Topic 1: Town In History Versus Possible / Future Town (Urban And Territorial Planning And Landscape Design)

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1 Topic 1: Town In History Versus ossible / Future Town (Urban And Territorial lanning And Landscape Design) 1. ABULINUR Adham (Egypt) - Temporary Use of Urban Spaces 2. ASTL Ileana - Railway Stations as Interface Between the Global and the Local 3. BŞTENARU Maria - Architecture and Urban lanning (3D) Representation in Games and Toys 4. BUHCIU Dragoş Urban Waterfronts in a Global World 5. CARDIELS Joao (ortugal) - Architecture erception Through a Landscape erspective 6. CHIRIC Stefano, VIVLA Laura (Italy)- Historic Urban Environment as Cultural Resource for The Continuity of the Modern Life 7. CHIRNE Luigi (Italy)- Drawing Underground. Making Visible Connections of Urban Landscape in the Town of Lombardy 8. CNSTANTINESCU Cristina, HĂRMĂNESCU Mihaela - Recondition the Urban Texture through ublic Interventions 9. CNSTANTINESCU Ilinca - The Dimension of the Shrinking henomenon in Romania 10. CRĂCIUN Cerasella - The Role of Landscape in Structuring and Metabolism of Human Settlements 11. ENACHE Cristina - Urban Landscape From Message to Mediatisation 12. GANGEMI Giuseppe (Italy) - Innovation In The Regeneration of the Historic Centers in Sicily 13. GANGEMI Giuseppe (Italy) - Innovations of a Sub-Regional lan: alermo and its Territory in Sicily 14. GCIMAN Cristina, FLRESCU Tiberiu - Architecture and Urban lanning Strategies for Risk Management in a rotected Central Area of Bucharest 15. HĂRMĂNESCU Mihaela, CMŞA Daniel - Interior-Exterior Relations on Urban Development 16. HYSA Artan (Albania) - Spıderweb-Cıty; Tırana Urban Skıes Vulnerabılıty (RAL+STER) JARVIS Bob (UK) The Real Subject of lanning is Everyday Life Not lans: The Importance of the Arts as a Language for Urbanism 18. KÇI Valbona (Albania) - Lattice Durrës: Water Urbanism in eriurban Area 19. LAKATS Andrei - Tabula Rasa Vs. Genius Loci or From Form to lace 20. MARIN Vera - olicies and Regulations for Historical Areas: Between EU rinciples and Local Contradictions 21. RIŞ Ana, AŢA Irina - Dynamics in erceiving and Self-Adjusting Urban Landscape 22. ASCARIU Gabriel, ASCARIU Simona - Urban Regeneration and Community Building in Historic Centres 23. ETRIŞR Alexandru - Unconventional Maps: Geography Beyond the Real Territories 24. A Andreea, CALCATINGE Alexandru - The Cultural aradigm in Common Landscapes erception 25. RADSLAV Radu, MRAR Tudor - A GIS Approach to Evaluating ublic Space edestrian Accessibility 26. RĂDULESCU Monica - Interdisciplinary Approach in Collective Creation Act 27. RĂDULESCU Monica - The City as Big Home and the Good Functioning Rule 28. STAICU Mihaela - The Social Space of the City 29. STAN Angelica - A Vulnerable Urban Landscape: Braila, Romania 30. STILJKVIĆ Branislava, JVANVIĆ Goran, ETKVIĆ Nataša (Serbia)- New Housing Forms As Alternative To Urban Sprawl (STER) 31. WNG Tai-Chee (Singapore)- Towards An Eco-Friendly Environmental Design: The Compact Territorial lanning of Singapore ral /oster

