The Sanctuary at Key Largo Condominium Association. RULES AND REGULATIONS AND AMENDMENTS (Updated April, 2016)

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1 The Sanctuary at Key Largo Condominium Association RULES AND REGULATIONS AND AMENDMENTS (Updated April, 2016) The Rules and Regulations hereinafter enumerated as to the Condominiums, The Common Area, the Units and the Development in general shall apply to and be binding upon all Unit Owners. The Unit Owners shall at all times obey said Rules and Regulations and shall use their best efforts to see that they are faithfully observed by their families, guests, invitees, servants, lessees, persons for whom they are responsible and persons over whom they exercise control and supervision. Violations of these Rules and Regulations may subject their violator to any and all remedies available to the Association and Unit Owners pursuant to the terms of the Declarations and the Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws of the Association. Violations may be remedied by the Association by injunction or other equitable means and the Association shall be entitled to recover in said actions any and all court costs incurred by it, together with reasonable attorney s fees at all levels of proceedings against any person violating the Rules and Regulations of the Declaration and any of the Exhibits attached thereto. Any waivers, consents of approvals given under these Rules and Regulations by the Board shall be revocable at any time and shall not be considered as a waiver, consent or approval of identical or similar situations unless notified in writing by the Board. THE RULES AND REGULATIONS ARE AS FOLLOWS: 1. VIOLATIONS OF RULES AND REGULATIONS A. Violations should be reported to the Board or the Officers of the Association in writing. B. Violations will be called to the attention of the violating owner by a member of the Board or an Officer of the Association. C. Disagreements concerning violations will be presented to and be judged by the Board who will take appropriate action. 2. RECREATIONAL FACILITIES: The Recreational Facilities areas of the Condominium are for the exclusive use of Unit Owners and their approved lessees, guests and invitees. Any damage to the Recreational Facilities, Common Areas or equipment caused by any Unit Owner or such owner s lessee, guest or invitee shall be repaired at the expense of the applicable Unit Owner. 3. UNITS: Owners shall occupy and use Units as single family private dwellings, for themselves, the members of their families, their social guests, invitees, servants, lessees and persons whom they exercise control and supervision. Nothing shall be done 1 of 16

2 or kept in the Unit which would either increase the Association s cost of insurance or result in the insurance being cancelled. 4. NOISE: Radios, televisions and other instruments, which may cause noise, should be turned down to minimum volume between the hours of 10:30 PM and 8:00 AM Sundays through Thursdays. Fridays & Saturdays 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM. January 1st 1:00 AM to 8:00 AM. All other unnecessary noises, such as bidding good night to departing guests and slamming car doors, should be avoided. (Amended by Board Meeting December 17, 2014) 5. OBSTRUCTIONS: Sidewalks, entrances, walkways, driveways, passages, patios, courts, vestibules, stairways, corridors and halls must be kept open and shall not be obstructed in any manner. Rugs and mats must not be placed outside doors. No sign, notice or advertisement shall be inscribed or exposed on any window or any part of the Development, except as shall have been approved in writing by the Association, nor shall anything be projected out of any window in the Development without similar approval. No radio or television aerial or antenna shall be attached to, or hung from, the exterior of the Development or any roof therein. 6. PETS: No pet or animal shall be maintained or harbored within a Unit that would create a nuisance to any other Unit Owner. A. The Board of Directors shall make an initial determination to whether a pet or animal has created a nuisance. Should the owner of such a pet or animal disagree with the determination of the Board of Directors, such owner may appeal to the unit owners at a specially called meeting f the Unit Owners for that purpose, in which event, a determination by a majority of a quorum of Unit Owners that a pet or animal maintained or harbored within a Unit creates a nuisance shall be conclusive and binding upon all Unit Owners. B. All dogs shall be on a leash at all times unless being exercised, and then the owner must be in control of the animal. Owners should be encouraged to walk their dog on the East (US 1) side of the parking and driveway areas. Owners are required to pick up after their pets immediately after defecating, a requirement that applies to all areas of the Sanctuary. C. Owners are limited to a maximum of two pets. Renters are not allowed pets. Guests unattended by Owners cannot have pets on the property. Guests with owners present can have one pet, provided the pets in the unit do not exceed a total of two. Guests must pick up after their pet. D. All owners dogs must participate in a Pet DNA testing program required by the Sanctuary Association. The DNA charge per dog will be paid by the Resident. Contact the Board if you are acquiring a new dog. (Amended by Board Meeting November 1, 2013) 2 of 16

