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2 i orl rhucs000, ULf tiolwpofefrlocolcom 3 STRENGTH, STABLTY, SECURTY These qualities set Konnig&Strny apalt from ether brokerages Our notstonding local organizatiur is bucked by Hometeroices of Amerito, nc, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, and one of the largest follsnroicn renidential real estate brokerages in the nation We offer our clients eoceptionul service and more resources to achieoe their real notate goals and peace of mind KOENGSTREYCOM 109W KEOLwORCAVe00U 3303WC OLOMSO COM art Ohs 00 rl 00 ESv cou r 77 2 A e o L i O P L CO M 505eOWtSen 5s7euasrus noeelce000lc euearo'ssonrtewtvs rr3u ,4300 i40n0000eln EurBasurua O Or 8 N se loess AoEcee 210 Et elfo ende S200W005teOSF4O7,000 OtTt srio on Kl loon eelssrrrslrt&lltitlleotrna eonoruo330 OloesLveonasaeL Normandy's awardwinning team of despynors, architecte and project managats mohn the antira PtOCCSS olmnsn effnrnless First, we getto know your style and needs Then oe presonneoludons f or rons forming poor house nte the home you've aloays wanted in to be, Well take 4am nf every detail from contant no clean op All you haue 754rK EtseossAvs COM 000l000At , W ness Dicta C nr siso to e RareM scuso,,, roh 047,O C eul,saoeoo400m ORSON SCEneS nreros,000 onr0000r,en11enno t00 nodo le sitkank end releo NormandyBuilderscOm CaE for a Free Consultation or visit our Hinsdale showroom at 440 E Ogden Ave ADDTfONS KTCHENS f BATHROOMS RENOVATONS mason E vra oussnket o4a cee eonn101orrcstot Roe E 'ALL' CF 4400 NC, os n e 000Srr sou f SPe B Cors SOLON Wascirs Sres StAtt COM e nne o Sear 0400 anunori Kniest 7O uos4ntt ten soma ruta uuelnmeun050sl 5u7,4e2n000 NO L n;lruy' A7 KOENGSTREYOPENFOUSESCOM TEL' BldvEW'O:'ftOEN P510EV COla' l C btrbv 'J HoosseSOnnteim CHRÏE'S

3 et WWWPONEEYOCALCON,THURSOY7&uY 7200 NL L ', oca[news PONEERLOCALCsy neanosan, ULO 7, Monagiog Edite,, Matt Schmus yyechmira@pìooeerlecal00m VLLAGE HALL NEW OFFCERS Oeeb,od 0,0 50e by A ,0 f you want more room, don't settle for less than Airoom Since 1958, Airoom hnn beenthedesign/build contrectorotchoiceforlhe mostdiscriminotinghomeowoersthroughoutchìcagoland delivering projects on time, on budget, and backed by 10year installation and 15year Construction warranties, That's the Airoom guerantee Doesn't yoar home deserve the nome? Visit oar online porttolin at hauwoiroomcnm to see more samples at our work, Or beber, call for a complimentary, inhome consultation Special Financing: 18 months sameascash OR longerterm plans with rates starting at 275% APR 5 Our showrooms feature full room settings ofrowcasing premium producto from top manufacturero, including: tif BOLD 1100K OFKOHLER == AROOML 888, wwwair'oomcornlpp uncornwood Nacre 500rgn showroom 6825 N, Unr5n ave Napeyvere Cerne DosEn Shoumom 2704 AUrora Ave 5pev Nalrruyday by appt HOME ADDTONS KTCHENS NATS BASEMENTS CUSTOM HOMES 00rnoor:rssrc::remo,,v,,e,,w, 0es emoo!tho'0m500 mv o0 ' 511'% oomo wyuse,v oo,00smoorm,r,m r,am,w 'O»m,omv m evm sesorawoce0000 'u u Mayor vetoes $233K stréetscape project BY TRACY GRUES Moyer Robert Csliero'hes used bis otatutosy power to vetee 1h05 itom Teem the viiegeo prepnsed budget, et, meviog $268,164 for o beco baconien project spproved Mey 14 by The Theo Booed el Thasyaoe The item CaSero vetoed mvuives iaodorsping of the oree 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procreo was canceled lute 22 tod huer 23 after a sroeee storm knocked cut power to wevhrogroo School aod LireclY Middle sohtel, ihr rwo loeeticoe of iteepreuicsg the ecstheties uf Sthwaoicee Avevue, os weh es ehe tiiiegr perro otetivo, ara hopeetmet, bol feels "they cm rosit for o hdore peor whey the economic retulru seo mere fovombie" Though 'lunetos Jeseph LoVerde iodiroted cow lo ihr eight three icr the "rvtrthy" project, "t thio ito pmdeot te molt md hove o btiovrod budget" LeVerde mid it v000idn'u br vicho to beep the project io the budget, eupreisily Wer tho vilioge laid often empiopees Trastee Chris 0000sieh avid be beiievoo the projeot ohevid remero io iba hodget "f eempleteiy soppert it," ocid Eavooioh, wha iudieoiad that osooeouit of heootirj' log Mumusher ved Thuhy ovomoee, new booleauoes swill 0000e bde f nod tau rev Trueiaa Looeiio P000tOo seid she maids's eemomber former Moyvr Nïeheioo Broce vetoisg mythiog io hoe cime Preetco mid oho hoe breo s sopportor of the Miir000her Av000r benutitreotisu project She hes beco cppeie,ted os the ohoir,oemon of the Erautiseotivo 0000mitlee "We lebe cemmitteel heveo't mee yet, so onto roo s000t, i don't baco avy rom meetueo itt' Poestou seid the pyegrem "yrceuoe of this unusual div,uptinv, Oivt,lOt tais uffence et oppottunlia ter peyotes re request e retutd for 0mo deys et misted classes is ihiu 54'dayvosuiae," SuparivtendeNt Philip cerdee said Parmes tust submit e rrfund'renueor team te the summerschool office where their child was enrolled oc or before loly 22, the Nivel dey uf the entire summe, ptegtem, Request forms and oddielonel informeniorr ara aooilable an the Dr'sOrict hie mebeire, 0mw de4,erg The Colai eetutd Net the roo days combined will be $ta28 per close, ihe dieiricr uteted LOCAL REACTON The illico Pollee Departeesst resestty essoueeed the grade 0H00 et three sew sitlserstewess the Sohushee Law Esteece' most Academy et the coltege of Depager Edward Beaoeaie, 26t Daniel Deekeweki, 22t sed Sfmolhyteleway, 24, Tce tdo, wheoempleted 12 weelos et lawesfsresmeettsaisieg reqoleed by the ttleels hew Estwreeeeet Staedeeds sod Trsisisg Board 05 lare 24, oem mill etsdergo 14 weeks steeld trajelen r000,rrv' Blase on Blago crimes: 'There's a fine line' 50105Cv OvAre VLLAGE BOARD Trustees mandate 30day job posting Noes politirimo both roeroot md pmt weighed hr 00 isst cr0068'e c000ieivo mod yrodiog etnteoolog of loeoec Oli' ovia 50v Rod Blegojeo'ich ovin out ello enunraofgeoenem000000coptioe derrnrrgtheoerooe lceooerlfilesmayer Niebvise Blaue, mho hiveeelfmas roieesod from prhoo mire fwimhiog o yeormdedey 0000aroce thie year 00 fedeml chorro es slemosbsg from o hirhborh echeme rn mhirh he was paid foe nteryiog Nues buuloesstoofricvdh'aemmeocarompmy "Theee's e Roe see moo vohov o ceimo io ne,v000ittcdt' Riese said of the fope of eohnresolwbiehfliegojasiehroascsvsiclt505c5 GROEN All 601Ohne empicyrseno mcmriee moot n000 be posoed in oocfth,g 0v v'illege bslletiu benedo moden Oho 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Zogla a "The jrvdgo is on the ceni0000 side bot ooeh cosa io ABeeent," said tipoos, addio 1h00 it rem toe ditfeolt to peedioo how mooy posen Biagojrsirh might be seuteoeedto "to'oasod Olmo whro p000iri000 ndolote the poblir trust," Voilage Tb'usten Jaseph LoVcrdo said, 'Yeo'roolrnoeteorbtrcosuodoyOhroas "People 500mo ta puiot you moth the 000oobcsth?' LoVerde sold los pmdiceioa et Blago' jeviob's seotenciog io ie to 14 pomo, enrployees und he mood l'ue ho ces thoo bayern 0000loon Toa000e Chris H000sieh sugge050d choogioglo tos miolmom ots days, but oehert,'ustemfeilne,ioinranueiuø dopo nilewed rocce Oboe 0v find highly qoaafred cundiduoes The Board 01 Trrutace will 000 be oho 0e 000kwloe o toenrol Os000h loen otre employee when rr000ma,'y, oeualiy oh thy direoloylsuel 'fructose Bossorosy Palicki nod Pose loo soid ebny 0100 orunoed to oeo mece rvomenonddivereityorruifegepmels each un the iithieo Reved, ruhieh is competed of ellmolea 5100 peopleeoeecoppmoeunt 110e Joyo ne m000iog to serve ontleopoornlotiinblos PeOchi vohcd oguh,no the 000ion, soyloll nho di,lo't feet the bo'v,yi oeprm0000ed the diveevity in Tiles

4 O WWVPO5EERDUCULCOM THURSDAY, UY Nl till OUOS250 ULU illba,psbeoolscolcsb BDockhopper22 Butin10 Celerd19 Cri me news 14 CroSewor 820 Diverciors Bi Family Friendly82 Hint slips BA Finer ii Food28 O'ionnnan 18 Photo teature 7 Polite blotter16 Property transfers 26 TOP 5 STORES Village cleans up after storm The Futur Works Depotttreet treo bern working to siren U eter the lune 20 otorrn Property Transfers Keep rabs on properties bought aud sold ir your community Community Calendar Cuente end totluitiro in your sillage and elsewhere Police Blotter Weekly mime reporto ir your corn' wunity Emanuel steps out at jazz dance event Rahm Emorurl attended Uirrdaro lace Dante Chmnegoo LioeLiTr DANCE, ir Euavolon ir Merck ADVOCACY CONTACT US or Riles lfrraldspeotetor t PoLishing against poverty Nait salon hosts Letterwriting campaign for civic action group Tire Morbo Grove ohopter of RESUltES od000sny ungo' oi000ioo tu Aghi povenly bald o fattenrruniliog oorwpoigoaoteoh' rilouloun Note Theeo,oiOendeeseereivedfren neilaarrierioouchaogu foment 'mg laurees to Coogreso shoot poverty baues tire orgoolseoina will be pnomooiog tisis peor on Capitol 18111m rhildirood naonato io deoefopiog 000iOOs sod Hood Snort ptoenlroolooeoioes fo ottone foe srsbmiot'org turrar handwritten lettera, ovo ruoh Oc Us Sens Dirk Dorbio ond Mark Kirlr, olong with the appenpnlote US oeptace050sive, grorats renamed free oafrobe rhoogea The event nico factored o 16minute rtdeo nod peeseoto sloe axploloing hone WSSULTS works More 'urtormotion ebouo the orgoo'moedooisovuilebla byxialtlog rrnowreoottaor Peeptewbe wrote fetters to Caogents ea ssttaport litad Start taetyshitdttood edaetrferr je tiria eatcetry ted ehitdhetd aeaaifles sr Pt se asantrier received a free maeiaureaeteeheicetaur traits, rate trrd speie Mactao Beast doelega fetter weitieg coatet by BES rreu aerrestaniemaarsarisslferiatnsos eneao,oteftos, aoualaoararf000amrnaaotam earl,obrsaobtetmraeesat,smeor Pcoi,aoarrOrnxaan,enaaa T&err1teeO les ml s acroan i ABaSEr Epeda We, tweet etteslmetec' loar, emil, betr and spa it Merece Geaoe, paleto ehe teils el Recete lath, at Mer' tee Great, dttniage lttttrwdring carte bybesults, as aett'peeerty wiatsety grsaft, 0e tart 15 lernt rohiiuolinltrrl LEttEr Htmida Kepedit, of Chiaste, Writes letete te Ctegttst te tapped ttadstaet emelyablldheed tdccetlae la this teostep ted eblidheod castinas io peer saurctnfes at TeshaiCoteat teilt, betr ted tpo irr Mosten Groat et Jata B tifleflt TRNE EDTOR ecced, eoahenulceseiateerlootluet te tell, Cerrera rr rye suitor ailes Hrreldtpenretar, rocs W fast Not r uscire, lu k7 oar ree 15 un DO fiuto actrice nuaxt wratamcr,,lteasrereeacaaee i i NiLes Loves a parade! BA TeilEn GRUES The rotar es croond Greenan Heights Pork mere pa'mted red, rehice ned bloc with e tixely ucd mib000t paoodn foiboreed by e postpetada otlebootimo no the PotoOb nl Joip The poeode rotto mes liesedralch hoednedt et families eitt'mg on 'moo ohoiro, haxing pionies, vn000ieg fee' eine rfoth'wg and ohoering ca ihe morco by "ft was nvoodteyul," told Deeice Gitenpie, nho bnnnght hen children to tice parade "t rota nary irmioruo Puosde pnrtinipaete ocrer giniog highoven to the hide end Ofuno'e'iOg ibero randy Ploie peore pomade fesoared ob g000pa, ìnrludiog mmdc, olowora ucd connue hondo yoma crowd lavoritea mene the mldtunhitood Modells Ford Resmnner mers, Cmmoeitea, nod the Sanies ond the Pigiog Corpef s Lnoolbmtnieasses pontimipotod io the pnnodc, os mccli os the Hiles Pobtuo f,ibrooy, bylines Pere Ce000r und athen sillage graspo "f thick it nona moeh, emnoh better tirea last yago" soid Wilma Loom, nf Nilca, nl this yeses fndependenra Soy pemde Lomb, seid cha onjeyed Otre coriely mf Ohio potro eneet Oler rland, Oluiph Sawbardelle, nome to Nifee to res tiro pmvdc and said tfsol nncny ome rioes u nine lob "lit nne 0711mo hort thixc'novonsod lown," said Cnnlp ilnbm,ofnilat,molmo hes hero noming in the poeode und poetpnrudo oalahrstinv Oho pest OU 'utlomgmoith muco nihert, the Sobo family walled im u mont' love line to particifmuie ir, ilma free fonepoiafbag eunnf, bui ihm emilca an their facen mode il vison limas moli worth ehe mn village npmnsmvr tite psrode, nod tirs pocoparado avent io oponeared by hr Siles Pem'h D'nsmm'iol Hmmdmeds olpeople waited in l'mt to gel their fm'ae hon doge and demnhe n,nddilian On Pone p,mimtiog Ohano rnenefm'ee moopridos norman gomts on ohild050 and b0000clmtasec 'Fha Wiles Pire S eponimant rooted ollo gomap mf vimildoams with o Sso hod "Tiro ride houe r lot ut fac," eaid Lolu CtvumadO, nl Dilue, ohm h000ghllnrn trou hide im the eneot Pon the yrnitima thi00000 The Hilan Pooh Siennmnt pate the ameni on every ycoe, seo tres cptniti "thank pou" to ths Nuca oummuoitiv l Sydeny Caliera, 12, geaeddaaghtee cf Mayar Rab Catnes, tseds ecos Wmtelatt flaca wlttlemunmrrfalohi tswo to selon shildrtndarisgtlra Ritte Faaeth st labt Panade, lire1 l000rs000nlxen aromo V!LLAE OF fules Fun, food for all at Foùrth festival Time riltoge ml Nibs move ogain lonsted o P00db ml,paly velrbno h00 bogon with u pmrodc at t nm nod ended nch a lowilyh100sdlp motbool iv Otemonmo Heiglmia Pork The y000y, opoesmntd by the Puca Sictniot, loulmnod Teno coo doge, dm001,5, puny m'idee, gamos nod Dons painting Lorol bond Sgang provided macloot the event Sera Rnsrett, of tioeeleefsiea, aapptetcdmohfioga Bteyaleohtp si tillac during the Rifts FeorOh cf July Patada, lrvtnntvntssunmorv Bendy Jahcnst tries te get tilts teeldect Teresa yelik te joie aim dudtg hn Riles Faceth nf July Parade, litri nbnumsvto'mmoot

