Evans, William John, alias Stace 645 Warrants (or Summons -,s) Issued for--- Edmonds, Edward, alias Wrexford 354 Elliott, Robert Emerson, Robert English, G. A. B Eyles, Alexr. Joseph F. Fallon, Thomas Fanaghan, John Farmer, George Farrell, Jessie Agnes 462 Fearnley, Warren James , 572 Fearon, Thomas Feldhani, John (or Isaac) Fellows, Alfred, alias McAvoy "enn, Lionel Walter Fereday, Ellenor Martha Ferguson. Arthur Ferguson, Colin Allan Finney, John Fisher, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Lucy, alias Casey Fitzgerald, Thomas, alias Doctor 519 Fleming, Chas., alias Roberts 403, 506 Fleming, John Jos. Weldon, alias Rae, &c Fletcher, James Flood, John McIntosh Floyd, Frank 339 Flynn, Maurice Foan, Agnes 506 Foley, James, alias Brown Foley, James Patrick 339 Forsdike, Sarah Ann , 542 F r ankland, Geoffrey Franks, Henry William Fraser, Robert Freeman, Samuel, alias Lewis, &c. 400 Freer, John Freestone, William Fuljames. Bert Foljamber Furness, Richard Fabian, George Face. Edward Stephen Fahey, John Falconer, M Falls, A Farleigh Estate Sugar Co Farraher. Charles Farrell, John , 631 Farrell, Marv Farrow, A. V Feakins, Mrs. J Foil, A , 612 Ferris, Walter Ferry, Thomas Herbert Fevere, H. Le Fichter, Hans Findall, Charles Findlay, W Findley, Florence L Findley, Mrs Finnic, Frederick L. 495 Fish, Frederick Fisher, Ellen , 435 Fisher, Mrs. G. H Fitzpatrick, John W Fitzroy, Miss A. M. 469 Fleming, Peter and Sons Fletcher. James Flowers, Mrs. W. H , 484 Flynn, Annie Flynn, John Flynn, Mr Foley, John , 634 Ford, Caroline Foreman, Waldemar Foster, John Fowler. Leslie Garnet Fowles, B. F Fox, Mrs Foxlee, H Francis, Eric Francis, John W Francis, Paul Franklin, J. Morgan 502 Franz, G. A. W , 570 Fraser, David Freegold, Grifton Fullerton, William Fur now, E Deserters from H. M. Service-- Field, Arthur Footit, Albert N Escapee- Feldham, John Miscellaneous- Finger-print evidence, Full Court decision re

28 viii. I Fan, Ali Finlay, William Finner, Robert , 616 Flicker, George Forrest, Wm. Clarence Foster, Robert Fraser, Fraser, Henry Fry, Alfred Cyril B. S., alias Holdt Fulton, John B Farrell, John , 594 Farrell, Mary , 607 Farrow, Albert Faulkner, Jeannie Fay, James 449 Ferguson, Andrew Ferguson, James, alias Hamilton, &c Ferguson, John, alias Shaw, &c. 405, 473 Ferguson, Stanley Fernleigh, Margaret Ferreter, William Fink, John Frekd Finlayson, John Fisher, Henry Fisher, John Fitzgerald, Michael, alias Thompson Fitzgerald, William Fitzpatrick, Joseph, alias Fletcher, &c , 407 Flaherty, Patrick , 534 Fletcher, Joseph, alias Bismarck Floyd, Francis Flynn, Bernard 474 Flynn, Maurice Foley, James, alias Windibank, &c. 576 Foley, John Foley, William 405, 576, 603 Forbes, William, alias Hector McDonald Ford, Arthur Ford, Mary Ford, Michael (or D'Arcy) 439, 491, 546 Ford, Michael D Forsyth, James , 561 Foster, George Francis, Charley (abor.) Fraundsen, Carl E Frayne, Harold Frederick, John Freestone, William Fryer, John Fuller, Ernest Fuller, Sarah, alias Wells Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Farmer, George....., 489 Farrell, John, alias Snapper Ferguson, Colin Allan. 489 Ferrie, Aurrel E. M., alias McLeod 489 Fletcher, James Forsdike, Sarah Ann Freer, John Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Farrell, Jessie Agnes Farrell, John, alias Snapper, &c. 555 Fearnley, Warren James Fenn, Lionel Waters Finley (or Finnic), John Flatt, John Wm Forsdike, Sarah Ann Fraser, Archibald D., alias Leslie Fraser, Robert Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code, Fahey, Philip John Farmer, George Fereday, Eleanor Martha Ferguson, Charles Ferguson, Colin Allan Ferric, Aurrel E. McLeod Fletcher, James Foan, Agnes Foley, James Patrick Fort, Charles Foster, Wm. Charles Fotheringham, Peter Francis, Leonard Franklin, Geoffrey Fraser, Hugh Fuljames, Bertram F Fullerton, Wm. Henry Funnell, James Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for- Farrell, John 600 Feldham, John Feltis, Harry , 373 Fibig, Reinholdt Adam Fitton. Albert James INDEX. Warrants (or Summonses) Issued forcoiztinued. Fitzgerald, Thomas, alias Doctor Flynn, John Ford, James Arthur , 632 Forsdike, Mrs. Sarah Ann Fox, Walter Fry, Alfred C. V. S , 613 G. Gallagher, Ivy Muriel, alias Gavegan Galvin, Patrick Garton, Arthur 417, 572 Gaut, Wm. Gordon, alias Togo Gavegan, Ivy, alias Gallagher Geason, Christopher Geddes, Alexander James Gee, Ah , 552 George (abor. ) Ghensi, Francis Gibson, George Gilchrist, John, alias Anderson Gilday, Albert John Gilligan, James 531, 617 Gilligan, Patrick Alfred, alias White Gin, Ah Gleeson (or Gerson ), Frank 358 Glendenning, Wm. Robert Glennon, John Glover, John, alias Green Goeldner, Edward Samuel Goeldner, Samuel Goeldner, William , 386 Goodfellow, William Gorman, Harold Augustus Gorrie, alias James Smith, &c Gould, Willie Graham, Robert John 386 Graham, William , 630 Grant, Frederick B Grant, George : 618 Grea.s ley, Alfred Green, Charles Green, Robert, alias Mogadore Green, William Greet, Caleb , 519 Gregg, Bridget Grice, Was. Richard Griffin, Wm. Alfred , 637 Grimes, Isaac A Gross, Edward Gum, Ah Gum. Jimmy Ah Gun, Ah Gunnie Guy, Ernest William Guy. William Gadsby, Mrs. M. E Gahan, Edith Galbraith, Neil Galish, Michael Ga ll, George Gall. Samuel Gallagher, Andrew Gallichan, Mrs. M Galvin, John Garbutt, E. F Gardner, Mr Gare. James Gaul, Wm. Gordon Gehan, H Geiger, George Genn, Charles G Gerrie, James Gibb, Louisa Gibson, Audrey Gibson, George Gibson, Walter Gibson, W. H , 615 Gilbert, Edwin , 383 Gilbert, Mrs. C Giles, Frank Edward ,460 Gillespie, John H Gillivan, James Gilpin, John Girl ing, Alfred H. S Glancy, Esther Gleboff, Peter Gleeson, John Glendenning, J. D. 586 Glover, Robert Goldberg, Harris Goldenstine, Theodore Edward Golding, George Gollmesk, Ernest Goolemrisooh (Afghan ) Goodna Asylum for Insane. 401 Goomna, Theodore , 460 Gordon, Simon , 520 Gorman, James Gorst. Gertrude Mary , 436 Coulter. J. L Government Labour Bureau continued. Graham Bros., Ltd Graham, Douglas Graham, E. E , 469, 520 Graham, E. G Graham, Ernest R Graham, Kitty Graham, Mrs. 401 Graham, Nellie Graham, Percy Graham, T. A , 520 Graham, Thomas Grant, James Grant, John Grant, Chas. Stephen Gray, Mrs Gray, Thomas Green, Sidney Ernest Gregg, Charles Greensill, Frederick Greet, Mary Jane Griffith, Ashton Griffith, Hestifor Griffiths, Basil Mortimer Griffiths, H Groom, R. G. 591 Grubb, H Guiseppe, Prella Gundoo (Indian) Gurney, Frederick S , 461 Gard, Thos. Gustave Gibson, Herbert Stanley Goode, Ernest James Gordon, Lyndon A Green, Cyril P. J Griffith, Alfred Guidice, Guido G Gardner, Edmund H Garven, Nelly Gates, William Gavegan, Ivy Pearl Geary, Thomas Gorey, Charles Edward Green, Percy Gregory, John Anthony Grey, Robert Grimshaw, Henry James Gallagher, Ivy M., alias Gavegan 563 Can, Ah Garton, Arthur , 623 Gee, Ali George (abor.) , 624 George (German) Geraghty, John Gibbons, Thomas Gibson, Robert Gilligan, James Gilmour, Harold Giovanni, Stockina Gleeson, John Glennon (or Lennon), John.. 491, 602 Gleson, Frederick Glover, John, alias Green Glover. Norman Goeldner, Lilian (or Amelia) 409, 511, 563 Golden, Patrick Gollan, Thomas Gomez, Ceason Gong (or Gow), Ali Goreslay, John Gorsley, Arthur Gouldner, Priscilla Cow, Ali, alias Low Gow Gow, Wm. Gordon Graham, Andrew Graham, Jack Graham, Mary Graham, Richard , 623 Graham, Robt. J Graham, Was. Edward Grandison, James Graney, James Grant, Fredk. Bradford Grant, George Grant, Thomas Greaney, James Green, Charles James 604 Green, James Green, John , 448 Green, Robert, alias Mogadore 450, 512 Gregg, Bridget, alias McCormack 511 Gregory, George Gregory, Harold Grice, Wm. Richard (or Was. Hy.) , 448 Griffith, John G uden Singh Guilbert, George M Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Gliensi, Francis Graham, John

29 INDEX. ix. Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Geason, Christopher Gew, Ah Gleeson, Frederick 532 Glynn, Patrick Goeldner, William 532 Gorrie, alias James Smith, &c. 545 Graham, John Graham, Robert John 532 Grant, Frederick Bradford Greet, Caleb. 585 Gregg, Frances Jane Grimes, Isaac Atkins 554 Gunnie 553 Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code, G aveg an, Ivy Pearl Geoghan, John Thomas Ghensi, Francis Gibson, George G-ilday, Albert John. Glynn, Thomas Goeldner, Edward Samuel... Gould, Charles... Gould, George Green, Charles Gregory, Thomas.. Grigg, Mary Jane, alias Bryiel Groves, John Guy, William , Warrants (or Summonses ) Issued for- Gordon, Chas. Anstruther Gordon, Chas. W illiam Greathead, George Griffiths, Basil Mortimer H. - Hagar, John Haldane, Victor Halesworth, Frederick Hall, Herbert Hall, Leslie Hamilton, Roy Todd Hamilton, William '471 Hammin, Jimmy Hang Fong Hanley, Edward Chas. Augustine 490 Hanlon, H , 437 Hannigan, Harold Joseph IIarders, Leslie Harkin, William Harrison, Henry Hartmann, George Ernest Harvey, Fredk. Ernest, alias Whitham Haskins, Albert Hawkins, Chas. Rowland G., alias Woods Hay, Stanley Ashton Hayes, Chas. Sylvester 593 Hayes, Thos. Edward Redden (or Heddon), Richard 523, 542 Hegarty, Dennis, alias McKell Heggarty, Fredk. Wm., alias Yates, &c Heitman, Fernie Henderson, Robert, alias Bryan Hensler, John Peter Herrick, William Heusler, Jacob Chas Hill, Edward Hill, Joseph Ilislop, William 430, 438 Ho-Chau-Wau Holliday, Stewart Holman, James Holmes, Frederick Holz, Albert Honeyfield, George Hooper, Albert Francis Hope, William , 637 Hopper, Kathleen Horan, Henry, alias Darkie Horne, Alexr. Simpson Horne, Herman Horrigan, Denis Horrigan, Edward Howard, James, alias McGuiness Howe, Charles , 637 Howley, James Hughie (abor.) Hunt, Albert Hunt, John Hunter, Thomas Hunter, William Hunter, Wm. Thompson Hurst, William Hutton, John Hall, Mrs. Ann Hall, Benjamin Hall, Gordon, and Coy. (Sydney) Hall, E. C continued. Hall, H. Hall, Henry... Hall, Mrs. Hester Hall, Robert Byrne Halls, Joseph Hallett, Henry Halpin, Archibald Hamilton, John Hamilton, H. S. Hamilton, William... Hammond, Wm. McNeill... IIanipden-Cloncurry Copper Mining , , Hampden Ri fle Club Haney, Thomas A. 400 Hanfield, H. W. F Hannah, Mrs. A. H , 391 Hannifin, Margaret IIanran, Harry , 392, 518, 520 Hansen, Christian IIa.sen, Frederick Hansen, H. P. Hanson, Hans Hansen, Mrs Ilarchenko, Mrs. Elizabeth... Hardie Robert IIarding. C. H Hardy, Robert Harpies, A.. Harris, Joseph H Harris, Mrs. Annie Harris, Mrs. M Harris, Mrs. D. H Harrison, H. W Harrison, William Hart, Alice... Hart, Byrne Hart, Morris Hargreaves, Frank Harvey, Arthur Harvey, Edward Harvey, George... Hassall, Herbert Hatch, Mrs. Mary... Hawkes, John Hawthorn, Arthur Hay, Seaton Healey, Alfred Charles... Healion, William.... Healy, James Charles... Healy, Wm. James Heaney, Horace Heaslop, Samuel... Heath, Charles IIeatley, F Heberechy, E. W Hegarty, John Hegarty, Mick Heinlein, Harriet Helgeson, Mrs. W Hempstead, Miss Henderson, W. T Henkey, Percy Henry, Charles Henzell, Mrs. Florence E... Hera, Thomas... Herbert, Joseph Louis Hetherington, Cecil S.... Hewitt. Henry Frederick... Hewlett, Nellie Hickey, James Hickey, William.... Hicks, A.... Hicks, Mrs. Christina... Higgins, James Hill, Annie... Hill, George T Hillman Bros.... Ilindmarsh, Walter... Hiscock. Emma... Hobbs, Robert I-Iod dinott, Joseph IT... Mogan, John Hogan, Mrs. M. F Ilolii., Jessie.. Rohn, Joseph Holmes and Church..... Holmes. IT. W.... Holmes, William... Holloway, Samuel Holt, Edgar... Holtzmann, Louis Holzberger, Charles Honey, Richard Hooper, J Hooper, Thomas... Hoosan, Abdool Hopkins, F Moran, Rev. Father Horne, Frank Horner, Herbert Fredk. IIorrocks, Mrs Horsburgh, John Horsman, Thos. Parry... Hoskin, C Hoskins, Gilbert P Hoskin, Philip Hourigan, George , , , , , , , , , , , , , , continued. Houston, Arthur , 635 Houston, James Howard Cycle and Motor Coy Howard, Mrs. G Howie, Julia Humphries, Lizzie Hunt, John Hunt, Mrs. H Hunt, Paul 340 Hunter, E Hurley, Andrew Huston, Wm. John Hyde, Frank Hyde, Miss Eva Hyslop, Mrs. 373 Hamilton, Eric Denver Hampshire, Norman Cecil Harris, J. B Hart, Harry Oliver Harvey John Harwood, Wan. George Head, George Henry Edwin Hollowell, A. J. E Holshauer, Bruce Hughes, David Graham , 530 Hurley, Patrick J Miscell aneous- Hamblcdon Police Station-Name Changed to Edmonton Hamilton, John Harper, Beatrice Augusta , 486 Harris, Samuel 455, 530 Haughton, Oliver John Hawke, Henry James Hayes, Eileen Julia Heath, Samuel Hembey Bros Hey, Harold Hickey, William Hicks, Sydney B Higgins, Minnie Hill, Jack Hillman, Frank Bin, Ah 416 Holdt, Andy, alias Fry Holliss, Sydney Parker Hopper, Kathleen Horsley, Wm. Thos Hughes, George Hughes, W. H Hyde, Gerrit Vander Hagan, James ,419, 575, 624 Haid, Josephine, alias Wilkinson , 511, 563, 607 Hall, Alfred (or Herbert) Hall, George.....,.., Hall, William Hamilton, John Patrick, alias Ferguson Hammond, John Hanley, Edward Hanratty, Lawrence , 603 Harris, Frank, alias Wright 361, 363 Harrison, Henry (or Oscar) 405, 473 Harrison, William A Harrowell, Mary Ann Harvey, George Harvey, Peter James 405, Hassett, John Healy, Anthony (or Timothy), alias Clerk, &c Healy, Mary Healy, Patrick 404, 405, 407, 446, 508, 510 Heaslop, Alexr Hegarty, James, alias Ryan, &c. 376 Hegarty, Thomas, alias McKell Hegarty, Wm. alias Irwin, &c. 377 Heher, Maria Henderson, Frank Henderson, George Henratty, Lawrence II ewellett, Thomas Hickey, William Hides, Annie, alias Walker Higgins, Gertie, alias Reed Higson, Frank Hill, Edward , 602 Hing, Ah Holden, Frank, alias White Holliday, Stewart Holloway, John, alias Burton, &c 473 Holman, Jesse, alias Dix Holmes, Frederick Holz, Albert Honeyfield, George Hooper, Albert Frank 604 Hopwood, John Hourigan, Edward Hourigan, Michael , 560 Howard, Edward

