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2 Women Supporting Women Kappas sustain the concept of mutual helpfulness By LOS CATHERMAN HEENEHAN, Adelphi Camaraderie, easy give and take, sharing notes, hectic schedules, struggling through tough subjects together, and some laughs along the way. This is the picture of a coed college classroom today. But it was not always so. When women first enrolled in college in the mid-1800s, they were scorned and shunned by their peers and professors alike. Women were judged physically unfit for the strain of advanced intellectual training. Attitudes toward women who sought higher education ranged from antipathy through resentment and ridicule to outright hostility. And so it was that women felt the need to organize into groups of their own to gain acceptance and validity as college participants, blazing trails for those who would follow. Among them were the Founders of Kappa Kappa Gamma. The memory of these women pioneers in education is the basis for our beautiful Heritage Museum, reminding us of how we inherited our philanthropic legacy. Women supporting women... monthly notes of cheer organized among friends to appear daily during a course of chemotherapy; a home-cooked dinner, ready for warming, delivered to happy but tired new parents; caring for a child when a parent is ill or staying with a hospitalized sibling; rides to a shopping center or Kappa meetings for an elderly friend or sister... there is no list long enough to encompass the many ways Kappas help each other. Much of this help is organized and formalized through the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation where gifts from Kappas help Kappas. Educational programming provides information on personal safety (KeepSafe), relationship abuse (nsight Legendary Kappa artist Cleora Clark Wheeler, Minnesota, designed this book plate for the Fraternity in on Domestic Violence), and selfesteem (SEEK). Leadership development progresses from chapter opportunities through alumnae associations, Kappa Kinetics and Fraternity offices. There is no greater process of support than that of the opportunity and training for personal growth. Down-sizing, stock failure, divorce settlement, medical conditions, natural disaster... these are among the circumstances where Foundation financial aid has seen many a Kappa through a short- or long-term financial crisis. And the love that comes with the check is as much a part of the recovery process as the money itself. From bake and garage sales to glittering fashion shows and beautiful house tours, Kappas find innovative ways to raise the huge amounts donated to local and national charities. They work countless hundreds of hours to help the homeless, abused children, battered wives and others who depend on Kappas for what they give of themselves. When a Kappa looks back fondly on her collegiate days and supports the Loyalty Fund, when another is financially successful and wants to endow a scholarship, when a third leaves a lasting legacy by remembering the Foundation in her will, all are supporting other women and helping other Kappas toward better lives. t has been said that a gift of food nourishes the recipient for one day but teaching how to grow food nourishes for a lifetime. With gifts of funds and training, Kappa helps troubled sisters in times of need. With support, in whatever form it may take, we sustain each other daily and for a lifetime in a spirit of mutual helpfulness. o---w THE K EY Winter 1996

3 CONTENTS THE KEY OF KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA WNTER 1996 VOLUME 113, No Why Give Personal reasons for supporting the Foundation. 11 Talking to the Animals Scholarships fund a future veterinarian. 12 Foundation Fashions Heritage Museum intern tells all. 14 Speaking of Love For more than 84 years, Kappas have heeded the calls for help. 16 Electrifying Experiences Kappa Kinetics in action. SP ECAL SECTONS Foundation Donor List D EPARTMENTS 2 Presidents' Message 68 n Memoriam 4 Fraternity News 69 Kappas on Campus 66 Profiles 72 Accent on Alumnae 75 Through the Keyhole On the cover Based on a Victorian fleur-de-lis pattern, this journal details the personal successes made possible by the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. = Member College - L:."~EP... Fraternity Editors Association National Panhellenic Editors Conference THE KEY W inter 996 1

4 o~... ~ ~::: f..:.' >... ~ - J ~ -_ < - Realizing Our Dreams The Key is the first college women's fraternity magazine, published continuously since Joann Barton Vaughan, EL Editor.Dis Cathennan Heenehan, B~ Associate Editor Nancy Voorhees Laitner, r 6 Alumna News Jenny Struthers Hoover, ZK Collegiate News lisa Lunney Thomson, ZK Director of Communications Editorial Board Beth Sharp, M Chairman of The Key Publication Committee Marilyn Nichols Bullock, r A Fraternity Vice President.Dis Catherman Heenehan, B~ Nancy Voorhees Laitner, r 6 Jenny Struthers Hoover, ZK lisa Lunney Thomson, ZK Joann Barton Vaughan, EL The Key (SSN ) is published quarterly for $3.00 by Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity, 530 E. Town St., Columbus, OH Printed in the United s of America, copyright Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity 1996 Preferred periodical postage paid at Columbus, OH POSTMASTER: Send address changes to: The Key P.O. Box308 Columbus, OH This is the time of year when we pause to take stock of the many facets of our lives. Have we accomplished all of the goals we set for ourselves, or will we defer them to the next year - with additions? What are our plans and dreams for the future? Somewhere a Kappa may need the help of her sisters - financial assistance in completing her education, monetary assistance when there is no other means of support, instructional assistance in maintaining her personal safety or recognizing a destructive relationship, personal assistance for growth and achievement. We have goals of supporting these Kappas - dreams of women supporting women. believe that the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation contributes to the realization of these goals, plans, and dreams. Why should every Kappa support the Foundation? Several reasons leap to my mind. First, our generous contributions help members complete their education or pursue a graduate degree- goals which many of us have achieved and cherish. Our Circle Key grants enable alumnae to further their educations in order to enhance their career opportunities. Our Chapter Consultant scholarships not only give an outstanding recent graduate the opportunity to pursue an advanced degree, but also gives an active chapter a multitude of hands-on benefits. Often the potential of a chapter is reached after one year with a chapter consultant. All Kappas take pride in our care and concern for each other expressed through the Rose McGill Confidential Aid fund. When we read the inspiring stories of survival and love through this extraordinary philanthropy, we know that this is sister helping sister in the truest sense. The development of our educational programs, made possible by funds from the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation, provides our members with life-skills and a heightened awareness of current instructional techniques and topics. You have all read and know of SALLY MooRE NTSCHKE, Ohio, Fraternity President , and her strong belief in the value of well-written educational programs. This year we are directing our energies to the creation of an endowment to make it possible for the Fraternity to hire a Director of Education. This new position at Headquarters will oversee our existing programs, develop new ones, and work with the volunteers who present the programs that provide permanent, positive impact in the lives of Kappas everywhere - all funded through the generous desire of Kappas to help Kappas help others and their communities. Won't you join me today in realizing our dreams and goals for our Fraternity by making a gift to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation? cr--. CATHY THOMPSO A ~ CARSWELL, fllinois Wesleyan, Fraternity President 2 THE K EY Winter 1996

5 - - ~ ~.J ~ -' Jc ' ''... l., ~ 'c..r, 't Power of One Mission ment of The Key t takes strength to grow- from a tiny rhizome to a lovely iris, from a closet full of memorabilia to an authentic, Victorian-era museum, from six women interested in mutual support of their academic pursuits to 140,000 women with the same interests. And strength is always drawn from a strong foundation. The Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation represents the past and the future of the Fraternity. Rooted in Kappa's ideals, incorporating long-established programs of financial aid and educational programming and funding, the Foundation continues to further its Mission ment by promoting and supporting individual excellence. Not only present growth, but also future "buds and blossoms" are kept in mind as funds are sought and invested to ensure that an organization which has grown for 126 years continues to flourish into the next century. Looking at the biennium, we can be proud of a number of accomplishments: o 132 Rose McGill grants of confidential aid, emergency assistance, and Circle Key Alumna Grants o 143 scholarships and fellowships o Heritage Museum acquisitions and funding for the internship program o Financial support of Kappa Kinetics on a regional basis to provide all members with the opportunity to attend our intergenerationalleadership training All this was made possible through your gifts. n this biennium we received a recordbreaking total of $1,770,644 in contributions, including: o 12,353 individual contributions totalling $713,965 o 273 alumnae associations contributions totalling $105,269 o 43 chapter contributions totalling $25,057 o $924,933 from 11 bequests realized o $1,420 in matched gifts. n addition, we are most proud to have 144 charter members of The Omega Society, the Foundation's newest giving society, introduced this biennium to acknowledge and thank those generous members who have included the Foundation in their estate plans (see page 65). n our everchanging society, we cannot stop here. As computer programming must be revised to deal with the year 2000, so must Kappa thinking, planning, investing, and giving be revised and expanded to encompass the needs and dreams of the Fraternity in the coming years. The strength of the Foundation lies in the broad support it receives. Large gifts from generous donors supply growth spurts, but more than 80 percent of the funds distributed come from the constant nurturing gifts of all sizes from the many individuals who believe in the values of Kappa Kappa Gamma and give to continue our strong tradition of women supporting women - giving ourselves and our resources to help others in our sisterhood and our communities. With many thanks to those whose generous donations have constructed the strong foundation of Kappa Kappa Gamma, we look forward to continuing to build and grow through the continuing generosity of all who cherish our life-long bonds of friendship and mutual support. Oo---w LESuE McFARLAND McNAMARA, Allegheny, Foundation President The Key of Kappa Kappa Gamma links each member with the Fraternity. The mission ofthe Key is: to inform, inspire, and challenge to sustain and nurture membership loyalty and interest to recognize individual, group, and Fraternity accomplishment to provide a forum for an exchange of information and opinion to be a permanent record To request advertising rates or to send information and photographs for The Key, please contact: KKr Headquarters and Foundation Office Joann Barton Vaughan, Editor P.O. Box 38 Columbus, Ohio TEL: 614/ FAJ<:614/ E-MAL: Rose McGill Magazine Agency 800/KKG-ROSE (800/ ) THE KEY SOURCE 800/ (Orders only) THE KEY Winter

6 Editor's Note: Each year, all publications mailed with a second-class permit are required to file the following form with the U.S. Postal Service and publish the form in the magazine. n the last filing year, (Winter 1995-Fall1996), The Key averaged a press run of 121,441 copies. The highest press run, Fall 1996, was 123,432 copies. Of these copies, more than 99 percent are mailed in the U.S., Canada, and abroad, with the remaining one percent used at Fraternity Headquarters for file copies and for use during extension. Westward Ho! Eta Beta Kappas pick up their new chapter gavel. The fog rolled off the Pacific Ocean as 37 undergraduates and 24 alumnae were initiated to the ETA BETA CHAPTER of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity October 4 and 5 at Pepperdine University, Malibu, Calif. EPSLON X CHAPTER, Cal., Northridge, assisted by Gamma Xi, UCLA, and D ELTA TAu, Southern California. Other Panhellenic groups on campus include Alpha Phi, Gamma Phi Beta, Delta Gamma, Delta Delta Delta, Pi Beta Phi, and Sigma Kappa. 'idiot., Chapter members prepare for installation 1 --'~ ""a:,._,. "" pp~ G... m~ w< '-''..Uit-----~~e.. -"CO_LB... -'<PCJg ) [qlv=tw,> OH 4]11!> " ,-o... ~. :~-:. --_ +-,-_.:::::.. _ -- ":-==... =~..:=.:=!::::::=:.=...._ o-~""--""''._,,_,._..._ Chapter President, Wendy Miadich vi sits with Fraternity President, Cathy Thompson Carswell, llinois Wesleyan. a --..~ _ ::-..::~,=~--.:;:-.: -::::::..... _ 4 THE KEl' Winter 1996

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8 Connecting Through Kappa Make the Kappa Connection come true by attending a 1997 Province Meeting. Delegates will take part in the election of Province Officers and all members will participate in discussion of resolutions and recomme the Fraternity. Kappa Kinetics - ra erm training for alumnae-and collegia s - will be pres ted at eight of these meeting: Zeta, ota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, and Pi. At all meetings, Kappas will share ideas, learn new skills and enjoy sisterhood. Anyone wishing to attend should contact a Province Officer for your area listed in the Fall issue of The Key. Nominations for Province Officers are solicited from every Kappa. Please send the form below to your Province Nominating Chairman, whose name and address is listed after the meeting dates. Province Meeting Dates, Locations, and Nominating Chairmen ALPHA- March 21-23, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Peggy Bergquist Palmer (Charles), 16 Russet Ln., Huntington, NY BETA- April 4-6, Harrisburg, Pa., Lynda Westrum Stephenson (James), 134 Bathgate Dr., College, PA GAMMA- April 4-6, Cincinnati, Ohio, Deborah Hejna Gordon (Mark), 6033 Guard Hill Pl., Dayton, OH DELTA- April 11-13, Lafayette, nd., Sarah Avril Sutfin (Gary), 926 Grace Dr., Carmet, N EPSLON - April18-20, Bloomington/Normal, ll., Carol Macari Bowman (Milton), Box 173, Little York, L THETA - Feb. 28-Mar. 2, Austin, Tx., Judith Walker Broadwell (Ronald), 3400 Ranchero Rd., Plano, TX OTA* - Feb. 28-Mar. 2, Vancouver, B.C., Linda Finnegan Elkin (Chad), East 1625, 20th Ave., Spokane, WA KAPPA* - April18-20, Northridge, Calif., Melinda Bray McCrea (Douglas), Cherry Hills Pl., Laguna Niguel, CA LAMBDA* - April 4-6, Williamsburg, Va., Cynthia Marshall Hood (Carl), Howard Rd., Dayton, MD Mu* - Mar. 7-9, Athens, Ga., Marjie Kidd Meade (William) 100 Sandollar Ln., Sarasota, FL ( /15) Nu* - Feb. 28-Mar 2., Tuscaloosa, Ala., Julie Young, 245 South Hanover Ave., Lexington, KY X* - April18-20, Stillwater, Okla., Karen Smith Lambert (Robert), 2522 Walnut Rd., Norman, OK P* - Mar. 7-9, San Francisco Bay Area, Calif., Jana Lopez Lim (Richard), 3066 East Tenaya, Fresno, CA RHo - Feb , Dorothy Holly-Blanchard (Charles), 2 Tenney St., Georgetown, MA *Kappa Kinetics regional leadership training will be presented at these meetings Recommendation for Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Position RECOMMENDATON FoR: ~~~ ~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~ First Name Middle/Maiden Last Husband's First Na me ~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~--~~-----! Street Address City Zip/Postal Code TelephoneNumber Chapter: School: Alumnae Association: Province: Position(s) for which this Kappa is recommended: Reasons for recommending this Kappa (e. g. Fra ternity experience, achievements, skills, qualifications) Recomm e nd a tionsubm~kdby : ~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~~~~~- First Name Middle/Maiden Last Husband's First Name.1,..---.,-,--,----- Street Address City Zip/Postal Code TelephoneNumber Chapter/ Alumnae Association: Recommended By: Chapter Alumnae Association ndividual Other (specify) 6 THE K EY Win ter 1996

9 Directory Updates Since the mailing of the Fall issue of The Key, two new Province Officers have been named:. S h we PDA: DELTA NORTH- Sue Herrmgton c.el ' BX, (Gary) 1004 Audubon, Grosse Pomte Park, M PDC: ZETA NORTH- Jeane Cox-Meuser, e (Kenneth), 938 Old Green Bay Rd., Winnetka, L These positions were liste~ as TB~ m the Fall issue. The Key does not hst appomtments made to fill resignations.... Foundation appointments will b~ hsted m the Spring tssue. o f Th e Ke :Y. nformatlon. about a K appa holding any current. Fratermty. or. Foundation position, includmg assoctatwn and chapter presidents, may be learned by calling Fraternity Headquarters, 614/ Job Search The Fraternity is advertising.a ne': pos1t10n.. a t Headquarters.. Quahficatwns and descriptions for the Dtrector of. Education may be found on page 76 of thts ~ru.. e For more information, please con-. tact Director of Business and Operatwns LLA SBELL, Montana, at 614/ P.O. Box 38, When sending mail to Fraternity mber that the United s Post Headquarter~;:eFraternity's box number two years ago, and Office chang b. 6 ded The correct address for that mail is no longer emg o~ar.. aka a Gamma the Fraternity and the Foundatlon ls Kapp PP Headquarters, Po. Box 38 ' Columbus, OH g-~ews -.Thank You Notes Dear NPC Friends, On behalf of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity, would like to express our love and gratitude to a very special lady, MARJOR1E MATSON CONVERSE, Purdue. How does one describe a human dynamo? n thinking about what to share with you, am overwhelmed by the myriad of attributes that Marj possesses. First of all is her loyalty. Marj's loyalty to Kappa and the National Panhellenic Conference is evident in the 51 years she has served in one capacity or another. Love comes next, and these characteristics are listed in no special order. Marj's love is demonstrated over and over as she works towards the ideals and goals in which she deeply believes. Her excellent work in the challenging area of College Panhellenics is proof of her dedication. Flexibility and fairness are other words that describe Marj. She has often been heard to say, 'J\Jj right, if that doesn't work, let's try it this way." She is always willing to listen to alternative solutions and has that unique skill of bringing out the best in the people with whom she works. Honesty and credibility also come to mind. Just like the investment firm ad, "When Marj speaks, people listen," not because they have to but because they know they can trust Marj to be open and candid. She has earned this trust because she always has done her homework and can back up her position with facts. And always, through the years, Marj has handled her responsibilities with humor and a genuine sense of fun. The number of friends she has made over her tenure in NPC is staggering. Who of us hasn't joined in laughter with Marj just from the sheer joy of hearing her musical laugh. To commemorate her years of service, Kappa Kappa Gamma wishes to donate $5,000 in Marj's honor to the long range planning efforts of NPC in the area of College Panhellenics. Fraternally, CATHY THOMPSON CARSWELL, fllinois Wesleyan Fraternity President Please use the current P. 0. B o x numbers l when writing ill to the Fraternity or Foun d a t. ton, or your etter w be returned. Are You an Owl Out on 1 a Limb? ~ Come join the group! You, too, can enjoy the privileges: friendships, and fun that come With participation in an alumnae association. Please take a moment to complete the information. form below and send it to Chnstme Erickson Astone, Wyoming. She will put you in touch with your Province Director of Alumnae and the alumnae association nearest you. Name: YE.S! want to know more a b ou t Kappa Alumnae Opportunities near me! Add ress: _ Telephone: / College/University: _ New Address? New to Area? lnit. Date: / Last Address: MAL TO: Christine Aston e Zephyr W ay. Sacramento ' CA THE KEY Winter

10 w zve By JoANN BARTON VAUGHAN, Virginia t happens to everyone on a daily basis. You go to your mailbox and mixed in with the credit card applications and the bills are solicitations from nonprofit organizations. Many of the requests are valid. Starving children, literacy, historic preservation are all worthy causes and need your help. Next to all those letters is an envelope from the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation also seeking your assistance. So how do you choose what groups to give to? Why should you give to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation? " really think about who give money to," says MELSSA WoMBLE, Texas, a real estate attorney in Dallas. "Both my parents taught me the importance of giving back to those institutions that shape who you are today. The two main groups support are my high school and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. "Kappa gave me friendships and the sense of being part of a group. The University of Texas is so huge! Kappa gave me a place to belong to and a feeling like was part of a family." Melissa began with a gift of $25 after she finished a graduate law degree and has consistently given to the Foundation ever since. " want to help someone else have the same educational opportunities, form similar relationships, and have the enriching experiences that did." The ability to help along another Kappa with educational opportunity is what compelled JANET LANG PADEN, Georgia, to support the Foundation. Her donations have U.S. Giving Statistics $ billion dollars were donated to charitable causes last year. ndividuals contributed 87.6% of all charitable dollars. donating $126.1 billion. 44.1% of all contributions. $63.45 billion. were made to religious groups. Educational institutions were second. receiving 12.5% or $17.9 billion. Total giving comprised 2% of the Gross Domestic Product. Source: Gtvmg USA. AAFRC Trust for Plulanl!JrOpj 8 THE KEl' Winter 1996

11 Janet Paden, Georgia, and her husband, Carter, have been steady contributors to Foundation funding for grown from a $15 gift in 1980 to $10,000 given this year. "Many of the dollars raised by the Loyalty Fund go to help Kappas with their education. feel a real strong bond to these young women;' Janet says. "These young Kappas are our future leaders. They are assuming respon- sibility not just for them- nearly 20 years. selves, but for many others as well. want to support them in any way can." Potential leaders must be willing to take risks, be interested in their field of endeavor, and be outstanding contributors to the general society, according to Janet. She believes that Kappa Kappa Gamma attracts the calibre of young women able to make a difference in the future. " feel so blessed in my life;' she adds, "that want to pass on my good fortune. Kappa Kappa Gamma has meant so much to me. want to help in any way can, and plan to continue giving." Continuous giving of both time and money has been a generous way of life for both KAY MOESSNER JEFFRES, Denison, and BARBARA CRANSTON GRANAT, Michigan. Both have given their time and talents as volunteers and every year for almost 20 years have donated to the Foundation. To Kay, it is the closeness of her friendships and the feelings of sisterhood that have kept her involved with both the Fraternity and the Foundation. Once the "oldest living house board member," she says she has retired from Kappa life after serving for many years on the Gamma Omega Chapter house board at her alma mater, as Treasurer and President of the COLUMBUS (OHO) ALUMNAE AssociATON, and for eight years as a staff member at Headquarters. "Kappa has meant a great deal to me. My closest friends are my pledge sisters;' she adds. "'ve been so fortunate. 'd like to see someone else enjoy the sisterhood and experience the love of good friends. see so much potential in these young women and am so interested in what they are doing. They seem so much smarter and they are striving for so much more than ever did. t is wonderful to help someone striving for the best. " A former Rose McGill Assistance Chairman, Barbara is moved not only to help other Kappas but also to "give and continue to give back to the Fraternity because have gotten so much!" She cherishes the friendships she made as Beta Province Director of Alumnae and the sisterhood she feels in the PHLADELPHA ALUMNAE ASSOCATON, but says How Do You Eat an Elephant?... one bite at a time For many chapters, the idea of raising $10,000 to fund a Project 2000 account might seem daunting, but BETA ZETA, owa, accepted the challenge - one step at a time. Started in 1991, Project 2000 is a program of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation that encourages chapters to endow their own scholarships by raising $10,000 by the year ]ANE CARTER ]ONES, Oregon, long-time Chapter Council Adviser to the group and current Regional Director of Chapters for Region 4, bought into the program immediately and sold it to the chapter. For the past five years the chapter members just kept "dropping (money) in the bucket," she notes. Beginning with a contribution of $177 in May 1991, the chapter has continued to make small, steady gifts towards their goal. Sometimes the donation was as small as $35 and it has never been more than $2,000. To date the chapter has accumulated a little more than $12,000. The chapter came up with small but easy ways to raise money including an annual Parents Weekend silent auction, putting a coupon in the chapter newsletter sent to alumnae members, and taking old clothes to a resale shop and donating the proceeds. One chapter member is chosen to coordinate Project 2000 activities. Because both the chapter and the advisers viewed Project 2000 as an important goal, Jane thinks the group was able to sustain interest in the project over the past five years.. Remember the tortoise and the hare? Sometlilles slow and steady does win the race. that "being Rose McGill chairman ts the best job m the Fraternity." During her seven years as chairman, Barbara became aware of the great need of many Kappas. She Kay Jeffries, Denison, provides volunteer time to the Fraternity and monetary support to the Foundation. THE K EY Wmter

12 Barbara Granat, Michigan, is compelled to donate to the Rose McGill tells of a request from a Kappa who was homeless and living in her car, of other requests from women who needed assistance to improve their education and return to work. "These women worked with had such dignity. Anyone of us could find ourselves in a situation like this." The time and dedication of women like Barbara and Kay keep the Fraternity moving ahead and their ann~al donations add up to make a difference to the FoundatiOn and the hundreds of Kappas helped annually through Foundation assistance. So when the letter comes with the Foundation logo on the return address, you might pause and think back to your college years. According to Melissa Womble, hers were the best. Or you might think ahead to the future, looking for the leaders of tomorrow like Janet Paden. You might, having just helped a Kappa friend through a rough time, wonder what those Kappas do who have no one on whom to lean and provide assistance for Rose McGill Confidential Aid, as Barbara Granat does. Or maybe the warmth and love of Kappa has never left you, as it has never left Kay Jeffries. Whatever the reason, when the letter comes you might open it, consider the source, and add your donation to the almost $1 million raised annually to help members of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Q----w How Do You Spell Success? 0-A-L-L-A-S t is not surprising that one of the most successful associations at fundraising is also the largest association donor to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation, the DALLAS ALUMNAE ASSOCATON. Successful local fundraising events such as the Dallas Home Tour held in alternate years and Tablescapes, now in its second year, net the association approximately $85,000 yearly, according to MARD WOCHOS MYERS, SMU, President of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation of Dallas. The group's hard work has funded generous donations to their community as well as provided $188,400 to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. "When you can be there helping each other, that's what Kappa is all about;' Mardi says. Dallas' most recent gift was $15,000 to endow a Circle Key Alumna Grant for Continuing Education, designed to help a part-time student seeking additional education to reenter the workforce or advance in her career. The endowment is a tribute to GEORGANA SPELMAN ROBERTSON, Kansas, a long-time Dallas Alumnae Association board member who was always involved in supporting the Rose McGill Fund. BELLE DRYE SCHAFER, SMU, former President of the association, "developed this idea and carried it to fruition;' according to current Association President ANN ADDYMAN LAWRENCE, SMU. The association had recently endowed a scholarship and had a "small but significant amount to help another Kappa." Belle suggested the endowment in honor of Georgiana and the Kappa philanthropy closest to her heart. With Tablescapes reaching another successful conclusion this fall, Mardi says the Dallas alumnae plan to continue balancing their giving between local charities and the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. Gift Giving- Today There are many ways to make a donat ion today to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. including: Cash Gifts of property. i.e. stocks. bonds. mutual funds. and real estate Bot\1 kinds of donations may l1ave a pos1t1ve impact on your income taxes. depending on what sort of return you file. You sl10uld talk to you tax accountant or attorney for more adv1ce.... and Tomorrow Deferred gifts are those you arrange for now tt1at w1\l be rece1ved by a charitable institution at a later date. normally after your death. Opt1ons 1nclude g1v111g throug\1: Your will by leaving either a specified amount. a percentage of the estate. or a portion of the remainder A liv1ng trust to provide tile management and final distribution of assets A cl1aritable remainder trust to prov1de an annual 1ncome for the donor. Li fe insurance by earmarklllg tile Foundation as a policy Jeneficiary A retirement plan by donating assets accumulated dunng your work1ng years. Deferred g1ving usually provides s1gn1f1cant tax sav1ngs for your estate. Consult your tax accountant or attorney for spec1f1c adv1ce. 10 THE K El' Winter 1996

13 Allison, a. former Traveling Consulta~t, has received a graduate fellowship from the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation in , , and During her third year, she completed an internship at the Navajo ndian Reservation in Windowrock, Ariz., where she "treated anything that walked through the do?rs of the clinic." t was exciting that while on the reservation she could "relate to the importance of ritual and family though my experiences within my own chapter as when working... as a Traveling Consultant." ~ All ison rescued her new roommate and former patient, Butch, from the animal shelter. r..dear Foundation Scholarship Committee, Have you seen the TV drama Chicago Hope? can picture the teams of emergency room doctors decked in their surgical garb exudmg professionalism and inspiring awe:as they work against the clock. Now... sit back and try to imagine College Station Hope. A team of three semiprofessional veterinary students, decked out in their borrowed surgical gowns and armed with their rented surgical instruments, diligently performing humane surgery. Sweat drips from their brows and the tension is thick as we embark on the surgical world of veterinary medicine and try as a team to complete successful surgery on our patients... rabbits! Oh well, maybe it's not as exciting as our TV counterparts, but we have to start somewhere. During my training have helped to cure a 400-pound tiger of severe renal disease, remove a kidney from a labrador retriever, and reposition a displaced stomach in a 1,100-pound steer. Now, let me enlighten you on some of the everyday activities of a fourth year veterinary student to give you a taste of who and what you are supporting through the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation. The day begins before the day really begins! arise before the sun to attend to my patients. First visit Mr. T, the Sifter, a three-year-old red brangus bull that weighs in at more than 2,000 pounds. Due to his complacent and affectionate attitude am able to enter the stall with Mr. T, change his bandages, treat his healing wounds, brush his thick coat, and scratch behind his ears. This is not normally allowed behavior from a one ton bull! Next 'm off to milk Lily the goat in order to bottle feed her two new kids and walk Beau, an obese pot-bellied pig. Then 'm off to clinical rounds with the other students. hope you have a feel for what you are supporting with your generous donations. The scholarship aids in taking some of the financial constraints off me so my efforts can be directed where they should be to the benefit and welfare of the animals. Thank you for selecting me to receive a Kappa Kappa Gamma Graduate Fellowship. Loyally, AKJJ.tiuw,~ AlLSON MERRLL, Texas A&M THE K y Wmter

14 DATON tons c: :;: ~.r:: m c: c: m ll ::J (f) ll c: 0 ~ tl ::J By SuZANNE GEPSON, Colorado College Catherine Scroeder Graf Heritage Museum ntern, Summer 1996 The Catherine Scroeder Graf Heritage Museum internship is named for the first Director of the Heritage Museum, CATHERNE SCROEDER GRAF, Ohio, and is endowed through the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation The internship is currently awarded every other year to a Kappa interested in historical preservation, museum presentation, and research. Suzanne prepares for her final presen tation as the Heritage Museum intern. H er face shone as she stood proudly beside her bright yellow chiffon dress. Camera shutters snapped and young Kappas felt lucky to pose with the past President and her gown at the Heritage Museum exhibit at the 61st Biennial Convention. t was easy to see which dress was the favorite of Lou LTTLE BARBECK, SMU, Fraternity President from (see Fall Key, 1996, p. 22). Others had a harder time deciding which dress they'd like to wear, if given the choice. Some of the younger women fell in love with the "hip" chocolate brown silk evening dress of President SARAH HARRis RoWE, Northwestern, from The sleeveless, full-skirted dress could easily slip into this year's fall fashion line with its rich color and unadorned style. Many were awestruck by the elegance of a black dress worn by the Fraternity's first Grand President TADE HARTSUFF KUHNS, Butler, circa 1886, which stood at the front of the circle of Presidents' dresses. Diane Mallstrom, Curator of the Heritage Museum, loved the red crepe dress of President HELENA FLNN GREGG EGE, Pittsburgh, with the wrap-around fringed scarf, circa magine wrapping a fringed scarf around your body three times before playfully tossing it over your left shoulder and dancing the night away. couldn't take my eyes off of the tiny-waisted, white evening gown of President RUTH KADEL SEACREST, Nebraska, with its embroidered pearls, bugle beads and rhinestones, circa Others shared my amazement at a dress so unique and beautiful with its swirling beaded patterns and perfect neckline. Twelve of the most colorful, historical, and stunning Presidents' dresses from the Heritage Museum costume E e ~ ro ~ Cll c: m i:5 ll 0.r:: ~~ ~------~ 12 THE KEY Winter 1996

15 FOUNDATON <;fashions collection were displayed at Convention in Florida. As Kappas of all ages waited in line for breakfast and lunch, they couldn't help but notice the black, yellow, aqua, orange, blue, white, and red dresses in the Museum exhibit. They were certainly a hit. t is important to remember that in all of their bright color and grandeur, each holds a place in the broader history of our Fraternity. You may not know that the Heritage Museum has quite a complete costume collection. Established as "a philanthropic and educational outreach of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation;' the Heritage Museum not only focuses its attention on the Victorian house at 530 East Town Street, Columbus, Ohio, but also on women's history and the history of women's education. The costume collection is a priceless tool for giving our visitors an example of what life was like for women during the Victorian era when the Fraternity was founded- as well as a glimpse at the history of women and their roles in society since the 1870s. Closets at Fraternity and Foundation Headquarters store women's apparel from the 1870s through the 1990s. There are wedding gowns, World War women's service organizations uniforms, gowns worn at Conventions, nightgowns, fancy overcoats, Jackie 0. style suits, and psychedelic patterned minidresses. Most of the clothes have been worn or donated by Kappas through the years. There are also 12 little lockers filled with hats from the mid-1800s through the 1970s. One from the '60s has big black sequins and what looks like a wild strawberry patch on top! There are boxes of gloves and boxes of shoes, too. The late 19th and early 20th century shoes are so pointy and narrow, it's hard to imagine even a little girl's feet fitting into them now! Wouldn't the ladies then have loved to don a pair of C-width, aircushioned, turbo-jump, cross-trainers like the ones we wear today? Until recently, people displayed the dresses, hats, and gloves in the Museum's costume collection in various style shows. Now, in order to preserve the fragile threads, buttons, beads, stitches, and fabrics, only mannequins and whitegloved hands are allowed to touch the garments. As part of my job as the 1996 Catherine Schroeder Graf Summer ntern, took a careful look at the collection and made sure proper care was given to the garments. First priority was the Presidents' dresses. Each dress was folded with acid-free tissue paper between each fold and placed in an acid-free flat box. Acid-free, dry, cool environments are important for the preservation of all documents and materials. t doesn't take long for the highly acidic newspaper clippings in our scrapbooks to yellow, so just imagine what acidic paper and boxes can do to a one hundred year-old ivory wedding dress. Dampness and heat can cause mold to grow which further decays documents, objects, and clothing. These elements must be controlled as much as possible within a collection's financial, physical, and practical boundaries. Thankfully, our collection is not so huge that most of these factors cannot be controlled. At this time all of the past Presidents' dresses and the most fragile 19th century dresses are safely boxed and stored in a climate-controlled closet. All other garments are hung on clothpadded hangers. After visiting several other institutions as part of a workshop week this summer, know the Foundation is doing its best to properly preserve these important collections. My final project for the Heritage Museum was to develop a small theme exhibit. Choosing to research Victorian etiquette of the dinner table, displayed a gorgeous burgundy silk, satin, brocade dress from 1889 in the Grand Parlor, and placed ladies' gloves and hats on the newly acquired etagere in the hallway. These items from the costume collection really gave the exhibit historic validity and a touch of class. Please come visit the Heritage Museum of Kappa Kappa Gamma and ask to see one of the treasures in the costume collection. D---w Got Some Unusual Togs? The Heritage Museum is not currently seeking acquisitions for its costume collection; however unusual clothing items from the 19th Century or items of particular significance to the history of the Fraternity may be of interest. For more information, please contact Museum Curator Diane Mallstrom at KKr Fraternity and Foundation Headquarters, 614/ THE KEY Winter

16 ~ove By LOS CATHERMAN HEENEHAN, Adelphi Fund. To Apply for Rose McGill Assistance and Circle Key Grants Any Kappa in need of financial aid may be referred by her alumnae association, a Kappa friend, or she may request aid on her own behalf. Letters requesting an application for assistance should be addressed to Rose McGill Chairman or Circle Key Grant Chairman, c/o Kappa Kappa n the language of flowers, roses speak of love. How fitting that the Fraternity's "sentimental favorite" aid fund is named for a member who epitomized the love of each Kappa for a sister in need. Gifts to the Rose McGill Fund of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation and income raised through magazine sales provide financial aid for Kappas who are unable to support themselves. The Rose McGill Fund originated at the 1922 Convention when members of BETA PS, Toronto, appealed to those attending for financial aid for their sister, RosE McGLL, a victim of tuberculosis. The resulting $600 helped defray hospital expenses and provided a few comforts for Rose until her death a few years later. Like a rose bush which grows and produces more blossoms each year, the fund named for Rose McGill has grown and spread to aid a wide range of needs for Kappas of all ages. Sometimes it is a short-term emergency, sometimes an on-going need - whatever the difficult or tragic circumstance, Kappas can turn to their sisters for help. Although Rose McGill aid is completely confidential, some of the recipients' stories follow, with names changed to maintain confidentiality. "The Rose McGill Fund Helped Me in So Many Ways" "LouisE" is 27, single, and suffering from a debilitating spinal cord injury incurred just before college graduation. As a quadriplegic, with limited use of her arms and hands, she faces tremendous financial burdens. Because she wishes to be independent, her insurance does not cover home health care and medication imposes additional high monthly costs. Louise is extremely grateful for the help that Rose McGill offers. The monthly assistance helps her to maintain her lifestyle and her positive outlook on life. 14 THE fcey Winter 1996

17 epeakinfj 0~ ~ove "PATTY" has been a member of our Rose McGill family since the fall of Having lost her job due to corporate reorganization, Patty also had to have surgery which was not covered by insurance. She uses her monthly assistance to subsidize her rent while adjusting to a new full-time professional position and dealing with bills that have piled up over the past few years. Patty intends to get back on her feet and maintains a healthy, positive attitude toward life. She is very grateful to the Rose McGill Fund, doesn't know how she could have managed without it, foresees a successful future and plans to remember the fund through a bequest in her will. "Dorus" has been a member of the Rose McGill family since Never married, she is 71 and suffered a stroke in 1984 which forced her to retire from her secretarial career. Expenses continue to rise and her Social Security increases do not keep pace. Friends have been generous, but Doris has had to sell household items to help make ends meet. She desperately needs the aid received from the Rose McGill fund and says that without it she could not make it. She is continually grateful for the assistance she receives from Kappa. May the Circle Be Unbroken Many times an alumna may find herself needing to pursue another career. Needing funds to continue educational or vocational training, she may apply for a Circle Key Continuing Education Grant, with the hope that after her circumstances are improved the recipient will later contribute to the Foundation to help another Kappa in an unbroken circle of continual aid. Collegiate members who face a sudden financial emergency may apply for Undergraduate Emergency Grants. A desire to expand their help to sisters in need created the Holiday Sharing program. Alumnae associations Michelle Bielski, Washington, muchneeded comfort during her final weeks. and collegiate chapters "adopt" a Kappa member and her family and send greetings and gifts for special occasions. VALERE NELSON RENNER, ndiana, Rose McGill Assistance Chairman for the past biennium, says, "Without exception, the Rose McGill family members are so grateful for the assistance provided by their Kappa sisters. For some, the confidential aid is the only income upon which they can count. The thank you notes receive monthly are so touching and heartfelt. Rose McGill confidential aid truly is a life link to our Kappa sisters in need." o---. Dear Kappas, On June 18th yo. able 26- ld al ur orgamzatwn lost a remark-. year-o umna, MCHELLE BELSK W~shmgton. had the privilege of workin '. ~~h~~;k~r:ugh her s~ruggle with cance/ ~~ realize that K the ongomg challen?es she faced, M' h ll d _appa Kappa Gammas outreach to c e ~ unng this period of discomfort a uncertamty helped make it possible for her ~d meet each day with encouragement. Supp?rt through the Kappa Kappa G Foun~atwn came in many forms. Almo:;nma overm~ht the Rose McGill Confidential Aid ~ommittee sponsored Michelle through the a~pa-n-need program, providin fi. assistance that enabled Mich ll g na~c~al Seattle where she could recei~e e to remam ~ attention and be helped by h frt~e bdest medic_al h d er en s. The a1d e pe assure Michelle that no obligations ld go unmet, ~lo~ing her to focus her energie:~~ more pressmg ssues. ~he warm cards and thoughtful "ft h MCh ll gi s t at e e received as part of the Kappa-n- Need progra~ proved to be of great moral support dunng especially difficult tim Although Michelle understood that n~s~ne could ~ght the battle for her, she was nbev~r m doubt that her sisters stood ehmd her. th can never find the words to describe e monumental difference this program made for Michelle. Please realize that your support had a far-reaching impact and touched her life in many subtle w ays. Matt Nicholson Contributions to the Rose McGill Fund may be sent to Director of Development MARLYN FousE JENNNGS, Ohio Wesleyan, at KKr Fraternity and Foundation Headquarters. To support the Rose McGill Fund through the purchase of a magazine contact MARY Winter 1996 THE KEY 15

18 ElEC~fRifYif'G E{PEREf'CES Kappa Kinetics helps Kappas make connections Kappa Kinetics, the Fraternity's new regional leadership program funded by a grant from the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation, continues to receive rave reviews. Kappa Kinetics is designed for any Kappa to come and learn more about herself and her leadership style through group activities, participating with both collegians and alumnae. Any and all Kappas are invited to attend. The program is useful for all - you do not have to be the chapter or association President to come and learn with Kappas of all ages, and the exercises translate to the work you do in your everyday life, as MELSSA MURER, Drake, reports. Kappa Kinetics will be presented as part of eight province meetings this spring (see page 6). For more information, please contact Fraternity Headquarters, 614/ ()--. Participants of a Kappa Kinetics Leadership Seminar test their team skills in group projects. Dear Kappas, want to share m th Kinetics workshop :tte~~ghts?n the Kappa The programming fi ed this past weekend. was rst rate h numerous leadersh..' ave attended Ki. p semmars ll the ne~cs was one of the best. past, and Kappa practical and well. The content was very organized. came away with man n. both personally and p ti y. ew deas to implement t ff ro esswnally s a retreat and plan t. am conducting a. o use several of th exews~s that learned. e teambuilding Until this weekend d "d able to have "Kap v' ~ot fee] that would be ll pa L'..Onnectwn " co ege sisters At K. s as do with my d appa Kinetics d an look forward to fut., ma e new friends d. ure nteractio al spen ng time with the oth.. n. so enjoyed Northern Virginia. er participants from.all. espec y appreciated the o. With Kappas of all fr pportumty to interact years plus What ages om new collegians to 30 The two l~ad facili~ gtreat blending of experience. d a ors, COLLEEN B an CRYSTAL STRAUBE STUMP. LOUGH, owa, everyone participated ' Monmouth, made sure. T~e support of th~ Ka a twn S critical to th PP Kappa Gamma Foundae success of th encourage its support. e program and Loyally, Puuling programs teach teamwork. ~~~ M ELSSA MURER, Drake 16 THE KEY Winter 1996


20 Membership in the major giving societies is achieved with an outright gift or cumulative gifts, or a deferred gift through life insurance, a bequest, a charitable trust or other planned gift commitment. DAMOND KEY SociETY Cumulative gifts of $100,000+ Deferred gift of $250,ooo+ Anonymous Anne Chapman Booth, Swarthmore Margaret Bourne, Northwestern* Alice Fry, St Lawrence* Katherine Farber Futch, Drake* Katharine Bailey Hoyt, Ohio * Mary Keller Moyer, Ohio * GOLDEN KEY SOCETY Cumulative gifts of $50,ooo+ Deferred gift of $125,000+ Emily Day Koppell, Syracuse* Jane Rafter Gordan, Washington Patricia A. Searight, Ohio FLEUR-DE-us SociETY Cumulative gifts of $25,000+ Deferred gift of $65,0oo+ Carolyn Turgrimson Anderson, Wisconsin Gladys Ross Carlson, Kansas Cathy Thompson Carswell, llinois Wesleyan Mary Lou Griffith Gardiner, Missouri Sally Moore Nitschke, Ohio * Helen Willis Petit, llinois Helen Robson Walton, Oklahoma ADELPHE SociETY Cumulative gifts of $1 O,ooo+ Deferred gift of $25,ooo+ Rebecca Stone Arbour, Louisiana Louise Little Harbeck, SMU Jean Clark Berry, Oklahoma Jo Newport Brodeur, Washington J. Dale Brubeck, William & Mary Mary Jim Lane Chickering, Arkansas Pat Mcinnis Cooper, Mississippi Mary Jane Jackson Crist, Arizona Jane Tourner Curry, ndiana Lonnie Hoke Curtis, Minnesota Lucille Caswell Davids, Oregon Lucy Davidson, Emory Nancy Davis, Ohio Barbara Jones Deloian, Arizona Lottie Carter Dixon, Alabama Robin Gerner Doty, Texas* Renee Dutton, WVU Dee Speed Elder, Maryland Mary Campbell Ford, WVU Ruth Tuttle Freeman, Michigan Sue Darby Gaston, Arkansas Catherine Schroeder Graf, Ohio Barna Hurt Graves, Arkansas Sally redell Gulick, Akron Susannah Erck Howard, Florida Wilma Winberg Johnson, Massachusetts Marilyn Dow Jones, llinois Sarah Rowe Kanaga, Northwestern Jessie Walton Karsted, Montana Kay Smith Larson, Washington June Knisley Lauzon, Michigan June Hardy Livinghouse, Purdue Miriam Locke, Alabama Margaret Edwards Mason, Ohio Douglas Hempstead Maumenee, Wisconsin Nancy LaPorte Meek, Ohio Wesleyan Sally Ketring Merritt, Colorado College* Eloise Moore Netherton, Texas Carol Nichols, Georgia Janet Cheves Paden, Georgia Adlon Dohme Rector, llinois Mary Virginia Cooper Reid, SMU Marilyn Maloney Riggs, Kansas Lynda Hare Scribante, TCU Susan Goldsmith Shelley, Miami sabel Hatton Simmons, Ohio Mary-John Grelling Spence, Texas Helen Snyder Steiner, Washington Ethel Fisher Sulivan, Arizona Catherine Kelder Walz, Michigan Jean Hess Wells, Georgia* Marian Klingbeil Williams, Missouri Rosalyn Kempton Wood, Emory ALUMNAE AssociATONS Atlanta, Ga. Boston ntercollegiate, Mass. Cincinnati, Ohio Cleveland East, Ohio Dallas, Texas Denver Colo. Detroit East Suburban, Mich. Detroit North Woodward, Mich. Houston, Texas ndianapolis, nd. Kansas City, Mo. Northern Virginia Philadelphia, Pa. Richardson-Plano, Texas St. Louis, Mo. San Mateo, Calif. Scottsdale, Ariz. Washington, D. C.-Suburban Maryland Westchester County, N.Y. OTHER Mr. W.L. Gerner Mr. James A. Knight* Mr. William Mayhall The Tellepsen Foundation The Vale-Asche Foundation *died during the biennium

21 Recognition of $1000+ gifts received from July 1, 1994 through June 30, 1996 NDVDUAL KAPPAS $to,ooo+ Carolyn Turgrimson Anderson, Wisconsin Jo Newport Brodeur, Washington Gladys Ross Carlson, Oklahoma Marilyn Dow Jones, llinois Margaret Edwards Mason, Ohio Janet Cheves Paden, Georgia Helen Willis Petit, llinois Lynda Hare Scribante, TCU Patricia A. Searight, Ohio $5,000-9,999 Nancy Davis, Ohio Lottie Carter Dixon, Alabama Sally redell Gulick, Akron Susan Goldsmith Shelley, Miami Larissa Sheldon Walker, North Dakota* Rosalyn Kempton Wood, Emory $2,500-4,999 Jean Wallace Goodman, Pittsburgh* June Knisley Lauzon, Michigan Laura Young Palmer, Auburn Anne Eisermann Sheline, ndiana Mildred Geiger Snedeker, Goucher* Ethel Fisher Sullivan, Arizona Susan Burrows Swan, Ohio Genie Bliss Van Valkenburgh, Arkansas* $1,000-2,499 Louise Little Barbeck, SMU Ruth Baldwin Barker, Wisconsin Andrea Schultz Baxter, Washington Jeanne Hudson Bellish, owa Jean Clark Berry, Oklahoma Vicki Ueberroth Booth, Colorado Phyllis Probeck Brandon, Northwestern Jane Ferguson Braunstein, Cincinnati J. Dale Brubeck, William & Mary Carol Janz Charles, Michigan Sarah Saunders Cockerham, Louisiana Patricia Gibson Conaway, Penn Mary Jane Jackson Crist, Arizona Joanne Edsall Gernheuser, Michigan Karen Kolbe Goodenow, Drake Catherine Schroeder Graf, Ohio Diane Hierholzer Grant, Texas Roberta Hewson Grogan, Kansas Suzanne Lovell Hadsell, Ohio Wesleyan Margaret Eccleston Halvorson, Alabama Elizabeth Bennett Hamilton, Ohio Sandra Pettersson Hammond, Ohio Wilhelmina Eakin Harman, Pittsburgh* Susannah Erck Howard, Florida Margaret Smith Hutchinson, Monmouth Wilma Winberg Johnson, Massachusetts Virginia Kramer Kulp, Oklahoma Henrietta Crosby Levings, Mississippi Miriam Locke, Alabama Leslie McFarland McNamara, Allegheny Carol Nichols, Georgia Wendy Robinson Raeder, Ohio Wesleyan Beatrice Thorkelson Ramsay, Toronto Betty Swinford Reeves, Goucher Dorothy Kuenning Reynolds, Ohio * Marlese Neher Rouda, Ohio Molly McKinney Schulze, Colorado Janet Dickerson Smith, William & Mary Patty Miller Stichnoth, owa Helen Robson Walton, Oklahoma Catherine Crider Ward, Cincinnati Jean Hess Wells, Georgia* Violet Bohman Whittaker, daho Marian Klingbeil Williams, Missouri Marion Oliver Williams, Washington ' OTHER DoNoRs ADELPHE $to,ooo+ James Knight* William M. Mayhall KEYSTONE $5,000-9,999 Mr. W.L. Gerner FouNDERS $1,000-2,499 Gamma Province Meeting Kappa Chapter House Board Lambda Province Meeting Dr. Richard & Anne Lower Mu Province Meeting Mr. & Mrs. William L. Nigh Rho Province Meeting ALUMNAE AssociATON DoNoRs ADELPHE $1o,ooo+ Dallas TX Houston Charitable Foundation Kansas City MO KEYSTONE $5,000-9,999 Atlanta, Ga. Cincinnati, Ohio Cleveland East Denver, Colo. Detroit N. Woodward ndianapolis N St. Louis MO PRESDENTS $2,500-4,999 Austin, Texas Contra Costa, Calif. Philadelphia, Pa. Richardson/Plano, Texas Scottsdale, Ariz. FouNDERS $1,000-2,499 Albuquerque, N.M. Boston ntercollegiate, Mass. Brevard County, Fla. Cleveland West Shore, Ohio Detroit East Sub, Mich. Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Hawaii Long Beach, Calif. Louisville, Ky Northern Virginia Palo Alto, Calif. Phoenix, Ariz. Portland, Ore. Richmond, Va. Sacramento Valley, Calif. San Antonio, Texas San Jose, Calif. San Mateo, Calif. Seattle, Wash. Tulsa, Okla. Washington D.C. Sub, Md. West Chester, Pa. CHAPTER DoNoRs KEYSTONE $5,000-9,999 Beta Xi, Texas Gamma Theta, Drake PRESDENTS $2,500-4,999 Beta Zeta, owa Delta Kappa, Miami Epsilon Delta, Arizona FouNDERS $1,000-2,499 Beta Mu, Colorado Beta Upsilon, West Virginia Delta ota, LSU Epsilon Gamma, North Carolina Epsilon Rho, Texas A&M Gamma Pi, A labama Kappa, Hillsdale Lambda, Akron

22 LFETME CoNTRBUTORS (Who have given a gift in biennium 7 /1194-6/30/96) $5,000-9,999 KEYSTONE CRCLE (CUMULATVE) Sarah Saunders Cockerham, LSU Martha Galleher Cox, Ohio Wesleyan Kathryn Kirk Ervin, Oregon* Mary Kunz Fertig, Cincinnati* Karen Kolbe Goodenow, Drake Jean Wallace Goodman, Pittsburgh* Roberta Hewson Grogan, Kansas Suzanne Lovell Hadsell, Ohio Wesleyan Elizabeth Bennett Hamilton, Ohio Stella Six Helmers, Missouri Elizabeth Rieke Jones, Northwestern Charlotte Easterday Kiesselbach, Nebraska* Alberta Nicodemus Randolph, Akron* Margaret Leland Russell, Ohio Wesleyan Eileen Crain Sullivan, Texas Susan Burrows Swan, Ohio Helen Zick Walker, Colorado College Mary Thrner Whitney, Cincinnati $2,500-4,999 PRESDENTS CRCLE (CUMULATVE) Carol Lash Armstrong, Miami (Ohio) Martha Ashcroft Baines, Cornell Ruth Baldwin Barker, Wisconsin Florence Lloyd Jones Barnett, Wiscoi!Sin Jean Moore Barnhart, St. Lawrence Gay Chuba Barry, Pennsylvania St. Andrea Schultz Baxter, Washington Anna Stamm Beckman, George Washington Nancy Casto Benson, Ohio Marjorie Cross Bird, Colorado Carolyn Bertsch Bleile, Washington Univ. Marilyn Ashman Bower, Ohio Phyllis Probeck Brandon, Northwestern Allison Miller Brandt, Tulane Jane Ferguson Braunstein, Cincinnati Ann Johnson Butler, Arizona Maryanna Theobald Calderon, Wisconsin Dorothy Monroe Chamberlain, Kentucky Carol Janz Charles, Michigan Carrie Markley Cleave, Arizona* Marjorie Matson Converse, Purdue Frances Crain Cook, Texas Janet Kraft Corbin, Washington Kathleen Weatherill Coyle, Toromo da Lloyd Crotty, UCLA Joanne Strauss Crown, ndiana Janet Elliott Daugherty, Pittsburgh Martha Miller Eldred, Nebraska Katherine Morton Epler, Denison Martha Hodson Erwin, Texas Agnes Park Fausnaugh, Ohio Wesleyan Margaret Mulroney Ferrari, Momana Bernice Green Ford, Texas Barbara Cranston Granat. Michigan Diane Hierholzer Grant. Texas Patsy Gray, Washington na Saville Grundmann, William & Mary Margaret Eccleston Halvorson, Alabama Sandra Pettersson Hammond, Ohio Margaret Harmon, William & Mary Marijann Forrest Holmes, Texas Tech Jeanne Fisher Jones, Washington Col. Nanette Keegan, Adelphi Nancy Munger Kendall, Kansas May Dougherty King, Texas Suzanne Huxford Kirby, Alabama Jane Lindsay Koke, Duke Virginia Kramer Kulp, Oklahoma Marian Laidlaw LeFevre, Syracuse Joan Rademacher MacPherson, Oregon Leslie McFarland McNamara, Allegheny Joan Sherry Miller, UCLA Dorothy Bailly Murray, Montana Nancy Johnson Nicholas, Wisconsin Laura Young Palmer, Auburn Victoria Peirce, Rollins Phyllis Brinton Pryor, Colorado Vivien Buser Ragsdale, owa Betty Swinford Reeves, Goucher Miki Doyle Reid, USC Mary Agnes Graham Roberts, Northwestern Mary Estelle Sluss Rothrock, ndiana Molly McKinney Schulze, Colorado Anne Eisermann Sheline, ndiana Janet Dickerson Smith, William & Mary Mildred Geiger Snedeker, Goucher* Lynn Jolley Sossamon, Washington Univ. Patty Miller Stichnoth, owa Catherine Caldwell Teague, Texas Margaret Dunlap Thompson, Texas Beverly Alexander Tuller, George Washington Suzanne Wilbert Turner, LSU Genie Bliss VanValkenburgh, Arkansas* Lulu Lloyd VonHagen, UCLA Juliana Fraser Wales, Ohio Katherine Scholberg Weeks, Bucknell Marion Oliver Williams, Washington Jeanne Speyer Wilson, Goucher Marguerite Wykoff Zapoleon, Cincinnati $1,000-2,499 FOUNDERS CRCLE (CUMULATVE) Marion Fisher Abel, Ohio Gail VanReen Acuff, Missouri Jean Risser Aiken, Allegheny Nancy Knapp Allen, Cornell Priscilla Magill Alsip, Washington Jane Gardner April!, LSU LaVon Gehrke Arms, Colorado College Ruth Callicott Arps, Ohio Constance Miller Ashman, Hillsdale Betty Martin Axline, UCLA Juliette Fentress Bacon, Northwestern Ann Miller Bailey, Purdue Barbara Vennard Baker, Miami (Ohio) Ardeth Maupin Ball, Kansas Katharine Prentiss Ball, Denison Beverly George Barncord, Washington & Jefferson Mamie Wright Barnhorst, Oregon Shelley England Barr, Michigan Jane Young Barrett, Oklahoma Janice Thomas Barron, Missouri Jane Livezey Barthel mas, Ohio Olive Clower Beach, Mississippi Barbara Lyon Beal, North Carolina Dorothy VanZoeren Beardmore, Cornell Sarah Beckering, TCU Frances Ott Bell, Missouri Jeanne Hudson Bellish, owa Pamela Benitez, Washington Univ. Jill Bennett, Washington Margaret Berry Blair, Oklahoma Marjorie McKee Blanchard, Cornell Elizabeth Warren Blankenship, Oklahoma WillaJean Smart Boggs, Pittsburgh Marie Swatek Bohanon, Oklahoma Laura Boland, North Carolina Marcia Smith Boling, Arizona Marilyn Shaw Bonner, Texas Vicki Ueberroth Booth, Colorado Nan Kretschmer Boyer, Colorado Ruth Brewer Brack, George Washington Jean Barnsley Bradley, Maryland Jane Cooling Brady, DePauw Martha Stephenson Breeden, DePauw Cyntb.ia Breen, Minnesota Mary Briggs Bridge, Texas Donnie Vaughn Brock, Oklahoma Kathryn Brown Brooke, George Washington Mary Sexton Brooks, Purdue Elizabeth Brown, Oregon Petie Plagemann Brown, Washington Rebecca Shytles Brown, Texas Margaret Murray Brownley, Minnesota Polly Palmer Brunkhardt, Colorado Susan Gilmore Buck, Cincinnati Mignon Buehler, Northwestern Marilyn Nichols Bullock, Kansas Wilda Frost Bullock, Texas Anne Blalock Bunten, Texas Martha Glass Busse, Washington Univ. Virginia Cox Bussey, Missouri Roberta Woods Butler, Texas Ann Vickers Byrd, Arizona Lucy Lockett Cabe, Washington Univ. Betty Sanor Cameron, Ohio Heidi Larsen Campbell, Miami Jeannette Farwell Campbell, Monmouth Mary Anne Griggs Caplinger, Purdue Mary Myers Carrico, Texas Claire Candler Carruth, Auburn Patricia Sutherland Carver, Washington Lillian Landsberg Cassell, Drake Jane Edwards Champlin, Oklahoma Karen Chandler, Kansas Lynn Latham Chaney, LSU Louise Currence Christensen, West Virginia Patricia Wrigb.t Cochran, Maryland Ann Cook Cole, SM U Suzanne Chapman Cole, Tulsa Patricia Gibson Conaway, Pennsylvania St. Jean Cavanaugh Connelly, Syracuse Susan Ellis Cooper, TCU Jane Muskat Copeland, Wisconsin Sally Hahn Courter, owa Martha Woods Covert, Texas Barbara Buschman Cox, SM U Katb.y Kennedy Cox, Rollins Susan Riggs Crim, Butler Caroline Hughes Crummey, DePauw Mary Burke Dailey, Pennsylvania St. Sue Walters Darn ton, Michigan Martha Davis, Connecticut Mollie Villeret Davis, Texas* Jacquelyn Rogers Denning, TCU Donna Mettler Derr, Cornell Joan Davis Dimond, McGill Nolda McCamly Dohme, Michigan Jean Gerlinger Doyle, UC Berkeley Holly Hecht Duncan, Miami (Ohio) Lacey Ebbert, Washington SaraMae Peterson Eckstein, Washington Mary Middlestate Edmark, Washington Anne Wolfe Ellis, LSU Shirley Bracken Evans, SM U Mildred Cornelius Feb.senfeld, Purdue Virginia Fick Fellows, Northwestern Beverly Below Fetzer, Wisconsin Martha Hettericb Ratt, Cincinnati* Geraldine Trapman Fleming, Oregon Valerie Ellis Fleming, Washington Margaret Dalton Folsom, SMU Joyce Bainard Forster, Toronto Patricia Chesnut Foster, Oklahoma Josephine Heberling Friedman, Missouri Doris Mauck Friedrichs, Hillsdale* Mary Carr Galton, Hillsdale Mary Lou Griffith Gardiner, Missouri Mary Pate Garner, Arkansas MaryLynn Peterson Garrett, Tulane Virginia Geoffrey, Purdue Priscilla Murphy Gerde, Purdue Joanne Edsall Gernheuser, Michigan Mary Pyle Gest, Ohio Sally Altman Giauque, Hillsdale Cordelia Nuzum Glenn, Allegheny Jill Powell Goldberg, Ohio Kathleen Hadley Goldston, OklaJwma* Patricia O'Connor Gowling, Adelphi ngrid Arnesen Graham, Michigan Afton Bodine Gray, Oklahoma Anne Kraft Gray, Oklahoma Mildred Henderson Grinstead, SMU Harriet Ford Griswold, Stanford Susan Kaposta Gutfreund, LSU Nancy Houston Guthrie, Cornell Ruth Reynolds Hadley, Ohio Adele Coryell Hall, Nebraska Caryl Kepner Hamman, Purdue Nancy Hobbs Hanley, Arizona Elizabeth Campbell Harbottle, DePauw Wilb.elmina Eakin Harman, Pittsburgh* Carol Engels Harmon, Miami Virginia Shire Harper, Oklahoma Sue Smith Harrison, Oklahoma Eugenia Churchill Hartman, LSU Sally Luethi Havens, Ohio Ann Butterfield Hawkins, Tulane Carolyn Ott Heffron, Adrian Raynelle Falkenau Heidrick, Ohio Wesleyan Jennie Miller Helderman, Alabama Mary-lves Hurd Henne, Minnesota Ann Treadway Henry, Mississippi Dolores Groke Hess, Pirrsburgh Phebe Carter Hethcock, Texas Dorothy Greevy Hevelone, Nebraska Valerie Hanrahan Hickey, UCLA Mary Frances Jennings Hill, Kansas Nancy Hogg Hill, West Virginia Carolyn Talbot Hoagland, Miami (Ohio) Alice Boyd Hodgdon, ndiana Taliaferro Hoffner, Purdue Lisa Holley, Hillsdale Elizabeth Hewlett Hopkins, Adelphi Claire Rubendall Hoppe, Nebraska Joanne Munro Horton, Washington Joanne Jones Howard, Ohio Anne Grayson Howe, LSU Katherin Bean Howell, Colorado Dawn Clark Hubbell, Georgia Barbara Burns Hudson, Colorado Barbara Rossiter Huhn, Ohio Wesleyan Lois Kirkpatrick Hull, Texas Kathryn Harmes Humphrey, Adrian Betty Dickson Hunkele, Missouri Margaret Smith Hutcb.inson, Monmowh Susan rwin, Auburn Katherine Moessner Jeffrey, Denison Carolyn Gillett Jelks, Montana Judith Ausman Jellinek, Wisconsin Muriel Booth Jenkins. Maryland Marcia Hall Johnson, Hillsdale Miriam Bretschneider Johnson, Colorado Jean Horgan Johnstone, NorthwesTern Ann McArron Jones, TCU Barbara O'Dowd Jones, Arizona Glenna McEwen Jones, Oregon Jennie Singleton Jones, Northwestern

23 Sara Walker Jones, Boston Polly Prather Jontz, ndiana Renza Taussig Junk, LSU Jan Ann Knight Kahler, Northwestern Cicely Getz Kane, Northwestern Mari Kaska, Cal., Fresno Michelle Centofante Katnik, USC Shirley Smith Kelch, Rollins Pamela Farrell Keller, Utah Brynn Miller Kelly, Cal., Northridge Janet Alexander Kiley, Butler Hansen Kindley, ndiana Nancy Naus King, Miami (OH) Nancy Clarkson Kirby, Oklahoma Kristan Kirkpatrick, Oklahoma Jane Knight Knott, Cornell Virginia Kock, Virginia Jenna Brown Kopp, Ohio Mary Fitzgerald Koza, George Washington Mary-Lou Minor Kravik, Washington Patricia Maness Kriz, Colorado Carolyn Boltinghouse Krurn, Cal., Fresno Erna Gaede Kurtzon, Northwestern Carol Tyrrell Kyle, owa Mary Mead LaMar, Wisconsin Katherine Roberts LaPorte, Michigan Frances Porter Ladd, Oklahoma Nancy Voorhees Laitner, Purdue Karen Smith Lambert, Oklahoma Maida Lambeth, Oklahoma Ann Poust Lane, Northwestern Tamela Jones Lanier, Oklahoma Janet Kilby Lankton, Cornell Marie Robertson Larabie, Washington Judith Latta, Montana* Barbara King Laudeman, Colorado College Wanda Taylor Legg, llinois Helen Johnson Leipold, Cornell Nancy Moore Leonard, Ohio Patsy Bredwick Levang, North Dakota Henrietta Crosby Levings, Mississippi Jane McCormick Lewis, Pennsylvania Sc. Jewell McFarland Lewis, Arizona Miriam Huger Lindner, Kentucky Elizabeth Hannah Linscott, Kansas Loraine Heaton Livesey, St. Lawrence Marjorie Andrews Livingston, UC Berkeley Elizabeth Long, Michigan Sally Newell Loudin, Cincinnaci Marjorie Peet Love, UC Berkeley Sally Schnaiter Lugar, Purdue Mariann Wilson Lyon, Texas Kathryn Lueck Machuga, Arkansas Sylvia Shaw Marble, Massachusetts Vera Lewis Marine, Colorado College Kathleen Kincaid Markham, William & Mary Susan Thornton Mark:lewitz, Michigan Marian Bowers Martin, Nebraska Jane Fowler Marx, Cincinnati Wilson Massey, Oklahoma Gretchen Andrews Maxwell, Colorado Martha Miller Maxwell, Michigan Lucy Welch Mazzeo, Arizona Jan Singleton McAllister, Mississippi Marion Houck McCartney, Whitman Melinda Bray McCrea, Kenntcky Ann Bouse McCrystal, Miami Suzanne Moffitt McDonald, Mississippi Natalie Chaloner McElroy, Minnesota Nancy Lease McHugh. Pennsylvania St. Cornelia Sawyer Mcilvain. Ohio Wesleyan Patricia Parsons Mcilwain. Emory Nancy Nichol McLamore, Cornell Mary Ann Eidman McLean, llinois Carolyn Lovejoy McNeal, Cornell Mary Anne Chenault McPhail, Michigan Nancy Schlegel Meinig, Cornell Marjorie Evans Merten, Cincinnati Rita Shepherd Mesec, Tulsa Jane Harbottle Meyer, ndiana Nancy Miller, Oklahoma Suzanne Crimm Milligan, ndiana Martha Bybee Mills, Texas Nancy Griffee Mitchell, Oregon Jane Moore Mock, UC Berkeley Margaret Gibbons Molarsky, UC Berkeley Ruth Branning Molloy, Pennsylvania Margaret Bowden Moore, Georgia MaryKiel Hammack Moore, Missouri Ann Crowthers Morgan, Syracuse Margaret Kubek Morris, Denison Carmen Braley Mumma, owa Marie Wesscndorff Murphy, Texas Kerrie Quinn Murray, daho Stephanie Rehnberg Murray, Cornell Anne Feichtmeir Nash, Arizona Barbara Scott Nelson, Wisconsin Ann Nichols, Colorado Anne Root Prange, owa Joan Abendroth Pratt, Rollins Elizabeth Alexander Price, Texas Mary Price, Washington Suzanne Price Propstra, Arizona Ann Sundberg Purcell, Bucknell Judy Pyrah, daho Wendy Robinson Raeder, Ohio Wesleyan Dorcas Wright Ramey, St. Lawrence Beatrice Thorkelson Ramsay, Toronto Minnie Hayes Rast, Alabama Nancy Prather Raybourn, Kansas Agnes Reagan, Arkansas Louella Hodges Reese, Ohio Letitia Laming Rhodes, Kansas Nelle Newton Richards, Purdue Cherry Moslander Ridges, Utah Patricia Heidt Ritchie, Oregon Holly Hiner Robbins, Ohio Mary J. Robinson, Ohio Weslyan Martha Crocker Roehrig, Duke Marlese Neher Rouda, Ohio Altie rwin Russell, LSU Carol Walker Ryan, llinois Sally Ann Ryder, Monmouth H. Gail Sansbury, Clemson "The Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation generates and attracts financial support for the Fraternity's educational and charitable programs which assist members to achieve individual excellence and contribute to the universal community."- Mission ment Mary Davis Nichols, Oklahoma Diantha Miller Niles, UC Berkeley Margaret Hubsch Noonan, Northwestern Louise McKirdy Nordholt, Pittsburgh Patricia Foley Norman, Alabama Suzanne Boesel Northcraft, Ohio Patricia Posten Noyes, Rollins Jane White O'Connell, Wisconsin* Susan Shuman Okie, Minnesota Barbara Brinkerhoff Oliver, Texas Gene Griswold Omundson, Northwestern Candace Bartlett Overlie, Cal, Fresno June Hudson Owens, Tulsa Mary McMullan Packwood, Missouri Marilyn Hooper Pamplin, Oregon Susan Spring Parrish, Washington Dorothy Westby Pate, Colorado Carol Larson Paull, Wisconsin Ruth-Olive Bradshaw Paulson, Minnesota Kathryn Black Pearson, Kansas Dorothy Nowell Peavey, Missouri Lee Bundy Peck, Washington Nancy Randolph Pennington, Oklahoma Roxelyn Miller Pepper, Northwestern Elizabeth Watts Petersen, DePauw Patricia Christiansen Petrick, DePauw Phyllis Belman Pfahl, Ohio Wesleyan Jane Cahill?feiffer, Maryland Mary Thomas Phillips, Pittsburgh Katherine Keho Pike, Stanford Eloise Ryder Pingry, Purdue Carroll Lowitz Place, lllinois Roberta Stevenson Plummer, UC Berkeley Susan Arnold Poelling, Michigan Sue-Ann Wood Poor, Missouri Jean Barnes Potter, Michigan Josephine Thnis Potter, Kentucky Constance Sheedy Powers, Cornell Janet Stanzel Sayler, owa Nancy Alyea Schiebel, Duke Janet Hawley Schmalhorst, Washington Univ. Jean Schmidt, Miami (Ohio) Mary Prendergast Schmidt, Ohio Nancy Wall Schmoldt, New Mexico Margaret Beaty Schreiber, Missouri Mary Matchette Schumacher, Kansas Ellen Philips Schwarzman, Northwestern Ann Walters Scott, Nebraska Clarice Miller Scott, Cornell Sarah Meadows Seay, Texas Elaine KoUins Sewell Jones, Oregon Catharine Blackburn Sharp, Ohio Wesleyan* Ruth Moore Sharp, Pennsylvania St. MaryLou Jentgen Sheaf, Ohio Kathy Rotenberg Sheinin, Oregon Marjorie Mercer Sheldon, Northwestern Jane Falter Shelley, Oklahoma Patricia Piller Shelton, Kansas Carol Carbery Shepard, llinois Wesleyan Leslie Ledden Shennan, Oklahoma Dellarose Brooks Sickels, Miami (Ohio) Sharon Siegener, Rollins Cynthia Stewart Simon, ndiana Eleanor Corbit Sisty, New Mexico Martha Woodyard Smith, Ohio Patricia Longley Smitley, DePauw Muriel Schmeiser Smittcamp, Cal., Fresno Dorothy Sawyer Soper, Ohio Wesleyan Marybeth Merriman Sotos, Colorado Virginia Galliher Spangle, Maryland Betty Farnham Stafne, North Dakota Kathryn Kay er Starr, ndiana Priscilla Rissler Steelman, Arizona Margaret Mercer Steere, Wisconsin Anne Saris Stevenson, Bucknell Dell Chenoweth Stifel, Cincinnati Mary Villeret Stites, LSU Janice Haren berg Stockhoff, New Mexico Dorothy Philipps Stuart, LSU Julia Sullivan Stuart, Michigan Virginia Hannah Swanson, Arizona Janet Wann Sweeney, Kansas Jean Handley Talbot, llinois Martha Heindel Tardy, ndiana Judy Spence Tate, Texas June Learned Tellepsen, Texas Helen Wickizer Theis, Purdue Brenda Wiltshire Thomas, Wisconsin Catherine Berg Thompson, Montana Kathryn Lingenfelter Thompson, Colorado Sarah Jorgensen Thompson, llinois Sally Wood Thomson, Denison Rebecca Robbins TJ.lden, owa Janice Wheeler Tinker, Michigan Stace Margaret Toomey, LSU Elizabeth Miller Travis, Goucher Barbara Colucci Trueman, Ohio Lenore Sheridan Tsang, Moncana Melville Cannon Thrnbull, Oklahoma Helen Kelly Turner, Oklahoma Jeanne Smith Umstattd, Texas Paula Combest Unruh, Arkansas Elizabeth Veale Urch, Denison Vicki Vallery Utrata, Ohio Sylvia Beauregard Van Cleave, Bucknell Marji Cartwright Vasholz, Miami (Ohio) Joan McDonald Vernon, Hillsdale Carolyn Coleman Vickers, Kansas Stephanie Empkie Vittum, Duke Jean Deramus Wagner, Arizona Alberta Beard Wallace, Drake Rebecca Bowen Wallace, SMU Catherine Crider Ward, Cincinnati Mary Kanaga Warren, Kansas Ruth Warren, Kansas Jane Preston Watson, DePauw Judy Chase Webb, Texas Tech Charma Overbeck Welch, Ohio Dorothy Felber Welpton, Nebraska Eleanor Welsh, Bucknell Gloria Hihn Welsh, Stanford Mary Elizabeth Westpheling, Arkansas Margaret Reeve White, Texas Fritzi-Beth Bowman Whitehead, Stanford Katharine Evans Whitman, Cornell Violet Bohman Whittaker, daho Sally Smith Whittington, Texas Tech Carolyn Carpenter Williams, Texas Catherine Axline Williams, Purdue Emma Margaret Williams, A llegheny Carolyn Hornor Wilson, West Virginia Mildred Meador Wilson, Texas Betty Wolfe Windham, Texas Marjorie Beene Winkler, Missouri Elizabeth Brewer Winn, Oklahoma Janice Weber Wischmeyer, Washington Univ. Barbara Woodbury, Mississippi Dorothy Dick Woodward, llinois Wesleyan Leslie Woolley, Oklahoma Patricia Boyle Wooten, Washington Frances Ramsey Worth, Swarthmore Virginia Rapp Wright, Michigan Diane Harrison Zen!, Missouri Gail Gardner Zmyslowski, Hillsdale died during rhe biennium