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Or1 ill ny nouci linnen HORRBLE BOSSES * * 1/2 Try D'Agostipo's Eagle River, W free Parking Meal Packages Group Discounts Gift Certiftcotes t s A li " S Cattinged5n material; Terry Lynrh wie tali tire story nf Enentibar and io he presents "'King Ruhr, and tirs Taies, nfthernnrd Teble" Monday at the Peuh, Ridge PobOs Library A very special 'Knight' of theater in Park Ridge Et POTL1CK Ferry Lynch mill racoivoarapaiwaicame vvhan ha rtarr ir "King Arthur and his Taira offer l0000d Table," 7750 pm Monday at Park iiidgr 7001v Library, 20 8Pcarpeci Av e Lyorh arid that hin vompray, liiatoairr lorillda, matin ihr rhow oprriiicaily irr the lihraua r nommer rerdiogpregrom,amid novamer Kcighi'a Orad 7 moka 40e audience the Koighir ai ihr i000cdtabirioclodivg ginia Lynch raid "i atoo hava damiela in disirera and mamar ihavitaih about iram ihr taira' Lyach leib the ile atary alkiog Aaibur through their taler, bctogivg kids aartaga iv pta7 iba characters, "We Fmiah critic tria OciiclimartirbattiacoithLaamiotcomiag barb iva into lo help and 0ko havie2 aovilcer bright ratura Omalibccr la ihr Lodyot the Loki' lynch raid "The hidr get avari blab att ruth mayar ta i'm 000mg the riory, 'm pretrvdtag to dir," Par detml0 cali n5iti arainir croce parkridgrhbraryor0 Slip 'em a Minitey The world's muri fomoor miare ir ihn nine atibe OirniyMioiMaaothav Madievni Mtckay Ediiiau, 78;00 pm Wedveaday ni Shohie Poblic Library, 5015 Oabiaa SL Pamrirna ari ladled ir watch vid and mw abart libya and envy atriolaroatese, ilrgtsiroriaa ir eequirad Fordelaita, ott arviaitcecrco ahabtntibracy,ieda Magir rteliaeey Familiar nra 'multad in brtagabtaatcetti oddiareot Shekie park eerh Wedaraday ali pmirrmagtoatmerrpgaiaoadrtrddreo'n rhows Ferai la the nerien ir Mrgto by Gardo Widvrsdayothecaaahtrrprrh, 4400 Green' waodsi Por dniola, mull ( arcisit ocucverholdepaehuoep Snnkns alise Aahirai lavera miii nnjoyvmemiagrepidae, imter, alligator's, rraroddrr rad hieda op ciorawban Wildlife Dirrocrrp Ceaier pera' eeiamretnetore We 'meyr, 2ScS pm, Sal' raday ai Mortar Germ Fublo Library, 1140 LbcialoAcr,Yoo' 40m about them htbclats nod 'miorerlag aelraeai tartary lavis Fardeisita, voli nr alad omravwehr'aeyang Zoo zooms in Panriliea celo alan gal up nane nod parracri ca'iiheeinrolawhea Snaler end Talea Zoo malora annoy at the Olee Public Library, 6060 W Oaloton SL, 78 pm Tueudap Sito Wegcrr hrn brrotravrrag muto her animata ova er' tgbiaaing radieren abaai them for 20 yi5r A8nriaorae python narried Juli50 Si1n5rie always nal firairvattoas are required For drtedr, mii am vieil oiorrav'drrlihera'y,ar Tos might net enprete gay who's bert brawn Tor directing dorumenonaira ro hare murk oiagil't rr direrhag vvmedp drard in the rare uf Orih Gardar, ra fari you'd be right, Gardiebnadiremirdoar brllaoo deramentney, 2007e "The K'mg eldlneg7 eboui ihn rivalry bntmmnen two worldriere playera mlahe "lioahryffaeg" aldea gama 'in additino tu nri year's "Pmeohoarimrr n between, hemsorearryria'mgdetaoy loen mnmrdy Kiel la 2008, with ihm hnoday rcightmm'e "Four CiO'ialmaunr" end now, wth rhe rede, crude, haminidel "idrrelblaifierea!' 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13 HR WAWPONUERL0CALC0M THURSDAY JULY 7,2011 SC SKOKE ART GULD'S 50 ANNUAL ART FAR 5211 W OAKTON SKOKE Next to the Library CRCLE THE DATES! (,unday, July iii ORGNAL ART Live Music Featuring Steve Justman, Singer/Guitarist BRNG YOUR FRENDS AND CHECK T OUT' O,M 105PM Free,nnrm:oo,nr Free ParlinO Avarlabla a THE FUHNEST COMEDY OF THE YEAS!' "A MUST SEE NOL!A COMEDY! LAUGH OUT LOUD FUNNY 'iy 5r ehu s ift HORRBLE BOSSES lirllefcfli'r,iili'ryltva5uuu tbcic2t L L fl7ib2owbbos 311 i U ROl STARTSFBOAY,JLYRCHECKROECTODESFDBUBTES u FLM CLPS OPENNG FRDAY A RETTER LFE RetOrt: FA53 for sorer vialenor, lerguago and briol drug usr Length: 98 miroton Start: Drenen Biohir, Jase tillagaliwmignert lather (Bishìr) tries 100x00 hit teenage son (foliar) tetre gang lilt ir East Loa Argeles by Marling iris own garderieg butioren Chris Woitu ("About a Boy,' "Arnnrinerr Fia") Rooted the Ataree HORRBLE OOSSES Rated: R rr orride and sexual languoge, peruasiva language, and tome drug t,etgthr 500 mbytes Stars', letto tatarear, Charlie Day, (ator Sodeikis n Uhren fnierdn conspire to muedar the bettet oho ene making their hues mirar' able, Seth Gordon ("Four Chritamates") dinerted the comedy, PROJECT SM Rated: PAOR on errer otrong language, drug aontert, the' mario elemento and disturb' ing images Leegttr nominate: Starer lob Argalini, teno Cobre, Anegar Leoneed n Ohe stany 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14 68 WWWPOAERRUOCAL CUff THURSDAY, lull 7,2011 DC r Murder in the Summer Mansionn, Clue Hunt, Murder Mystery and Dinner Reservations Limited Call Mon Fri loam 4pm (773) wwssmystery1tdcom el A RUSSELL MLTARY MUSEUM Will Rl HSTORY COMES ALVE SUMMER FLNG [wll(d TANKAND 'HELCOPTER RDES, car CRUSHÑG, FOOD ANO' RAFFLES Old Hwy 41, Russe!l, L wwwrusselmiitarymuseumcom Over 10 acres of military items covering all wars WW VETNAM KOREA RAQ GFT SHOP Open every day loamlpm Admission: $1000 Adults, $500 Kids VOLUNTEERS DESPERATELY NEEDED! w NEW ON VDEO NEW THS WEEK WTH A SHOTGUN * * 2/2 Dated: No MPAA rating Length: 86 minutes sa osoco bosom Stars: Ruler Hauer lt's been a lung, long Orle since the early '80s and Dutch star Rutgen HOunr'r heydayio"blade Sucrer" and "The Hitcher," bue Rettili 1mp:ettett'r thir grim parody ala Dotera low'budgrl roploitaeionmosie While eoeryorn around him uemps and everplays, Hauer goes fon lor'real, and actually pnouidet o tauoh si grauleas rua Him J that woo neuen meant to ba anything but a joke LiLa sst Anars "Maohela,""Hobo With a Shotgun" began as ore otthr fake 8000m mailers in Robert Rodriguro and Quenein Taranlino'u "Gnirdhouse" end probably ohould haue eteyed that may, Dhrre's rot a lot cing on in 'Aobo, aside from a masa of eolragoouoly gory bleed' lereirgo au the Hobo deliva:s double'barneled justius roche gangsters and orookod oops ir dowo'ord'oul Hope City, who oat won't let him lion his deter of opening up e little lewr'mowint businoos, Debut diraotnn/nu'wniter jason Liserer gets points for a000rately neplioalirg rho erploitatioral nona of shorty' less '705 oleaaa, Urforeu' natoly, though, he didn't tabs the trouble to inoest his our':pl with enough l'uit ta lift il out of that mire, Letras inolude commentary by Heuer, NSDOUS *** Rated: P003 Hor theerstic rnaeerial, oialeaoa, terrer end lnighteoirgr'mages, and briol strong language Leegth: 102 minutas Stars: Palnioh Wilson, Roso Byrne, Ty Simpkirs Dho producees of "Pera' normal HoHoify" and the Hauer's 'Hobo' only'soso Rutgee Naaet sas tito title esisie "Rehe Wftha Shatgae,"e hm heeest on atase traitent Reheet Rsdeigate and QoeeAe Taraoeee's "Geledheess," writnr end dìraotor st"saal" haue jumad forcas to croste a surprisingly restrained and gure'free updota ois olsssi'c heunted'houar thriller, "fr' sidious" features Wilsor sed Byrne asar affluent soupir in o new harle, attempting to nopo with o supe:nslurol irtrsfatiar hot hat targeted their young son (Sinrpkinsj but hn rua star otihe film i sift unnstumally creaking, sorap:ng, humping, vttnrly orespy saund dreign, The bottn between the tsnrily and the soil fabas 'n thai: home j"lnsidioos" has more there patting reoernhlonoe lo the unr2 shooksr "Pol' es:ge:'sl'j gradually builds n eramewhai ooer'the' top, ksook'down'drag'out linda Rut it's the poaser of suggestion, rho rkilled use of frightful elements that see heard, but noi tart jo: borely glirnpsydj, hut mole it shilling, RECENT RELEASES THE HCOLH LAWYER * * l/d Mstsd: R fer some uiolenoe, trouai oontrnt and language Ltegth: 019 minutes Stats' Matthew MeCos' aughsy, Ryan Phillippr, Qu' ram H MasH, Marisa Domai Motorsughey rides r style ase tool, worldjy'usise ambularnn'ahatirg LA de' lease ettrrnty who operates out of the baok oasi of his Linooln Cortinaneal until he gets mred spin Oho oase sis weelthy Beoanly Aille lad jphillippej onousod al reps and sttempted mordyr, And bngino to think his oliere mighi actually baimn005r': "The Linselr Lewyet" is fait' tn'eriddlit' pulp, featuring 011arocters who ere viuid if tot particularly anigital our h als's streetwise eheulfeur, his best'buddii iroestigatar Mssyj, hie adoring aa'wifo with benefits (Drool! bot there ere lunny lires horr and thnre "srn 1 was high a lot 1h01 year," one slease says os ehe witanso sfondi, the pial ir tricky enough a keep you guessing, end the pose ALSO NEW AgAThA CHRSTE'S POROTr THE MOR COLLECTON Dhree new featorelerglh avtinga feeluning Chnislie'a Belgian sleuth buid Suohetj and hie immaeulately mooed movstsohe: "Th:re Hot Tragedy," "Tha Clooks" end "Hellowear Party" DNOCROC VS SUPERGATOR Prodused byrogercer mar, hio 2010 update on lresh'clessio dniue'lr movie fhemns fesfures David Car' radine ast med scientist mutatieg monsters that ohow down or launists ir e tropical islerd parodise, Wham eons sauld you wertf Potree include commentary by Colmar, DOCTOR WHOr THE UUNFGHTR A vintege episode horn 1H06 featuring William' Harnell es the sola:, need up ir the shootout at the BK Coeral, Digitally remaetarrd MRA 1 An orphared Paleslinise girl jfrnida Pinta! s drawn into the oenfliot during an Arab'treaeli wer bilan Sohrebel j"the bluing Orli end the Rultnmfly"j direolnd the dtams, lealuning Vanessa Redgraoe and Willnm Dafce LREC 2 Sequel te the surpriso Spanish hotter hit about a TV reporler ond carnerereen counting the scary goicfo'or inside sr epartwant build' ing being ravaged by a de' molle vinse Entrer iralcda entended and deleted brees 1CM GREATEST CLASSC LENENDS ELZARETH PARLOR Feurfilms from the glaner queer: "Catena flat Die Roof," "Father of mho grida," "yutterfield O" and "The Sandpiper" TCM HREATEST CLASSC LEGENDSm LUCLLE DALL Feur from the legendary comedienne' "The Long, Long Trailer," "Fereont gerling," "Roow Service" and "Duyalry Was a Lady" UNCLE BOONMEE WHO CAR RECALL HS PAST LRES An old macit Thailand spends his sst days relied' irg or his life end belog visited by the ghost of his anile and tire spirit of his long' WOMEN N PRSON TRPLE FEATURE t Three lsdios'in'ooges mou' les feom the 'ygs: "Chained 11001" (starring Lindo Bleib!, "end Rest" (slanting Linda Blefn,and Sylsia Kristall, end "jungle Warriorn" jstarrieg Sybil Densieg and Nina Ven Pelleedt), Evanston actor, producer work magic of 'Pinocchio' SS horno PETLCC5 Thene woes woeliog of hn walods whes Chiroga Qhokospenee Th050ne's Ose olino Peanwoae Rieb Boywtoo ofevoostao appr000hod the namiqog Oesw opmgeil Dseseom lovvoie/lyeieol aod Bebo BiO baohi 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15 8 WWWFONEERLOÇAL,C0O THURSDAY, JULY 7,2011 DC go Jameson's :TCW)»)( (JChaE11OuSe Steaks, Chops, Fresh Fish, Burgers LUNCH MooWi Ri NG Dlsmer7duys0500ek (847) What to do This week and beyond YOU WANT N? HERE'S HOW Submit go events orte week prior toute dots of publitotior cc Entries must be typed We're sorry, but we nan't take it over the telephone We prefer emeli suhmuci005, please ego, listings arr ntel nclude brief descriptive st the event, time, date, addrene, price and ph ore rumben soy meli: go ojo Pioneer press, 3701 W Lake Ave, Slervinw L golwpioneenlocalnom p731: (842) e SUMMER CONCERTS Des Flojees Summer Eting, 511 pm Jely 22 and noon 11pm July 2324, downtown Des Plairee along Ellirwood Street Ricin wwwdesplaires org on call (847) (sly 22, 9pm: Led Zeppelin 2 (tribute herd) (dy 23, 9:30 pm: 10,000 fferions dy 24,7:45 pm: 7th Heaven Des Flojees Park Dinteles Community Concert Bond performs at 7pm July 21 and 3pm Aug,? atthe Lake Park Wednesdays Cell (847) on visit moolintelewoodil,org, feip2o: RucAre' Fendnrskinlo )'50a'705 rock) Asg3: Msddrum Somando (tropivol/latir) Avg 17: Wind Sypsys (rvinotic mio) Tores 0e Tuesday ato pm et Correr Pork Pavillitn, 6250 Dompsten St, Morton Sroua Visit wwwmorttngroveparksctm/spevial concerto, sly 12: Ando (nne Neil Diamond lo HlonkEyed Proc) july 19: Neo nvadere ('60e British rook) 6002: Pamela Reno end Windy City CoUntry (nountry) Ouest Pesspeee Park Distrist Summer Cnroonts si 7:30 pm Thursdays at the Mount PiosprotAetetano Mcmonial Dard Shell, 410 S Maple St Visit woomppd org 10187: Ho Said Sire Said ('Osoroo) July sour hn Memorial Pavilion, Lee Stroet helaron Howard and Tochy, Liso at the Yaks summon Legends (sud music) July 21: entertainment sedeo, 7pm Smnkin' Guns (country) July at Lake Park Memoniol Feuil 28: 7th Hreunn (rock) inn, Lee Street between yew The Osent Prosyrst Cern' and und Touhy, Des Pabas muniey Raed gives o torlos Shows will be cancelled in tire cf trae tonnants On 7:30 pm event nl nain Coil (847) 300 Mondays at hn Acterons 5705 br weather updates Memorial Dard Shell, 4hS July20: Pamela Rose and Maple St Ju)y 11: Stars n Windy City Country The lend ely 18: Siegle' & Pesosal Park Shelter, Smirgin' with Crab Nouak torteen and Morco, Linnnlr 10ly25: "Do t'loursnlf" wood, 78:30 pm on sciact Souca ru:chicagos'extraordìnal showcaes'an,éxtiav9' knn ter80098 Faon family eeeeerts frnm the Biles Pork Distnivn, 