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1 Customer File#: 0 Contact: TomWilliams Ph. #: Fax #: - Address: P.O. Box City/State/Zip: Indianapolis, IN 0 Homeowners: Address: InspectionCo.: Address: Relocation Home Inspection Report Inspector: Sam Eagleye Date: //00 Time: :: Weather: Additions/Modifications: Permits: How Verified: People present: Occupied: PURPOSEOFTHERELOCATIONHOMEINSPECTIONREPORT To provideaprofessional opinion of arelocating employee s homein its as is condition, as of the dateof inspection, limited to the definitions and guidelines as established in this report. DEFINITIONOFTHERELOCATIONHOMEINSPECTION Avisual examination and status report of the itemslisted on pages through. Thereporting of apparent defects (not cosmetic related problems) that requirecorrectiveaction is limited to threecategories: ) structure; ) unsafeor hazardous conditions; and) inoperativesystemsor appliances.. Structure: Aload-bearing memberof abuilding (including,but notlimited to,footings, foundationwalls, posts,beams, floor joists, bearing walls, or roof framings), is defectiveif it has oneor moreof thesecharacteristics: abnormalcrackingorsplitting; unusual settlement; deterioration such as rot,mold, fungus, or pest infestation damage; improperalignmentorstructuralintegrity compromisedbymodificationorabuse;or other characteristicsthat affectthebuilding's structuralintegrity.. Unsafe or Hazardous Conditions: Any item that is identified as asafety defect or hazard, the presence or absenceof which would be dangerous. (Suspected, visible, friable asbestos is to be reported. Thereporting of the possiblepresence of lead paint, UFFI, radon, electromagnetic radiation, toxic wastes, and otherindoor pollutants is outsidethescopeof this report.). InoperativeSystemsand Appliances: Any installed systemsor built-in appliances that do not operateproperly or perform their intended function in responseto normal use. PROCEDURAL GUIDELINES 0 Pebblepointe Pass Carmel, IN. Contact thehomeowner for an appointment within working day after accepting an assignment. If thehomeowner cannot be reached, contact theclient.. Inspect theproperty within working days after accepting the assignment unless thehomeowner delays the process. Contact the client with theverbal report within day of inspecting the property. If the inspection cannot becompleted in the required timeframe, or if the inspector will beunavailableto discuss theassigment after completion, it should not beaccepted.. Mail completed copies of thehandwritten report within working days from the dateof inspecting theproperty.. Ask the homeowner (or theclient if the homeowner is unavailable) if there havebeen any room additions, conversions or structural improvements madesincethedateofpurchase. Attach acopy ofbuilding permits, city approvalsetc. if available.. Call theclient immediately after leaving theproperty if an evaluation of defects, noted in thereport, is inconclusiveand requiresadditionalinspections.. Present aprofessional and courteous manner. Inspectors are among thefew representatives of theclient visibleto the relocating homeowner.. Feel free to discuss the homeowner s general questions about the inspection process. Any specific questions regarding the inspection, however, should be referred to the client.. Includeaphotograph whenever necessary to facilitatethe client s understanding of adefectiveitem. Ph. #: Temp: Age of Home(yrs): OBJECTIVEOFTHERELOCATIONHOMEINSPECTIONREPORT To provide theclient with areport of arelocating employee s home, consisting of aseries of visual inspection of items contained in pages through of this form,which theclient may, at its discretion, discloseto other interested parties. Page of, Copyright by theemployee Relocation Council Report Date: //00

2 STATUS DEFINITIONS For each category, when applicable, rate thestatus of each item by checking the boxas follows: AC= Acceptable: Theitem is performing its intended function as of the dateof inspection. NP= t present: Theitem does not exist in thestructure being inspected. NI = t inspected: Theitem was not inspected becauseof inaccessibility or seasonal impediments. DE= Defective: Theitem is either: structurally unsound; unsafeor hazardous; or inoperative, as defined on pageone. Important, if any item israted as Defective, or t inspected acomment in thecorresponding Remarks columnis required. LOTS&GROUNDS(LG) ITEM REMARKS 0 0 ROOF (R) Walks: Stoops/steps: Patio: Deck/balcony: Porch: Retainingwalls: SURFACE WATERCONTROL: Grading: Swales: Basementstairwelldrain: Windowwells: Exterior surfacedrain: Method of Inspection: Roof Approx. Age: Design Life: Roof Approx. Age: Design Life: Roof Approx. Age: Design Life: Roof Approx. Age: Design Life: Roof Approx. Age: Design Life: Flashing: Skylights: Chimney: Method ofwater Control: Gutters: Downspouts &extensions: EXTERIOR SURFACE(ES) Surface Surface Surface Trim: Fascia: Soffitts: GARAGE/CARPORTS(G/C) Garage Carport Attached Detached DoorOperation: AutomaticDoorOpener: Condition (Structural,roof,electrical,slab,etc.): ConditionComments: Client File#: 0 Page of Copyright by theemployee Relocation Council