24 GVNG BY CHAPTERS ADELPH HERJTAGE ssoo-999 Nanette Keegan LOYALTY swo-249 Doris Walz Carey Patricia O'Connor Gowling Mabel Yates Herr Elizabeth Hewlett Hopkins Madeline Brunks Lenne Marion Liotta Prins Jean Braun Reichmann FRJENDS $1 99 Janet Crear Cullen Lois Cathennan Heenehan Marjorie Embshoff Helmcke Doris Conover Logan Florence Kulow McGhee Virginia Wilson McGloin Margaret Watt Moeller Marjorie Roth O'Brient Doris Dayton Parisette Eleanore Boback Pizzo Lillian Reiter Ricca Jean Geoghegan Siegel Rosemary Boylan Stoehr Margaret Suydam Tabell $8,000,000 $6,000,000 $3,000,000 Foundation Balance - All Funds Five-year Analysis QO -N 0 0 N 0\ -... ['... \() QO "' QO ('f") f: 7 ~ "' 0 vs ~ ~') f;j7 0\... "" balance is preliminary, pending conclusion of audit. ADRAN KEY $ Carolyn Ott Heffron WYALTY $1a0-249 JoAnn Paterson Armitage Mary Ann Brehany Mary Schneirla Cullen Kathryn Hannes Humphrey Dorothy Palmer Talford Esther Clouse Wilson FRJENDS $1 99 Natalie Glaser Elliott Frances Ruesink Foltz Jean Lok Freligh Avonel Moll Hoenig Lois Vandusen Mason Ruth VanSchoik McVey Helene Baker Montgomery Doris Nickloy Oram Margaret Chesnut Phillips Betty Hale Siegworth AKRON KEY $ Alberta Nicodemus Randolph* LOYALTY $ Barbara Dettling Bader Betty Cooper Batson Elizabeth Campbell Norma Combs Davis Nancy Green Mary Ahern Hilkert Michelle Ryan Koehler Gail Andrews McCready Frances Hill Musson Lucille Harris Palmer Barbara Walker Ploenes Eleanor Garman Rowland Marian Walsh Vossler Ann Baldwin Whhing Nancy Swartz Wilson FRENDS s1-99 Margaret Morledge Adler Christine Keller Adolph Esther Schultz AJford Marilyn McCann Andreeff hirley Wolfe Arnold Barbara Etling Bailey Mary Rowe Bailey Phyllis Rowland Berry Wendy Berry Geraldine Brock Berthrong Suzanne Gunther Beverly Margaret Zink Brewster Eleanor Campbell Jo Collins Campbell Kimberly Jenkins Cardone Arlene Prack Carlin Susan Sterritt Carrazza Shirley Thomas Carter Catherine Carpenter Colgan Esther Dickinson Donna Maleson Elliott Jane Honeywell Firestone Diane Schilling Frampton Janet Loomis Fuller Carole Rice Gamble Natalie Gelfo Marguerite Donovan Gorbach Sylvia Bjorn Gordon Virginia Hale Hardman Jacqueline Cole Hargreaves Rebecca Lytle Hart Laurie Thackeray Hayes Jill Hughes Florence Benner Hunsicker Blanch Parsons Jaques Beverly Warnock Johnson Janice Hartz Johnston Eileen Reagle Kammer lnna Rugers Kempel Karen Kilbourne Marybeth Botzum Koss Amy Lantz Jeannette Hopkins Larson Paula Elmer Lundell Helen Norris Mahan Katie May Leslie Young Maynard Susan Paolano McKiernan Janet Lockney Me Laughlin Carol Aspell Messmore Kathleen Messmore Meyer Geraldine Young Miller Martha Wallace Miller Dorothy Welch Muir Martha Simmons Murray Patricia Hays Neely Amy Nicholls Antonia Blacketter Nicholls Julianne Mayfield Oatley Elsie Underwood Oldfield Kathryn Sherer Parshall Geraldine Tersini Patrick Barbara Mancino Petruccio Nancy Barnett Post Carol McElhaney Ruggeri Candace Sukalski Sackett Jennifer Jenkins Saxon Dian Scarpellini Ruth Ballard Schieb Elaine Wykoff Staudt Karen Taylor Victoria Botz Taylor Carolyn Weegar Watson Ellen Wavrek D ianne O'Hara Wiener Ann Traub Yancura Marian Barnes Zehnder ALABAMA KEY $ Patricia Lightfoot Clark Leah Nalty Lucy Hughston Nichols Minnie Hayes Rast Elaine Boggess Steele LOYALTY swo-249 Mimi DuPre Abbott Susan Dominkk Susan Matthews Ellerbeck Barbara Boardman Franklin Vivien Lutz Hannon Jennie Miller Helderman Roberta W. Henderson Susan Smith Koonce Alice Featherston Lewis Lucinda White Lewis Dorothy Williamson Martin Lenora Dempsey Mathews Stella Hillard Moore Rebecca Colvard Morrison Nancy Pate-Nelson Patricia Foley Norman Appleton O'Melia Lillian Culpepper Randall Martha Hebson Roemer Jan Gibson Rollins Emma Barnard Strickler Cheryl Viar Upchurch Caroline Jackson VanDyke Gloria Merry Walker Katheryne Byars Weitzel Tara Marr Woodfin FRENDS s1-99 Helen Abbot Anne Jentzen Addison Joanne Wright K. Allen Mary Favret Anderson Arlene Karpinski Ashe Dianne Barnard Carolyn Lister Barnes Elise Faircloth Blackwell Diana Dockery Blount Ashley Boisture Wynn Meagher Bosserman Kathryn Broach Bradshaw Faye Carrington Brady Jennifer Johnson Broetzmann Karen Phifer Brooks Martha McSpadden Brumfield Paty Bargeron Bryant Patricia Byrne Hilary Lyons Cabaniss Amy Collins Cameron Catherine Claypoole Campbell Linda Martin Campbell Mary Walter Cargile Lydie Williams Clay Carol Crouch Cleverdon Susan Cole Patricia Graham Conaway Catherine Brooks Connor Katherine Mastellar Conwell Beulah Bellenger Cooper Margaret Day Craddock Anne Tatum Crouch Susan Hayes Curry Patricia Konnersman D'Olive Sarah Long Damson Joy Pearson Dendy Kathryn Barfield Easter Eugenia Hopkins Elebash Carrie Scales Evans Marion Smith Faircloth Erin Davis Farmer Cecile Cowan Faulk Sally Durham Feagans Betty Leyden Field Erin Fitzmorris Julia Fridge Fleming Rosemary Reed Freeze Phoebe Huxford Gallagher Ellen Murray Gambrell Courtney Tippins Gamer Sarah Shields Greene Eleanor \Varren Grimes Nancy Weber Gunselman BarbaraAnn Taylor Gutbaos Anne Rebecca Stokes Haas Caroline Owens Hall Margaret Brannan Hayes Evelyn Dunkel Heilbrunn Henrianne Dorsey Hewes Betty McShane Higgins Selena Hill Elinor Brooks Hines

25 Catherine Hodges Elizabeth Kilpatrick Seaver Diane Pasake Bogusta Karen Brown Raux Margaret Shannon Hollis Amanda Thrasher Segrest Cleo Duffield Brown Bambi Baughman Saxe Alta Martin Humphrey Jane Taylor Albright Susan Slonaker Buenger Rebecca Merwin Schroer Ashley Hunt Marcia Loftin Sheppard Dorothy Beiler Burr Julie Grosjean Skattum Kimberly Hunt Norma Evers Sikes Barbara McMillan Cacchione Joan Risser Slonaker Bethann Hurlbutt Elizabeth Bellenger Simmons Dorothy Konstanzer Campbell Katy Slonaker Helen Long lhns Lucille McPherson Skellie Emma Robertson Carmichael Patricia Capper Stewart Olivia O'Melia lturbe Mary Turner Slaton Janet Senkewitz Chappell Gayle Gianniny Stiles Ruth Shepherd Jackson Margherita Jones Soule Julie Wilharm Clark Susan Coates Stoughton Ann Martin Jennings Saranne L. Soule Christine Contino Melissa Strong Edith lvey Johnson Gayle Cardwell Spencer Georgia Kohl Cornell Margaret Strouse Jane Russell Johnson Amy Hamel Spottswood Mary Sawdey Coughlin Natalie Davis Taaffe Sidney Bradley Johnson Heidi Wilson Sprinkle Donna Sharp Courtney Juanita Strock Towry Mary Lancaster Johnston Jenny Barnes Stacey Margaret Seib Culbertson Anne Gardner Tripp Kyra Jones Winifred Lightfoot Stakely nger Mansfield Darling Sally McBain Turner-McDonald Mary Banks Jordan Deanie Walburn Strength Margaret Arline Dauer Jane Parker Van Dyck Penelope McLain Joy Evelyne Smith Striplin Holly Moyers Dhaliwal Tara Walsh Sandra Fitzpatrick Kendall Mary Pearson Sullivan Julie Doyle Carolyn Flint Wilson Beth Kreinbihl Kerlill Edythe Curran Taylor Pamela McKee Dumpe Heather Young Elizabeth George Kersting Jo Ann mrich Taylor Julia Larson Ellsworth Suzanne Huxford Kirby Alice Peckinpaugh Thornton Jennifer Fabrizio ARZONA Susan Childs Kohn Hayden Lanier Thornton Maureen Finn HERTAGE $ Carole Kretzer Virginia Garth Tippins Ellin Brown Foote Jewell McFarland Lewis Margaret Grafton Krinsky Wilsie Edwards Vail Daphne Wolf Franc Suzanne Price Propstra Mary Pat Lawrence Margaxet Yniestra VanEvera Susan Gardner Fruth Lauren Laws Carol Clokey West Nora McKee Gaty KEY $ Susan Zackin Lazow Margaret Lane Wetzel Cheri Geckler Ann Johnson Butler Anne Winkler Lessieu Jane Underwood Wiggins Barbara Manning Gettman Ann Vickers Byrd Elizabeth Lewis Frances Curran Wilkins Jessica L. Gowen Helen Chatfield Hollis Radney Lovett Geraldine Woodson Diane Shafer Graham Nancy Hobbs Hanley Anna McCown Luce Emily Wiggins Younger Marjorie Hickey Gray Barbara O'Dowd Jones Amelia Crain Lyons Shari Guidos Loretta McCarthy Jean Shannon Mallette ALLEGHENY Nissa Christine Gunlicks Anne Feichtmeir Nash Judith Wright Mathews KEY $ Jill Hasenkopf Elizabeth Stabler Matthews Cordelia Nuzum Glenn Karen Heath LOYALTY s1o0-249 Douglas Hempstead Maumenee Dorothy Phillips Hutchison Natalie Graff Baker Nettie Lewis McDaniel LOYALTY $ Ruth Gilmore Jones Leslie Berkowitz Vivian Stabler McGowin Jean Risser Aiken Juanita Juarez Carrie Courter Blanton Virginia Kearns McKinney Shirley Mertz Art her Lois Morse Kilgore Marcia Smith Boling Gina Marr McLaurin Marion Howe Challener Anne Greer Kishmjr Margaret Brown Borden Kimberley Medley Donna Jarka Clark Cynthia Mull Klug Sally Clausen Corlett Eleanora Oliver Mejlaender Eleanor Evans Dusenberry Eleanor Cooper Knouse Janet Keller Coxon Caroline Laseter Melton Deanna Barron Eberlin Wendy Thrrell Kowal Josephine Mitchell Dearborn Nancy Miller Melton Gail Howe Fahrner Kathryn Drury Kreitler Catherine Donau Kathryn Broad Menechino Donna Marie Guenther Elizabeth Emanuel Krolczyk Madeline Williams Doyle Patricia Sexton Moss Gladys Haddad Dawn Murray Lawson Margaret Dresher Julia Blackwell Nesbitt Mary Lehman McGee Denice Lynn Lazzaro Patricia Kettering Dunsmore Betty Hughston Norwood Erin Page Meyers Christine Manske Lee Lisa Noble Fredrickson Ruthie Bargeron Ozment Nona Ostrove Mimi Jackson Lewellen Blanny A. Hagenah Martha Cowan Patrick Weltha Horsman Roberts Florence Sells Lord Carolyn Schuette Harper Jane Banks Petrey Wendy E. Rosenkilde Catharine Gardner Lucard Virginia Wills Hess Ruth Hoeksema Plewes Carol Sholle Schupp Laurie Davies Lynch Carolyn Parsons Humphrey Bonnie Jamison Powers Helen Kulp Spencer Nancy Fulton McAllister Jane Peel Kelly BEQUESTS REALZED SEPT. 1, 1994-JUNE 30, 1996 Kathryn Kirk Ervin, Oregon Mary Kunz Fertig, Cincinnati Alice Fry, St. Lawrence Katherine Farber Futch, Drake Wilhelmina Eakin Harman, Pittsburgh Katharine Bailey Hoyt, Ohio Marian Burr Johnson, Ohio Emily Day Koppel!, Syracuse Mary Keller Moyer, Ohio Sally Moore Nitschke, Ohio Alberta Nicodemus Randolph, Akron Mildred Geiger Snedeker, Goucher Genie Bliss VanValkenburgh, Arkansas James Knight, n Memory Of Janice Hall Knight, Northwestern Margaret Beery Privett Mary Miller Tamplin Sally Roessler McArn Meghan Ahem Koch Elizabeth Hinton Pruett Susanne Weight Margaret Robinson McCullough Rachel Wasem LaPrade Marion Sheppard Reese Katherine Starr Werle Christine Black McMillan Kathleen Campbell Laws Sallye Carl Reynolds Emma Margaret Williams Carolyn Morgan Metiers Edith Leverton McCulloch Mary Borum Rhea Janet Mitchell Barbara Burney McGuire Elizabeth Barrett Robertson FRENDS $1-99 Kristen Moore Ann Casto Moran Fauntleroy Caldwell Robinson Margaret Wheeler Ahrens Gwendolyn Patterson ichols Mary Shellenberger Nackard Martha King Rodrigues Tanya Walmsley Baase Heather McCafferty O'Donnell Margaret Witz Rogers Mary Oliver Roebuck Myra Beerman Dorothy Myers Paul Lisa Kleinschmidt Schrager Dedic M. Russell Betty Bell Dorothy Dehne Pfund! Valerie Smith Kate Russell Ada Sherwin Black Joan Walker Poulson Virginia Hannah Swanson Virginia Kilpatrick Russell Rosella Norton Blair Ann Bolla Quinn Leigh Talmage-Perez Mary Carpenter Saxton Charlotte Miller Bloom Cora Kraus Ransford Martha Hermes Vito Jean Deramus Wagner Pamela Wisecarver Virginia Ballou Woolley FRENDS $1-99 Madelon Menehan Ainsworth Margery Foltz Allerdice NancieAmes Dede Sullivan Areghini Christine Armstrong Judith Warren Aukstolis Jacqueline Haymore Axelson Marguerite Giesler Barth Evelyn Cbasey Beam Mary McFarlin Beckham Nan Franks Berger Suzanne Laws Bernard Mary Langley Bigelow Suzanne Biszantz Joni Hirsch Blackman Brooke Fraser Bohm Elizabeth McGill Borrett Sally Smith Brooker Sharee Stillman Brookhart Virginia Skiff Brutschy M Jane Schell Bryant Yvette Campos Margaret Hardy Canning Lyn Bracken Carrell Georgia Coffin Carter Paula Wrenn Cole Linda Park Crandall Kimberly Danielson Jennifer Dauksys Mary Westlake Davant Susan Birmingham DeLozier Ona Condron Dehne Barbara Jones Deloian Salome Ross Demaree Alice Harvey Dempsey Amy Dossey Adrian Hershman Dubow Patricia Cristy Earl Jennifer Denton Edwards Lynn Johnson Engel Carolyn Peirce Ewing Margaret Janney Ftnch Charlotte Yost Ftshburn Elizabeth Elliott Foulds Claudia Shortman Franklin Elizabeth Duncan Fulton Dorothy McKee Gattmann Cherie Cate Gilbaugh Gretchen Seligman Goldstein Ann Morris Gustafson Eleanor Albertson Hancock Pennie Harcus K. Jean Gilbert Hawkins Susan Botsford Heidenreich Anne Weinzapfel Herndon Helen Thttle Hitch Susan Hood Linda Way Howell Alice Graybeal Jackson Nan Davis Jacobsen A. Robin Jarrett Susan VanSiyck Jones Patricia Judge Mary K.inietz Karam Cheryl Bankes Key Susie Lemke King Cynthia Monroe Kirk Dora Byars Langdon Donna Lattari Janet Cristy Lehman Susan May Lindquist Theresa Mansour Elinor Hay Martin Kristi Martin Stephany Smith Martinez Miriam Doyle Matz Lucy Welch Mazzeo Skye McDonald Melissa Coy McGinley Jill Strong McHugh Laurie Nelson Moher Susan Monahan Roberta Ferry Montgomery Laura Lee Sharp Moore

26 Carroll Gammel Mueller Stephanie King Cary L. Carter Martha Harris Rosenbaum Sidney Odom Hoover Christine Mulholland Christina Perry Kleespies Sharon Flood Clark Pauline Frohlich Ross Margaret Tenhundfeld Howard Diana Rogers Neder Karen Greene Koontz Amber Bright Clemons Suzanne Bullock Ryan Pamela Hughes Ginx Hawkins Nelson Pamela Russell Krick Mary Clendening Ginger Graves Sain Amy Kimberly Peggy Cox Oden Gwen Sutter Kubasak Jacquelyn Coffman Heidi Graves Schmidly Lynda Kaiser Krulis Mary Frances Wilson Ogg Ann Wyckoff Lancero Carla Cook Jessa DeFoliart Scott Frances Brakebill Lynch Carolyn Van Valer Paulson Stephanie McKibbin Kathy White Cook Ruth Penrose Smith Laura Wylie Marsh Mary Rhodes Perkins Tracy McKinnon Mary Coffman Copeland Florence Byrd Stevenson Nancy Martin Myrle Newbranch Pinkerton Kathryn Host McMahon Elizabeth McBrien Cunkle Molly Leeper Stewart Linda McCollough Kelly Plough Barbie Gercke Moody Karen Curtis Marietta Kimball Stroud Jacquelyne Moore Judy Chilson Prosser Lisa Morrison Patricia Ross Davis Johanna Pinson Swartley LaDonna Latham Moore Mary Schofield Remke Trisha McGuire Morrissy Leslie Day Susan Brillhart Taeger Shari Parnell Mary Wells Reynolds Karmen Rames Patton Karen Knox DeMott Brooke Brothers Tappan Elizabeth Stigler Pearce Dana Rill Janet Oglesby Reed Kimberly Nance Deal Kristi Taylor Natalie Cordell Peeler Janet McMillan Rives Sally Hartman Roberts Patricia Chambers Dixon Debra Brazil Thicksten Melissa Pleva Betty Mauney Roberts Katherine Rymer Patricia Simmons Douglass Joan McKnight Thompson Mary Jones Poole Janice Ratts Rosenberg Robin Schaffer Mary Snider Drane Virginia Tiemann Belinda Am an Pope Anne Sporer Ruetz Nancy Huning Schmeirbach Mary Spies Droste Melissa Perdue Thcker Esther Smyth Rainey Sandra King Ruhl Linda Hartin Scott Michelle Skrabanek Duncan Helen Thrner Marsha Hutchinson Reardon Toni Antonieta Ruiz Lynn Lowder Serpa Susan Jordan Eanes Ellen English Thmer Hellyn Riggins Barbara Sage Nancy Heitel Smith Emmah Smith Ellis Judith Jackson Vasser Deborah Aughtman Ronilo Linda Santora Sands Carol Morrison Sobek Sheryl Beard Fleener Marijean Oliver Voss Susan Frech Schmitt Amalia Larroca Schmelzel Tegwin Ehlert Squires Holly Reynolds GiUies Marguerite Ownbey Walker Donna Pearce Scorey Ruth Westervelt Schneider Tara Ecklund Staff Jessie Kite Hackett Elizabeth Love Walt Margaret Segrest Aline Lowman Schoch Katherine Krebs Swartz Hazel Holder Handley Lynne McNabb Walton Martha Reddoch Shi!lett Marguerite Ronstadt Smith Laura Tameron Ellen Lester Harker Marilyn Brewer Webb rene Dodd Smith Lou McNaughton Soldwedel Karrin Kunasek Taylor Mary Brenner Harrison Linda Brock Weinmann Marilla Bryant Smith Daryl Mailloux Spackeen Kathryn Klaus Thornton Elizabeth Campbell Hatfield Gretchen Wewers Eliza Jones Spearman Susanne Markley Spradling Lynnae Villanueva Helen Haxton Hawkins Mary McCombs Whipple Carol VanMetre Stough Priscilla Rissler Steelman Lauri Walker Margaret Cravens Hawkins Leigh Summerford Wiechern Leslie Trowbridge Eleanor Cunningham Stevens MaryWeneta Lara Marinoni Henry Virginia Jane Wilkins Rebecca Whitney Thrnham Mary Merchant Stokes Diane Jurkovic Wilkins Nancy McDonald Henry Cynthia Dawson Wiltiams Carla Varvel Andrea Peterson Straus Suzanne Barris Williams Sarah Herring Whitney Williams Amanda Vick Patricia Tensfeldt Tricia Wyllie Lisa Ferguson Hirschman Elizabeth Buffington Wiltiamson Pamela Scrivner Wade Denise Luxenberg Tbackery Kathi Kerr Zarubi Magalen ngram Hogan Marsha Hixson Willis Shirley Walker Williams Pleasant Williams Thiele Ginger Daniel Homan Mary Wood Malinda Murphy Windham Jenny A. Tiberg ARKANSAS Cynthia Parks Hughes Audrea Yoe Woodall Elizabeth Usher HERTAGE $ Karen Giles Hughes BABSON Heidi Van Voris Mary Pate Garner Elizabeth Jacks ARKANSAS-LTTLE RocK FRENDS S-99 Sarah Elledge Vinci Betty Tracy Jackson KEY $ Diane Magee Althouse Donna Lambert Weaver KEY $ Susan James Brenda Dickerson Cerrato Jennifer Gerold MaryFrances Stevens Westbrook* Judy Garner Buckelew Violet Reinoehl Jamison L. Clare Bearden Connally Alicia Gerrits Natalie White Whitney Sue Darby Gaston Jean Woodell Johnson Debbie Kory Margaret Hennessey Williams Kathryn Lueck Machuga Carolyn Cross Jones WYALTY Stoo-249 Margaret Hannan Lauder Donna Burnett Myers Kerri Keisler Maureen Cover Bryan Michele Manley ARZONA STATE Agnes Reagan Lee Anne Kirby Margaret Nestrud Dickinson Mia Politis KEY $ Mary Elizabeth Westpheling Nancy Lessenberry Kirkley Jana Pettingill Diedrichs Ann-Marie Sweeney Marsha Jordan Nancy Lamoreux LOYALTY s10o-249 Martha Elliott Landes AUBURN BAYLOR LOYALTY s oo-249 Margaret Dildy Beasley Jane Sims Lauck KEY $ LOYALTY s Laurie Hollinger Cohen Joyce McKinney Carter Jalane Riggs Lee Claire Candler Carruth Gwyneth Campbell Beth Dunleavy Mary Jim L. Chickering Jennifer Pearcy Ligon Susan rwin Bettye Horn Hudson Kim Ulrey Dunnington Mary Malcom Cupp Elizabeth Walker Lloyd Jane Witte Loudon Cecilia Flournoy Hoover Helen Kirby Daniel Ethelle Sherrnan Long LOYALTY Stao-249 Cynthia Wooldridge Mattson Brenda Koen Hummell Ellen Ritchie Diers Constance White Loyd Bonnie Phillips Brill Paula Bosler Miltenberger Sara lrsfeld Lubrano Mary Lee Forsyth Katherine Beasley Martin Cresta Langley Calvert Cristin Dickerson Swope Lois Effron Martori Joan Gardner Keeli Dickey Smith Mary Lou Fay Julie Hermansen Turner Lora Mastrangelo Nelson Rosemary Davidson Griffith Elizabeth Alexander May Geraldine Self King Edith Ortstadt Nissen Georgiana Lange Gunn Julie McClelland FRENDS $1-99 Michele Goodman Nissman Peggy Crews Jones Louise Matthews McClelland* FRENDS S-99 Sara King Andrews Shireen Alford Rhoades Maribeth Hornsby Morehart Laura McKuin Jean Adams Kristen Harwood Arrington Georgia Wablborg Smith Mary Schilling Owen Sally Norrnan McLarty Sheryl Barbee Janet Pitman Bagby Janice Radke Pishny Julie Butler McNeill Stephanie Barbee Cynthia Herring Bates FRENDS s1-99 Estelle Plastiras Carol Turnage Meyer Pamela Ransdell Bartlett Christie Parsons Bauer Sheila Murphy Aldrich Rosemary Meriwether Rapley Michele Hays Miller Suzanne Tankersley Bayle! Charline Hawkins Beane Nancy Wells Anderson Betty Reagan Martha Kelley Mitchell Judith Hine Beecham Mary Ann Kendrick Benson Laura Archer Mary Reagan Judie Billings Moore Alinda Carter Meredith Miller Bentley Karin Evvard Armstrong Mary Gillespie Scott Kimberly Kirby Moore Kimberly Tmney Cates Katherine Hackney Bertelsen Tina Love Bakke Paula Combest Unruh Nancy Harrel Moore Sheree Chapman Marjorie Adams Blaylock Meredith Blakley Wendy Ferguson Wheelis Maribeth Spearman Murray Suzanne Bums Childs Edith Gorman Bond Dallas AJlen Brewer Linda Collins Newsome Heather Choat Casi Pruett Bowers Penny Sale Brill FR.ENDS $1-99 Holly Nichols Susan Summerlin Clements Bonnie Lamb Boyd Courtney Stull Buck Rosemary Ridgdill Arnold Candace Henry Nobles Laura Wehrum Cohron Margaret Robinson Bradshaw Katy Scarpati-Callaghan Marybelle Byrd Avery Jayn Friedlander Noe Susan Daniel Laverne Sullivan Brewster Michelle Wipperrnann Coyne Anita Nichols Barger Melissa Pearcy Norman Teresa Daniels J. Ann Davis Christian Abby Krigsten Curtis Margaret Robinson Barron Catheron Eagle Oviatt Wendy Dean Kimberly Collins Sherral Modi Domako Cynthia Sloan Bednar Julie Parsons Tracy True Dismukes Jeanne Drury Cordell Georgia Cavallas Ghilarducci Leigh Elliott Bennett Barbara Rose Patrick Elaine Carney Duchanois Maria Shelton Dameron Susan Black Gotaas Lena Newton Benton Norma Paulsen-Chao Michelle Young Duckworth Tommye Vines Davis Amy Modi Hall Sue Wood Blake Jan Dautrich Pugh Jacquelyn Duncan Martha Wofford De Vault Mary Moore Hampton Mary Harrel Block Betty Hunt Pyeatt Leslie Durham Karina Jester Deaver Ellen Shahan Hattman Molly Penix Boatman Barbara Braley Rankin Catherine East Catherine Dickerson Sandra Baker Hovde Elizabeth Johnson Bradford Nancy Pafford Reynolds Sharon Muse Eswine Holly Myers Dilallo Kelly Courter Hudgins Jeanne Kerwin Breard Sandra Hudspeth Reynolds Amy Beasley Gordon Kimberly Gabriel Dominy Cammille Hoss-Jetvig Amy Bressinck Judith Ritgerod Rhodes Helen Dorset Grosch Judith Pridgeon Eidson Carisa Kelly Margaret Bressinck Lisa Gist Robertson Eileen Hallmark Dorothy Johnson Elliott Wendy Miller Kelly Jimmie Barham Bronson Deborah Stanley Robinson Lisa Harkleroad Nancy Lockhart Farish Anne Cullinane Kennedy Carla McKnight Buchanan Katherine Dvoracek Roe Caroline Chandler Herron Jane Jordan Gabriel Christina Glover Kielman Cynthia Mitchell Builteman Jessica Rauton Rooney Patrecia Snoddy Hinkle

27 ; Renee Getz Sandy reland Susan DeCamp Owlet! Kathy Wurster Myla Smith Hines Deborah Rodgers Griffin Arleen Meier Tarrance Eleanor Raup Jeanne Grove Zimmerman Ellen Holland Elizabeth Harrell Anne Saris Stevenson Mary Coate Houtz Lucille Carson Harrell FRENDS $1-99 Sylvia Beauregard Van Cleave BuTLER Jennifer Hatfield Howard Suzanne Blailock Hartman Delores Putnam Ashworth Eleanor Welsh HERTAGE $ Christine Essington rbe ris Neill Hicks Kimberly Esgro Barca Martha Hostetter Jacobs Joan Life Jackson Amy Bertelsen Hill Cynthia Reed Bertke FRENDS $1-99 Martha Terhune Jean Kristin Pedigo Hull Wendy Wessels Brightman Karen Tukeva Abbott KEY $ Pamela Hartle Johnson Heather ngraham Darby Strine BueWer Shirley Andresen Baker Elizabeth Nolte Alston rma Ulrich Jones Katherine Angly James Jennifer Booth Bullock Carol Sarver Basch Ruthann Hoppe Christian Kelly McLane Jones Lynn Williams Klatt Amy Yedinak Clark Cheryl Beck Catherine Crawford Delfino Sharon Harvey Jones Christine Markey Kneese Kelley Hecky Jocelyn Whiting Blaskey Ann Aufderheide Highley Patricia Stayton Katterjohn Karol Kinder Ladd Liz Selby Cramer Heather Brice Janet Alexander Kiley Barbara Dolen Kenny Rebecca Payette Luna Lea Radford Cunningham Gail Flannery Brunnet Barbara Bran Parry Sharon Chessman Kent Elizabeth Maddox Lisa Dentler Cunningham Laura Burkland Gail Slater Schull Mary Maitland Fliess Kimball Erin Beardsley McCallen Kristina Dalesandro Catherine Burton Nancy Riggs Kling Gretchen Ryals McCormack Kimberly Long Dangerfield Lisabeth Cerciello LOYALTY $ Debora Grimm Knight Kimberly Ridley McGartland Lisa deirosario Sharon Chappell Molly O'Dell Adams Evelyn Pillsbury Kurtz Susan Bennett Milliken Staci Dodds Virginia Davis Coniff Margaret Rose Bunge Jane Deming Lahr Katherine Mouzon Tamara Eggert MaryEllen Crowley Betty F. Cramer Julie Scheerer Leachman Elaine Edwards Nelson Jennifer Blind Hegerty Barbara Darkes Curran Susan Riggs Crim Mary Hands Locklear Elen Jones Newton Jennifer Helmig Ellen Deeming Carol Koelling French Harriett Randall Lonergan Laura Doclar Parsons Jennifer Struthers Hoov~ r Gail Behrens Dickson Elaine Kilcline Keach Carole Orchard Longardner Betty Sewell Peebles Karen Jursa Sarah Farrell Virginia Kingsbury Christie Kile Love June Duke Pierce Linda Martens Kemp Lynne Flavell Karen Wortley Konzelmann Jean Brannon Marks Molly Plumb Junanne Shultz Knott Erika Ganswindt Patricia Wood Lantz Barbara Badger Marlette Cara Craft Propes AmyKotnik Bette Eck Ganter Dorotha Beck Ledrnan Jane Knoebel McClinton Claire Roberts Sapaugh Diane Kragt Gretchen Garstka Marjory-Jane Martin Liverett Barbara Wells McGrath Cheryl Sloane Schrader Cynthia Meyer Susan Gedrick Shirley Snyder McCord Mary Shippey Mcintire Jamey Boazman Siefert Ellen Bittel Livingston Janice Triano Gilliam Mary Woolridge Mendenhall A ngelan McKnight Amanda O ldham Slack Kristie Kohli Marlow Tamra Battin Gould Joanna Michael Myers Jeanne Havens Meddock Cornelia Marschall Smith Michelle McCarty McCarthy Josephine LaBarr Hardie Barbara Rutherford Pierse Anita Cvetinovich Metzger Lois McPherson Smith Lisa Cerny Mellon Jennifer Haytaian Edith Normington Rainey Vera Snodgrass Miles Margaret Smith Cynthia Shock Min yo Kristen Heim Kerry O'Connell Redshaw Phyllis Vogler Mitchell Cynthia Yelderrnan Squires Robin Montri Marianne Rudolph Hetherington Carolyn McClurg Ribordy Karen Moore Beatriz Garcia Stamps Elizabeth Rice Patten Margot VanBuskirk Hoerner Nancy Taylor Shackle Beth Swenson Morris Nancy Barron Strauss Lisa Lunney Thomson Sheri Becker Horner Kathryn Fitchey Stuart Sherry Smith Myer Johnye Cannon Sturcken Lisa Tootle Susan Koch Kessler Greta Petersen Tiernan Phyllis Barnhill Nelson Leah Fry Taylor Theresa Trowbridge Virginia Wallis Klaer Kelly Kohlhagen Toetz Nan Nichols Kay McCullough Wade Julianne Streb Ward Dawn Kleinman Johanne Perrin Wenz Renee Nicholson Greta Warren Watson Tracy Wheeler Jennifer Kostecky Darlene Whitecotton Wheeler Betty Foster Olsen N. Frances Reagan Wheat Mary Nestor Whitt Julie Kotarba Nancy Ostrander Susan Smith Worthi11g Beth Williams Jean Lampert Lewis FRENDS s1-99 Donna Schreiner Pauley Mollie Williams Joanne Lewis Annabelle Dickerson Adams Natalie O'Dell Peeler BosToN Elizabeth Perry Zink Denise Mautone Jill Hamilton Apple Marjorie Baugher Pierson LOYALTY $ Frances Beighley McDonald Helen Ashby Jane Haymaker RehJ Sirkka Vuornos Grant BRTSH COLUMB A Judith Chesnutt McDonough Nancy Cochrane Ashley Bernice Grant Rhodes Sonya Gordon Jones LOYALTY $1o0-249 Megan McWeeney Kathy Austin Cynthia Walker Robbins Ruth Boehle Lane Victoria Frost Hyndman Melinda Mets Wendy Baker Ann Jefferson Root Grayce Pullen Medlin Deborah Kepkay Kennedy Patricia Jackman Meyering Louise Frisbie Baronian Helen Duke Rynearson Sally Cole Murbach Jane Rush-LeBlanc Katy Miller Elizabeth Hardin Bartley Karen Hungerford Sakel Eileen Leary Yeater Anneliese Maier Monk Margaret Cochran Miller Lori Berkshire Bearby Alice Phillips Scheleen Ellanor Hall Rudolf Janet Rugen Mittelstaedt Elizabeth Gee Biederstedt Theodate Belcher Sebring FRENDS $1-99 Mary Told Moreland Jessie Brayton Billheimer Ute Finch Sisler Joyce Barron Babcock FRENDS $1-99 Amy Morrison Virginia Powell Billings Zora vanoff Skelton Evelyn Renaud Baker Wendy Garnett Cameron Elizabeth Mortimer Sheila Lindsay Broberg Desma Conrad Smith Mary Hughes Boesel Marilyn Bernard Chilvers Helen Hayden Nelson Diane Hamilton Burris Gwendolyn Dorey Spaid Karen Hensel Crebs Carolyn Stark Coleclough Elizabeth Newman Janis Lind Carroll Joann Miller Taylor Helen Shepard Cupp Karen Dias Maureen O'DriscoU Mara Pittenger Clark Joyce Jackson Throckmorton Helen Walker Davison Elizabeth Scott Dietrich Anne Buck Oxrider Anne Howell Clarke Michele Sauer Togami Priscilla Clark Drab Shirley Finch Dundas Alissa Potts Carolyn Varin Copeland Elnora Gehrett Upton Fayne Kayser Farrar A. Ruth Fallis Bostock Barbara Weir Powers Sally Wintmer Cotton Betty Amos VanBrunt Marilyn Cleffi Groome Norah Rendell Gray Heath er Powers Bernice Conrad Crouse Grace McDowell Vinson Elizabeth von Wedelstaedt F. Mary Farrell Hungerford Pascale Pritsios Dorothy Collins Cunningham Barbara Martin Vonnegut Harvey Sandra Donaldson Kelly Rebekah Stauffer Putera Kimberly Dougherty Darnay Dennese Horvath Weesner Virginia Mitchell Haywood Caroline Spankie Knight Brenda Rathjen Linda Bruington Davis Deborah Johnson Weiss Marcia McLellan Henry Catherine Bice Konantz Jennifer Payne Reese Marcy E. DeVoe Sonya Schlee Westfall Phyllis Burt Hopkins Carol Lee Jennifer Atherton Reistle Kathryn Bowlby Dee Sarah Hunt Wright Marguerite McConnell Hudson Susan Kennedy MacDonald Meg Richard Marla Lantz Dernay Linda Robinson Jeker Patricia Darling Meekison Julie Roberts Lori Dotson Desautels CAL STATE FRESNO Sara Walker Jones Patsy Lafon Miller Jane Weirick Ross Betty Margileth Diefenbach KEY $ Martha Dawson Kennedy Margaret MacLeod Rich Asako Sakae Lois La Fara Dochez Carolyn Boltinghouse Krum Ernestine Ross Lauer Maureen Hyland 1ingley Tracey Salerno Eileen Poston Dollens Muriel Schmeiser Smittcamp Marion Alfred Lewis Janice Mills Walsh Julie Conklyn Schaa(f Diane Miller Elmore Jennie-Ray Moore Olson Margaret Shepard Walwyn Jill Schaeffer Leslie Filter LOYALTY S Elizabeth Hodges Pavoni Heather Wetmore Andrea Schmidt Mary Freeman Melinda Davis Depp Eleanor Collins Pollow Aubrey Schneggenburger Louise Markland Gallagher Elizabeth Wagner Johnsey Beryl Oberrnann Stephens BucKNELL Kelly Seed Joan Anderson Gasper Mari Kaska Gloria Vanham Summers HERTAGE S Kimberly Holzer Smith Kathryn Egan Geleott Jean Shaw Kiggens France Newman Thomson Katherine Scholberg Weeks Beth Wehrle Smith Jacquelyn McKee Gillespie Candace Bartlett Overlie Wendy George Tibbetts Sunny Spiegel Sharon SchJenk Grimm Judy Bunnell Shuster Jean Adams Toth KEY Susan Allison Stanley Rebecca Blocksom Hacker Katherine Huckabay Williams Maryann Symchik Von Roth Elizabeth Kelley Evans Dana Trexler Katherine Lewis Hale Ann Diener Wilson Ann Sundberg Purcell Carrie Van Allen Barbara Gilbert Halliday BowLNG GREEN Ste(anie Vishab Joan Herrin Hancock FRENDS s1-99 WYALTY WYALTY S Joanna Walker Elizabeth Parker Hardin Beverly Backer Lori Christopher Chamberlin Delfina Betancourt Anne orwick Warfel Patricia Hart Heil Sarah Hostetter Bledsoe Deborah Cordes. Elizabeth Bryan Godrick Kristie Wilson Ellen Hendershot icole Blonder Amy Haver Rose Scicchitano McGinnis Susan Longnaker WoU Betty Dorward Hill Su1.anne Brady

28 Janna Oberg Britton Joni Johnson Broderson Deborah Delbon Chaney Nancy Moser Deming Elizabeth Brown Donnelly Rebecca Drake Barbara Bales Ferrer Jennifer Findley Cathleen Wise Frederickson Carolyn J. Gaither Moonyeen Apperson Gilkey Leah Gorton Sandra Kazanjian Gostanian Dorothy Long Granger Lois Smith High Mildred Maxwell Jensen Diane Sharrah Jones Laurie Moore Joseph Wendy Smith Kaess Katherine La Kovich Jana Lopez Lim Shirley McCoy Logan Myra Zahlis Losee Marilynn Mann Julie Kershaw Marsoobian Carol Johnson McCarthy Carole Shawver Kathryn Karle McDougal Diane Maliani Mills Margaret Smittcamp Mitchell Janet Duke Natsues Kathryn McCrory Nichols Virginia Minor Nutcher Julie Parravano Marjorie Hook Pearson Christy Wieschhoff Rocca Lindy Cope Rojas Nann Giese Ruddell Elva Dau Say Margaret Nelson Steves Ashley Newton Swearengin Janet Towne Christina Dau Van Vleet Stephanie Selna Vaz Mary Lindauer Warner Anna Trane Wattenbarger Brenna Smith Wetzel CAL STATE NoRTHRDGE KEY $ Jeanie Tomaino Schneider LOYALTY $1o0-249 Jonette Chase FRENDS $1-99 Diane Jones Alexander Nancy Myers Blouin Pamela Mills Caine Anne Bunkell Coyne Erica Watson-Currie Gina Dasovich Gould Colette depagter Julia Finn Fiama Fricano Sherry Olson Green Karen Bernard Hefty Diana Hill Cindy Peterson Holler Bryon Miller Kelly Janet Roberson Lacy Ludonna Grande Loney Pamela Maass Beverly English McCaslin Denise Meyers Modglin Barbara lnca rdona Montano Teresa Olear VaJerie Preiss Kathryn Pritchard Ellen Hirsch Retting Carol George Sanders Kathy Kash Thomson Joyce Weldon Stephanie \VtSe CARNEGE-MELLON LOYALTY S Patricia Graham Arrott Caroline Wallace Barry Jean Miller Blanc Patricia Bonner Marilyn Anderson Gilmore Grace Youngblut Giras Gina llig Elizabeth Floyd Mainwaring Juli-Ann Nadel Margaret Niedringhaus Palmer Patricia Dimling Reuther Mary Maurhoff Stewart Caroline Cook Taylor FRENDS $1-99 Barbara Goetz Arnold Mary Lynch Badstibner Gloria Caquatto Bannister Georgine Bogovich Marilyn Casey Bracken Jane Branagan Evangeline Hadjis Brown Elizabeth Buckman Dorothy Floyd Burk Vanessa Calvin Lisa Christina Mary Ann Clark Marian Nimphius Cole Jan Cook Martha Morrill Corson Patricia Murphy Coulter Kelly Diffin Eleanor Carlock Donaldson Vicki Diehl Dorczuk Aleta Cornelius Eastman Colleen Kennedy Ebbert Anita Buerger Fellenz Sibyl Godfrey Geiger Ann Smith Goodwin Beverly Hughes Gough E. Parkinson Gourlay Cynthia Stauffer Griffith Martha Moore Hanson Linda Kralosky Hartman Alma Bartels Havlish Mary Keefer Henneberger Jane Watkins Hitchins Joyce Teo lis Huck Sue llig Martha Hofer Jaeger Bonnie Lisle Johnson Susan Swierzewski Kearney Nancy Keller Dina Krause Janet Hartman Larson Natalie Mamczak Carolou Fidder Marque! Patricia Murray Mayo Jean McSwigan McCague Barbara Casey McCrudden Molly McDermott Elizabeth Beall Metzler Robin Mager Pflasterer Amy Pierce Christy Dinwiddie Pino Ruth Mead Ross Suzanne Lambert Ruley Lois Frishkorn Sapp Colleen Sims Rebecca McMahan Stiles Lois Fahnestock Strickler Jane Orr Sturman Joanne Hawley Unger Maureen Kane Walters Susan Gordon Weinberger Nadine Likar Yenni Roberta Seligsobn Zabinsky CENTRE KEY $ Anne Kreisher Susan Weesner West LOYALTY $1o0-249 Christine Dorr FRENDS $1-99 Mary Bailey Elizabeth Barton Katharine Beale Ruth Dudley Burkey Martha Lowery Crebbin Misty Crider Sara Dawson Rachel Gaither Jodi Goodin Gail Hayes Mary Hereford Susan Brooking Keller Dawn Elliott Knapp Jennifer Krahwinkel Erinn Leary Ttna Wagner Leisure Michelle Macht Lori Morris Katharine Nowatka Amy Hobson Parker Beth Ann Ruth Sharon Crismon Schaefer Nancy Shuford Amy Slack Sarah Upshaw Robin Buford Wigney CNCNNAT HERTAGE Laurie Sharrock Billing Susan Gilmore Buck Mildred Eicher! Clifton Sally Newell Loudin Marjorie Evans Merten "Support from the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation came in many forms. Almost overnight the Rose McGill Confidential Aid Committee sponsored Michelle through the Kappa-n-Need program, providing financial assistance that enabled Michelle to remain in Seattle where she could receive the best medical attention and be helped by her friends." Page 15 Alice Gealy Morigi Marjorie Woodburn Nelesen Margaret Watters Norrnan Helen Griffiths Ortt Susan Paczek Karen Pavlosky Yvonne Chi Peterson KEY S Mary Hart Gearhardt Loretta Roach lsada Helen Powell Jacobsen Jane Fowler Marx Paula Purdy Steinhauser Gail Fegela Waham LOYALTY Marian Ahlering Jean Therck Bimel Joanne Jennings Brown Marilyn Allen Brown Susan Bushman Julie Shinkle Dimond Lucille McGee Drackett Leanne Driscoll Carol Reif Ernst Toni Lacamera Famrnartino Marian Gorsuch Feisley Martha Hetterich Flatt Joanne Greiser Marcy Taylor-Hill Martha Rasor lg Bernice Pontius Jahnke Alice Randle Kellogg Janet Scheid Knab Anne Bailey Lotz Marilyn Heil Mileham Dorothy Diers Pandorf Carol Bartram Rich Lucile Kelly Ryan Virginia Erhardt Schott Marilyn Hinterrneister Secord Anne Thompson Shafer Pamela l~vin Stevens Dell Chenoweth Stifel Entily Pribe Thll Jean Diehl Tyler Mary Thrner Whitney Marguerite Wykoff Zapoleon FRENDS $1-99 Debra Hager Affinito Beverly Kaemmerle Agin Betty Clark Aglamesis Allison J. Agner Mary Peoples Albers Brenda Alvarez Patricia Ebersole Andres Cheryl Stare Archiable Robin Sevester Avery Mary Shelgren Becker Gilda Jensen Biehl Diane Schanzle Bishop Marjorie Loos Boling Diane Bollinger Dorothy Freese Brandt Nancy Stevenson Brounley Deborah Greenlee Browne Betty McCauley Brunk Karen Hofacre Bunch Kimberly Cain Tricia Sntith Camp Barbara Keller Carpenter Jacqueline Hayes Chalfin Marian Hetterich Cisle* Elizabeth Carson Claus Rowena Gregory Compton Mary Gerard Cone Lesley Corey Janelle Crowell Elizabeth Meyers Crumrine Marianna Hunter Cruse Tiffany Townsend-Daniels Patricia Haase Davis Amanda Kisker Davisson Betty Dieckmann Dechert Barbara Redmond Degarmo Nancy Anderson Dewees Jenny Bender Dornette Martha Rush Drawbolt Virginia Algyre Dykes Janice Ferguson Eby June VanNest Faig Sharon Fitzpatrick Fitzwater Joan Crane Flaig Louise Mosier Gaudin Gloria Strohmenger Goering Janice Freckman Gooder Dianne Brater Griesser Dixie Gould Griffin Mary-Claire Scburdak Grosgogeat Sarah Kocher Hahn Dorothy Cleaver Hall Jan aaussen Hall Patricia Sayler Harrnann Margo McGowan Hartmann Barbara Fisk Hatch Norrna Bolsinger Haven Jennifer Davis Heaps Beth Tarr Heaton Dorothy Koch Heil Susan Perzel Hellman Terri Toepfer! Hemmelgarn Candice Chapman Hennessy Judith Gutting Holtegel Shirley Kleesattel Jenings Julie Johnson Karen Springmyer Johnson Marcy Johnson Virginia Schlotman Jones Cristina Fernandez Kennedy Catherine Cunningham Kirk Nancy Braun Koning Ann Cors Long Virginia Butz McCarthy Betty Zimmerman McDonald Norrna Dustin Meyer Marcie G. Mikesell Lyda Ott Miller Shirley Althammer Mire Mary Ellen Rooney Mortimer Lucy Quist Mullins Jamie Nelsen Palmer Loraine Fielman Pancero Debra Peters Martha Berkshire Peterson Carol Pollaro Alice Bowman Price Jeannette Ammann Purdy Dorothy Trankler Radcliffe Lynn Hammond Reiber Shirley Distler Retzsch Margaret West Riedinger Diane Lundin Rockwell Carole Beroset Rorabeck Pamela Rosfeld Mary Williams Roth Barbara Steele Ryder MaryJane McCartney Schafer Kathleen Stroh Schertzinger Patricia Speckmann Scheumann Betty Schwarz Schwab Jean Cadwallader Scroggins Cynthia Shaffer Marbeth Whitney Shaffer Ruth Doench Shook Constance Cruse Sifers Jean Cleaver Stephens Tma Stevenson Dorothy Riggs Stickley Michelle Kaelin Stroh Linnell Rosenberger Sullivan Elizabeth Sypien Linda Lutz Talley Barbara Schrop Taylor Cady Short-Thompson Sally Lemker Troup Robyn Rice Ulrich Dehaven Larkin Vockell Jane Betz Weckenbrock Mary Hall Weingartner Mary Keller Weissmann Catharine Clarke White Carol Ho(feld Whiteford Erin Snyder Wilcox Mary Louise Shriner Wtlcox Joyce Schubert Wilhelm Patricia West Wineland Melanie Wise Linda Hale Wolber Beth Gall Wood Lorraine Lakeman Wuenker MissyYust Eva Lee Zane Patricia Mashburn Zesch Lindsay Friel Zierolf Eileen Hogan Zopff CLEMSON KEY $ KeUiegh Waynick Lowder H. Gail Sambury

29 LOYALTY s1o0-249 COLORADO Kimberly Chauncey Janey Porter McNeill Nancy Ricketts Bradley Leslie Cooper Jackson HERTAGE $ Julia Miller Cheney Judith Mason Meeks Jane Peterson Burroughs Nelson Linder Little Marjorie Cross Bird Betsy Barnard Cheroutes Kelly Chapman Meyer Lee Clarke Clement Carolyn Merchant Gretchen Andrews Maxwell Margaret Ward Clark Laurie Nichols Montegue Anne Drummond Egberts Cynthia Barron Rywak Ann Nichols Sandra Benzel Cliver Margaret Keleher Morrell Elizabeth Tucker Gessley Elizabeth Pruden Taylor Phyllis Brinton Pryor Stephani Bennison Clough Pamela Maloley Morris Katharine Lingham Gilmore Jane Blackmon Tmsley Alexis Chance Danielson Priscilla Lichty Moxley Dorothy Saunderson Hubbell KEY $ Anne Darnley Traci Mueller Tracy Busler Hunt FRENDS $1-99 Katherin Bean Howell Tunandra Atkinson Davenport Pamela Murdock sabel Hopkins Laber Paige Bolt Armstrong Barbara Burns Hudson Nancy Storm Dean Frances Hamm Nevin Barbara King Laudeman Laura Arledge Balascio Beverly Brown McConaty Jannie Gustafson DesRosiers Dorothy Tallman Nichols Vera Lewis Marine Barbara Batchelor Sweeney Judy Ferrara Ditzler Lee Bashore Nielsen Constaoce Postlethwaite Murray Wendy Bell Dorothy Westby Pate Susan Petersen Dunda Kenda Noble Orian Lewis Rodeck Laurie Reinhardt Bennett Bernice Neef Schultz Dorcas Dunklee Durkee Ann Diefendorf O'Brien Ann Haakinson Royer Laura Benston Brockman Kelli Dutcher Catherine Donegan O 'Brien Lisa Schmoker Mary Pamplin Brown LOYALTY $1o0-249 Melissa Shin Eaton Sarah Sletta O'Shea Georgia Herbert Silliman Judith Thompson Burgis Bonnie McGrew Adams Lewis Booth Edwards Alice-Ann Orton Oliver Hazel Round Wagner Virginia Calvert Judith Whitman Alsever Miriam Ostenberg Edwards Marlene Chamberlain Orchard Helen Zick Walker Jeanne Bowers Carter Mary Douglas Anderson Carolyn List Ehrler Marilyn Wilhelm Osborne Mary Haile Carter neva Reilly Baldwin Ruth Schureman Elliott Barbara Beckley Page FRENDS $1-99 Teresa Jones Carter Nan Kretschmer Boyer Sylvia Shorney Ellis Susan Evans Parker Barbara Thomas Ackard Deborah Stiles Castriota Sally Shoemaker Busby Jule Trelease Emery Carolyn Ward Parsons Jean Combs Belt Susan Shuttlesworth Cobb Marilyn Qvale Carter Judy Fabling Martha Baer Patten Alexe Stockton Beran Nancy Blomgren Deming Eileen McBride Cassidy Anne Rose Finstuen Clara VanSchaack Phipps Mary Gibbs Bissell Martha Derrick Dorothy Teets Clark Dianne Drake Foss Susan Gardner Pollack Enid Thrner Blahnik Susan Cooper Derrick Joan Cook Cohen Kathleen Foutz Joan MacCiurg Pryce Betsy Gadd Boyd Virginia Kissell Doolittle Gail Anderson Coie Marium Metcalf Fraker Marjorie Pryor Jean Hoel Brown Erika Eberhart Maureen Neylon Dalthorp Brooke Franklin Plattie Quest Catherine Gepson Burnham Diana Ball Edwards Jennifer Ziegler Fulbeck Cynthia Sokolosky Gaytan Sharon Quist Ellen Weir Casey Mary Montgomery Elliott Barbara Harvey Griffith Evalyn Pierpoint Gill Dana Daniels Reaud Martha Phillips Chamberlain Laura Werts Fennell Ann Ash Hildebrand Sarah Gough Mary Wierman Rbeem Suzanne Hazelet Clark Elizabeth Beckham Flanagan Miriam Bretschneider Johnson Mary Lutz Grantham Margaret Kivett Ripmaster Mary Clarke Kimberly Thompson Godwin Ann Stout Johnston Frances Ludlow Griffith Jean Stratton Robinson MaryJane Underhill Clough Dawn Craig Gunn Louise Arbuckle Kearns Carol Stevens Gross Sandra Nichols Robinson Rosamond Ritter Coons Jimmie Lynn Harrison Patricia Maness Kriz Virginia Somerville Hallock Suzanne Tamblyn Robinson Melissa Gorton Corum Kenya Holsombeck Catherine Boyer LoPresti Wells Downey Hamilton Victoria Utemark Roosevelt Abigail Howe Crawford Carolyn Karrnilovich Carol Zimmerman Lysaght Marjorie VanArsdale Hammond Louise Parker Rose Carolyn Colwell Dahl Sharon Prybylowski Keams Mary Holloman Marshall Susan Uebele Hammond Cynthia Freeman Rowan Georgia Lindley Davis Ashley Timmons Lee Rebecca Rath Miller Lucy Ewing Hampton Betty Cunningham Rudolph Ellen Lindsay Dern Rebecca Linton Susan Denslow Monell Abigail Hardie Wendy Williams Sadler Marion Hubble Devick Donna Hayes Mackin Nancy Wrenn Pollard Elizabeth Harlow Alma Baldwin Sanderson Carol Prange Drake Nancy Williamson Majors Lois Skinner Prator Elizabeth Bonnell Harper Jennifer Schmidt Marilee Thompson Duer Katherine Junk McLeod Patricia Earl Queen Nancy Nichols Harris Candace M. Coberly Schweir Charlotte Ridgeway Ellis Aase Nilssen McTamney Molly Rice Regina Regnvall Harris Christine Moe Seely Nancy Chapman Favour Libby Cooper Meiners Dell McMillen Robinson Susan Day Hart Mary Daniel Shaddock Suzanne Gepson Colleen Murphy Heather Fix Sabo Claudia Hartman Teresa Schwilke Shaner Diane Reed Gordon Mikel-Ann Murray Shelagh McCann Saunders Priscilla McCabe Hatton Carol Danielson Smith Mary Sutton Gould Lisa Nine Linda Boy Smith Bonnie Wilkie Henricks Joan Wells Smith Erika Hausser Halliday Lynn Kirkley Norwood Mary Cervi Symons Betty Christy Herrmann Martha Reilly Smith Linda Wolff Hanson Kimberly O'Keefe Betsy Brandt Tabor Margaret Wilson Hertzberg Alexis Sparling Edith Gaylord Harper Jean Slade Peeler Jean Meier Thompson Carol Schwer Hirsheirner Sue Wheeler St.Aubyn Sue Aenniken Hartwell Jan Matthews Phillips Kathryn Lingenfelter Thompson Tamara Norton Hodsden Carolyn Rogers Stepien Marcie Hechler Lisa Pietrocini Marjorie Bloom Hoffman Mary Nissen Stewart Marian Jackson Hitch Katherine Plummer FRENDS $1-99 Ellen Weick Holm Dorothy Northcutt Stiffler Betty Long Hopper Georgia Pender Raynal Elizabeth Cole Acheson Barbara Miller Hoppe Kendall Kincaid Stonerock Nancy Stroman Horace Sara Cromer Reace Kathryn Kemper Aden Virginia Wier Huey Mary Ann Hooker Sturgeon Beverly Geiger Howard Patricia McCuen Rex Lucinda Orr Anderson Nancy Hughes Nancy Simpson Swanson Martha Anderson Huge Susan Arnold Roberts Jennifer Stringer Anjier Stefanie Marshall Humphries Victoria Taylor Amy Johnson Susan Ruckman Sydney Fish Anning Tracy Jerves Susan Finley Tedstrom Mary Barkalow Joyce Susan Strauts Rudd Alison Arnold Jane Strowger Johnson Linda Koch Thomas Susan Heninger Kohli Marjorie Peyton Bruner Sasnett Joedy Kafka Arnold Kristina Jonell Marybelle Beecher Thomas Elizabeth Foster Lennox Sharon Couture Scovel Katie Avoy Gladys Hayes Jones Carol Trigg Thorstenson Evelyn Johnson Liddle Jo Ballard Seekins Janet Muth Bailey Patricia Hickey Jump Joan Summerton Van D e Venter Kathryn Renfro Lundy Sandee Sherman Katie Barclay-Robertson Ruth Haley Keene Debra Dodds Verity Nancy Pattee Malitz Molly Nabors Shilling Jane Valentine Barker Mary Moyar Kelley Leslie Freehling Vollbracht Maxine Heberer Manewal Patricia Sloan Marian Sims Baughn Amy Kelsall Colleen Jacobsen Voshall Jennifer Varner Martin Pamela DuRant Smith Caryl Holter Bayless Frances Ewing Koch Suzanne Martin Wakeman Susan McCrary Jodie Stiles Jacquelyn Faust Belt Mary Koelbel Patricia Daniels Walker Katherine McDonald Jane Hopkins Taylor Tracy Thompson Bennett Susan Beeler Kreutzer Sara Dustman Walker Geraldine Ratliff McGeehan H. Ruth Todd Elizabeth Swigert Berube Carol VanArk Kuykendall Joan McKay Wallace Helen Newman Mesich Cheryl Bailey Tollison Karen Jones Bidgood Rosemary Pryor LaGrange Peggy O'Neal Waters Anne Middleton Monica Valenti Joan Packard Birkland Erin Lail Lucia Detrick Weihe Melinda Smith Middleton Deborah Looper Vermillion Vera Thompson Blakey Nancy Ash Lake Carrie Wettlaufer Welles Jane Harrison Morris Virginia Doolittle Weede Mary Waters Blind Sally Roetzel Lanagan Barbara Wallace Winston Rosalie Johnson Mow Paula Pless Williams Sara Cochrane Bollman Marcia Warner Lanz Michelle Montague Woodward Charlotte Wallace Murphy Cindy Wood Judith Wertz Bolton Camille Perkins Lavington Barbara Steams Wootten Mary Keltz Novie Beatrice Hickey Bonham Elizabeth Keleher LaZ2eri Sarah Applegate York Constance O'Connell COLGATE Carolyn Paine Bower Alice Thlley Lively Margery Hickey Young Elizabeth Parker FRENDS s1-99 Shelby Whitson Brask Andrea Green Love Mary lngley Young Georgia Lamon Parkinson tepbanie Bowling Judith Dodge Breneman Joan Wagner MacComack Jean Brazy Youngman Ada Slate Parvin Angelica Brancoli Julie VonSchrader Brinkema Judy Manternach Anahita Pazirandeh Abigail Ferguson Kimberly Taylor Britt Linda Weiler Marcopulos CoLORADO COLLEGE Patricia Stewart Peters Lynda Packard Lynn Hyatt Brown Barbara Blackman Marsh KEY Patricia Bridwell Pfeiffer Meg Sobel Chloanna Stillwagon Bruce Sheila Cloyes Maxwell Patricia Brown Buckley Karen Rechnitzer Pope Deborah Swan Polly Palmer Brunkbardt Carol Sawyer McCall Dorothy S. Pomeroy-Conover Sarah Mcintyre Pryor Lisa Unger Jane \Vheeler Buchanan Ann Chapman McCarthy Deborah Smith Virginia Ziegler Ramsey Harriet Moyer Buchenau Ann Devereaux McGrath Mary Graham Rawlings Lynda Burke Anne Price McKenzie LOYALTY $ Lois Hicks Richards Anne Shiras Caldwell Joanie Peet McMullan LaVon Gehrke Arms Mary Benson Rollins

30 Margaret Rosequist Terry Robertson Thompson Mary Jarmon Pierpont Susan Barclay Nancy Crowder Roberts Sandra Jennings Roth Sarah Yamada Janet Butcher Pikula Kristin Busche Barlow Emily Shaffer Rogan Jean English Scott Marilyn Miller Zwissler Melissa Plumb Jerry Backus Berg Carol Baccile Rosenberger Angela Setzer Louise Schlotterbeck Rencher Lisa Berg Dorothy ller Sanders Katherine Herbert Sherk CoNNECTCUT Carol Oko Ridgway Anne Sheary Bieler Jeanne Livingston Schaufert Barbara MacPherson Simons KEY $ Cynthia Swallow Robb Cathryn VanBuren Bomberger Violet Brundidge Scheifele Barbara Reed Sleight Martha Davis Norma J. Salmi Gretchen Merrill Bookbinder Jean Jephson Schild Susan Kelly Stanley Constance Hyde Pritchard Barbara Randall Sampson JeanJean Chong Bower Ann Vanorder Scoville Julia Brinton Stapp Joyce Greenwood Shinn Martha Brady Susan Fink Singer Mary Schlosser Stine LOYALTY swo-249 Jean Terani Smith Priscilla Bassett Bretschger Anne Meinig Smalling Louise Bohanon Strand Carol Krumenaux Argueso Patricia Grano Smith Jane King Buss Leslie Stutzman-Solitario Helen Copenhaver Terry Barbara De Nicola Carolyn Moe Spence Jane Purdy Cable Sheila Gorman Steffel Linda Welty Teves Gail McCann Gallerani Cathleen Steinberg Alice Gooding Cadwell Noel Russell Stewart Louise White 1imm Barbara Gibney Gilkeson Emily O'Connor Stimson Carolyn Hargraves Cassidy Margaret Thomas Strohl Treloar Tredennick Dorraine Bradley Leake Donna Swedin Jane Clark Claybrook Susan Wolcott Sruart Elizabeth Kurie Uptegrove Reenie Brown Makowsky Kathleen Swenson Charlotte Jones Collister Carol Buckley Swiss Lisa Hardin Van Bramer Beatrice Semler Mastracchio Hande Tercan Marilyn Gross Coors Anne Tevebaugh Louise Danks VanLopik Martha Baldwin Ordeman Sue Aughinbaugh Tetmeyer Elizabeth Corliss Barbara Crosby Trechel Eleanore Spencer Walker Marianne Tiemann Sellers Carla Scott Thompson Nicole Cormier Jean Dempsey True Karen Hutson Webb Gloria Santiglia Stalph Bettina Siegel Walker Barbara Mcintosh Daley Rani Denise Ulrich Mary Beth Stewart Wedberg Dolly Rogers Whitham Kathleen Michel Weller Laura Gaige Daniel Sandra A. Van Velzer Barbara Prechtel Wehrle Coral Prince Wilson Linda Mitchell Davis Agnes Lester Wade Barbara Trotter Weiskopf FRENDS $1-99 Dorothy Mravunac Zaumseil Margaret Dobes Mary Wallace Kathryn Francis Wood na VonLiebermann Atkins Elizabeth Clark Drumm Janet Wilbor Warner Anne Beechler CORNELL Leigh Hudson Dyson Mary Warner Webster COLORADO STATE Joan Beehler Bence HERTAGE $ Hazel Peterson Elfe Katharine Evans Whitman KEY $ Laurie Leonard Bostiga Nancy Houston Guthrie Kimberly Emerson Margaret White Wilke Marybeth Merriman Solos Carol Conrad Buchanan Nancy Nichol McLamore Patricia Wohlsen Epps Deborah Dash Wino Barbara Jenks Burch Hartley Carson Etheridge Miriam Wohabe LOYALTY s1o0-249 Tracy Burzycki KEY Elizabeth Stevens Feldt Barbara Wright Catherine Bonham Baumgartner Frances Swedburg Campbell Martha Ashcroft Baines Shirley Beaton Fitzner Ella Thompson Wright Susan Engdahl-Bonnett Alice Priest Card Dorothy VanZoeren Beardmore Christa Fossee Mary Bakke Horton Nan Robertson Cartwright Donna Mettler Derr Eva Frank DARTMOUTH Frances McPhee Audra CataudeUa Janet Kilby Lankton Frances Lappeus Gallinger KEY Tschudy Griffith Schmidt Lorraine Mas Chamberlain Helen Johnson Leipold Eva Sage Gavin Elise Miller Myrlynne Redmond Sjogren Dr. Crisanne Colgan Nancy Schlegel Meinig Ellen saacson Goldman Pamela Rowe Smith Jane Hoyt Cotter Constance Sheedy Powers Janet Jacobi Grossman LOYALTY stoo-249 Claire demontigny Courtney Clarice Miller Scott Lucille J.G.H. Halifax Laura Bedford FRENDS $1-99 Sheila Olsson Crossman Joan Gottesman Wexler Victoria Conn Halliday J. Elizabeth Boutelle Crista Barwin Bailey Florence Apostalon Davis Roberta Monesmith Hambleton Julie Vosika Barnes Marilyn Shaughnessy Davis LOYALTY s1oo-249 Winifred Bergin Hart FRENDS $1-99 Pamela Massey Bent Edith Wollenberg Diesel Nancy Knapp Allen Ann Dye Harvey Karen Hannaway Albright Danielle Dillman Bicking Paula MacKay Downie Maureen Tosi Andola Carol Cleveland Haughwout Cai Boldt Donna Summerour Brasch Nancy Coggins Durkee Nancy Lynn Barton Wendi Herbstman Alexls Boss* Martha Brownlee Christina Eggert Marjorie McKee Blanchard Amy Morell Holbrook Elizabeth Breckenridge Lynn Herrmann Bruce Susan VanSickle Ely Maria Mainelli Bloom Sarah Shearman Hull Barbara Briggs Jill Burson Mollie Robinson Eulitt Virginia Hanchett Bumford Susan Howe Hutchins Amy Brown Catherine Eggleston Cairns Suzanne Duffy Falces Linda Chang Joyce Arnold Johnson Kelly Bryson Laurie Graf Chrisman Anne Gilliland Feller Nancy Williams Clark Tracy Johnson Kathleen Carr Teresa Ficco Cline Dorothy Spalding Fortman Betty Keller Cullen Carol Gruendel Kaelin Julia Clarkson Dierdre Goorman Cook Helen Riccio Gallucci Mary Wellington Daly Barbara Bloom Koch Kcndel Fesenmyer Kristen Coutts Lynda Gillaugh Polly Burnett Dirvin Suzanne Carter Kramer Jennifer Floren Jean Pickering Deter Elizabeth Selkirk-Goggins Rhonda Alexis-Dirvin Ruth Shellhorn Kueser Gabrielle Guise Cynthia Butcher Duncan Ann Coffin Granzen Anne Black Evans Alison Blair Laing Alyce Henness Elizabeth Burgess Eggert Marcia Fischbeck Grimm Dorothy Bauer Fedor Nancy Budlong Lent Susanne Bremble Johnson Cristin George Stephanie Dores Hamburg Juliette Feeney Jessica Elise Leone Heather Hazle Lambert Wendy Mead Gillis Beverly Conrad Hartman Julie Milligan Flik Nancy Flanders Lockspeiser Heather Lane Deborah Fern Greenwood Dona Rodenhizer Haura Susan Rebm Gatto Janet Charles Lutz Julie Levenson Mary Grimm Mildred Davis Helyer Mary Schuster Jaffe Marleah Drexler MacDougal Stephanie McMichael Maureen Henry Grossman Frances Nixon Hippler Lisa Broida Josephson Olivia Eskridge Mandel* Margaret Hall Pence Linda Winchell Grunkemeyer Jan litsworth Holtberg Jane Knight Knott Victoria Margolis Mary Thomson Renner Janet Wood Hall Elna Pfau Hunter Evelyn Knowlton Lambert Betsy McAJee Laura Hicks Roberts Dana Winters Hemphill Joan Okerson Julien Judith Day Lawson Winnifred McGowan McCarthy Catherine Haley Rost Elizabeth Bellamy Hicks Elizabeth Prann Katz Bette Limpert Mayhew Kathryn Starr McCulloch Kirsten Rutnik Courtney Hughes Estelle Karukas Keast Terri Mazur Pamela Hanna Menzensk.i Samantha Schnee Suzanne Tenneson Kelly Janet Robinson Kindregan Carolyn Lovejoy McNeal Rachel Stewart Messman Dalit Toledano Kathleen Honund Kreps Allyson Robey Kinney Kathleen Raynor Meschisen Sara Speer Miller Nell Wilson Torrie W. Larsen Darleen Clark Klase Mary Milliman Nancy Harper Morris Gwendolyn Jacobs Leeper Tracey Koepke Stephanie Rehnberg Murray Vanessa Roy Morse DEPAUW Barbara Lillie Elizabeth Durkee Krantz Beverly Robertson Murrell Mary Fitzgerald Morton HERTAGE Leslie McLean-London Mary-Lou Sperry Kruse Elyse Tepper-Nathanson Patricia Quinlan Murray Jane Cooling Brady Elizabeth Willson MacLauchlin Patricia Alberts Langa sabel Korherr Parker Sandra Foote Nichols Martha Biggerstaff Jones Amy Martin Betsey Platt Lassen Debra Puebla Paula Noonan Patricia Christiansen Petrick Cheri Wells McMurren Jane Hummel Layman Susan Robbins LeeO'Haver Jane Preston Watson Molly Probst Mink Sandra Shiroky MacGillivray Silence Thrnbull Roth Phyllis Avery Olin Mary McBride Moran Barbara Nelson Mach Margaret Miller Rumsey Kimberly Oliver KEY Holly Shafer Muth Alice Trcka Marsan Joan Stewart Ruvane Judy Vyse Palmer Susan Ward Christopherson Greta Heinze Nielsen Laurie Thcker Maypcr Beth Heydinger Treadway Margaret Bergquist Palmer Virginia Vonnegut Hahn Patricia O'Brien Laura Ginnetti McDonnell Elizabeth Lind Welsh Beatrice Wood Patch Jean MacRae Jones Cheryl Nygren Peppler Elaine Harris McGahey Nancy Nicholas Wengert Barbara Fradkin Prins Christine Plank Rales Jane Labisky Reilley Susan Webber McGrath Alice Wilkman Rachael Przybyla Patricia Longley Smitley Sandra Goodfellow Rice Lesley Carkeek Miner Mary Yinger Carol Stedman Puddicombe Judith Pearson Richards Ruth Warner Minor Ellen Rachlin LOYALTY stoo-249 Molly Ross Diane Grady Nania FRENDS St-99 Donna Blair Read Roberta Vannuys Angelillo Barbara Hjelm Schreiber Claire DuBeau Neff Stef Ahlemeyer Ruth Cosline Rhynedance Beverly Baker Baker Robin Mitchell Sequeira Joelle Normandin Suzanne Young Allen Patsy Laux Richards Katheryn Boston Bartlett E. Jeanne Romnes Sisson Kathleen O'Neill Marcia Noyes Archibald Martha Coler Risch Nancy Noaker Biveoour Michelle Snow Harriet Olivar Penelope Smith Austin Gabrielle Ritchie Martha Stephenson Breeden Julia Bloss tone Donna Carluccio Pendleton Susan Waldo Baker Katherine Teale Roach Ann Wilhoite Brilley

