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1 60 HAY LAKES LAMONT Wolfe Bryce Woloshyn Wayne Woloshyn Wayne Fax Line YELLOW PAGES- TELUS ADVERTISING SERVICES E LUS Av SE Calgary e'mail:sdles( ADVERTISING INFORMATION INTERNET ADVERTISING OR PURCHASE OF DIRECTORIES (No Charge Dial, Fax (No Charge Dial) Yurkowski G HEATHERDOWN See Oneway HORSEHILLS See Fort Saskatchewan or Namao NUBBLES LAKE See Stony Plain INGA See Stony Plain JACKFISH LAKE See Stony Plain JOSEPHBURG See Fort Saskatchewan KAVANAGH See Leduc KEEPHILLS See also Breton- Tomahawk- Warburg for other customers located In this area. EMERGENCY CALLS FIRE ALARM ONLY 911 POLICE RCMP 911 AMBULANCE 911 HOSPITAL Stony Plain POISON CENTRE (Toil-Free) If Busy Call Calgary AGRICGRE Stony Plain Agro Centre Acheson Terminal Spruce Grove AMBULANCE 911 Bailey James RRlDuffieid Borges John RRlDuiiieid Borges John RRlDulfieid Boyde Glenn Boyde Glenn Braun Jerry BREITKREUZ CLIFF Member l^cirlnmt (Toll Free) Brown J BURIED CABLE LOCATION Alberta One Call (No Charge) Cameron William RRlDutlield Cameron William RRlDutlield Carter Maurice RRiOuiiieid Charlet Bryan CRIME STOPPERS (No Charge Dial) l ~8477 Cymbaluk John RRlOullield Cymbaluk Philip Cymbaluk Philip Fax Cymbaluk Ted RRlDullield Cymbaluk Ted dno3twnrd5i Dahm Donald Dahm Joe RRlDulfieid Dahm Joe Shop TELUS meeting the needs of Albertans for over 90 years. DEBT SOLUTIONS BY A C WARING & ASSOCIATES INC Jasper Ave....Edmohton DeWolfe Don RRlDulfieid S1 DRAYTON VALLEY FUNERAL CHAPEL Box r3ytQn Valley Dunbar Wm RRlDullield Duurkoop Hans Boxd EGG RESOURCES CANADA INC Box6 21 ODraytonValley Fax Line Drayton Valley Customers Direct Line (No Charge) Elliott Jim Elliott Jim Fax Line Engelhardt Brian Engelhardt Delmar Engelhardt Delmar Engelhardt F RRlDutlield Engelhardt Glenn RRlDullield Engelhardt Glenn Fax EPCOR 10065JasperAv FIRE ALARM ONLY 911 Ford Dale RRlDullield Government Of Alberta Listings- See Blue Pages Government Of Canada Listings- See Blue Pages Gouvernement Du Canada Incriptions- Voir Les Pages Bleues Greanya C Greanya Eldon RRlDuffieid Hansen Arne RRlDuffieid Hansen Audrey RRlDuffieid Heck Bruce RRlDuffieid Heck Bruce Faxline Henkel Terrance RRlTofield Hoffman Dave Hoffman Dave HOME CARE PROGRAM av Stony Plain Homme Ralph Homme Ralph HOSPITAL.Stony Plain Jensen B Keephills Athletic Association RRlDuffieid Keephills Community Library RRlDutlield Fax Line KEEPHILLS CONTRACTING LTD RRlDullield Fax Line Keephills School RRlDullield Fax Line Knol Bill RRlDulfieid Koch Robert Kohut Louis Kohut Louis Kuhl Henry Lauder Victor RRlDuffieid MacDougall Gary RRlDullield MacDougall Gary Fax MacDougall M P RRlDullield MacDougall Ronald Madaisky Peter Marra Ross J RRlDullield McFaddin Tom McFaddin Tom RRlDuffieid Miller V J Moger Douglas RRlDullield Moger E RRlDulfieid Moger Gary Nelson Gerald RRlDulfieid Paradise Peruvian Paso Horses Of Canada Inc Parkland Funeral Services Av Stony Plain Pick Stanley RRlDulfieid POISON CENTRE (No Charge Dial) II Busy Call Calgary POLICE RCMP- Set: Royal Canadian MounU'd Police Stony Plain POLICE RCMP- See Roiial Canadian Mounted Police Stony Plain Porter Cecil Porter Keith Porter Kevin Porter S Fax Line R C M P See Royal Canadian Mounted Police Stony Plain Raymond Roy RRlDulfieid Richter Walter RRlDullield Rossi J ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE Emergencies Only 911 Dispatch 24 Mrs Stony Plain Administration-Inlo Sandercock Joyce Scheideman Russell Schulthies S RRlDullield Shepel D Shepel Dave Shepel Dave Fax Smith Keith RRlDuffieid Smith Lynsay Stonehocker Doreen STONY PLAIN HEALTH UNIT Av General Inlormation Stony Plain Immunization Appointments Dental Services Environmental Health...Spruce Grove Speech/Language STONY PLAIN MUNICIPAL HOSPITAL 'I'lOS SouthparkDr...Stony Plain Strangway L Sutherland P Sweeney L Tattersall David H RRlDulfieid TELUS ELUS FOR A MORE COMPLETE LIST OF NUMBERS SEE TELUS UNDER MORINVILLE NAMAO SPRUCE GROVE ST ALBERT OR STONY PLAIN TELUS COMMUNICATIONS INC HOME SERVICE ADDS/MOVES/ CHANGES/BILLING Self Serve From A Touch Tone Phone 310-SELF No Charge BUSINESS SERVICE ADDS/MOVES/CHANGES No Charge Billing Inquiries PAVPHONE SERVICES LONG DISTANCE SAVINGS PLANS CUSTOMER RELATIONS/24 HRS DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE/24 HRS 411 REPAIRS/24 HRS 611 TELUS ADVANCED COMMUNICATIONS HIGH SPEED DATA SERVICE No Charge 310-DATA TELUS ADVERTISING SERVICES YELLOW PAGES & INTERNET ADVERTISING No Charge Calgary Edmonton TELUS GEOMATICS No Charge 'mils MOBILITY noscrvfcb^*y ifiilsadverug S1 Mo Charge ^ TELUS.NET INTERNET SERVICE Uo Charge 310-4NET Thompson 731'^^^ Tinney John W TRANSALTA General & Executive Olfices -7nn 26/'7^q AvSW Calgary 2^ ^ Plant Tours (Toll Free) t UTILIcbl^iP' NETWOR (Toll Free) n'iimr Vanderwell Barry RRiDu held s1 Vanderwell John kplo" ' S3 Vanderwell Stewart RRlDufheld S Veitch Michael Vissia Mike Wagner Arthur Wagner B J RRlDullield Wagner Darrell Wagner Dwane M Wagner Dwane Wagner I RRlDuiheid...-; Wagner John RRlDulfieid Wagner Ken rn-op WEST PARKLAND GAS CO-ur Hour Service x2187 nmnt'hffllth WESTVIEW REGIONAL HEAUiti AUTHORITY 1, (Toll Free) ^ White C J RRlDuffieid White Erin RRlDullield....; -, Winnichuk Steve RRiDuihefd Woroch Stefan Box442Dulheid S Wcroch Zenon Box442Duiheid Woroch Zenon Faxline Box442DuHield YELLOW PAGES- TELUS ADVERTISING SERVICES. TELUS TELUS ADVERTISING SERIES ADVERTISING INFORMATION PURCHASE OF DIRECTORIES 5 Fir TELUS Plaza South ^07^ SI Edmonton ^, J"" Fax No Charge.u-c...r»trtnalberta.corri Zach Konrad RRlDuffieid LAC LA NONNE See Onoway LAC STE ANNE See Alberta Beach or Onoway LAKE EDEN See Stony Plain LAKE MAJEAU See Onoway LAMONT ^ ^ See also Bruderheim- Chipman- 81 Michael for other customers located in this area. EMERGENCY CALLS FIRE ALARM ONLY *11 POLICE- RCMP 2" AMBULANCE HOSPITAL POISON CENTRE,... (Toll-free) If Busy Call Calgary A E C PIPELINES LTD 2260BroadmoorBlv(J Sherv;ood Park Emergency No Sherv.'ood Park Fax line Shervrood Park A 8( L Agencies Ltd 5l22l)50Av Achtay L Av Achtay L Av Achtemichuk John Av Adamyk E

2 fc?'^ore So,v,ce..?nni J^afc=88«iAL SErS Division X"or""3'~aoi, alberta 6ne:call ALBSTATRfeAcMn\?-~ -2'' '^Sir'SiVis,. Anytime Baoking FSaocia^^T inaikrai Transactions (toll Horn's free) IjS^ auto salvage ALDON towing & AUTO REPAIR ««wl;rcvlifir;,,s;: ^ ambulance 911 Amendt T R i :::::p:s Andrick 895*7622 ''l!lflflh,>l F"IC avussi'«sservice Anger Dw"' Miciiael Angif D W ^Sfon'iuklastasia SSBSBlsa % Sfi?&.i;i,d arcnl'i'm.'"^^ Fax Lin^ MOTEL 5008 TOAv... is gj:s ^^TRONG W S DR uent SI Ft Saskatchewan Lamonl Hospital Arsenault Vince si. /Vruliah David ATCO GAS Natural Gas Distribution CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE CENTRE (^ Frl 7am-7pm Sat Bam-Apm Biffing Inquiries, Change of Address, No Heat Appliance Adjustments GAS EMERGENCY 24-HR SERVICE Gas Odours And Ruptured Lines can General Office Service tine Applications, Alterations And Nev/ Meter Installations Av Vegreville BAie Flame Kitchen Alberta One-Call Pipeline Locating Deal, Hearing & Speech Impaired TTV Number call Atwal P S 3DukeDr Atwal P S Fax Audet W SPrincessDr Baader B Babcock T Babichuk S Babych Bert St Back Alley Pub St Baidak Barry Baidak Sopltie Mrs St Baillie Donald St Baillie Stiaun Ball Jason Balsillie Kenneth Av Baltzer B St Barrott Steven 4535 SSAv Bartel L lldukedr Bartz Marvin Beards A J & J L Beards A J & J L Beauchamp Graham St BEAVER CREEK CO-OP PETROLEUM ASSOC Card Lock & Farm Supplies SouthOfHwylS Fax Line Beaverhill Pioneer Lodge St OHice Fax Line Belanger Vernon Bella V & A Box44Bruderheim Berehuike C Berehuike Walter RRl star Bernardo D Best R Bienek W Biggs Mike son 47 St Bilocerkowec Don Box Bilocerkowec Mark RRl Star Bilocerkowec Peter RRl Star Birn Raymond Av Biro A Blumhagen Stan St Boon Jason Box411Bruderheim Bork Edward Bork Peter Boxl Bork Peter Boxl Borys Joseph RRl Star Borys Willie St Bowes Henry si Boyko G Av Boyko S & S Boyko Stacy 7PrincessDr Braham Gilbert st Bramming Art & Ethel Bramming E Computer Bramming J Breitzke Dave Av Broekhuysen T Brown J Brown L Bryks Andrew Budney Dennis & Elaine Bumphrey Les st Bumphrey Les St Bunnage Ken J Burger Baron Drive In Av BURIED CABLE LOCATION Alberta One Call No Charge Burkholder Gary Butler Doug Byers James aAv C E W S INSURANCE SERVICES INC 5125 soav Waskatenau OHice Fax Line C! B C (No Charge Dial) CIBC VISA Customer Service Classic VISA (No Charge Dial) Gold VISA (No Charge Dial) Lost Or Stolen Cards 24 Hours (No Charge Dial) CIBC Insurance Automobile & Property Insurance Sales (No Charge Dial) Service S Claims (No Charge Dial) Bank Branch Av C-N-H APPLIANCE & REFRIGERATION SALES & SERVICE St Fort Saskatchewan CALL BEFORE YOU DIG (No Charge Dial) Calvert Cattle Company Ltd Calvert Garry Calvert Neville St Calvert Production Operators Fax Line Campbell A Boxliz Campbell Les 8t Georgina St Campbell Valerie CANADA POST (Voir Postes Canada pour service en Irancais) Customer Service Postal Code Intormation Charges To Caller Apply As Explained On Call General And Delivery Inquiries (No Charge Dial) Priority Courier Xpresspost And Parcels (No Charge Dial) TOD (Deaf Or Hard-Of-Hearing) (No Charge Dial) Postal Outlet For Products And Services St CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE- SeeCIBC Capital City Savings & Credit Union Limited TeleService St Fax line Cardinal K & L Cardinal K & L Carter Allen J Box Carter C Carter Leroy Av Cash Ronnie RRl star Chernyk Michael 6DukeDr Chester Z 12PrincessDr Chichak L 40PrinceDr Chiiko P St Cholak Alex W st Cholak D 80x Cholod L Chorney Myron 5022 SlAv Christensen Kevon L 5223 SS St Chykerda E Chykerda Mike Chykerda Tim Box Clark Donald W Clarke F J St Clarke H Stan 5312 SOAv Cloke David & Kim Convenient Video Ltd 5122 SOAv Cooper Stanley CO-OPERATORS INSURANCE/FINANCIAL SERVICES THE A 8i L Agencies Ltd 5122b50Av Box 112 Andrew Fax Lino Hour Emergency Service Copley Almon CORBETT & COMPANY Lawyrs 5013 SOAv l-ax Line Corbin Murray ODukeDr Cornerstone Restaurant The Corrin Fred Av Cote M S Coulter A Cox B Cox Bryan Craigen Tom 4908 SOAv Craigen Tom 4908 SOAv CRIME STOPPERS (No Charge Dial) Croswell Richard 5120 SlAv Cunningham Wayne Dach Stan st Dach's Trucking Water Hauling 80x Dallman Greg SOSS 47 st Danelesko M Av Danyluk John 38PrinceDr Davis B Av LAMONT LAMONT 61 Dawson J L Debre Adam St Debre Adam Faxline 5507 so st Dembicki A J 5205 so st Dembicki Anton Derringger A Dickens A Av , Dickie M St Dicky Andrew St Dillon James Dinnin Harrie 47DukeDr Diwert R M Box L DIugosz M 5312 SlAv Dmytrash J 4Prince$sDr Dmytrash Terry 4519 SSAv Doak Bill & William G Doak Charles B Box Doak L E Doak William G & Bill Dobush Jack Dr 4904 SO St Doctor Ray J St ' Dore Sebastian Dore Sebastian Garage Dowdall D & SOaAv Dowdall D & SOaAv Dowell J Downie Harvey St Dribnenky N Drisdelle Clarence Drolet Edward Star Droiet Paul Ducker D 5418 SlAv Dueck Michael Durand D A Durand Dennis Box Duvall Steve St Duvall Steve Fax Dyck K Dziwenko Carl Av Dziwenko Heather St , Dziwenko M Dziwenko M ; Dziwenko Peter IPrincessDr Dziwenko Ronald Av Eastwood B & D EDALTA BUILDING MOVERS LTD Box Fort Saskatchewan Fax Line , Edwards David Rev Eleniak John P St Eleniak P St i Eleniak Terry St Eleniak Terry Fax ELK ISLAND INSURANCE AGENCIES LTD 5115 SOAv Faxline ELK ISLAND MEDICAL & FAMILY WELLNESS CLINIC St Dr W Paul Zakrzewski (Fax) ELK ISLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS Information 683WyeRd Sherwood Park Next Step Outreach School 4908 SOAv VegreviUe Elk Island Public Schools Regional Division No 14 Minbum Maintnce Supr Elk Island Wood Products Engman Albert Engman Deborah Engman Ken Box ^ Enjeneski Ronald Ercse Martin 5111 SlAv Erickson Wayne EskowM. Etherlon L Evenson C Av Evenson C Av Ewanowich Barry St Ewanowich Marvin 4911 SOAv Ewasiuk Anthon St Ewasiuk Jos 2PrincessOr Ewasiuk M St Ewasiuk Walter E St Farm Credit Corporation Canada (FCC)- Sec Gori'ntmenl Of Canada Blue Pages Farris Irvin Av Fat Katz Emporium 5302 SOAv Fedorvich Jamon 4516 SS.v

3 62 LAMONT LAMONT. Fedorvich Melanie Office : Fedun Anton 3PrinceDr Fedunec E LamontAuxflliaryHospital FEDUN'S FUNERAL 1 CHAPEL Vegreville Fedyniak George Fedyniak J & T Av Fedyniak James RRi star , Fedyniak Jamie ; Fedyniak Joseph A RRl Star ': Fedyniak Joseph H Jr RRl star J Fedyniak Kathy Fedyniak Mark RRl star Fedyniak Nick , «J Fedyniak Steven m Fennuik M V Fennuik M Fax,, Fenton L Field Mike : Field Wayne boxsas * " j Field Wayne Box FIRE ALARM ONLY 911 : i ; ' Field Lyie Av ' ; Flaman Leo St , ' i Flotten 0 C Av i Flower Pot Av > Formoe D J St ; Formoe T d FORT DENTAL CENTRE Dr Tracey Rutldick Dr Nimet Jinnah Dr Patricia Kenny. 160FortMall Ft Sask ' FORT SASKATCHEWAN VETERINARY! CLINIC LTD > 0 J McCartney looav Ft Sask After Mrs (Emergency Only) Ft Sask Foster E G Foster P L St Franchuk Tlllie Fraser N G Fraser N G Box Frauenfeld B St FRAUGHTON PAUL DR Dent. ' St Fort Sask ' ' Frunchak K 35DukeDr , Prunchak Peter Av Fuller Beverly Fushtey Peter 5012 SlAv Cabinet E St n Gargus D 5222 SO St Gargus Walter St ; Gauchler J ? Gauthier M RRl , f Geislinger D lAv Gelslinger Gordon ' > Gelslinger K Gelslinger K Fax a 't \ Geislinger Norman Geleta Steve 4408 SOaAv Gendron Lawrence Gendron Lawrence Gendron Lawrence GENERAL AUTO & AG SUPPLY Av If Busy Call Fax tine GERRY'S CLOTHING Av Gibbon Don R Glasier Richard Glasman Mark Gluckie Joe Gluckle Joe Gluckie Joe Gobersky John Gochko T St GONDOLA'S STEAK & PIZZA AV.., Goodin Alfred Gordon Wayne Goulet Pierre 4619 soaav Government Of Alberta Listings- See Blue Pages Government Of Canada Listings- See Blue Panes Governement Du Canada Inscriptions- Voir Les Pages Bleues Gray L Greeve Jan Gregoraschuk Jim StiAichael Gregory S Griffin Acquisition 5609 l5htvy Griffith Ed 37DukeDr Grosehick Bob & Diana Grosenick Bob 8r Diana Fax Gudzan Mary Av Guglich Ron 4419 soaav GYNANE DAMIEN DR Dent St Fort Sask Hackett Grant E Box Hackett Roy W Hackman St Hahn Harry Av Mains E Halisky Charlie St Harrison B Harroid Gary Harrold Gary Faxline Harroid Gary L Harrold K Box Harroid Kirk Box Harsulla D Harvey Ken St Hawreliak E Hawreliak K Hawreliak Katerine St Hawryliw Greg Health Unit Lament- See Lamont Health Care Centre Medley E R Heidinger T 5020 siax Heinz Ewald Av Heinz P & A Help-U-Sell Real Estate Hwyl Helton John St Hennig A Manning Robert.. Herbstreit Arnold Av... Herchek A Hlushak Elmer 27DukeDr Hlushak Elmer 27DukeDr Home Care/Community Care- See Lamcmt Health Care Centre Howard Ryan l9dukedr KRYSTAL ROSE BOUTIQUE -55,29^ JADAGE GLASS Box488 Andrew Florists Av ^ James Harold aAv Kryzandwski John RRl Star ImO Jansen Lyie 4615 soaav Kuchera D Av JIM'S TUNEUP & DIESEL Kuchera D Av, Johnson Vic 4607 SOaAv Kucy Dennis R _st Johnston Cameron Boxi Kucy Peggy.3i ^ ^ Johnston Cameron Faxline Boxl Kulyk Carolyn ^ Johnston Harold Boxl Kurylo G St ^61 Jones Darrel Star Kurylo William J W Jones Mike Box Kusick Ron St Jones Mike Box9io Kutney Jonker Andries Boxli Kuzyk George Box24 Star Jonker Randy Kuzyk James Kuzyk Nick Bo*24 Star 895-7o5o JOSEPHBURG WATER CO-OP Kwashuk Terry RRl. ltd Jurgens Robert K G Enterprises Bdx L A HAIR designs Fax Line Kadatz-Oscar Av Itapach V " Kashuha R L A Sewing Centre Kasprick Melvin Lacoursiere Mark Katie M Lacoursiere Mark " Kaufman J LaFontaine A.,, ;;:;;:;;;::: Keith David Lajeunesse Kevin & JoV' Keith G A 28DakeDr LAKELAND REGIONAL HEALTH Keith G A 28DukeDr Kelly Alexander AUTHORITY KELLY GAYLE M Lawyr Av Fax Line Kendall A M Kennedy Vi lAv LAMCO GAS CO-OP LTD 8, Kern Gunther Mrs Emergency Service.. ^ Kerney D Lamont Auto Wreckers- SeeAldotiAuto Kerr Duncan 4611 SOaAv Kettleson Garry Kllpatrick Karin Dr Av ,.Fak Line Kinash Gerald RRl Star Kinghorn John Kischuk Michael St Kitt Josie aSt Kitt M Kitura Clarence 5508 S2Av Hock S. Klein Duane Hoculak Edward J Av Klein James Av Hoculak S Kliachik Allen Box Hoculak W R Kliachik Gerald Hoeving J Klimchuk William Av Holland Richard.G KjHa MlKe J Av Holmes B Holmes Garry 2lDukeDr Holmes Garry 21DukeDr Holowach 0 14DukeDr Holts G R Av Holyk Harry Av Holyk Joseph 2PrinceDr Holyk William HOME HARDWARE STORES 5019 SOAv Fax Horpyniuk M soil 48Av Horricks Jim 4902 SOAv SohxyTcLtd Lamont Bottle Depot Av Lamont Community Playschool oijc oo-jt LAMONT COUNTY Av..89g5-^^-i^ Fax Line Pdtilic Works Shop Fax Line Ag Service Tourism Ofc Further Education Regional Solid Waste, Commission 'J,'"" LAMONT DENTAL ainic g55_2566 K OS Mike St Lamont Denture Clinic., Klos Mike St Lamont Electrical Services Ltd og,-.2fi20 Kniech J St Box83 ^ v Knight Kenneth 4435 SOaAv Lamont Elementary School, Koch Cleon ' St Koenig Gary Box Fax Line Kolenc E Komarnisky Jpry 5410 soav nnnnmt CAMII V Konsorada Arley Av LAMONT ralvllly Konsoracia Arley Av PHYSICIANS MED CAL Konsorada Dwayne 4407 ssav Konsorada Dwayne 4407 ssav Konsorada Rose Av CLINIC Kopp A 27PrinceDr Or J W Namit Korec William Archer Building (Hospital) Korec William Mn48l4 50 St st Koroluk Ed 5410 SlAv Kofo'uK Eugene centre Av : Koro uk Mary pm^ R V PARK HOSPITAL Koroluk Perry Av LAMONT 5U KLUa n v Koroluk Perry 4544 S7Av Hrehirchuk Ed Av Hrehorets Tom & Gall st Hrehorets Tom & Gail S St Hrycun S Hryniw Lawrence Av Hubert Buster Huculak L Hughes J Fax Hughes Joel st Hughes Joel Ranch Huley Harry Av Humeniuk Eugene J Av Hunka L Hunka R J st Hunley A Hunley John St IMPERIAL OIL LIMITED Agt st Fort Sask IMPERIAL OIL LIMITED Agt Hwyis Jim McEwen Afler Hrs Res Fort Saskatchewan Iwaskow Edward Av Jackman Nigel Star Jackson Bob Jackson D Koroluk Rick Box Koshman Marty 504B 46 st Koshman Marty St Kostiuk Peter Av Kotyk Michael N Box72 StMichael Kotylak Bernard RRi star Kotylak H RRl Star Kowalski E Kozak J 4820 SlAv Kozar Terry st Kozdrowski K Kozdrowski Nancy 5516 SlAv Kozdrowski P Box Koziak Larry Koziak Larry Sr rri star Krezanowski Mary Mrs l7prince0r Krider M Krill Edward st Krill Peter 26DukeDr Krisko E Av Krisko* Rodney Krompocker A Krupa W Krys B Av Krys E Av Krys Paul St ADVERTISE HERE IT PAYS Hwyl5. LAMONT GAS Av LAMONT GROCERY (1990) 5040 SOAv LAMONT HAIR BOUTIQUE ^ AV LAMONT HEALTH CARE CENTRE Archer Wing- Acute Care-Continuing Care Health Unit- Public Health/Home Care Auxiliary & Nursing Home Wings St Lamont Health Unit- See Lamont Health Care Centre Lamont High School < Av Fax Line Counsellor : Lamont Hotel 4815 si st Fax Line

4 85305 lelusatnertisingstrrvicus 2001 LAMONT I G A MainSt Umont Liquor Store St LAMONT MEDICAL CLINIC» Appointments Only St Physicians Or S R Kanani Or M N Ray Lamont Public Library CAv Lamont Senior Citizens Drop In Centre St Lamont Town Bakery Ltd Av LAMONT TOWN OF- See Town Of Lamont LAMONT TRANSIT MIX LTD Concrete & Aggregate Supplier B(k476 r fax Line LAMONT TRAVEL Av O1 " Busy Call LAMONT VALUE DRUG mart Av IP busy cau Pax tine Lampureux J Av Lastiwka Kevin st K'!* I?J" Star Utko Albert aaAv Lauder Art Uuder Wes & Lolita Av Laughmgton D Uuriesen D Box Lavvren^ce Lannon I 2 ' '08 50 st I M 8<"< Leblanc P Lee Graham st Lee Robert Av Lee Robert Av Lee Sung Ho Lees Alex lAv Lefebvre Clement lAv Lefebvre Janice Leskiw Walter d 46PrinceDr Letawsky D Av C Av Letwin Dean Box Letwin Gordon Box Jennie ill St Letwm Marvin Box ^etwm Peter sooi soav PrinceDr Letwin Wayne Wayne Children's Phone Letwin William Ay Lewchuk A Linton Greg Lions Club Of Lamont Av Pax line Lipkewich Mike Lipkewich Peter Lopetinsky James 6PrinceDr Lopushinsky D BoxBOBruderlieim Lopushmsky Dean Lopushmsky Dean Lopushmsky L aSt Lopushmsky Raymond RRl Star Lopushmsky Yakim BoxSOl Loren L 5002 siav Loren Todd Lotsberg T g, ^ pg,, Luchka Jean i7dukedr Luchka Joe Av Lucier Darryl Av'.1"..' LUCY'S LOOKING GLASS LTD St LUdwig Bernie Ludwig Julia Mrs Av LudwIg Marion Av Luntiberg Jack SBOukeOr Lundberg Jack 33DukeDr Lupaschuk S Av Lushney Jason Lust Lloyd 45DukeDr Macarthur M MacAulay R B MacDonald Lyall D MacKay Verna Mrs RRl Star Maclean J Maclean S 4432 SOaAv MACLEODS TRUE VALUE HARDWARE Av MAIKO'S TRUCKING (1990) LTD (NoChargeDial) Malica Brian box Malica Brian Fax Line Malica Mark Malica Robert Malica Stanley RRl star Malica W Faxline Malica Walter Av Malo T Malowany Mary J Manchel Frank loprincessdr Mandryk Daniel Mandryk K Marcino R 22DukeDr Marcino R 22DukeDr Marler P Marouelli M..." Marouelll M Fax Martin Stephen Martin Stephen Martz Gordon St Massey L st Mastafer Mary Mrs SOaSt Matier Shane i Matwichuk J Av Matwichuk M A St Matycio Roger Matzke Ernst Box Mayer J Mayer John Av Mayowski K McCartney Dennis McCartney Dennis McCartney Doug Box76l McCartney Gordon 4420 soaav McConnell Brian McDonnell Brian P 5412 SiAv McDougall Wm Bill McDougall Wm Bill MCEWEN'S FUEL & FERTILIZERS HwylS Mclntyre H McKee L McKort C McKort E Av McLachlan Gary McLean M itjukedr McLean Roy D 4915 siav McManus D W 5007 soav McNain Jeff McNair E McNeill Ed Box738rudertieim McPherson Dan Av McPherson S & B Meadahl A MEDICARE AMBULANCE SERVICES INC Medynski Brett Medynski Edward Av Medynski N Medynski P Faxline Medynski Patrick RRl star Medynski Peter RRl Star Meger Rudolph Memyk F Av Melnyk Jerry Box Melnyk Jerry Box67l Melnyk John F Melnyk Nick RRI star Melnyk Robert Mendiuk Ben st Mendiuk Dave Av Mendiuk K 4915 SOAv Meyer Clair star Miller Dwain Mischuk Cassie Av Mitchell D Mitchell K Mitchell Robert A Av Moleschi E AV Moleschi Richard Moleschi Richard Moman Don Montour John Av Moon K Morin H Morin J L Av Morningstar L M Moser C & R Mostrom M S Av Motiuk E Motluk Ken RRl star Motiuk Peter RRl Star Muzechka Garry Muzechka Garry Nadeau K Nadiger Edith St Nadiger Edith St Namit Dr J W Phys St Nederlof R & L St Nelson G M Nemlrsky Helen F Mrs 4DukeDr Nemirsky Randy Av Neuman Mary 2lDukeDr NEW HOLLAND- See Park Investments (Lamont) Ltd Nimchuk Orest Av Nimchuk Tim Norland W NORTHSTAR NURSERY & GARDEN CENTRE RRl Star Nychka Paul lAv Dates Harry Av Gates Harry 4911 sbav Oberle E & L O'Brien K O'Doherty T O'Driscoll David Olendy Peter Olson W Onushko Basil St Onushko Bill rri Star Onushko Mike RRl Star Onushko Walter RRl Star Ostapowich Ostashek Lena W Ostashewski William P Box Ostashewski William P Box Ostby B St Ostby David 4822 SIAv Ostby Terry St Ouellette A Outhvvaitc Rod Ozirney K Palahniuk Nick Palamarchuk J Palichuk Gerry Av Panich Peter 5009 soav Panych D 52PrinceDr Parasynchuk Jos l2princedr PARK INVESTMENTS (LAMONT) LTD Av PARK MEMORIAL LTD Parkview Lounge 5027 SOAv Parkview Restaurant 5027 SOAv Paruk Peter Av Paruk's Foodland Genl Mchts 5118 SOAv Paruks Victor 5404 siav Paton Scott 8r Ingrid Paton Scott & Ingrid Patrick John st Patrie Joe Patrie N 4415 SOaAv Paulencu L 4411 ssav Pavich Bernard Box Pawluk Russell St Pearce Harold Box Pentney R Pertschy J St Pertschy J st Petryk Eugene RRl star Pewarchuk Fraser Pewarchuk Fred SPrinceDr Pewarchuk Fred SPrinceDr Pewarchuk W Pickett J J LAMONT LAMONT 63 Pidwerbeski Richard Rajtmajer J Pierce Gerald Rauckman B 49ii 56Av Pioneer Grain 5038RangeRoadl Ray David i2dukedr Pitre Marcel Av Ray David 12DukeDr Plooy Nick Redinger John & Norma ^7 POISON CENTRE (No Charge POITRAS R W Dial) If Busy Call. Calgary LAWYER Av Edmonton Cilice POLICE ROMP- See Royal Canadian Mounted Police Ft Saskatchewan Polovvay A St Poloway P J Av Pope Ken Popke Helmut & Dee Popovich Melvin 24DukeDr Poshtar R 8oxl Post Office- See Canada Post Postes Canada (See Canada Post For Service In English) Service a la clientele Renseignements sur les codes postaux Les Irais factures a PAppelant sont - expliques en debut d'appel Renseignements generaux et livraison Aucuns trais composer Messageries Prioritaires Xpresspost et colis Aucuns frais composer ATS (personnes sourdes ou malentendantes) Aucuns frais composer (pour les comploirs Postaux Voir Canada Post) I PRICE AUTOMOTIVE LTD 5125 SOAv Fax Line Price Cliff Price V Price Vincent Av Prochnau V Procinsky R J Mrs Box Procyk Bernie Procyk Wm RRl Star Prokopiw John RRl star Prokopiw M Prokopiw Matt Box Prokopiw Mike Av Prokopiw Mike Av Prokopiw Nestor PropoKiw A Protasiwich D Prusak Lawrence St Pryatel Alois ' ' Pryatel L 8oxl PRYATEL'S DITCHING 00x Pullishy Elmer isdukeor Pullishy J Pullishy N Pullishy Richard Pullishy Richard ' Pullishy Walter Box Purschke Brian Purschke Francis st Purschke Patricia St , Purschke Richard star Pylypow Olga St i R C M P See Royal Canadian Mounted Police Ft Saskatchewan R J S WELDING Star Race L 80x Rachel V & C Radke A Radke Henry Radomsky J RAINBOW RESTAURANT St Rains Edward A Av AV»95-20b/ Reimer A Re/Max Real Estate Of Lamont Renyk Jim 5216 SlAv Renyk M Av Renyk P Richardson Lloyd Star Robertson Peter W lAv Robinson E St Roder Barb Rogers G Rohatynski John St Rohatynski Peter 109HeritageCrt iron Roman Catholic Church Of Incarnation Rectory loprincidr

5 64 LAMONT LAMONT Roman Catholic Church- Skaro Shrine Romanchuk Av Rombough Dougias Rosa Donald Rosa Victor Box323Waskatenau ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE Emergencies Only 911 Dispatch 24 Hrs Ft Saskatchewan Administration-Info Rumohr V St Rurka Edward Av Ruzycki A Ruzycki C St Ruzycki John St Ruzycki Rick Sadoway Anne st Sadoway Dennis Sadoway Loren 4508 SSAv SALESKI DOROTHEE DR Dent 5128 SOAv Saieski Saimark M Salton G Samis Rick Saruk Alec 4811 SlAv Sawatski Peter 48PrinceDr Sawchuck K L Sawchuk Mike Waskatenau Sawchuk Nestor Sawchuk Robert Sawchuk Roger Box324Waskatenau Schamahorn C Schamahorn P SCHINKINGER CONSTRUCTION & TRUCKING LTD Box Fax Line Schoepp Wayne Schoepp Wayne Schreiber Danny St Schultz Albert 4439 SOaAv Schuitz Eider E St Schultz Kevin Box7B Schwab Lioyd Schwab S Scotford Aggregates Ltd Box3511 Ft Saskatchewan Scott Dianne lAv Scott R 14PrincessDr Scott V Av SEARS CANADA INC CATALOGUE SHOPPING 24 HOURS- 7 DAYS CATALOGUE STORE PARCEL INQUIRY & INFORMATION Av SEARS ACCOUNT/ Skaken Edward & Phyllis Skiftun Marvin 4444 soaav Skinner Bill St Skinner Bill Faxline Skladan Nickoias St Skousbol B Skrinitsky R Box SkuDleny Lawrence 5508 siav Sledz Dennis Sledz Ernie Siiwkanich Bill St Small Scraba Mary BoxlSS Smid P Smith Adam Smith Adam SMITH INSURANCE SERVICE St Fort Sask Smith Ken Smith Rod & Val Snetsinger W Snider L Snyder Mel! Snyder William lAv Societe canadienne des posies- Voir Postes Canacici Spady A 8t P Sparks K 4503 SOAv Stach A Stach D Stach H Stach Henry Staciuk Peter soukedr Staciuk S Stadnick Dennis Stadnick R Stadnick R J Stadnick Richard J Stahl David SAv Stalzer D Stapley E STAR BRITE star Portable Toilets 8 Mini Bob Cat Service Stark Ray Boxl Starko J B6x3034FortSaskatchewan Starko J R Starko John P Box Starko Melvin Starko Peter D Starko Peter P Boxll Starko Robert Starko Walter RRi Starzynski Rick Av Stasyshyn Victor Steblyk Randy Av Stefanyk R W St Stefura Anna Stefura Mike Av Stelmach Crest Stelmach Crest Fax Stenhouse George R SOPrinceDr Stetsko Michael Stetsko Michael Stevens K Stewart Donald lAv TATARIN M Insce 5122a50Av Tatarin Tanya Taylor G Si J Box Taylor G & J Fax Line Box Tchir Andrew St Tchir M soast Tchir Mike St Tchir Clga RRl Star TELUS ELUS FOR A MORE COMPLETE UST OF NUMBERS SEE TELUS UNDER ATHABASCA FORT SASKATCHEWAN AND VEGREVILLE TELUS COMMUNICATIONS INC HOME SERVICE ADDS/MOVES/ CHANGES/BILUNG Self Serve From A Touch Tone Phone 310-SELF No Charge BUSINESS SERVICE ADDS/MOVES/CHANGES No Charge.' Billing Inquiries PAYPHONE SERVICES TRIANGLE THE Boxl4 St Michael Trill C Trollope J R Star.. Troman D Troman D Troman ? Troman G :;:l95-2i 2-7^5 Trudgeon I o Trudgeon Murray Trudgeon Rodney / Trufyn Turchanski Mary Turko Lawrence RRl Star Turko Mary Twardowski J RRl Star Twardowski R Tychkowsky Jolene Tychkowsky Kevin ? Tychkowsky Kevin Tymkow Julien St Tymkow R Box666 ^'ggs-oooo ^rawan^cuimral Heritage Vig 662-3M0 Ukr HvrylOe Ulan J Unger M Uniat Eugene United Church Of Canada Ushkowski Jarrod Ushkowski Jarrod Ushkowski Jarrod 8oxy " jy GENERAL INQUIRIES UTILICORP NETW j_goo LONG DISTANCE SAVINGS PLANS do" CUSTOMER RELATIONS/24 HRS VALUE DRUG MttK I DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE/24 HRS SOAv REPAIRS/24 HRS 611 Vandelannoite Victor TELUS ADVANCED Vandelannoite Victor '.if;!' ' COMMUNICATIONS Van Den Berg William 42PnnceDr HIGH SPEED DATA SERVICE Van Schie H z - 'in qi NO CHARGE 310-DATA Varga Alexander C st TELUS ADVERTISING SERVICES Veniot Raymond Vilcsak S St ;; YELIOW PAGES & INTERNET ADVERTISING Viscount Darren st No Charge Vitt Edmonton Calgary Vitt E Vogrinetz John 4428 SOaAv TELUS GEOMATICS Wachowicz John No Charge Wacko Edward J TELUS MOBILITY Wacko James Box No Charge Wade Clinton TELUS.NET Wade Murray INTERNET SERVICE Wade Murray....;" " NoCharge310-4NET Wade Murray Fax Line Wail Tessier Barb Av Thederahn Frank THEUNE HENRY CERTIFIED GENERAL ACCOUNTANT 4804 si st Fax Line Ward L A Ward R M SlDukeDr Warshawski I SOaSt Watfa Moe Wedge B Welch Norman 8t Joan SEARS CLUB INQUIRIES Stewart J Thompson Norman lAv Weieschuk Joe St SZ- onco Semanuik E stodoia Joe Av Tichkowsky George Box33 Star, Wentzell Sydney BAv o" Serink Av stodoia Steve RRl Star Tichkowsky Harry Star : Wesenberg Serink Wayne Av Stodoia Tim Tichkowsky Nicholi Box Wesenberg Otto SoLijng Shandra John Rev Storqzhenko Dan St Tichkowsky V Av Weslake J 6'^. Sharp Glen 44X1 56Av Storrier Allan Tichkowsky Wayne Star Wharmby D RRl Sharun Steven Stott V 36PrinceDr Tire Craft Av Wick A Sharun Steven Strand Boyd......^ Tisdall Kennedy T St Wilchak David 8. Pam...^.^ "zv SHAW CABLE St - NV/ Edmonton /lyu StrobI F Av Sheptycki Francis Av strumelak Ronnie J Av Shewchuk Peter 895-/650 Strychar Steve Box322Waskatenau Shiichta Frances St stuike R Shortt James St sudyk William Av Shostak Steve st Suffield B R Shumansky Anton Sumner Kevin Av Shumansky Ron Av Sunshine Equipment Services CHIIMANSKY SHUIVIHivsrt VACUUM vmvuuivi TANK SURF'S 8ox337Lamont UP HOT TUB Chipman SERVICES star 895-^48 After Hrs Res Shumansky Water Well Services Shy'manski Waiter Box Sieker H slekl? Herman St.^ Siemens E E SOaSt Sikora Steve 4427 SOaAv Simmons Dennis Av S mms P IS T Sinclair VV Robert Boxl Star Sipos J 5019 soasi Sipos Robert 70uket)r Siraclty C Siracky Henry A ' Strashok f St Tkachuk John'4816 soav Stratemeyer K jobler Melvin St Willier C ;, Tomlinson Barry Av Wilson George E St ova uuuz Tomlinson Barry Av Wilson Les 8r Cherry 5112 j3 St 895 /704 Toomer D 490ukeDr Wilson M Winick P St ziuz RENTALS Swallow Edward Av Swallow Edward 4923 SBAv Swischook Carol 8r Don 4927 SBAv Szikora Steve 4927 so St Talisman Energy Inc Tallas John Av Tallas M St Tanasichuk V I SOaSt Tangen Paul St Tapley R & C Tapiey R & C Av Tarka Alex TOWN OF LAMONT^r WishlpH Jay & ""S FarLiit^..^..!^.^.'.!:i'.\\'l".'.'.'"l'.\T.'..~..8?5~2"5^ Wood Fred'l4PrinceDr Hall Rentals & Bookings Wood 'VI&RBox99 Arena Av Wooden't t Be ^ice AV 7337 Curling Rink Av WoodruH M St Foreman Woods Kitchen Av Worth James^ A ' VVyRri,rtMhPim'''' Fire Chiefs Die Woudenberg Gary Box316Bruderheim..,.o Woudstra G H SOAv TRANSALTA General & Execotive Oflices Av SW....Calgary Wozny Lawrence J SiSf Wynnychuk Louise Wysocki Peter Wysoczanski Maria Yakemchuk H Vakimchuk R Yakimishyn Paul Yarusiewich Darrell St Every Hello Is A Good Buy Jot The Number Down & Save it KEEP THIS PHONE BOOK HANDY

