Vol. 41, No. 1 ST. SCHOLASTICA MONASTERY, Fort Smith, AR March, 2012

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1 Vol. 41, No. 1 ST. SCHOLASTICA MONASTERY, Fort Smith, AR March, 2012 Advisory Boards: Helping the Sisters Accomplish Their Mission Financial Advisory Board Members: (Standing L to R) Carol Geels, CFO Ravi Thiagarajan, Bob Meyers, and Leo Anhalt. (Seated L to R) Sisters Audrey Becker, Maria DeAngeli, Kimberly Prohaska, Anne Michele Raley, and Elise Forst. Since 1980, when they first convened the Continuing Care Fund Board (now called the Financial Advisory Board), the sisters have been blessed with volunteers using their talents and expertise to assist them in their ministry. Vocation Advisory Board members work to increase outreach and visibility to young women discerning vocations. Development Advisory Board members help the sisters invite those who care about the monastery to join in what they are about and to be a part of their future. The Financial Advisory Board advises the sisters on investments and use of the continuing care fund, the annual budget, and major maintenance projects. The Retreat Center Advisory Board is temporarily suspended while the retreat center office is reorganizing under the directorship of Kathy Schmelzer, Center Director, and Sisters Madeline Bariola, Rachel Dietz, and Macrina Wiederkehr. In its seven years of service, the board has helped plan retreat programs and schedules, design the center database, and coordinate volunteer groups. Retreat Center Advisory Board members and Friends of the Center have helped build the labyrinth and raise money through garage sales and special programs. Most Board members serve for three-year terms. The best part about the Vocation Advisory board is that it forces the sisters to always keep setting future goals, Paul Udouj, a Vocation Advisory Board member, said. In order to recruit a new member of the community the first step we undertook was asking the question Who are we? and What do we have to offer? For example, after looking at St. Scholastica s history we came up with a pioneering theme. We used this theme based on the past to move our marketing on to the web and break ground in new arenas. I believe working for the sisters has been a wonderful experience as God s plan mixes with new technology. Carol Geels, a Scho girl, feels blessed to be on the Financial Advisory Board. It is a way to stay in touch with this lovely group of friends, and possibly be of some help to the Community, she said. The numbers here at the Monastery may have dwindled, but the numbers in Heaven are growing I hope to see them again. St. Scholastica Monastery Appreciates its Lay Advisory Board Members Financial Advisory Board: Carol Geels Leo Anhalt Bob Meyers Development Advisory Board: Debbie Bentley Tami Danielak Kaye Bernard Tom and Dorothy Caldarera Paul and Theresa Cronan Becky Meyers Sandra Renfrow Vocation Advisory Board: Paul Udouj Jennifer Verkamp Kaye Bernard Janet Fuller Amanda Moore Peggy Brandebura Dorothy Sullivan Deacon John and Mary Burns Brother Francis Kirchner Gloria Trinidad Retreat Center Advisory Board (temporarily suspended while the Center office is being reorganized) Kathryn Birkhead John King Carol Mulhall Karin Hahn Linda McDonough Delores Neumeier Dorothy Sullivan Kay Pope

2 A Message From the Prioress Dear Friends of St. Scholastica, What would happen if we all chose to begin and continue our Lenten Season with enthusiasm? In the introduction of his book The Cry of the Deer, David Adams gives us his definition of enthusiasm as coming from the Greek words in God in the telling of St. Patrick s enthusiasm as he saw the presence of God in the universe, in personalities, in work, in the day, in the hour, and in the Word. As we begin our Lent we enter into a deeper awareness of the love of Jesus for us. Why begin greeting you in this fashion? We have just begun the New Year of 2012 which has brought us into the first few weeks of Lent. Saint Benedict says in chapter 49 of the Rule a monk s life should be a continuous Lent. Thinking about those words I began to wonder what a continuous Lent would be in our lives today. I would think he is calling us to a continuous awareness of God s presence in our daily lives. To live in an awareness/presence of God in a busy and noisy world is a challenge and takes practice. Brother Lawrence says in his little book, Practicing the Presence of God: to practice the presence of God is to apply one s spirit to God; it is the vivid recollection that God is present with us. He tells us that we can accomplish this practice of PRESENCE through imagination or by understanding. Perhaps with the enthusiasm of Saints Patrick, Benedict and Brother Lawrence the practice of presence/ awareness of God can be the focus for our Lenten journey that will bring all to the beautiful celebration of Easter. Our journey with REALM continues as we plan for our future. It is comforting to know as we continue to move into the future our sister monasteries are taking the same journey. It is truly a walk in faith as we move forward with hope and confidence that what we have begun will come to fruition as we listen to and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. To all, our friends, benefactors, oblates, and alumnae, who have been so supportive of us here at St. Scholastica Monastery we, the sisters, send each of you our love and gratitude. You are remembered each day in our community prayer and Eucharist. So, as we join together in this Lenten Season may we come to the joyous Paschal Season with the renewed presence and awareness that God