31 Josephine Bentley Cannell Jennifer Duvall Elizabeth Allen Robbins Sandra Willey Roberts Judy Shadel Lowe Carolyn Jones Cole Dorothy Gantz Emison Virginia Dodge Robertson Margaret Rowe Martha Wiseley Loy Barbara Brooks Copple Jean Young Eyrich Margaret Hussey Roderick Diana Hickman Schilling Elizabeth Stephenson Mann Alice Smith Crisler Kris Maroon Faulk Julie Tsaros Rominger Martha Thompson Seelbach Barbara Given McCabe Caroline Hughes Crummey Elizabeth Fellows Wendy Rosekrans Doris Bennett Smith Nancy Backus McClanathan Jane Hickam Grizzell Jennifer Kneisley Ferguson Elaine Brannen Ross Marquerite Sundheim Stanley Barbara Peterson McClelland Judith Drompp Guild Kimberlee Warning Foglton Margaret Rowland Natalie Kooker Streb Mary Watters McDevitt Elizabeth Campbell Harbottle Maureen Foley Carol Wischmeyer Rucker Anne Eberhart Wilson Rae Schieble McDonald Elisabeth Harper Hartung Mary Cannon Fox Janet Sollitt Scholtes Mamie O'Brien Yeaw Barbara Ruschli Mickelberry Sallie Ferguson Heidler Virginia Hugus Fox Priscilla Slabaugh Schultz Joan Vokes Miller Anne Mossberg Hillman Geraldine Foley Froget Janet Crawford Schwartz FRENDS $1-99 Jennifer MinDing Barbara Lenfesty Holt Nancy Hunger Galliher Gertrude Clapper Scofield Jane Kirk Ackley Constance Mitchell Eddie Loud Kinzer Maribel Wineinger Gilbert* Susan Selis Deborah Snyder Appleton Joyce Staley Nichols Margaret Zwigard Lavidge Lisa Raible Gladson Mary Murdock Shandy H. Evadne Cragin Austin Margaret Sessions Penirian Nancy Johnson Lewis Jean Davidson Goldmann Barbara B. Sillesen Audrey Bach Angela Bozzo Petersen Jane Freihofer Lockhart Barbara Loomis Good Virginia Vogel Simmons Ruth Freeman Barnes Alison Prentice Bettye Shoop Lott Aileen Noblitt Graham Lesley Heiberger Sims Janet Shock Beardsley Margaret Wiseley Randall Jane McBride Melinda Herbert Greenlee Louise Roberts Slebos Nancy Nesbit Bell Sonja Christianson Reynolds Louise Lindley Morgan Margaret Haun Groetsch Althea Rautenberg Smith Betty Oestmann Binzel Robin Vorhis Richardson Edna Haworth Morton Margaret Dunn Grout Carol Taylor Smith Mary Wiggins Boggs Mary Langacher Robertson Colleen Riley Naftzger Virginia Cochrane Guyton Nancy Herbert Southwick Mary Ewert Borchert Marian Spencer Rogers Kay Pashos Barbara Hartman Amy Sputh Libby Plum Brink Marjorie Kerr Schlosser Martha Slade Perlman. Susan Henlein Haynes Carolyn Steele Stauffer Stephanie Stifel Britton Kristen Schoenen Elizabeth Watts Petersen Mary Carson Hensold Kathryn Pierce Steffen Alice Brown Ruthanna Warner Schweyer Elizabeth Emison Peterson Amy Herrin Barbara Haig Steinmetz Mary Green Burdett Jane Louisignau Seamans Josephine Jackson Riddell* Mary Wall Hildebrandt Ann Stephenson Louise Hodell Butters Nancy Leith Shorney Jean Rudolph Prudence Dix Hilger Mildred McFall Stephenson Kay Croxton Caine* Janice Shilcock Silcox Anne Keeney Ruedig Elizabeth Tracy Hill Mary McDonald Stragand Agnes Brown Calder Emily Smith Mildred Trares Schaefer Jean Gilchrist Hobe Mary Helen Cleary Straker Martha Mlakar Calfee Sally Campbell Sorenson Ellyn Schneider Julia Gullett Holth Doris Stewart Strother Jennifer E. Carlton Jeanne Shaffer Speedy Judith Buckner Shepherd Mary Snyder Hombacker Carol Blackshaw Swan Louise Darrow Carroll Kathryn Headley Stoddard Jane Rhue Somers Helen Jome Houck Yumi Tanaka Etizabeth Davies Carruth Dorothy Frazier Stuart Betty Cox Stewart Jean Montgomery Hughes Dorothy Davis Townsend Suzanne Senft Catlin Dona Basler Sutherin Dorothy Ell Strong Lucy Richardson Hurst Anne Cannon Traxler Betty Bowman Caughey Sally Wood Thomson Susan Christopher Swift Louise Clothey Jamie Elizabeth Christman Tryon Cheryl Connolly Susan Flood Thorkelson Lamar Harper Williams Martha Parker Jensen Whitney Freeman Tschan Carol Rogers Contrada Jeanne Stark Turner Jane Ehmann Wood Jeanne Givens Jerden Barbara Martin Tubekis Ellen Kroehle Coy Virginia Van Beuren Laura Sandberg Yeo Angeline Cline Jones Christina Hughes Tugeau Nancy Acra Creaghead Barbara Cailor VanSweringen Mary Redus Kapnick Felicia Turner Delta Deitz Cross* Harriet Oestmann Vause FRENDS $1-99 Lori Rosekrans Klinedinst Mary Hardy Thrner Elizabeth Bateman Crossland Gretchen Raeder Verbonic Phyllis Fry Acker Kay Johnson Koenigsdorf Gloria Vaughan Louann Hofbeins Cummlngs Elizabeth Nelson Weber Harriet Taylor Allen* Anne Beekman Kraege Zelia Walker Marcia Wachs Dam Carey White Marvel Filkey Anderson B. Elaine Bertram Larkin JoAnn Stedfeld Ward Ann Hargreaves Davis Katherine Williams Phyllis Carleton Anthony* Carol Ritter Law Barbara Hickam Wasson Patricia Hudson DeButts Mary Casselberry Williams Stephanie Kaiser Arrington Marian Walker LeGros Susan Alvis Weakley Tara Delaney Constance Palmer Winchell Eleanor nskeep Augustine Laura Winans Lee Helen Sipes Weed Jeanne Mueller Denison Deborah Thelen Wirebaugh Mary Dyer Baizley Amy Stutz Lettes Catherine Gough Weiner Lucy Biddle Downey Wanda Ogden Wirtz Sue Barlet Laura Lingle Nancy Suppiger Weith Margaret McClure Edlund Sandra Pflager Wischmeyer Nancy Barnes Mary Cramer Lippincott Jane Grissom Whitesides Helen Sparks Edwards Mary Scarritt Wolfe Marjorie Finch Bassett Marjorie Waddell Long Wendy BockstaWer Wickliff Mary linthoff England Susan Miles Wolfe Eugenia Harris Batchelor Amy Stevenson Magura Jeanne Pauley Wiig Katherine Morton Epler Helen Yeakel Lynette Bradley Beall Lynn Mrzlak Mahnic Lois Zimmerman Wilcox Caroline Warfield Fleming Carolyn Kearns Young Harriett Wall Beeson* Kelly Grow Mains Jennifer Perkins Williams Agnes Goodwin Florea Annabel Pierce Zimmers Karen Benes Patricia Thoma Mailers Clara Clifford Wilson Mary-Elizabeth Nist Ford Victoria Edwards Bennett Susan Thrner Mathew Nancy Harrison Winton Elizabeth Pierce Frazier DCKNSON Etizabeth Carr Beyer Jane Naus Mayse Marian Gregory Wolf Laura Wilharm Fricke WYALTY S1oo-249 Susan Moffett Blake Joan Drompp McAfee Shirley Sedberry Wolfley Lea Bauknight Fulk Emily McCaffrey Linda Speer Bloss Marcia Bogaard McCracken Victoria Stembridge Woodward Marian Simpson Garber Phyllis Stormont Blunt Nina Fay McCunniff Gretchen Yetke Elizabeth Gately FRENDS St-99 Mary Morton Bobbe Eleanor Williams McDowell Frances Thompson Young Borghild Wathne Gillam Janine Alfano Mary Bottorff Janet McMillen Virginia Neff Zeller Sarah Glenn Laurie Bohlen Sarah Smith Breck Marilyn Masters McQuistan Margaret Greenlee Jennifer Kurth Borislow Virginia Jones Bright Suzan Keller Melvin DENSON Martha Eddy Harrison Kimberly Bruzda Carolyn Carlisle Brown Beth Miles HERTAGE Catherine Oppen Haslem Pamela Byron Jennifer Brown Marilyn Whitaker Miller Katharine Prentiss Ball Virginia Scott Hayden Pamela Silla Caywood Teresa Bruno rene Kinzer Milliken Katherine Moessner Jeffrey Louise Schwallie Heidish Susan Dague Judith Hager Bryan Holly Blythe Minke Dorothy Spoerl Henck Kathryn Delaney Jean Hayden Campbell Dorothy Nelson Moll KEY Margery Lawrence Hetherington Christine Forys Sally Henning Carpenter Jane Morrison Margaret Kubek Morris Mary Bennett Herrman Laura Austin Hall Anita Hursh Cast Mary Acton Myers Elizabeth Veale Urch Barbara Nichols Holzapfel Ashley E. Hodges Barbara Noaker Clark Susan Nichols Julia Williams Howting Julieann Kelly Margaret Brown Clark Elizabeth Nicholson WYALTY Michelle Chapin Hunter Christin Temple Klaff Martha Soldwedel Claudon Melinda Nicholson Patricia Wood Baer Charlotte Johnson Hylbert Gail Tereshak Koshinski Mis Margaret Clawson Nancy Steele Noertker Louise Olney Baker Judy Sellers relan Pamela Carson Kramer Elizabeth Phelps Cole Leslie Alexander North Jeanne Sanzi Bottomley Lynn Hales Jacob Christine Lawlor Laura Connor Harriet DeThrk Nutter Janet Detrick Cazares Ann Lewis James Christina Lockwood Barbara Hirt Coons Adeleen Darrah Olewiler Meredith Damschroder Marjorie A chen James Colleen Lunn Margaret Richman Coons Kimberly Faber Olsen Carole Rigsby Darst Lisa Jaye EmilyOrben Linda Buell Corrigan Amy Orlando Paine Jeannette Krieg Drake Ruth Darrow Jensen Karen Me utt Jean Clark Crichlow Terry Kaiser Park Barbara Anderson Hudson Emily McCornack Johnson Kirsten Santianni Leigh Miller Dally Roberta Schroeder Parrott Elizabeth Hornor Kettering Elizabeth Morse Jane Laura Jacobs Smith Anne Turner DeelZ Christine Clauss Perkins Jane Glazer Koppenhoefer Gail Whitelaw Joy Deirdre Cavanaugh Stach Jayne Shaw Del Medico Kristin Perks Ann Cooper McKinney Barbara Black Kelly Arden Tellini ancy Hurt Diener Susanna Kenyon Phillips Elaine Vellacott McNiven Dorothy Jean Kerr Alison WhitmerTumas Catherine Hash Dillon Wendy Poore Ruth Wachs Meyer ancy Kniffen Charlene Koehler Wright Vera Brizius Dirks Margaret Atkins Powell Katherine Kaiser Moore Mary Marlow Koerner Constance Fulmer Yoder targaret Lewis Dongus M. Susan Thkey Prickett Jean Eberhart Overholser Marcia Wood Lea Lorene ees Doran Jane Morris Rebild Judith Joem Parsons Lois Hancock Linsly usan Downs Patricia Reed ancy Baldwin Peterson Jean Sanborn Lombard

32 DRAKE KEY $ Lillian Landsberg Cassell Meschelle Meiners Linda Liechty Mordaunt WYALTY Pamela Badger Maren Padella Bowman Maxine Kinsinger Braunschweig Janna Lory Cross Kristine Groh Crow June Smith DeVries Virgirua Hill Eicher Julie Kliebcnstein Farley Christine Lichtsinn Hanna Gertrude VanGinkel Higgs Marion Sloan Janss Ann Clark Lienemann Lucile Robinson Mann Holly Wilkins Stork Joan Stout VanCura Alberta Beard Wallace FRENDS s1-99 Carol Heines Albers Joan Cella Aletta Janet Mathison Anderson Mary Danforth Anderson Mary Attea Margaret Murbach Bailey Sarah Korb Bain June Braun Bent Margery Hutchinson Bischoff Lisa Helgeson Boersma Janet Carroll Brennan Dorothy Banford Brown Polly Kurrle Clark Leigh Eberle Corrigan Leslie Crandell Victoria Kaspar Dailey Marjory Everett DeWitt Diane Cathcart Doud Sharon Murphy Eaton Miriam Mahler Evans Sherry Spring Foecking Kathryn Knudsen Forbes Carolyn Luther Fox Vicki Graham Fox Jo Ann Schlunz Gaulke Virginia Walkup Gilbert Evelyn Ritchey Glenn Elizabeth Williams Gnaedinger Judith Pritchard Hackman Katherine Hirz Hagbo Rachel Henry Harrigan Polly Lumbard Haskins Helen Holley Hatton Gloria Codner Hearshman Ruth Frisby Henry Ruth Heringlake Hickman Pegge Resch Hudgins Hollis Meersman Huels Margot Sprenger lgoe Lanette 1l10mas rwin Amy verson Barbara Crafts Jenkins Martha Hamilton Johnson Susan Scholten Killpack Grace Johnsen Koss Frances Barker Larson Mary Diamond Lepard Sarah Miller Liddle Patricia Billbe Lindquist Suzanne Muret MacLaughlin Nancy Cook Mackaman Margaret Reeve Marsh Marian Pidgeon McCloskey Christy Phillips McCoy Mary Peterman McCoy Kimberly McDavid Dexrer Bowman Mead Ellen Clemens Metier Debbi Miller Lee Coats Minors Kathryn Gustafson Motheral Marjorie Gustafson Myers Vicky White Naber Margaret Hill elson Amy O 'Neil Mary Hayes Ochsner Margo Frankel Osherenko Sherry McCane Palmer Cathie Nassif Payvandi Melinda Poorman Peltino Sharon Pesch Maxine Witmer Pierce Amy Jo Reimer Helen Keller Reppert Jennifer Geer Rhoads Susan Dyer Sallmen Ruthann Mills Sandrock Susan Camp Sanft Tracy L. Schaben Jean Martin Schlau Joanne Pease Scott Roberta Mcintyre Smith Stepharue R. Smith Helen Vrooman Stipcich Josephine Johnston Stipp Ruth Holmberg Suhler Betty Rider Vandorn Florence Tomlinson Wallace Kristi Weflen Diane Rix Weitz Jean Longshore Werner Dorothy Vanier Westerman Pamela Strong Whitmore Jennifer Zw.ack DuKE KEY s Sarah Broom Jane Lindsay Koke Margery White McFarland Nancy Alyea Schiebel Stephanie Empkie Vittum LOYALTY S1o0-249 Joan Oldberg Avery Flay Bassett Balser Dorothy Chorpening Bevan Mary Motlow Boyd Jessie Hertz Brown Carroll Costigan Crosthwait Susan Beck Davis Elizabeth Daniel Dickinson Nancy Upshaw Egerton Amta Campbell Gilliam Kathryn Lewis Heidt Ellen McMasters Jordan Nancy Peterson Kolb Dorothy Gray Kunkle Caroline Stiles Livengood Audrey Hance McGlaughlin Annie Rebman Moore Ernestine Newman Palmer Ruth Phillips Polack Elizabeth Nimrught Rea Martha Crocker Roehrig Janice Welker Schumann Liana Silsby Shelley Smith Diane Stephens Margaret Coleman Stroud Brooke Caldwell Sundstrom Nancy Young Tanis FRENDS St-99 Elizabeth Schiebel Albright Sally Bailey Alcott Emily Allen Jane Allen Mary Burrus Babson Judith Baer Bemiller Marguerite Jackson Book Tiffany Borlaug KathJeen Braun Barbara Badger Brown Karen Stafford Brown Brooke Browne Mary Geyer Carleton Alice Goldthwaite Carson Barbara Dow Chenoweth Ellin Malloy Christensen Pauline Green Clapp Kyra Damton Gretchen Capehart DeCou OUR FUTURE S N YOUR HANDS AS T S THE GFTS FROM NDVDUALS THAT MAKE ALL THE DFFERENCE! ndividuals, through gifts and bequests combined, have historically contributed between 87 and 90 percent of every charitable dollar. Last year the American Association of Fund Raising Council reported that the nation's charitable institutions received a record-breaking $143.9 billion in charitable contributions. ndividual giving amounted to 87.6% ($126.1 billion) of that total! Foundation and corporation gifts combined totaled only $17.8 billion of all giving in the USA. ndividual Tribute and other gifts Letty Lauffer Delaney Sheena Webster Emmenegger Linda LaPlante Fahey Christina Fairchild Donna Faw Jane Strohm Fay Betty Stallings Fitzgerald Marion Kern Forrest Jane Reny Frank Doris Larsen Frazer Christine Frey Keith Kiley Goldstein Jean Plzak Haab Rowena Sidbury Hall Helen Roberson Hammond Dorothy Hudson Harper Helen Miner Harper Diana Calverley Haskell Barbara Luessenhop Heinz Rose Toney Hill Sandra Wiles Hill Vivian Driver Holmes Lillian Dewar Hopkins Carol Humphries Melissa Jackson Stephanie James Jessie Stites Keeling Jo Bcachley Kilcher Vrrginia Franke Kleist Barbara Tearse Knudsen Jane Towns Lahr Moltie Fitzgerald Larsen Sources of Foundation ncome Bequests $924,870 $276,526 rejl~:cts inlcre.<t ami dividl.'ud im:otuf' ' Foundlllion lllso realized tl gain of$667, the mlue of it5 stock portfolirr Barbara Vossler Lepper Kathryn Lestourgeon Smith Carolyn Currie Liniak Virginia Hardesty Smith Elizabeth Parks MacQuarrie Mindy Schwendt Solie Laurin Magee Martha Chesson Spruill Kathryn Magruder Phebe Anderson Stuart Wehr Carolyn McTier Makens Jane Dewalt Swinden Susan Strader McCutcheon Mami Taniuchi Jessie Brewer McGaw Joan Reycraft Tompkins Suzanne Branch McGinnis Tatiana Treml Ann Heflner McTier Judith Fisher Trotzky Leigh Adams Miller Mai VanDeren VanArsdall Mary Minor Tekla Parker Wagner Sylvia Sommer Moore Jennifer Waldman Eleanor Rathbone Nichols Nancy Akers Wallace Cynthia Dickes Nicolaides Melissa Fair Wellons Lorraine Pare Elizabeth Hungate Wentsel PrisM. Peake Mary Freels White Lindi Smith Pollok Sarab Hespenbeide Wiley Jocelyn Stedman Pring Corinne Mani Yancy Angie Baumer Rhoads Jill Tiffany Ross EMORY Susan Falk Sanders HERTAGE Elizabeth Harrell Saturday Katharine Armstrong Oark Victoria Schooley Althea olde Schreiber KEY S25o-499 Meredith Burke Scrivner Debra Brand Stacy Sempier Lucy Davidson Carol Meeker Shearon Cathleen Morrow McKinney Margarette Shim Mary ngwersen Shrake WYALTY S1o0-249 Nancy Baumgartner Sigler Wynn Wygal Adam Catherine Amdur Small Linda Locke Beasley

33 Margaret Melcher Dosher Susan D e Fonso Jennifer Snyder Koncelik Anna Warfield Decker GEORGA Susan Hollander Edison Sarah Foot DiNicolantonio Lynda Kyle Danielle Dobin HERTAGE $ Laurie Lee Humphries Elizabeth DesPortes Dreelin Jane Chapman Lonon Lorraine Seegrist Donohue Dawn Clark Hubbell Patricia Parsons Mcilwain Jacqueline Ellis Marsha Love Lisa Downey Amy Estes Diane Friedly Maguire Margaret Jackson Dubois KEY $ FRENDS $-99 Kimberly Hembree Fewell Suzanne Carbone Miske Bridget Dugan Deni Garland Dorminy Dr. Barbara Cole Adams Patricia Tippin Hunsader Meredith Morris Doris Thompson Dunbar Debera Sharpe Kathy Allen Pamela Klassen Dyan Murphey Lala Mathers Dunbar Elizabeth Willis Wolff Mary Motheral Baker Michele Kahn Susan Harvey Murray Helen Bunten Dvorachek Marjorie Chisholm Batcheller Kimberly Holiman Leonard Margaret Butler Neubauer Ann Barr Emmert* WYALTY s1oo-249 Mindi Bein Kathryn Mentzer Patricia Casey Northup Jennifer Esposito Willa McCalla Allen Travis Thrner Breard Lisa Miller Donna Ordenes Mary Abbe Evans Shannon Bardwell Lisa Fechtel-Brown Suzanne Beekman Norris Anne Davis Poole Mary Ellen Flynn Lynn Petters Cochran Ellen Wiley Bywaters Dawn Glaczenski Petrella Lillian Amos Quackenbush Patricia Lawrence Foley Nancy Wildt Driver Deborah Chance Candace Bachand Riley Audrey Ragland Donna Clarke Foster Elise Feimster Fay Elinor Clayton Clark Lisa Robinson Martha Reiners Janet McEwan Glynn Lynda Stuckey Franklin Deborah Coffina Cynthia Poole Schaefer Joanne Bucci Rock Larissa Goldston Olga Oliver Gay Robyn Cohen Janet Bishop Schenone Susan Peters Roehrich Ann Penningroth Griffin Jerry Smith Gentry Claire St. Martin Collins Julie Field Schwartz Melissa Owens Ruth Elizabeth Kline Grinnell Beverly Surowiec Hermann Pamela Johnston Conover Leanne Kirk Scullin Susan Sayles Janice Heinold da Hudson Hughes Carolyn Wilson Coulon Darlene Pollard Smith Margaret Lane Shoemake Doris Eason Horak Mary Bell Hurley Kathryn Burgess Cox Lara Thompson Mary Shull Virginia Leetch Howard Barbara Law Leonard Luna Daffin Holly Frost Vanture Beth Spence Mary Anderson Jenkins Carolyn Clancy Markert Linda Vaden Daniel Heidi Cranford Young Kelley Coker Strong Margaret Pritchard Jenks Margaret Bowden Moore Terry Connally Davis Laurie Farmer Zaversnik Zelia Sweet! Mary Jensen Nancy Harris Persons Marsha Fly Disher Nancy Harris Thomas Sara Johnston Lynn Whitmire Rogers Carol Burton Doris FLORDA STATE Elise Rou Thrash Christina Jurkiewicz Patricia Alexander Royal Tina Hall Elliott KEY $ Sandra Nelson Tozzie Fay Kandarian Linda Vaughn Schreiner Sonya Finley Kay Upton Crowell Gail Grout VanHoesen Barbara Stellwagen Karison Florence Collins Sheffield* rene Lake Haight Nancy Kelley Wittenberg Ellen Kay Vandeberghe E. Kay Kelly Betty Brown Shikany Celia Herner Hanley Joan Lewis Varner Nancy Humphreys Kelly Elizabeth Smith Stacy Garrett Hemond LOYALTY $1o0-249 Nina Reaves Watsou Helen Matchett Kimble Georgianna Keller Valentino Laura Dalton Hendrix Lovisa Skagfield Baney Catherine Coffield Weite Susan Knadle Juliana Wright Weeks Laura McNichols Hensley Valerie Blatt Blake Nancy Mayes decaprariis Marvene Ewell Knowles Elizabeth Hope Diane Degarmo Bruton Jennifer Campbell Koehl FRENDS $1-99 Martha Perrine Howell Sally Richardson Carncross FuRMAN Elaine Staggers Lady Credella Harris Anderson Katharine Huffman Christine Delvecchio FRENDS $1-99 Judith Ellstrom Lalouche Lana Sheffield Ball Scotia Myers Kitchens Melanie Beem Dunn Meredith Green Dorothy Whitley Lang Diana Deas Barrow Margaret Byers Klein Sandra Clary Gamber Ali Levine Erin Schulz Beatty Neville Kelly Lawson Pamela Cook Gillette GEORGE WASHNGTON Lillian Menne Litz Martha Williams Berg Aimee Post League Eleanor Godwin Gunter HERTAGE $ Katharine Reynders Lumpkin Janice Persons Biggers Amy Gershon Lubitz Mary Kopp Hay Anna Stamm Beckman Margaret Disney McComb Mary Raulerson Bishop Stephanie Maffett Kathy Oliverio Elizabeth Bacon McCoy Martha Merritt Blalock Glenn Blakemore Martin Kristin Laudenslager Parsons KEY $ Betty Richardson McGinnis Lettie Jensen Brown Ann Roosth Melamed Linda Norrie Reichard Kathryn Brown Brooke Kathleen McGuinness Suzanne Morris Buckley Gayle Gilbert Meredith Linda Liles Rollyson Mary Fitzgerald Koza Ann Sneeringer McKay Mary Buffington Denyse Smith Mesnik Enid Hennessy Schneider Evelyn Nichol Stewart-Fitzroy Vera Mednikova Finley Bugg Anne Neesemann Susan Grimm Thurmond Lies! Meyer Gloria Williams Bundesman Christine Nelson LOYALTY $1o0-249 Frances Carden Middleton Amanda Busser Linda Barton Newcombe FRENDS $1-99 Dorothy Snyder Aiken Virginia O'Neal Milaeger Bridget Butler Susan Ossorio Judith Merritt Allison Ruth Brewer Brack Faith Sutton Miller Wanda Vogt Callaway-Warren Leslie Temple Owens Shearer Anderson Sarah Barrow Earls Kathy Gross Miller Allyson Bowen Callison Elizabeth Parrott Carol Coburn Asbury Louise Omwake Eckerson Nan Mitchell Elise Smith Canipe Caroline Johnson Patterson Melba Moran Ballard Mary Millikan Flake Jean Jackson Mollohan Margaret Moore Chambers Patricia Hunnicutt Pe trie Gretchen Ballman Cheryl Henry Gossman Margaret Powell Montgomery Barbara Yancey Chandler Anne Wooten Pryor Mary Bauer Ruth Smith Graves Ria Pinedo Mary Helen Tucker Chapman Joanne White Putnam Nancy Williams Beale Margaret Branson Heiberg Kathleen Bulow Plotnicki Barbara Cronk Corrigan Laura Reeves Deborah Pistana Bennett Susan Hull Hudson Mina Brown Pollard Mary Zeitler Dannehl Marjorie Blum Roberto Erin Brumbeloe Bertelsen Louise Mann Kenney Elizabeth Corbin Rexford Angela Culpepper Davis Kimberly Adler Schaeffer Mary Gardner Bohmke Jutie Martin Mangis Janice Krug Riley Dianne Castle D avison Susan McCain Seraphine Louise Carter B orsoi Suzanne Hasenfus Meyer Nancy Anderson Roberts Amy Bice de Venoge Magdalena Florez Shuler Kathleen Edney Brennan Barbara Pearsall Muir Nell Alexander Rockwell* Cary Falconer Driver Cynthia Cohnurn Slack Julie Abbott Burchette Margaret McReynolds St. Claire Julia Halloran Rush Ellen Douglass Eidson Cathy Lassiter Smith Jennifer Burnside Dorothy Porter Stauffer Mildred Hayward Sargent Maripat Findley Julie Paquette Smith Caroline Poole Cameron Margaret Lanigan Symmes Kerstin Schiwietz Rita Ritchey Fordham Marjorie Brown Streck Lisa Strassman Carlin Beverly Alexander Tuller Donna Nelson Schneider Phoebe Gould Faria Karla Tornyos Tracey Case Dianne Edwards Walden Jeanne Rhodes Schneider Janice Cooper Fortune Lisa Kreitman Trivers Frann Liberty Castillo Mary-Allan Trimble Smith Joanna Gaines Laura Goldstein Thcker Nicole Yapsam Chin FRENDS St-99 Jean Duke Southmayd Frances Maffett Glass Angela Vaiser Judith Crowell Alice Klopstad Andersen Noelle Steinman Elwyn Green Godfrey Lindy Hunt van Ekeren Nancy Dennis Eva Badway Betty Cochran Stockvis Barbara Brandt Granger Sheila Lamport Vrana Sally Sparks Edwards Mary Mitchell Balch Marcia Stauffer Stoddard Andrian Gray Betty Baker Wallin Ann Robinson Elliott Stacy Bang Jean Mollohan Stubbs Paula Larson Grubbs Shari Wasserstein Sherryll Murphy Fischer Marcia Grady Bayer Gertrude Th!Jey Surut Lenora McCormick Guy Maureen Babcock France Ann Evans Baynard Virginia Levy Sykes Rebecca Knighton Harrell florda Carrie Kleinschmidt Galbraith Arlene Erlich Bearman Patricia Calloway Taliaferro Ashley B. Harris KEY Jennifer Geaslen Margaret Bergin Betty Talley Thomas Elizabeth Darden Hatcher Lee Laurie Thomsen Joan Angela McColskey Goos Nancy McDonald Beyer Leila McLaughlin Thompson Evelyn Sanders Haugen Renee Gregorio Theresa Arnold Blackwell Maureen Vega Mary-Holmes Heilig LOYALTY Stoo-249 Claudia Harvey Elisabeth Barnard Boese Anne Veihrneyer Mary Young Hines Mary Sargiotto Eugenia Griffith Hendrix Sharon Doran Callagy Elisabeth Vetter Lydia Alice Hodgson Carolyn Taylor Henry Deborah Gary Callier Geraldine Walker Watson Jennifer McCrary Hoffacker FRENDS Sl-99 Juliana Zarcone Hey Jane Ram seyer Cameron Martha Cherry Watts Laura Horton Estelle Taylor Abrams Julia Hinkhouse Joanna Capozzo Barbara Weers Weeks Mimi Humphries ancy Nelis Bostock Molly Fogarty Hubbard Lauretta Slocum Cecil Virginia Kibler Willis Ann Perez lnabnett Kin1berly Loughrie Brannan Faye Johnston Mary Bush Chesnut M. Smith Woodbury Margaret Jenkins Alena Carlton Diane Duncan Kaoning Nancy Gordon Cox Patricia Findley Woodward Page Jones Shannon McGovern Carmona Gabrielle Boise Kazelesk.i Anne Smith Davis Elaine Smith Woolman Martha Thmer Killian Elizabeth McNew Cartwright Anissa Stillwagon Klisch Theresa Evans DeRosa Susan Kingery

34 Kathryn Swertfeger Kreimer Traci Stephenson Rosalie Savarino Edwards Margaret Van Engelen Didriksen Julie Davis Northrop Asbian Leviton Laedlein Jennifer Whitfield Sharon Ruthsatz Edwards Julie Dodds Karen Stedtfeld Offen Mary Gray Lafferty Louise McCurry Farnstrom Jane Thompson Evans Kathie Hostetler Pankratz Ellen Gannaway Lail GouCHER Martha Ebeling Filonowicz Barbara Ware Featherstone Janet Austad Parks Valery Wrenn Landers KEY Maria Swantek FScher Doris Moore Frink Patty Jill Payne Germaine Lawson Jeanne Speyer Wilson Jean Burkholder Flynn Frances Redmond Hawley Mary Huff Penfield Donna Leggett Susan Schwab Flynn Janice White Hill Barbara Gwinn Perkins Barbara Marnock LOYALTY S1o0-249 Laura Linscheid Gillain Carrie Cox-Lawler Karen verson Peterson Ann Schrepple Marzec Clarissa Howe Beerbower Eileen Gilmore Gold Eleanor Berglund McDaniel Kathryn Poleson Carol Jackson McGahee Elizabeth Miller Travis Joan Garwood Golden Stacie Quinn Neely Nola Pollock Anne Gray McGiamry Phyllis Keip Graham Barbara Walker Nock Jeanne Edwards Poulson Lynn Miles FRENDS s1-99 Sandra Converse Gray Cheryl Cary O'Brien Theresa Rhoades Amy Wiseman Miller Dorothea Kopsch Batchelder Mary Burt Green Kathryn Lane Owen Marion McGonigle Rice Julie Lowe Millians Katherine Shaw Covell Josephine Crowley Groth Nancy Reagan Julia Duncan Robinson Malvina Beal Moffett Martha Mulford Cowan Charlotte Hufft Haggar Ethel Lafferty Sharp Betsy Bernhard Rullman Charlotte Grist Moore Mary Settle Ferguson Kristin Anderson Hamed Ann Thompson Kathryn Barber Russell Erin Moran Lois Jenney Gregg Denise Armstrong Hart Dora Gaudin Thompson Winnie Weeks Saulls Candace Collins Morgan Ellen Campbell Huganir Josephine Taylor Hedges Karen Murphy Wonnell Elizabeth Hanson Schultz Virginia Anderson Mosis Adeline Holmes Lubkert Susan Korff Herring Carolyn Frizzelle Yost Susan Jones Schumacher Laura Turman Newton Nancy Madden Harries Pasmore Hiltabidle Carole Crouch Scott Norma Wrigley Nicholson AnnaJo Davis Thompson Margaret Lone Hodgins FRENDS $1-99 Mary Corn Shannon Catherine Richardson Noble Anne Wagner Hogan Bonnie Trounson Alexander Ann rwin Shively Tracie Norvell Owens HLLSDALE Ellen Carritte Huft Kay Bozarth Anderson Mary Kay Hickman Slade Helena McCormick Pease HERTAGE $ Marilyn Horak Jeffrey Camille Young Ayers Mable Sweeny Smith* Rachel Prince Peek Mary Carr Galton Candace BarsUinian Jeltema Belva Budge Baker Wendy Steele Melinda Plummer Gail Gardner Zmyslowski Holly Robertson Johnson Marjorie Balch Barbara Carlquist Strandberg Rhonda Pearlman Ponder Michelle Miller Johnson Christen Angland Bartles Joan Sorensen Sullivan Mary Renner Porter KEY $ Joanne Harvey Johnston Karen James Batroukh Lela Code Tatro Nancy Paris Pruden Lisa Holley Diane Joyner Kay Kreizenbeck Benz Adrienne George Theophilus Susan Backus Reardon Diane Davison Marston Karen Kreft Krull Eileen Quinn Bockman Marian Edgington Thompson Anne Revercomb Joan McDonald Vernon Kathleen M. Lashbrook Elizabeth Barline Boyington NancyTidd Elisabeth Robinson Roberta Donaldson Whale Mary Alderdyce Leimbach Doris Johnson Brown Sandra Thrner Patricia Long Rudulph Michael McElwain Lenhart Bonnie Johansen Bruce Celinda Crowe Varin Ellen Vereen Rumble LOYALTY s1o0-249 Jennifer Link Anne Henderson B Uigess Mary Ellen Johnson Voshell Paige Russell Constance Miller Ashman Barrette Baker Lounsberry Sophia Goetzinger Byquist Jana Smith Vosika Georgia Schley Sally Vedder Bennett Teresa Morrill Lynch Kathleen MacNulty Calkins Patricia Schell Walton Laura Wood Schofield Mary Rumsey Bradley Marylee Golden Marshall Ruth Caple Campbell Carol Rigsby Wendle Patricia Wright Sebastian Lunetta White Briggs Audrey Richards Martin Lynda Herndon Carey Anne Rosendahl White Anne Williams Sherman Frances Walrath Buchanan Kerry Matesic Arvilla Nelson Carney Marilyn Norseth Will Anne Hall Simms Elizabeth Byrne Jane Reynolds Mattson Gertrude Eliason Cherrstrom Helen Herndon Wittman Betty Hancock Smith Nancy Shellenberger Corral Pamela Mountz McDonald Norma Mitchell Coiner Helen Krueger Yuditsky Cynthia Anderson Smith Janice Lester Evans Elizabeth Pearce McGeorge M. Vieth Collins Eunice Swift Watkins Smith Doris Mauck Friedrichs* Sharon Misiak Mcintosh Linda Fairburn Cress LLNOS Kristin Hess Smith Sally Altman Giauque Marilyn Cook Meeusen Elizabeth Walker Crofts KEY $ Mary Alexander Smitherman Marianne Beck Graczyk Susan Nordling Michelotti Brenda Sander Daehling Mary Marsh Givens Bonnie Brasington Staples Barbara Bleser Hague Susan McLain Miller Mary Kjosness Daly Jane Kurrus Haynes Judy Ford Stokes Lois Nagorski James Jane Everson Mueller Jean Lindemer Day Wanda Taylor Legg sabelle Heard Sullivan Marcia Hall Johnson Ann Houchins Nelson Leona Hooker Deist Mary Ann Eidman McLean Marguerite Thomas Sullivan Barbara Kasper Rosamond Davis Nelson Patricia Jaeger Dibblee Gwen Lehmann Pontikes Mary Thompson Tenney Janina Labuz Kroneman Mara Nicoloff Janet Brookover Dinwiddie Carol Walker Ryan Miriam Patterson Thompson Sarah MacLean Jobi Parrish Julie Joslin Doces Susan Bundy Thrasher Lora Boll Mazza Lois Dreher Peters Beverly Silverthorn Douglass LOYALTY $1o0-249 Ann Gerth Tillman Freeda Westfall Mollenkopf Marilyn Bales Pethel Janelle Fromm Dunn Kathryn Franks Barr Laura Ramsey Topping Gwendolyn Delapp Nielsen Cynthia VanStraten Phillips!dora Moore Eldred Ann Parkinson Baughan Catherine Biggers Trotter Lisa Long Nolan Jane Althen Priest Lois Olin Elzi Jo Koritz Bruggen Janet Gore Thrman Barbara Groves Oddy Sally Childe Reynolds Jane Woerner Fife Ruth Metcalf Cbilde Frances Munson Thrner Linda Whitney Parker Marlaine Walker Rhoad Rita Larson Fish Patricia Porter Corbin Donna Ulrici Josephine Lafleur Payne Gloria Woodmansee Rose Joanne Harwood Flynn Ruth Reddish Dumas Cynthia Rivenbark Vann Sharon Schaefer Richards Ann Roty Jean Wegener Free Norma Colegrove Flanagan Merry Lee Varnedoe Doris Fleming Scharfenberg Virginia Atkinson Sanders Jill Gaylord Jeanne Berger Frazier Kathleen Lagarde Virden Marjorie Harvey Staebler Constance Church Sayers Karen Goodwin Gowland Kathy Haefelin Green Daye Elkin Virostek Joyce Dillon Tappan Kathryn Seyfarth Helcia Graf Marilyn Meek Grimes Anne Glenn Wellner Helen Christensen Taylor Silvia Siqueira Dorothy Peebles Griffin Catherine Brand Grove Jennifer Shortal Westbrook Blanch Baker Six Joan Litchfield Hart Nancy Mills Holt Patti Gibson White FRENDS $1-99 Dorothy O'Hara Smith Joann Tatum Hattner Virginia Keusink Hudnell Holly Wiedemann Margaret Moore Adams Mary Bowen Smith Margaret Kellogg Hill Ellen Schoenberg lvey Lovat Anderson Wilkins Julie Needler Anderson Justine Patterson Stanton Ruby Pool Hodgen Diane Wallace Klernick Laurie Rowland WiUcoxon Nadyne Marsh Auseon Dorothy Freeman Stickney Andrea Albinson Hoffman Judith Schlieper Laronge Amelia Griner Williams Frances Freeman Bartley Julie Hibberd Stuart Doris Krogh Hokans Marilynn Amdal Madden Betty Jinks Woodruff Doris Ambler Bauernschmidt lnna VanBree Thomas Patricia Eimers Jager Adele Messenger Mayer Janice White Woodruff Dorothy Norman Belknap Sandra Becker Tishkowski Jan Sinclair Johanson Ann Davenport McBrien Jacqueline Manson Yancey Michelle Bennett Courtney Urfer Carmelyn McMahon Johnson Mary Beth Mitchel Lynn Davis Benson Jane Zimmerman Veale Anna Sellars Jones Lisa Nielsen GEORGA SouTHERN Mildred Burt Borberg* Debra Meloni Veryser Margaret Martin Kennedy Jean Pettigrew Nosek FRENDS S-99 Joan Schoen Brown Janet Williams Warren Mary Jones King Jane Mosser Piercy Angela Corby Bartz Patricia Loy Brown Laura Whatley Patricia Dollard King Carroll Lowitz Place Julie Williams Canady Jane Kies Carmer Marie Vidro Whltehorne Willa Hasbrouck Kirk Joni Feiger Ragle Mary Beth Connor Kelly Dunst Caruso Dorothy VanAken Worms Kara Huettig Klaveano Adlon Dohme Rector Shelley Rogers Cunningham Nancy Kehoe Chuba Mary Dalunen Koelsch Elizabeth Bradt Reed Kimberly Ellis Peggy Horton Collins DAHO Sandra Rutledge Lancaster Barbara Strauch Schroeder Meagan Fullerton Kathryn Lange Covert HERTAGE $ Carol Haddock Lange Nancy elson Schwartz Hayley Godbee Jane Lucas Crankshaw Kerrie Quinn Murray Muriel Markland Langham Cathleen Mills Shultz Angel Haley Alice Eicher Cronquist KEY S Marian Griggs Lemke sabella Lawton Smith Christina Hatcher Ann Booth Curtin Meg Johnson Carlson Margaret McDowell Loventhal Susan Sterrett Starrett Allison McCumber ancy Lucas Czanko Judy Pyrah Marth alene Tanner Lowry Mary Putman Stewart Jennifer Moore Ruth Moran Davis Katherine Cady Manning Jean Handley Talbot Joy Narvil Jennifer de Muinck WYALTY Stoo-249 Phyllis Ridgeway Melnyk Emily Franks Thomason Renee Toole Perry Virginia Perkey Dehaven Mary Fahrenwald Acuff Mardell Nelson Sarah Jorgensen Thompson Jennifer Sasser Lina DiLegge Sharon rwin Allen Michelle Hunt elson Angeline Allen Umlauf

35 Barbara Seaquist Williams FRENDS $1-99 Mary Funk Ahroon Barbara Pierson Allard Helen Tegge Allen Judy McCarty Anderson Martha Lee Armour Therese Casey Armstead Margo Carnahan Ban Betty Cocking Barlow Helen Muckenhim Bartelsmeyer Margery McKee Beall Nancy Hornung Bequette A my Bergseth Karen Schmitz Bessonny Phoebe Kosfeld Bickhaus E lizabeth Boniecki Blinderman Sara Moffat Blomquist Kathryn McGee Bradbury Joan Alderson Braskamp Linda Pickett Brooke Mary Buck Sue Scallon Byrum Katharine Steele Califf Mary Legg Capouch Jane Kaczkowski Carlson Kristie Carlson Carol Carter Dorothy Lemaster Carter Wendy Wiesler Clary Peggy Moots Cline Nancy Ackermann Cole Georgia Bushnell Collins Julie D. Cox Janet Simpson Crantz Dolores Whitaker Crossland Colleen McNamara Curran Jennifer Dadant Katie Richert Davis Martha Davison Jayne Turpin De Luce Nancy Wheeler Deem Londa Jorgensen Dewey Gloria Casey Dollinger Ruth Duffy Dunton Daryl Jones Dyer Ruth Liggett Eastman* Polly Kuby Edman June Marner Edmonds Natalie Fulk Ferguson Ann Lutz Ford Juin Whipple Foresman Mary Adsit Forsyth Christine Flesvig Friedman Rachel Janssen Frost Margaret Glenn Susan Grans Jill Greathouse Joan Frazier Greene Jane Bickel Greenwood Betty Johnson Gregory Jeanne Sullivan Gressens Janice Griffin Patricia Mitchell Grubb Virginia Musselman Gullette Mary Pike Hammond Ann Foley Hanson Judith Hanson Cara Youngren Hardinger Bobette Speckhart Harms Polly Dixon Harvey Susan Pytel Hauser Heather Hedrick Ethelann Cole Heisler Sharon Vale ntine Hende rson Helen Closson Hendricks Barbara Benne tt He nsler Ruth Leary Hess Susan Stout Hollinrake Marilyn Gray Hooper Janice Roberts Hooton E. Kay House Marian Shepherd Hurley Katherine Wheat Hyatt Darcy Crane Jeffrie Marian Scheineman Johnson Susan Geben Johnson Jennifer Johnston Joan Fleming Johnston Kimberly McCarty Judson Carol Clemons Kamerer Jon Googe Kerchner Margaret Kinney Beth Brenkman Koehler Barbara Russell Kunz Barbara Bozdech Larson Jennifer Bulin Larson Robin Mantell Larson Jane Peel Lehman Fanee Lekkas Marjorie Byers Lessel Kimberly Para Lippe Dayle Sainsbury Lively Sharon Gray Loppnow Marjorie Bean MacMillan Jill Upton Stocki Kathleen King Stocking Sarah Stone-Cooke London R. Summerville Katherine Tanaka Martha Forsyth Thomas Ruth Delatour Thomas Barbara Ttmbers Sarah Smith Tobias Nancy Robb Tobin Harriet Coughenour Trotter Helen Pan Troxel Ann Truckenbrod Jane Wells Usborne Teri Chapman Valentine Anne Maloney Veselik Jennifer Thadani Waldvogel Mary Kirtley Waters " have attended numerous leadership seminars in the past, and Kappa Kinetics was one of the best. The support of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation is critical to the success of the program and encourage its support." Page 16 Anne Pickett Marblestone Sarah Guirl Mark Jeanne Reeb McGuire Patricia Ambre McHugh Nancy Price McNabb Barbara Wynn Meek Carol Jackson Miller Elizabeth Powell Miller Karen Jaraczewski Miller Lara Meinheit Miller Frances Fox Mitchell M. Rosano Gelvin Noel Sharon Stuart Obenauf Larri Potter Odland Margery Ogle Carol Gruenewald Oie Nancy Erickson Outcalt Sbjrley McVicar Overshiner Peggy Meister Page Barbara Bischoff Patten Hollis Heller Pearlman Alice Bristow Perlmutter Nancy Watson Pesavento Carolyn Kenney Pickrell Jean Launspach Plucinski Mary O'Brien Plunkett Nancy Pogue Margaret Pratt Amanda Pustay Mary Krempel Raber Marilyn Wagner Ramey Janice Bertram Reimann Annette Resteghene Cecilia Rettig Debra Nelson Roselius Helen Holliday Ross Rosemary Ryan Ann Forsyth Saladino Kara Pikus Schedler Mary Welch Schilling Deborah Clifford Schmidt Donna Schultz Jane Luedtke Seiler Whitney Pope Shapland Lisa Mendel Sherwood Frances Knipp Shipley Linda Sternberg Shirk Carol Brown Simpson Susannah Monk Small Betty Burrows Smith Dorothy Kirchner Smith* Linda Smith Dianne Massock Stanley Kare n McCarth y Ste wart Ki rsten Johnson Stewart Caroline Shinkle Watson Betty Smith Weddell Kathleen True Beynon Weis Ann Thayer Weldy Gina Maggio Werner Mary Ann Shurtz Wham Joan Dodds Whitmore Meryl Sanders Williamson 'amela Oberschelp Wilson Louise Berry Wise Nancy Roesch Wooten Marilyn Smith Wragg Bonnie llten Young LLNOS WESLEYAN HERTAGE $ Cathy Thompson Carswell Carol Carbery Shepard KEY $ Helen Schaeffer Bennison LOYALTY $ Joyce Eichhorn Ames Alice Strayer Bach Helen Million Blackburn Lisa Hyler Cannon Edith Ernst Carlton Maurine Ehringer Engel Ann Saner Fall Mary Eeten Frieburg Pamela Harris Miram Cavins Hiltabranel Peggy Minch Johnson Sayra Foster Johnson Atmette Low Kaplan Rozanne Parker Kemp Carolyn Eakle Kirk Myra Peairs Long Doris Pullman Morey Lucretia Aldrich Probst Beth Mackey Stifner Mary Vines Weisiger Esther Hawks Willard Dorothy Dick Woodward FRENDS s1-99 Lois Allen Donna Swan Alsene Marjorie Dick Baker Jane Trotter Beaumont Lucile Thompson Beckner Virginja Vogelsang Bennett Beth Uphoff Black Janice Robison Black Sara rvin Blackburn Pearl Houk Borsch Jane Althaus Bube Margaret Munce Campbell Elizabeth Thomson Cappas Sue Cunningham Carey Alice Kuhn Cherry Betty Boulton Christopher Eleanor Miller Cram Suzanne Sorg Crawford Marjorie Greening Crown Pamela Barton Crum Joyce Winkler Culbertson Sara lvie Davis Rosanne Krupowicz Deardurff Cheryl Shirley Deavers Brett Brown Dieterich Laura Rust Dirks Emma Hoblit Dornaus Judith Holtsberg Duvall Linda Karlovetz Favero Susan Moutray Ferrari Sandra Laich Fetcho Myra King Fleming Laura Brown Frost Rachel Green Gage Catherine Bemotas Gelhaar Mary Cleaver Gemberling Sheila Smith Gilley Merikay Deuschle Gilmore Mari Grant Elizabeth Grohne Greenberg Mary Ricks Grimes Marjorie Ttcknor Hazelton Patricia Meek Hess Paula Puckett Holloway Corrine Bardes Holt Mary Costello Horenberger Freda Beyer Houpt Deborah Hunter Hilary Jones Jarecki Claudia Gauthier Jones Bekah KieOing Beth Sterrenberg Kirby Rose Osterman Kleidon Joanne Krupowicz Teresa Fulk Kuhn Mildred Scholer Latona Jane Livingston Lawson Marguerite Hinds Leinbach Cheryl Leonard Theresa Hubbard Lichter Kimberly Luthin Sunny Johnson Mandie Karen Hager Mart in Lois Sack Martin Shay Sizer Mason Louise Andrews Mayne Cory Mooney McCoy Jane Bartlow McMi llan Nancy Segersten Meeker Susan Casurella Michels F. Joanne Luft Miller Doris Freese Morton Bonnie Plager Mueller Kelly Thomas Murphy Phyllis Owen Naccarato Donna Johnson Naylor Nancy Brubaker Niemi Joan Matlavage Pagano Jane Nichols Parker Marjorie Hartenbower Petty Frances Mitchell Plumb Dawn Kasella Poulin Suzanne Rueter Price Nancy Peairs Ramos Jean Holdridge Reeves Charlotte FitzHenry Robling Barbara Stubblefield Rodgers Valerie Andrae Rozek Sarah Simon Ruch Colleen Daugherty Runkle Janis Crookham Russell Lynna Sal tiel Winifred Peirce Sanborn Ann-Marie Buesing Sargent Jane Hart Sawtelle Martina \ViJson Scanlan Rosemary Stubblefield Schertz Anna Wilcox Schwulst Joanne Dannewitz Sebby Myra Rodgers Shepard Joan Funk Skinner Margo Priess Spiess Ruth Kies Stainton Eloise Funk Stephan Diane Eisenhuth Stephen Marybeth Solberg Stull Renee Godsil Tadie Marjorie Simmons Taulbee Pamella Martin Thiel Edith Thomas Weger Elizabeth Beich White Judith Stephens Williams Nancy Wood NDANA HERTAGE $ Joanne Strauss Crown Jane Tourner Curry Kathryn Kayser Starr KEY $ Margaret Curle Hill-Chatham Atice Boyd Hodgdon Phyllis Hansen Kindley Carrie Mcindoe Linda Dorsett Neland Mary Estelle Sluss Rothrock Martha McFarland Seibert LOYALTY $ Lynn Smock Armbruster Charlotte Cooper Austin Catherine Guffin Bain Maryann Burge Beardsley Virginia Klamer Berger Margaret Stewart Bone Jacqueline Harrold Branch Jean Moffat Brett Ann Fuhrer Carter Gloria Allen Cherkala Lydia Mitchell Church Sue Wagner Clement Diana Kabelin Corley Jo Shrode Crabtree Barbara Crandall Danquist Jane Denney DeJong Martha Sailors East Gladys Minas Evans Jennifer Nelson Fain Rita Fisher FitzGibbons Florence Woods Foster Ann Shane Frick Cornelia Eads Geshwiler Barbara Nonte Goetz Charlotte Sputh Hash Barbara Terry Henderson Kathryn Gant Hoadley Catherine Dunkle Jones Polly Prather Jontz Margaret Mayer Kerr Lisa Lanham Ann Wulf Leibson Christine Clark Lenox Susie Tard y Maxwell Nancy Jones McGarvey Katherin e Berry McKinney Leslie Bulen Mills Helen Jackson Morris Sally Miller Peck Valerie Nelson Renner Margaret Schricker Robbins Ellen Rowley Jane Ahlbra nd Sangalis Cynthia Stewart Simon Lisa Lebam off Stockman Martha Hay Streibig Martha Heindel Tardy Susan Werner Terflcr Sue Deems llttle Karen Calhoun Turner Virginia Hoadley Tyte Joan ne Mumford Wa l.ker Barbara Whitcraft Patricia Haddock Whi tehouse Jill Zalud

36 Jerilyn Jones Kennedy Rose Stoelting Sputh Regina Richards Ash Phoebe Gunn Nixon Mary Klink Akre Beverly Lloyd Kerr Lisa Steckbeck Carolyn Newcomer Auclair Patricia Steadman Norcross Ann Taylor Alexander Genevieve Moodey Kirsch Mary Sieber Stewart Sarah Thbbs Ausich Jane Novotny Barbara Yanney Allen Pamela Schick Lannert Barbara Stock Patricia Smith Baer Jane Stephens O'Neil Heather N. Bandur Virginia Thomas Law Judy Hay Stohler Kathleen Lorenzen Bailey Cynthia Ray Odom Patricia Watt Bayer Janet Lawry Sally Witwer Stolz Lindsay Pulford Barrett Martha Riley Orr Jane Beane Sandra Lee Cheryl Jackson Stone Lenora Newcomb Barton Marcie Osmondson Eloise Dreisbach Beardsley Dana Lautzenhiser Lemke Billie Grubb Strauss Ann Schmid Berry Virginia Benfer Ott Suzanne Kreimendahl Belbutoski Lola Dunn Levis Marian Kemmer Street Mary Hidding Blaine Margaret Meredith Padfield Fleurette McMillin Benckart Nancy Harbottle Liley Tracy Stuart June Bockenstedt Susan Eaton Pappas Susan Brannan Bertram Patricia Dodd Lindley Rosanne Zink Tardy Laura Moeller Branca Lura Parks Kim Replogle Blanchar Mara Goins Loftman Jane Bumb Thomas Jean Hall Brannigan Mary Ann Jester Parks Suzanne Harrold Boswell Jean Rogers Lowry Judy Roberts Thomas Anne Robinson Bridges Barbara Myatt Pestka Joan Bonsib Brandt Jerry Dreisbach Ludeke Genevieve Elson Thomson Sharon Monson Brooks Madi Phillips Cheryl Eley Briney Mary Sue Taylor Ludwig Emmy Shively Tiffany Katherine Kennedy-Brown Kathleen Flanagan Ramsay Suzanna Linburg-Brose Kimberly Lyons Holly Wyatt Tipsword Patricia Morehead Bullock Jodie Papantonis Rasicot Nancy Greene Caffoe Nan Tobin Maclean LouAnn Kayser Townsend Erin Camp Leslie O'Brien Rasmus Ann Grimsley Carson Carolyn Smith Main Elizabeth Tracy Carreen Caughlan Susan Rodawig Reams Margaret Driscoll Cash Susan Anderson Marohn Margaret Bates Trueblood Marilyn Wilson Chappell Susan Manbeck Reichardt Catherine Wall Chrismer Kristan Reichart Martin Marthena Bitner Urbahns* Marcia Chekal Janet Stanzel Sayler Linda Leach Christiansen Cay Mateyko Tamara Watts Van Spriell Caren Grossman Cherveny Sarah Schiavone Katherine Moore Cole Ann McGarvey McClelland Marjorie Little VanTassel Monika Gundrum Coursey Joan Perry Schleier Judith Forrest Cooke Shannon Sellers McGahren Carol Laswell Vandenbark Kathrine Berg Cowles Mae Gibson Scbodde Susan Sprenger Cooper Marcie Barnard McGonagle Mary Grubb Vater Leigh Cbinburg Cutcher Jody MacKenzie Segalla Lee Boyd Copland Barbara Becker McLaughlin Virginia Cravens Vater Jean Dalesandro Marian Stephenson Sells Crystal English Coughlin Judith Hinds McNarny Sue Romey Wade Dorothy Bell Dau Peggy Stallman Sleichter Rubynelle Parks Craven Marsha King McQuinn Jane Hines Walker Julie Dombrosky Ruth Curtis Snyder Mary Johnston Culbertson Claire ngram Merkel Leah Welch Walters Mary Carson Dorsey Marilyn Warner Soule Jeanne McCormack Dalzell Mary Bowles Merletto Marilyn Seward Warden Patricia Caldwell Dow Carol Smith Spachman Joanne Darby Anne Kiely Merrell Jeanne Baker Ware Joan Devereaux Doyle Jean Baker Sproat! Carolyn Peck Davis Cynthia Jane Meyer Suzanne Sharp Watkins Beth Wiley Duke Geraldine Hoffmann St.Denis Christine Jackson Dennen Jane Harbottle Meyer Mary Hines Wells Jane Figge Duncan Emilie Fredericks Stichnoth Jennifer Detwiler Karen Miller Mies Lynn Hokanson Welsh Jane Randolph Dunkin Carrie Stidwell Margaret Work Dilley Suzanne Crimm Milligan Ann Wallace White Jennifer Dustin Jean Krabbenhoeft Stringham Barbara Kammeraad Dinnsen Mary Ann Lung Mills Julia Wilder JoAnne Voss Dyer Sarah Kaufmann Stromayer Gretchen Doninger Sarah Tardy Mitzell Linda Miles Wilson Paula Matheson Ellberg Claire Field Stuart Phyllis Mauck Donley Doris Hayward Morris Claire Wishard Paula Huntley Ertz Jennifer Swan Frances Sherwood Donnelly Vicki Witmer Morris Barbara Healy Worcester Dale Skogman Fick Tracy Craven Tellner Julia Reynolds Dreisbach Flora Hunter Mote Jennifer Worstell Geraldine Genung French Louise Shannon Temple Pauline Vonnegut Eck Jane Adams Murphy Mary Sailors Wray Katharine Freie Gaillard Dian rwin True Mary Potts Elford* Jane Messenger Myers Deborah Pearce Wrege Margaret Dunn Gerould Anne Upson Marian Yanney Emmett Dorothy Davis Neilson Connie Schull Ziemelis Rachael Clapsaddle Gildner Helen Perkins VanEpps Nancy Ellis Ferguson Roberta Eley Nelson Margene Rowley Ziff Chloris Waterbury Gillespie Gretchen Garlock VanHouten Margaret Nelson Filipowski Wmbourne Smith Nichols Sally Jones Glynn Janet Fisher VanTrigt Kristin Fischer Emily Croxton Nigg OWA Barbara Mueller Goenne Mary Thompson Wagner Barbara Simmerman Fisher Leslie Steckbeck Noble KEY $ Julia Jerikian Goodman Jane Thode Walsh Barbara Ahl Flatley Mamie Smallwood Nungesser Kathryn Horslund Beeken Dorothy Brown Gridley Barbara Clark Webb Kathleen Hartnett Flynn Beth Shannon Oonk Margaret Blackburn Judith Beecher Halverson Elinor Rodgers Welch Carol Conner Franklin Sandra Leach Owen Sally Pollitz Cunningham Margaret Larimer Hamilton Renee Welter Janet Hahn Fuquay Jennifer Pabreza Ann Hamilton Lindstrom nger Hansen-Corona Ruth Shoemaker Williams Letitia Perrotta Furlin Stacia Payton Pace Carmen Braley Mumma Nancy Powell Hartzell Marci Winga Stacey Manhart Galbreath Linda Johnston Pankake Tara Myerly Hata Heather Wren Verenice Townsley Geittmann Jill Parrish LOYALTY swo-249 Meredith Suhr Hayes Lisa Stoker Wren Mary Davis Gettel Gail Moll Pebworth Alice Dalbey Bernstein Maridee Hill Hegstrom Ruth Christie Wright Shirley Ringgenberg Gilbreath Louise Stout Perry Susan MacMorris Coffin Dorothy Hill Hetland Suzanne Gaylord Younger Janet Quakenbush Grabham Katie Phipps Karolyn McKenzie Colberg Esther Dyke Hicks Mary Jo McGuire Griffin Jennifer Young Pioch Sally Hahn Courter Sheryl Jordan Hicks owa STATE Phyllis Rich Hackler Susan Templeton Pletcher Nicole Bernardy Dannehl Dorris Hays Hotchkiss KEY $ Kin>berly Smith Hall Mary Janette Powers Elizabeth Erdman Friedenfeld D. Jean McManus Huiskamp Teri VanDorn Hampson Nancy Johns Hamblin Anna Buskirk Prickett Lorraine Gibson Graham Ruth Flanagan Huntrods Deborah Zack Schultz Laura Gardner Hammond Ashley Puckett Helene Peck Halverson Helen Kuttler Jaeggi Rebecca Robbins Tilden Katrina Harris June Coulter Quigg Adelaide Nash Hartong Tamara Janda Kathy Kayser Hartman Catharine Emmert Regen Joan Loeffel Hayes Janis Graham Jaynes LOYALTY Stoo-249 Patricia Harrold Heady Elizabeth Revington Burdick Grace Adams Hom Esther Johnson Joan Urenn Axel Hannah Hare Hemenway Leslie Van Natta Rex Roxanne Garske Jerde Susan Traub Joyce Barbara Macinnes Boatman Mary Hendricks Eleanor Cox Riggs Julie Jones Gayle Kamerer Mary Alice Fike Erickson Rosemary Hendricks Grace Gardner Robertson Betty Stanzel Kelly Helen Clark Kennedy Jane Graff Cindy Hepler Leora Grubb Robinson Donna Johnston Kelly Polly Mutschler Knollenberg Jean Bartell Heimbuch Janet Ross Hertenstein PhyllisJoan Heller Robinson Lana Moxley Knopf Rachelle Millman Kole Nancy Mills Howard Anne Rogers Hinds Holly Roessler Margaret Tangney Lainson Carol'JYrrell Kyle Margaret Heinz Jenkins Betsy Grizzell Hopkins Lucretia Leonard Romey Margaret Steffen Lake Mary Whitley Larson Nancy Calvin Leonard Joanna Hom Jane Blemker Roush Ellen Ford Lindsley Marilyn Johnson Laun Barbara Thurlow MacDonald Barbara Kiger Hough Francy Rubin Catherine Doepke Mallett Jennifer Livengood Janet Martin McCrary BBibara Rogers Houseworth Elizabeth Nonte Russell Ruth Smith Miller Marian Loeffel Shirley Mayer Moore Patty S.Houshmand-Wright Elizabethe Horine Sarno Susan Dewey Montgomery Sara Swaney Lund Jean Zamastil Navratil Darcy Howe Jan Jones Sarpa Margaret Medley Murray Marilyn Young Magid Myrcene Nicolet Ryan Dorothy Hoesel Huddleston Jayme Schenk Judy Price Osgood Christine Martin Linda Schakel Susan Woodbume Huff Beverly Palmer Schmahl Marcia Lisle Postlewajte Martha Harris Marvin Mary Morross Skelton Margaret Culmer Huncilman Joann Wetzel Schwentker Anne Root Prange Marci McCann Chelan Pottenger Stanzel Ruthann Gephart Huston Doris Scripture Vivien Buser Ragsdale June Dunn McClintock Carolyn Mitchell Stewart Sarah Ordway Hutchinson Doris Seward Eugenia Mannon Roath Susan Banes McDermott Elizabeth Knittel Suertb Jamia Jasper Jacobsen Jane Griesser Shanks Jeannette Mayne Schmausser Janice \\!heeler McGarvey Mary Thcker Jasper Leslie Shaw Nancy Wallace Shain Suzanne Meagher FRENDS s1-99 M. Gretchen Terrell Johnson Jane Goby Sideris Judith Catlett Sherman Helen McCambridge Moore Phoebe Atwood Alden Jane Hogate Kaga Betty VanArnam Simmons Tami Myers Stewart Jean Moore More Susan Jones Barron Susan Stuart Kaplan Jennifer Mills Maurine Jacobsen Summerwill Maria Moutinho Virginia Obma Baumgartner Rebecca Tredway Kasha Kathy Rumple Sollenberger Doris Hill Mueller Sara Hazleton Beebe Joan Cooney Kearney Bettye Reckner Splittorff FRENDS Margaret Mulroney Catherine Belter-Wedel Helen Haydon Kendrick Carolyn Caster Spurgeon Lee Abington Kristin Murphy Kristen Bensen

37 Jeanne Boynton Blahnik Betty Bell Berol Shelly Coker Holm Jane Peake Wilson Donna Daily Kimberly Holly Blair Barbara Burnell Elizabeth Kester Holmer Elizabeth Hartley Winetroub Margaret Rochford Dauner Karen Nyswonger Blockbus Valerie McKay Chaloud M. Stacey Hudson Robin Wilson Wolff Dana Morrissey DeBuhr Barbara Darling Bracken Helen Piller Davis Mary VanCleave Hunsinger Patricia McRae Denning Judy Madsen Brandt Mary Schwartz Dodge Kaye Roepke Hurtt KANSAS STATE Edith Willis Depew Kimberly Staples Brennan Janice Moses Durrell Lori Bjorsetb nman HERTAGE $ Shirley Johnson Dicksa Jaoe Armstrong-Byrne Mary Dillon Esau Christine Wehde Jackson Kathryn Black Pearson Kristen Spaeth Dreiling Rebecca Forbes Clark Jill Shackelford Hall Frances Schutz Jank Diana Ott Dunston Jeanene Seeger Conzemius Doris Johnson Hewins Dorothy Breidenthal Jenkins KEY s Ruth Emrich East Myrllin Huff Cook Judith Henry Hunt Corinne Temple Jervis Ardeth Maupin Ball Susan Thohey Ebright Amanda J. Cooper Marian Moses Jsem* Josephine Allen Johnson Marilyn Nichols Bullock Sbana Eck Andrea Schmeal Corcorao Judith Bickmore Jaso Harriet Bossemeyer Jones Julie Fletcher Phyllis Badger Eckelman Geraldine Williamson Cramblit Katharine Shelton Jones Mary Weyerich Kaemmerlen Rosemary Griffin Eloise Black Eckhardt Barbara Bergsten Cullinane Dorothy Clarke Lettice Joy Sharp Kaplan Nichole Beaudry Evans Anne Beiswanger de Krafft Cynthia McNown Maloney Jennifer McLeod Kassebaum LOYALTY $ Jennifer Beardsley Fales Laurayne Houlihan Delahunt Jean Bailey Marshall Barbara Schmidt Keating Sue Parker Burgdorf Deva Featherston Catherine VanGelderen Denton Sandra Moorhead Marshall Mary Burke Kenny Betty Doctor Cambra Megan Eubanks Featherston De Anne Dinneen Maryena McDuffie Eugenia Ferguson King Georgia Johnson Chandler Doris Dickey Fehr Sandra Plumb Dykema Barbara Neely McKinney Elma Jennings Klepper Karen Chandler Christine Bechtel Fischer Evette Mann Edmister Kelley Stewart Naron Susan McMillin Koehler Claribel Grover Costello Nancy Vail Free Barbara Mitchell Eppel Eileen Maloney Olander Sally Krehbiel Lees M. Jeanette Verser Embry Cynthia Carswell Galyardt Virginia Scanlan Everist Letitia Laming Rhodes Heidi Zimmerman Linville Pauline Compton Ernst Karlene Ediger Garinger Lynn Landes Farmer Marilyn Maloney Riggs Helen Johnson Littooy Susan Peterson FJowers lone Hill Garrison Judith Wood Fieldhouse Patricia Piller Shelton Polly Roberts Lowe Cynthia Turnbull Hageman Nancy Murray Gatz Gina Gronstal Diane Day Sherman Rebecca Gartung Lyons Elizabeth Allbee Hall Tracey Gibbs Kyle-Anne Boehm Halbur Marie Nelson Simons Mary Hoelzel McBride JoAnn Barr Harris Tammy Odie Goering Morley Hegstrom Ruth Breidentbal Snyder Helene Zimmerman McCann Beverly Reinhardt Hess Mary Messenger Graver Delma Fortin Holcombe Judith Timmons Spears Elizabeth Langenwalter Mary Frances Jennings Hill Elizabeth Wickersham Grisham Lauren Holderness Athelia Woodbury Stauffer McCroskey Joann Yapp Howells Penny Omtvedt Grossenbacker Betty Pence House Suzaone McNaghten Stephens Ann Kenyon McGillicuddy Barbara Baylies Jessup Mary Gerlach Gunter Jacqueline Hunsley Ann Jeffords Troller Janice Rogers Mcintire Jane Foulston Johnson Margaret Moon Harry Evelyn Scott Hurst Jeanne Rustemeyer Wood Jane Case McKelvey Paula Jennings Johnson Mercedes Bryan Hawkins Kristin Matheson Johnson Zara Zoellner McKinney Rae Loriaux Kearns Susan Mechesney Hellwege Barbara Roe Kasperek FRENDS $1-99 Susan McQueeny Martha Sloo Kruckemyer Brenda Allen Hicks Marge Bergstrand Kelly Mary Ainsworth Aikins Sharon Blackman Meckenstock Margery Lawrence Jada Allerheiligen Hill Helen Anderson Kirk Elizabeth Holland Austin Janet Scheble Meschke Helen Cortelyou Linger Jennifer Holcom Andrea Godin Koss Nanette Fix Avery Nancy Boyce Meyer Gay Linvill Deborah Daveline Howard Patricia Graves Lack Bonnie Becker Beelman Betty Sayles Miller Lorraine McMullen Nikole Stewart Hunt Joan Flood Mauel Martha Cameron Belot Marsha Dixon Monica Gwendolyn Lee Miner Diann Davis Hurt Dana Leptich McGraw Patricia Harris Blenis Nancy Smart Moore Julia Doryland O 'Connor Adelia Johnson nman Elizabeth Stone McHenry Judith Bonacci Betsey Belisle Moreland Barbara Butler Powers Claire Rickenbacker Jackson June Polson McLain Heather Bowen Judith Morgan Mary Matchette Schumacher Kathleen Kennedy Jarrett LaDonna Holvik McManigal Matilda Mack Brandeberry Maureen Maloney Morrison Cynthia Thompson Smith Carolyn Bearg Johnson Karyl Yates Myers Joyce Elliott Brown Nancy Soderstrom Mundhenke Emelie Kirk Snyder Lucille Albright Johnson Diane Hansen O'Fallon Shannon Flagler Bruggen Cynthia Burnett Murray Merrole Pence Steinway Sandra Castetter Johnson Whitney Johnson Pfeifer Elizabeth LaRue Burtis Marilyn Kendall Nellis Janet Wann Sweeney Martha Stonehocker Jubelt Pamela Scott Pole Marjorie Crume Bynum Virginia Kurfiss Nichol Virginia Dole Thornbrough Charlotte Diver Judy Elizabeth Muon Poletti Seaona Boswell-Byrne Martha Dodge Nichols Nina Harris Weidlein Ka y Steeples Keck Carolyn Putney Sarah Ritchie Cardwell Leah Krisman Nickel Marilyn Doran Williams Joye Larson King Joanne Latta Reeves Betse Gage Chase Frances Morrill O'Neil Sharon Carlson Wilsnack Nancy Hagen Knopp Kim Fideler Robinson Alice Jones Cohn Alice Park Dixie Warnick Wingate Suzanne O'Bryant Knostman Sally McKiveen Sandblom Myra Hurd Coleman Hallie Hudson Peavey Sheryl Stoddard Wiruth Betsy Norelius Koenig Fredrica Eslick Schalk Betty Tholen Collard Karen Hansen Petitt Lisa Bigler Kohlrus Nancy Early Schlemeier Jane Crosby Cooper Shelley Pemberton Pringle FRENDS Ruth Albright Kysor Erin Schreck Mary Bray Cordill Kelly Hogan Randall Ruth Brandt Adams Jody sch-lancaster Rosalie Thomas Sevey Mary Rabe Cordill Nancy Prather Raybourn Betty Peckham Alexander Margery Buchanan Laub Harriet Mason Short Susan Rowlands Cronin Dianne Di Lorenzo Reed Marilyn StJohn Allen Elizabeth Law Kathleen Rahm Showalter Sally Viola Cullor Martha Yankey Reed Emily Downing Amis Deborah Seibold Lind Amy Schueneman Smith Winifred Stilwell Culp Nancy Hogan Rieger Judith Jones Arledge Helen Teichgraeber Lindahl Linda Lott Smith Betty Everly Davis NinaRitt Patricia Coots Aug Sara Brown Linn Carol Latta Spencer Naocy Davis Kittie Williams Robertson Carey Avery Michele Costello Lundy Patricia Hamer Stites Dolores Teachenor Denney Lorie Dudley Rumsey Michele Clark Banks Mary Dillin Lyons Monica Stuart Jane McClelland Dolan Lynne Slease Ryan E. Rebecca Culpepper Benson Dorothy Fulton Marchbank Diane Hertel Thomason Margie Spearing Downey Alicia Laing Salisbury Julie Woods Bissey Lois Cowan Markley Miriam Robison '"fredway Catherine Andrews Dudley Carol Peukert Schultz Edith Lovell Blum Kathryne Gaynier Martin Kara Nelson Vitt Mona McKelvy Duncan Nancy Elder Schwan mogene Lamb Bolls Barbara Gadberry Martz Kathie Yeutter Walsh Mary Douglass Dunlop Sarah Heindel Scott Virginia Ward Braden Shirley Mosher Masterson Susan Sweet Walton Julie Rutherford Dwyer Cheryl Fingerman Harriet Myers Brazil Celeste Foster Maulfair Helen Hochriem Wharton Kathryn Hancock Egner Barbara Schreiber Shryock Beatrice Sundgren Bret Dorothy Robinson McMillin Lorraine Zelle Whitney Mary McNown Elder Susan Hershman Sight Kristin Johnson Brethour Phyllis Barton McNeil Janet Keenan Whittemore Rebekah Thompson Eldridge Molly Reid Sinnett Sylvia Gaddie Brethour Marcia Hanson Meeks MaryYuska Judith Etherington Beverly Marsh Smart Margaret Chaney Brown Betty Hosmer Miller Carolyn Zelle Janis Slack Fitch Sallie Lillard Smith Norma Brust Lesley Cowles Miller Gayle Wilson-French Ann Spikes Avis Tramble Bruster Angela O'Hara Moriarty KANSAS Mary Garretson Suzanne Rewerts Spivey Carol Collins Bruton Jayme Morris HERTAGE Tara Tarwater Gatti Doris Delano Stockton Margaret Kelley Bumpas Anna Wagaman Murry Ann Cuthbertson Hotchkiss Lura Smith Geiger Jennifer Thiessen Barbara Clymer Burks Laura Alderson Musil Nancy Munger Kendall Ann Cromwell Griffith Della Dodge Thompson Norma Amis Buzard Mary Sinclair Nelson Mary Deschner Grimes Helen Woods Thome Wendy Ford Carter Betty Sharp ewman KEY Helen Foster Hampton Glenda Speakman Tippett Leona Hagstrom Chappell Karen Herthel Nicholson Elizabeth Hannah Linscott Catherine McClellaod Handy Joyce McKoon '"frower Kay Eplee Chase Karen Kinney Norton Virginia Harris Ray! Mendi Stauffer Hanna Jane Welchons Twibell Carol Klecan Clark Eleanor Jctt Noyce Carolyn Coleman Vickers Patricia Schmidt Harris Mary Missildine VanAntwerp Judith O'Loughlin Coffelt Christine O'Connor Stephanie Adams Walthall Patricia Ferguson Hartley Deborah Rudy Vo Wendi Coffman Debra Carlson Ohlde Mary Kanaga Warren Elizabeth Mulliken Hartman Madeline Reeder Walter Vanessa Tucker Coker Jeanne Jaccard Parker Ruth Warren Stacey Risser Hassig Elizabeth Jervis Ward Suzanne Taschetta Cooper Judith Fehr Parker atajje Hines Jane Seymour Welchons Clara Jane Billingsley Crabb Lori Blomquist Penner WYALTY St Ellen Jurdeo Hockaday Margaret Welch Whittier Carole Keller Cranston Kim Castetter Peterson Virgil Crook Barritt ancy Gaines Holland Virginia Shelden Wtlhelm Katherine Jooes Crumpacker Eustacia Pfeiffer