3 E. Residents who violate Dog Rule 6 (B), will be assessed a fine per incident based on the process outlined in Florida Condominium Law and The Sanctuary Condominium at Key Largo By Laws. Besides paying the assessed fine per incident, the resident will also be responsible for paying all out of pocket costs expenses incurred in order for the Association to process the DNA Test that determines which resident s dog is in violation of 6 (B). (Amended by Board Meeting April 18, 2015) 7. CHILDREN: Reasonable supervision must be exercised when children are playing at the Condominiums or Development. 8. DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY: Neither Unit owners, their lessees, nor guests, shall mark, mar, damage, destroy, deface or engrave any property of the Condominium or the Development. Unit Owners shall be financially responsible for any such damage. 9. EXTERIOR APPEARANCE: The exterior of the Condominium and all other areas appurtenant to the Condominium and the Development shall not be painted, decorated or modified by any Unit Owner in any manner without the prior consent of the Association, which consent may be withheld on purely aesthetic grounds within the sole discretion of the Association. No awnings, window guards, light reflective material, hurricane or storm shutters, ventilators, fans or air conditioning devices shall be used in or about the Condominiums or the Development except as shall be approved by the Association, which approval may be withheld on purely aesthetic grounds within the sole discretion of the Association. Balcony floors may be painted any color desired or covered with carpeting or tile; otherwise uniform exterior colors may not be altered. Installation of drapes or curtains visible from the exterior of the Units shall have white or off-white, blackout type liners used, which liners must be approved by the Association. The Board has determined that a certain type of front screen door and storm shutter shall be permitted to be installed by Owners, at Owner s expense, without specific Board approval as to style. Owners should consult with the manager of the Board for details regarding the approval of the style front screen door and storm shutter. 10. CLEANLINESS: All garbage and refuse from the Condominium shall be securely wrapped in plastic garbage bags and deposited with care in the garbage containers intended for such purpose at such times and in such manner as the Association shall direct. All disposals shall be made in accordance with instructions given to the Unit owners by the Association. The Association here indicates that it will provide, label and maintain separate containers of compartments specifically designated for garbage and refuse comprised of metal objects, which must be separated from other refuse by Unit owner. 11. BALCONIES: Plants, pots, receptacles and other moveable objects must not be kept, placed or maintained on ledges of balconies or on terraces. No objects shall be hung from balconies, patios or windowsills. Unit owners shall not throw cigars, cigarettes or other objects from balconies or terraces. Unit owners shall not allow anything to be thrown or fall from windows, doors, balconies or terraces. No balconies or terraces 3 of 16