is always present in our midst. Let us remember that HOPE IS THE POWER BEHIND LOVE. OBLATE NEWS Our spring oblate meetings will be held on Sunday, March 18; Sunday, April 15; and Sunday, May 20. We attend 9:30 Mass as a group and enjoy a presentation, fellowship, and light refreshments following Mass. Our outof-town oblates are always in our hearts. Several oblates who live far from Fort Smith drive to St. Scholastica on Saturday afternoon, stay overnight at the Center, and head home after the meeting. They sometimes watch DVD s in the lounge and pop microwave popcorn in the kitchenette. It s a great opportunity to socialize with other oblates or, if you choose, to enjoy a mini-retreat weekend. To make arrangements for an overnight visit to St. Scholastica, call the Center at (479) At our January meeting, Reverend Rebecca Spooner, a Presbyterian minister who directs a counseling program for clergy, their families, and laypeople involved in church ministry, discussed her call to Benedictine spirituality and the oblate program. Because Benedictine monasticism predates the Reformation, several religious expressions continue to practice Benedictine spirituality. There are Anglican Benedictines and ecumenical Benedictine communities where religious and laity live out monastic life together. Rev. Spooner s talk helped all the oblates to come to a deeper appreication of the universal appeal of Benedictine spirituality. 2 Vol. 41, No. 1 Horizons March, 2012 Horizons is published three times a year by the Benedictine Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery, P.O. Box 3489, Fort Smith, AR Phone: Website: FAX: Anyone is welcome to be on the mailing list at no charge. Maryanne Meyerriecks...Managing Editor Sister Elise Forst, OSB...Editorial Advisor Calvert McBride...Printers Additional photos: Sister Alice O Brien, OSB, Darrel Larson

3 HONOR ROLL OF BENEFACTORS FOR 2011 The Sisters of St. Scholastica Monastery thank each of you, our benefactors and volunteers, for your generous support. You are remembered in our love and prayers. The first Monday of each month, a Mass is offered for you and your intentions. Benefactors listed here supported the Monastery during the year 2011 Dwayne & Anne Acker Richard Acosta Arlene Makita Acuña Al & Isabel Adams Hubert & Rose Marie Adams Mary Adams Stephen Adams Joe & Margaret Aguzzi Alison Ahlert Jim & Sandra Ahlert Mary Ahlert Ray & Wilma Ahlert Ronald & Judith Ahlhorn Rocco & Carol Alagna Joselle Albracht Alford s House of Carpets Kate Althoff Charles & Ann Andrus Leo & Barbara Anhalt (49) Titus & Diane Ashour Family Tom & Maria Ashour Mary Ashworth Alicia Austin Margaret Babitzke Marty & Christy Backy Mary Louise Baier Sr. Roberta Bailey Mildred Baillio Larry & Mary Lynn Baker Anna Baltz John & Jean Banchetti Delores Barber Bill & Mary Ann Barborek Floyd & Carole Barger Juander Bariola Lawrence Bariola Estate Nick Bariola Tom & Mary Barkhouse Dr. Phillip Barling Katherine Barnhart-Thrift Peggy Barr Sarah Barrett Ted & Carolyn Bartsch Josephine Basgall Dr. Norma Basinger Harrell & Vivian Bates Robert Baugh Harold & Sharon Beck Marie C. Beck Dr. Brad Becker Dennis & Sandra Beebe Mary Lou Bennett Debbie Bentley Anthony Benz Bernice Bergup Herman & Bernice Berkemeyer Mike & Pam Berkemeyer Kaye Bernard Jerry & Alice Beshoner Bird & Bear Darryl Birkenfeld & Joann Starr Marilyn Birkenfeld Kathryn Birkhead Gene Blackwell Terry Blalock Charles & Frankie Blaschke Kenneth & Stella Blaschke John Blasczyk J.O. & Gloria Blaty Kathleen Blessing Malcolm & Lois Bliss Gerald (dec.) & Rita Bock Jim & Dorothy Bock Judy Bock & Glenn Brinley Maurice Bock Kanyin Bodeharrison Bill & Theresa Boekholder Linda Boen Lawrence & Shirley Boente Gracie Bolling Fred & Cindy Borchert Tony & Elizabeth Borgognoni Bill & Mary Bourne Dr. Lori Boyd John & Peggy Brandebura Earl Brandt Estate Laura Brewers David & Beth Brooks Margaret Brown Suzanne Brown Fr. Raymond Bruck Jim & Ann Bruning Nora Bryant Jared & Emily Bryson Bill & Lucy Buergler Joe & Connie Bulmanski Julie Burleson John & Mary Burns Richard & Martha Buschjost Mike Bushkuhl Raymond & Patricia Buss Charlotte Cadell Joe Caldarera Tom & Dorothy Caldarera Carmen Caldwell Kay Calzone Joe & Anne Marie Candido Catherine Cannatella Jim & Sheila Canup Sam & Laurie Carman Carolyn Carmouche Agnes Carson Paul & Magdalen Cesare John & Pamela Challinor Clyde & Betty Chaney Ann Childs Christ the King Church, Fort Smith Norbert Clifton Deborah Coddington Nick Cole Coleman Pharmacy Community Service Clearinghouse Frances Connaughton John & Mildred Connell Peter Paul Cooney Cooper Clinic Gary & Ann Cooper Bob & Bette Cowie Abbie Cox Jeanne Coyne Nancy Credeur Bill & Vicki Crittenden Paul & Theresa Cronan William & Marge Crosby Richard & Madonna Crosland Mark & Cindy Cross Mary Ann Cross Lewis & Laura Crow Jerry & Joan Crumly Elijah & Rita Cunningham William & Donna Curry Gene & Janette Dahlem Ron & Tami Danielak Brenda Davis Nancy Davis Joan Day Randy DeCanter Frank & Kay DeLorenzo Becky Del Rio DeSalvo Family Michael & Genevieve DeSalvo Thomas & Ida DeSalvo Margaret Deuster Cindy Devine & Daniel Graves Rocio Diaz Larry & Bonnie Diefendorf Amy Dietz Keith & Lisa Dietz Leo & Sally Dilger Disciples of Christ,Amarillo TX Alisa Dixon Danielle Dixon John & Patricia Dolan Dominican Sisters, Mountain Home AR Kruger & Arleen Donelson Leo & Barbara Drolshagen Jack & Carolyn Duclos Daniel & Patricia Duerr Robert & Helen Dumboski Delma Dunn Mel & Nancy Dupire Davis & Barbara Duty Paul & Pat Duvall Mary Ealum Milt Earnhart Gayle Easter Don & Crystal Eastman Eastside Women s Health Greg & Betty Eckart Leo Eckart (dec.) 3

