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1 ( Entomological Society of Saskatchewan Inc. cs 17 VOLUME 22 NUMBER! ESS NEWSLETTER SEPTEMBER 15, 2001 Editors: Wayne Goerzen and Brian Galka 107 Science Place, Saskatoon, SK S7N 0X2 The editors wish to thank Martin Erlandson, Larry Grenkow, and Ron Hooper for their assistance in the preparation of this issue of the ESS Newsletter Entomological Society of Saskatchewan Fall Meeting The Forty-Ninth Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of Saskatchewan will be held on Thursday, November 1,2001 in the Agriculture andagri-foodcanada(saskatoon Research Centre) conference room from 9:00 am. to noon. The meeting will consist of a short scientific session followed by the business meeting from 11:00 am. to noon The guest speaker for the Scientific Session will be Dr. Jack Gray, Department of Biology, speaking on aspects of insect flight and neurobiology. This announcement is also a call for submission of scientific papers (12 minute oral presentations with 3 minutes for questions) This meeting is a particularly good venue for graduate students to present their work. Please forward scientific paper titles and abstracts to Dr. Martin Erlandson (contact information below). 1)r. Martin Erlandson Insect l3ioconirol Laboratory Aimculture and Agri-Food Canada Saskatoon Research Centre 107 Science Place Saskatoon, SK S7N 0X2 CANADA Phone: (306) Fax: (306) F-rnni dsofli11l/lffi41ld

2 Diplerygia Notiohia In Memorium - Lloyd Putnam Mr. Lloyd Putnam passed away in Saskatoon on May 8, 2001 at the age of 88. Lloyd was employed with the Dominion Entomological Laboratory in Saskatoon from 1937 tol 942. Rejoined the army in 1942 and was wounded in the invasion of Normandy. Lloyd returned to his former job in 1946, where he became involved in grasshopper research for years and then worked on insect pests of oilseed crops. Lloyd was one of the few who foresaw possible outbreaks of bertha armyworm as the acreage of canola spread in late 1960 s, When a major outbreak of bertha armyworm occurred in 1971, Lloyd s work was crucial in obtaining emergency registration for the insecticide Lannate. Records show that in 1971, 57-90% of all rapeseed fields were infested and 75-90% of all infested areas were sprayed. Thanks to Lloyd s foresight, most of the 1971 crop was saved and all ofthe 1972 crop was protected. By 1973, bertha armyworm populations declined, in part due to high rates of parasitism. Lloyd retired from the AAFC Saskatoon Research Centre in Re served as the first and fourth president of the Entomological Society of Saskatchewan. New Saskatchewan Insect Records (Ronald R. Hooper) LEPIDOPTERA GELECHIIDAE - Dichomeris costarujoella (Cham.). Two specimens taken by Ronald Hooper at Fort Qu Appelle on June 07, It was formerly taken west to Riding Mountains, Manitoba. The food plant is Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirla). GEOMETRIDAE - Therajuniperara L. One specimen taken at Regina, Saskatchewan by Keith Roney on October 30, This is an introduced pest from Europe that feeds on cedars and juniper. It was formerly reported to have spread west to Ontario. Juniper was growing in the area where it was collected. HESPERIIDAE - Hesperia dacotae (Dakota Skipper). Three males were collected as they perched on top of purple coneflowers (Echinacea angustifolia) on an ungrazed prairie hilltop near Oxbow, Saskatchewan on July 19, This species was previously taken west to Brandon, Manitoba, and North Dakota. The species is becoming scarce in much of its range; the area where it occurs needs to be protected from all types of summer and winter recreational vehicles and activity. NOCTUlDAF - rozrnani.. One specimen collected by Dr. Daniel Glaeske at St. Victor, Saskatchewan on July It was previously collected west to Miami, Manitoba. TORTRICIDAE - Sparganothis mi eanna (WIsm.). One specimen taken at light by Ronald Hooper north of Carlyle. Saskatchewan on July 25, It has formerly been collected west to Aweme. Manitoba. COLEOPTERA CARABIDAE - lerminala (Say). One specimen collected at a light on Whitebear Reserve. north of Carlyle, Saskatchewan by Ronald Kooper on August 10, 200!. This is the first record of this species for western Canada. It was previously collected west to Lake Superior and North Dakota. CERAMBYCIDAE - Ropalopus sanguinicollis (Horn). One specimen collected by Ronald 1-looper along ash woods near Fort QuAppelle on July 04, This handsome long-homed beetle has a red thorax. It was formerly collected west to Manitoba. The larvae feed beneath the bark of wild cheny (Prunus), probably both chokccherr and pincherr

