r ' . i I It was early even~ng whe~ Mother got off the Michigan Central R. R. at Frnklin St. in Michigan Ci ty. The dock workers were coming home ;.

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Download "r ' . i I It was early even~ng whe~ Mother got off the Michigan Central R. R. at Frnklin St. in Michigan Ci ty. The dock workers were coming home ;."


1 REMEMBERING ""'.-,,-, When we were working on the ~tatistics ~or the genealogy, I thought it would be ni~e to have biographical notes for epch family, but this. would have been quite a task and taken months to acquire, so I promised myself that I would write things I knew about my father and mother for the members of the, Erickson family. Perhaps this will inspire you to write about your family while you still remember things and. have ~he opportunity to question others. -,. Mother always said she 'was e Leven years old when 'her mother' (Christina) died. She was the oldest one at home, the others were out ~orking~ This meant she was doing the cooking, washing and other housework as 'well as looking after three young~r children. She always remembered her mother, lying in bed watching her as,she went about,her 'tasks, and telling her she was a good little housekeeper, but _she always had a dirty apron.(she always had the habit of wiping her hands on her apron.).. j i, I. i I When and how long she went to school I don't know, but-she'could read and write Swedish, and she taught herself to read English. by reading the newspaper. Always one to keep her hands' busy, -she '-got-'cracked over the knuckles by the schoolmaster, for crocheting when he thought she should be stud~ng. She also remembered the schoolmaster reprimanding her and some of her friends because they had attended meetings held by the Baptists. Lutherans did not look ~oo kindly oh these other sects that were beginning to undermine the state religion. ' When she was". _. confirmed the confirmands stood two abreast down-the aisle' of the -church (at Ausis); they were all terrified waiting~~o be ques~ioned byth~ Bisho1 who came to confirm them. Shortly' 'after confirmation, the young people were considered old enough to hire out for work on the big estates, where they earned their board and keep and two se t s of unde rwear per" year. She milked cows, worked in the fields,' helped in the kitchen. 'She talked about the hugh loaves of barley bread they baked to feed the horses. At night they had,to". weave,.whi ch she' didn't care about; _but spinning she 'loved because,it was conducive to si ngi ng, When s he was 'older she worked. in a bakery, here she learned a t r i ck I still U5 e: of brushing.thehot. loaves _..of, bre ad, wi th boi Ii ng water to give the loav~'s a :n.~ ceo shi ne,.' 'Mother and her gir 1 friend, Ida OLson, came t-o' the Un"i ted States.t oget he r when she was 21 (1886). She had a boy friend 'who helped pay her passage, but she ditched him. He had a~little too much to drink, got in a fight. and when she t ried to stop the fight, he slapped,her face. 'Spunky,Elida said no man would ever slap her a second time, and th'at, was the end of that romance. The ship took 21 days for the crossing, and it must have been a rough sea, as for three days they sailed just,-~~ miles., She was one 'of the few who were, not 'seasick. In those days, passengers had to provide most of their food, and I still have thepottety cup she used for butter. One wonders how these people managed when ~hey'couldn'~. speak the language, but people were helpful. The boat landed at Castle Garden --this was before the days of Ellis LsLand c One older gentleman ~as especially nice to the girls. He said that now they were in America, they shouldn't be wearing a sca~f around their heads, so he bought t~em each a hat; mother's hat was brown with a big red rose, Then he helped them get to.fhe train going to Chicago. ', r ' It was early even~ng whe~ Mother got off the Michigan Central R. R. at Frnklin St. in Michigan Ci ty. The dock workers were coming home ;.~' :;