30 X. INDEX. continued. Howell, Emma Hughes, Henry W Hughes, Wm. John, alias Johnston, &c Hughie (aboriginal) Hume, Thomas, alias Meeghan, &c , 604 Hunt, Albert Hunt, John Hunter, Frederick Hunter, Thomas, alias Jones 451, 625 Huntington, Thomas , 561 Huon, Emil Hurley, James Hutton, John , 534, 604 Prisoners Released Under Criminal Code- Hall, Fred. Geo. Rodney Hannigan, Harold Joseph Hay, Walter Hayes, Percy, alias Lethbridge Hemmling, George Holz, Albert Horan, Patrick Houston, William Hunt, Henry Hunt, John Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Hagar, John Haldane, Victor , 585 Hamilton, Frederick Sven Hanley, Edward Charles Hardgrave, Ernest Hartman, George Ernest Hay, Stanley Ashton Redden, Richard Hemmling, George Hegarty, James, alias Ryan Heggarty, Fred. Wm Hill, Joseph Hoban, Frank Holmes, Edward Holmes, Samuel Holtz, Albert Horrigan, Denis Howard, James Hunt, Henry , 403 Hunt, John Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code, Hallenden (or Haffenden), Percy M inch in Hanlon, James Eugene Hannan, Joseph Hansby, William Harders, Leslie Harkaway, James Harris, Halbert Hay, Walter Hayball, Francis Leslie Hayes, Chas. Sylvester Hayes, Francis B Hayes, Percy, alias Lethbridge Hayes, Thos. Edward Heitmann, Fernie Hemmling, George Henry, Leonard John Hodge, Winifred May Hodge, Arthur R Holesworth, Fred Holz, William Honeyfield, George Horne, Alexr. Simpson Hosie, Henry Houston, William Howe, William , 647 Hunter, William Hunter, Wm. Thompson Huxley, Charles Wm. Alexr Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for- Hagan, James Owen Halfpopp, Jimmy (aboriginal) Hamilton, William Hammond, William Hanlon, H Hart, J. 345 Healy, Alexr., alias Daly Heath, Charles Hegarty, James, alias Ryan Henderson, James Watson Herricks, J , 600 Hoffman, George M Hooligan (abor.) Houghton, Oliver John Hoy Kong, alias Lee Kong, &c Ing Hing Kwong, alias Tommy I King , 394 Ingram, Henry Irive (Jap.) , 521 Irvine (or Irwin), William Inglis, Andrew Irish, C. G Irwin, W , 580 Imperial, James Indian Peter Ingram, Henry Ireland, Frederick 362, 404, 407, 446, 604 Irving, Mathers Irwin, Wm., alias Hegarty, &c Isles (or Isler), James Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Irvine, William Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code, Innocenti, James Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for- Ilsley, Ralph Joseph Izzard, Walter J. Jack, Robert Jack, Warrego (abor. ) Jackson, Harry, alias Lee Jackson, Robert, alias Melehan Jaenke, Fredk. Wm Jaenke, Herman Hy. John James, George, alias Jones Jensen, Peter Jinks, Margaret Johanson (or Johnson ), Peter, alias Bomford Johnnie (S.S.I.) Johns, Sidney, alias Wells Johnston, Francis Arthur Johnston, James Patrick.. 542, 600 Johnston, John, alias Darky Joins, Edward, alias Kyle Jones, Archibald Jones, Emily, alias Cooper Jones, George, alias James Jones, Henry Robert Jones, John Jones, Joseph, alias Bennett, &c. 618 Jones, Lloyd Francis Jones, Mary , 522 Jong Hoy Jabinsky, Andrew Jackson, T. B., and Sons Jackson, William Jacob, C. A , 513, 581 James, Claude James, C. Holman James, Harold James, H. 483 James, Les James, Nellie , James -Wallace, Win. Henry 480 Jannels, J. L. 614 Jansen, W. II Jardine, W. C Jenkins, Jenkins, Ernest , 591 Jensen, Christian , 613 Jensen, Mary Jensen, Niels Jermanus Fred Job, Eric Ernest Johns, Charles Johnston, D. C , 518 Johnston, William 367, 436, 520 Johnston, William Robert Johnson, James Johnson, John Johnson, Wm. Robert Johnson, W. W Jones, Brydon Jones, C. H Jones, Edward Ishmael Jones, Emily Jane Jones, John Arthur Jones, John George Jones, Mrs. W. 442, 444 Jones, Wm. Chas , 524 Joseph, Abraham , 615 Josephs, Charles Jurss, Frederick continued. Jenkins, Roy Johnson, Frederick Charles 429, 487 Johnson, George Leslie...,. 356 Johnston, Agnes Johnston, Oliver Jonas, Edwin Aver Jurgensen, Gustav Adolf Deserters from H.M. Service- Johnson, Ambrose H Johnson, Chas. Sykes McIntosh 496, 530 Jones, Enoch P Joseph, Albert Jack, Warrego (abor. ) Jackson, Ernest James Jeffrey, Stephen Jeffreys, Norah Mary 392 Jackson_, alias James Wilson, &c. 509 Jackson, Mary , 450, 607 Jackson, Thomas , 536, 561, 594 Jacky (abor.) , 595 James, Reginald Alfred (or Arthur), alias Davis Johnny (S.S.I.) Johnson, James, alias Forsyth Johnson, James Walker Johnson, Robert , 546 Jones, Emily Jones, Kate, alias Johnston 511 Jones, Mary Louisa Jones, William Jones, William, alias Taff Jeffries, Mary B Jenson, Carl Jennings, Charles, alias Percy Jennings, Edward Jennings, John...., Jenkins, Joseph Jessen, Martinus Jimmy Jinks, Margaret Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Jones, Edward, alias Kyle Jones, William, alias Potts Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Johns, Sidney Johns, Sylvan 545 Johnson, James Patrick J ones, Edward, alias Kyle Jones, George Jones, Herbert George Prisoners Tried under Criminal Code, Jack, Robert Jaenke, Frederick Wm Jaenke, Herman Henry John Johanson (or Johnson), Peter, alias Bomford Johnson, Sarah Ann Johnstone, William Jones, John Jones, Lloyd Francis Jordan, John Josephs, Charles Joyce, Matthew Joyce, Patrick Warrants (or Summonses ) Issued for- Jack (abor. ) Jackman, Walter Javett, Samuel Jimmy (abor. ) Johansen, Peter K. Keane, Wm. John Kearney, Patrick Keen, Frederick , 617 Keenan, Daniel Keegan, Cecil Thomas 522 Kelleher, Patrick , 523 Kelly, Arthur Kelly, Arthur, alias Barnwell Kenna, Leslie Kenny, Francis B Khemaha, Johnny Kilday, John, alias Smith King, Ali King, John King, Joseph. alias Ross King, Tommy, alias Ing Hing Kwong , 394 Kinsley, Walter Henry Kinsman, Edward, alias Ward Klatz, Vernol V Knight, Michael Kew, Ah Kristenson, Kristine Kruger, Herman Frederick Kruger, Paul Kwong Fat Kwong Way Kum Pan Kum Yet Kunde, Barnard Kyle, John Brown Kyle, William. alias Joins

31 INDEX. xi. Kahff mann, Julius... Kane, Archibald Kavanagh, Thomas Kawamura.... Kearney, Patrick Keegan, Michael... Keirnoski, John... Kelly, C Kellin, John..... Kelly, John Joseph... Kelly, Mary Kelly, Matthew... Kelly, Michael.... Kelly, Miss M. E. Kelly, R. J Kenavan, William... Kennedy, Edward E... Kennedy, George Kennedy, Kathleen... Kennedy, William. Kenny, Dudley Austin Kenny, Elsie Irene May Kenny, John. Keogh, Francis William Keogh, M. C. J.... Ker, James... Kerlin, Mrs. Julius Khan, Sunnie. Kilburn, Charles W. Kincart, James... Kindred, C. D King, George King, Mr. King, Mrs. C King, Sidney Kinivan, John Kinivan, Thomas A.... Kinmins, Miss Gertie Kingsbury, Ernest A.... Kirish, Max Kirkland, A. M.... Kirkwood, H. V. Kitchen, William Klaka and Briggemann Knaggs, Wm. Andrew Kneath, Andrew... Knight, C. R Knipe, Thomas... Kohler, F. J King, Chew Koongal, Robert Thomas Kosloosky, William... Krosh, Mrs. A. L. Kruger, Bernhard Deserters from H. M. Service- Kath, William Kempshall, A. R Kepley, Frederick Prisoners Tried at Supreme or 648 District Courts- 611, 612 Kattle, John Wm. Harold Keegan, Cecil Thomas Keen, Frederick Kerr, David Kinsman, Edward , 518 Klass, Gustav, alias Schutke 518, 520 Kruger, Herman, Frederick 349 Kyle, alias Edward Jones Prisoners Tried under Criminal 600 Code, 600 Kelly, James Kelly, Margaret Kendall, Victor 429 Koneally, Michael 577 Kennedy, Samuel Kennedy, Thomas 502 Kenny, Francis P. 577 Kinsley, Walter Henry Kyle, John Brown , 374 Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for Kelly, Michael Kelly, Thomas, alias "'The Rake" 612 Kemp, G Kerr, J King, Alfred Ernest Kitchener, Frederick Koing, Paul Richard Koitka, Paul Kremtsky, Kuzma , , , , , , , , Kalson, Laus Kellow, Joseph Henry Ke ll y, Sarah Jane Kemp, George R. Kennedy, Thomas Kenny, Margaret... Kenny, May.. Kim Yen, alias Ali Leing Klein, Edward..... Kyutaro, Yoshioka... P risoners Discharged- Kane, Michael , 558 Keane (or Kane), Thomas 447, 562, 604 Kearns, Peter Paul , 576 Keating, John Keene, Howard Arthur Keir, James, alias Doyle Kelleher, Patrick Kelly, Arthur 605 Kelly, David Kelly, John Kendrick, Margaret Kennedy, Alice , 607 Kennedy, John T Kenniff, James Keogh, Michael. 446 Kilgannon, Joseph, alias Ross, &c. 377 Killeen, Norah King, Ali King, Charles, alias Gaul, &c King, John 525 Kirwin (or Kirwan), Patrick Joseph 408, 556 Klatz, Vernon B. (or Werner Bergendorf ) Kong, Ali Kristofersen, Hans.. Kruger, Paul, alias Brann 560, Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Keane, Wm. John Keen, Frederick Kerr, David Kruger, Herman F. L Lane, Richard Larkin, James, alias Burgess Lawson, Leslie James... Leadbeater, Lee, Ali... Benjamin F. Lee, Ernest Sidney Lee, John, alias Jackson... Lee Gee Lee Hon Leek, Elizabeth Lees, W. T Lehr, Charles.,. Lemarne, David, alias Spall Lennon, James, alias Burke, &c. Leo, John Joseph Leslie, Robert Lethbridge, Percy H.... Levien, Oliver Bruce Schon Lewis, James Francis.. Lewis Thomas Liddell, Robert Edmund Liddell, Sarah Lin, Ali Lin, Johnnie... Ling (or Ding), Ali... Linning, Ferdinand... Lipman, John Little, John Little, John Clancy... Llewellyn, Thomas Lloyd, Edgar Lloyd, Herbert Francis Lober, Hamond, alias Lohmann Lodge, David Arthur. Lohmann, Hermann, alias Lober Long, Thomas James Long, Willie... Lopdell, Ernest Edward Lough, Richard, alias Hastie Leus, Charlie, al,'es Sandwich Low, Ernest William Low Hoy, alias Jimmy Wiley Low You, alias Ali You Lowe, Annie, alias Stagg Loy, Ali. Lucas, Edward Lucas, Fred (H.C.)... Ludwig, Alfred Rheinold... Lum, Ali Lum Chow Lum Way, alias Mung Gee... Lumby, Amos Lung, Ali Lupton, John Lusk, Robert John L I , , a , , , , , , 497 Lacey, Louisa Emma Laird (or Land), Wilfred James 616 Lammon, Sandy Lange, Chas. August 416 Langfield, Robert Lauder, Priscilla Law, Arthur Leslie, alias Lewis Laycock, Annie Lee, Edward Lee, James Lee, Maria Leigh, Thomas 335, 402 Leing, Ali, alias Kim You Legh, Tom, alias T. W. Allen Leong, Ali Loi Lett (or Letts), Herbert Chas. (or Harry) Lewis, May Lewis, William Liddle. Sarah Alice , 486 Lindeman, Ferdinand W Loi, Leong Ali Lolland, Johann Lounsbury, Herbert Harry Love, Florence Annie Lyon, Alexr. Davison Lyons, Eugene, alias Togo Lackey, John Laing, Archibald Lamb, Archie Lamb, John , 615 Lambert. Mrs. Marion 392, 444 Land, Gilbert , 504 Lang. James Thos Lang, W Langbourne, Francis H Langtry, Chas. Edward , 484 Larsen, Enid Latrielle, Chas. Frank 382, Laugher, Mr. 614 Lavelle, Constable J , Laver, Albert c on tinucd. Law, H. R Law, William..... Lawrie, Annie Lawrence, Freeman... Lawrence, John Lazaretos, Harry Lee, Harry Chue... Lee, William Leahy, John Leahy, Timothy... Lehane, Edwin... Lehane. Mary Le Fevre, H... Legrand, Henry R. Leslie, Alexr... L'Estrange, Dr. Guy... Leutenegger, J. Lewis, Mrs. Annie... Lewis, Albert Edward Lewis, J. W Liddle, Annie..... Link. Charles Linsket, Wm. John... Lippiatt, H. J.... Lisha, George Lloyd, David George... Lloyd, Evelyn Annie... Lloyd, F. Lloyd, Lewis Lloyd, William... Locke, J. G Logan, B. J Logan, S. J Long, James... Long, R. W Lord, M. A. C.... Lough, P. R.... Loughran, E. G. Love, James Lovett, Arthur Luckeft, Joseph E. Lumby, Aloysius... Lum Man, Charles.., Lumsden, Norman... Lunck, William... Lunney, Andrew Luscombe, Wm. H.... Luton, Bernard... Lyall, David..... Lymburner, Edmund... Lynch, Patrick Lynch, W. H., Lynsky, A. Lyons, Alexr. Lyons, C. Lyons, E.. Lyons, John , , , , , , , and Coy , Deserters from H, M. Service- Langdon, Lewes George Leighton, Henry Joseph , 530 Miscellaneous- Licenses Treasury , 581 Licenses, Hawkers' 344, 354, 414, 442, 468, 517, 567, 599, 611 Longamundi, Quamby Police Station Removed to Laben, Herman Laidlaw, Adam J. 408, 447 Laing, David, alias Nedin, &c Laird, William Lakin, Horace Larkin, Joseph, alias Burgos Latimer, Thomas. 405 Lawton, Joseph, alias Williams 449, 534, 605