6:309:30 pot Fridays 01 00k perk, Lee and Ottawa streets Aisit wwwnilac'pank org July15: Parry Csnniuol Night laaluring ba music clise Associates (Motean) variety) July??: Vehicle Aduenlure featuring the music nf Seda (oilages nook) Jaly 29r lege Home Femily Fur featuring ha Oho Sobegrays playing ovuniry musicmfhn ' Bug S: Party n The Park faafuning the music of hn White Saddle land (country) Bug 12: ba luke Boo gond # presenta an oilages, 'pos'bdc chow with audience participation Nerridga Peak Disteiet hosts concerts 017 pm Thursdays at 4631 N OverkilL Call (708) 4S7'1244 #0011,6 pm: Hawaiian Night unith rho Banefvat teleta ir the City Feettoel fectunas live muoio at Non ridge Cumneunity Park, 4631 N Ouenhill Col (708) 457' 0244 nr visit wwwislondinthrcifycvm 10187,7:30 pm: 7th Craver (rock) Joly 8,8 pm: Piral Soy (uaniaty)joly 9: A pm Srs Hot Minute (Red Hat Chili Peppers CA: lnibute) 6pm Chasing fe Boy ('700,'8ss, now): 8 po Hi muddily ('POs, '800 rook), july 10:4 pm (asus Ramos )(oaa, Sinatro) 5:30 penn Seid Sha Said (variety)1 7:30 pm Piano Man (Billy (osi) Elton (eke) The Peak Ridge RincArO Symphony parforms alo pm Fridays at Hodges Perk or South Prospect Avenue, un dan tha direction cl lodare Sohubed Col (847) or vier't aunwparkridgn irte Jaaly8r Siolies Splash JolylO: 8000hoven, Rrshms & Bernstein, Jasly 22: With R Sypsy Flair Jalo 2M: Brood way Spedal Bug Sr Big land Hita with the Brian Fatti Big Band Taste et Perk Ridge, Summit end Faaspent acensas w00000soeefpanknidgevtm Jslylc 6:36 pm Poren Opiloko1 8:30 pm AReA )clocsin rock) July 8: 6:30 pm Oho Associatas )Monowojuaninty): 8:30 pm Rout Villein fny yaro )pcp)hiphap( July 9: 6:30 pm H00000nh0000ight )Eeglns tdbute)1 8:30 po American English Free ous000t tsrles heded by Westlield Old Onoirord, Skukie loulouand and Old SEO Ba, P u u rn 'Wearable sculpture' shines with silver and gold Morton Grove artist fashions fine jewelry inspired by nature 00 ELZABETH OWENO5CHELa J05t 0ko Olcckwoek, Jey Lavcicukuoadh#aldoos n mass 000lpnoe as 000utu unaookiod,0001acopoaoay (aroeleydooigas ThoMorton Gonna cchiea mrilhho sevong000005lsbsceo 'mg(evmlrpa'ccoogs,s7aaiaa ooulptrceva und photognophy cctlrachineguo'dbvcvargorth Dtloisgovuimecua ufaslhnaosl, July 0, 9, 10 io nloronctoon O3civogn Ola lens coecdad cha shorn ons'ccg da ucciqrca metal 01001cc 06cc he huodrm0vd cmm discarded con piuhucva sod ofkarmoyolvdrneholrooelcaha eausco'eauhioyeonntlscjercclo con mhfn lonas ho bong alsocl "tbvb000mulciogseolp ancre bue 'm e twullar 7000c," cclddicldlano'ork"lhanvsl hic(aneale,r ldoo'c anon Dca dior000d000yncvorakt000se hlcaydoco'oovmpomconnkultra 'w maldog now! 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500uet oeomar Aand, mill be at 7:38 pm JaJy7at Zhiuogo 005tuvranl, 9920 Gnous Pobo goad, Sbebio, $12 voua ehergr plus $7 food)drbnk lab Call (847) 982liuDO Othisalhiamanistluointy S0000d Saturdoy Coffre' housa, Li000n Aoe (at Romaod(, Skokie, lagt) mwoeolhiculhu' munoeg)coffeeheuse Jolly O, 8pm: Municiurs)000all000 Rachel Baimar And Kyluel Woldon plebe Amoni0000, ddo tucos and oldlimo ballads $0 iroludes nafleuk' Glbsena Bar&Stdakhrsrn, SOON RoAd, Roue' mort (047) 928rtOO mme, giboonsrtrekhousa00m Wednesdays end Thaasdaye, B pm'midnight: Larry Copp Frideys and Batoeedoya, Apel' midotaht; Lenny Capp OnO "tiddnnlroasaoeal Se000l Might Nov00 Have Heald 11,11 Wmeent For call in honor of Chicugo entri' tnieer Buddy Charles, will ha held 013 pm July 87 at S saac logues parish, 8101 Golf Boad, Nibs Parfond' err include cabaret arliols Audrey Murrio, lori Alloy, AaO Buroell, Monk Autnell, soeur u u u VOCE OF HEAVEN Keith SeMplo is tire lead liege, Bon 7th Heaeme, thu aousieal talent peefoeming ut lion sland is he City Fsotiuul et 7130 Frs Thursday, July 7, mttbe tiernidga Community Park, Oece hill Cell TaS) u, eisit wlslo,inlandinthnoiryeam, 7th Hneuee also peefuelno at the Sunday Ssedesne Concert at7 p,mjuly 17,15 nesueshiro Park, 4400 Bneenwomd, Bkuhie, Cull 'lswoueuíoirwmwnmkuhieparhdinteiotory Holietes, Ernie Lane, mob M000ar)oanro Sohalhen' buch, Bob 50100e sod Orkan Thera mill allo be a special guust pentormanoe by Pat Uriee, Mrs Buddy Chollas lichots ola $20 and 010 auaiiabia at Oho ohuloh en by callbog 1047) tntnetontinaatal Chicago 0'Haae Hotal, 5300 N Ai000 Road, f ) Elide1 Nighou LiUo, featuring muoio mom 0:30 pm'midnightin hr Room liekat priceu fon shows uany Fsr information, 00m 11108: Hoymanket RicO llly 9e Up Close nov Monlr000 With The English Beat $30 VP; $20 g000nal admiosioo jblps000doo Kingslly 22: Collabo lalp2n: Oobort Hy000 mood, Aug,S: Animal Audio and logros Bend dg 12:1000 Band and Women in he Bluos Bug 20o Up Cao, Kv Morbose wth Wayou end Marty loom the Freddy ones Bard $23 VP; $20 gereral admission Aug, 26; Cnioio Meynestagn, 1320 W Mone BuB in Rogers P00k, Chioago 1773) 3A145S4 wwwmayresoaaecom July 9,0 p01: Sono of Oho Neuer Wa008 (folk) $1510 adu0000; $2001 the doon Joyl3, 7:30 and 9:30pm: 0006 Manie sirgo mau, soul blues and goopel $22 generel admio' sian; $29 reserved lly t, 9 pm: Latin Goommy lomi Maestra 125(30 la(ylh 9pm: Gypsy bald Rfsgi $15$23 lly 17, 7pm: Come Surduy septet presents 000 ood gospnl muoio $12 geronal admirsion; $2 2 lesoloedlojy 20,0 pm: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy $27 garera admis' aloe; $50 100elved lollyau, 9pm: Nigerian bard Elnan Fibroma fly g000nal admis 0100; $25 noserued, Bmg,3, 9:30 pm: (le Ca0000'o Cast Party $25 geneool admis 010e; $38 Oeeonued Aug10, B pm: WAAT pre000ls loho Mayo11 & tile Bb000b000hnlo $35 Aenerul admissior; $75 noservod 00a010g Aug, 19, 10pm: Lohr lurk e000mble BOownaUt $55 $29 Aug20, 9pm: Conky Siegel's Cham ber Blues $ admis 0105; $35 rosrnuod Aug 26, A pm: Folk neck riegan/mora' moirer Michael Mcleam000 milh Heather 1ynoe Horon $20 general admiscioo; $25 neserved Sapt, 8,7:30 p01: The Bernio Mcc Fouodulion poas0010 (eau ard Soul Sao' olor With JonaOhac 8011,1 JUS )inobudes Aol? er's new CD)Sept 22,0 por: SUilar 101 Billy MoLauglilin, $20125 Sept, 30 end Od, 1,8 pm end 10:30 pm: Comedylolk duo 000furkol and TaOns, $55 gonerel odmisrion; $20 l00lemewnth,atr,, fiveo Road, 0000moet, Tiokets one aveilablo nl mmm, bokntma000000m en ; hr hiokal prices listed below do cot ioelude snouke fees Fon molo intor' 00h01 about Oho theatao, ) or visit mmm nooemorttheallooum jale 28,7:30 pm: Dolly Pnllor $60, $05, $150 Ag 2: "The Voioo" Lion An Tour, Ag 13, 7pm: Smlena Bomor & The Seeromith Allstao Wenkord, $2750, $023 Aog, 23,0 pm: 01001e 510ko $39, $05, $95, $125 nec 51,3 p10: CelOic Thondor Chniolmas $3450, $0950 $70 Shahinlheuta,, 7924 Linou(n AYe,, Skokie, Call (f B8 er uinil voww,okohi' etheatrs00m Tiokets oem $20 io adv000e, $25 na ho doon, unless noted olhenwine, luly 88 pm: She Adom 000m , PAGE 140 lt's all about The $AVE WTH MOM MES peparol A MUSCAL BL" GouutiAof OnBiomicoVu r n o 5 n,, CH CAGONSTA From the Writer & Producer of Menopause The Musical apid every'thiiaq after" ThiS iswhatl feel like everyday asa MOM and GRANPMA 500O ', Ckinago, L 4 The mustsee celebration for MOMS (and dads) of all ages if you ARE a mom, a FREND of a mom, or HAVE a mom! From online to laundry line, THE MOMMES A MUSCAL BLOG " is YOUR musical journey, filled with the magical moments and the mayhem of mothering from cradle to college and beyond This 90minute party of laughter (and a few tears) salutes YOU because MOMMES ROCKJ ROYAL GEORGE w ST0wd wwwthemommiescom GROUPS (312) SNGLE TCKETS (312) rma0001,,, i

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BSobility: Colleborutivo Prs)eors with Temporary Seroioes" The Chicagobooed oollabora Hoa artillo' groop Temporory Senviceo has gefned enlional and ntenneharal altention for its asponimeotel meihods fon making ord diopleying art Thaough escisl ustiono, do'itpauroell prolests poblilotions end poblio inleroer ARos, artists Brat 0000m, Meno Fisohen and Soleo Cotlo)ulie aim s raise awsro neoo about sscr'al, oc000mio, aroiroomontal und poiitioal issues, This intorecyve irstalbliss osmbises olden ond mora laced works loo, 56, 11am: Di050ssis, with gloso ertiot lash Simpson A OX:3T am, coffee neseplion will praoeda hm diseussr'on Dittseae Measseieluallsey at Northwestern U,iooroily': Norris Center 1999 Campos Drive, Eoarstoo wwa,srrio oarthwestennedo/diltmsr php (847f 49523GB Summer gallery h0000 through hog 11, are 9 amb pm Monday through Thursday; from 50 ama pm Friday throogh Sorday, Admission io free, Tlaesogh 60g 15, "Foord end StitchedFiber Brtwsrk by Pal Knoth" Wisooror'nbosad artist Pot Knoth's "art qoillo" one stitched nagothor by hood and sawing mechiaa Many incorporate liny Ober ragmeeto, sheer overlays, sobarful thneado and frond ob)eots soch es shimmery candy wrappers, toys, bottons, feathers aod Sonore 850f Shobis Brd, Skokie, Tlrtaogh Bagust: Simply Chilags Rrt asil sponsor "yltonrote Raality," works by local Adorn Thomas, For information, OiSif wwwsimplychioo' godnt00m Matloea's, 7034 W HigginO hoe, Chicauo (TT) PTA 4004 waoao,rnathanomorerba' raoafo50m TheeaghAag 2: Works by loe Fitohornis Artist's reception will Aa bald from 57 pm (oly 0 8okt00 Coommosity Col' lege, Koehslire 000eom of Ar, DATO E GoOf Rood, 000 Plaines ( woaklon,edA/mul009 Gallery hosns: DB ama PO Mooday'Fnidap 11 ama pm Satard000 loen throvok August, kouro arelo sm'? 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((* AllWheelDrive, ABS, Side Curtain,1 r j1r,trrl1jiil Airbags, MP3, it!\:i1' VLUi Full Power NO SECURTY DEPOST! 36 month lease $3,351 due at signing BFP21, #7281 '06 Saab 93 Convertble Leather Alloys, Mnt Cand, Blue, 7291A $15,995 '07 Honda Accord EXLV6 SdnAuto,, Leather, Meooroof, Black, 63140, '03 Toyota Sienna XE Leather, Sooroo Remote Start, Blue, P3857 '03 Honda Odyssey DAuto, leather, 3rd Row Seats, Red, 7372A '02 Nssan Pathfinder SE 4x4 AotQmutic, Ar, Power Windows, P3879 '02 Ford F150 XLT 4x4 Crewcab Auto, botn Cover, Red, SUBARU FORE TERS '10 Forester Ltd Moonroof, Leather, Auto, Blue or Slver, P3926/3929 '10 Forester Pram 7nStock, Moonreof, Pwr Seat, #7410A, $23,995 to '09 Forester Ltd Leather, Sunroof,Auto, Fog lghts, Red, 7265A '08 Forester Prem All Weather, Sueront, Pwc Seat 6CD, 29K, Red, 7379A $18,995 SUBARU TRBECAS '06 Subaru Thbeca Ltd leather, Muesmol, Heated Seats, Silver, 7158B Ft nd us on Facebook Add txç tillo license and doc tee, rebates appi ed Lease on approved credit score Lease, i 0k miles perbear, i 5 cents alter Lessee responsible for excess wear an eav tenninabon et ease Option to purchase; lmp$1o 749, For $13,055 Legacy$12224, Oetback$12,677 "Finance on a0proved credo score subject to vehicle insurance and availability O Gas n0eaye is EPA estimates fased on New Subaru retail sales from SOA, n libvois, tor all ot 2008, 2009 & 2010 and 2011 yeartodate Ail otters end iv 3 days, unless noted ;,,,, r NEW2O11 SUBARU OUTBACK 25i o29mpg HWY :ií t) * AllWheelDrive, r r L ABS, Side Curtain Airbags, MP3, òu Full Power NO SECURTY DEPOST 36 month lease $3,881 due at signing RDA #6283 SUBARU LEGACY OUTBACKS Outhack Prem Automatc,AilWeather, Power Seat, Black, P3875 $23,295 iii: '08 Outhack Ltd M000roof, Leather, All Weather, Auto, 38K, P3926 9,995 $19,995 8,495 Legacy Pram AllWeather,Auto, PowerSeat, Blue, P3868 $19,495 $7,995 '0 Subani Outback Automatc, Ar, Full Power, 34K, Slver, 7385A $18,995 '08 Outback 3OR U Bean Moonroof, Leather, Loaded, Black, 7073A $17,795 S23,995 '09 Subaru Legacy SE Automatic, Sunroof, Power Seat, Green, P3882 $16,995 $21,995 '07 Suhanz Outback 5Sueed, Ar, Full Power, 44K Slver 7387A $15,995 $21,9 SUBARU MPREZA '08 Subani mpreza Will 5Door Grey,7184A $19995 '10 mpreza Pram 5Dr 6toPick, Sunroof, 6 CD,Auto, P3884,518,995 $17,995 $18,995 ' Subiru mpreza 25TSWagon AutomaUc,Alr, 33K,Sllver, P3923 $12995 Ç EDENS 'w,,,_ thif Rit )Viiil)r o OA TON o: o o o