4 may be enclosed without prior written consent of the Board, which may be withheld for purely aesthetic grounds. Storage and use of Hibachis, Grills or other Similar Devices (Buildings 1-4, multi-family residences): Storage: No hibachi, grill, or other similar devices used for cooking shall be stored on a balcony. (FFPS, amended effective December 31, 2014.) Townhomes: Grills and tanks may be stored in sheds assigned to individual townhome units as these sheds do not share a roof with the residential building. Ground floor units: Storage sheds assigned to ground floor units share their roof with the residential building and cannot be used for grill or fuel storage. Use: No hibachi, grill, or other similar device used for cooking, heating, or any other purposes can be used or kindled on any balcony, under any overhanging portion, or within ten feet of any structure (other than one- and two-family dwellings). FFPS (Florida Fire Prevention Code), amended effective December Storage of Accelerants (Buildings 1-4, multi-family residences): Any material which presents a fire hazard, including fuel canisters, cannot be stored beneath, inside or on balconies of these units. (Superseded by law, amended at Board Meeting April 23, 2016). 12. STORAGE AREAS: Unit owners are responsible to see that nothing is placed in the storage area that would create a fire hazard. 13. EMERGENCY ENTRY: In case of any emergency originating in or threatening any Unit, regardless of whether the owner thereof is present at the time of such emergency, the Board of Directors of the Association, or any other person authorized by it, shall have the right to enter such Unit for the purpose of remedying or abating the cause of such emergency, and such right of entry shall be immediate. To facilitate entry in the event of such emergency, the owner of each Unit shall deposit with the Association a key to such Unit. No Unit owner or occupant shall alter any lock or install a new lock without the written consent of the Association. Where such consent is given, the Unit owner shall provide the Association with an additional key for use of the Association pursuant to its right of access to the Unit. 14. BICYCLES: Bicycles must be placed or stored in Units, storage rooms or designated exterior areas. 15. PLUMBING: Water closets and other plumbing shall not be used for any other purpose than those for which they were constructed, and no sweepings, rubbish, rags or 4 of 16

5 other foreign substances shall be thrown therein. The cost of any damage from misuse of same shall be borne by the Unit owner causing the damage. 16. ROOFS: Unit owners, their lessees, families and guests are not permitted on any roofs for any purpose whatsoever. Owners, lessees, families and guests of Units #501 and #601 will be permitted upon the roofs of Units #501 and #601 respectively. 17. SOLICITATION: There shall be no solicitation by any person anywhere in the Development for any cause, charity, or for any purpose whatsoever, unless specifically authorized by the Board of Directors in its sole discretion. 18. EMPLOYEES: Employees of the Association shall not be sent off the Development by any Unit owner, for any purpose. No Unit owners or residents shall direct, supervise or in any manner attempt to assert any control over the employees of the Association. 19. COMMERCIAL PROHIBITION: No Unit may be occupied or used for any commercial or business purpose. 20. PARKING: No vehicle belonging to a Unit owner or lessee or to a member of the family or guest, tenant, employee or invitee of a Unit owner shall be parked in such a manner as to impede or prevent access to another Unit owner or lessee s parking space. The Unit owners and lessees, their respective employee, invitees, servants, agents, visitors, licenses and families, shall obey the parking regulations posted at the parking areas and drives, and any other traffic regulations promulgated in the future for the safety, comfort and convenience of the Unit owners. No motor vehicles which cannot operate on its own power shall remain within the Development for more than twelve (12) hours, and no repair of vehicle, except of emergency repairs, shall be made within the Development. No commercial vehicles or driven by a Unit owner shall be parked in the Development. 21. HURRICANE PREPARATIONS: Each Unit owner or lessee who plans to be absent from his unit during the hurricane season must prepare the Unit prior to departure by: A. Remove all furniture and plants from the patio or balcony. B. Designating a responsible firm of individuals to care for the Unit in the event that the Unit should suffer hurricane damage and furnish the Association with the name and phone number of such firm or individual. The designate firm or individual shall contact the Association for permission to install or to remove hurricane shutters. 22. COMPLIANCE WITH LAW: Owners will at all times maintain their Units, utilize the recreational facilities and, in general, reside in the Development in compliance with all laws, zoning ordinances and regulations of all governmental authorities having jurisdiction over THE SANCTUARY AT KEY LARGO. 5 of 16