3 Joint Meeting of the Entomological Societies of Ontario and Canada Sheraton Fallsview Hotel and Conference Centre Niagara Falls, Ontario October 2001 Co-Hosts of JAM 2001 TENTATIVE PROGRAM Saturday 26 October 08:30-17:30 Entomological Society of Canada Governing Board Meeting Sunday 21 October 10:00-16:00 10:00-12:00 13:00-15:00 15:00-17:00 Registration Entomological Society of Ontario Governing Board Meeting Workshop 1: Entomology in Parks & Protected Spaces (S.Marshall. organizer) Workshop 2: Bringing Insects to the Public (M.Pickles. organizer) 19:30-20:30 Students Meet the Board (included for students) 20:30-22:30 JAM 2001 Mixer (included) Monday 22 October 07:00-09:00 Setting-up of posters 07:00-08:30 Continental Breakfast (included) 08:00-16:00 Registration 08:30-09:45 Opening Ceremonies. ESC Awards. Gold Medal Address 10:15-12:15 Plenary Session: 2001: An Insect Odyssey Sponsored by: Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs 12:15-13:30 13:30-] 6:00 13:30-16:00 ednesda 23 October 0:30-l2:00 Dr. Freeman McEwen - Heritage Lecture Dr. Dennis Avery (Center for Global Food Issues. USA) 1)r. Michael Dixon (University of Guelph) Buffet Lunch (included) Submitted Papers/Student paper competitions/poster session Workshop 3: Dealing with New Insect Introductions (B.l-Ielson. R. Footitt, organizers) Sponsored by: Canadian Forest Service Entomological Society of Ontario Annual General Meeting 16:00-17:30 20:00-22:00 President s Reception (by invitation only) Tuesday 23 October 06:00 09:00 08:00-16:00 08:30-12:00 12:00-13:30 13:30-16:30 13:30-16:30 16:30-18:00 18:00 23:00 ()S:O 12:1)1) I1S () 1 : 13 II) Setting-up of posters Registration Symposium I: Emerging Technologies in Pest Management Sponsored by: Ontario Ministry of the Environment Dr. Mark Winston (Simon Fraser University) Dr. Larry Larson (Dow AgroSciences, USA) Dr. Tony Shelton (Cornell University, USA) Dr. Leonard Ritter (I.1niversity of Guelph) Lunch on Your Own Workshop 4: Entomology of Vineyards in Canada (CVincent, N. Bostanian. organizers) Submitted Papers and Poster session Entomological Society of Canada Annual General Meeting Cocktails. Banquet (included), and Awards Guest Speaker: Dr. May l3erenbaum Symposium II: Tree Fruit Entomology Sponsored by: Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Mr. Bernt Solvmar IOMAFRA. Simcoer Dr. Da id Pree Official Sponsors of JAM 2001 TtTJTPOUR l.a Orm17Tt ParON CVLfl AAFC. Vineland Dr. lloard Thitleood AAF(, Summerlandr Dr. Gary Judd AAFC. Summerland Dr. Charle Vincent A AFC. St. Jean ur Richelieu Submitted Papers VVorkshop 5: Sp ItLil \n.l t ifl \r1 ILd Fnt rn R H fthwr, rsnicrl F nr m l ei t Ctn,1d1 (,.rir c B. tri \l rc - synnta BASF Bayer Ef) Dow AgroSderices Agneullure, rood and Rural AffaIrs Environment - Aventis Gustafson ) I*1 Ag AgfI 4gr C jfli 1t. P EDiPt cci \ (