23 il rnnulnced' CSMPUMEHARY2YS4R 2/ OlS MLES AREMUS' MMTFP050EPET10 ir a FREE OL U/AdVUES!' TRE ROTA 1/ONO! LLNOS MOL TPONTNSPEUTONS! H / e ENTRE i0iu'i lsó0o W VOTED ONE DETAll THURSDAY, JULY 7,2011 NORTHEAST EDTON NO CUSTOM MEDA SOLUTONS, A DVSON OF ASPTMES MEDA, LLC GOOD TO P4EWO1fl FOKL ALL EXPL RR' DEALNG! 00V 10K 9,988 Ah ONLY AT GOLF MLL FOOD HUGE NCENTVES NEW * 2011 FORD plan al NOCUARGE!o NEW 2010 FORD plan aldo CO*RGE!0 A FESTA AUTOMATC TRANSMSS000 FOCUS 4,888 POWER & WRLUWL 6110E WhEElS # ESCAPE i 4888'ìS , ( E V # TRANST CONNECT MUSTANG NEN 2O FORO BUY FUR 989 VEW111UWDLMRWAN&NUWW LL10RAWWTUW EDGE USThlOlFACPiOtJ plan a' 13k llegeth s NEW 2011 FORO 2OO FOlD for life Special design of the LlFEhouse at the lake caters to all ages labe,tmendliva thera alano thus, you night take a look jtoomrotbobuo ut the LlFEhouse This special onaonpt Bore kas oat opened at Newport Coue,acteterbcut crwwociey on the Chalo 0' Lehne The dfbhooeeia alloua Onu sil egea, deaigruad tobe espeoiwgy 110e loe these rodar age sise, 000e AT alud eueeywhrra io babeca t of/eeauaivaresl desìgoteatoreethat make eumydry Ariag a 11111e eaaìer and that leo auoneoeedatemooe people tocal000ec Toue intheir Lune, Oolldee Dew OouOricae, Ormes cella it "e heme too ALL of your Ste" The home orar bwil/1ru 0011ahoeahnn rath the ioleroauioorlly eeelooerued Crater lcr locloelue Design end 000imaweatal Acrees 1100k CEVTEA,eeluioh ía atflhiotrdvlith the DoTage el Oroalleotore nr the TaineestOyrf , parr nf the atete lieduecaity of Nan 'l'ore SONty epatan lela so,tttagaeaefrot Suing ekreatnry efe asne home that is noce osee'hleadlp loe raider rooge nf peuple geawouetoahe, oneleeolneutllmericaa Homer, said that DEA Ceatee aopeets lar' ohiteota, eogioerrs end medical peraoorlal/ took a standard Nenpoer Cole buona y/aa sod"tuteeluel" l to mehr ltooiueeaafly dneigned "tmakaeeeesatudesige roomaikthty into cucuy home," she asid, "tod ro often loja meene an'ioshtatinaal' faelthe Aral rl the LFE,ouge ia to penelde un altrluliue, slylich, pci casier'lcliue'io hone" From the erleide the,yeboose appears as soharmiog oollngetodked into tite artdsunpe sad the fr001 p0mb del/gaia so 000bhnaiae bricked ramp eaedp to r000m modotothoarnhobugkthaueirauca with slept bother plus is shut the coop wakes eurtiag ahoga land nut etthe horse SE 1/FERASE JA Estlan ltd/carp 1h,a LFELne st Recpert Tete ce /i/ sle hallo lelo "calcol" /ela ioneiclty cotres, hut schel lcr/osl jur/da end out eels it Uhr boa Threog/ei/, elm/si tesleuao /Oca tlolsu where ate/eh/cg oat ha cr7/lad u/att er dead/l er odia11 eta Le/te to the hare The LWEtoieo Obg, Le/pe urddecto ro//agfa sud s/ eliltras la/rl h/s lacet escale teuoet//a/l/tet,eea, lerellee Pellet 7 AOÓMA!,AS, noia : N6j,,ç1 50 a66876: MLWAUKEE AVE OLES lust SOUTH OF GOLF RUlO 9PM! AVALABLE MMEDATE ÜEHVERY!' FOCUS DOLED HOURS ERJA FR/MM 1711 L /010 te SPELL V//O L/ChO le TP/RS SER E/CDC PORTS/fOURS Mf/LLT/Al5Jr,PPo, RJSSA/L CREE/E' CE/OMT' F/T 70M77M ERR' EM7DM ALRDLD// 11171RO' '311711/,1 OM COMNO 0110M ThE COMNO 7110M 101E M FNOM1EORER Ul 0100fl E1TO00 1w ENVOlA MWAOK1D (11(1111 Ell DON0011R EOLTO W DlER ROOPFNMWE0106ER411EY (R Er ' DENW1( ld5iler*' 't Dtm fl3at, 3 7g d'1 3 Bkock5hoper, 6 PONSECPRESS?T"1"' "ic CFiCAGO ews un

24 2 L SEAOCHLCAGASUNT1005HOSNES L THURSDAY luth 7,200 NO Nom Construction in established Libeetyarille community A majestic setting neat to the Merit Club gulf course Upgraded products and euquisite finishes throughout Affordable pricing front upper $400s / J CHCAGO'S SUBURBAN COUNTRY ESTAtES YOUR DREAM HOME: MORE ATTANABLE THAN EVER Todays historically low interest rates mslre flown Ornan tiste to purchase u now home CONStOERTHE PACChi Low in Seroso rutes und low lab or costs equal low homo prisco 05 the other hard, material prices arcos the rise mousing holding oft sty 1009es 00 the purchase of your dream h otre could meat highorpricsr Another Noun RotUnO your current homo is otant005lo solution to tiro dltficulrly of selling n macn's market WHO WANT? You con hsuo the best of both world000dey your dreem home st e drerm pricel 3 DSTNCT RANCH DESGNS STARTNG PROM TP MtD 530Es nasoons000 includod wirlo lookout or walkout options anailoble honk 0/3 nom home rite backs to woodland or wooer uruwo Cun00010ntly located Att 2 miles from 90 L Al 013 H stil S b \rfor) bu ( S r ROCK Cfi L i A ï H C' AC 5 0: O WOOD OU SOOTY 20 ANO OCH r ON CHURCH PR rocor DO UrNARY, i MOGULS OrEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 10AM 3PM HENNNGESTATESCOM Nuw)ssu outs dnwnsiao ìntoulowmaintsnma oassum eaeah' rs swtnty huste st unbeutohie prima Stop byass trost houasifisl casemanityin Luisa County aud you muon everasansan leone 1 T ATTRO MEntT CLOU 847/ Merithomesnet 94to fit l37rwos000 RO 21 (Milroualoeedue) north 109 miles tu entrance Follow signs to SalotCenoorspenduilylfl5,olosndTooThsr SHOVES NO lufodon ULU eCHC0C000SOtTffES/HONES L Worst real estate recession likely over, experts say nespdotrnrioaolror000rnroao w000s hassle9 nabas huno tab1eo tuatee and rrther nora Oln poso Osa Nacos torno prito drops asno luths Ornat Dopoeaoioo 050senoo, hoouhtg cop colo say tore motet 0051 esturo seeesoina 5100e the 101Os bikelpia ones sad sorno positiva ouaobrrs tre a0050cg to tsitlr10 Mon boor np thur loogowslted a macslob tirw that spntial ions in ono! estora irrjosossrioo reos c0059p, seporred that Acopios hrnod o0000uic sod lob rnsrbetnrosloteas, Ofl00me pooeaiotoreoeedirtflpso tos the lioso Orne alcor the odwdrnwad oltre homehoper too acate ayees Bonodootholatost doto oo eon disoreard oairtiog rod osto hotte sales, FOODs Oosideodej Polco bodes ondiosrrd Oct oioglotaumilp hume psiota soar u seuasoallp r000dlasted soon 0001 p000sorlothpoil y000e000000peere01000 S000dpeiee d00000rsti000,000nc ladeoce iodostryb float loedoolo price mdno honor 000 esrnpmhooslve OarelOoasbloodiogpohllc m000ds otiohaorllimr apptaisels of property aodcnighhoehood0000ibsreaahaorn mut ocdeolyoag home ns000 appears lo 0e uteboiaing 000sisreor storto looproolog bows privo bauds lox impeaned meolret hrpddityia o0000hs Pirro, hoot hes floro arspidio000etseiaooeoect m000raiotheaaenh0000btoon000nrod toe saie filon D0000thoo,hetiog 0000ities hone io000asrd more thea NO percent odo the 500mal of apsoogy oraromor homo RaBiog Oct00 earl dorpitedo00150ah000intoreclnaaoe sates, 0000sdiog On polo fl000cdly, the adesso hating pdon die the pe000005go Oles' ecos fi000reen the bibel hstiurg peine oodfloelselepdoahaue Mopped bow 80 p000eoo io 00 t0000h q0500no pem000 io fra Oteo quso tos Prosly, h000g peop000es' Orne omm011etie torodiog dono btrdiao Omoorr0000het toronodiobuaaed Oaring hoe dooreesod from lore moothn io 000nhar of M otontha lo dpoll ei 2011 dotoedino to the Ulicole Raen ulluco 010e ldol,00stoenioo lromeaaieahanobnroneodiogpooi One m000h h doce rebosasy ut msdrsn Soma peieos hone monedop loo Oho rot tioneo e00050r tine moctbstheae see all good signs t000maokrrwooldcg rond leeldarlre lob orrutioo sod u rnuoin Coo g eaoitamtrrot 0 THE HOME FRONT DON DOBAT lbcoia aicglrosoailp hoeae cord oaodootioluw sairs in Mep totaled 0,130 aciro,rrp 11,0 psoceor from 0,000 saes ioapoil Bwoener suies were dorso loe percent from howessoldiclrfayr110ll, Dtoe wadiao poioe io Map seos $loo,000,ap e Bernent hmm $130,000 io Opdl Hanover, the me AeoptiOeiedorsm llflp000aolfr000 Map 0110lO,wheoitnoaa 1101,000, "mo flood in Oslo0 honra raleo sod newt pdooe las positive diorehovlor005frooarnrgroeolretrs a whole as Os srrsog boyes'o market sod Odgh 5000dohoiOp000dioonos 00000ror," asid Ocaña Pta1000 0he01 OddorWhitobcoror, poeoident of Co lar; 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25 4 SEARCHCHCAGOSUNTMES/HOMES THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 NO TODAY' SHOMES NO THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 SEARCHCHCAGOSUNTMES/HOMES 5 Tu;;: right at the oicha;d OlkÇ HARD Ô THE J4KE e LAKEFRONT HOMES BUCHANAN, M Locatedjust 12 miles east of Union Pier via Warren Woods Rd The Willow $479K into the WOO in Michigan's desirable wine country, just 90 minutes from Chicago's Loop, twenty spectacular homes have been built on spacious wooded, one acre sites, overlooking a private springfed lake Bordered by beautiful apple orchards, this unique property includes 132 acres of pristine maple, oak and hickory trees Eight home styles to choose from " : :::i r::: L P\!/tdLE!!! Open House Sunday 3pm or by appointment 7elays a week wwworchardonthelakenet TheBarn $549K AVALABLE NOW! The Lake $569K The Mill $579K Prices slashèd on i i Loop condo conversion units The next i buyers at 200 North Dearborn Private Residences will pocket discounts of 40 percent to 55 percent at the 47story Chicago Loop apartment tower being converted to condominium ownership by Anerican nvsco Buyers who pay cash will receive an additional 5 percent off the original discounted sales price "n order to meet our Fannie Mae presale requfrements, we must sell 36 units," said Nicholas S Gouletas of American nvsco "Twentyfive residences already have been contracted since early December, so only i muts remain for sale in this special limitedtime price discount offer" Here is a sample of some of the discounts: Unit 805, a onebedroom residence, is sale priced at $188,300, a $139,400 reduction of the former price of $327,700 Unit 3007, a onebedroom residence, is sale priced at $2 i i 400, a $ discount of the former price of $373,200 Unit 1706, a twobethoom resideuce, is saie priced at $261,100, a $ reduction of the former price of$502,900 The condos will include new paint, new carpeting and new appliances Other upgrades available through the Elite and Majestic packages, include new hardwood flooring and renovated kitchens with stainlesssteel appliances, new cabinets, granite counter tops and upgraded Sky VÍCW: Condominiums at 200 North Dearborn oiler the bonus of spectacular views bathrooms About 25,000 square feet of retail space is inside the 309unit 200 North Dearborn building, including a convenience store and a drycleaning service Other amenities include heated indoor swimming pool; a fitness center; the 3,200squarefoot landscaped Vincent Van Gogh terrace with barbecue SUPPLED PHOTO facilities; a party room; laundry facilities; 24hour doorman, and a sameday maintenance service Five floors of indoor parking are available "200 North Dearborn is the ideal intown location for suburbanites who regularly enjoy the finer aspects of downtown Chicagofrom the Loop's dynamic Theater District to fine restaurants and shopping opportunities," Gouletas said The sales center at 200 North Dearborn is located on the 35th floor in Suite 3506, with eight furnished and decorated model units on display For private showings of the models visit the sales center, this is open seven days a week from are to 7 pm For more information, call or visit: www200rtdeaxborncom SPECALSECTONS SUNTMESCOM Editor: Paul Keirna, pkelma@stmedianetworkcom (630) To Advertise: Andy Walter, awalter@suntimescom (312) Come see what the talk is about! The lifestyle you desire The address you want Now SELLNG MEADOW Ri DGE Attached tesidences Private gated Large thou plans coninutniry itt & 2nd floor NORTHOROOK matter suites ADDRESS ttirtcnteadotvñdgenorrhbrookcom t' 'All nforrnau011 S doomed wliabu but subject to errois/oinsons/chaflçlt without prior noticie lake MCHGAN OPÇHARD Ötr,icÍKE Uzilon Pîer VAN & CONLON, LLC From the Developers ofsummer School Cottages Schoolhouse Lofis s Cottage Homes on Maple Beach win, zck apples c osscountlj St Joseph p Bridgman/ New Bufi1of _ i Bucusan je NUco MCHGAN LFEHOUSE C0«NUEfl FROM PAGEl The front door is 42 inches wide; there is no 'step up" at this door Also maidxig the ranch home accessible is an interior elevator that stops on the first floor, the garage and the finished lower level The kitchen has a contemporary, trendy look, yet it meets universal design standards The appliances dishwasher, cooktop, oven, refrigerator, microwave and warming drawer are all within reach whether a person is sitting or standingthe space is exceptionally welllit with overcabinet, widercabinet, ceiling, pendant and natural lighting Faucets, sinks and cabinets axe compliant with the AtnericansWithDisabilities Act (ADA) Two of the three full baths serve those with special needs, while the third has many universal design features The two accessible baths have doublebowl vanities with the bowls at two different levels, showers without curbs and with seats, multilevel faucets and comfortheight toilets Special lighting, memory niches, easytouse handles on doors, windows anti cabinets, security features, green and lowmaintenance materials all add to the home's livability The house offers another 1,700 square feet of finished space in an Englishstyle basement with ample windows Here another bedroom and bath are available should the need arise "This could be perfect for an elderly parent, an adult child coming back home, or a caregiver," said Taulce, noting that the lower level is accessible via the elevator from the garage Thus, a resident would not need to go through the main part of the home to reach it Corporate sponsors of the Newport Cove LF'Ehouse include KitchenAid appliances, Kobler faucets and fixtures, Silestone quartz countertops, Pella windows, Sea Gull lighting fixtures, Leviton lighting switches, MidContinent cabinets, Carrier furnaces, Certainteed concrete fiber siding, M&S Tile and Stone, Home Technology Systems andperfikdek decking and rails Newport Cove is located at Bluff Lake and Elime Roads in unincorporated Lake County just south of Antioch on Bluff Lake, one ofthe 10 lakes that comprise the Chain O' Lakes The community offers 67 singlefamily homesites on 42 rolling acres Forty percent of the development is open space, including an 8acre waterfront park anchored by a comanunity pavilion (with restroom and cooking facilities) and a marina with 100plus boat slips Home prices at Newport Cove start at $325,000 The LlFEhouse, along with Newport Cove's other model homes, are open from noon to 4:30 pm Saturdays and Sundays Special feature: The LlFEhouse at Newport Cove on Bluff Lake features a bath with sinks at different heights SUPPUES PHOTO or by appointment For further informalion, callnewport Cove at (847) or visit wwwnewportcovecom and wwwnewportcoveoniinecom y :;OÑCùÄN "g cautiful 42acre waterfront development with 67 singlefamily homes, pnvate marina & waterfront park risuisg \\ t' 00H11 t:t E "' Home sites from $120,000 Home/lot packages from $325,000 NEW AMERCAN Hostis we : KNG SWMMNG Furnished Models Open noon5pm Sal & Sun or by appt Grass Lake Rd in rtiralanhiocb, to BluffLaL'e Rd, to be sbores of Bluff Lake wwwnewportcovecom or call