6 2H21!jtLUSAd,en,Ei: ti:-!n gsur'..c.^'; 2001 Calgary elus directories Dial) fax (No Charge DiaQ Yogi's Uquor store 5609Hwyl Young Brian st Youno,G S A & A St ""1 " Zabe James Av ^3bel K 89'5-774R ZABEL'S AUTO & GLASS iocnarko 7=.Vu"u''"lr-:,- Andrew Zachoda J 5520 sia» Zakrzewski Dr W Paul St Zakrzewski W Paul Fax Zapotlchny IVI Zazula Joe 21PrinceDr Zazula Mike 9606 soaav Znak Verna Zureski John LAMOUREAUX Saskatchewan See Fort LEDUC See also Calmar- Devon- Millet- New Sarepta for other customers located in this area. EMERGENCY CALLS 911 (Police- Fire- Ambulance) OTHER EMERGENCY NUMBERS Police RCMP Complaint Line Fire Leduc Fire Nisku Ambulance HOSPITAL DISTRESS LINE Edmonton POISON CENTRE (Toll-free) If Busy Call Calgary A Buck Or Two st Fa* line A-Lite Electric Ltd A Taste Of Holland Av A A A- See Tllberia Motor /Issocation A B Dog Grooming School (Woodsvail) Av A M RADKE FLOOR COVERINGS LTD RR A R HYSON CONSTRUCTION Av A 8t W RESTAURANT SI AAA See Alburta Motor Associotiou AAA-1 SIGNS St..Nisku fa* aarondare pet care FACILITY 6539 SparrowPr Abar L Abar L Abbott A Patrick RR Abbott L Av Abbott L Av Abboud Fred Abel A Abel Ben Av Abel Karen Abel Richard Abend R Abma Cor Box Abma Cor RR Abma Cor RR Abma Jan Abma John RR Abma M Abma Morris Abma Pete Abtosway Wayne 42 SouthParkDr Abu-Giemi Fadel 21CliippewaRd Abu-Giemi J Acer Industries Alberta Ltd Fax Line Acheson Acres S : ACTIVE MEN'S WEAR- See KomfoHo's Adair Bill AlMohawkCr Adair Trevor 41Mot)awkCr ADAIR'S PAINTING & DECORATING bAv Adam Donald st Adam E R Adam Rex Adam McDonald Janette Adams Brent Adams Bryan Fax Adams C Adams Don 94WilliamBellDr ADAMS PONTIAC BUICK G M C LTD E(ImontonCustomersDirectLine(No Charge) Adams Renee Adams W Rollyview Adamson Doug R l46williambeiidr Adamson T B Av Additon S Adier E Adrain James l22heritagevilla ADVANCED EQUIPMENT CONCEPTS INC Thorsby Affolder S St Agapeland Daycare Centre IbCorinlhiaParkShoppingCentre Agriboost Subsidiary Of Samco Pipeline Inspection Services st AGRICORE Leduc Agro Centre Acheson Terminal SpruceGrove(TollFree) Emer Contact Line (Toll Free) AGRICULTURE FINANCIAL SVS CORP St Insurance & Lending TDD For Hearing Impaired (Toll Free) Agriculture- Government Of Alberta AIDS/HIV/SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE INFORMATION (Toll Free) Airdrie Jack 47CaledoniaDr AIRPORT MOTEL St Ajas Randy 142WillowParkEsts Alarie Gilbert & Barbara bAv Albert Curtis Albert Darrell RRl Albert Darrell RRl Albert M Albert N Albert Norman Albert S Alberta Audiology Group Inc St Alberta Collision Repair Inc 8224 SparrowOr Fa* Line ALBERTA MOTOR ASSOCIATION website: a Av Edmonton Travel Call Centre Insurance Call Centre ALBERTA MOTOR VEHICLES aAv ALBERTA ONE-CALL (No Charge Dial) Alberta Pulse Growers Commission St Fax Line Alberta Swine Genetics Corporation 0ox Fax Line ALBERTA TREASURY BRANCHES WHEELCHAIR ACCESS TO PUBLIC St Customer Service Line-Help Centre (Toll Free) Anytime Banking ABM locations- Branch Hours- Financial Transactions (Toll Free) TDD-Telephone For The Deal (Toll Free) Albertson Ken ZAdamicCr Albrecht Dale St Alcoholics Anonymous Wetaskiwln Alcorn R Aleekuk B & P Alex Outdoor Pool St Alexander C 4331 SouthParkDr Alexander Donna 76 SouthParkDr Alexander Greg Av Alexander Greg A Av Alexander L 76 SouthParkDr Alexandra Arena 47Av8i49 St 980-7l2l Alkoma Industries Ltd Av All Season Leather St Allain Charlotte Allan Grant H SOAIpaughCr Allcock Dale C 35 SouthParkDr Allen Darren & Laurie 4AllindalePlace Allen David St Alien E R aAve Alien J St Allen K Allen Robert 2ChippewaRd ALLEN'S TRANSPORT LTD Alleycat Enterprises & Bobcat Services 2CamelotCr If Busy Call Allison Terry Av ALLSETT MACHINE LTD St Fax Line Allstate Insurance Company Of Canada Almond Jack Av Almond Jack Av Aloislo D 47Arm5trongCr ALTA FLIGHTS (CHARTERS) INC ALTA-RIG ELECTRIC & WELDING Bay St Fax Alta Aita Tec lec upnoistery Upholstery St ALTA TEC WINDOWS LTD St ALTAGAS UTILITIES INC LEDUC DISTRICT OFFICE St Hr Emergency Service Gas Line Location Service (No Charge Dial) REGIONAL HEAD OFFICE St Althouse G Alton Edith Alton George St Alton L AMA- See Alberta Motor Assocatioii AMBULANCE 911 OR Ambulance Admin Ofc Only American Motor Assocatlon- See Alberta Molar Association LAMONT LEDUC 65 i Amero L BOCorinthiaOr Amey Edward 35BelIaCoolaDr Amichi's 4905 SOAv Amos Richard Av Amundson David L 2CreslvlewPlace Amyotte Brian bAv Amyotte J & B I Anders Randy " Andersen Ava Fax , Andersen Briane 4307a4B St Andersen Clarice St Andersen Clarice 4503 S2 St Anderson Andy 5120 S7Av Anderson Brian G 49WilliamBellDr Anderson Don & Christine 17ArmstrongCr Anderson J 8r D st Anderson K Anderson K & A 36NootkaRd Anderson Ken ISBWilliamBeilDr Anderson Ken Fax Anderson Kyle Anderson M jti Anderson Nancy L Anderson Nancy Fax Anderson R L Anderson S Av Ij, Anderson Shane l43wi»iambeli0r tz. Anderson Shane 143WilliamBellDr ip Anderson Shane & Janice B 143WilliamBellDr S Anderson Tim li; Anderson Tim Modem I Anderson Trent B St 'V Anderson W T BlNootkaRd iij Anderson Wm J SSBridgeportWynd H Andres Chris & Leona Andrew K Av Andrews John M aAv n; Andriuk J Andruski Harry Au Anglican Church St Paul's P St Fax Line l» Anhorn G If Ankerstein M St 'ft Anklam Adolf st l ANNE'S BOOKS iav i, AnnettJoe Anonson G Ansell A Ansorger M 313 4B06 47Av Ansorger Marvin RR2Ne\vSarepta Ansorger Marvin RR2NewSarepta Ansorger Milton RR2NewSarepta Ansorger Nelvin RR2NewSarepta Ansorger Vernon RR2NewSarepta Antle M Antle Robert 119WillowParkEst Antonenko W Anton's Cafe 6201 so st Antosko Olga St ' L T T aphrodites hair design, Av V Aponluk 0 B Av 'Jf Appleby C f approved carpet CLEANING Fax Line ARBER GREENHOUSES LTD Bo*7031 Wetaskiwin f* Arcand Allan Av? "fi Arcand Allan Fax Arcand Andrew Av Arcand Linda Archie Don Archie J 33MohawkCr Archie J SSMohawkCr Arends James K 21B 5904b50 St Arlint K Arlint K Armit Douglas G 3Bll 33Av Armour David bSt Armour J Armour Martin St Armstrong A iackGoldDr Armstrong B bAv Armstrong Jim Armstrong N Armstrong Richard Armstrong Richard Armstrong Rory St Armstrong Terry 5127 SouthParkDr Armstrong Terry & Patricia 38eellaCoolaDr Armstrong V i90wiiliambeildr Arndt G Arndt R St

7 66 LEDUC LEDUC 85305'- THIISAdvertis^i; Arndt Wayne 29AipaughCr Babineau W BiackGoldDr Barber C Beaiidoin L Arnholtz Dave Av Bablitz C 8r T Av Barber K Beaumont Autobody & Towing nq6-l3 3 Arnholtz E L 104 siaitonor Bablitz Dwayne /ne C Barber K RR2 ord-c 'i,* Arnholtz L Bachinsky Jean 2l6RavineVilias Beaupre Reg St gs6"38?i Arnston T Bechlloff Allan Arntson A osnootkard Beck B E Arsenault Robert SunnyvilleAcres ART BARRY FORD SALES LTD 8012 SparrowCr Artman A Artokivi D St Arvidsson Bo Arvidsson Bo Fax Arychuk Reg 74HaidaAv Asquin C 75HaidaAv Assen John 4203 SouthParkDr Assen John 4203 SouthParkDr Associated Ambulance & Services (Admin Ofc) 1 Alexandra Park Astle Glen Av Ataee F bAv Ataee F 4ll0 43bAv ATCO GAS Natural Gas Distribution CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE CENTRE Mon-Pri 7an)-7pm Sat 8am-4pm Billing Inquiries, Change of Address, No Heat Appliance Adjustments GAS EMERGENCY 24-HR SERVICE Gas Odours And Ruptured Lines Call General Office Service Line Applications, Alterations And New Meter Installations St Wetaskiwin Blue Flame Kitchen Alberta One-Call Pipeline Locating Deaf, Hearing & Speech Impaired TTY Number Call Atkins Norman Atkinson Greg Atkinson J T lonootkard Aubin Lyie Aubin LyIe Aubut Gil St Aubut Gilbert Box Aucoin Ron 12CaledoniaDr Audet Noel 21CampbellRd Auger Tim Aumuller L E Av Aumuller LyIe D Aunt Hills Picnic Av Fax Line Auriat IVl Austin Brent & Wendy 24 BridgeportWynd Austin Brent & Wendy 24 Bridgeport Wynd AUTOWORLD SUPERSTORE St If Busy Call Or If Busy Call Or A very Ken 7AltonDr Avery Morley HaidaAv Avery Sherri Av Avery Wade Av Avery Wade Av Aviation Visual Aids 96CameiotAv Axline Leo st Ayotte Dennis Box B & B SrDING & ROOFING LTD Av Cellular B M R GREENHOUSES & WATER GARDENS HR BABCO OILFIELD HAULING LTD Oilfield Hauling Devon Babiak Allen & Nola 43)«4 7 st Babiak G M aAv Babich Paul 52n3 56Av Bablch Peter 986-4o82 Bachinsky John 6AbelCrt Bachor Rick 25HuronDr Bachor Rick 2SHuronDr Back Stage Dance Theatre St Bacon G IVl loskingslandvilge Bacon Robert Badiou Roger 3BamberPlace Badke C Badke L Barber L Barber L Barber L & M Barbie Dog's Grooming Barcham Ronald J 82BellaCoolaDr Barich K Bariiko J St , Beck B E Fax 986-1^? Beck Brian 24WillianiBradburyPlace 986-^?? Beck Cindy Becker G A Bariiko John St Becker Jody 23AthanaskanDr Barke S SBohimanCiose Beclter Shannon & Codey Barke Sig SDohlmauClose BECKETT BEVERLY RWIT Barker C Cyrel 38WiilowParkEsts Baerends S Barker Donald 7 i'dge'ponwynd'l,.."l."9^ - Baerg Dick lobeliacooladr? Barker Duane bAv llcltett osd 27Athapa5^^^^^^^^^ Baete T Av Bahrey Lome l4apacbecr Bailey C Av Bailey S Baillie John 47NootkaRd BAIN FRANK OR Opmtrsi St Bair K E Or 124RavineVillas BAIR KEITH DR Dent St Baird Brian RR Baird Gerry Baird John SjBrownPlace BAIS Publishing Inc Box Baker Alan R 64HaidaAv Baker Brian & Pam 14AltonDr Baker C Baker C & B Baker F Bakken M R Bakker Harvey Bakker P Balding Glenn St Baldt Henry st Balogh Larry St Balzer Clarence Box Balzer Doug Balzer Edward 14CameioiPlace Balzer Norman Balzer Roily Balzer Russell Banash A Bancarz Bulk Milk Services Ltd St Bancarz Edward Bancarz Edwin St Bancarz Tim 20BellaCoolaDr Bancarz Wayne Av Bandravala C St Bandravala M Bandravala Melhi Banik Wm Av BANK OF MONTREAL Telephone Banking Service (No Charge Dial) Branch Customer Feedback (No Charge Dial) Av Fax fjtortgage Dept Or Call Commerciaf/Agri Loans Or Call BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA St Fax Line Banks Ken rr Banner Kenneth W Av Banner Kent St Banville Paul 4914 SlAv Banville Paul 4914 SlAv Bar De Transportation (1999) Ltd St BAR-K DRILLING LTD RR2,. Bara Eldon C Bara Ken 8i Lois Barabonoff T & J Av Baragar J 86Meadowviev/Dr Baraniuk T BARBARA SWANSON AESTHETICS B6-97B6 Barker Ken 77HaidaAv Barker Tim Barker Tim Berkley G L BECK'S VILLE DRVWALL & 0904 CONSTRUCTION INC '^ Bedard Dayna Si Berkley Ken 32ChippewaRd Bedard Larry Barkley Larry IVl Rollyview Bednar Richard Barkley Linda lolt.laisoneltevilge Bedry Peter Barnes Rod aAv Beebe D Barnett H Fax Beerwort Cliff Barnett Harold 45WllliaraBellDr Beerwort Cliff Fax Baron C 8i V BOCamelotAv Begley W Children's Phone S5 Barr M P Av Begley W Barrett A Behiels L M St 986-SOSO Barr-Gentry B 3lCanielotCr Beierbach Barrle J OCamwoodEsts Beierbach E Fax Barry Elgert Kraus & Peddie Beierbach Ed 4707 SOAv Bejcar Mike Barry L Av Bejcar Rick Lori Barry Lynn RRlMilfet Beicar Rick & Lori Faxlme Barsness Raymond Belbin Connie, Bartlett B [ismt441s 42bAv Belcourt Raymond 48Mea(lt»wiewDr Zo.,9706 Bartlett J Bell David OR6-S002 Bartlett William Av Bell Edward R 401TellordCrt OR Barton D RR Bell H Bartosh Paul III SIAllonDr Bell L Basaraba Dale Bell Steven & Christine BASILE'S 2 FOR 1 PIZZA & PASTA SI Fax Line Bell W A aAv Belland Greg 4325 SouthParkOr Bellig Carol 81 Todd Bellig R Belter David Belzile Rod Belzile Rod ^ r Bender Warren 2IApachcCr J" <030 Baskier D J M I42CorinthiaDr Bender William 73HaidaAv joo Bass R 81 F SAIpaugliCr Bcndfeld Bass Ron 69NootkaRd Bendickson A 539S BassanI Garry Kavanagh Bendoritis Chris 49CamelotCr YOO-aJ Bassani Walter Kavanagh Bendoritis John no? 0408 Bateman Brian laAv Bendoritis Jos Av 986-d Bateman Inspections Ltd no. nnnn Bendza Jack artv 986 '86-025/ aAv 2470 Fax Line Benedict Larry 30ChippewaRd / Bateman Lome i06cameiotav Benediktson Darryl Av vao-0043 Bates B R 16 SouthParkDr Bengtson oq^6ni6 Bathelt Micheal Benfte Gary Batke Perry Lwr4406a48aSt Bgnke L Boxis SitelRR Batt Alex RRl Bennett Dennis aSt 986- Bauckman K & L SBiackweilCrt Bennett rto2"cllc Baudln Randy Av ' Bennett J R Av ' Bauer C Bennett^John Av ggt-ssn Bauer D G Bauer Ray Bauer Ray Fax Baxandalf Dale Si Vicky Baxter J Bay Wash Inc st Bayer Inc 57ArmslrongCr Bayliss Jeff st Bayly W E RR2 Beach Dave 6l.lobergRd Benson Kenneth E ' Bentley J - ora 0473 Bentley Raymond «v /5 Berasldn P ' Berezowski C Berg C Av Berg Leonard Av Berger C Av Bergevin Dennis Av Beach George I06l.1aisonetteviige Beraevin Dennis Children's Phone Beagle Dwane Av ierahs (3arv BeagrieK Remson E Beagrle K Bemum Kenneth Beaman Mark lAv Rerhna James RR Bearchell C Ss Sne Bearchell James aAv Bearchell R SlCorlnihlaOr oaao drycleaners BEAU VILLAGE 5110 SOAv. Beauchamp D si Beauchamp Marcel Beauchamp Marcel Beauclair Hal Children's Phone Beauclair Hal Fax Beauclair Henry 6AiionDr I Let Your Phone Help You Shop BeS A B Bernier Andy 4113 SouthPnrkOr Berntsen B St Berntsen Darryl St Berntsen Joseph St Rprrpn R...9o6"Ojiy Berrea R &'H"5id4 43Av Berry Doug Av Berryman Cory OBridgeporiWrml Bertnold D Berthold D Hello, Bonjour, Bonjourno say it all with TELUS Long Distance.

8 5,_r.,c»?nni' ll'^fand RussllU^nj''^/' gerube Al sm Berube Armand L if'^be Armand i t, gerube Bertrann ^ «fube Davi? " st Berubej ferube Michapi' n Berube Paul ""^ssbesumom gesler R, BKsette Gerri a best COPVcun.l''' <icamelotcr "OP P Fax Line^.^ Best Western rionh, soav Inn & Suites -Fax Line Better Busineis RV,; al Northern Alberta Central & cxaiy RepwT' '^''''' Edmonton BettridTe Edmonton Bevans BeutlerGeorg'e^Lo'*" K M si A''? 7 v Beveridge BaPrd u Beveridge s ^ st Beveridge BHARGAVATno^*^ Internal Medicine St After Hours Bhargava K pfni r Bibaud Allen a k FP 42io is st Bickersta f G Bickerstaff g o-^furenplace Bickerstaff l " 'nctarenplace Biefus Normaii do'iic, Bienert Gladv? '7 st Bienert Gorcfon nor Bienert L R yr" Bienert Orville no Bienert Rod Bienert Thernii ci; Bierkos Dale 43Au BI6F00T Fax Line 5 St Biggar Biggar John Bigley E D Bignell R Bik P i nf' Bill Blake WelH? ^', s ; Bilokryly Gfan? ^ ' 4'' B nkswsk D ohl " AV B nkos D I 53Av KS! Birkhoi2%ur::;::; Bi^kfiol^ ^a^d^; bits 20Athapasl<anDr Pax Line QRfi-n73 Bittner ::::::::;:;:::::::::::;:;;: Bittner P & D nrvvr,'!s'p'l Inxl35NcwSarepta ;:::!: BJAKIME S 11C Av B ack Allan Av BlacK u QRn.54Rn Black D G St''!!!!!]!"!II'i::!!! r frk rnl!?n ""SOl 53Av BLACK n. nrv/ GOLD AWARDS 4330BlackGoldDr St QRn-254S Black Gold Gallery & Frame Av Black Gold Health Foundation Fax line Black Gold Mohawk 4409Blaci<Goid0r Fax Line Be a LOCAL HERO Volunteer in your community Black Gold Pool 4330BlackGdldDr BLACK GOLD REGIONAL SCHOOLS Central Office St.Nisku Fax Line Nisku Caledpnia Park.School 3206CoadiBlvd...". leduc Calmar School St Calmar Corinthia Park School 127CorinthiaDr Leduc East Elementary School St leduc Ecole Beau laeadow School St Beaumont Ecole Bellevue School 5103 SOAv Beaumont Ecole Coloniale Estates School 37ColonialeWy Beaumont Ecole J E lapointe School 4S01 SSAv Beaumont Ecole Secondarre Beaumont Composite High School Av Beaumont John Maland High School losathabascaav Devon Leduc Composite High School 430B 50 St leduc Leduc Estates School OSAItonDr Leduc Leduc Junior High School St leduc Linslord Park School St..Leduc New Humble Centre School Box780 Calmar New Sarepta Community High School SlSOCentreSt New Sarepta New Sarepta Elementary School StS New Sarepta Riverview Middle School 165AthabascaDr Devon Robina Baker Elementary School IJasperCourlS Devon Storefront School Av leduc Thorsby Elementary School BAv Thorsby Thorsby Junior-Senior High Sctiool Av Thorsby Warburg School St Warburg Warburg Colony School Box270..Warburg Willow Park School St...Leduc Black Gold Service Centre 4330BlackGoldDr Black Jim Box BLACK KNIGHT TUXEDOS St Black S Blackburn D St Blackburn Daniel 8t Irene 8McKayCrt Blackle Doug SSMohawkCr Blackie M Blackle M Blackstock Doug RRl Blackwood George 986' 0737 Blagrave S 986' 0724 Blair C 23NootkaRd 986' 4504 Biair Clinton 23NootkaRd Blair Mark St Blake Patrick Site9Comn22RR2 986' Blake William RR2 986' Blanchette P 986' Bland Colin 986' Bland J R St 986' Blazenko P 986' Bleakney Shelley B4WillowParkEsts 986 Block Ken IBAIIcnPlace 986 Blockbuster Video Canada St 980- If Busy Call 980' Or 986' Bloemen Michael 6 SouthParkDr Blondheim D E Bloomer William Bloomer William RR Bloshka William 37MohawkCr Blumenthai E 986' 6892 Blumenthal Leonard Rollyview Blumenthai Leonard Faxline 986' '6875 Biunderfield J 986' '2723 Siunderfield K 986' '5106 Blush Frank 980' 1375 Boal J T 11 ZKingsfieldVilge 986' '4488 Boal J T Faxline 986' '4460 Bobin J 980' 2523 Bochon B 986 '6048 Bock Dale 76CaledoniaDr 986' '1738 Bodnaruk C TELUS Long Distance: built by Albertans for Albertans. Body Mechanics Therapeutic Massage st Boekee V Boender Edward Boender Edward Boettcher L E Bogarth Larry St Bogarth Larry Fax Bogath Raymond Av BOGDA ANDREW DR Dent Av Residence Edmonton Bohlender Darrel isapachecr Bohn Tim Bohonis N Boida Doug Av Boisvert Albert 5309 SSAv Boisvert Donna 8i Roch Boisvert Donna 8r Roch Fax Bokowski M M Bolan Robert Bole R J 47WilliamBellDr Boles C Boles R St Bolicon Box42 SUe9RR Bolt M Bolton David Bolton E K Av Bolton G 216TeMordCrt Bolton Ray 120Maisonett Vilge Bommassar S Bon Chris Av Bonang M 8r R 46AltonDr Bonar P M Bondaruk C A st Bonnard L Bonwick B BOOKSHOP THE Bay St Boone James Boone Richard SAllindaiePlace Boone Richard Faxline Boos Daryl Booth Adrian Booy B Av Borden C 34ChiopewaRd Bcrden R LEDUC LEDUC 67 Bourque D St Bourque Donald J Bourque Donald James Bourque P 8( G...: Boutcher Gordon OOArmstrongCr Boutin Brian Av Boutkan Rick i Bowers Dennis locampbellrd ' Bowes Howard M 4CrestviewPlace Bowey M I Bowie D Q2BlackGoldDr Bowie J Av f Bowler S Boyce Dan bAv Boychuk Joseph : Boyd Brad 13AltonDr i Boyd Brent : Boyd Bryce aAv : ' Boyd Bryce aAv Boyd Gary Box Boyd Gary Fax Line 't"- BOYD'S BOBCAT SERVICE. ' LTD 80X Boyko D Av Boyle Thomas J Boys 8i Girls Club Of Leduc St I, Brabant George ' Braconnier Cecil l27wiliowparkest Braden Andre Braden R Bradford Ashley sscaledoniadr Bradford Mike AAv Bradley G SAthapaskanOr , Bradley I A St Bradley I A St Bradshaw Bradshaw D Bradshaw J & B Bradshaw K 37McLeodCr Bradshaw Thomas Bradshaw Thomas Brady Doyle av Brady Leslie Braitenback J Av Brakin' Solutions St Fax line Brakstad Lome Brand Joe St?86-265b Brand Larry Brandabura Robert i54wiiiiambeiidr 986-^iv Borgstrom S & L St Brander William Av SV o../. Borle UUI IR: Delphis lycipilld RR grandly Dwayne M lui nuu 41bAv -tiui b6M oet7 Borowiecki R Brandly Dwayne M bAv / Borys B Borys D Bdx Borys Daniel Borys David > St Borys David St Borys EIna Brandly Kelly D St Branston John W St Branton L BlackGoldDr / Branton Larry D 2NootkaRd Brass B Brassard Ruth Box Borys Eugene J Boxl6 Site3RRl Brassard Trevor Av 15; cn-ji Borys Gordon Av 986- "' ")-0512 Bratland Al bAv 986-5U4i BorjfS Orville llfaaclarenplace Braun uicium Marie ivioi ic u<:u 51 Dx St?86-u62/ -^2 n70n Borys Peter Site3BoxllRRl StnMn Braun Tim ISiBrownPlace 986-u/9u Boryskiewich T Bray S Bosch Pius Av Breadner Norm & katherine Bosch W Breadner Norm a Katherine /4 Bosch Wes 81 Dawn Breadner Norm a Katherine Fax UJ ^ Bosch Wes a Dawn 4CaledoniaDr Breckenridge S iswillowparkests 98b-2U i4 Boschman Ken J st Bredeson Leonard Boser Greg SOMobergRd Brekke Warren 29HuronDr , Boss Don Brennan Gary ASi'cd?? ri Boss T Brenneis A a I Bosse Michelle Brenneis DieillieiS Clifford 986 0//4 fna? Bosse Michelle Bretin V S?86-106/. BOSTON PIZZA 5309 SDAv Bostrom C Boswell H St Botha Rick Bottorff G 54Hai(laAv Bottorff G 54HaidaAv Bouchard Albert Bouchard R J St Bouchard R J St Boucher Jean Boucher Jean B rr Boucher Jean B RR Brett I Bsmt26ApacheCr7.!!!r."^;: ora'i692 Brett Kim ' ^ Brettle Garry Av ola'snss Brezdeir N.. ^Itpfill ' Brick Bill 89MeadovtviewDr ^5, drr5 Bridge Dale Bridge Max 986 4J0/ Bridgeman R G Maj ona lyyg Briggs Arnold J Bristowe Jim SAthapaskanOr 986 1/ Jcja Bristowe M S ISNotreDaroeCr Britton Rob qia 4866 Broadbent Brockhoff Evert i st qoa'hti Broderson Boucher Rene & Linda Broderson Wesley 430/ southpatkor Boucher T grodie Boudreau G 53CaledoniaDr grohman C 426TeilordCrt ivho Boudreau J a L BROKER'S MARINE & SPORT UD Bourassa Ernest St st Camiose

9 68 LEDUC LEDUC Brook M Brooks B & D 47CampbellRd Brooks B J Brooks K Brooks M Brool«Mark Brosinsky K 17McLeodCr Brother! Ron 53McLeodCr Brouer Peter Brouillette Norm 12CarrollCri Brouillette Troy Brown A Brown B Brown B Av Brown Bob Brown Bonnie 204KingsfieldViige Brown Bonnie 204Kingsfieldvnge Brown Brian 125WilliamBellDr : Brown Clive 84CamelotAv Brown D Brown D BlackGoldDr Brown E Box3382 Brown E R S107 47Av Brown Garry L RRl Brown J Brown Janet ' Brown Ken G Brown L Brown M G Av Brown MJ S3 St Brown Mark Brown Marketing Ltd Brown Matt Bsmt29CamelotAv Brown 0 113HeritageVillas Brown P IBApacheCr Brown P SO St ? Brown Paul Brown R 52AltonDr Brown R 52AltonDr Brown R & S Landscape Care Ltd Brown Rick 8i Sharon 12BrcdgeportWynd Brown Robert St Brown Robert V Sitc7Box4RRl Brown S Brown W G H 413TelfordCrt Brownell Don E Browneli T Brownlee Financial St Fax Line Brownlee Roger Av Grozny E 219 "2131 Bullet Roofing Bullock R Bulten H Boxl3RR Bulten Herman BUMPER TO BUMPER St Bunbury Coy & Renee Bundun Terry 154CamelotAv Bunyan D Bunyan D Bunyan D Fax Burak W OBienertCrt Burant Frank 27BellaCoolaDr Burbank Lee Burden Mike St Burdett Mike Children's Phone Burdeyney Annie St BURGER BARON NO DAv Burger King St Burghardt L & K BURIED CABLE LOCATION Alberta One Call (No Ctiarge) Burke Howard L SlAltonOr Burkholder J L St : BURNCO ROCK PRODUCTS LTD St Fax Line Burnet Ron Burnett L 64AtexanderDr l3 Burnett L Fax Burns J 192WilliamBellDr Burns J 192WilliainBellDr Burns John Burns John Computer Burris M Burrows Derek 21AllenPlace Burrows Derek 21AllenPlace Burrows Sylvia Blad<GoldDr Bursey Bob St Burtch Layne Burton George lolnootkard Burton L Burwash J & L 19BoninPlace Burwash James loboninplace Busch Dale Kavanagh Busenius T St Brozny E 2l9"9nll Busenius W F aAv Brubaker H ISHuronDr Bush Al 59CorinthiaDr Bruce Merlin 97CorinthiaDr Bush I E Bruce Merlin Fax Bush Roy 11 OlakesidePlace Bruin Reforestation Ltd Bushong R J Buss Anita 104RavineVillas ::::.::::::;:::::;;;;::::986;i738 Buss Bruce 44C3melotCr BruTotte Mark: Buss E Brunes Adair bAv ? Buss J Brunes Floyd St Buss Reinhold St Brunes M 0 SOAthapaskanDr? Buss Wayne Av Brunet Pierre 32CanieiotAv?86-15?0 Butler Ed G 55AlpaughCr Brunett A., Butler Ed G SSAlpaughCr Brunken Antonia Butler Ian & Michelle bAv Brunken Barry V86-5U1^ Butt Derrick St Brunken Barry 29BridgeportWynd Butt Ron & Mary Lou Brunken Edward RR i24williambelidr Brunken Murray RR Buttar Bob Av Brunken lyiu Brunken W lapachecr oia'iiio ' Bryan Ron St BrJantPaulF Bryant PaiJl F " B^yidt Kevin ;;:.;;:;;;;:::::::::;::::::::::::::::986-o8io Buchak Dave & Rose 46CaiiielotCr Buchak Dave & Rose Fax^ Buchak Warren i03nootkard i. Buchanan Bob St ! Buchanan Jason... v i Buchannon Dave BrendaVistaEsts Riirl< n H Av Va6-UJo4 i Bucyk Peter N 4211 SouthParkDr : Bucvk Peter N Fax ' Budgell Freeman 3605 ''l St isrkvrfi...- ' Bugler 42 sc i oie'les? Buhl Joseph 17BoninPlace? Buhl Joseph i7bonii!pl3ce Buksa L 11 OlakesidePlace Buksa Steve & Vi RR Bull : Diiiipr Chcrvl 9o6"4o03 ', Buller CherJl Chlldren's Phone jjl [ One-Plus Dialing Saves Money BUTTERFLY BOUTIQUE 4715 SOAv Buttner Ron St Buzenus D RR2Nev/Sarepta ;..., Buzzeo Angelo Kavanagh C A A See Alberta Motor Aisociaiion Ci B C (No Charge Dial). CIOC VISA Customer Service Oassic Visa (No Charge Dial) Gold VISA (No Charge Dial) Lost Or Stolen Cards 24 Hours (No Charge Dial) CIBC Insurance Automobile 8 Property Insurance Sales (No Charge Dial) Service 8 Claims (No Charge Dial) Bank Branch Av CMC (Canada) Ltd Fax Line TELUS meeting the needs of Albertans for over 90 years. CRS Brown Landscape Services Ltd C & W Oil & Agri Services Ltd C Z Welding CAA- See Alberta Afotor Agsociation Cabin To Castle Home Inspections Inc Cable David M OAndersonCrt Cable R lllkingsfieldvilge CACTUS TRENCHING Fax Line Caddick R CAFE EDEN 5iio 50Av Fax Line Caine B A 210TelfordCrt Cairns Michael aSt CAL-GASINC (Toll Free) Calder Gerald K St Calder Gerald K St Calder Gordon Caledonia Park School 3206CoadyBlvd Fax Line CALEDONIA STABLES Calhoun C Calhdun L & B Ay : CALL BEFORE YOU DIG (No Charge Dial) Callaghan D l St Callaghan P Callaghan Patrick Callahan John Callahan John RR Cam-Cor Heating Ltd 3ArmstrongCr CAMERA EXPERT St Cameron C Cameron Dan 8 Fran 72ApacheCr Cameron Kyla Cameron T J Av Campbell Brian F bAv Campbell C R Campbell Chris 79 SouthParkDr Campbell Chris 79 SouthParkDr Campbell D Campbell Dennis loscameloiav Campbell George 6 4B05 48 St Campbell J & T Campbell Jock Campbell K K St Campbell M Av Campbell Michael J Campbell Michael J Fax Campbell R S Campbell Reg 2BakerPlace Campbell Reg 2BakerPiace Campbell Reg 2BakerPiace Campbell S Campbell W D Can-Alum Construction Ltd 204a St Can-Am Roadbuilders Ltd Can-Seed Equipment Ltd Av Fax line CAN-TRAN INTL INC 7127 SparrowDr Fax Line Canada Brokerlink Inc 2Flr Ave Fax Line Canada Color 8 Custom Av CANADA POST (Voir Posies Canada pour service en francais) Customer Service Postal Code Inlormation Charges To Caller Apply As Explained On Call General And Delivery Inquiries (No Charge Dial) TDD (Deaf Or Hard-Of-Hearing) (No Charge Dial) Postal Outlet For Products And Services Av CANADA SAFEWAY LIMITED St Customer Service Bakery Delicatessen Floral Shop Pharmacy astos'^ lelusadvgaeis:^^-^ CANADA SAFEWAY LIQl^^'lsI-OOSO St CANADIAN automobile ASSOCIATION- Sc.-Alberta Molor^ Asi;oc'icition ^ CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK OF COMMERCE-5ceCtBC Canadian Rent-Quip Inc ^1 46ASt DrndUCliO*^ Canadian Subsurface Wireline & ^ QgQ.oo28 Services Inc Fax line CANADIAN TIRE St If Busy Call Service Fax Line Canadian Tire Gas & Stop LeducShoppingCentre ^ Canart Ken Candy Expressions Leduc r-'- Thp Candy Nut Kids (1995) Corporation ine 1718 SLAV CANNON AUTO PARTS & INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY INC SI 986~0011 CANTEL AT&T- see Rogers ill&t IVireicxs Cantelon Peter & Mary,-04 ClearwalerPark Cantest Inc 22WilliamBellDr 986-6/1' Fax Line - 9o6-ZZ/h Cantlay Mictiaei St Cantwell Andrew St 986-UziJ Caouctte Gerard & Roxanne, BOIvleadowviewDr? oni Caouette Greg bAv Caouette Kuril's llswillowparkfsts 986-5^3 Capital City Savings & Credit Union Limited TeleService Ave Fax CAPITAL CITY SAVINGS & CREDIT UNION LIMITED 5203 soav CAPITAL HEALTH AUTHORITY FOR COMPLETE LISTINGS OF SERVICES PLEASE SEE CAPITAL HEALTH LISTINGS IN EDMONTON WHITE PAGES CORPORATE OFFICE/SWITCHBOARD 1J2 Walter l.lackeiizie Centre St TAG 207 Fdin CAPITAL HEALTH LINK HEALTH ADVICE & INFORMATION 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK Edm SENIORS HEALTH LINE.. Edm TTV SERVICE Edm HOSPITALS PATIENT CONCERNS OFFICE Edm GLENROSE REHABILITATION HOSPITAL Ave T6G0B7.7,00x9 Information-All Departments Edm 9/1-zzoz ROYAL ALEXANDRA HOSPITAL Kingsway Avenue T5H 3V9 inlormatipn-aii Departments Edm UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA HOSPITAL St T6G2B7 Infurmation All Departments Edm UAH Site Administration Edm STOLLERY CHILDREN'S HEALTH CENTRE Edm KIDSAFE CONNECTION (Childhood Injury Prevention) Edm PARTNERS FOR KIDS 8 YOUTH (Child Abuse Prevention) Edm j