4 REGISTRATION FORM (P/ease Print) For all conference information check out our website at: esc200l.htm Fax; 9053a4/n224 Tel: A0 Ext. Fax: 7057/..)5700 Tel: or I80O Sank Ste. Marie, ON, Canada P6A.5M7 Accommodation: 1 Lakes Forestr Centre Re eryatio,is are available through: Please return this form and registratio,i fees to: JAM Full Conference Pass $ OR $ AFM* Pass $90.00 OR $ Society Retiree Pass $90.00 OR $ Sunday Workshops Only $30.00 OR $40.00 Extra Breakfast Ticket $15.00 OR $15.00 Full Conference Student Pass $90.00 OR $ Registration: Number By 2 July After 2 July SCDN Funds Telephone: C) Fax: Affliliation: City: Province/State: Postal/Zip Code: Accompanying Family Member: Passes include: admittance to all meetings, all workshops (including Sunday), mixer, continental breakfast, buffet Accompanvrng Family Member TOTAL REGISTRATION: Extra Banquet Ticket $45.00 OR $45.00 Prot Dr. Mrs. Ms. Mr October 2001 Surname First Initial(s) (Accepted submitted paper and poster presenters must be registered bi.juiv 2, 2001) Extra Lunch Ticket $20.00 OR $20.00 requiring additional meeting rooms should contact conference organizers by 18 September, 2001 indicate that you are participating in the ESO ESC Joint Annual Meeting hen making reservations. Any groups $1 24night Green Vies: $1 49/night Falls View) until 18 September, To obtain the conference rate please A block of rooms has been reserved for conference participants at the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel (single or double: Name: Sheraton Fallsview Hotel and Conference Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario Entomological Societies of Ontario and Canada Joint Meeting of the Niagara Falls, ON. Canada L2G 3 W Queen Street East, PO. Box 490 Shvron I ilk Hotvl md ( ontvrvnve ( nov \lr lxv. in Barhr I mail kbarhtr a nrtanj_ca Workshop Information assist in planning. please check the following: To I will be attending the Entomology in Parks & Protected Spaces Workshop Yes No I will be attending the Bringing Insects to the Public Workshop Yes No I will be attending the Dealing with New Insect Introductions Workshop Yes No I ili be atttnding the Entomolog of \ inesards in Canada Workshop s No I will be attending the Spatial Analysis in Applied Entomology Workshop Yes No 5 Oakes Drive Canadian Forest Scrv ice. Grea lunch, banquet, coffee breaks and participant kit. Student pass also includes invitation to Students Meet the Board Mixer. Please make cheque payable to the ESO On site registration will be by cash or cheque only.

5 a carousel. Abstracts should be 50 words or less; submission by or on diskette (Word or WP format) would be October 2001 appreciated. If possible, please provide your abstract in both English and French. Note: Students who meet the criteria of both Societies may participate in both competitions. and C Category of presentation (please check appropriate boxes): Information required: Authors names, name of presenter, address, title, abstract, language of communication. DEADLINE: Postmarked July 2, 2001 AND POSTER PRESENTATIONS FORM FOR SUBMITTED PAPERS, STUDENT PAPERS, Sheraton Fallsview Hotel and Conference Centre Niagara Falls, Ontario Entomological Societies of Ontario and Canada Joint Meeting of the F mail: rhallettvh.uouelli,ca F iii nil: huntdaem.gr.ca I I\ (IO 0417 Fj 1) S 22 Telephone: (519) ext Telephone: (51Q) ext. 427 Guelph, ON NIG 2W! 2585 County Road 20, Harrow. ON NOR IGO 1niversitv of Guelph Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada. Department of Environmental Biologx Greenhouse & Processing Crops Research Centre Dr. Rebecca H. Hallett OR Dr. David Hunt Please returii to Scientific Program co-chairs: Attachment to panel: Velcro only Poster presentation (Regular, ESO President s Prize): Maximum dimensions: I.2m x I,2m Carousel slide projectors will be the only type of audiovisual equipment available. Slides should be provided in Oral presentation (Regular, ESO President s Prize, ESC President s Prize): 12 mm + 3 miii discussion. 2. You must be registered at the meeting; and 3. You must be the principal investigator of the paper. months prior to the meeting; I. You must be enrolled in a graduate degree program or have graduated from a program less than six (6) ** Students are eligible for the ESC President s Prize if they meet the following criteria: 3. You must be registered at the meeting. 2. You must be registered at a university or have completed your studies during the year preceding the meeting; 1. You must be a member of the ESO; * Students are eligible for the ESO President s Prize if they meet the following criteria: Poster presentation - Regular C ESO President s Prize* Oral presentation - C Regular C ESO President s Prize* C ESC President s Prize**