6 23. GUESTS: Unit owners and lessees shall notify the Association, in advance by written notice, of the arrival and departure of guests who have permission to occupy the Unit in the absence of the Unit owners and lessees. Owners who are renting and their tenants of a Unit in which a guest stays for longer than fourteen (14) days are required to provide background checks on those (adult) guests. (Amended by Board Meeting November 1, 2013) 24. WATERCRAFT: In recognition of the fact that there are numerous variables including but not limited to degree of congestion and weather conditions at the waterfront areas, the Condominium Manager or employees under his direction have the sole authority to temporarily suspend or modifying of the following rules: A. With regards to the Dock perpendicular to the Shore line that is located in the Boat launch Area: A watercraft may be left unattended at this dock for up to 48 hour without being moved from the dock for usage. (Amended by Board Meeting August 14, 2015) B. With regard to the dock extending from the clubhouse, no watercraft should be docked for more than 48 hours without being moved from the dock for usage. 25. WATERFRONT VIEW: Each Unit in the Sanctuary is entitled to have the view maintained from the Unit as such view existed at the time of closing on the initial sale from the Developer. (Amendment to Rules 26 and 27 and adding Rule 28 and 29 to the Rules & Regulations by Meeting of Board of Directors October 17, 2007) 26. WATERCRAFT: PERMISSION TO ENTER THE PROPERTY: For a boat/pwc (Personal Water Craft) and/or trailer to enter and/or be on Sanctuary property, the below requirements must be met in addition to Board approval prior to entry. Compliance with the below does not guaranty storage/launch/retrieval and/or entry to the Sanctuary, Board approval is the final authority. The Board may require a test launch/retrieval prior to the approval of any boat/trailer. A. Valid registration and insurance must be provided for all boats/pwc and trailers requesting entry into the Sanctuary. The name appearing on all documents must be identical to Unit owner of the boat/pwc/trailer requesting entry. A boat/pwc/trailer with coownership of a non-unit owner will not be allowed on Sanctuary property. However, a Board approved renter/lease holder has the same rights as a Unit owner if that right has been transferred. The owner of that Unit must remove their boat/pwc/trailer prior to the renter/lease holder requesting the use of the property and refrain from using this amenity until the renter/lease holder vacates the property. The same ownership requirement applies to the renter/lease holder on names appearing on all documents. No other name besides the renter/lease holder will be a part owner of the boat/pwc/trailer requesting entry into the Sanctuary. Registration and insurance must remain current and valid at all times on any boat/pwc/trailer that is on Sanctuary properly. (Amended by Board Meeting December 19, 2015) 6 of 16

7 B. The boat may not weigh more than 10,000 pounds wet (powered and fueled). If the Board is unable to determine weight, the Board will determine what evidence the owner must produce. C. The boat/trailer must be highway legal without requiring a special permit and no more than 9 8 wide. D. The trailer should have no more than 2 axles unless approved by the Board. The Board may require a test launch/retrieval prior to the approval of any boat/trailer. E. The trailer wheelbase dimension should be no greater than Wheelbase is measured from the centerline between axles on a twin trailer or the axle centerline on a single axle trailer, as the case mat be, to the centerline of the trailer ball. F. The overall length of the combined boat, motor, trailer and any accessories there on shall not exceed G. Boat/PWC and trailer must be serviceable, appearance must not present a state of disrepair or neglect, and the boat/pwc must be seaworthy as determined by the sole discretion of the Board. H. The Board does not guarantee that compliance with the above will allow a boat/pwc/ trailer onto Sanctuary property. Any boat/pwc/trailer may be refused entry or be required to vacate the property if in the Board s sole discretion it does not met the intent of the Rules and Regulations as may be promulgated from time to time. 27. BOAT STORAGE AREA: A. To assign, subject to the other restrictions contained herein, and the rules and regulations, one area of approximately 10 foot by 40 feet to each Unit for storage of approved watercraft. Such assignment shall be subject to change or reallocation from time to time, as long as each Unit in the Condominiums operated by the Association shall be assigned one (1) space. Additionally, such power shall include the right to designate the use of all unassigned space in the Boat Storage Area for any lawful purpose. Any assignment shall be subject to a Unit maintaining current all financial obligations to the Association and the Unit and any Unit Owner being in compliance with all the restrictions, rules and regulations contained within the governing documents. Any breach of the financial obligations or violation of the restrictions, rules and restrictions shall result in the suspension of the assignment for so long as such financial obligations have not been met or any violations have not been cured. (Amended to the by-laws at the Annual Meeting January 16, 2010 and added to the Rules and Regulations for owner s convenience) B. When requesting your boat to be moved from the yard for launching or leaving the Sanctuary property during the normal hours of service (see 28 A below), please allow the Sanctuary Staff to move your boat out of the boatyard. After normal duty hours, 7 of 16