10 ~2 ^ausa(i.c,,ic;nnc 42lMa Sm''? health,86-77x1 :::: m: 9io-44o 0 "with Records ^"<an Resources Laboratory " Occupational "4600 Pastoraic",V'''^^W ^FSioiheran, Respiratory Volunteer LrvS &1*TV : O'lemblr nf r 'n'orntation-wfol^n Wembe nvr'^t5r 4H5 nformltisia^??,'^ ^^L 5X8 ^foap) Group) 201 BoudrB^'*'"J" 'P'ormalSn ail n" 8' Alb T8N fid """ ms'tv WReI' ^ health ^e'a?nptir?es'' community HP^T" LI'" RLaONAUFF,rl"""'"^'^8 community hfai tu W. Ldni PREVEIIITlut PROMOTION & 'T.SESSfi = " JSSK'Ss "" al" 1' LlPusing Cmtral7 Pfactice^o^'? "' Placement Lon^w T'PP'" "' Regional Pa?/, PaTCbiatric Consulting Seruice 406 inoi Disctiarge Coordination SENIORS ^^Ll 4A3 Edm TTY SERVICE Lbm CHOICE intairf "m AIDS To S^ ;;, Edm ^'SAr'"'«CARi "0, Te^ntlan (24 ur'/le/general Inquiries Cliwt Con Abmini^S' ' tothu??," 12A St T5N4A3..Edm CaC"',^^" 5 50 A" tjoac St infxx'unei"''"'' : ::::: :: O^Sl Oapfol Information Edm ufs'oj.rlsk Update Edm ,'V/AIDS Edm international Travel Edm S'al Classes Edm MPnirari!! Oeginnings Hot Line Edm gt^j^f'oers OF HEALTH EnvLnS St Edm ,S*nt Health S rnmmn!"spectors)! Ole Disease Control Edm 'Ole Disease te"!0 (24 Hrs) Edm Travlf iravelers Health Clinic Services Edm Sexually Transmitted Disease Olmic Edm MENTAL HEALTH Psycliiatric Walk-In Clinic University 01 Alberta Hospital Edm Psychiatry Royal Alexandra Hospital Edm CAPITAL HEALTH JOB LINE Edm I advertise here it pays Caplette Del R ISArmstrongCr Caporale David CAR CLEANING COMPANY THE St Cardinal Garnet Av Cardinal J Cardinal K Cardinal T & L Cardinal Tool Company Ltd Cardinal William 168Came!otAv Cardinal William Faxline Careless B Careless C Careless J R CareVacations Ltd SOAv Fax Line Carle Roger i)Av Carleton Steve bAv Carlson Arnell SlArmstrongCr Carlson B E Carlson B E SlArmstrongCr Carlson D & S Carlson Dan & Wendy Carlson Doreen E St CARLSON K E OR Optmirst St Carlson S BlackGoIdDr Carmichael Bill St Carol Duane Caron Bev 5002BlackGoldDr Caron Bev BlackGoldDr Caron D E 29MohawkCr Caron Dean & Terri Carpenter Ted 25CaledonlaDr Carr Aaron los 5002BlackGoldDr Carr R D 47BellaCoolaDr Carr S Z Ay Carrier Alvin Carrier Emma St Carrier Peter 17CamelotCr Carriere Budd Carriere G 98WilliamBellDr Carriere M Carriere Transportation Services Ltd Fax Line Carriere Vic St Carriere Vic St Carrington Grant Carrington S Carrington S Fax Carrothers David A St Carruthers F Dwain Carruthers Fred Carson Tom 71CorinthiaDr Carson Tours Call Faxline Toll Free Carstairs Terry Carstairs V l st Carter Charles 43HuronDr Carter D G 28AlexanderDr Carter Darren Carter Dennis Carter Glen Av Carter Glen Av Carter H Carter Jeff Carter Michelle Carter T Carter Wayne St Cartier D 174CorinthiaDr Cartier Randy 13WilliamBradburyPlace Cascon C Cascon D Casey C Casey C Casey W loathajjaskanor Cass Ardell Sill 43Av Cathie J & M CATT TRUCKING 80x Cauette G Cavanagh J 40AthapaskanDr Ceal R & J Ceaser H Ay Cels R&D 14AlexanderDr Cembrowski Dennis llcameiotav CENTER POINT DESIGN INC Calmar CENTRAL AGENCIES INC Insurance & Real Estate (NoChargeDial) CENTRAL ALBERTA DAIRY EQUiPiVIENT LTD Av CENTRAL ALBERTA FARMER Av Central Animal Breeders Ltd IBAIpaughCr CENTRILIFT A BAKER HUGHES COMPANY st Fax line Century 21 A L L Stars Realty Ltd Fax line Ceramics Are Fun I4c St Certified Mechanical & Controls Ltd Cellular Chadney Ronald 83HaidaAv Chaille Norbert bAv CHAIN LAKES EQUIPMENT LTD Oil Field Service & Repair St Chaldezos A 13WetlsCrt Chaldezos A Fax Chalifoux A St Chalifoux Daniel RR Chalifoux E Chalifoux Emile Chalifoux Eugene & Cecile Chalifoux Guy Chalifoux R Chalifoux Real Chalifoux Roger Av Challacombe S Challand C Challand Graham RRl Challand Graham Fax Line Chalmers L bAv CHAMBER OF COMMERCE St Chamberlain M lis st Chamberland D Chambers Alvin Av Chambers Wilson Sr Chambers Winston 117WillowParkEsts Champion B 79HaidaAv Chapelle L Chapelsky Terrance 4BoninPlace Chapelsky Terrance 4BoninPlace CHAPELSKY TERRANCE W ChartdAcclnt Av Chapman Lome & Barb Chapman N Charanduk B st Chard Warren laailindaleplace Chard Warren 14AllindalePlace Charest Edward F RR Charles Johanna 37c St Charles Lester st Charlton K M Charrois Willie st Chartier Andrew 78AltonDr Chartier J & C Chartier Vince 203KingsfieldVllge Chatters Christopher Roiiyview Chatters Christopher Fax Cheetham D M Cheetham D M 4105 SouthParkDr Cheetham R Chehayeb Riad Faxline Chehayeb Riad & Michelle Chequis Harry Av Chesterman E D Roiiyview Chesterman E D Fax Chevrette Mike & Karen 305b St Chidley Sean St Chiles Colleen Chilton Allan Chimera C Ching B Chisan E 22NootkbRd ^^... 9^^^ Chizen Joe gobellacooladr Chmelyk R & L 9102 SouthParkDr Chmilar Diane 9723 SOAv Chmilar S Chocholacek J Chomlak E W Chomyn B Chomyn Harry si st Christ The King Junior/Senior High School 3511RollyviewRd Christensen D Shane Christensen Christensen Christensen Jens i38corinthiadr Christensen M Christensen D 9930 S3Av Christensen D Av Christensen Kevin Av Christian John & Ivy HeriiageVillas Christlanson B Chrislianson S 26 SouthParkDr LEDUC LEDUC 69 CHRISTINE'S DESIGN STUDIO Christman David Christman David A Christopher Robynn Av Christopher S Chrunik A Chrunik Bill 76CorinthiaOr Chrunik Ed Site8Box5RR Chrunik J Chrunik John Av Chrunik T C Chrystian Dennis Chuckry J M Bsmt Av Chupka L Church Cairne 13BamberPlace Churchill Clyde bAv Chykerda K Cilli C 9903 S2Av Cinnamon Mariorie St Circle M-B Oilfield Services last Cissell Paul CITY CENTRE LIQUOR STORE 17a St CITY OF LEDUC AU Depts Leduc Civic Centre 1 Alexandra Pk 48A St & GENERAL INFORMATION RECYCLE INFO LINE Recycle Depot- Corner Of 46 St & 61 Av Leduc Regional Landfill Fax Line- Civic Centre Fax Line- Black Gold Centre ; Fax Line- Fire Dept Fax Line- Public Services Sfiop EMERGENCY CALLS Ambulance Fire & Police 911 RCMP St AMBULANCE St FIRE DEPT-EMERGENCY CALLS ONLY St HOSPITAL St Mayor City Manager City Clerk Financial Services ; Tax Inquiries Utility Inquiries Protective Services Animal Control ' Municipal Enforcement Office Fire Dept Adm/Disaster Services Engineering/Environmental Services ' Public Services Roads & Parks Maintenance After Hrs Waler/Sewer/Parks Planning & Development Services Development Permits : Building Inspections Community Services Recreation & Group Dev Culture & Parks Planning , Facilities Alexandra Arena 47Av8i49 St Black Gold Arena 9330BlackGoldOr I Black Gold Pool/Service Centre : Family & Community Support Services Counselling Appointments Community Outreach Office Community Outreach Pager Family Violence Prevention Family Aide/Seniors/Meals On Wheels ' Leduc Public Library CivicCentre Tourist Information St City Wide Tax! & Courier 5904a50 St II Busy Call Clulka S Clancy George P & Pat Clapperton Gary 57ApacheCr Clark A Clark Adam Clark Alan Clark B Av Clark E Clark Gerald lallenpiace Clark Graham W 34AlexanderDr Clark Gwen Fax Av Clark H Rev SAndersonCrt Clark J Clark Keith Av Clark Keith Av Clark Keith Av Clark Michael

11 72 LEDUC LEDUC Egleston J SOHaidaAv Ehlert C Ehlert D F Ehrler Peter bAv Eichett Arden RRl Eilander E Av Eisenkrein Carl 1213 SouthParkOr Eisenkrein Carl Fax Eisler Ron H Ekdahl Kevin & Maria St Ekkebus L Av Eklund Arnold Av Eklund C St Eklund Kevin 12C3melotPlace Eklund Murry Av Ekstrom Oscar St Elanik W Elaschuk Jerry Elaschuk W 32AlexanderDr Elder Brent ELECTROLUX CANADA 2310 Gaetz Av Red Deer Elgart Wallie 606 SummitSq Elgert August ELGERT & CO Lawyrs St Fax Line Elgert Herb R AAv Ellas Kent Eligh M Fax Eiischer J SOAIexanderOr Eliuk L Eliuk L Ell D Ellerington P Office Ellerington Pat & Tracy SlCampbfcllRd Elless Irvin Av Elliott B St Elliott Dan Ellis Terry A ELSIE'S HAIR PLACE AV Elun Paul SlHaidaAv EMBASSY ELECTRIC LTD Bav Av Fax Emberley S Emde W 11 SLakesidePlace Emeny John SMootkaRd ^ Emerson K Emmerton Bob Emmerzael Bill 2lAdaniicCr Emond Paul 81 Wendy Emend Trevor 53AlexanderOr Enders Darw/in Roiiyviev; Enerstar Industries Inc Av Evanochko D Evans Doug bst Evans I St Evans J Evans John Evans K Evans Ron Kavanagh Evanson Clare ISAIienPlace : Evenson H A 72r.1eadowvle\vDr Evenson N & R St Everatt N lootelfordcourt Everett C Everett Gordon 2SCayugaSt Evison Everett Ewart K Ewart K Ewert Wally st Exclusive Lfpholstery & Glass Corp 6508 SparrowDr Executive Royal inn 8450 SparrowDr If Busy Call Executive Royal Inn Hotel & Conference Centre 8450 SparrowDr Exner D W 86BridgeportWynd ExQUisit Seats 0508 SparrowDr EKTENDICARE (CANADA) INC/LEDUC st Fax Line Extra Cut Meats Inc II Busy Call Eyre N Av Eyre Ron Jr Av F M Foods Services 5725BlackGoldDr Fabijan D 55ArinstrongCr Fabricius C Fabricius C Fax Fabricland Av Fax Line Fabutan Sun Tan Studio Av Facca Les Fairview Homes 113WilliaraBellDr Falconer J Falk Violet Mrs st Falkenberg A 2ApacheCr Falker H : FAMILY & COMMUNITY SUPPORT SERVICES Black Gold Centre FANCY FINGERS BY DONNA Av Fandrick Allen & Arlene Fandrick Brian Av Fandrick E Fandrick E E Av Fandrick Eldon Fandrick Evangeline Av Fandrick Robert RRl FANDRICK S TRANSPORT LTD RRlLeifuc If Busy Call Fane D Av Enevoldsen I Neil ixixiii -tjvj aAv QQ/1 o7n/i Fane F 986*'2364 Enge Derryl yapachecr...^ 98b-9/w Qu^ars HswiiiiamBeliDr Engelage Cecilia 33AdainicCr Engelage W England A & St England A & G Faxllne English English J St Fara E Av Fares Mohamad IBlenertCrt Farmer D «v Farmer Priscilla Av Farmer Shawn 41ApaclieCr Farr Sherryanne Farrar Ken Farrer Sylvia & Allen 33CalcdoniaDr Firestone E Rollyview Faryna Darrell St Fas Gas Black Gold Service Firestone E Rollyview fsii 50 SI FIREWATCH inc AV Fast E Fax Line Fcrtler J St St v/etaskiwin Fauchon T First Baptist Church RR Fester G E 12AicherPlace ' Entz Christian 84NootkaRd., Faulkner Dale Children's Phorie First Leduc Scouting Foster S laAv Enyedy Joseph i32cameiotav Faulkner Walter G RRl E'SGlifiF Walter 22Mohawl<Cr Fotty Lane st Erdmann Reinhold Fay L oqa.yo?? Fisette Brian St Foubert Bert 8, Va lli'1%2 RRl SouthEdmonton. Fayant D "'- "I^II'!'""""!!! Either Anton iibravineviiias Fouhert Vai & Bert ERIC KAHLKE PROFESSIONAL ayant D llowiiiowparkests Fisher E F Ted ssiienplace Fecho Larry ''^..!!!",""" ^ CORPORATION Fisher G P IZs Au^^ ;..K enterprise rent-a-car ^-^ 611? 45 St LeillP ih,5oinu9x FEDERATED PIPE LINES LTD Erickson D I Kaska Rd Sherviood Park Ericklon R HR EMERGENCY Erirlrnnn lamoc rnmniiter Calgary Collect Erickson Jim 2io St Erickson Fedor _ Walter Av.. '' ^ Erlam Tim Fedoriuk D P OAllenPlace ErlaSTm Ervln A ^ Fedoriuk Esther & Jef G & H " a..r 1211 ellordcrt FedoruU B Eskow Albert 7i)/dt'inDr Fedoruk Mike A 82Mi.adt)wviewnr tskow Albert Fax Fedoruk Monika Roiiyvif w Euda L Fedoruk Robert M Evanger Brian OWiliiamDradbutvPiace Fedoruk Robert M Av.".'.' Fehlauer Ralph Fehlauer Ralph Fehr Ken 44 SouthParkDr Fehse Jim Feitsma Don Feitsma Wridzer Feldmann Henry Kavanagh Felling John lllwiliiambeildr Felske Barry & Allle Felske Barry & Allie Modem Felske Robert Av Felstead J Fengstad Oscar Fennell K Fennell Keith Fennema Conrad Fenske Doug 4103 SouthParkDr Fenske Doug 4103 SouthParkDr Fenske N & T Fenton Lee Fenton Lee Ferch Ward Ference D Ference Dennis Av Ferguson C Ferguson D Ferguson Daniel 9lWiiiiamBeliDr Ferguson H Rollyvlew Ferguson Hubert Rollyvlew Ferguson Lewis H 77CaiedoniaDr Ferguson S aAv Ferguson W Ferleyko Rhonda a5t Fermin M Fernandez L lodielfordcrt Ferrler Kevin Ferris Ray & Edle Ferster Ben H 106 SlAltonOr Ferster Greg Ferster Wayne RRl Feser P FIberex Glass Corporation St Fax Line Fidler Bruce Av Fiebelkorn Allan st Fiebich G Rollyview Fielding A Fielding A Fax Line Fields Stores St If Busy Call Fierheller E Fierheller Murray FIgge Jack laicherplace Figge Jack laicherplace Figge Jack laicherplace Fillatreault A Fillenberg Gregg RR Fillenberg Lyie Fillion Vi 32NootkaRil Financial Services Group 7127 SparrowDr Fax Line Fink Ron J llollootkard FInnigan J Finstad Glen W ladamiccr FIRE EMERGENCY ONLY LEDUC 911 OR NISKU 911 OR Fisher Keith Av Fisher Keith Av Fisher Ken 83WiilowParkEsis Fisher Kevin 8i Michelle 418TelfordCrt Fisher Ronald L RR FISHER SALES & SERVICE Colfee Supplies Av Fisher T Fisher W & C St FITNESSWISE o sooicso st Fitt Jim 42HuronDr RS11I5' ltlusad- igasis^ Fltterer P & H Fitz F St Fitze Fltzel Lll Fitzgerald J Fitzgerald P Fitzner A R Jeffrey 1 ICarroliCrt.. Fitzpatrlck Maurice A ''5"'' -oe6.12s5 Fitzslmmons Bill FIVE STAR CAR CARE Q Fix Ernest Fjell Allan Fjell G 8i FLAMAN RENTALS o« SparrowDr ff' '"' ora.7918 Flanagan 2g^6152 Flasha Vic Ioa.9586 Fleming C & Fleming T st JS? 0,19 Flemming Phillip Av 9S6-0"r Fletcher Challenge Energy Canada ^gq_gg24,v Fox Line Fletcher Donald 103CranberryCrt 986-W Fletcher H 4204 Fletcher T R St Fleury Wade lomaclarenplace Flewelling L 27AllonDr FLINT ENERGY SERVICES LT^D 9oo AV Nisfb "55-23 Flora Trust jso Flower 9S6-W3 Flower Works SI 986-OU^ Fax Line FLOWERS BY LEDUC FLORISTS Av FLOWSERVE INC Sea-ice Kcpatr Dirisiou BYRON JACKSON < Av Service Centre & Sales Fax line Flynn Derek S6 Flynn P Foda M Dr St Fax line Foidart Morris Foley B 66NootkaRd Folk A Folk Etta St Folk Richard St Folk Ron 17NootkaRd Folk Ronald 72NoatkaRd Fong L St Food Processing Development Centre St Forchuk M Ford Cyril Ford F Forest J A St Forestell L St Forester Jeff FORESTER JEFF M Lawyr St Forester Wilfred Av Formanski AG 4007 SputhParkOr Formanski B 8t J 67NootkaRd Forrest Alastalr 43AlexanderDr Forsberg Ben Forster C Forth C W 117LakesidePlace Forth R D 101 SlAltonDr FOUNTAIN TIRE-MINUTE MUFFLER AV II Busy call m SECURITY ^ St Tech Electric Ltd ast 9B5-464 fjk line 986-/400 Fournier Aurelie st Fowler R 8< L RRl Fox James H 56il 51 st Fox Kevin Av^ Frampton Daniel 8r Deborah

12 ~2i^ElUSAa,erli.inn g Stereo Repairs 986-:^.'^.'^d Pfancis'p 25Av frank FUMAN sales ltd frank w A frankiw K franklin Duane 529, ffanklln Photoaranhc fransen G 1205 fn^l, franson K franzman H & m Fraser A Colin rr fraser Blaine tclv fraser Bruce 5301 Ai? Fraser D =301 -isast Fraser Donai'd i' jv'; -v; fraser Ed Bays si n?,a c fraser Edwin n ^ Fraser G Oocampi^» Fraser K Fraser S fraser ScoinBoo V,-, Fraser Wenn Fraser-Yackman'c c fred's Bis^o cna Sports Lounoe Frehlich Jack svuiii' Frehlich R Sl^W.ilowParkEsts Frender Jim in,m^ V, ; Frenette jg, ^^^WillowParkEst Frerichs Earl l 'i n'olv' Fricke A tosmaisonettevilge Fricke Cliff rro Friedenbera Aiii;;;; Friedenberg b Friedenberq 0 rr!,"' '"' Fnesen Albert» Friesen C ' 's ^ st Friesen HaVrv,7 e Friesen Kenton SSHeadowSr Frig Alice S Frig Alice Fritz Ernest 3r giga-.ijst::: FfSlse ^';^«'p-p'tcr::::::z Froland Keith son h'' Frost Ian ^OMohawkCr Frostad Fruck D. : Fryer dale -jva Fryk Alex 45or Fryk Terrv Fltchs Sb Fudge C Fudge N Eisri::: :::: Fu Cher hnr, IWilllamBraclburyPlace ~82 Fulkerth M 4'^^"' ""Cr Cm kc I '"CamelotCr »n D::: : : Fun a Run 4803 soav Funk Barb Funk Barb SBoniriPiace ^ Fylypiuk Rick G 2^5iTMAN COMPUtOR SPECIALIST r M?c?v9?f^TED RRi G ivi S excavating (1973) LTD B^ St F3x line Anchors Ltd ZOBellaCoolaDr! ^ Gabe D Gape D._^ Gabel p Children's Phone Gabrie C Gabriel George Gabfielson Lawrence 122WillowP3rkEsis ^ETZ AGENCIES LTD 4701 SOAv Gaetz C W Gaetz C W Mulhurst Gaetz Gordon F Av Gaetz J Gaetz Warren Gagne Victor SMullenCrt Gagnon Ami 81 Marc loocamelotav Gagnon Ernest Av Gagnon Ernest Av Gagnon R G Gagnon R G GAGNON R G TRUCKING LTD Box Fa* line Galenza D & T Gall E St Gallant A 69ApaclieCr Galloway Bob Av Galloway P 81 D Av Gallup J Gallup James GAMBLING DEBT-STOP Edm (No Charge Dial) Gamers Edge The 50 St&50Av GAMES GALORE LTD 4901 SOAv GANDERTON R D DR Dent Av Residence Edmonton Ganert Ernie aAv Ganley Roger Gano D St Gano Karl Gant Eileen Ganton J GARDEN CAFE THE St Garden Central Edmonton Gardner G St Gareau Paul Av Garlough C & J Garlough J W lljbrownplace Garneau A 430ia48 St Garneau K Garneau L & M Garossino L Garraway Rod 55AlexanderDr Garraway Rod Children's Line Carries Jason 7AndersonCrt Garrles R G ISAItonDr Carries R G IBAItonOr Garstad Lyie SBonlnPlace Garstad LyIe SBonlnPlace Garstad LyIe BBonlnPlace Garstad Ray 121LakesidePl3ce Garstad Ray Faxline Gartner A Gartner Garett Gartner Leonard Av Gartner Lynn 12iBrownPlace Gartner Lynn Fax Gassner Gordon RR Gates Michael Gattinger Carl Martin J Av Gattlnger I 5206 SlaSt Gatzke Helmut bAv Gaudreault B Gaudreault W S & S R Gault A & R Gauvln N Gavin Tim Gaw S Gaydar P Gaydar P Fax Geake Don Av Geary J St Geddes B & C Av Geddes Gary Camp4RR2 Sitel Geddes Tim GEE & GEE RACING INC St Gee Gordon Gee T Gehlert Albert St Geib L Geiger C SCralgenCri Geiger Don & Mary Geiger Gerald Av Geiger Harley J Geiger Harley J Gelinas Andy 153CanielotAv Gelineau Ian Gcllert B Gelowltz Donald Av Genereux Glenn GENE'S BOBCAT & EXCAVATING SERVICES Shop If Busy Call Fax Line Gengler R 8t K Gengler Rudy Gent A Gentry T K 31CamelotCr GEO-RAY OILFIELD INSPECTION LTD St George Alton Trucking St George D George Vern aAv Gerber J Gerber L E Gerbrandt Gerhardl V & S ll2kingsiieldvilge Gering Alfred RRlMillet Gering Jennifer Gering Kevin aAv Gering M St Gerke A Gerlat Helmuth Av Gerlat Helmuth Av Gerlat Gerlitz Dave 7CayugaSt Gerlitz Purchasing & Supply German Mark Fax Germsheid M Ay Germsheid Tim GERRICO HOLDINGS LTD RR Gerwing J 4529 siav Gessner Holly Av Getz S Giasson D Gibbons Michael Gibbs John 104MaisonetteVilge Gibson B N 9BoninPlace Gibson F St Gibson R A Giddings Andy H IBMcLeodCr GIddings R Av Glering Emil Av Gierke Gordon Av Gierke Gordon Fax Glerus Marek Au Giesbrecht A Giesbrecht A 205a St Giesbrecht J Giesbrecht Jake Av Giesbrecht Niel & Shirley st Giese Brad Giese G RR Giese Greg Giesinger Aaron SCamelotPlace Gift Solutions SOAv Gilbert Owen Gilbey W P St Giles A W 12ChippewaSt Giles C & S Giles Mike Giles Ruth St Giles S Giles T Giles T & L Av Gllfay Management & Services Ltd Box Gill C Gillespie Earl lobcamelotav Gillespie J Gillespie R Gillespie T Gillespie William 6ArndtCrt Gilliam C Gillis Ian Av Gillis M Bsmt4502 l6aav Gillis S Gllroy John Gingras Calvin Gingras R Ginter A ISOWillov/ParkEsts Girard Adeodat 26NootkaRd Girard M Girard M 68CorinthiaDr Girard Pierre 68BellaCoolaDr GIrgis D Girgis SIgrun aSt Girouard Paul Av G Giroux B LEDUC LEDUC 73 Giroux C Giroux Norman Giroux R Gise Arthur Av Gitzel D Gitzel D & I Given N M Gladstone Jim R St Giasere F Giasere Glenn E Bo* Classman Gladys Gleeson Andy si St Glenn Bernard H Av Glesman Glen Glesman Lawrence bAv Glesman Myrin Glorleux G Jay BWilliamBradburyPlace Glover T & D Glover T & D Glowa A Glunz Richard W Av Gobbi R St Gobin Paul J aAv Gobin Randy Av Godkln Douglas Godzisz Ted & Helen Goebel Doug ooaltondr Goldage Apts 4404BlackGoldDr Golden Spoon Cookbooks Box Golly Mefvin bAv Z.l!." Gollz Brian RR Goltz Herb Av Goltz Leo A RRI Golumbia Jay & Kaleli Columbia Jay P Golumbia Jay P Fax Gomez J & E Gonie Norm OAndersonCrt Good R Av Good Vivian 104b st Goodbrand Brian St Goodrldge J rr? Goodwin K Goofers J 8r N Goos Walter 13AllenPlace Goossen G Sr Goossen Gary Jr 74NootkaRd Cora Ken Gordon E Gordon Fabrics Av Fax I k' Gordon's Drilling Ltd RR2 Gore Rod 116KingsfieldVllge ! 'S Gorman T r I I'J Gorrie Allan RRI _ Gosling John lobakerpiace Ei Gosling Scott RR < Gosselln Maricia St I i Gosselin Norm Av ; " Gothjelpsen Soren l36camelotav Gottschlich I R 27AdamicCr , Gottschllch T IJ Goudreau Daniel RR «3f Goudreau Pierre f * _ Goulet John 27ApacheCr 'r Lw. Gourlay I st f { t Gourlay Irene St (. ii Gouthro Bonnie Gouw J 144CamelotAv GoUW John 144CamelotAv Government Of Alberta Listings- See Blue Pages Government Of Canada Listings- Bluv Pages See Gouvernement Du Canada Inscriptions- Votr Les Pages yoo-/^jx I * J I T *, Gow E 149CamGlotAv Grabia Ivan RRllvLillet Grabia M Grabia Merlin Grabia Stuart St Grabos Felix Grace Lutheran Church Gnadenthal RRI Grace Reformed Church Graceful Enhancements aSt I GRACE'S HERBS N THINGS LTD Health Food Store Next To Safeway St Fax Line rad Cralg Grad Danny I :r.^ i; * t» 4

13 74 LEDUC LEDUC Grad Len Grad Len Faxline Graf K Graham J l62corinthladr Graham Jim 17AdamicCr Graham Lome Av Graham Miles Av Graham Ron Graham Ron 12Baml>6rPlace Graham Ron Fax Graham W M 41HuronDr Grain C Faxline Av Grainger Len aAv Gramlich Norman aSt Grams Gordon 85BeiiaCoolaDr Grams Lyle & Daphne St Grams Ron K Roiiyvievt Grams Travis St Grams Trevor OBridgeportV/ynd Granny's Lunch 4805b50Av Grant Craig 8i Agatha 62ArfnstrongCr Grant M & R SOApacheCr Grant W 72HaldaAv Grapentine Stanley 122LakesidePlace Gravel A & L SOBeilaCooiaDr Gray S St Grayson John 8i Carmen RR2NewSarepta Great Canadian Catering St GREAT NORTHERN SILAGE 14a St Green John Green Room The St Fax Line Green Wendy Lee Greene Glen St Greenlay David Si Pat 4614 ABaSt Greenlay David & Pat aSt Greenley ICayvgaSt Greenley M Children's Phone Greenwald A Greenwall 6 E Greenwall T R St Greenwood Daryl 4004 SouthParkOr Greenwood K A AChippewaRd Greer Murray & Sandra RRl Gregg Blaine Rev & Patti Gregory Robert Av Greg's Welding llhurondr Greniuk L Grenke Art Grenning Randy Gresty M Greyhound Canada Bus-Courier Into Grigat H RR2 Grigat Harold Box Grimshaw Marguerite WestGroveApts..986-^20 Grimstad R aAv Grisbrook W S Av Groenen J /1 Grogan R SCrestviev/Place Gron Danny Gross Brian RR2Nev,Sarepta Dieter 98o~04o9 Gross Elizabeth St Gross Richard 38CamelolCr GROVER JAMES T tavnrr St ilni' Grover Kevin 2l3ieriertCrt Grue Glen 0 Grue R Grue Rebecca? Grueber Gerhard ilstelfordcri Grueneberg Andreas Gruger Arthur RRi Gruger B Gruger Rudy Gruger Rudy Gruhn Randall 49HuronDr Grundberg Darin Grundy Lance Gruninger Aaron Av Grunwald E st Grunwald Murray Grunwald Stan Grykuliak C Grykuliak C Fax Grykuliak GUARDIAN DRUGS LEDUC St After Hours & Emergency Fax Line Gudge Ron st Gudmundson Gudmundson Olga Guebert Robert 32AdanicCr Guenther James Guenther Robert G aAv Guiltner Diana 39 SoufhParkDr Guiltner Ron 39 SouthParkDr Gulewicz E HALLMARK GOLD CROWN STORE St Halushka Murrey 83Meadowviev;Dr Halwa Allan Halwa Allan Fax Halwa Ann Mrs aAv Halwa Conrad J 67AlexanderDr Halwa D B Halwa Edwin RRI Halwa F Halwa K lovyillowparkests 986 Halwa Norman OACamelotAv 986 Halwa Norman OACameiotAv 986 Halwa Walter A RRi Halwa Wayne RRl Harnish V St Culka J Halyk Ba"y Faxiihe:!;;"::i;;"::;:"^ Harrison Brian & Harp.986-5?$5 Harp ;980-2l9 Harp D Faxline Harper D Harper Lori ^ Harries D Harries T 5105 Harris Chris Harris Denise St ^ Harris Denise St Harris F HARRIS REBAR..,,7055 "8990 ^ st 9oO Gulka J Gummer Keith Ke'ith 4308 w^^ 53 St Hamaliuk Wesley i st Harnson Carey & Denise.^., ^ Gummer Ken Av Hambley A 4305 SouthParkDr Harnson George St ^ Gunarson GunaTson'^A"5522^54 iratson A 54 st s? ^4158 Hame' Hambley Andy H A» 47 st St 9a6-2/3/ "arrison nm Harrison Stan Roy St ^ Gunderson Morris 906 4m 4^ Hamel Andy A» "arrison Stan St.. -- Gurbach G M 9cameiotAv. 9Came(o.Av.... :.. :98t5756 Haaiel Jack _9_Av 39Av? Gushnowski L Hames Dean Av Harsch R SAicherPlace f^i Guthrie Carl D TiBRayineViiias..^.^''..' Hames Fred 67WiliiamBeilDr 43^ 'ifoms Guthrie R S 27ChippewaRd 27ChinDewaRd Hames ncinieb Kim i\iiii l60oninpiace louoninnace yao-ydqq naiuciuci f nnv^'oi' Vcai 51 «:i 51 Gutknecht nprht E os? Hamilton B Hartfelder Louise E a» 51 ^'" * Guy Andrew Hamilton Jim St Hartfelder L 103 SlAlionDr g Cul J Hamilton RR Hartfelder M & T l6andersoncrt Gylander'j 'r' A^^ Hamilton M Faxline SIP'SJP Hartfelder Normari 5205 'l7av ;;;; H CI CANADA A Member Of Ttie H C I Group Of Companies 24 Hour Service St Fax Line Hr Emergency Response Ctr Edtn H & R BLOCK St H 8c R DRILLING INC St Fax Line Haakenson Carol Haakonson Norman Hackney Gary Hackney M St Hadfield P J Av Hagen C Hagen Donald Hagen E Hagen L 68HaidaAv Hamilton R C Av Hartman Gary Hamilton Ronald E Av Hartman Harvey Hamilton Ronald G Hartrick J llofdaisonettevilge Hartt Greg g86-56m Hamilton Ryan Hartwell Hamilton William Av Harvey Farley Hamm B 25Ap3cheCr Harvey Farley 22a.3872 Hamm Les 14AllenPlace Harvey James 4107 Hammer Darren Harvey Hammer Gordon st Harysh Harvey Hammer K R Harysh Mike RRl Hammer Raymond 2fAcLeodCr Haseloh J Hammer Raymond Fax Hasenuik J aAv.-. Q Hammermeister C st Hashem Mohammed icamelotplace *0 Hamula M BiackGoldDr Hashem Moustafa & Hithem ora.4602 Hanas Dale A lowiiiiambradburyplace HANDEREK DAVID K Lawyr Hassard Hassei L William IBMohawkCr St Hassei Sheila 30l t Handfield C 4906 SlAv Hassen Jon Handfield Remi Hastey Allen Handwerker E Av Hastey HANDY HUSBAND leduc ^1750 Haggart M^SSHumnDr ::::;:::!":;::!::;::;:::!!^-^ nangartner ^ August Ay.,..:.:;;;.986-b Ha" < Sr^'ek Chldefnsfo^ I VooVTrdOt' " VoO'JJOJ 7011 Sparrovr Dr After Hours Passenger Info Edmonton HaggertyJohn i68wiiiiambeiidr Hanke Edward St Griffith Andrew 36BellaCoo!aDr HagstromBS Hanks A " " ^C ^2MohawkCr.^.^j.^ Griffith S St Hagstrom B & R Fax Hanna D Haugen Vmce 8t Yvonne Hahn Arthur G Hanna Daryl 5217 siast ' " GRIFFITHS ASSOCIATE CLINIC Hahn Ken Hannas Fred -. RRl!I.""I!!"!!!I] Haun E &» A locamelotcr Dr J Timothy Trofimuk Hahn Terry Hannas Mike.,.;;;.!!; Hauser R ^AdainicCr Dennis Wong Professional Corporation Hahn William L 4108 SouthParkDr Hannay Bonnie Hauto T BiackGoldDr Dr Jana Holden Hans Vera Havanka Dr Amy Yuen HAIDA REALTY LTD- SeeColdwell Hansen Albert H St Havanka HavanKa i St Banker Haida Realty Hansen Benjie Hawboldt Alida ofia«6056 Grigaitis J 23HuronDr Grigat Alberta III'IaII Haight R? TQi, Hansen Chad Dave Av Hawka Hawboldt Jason Andrew aAv 39Av 98o Haines N Hansen Gary Faxline Hawka Ken Av Ygo-ijo Haines N Hansen Gerald D St Hawka Richard A lobonmpiace Vgo-"" Hansen Greg Av Hawka Richard A l4boninplace VH0-/i3< Hansen Greg Fax : Hawley Dale Av ^ Hansen J P 17AlexanderDr Hawthorne L SBAIlonDr 986-iOW Hanson Deanna 8t Paul Hawthorne L & H Faxline ^ Hanson E L St Hawthorne Stuart HAINSTOCK & SON FUNERAL CHAPEL LTD Av Hanson Gerry Hanson Gerry Hay Gordon Hay Jessie Hair Trends For Men 8t Women intcrnationaitruckcentre Hanson Harry S hAv Hanson Harry T Av Hay Terry Hayduk Allan 4a02b47Av "Z hawdiamond " K Hairatage Men's Hairstylists ^ GIFTS St HaXduk L AV Harasyinchuk Lyle st., ^SSl HAIR'NLA l2leducpiaza Harbottle George T Hayduk "lyduk Nn:;:::::;;:: ';:::::::::":"""::" fsi J &" 1S«';:::::::"%6^3 - K Hafes Murray aAv flfrs?"? u ofla.6964 Harder Bill & Anna Hayes D Faxiine HALES MURRAY E Chartd Acctnt Harder Craig & Michelle Hayes Handpiece Alberta Av SlBridgeportWynd NootkaRd Halisheff B Harder S Fax line Hall Daniel st Hardie T Hayes Rick Hall Gary 32HuronDr Hardowa B Av Hayes Rick Hall M Hare C E OOBridgeportWimd Hayes Scott Hall Pamela St Hargin Vending Cellular teduc Haynes Brian St Hall Teresa Hargreaves Alan J l03ravincvillas Haynes Jack RR Halladay Calvin D Harke Brian 66HaidaAv Haynes James IreasurelslandEsts Halladay Harold R St Harke Wesley bAv Hazen Tom 12AihapaskanDr Hallam Hazen ZOCaldoniaDr HarmatiuU Alex 73MoliawkCr Hazen W L SSAIpaughCr Haller Brent Harms D Hazen W L SSAIpaughCr

14 85305 tfiii- =====^--11?'' headstart hair design Hwgy s HEALTH cctmnij^-o health capital ^Conimunity Hospital & Health Admini s Audiology DisgnQcfif Tftil, 980"4461 FoundS"^ (Uitrasound/Xray) Records "earing ss : Care/A^rTo'n "enian ResourrL """'F """R laboratory " Occupational Pastof c" ' Pliysiotheranv Respiratory Lv Volunteer VrJi'r PUBLIC HCni T.i -;; St CENTRE DSHeafth ^hool Health Heatheringto,y-R Hebert Arthu? i ' i V Hebert Ar huj \ as ' Hebeii C '"3"^ Heck Dean Hedley-Smith 0^ " Hedlin KaVl ^ Heemeryck s SCampbelIRd ^ Heggenstaller SCampbelIRd Fra'nz ^ R Re« qqa nsn? Heidinger K Heidman D H graja9r Hddl Mike"" "^""BleckGnldDr Heidt Mike.,:::;:::;:; gltmpa Hein d"" 8Hiinrocrt:::::::::::::::::::986-i996 Hdnwmund:::::::::::::: Hein Cp " I n 5 Phil',;: tjf 5 Roim H6in S6lma 986*3343 Hein vvayne i04nooti<ard:::::::::::::::::::::: Heine Dan Heine N J RR2ValleyyiowEsts Heine Tom Hemrichs A 113 -leod dxav Heinrichs irvin Heinz Ed & Wendy AAthapaskanDr :.::::: HeitzmanK Hekkink John Roiiyview He gren Randy loalpaughcr He m.jeffrey f e Av Helmig Glen 67ApacheCr Henderson G RR2NewSarepta Henderson Ron & Kathy 1 SLIndaVistaEsts Henderson T Henkelman Del Henkelman Melvin A rri Henkelmann Ida B isis 46aAv Henkelmann Ken rri Hennessey T P Hennig G D idoi 47Ay Henricksen Henry scameiotav Henry B 402TelfordCrl Henry D 37ChippewaR(l Henry Kirk Henry L l^eprv Laurence Ay Hensch H Henschell Harold RRI Hepp Kenneth SMcLeodCr Heppner Mervin W St Heppner R St HERBERS RELIABLE AUTOBODY LTD St Fax Line Herbert Francis T 64WilliamBellDr Herbert Richard sibrldgeportv.'ynd Herbrik Rudolf St Hereygers C 13CamelotCr Hergert Bryan 56BellaCoolaDr Hergert Bryan S6BeliaCoolaDr Heritage Stephen aAv Herman Allen Hermann Eric 28V/iliiamBeliDr Hermann Ernest G St Herregodts Ron Herregodts Ron Rollyview Herron M RR Herron S & P Hetman Ken E 4526 S3Av Heuchert P & K St Hewitt C 26WilliamBradburyPlace Hewlett Robert bAv Hewtaine Enterprises Inc St Fax Line Hexter R Hexter Ron Hiar Lome St Mickey A Mickey Darren 44MabergRd Mickey K & G Hickey Melvin Av Hicklin G aAv Hiebert Leslie 37CameiotAv Hiflight R/C Ltd Hightower Construction St Fax Line Hilborn J A SAicherPlace Hildebrand Dean & Lisa Hildebrandt A Hildebrandt K Hildebrandt Rosalie Box Hilderman A Hill Bernard St Hill Bernard St Hill Brent Hill Daryl & Robin 24AltonDr Hill Don 67ArmstrongCr Hill Don 67ArmstrongCr Hill Douglas Faxllne Hill Gary aAv Hill N Hill N Miller Collin Hillier L Himour M A Himour M A Fax Hindle John Hindle John RR Hinecker Douglas Hinse Dennis Beaumont Hinse Giles IBMobergRd Hinse Henry Beaumont HINSE POULTRY FARM Box3040Beaumont Hinse Thomas 986' 6361 Hinse Thomas Fax 986' 7158 Hirsekorn Gordon W 986' 8232 Hirsekorn Gus RRI Hirsekorn Randall Hirsekorn 5 117RayineVillas Hitchcock W dwilliambelldr Hitchcock W OWilliamBellDr Hitchings Karen 4309 SouthParkDr HIadik Gary M St Hobbins Bobby Joe St Hobbins Dane Av Hobbs Dennis 54AltonDr Hocher Brenda Hockley C St Hockley Ross 72 SouthParkDr Hodge Ron Hodge Sheila Hodgins H 159CamelotAv Hodgins Joe BiackGoidDr Hodgins L Av Hodson A 4207 SouthParkDr Hoeser E F st Hofer D Hofer Peter localedoniadr Hofer Peter 19Calcdoni.iDr Hoffert Garry & Carol Hoffert S 31BridgeportWynd Hoffman E Hoffman L J 77NootkaRd Hoffman Robert Av Hoffmann Ernest Rev Av Hoffmeier M 5107 ssav Hofstede G RRI Hofstra Cor RR Hofstra Fred Hofstra Fred Fax Hofstra Harold RR Hofstra's Bobcat Service Fax Line Hogan Ken Av Holben M Holben M Faxline Holbrow David 204a St HOLDEN JANA DR Phys St Holden N Holder Tom aSt Holland Kevin Holland R si Si Holland Ronald G Hollywood Dog Dop Grooming St Holmes Donald C RR Holmlund John lojbrownpiace Holowachuk Larry Holowaty Larry Holowchuk G OBonlnPlace Holt G R Holzinger B 22BellaCoolaDr Home Care- See Health Services - Capital Health Homeniuk Kathy Shop Homeniuk S & K Homer D & J HOMES BY LENDEN LTD Sbovvhome Willis Cr Homik John si Honey Morris siis 47Av Honey Morris Av Hong Portia Hook Larry 30HuronDr Hook M H aAv Hook Ralph 120RavineVilias Hook T Hooks G 130RavineVillas Hope B Hope Bob Hopkins D J Hopkins John St Hopkins T st Hopner R St Hopp Dan 64ApacheCr Horn B Horn B Hornbacher B St Home J St Home M Av Home M Fax Home S Horneman Abel Rollyview Horneman D Rollyview Homer Alfred St Homer R Homer Richard Horning Ross & Lynn 38NooikaRd Horrigan J 47BridgeportWynd Horsiey Allan 4432d47 St Horsley Chris Av HORST'S PAINTING AV Fax Line Cellular Horvat Aloiz Horvat Aloiz 56AltonDr Horvat Aloiz 56AltonDr Horvat Alojz Fax Horvat L Horvat L Si Horvath Brian BsmiSlOl 49Av Horvath Brian Bsmcsioi 49Av Horvath G & K St Horvath John W Horvath Joseph 62HaidaAv Horvey Wesley G Rollyview Horwath B & E Hoshowski Ted Hosick Brenda J Fax Hosick Gord & Brenda 34MobergRd Hosier C & C l st Hosier M St Hospedales Kenneth 27HuronDr One-Plus Dialing Saves Money LEDUC LEDUC 75 HOSPITAL See Health Services- Capital Health For Additional information Emergencies Hostyn E Hostyn Lome r Hostyn R Hounsell C Hovmoller Kirsten Hovmoller Kirsten Howard Bonnie ICarrollCrt Howard D 126CamelotAv Howard L SCamwoodEsts Howard Richard l26cameiotav Howard Robert J 4BellaCoolaDr Howard Rod 109WilliamBellDr Howard Steve J aSt Howatt Wayne..-: Howatt Wayne Fax Howdle Robert & Christina St Howdle Robert J 5116 ssav Howe James SAndersonCri Howe Robert St Howe!! Blair Howell Blair Howey Jack Av Howman C Hoyle Randy bAv Hrabec V Hrabec V Hrabec V Fax Hrycak L St Hrychuk Brian Hryniw V Huber D & L Huber Ernest St Huber M RR2 Huber Walter isaipaughcr Hubick K Av Huckabay Ron Av Huckabay Ron Av Hucul D Huculak Adele St Huculak C J Children's Phone aSt Hudema Andrew L lb5i Hudon L J Hudon Mike loi St Hudson Craig RR Hudson J A Z Hudson Jim Hudson L Huebner Mike Huebner R 65HaidaAv Huestis Greg 8i Margaret-Anne, 41 SouthParkDr Huestis Margaret-Anne Huestis Margaret-Anne Hughes Chris Hughes D Hughes Dave & Terry ' Hughes R W St Hughes Roxanne St ' Hugo J F Av '86-o'77 Hugo Ross 25RichdaleEsts '86-9?i2 Huibers J aAv '86-''645 Huibers Kathy & Darren ' Hull Harvey 4006 SouthParkDr '86'' ^T Hull Harvey 4006 SouttiParkDr '86-'359 Hull Percy St ' Humphrey P Humphrey T M ' Hunker E Hunker Eianne '86*3711 Hunker Glen 73MeadowviewDr Hunter A Hunter D & R.:: :,:.. :::^ Hunter K Hunter L, ::: Hunter M Hunter Thomas 401TellordCrt ' Hurlburt L Hurley Walter 14Caiedoniabr ' Hurley Walter F l4caledoniaor ' Hurnard Craig J '86*8312 Husereau S L : Must Trevor & Daphne _nco. *1333 SouthParkDr ' : Hut J i Hutchings J '86-?9Z9 ^ Hutchins Gerald Av bb, Hutchison L A Av ' Hutchison Tom Box3712 '86*3672 Hutton Bill Mutton M ' Hufzul B Hutjviier Thoniias BoxB SitelBRRl Hydro Dig Edmonton lamdtcn Hykaway J ecayugast