6 2001: An Insect Odyssey Meeting website: esc200 1.htm October, 2001 Sheraton Fallsview Hotel and Conference Centre, Niagara Falls, Ontario Entomological Societies of Ontario and Canada Peter Pan by JM. BARRIE \\ ebsite V%X5 v slnkstyp3tiloua B ir 1h Shixs 20 minutes from N a ra F tll The Millionairess by BERNARD SHAW Love From a Stranger by F. VOSPER based on a stor by AGATHA CHRISTIE The Man Who caine to Dinner by GEORGE S. KAUFMAN and MOSS [tart bxoffice(ishawfest.com Phone: SHAW The Mj.sterv of Edwin Drood a musical h R. HOLMES based on the novel b CHARlES 1)ICKENS For prices and ticket availability please contact: Niagara-on-the-I Sake, ON SHAW FESTIVAL TI-IEATRE PLAYBILL Hamilton Munroe Airport (WcstJet) Silver Cloud Luxury Cars Shuttle to Niagara-on-the-Lake Avis Discount 5-0 Taxi and Limousine Service TAXI SERVICE *From $50 for I person each way to $50 return f paid n advance Ph Ph Gray Lines of Niagara Niagara Air Bus Dynasty Limousine Ph Ph Apex Transportation Niagara Falls Taxi Ph Ph Ph Ph Ph Website: nfcvcb((tourismniagara.com depend on number of passengers and 4 persons/car. *Private car to Toronto ($100>, Buffalo ($65) airports. ishlmyontario vvebsitc: Information for Travellers and Visitors web/visitors TOURISM ONTARIO AIRPORT, GROUND AND TOURiNG LOCAL CAR RENTALS Toronto Pearson International Airport (1 hour) Niagara/Buffalo International Airport (30 mm.) Niagara District Airport (smaller aircraft) AIRPORTS TRANSPORTATION Phone: FALLS ( ) Niagara Falls Ontario Canada L2G 3X Stanley Avenue NIAGARA FALLS TOURISM 2001 Joint Meeting of the Helpful Information for Planning

7 (RRIL1) Ulmer. Lloyd Harris has presented a formal arrangement for the transfer of all the video rights and ESS executive be empowered to endorse it. CARRIED (unanimous). 6. Treasurer s Report - See Appendix B. The bank balance is much more positive than in years past. proposal. 2. Introductions were made, new members were welcomed. 3. MOTION: Grenkow/M. Braun. THAT the proposed agenda be approved. 4. MOTION: Grenkow/L. Braun. THAT the minutes of the Fall Meeting, October 26, 5. Business arising from the minutes 5.1 Oilseed Pests Video - Dwayne 1. Call to order at 13:30 by President Martin Erlandson. Hartley, Dwayne Kegedus (Treasurer), LoriAnn Kaminski, Chrystel Lefol, 2000, be accepted after item 10.4 corrected to read that John Kozial has Bob Elliott, Wayne Goerzen, Larry Grenkow (Secretary), Lloyd Harris, Scott 13:30, May 03, 2001 Qianjun Li, Keith Moore, Owen Olfert, Bryan Sarauer, Juliana Soroka, Bryan the fibre optic lamp. Hegedus take over the outstanding debt and the copyright of the video project for a sum of $10,000; ilegedus Dwayne $5000 to be paid to the ESS immediately and the remainder due May 1, obligations to him from the ESS (Appendix A). The executive has reviewed and approved the MINUTES OF TIlE ESS 2001 SPRING MEETING PRESENT: Mano Benjamin, Lorraine Braun, Murray Braun, Martin Erlandson (President), AGRICULTURE CANADA RESEARCH STATION, SASKATOON CARRIED. CARRIED. MOTION: M. BraunlGoerzen. THAT the ESS accept Mr. Lloyd Harris s proposal to CARRIED (unanimous). MOTION: I legedus/goerzen. THAT the treasurer s report is accepted MOTION: Goerzcn/L. Braun. THAT if the contract is acceptable to all parties, the