4 4 Louise Eckart Mary Edelhuber Mary Eggen Charles & Ramona Ehemann Beverly Elam Ed & Mary Elkins LaVerne Elsken Mark Elsken Michael & Joanne Elsken Fr. Joseph Enderlin (dec.) Josephine Enzenberger John Ermann Jean Etoch Betty Etzkorn James & Karen Ewan Eye Group Eyleen Farmer Michael & Laura Farrell Dr. Kay Feild Fentress Mortuary Judy Fergeson Audrey Ferguson Rita Ferguson Gregory Fernicola Susan Fiori Barbara Fitts John Fladung Patrick Flake Margaret Flanagan Ruth Flanagan Jeanette Flemister Dr. Tony Flippin Kelly Fogarty Tom Fogarty Donna & Dorothy Forst Fred & Joy Forst Louis & Marge Forst Tom Forst Fort Smith Surgical Supply Agnes Forte Kevin & Judy Forte Rick & Sandra Foti Lorene Fowler Eddie & Mel Frail Nancy Frail Dr. Gene France Sharon France Beth Fritsch Dick & Kathy Fuhrman Janet Fuller Adrian Furstenberg Kathy Furstenberg Mary Ellen Furstenberg Teresa Gallaher Susan Gamble John & Dolores Gangluff John Garner Meats, Inc. John & Sandra Gass Butch & Mary Ann Geels Carol Geels Harold & Josephine Geels Gary & Betty George Paul & Connie Gibson Joe & Janet Gilker Mark & Haymeé Giuliani Charles Goebel Fred & Ann Goebel Mary Goerke Gay Gomez Mark Goodson Marie Gordon Michael & Debra Gosnell Louis & Mary Gottsponer Patricia Grabber Bernice Grabber-Tintes John Grace Adolph Gramlich Nicholas & Joanie Gramlich Sharon Grant Julius & Else Greb James & Evelyn Green Joey & Mary Ellen Greenway Carol Griesemer Jim & Bonnie Grimmius Joseph & Christine Gubanski Judy Guedon Karen Guiney Fred & Sandi Gumm Joseph & Marilyn Gunther Conner & Angela Gusky John & Patricia Habberstad Dan & Alice Hadwin Richard & Karin Hahn Elaine Hall Sandra Hall Therese Hamil Charles & Theresa Hamling Darlene Hammer Sheryl Hampton Herman & Elena Hanggi Janella Harbison Richard & Joe Ann Hargraves Don & Niki Harrison Margaret Hart Patricia Hart Fr. T.J. Hart Clem(dec.)& Delores Hartman Lucy Hartmeier Jerry & Jude Hassler Charmaine Haunert Maggie & Beth Hawley James & Helen Hays HealthSouth Rehab Hospital Del & Camille Heffley Gary & Donna Herron Dr. James Hiatt Pete & Joy Hibbard Elizabeth Hierholzer William & Sue Higgs Terrance Hill Robert & Dayna Hilton Agnelia Hinson Mike & Mary Ann Hite Mark & Delphine Hittson Bill & Catherine Hochstein Denis & Judy Hoelting Leona Hoelting Judy Hoelzeman Theresa Hoelzeman Mary Louise Hoffman Paul Hoffman Holy Family Church, Nazareth TX Charles & Jean Holman Jim & Mary Jan Hoobler David & Sarah Hotzel Harold Howell Michael & Deborah Hoyt Cindy Hug Kitty Hug Ann Hunt Elizabeth Hunt Judith Hurt Julie Hynes Susan Hynes Harold Irlbeck Alice Isgrig Fr. Pius Iwu Bob & Frances Jacimore Kathy Jarvis Dr. Holly Jennings Dr. George Johnson Joe & Jeanette Johnson Ruthie Johnson James & Anne Marie Johnston Rebecca Johnston Chester & Susan Jones Chester & Vivian Jones Dr. Greg & Marta Jones Jay Jones Walter Jost & Ellie Brenny Dr. Conrad Kaelin James & Geraldine Kaelin Kenneth Kaelin Robert & Jo Ann Kale Geraldine Kampeter Jo Kastner Louise Kaufman Kathleen Keller Janice Kelley Graham & Dorothy Kent Dr. Mohsen Keyashian Rose Ann Kiene James & Carolyn Killerlain John King Br. Francis Kirchner, OSB Bill Kirk Sarah Kirsop Hilda Kleck Estate Bethany Knight Knights of Columbus,Altus AR Knights of Columbus, Charleston AR Knights of Columbus, Russellville AR Knights of Columbus, Scranton AR Charles & Mary Alice Knittig Ed & Annette Knittig Joseph Knittig Louis Knittig Dr. Ronald Knobloch Dr. Robert & Elizabeth Knox Christina Koch Dennis Koch Kenneth & Michaella Koldys Msgr. John Kordsmeier Julia Kovac Jerome & Margie Kramer Alphonse Kuehler Jo Ann Kyral &Joseph Meyers Linda Laine Dick & Jo Ann Lambert Msgr. Donald Lammers Charla Lane Douglas Lange Jerry & Judy Lange Curtis & Kay Lassiter Judy Lawrence Amanda Lay Steve Lease Sr. Antonia Leber, OP John & Jane Leding Paul & Jo Ann Lehnen Bob & Rosetta Lensing Junior & Carolyn Lensing Betty Lesczynski Dr. Luke Lewis Michelle Lewis Geraldine Lindemann Robert & Becky Lindemann Rita Lipin Larry & Jan Lipsmeyer Benny & Kay Little

5 Dick & Sue Litzinger Jacqueline Lobb Dennis & Bea Lock Ernest & Dana Lock Logan County Glass & Mirror Betsy Long Patty Jo Long Lisa LoPorto Bob & Cathy Lorenz Patricia Lucy Stephanie Mackey David & Gilda Macksam Jeanne Madden Dr. Jack Magness Troy & Vicki Mahan Virginia Mais James & Angela Malik Curtis & Vera Mann Markham Restaurant Supply Barbara Martin Sarah Mason Mary Joyce Maus Jane May Jerry & Sharon Mazzanti Larry & Cindy McAlister Marie McCann Richard & Bernice McCauley Cynthia McCord Robert & Linda McCormack Joan McCoy Janet McCulloch Linda McDonough Ann McElmurry Patty McGann Rynette McGee Judy McGrath Barbara McGuyer Sandra McKee Mary McKeown Fr. David McKillin, OSB Marjorie McLain Sandra McLaughlin David McMahon Betsy McNeil Arturo & Raquel Meade Glen & Emily Mebruer MediSav Homecare Pharmacy Mercy Clinic Rehab Brad & Brenda Meyer Fred & Maryanne Meyerriecks Julie Meyerriecks Bob & Becky Meyers Greg Meyers John B. Meyers Barbara Michael John & Mary Miller Jerome & Mary Minden Leo Modaff Mariano & Cheryl Montagnino Amanda Moore James & Laura Moore Jim & Pat Moore Warren & Arlyne Morey Ronnie & Regina Moyer Carol Mulhall Claire Muller Dr. Richard Murphy Dr. Michael Muylaert Andrew Nahlen T.J. & Mary Ann Nahlen Tony Nahlen National Family Pharmacy National Religious Retirement Office Mary Nelson John & Phyllis Neubauer Delores Neumeier Ted & Jo Ella Newbury Hank & Marcia Nicko Barbara Noonen Marie Nunn Lee & Sherry Nutt Max & Juanita Nutt Herman & Mary Oberkoetter Tammy O Brien Bob & Jennie O Connor Terry Olsen Jim & Penny Oswald Fr. John Oswald Msgr. Richard Oswald Paul Owensby Linda Parks William(dec.)