8 movement of a boat/pwc/trailer from the boatyard by the owner/any other party requires notification of Sanctuary Staff/Board as soon as possible to prevent the mistaken notification to authorities of a possible theft. Removal without Board/Staff knowledge may result in actions by the Board against the owner. C. When entering or leaving the boatyard after normal hours (see 28 A below), please be sure to lock the gate. (Note: check no one is in the yard prior to locking up). D. If any marine maintenance company needs to remove or work on your boat in the boatyard please ask them to check in with the Sanctuary Staff. This will allow the Sanctuary to keep tabs on who is on the premises and reduce the possibility of boat and/or equipment theft and assign responsibility if any property is damaged. E. Any onsite repairs must be accomplished in less than two (2) days. F. No repairs, which could possibly affect other boats/pwc/trailers or the property, will be permitted. This includes painting, sanding and mechanical repairs. G. All boat owners should purchase Rubbermaid or similar storage sheds so that there is uniformity of storage lockers. H. No storage outside of approved lockers. Exceptions are push poles and outriggers, which are in good working order. 28. GENERAL RULES: A. Normal Hours of Service for the Staff are 8:15 AM to 11:45 AM and 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM. B. Sanctuary Staff will not move any boat/pwc/trailer if they determine an unsafe condition exists. C. The ramp area and dock parallel to the ramp with the fish cleaning station on it is a launch and retrieve area. Boats may be rinsed down before being moved to the docking area as long as no other boat is waiting to be launched or retrieved. Time in this area should be minimized and at no time will boat operators leave their boat unattended. D. Boat operators will not leave their boats in the water if they leave the complex for more than four (4) hours. E. There are no reserved spots for docking boats. When leaving the dock please take all lines and fenders with you. F. Boats are required to be tied up with the bow facing the West. This will provide the best possible protection from bad weather causing swamping and sinking of docked boat. 8 of 16

9 G. Owners with boats that have shallow drafts, regardless of the boat length, should dock closer to the shore to help accommodate owner s boats that have larger drafts and may need to dock in deeper water. To help accommodate this, the Sanctuary has installed tie down cleats on both sides of the dock area where the Cheekie hut is located. H. PWC will be tied up on the shore side of the Cheekie hut. I. On days when the dock facilities are full, boaters should work together to attempt rafting up. This means tying one boat to the outside of the boat closest to the dock. This should not be done without the permission of the owner of the boat closest to the dock and it should be done with the appropriate fenders and lines to protect both boats. J. Boats with physically challenged occupants may request their specific needs with the Board for approval. K. When an approaching weather front or storm that may produce winds and/or waves that could damage a boat and/or dock, boats will not be launched and any boats should be removed from the docks and/or launching area as soon as possible. L. When Hurricane Procedures are in effect, boat launching is suspended. Unit owners are required to ensure their boat and area around their boat is secure with no items except their boat and storage shed left in the boatyard. All storage sheds will have 2 or 3 straps/ropes tied around the shed depending on size of shed securing it to the fence. Owners should always leave their boat and boatyard area ready for hurricane season unless they come down each time to prepare their area. If Sanctuary employees are required to prepare your area to ensure safety of the boatyard, the boat owner will be billed for necessary straps and employee time to prepare the area at the employee s hourly rate. 29. ADDITIONAL RULES FOR VISITORS/GUESTS: A. Use of an owner s boat by someone other than the owner requires notification to the Board prior to any movement of the boat from the boatyard. Owners may pre-authorize other individuals to use their boat in their absence with a signed letter with the printed names of all individuals. In either case, the owner is responsible to ensure the individual(s) have been briefed and understand all Sanctuary Boat Rules. The owner sponsoring the guest is responsible for any damages caused or fines imposed due to disregard of any Sanctuary rules. B. No visitor/guest boats allowed on Sanctuary property except as stated in C below. C. A guest s boat/pwc may only arrive/depart by water and at no time is allowed on Sanctuary property other than the docks. Owner s requesting use of the dock by a guest s boat must get approval by a majority of the Board prior to arrival of guest boat/ PWC. Boats larger than 23 feet are not allowed at our dock. Requests should be sub- 9 of 16