38 Roseann Ross Pitts Mary Carr Pochodowicz Jennifer Powell Sandra Scott Preston Jane Liesenberg Prusia Marie Julian Pryne Mary Boyd Railsback Virginia Venning Ransopher Virginia Boyd Rogers Kimberly WiUiams Rogge Elnora Gilson Rozran Adelyn Peterson Schulze* Cheryl Scott Schwall Victoria Seitz Dee Freidenberger Sheldon Marjorie Benson Sheldon Mary Scholler Shields Laura Lyon Shoffner Barbara Millard Shropshire Judith Walter Sickler Judith Flett Sinderson Carol Williams Sizemore Lucile Rogers Skjnner Deidre Skrabal Carol Knox Smith Connie Veskema SmHh Lisa Smjth Margaret Massengill Smull Kendra Seaton Lucile Lafferty Spurrier Marsha McDonald Steele Lila Luehring Stillman Joyce Pennington Stone Leann Riggs Stout Lynda Jetmore Strathman Kathryn lull Strickler Jacqueline McQuillan Summerson Rosemary Schmidt Swan Carolyn Birch Swann Annette Galyon Sweeney Rebecca Dold Tag Peggy Hunt Taylor Anja Teasley Sandra Beck Terril Sally Denton Vanartsdalen Christine Campbell Wallace Margaret Stevick Walters Winifred Wood Warner Jean Sharp Waters Mary Gallaher Weatherby Jean Knott Webb Kay Nelson Nies Wessel Rosemary Haas Wilcox Carol Frazier Williams Mary Stone Yahnker Mary Filley Zabel Cynthia Totten Zajic Mary Zawatzki K ENTUCKY HERTAGE Dorothy Monroe Chamberl ain KEY s Betty Ann Pennington Broecker Jean Robinson Moore LOYALTY Stoo-249 Dorothy Babbitt Beck Ruth Early Cannon Barbara Considine Dangleis Barbara Rosson Dillingham Sarah Ratliff Ford Mary Naive Gee Maybelle Connelly Hall Anne Markolf Henderson Marilyn Mayes Hicks Catherine Hundley kard Evelyn Bridgforth Kemper Martha Ewing Kophazi Miriam Huger Uodner Linda Lampe McGovern Mamie Mclndoe Linda Stover Mclean Patricia Griffin MiHer Josephine Thnis Potter Kate Mahood Riggins Mary Zuverink Rueff Diane Anderson Smith Barbara Coffman Stone Judith Collins Sykora Lora Barrow Tuttle Linda Patterson VanMeter Ellen McConnell Walker FRENDS St-99 Mary Fields Akard Elizabeth Knorr Andrew Anne Hall Atchison Elizabeth Chafin Avril Mary Rogers Barnard Joan Martin Barnhill Gail Marshall Bass Sallie Patton Baugh Alice Hudson Bell Sherry Christiansen Bell Mary Duncan Bicknell Martha Thompson Bland Sarah Bonewits Nancy Merritt Bornhauser Martha Bray Helen Babbitt Breckinridge Mary Mulloy Brent Mary Ann Stanard Brittenham Joan Haffler Harris Angeline Huguelet Hellmann Edith Reager Heuser Cynthia Rawers Hile Ellen McDonald Hines Beth Holbrook Harriett McDonald Holladay Margaret Champe Horn Drucilla Hoskins Virginia Alsop House Marilyn Blaske Hull Beverly Sntith Jennings Sue Ewing Johnson Sallie Johnston Kristi Keoughan Anne Pettit Kirkpatrick Kimberly Kinkead Knight Elizabeth Kinney Korona Susan Marquard Kramer Katherine Krauss Betty Kreuger Desiree La Charite Elizabeth Spurlock Lambert Alice Hart Lancaster Carolyn Jones Laurie Sharon Carpenter Leavell Hilma Skonberg Prather Rhandj Quinn Ruth Willis Radcliffe* Gail Findley Ransier Susanne Hillbom Ridlon Melissia Robbins Nancy Bradford Roszell Staci Bates Rumpke Martha Rush Anne Winburn Saunders Jill Cooper Sawyer Sue Herrington Scheiwe Betsy Johnson Schlegel Vella Wise Scott Bobby Rouse Scrivner Florence Sherwood Caroline VanSantvoord Shipman Mary Dantzler Skinner Lynn Bories Smith Melissa Smith Mary Bowman Snyder* Hollie Moore Sowell Leila Bitting Spitzer Louise Peak Spring Amy Schoenhoff Streeter Josephine Evans Stuart* ALuMNAE AssociATONS CoNTRBUTNG FOR THE FRST TME N THE PAST BENNUM Bakersfield, Calif. Battlecreek, Mich. Dallas, Texas Bluffton, nd. Bryan/College Station, Texas Buffalo, N.Y. Coastal Carolina, N.C. Forsyth County, N.C. Marian Judith Broadus Carolyn Siler Browning Susan Herbert Bruner Rebecca Burkhard Trudy Mascia Burkhard Cheryl Fmke Chandler Margaret Yager Clark Betty Martin Close Sarah Coleman Jane Collins Mary Jackson Collins Virginia Smjth Considine Marjorie Freeman Copening Sarah Ware Corbett Elizabeth Chapman Danforth Elizabeth Jewell Davis* Louise McDonald Dorman Janie Lafoon Douglas Anne Otter Downs MeLeah Dyer Denise Edwards Beth Davis Flanagan Sarah Edmonds Floyd Mary Swope Friesen Ruth Gay Gaitskill Merle Hamer Garwood Cynthia Converse Gentsch Ann Rohdenburg Gilchrist Laura Weinman Gilliam Susanne O'Neill Godfrey Susan Goodman Dorothy Smith Gorton Margaret Owens Gracy Bette Hur Graham Mary Wombwell Greathouse Mary Finley Gutwein Carol Levin Beth Linden Judy Lane Lindsay Deborah Long Mary Wino Leake Long Kimberly Nye Lowe Christian Ludwig Phyllis Feldmann Lutz Erin Magee Nell Montgomery Manly Elizabeth Harrod Mattson Emily Maxwell Catherine Armstrong McAllister Martha Alford McCracken Melinda Bray McCrea Jo Sellards Merriam Mary Metzner Elizabeth Smith Miller Martha McCauley Miller Heather Kristin Mohr Kelly Morris Maggi Moss Courtney Nathan Jennie Nelson Sue Turley Ogden Anne Blanton Oldham Nancy Orscheln Anne-Leslie Owens Ridgely Park Sara Ewing Patrick Ann Scott Patton Monique Paul Kay Broecker Payne Laura Jones Penick Pamela Spicher Pfeifer Jane Vaughn Posey Hot Springs, Ark. Mid-Maryland North Shore, ll. Powder River, Wyo. Roswell, N.M. Santa Cruz, Calif. South Palm Beach County, Fla. St. Joseph, Mo. Sarah Avril Sutfjn Rebecca Boone Tafel Heather Tierney Tauchert Anne Andrews Terhune Barbara Tafel Thomas Julia E. Wheat Thomas Monica Thomeczek Anne Armstrong Thompson Middie Yager Thompson Deidre Powell Thornberry Patricia Vertuca Dorothy Sympson Wachs Kenda Hughes Walter Mary Scott Walton Elizabeth Hayes Weir Elizabeth White Allie McAlister Whitlow Barbara Harkins Wiechers Linda Gabbard Woolwine Judith Hott Young LAFAYETTE WYALTY s too-249 Maureen Kelly Mclaughlin FRENDS st-99 Kathryn Blake Kimberly Coulson Nicole D"Autcuil Catherine Earley Jennifer Emmitt Barbara Fick Susan Brzozowski Fuardo Angela Dichiara Garofalo Judith Glynn Laurie Gormley Dorothy Growney Melanie Grynsztejn Lisa Henriques E lisabeth Mann Kleinmann Gerri Thau Lewis Cherie Cooke Martinez Pamela Martinsen Nancy Woods McMahan Alexandra Pierson Mead Sara Moskowitz Melissa Plank Julianne Ritter Suzanne Shearer Courtney Sheehan Anne Sheetz Jennifer Van Cleef Carla Douglass Vastine Elizabeth Vema LAWRENCE FRENDS St-99 Joan Pfarr Anderson Cyndy Zimmerman Cowles Lara Grant Julie Catherine Huff Maureen Newcomb Kelli Gustman Pras t Elena Reiter Ann Wermuth Robinson Soozuog Sa Madhura Samarth Annemarie Singer Christina Windberg LoUSANA STATE HERTAGE $ Rebecca Stone Arbour KEY $ Jane Gardner Aprill Margaret Waits Edmonson Anne Wolfe Ellis Susan Kaposta Gutfreund Eugenia Ch urchill Hartman Lillian Shaw Lowenbaum Lucy Brandon Parlange Mary Villeret Stites Dorothy Philipps Stuart Margaret Toomey Suzanne Wilbert Turner WYALTY Stoo-249 Ann Wilbert Arbour Olive Guenard Bethard Elizabeth Gauger Breazeale Marie Lynch Cassin Lynn Latham Chaney Nita Kenney Cole Charlotte Parham Craft Anne Hutchison Davis Karen Saunders DeBlieux Marilee Arne Foster Nancy Deal Hayes Renza Taussig Junk Lyda Roberts Madden Vivienne Boswell Mays Mary Sharp McCanless Melanie Rogers McKenzie Elizabeth Busch Miller Helen Bowman Moulton Carolyn Staman Ogilvie Lynne Sparks Pickard Camille Huckins Rickenbacker Melissa Phillips Riddick Altie rwin Russell Elinor StClair Smith NeiJ-Pape Williams Waring Joyce Clack Wentz Bonnie Bancroft Woods FRENDS Sl-99 Catherine Perez Alford Connie Altick Eugenic Toledano Anderson Caroline Johnson Andry Barbara Armstrong Shawn Armstrong Ruth Staman Auxter Charlene Duval Barker

39 Elizabeth Barkerding Suzanne Rolfsen Odom MARYLAND Claire Decker Wenzel Tara Waskom Kelly Quinn Barnett Carol Crow Ostnoff HERTAGE $ Polly Day Wester Andrea Cook Weil Mildred Toledano Barrett Leslie Gex Palmer Patricia Wright Cochran Elizabeth Taft Williams Kristen While Jeanan Beisel Barbara Roane Patout Teresa S. Merriwether Mary Jean Wilson Janice Persson Williams Dana Bishop Miriam Morris Patrick Suzanne Eleder Young Gay Grant Bookhultz Andrea Sardisco Payne KEY $ McGLL Tara Thomas Bourgeois Patricia Campbell Pearson Muriel Booth Jenkins MASSACHUSETTS KEY $ Lisa Box Catherine Patout Pendergast Nancy Simmons Kenny KEY $ Joan Davis Dimond Beth Bravender Mary Lorio Peters Nancy Clapp Mellon Constance Benjamin Clery Julia Peterman Burden Elizabeth Adler Peyton Frances King Meyer Sylvia Shaw Marble LOYALTY $ Samantha Magner Burkhardt Aimee Pieroni Virginia Galliher Spangle Mary Campbell Gilbert Julia Pritchard Burns Juliet DeBernardi Planchard Margaret Galloway VanDoren LOYALTY s10o-249 Lori Henderson-Marks Elizabeth Nugent Campbell Janet Mahaffey Postell Phyllis Brunner Bower Sharon McCarry Marcy Campbell Carolyn Pettiss Prudhomme LOYALTY s1oo-249 Donna Leone Crimmin Lorna Telfer Johnelte Walden Carter Sidonie Read Patricia Howe Burch Shelley Forbess Marek Chris Chandler Suzanne Smith Reeves Eleanor Margerum Chadwick Jayne Arnold McMellen Cynthia Griffin Wardwell Elizabeth Charlton Judith Wintle Reynolds Frances Hunter Fischer Catherine Ryan Maria Hartleben Welch Barbara Pugsley Chase Mary Curtis Reynolds Judith Kratz Guibert Mary O'Reilly Sawyer Heidi Cobb Lynne McCoy Richard Rebecca Mcindoe Lawrence Ellen Buckley Wolcott FRENDS $1-99 Cheryl Combs Estelle Scheuermann Robichaux Martha Souder Leser Audrey Bovey Amsden Helen Runnels Connelly Nanette Marshall Sanders Deborah Gude Lord FRENDS $1-99 Susan Craig Juliana Cotton Caroline O'Brien Savage Brenda Old McClung Laurie Abbiuso Margaret Cameron Fountain Susan Stiel Crosby Sara Schluckebier Scandurro Jane Cahill Pfeiffer Christa Weinberger Acker Mary Grondin Christy Gros Davies Ana Brodbeck Schick Mara Piluras Robin Adams Anderson Elizabeth Hamilton Frances Humble Dean Paula Wier Scofield Rebecca Thcker Scarborough Victoria Sikora Andes Claudia Blake Harrison Martha Linsday Deupree Rebecca Campbell Scott Karen Depew Thagard Claudia Doerr Austin Roma Dodds Henderson Laura Weaver Dodson Virginia Seibert Scott Mary Powell Valentino Elaine Zajchowski Baum Rosemary Holmes Jaros Mary Meadors Dowies Penny Seiber Myra Ferrier Wolf Dorothy Holly Blanchard Susan Bass Jouflas Frances Moore Duhe Sylvia Wilkins Sharplin Dartielle Murray Amy Malinov Virginia Banister Ehrlich Millicent Shell FRENDS $1-99 Cynthia Stengel Bradford Jocelyn Wiley McKenzie Elizabeth Farrington Heather Sherman Florence Peter Arquin Rosann Catalano Daniela Pizzuto Mary Margaret Fitzmorris Kathryn Favrot Smallpage Mena Edmonds Hafford Elizabeth Ciolek Chambers Pauline Prince Cissie Flannigan Nancy Holland Smith Maureen Barrett Frances White Church Kathryn Dobson Rabnett Kathryn Flurry Deborah Burris Sovereign Joanne McBride Bohman Margaret Gale Clements Whitney Ralston Ann Seiser Forshag Nicole Louvier St. Paul Mary Acuff Bowling Faith Fairman Conrad Joanne Hewson Rees Bobbie Cleaver Francis Gene Flournoy Slack Jean Barnsley Bradley Joanne Costello Barbara Barker Rose Marie Donohue Gary Gaynell Stacy BG Smith Bramley Mary Dellapaolera Jane Bishop-Schissler Frances Lanigan Gonda Nicole Stark Carolyn Moody Burbage Betty Wellman Donnelly Brigitte Schludermann Martha Griffin Hanson Patricia Palfrey Stiel Janette Martin Burhans Phyllis Hyatt Dunham Louise Anne Smith Mary Turner Harris Carolyn Matthews Stone Mary Brossman Burton N. Beth Duseau Sylvia Howard Smith Amy Hattaway Ellen Stuckey Szekely Polly Havenstein Cameron Patricia Norkunas Fisher Mariantonia Menechella-Steier Peggy Allen Holladay Linda Easley Taylor Katherine Davis Carrico Margery Bowman Frye Virginia La we Uden Anne Grayson Howe Kathleen Sharp Theriot Leslie Chamberlin Sandra Gates Geddes Marion Harris Vernon Mary Merklein Hughes Elizabeth Fuselier Thomas Nancy Rusk Cowdrey Jennifer Davies Gillespie Edna Achenbach Walker Gwendolyn Munson Hunt Cynthia Halley Travis Lynn Beveridge Demeester Christine Branco Glynn Joan Branscombe Walter Kathleen Moran Jensen Frances Kayser Treadway Poe Ewell Diehl Melissa Mitchell Goldman Susan Davies Willis Jane Doles Jones Cynthia Crowell Troop Laura Donnelly Theodora Corfitzen Gores Melodie Caron Yates Laura Johnson Jordan Laurel Wetherby Valentino Cay Weston Drachnik Helen Greeley Patricia Weaver Jordan Cheryl Hequembourg Wallace Jacqueline Eads Susan Thomas Greene MtAMt Helen Shaw Joseph Rebecca English Waimamaker Evelyn Edmunds Carol Handy Grieco HERTAGE $ Daniela Solomon Kaplan Anne Schaefer Warren Curry Nourse England Mary Eberly Guiliano Heidi Larsen Campbell Virginia Coyle Ketcham Mary Kaye Hamilton Washo Susan Ridgway Esposito Bonnalyn Beaulieu Haas Jenny Brodbeck Kopf Jeannette Ragsdale Webb Wilma Coleman Fellows Judith Miller Hallwood KEY s Suzanne Whitlock Kostmayer Linda Hawthorne Westfeldt Mary Bergquist Follansbee Kelly Hannigan Carol Engels Harmon Amy Kramer Pamela Seiber-Weston Victoria Criswell Freshley Tracy Heighton Nancy Hemp Rebecca Guillory Kristfelt Amy Wilbanks Betty Demello Gasparre Alexis Hersh Willie Seibert Lancaster Charlotte Wilkerson Catherine Teti Gately Nancy Holmes LOYALTY s Elizabeth Mahorner Landis Colleen Daniel Williams Ruth Aldridge Hansen Jennifer Houck Gaye Grentner Beasley Avery Towne Lanius Anne Herold Winks Andrene Richardson Harris Pamela Meadows Jacobs Barbara Goodell Benefield Lisa Leslie Mary Jack Wintle Elizabeth Norris Harvey Janet Ohare Kenneally Linda Dunn Brown June Bertucci Logan Sally Savery Woodard Susan Kline Herrmann Lisa Larson Ruth Shelley Chenoweth Sarah Talbert Lopez Vrrginia Newman Wyly Bethanne Dressel Hostetter Barbara Bowman Lewis Mary Carnegie Edmunds Margo Lulich Dorothy Christopher Young Mary Bohanan Jarboe Carolyn Gowing Lockett Betty George Fitzgerald Mary Holton Lunn Laura Roche Youngworth Celeste Karlstad Krug Etel Thmma Mancuso Kay Burritt French Mary Mhoon Maginnis Diana Coco Zody Ellen Johnson Lawther Jennifer Marlowe Linda Enz Grand Madeline Wolfe McAndrew Cornelia Barnwell Schirmer Judy Antrim Layton Christine Tucker McCartney Lori Michelle Blank Catherine Chance McCleskey Gertrude Nicholls Marsh Nicole Micozzi Marian Spearman Macintyre Hope Joffrion McCollam MANTOBA Marilyn Cross Minton Emily Myers Barbara Demaio Markwood Sarah Howson McCormick LOYALTY swo-249 Miriam 1ittmaon Moreng Maria Disano Niemi Janet Wood Martin Mary Hebert McCowan Patricia Watson Ritchie Anne Newman Mychalus Heather O'Leary Ann Bouse McCrystal Lisa McCraw Pamela Morgan Nenaber Leslie Perre Phyllis Gautier Mezey Susan Youngblood McDuffie FRENDS $1-99 Cynthia Foutz Oliver Marilyn Pratt Perry Olivia Fisher Orr Eli1.abeth Mete Elizabeth M. Douglas Patricia Piper Owen Jean Ravens Phalen Rebekah Poston Ruth Meric Ruth Varley Elders Patricia Vita Pflug Larissa Potapchuk Barbara Lent Roberts Marguerite Readhin1er Jean Dawson Hills Barbara Price Martha Pustilnik Pauline Spofford Middendorf Margaret Jamieson Martha Rainalter Race Patricia Evans Richardson Betty Bacco Wakefield Helen Sims Miller Eleanor Fletcher Kernahan Linda Conover Renneberger Ann Morrill Riker Lisa Wall Winship Mary Arbour Miller Elizabeth Read Kirk Judith Marshall Rogers Nancy Palise Roberts Vassar Wherritt Mills Kathleen Griffiths MacKay Janet Gehringer Ross Martha Treml Ruliffson FRENDS s1-99 Karen Allen Moore Joanne Morgan Maxwell Mary Moran Schenke Janet Spence Shabman Jennifer Adams Mary Ellis Morris Grace McCurdy Karen Hansen Schulze Kelly Hall Silva Cheri Crockett Bass Joanne Aycock Morrison Diane Kepkay Salter Margaret Smith Sears Daniela Smith Eleanor Lillie Beck Leolene Langford Fox-Morton G. Eleanor Watson Carolyn Kuhn Spann Meredith Maw bey Takata Dorothy Davis Bell Judith Ryan Myers Patricia Cros Spriggs Heather Thomas Catherine Benson Jill W. Knight Nalty MARST Tracy Jung Starnes Gail Brigham Tiherii Virginia Miles Birr Mary Yauger etterville FRENDS s1-99 Phoebe Steffey Maureen Leach Vaoa se Sharyn Sudduth Byer Moira Lant Nichols Erin Early Elizabeth Wolfe Stevens Pauline Thnguay Vigneau Mary McElwee Caracaus Patricia icholson Jane Nichols Catherine D ennis Thomason Shirley Mason Voelkle Mera Cardenas Fay-Tyler Murray Norton Jennifer NoceUa Joella Delp Warner Lael Powers VonHolt Linda Allen Cardente

40 Beryl Chapman Cesarano Sandra Kuoppala Learned Caroljean Stephan Gallagher Pamela Heifner Siegenthaler Catharine McHenry Rogers Patricia Chancey-Gould Jean Schmidt Carolyn Hamilton Garrity Marilyn Grace Slanec Mary Snyder Scharff Kimberly Coffee Dorothy Welsh Geary Betsy Lehman Smith Martha Seger Joanne Dobbs Connolly WYALTY S1a0-249 Barbara Guy Gebhart Judith Garrels Smith Jody Behrens Sloane Gwendolyn Cooper Katherine Elliott Backe Cynthia Herron Geis Phyllis White Smith Patricia Arrington Smythe Eloise Henslee Corwin Barbara Vennard Baker Caren Baker George Tamara Spencer Smith Julia Sullivan Stuart Joan Ellis Davies Olive Dedrick Blackshaw Margaret Brown Graham Michelle Smith Smith-Kane Jeannette Dale Wachter Polly Vogel Donovan Cynthia Jones Brown Nan Gildersleeve Grass Karen Brown Sommer Karolyn Kaufman Wasserman Diane Doolan Annette Culbertson Calderwood Sally Moffatt Greiner Sharon Ensley Stover Carol Weber Deirdre Dugan Caroline Cole Cramer Rebecca Jones Groves Wendy Stratman Cynthia Brown Wellman Patricia White Dunn Patricia Larkin Dattilo Nancy Baker Hamilton Eileen Hennessy Strong Jean Brown Wright Deborah Kershaw Ebbert Sukey Gallen Di Cesare Jane Dallas Hammon Janice Grand Swanson Virginia Rapp Wright Sandra Fairman Gay Smith Dwyer Jean Collmer Hancock Janet Tall berg Dorothy Merlti Yager Lynne Leslie Fitzgerald Christina Edwards Nancy De Brock Harris Lori Freedman Tanzer Kathryn Finney Georgiou C. Joanne Dickey Franklin Patricia Danner Harvey Marcy Tate FRENDS s1-99 Allison Gillespie Sandra Thatcher Gillum Karyn Upholzer Hendricks Constance Martin Tipton Liana Carpenter Adams Ann Wilson Grazier Lou Alexander Helman Meredith A. Herschel Joy Wilkens Torrie Barbara Walz Adler Thelma Hall Charlene Coler Jewett Laura Higley Jennifer Tracz Janet Allen Doris Hart Louise Lehman Jobes Marilyn Fox Hill Amy Hinsch Thmblin Lucinda Dewey AJt Lizette Hernandez Betty Garvin Keppel Anne Dearing Hirsch Heidi Harris Varner Margaret Hodges Angelo Mary Tompkins Hill Nancy Naus King Marcia Ambrosino Hirsh Julia Velonis Ann Buehrer Avolio Gayle Robinson lrmen Claudia Learned Mary Fender Hoememan Sally Hitz Volkert Julia Learned Baran Pamela Sahm June Lynne McLamore Maddux Etoile Heifner Holzaepfel Geralyn Welker Walsh Carol Schneider Barten Caroline Copelin Krauthoefer Molly Nicolen McClelland Jane Homan Laura Dales Walsh Barbara Benson Barth Gayle Stinson Kristensen Kimberly Schlundt McCollam Wendy Hrock Judy Walters Joan Fast Baum Carolyn Kubiak Kimberly Williams Parnella Noelle Chavoen Hunken Lois Lirnle Walton Frances O'Dell Baumann Mary Siler Larson Ellen Styles Rajacich Elizabeth Hughes Hurley Susan Sunquist Warnke Patricia Heil Bechtel Mary Gamble Marqua Melinda Mewborn Rupp Nancy Slagle Husband Susan Ausbrooks Warren Alicia Catenacci Bellar sabel Hanson Mathews Dellarose Brooks Sickels Lois Symms sler MollyWeas Ann Coraci Bergeman Jean Ashdown Matthews Virginia McMichael Sittler Leslie Johnson Jackson Yvonne Hodrus Weaver Jane Bisbee* Janis Baranowski May Suzanne Ballantyne Sommer Marjorie Hole Jay Cynthia Spitler Werth Karin Lindh Bodycombe Melanie Nixon McCracken Candace Candella Tesner Lois Baird Jeffery Carol Rankin Whaley Gail Gordon Bosch Paula Fahrenholz McQuade Jane Bonham Tharp Julie Jones Joan Ellsworth White Susan Bigby Breiholz Janet Lund Metcalf Yvonne Attwood Ward Joan Schmidt Jouett Ruthanna Rudolph Wtlkinson Linda Hyatt Brown Gwendolyn Turner Meyer Julie Weinheimer Jeanne Dawson Judd Margaret Rimer Wimberley Carol Smulsky Budchuk Mindeanne Moellering Kate Emmert Wespiser Leslie Haag Kaciban Sue Walters Wolford Bonnie Lantz Bunting Sonja Schnell Moore Mary Elwell West Grace Fisher Kaye Marion Hubach Workman Betsy Palmer Burgett April Mossberger June Gadske Kerr Charlotte Anderson Younkman Carole McMahon Butcher Susan Peters Mullane FRENDS $1-99 Christine Tontlinson Kamala Nancy Cutter Zerbey Christina Perez Campbell Peggy Bridges Naus Karen Aldrich Sandra Schultz Konrad Jean Stone Cashdollar Deborah Boyer Nicolette Joy Clark Andersen Elizabeth Egnor Krumm MCHGAN Jane Helme! Cole D'dra Octaviano Nancy Carter Anderson Andrea Larson HERTAGE $ Jane Wilson Calion Claudia Orbegozo Stephanie Bazanos Bonnie Dumars Lau Shelley England Barr Margaret Cram Cooper Louise Arnott Ott Sylvia Strunk Beach Anne Clark Leatherberry ngrid Arnesen Graham Martha Byrnes Cotter Muriel Gregory Petit Anne Sheehan Bergeron Patricia Nichol Levi Tracy Berglund Curran Catharine Pile* Jean Smith Berghoff Denise Lizarribar KEY $ Lillian Setchell Curtis Jane Davis Potter Sharon Jones Blassingame Barbara Peters Lochner Ann Curtiss Wendy Pearson Daverman Alice Magruder Proudfoot Kathryn Dalton Blaszak Ellen Lewis Mallender Naida McCantly Dohme Ann Glover Durant Leslie Voogd Quick Susan Hurd Boese Barbara Ayers Mallory Virginia Cluff Forsythe Sue Habib Elias Joan Frederich Radford Laura Linn Bos Jennifer Manth Dorothy Jenkins KJine Kathryn Brown Erley Helene Carpenter Ramos Melinda Graham Bostick Paula Duponty Martillotta Elizabeth Long Paula Escobar Catherine Vanderburgh Ramsay Carolyn Coler Brann Wendy Gardiner Massarelli Margaret Pilliod Kathryn Evans Geraldine Rasmussen Nancy Gerhart Brightman Marianne Brackinridge Mather Susan Arnold Poelling Julia Diggs Field Heather Richards Amy Brown Dorothy McCoy Gladys Detwyler Stark Margaret Carroll Finch Helen Williams Richardson Patricia Ames Brown Elizabeth McGinley Catherine Kelder Walz Judy Wilson Finneran Nancy Schneider Rolfs Mary Stringfellow Brucklacher Amy Smith McJoynt Ruthmary Smith Westfall Patricia Cooper Fitch Julie Davitt Salisbury Marcia Harrison Bryant Sarah Mollmann Monica Simms Forbes Roberta Alander Schwenker Anne Buck Callison Helen Cavanagh Morgan LOYALTY S1a0-249 Judith Campbell Frey Sallie Scudder Jane Dyke Casper Cathy Wilson Morrison Jill Predmore Beach Natalie Mattern Frey Kimberly Tomeo Seefeldt Christine Chalker Stacey Mulvihill Stephanie Bennett Renee Wood ten Frost Rosita Torruella Serrates Jenn M. Chaveon Rosa Emerson Newkirk Alexandra Boos Kemper Vest Gay Sarah Smith Shepherd Judith Whitney Cherry Joan Hornung Nicolet Shirley Krause Brackett Mary Sltinner Gibbs Sari Blinn Shermer Elizabeth Copeland Coffman Deeanne Carr Nyweide Mary Bloemendal Brown Jody Strom Gitlin Anna Feltyberger Smith Suzanne Cole Nancy Parker O'Brien Jill Dinwiddie Jodi Beeman Glaser Susan Evans-Messner Smith Laura Tobin Cook Jean Kintigh Oser Patricia Ryan Carlson Marjorie Treadwell Goyert Beth A. Buttell Spiegel Valleria Janes Cook Marilyn Spelman Oviatt Catherine Williams Christopher Leslie Purcell Gregg Marsha Seese St. Clair Rickie Yager Cooley Ruth Owens Michelle Adams Duffett Linda Hendricks Gregory Madlynn Anderson Stevenson Kathryn Hollingsworth Copeland Gretchen VanTassel Pabst Harriet Roeser Dunlop Nancie Strome Grow Annie Laurie Gilbert Stewart Nancy Sohngen Cottrell Julie McFall Paine Nancy Hanel Elwood Susan Riggs Guise Rosalie Stinson Marie Harveland Coyle Frankie Kunkle Parrott Rosemarie Pokorny Erdmann Earla Dodge Gwillim Nanette VerhoeffTaylor Nancy Saylor Crell Gamet Barker Penny Danika Fishbein Bethany Stevens Hall Muriel Laub Thomson Beth Dean Sjelstul Marianne Fallon Perkins Joanna Jury Garrett Peggy Zuelch Hamilton Barbara Barclay Thurber Julie Murr Dolbier Alison Pohn Margaret Stubblebine Higley Patricia Harmon Doris Page Thmer Deborah Dotts Phyllis Hartzell Keane Powers Christine John Kathryn Dempsey Hartrick Linda Koslow Weber Brenda Nelson Dunlap Nancy Peters Preising Rose Herrmann Kahn Amy Hathaway B. Elizabeth Berkley Westphal Anne Scherz Durket Jane Storer Rehse Gloria James Kerry Constance Maezes Hayes Mary Jo Wlazlo Linda Harrison Dut1on Karla Reisch Marjorie Sutfin Kneble Manna Heath Suzanne Hardin Wuchner Diane Easter Janet Avey Riblet Judy Householder Krips Jacqueline Efrusy Henderson Louise Dobbs Younger Louise Bath Ellstrom Sarah Ritten Elfrida Petersen Leete Heidi Bleeker Herman Lori Walker Engle Bette Blaney Roberts JoAnn Monger Maentz Sheryl Maring Herrington MAM {OHO) Amy Erickson Barbara Drake Rosenbloom Stephanie Hooker McConaughy Margaret Winter Hiett HERTAGE ssoo-999 Joyce Long Eschenfelder Mary Raska Pauline Brooks McMullen Jane Baxter Higgins Carol Lash Arrnstrong Robin Mills Faller Emily Rupp Frances Rice Morgan Kimberly Hourvitz Himelboch Holly Hecht Duncan Tracie Farrell Catherine Daverio Russell Sally S. Nickele Marjorie Negele Hoffman Marji Cartwright Vasholz Erin Fennell Marilyn Miller Schantz Centes Morrill Papes Kimberly Wahl Holland Marian E. Field Carolyn Woodford Schmidt Ellen Kettler Paseltiner Mary Donaldson Hotchkiss KEY $ Caroline Rofkar Forster Ruth Ann Schmidt Mary Elliott Pence leana Lindh ngraham Jean Taylor Bender Kimberly Palamountain Friedrichs Donna Hopson Seiler Jeanne Kriser Pritzker Bennon saac Judith Schaepe Brubaker Olga Byrne Fryer Ann Borneman Semans Barbara Rackes Cora Jak uhiak Carolyn Talbot Hoagland Lauri Edens Fusco Carol Hardey Shafer Shelby Dietrich Rector Laurie VanHampler Jensen

41 Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation Women Supporting Women

42 Place stamp here Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation 530 E. Town St. P.O. Box 38 Columbus, Ohio Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation flk,~ /ffeuut

43 Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation Women Supporting Women

44 Kappa Kappa Gamma Place stamp here Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation 530 E. Town St. P.O. Box 38 Columbus, Ohio

45 Mary Jane Wilder Jessop KEY $ Bonita Kelley Kaback Lois Laird Whipp Madalyn Youse Babcock Barbara Corlett Johnson Barbara Tranter Curley Marietta McLoughlin Kelly Wendy Wise White Sheryl Knutson Barnes Margaret Weber King Janet Bjornseth Kemerling Constance Sawyer Kennicott Diane Barnes Williams Patricia Collins Beadle Helen Hay Kivell Katherine Roberts LaPorte Marilyn Graham Keyes Margaret Huston Williams Barbara Brewer Black Margaret Earnan Knox Susan Thornton Marklewitz Shirley Simon Klauer Margaret Brogan Wilson Karen Bosch Susan Harrington Koss Jean Barnes Po!!er Martha Kelly Knappen Jeanne Nesbitt Wise Ruth Asleson Brandow Marian Kremer Janice Wheeler Tinker Cornelia Watkins Knight Barbara Wheeler Wolff Suzie Delong Brixius Barbara Scheetz Laboule Carolyn Hill Krueger Marilyn Pierson Wyman Jean Pike Broughton Jean White Lamb LOYALTY swo-249 Cara Keller Lambrecht SharleneJo Bailey Zeerip Loretta Prugh Brown Andrea Learned Sarah Nichols Ackerman Maria McKnight Lechner Margaret Goodenow Zimmerman Nancy Greer Brown Laurie Cohen Leggett Mary Abbott Alles Barbara Kjellgren Ledinsky Nancy Wagenaar Zint Jane English Brust Kathleen Lehman Kathryn Patterson Artner Jeanne Andrews Lehner Mary Malcolmson Buckbee Mary Stuart Lepard Seana Chavez Badalich Shannon Cowles Logue MDDLEBURY Alice Barney Burroughs Julianne Mehelas Levine Mary Smith Barthold Virginia Pilcher Ludlam LOYALTY $1o0-249 Katherine Kelley Burton Jean Murray Lewis Louise Doyle Berasi Kathryn Krautheim Lund Ann Robinson Walker Marea Erf Campbell Beth Hunter Loftus Jean Byrnes Chambers Geraldine Johnson MacLeod Jane Hallenbeck Zecher Alice Schoening Chapman Jeanne MacArthur MacLearny Marian Finch Childers Margaret Baker Malone Jane Maxfield Clary Linda McClellan Matter Sue Walters Damton Barbara Fox McBriarty FRENDS $1 99 Georgialee Housman Coble Carroll Adams McCarthy Margaret Eilber Rae Kuhn McCall Marjorie Hayden Atkins Rosemary Ahern Cochrane Julie Schoe!!ley McCrary Nancy Collins Epker Julia Crozier McCleary Abigail Haskins Bogie Kathleen Conroy Mary Meadows Holly Messmer Fraleigh Michelle Meeks McCormick June Perry Conklin Jean Moore Cook Robyn Shotwell Metcalfe RuthMary Reynolds Gentry Heather MciGnnon Joyce MacKenzie Cropsey Martha Owen Coulam Harriet White Michael Bonnie Norton Graff Judith Anderson McNitt Ruth Britton Gore Belle Sullivan Cowan Susan Schomburg Mikesell Melissa Otterbein Hess Frances Rossiter McRobert Jane Drummond Hanlon Betty Ryland Croonquist Emily Harding Moellering Joella Seibert Hoffman Lorraine Meller Helen Rothery Higbee Elizabeth Ott Dean Dorothy Barnes Nesbit Mary Barrow Lane Sharon Georgi Mertz Jane Giblin Langey Elizabeth Barnes Erickson Katherine Nichols Kathleen Begthel Lee Amy Miller Sally Newell Maider sabelle Baer Famiglietti Ruth McCormick Nickerson Martha Miller Maxwell Connie Coe Miller Sarah Schoch Miller Loretta Tenner Fitzgerald Barbara Nolan Judy Lapelle Mitchell Patricia Hopper Mills Fay Hauberg Page Mary lbberson Florence Nancy Surgenor Olds Clara Dowling Noble Foy McClellan Minnema Elizabeth Miller Palen Elizabeth Knopp Freeberg Julie Olson Eleanor Cox Noble Phyllis Van Holten Mitchener Janet Shaw Percival Laura Neville Frenzel Nancy Watkins Osius Laverne Reinhardt Osborne Julie Wade Moesta Dorothy Harris Ramsey Barbara Morrissey Gandy Martha Ryan Palmer Lois Luecht Pollock Celia Carlile Manton Joan Smith Rovegno Jacquelyn Broden Gardner Katherine Hiett Patricelli Janet Reed Marian Bennett MorroW Elizabeth Royce Margaret Dougan Garfield Bonnie Busse Pauli Sharon Kouts Skinner Mary Fannon Murray Joan Campbell Shaw Ruth Meinert Gilbert Margaret Dodge Perry Judith Lords Tulis Vrrginia Franz Myers Anne Moreau Thomas Cynthia Anderson Gorsen Susan Brothers Peterman Ellen Pierson Werback Sarah Henby Nelson rene Bonnett Webb Louise Gerdes Guy Gertrude Andresen Pfeffer FRfENDS $1-99 Lisa Nicola Elizabeth Reedy Hanson Nona Mull Pickering Joann Horst Allingham Patrice Bisbee Nye MNNESOTA Mara Johnson Harper Virginia Osgood Ratliff Andree Gallaudet Anderson Debra Theodoroff Oben KEY $ Cilia Rosemurgy Harris Cathryn Wilcox Richardson Josephine Amondson Anderson Nancy Vernon Olenski Gail Galvani Bell Lydia Barr Haugen Sue Fenton Robert Susan Johnson Anderson Elizabeth Harper Page Cynthia Breen Nancy Hauser Elisa Rodriguez Jennifer Bailey Marian Munn Philips Barbara Mueller Davidson Maidie Power Hawley Beth King Rogers Thalya Yager Barclay Jennifer Phillips Natalie Chaloner McElroy lldiko Gyorky Hildreth Karen Hazlett Rosenberg Sally Spiller Barnard. sabel Hardy Pingel Susan Shuman Okie Margaret Boyle Hoene Elizabeth Bailie Scherling Karen Kluge Begrow Karen Ballard Piro Judy Rasmussen Ryan Marion lves Jeffery Barbara Skinner Schmidt Mozelle Sawyer Bell Michele Weitzel Pittel Maryan Strathy Schall Margaret Lundquist Johnson Cheryl Hodges Selden Jennifer Bollman Janice Werner Pohl Kimberly Peterson Johnston Jennifer Bageris Shandler Mary Fisher Borovich Jane Lindley Pond LOYALTY $ Elizabeth Moore Kiernat Kerry Shea Patricia McCutcheon Brister Doris Humes Ponitz Janet VanDe Water Andrews Sarah Thoreen Kumagai Diane Silva Deborah Burson Ruthann Hodgkins Powers Elizabeth Fugina Atwell Linda Crawford Larson Jane Spies Wert Barbara Brinkman Byer Constance Rhodes Priest Kristin Holm Brehm Helen Thoreen Lawson Barbara Olds Spray Susan Tucker Cady Lorraine Salot Primeau Margaret Murray Brownley Elizabeth Jeub Leoz Graechen Becker Stewart Jean McKinnon Candler Pamela Eustis Prinsze Mary Morse Cargill Nancy Keprios Lindenberg Virginia Persons Stewart Cobi Tenover Chalmers Christine Flint of[ Provost Catherine Boucher Crabb Kaylen Kramer Maple Marybeth Shaul Stoddard Mary-Jo Quigley Chiesa Elizabeth Birchfield Putman Virginia Adams Dau Maribeth Fash Marsik Laurie Stuart Mary Wilkins Clifford Betty Achard Quigley Elizabeth Donovan Edmonds Jane Reeves McKay Ann Griffith Sweeny Margaret Bryant Coe Nancy Gng Reame Cynthia Shepard Finnerty Jean Naslund McLaughlin Joanne Hill Taylor Cynthia Apostle Comenos Betty Perry Reynolds Weslyn Concidine Fleming Jane Greer McNelly Dorothy Hofmann Thomas Carolyn Connors Katharine Gordon Rice Ellen Brown Fredericks Betty Belan McWilliams Marcia Netting Thompson Mary Dodge Covington Phyllis Winnard Richmond Mary-lves Hurd Henne Margaret Watts Merling Elizabeth Faulk Tittle Susan Royce Crandall Mary Roth Riordan Karen Herzog Marlene Gesell Miller Starr Townsend Judith Miller Dobson Carolyn Kesby Robson Madeleine Jaffray Hield Lydia Ahem Moore Elizabeth Vial Upton Georgie DesJardins Duckwall Patricia Borgman Ross Anne Holloran Mary Morton Neemes Elizabeth Forbes Utter Kathleen Taylor Edwards Joan Dever Sackett Christine Meyerding Linsmayer Jennifer Sexton Ornburg Jean McKarahan Valleau Jenifer Wise Elinski Erica Schmidt Virginia Bros Mach Leslie ngman Parker Carole Eaton VanderWilde Christina Bissell Faass Susan Schott Kathryn Welsh May Peggy Lovering Parker Susan Skarstad Vercruysse Judith Hambrick Farling Jeanne Ringle Schouweiler Helen Linsmayer McNulty Sarah Hagerman Parker Claudia Vieira Beth Philips Fisher Emmajean LeRoy Schreiber Janet Koehn Muellerleile Trevanion Hugo-Smith Pope Laura Grace Waft Catherine Brock Ford Helen McLaren Simpson Barbara Larson O'Malley Priscilla Young Pratt Lucy Ruddell Walz Phyllis Schmidt Foster Betty Bowser Smith Margaret Dickinson Osborne Magdalene Frank Prest Barbara Brandt Ward Geraldine Strong Gocke Jean Murphy Spoelstra Elizabeth Mulligan Patten Peggy Lamb Ramette Lisa Wasmuth Martha Dalby Goodman Cheryl Sputa Ruth-Olive Bradshaw Paulson Ann Owen Randall Susan Havill Weed Ernestine Greenway Kristie Forzano Stefani Jacqueline Barber Pihlstrom Alicia Johnson Renard Laura Wheeler Mary Weigle Gunby Gmberly Farrell Stephens Susan Harley Piper Jerilyn Knitter Rimel Bette Swanson White Janet Goodell Haley rma Longhi Stevens Kathleen Quigley Jennifer Roberts Maureen Culligan Whitehead Sandra Warren Hancock Kristi Strobel Miriam Seeger Reay Elizabeth McMillan Rodgers Peggy Seabright Whitehead Joann Dodge Harris Trudy Hoffheins Sturk Mary Cronin Roberts Mary Donohue Roe Jill Barrow Wilkins Marjorie Maas Harwood Sally Howell Swiss Genevieve McMillan Sivertsen Renee Rymer Jeanne Worthen Amy North Heinritz Sandra Maute Teach Nancy Grace Snow Mary Appelget Sarff Robin Wright Doris Cook Herrick Cheryl Kruchten 1imyan Sara Libby \Vtlson Jane Glass Savage Maria Zampierollo Marilyn Vickers Hibbert Georgia Basseu VanCleave Sallie Saunders Wright Lavinia Alder Savage Marsha Davis Zick Marsha Miller Hicks Nancy Vogelsang Van Domelen Josephine Christopherson Beverly Farris Huey Wilma Kinney VanMaren FRENDS s1-99 Sedgwick MCHGAN STATE Kay Botsford Hughes Joan Tenhoor Vermaire Jean Parks Ainley Maren Craven Sellers HERTAGE Marion Kasischke Hughes Joyce Dragash Visnick Adelia Nichols Andersen Patricia Hessian Sherman Barbara Cranston Granat Betty Wells Jarratt Beverly Knapp Vogt Mary Concidine Andersen Ruth Davis Smith Mary Anne Chenault McPhail Cassie Culver Johnson Susan Gross Weiss Catherine Olson Anderson Susan Gale Starwalt Kristina Juliano Kathryn May Welser Margaret Champine Ankeny Millicent Lloyd Steiner

46 Virginia Kinkead Stockwell Leland Berkley Lupton Gwendolyn Knight Lucas Kelly Arnold Dickinson Judith Wehking Pugh Krista Swedenborg Amy Ramsay MacNeill Marsha Giesecke Lundy Juliet Lyons Douglass Cynthia Pantzer Radcliff Jane Arey Thompson Brooke Hamilton MacKinnon Anne Barton Lyddon Mary Deal Drake Eleanor Jeffrey Records Mary France Thoreen Lillian Abraham Mackay Nancy Wilcoxson Magee Patricia Hayes Drumm Ginger Holmes Robinson Margaret Schlukebier Catherine Pierce Martin Betty Brownlee Martin Dorothy Castle Duggan Sandra Journey Rolf Wangen steen Jan Holmes Martin Shirley Cox Matteson Mary Aileen Faurot Edwards Julia Ronchetto Suzanne Swanson Weingartner Patricia Boyd Martin va May Pilcher McDonald Jean Shively Eisen Lee Quelch Ross Anne Rothschild Welliver Sherrill Sinnott McCausland Caroline Fischer McKim Diza Pepper Eskridge Sally Johnston Rowe Barbara Tetzlaff West Sarah Watkins McLain Martha Stephenson Mos Sue Wilson Eversull Elizabeth Ruddy Helen Rhame Wittenkamp Ann Fouts McLemore Terry Everman Mullinix Catherine Moore Ferree Jeanne Dougherty Saunders Patricia Westlake Worthing Janis Hays Meyer Debbie Orskog Ohlhausen Marylyn Nesbitt Fickel Juliet Moss Schmidt Lisa Blackman Miller Martha Mitchell Pearson Janet Heckman Fink Helen Haigh Shackelford MSSSSPP Elizabeth Montgomery Dorothy Nowell Peavey Mary Beth Gascich fish Grace Mueller Shaiper HERTAGE $ Karen Clifford Montjoy Karen Schroff Pope Mary Kinder Aentge Katherine Allen Sharp Suzanne Moffitt McDonald Angelita Delgadillo Morris Linda Stout Potter Ginger Flood Mary-Martha Lawrence Shute Ann Reed Neff Lee Williams Quackenbush Suzanne Kunkler Forsyth Marilyn Jenkins Sinclair LOYALTY s1o0-249 Walterine Permenter Odom Helen Thcker Robison Janet Wilson Frazier Lucia Smith Smart Olive Clower Beach Martha Tomlinson Olson Mary Chalkley Schott Susan Robinson Frick Helen Nichols Smith Judy Weems Bierman Maida Smith Pearson Frances Robnett Seward Erin Fugate Aimee Snooks Patti Nixon Fabris Nancy Leonard Phillips Madeline Roberts Short Patricia Hopfinger Funderburg Kathleen Marley Somerville Virginia Thomas Folk Marianne Ross Powers Jane Elfred St. Clair Mary Lou Griffith Gardiner Marjorie Willis Springgate Bonnie Furnas Franklin Heather Reeves Jan Christopher Swenson Colleen Kelly Gates Sally Cortopassi Sprowls Peggy Brewster Gary Sandra Southern Reschenberg Kathryn Underwood Thomas Carol Hess Goranson Ann Waldorf Stapleton Ann Treadway Henry Mary Parker Rhodes Martha Stephens Toler Nancy Rich Gordon Susan Riddle Stewart Rita Louise Howard Juliette Sullivan Robinson Spring Jenkins Walton Jennifer Graham Virginia Ziromerley Stewart Shirley Sneed Keith Andrea Rudloff Helene Waters Bridget Grams Beatrice McVay Stuart Lillian Privett Laughlin Sandra Saunders Carolyn Whitmore Robin Kleopfer Grant Ann Fangmann Sullivan Jan Singleton McAllister Carroll Christopher Scobey Helen Wells Wilson Marianne Harper Gray Anne Fisher Sullivan Constance Cummings Nobles Sharon Boone Seale JoAnn Sweatt Windle Nada Reichman Gray Rice Wynn Sutherland Carolyn Ferguson Pryor Peggy Mize Sebek Marjorie Beene Winkler Nance Schueler Greenstein Renee Winscott Swartz Martha Ratchford Leigh Sorsby Edith Dailey Wright Judith Meyer Hale Martha McKee Swenholt Margaret Debord Stent Mary Stehlin Carrie O 'Rourke Hampton Janice Weber Talge Linda Cotner Taylor Jo Smith Stephans FRENDS $1-99 Louisa Enyart Hansman Christy Taylor FoyTaylor Cynthia Dabney Stevens Laurie Holling Ackles Sarah Seigfreid Ham er Joanne Tracy Sally Williams Heather Stone Elizabeth Roy Alcorn Dorothy Koste Hearn Michelle Pitcher Trulaske Darilynn Wade Wilson Jane Russell Strojny Elaine McDonald Alford Kathryn Rogers Heddens Mary McAuliffe Tucker Sue Aikins Wolf Noel Anne Summar Laura Margaret Allee Stella Six Helmers Louise Wilson Valuck Virginia Crenshaw Tanner Kathryn Nelson Allen Kelly Henderson Jean Alexander Vandiver FRENDS $1-99 Camille Sanders Thomas Amanda Newcomer Arens Carolyn Dore Hershman Mary Faxon Vandyne Ashley Adams Tracie Lee Thornton Anne Armstrong Mary Owsley Hogenauer Courtney Howell Vialle Helen Alford Akenson Laura Tetley Todd Sallie Bachelor Armstrong Meda Streif Holtman Kimberly Richardson Voss Ruth Wilson Albrecht Virginia Seal Wagner Mary Pearson Atterbury Anne Meinershagen Houser Harriet Jones Wallace Kathryn East Alders Gabrielle Gunter Wallace Leslie Ashby Babb Susie Eynatten Hughes Deborah Loan Waller Marsha McNeil Allbritton Valerie Duncan Wammack Anne Walker Bachman Jeane Jae Mary Clayton Walters Katherine Keach Allen Susan Knox Weakley Elizabeth Harris Bailey Maizie Coe J~e-Fry Virginia Hinshaw Wilks Anne Adair Anderson Mary Welsh Kathy King Barco Kimberly Johnson Evelyn Fuller Wtlliams Elizabeth Bailey MaryWerby Cathryn Eaton Barron Grace Hovey Johnston Mary Dunn Williams Pamela Haworth Barbera Lisa Wicktor Gwendolyn Smith Bartlett Charlotte Mcindoe Jones Deborah Wehrle Willis Mary Margaret Bell Jewelee Williams Madeline Munson Bartruff Janet Jacquin Keithley Ruth Moore Yaeger Rachel Betts Theresa Wittjen Anne Simrall Bass Susan Shoemake Klemm Alice Yancey Marilyn Leach Bitsis Barbara Woodbury da Lohman Bates Karen O'Connor Knabe Cynthia Kueck Young Betty Hines Bloore Amber Young Phyllis Hana Bates Rebecca Wright Knight Jane Bock Young Virginia Fossier Brooks Sara Smith Beaver Constance Richards Koeoenn Virginia Proctor Young Melisse Campbell MSSSSPP STATE Suzanne Hardy Bellows Frances Morris Koerner Dixie Carter FRENDS s1-99 Vivian Eynatten Benedict Hortense Peetz Koller MONMOUTH Allison Clancy Holly Carson Jones Pamela Kinney Blackmore Kitty Heaton Kuhner HERTAGE Charlotte Dreve Clark Melinda Vick Rieves Helen Bodine Bohler Sarah Miller Kull Sally Ann Ryder Kristina Abraham Collins Evelyn Wellford Walker Pamela Price Botts Mary Marshall Kyger Julie Rhyne Cordle Julie Bruton Bowden Evelyn Myers Lake KEY S Lisa Decker Cosby MSSOUR Betty Windsor Bowen Karen Lang Jeannette Farwell Campbell Catherine Burke Crews HERTAGE $ Betty Green Bradshaw Barbara Read Lanning Frances Swanson Hobert Barbara Halliday Daush Bet1y Dickson Hunkele Louise Lyons Brown Elizabeth Novinger Lawler Lea Sunderland Davis Martha Purr Budke Eleanor McBride Leedy WYALTY s Chris Ehrlicher KEY $ Kimberly Buescher Mary Moore Liddell Joyce Totten Apitz Rebecca Ferguson Ehrlicher Karen Keck Albin Susan Schien Callis Susan Denty Lippincott Dorothy Eisiminger Armstrong Tina File Frances Ott Bell Cynthia Laing Cartwright Kristin Fjelland Longley Sally Probert Caldarazzo Ellen Gallina Flault Dorothy Matthews Moore Sue Agan Casey Mary Oblhausen Lowery Kathryn Field Evers Agnes Candler Gear MaryKiel Hammack Moore Mary McHaney Casteel Beth Powell Mack Elaine Calevas Feral Charlolte Henley Geno Mary McMullan Packwood Kathryn Chamberlain Katherine Benage Madden Pamela Garwood Leslie Betts Guererri Margaret Beaty Schreiber Lynn Overstreet Chatfield Frances Kelly McDonald Charlolte Pierce Gibson Kelly Jowell Harris Susan Scheneman Schuppan Jennifer Clark Margaret Moeller McFarland Gretchen Graham Victoria Thomas Hartman Diane Harrison Zent Laura Meyer Clark Mary[rances Joyce Merchant Ruth Hill Harbart Stacia Hawkins Katherine Clarke Nancy Menefee Monsees Louise Kell Johnson Kimberly Tidwell Headley LOYALTY Stoo-249 Jennifer Lebr Clayton Roberta Moore Louise DuBois Kasch Lynn Kroeze Herlihy Gail VanReen Acuff Carolyn Collier Cockrell Sarah H'Doubler Muegge Sharon Lynn Kirk Barbara Straub Hill Janice Thomas Barron Dona Black Cool Joan Shea Mullen Lois Winter Lloyd Vicki Smith Holmes Patricia Hill Bellington Elizabeth Michelmann Cowie Frances Parks Nattinger Virginia Hansen Maines Bonnie McLemore Hooker Pamela Switzler Briggs Patricia Lauer Cox Helen Neill Glenna Angove Mitchell Rita Neitz Howard Virginia Cox Bussey Elisabeth Fairfield Creighton Carey Boone Nelson Mary James Risberg Mary McDermott Huff Josephine Heberling Friedman Nicol Crites Christina N unnelee Elizabeth Fribley Rudolph Teal Johnson Julia Forsyth Gustafson Catherine Prins Croft Joanne Whaley O'Keefe Jane Parker Sanford Julia ljillespic Johnson Martha Moore Hamshaw Pamelia Smith Cummings LeeAnn McGregor Orscheln Mary Wilcox Stanton Judy Florian Jordan Carol Woodson Helmendach Mary Barnes Cupps Margaret Tomlin Owens Helen Wagner Willey Martha Thmer Judge Jayne Gray Hicks Cristi Dall Jane Patterson Gretchen Guin Zillman Sandra Lominick Lackey Julia Lapp Johnson Mary Ann Duke Dalton Sonoita Haigh Payne Kimberly Foster Lackney Joy Laws Jones Adelaide Plumb Davis Brittany Pletz FRENDS s1-99 Carolyn Brewster Lester Harriet Williams Kennedy Arabelle Kennard Dear Sue-Ann Wood Poor Janice Smith Allebrand Dianne Deal Lonsbery Nancy Anderson Kleven Susan Decker Rebecca Prather LaDonna Richardson Ande11ion Laura Lantrip Lovelace Elizabeth Dielmann Knowles Jane Lichte Denny Susanne Munsell Prewitt Mary Wyatt Barnard

47 Lina Greene Dougan NEBRASKA Mary Campbell Doane Vicki Renner Schulenberg Bonnie Beam Priscilla Pickard Gilkey HERTAGE $ Holly Anderson Dravitzki Sharon Slattery Nancy Thrnbull Behm Virginia Rimel Higgins Martha Miller Eldred Susan Duncan Nancy Mohrman Smith Joann Eisenman Britton Diann Riddle Jewell Charlotte Easterday Kiesselbach* Janis Schmidtmann Dunn Josephine Radcliffe Stewart Lorene Berg Burley Susanna Paterson Kloven Ann Walters Scott Patricia Counley Eisenman Betsy Stilwell Strain Jean Thmbull Campbell Judith Latta* Mary Mayne Empkie Lisa Bacon Strohmyer Lynette Johnson Carlson Michelle McCormick Lindsey KEY $ Lynn Robertson Evert Mary Ann Thomam Maryetta Chapman Marilyn Gunkel Lucas Jane Bomgardner Ftiesbach Peggy Hartman Evert Dolly Clinton Thute Dorothy Dyer Chessman Shannon Frantzick Peterson Adele Corye ll Hall Elizabeth Hohf Frank Kristi Gubser Unterseher Mary Alexander Corrigan Sophronia Beagle Roholt Claire Rubendall Hoppe Nancy Moreland Frey Marcia Duncan VanHorn Jennifer Crodian Cunningham Lois Volkel Curran-Seidl Katherine Coe Mayne Mary Duis Glenn Melody Schuster Veatch Linda Soliday Currin Jane Boden Sterling Mary Kelly Pratt Cynthia Drullinger Green Margaret Hansen Walker Jane Robb Davis Gayle Davidson Stone Dorothy Felber Welpton Ann Cunningham Greenwood Marcia Beckley Warwick Luann Dunn Lenore Sheridan Tsang Barbara Klock Young Martha Aitken Greer Rhonda K. Weyenberg Donna Williams Dutcher Jody Zadra Pamela Wilson Gunlicks KimberlyLu Pfeiffer Weyhricb Mary Wilkin Francis LOYALTY stoo-249 Wendy Wiseman Gustafson Kathryn Heinsheimer Whiting Martha Tresham Fraser FRENDS $1-99 AliceA bel Virginia Wheaton Hallager Jacqueline Wills Kathryn Goddard Fritz Nancy Young Anderson Janie Lehnhoff Bailey Phoebe Dempster Hamann Linda Weingarten Wolf Gloria Harger Gildemeister Gayle MacDonald Baldwin* Louise Benson Ball Mary Louise Baird Hammond Frances Gustin Woolley Holly Drelicharz Gould Miriam Heiskell Banks Frances Jones Clark Carol Unger Hayes Margaret Reynolds Young Jerrilyn Kunze Hack brush Nedra Bayne Katherine Southwick Clark Betty Ray H eggen va Foreman Zajicek Marcelyn Clements Henrikson Janet McDonnell Beagles Margaret Lavelle Davis Patricia Vinsant Hoffman Sharon H oppe Zehr-Peshek Jean Frans H ogue Eleanor Walker Blaskovich Leslie Blore Dougherty Ellan Matzke Hove Suzanne Martin Zulch Roxann Rick Holland Myrtle James Buls Helen Stebbins Gairdner Ruth Mallery rvine Onnalee Hawes Horner Mary Redpath Callan Lynda Gammell Marietta Morehouse Jack N Ew MEXCO Barbara Watt Johnson Mary Konold Carroll Corinne Shewell Gilligan Mary Regan Jessen KEY $ Mary Castle Josephson Caroline Pratt Carter Linda Bureau Keleher E lizabeth Dierstein Lashly Sally Hoskins Chapple Kathleen Hall Rich Tammy Caffray Long Mary Clark Eleanor Corbit Sisty Laura Meents Lucas Deborah West Corette "The costume collection is a priceless tool Virginia Holmes Majer Mary Lou Countryman LOYALTY $1o0-249 for giving our visitors an example of what life Beth Bryan Manning Caroline Hector Dady Bette Albert Joan Martin Gail Rounce DeStwolinski was like for women during the Victorian era Ann Thatcher Ballard Melba Larson Matson Elizabeth Miller-Deuthman Elizabeth Osterhaus Bobbitt Frances Drayson McCoy Sylvia Rhoades Dolby when the Fraternity was founded- as well as Helen Zimmerman Brandenburg Joyce Hinch Mfady Margie Emery Donovan Shirley Shehan Chumley Lynne Moorrnann Patricia Donovan a glimpse at the history of women and their Susan Buden Colvin Janice Warner Munn Nan Hubbard Ducolon roles in society since the 1870s." Page 13 Lisa Lalicker Cook Gail Simpson Owen Sylvia Harrison Egan* Pauline Dittmer Dekraker Lori Nelson Paulus Erin Eisenman Dorothea Berry Donnelly Jane Temple Peacock Leslie Geer Lynn Farris Dorothy Goddard Petersen Judith McKnight Gerbase Sarah Fulton Ginn Maxine Krohn Friedman Jeanne Blaylock Petherbridge Gail Paige Good Susan Evans Glade Janet Johnston Ouida Scholtz Goodwin Lori Kaunzinger Phillips Mary Murphey Hall Janet Matthews Halvorson Edith Sadler Junge Falba Murphy Hannett Edith Shimmin Pickens* Beverly Swindlehurst Harris Anne Bogensberger Harvey Marily Holmquist Keebler Margaret Watts Hein Mary Ellen Biciste Porter Helen Hoerning Hay Dorothy Greevy Hevelone Jane Good Kendall Avery Draughon Helm E lyssa Nicholas Raysa Debra Chulibrk Hoffmann Mary Patterson Hillegass Suzan Steel Kenik Nancy Herring Emily Vlahos Rehn Nellie Rdee Brown Hummel Margaret Blaufuss Hillyer Janice Ryman Kenner Dorothy Lipp Hiller Margaret Rathbun Robb Sara Rankin Jackowitz Georgia Pyne Kelley Marjorie Davis Kizer Kimberly Smith Hutcherson Ellen Boyd Salyards Mary McKay Joyner Miggs Manning Kizer Christine Eckhoff Kl ine E. Ann Chisholm Jourdan Betty Frank Schaper Catherine Mortimer-Krause Thelma Ladegard Ladine B. Jean Clark Korff Rose Evans Mack Alberta Plumer Schlesinger Janice Loy Susan Madden Lankford Jo Myers Kostkan Elizabeth Seligman McCarty Joyce Hansen Scholten Florene Thompson Mains Jane Steen Lillie Susan Olson Lapp Jerri Bu rran Miller Norma Lewis Schrank Karen Whittet Mannoni Marian Bowers Martin Mary Claire Clark Leonard Marian Clark Person* Kristin Schroeder Patricia Torrance Maxey Sharon McDonald Morrison Marcia Beck Lepinski Gail Olson Raupp Bumeta Burns Schweitzer Josephine McArthur Catherine Wells Newman Ruth Thygeson Lipscomb* Harvena Richter Cindy Leitner Scbwenneker Marjorie Macrae McCulloh Helen McPherson Otto Paula McKie Longan Ellen Lembke Ryan Bonnie Bondurant Shaddock Mary Crumbaker Mercer Alyce Blaufuss Purvis Marjorie Putt Madden Nancy Wall Schmoldt Nancy Hansen Smith Lorraine Mannix Midtlyng Dorothy Douglas Putnam Margaret Johnson March Martha Lee Stamm Margaret Merillat Staat Margaret Porter Morris Virginia Hay Rinder Sara Mohrman Masters Janice Haren berg Stockhoff Martha McClellan Stevenson Jean Wilkins Mortenson Kimberly Dowd Swanson Marde Anderson McConnell Mary McCulloh Street Harriet Robinson Stewart R. Patricia Geagan O'Kelly Jean Mcintosh Vickstrom Helen Graham McCorkindale Barbara Allen Trout Crystal Straube Stump Anne Bethel Pederson Suzanne Samuelson Wenke Ruth Talhelm McDonald Ka thleen Connor Yergarra Ruth Hesse Syverson Barbara Hays Pendleton Mary Mitchell Wiggenhom Amy Mohrman Esther Turnbull Torley* Jean Holtingswortb Peterson Beth Penner Witherspoon Sara Wilson Morrow FRENDS s1-99 Judith Hodges Tucker Sidney Price Althea Marr Witte Jeanne Newell Mowbray Revis Ba iley Abbott Marjorie Elliott Watson Constance Rachac Mary Dewey Woolery Sandy Heng Myers JoAnne Altrichter Margaret Staat Watt Anne Erickson Read Laura Williams Nielsen Lanell Morehouse Anderson Jane Eddy Wiley Barbara Rounce Roache FRENDS $t-99 Eleanor Lutz Noble Louise Lipp Anderson SinaLu Beach Wills Mary Chaffin Ryan Elizabeth Hansen Adamson Megan 0 '1-i anlon Norna Kay Mosher Anderson G ina Winnett Carol Anthony Seim Marilyn Lee Albers Nancy Raun Oxley Pamela Cloyes Axtell Taryn Yakel Cynthia Wood Shelton Joy Nixon Anderson Mary Verink Patterson Queen Stover Baca Margaret Thbbs Youngren Debra Blanks Shore Molly Andrews-Smith Kristi Nedrow Pave l Ann Chaffee Ballantyne Alice Taylor Snow Jenn ifer Sievers Arnold Barbara Stoops Penn Rene McClatchy Barker MoNTANA Dolores Lowry Snyder Sara Evinger Barker Gertrude Marsh Perry Joan Bonfield Biggs HERTAGE S Helen Gunkel Soper Colleen Bassett Charlotte Huse Phelps Sarah Shortie Blue Margaret Mulroney Ferrari Marion Headley Spalding Jane Beaumont Margaret Nelson Pillette Peggy Wagner Bolton Patricia Elder Sullivan Jane Hopp Beltz Kyle Colerick Prentiss Margaret McCanna Brennan KEY Margaret Garrison Turnquist Michelle QuattTocchi Boles Nan Engler Ray Jeanne Harris Bruck Carolyn Gillett Jelks Kathleen Harlowe Ulmer Kimberlee Jeffries Brandt Connie Casari Reddicliffe Arlene Brinkman Camm Lesley Mortimer Marion Fisher Volkman Melissa Gaylord Bridges Rose Reynolds Jane Burkholder Campbell Dorothy Bailly Murray Nancy Kincaid Wear rene Neville Bystrom Winifred Edee Rice Elizabeth W. Campbeii -Tolber Catherine Berg Thompson Marilyn Boward Wells Margaret Ofe Campbell Kelly Riggs Barbara Stallard Carlton Beverlee York \Veston Dianne Weiss Campoy Kristin Ring Camille Grantham Carstens WYALTY s1o0-249 Gail Schile Wilhelms Jean Carlson Amy Roberts Elizabeth Benton Cashion Su an ThrailkiU Brotman Harriet Huestis Yandt Alberta Gambell Castle Willa Prest Rouzee Margaret Lewis Chodrick Joan Ward Camp Catherine Cherry Castonguay Melissa Sample Lisa Caldwell Clugston Sherrill Hunter Davis Sandra Gray Cox Carol Patoka Schjeman Marian Ange Cobbett Colleen Shaw Dion Anne Witte Curran Cynthia Sloan Schroeder Zoe Ballou Coggins