15 76 LEDUC LEDUC Hynes Ronald i52williambelldr Hyshka T & G Hyson A Av I CM S Inc If Busy Call ING Wellington 48AlexanderDr IR Corrosion Control Ltd 37C8melotAv Fax Line ITRS B5C St Ideal Farm Services Ltd RRl Idema Gerrit 8t Loes RRl IMAGE OF HAIR BEAUTY SALON Aw IMPERIAL OIL LTD Nisku Bulk Oil Sales/Cardlock Imperial Oil Limited Bulk Sales Agent (Ray Agro & Petroleum Ltd) Hwy39W Imperial Oil- Pipeline Operations St Nisku General Office Nisku Pipeline Maint & Crossings Pipeline Emergency Indent Oilfield Trucking Ltd St Fax Line Inglis Dennis Av INGLIS WATER WELL DRILLING Av JACKIE HANDEREK & FORESTER Laivurs MIg Add St Leduc Ab T9E 6W St Fax Line Jackie John Av JACKIE JOHN Lawyr St Jackson Allan Jackson C AV Jackson David 4329 SouthParkOr Jackson Duane Jackson James Jackson James Av Jackson John W Jackson Ken Jackson L Jackson L St Jackson Marilyn 37BellaCoolaOr Jackson P Jackson Reed i3boninpiacc Jackson Robert aAv Jackson Russ Jackson S 8. K JA-CO WELDING St...Nisku Jobs Lome RR Jobs Norman JOEY'S ONLY St Johaneson John Johannessen John St Johannson Raymond Johansson A Av Johns Fred 107HeritageVlllas Johns-Carlson R 48WillowParkEsts Johnson A JOHNSON AGENCIES (1973)LTD l7i5ce aSt Fax Line Johnson B Johnson Bernard llocorinlfiiaor Johnson C C Av Johnson Dennis W st Johnson G Av Johnson Haldour Johnson J Alan 56V/illiamBellDr Johnson Jack ll2teifordcrt Johnson K L Johnson Ken BSWillowParkEsts Johnson L D 9AdanicDr Johnson L I Av KAHLKE ERIC «8427 Tcrnio dosu lflr Av... Fax Line S Kaiser C M...xoy Kaiser D & C ora-9327 Kaiser Kevin. KAL TIRE-LEDUC St ?S Or :::;:.;...986;f^ Fax Line - ^ ^ Kalaya Enterprises Av ;>86-3l24 Kalis I Kalis Ivin Kalis Marlowe Kalis Marlowe Kaike Don Kaike Garry RRl KaIke Irvin 4208 "J'A'-i-cnTr's'i'w Kamaleddine Jhelab si Kamlnski J 8t C lowjo"'?''" Kamlnski Steve «04 52 St Kamlnsky W 48AlpaugliCr Kammer jonnson Johnson Lioyo Lloyd /AtmstrongLr 7ArmstrongCr y«t)-99/o Kangas D RR2leduc aari Johnson M 25CapriRd Kansas."-o ne bi- gsp-msl Johnson Marc 44AlpaugbCr ^^npas J cv ' Sin'sWO JOHNSON MARK T PROFESSIONAL K^Slfoins J om-im' CORPORATION Lat<, r KaSffis Jo'hri' st 986_464^ Jacob C 134WilllamBellDr Jacob C Fax Ingram Austin 34RiclidaleEsts t Jacob! C SparrowDr Kannekens John st- ;j;- j ja Ingram J R 109HeritageVillas Johnson KANTRAX CONTRACTOKa Liw Jacob! Lance & Doris Ingram Rod llcaledoniadr T r 3512 oha M93 Jacob! Lance & Doris Fax Line Inkster John RRl Johnson T S ofso Jacobsen A st Inkster Michael sihaidaav Jacobson Mike & Mary Johnson Tasha Daui'd 6135 Inkster S G RRl Johnson Thomas st jiremy orlmm Jacobson Victor R Inkster S G RRl Johnson Vern St KfP 2 t$?45 Jacques Glenn 45CaledoniaDr INLAND CONCRETE LIMITED Johnson Will st !^ Mel'vyn'"2AndersonCrt IS? SjW Jagar Gordon ASt Jagar J Johnsson'je f'rr2 " Kapler' ;;; r70 Jahn E INLAND HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE inhsstos D lll'vlfo Kappeler Jahn Henry Boxl LIMITED Jahn R 45HuronDr "9r :^T0N inhwcrn'ki 'n'ni^ DALE Kafabonik Karbonik If Busy Call JakubowskI C J M P Ponoka Karpiuk J 81 Z INLAND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Jakubowski Cliff & Denise No St Ponoka (Toll Kartz Brian » 'S St iib 42bAv 42Dflv yoo-y/vu free).... tree) i-8uu-t)0s-0b6b Kartz Karen...^.. Aaren ".'".' ,.986-bau» If Busy Can.... Jalbert R Johnston Steve Kasowsky E St ; ;;;;;;;;.., James Keith 3AdamicCr Johnston Vern Katan S.: James Terry 4i23_44_st Johnstone R ibAv Kathy's Electrolysis Stuoio St Kawanami R H 4ApacheCr Kawanami R H Fax Fax Line Innes M Innes McKay 40AlexanderDr Innes Randy RRl Insco B INTEGRA AUTOMOTIVE StBayl Ipsen K Ireland H J 42CaledoniaDr Ireland L E Ironeagle Shane st Irvine E St Irvine G Irving Ken 4109 SouthParkOr Irving Ken 4109 SoutiiParkOr IrwitfL vf»»' 4dn4 sv;.s. 98^5241 Jehn Raymond Ay Jamieson Charlie & Carolyn Johnstone R Children's Phone Janot Oskar RR Joinson W F Janot Oskar Fax Jolllffe D Jansen A BlackGoldDr Jolliffe K D A» Jansen I st Jollts Pipeline Consulting Corp Janssen J Box Janssen S fax Line Janzen Robert Joly Gerald Janzen V Janzen W 23AdamicCr Janzen W H Jarvis Stephen J SOtvleadowviewOr Jones H M 73CaledoniaDr Jass-3d Metal Dies st Jones Kenneth L 4lWillowParkEsis Javallas Nicholas Jones L 69HaidaAv Javorsky H Jones Michael Javorsky Kyle Jones Rex st Jeandel S Jehn Art Av Jehn C " ii '"' Isacson Lome 4404 SlaSt tiur»npccpc clot ' Israels 202KingslieldVilge 986-7X55 Jehovah's Witnesses St Jellett David ijsi'4^' issler Bernard Jendrasheske C i Issler David 5207 siast Jenkins Daniel RRl Issler L Jenkins Patrick S St Issler W kawanami ROV K '^nn Jones Curtis " ; Jones Curtis Fax Kay Wade & Cheryl t Jones H M 73CaledaniaDr Kayfish - " " Carrie - " " * Kayfish Kayhsh Kayfish W i-,;;; Kearney R 76WiiliamBel Dr Keeping Trevor io4bndgeportwynd 98U 2UM Jones Stephen st Keetch Brenda 8r Stuart JgO'goSi Jones Vanessa 33NooikaRd Keetch Brenda 8r Stuart b/w Jones Warren Kegler Dave Jones Wayne SOdTelfordCri Kegler Dave Fax Jopp J Kehler Al Av Jopp J Kelbel Greg l66carintliiadr.. Jordan J 126WillowParkEsts Kell Jordan T st Keil Erich Av Jordon Hill Farms Keirstead K Jenkins Phil & Jennifer Jorgensen David B 36l3CaledoniaDr Keirstead T Istvanffy Stephen 207KingsfieidViige if J sivamiy oicpi.c. 4u/pmu=."=."VMac ^^44 jgnpi^gs g^yan Jory H Robert Av Keith D b St.. i ttermann E glfi.inft? Jennings Bryan Keleman John igg STSj fei. tterrnann Wesley st jgaajngc Jennings Brvan Bryan Fax Ko"? Kelemen P Ivanchuk 8 Judd Ronald W ;;.;;:L;;:1;: Keiemeii Perry & Kim qln-'rlls Juneaii Merderic RR2NewSarepta Keller C & C Av I Ives John H St Iwanicka A 3l87eifordCrt Iwanlcka B St iwanicka Maxine 5104 SSAv J A S Vacuum Truck Services J 81 C Gardens RR J D Canteen 4330BlackGoldDr JDL Drywall Ltd Fax Line J K R Concepts Ltd ^04 4, St Fax Line J K S Hydraulics Ltd Jabs E f)aAv Jabs M M RR Jacek E Av Jack Darrell St Jack Darrell Computer Jensen Anton Jensen Axel Jensen Ben Av Jensen D 3ArndtCrt Jensen E St Jensen K 12LinslordPlace Jensen Ken 9NotreDameCr Jensen 0 S 45NootkaRd Jensen Ritchie Jensen Rose st Jentink Mitch Av Jentink Mitch Faxline Jespersen Earl Av Jespersen Earl K Av JEWEL PRINTING SIGNS & LABELS LTD 511 iiav Nisku Jimiott Curtis llcamelotcr Jobs L Children's Phone _ ^ Jung Young Soo Keller Ken io9ravliievillas l Junp Young Soo Keller Thomas «73 Junior R Rollyview Keller Thomas cqm Junod James L lladamiccr Junod Jeff A».. KF C AV.. If Busy Call KellertA keiiirt Adam...:::::.;':i"""-":'" Kacan Mike 49CalcdoniaDr Kadatz D Kadatz D Kadatz Harvey bSl Kadatz Rod Kellert Brenda Kellert Larry Av Kellock John St or^ooar Kelly Brad 30l St Kelly Cecil SlBellaCoolaOr Kelly Dale aSt Kelly G 30 SouthParkOr Kelly Kevin Kelm Glenn 47f.leadowviewDr Kelm Rodney Keim Rodney Kelndorter Lome RRllooma

16 Services 2001 "^FaJune"^ SQOIbSO St a St ;00 1 Kon^ 2>' Dave Ronnie & 3905 Bonnie 40Av filln7S Kennedy Donald st Kennedy Doug amobergrd m-s^ol J'Ji'S 2M0ber9Rd ^ sai!"."""- ill ksmjpt. ::: :: ffi-.isg K^2;!fy.^2bert^l St iws FURNITURE T V STEREO & APPLIANCES St Oae Kent Lynette Rev Kent Marilyn E 30CamelotAv Kerber Tim Kerber Vernon Av K ''''? Kercher 'l, '" Brenda l23wiiliambeildr Kerestes M Av Ker«tes M M St Kerkhoff L A 38CamelotAv Kern Eunice AltcnDr Kern Gordon 41Ad3micCr Kern Gordon Faxline Kern Greg IZOWilliamBellDr Kern M 40c St KERR AUTOMOTIVE & INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY (1983) Bayl St Kerr Brian W 12Alexari<lerDr Kerr D RRI SouthEdmonton Kerr Irene Kerr R SOCaledoniaDr Kerrison Brad Av Kerychuk A Fax Kerychuk Allan Kesler K St Kessir Jim aA» Ketchum B St Ketchum C st Ketchum M Ketchum M Kettle's Professional Hair Care Leducinn Kevin L leduc Key BOP Service Ltd St Fax Line Keyes D & V rri Khadoo Dan & Mary Av Khurana S i25teiiordcrt Kibbler Barry Kidd L 6Chippev;aRd KidlitS St Kilburn G Kilgour Clinton SBicnertCrt Kilgour T ^ Kilgrain Bill 35McLeodCr Kilgrain Larry 73CorinthiaDr Kilgrain Larry 73CorinthiaOr Kilgrain Sherry Av Kilik Nick lallenplace Kimber Daniel lobnootkard Kimber P Kimber Richard lobnootkard Kimmerly F KIM'S HAIR DESIGN Av Kinas D Kinetics Massage therapy C St King C RR King Ray King Thomas l7apachecr King Tyler & Debbie King Tyler 81 Debbie St Kinley B Kinniburgh T Kinsella Randy 43WilliamBellDr Kinsmen Community Center SOCorinthiaDr Kiqzner H Kipling Lloyd 35CamelotAv Kipp J sonootkard Kipp Wayne BeauVlstaSubdlvision Kirameddine Aida st Kirchner Gordon 46l.1cLeodCr Kirchner Gordon Fax Kirchner Jeffrey Kirk Marlin bAv Kirk Steve Kjrk Steve Kison Albert 116LakesidePlace Kison L Kison L Kissendal Claude Kisser Dennis Kiszczak S 45Armstron9Cr Kit C KITCH 'N' STITCH DRAPERIES 8C St Fax line Kittle J N Kittler Warren OMobergRd Kittlitz S Klak Alex Klak Edgar 67HaidaAv Klak ML Av Klak Murray lAv Klak Oscar lAv KLAPSTEIN ALBERT MLA 5904b5D St Klapstein Cal RR2NewSarepta Klapstein M St Klarenbach W A ISCaprlRd Klass C KLASS MUSIC DJ SERVICE 34CaledoniaDr Klassen G bSt Klassen G lbSt Klassen Robert Klatt A Klatt Adolph A 13BellaCeolaDr Klatt D D Klatt Don Klatt Kenneth & Eldonna rri Klatt Kim Klatt L Klatt S Klein A SSWillowParkEsts Kleino Kleino R aSt Klejno R aSt Klepadio A Klingspon Bruce Klingspon G bAv Klissner Renate Box Klopstra Rinda Kluge Curtis Knaff C aSt Knoppers John RR Knull A 424TelfordCrt Knull Ann rri Knull Ann Fax Knull Clifford RRI Knull G R 52WilliambellDr KNULL GARRY R Chartd Acctnt Av KNULL HALES CHAPELSKY Charid Acctnts Av Fax Line Knull John RRl Knull Murray RRI Knull S Knull Scott RRI Knull Stanley P RRI Knutson Lee J Knutson Tim Kobe Edward Kobeluck L Koblanski Allan Koblanski Allan Kobza E Koe A Koehler George OlBeiiaCoolaOr Koenen B Koenig Barry J Koenig E 46NootkaRd Koens Dennis 24CanielotAv Kohlsmith Tim Kohn A & M 26C3priRd Kohut Daniel St Kohut E Koizumi K R ISCamelotPlace Koizumi R KOKOPELLI'S BAR & GRILL aSt Kolkman Tim Rev & Tanya Kollross G 178WilliamBellDr Kollross Joe Koltusky Josh St Komar Kelly Av Komfolio Bill OWilliamBellDr KOMFOLIO'S Tuxedo Rentals 8i Formal Wear AV Kondratski Edward Av LEDUC LEDUC 77 Koziol A SAItonDr Koziol Frank AV Krabbes Harry & Evelyn BAv Kraft David aAv Kraft Jewel bAv Kramchynski Bob A Kramers K & S Kran Helmut 218TelfordCrt Krause B & C Krause B & C 12CampbellRd Krause Dave RR Krause Edward RRI Kravic Dale Krawiec J & J Krell M Kresier L Box Kresnyak D L Kresnyak Jeff Kresnyak Jeff Kretz John 7Be«aCoolaDr Kretzer Herb 30AdamicCr Kreutz Darrin Krieger C Krieger C Krips Mathew Krischke Greg St Krischke Michael I Krischke Michael ! Kristensen Bjarne Av Kristensen Jan Av Kristensen Knud lAv Kristensen Kris 13CapriRd Kristianson D Kristiensen V Krock Doug Kromm S 22CamelotAv Kronshage Shaun Krozser Earl Krozser George W Krueger C H ISMohawkCr Krueger Keith lA» Kruger Allen Kruger Arthur rri Kruger J Fax Kruger J Rev OAlpaughCr Kruger Paul Kruger Paul Kruger Ronald 74CorinthiaDr Kruitbosh R & C Kruizenga Dave Av Kruizenga J Av Kruizenga Paul 4CampbeilRd Kruschke G RRl SouthEdmonton Kondratski Linda & Mark Kruse Walter H iromalsoiienevilge Kondratski V Krushelniski M & S Konno B Krysta R & C Knlli^r'A"4^504 4^7a'^'''' '''^" 986^482 d ^"0 ^^bav Kubiik Darcy. : : : Kneller Alvina St Knellcr Barry Kneller Dave & Gladys Av Kneller G Kneller M Av Kneller Marvin Rollyviev/ Kneller Rudolph Roliyview Kneller W Kneller Wilfred Roliyview KNELLER'S SALES & SERVICE LTD Bay St Konschuh Christopher 61 SouthParkDr Konschuh L RRl Konwicki N Konyer Paul J Konynenbelt J & M " Kubicek ' ' Tony bAv KubikC&G Kubik C & G Fax Kubik M Av Kubiik Brian Kubiik Brian LA v.; «? Koorbatoff Ben & Tern Kubiik Edward Rnii.w.»», Roliyview '» Koosel Jack Kubiik Randy Koosel Jack Faxline Kubiik Rosie Roliyview Kooy John aAv Kuefler Linda & Gorddard Kopernick G 113TeifordCrt Kuefler Linda 81 Gorddard Kopfensteiner K 8r B Kuefler M bAv Kopp Peter RR Kuefler N J RR2NewSarepta Kopp W W Kuhn A Kopp Wilfred ISjBrownPlace Kuhn Allan rri I Koreman E M st Kuhn Daryl Box < Koreman Joe st Kuhn Hank Boxl4l ' Kornak John Kuhn Howard Kofotash Garry lozmaisonettevilge Kuhn J A 93CorinthiaDr Kosik John RR Kuhn Janette ISAIexanderPr Kosik John RR Kuhn Janette 1 SAlexanderDr Kosinski Ardie Kuhn John Kuhn John Av Knibb J 8t B Knibbs K 16MohergRd Knibbs S 152WillowPk Knie Barry Knie Daryl Knight Barrie Av Knight J KNIGHT LOCK & SAFE LTD St Knipple G Knockleby T F bAv Knockleby Terrance bAv Knopp Elmer Knopp Glen Knoppers Fred Knoppers Fred Knoppers Fred RR Knoppers Grace RR KOSMOS STEAK & PIZZA Av Kosolofski Sam Kossowan Edwin loapachecr Kosteriva K 43WillowParkEsts Kosteriva Ute 29CamelotAv Kostick D aAv SS :::::::zsiils KS J Kuhn L RRl Kuhn N f Kuhn R Kuhn Richard SAbeiCrt Kuhn Scott Kuhn Walter rri Kuhn Wesley rri. Kuhnert Ben Av Kuilboer D KoshckL Kunetzki Kevhi L Kotyk Zane Krn Amom Kunltz Kim C Fax Kotylak T RR KtinyB Kovatch Ron Av Kuny Brad & Michelle 7MartinCrt Kowal Henry 12NotreDameCr Kuny C Kowal J St Kuny C bAv Kowal Ted St Kuny C J SOApacbeCr Kozack F Kuny George 16WiHiamBradboryPlace Kozack F Av Kuny Joe Av Kozial Albert 47AlexanderDr Kuny Larry D I

17 I t * Iv: 76 LEDUC LEDUC Hynes Ronald l52wllliarabeildr Hyshka T & G Hyson A Av I C M S Inc If Busy Call ING Wellington 48AlexanderDr IR Corrosion Control Ltd 37CamelotAv Fax Line ITRS St Ideal Farm Services Ltd RRi Idema Gerrit & Loes RRl IMAGE OF HAIR BEAUTY SALON Ay IMPERIAL OIL LTD Nisku Bulk Oil Sales/Cardlock Imperial Oil Limited Bulk Sales Agent (Ray Agro & Petroleum Ltd) Hwy39W Imperial Oil- Pipeline Operations St Nisku General Office Nisku Pipeline fvlaint & Crossings ll0 Pipeline Emergency Indent Oilfield Trucking Ltd St Fax Line Inglis Dennis Av INGLiS WATER WELL DRILLING Av Ingram Austin 34RicfidaleEsts Ingram J R 109HeritageVillas Ingram Rod llcaledoniaor Inkster John RRl Inkster Michael SlHaidaAv Inkster S G RRl Inkster S G RRl INLAND CONCRETE LIMITED ASt INLAND HIGHWAY MAINTENANCE LIMITED If Busy Call INLAND PROPERTY MANAGEMENT St Me'" Innes M Innes McKay 40AlexanderDr Innes Randy RRi Insco B INTEGRA AUTOMOTIVE StBayl Ipsen Ireland H J 42CaledoniaDr Ireland L Ironeagle Shane St Irvine E i St Irvine G Irving Ken 4109 SouthParkOr 9oo* m Irving Ken 4109 SouthParkOr 9oo* Irwin L Isabey Gerry 986 isacson Lome iaSt Israel S 202KingsfieldVilge 986- Issler Bernard Issler David 5207 siast Issler L Issler W 9o0" Istvanffy Stephen 207King5fieldVilge 986- Ittermann E Ittermann Wesley St Ivanchuk B Ives John H St Iwanicka A SlBIelfordCrt Iwanicka B St Iwanicka Maxine 5i04 55Av J A S Vacuum Truck Services & C Gardens RR J D Canteen 4330BlackGoldDr JDL Drywall Ltd XSn' 9839 Fax Line, 90U J K R Concepts Ltd St Fax Line., Agx' 2054 J K S Hydraulics Ltd Jabs E aAv Jabs M M RR Jacek E Av 986- I Jack Darrell St Jack Darrell Computer JACKIE HANDEREK & FORESTER Lawyrs MIg Add St Leduc Ab T9E 6W St Fax Line Jackie John SIOI 43Av JACKIE JOHN Lawyr St Jackson Allan Jackson C Av Jackson David 4329 SouthParkOr Jackson Duane Jackson James Jackson James Av Jackson John W Jackson Ken Jackson L Jackson L St Jackson Marilyn 37BellaCoolaDr Jackson P Jackson Reed 13BoninPlace Jackson Robert aAv Jackson Russ Jackson S & K JA-CO WELDING St.,..Nisku acob C 134WilliamBellDr acob C Fax acobi C acobi Lance & Doris acobi Lance & Doris Fax Line acobsen A so St acobson Mike 8, Mary acobson Victor R acques Glenn 45CaledoniaDr agar Gordon agar J ahn E ahn Henry Boxi ahn R 45HuronDr akubowski C J akubowski Cliff & Denise bAv albert R ames Keith 3AdamicCr ames Terry st amieson Charlie & Carolyn anot Oskar rr anot Oskar Fax ansen A BlackGoldDr ansen I st anssen J anssen S anzen Robert anzen V anzen W 23AdamicCr anzen W H arvis Stephen J SOMeadowviewDr ass-3d Metal Dies St avalias Nicholas avorsky H avorsky Kyle eandel S ehn Art Av ehn C ehn Raymond Av ehovah's Witnesses St ellett David endrasheske C enkins Daniel RRl enklns Patrick S st enkins Phil & Jennifer ennlngs Bryan ennings Bryan ennings Bryan Fax ensen Anton ensen Axel ensen Ben Av ensen D 3ArndtCrt ensen E St ensen K 12tinsfordPlace ensen Ken ONotreDameCr ensen 0 S 45NooikaRd ensen Ritchie ensen Rose st entink Mitch Av entink Mitch Faxline espersen Earl K Av espersen Earl K Av EWEL PRINTING SIGNS & LABELS LTD 311 llav Nisku mioff Curtis llcameioicr obs L Children's Phone Jobs Lome RR Jobs Norman JOEY'S ONLY so st Johaneson John Johannessen John st Johannson Raymond Johansson A Av Johns Fred 107HeriiageVillas Johns-Carlson R 48WillowParkEsts Johnson A JOHNSON AGENCIES (1973)LTD Insce aSt Fax Line Johnson B Johnson Bernard llocorintwadr Johnson C C Av Johnson Dennis W St Johnson G Av Johnson Haldour Johnson J Alan 56WilliamBellDr Johnson Jack ll2telfordcrt Johnson K L Johnson Ken BSWilfowParkEsts Johnson L D OAdanicDr Johnson L I Av Johnson Lloyd 7ArmstrongCr Johnson M 25CapriRd Johnson Marc 44AlpaugiiCr JOHNSON MARK T PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION Laioyr 7127 SparrowDr Johnson T Johnson T Johnson T Johnson Tasha Johnson Thomas St Johnson Vern St Johnson Will St Johnson Will St Johnsson Jeff RR ()5 Johnston D JOHNSTON DALE M P Ponoka No St Ponoka (Toll Free) Johnston Steve Johnston Vern Johnstone R bAv Johnstone R Children's Phone Joinson W F Jolllffe D Jolliffe K D Avr Jollts Pipeline Consulting Corp Box Fax Line Joly Gerald Jones Curtis Jones Curtis Fax Jones H M 73CaledomaDr Jones H M 73CaledoniaDr Jones Kenneth L 4lWillowParkEsts Jones L 69HaidaAv Jones Michael Jones Rex st Jones Stephen st Jones Vanessa 33NootkaRd Jones Warren..., Jones Wayne 366TelfordCrt Jopp J Jopp J Jordan J 126WillowParkEsts Jordan T St Jordon Hill Farms Jorgensen David B 3613CaledoniaDr Jory H Robert Av Josey Patty Judd Ron Judd Ronald W Juneau Merderic RR2NewSarepta Jung Young Soo Jung Young Soo Junior R Roilyviev/ Junod James L lladamiccr Junod Jeff sill 47Av KFC AV.. ff Busy Call Kacan Mike 49Caledooiaf)r Kadatz D Kadatz D Kadatz Harvey bSt Kadatz Rod KAHIKE ERIC-.^ s?»«l 5^27 lflr W Fax Line 086*4466 Kaiser C Kaiser D & C Kaiser Kevin KAL TIRE-LEDUC St 986-2W Or Fax Line Kalaya Enterprises Av Kalis 1 Kalis Ivin RR2 Kalis Marlowe RR Kalis Marlowe RR Kaike Don Kaike Garry RRl - "; 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"i Kangas J Lome t ^ Kannekens John 3601 iunq -j'tn KANTRAX CONTRACTORS ' TD^_2^^ Fax Line Kapalka David Kapicki Jeremy Kapicki M " Kapicki Melvin 2AndersonCrt Kapler lla 4208 Kappeiei; Karabonik Karbpnik F :";"""" Karpiuk J & ^ 986-4^0 Kartz Brian Kartz Karen "-r -vy c; Kasowsky E st ';;;;".".".'."! Kathy'^Eiectroiysis Studio Kawanami 1591 KAWANAMI ROY h or neut Av Kay Wade & Cheryl st Kayhsh Carrie "; <ay{!shr Kay'ish ^ ^ Kegler Dave.^ Kegler Dave Fax Kefiler A! Av.^.^.. 9g6-81«Keibel Greg 166Conntl.,aDr 934:^2 kiii Erich 4303''39AV ostilffi Kelrstead Keith D :;::::::::::::;;986:i6!3 oon.oiw Keleman John Keiemen P Xg? Keiemen Perry & K'"?, Keller C & C Au Keller Ken 109Rav.neV,llas / Keller Thomas K^llertT'"' Kellert A ::::::;:::;::::: ofin-tdss Kp ilrt& ::::::::::;:; o Kellefl iz 420^^43Av W Ke ft Cecil 31BcllaCoalaDr Kelly Da'e aSt Kelly G 30 SouthParkOr Kelly Kevin 98o-3564 Kelm Glenn <i7i/iea(lovvvlewor 986*6950 Kelm Rodney Kelm Rodney Kelndorfer Lome RRllooma

18 * JEIUS Advertising Services <lb50 St a si :8891 Kennedy Doun S' 'strleo tedr M 1(H St iws FURNITURE T V STEREO & APPLIANCES St *^" K "' ty"," K v Kent Marilyn E socamelotav '" Tim Kerber Vernon Av Kercher V Brenda 3 l23wiliiambeildr Heresies M Av Ker«tes M M st Kerkhoff L A 38CamelotAv Kern Eunice 121 5lAltonDr Kern Gordon 4lAdamicCr Kern Gordon Faxline Kem Greg 176WilliamBellDr Kern M 40c St KERR AUTOMOTIVE & INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY (1983) Bayl St Kerr Brian W l2ale*anderdr Kerr D RRl SouthEdmonton Kerr Irene Kerr R 56CaledoniaDr Kerrison Brad Av Kerychuk A Fax Kerychuk Allan Kesler K st Kessir Jim aAv Ketchum B St Ketchum C St Ketchum M Ketchum M Kettle's Professional Hair' Care Leducinn Kevin L leduc Key BOP Service Ltd st Fax Line Keyes D & V RRI Khadoo Dan & Mary Av Khurana S 125TelfordCrt Kibbler Barry Kidd L OChippewaRd KidlitS St Kilburn G Kilgour Clinton SBienertCrt Kilgour T ^ Kilgrain Bill 35McleodCr Kilgrain Larry 73CorinthiaDr Kilgrain Larry 73CorcnthiaDr Kilgrain Sherry Av Kilik Nick 3AllenPl3ce Kimber Daniei lobnootkard Kimber P Kimber Richard losnootkard Kimmerly F KIM'S HAIR DESIGN Av Kjnas D Kinetics Massage Therapy 7C St King C RR King Ray King Thomas 17ApacheCr King Tyler & Debbie King Tyler & Debbie St Kinfey B Kinniburgh T Kinsella Randy 43WiiiiamBeiiDr Kinsmen Community Center 5 OCorinthiaDr Kiozner H Kipling Lloyd SSCamelotAv Hipp J 86NootkaRd Kipp Wayne BeauVcstaSubdivision Kirameddine Aida St Kirchner Gordon 46McLeodCr Kirchner Gordon Fax Kirchner Jeffrey Kirk Marlin bAv Kirk Steve Kirk Steve Kison Aibert lldlakesideplace Kison L Kison L Kissendal Claude Kisser Dennis Kiszczak S 45ArmstrongCr Kit C KITCH 'N' STITCH DRAPERIES 8C St Fax line Kittle J N Kittler Warren OMobergRd Kittlitz S Klak Alex Klak Edgar 67HacdaAv Klak ML Av Klak Murray 4517 siav Klak Oscar Av KLAPSTEIN ALBERT MLA 59D4b5D St Klapstein Cal RR2NewSarepta Klapstein M st Klarenbach W A ISCapriRd Klass C KLASS MUSIC DJ SERVICE 34CaledoniaDr Klassen G 430S 4lbSt Klassen G lbSt Klassen Robert Klatt A Klatt Adolph A 13BellaCoolaDr Klatt D D Klatt Don Klatt Kenneth & Eldonna RRl Klatt Kim Klatt L Klatt S Klein A 35WiilowParkEsts Klejno Kleino R aSt Klejno R aSt Klepadio A Klingspon Bruce Klingspon G bA» Klissner Renate Box Klopstra Rinda Kluge Curtis Knaff C aSt Knapp Randy R 2AllindalePlace KneNer A Av Knelier Alvina St Kneller Barry Knelier Dave & Gladys A» Kneller G Kneller M Av Kneller Marvin Roilyview Kneller Rudolph Roilyview Kneller W Kneller Wilfred Roilyview KNELLER'S SALES & SERVICE LTD Bay St Knibb J & B Knibbs K 16MobergRd Knibbs S l52wiliowpk Knie Barry Knie Daryl Knight Barrie Av Knight J KNIGHT LOCK & SAFE LTD St Knipple G Knockieby T F bAv Knockleby Terrance bAv Knopp Elmer Knopp Glen Knoppers Fred Knoppers Fred Knoppers Fred RR Knoppers Grace RR Knoppers John RR Knull A 424TelfordCrt Knull Ann RRl Knull Ann Fax Knull Clifford RRl Knull G R 52WillrambellDr KNULL GARRY R Chartd.4cctnt v KNULL HALES CHAPELSKY Chartd Acctnts Av Fax Line Knull John RRl Knull Murray RRl Knull S Knull Scott RRl Knull Stanley P RRl Knutson Lee J Knutson Tim Kobe Edward Kobeluck L Koblanski Allan Koblanski Allan Kobza E Koe A Koehler George 6lBeilaCoolaDr Koenen B Koenig Barry J Koenig E 46NootkaRd Koens Dennis 24CamelotAv Kohlsmith Tim Kohn A & M 26CapnRd Kohut Daniel St Kohut E Koizumi K R ISCamelotPlace Koizumi R KOKOPELLI'S BAR & GRILL aSt Kolkman Tim Rev & Tanya Kollross G 178William8ellDr Kollross Joe Koitusky Josh St Komar Keiiy Av Komfolio Bill OWilliamBellDr KOMFOLIO'S Tuxedo Rentals & Formal Wear 4801 SOAv Kondratski Edward Av Kondratski Linda 8t Mark Kondratski V Konno B Konschuh Christopher 61 SouthParkOr Konschuh L RRl Konwicki N Konyer Paul J Konynenbelt J 8t M Koopmans M bAv LEDUC LEDUC 77 Koziol A 5AltonDr Koziol Frank Av Krabbes Harry & Evelyn Av Kraft David laAv Kraft Jewel bAv Kramchynski Bob A Kramers K S S Kran Helmut 218TelfordCrt Krause B & C Krause B 8 C 12CampbellRd Krause Dave RR Krause Edward RRl Kravic Dale Krawiec J & J Kreil M Kresier L Box Kresnyak D L Kresnyak Jeff Kresnyak Jeff Kretz John 7BellaCoolaDr Kretzer Herb 30AdamicCr Kreutz Darrin Krieger C Krieger C Krips Mathew Krischke Greg St Krischke Michael Krischke Michael Kristensen Bjarne Av Kristensen Jan Av ' Kristensen Knud lAv Kristensen Kris 13CapriRd L_ Kristianson D Kristiensen V Krock Doug Kromm S 22CamelotAv I Kronshage Shaun , Krozser Earl St ' Krozser George W , Krueger C H ISMohawkCr Krueger Keith lAv Kruger Allen Kruger Arthur RRl Kruger J Fax Kruger J Rev OAlpaugbCr Kruger Paul Hi Kruger Paul Kruger Ronald 74CorinthiaDr Kruitbosh R&C Kruizenga Dave Av Kruizenga J Av Kruizenga Paul 4CampbellRd Kruschke G RRl SouthEdmonton Kruse Walter H llomaisonettevilge Krushelniski M & S Krysta R & C Kubicek Tony bAv Kubik C & G Kubik C & G Fax Kubik M Av ' 'L Kublik Brian Kublik Brian Kublik Darcy Koorbatoff Ben & Terri Kublik Edward Roilyview Koosel Jack Kublik Randy! Koosel Jack Faxline Kooy John aAv Kopernick G ll3telfordcrt Kopfensteiner K & B Kopp Peter RR Kopp W W Kopp Wilfred ISjOrownPlace Koreman E M St Koreman Joe St Kornak John Korotash Garry lozmaisonettevilge Kosik John RR Kosik John RR Kosinski Ardie KOSMOS STEAK & PIZZA Av Kublik Rosle Rollyviev/ Kuefler Linda & Gorddard Kuefler Linda & Gorddard Kuefler M bAv i Kuefler N J RR2NewSarepta Kuhn A Kuhn Allan rri i Kuhn Daryl Box Kuhn Hank 8oxl4i Kuhn Howard Kuhn J A 93CorinthiaDr Kuhn Janette ISAfexanderOr Kuhn Janette ISAIexanderDr Kuhn John Kuhn John Av Kuhn L RRl Kuhn N Kuhn R Kuhn Richard SAbelCrt Kuhn Scott Kuhn Walter rri Kuhn Wesley rri Kuhnert Ben Av Kosolofski Sam Kossowan Edwin l9apachecr Kosteriva K 43WlilowParkEst$ Kosteriva Ute 29CamelotAv Kostick D aAv Kuilboer D Kostick Julie Kulyk A BrendavlstaEsts ' Kostick L Kulyk A BrendavlstaEsts Kostick L Kunetzki Kevin, ' Kotronis Jim, Av Kunitz Kim C 44AltonDr Kotyk Zane,.? 6-8?61 Kunitz Kim C Fax Kotylak T rr Kuny B Kuny Brad & Micheiie 7MartinCrt ' Kovatch Ron Av Kowal Henry 12NotreDameCr Kowal J St Kowal Ted St Kozack F Kozack F AV Kozial Aibert 47AlexanderDr Kuny C Kuny C t)Av Kuny C J 56ApacheCr Kuny George IbWilliamOradburyPlace Kuny Joe Av Kuny Larry D I