&Margaret Parks Mary Peck Ig & Brenda Pereira Elizabeth Peterson Quy & Mai Pham Patricia Phillips Henry & Charlotte Piazza Irma Pittroff Antonia Plugge Shirley Plugge Rosemary Plunkett-Stith Kay Pope Dr. James & Patsy Post Stephen & Linda Prescott Kyle & Jennifer Priest Pro Med Cooper Clinic Ruth Prochaska Don & Janet Proctor Project Compassion Jane Purtle Jane Quinn Laurie Raffel Kristy Ragan Weldon Ramey Dr. Stephen Rappeport Imelda Reber Michael & Anne Reeder Mary Reidle Tommy Reinhart Tony & Rosemary Reith Religious Sisters of Mercy, Fort Smith AR Sandra Renfrow Dan & Roberta Richardson Virginia Ricketts Buddy & Marilyn Riedmueller John & Lillie Rife Larry & Joyce Ringwald J.D. & Beth Roberts Kristin Robertson Floyd & Sue Robison Isabel Rodriguez Orlan & Joan Roper Cissy Rose Larry & Evelyn Rossi Kathy Royal Clara Jane Rubarth Dwight & Ruth Ruelle Laurine Ruleau (dec.) Madeline Rumker Sacred Heart of Mary Church, Barling Sacred Heart of Mary Women s Society, Barling St. Edward Mercy Medical Center St. Leo Altar Society, Hartford St. John Altar Society, Russellville St. John Church, Russellville St. Joseph Church, Paris St. Mary Altar Society, St. Vincent St. Paul Episcopal Church, Fayetteville St. Scholastica Alumnae Assoc. St. Vincent Morrilton Mary Lou Sanders Barbara Sax John & Theresa Scherrey Tony & Claudia Scherrey Leon & Martha Nell Schilling Gerald Schlabach Kathy Schmelzer Ambrose & Mary Schmitz Andy & Sue Schmitz Clete & Linda Schmitz Denis & Phyllis Schmitz Lawrence & Theresa Schmitz Leonard Schmitz (dec.) Dan & Ethel Schmucker Joseph & Inez Schmucki Linda Schneider Vicki Schneider Lawrence & Lu Jane Schriver Elmer Schroeder Robert & Becky Schroeder Barbara Schuchart (dec.) Lisa Schulte David Schwartz Farm Lucille Schwind Eileen Scott Patricia Seibold Patrick Seibold J.J. & Johnette Seiter Louis & Janie Seiter Nina Ruth Selig Shirley Senko Leo & Debbie Sharum Patricia Shaw James Shea Anne Shields Thomas & Sherry Shircliff Jack Sidler Benita Siebenmorgen David & Brenda Siebenmorgen Hilda Siebenmorgen Richard & Paula Siebenmorgen Gary & Kate Simmons Ed & Rose Smetanka Gayle Smith Jerry & Margaret Smith Kay Smith Ralph & Cheryl Smith Rob & Diana Smith Snell Prosthetic & Orthotic Lab Mary Ann Soerries Jane Sparkman Beth Sparks Jerry & Elizabeth Sparks Lewis & Anne Sparks Sparks Patient Financial Services Dr. Thomas & Paulette Spivey Louise Sponer Rebecca Spooner Buddy & Linda Spradlin Curtis & Pam Spriggs Diana Squibb Linda Starling Dr. Richard Staton Merley & Judy Staus Mike & Donna Stec Dr. Eric Stein Dolores Stemper Evelyn Stengel Michael & Jennifer Stevens Rita Sticker Susie Stokes Alex & Sue Streett Mary Stretesky James & Julia Ann Stricherz Subiaco Abbey, Subiaco Dorothy Sullivan Joseph & Joyce Taylor Thomas & Mary Ann Taylor Kathryn Teeple Joey Tetreault Virginia Thennes Ravi & Anna Thiagarajan Lawrence & Rose Thummel Mike & Cindy Toney Gloria Tran John & Quenna Tran Dr. Neill Treece 5

6 6 Gloria Trinidad Trinity Junior High School, Fort Smith AR Judy Turner Alfred Twenter Gloria Trinidad Dr. John Udouj Paul Udouj Danny Uerling Albert & Mary Ulmer Mark Urban Ann Valenti Rosann Vaughn Gertrude Vaught Jennifer Verkamp Lou & Carole Vitale Buddy & Theresa Vogler Debra Vorster Frank & Betty Vorster Gregory & Rebecca Vorster Joseph & Martha Vorster Frances Wahl Fred & Jean Walter John Walter Nancy Walter Richard & Shari Walter Sherry Ward James & Joanna Wardein Virginia Warden Pat & Vicki Wardlaw Jerry & Julie Warren Al & Kay Warzecha Mike & Laurie Wegman Bob & Ruth Wehrer Charles & Mary Ann Weisenfels Charlotte Weisenfels Dorothy Weisenfels Lona Weisenfels Evangeline Werner Western AR Anesthesia Assoc. Western AR Tennis Assoc. Christine Wewer Lawrence & Louise (dec.) Wewers Joe Wewers Lenea Wheeler Patrick & Christine Wheeler Lillian White John & Madeline Whitney Wiederkehr Family Florence Wiederkehr Patricia Wiederkehr Ann Wiggins William & Mary Lou Willmann Daniel & Kelly Wilson Michael & Erika Wimberly Lizbeth Winford Robert & Penny Winsett Richard & Nancy Winters Helen Wolf Joia Wolfe Dr. Michael Wolfe Josephine Wood Mona Wooten Fr. Paul Worm Helen Wren Dorothy Wright Jennifer Wright Judy Wright Jim & Julie Yandell Walker (dec.)& Madonna Young Donald Zaloudek Frank & Gail Zanoff Ed & Mary Zimmer Otto & Patricia Zimmerman Mildred Zinser Floyd & Nancy Zornes James & Delphine Zydzik IN MEMORY OF Barbara Adams Judy Wright Lawrence & Lucy Adams Jon & Patricia Adams C. Ray Baker, Jr. Donald Baltz Anna Baltz Tom Bannister Scott & Stephanie Mazzanti Sean & Jennifer Sammons Jeremy Barlow Maurice Bock Sr. Consuella Bauer Larry & Mary Lynn Baker Patsy Baskin Jane Baxter Ben & Susan Berry Billy & Vernell Bowen Marilyn Boyd Dick & Jane Brummel Joe & Connie Bulmanski Tom & Margaret Bulmanski Raymond & Patricia Buss Jane Calvert Catholic Women s Union Mary Cauldwell Elizabeth Ann Corrigan Robert & Bette Kay Cowie Columbus & Phyllis Dalmut Linda Fiddler Mary Ann Geels Mark Goodson Bernice Grabber-Tintes Marilyn Gunther James (dec.) & Linda Hall Charles & Theresa Hamling Judy Hoelzeman & Al Schneider Lee & Betty Hoover Anne Horne Cher Horwedel Joe Don & Susie Koenigseder William & Mary Rita Koenigseder Cecilia Krallman (dec.) Lorene Kremer Gerald & Rosella Lasater John & Roselyn Layes John & Jane Leding Rosemary Lelemsis Bill & Nancy Lensing Carolyn Lensing Charles & Agatha Lensing Mary Longley James & Jo Ann Lutz Mary Maestri George & Joan Mangelsdorf John & Janis Mayes Rozanne McCormick Nancy McDowell Judy McGrath Catherine McVay Marie Mentrup Tony Nahlen Kay Pope Matthew & Betty Post Patricia Presley St. Scholastica