8 Bad MOTION: SorokafKaminski. THAT the ESS considers doing a less formal audit if it is not legally required to have one. CARRIED. 7. Secretary s Report - L. Grenkow To formally recognize the work of volunteers, the Government of Saskatchewan is providing complementary pins for this, the International Year of Volunteers. 75 pins have been ordered to present to ESS volunteers. The ESC has been asked to update their information regarding the ESS executive. Noreen Grenkow has revamped the appearance of the ESS web site, The web site gets about 30 hits per month. MOTION: Grenkow/L. Braun. THAT the report be accepted. CARRIED. 8. Newsletter Report Wayne Goerzen and Brian Galka. The ESS fall newsletter (volume 21, no.2) was published on November 15, ESS members interested in submitting material for inclusion in the upcoming spring newsletter are invited to do so by the deadline of May 31, The editors would like to express appreciation to those members who contributed to the preparation and distribution of the last issue of the newsletter. They are Larry Grenkow, Ron I-looper, Keith Moore, Bryan Ulmer, Brian Galka, and Wayne Goerzen. MOTION: Goerzen/M. Braun. THAT the report be accepted. CARRIED. 9. Regional Director s Report. Owen Olfert for Bob Elliott Owen presented a letter from Peter de Groot, Chair of the ESC Annual Meeting Committee (appendix C), regarding the scheduling of the annual meetings. The ESS response can be postponed until next year. Consensus was that members should give the issue some thought and bring their suggestions to the executive. MOTION: Hartley/Goerzen. THAT the report be accepted. CARRIED. 10. Committee Reports Student and Amateur Encouragement Eon-Ann Kaminski and Chrystel Lefol Youth Activities The Good Bugs - Bugs School Tour Program is an annual event associated with Gardenscape. This outdoor living show is held each spring at the Saskatoon Prairieland Exhibition grounds. The school tours are held to foster knowledge of and interest in entomology among Saskatoon school children, Grade 3 classes are invited to participate. This year ESS members and staff from the Saskatoon Research Centre who want to be ESS members spoke to about 1,000 people (968 grade three students in addition to their teachers and parent volunteers). Thanks to Alison Paton Brady Pofloek and I arrv Grenko for preparing lic insect displays

9 2001 (9:00 AM 10,2 Proceedings and Archives 10.3 Microscope - in CARRIED. MOTION: Erlandson/Olfert. THAT LoriAnn and Chrystel receive a round of MOTION: L. BraunlGalka. THAT the ESS set up a free booth at Gardenscape living show. Attendance at Gardenscape was up slightly over last year with just over 19,000 in Members of the ESS carried the Good Bugs- Bad Bugs theme to people of all ages at class at Howard Coad school. Murray Braun I school group and Chrystel Lefol to St. Michael Lori-Ann Kaminski is booked to speak to 3 school groups in May; King George School s structured learning class, a group of rural homeschoolers from the Osler area, and the Grade 5 volunteered their time to teach and answer many questions from those visiting the booth. and to Ross Weiss, Stephanie Ethier, Chrystel Lefol, Jennifer Lazorko, Bryan Sarauer, Christine Varnam and Lori-Ann Kaminski for giving presentations and answering a lot of bug questions. and Ecole Canadienne- Francaise de Saskatoon. Gardenscape. This was the first year that the ESS had a booth at this very successful outdoor attendance. The bug booth was an exceptionally popular exhibit, i.e., standing room only for Lori-Ann Kaminski will teach Identifying Insects in Your Yard and Garden, a Master Adult Education most of the show. Thanks go to Alison Paton, Brady Pollock, Larry Grenkow, Wayne Goerzen and Cedric Gillott for preparing live insect specimens. Cedric Gillott, Keith Moore, Julie Soroka, Murray Braun, Brian Galka, Owen Olfert, Martin Erlandson and Lori-Ann Kaminski Inquiries included questions about membership in the ESS. The dates for Gardenscape 2002 are March 22 to the 24. The Prairieland Exhibition Center says, PM). We did not hold the Alien Empire Series during winter Please come back and will provide free of charge space for two booths. gratitude for all their efforts in amateur encouragement. CARRIED. Soroka reporting for Keith Roney position into a newsletter and proceedings committee, and an archives committee. Paul Riegert Kozial Frlandson suggested contacting tohn Kozial for his thoughts and recommendations Julie Soroka volunteered to take over the position. Consideration should be given to splitting the should be asked where the archives are, No report. Scott Hartley proposed renting out the microscope as a revenue generator. It could rent for $100-$150 a month, especially for 3 to 5 months during midge surveys. In response Martin John 4:00 Gardener Class held during Hort Week by the U of S Extension Division. Tuesday, July 24, Keith is working on the 2000 proceedings, and it will be his last as editor. Julie