2 Topic 2: Intelligent Buildings ALBERT Ramona (USA) - Intelligence and the Construction rocess ANTN Ionuţ - From arametric to Algorithmic Design ARMENCIU Daniel - The Metadesign Concept ANTNIU Konstantinos, AXARLI Kleo, MERESI Aikaterini (Greece) The Design rocess of a Swimming Center BANICĂ Bogdan - Architectural Models f Fire Safety BURLACU Laura Andreea - erformance Criteria for Architecture Designing 38. CĂLESCU ana - How and Why New Media Changed Architecture 39. ISIF Andreea - A Digital Avatar of an Ancient Technique The Mosaic ISSA ABDU Safaa M. (Egypt) - Intelligent Buildings Adapted for Elderly KNDIC Slaviša, KSTIC Ivan, TANIC Milan (Serbia)- Kinetic Architecture as a rinciple of Achieving Adaptability of Architectural Structures KSTIC Aleksandra, DAČIĆ Miloš, CEKIĆ Nikola (Serbia)- Arhitectonic Spatial rganization of Student Dormitories MACHEDN Ana Maria, INESCU Justin - Architecture at High Altitudes MIHĂESCU ana - How School Buildings Can Teach Sustainability MIHĂILESCU Ştefan - Adding Intelingence to Green Buildings MIHALACHE vidiu - Fire Safety Scenario or Evacuation Scenario MITRACHE Anca - Local Exercises in Sustainability 48. ANĂ Cristina - Light as a Building Material 49. ANĂ Radu - Vapour Diffusion Analysis 50. ANAIT Andra - Digital Design 51. ETREA Sergiu - Green Architecture in Romania 52. STANKVIC Danica, TIMTIJEVIC Mihailo, KSTIC Aleksandra (Serbia)- Challenges of an Environmentally Resposible Architecture 53. TĂNASE Daniela - Digital Fabrication in Architecture 54. TELECHE vidiu - Sustainable Refurbishment of the Housing Stock ral /oster

3 Topic 3. Architectural Conservation And Restoration BĂRBUICĂ Letiţia - erformativity. Changing the ublic Space Through Generic Heritage Related ractice BERINDE Ruxandra Narrative-of-absence BTEZ Ana - The Tectonics of Byzantine Architecture CALCIU Daniela - Urbanity DERER Hanna - The Invisible Layers of Architecture. n the Incorporeal Being of Built Heritage ral /oster 60. DRDEA Dragoş - Writing Near 61. DRDEA Dragoş - Writing Above 62. DUŞIU Elena-Codina, BĂLAN LAZĂR Mihaela - Fires and the Metamorphosis of Bucharest 63. GHERGHIU etru - Bucharest Unicity 64. GRAMA Niculae, ANDELE Marius, CHISARĂU Mihai - The Manor Among the Vineyards / 65. HSSEINI Bahareh, NAMAZIAN Ali (Iran)- Isfahan's Dovecotes, a Great Example of Vernacular Architecture 66. IN TMLINSN Elena (USA)- Re-Thinking ublic Interest, Re-Making Architectural Heritage, and The Business of ublic Works in Contemporary Bucharest 67. JARVIS Bob (UK)- Dancing in the Ruins : Night Life as Low Impact Regeneration : A Case Study of Lipscani (Bucureşti) and ld Trumans Brewery (London) 68. JÖGER Beatrice-Gabriela - Mexico: Building a National Architecture on Layers of Tradition 69. KIRVA Radosveta (Bulgaria)- Urban Development of the 19th Century City of Veliko Tarnovo MATEI Adriana, MTU Andreea, BNTEA Alexandra, Ioana - Continuity & Actuality in Historical Centers in 70. Transylvania MLDVAN Horia - Historical Architecture and Its Conservation in 19th Century Wallachia preanu Mihai - The alace of the Higher School of Architecture 73. NTA Radu Tudor - Le Corbusier's Books. A Reflected Image on Architecture and Architectural Theory 74. ESCU Toader - Railways And Modernity In Romania Before World War I RUILBA QUECED Cecilia (Spain) - The Architecture f The Inter-War Years And Tuberculosis Sanatoria SEBESTYEN Monica - Erasing, Writing and Rewriting History: The ublic Monuments in Bucharest 77. STANCIU Iulia - Budişteanu Restoration / 78. STANCIU Iulia - Verona Restoration / 79. STIAN Luca Matei - Reflections of the Modern Italian Architecture in Romanian Architecture 80. STRE Miruna - ost-war - Existent Architectural Heritage reservation 81. TEDR Alexandra - Antique Layers of Tomis 82. THIERRY Vlad - The Elegance of the itched Roofs / 83. TULBURE Irina, STRE Miruna - Cinema and Housing / /