26 6 SEARCHCHCAGOSUNTMES/HOMES THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 NO HOME FRONT BY BLOCKSHOPPER TODAY'SHOMES LENU'JAR S EVE RYTH LUhder Tho ari NO THURSDAY JULY 7, 2011 SEARCHCHCAGO SUNTMESHOMES 7 Sprawling estate WHERE WE LVE Gated property offers tranquil grounds and luxury amenities BY EMLY BALKDWSK blockshoppercom PLUS of windows that can be covered by the custom imported blinds The master suite is appointed with separate hisandher baths and closetstwo sets of stairs lead to additional bedrooms The 4,000square foot finished basement includes an additional bedroom and bath, along with three play areas, a wine cellar and access to the 25car garage Roberta Miller ofbaixd &Waxner is listing this Highland Park home at Ridge Road for $33 millionthe gated property sits on almost 5 manicured acres, which includes a pool, waterfall, stream and pond This fivebedroom, sixbath home has amenities such as heated marble floors, an elevator and a ktchenette in the office A large foyer leads to a 40footbyRBfoot great room with seating and entertainment space as weu as a fireplace ard builtlit television Marble floors continue throughout the first level and into the island kitchen, where there is a walkin pantry and eating area There is also a separate dining roomthe main level holds a conservatory, which features a ceiling Sky, blue sky: The conservatoiy's windows come with custom imported blinds, one of the many unique features in this $33 million Highland Park home, which spans almost 5 acres SUBM11ED PHOTOS Spectacular savings now through July 17th at Lennar Communities throughout Chicagoland! Limited sale homes available, so get here early! Ask about our down payment assistance program0 ON THE BLOCK A ROUNDUP OF NEW LSTNGS A fourbedroom, 35bath home at 39 Rushmore Road in Fox Lake is on the market for $369,950Built in 1999, this threestory home offers 3,000 square feet of liv ng space plus a twostory family room and a full wall of windows that overlooks the lake Pete Eichler of All Waterfront Real Estate Plus MARKET WATCH City Barrington Buffalo Grove Des Plaines Evanston Gurnee Highland Park Lake Forest Park Ridge Shokie Wilmette is the listing agent A fourbedroom, 15bath home at 421 Burdick St in jibertyville is on the market for $319,000 This 15story Cape Cod, built in 1925, is near schools and the train A woodburning fireplace anchors the living room, and there are two enclosed porches Millie Kepler of Koenig & Strey Real Living is the listing agent Rate of # of For sale Median price foreclosure # of sales foreclosures 407% 296% 294% 3 54% 336% 382% 5,87% 255% 265% 266% A fivebedroom, 35bath home at 244 Jamie Lane in Lake Zurich is on the market for $357,900The twostory, Queen Annestyle house is within walking distance of schools, downtown and the lake lt has double balconies and a finished walkout b asement Susan Hendricks of Baird & Warner is the listing agent Nathan Spicer $395, % $235, % $ ,25% $318, % $208, % $400, % $800, % $349,500 13,58% $235, % $607, % Source: ChicagoB)ockShoppercom Data tracklast 12 months of sales REAL ESTATE TRANSACTONS ON THE WEB Curious about home sales in your neighborhood? For Chicagoarea transactions, see "recent sales" at wwwsearchchicagosuntimescom/homes/ 1Oc M O RG ÄÈT"Uii! PrDQr)m Ha Points Fe,, % Pawn APR AMLOANCOM hffp:f/www,almfoancom 30 yr fixed $325 20% yr fixed $325 20% /1 ARM $325 20% /1 ARM $325 20% 2966 Certified Upiront Lenderl Ratos 0, GEE Onlne 24/7! A)4l2lCamtno Vet Rio SouTh, San View, CA 92108, NMLS289O, MB61599ß1 4a,o'a what the monthly loan paytoont Would 50 on o homo : $165,000 tosnarsoufli Loan Program Ffate Monthly Payment i yr ARM 390% $ / ARM 3 45% $ yr flood 386% $1, yr flood 471% $85674 :$435OOOEt6añ amount normale g the 30 yr tumbo 521% $2,39032 follou4ng p,n,oms at ptavailmg lnlo,ost raton Source: Bankratecom RATES 8 NFORMATON AVALABLE DALY AT 8 hltp:llwwwjnte,on?pid=iscn LENDERS, TO PARTCPATE N THS FEATURE CALL BANKRATE rgond 'tf,o rua and annual purcoolago r,,lo (Al'tflf oro orroofrac in or 7/4/ Uookratc toc hhly://wwwioloronl roto Thc APR muy iocroacaftcr coilsu,ìri,,,tl,,ri and nay vary 'dyrneots do nut loeluik at,ìuaot t,, open ho plarr A) hfortpa1a flanker, (tf Mu41agu tlrokor, For lanes and osuronce Tine lens sot ons lar radi advoffisconont abono hay ttook,ng Dept, 111ff) indicates Regratonni Moogope ttroknr, (Cl Bank, (f71 S & L, (5f Credit Union, (SA) indicates Liconood Morlgaytr Bauer, NYS Baokog Dept, fcan' aroangod brou8), third paulo') "Call tor Colos 0Ofl5 a0, rar' ;ero nel avaclat,la at cress llico All ralos aro taliloll ou a,,nloinuii PtCO santon 7011 lninois Moogago Lierosoo Convoolionot toan' uro frase loor arnuuuls (if S 65CC Janitor lirons are basad on licuo ,090 t'crin sqaoto d metodo diseuaol and/or origination Lodi Days 3060 A ict poneenlagn ratos (Alt(s) are liased no fatly,oitcae'd rtes for oljislal,lc ralo rlloflgagos (Alfhlu) The /apr on yaor specific toan may Ailler fr0111 tin to osad roes rallad allarga' clause lu llt APR t or 'hit tlaiit,raie your clown puyr000l ' less than 20% 0111m ronc's value, you will ho sobjoct to private loognflc Sil nc it«s riel guarantee the aceoracy of lre nlorlrralroo ippnarirrg afn,ve or tilo ovailobitity nl rates and loas n this table Al lee and tither rrfrro,lljao ara sulrjc'ci irr change without tlts alilo f1j 01111cr ttankmtn, tne, «toes ont awn any financial institolluos Sorno or all afilio eornpanrcs appt, a fc'e rr UPjwrr l tlls labte (you aro seekrng a rirunpapo ro onces' nf $4t7,000, macu legistaliun 'nay ouat,to tendon to C011illil Sons lo pirroido roles 111,11 are dfferent lr«rr,i llo'o shown in lilo alilo almea Sarapa tlepayrnrrrt Tonus on 360 tinolirly payrlients of $529 por StoOl'townll en ltlüllliirrllrly payrrronts uf$756 por $1,001) turorowod Wo to yllu T,, appour te tiri' latre, aufl 9005O84636, 'l'o tnieoroorood fra you 000tact your louder dlrnctly tu dnlcr,trino wtlot ratos moylro aval le report roy raocorarefos, cat , /iltp://wuini,jnooreog,coail?pjaki,scn ARLNGTON RESERVE Arlington Heights towhomes, 2 3 Beds, 2 FU & 2 Half Baths From 269,99O Easy access to expressways and O'Hare! GREYWALL SNGLEFAMLY HOMES Jouet Singlefanfly homes, 3 4 Beds, 2 2Y Baths From 169,99O Plainhield sthools onsite & clubhouse wfth peo!! BRDGEVEW PLACE Bridgeview Townhomes, 2 3 Beds, 1½ 2½ Baths From184,99O Showplace location! KERRY RiDGE Chicago Ridge Townhames, 2 3 Beds, lys 2Vz Baths From 169,99O Close to Metra and shopping! BRDGEVEW PLACE Bridgeview Ranth 'hlas, 2 Beds, 2 Baths From 149,99O Great value! LBRARY TOWER Chicago Tower Residences, 2 3 Beds, 2 23a Baths From 419,99O Best location & value! GREYWALL RANCH DUPLEXES Joliet Ranch Duplex llames, 2 BedS, 2 Battis From 139,99O Plairtfield schools onsite & clubhouse with pool! TRAFALGAR WOODS Morton Grove Townhomes, 2 3 Beds, 2½ Baths From 284,990 Next to Forest Preserve! Olfen, wall the oh $ekrt somta 'i datrptlned by Ln41nA for purchøs8 tgtc6ifletìto Wtlttfl OtS Cl helme Vf T1 snd clgstlig titilstowut ncr latertlu 729/ Un/te4 funds ate mailable titsottet niiy c1oncj uaen e'ltòustlon tr turtds Rates may ChtitXJr) fl itot beilvaibte ut th6 llin 0f 194u comnuìtnfent, lod4n çrglosln9 ttit0u04r) $73jiUUSt84t, Ot an offer tntirintq ap,tnterust st&prdceunt point V X tltt trait,) le W11t1n9 9lti4 by both the borr6weand thçi)emttr, Spoctttc tcms aip!y nd buyer is mtbcttq t1ttaltioat2n tht lno!uctos,'bu nt thtled W, a nmwpiodfmwo40o%vflo çtupancy mcntardf of atlty Ctt8t)gh lo ltwstoç uktolln orpmgntflth EAJutpbo cawo flot P6ttllltt$d Payt'0ftflt Si*WO S b46'd Ott S39O $lll'flh PdQtt OfPC3 l90etlttlyihe 8Afd St/d: ccnulbu1tot aie mtbjt o ceflzflhth tn1s, %tlfldiltert$,a1fd fcc4nc!lqth, latvlqrpo$éraeslixt tlgllitoctt8flgßb wlthdmw any otterat anytime SfltefWlfl fo! 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27 NS B OF ' 8 SEARCHCHCAGOSUNTMES HOMES THURSDAY JULY NO v CETflE WARRANTY oa o z f0ßd\tju'u%' i 'ö4dm'"', ' ' 1 'DELVERS 00Et LUXURY Q EDTON ; BLACK LEATHER, ALLOY ( WHEELS HEATED SEATS, ALL1 4 THTOYS#X1$54A :: LA11tRMQQK*O CftOME wu1 LWUaU! 0X2032 TAURUS ML00Xfllt,0t2L0cz2& ana $9 989* OR 9,95 OUT8AC WAtON OR 989 * i OR2O9 rouiauoiut raoa rswolflxlel FX1ÇDUf,r",'' fl5 FORD Ola P1fltUH&WLU 3989* g$3fl9t EXPLORER X $8,989* EQUNOX 5,989* on$299t twl0! ' g 'CBMERCUJVU MARNER1PREMER ED 7MERCEOESBEUZ CONVERTBLE TMR1XR0XLWXL0*g?UTTMWAAa UflG* to, ai oua,ioa ;i rrtaml #xna S22989* OR$499t 4 QOMEVST OUR 25,000 SQ FT SHOWROOM Granite Kitchen Còuntertops KTcHEN' & BTHDESÇÑ CENTER per sq ; nstallation and tâx are included With bver 30 colors to choosefròm attheseprices TA L L ED WTHN 8 USNESS DA YS wwwstonecitycom 3053 W Grand Ave Chicago, il 6O62?1 Hours: MonFri 9AM6PM Sat i OAM4PM Sun i 1 AM3FFA1 Tel: 7734MARBLE ( )4 : *øffer avabeior a limitedtime only whi suppfies ast, VSA r MarO4 EDDE BAUER EDTON LEATHER MOONROOF 3RO ROW CHOM WHEL, ALL 'HETOYS #X2012A 34HoÑflÁ: SHVER, ALLOY WHEELS POWER LOCKS & WNDOVS, TLT, CRUSE, #X2O1OA MAXMA tuw,vxjaux wlu1ai!utjjßux o 2989* ar$289t?'lø ' U0flX' t D9SURARU LEQACY 3989* or$2690 SON AFA ut DODGE AVENGER 5,989* OR $299t w:_ w w w'" ' w ìust: SOUTH 5989* 0138,989* GOLF, RUAO, ìì'm" gtgra01(t&qu41 uoai AVALANCHE gua $23,989 OR$459t zq " LO5kCHRNSLER TthNN io$ß9 ROUTAN COUNTRY L OaXUDLKSWAQEN Vt tøtl uoowiou woo V0003*UUE1XU 00101X altloumtmlmxra $4*7 SUBURBAN MAXMA S26989* O6C1EVX COR VETTE CON $28989 $36989* myspacecom,, ;: lalatt ht Utnd CONVERTBLE PREMUM 989* OR$539t SALES HOURS; MONFill 51AM9PM ST YAM7PM WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE: SP4NJSJJ POL S!! ;SERVCE & PARTS WLRS: MUN1llhi?S7AMYPM, e RUSSAN (REEK EF?MAN ' 294 COMNG FROM THE NORTh 294 COMNG FROM ThE SOUTh 94 FROM ThE NORTH OR SOUTH EXT iolf RD EAST TO MLWAUKEE SOUTH EXT OEMPSTER EAST TO MLWAUKEE NORTH EXT HEMPSTER WEST TO MLWAUKEE NORTH 01 WÌ'istCtU" iïp8o h '', basad iiro dòtt,usednhlae&o7 ernaeflnancjaqbsadon72 mvihs 1$Waprw! $5ODdo%i ajpydtudltb$a14 S1On: $500?, DeafRr1Wthonar a pi1cth rïc n Ns ailvertiumaat Prlce* aî* aod 2 days 1mm at ot Diibcawi Pczuam loi Uslmtea prpisu only Se deaar dstalls

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'Currie Motors NEW 2010 FORD ESCAPE SUc #A ,859* &2011S available atring NEW 2010 FORD F250 Super Duty EXPEDTON Stk #H4465 s& #D540 $21,599* $30,699* i 1,677' 12,075* 12,450' i 3,741* 14,888* 14,977' 15,844* 15,866* 16,477* 17,333' 7,677' 7,850' 17,950' 17,988' 18,350' 18,975* 22,550' 22,855' 22,950 23,988' 25,650* 25,771* 25,977' 26,975' 28,750' 29,275' 29,888' 32,450' 33,677' O002i92733 Certified PreOwned Säles & Service Open until 10pm! 9423 WLNCOLN HGHWAY FORDoiflj4FRT F RAN KFORT, L NCE PEOPLE TO DO BUSNESS WTH iu,'' ft ' wwwfordoffrcsnkfoi4com a s ye&/luuo Mlles Copreh8nsei')aian1y Cüerage & 169Pont,ispthon Fac1oiy1a1ed1ecmicanr 9% APR Financing Avaitaffle! 