2 I, 2.. or;" f rom work. She approached one, speaki ng 'on1y Swedish; a.sked if. he knew the Palm family. He was Finnish~ "so he understood 'her well 'enough to help. He took her to a family living on Second Street, and after supper they took'her'to Palms, whom they knew through the church., People certainly were 'kind, no doubt they 'remembered their needs when they were strangers'iri a new land, never the less, for a. you~g girl it took a lot of courage and trust to come such a 'long distance 'r-; ~, "..' '. 'i'~,.;,.'.". J. ~~' ""'~:'~'~'" _... ;.*~./o In a few days she had a' "job', -"wo~king in a b'oa'rding h6u~e"at.the 'corner of 8th and Pine St. In,' a week or so, she said she I hadn't come to Ameri.ca to wash dishes, so she went to Chi cago where he r fr iend Ida had gonev v.; ' There s he worked in the home of. a t a~ lor " sewing. _" Gradu ally.she ~;a~. learing a little English, enough ~o.that the,tailor ~6~ld~send h~r~by~ street car to the downtown area to pi ck up c Lot hes for'..alterations;', and deliver them later to some of the 'big department,' stores..", The,,~::t?ilor,and. his wife were very good to their gi r Ls, (encouraged 't~em to ge!:,". :', fashionable clothes. Elida must have cut quite a.fi gure.'when sh~. 'came = '. to v i s i t in Michi gan Ci ty we aring her black' be aded vjacket z,:,she: 'had charm and much spirit and captured the heart ~of one iail6i; ~ho;h~d~ - just come off a boat in Michi gan City.. /<...,-,0.:... ::.;:.-'..< "~ '".f.:' :7,,._ - ",' _.L. -,,:»; -i:.j-,'.:...:.._... ":"..." '.. '.~S',:. <.,"', Gust Erickson sailed from Manistee, 'Michigan" on ":a. s hip ~cc!rrying.~ s_ajt <to.the-har~or at Michigan City. When he inquire9.ifther~ w.a~':a.lu!~et~n'", Church a n town, he was d.i re c t ed to the Nor we g i an Chur chion Jb.nh1ga.n'~.. St.~ close to Second St. There he met Elida,and decided' not. to.go ')?ack on the ship.-' Gust was born Feb. 22,1~59 ~ in ~~W«rB in Hal1and ~prpvi'nce in Sweden. He was a sailor and his seaman' sr book v s howed that at'18: h~ was sailing from Ggteborg to England, Calais, and at one ti~~'his.. : shi p was in the Medi terranean for six weeks, because' there was noi,;' ~ wind to carry them out to sea. He always. said Lake Michigan'wate~s. were the roughest he ever s ad Led svexac t Ly what date he c amevto.~ichigan.cri t y o.is guessing that it was l886.or1887.;',we know he was v.avcha r t e r.. - ~ member of} Zion Swedish Lutheran' Church,iY10ctober ':-1887, and ~he. served as~~ tr~~tee ~nd treasurer of the chuich~ ;~We knowhhehwasn't: present. whe ni.they laid the corner stone of the 'chur ch 'at,;..~ank1in: and' p1'.een..,; S't r e e t on' Sept. 29,..1888, because he - and E1.ida wer~' at the Swedii sh ~ '"I Church in La Porte being married at t h a-t time. '. Mother ' a Lways -qu i pped e. 1" I go.t.i mar r i e d on Sa,iturday,went to church nn., Sunday andon Mondayo:I~.,. went to the wash tub. n (Thi S W2S before -they had a pump, and the...' Wa ter. had to be carried from the corner of Barker arid York St.) "... :>',;.',7,', ~.. '. -. ~,,...'. '.','. '...'.,,;;<.::. While.Elida had been in Chiccago 'working for. two years, Gust' had~iv~d," on Barker Ave vw.i t h the Nelson f am.ily, He had bought two lots at! :.,-. ' E. Barker Ave. and. had a house ready for his bride, f o t a.l". " ~ cost of the ori gi n a I house was $ ;}This house, underwent many.,,' changes and additions,' adding ~edrooms as needed for a growing family, later gas lights, electricity, a basement' f orra vfu r n ace arid 'last"'it, was made into a two' family f1at. Father worked ati t he car factory' asia, "', '~" moulder when he first came to Michi gan Cit y, -; From about 1906, to _,1910 he owned a grocery store at the south east co~ner of Franklin and.hom~r. Grocery' stores in those days wer~ a far ~ry f~om the mode~n da.y Sup~r Market.' Those were the cracker barrel days, when most t h i ngs we re s old in the bulk, there were few packaged ftems;' ',' Parme r s brought. butter and eggs on th~week-endarid excha~ged the~ for: staples. Mother provided baked good,. she made dozens of doughnuts, pies and 'cake~. De1~verie_s. were made with a horse dra~n cari.toomuch~credit,t6customers~~with;~ little hope, of collecting, made it an unprofitable venture, sohe,solq,",.vthe s t o r e,.. He went back, to 'work: at the car jfact o r y. Some years '.fhe,r.e '::~ wa~not :UCh work,even at 90 ce.nts ~: day ~.: it~ is aw~n~er> ~t~ey;io~;. ~': : 'J ~.. ~... '.

3 kni survive, but they had a cow and ~hickens,'always a'big garden, so that :M0ther canned a lot.' In the winter they always had a butchered pig, that provided them with lard, ham and meat balls, which were put up in crocks and glass jars,'covered ~ith lard which kept'~hern fresh. Father was working in.the. power plant at t.he car factory when' he met his untimely death, in August and apparently the current to t~e main 'swit~h had not been s~itched off~ In those days there was no such'thing as workmen's compensation and the: bn1y way to collect ariy ~amages'was' to sue.' I remember Mother went to the,trial many vda ys in Valparaiso.At'terfive years. she was grant e d $5000(~OO ' with an added $500;00 because I was a minor. By the time the' lawyer pad been paid there was about ~ le{t.' We can well marvel how we managed to live with no'l;"eliab1e income. Mother did dressmaking and money she received as birtbd~y and Christmas gifts was~aved for the in~vitable taxes, abou t which,she was ~lways concerned, ". 3. He~as'sent to cleanthe'switchboar~ i In iat~r years her ije.sigbt ~as dimmed and she could~o longer'seeto~ crochet and t, she would talk about "When I was s youn g, when I was. 70 J could do this or that. 1t Always ambi tious,,when she was in her 70' s-.: she ~as l living alone in the upstairs apartment.' ~Lots of times on a Mond-ay, noon,. she couldn't wai t for Marvin to come after.her,' and she would walk all the way to our house andbe.ther e.whi Le we. were still eating' lunch. 'She thought she had to help,.~e with the ironing, and I always wel~omed not having to,mend socks.' ' Mother ~lways' worried that she might 'g~t'sick or (~fl when.she was a.i one ; but' the good Lord Looke'd after' her. She.'hadbeen visiting at Per son l s, sitting on their porch, as she was leaving to go 'home, she slippeq on. on the steps and broke her hip. ~he was',an t he.hospital for eleven, wee ks and died on o ct, '29, ',,::~.. ',; " :., ~..". -'...'. :1 wish'~i~kn~w more about F~ther,his early days and something :.about.,_~ his.f arnlfy )~' We do' know that he had a brother in Man.is t ee vand-no doubt..s t ayed,'wi t h: him when he came to America..He loved to; ride bicycle and, :,contributed'~ t o: a bike pat h.. between Michigan City and La.v Por t e. He.and;..Unct-e :Pa-1m' ~ode' their, bd kes to Chicago at least'ol1ce;~,aunt~selma ~o iiv~'th~~ rags to,wr~p arqund their worn out tires, so that.the~ : J could get back home. (There were no paved roads I n those days and.1- A>~ believe they followed the railroad tracks.) F~ther COUldn't do enough for -t ne church. They always- celebrated Washington' sbirthday with a party at the church, and as his birthday also was 'on Feb. 22nd, the congregation.always made a. big fuss over 'him. He was well liked and sorely missed. Mother too w~s a diligent worker when it was time to raise money fo~ different ~rojects for. the church. J. There are brass altar vases in the church i nscri bed ~J In memory of Gust and Eli-da Erickson". ' Mo t her left her own memento, a be au t i.fu L 'communion cloth whi ch she crocheted.."", " 1 ".. "." -.. '" _... ~.. ~..:.Gl?-dys E. Haas e... -,;: 1979 had_:':~,<',. :j