4 Topic 4: Rethinking Architecture By Redefinition - Communicating Architecture 84. ANGHELACHE Alexandra - Architecture Vs. Media 85. BĂRBUICĂ Letiţia - The Architecture of the Third Wave 86. BELAĊEVIĊ Branko, DI RAIM Antonino (???) - Second City, Reinformalization of the Informality 87. BŞTENARU DAN Maria - The Innovation in the lan of the Current Floor: Zoning in Blocks of Flats for the Middle Class in the First Half of the 20th Century Final Results 88. BTEZ Ana - Worldview, Architecture, And Environment 89. CACIUC Cosmin - Transdisciplinarity as an Undisciplined Conversation and Architecture as an Expanded Field 90. CSTESCU Silvia - Communication By Architecture A Challenge! - Case Study CSTESCU Silvia - Sensory Architecture - Message / Communication / erception 92. CRIŞAN Alexandru - The Identity of Multicellular Dwelling System. The Living Cell - A Case Study in Architectural Scale. 93. CRIŞAN Ana Maria - Memory Architecture Vs. Inception 94. CRITICS Mihaela - The rnamental Vocation of Modern and Contemporary Architecture 95. DIACNESCU ana - Architecture as Interchangeable henomena 96. DINULESCU Horia - The Availability for The Myth. Beyond a Critical Regionalism. 97. DULĂMEA Melania - Architecture as Aesthetic Experience A Neuropsychological Approach 98. DULĂMEA Melania - n Architecture and the Brain - An Interdisciplinary Approach of Design rocesses 99. EFTENIE Vlad - hotography as an Investigation Means of the Urban Space Image, Tool in the Design and Conceptual rocess 100. ENUŢĂ Cristina Aurora - rnament A Contemporary erspective n The Notion 101. GRIGRESCU Mihaela - Rethinking Architecture in a Society of Globalization. ]Towards A Community s Architecture[ 102. HYSA Artan (Albania)- Architecture in Transdisciplinarity: A Critical Reading on Nicolescu and Hunch HYSA Desantila (Albania)- Remembering and Forgetting: The Commemorative Architecture of yramid, Albania 104. IANA Codruţa - The Beauty Beyond The therness 105. IVĂNESCU Emil - Dissecting The Minormundus Body: Anatomy, Architecture and Flesh in re-modernity 106. IVES Noah (???)- Adaptive Re-Use as Instant Artifact 107. IVES Noah (???)- Turn n, Move In, Drop ut: R & Sie s Lost In aris House As Anti-Capitalist rocess 108. JABLNSKA Joanna (oland)- Redefinition f The Hotel Concept 109. JEVREMVIC Ljiljana (Serbia) Rethinking The Design f Kindergartens Evaluation f The Existing Building Stock In Serbia In Context f Its Capacity For Renewal 110. LASCU Tana-Nicoleta - Transdisciplinarity Research Method For The Landscape As An Integrated Concept In The Sustainable Development 111. MĂRGULESCU Andrei - Architecture Communicated A rojectual Approach To Its hotographed Image 112. MEREIU Irina Elena - Regeneration f ld ort Areas - Cultural And Social Challenges 113. MIHĂILĂ Marina - Z City 114. MILJKVIĆ Aleksandar, NIKLIĆ Marko (Serbia)- Rethinking Museum Architecture Art Museum at the Beginning of the 21 Century 115. MILŞ Ioan - Ascanio Damian A Short Story Derived From Informal Sources 116. MITRACHE Georgică - Building Blocks - Fundamentals Reclaimed 117. MLEAVIN Adrian - Architecture Goes Into The Quantum Era 118. MUREŞANU Florin - Leet Architecture: The ost-ostmodern Language f Space 119. NEGRIŞANU Daniela, HAVASI Brânduşa, FLRESCU Delia - Architecture And Children. Between Metaphor And ragmatism ÖZSY Bilge Ataç, ATAÇ Bilgen (Turkey)- Communicating Whit The City Edirne Throught Architecture As A Language 121. ANAIT Andra - Rethinking Architecture 122. ELTEACU Mihaela - ortrait / Landscape 123. RŞU Flavia- Maria - Architecture To Life 124. RUS Livia Elena - Living In The Big City: ersonal Space And Dwellings 125. SFINTEŞ Anda-Ioana - Rethinking Liminality Built Form As Threshold-Space 126. STĂNCULESCU Magdalena - The Site and the Theatre Building, Through the Art of Theater, Reciprocally rovide New Meanings 127. ZÜHRE Melek (Turkey)- Architecture As A Tool f Communication: Han Districts f Istanbul ral /oster