32 á

33 INDIi L tiil, continued. Morris, Ernest, alias Rossier Morris, Marian , 607 Moss (Malay) Muir, James M., alias Morgan Mulcahy, Thomas Mulcioon, J amen 449 Mulholland, Barry ullen, Clara , 564, 607 Jdunio, John, alias Long, &c Tlurphy, Annie , 409, 450, 511,7 urphy, Daniel _durphy, Daniel, alias Reid Murphy, Harry (half-caste) 557, 605 1alu1 phy, James i1mmu.llhy, John, alias McCarthy idnrpby, Joseph Murphy, Michael Min pity, P ati ick Murphy, Wallace, alias McNamara 407 Murphy, William , 605 Murray, Alex , 881 Musve.i, Thomas Prihoiiess Released under Criminal Codeiciaracta (or Malayta), Jack Allauchows, Mansion, alias Hopkins 488 i,lorgan, Edgar Herbert oyorriron, Willi am 488 Moylan, James i_l.tu l,hy, Dalry.tnple John Prisone., Tried at Supreme or Disci let Courts- Salo ey, John Maratla, Jack, alias Malayta M a rinone, Giovanni Meela, Millers, Arthur loore, William Morgan, Edward Herbert lvtorris, George Xfuir. William Murray, Charles '.Iaculen, William ;Vlahcr, Michael John `tiiarecten, John Victor Marston, Augustus R. D Mr arts n, John Martin, John James Martin, Mary Elizabeth C Martin. Walter Harcourt Tvlacso i, Edward Janes Matthew,,-s, Charles, alias Blucy Matthews, Norman, alias Hopkins 639 Meares, Rochford D Miller, Wilson Craig Miller, George, or Arthur Edward 638 I%Iolle cd Richard Monahan, Mary IMITorrish, John Muller, W;11i 31m \'iurrell, Charles Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for- T I ac,eec. Denis, alias Paxinos 568 li_li ch, Andrew.. 354, 504 etti, Albert Patrick, alias iii crphy 333 Mason, D. C. 568 Mo tlhers, D. J M al hers, J Mather, L. H Matthew s, H. J., alias Dalby, alias Benson, &c Miles, J Milner, William Jenks (summons) 333 Moloney, William T,zoltby, Ernest Moore, James, alias Stephens Kenneth John Mul'ea, Peter or Jerry i',lu; ray, Joe (summons) Mc. _Apprehonsions- Tdlc-cn!ey, Frank McAvoy, John, alias Fellows... McCafferty. Edward MIcCa rthy, James, alias Long, &c. McCarthy, John... :'vlcc'cli an;l, Thomas T.Tch _ took, James McClure, Thomas McConkev, Alexander McCoy. William... McCrcath, Patrick F. McCulloch, John McCuIlook, Janes EcCu1lour;h, Victor McDonald. Kenneth. McDonald, Jarucs, alias Slim Jim McDonald, John McFarane, George McGowan, Henry John McGrath, John E PA(}I. Apprehensions - continued. McGuire, Andrew Joseph McIntyre, Frank McKean, John McKell, Thomas, alias Hegarty 386, 471 McLaren, Thomas McLean, James , 571, 613 McLeod, Aurrel Erskine C McLeod, Robert McMahon, John, alias Dullavella 497 McMahon, John William, alias McDonald McManus, Samuel Freeman 506, 571 McNamara. Patrick McNevin, Sylvester, alias Agnew McAdam, Robert Aspar McAlpine, John McAlpine, William Nlc Alpine, Andrea' McAlpine, Robert 633 McArthur, D. C McCarthy, Jeremiah McCarthy, John , 444 McDiarmid, Thomas McDonald, A McDonald, A. L McDonald, Daniel McDonald Estate , 615 McDonald, Norman McDonald, Wm ,429 McDougall, Mrs. James McDowell, Jane McFarlane, J. K. 372, 374 McFarlane, William McGowan, Adam McGrath, M McGuckin, Peter McGuign, Robert McGuire, Andrew McHardy, Patrick , 613 McHugh, Mary McIntosh, Charles , 614 McKay, G. W McKay, Mrs. J McKean, W. H McKenzie, William McKinnon, Ernest McKinstray, I. R. 547 McLean, A. D McLean, Robert McLeavy, E. 504 McLeay, E McLennan, R. A McLeod, Angus Norman TVIcLeods, Alexander McMahon, Martin 458, 459 Mc3'Tahon, Thomas 440, 458, 460, 570 McManus, A McMullin, Richard Mciti aim, Gavin William McNaulty, J McNaught, W. G McPhie and Co McTaylor, Percy Herbert McWhirter and Sons McBride, Angus McGlinn, Robert James 385, 416, 429 McHardy, Lyall McIntyre, Arthur Mclvor, Archibald Henry McCane, Mabel R. J , 616 McDivitt, John VIcEwen, Nestor Archibald 385 McFarlane, Robert McKay, Neil McKenzie, Alex McLaren, Thomas , 477 McAleer, Benjamin McAleer, Cornelius P , 604 McAuliffe, Humphrey McCall, John, alias M,Grandle, &c. 359 Nash, Charles continued. McGuire, Andrev, Joseph McGuire, John Patrick, alias Woottoon McHugh, Margaret , 450 Mcllu&rh, Michael 576 McInally, May McInerney, Michael J McIntosh. James (or Owen), alias Wilson McIntyre, Henry McIvor, John McKell, Thomas, alias Hegarty McKenzie, Charles, alias Carson McKenzie, William Howard McLaren, Rose , 563 McLean, John McLeod, Annie McLeod, Jane, alias Spence 364, 450, 511 McMahon, John McMahon, John, aliasdullavella McMahon, John W McManus, Samuel, alias Freeman 534 McMillan, Jaines TJcJouaglc, Bernard McNamara, Michael.. 410, 451 McNamara, Patrick (or Joseph) McNicol, Margaret McPherson, Neil 559 l'espadden, Joseph, alias Wilson 419 Prig goners Released under Criminal Code McAvoy, Leslie McLeod, alias Aurrel E. Ferric Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- McCarty, James, alias Walsh McClintock, James , 553 McClure. Thomas , 585 McCreath, Patk. Francis McGregor, Robert William 544 McGuire, William McGukin, Peter 395 McIntyre, Neil McLean, James McManus, Samuel McNamara, Patk McArthur, Archibald McArthur, James McAvoy, Leslie McClov, James McCullough, Victor 620 McDonald, Leslie McDonald, William 642 McDonald. Sidney George McGregor-, 'alter McKean, James McLaren, Thomas 644 McLeod, Aurrell Erskine, alias Ferrie MJlcMastcr, Colin George McNamara, Hugh, alias Kelly cPhiilimay, Charles Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for- McCalluni., Tingle McColl, Duncan McCullough, Ralph , 504 McDonald, Dick, alias McNeill McFarlane, David McGerk, Iiugh IIcG regor, Vincent 333, 373 Mellroy, James ,613 McLean, David McLeod, John Daniel 383 McMurtrie, David Malcolm 441, 443, 601 McCarthy, Michael Nash, Victor Chas.... McClintock, James, alias Chas. Natzka, Henry Dixon , 558 Naughton, Bernard McConnell, David, alias Smith 407, Naylor, Patrick, McCormack, Annie McCormack, David McCraith, Patrick F. McCulloch, J McCulloch, James... McCulloch, John... McCulloch, William. McDonald, Archibald McDonald, Donald. 418 McDonald, James 406, 449, 508, 509, 604 McDonald, Maggie, alias Larkin, &c. 607 McEwen, John McGarry, Kate McGill, Edward, alias Harris 421 McGrandle, alias McCall McGregor, AI ick N. 420, 557 Neuman, William Herry 409, 563 Newert, Burnett 507, 558, 604 Newton, John Newtonn.. Thomas Edward 408 Newton, William Isaac Nicholson, James 447 Neil; on, Charles Nightingale, Jane 510, 560 Nita. K , Noonan, Julia 'T'heresa Norman, Henry George 462, 490 Norton, Francis, ali-is Bubbles 339, 506 Netted a eft Richard, alias Newman 358 Nugent. John, alias Norton Nun, Ali. 617 Nungara, Joe (abor.) 521 Nungara, John

34 Nangle, Thomas , 415 Nash, Mrs. C Nation, John Negus, Edward A Neil, Mrs Neil, William 436 Newell, Jack A. 580 Newman and Dauber 569 New Ravenswood Mining Co Newton, Richard Nicholas, Geo , 484 Neilson, Frederick Nind, Hubert Chas Nissen, W Noble, Miss L. A Nolan, F. S , 519 Nunn, Mrs. C Nurcombe, Arthur , 578 Nash, Bryan Neale, Walter Neil, Robert , 530 Nelson, Eric William Nixon, John , 385 Nogaevsky, Ignatievitch Nogaevsky, Ivan Ignatevich Nolan, Alma Mary Natzka, Henry Nana, alias Moitan Naughton, Bernard Neeb, Henry Neil. William B Neilson (or Neilsen), Charles 418, 447 Neilson (or Nelson), Hans, alias Wilson 603 Newman, William H. 623 Newtown, John Nightingale, Jane 364 Niven, John , 604 Noble, Frederick, alias Noblett Noel, Wriothesley B., alias O'Hara, &c. 361, 446, 510, 557, 604, 606 Nolan, John, alias Rielly Norton, Frances, alias Bubbles 421, 574 Norton, Frederick, alias Luke Hay, &e , 510, 534 North, James Nothdurft, Richard, alias Newman 534 Nugent, John, alias Norton 360, 474 Nugent, William Nungarra, Joe Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Newton, William Henry Nicholson, James Norton, John Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Nash, Charles Nash, Victor 585 Natzka, Henry Naughton, Bernard Nedwick, Joseph Nightingale, Jane , 544 Noel, Leland Norman. Henry George Nothdurft, Richard 554 Nicholson, James 646 Nicholson, William Jas Newman, Jack Newton, Edward Porter Newton, Eliza Nevins, Charles Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for- Nairn, Benjamin Paul , 550 Nelson, W Nolan, Reginald O'Brien, John O'Brien, John, alias Gammell O'Brien, Michael James O'Connell, Edward Maurice O'Connor, William Thomas O'Dea, Marion O'Donnell, Daniel Joseph O'Gilvie, David A O'Grady, Lawrence O'Keefe, George Olive, James, alias White, &c., Olive, James, alias Johnson &c Oliver, William John 531 O'Neill, Jean , 542 Onger, Jimmy Orchard, John, alias Anderson O'Reilly, William 394 O'Sullivan, John INDEX. f'age. continued. O'Brien, Michael Peacock, Henry Ernest O'Brien, Mrs Pearce, Fredei i ck James O'Callaghan, George Perkins, Charles William O'Connor, Michael Peterson, August O' Keeff o, Frederick Phie, Martin John James 372, 394, 521 O' Keeffe, j Philips, Alvin Victor O'Keeffe, Michael , 615 Phillips, Julius John O'Leary, Arthur 537, 615 Phillips, Robert O'Leary, F. 436 Phillips, William George Olden, James , 591 Pilbeam, John Thomas O'Neill, Edward Pink, May, alias Wilson, &c O'Neill F Platt, George (abor.) Opie, John H Poncho, Herbert James O'Reilly, George Pong, Ah Ormsby, Patrick Pooles, George William O'Sullivan, Eileen , 484 Poppleton, William Ernest 550, 552 O'Sullivan, John , 615 Porter, Goo., alias Rae O'Sullivan, L Porter, Kate, alias Cook, &c. 344, 836 Osbourne, G Porter, Martha, alias Wolf Osborne, W. G , 374 Poulsen, John Outhwaite, George Ponier, George F Overell's, Ltd , 568 Ponier, Patrick. 417 Ovens, Minnie Amelia, Power, Robert Owens, A. E Poynton, Alexr Prince Davie (abor.) , 386 Pugh, William Purcell, Albert O'Connor, John Joseph, alias Simpson O'Donnell, John. 486 O'Grady, James 495, 505 O'Keefe, John Olive, James 487 Olsen, Hans Omson, Pearl Osborne, Grace Elizabeth O'Brien, John , 534 O'Brien, Michael J O'Connell, Edward M O'Connell, Thomas.. 447, 560 O'Connor John, alias Sullivan 360, 406, 408, 605 O'Dea, John O'Donnell, Daniel Joseph 575 O'Hagan, Patrick 408 O'Keefe, David O'Leary, Arthur Olive, James Edward, alias White, &c , 524 Oliver, William John O'Neill, James O'Neill or McNeill, John , 594 Ong-or Ouger, J iminy Orchard, John O'Reilly, William O'Reilly, William, alias Davis O'Sullivan, Edward P O'Sullivan, Terence O'Toole, Hugh, alias Toolan Ouger, Eric Jimmy Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- O'Grady, Laurence, alias Sugar Oldcorn, Ben, alias Rylance 488 O'Toole, Thomas Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Ogilvie, David Anderson O'Nei11, Jean O'Sullivan, John O'Sullivan, Zilne O'Brien, James 621 O'Connor, Wm., alias Dubbo O'Connor, William Thomas O'Donohue, William Thos O'Grady, Lawrence, alias Sugar Olsen, Frederick O'Toole, Thomas Outer, Eric Owens, Thomas Cleveland O'Connor, M O'Reilly,.James. 609 O'Reilly, James, alias Markham, &c. 590 P. Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for- Palmer, George 522 Palmer, Leonard Parker, Michael, alias Thompson 403, Parkins. William Joseph , 579 Parle, James Patrick, alias Nugget 348 Parr Harry Parry, Ernest Patrick. John Ilamilton Patterson, _ lbert William, alias Wilson 417 Patterson, Johnson 542 Paxinos, D _ttis, aiilis!l[anra' cc9 Page, Dr Page, John Edmond , 524 Pagel, Robert , 520 Paget, Claren,e 391, 504 Palmer, Edward Palmer, James Palmer, Thomas , 436 Parish Clerk, 'Glasgow Park, Vivian Parnell, Mrs. A. H. 442 Parry, Henry Francis Parry, Stanley Parwinter, Elizabeth Martha Paull, J. R Payne, Frank 373 Peace and Sons 608, 634 Peacock, John Peak, R , 392 Pearn, John Pearce, Thomas Pearson, Alf G Pegg, Francis E Polling, Walter Penny, Jesse Pere, Frank P errett, Herbert Perry, C. H Perry, George Osborne Peterson, H , 401, 435, 436 Phelan, M. A. 611, 612 Phillips, A. S Philipson, Francis Pickering, J. C. 551, 580 Pierce, Charles Piessey, George Pill, Edward Pindred, Estelle Pitchford, Mrs. M Plaff, Charles Plate, Mrs. H. H Pointon, Walter Herbert Polman, Alex. 391 Poole, Annie E Poole, Winifred Porter, James Porter, James Wm Porter, J. B. Selina 577 Postmaster-General-Axe, 391 ; letter to P. Browne, 355; lamp, 384; letter and cheque, 415; letter and notes, 504; gelding, 547; registered letter and bank notes, 550; gelding, 648; bank notes, 614. Poulsen, Peter Poutney, Albert Power, Patk. Thomas , 615 Pratsch, C. A Prendal, Ernest Pressdee, Charles 518, 519 Preston, H. E Preston, William Jno. 494, 495 Protector of Aboriginals Pullar, G. C Purcell, James Purcell, Thomas George Puth. Peter Pymn, Albert or Arthur Parsons, Emil Clarence Purden, David Miscellaneous- Porter, Kate (suspect) 332, 341, 442 Page,, Walter (half-caste ) P avier, Edward Parker, Davey rn

35 INDEX.. iv. continued. Payne, John Peacock, William George Pearce, John Alfred, alias Pearson 480 Pearce, John Joseph , 444 Percy, David Perimoni, William Perrette, William Bowman Perry, Ethel or Hope Pigg, Frederick, alias Biggs Pinnock, P. William Grant Pirie, James Pirinoue, William Pistol, Paul Pitcairn, Margaret Porgettes, William G. 496 Potter, John Powell, John Price, William Henry Prunty, John Price, John Thomas Price, Josiah Palmer, George Pang Kum 602 Parr, Henry Patson or Patterson, Joseph, alias Pritchard, &c Patterson, Albert W., alias Wilson 464 Patterson, John Patterson, Joseph, alias Pritchard 449, 509, 556 Patterson or Paterson, Thomas 376, 557 Paull, Victor Pearce, Patrick 362 Pedro, Carlo, alias Peter Crown, &c Pender, Richard Pendrigh, Johanna Pengelly, James Penny, Jesse Perry, Robert E Perry, Robert R Peter Peter (Indian) Petersen, August 607 Petries (Java) 431 Pfunder, Ernest Phillips, Julius John.... 5'h Phillip, William Geo S Pike, William Pink, May, alias Wilson, &c Platt, George (abor.) Poole, James Porter, Geo., alias Roe Porter, Martha, alias Wolf Poulsen, John Power, Patrick 509, 535 Power, Robert Prendergast, Ellen Prendergast, John Pritchard, George S., alias Patson, &c , 448, 561 Pugh, William Purcell, Albert Pyburn, William Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Phillips, Alvin Victor Pooles, George William Potts, William Henry, alias Jones 488 Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Parker, Michael, alias Thompson Parker, William Joseph Paterson, Robert John 403 Patterson, James Milne 395 Patterson, John Hamilton, alias Hammond Perkins, Charles William Phie, Martin J. J Philips, Robert Phillips, Julius John Phillips. William George Poppleton, William Porter, Kate Poynton, Alexander Prince Davey (abor. ) Prisoner, Tried under Criminal Code, Palmer, Leonard Parker, Muriel Parle, James Patrick Paskins, Robert Samuel Patterson, Alexander Pearce, Reginald F Petersen, Francis Norman Phillips, Alvin Victor Plate, Albert August H Primmer, Sidney Pointer, Hugh Pooles, George W. 643 Pope, Thomas Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for- i Palmer, George Pardine, Emily Catherine Peek or Pook, Ali Penkard, Frank Perkins, Charles, alias Budgen 502 Perkins, Charles, alias Hanley, &c. 588 Perrin, F Pinch, Albert Platt, George Polites, Alice 494 Poskitt, W Preston, George 503 Q. Quay, Ali 359 Que, Ah , 583 Quince, William Quinlan, Denis , 541 Quinlan, Patrick Quinn, Mary Ellen , 481 Quinn, Marv Quirks Lighting and Engineering Company, Limited Q.M.E.A. Coy Q. N. Bank , 630 Queensland Professional Fishermen's Association Missing Quinn, Miscellaneous- Quaniby Police Station removed to Longamundi Friends- Harry Quan Hop, Peter Quinn, John Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Quan Hop, Peter Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Quan Hop Qwong Way 533 R. Radatz, Frank Theodore 403, 468, Rasmussen, Samuel Raughan, James G Rea, David, alias Roberts, &c. Reed, Arthur Thomas Reed, Norman Reene, Arthur Reid, James Reifers, Arthur P. Edwin Reilly, William.. Reilly, Duncan, alias George Jones Renner, Hugo... Richard, Theophilus Rigden, Arthur Riley, John Ringuet, Henry Roberts, Arthur Roberts, David Roberts, James, alias Boyd Robertson, Hugh... Robinson, Allan H. Robinson, Jack (abor.) Robinson, James Rocks, Matthew F Roderick, Silas Rodgers, John, alias Mack... Ronan, Thomas..... Rooney, Ambrose, alias Maguire... Roser, Alexander Ross, Archibald A Ross, Byron, alias King Ross, Joseph Ross, Peter Low Raughan, Daniel John Rouse or Rowse, Albert, alias Tansy Rowbotham, George Stephen , , , Rudd, Joseph Ruddy, Joseph Ruenalf, alias Charles Thompson 348 Russell, George , 581 Ryan, Ernest Alexander, alias Jeffries, &c Ryan, James J., alias Hegarty 506, 523 Ryan, Patrick or Dwyer, &c. 445 Ryan, Patrick Joseph 430 Ryan, Teddy, alias Treschman, &c. 490, 504 Ramsev, Marshall Randall, George F Rateliff, Frederick W Reilly, J. D. 592 Regis, Elizabeth Reynolds. Edward Rhodes Frederick J Rich, Douglas Victor Richards, Rhoda Rosetta Rider, Edward Mercer Ridgeway, William Rissmann, Roberts, Harold Mortimer Roberts, William Roberts, William Edward Robinson, David William Robinson. George Stanley Rogers, John 496 Ross, Hector Thomas Row, James, Rowe, James Rutherford. Christopher' Rutter, Charles Whitby Radford, John Charles Rae, Arthur... Rae, Joseph... Rafferty. J Rains, Robert..... Ralph, G. T PAGE continued. Ramsay, William Rankema, Peter Rasmussen, F. V Rasmussen, N. R Ratcliffe, Frederick Rathe, William Rea, John Fyfe , 578 Reaney, Daniel Rees, Evan John Re'an Brothers Reid, Hugh Reid, John Rennie, William Renwick, Alexander Rex, H. R. 537 Rickart, J., , 484 Richardson, Mrs Ridgewell, Alfred Rienholt, F Rigby, James H Riley, Michael Ritchie, Mrs. D. E , 374 Roach, Philip Roberson, Walter Roberts, Benjamin 372, 373 Roberts, Fred Roberts, George Robertson, A. L Robertson, Alexander , 373 Robertson, James , 590 Robertson, John Robertson, Thomas Robinson, Arthur , 634 Robinson, Edward J Robinson, James A Robinson, Robert Hodgson Robinson, Sydney H Robinson, William. 392 Robinson, William Richard 436, 485 Roe, Mrs. F. J Rogers, Charles Rogers, Claude Roma Police Ronald, James Rose, William Roseblade, Nurse Rosenfeldt, Ann Ross, Mrs. E. 591 Rossow. August Rowe, John Rowden, Edgar Rowlands. W. R Roxburgh, Albert Ruben, Arthur Ruddell, Alexander Rush, T. J Russell, Eric Russell, Harry , 481 Ryan, Augustus M. 435 Ryan, Michael Ryanan, Patrick Ryan. Teddy Ryan, T. H Ryans, William Rice, Clifford A Rochford, Patrick H Roux, John Russell, William Escapee- Roberts. James, alias Boyd, &c. 379, 382 1VIiscellaneous- Roadvale Police Station opened Radatz, Frank Theodore ,. 434 Ramsay, James Ransom, George Redmond, E. W., alias Edward Clarke Reid or Reed, Hugh, alias Kelly 420, , 508, 559