10 No M ESS Membership Coreen Franke No report Teaching of Entomology in Saskatchewan Erlandson. Dr. Jack Gray has been offered and has accepted the position vacated by Dr. Cedric Gillott, in the Department of Biology, University of Saskatchewan. He is a neurobiologist, slanted to behaviour, with a PhD. from Queen s and a post-doctorate in the U.S. He starts in July. Bryan Ulmer won the prize for best poster in section C at the ESC joint meeting last fall. MOTION: Olfert/Soroka, THAT all committee reports are accepted as read. CARRIED Slide - Library report. The library is currently in storage, Its purpose will be revisited when Martin knows what is mit. 11. New Business Fall Meeting Martin Erlandson Martin contacted the Entomological Society of Alberta regarding a joint meeting with a scientific component, but the ESA hadn t yet decided on a date or place for their meeting. The ESS executive is open to suggestions regarding a field trip for the fall meeting. 12. Adjournment. MOTION: GoerzenlGalka. THAT the meeting be adjourned. CARRIED. The meeting adjourned at I 5O6. Minutes recorded by Larry Grenkow.

11 office in Regina, Saskatchewan office in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan WHEREAS the Transferor is entitled, pursuant to an agreement between the Transferor and Camera West (herein the Producer ) to rights and interests to four half hour television AND WHEREAS the Transferee desires to acquire the property from the Transferor, NOW THEREFORE this Agreement witnesseth as follows: a non-profit corporation, having its registered - and (herein the Transferee ) a body corporate, having its registered AGVIEW INTERNATIONAL inc., THIS AGREEMENT MADE THIS DAY OF MAY, 2001, BETWEEN. (a) The right to exploit commercially throughout the world all motion pictures, films means ofcomm un ication, including, without limitation, theatrical and non-theatrical film and video elements used in the production of these materials (herein the Property ) OF THE SECOND PART (herein the Transferor ) programs and a five volume videocassette series entitled The Canola Jungle, together with the pursuant to an agreement between the Transferor and WATERHEN FILM PRODUCTIONS; including all rights and authorities incidental with the property; incidents, characters, fictional names and places associated with the Property, all elements, portions and components associated with the Property and all worldwide copyrights, without limiting the foregoing, the following: exhibition, television broadcasts, cable and satellite transmission, videocassette, articles; (b) The right to undertake and authorize the use and reproduction ofall titles, characters, places, names and other elements of the program on and in conjunction with the commercial exploitation of all manner of goods, products and services, described herein; including any authorization necessary from the producer. The Transferor hereby irrevocably waives, releases and relinquishes any moral, authors or srnilar rights it now has or may in 2. The Transferor shall cause to be executed all documents to effect the Transfer, and and television programs based upon or derived from the Property by all matter and and exclusive ownership in the Property, together with all plots, themes, stories, titles, trademarks and similar intellectual property rights associated with the Property, including, compact disc, DVD disc, internet broadcast, soundtrack recording, books and 1. The Transferor agrees to sell, assign, transfer and convey to the Transferee the sole APPE DIX A THE ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF SASKATCHEWAN, - OF THE FIRST PART