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6 1. Per Tuveson was!lj&rried to Christina Swenson. Per jokingly wouldsay that they had two and a half dozen children. The "Two" was the two sons I John and Alex. the "half dozen" 'Was the six daughters-- Mathilda, Hary, Emily t Elida, Christina, and Selma. Per was a shoemaker. He made wooden shoes with leather tops. They lived in the vicinity of AsKs near Engleholm in the south of Sweden inthe province of Sklne. They were poor and the children at a young age worked on the big estates. The wages were board and keep and two sets of underwear per year. In addition to working in the fields and taking care of the farm animals, the girls spent the evenings carding and spinning wool and weaving cloth. Christina died about 1876 after a long illness. She had encouraged the children to seek a better living in the United states. She told her children that their father-had often neglected his responsibiliti~s to his children and so they should not feel obligated to care for him in his old age. He could care for himself as they had cared for themselves. One after another the eight children came to the u.s. and settled in iiichigan City and later some moved to Chicago or Rockford. In Michigan City the families lived within a two block area and the first generation of cousins grew up together and celebrated Christ!lJas and birthdays together. In 1979 with some families widely dispersed throughout the country and containing as many as five generations, the need to document, the early years and to reunite the families was apparent. The for='tjat of the book is designed to provide space for additional biographical data and easy expansion to include other lines in individual families. That is your responsibility. This book provides a base fro'll data from family records t Bibles. the 1900 Census manuscripts, and the records of G~eenwood Cemetery. Copyrighted 1979

7 2. FAMny 1 The Descendents of John Person 1. John Person b. 7 April 1855 in Tostorp, Sweden d in Michigan City, Ind. Immigrated to America in 1884 married in 1882 in Tostorp Sweden toa Hilda Nelsson b. 22 June in Tostorp, Sweden d. 23 Dec in Michigan City, Ind. Immlgrated to America in children 1.1 Clara Person Stephenson b.26 Nov.1885 in Michigan City,Ind. d. 24 Jan.1974 in Newberg, Ore. married in Hichigan City,Ind. toi Harry Stephenson b. 3 April 1886 in Michigan City, Ind d~13 OCt.1950 in I{1chigan City,Ind Ruth Stephenson Carney b. 10 May 1912 in Michigan City, Ind. married 2 July 1945 in Blue Rier Ore. to. Harry Carney b. 21 Aug.1904 address. P.O.Box 203 Iltndee Ore ( Harry) Robert Stephenson b. 18 Aug in Sioux City, Iowa married 31 Jan.1948 in Valley Stream, N.Y. to. Lila JuneTants J children address. 204 Rockaway Parkway, Valley stream, N.Y Robert William stephenson b. 18 Oct in Valley stream, N.Y. married 28 Jan.1973 in Sumner, va sh to I Alice Bortleb. 10 Aug.1947 in. Sumner, Wash. 1 child address. 27)4 Mountain View Drive West, Tacoma, Wash Amanda Harriet Stephenson b. 12 Feb Lorraine -Diane Stephenson Trotta b. 13 July 1951 in.valley stream., N.Y. married 20 June 1971 in Valley stream, N.Y. to. Joseph Trot.ta b. 25 Mar.1950 in Brooklyn, N.Y.. address. 25 Paddock Street North Babylon, N.Y ~. Joseph Robert Trotta b. 13?4.ar. 19?3 in North Babylon N.Y Elizabeth Anne Trotta b. 14 Jan.1976 in North Babylon, N.Y

8 1.123 Richard Alan Stephenson b. 26 Feb. 1953" in Valley stream. N.Y. married 23 Oct in Valley Stream N.Y. tol Linda Gebhardt b. 19 Nov addressl 504 west Herrick Rd. Apt. 3K ~b:rook, N.Y John Merritt Stephenson b. 30 Oct.1915 in I"1ichigan City, Ind. married 2 Aug in New York City to. Phyllis Rowena Gordon b in Harrisburg, Fa. 1 child address. 229 I1errybrook Dr. Havertown, Pa Peter Gordon Stephenson b. 9 Sept in Philadelphia, Pa Anna Person Nelson b. 5 Feb in Michigan City, Ind. d. 17 April 1978 in Michigan City, Ind. married 17 Oct in Michigan City, Ind. to: William ( Billy) Nelson b.188s in Michigan City, Ind. d in Michigan City, Ind. 1.4 Ernest Farson b 1884 in Michigan City, Ind. d in Michigan City, Ind. b. Jan 1891 in Michigan City, Ind. d. 19 June 1908 in Michigan City, Ind. 1.5 N. Caroline Person b. 14?~rch 1893 in Michigan City, Ind. address. 205 Belden St. Michigan City, Ind