36 'vi. Prisoners Discharged - continued. Reid, James Abernethy, alias Riley Reid, Norman Reid, Thomas Reilly, William... Renner, Hugo... Rennick, Francis... Revis, George E Reynolds, John 361, 406, 510, Richardson, Benjamin Richmond, George... Ridge, John Riley, Stephen, alias Rowbotham 510, 560 Rinn, Joseph Roberts, Egbert Mead Roberts, Mary 450, 563, 607 Roberts, Mary Ellen 364, 450, 563 Robertson, John Robinson, Allen H , 512 Robinson, Isaac William, alias Tristram Shandy Robinson, Jack Rose, Richard H. E., alias Wilson Rosenberg, Ferdinand Rosendorff, Henry Ross, Archibald Andrew. Rossier, Claude Walker, Morris..... Roughan, James G..... Roughan, Patrick... Rouse, Peter. Rovenoff, Michael Row, Andrew... Rowbotham, George Stephen alias , 508, 604 Rush, John Russell, David Russell, Sidney Ryan, James Ryan, John Ryan, John, alias Hegarty, &c Ryan, John Joseph, alias Carroll Ryan, Michael Ryan, Patrick, alias Byrne Ryan, Patrick, alias Dwyer, &c. 557, 561 Ryan, Patrick Joseph 419 Ryan, William Ryan, William or Benjamin 447, 508, 605 Rylands, Cecil Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Renton, Ira Richards, Theophilus Rothery, George Roughan, David J Russell. George Ryan, James Joseph P Rylance, John, alias Oldcorn Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Radatz, Frank Theodore Rasmussen, Samuel Rea, David, alias James Roberts, &c Reed, David Reeve, Arthur Reilly, Duncan Renton, Ira Reynolds, William 573 Richards, Theophilus 584 Riely, John, alias McDonald 553 Roberts, Charles Roberts, James, alias Boyd 533 Rodway, Horace Walter Rothery, George Roughan, Daniel J Rouse, Albert 545 Ruddy, Joseph Ruenalf, alias Chas. Thompson Russell, George Ryan, Forbes Dennis Ryan, Joseph, alias Hegarty Reek, John Reid, James Renner, Carl Hy Reynolds, William P Richards, James Rigden, Arthur Roberts, Arthur Roberts, Thomas Roberts, William Rocks, Matthew F Roderick. Silas Rogers, Henry Thomas Rogers, John, alias Mack Rolfe, James Roser, Alexander 645 Rosmann, Louis Royle, Peter Critcher 646 Ryan, Patrick, alias Blake Ryan, Thomas , 621 INDEX. Warrants (or Summonses ) Issued Ranger, Henry Roach, Philip Roberts, Edward, alias Shiers, &c. Robinson, Eric Douglas... Robinson, N Rocks, Matthew Rodgie, Lionel... Roing, Paul Richard... Ross, John Rowlands, William Ruane, Charles Russell, Frederick William Ryan, J... Ryan, James, alias Ryan, Joe... Ryan, John Martin Ryan, Michael S. for- 601, , Hegarty , Sabadine, Patrick J Sainty, Ebenezer Sall, William , 468, 506 Salmon, Alexander Sam (Malay) Sam, Ah , 617 Sammons, Edward Sandwich, Billy Sandwich, Charlie, alias Lous Sawyer, Albert Sawyer, George Sayers, Alfred Sayers, Albert Saylor, George Schmail, Ernest , 531 Schreiber, Thomas Schwartz, Victor Scollen, Harold Scott, James Henry 403, 506 Scott, William Searle, Albert Lawrence Seden, Peter See Poo Seiba, Waka Sessarago, Emily Reith Shannon, Maurice Shaw. Charles Ernest Shaw, Herbert John, alias Williams , 593 Shearer, Donald Sinclair Sheehan, Denis Sheehan, Michael Sheldon, Alfred 378, 497 Shepherd, George Shimomura Unosuke , 531 Sidden (Malay)...., Sidney, Fred Sinclair, David Sing, Harry Sing Ong Smallwood, Stanley Smith, Ernest Joseph 593 Smith, Frederick Smith, Henry Emppson Smith, Jack Smith, James, alias Gor.rick Smith, John, alias Kilday Smith, John William 552 Smith, Joseph Smith, Philip Emsworth 427, 438, 506 Smith, Robert 523, 617 Smith, Robert William Smith, Sydney Smith. William Smith, William H. 430 Solomon, Charlie Sopher, James Spall, Robert, sluts Lemarno Speering Hugh C. 438 Spencer, Cecil Spencer, Walter Stanley, John William 637 Starrett, William 506 Stayte. Emily Steel, John 618 Stehr, Albert Vivian Stephens, Crif Stephens, Michael Sterne, Lawrence J Stevens, Michael Stevenson, Robert Stevenson. Thomas J. 522 Stewart, Clive, alias Harris 378, 386 Stewart, William, alias Smith 417, 430 Stock, Philip 506 Strang, William M Stumer, Carl 490 Stump, Herbert S a,ics, William Henry 417 Swan, J., alias J. B. Wells Swecland, George Sweeney, Edward Thomas SveenThomas e\, F. 593 Sue, Duck 531 Sullivan, Daniel Y. 506 Sullivan. John J Sullivan, William Sakrzewski, G. R. Sam, Jack (Malay)... Sandal, Otto Sands, R. O Sant, Henry... Sargent, William Savage, Mrs. W. E. Savary, John... Scarlett, James Scanlon, William... Schaffer, Mrs. Kate Schaltz, Mr Schiller, Fred Schlecht, Chas.... Schmidt, Fritz.... Schmidt, Martin Max Scott, G. A.... Scougall, James L. Scurr, Lillian Searle, George... Searle, Robert.. Seawright, William T. Seiler, Robert Shailer, W Shaw, J. H Shaw, John Shaw, John Samuel Shcedy, John Sheehan, Miss Denis Shepherd, Annie... Shepherd, John... Sheppard, George... Sheridan, R. H.... Shield, George Silver, Thomas... Sim, Donald.. Simmonds, Samuel Simpson, John Sinclair, Scott, and Co. Sinclair, William Skyrum, Otto... Sklaeovos, Nicholas... Sloss, John Smallwood, William... Smith and Agnew... Smith and Atkinson Smith, A. J Smith, Charles Smith, Chas. Patk. Smith, Douglas G... Smith, Ellen B.... Smith, F. R Smith, George Smith, H. R.... Smith, Henry Jas.... Smith, John Win.... Smith, Lee Stevens... Smith, Robert Smith, T.... Smith, Thomas Smith, W. C.... Smith, William Howard Smyrk, C Smyth, Thomas Snell, Arthur Snow, Alice... Sorensen, James , , , , , , , , , , , , Sorrewcll, Ethel South, Mrs. N Sparks, A. Speed, Alfred E Spence. Hugh E Spence, James Speering. Walter Spencer, Thomas A Spooner, H enry... Spranklin, Charles... Spranklin, Mrs. Stacey, Frank Stamp, Mrs. Henry... Stanboreugh, Edward... Stanley, Annie Stanley, George A. W. State Steamship Coy. (W.A.) Steele, Allan Steele, William Stenhouse, William Stephen, Francis Stewart and Co. Stewart, A. M Stewart, Dawson, and Co.... Stewart, Edward Stewart, Mrs Stewart, Rachel... Stewart, Robert Stewart, W. P. Stitz, William.... St. Michael's Industrial Home, Clavfield Stock, William , 428 Stockell, Barnard Stockley, Edward. 415 Stollznow, Carl August Ferdinand 435 Stone, John Storch, IT. W. Strambeni, W Stredt, Jacob.. Streeter. Mn,. Ada.. Streeton, Rev. E. R

37 c ontinued. Strehlan, H. C Stugnell, Edward Sub-collector of Customs, Townsville Sullivan, Daniel Sullivan, Kate Sullivan, Mary Sunderland, Richard Sutton, Dr. Alfred Swales, John Swalling, Alfred Wm Swanson, Miss Annie Swift, P , 442, 444 Synies, P. H. 452 Syrmis, Vessilios Deserters from H.M. Service- Savage, George Sayers, Lawrence Allen Scarffe, Frederick Albert Sharpe, Charles B , 401, 416, 530 Sheridan, William Sherwood, Henry Simmons, Richard Small, Corporal Smith, Robert Alexr , 416 Stapleton, Samuel Regd Steele, Gustav Adolf Summer, John Sanne, John Francis Escapees- Smith, Philip Eniswold 426, 427, 442 Stuart, Donald Alexr Miscellaneous- Silver, Denis de Skeleton found Sandgate INDEX. continued. Simeon, Albert, alias William Brooks, &c... Sims, Chas., alias Sinners Sinclair, Angus Sinclair, David Sinclair, George... Sing, Harry Sirrett, Alfred... Skelton, Harold Hy.... Slaughter, Edward P. Smith, Alfred Smith, David , , 605 Smith, Francis, alias Burns, &c Smith, Frank Smith, Fred , 562 Smith, George Smith, John.. 418, 472 Smith, John Benjamin, alias James 509 Smith, Joseph Smith, Philip, alias Walsh, &c Smith, Thomas Smith, William Sorensen, Peter Sorley, Andrew Southwell, Alfred (or W.) Spall, Robert, alias Lemarne, &c. 604 Speir, James , 546 Stagg, Hannah, alias Lonee 622 Staker, William Stallard, William N. W Stenson, William 360, 560 Stephens, William, alias Cockton, &c Stevens, William Stevenson, William, alias Stevens, &c Stewart, Clive Stockina, Giovanni Stone, Fredk. Arthur Stratford (or Stratwood), John 406, 447 Stumer, Carl Stunden, Jesse Sullivan, John Sullivan, Mary J Sullivan, William Szyniinski, Charles Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Sall, William Sandwich, Chas., alias Sous Scott, James, Hy Sawyer, George.... Seery, Arthur Seib, Ernest Shearer, Donald Sinclair... Sheldon, Alfred Silva, Victor Sing, Harvey Smith, George Smith, Hy. Empson Smith, James, alias Gorrie, &c. Smith, John Wm. Selby... Smith, Philip Emsworth... Smith, Robert Sous, Chas., alias Sandwich Spall, Robert Sparks, Joseph Edward.... Speering, Hugh Corneil... Stagg, Hannah, alias Lowe... Starrell, William Stehr, Albert Vivian... Stephens, Michael Stevens, William, alias Wills Stevenson, Thos. Jno.... Stewart, Clive.... Stewart, Win., alias Smith... Stock, Philip Strang, William M.... Stroud, Herbert Joseph Sweeland, George Sabadine. Patk. Jno... Sadder Deen Sam, George Ali... Sayers, Alfred Schemil, Ernest Salazar, Juan, alias Arcinas, &c. 416 Salmon, Claude Sam, Ah Sandstone, Maurice Sapiano, Salvatore...,. 375 Schellinger, Jacob C , 477 Schulman, George Scott, John Henry Scott, Sarah A. M Sharp, Bruce, alias Middleton Shaw, Nancy Sheehan, Jerry Simmonds, Josephine Simpson, John, alias O'Connor Smith, Benjamin , 427 Smith, Charmen Smith, James Michael Smith, Robert , 437 Smith, Silver. alias Boase Somerville, George Samuel Sorenson, James Staker, Eric Standish, James M Stanley, Mabel Stanton, John Sterling, William Stewart, James St. Leon, Victor Stuckley, Tommy (abor.) 429, 541 Stephens, Ernest S Sung, Ali Sutherland, Minnie Sydenham, Charles L. J Symone, Fredk. de Salmon, William, alias Burketown 376 Saloba (S.S.I.) Sam (Malay) Sandwich, Billy (S.S.I.) Santa Cruz, Johnny (S.S.I.) 474 Saper, James Savage, John , 605 Sawyer, Albert Scadden, Bridget, alias Smith 421, 511 Schifcofcke, Frank Schreeber, James Scott, Charles Scott, Joseph , 556 Scott, William Scurr, Walter Ernest See Poo Shandy, Tristram, alias Robinson 362 Shanks, Frederick Shannon, Maurice, alias Sheehan 421 Shaw, Alfred Shane', Herbert John. alias William 603 Shaw, Robert Oswald Sheehan. Thomas (or Patrick) Shelly, Samuel Sherlock, Edward Shimomura. Unosuke Shine, Patrick Sidden (Malay) Silva, George de Silva, George or Jeremiah de, alias Bennett Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Sawyer, George 489 Stollen, Harold Scott, James Hy Seeman, Edward, alias Lynch 488 Shang, Robert Smith, Henry Empson Smith, Robert Smith, Thomas Peter 488 Speering, Hugh Corneil Stayte, Emily, alias Jones Steel, Jno Stroud, Herbert Joseph Sturgeon, Jno. Archibald L. 488 Sullivan, James 487 Sutor, sell Thomas, Fredk., alias... Rus xvii. continued. Self, Emily Alice Amelia, alias Dillon Sheehan, John Sheehan, Michael Short, May Shung (or Shang), Robert Singleton, Frank 639 Smith, Ernest Joseph Smith, Jack Smith, William 639 Smith, William Hy Sorohan, Leslie Stevenson, Robt Stewart, John Donald 642 Stewart, Joseph 639 Sturgeon, Jno. Archibald L. 641 Summers, Minnie, alias Sheppard 641 Suter, Captain 639 Sweeney, Thomas F. 647 Symons, Florrie Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for- Santry, J. 615 Savell, George Seymour, Wm. Hy Sharpe, G. A Shaw, Chas. Edward Sherrin, George S Short, James Sidney, Fred Small, Grafton Roy Smith, Edward Smith, Harold , 427 Spearman, H. R Spinks, Henry Spreadborough, Francis Stacey, Robert, alias Dignam, &c. 588 Stack, Michael Stafford, J Stanley, George Arthur Walter 568, 601 Stewart, A Stewart, Clive Stuart, C , 601 Street, Jno., alias Jack Thomas Stribbling, James Stroud, Herbert Joseph Sullivan, Jno., alias Lewis Swan, J. 613 T. Tala, Mahomed (Indian) Talbot, George Tannhauser, Otto Tate, Richard Neville Taylor, George Taylor, John Taylor, Maurice Taylor, William David, alias Reid 438 Ten Yee, Peter Tevanny (Indian) Theyas, Charles, alias Alexander 618 Thomas, 'George. 523 Thomas, Harry, alias Morris, &c. 497 Thomas, John, alias Wilson, &c Thomas, William Thomkins, Francis Thompson, Chas , 521 Thompson, Chas. alias Ruenalf Thompson, George Gustav Thompson, Richard, alias Batchelor, &c Thompson, Thomas, alias Veitch Thompson, William , 571 Thomson, James Thorne, Eli Vellacott Thrischman, Theodore , 504 Tighe, Thomas , 462 Tipps, Philip Tokanga (Jap) Tommy (abor.) 518, 522 Tommy Tommy. Jack 339 Trancy, George. 445 Treschman, George Edward, alias Ryan, &c. 490, 504 Tupicoff or Tupikoon, Nicholas Tye, Ah Tallon, Matthew Tansey, Thomas Tawse, George Taylor, A. W Taylor, Benj amin Taylor, Henry B Taylor, John , 635 Taylor, Robert Teasdale, J. W Tebbutt. H. J Telfer, John Templeton, Ainslee, N. T Terry, James Thiele, H. A Thomas, Richard H Thomas, William A