10 mitted one week in advance or with as much notice as possible to allow the Board time to review the request. Last minute notices to the Board run the risk of they guest being barred from use until Board approval. Requests must have a copy of the boat registration and insurance corresponding to the boat/pwc s registration before they are allowed to dock at the Sanctuary. Approved guests arriving between 8AM-5PM are required to check with the Sanctuary Staff when they arrive. Guests arriving after hours are required to check in first thing the next morning. A guest s boat/pwc not checking in is subject to tow at owner s expense. The sponsoring owner is responsible to ensure the individual(s) have been briefed and understand all Sanctuary Boat Rules. The owner sponsoring the guest boat is responsible for any damages caused or fines imposed due to disregard of rules. D. Owner s boats have priority at the dock. If parking becomes an issue that would cause an owner not to have a dock space, the visitor/guest will be required to moor their boat away from the dock until space is available. Complete the following form Guest Boat/PWC Docking Permit and post on the Clubhouse Bulletin Board: 10 of 16

11 Guest Boat/PWC Docking Permit (Must be completed, signed and posted on Clubhouse Bulletin Board to be valid) I,, owner of Unit # will have the following boat/pwc, (make/model, length (cannot exceed 23 feet), color registration #, arrive at the Sanctuary dock as my guest for the following date(s). I take full financial responsibility of any Sanctuary rule violations and/or damage caused by my guest s boat/pwc. I attest that I have briefed the boat/pwc operator of all the rules and regulations which include: 1) Dock with the bow facing West 2) Required use of fenders 3) Shallow draft boats should dock closer to the Cheekie hut 4) Dock to allow another boat in front of or behind 5) PWC will be docked on the shore side of the Cheekie hut 6) Owners have priority at the dock 7) No guest boat/pwc may use the ramp 8) Guest boat/pwc s that do not have a permit posted on the Clubhouse Bulletin Board will be told to leave and the owner will be subject to fine by the Sanctuary. Signed by the Unit Owner 11 of 16

12 BOAT LAUNCH SECURITY FORM It will be required that the name of any person, other than the registered Unit Owners, who requests launching of a Unit Owner s boat must be mailed or ed to the Sanctuary prior to the request being made. This request must be signed by the Unit Owner. If any owner would like to pre-authorize other individuals to request launching of their boat please print the names below: Anyone other than the Unit requesting to remove the Unit Owner s boat for the purposes of launching or removal from the premises with a personal vehicle should be instructed to contact the Maintenance Personnel on Duty. The Unit Owner should provide in advance the names of the individual authorized to remove the Unit Owner s boat. The authorization can be sent by Mail to: The Sanctuary at Key Largo, P. O. Box , Key Largo, FL or by to: If you are providing the Sanctuary with a Personal Gate Code or Names of individuals as requested on this form please sign below. We will keep this on file in the office. Unit Owner s Signature Please Print Name Dated 12 of 16