Alumnae Association Mildred Schluterman Dan & Ethel Schmucker Lawrence & Lu Jane Schriver Ed & Lona Seiter Janie Shelby Benita Siebenmorgen Gary & Kate Simmons Joseph & Barbara Smith Dorothy Sullivan Joseph & Joyce Taylor Betty Tucker Robert & Patricia Wanslow Charles & Mary Ann Weisenfels Lawrence & Millie Wewers Katherine Willette Michael & Erika Wimberly Donald & Bonnie Woeltje Linus Bauer Ronald & Judith Ahlhorn Joe & Connie Bulmanski George & Joan Mangelsdorf Judy McGrath Betty Becker Charles & Jean Holman John T. Beggs, Jr. Rose Beggs Philomena Belvedresi Rosemary Reginelli Robert & Penny Winsett Mary Lillian Bering Lou Anne Walker Srs. Herman Joseph & Anita Berkemeyer Buddy & Marilyn Riedmueller Frances Berry Bill & Lucy Buergler Mike & Mary Cogbill William & Mary Cooper Mike & June DeWitt Don & Bettye Fields Sister Therese volunteers with the Literacy Council and Habitat for Humanity. Donald & Marilyn Foster Jack & Louanna Green David & Joyce Laws Mike & Donna Stec Sr. Carmen Beshoner Jerry & Alice Beshoner Julie Eckart Jane Price Sr. Josella Birkenfeld Gary, Deneil, & Katy Cockrell Neil & Judy Harmon Jerry & Julie Warren Velma Warren Earl Brandt Margaret Parks Sr. Lioba Bruck Fr. Raymond Bruck John Cardenas John Dallas Brian & Janie Koesy James & Cynthia Wallace Joyce Carpenter Vonda Rooks Sr. Josetta & Cesira Zucconi Catalani Rosemary Catalani Dennis Chapman Marie Chapman Judy Cingolani Billy Cingolani Sr. Patrick Cingolani Catholic Women s Union Carol Meyer Leo & Margaret Olberts Donald & Janet Proctor Buddy & Marilyn Riedmueller James Shea Mildred Farrell Cooper Bill & Mary Cooper William Cooper Rosie Cortesi Mary Faltus Mike Crimmons Maurice Bock Josephine DeSalvo Pauline Barker

7 Beta Sigma Phi, Conway AR Bridge Club, Conway AR Harry & Rhonda Dunavant Donna & Patricia Hart Alvin & Betty Jo Lock Maureen McCammond Mr. & Mrs. Bob Nutter Sharon Rogers Gary & Patricia Tipley Shirley Treadway Trisha Wood Catherine Dumboski Robert Dumboski Edward & Marie Eckart Linda Starling Sr. Simon Edelhuber Katherine Guy-Pendleton Marianne Ehemann Genevieve Lemley Sr. Mary Jane Fladung Marge Quinn Beuford & Ruby Fontenot Kenneth & Cynthia Fontenot Harp Clara Forst Harry John & Elizabeth Fox Celeste Fox Sr. Florentine Fredrick Lawrence & Lu Schriver Anna Furstenberg James & Joan Busby Doris Fritschie Henry & Marilyn Hicks James Hughes Kenneth & Delilah Hughes Michael & Susan Johnson Carolyn Ketter Peggy Konert E.H. & Carolyn Lensing Betty Tucker J.C. & Patsy Vaughan Joseph & Martha Vorster Susan Gabbard Michael & Renee Belote William & Margaret Murray Linda Spradlin Sr. Fidelis Marie Garafalo Luigi & Toni Bersani Sr. Sabina Gillespie & Gillespie Family Charles & Ramona Ehemann Sr. Gertrude Grabber Alice Kuehler Irene & Mary Gramlich Adolph Gramlich Sr. Winifred Griesemer Gertrude Noll Sr. Michaella Hanggi Herman & Elena Hanggi Jane Harrison Betty Etzkorn James & Laura Moore Ashli Hittson Mark & Delphine Hittson Sr. Norbert Hoelting Gary, Deneil, & Katy Cockrell Neil & Judy Harmon Denis & Judy Hoelting Lucille Johnson LaRessa Stell Mary Ruth Hollowell Richard & Joe Ann Hargraves Maude Cain Howe Jay & Mary Ann Hollowell Rosemary Hurley George & Carole Beattie Sue Plattner Jane Sanders Betty Sternberg (dec.) Bill Insull Kay Insull Sr. Jerome Jacob Barbara Wilson John Keeton Jon & Patricia Adams Hilda Kleck John & Jane Leding Bob & Rosetta Lensing Sr. Camilla Krallman Linda Donberger Sr. Rosetta Kuettel Shaun & Teresa Clark Sr. Cordelia Lange Jerry & Judy Lange Paul & Fay Laudadio Bill & Margaret Parks Gertrude Lawler Eugene & Janette Dahlem Mary Edelhuber Mr. & Mrs. William A. Leding Cecilia Sloat Judy Llenhardt Bob & Cathy Lorenz Sr. Martha Loran Ray & Rita Mooney Sr. Antonia Lutz Ann Lux Barbara Fitts Adrienne Gosnell Sandra Hall Gilbert & Doris Koch Catherine McVay Ed & Lona Seiter Sr. Vivian Luyet Cynthia Bates Harrell & Vivian Bates Rita Bellinghausen Frank, Theresa, & Scott Blair John & Peggy Brandebura John & Mary Burns Jennie Davis Robert & Helen Dumboski James & Helen Hays Bobby & Carolyn Hopkins Joyce Jones William & Mary Koenigseder John & Jane Leding Rosemary Lelemsis Carolyn Lensing Dennis & Bea Lock James & Jo Ann Lutz Bob & Dorothy Pate Geraldine Rambo Tony & Rosemary Reith Ed & Lona Seiter J.D. & Margaret Shamburger Robert & Theresa Tyler Cackie Upchurch Patricia Willems Dolores Zajac Sr. Concetta Mazzanti Jack & Regina Howarth Sharon Mellar Maurice Bock Ann Meyers Ray & Wilma Ahlert Leo & Barbara Anhalt Arkansas Bankers Assoc. Joan Baldwin Bankcorp South Colby & Courtney Beland Bercher Tire Service William & Theresa Boekholder Harold & Nancy Boerner John & Peggy Brandebura Jim & Kathleen Cargill Mike & Mary Cogbill Bryant Cranford Leo & Lucy Cretnik Columbus & Phyllis Dalmut Nick & Deanna Dolloff Mont & Ann Echols Carl & Sandra Friddle Gene & Charlotte Hatwig Immaculate Conception Choir, Fort Smith AR Mike & Susan Johns George & Kathleen Johnson Gilbert & Doris Koch Kenneth & Susan Livingston Scott & Cresta Livingston Betty McCaffrey Shaun McCaffrey Pat & Susan Nolte Rick & Donna Nolte Lee & Sherry Nutt Tony & Rosemary Reith Craig & Mary Jo Rivaldo Catherine Ross Patricia Salman Carolyn Schaufele Kenneth & Patricia Schlag Lawrence Schluterman & Schwartz, Ltd. Ed & Lona Seiter J.J. & Johnette Seiter Patrick & Mary Shields Sam (dec.) & Sharon Sicard George & Emily Strassle John Udouj Jerry & Kim Vest Stephen Vicary Welsco, Inc. Denis & Molly Wewers Joseph Wewers Martha Womack Rebecca Yarbrough Theresa Nahlen Phyllis Childers Margaret Newman Joseph & Martha Vorster Julia Oswald Jim Oswald Sr. Adelma Pabst Mary Ann Harrington Dolores Krewet Earl & Vickie Pabst John & Velma Pabst Raymond Stoecklein William Parks James & Diane Kirkpatrick Joy Parks 7