38 INDEX. Complainants -- continued. Thomasson, John Thompson, Geo. B y Thompson, Henry Thompson, Kerry Thompson, Page Thompson, William , 634 Thomson, James Thoneman, James Thorn, Mrs Thrisden-Bedford, C Thrishman, Theodore ighe, W. 367 Tim (abor.) Tindale, William Hy Tobin, Thomas ,581 Toon, John A Tooth, S. A , 461 Torrens Creek Meat Export Company. 484 Townsend, George.., , 443 Trevethan, Thomas Trimble, Samuel Trippet, James Truce, Michael Trueman, Marie Trustees of Estate of late J. Allingham Tubbs, Edward T Tuckett, Nicholas Tulle, Mary Jane Turnbull, Robt Turner, Edward Talbot, William Chas Trevelyan, D'Arcy R Turner, David Talbot , 437 Miscellaneous- Tupicoff, Nicholas Tainton, George Lang... Taylor, Alexander Taylor, Mary Ann Thomas, Mabel Alice Vane- Thomas, May Thompson, William Tideman, Douglas R.... Tomkins, Francis Trednick, James , 530 Tancred, Owen, alias Buttel 366 Tanna, George (S.S.I.) Tannhauser, Oscar Tapfreld, Roy Taylor, Charles 'Taylor, George Taylor, John or Fred Taylor, Robert Telfer, John, alias Nigger , 507 Thomas, George Thomas, Henry Thomas, James, alias Black Tom Thomas, John, alias Parker Thompson, Richard Thomson, James P Tilly, Joseph Tommy (abor.) , 595 Tommy, Tommy Jack 406 Toolan, Hugh, alias O'Toole 404, 624 Toombs, William Townson, James E. alias Wayne 472 Treschman, Theodore 449 Troy, James, alias Frazer 360, 562, 605 Tucker, Thomas Tugarie, Andy Tweed, Margaret Tyler, John Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Tannhauser, Oscar Taylor, Chas. Alfred Thompscn, Charles Tommy (abor.) Trower, Thomas Turnbull, Frank Howard, alias McLean Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Talty, Peter Tannhauser, Oscar Tate, Richard Neville Thomas, Henry Thomas, James Thomas, Wm. James Thompson, Chas. alias Ruenalf 553 Thompson, James, alias Veitch 555 Thorne, Eli Velacott Tighe, Thomas Tommy (abor.) Triffet, Chas., alias Jenkins 553 Tupicoff, Nicholas Prisoners Tried under Criminal'Code, Talbot, Harold Taylor, Charles A Taylor, George Taylor, Maurice, alias. Wilson 645 Tenant, Jno. Brown Thompson, Chas Tindle, Annie Trembath, Benjamin Tully, Joseph Patk Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for- Taylor, A. M , 600 Thomas, Jack (Indian) Thomas, Harry Thompson, David W. 568 Toovey, Walter Dessmess Thorne, Eli Velacott Tucker, Thomas U. Unosuke Shimomura , 531 Underwood, Donald Unknown owner, Inglewood (unbranded calf) Unsworth. Chas , 428 Usher, Lily Unknown man (re A. McGuire's watch) Ungerer, Ellen Unosuke Shimomura Warrants (or Summonses ) Issued for- Unknown man (conspiracy) Unknown man (rape ) Unknown man (stealing, Ballina, N.S.W.) V. V allance, Violet Veitch, Joseph Veitch, Ralph H Vernon, Jack , 613 Vigers, Geo., alias Bigger Visser, Peter Vallely, Peter Vaughan, H. L Veirs, W. B Vidova;, Jno Virtel, Franz Virtue, William Volling, Henry Vane-Thomas, Mabel A Van der Hyde, Gerrit V'egers or Bigger, George 449, 576 Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Vail, Malvie Knight Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Veitch, Rudolph A., alias Thompson Vere, Caul de Vernon. Jack, alias Wilson W. Prisoners Tried under Criminal Cede, Vail, Malvic Knight Vansleve, Christian Vizer, Harry Warrants (or Summonses ) Issued for- Valdee, Louis Vann, William F , 613 Wade, Louie.. Wade, Robert W. F. Wa ghorne, John... Walker, James... Walker, James C. Walker, Robert Walker. Thomas Wallac' Henry R. Wallace. Robert , , continued. Warburton, George Ward, Emma Ward, James , 438 Ward, John Ward, Lawrence Warner, Albert Warrego, Jack (abor. ) Warrian, Clifford G Warrian, William Hy ,542 Washington, John Waterfield, George Wathen, Jack Watson, George Watson, Joseph W Watter, George Franz G Weisse, Hermann , 497 Wellington, Robert Edwin Wells, Ernest Jno., alias Davis Wells, J. B., alias Swan , 590 West, John Beaumont Weston, Gurth F. Saxon Whaley, John White, Francis gan C. H., alias Holli- White, John White, L., alias Olive, &o. 400, 417 White, William J Whitham, Edward, alias Harvey 445 Wiel, Albert Wilkins, Stanley Willcox, Walter Williams, James, alias Cullen, &c. 637 Williams, James Thos., alias Bradshaw Williams, John , 542 Williams, May Williams, Paddy (abor.) 552, 580, 600 Williams, William E Willie (Malay ) Willis, William, alias Stevens Wilson, Edward Jas., alias Pat terson Wilson, James, alias Forrester Wilson, Joseph Wilson, William Hy Wong, Lie Wong, Tommy Ah Wood, Fredk. W , 506 Woodall, Bertie Woodie, J., alias Ah Sam Woods, William Woods, William, alias Hawkins 368 Wray, William Wray, William, alias Crozier, &c. 403, 521 Wylie, Jimmy, alias Low Hoy Wadsworth, W Wager, Dorothy Wah Hop Wainwright, Eleanor Walker and Hall Walker, James D Walker, L. A Walker, William Walton, Ernest Walmsley, Samuel T. 480, 484, 494, 495 Walsh, Edward Walsh, John , 547, 615 Walsh, Michael Walsh, T Walsh, Thomas , 355 Walters, Harry Ward, B. L. 513 Ward, Fredk. Wm Ward, James Ware, George Warren, George Waring, Edward Wasley, Arthur A Water Supply Dept. (Mungallon) 540 Watcrw orth, Einasleigh Watson (Station-master ) Watt, E. W , 485 Watt, Mrs. C. W Watts, Walter Graham Webb, Emily Webb, Thomas Webster, Harold Webster, John , 374 Weier, August Weimer Bros Weinberg, Mark , 495 Welch, Ellen Weller, Weller, Chas. Wm Wellington, Robt. Edwin , Wells, Q Welsh, F. C e West, Mrs. J Weston, Fredk. Joseph Western Queensland Racing Club 630 W Beat, Reginald Wheatley. Norman , 436 Whelan, J Whelan, Michael W h^reat. J. H Whip, James

39 Complainants - continued. Whitney, Albert... White, Alick White, D. G White, J White, James White, Joe Whitoak, Mrs. Agnes... White, Mrs. E White, Robert Wilhelm, Crimm.. Wilkins, Beale, and Tindley Wilkinson, Albert G.... Williams, Annie Williams, Bert Williams, Ernest J Williams, Frederick Williams, George Power... Williams, Henry Joseph... Williams, Herbert Williams, John Williams, Leonard Williams, Leslie Williams, Lewis Williams, Paddy Williams, W. J Willis, George Willis, Henry Wilson, Alexander Wilson, Ben Wilson, Burton, and Co., Ltd. Wilson, Herbert J Wilson, I. Wilson, J Wilson, James Wilson, Mrs. W. D Wilson, Stewart Wilson, W. J Wilss, Friedrich Winks Estate (Mt. Flinders) Winstone, Reginald S. Winten, Mrs. A. T Winter, George Winton Shire Council... Wise, Charles E Woititizki, Max Wolfe, Robert Wolters, L. H Woolcock, Arthur R. Woolfrey, Arthur W... Worongary Railway Station Wray, George Wright, Patrick Wright, Clarrie Wright, William Wyeths, Limited Wyles, Jimmy Wynn, Michael Deserters from H.M. Service- Walker, Frederick Wells, Corporal Wells, William... West, George Edward... Westwood, William White, William George... Williams. Richard Wood, Walter Allan Wright, William INDEX. 648 Waterfield, David , , , , 419, , 448, Waters, Alfred Waximan, John Wayne, Ernest C., alias Townson Wearing, Harry Weir, Duncan Weisse, Herman , 590 Weldon, Alexr. de 608 Wells, Ernest John, alias Davis Welsh, Frederick West, John Beaumont Wetherspoone, Jno Whelan, P atk , 502 Whie, Tim White, Daniel White, Thos., alias Drennan, &c. 387, 436 White, Waiter, alias Harris, &c White, Wm. J Whyte, William Wileman, Francis Wilkins, Robert William, Andrew William, Stenson Williams, Abe Williams, Chas Williams, Edward Williams, James, alias Quinlan , , Waldron, Mary Walker, James Wallace, Henry R. 356 Wallace, John Wallace, John D. 334 Wallace, Robert Walsh, James Walters, Elizabeth Ward, Cyril Harvey Ward, John Washington, John... Walker, John Richard Walker, Robert Wallace, Edward Warrego, Jack Waters, Peter Watts, Willie (abor.) Welch, George Webb, Charles Hy , 429 Wenzel, Karl West, Jno. Joseph, alias Matheson 581 Whip, Albert James Wilkins, Christina Wilkinson, Bob Williams, Paddy (abor.) Willis, Walter Ellis Wing (or Winn), Ah Woellner, Fred , 581 Wun (or Wing), Ali Wyvill, James Williams, James T., alias Bradshaw Williams, John... Williams, Joseph G. Williams, Kate , , 535 Willie (abor.) Willie (Malay) Wilson, Alfred James, alias Davidge Wilson, Edward J., alias Patterson Wilson, Jack (abor.) Wilson, James, alias Jackson, &c. Wilson, John Wilson, J. Bernard, alias Campbell Wilson, Joseph Wilson, Richard, alias Rose... Wilson, Sarah Wilson, William Wilson, William G.... Windibank, James, alias Foley, &c. Winton, E. G Woods, William. Woolsey, George, alias Walsley, &c. Wray, William, alias Crozier, &c. Wye Chow Prisoners Released under Criminal Code- Wallace, Alfred Robert Wayman, Frederick Claude Weel, Albert Wellington, Robert Edwin Williams, Frederick Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Wade, Robert Wm. Field Walsh, James W., alias McCarthy 584 Wellington, Robt. Edwin White, Walter White, Robert , 553 Williams, Richard J Willis, John, alias Curly Wills, William, alias Stevens Wolfe, Herman Ernest Wray, William , 648 Woodie, Jimmy Wakefield, Cyril F. D Walker, Thomas Wallace, Alfred R Walsh, Joseph Norman continued. Ward, Emma Ward, Godfrey Warren, Frank Warrian, Clifford George Warrian, William By Watson, George Watson, Henry Watson, John Watson, William Wayman, Fredk. Claude Webster, Emily Weise, John Lorenzo Weston, Edward White, James White, Thomas Williams, George..... Williams, James, Thos. alias Brad- Wilson, Alfred J., alias Davidge , 645 Wilson, Donald A Woodall, Bertie Woods, Patrick Wright, John Alexander Warrants (or Summonses) Issued for- Wallace, David. 503 Wallace, David, alias Thomas Walsh, Waltham, John Ward, A Watson, G., alias Dally Webb, Alfred H. D Webb, Harry Watson , 503 Wells, J Wells, R Werner, Paul Westgate, Arthur White, John White, John Patrick Whiting, Ernest Albert , 504 Wilkinson, William Hy Wrexford, E., alias Edwards Wright, James Wright, Mary Y. Yates, Rupert You, Ah. 506 You, Ali, alias Low You Young, Frederick Young, George James, alias Carrigan Yuen Kan Yung, Ali Young, F Yates, Charles Wm Yip Fat Yoshioka, Kyutaro Yong Hing Yon, Yet Yung Hart Z. Ziginbine, William H Zimmerls, William Zoglauer, William Prisoners Tried at Supreme or District Courts- Zillflisch, Louis Zach, Frederick

40 sa. I1(DEX. PHOTOGRAPHS OF DISCHARGED PRISONERS. B. No. Baggott, Andrew, alias Baker Baird {or Beard), Frederick Best, Benj amin Bryant, George Burns, Thomas, alias F. Smith C. Cohen, Ernest, alias Limerick Connors, Thomas Gray Crichton, Alexr. M D. Davis, James, alias White D'Edgerley, Emanuel Alexr. alias Domiano Delaney, James, alias Wood Drewer, Thomas, alias Marks E. Edwards, Thomas F. Foster, William James G. Graham, Andrew Greathead, George No. H. Hare, Thomas Hawthorne, Herbert Hector Hayman, John, alias Linneman.. 96 Heggerty, Frederick Wm., alias Irwin Hughes, Wm. John, alias Johnson 97 Hunter, Fredk. William Hurley, Robert Irwin, William, alias Heggerty Jackson, J. Thomas L. Lewis, James Francis, alias Johnson 102 Linneman, Gottlieb, alias Hayman 96 Lowrie, Patrick James M. Murphy, Wallace, alias McNamara 104 Murray, James Mc. McConnell, John, alias Smith McDonald, Joseph, alias O'Brien 106 McNamara, James, alias Murphy O'Brien, Edward, alias McDonald 106 O'Callaghan, John, alias Collins No. P. Paterson, Frederick Wm Pawley, Thomas R. Renner, Otto George S. Salmon, William, alias Burketown Shanks, Frederick Sheehan, Patrick... Sinclair, George Smith, Francis, alias Burns Smith, John, alias McConnell Smith, Robert Wilson... Slaughter, Edward Percy... Sorley, Andrew Stevens, William T Trenery, George, alias Woodcock 124 Velasco, Count V. de, alias Weiler W. Weiler, Arthur Alexr., alias Count Velaseo White, Thomas, alias James Davis 122' Wood, Charles, alias Delaney Woodcock, Wm. George Trenery Printed and Published by ANTHONY JAKFA CUMM1NG. Govercixient Printer, Brisbane.

41 QUI Mql r/ A yo I ET!IiJ n. Y A _ N Off'' Roll' i E4nfiXanLtIh &tfr. PUBLISHED BY AUTHORITY. SATURDAY, 27TH JUNE, VOL. LI.] No [No. 47. No DESCRIPTION OF PORTRAITS, WITH No PREVIOUS "GAZETTE" REFERENCES. No DUNCAN McCO LL, wanted on warrant at Yeulba, charged with wife desertion. Descripi ion :-51 years of age, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, dark complexion, hair turning grey, full sharp stubby beard turning grey, blue eyes, stout build, impediment in speech ; dressed in dark tweed suit, brown broad-rimmed hat. Last heard of at Toowoomba nd June, (Vide Police Gazette, 1914, page 302.) No ERNEST ALEXANDER RYAN, alias Jeffries, alias Moran, also known as Shino or Shiener, supposed offender in Sydney railway robbery. For description and further particulars see above reference rd June, No MARIA POLITES, missing friend, inquired for by her mother, Alice Polites, Stanley street, South Brisbane. Description :-13 years of age, 4 feet 10 inches high, fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, regular nose, stout build, very small mole right side of neck ; native of Victoria; dressed when last seen in black serge skirt, black sateen blouse (torn under arms, short sleeves, low neck), black lace-up boots, blue felt hat, and red ribbon in hair. Last heard of at Brisbane on the 16th instant nd June, This Supplement is STRICTLYCONFIDENTIAL, and must not be seen by any persons other than the Police, except for purposes identification. It is to be filed at every Police Station, and is under no circumstances to be removed f romp the office of the officer in charge. In case identification portraits, information is to be at once sent to Officer in Charge the Criminal Investigation Branch, Brisbane. of of of Printed and Published by ANTHONY of JAMES CUMMING, Cie Government Printer, Brisbane.