3 STRUCTURE(S) Foundation: Beams: BearingWalls: Joists/Trusses: Piers/Posts: Floor/Slab: Hand Rails: ATTIC (A) Method of Inspection: RoofFraming: Sheathing: Ventilation: AtticFan: Whole House Fan: Evidence_of_ongoing_water_penetration If yes, describe: BASEMENT (B) SumpPump: Floor: Heat: Evidence_of_ongoing_water_penetration If yes, describe: CRAWL SPACE (CS) Method of Inspection: Moisture: Access: Evidence_of_ongoing_water_penetration If yes, describe: ELECTRICAL(E) Amps: Volts: ServiceCable: Panel: Branch Circuits: Ground: WireConductor: GFI: SmokeDetector: Isthe size of the incoming electrical service adequate to meet the needsof the dwelling? ElectricalServiceComments Client File#: 0 Page of Copyright by theemployee Relocation Council

4 HEATINGSYSTEM(HS) ITEM REMARKS 0 Primary: Approx. Age: Design Life: Additional: Approx. Age: Design Life: Fuel(s): PrimaryOperation: AdditionalOperation: DraftControl: ExhaustSystem: Distribution: Fuel Tanks/Lines: Thermostat: Blower: Humidifier: Heat Exchanger: Pressure Relief Valve(s): CirculatorPump: AIRCONDITIONINGSYSTEM(AC) Type: Approx. Age: System: Fuel: Design Life: PLUMBING(P) 0 WaterSource: Sewage Service: Water_Service_On WaterPipes: Drain Pipes: Vent Pipes: Laundry Tub: Laundry TubPump: Water Pressure: Toilet : Tub/Shower: Exhaust Fan: Sink: Public Public Private Private HowVerified? HowVerified? WATER HEATER: Approx. Age (yrs): Approx. Design Life (yrs): WaterHeater: ExhaustSystem: Temperature/PressureReliefValve: ON-SITESEWAGE DISPOSAL(SD) Client File#: 0 Page of Copyright by the Employee Relocation Council

5 WELL (W) Private Community te: Pump: Shower Pressure (Top Floor): Water_sample_test_sent_to_lab Date_Sent Isthere aminimum flowof gallonsper minute (gpm)after 0 minutes? If no, state number of gallonsper minute after 0 minutes: gpm POOLAND HOT TUB(P/T) Pool Type: Pool: Deck/Apron: Heater: Pump: Filter: Fence: Hot Tub: Hot Tub Type: FIREPLACE/WOODBURNINGDEVICES(FP) KITCHEN(K) Fireplace: Free-standingStove: Fireplace Insert: Flue: Cooking Appliances: Disposal: Dishwasher: Ventilator: OtherBuilt-ins: FINALCOMMENTS During this inspection, have you observed other unsafeor hazardous conditions as defined on page of this report? If yes, explain: Icertify that Ihave adhered to the termsof the assignment set forth in the definitions and procedural guidelines on pageof of thisreport. Inspector ssignature: Inspector Name(pleasetype): TaxI.D. Number: Sam Eagleye Date: //00 Client File#: 0 Page of Copyright by the Employee Relocation Council

6 Summary Page Record on this summary page, the correctiveaction required for all itemsdetermined to be defectiveincluding theestimated cost of repairs, and explain any itemsthat werereported as a t Inspected. These estimates are not bids, nor intended to be used as such. SECTION REMARKS Homeowner: Address: 0 Pebblepointe Pass City/St/Zip: Carmel, IN 0 ClientFile#: 0 Summary Pageof Copyright by theemployee Relocation Council