12 3. The Transferee agrees to pay the following consideration to the Transferor for the solicitor/client basis. with respect to rights in the property or otherwise including indemnification for costs on a to indemnify and save harmless the Transferee from any claim that is brought by any party THE FNTOMOIMGICA1. SOCIETY Per: (seal) (>1 %KU( HF\ Per: (seal) AGVIEW INTERNATiONAl. INC. to by their proper officers, on the day and the date first above written. IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have hereunto affixed their corporate seals, attested 5. The Transferor agrees to execute any and all documents that may be necessary to 8. Should any provision ofthis Agreement be found to be unenthrceable at law, it shall 6. The parties agree that this Agreement shall be interpreted according to the laws of 7. The failure of any party to require performance of any provision of this Agreement to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Province of Saskatchewan, to the extend permitted 4. The Transferee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Transferor from and (b) 1 he sum of $ payable by $ on May -, on May 2002, without interest and $ by law, with respect to any disputes concerning this Agreement, or the interest in the Property currently remaining; and against any and all actions and demands related to this transaction, including, but not limited facilitate the full transfer of rights. The Transferor expressly acknowledges that the intention of this Agreement is to transfer all rights of any nature in the property to the (a) The assumption of any outstanding debts associated with the production of the to any costs as identified in Section 2 of this Agreement. shall not affect the full right to require such performance at any later time, and the failure ofsuch party to require a performance shall not constitute the waiver of the provision or any by the Transferee; transfer of the property: Transferee, free and clear ofall encumbrances, save those encumbrances which are assumed the Province of Saskatchewan and the Country ofcanada. The parties further agree to attorn succeeding breach of the provision; he deemed to be severed from this Agreement, and the balance of the Agreement shall property transferred herein; remain enforceable with respect to the parties. the future acquire, pursuant to the (opyrighi Act or otherwise, and represents that the producer has similarly waived, released and relinquished such rights. The Transferor agrees

13 were 46 members. The Society sold life memberships to L. Harris and D. Peschken. A The increased membership fees should prove to be sufficient to keep the Society the project. The sale of videos has slowed to a point whereby it is not conceivable that pay $2, to Don Copeland of Camera West Film Associates for his portion of they have now assumed this debt. This transaction concluded the Society s dealings ESS GENERAL ACTIVITIES with Camera West Film Associates. Harris) has been repaid via two transactions. A total of $2, was raised through At the completion of the Canola Jungle Video Project in 1998 the Society was faced with 2) in accordance with a resolution passed by the Society, Lloyd Harris was allowed to 1) in accordance with a resolution passed by the Society, a term deposit was redeemed was reduced to $14, by 2000 through the sale of videos and elements arising from Membership is up again, with 60 members overall (52 full and 8 student). In MEMBERSHIP there were 57 paid members, in there were 32 members and in there Despite the closure of the slide library a sale was made to AgView International for a collected during this period. A total of 26 regular members of the Society are in arrears. operating with annual revenues. ($9,537.43), Waterhen Film Productions ($9,362.50) and Lloyd Harris ($8,522.65). This revenues from this source will be enough to cover the remaining debt. total of 20 regular members of the Society are in arrears. total of $104. Our main source of income was from membership dues with $ CANOLA FILM!VIDEO debts totaling $27, The three main creditors were Camera West Film Associates During the past year much has been done to resolve the matter of the outstanding debt owed to the various creditors involved in the production of the video series. The following highlights the main efforts that have been made: unrelated to producer fees. the producer fees and transferred the associated copyright to AgView International and used to pay Camera West Film Associates $2, for outstanding bills video sales in to various entities and an additional $1,500 from the sale of video elements to Ag View International. In accordance with a resolution passed by the Society, these funds were transferred to L. Harris. 3) A large portion of the $5,000 owed to Ag View International (personal loan from L. 01 September March 2001 ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF SASKATCHEWAN MEMBERSHIP AND INTERIM FINANCIAL REPORT APPENDIX B