13 FRONT GATE OPTIONS Complete this form and to our Board Member in Charge of Maintenance for entry into the Front Gate System Unit Owners can now enter the Sanctuary Front Gate by using one or all of the following options: ELECTRONIC GATE OPENER (this can be purchased at the Sanctuary Maintenance Office for $15 per unit) PROGRAM YOUR CARS HOME LINK BUTTON. Our Maintenance team can assist you if needed, or YOUR OWN PERSONALLY SELECTED ENTRY CODE. Please fill in any Four Digit Number that you would wish to use. This number will be entered into the Electronic Gate System for access starting no later then Two (2) Weeks after receipt at the Sanctuary Office. Each owner is only allowed one (1) security code due to the limitations of the gate system. Gate Entry by calling a phone number: The gate security system also requires a phone number for your unit that will be dialed when a visitor at the gate requests entry from the key pad. We have the ability to put in any phone number you wish to use, i.e. local, long distance cell phone. This allows unit owners that only use a cell phone to have that phone called from the entry box. Once you get the call, entering the number 6 will open the gate. Name to appear on Gate Key Pad (Last & First Initial): Phone Number for Front Gate Keypad ( ) - Owners 4 Digit Code Number * Each Owner is responsible for this Four Digit Code Number. It should not to be given out to Vendors for entry into the Sanctuary. Please use the Temporary Vendor Access Code Request below if you wish to have a vendor access the Sanctuary when you are not on the premises. Temporary Codes will be deleted once the vendor has completed their work for the owner. If you request a code use yours and change the first and last digit to whatever you wish. This will avoid duplicates with existing codes. Temporary Vendor Access Code: Vendor Name Date(s) to be on Site unattended by Owner Code number requested Unit Owner Signature Unit # Date 13 of 16

14 Directors The affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board of Directors composed of five (5) persons. At the first annual meeting following the adoption of this amendment, the three (3) director candidates receiving the highest number of votes will be elected for a two (2) year term; the two (2) director candidates receiving the next highest number of votes will be elected for a one (1) year term. Thereafter, directors shall be elected to fill expiring terms at each annual meeting and all such directors shall be elected for two (2) year terms. (Amended March 2000, Superseded by law) Swimming Pool: Please Shower before entering Although food and drink are permitted on the wood deck surrounding the pool, they are not allowed within the concrete and pool areas. No glass bottles or containers please! We do not allow pets inside the pool gates. The pool is relatively shallow, and no diving is allowed. Children under thirteen (13) must have adult supervision. Any person who is incontinent or not fully potty trained must wear appropriate waterproof clothing when entering or being carried into the pool.(amended by Board Meeting February 18, 2015) Maximum capacity in the pool 11 persons at one time. We hope you will be considerate of others and clean up after yourself and close umbrellas before leaving the pool area Use at your own risk. Pool hours are 8 A.M. to a half hour before sunset. Clubhouse Rules The clubhouse should remain locked at all times. Owners will be given the combination. Children fifteen (15) years and under must be accompanied by an owner whenever in the clubhouse. Owners can never be excluded from the clubhouse, even during a private reserved function. Owners can reserve the clubhouse for a private party. A reservation form will be required along with a $ deposit to cover clean up expenses. If the clubhouse is left in good order the deposit may be refunded. Smoking and pets are allowed on the clubhouse porch, but not in the clubhouse proper. Our beautiful floors are delicate and precious, and we ask that you not wear highheeled shoes! As with all activities at The Sanctuary, we ask that you keep the noise level down between 10:30 P.M. and 8:00 A.M. Sunday to Thursday, 11 P.M. to 8 A.M. Friday and Saturday, and 1 A.M. January 1st to 8:00 A.M. 14 of 16