42 (Vide Police Gazette (photo. supplement), 1914, page 241.) SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES.-GEORGE FREDERICK CHAPMAN, suspected of stealing (ride above reference), has been arrested at Sydney and charged with the offence, but was discharged owing to there being no prosecution th July Property Lost or Stolen. ToowoosiBA.-Lost or stolen, between Warwick and Tooivoomba, on the 7th instant, the property of CHARLES STEPHEN GRANT, Adelaide street, Brisbane, one brown fordite suit case, about 25 inches long, containing silk samples, a number of cards bearing the name Makower 1MIcBeath," case labelled " Queensland Travellers' Samples (C. S. Grant)," and an official railway label also attached : value, 21 5::. Identifiable th July, C. I. BRANCH, BRISBANE.--Lost or stolen at the National Hotel, Petrie Bight, on the 2nd May last, the property of ANNIE LAWRIE, Oriel road, Albion, one brown tin trunk, about 2 feet 6 inches by 2 feet by 20 inches, containing female wearing apparel, Miss Lawrie, South Brisbane Railway Station," supposed on label attached to trunk : value, or if identifiable not stated th July, BREAKFAST CHEEK, BRISBANE.-Lost between Victoria and Breakfast Creek Bridges, on the 9th ultimo, the property of WILLIAM HENRY T IND ALE, Latrobe street, East Brisbane, one canvas bag 2 feet 6 inches by 9 inches, closed with a string, containing one pair of men's dungaree trousers, size 5; one new flannel shirt; one bicycle kit containing three spanners, three belt cases, three coat straps : value, 15s. Identifiable th July, BOWERT.-Lost or stolen at Bowen, on the 28th or 29th ultimo, the property of JAMES H. BUCHANAN, residing there, one heavy 15-carat gold chain (similar to No. 15, Police Gazette, 9th February, 1911), both swivel clips damaged; one nickel open-faced watch in celluloid case ; a petrified wood pendant, with gold band near top ring, attached to chain: value,. 25. Identifiable th July, CLONCURRY.-Lost or stolen at Cloncurry, on the 17th ultimo, the property of A. BERRYMAN, care of Carses and Co., Charters Towers, one cheque for 13 3s. 6d. in favour of Smith, of Duchess, drawn on the Bank of New South Wales, Cloncurry (drawer,and number of cheque unknown) ; one cheque in favour of Hampden and Co., for 8 8s. 6d, (number and drawer unknown) ; one cheque for 5, drawn by Wals and Payne, dated 6th June, 1914, No , ir favour of Skeen; one cheque, No. D45288, for 9 16s. 10d., dated 2nd June, 1914, payable to " change," drawn by James Forsyth on Q.N. Bank, Cloncurry; and one cheque for 15 5s. 6d.: value, 51 14s. 4d. Identifiable th July, ROMA STREET, BRISBANE,-Lost or stolen in Brisbane on the 29th ultimo, the property of LESLIE GARNET FOWLER, Fowler Pictures, Maryborough, one black leather wallet, stamped " John Keep," containing an Australian Gaslight Collectors' authority, two second-class return tickets by boat to Sydney, from Howard Smith and Co., Limited, two first-class return railway tickets to Maryborough, Queensland (Nos and 4444), a number of miscellaneous papers, and 8 in notes (numbers unknown) : value, 15 10s. Identifiable th July FORTITUDE VALLEY, BRISBANE.--Lost or stolen between the General Hospital and the intersection of Water and Brunswick streets, Valley, on the 20th ultimo, the property of MRs. ELLEN B. SMITH, corner of Lutwyche road and Taylor street, Valley, one small black morocco bag with strap-handle, small pocket on outride and small purse attached inside, containing three receipts from Finney, Isles, and Co., Limited, a pocket handkerchief and about 1 in silver and coppers : value, 2. Bag only identifiable th July, RO-MA STREET, BRISBANE.-Lost or stolen in the cloakroom at the Trades Hall, on the 27th ultimo, the property of CECIL S. HETHERINGTON, Clarendon, Musgrave road, Red Hill, one dark-grey overcoat with two false pockets, back and shoulders lined with red tartan, sleeves lined with brown cotton and white stripes: value, 3. Identifiable th July, ROMA STREET, BRISBANE.-Lost or stolen at Central Railway Station, Brisbane, on the 22nd ultimo, the property of MRS. HORROCKS. Friday street, Sandgate, one small square gold purse with gold chain attached, containing is. 6d. cash : value, 11 12s. 6d. Identifiable except cash th July, Horses and Cattle. The following have since been recovered :-, No. Page. Year I J. White. Robert Smith. M. McGrath. Omer. Deserters from His Majesty ' s Service. DESERTED from H.M.A.S. "Penguin," at Sydney, on the 18th ultimo, RICHARD ASH, steward, aged 19 years, 5 feet 9 inches high, ruddy complexion, dark hair, hazel eyes ; native of Manchester, England. 3 reward for apprehension th July DESERTED from H.M.A.S. " Australia," at Sydney, about the. 25th May last, ERNEST JAMES GOODE, seaman, aged 18 years. 5 feet 74 inches high, fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes, scar over left eye ; native of India. REGINALD CLYDE CLAUDE GLADSTONE D'ARCY. seaman, aged 23 years. 5 feet 8 inches high, dark complexion and hair, blue eyes, scar on outer side of thigh, at root of nose, and at base of right thumb; vaccination marks; native of Launceston. Tasmania. 3 reward for pprei pension th July (Vide Police Gazctt(, 1913, page 406.) WM. GREEN, deserter from H.M.S. " Cerberus," has been apprehended h July, tihip Desertion. IVATER POLICE. BRISBANE,-A -warrant has been issued l- +40 North Brisbane Bench for the arrest of WILLIAM IIAMP b% charged with deserting from the s.s. " Waipara," at Brisbane, on the 19th ultimo. Description : --34 years of age, 5 feet 7 inches high, brown hair and eyes, dark complexion, clean shaven, broken nose, heart and crossed flags tattooed on right forearm: native of London, England th.July, Missing Friends. ANY information concerning the undermentioned to be sent to the Officer in Charge, Criminal Investigation Branch, Brisbane :- INFORMATION is requested, at the instance of Henry Bebb, 775 Ann street, Valley, as to the whereabouts of his daughter, IVY BEBB, who left her home at above address about five weeks ago ; since when no trace of her can be found. Description:- About 16 years of age, 5 feet 1 or 2 inches high, dark complexion and hair, blue eyes, ordinary nose, two front teeth in upper jaw broken ; a domestic servant ; dressed when last seen in brown skirt, white blouse, and navy-blue overcoat th July, INFORMATIONis requested, at the instance of Joseph Evans, care of Mrs. Laurer. Pretoria, Herbeit street, Spring Hill, as to the whereabouts of GEORGE LESLIE JOHNSON, picture showman, who was last heard of at Brisbane on the 9th April, 1914, and was subsequently supposed to have gone to Sydney ; since when no trace of him can be found. Description : -26 or 27 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, dark complexion, hair, and eyes, clean shaved, large nose, thin long face, rather high mouth, boyish appearance ; dressed neatly, when last seen in blueish suit, straw hat, patent leather boots; slender build; resembles an Italian. Has two sisters, known as " Baby" and " Ocean" Johnson, aged 10 and 16 years, respectively, well known in theatrical circles th July, INFORMATION is requested, at the instance of Miss May Jones, Kennington Park, London, England, as to the whereabouts of her brother, EDWIN AVOR JONES, supposed to have left New South Wales for Queensland in December, Description:- 34 years of age, 5 feet 3 inches high, fair complexion, light hair, brown eyes, single th July, INFORMATION is requested, at the instance of Mary Ahern, 65 South Elmwood avenue, Buffalo, New York, as to the whereabouts of her brother, JOHN P. AHERN ; last heard of at the Mount Morgan Goldfield in No description th July, INFORMATION is requested, at the instance of C. Cohen, Lawson, New South Wales, as to the whereabouts of his son, WILLIAM COHEN (or Williams), who left his home at above address on the 27th April last, supposedly for Brisbane ; since when no trace of him can be found. Description : -About 16 years of age (looks older), 5 feet 7 inches high, medium build, fair complexion and hair, light-blue to grey eyes, prominent nose ; dressed when last seen in dark brown tweed suit, faint check pattern running through material, white straw boater hat, wide rim, soft white shirt, turndown collar, black lace-up boots th July, INFORMATION is requested,.at the instance of Mrs. Quinn, Kent road, Hamilton. as to the whereabouts of her husband, HARRY QUINN, who was last heard of at Ipswich on the 28th May last. Description : --28 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, brown complexion and hair, clean shaven, grey eyes, regular nose, red face, and thin build; a showman, supposed gone to Maryborough district in company with a man named Arthur Haynes, otherwise known as "Curley." th July, INFORMATION is requested, at the instance of Mrs. A. Nash, 319 Ann street, City, as to the whereabouts of CHARLES BURNS, who left his home at above address on the 1st ultimo, and has not since been heard of. Description : -About 67 years of age, 5 feet 6 inches high, fresh complexion, fair hair turning grey, white moustache, grey eyes, ordinary nose, dressed in dirty brown suit, overcoat, and slush hat; an old-age pensioner and very feeble th July, (Vide Police Gazette, 1914, page 168.) THOMAS WILLIAM ALLEN, missing friend, is again inquired for by his wife, Mrs. Allen, care of Mrs. Potts, Bank. Petersham, Sydney, N.S.W., and it is now surmised that he may travel under the name Tom Legh, and be found in the vicinity of Dalby or Warwick. For description see above reference th July, (Vide Police Gazette, 1914, page 273.) MINNIE HIGGINS. missing friend, has been located th July, (Vide Police Gazette, 1914, page 277.) C. I. BRANCH, BRISBANE.-Re PAUL KOITKA, for whom a warrant was issued for child desertion. As offender has written to his wife, at Bundaberg, no further action is desired th July, 1914.

43 SUPPLEMENTARY RETURN OF PRISONERS DISCHARGED FROM HIS MAJESTY ' S PRISON, BRISBANE (FEMALES ), DURING THE MONTH OF JUNE, cnr.oux or wriwin. Nance. Where Tried. Date of Discharge., Offence. Date of Sentence. Sentenet. 1 Native of Age. Stature. Make. 0 e 0 Hair.Eye'.. 0 F m ro C of m FA-0 7"a, Ei V.N tternarks. Nellie Crawford, alias Ellen Ryan Jeannie Faulkner., Sarah Wilson.., Marv Jane Sullivan, arias Bella Miller Josephine Haid, alias )vi:kinson Annie 1lurphy. alias Arms Mellahon 'Elizabeth Walters... Jean McLeod, alias Spence. alias O'Sulhratt Jane Nightingale Arnie Murphy, alias Annie McMahon Mary Maloney... Linde Case,), alias Mary Jackson Margaret MchIngh, alias McCue * Jane Nightingale Mary B. Jeffries... * Mary Ellen Robcrt, Mary Monihan N. Brisbane 4 June ditto.. 5 ditto... 5 ditto... 6 S. Brisbane 8 N. Br isbane Pr S. Brisbane 11 Dalby N. Brisbane 13 ditto.., 13 S. Brisbane 13 ditto \. Brisbane 16 ditto... 1D ditto S. Brisbane 20 N. Brisbane 22 Kate Maher, alias Cath- S. Brisbane 25 rive Maher *Nellie Martin N. Brisbane. 26 Fanny Cowan... Bridget Ann Maloney Esther Dunn Margaret Cuddthy, a'ias Mary Brennan ditto ditto S. Brisbane 1 30 N. Brisbane! 30 Drunkenness... Loitering Drunkenness ditto.,. Creating a disturbance Drunkenness ditto ditto... ditto... ditto ditto Obscene Drunkenness ditto ditto language ditto... ditto... ditto... Obscene language drunkenness Loitering Obscene language,,. Drunkenness.., ditto I days ' imprisonment or 10s. Ireland fine days' imprisonment orri fine Queensland fine tine fine r ,,, and ditto Scotland... 3 days' imprisonment or 10s. ' Queensland line 1 month 's imprisonment or 2 Ireland 1 month 's imprisonment or 3 I ditto 7 days' imprisonment or 10s. England line 1 month's imprisonment or 3 Scotland 14 days' fine imprisonment or 10s. Queensland 3 days' imprisonment or 105. Ireland fine 1 month's imprisonment or 2 ditto fine 14 days' imprisonment or 1 Queensland fine ditto Ireland 7 days' imprisonment or 118. Queensland fine 7 days' imprisonnientor 1 fine Ireland... 1 month' s imprisonment or 2 Queensland fine 1 month's fine imprisonment or 3 Ireland... 1 month's fine imprisonment or 2 ditto... 1 month' s imprisonment or 2 ditto... fine and 1 month 's imprisonment or 10s. fine (concurrent) 1 month' s imprisonment fine or 2 ditto... ditto....., ditto... ditto ditto days' imprisonment or 1 Queensland fine Yrs Ft. in. 5 5, Stout ditto Slight 5 6t ditto Medium 5 3 Stout Slight 5 l ditto ? ditto... Sallow ditto ditto Large scar first lingerlelt hand: scar third finger r ig ht h a nd Stout... Ruddy Brown Blue 'It6 Sear upper lip; scar left cheek : scar right eyelid; ears pierced Slight I Sallow ditto ditto Six vaccination-marks right arm; twolarge scars 1 right foot; sear right heel ditto... ditto ditto Grey Face covered in freckles; minus one tooth upper jaw Stout dittoi ditto Blue S Scar upper lip; teeth very bad; ears pierced; w h ite sp ots o n f ace Slight... ditto i Black Brown 'I' 12 Large sear first finger left hand; sear third finger right hand , ditto.., ditto Grey Blue Little fingers both bands deformed : ears vierced ; teeth very bad, only one tooth lowerjaw. 4; 4 4 ditto... ditto Brown Hazel l5 Ears pierced ; face covered in scars ditto St. lb. St. lb. Sallow Brown Blue Scar on forehead ; sear left cheek. ditto ditto ditto Large scar on both checks; sear over left eyebrow. ditto ditto Hazel Ears pierced ; two vaccination-masks right arm scar left ehee4. ditto I ditto Blue Sear on nose. ditto ditto ditto Crooked little fingers; two vaccination-marks right arm: ears pierced. Ruddy ditto ditto Scar npprr lip; scar left cheek; sear right eye- d. lid ; ears pierce Fresh ditto Brown 8 0 1) Ears pierced; four vaccination-marks left arrn; 8 scar ou chin. Ruddy Black ditto large burn-mark left leg. 7 Ruddy ditto Blue Scar right side neck. 5 4 ditto... Sallow ditto 1 blue, Left, eye brown ; right eye blue 1bwn 5 3 ditto.. ditto ditto Grey Vaccination:-mark and two large moles left arms; lower jaw ; ditto Stout Slight ditto... five teeth tipper jaw, no teeth d i to 1Grey ditto Three marks left cheek: ears pierced. ditto Brown Hazel Sear left cheek; scar right arm;sear second finger left hand. ditto ditto Blue Crooked little fingers ; ears pierced ; vaccinationrnark right arm. Ruddy ditto ditto Vaccination-mark right arm ; mole on chits ; ears pierced. * Paid part fine.

44 RETURN OF PRISONERS TRIED AT CIRCUIT AND DISTRICT COURTS IN QUEENSLA. ND-continued. Name of Accused. Where Arrested. Place. Date. Offence. Court where Tried. Date. On whom Committed. Committed Place. for Trial or Sentence. Date. Trial or Sentence. How Disposed of. Arresting Constable. Philip Emsworth Smith Toowoomba Carrington Barry Dent Brisbane., Robert White Isisford George Sweeland... Barcaldine Thomas John Stevenson Longreach,, Thomas McClure and Rockhampton Victor Haldane.Jean O'Neill,,,.., Emerald... Samuel Truesdale Davidson Robert Black,,,,,, Rockhampton Gladstone ,Robert Edwin Welling- Yeppoon ton Joseph Hill Longreach 26.1.) Billy Clarke (aboriginal ) Duaringa Indecent assault ditto Ditto....., ditto,,, ditto,.,... ditto George Russell Rockhampton Arthur William Ander- Townsville son James Patrick Johnson ditto 'George Ernest Hartman ditto,,, ,Tohn Bamford,.. ditto Warren James Fearnley Charters Towers Caleb Greet Rosewood Philip Stock Charles Nash,,,,,, Victor Nash.,,.., Duncan Reilly George Jones and James Coltman a dwelling Wilful murder ditto Stealing in a dwelling ditto Stealing a bicycle....., ditto Breaking and entering a ditto dwelling ditto,,,,,, ditto Breaking and entering a ditto II dwelling (two charges) John William Selby ditto Breaking and entering a ditto Smith j dwelling ditto ditto Breaking and entering a shop ditto Stealing ditto Assault causing grievious bodily harm Stealing (three charges) Stealing (two charges) Ipswich Horse-stealing,,, Breaking, entering, and steal- District Court, Toowoomba 'Frederick Horner... Toowoomba Trial... '2 years and 6 months in Westbrook Reformaissued ing from wry False pretences , ditto......, Joseph Philip Kahler ditto ditto... Failed to appear on bail ; Bench warrant Attempted murder Supreme Court, Rockhampton George Daniel Cooper Isisford ditto... 6 months' hard labour.,,,..... ditto....,,... ditto,,, Joseph Lennox... Barcaldine ditto... ditto Albert Longreach ditto... Discharged Unlawfully wounding...,., ditto James Jenkinson Robbery with violence....., ditto Harcourt Humphries Rockhampton ditto... Each 3 years' hard labour ditto Assaulting police,.. Supreme Court, Townsville ditto ditto Cattle-stealing......I ditto,.. ditto Obstructing police in execution of duty ditto Assaulting police ditto Threatening to assault,,,...,,, Rex....., Olive Jessop......,,, Mary Ellen Addison Samuel Lee......,,, Lilian Ada Chapple Samuel Lee......,,, Lilian Ada Chapple...,,, John Kerr Hollingsworth,,, Henry Volling,,,.,, Rose Beck....., Matilda Beck Stephen Brooks W. If. Nunn Albert Poultney, Frank Borrell, and James Murphy William Dare and A. Hughes Neils Jensen Al. ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto.,, ditto Longreach Rockhampton ditto ditto... No true bill filed... ditto months' hard labour... Sentence 15 months' hard labour... ditto... 3 years' hard labour ; sentence suspended tinder section 656, Criminal Code ditto... Discharged on recognizance to come up for sentence if called ditto 4 years' hard labour on each charge (concurrent) ditto.,, 4 years' hard labour (concurrent) ditto... Not proceeded with ditto... 6 months' hard labour Trial... 2 years' hard labour ditto... Not proceeded with ditto Sentence 12 months ' hard labour; sentence suspended under section 656, Criminal Code; restitution, 1 Townsville Trial... 2 years' imprisonment; sentence under section 656, Criminal Code ditto ditto.., 12 months' imprisonment on each charge (con- current) ditto ditto ditto Arthur Richard Han - Ipswich sen ditto,, H. P. Caulfield.,. ditto ditto... ditto,,, Martin Hogan ditto ditto ditto ditto ditto John Alfred Donald... ditto suspended ditto months' hard labour on each charge (concurrent) ditto... 2 years' imprisonment; sentence suspended tinder section 656, Criminal Code ditto... Not guilty... Rape ditto....., A. Overs Charters Towers Assault causing bodily harm... District Court, Ipswich Mary Jane Greet Rosewood ditto.. Reduced to common assault, and discharged on entering into recognizances of 100 to be of good behaviour for twelve months ditto Discharged ditto ditto... ditto.., ditto... Jury unable to agree ; defendant remanded to take his trial at next sittings, District Court, Ipswich (date to be fixed) ditto... Discharged Senr. Sergt. Head. Det. Actg. Sergt. Goggins Coast. Purser. Const. Houston. Const. Boag. Consts. Dumbrell Ryan. Det. Senr. Sergt. Kenny. and Det. Senr. Sergt. Kenny and Const. Thornton. Const. Kreutzmann. 1/c Const. O'Toole. Constable Constable ditto. ditto. ditto. ditto. ditto. D. J. Gavin. Scott. Det Sour. Sergt. Kenny and Const. Cullen. Act. Sergt. Hornibrook and Const. Partridge. Det. Senr. Sergt. Seymour and Const. Hagerty. Coast. Portley. Consts. Portley and Caplice. Det. Const. Odewahn and Const. Collyer. Const. W. G. Nichol. Act. Sergt. Hoelscher. Const. H. P. Caulfield. ditto. ditto. ditto.