9 2. The DesellWants ef Hathil.a Pers_ Walters Mathil.a Persen Walter. ~. 21 ~. 21 Oct in Enllehela SkaDe SWMen 19 Mar ill M1Dneae,lis, Minn. marriei ill 1.11 in Tjar~y Hallan.s Swen te An.rew Walters ~.3 Dec in Tjar~y Hallantls Swe.en d.16 Fe~ ill Minn.a,elis, Minn. 5 chil.ren 1mmilrate4 toaether in 1189 after AUlust Hilma Walters Kesterson ~. 11 Dec in Swe.en 27 Dec arrie. te: Willi.. Franklin KestersOD ~ Marvin Al~ert ill La Porte, Ind chi14ren ti Kesterson ~.16 June in Fert Wayne, In 1959.arried to Evelyn Keenan No Children MiltlredViola Kesterson Iurhenn ~.12 lee in Fort Wayne, Ind. married to: Al~ert Charles Iurheen AUI. 5, 1930 in Glen Dale Calif. ene Chili Address: 314 Poinsettia Av. Corena.el Mar,Calif ae~ert Leelurhenn b. l4.a,ril 1932 in Loaa Linda, Calif. married te: aesina An4rews William Franklin Kesterson. Jr. ~. 22 Oct Fert Wayne, Ind. Deceas" married te: Mary Zent in Fort Wayne, Ind Sara ADD KesterSeD Childers b. Fort Wayne, Ind arrietl to: Ioullas Childers Dennis Michael KestersGO ~. Fort Wayne. Ind..rrie. te: lennie Ionis Willi.. Franllin ~stersod 111 It. Los Angeles, Cali -.rrie. te Joyce

10 2.14 Wayne ICesters. ~. 7 Nev Port Wayne, In urri.d te: YvollDe V. ShOBer in Pert WayDe, Incl. 13 JaD ~.24 Mar child Ad.ress: 3201 Perta,e 11vd. A,t. 21 Fet WayDe, Ind Linela ADn Kestersen It.24 Dec in Port Wayne, Ind. d. at Itirth 2.15 Itichard Owen ICe.tersem b. 1 JUDe 1912 in Port Wayne, Ind..rried to: Kathryn ItecktAD.us 4 chi1clred Address: Iroadway, Tucson, Arizona Ilollert Owen Kesterson It. 'lucsn, Arizona aarried to Kathy John Kestersft b. Tucson, Arizona Nancy Kesterson b. TucsOD. Arizona David Kesterson b. Tucson, Arizona married to Lindsey 2.2 Hulda Walters b. 6 reb in Sweden d. 20 July ADna Walters lard AUI in Sweden d.17 Oct in Hilmea,olis, Minn..rrie4 to Carl lard in 1912 d. 10 Felt in MichilaD City, Ind. No Children 2.4 Esther Walters b. 28 Pelt ia MichiaAn City, Incl. A.clre.s: ~:.-. '--...-,. :~~" Corona del Mar.Ca1if Poinsettia Ave. C/o A. C. BurheDn 2.5 Carl Walters b.3 AUI in MichilaD City. Ind. el. 5 April 1957 MichilAD. City. Idd/.arrie. to I.o.e Ericson \. 21 Nev. in Greenw0e4 Co. Kansas 3 Mar d. 11 April 1976 in Vort Wayne. Ind. ~uriecl In Hichi.AD. City, Ind JaaesElten Walters ~. Michiaan City. Incl. married 1943 in Miehi.aD City. Ind. Virlinia Franc'. B.yclow1cz 4 children Add reas: 3319.N. 60th St., Phoenix. Ariz

11 2.511 Gail Vira1Dia Walters Achuff ~ aa...nd, Ind. aarrie. te:.j..es B. Achuff in 1964 in Meelia, ra. 2 chi1elren Aidrs: 9320 Geyser Ave. IIrthriclle, Calif SuSan Achuff It Meelia, Pa J_es Benry Achuff, Jr. It Media, ra. S..e address as parents Cheryl L)'DDe Walters re1ites It a...nd, lad..arriecl to: Anthony M. re1ites in 1965 in Chester, ra Address: 904 E. 20th St. Chester, ra Antheny Michael Pe1ites, Jr. b.1966 Chester, ra Biane Marie Polites b Chester, ra. S..e a.dress as parents Linda Sue I-tx Walters Neuurler It in Huntinaton, N. Y. aarrie. to: 11aine Neuburler in 1974 Address:7570 Bract1ey Dr. luena 'ark, Ca1if James Brian Walters b~ 1958 in Buntinlton, N. Y. Address: 3319 N. 60th St. Ph_niz, Arixona lo~ert E. Walters It in Michi.aD City, Ind. cl in MichilaD City, Ind Vivian May Walters Pranks b.14 Dec in Michiaan City, Ind. cl. 17 Peb in Pert Wayne, Incl. _rried to Tell ROler Franks 31 Des in MichilaD '!ity. 'Ind. One Chi Stephen William Franks b. 31 AUI in Michigan City, Ind. Address: 1007 Kensinten Ave/. Port Wayne, Ind

12 FAMILY :3 The Descendents of E!dly Per.son Palm J. Emily Person Palm b. 21 Dec.l859 in Ousas 'J" Skine Sweden d. 18 Feb.1941 in Michigan City,Ind. :Dnmigrated to America in 1882 married 8 Hay in Halsingborg Sweden toi Andrew Palm b. 29 August 1857 in Sweden d. J May 1945 in Michigan City, Ind. I~~igrated to America in children J.l Gerta Palm Johnson b. 27 June 1881 in Sweden d~ 21 Dec.1951 in Michigan City, Ind. linmigrated to America in 1882 married 1 Sept 1909 in Michigan City, Ind to I John Johnson b ( d J.ll Leonard Johnson b. 4 April 1912 in Rockford, nl. married 3D April 1956 in New Carlisle, Ind. to I Dorothy Mc Allister bvb Sept.1916 address I 1)8 E. FUlton st. Michigan.City,Ind John Johnson b. 5 Aug.1955 J.112 Robert Johnson b. 23 Dec.1960 J.12 Norman Johnson b. 26 Jan 1919 in Chicago,Ill. address I Barrett Hill Circle, Santa Anna, Ca married in Nov.1941 to I Janice Meredith Berkel 1 child Kathyrn t"1eredith Johnson HQffman b. 2 June 1946 married toi. Hoff~n Russelle Lance Hoffman b. 3 l~r Z'1eredith Lorranie Hoffman b. 4 Mar second marriage in June 1953 to. Bonnie Klair Hickman d. July child J.122 Donna Kay Johnson b. 17 Jult 1962 third marriage in Oct to I Phyllis Almi Winslow 1 child Tracy Lenn Johnson b. 17 Aug 1968