48 Martha Draughon Cook Marion Wilson Cornish Dorothy Cornelius Crist Mollie Erwin Custer Sherri Dabovich Helen Griffith DeLayo Betty Simpson Dickerson Rosalie Furry Doolittle* Wilma Tapp Draves Michelle Karnett DuPree Barbara Denny Eslinger Lucille Lackey Foreman Mary Woods Fowles Nancy Gorman Fox Jennifer Harris Gallagher Fern Livingston Galles Ashley McLarty Garcia Robin Ronald Gardipe Megan Harley Gaus Delph Anderson Gillette Jewel Glavey Becky Miller Gorham Barbara Eller Graham Phyllis Young Gregg Ann Dolmage Harryman Marie Jenson Hays Doris Moore Henning Elizabeth McCallon Hiller Betty Huning Hinton Katherine Kaderli Hood Mary Bell Huning Peggy McCormick Hurst Jeannette Doolittle ngram Lois Hagland Jackson Carol Campbell Jacobs Frances Schultz Jennings Bambi Stevenson Johnson Deborah Ullrich Johnson Kimberly Vickers Johnson Marita McCanna Jones Gretchen Cunningham Keleher Anne Robertson Kelley Susan Seligman Kennedy Eloise Means Kipp Mary Wiggins Klusman Mary Swillum Koerschner Nancy Coleman Kuhn Phoebe Latimer Karen Ewing Lewis Elizabeth Lee Long Patty Eckert Maguire Terri Urenda Manis Mary Anton Marquis Caroline Claiborne Marrufo Margaret Barton Matte r Janice Nusbaum Matthews Marjorie Scott McCament Dr. Rene Polanis McEldowney Margaret Livingston McKinney Wilma Smith Moore Florence Chess Moriarty Marilyn Thompson Moulton Joan Winget Nolting Betty Burton Perkins Ernestine Lowrey Phinney Nancy Noble Pledger Marilyn Merchant Pollock Mona Howe Pomeroy Katherine Bums Pooler Laura Blount Reed Mary Blanchard Rohn Barbara Bergen Ruegg Shelby Smith-Sanclare Barbara Sturges Schnurr Sara Jane Cudabac Scott Annette Williams Smith* Barbara Barnard Sneddon Carolyn Schrein Staby Kristi Stillwell Patricia Stead Sullivan Rosemary Helling Terry* Jean TroxeiTtxier Elizabeth Howorth Wertheim Allison Bates Wickershiem Elizabeth Bronson Wiggins Lori Larson Williams Ann Blue Wolf Mary Closson Wooldridge Judith Church Youart NoRTH CAROLNA Kenie Feiner Laura Snideman HERTAGE Kelly Ferrell Susan Oements Spratlin Laura Boland Elizabeth Gaines Fox Cynthia Stewart Courtney Fredrickson Shannon Stroup KEY Madeline Hechenbleikner Shelley Stuart Barbara Lyon Beal Freeman 1l-acyTaft Ann Stokes Heys Angel Geitner Alice Thompson Dorothy Clark VanMeter Susan Goerlich Gilder Judy Guillet Thorne Katherine Boney Gilliland Margaret Stewart Todd WYALTY $ Christa Griffin Regina 1l-entadue Sally Austin Sara Lee Gruver Vicki Underwood Shelley Carpenter Dawson AmyGura Anne Ridenhour Viola Catherine Deener Garda Leslie Cleveland Hague Elisabeth Adams Walker Carol Green Gellerstedt Terri Starritt Haywood Kathryn Kramer Watts Agnes Roberson Hooper Nancy Grubb Hines Cheryl Hall Whelan Lauren Johnson Kate Winstead Hodge Amy Watt Wiles Judith McCullough Deborah Pifer Hughes Joan Harney Wiles Loy Barbre McGill Meredith sley Louise Gunter Williams Sharon Burger Milikowsky Ashley vester Holly McCausland Wilton Catherine Shinn Rost Elizabeth Buckberry Joyce Monica Witaszek Kirby Pfeiffer Sheridan Amy Kingston Jane Park Wittmann Beth Hobson Thornton Cindi Weber Klamar Nelie Waller Zanca Karen Williams Nancy Evans Liipfert Linda Morrison WiUis Elizabeth Green Lindsey NORTH DAKOTA Susan Perry Lineberry HERTAGE $ FRENDS $1-99 Maria Guillet Little Patsy Bredwick Levang Virginia Green Adams Lee Bennett Livingston Caren L. Adler Ann Rendleman Loper KEY $ Pam M.Adler Eleanor Wilson Lunger Margaret Armstrong-Law Willa Lee Allen Denise Lyscik Betty Farnham Stafne Carrie Deener Alspaugh Elisabeth Whittaker Malin Leigh Sharp Ammons Kelly Manix LOYALTY $ Marie-Christine Anastasi Shannon Masten Kate Ginsbach Barlow Helen Rogers Babb Catherine Dunlap Mayes Doris Nelson Conmy Pauline VanHaaren Bach Ellen McArthur McKinney Patricia Thompson Froelich Dorothea Lowendick Bitler Pamela Belding McWilliams Dorothy Rennix Johnson Kristen Boyd Alice Thornton Meadows Lisa Johnson Suzanne Williams Boyles Elizabeth Merricks Donalda MacDonald Schroeder Rosanne Hollis Brandt Alison Michel Priscilla Hosted Smith Mika Stegall Bruce Emily Tanner Moore Kandace Bergan Theisen CHAPTER# NDVDUAL GVNG: ToP PARTCPATON BY CHAPTER DoNoRs Beta Nu, Ohio * 260 Beta Xi, Texas 248 Delta, ndiana 219 Beta Theta, Oklahoma 210 Gamma Delta, Purdue 209 Upsilon, Northwestern 185 ota, DePauw 184 Beta Pi, Washington 181 Gamma Phi, SMU 180 Beta Mu, Colorado 173 ncludes two large estate gifts Susan Swinford Bullard Karen Lambert Campbell Birch Lipford Ca.rlson Hazel King Cashion Michelle Couture Robin Craig Linda McCutcheon Crow Helen Messick Davis Christine Bryan Dias Alison Pryal Dickey Kathryn Jones Doster Laura Bramley Duguay Susan Patterson Emmerson Elizabeth Hawkins Ende Ann Shepherd Engel Jill Eyerman Sharon Sullivan Mujica Wesla Murfee Sheryl Greene Nelson Laura Looney Phillips Grace Ponzer Elizabeth Prescott Amanda Cobb Ragan Elizabeth Brandon Sager Mary Beth Salyers Katie Savas Brenda Bagley Sharpe Minor Mickel Shaw Linda Silvers Sherri Connor Sindel Catherine Stocks Singletary Jennifer Anderson Smith ToTAL.AMouNT $744,371 $16,125 $14,436 $14,915 $11,250 $11,505 $9,377 $9,655 $8,940 $10,800 FRENDS $1-99 Rachael Elznic Berg Enid Everson Booth Patricia Burda Amy Larson Childress Ba.rbara Schmallen D'Angelo* Dorothy Smith Drinker Monica Savageau Flynn Cheryl Larson Freitag Dolores Shanks Guokelman Carol Schoonover Hatcher Kathryn Engebretson Hecock Wanda Wasche Heintzman Ellen Tillotson Kelsch Margaret Moser Keup Betty Huey Mackie Louann Sweeney Miller Norma Opgrand Mary Popp Radke Amy Green Ramin Patricia Zabel Reade! Karen Salaba Shannon Patricia Cook Tenneson Kristin Thompson Ruth Clemens Ure Margaret Fitzgerald Larissa Sheldon Walker Margaret Johnson Wasche Charlotte Harris Weismann Jane Adams Whitney Bonnie Gorthy Wolfe NoRTH TExAs WYALTY $ Carolyn Bray FRENDS $1-99 Amy Benbow Shelley Christian Monica Dickey Amy Larey Engler Amy Foley Carrie Forsey Jill Knebel Heather Lueders Julie Boler Lyle Angela Puckett Karla K. Ross Lucia Snitzer Frances McQuirter Angel Trent Alice Virden Karen Walton NoRTHWESTERN HERTAGE S Jean Horgan Johnstone Roxelyn Miller Pepper KEY $ Janet Ream Bauer Margaret Bourne Virginia Fick Fellows Elizabeth Rieke Jones Jennie Singleton Jones Sarah Rowe Kanaga Cicely Getz Kane Erna Gaede Kurtzon Ann LaMar Ann Poust Lane Margaret Hubsch Noonan Mary Agnes Graham Roberts Joy Hawley Vance LOYALTY $ Lori Anderson Juliette Fentress Bacon sabel Cirilo Ben-Rafael Angeline Galbraith Brown Marjorie Fick Brumitt Mignon Buehler Mattiebelle Hubbart Carman Nancy Washing Carroll Virginia Goss Catharine Elizabeth Baumann Cook* Margaret Duthie Cossum Mary Terry Cousins Melissa Kemp David Mary Stroud Davis Charlotte Brown Delaney Threde Saylor Edison Ellen Baitinger Erkert Betty Bond Faulkner Barbara Barringer Gallas Barbara Bullock Gee Carolyn Bolz Glah Joyce Roose Gravlee Anne Klinedinst Gullquist Douglas Kelley Hall Janice Williams Hart Loraine Lansing Heitman Barbara Frentz Hoganson Martha Randall Holland Shirley Smith Howe Doris Olson Hoyne

49 Jan Ann Knight Kahler Andrea Ford Sandra Hannah Sullivan Jeona Brown Kopp Barbara Draughon Barbara Whltney Keith Joan Zellmer Galvin Mary Hardy Swift Janice Grove Krizov Barbara Tanner Drier Donna Parrott Lechner Ann Lindsay Gardner Rosa Heath Taylor Martha Allen Kumler Evelyn Ennes Dunkel Juliet Hill Lockhart Ellis Kurtz Gery Dorothy Hanley Tmsley Ann Northrup Lachey Marian Wood Dunn Sue Jeffries Marshall Jean Howell Gilbert Miriam Hamilton Trees Nancy Knoll Lamping Elizabeth Durbin Bettie Seymour Melum Peggy Piper Gissendanner Harriet Brewer Tucker Barbara Hamilton Mack Patti Jones Dutcher Heather Mcintosh Morse Dorothy Poust Goodrich Mary Hutchinson Thcker Sally Zelenka Manby Debra Dyer Patricia Mcintyre Nelson Virginia Cramer Gregg Louise Haynes Twerdahl Elinore Tracy Martin Carol Kaiser Eckman Jean Williamson O 'Boyle Karen Christoferson Hampton Janet Stadle VanGorder Kristine Perry Miller Marian Andrews Edwards Beverly Fairbairn Ogren Janet Hofmann Hansen Judith Jurgensen Vartan Patricia Srruth Nebergall Janet Jackson Egert Gene Griswold Omundson Susan Hodges Harley Kari Vedder Linda Crocker Nelson Jean Ebright Elin Elizabeth Townsend Reed Beverly Day Harter Annette Walker Walter Barbara Gibson Newcomer Margaret Slough Elliott Martha Baldwin Reilly Courtney Madson HeUman Barbara Ramseyer Walton Janet Reinhard O'Brien Virginia Lentz Elsea Suzanne Hastings Rossiter* Katherine Perkins Hickey Lucinda Fish Waters Mary O'Brien Pearlman Ruann Ernst Christie Lasater Savage Carol Wester Hodgson Fay Walker Watkins Sharon Soutar Riihimaki Elizabeth Walters Essig Ellen Philips Schwarzman Jean Darroch Hoskinson Janice Bergsland Waude Lois McDonald Rinehart Joyce Tefft Evans Grace Shaff Janette Nobis Howard Betty Boyd West Georgianna Timmons Roberts Lisa Roby Everson Marjorie Mercer Sheldon Sarah Stoner rwin Patrice Duncan White Elizabeth Cartmell Robinson Jeannette Jury Eyman Audrey Mcintyre Spiegel Nicolette Janzen Dorothy Graham Wigglesworth Elizabeth Altsman Saxby Suzanne Moyer Filak sara Gaw Stassen JayneU Masters Johnson Suzanne Priebe Williamson Lois Ledman Shepard Mary Williams Fmkbine Ellen Smith Taft Dorothy Puckner Jones Jane Myers Winch Mary Mcilvaine Sheridan Barbara Freeland Fischer Candace Kubiak Varty Karen Kassouf Kay Mayrand Zelle Marguerite Gallen Siebert Melanie Dickie Fisher Constance Hamilton Wachs Nancy Curtis Kindley Andrea Squeglia MaryJean lice Folkerth Josephine Woodbury Weltmer Rosalie Gosselin King OHO STATE Joan Zieg Steinbrenner Dawn Bauer Foster Betty Dostal White Jennifer Busch Klein HERTAGE $ Jean Armitage Tmgley Deborah Dunn Gardner Candace Wong Rhonda Levin Kurtis Nancy Casto Benson Victoria Gillespie Tursi Jill rvin Garrity Mary-Jane Randall Woodman Kristi Leonard Marilyn Ashman Bower Catherine Sturges Unger Ruth Abel Gearhiser Nancy Nelson Liljegren Mary Pyle Gest Martha Atkinson Wagers Laura Schirripa Gilbert FRENDS $1-99 Nancy Vandeventer Lilly Janet Nitschke Kienle Patricia King Walker Melody Weygandt Gillette Elizabeth Denevi Ackerman Sallianne Cordiner Lione Barbara Colucci 'frueman Marjorie Netherton White Patricia Woodyard Gilmore Kate Adams Megan O'Connor Lovetto Vicki Vallery Utrata Nancy Benson Wibbelsman Mona Elsass Glover Ann Bezoier Anderson Nancy Tyra Lukens Juliana Fraser Wales Debra Heldman Williams Judy Goldberg Ellen Mielke Anderson Elouise Hartmann MacDonald Lorraine Vanordstrand Winkler Barbara Swartzbaugh Joan Philbrick Anderson Martha Purnell MacNamee KEY $ Gravengaard Jody Baker Susan Smith Mackey Ruth Collicott Arps FRENDS $1-99 Deborah McDowell Grayson Mariam Jane Dyer Baker Avery Poor Maher Jill Powell Goldberg Jacquelynn Albers Jean Milner Griffith Ruth Neill Barber Elizabeth Chapman Marshall Letha Yurko-Griffin Jane Shannon Allen Virginia Eidson Gurley Nancy Campbell Barney Mary Markley Marshall Ruth Reynolds Hadley Raye Needham Allen Sheila Gladieux Guzdanski Jane Gray Barrett Patricia Odell Mason Kathleen Hanley Lisa Antolino Betsy Hoyt Hackett Amy Veerhoff Barton Susan Chaney Mason Sally Bowerman Hempy Elizabeth Apolonio Julie Jenkins Hadden Elizabeth Eames Baumann Jean Keene Mathew Nancy Moore Leonard Ellen Crocker Auchincloss Nancy Wood Hall Deborah Wiley Beaird Mary-Ellen Schatz McCarthy Cheryl Williams Lucks Patricia Hanley Avery Ann Bennett Hamilton Margalee DuBois Becker Katherine Wenter Mcintosh Suzanne Boesel Northcraft Mary Ayars Myrtice Thomas Happer Mary Baliman Benson Lydia Chaverin McKenzie Melanie Lehmann Radley Nancy Shepherd Bartels Helen Kauffman Harvey Mary Miller Berke Yvette Siu McMullen Louella Hodges Reese Joan Burkey Basquin Sarah Hockman Hassler Jane Marshall Blades Nancy Price Mead Lynne Johnson Rench Leitsa Katsampes Becher Andrea Welsh Hauser Sally Bell Blesi Suzanne Miles Holly Hiner Robbins sabel Enderlin Bell Brigid Heid Judith Stofer Block Jane Turton Miller Mary Prendergast Schmidt Jean Cary Bell Sally Reardon Heid Robin Findley Bolduc Beth Rosenstein Minick MaryLou Jentgen Sheaf Hope Varian Bittner Alice Bernard Helt Laurel.Etkin Bond Nancy Powell Montgomery sabel Hatton Simmons Sydney Samuel Bland Laura Larson Heneveld Stacie Boney Sarah Koester Morrison Martha Woodyard Smith Susan Lambert Bock Nancy Robinson Henry Katheryne Koch Bosse Melinda Stein Morton Charrna Overbeck Welch Laura Bull Bommer Edie Mae Hamilton Herre] Miriam Nesbit Brewer Cathleen Murray Martha Lewis Bonder Catherine Baumer Hess Peggy Parker Brinker Martha Mehrer Myers WYALTY $1o0-249 Helen Stephens Booth Beth Zarle Hohenberger Mary Clausen Broat Nancy Harris Newberry Marion Fisher Abel Faye Hall Boyes Muriel Wilson Holzapfel Virginia Smith Brooks Connie Meyer Newman Martha Brown Baker Suzanne Milburn Brink Barbara McCampbell Holzemer Annie Moore Brumbaugh Sarah Wollaeger Novotny Susan Snoddy Baker Julie Stockwell Brown Patricia Guest Home Carolyn Jane Fredericks Elizabeth Friedman O'Connor Cheryl Camrnam Barker Rebecca Martin Brown Jami Frazier Hudak Buchanan Kristin Ogren Jo Myers Barnes Dorathea Guenther Bucher Betty Hirst Johnson Bette Claypool Cameron Jane Gray Olt Jane Livezey Barthelmas Kathryn Kanengeiser Burke DeAnne Willmann Johnson Mary Rubl Challed Carol Quisno Pearce Judith Brown Black Betty Hamilton Busey Vicki Bennet Johnson Sharon Reece Clark Lois Penn Sharon English Blake Margaret Coulter Busler Suzanne Ashman Jantz Melisande Stone Clos-Versailles Erin Peterson Jeanne Utley Blundell Nancy Weyrich Byrne Nancy Ferris Kail Muriel Martin Collison Karen Stokoe Peterson Joanne Harris Briggs Jane Pearce Campbell Tracy Sowder Karas Allison Ervin Condit Ruth VanBenschoten Phipps Betty Sanor Cameron Jane Hoffman Capron Beth Bishoff Kemmerer Muriel Clayson Covert Elizabeth Wittig Pollock Helen Condit Carleton Edna Chapman Marilyn Couch Kempthorn Carolyn Seybold Crawford Beverly Hughes Preiss Ann Carr Carter Cynthia Johnson Chester JoAnne Green Ketcham Marjorie Herrmann Cronin Dorothy Hastings Quinn Judith Cadot Chambers Deborah Dye Coleman sabel Alexander Kiene Katherine Pierson Crosby Clara Marsh McLeod Rorick Joy Hardgrove Clingman Jayne Post Coleman Kathleen Clark Kies Jane Bailey Dalonzo Nancy Olson Ross Genevieve McMenamy Dunning Emily Owen Conley Marianne Driscoll King Cherrnaine Ryser Davis Jeanne Kurtzon Rudiger Elizabeth Byers Durivage Ellen Morley Connor Marjorie McDermott Klag Candy Kaelin Deemer Victoria E. Abbott-Saieg Mary Jo Chase Edwards Nancy Yerges Corey Jodelle Klamfoth Jean Simpson Dobyns Ellen Ross Schiffner Vicki Tallman Egnew Lynn Ramsay Crider Carol Bringardner Klunk Nancy Missildine Donaldson Paula Wheaton Schmelzer Linda Hall Elliott Alice Wahlenmajer Cullers Lesley Law Klyrn Charlene Greiling Donnelly Bonnie Warner Schroeder Jane Emig Ford Audre Gaughran Curran Diane Adkins Kobis Jacqueline Balhatchet Downey Elizabeth Robinson Schwartz Mary S. Hatheway-Gallagher Sondra shee Curtin D.A. McGinnis KreinbihJ Anne Marquardt Edmondson Janet Stocking Seymour Nadine Berry Greek Anne Damon Frances Romer Kromer Carol Bates Edwards* Corirma Heidbrink Shirk Margaret Hart Griese Beatrice Fry Darre Ellis Morris Kurtz Nona Handwork Elliott Elizabeth Hunt Siegmund Kathy Petersen Haase Lee Outhwaite Davis Alice Vance Lane Marjorie Reimers Fairman Jean Coates Smith Ardis North Hamilton* Vicki Coultas Davis Jean Scott Lau Susan Garrett Falk Katherine Mcintosh Smith Barbara Bidlack Hauser Michaela Smith De Willie Carolyn Murphy Laughlin Mary Falla! Sue Miedema Smith Sally Luethi Havens Rosemarie Zoubary Deschler Julie Lavelle Elizabeth Fletcher Feltman Jessica Sruollen Cynthia Touvelle Hickman Nina Underman-Dick Nancy Swartzbaugh Lehmann Mary Alice Clarke Ferguson Anne Huge Sorensen Rosemary Wiles Hicks Karen Targgart Dicke Patricia McCracken Leifer Joann Findlay Katherine Leach Stafford Joanne Jones Howard Roberta Stevenson Dickerson Claire Morrison Leugers Harriet Hoettchen Fine Anne Shawber Stolley Barbara Wheeler Hoyer Stephanie Popoff Dickerson Aria Dinsmore Lewis Audrey Heinemann Fitzgerald Betty Shafer Strauss Jane Garner Jackson Joni Rupp Dietsch Betty Love Locke Marjorie Gosselin Fitzgerald Virginia Stevens Strauss Janie VanGilder Katz Laurie MacLeod Dobson Margaret Creske Lockwood Suzann Shaughnessy Fitzsimmons Cynthia Jaques Strickland Lucille Cox Kirk Frances Strouthers Doyle Natalie Py Lohrman

50 Sarah Lutz Barbara Allen Lynn Pauline Wardlow Lynn Virginia Cox Maclvor Michelle Mackey Dorothy Summers Maull Margaret Shawan McCormick Donna Petcrseim McGarry Marion Jaeger McGavran Jill Preest Kirk-McGregor Katherine Wilson McNeilly Marian Orr Middleton Juliana Warner Milas Carolyn Kinsey Miller Jennie Hayden Miller Jane Grimm Minton Nancy Wolfe Montag Constance Headlee Montgomery Karen Keating Moody Ruth Baumann Moore Anne Timberman Mullins* Deborah Mulholand Murphy Margaret McGavran Murray Sarah Holcomb Nichols Karen Wagner Nickels Jill Eversole Nolan Adele Oosthuizen Laura Johnson Osswald Jane Doyle Paul Elinor Allen Payne Nancy Sanor Pennell Nancy Kenan Perkins Helen Geren Pierce Camilla Pillsbury Heather Englund Poling Margaret Bennett Postle Peggy Leach Powell Harriet Grant Price* Helen Butler Prine Betsy Molsberry Prior Sally Seitz Ramsey Barbara Heer Reed Marilyn Altmaier Reichenberg Dorothy Kuenning Reynolds Cynthia Swanson Rhomberg Joann Renicker Ringer Ellen Kissane Rose Nan Newton Salt* Susan Sherron Salt Helene Tefft Sanderson Mary Smith Sanguily Nancy Andes Sayre Carrye Pugh Schenk Martha Hickle Schillig Lori Widdoes Schlessman Sarah Schumacher Nancy Sharp Schweiger Josephine Smith Scott Beth Seiler Diane Mi ller Selby Kathryn Press Sheehan Nancy Lewis Sheldon Jane McGavran Shelton Patricia Worton Shortz Kristine Walters Slager Janeray Mackey Smith Leslie Rouda Smith Mary-Ellen Boyle Snauwaert Mary Mayhall Snow Leslie Ridenour Snyder Mary randall Snyder Yvonne Leatherman Snyder Laurie Boland Spahr Susan Winslow Spahr Martha Link Spain Carol Fisher Starn Elizabeth Smith Stein Ginger Lape Stephan l'hylli Hu on Stevning Catharine Clark Stoner Katherine Koch Strub Salli House Sublcr Virginia Gill Swope ikolina Taneff ora Pickard Tattersall Marjorie Copeland Taylor Anne ountcrteskey Kimberly Breese Thomas Ruthann tanficld Thomas Madelon 1immons Susanne O' Leary Tracy Shelley D.Tzagournis Florence Sasse Ulry Diane Neighbors Vandervoort Rebecca Beaty Wagner Paula Krupko Walgren Mary Carr Watkins Suzanne Hayden Weadon Elizabeth Rogers Wells Carolyn Mylander Wentworth Carolyn Beach White Linda Hammel White Jeanne Willcox Whittaker Karen Crawford Williams Martha Knoll Winters Helen King Wise Amy Haigh Wolf Janice Gurney Minton Wood Barbara McVey Wright Sherry Wurster OHO WESLEYAN HERJTAGE $ Martha GaUcher Cox Phyllis Bolman Pfahl KEY $ Marilyn Fouse Jennings Cornelia Sawyer Mcilvain Nancy LaPorte Meek LOYALTY s1o0-249 Mildred Richards Anderson Julie Boyd Bach Wendy Williams Beasley Mary Davidson Bower Judith Bennett Bruinooge Roberta Bockeloh Chuong Leslie Donovan Meredith Sayle Dove Reland Schreel Evans Agnes Park Fausnaugh Meg Gilbert Flack Sarah Starkey Gilliland Mary Swanson Grumman FRJENDS s1-99 Sarah Roberts Ahrendt Katherine Anderson Betty Korb Barker Linda Morris Barnes Joan McGovern Barrieau Eleanor Dice Batchelder Karla Peterson Bernhard Deborah Loppnow Bishop Virginia Kinnison Bodwell Mary Wolf Bogue Heather Hering Brown Joni Manos Brown June Sawyer Brown Margaret Falconer Brown Marjorie Brown Martha Sinsabaugh Bryant Mary Lacy Buckley Mary Powers Bull Perry Goff Buroker Marie Croissant Burroughs Joanne Munson Catalano Susan Schwimmer Christian Elizabeth Clemente Kitty McDonald Clevenger Deborah Bruett Cook Marden Fitz-Henry Cornell Barbara Lynch Cunningham Laurie Darn Elizabeth Drew Dunn Barbara Burkhardt Emery Nancy Williamson Enochs Jayne Gates Forsythe Belinda Brown Fouts Lee McDonald Fouts Karin Christiansen Fowler Doris Back Fredericks Heather Fullen Susan Peck! Gallagher Rachel Mills Gherlein Sophie Harned Gibson Janet Moore Goheen Virginia Goll Jacqueline Grantz Helen Rodecker Gregg "During my training have helped to cure a 400-pound tiger of severe renal disease, remove a kidney from a labrador retriever, and reposition a displaced stomach in a 1,100-pound steer. Now let me enliven you on some of the everyday activities of a fourth-year veterinary student to give you a taste of who and what you are supporting through the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation." Page 11 Louise Battelle Hazard Raynclle Falkenau Heidrick Carolyn Alexander Hobson Nina Sawyer Kiefhaber Amy Williams Kurl Mary-A lice Appell McKone Marcella Rardin M ewborn Janet Stevenson Moonan Mary Ziegler Musselman Mary Mills Neely Jean Herbert ewby Mary Pontius Pfarrer Cynthia Ross Polayes Mary J. Robinson Margaret Leland Russell Jane Martin anders Dorothy Sawyer Soper Ruth Polley Spain ancy Wade Stoyanoff Ann Stafford Truesdell Sarah Newton Vanderslice Sheryl Liuzza Greve Ann Keller Gugino Jane Swihart Hagale Helen Slusser Hargreaves Mary Brooks Harvey Mary Lange Hayes Joan Parsons Hazel Jane Heston Hemberger Sandra Hegg Hill Allyson Sternad Hotz Eleanor Sawtell Hubbard Bettina Beach Hughes Barbara Ros iter Huhn Elizabeth Hanna Huibregtse Ginny Fuller lstnick Jane Frowine Johnson Barbara Cadot Keating Paula Bodwell Kennedy Lee Kercher Susan Spitzer Kinsella Martha Clark Kirk Margaret Fuller Kohout Elisabeth Lane Betty Wark Laws Marjorie Kerr Lease Joy Wacker Lewis Phoebe Grassman Lombardi Florence Martineau Long Julie Sanborn Long Betty Maccoy Gay Stewart Marshall Anne Matthews Patricia Mahon McCulloch Jeannette Wales Miller Janet Robinson Moland Margaret Bower Morrison Melissa J. Morse Mary Mulshine Lois Grapes Murray Patricia Nettesheim Virginia Esch Norton Hildegarde Bauer Nunn L. Beth Palmer O' Brien Sofia Stoycheff Paras Heather Jones Parker Cheryl Murray Patterson Phyllis Eustice Patton Anne Stillson Peck Sheila Fagan Plecha Dorothy Jaroes Porter Janet Lausten Porter Judith Speers Porterfield Emily Reed Ruth Bonnewell Rolquin Caroline Kreisel Roos Marjorie Bangham Ross Sarah Royall Shirley Rogers Saddler Diane Wolf Saleski Eliza Schmidt Maeve Murphy Shapiro Catharine Blackburn Sharp rma T10mpson Shawhan Aleta Anthe Shipley Margaret Stringfellow Shipley Ellen Simpson Patricia James Simpson Susan Wilson Smith Marjorie Werner Stanley Juliana Strong Mary Wilson Taylor Priscilla Aspinall Taylor Louise Damon Thomas Salena Valdes Dorothy Leonard VerMeulen Anne Weigel! Rebecca Whiting Helen Wildermuth Nancy Lease Williams Harriet Skinner Wilson Ruth Wilson Melanie Moore Younger OKLAHOMA HERJTAGE Jane Young Barrett Patricia Chesnut Foster Kristan Kirkpatrick Frances Porter Ladd Tamela Jones Lanier Nancy Miller KEY $ Pamela McCaskill Adams Margaret Berry Blair Elizabeth Warren Blankenship JaneU Law Everest Anne Kraft Gray Karen Smith Lambert Maida Lambeth Pamela Wilson Massey Mary Has ell McClellan Mary Davis ichols Nancy Randolph Pennington Ellen Lloyd Roberts tams LOYALTY s1oo-249 rene Ho s Bachner Dcidra Ballard Connie Menke Barbour Martha Thomson Barclay Joyce Austin Barnes Sue Bradshaw Blackwell Marie Swatek Bohanon Billie Parshall Bornhoeft Dolores Stephens Boyle Virginia Sudberry Brandecker Donnie Vaughn Brock Natalie Henkes Buck thai Jane Edwards Champlin Mary Musser Clark Dail Boyle Cobb Linda Chesnut Coker Carole Crenshaw Alice Moss Dahlgren Melanie Rouse Day Sherry Ellwood Feagans Ellen Colby Feaver Jacqueline Thacker Fisher Claudia Sanders Galbreath Georgia Seeger George Linda Seger Goldsmith Glenda Schuber Goldstein Kathleen Hadley Goldston Leigh Kirkwood Hamann Virginia Shire Harper Sue Smith Harrison Susan Fryer Henning Catherine Gotwals Kahn Nancy Clarkson Kirby Kathryn Kenton Kohler Emily Catlin Levorsen Pat Hannan Luno Lurline Rains Mabrey Sue Neal Massey Jan Goins McCain Karen Goldman Michalczyk Malinda Goldsmith Moor Doris Beavers Mulky Jeanne Stevens Nickel. Roxanne Gocke Parks Katherine Missildine Reid Amy Bishop Schumacher Jane Falter Shelley Nina Thrner Shibley Carol Daube Simms Sharon Rubush Simons Alice Maher Stewart Marilyn Mabrey Sulivant Helen Kelly Turner Elizabeth Brewer Winn FRJENDS s1-99 Stacey Rist Allen Ann Alspaugh Michelle Hoving Anderson Martha Rowsey Anthis Jo-Ann Huffstutler Badeau Mabel Swigert Baker Lynn Shear Balint Sally Bard Molly Martindale Barns Martha Overlees Bateman Krissa Baylor Helen Smith Beckwith Diane Lukeman Behring Patricia Bickford Gosnell Adrienne Parks Black Mary Brice Black Sara Boswell Marilyn Steen Branham Cathryn Williams Broach Barbara Camp Brown Lawana Vandall Brown Lela Paul Brown Nell Wood Brown Ann Mahoney Bryce Martha Dowell Bryce Janet Johnson Burr Becky Burris Nancy Braught Burton Kelley Busby Stephanie Adkins Camozzi Liese Adams Canterbury Sara Riddle Carey Terelyn Cater Frances Myers Catron Mary Champlin Chambers Susan Wilbanks Chambers Katherine Gore Champlin

51 Carole Kerr McClendon OKLAHOMA STATE Ann Houston Jenkins Dorothy Rinehart Patterson Susan Chesnut Patricia Dickenson McDonald HERTAGE $ Carrie Callahan Johnson Una Eldridge Robison Wmifred Stahl Chick* Mar ~aret Henry McFarland Afton Bodine Gray Christine Milstead Johnson Virginia Kellogg Rosette Lisa Gholston Clarke Mildred Goodman McKinney Diana Bolton Johnson Barbara Meyer Schroff Revelle Baker Clausing Nora Rapp Medley KEY $ Mary Carter Johnson Margaret Frank Shambarger Velma Jones Collins Pamela Woods Meyercord Leslie Woolley Earl Whisler Kalbus Kathy Rotenberg Sheinin Lisa Vose Combs Paula Bracken Ming Carolyn Conway Kane Bonnie Burton Simmons Karen Wolf Copeland Bonnie O'Connor Minshall LOYALTY Stoo-249 Amy Kesner Barbara Neu Splud Barbara Hoyt Coursault Cleo Reid Morgan Sharon Raines Bartlett Peggy Parks Kuykendall Nancy P. Weston Lelah Price Craig Phyllis Eberle Moses Patricia Patridge Cornish Pamela Weigle LaRue Sally Winterbotham Williams Susan Fox Creekmore Suzanne Beisel Mulder Susan Kidd Diacon Helen Spies Lansford Barbara Reynolds Crouch Rosemary Newby Mullen Eli2abeth Rixleben Fisher Laura Slusher Lewis FRENDS $1-99 Linda Epps Davis Lisa Schweykowsky Mullman JoAnn Grimes Goetz Cristina Bowerman Lister Linda Mark Andrews Patricia Lloyd Deisenroth Polly Puckett Nichols Patricia Black Hain Martha Snow Logan Diana Bayly Baird Cathy Callahan Delano Patricia Wolff Nolen Gayle Williams Herring Sydney Hudson Long Kimberly Bakken Mary-Keith Miller Dickinson K. Louise Henderson Novitch Nola Carter Humes Janet Norton McMillin Kathryn Williams Bamford Beverly Buchanan Dieterlen Dorothy Endicott O'Shea Kathryn Declaspel Noltensmeyer Charlotte Denham Meredith Tamara Weichmann Barron Ken Sue Shear Doerfel Jo Martin Oakley Linda Gates Porter Joan Brown Metz Joanne Gerber Bellamy Tracy Risinger Downs Piper Keller Olivo Ann Doornbos Preston Ruth Elaine Cockrell Mihram Mary Parr Brophy Denise Drace Dunlap Judith Dutcher Orr Mary Ash Rixey MaryLynn Watt Milam Jane Gray Brownlie Eli2abeth Ryan Dunnington Cynthia Grisham Perkins Leslie Ledden Sherman Mildred Robinson Millspaugh Shirley Potter Burns Norma Haddad Eagleton Ellen Brillhart Phillips Patricia Gibson Timberlake Patricia Appleby Minter Barbara Dielschneider Bushnell Elaine Johnson Edwards Betty Driver Pickett Patricia Van Antwerp Norma McLain Moe Barbara Byrnes Heidi Elhoff Carolyn Kuhn Pierini Rhonda Rizzo Webb Kathleen Morley Janet Maier Charlton Lisa ngram Elrod Lisa Toal Porter Barbara Woolley Mary Brownlee Morrell Adeline Ehrlich Ovretta Mary Green Estes Mary Mulky Portman Lois Drummond Woolley Linda Jones Morrison Mara Linville Cogswell Faith Crumpacker Everest Katy Quinn Powers Cathleen Yordi Lou Butler Noll Catherine Black Cohen Elizabeth Sue Swanson Fair Mary Panner Price Shirley Kyle Norton Courtney Cook Brenda Chesnut Findley Mary Dense Price FRENDS $1-99 Marilynn Pardee Laury Miller Cooper Jean Breshears Fisher Genevieve Conway Rapp Carol Davis Aastad D. Michele Maybee Patterson Mary Word Courtright* Angela Wooley Fotopoulas Mary Tillery Read Judy Davis Acree Virginia Hayter Patterson Elizabeth Prentiss Couse Janet Price Francis Patricia Biddick Revard Katherine Alley Linda Price Patton Rosemary Loder Creel Janet Barnes Free Mary McKinney Rice Sandy Edwards Ammons Nancy Hamra Patton Jane Walker Currie Betty Ross Fryer Ann Richards Judy Duston Arnold Charlotte Kirk Pittman Doris Schumacher Davis Marsha Thompson Gabriel Marian Coffey Riesen Jana Warren Bagwell Susanne W. Pottebaum Lisa Refvem Davis Nancy Dodson Geiser Sharon Gafford Ritz Shannon Bell Janet Clerico Powers Janet Osburn Delcour L. Wray Geister Meredith Mason Roark Melinda Patton Bellatti Susannah Scarborough Purser Frances Johnston Dick Lisa Young Gfeller Heather Hawn Roberts Joyce Panos Bollenbach Lynn Schwertfeger Rafdal Barbara Needham Dillard Rosemary Osborn Gibbs Linda Long Roberts Peggy Gouge Bradley Katheryn Philippi Robinson Genevieve Clark Director Karen Krueger Gonsoulin Marie Fryntzko Robertson Celia Wilkerson Bunyard Pamela Rahill Rogers Janice Nelson Ean Jessie McBrayer Gordon Bertille McMahan Rollins Heather Buster Janet Aboussie Rosell Eleanor Higgins Easly Debora Riggs Grillot Alice Adelman Rose Judy Roberts Campbell Susan Pitts Santoli Janet Holmes Elliott Virginia Bass Groves Dana Wilson Russell Kelli Tucker Cannon Virginia Adams Semrad Barbara Dingwell Evans Mary Bragg Gulley Lisa Roberson Russell Wilma Johnson Caudle Candace Cook Shaw Kathleen Torrney Foesch Linda Gunning Betty Love Schafer Suzanne Eischen Clem Mary Holder Simpson Myrtle Clark Francis Linda Phillips Hankinson Melanie Schuelein Kirstie Cole Marilyn Reeves Smart Sunny Thompson Freed Helen Taylor Hardwick Mary Niles Seger N. Claire Combest Julie Smith Patricia Claggett French Ann Goins Harris Rebecca Segnar Ann Stephens Cottingham Linda Luckfield Smith Laura Maurice Frost Shannon Harris Staci Dyer Seyer Tonya Helker Cox Sandra Smith Virginia Collins Gleason Kathryn Ferguson Hastings Mary Smith Shaw Jan Wagner Creveling Sheila Alexander Stanley Elizabeth Kratt Golub Louise Helm Vivian Storer Shields Christine Lockwood Curtis Carolyn Anderson Stenberg Linda Marlin Gorretta Patricia Sloan Hewitt Virginia Stone Shives Patricia McCoy Day Helen Speegle Stout Patricia Griffin Greenwood Mildred Holland Linda Crotty Shrago Terarme De Plois Emily Horton Stratton Gretchen Erwin Griffin Nadine Norton Holloway Kay Cline-Sibley Christa Lo Dobbs Shirley rvine Stratton Rene Wicks Hammarback-Speer Sally Mitchell Howell Elinor Eastman Simms Karen Thomason Dugger Beverly Allen Strong Barbara Vowels Hendrickson Josephine Hindman Hubbard Mary Childers Snider Sibyl Gallaher Dyke Kelly McMurtry Sublousky Peggy Akers Hollabaugh Kristin Miller Huffman Mary Johnston Steen Louise Wilkins Eberle Joanne Jacoby Thorne Alicia Anne Howells Virginia Norris!mig April Jones Stone Judy Drummond Ellis Amy Timberlake Beverly Fisher lnglesby Jo Durkee ngram Kathryn Hager Strong Ramona Ware Emmons-Paul Carolyn Diacon Tobin Jennifer Jensen Jane Estus James Mary Kuhns Sutton* Judith Holdridge Ensz Margaret Cupp Vater Virginia Garvin Johnson Nancy Adams Jarratt Roxanne Plummer Thams Rebecca Farris Carol Pojezny Wagers Kathleen Steams Kapelke Lisa Jennings Sarah Thomas Carlotta Polk Fine Carolyn Lipe Wagner Geraldine Phillips Kawabata Kathleen Kuhn Johnson Elaine Thompson LeAnne Forney Usry Sallie Fowler Ward Anne Klier Suzanne Looper Johnston Elizabeth Lukert Thompson Teresa Stuart Forst Lori Dean Waters Ellyn Kozlowski Lynda Jones Marian Caldwell Tisdall Catherine Cooper Fowler Margaret Dunn Watson Jennifer Loomis Nancy Bean Jones Betty Pendleton Trankley Mary Ritchey Fowler Marian Jones West Julie Linnerooth Luttrell Linda George Kauffman Margaret Hamilton Tunner Mary Gorishek Friend Mary Goggin Woods Dorothy Johnson Martin Martha Heavner Kenton Melville Cannon Turnbull Marlene Patton Gillette Pamela Mayall Doris Brown Kimble Dana Phillips Turner Vicky Roberts Gilliland OREGON Anita Bell McClain Frances Lambeth Knox Rebecca Adelman Van Pool Judith Church Graham KEY Elizabeth Owen McVay Betty ngram Law Julie Holdridge Walker Melissa Greene Glenna McEwen Jones Margaret Compton Merges Elizabeth Davis Lawrence Mary Love Walkup Judith Peterson Gregory Joan Rademacher MacPherson Marjorie Dake Metzger Lisa Lee Emily Dafcik Watt Cynthia Wiles Grindstaff Martha Tubbs Miller Janet Price Lindley Jane Bachner Weed Tammy Grubb LOYALTY s1o0-249 Susan Sandoz Miller Beverly Lindsay Lena Quick Weiler Karen Johnson Haddon Alice Morrow Allen Rosemary Bertois Mills Bet ty Warner Linehan Marian Harrison Weimer LeAnne Hamill Ann ina Woolwine Arthur Carrie Cook Minns Debbie Dillingham Litton Mareta West Mary Slusher Hasler Mamie Wright Barnhorst Betsy Moore Laura Lodewick Adelyne Burckhalter Stacy Hatch Elizabeth Brown Linda Jackson Moore Sandra Barger Lowe \Vestmoreland Dayna Clark Hayes Mae Hoover Butler Mary Hagan Moore Annabelle Perry Loyd Mary Maloy Wtlliarns Sally Sale Hays AJysone Hales de Laveaga Ruth Scovel Mullins Nancy Ebey Luce Dorothy Johnstone WHson Georgianna Drummond Barbara Miller Fischer Anne Hilleary Murphy Jane Hamilton Lunt Frances Engle Wilson Hendrickson Susan Reeves Hino Julianne Gay Noonan Jann Northrip Lyles Jane Woodard Wtltshire Robin Roberts Holland Helen Moore Kinney Constance Baker Palmer Ellen Purves Mabrey Selma Hull Wineland Robin Bibb-Hollis Janet Rieg LeCocq April Holcomb Paris Mary Gibson Magruder Rex anne Winters Mary Miller Holmstrom Sally Landis Lovett Molly VanBeek Paustian Judith Cameron Martin Joan Edwards Womble Susan LeGrand Honska Elizabeth Clifton McClendon Martha Thiele Pembroke Mary Hammond Martin Dulany Dawson Woodward Amy Hudson Sally Moore McCracken Shirley Neal Phipps Patricia Taylor Maurer Anne Yoakam Gretchen Hueser Mary Compton Mitchell Eleanor Jacobs Piers Rosemary Shipe 1cBee Harriett Zachry Susan Holt lngham Marilyn Hooper Pamplin Kimberly Price

52 Misbele Quinlin Helen Thompson Clasper Ruth Alexander Sutcliffe Katherine Briggs Featherstone Mary Georgia Stevens Sally Childs Randall Mary Gigray Conyers Marilee Stamm Tennent Marjorie Gohn Felsburg Elaine Ashenfelter Stuck meyer Linda Jacobsen Reichenbach Patricia Johnson Curtiss Diane Bateman Thompson Marilyn Buzby Flagler Ann Shidler Tate Patricia Sherrard Rew Tami Pease Debord Rene Schneider Torn berg Jeanne Barwis Forsyth JoLaine Teyssier Barbara Kendall Rice Ruth Alcorn Dennis Joan Knudsen Urban Bette-Jo Paulk Foster Shirley Helms lim mons Jeanne Deremiah Riter Winifred Hardie Donogh Carolyn Hobson Urness Lisa Stermer Freeseman Marcia DaniellitUe Kristi Roberson Katherine Dunseth Durkee Laura Riesen Walker Michele Gentile Lisa Toback Betty Roberts Patricia Herron Edwards Aimee Watkins Patricia Coffee Gesell Mary Hyland Van Arsdale Sara Olson Robertson Lois Mansfield Egan Melinda Stevens Watts Nancy Goldberg Dorothy Perkins Van Zandt Wendy Abbott Rose Jean Pickens Eggers Justine Weatherford-Benintendi Elizabeth Johnston Graham Arloa Betts Waldmann Luwayne Engwall Sammons Betty Major Emory Carol Mann Wendt Lois Willson Gustafson Winona Wall Rosalie Todd Schuler Melissa Emry Sara Addis Wiedmaier Ruth Weisel Guthrie Nancy McLaughlin Warner Dorothy Bates Schwieger Roberta Borland Erickson Mary Hunt Wright Laura Conabee Haddrell Ann Chapman Waters Jane Greer Scott Joan Leffingwell Everett Betty Edwards Youngstrom Cherrille Merrill Hamilton Gretchen Willey Earlene Smith Sharpe Ada Packard Fancher Eva Blichfeldt Hamilton Anne Wrona Susan Town Shea Sue Roderick Fisher PENN STATE Virginia Hartman Gail Koenig Yard Louise Clark Slade Glendee Barry Fitz HERTAGE $ Jane Hess Hasek Dorothy Bollinger Ziegler Dorinda Parker Solheim Ann Hogensen Fleetwood Gay Chuba Barry Christine.Eckley Hasenfus Doris Spoljaric Joan Schuler Flomer Beth Ann Sharp Virginia Monks Heller PENNSYLVANA Judith VanEpps Stewart Helen Leonard Frank Rosemary Forbes Henshaw HERTAGE $ Constance de Laveaga Stoops Christine Haleston Gann KEY $ Song Heo Mary Mangigian Tanian Michelle Morrison Swerdfeger Carolyn Keen Giustina Mary Burke Dailey Lorna Merrill Heutchy Kalina lingus Christine Jacobs Goodwin Jane McCormick Lewis Joan Paul Hinks LOYALTY $ Susan Conrad Tomlin Carol Creager Gove Jennifer Zangrilli Hoag Ann Schrenk Boakes L. Kathleen Truitt Jean Reynolds Gray LOYALTY swo-249 Susan Adams Hoheneder Joyce Conover Hanks Jennifer Van Hoften MaryLou McKay Green Leatrice Thomson Bemus Margaret Holland May Herrmann Christine Verges Marilyn Ransom Gustafson Tanya Bene Mary Thornton Hopkins Leonora Ornston Huggins Sandra Runkle Visse Suzanne Rowlee Guyton Suzanne Scholl Black Patricia Stuart Johnson Meredith Smith Jones Sharon Fernandez Wackeen Shannon Hampton Stacey VanPelt Brennan Rachel Johnson Doris Favor Longaker Christine Walker Connie Mind! Hancock Martha Lanz Carroll Elizabeth Everett Johnston Ruth Bonnelly McMahon Christine Eggen Weber Mary Jane Scott Hendricks Cynthia Taylor DeMuth Barbara Holzka Judge Ruth Branning Molloy Jenifer Young Whitten Shawn Obye Hiday Linda Zarfoss Elliott Betty Thompson Kaulfuss Doris lgler Spencer Karen Vellum Wiater Jane Huggins Hinman Karen Casterline Farmer Mary Frear Keeler Patricia Thnis Myra Willoughby Lari Crimins Hodecker Winifred Bischoff Gendreizig Mildred Bachman Kemmerer Margar~ t Johnston Wilson Elizabeth Oliphant Hoover Sally Rolston Goas Jeanne Saylor KJeinert FRENDS $1-99 Elizabeth Delateur Hulbert Kathleen Baker Kankel Alice Miller Kowatch Kathleen Anglin Bacharach OREGON STATE Marybelle Barrett Huston Lillian Wallace Leydic Linda Hall Kuehne Elizabeth Crofoot Bowers HERTAGE s5o0-999 Robin Sabala Johnson Nancy Lease McHugh Susan Huston Lakin Candis Ginn Boyer Linda Baxter Harris Carol Boyd Juckeland Katharine Brown Miller Lisa Leavitt Valerie Knauer Burden Patricia Heidt Ritchie Gail Norin Kearns Emma Windle Paynter Megan Lembach Katharyn Freeman Carmine Nannette Burrone Keys Kerri Payne Reasons Diane Moss Lemon Judith Carty KEY $ Cecelia Meagher Kirby Marjorie Wilson Remmey Helen Kirne Lewis Aileen Collison Emerick Jane Carter Jones Gwendolyn Hare Kuhn Louise Justine Sabol Sherri Weidenbammer Linn Jane Sundlof Fiddler Nancy Griffee Mitchell Sally Frahm Langley Lara Pizzutillo Schultz Alice Nixon Linton Ann Stefanowicz Fmch Elizabeth Milne Layton Ruth Moore Sharp Margaret Lararny Maley Sandra Lotz Fisher LOYALTY stoo-249 Helen Maaranen Lee Susanna Brown Sheetz April Rickley Malkowski Linda Newton Harlan Polly Nixon Bragg Miriam Bleamaster Lidster Meredith Williamson Trower Robin Marcus Barbara Brennan Highland Frances Stothart Carlile Wendy Peabody Livingston Phoebe Erickson Marti Jean Evans Hunt Betty Anderson Dick Catherine Lloyd FRENDS $1-99 Carol Bender Mason Mildred Kunzig Keil Elizabeth Huntington Edwards Muriel Forster Long Cynthia Doan Adams Sharon Yoder Match Jane Faunce King Geraldine 1l'apman Fleming Constance Fout Lyl\ch Joanne Robb Ambrose Catharine Carbonetta Mayer Catherine English Kipe Joy Guidry Virginia Frink MacDonald Harriet Leyden Anderson Mary Jennison McAuliffe Elizabeth Lauer Jean Davies Hollenbeck Victoria Gaiser Manske Diane Hallock Ash Nancy Nicholson McClure Susanne Holston Lippincott Donna Beckman Howland Claudia Reimer Marshall Marjorie Miller Baker Ann Halberstadt McDowell Miriam Brous Maginniss Dagmar Jamison Nancy Naylor Martin Cynthia Malarkey Bell Margaret Hart Mears Kathleen Stapleton Maycen Sheila Peterkort Jenkins Joan Fenlason Mason Judith Shaw Berry Lila Whoolery Mercatoris Lorraine Chevalier McDonald Janet Schadewitz Lawhun sabel Van Waning Mayer Roxanne Bobak Patricia Meily Mershon Molly Kirk Myers Patricia Strand Leahy Marianne Rackleff McDonnal Judith McFarland Body Sarah Meschke Joy Smith Neall Lorna Zielinski Monaghan Judith Beauchamp McEachen Katharine Plummer Booth EmmaJane Hosmer Miller Frances Decker Nicolls Margaret Mathews Randolph Elenore Francis MeJury Virginia Ritzel Borthwick Sarah Morris Joan Masteller Niness Betty Fowler Root Michelle McNeil Elizabeth Rose Brennan Diane Wittmann Mullins Kathleen Anderson Parry Judy Martin Schwantes Judith Martin Morgan Leslie Mitchell Britton Mary Callahan Munro Katherine Ellison Pearson Betty Manoles Simmons Betty Grannis Mowry Maria DiDonato-Broz Charlene Hawk Nelson Sidney Frick Pope Mary Reynolds Westmorland Jill Meier Munger Peg Porter Cardamone Anne Francis Nichols Marguerite Klar Purdy Nancy Bohnenkamp Winter Marion Wuner Myers Janet Duffy Carson Beth Breakstone Nicoson Ann Rowland Reath Joyce Fager N a nee Marian Swetlick Chapman Frances Cox Nodland Suzanne Copeland Rieder FRENDS $1-99 Mary Richardson Neve Terri Chappell Jennifer O'Brien Joan Todd Robinette Rosalie Adams Allison Margaret Carter Nicholson Amy Slyman Clayton Carolyn Piucci Pemberton Jeanne Buzby Runk le Kirstin Leek Altman Barbara Altpeter Nordquist Nancy Embick Cleeland Lorraine Fletcher Pennell Jane Veckly Soffel Pearl Thorsness A nderson Jeralyn Nibler O'Brien Linda Huston Clement Connie Kean Phillips Arnie Hollingsworth Taney Susan Bell Archibald ngrid Lundgren Owen Donna Symmonds Clemson Mary Phillips Priscilla Clayden Traynor Susan Kent Aspell Berniece Whittlesey Pierce Noelle Cloud Kathleen Gibson Reilly Anne Hockenberry Trout Margaret Maxwell Baldwin Beverli Bloom Powell Deborah Dubin Cooper Charlotta Leichel Reynders Marie Zellfelder Vogan Sharon Glennon Bednarek Kimberly Raiton Cynthia Stigler Cornell Gertrude Lundbom Richey Elizabeth West Weber Marian Conklin Behr Sue McGinty Riches Bee Wieland Cost Suzanne Aiken Rielly Anne Whiteman Judith Black Berg Robin Roat-Martin Ruth Shanes Cotton Evelyn Boger Rink Patricia MiJestone Zonsius Rosemarian Rauch Berni Jennifer Rosales Ellen Macklin Cox Lourdes Robles Margaret Mulligan Blackledge Judith Thompson Schneider Molly Crean Crooks Charlotte Feicht Sanborn PTTSBURGH Katherine Blanckenburg Bollinger Creagh Hawes Schoen Marlene Sokol Davis Dorothy Demay Schutte HERTAGE $ Elizabeth Brownhill Bosch Elaine Kollins Sewell Jones Nancy Brockman DiMaggio Joyce Goodale Schwartz Dolores Groke Hess Sally Austin Boswell Barbara Owens Shields Elizabeth Dobkin Marjorie Blank Seastone Melinda Mikesell Boyle Tory Heitkemper Shoff Rebecca Downing Josephine Taggart Shoemaker KEY $ Marietta Custer Bradt Beverly Siemens Sinclair Patricia Morris Duich Kathryn Rich Shumway Janet Elliott Daugherty Dorothy Barbour Brassey Frances Skarperud Karen Kurtz Earl Angela Simeon Mary Thomas Pbi.llips Joanne McDonald Brown Laurie saac Smotherman Elizabeth Boger Eby Carol Singley Lillian Spang Rath Mary Louise Olliver Broz Nancy Whitmer Stitt Constance Adler Engel Elizabeth Elliott Smith Susan Zevin Mary Fuller Canham Debra Slattery Stone Mary Engram Dawn Finney Snyder Mildred Emig Cartwright Barbara Goode Street Mary Behney Erickson Barbara Diehl Spangler Ruth Litchfield Clark Susan Jackson Stuhr Susan Lace Fallieras Kara Stephenson

53 MATCHNG GFTS RECEVED SEPTEMPBER 1, 1994-JuNE 30, 1996 The Air Products Foundation ARCO Foundation nc. BP America nc. Chubb & Son nc. CTGO Petroleum Corporation The Coca Cola Company The Gap Foundation H.J. Heinz Company Foundation John Hancock Mutual Life nsurance Co. LOYALTY s1o0-249 Jane Hunter Bills Willalean Smart Boggs Roberta Shearer Brown Kathleen Zornan Caliendo JoAnn E. Lupfer Devigne Mary Kastantin Findlen Susan Bedner Garcia Dorothy Colvin Harvey* Christine Schwartz Hendrickson Harriette Donovan McElwain Nancy Myler Carol Durant Nichols Louise McKirdy Nordholt Sarah sler Ord Nancy Walker Riddle Mary Ellen Pohl Rodgers Gail Wesley Rogers Sally Sheerer Joanne Gray Smith Kimberl y Gonzales Whittemore FRENDS $1-99 Ruth Roughton Ahlborn Kath.ryn Prenter Alexander Elizabeth Anistranski Lois MacDonald Antinucci Lisa Jones Barker Marjorie Brinkman Bartram Rosemary Brown Beakes Ruth Burry Beebe Betty Weddle Beerbower Mary Ellen Grassman Bernstein Nancy Negley Black Lois Fair Bloomer Maureen McGuire Bonanno Jane Dobbs Brechin Sandra Pelowski Bresson Thelma Bock Brown Marilyn Pierce Bushnell Carol McCloskey Chaplin Noreen Cmar Helen Swift Compton Stacy Browning Davis Alice Roughton Donahoe Constance Notopoulos Drenning Jill Emrick-Swan Judith Mazur Fisher Lois Follansbee* sabelle Wieland Gauss Aline Hoffman Genuardi Thelma Balquist Goldstrohn Letitia Chappell Goodman Nancy O'Donnell Habbel Lynn Gray Heck linger Robin Wilson Heckman Andrea John Helms Helen Lauffer Hudson Beth Me eil Johnson Robin Brust Johnson Jill agel Kaale Elaine Scheiner Kamil Jeanne Whittlesey Leverette Doris Fuhs Liphart Dorothy Liphart Ma.ry Joann Fandozzi Lipinski Florence Schloter Llewellyn Kate Laffey Lobdell Melanie Kozolup Luther Betty McCausland Marlor Anne Mosites Miller Helen Covalt Moore Susan John Moore Lisa Eggleton Morton Doris Wacker Murray Christine Cummins Nabors Linda Crysler Neuenschwander Judith Dennick Nudi Augusta Lee Parrington Mary Lou Myers Privett Priscilla Welday Pym June Miller Rebhun Becky Roeberg Beverly Humenuk Rohman Rita Satterlee Rosensteele Diane Dick Rowe Christy Russell LaRue Moss Schreib Beverly Becker Sheerer Jeanne Geib Smith Sherry Wonsidler Sonneborn Jennifer Allen Spiegel Sherry Phillips Stamp Diana Huffman Storch Kristine Strauss Virginia Scott Syling Rebecca Durkovich Tomlinson Alayne Coleman Tsigas Jane Miller Veach* Marjorie Day Walter Betty Springer White Ruth Alford Wilson Betty Boggs York PRNCETON FRENDS $1-99 Sasha Barr Liz Eaton lndrani Lall Laura Maciel Veronica Moran Ebba Nilsson Mary Voehl PUGET SOUND KEY $ Joan Kruger Leslie WYALTY sroo-249 Kathryn Dobler Valerie Knecht Hoff Ann Pollock Johnson Karin Randall Arlee Rodrigues Greta Anderson Stednick FRENDS s1-99 Lauren Smith Allen Shelley Skagg Angelo Bonnie Beckett Margaret arver Blair ancy Brumbaugh Blue West One Bancorp KeyCorp Management Company Leo Burnett Company, nc. Pfizer nc. Philip Morris Companies nc. The Reebok Foundation The Resolution Group, nc. SBC Foundation (Southwestern Bell) The USF&G Foundation, nc. US West Foundation Elizabeth Jones Burns Roberta Mosness Carlson Julia Thornton Cherry Christy Clapp Charlene K. Ash Conner Miriam O 'Neill Delaire Monica Treese Kelly Howard Fad! Miranda Frost Pamela Dolderer Gabriel Daneen Oelrich Sally Habegger Patricia Dorman Harder Molly Mitchell Hemingson Charlotte Donlin Hoes Janet Jones Johnson Kathlin Persinger Kennedy Kristin Kernutt Molly McDonald Le Chapelle Elizabeth Whatley Nunn Caprice Wellman Puduano Lynda Truesdell Reid Mimi Ryerse Karen Sandeno Ronna Hansen Semonian Heather Smith Alice Stewart Julie Stewart Mari Strand Barbara Tabbert Sandra Browning Teicbroew PURDUE HERTAGE $ Mary Sexton Brooks Mary Anne Griggs Caplinger Virginia Geoffrey Priscilla Murphy Gerde Sally Schnaiter Lugar KEY $ Floy Rowley Apple Martha Alexander Barbee Marjorie Matson Converse Jean Taliaferro Hoffner Florence Hutchinson Lansford Eloise Ryder Pingry Nelle Newton Richards Helen Wickizer Theis LOYALTY sroo-249 Judith Duff Adams Ann Miller Bailey Betty Custer Barofsky Brita Kraepelien Besnard Damara Bolte Virginia Graves Bowland Frances Potter Breitner June Habicht Brophy Marcia Badger Buell E. Ann Vermilion Clarke Mary Kettelhut Combs Marguerite Hans Compagna Ellen Swisher Crabb Suzanne Hadley Dickes Mildred Cornelius Fehsenfeld Muriel Power Ford Shirley Bieler Gallagher Ann Hopkins Garrett Wayne Nash Garwood Kathleen German Jane Haltom Gimlin Barbara Graff Glazar Susan Smith Grider Barbara Walsh Gwinnup Gretchen Haase Caryl Kepner Hamman Virginia Dalton Haverrnale Patricia Kennedy Hirsch Elaine Eldridge Kasler Carol Jones Kiley Helen Schaupp Kingsolver Nancy Everett Lange Beverly Brand Lloyd Barbara Covert Lobdell Patricia Heuring Mueller* Karen Van Westrum Nelson Alexandra Curran Nichols Benita Landis O'Connell Jacqueline Wells Olson Joan Rosazza Sally Heidenreich Rowland Diane Schroepfer Susan Biddle Shearer Patricia McCarthy Shutack Manette Hollingsworth Speas Patricia McKnight Steck Sara Lorton Tener Marian Corey VanTil Jane Russell Welch Catherine Axline Williams Jane Brock Wilson Jeanne Hallam Wilson Carol Hutchison Winzeler Jean Holtson Woolling Susan Herdlein Wurster Mace Ridgway Zinggeler FRENDS $1-99 Sally Symmes Abbott Mary Wilson Adams Jane Torr Alcorn Marsha Black Allen Deborah Maynard Anderson Laura McCarty Andrew Betty Lankford Bangs Marjorie Tanner Bardach Joan McCarthy Bareither Mary Robinson Barg Laura Eigenbrod Barnhorst Marian Ker Beck Carolyn Morris Beckett Suzanne Biddle Belcher Courtney Dale Berndt Barbara Wilson Bittick Julie Eflin Boyle Judith Woolverton Brandt Deborah Jenkins Bright Patricia Brand Brink Judith Walker Broadwell Elaine Crane Brodsky Mary Brooks Cheryl Brown Linda Newman Brown Margaretba Maas Brown Carrie Butters Brownfield Phyllis Adams Bushnell Jane Hill Callahan Dorothy Vogelsang Campbell Betti Murphy Carroll Phyllis Young Carson Brenda Chamness Marjorie Charles Jennifer Watkins Christensen Kristin Christie Claar Cheryl Liska Colman Juanita Clay Condon Mildred Fitch Conley Loverne Christian Cordes Michelle Crawford Jennifer Elder Croner Rebecca Redding Crosby Marilyn McKnight Crump Lynn Crump Dale Ginger Faerber-DeCoursey Diane Decker Sue Disque Delong Jane Bucko DiMartin Sarah Yoder Dinkel Elaine VanNest Di.x Barbara Bridgman Dixon Beth Billman Dombroski Jennifer Dray Cynthia Weaver Dunlop Janet Cordes Eade Sonya Stewart Eddy Sally Cochran Eibel Mary Caster Elliott Guinevere Ham Elpers Elizabeth Fields Erwin Christine Rector Etten Mary Lou Miller Evans Anne Torian Ewing Marian Faux Margaret McGinnis Feathers* Janet Tsaros Fechner Barbara Fadely Fobes Brooke La Rock Folkers Marilyn Meyer Ford Karen Freeman Carol Wattleworth Frey Betty Yoder Fulwider Krisna Furrow Bettie Painter Garrettson Patricia Slagle Gaskell Judith Jones Gerdis Alice Jones Gerhart Joan Paulus Geyer Beth Hustad Gilbert Janet Humphrey Glas berg Mary Hood Godfrey Elizabeth Bauman Graham Margaret Dewenter Graham Mary Craig Graham Susan Starr Graham Nancy Hammond Grotnes Paula Parrish Hammond Elizabeth Medsker Hardy Laura Sa ul Harris Marian Nelson Hayden Jennifer Tsaros Hayes Elizabeth Canan Heath Nancy Yapp Hebert Margaret Dykhuizen Hepperlen Lynn Carney House Susan Johnson Hubele Amanda Gettings Hudson Marcia Roberts Humes Susan Sanders Jacoby Helen Jones Mildred Albright Jones Betty Darr Jordan Mildred Mills Justin Beverly Sinclair Kack Sharyn Moffitt Kaiser Harriet Lauth Kay Anne Keller Nancy Hinkle Kelly Carolyn Willis Kincannon Elizabeth Kingseed Kelly Kohlhepp

54 Elisabeth Koons Kroetz Ann Nelligan Laboe Nancy Voorhees Laitner Tara Lange Sara Wilkey Leavitt Julie lves Lemke Amy Grossman Litchin Melba Davidson Litlle June Hardy Livinghouse Barbara Holbrook Lucke Pearl Jones Lundborg Sue Knappenberger Lutz Lora Babcock Mail Kimberley Maresh Marjorie Thoms Maser Maren Chesnutt McCallister Marion Lennox McCullough Kathleen Smith Rebecca Caylor Meier Gretchen Hurd Melchiors Mary Hunter Mertz Barbara Walter Miller Bridget Bradley Mojzik Barbara Vogelgesang Moss Georgina Munoz Julie Bloodgood Myers Elizabeth Graham Nickerson Lois McCornack Nova! Patricia Vernia Nutting Alice Anne Goodpasture O'Donnell Susan Brand Page Anne Ream Pantzer Mary Vannatta Paul Sharon Moore Payne Catherine Pfister Maura Pierce Cheryl Laitner Pistor Julia Johnson Plepel Jean Rockhill Pluchar Peggy Poston Donna Moore Pritchard Beth Schaupp Pruet Carol Clayton Ramsey Mary Brenizer Rench Cynthia Schloss Rex Mae Batterton Rhodes Helene Keach Robinson Emily Wade Roth Nancy Rothrock Jennifer Ryall Leslie Ebling Sand Jill Stifle Sangalis Vicki Sawrey Mary Lindgren Schassberger Joan Walter Schimpf Josephine Perkins Schreyer Nan Ward Schueler Betty Wedge Schultz Anne Lieske Schwartz Ragina Cox Schwartz Susan Decker Scott Nancy Foster Seeley Susan Jackson Severy Carolyn Schenk Shaw Claudia Sampson Sherry Kathryn Bushnell Sigillo Kathleen Craig Skillman Janelle Slater Eleanor Wiesman Slosson Bonnie Hudson Smalley Angela Beeler Smith Jean Williams Sommers Ruth Parkinson Southworth Aimee Lavignette Spack Jean Huston Springer Mary Stark Sandra McCormick Sundquist Lynn Homer Swingle Nadine Taloni Rita Ricke Taylor Judith Ross Thompson Linda Lowe T.lman Elizabeth Scholer Truelove DianeTsao Angela Forbis Thckerman Josephine Gangwer Vanness Clara Snepp Vogt Cynthia Schmid Wagner Kathleen Uecker Wagner Mary Wolf Walker Nancy Williams Walker Gilda Weber Wettschurack Margaret Timberlake White Margaret Call Williamson Susan Perkins Wilson Alice Litchfield Wiltrout Michelle Keffaber Witmer Lois Thompson Woehlke Carol Stewart Wood Jacqueline Holst Wylam Joan Herdlein Yardley Amy Pollitt Zehr RiCHMOND FRENDS $1-99 Laurel Crabtree Hayley Danser Stacey Dell Jacqueline Guy Theodosia Hall Carrie Hallberg Valerie Soars Hancock Jane Warren Hedgepeth Laura Candler House Allison Leath Jennifer Marasia Julie McClure Holly Moore Thao Nguyen Heather Pili Holly Pittman Elizabeth Porterfield Courtney Robison Libby Shawger Martha Thompson Molly Moline Thompson Sarah Witmer ROLLNS HERTAGE $ Victoria Peirce KEY $ Patricia Posten Noyes LOYALTY s1o0-249 Alberta Little Bower Rosa Caler Barbara Hewitt Christy Pauline Raper Farless Susan Probasco Geisler Molly Rugg Giles Constance Moore Hughes Shirley Smith Kelch Barbara Stanley McCune Carol Posten Miller Pamela Mitchell Joan Abendroth Pratt Sharon Siegener Sandra Hill Smith Carolyn Haas Swiney Myra Thomas Jane Smith Thverson Merritt Whelan FRENDS $1-99 Blanche Fishback Alexander Pamela Booth Alexander Karen Benson Alfond Linda Burrows Andrews Katherine Jones Autrey Anne Batchelder Mary Eckis Bjorkback Josephine Dunn Blyde Emmylou Groub Bollinger Jennifer Clark Georgia Kuffel Collimore Kathy Kennedy Cox Phyllis Rogers Dickerson Barbara Livcrett Draper Mary Rickey Eckler Martha Edwards Patricia Chilcote Elledge Shirley Bassett Ely M. Caroline Sandlin Fullerton Bonnie Lou Edwards Geddes Katharine Ballantyne Goodspeed Nancy Beale Guin Judy llges Harding Gail Deforest Harris Pamela Dixon Harris Kathleen Hara Howe Ann Greene Key Anne Werum Lambright Mildred West Long Barbara Balsara Main Sharon McElwee Suzette Brauer McKearney Ann Ballweg Miller Deborah Morcott Nicole Engler Vawter Steele Paull Sheila Peck Pettee Georgiana Overall Platt Betsy Barksdale Pokorny Susan Carter Ricks Mary Cullen Rosato Paula Sutton Sarvis Serena Schwarz Nancy Dickinson Shrewsbury Catherine Smith Virginia Stelle Edwina Jordan Stewart Elizabeth Story Ann Breathwit Talley Virginia Timberlake Taylor Julia Thomas Stacey Trefts Joanne Heller Waldron Janie Stokely Weinberg Lenni Yesner Wilson SMU KEY $ Beverly Williams Bolin M. Calvert Keoun Collins Barbara Buschman Cox Garland Chapman Cullum Mildred Henderson Grinstead Nadine Kawalek Ann Glaspy Low Martha Raley Peak LOYALTY $10o-249 Kathryn Coupland Allen Susan Threshie Barrett Allison Beck Christine Baird Champion Jan Morris Hawn Clark Ann Cook Cole Kathleen Hamilton Cole Susan Brake Coon Lucky Frennesson Cullum Mary Kirksey Dodson Jeanne Haydon Etscheid Shirley Bracken Evans Dorothy Davis Falvey Patricia Powell Aeming Ravelle Rainey Kundinger Blythe Mayfield Larson Rachel Reese Lawrence Eleanor Maclay Jean Skillern Meador Ellen Benson Merriman Victoria Vaughan Miller Laura Allen Moser Sheryl Rogers Palmer GiGi Pavlovich Peggy Ney Riggs Dianne Dickson Rusher Alice Webb Spradley Margaret Leisy Steineger Barbara Dunn Sturdivant Kathleen Kennedy Tappen Mary Thmer Thomas Carilane Newman Vieregg Jane Moore Waggoner Linda Bowman Walker Louella Caldwell Wallace Rebecca Bowen Wallace Elizabeth Hemphill Wilson FRENDS s1-99 Maggie McNamara Alcott Doran Aldridge Carl Graham Apple Ann Avery Ascani Patrica Rogers Babel E. Susan Shamburger Bagwell Jennifer Woodhouse Barnes Kay Wall Bates Carol Dryden Bellomy Dana Dussing Berry Kathryn Cockrell Bolinger Lou Longino Bonner Dianne Bowman ris L. Bradley Beth Finney Bragg C. Lally Brennan Cathey Oge Bufe Dana Lyon Bukowski Betty Bunten Bullington Whitney Busse Margaret Camp Mary Barnes Campbell Mary Brooke Olipbint Casad Ellen Yates Cassell Sandra Garland Cecil Sara Barbeck Cecil Cynthia Crenshaw Chapman Dorothy Barclay Chynoweth Paula Minor Coleman Cynthia Lillard Colville Erin Conner Linda Bose Cooper Anne Langley Coulter Judy Howell Cox Catherine Cragoe Valerie Hecht Craig "During my two years as a Chapter Consultant formed close ties with the chapter and made many new friends. also learned skills didn't know possessed. More important, these skills enabled me to survive my first year teaching-" Page 67 Margaret Dalton Folsom Ann Catto Francis Ann Lewis Henkin Susan Folken Hering Holly Mercer Hurley Dorothy Davis glehart Marjory MaJfitt Jones Hallye Jordan Carol Merchant Kirby Ella McWhorter Knox Sheri Shelby Krause Ann Lacy Crain Jennifer Crone Cynthia Hollingshead Crosby Lou Anne Gattis Crumpler Elise Lepick Dampf April Davis Dianne White Delisi Susan Terkuhle Doss Anne Hardcastle Drossos Susan Slater Edenhorougb Leslie West Epsen Georgia Maniatis Erck Ella Webster Erwin Allison Cox Estes Elizabeth Evans Holly Burrow Farrell Anne Bunten Fisher Jacquelynn Holland Fisher Harriet McConnell FitzGerald Francine Cannon Flautt Elizabeth Kirby Fuller Keri Gammill Lisa Gentry Mary Kathryn George Jennifer Gillett Kathryn Jordan Gold Beverly Lindeburg Goldberg Winifred Goodwyn Betty Cesinger Gossard Anne Cline Gould Lynne Sternberg Graves Amy Greer Nancy Story Gunn Ashley Haws Guyton Stephanie Keehn Haley Joan Wells Hames Nita Bouknight Harkey Diane rwin Harris Elizabeth Ford Harvey Frances Alexander Hawkins Carol Caton Hay Ann McClellan Hayden Dorothy Sewall Hector Jan Vestal Hegi Jane Waskom Helm Kristin Wagner Henderson Virginia Alexander Hill Virginia Jacoby Holden Ann Blunt Holford Marilyn Morris Holstead Hope Stephens Huber Elizabeth Huckin Hunt Kathy Winniford Jackson Barbara Cullum Jarrell Diane Hamlin Jensen Mary Mitchell Jericho Jane Weeks Johnston Jeri Hamra Joseph Ann Paris Jury Jane Miller Kerestes Christine Wilson Kidwell Ruth rwin Kupchynsky Harriette Leachman Lacy Judy Waggoner Lambert Jennifer Lapp Virginia McLendon Laprelle Ruth Peevey Lavender Ann Addyman Lawrence Jean Toole Lee Gloria Swarts Locke Nancy Jarratt Loring Vickie Olson Luckburst Barbara Bergstrom Lumsden Kathy Ann Lynch Nancy Baillie Malke Tracy French Martin Elizabeth Moore McAlpin Mary Kendrick McBroom Melanie McCaffree Jan Dickerson McCarter Martha Hendry McCartney Jan Harbaugh McGrath Janelle McNiel McKee Sally Delavan McMonagle Sarah Seidel McNitt Melanie McNutt Margaret Marsh Mebus Carissa Meyer Margaret Mayfield Meyer Ruth Sowell Millis Ruth Rogers Montgomery Amy Floyd Moss Alison Mow Emily Beard Muon Karen Fuess Munzel Susan Raines Nace Mary King airn Gail Niederer Susan Oeveland O'Bryant Lucinda Humphries Oakley