19 78 LEDUC LEDUC Kuny Lyie St Kuny's Leather Manufacturing Co Ltd aSt Kuresh M J Av Kurtz Kevin Av ; Kurtz Kevin Av i Kushinski V 40AltonDr ! Kushnerick Raymond RR Kuss Elden St i Kuss Tim 19AlpaughCr ! Kustra Ted 4520b47Av ; Kustra Ted 4520B47Av i Kuta M 21CamelotAv i Kutyik Craig 29CamelotAv ; Kutzner Ed Av i Kuzyk Nick 35CorlntliiaDr Kvarnberg Ernest st Kwasek Micheal ISAlpaughCr Kwasnecha Gary 32 SouthParkOr Kwasnecha Gary P & Company Ltd 7127 SparrowDr Kwasnecha Peter Av Kwast A BlackGoldDr KWIK KERB EDMONTON SOUTH Kyle Beryl Av Kyle Sheldon Kynoch Allan L A CASUAL 4715 soav L A Crude Sports Club BAv L A DANCE ACADEMY aAv Fax Line L A Lube 6607 SparrowDr Fax Line L A Medical Clinic 52oi 50 St MacEachern Neil Dr DeSreitas Terry Dr L A METAL BUILDING ERECTION LTD RR2 Site8Box5. Nisku L A PHYSIOTHERAPY & SPORTS INJURY CLINIC St Fax Line L A PRINTING LTD BldgA St Fax Line L A SHOE RE-NU aSt L A WOODWORKING INDUSTRIES LTD Millet L A Wrecking 8r Tool St L D TAXI aAv It Busy Call L P H PLUIVIBING & HEATING 24 HOUR ANSWERING SERVICE a St L P H WITH VAN DOES FURNACE CLEANING L & T MIX SAND & GRAVEL LTD 8336 SparrowCr If Busy Call Fax Line Laaning L RR Laarz Allan B St Labbe Brent Laberge Matt Labonte M st Labossiere M St Labossiere M St La Bounty Dean St Labrecque A "i?fi Labrecque A Labrecque B 52ll 5last Labrecque Murray si Lachine E St Lachman Reg Lackie B Lackie D Lackten H Lackten H Lacosta Don 49C3nipbellRd Lacoursiere S 89NootkaRd Lacoursiere S 89NootkaRd Lacy James st Laczo Shelby St Ladner Kevan 4WilliamBoliDr Ladner Kevan 4WilliamBellDr Lafarge Canada Inc Av...Nisku Lafay J 120relfordCrt Lafay Jack Av Laflamme Michel Lafortune Joe St Lagore Steve Rev RR2 Site9Box La Grandeur Robin RRI LaGranduer P Laihie B Laing Bruce st Laird Rick t Laiss D Laiss D Laieunesse R Lajeunesse R Faxline Lake Anthony 9AicherPiace Lake Ernest St Lake Norman t Lamarche James st Lambe T 82WilliamBellDr Lambert Dale i6bakerplace Lambert Ed SBonlnPlace Lambert L Lambert Lawrence sobridgeportwynd Lambertus B Lamer Bruce & Michelle Lammie Bruce 38 SouthParkOr Lamont M Lamrock Kenneth 22CayugaSt Lamrock Kenneth Faxline Lancaster K Lance's Trucking Ltd st Land T Land T Landsky Crystal Lane M Lang Bev aAv Lang Eric Lang Eric Fax Line Lang G S H 35ArnistrongCr Langdeau Marie Rev A» Lange Jacob RRI Langkamp J Langlois John Langner William BSCorinthiaOr Langston Earl Langston Lorrie Langstrom S bankers Johannes Lansing Ken isswillowparkests Lantz S SOAItonDr Lantz S Fax LaPlante B Lapointe Bernard LaPointe G Av Laroche Consulting idolakesldeplace Larocque Bernie Larose Wes st LaRose Willis Faxline 391l 42 st LaRosee S D 62NootkaRd LARSEN ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS LTD Fax Line Larsen Helen iibieifardcrt Larsen Paul Larson B Larson Carl 201TelfordCrt Larson Darrell St Larson Duane H 39AdamicCr Larson Hugo st Larson L G Larson Phillip aAu Larson Ron BAv Larson Ron Fax LASER TECH VIDEO & SOUND Av Fax Line Laskosky G 63ApacheCr Laskosky James Laskowski Lorry 62ApacheCr Laturnas L 30l 5002BiackGnldDr Lauer Cori & Tim Lauer lauer Shawn Av Laughington C Laughington John l9caprird Laur D Lauretta's Draperies Ltd Fax Line Laurie Angus st Laurie Angus Fax Lauterborn John Lavalle V F st Lavasseur Dennis Boxl Lavay J Lavers James RRl Lavertu George 980-O17O Lavertu George Fax Lavigne Ron 17BridgeporiVVynd Lavoie Lawrence st Lawlor Doug 410ellaConlaDr Lawrence Dale Lawrence Lawrence John Lawrence S Lawrence Ted UAlienPiace Layton Jason Layton Jason Lazowski T Lazowski Terry 4iBrownPlace IDS Missionaries MichiganSt Leach G st Leach M & A Learmonth Keith 6MunroCri Leask R 128CamclotAv Leather Vinyl Velour Mobile Repairs Lebid Gaye st Lebid Wayne Lebid Wm Av Leblanc Allan Leblanc Allan Fax Leblanc J..., LeBlanc Julien G 117CorinthiaDr LillScRichVrd''ISx\8B^aLont;:.;:.:.9^ Lecapoy Darwin ld4cprinthiadr Lechelt Scott N 102CamelotAv Lecky David Av Lecky David Av LeClair Joseph Av Leclerc G aSt Leddy C & M Lede F 6CrestviewPlace Lede Herbert RR Lede Herbert Fax Ledingham J M LeDrew D & K LEDREW DONALD R DR GENERAL OPTOMETRY St CITY CENTRE MALL TOLL FREE ST Wetaskiwin LEDUC A A A FINANCE & REALTY LTD- See Gaetz Agencies Ltd Leduc Adult Literacy 51Q8 47 st LEDUC AGENCY- See Leduc Insurance Agenci/ Inc Leduc Alliance Church 5503BlackGoldDr Pastor Grant McDov/ell Res Millet LEDUC ANIMAL CLINIC Dr David Tencer DVM Dr Ken Smith DVI4 Dr Lori Skrypnek DVM Dr Zuzana Smith DVM St AFTER MRS EMERGENCY CALL Fax Line LEDUC ANSWERING SERVICE st LEDUC AUTD BDDY LTD st LEDUC AUTD & R V SALES LTD R V Parts & Repairs Hitches 8i Wiring 6543 SparrowDr Leduc Bakery 4703 soav Leduc Baseball Association Leduc Blackgold Rodeo ' TEllJSAdvertisin9S»w»l!Il LEDUC BOTTLE DEPOT & BEVERAGE SALES LEDUC BOWLING LANES St Leduc Car & Truck Wash St LEDUC CASH STORE LTD Av LEDUC CHIMNEY SWEEP LTD 3AlpDughCr LEDUC CHRYSLER JEEP aSt Fax Line Pans & Service (Ho Charge Dial) LEDUC CLEANERS & ALTERATIONS St.. 98 tlsuccsukii'c^ion^ LtDUt CUMMUNICATIUNS Bay St Leduc Community Baptist Church 320 SCoadyBlvd LEDUC CDMMUNITY EDUCATIDN CENTRE Fax Line Leduc Community Hospital & Health Centre See Health Services- Capital Health For Additional Inlormation St LEDUC COMMUNITY LIVING ASSOCIATION st Fax Line LEDUC CO-OP LTD FARM SUPPLY & HOME CENTRE GAS BAR St Fax Line Administration Leduc Composite High School st Fa* line Leduc Constituency Office Albert Ktapslein Mia St LEDUC COUNTY GENERAL ADMINISTRATION OFC St Nisku Fax Line AG Chemical Container Collection Animal Control Services Campgrounds Wizard Lake Jubilee Park Calmar Joseph Lake Centennial Park New Sarepta Constable Services Nisku Fire Services FIRE ALARI4 ONLY 911 Fire Services- Oflice Only Nisku Nisku Recreation Centre Nisku Sewage Transfer Station PUBLIC WORKS EMERGENCY AFTER HRS Nisku Public Works Thorsby Public Works Thotsby Leduc Curling Club Ltd 4330BlackGoldDr Fax Line leduc CUTS FAMILY HAIR CARE SlAv LEDUC DELIVERY & TAXI SERVICES aAv II Busy Call Nisku LEDUC DENTAL CENTRE City Centre Mall

20 p" Services 2001 ioj^f.^^'^ture clinic LEDUr nmvcar & P'ZZA LEW» COMwlRrl^'^'" CHAMBER OF J^RflPERiES T 5oav *-i*hic electric ltd "ouf Emergency Service St...: School 9SAItonDr lil"^ Kyc exchange & HOME BREWING -!!L5o si leduc eye centre Av Game Association igav LIDUrFLGOR COVERING 6 UPHOLSTERY LTD Favr"' "-'"R LEDUC FLORISTS 1999 INC Av Ea" Erne LEDUC FOUNDATION ~ HOUSING FOR SENIOR CITIZENS Planeview Manor Leduc Ooverleaf Manor Warburg West Grove Apartments leduc Happy Haven Apartments Thorsby Sunset Apts Calmar Goldring Manor Apts Devon Beauregard Manlor Apts Beaumont Sunset Manor Apts New Sarepta SllBa 50 Av Fax Line Leduc Further Education Council 5108 A7 St leduc garden market I G A 5421 SO St leduc goldsmiths 4707 SOAv leduc golf & COUNTRY CLUB PRO SHOP FOR TEE TIMES clubhouse fa* Line LEDUC HEALTH FOOD STORE- See Grace's Herbs N Things Ltd leduc heating & refrigeration LTD St leduc hitch centre ltd 6526 SparrowDr leduc home Brewing St leduc homestyle bakery & COFFEE SHOP 4723 SOAv TELUS Long Distance: built by Albertans for Albertans. LEDUC INN INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT St (No Charge Dial) Garden Cafe The Dumas V/alkers Country Roadhouse LEDUC INSURANCE AGENCY INC St Leduc Junior High School SI Fax Line Leduc Just For Fun Theatre- See Stagework's Academy Of The PerfoTmiing Arts leduc kanata gymnastics club St Fax Line LEDUC KARATE-DO St LEDUC LIONS CAMPGROUND Hwy623E Leduc Liquor Store 4904 SOAv LEDUC LOCK & KEY umn: mii:k & LEDUC MEAT PACKERS LTD St LEDUC MECHANICAL & WELDING SERVICES LTD Fax Line LEDUC MEDICAL ARTS CLINIC DePreitas Terry Or Lewin Simon Or Prof Corp MacEachern Neil Dr Woolliscrolt David Dr Wozniak Chris Dr Av Fax Line Leduc Motors- See Autoirorid Superstore Leduc Motorsports Bayl St LEDUC MOVING & STORAGE oSt Fax Line Leduc/Nisku Economic Development Authority 6422 so St Leduc Nisku Taxi Av LEDUC OFFICE FURNISHINGS 4701 SOAv _ Leduc Otters Swim Club St LEDUC DVERHEAD DDDR LTD St Leduc Parents Place Association Leduc Performing Arts Centre St Leduc Physiotherapy Ltd aAv Leduc Picture Store The SlAv LEDUC PLUMBING 8t HEATING 24 Hour Answering Service a St LEDUC PUBLIC LIBRARY Leduc Civic Centre 2 Alexandra Park 48a St & 46 Av Fax Line LEDUC RADIATOR SERVICE Bay St If Busy Call LEDUC REGIONAL LANDFILL SITE LEDUC SAFETY SERVICE LTD St Nisku Toll Free LEDUC SCHOOL OF MUSIC aAv LEDUC SEED CLEANING ASS'N LTD Box Fax Line LEDUC SELF STORAGE Av LEDUC SHEET METAL & GAS FITTING LEDUC LEDUC 79 LEE STEVE OR Vet St Lee T Leedeil John lomohawkcr Leeder Edgar aSt Leeds Sew & Save Singer Centre Fax Line Lees A 19AdamicCr Leeuw G 23CamelotAv Lefebvre A P 78CamelotAv Lefebvre A P 78CamelotAv Le Grandeur Robin St LEG'S N THINGS BOUTIQUE 4811 SOAv Fax Line Lehman B ii7 AAOABiackGoidDr Lehman HA3055ll952 St Lehman Harold 7CapriRd Lehman J Lehman S asi 2S6-9wV Lehman S Lehman S a J LEIBEL ACCOUNTING & TAX SERVICE St., LeidI Simone Leier D nfx'hw Leier D Leitch Robert L oit'oass Lemay Mario ibSt Lemieux Gerard Av Lemire D St Lemire D St Lemire Gerard nfx'ls9l" 986- o 9bU-o«21^2111 LEDUC SPECIAL TRANSPORTATION Lemire Roger Av lalexandrapk Lemishka Peter aAv 9be-J Leduc Tai Chi Association cemisnka A007 Lemishka SOAv Lemke Ralph 2l?'7n76 LEDUC TAILORS 5109 so st j-emoal Kevin st ^IxIooW 1 Leduc Town Centre Self Serve LeMoignan Dale ijbrownpiace 2 ojgj SOAv Lemoine A a 2oLofln O6 Lemon Kim Leney C a LEDUC TRAVEL HOUSE Leney G A Lengert 0 ' or LIMITED Lenos Nick RR St Lentz Alfred 4404 orn-0l71 i LentZ K a S 2o6.04S3 Fax Line Lentz S St os LEDUC TRDPHIES LTD St D fax line LEDUC TRUCK SERVICE LTD aSt Fax Line LEDUC TRUSS (1981) LTD Head Off Av Fax tine Leduc Twin Pizza BlackGoidDr LEDUC TWIN THEATRES St Evening Mgr Fax Line LEDUC VACUUM REPAIR SERVICES b51Av LEDUC VETERINARY HOSPITAL LTD St AFTER HRS EMERGENCY CALL Fax Line Leduc Victor 73NootkaRd LEDUC WALL FASHIDNS 4708 SOAv. 986-Dlll LEDUC WELLNESS CENTRE INC St Leduc West Antique Society Leduc Works Ltd II Busy Call LEDUC WORKS RESIDENTIAL INC 5904C50 SI Fax Lino Lee James D 62AipaughCr Lentz Sy)l06 46 St Lenz N ylinxl C» '9-.aAIO LEPPELMAN CLAUS DR St Vet LEPPELMANN KAREN DR vet , St LePretre 8 Le Roy M 4903 Leslie David 5506 S3 St Leslie John W RR2 Lesiie-Spinks M 12CamwoodEsts Q Lesperance Gerard St oh Lesperance Gerard St Lessing Lester Paul Letawsky E Letourneau Albert Av Letourneau B Letourneau Clifford ISBridgeportWynd.^g^^^^jg Letourneau H 44X Letourneau Joe St Letourneau Letrud Levang Ranee & Rudy Av gg.,4428 : Leverington Arthur J 5203 SlaSt 9go.5320 Leviton Mfg Sales Ofc Lewicki Lewin Simon Dr 159CameloiAv LEWIN SIMON DR PROF CORP Phiis 4721 ' Residence Levying Fred J RRSKavanagh - upajth Lewing Veterinary Services 8t Herd Lewis Al st Lewis Al Fax Lewis Christina i48wil!owparkests Lewis Contracting Ltd Fresh & Portable Water Trucks Lewis E BlackGoldDr Lewis E J & Ann 203RavineViilas Lewis G E Lewis Gordon St Killam _

21 80 LEDUC LEDUC Lewis H Lewis Howard Office Lewis Howard Office Lewis L St Lewis L St Lewis P 8r Massey I6 47 st Lewis Ralph 148Will0'.vPsrl<Ests Lewis Robert 4524a47Av Lewis Robert 4524a47Av Leyden Lloyd 140CamelotAv Leyden M Av Lheureux Camille 3609CaiedoniaDr L'Heureux Edward RR L'Hirondelle J L'Hirondeile Michael St L'Hirondelle S & R LIBERTY TAX SERVICE St Lichon Mathew Lickacz F RR Liddle A St Liden Robert 31 SoutfiParkOr Lidkea Ross Av Lidkea Russell RR Liebrecht Barrie SouttiVistas Liebrecht Harold Av Lien D Lien Ken Liepert Don ooalexanderdt Light Chris & Kerrie Av Lima Grain Canada Av Fax Line Lind Terrence Av Lindahl S & S Lindberg A Lindberg Laverne Av Lindberg Laverne Av Lindberg R E Av Lindegger K Lindemulder Henry 7AllenPiace Lindenback S Lindenback Stephen Fax Lindgren Gordon Lindholm David Av Lindsay Andrew Av Lindsay C aAv Lindsey P Lindstrom E R 34 SouthParkOr Link Allen Link James St Linsford Park School St Fax Line Lions Club Of Leduc-Campground Htvy623E Lister W Litchfield C Literacy Helpline (NoChargeDiai) Litke Al Litke Brent Litke Dwight 23fjiohawkCr Litke Edwin 4202 SouthParkDr Little Barry & Donna 75MohawkCr Little Barry & Donna 75MohawkCr Little C Little C 81 S St Little Gerald 44NootkaRd Little Gordon aAv Little J Little Joseph 27Arm5trongCr LITTLE OTTERS DAYCARE CENTRE LTD 4409BlackGo!dDr Little P Computer Little Patrick Little Scott Little W T AV Littlewood C 8t K 57ArmstrongCr Littman Darryl St f Littman E Littmann M 30ApacheCr Litwin John A Av Living H C Box49 Site9RR Livingston Glenn St Lizee C St Lloyd Arnold t ^ I lovd G Lo Kno Pia aAv Location 2000 Transportation Inc Civ I ino - yoo AO inrl^teadh LoS N tsfstom C ls manieiota Logan D SSCanmbellRd , Logan Earl i UWillov/ParkEsts i Logan J Logan James F Logan James F Logan Jeff st Logan L 123TelfordCrt Logodin D aSt Lonndorf Dennis St Loken L ValleyviewEsts Loken M L Loney John V loocameiotav Long F A» Long Harry H 4101 SoutliParkDr Long L Long Randy 217TeHordCrt Long T BlackGoldDr Longtin C E Loomis C E 125RavineVilias Loomis C E Fax Loonie 8r Toonie Plus St Loose G RRl Lopatynski R Lorenson John & Marie 126RavineVillas Lorenson Rob Lorenson Roger & Sonia Lorentz Alex 120LakesidePlace Lorentz Michael 7CamelotAv Lorentz Murray Lorentz Norman RRl Lorenz Dennis Lorenz Dennis St Lorenz Det St Loretta's Draperies- See Lauretta's Draperies Ltd Lorimer V M Av Lorinczy V Losing R & S aAv Lother Robert St Lother Robert St Lott M J Loucks Keith St Lougheed A Lougheed Allen Lourance P Loustel Chuck Loustel W 8< B Lovell Philip H Lovell Philip H Lowe D & L 44CampbellRd Lowie John RR Lowie John RR Lowie T Lowrie D J Av Lozeau Clem 20AllenPlace Lozinski E Av Lubben Nico 14NootkaRd Lube City Av If Busy Call Luc Hien B7MeadowviewDr Lucas N Luchak Barry 35AlpaughCr Luchak R 27WllliamBellDr LUCHAK WRIGHT WNUK CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS Av uciak Orest 4CayugaSt uciak Orest 4Cayug3St uck H uck M uck Randy ukan Kiply 63CorintWaDr ukashyk Maryon INootkaRd uke Russell A» undgren D & W 28NootkaRd undy B R 68NootkaRd unsford L D Rollyview ussier F Box37NewSarepta ussier F Fax Line ussier Rene 8AiiiapaskanDr ust M ust Phil uten F RR uten F RR utgen Ted bAv LUTHERAN CHURCH-PEACE (E L C I C) St Lutz C Lutz George W Boxl27Nisku Lutz Julius lobcoriiithiadr Lutz R 4326a53 St Lutz S Lutz S Lux E Luzny D 36io 44 st Lyall M A 70HaidaAv Lyda L Lynch Charles 25fdobergRd Lynch M & A 48CampbellRd Lynch M & A Fax Lynch Robert 56Willov;ParkEsts Lynch W & L St Lynch Willard Lynch Willard Fax Lyndon Sylvia aSt l406 Lynn B A aSi Lynn C 107TeltordCrt Lyon D Lyon Wayne D St Lyttle Perry Av M C L WASTE SYSTEMS MAPLETHORPE CONTRACTORS LTD Av Wetaskiwin Edmonton Customers Direct Line (No Charge) M C N Construction St If Busy Call M/D Totco MSA Publishing Inc Box If Busy Call Fax Line M & T Tong Repair Ltd Av Fax line Macaulay Calvin Av Macaulay T MacDonald D J 13AndersonCrt MacDonald D & M MacDonald Evertt Macdonald G lbAv MacDonald H 23CayugaSt MacDonald H 23C3yugaSt Macdonald K MacDonald Kerry Macdonald N MacDonald R Fax MacDonald R J Av MacDonald Reg & Linda 2CampbellRd MacDonald Robert L l20williambeildr Maceyovski Karl Ay MacFarlane I St MacFarlane Peter 51NootkaRd MacGregor M Av MacGurry Patrick St Machel V 20CamelotAv Maciborsky Errol St Maciborsky Ray St Maciejewski M 4311 SouthParkOr Maciejko H Maclntyre E 33WiiiowParkEsts Mack Canada Inc Mack Doug Mack Garry Mackenzie David a5t Mackenzie F aAv Mackenzie Kim i2i4obergrd Mackenzie Pat Maclean D Maclean Don st Maclean K 76WiiiowParkEsts Maclean K ZOWillowParkEsts Maclean Neil St Maclean T L loskingsfieldvilge Maclean Todd & Tania MacLellan Annis 81 SouthParkDr MacLellan Paul & Terry St Macleod D MacMillan David MacMillan Glen locaprird MacNeil Don RR MacNeil Jack St MacNeil Jack St Macphail Sharon Av Macphail Sharon !)Av MacPherson K I02b44l2 50 St MacPherson T Macris Chriostomos Av MacWhirter Frank MacWhirter Frank Macyk L Madarash Ray llowiiiowparkests Madden G A 74BellaCoolaDr Madden K Madigin M Madsen Richard 2HuronDr Madsen Richard 2HorDnDr Madu D Madu Ferdinand ] OAltonDr Madu M aSt Madu Ray & Kathy Ay Maduke Gordon Tf'"" MADUKES SHOP EAS^?- FOODS W Magee Harvey W t Magnan Adrian Magnan Angela Magnan Angela Magnan Angela Magnan Cafvin Magnan Gilbert RRl Slte3Box3 Magnan Gilbert Fax Magnan R 63t.iohawkCr ' 9 S 2!a^ jo vso-iiy; MAGNAN VACUUM TRUCK SERVICE Maguire Alexander Av W Mahner K E st Mahoney Derek Mahood J Mahood Jim RR2 Mainse David socaprird 986-8SS MAJESKI JOAN PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION 30LeducTownCentre Fax line Maieski Larry bAv Ma eski Larry bAv Makowichuk T & C Makowichuk T 8r C Maksymec R Maksymec Roy Maksymic Chris 77NootkaRd ^ Maland Carol 47b44l9 46 St Maland Paul Malbranck C Malec Julia Mae Ilp47l6 SOAv Malec L Malin Bill RollyView ^ Malin Brian st Malley Trevor & Laura 28CamelotAv Malloy J Malloy Michael lAv Malo 5 Maloney W Fax Maloney Wm M Maltals Laurent Maltais Vincent RR2 Manca Richard J St Manca Rob St Manchak Angela 2l9TelfordCrt Manchak M Manchak R Manchak S l28aitonor Manchak Terry Mandel Franz W RR2NewSarept Mandric George isbeliacooladr Mandseth Randy ssnootkard Maneschyn C lAw Mangelsen Gordon 69AlexanderDr ' Mangeison Fred St Manite Ronald E 986-5^6 Mann Agnes 9CayugaSt Mann Ron 55 SouthParkDr Mansell Paul OMulienCrt Mantel A A SOAItonDr Mantel E aA» Manuel D Manuel Donald Mapplebeck Gloria aAv 980-0^ Mapplebeck Lyie Mapplebeck LyIe Bsmt aAu Mar-Quinn Industries Ltd 7115 SparrowDr Fax Line Marceau Freti Marchand Don 5106 ssav ^ Marcinkoski D S MARCOS KAREN DRd Av Marechal J C 3HuronDr Marfleet Keith st Marin E OlvicKayCrt Markel Les Markham Ray st Markiwsky Ken Av Markovich John 986-SS49 Marks G SIHcLeodCr S Marks Peter aAy

22 [~~lt^advef is,,swvir». 7nn. tjafleau'rc)!! Marlein S 202 4An? ""N " MbN7kEVsT WE CAM Maron Maron N Mafsden C^R Marsh W ' " H'l SlAltonOr Marsh Marshall Dean ai'i Marshall Ken 52?^ Marshall Kin Comnml^' Marshall Uonarn [Jarshall rx?!" St Marsollier Raymonrt "artel Brian 3?oa dn» Martel Brian "Sa as?" Martel Wavne a inl Martel Yvon a Marten D 214 4s?nT '''*' herplace Martin A Martin Martin Martin D 1 iivs c' ?l!r!i!ii&Wo7"T2' Ut'itl? Martin ds" M ^"'"a^shct Martin Donald Martin Emma 114 cv, a.a Martin H 9BaJ«i Martin John ^ A Martin KT ^^^PacheCr Martin M i dvva Martin M Fax Martin M H LVroV, Martin P "001 S Martin R " Martin Robert i op 7 a, Martin S 'SamberPlace SSSS: I Kick ^"^UCKING LTD Marwick T Mlse/^fS'"9^«^Sparrow0r:::::^ Macor r Maser PJavBrownPlace Maskoske Cyril rr2 ' s'-gi oslr^yoa MaskSskI mo^koske cynl Cvrt! Fax MaskoskI Maskoske Edward ^ICapriRd 31CapriRd Maskoske Ryan Maskoskm MapkSck T Larry RRiMillei Z Maskoskie Larry Faxline Maslyk Ronald Av Mason D 8t L St Masonic Hall A» Massey D Mfssey Kathy I :::::::::n986-i398 Massner Herbert St t,?!'' St Masters William L Masur Clara A» "3theos M, Malnef R C 5210 siast Mathias Stewart lorichdaleor Mathison Donald A 56AiexanderDr Mathison Donald A Faxline Matijon B ISBakerPlace Matl on P Matiowski M Matlock H Be a LOCAL HERO Volunteer in your community Matter A L Matter Herbert L Av Matter Lavern H RRl Matter Neil Matter Neil RR MATTER NEIL WATER SERVICE RR Matthews Chris Matthews Chris Faxline Matthews Gary OOWIIIiamBellDr Matthews Lyie 986-b073 Matthews Nolan Matthews S 32BeliaCooiaDr Matthews S 32BellaCool3Dr Mattice D 45 SouthparkDr Mattiussi N Mattock John E Av MATTRESS MATTRESS LEDUC 'IZOS 50Av Mattson Owen Av Mattson S Mauger Melvin Maunier George 22lTelfordCrt Maurier R D Maxwell Terrance 4CarroilCrt May B Av May Marvin aAv May Vincent bAv Mayer B St Mayiz Enterprises St Fa* Line Mayne Jim 14CamelotCr Mazur Ivan lindavistaests McAllister G ZlArmstrongCr McAllister Mary 123WillowParkEsts McAloney S McAmmond A McAmmond D Av McAmmond D E 4WillowParkEst$ McAmmond Don BOBeliaCoolaDr McAmmond Hazel St McAmmond M McAmmond M McAmmond Uriah B McArdle Corey 4524b47Av McAusland Rob Av McAvena Kevin McAvena M McBain Kevin aAv McBain L McBain L St McBride L & R McBride Mike McBride R W Av McCafferty N Av McCaffrey Andrea McCallum K McCallum Tim Av McCandless Art St McCandless Art St McCarthy J & B McCarthy Jody McCartney A McCartney A McCasIn Frank McClaflin T McClements Calvin McConnell Douglas RR4 SherwoodPark McConnell S A» McConnell T 8 C McCool Kevin McCoppen David 54MeadowviewOr McCormack R J 40l st McCormick B McCoshen R G McCoy K St McCoy L & K St McCracken R 4lMcLeodCr McCrae B McCrae E R McCrae M McCrae Mike St M McDonald R P 69ArmstrongCr McDonald R P 69ArmstrongCr McDonald Robert & Georgina LEDUC LEDUC 81 McLean Shane bAv McLennan Ron 48WilliamBeliDr McLeod F MCDONALD'S RESTAURANTS = ::::: MCLEOD GEO A SHEET McDonough M J Av METAL 8f PLUMBING McDougall C SouthParkDr QOT'^ I TH McDougall G 55WillowParkEsts LIU McDougall I St McDougall Leslie st McDougall Lisa aAv McDougall Megan McDowell Grant Rev St McEachern Lyn 102BridgeportWynd McEwan Alex 153WillowParkEsts McEwan Alexander Jr McEwan Brian Av McEwen D McEwen D McEwen N McEwen N Fax McEwen Steve McFarlane Debbie McGarvey Leanne st McGill Allyn 303TelfordCrt McGill D & T 220TelfordCrt McGill David & Lana McGillis M McGillis P McGillivray David St McGowan E McGowan Ed & Jan McGowan Laurence Av McGrath Ron Av McGrath Ron Aw McGreevy N McGreevy William McGregor Wm 65WillowParkEsts McGuire C bSt McGuire K McHarg David W laSt McHenry J St Mcllvride R Rollyvlew Mclnnis D Av Mclnnis F St Mclntosh Corey Av Mclntosh James W st Mclntosh John A Mclntosh Robert Mclntosh Ron Av Mclntyre D C Av Mclntyre Rod Mclsaac D 194WillianiBellDr Mclver Allan J St Mclver K St Mclver K St MCKAY ANDERSON LawjfTS 7 OleducT ownecentre MCKAY ARNOLD Lawyr 70LeducTowiieCentre McKay G St McKay James 86AlionDr McKay Louise Mrs Aw McKee A McKenzie C McKenzie C McKenzie K Av McKenzie L McKettrick Frank 64WillowParkEsts McKilligan M C RR2NeivSarepta McKinley M McKinney Evelyn BlackGoldDr McKinney Leslie McKinney Maurice Bo* McKinney Robert McKinney Ron McKinney S Av After Hours Call Res After Hours Call Res McLeod J C St McLeod James 8i Grace 4301 SouthParkDr McLeod M McLeod Murray 8i Elaine BOWillowParkEsts McLeod Scott st McLeod T 39BellaCoolaDr McLeod Terry McMahon Tom McMahon Tom McManus Greg 4408 SlaSt McManus Keith McManus M McManus S Av McMillan C & B McMillan Ron 49ApactieCr McMillian L Av McMullan Mike McMullen C McMullen J ll Av McMullen James Av McMullen Larry 22CapriRd McMullin D 4317 SouthParkDr McMullin D 4317 SouthParkDr McNair P McNalley R H Looma McNally G & K Av McNalty L Rollyview McNary Darol 27McLeodCr McNeal A McPeake J locampbellrd McPhail Charles 8i Diane St McPhee Angus 22CampbeliRd McPhee G St McPhee S McRae Bill McRae H i McRae M D McWilliam Arlene ibSt Mead Stuart ; Mead Stuart Fax Line Meade Elmer RR Meade Elmer rr Meade K Meaden Richard st \ Meadows Don bAv Medi-Drugs Av Meek Marleen l6caprird Meek Marleen l6caprird Meeks Allan D 43McLeo(ICr Megley Curtis & Tanya 34HuronDr Mehlen A Meidinger OIlie Meier G Meier Manfred Meier W aAv Melenka Darcy Av Melenka Darcy Av Meleshko H G Melin D Meller A Av Mellick Michael St Mellings Mike lbSt Melnychuk Nick t Melnychuk Peter 8o*6 Site205RR2NewSarepta Melnyk Alyssa Av Melnyk Dave St Melnyk John D Av ckinney Melton V Av McCubbIng R McKinney S A l2mcleodcr Memory Lane Scrapbook Supplies McCulloughCM McKinnon D aAv aAv McDonaltJ A 201a44l4 50 St ? McLachlin Peter Menifee M Fax McDonald Ewen & Ellen McLachlin Peter 24NootkaRd MENTAL HEALTH CLINIC McDonald F R 76NootkaRd McLauchlin Cody St St McDonald Ian McLaughlin Coire McDonald Janette Mercer D McLaughlin E 3CamelotPlace McDonald Janette Mercer Tony & Jennifer McLaughlin Kevin McDonald Lloyd St Mercredi M McLean J McDonald M Merinsky E McLean M McDonald Merv Merrill G McLean M Merritt David Av McLean Robert D 49BridgeportWvnd Merritt R & J St Every Hello Is A Gootj Buy McLean Messier M D aAv McLean S Messner Edward Av

23 I 82 LEDUC LEDUC Meston Bruce SAipaughCr Metcalfe Rick & Trudy St Methereli B bAv Metherell B bAv Metz 6 R Av Metz Tom St Meyer Brian Av Meyer Brian Fax Line Meyer Darin 47CorinthiaDr Meyer G IIHohavjkCr Meyer Henry iscaiedoniadr Meyer John St Meyer K Meyer M Meyer M Meyer M Meyer Mike OHuronDr Meyer T Meyer T Fax Line MEYER'S DRIVING SCHOOL LTD St Meyn Harvey Av Meyn Herbert Av Meyn Wes St Meziere B R Meziere Ernie Michaels Anthony 23BraclburyPiace Michalsky Kevin St Michalyk Richard bAv Michaud Rene 22WilliamBellDr Michaud Robert MID-WEST DRILLING LTD St (Mo Charge Dial) Fax Line Midbo N Middleton T Midgley R Midgley Robert SSCampbeliRd MIDLAND MOBILE HOME PK Millet Mieike Allen Mieike C Mieike Keith MIKE'S HOME APPLIANCE (LEDUC) LTD St Fax Line Mikolajczyk b Mikolajczyk D Fax Milke V St Mill Howard aSt Miller Austin Miller C Miller D E Av Miller DM Miller D M OBakerPlace Miller Derek Miller Don Miller Douglas RR Miller Ertman Miller Ervin SdMeadowviewDr 986-3o6U Miller Eugene J 4306 loast Miller Fred W St Miller Fred W St Miller Gillian 12CHerttageVillas Miller Gordon & Joyce 58WilliamBellDr 980-JJ11 Miller Greg & Kelly St Miller J Miller d 0 OOCamelotAv Z Miller J & P Miller John Mac ^ 21 WiliiamBradbtiryPlace ^5 Miller Kim ^575 Miller Larry Miller Lester 187WilliamBellDr Miller M Miller Michael IBakerPlace 986-2/15 Miller N ; Miller Paul 4112 SouthParkOr 98o'3493 Miller S G OBakerPlace Ofio'sogl Miller Tim 24CapriRd Miller V & K 53Bridgepoi-tWynd Milley Bob & Joan 63AlexanderDr Milliano J S S an miiii 10^290.4,newaR.) Mills Ronald Rollyview Mimnagh A Aqa Mimnaugh Wayne Minchau Allan R St Minde D Mingo L Mingo L Av Mingo Lynne St MINTZ & CHOW Laivyrs Leduc Town Centre Aw MINUTE MUFFLER & BRAKE AV Miracle Works Av Fax Line Mishio Marvin G ISAdamicCr Missel N E Missel N E Mitchell A Mitchell Curtis Av Mitchell D Mitchell D A Mitchell Elwood 37ArmstrongCr Mitchell Geoff 23AthapaskanDr Mitchell Gord Av Mitchell Marcel D Mitchell Richard 203RavineVillas Mitchell Mitchell 5 IMullenCrt Mitchell S IMullenCrt Mitchelmore K 42WilliamBellDr Mitchelmore Kevin Children's Phone Mittelstadt Edwin RR Mittelstadt G Rollywiew Mittelsteadt Irene Mix Lome Mix Reuben 708 4S06 47Av Mix Terry Box Moberg Darcy Moel P & C Moeller Ron OSBeiiaCooiaOr Mogensen B Mohawk Leduc Full Service Av Mohl A 205a St Moll Dale Mollison James R Av Molsberry Curtis Molzahn B Molzan B 32b44i9 45 St Molzan Leo aAv Molzan Marvin RR Molzan Marvin Faxline Monaghan Jackie Monaghan Jackie Monahan Ken 27CapriRd tilonilaws Tom SOWilllamBellDr..., Monilaws Tom SOWilllamBellDr Monk Bryan St Monk Dee Monk Wendy Av Monkman Noble 4129 SouthParkDr Monsma G bAv Monsour G Montes G RollyVlew Montgomery H 119 SlAltonDr Montney James OCayugaSt Montpetit K SI Monty Calvin Aw Moody L loaiexanderdr Moore Barry E SSNootkaRd Moore Broderick 49AlexanderDr Moore Bruce Av Moore Bruce Av Moore Bruce st Moore Helen Moore J M 164WilliamBellDr Moore Neil Moore V Moores B 302 5D02BlackGoldDr Moran V Morawski Dennis Morawski Rick Morawski Rick Moreau D & S aAv Moreland K llcamelotcr Moreland K licameiotcr Morfitt R Morgan Kevin Morgan R Morgan Roxanne aAv Morin Gilbert BoxSBeaumont Morin Guy Morin H RR Morin H Faxline RR Morin Jack B lochlppeward Moritz J Morneau Richard SdUellaCoolaDr Moross Allan St Moross K Moross P A 429TelfordCrt Moroz Walter Morrell D L Av Morrell Darryl L Av Morrell's Trucking A» Morrey Peter St Morris D Fax Morris David Av Morris Gilbert W 42McLeodCr Morris S Morris W David Morrow Dan bAv Morrow J Morrow Jack Av Morse Gerald St Mortemore E 43ArmstrongCr Mortensen E RRl Mortensen E Fax Morton J Mortson Guy Av Mortson Guy Av Moscicki Steve Av Moser T Moser T Moss A Moss Angela RR2Valley»iev.'Ests Moss H N Av Moss S BCamelotAv MOTOR VEHICLES ISSUING OFC LEDUC Ay Moulding J RR Moussa Ken Yehia 46WiliiamBellDr Moussa Mohammed ICrostviewPlace Moussa Ziad Ed l03wiiiiambeiidr Mowbray D Muddle Garth bAv Muddle R G bAv Mudryk Dale 53AlpaughCr Mudryk Peter 49ArmstrongCr Mueller Eric Av Mueller Gordon Mueller Ian i58caipeiotav Muff Milo Av Muff Milo Av Mugford Dave A» Mugford P Muir R E RR Muir Robert J RR Mulder Pete Muldoon Les OMohawkCr MULHOLLAND J B OR St Mullen G W Box29 SltelRR MULLEN TRUCKING INC St Fax Line Mullin Shane Multi Spectrum Coatings Bay St Multi Spectrum Home Decor Bays St Mundy A Mundy J Munro Angus St Munro Lyie W 32ArmstrongCr Munro S Av Munson Jim I03b44l2 50 St Munz Randy 13AichcrPlace Murphy B Murphy B RR Murphy E t Murphy Ernie 29ApacheCr Murphy Gerard 35AdamicCr Murphy Harvey lllcamelotav ? Murphy J Murphy J Murphy J 4205 llbst Murphy K Murphy K & R Murphy R J Murphy R J Murphy Rob 38ApaciieCr Murphy Robert 20NotreDameCr Murphy Steve Av Murphy Steve A» Murphy Steve Fax MURPHY'S R V SERVICING INC Bays3,4, SI Fax line Murray D 12 SotithParkDr Murray Donald Av Murray Gilbert E Av Murray Guy 43CorinlhiaDr Museum- Sec f.cdur & Dialrict Historical Socielu Museum Antiques St Mushynsky George Box Musson G K CafwCgSZOOT 85305' TEtUSAl)veiM 952r Musteca Musteca Mike Mutch Gordon Mutch Gordon Muth Mychalyshyn Elsie Myer Myers A Myers Myers D Children's Line Myers Graham Myers Myers Robert Myler Don Myrfield Myrhaugen H 4716 Myshak Brian Myshak Rodney N R L Lighting Products Ltd 98O-OOOS St Nacaarato Guisepp st Nadeau S Nagel Jim NAIDOO D B DR P/iys St ; NAIL MECHANIC THE ^ Naismith R & D Nako Gordon llllialsoneitevtlge Nay W A Naylor D 1 scaledonladr Nazarenko H L Box5332 StnMn Nazarenko M Neary Roy Neddow Jerry Nederlof Ron Av.._.w Nedcrlof Sheldon Av S Needham G J Needham James Needham T & f Needham Wendy & Jin Needham Wendy & Jim Neigum Neiii H ;;; Neilsen John Neilsen John 511S SS Neilson Carol 3806 " Neiman Arnold A Neiman Dennis Rkl -.taj ; Neiman Dennis G Av Neiman Neiman Perry RRl Neiman Neiman Neiman Vivian ; I 'litn cg it Neiman William 411 5U Nein Richard Neitsch Harry st Neitsch Harry j,,!; Nelner Wes Boxll Site2lRRl Nelson A E Av Nillon G &'f ^fstapcirewsav 988;^ Nelson Jiiji Nelson K Nelson K & L mx.xis Nelson Ken SOCametotAv--.- ^ Nelson Leonard A Nelson Nelson Nemec 9S? {lit Nemedy A 5118 ^86-lW Nemedy - 6 9" r Nemedy Richard a W Nemedy Richard 4620 isast 9 5-W Nemet D & J Av 980-^ Nerdahl Roy aAv 986-SW Nesdoly Robert go? Nesom Travis 78CaledoraaDr vse Nesom Travis 7aC3ledoniaDr 9b6 ^ Nesskving ;:::;:::;:;:986-o3A) Ness Nessler Eckhard qsa.losi iw Nessler Nessler Richard 510 Nessler Richard Jr Roliywew 986-3^ Nessler Wesley Nesvold Tim Neufeld Allan SBeilaCoolaDr Neufeld Allan R BBellaCoolaDr ^ Neufeld Anne aAv Neufeld C 1 Ot.tcKayCrt Neufeld C R llbohlmanclose 986-0S6S Neufeld Clint lomckaycn? Neufeld D Neufeld D H Av Neufeld Dean iilcoriiuhiadr Y86-6S73