8 8 Annalisa Peden Mary Totaro Sr. Xavier Perona Mary Adams Frank & Charlotte Allen Andria Bersi Nora Bryant Jim & Sheila Canup Daniel & Margaret Christman Denise Dearien Lucil Haden Judith Kooyman John & Jane Leding James & Jo Ann Lutz Louis & Patricia Perona Jeff & Mary Totaro Sr. Celine Pintar Pat & Vicki Wardlaw Wilfred & Jo Plugge Robert & Dayna Hilton Patricia Price Patrick & Elaine Lynch Pauline Raley Lindy & Nguyen Hayden John Robbins Sr. Frederick Rufener Frank, Theresa, & Scott Blair Sr. Rosemary Rufener Frank, Theresa, & Scott Blair Dorothy Martinous Sr. Marietta Schroeder Todd & Joelle Lowder Jerome Seiter Mary Edelhuber Sr. Annene Siebenmorgen Charlotte Siebenmorgen Doris Siebenmorgen Joseph & Martha Vorster Sr. Hermana Siebenmorgen Frank, Theresa, & Scott Blair Gene & Pauline Boerner Brendis & Brendis, Inc., Omaha NE Richard & Mary Louise Clift Thomas & Laurie Gassman Gerald Hailey Virginia Hall Vernon & Freda Harness Cher Horwedel Ann Hunt Charles Kieft John & Jane Leding Rosemary Lelemsis James & Jo Ann Lutz Olan & Mary Mencer Robert & Katrinka Mondy Raymond & Joan Myers Glenn & Bridget Nelson Gaines & Diane Norton Gaines Norton III & Jennifer Weil Gary & Nancy Robinson Charles & Carol Shellnut Barbara & Donna Siebenmorgen Fred Siebenmorgen Joe & Margaret Siebenmorgen Joseph & Martha Vorster Frances Walter Pat & Vicki Wardlaw Charles & Mary Ann Weisenfels Harold & Anita Wewers Sisters Who Taught at Sacred Heart School, Verona MO Ed & Sally Welters Sisters Who Taught at Holy Rosary School, Stuttgart Tommy Reinhart Sisters Who Taught at St. Ignatius School, Scranton William Naegle Pauline Smith Richard & Joe Ann Hargraves Sr. Stephen Smreker Pat & Vicki Wardlaw Sr. Leonella Spanke Rose Anna Spanke Louis Swope Marilyn Swope Shirley Teague Jerry & Wincie Hendricks Michael Thennes Virginia Thennes Sr. Celestine Uptmoor Geraldine McFarland Elizabeth Waddell Ray & Wilma Ahlert Sr. Marian Walbe James & Sandra Ahlert Josephine Basgall Rosemary Weil Harold Wewers & Sr. Mary Ruth Wewers Ray & Wilma Ahlert Louise Wewers Dick & Jane Brummel Kathleen Cameron Columbus & Phyllis Dalmut Carolyn Ketter Rose Anna Kiene Mary Maestri Kenneth & Sharon Siebenmorgen Ed & Lona Seiter Paul & Benita Stevens Larry & Millie Wewers Marie Wilson Ray & Wilma Ahlert Sr. Maurus Witt Dave & Diana Tetreault Fred Woeltje Mildred Buddenberg Srs. Callista & Florence Yutterman David & Margaret Crawford Mildred Zaloudek Robert & Helen Dumboski Sr. Francisca Ziegel Dwight & Suzanne Cramer IN HONOR OF Mary Adeniyi Kanyin Bodeharrison Sr. Rose Ashour Tamara Oberbeck Ben & Linda Beland, Leon & Marcia Beland, and Louis, Jr. & Trisha Beland Keith Birkenfeld Gary, Deneil, & Katy Cockrell Neil & Judy Harmon Sr. Rose Maria Birkenfeld Geraldine Kampeter Jerry & Julie Warren Velma Warren Sr. Barbara Bock Judy Bock & Glenn Brinley Thelma Kraus Tamara Oberbeck Sr. Frances Anne Braddock Lawrence & Rose Thummel Sr. Gabriel Brandt Betty Etzkorn Karen Ewan Rose Giorgi Hilda Hoyt Frances McCaig William (dec.) & Margaret Parks Sandra Renfrow Mark & Lisa Simpson Betty Kay Spruell Fred & Jean Walter Lizbeth Winford Frances Walter Josephine Wood Eric Chapman Marie Chapman Sr. Madeline Clifton Frank, Theresa, & Scott Blair Sr. Maria DeAngeli Kaye Bernard Sr. Marie Rose DeSalvo Carl & Bea Miller Sr. Rachel Dietz Pat Fellner Sr. Christine Eckart Jeanne Coyne Tom & Rosemary Rolniak Mark & Lisa Simpson Frances Walter Lenea Wheeler Stephanie Ferrari Sr. Elise Forst Kaye Bernard Rosemary Plunkett-Stith Dick & Kathy Fuhrman Lizbeth Winford Sr. Anne Heim Kathleen Stinchcomb Mr. & Mrs. Dick Hendrix Richard & Joe Ann Hargraves Estella Hilton Robert & Dayna Hilton Sr. Miriam Hoffman Louise Beck Catherine Homer Jeanette Mobley Sr. Herbert Huber Therese Hoelzeman Sr. DeChantal Hyland Bill & Alice Stuff Sr. Rachel Dietz Suzanne McGraw Betty Etzkorn Lorraine Tate Jubilarians Mary Adams Bernice Bergup Dick & Jane Brummel Nora Bryant Carol Griesemer Lothar & Eldeen Karl

9 Sr. Corinne Lange Jerry & Judy Lange Betty Lewis Richard & Joe Ann Hargraves Sr. Andrea Loran Ray & Rita Mooney Sharon McGannon Patricia Plettner Sr. Valeria Moellers Sr. Therese Moreno Sal & Laura Vilardo Sr. Josita Nahlen Gene & Inez Ciechanowski Kevin & Madeline Rumker Sr. Alice O Brien Francis & Mary Birkenfeld Robin Eggert Maureen Gray Judith Hurt Cynthia Laursen Bettie Lesczynski Judy McGrath Jerry & Julie Warren Velma Warren Dan & Stephanie Poje Mrs. J.R. Popp Richard & Joe Ann Hargraves Sr. Elizabeth Rossi Gene & Inez Ciechanowski Sr. Rosalie Ruesewald Pamela Litton Sr. Cabrini Schmitz Srs. Barbara, Stephanie, & Regina Schroeder Todd & Joelle Lowder H.P., Jr. & Karen Schultz and Harold & Mary Ruth Schultz Sr. Hermana Siebenmorgen (dec.) Henry & Ramona Harder Therese Hoelzeman Ann Hunt Buddy & Theresa Vogler Frances Walter Pat & Vicki Wardlaw Harold & Anita Wewers Sisters of St. Scholastica Kaye Bernard Bob & Ann Mazzanti Sisters from Our Lady of Peace Monastery, Columbia MO Barbara Michael Sr. Jovita Stengel Edward & Marilyn Blake Kenneth & Stella Blaschke Patti Ford Elliot Claire Swann Lou Anne Walker Ray, Jr. & Louise Terry Jack & Clarine Terwey Julie Eckart Jane Price Sr. Dolorita Thompson Mr. & Mrs. Darrell Hoffman Gary & Julie Udouj Henry & Linda Udouj Dorothy Martinous David & Marge Volosky Sr. Pierre Voster David & Joan Busby Sr. Richard Walter Frances McCaig Margaret Parks Sr. Katharine Wewer Gerard & Mary Devaney We have tried to include all benefactors in If your name was overlooked or improperly printed, please accept our apologies and contact us to correct the error. Development Office St. Scholastica Monastery P.O. Box 3489, Fort Smith, Arkansas ANNUAL REPORT September 1, August 31, 2011 REVENUES EXPENSES Community Ministries 366,174-13% Auxiliary Income $106,181-4% Donations & Gifts $659,548-23% Sisters Personal and Medical $279,701-13% Institutional $357,157-17% Community Ministries $61,949-3% Unrealized Loss on Investments $13,741-1% Investment Fees $84,051-4% Sisters Contributed Benefits $578,541-20% Lay Employees $977,644-46% Investment Income $1,147,708-40% Housing $343,683-16% Total Revenues, Gains & Other Support $2,858,152 Total Expenses & Losses $2,117,926 Net Change in Assets $ 740,226 Using $600,000 from our continuing care fund, the monastery was able to balance the operating budget, thanks to the generosity of our benefactors. 9