13 3.2 HarrY WU. Palm b. 7 Sept.1883 in Michigan City, Ind. d. 16 Feb in Ogma, Wis. married 29 June 1911.:in Chieago Nina Hult b 1885 d children ).21 Harry Wm. Pal~ b. Jan 1912 married 13 Aug.1939 in Scarville, ]a. toi CarolSolomonson address I 9Q3 5th Ave. N.E. Bel.'1lond, Iowa }.211 Michael William Palm.b. 7 Mar.1941 in Iowa City,Is.. married toi Jannes I3n Mc Gowan Kari 4mn Palm b. 30 Oct 1966 in Fort Dodge, la Lisa Joy Palm b. 9 Hay 1970 in Emmetsburg, la Julie Erin PaL"1l b. 5 June 1974 in Emmetsburg, Is warren James Palm b. 7 Mar.1949 in Hampton, la Richard Carl Palm b.1914 in Rockford,nl. marriftd 20 Nov.1948 in Clayton, Mo. to I ljorma 'May Barks addressl 354 Calvert Webster Groves, 1' Susan Marie Palm ~ic Atee b. 18 June 1950 in Webster Groves, Ho. married toi Robert L. MeAtee, Jr Richard Carl Palm Jr. b. 12 Jan 1952 in Webster Grove,Mo. married tol I~Iary Ann Krahe ;.223 Debra Jane Palm Thompson b. 6 Dec in webster Groves, Mo. married to I ' Daniel Vance Thompson no Children 3.23 Robert Pal.'1l b. 20 July 1915 in Rockford, nl.!narried 22 1'1ar.1941 in Michigan City,Ind. toi Doris Jane Ahlgrim b. 24 April 1915 Michigan City,Ind. d. 4 Feb in Michigan City,Ind second marriage 11 J~lt~;e o" Claradelle Perhan Raz b. 17 Feb 1916 address. 311 Trail st. lofichigan City, Ind.46360

14 3.231 Andrew Cha~les Palm b. 21 Dec.1946 in Michigan City,L"1d. married March 1978 in Notre IArne, Ind. to I Rose Mary Thomas address I 446 Glensprings Dr. Apt. F Cincinnati, Ohio IAvid James Palm b. 22 Sept,1950 in Michigan City,Ind. married in 1973 in Michigan City, Ind. to I Deborah Pickford b child address I 3331 Hall Ct. Michigan City, Ind Jennifer PaL'11 b.l974 in Michigan City, Ind Edgar Holt PaL"'I1 b. 16 April 1917 in Ogema, Wis. married 2- Sept 1946 in Chicago, nl. to I Mary Catherine leonard b.1919 address I 38)2 Drew Ave. So. Minneapolis, Hinn Patricia Hary Pa~1T1 Hunt b. 24 Aug.1947 in Evergreen Park, nl. married toi Richard Hunt Mary Elizabeth PaL"'I1 Brewer b. ;1 Har in Evergreen :?ark, nl. married toi stephen Brewer no Children Jane Kathleen Palm b. 2) Jan 1952 in Chicago, nl Arthur Andrew Palm b. 26 July 1919 in Ogema, Wis. married 15 Jan 1950 toi Marjorie Janet Ahlgrim b. 29 Oct address I 62) Castle Crest Dr. Mira Loma, Ca Janet i\farie PaL'1l b. 27 Oct 1953 in Palo Alto, Calif. 3.2,52 Kevin Arthur Palm b. 14 June 1956 in Covina, Calif Signe 11arie Palm b. 1) Oct in Michigan City, Ind. d. 24 April 1964in!tichigan City, Ind. 3.4 Arthur Ruben Palm b. 19 Feb in Michigan City, Ind. d. 29 Dec in Michigan City, Ind. Otto Emanuel Palm b. 24 Mar 1894 in!~ichigan city, Imt d. 31 Oct 1956 in Michigan City, Ind. married 3 May 1922 in Chicago toi Jane Hanson

15 3.51 leroy Palm b. 7 Aug 1923 d. 16 March 1960 in Michigan City, Ind 3.52 Victor Palm b. 21 June 1925 married 28 June in New Buffalo, Michigan to I Patricia J. Ahrend address I 1108 Roeske Trail Michigan City, Ind Jeffrey Lee Palm b. 13 Aug ,522 Christine Jane Palm b. 23 Sept Florence Julia Palm Kelly b. 20 Nov in Hichigan City, Ind. married 24 Dec in New York City toi James Kelly b. 22 June 1883 in England d. 11 Sept.1952 in Michigan City, Ind. ' address th St. So. Chathan House 408, Gulf Port, Fla Edna Victoria Palm b.5 Feb in Hichigan City, Ind. d.1e Dec in Michigan City,Ind

16 i. FA:HILY 4 The Descendents of Maria Ferson Hanson 4. 11aria Person Hanson b. 7 July 1862 in Engleholm Sk8ne Sweden d. 20 July 1931 in Michigan City, Ind. Immigrated to America in 1887 before the montth of JS.rch married may 1884 in Edenberga Sweden to I Charles Hanson b.?3 Feb 1861 in \iollberga Halland Sweden d in Michigan City, Ind Herbert Hanson b in Sweden d. 17 April 1897 in Michigan City, Ind. 4.2 Charlotte Hanson Clough b. J,L~r 1887 in'mic1'ligan'city, hd. d. 30 April 1974 in Nlchigan City, ]n~. married 31 May 1930 to I Charles Clough b. 31 Nov d. 17 Feb in Michigan City, Ind. no Children 403 Victor L. Hanson b. 19 July 1890 in Michigan CIty, Ind. d. 18 l1lr 1917 in Michigan City, Indo