5 Topic 5: Interior Architecture And Design ral /oster 128. BUZDUGAN Raluca - A oetics f Lighting 129. ISIF Andreea - Light oetics Deciphered Through A hysically-based Computer Simulation 130. JÖGER Beatrice-Gabriela - Redefining The Interior Space In Mexican Architecture 131. MURRAHEM Faredah (Saudi Arabia) - Re-Writing History Through Courses rojects 132. ALADE Mihaela - The Gateway to Heaven Symbolic eculiarities of the Iconostasis in rthodox Churches 133. RUSE Ştefania - Interior Design Vs. Fashion Design 134. VILLANUEVA CAJIDE Beatriz, CASAS CB Francisco Javier (Spain)- Dudok Ninteen Schools In Hilversum. Changes In School From edagogy To Interior Architecture Topic 6: Beyond discipline(s): architectural education and research 135. ALBERT Ramona (USA) - Façade Systems, Materials And Methods 136. ANDREADU Tatiana, GAVRA Eleni, VLACHDIMS George (Greece) - aths And Arrivals. Designing n The Boundary Between Land & Sea 137. ASTL Eugen - Architects As Well May Flirt With Mathematics 138. BASHIER Fathi (Ethyopia) - The roblem f Architecture Education in Khartoum 139. BUZDUGAN Raluca - Lighting Workshops A Learning Tool 140. VILLANUEVA CAJIDE Beatriz, CASAS CB Francisco Javier (Spain) - Stories f The History f Architecture 141. CMŞA Daniel - The Cultural Role of the International Exchanges on Architectural Education 142. CRIŞAN Alexandru - ARCA- Walking Architectures In Istanbul 143. CRIŞAN Ana Maria - ARCA- Walking Architectures 144. DAČIĆ Miloš, CEKIĆ Nikola, KSTIĆ Aleksandra (Serbia) - Form Theory In Architecture f Student Dormitories 145. DUMITRESCU Carmen - A Strategy For Building Architectural Competence 146. DUMITRESCU Cristian Gheorghe, GIUREA Diana - Study on the Relationship Between Natural and Architectural Forms 147. DUMITRESCU Cristian Gheorghe, MĂLĂESCU Alexandru - Applied Methods In The Study f Geometry f Architectural Forms 148. DUŞIU Codina - A Concept f Sustainability (Vernacular Architecture, atrimony, Education And Cultural Exchange) 149. VAVILI Fani, GRIGRIADU Efthalia-Thaleia (Greece) - Teaching For The rdinary And The ther 150. IVĂNESCU Emil - From alladio to Le Corbusier MACRI Zina - Rehabilitating Mass-Housing Estates The Romanian Block f Flats Between Research And Teaching 151. Experience 152. MIHĂESCU ana, GHILDUŞ Mihnea - RISA, a New Vision in Romanian Architectural Education 153. MIHĂILESCU Mihnea - resenting Architecture rojects by Using 3d Films and Holograms 154. MINDU Gabriela - Technology and Innovation in Specialized Student rojects 155. MLEAVIN Adrian - Research By Design in Architectural Education 156. ŢIU Anca - Imagine Tomorrow, Today; Re-Inventing Sustainability At The Architectural Design Studio 157. ŢIU Anca, CNSTANTIN Cristina - Revealing Hidden rders. A Dialogue With Memories f Matter 158. ETREA Sergiu - Architectural Design in Time of Crisis 159. RUILBA QUECED Cecilia (Spain)- Medicine and Modern Architecture 160. ŞCHIU Mihaela - Artists and Architects Collaborating Stories and Tragedies 161. ŞERBĂNESCU Ioana Raluca - Teaching Accessibility in Architecture 162. SIMIN Ştefan - Some Issues Related to the Concept of the Doctorate in Architecture ral /oster