24 65305 ' TELUSAOverlninn Sc.-i, LEDUC LEDUC 83 Neufeld H Nolte Gordon ')4WilliamBellDr Oleksiw R OBohlmanClose Packolyk J Av Neufeld M ^"'' Noonan A Oliver Brian 67MohawkCr Packolyk John St Neufeld Mikp' ii i, '; Nordquist E Oliver Carol Paddison Michael I NeS iln Nordquist K Oliver H last Padgham L I NeZvr I Nordstrom R W Bo«3aRR2 5itel Oliver I ISNootkaRd Padgham Len 45ApacheCr Norenberg Ken 53ArrastrongCr Oliver M & P Padleki Paul SVArmstrongCr ' &^r Diane:::::: tlts Neveu Roland 45McLeodCr,.980 North Ruth st Olivier Phil bAv Page Tom 425TelfordCrt vou-8368 North West Crane Ltd Olivier Phil bAv Page Tom Fax ^ Inc Ollenberg H lg9maisonettevillage jjewcombe Richard K si Newman B Newman Bonita Newman Bonita Newman G st Newman Herb 33ApacheCr Newman T Newman Thomas l st Newnham J P sswilliambeildr Newns William Bok Newns William Box Ng Paul 2BamberPlace NG PAUL DR Dent Bayl Av Fax Line Npuyen Thuy st Nichol F Nicholl Hayward Nichols Brad Av Nichols E Ed 490B SlAv Nichols E Ed Fax Nickel Sandy St Nickless Allan Av Nickless Allan Fax Nickoleff Wayne 62CamelotAv Nicoll K aAv Nicoll K aAv Nider Jerry Nielsen M Nielsen T Nielsen T Faxline Night Owl- See Knight Lock & Safe Ltd Night Rhythms Adult Video...I'P.aSlAv Njkolai Ed St Ni son Ray St Nilsson Byron Nimchuk S Nimmon P & j 5319 ssav Nimmon P & j a» Ninian G A 14AndersonCri NISKU/ALLSTAR TOWING Dispatcli Fax Line NISKU AUTOIVIGTIVE REPAIR SERVICES LTD St Nisku N«k" Electric Ltd st 986^2333 NISKU GIANT TRUCK WASH NISKU GLASS LTD Bay St Nisku Nisku Inn & Conference Centre..ll" 1 SI NISKU MINI MART HiskuTruckStop Fax Line NISKU SAFETY SUPPLY & SERVICE LTD (NoChargeDial) NISKU TRUCK STOP LTD 8018 SparrowOr Service Centre Fax Line NISKU TRUCK STOP RESTAURANT & PUB Reslauram Pub Of (Ice Shifter's Pool Hall tucky 7's Lounge Uitz R BOWilliamBellDr Noble D 25CamelotAv Noble Drilling (Canada) Ltd St Noble Mark 75 SouthParkOr Noblett Robert Av Noel Ralph RR2Miiiei Nolle G 8r A Fax SparrowDr If Busy Call Northern Stephen Northam Stephen Northam Stephen 400B 37Av Northcott Northcott B Fax Norton R Computer Norton Robert lloravinevillas Norton Robert A Jr Norton Tamara st Nosyk Dennis SWilliamBradburyPlace Nosyk Dennis SWiinamBradburyPlace Notenbomer Allen Notre Dame School 66 SouthParkDr Novacaska M Novak W Novus Auto Glass Repair & Replacement Nowell John lbSt Noyes M Av Nunn H St Nunn J R NUTTER'S BULK & NATURAL FOODS 4720 SlAv Fax Line Ollson B Olmstead Glen 47MohawkCr Olmsted A R bsapachecr Olsen A Olsen A Olsen B llbkingsfieldvilge Olsen Bob bAv Olsen D Olsen Eleanor OLSEN JOAN CERTIFIED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT t Olsen K Dr St OLSEN K DR Phys St Olsen Orvil Av Olsen P Olsen Rolland L Av Olson Andrew 0 40 SouthParkDr Olson Bernard Av Olson Bruce 114Lak8sidePlace Olson Bruce Faxline Olson I M St Olson M Olsonberg L Av Oman Donald Ombudsman- Alberta Edraonton One Stop Repair Shop Av O'Neill P Onyskiw Ernest 128RavineVillas Onysyk K 8i C Av Nykiforuk Jeffery st Opdendries Dick 82AltonDr Nystrom E Opitz William 116MaisonetteVilge J PIPELINES OPTOMETRISTS CLINIC St! Nisku St Fax line Orcutt Donald RR Shop Orr L E lochippevvard Shop Fax Orthodox Reformed Church Of RMS Welding Edmonton Edmonton RMS Fax Ortiieb Paul K TIRE STORE LEDUC Ortwein Lome SI Oryx Industries Ltd St Fax line Fax Line Osborne G E GTS AUTO ELECTRIC LTD Osborne Inez St Nisku Oscar Daniel St Oasis Water Service Box Oscar J O'Bray M 81 T Oscar Trov Av Obuck Ginette Av Osetsky M O'Connor Shane Osetsky M O'Dea John Oskoboiny B St Odiand K Osmak J Odiand T SSCamelotAv Osmak J Oeike Hans Ostapowich M 120CamelotAv O'Farrell N Ostapowich Wayne l20camelotav O'FARRELL'S CONCRETE SERVICE Ostashek K St LTD St Oster Robert Fax Line Oster Robert Fax O'Flaherty J Av O'Sullivan Kenneth 7BakerPlace O'Greysik A & S Av Oswald D O'Hara B Oswald Sam & Alma 210RavineVillas O'Hara R RRI Oswald X"""!)! Shawn Jl'i'ir" V, k; voo-yuvb Ohimann Darrell St Oswald Walter R Av Ohimann Doug Oszust Barry 49NootkaRd Ohimann Edward Oue et Roger Ohimann Electric Oue ette Bernard Ohimann Glen Ouellette J 8t M 42AiexanderDr Ohimann Herb RR E«'ie T 305Telf^^^ Ohimann Herb Fax Ohimann Len Ohimann M L l44corinthiadr Ohimann Mark Ohimann Myron Boxi Ohimann Myron RR Ohimann Paul rr Ohimann Ray RR Ohimann Ray RR Ohimann Ron Av Ohimann S Ohimann Steve RR2 Ohimann T BlackGoldDr Ohrn D L Av Ohrn David aAv Oil City Motors Inc St Fax tine O'Keefe Dorothy-Anne Av Okrainetz Corey Olafson J M ISChlppewaRd Old Buzzard's Mini Storage & RV Parking 7019 SparrowDr Oldenburg Ewalt RRl Oldenburg Glen OUTLAW MOTORSPORTS Av Ovelson Richard ll2cameiotav Overwater Paul RlchdaleEsts Owens J Av Owens Larry Av Owens Mary 304Tel(ordCrt Owens Roland lAv Owens Tamllyn aAv Owerko Garry st Owerko Joe 107RavineVilias Owerko Ron & Mary Anne bAv Owre Jim st Owre Lester 52WillowparkEsts Oxford D 78CorinthiaDr Pachal R H Av Pacha! Walter st PACIFIC PERFORATING PRODUCTS INC St PACK-ALL CRATING 1996 Bay St Fax Line Pahl A St PAHL BRIAN R tawyr St Pahl C st Pahl Harvey RRl Pain Gary 28ChippewaRd Palnchaud L Paint Ball Action Games Paish W 57MohawkCr Palechuk Steve Av Palichuk David Palichuk David 212RavineVillas Paliwoda Andy J 4111 SouthParkDr Palmer Rod 27NootkaRd Pambrun J PANAGO PIZZA Pizza Order Line For All Locations 5005 SlAv I Panagopoulos Pizza- See Panago Pizza I Panich Rudy Panich Vic 3604CaledoniaDr i Panich Vic 3604CaiedoniaDr Pankewicz R Pankiw M 34AdamicCr Pankiw W Pantzer William Av I ; Papley Darren i PAPLEY DRILLING rr ! Papley J : Papley Ken rr2 Papley Robert ^ Papley Robert Fax Papp L Papp Louie 4210 SouthParkDr i Paquette Darryl , Paquette L D st PAR-TEE GOLF LEDUC st Paradis Marc St Paradis Trevor Paradise D J Services Cellular ' Paradise Hot Tub Rentals Ltd Cellular Randy Cellular Gord Paras Dwight lobamberpiace : Paras Dwight lobamberplace ! Parchoma Raymond & fwarle Paredes D ' Paredes D C 62MeadovvviewDr i Parent G R Parent Roy 49Meado\wiew0r i Parenteau P lAv i Park C i Park C St Park G ' Park Ralph 43l5a48 St Park Robertson St Parker Dale \ Parker Dale i Parker Reg Parker S P , Parker Y St PARK'N FLY Reservations Accepted St Parks 8t Rec Plus 5904c50 St I Fax tine Parolin B L SBIackwellCrt Parr Grant i7ch>ppeward i Parson D 548ellaCoolaDr : Parsons B 414TelfordCrt Parsons B H Parsons S Pascuzzo David B 46AlpaughCr Pascuzzo Michael 154CorinthiaDr Pasula John St Pasula L ! Pasut ; PAT & CEC'S AUTO REPAIR LTD Av i Fak line : Paterson D & L 39Alpaugl)Cr Paterson D & L Fax Patlrquin L Patras J Patrick 6 SOMohawkCr

25 84 LEDUC LEDUC Patrick Jennifer 52HaidaAv Patriquin Bud 5219 SlaSt Patriquin Larry 3919 AlAv Patterson Brock St Pattison D B Patton Robert St Pattyson B Patzer H 3SHuronDr Paul Dale llswiiiowparkests Paul J Paul M Paul M St Paul S Paul Shannon aAv Paulgaard J Pauls G & R St Paulson A E 122WilliamBellDr Paulson A E 122WilliamBellDr Paulson Darcy RR Paulson Dean St Paulson E A Av Paulson Leroy 12WilliamBellDr Paulson Lyie St Pawlick A 223RavineVillas Pawlick Dean Av Pawlick Walter loswillowparkests Pawlyk Phillip 12WilliamBradburyPlace Pay P 33AthapaskanDr Payjack B Payne Danny St Payne Danny Fax Payne Douglas N llcamelotpiace Payne N Payne Neil oot cut Site9Box23RRl SoutttEdmonton / Payne R Payne Reginaid i St Payne Robert St Peace Lutheran Church St Busy Call Peak Swine Genetics Inc St Fax Line W Pearce Bob Pearson D S C bAy Pearson F M Bsmt St Pearson Lloyd Av Pearson Michael E Pearson Vernon Leroy Av Pearson Walter 14BakerPlace Pearson Warren St Pork R 986-/3Ub pick R St piddle Rav :.ZZ:Z Peden Ian H qia'ioi? Pedersen B / Pedersen Biarne Kavanagh 980-i/vd Pedersen Blaine & Debbie i:a7a St Pedersen Harry V iaSt Pedersen Ronald Av Pederson Doug A^' Pederson E W Pederson K S 157CametotAv Peel Don Av Peeling Robert aSt Peeling Robert aSt Peeters Antonius aAv 986-/568 Pekarchik John 71MohawkCr / Pelletier C 37AlpaughCr 986-/845 Pelletier Dave 51HuronDr 986-/4/5 Pelletier W Penner Jeff Penner Ron St 986-9/63 Pennington B Pennock N 64MeadowviewDr 980-3U/3 Pepin Darryl Peppard G A Av Pepper Barry 213Ravin0Villas 986-/96/ Pepper Wm St Pequin George i2boninplace 986-8/84 Perepeluk Bernie 19AltonDr PerlitZ P BAv Perlitz R bAv Perrin Howard Valleyviev/Ests Perrv D / Perry David & Susan Perry Perry L Av Perschbacher Perschbacher B 56MohawkCr Pesti V PET ZONE THE «05a50Av^ _, PETER PAN CHILD CARE CENTRES BaSI oa7 rtit Peters I SI 986-8/2/ Peters Jerry loaihapaiikaiiur 986-0/52 Peters Ken l OACanmintAv /3 Peters T Peters Tom SuutWarkDr Peters Wm ririo 47av Petersen G Petersen K 72CorinthiaDr Peterson Graham aAv Peterson M Av Peterson S a H st Petite Robert PETRA CONTRACTING Av Fax Line Petrie C llokingsheldvilge Petrie John E 64AlpaughCr 986-S Petrie John E 64AipaiighCr Petrie Matt Petrie R PETRO-CANADA Bulk Service Station Av Petryga Dan 21CapriRd Pettersen F Pettifer A Rollyvieiv Pettifcr Al Pettifer K Pettigrew J Pettinger G 120CorinthiaDr Pfrimmer Monty st Phair Brent Phantom T B Phare Edward ioaicherpiace Phare Jen loaicherplace Philips D St Philips Paul Phillips Allan RRl Phillips D Phillips Dale 30NootkaRd Phillips Paul Av Phillips T St Philpott A Philpott A Photiades C Photo Pro 4815 SOAv Pichonsky B laSt Pickering T M Picton M Av Pierce B Pierce K a R St Pietruszka Arek Pilby B 41AlexanderDr Pink House The Av Pinkerton A Pinkoski Ben RRl Pipke A 2 9"??«2 Pipke W D ValleyvieivEsts Pirie Dean Piro D R locamelotplace Pitchell Wilt 80x Pitman J E l38willowparkests Pittman Davis bAv Pitts E 21AltonDr Pituskin Chris 94CorinthiaDr Pitz Ivan /BNootkaRd Piva Alberto OSMeadowvietvDr Piva M a M Pizza Hut St PLAINS PERFORATING LTD St If Busy Call Fax Line Plamondon L Mrs Av Planet Fitness La Inc 5216 SOAv Planeview Manor St Plant D J 82WillowParkEst5 Plaxton G PLAYGIRL HAIR STYLISTS AV Pleasant Joe Av Plesman Fred Plews John J Plitt Allan Plitt C Plitt Curtis Plitt Edwin Rollyviev.' Plitt Garry St Plitt H Plitt Ivan A 209RavineVillas Plitt J A 12Willov;ParkE5ts Plitt LyIe Plitt M 2NotreDaraeCr Plitt Orville Plitt S Av Plitt Trevor Pluim Al Plunkie Ed RRl Plunkie James L Pocatello M 34AclamicCr Pohl D Pohl D Poholka H Polrier David Poirier Richard Poirier Tara 42LinsiordPiacu POISON CENTRE (Ho Charge Dial) If Busy Call...Calgary POLAR DEN THE Polasek Rick 121V«liamBeNDr POLICE R C IVI P- See Royal Canadian Mounted Police Pollock Barry Polnik Margaret & Charles 20MohawkCr Polreis Terry Av Pombert Rene RR2 Pomerleau G Children's Phone. Pomerleau George Pomerleau George Pond Alison bAv Ponder W St Pongar Stan 3SAtiiapaskanOr Poole Jim & Carol Popik Jim 48AlexanderDr Popik R Popik V 102l.1aisonetteVilge Popowich Brian St Porter Dennis Porter J B 19AndersonCrt Porter K Porter Wayne Av Porter Wayne Av Portice C B Portice J St Posch S Posch S Posch S Fax Posein Helen Posey Todd 55Meadov/viewDr Post Office- See Canada Post , , Pastes Canada (See Canada Post For Service in English) Service A La Clientele Renseignements sur les codes postaux Les frais factures a' L'Appelant expliques en debut d'appel Renseignements generaux et livraison Aucuns frais composez Messageries Priorilares Xpresspost el Colis Aucuns frais composez ATS (persoiines sourdes ou malentendantes) Aucuns frais composez Pour les Comptoirs Postaux Voir Canada Post Pot Of Gold Passport Pottle P & L 427TellordCrt Potvin M Poulin D Poulsen T 30CaledoniaDr Pountney Edward E Power Electronics Inc St Power F Power Richard J 25AdamicCr POWER RICHARD J CERTIFIED MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTANT St Power S Prager Lucia PRAIRIE ROSE GARDEN CENTRE aSt Pratt George Av Prazak Rod St PRECISION TRUCKING & HOTSHOT SERVICES LTD Av Prentice D & L 76BrldgeporiWynd Prentice Robert Av Prescott Mike Preston Preston R B LD3CorinthiaDr Price C Price Craig Price Ernie Price George Price Jim Rev Av Prier E Prier Harry Mrs Av Prier R H 5216 SlaSt Pringle Todd 43Brid( eportwynd Private Practice Resources Fax tine Pro-Coat Applications Ltd St Fax Line TElli" Pro Inspection Ltd B50 ^' q /.3165 Procychyn Russell Ave. ---'i.j Production Control Services Lanaoa l If Busy Call PROFESSIONAL CARPET CLEANERS Professional Realty Group nl/'nlw Proskurnlak A Mrs Protz Rob »0-«/ Provencal Daniel Av 9»o ~ Prunica Rodney SBellaCoolaDr 9go-«Przytula Ed 2CameiotAv 9oo-o4^ Przytula Jaime 30CapriRd 9gO'5?S Pshyk Mark & Janet zwiiiiambenor 980-2^ Pshyk Wm loocorlnthladr 9a6-ow Pudwell K L 14WillianiBell0r Pueschel H Pueschel Henry Pueschel L 2 i"ll2c Pulscher J M St 986-6«5 Punko Dan 986-6S5S Popular Show Products Inc 6534 SparrowDr Pustanyk Ben & Stacey Puttock E 986-W3 Puttock Gordon BlackGoldOr / Pyrch C ^ Pyrch C Pyrcz Ed & Sylvia j QUALITY FLOOR COVERINGS LTD Av Fax Line QUALITY ROLLING LTD Quast J a L Quigley N T Rev Av Quinn D M Quinton Barry Box24 Site9RR M Quinton E R loscorintliiadr Quinton Mark Av Quinton Mark Av S Quinton Sara Quiring T 59BridgeparlWynd SS RBC Agencies St R C M P- See Royal Canadian Mounted Police R J Concrete Service RMS Welding St Nisku R & R CONCRETE PLACERS LTD Box Race Cecil 60WilliamBellDr Rachuk K Racine C S Radcllffe S RADIO SHACK AUTHORIZED SALES CENTRE AV Radis E Av Radis Orville Av RADIS ORVILLE TRUCKING LTD Shop St Radke Amandus RR Radomske S RADOSTITS STEVE DR Vet t Radtke Keith 26Wiiii3niBeiiDr Rae N Rae Nell st Rafferty A 77CorinthiaDr Rahmoun F Rahmoun S Rahmoun Sam Rains D BBIenertCrt 986-4^ Ralter C BiackGoldDr ^ Ralter Joseph st 986-llW Raiter Joseph Si Raitz Karen & Dan 3WllliamBiadburyPlace W Raivio S E Av Raiwet V & R bAv 986-7SS Rak John Av Ramcharan J H 98CoriniiiiaDr Ramsey K st Ranee M Ranee Mike J Ranee V I Jot The Number Down & Save It

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Gordon J aSt RIddell Gordon J Fax Rieder Klaus OrendaVistaDr Riediger Sherry Riehl Clifford bAv Riehl Dennis Riehl E B St Riehl Herman liacamelotav Riehl Walter SBamberPiace Riehl William D RRi Riehl William D Fax Rietel Willem Box Riffel William ISOWiiliamBellDr Rig Tech Services Inc St Riley George St Riley Glen rr Riley L V RR Riley 0 VWellsCrt RInas E 217RavineVillas Rinas Rindahl J Ring A Rinsky Brian siiurondr Rinsky Noel loonootkard Ripley R St Riseborough George bAv Risser K Ritchie B St Ritchie Charles D aSt Ritchie David llsravinevillas Ritchie David Fax Ritchie G 12CanriRd RITEWAY VACUUM SERVICE Ritter Matthew l24cameloiav Ritter Tim Rivard A RR RIvard Helen Mrs Rivard Richard St Roach George & Shelley Robb K bAw Robb K bAv Robb P Robb Stephen locaiedomadr Rollyview Trucking so st Rolof Fred A 24ChippewaRd ROLOF PLUMBING & HEATING LTD ROMANIUK CHEV OLDS LTD 7820 SparrowCr Parts Rombouts T W Av Romps Indoor Play Space Bsmt aAv Ropchan A Ropchan A W BaSt Ropchan L St Rose Bill Fax Rose E Rose William Rollyview Roseberry G Roseberry R Roseberry W C St Roseberry W C St Rosenau C 14LinsfordPlace Rosenau L A Av Rosentreter B Roshko Elsa M bAv Rosner Peter St Ross Daniel 35CaledoniaDr Ross G A 5220 SlaSt Ross G & D Ross G & D Ross John loarmstrongcr Ross M Ross Scott St Ross Sherri & Dale Rossi Tony aAv Rossing Gorden & Shirley St Rossman M & P Rost D Rollyview Rosteski W & E 70CorinthiaDr Roth Asaph Av Roth Aubrey Roth Colin Av Roth Dale RR2 Roth Dale Fax Line Roth David RUNWAY ESSO LEDUC LEDUC 85 Roth Dennis RR Roth Edna Roth Edward RR , Roth Eleanor St f Roth Elmer 32WilliamBellDr f Roth L { Roth Lawrence Roth M 8r L I Roth M 8 S St Rouncville K 66ArmstrongCr Rourke G St Rourke Tom St Roussel B aSt Roussel G aSt ' Routh E Row Ron 123CanielotAv Rowan D Rowe Brian a5t Rowland D L st ROWLAND DANIEL L Laicyr St Rowland E Rowland Gary J l62williambelldr Rowland S Rowles Duane st ^ Rowles Sylvia f Rowles Sylvia Fax Roy Herve 28CapriRd ROYAL BANK For Product And Service Contact Numbers See Listings Under Royal Bank In Camrose Section Branch-Wheelchair Accessible 10 leduc Town Centre Fax line Royal Canadian Air Cadets 831 Sqn 5210 soav Royal Canadian Legion Club Room AV ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE st j^ Emergency Calls Only 911 Dispatch 24 Mrs I Enquiries 8:15-4:30 Business Days i ' Black Gold Business Watch Rural Crimewatch Li Victims Services I{ ======== Royal Eavestroughing Rollyview ROYAL LEPAGE-GATEWAY REALTY f- INC st «Fax Line Royer E St Royer M Rozmahel John 22AlexanderOr Rozmahel John Fax , Roznlcki Joanna RRI # i Roznicki Joanna Fax Ruddy G aAv Rudell Merv Rudlger Pat Rudy Ken isocamelotav RUDY'S HAIR STYLING St RucI D Ruel D Ruel David Ruel Doug Ruff James 4107 SouthParkDr iv. 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27 86 LEDUC LEDUC RUTH'S DELICATESSEN LTD St Rutter A St Rutter D bAv Rutter Dale 2MullenCrt Rutter Dale 2MullenCrt Rutz M Barn Rutz Melvina Rutz Melvina Ruysch Wim Rollyview Ryan Carson St Ryan G R Ryan Michael P aAv Ryan Murray bAv Ryan Murray Fax Rybe Peter St Rybi John Rybie L Ryder Truck Rental Canada Ltd Rye Ken Rye Kevin Rygersberg Gerry 121WillowP3rkEsts Ryken J Ryken J Rylander Dave Rylander Edward 68WillowParkEsts Rylander H RR SGS International Certification Service Canada Inc Saan Stores Ltd LeducTov/nSq Saar E Saban Joe RR2NewSarepta Sach Clayton SAFEWAY FOOD & DRUG- See Canada Safevpay Limited Sagen K Av Sagert L 4408a48ast Sagert Leonard Av Sagert R Saiko Ralph Saiko Steven St Benedict School 75AltonDr St David's United Church St Church Hail t Denis C L ' t Jean C G t Louis Anna-Marie 24WillowParkEsts 'SX t Louis Brian Av t Louis Elaire t Louis Terrance t Michael's Catholic Church aSt t Paul's Anglican Church o,.-, Sti^ St Paul's Lutheran Church T PETER'S LUTHERAN CHURCH The Rev Harold C Clark AV ' Fax Line t Peter's Lutheran Kindergarten Bsiiit Av ^ ST THOMAS AQUINAS R C S R D NO 38 3AlexandraPk <^nn Notre Dame School 66 SouthParkOr St Benedict School 75AltonDr 986-/^80 Christ The King Junior/Senior High School,oco 3511RollyviewRd St Yves Paul 214TelfordCrt Salamon Norma ^fr'scvs Sale George aAv / Salem Manor Nursing Home oic/i St tf Busy Call If Busy Call ' Saloff M Salvation Army Av Fax line 'It'SiSi Samaroden Kerry ' Sambirsky Ivan ' Samote R ' Sampert Lloyd Av Sampson M G ' Samuel L 8, A '80-^69 Sandercock B V c ; Sandercock Gary Financial Services Sanderco^ck Gary Sr sibs S5Av Qot'llli Sandercock Ian / Sanders H J Roliyview /2 Sanders Harry Business Line 2Hr // Sandy Bob 109CorinthiaDr Sandy's C B Shoppe /433 Sandy's Oilfield Hauling Ltd ianta's^ Helpers sio St' Sargent S Sarnecki C RR2Nev/Sarepta Sarnecki D A Rollyview Sarnecki Dennis RR2NewSarepta Sarnecki K J 19jBrownPlace Sartison M St Sasines R Satellite Sports Cards & Dart Supplies St Saumer D J si Saunders C Saunders Irene '6 47Av Saunders Irene Av Saunders L L Sauve Don St Sauve E C BlackGoidDr Sauve L Savard Andre Savard Jeanmarie St Savard S ISMcleodCr Savill Geoff 6MartinCrt Savoie Albert Savoy Brandly Sawatsky S bAv Sawchuk Alex louohawkcr Sawchuk Alex B lomohawkcr Sawchuk Gene St Sawchuk Kerry Av Sawiak J Sawiak J Sawiak J Sawiak J Sawyer O St Sayers M Scabar Merlin 27CaineloiCr Scadler K Scammell Ethna 59CaledoniaDr Schaber Faran A J RR Schade Edwin 84AltonDr Schade K Schade Orville Av Schafer Clint 9AllindalePlace Schafer T 8i J St Schafrick A E bAv Schamuhn Cecil RRl Schamuhn Dwaine RRl Schamuhn Gladys Bcx Schamuhn Harry A RRl Schamuhn Wiibert RRl Schapf G 2 9'? 2 Schatz C Schaub A & J Schaub L 55HuronDr Scheelar E Av Scheetz Albin Scheetz Albin Scheetz Edward 106BridgeportWynd Scheetz G K Scheetz Leonard Scheetz Russell St Scheetz Russell St 2 9"2J99 Scheetz Wilf Scheinas J 259'ZiH Scheinas Lloyd aAv Schempp H Av Schendzielorz Herb 116CorinthiaDr Schenkel 1 2o9"3^fo Schenkei John Scherr J Scherr T W 54MobergRd Schetzsle Patty st Schick Allan 19 SouthParkOr Schick Allan 19 SoutlrParkOr Schilf Horst Schipper Rudolf Schirmer D Schlachter E Schlachter G 109KingsfieldVllge Schmaltz Brian Schmidt Alvine Mrs Av Schmidt Bruce Si Billy-Jo Rollyvietv Schmidt Carl Schmidt Darrel Box60B Schmidt E Av Schmidt Ed 73ArmstrongCr Schmidt Emma St Schmidt F Rev ll7wllliambelidr Schmidt Gerald A Nlsku , Schmidt Gunter Schmidt Gunter Fax Schmidt Herbert Rollyview Schmidt Irvin Box Schmidt K & G Schmidt Kevin Av Schmidt Kurt Boxi Schmidt Manny & Myra Schmidt Marvin SBAIexanderDr Schmidt Marvin i7canreiotav Schmidt Marvin M Av Schmidt Michael 4AbelCrt Schmidt N Av Schmidt N Av Schmidt Norman Schmidt Orville Rollyview Schmidt Orville Roilyviev; Schmidt Orville Rollyview Schmidt Orville Rollyview 986-M51 Schmidt Otto Roilyviev; Schmidt Patrick Schmidt Randall Av Schmidt Randy Schmidt Rob Schmidt Robert Schmidt Wilfred OMaclarenPlace Schmidt Y Schmitz Randy Av Schmutz Royce Schneider Allan Schneider Fred Schneider Frieda 7WilliamBradburyPlace Schneider Leonard st Schneider Norman Schneider Trevor Schneider William SCHNEIDER'S BUILDING SUPPLIES INC Av Fax Line Schneider's Popcorn Gourmet World RR Schnell Harold St Schnell Leo lllravinevillas Schnick George bAv Schnick Walter Av Schnick Wayne & Sharon St Schoenberger Bernard loslakesideplace Schoepp Donald RR Schoepp G Schoize Bill Schoize Donald Av Schoize Mark 7MohawkCr Schoize Mark 7MohawkCr Schoonmaker H F l09nootkard Schrader Lynn Schrader Murray N st Schrader Tim Schrader's Holdings Ltd 8ox Schram R Schreiber Cam Schreiber Cam Office Schreiner K 698ellaCoolaDr Schreiner K 69BellaCoolaDr Schrieber G Schroder Eric A Schroder Eric A Schroder Trudy Schroeder B L 206KingsfieidVil9e Schroeder B L Office Schroeder J & T Schuetz Delbert 7CbippewaRd Schuite D Schulte Roger Schulthiess Schultz A E SOCaledoniaDr Schultz B lAv Schultz B H 80x Schultz Cliff Schultz D Schultz Doug RRl Schultz Doug Rev 7Camv;oodEsts Schultz E Schultz E Schultz H N St Schultz Milton Schultz P J 27CaledonlaDr Schultz S Schuiz E Fax Schuiz Erhard 8i Lesley Schumacher Art 63AlpaughCr Schuring John Schuurman Evan RR SCHWAB PONTIAC BUICK LTD aSt Fax SCHWAB R V WORLD LTD 33Hwy Schwabenbauer Josef 36CamelotCr Schwab's Shelter Systems 33Hwy Schwartz Barry 42BellaCoolaDr Scotcor Construction Limited Scott E Scott E P Scott H Scott Ron & Pat llbwilliambelldr Scott S ' Time ailvwtisii'9 - Scott S Scott S Scott W R 103MaisonetteVilge gr Scotty's Liquor Mart St Fax Line SCRIBBLERS N' SUCH g86_ H Busy Call SEAL & BEDARD 4707 soav Fax Line Sears C SEARS CANADA INC ' ^^51 CATALOGUE shopping onn HOURS- 7 DAYS 1'^"" ' CATALOGUE STORE PARCEL INQUIRY & INFORMATION Av SEARS ACCOUNT/ SEARS CLUB INQUIRIES ono l- "" Sears Seath Alan St Sebastian W Secher Robert 43 Second Glance Clothes Ltd Av -. " Secur-Equip St Seebach Seebach Seebach S Fax j gs6-163s Seedhouse John E l4chippewal''' Seewalt E J Rollyview ^ Seidel A Seidel Seidei C Fax Seidel Rod Seidel Rod Fax Line Selpert^^BoxS^ONewSarepla SELF STORAGE (LEDUC) 1402 «Av ; : v j't 'cv Selkirk Paving Ltd st Fax Line IS! fctss Scmcnok D ilbei'acooladr... ISSiio M*' " mca Senft L 4310 YUO 1^/ senft R ^8 ilkftsulanllfax ilnft Susan & Din ''97NootkaR'(i.:.;.:.";.; Noo,kaRd ^ Senio D S6 Senio Ernie Av Senio Senm g Senio S SI ^ Senyk D Sept Bob l3nooikard vao sw ilglker8,\vau-ito'6'53iv;;;;; ::;:;:::;:;::":::::i:i"986-io47 i^guis7'50'6'l-8o6lja g Scrcds E M 70^ Av Sereda Emanuel 59BellaCoalaDr Sereda Rick /lapacheor Serfida S 7-Eleven Food Stores St DS6-28E TO :::::::::::::::::986S ' SPverin Darcy SeSthDa?yi: SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASE/AIDS/HIV INFORWIATION ly'^frre) Shade Waiter 4ArniitCrt SHADOWRIDGE HOMES LTD Camrose Shaffer St Shah L O2BlackGold0r Shaiovelo Ernie st SHANGHAI RESTAURANT st

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Sirois Shawfiex A Division otshaw ^ sirojs Andre Av Industries Sirois ^ Fax Lin. ~ Sirois H Bo*3B2Millet Sirois Mike Sirois N 70CanielotAv Sitarz Rick RR2NewSarepta Sitzler Peter Jr Sivertsen N Sjogren Roger 14AicherPlace Sjogren Roger Fax Siwed Antiy Sjwed Andy 27CampbcllRd Sheari Tnm lhpa?rt? "l'^^.? ^hphll rkuiir lhofr l3 R ^0''ah 25MoiiawkZ'!..;...;.;^^ ihp/lrfe r P '' ''3h 25MohawkCr IGp c "gy'l IhfLn?. Siicnnan J 986* lhpsl il.h Sheppard? B'l loi «'o3 51 sr;;:;.;.; Sheppard J Fax Sherban chfpil, tjiphael N rr2 72BeliaCooiaDr'..~..!!! Sherratt chfrl^?»" Jack If" ''"I Sherwood Dale Children's Phone!!!"^ Sherwood Dale & Donna Sherwood Dale Faxlinc Shewchuk C Shewchuk L Shewchuk Robert M 34CameiotAv Shewchuk Wayne loapactiecr Shield Verne Shieldco Consulting Ltd- See Nisku Truck Stop Restaurant ct Pub ShTerman D 84MeadowviewDr SHOPPERS DRUG MART st Prescriptions Only Skaley M L Z;;!'.! Skeels J Skific M St Sklarenko Alex aAv klarenko Ron Skogstad William Av Skoropad M Skoropata D Skoropata F St Skow Darcy Skow Darcy Skow Darcy Fax Skrypnek Rob & Lori 51AlexanderDr Skuban K Skuce M Skyline Computer Systems St 986-4nnR SKYLINE SECURITY SYSTEMS St SKYLINE SIGNS A» Skytrax Transport Ltd 7015 SparrowDr Slade Mike & Catherine Slater Allan RRl Slater L RRl Slavik Mike Av Slavik R Dr lobheritagevillas Sleen C & T :::: Sieen Lloyd BrendaVistaEsis Slenders Ron Sligter Anna-Mane aAv Sligter John Av Short Shorten Alan B2CameiotAv Shukaliak Ron i99cameiotav SHUR-GROW TREES & TREE Sloan A & J "]!^ Sloan Don MOVING SERVICE RR Sloan Kelly loaiienplace Shurgot Ian AV Sloan T ShutB Ralph Dr RR sioan thomas 986-3nnA c- l. Smith Howard R RR Smith J C Smith J & L Smith Jody Smith K Smith K Smith Ken St Smith Kenneth 77 SouthPsrkOr Smith Kenneth W 124LakesidePlace Smith L 22HuronDr Smith Lloyd R 2AmdtCrt Smith M Smith Mitchell Av Smith Neville J SCrestviewPlace Smith P E 7BamberPlace Smith R K 103KingsfieldVilge Smith Terry Av Smith Wayne st Smithson Don 19AicherPlace Smitty's Family Restaurant St Smoole L Smud S SMYTH ASSOCIATE CLINIC DR JOHN SMYTH PROF CORP DR J B MUIHOLLAND PROF CORP OR D B NAIDOO DR K OLSEN DR M YUE St Smyth John Dr 4506 SlaSt SMYTH JOHN DR PROF CORP Phijs St Smyth L & D Snider B Snider George st Snider L Snider T SNIPPERS INC 28Atha6ascaAv Devon Snodgrass Dean i9mobergrd Snow Richard St Snow Richard st Snow Rick Family Phone St Snub Secure Inc Av Snyder Lauran 2iMcLeodCr Soch Gordon Boxll4NewSarepla Soch Leonard Rollyview Soch Otto Societe canadienne des postes- Postes Canada Voir Soderquist S & S Sokol Caroline Soli C R st Solila Lome Av Solila V Solonenka John Solonenka Kevin st Solonynko Michael & Lisa Someren A Av Somerville John Somerville Pat Sommerfeldt Ralph Sommerfelt M Sommers Ted 164CorinthiaDr Sonnenberg Craig Sonnenberg Craig Sonnenberg Frederick i46camelotav Sonnenberg Frederick 146CamelotAv Ihuya J nokingstieidvilge sioane G gsfi-tsoa fonnenberg Leroy i st chwets -- John St ooa.c/it;-} giqane George llnooikard.z.'.;..'..'.; _ E V Av ooa-noco ^ymansky A Av Si Sontag Edwin Av libbald C E St Sopka Tim 4MartinCrt Sicard F & A 21AthapaskanDr Sopka Tim Fax Line Sicard Liilian Sorensen Darren 98WillowParkEsts Stdoruk Surg ocamelotplace Sorensen Glen St Sieben DeraTd IBakerPlace Sorensen Oscar SOWiliowParkEsts Steben Siemens C bAv Sosnowski Bryan Sosnowski Bryan Farm S'les D Sigurdson V K St SiKora John 4902 siav cjier James & Monica Silver Pat & Lil IMunroCrt oane George Fax Siocombe C Smale Jack 37HuronOr Smeltzer S Smiley Eric St Smith Alan 24HuronDr Smith Allan G Smith Andrew st Smith Brian Av Smith C Smith Cliff St Smith Colin 78WilliamBellDr Smith D Smith David Smith Delaine SILVER SHEARS (1981) SMITH DEO DR PROFESSIONAL Av CORPORATION Phys 2CorinthiaParkS6pgCnlr cirticoe R Kavanagh fax Line lemons G Smith Donald K st Simons J Smith E D Av "' Sf^rnons Stewart Smith G bAv..! gjitims Walter 57MeadowviewDr Smith Garth LEDUC LEDUC 87 SPERRY SUN St Spicer J Spicer W Spilak Jerry ISAIcherPlace Spinks Jory B laicherplace Spinks P St Spitkoski A Spornitz S Spott Helmut bSt Spratt Jason 3D9TellordCrt Springer A Springer J M Av Springer J M Av SPRINGER VALVES & MACHINE Av If Busy Call SPRINGS OF LIVING WATER INC Av Fax Line Spur Oilfield Services Ltd st Spurgeon A eiackGoldDr Spurrell B Av Spycher Bruce Squires J Srayko D 2lBeiiaCooiaDr Stacey S Stachnik 5 7ApacheCr stadler B 103TellordCrt ' ' '86-9i?5 '80-851' Stadler J St ' Stadler K rr2 '88-fIQo Stadnyk S ' Stafford D '89'I52^ Stafford S STAGEWORKS ACADEMY OF THE PERFORMING ARTS St Stagg Max Stahl John 8t Sarah Stallmann Garry & Tosha 17AltonDr ooA Stamper Graham 222,770 Stamper James 986-3/7 Stamper James Faxline '88-6 ^q Stanford Tammy ii6telfordcrt 986-^? Stang Ben ' Stanhouse Robert '86-0(c Stanley.Norman E Av Stanton Carol & Brian 212 lofs Staples K 71 SouthParkOr '86-l ig Staples Mick Staples Roy 66Apache 252'«A32 Starcheski N & A Av 986-8^^3 Stark Kim 8r Dean 986-1/3^ Starline Equipment Sales Ltd.g, cc48! 4407 ' -?o44 ; Statnyk W St 'Ivlrgos. Stawnychy Stayko Lome.;?86 1! STEAM MACHINE (1987) THE ^ RRlEdmonton "o5t1-,491 j. Stebner Art '2? 4043 Stebner M 49ib 51Av 2o2,4950 g Steele Thomas ^6.67^ " Steele Thomas Aq?.7257 " Steem Benjamin xs? 1876 > Steem Leslie RRl Q5A.n520? Steene 2 2.n807 > Steer Ronald Steeves Ralph & Tracey \ Steffen W B ' Stefura Daren St Xng.ggsS /. Stefura R St /-ioa/il STEFURA'S CONTRACTING (198^ ^ LTD g 6-399l ' Stegerman George RRl Stem Allen V : Stein David St g , Stein David St, Stein Ed Box2075 ' Stein Ed Sorenson Harlow Stein H.., Stein Haroid trucking Oilfield SncnniMcl/i Rrtian Carm OQ/l-OAO"? Sosnowski W 8i T 986 Stein Len Southern D Southern D A Southern Doug Spaan Tara bAv Spachynski P St Spack D 7MunroCrt Sparks C E Sparrow Group Ltd Sparrow L A SCrestviewPlace Sparrow L A Fax x Sparrow Robert Av Spearin Edward Spence D 2CayiigaSt Spence Gay 4520 loav Spencer Bertram st Stein R Stein R 60x3114 Stein R Stein Rob Stein Rudolph St Stefnhauer Garry BAndecsonCrt 005,4720 Steinhauer Steinke Bryon 70WiiliamBellDr ' Steinke Steinke C QgX.1440 Steinke Del - oqz.-xcni Steinke Dennis D lowilliambellor 9oo ^ Steinke Ed aAv Steinke Ed Modem 3S03 34aAv 980-2UOi Steinke Edward Box