2007 FORD ESCAPE XLT s&a2i9 S15,477' 2007 FORD EDGE SE s&#a2s4o s 15,988' 2010 FORD EXPLORER EDDE BAUER 4WD s*to4a 28,75O* 2009 FORD EXPEDTOH EL KNG RANCH 4WD S&&J2 $36,991' CARS 2007 CHEVROLET MPALA LTZ sw#3zi TOYOTA CAMRY XLE suc#ng 2006 BUCK LACROSSE CXL suo&o 2008 CHRYSLER PT CRUSER TOURNG StkJ PONTAC G6 GT sm#ja 2008 SATURN AURA XR s&#jc& 2002 MERCEDESBENZ SCLASS sw#o244o 2003 LEXUS LS 430 PREMUM s& #i NFNTY 635 SEDAN st#aiss 2008 NSSAN ALTMA 35 SE Slk#JC LNCOLN MKZ AWD s&#jcn 2009 MERCURY SABLE PREMER AViD s&#fsos CHRYSLER 300 C HEM s& CHEVROLET MALBU LTZ suco FORD MUSTANG STEEDA swujc&i PLY DNUH!At *pus tax, title, license & doc fee nc'udes factory rebates when apphcable in lieu of financing offers "Availabilities can be on 2009, 2010 and 2011 Varying prices and models Based on Ford Motor Co executive information system retail sales dealer ranking report for Ford Division 41 (Chicago Region) for all retail truck saies from jlmust be an identical equipped vehicle in stock Dealer reserves the right toverify deal All offers apply only to new retail deliveries taken from dealer stock within the applicable advertised time period Offers do not apply to fleet, wholesale or prior saies Ali vehicles subject to Ørlor sates Prices and offers expire two days from publication See dealer for full program detaiis and qualiflcatons ieaer notresponsible for pricing errors in this advertisement Photos for illustration purposes only and may not reflect the actual vehicle 'Available on select Ford Certified models to qualified buyers with approved credit "For years year 100,000 mile warranty is a Ford warranty on CPO only BBa 2010s&20115 available atvai)ng NEW2010 FORD EDGE Sfk #W607 $22, available atvarnq prkesa, VOTED ONE OF ThE 1TOP 100 FORD DEALERS t4 THE COUNTRY 7YEARSNAROWJ NEW FORD FESTA tck ad bound ake an ofler 10,950* 11,950* 12,691' 12,995' 14,441' 14,971 14,995 15,877' 16,218' 20,450' 20,485' 21,550' 24,980' 25,441' 29,932' lust i Block East o Larangø Road on Hw nilnules from HapervMe! Lakeshore Arts Festival, 11 am6 pm Aug 67 on the Lakefront at Dawes Park, Sheridan Road at Church Street, Evanston Free admissiòn For more information, call (847) An Arts & Crafts Adventure, 9 am5 pm Sept 11 on the grounds of Hodges Park, Prospect arid Vine, downtown Park Ridge Visit wwwamericansocietyofartistsorg FLL Lincoinwood Public Library, 4000 W Pratt Ave (87) wwwlincolnwoodtibraryorg Friday Films shown weekly at i pm July 8: "The Green Hornet" July 15: "BLack Death" Morn ng Matinees are shown at 10:30 am Thursdays July 14: "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" Nues Public Library, 6960 Oakton St, Nues (847) wwwnitesubraryorg uty21, 2 pm: "Hereafter," rated PG13 (closed captioned), Northwestern University's Block Cinema presents its summer outdoor film series at 9 pm Wednesdays, through Aug 3, on the east (awn of Norris University Center, 1999 Campus Drive, Evanston Admission is free Bring chairs and blankets for seating Free parking is available after 4 pm in the university's twolevel lakeside parking structure directly south of Norris Center n the event of rain, screenings will be held in Mc Cormick Auditorium, located on the first floor of Norris Center, Call (847) L or visit wwwbtockmuseum northwesternedu/blockcinema July 13: "Toy Story 3" (2010) July 20: "Dirty Dancing" (1987) July 27: "True Grit" (2010) Aug 3: "Roman Holiday" (1953) Shakespeare's Globe London Cinema Serles, featuring performances of Shakespeare's classic plays filmed in 2010 at the Globe Theatre in London, wilt be screened at the Nues 12, 301 Golf Mill Center, t'li(es, and the Evanston 18, 1715 Maple Ave, Evanston Each showing begins at 7 pm Tickets are $12 in NUes; $15, $14 for seniors and students, in Evanston Tickets are available at participating theater box offices and online at www FathomEVentscom Aug 1: "Henry V, Part 1" Aug18: "Henry V, Part 2 Sept 15: "Henry VL" Skokie Theatre, 7924 Lincoln Ave, Skokie Call (847) or visit www skokietheatrecom July 17, 2 pm: Screening of the documentary "Jews and Baseball" $10 in advance; $15 at the door, "Tekken Blood Vegeance" in 3D, based on the video game Tekken, will be shown at 7:30 pm July 26 at the Village Crossing 18 with MAX, 7000 Carpenter Road, Skokie, and the Evanston 18, 1715 Maple Ave, Evanston Tickets are $15, available at the theater box office and at wwwfathomeventscom SNGLES Spares Singles Sunday Evening Club holds ballroom dances from 7:3010:30 pm the first and third Sundays of each month at the American Legion Hall, 9757 Pacific Ave, Franklin Park Admission is $8 for members; $9 guests July 17 and Aug 7: Music by the Dick Elliot Band Aug, 21: Music by Chuck and Friends TOURS & OUTNGS The Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park, located along the east side of McCormick Boulevard, between Dempster on the north to Touhy on the south, offers free, docentled public tours featuring a different section of the twomile long park each month Tours last approximately an hour and feature discussions ofthe sculptures, their creating artist, types of materials used and techniques employed as well as the artists' concepts for the various pieces The park is handicapped accessible but the tours require walking between the sculptures, so people who have difficulty are encouraged to bring a wheelchair and someone to push it All tours begin at i pm No reservations are required For information, visit wwwsculpturepark org or call (847) Upcoming tours include July 31: Section 1V, park in the lot in the park, between Howard and Touhy; Aug 28: Section ; Sept 25: Section ; Oct 23: Section V ETCETERA Antique and Classic Car Shows will be held July14 and Aug 11 at the Village Plaza Shopping Center, Dempster Street and Harlem Avenue, Morton Grove Rain dates are the following Thursdays Show car registration begins at 5 pm show opens to the public at 6 pm Kidfriendly entertainment, auto products auction, raffles, police and fire department demonstrations are featured Free admission; food and beverages available for purchase Wednesdays on the Green presénts frée familyfriendly events every Wednesday through Aug 24 on the Village Green, 5155 Oakton St, downtown Skokie July 13, 7 pm: Dancing on the Green, '705 Night July 20, 6 pm: Classic Cars on the Green July27, 7 pm: Movies on the Green, "PeeWee's Big Adventure" Aug 3, 7 pm: Music on the Green features The Michael Lerich Orchestra Aug 10, 7 pm: Dancing on the Green, Groove to '80s Aug 17, 6 pm: Classic Cars on the Green Aug 24, 7 pm: Movies on the Green, "Grease" For more information, visit wwwwednesday sonthegreencom MUSEUMS llinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, 9603 Woods Drive, Skokie (847) , wwwilholocaustmuseumorg Admission: $12; $8 for students and senior citizens; $6 foc children ages 511 Special exhibitions are free with museum admission Through Sept 6: "Spots of Light: To Be a Woman in the Holocaust," an international exhibition that focuses exclusively on women and their experiences in the Holocaust The large scale video artbased exhibition is a produc tion ofthe Museum Division, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem JuLy 10, 1:30 pm: Screening of the documentary "Watermarks" After having survived the Holocaust, a group of women, champion swimmers of a legendary Jewish sports club in Vienna, are reunited Free with museum admission July 14, 6:30 pm: Panel discussion, "Courage & Resilience: Women in the Holocaust" Moderated by WBBM Newsradio 780 anchor Regine Schlesinger, a panel ofwomen who survived the Holocaust will share their experiences Free with museum admission July 19, 7 pm: "Their Stories: Reflections of Survival on Stage and Screen" Live scenes from Lookingglass Theatre Company's play, "The Last Act of Lilka Kadison," and clips from Kartemquin Film's documentary, "Prisoner of Her Past," wilt be paired with recollections of a Holocaust survivor A reception at 6:30 pm will precede the program Reservations required ç MUST CLOSE AUGUST 14th BLACK ENSEMBLE THEATER DC THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 J Presents JACKE TAYLOR'S ove L fair "ZestySassy" Hedy Weiss/Sun Tmes "t's a Smooth, Seductive Date Night Ride" Ketry Reid/Tribune or ticketmasfr GT(2//) Jfl(1 Senior Discour,ts Avaiabk wwwblackensemble, org ( lib BLACK ENSEMBLE THEATER COMNG TO KENNEDYKNG COLLEGE SEPT 23rd SOMEBODY SAY A,JEJV

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33 OB t WWWPONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 DC Thursday, July 7, 2011 Pioneer Press (DC) 21 ACROSS Sagan or Sandburg 5 Swarm sound 9 Montana city 14 Monterrey Mrs 17 '58 Puthier winner SPleceof fencing? 19 He was lhe Thlng* 21 Ppe part 2 WflEN 2$ Brobdingnagian 26 For (cheaply) 27 Comc Costello 28NaNa 29 Mascagnl opera 3l Poet Wilcox 33 Lohengrin's bird at fdrlcan t antelopes LARK ' 44 'The Optimist's Daughter author 45 Bonanza material 46 Covelaski or Muslal 4? Vichyssose veggie 49 flp one's toppa: Super Crossword U i b FOR ThE BRDS i _ ill _9$ Answers: nside today's classified section i T 13 S Longtaled 92 Preposterous 3 " Man 40 Dlsllnctive 94 Pad parrot 95 Sweetheart ('84 film) period 98 Ryan's 54 Sanford of 991um over 4 Not as fatty 41 room Lova 1he 101 Darjeeling 5 Neghbor of 42 Snger Eltiot StocY' Jeffersons" dress Ger 43 Beta noire costar 56 Scantfinav 103 lnva1on 6 Prosperous 48 Adorable 87 flud tan city 105 times Australian 98 Puffy 59 Griffon rankfut1er' 7 Nobnon 50 Tenor female greetng s field chalanee? 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Easy The one most likely to gladden your Lion's heart VRGO (August 23 to September 22) Once again, you're confronted by a workplace prob Lam you thought you'd already resolved This time, you might need to go higher up to find a just resolution LBRA (September 23 to October 22) Good for you: You're determined to stick with your goals and ignore those naysayers who might HOROSCOPES For the week ofjuty 13 Juty 19, WoK0VrroWt'4Fl1 fl4ebdd BVC1(SHOT BLLY S HERE osresaousunstxrsrii DLOON5 t;%';4* FOiÌROVSJ N Au me wao west,' 1r* 'L J try to discourage you You're on the right track The challenge now is to stay on it SCORPO (October 23 to November21) You'll soon get news that is supposed to help you with a troublesome situation Use your sharp Scorpion instincts to determine if the information is reliable SAGTTARUS (November 22 to December 21) fyou learn someone has betrayed your trust, don't just accept it and walk away You need to know why that person decided to do what he or she did CAPRCORN (December 22 to January 19) A painful family relationship problem could finally begin to heat Be prepared to show more flexibility than you might like But it could be worth it AQUARUS (January 20 to February 18) t's a good idea to enhance your career skills so you'll be prepared to accept a more responsible position when it's offered A friend returns a favor just when you need it PSCES (February 19 to March 20) Show that strong, steely backbone that you usually hide, and demand to be included in any family decisionmaking that could affect the wellbeing of a loved one BORN THS WEEK: You can be happy being atone at home But you also love exploring the world outside and meeting new people and sharing new ideas Find at least six d*fferences in details between panels (c) 2011 King Features Synd, nc 43 w,srnarnoaeeirnn'iaj W"MY RACY4ib j j t_ JL Dave T Phipps s,pos ou svij umoip ajo spq aopj 9 s mjs e,uv p '"assviunssvq zrn;t,t g?uqa s ung g (nq aflj aj uo?uquaì Saiauj r:sauai4f a' ' n Memorlam L n Memorlam Clement J Ryan RYAN PARKE Jì?neral home "Our Family Serving Yours Since 1936" Retirement,Life nsurancewillsbut What About Funeral PrePlanmng? Prephrnning is a step that many people overlook when planning for the future Knowing that these decisions are complete ensures that your family won't have this difficult task at an emotional time foryou, peace o Family owned & operated for over 75 years 120 South Northwest Highway " Park Ridge Visit our website at wwwryanparkecom a s s a sal n Memoriam FAMLY OWNED & OPERATED SNCE 1922 PRE ARRANGED & PREPAD FUNERALS AVALABLE Cooney Funeral Home FUNERAL DRECTORS To Be Worthy of Your Confidence n Memoriam Michael C Ryan (847) (773) Cemetery Lots Memorial Park Cemetery, Makom Shalom Section, 4 adjoining burial plots, $20,000 for all Call M911 RARE FiND in exquisite Evergreen Section Memorial Park, Skokie 2 adjacent plots for $5500 No Transfer Fee! A $9600 value Sally or srarias86igmailcom Death Notices North, Helen Mae Of Arlington Heights, formerly of Park Ridge for 50 years was born August 29, 1915 n Brocton, llinois to Ray and Mary (nee Scott) St Clair She passed away on Friday, July 1, 2011 at the Lutheran Home and Services of Arlington Heights She s survived by her children, Sharon (James) Cerza, and Linda (Joseph) Chandler; her grandchildren, John (LizAnn) Cerza, Susan Cerza, and Steven (Ellen) Cerza, Jennifer (Greg) Hachtet, and Tom (Jennifer) Chandler; and her greatgrandchildren, Lauren, Luke, James, Matthew, Melissa, Caitlln, an, Matthew, Ryan, Brad, Nicholas, and Vince Helen s preceded in death by her husband of 61 years, Aubert North; and her siblings, Raymond, Dorothy, Ctarabei, Robert, and Patty; and her parents Visitation Thursday, July 7, from i 1:00 AM until time of Funeral service 12:00 PM at Krabel Funeral Home, 215 East Main St, Oakland nterment is at Payne Cemetery in Brocton n lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be given to the Shriners Hospital, 2211 N Oak Park Ave, Chicago, L 6D635 Funeral nformation and condolences wwwgiueekertfhcom or (847) Glueckert k,ncrni Home lid Sqn Çuest 'Boo&at wwwcicago(ant1o6itscom mind now andfor your love4 ones, peace of mind later Name ' ' Cemetery of nterest Address City/State/Zip Daytime Phone 3918 W rving Pk Rd CHCAGO, L Phone (773) Fax (773) Busse Hwy PARK RDGE, L Phone (847) Fax (847) Evening Phone Exp roas E,,,uil, deathnoiices@pioneeocai corn Condolences call, Oo (opt 6) Address ' Best Day/Time to Contact Personal information including address will be kept confidential and used onlyfor repon4ing to inquiries Catholic Cemeteries 1400 SouthWolf Road Hillside, illinois Español ' www CatholicCemeteriesChicago org PPWHN1 Death Notices Novak, June D, nee Stake, age 87, a 58year resident of Skokie and a 5year resident of Libertyville Beloved wife of the late Clement; Loving mother of Judith (Robert) Oberlander, Gregory (Sandi) Novak, Linda (Kenneth) Smentek, & Melissa (D ennis) Jensen; Dear grandmother of Lisa (Eric) Narges, Kristin Oberlander, Kevin Smentek, Brian and Janan Jensen; Cherished greatgrandmother of Emma Narges Visitation and Funeral Mass were Friday, July 1 at St Lainbert Catholic Church, Skokie Entombment followed n All Saints Cemetery Mausoleum, Des Plaines n lieu Of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to The Hadley School for the Blind, 700 Elm St, Winnetka, L, Funeral info: or wwwhabenfuneralcom j 11Sj3liN Siqn Çuest cboo&at wwcñicago(anio6itccom n Memoriam General nformation Concerning The Death Notice Page A paid death nolice may be ordered to appear in the Pioneer Press when funeral arrangements are made, and must be submitted in writing nformation about charges for death notices may be obtained from area funeral directors or by caiiing (847) A 24hour lax service s offered at (847) or death notices may be ed to An n memoriam or card cl thanks may be placed using the same information above The deadiine br piacing a death notice, in memoriarn or card of thanks, is Monday at 5:00 pm Photos must me submitted by Monday at 2:00pm The death notice department is staffed from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm daily A death notice, in memoriam or a card of thanks may be submitted in person from 8:30 ara lo 5:00 pm Monday through Friday at the Pioneer Press, 3701 W Lake Ave, Gieriview, L Family and friends may visit our website and sigo a guest book at Piorieerlocalcom SUN MEDEA Share the ( Memo ries Place an nmemoriam nclude a photo of your loved one deathnotices pioneerlocalcom Call: (opt 6) Siiii pioneertocalcom L