45 Getting around this CD NAVIGATING ARCHIVE CD BOOKS CDs All Archive CD Books products can be navigated easily using the handy bookmarks on each CD. The table of contents in most original books, and the original book index where it exists, can provide additional ways of finding the information required. SEARCHING TEXT ON ARCHIVE CD BOOKS AUSTRALIA CDs Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology has been developing over the years as a useful mechanism to convert images (as Archive CD Books pages are) into text which can be searched. The quality of the OCR can still vary, and hence the searchability can vary. Around 95% or 99% of the words in books with good type are searchable or even higher with very good type. OCR is now a wonderful searching aid in many instances but there is still no substitute for reading the book! DIFFERENT VERSIONS OF ADOBE ACROBAT READER Adobe Acrobat Reader 4 or later should be used. Adobe Reader 6 (as it is now named) in fact has considerably better searching options and is recommended. Acrobat Reader v4 has both a "Find" and a "Search" tool. Those tools are two *totally* different things. Our CDs (that are searchable) work with the *FIND* tool Acrobat Reader v5 has only a "Find" tool (not a "search" tool). Our CDs (that are searchable) work with the *FIND* tool. Adobe Reader v6 has only a "Search" tool (not a tool labelled "Find") HOWEVER what is called "Search" is the same as the tool that used to be called "Find" Our CDs (that are searchable) work with the *SEARCH* tool TIPS FOR SEARCHING AND GETTING MORE FROM THE CD BOOKS update to Adobe Reader 6 for more versatile searching options, including the ability to bring up a list of all instances of the word you are searching for across multiple files on a single CD in a single search request. enter the MINIMUM number of characters needed to bring up the search results required. use Adobe Reader 6 to do some trial searches to try to identify the characters that may be misread. These can show up in the extra text in the search results list (Adobe 6 only). A few minutes trial will help you to avoid using characters that are more prone to being misread, e.g. try entering "rederi" if you want "Frederick", but find that the letters "F" "c" and "k" are sometimes misread. use the "Match whole word" option to eliminate unnecessary items in your results list, e.g. to eliminate all the blacksmiths and tinsmiths etc when you only want the name Smith use the "Match case" option when you want to eliminate all the occupations "smith" if you only want the name "Smith" Don t just search for names. Search the book for other names, places and subjects of interest: - look for others of the same name - look for others who lived in the same place or street - who was the postmaster or police officer in the town? - how often and at what time did the coach arrive in town? - what churches were there and what time were services held? - what other activities were there in the community? - look for others who had the same occupation of other interests All of this and more may be available in a seemingly mundane book such as a directory. You could learn or write much of the background of life at the time, even if your ancestor is not listed there. ADOBE ACROBAT SEARCHING IS A WONDERFUL FIRST FINDING AID. BUT DO NOT RELY ON IT TO PICK UP ALL THE INFORMATION YOU WANT


CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY Kenmore and D istr ict H i s t o r i c a l S o c t y i e I n c A research project of KENMORE AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC Researched by Judy Magub OAM May 2015

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Index to Inscriptions

Index to Inscriptions Index to Inscriptions Certain conventions have been used in the Index; surnames at the time of burial are capitalized, while maiden names are bracketed (but not capitalized except in the Headings). Numbers

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St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery

St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery is located at the intersection of Ellery s Sideroad and Highway 93, just outside the village of Wyebridge where the former St. Andrew

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SWINTON UNITARIAN BURIALS SWINTON UNITARIAN BURIALS These are the transcribes for Swinton unitarian church yard, formerly of Swinton hall road, Swinton, Salford. The original burial book was photographed by Lizzie Leek, a local

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Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 1801 Jun 25 STRICKLAND Matthew s.o. Joseph and Hannah Strickland (born 16.6.1801). 1802 Mar 29 NICHOLLS Armelle d.o.

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Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z Surname Christian names Died Age Plot No. ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/ ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929

Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z Surname Christian names Died Age Plot No. ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/ ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929 Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/1921 44 98 ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929 44 98 ALLPRESS Laura Jane (wife of Jesse Allpress ) 04/11/1946 58 113 AMBRICK Ann (wife of John

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Register Report for Celia Lefforge

Register Report for Celia Lefforge Generation 1 1. Celia Lefforge-1 was born on 23 May 1793 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. She died on 12 August 1854 in Noble Township, Rush Co., Indiana. Jene "Jesse" Winship son of Jabez Lathrop Winship

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Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh. m unknown. Sleigh, Ralph. Sleigh, Ralph. 1/7/ of 9

Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh. m unknown. Sleigh, Ralph. Sleigh, Ralph. 1/7/ of 9 Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh Sleigh, Ralph m. 1708 unknown Sleigh, Francis Joseph 1709-1770 Sleigh, Edward 1710 1788 m. 1735 Nash - 1788 no issue Sleigh, Ralph 1735

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St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Index John Harris St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth. Graveyard Guide Project

St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Index John Harris St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth. Graveyard Guide Project St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Project FOLDER T ELSIE G. TALBOT 1899-1966 AGED67 FRANCIS J. TALBOT 1897 1979 AGED 82 DOUGLAS TALBOT (SON) 1925 1930 AGED 5 12/142 MARY JANE TARRANT

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Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c.

Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c. 1) Nutbrown, John [1643c.-1698] Stephenson, Elizabeth [1645c.-1709] (? 1.1) Nutbrown, Joseph [1671-xxxx] 1.2) Nutbrown, John [1672-xxxx] 1.3) Nutbrown, William [1674-xxxx] 1.4) Nutbrown,

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TOOP Family. Family Notices. (1951, June 26). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : ), p. 10.

TOOP Family. Family Notices. (1951, June 26). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : ), p. 10. (37524) COOM, Emma Sarah Ann b ; par Austin COOM & Emma DIXON; sp Alfred George TOOP (1864 - c1929), ch Gladys Mildred d 4-Mar-1955 (m GARD), Beatrice Amabel b 21-Mar-1891 307 d 16- Apr-1958 (m HANDFORD);

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SUMMARY OF MEMORIAL INSCRIPTIONS RST dds may 2016 St Anne s Church Baslow page 1 of 6 R01 1 Hibberd Peter 3 1 1880 61 main 1819 R02 1 Simmons Ernest 6 5 1944 76 main 1868 R03 1 Brocklehurst Caroline 3 2 1775 75 main 1700 R04 1 Brocklehurst

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POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson)

POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson) POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson) Carl Julius POULSON and Sarah JOHNSON Family History Carl Julius POULSON B 20 June 1860 Sweden

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Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death

Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death Swindon World War II Civilian s 1939-1945 Surname Name Age at Adams William 23 Of 41 Station Road, Wotton Bassett 19 September 1940 Victoria Hospital Barnard Mary Ann 62 Wife of Emmanuel John Barnard 17

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Ann Street Primary School 1893 to 1897

Ann Street Primary School 1893 to 1897 Friends of Dundee City Archives Ann Primary School 1893 to 1897 Surnames starting by Surname Prenames Date of Birth Date of Admissio Parent/Guardian Residence Last School Re-Admission Number Fairley John

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Woburn High School, Graduation Portraits Photograph Collection, (bulk , , 1935, 1938) Photograph Collection, PH-27

Woburn High School, Graduation Portraits Photograph Collection, (bulk , , 1935, 1938) Photograph Collection, PH-27 Woburn High School, Graduation Portraits Photograph Collection, 1924-1938 (bulk 1924-1928, 1930-1931, 1935, 1938) 2 linear feet (2 boxes) Photograph Collection, PH-27 Administrative History: The first

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Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923

Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923 Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923 Abel, Harry William Thomas Abel, Margaret Albutt, Alfred Allum, William Allum, Clara Alice Barley, Harry Richard Barley, Lucy Barlow, William Edgar John Barlow, Ethel

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Census for Watchfield April BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus?

Census for Watchfield April BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus? Census for Watchfield April 1901. BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus? Alfred Collins 46 West Lodge. Groom Domestic Annie Collins 40 Alfred Baxter 35 Farm Worker Annie

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Franks, James E Favel, Thomas B Fabris, John Y47 10

Franks, James E Favel, Thomas B Fabris, John Y47 10 Name of Deceased 1953 File No. Book Folio Fairbanks, 47530 Y46 292 Thomas Franks, James 19609 E55 311 Favel, Thomas 47961 B53 295 G. Fabris, John 48052 Y47 10 1954 Frame, Andrew 48156 B54 63 P. Fraser,

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NAME BORN DIED AGE MEMORIAL NOTES GC /11/ /01/1961 NAME BORN DIED AGE MEMORIAL NOTES GC 1 GC2 RUTH ELLEN HALL WILLIAM DAWSON 18/11/1946 04/01/1961 GC 59 71 In loving memory of Ruth Ellen beloved wife of William Dawson Hall. At rest November 18th 1946 aged

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Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory

Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory 1858-59 Elliott, Willis, barber, north side Main between Clinton and Calhoun. Elliott, Willis, barber, north side Jefferson between Griffith and Fulton. Fisher, Geo. W., plasterer,

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Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery. Grave Transcription

Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery. Grave Transcription Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery Grave Transcription This Document: Copyright 2011 Adam Keppel-Garner Grave Transcriptions Copyright Richard Munns 2002 2011 1 - Sarah Watling d.??/10/1879 aged 69 2 - David

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Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr:

Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan 1783. Married Helen Orr 1760. Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 2 i. Robert Dun, b. 4 Jun 1764. 3 ii. George Dun, b. 30 Dec 1768. 4 iii. Barclay Dun, b. 3 Mar 1771. 5 iv.

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Section C. Page 1. James F., Annie L., Elnora L.,

Section C. Page 1. James F., Annie L., Elnora L., Brooks Cress Alpheus H., 1810-1897 Martha L., 1820-1896 A. Bradley, 1846-1933 Eva M., 1855-1931 James F., 1861-1946 Annie L., 1862-1947 Elnora L., 1894-1981 Paul & Staples Staples: George P., Apr. 16,

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BLUNT Family. Agnes (nee HEADY); m(1) Qld. sp Timothy Stephens CURNOW ( ), ch Timothy Edwin; m(2) Qld.; sp Paul FRANCIS; d c1917.

BLUNT Family. Agnes (nee HEADY); m(1) Qld. sp Timothy Stephens CURNOW ( ), ch Timothy Edwin; m(2) Qld.; sp Paul FRANCIS; d c1917. (20422) BLUNT, Alice Mary par Edred Heady and Eleanor (nee SPINKS). (32871) BLUNT, Charles William b Roade, Northamptonshire, Eng.; par George and Emily Agnes (nee HEADY); d 18-Apr-1882 8 Brisbane, Qld.,

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STAPLE FITZPAINE PARISH CHURCH BAPTISMS Surname Forename Baptism date Allen Oliver 25.09.1898 William & Sarah Bale Edgar 15.10.1899 Francis & Bale Francis 13.03.1898 Francis & George Banham Elsie 13.03.1898 Robert & Isabella Banham Hilda 22.04.1900 Robert & Isabella Barter

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25 YEARS ON THE QUEENSLAND COURT OF APPEAL 25 YEARS ON THE QUEENSLAND COURT OF APPEAL President Margaret McMurdo AC 1 I gratefully acknowledge the research provided by Brendon Copley, Research and Training Librarian, Supreme Court Library; the

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FIRST TENOR SECTION 1. STANLEY JONES Secretary c 1953 FIRST TENOR SECTION 1. STANLEY JONES Secretary 1946-52 1946- c 1953 2. DAVID JENKINS Treasurer 1946-51 1946-1951 3. WALTER BREEZE Long Service Member; Life Member 1946-1990 4. HAYDN THATCHER Long Service

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Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation

Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation ALEXANDER Henry Staten 10/14/1921 3/23/1986 DT with ALEXANDER- Mama Shin; SSDI ALEXANDER Mama Shin 10/20/1924 DT with ALEXANDER- Henry Staten ALFORD Jociah B.

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William Flint's Descendants. Helen E. Turner

William Flint's Descendants. Helen E. Turner William 's Descendants by Helen E. William - Unknown Martha Uwin - Unknown John 1728 - Unknown Eliza Fearnehough - Unknown William 1731 - Unknown Elizabeth 1738 - Unknown Martha 1742 - Unknown Hannah 1745

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WICKHAM MARKET TM WICKHAM MARKET TM 30192 55706 WW1-31 WW2-9 WW2 Civilians - 4 With acknowledgement to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission http://www.cwgc.org/ WW1 Casualties Awards Rank Number Service Unit Age Parish

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OAKHAM WESLEYAN CIRCUIT BAPTISM REGISTER surname abode Age when OAKHAM WESLEYAN CIRCUIT BAPTISM REGISTER 1837-1944 UPPINGHAM ENTRIES 1838 14 th Jan Wesley Catherine 1841 10 th Oct Eliza 28 th Nov Samuel 26 th Dec Fanny 1842 14 th Mar 3 rd April Susannah 1843 30 th

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ST JOHN S CHURCH WHITBOURNE - UPPER CHURCHYARD GRAVE REGISTER - April 2018 Click HERE for the Graveyard Plan ST JOHN S CHURCH WHITBOURNE - UPPER CHURCHYARD GRAVE REGISTER - April 2018 Click HERE for the Graveyard Plan Names given are for identification purposes only. In numerous cases plots are double, or may

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Baptism Registers of Branscombe Methodists

Baptism Registers of Branscombe Methodists Baptism Registers of Branscombe Methodists Axminster Circuit 1842-1877 ( DRO 2399 D/1) Baptised Born Name Sex Father Mother 31.1. 1844 24.1.1844 Eliza F William Sarah Hammett Brown Brown 4.2.1844 11.1.1844

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1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname

1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname 1881 Census ID Household ID House name First Name Surname Relation to Head Condition Sex Age Profession County of Birth 1 1 Rd Thomas Cooper Head M M 46 Ag Lab 2 1 Elizabeth Cooper Wife M F 37 3 1 Elizabeth

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Name of Deceased File No. Book Folio

Name of Deceased File No. Book Folio 1902 Johnston, James 42 Jones, Polly 63 1903 Johnson, Eyjolfur 89 Johnson, Sigmundur 118 Johnson, Sigmundur (infant child 120 of) Jones, Edward 141 Johnston, James 150 1904 Janzen, Maria 178 1905 Jackson,

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Descendants of Robert Douglas

Descendants of Robert Douglas Descendants of Robert Douglas Generation No. 1 1. ROBERT 1 DOUGLAS was born Abt. 1815. He married ELIZABETH ROBERTSON. She was born Abt. 1820, and died 31 October 1903 in Walkerville, South. Notes for

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Descendants of John A Wright

Descendants of John A Wright Descendants of John A Wright Generation No. 1 1. John A 1 Wright was born June 15, 1853, and died March 1, 1936 in Jefferson County, Alabama. He married Acenath M Burchfield Abt. 1878 in (Index Date) Jefferson

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This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have

This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have known each other. 1750 1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810

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Shire of Dandenong/City of Dandenong

Shire of Dandenong/City of Dandenong Shire of Dandenong/City of Dandenong The Shire of Dandenong was constituted on 7 May 1873. The members of the Dandenong District Roads Board automatically became the members of the first Council. Both

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Descendants of Edward Swain

Descendants of Edward Swain Descendants of Edward Swain William Swain [64] Unknown Mary Swain [65] Mary Swain [80] c. 3 Jan 1707 St Mary's, Hitchin Charlotte Swain [10] c. 7 Mar 1781 St Mary's, Hitchin d. Dec Qtr 1862 Luton Reg Thomas

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GEORGE HENRY THOMAS. Thomas 1844 Licenced Victualler. Sarah Jane Caddick 1852 Willenhall, Staffs - - Bessie Hayward (Wills?) 21 Jun 1883.

GEORGE HENRY THOMAS. Thomas 1844 Licenced Victualler. Sarah Jane Caddick 1852 Willenhall, Staffs - - Bessie Hayward (Wills?) 21 Jun 1883. GEORGE HENRY THOMAS 1844 Licenced Victualler Sarah Jane Caddick 1852 Willenhall, Staffs 1872 Bertha (Ada?) 1876 Edwin 1878 Amy Ann George Henry Bessie Hayward (Wills?) BESSIE HAYWARDWILLS Wills c 11 Nov

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Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Seminar Reports by Senior Students Backer - Byrum Name Year / Volume Beginning Page No.

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine Seminar Reports by Senior Students Backer - Byrum Name Year / Volume Beginning Page No. Backer, John W. 1969 v.1 153 Bagwell, John D. 1972 v.1 472 Bailey, Danny Preston 1973 v.1 286 Bailey, Henry Wayne 1973 v.1 227 Bailey, Jan 1974 v.1 84 Bailey, Rick 1979-80 v.1 109 Bailey, Thomas Lee, Jr.

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ANGLING TRUST VETERANS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS LAKE & PEG NUMBER. ANGLERS NAME Kgs POS'N LAKE & PEG NUMBER ANGLERS NAME Kgs POS'N Top 32 Kevin Folwell 61300 1 Club 23 Harry Billing 49150 2 Jennys 2 Danny Sixsmith 45650 3 High 11 Pam Mason 45600 4 Jennys 4 Tony Watling 42550 5 Extension 24

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WILLIAM COCKSHOTT III =(1798K) Sarah Smith (born 1770 s?)# (...)

WILLIAM COCKSHOTT III =(1798K) Sarah Smith (born 1770 s?)# (...) generation GAY FAMILY HISTORY THE COCKSHOTT/COESHOTT FAMILY THOMAS COCKSHOTT I =(...) Margaret... (born 1650 s?) (...) >? T COCKSHOTT I WILLIAM I MARY DENNIS I THOMAS II JOHN =(1697/8x) Anne Booth JANE

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Hanover Center Cemetery, Grafton Co., NH documented by Frances L. Hanchett 2010.

Hanover Center Cemetery, Grafton Co., NH documented by Frances L. Hanchett 2010. Hanover Center Cemetery, Grafton Co., NH documented by Frances L. Hanchett 2010. Section 3. The newest Section. Far Left. Fellows, Harold Asa, 4.10.1903 1.31.1984. Fellows, Fred A., 10.2.1931 3.3.2005.