29 J I* I ii Sen*g 2MI 88 LEDUC LEDUC ' ItLUS AOvertjfiS Steinke Harley Box Steinke Herbert Steinke Kelly Steinke L Box Steinke R I Steinke Reuben Av Stelnley Calvin l4campbenrd Stelnley Mark 14CampbellRd Stelter Donald 8BakerPlace Steneker C Steneker Mike 23ArmstrongCr Stenger D Stenger George Stenger George Stenger Tom larndtcrt Stenhouse Donnalee Step Back & Relax aSt Stepanko D BsmtSOBridgeporlWynd Stepanko Fred St Stepanko Wayne Stephen John Stephen John A Stephens Dwayne SOMcLeodCr Stevens Glen Stevens Glen A aAv Stevens Glen Faxllne Stevens Jim Av Stevens K Stevenson C Stevenson E K Av Stevenson E R icameiotav Stevenson James E lol St Stevenson S St Stewart I K St Stewart Pete Av Stewart Richard Stewart Richard Stewart Robert A IdCayugaSt Stewart T 4523 SlAv Stewart Todd Stiles C lookingsfieldvilge /1 Stiles H 9 o: 25 Stiles H M ; Stiller Martin 52CaledoniaDr Stilwell Don iialpaughcr^ St - - y StO^fc E 103 '4404B ackgolddr gofi'lus Stoddart Glen St Stoffels John Stolarchuk Harry Stolarchu't Harry Fax g Stollery L ' BlackGoldDr Ifgloiag Stone Ann St stone Carlos St Stone Carlos F Fax...^ Stone Homer M Av Stone Kevin 70NootkaRd Stoner Elton St Stoner Jody Av Stonerldge Developments Ltd Stork W A Storms D StOrOWOtSki no/:_ccrtq Stothert St Stothert I St.. ^ 986 6Uib Strachan Steve Av Strader J R ; Stralak John St Strand C St Strand Richard R miexanderor Strang G aAv - ISwVb^lasBTnttsToell^^^^^ Stranqway Olga " ojvy STRATHCONA COUNTY 2001 ShervvoodDr...Sherwood Park 464-8m Stratton Vern bAv voo-vo^u Stratychuk Mike 136^ ^Illioi Strautman Arne 4410 siast. ^^IlElir&ace ;;; iiffckland Rlcl[p5C^^^^ 986I4O8 Strinner A lomobergrcl iiaa ISiSgef Barbara Av Stroh Alvin - 08A-7904 Stroh T L dAv 986 ^994 Strom K,, 98^2898 Stroshein M 20lPi.-inev,ewLdg Stroyan Mark R St c*»itnly Strunk DnKart Robert ISCamelotCr 1 ^ramplfltcr Strunk Robert ISi amelotcr..voo U06& Stuart Ed Stuart John M 127HeritageVillas Stuart Robin 75CorinthiaDr Stuckey Sheldon Stuckey V Stuehmer Jeff Av Stuehmer John St Stuehmer Ronald 14iBrov/nPlace Stuff CO J Stumpf E Stumpf J Sturk Gene STURMAY R DR Dent Leduc Dental Centre St Sturm^ Ross 36Willi3mBellDr Styro Scene Bay St SUBURBAN PRINTING & STATIONERY LTD AV Fax Line Subway Salad & Sandwiches St St Suchan C Suchan Lynn Suchan Lynn Sugden J H 34ApacheCr Suftanlan Antoin 2 2WilliamBradbijryPlace SUMWIIT OUTFITTERS SUPPLIES RRlleduc Summit Square A» Millet Fax Line SUMMIT STYLISTS 4816 SOAv SUMMIT WELDING LTD SUNRISE CABS St Super 8 Motel 8004 SparrowCr SURE PRINT & COPY 6DLeducTownCentre Fax Line, Suriano C St Sutcllffe Nell St Suter A Sutherland L Av Sutton Lucy Sveinson Stan J 4520a47Av Svelnson Wes RRI Svelnsson Del St Sveinsson Del Fax SVEINSSGN DEL & LYNN Realtors Svensen G H llblackwellcrt Svensen G H iiblackv/eiicrt Swain A P 19CameiotAv Swain D A Swain D A Swain F A lomartincrt Swan Cleaners St SWANSON BARBARA AESTHETICS Av Swanson C E 33CameletCr Swanson Corey & Rhonda 41Arm!;trongCr Swanson Dale 6McKayCrt Swanson Robert J 22ChippewaRd Sweeney Tom Sweet K 209TelfordCrt SWENSON GENERAL STORE Rollyview..._ Swenson Richard Rollyvlew Swenson T SwIderskI Lome Switlyk Mike & Lois Switzer Scott 4206,41aSt Sych Dan Sych Larry Syger Sales Av SYLVIA KIRCHNER REALTY INC SI Symes Brad H laSt Symes Rick St Symes Rick St Symon J H St Szabo A Szatylo Peter rri Szott L & J Szott Randy St SzymanskI Stan 8t Flawrence St SzymanskI W & S TD BANK FINANCIAL GROUP TD Access Telephone Banking 24 HR Sales/Service/Transactiens No Charge Dial TD Green Line Mutual Funds No Charge Dial TD Visa Cardholder Enquiries No Charge Dial Merchant Enquiries No Charge Dial GM Visa No Charge Dial Branch Av T E K Entertainment Ltd T L C BUILDERS LTD BOX T L K Consulting Services Ltd Boxl071Nisku Fax Line TRI Prevention Services Inc 104a SI Fax Line Tabler Doug Taekema Jeff & Leslie Taekema John Taekema John rr Tahrlriha Mehdi OOHaidaAv Tahrlriha Mehdl dohaidaav Takacs P Av Talboys Dave OlArmstrongCr Tan-It Wright 4720 soav Tancowny Ron Tancowny Ron Tardif I & D :..;;.'::::;;;:' Tarrlngton M Tamngtoti M :: Tatro Harley T i72wiiiiainbelidr Tatro Harley T 172WilliamBellDr Tauber L Av Taurcap Distributors Ltd st Taylor B SSIdohawkCr Taylor B E A» '"! Taylor B & J Jay'OT C Taylor D Taylor D 23CapriRd Taylor D BlackGoldDr Taylor Donald 170CorinthiaDr Taylor Donald 170CorinthiaDr Taylor Donald l7acorlnthiadr Taylor Eleanor l64canieiotav Taylor Glen aAv Taylor Glen aAv Taylor Glenn A» Taylor Glenn & Annette Av Taylor H Av Taylor K 90CorintliiaDr Taylor K St Taylor K E ODCorinthiaDr Taylor Ken aAv Taylor M Taylor 0 E Av Taylor R E loandersoncrt Taylor R E 8r Associates Taylor Robert 2AtiiapaskaiiDr Taylor T Taylor Thomas Taylor Tom Av Tebay Dale llscorintiiiaor Tee! N B rri Telawsky Lorn Telawsky Lorn Telawsky Ray 112WilliamBellDr Telford Court Condominium Association Phase One 299TeliordCrf Telford House St Temple Baptist Church box Tencer Otto Teplyske William Av Terdenge Jan TerletskI C ISBellaCoolaOr Terletski J 4ll6 42bAv TerletskI Rudy SAmistrongCr Termeer Barrie Termeer Barrie ernes Ken erre Alex louakesideplace eske Doug etteh Dan St etz Chris & Carl evelde Jim ewinkel Tom st " ewltz Wolfgang ews Herb ews R & J hachuk hacker Tracy & Burk OOBellaCoolaDr hatcher S he Rental House aSt heberge Lionel ^ 1^ x-k Ta%/ 1 Tl. 1n<"l lember Tex Member Troy 41CamphellRd Member Troy heoret L HERAPEUTIC EFFECTS INC Jai) Theriault RMT ,18 5,. herlau Calvin St ora.29s0 Termeer Barrie Rollyview Thrower David SSHaidaAv ni!';'; ^23 lerlault Chad herlault J herlault J Pa"] lerlault Paul & Jan Fax herlault Roger Av... hermo Design insulation Ltd heroux lesberg S ncaimvocilesis hesberg S llcamwoodests Pese P ICUniSSB S y "'n"nn hibodeau Marc l26will.ambendr j0 hiel John St ^0 (lessen Peter 5t 986 7M7 hiessen Peter J Av lomas Gerald 360iCaiedon,aDr )omas lomas H lomas Marlyn C Rev hompson D lompson Darren ZZZZ.^^6'6933 lompson Financial Services st 986-^45 s op r;!:!i;! s r?s^ n George W 4512-OOAV lompson John R /j ompson John R Fax ompson r-. 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30 2H l IElUSA(l,e lisii:g 7001 LEDUC LEDUC 89 TELUS TM TELUS COIWIIWIUMICATIOMS HOME SERVICE Home Phone Service Long Distance Service Internet Solutions 24 Hours - 7 Days SELF SERVE OPTIONS Touch Tone Phone 310-SELF (7353) internet ADDS/MOVES/CHANGES/ BILLING/INQUIRIES PAYMENT DNQUIRIES Outside Alberta TELUS LONG DISTANCE SAVINGS PLANS TELUS APPROVED DEALERS location information No Charge Visit The TELUS Store in: Calgary Chinook Centre Market Mall TELUS Tower Edmonton Kingway Mall Northwood Mall Southgate Centre TELUS Plaza North West Edmonton Mall Fort McMurray 8217 Franklin Ave Grande Prairie Ave, Lethbridge 808 4th Ave S Medicine Hat 456 5th St S.E Red Deer st St OUT OF PROVINCE CUSTOMERS No Charge repair 24 Hours 611 business SERVICE ' Business Phone Service ' Long Distance Service ' Business Phone Systems Internet Solutions Service & Maintenance Packages ADDS/CHANGES/MOVES OUT OF PROVINCE CUSTOMERS No Charge FAX Line BILLING INQUIRIES PAYMENT INQUIRIES No Charge FAX Line REPAIR 611 BUILDING INDUSTRY CONSULTING SERVICES No Charge PAYPHONE SERVICES No Charge TELECONFERENCING SERVICES No Charge VIDEOCONFERENCING SERVICES No Charge TELEPHONE ETIQUETTE TRAINING Edmonton Calgary TELUS INTERNET SERVICE Providing dial & High Speed access for your home or small business No Charge NET (4638) GENERAL INQUIRIES ALTERNATE BILLING ACCESS FROM CANADA & USA No Charge BURIED CABLE LOCATION ALBERTA ONE CALL No Charge CALLING CARDS, LOST OR STOLEN No Charge CUSTOMER RELATIONS Out Of Province Customers DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE SERVICE PERSONAL VOICE MAIL HELP LINE No Charge RELAY SERVICE TTY to VOICE 711 TTY to TTY VOICE to TTY TELUS Data & Internet Solutions for Your Business 3300, Av SW, Calgary No Charge 310-DATA (3282) TELUS GEOMATICS Geographical Information System Solutions & Mapping No Charge TELUS MOBILITY Cellular, Paging and Wireless Data Solutions Radio Communication CELLULAR CUSTOMER SERVICE Ca I ga ry Edmonton No Charge Cell Customers *611 PAGING CUSTOMER SERVICE HEAD OFFICE (CALGARY) Avenue SE RADIO COMMUNICATIONS (TANGO) No Charge SATELLITE CUSTOMER SERVICE No Charge WIRELESS DATA CUSTOMER SERVICE No Charge TELUS ADVERTISING SERVICES GO PAGES DIRECTORY ADVERTISING OTHER MARKET DIRECTORIES COUPONS ALBERTA.COM ALTAVISTA CANADA WEB SOLUTIONS VIDEO &TELEVISION PRODUCTIONS CONSUMER/BUSINESS LISTS PURCHASE OF DIRECTORIES 5th Fir, St., Edmonton rd Avenue, SE Calgary No Charge Fax Line No Charge CONSUMER/BUSINESS LIST SERVICES VIDEO & TELEVISION PRODUCTIONS No Charge WEB SOLUTIONS TELUS CORPORATION TELUS Switchboard. Career Line No Charge TELUS" GENERAL INFORMATION

31 90 LEDUC LEDUC Valan Wes ZgX.2021 Vallee David 4501 ^ Thrower William St Thul D St Tibbetts Gene R OBotilmanClose Ticheler Bert Av Tiede G Av Tiemstra Peter 130CormttiiaDr TIGER INDUSTRIES LIMITED PARTNERSHIP Tiger Studios Av Tiger Taekwondo St Tilroe A D St TIIVI NORTON DONUTS St TImberwolf Consulting & Sales Ltd Phone/Fax aAv Timeout Spa & Salon BaylOS aAv Fax Line TIM'S MUFFLER INC St Tindall Clinton 13NotrcOameCr Tindall Clinton Fax Line TINY TOTS WINTER PROGRAM TRANSALTA General & Executive Offices Av SW Calgary Transcontinental Crane Ltd 7015 Sparro'.vDr Fax Line Trapp L TRATCH RONALD A DENTISTRY PROF CORP Av Wetaskiv/in If Busy Call TRAVELODGE- EDMONTON INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT St Toll Free Travnik Stan Jr SCarrollCrt TREASURED GIFTS St _299bTeIfordCrt TREASURES INSURANCE Tippe Dennis st Tipple Doug aAv Av TISCHER AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES LTD St Tischer Helmut Av Titus K Titus Peter Av Tkachuk Nestor Tkaczuk Mike Todays Homes 90CampbeiiRd Tohme Wajih Tohme Wajih Tollefson L Tolsma Albert 36AdaraicCr Tolsma John St Tolsma Michael i2moiiav;kcr Tolsma Stan St Toma L Tomaszewski Phillip St Tomczak Dale SlMcLeodCr Tomlak K D St Tomich J llsheritagevillas TOMICH ROBERT J OR Chirptr St TOMICH ROBERT J PROF CORP ChirplT St Tomlcn Robert 81 Paula 40BridgeportWynd Tomm B TompolskI Glenn Tomte A St Tona-O'Reilly D 8. L Tona-O'Reilly D & L Tona-O'Rellly D & L Office Tonn D 8t M Tonsi D St Tooke Gary E 24Arm5trongCr Toomey J Topping Jim 16NotreDameCr Toran Power & Equipment Inc St TORONTO DOMINION BANK- TP Bank Financial Group Tory Cecil l4athapaskandr TotCO- See MID Totco Tough Dave 44Ath3paskanDr Tourand Chad Touring K S llaicherplace TOWN & COUNTRY GUARDIAN DRUGS- Sec Guardian Driips Leduc Town & Country Lawn Maintenance Townsend W G iscaprirti Tracey Ed Tracy Gary bAv Trail City (Alberta) Ltd Ti^enberg G ; One-Plus Dialing Saves Money Fax Av Tree I Rollyvievt Trefenanko G Trefenanko G Treiber Murray St Treichel Larry Rollyviev/ Treichel 0 Rollyvicw Trelenberg D rr Trelenberg Rick & Lynn RR Trelenberg Vernon Tremblay Joe St Tremblay M J St Tremblay Marilyn Trenchard Dennis Trenchard Dennis Trent H & D Trent Henry IHuronDr Trent Trina TRI-US INSULATION Trieber A & B Trimac Transportation System Leduc U'are? St Fax Line Trimble Glen BoxlO Site4RR Trimming C & C Av Triple C Backhoe Service TRIPLE J DECALS & SIGNS Av Trischuk E loarmstrongcr Triska A Trltten K TROFIMUK J TIMOTHY OR St : Trofimuk Timothy loboninplace Troflmuk Timothy loboninplace Tronsgard Robert 44CamelotAv TRUDY'S GIFTS 8t CERAMICS 80x Truss Scott Tschritter K Tiibb Richard Tucker A Tucker Dan IBCralgenCrt Tucker Wireline 7123 SparrovvDr Fax Line Tuff L Data Turner C & C Turner D bAv Turner Darryl 34Meadovrviev.Dr Turner E St Turner Guitar Studio The Av Fax Line Turner H Turner L M Turner Richard Turner T D Turnquist L St Turviile Shari & Mylon Bsmt St Tuttle T Tuttosi E Twidale J TWIN AUTO PARTS (LEDUC) LTD St If Busy Call Twin Liquor & Beer BlackgoldDr Twin Pizza BlackgoldDr Twister Welding & Fabricating Ltd RR Twisters Sub Shop 70ll SparrowOr Two Feathers Ent If Busy Call FOR 1 PIZZA & PASTA- SV'c liasile's 2 For I Pizza & /'oaln s2l VALUE DRUG MART LEDUC ^1906 SOflv.. PRESCRIPTIONS ONLY 98630^ VanBeek Andy Rollyviev; van Bcek Jerry & Tracey ooa.-?601 25AlpaughCr Z?.3769 Van Beek Morris 39ArmstrongCr ycm Van Beek Morris Faxllne Van Boom Roy 41ConntliiaDr Voo- Van Brabant Jo 9S0-8JbS Van Brabant Jo 9S6-4Jio Van Bruinessen Phil 4201 SoutiiParkDr 9bO-oo/^ Van Camp Van Dalfsen Rick RR2?86-67JZ Vandenberghe K & C Vandenberghe Norman St Vandenbrink Walter 30BellaCoolaDr M VandenBroek Frank Av 9S6-5//4 Vandenbroek Rick 79BellaCooi(iDr 986-oU5v Vanderlee Jim 980-9M0 Vanderlee L 3l9TeiiorilCrt 9S6-2W Vanderlee R Av 986-3oi4 Vanderlee ^ Vanderlinde Carrie Vandernieer R l04willowparkesis Van Der Veen C Van Der Veen John 43CanielotAv VanDiest Steven St Twyman P 26c St Tylosky K Tylosky Ken Av Tymchuk Ted St Tyminsky George RR Tyson W B U-Haul Co (Canada) Ltd lAv Sparroiv Dr U A P/NAPA AUTO PARTS Av Fax Line Van Doesburg Brian Roiiyview UFA FARM SUPPLY STORE St (Toll Free) Fax Line Ben Robert I4anager Res PETROLEUM SALES AGENCY St Ubdegrove Elmer 9Can)eiotAv Ullckli W Ulickii Walter 44ApaclieCr Ultimate Collision & Paintwork The St Fax Line Umex Inc St Unger Dennis Av Unger Harvey 2iAipaughCr Unger Harvey 2lAipaughCr Unger J C United Church Of Canada St Davids United Church t United Farmers Of Alberta- See U F. t United Furniture Warehouse AV United Reformed Churches In North America Fdmomon UNIVERSAL CARPET CLEANING- See Approved Carpet Cieoitiiig VAN DOES METAL ROOFING & EAVESTROUGHING LTD Fax Line Cellular Van Doesburg Cheryl 986-S6aS Van Doesburg G 8: C Fax Van doesburg Garry Van Doesburg Jos Van Doesburg Lionel Van Doesburg Miles Van Doesburg Miles Vandoesburg Wayne Av Van Doesburg William Rollyvicw Vandoorn J Van Eck Henry Vanglnkel John ovaliiambradijurypiace VanGinkel W Van Gorp A flv VanHaitsma D aO Van Hooydonk J oca'aom Van Home R 9S6-62S7 Vanier Jack i6apachecr voo-zo/l Van Lange Jake VariLeest W VanLeest W s/nootakof S VANOIL EQUIPMENT INC St Fa* Line Vanouck J 570L 51 st Vanouck J Fax Vanouwerkerk Paul 41AlpaugliCr Vanraamsdonk John Vansickle Owen Faxllne Vanstone G Vanthoff Ed oia VanTwuyver Derk Roileyview 986-2^3 VanZanten Andre VARCO SYSTEMS Universal Wall Systems Inc 66ig45St yoo-l/lz AV Tuff ^arrv 47n7 '34Av 9R6 nora ^notec St varqa JasoH Tulloch C...;::986' "S ooa 7059 Atec 78 SouthParkOr W Tulloch C Fax u.4 ms'& Dan:::::::::;::::::9M Tulloch H Av Tune Corwyn St Tune Corwyn St Tupper Don bAv Tupper K & N Tupper Kevin Av Tupperware-Team Builder Sales Inc Av Edmonton Turchansky L Turenne Marcel Av Turgeon Daniel Turgeon Pam Turgeon Pam Uriacher Wayne llbcorinthiadr Urvold I Av UTILICORP NETWORKS CANADA (Toll Free) Vaage Bertha Vachon John Av Vader G 72WillawParkFsts Val-Mart Foods St Fax tine ADVERTISE HERE IT PAYS Vaiighan S R Av Vaughan Wayne 986-1j40 Vaux Fred 2qa'oaai Vaux Fred Veerman B St Veerman N Veerman Ron, Veerman Ron Faxline Veldhoen Layne 39ApacheCr Veldhuls E & J Every Hello Is A Good Buy

32 eldhuis j ^ jendel M c Wagner Edmund Veiger Electrost,,ir b Wagner Gerald 3JBrov/nPlace Fax, "Ostat(c Painting Wagner Keith St jenus R & R Wagner Keith Fax Line St enus S Wagner Ken Rollyview Wagner Marvin Rollyview V^choSin^Ronlln^RRl"''""'^ Wagner Robert UBakerPlace Wagner Terry 39CorintiiiaDr Vpro,.u^3. 'VI w rr2mp,.c, Wagner Terry 39CorinthiaDr "reschagin g 7nr^.'J 7ou-jo/u Wahl vvdin m A n H r P iivimngsiieiaviige 119KingsfieldVilge 7ou-ojou yyahlstrom D...? jergette L Wainwright Robert A Box '' " Av... jerreaultv 56CamelotAv., Fax line Cleanina Fiing Services c y^schoor w Waite Ross Wakefield R Waldner Catherine 20CapriRd WALDORF HOTEL Av Fax Line Waldorf Restaurant Av WALDORF'S 51ST AVE LIQUOR STORE WaidorfHotei Fax Line Walker Alan J 106LakesidePlace Walker Cecil Av Walker Darrel JOO 50J5 CFP yesnaver Maria., Vestby Barry 45ox " / Vestby BarrX Vestby D '^bav VestPrh'^?'^'''" n. QQA'ncof Walker barrel Fax Virpn u" SOV'iiiowPnrtrtc. n p'9npp Walker Geoffrey 21 SouthParkDr V ckl^ltfy Walker Gordon C 53CampbeilRd ckers Gerry 9Aiip pk Walker Keith yibwund J E & V 9S Walker R Video Headauartprc c, busy Call SOAv Xldeo Update Inr apvn Viens Don Viens Raymond yik Alvin 39QO aa C Vik Alvin 39oa J? VIKING CRANE LTD dayl St Fax line ""oansv.ercairres ^ ^ Villameil V asla~;r sssis Walker S & T 42AthapaskanDr Walker T Walker Terry Av Wall W B0X Wall Werner Wallace D Wallace F St Wallace Fred SlAlpaughCr Wallace James C RR2NewSarepta Wallace LIndsey Wallace Richard St Wallace S Walle F Av WALLINGTON LEDUC DENTURE CLINIC Av Wark L 8r T Av Wark Terry Av Warkentin Arnold J Warkentin M Warland K Warner A lookingsfieldvilge Warner Edward H Warner John St Warren Douglas St Warren Joanne St Warren-Schmidt Lorelei St Washburn Robert locameiotav Wasilka K Av Wasilka K Fax Wasiluk Evhane Av Wassink John Wastle C T Faxline Wastle Clarence & Theresa 86BellaCoolaDr Watchell Hank Waterhouse Brian Waterhouse Brian IBWilliamBeliOr Watklns Bob aAv Watson D Watson Donna Av Watson Elmer 3NotreDameCr Watson S Watson Tim Watt D Walter Ronald LEDUC LEDUC 91 I Werle B Werner J H Av Werstiuk A Wert George l4mcleodcr Wert Lome 103LakesidePlace Wesa C J 74 SoutliParkDr Wesa Earl 74 SouthParkDr Wesenberg George G Wesegberg George G BoxSS , Weslosky Len j Wesolosky John Av j Wesolowsky L St , Wes's Concrete & Bobcat Services, St West Grove Apartments ' West Harvey RR I West Henry E RR West Lloyd aSt West Roy H 4100 SouthParkDr WESTECH VAC SYSTEMS LTD Office Av Nisku Fax WESTERN BUDGET MOTEL 8120 SparrowCr ' Wattle Brent & Lynn St Fax Line Watts Donald K Box Western Cellars-Leduc St Wauters Pat Box582Nisku Wayne Steven st WESTERN DAIRY FARMER Webb A Av Webb Brian & Kelli st WESTERN R V COUNTRY Webb E Fax line Webb John A 25MacleodCr Westervelt Bert 8r Arlene WEBCO LEDUC Av WESTFREIGHT SYSTEMS INC Weber L Weber L St Weber Timothy Fax Line Webster E Westlin M , Webster Jackie RR Westlln Marvin i Wedel E Ave Westlund R Wedman K Westman Dan st Wedman S Av Westman Dan St Weeks C Westover Robert Av Weeks vvccpp r, C... yts6-46in Westwell Norman 32CannelotCr yilleni^^r^ Waloschuk D Weeks Norman " ' 33McLeodCr Wetter Doug 5ite6Box7RRl Weeks R St yy6" F Doug Fax Walsh A ysirll :::::: Virt^fp T^ Walsh Alex Wegner Gustave Wetter G Walsh Brenda Faxline St Wegner H Wetter H L Ave 5^'Ioai SteM::: Walsh C & T Wegner Jonathan Box6 Site4RR Wetter H W llohentageviiias Walsh C St T Fax Wegner K Wetter Randy Box vis " : lltlws Wegner Walter rri Wetton Trevor St? l/?cinm VISION Dn BAPTIST CHURCH.. OF.. 9 Walsh G aAv;:;;;:;:::;.^;;.,..9^^ t " ''SBeUhCoolabr : Weyenberg -w "-.3 Jack ""-p 37CorinthiaDr LEDUC OQn.ocQ Wennan T Whalev John Av sail! r a.1sf =» Weidman S B 9McLeodCr i, : -r? Walsh J Bsmt44i8 42bAv Wejdman D 26VyillowParkEsts Whalley Peter isbiackwellcrt v!«p? visser John "iph H St Walsh Wefdman E ISlWiKowParkEsts Wheatley J M aAv 2lx'fnp6 Voapl^ii^?L 'c '^ 5i9ns Av ^ \ Waiter'bvvight!!!!..'^^!! Walsh L xoa; '^NootkaRd p.l.'.ur,: ; Wheeler Wtieeier Terry Raymond J l32corinthiadr 2px'nSfl UpS? Vogluames""" " St " qraiais wii efs ATerr Av;;;::;;;^ WFITHT WATC^^^^^^ IUIJ:?"'!''? Isilow Voge Vogc ' U OfiA-naoo Walters vi/alters D Del WEIGHT (No Charge WATCHERS piaj)..^ VVhipple White A L 132WillowParkEsts Av J Volk «, Vollans L Walters Douglas RRl Weinhandl L & G 36HuronDr White Darren St oof'sion Volsky Terry 64ArmstrongCr I ::'! Walters Garry Weir Alan 4iii 44 st nR White David r. OOP.ClCi: la/pi. Driiz-o.PHIIli; n...a_ 39" JfUp Walters Garry Faxline Weir Bruce 40WilliamBellDr White David 8t Lynn IMartinCrt Weir C Au White Derek & Shawna Weir Darren 43(77 42 st White G losmaisonettevilge Wejr H Av gglrooy White Jason & Janine Weir p/i M K 179WilliamBellDr White Jerry M 2CaimvoodEsts ooa'ssnq Weir Todd 4WilliamBradburyPlace White Philip 71WillowParkEst \A/Aifmatr H Weirmeir D go. gegl White Richard W Iflifos White Rock Kennels RRl 986 ^ i Voros Calvin 62CormthiaDr Vortex Microsystems st Vos Herman ssnooikard Vos Jake Box Vos Jake Box Vos K Vrbanek D Vriend Harry Pastor sonootkard Vrolyk Jeffrey Vrolyk Jeffrey Children's Phone Vsetby D V/ P f Promotions Inc 7019 SparrowDr Fax tine Wachter Dennis V/ade B WADECO OILFIELD SERVICES LTD SI If Busy Call Fa* Line Wagner Craig Wagner Dennis Rollyview Wagner Dwayne TELUS meeting the needs of Albertans for over 90 years. Walters J & A Walters Kevin 8r Susan 926ridgeportWynd Walters Robert Av Walters VVilliam Walz B Walz Duane loowillowparkests Wambold Elmer St Wanchuk Larry Wandler Catherine t Weisgerber Anthony 74CamelotAv ? Weiss Art RRl Weiss Barry St Whitehead Bev 9 6_-4436 Whitehead D Av Wanechko WanecnKO Dennis uennis St aJO7 Weiss Doug Whitefiparl Orpo't samttronocr S6-7'«J3 WangsnessP Weiss Joseph 460i 44 st 502^^^^^^^^^ Whitespot Restaurants Ltd Wannamaker James St Weiss R J Wannamaker James St Weiss R'chard st Wannamaker St Weiss Robert Av Wannamaker L st Weldon Robert Av Warchol Micheal Av We ler R G. ^ Ward D Wells Wendy's Andre Restaurants & Carol St Ward D VVard Dlxon 17jBrovmPlace Fas tine Ward Dixon l7ibrov.nplace Wenger Tony SouthParkDr Ward J Wentland Philip NewSarepta Ward J & L i83wiiliambeildr Werden Howard Ward Peter 2l3TeliordCrt Werden Howard Faxline Ward Ross 26AthapaskanDr Wereley Gerald 27CamelotAv Ward S T 7CameioiCr Wereley Gerald 27CameiotAv Warden L Werenka Jonathan RR2Ne(vSarepta Warlord D Werenka Mike 30WiiliamBellOr Warford Dudley Computer Werenka Mike Children's Phone One-Plus Dialing Saves Money ^^g^ "3 SOAv Fax Line oqa 1519 Whitfield i 43 WhitfleldR q56s570 Whitford Randy '86 «5/u Whitham Gilbert St Whitham K Av Whittaker Bruce 70 SouthParkDr Whitten Harvey SBV/iliov ParkEsts Whitten Patrick 4Blackwel!Crt Whitworth Mary Ellen Wickham George Wickham S Wickham S Wideman Lawrence WIebe B " ~ Wiebe Ed ADVERTISE HERE IT PAYS I Henry 43ii is St 1 Wiebe Larrv I

33 92 LEDUC LEGAL, Wiechert Ralph ISAIIindalePlace Wieling Ray Wiens Murvln SArmstrongCr Wiens Murvin 3ArmstrongCr s Wiersma John Wieschorster L RRl SouthEdmonton Wiesener Herman RRl Wiesener Kevin Wiesener R ; ; Wiesener W H idaiiindalepiace Wiesener William E RRl Site7Box V Wiesner K J St Wiesner R St Wiggett W Wiggins Ken i Wikkerink IVI 74CaiedoniaDr i Wiklund Dave Av Wilhauk A St Wilhauk Norman INotreDameCr ? Wilhauk T T Wilhauk Trent oo^'ntnt,' Wiihelmsen E J SAIIenPlace Wilkes Reg & Gaylene Wilkie L ISAdamicCr Williams Angie Williams B WiiliamsB * Williams Coiin & Tara 980-7^3 Williams D L llandersoncrt Williams Dale Av Williams Daniel Williams Daniel Faxline > Williams Dean 986-/ibi *. Williams Donald W Boxl6 Site9RR ^ Williams E Boxl Williams Edna 986- V3V Williams F IBAndersonCrt J1. : Williams Gordon oqa«<^533o ; 80x15 Site205RR2NewS3repta 985-bJS44 t Williams Gordon. Boxl5 Site205RR2NewSarepta 986 6U20 Williams J K ^ V Williams L J St Williams Peter Williams Russell Roy RR Williams Scott Willidms T A ' Wll».ms Bob 390S 39A. ;; ; ::;;::;:98t84i6 ' SillteKo L ' ' ' Wiiliston D Av Willow Park Estates Manufactured Ho co'cv 'v Willow Park School St Fax Line OSA-1510 Wills H St 986 ^10 ji^ Wilmot J OAllindalePlace,980-^58 Wilneff Mark D 24WiiliamBeilbr...^ ' Wilneff Mark Faxline 24WiliiamBeiiDr Wilson Bill l7aipaughcr 96o.. Wilson D M St ^ " Wilson David aSt 986 uiio ' ' Wilson Doug & Mary V Wilson H AV /UOb Wilson Irene St Wilson J A 24AthapaskanDr 900 ooou Wilson John P St Wilson M J 98^4970, Wilson Mike ' ' : Wilson Mike RR2 ^ Wilson Norman St. 'lil-lssl Wilson itail 27WiiliamBradburyPiace ggf'oloo ' Winch Marvin ubuu Winch Marvin Av 986 usuo ', Winch Marvin Av , vvindjsck tismis 0Rn-T?l' SouthParkOr 9aU-lJi:> WINDSOR PLYWOOD. ' 6520 SparrowDr ' g^d ft'"'"". Winiarki A 79WillowParkEsts iis g Winlin Robert wkurs B.rr, s 5i«3 iii WireHne wares sales a Service SI" ^ s. Witham Kevin v7a Jfi n, % Withneil J ^ v '» Witt Gerhard St WittkOPf T L St 'U% WIttkowski Gary 43BcllaCoolaOr Ims ' 1 Witzke M H Accounting 8t Computers 60x WNUK ED ChaTtd Acctnl A716 SlAv Woito Norm Wold Dean 32AttiapaskanDr Wold Victor 9CamciotPiace Wold Victor Faxline Wolden Colin Wolfe E Wolfe G aAv Wolfe Norman Av Wolff K Wolkoff L Wolstenholme Clint Wolter T & G Av Wolver Holdings St WOLVERV CONSTRUCTION & TRANSIT MIX- See Buntco Rock Products Womacks Mike Wong Dennis 20BridgeportWynd WONG DENNIS OR phys St Wong Simon Wood B Wood Derrick 107Corlnthi3Dr Wood James aAv Wood K Wood K P Av Wood Mike 23CampbellRd Wood Richard Wood S P Wood S P Faxline Woodall Russell bAv Woodhouse K Woodhouse K Woodland D P Av Woodiey S Woodman Denis BArndtCr Woodring P st Woods D 39WillowPkEst Woods Graydon BCamelotPlace Woods K Woods Robert Av WOODSVAIL DOG GROOMING 5009 SOAv Woodsvail Dog Grooming School Av Woolley Tom Woolliscroft D Dr 8( J Woolsey C Wooster L P bAv WOOSTER LIN FURNITURE REPAIRS Bay Ay After Hours Res Worbeck A 13MacLarenPlace Worbeck Glenn ismaclarenplace WORD OF LIFE CENTRE Av Fax Line World Relief Canada 4310BlackGcld0r Worman W Wowchuk Jerry aSt Woytenko Don WOZNIAK C DR PROF CORP Phys Av Residence Wozniak Christopher Dr Wright Andy Wright Andy Wright Andy Fax Line Wright Brent Bsmi Av Wright Ed WRIGHT FORREST J R PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION ChartdAcctnt 4716 SlAv Wright Forrest Jr 29WiiliamBellDr Wright James ASCamelotCr Wright M Wright M Wright Marilyn Wright P L Av Wright S Wringe S SBWillianiBellDr Wringe S Fax Wronko Allan D RR Wronko Anne st Wronko Eugene aAv Wrubleski Bruce Wrubleski H Wrubleski S Box97Nevr5arepia Wuest P Wurban Paul Wuttke E Wyatt G Wyatt Keith 206RavineVilas Wyeth M S SouthParkOr Wyllle M Wynnesills Thomas Av Wynnyk George H,34NootkaRd Wytyshyn S Yackel Albert 84CorinthiaOr Yackman F Yakielashek Tom 7Bohim3nCiose Yamniuk E 3607CaledoniaDr Yanish J St Yanish Rod 5215 SlaSi Yanke Dale Av Yaremcio B & Y St Yaremko Conrad 7NotreDameCr Yaworski Tim dlcorinthiaor YELLOW PAGES- TELUS ADVERTISING SERVICES ELUS Av SE Calgary ADVERTISING INFORMATION INTERNET ADVERTISING OR PURCHASE OF DIRECTORIES (No Charge Dial) Fax (No Charge Dial) Yoner Richard 69CorlnthiaDr Yoner Richard Fax Yoner Troy 8t Cari Yoos R Yopek A Yopek C York Richard Av Yorkston G 8 29CaledoniaOr Yorkston Mike 29CaledoniaDr Young B Young Bob 144WilliamBellOr Young Bob 144WilliamBellOr Young Cyril St Young Douglas 56Corin(hiaDr Young E Av Young E St Young Jody st Young John 5202 siast Young John & Cathee Young K Young M Av Young M Fax Young R Young Robert J Av Young Russell Av Young Susan & Bob Fax 144WilliamBellDr Young Wallace 5317 SSAv Young Wally Younghans B 45AipaughCr Youngren Gordon M bAv Youngren Marcus Youth Alive Canada Av Ypma D VUE M DR Pkys St YUEN AMY OR poys St Yuen Martha Yule R M ISCameiotAv Yule W Yurkiw Lawrence YURKIW LAWRENCE DR Dent St TtlUS arirmihinasetx*^ ZALAPSKI & PAHL LawyTs : St, Fax Line Superior St....Devon Zaiapski Walter 22Atliapasi<anDr Zambelli Prime Rib Steak & Pizza St Fax Line Zasada Rick Zauscher Rudy J RR Zawacki F l7mohawkcr Zaychuk Tony 14MohawkCr Zazelenchuk Dennis Zazelenchuk M I0lb44l2 50 St Zazelenchuk M 10Ib St 986-4' ZAZ'S PARTY TUNES Fax Line 986-li Zhitnoff Zbitnoff ; Zhorowski ED Av 986-5; Zeiner D st 986-5i Zeiner Jackie St Zeiner Lloyd St 980-0j 986-2t Zeisman R 986-8; Zelinski E st 986-4f Zeluf T 986-9J Zerbin H 5112 l7av 986-3J Zerr Garry 12AllindalePlace Zerr J 12AllindalePlace Zerr Joyce 12AliindaifPiace Zeyha M 986-3j Zeyha M 986-3f Ziebarth Doug St Ziegler Mark RR Ziegier S Zieike M T Av Ziff Kevin P Dr Podtsi Zimmer D 416TeltordCrt Zimmer Darryce ' Zimmerman A ibbakerplace Zinchuk John 43Ap8cheCr Zingel Tim Zingel V Zinselmeyer R Ziolkowski Alex Zittlau K llallindaleplace 986-6S> Zmurchyk Fred 68WillianiBellDr Zork Tracy St ^ Zouboules Fred A st < Zubko D < Zubrowski Cory SouthParkOr ; Zuchotzki David Av 986-2Si Zuchotzki P ; Zukowski Brad ' ( Zuike Neil SONooikaRd Zurfluh Charlene 4922 SlAv Zutz Adolph 4NolreOameCr Zutz Brion RR Zutz Howard RR Zwodeski J M 47 SoiilfiParkOr LEGAL See also Bon Accord- Westlock for other customers located In this area. EMERGENCY CALLS FIRE ALARM ONLY 911 POLICE RCMP 911 AMBULANCE 911 HOSPITAL St Albert Or Emergency Dept St Albert S Vimy Area Call. Westlock POISON CENTRE (Toil-Free) If Busy Call Calgary Yurkiw Russell 43Mohav;kCr A & G Automotive Box Adkins Calvin aAv ; AGRICORE Yurkowski C Zabiran Nikolai Zadko Gerald l3mdeodcr Zadran H St Zaharko Ann St Zak M ZALAPSKI LEONARD W Laicyr St Every Hello Is A Good Buy Fort Saskatchewan Agro Centre S Legal Elevator Finer Contact Line (Toll Free) Aifchison E Allan C Av J Allan Cathy st Allison Jody ALTAGAS UTILITIES INC Coinplete Listing Under Exchange Ot fdorinvile looav Morinville