17 12. FAMILY 5 The Descendents of Elida Person Erickson 5. Elida Parson Erickson b. 11 Sept.1865 in Osls Sweden d. 29 Oct.1948 in Michigan City,Ind. Immigrated to America in 1887 married 25 Sept.1888 in La Porte, Ind. toi Gustav Erickson b. 22 feb in waro Halland Sweden d. 23 Aug.1914 in Michigan City,Ind. 7 children 5.1 Selma b. 25 July1889 in Hichigan City,Ind. d.15 April 1892 in Michigan City, Ind. 5.2 Alex ljldwig b. 17 Feb in Michigan City,Ind. d. 29 Jan in Michigan City,Ind. 5.3 Ida Emila Erickson Nelson b. 1 Feb.1893 in Michigan City,Ind. d. 11 Sept in f1ichigan City, Ind. married 2 June 1915 in Hichigan City, Ind. to: Frank Nelson b. 9 Mar.1887 d. 6 June 1953 married 5.31!~rgery Louise Nelson Soderberg b. 12 Mar.1916 in La Porte county 4_0ct-1940 in South Bend to: Edgar Soderberg b. 4 Feb.1912 in South Bend, Ind. d. 27 Dec.1972 in South Bend, Ind address: 751 I~rquette Ave., South Bend, Ind ~11 Donald Nelson Soderberg b. 24 May 1941 in South Bend, Ind. married 28 Dec in ~n, Ind. to: Janice Elaine Kaufman b. address: 1057 WOodland Hills Dr Batavia, Ill Kristina Anne b. 29 June James Edgar b. 11 Hay John Marvin b. 14 Jan Robert Edward Soderberg b. 10 Dec in South Bend, Ind. married 6 June 1970 in Anderson, Ind to I Margel Anne Walker b. 10 Dec 194~ address I Mohawk Dr., Granger, Ind Scott Nelson b. 22 Oct 1972 wendy Ellen b. 7 Sept Paul Robert b. 5 July 1977

18 5.313 William Alfred Soderberg b. 2 Oct.1948 married 27 Dec 1976 in South Bend, Ind. to. Margaret Ann Grant b. address E. Monroe, South Bend, Ind Donald Nelson b. 17 Feb.1918 died as an infant Thelma I~rie Nelson I"fast b. 21 Aug.1920 married 26 Mar in South Bend, Ind. to I Cedric :rae Mast b. address Melrose Ave., Fort Wlyne, Ind Linda Ise Mast Elliott b.25 Jan 1944 in Joplin, Mo. married Kirby Miller second marriage 24 Nov 1978 in Columbia, S.C. to I (John) Jay Elliott address. 15 Downing St. Columbia, S.C l~tthew K. Miller b. 11 Oct 1967 Ja~on E. Miller b. 30 Jan Thomas Owen Mast b. 21 June 1947in South Bend, Ind. married 30 Mar in Guatemala City, Guatemala, C.A. to. Elena Del Rosario GirOn Reyna b. 1 child address I 3128 Oswego Ave., Fort Wlyne, Ind Andrew E. Mast b. 3 Mar ~ Gary Nelson Mast b.6 Nov in Fort wayne, Ind. married 15 May 1976 in Columbia S.C. to I Margaret Mac Millan b. address. Z237 Chivington Dr. Longmont, Colo John Emil Erickson b.9 Oct 1894 in Michigan City, Ind. married 28 Nov in Michigan City, Ind. toi Ruth Gielow b. 9 Oct d. 7 Sept children address Hampden Rd., Michigan City, Ind John Gustav Erickson b. 15 June 1917 in Michigan City,Ind. married 3 July 1943 in Hichigan City, Ind. toi I.e Felle Violet Hoore b. 14 Mar in Bowling Green,Ky. 6 children address Til Callaway Rd' Michigan City, Ind. li6360

19 5.411 Judith Carol Erickson Parker b. 22 Apri Michigan City,Ind" married to John Weifenbach second" marriage 5 March 1977 in Michigan City to Fredrick Ray Parker b. 1 April 1951 ' address w. Magnolia Dr., Michigan City,Ind Polly Ann Weifenbaeh b.'~6 July Jason John lneifenbach b. 10 Dec Sally Ann Erickson Albano b. 17 July 1948 Michigan City, Ind. married 10 Feb.1976 in La Porte, Ind. toi Francis Dominic Albano b. 27 June child address. 517 E. Barker Ave. Michigan City,Ind. 46) Anthony Michael b. 3 July Jan Evelyn Erickson Heazner b. 21 Mar Michigan City, Ind. married 22 April 1979 in Ft. lauderdale, Fl. address. 850 E Commercial Blvd. Ft. lauderdale, 'fl. Paul b. 10 Oct Michigan City, Ind. d. 11 Oct John Winford Erickson b. 9 August 1961 Michigan city,ind. address w. Callaway Rd. Michigan City,Ind James Gustave Marshall Erickson b. 15 July 1963 Michigan City, Ind. address W. Callaway Rd., Michigan City,Ind Kenneth Rogers Erickson b. 22 April 1919 in Michigan City, Ind. married 22 April 1950 in South Bend, Ind. Parthenia Hammons : address I 4802 N. Johnson Rd., Michigan City,Ind.46: Linda sue Erickson l300th.b, 10 Fep 1951 in Michigan City, Ind. married 31 May 1971 to. Jeff Booth 1 child Matthew Booth b. 5 Dec in Portland, Me.