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Lives. Selected by Frank Prochaska OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. SUB Gfittingen O/} 2002 A 15338

Lives. Selected by Frank Prochaska OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. SUB Gfittingen O/} 2002 A 15338 Lives Selected by Frank Prochaska SUB Gfittingen 214 878 716 O/} 2002 A 15338 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS George III, King (1738-1820) WILLIAM HUNT i Charlotte Sophia, queen of George III (1744-1818) 35 FRANCIS

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Surname Prenames Date of Birth Birthplace Residence Admission Date Number Father's Name Mother's Name

Surname Prenames Date of Birth Birthplace Residence Admission Date Number Father's Name Mother's Name Friends of City Archives Industrial School - Girls Names List (1877 to 1916) Surnames starting with Surname Prenames Date of Birth Birthplace Residence Admission Date Number Father's Name Mother's Name

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1850 Federal Census, New Cumberland, Hancock Co., (W)VA

1850 Federal Census, New Cumberland, Hancock Co., (W)VA 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 Schedule I - Free Inhabitants in New Cumberland in the County of Hancock State of Virginia enumerated by me, on

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The Gethsemane FWB Church Cemetery Of Tuscarora, NC

The Gethsemane FWB Church Cemetery Of Tuscarora, NC The Gethsemane FWB Church Cemetery Of Surveyed in 2006 R. Allen Humphrey The Gethsemane Free Will Baptist Church Cemetery of Tuscarora, NC. A photographic survey of the grave markers existing in 2005.

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Family 15 Chart ( 26 March 2008)

Family 15 Chart ( 26 March 2008) Family 15 Chart ( 26 March 2008) John Vennard b. ca 1763 & Elizabeth Husband m. 31 Mar 1783, Parish of Cuby with Tregony Thomas (1) Vennard b. 10 Oct 1784, Cuby with Tregony, Cornwall & UNNAMED William

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Descendants of Alexander Dargie Margaret Dargie

Descendants of Alexander Dargie Margaret Dargie Descendants of John McIntosh Alexander McIntosh David McIntosh Agnes McIntosh Andrew McIntosh Alexander McIntosh Jane McIntosh b. 9 May 1831 Agnes Henderson Ellen Dargie Mary Henderson David Henderson

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Changes in Church Street, Coleraine: 1860 to c [PRONI: Griffith's Revisions [Val/12/B/30/9A-9M] Anderson.

Changes in Church Street, Coleraine: 1860 to c [PRONI: Griffith's Revisions [Val/12/B/30/9A-9M] Anderson. Description of Surname Property 1860s 1870s 1880s 1890s 1900 - c.1930 1901 ) 1 16 & 17 [1 & 2] Church 1 Both were listed as House, offices. 60.00 90.00 In these two properties had been Nos. 16 (Adam McKay)

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BURNETT BURIALS Burial Date First Name Rel'n Male Rel Female Rel Surname Age Abode Notes

BURNETT BURIALS Burial Date First Name Rel'n Male Rel Female Rel Surname Age Abode Notes 26 Feb 1592/3 John CONMBE Junr. [BTs] 11 Jan 1595/6 Anne dau of Wylliam DAYSON? Rector [BTs] 25 Feb 1605/6 Mary wife of Powell DAY [BTs] 19 May 1611 Agnes wife of John CONMBE [BTs] 24 Oct 1611 Gillian?

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Surname First Date of Death Note

Surname First Date of Death Note Surname First Date of Death Note BENTHAM Elizabeth 30 October 1930 69 years, widow of John BENTHAM John 23 August 1920 71 years, of C/Goolams BENTHAM Thomas Edward 05 December 1985 Born 25 Nov 1914 BOLLAND

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Page 114 Chapter 19. The children of William D. Register and Elzie Mercer were:

Page 114 Chapter 19. The children of William D. Register and Elzie Mercer were: Page 114 Chapter 19 Chapter 18 Register Family The Register family migrated into Craven County after 1880 via Jones County, NC and earlier Duplin County, NC. Four Register brothers, William D., John Frank,

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Surname Forename Street Parish. Eakins Agnes Mulgrave Street St Laurence. Eakins Andrew Ennis Road Killeely. Earlie Simon Farranshone Road Killeely

Surname Forename Street Parish. Eakins Agnes Mulgrave Street St Laurence. Eakins Andrew Ennis Road Killeely. Earlie Simon Farranshone Road Killeely E & F Surname Forename Street Parish Eakins Agnes Mulgrave Street St Laurence Eakins Andrew Ennis Road Killeely Earlie Simon Farranshone Road Killeely Earls Catherine John Street St. John's Earls Hugh

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Commercial Department

Commercial Department Commercial Commercial Department BILLY HOGAN Chief Commercial Officer OLLY DALE Sales Director MIKE COX Head of Merchandising PHIL DUTTON Head of Ticketing & Hospitality ANDREW ROBINSON Head of Digital

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Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887

Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887 Friends of Dundee City Archives Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887 Surnames sorted by Letter T Surname First Names of Tait Francis 07/11/1868 05/04/1880 John Tait 12 Croft's Lane India 1531 Tait John 06/11/1870

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Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec

Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Keith McCallum 193 Wilson Avenue #310 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5M 4M8 1-Pierre Vibert-[3338] was born on 16 Oct 1814 in St. Mary, Jersey Island.

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Local Residents Ticket Draws for the GAA All-Ireland Championship Finals 2016

Local Residents Ticket Draws for the GAA All-Ireland Championship Finals 2016 Local Residents Ticket Draws for the GAA All-Ireland Championship Finals 2016 On Monday, August 15th, the local resident ticket draws for the All-Ireland Championship Finals took place in Croke Park. The

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Descendants of William 1st Kirk

Descendants of William 1st Kirk Descendants of William 1st Kirk 1 William 1st Kirk 1720 -... +Mary (Marion) Delebach... 2 Elizabeth Kirk - 1836... +Mr. Boinest... 2 James Kirk... 3 Henry Harvey Kirk - 1836... 2 John Kirk... +Jane Pope...

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St. Barnabas Schedule Liturgy Across 2 Listing

St. Barnabas Schedule Liturgy Across 2 Listing First Week in October 2018 From Mon 10/01/2018 To Sun 10/07/2018 Aidan* Beemsterboer Ally Haymaker Maeve McNamara Daniel Coakley Ethan * Collins Richard Moran Sam Quiroz Nora Carpenter Michael * Collins

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Friends of Dundee City Archives Mitchell Street School 1891 to 1896

Friends of Dundee City Archives Mitchell Street School 1891 to 1896 Friends of City Archives Mitchell Street School 1891 to 1896 Surnames starting by R SUR 2ND OF Rae Alexander 04/01/1892 20/02/1878 Dudhope Pub Sch 29/01/1892 Full Time Work Rae Alex. 34 Fleuchar St 9 Rae

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Where bound to: Swan River and Ceylon. Compiled Passenger List Name Age Status or Description Reference

Where bound to: Swan River and Ceylon. Compiled Passenger List Name Age Status or Description Reference Newsletter of the Swan River Pioneers 829-838 from Issue No.2 December 999 Atwick SHIPPING REPORT Date of Arrival: 9 October 829 Ships Name: Atwick Masters Name: Hugh McKay No. of Tons: 34 No. of Men:

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Dundas Museum and Archives. Finding Aid - Bertram Family Collection (C.0002)

Dundas Museum and Archives. Finding Aid - Bertram Family Collection (C.0002) Dundas Museum and Archives Finding Aid - Bertram Family Collection (C.0002) Generated by Access to Memory (AtoM) 2.3.1 Printed: July 10, 2017 Language of description: English Dundas Museum and Archives

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WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History

WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History Francis Howard (Frank) WILKIE B 1870 New Zealand D 1945 New Zealand

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Chester le Street ASC Spring Open Meet (Under ASA Laws & ASA Technical Rules) Saturday 23 rd & Sunday 24 th April Licensed Meet - No.

Chester le Street ASC Spring Open Meet (Under ASA Laws & ASA Technical Rules) Saturday 23 rd & Sunday 24 th April Licensed Meet - No. EVENT 52 Mens Open 100m Butterfly 1. James Keyworth 17 Chester Le S 1:03.43 29.99 2. William Morris 13 Tynemouth 1:05.24 29.91 3. Aidan Brown 13 Bo Stockton 1:05.42 30.61 4. Christopher Heppell 16 Chester

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Do you remember these Referees?

Do you remember these Referees? Referees Scottish Football Associa North of Scotland 50 th Anniversary Do you remember these Referees? List of senior officials 1959-2009 Year Class Name Town 1960-64 Class 3A Allan, Alex Elgin 1964-67

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LANDLORD TELEPHONE PROPERTY ADDRESS. Park Place Apartments Bell Ridge Rd. James Abbott 423-794-0769 & 202-5148 Ronald Anderson 423-913-1273 Beaver Hollow Apartments 423-926-5806 800 Swadley Rd. Park Place Apartments 423-926-5090 1319 Bell Ridge Rd. Black Hawk Management 423-753-7461

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Tilehurst War Memorial

Tilehurst War Memorial Tilehurst War Memorial The Memorial is in the form of a Cross of Sacrifice located in Tilehurst Triangle. The Tilehurst Royal British Legion take great pride in the memorial. Tilehurst had been incorporated

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3. Elizabeth WILSON was born on 3 June 1744 in Shillington, Beds. She married William FLINT on 22 May 1766 in Shillington.

3. Elizabeth WILSON was born on 3 June 1744 in Shillington, Beds. She married William FLINT on 22 May 1766 in Shillington. First Generation 1. Edward WILSON was born in 1718 (approx.). Elizabeth UNKNOWN and Edward WILSON had the following children: +2 John WILSON (1740- ) +3 Elizabeth WILSON (1744- ) +4 Edward WILSON (1748-

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OFFICIAL JACKSON COUNTY MAY 17, 2005 SPECIAL ELECTION SAMPLE BALLOT Rogue Community College Director, Zone 3 Sharon Davidson Director, Zone 6 Wallace Kaufman Tim Johnson David S. Trump Director, Zone 7 Patrick G. Huycke Southern Oregon Education Service District Director,

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Cemetery Surname Index Ob-Omm

Cemetery Surname Index Ob-Omm Obenchain Adolphus M Union-Oakley Obenchain Edith M West Clarno Obenshain Frank W Greenwood-Brodhead Obenshain James C E West Clarno Obenshain Otto L West Clarno Obenshain Stella J Greenwood-Brodhead O'Berem

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Drew County Arkansas Deaths A-B

Drew County Arkansas Deaths A-B Drew County Arkansas Deaths A-B Last Name First Name Death Cemetery (If Known) Adair J B 3/3/1934 Adair Mavis Leona 7/11/1984 Andrews Chapel Adams Alice 7/30/1947 Centerpoint Adams Bessie 1/8/1932 Adams

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Marriages for All Saints Church, Curland, Somerset UK

Marriages for All Saints Church, Curland, Somerset UK 1847 2 nd March Dicks Reubin Full Age Bachelor Curland John Dicks Newton Harriet Full Age Spinster Curland Thomas Newton John Anna Mary Jewell? Butcher 1847 23 rd Sept James Full Age Bachelor Thatcher

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Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON

Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON First Generation 1. Henry Thompson WILSON, son of John B. WILSON and Sarah "Sallie" CAFFEY, was born on 28 Sep 1823 in North Carolina, died on 22 Jul 1910 in Henderson Co, TN, USA, and was buried in Antioch

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BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS Edited by Robert Eccleshall and Graham Walker London and New York CONTENTS Contributors Preface Robert Walpole, First Earl of Orford 1 Stephen Taylor

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SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM. Walter Boyle - Head Master MEd, NPQH. Ben McCarey - Deputy Head Master BA (Hons), PGCE

SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM. Walter Boyle - Head Master MEd, NPQH. Ben McCarey - Deputy Head Master BA (Hons), PGCE SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM Walter Boyle - Head Master MEd, NPQH Ben McCarey - Deputy Head Master Paul Hayes Assistant Head Master Boarding and Pastoral MA,, PCGE Graham Alford - Head of Sixth Form James Bell

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Married 1/20/1897. Clarence Irving Wright B. 6/27/1907 D. 2/12/1992

Married 1/20/1897. Clarence Irving Wright B. 6/27/1907 D. 2/12/1992 Edmond Wright B. Brownville, NY, March, 1833 D. Lindley, NY 9/12/1887 Sarah A. Bagley 1833 1909 William Wortman B. 11/21/1829 D. 6/14/1888 Mary McGowan B. 5/13/1841 D. 12/4/1895 Married 1857 Married 12/11/1872

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION. BRANCH: Quinte. BRANCH ADDRESS: 54 Adolphustown Park Road. Jessup s Loyal Rangers, Secret Agent

CERTIFICATE APPLICATION. BRANCH: Quinte. BRANCH ADDRESS: 54 Adolphustown Park Road. Jessup s Loyal Rangers, Secret Agent 1 The United Empire Loyalists Associion of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Email: uelac@uelac.org CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH: Quinte BRANCH ADDRESS:

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Menston Methodist Tennis Club Men s Singles Champions

Menston Methodist Tennis Club Men s Singles Champions Men s Singles Champions 1958 Godfrey Wilson 1989 Michael Pratt 1959 Norman Atkinson 1990 Michael Pratt 1960 John Longbottom 1991 Michael Pratt 1961 John Longbottom 1992 Michael Pratt 1963 John Longbottom

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Frenchman s Reserve Flight

Frenchman s Reserve Flight Brier Creek Flight 1 1.0 NELSON, MIKE +0.3 YOUNG, JAMIE 2 7.5 HAMBERG, ANDY 0.0 FORD, JORDAN 3 7.8 MILLS, BARRETT 0.5 CATALDO, TOMMY 4 2.0 KELLY, DAN 6.3 VANCE, JEFF 5 6.9 DARNELL, HENRY 3.6 YOUNG, GRANT

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ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian.

ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian. ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian. John Joseph Dexter Wilson (1911-12), H. M. S. Hawke, October, 1914. Rifleman Norman Stanton Bryan Donkin (1905), Rifle Brigade,

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THE one hundred and forty-eighth annual meeting of

THE one hundred and forty-eighth annual meeting of Proceedings of the Annual Meeting OCTOBER 19, i960 AT THE LIBRARY OF THE SOCIETY, WORCESTER THE one hundred and forty-eighth annual meeting of the American Antiquarian Society was held at the Library of

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Dunbeacon Burials from 1934 to Sheet1

Dunbeacon Burials from 1934 to Sheet1 Date of Death 17th March 1934 14th January1935 4th August 1935 19th September 1935 2nd October 1935 6th December 1935 1st January Name William Hodnett Agnes Cotter Margaret Ellis Hanah Cronin Denis Maguire

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William Witcher Jr. Generation 1. Mary Dalton was born about She died in Sep 1852 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

William Witcher Jr. Generation 1. Mary Dalton was born about She died in Sep 1852 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Generation 1 1. William Witcher Jr.-1 was born about 1762. He died on 28 Sep 1822 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Mary Dalton was born about 1765. She died in Sep 1852 in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.

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Descendants of Philip Wolfersberger Sr Page 1

Descendants of Philip Wolfersberger Sr Page 1 Descendants of Philip Wolfersberger Sr Page 1 1-Philip Wolfersberger Sr b. 5 Jun 1775, Campbelltown, Lebanon, PA, d. 3 Aug 1846, Campbelltown, Lebanon, PA +Mary Elizabeth Haak b. 30 Aug 1774, d. 12 Oct

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Births COPYRIGHT CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY WESTFIELD, NY 2013 Births Name: Birth Date: Birth Place: Harold Perry Hoyt Jr. 28 Oct. 1920 Ethelyn Mildred Hoyt 23 Oct. 1922 Carol Marie Hoyt 26 Jan. 1923 Arland Keith Hoyt 02 July 1925 Mable Hoyt 15 Sept. 1914 Albert Roy

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Surname Other names Father Mother Date Comments

Surname Other names Father Mother Date Comments [Sison] Ann Wm Elizabeth 25/04/1711 Ainsworth Dorothy Wild Dorothy 12/04/1741 Ainsworth Elizabeth Wild Dorothy 01/11/1738 Ainsworth John Thomas Ann 14/09/1723 Ainsworth Thomas Thomas Ann 20/03/1725/6 Alcock

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KIEFER FAMILY TREE INDEX KIEFER FAMILY TREE INDEX 1. IGNATIUS KIEFER 6--1830/10-15-1913...page 1 (Husband of Elizabeth Marx) 2. ELIZABETH MARX KIEFER 4-1830/11-12-1921................... page 2 (Daughter of Xavier Marx &? Lyons;

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Table 1 RIGHT HAND SIDE BORDER 06/03/ /03/ /03/ /04/1931

Table 1 RIGHT HAND SIDE BORDER 06/03/ /03/ /03/ /04/1931 Table 1 RIGHT HAND SIDE BORDER RHSB1 STARBUCK Mum and Dad RHSB2 SUSANAH METTAM CONSTANTINE METTAM 06/03/1930 13/03/1942 86 In loving memory of our dear mother Susannah Mettam who died March 6th 1930 aged

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SYKES Hutt Valley Wellington Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Sykes Child)

SYKES Hutt Valley Wellington Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Sykes Child) SYKES Hutt Valley Wellington Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Sykes Child) George SYKES and Jane CHILD Family History George SYKES B about 12 March 1815 Arksey

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Kinship Report for Albert Belrose. Name: Birth Date: Relationship:

Kinship Report for Albert Belrose. Name: Birth Date: Relationship: Kinship Report for Albert Belrose Name: Birth Date: Relationship: Abare Abemaet, John R Ackey, Thomas E Jr. Allen, Marion Aubrey, Willard Baker, Anna Baker, Henry Baker, Michael Béchard, Antonio Donald

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