34 Ailverlising Set. ces 2nni ^ Refrigeration Ltd ^M^lance 911 Ani^. uiiiiic KKivimy yolsddo S Sh np2"? Ronald Bo* 'ASSOCIATE MEDICAL CLINIC THE,1/18 50Av Honnvillc Cilice St Albert Office ikociation Canadienne-Francaise De L Alberta Regionale Centraita _fa«tine Sco GAS Gas Distribution Centre ^H'ance adiusimo^l^ no heat, meter -.J?"'8'"'ents, to ornuiito provide vc your f^cading LWgs fe-^bffice Blue FlainiVtV-i, 8ask ft a speech trnnaireu -'- ""-''''-'"''' ny Number 711 Aubin Murray Aubin Murray Fax Auger Germain 0ox Auger Germain Box Auper Rheal Auigbelle C Ayotte R Ayotte R Bachmler Shaun BADGER TRUCK PARTS LTD RRi Fax line Bessette Jean Av Bezukoff Ivan N D Bianic Roger Av Biddlscombe Dean Bidgood J Biggs Jim Box404BonAccor(l Bilodeau Alphonse Bilodeau Claude Box Bilodeau Fernand Boxsevimy Bilodeau Guy ast Bilodeau Guy Fax Bilodeau L Box Bilodeau Roland Box Bilodeau Ron Av Bilodeau Rose Miss Biollo Brian Blolio David C Bissonnette M Bissonnette M Black Greg Black R & R Blair John Av Blais J Boxl Blais J Boxl Blanchard Frank Blanchet Martin Blanchett Claude Blanchette Clement RRlVimy Blanctiette Jerry Blanchette Leon RRlViray Blanchette Leonard Av Blanchette Maurice Blanchette Maurice Blanchette R Blanchette Vince Bodson Robert Bodson Robert Boetim Patrick Boissonnautt Blanclie Boissonneault D Boivert Ralph Bolle C RRt Boiie David Bombay Henry Av Bond Roberta St BonogofskI Ralph Booth S Borduzak Dennis Box3Vimy Borduzak Dennis Faxline Box3Vimy Borduzak Donald Box Borduzak Donald Fax Line Borduzak Jim 0ox3l Borduzak Jim Fax Borduzak M Bosma Albert Box Bosma R Box48l Bouchard Donald Bowerman Lome St Bradfield E S St Branscomhe Mark St Brent George St Briault D Briault Pat Box Badry Treena Baert Raymond Bailey Dave & Monica BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA Bridge Audrey Av Bridges Lois 8t Robert Fax B Banks Gordon ridges Mike 4915 SOAv Banning Rick St Brill Gary aSt Barnes Nelson Kenneth Brill Wilnam RRl Barsalou Jacques 8r Tracey Brilliant John St Bartee James BoxO Site4RRi Brisson A 5016 SOAv Bartee James BoxO Sitc4RRl Brisson Darcy Av Bastlen Brisson Denis St Bayduza Paul Brisson Leon Av Bayerlein E Brisson M box Bayley Susan Brisson Raymond Box Beeching Ed Box6 Site3RRl Brisson Rock St Beeching Ed Box5 Site3RRl Broda'David Box Behrens P Brown Lyie Belanger Paul 8r Roxanne Brown R E RRlVimy Be anger Paul & Roxanne Brownson Donna RRl Belhumeur B Bruce Gordon Box Belley J Brune L Beiimore Donna ^Ffffiau f S^i onnn Beiimore Kevin..::.:: ::::::: ::::::96i-4oo4 P' ;/ Box39RRivimy Benoit " D 8r C rri Buchanan K Berezanski Robert J RRl Bergeron Al Bergevin Lucien Boxi Bernard Emile 0ox33Vimy Bernard Fred Bernard Fred Bernard M Box96Vimy Bernard P Bernard S Berry G Berube Aurelien Berube G E Berube Gerald St Bessette Aime Burns Robert Box46Vimy Burns Robert Box46Vimy Burns Robert Fax Line Burton Raymond Vimy Bushaw Jim Bussiere T St Butcher Gordon aAv Cu Gas Limited Slatior! Callahan S Cameron Bruce Campbell Alistair M Box30 Site2RRlVimy Campbell Henny & James Campbell Kevin RRl Campbell W CANADA POST (voir aussi Postes Canada) Customer Service Postal Code Information Charges To Caller Apply As Explained On Call General & Delivery Inquiries No Oiarge Dial Priority Courier, Xpresspost Parcels And International Courier No Charge Dial Postal Outlet For Products And Services ^ Legal Canadian Real Estate Service/Div Of Arcana Agencies Realty (1989) Ltd St Fax Line Direct Line (No Charge Dial) Capital City Savings & Credit Union Limited 4836 SOAv Fax Line^ Carlson Gordon Carpenter S Carrier S M St Carriere Beatrice St Carriere S Carriere Stephane Av Casavant Andre Boxl Casavant Claude RRltAorinville Catholic Churches 8i institutions R C Rectory CEN-ALTA OILFIELD TRUCKING LTD SALT WATER DISPOSAL Box Fax line Cellular Cellular Chaffee Kyle Chamberland Denis St Chamberland Chamberland Maurice aSt Champagne Allan Champagne Edition Inc RngRd Champagne Paul Boxl ridges Lois & Robert:::::::::::::::? champagne ReaL B Champagne Robert Charest Yvon Charrios Dan St Charrois D 8r J St Charrois Guy Boxll Charrois Laurler RRl Charrois Leo Charrois Maurice Box Chateau Sturgeon Senior Citizens Home A'itt Fax Line._ Chauvet Ernest Chauvet Jeanne Chauvet Louis Chauvet Maurice Chauvet Maurice RRlBoxll SitelS Chauvet P Chauvet Robert Chauvin Claude BAv Chauvin Claude Av Chenard L Chenoweth Cherbonneau A Child P Chlleen Edwin RR2Picl<3ri)ville Chipchura W Choy Tim RRl Christensen Andrew Chrlstenson Doug RRlVimy Chwok Frank Boxi Buchholtz Blair Buchholtz Blair Buckley M 4414 SOAv Buckley M 4414 SOAv Budd Billy Bugbee D Bugbee Dan Bulcock Ross Av Bullock Wayne Boxis Bumstead S BURIED CABLE LOCATION Alberta One Call (No Charge) Burnison S 25528TwpRd65i Clark Dan Clark V Clee Dawn Clements K Clements K LEGAL LEGAL 93 Clements T R Clothier Richard Cloutier Albert Cloutier E P Club 60 Roses CONNELLY-MCKINLEY LTD St Edmonton Cooper Cooper James Cooper-Birner J Corimer Richard Cornelis Brian Cornells Brian Fax Cornelis John M lAv Cornelis Melvin Boxl Cornwell C Cornwell Carl Cort J Couiombe Clem st Coulombe Eugene st Couiombe Joel RRl Coulombe Joel RRl Couiombe Marcel Country Log Caskets Cournoyer Denis Coursaux August rri Coursaux Gerry Coursaux M i Coursaux Michel RRl Cox Lory i CRIME STOPPERS (No Charge Dial) Critchley Sandra St Croisetiere Eric Cromwell Gary St Cromwell Gary St Cross James Cunningham Roy Curly's Crude Oil Hauling Ltd Cyr E & C St Cyr Guy Cyr Guy Fax Line Cyr L & M St Cyr M T Box Cyr Maria Boxl Cyr Martin Cyr Norman Boxl , Cyr Norman Fax Line : Cyr Remi Boxl Cyr Remi Faxline i Cyr Richard Czech Myron Boxl37Clyde ' D R P Industries Ltd 5205 SOAv Fax Line Dale E Daly D , Dance P & J SllS 53 st Davidson B Davidson B Davidson B G Davidson Erika ; Davidson Erika Dean Gary & Deanna ! DEBT SOLUTIONS BY A C WARING & ASSOCIATES INC D3Jasper Ave Edmonton dechamplain Denis Box ' de Champlain Fern St De Champlain J ' de Champlain Leo RRl DeChamplain Leon 4711 SOAv de Champlain Paul , DeChamplain Raymond RR2Viray DeChamplain Raymond Fax DeChamplain Rene st De Champlain Richard BAv De Champlain Roland De Lauw Tony Delorey J iaAv Demerais Duncan Demerais L Demers A Demers Roland Box Denis Andre De Ocampo L Box Deringer V Deringer V Derrlen E Derrien E Fax Line DeSmet V Box60BonAccord DeSinet V BoxdOBonAccord i '

35 94 LEGAL LEGAL 85305' 061-3^3 G & J MECHANIC SERVICE Kieser Maurice 961-3^5 Kilbourn J Clair\iewAcrcs ? Kiliick J Killips Desmond L H Box Desmond L H Fax Line Despins Don BoxlOBVimy Despins Hendrick Despins tan Despins Stacey Despins Wayne Deugo Brian 5024 soav DeWinter George Dewinter K Diederich G Dikow Zbigniew Dinelle Ron 4422 SOAv Doblanko Greg Doblanko Victor RRi Doiberg Fred Dolberg Fred Faxline Don Witter Trucking St Donald Kevin 5106 si St Dopson Brian Douziech Al Dowhan D st Dowhaniuk Don Bo* Dribnenky Ron Boxl SitelSRRl Dribnenky Ron Fax Dube Marcel Boxl Dunkley Adrian Duperron Jules du Preez Buddy du Preez Buddy Second Line Durocher Real Box Durocher Tony Dusseault G Faxline Boxl2Viiny Dusseault George Boxi2Vimy Dusseault Jack RRlVimy Dzeryk J Dzeryk K Dzeryk Ken Dzeryk Ken RRI Eades D soie 46 st Eades D St ICOLE CITADELLE Rue Eddington John Edmunds D 8i S Edworthy K Ellison Bill Ellison Ctiristian Ellison William J Av Elvin R EPCOR looasjasperav Epp Larry Epp Larry Av Erdmann Rony Ettinger C Ettinger C Evans Ken 5217 siaav EXCEL AVIATION CROP SPRAYING Box5 SitellRRl Fardin Corry Farm Credit Corporation Canada (FCC)- Sce Government Of Canada Blue Pages Farrant C Fas Gas Legal Service Hv.'y2&Hwy Fedorvich Lawrence Sill 53 st Fell Gord Fenske David A Fenske David A Faxline Fenske E RRl Fenton Terry W Ferland D & V Filer J FIRE ALARM ONLY 911 Fleck Lome Box? SitellRRl Flewelling Ian Forcade Leonard Box Forcade Louis Boxl Fortier D 5014 so St Fortier Germain R Av Fortier Jean Fortier Laurier Fortin Andre aSt Fotty J Forty Jackie & Dwayne Fowler Shawn & Diane?61-35?4 Fowler Shawn 8i Diane Fax Frank Jamie V6l-Zb^/?fl-2421 Gagne B Gagne Ben Box Gagne G Box Gagne Mike Av Gagne Raymond A st Gagne Roger Gagne Roger Gardippee Herb Garneau M L Garrett P Gaultier Gauthier Hector Box Geddes Gordon GENDARMERIE ROY ALE DU CANADA lolavmorinville Assistance 24 heures (Octrois sans frais) St Albert Administration-Lnfo (Octrois sans trais) Geria D Gerla D Gibbon Lee Av Gibson Greg RRl Gibson Greg Faxline RRl Gibson Wayne D RRl Gile B Gill Gary RRl Gill John RRl Gingras C Girard Maurice Girard Maurice Fax Glaubitz H & F Glenn Merritt Automotive & Wrecking RRl Goian Scott 8 Helen GOOD MICHAEL C Laivyr 2506Tu<lor6ienMarket St Albert Gorman Paul Gorman Paul & Hannelore Fax Goudie L Government Of Alberta Listings- See Blue Pages G overnment Of Canada Listings- See Blue Pages Gouvernement Du Canada Incriptions- Voir Les Pages Bicmcs Gozjoiko Brad & Andrea Vimy Grade T Grade T Fax Graham S & D St Green James Green K 5217 siaav Greyhound Canada Bus-Courier Info St After Hours Passenger Info Edmonton Griffiths John Gudmundscn Jim Gulka Tony Box52Vimy Gunn Cheryl M 4915 SOAv Haas Joseph Hager Chris Av Haisan Syl st Haison Craig nils 52 st Half Moon Lake Community Centre Half Moon Lake Community Hall RRlVimy U Halisky T Halisky T Halliday B Hammond Gerard Hammond Gerard HAMMOND TRAVEL Fax line Hannig Irwin RRivimy Hanson J Harke C W Harper Theresa Harrowby M Hart Denise '"'!!r' Hartman D & L Harvey Pierre Qfii-igm? Haughn E :.::: ;::..::;.:::;;::96i-4024 Hauptman Michael Hawes F :;::;:96i-4io6 ''amie IliS Fmlw G^T'stephen:^: - : ^ Hawes Francis :^ Fraser M St %i"mi & Donna Fraser M & W Hawthorne Dorothy SuusetVilla Frechette Davirl 48'0 51 St Heckathorn David Av Hendriks Perry Hennessy C Herrmann Glen Box Hesse S Hewko Russell Hewko Russell Hildebrand R & F Hill David Hillier S Hills Cory Hills D C Hills Garry RRl Hills James Av Hills Kevin Hills M Hills Mike RRl Hills Pat 00x Hills R 5108 SOAv Hills Raymond Box Hills Raymond Faxline Hines R Hines R Hinks J Hinks Jenny Hoare Steve Vimy Hobart R Hogan M Hogan M Holmes John Box732Gibl)on Holmes John Box732Gibbons Hooper B Boxl467Horinville Hoople Roderick St Horn C Horvat Stan St Horvat Stan St HOSPITAL st Albert OR CALL EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT St Albert VIMY AREA CALL....Westlock Houle Denis Houle George Box7l Houston John Hrycun Leonard RRl Sitel Hudec Andrew Hugelschaffer Helmut vimy Hughes Robert BraunVilge Hunting Clifford Av Hunting Jim Box Hunting Ken Box Hunting Richard Huot Andre Vimy Huot H Fax Huot Herb Huot Leon Box76Vlmy Huot Norman Huot Norman Huot Richard D Box Hutchison Stephen D Av Hutnan John P Bdx4 Site Investors Group 4925 SOAv Irvine Dan & Isabell RRl Jackman Roger Jackson A Jackson Jim Jacobs Rick Jacobs Rick Jacobson Robert S RRlVimy Janiten Wayne Jasinski K & L Jasinski P & K & M Jasmin Jules 50X4 52 st Jean R Jensen S & C Jensen S & C Johansen John SOAv Johanson Paula 0ox9 SiteiRRi Johansson C Av Johnson Chris RRlGlbbons Johnson K Johnstone Gordon RRl Jones Patrick Jones Stephen Julyan V Vimy Jurasek Dan Jurasek Louis jtv Jurasek Jurasek Terry St Kalinowski Francis soav Kalinowski M Karl Eric & Renale RRlvimy Keane Allan Keane C Y BoxSO Keane Dixon BoxOO Keane Patrick RRl Free Wheelinq Enterprises Hemmerling David Keller D & L aSt Friedenbera J W RRl Henderson Don Kienlen John Fuchs S Henderson John Neil Vimy Kieser Joseph R RRltAerinville King S 961-OOOS Kirkpatrick Donna M St Kirkpatrick Margo & Ray Kirsch Robert Kitchen Mathew Klann Harry Klassen Ed Klassen Ernest Box Klassen Klaszus Fred Kiemmer Jim Knor Ron Knorr Ron Kolodzinski Stan Konanz ltl & J Kostiw Gary Kostiw Joseph Kostiw Raymond J?, 0138 Kostiw Victor ^ Kostiw Waiter Koziow S - Kozy Corner Greenhouse Krautt Greg Krautt Greg Kruger M Krupa Isidore Krupa Steve Kuchta Terry Kuchta Terry Kueber p Kuting S. : Kwasney Sandy... ' L A Confectionery II Busy Call L A LOOKS 4907 L 8t L Oilfield Maintenance voi o"* ggi I.406I L^^»GB;x444::::::9a-^ Labossfe re'armanirbox27rrw^^^ Labossiere Joe ' 'J""*"" Lachance Daniel BoxlSVimy oai-r9r4 Lachance Daniel BoxSSVimy Lachince Rjchard Box57Vimy 961-3^2 Lachance Richard Vimy /JJ Lachance Richard Faxline Lafleche Maurice 'jilssn Lafond P " Laffammboise Robert St SS Lafreniere C Lalonde Don :: S Lambert D Lambert Delores Landry ::961-32S4 a:!s««iskffletebis:!-ap]a"{! Ejck ::::::::::::::;::;i96i-389o Laskiwski Fred T RR2 OAi'ilM Latimer W Iham v,my UBIanc Paul St Lecavaller L 4906 SlAv Leclercq L ;«Leoal Community HalL LEGAL CO-OP ASSOCIATION L^icuriinpciub::::;:::::;:;;;:::96i-3w Legal Dentaf Centre ftauitcentrs Leoa Drugs 4910 soav LEGAL ELECTRIC (1986) LTD & 4(160 Fax line Keane Patrick Faxline TELUS Long Distance: built by Albertans for Albertans.

36 ~P^^-I!l!!l*j.»enisin9 SecvicM 2001., '" Av Restaurant 'eurant & Lounge i-epal Hotel , fax ^931 Uquorvii i, «a«lw Asifb :: :::: :::: :::::: ::''gl?ss Edmonton Direct i Vn) ^al School s 1 i" V. o , fax Line SlAv&46 St j-egault B son;; c ^-^luumeau GpratH -^luurneau Gpra ^ voi-jv//,4 ourneau Gwa h 261-'»012 Letourneau io4 gi«y^ald 2 t Fax ; Line ; L«ourneau j p"n^ ' '"e Utoumeau L sin,*^/ Utourneau [ sjs? i^av J^^iuumeau!-?!0"meau V Utourneau Levy c.. rss^-, " 6ert rfj'" Floyd L Heureux b j-heureux g ""f R BoxS L KHeureux Heurpiiv I L..; QAi.nnAc; L Heurpiiv I LlSbej "* 80*134 9Al-38gi Lmgandt Limoges Lmdholm Little S & c Loch^f Bill 8, Annio = ^ Looher Bin r."r! 8ox Lockhart L R' 8ox Loos Walter wos Walter Loos Walter Loposhinskv bon Losey j ' "ennis RRtvimy Luchkc Luchka S & w d'" vv Lucier c 52ih "9er Dorothu Lunger G & d ^ Lll»Bavid"^-- A... Lyttle T. ' SlaAv Yrvj Contract^}^ S)^tems- See Maplethorpe MagarM D^B "*f acting Mafie Laurjer^BwT? ^'''''' --''--'-''-" "2^ Malalson j r Malica B & Malott Fred sivc Mann P 53 si Mann P Mannix L Mannix L Fav MaSu "Zhn'^'" <'^<'CI,arge) Martes^anl? "' BoxA2B Fai Line ^Ofvices Vimy Marten Robert oai'iaao MasSi^ Arma?[/ ^ 50 St Masson D^ 5CAv Matthews maiiriews p R x/i M vimy Mattinan Eric ' ;'""' MauHer j ""l Maoris Mauner Rene rri box52 i..:r::in..:::r.96i Maxwell M3xweii R McCaffrey David 5221 siaav McGonigal B Always keep emergency numbers close by the phone. McKee D T Mcleod Lawrence McMillan Shirley McMillan Shirley RRiVimy McPherson Jack RRl Medwedchuk Walter Melnychuk D & M Menard James Av Menard Phillip Mercler F Mercier Robert Merrell Mark Merritt G Merritt Marcus Mettiewsky D MIchaud Claude Michaud Claude & Rose Faxllne Miles Ken Millennium Modular Homes Ltd Box8 StAlbert If Busy Call Miller Ian Mitchell George Box47B Monpetit Robert Montpetit Bernard St Montpetit Cecile RRl Montpetit Daniel St Montpetit Fernand Montpetit Lucien Montpetit Lucien Fax Line » Montpetit M Montpetit Martin Montpetit Patricia Box2l Montpetit Paul Montpetit Richard G RR Morgensen G Boxl Morin A Box Morin L St Morin Marcel Morin Remi Morissette Roger Morlidge C Morlidge C Morrill Roger & Dianne Morris Daniel BoxllS Mortimer Lynn Mounsef G RRl Mueller W F Box42Vimy Mullaly Rita Murphy Don BraunVilge Myers Geoffrey & Joanna Av Nahirnick Terry Vimy Nance S St Nault D Nault G Box30B Nault S Nelson J st Nelson M riessel Vern Neufeld Merle & James Box5877Westlock Neufeld Neuville B NEW CONCEPT MANUFACTURING LTD New Diamond Restaurant Ng Paul St Nonay Ben Nonay D Nonay D A Nonay David Northern Sales Ltd boxbo NOTUS Fax Line O'Hara Jim Ollenberger Tony J Oloske A RRlVimy Oloske Alex Oloske Art Olson A Olsson Dale S Diana Ombudsman's Office Orr R & N r- Edmonton Otterson Kevin Otterson Myron Otto Herb rri Ouellette Cam Fax Line Ouellette Normand J RRHIjmy Ouellette Raymond BoxSld Ouellette Roger RRlBoxl Sitell Ould T RRiBox Overacker M Overacker M Ozipko Cassie RRl Ozipko Craig Page C Twintree Palmer L Paluck J Panek S Pangle Dave Papanek D Paquin Marie Parent Gaston Parent Leo Box43Vimy Parent Robert Parsons M Parsons M Passey Les RRlVimy Pearce Robert 5C20 abav Pecek Andrew RRiVimy Pecek Henry B rri Pederson D 52O6 52aSt Pedgerachny Henry Pedgerachny Peter Box433BonAccord Pedgerachny Tony RRl Peet John Pegg Mark St Pelletier A St Pelletier Adrian Pelletier Albert Pelletier Claude Box Pelletier Dan & Michelle Pelletier Darcy Pelletier Dion Pelletier Eugene Pelletier J Pelletier L 8ox Pelletier Louis Pelletier Louis Pelletier Lucien Boxl Pelletier Mark 8r Francis D Pelletier Maurice Boxl Pelletier Normand Pelletier Raymond Boxl Pelletier Red Pelletier Robert Box Pelletier Tony box Pelletier Wilfred Pelletier Wilfred Pelletier Y Perkins G Av Perkins Geoffrey Av Perkins Geoffrey Av Perrault Marciaf RRl Perrault Rene RRl PETERSON K WAYNE Lawyr PETERSON KROCHAK Phillips Garrett St Piquette D Plant Glenn 4711 siav Poirier J POISON CENTRE (No Charge Dial). If Busy Call. Calgary Polefka R POLICE RCMP- See Royal Canadian Mounted Police 5t Albert Pollard Bill & Irene Pollard Bill & Irene aSt Pollard W D Popp M Postes Canada (See Also Canada Post) Service A La Clientele Renseignements sur les codes postaux Les frais factures a I'appelant sont Expliques en debut d'appel Renseignements generaux et livraison Aucuns frais composer Messageries Prioritaires, Xpresspost colis et Messageries Internationales Aucuns frais composer (pour les Comptoirs voir Canada Post) Potter R Potts Lindon Power D Power Kevin Powley C Prefontaine Bernie BoxAOB Prefontaine Bernie BoxAOB Prefontaine Corey Prefontaine D Fax LEGAL LEGAL 95 Prefontaine Dan St Prefontaine Dan St Prefontaine George St Prefontaine L Faxline Prefontaine Leo Prefontaine Michel Prefontaine P L Prefontaine Paul Av Prefontaine R P Box Prefontaine Roland Prefontaine T & C St Preston Brian St Preston Brian Fax Preston V L Priestley Norman Primmer J St Professional Marketing & Promotions Inc Av Fax Line l Prokopetz K Proulx Art Proulx M Proulx Robert Av Proulx Rock RRl Proulx Ron RRl Provencal Denny Provencal Leo BoxdlVimy Provencal Louis Provencal Marcel Provencal Paul Provencal Shawn Provost V Box PsaidI Karl & Elisabeth Puddicombe A & M aSt Quaghebeur Gerard RRlMorinville Quaghebeur N Boxl Quesnel Ed R C IVI P See Royal Canadian Mounted Police St Albert ; Radke J Ragan W Rawlyk R Read Jim St Reeken Tim Box Reeken Tim Fax Regimbald Blanche Regimbald Claude Box30Vimy Regimbald Don i Regimbald Don Regimbald Leo St ; Regimbald M J Regimbald M J Regimbald Mark Box Regimbald Paul i Regimbald Robert Regimbald Robert Regimbald Roch RRlVimy Regimbald V Reid B 58115RangeRd Reid Karl Vimy Remillard Maurice ! Remillard N 5019 soav ; RENE'S VACUUM SERVICE LTD RRl St Albert Direct Line Direct Line Westlock Fax Line Rennie Mack Rennie Mack Richardson Roy & Kay Ringuette Alphonse BoxSBVimy Ringuette D J RRlVimy Ringuette Hector Box Ringuette L ' Ringuette Leo Ringuette Paul RRlVimy , Ripley James R Rivard Dan RRl Rivard Dan Fax. Rivard Dennis RRl Rivard Dennis Faxline RRl Rivard Ed St Rivard Laurier RRl Rivard Marc RRl Rivard Norm Rivard Raymond RRl Rivard Raymond RRl Rivard Roland & Corrine RRl Roberts Brent & Chantal Robertson J & J Robertson P Robinson R RRl Rochat Douglas St Rochat Douglas St Rochat S Rogolino A : I

37 96 LEGAL MILLET Rohatyh T Faxline Rohatyn Glen & Tammi Rondeau U Rooker N Rosch Martin Roska John RRlVimy Ross Larry RRl Ross Walter Ross Walter Roulston T Box Roulston T Box Rousseau S J Routliffe Judy ROYAL CANADIAN MOUNTED POLICE lolavmorinville Dispatch 24 Hrs (Toll-Free) St Albert Administration-Info (Toll-Free) St Albert Russell Thomas RRl 961' 2392 Ryder J 961' 4050 S M Logistiques Av Sabourin R BoxSlvimy 961' 2020 Sabourin R Box52Clyde 961' 2002 Sabourin R Box52Clyde 961' 3331 Saffin V Safron Consulting Ltd Box4 Site2RRl St Arnaud Art Boxl4Vimy 961' 2127 St Arnaud Greg St Arnaud Greg St Arnaud P Vimy 96r 3007 St Arnaud Robert St Arnaud S R Fax St Denis Joe BoxlSO St Denis Joe BoxlSO St Denis Joe A St Denis Michelle St Denis Michelle St Denis Seed Farm BoxlSO 96r 2111 St Denis Shawn St Jean Albert Av St Jean B j61 St Jean Bruno Box2l0 961' 3861 St Jean Denis St Jean Donald Box ' 3952 St Jean Gerald 96r 4152 St Jean R Fax St Jean Raoul St Jean Richard Av 961' 4066 St Jean Richard Av 96r 4150 St Jean Roland 8ox ' 3682 St Martin Gerald S114 S2Av St Martin K St 961' 3290 St Martin Natalie St Martin Normand 90i 3620 St Martin Roger 4920 ibav 96i' 3859 St Onge Sampert Ron 90i Sautner Savard ivf 3585 Sawchuk Donald 9oi Schaade H RRl Schafers Ruth silo'sb st 961' 3074 Schmidt Randy St Schnack Keith 96r 4094 Schultz H J St Schwarz G Av 961' 2469 Scott Jerry Box Sczebel W & R 961 Sears Canada Inc SO 901- cpihert V A 901 slitz Jo^S, Bev aSt 961 Selby Don 961 Senechal C 961 Cpycmjth E yoj. Shabage Shannon Av 961 Shank Ian Box53 9oi Shank M J 961 Shank Roland 961 Shannon Raymond 9oi Shrum Don St 961 Siemens Daryl aSt 961 Simmons B 90i Simmons M. _, 901 Simons Norman W v/augh. 9oi Sinding Bruce Dr Deni NaultCemre 961 Singleton Walter D Jr RRlVlmy 961 Sizer Jerry Vimy 90i Skawronik D^^ Skedden Shelly Skedden Shelly Slate N RRlVimy 90i Sloan D q?, Sloat Rod 901 Slobogean Joe 90i Slowitt T & G 961 Smar John Smar John Smith Shinda Smok J RRivimy Societe Canadienne des Postes- IW Posies Canada Somers Mark Sommers Ellerey RRlvimy Sowers B Spaeth Werner RRl Spence R Spence R Fax Spiess Gerald Springfield Welding Ltd RRl Squair J H RRl Stack S Stang Darren Still David RRl Still David Fax St Martin Dan & Dorothy St Martin Dan 8r Dorothy Fax Stordy S Strembesky V Studer S Sturgeon Memorial Funeral Chapel Av Bon Accord STURGEON VALLEY FERTILIZERS Box Sudyk A RRl Sudyk A RRl Sunflower Community Resource Program Bon Accord Symons Robert Syr Marcel Taal Leendert Tapaquon S t Taylor Richard St TELUS ELUS FOR A MORE COMPLETE LIST OF NUMBERS SEE TELUS UNDER MORINVILLE NAMAO SPRUCE GROVE ST ALBERT OR STONY PLAIN TELUS COMMUNICATIONS INC HOME SERVICE ADDS/MOVES/ CHANGES/BILLING Self Serve From A Touch Tone Phone 310-SELF No Charge BUSINESS SERVICE ADDS/MOVES/CHANGES No Charge Billing Inquiries PAYPHONE SERVICES LONG DISTANCE SAVINGS PLANS CUSTOMER RELATIONS/24 HRS DIRECTORY ASSISTANCE/24 HRS 411 REPAIRS/24 HRS 611 TELUS ADVANCED COMMUNICATIONS HIGH SPEED DATA SERVICE No Charge 310-DATA TELUS ADVERTISING SERVICES YELLOW PAGES & INTERNET ADVERTISING No Charge Calgary Edmonton TELUS GEGMATICS No Charge TELUS MOBILITY No Charge TELUS.NET INTERNET SERVICE No Charge 310-4NET Tews David Theberge E Thibault J 52D7 53 SI Thibert J Dox Thibodeau Elmer Thiel Ed Box40J Thielmann G Thompson L Thomson A Thome Ray Tiboni E Ticuiie Armond Tieulie Danny Tieulie Dannjf Tieulie Emile & Bridget Box Tieulie Emile & Bridget Fax Tieulie Jean Marie Boxll Tieulie Roland Tieulie S Todd C J Todd C J Fax TOWN OF LEGAL Box Municipal Shop Fire Oept Office Water Treatment Plant TRANSALTA General 6 Executive Offices Av SW Calgary Plant Tours (Toll Free) Tremblay Dan Tremblay Raymond Tremblay Richard iaAv Tri-West Poultry Boxs 5iie7RRl Trimble E vimy Trithart Lyie Box Trott Trevor M 5101 SOAv Tuftin Randy & Cindy Turcott Bob & Lorraine Box Ubeis T & K Unrau R Computer Unrau Richard D St UTILICORP NETWORKS CANADA (Toll Free) Valiquette R Vandenhouten Richard Vandenhouten Richard RRi Vandersluys P Vandersteen G & M St Vandervaate J Van De Walle Walter Box Van De Walle Walter Fax Line Vansevenandt Richard Veenstra Kevin Av Veenstra T Veenstra T Veenstra Terry st Veenstra Terry Faxline Vimy Diesel Injection Inc Fax Line Vimy Hotel Vimy Meadow Sod Inc Vimy School Vimy VIsscher H Visscher Henry Fax Line Visscher Henry & Sonia Morinville Visscher Steve Visscher Steve Walker J 5109 SOAv Walker L aSt Wall D R Wall D R WALLIS TIMOTHY D Lattyr Walsh C Av Ward H Watt A & B Watt A 8r B Faxline Waugh Polish Hall Wayne's Welding Busy Call Wegernoski Robert Weiman C J Weiman C J Weiss W Wellington D St Wentzell Derek Vimy WESTLOCK FUNERAL HOME LTD St Westlock WESTLOCK SAND & GRAVEL CO LTD BoxSO Clyde Edmonton Direct Fax Line Westman J Wheadon L WHEELERS TRUCK STOP & RESTAURANT box Fax Line Whyte C Wild Tanya t Wilford Rick Willard Mert Willemsen Tony Riu Wilson A Box'l04BonAccord Winsor T St asios- TELUSAdvettisWjfiSiii^ Wlnsor T St Witter Cory 5222 Witter Cory 5222 Witter Lome 4927 Wizard Transport (1990) Ltd O St Woywitka A Woywitka Alan nm.3304 Woywitka Dave ^ Woywitka Ernie 2?i.3i22 Wright Wynnychuk D Winnie Zz-i.ossd Wynnyk F - YELLOW PAGES- TELUS ADVERTISING SERVICES ELUS" TELUS ADVERTISING SERVICES ADVERTISING INFORMAT ON PURCHASE OF DIRECTORIES 5 Fir TELUS Plaza South n/loo St Edmonton 49j)"^'^.4^ Toll Free l-529iti'nm4 Fax No Charg p-mail:salesfs)a[ Vuzel Tim Vimy Zaborowsky A Zadunayski Darcy 961-3ozb Zadunayski David RRlVimy V Zadunayski Frank Zadunajfski Frank Boxssvimy Zadunayski Michael Zadunayski W Zadunayski R Zadunayski Ronald Box27Vimy 96i-zz4o Zadunayski Victor RRiVimy / Zajack Jacek ^ Zbeetnoff David W Zilinski David Zilinski Elaine Zilinski John Box Zilinski Leon N Waugh Zilinski Nick BoxB Zilinski Nick Box Zilinski R Zilinski Ray Zilinski T F Box Zilinski Victor R Box Zirk Mervin Zuidema A Zuidema C LOOMA See Leduc, New Sarepta or Sherwood Park MANLY HIGHWAY See Stony Plain MILLET See also Calmer- Leduc- Mulhurst Bay- Wetasklwin for other customers located in this area. EMERGENCY CALLS FIRE ALARM ONLY 911 POLICE RCMP 911 County Constabulary Wetasklwin 352-OOOS AMBULANCE 911 HOSPITAL Wetasklwin POISON CENTRE (Toll-tree) If Busy Call Calgary A & G Automotive St Accura Business Services BoxdOOBWetaskivfin Adam Arwyn W RR Adam Brad A AGRICORE Leduc Agro Centre ^2 Acheson Terminal SpruceGrovefTollFree) Air Canada Call/Appeiez Alban Phillip 179Diamond0r W Albers Don 15 IPtpesloneManor Alberta Dairy Association Fax Line Jot The Number Down & Save It

38 : "i!i 5 TELUSArt.,,.;.. Sing Services 2001 Alberta MiiMi ' 50 St fll ALBERTA RCDTft ONE-CALL i'h^\TrP'=" M R fl 0 Fax A cohohcs Anonymous Wctaskiwni Aloette Of Edmonton South fax line ALTAGAS UTILITIES INC Complete Listing Under Exchange Of Leduc St Leduc AMARANTH ART son SOAV Ambrose Steve AMBULANCE 911 Amodeo John Anderson E Modem Anderson Earl Joe Anderson Lee RR Anderson Mike Andresen M A Andrus Lee & Denise LandsdownPark Angermann Wulf RR ^germann Wulf rr Angle Mountain Annugas Compression Consulting,"u Wetaskiwin Antoniuk J Antoniuk Jim Av Anton's Baked & Gourmet Foods APPLE DRUGS-IVIILLET 5008 SlAv AriSS P 114PipestoneDr *f"ls<rong-draper J Arndt Philip AmhnlP : : :: H Kevin 2 RR St Arnho tz Norm T()dd St Arnold Morley rri Arsenault C A rr4 ; A^indale B Bo* Artokivi James Resources Ltd ASSOCIATE CLINIC- MILLET Dr T A Orolet Dr T K Bakshi Dr M C Kirwan Or J E Brand Dr D G Woolliscroft Dr D A Jeffery 50 SI ATC0 6AS Gas Distribution CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE CENTRE Jr?". '3Iii-7pni Sat 8am-4pm Bimng Inquiries, Change of Address, No Heat Appliance Adjustments GAS EMERGENCY 24-HR SERVICE Gas Odours And Ruptured Lines tan General Office ^rvice Line Applications, Alterations And New Meter Installations St Wetaskiwin Blue flame Kitchen Alberta One-Call Pipeline naf u'"'v ueai, tteanng & Speech Impaired TTV Number ^ AihaM:::::::::::::;;;::;;:;:;:;;;- Atluns Norman XjKiGSOn G lolwestlibertycr I ' '12 50 St Booin J ^ 106PorterAv. '?fi7-'i7qn Babiuk Wayne 102 SiiT^CranstcnPlace Babwik J Fax Babwik Joe Bailer Clarence Bailer Ron Bailer Ron Baker Bernie BAKER FUNERAL CHAPEL LTD 5302 SOAv Wetaskiwin Bakker S Bakker S 1 RKalmacTrlrPk Bakker S Faxline Baldock S Baldock S Fax Baldry Blair HillsldeEsts Ball Allan M losdiamondor Ball Jerry Ball M Bamscy Arthur D box Bannister Bob Bar Four Cattle Barbe P Barbe P Fax Bargain Bin The Av Barich R Faxline Barich Randy 112HillsideCrt Barich Randy 112HillsideCrt Barkman Kelvin St Barlotta Gary Barnes Brad Barnes Brad Barnes James Barnett Allen Barns P Barns P Barr Arnold Bo* Barry J Barth Donald St BASILE'S 2 FOR 1 PIZZA & PASTA St Baslsty Ted Bass Christine Baumann T Bayr D Bedford Terry Bedu R Beebe Randy & Lorna Belanger Belanger Brad Belanger Gerard rri Belanger Gerard Fax Beler Ken Bell A C RRlEdmonton Benedetto Robert RR Benkendorf S Fax Benkendorf Steven rr Bennett Dan Boxl BENNETT ELECTRIC BOX Benson David C Bentley B Berg Larry landsdownpk Berg Neil Berg Neil Berg Neil Bergen Ernie Bo*699, Berger Dennis RR Berger Dennis RR Berghelm Brian Bergheim Brian Fax Bergquist Grant ; Sett K Bevan Rick Bevington R BIAMONTE CAIRO & SHORTREED 5004 SlAv Bidlock Dean RRI 387'^5648 Biermann John BIG LAKE SOD FARM RR3 Wetaskiwin Billings Ken Bilsborrow Don PineridgeOowns Biornstad V & K l25hilisidedr Blackie K & T Blade Dan RR Blair Merv Blakely Shawn 172PorterAv Blenke Frank RRlleduc Blenke Frank Faxline Bles G Blomquist H BlonskI N Bloomer Robert lolwestlibertycr Bloomer Robert lolwestubertycr Blume L Bockus Kim Bonaflde Auctioneering Corp St Benin M Benin M Bonsan Betty 206PipestoneBay Booth Michael Booy Peter Borthwick James Borzush M Bosse R & S Sewering Larry RRl Bowering Larry RRl Bowers Paul Bownes Rob 208WestLibertyCr Boyd S & C laowestlibertycr Boyd W M C Beyer Lawrence loljubileerd Bfadley R Bradley R Brault Sam loaporterav Brawner M Anne RRlleduc Breton T A Breum Niels 152WestLiberlyCr Breum Niels 152WestLibertyCr BRIAN DOYLE ALBERTA LAND SURVEYOR Brinkerhoff Drilling Partnership 4851 ISAv Brooke Howard Brothers P 244PorterAv Brotherston Clifford Brotherston Clifford Fax Brotherston D Brown George Brown Ian Brown L Brown N Brown Ron Brown Ross Bruin T & D Brulnsma Lieuwe RRl Bruneau G 178WestLibertyCr Bruun Henrik RR Bruun Henrik Fax Bryan's Windshield Repair Bryl John 122HillsideDr Bucsis Les RRl Bugera Travis losdiamonddr Buhler Aron Av Buhler Aron Av Buhler Aron 5035 A7Av Bullet Roofing If Busy Call BURGER BARN Av BURIED CABLE LOCATION Alberta One Call (No Charge) Burns Tom Butterfly Boutique 4920 so St Buzenus Ron Box Byrne G 183WestLibertyCr Byrne G 183WestLibertyCr C O'NEILL DISTRIBUTORS Sport & Business Promotions Fax line Caldwell M CALL BEFORE YOU DIG (No Charge Dial) Callum Gerald N isowestlibertycr Cameron D RR Cameron Danny Faxline RR Cameron Hope Cameron M E BoxAOO Cameron Mike Box Cameron Mike Box? Cameron Reid J llshillsideor Cameron Reid J Fax Campbell P 202PorterAv Campbell Randy l2midlandmobiieests Campbell Randy i2midlandmobileests Canada Brokerlink Inc 2flr Ave Leduc CANADA POST (Voir Posies Canada pour service en (rancais) Customer Service Postal Code Information Charges To Caller Apply As Explained On Call General And Delivery Inquiries (No Charge Dial) TOD (Deaf Or Hard-Of-Hearing) (No Charge Dial) Postal Outlet For Products And Services t Canadian Video A t Candy Ron Candy Ron lolhllisideplace p^ep THIS PHONE BOOK HANDY Let Your Phone Help You Shop"] One-Plus Dialing Saves Monev~j MILLET MILLET 97 Carlson Don Carmichael D Carroll John & Teresa 122PipestoneDr Carroll Robert Carson Robert Box Cathcart Fred 199WestlibertyCr Chalmers Barry Chambers Dave Chambers Dave Faxline Chaput D Charbonneau A Charbonneau Leon E Charbonneau Marcel Av Cheel K & D Cherkowsky G Cherniak Wayne Chesney Brad llohillsidecrt Chisholm Dwight Choma Harry Box Christenson John Lee loeoiamonddr Christenson Kevin Christenson Kevin Christie David R RRl Chubaty William Church A Cissell Ronald 113HillsideDr Ciulka D Clarke Paul Box Clausen M G & L C RR Clausen's Custom Services RR Clements Andrew Cloverlawn Community Centre Colburn C E Av COLDWELL BANKER HAIDA REALTY St Leduc Joe Greenwood Residence Coleman Darcy 202WestLibertyCr Coles Allan RR Coles Allan rr Coles M P RR2 Coles Murray rr Coles Murray & Kim RR Coles Ricky rr Coles Robert J RR2 Coles Robert J Fax Line Comfort D A BoxA Comfort D A 80x421 Congi T Congi T Conn D Conn Dale Cook Robert Cook Tom Cooper Allan lodjubileerd Cornish D & L Cornish D & L Costa Rick Cote Bill 162PipestoneMnr Country Ceramics RR , w i 'A 1 ii SI i COUNTY OF WETASKIWIN NO 10 WETASKIWIN COUNTY CONSTABUURY Complaints/Information County Administration Office ' t 'fj Courteau Rob i Covin Harold James RR i Covin Harold James RR t Cowan R Cox William i Creighton Howard loshillsideplace ' Creighton Kelvin 5111 <i9av CRIME STOPPERS (No Charge Dial) Crosley t Crossroads Regional Health Authority- See Health Services Crossroads Region In Wetaskiwin Crosswhite John BevonEst Crough Daniel Box Crough Daniel Box32l Crough Floyd RR Crouse M Av Crouse M Faxline Av Crundwell Jim Csernansky Chester Box Cumberland Fay 465PipesiooeOr Cumming M Cummins Tom & Kim RR (?