55 Bettye Hart Padgett Danielle Anderson Keethler Patricia Mclaurin Jill Ruben Franco ST. LAWRENCE Susan Tietz Pearce Joan Hullin Keith Barbara Hefty Murray Carole Groat Frazier HERTAGE Elizabeth Lawson Peterson Joan Odell Leavitt Karen Osborne Linda Collins Fuller Jean Moore Barnhart Janet Peterson Sue Zimmerman Lehmkuhl Cecile Lastelic Phillips Paulette Lollar Gibson Mary Kostmayer Peterson Janice Wilson Levin Margaret Norwood Phillips Kathleen Ellsworth Grandi KEY Helen Cates Petty Alice Westfall Little Shannon Reilly Marilyn Alexander Green Jane Breckenridge Eisner Nancy Webb Poole Jean Bailey Luckhardt Karen Rogers Jana Oliphant Hackett Loraine Heaton Livesey Nancy Johnson Puckett Geraldine Andersen Luzietti Nancy Thrner Rugart Heidi Kozak Haddad Ruth Hawkins Northrup Dianne Findling Reategui Betty Easton Mannix Lisa Russo Amy Hall Dorcas Wright Ramey Peggy Wallace Reinke Mary Buckman Marsh Ann Boudreau Sanders Nancy Scoles Heaton Nancy Church Zeiler Rose Young Reynolds Colleen McCorriston PauUa Delett Schuster Colleen O 'Toole Hedley Claire McDougle Roberts Stephanie Finlay Mussatti Teresa Shaw Michelle Hennelly LOYALTY s1oo-249 Debra Shepherd Robinson Jeanne Fracisco Packard Pamela Smith Shriver Bridget Hildebrand Barbara Derge Ackerman Jean Settle Rodgers Linda Hardin Pool Ann Aughtry Smith Lucita Booth Hromadka Jane Terrell Barry Christina Griffin Rose lnadell Strohmaier Rossmann Mary Tiles ton Sharon Moran Hubanks Judith Lennon Cashman Florence Allen Roseborough Carole Spotswood Russell Shannon Ste vens Townsend Patricia Smith nman Barbara Clark Cronin Linda Ewan Ro udebush Margaret Carter Schlosser Barbara Boyan Tyson Mary Lind Jewell Susan Becker Duncan Atisa Yust Rowe Joanne Doty Simington Lynn Monts Yarborough Lisa Grundy Johnson Leigh Kelleher Everitt Elizabeth Essley Rudin Patricia Schultz Slack Louise Barnes Julian Jean McGowan Ford Sharon Smith Ryan Janet Miland Smedley SOUTHERN CALFORNA Susan Kahn Ann Curiale Gordon Nancy Talbot Sale Clare McMurry Smith HERTAGE $ Emilie Kerckhoff Vivien Gardner Hannon Mary Boehm Sarin Marcia Millspaugh Tyrrell Miki Doyle Reid Jan Sunofsky Kern Mary Campbell Lee Mary Mackenzie Saxton Nora Chan Wager Karen Kewell Cynthia Baldwin Luscombe Barbara Petersen Scott Beatrice Hohman Wheeler KEY $ Sandra mhoff Killian Barbara Torrey MacAaster Elizabeth Spence Sellers Nancy Lucking White Marion Boyd Beneli Wendy Kjomess Margaret Manley Mangum Carolyn Betbmann Slaughter Barbara Leigh Wright Diana Sammis Brookes Cindy Maitland Komorous Martha Fay Miller Ann Rich Smith Michelle Centofante Katnik Mary Libby Landers Margaret King Mosher Karen McGibbon Smith SMPSON Kay Burritt Sinovic Randy! Woodward Larsen Cynthia Combs O ' Hara Cynthia Strawn Snell LOYALTY $ Joanne Stevenson Yoogd Jeanne Congdon Leonard Sally Cowdery Spencer Katheryn Bunton Steen Paula Sliefert Jane Little Anne Haynes Tellet Lynda Brady Steward LOYALTY Tracy Longo Katherine VanDyck Thrney Mary Wynne Storrs FRENDS s1-99 Joan Kesner Ackerman Cristen CoUey Mann Cindy Canfield Straton Melissa Keeney Lucy Abeei Billett Ann Marie Matson FRENDS S-99 Jennifer Reuting Swain Tara Schlichting Sue Freeman Braun Kristie McBride Deborah Hamilton Aberg Nicole Mathis Trammell Natalie Ritter Sobek Margaret Lincoln Brown Denise Pickering Melas Nancy Stevenson Adams Stephanie Vernon Melissa Hall Sullivan Frederika Voogd Burrows Janet nglis Moody Jane Dettinger Anthony Lee Caldwell Yolk Carole Long Conover Robin Applebaum Morgan Nancy Scribner Ball Catharine FuJler Walker SouTH CAROLNA Sheila Philp Cooper Kelly Morris Eii2abeth Hill Bardwell Julie O'Connell Wallis KEY Sarah Molt Durand Barbara Brun Murphy Ellen Wa lberg Baumwoll Joan Wood Ward Lisa Queen Semmens Kellen Flanigan Julie Nye Susan Beardslee Bell Jenger Hilgenfeld Waters Betti Frank Gartland Kacy O 'Brien Karen Williams Bircher Heather Weber LOYALTY s1oo-249 Lisa Bell Jobe Kristin Yunker Ocon Katherine Kim Blais Wendy Weber Chrisi Daniels Jennifer Booty Jones Catherine Grier Olson Marjorie Pond Blanchette Elizabeth Garrard White Teresa Boykin Harrison Kristen Jordan Sheryl O 'Neil Pangman Jean Sutherland Bogardus Jennifer Willo ughby Margaret Duckworth Martin Fenton Smith Martin Kristie Pate l Helen Hartford Bonner Sherry Boyett Wilson Zoe Ann Moorman Moore Brooke Cutler Patten Martha Young Bustin D ana MacDonald Winans FRENDS s1-99 Shawn Morgan M. Victoria Bescos Payne Constance Poersch Cameron Caro S. Wolfner Amy Adams Helen RoUow O 'Mara Melissa Pe trov Barbara Good Chamberlain Harriet Lang Worsham Suzanne Fisher Anderson Patty Bryant Parker Michele Peutet Nancy Munro Chase Janet Gage Wratlter Annemarie McNally Anthony Mary Cone Ramella Cecilia Pfenning Cari Christel Carol Smith Zaenglein Kelly Bailey Mary Wells Rathbone Virginia Dunn Philhower Martha Behrens Connolly Robyn Ballard Ziperski Rebecca Strange Benson Daphne Whitelaw Stoermer Judith Cameron Pickett Natalie Corkin Sheryl Bunch Benton Patricia Sheldon Sullivan Teresa Updegraff Power MaryHelen Graves Correll SAN JosE STATE Kavita Vakharia Borsum Teri Wetherbee Taylor Carol Ragan Patricia Dubilier Coughlin LOYALTY $1o0-249 Karyn Gabig Bowman Marianne Arrington We isel Monique Ellingsen Ramsey Heather Cromie Pamela Moore Bondelie Ali Bring Lynne Dunahoo Wheeler Sheila Ross Reynolds Sally Mason Crowell Janis Jayet Cox Alice Britt Nancy Brodahl Richgels KeUie Cunningham Holly Dermody Dissmeyer Angelica LaCaprucia Burton FRENDS $1-99 Linda Garcia Rigg Ca rol Davis DeCatur Marilyn Medland Fitzmyers Jody Stonestreet Carpenter Julie Bunch Abramson Noelle Taylor Rominger Judith Woodhead De Ritter Jeanne Mitchell Gillespie Val McDonald Carter Christi Olson A nderson Barbara Reiter Rosenbaum Rornayne Dixon Patricia Low Amy Chapman Joan McFie Bailey Penelope Meier Sandberg Betsy Roberts Dona Connie Loveday Lurie Christine Companion Lea Ward Bobadilla Geraldine Mills Schaffer Winifred Clark Dubois Dianne Morris O lson Rebecca Williams Cook Laura Borgia Jody Levy Schlesinger Jennifer Esposito Mary Ann Miller Parachini Teresa Cox Cassandra Lowrey Bowers MaJisa Masanovich Scott Florence Fischer Eynon Sandra L. Scheier-Davis Susan Kadz Brakovich Carol Myerson Sever Vanessa Fox FRENDS $1 99 Leigh Ann Doolen Julie Mark Kimberley Jones Sewell Janeen Gould Frank Barbara Metherall A nderson Marsha Gittinger Allison Hendrick Bristow Kelly Smith Lucille Tower Funke Audree Westfall Brickson Rolfe Godshalk Michele Content Brown Roberta Richardson Spillane Joan Eaton Gandrup Lynne McCall Caldwell Kristen Vasco Goode Amy Burke Heather Stroock Alison Gately Sandra Ware Carper Sandra Evatt Guffey Colleen Casey Angela Sucato Doris Pike Gibson Joyce Wilson Carson Karen Hannie Mary Staunton Ceragioli C. Lynn Thomas Carol Wintscb G logovsky Susan Puterbaugh Clayholt Heather Harrelson Marilyn Richardson Chandler Melissa Thomas Ethel Murphy Goolsby Barbara Reith Collier Julie Wilshin Harris Natalie Wallace Chevillet Charlotte Bell VanFleet Constance Williams Green Sonja Burrell Conroy Jennifer Boles-Herndon Linda Graham Christiansen Maritia Barnum Walper Elizabeth Williams Griffin Helene Flory Cook Holly Hobbs Lori Conkling Stephany Fettu Walsh Laura Schultz Grimes Susan Gaylord Curry Marsha Mattei Hornsby Barbara Myers Cotler Tara Walsh He len Davis Guile Sharon Sullivan Dado Judith Skilton Harry Kathryn Hawkins Creagan Susan Hjelte Waltz Karen Pflugheber Gunnison Jean Baltz Dahl Deborah Hyman LuciUe Harbour Crumrine Joy Swope Ward Gwendolyn Briggs Guthrie Bernice Janssen Daseking Audrey Aiosa Jones Kay Boldman Cummings Joan Crocket Westly Julie Zenger Hain Leslie Wolfe DeTarr Tracy Gunter-Justice Nancy Crane Cunningham Amy \Vtilerson Edith Johnson Hamilton Jerry Drake Dempsey Carol Whitaker Killough Heather Wade Daily Roberta Carroll Wilson Patricia Ke rley Harris Joann Skovgaard Easlick Julia Klapman Laroche Gretchen Gattmann Daley Alice Wino Helen Atwood Harwood Jean Roy Elworthy Melanie Geiger Legamaro Katherine finnegan Darnell Elisabeth Winn Geraldine He ffernan Marie Williams Gertz Beth Levine Carol Veatch DiCristina Shirley Dellosbel Winslow Mary Parr Hendrix Patsy Bolton G loor Lisa Baker Liles Bonnie Schermer Duboff Wendy Wishon Lynn Greer Horowitch Marjorie Goody Marla Winstead Looper Peggy Roth Ellithorpe Sarah Shaffer Wood Margaret Sanford Hout Elizabeth Bartle Greulich Cheryl Weed Lundy June Harper Erhart Sharon Hein Wood Ann Nelson Hoyt Patricia Engerud Herrmann Janet Mahaffey ancy Davis Festa Carol Rondomanski Hughes Carol Larson Kabat Anna Fowlkes Mazzone Anne Wilson Folks Virginia Po tt er Jacobsen

56 Sarah Harrington Johnson CatWeen Fager SYRACUSE Teresa Felicetti Dutton Maxine Baker Singer Leslie Johnston Lauren Ferini HERTAGE $ Barbara Mathes Duxbury Barbara Klock Skvarch Alicia Stanley Keenan Ann Witter-Gillette Barbara Newell Ferrara Katharine Sibley Edmonds Jean AusereW Soper Katherine Sauers Kehoe Jane Plumb Hermann Marian Laidlaw LeFevre Marjorie Little Edwards Leslie Duncan Spielberger Deborah Kelley Janet Biby Knecht Kristen Ehrlich Darlene Fabiano Spychala Colleen Kennedy Aileene Burks Lynch KEY $ Margery Andersen Einstein Donna Noble Stein Elizabeth Fenn Kingston Gladys Gillig Moore Jean Cavanaugh Connelly Noelle Ellert Barbara Gray Stetson Christine Brown Kitch Luann Piccard Lois Carlson Crawford Virginia Poppele Endres Amy Swartz Victoria Gregg Langen Katherine Keho Pike Bella Werner Duffy Harriet Wheeler Evans Frances Trainer Taber Judith Lapham Jeannette Grimsley Shackell Ann CroW1hers Morgan Betty Davison Farr Mary Wolcott Taft Lynne Barnes Leahy Mary Morse Shaw Allison Schull Nancy McLean Feicht Louise Kolar Terry Lisa Ashton Lindsay Susanne Price Thoits Sarah Hunt Fiore Priscilla Braun Terwilliger Patricia Devlin Livers Mildred Hoover Willis LOYALTY s1oo-249 Michelle Fiorenza Beryl Ball Thomas Jane Leining Love Nancy Allis Patricia Roberts Geisel Dorothy Pendleton Thompson Nancy Conklin Malcolm FRENDS St-99 Jean Malkames Barone Heather Gemmill Jean Lindstrom Thomson Astrid Remmler Martin Margaret Andrews Barnard Marianne BeBout Beck Linda Giarrosso Patti Davidson Walsh Susan Martin Lovinda Beal Nancy Cavanaugh Boyle Anne Gibson Kathleen O'Brien Walters Bobbette Whitlock Mason Deborah Dawson Beman Harriet Crowder Coulson Carol Godek Elaine Tyo Watters June Cook Maxwell Patricia Burks Beuter Eileen Gilkey Covert Deanna DeLuca Goldstein Elizabeth Mitman Webb Mary Rhodes McConnell Grace Erskine Black Leah Bogdan DeCesare Marion Flint Gordon Elizabeth M. Wellek Elizabeth Hutchins Menzies Joan Brandel Bowen Dorothy Miner Downing Claire Davis Grace Virginia Ferguson White Mary Brooks Mercier Marie Tobin Carlin Lora Buchanan Duncan Kathryn Grace Phyllis Jewett Wingerath Nancy Needham Merrill-Horner Margaret Meadowcroft Challman Carol Fagan Earnhart Jill Barnett Greenman Melanie Wlasuk Nancy Hatch Milburn Lee Stearns Coker Mary Jane Tarrant Freihofer Joyce Parmiter Harrell Margaret Kemp Wolfe Lisa Nicolais Miller Melinda Myers Cook Mary Richardson Fusaro Anne Harter Mary Lou Hurlburt Young June Daly Milliman Nancy Taylor Davis Nancy Bristol Gillmore Suzanne Little Haskell Barbara Cobb Zook Amos Beth Miscia Betty De La Torre Barbara Adams Goettelman JoAnn Heffernan Barbara Robertson Mitchell Elizabeth Guerin Dickinson Sheryll Barnes Harkins Virginia Eustis Hermann TCU Audrey Cox Moncrieff Margaret Donovan Miriam Lambdin Honey Laurie Mantegna Hess KEY $ Jessie Lockitt Moore Edith Thornton Fay Martha Pankau Hunt Joy Cole Hill Sarah Beckering Mary Jane Kelly Morgan Virginia Ahrens Forbes Florence James irving Dorothy Roberts Hoffman Susan Ellis Cooper Mary Murphy Susan Fox sabel Gates Lacey Alta Waldron Holaday Anita Hill Griffon Joan Wheeler Noll Sara Beckham Foxworth Darlene Grotke Larin Mary Rudney Holmes Laurie Smith Guido Susan Kearing O'Connor Barbara Beck Garton Donnilea Smith Marshall Patricia Herrick Holscher Ann McArron Jones Shawn O'Rourke Marcella Mahony Greening Kelly Hartman McCarthy Alice Hunziker Carol Thrner Maclean Doris Offermann Diana Mayor Hawkins Anne Conover Merrell Martha Ames bbotson Mary Henderson Neil Jane Sheard Phillips Margaret Murphy Hawkins Rose Mangeri Meyers Heidi ngelfinger Deborah Johnson Ryan Beverly Knapp Pullis Elizabeth Rucker Hulteng Virginia Hyde Moriarty Anne Cutler ingraham Leah Kollmer Puzzo Lisa Bell Hutchins Jacqueline Conger Panza Ruth Anderson Jacobson LOYALTY s1o0-249 Denley Rathmann Rafferty Lynne Jones Helen Roberts Roesser Jean Underdorfel Jeffe lmma Lasley Alexander Joan Duryea Rhodes Meagan Levitan Polly Ford Roston Mary Carlson Jewett Lesia Foerster Allen Joyce Caldwell Rhodes Leslie Ludwick Rai Kunkelmann Schmalz Mary Graham Johnston Kymberly Alvarado Alexandra Rodgers Florence Waddell Lynn Louise Hennemuth Schutt Martha Turner Judge Jennifer Jackson Beckham Judith McCuen Rood Barbara McClure MacDonald Elizabeth Cobb Smith Mary Karilivacz Lora McCardell Brio Evelyn Brooks Rowse Wendy Zubrick McCarthy Nancy Brown Strait Dorothy Obrecht Keller Abigail Dalbey Susan Rust Myrnella Hauser Meyer Dolores Wysocki Swallow Diane Spiro Kletz Jacquelyn Rogers Denning Elizabeth Matthews Sabin Betty McQuaid Milligan Harriet Whitney Taylor Harriet Baldwin Lakin Joan Paige Kelly Hendricks Miriam Pheteplace Schick Jean Bothwell Mitchell Sandra Castaldo Williams Gloria Dobihal Larash Mary Lowe Jane Simons ScWesser Julie Kohnen Mueller Betty Blair Lemon Sandra Stokes McGowan Catherine Murphy Shelley Nancy Baldwin Munroe FRENDS $1-99 Constance Davis Lengel Nancy Grimes Nichols Carolyn Robbins Sisson Mary Belford Nevins Carol Amacher Madeline Leyden Sue Rowan Pittman Jane Bradshaw Smith Debra Nicholson Joanna Litynski Anderson Patricia Mahoney Liston Phyllis Dunlap Shaddock Sarah Youngs Spies Helen Downing Nisbet Mabel Wagner Atwell Marilyn Downey Loden Joan Borzelle Stone Keri Ostrofsky Pearlson Joanne Olver Baker Alison Lorentz FRENDS $1-99 Katherine Rachel Strife Elizabeth Pike Josephine Young Balfour Janet Morton Lumpkin Jenny Jeter Aldridge Ann Allsopp Syska Virginia Erickson Pinkham da Robinson Barber Kathleen Gilson Lynch Angie Amos Elizabeth Schalk Terrell Mary Winstead Powell Margaret McCain Belden Anne Manning Linda Lang Andrews Patricia Popino Thomas Helen Waddell Rea Alison Bennett Joanne Johns Matousek Judith Vaughan Arnold Barbara Moore Tichenor Shirley Leebrick Robinson Cynthia Garnish Bersani Gail Sargent Mawhinney Barbara Crow Beeler Lynn Cooke Toettcher Laura Romeu Jean Fallow Bevans Marjorie Jane McClelland Carol Swift Bentley Katherine Robertson Tomasi Carolyn Shaw Lucia Wicker Blackmore Frances Williams McGuire Nancy Bond Jemma Tory Jean Allen Skiff Barbara Shanklin Borak Stacie Crucili Messenger Janice Copenhaver Bradford Louise Carter Tyler Elizabeth Avery Snowden Barbara Sawyer Bradley Onnalie Elliott Miller Trisha Triesch Bridges Pauline Long Valk Suzanne Chute Spaulding robin bennett brown Margaret Smallwood Morse Celeste Neef Brune Jane Parker Van Olst Yvonne Hiltz Stuart Sally Everett Brownell Shirley Mitchell Nason Patricia Brown Burdette Christina Skalny VanWagenen Martha Edwards Twist Anna Wikoff Bruce Kathryn Dawson Naumann Electra Winston Burford AmyVeek Gloria Hihn Welsh Rockette Pirro Brunetti Christine Henninger Nordenson Kate Burnside Alicia Wardell Barbara Brodrick Werntz Patricia Allis Burke Dorianne Bright Parker Sara Butler Carol Huntington Warner Mildred Futley Wohlford Bridget Maloney Bush Constance Goulding Pembroke Kristin Carder Carol Wasserman Nancy Tyler Cagwin Margaret Westfall Pentaleri Janis Clements Jane White Waterhouse SwARTHMORE Marie Rulison Call Suzanne Posthill Perkins Marie Lindsay Clifton Susan Nicolais Weaver KEY $ Donna Schumacher Carter Patricia Trexler PoUak Kristen Elrod Comer Dorothy Donahue Wengenroth Anne Chapman Booth Maxine Sharpe Chesbro Michaela Potter Shirley Reddell Cooper Sally Whaling Frances Ramsey Worth Rachel Spear Clarke Margaret Churchman Pritchard Dorothy Wofford Corbin Lisbeth Dahlen Whitney Gloria Hughes Colburn Barbara Greeley Quackenbush Sallee Turner Craine Deborah Cacella Zahorodni LOYALTY swo-249 Virginia Hall Cole Kathryn Benner Randall Laurie Gumm Davenport Alice Stout Edwards Marilyn Hager Conlin Dorothy Casadei Reiser Linda Gatlin Diehl STANFORD Patricia Marshall Coolican Nancy Garfield Rice Sylvia Faubion Dodson HERTAGE $ FRENDS $1-99 Seena Hauerbach Copeland Kellie Roadarrnel Kelly Donaldson Harriet Ford Griswold Katherine Hunt Bennett Merrill Post Crowell Dorothy Woodman Robinson Jamie Drake Alice Reddie Callaghan Ann Wharton Cuny Frances Meek Roscoe Amye Cluck Dyer KEY $ Anna Lefever Hodge Doris Allen Darrone Jane Whitney Rutan Patty Bordeno Edwards Patricia Emison Cox Evelyn Patter.;on McBride Kimberly Miller Dastalfo Daisy Franklin Schilt Linda Mulcock Freeman Lola ashashibi Grace Dorothy Ackart ichols Jane Hooper Davis Sara Ettinger Schmerling Cathy Grimes Jean Albertson Peck Frances Dowdy Simon Shirley Saari Doak Marion Selover Schwab Gail Gumm Hazlewood Fritzi-Beth Bowman Whitehead Marion Collins Smith Jane King Doolittle Beatrice Adams Scott Kirsten Kerhulas Helling Margaret Pusey Williams Amy Wiedmann DuBois Shirley Burnett Scott Karen Flesher Hertel LOYALTY s1oo-249 Alla Tomasbevsky Wright Eva Duane Myre W~liams Scovell Kristen Buschman Hicks Marcia Smith Anderson Ruth Evans Dungan Mary Kinner Shoemaker Ann Scarborough Hodges

57 Adrienne Holmes Cynthia Otto Stanford Karen Tellepsen Robinson Margaret Brown DeBarbie Mary Nenney McCain Stacey Holmes Anne-Todd King Staples Elizabeth Hooper Ross Dorothy Rose DeShong Frances Tarlton McCallum Allison Holt Janelle Thomas Sarah Meadows Seay Shelly Deaver Millicent Hume McCoy Donna Davis Holt Kimberly Ujcich Josephine Kerbey Shaw Charmrune Hooper Denius Marilyn Murray McDonald Mary Scaling Hubbard Elizabeth Upchurch Katharine Moore Slater Katharine Stevens Dillon Charrnrune Denius McGill Melissa Seright Jacobson Pamela Veach Anne Bruce Smith Cherann Story Dollar Winifred Chumney Meaden Jenny Brown Jeter Mary Thomsen Verona Mary-John Grelling Spence Jennie Dollinger Bonita Folbre Meador Sarah Day Jordan Bonnie Bernius Waters Nancy Hayes Spilman Sylvia Longoria Dorsey Rebecca Russell Merrell Anne Compere Lange Elizabeth Wyer Katherine Ory Stiefer Jane Chiles Dougherty Lois Dillard Miller Patricia O'Neill Loose Nancy Malone Symms Frances Spires Douglas Jill Miracle Carol Norris Maddux TEXAS Nenetta Carter Tatum Nancy Haun Dozier Anabel Couper Mobley Debra Roark-McAllister HERTAGE $ Mildred Traeger Terry Melinda Biel Draper Chanchi Deaton Monaghan Jill Morrow McGuckin Wilda Frost Bullock Melissa Ross Thach Mary Lutrick DunkJin Anita Runge Moore Shannon McKee Anne Blalock Bunten Patience Chance Thomason Nancy Martin Dwelle Martha Marks Moore Rebecca McLain Merrill Frances Crain Cook Helen Lassiter Thompson* Willetta AJbritton Eastland Cynthia Sansing Mycoskie Cindy Turner Murr Mollie Villeret Davis Margaret Dunlap Thompson Kay Cowan Eccleston Cari Naftzger Ann Bolton Nayfa Eloise Moore Netherton Mary Sayford Thompson Amy Lauder Edwards Catherine Richards Nance Gay Walker Nitcholas Eileen Crain Sullivan Sandra Settegast Thompson Eugenia W. Brackenridge Frances Neville Newberry Meredith Norton Lucas Jeanne Smith Umstattd Benna Hull 1imperlake Jeannette Smith Eppler Nell Delay Newman Denise O'Donnell Jeanne Runge Tonn Charlotte Slack Faulkner Catherine Pickering Newton Diane McMurray Pegg KEY $ Marilyn Wheeler Waggoner Lillian Beasley Ferguson Merlyn Myers Northrup Carol Hooker Perry Barbara Wasko Biddle Ellen Melissa Noel Wagner Karen Nevill Fitzsimons Carol Fisher Nutt Christy Maestri Peveto Betty Bird Blanchard Mary Craig Weisell Mary Batts Floyd Shannon O'Donnell Adriana Ramirez Marilyn Shaw Bonner Margaret Reeve White Laurie Thompson Fondren Joan Davis O'Leary Marsha Ratliff Mary Briggs Bridge Nancy Bivings Whitney Lisa Barnard Forman Sally Snider Oppel Jacqueline Fermaud Reasoner Roberta Woods Butler Carolyn Carpenter Williams Julie Patterson Forrester Lalla McNutt Page Rebecca Reeder Bernice Green Ford Mildred Meador Wilson Wendy Gallerano Janet Baker Parker Michelle Reimer Bonilee Key Garrett Melissa Womble Carol Breustedt Ghormley Sarah Bertran Parsley Janice Bailey Robinson Phebe Carter Hethcock Catharine Crain Glober Dorothy Slator Paterson Michele Lynd Rowe Barbara Brinkerhoff Oliver FRENDS $1-99 Suzanne Collier Golden Nancy Patterson Elizabeth Hamilton Rowley Eleanor Oliver Petty Nancy Phillips Abernathy Molly Barnes Goodson Carolyn Monroe Peck Brenda Ewan Shute Judy Spence Tate Dorothy Amerman Allen Laurie Gordon Betty Stayton Penn Merri Leon Siddons Catherine Caldwell Teague Lois Highams Allison Meagan Grady Ann McKay Peper Amanda Smith June Learned Tellepsen Margaret King Anderson Kelli Gratkowski Elizabeth Perrin Elizabeth Addy Springfield Lisa Van Stavem Marjorie Dodd Anderson Mary Autry Greer Wendy Hudson Petersen Kathleen Herty Stanton Robin Bonner Ward Allison Drum Angell Mary Holman Gregory Anna-Faye Teer Peterson Julie Swift Betty Wolfe Windham Helen Tilley Austin Garnett Brown Grevelle Jane Hufendick Peterson Kelly Cox Thornton Virginia Bell Baden Catharine Cline Hamilton Susan Meadows Pfluger Joanne Stuckert Thrner LOYALTY $ Betty Rogers Baker Rita Barber Hampton Joanne McEwen Phelps Janice Royal Walsh Susan Belew Arnoult Paula Greenlee Barber Paula Savage Hansen Mary Neill Pickering Helen Warren Betsy Cullum Bolin Ellen Gardner Bass Febe Forster Harrington Mary Pope Mary Brundrett Welch Antoinette Clemens Breithaupt Leslie Stafford Baumann Dorothy Myers Harrison Susan Hartman Pope Louise Roos Wheir Rebecca Shytles Brown Helen Spencer Bellamy Nancy Brown Harrison Jane Prather Potter Kimberly McLennan Whitson Jo Warden Burgh Joan Hierholzer Bennett Marian Graham Hartley Eleanor Powell Jennifer Willingham Williamson Melissa Vaughan Burwell Joann Neason Berglund Mary Wood Hawkins Kitty Corbett Powell Celia Rhodes Wilson Elizabeth Lawrence Calvert Beverly Berry Bagel Louise rwin Hayes Jennifer Prichard Patricia Wight Wright Mary Myers Carrico Elizabeth Nickell Boon Hetta Shell Heath Terry Puckett Susan Butter Chambers Martha Hahn Boone Catherine Culp Heck Quinby Perry Rainbolt TENNESSEE Betty Brewer Chumney June Jordan Bowen Mary AJice Nelson Hendryx Jacquelyn Ramsdell HERTAGE $ Laura McLellan Clemens Marthe Freund Bradshaw Catherine Stratemeyer Herman Peggy Stover Ratcliffe Debra Hardison Castleberry Margaret Moore Connell Diana Dugal Braly Margaret Spikes Herman Sharon Hardin Ray Martha Woods Covert Elizabeth Starr Braun-Huon Annie Card Herren Amy Walsh Rea WYALTY stoo-249 Marylouise Oak Cowan Lori McMickle Brawner Dorothy Runge Hieronymus Dorothy Pirtle Reeder Jan Hylton Boyer Mary Maxfield Crane Juliana Peddie Gillespie Susan Urquhart Higginbottom Wilton Wade Regent Lucy Thomas Crowgey Jeanne Fenasci Bridgers Meredith Higgins Beverly Grammer Renger FRENDS $1-99 Martha Moore Cuenod Amy Brio Joanne Campbell Hill Rachael Low Roane Laura Baumgartner Joan Steinberger Donaldson Polly Lawhon Brooks-Harper Sandra Hines Kay McLaughlin Roberts Kristi Brookshire Ruth Perdue Drewery Elizabeth Swift Brown Carol Harrison Holden Cynthia Kolb Robinson Carrie Callaway Mary King Dunlap Karen Homsten Brown Elizabeth Hollamon Bettie Tippitt Rogers Jean Calloway Carroll Bever English Marie Collonge Brown Madison Rountree Hortenstine Lucy Owings Ross Frances Gilliam Campbell Martha Hodson Erwin Elena Tyng Burke Margaret Hunt Hudson Elizabeth White Rudder Amy Chapman Jane Allen Fish Melanie Foster Burkholder Jane Jennings Hughes Fanne Halbert Rust Kath.ryn Twyford Crowell Janet Long Fish Patsy McCafferty Burrow Alice Daniels Hunt Rose Terry Saigh Jo Lobertini Davidson Sally McCullough Futch Julia Smith Butler Ruth Butler Hunt Sandra Hansen Sasser Amy De Groot Gayly Milling Gardner Paula Powers Cahoon Tiffany Hunt Elizabeth Butler Scott Kathryn Smith Dewitt Martha Hallman Grable Jolyn Ferguson Caldwell Amy Painter Hur Katherine Scott Lynne Greek Fain Julia Duncan Grammer Billie Knox Carder Eleanor Yturria rvin Camille Newberry Shannon Elizabeth Munsey Fenton Mary Cameron Hagelstein Patsy Carnes Susan Wipperrnan John Lois Starkey Sharp Michelle Fife Lynn Wisenbaker Hamilton Annie Funk Carrington Elizabeth Johnson Josephine Thompson Shaw Nan Fortiner Katherine Harrison Ann Edens Carter Kathryn Kolb Johnson K. Sheldon Diane DePriest Hayden Harriet Daniel Herd Barbara Bristol Carver Joyce Bander Johnson Lulie Dunbar Shepard Jamie Holcomb Henwood Ann Whatley Higginbotham Lucile Sparenberg Childress Barry Beck Jones Nancy Perkins Shutt Mary McHenry Hill Lois Kirkpatrick Hull Ray Taggart Chilton E. Dundee Davis Jones Almeda Towns Sien Mary Holland Vesta Chenoweth Jenson Michelle Sanders Chuber Nancy Russe ll Kangerga Ann Myers Smith Lucy Floyd Jones Barbara Bomefeld Kelso Meredith Clark Katharine Langdon Kearney Diane Shipman Smith Dana Schwartz King Marjorie Runge Kelso Barbara Darnall Clinton Ruth Parkey Kelly Elizabeth Binyon Smith Linda Giles Knauer Mariano Wilson Lyon Jane Cochran Betty Stieren Kelso Kay Willis Smith Susan Hylton LeHoven Charlene Cline Marsh Janis Bean Cochran May Dougherty King Melinda McDonald Smith Karen Martin Campbell Olivia Gouger Mason Jean Cecil Conger Kelly Chrisman KirkJand Pamela Bellah Smitham Heather Marty Lou Dorrell May F. Gay Northington Connelly Mary Stevens LaRoche Eugenia Key Son Melanie Melcher Janie Strauss McGarr Amy Olson Coogan Mary Williamson Lahourcade Jane Wilson Spears Heather O'Brien Martha Hamblen McGrew Marilyn Ray Corrigan Mary Milam Lee Elaine Carruthers Stephens Heather Palmer Alice Kleberg Meyer Catherine Dennis Costolo Shirley Rogers Lehman Virginia Stephens Billie Peek Martha Bybee Mills Charlotte Walker Crawford Catherine Crutchfield Light Claudia Jordan Stewart Margaret Petrelli Marcia Moore Constance Weston Dahlberg Letitia Hartman Lloyd Dorothy Coke Stewart Lynn Warren Place Phyllis Phillips Moore Jean Baldwin Daniel Jeanne Closuit Long Prisci lla Baum Stringer Elizabeth Duby Robertson Marie Wcssendorff Murphy Rachel Mostert Davis Marilou Moursund Long Carolyn Flinn Swearingen Rebecca Sabau Elizabeth Alexander Price Rbetta Duty Davis Sara Douglas Matthews Linda Smith Taylor Ann Gleason Slagle Mary Jack King Puckett Harrison Griffith DeKay Susan Matthews Melinda Taylor

58 Deborah Teague Gray-Leigh Wilson Rhoad Karie Griffith TORONTO KEY $ Mary Hardie Teeple Rebecca Robertson Jerry Freeman Grimes HERTAGE $ Susan Jones Gundlach Ellen Clarke Temple Jennifer Rupert Salsbury Carolyn Clark Grocock Kathleen Wealherill Coyle Ann Butterfield Hawkins Jeane Turner Terry Kimberly Horton Schultz Pamela Brandes Hall Daravene Daniel Thomas Heather Linn Scruggs Cari Hall Hamilton KEY $ LOYALTY swo-249 Josephine Houston 1l10mpson Melissa Bailey Shute M. Elaine Moore Hardiman Joyce Bainard Forster Ruba Bethea Albright Nancy Sealy Thompson Carol McCurry Sinclair Janie Harris Henderson Cynthia Heaberlin Beaird Ann Reeder Timmins M. Susan Cornman Smith Sharon Wallingford Hendrix WYALTY stoo-249 Mary Lynn Peterson Garrell Jane Arnold Touchstone Angela Scruggs Thurman Brooke Holt Martha Stewart Crase Cynthia Turley Gentles Mary Michael Townsend Drue Townsed Mary Ragland Horne Patricia Jones Dalton Martha Koro Karin Peterson Tripp Tammy Tufty Holly Houck Margaret Fairley Farnell Alicia Kossick Margaret Rose Turnbull Allyson Bales Turner Billie Webb Howell Jean Bauslaugh Fisher Minna Lane Lisa Rogers Turner Sarah Tull Tamyra Neiden Huff Joan Stephens Gundry Nicole Limbocker Rhonda Read Turner Amanda Priest Vieregg Shirley Harrison reland Eleanor Clark Guzzetta M. Kathleen Miller Lauric A. O'Donnell Tyler Anne Livesey Wester Guida Miller Jackson Viiu Kanep Dorothy Davis Napier Lynda Villa.rreal Leslie Hodges Whitmire Misti Omtan Jeffryes Diana Hamilton MacFeeter Janet Boisfontaine Renaudin Martha Hi!Uard Walker Marcy Judd Catherine Hungerford Marino Joan Essig Rouse Kimberly Case Wallis TEXAS TECH Susanne Shinall Kendall Lynn Beamenl Tuer Patrice Harrison Schoonmaker Martha Warren Warner HERTAGE ssoo-999 Jill Kennedy Margaret Smith White M. Maude Saunders Sharp Miriam Croley Watson Marijann Forrest Holmes Melanie Strawn Lake Joan Williams Deborah Heaberlin Smith Marie Snodgrass Wentsch Margaret O'Connell Land Mary MacLeod Wilson Ellen Ardery Stoianoff Marjorie Sinclair Werleio KEY $ Sue Scovell Lavender Rene Aubry Vandiver Jane Dunkle White Courtney Hubbard DiGiovanni Wanda Jennings Martin FRENDS $1-99 Jane Skinner Webb Jenifer Sugg White Lynn Benton Forbess Cynthia Grimes Manson Margaret Horning Aitchison Anna Whitehead Vicki Lafille Gay Barbara While Mayes Beverley Williamson Banting FRENDS s1-99 Mary Lou Myers Wiggins Virginia Roberts Van Stavern Mary McClellan Shirley Pills Bellamy Katherine Sharp Alice Nitschke Wilder Sa lly Smith Whittington Stephanie Murphy McCollum Donnie Godwin Bringle Mabel Hochenedel Allen Brenda Bland Willson Karen Lantz McCrary Eve lyn Vi1.zard Brown Suzanne Allgair Deborah Merrill Willson LOYALTY s1o0-249 Stephanie Carter McMullen Mary Walker Cageorge Tara Auclair Margaret Scarbrough Wilson Virginia Hays Abiassi Jane Weiss McSpadden Nancy Cannon Joan Durland Benjamin Mary Renshaw Wofford Peggy Ackerman Audrey Young Miller Elizabeth Kennedy Clarry Barbara delvalle Carr Sarah Norman Wood Tommye Brown Arbuckle Rebecca Cardwell Minkel Ruth Baldwin Cole Susan Story Calor Elise Frazier Woodward Stacy Peteel Barry Patricia Cox Mints Elizabeth Duncan Colter Clarissa Walker Chandler Sharon Brown Wynne Kaye Smith Berry Ellen Barton Morrison M. Jean MacWhirler Cranston Patricia Doerries Cleeland Rebecca Foster Yow Karen Kirkpatrick Bocast Betsy Walker Neinast Ruth Frisby Curran Ann Collins Phyllis Reed Davis Jennifer Lam Nelson Marion Smith Davey Melanie Aikman Crump TEXASA&M Debra Bailey DeGroff Marguerite Clark Davis Christina Ogden Cullison KEY $ Eleanor Forgey Glazener Dorothy Smith Findlay Elizabeth Gellatly Czerwinski Shannon Wilson CaUewart Cecila Carter Hardin Janie Church Fleetwood-Morrow Joyce Jeppe Dabezies Susan Goering Hill Heather Fox Fuller Linda Hines DePoy "Rose McGill WYALTY swo-249 Marcie Kirkpatrick Adele Gillespie Lorna lie mann Don atone Jan "!brash Beckman Constance Sherley Lane confidential aid Beverly Minhinnick Graham Susan Taylor Duane Stephanie Cain Sheila Pinson May Natascha Hamilton Rebel Story Dugan Renne Faulconer Donna Newsom Ridgway truly is a life link Marion Hanna Elizabeth Durland Dupont Ronda Gillum Fitzgerald Carolyn Byrd Simpson Barbara Dunford Henderson Judith Woodall Dye Holly Hewell Judy Chase Webb to our Kappa sisters F. Marguerite Hill Margaret Bradley Ellis Allison Merrill Kathleen Webb Weiss Margaret Hincks Fairfax Fullerton Fair Virginia VanHardeveld Porrata Glenna Shinn Wylie in need." Page 15 Elizabeth Scroggie Joy Sybil Mulhs Favrot Anne Stauch Janet Logan Lint Frances Woolf Fowler FRENDS $1-99 L.J. MacMillan Jane Pharr Gage FRENDS s1-99 Kristin Niemants Albright Edith Slemin Misener Katherine Gage Lisa Brooks Albright Laura Jones Alvarado Barbara Trent Morris Gretchen Gardner Marcia Brown Allen Sally While Andrews Susan Boone Perrin Juliet Duncan Nicholson Elizabeth Harlan Garvey Suzanne Lamberty Austin Christal Aycock Micca Chapman Pirlle Kathleen Dunne Oakes Niceue Gensler Goodier Cynthia Nentwich Bartz Betty Lindsey Baker* Kendall Martin Pretzer Marjorie Dawe Ranck Joan Arbour Grant Julie Ca rr Bateman Caniillia Carter Baker Karen Conger Prickett Betty-Glen Taylor Rowe Rita Greeley Rachel Bergstrom Robin Anderson Becker Sandra Pickens Puck in Sue Russell Maya G upta Susan Stephens Brooks Suzanne Grobowsky Blake Mary Munn Putman Gail Adams Sandercock Elizabeth Bland Harlan Katie Cokinos Shannon Alborn Bohny Karen Rooker Rachal Joy Dunbam Smith Althea Harlin Suzanne Colbert Christina Buquoi Margaret Griffith Rawls Sarah Jane Twomey Nan Heard Amy Cowley Sharon Smith Burum Julie Bridgman Roper Deborah Mills Wahlen Louise Corrigan Heebe Julie Cowley Hollye Hammond Campbell Janis Plumlee Rothwell Marjorie Schuch Werry Julia Garrett Heinrichs Ju.lie Higginbotham Cunningham Cynthia Willoughby Cantwell Diana Harbert Ryan Margaret McLeod Hendren Melinda Daggeu Bonnie Kearby Carpenter Patricia Klunder Sage TRNTY Paula Douglass Hill Lisha Henkhaus Dennis Maryln Jones Cherry Georgeann Davis Scott WYALTY S Kristen Jones Holland Hillary Rittenhouse Domter Mary Clarkson Clark Janelle Oblenbusch Shaud Alisa Coren Norris Eve Lawler Hood Elizabeth Jordan Dwyer Phyllis Boyd Clark Darla Rose Skelton Cynthia Woosnam Tracey Brice Howard Kelly ngram Godfrey H. Brianna Marsh Cobb Marilynn Wright Slough Jean McGregor Jacobs Carol Mueller Gruen Donna Schulz Cook Janis Johnson Speannan FRENDS s1-99 Elizabeth Cutting Jahncke Heather Haglund Paula Harnden Coulter Jane Howe Szalkowski Dana Morris Bienkowski Caroline Jones Ann Gelber Harwood Sally Peeler Dick Karen Rucks Tabone Allison Brown Helen Barkerding Kammer Nancy Jumper Herde Rhonda Dill Jennifer Kennedy Talley Katherine Klein Burdge Bridget Kelly Ann Tobin Hevenor Aimee Brcnnig D odson Laura Graves Elizabeth Clifford Coan Susan Smith Kimball Candace Hill Sandra Hamilton D outhitt Melody McNeil Tarrillion Karen lsgur Amelia Craig Lane Lisa Williams Hluza Joan Roberts Downey Jan Smith Taylor Maureen Hughes McAloon Grace Parker Lecorgne Brenda Goldsmith Hocou Jane Moser Drum Jane Templer Joanne Matzen Mohrman Susan Mersman Loker Angela Payne Hoermann Carolyn Durkee Ruby Weatherred lbompson Jennifer Murphy Faith Pe nnebaker MacKanees Janel Kimball Kelly Rev. Celina Roberts Engle Price Sara King Tork Mary Beth Parker Sue Mann Kelly Ebrom Kennedy Laura English Catherine Hunsucker Tuggle Elizabeth Rully Schruender Cbarloue Smith Marshall Otri lie Le Febvre Julie Conger Enis Mary Barlow Varner Jennifer Schultz Madelaine Moser Malleson Lauri Parigi Leggett Helen Willis Franklin Kcllye White Waldrop Rachel Kroh Shook Eugenic Everell McCloskey Elizabeth Lust Beverly Jones Franzen Lydia Welshimer Lisa Weinberger Alice Akins McKnight Mandy Marsh Mary Hill Gipson Toni Banni ter \Vessley Jennifer Zicdonjs Eleanor Dixon McPhillips Laura Matteson Patricia Clover Gobble Christy Olsen White Gwynne McQuil.kin Valerie Maxwe l.l Linda Storm Golden Alice relan Whittington TULANE Alida Clark Melancon Susan Woelfel Moskal Linda Weber Greene Jennifer Nesbitt Wilford HERTAGE S Patricia Reilly Miles Rhonda eben Kathryn Flechtncr Gressell Sherrea Bell Wilson Allison Miller Brandt Kathryn Bell Miller Cheryl 'ourse Penny \Vhite Gressett Anne Bentley Worsham Jennifer Jackson Moss Carolyn Phillips Carolyn Howard Griffin Kathryn Williams Yarbrough Sara Hall elson

59 Margaret Newell Nichols* Therese Dunn Detrich Kimberly Rountree Lien Dorothy Hughes Mattiessen Evemarie Bay Reighard Susan Templeton O'Brien Anne Sisler Downing Lynn Brown Little Joy Franich Maze Catherine Riley Bronson Clayton Oosterhuis Carolyn Ely Downs Virginia Arnold Maclean Carlin Waste McCarthy Elika Sosnick Rosenbaum Margaret McLaurin Peacock June Arnold Egan Barbara Erro Marsella Clerimond Haug McDaniel Cindy Shishmanian Saavedra Sara Woods Perper Carolyn Potts Fischer Terry Perrin Miller Karen Wiele McGrouther Karen Schumann Gladney Shell Peyton Patricia Taylor Glascott Jane Moore Mock Lucinda Merrill Libby Sillesen Suzanne Haydon Phares Caroline Taylor Griesemer Laurie Cockburn Morrison Betty Sibbald Miller Margaret Snow Euphemia Tobin Phelps Patricia Washburn Gunby Nancy Gwerder Newell Nancy Shurtleff Miller Jane Goodrich Snowden Stacey Postell Norma Spriggs Hampton Diantha Miller Niles Kathryn Opdyke Morris Jennifer Thompson Louise Peterman Prosser Margaret Campbell Harris Marianne Hammond Peterson Laurie Atterbury Morrison Lianne Updike Pamela Pryor Elizabeth Hinderliter Hughes Roberta Stevenson Plummer Eleanor Graupner Mosden Shanna Walker Karen Ristad Puchner Lynn Davis Jackson Karen Strycker Roth Karen Norris Dana King Wark M. Sylvia Brown Putnam Judy Culp James Margaret Jenson Scrofani Kay Sutton Onderdonk Linda Fisher Reese Adrienne Bird Jamieson Eleanor Wishard Sexton Phyllis Greenlee Oppenheimer UCRVNE Jennifer Reichenbach Stephanie Gunther Jenkins Elizabeth Hamilton Shurtleff Maureen Orth LOYALTY Elizabeth Friedt Rinella Brenda Jones Lisa Rogers Smoot Jill Meyer Pasichuke Tammy Stoner Braun Julie Riven Mary Kelley Erin Biggs Van der Zee Jane Rodman Patterson AmyMiya Judy Treppendahl Robinson Beth KJadar Kelly Betty Oppenheimer Whelden Janis Stoops Poropat Sandra Heaberlin Saalfield Julie Eubanks Kelly Jeryme Carthew Potter FRENDS $1-99 Marjorie Marchal Sanders Dawn DeCost Landes FRENDS s1-99 Mary Metheny Pries Darcy Anderson Marjorie Watson Schwartz Judy Marlow McCormack Janet Watson Adams Leslie Madeira Quist Anita Arvizu Shelley Scott Rita Shepherd Mesec Martha Abrams Bacon Lesle Rea Anna Basile Ellen Seideman Karen Keplinger Mildren Julie Patton Barker Mary Bragg Ricksen Susan Cross Susan Madison Shackleford* Melanie Miller Mary Barnum Tamara Rippon Lisa Gondek Deseran Cindy Shapiro Callie Anderson Mitchell Denise Coonan Bates Bree Robertson Karen Drews Winnifred Miller Sheets Paula Brinkley Moore Jennifer Baus Mary Surprenant Robison Melanie Fontanosa Mary Baldwin Smith Patricia Coulter Mundy Edith de Fremery Beach Helen Roeth Diane Volpp-Garcia Patricia Land Stevens Ruth Anne Murray Margaret Maze Behr Abigail Scott Bridget Melinda Gergens Louise Stewart June Hudson Owens Carol Tracy Bennett Diane Gwerder Siegel Cynthia Seaman Guttenplan Robin Dearmas Terrebonne Mandy Patterson Betty Farnum Blackaller Carolyn Snorf Rachel Hess Carolyn Gelbke Thalheiro Jean M ~y hew Peters Lori Border Lisa Solomon Gisela Wiebach Hillyer Carolyn Wilbert lhibaut Sarah Alvoid Pollack Marilyn Moore Boring Anne Ristenpart Soule Barbara Dow Kurdziel Sidonie Scott Thomas Julie Flint Pringle Helen Bragg Breck Elizabeth Murphy Stauffer Lisa LeBlanc Susan Clark Thompson Karen Mcintyre Rice Virginia Ricksen Bruzzone Christina Brinkman Stephens Anna Lee Anita Rea Toler Jean Jarman Roberts Ruth Whitaker Bryan Virginia Oliver Stevens Jean Hornby Lyon Deborah Veerling Leigh Ann Runyan Janet Clifton Byington Nancy Haven Stewart da Marcoulides Martha Bond Walker Susan Stubbers Scully Phyllis Bell Carmichael Blair Walker Stratford Karen Price Nikas Natalie Walker Watters Cynthia Hodgson Sloan Ann Prentiss Carpy Lynda Drennan Swenson Rosemarie Roth Judith Jones Werner Robyn Litzsinger Sobo Jean Kirkwood Casey Mary Swift Samantha Soma Margaret Hill Wertz Heidi Speakes Jean Rawlings Chickering Lisa Tabak Rebecca Sumrow Dorcas Hollingsworth Wiedemann Carolyn Stitt Spurgeon Jodie Chusid Gingee Molina Thompson Julia Forslund Sword Elizabeth Morris Williams Mary Halladay Strickland Stephanie Clark Sally Milbank Thomson Ann Vertson Bennett Bell Williams Jean Fussner Sullivan Janet Watson Collom Suzanne Thorp Laura Whitney Williams Priscilla Carter Tate Deana Connell Anne Cordingly Tickner UC RiVERSDE Eleanor Eustis Young Susan McDannold Tatham Diane Atterbury Connor Margaret Polglase Tormey LOYALTY s1o0-249 Ana Williams Zander Elizabeth Semple Taylor* Diane Smith Cooke Katrine Watson Karen Karabin Sanderson Mary Hudgens Taylor Patricia Corley Cruickshank Jane Weismann TULSA Sigrid Spencer Thoem Jane Harvey Curran Nancy Scherba Whelan FRENDS s1-99 KEY s Marisue Meyer Vanzant Frances Princelau Dixon Mary Cunningham White Amber Beardsley Shirley Swan Jorden Graham Vilas Jane Dowley Georgia Korbel Wood Michelle Rkh Beresford Jan Butler McNatt Linda Olivo Wagner Judith Stadelman Duque Barbara Bellamy Wright Carrie Brumell Carlson Cadijah Helmerich Pallerson Elsa Wan tuck Joan Franich Filice Kristen Cooper Jane Robison Weinman Molly Mot! Forgy UCDAVS Joanna Dyrr WYALTY Mary Sample Whitaker Ann Began Furman KEY Melissa Goulet Virginia Latting Bayless Mary Fenn Whiteford Janet Pugh Gaither Cynthia Stauffer Julie Heldwein Suzanne Chapman Cole Denise Jaqua Whitman Antonina Gariaeff Stacey Herrmann Sandra Newell Frick Cynthia Pinney Garvey WYALTY , Meredith Hutcheson Julie Howell Gallimore UC BERKELEY Leigh Goldsmith Kristine Reich Berman Shelby Jones Nancy Dreyer Kacius KEY Anne Metheny Gosling Jennifer Blanchard Billow Michelle Newcome Lollis Sally Zumwalt King Janet Hughes Angell Janelle Okulski Grimes Rachel Sctmeider Hurd Paula Penney Roxana Rozsa Lorton Marion Peterson Avery Margaret Hawkins Gunderson Cecilia Kothny Person Michelle Price Patricia Kohn Martin Jean Gerlinger Doyle Fredricka Trutner Hansen Denise Rugani Karen Reinhardt Ann Lamkin Morris Marjorie Andrews Livingston Margaret Mason Hansen Carolyn Alyanakian Smith Kimberly Sharp Sheryl Purvis Marjorie Peel Love Jean Campbell Hanson Stephanie Siegel Ann Kirkpatrick Sartin Margaret Gibbons Molarsky Carolan Witter Hass FRENDS s1-99 Rebecca Kunke Smith Barbara Matson 1\vaddle Carol Lawton Pederson Evelyn Hayes Patricia Clemens Baxter Sheri Smith Lezlie Wewers Vlasimsky Sally Holt Smit Marjorie Oliver Hayes Heidi Dettwiller Kristen Scharar Stanton Julia Chick Wattenbarger Suzanne Lake Haynes Lynne Bruner Dodson Charise Stewart Nancy Bostock Whillall WYALTY $ Harriet Walker Henderson Cheryl Doubledee Domay Linda Jenkins-Swift Sally Cook Adams Phyllis Princelau Hjelte Vivienne Jones Drimmer Patricia Tambe FRENDS s1-99 Stacey Case Helen Rankin Holabird Jennifer Dollar Eisenberg M. Andrea Webster Barbara Berkey Allen Lisa Chang Joele Vayssie Horowitz Delores Frye Brenda Yap Joan Stewart Andrews Polly Luchsinger Clark Jane Howell Emily Gest Paulette Young Melissa Callis Barkyoumb Virginia Mordy Crosby Gray Burnham Hynes Holly Grubs Kathy Barr Mary Milbank Cutting* Molly Jacks Catherine Segurson Hashman UCSAN OtEGO Frances Hussey Beck Auban Slay Eisenhardt Joyce Freeborn Jensen Kathryn Hayes LOYALTY swo-249 Marilyn Caldwell Bell Sue McFie Fogarty Gay Rawlins Johnson Heidi Grueninger Healy Christine Abernathy Laura Thornton Bloomfield Barbara Johnston Ford Karen Lie Johnson Clare Frohnen Hiatt Jennifer Jones Bullock Cornelia Foster Mary Burns Kanoff Heidi Hofer FRENDS s1-99 Dorothy Johnson Bu sman Karen Hoffman Gilhuly Susan Schultz Katibah Kathleen Jones Jill Lifschiz Ater Nanci Thomas Calderwood Sandra Diepenbrock Grady Jean Eltioll Koch Kathryn Brown Kelly Lawrel Aufmuth Dinny Texter Callahan Ann AmlStrong Guild Marcia McNeill Libby Adrienne Kolowicb Branden Barnes Connie Chapman Sally Logan Hunter Pilar Adams Logan Emily Langdon Allison Booth Sharon Jones Coffman Patricia Standish Jacobson Syida Long Marianne FrizeiJ Mansour Barbara Sherrod Currie Felicia Henderson Cogan Phyllis Hills Jayred Elizabeth Rogers Losey Kristin Myers Martin Ellen Geminder Barbara Sterr Cooke Susanne Carson Jessen Ryan MacDonnell Lisa Miller Elizabeth Graham da Dunkin Cooke Linda Bailey Keene Alexandra Mandado Ramey Mitchell Miller Ann Gregory usan Dahlmer Crum Mary Heath Keesling Susan Robbins Marchant Alexandra Pezzi Caroline Jones Lisa Daniel Ormond Snook Lamson Eleanor Eckart Matteson Elizabeth Raiser Counenay Reed Jory

60 Anne Kieselbacb Nicole Morita Brandyn O'Gorman Ashlie Ringel Katy Buckles Simpson Lisa Willet uc SANTA BARBARA FRENDS Jennifer Paoli Alexander Holly McGill Andersen Susan White Bagdasarian Maureen Bakey Elizabeth Bonforte Susan Brennan Keri Brewster Stacey Erickson Marilyn Fay Kristin Rasich Fox Susanne Saporito lmmell Rebecca Kampe Holly King Jessica Haines Mann Devi Nathan Laura Nichols Kori Shintaku Joey Singman Carol Avey Smith Francesca Spano Heather Vaughan Steele Susan DiPietro Strickler Beth Tarzynski UCLA KEY $ Betty Martin Axline ris Lytle Ballew Charlanne Swanson Chenoweth Valerie Hanrahan Hickey Joan Sherry Miller Marilyn Rickert O'Rourke Elizabeth Winston Wyman LOYALTY stoo-249 Elizabeth Banning Ames Katherine Kennicott Bailey Judy Goss Bergman Theresa VonHagen Bucher Janet Anderson Butler Beverly Brown Carmichael Helen Mayer Cluistie Donna Frost Cohen Carol Leonard Collins da Lloyd Crotty Julia Dahlberg Frances Andrews Dillingham Charleen Voorhees Dunn Jane Enright Farwell Marcia Blanke Fitzgerald Helen Gilbert Fowler Margery Pulliam Gilchrist Lynda Rue Halfyard Barbara Fowler Holland PhyUis Dockeray Jameson Ellen Kirkbride Kaidanow Edith Huber Lapham Drusilla Davidson Lawton Angela Rains Light Kate Ridgway Luppen Joan Peterson Lynch Carrie Breyer McFie Julie McMillan Elizabeth Houghton Nes Beatrice Standish Oswald Robin Cleary Parsky Betty Morgan Renick Dolores McManus Rogers Janet Kitselman Rose Norma McLellan Sinton Susan Terry Taylor Lisa Temple Nancy Dowling Tookey Diana Millholland Townsley Lulu Lloyd VonHagen Carole Knaul Williams Wendy Wilson FRENDS s1-99 Barbara Henrie Abel Mary Seitz Adams Christine Quimby Atkinson Dee Porter Bagdasarian Judy Lawry Ball Kathleen Brennan Barndt Jean Bartel Betty Bernard Flora Morison Biby Joanne VanMatre Bowker AJice Schwab Boyer Mary Adams Brown Virginia Brown Mary Doll Chelius ToP TEN PROJECT 2000 FuNos* Christine Haugan Cooper Lisa Cosmas Lucile Fairbanks Crump Cornelia Daly Amy DeAmicis Tracy DeAmicis Ann Dawson Dobson Patricia Whittemore Dodson Karen O' Brien Duncan Marjorie Leeds Edwards Ruth Nugent Ellis Madonna Fernandez-Frackelton Angela Francisco Jacqueline McLaughlin Franks Kathleen Brodersen Gardner Robin Maguire Gates Carla Hultgren Gaustad Stacey Storm Gessert Joan Karb Gillette Elizabeth Rogers Glad Lynn Carlos Haffner Darci Mueller Haigh Catherine Case Hall MaryJane Lynch Hanson Dorothy McLester Harper Sally Jacobus Harte Barbara Rickert Harty Gretchen Larimer Havens Betty Hubbard Heasley Emily Mitchell Heller Blythe Henry Evelyn Temple Hood Shirley Ebert Horn Elna Hubbell Marion Willaman Hughes Suzanne Cooper Hunter Glenn Candy Janss Susan Jennings Miriam Leeds Johns Dorothy Hamilton Jones Christie Karicofe Michele Katz Elizabeth Passavant Kaufmann Linda Boller Keithley Anne Sherwood Kelley Hope Sterling Kelly Kristin Conroy Kemeny Nancy Peterson Kogevinas Logan Krogh Martha Lipinski Lawrence Kimberly Kral Leonard Project 2000 is a program in which individual chapters and alumnae organizations have agreed to raise $10,000 by the year 2000 in order to endow an undergraduate scholarship. Congratulations are extended to the five chapters that are fully funded(*), and to the five that have raised $6,000- $9,000 and will certainly attain their goal by the year *P \ UC - Berkeley *DELTA KAPPA, Miami *BETA X, Texas *BETA ZETA, owa *KAPPA, Hillsdale BETA Mu, Colorado GAMMA THETA, Drake Beta Province EPSLON DELTA, Arizona EPSLON RHo, Texas A & M $42,386 $18,370 $12,431 $11,975 $10,875 $9,101 $8,843 $7,179 $6,564 $6,108 *Gifts received after September 9, 1996, and interest on gifts received after june 30, 1996 are not included in these totals. Sandra Beesley livingston Anne London Deborah Lewis Lutz Lucile Hooton Lynch Lisa Martinez Marisel Garcia Mayers Shelley Hollenbeck McGee Diane McKay Lori Livingston McKay Ann Young McKinley Ann Grapperhaus McLaughlin M Johnson MeN air Ann Pulliam McWethy Shirlee Perry Mizer Sheri Gosliner Mowbray Catherine Voigt Moyne Elizabeth Melius Mullin Shelby Hunsinger Myers Roslyn Reps Nelson Erin O'Neal Teri Grossman Ostwald Jane Bouton Penniall Mary Bressi Persic Marianne Dexter Pierce Janet Crump Pyle Sarah Ranier Betty Reeves Stacy Evans Richardson Virginia Horrell Rookus Melinda Rubenstein Sherry Rumold Lynn Healey Scaduto Ann Baumgartner Schneider Sondra Coontz Scott Adelle Brown Slater Delight Slotemaker De Bruine Amy Sneed Barbara Mahoney Spielberg Suzanne Simone Stavert Ashley Stowell Josephine Branham Sweeney Susan Armstrong Terramorse Sylvia Kittell Thayer Cynthia Henry Thielen Donna Titus Orian Smith Tolton Shannon Toomey Christina Britt Torcasso Anne McKeown Uetz Marsha Stoops Vifquain Katheryne Brown Wall Rebecca Smith Walsh Frances Austin Ward Jennifer Wayman AJice Wheaton Anne Young Wiedenmann Barbara Barsch Williams Margot Stratton Wilson Sandra Schildmeyer Wing Elizabeth Clough Worthington Kristin Marvin Yeager Mary Pabst Young Kathryn VanMyers Zimmerman Kimberly Ziropoulos UTAH HERTAGE Lavon Crane LaSalle KEY S Nancy Lipman Giles Margaret Gloe McHugh Vera Ray Wiesley Kathryn Carpenter Wiita LOYALTY stoo-249 Virginia Covey Cawley Susan Watts Crawford Donna Berrier Desrosiers Joan Bennett Flrmage Kisa Hurtt Harris Sandra Felt Haughey Ruth Paulsen Hyson Mary Jensen Kay Pierpont Kane Linda Leaver Eleanor Wherry Lewis Nancy Parry Cherry Moslander Ridges Julianne Sheldon Sheehan Virginia Matheson Spooner* Edna Runswick Taylor June Harris Whittaker FRENDS S1-99 Elaine McKibben Adams Shauna McLatchy Adix Julie Cuthbert Allen Margaret White Banister Phyllis Davies Bannon Jeannette Beers Barker Mary Thomas Bell Nanette Jackson Benowitz Emily Neff Bernard Bernice Harris Best Flora Blattner Susan Ridges Bollinger Carol Anderson Brown Sarah Brown Patricia Ridges Broyles Susan Burdett Maxine Cannon Bums Laura Thffli Carruth Linda Cowley Clark Barbara Snyder Colton Tanya Kirkham Coty Patricia Beckstead Cowley Leslie McGinn Daniele June Geer Droubay Eudora Widtsoe Durham* Christine Anderson Fairclough Ruth Andrews Feeny Pauline Devine Felt Betty Stiver Ford Joan Garvey Elizabeth Grantham Nicolle Gregory Gayle Pyke Griffith Jennifer Haughey Joan Barber Hayes Sandra Hayward Marilyn Stayner Heitzman Judith Waters Higginson Adrienne Hinkle Claudia Mitten Hon June Straw Horsley Carolyn McFarland Hunter Jan Jepsen Cynthia Murdock Kaufrr.ann Pamela Farrell Keller Marilyn Lindsay Lorna Higgs Matheson Robin Campbell McCabe Ann Mcintire M. Carrol Robinson Newcomb Mary Kennedy Norgren Patricia Chytraus Ochi Virginia Smith Parks Margaret Palmer Peterson Phyllis Burbidge Pingree Kimberley Puttuck Rhonda Rougelot Quinn Jean Kirtley Roberts Kristen Robertson Etta Cowles Rose Louise Ramsey Shields Lisa Overmoe Shumny Helen Taggart Smith Ester Stevenson Sneddon Pamela Paulos Strike Mari Jennings Todd Faye Farmer Thmer Ethelyn lindsay Ward Catherine Watkins Barbara Wilson Watson Beverlee Nielson Williams Kathryn Kelly Wmterbotbam Lydia Jackson Zeidner VANDERBLT WYALTY Stoo-249 Sheryl Kroeger Austin Abigail Booth Curvino Nancy Wells Finnerty Elizabeth Goodwin Deborah Osborne Holtsclaw Sarah Raup Johnson Deborah Dukes Plenner

61 Sandra Rowe Christina Profico Dayna Tischler Mariane Etter Bailey Linda Langsdorf Johnson Catherine Storey Sharp Michelle Rattigan Elizabeth Walke Galen Buckley Barnes Karla Porter Jones Christine Sciarappa Rice Jenny Yun Mary Gruber Basham Ann Maloney Kaminske FRENDS $1 99 Helen Crimmins Rosica Jane Kruse Bauer Sunny Farmer Kaynor Cynthia Hall Aubrey Stacey Rozzi WAKE FOREST Becky Beard Biji Freeman Keigley Anne Bachman Jacqueline Sheahan FRENDS s1-99 Joan Ostrom Beasley Helen Keith Tristan Nightingale Bateman Debra Sokolowski Silverman Mary Baker Porchey Margaret Smith Benedict Kathryn Hocker Keith Stephanie Lucas Bautista Marissa Simone K. Alyssa Berg Mildred lves Klopfenstein Kathy Blackbird Deborah Sommer WASHNGTON Michelle Bielski Jean Sandberg Kolb Ellen Cleaveland Lisa Teevan HERTAGE $ Stacy Underwood Bjamason Jean Link Kraft Mary Coleman Brittney Elzy Vincent Janet Kraft Corbin Nancy Bjurstrom Loree Henderson Krieves Sandra Davenport Patsy Gray Nancy Lear Bligh Pamela Rauscher Krug Elizabeth Ritter Evans VRGNA Jeanne Fisher Jones Sally Spring Bloom Sharon Hogue Larson Amy Feinman KEY $ Harriet Anthony Botelho Diana Lennox Latta Lara Foerster Virginia Kock KEY $ Helen Kantner Brown Marylee Rose Lecocq Katherine Breckinridge Graham Elizabeth Meyer Patricia Sutherland Carver Belva Harris Bundy Katherine Hughes Lee Jane Greenwood LOYALTY S Mary-Lou Minor Kravik Susan Hoffman Buratto Carla Elbert Lewis Suzanne Rice Hamilton True McGowin Nicolson Marie Robertson Larabie Gloria Geisert Burch Mary Knapp Lockert Jennifer Hoepner Janet Verklin Reed Susan Spring Parrish Helen Brownell Calhoun Patricia McDonald Lodge Ann Griffith Hughes Mary Price Evelyn Case Callow Ruth Brownell Lombard Elizabeth Hughes FRENDS S-99 Mary Todd-McGinnis Kelly Cammett Lo uise Clarke Lovsted Brooke Benson Huntress Barkley Abbott Ruthadele Hedgcock Campbell Sally Proctor Luplow Anne Fortson Jenkins Karen Clarke Barnes LOYALTY $1o0-249 Marillyn Stevenson Carlton Cheryl Latimer MacDonald Cheri Graham Jones Alison Black Blevins Shirley Krehbiel Appy Judith Judson Carroll Frances Herb MacPhee Elizabeth Guthrie Kinney Susan Oberhelman Cohen Jane Uhlmann Backeberg Karen Hansen Case Kari Rowley Magill Elizabeth Jackson LaMaster St. Clare Crosswell Shirley Hawkins Beasley Deana Barth Cheek Carole Muirhead Makinney Janna Lowe Allison De Frees Elizabeth Smith Black Cynthia Bartol Chuta Millicent Johnson Martine Danforth Brown Matthews Mary Conroy Delouche Helen Meisnest Black Patricia Howard Clarke Christine Lecocq McCullough Mary McCarthy McGuire Cher Di Cerbo Marjorie Black Bloxom Dorothy Pattullo Clizbe* Milaine Jones McGoldrick Carolyn Bohne McKee Amanda Johannes DiRienz Holly Sherwood Bacchi Betty Paxton Condon Keelan Kelly McNamee Mary Kay Scott Monahan Martha Pollard Easton Heather Williams Brandt Jean He tberton Conner Elizabeth Meyer Lisa Bowers Murray Jane Ray Halpin Mary Judson Brannon Suzanne Bartholet Conrad Diana Gardner Morelli Karen Nalle Cecile Burleigh Harper Petie Plagemann Brown Eleen a Torrance Croyle Eleanor Colwell Morton Janice Stelljes Naumann Elizabeth Kane Dorothy King Byers Carol Powell Davis Karly Nakamura Elisabeth King Nichols Elizabeth O'Brien Kendall Karmen Kil tz Cadwell Joyce Lehan Day Nancy Jones Nash Ann Marie Deer Owens Leslie Simmons Lehman biane Link Calvert Ann DeFabio Judith Giles Nettles Jennifer Pennington Margaret Lewis Carol Cansdale Karen Nederlee Dennis Marilyn Wilson Newland Diana Deeds Quinn Katherine Magnuson Elvira Griggs Cardin Roberta Clodfelter Deporter Georgia Manchester Newton Cary-Elisa Briggle Rubarts Virginia Massie Yvette Van Voorhees Casey Nancy Walters Deturk Jill Strecker-Noble Martha Badger Smith Kathleen McHugh Josephine Lane Collins Amy Ulfwengren Dinsmore Anne Nielsen O'Connell Bridget Roche Snelling Mary Murphy Mary Moody Denman Carey Amick Dondero Jean Blair O'Neill Meredith Steinfeld Carolyn Bodie O'Keefe Diane Johnson Douglass Elsie Hadley Donnelly Alice Hail Oslund Bonnie Bridgewater Stewart Beth Bickley Reagan Virginia Varnell Dunn Cynthia Tupper Doran Julie Parker Molly Klekamp Tassone Margaret Young Reynolds SaraMae Peterson Eckstein Diane Ross Doughty Harriett McCord Pattison Geneve Telfer Barry Kilbourn Salisbury Mary Middlestate Edmark Cristina Kapela Dugoni Patricia Miller Priest Suzanne Waddell Frances Overby Sarrett Jane Stocker Evans Harriett Tibbals Dunlap Jeanne Barto Pritchard Jennifer Wheeler Laura Carpenter Sheehan Valerie Ellis Fleming Marguerite Arnold Dupree Kirsten Prochnau Dana Wilkerson Abbie Story Sally Taylor Foster Jean Baird Dutton Marcia Ke ller Proctor Carol Cathey Williams Ellen Stuart Jean Smith Gocka Star Sanborn Eby Teresa Purcell Gail Graves Wood Gabrielle Vaillancourt Jane Rafter Gordan Patricia Edgerton Claire Thompson Raaum Stacey Emerson Wright Joann Barton Vaughan Martha Harrison Goulter Lynn Nicholson Elmore Jennifer Raby Mary Vogt Yanta Christine Burins Voss Joanne Kraus Hansen Madeline Burgess Erickson Mary Gardner Rehnberg Lynn Young der Daas Polly Warren Martha Rose Roebke Hedgcock Betty Hausmann Ferguson Mary Stockstill Reich Blair Gibbs White Joanne Munro Horton Marijane Argue Flinn Beth Rembold VERMONT vy Wilroy Katherine Colwell Howard Dorothy Thomson Flint Maryann Riel FRENDS S-99 Tracy Yoars Karen Koon Cheryl McDonald Ford Jody Bowman Riley Carolyn Baltz Kay Smith Larson Barbra Franklin Mary Finerer Ristine Deborah Dyson VRGNA TECH Helen Grimes Lundeen Nadine Willard Gaiser Joan Kronenberg Robbins Monica GaHagan LOYALTY S1o0-249 Jayne Seastrom Lytle Janna Johnson Gardner Judith Delsman Robinson Kelli Harris Angela Liu Evalyn Colvin McLean Theodora Bravakis Gibbon Maygan Ross Joanna Kurtz ngalls Elizabeth Soong JoKing Mills Teresa Girolami Ka yley R unstad Linda Girvin Keeney Laura Tessier Mary McCabe O'Connell Beth Bryce Glover Patricia Davis Sauers Carmen Crocker Mincy Merigold Bolton Paul Norma Scherenzel Golobic Joan Harris Savidge Laura Moylan FRENDS S-99 Mary Clifford Poland Jean Colwell Goodfellow Mary Kauffman Schepman Heidi Savela Nelson Kimberley Kail Armentrout Nancy Collins Reid Janet Card Graetz Lana Yount Schmid Lynn Gifford Pansen Ashley Hanchey Bigelow Martha Baker Russell Anne Unbewust Graham Deborah Rossiter Schulte Stacey Komara Principe Kara Caiazzo Jennifer Simchuk Dana Buzbee Gray Lisa Sferra Barbara Rezza Allison Crouch Kathryn Lagasa Skinner sabel Henderson Griggs Nancy Scudder Short Sharon Rhode Jane Czaja Louise Franzheim Sloneker Virginia Goss Hale Susan Scroggs Simmons Dawn Daniel Ann Blake Snyder Marie Stone Hamilton Betty Reifel Smith VLLANOVA Carmen Teresa Donohue Diane Cassill Stanhope Cris Crisler Harrington A nn Huston Snow LOYALTY SJoo-249 Paula Gerbracht Ellwood Carol Johnson Starr Susan Russell Harris Colleen Sweeney Bernadette Mannix Beverly Rollins Geary Helen Andres Ste iner Priscilla Gage Hartman Jillian Camp Sparkes Denise "l)tson Missoura Spady Goldberg Rosemary Van Arsdel Deborah Miller Hayes Susan Dinbam Stevenson Caroline Gates Mary Williams Wilson Phyllis Graham Hazelwood Emma Hansen Still FRENDS St-99 Stephanie Hardwick Jane King Hensel Lily Kennedy Stollwerck Jana Avellino Laura Heller FRENDS $1 99 Kathryn Funk Hensey Laura Brewer Targetl Michelle Callegari Lisa Kuniyoshi Maureen Mickelson Adgar Geraldine Krum Higgins Dolores Brainerd Tarte Grace Chun Dawn Holladay Major Barbara Fischer Agnew Mary Garretson Hildebrand Charlotte Hawes Tash Jennifer De Castro Michaelanne McGuire Mary Agnew Joanne Williams Holcomb SusanTraff Pamela Burdett Dougherty Georgia Meyer Barbara Fiander Alavi Jane Emerson Holland Jennie Treace Stephanie Geesey Jane Mullins Joy Peterson Albi K.Stacy Boynton Holland Marsha Patrick Thohy Courtney Bova Hill Gina Pieruccioni Priscilla Magill Alsip Ruth Griffin Horgan Carole Newman Walker Laura Dies! Hoy Tyler Reemelin Ellyn Parks Anderson Margaret Schafer Hoyle Nancy Goodfellow Walker S3ndra Krocncke Susan Robeson Frances Hedges Anderson Keonaona Sborett Hunsaker Wanda Wolff Walker Kimberly Mahan Cynthia Samuels Margie Goff Anderson Lori Hunter Marjorie Nelson Walske Kristina Menzel Karen Shea Virginia \Vinslow Andrews Margaret Price Hutchinson Laura Watters Jennifer Milone Laurel Sidell Sandra Sugg Arce Betty Doud Hyde Janice Mcintyre Werle Jeaneen aughton Sally Stengel Mary Richards Arnold Mary Mcllravy James Megan Wikstrom