20 lsi Nancy Diane Erickson b. 9 April Robert Kenneth Erickson b. 2 Aug James Frederick Erickson b. 12 Sept in Michigan City,Ind. address I 4260 NE 16th Ter, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. 33J Sue Ann Erickson Richards b. 28 Nov 1935 in Michigan City,Ind. married 7 June 1955 in Michigan City,Ind. toi stanton J. Richards b. 5 Nar address I 3912 Hampden Rd., Michigan City,Ind Deborah Ivnn Richards b. 2.5 April 1956 in Michigan City,Ind Gail Ann Richards b. 1 May 1961 in Winter Park, F1a. 5.5 Beulah ~~thilda Erickson Ekstrom b. :3 Nov 1896 married 25 Jan 1927 in Tucson,Ariz. toi Earl Ericson b. 8 Nov d. 15 Jan married 2 Nov.1935 in Tucson, Ariz. to I Lawrence O. Ekstrom b. 16 Mar , d. 19 Nov.l946 address. 108 Brookda1e Ave., Michigan City,Ind Hilma I.eotina Erickson Peterson b. 4 June 1899 in Michigan City,Ind. married 11 July 1923 in Michigan City, Ind. toi Fred Samuel Peterson b. 10 April 1898 d. May 1978 address J'ames Ave. Rockford, nl Shirley Ann Peterson White b. 1 Oct married 4 Jan 1949 in Rockford, m. to I William G. Wlite 3 chiadren address I 409 Cottage, Rockton, nl Peter Lawrence White b. 17 Jan in Tucson, Ariz. address John Gustar b. 10 May 1951 in Galesburg, nl. address 35J w. 57th, No. 2401, New York, N.Y Susan Velma Wb-ite b. 16 Nov in Galesburg, nl. address I 453 Locust, Freeport, nl

21 5.62 Fred S. Feterson Jr. b. 15 Aug address. 413 E. Warren, Rockton, III l'1ary Elida Peterson Keefer b. 26 Sept married 18 Dec in Rockford, III to. Robert C. Keefer address: R.R.l Box 294 R., McCordsville, Ind Eric Tholnas Keefer b. 6 Oct in Geneva, Ill Kurt Howard b. 12 Nov in Geneva, Ill Julie Ann b. 3 Feb in Livonia, Mich Gladys Viola Erickson Haas b.26 April 1907 married 26 Jan in Hichigan City to I George l~rvin Haas b. 24 I-my 1904 d. 21 Sept address. 108 Brookdale Ave., Michigan City,Ind Harva Jane Haas Cooper b. 9 Hay 1936 in Michigan City, Ind. married 19 Mar in Puerto Rico toi Charles William Cooper b. 1 Nov 1932 in Texarkana, Ark. address. 102 Silver Springs Dr. Universal City, Tx Linda Diane Cooper b. 20 Feb in Puerto Rico Sandra Gail Cooper b. 12 l~y 1968 in Tallahassee Florida 5.72 ~~~ Elizabeth Haas b. 18 March 1943 in Michigan ctty, Ind. address. School of Education, Arkansas Tech University, Russellville Arkansas 72801

22 6. FAr-lILY 6 The Descendents of Alex Parson Alex ParS9n b. 11 July 1868 in Sweden d. ciate unknown married toi Celista.Cross b.? d.? 1 Child 6.1 Alexander Parson b. circa 1900 At the time of preparation of the book no one knew if Alexander were living or if he had any descendents 17.

23 18. FAMILY 7 The Descendents of Selma Person Inndquist 7. Selma Person Lundquist b. 18 Sept. 18,70 in Osls Skfne Sweden d. 18 June 1898 in Chicago burried in Michigan City married toi Axel I»ndquist. b. 21 Oct d. 4 Mar Herbert Inndquist b. 24 May 1893 in Chicago, nl. d. 5 April 1960 in Michigan City,Ind. married 11 Jan.1919 in Michigan City to I Iqdia Bintz b. 6 June 1898 d. 16 Feb in Michigan City,Ind. 1 Child 7.11 Donald Iundquist b. 31 Dec in Michigan City, Ind. married 23 Aug in Michigan City, Ind. toi Charlotte Arletta Seaverns 5 children address I RI 2 Box 173 Three- Oaks, r-fichigan Donna May!Jlndquist Szot b. 12 Hay 1943 in Michigan City, Ind. married 30 Nov.1975 in Sawyer, Michigan toi Edward John Szot address I 343. Creek Rd. New Buffalo, r-1ichigan Leanne Marie Inndquist b. 22 Aug 1946 in Michigan City,Ind d. 26 Dec Sally Anne Inndquist b. 29 Sept in Michigan City, Ind. d. 29 Oct.1951.?.114 Jon Tyler Lundquist b. 12. S~pt Jeffery Carl' I11ndqui~t b. 28 Jan 1962

24 FAMILY 8 The Descendents of Christine Person Floden 8. Christine Farson Floden b. 15 Nov in Os~s Sk~ne Sweden d. 9 Aug.1932 in Rockford, Ill. Int1fligrated 1884 married 5 Dec in Chicago toi Carl Ludwig Flodenb. 2 Oct.1865 in Sweden d. 13 Aug.1930 in Rockford, Ill. 4 children Tuve Fer Johann Flodenb. 16 Nov. 1B93 in Chicago,Ill. d. 16 June 1970 in Rockford, Ill. married 6 April 1921 in Rockford, Ill. to: Lea Brown Baumgardner address I 2529 Barrington Pl.,Rockford,Ill John Gordon F1.oden b. 26 Aug in Rockford, Ill. married 15 Nov.1947 in Rockford, Ill. to:.betty Joy Kelly address 1731 N. Gillett, Appleton, 'Ilis Robert Edward Floden b. 17 July 1949 in Rockford, Tl.L, married to: r~rgret Buchmann 1 child address: John Tuve Floden b. 25 Nov.1978 in Lansing, ~ichigan ~~ry Lea Floden b. 13 Feb.1954 in Rockford,Ill. address I 1731 N. Gillett, Appleton, Wis Jill Christine Floden Deyoung b. 18 I~r.1925 in Rockford,IlI. married 21 Aug.1948 in Rockford, nl. to I John Thomas Deyoung : addressl 3066 Henhawk Rd., Troy, l~chigan Patricia Lea Deyoung Bock b. 12 Feb in "Milwaukee, Wis. married Douglas P. Bock address I I~ncy Ann Deyoung Foster b. 12 Feb.1950 in Milwaukee, Wis. married to I David L Foster One child: Jennifer Ann address I b. 4 June Jane Alta Deyoung b. 11 May 1954 in Ia. Crosse, Wis.