34 22 Pioneer Press (OC) Thursday, July 7, 2011 Thursday, July 7, 2011 Pioneer Press (DC) 23 Death Notices Pistone, Thomas Passed away n hs Park Ridge homes surrounded by his family on July 3, 2011, the day after his 90th bfrthday He is survived by his loving wife of 64 years, Mary Anne, nee Klein, his adoring childrenphilip (Heather Meadows), John, and Ann (Ernest Scarpelli), as well as three young grandchildrenjoseph Scarpelil, Genevieve Scarpelli, and Philip Pistone He is survived by two brothersjasper (Katherine), and Anthony (Mary), as well as many, much beloved nieces and nephews To proudly serve his Country in the United States Coast Guard, Thomas memorized a military ey chart, thus gaining an opportunity to work aboard the USS Sheliak, which was under siege during the Battle of Okinawa, the largest amphibious assault in the Pacific War of World War ii, beginning on Easter Sunday, 1944, and lasting for 21 days He was a member of American Legion and VFW posts, and Elk and Moose lodges He became an accountant who, in the 1960s, convinced his company to computerize their bookkeeping He enjoyed rehabbing homes by himself, fishing, crossword puzzles, and complaining about the Cubs As a young man, he played the clarinet in various swing/jazz bands in Chicago As a patriarch, he served as fearless leader, companion, mentor, teacher, tutor, confidant, baseball manager, ndian Guide leader, and ultimate role model We will miss you dearly, but your memory, wisdom, and example will live within us all for the rest of our lives Visitation Friday 4 to 8:30 pm, at Nelson Funeral Home, 820 W Talcott Road (at Cumberland), Park Ridge Funeral Saturday 9:15 ant to St Paul of the Cross Church, 320 S Washington, Park Ridge for Mass 10 am nterment at Town of Maine Cemetery n lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine to support the Department of Ophthalmology Gifts honoring Thomas Pistone will be used to further research in Macular Degeneration Northwestern University, FSM (Attn: Courtney Weeks), 420 E Superior St, Rubloff 9th Floor, Chicago, L Also, memorial contributions may be made to the Rainbow Hospice, which was of great aid and support to Thomas and his family in his time of need Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care, 1550 Bishop Court, Mt Prospect, L nfo: or wwwnelsonfuneralscom Sign Çuest oo&at wwwcfiicagotanéobitscom litts, Doris B Age 93 Born and raised in Sparta, L 1939 graduate of owa State Univ Was a longtime Park Ridge resident Beloved wife of the late Charles S Loving mother of Charles 'Skip' (Kathleen), Karen (John) Labbe, Linda Ann and the late Sharon Ann Devoted grandmother of Jennifer, Meghan, Jason, Emily and Matthew, Greatgrandmother of 5 Dearest sister of the late Mildred Braden Memorial Service Thursday, July 7, 4 pm, at the First United Methodist Church of Park Ridge, 418 W Touhy Visitation Wednesday, 48 pm, at Ryan Parke Funeral Home, 120 S Northwest Hwy, Park Ridge nterment will be private Memorials to the church are appreciated Sign Çuest Boo&at wwwcfikago1an6o6itscom Ptacea Card of Thanks or an nmemoriam Cttll: (opt 6) deathnotices@pioneerlocalcom SC_C/ /u (,((ect 8(1(1/ (ii pioneertocal corn Death Notices Wyld, Elizabeth Masslich 96, of Charleston, VA' died June 24, 2011 Born February 12, 1915, in Oak Park, Betty was the daughter of the late George and Helen Treen Masslich She spent the first 90 years of her life in the Chicagoland area, primarily River Forest, Evanston and Skokie n 2005 she moved to Charleston Gardens in, Charleston, WV to be near her daughter She attended Oberlin College and received her medical technologist training at Mt Sinai Hospital, Chicago She worked at Evanston and St Francis Hospitals in Evanston She was a Presbyterian She loved traveling, gardening, quilting, needlework, writing, genealogy, photography and cats She was a member of the North Suburban Genealogical Society and their smaller "Writers Group l" She was twice president of the North Suburban Embroiderers Guild and helped start a small group of needle workers, the Morning Glories She was a member of Mensa For many years she took it upon herself to write a newsletter, "The Happy Household," which she mailed to family members and friends several times a year She was preceded n death by her husband of 60 years, Merle Wyld; son, Philip Wyld, great grandson, Brandon Kiaw; brothers, Beverly, Robert and Philip Masslich; and sister, Eleanor Schohl Beloved mother of Carolyn Saul, Charleston, WV; fond motherinlaw of Marlene Wyld, Oswego, loving grandmother of Liz (Mike) Kaw of Antioch, Deborah Pierce of Howell, Ml, Michael (Mendy) Egnor of Nitro, WV and John (Melissa) Egnor of Big Bear Lake, CA; devoted great grandmother of Justin and Meagan Kiaw, Mary Ellen and Lisa Pierce, Brooke, Megan and Emilia Egnor Services will be private nterment Rosehiil Cemetery Mausoleum, Chicago Memorial contributions may be made to Hospice Care, 1606 Kanawha Blvd W, Charleston, WV , or charity of choice Condolences may be made at wwwbarlowbonsallcom *1 Çuest Boo&at vwwcícago(anio6itscom Everyone Has A Story Share the memories with your [ocal community through a Death Notice deathnotices pioneerlocalcom Call: (opt 6) p s, :1 p o ANNOUNCEMENTS Adoption Wanted Community Events Dsclaimer of Debts Found Happy Ads Lost Personals Prayers and Novenas Adoption Wanted LOVNG COUPLE DESRES BABY TO ADOPT Your chld will ho our 5roZttos rouuurol Wo admro your courugo Hopo ills our hou4u ovorydoy lar (ho baby ((rut will moho us an ocolulic family Expen500 paid Tu lauro moro about us cull s6699os199 lcfs lic # Found Ring n Mundaloin Near Groanuiew uncfbunnlabrook Scud doscrlpllon (o lounduring444egmallcom JOBS Employment Wanted Featured Jobs Health Care Help Wanted Full Help Wanted Part Staffing Servces Temporary Servces Transportaton Health Care Nurso Practitoner boul cumpanios aro snaking pooplo Wilh sil (avals 01 aopononce lar Nurso Pracldionars Tirano amployom will flavor know who you aro, whul skills you huyo, and your desire tu work lar one al (huso compunies, untl you al them know who you uro MONSTER MATCH CAN HELP CREATE YOUR PROFLE NOW BY PHONE OR WEB FREE Coli Today Sunday, or any doyll UaoJobCodo G3483O2 or PloneercomlMoflstor, " No Resumo Noododi Our automalod syslom croao ono for youfree Weib an 8rnnuo, phono call or tino our ConVoflion online orni Monolor MatCh COO tnalch you with omployors hal wo hringnow Trs FREC sorvico s available 24 o prosoniod by t Sun Timos Modo, hours n day7days o wont ond s Doni Wall, Do lt Todayl Plastic Surgo1 011ico 000klng Fail Tmo Nano ositan will nvolve dl root p01100t curo and admlnlslruliyo reoponsibllitlas Emal resumo to Sue Graham aao@unlupusllcscom HelpWanted FullTime MYSTERY SHOPPERS Moho ap lo Siselday Shoppers flooded lo Judge rolall S dinlngosl Exp nat roq PONEER Pmss s tutil J o B S PioneerLoca(com/monster Post your resume, get career advice, find job fairs and more! PONEERPRSS &7toncrer PLACE YOUR CLASSFED AD 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK, CALL 2'/ HelpWanted FullTime SUN MEDA Account Executive Snakng somouno wdh u Collega dagrax n advertising or mu,kal ng and/or proven eupedanco n advertising solas We uro lookng (or somoono who s aatgoing, sail msllvatad, crea tine, and rotol arid doadilno orlentulad This parson must also hava eacaltant communcaton shiils and ho obliity to lisen and dentity Cussmars floods Camputancy with MS Word, Eucal, and Power Pont are naadad Must huno rliubio ranspurtallon This posltiun s rospoaslbla (or outsida advertsng soins to local,oluil businossos and s bused in our Glanviow clice Planeo emuli resume to: mnnthnn aunt(mnacorn Job suparlatalident oøaning Gumno ooa HnlnWApudmanll Sanlor Uving Building experience aocossury_ mmediato alad Fax resumo lo 2( or tjbulduo9gatnat Help Wanted FullTime Adilvities SpecaHst Waslminstar Placo xl Evanston SOCkS 00 ndividusl lo plan and mpiemont various on end all floor ac (mllos lot oar sonlor residants xi Foster Pavillon and (ho McGraw Curo Center using the philosophy at person centered caro Posiboa lavolves grnwlng existing programs and liriplomontlng now ideos n SO aroas xl creuluve, Physical ntetluc (aal und social activities tall Time 375 hru/wk nduding one weekend day and occasional evenings Quulillcutions: Bacholui'a Oegroo, previous exp working with older adulta in oroups and anoqnono sottlngs, abb tu assaso and chart by govamment rogulutiuns; knowl odgo xl planning and impiemanlatian process (or programs; able o wsrh ndependently be creative has lnlllnlivx, and adaplablo to tova an chun9ing conditlaau und situolions; and u posilwe unitude and onorgy Must have oup working with computers and technology Pleuso visit f apply online at wwwpresbyleuanllomos Jobs ar forward your rosumo to: Wastmlustor Placo Ql Enunston Attn: Director al Aclivilies, Transportation and Fitness 3200 Grant Street Evanslon, L Fax: mbwagar@ presbylerìanhamasarg Wo ara an oquul opportunity emplayer und promoto diversity in (ho workplace Help Wanted FullTime STOP N : MonFrL 8:3Oam5:OOpm 3701 West LakeAve, Glenvlew, L 6O26 Help Wanted FullTime ADMNSTRATVE Deerllald low lion soaks Bilingual gogeler to parloirs a variety al administrativo (asks Must typo so mpm and be willino to loam Slop by to arch up application MF 8:30 500pm Powers S Muon LLC 707 Luke Cook Road, #102 No phono calls Dist 37 seeking Mictdlo School Tech specialist 10mo position Wurli primarily n 1:1 Moo environ Exp n school nch programs prel Contact Dr Raed recdaeovocaalorg Help Wanted PartTime Dantal Specialty olllce, with 2 lacollano Chair slde/(ront douk, cornputer skills and car needed Call anytimu or LM Join a WNNNG TEAM Our Purl Timo Cuslamor Sorvico RnprosontatiCos enjoy eur(y working hours on ultructive sulaiy, n a (ast pscod onnirunrnonl culling oar customers to obtain ltielr meat dapartment ordem Hours ara 78 am o 122 pin Monday throogh Frday Sand your resumn to hrmcentrulgrocors cam No phnna culls pnoso TELEMARKETNG Call (rom huma lar Amvets (or llinois area Na selling Calling lar donations Cull a228 Sumrtpnr fluai Owtìer/O perators 0 thor: )S'RitU '1'ON (LN1'Ï home Every Night Help Wanted FullTime Local Dellveies Help Wanted FullTime 113 Hgh Mrnual Gross Earnings t Best BOSS in the Yorld,YOU At Exel Direct, we put our customers first We are seeking Owner/ Operators who think the sama way but want the opportunity to run their Own business delivering furniture We are the leading provider of premium homo delivery of furniture and appliances to thousands of homes throughout North Ameriça Become part of our winning team by running your own business and being N CHARGE of your future Your Truck, Your Operation, YOiii Future! We Require: g The nbility O purchase a 26' straght truck g Upiront money for startup costs t Conuinerclai driving experience sa Clean MVR g,1 cooci credit Solid customer service skills Call and ask for Code LU1 wwwexeldirect corn AUTO ToDrivecom Search for a new or used car and view the latest reviews, videos and photo galleries at a Eeel Drect inc todil ycom Transportation SCHOOL SUS DRVERS Hkin9 nsw (or school bas dnnlng posi lions, Must be 21 wllh clean rnvio record, clean buckground Pui tralulng, compelitive rates Also kir ng (Or matar coach division Apply lx person at: Olson Transportation, nc, 1(34 N US HWY 41, Gumae Adult Care, Provider Adult Care, Wanted Child Care, Provder Chld Care, Wanted Adult Care Providèr A(lordublo in homo nonmodical cara Froc 4 hr ovo (or lo 10 call ers, (rae cansuitutlon MCE Cammunity Snnlor Caro, CARE FOR ELDERLY AVALABLE huyo relerences and experience Prelerrod live s don't dnvo Allergic to Cats Call Col Coreglvor anallabla Come & Go ar 2417 lvein Best price, All Loca Na P009 EngSpka Bondedhnsur e Help Wanted FullTime SUNTMES MEDA Looking tor a career n sales? 