10 In Loving Memory Sister Hermana Siebenmorgen, OSB, a retired teacher and principal, entered into eternal life on November 22, 2011 at the age of 94. She was born on September 6, 1917 in Morrison Bluff, AR to Anton and Anna Siebenmorgen. She entered St. Scholastica Convent in 1933 and made her monastic profession on June 24, She earned her B.S. in Education at Mount St. Scholastica College, Atchison, KS in 1961, and did graduate study in Library Science at Conway and Little Rock. She taught for 57 years at Holy Redeemer School, Clarksville; St. Boniface School, Fort Smith; St. Mary School, Lake Village and the last 34 years as teacher and principal of St. Edward School, Little Rock. She retired to the monastery in 1993 and assisted her community in many different ways. She was preceded in death by her parents; four sisters, Ida Hunt, Helen Wewers, Louise Mikijanis, and Antonia Standley; and four brothers, Leo, Lawrence, Steven, and Edward. She is survived by one sister, Martha Vorster, Fort Smith; one brother, Fred Siebenmorgen, Fort Smith; nieces and nephews, and the members of her religious community. The Funeral Mass was held on November 25 at 10:30 a.m. with Rev. David McKillin presiding followed by interment in the monastery cemetery. Sister Vivian Luyet, OSB, former principal of St. Boniface School and administrator of St. Joseph s Home, North Little Rock, entered into eternal life on December 1 at the age of 93. She was born on August 23, 1918 in Conway, AR to Lee and Eugenia Moix Luyet. She entered St. Scholastica Convent in 1934 and made her monastic profession on June 24, She earned her Bachelor s Degree in Education from Mount St. Scholastica College, Atchison, KS in 1958 and her Master s Degree in Education at Creighton University, Omaha, NE. in She taught at St. Winand School, McGehee; Immaculate Conception School, Moberly, MO; St. Meinrad School, Prairie View; St. Ignatius School, Scranton; and St. Benedict School, Subiaco. She served as principal of St. Boniface School, Fort Smith, from Upon her retirement from teaching she served as administrator of St. Joseph s Home from and continued helping with hospitality for groups until After retiring to the monastery, she continued to help staff the monastery gift shop until a few weeks before her death. She was preceded in death by her parents; four sisters, Catherine Dumboski, Christine Massery, Mary Freyaldenhoven, and Monica Hamling; and eight brothers, Maurice, Emil, Leo, Paul, George, Albert, Joseph, and Eugene. She is survived by nieces and nephews and the members of her religious community. Fr. Gregory Luyet, Sister Vivian s great-nephew, presided over her funeral on December 3 at St. Scholastica Monastery. Sister Mary Linus Oberkoetter, OSB, 89, of St. Scholastica Monastery entered into eternal life on January 1, Born Rosemary Frances Oberkoetter, she took the name Sister Mary Linus when she entered the novitiate, and made her monastic profession in During her career, she taught in St. Mary School, Lake Village; and St. Mary School, McGehee; served as a prefect in St. Scholastica Academy; did office work in St. Joseph Hospital, Boonville, MO; and served in various positions in the monastery, including chauffeuring and working in the greenhouses and print shop. She was preceded in death by her parents, Herman and Clara Oberkoetter, and a sister, Sister Hermana Oberkoetter, OSB of St. Joseph Monastery, Tulsa, OK. She is survived by one sister, Mary Oberkoetter, and one brother, Herman Oberkoetter, of Ozark; and her religious community. Her funeral Mass was celebrated on January 4 with Rev. David McKillin, OSB, presiding; followed by burial in the monastery cemetery. Memorials in memory of these sisters may be made to St. Scholastica Monastery Continuing Care Fund, P.O. Box 3489, Fort Smith, AR Oblate Marcetta Gordon passed away November 30, She was born October 9, 1922, and made her oblation while living in Little Rock, on October 21, In later life she moved, first to Anchorage, Alaska; then to Sand Point, Idaho, where she lived at the time of her death. Marcetta was an accomplished artist whose painting of the crucifixion is displayed in an Episcopal church in Sand Point. She is survived by one son, Bruce Newbold, of Anchorage, Alaska; one daughter, Donna Hamblin, of Sand Point, Idaho; six grandchildren; six great-grandchildren; and one great-great grandchild. 10 A Farewell Blessing to the Prejean Family by Sister Louise Sharum Soon several frequently heard sentences at Hesychia House of Prayer will no longer be possible; namely, Tell David, or Ask David, or David, can this be repaired? Reason? David Prejean plans to retire in early May and will be moving to Tennessee with his wife, Karen. He has worked at Hesychia as Maintenance Manager since June 1985, which is twenty-seven of the House of Prayer s thirty-one years of existence. During that time he built one of the hermitages himself, and has dealt with almost every conceivable problem involving every aspect of the buildings, land, machinery, cattle, and technology including the geothermal system and computers. The oft-repeated maxim No one is indispensable just may be disproved with David Prejean s retirement. He and Karen will be missed, not only because of the many abilities David brought to his service at Hesychia, but also because of the way they were an integral part of the prayer life of the house. The gift they have been to Hesychia will live on in the hearts of all who have known them.