14 4) The sale of stock footage by Waterhen Film Productions (Bob Long), of which the Society receives a 1/3 share, reduced this outstanding debt from $9, to $ Waterhen Film Productions agreed to accept a Charitable Donation Receipt for the outstanding balance from the Society for work contributed to the video project in exchange for clearing up the remaining debt. 5) Mr. Harris has provided the Society with a formal proposal outlining how the outstanding debt (ca. $8,000.00) and transfer of copyright will be dealt with. [-Ic has offered to purchase the video project and the elements for the sum of $10,000, $5,000 of which is to paid immediately with the remainder due May 1, This proposal is to be discussed and would absolve the Society of any liability or further involvement with the video project. FINANCE The ESS General Account Assets stand at $15, in term deposits, $5, in a Maximizer Account, and $3, in the Film Chequing Account. There are no outstanding cheques. There is one outstanding deposit of $ Please refer to the enclosed financial statement for further details.

15 Memberships $ MAXIMIZER ACCOUNT (ESS) Expenditures: Receipts: Slide Library Interest (CU Maximizer and Term Deposit) Auditor s Fees Printing Minister of Finance Excess of Receipts over Expenditures $ 2, TOTAL 3, TOTAL 1, Fall Meeting Misc, 8.35 ESC Meeting Revenues 2, Brooks Award Bank Charges September March 2001 Financial Statement Society of Saskatchewan Entomological

16 Financial Statement Entomological Society of Saskatchewan 01 September March 2001 CHEQUING ACCOUNT (Canola Insect Video Project) Receipts: Corporate Donations S 00 Video Sales 2,53031 Elements Sales I,50000 TOTAL $ 4, Expenditures: Transfer to L. Harris 4,03031 Bank Charges 0.00 TOTAL S 4, Excess of Receipts over Expenditures S 0.00

17 APPENDIX C Dear Colleagues: I am writing about a new initiative undertaken by the Entomological Society of Canada to develop a schedule of annual meetings five years in advance. Increasingly in the last few years, the ESC has received requests from other national societies to hold joint meetings. It is the feeling of the ESC Board that an occasional joint meeting with another society could significantly benefit members of both societies. One of the impediments to planning these meetings is the lack of confirmed locations and host societies beyond two years. It is felt that a five-year schedule is needed to better prepare and facilitate for jomt meetings. The ESC has traditionally had meetings that cycle from west to east across Canada among the seven regional entomological societies. Our next two meetings are in Ontario (2001) and Manitoba (2002). Although this pattern generally has been followed, there has been no rigid, seven to eight year pattern of locations and host societies. Therefore 1 am writing to all of the societies for their comment on this initiative and input. I would like to develop a schedule of meetings at this point to the year Thus as a start I would like to identify which host regional societies would be willing to host the ESC meeting for 2003, 2004, 2005 and As the regional director of your regional society, I ask that you discuss this request with your society executive and let me know if your society might be interested in hosting a meeting within the next five years. As with most new initiatives, there are bound to be a few wrinkles or things we didn t think of. My concept is to have a five-year schedule of meetings in place so that when the ESC is approached by another society (or vice versa> that we can begin to explore a proper time and location for a joint meeting. A two-year schedule is too short and often host cities have to be chosen and hotels booked two years in advance. This leaves no flexibility. Of course, the regional society ultimately makes the decision of whether or not they are willing and able to host a joint meeting. I would welcome your thoughts, suggestions or criticisms on this initiative. As Red Green says, we re all in this together. Sincerely Peter de Groot Chair, Aimual Meeting Committee Peter de Groot Ph, 0. P0 Box 490 Natural Resources Canada Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canadian Forest Service Canada Great Lakes Forestry Centre P6A 5M7 P.S. Listed below are the locations of the ESC meetings since I 992-Sask I 993-Ontario 1994-Manitoba 1995-BC 1996-Acadia 1997-Alberta 1998-Quebec Sask 2000-Quebec Ontario 2002-NI anitoha