62 Barbara Bonnell Williams Catherine Bells Williams Marianne Winter Virginia Baker Woolf Margaret Hellieson Wright Brooke Zueck Susan Mullin Zwiers WASHNGTON & JEFFERSON KEY $ Beverly George Barncord WYALTY S1o0-249 Ann Cogneni FRENDS $1 99 Adrian Abate Rori Broggi Tammy Cline Melissa Webber Cook Juliann Fritz Karen Lingner Allison Evanoff Rooney Tara Kern Rose Frances Smith Debra Smith Tallman Lynne Unice Denise Urso Valentina Petrone Van Aken WASHNGTON & LEE FRENDS $1 99 Frances Ascher Christine Champlin Ellen Lewis Gildea Elizabeth Holleman Valerie Shannon Ann Shaughnessy WASHNGTON STATE HERTAGE $ Jill Bennet! KEY s Lacey Ebbert Mary Kuhlman Hutsinpiller Lee Bundy Peck LOYALTY s1oo-249 Joanne Combes Arnold Eleanor Peterson Bankson Ruth Erickson Carter Susan Clark Ann Fletcher Colvin Sarah Walt Cox Marian Snyder Danforth Yvonne Cunningham Eccles Nancy Gorshe Gayle Taylor Hall Jane Gembolis Haxton Kathleen Bailey rwin Elizabeth Ward Kinley Nancy Peterson Lewis Jacquelyn Horan McDougall Jane Snure Newhall Lenore Albertsen Norwood Sharon Garmo Poulsen Anne Quigg Joan Gammie Re id Harriet Davis Rotz Susan Simpson Sanders Carol Cox Spicer Myra Miller Walter Patricia Boyle Wooten FRENDS $1 99 Linda Burner Augustine Amy Babik Brenda Baker Mary Martine Baldwin Susan McCaw Ball Janet Ellingwood Belmondo Virginia Karshner Berridge Elaine Zedikcr Berry Sheryl Holroyd Bertolin Carol Ann Blazevich Renee Beauchamp Bosco Betty Lee Bradford Linda Lower Bull Jeanene On Burford Margaret Burgess Janie Burma Leslie Lindskog Enid Edgers Carlander Marion Holl Chamberlain Luellen Demoise Charneski Elizabeth Webb Clark Marietla Rowe Clements Colleen Daniel Pamela Adams Dean Peggy Gillespie Deasy Victoria Devine Nina Duggan Dochterrnann Marjorie Culler Donley Lisa Greek Donnellan Dorothy Cunningham Dublirer Kelley Eddy Jerrinne Valiquetle Evenoff Jenise Wolff Falk Bonnie Black Feldenheimer Laura Garretson Fitzgerald Mary Forslund Margaret Andrew Froula Valerie Gillman Fuhs Mary Masemore Giske Janet Wolters Gottfredson Jennifer Wilson Gottschalk Catherine saacs Gould Ardythe Bouchelle Green Mary saacson Green Barbara Bouchelle Grondona Stephanie Crum Hagen Venetie Maybin Hagen Patricia Royal Hamilton Evelyn Harting Harsch Susan Heid Helgeson Margaret Henry Theda Lomax Hillman Virginia Bell Hofman Jean Marking Howery Jean Driver Jansen Susan Bacharach Johnson Linda Distler Jones Jill Jorgenson Mary Sands Juckeland Marjorie Kafer-Smith Pamela Follen Karp Teddi Travis Kennedy Shirley Ott Kiehn Marjorie Beckley Killingsworth Anna Scott King Sarah Potter Kingma Lauren Hansen Koshar Bernice Elton Kramer Phyllis LaPointe LaRue Heidi Langley Traci Brooks Lardner Michelle Crum Larson Katherine Bergevin Lasch Betty Anderson Lashua Carolynn Hamilton Leach Patricia Hinton Lindman Aneita White Litchfield Janet Baxter Ludwig Sarah Bengtson Lund Jane McPhail MacKelvie Martha Christoffersen MacMorran Virginia Pembe rton Mainwaring Allison Marker Lisa Weldon Marks Pauline Bowman Mathewson Suzanne Matsen Betsy McDowell Joan LeBrun McNeil Susan Michelsen-Turner Jane Jorgenson Miller Helen Skinner Mitchell Lynne Sullivan Moore Cynthia Thomson Morgan Clare Sloan Morse Jennifer Murdock Vivian Lewis Murphy Jean Kienitz Neils JoAnne Knutson elson Nancy Sampson Nethercutt Dorothy Etter Nicholson Janice Perry Norman Janily Nessen Patrick Mary Groshong Pauley Ruth Brockway Payn Alice Norum Peterson Margaret Lunnum Peterson Nancy Schulte Peterson Elizabeth Pfeiffer Jonnelle Rosman Pierce Timmi Paulson Pracna Margaret McDonald Rawlings Susan Nussbaum Reeb Lori Mitchell Reed Marilyn Jackson Rehn Donna Combes Rico Carol Winslett Rider Susan Knox Rogers Renee Burns Ruchert Susan Kison Scbneidmiller Marjorie Simpson Scott Mary-Maxine Dye Scott Kristin Reep Scroggs Catherine Amundson Searles Dorothy Farrell Simon Jennifer Park Smith Marjorie Edwards Stage Barbara Knutson Stave Christi Stenerson Anna Nolan Sullivan Susan Sullivan Alice Summers Eleanor Charles Swett Marilyn Stocker Tatham Patricia Clapp Thiele Lori Trujillo Marcia Weigelt Tulloss Susanne Wolff VanderHeyden Cindy Mauch Vincent Grace Luther Vogel B. Jean Lovell Wade Kristin Zwiers Wallace Larena LaFollette Walsten Kathy Baker Weisgerber Kristine Lotzgesell Welch Christine Walker West Patricia Simons Westland Mary Warn Woerner Darcie Brintnall Wotipka Nancy Quintin Youmans Patricia Chambers Youngman WASHNGTON UNV. HERTAGE $ Janet Hawley Schmalhorst KEY S Pamela Benitez Carolyn Bertsch Bleile Martha Glass Busse Elizabeth Sprague Cheshire Susan Zackula Gamble Janice Weber Wiscttmeyer LOYALTY s1oo-249 Louise Powers Ainswonh Elizabeth Gray Brokaw Lucy Locken Cabe Clara Giese Cist Eleanor Ross Dean Mary Tiemann Delaney Terri Brandt Gustafson CHAPTERS CoNTRBUTNG FOR THE FRST TME N THE PAST BENNUM ALPHA'\ Monmouth GAMMA CH, George Washington ZETA GAMMA, Centre ZETA Nu, UC San Diego ZETA PH, Princeton ZETA UPSLON, Georgia Southern Adele Luetscher Haeussler Ethel Voges Hagedorn Carla Carstens Herr Shirley Conrad Hood Martha Milam Jones Katherine Fleure Krupp Ruth Driemeyer Minton Ann Spencer Morris Jean Milam Parman Jane Shaffer Prince Sandra Stortz Robers Carolyn Witter Rosenblum Sara Hill Silverman Laurian Taylor Singleton Lynn Jolley Sossamon L Marcia Grocock Vaughan Joanna MacConnell Watson Eleanor Shinn Weaver FRENDS $1 99 Cynthia Crum Alverson Mary Wiese Axetell Dorothy Royse Bailey Carolyn Doerer Balfany Jane Trampe Barnes Sharon Bassett Janet Fantz Baum Jane Maize Bemis Frances Royse Blackwell Jennifer Schmidt Bohnert Jean Warner Brandt Bridget Brosniban Jane Berry Burkemper Amelia Felts Case Elizabeth Roach Cohen Nicole Cool Mary Karon Dash Mary Troja Davis Susan Fanner Davis MarthaJane Clark Dee Mary Ann Neher Deem Mary Ferguson Dewart Jennifer Dietz Dorothy Reid Doerner Tamra Humm Donelson Joanne White Dorff Carol Luscombe Downs Dorothy Frier Eck Patricia Wolf Essen Allene Franke Evans Cordelia See Fette Karen Meinhart Fourquet Christina Frank Nicole Duvall Fry Jean Thuenen Funck Lillian Davis Giessow Jennifer Gladstone Laura Gladstone Rachael Gordon Elissa Greene Elizabeth Bastman Griffm Shelton Catherine Leonard Gwosden Jana Haley Margaret Bergstein Hallas Shirley George Hamra Elizabeth Thomas Harding Dominique Sauvage Healy Betty Chapin Hinton Sonja Hosea Marian Green Hungerford Grace Artz ngham Jane John Jenkins Barbara Bragg Jones Diane Jorgensen Miriam Joseph Louise Netzhammer Jourdain Mary Wyand! Kohl Patricia Cross Koza Helen Ustick Kratz Deborah Haines Lake Phyllis Landau Lannik Judy Lenkin Lerner Susan Lewis Louise Kraus Leyhe Virginia Uterrnohlen Lovelace Anne Pollen Lurie Laura Weber Lutz Grace Gregg McGaughy Shelley Meredith Margaret Patton Middleton Katherine Garrison Miller Virginia Carroll Mills Laura Weatherup Mitracos Susan Moran Randi Morrison TiaMunzel N. Elise Hoffmann Murphy Wendy Nathan Virginia Smith Neher Barbara Lussky Nelson Julia Orr Johanna McElwee Orth Betty Budke Orwig Louise VanBuren Owen Annette Close Pennell Lora Norback Peters Gladys Levis Pilz Ann Bartholomew-Rastorfer Barbara Miller Reinhard Margaret Hosier Roedel Margaret Fifer Rottman Margaret McCarthy Rummell Lisa Gleicher Sanderson rene Sasaki Jeanne Placke Schleiffarth Christine Anderson Schulman Mary Farrell Schultz Kristin Gutheil Schwarz Nancee Tolleson Sells Cynthia Hein Shaw Mary Strobel Shenk Martha Maize Sherman Helen Gross Sisler Laura Smith Deborah Handler Solomon Margaret Lee Sonnenday Kathryn Comfort Stearns Nancy Williams Steinhauer Marilyn McGinty Stewart Emily McLean Stimson Lee Pilcher Sykes Doris Strothman Thomas Laura Silguero Tolic Holly Laird Troeger Sally Ullman Carol Webb Rebecca Webb Valentia Wagner Webb Mary Ftscher Weir

63 Byrdie Biston White Polly Johnson Hanst Julie Tankersley O'Brien Barbara Kidder Ringrose Elizabeth Hines Davis Susan Flint White Gail Gleason Harbaugh Adrienne Perry Katharine Henderson Rumbaugh Susan Struckell Davis Anne Keck Wilson Kimberly Griles Harter Candace Shocklie Robinson Britta Saltonstall Margaret Davison Andrea Jokisch Woodworth Virginia Duffy Hays Katherine Hervey Siddens Barbara reland Sands Francesca De Marco Mary Gray Wulfmeyer Debra Henderson Kristi Smith Patricia Gallagher Shaw Beverly Bose Deans Arline Hilmer Wunderlich Rosemary Jarvis Hevener Nancy Allen Silvemale Stephanie Pocsik Dewitt Jane Hubert Young Lucy Hoblitzell WHTMAN Linda Gabler Skinner Virginia Richardson Dopp Louise Gehrken Howie HERTAGE S Elizabeth Cozier Stein Adriel Williams Doyle WEST VRGNA Florence Highland Johnson Marion Houck McCartney Charlotte Deane Stone Susan Hedrick Duclos KEY s Suzy Kersting Johnson Nesta Bohne Taylor Donna Eccard Louise Currence Christensen Mary Rogers Johnson KEY $ Corinne Bellas Telford Hillery Stubbs Efkeman Priscilla Spillers Johnson Adell McMillan Celia Jones Tigner Marian Eller WYALTY s1o0-249 Jean Maxwell Jones Joan Boldt Sobottka Catherine Landt Williams Elizabeth Burr Elliott Loris Harner Barnette Miriam West Kauffelt Gwyneth Williams Eleanor Weber Ellis Mary Wilson Beauchamp Betty Bayliss Kaufman WYALTY stoo-249 Kyong Yang Margaret lves Emerson Margaret Copeland Bobby Jennifer Marsh Kettering Marcia Hartley Bates Julia Higbee Zink Mary Belford Engler Jane Murphy Brunson Alexia Kniska Patricia Murphy Burns Karen Entress Kristen Collie Rita White Kramer Kathryn Diettrich Calvin WLLAM 8c MARY Roshanak Fatemi Jody Gluck Crosland Barbara Hoke Lawson AJiane Waters Deutsch HERTAGE Martha Holland Fender Elizabeth Klebe Diedzic Cynthia Faulkes Lawson Margaret Seil Gose JennieBelle Powell Crowe Anna Finley Bonnie Snyder Earp Janet Van Meter Madigan Elinor Trout Hudson na Saville Grundmann Deborah Monfort Firebaugh Mary Campbell Ford Dawn Maglicco Tammy Russell Jelle Janis Kennard Foley Elizabeth Hogan Franzheim Leslie Burton Martin Eleanor Bird Koch KEY Margaret Heydecker Foreman Sylvia Watson Fryer Sally Fredeking McClaugherty Elizabeth Estep Lewis Ann Washington Beard Mary Bryan Fuller Jeanette Ballengee Hale Mary Johnson McConnaughey Kathryn Gilmore Parr Margaret Harmon Margaret Hodges Furr Ruth Barton Harbison Robin Law Mease Karen Elder Pribilsky Kathleen Kincaid Markham Libba Galloway Mary Ellen Hearst Patricia Green Metzger Mary Ruddick Silzel Anne Klare Sullivan Nancy Esper Gessner Sue Herold-Diantonio Karen Miller Marcelle Wynn Vernazza Kathryn Gillock Nancy Hogg Hill Anna Bickel Minnich LOYALTY stoo-249 Lawton Scott Giordano Janice Rickey Hyre Claudia Goodwin Morgan FRENDS $1-99 Virginia Claudon Allen Jeanne Jacques Glasgow Elisabeth Rose Lathrop Stacy Morris Meredeth Rohner AJ-Mansoori Linda Beerbower Burke Julie Bastien Goodale Mary Amos McCartney Barbara O'Connor Morton Janette Moses Armstrong Edith Moser Buzzell Marilyn Koch Gowing Marjorie Gerwig Mehl Jo Johnson Mullendore Mary Longmoor Bard Wilhelmina Davison Cantlay Dawn Fitzgerald Griggs Aon Bergdoll Nickerson Carolyn McCue Mullett Ruth Noland Bouten Cynthia Harris Cashore Jennifer Whittaker Guthrie Kitty Butts Pattison Mildred Fimple Nichols Lyla Braden Helen Bennett Langdon Clark Barbara Harding Hager Mary Lyons Scholl Sandra Rumbaugh Pack Judy Packard Bronkey Jennifer Fuller DeNapoli Gayle Oakey Hancock Nancy Wilmore Selby Janice Proud Palmer Molly Brown Susan Shafer Dinges Mary Beth Boyle Hansen Mary Lee Kenney Shaffer Lucy Coleman Phillips ' Anne Winstead Burnam Margaret List Duvall Jane Harden Hanson Doris Stoetzer Smith Mary Hite Phillips Shirley Sires Callison Joanna Cory Flynn Cheron Black Hargrave Elizabeth Copenhaver Smith Charlene Standley Power Janet Ferguson Campbell Kathleen Netzley Franco Nancy Bozarth Hart Nancy Swing Maryellen Hereda Queen Jane D. Mills Charles Phyllis Eason Galanti Judith Linton Heald Emily Broadwater Wright Terri Ransinger Helen Gray Christopher Elizabeth Reed Godsman Nancy Adams Hegeman Teresa Dowell Reiley Janet Schneckloth Clark Sarah lves Gore Sara Black Heiser FRENDS s1-99 Colleen Kullman Reynolds Jayne Spiekerrnan Clarke Beverly Harrison Patricia Ritenour Hertz Martha Williams Alday Mary Glenn Ferguson Rice Joyce McKay Clise Nancy Taylor Joblin Charlotte Walker Hill Helen Fiess Allen Jo Dodds Richardson Lynne Cohee Joan McCarthy Kane Pamela Daniels Hobson Betty Board Arters Jane Davis Rosser Judith Armstrong Coleman Elizabeth Lee Lanz Sandra Groh Hodges Wilfred Curry Baker Beverly Foose Sauvageot Roberta Fancher Coon Catherine Hart Liddle Elaine Hoover Elizabeth Bane Kathryn Hornor Shaw Margaret Copeland Corley Mary Henderson Merritt Cynthia Frye Howes Amy Barber Darlene Kufrin Sholtis Ann Cox Cynthia Bennett Satterwhite Katherine Hagen Huffstetler Katherine Baum Margaret Sibert Suzanne Dale Carleen Loeffler Sims Amy Ross lies Joan Thistle Beddow Charlotte Smith Janet Stewart Dappen Jane Spencer Smith Nancy Jackson Dianne Bernardi Lynn Spencer Staton Helen Coody Davis Elizabeth Bartlett St. Clair Susan Jackson Jill Bilder Jo Campbell Stump Victoria Haag Day Mary Randall Stohner Anna Lyn James Jacquelyn McWhorter Blankinship da Stevens Sullivan Linda Thorson Dodroe Laurie Uhl Swanson Sue Brown Joyce Emily Wildt Bodamer Louisa Powell Sutton Joy Edwards Linda Swantz Janice Brown Kennedy Carol Case Booth Nellie Morgan Tiley Marian MacDonald Esary Ann Brower Thmer Emily Dunleavy King Mary-Ellen Leahy Boyce Juanita Giffen Tracy Elaine Cation Fisher Sarah Bell Wainwright Claire Zarrilli Kleckner Carolyn Glasscock Boyle Evelyn Nelson Treadgold Frances Mann Gajda Whitney Kuwahara Harriett Davis Bradford Jane Moore Trenor Noel Howard Garrett FRENDS $1-99 Virginia Anding La Charite Candy Clark Bragale Kelley J. Purkey Vacheron Gretchen Hartley Ghormley Elizabeth Gilbert Ackerman Dorothy Pierce Ladd Nancy Ballengee Brown Debra Thoma Vallner Mary Charters Goodman Mary Wortman Ackerson Anne Nenzel Lambert Jeanne Kozlowski Bryson Elinor St.Ciair Vasquez Louisa Gowen Mary Wilson Adams Jane Stanger Langton Elizabeth Davis Cabell Betty Freismuth Walsh Charlotte Wilson Green Evelyn Albertson Leslie Lautenslager Mary Beth McKee Chatelain Jane Gerwig Wharton Florence Martin Groesbeck Nancy Trbovich Alexander Beth Faber Ledwith Katherine Lehman Clovis Terese Wilbur Marjorie Stirling Harris Elizabeth Anderson Carrie Wilson Link Kathleen Kautz Coalter Emily Rodney Wildt Carol Gwinn Haugerud Alice Fisher Arbuckle Michelle Lovelady Mary Conboy Carolyn Hornor Wilson Marcella Cordes Hilding Cynthia Corlett Argentine Emily Parker Lytz Charlotte Nuzum Cooper Oralee Exline Wilson Kathleen Hitchcock Kathleen Plasmati Baldwin Helen Jerry Mallet Margaret Lehman Corder Mary Cooper Wingfield Mary Ainslie Hoesly Ann Dalton Barteau Barbara Jerome Marchbank Barbara Corbett Coulter Elizabeth White Wright Vivian Smith Holbrook Deborah Zanfagna Bass Margaret Peek Marks Linda Evans Cox Margo Collins Hoth Barbara Bassucner Anne Cleaver Marsh Marjorie Ballengee Cox WESTMNSTER Shirley Anderson Jennings Ruth Cobbett Biemiller Eleanor Lundberg Martling Donna Amole Crotty WYALTY Melinda Lampert Ketcheside Katherine Bloomquist Ann Sherman McCarthy Mary Currence Amy Bolton Beebe Carolyn Cu bing Kruse Emily Powell Boddy Lois Lacy McGee Mary Kathryn Bragg Curry Patricia La Rose Kathy Andaas Braaten Laurel Bond Mitchell Estous Lee Davidson FRENDS Gretchen Black Lewis Tracy Marblestone Brant Helen Albers Moodie Helen Deveny Katrina Ruth Bradley Elizabeth Lindsay Priscilla Nicholson Briggs Josephine Worsham Moore Eleanor Bell Dod Nicole Kirk Brauer Susan Houck Lounsbury Pattie Brockwell Mavis Henry Moses Nancy Butts Droppleman Stasia Eikmann Breckenridge Jane Stuhler Magee Ann Kolmer Brooks Mary Neyer Rosalie Earle Leanne Cahill Marolyn Smith Mahon Mary Devol Bulloch Susan Early Otero Julie Holzmark Erdncr Melissa Carter Doris Winkleman McMurchie Kathryn Gingerich Byrnes Jennifer Mmer Owens Malinda Ferguson Elizabeth Gilmore Dant Jean McPhaden Marian Lewis-Jones Canales Cheryl Clark Pagan Jennifer Ferrell Elizabeth Dunn Mary Reid Moersch Jennifer Jones Carver Lynn Meushaw Parent Elizabeth Ghiz Kelly Hines Gala Hammett Mowat Jacqueline Freer Clark Tracy Parish Kathryn Weaver Grubb Jaime Ogden Jamieson Elizabeth Wmstead Munro ancy Shelton Clements Frances Buttler Parsons Karen Dalzot Gutta Catherine Campbell Johns Mary Hulbert Naab Eloise Gideon Collins Julie Douglas Pederson ancy Pugh Hamilton Julie Fisher Lundsted Mary Thhbs Records Elizabeth Douglas Conweii-Judd Marjorie Lentz Plitt Claudia rwin Hamrick Amanda West Myers Dorothy Ballard Reid Alice Jackson Curtin Anne Powell

64 Eleanor Bishop Powell Colleen Wilkening Kaminski Elizabeth Ranslow Mildred Rains Elliott Anita Rohn Schamber Lenore Boss Quandt Katherine Schwalbe Kelsey Constance Macdonald Koenig Tharon Mickelson Greenwood Patricia Seeburg Jean Lochridge Quin Dianne Scharrer Kessler Lisa Patti Konkol Kathleen Hemry Phyllis Turner Shelton Margaret Counen Radcliffe Elizabeth Jones Kleiner Elizabeth Calabresa Korger Kathie Longenecker Teri Shockey Nancy Messick Ray Elizabeth ngwersen McBratney Andrea Levitan Bettye Zuck Luckemeyer Jennifer Sibley Katherine Reis Susan Hook Miller Suzanne Johnson Lewis Barbara Hon Parker Dorothy Carson Smith Sara Cole Roh Barbara Scott Nelson Barbara Copeland Linder Linda Duncan Wilson Ericka Smith Carolyn Testa Rye Dorcas Branson Nickles Susan Lovejoy Livingston Jeanette Clarke Smith Elizabeth Sadler Anita Showerman Noer Carola Kappus Loepfe FRENDS s1-99 Marian Rockafield Smith Danielle Sepulveda Ruth Gutenkunst Omalley Carol Erdman Madson Ann Acuff Nancy Sims Spencer Mary Hogan Sharp Carol Larson Paull Mary Trebilcock March Roberta Moreland Adams Barbara Blanchard Teagle Ann Hegeman Skjei Ruth Pattinson Peterson Elisabeth Leyse Marting Ardis Faulkner Anderson Marialyce Barrell Tobin Barbara Schwartz Smith Ruth Lynott Plakias Pamela McGowin Kris Erickson As tone Susan Peters Trautwein Mary Mann Smith Julianne Weiss Powell Janet Meinheit Twila Garland Barnes Anne Hopper Vickstrom Jennifer Snyder Jacqueline Rogers Preble Sally Smith Messner Catherine Shicora Barnell Barbara Benton Ward Patricia Trinler Spalding Judith Heald Quinn Jan Hogoboom Miller Nan Curtis Beck Lucille Moncur Webster Marian Bradshaw Spencer Jane Pellegrin Rosemurgy Janet Harrington Moran Joanne Smith Belden Maryann Palanck Wilcox Nancy Trent Stage Mary Porter Sands Stacey Kohler Moran Amy Trelease Bell Kathleen Cotton Windham Heather Stephens Emily Bell Schoenhofen Susan Shannon Morrell Julianne Reed Biggane JoDell Riddle Wing Patricia Portney Stem Laurie Schmidt Severino Jean Chadbourn Morton Alison Bower Glorianne Swanson Wirth Joyce Hill Stoner Penelope Haller Shackelford Joan Wilkie Murdoch Frances Lockhart Brinkman Sarah Stover Patricia Kelly Sherer Susanna Polk Nichols Ellen Arden Burke YALE Virginia Smith Strange Susanna Jacobus Souder Anna Nussbaum Dorothy Reynolds Burrus FRENDS s1-99 Evelyn Abdill Sweet Catherine Craig Stahl Mary Armbruster O 'Malley Pamela Christensen Emily Becker Deborah Rennolds Taggart Kathleen Gabel Strickland Cynthia Opp Maureen Greenaway Civitello Scarlett Brillet Monica Taylor Roberta Patton Tederstrom Lynn Paull Orpha Spielman Clark Dena DeN ooyer Jean Krause Thompson Carolyn Clark Thomas Mary Bainbridge Pederson Jean Lucey Coleman Darcy Deddens Barbara Cole Thornhill Alene Thrner Wall Amy Pellegrin Betty Farlow Coney Jessica Elliott Joan Lynch Tierney Jeanne Perham Weed Lois Montgomery Penner Ginger Cook Tara Hirose Carolyn Bernard Vassos Audrey K vam Wendland Barbara Murray Philips Jean Hunton Coolidge Lisa Thomas Lavelle 1. Audre Barthold Vogler Cathy Wemple White Kay Paull Pike Rebecca Moore Costantino Jennifer Maxwell Janice Mori Vondra Michelle Hansen Pinkalla Johanna Dees rma Negroni Virginia Mister Walker FRENDS St-99 Martha Pomainville Elizabeth Ramsdale Diller Erika Olsen Anne Jansen Wardinski Dorellen Lyons Allman Alice Creber Powell Susan Flanagan Elliott Jean Toal Mary Bryan Watson Martha Vaughan Atkinson Gertrude Forkin Powell Jacqueline Martinez Ferrall Susan Anslow Williams Mary Woodhouse Waugh Alma Moore Bauch Elizabeth Quadracci Anne Fish Phoebe Holmes Webb Cynthia Spears Berg Barbara Gerlinger Quilling Catherine Flores Marcia SiJfen Weisser Frances Kearby Bon Betty Hillis Rasmussen Brenda Getter Foy died during the biennium Kimberly Luu Wence Mary Bowman Jennifer Rechlitz Laura Wiener Gall Hope Hunt White Marian Freed Brant Mimi Rosenheimer Reid Catherine Williams Gardner Karen Wilson Wiese Kathleen Thomas Brumder Ruth Wheeler Reiss Linda Rhoades Garlach Katherine Todd Wilke* Catherine Calabresa Diane Kohlmetz Reuland Susan Nagel Goode Jeanne Kelly Williams Laura Callahan Leona MacGregor Reynolds Emma Rea Graham Jane Statler Wilson Phyllis Eaton Carey Jane Tallmadge Rikkers Pamela Jobe Hamrick Nancy Wilson Helen Cole Carnell Marilyn Masley Rolfs Bertha Johnson Harvey Paula Bach Woerfel Marion Craig Aimee Ross Laura Brown Hatfield Nancy Lee Hanson Ziese Diane Radcliffe Crouse Deborah Rothberg Dori Dale Hauser E. Cary Zimmerman Sarah Morgan Cuningham Lynn Brinker Ruthven Frances Moseley Hazleton lone Judson Dawes Colette Moudry Schmidt Pamela Scranton Hill WtSCONSN Kris Donovan Virginia Hall Schulte Frances Ross Hoadley HERTAGE $ Martha Drake Linda Hill Shaver Sally Hunter Hopper Mary Mead LaMar Mary Monser Dunfee Elizabeth Pattison Shelden Lillian Helsberg Hubbard Nancy Johnson Nicholas Pamela Prevetti Dwyer Carolyn Reincke Sittnick Marian Wormwood Hudson Louise Wagner Thompson Sarah Eide Connie Duesler Smidebush Wendy Anderson Huson Linda Twiss Elm burg Celia Bonady Smith Jane Eaton Johnson KEY s Marion Wheeler Emerson Christie Hicks Smith Gwinavere Adams Johnston Florence Lloyd Jones Barnett Ann Rehfeld Fagan Mary Dickinson Smith Jeanne Wdson Jones Maryanna Theobald Calderon Amy Stern Feuer Melissa McDonald Smith Jeretta Flint Kayser Jane Muskat Copeland Holly Alber Filmanowicz Patricia Hovey Smith Lynn Llewellyn Kilpatrick Jean Elmburg Helmers Marjorie Weller Foley Ann Calhoun Stanke Dorothy Hynds Koch Judith Ausman Jettinek Deborah Fosdick Mary Williams Stephens Dana Reynolds Lafferty Jane White O'Connell* Lorna Quarles Fox Judith Watt Steward Martha Moedl Marshall Margaret Mercer Steere Georgia Trebilcock Gamer Lies! Testwuide Dana Tanner Martin Nancy Frailing Gessner Brenda Wiltshire Thomas Michelle Wagner Mazur LOYALTY swo-249 Andrea Greene Mary Ahem Trainer Virginia Shellinger McBride Jean Fisher Bergman Dorothy Whittet Grimstad Barbara CerfTreyve Miriam Crowley McCue Patricia Goodhue Bradley Alice H'Doubler Janet Sharp Thmer Jodi Mcintosh Laurie Brodd Ann Addington Hajicek Heidi Vogt Emma Anselmi Melinkovich Cynthia Alexander Carlson Jody John Hansen Virginia Mayo Warren Sharon Neuman Mikkelsen Jane Royer Carter June AJeff Harper Merrill Wegner Margaret Thorpen Molesworth Sally Schaefer Cathriner Bernice Wadsworlh Heinze Beverly Rue Wellington Delmyma Simpson Moore Harriet Pullen Culley Lorna Hemp Laura Sparks Werder Margaret Hendry Morgan Alice Winston Deacon Martha Brand Henderson Katherine Marshall White Norma Bell Morris Diana Brabham Denholm Leslie Herje Linda Haukom Winn Barbara Bell Parker Lois Mills Durden Katherine Picone Hertz Elaine Bay Wood Eileen Dickinson Parker Ann Schertz Dyke Joan Sebastian Hesser Helen McDermut Works Kyle Patterson Phydele Gourley Ehrlich Martha Jackson Heun Donna Rikkers Worland Ashley Abbott Pennington Raechel Stare Falk Marianne Havey Hobbins Marti Contos Porreca Beverly Below Fetzer Barbara Clare Hughes WYOMNG Dorothy Corcoran Putzell Barbara Paul Franke Mimi Hussussian HERTAGE $ Renee Niethammer Radman Louise Fuller Freeman Ruth Nelson senberg Rosalie Fields Agnes Bums Rainwater Deborah Sherman Graham Marjorie Pugh Janes Evagene Davis Richardson Eleanor Campion Griffith Patricia Heal Jeffries KEY Charlotte Wolfer Ridley Janet Milts Haack Georgene Rasmussen Jensen Gretchen Griggs Kathleen Murphy Rile Gail Short Hanson Dorothy Haddow Johnson Alice Moudy Robbins Suzanne Schneiders Hamischfager Marguerite Traut Jones LOYALTY St Carolyn Funk Rohrig Susan Ashton Hawk Jean Park Judge Greta Petz Alexander Joanna Shillinglaw Ross Jennifer Heyse Huffstetler Rosson Grover Killingstad Twila Smith Coe Shawnae Hoffman Rotellini Gretchen Hutterli Catherine Baillie Knapp Arlene Croco Cook Mandi Rutledge

65 GFTS N MEMORY: Bonnie Daynes Adams, Utah Barbara Gale Agger, Ohio Wesleyan Lou Newby Aichele, San Jose Jean Parks Ainley, Minnesota June Meyers Ainsworth, Colorado College Frances Simmons Akers, Oregon Louise Blanton Albert Dr. Frank Alquist Katen Davis Amorous, New Mexico Mary Holliston Anderson, Monmouth Glenn Archibald Carol Goodyear Armstrong, Hillsdale Kirkwood Arnold Margaret Hiestand Auld, Ohio Albert C. Bahn Helene Kuehn Baillie, ndiana Elizabeth Stewart Baker, daho Florence Mackey Baker, Washington Shirley Andresen Baker, Bucknell Marjorie Wilkins Banning, Denison Louise Forve Barker, UCLA Jane Gray Barrett, Northwestern Patricia Lubben Bassett, Texas Ethel Engelland Bates, Miami Lou Baucus, Kansas Pauline Tomlin Beall, George Washington Emily Campbell Beaumont, Michigan Olga Elifritz Beecher, Ohio Harriett Wall Beeson, DePauw Constance Benner, Cornell Catolee Cuthbertson Benson, Nebraska Janet Beroth, DePauw Eva Jo Helber Bert, llinois Florence Brown Bills, UCLA Mary Harryman Bingham, Michigan Marion Smith Bishop, Colorado Betty Thompson Blackburn, Pennsylvania Veramae Adams Blanton, Michigan Marjorie Moser Bleil, Texas Tech Melissa Blohm, West Virginia Jane Robson Blooston, Minnesota Eleanor Penniman Boardman, Ohio Virginia Brill Boettcher, ndiana Evalyn Cralle Bond Cynthia Bone, Northwestern Alice Woodman Boothby, llinois Wesleyan Mildred Burt Borberg, Hillsdale Alexis Bo s, Dartmouth Mary Louden Bos hart, owa Margaret Kerr Bourassa, Oregon Eleanor French Bowe, Oregon Mr. Boylan Nancy Pretlow Bozarth, William & Mary Charlene Norman Bragg, Adrian Helena Barkey Brammer, "Yarning Mr. & Mrs. Henry W. Brandon Mr. Breeden Doris Kirkham Brokaw, Texas Albert Brown Doris Thomas Brown, Oklahoma Sally Smith Brown-Millard, William & Mary Betty Wickard Bryant, Purdue James M. Buck Maybethe Rhodes Buck, Washington " owe Kappa Kappa Gamma a great deal and plan to give back as an active alumna, contributing to the Foundation whenever possible." Page67 Miriam Million Buntin, New Mexico Virginia Burks, Stanford Jane Byard Sarah Black Byram, Purdue Helen Grimes Byrne, Texas Robert Cameron Eleanore Goodridge Campbell, Colorado Sarah McCray Candler, DePauw Donna Beth Wegener Cannon, daho Zahlia Snyder Cardell, Montana Lisa Franklin Carlisle, Mississippi Helen Walt Carlson, Nebraska Mary Dargan Carmichael, Adelphi Mary Long Carpender, Nebraska Margaret Birdsell Carroll, Michigan Martha Harrell Carsey, Texas Betty Cook Case, Ohio Stare Dorothy Sebree Cassill, Washington Etta Jones Caves, Oklahoma Elizabeth Pipkin Chamberlain, Kansas Winifred Stahl Chick, Oklahoma Marguerite Haag Churchill, Michigan Katharine Cunningham Clark, Washington Carrie Markley Cleave, Arizona Ruth Glass Cleveland, llinois Harriet Droba Click, Denison Marian Ange Cobbett, New Mexico Margaret Bryant Coe, Michigan Catherine Boyden Coffelt, Washington Dorothy Reynolds Collins, Butler Macaira Conaton, Cincinnati Elizabeth Baumann Cook, Northwestern Margaret Flanders Cooke, DePauw Dorothy Stauff Corey, Carnegie- Mellon Alice Adams Cosier, ndiana Joan Windsor Coulter, Missouri Charlotte Fleming Cram, llinois Wesleyan Todd Crane Virginia Heywood Crouse, Drake Mary Shumate Cumberpatch, Maryland Evelyn P. Curran Kathryn Krehbiel Dalton, Kansas Margaret Burns Daly, New Mexico Dorothy Weatley Damschroder, Duke Dorothy Meredith Davidson, Hillsdale Garnet Dickens Davidson, Drake Anne Turner Davies, Ohio Bernice Scoville Davis, Nebraska Cecile Davis Davis Elizabeth Browne Davis, Hillsdale MaJjorie Christian Davis, Arkansas Christina Day, Washington & Jefferson Barbara De Raismes, Penn Heather Dealy, Texas Jane Hanson Debenedetti, UC Berkeley Elsie Davis Deis, Adrian Marie Mathewson Dey, Penn Rhoda Campbell Dickinson, Minnesota da Crary Dicus, Wisconsin Jean Coffman Dishman, UCLA Claudine Elliott Dixon, Kansas Joanne Flynn Dobrin, West Virginia Helen MacCallum Dodds, Toronto Carl Dohme Mildred Homer Dolan, Pennsylvania Susan Donohue, owa Rosalie Furry Doolittle, New Mexico Roberta Pershall Dorman, llinois Robin Gerner Doty, Texas Anne Diffenderfer Dougherty, George Washington Mary Power Douglas, West Virginia Paula Thomas Drach, Arizona Janet Seward Dunn, ndiana Philip Eat! Jeanne Storer Eatlougher, Colorado Ruth Dowding Eason, Syracuse Mrs. Henry Easterling Ruth Liggett Eastman, llinois Judge Edward Eberspacher Carol Bates Edwards, Northwestern Florence Mai Eiserrnann, llinois Mary Lee Potts Elford, ndiana Doris Gifford Ely, Cincinnati Aileen Collison Emerick, Pennsylvania Gladys Hensley Engle, Oklahoma Janet Richardson Esary, Whitman Frances Davis Evans, Ohio Mary Downing Evans, Kentucky Mrs. Evans Bette Smith Faulkner, St. Lawrence Margaret McGinnis Feathers, Purdue Barbara Howard Fehlmann, Massachusetts Edith Strain Fennimore, Oregon Jean Banister Ferguson, Butler Loretta Christopherson Fick, Minnesota Martha Kennedy Firestone, Akron Ava Powers Fisher, Drake Mary Feder Fisher, Kansas Priscilla Gill Flint, Allegheny Suzanne Whitby Flournoy Helen McKatahan Foster, Northwestern Ruth King Foust, New Mexico Nancy Digby Franke, Pittsburgh Ellen Brooks Frazar, Texas Caroline Geddy Frechette, William &Mary Anna Angell French Elizabeth Fried Doris Mauck Friedrichs, Hillsdale Dorothea Urbahns Fruechtenicht, ndiana Vera Wigger Fryer, Oklahoma Donald W. Fulk Pauline Gaiser, Whitman Sally Mace Gallagher, daho Dr. Gene Gardiner Joellen Taylor Gaskill, Kansas Stare Frances Tyrrell Gathright, Texas Bonnie Lou Edwards Geddes, Rollins Gladys Barger Gehrke William Gehrke Craig Geno, Jr. Kathleen Kline Gerner, UCLA Thomas Gherlein Geraldine Fitzgerald Giesecke, Arizona Beverly Shonka Gilbert, Sr. Lawrence Maribel Wineinger Gilbert, DePauw H. Clark Gilles, Jr. Hulda Gaiser Gilmore, Whitnum Lola Campbell Githens, Hillsdale

66 James Glassgow, Colorado College Kathleen Kloster Goff, owa Carol Pepper Golan, Northwestern Kathleen Hadley Goldston, Oklahorrw Jean Wallace Goodman, Pittsburgh Ann Phelps Gorman, Kentucky Margaret Owens Gracy, Kentucky Josephine Watt Graham, Monmouth Betty Holmstrom Grans, llinois Grace Soles Gray Virginia Grenelle, Allegheny Virginia Fosler Gruen, Butler Mary Borden Gumm, Texas Tommie Guy, Tennessee Loris Jeffries Hadden, Cornell Ardis North Hamilton, Ohio Patricia Hamilton, UCLA Helen Beiderwelle Hanselman, Cincinnati Antoinette Duncan Hansen, ndiana Meriam Blankenship Hardman, Kansas Marian Reis Harper, Washington Univ. Lillian Harris, ndiana Marion L. Harris Elizabeth Barber Harrison, DePauw Mary-Jane Thompson Hasbrook, ndiana Barbara Drake Haverick, Denison Alma Bartels Havlish, Carnegie- Mellon Dorothy Wallace Hawley Leona E. Haynes Jean Righter Hecht, Ohio Wesleyan Helen Fiedler Heckert, Penn Fred Hedemann Barbara Shank Heepe, Akron Marilyn Loos Heidenreich, Cincinnati Florence Porter Hein, Washington Virginia & Therman Henderson Gloria Holbrook Henson, Utah Letitia Holt Herbst, llinois Rachel Atkinson Hershberger, Maryland Nanette Heyse, Wisconsin Helen Wilshusen Higley, St. Lawrence Mathilde Phelps Hill, UCLA Sallie Duncan Hill, ndiana Helen Gould Hitchcock, Michigan Roland Hodgen Mary Greene Hodgson, Washington Univ. Janet Jone Hof, Wisconsin Martha Reed Hokanson, Purdue Helen Rose Holland, West Virginia Mary Miller Holmstrom, Oklahoma Lisa Holstead, Texas Patricia Holt, Cal Fresno Nancy Essenpreis Hooker, Utah Mrujorie Kirkpatrick Hoopes, llinois Wesleyan Patricia Collins Houts, Missouri Sara Harbottle Howden, Rollins Harold Howe Katharine Bailey Hoyt, Ohio Mary Johnson Hull, Kansas Susan Grover Humphreys, Kentucky Lila Keyes Hunter, Northwestern Augusta Maverick Huth, Texas Virginia Jackson de, Penn Elizabeth Clarke nman, Nebraska Maki ramajiri, Arizona Mary Rowell Jackman, Toronto Barbara Vorhis Jackson, Denison Marie Love Jacobi, Butler Elsie Hancock Jacobs, Butler Thomas Jacobs Gertrude Krafft James Celeste Christianson Janse, owa Johnnie Hardy Johnson, Duke Josephine Allen Johnson, Kansas Lindsay Moffitt Johnson, Purdue Jeanne Geyer Johnston, Michigan Nellie Jones, ndiana Tatt Link Jones, Adrian Virginia Pownall Jones, Cincinnati Leland Jontz sabel Jordan Martha Turner Judge, Mississippi Emmett Joseph Junge Debra Carlson Kaberle, Hillsdale Janet Scofield Kastigar, Southern California Mary Alice Gale Kastrup, Minnesota Anne Keay, Pennsylvania Marjorie Moree Keith, Kansas Julia Keleher, New Mexico Katherine Keleher, New Mexico Arthur Kellogg Sara Coleman Kendall, Alabama Marilyn Hinsch Kennedy, Southern California Bond Anderson Kerrwood, Goucher Miriam Reid Keydel, Michigan Charlotte Easterday Kiesselbach, Nebraska Lilly Glenn Kilgore, Baylor Carol Campbell Kincaid, Colorado Campbell R. King Virginia Wight King, St. Lawrence Lucile Davis Kingsbury, llinois Wesleyan Betty Carrier Kinnan, owa Beverly Trott Knapp, Denison Dorothy Edwards Knight, Northwestern Janice Hall Knight, Northwestern Marthabelle Bond Koelling, Butler Laurie Downie Kolemainen, Michigan Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Kooker Marcie Gerber Korsen, Southern California Missy Krall, "Yoming Joseph S. Kratz, Jr. Ethel Pope Krayer, Pennsylvania Lois Mathis Kress, Georgia Carolyn Himes Kreymborg, Oklahoma Marion Dusenberry Kurfess, Allegheny Mary Lou Monger La Claire, Michigan Ethel Hayden LaMar Richard Lacey, Elaine Johnson Lampert, Minnesota Barbara Legler Landfear, Denison Barbara Roe Lange, Cincinnati Lisa Langlow, Washington Gretchen Beghtol Larimer, Nebraska Holly Hawke Larson, Nebraska Martha Hall Latimer, Kentucky Judith Latta, Montana Winnie Hollis Lee, Alabarrw Jeanne Andrews Lehner, Michigan H. White Lenhart, Ohio Wesleyan Betty White Lenhart, Ohio Wesleyan Carol Keene Lerner, ndiana Mary Hobson Lidstrom, Oregon Mary Jane Beachler Lightcap, Pittsburgh Olive Lipusz Ruth Patterson Lisk, Kansas J. Halina Litynski Marion Thornton Long, Northwestern Cynthia Sykes Longstreth, Ohio Wesleyan Myra Zahlis Losee, Cal Fresno Janet Gray Love, Arkansas Mary Lowendick ra Lowenthal Elizabeth Tempest Lowry, Goucher Kathryn Wolf Luce, Denison Ruth Clague Luhman, Syracuse Pauline Wardlow Lynn, Ohio Jane Evans MacPherson, Georgia Mary Reed Macy, Whitman Janna White Maestri, Louisiana Judith Jacobs Mahony, Texas Alice Maltby, Butler James Marine Barbara Durgy Marko, Miami Mary Hunter Marron, Louisiana Fairy Martin John Masters Frances McCain, TCU Susan Cole McCarthy, UC Berkeley Joseph McClanathan Mary Midkiff McCollough, Oklahoma Ada Watson McCracken, Kansas Virginia Leonard McCracken, DePauw Elizabeth Simpson McDuffee, Michigan Barbara Beach McEvoy, St. Lawrence Mary Clapsaddle McFadden, owa Alice Hannah Tulley McGehee, Adelphi Rose McGill, Toronto Katherine Kuhns McHugh, Pittsburgh Mary Ray McKee, Pittsburgh Constance Bailey McLaughlin, West Virginia Sue Stockhoff McMahan, New Mexico Marjorie Kreher Meisburger, Michigan Mary Cleveland Melangton, llinois Therese Fischer Meloy, Pennsylvania Virginia Haynie Melton, SMU Sally Ketring Merritt, Colorado College Mary Gay Metcalf, Kentucky Harvey Meyer Elaine Stevenson Michelsen, Utah Mary Beatty Miebach, Hillsdale Deborah Miller Mark Miller Mary Miller, Pittsburgh Pennie Miller Susan Bruere Miller, Miami (Ohio) Thora Mcilroy Mills, Toronto Dorothe Breyfogle Mitchell, Missouri Eleanor Monteith, Monmouth Helen Paxton Moore Jessie Lockitt Moore, St. Lawrence Lillian DeLany Morris Anne Smith Morrisey, Denison Janette Mcintyre Morrow, Texas Ginger Jex Moslander, Utah Mother of Shirley Magness Mary Joan Cross Mundt, Butler Anna Williams Neal, Pittsburgh Dorothy Deans Needham, St. Lawrence Margaret Thomas Nelson, Utah Sadie Scovell Nelson, Texas Katherine Newton Newell, Tulane Mary Newton, Ohio Wesleyan Ann Zinn Nicely, Ohio Wesleyan Dorothy Evans Nichol, Missouri Doris MacDermott Nichols, Adelphi Dorothy Clarke Nichols, Butler June Fry Nigh, ndiana Sally Moore Nitschke, Ohio Susan lisdall Niven, Kansas Frances Dallow Norwick, Allegheny Sarah Hall Nuckols, Kentucky Jane Hallett O' Brien, Mississippi Jane White O'Connell, Wisconsin

67 Thomas E. O'Connell Caroline Godley O'Dell, Butler Kathleen O'Dowd, Arizona Sarah Andrew O' Haver, Purdue Virginia Thweatt O'Neal, Oklahoma Loraine Coppedge Oakes, Oklahoma Mary Fagg Olds, Texas Mr. & Mrs. Harold C. Olson Jean Gallien Ostlind, Oregon Nancy Buie Owen, Texas Jean Hannah Paff, St. Lawrence Ashley Palumbo, Washington Margaret Wisner Parker, Maryland Z. Parker, Syracuse Mr. & Mrs. Walter Charles Par lange Martha Parker Parrott, Washington Norma Dow Patten, daho Richard Paul Janet Holm Pearce, Kansas Stella Perkins Peck, DePauw Barbara Huff Peirce, Kansas Helen Strawmyer Pence, Butler Nancy Long Pence, Missouri Alice Pennington, Kentucky Virginia Rigdon Peters, Purdue Margaret Righter Peterson, Ohio Wesleyan Marjorie Hartenbower Petty, llinois Wesleyan Auril Williams Phelps, ""Joming Florence Graham Philbrick, Northwestern Mary Seleen Phillips, George Washington Evaline Pettigrew Pickett, llinois Barb Pierce Esther Anderson Pierce, DePauw Ferril Crane Pierpont, Utah Kathleen Grant Pierson, Texas Chris Piluras Emilie Hart Pinkney, Michigan Robyn Russell Plaisted, Arizona Ann Hochswender Poindexter, Carnegie-Mellon Frank G. Pollock Dorothea Clabuesch Porter, Michigan Jennifer R. Prevette, Furman Kathryn Hall Proby, Louisiana Joan Provanche Patricia Provine Lillian Newell Puderer, Tulane Mother of Georgia Pyne Kelley Patricia Noelting Quisenberry, Purdue Nancy Vann Rea, New Mexico Genevieve Cook Reck, Syracuse Patricia Redmon, North Carolina Wanda Robertson Reid, Texas Mary Ann Gray Reimer, Drake Rose Reynolds, Nebraska Helen Robinson Rhodes, Carnegie Mellon Shirley Rice Tommie Vaughn Richardson, Oklahoma Dorothy Rhees Risler, Oklahoma Eleanor Pierce Roberts, Ohio Wesleyan Helen Heyward Roberts, Oklahoma Georgiana Spielman Robertson, Kansas Mary Garton Robinson, Drake Tina Lewis Robinson Frances McCandless Roby, Kentucky Efinda Brown Roebke, Kansas Myrtle Oliver Roever, Washington Univ. Charlotte Stephan Rogers, Cincinnati Mary Rhue Rogers, DePauw Mary Keleher Rogers, New Mexico Terry Rogers Mary Benson Rollins, Colorado College Ann Castle Romerdahl, Washington Marilyn Mason Ross, UC Berkeley Sarah Harris Rowe, Northwestern Sarah Weaver Rowe, Ohio Andrea Rubin, Syracuse Julianne Hall Ruddell, George Washington Elisabeth Runge, Texas William Russell sabel Fuller Rutherford, Ohio Peggy Rutledge Sarah Moore Saber, Kansas Margaret Eagen Salisbury, Kansas Cynthia Netting Scales, Duke Anne Croddy Schauwecker, Southern California Larue Snyder Scheirer, Bucknell Dorothy Wetzler Schloss, Adelphi Mrs. H. L. Schlosser Martha Dean Schmidt, owa Sarah Schnaiter Susanne Clark Schobinger, DePauw Elizabeth Bogert Schofield, Butler Judith Crawford Schreck, Drake Adelyn Peterson Schulze, Kansas Sarah Karlson Scoggan, Wisconsin Elizabeth Gallup Scott, Missouri James Scott Mary-Maxine Dye Scott, Washington Miss Stella Scott Elizabeth Rathbone Scudder, Rollins Anne Rippetoe Shafer, Purdue Vilate Crane Shaffer, Utah Mildred Thompson Sharp, Arkansas Julie Shaw, Michigan Kirsten Hollander Shaw, ndiana Nancy Matthew Shaw, Denison Elizabeth Sheehan, ndiana Catherine Roberts Shelton, Texas Katharine Morley Shelton, Colorado Susan Shryock Betsy Leet Simpson, Purdue Virginia Elliott Sims, Kansas Mary Mcintosh Sinclair, llinois Wesleyan Mary Givens Slane, UCLA. Betty Wood Smith, Monmouth Dorothy Clements Smith, Kentucky Helen Francis Armstrong Smith, Elizabeth Blanchard Smyth, ""Joming Marion Grimes Snyder, ndiana ngrid Frestadius Soderhjelm, Kansas Betty Mathias Soderstrom, llinois Jack Spain Helen Thomson Stafford, William &Mary Jessica Perry Standley, Texas Dawn Reynolds Staples, Georgia Marci Kennard Steiner Patricia Ledyard Stephenson, Kansas May McCutcheon Stem, North Dakata Janet Johnson Stevenson, Butler Alta Crane Stewart, Utah rene Fletcher Stine, Ohio Ethel Williams Stohr, Penn Mary Search Stone, Butler Sarah Brandon Stonebery Alice Stoneman, Toronto Ann Lary Storey, SMU John Stuart Mary Stutesman, DePauw Gertrude Miller Sullivan, Oregon Betsy Blacketter Sumner, Akron sabelle Kanter Sumner, Michigan Carol Daube Sutton, Oklahoma Nancy Sutton, Allegheny Rose Sturmer Swanson, Michigan. Ruby Swartz, Akron Susan Hudson Swartz, Kansas Carol Hunt Sweet, Allegheny Elizabeth Semple Taylor, Tulsa Sally Kehoe Taylor, Syracuse Janet Knox Teets, Colorado Gwynne Wilson Terray, Adelphi Martha Elinor Thomas, San Jose Mrs. Ruth Thomas Bette Mickelson Thompson, ""Jomin.g Helen Lassiter Thompson, Texas Elizabeth Diegel Tiffany, Bucknell Ruth Magerkurth Tilford, Kansas Dorothy Hanley Tinsley, Northwestern Carol Kropp Toft, Missouri Josephine Edith Leonard Torrey, St. Lawrence Barbara Hawley Tousey, Cincinnati Ruth Trenholme, Washington Louise Parrington Tucker, Washington Marietta Coffin Tukey, DePauw Clara Howard Turnbull, Cornell Patricia Handley Turney, Akron Elizabeth Charles Tweedale, Cornell Pauline Eckles Twohy, Washington Marthena Bitner Urbahns, ndiana Joan Knudsen Urban, Oregon rene Kruegel Vander Meulen, Washington Hester Brite Vandevere, Texas Joanne Petefish Velie, Missouri Marian Willsey Vieth, daho Jane Bothwell Waddill, Texas Janet Gulley Wade, Duke Linda Bernard Wade Hazel Round Wagner, Colorado College Virginia Beagle Wagner, Hillsdale Anna Henderson Wallace, SMU Jennifer Walsh, Maryland Ardella Warenski, Utah Elizabeth Drew Weaver, Louisiana Mary Stewart Welch, llinois Jean Hess Wells, Georgia Joan Kirk Wells, Montana Emmagene Hale Westerburg, Texas Elizabeth McColloch Weston, Washington Jane Fisher Westover, llinois Dorothea Downer White, Kan sas Marcia Walrath Wiget, Hillsdale Katherine Todd Wilke, William & Mary Linda Lewis Wilkinson, ndiana Kay Ellison Williams, Oklahoma Loraine Williams Barbara Taylor Wilson, Oklahoma Dr. & Mrs. Harold Wilson Martha Ricker Winsor, North Dakota Elsie Winters Linda Beeman Wolf, Pittsburgh M. Frances Wolfe, Maryland Dorothy Church Woodhead, St. Lawrence Beatrice Woodman, Boston Mary Lindsay Woofter, West Virginia Katherine Peers Wooldridge, Texas Page Vaughan Wright, William & Mary Willa Mae Robinson Wright, Drake Martha C. Yates Olga Harcovitz Young, Massachusetts Shirley Gray Young, Monmouth Joan Hollenbeck Zack, Drake Barbara Zebold, Cornell Fred Zimmerman Mary redell Zimmerman, Hillsdale

68 GFTS N HONOR: 1960 Beta Kappa Pledge Class Kris Erickson Astone, 1-\Yoming Jane Young Barrett, Oklahoma Bay Colony (Mass.) Alumnae Association Kristen A. Berg, Rollins Jennifer Bernsen, ndiana Jean Clark Berry, Oklahoma Beta Mu Chapter Beta Theta Chapter Beta Zeta Chapter Lesley Birch Janet Simpson Bissell, Alabama Ruth Fitzjarrell Blake, Arkansas Eleanor Penniman Boardman, Ohio Anne Chapman Booth, Swarthmore Bonnie L. Brandecker, Arkansas Jo Newport Brodeur, Washington Marilyn Nichols Bullock, Kansas Gladys Ross Carlson, Oklahoma Joyce Wilson Carson, San Jose Dorothy Lemaster Carter, llinois Juli Carter, SMU Carol Janz Charles, Michigan Mary Bush Chesnut, George Washington Georgi anna Clymer, Penn Joan Cook Cohen, Colorado Suzanne Chapman Cole, Tulsa M Keoun Collins, SMU Marjorie Matson Converse, Purdue Elizabeth Baumann Cook, Northwestern Kim Crane Elizabeth Davis, Allegheny Delta Kappa Chapter Delta Lambda Chapter Jerry Drake Dempsey, San Jose Joan Pasakarnis Donovan, Boston Nancy Moore Dougherty, Missouri Helene Cashatt Drais, Ohio Mary Ridgeway Duthie, SMU Epsilon Sigma Chapter Epsilon Upsilon Chapter Fairfield County CT Alumnae Association Marjorie Gohn Felsburg, Penn Alice Fry, St. lawrence Katherine Farber Futch, Drake Winifred Breu ner Gaines, UC Berkeley Gamma Chi Chapter Gamma Eta Chaper Gamma Omicron Chapter Dorothy Kenney Gibson, Arkansas Jane Gillum, Miami (Ohio) Eleanor Acker Gohn, Penn Jean Wallace Goodman, Pittsburgh Nancy Rich Gordon, Missouri Catherine Schroder Graf, Ohio Eleanor Warren Grimes, Alabama Elaine Williams Grizzle, Colorado Sally redell Gulick, Akron Suzanne Lovell Hadsell, Ohio Wesleyan Gayle Oakey Hancock, William & Mary Susan Prochaska Hardie, Monmouth Wilhelmina Eakin Harman, Pittsburgh Jennifer Haughey, Michigan Frances Alexander Hawkins, SMU Mary Carroll Heath, daho Lois Catherman Heenehan, Adelphi Jean Elmburg Helmers, Wisconsin Peg Henderson Dorothy Nutting Higgins, Drake Amy Horton, Texas Houston Charitable Foundation Mary Eileen Huff Elizabeth Huckin Hunt, SMU Wilma Winberg Johnson, Massachusetts Shirley Swan Jorden, Tulsa Kappa Chapter Martha Heavner Kenton, Oklahoma Shirley Ott Kiehn, Washington Patricia Glover Knupp, Kansas Lois Winkelmann Kolkhorst, TCU Ruth rwin Kupchynsky, SMU Lambda Chapter Lambda East Chapters Patricia Hinton Lindman, Washington Beverly Lindsay, Oklahoma Miriam Locke, Alabama Louise Loomis, North Carolina Nancy Emmert MacKenzie, Colorado Patty Eckert Maguire, New Mexico Casey Mahon, owa Cis y Marshall Anna Fowlkes Mazzone, South Carolina Mary-Ellen Schatz McCarthy, Northwestern Geraldine Logan McKinney, Oklahoma Elise Jester Meadows, Texas Kathryn Meyer, Colorado Cordelia Zambano Miller, Pittsburgh EmmaJane Hosmer Miller, Penn Huldah Cail Mingledorff The Minnie Stewart Foundation Jamie Mitchell Stephanie Shackelford Morgan, Texas Tech Jennifer Musson, Bowling Green Carol Nichols, Georgia Jodi Norling, Florida Millie O'Connor Erin Olson, UC Davis Shirley Ott Laura Young Palmer, Auburn Callie Parrott, owa Helen Kirk Peterson, Colorado College Susan Meadows Pfluger, Texas Nancy Peairs Ramos, llinois Wesleyan Adlon Dohme Rector, llinois Lois McDonald Rinehart, Ohio Jean Bradley Ringer, owa Gail Wesley Rogers, Pittsburgh Elizabeth Smith Rose, West Virginia Margaret Leland Russell, Ohio Wesleyan Jennifer Hart Schaffer, Cincinnati Patrice Harrison Schoonmaker, Tulane Alexandra Schreib Patricia A. Searight, Ohio Lisa Shapiro, Trinity Jane Falter Shelley, Oklahoma Elizabeth Sherman, Drake Erin Shrago Lucena Glover Sills, Kansas Gwyn Snyder Angie Sprowls Tara Steinhauser, Denison Lynda Westrum Stephenson, Montana Teresa Suarez-Murias, Ma ryland Susan Burrows Swan, Ohio Erica Procter Tank, Babson Mariah D. Tanner, Kansas Carol Bassano Tant, TCU Theta Chapter Margaret Charters Thrailkill, Whitman Maggie M. Titt.le, Miami (Ohio) Martha Stephens Toler, Missouri Genie Bliss VanValkenburgh, Arkansas Waco, (Texas) Alumnae Association Juliana Fraser Wales, Ohio Susan Gordon Weinberger, Carnegie-Mellon Kristen Welborn, Missouri Jean Hess Wells, Georgia Helen Geis Westland, Kansas RaeArlene Wheeler, Oregon Barbara Seaquist Williams, lllinois Marian Klingbeil Williams, Missouri Nancy Kelley Wittenberg, Florida Katherine Peers Wooldridge, Texas Pataline McDougle Wynne, Purdue Mary Yinger, Cornell Barbara!washita Yoshizumi, Penn Melinda Young, Miami Helen Walker Younger, Allegheny

69 Established in 1991, the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation of Canada provides graduate scholarships to benefit Canadian women attending a college or university in Canada, the United s or the United Kingdom. To date a total of $16,000 has been awarded to four outstanding young women. The 1996 scholarship recipient is Marcia Finlayson, a second-year doctoral student at the University of Manitoba in the department of Community Health Sciences. Her particular interest is in the field of health and aging. Kappas living in Canada are encouraged to support this important program, assisting young Canadian women to achieve their educational goals. Our deep appreciation is expressed to all the donors listed below for their thoughtful contributions over the past biennium. All contributions for our campaign will be acknowledged and receipted. Please mail to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation of Canada, 615 Mt. Pleasant Road, Suite 142, Toronto, Ontario M4S 3C5. BRTSH COLUMBA Cooper Louise Smith Janie Church Marjorie Schuch Werry Wendy Garnett Cameron Elizabeth MacArthur Sandra Snyder Fleetwood-Morrow Margaret Smith White Marily Bernard Chilvers Douglas Lorna Telfer Joyce Bainard Forster Joan Williams Carolyn Stark Coleclough Ruth Varley Elders Marion Harris Vernon Ann Ganong Foster Joan MacLeod Wilson Dorothy Saville Martha Michener Evans Ann Longhurst Vroom Heather Fox Fuller Crossman Jean Dawson Hills Susan Davies Willis Mary Adele Gillespie OTHER CHAPTERS Catherine Day Margaret Jamieson Melodie Caron Yates Beverly Minhinnick Maryhelen Trubey Elizabeth Scott Dietrich Elizabeth Read Kirk Graham Benard, Ohio Wesleyan Shirley Abbott Douglass Catherine Bice Konantz TORONTO Joan Stephens Gundry Antoinette Clemens Shirley Finch Dundas Marion Kotchapaw Margaret Horning Marion Hanna Breithaupt, Texas Ruth Fallis Lambert Aitchison Jean Hunnisett Hayhurst Cathleen Zoman Anne Collison Ford Margaret Williams Reina Faed Armstrong Marguerite Hill Caliendo, Pittsburgh Norah Rendell Gray Macdonald Beverly Williamson Margaret Hincks Kathryn Diettrich Janet Oppenheimer Kathleen Griffiths Banting Elizabeth Scroggie Joy Calvin, Whitman Hammond MacKay Shirley Pitts Bellamy Viiu Kanep Judith Carty, Joan McCrimmon Hebb Joanne Morgan Maxwell Nora Lane Braiden Janet Logan Lint Pennsylvania Mary Farrell Hungerford Sydney Roberts McCay Martha Jo Breithaupt Diana Hamilton Mary Beth Haerle, Victoria Frost Hyndman Grace McCurdy Evelyn Vizzard Brown MacFeeters Minnesota Sandra Donaldson Kelly Jean McGillivray Miller Mary Walker Cageorge L. Jean McGeoch Jane Homan, Miami Deborah Kepkay Barbara Chanin Olson Nancy Cannon MacMillan (Ohio) Kennedy Patricia Davis O'Neill Elizabeth Kennedy Mary Maguire Alice Daniels Hunt, Yvonne Ladner Killam Barbara McLeod Poole Clarry MacPherson* Texas Dorothy Lees King Patricia Watson Ritchie Ruth Baldwin Cole Catherine Hungerford Catherine Vanderburgh Susan Kennedy Anita Ross Elizabeth Duncan Colter Marino Ramsay, Miami MacDonald Grace Smith Watson Marian Cooke Elizabeth Ursem Lee Hammond Simus, Velma Tyler Mansell Barbara MacArthur Kathleen Weatherill McCulloch Colorado College Christina Chaston Wilson Coyle Barbara Bainard Harriett Uhl Sutherland, McLeod Muriel McLean Wright Jean MacWhirter Milligan Butler Patricia Darling Cranston Edith Slemin Misener Meekison McGLL Martha Stewart Crase Barbara Trent Morris OTHER Anneliese Maier Monk Audrey Bovey Amsden Joyce Anne Rankin Kathleen Dunne Oakes Esther Farlinger Ellanor Hall Rudolf Jane Bishop-Schissler Cumings Mary Tobias Priestman Margaret Farrell Jane Rush-LeBlanc Susan Craig Gillian Haggart Bea Thorkelson Ramsy Ann Foss Diane Kepkay Salter Elizabeth Hall Findlay Cummings Johanne Ratz Florence Honderich Patricia Williams Smith Mary Campbell Gilbert Jessie Roberts Current Susan Russell Linda Lowden Maureen Hyland Efa Heward Greenwood Jacqueline Kay Cushing Margaret Adamson Eva MacDonald Tingley Claudia Blake Harrison Patricia Jones Dalton Rutledge K. Mackay Kathleen Allan Trent Roma Dodds Henderson Marion Smith Davey Jocelyn Campbell Ryley Diana McGregor Janice Mills Walsh Lori Henderson-Marks Marguerite Clark Davis Gail Adams Sandercock Ria-Jean McMurty Margaret Shepard Sharon Elizabeth Elizabeth Kaltenbruner Margaret Shannon Eleanor Piironen Walwyn McCarry Earle Heather McLean Sifton Anna Marie Ragsdale Heather Wetmore Elizabeth Stevenson Shirley Reid Eaton Emily Dunham Smith The Jackman Foundation O'Neill Margaret Fairley Farnell Angela Stirpe Uni versity Womens MANTOBA Daniela Pizzuto Dorothy Smith Findlay Lynne Beament Tuer Club Mary Brodie Campbell Janet Dobson Rabnett Jean Bauslaugh Fisher Sarah Jane Twomey Patricia McMullin Joanne Hewson Rees Janet Grubbe Fitzgerald sabel Warne

70 "To preserve the heritage of Kappa Kappa Gamma; To establish The Stewart House as a place of enrichment and renewal for all members of the Fraternity; To educate Kappas nationally about the history of their organization and its importance to the women's movement." The Minnie Stewart Foundation is a separate nonprofit established to restore and preserve the home of Founder Minnie Stewart in Monmouth, ll. Donations to the foundation are tax deductible and have nearly doubled in the past year! The Minnie Stewart Foundation is grateful to the donors listed below who have made gifts in this biennium. AKRON Marilyn Nichols Bullock Jane Quinby Lowell SouTHERN CALFORNA Sally redell Gulick Betty Lee Doctor Cambra Shirley Johnson Mangram Zoe Ann Moorman Moore Clara Jane Billingsley Crabb Joan L. Martin ALABAMA Marjorie Moree Keith* Joanne Dutcher Maxwell SMU Gina Marr McLaurin Sara Brown Linn Mabel Martin McCoy Linda Bose Cooper Deanie Walburn Strength Barbara Ann Powers Cherry Louder Mcilvain Mary Blair Lapwing Phyllis Patrick Salisbury Toni Dierstein Mead ALLEGHENY Virginia Nichols White Myra Stice Mel burg TCU Deanna A. Eberlin Joyce Hinch Mlady Susan Bowman Farr Leslie Mcfarland McNamara KENTUCKY Vuginia St. Clair Miller Laura Weinman Gilliam Emily Louise Hoog Milligan UCLA ARZONA STATE Virginia Anding LaCharite Marion Danielson Peace Diane E. Enders Janet Roberts Evans Edith Srummin Pickens* Carol Morison Sobek MAM (OHO) Virginia Shaffer Rastede UTAH Carol Lash Armstrong Louise Lauder Roos Carolyn Mcfarland Hunter ARZONA Sandra Bums Beak Sarah Ann Ryder Ann Johnson Butler Kathryn Bunting Sanford VANDERBLT MNNESOTA Bonnie Bondurant OHver Deborah Osborne Holtsclaw CoLORADO CoLLEGE Ellen Brown Fredericks Shaddock Vera Lewis Marine Mary Wilcox Stanton WASHNGTON UNVERSTY MSSSSPP Sharon Smith Steffel Laurian Taylor Singleton COLORADO STATE Pamela Haworth Barbera Harriet Robinson Stewart Nancy Alyea Schiebel Betty Hines Bloore Jane Zimmer Swanson WLLAM & MARY Mary Work Theis Janice Griffin COLORADO MSSOUR Tamara Frazier Thompson Joan Cook Cohen Marian Klingbeil WiJHams Mary Alice McLoskey Toal ALuMNAE AssociATONs Marjorie Elliott Watson Arlington Heights L CORNELL MoNMOUTH Joann Weakly Wruteman Atlanta GA Kimberly Oliver Kathryn Alexander Helen Wagner Willey Bloomington L Joyce Totten Apitz Catherine AxHne Williams Burlington la DEPAUW Dorothy Eisiminger Armstrong Sina Lu Beach Wills Champaign-Urbana L Cyntrua Brown Wellman Viginia Wyatt Barnard Collier County FL Roberta Schroeder Parrott Estelle Evers Barnes NEBRASKA Greater Peoria L Nancy TUrnbull Behm Catherine Hove Breen Hinsdale L DRAKE Pam Wyeth Bellm Houston TX Ruth Frisby Henry Marcia Bosovich NoRTHWESTERN Hudson OH Ann Clark Lienemann Carol Macari Bowman Rosemary Hoefle Consani ndianapolis N Jama Winclish Brickford Mary Agnes Roberts Lafayette N DuKE Karen Barrett Crusm Kathryn Rogers Zalar Milwaukee West Suburban W Barbara Badger Brown Jean Turnbull Campbell Monmouth L Lynette Johnson Carlson OHO STATE North Suburban L EMORY Sarah Danner Dorothy Pettit Bates Northern New Jersey Beverly Bumby Geist Sharon Avery Danner Catherine Schroeder Graf Northern Virginia Cathleen Morrow McKinney Jane Robb Davis Martha Allen Kumler Quad Cities Sara Homer DuClos Juliana Fraser Wales Rockford L GEORGA Anne Quinby Dyni Sarasota-Manatee FL Lana Sheffield Ball Joan Hutchison Eavey OHO WESLEYAN Jean Hess Wells* Nancy Speer Engquist Barbara Rossiter Huhn OTHER DoNORS Kathryn Field Evers Hazel Akerlund LLNOS Georgia Vanduzer Fleming OKLAHOMA Vuginia Wolfe Baker Linda Zeiter Gieseke Ruth Glenn Finn Jane Young Barrett Suzanne Chambers Helen Farnsworth Grandone Elizabeth Camp Finney Carole Kerr McClendon Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dyson Patricia Butler Jensen Margaret Deschwanden Foster Helen Robson Walton Na Deanne Fulcomer Carol Clemons Kamerer Barbara Blair Frazier Helen Gebhardt Barbara Wynn Meek Gloria Harger Gildemeister OREGON STATE Ellen Gregg Meryl Sanders Williamson Clare Gemricb Glaser Jane Carter Jones Alma Haycraft Gretchen Graham Kappa Chapter LLNOS WESLEYAN Shirley Leiner Greenfield PENNSYLVANA STATE Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Suzanne Meek Aldridge Barbara Dixon Guest Joanne Robb Ambrose Klatt Elementary Patricia Meek Hess Susan Prochaska Hardie Claire Rickenbacher Jackson R.W. Larimore Myra Rodgers Shepherd Linda Kelso Hicks Sam Lawrence Beth Mackey Stiffler Frances Feldt Hobert PTTSBURGH rma R. Lore Onnalee Hawes Homer Kathleen Zoman Caliendo Dorothy M. Munse NDANA Jean Hawes Homer Glen Pickens Jean Moffat Brett Frances Nelson Jahn PURDUE Marianne and David Spalding Phyllis Hansen Kindley Jean Hutcrunson Jamieson Marjorie Matson Converse Henri & Mercedes Stegemeier Barbara Watt Johnson Nancy Vorhees Laitner Henrietta B. Wackman owa Mary Anne Thome Johnson Ruth Smith Miller Mary Castle Josephson ST. LAWRENCE MATCHNG DONATONS Suzanne Gaylord Younger Louise DuBois Kasch Nancy Tyra Lukens Elizabeth Dierstein Lashley Becton Dickinson & Company Simpson KANSAS STATE Catherine F. Lauder Carolyn Ott Heffron Marian Elmer Boydston Jean Walker Laxson *died during the bienniwn