25 8.1) ( Carl) Robert Floden b. 3 Nov 1928 in Rockford, Ill. addressa2529 Barrington Pl. Rockford, Ill married in 1956 To Roberta Bresloff 1 child married in 1971 toa Mary Gayle Lenart 1 child LauraL Floden b. 23 June 1957 in Unbana, III address. l1arin County, Cal Ursula Lea Floden b. 4 June 1972 in Les PIains, Ill. address. Glen Ellyn, Ill. 8.2 Ethel ~~rguerita Aurora Floden b. 3 Nov 1895 in Chicago,Ill. address:1512!~!ott Ave. Rockford, Ill J Florence Barnha.rdina Victoria FLoden Sanders b. 9 July 1897 in Chicago married 26 Sept 1921 j.n Rockf'or-d I Ttl to: Ralph Sanders address: 1512r'Lyott Ave. Rockford, Ill Betty Jean Sanders Quillen b. 10 Jay 1922 in Rockford, lll married 3 Oct in \t~ukf~gan, Ill. to I James Tyler Q.1illen 9 children address: 1167 la Salle St Beloit, ~Jis l Sandra lea Quillen Lee b. 9 Sept 1943 in Rockford,TIl. married to: Ronald Lee b. d. 20 Jan.1979 address Chris Tyler ~illen b. 20 Sept.1944 in Beloit. Wis. married toi Phoebe Ann 1 child address a Suzanne Emily QUillen b. 3 Oct.1977 in Rochester. N.Y Alice Elizabeth ~illen Swanson b. 5 April 1946 in Beloit, Wis. married to.len Swanson address 2

26 2] Vickie Ann Quillen Churchill b. 14 Oct.1947 in Beloit, Wis. married to. Ga~ Churchill address James Fatrick Churchill b. 10 Sept.1967 in Beloit, W1s Jennifer Ann Churchill b. 6 June 1970 in Beloit, Wis Rexford Churchill b. 28 May 1973 in Chicago Marguerite Sue Q.1illen Stuck b. 1 Hay 1949 in Beloit, Wis. married to. John Stuck address Erica Kay Stuck b. 28~1ay 1974 in Beloit, Wis Aaron William stuck b. 6 Nov.1978 in Beloit, Wis Christina Elaine Q,lillen Rogstad b. 6 Aug.1952 in Beloit, Wis. married to. John Rogstad 1 child \ address i1ichelle Anne Rogstad b. 7 jan.1975 in Beloit, Wis Kathleen EilienQuillen Anderson b. 6 Aug.1952 in Beloit, Wis. married to. Richard D. Anderson address H.ary Jane Quillen b. 1 Mar.1959 in Beloit, Wis. address La Salle st. Beloit, Wis Peter John Quillen b. 27 Aug.1961 in Beloit, Wis. address I 1167 La Salle St. Beloit, Wis Suzanne Elieen Sanders Jones b. 13 t.far. '26 in Rockford, nl. married 3 Dec in Evanston, Ill. toi Guy Wilson Jones 1 child address I 140 Field Point Rd. Greenwich, Conn Pamela Dorcas Jones Kister b. 11 Oct in New York City married toi Jerry Koster 1 child address I Marcus Wilson Kister b. 3 Feb.1978 in Dickens, Neb. (twin) (twin)

27 8.4 Harriet June Floden Mc Goey b. 26 June 1909 in Rockford,nl. married 22 May 1937 in Rockford, nl. to I (Andrew) Thomas Mc Goey b children address I 185 Park Ave. Isonia, N. J Christine Anne Mc Goey Cu.!t'll'Y1ings b. 10 Mar.1939 in New York City married 31 July 1971 in New York City to I \'1illiam Cummings, Jr. address 600 Itioodland Ave. Northvale, N. J 'Jeannine Michele Cummings b. 30 April 1975 in New Yrok City Justin Thomas CuDl.'!1ings b. 23 Feb in New York City 22, Kathleen Agnes Mc Goey Cassidy b. 11 June 1941 in New York City married 31 Dec toi William John Cassidy address I 4040 Far~dale Ave. Studio City, Ca Christopher Liam Cassidy b. 2 Aug.1973 in LOs Angeles, Ca Sean John Cassidy b. 27 Aug 1975 in Hew York City l:1ary Mc Goey b. 12 April 1945 in New York City d. 16 April Fatricia Mc G oey b. 19 Jan 1951 in New York City d. 23 Jan 1951

28 23 The numbers beside the names indicate two things I The number of digits indicates the number of generations-- counting the original eight immigrants as the first generation. Each individual has his own number. The number comes from his position chronolo~ical1y in'his family and the positions of his parents, grand parents, etc. The last digit is the individuals position in the family, the next to the last digit the plrent's position, the third digit the grandparent, etc. The children of Per followed the Swedish tradition of calling them.selves the son of their fatheraperson. Unlike many immigrants the name Person was kept :when each entered the U.S. except for Alex. who took the name Parson. Because of the deaths of male descendents, there remains only one descendent with the nam.e of Person in Descen4..ts ef Jeha Pers_,ale8 2, 3 Descendants of Mathilda 'eraon Walters' 'a.e Descendate of E~ly PereeD Pala Pa.es Deacen4ants Maria 'ersen Hansen P.ae 11 Descendants ef Eli PersOll Erickseu PAlea 12 -thru 16 "acendats ef Alex ParseD 'Ale 17 Descendants of Selma Person LUDdquiet PAle 18 Descendants ef Christine PereeD Ploden Paae8 19 thru 22