11 Horizons Have It Your Way Survey Read Horizons online, continue having it delivered to your home, or choose both. Whichever you choose, we appreciate your prayers and your interest in our ministry. I would like to receive Horizons: by regular mail via both My address is:. s birthday is:. s birthday is:. Make corrections on your name and address on the other side of this survey, if needed. Do you have any friends who might enjoy receiving Horizons? If so, please list their names and addresses below: Please pray for my special intention:. You can return this survey by mail in the enclosed envelope, or fill in this form electronically at Women s Vocation Discernment Weekend Experience On January 13-14, twenty-seven high school and college women and representatives from different religious orders active in the Diocese of Little Rock met at St. John s Center for a diocesan-sponsored women s vocation retreat. The retreat was first envisioned by a group of women who wanted their daughters and other young women to have the opportunity to learn more about religious life. After icebreakers led by the participants, Sister Joan Pytlik, DC, Minister to Religious for the Diocese, spoke on The Art of Listening to God. Breaking into small groups, the young women practiced Lectio Divina, reflecting on and praying Psalm 139: LORD, you have probed me, you know me: you know when I sit and stand; you understand my thoughts from afar. My travels and my rest you mark; with all my ways you are familiar. Sisters Barbara Bock and Alice O Brien represented St. Scholastica Monastery at the retreat. Sister Alice talked about her vocation in a presentation, Hearing God s Call Within Life Calls. Sister Barbara shared St. Scholastica s community charism and mission. Other presentations focused on defining a religious vocation and the steps involved in becoming a member of a religious community. Each participating religious community hosted display tables and presented slide shows during break time from prayer, reflection, sharing, singing, and attending presentations. Msgr. Scott Friend, Diocesan Vocation Director, celebrated the Closing Mass. Fr. Eric Pohlmeier gave presentations on Lectio Divina and other topics. It was a fun loving, delightful group of women, who are very much alive and spiritual, Sisters Barbara and Alice said, both a gift and hope for the future of the Church in whatever life path they choose; religious, lay, married or single life. Sister Kimberly, vocation director said, This first women s experience for the Diocese of Little Rock, is a step in the right direction for any seeker and we are happy to have been a part of the experience. 11

12 News Briefs On January 17-18, Sister Joan Pytlik, DC, Minister for Religious in the diocese, visited and met with the community. On February 2-8, Sister Maria DeAngeli attended the Benedictine Prioresses Conference at Immaculata Convent, Norfolk, Nebraska. On February 20, Sister Kimberly Prohaska presented a Vocation Day and gave a tour to Subiaco students. On February 28-March 2 Sisters Kimberly Prohaska and Barbara Bock attended the Heartland Benedictine Vocation Conference at Assumption Abbey, Ava, MO. St. Scholastica Monastery 1301 South Albert Pike P.O. Box 3489 Fort Smith, AR Return service requested Non-Profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Fort Smith, AR Permit: No. 429 Come to our giant Retreat Center Garage Sale Saturday, March 17 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Save some green on St. Patrick s Day! The Social Awareness Committee, composed of Sisters Alice O Brien, Anne Michele Raley, Catherine Markey, Barbara Bock, oblate Kathy Jarvis, and Sister Rosalie Ruesewald, chair, has been busy. In mid-november members visited Watertown, South Dakota to see the Multicultural Center at Mother of God Monastery and the Keeler Women s Center in Kanas City, Kansas, a ministry of the Benedictine Sisters in Atchison. Committee members witnessed the deep commitment of these two communities to their mission of joining with women and immigrants in their quest for justice. Committee members and other sisters have been studying conversational Spanish with oblate Haymée Giuliani, and using it as they join in birthdays, weddings, baptisms, quinceñeras, and posadas with our immigrant neighbors. For the past ten years, the bell is tolled for two minutes in the evening whenever a prisoner is executed in the United States. On February 6, sisters and Justpeace members saw a presentation on capital punishment by Sister Helen Prejean, CSJ. The sisters welcomed Tom Navin, Director of Catholic Charities in Little Rock, to speak on Faithful Citizenship on March 6. Committee members also join with other groups as they visit the Juvenile Detention Center and the Crisis Center for Women. Finally, sisters continue their witness-- Diplomacy, Not War --at Creekmore Park on the first Sunday of each month. 12