71 The names listed below are the Charter Members of The Omega Society, established to honor those whose planned gift commitment to the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation, whether through a will or any other deferred gift plan, will help assure for the future the important educational and financial assistance programs that are available today. (Anonymous) Bonnie McGrew Adams, Colorado Mary Abbott Alles, Miami (Ohio) Shearer Anderson, Miami (Ohio) Julie Patton Barker, Florida Marian Sims Baughn, Colorado Charlotte Gilman Ballweg, Butler 1\vila Garland Barnes, Butler Sarah Beckering, TCU Gilda Jensen Biehl, Cincinnati Anita Craddock Bigger, Texas Jane Seiser Boldrick, Texas Anne Chapman Booth, Texas Mary Davidson Bower, Northwestern Marguerite Jo Newport Brodeur, Washington Barbara Dielschneider Bushnell, Oregon J. Dale Brubeck, William & Mary Martha Sinsabaugh Bryant, Ohio Wesleyan Elizabeth Sternberg Canaga, Miami (Ohio) Heidi Larsen Campbell, Miami Bruce and Cathy Carswell, llinois Wesleyan Mary Jim Lane Chickering, Arkansas Marian Finch Childers, Michigan Donna Frost Cohen, Michigan Joan Cook Cohen, Colorado N. Claire Combest, Tulsa Mary Jane Jackson Crist, Arizona Jane Toumer Curry, ndiana Lonnie Hoke Curtis, Tulsa Shelley Carpenter Dawson, North Carolina Alyson Conner Deans, Min nesota Barbara Jones Deloian, Arizona Renee Dutton, West Virginia Dorothy Frier Eck, Washington Univ. Ellen Baitinger Erkert, North western Mary Campbell Ford, North western Mary Lou Griffith Gardiner, Missouri Eleanor Hulings Gatling, Cornell Jane Luce Gildow, Monmouth Jane Rafter Gordan, Washington Catherine Schroeder Graf, Ohio Barbara Cranston Granat, Michigan Barna Hurt Graves, A rkansas Sally redell Gulick, Akron Ruth Reynolds Hadley, Ohio Suzanne Lovell Hadsell, Ohio Wesleyan Cynthia Springer Harbold, Butler Anne Harter, Syracuse H elene Peck Halverson, owa Stephanie Haymond, Utah Ann Treadway Henry, Mississippi Janet Ross Hertenstein, ndiana Lynn Ford Hoerner, Emory Judith Skilton Horry, South Carolina Susannah Erck Howard, Florida Lanette Thomas rwin, South Carolina Katherine Moessner Jeffrey, Denison Marilyn Fouse Jennings, Ohio Wesleyan Wilma Winberg Johnson, Massachusetts Martha Wilcoxson Jordan, Drake Jessie Walton Karsted, Montana E. Kay Kelly, George Washington Debbie Kory, Babson Virginia Kramer Kulp, Oklahoma Ruth Hoehle Lane, Boston Janet Kilby Lankton, Cornell Kay Smith Larson, Washington June Knisley Lauzon, Michigan Dorotha Beck Ledman, Butler Marian Laidlaw LeFevre, Syracuse Madeline Brunks Lerrne, Adelphi Patsy Bredwick Levang, North Dakota Florence Sells Lord, A!leg hen y Mariano Wilson Lyon, Texas Victoria Margolis, Cornell Douglas Hempstead Maumenee, Wisconsin Gretchen Andrews Maxwell, Colorado Suza nne Tardy Maxwell, ndiana Natalie Chaloner McElroy, Minnesota Cathleen Morrow McKinney, Emory Leslie Mcf arland McNamara, Allegheny Mary Chenualt McPhail, Michigan Marjorie Kidd Meade, Ohio Wesleyan Mary Beatty Miebach, Hillsdale Krista Miller, Colorado Patricia Appleby Minter, Oklahoma Molly E. Moody, Washington Laura Moylan, Vermont Nancy Myler, Pittsburgh Eloise Moore Netherton, Texas Carol Ann Trimble Nordheimer, Pennsylvania Laura Young Palmer, Auburn Elizabeth Hodges Pavoni, Boston Elinor Allen Payne, Monmouth Lee Bundy Peck, Washington Eloise Ryder Pingry, Purdue Susan Arnold Poelling, Michigan Susanne Munsell Prewitt, Missouri Elizabeth Alexander Price, Texas Joni Feiger R agle,lllinois Eleanor Raup, Bucknell Adlon Dohme Rector, llinois Katherine Missildine Reid, Oklahom a Valerie Nelson Renner, ndiana Marilyn Maloney Riggs, Kansas Mary A. Graham (Gray) Roberts, Northwestern Marjorie White Roovaart, Adelphi Marlese Neher Rouda, Ohio Margaret Leland Russell, Ohio Wesleyan Sarah Ann Ryder, Monmouth Mary Prendergast Schmidt, Ohio Bernice Neef Schultz, Colorado Gwendolyn Lutz Scott, M.D., A kron Patricia A. Searight, Ohio Dee Freidenberger Sheldon, Kansas Sharon Siegener, Rollins sabell Hatton Simmons, Ohio Cynthia Stewart Simon, ndiana Susan Wilson Smith, Ohio Wesleyan Ruth Polley Spain, Ohio Wesleyan Betty Shafe r Strauss, Northwestern Christine Hermann Strong, Colorado Rebecca Taggart, Butler Na ncy Harris Thomas, Florida Kathryn Lingenfelter Thompson, Colorado Sandra Settegast Thompson, Texas Jean Adams Toth, Boston Jane Smith Tuverson, Rollins Eliza beth Veale Urch, Denison Kelley Purkey Vacheron, West Virginia Margaret Galloway VanDoren, Maryland Mary Games Vierson, Hillsdale Eliza beth Monahan Yolk, Ohio Wesleyan Jean Stryker Walker, Cornell Catherine Kelder Walz, Michigan Mary Elizabeth Westpheling, Arkansas Barbara Seaquist Williams, llinois Marian Klingbeil Williams, Missouri Carolyn Hornor Wilson, West Virginia Louise Berry Wise, llinois Heidi Cranford Young, Florida

72 Chapter Consultant program provides chapters with on-site leadership. A graduate Kappa placed in a chapter house, can advise and assist a new chapter, just getting started, or lend her expertise to ongoing programs at an established chapter. n the last biennium, the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation funded 14 chapter consultant positions. Chapter Consultants are currently working with BETA TAU, Syracuse, BETA CH, Kentucky, DELTA TAU, Southern California, DELTA UPSLON, Georgia, ZETA Psi, Wake Forest, and ETA BETA, Pepperdine. The graduate Kappa is granted up to $6,000 to help pay for graduate study while living and working with the chapter. Qualifications include high personal standards, good communication skills, knowledge of the Fraternity, loyalty, flexibility, and sensitivity. Past chapter consultants include Fraternity Executive Director DALE BRUBECK, William & Mary, who assisted new chapters at EPSLON Mu, Clemson, and EPSLON SGMA, Virginia. The following letter from recent chapter consultant JENNFER HAUGHEY, Utah, outlines what she learned and is now able to utilize in the classroom with her high school students as a teacher of U.S. history and government. For more information on the Chapter Consultant program, contact Chairman of Field Representatives MARTHA HAY STREBG, ndiana, c/o Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Headquarters, P.O. Box 38, Columbus, OH Skills learned as a Chapter Consultant helped Jennifer while student teaching at James A. Shanks High School in Quincy, Fla.,. A Dear Kappas, d like to take this opportunity to thank you from my heart. do owe Ka a Ka?amma a gr~at deal, and plan to give ba~f by s::,~ mg as an actjve_ alumnae and making contributions to ~e Foundat~on whenever it is financially possible. efore g~ mto my experiences as a Chapter Consultant, ll tell you a little b't b fi '1 a out my Kappa "~~~ y. guess you could say that am Kappa onnected. My grandmother is a Kappa m mother is the current President of the SAL;~ CJ-r: ALUMNAE ASSOCATON, my aunt is finance adviser to DELTA ETA CHAPTER Utah d. is a senior d '. ' an my Sister What an ~ Kappa at the Umversity of Utah. th ~akes this story even more special for me is at eac and every one of us pledged and was 66 THE K EY Winter 1996

73 initiated at the Delta Eta Chapter at the University of Utah. knew after meeting ALLSON MARKER, Washington, the Traveling Consultant who visited Delta Eta during my freshman year, that wanted to be a Chapter Consultant. She told me all about the program and its benefits and decided then that when was a senior would apply. was so surprised when received a call from the Chairman of Field Representatives (at the time it was ANN STAFFORD TRUESDELL, Ohio Wesleyan) letting me know they had a match for me. honestly did not think would be chosen, so you can imagine how thrilled was. There was absolutely no hesitation on my part when accepted the position at EPSWN ZETA CHAPTER at Florida University. was fortunate enough to attend a school with a highly-ranked graduate program in education and to go to a place had never lived. Who could possibly ask for more? During my two years as a Chapter Consultant ( ) formed close ties with the chapter and made many new friends. also learned skills didn't know possessed. More important, these skills enabled me to survive my first year teaching. For example: Time Management and Organization - When it came to planning effective lessons, coordinating the school's history fair and African American history assembly, and organizing the junior/senior prom, found it was essential to be able to organize my time and materials. Budgeting- needed this budget knowledge to order supplies for an entire year, to help execute the prom without creating debt, and to choose new textbooks that the school could afford. Presentation Skills. -As a teacher, had to present material every day. Each class had its own personality and had to deliver the lesson differently in order to maximize my students' learning. also made numerous presentations to the social studies department and the administration. Conflict Resolution Skills- Unfortunately, this is a necessary skill for teachers. My experiences as a chapter consultant helped to minimize problems both inside and outside of my classroom. Leadership Training- This skill came in handy when working with the junior class officers. Many of them had little experience as leaders and worked with the other sponsors to foster the students' growth and to create confident leaders. also used this skill in the classroom as leadership is essential when working in cooperative learning groups or on a project. These are only a few of the skills learned at Epsilon Zeta Chapter and then used as a teacher. Although these are the skills gained, the most satisfying part of my years as a Chapter Consultant was watching the chapter grow, flourish, and improve. Those young women are vivacious, motivated, and impressive and will always remember them fondly. Now that have returned to Utah, plan on serving as an adviser when my sister graduates. Until then will be involved with the alumnae association and will help the chapter with Rush and nitiation. owe Kappa Kappa Gamma a great deal and plan to give back as an active alumna, contributing to the Foundation whenever possible to fund a similar opportunity for another Kappa and chapter. Loyally, Ja~~ JENNFER HAUGHEY, Utah For information on funding a Chapter C ul schol h. ons tant ars lp, contact Dtrector of Developm t As. - fu~ J. m a~~ E~ NGS, Ohzo Wesleyan, at the Foundation o at Fratermty Headquarters, 614/ o---, ffice THE KEY Winter

74 N MEMORAM N ames which appear in this listing are from information received by Headquarters from July 24, 1996, through October 29, *ADRAN COLLEGE Ballenger, Margaret Stover, '20,d.8/96 Signor, Ruth Seed, '28,d.3/96 AlABAMA, UNVERSTY OF Simpson, Barbara Flanagan, '39,d.l2/95 ALLEGHENY COLLEGE Kent, Dorothy Hughes, '22,d.4/96 Mook, Henrietta Cutter, '36,d.6/96 Sandberg, Margaret Hayes, '28,d.l2/95 AluZONA STATE UNVERSTY Dobrin, Joann Flynn, '73,d.ll/94 AluZONA, UNVERSTY OF Cravens, Marion Bennett, '2 1,d.l/92 Farrell, Margaret Lockard, '27,d.5/96 ARKANSAS, UNVERSTY OF Phillips, Lucy Pettigrew, '25,d.7/96 Walker, Marguerite Ownbey, '28,d. 7/96 BAYWR UNVERSTY Wolfe, Ernestine Dedman, '77,d.7/96 *BOSTON UNVERSTY Mason, Margaret Ross, '37,d. 7/96 BUCKNELL UNVERSTY Baker, Shirley Andresen, '48,d.l 0/95 Hayes, Anne Troutman, '54,d.4/96 BUTLER UNVERSTY Albershardt, Dorothy Watkins, '23,d.8/96 Hotchkiss, Ruth Clarke, '24,d.9/92 Spaid, Gwendolyn Dorey, '2 1,d. 7/96 CALFORNA, U. OF, BERKELEY Clay, Marian McCord, '22,d.9/96 Hansen, Marie Grassie, '18,d.8/96 CALFORNA, U. OF, Los ANGELES Rutt, Rosemary, '51,d.B/96 CNCNNAT, UNVERSTY OF Marvin, Louise Scherle, '18,d.7/96 Mendenhall, Odelys Bergsmark, '44,d.l /93 Selman, Shirley Startsman, '38,d.9/96 COWRADO COLLEGE Ball, Clara Vorreiter, '32,d.l2/90 Jenkins, Mildred Fritchle, '33,d.8/96 Ritchey, Georgie Danks, '32,d.l/96 COWRADO STATE UNVERSTY Kennoy, Leigh, '9 L,d.0/96 COWRADO, UNVERSTY OF jones, Gladys Hayes, '29,d.5/96 Love, Louise O'Leary, '24,d.9/96 Mortensen, Lois Solt, ' 19,d.4/96 Petry, Jeanne January, '38,d.ll/95 CORNELL UNVERSTY Richardson, Pamela, '86,d. ll/94 D ENSON UNVERSTY Landgrebe, Charlotte Olson, '29,d.8/96 D EPAUW UNVERSTY Crummey, Caroline Hughes, '20,d.8/96 Roderick, Margaret Hussey, '40,d.5/96 DRAKE UNVERSTY Allen, Mavis Gilchrist, '2L,d.l/90 Eicher, Virginia Hill, '63,d.8/96 D uke UNVERSTY Gillander, Marie Pelgrim, '33,d.2/95 Keeling, ]essie Stites, '37,d.8/96 Mohler, Mary Morrison, '42,d.2/96 Thoelke, Carol Smith, '53,d. 7/96 Wagner, Tekla Parker, '35,d.7/96 Wilbur, Marjorie Harper, '33,d.3/96 HLLSDALE CoLLEGE Andersson, Ruth O'Reilly, '49,d.8/96 Close, Alice Willennar, '29,d.8/96 Peters, Lois Dreher, '44,d.9/96 DAHO, UNVERSTY OF Glaisyer, Ellen Dollard, '34,d.9/96 Thiel, Grace Morgan, '2l,d.7/96 LLNOS, UNVERSTY OF Keith, Diane, '48,d.8/96 Kurrus, Dixie Dunham, '24,d.6/96 Lessel, Marjorie Byers, '34,d.9/96 LLNOS WESLEYAN UNVERSTY Evans, Henrietta Prothero, '24,d.7/96 McAlister, Alice Avedisian, '55,d.l/96 Parker, Jane Nichols, '32,d.9/96 NDANA UNVERSTY Thompson, joyce Buckner, '5l,d.9/96 OWA, UNVERSTY OF Dempsey,Marcia Debey, '18,d.2/96 Dorsey, Mary Carson, '22,d.8/96 Siemann, Laura, '74,d.9/86 KANSAS STATE UNVERSTY Patterson, Margaret Howard, '53,d.3/94 KANSAS, UNVERSTY OF Dalton, Kathryn Krehbiel, '44,d.5/96 Morris, Ann Cota, '39,d.8/96 Verhage, rene Sandelius, '44,d.9/93 KENTUCKY, UNVERSTY OF Ahl, Serelda Bishop, '30,d.8/96 Clark, Mary Dale, '25,d.l0/96 Fleming, Louise Jefferson, '25,d.8/96 LoUSANA STATE UNVERSTY ]ones, Gayle Billings, '70,d. 7/96 Myers, Earleen Cruse, '52,d.7/96 *MANTOBA, UNVERSTY OF Bancroft, Eldred Curle, '30,d. 7/96 Watson, Grace Smith, '40,d.7/96 *MARYLAND, UNVERSTY OF Hawkins, Nancy Hobson, '42,d.7/96 Young, Marilyn Macchi, '49,d.7/96 MASSACHUSETTS, UNVERSTY OF Mahle, Ann Green, '50,d.l0/96 Sanders, Nancy Niziak, '62,d.l0/94 MAM U NVERS TY England, Mary O'Callaghan, '41,d. 7/96 MAM, UNVERSTY OF Pile, Catharine, '38,d.2/96 MCHGAN STATE UNVERSTY Coe, Margaret Bryant, '35,d.4/96 Maystrik, Louise, '36,d.8/96 Trager, Vera Altshuler, '30,d.l 0/96 MNNESOTA, UNVERSTY OF Burton, Katherine Kelley, '25,d.9/96 Ravn, Valborg, '30,d. 2/96 MSSOUR, U NVERSTY OF Hamilton, Martha Royster, '28,d.7/96 Holmes, Sonya Johnson, '52,d.ll /95 McCanse, ]essie Hill, '15,d.7/96 Sheils, Elizabeth Newhall, '51,d.6/96 MONTANA, UNVERS TY OF De Stwolinsk.i, Gail Rounce, '40,d.7/96 Jungers, Sally Tilzey, '54,d.5/96 Mitchell, Ruby Flint, '36,d.7/96 elson, Ruth Partridge, '26,d.6/96 *NORTH DAKOTA STATE UNVERSTY Berg, Rachael Elznic, '39,d.8/96 Buckingham, Lorraine Bohlig, '3l,d.7/96 Narum, Edith Skurdall, '30,d.8/96 NORTHWESTERN UNVERSTY Alexander, Barbara Mallory, '46,d.2/85 Bourne, Margaret, '29,d.4/96 Elliott, Nona Handwork, '28,d.3/96 McKinley, Helen Sullivan, '40,d.5/96 Ristine, Dorothy Egan, '25,d.2/96 Winslow, Virginia Beymer, '24,d.4/88 OHO STATE UNVERSTY Gest, Mary Pyle, '36,d. 7/96 Reynolds, Dorothy Kuenning, '21,d. 7/95 Spencer, Lois Lamb, '55,d.8/96 Wertz, Helen ]ones, '27,d.l 0/96 Wesesky, Catherine Clybourne, '48,d.ll/95 White, Martha Collicott, '27,d.8/96 OHO WESLEYAN UNVERSTY Cooper, Kitty, '25,d.8/96 Dowling, Beryl Tredway, '28,d.3/96 Evans, Reland Schreel, '25,d.6/96 Lease, Marjorie Kerr, '39,d. 0/96 Rardin, Margaret Fox, '37,d.8/96 OKLAHOMA STATE UNVERSTY Carter, Nancy Trimble, '7 4,d.l 0/96 OKLAHOMA, UNVERSTY OF Brown, Frances McGowen, '34,d.8/96 Catching, Carolyn Boring, '37,d.l0/96 Champlin, Jane Edwards, '3 l,d.l0/96 McKinley, Ann Young, '43,d.6/96 Shera, Kathleen White, ' 17,d.9/96 Van Cleef, Jane Harris, '54,d.8/96 O REGON STATE UNVERSTY Adams, Olive Hill, '28,d.8/96 Stokesbary, Grace Baird, '29,d.5/96 OREGON, UNVERSTY OF Cover, Helen Webster, '26,d.9/96 Cross, Stephanie Smith, '32,d. l2/93 Price, Mary Bush, '43,d.6/96 Wilson, Peggy Johnston, '43,d.6/96 PENNSYLVANA STATE UNVERSTY Anderson, Sarah, '38,d.6/93 Erdman, Patricia Behnety, '39,d.9/96 Quimby, Elizabeth Furst, '42,d.S/96 *PENNSYLVANA, UNVERSTY OF Gailey, Jeannette Corey, '44,d.l/96 Judd, Margaret Dill, '26,d.l/94 PTTSBURGH, U NVERSTY OF Harvey, Dorothy Colvin, '4L,d.7/96 Tower, Priscilla Haymaker, '3 l,d.8/96 PURDUE UNVERSTY Hogshire, Catherine McClurg, '25,d.8/96 Stackpool, Alice Callender, '41,d.8/95 ROLLNS COLLEGE Burch, Betsy Harris, '32,d. 2/95 Elledge, Patricia Chilcote, '71,d.B/96 *SAN }OSE STATE UNVERSTY Cook, Helene Flory, '49,d.9/96 Sr. LAWRENCE UNVERSTY Laundy, Phyllis Bauman, '34,d. 0/96 SOUTHERN M ETHODST UNVERSTY Boger, Frances, '5L,d.8/96 Holden, Virginia Jacoby, '43,d.8/96 STANFORD U NVERSTY Barker, Margaret McDowell, '23,d.3/95 Barnard, Margaret Andrews, '39,d.8/96 Carlin, Mary Tobin, ' L2,d.6/96 *SWARTHMORE COLLEGE Evans, Ruth, '22,d.6/96 Prutzman, Caroline Butler, '32,d.9/96 SYRACUSE UNVERSTY Calistri, Virginia Tucker, '29,d.2/92 Fuller, Jane Horton, '48,d.3/96 Measer, Emily Blanchard, '25,d.8/96 TEXAS, UNVERSTY OF Nelson, Carol, '93,d.9/96 Walls, Nancy Ghormley, '79,d.9/96 Weigel, Marietta Duncan, '29,d.l0/96 TORONTO, UNVERSTY OF Clarry, Elizabeth Kennedy, '4l,d.9/96 Fleetwood-Morrow, Janie Church, '37,d.9/96 Saul, Dorothy Shannon, '2l,d.7/96 TulANE UNVERSTY Chamberlain, Margaret Gillican, '30,d.3/96 Sarpy, Eleanor Legier, '30,d.7/96 WASHNGTON STATE UNVERSTY Alcorn, Ruth Pearson, '42,d.6/96 Brockway, Jane Semler, '64,d.3/96 WASHNGTON UNVERSTY Allen, Gladys Watkins, '39,d.9/96 Asquith, Helen Smith, '46,d.6/94 Clagett, Lalla Varner, '29,d.5/96 Davis, Cynthia Stuart, '5l,d.6/96 Roberts, Betty Tyzzer, '39,d.4/96 WASHNGTON, UNVERSTY OF Andrews, Virginia Winslow, '3l,d.3/96 Burwell, Elizabeth Baird, '18,d.l/96 Holmes, Eleanor Fry, '50,d.7/96 Tash, Charlotte Hawes, '38,d.7/96 WHTMAN COLLEGE Cartwright, Dorothy Glafke, '3l,d.7/95 Hardy, Helen Meyers, '27,d.9/96 WLLAM & MARY, CoLLEGE OF Smith, Mary Lermann, '30,d.6/96 WSCONSN, UNVERSTY OF Backus, da Bernhard, '3 L,d.8/96 Davis, Helen Dick, ' 17,d.l/92 Morehouse, Elizabeth Dodge, '29,d.9/96 Winder, Barbara Hubbell, '36,d.4/96 WYOMNG, UNVERSTY OF Barnett, Catherine Shicora, '27,d.l l/95 Peyton, Pauline, '30,d.8/96 Ranger, Mary Hynds, '34,d.9/96 inactive chapter CORRECTON n the Fall issue, LAURA MJLLER ADAMS, Baylor, was incorrectly listed as deceased. The Key apologizes for the error. n order for names to appear in "n Memoriam," verification and date of death must be sent to Fraternity Headquarters and Foundation Office, P.O. Box 38, Columbus, OH Memorial gifts may be sent to the.kkr Foundation, attention: Marilyn Jennings. o--, 68 THE KEY Winter 1996

75 KAPPAS On Campus Challenge to Excellence Restf~95-96 Seven chapters succeeded in the Fraternity's Challenge to Excellence, completing 100 percent of the Challenge checklist. Maintaining a scholastic average at least equal to the campus All-Sorority Average each term, displaying fiscal responsibility, maintaining Fraternity standards, submitting all reports and fees on time, following the ritual, pledging quota, and maintaining chapter total are a few of the criteria chapters are asked to achieve. n addition, four chapters met 94 percent of the criteria, and 12 met 87 percent. Congratulations to those chapters who accepted the Challenge to Excellence for All chapters are encouraged to accept the Challenge for Regional and Province Directors of Chapters are ready to assist each chapter in fulfilling the criteria of the Challenge to Excellence. Challenge to Excellence Winners Region 1: DELTA PH, Bucknell; Region 3: KAPPA, Hillsdale; Region 5: GAMMA Nu, Arkansas, EPSLON UPSLON, Baylor, DELTA Psi, Texas Tech; Region 6: GAMMA ETA, Washington, BETA KAPPA, daho Founders Circle (94%) Region 1: BllTAJ>S, Toronto, ZETA BETA, Lafayette; Region 3: DELTA LAMBDA, Miami (Ohio); Region 4: GAMMA ALPHA, Kansas Golden Key (87%) Region 1: DELTA ALPHA, Penn, DELTA Mu, Connecticut, DELTA Nu, Massachusetts, ZETA ALPHA, Babson, ZETA THETA, Trinity; Region 3: OTA, DePauw; Region 5: GAMMA PH, Southern Methodist; Region 6: GAMMA GAMMA, Whitman, EPSLON OMCRON, UC Davis, BETA PH, Montana, EPSLON OTA, Puget Sound, GAMMA Mu, Oregon Behind-the Scenes Olympians On the Road Again Recent graduate SARAH BLACKWELDER, Colorado College, traveled 27,000 miles in 90 days as one of the drivers of the official lead car for the 1996 Olympic Torch Relay. As a member of the pilot advance team, Sarah was the final person to check out the path that the torch carriers would follow. Her job was to ensure that changes in roads and traffic patterns were accounted for and that the path was clear and safe. Sarah was responsible for a portion of the route every four days. Her responsibilities took her through 42 states and countless cities. The torch route had been strategically designed to come within two hours of 90 percent of the U.S. population. When the Torch Relay made its way through Columbus, Ohio, Sarah visited KKT Fraternity Headquarters and the Heritage Museum. A highlight for Sarah was when she unexpectedly got to carry the torch with her grandparents watching in Limon, Colo., where she had lived as a child. Traveling across America and seeing first hand the pride, unity and excitement the Olympics brings, along with warm welcomes from diverse communities, were some of her favorite aspects. She describes it as a threemonth pep rally. But Sarah's favorite experience by far was Opening Ceremonies where she felt an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and privilege after helping bring the torch from Los Angeles to Atlanta. To the Rescue CARRE Wooo, Emory, served as an American Red Cross First Responder during the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta. A senior international studies and history major, Carrie became a member of the Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter of the Red Cross First Responder program to help provide emergency temporary medical care at Olympic venues and other sites around the city. The First Responders were part of the overall Olympic Games medical services system. Carrie completed a combination of 40 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction covering first aid and CPR to international humanitarian law and 40 hours of practical application at various events in Atlanta. Each member of the team was tested to ensure individual proficiency. Carrie enjoyed interacting with Georgia's national and international guests and was glad to learn emergency medical care. Proud Pen Pals DELTA KAPPA, Miami, participates in a pen-pal program with students from an inner-city elementary school, where most of the children are from low-income, singleparent households. Chapter members co-sponsored an end-of-year school party with their pen pals. THE KEY Winter

76 KPPASOnCampus Chapter Philanthropies Chapters participate in numerous philanthropic projects, either through direct volunteer service or by raising money for a needy cause. Working together to help others builds a sense of unity and accomplishment within a chapter and helps each member experience the true meaning of sisterhood and concern for others. Here is a selection of some of the varied and creative philanthropic activities that chapters support with their time and energy. Many chapters hold more than one philanthropic event during the year, but only one per chapter is listed due to space limitations. ALPHA", Monmouth, clothing and food drive DELTA, ndiana, holiday cards for children's hospital EPSLON, minois Wesleyan, dance-a-thon fundraiser ETA, WSconsin, holiday gifts to needy children KAPPA, Hillsdale, crafts and games at retirement center. P", UC Berkeley, tutor elementary school students SGMA, Nebraska, YWCA Take a Break babysitting Psi", Cornell, cookie decorating with elderly individuals BETA BETA", St. Lawrence, substance abuse center volunteers BETA Mu, Colorado, "Chili con Kappa" dinner fundraiser BETA X, Texas, "Kappa Klassic" billiards tournament fundraiser BETA OMCRON, Tulane, party for Project Desire childrens' program BETA P, Washington, food baskets for women's shelter BETA TAU, Syracuse, Easter party for children's program BETA UPSLON, West Virginia, 5-K walk/run marathon fundraiser BETA PH, Montana, Big Brothers/Big Sisters bowl-a-thon BETA Psi, Toronto, "Kappa Kares" clothing and toy drive BETA OMEGA, Oregon, soup kitchen volunteers GAMMA ALPHA, Kansas, recycling drive GAMMA BETA, New Mexico, donated school supplies to needy children GAMMA GAMMA, Whitman, "Teeter Totter-a-Thon" fundraiser GAMMA DELTA, Purdue, serve Thanksgiving dinner at community center GAMMA EPSLON, Pittsburgh, ADS awareness volunteers GAMMA ZETA, Arizona, Mothers Against Drunk Driving volunteers GAMMA THETA, Drake, "Trick-or-Treat" party for children GAMMA KAPPA, William & Mary, tutor adults at local library GAMMA Mu, Oregon, "Sacrifice Dinner" proceeds to food pantry GAMMA Nu, Arkansas, Head Start children's program Easter egg hunt GAMMA OMCRON, Wyoming, toiletries drive for Salvation Army GAMMA P, Alabama, raffle ticket sale for child abuse prevention service GAMMA RHo, Allegheny, sponsor-a-child program GAMMA UPSLON, British Columbia, Christmas dinner fundraiser GAMMA PH, SMU, Easter egg hunt and games with children GAMMA CH, George Washington, breast cancer fashion show DELTA ALPHA, Penn, dance marathon fundraiser DELTA BETA, Duke, community grounds and park cleanup DELTA ZETA, Colorado College, Christmas caroling at retirement home DELTA ETA, Utah, campus tours to elementary students for "Project Youth" DELTA OTA, Louisiana, "Kappa 70 T HE KEY Winter 1996 Co11tinued on page 71, column 3 Kappas Entertain Country Style GAMMA BETA, New Mexico, hosted its first-ever Picker Jamboree full of home-cooked food and lively entertainment by the Kappa Pickers singing group. Guests enjoyed a barbecue dinner at the Gamma Beta chapter house, which had been decorated in a downhome country theme. Nearly $200 was raised through ticket sales and was donated to the All Faiths Receiving Home, a shelter for abused and neglected children. Kappas Deck the Hall BETA UPSLON, West Virginia, chapter members joined Beta Upsilon alumna and WVUs First Lady, Susan Hardesty, in decorating the Christmas tree in Elizabeth Moore Hall. Students and faculty were asked to bring inexpensive or handmade ornaments to put on the tree. The ornaments were then given to needy families Gamma Beta, New Mexico, hosted a "Picker Jamboree"featuring barbeque dinner and live entertainment by the Kappa Pickers to raise money for a children's shel ter. attending the university's holiday benefit luncheon. Chapter Serves Children ZETA SGMA, North Texas, focused its philanthropic events on improving the lives of children. Starting with a visit to the Children's Medical Center of Dallas, chapter members donated art supplies and helped children make Valentines and decorate cookies. The chapter, joined by its Advisory Board, participated in the "Celebrate the Children Fair" sponsored by the Denton Friends of the Family organization, Members of Beta Upsilon, West Virginia, decorate a Christmas tree on campus.

77 Beta Chi, Kentucky, seniors hosted "Kappasta," an all-youcan-eat spaghetti dinner to raise money for the Project 2000 scholarship fund. which helps families in abusive situations. The Kappa Pickers singing group entertained children with a sing-along and other members ran a face painting booth. Zeta Sigma Chapter also collected children's books which were given to the Friends of the Family program. Earth ball Raises Money and Awareness GAMMA ALPHA, Kansas, raised $1,250 for the Manhattan Emergency Shelter through its Earthball '96 philanthropy cosponsored with Delta Chi Fraternity. The annual event involves collecting aluminum cans for recycling, T-shirt sales, and an Gamma Alpha, Kansas, cosponsored Earthball '96, a competition involving a giant air-filled ball, to raise money for the Manhattan Emergency Shelter. Earthball competition. Money was raised through entry fees and T-shirt sales. The object of the Earthball competition is for teams to try to push a giant air-filled ball across the opponent's end lines. Spaghetti for Scholarships BETA CH, Kentucky, seniors conducted a philanthropy event called "Kappasta," an all-you-caneat spaghetti dinner at the chapter house. A total of $600 was raised and do nated to the chapter's Project 2000 scholarship fund. Project 2000 is a program of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation that encourages chapters to participate in fundraising projects to endow its own undergraduate scholarship. The goal for each group is to raise $10,000 by the year o---. Continued from page 70 Klassic" golf tournament fund-raiser DELTA KAPPA, Miami, hurricane relief volunteers DELTA LAMBDA, Miami (Ohio), Bingo at nursing home DELTA Mu, Connecticut, bowl-a-thon fundraiser DELTA Nu, Massachusetts, holiday gift bags for nursing home DELTA X, Carnegie-Mellon, Ronald McDonald House volunteers DELTA OMCRON, owa, candy machine proceeds to charity DELTA P, Tulsa, "Kappa Klassic" 5- K marathon fundraiser DELTA RHo, Mississippi, "Kappa Kickoff" fundraiser DELTA SGMA, Oklahoma, food drive volunteers DELTA TAU, Southern Cal., holiday decorations for local service agency DELTA PH, Bucknell, stadium blanket sale DELTA Psi, Texas Tech., spring cleaning at Ronald McDonald House EPSLON GAMMA, North Carolina, "Kappa Angels" holiday gifts for kids EPSLON DELTA, Arizona, Christmas in April volunteers EPSLON EPSLON, Emory, brunch for ADS patients EPSLON ZETA, Florida, blood donors EPSLON OTA, Puget Sound, ADS Walk fundraiser participants EPSLON KAPPA, South Carolina, Halloween carnival for children EPSLON LAMBDA, Tennessee, plant flowers for campus "Adopt-a-Spot" EPSLON Mu, Clemson, MS Walk-a-Thon fundraiser participants EPSLON Nu, Vanderbilt, "Kappanello" talian dinner fundraiser EPSLON X, Cal., Northridge, Easter and Thanksgiving food drives EPSLON OMCRON, UC Davis, "Kappa Kahana" barbecue dinner fundraiser EPSLON RHo, Texas A&M, "Kappa Klassic" golf tournament and silent auction EPSLON SGMA, Virginia, Easter and Halloween parties for day care center EPSLON UPSLON, Baylor, Adopt-a-School tutors for elementary school EPSLON PH, Florida, visit 50-year Kappas EPSLON OMEGA, Dickinson, plant sale ZETA BETA, Lafayette, deliver Easter baskets to children's home ZETA GAMMA, Centre, Valentine's Day party with children's home ZETA ZETA, Westminster, Frisbee-golf tournament fundraiser ZETA ETA, UC rvine, beach cleanup ZETA OTA, Villanova, candy sale ZETA KAPPA, Bowling Green, "Greek Olympiad" obstacle course fundraiser ZETA LAMBDA, Washington & Jefferson, donate products to local shelter ZETA Mu, Virginia Tech., Salvation Army volunteers ZETA Nu, UC San Diego, Special Olympics qualifier swim meet volunteers ZETA X, Yale, "Communiversity Day" volunteers EPSLON CH, Dartmouth, "Grandparents Party" for elderly community residents ZETA OMCRON, Richmond, "Spaghetti Pull" tug-of-war fundraiser ZETA P, Albertson, leaf raking for elderly community residents ZETA RHo, Colgate, donate money to the Make-a-Wish Foundation ZETA TAU, Washington & Lee, pumpkin carving at nursing home ZETA PH, Princeton, hospital volunteers ZETA CH, Marist, "Kappa Kandy Kane" sale ZETA OMEGA, Waterloo, swing-a-than fundraiser o---. * Based on information from Chapter Philanthropy Reports received at Headquarters by August 1, Edited for clarity and length. THE K EY Winter

78 Association Action THE SARASOTA/ MANATEE (FLA.) ALUMNAE AssociATON has added a new dimension to Kappa activities. The association's past presidents have formed a Gavel Club and begun an adopt-a-kappa program, sharing sisterhood with an 80-year-old member, 14 women who are 65-year members, and nearly 80 Kappas with their 50-year pins. As some are housebound and haven't had the opportunity to keep up their alumnae activities, each Gavel Club member adopts an older sister, remembering birthdays and holidays, sending cards and notes, ACCENT ON ALUMNAE Generation gap? Unheard of among t he members of the Sarasota/Manatee {Fla.) Alumnae Association. and touching base with a friendly telephone call. Twenty of the groups 30 past presidents have joined the Gavel Club and the membership keeps growing. As a symbol of their new responsibility and dedication they have added gavel guards to their still bright shiny keys. Players of all levels are encouraged to participate in the CHCAGO NORTH SHORE ALUMNAE ASSOCATON's annual paddle tennis round robin winter event. Chicago North Shore Alumnae Association's annual paddle tennis participants gather on the court. Forty women from the LoNG SLAND (N.Y.) ALuMNAE AssociATON actively participate in a poinsettia pick up and holiday exchange of cookies and holiday decorations. Funds from this annual project enable the association's delegate to attend the general convention. Kappas Named to Boards of Trustees llinois Wesleyan University has named alumna Fraternity President CATHY THOMPSON CARSWELL to its 38- member board of trustees. AMELA GRNER WLLAMS, Georgia, is serving as a trustee for the Public Broadcasting System in Orlando, Fla. She has been active with the Brevard Symphony Orchestra, the Brevard Cultural Alliance and River Association for downtown redevelopment, and the Tourism Development Commission's cultural grants panel. 'ill ~ ~. '.. r- --.,_, f,.~.j ~ ~;.',,- ' ~ ~ ~ t~.. " -.\- :... -,.f - ~~;: : ~..,..-\$. :_.7..-,..;.. ~ ~:.,'.. i CHARLESTON (W.V.) ALUMNAE ASSOCATON members included four collegians and one pledge in their annual holiday coffee gathering. Chapter members from out-of-state schools rekindled old friendships with alumnae and were surprised to see and share sisterhood with high school friends. Amelia Griner Williams serves as a trustee for PBS. 72 THE K y Winter 1996

79 ACCENT ON ALUMNAE Community Leader ADELE CoRYELL HALL, Nebraska, has received the Mary Harriman Community Leadership Award, the highest honor the Association of Junior Leagues can award a member who continually works to improve her community. Living in Shawnee Mission, Kan., Adele has been a member of the Junior League for over 40 years, sharing her vision of a world in which children would be healthy and well-educated, families would have decent employment, and all members of society would participate as equals, regardless of status, race, gender, or religion. Adele is deeply concerned about the continuing gap between this vision and the status quo. Bridging this gap is her passion. Kappa Connections The staff at The Cloister Hotel Left Bank Gallery at St. Simon's sland, Ga., is true blue and blue as the director of special art programs, the director of social activities, and a junior staff member are all Kappas. ll\ ppa Coworke~~ include many Kappas who fill summer junior F Ntc:l.ON staff pos1t1ons. Have you made the Kappa Connection? Find friends with similar interest though the Fraternity's database. To keep in touch with Kappa Kappa Gamma, return the form from the cover of the Fall issue of The Key or call Fraternity Headquarters to receive a copy. Hail to the Chief MARCA SELLAND KERSCHT, North Dakota, is the second woman to serve as president of Stephens College, a private liberal arts college in Columbia, Mo., with a predominately female enrollment. Marcia earned her bachelor's and master's degrees from owa and received her Ph.D. in psychology from the George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University. Prior to coming to Stephens, Marcia served as vice president of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, overseeing academic cooperation among 12-member institutions including The American University, Georgetown University, Howard University, Mount Vernon College, and Trinity College. She formerly taught and was on staff at Hood College in Frederick, Md., and Moorhead University in Minnesota, and was a member of the faculty of pediatrics at the Vanderbilt Medical School. Announcing a new long-range plan, Marcia believes that Stephens College should position itself to Beta Delta Chapter, Michigan, class of '56 in front of their chapter house. assure that its young women are well educated, confident and prepared to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. The "Stephens for the New Millennium" initiative focuses the college's resources on issues that will strengthen its competitive standing among the nations institutions of higher learning and produce long-range financial stability. So Happy Together Twenty-five women became sisters at THETA CHAPTER, Missouri, in Seven members of that pledge class still live in Columbia, Mo., have fun together, and share Kappa sisterhood and traditions -after 56 years of growing up together. Seventeen members of the 1937 OMEGA CHAPTER, Kansas, pledge class meet every month for lunch to celebrate almost 60 years together. Fourteen members of BETA DELTA CHAPTER, Michigan, celebrated a 40 year reunion with sisters from adjoining pledge classes. The women have kept in touch with an annual newsletter for over 35 years. DELTA RHo CHAPTER, Mississippi, initiates from joined charter members to enjoy three days of events along the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Delta Rho, Mississippi, alumnae gather to celebrate 40 years of sisterhood. THE KEY Winter

80 ACCENT ON ALUMNAE Mini-Meeting Eight former Province Directors of Alumnae from Maine to California met for a reunion in SPOKANE, WASH. The mini-meeting was planned and executed in true Kappa style as the Prominent Daughters of Athene entered the Owl nn for registration, orientation, and a fun-filled, four-day agenda of meetings and awards. Northwest PDA's gather at the entrance to the Owl nn as a minimeeting begins. Kappa Travel Kappas just love to have fun, especially aboard an Alaskan cruise last August. For more Kappa Travel information, see page 5. KappaTraveler, Almena Downey, LSU, meets members of the Princess crew. Kappas, M.D. Five Kappas from five different chapters were in the 1996 graduating class of Emory University's School of Medicine. ATTENTON ALUMNAE ASSOCATON OFFCERS: Please send alumnae news articles and photographs to: NANCY VOORHEES LATNER, Purdue, P.O. Box 38 Columbus, OH Fax: 614/ nternet: Compuserve: 73442,1175 Now every clieck you write can worli for Kappa Kappa Gamma! As a special option, choose our custom lettering: OLD ENGLSH l]rtnbn!llillrr OC jlnijlin,strrtl Prnurr. Q:(l) SCRPT &--..?/(i/le, Of~Scrat Vt.we.. eo roz1o ~--- Kappa Kappa Gamma checks make great gifts!.nr1' :::r~ ~- _s ll ~ ~ ~1011 _ f/tjakf') Jrto :;;;;california ii,,qt.1t'of~- ur~att" ';:':.~ ;-- ~~~ ((,.,..---, ~-~:o ~& :: 0,a ~o q'& q~1~l... o,coot to :~ Kappa Kappa Gamma coat of arms on classic green marble check with gold border. You can add your college or university name, or chapter too! ~~ --- Order now! Cli ck Partners, inc {CHEK} Check Partners, nc. is a licensed vendor for Greek Properties. World Wide Web- ~ ~ : 0 R D R 0 R M Enclose with your order: : t./ Voided check from your t t Name checking account. t t./ Deposit slip from same account. t : Daytime Phone (,/ Payment check payable to : t Starting Number for check supply Check Partners, nc. t t./ Complete order form for Kappa t t f not specified, starting number will be 301 Kappa Gamma checks. t t 200 Single checks per box: #of boxes x $15.00 = $ t : 150 Duplicate checks per box: #of boxes x $15.75 $ : : Greek letters # of boxes x $1.00 $ : t Optional: Old English: D Script: D # of boxes x $2.00 $ t t Optional text above signature line. Text limited to t t 2 lines with 26 characters including spaces. $2.00 per box = $ t : U_ : l_l_l_l_l_l_l_ l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l_l : 396 sales tax for Colorado residents, non RTD District SUB-TOTAL = $ : t sales rax for Colorado residents, RTD District t t sales rax for Jefferson Co., Colorado residents: TAX = $ t : Shipping and handling: : t Bulk mail- allow 4 weeks from receipt of order. $1.SO = $~ t t Priority mail- for every two boxes ordered add: $3.10 = S t : Total amount due: (Add sub-total and tax) = $ : t Mail all items to: t : CheckPartners, 1nc.,POBox621416,littleton,C : ~

81 EDTOR'S NOTE: We are delighted to be receiving so many letters but regret that we are unable to print each one. Please keep writing to The Key and know that we appreciate your input. Letters are edited for clarity and length. Know Your Past What a wonderful Profile you did on FRANCES STEEN JosEPHSON! t is so good to read how women, especially Kappas, served during World War. also read The Ultra Secret by F. W. Winterbottom who tells of Ultra's history, and he is quotes Dwight D. Eisenhower's view that "Ultra was decisive." f citizens do not know and heed past history, it truly is likely to happen again. Ovarian Cancer Risks GERALDNE RASMUSSEN, Miami am writing in response to your articles on infertility in the Spring 1996 issue. didn't see that issue, probably because was then returning from Boston where spent six months receiving treatment for the fourth most common cancer killer of women - ovarian cancer. What is of concern to me is whether your articles mentioned that never being pregnant, infertility, and use of fertility drugs such as Clomid and Perganol are all among the risk factors for ovarian cancer. My surgeon's response to my question of how had missed the risk factors of ovarian cancer is now a family joke. He answered, "t was in the popular press, The Boston Globe, The New York Times, and The Lancet, the British medical journal!" Unfortunately, those were not my reading materials as a junior high school teacher in Fort Collins, Colo. What isn't a joke is that during the last year have seen many magazines for women discussing the use of talcum powder, estrogen therapy, eating yogurt, choices for infertile couples and never seen a sentence stating that these are small, but still present, risks for ovarian cancer. Since began researching causes and treatments have discovered five small risks for ovarian cancer: high cholesterol, estrogen therapy, probable use of talcum powder as a baby, daily consumption of nonfat yogurt for two years before my diagnosis, and the general population risk. Many small risks can add up and are adding up for many women. Ovarian cancer has risen 32 percent since 1989, according to Dr. Steven Piver, author of Gilda's Disease, a new book about comedienne Gilda Radner's death from this disease. A simple inexpensive blood test, CA125, can be used to diagnose and monitor the disease. Among 13 women whose cases am familiar with, not one had a doctor use the CA125 blood test in a timely, appropriate manner. Unfortunately, 10 years after Gilda Radner's struggle to get a correct diagnosis began, women are still having the same problem. Ovarian cancer is 90 percent curable is caught in the early stages, but this rarely happens because women do not know their risks or their symptoms. Gilda Radner wasn't a Kappa, but there will be Kappa lives saved if women are alerted. Risk factors listed in Gilda's Disease include: high fat diet high lactose diet (yogurt, cottage cheese) never pregnant/infertility use of fertility-stimulating drugs use of talcum powder estrogen hormone replacement therapy (6 to 10 years) family history of breast cancer family history of ovarian cancer Symptoms associated with ovarian cancer include: fever feeling tired pelvic pain bloated feeling abdominal discomfort feeling of intestinal gas backache. SHARON BRGGS BARTELS, owa Commit to Organ Donation enjoyed reading the article in the Summer issue regarding the need for bone marrow donors. We all need to be enlightened concerning this important issue. On the same note, would like to bring to light the need for everyone to become organ donors. know first hand how important and how life saving this is because am on the list for a liver transplant. Without it, 'll die within the next year or so. t is tragic when someone dies, but if the family is aware that that person wishes to be an organ donor, that family has given someone else the gift of life. Most people are not aware that they can sign their driver's license to be an organ donor. But it must be emphasized that your family must be made aware of your wishes because the immediate family must sign as well for the organ donation to become a reality. f just one person does this then that person has helped others to live. All it takes is a signature on your drivers license. hope you will all do this. PAMELA THOMPSON CHAMBLEE, Oklahoma Editor's Note: This is not a new issue for The Key, as we focused on the need for organ donation in the Winter 1993 issue. As an organ donor designee, encourage all Kappas to follow Pamela's advice and register as organ donors so that an accidental death is not a total loss. THE K EY Winter

82 KKr HEADQUARTERs REQuEsT FoRM witk Xappa Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity announces the following current position at Fraternity Headquarters: Director of Education Qualifications: A degree in education, training development or related field or equivalent experience Current knowledge of pertinent technology Knowledge of the Fraternity Communication skills Willingness to travel Job Description: Overall development, evaluation, and implementation of Fraternity educational programs; Full-time. Duties: Research and develop educational programs Train Fraternity volunteers as program facilitators and leaders Evaluate, refine, and coordinate use of exisiting educational progams Presentation of educational programs at regional meetings, conferences and on campuses Respond to requests for information and educational material Serve as a resource to the Fraternity membership, volunteers, and Headquarters staff. Develop and maintain resource library. Work with the Foundation to develop proposals for funding. Work with other interfraternal groups in the development of cooperative programming Serve as staff liaison to the Education Committee. ~~~ intez.estej patties are requested to send a cover letter and resume by January 1, 1997 to LlLA SBELL, Montana, Director of Business and Operations, KKG Fraternity Headquarters, P.O. Box 38, Columbus, OH Several often-requested items are available directly from Fraternity Headquarters. 1. Check the item and number of copies desired. 2. Phone 614/ , or mail this form to: nformation Services Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity P.O. Box 38 Columbus, OH No. of Copies Membership Data Form Graphics Manual Hazing Brochure NSGHT on Domestic Violence Kappa Kappa Gamma Cruise nformation Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation nformation KEEP SAFE Brochure Educational Resources Brochure SEEK Manual (Chapter or Alumna) SEEK Video SEEK Audio Tapes,, & "Reflections" Video Price NC $11.00 Call $7.00 NC NC $1.00 NC $8.00 $10.00 $15.00 $ st Biennial Convention Video $15.00 Wear Your Badge! The National Panhellenic Conference has declared March 3, 1997, as "Wear Your Badge Day." All sorority women are encouraged to wear their badges on that day to signify their sorority membership and promote Panhellenic pride. So dig your key out from the back of the jewelry box and wear it to work, school, volunteer commitments, the gym, or grocery- wherever you may happen to be- to let everyone know of your membership in Kappa Kappa Gamma. Your Name: TOTAL AMOUNT Address: Phone No.:,/ 76 THE K EY Winter 1996

83 JEWELRY COLLECTON 14K 101': GR 1. Pin-On Badge Charm.. $ $ $ Pierced Pin-On Badge Charm mperial Onyx/Crest Ring w/4 Pearls mperial Onyx/Crest Ring w/out Pearls Dangle Ring Round Signet Crest Ring Wide Band Crest Ring Mini Monogram Ring Philly Swirl Ring All Sapphire All Pearl (not shown) Alternating Sapphire/ Pearl (not shown) Alternating PearV Diamond (not shown) Alternating Sapphire/ Diamond (not shownj All Diamond (not shown) Vertical lndsed Letter Ring w/out Enamel Scottsdale lndsed Key Ring Blue Enamel Marquis Ring w/ Crest Oval Raised Letter Ring Ovallndsed Letter Ring Key Ring GF/SS Oval Filigree w/ Engraved Vertical Letters (GF) GF/SS Large Round Filigree with Crest GF/SS Small Round Filigree Charm w/crest GF/SS Heart Filigree w/ Engraved Horiz. Letters (GF) Crown Pearl Vertical Letter Lavaliere Vertical Letter Lavaliere Mini Vertical Letter Lavaliere Key Lavaliere ngot Lavaliere w/ Enamel Staggered Letter lavaliere Crest Lavaliere Heart Lavaliere Cirde Lavaliere Mini Staggered Letter Lavaliere Horseshoe Keyring FOB GF/SS Single Link Bracelet (GF) GF Festoon Bracelet w/1 Key Key Bracelet w/crest (7) Plain Double Letter Guard Plain Single Letter Guard (not shown) Crown Pearl Single Letter Guard Crown Pearl Double Letter Guard (not shown) Chased Double Letter Guard Chased Single Letter Guard (not shown) Ple.,e spedfy chaptr.r ldtcn when ordr.tiijggaards. ss $ ': 101': GR ss 37. Recognition Key Pin.. $-.- $20.00 $5.00 $ Plain Spedal Award Key Plain Bar Pin w/greek Letters Mono Recognition Pin BADGES For enameled /etten add $1.00 to tbe badge pricu below. 41. Crown Pearl Badge Alternating PearV Diamond Badge All Diamond Badge Plain Badge Oose Set Emerald Spedal Award Key All Sapphire Badge Alternating Sapphire/ Pearl Badge Alternating Sapphire/ Diamond Badge Year Pin' Year Pin' (not shown} Year Pin' Reur de Us Pin Aeur de Us Pin w/ 3 Pearls (not shown) Staggered Letter Stick Pin Year Stick Pin Pledge Pin (WF) Glass & Mirror Box w/crest Oval Metal Trinket Box w/crest NOT SHOWN Oflidal Recognition Dangles (GR) Golklad s a 141': electroplate. AvaUable through headquarlen only. NOTE:Tbe prices above do not lndude nedrcb/n; add $5.00 to above prices lor 18"gold-lil1r.d or sterung sliver nedchab:t. KKf ndividual badge orders may be placed directly with Burr, Patterson & Auld Company. Chapter orders for badges MUST be prepared by Chapter Corresponding Secretary on official order forms obtained from Fraternity Headquarters. NOTE: Returned or cancelled orders are subject to penalty. Prices are subject to change without notice. Prices are subject to state sales tax for ndiana residents. Please allow four to six weeks for manufacturing. (3uPP, f>att~pson & Bold ~ompan9 P.O. Box W 1000 N Elwood, N FAX r , Have you moved? Changed your name or occupation? Please provide Headquarters with current information. Name: Last Spouses' Name Last First First Middle/Maiden Chapter treet Address City Postal Code Home Phone:! Occupation Send to Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Headquarters, P.O. Box 308, Columbus, OH L J

84 Rose McGill Magazines: A Gift to Both of Your Families When buying gifts for your family this year, remember your other family - Kappa! t's easy - simply purchase magazine subscriptions from us, and a portion of the proceeds is donated to the Rose McGill Fund. Our list has more than 500 titles, so there is certainly something for everyone on your list. The following is a listing of our most popular titles. Call KKG-ROSE for a complete listing. Children Newsweek Good Housekeeping Ch ildren's lv Workshop Ti me Martha Stewart Living Sesame Street (2-5 yrs) Smithsonian Orga nic Gardening Kid City (6-8 yrs) US News & World Report Southern Living Contact (9-12 yrs) Vegetarian Times Fashion Cricket Publications El le Teens Babybug (pre-school) Ladybug (6-8 yrs) GO American Girl Cricket (9 & up) Red book Boys Life Self Sassy Nat'l Geo World Vogue Seventeen Nat'l Wildlife Fed. Y-M Ranger Rick (6-12 yrs) Health Your Big Backyard Ameri can Health Travel & Entertainment Sports lllus'd for Kids Medical Update A & E Monthly Zillions Men's Journal Arizona Highways Runners World Conde Nast Traveler Computer Shape Cruise Travel Byte Women's Sports & Fitn ess Entertainment Weekly Family PC National Geographic MacWorld Home National Geographic Traveler PC Magazine Architectural Digest Premiere Word Perfect for Windows Better Homes & Gardens Rol li ng Stone Colonial Homes Current Events/History Travel & Leisure Cooking Light Economist TV. Guide Food & Wine Life ~Clip & Mail to Rose McGill Magazine Agency, P.O. Box 308, Columbus, OH Credit (Alum Assoc or Chapter) D a t e: Name of Periodical Price #Yrs New/Renew Subscriber Name & Address (please print) 1 2 N R 1 2 N R 1 2 N R Enclosed is a check for $ or Visa/MC # Exp. Date!! Donor Name Signature Address Phone Send all notices of address changes and member deaths to: KK.f Headquarters PO Box 308 Columbus, OH Phone : 614/

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GAMMA KAPPA OPERATIONS MANUAL Final/March 1, 2016 GAMMA KAPPA OPERATIONS MANUAL Final/March 1, 2016 Over the past few decades, several fraternities at CU have ceased operations and / or been suspended due to poor business practices, operational management,

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Real Estate Investor Market Research Report. Real Estate IRA Investment Trends & Insights 2017 Real Estate Investor Market Research Report Real Estate IRA Investment Trends & Insights Contents Introduction... 2 Entrust IRA Real Estate Investment Trends... 3 Where Investors Bought Real Estate...

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TALES FROM THE TRENCHES BY BARRY C. MCGUIRE July, 2015 AGREEMENTS FOR SALE: DEFINITION AND OPPORTUNITIES Mortgages are impossible to assume in Canada (even in Alberta) without first qualifying for the mortgage. An Agreement for Sale (AFS) is a seller financing

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PROGRAM: NO AUGUST MEETING! Landlords of Black Hawk, Inc. Founder & Charter Member of Landlords of Iowa, Inc. PO Box 742, Waterloo IA 50704 GENERAL MEETING Thursday, Sept 20, 2012 Elk s Club 6:00-Social

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T h e V a l h a l l a M i l e : C a m p a i g n U p d a t e

T h e V a l h a l l a M i l e : C a m p a i g n U p d a t e T h e V a l h a l l a M i l e : C a m p a i g n U p d a t e A Significant Portion of Valhalla Park Lakeshore and Slope is Endangered from Exploitation by Wealthy Developers Q: Why do we need to protect

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PAGE 9. continued next page

PAGE 9. continued next page METRO ARCHITECT WINTER 2016 PAGE 9 continued next page PAGE 10 Continued from page 9 The years teach much which the days never know Ralph Waldo Emerson. Perhaps no quote better sums up the value of experience.

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Miranda Price & Brandy Farris (719) Office

Miranda Price & Brandy Farris (719) Office Miranda Price & Brandy Farris (719) 888-9299 Office Dear Homeowner, Thank you for taking the first step in researching whether you should use a Realtor to help you sell your home. As

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Parish of Dittisham Local Housing Needs Report

Parish of Dittisham Local Housing Needs Report Parish of Dittisham Local Housing Needs Report Produced by: The Community Council of Devon On behalf of: The Devon Rural Housing Partnership December 2012 Contents 1. Findings and Recommendations 2. Introduction

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BUY AS YOU GO: A NEW OFFER BUY AS YOU GO: A NEW OFFER @natfednews #buyasyougo INTRODUCING BUY AS YOU GO For far too many life is much harder than it should be. Faced with high housing costs and a rising cost of

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Fisher House II Apartments Final Draft Relocation Plan

Fisher House II Apartments Final Draft Relocation Plan Fisher House II Apartments Final Draft Relocation Plan as of May 2, 2017 Important Contact Information Owner: APAH Westover, LLC c/o Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing 4318 N. Carlin Springs

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John Barbian Carolyn Barbian. January 5, 2013

John Barbian Carolyn Barbian. January 5, 2013 John Barbian Carolyn Barbian January 5, 2013 Passion for real estate and a desire to give our clients the best service in the industry. We will do our very best to get your home sold at the highest price

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International Buyer s Guide to US Real Estate

International Buyer s Guide to US Real Estate International Buyer s Guide to US Real Estate INTERNATIONAL BUYER S GUIDE TO US REAL ESTATE Table of Contents Introduction 3 Common Real Estate Practices in the Us 4 The MLS Commission Buying Your Home

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We look forward to working with you! Sincerely, Richard Grimes President & CEO, RealtySouth

We look forward to working with you! Sincerely, Richard Grimes President & CEO, RealtySouth list tosell Thank you for taking time to meet with our RealtySouth agent and for reviewing this listing presentation designed to introduce you to the expertise of RealtySouth. The power of RealtySouth

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The Pompidou Centre. Reading Practice

The Pompidou Centre. Reading Practice Reading Practice The Pompidou Centre More than three decades after it was built, the Pompidou Centre in Paris has survived its moment at the edge of architectural fashion and proved itself to be one of

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PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP ARCHITECTURE HONG KONG May 2016 ROBERT GORDON UNIVERSITY, ABERDEEN PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP ARCHITECTURE 18 20 May 2016 HONG KONG CONTENTS Section 1: Section 2: Section 3: Section 4: Section 5: Section 6: Section 7: Portfolio Development Workshop Student/Parent

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Resales Selling your shared ownership property

Resales Selling your shared ownership property Resales Selling your shared ownership property 1 Contents Resales What it costs How to sell General information 03 04 06 08 Resales If you want to sell your shared ownership home this is a resale. The

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Real Estate Prelicense Information Packet

Real Estate Prelicense Information Packet Dayton Area Board of REALTORS Sinclair Community College Real Estate Prelicense Information Packet As of May 2016 - Subject to Change REALTORS Center: Your gateway to a successful real estate career. Three

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Take a look and see how NACS Show is just the beginning B

Take a look and see how NACS Show is just the beginning B pp NACS membership opens doors to the convenience and fuel retailing industry by providing access to exclusive industry events, products, services and networking opportunities. Take a look and see how

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This informational paper is provided to you by

This informational paper is provided to you by This informational paper is provided to you by Sepulveda Escrow Corporation 10550 Sepulveda Blvd. #105 Mission Hills, California 91345 (818) 838-1831 Facsimile (818) 838-1833 YOUR

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The Paul and Renate Madsen

The Paul and Renate Madsen An Extraordinary Legacy: The Paul and Renate Madsen Professor of Scandinavian and Germanic Studies Thank you For your generous gift to strengthen and perpetuate teaching, research, and outreach in Scandinavian,

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Best assignment help. Further, a code is embedded in these badges. Best assignment help

Best assignment help. Further, a code is embedded in these badges. Best assignment help Best assignment help. Further, a code is embedded in these badges. Best assignment help >>>CLICK HERE

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Renting vs. Buying: When Should You Rent? When Should You Buy?

Renting vs. Buying: When Should You Rent? When Should You Buy? Renting vs. Buying: When Should You Rent? When Should You Buy? Interest rates remain at historic lows, so I should definitely focus on buying a home when I move to a new town, right? Well, there s more

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State Political Coordinator (SPC)

State Political Coordinator (SPC) State Political Coordinator (SPC) Playbook & Field Guide Topics Page Introduction 3 What is a State Political Coordinator (SPC) 3 The Issues 3 The REALTOR Party 3 About the SPC Program 3 SPC Duties & Expectations

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The. Dandy. Collective memories of the Dandy Pig illuminated sign and Dandenong Ham and Bacon factory. Pig

The. Dandy. Collective memories of the Dandy Pig illuminated sign and Dandenong Ham and Bacon factory. Pig Dandy The Pig Collective memories of the Dandy Pig illuminated sign and Dandenong Ham and Bacon factory The Dandy Pig was always a welcome to entering Dandenong - Mary Dandy Pig illuminated sign, in situ,

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PERSPECTIVE ON POLITICS PERSPECTIVE ON POLITICS A Primer on How KAR Protects and Advances Property Rights Across Kansas 2018 Legislative Priorities We are the Kansas REALTOR Party: An energized movement of real estate professionals

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THANK YOU for silencing all cell phones.

THANK YOU for silencing all cell phones. THANK YOU for silencing all cell phones. Welcome to: What is this organization? The National Association of REALTORS, The Voice for Real Estate, is America s largest trade association, representing over

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2018 AAR Officer Candidates

2018 AAR Officer Candidates 2018 AAR Officer Candidates PRESIDENT LORI D. DOERFLER, ABR, CRS, GRI, RSPS, rcrms Realty ONE Group Mountain Desert 928-208-9827 20 N. Acoma Blvd., Ste. 102 Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

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Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth

Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth Are you looking to buy a property and realising how difficult it is to find something that you want, in an area you like at a price

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Nova Scotia Community Lands Trust Discussion Paper. Approaches to Enable Community Participation In the Purchase of Land

Nova Scotia Community Lands Trust Discussion Paper. Approaches to Enable Community Participation In the Purchase of Land Nova Scotia Community Lands Trust Discussion Paper Approaches to Enable Community Participation In the Purchase of Land Objective Nova Scotians have expressed a desire to acquire and make use of lands

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NEW ZEALAND PROPERTY SURVEY SEPTEMBER 2015 NEW ZEALAND PROPERTY SURVEY SEPTEMBER 2015 We asked New Zealanders what they really thought about property. What challenges Kiwis faced when selling or buying and how they felt about the property market.

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2017 PATRON OPPORTUNITIES 2017 PATRON OPPORTUNITIES I love being VP of Industry Relations (formerly called VP of Partnerships). It enables me to interact with you, our valued patrons. You re the reason we re able to do what we

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Resident Directed Positive Vision for Redevelopment

Resident Directed Positive Vision for Redevelopment Resident Directed Positive Vision for Redevelopment Public Housing Association of Residents (PHAR) 1000 Preston Avenue, Suite C, Charlottesville, VA 22903 phone 434-984-3255 1 Purpose!

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STATEMENT REGARDING FUTURE USE OF INTERN AND ARCHITECT TITLES STATEMENT REGARDING FUTURE USE OF INTERN AND ARCHITECT TITLES This transcript of formal remarks from NCARB leaders is being provided onsite at the AIA Convention NCARB booth (#2145), has been distributed

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Real Estate Services Proposal

Real Estate Services Proposal Real Estate Services Proposal Prepared Especially for: Potential Seller For Marketing the Property Located at: 123 Blueberry Land Prepared by: Senior Sales Associate - REALTOR Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

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Real Estate Council of Alberta. An introduction 1

Real Estate Council of Alberta. An introduction 1 Real Estate Council of Alberta An introduction 1 2 Real Estate Council of Alberta - An introduction Welcome At the heart of Alberta s real estate industry is an organization where people work cooperatively

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THE CORSICA. Welcome to

THE CORSICA. Welcome to The CORSICA Welcome to THE CORSICA They say good things come in small packages, but let s face it: size counts. Especially when you have a growing family, and ever growing list of toys both the grown-up

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Solar Open House Toolkit

Solar Open House Toolkit A Solar Open House is an informal meet and greet at a solar homeowner s home. It is an opportunity for homeowners who are considering going solar to see solar in person. They can ask questions about the

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Life Estate Letter. Someone wants to give you his or her home while retaining the right to live there? Proceed cautiously.

Life Estate Letter. Someone wants to give you his or her home while retaining the right to live there? Proceed cautiously. Life Estate Letter Someone wants to give you his or her home while retaining the right to live there? Proceed cautiously. A property that has hidden environmental or structural problems, or a donor who

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APRIL GREIMAN. SAIC Introduction to Graphic Design Summer 2017 Lucy J. Nicholls

APRIL GREIMAN. SAIC Introduction to Graphic Design Summer 2017 Lucy J. Nicholls APRIL GREIMAN SAIC Introduction to Graphic Design Summer 2017 Lucy J. Nicholls Contents 1. Life 2. Work 3. Critique 4. Recognition SAIC Introduction to Graphic Design SUMMER 2017 Lucy J. Nicholls Life

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A Guide to Understanding Probate, Trust, and Conservatorship Real Estate Sales

A Guide to Understanding Probate, Trust, and Conservatorship Real Estate Sales A Guide to Understanding Probate, Trust, and Conservatorship Real Estate Sales Forward to Attorneys and Prospective Clients Selling probate, trust or conservatorship real estate has its own unique sets

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"How To Profit From Real Estate When You're Too Busy Already

How To Profit From Real Estate When You're Too Busy Already David Lindahl Presents: "How To Profit From Real Estate When You're Too Busy Already Copyright MMX RE Mentor, Inc All Rights Reserved 100 Weymouth Street, Rockland, MA 02370 781-878-7114

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Rental ID #324 Saint Germain Courtyard Studio 4 rue de Buci, Paris. Thanks for booking with VIP and welcome to Paris!

Rental ID #324 Saint Germain Courtyard Studio 4 rue de Buci, Paris. Thanks for booking with VIP and welcome to Paris! USA Toll Free: 1-800 403 4304 From Europe: +44-(0) 20 3002 0760 Worldwide: +1-973 948 3535 Rental ID #324 Saint Germain Courtyard Studio 4 rue de Buci, 75006 Paris Please print and carry this document

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There are a few boxes scattered. An Early Peek at NeoCon: themart is Preparing for Your Arrival TOP INDUSTRY NEWS

There are a few boxes scattered. An Early Peek at NeoCon: themart is Preparing for Your Arrival TOP INDUSTRY NEWS BoF TOP INDUSTRY NEWS An Early Peek at NeoCon: themart is Preparing for Your Arrival IN THE LAST THREE YEARS, WE HAVE RENEWED ALL FIVE OF OUR ANCHOR TENANTS (THOSE WITH SPACES OF 15,000 SQUARE FEET OR

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Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014

Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014 Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014 NOTE: Hold CTRL when clicking a link so it opens in a new browser window. Dear, Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow, I said as my 4-year-old son looked up in my eyes. We

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Underground Tax Sale Strategies

Underground Tax Sale Strategies DeedGrabber s Underground Tax Sale Strategies How The Pros Profit From Tax Sales Without Bidding, Waiting, or Risking Their Own Cash Gold Mine or Trap? Property taxes on a typical house are just $300 -

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Mary Sudar Accredited Senior Appraiser American Society of Appraisers

Mary Sudar Accredited Senior Appraiser American Society of Appraisers Mary Sudar Accredited Senior Appraiser 1201 Pacific Avenue, Suite 600, 98402 Mailing address: PO Box 463, Burley, Washington 98322 253.759.9440 360.874.2062 FAX PROFESSIONAL Accredited Senior Appraiser,

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TOP-RATED HOME INSPECTION FRANCHISE. Franchise Information Report TOP-RATED HOME INSPECTION FRANCHISE Franchise Information Report 2017 CONTENTS What is WIN Home Inspection?... 1 What are the startup costs?... 2 How much can I make?... 3 Do I need experience?... 4 Protected

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Northern Ontario. New Home Market. Sudbury CMA Housing Starts. Single Family Construction Finishes Slightly Ahead of 2002 in Sudbury and Thunder Bay

Northern Ontario. New Home Market. Sudbury CMA Housing Starts. Single Family Construction Finishes Slightly Ahead of 2002 in Sudbury and Thunder Bay Northern Ontario New Home Market Single Family Construction Finishes Slightly Ahead of 22 in Sudbury and Thunder Bay Sixteen single-detached starts in December in Thunder Bay CMA lifted the total number

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A RESIDENTIAL REDEVELOPMENT COMPANY. Home Selling Guide. Company Overview A RESIDENTIAL REDEVELOPMENT COMPANY Home Selling Guide Company Overview Table of Contents Who Are We?...3 Our Business Model...5 Scope of Work....10 Taking the Next Steps...15 Who Are We? Dedicated Real

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Welcome to the Club About The Hunter Club Your NACS Show Benefits Your Year-Round Benefits Benefits-at-a-glance Hunter Club Annual Events Contact

Welcome to the Club About The Hunter Club Your NACS Show Benefits Your Year-Round Benefits Benefits-at-a-glance Hunter Club Annual Events Contact TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome to the Club About The Hunter Club Your NACS Show Benefits Your Year-Round Benefits Benefits-at-a-glance Hunter Club Annual Events Contact WELCOME TO THE CLUB NACS Hunter Club

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ENGLISH FILE Elementary Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A GRAMMAR 1 Complete the sentences with the correct word or phrase. Example: We went to Rome last week. were went go 1 Did they enjoy the party? Yes, they. enjoyed

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Civil Code Toolkit: Early Lease Termination for Survivors

Civil Code Toolkit: Early Lease Termination for Survivors Civil Code 1946.7 Toolkit: Early Lease Termination for Survivors The Toolkit Contains: 1. A Q&A explaining the law in plain English. 2. A sample 30-day notice that survivors can use to end their leases.

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Agnew Law Office, P.C.

Agnew Law Office, P.C. An Estate Planning Law Firm LAST WILL & TESTAMENT Background A Last Will and Testament is perhaps the most commonly known estate planning document. While a Will can be very simple in nature (i.e. a vehicle

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The Class of Medical Student Housing Survey Class of Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017!

The Class of Medical Student Housing Survey Class of Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017! Medical Student Housing Survey Class of 2016+ Hello and welcome to UCR School of Medicine, Class of 2017! Once again, the Class of 2016+ would like to congratulate you all on your acceptance into UCR s

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Deposit Amounts Required. US$ 350K = US $150 Million BG US$ 500K = US$ 500 Million BG

Deposit Amounts Required. US$ 350K = US $150 Million BG US$ 500K = US$ 500 Million BG ECONOMIC CONSULTANTS Complete Managed Bank Guarantee Program Deposit Amounts Required US$ 350K = US $150 Million BG US$ 500K = US$ 500 Million BG London 2013 Copyright Economic Consultants. On no account

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Owning the future together. hare Offer HEART OF HASTINGS COMMUNITY LAND TRUST

Owning the future together. hare Offer HEART OF HASTINGS COMMUNITY LAND TRUST Owning the future together hare Offer HEART OF HASTINGS COMMUNITY LAND TRUST What is Heart of Hastings CLT all about? Affordable spaces, diverse communities and fabulous neighbourhoods through socially

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LUXURY MARKET REPORT. - February LUXURY MARKET REPORT - February 2018 - THIS IS YOUR LUXURY MARKET REPORT MAP OF LUXURY RESIDENTIAL MARKETS Welcome to the Luxury Report, your guide to luxury real estate market data

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Aston Mead Land & Planning. Helping you maximise the value of your land

Aston Mead Land & Planning. Helping you maximise the value of your land Aston Mead Land & Planning Helping you maximise the value of your land 1 Aston Mead land and planning experts As a landowner, you are in possession of an ever-dwindling and increasingly valuable resource.

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BOMA. Greater Minneapolis. The Commercial Real Estate Industry s Premier Source for Advocacy, Education & Networking.

BOMA. Greater Minneapolis. The Commercial Real Estate Industry s Premier Source for Advocacy, Education & Networking. BOMA Greater Minneapolis The Commercial Real Estate Industry s Premier Source for Advocacy, Education & Networking. WELCOME BOMA Greater Minneapolis Associate and Professional Member companies represent

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