15 Gym Rules Our gym was originally known as "The Residence" for the Caretakers of the fishing camp (before it became The Sanctuary) in the 1960's. Be sure to take time to read the History section later in our website, it's fascinating! Hours are from 6 am to 9 pm. Overnight stays in the gym are not permitted. Adult guests must be accompanied by an owner. Persons under the age of fifteen (15) are not permitted in gym. Animals/Pets are not allowed at any time. Rubber soled shoes that cover the entire foot must be worn at all times. For health and safety reasons, sandals, spiked shoes, work boots, flip flop types of shoes and bare feet are not permitted. Please wear proper fitness attire, including shirts or tops. Please use equipment as directed. The gym is not supervised and you are exercising at your own risk. If you experience dizziness or discomfort, discontinue exercise. Food is not permitted in gym. ONLY closed, plastic beverage containers are allowed. Should a spill occur, please clean up as soon as possible and notify the staff of any damage to the facilities or equipment. Please be considerate of others and wipe down equipment after each use with a towel or other cloth provided. Please limit your use of cardiovascular equipment to 20 minutes if people are waiting. Please ensure that the lights and air conditioner are turned off and windows are closed before you leave the gym. Please report any problems with the equipment to staff. For hygiene reasons, shower facility is only for those exercising in the gym. Please do not use if coming from the pool or bay. No organized classes are allowed in the gym. Work Within Units or its Limited Common Elements Work may be performed during any month of the year. Work may only be performed on Monday through Friday, inclusive. No evenings, no holidays, no weekends. Work shall not commence prior to 8:00 am and shall not take place after 5:00 pm. All workers must be out of the building and off the property by 5:30 pm. Notwithstanding the above, work of a clear emergency nature, such as a water leak which is not stopped will flood the Unit or loss of electricity, may be performed at any time. All outside contractors on projects within units or its limited common elements are required to remove all waste created by the project. Contractors waste should not be put in our garbage corrals or trash bins. (Amended Board Meeting January 17, 2015) Per our Condo Docs, any changes to Units must be approved by the Board, such as bump out of living areas, kitchen exhaust systems vented to the outside, etc. 15 of 16

16 RENTAL REQUIREMENTS RENTAL OR LEASE MINIMUM LEASE PERIOD A Unit shall not be leased or rented without the prior written approval of the Association, which approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. The Board shall have the right to require that a substantially uniform form of lease be used. No Lease may be made for less than a three (3) month period. The Board may require that any Owner wishing to lease a Unit deposit a sum to be determined by the Board (not to exceed one (1) month s rent) in escrow to be used to repair any damage to the Common Elements caused by the tenants of the Unit. Any unused funds in the escrow account, after deduction for repairs and administrative costs, will be returned to the Owner within 30 days of lease termination. (Amended March 2005) RENTAL SECURITY DEPOSIT FOR COMMON ELEMENTS The Board will start the review process once the required documents are fully filled out and submitted plus the security deposit equal to ONE MONTH S RENTAL is received. The security deposit check will be written from the Unit Owner s checking account, not from the renter. The Unit Owner is responsible for the renter s security deposit and the deposit is refunded to the Unit Owner after the renter has moved out, if there has been no damage to Common Elements. (Amended Board Meeting January 26, 2014) A $500 pet deposit is required from any owner who rents to an occupant with a pet that has an accredited medical reason for having such pet(s). The deposit is per PET with Maximum of two pets per unit. (Amended by Board Meeting November 1, 2013) SINGLE FAMILY RESIDENTIAL PURPOSES A Unit may be used only for single family residential purposes. For purposes of this paragraph, a family shall be defined as a number of persons related by blood, marriage or adoption, or not more than two unrelated persons living as a single household. The following occupancy restrictions shall apply only to the Sanctuary at Key Largo No. 1, 2, 3 and 4, a Condominium. Occupancy of a Unit is limited to six (6) persons except in those situations where a Unit is leased, occupancy shall be limited to no more than four (4) persons. Unit Owners and their guests in excess of these numbers shall be permitted and temporarily reside in the Unit for not to exceed seven (7) days in total in a calendar year. The Board of Directors shall otherwise have the ability to grant hardship exceptions to the aforementioned restrictions in such situations as determined by the Board of Directors in the exercise of its sole discretion. Requests for exception may be declined with cause of explanation. (Amended January 2000) 16 of 16