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We mould like (a talk with yan absul excling oppot(anilits Wo ato lasdn tor gtoa( (alenl (o juin oar (eam Cutmnhty, we lava oppurlunilies in our local Chicago area relail martels Responsibilities nclude now business developmenl hlosat praspecling, sales calls snd presenlatisns, as w(ll as selvicinu at accounls We lank tor highly malivaled individuals wih good communication skills and a cdslomer service odenlalion A csllepe degree and a minimum et ene year ut cales experience is desired SunTimes Media s a nelwelk ni 40 newspapers and 46 websites and mubilu editions Wilt natisnslly tecognized cnlutnnlsts and nnovative and lmaalnalivu cantent, Sunlimes Media s (he 10th latest daily newspaper gleup in (he counity, The tlalstip Chicana SanTimes s nne al the salinos mast visited newspaper wobsites, and experienced lecold gtawth in 2010 Addiliunal brands ncluding Pianeet Press, Thu Oninas, BeacunNews, HeraldNews, CourierNews, Pas(Tlibune and Lake Caunly NewoSun have been doiivurìnl hypollncal news o people's haces tar over 125 yearo Additional websites such as Rogartbertcom, Txürivecem, YxurSeasen colo nnd CenlerslaaeChicitlocom, cater to (ho enterlalsmenl, asta and hith school sporls enlhuslasts lo cor area Combining pun, mobile, and web content, we reach people n (ho cowlnunilien n which (hey live and wert Tagelherwilh ourpartnels, SunTimes Media has (he ability ta mpacl g Ql every 10 people incali in the Chicago Repinn We eiter a total rewards package (hat includes a lull hxneht packaga, an ancapped coatmissluo pmgam with a lucrative avbrachlovement incentive, sales contests that reward perteanaace thraughest the year and an eaci(lng cullinedia product line lest of ail, you can join a lean at tap notch adnertisin and media prolesnianais Rosones wlt cover letter should ho rtnailad, mallod sr tond ta the taliowktl address: SonTuneo Media A(tn: Human Resources Advertinina Account Esecolive 350 N Orleans, tos Chicato, il Fax: (312) nddless: hlwsuntimes,coin Please nntt Accoant Etecuilvo in (he nobjtct lint Na phone calls please Sunlimes Media is aa Equal Cppoflunity Employer Place an ad today SELL YOUR STUFF! ::: FLL A VACANCY! 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35 '0 ç 24 Poneer Press (DC) Thursday, July 7, 2011 HGHPAYNG HEALTHCARE CAREERS By Megan Malugani, Monster Contributing Writer Sure, doctors and dentists Sport salaries to match their degrees, and there are a number of highpaying nursing positions But you can earn a lucrative healthcare salary in a number of other jobs as well Here are seven toppaying clinical healthcare occupations requiring various degrees and certifications, with June data from our Salary Wizard: Chiropractor Median Salary: $129,420 Typical Requirements: Licensed with wo to four years of undergraduate work and a fouryear degree from a chiropractic coilege Due to the ncreasing demand for alternative and comp'ementary treatments, chiropractic jobs are expected to grow by more than 14 percent to an estimated 60,000 jobs from 2006 to 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Chiropractors must be able to deal with alt aspects of patient care, ncluding patient diagnosis, tab tests and treatment (mostly through spinat manipulation) And it's a career that lends itself to selfstarters roughly half of all chiropractors are selfemployed Find cfrfropractnr jobs Pharmactat Median Salary: $113,145 Typlcat Requirements: Licensed, with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree Students typcally do two to three years of undergraduate work followed by three to four years of graduate study at an accredited college of pharmacy While still dealing with the basic role of drug dispensing, pharmacists now do less compounding (physically combining ngredients to make medications) and more advising and counseling of patients and collaborating with other healthcare professionals The BLS projects big job growth an estimated 53,000 additional jobs in the timeframe as an aging population requires more medications One small drawback: With extended or aroundtheclock hours tor many hospital and even some community pharmacies, the hours vary and can include some nights and weekends Find pharmacist jobs Cardiopulmonary Pertuslonist Median Salary: $110,553 Typical Roqulromonls: Bachelor's degree followed by a one to fouryear perfustonlst program and the Certified Clinical Perfuslonist credential Working cfosely with anestheslologists and surgeons as a member of a surgical team, the cardiopulmonary perfusionist operates high tech medical equipment mainly heart/lung machines during openheart surgeries, organ transplants and other procedures Since cardiac surgery is often unplanned, this s most definitely an oncall position that combines chemical, mechanical and electrical expertise Perfuslonlsts often deal with longterm, postoperative care Find cardiopulmonary perfusionist jobs Optometrist Median Salary: $103,616 Typical Requirements: Most optometrists do four years of undergrad study before completing a fouryear program for a Doctor of Optometry degree Not to be confused with ophthalmologists (who perform eye surgery) or opticians (who help pick and fit eyeglasses and contact lenses), optometrists diagnose vision problems, prescribe glasses and contacts, and test for and treat eye diseases or problems Since most optometrists run their own practice or work far franchised vision stores, they often run an office as well The OLS projects optometry jobs wilt grow 1 1 percent between 2005 and 2016 as the population and its eyes age Find optometrist jobs Physcal Therapy Drector Median Salary: $100,841 Typical Requrements: Minimum of a bachelor's degree and extensive experience n the field Most directors are physical therapists, who now require a master's in physical therapy From setting policies to scheduling, the physical uo edgewater systems loi balanced ing CHEF MEDCAL OFFCER Under the administrative direction of the Chief Executive Officer, is responsible for compliance with ali clinical medical policies, directives, rules, regulations and clinical performance standards of the slate, the federal government, organization bylaws and accrediting bodies and serves as the corporation's ultimate authority on medical issues As a member of the senior leadership team, provides medical practice delivery development, implementation and evaluation in accordance with the goals, policies and standards of the program of Edgewater Systems Provides professional medical services as appropriate, and other related work, as designated by the Chief Executive Officer STAFF PSYCHATRST Supervise and direct the clinical activities of personnel performing various types of therapy administered in the care of mental health patients Perform diagnoses and evaluation of patients in their care Provides direct treatment in the context of individual group, and family setting Provides case and program consultation and training to staff May provide clinical supervision to other Center professional staff Prescribes therapeutic medication EOE To apply, send CV: wwwedgeiwatersystemsnet therapy director (PTD) deals directly with physical therapists while reporting to upper management While the position usually requires administrative expertise, many PTDs rise through thu physical therapist ranks The PTO s also responsible for ordering nventory, preparing budgets, supervising staff and dealing with departmental administrative tasks The physical therapy field s projected to grow by more than 20 percent between 2006 and 2016, according to the BLS, and more physical therapists mean more physical therapy directors Find physical therapy director jobs Medical Doslmotrlst Medan Salary: $96,946 Typical Requrements: Radiation therapy certification followed by specialized training or a twoyear dosimetry program As part of a radiation oncology team, medical dosimeirists helptreat cancerpatients bycalculafing the radiation dose needed to destroy tumors while leaving healthy tissue ntact Many in the field begin as radiation therapists before specializing in dosage distribution through a tough training program Hours are as standard as they get n healthcare generally 40 hours per week for weekday work The pay jump from radiation therapist to dosimetrist s roughly $25,000 per year Medical dosimetrists (who are also called radiation therapy dosimetrists) often report to radiation physicists, who oversee all radiation equipment and advise on treatment schedules and dosage The median salary for radiation physicists? More than $156,000 Find medical dosimetrist jobs Physican Assistant Median Salary: $89,431 Typical Requirements: Bachelor's degree followed by a twayear physician assistant program From faking medical histories to examining and diagnosing patients fo treating injuries, physician CNAs Wanted We are looking for friendly, dependable people willi,e!iab!e transportation lo help seniors in their homes CURRENTLY HRNC JAY SHFTS We offer healthcare & vacation benefits To apply, please ca/i: Padners in SeniDr Care at DRECTOR OF MEDCAL ÌJtit Pekin Hospital is recruiing a Director of Medical Unit s responsible lorthe 24 hour, 7 days a week, management of the Medical unit staff, supervision and delivery of quality patient care, operational, fiscal and materials management of the unit The unit consists of 31beds and approximately 30 FEs A qualified candidate will have a current L Registered Nurse license and a Bachelor's degree or currently pursuing 3 years or more of unit management experience required Pekin Hosptal sa 125bed communityhospllai, located approximately 3 hours south of Chicago To learn more about this great opportunity or other Job opportuntes, visit wwwpekinhospitalorg assistants (PAs) may work directly under a physician, but may also provide primary care n many states With more physicians and hospitals relying on PAs ta provide primary care fo reduce costs, the PA job outlook is excellent, with the BLS projecting an estimated 18,000 more jobs between vgi'ythlng:you Love About Nursing Right Here! Gateway Regional Medcal Center (GRMC), is a 282bed acutecare facility with a 100bed behavioral health unit conveniently located O miles from downtown St Louis, MO f you are interested in joining a team where contributions are acknowledged and staff is treated as the facility's most valuable asset then, see what we have to offer! Current opportunities are available in the following areas: Director Perioperative Services Cardiac Cath/EP Lab Director Charge Nurse Acute Medicine & Telemetry RNs: Critical Care, Acute Medicine & Telemetry, Medical/Surgical & Orthopedics, Occupational Health, Behavioral Health Service, Wound CarePRN llinois RN license or eligible for endorsement required Apply directly lo our website, wwwgatewayregionalnet today! Gateway Regonal Medical Center Human Resources 2100 Madison Ave, Granite City, L Contact Jill: , HR: , Fax: EOE GATEWAY REGONAL q; MEDCAL CENTER July? Oaktan Communty College Cantinulng Education Des Plaines Campus, L Play Therapy: A Developmental Approach to St rateglus and Modalities Oakfon Community College Continuing Education Des Plaines Campus For nformation call (847) 6351O or (847) July11, 18&25 valley West Cemmunily Hospilal/Ksh Health System Sandwich, L Diabetes: Success with SelfManagement: Learn the latest n diabetes care with an emphasis en the positives Take the nitiative now to control your diabetes and not allow t ta control you Call for more nformation and cosi July 11, 18, & 25, 8 ans 12 pm Valley West Medical Office Beilding, 1310 N Main Street, Sandwich, illicols , Call for Price July11 Silver Cross Hospital Jouet, L AHA Heartsavor CPR & AED: Participants will learn adult, child and nfant CPB, rescue from choking, and how to use an automated external defibrillator Copyright 2010 Monster Worldwide, nc All Rights Reserved You may not copy, reproduce or distribute this article without the prior wriiien permission of Monster Worldwide This article first appeared on Monster, the leading online glebal network for careers To see other careerrelated articles, visit: edoewater b systems 101 balanced living THERAPST ll A member of an all interdisciplinary team, provides psychotherapy and diagnostic assessments, counseling in the context of the individual, group and family structure, also ensures that case management functions are delivered to clients Work within the framework of managed care insurance plans to deliver the highest quality of care while ensuring compliance for reimbursement Masterdegree in a mental health discipline, with a professional license, such as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) or Licensed Clinical Addictions Counselor (LCAC) EOE To apply, send CV: apearson@edgewatersystemsorg wwwedgewatersystemsnet Healthcaró lu rs in g ÈéíittS;i (AED) This class s not for healthcare providers They should register for AMA Healthcare Provider CPR This class s for employees, adoptive parents, fitness nstructors etc This course s NOT for health care professionals (RN, LPN, Certified Nurse Assistants, Paramedics, EMT's or students enter ng school) Silver Cross Hospital, 1200 Maple Rd, Juliet L 60432, Conference Center, Room iuoi Class/Event Fee: $4500 Credit Cards Accepted July 11, 20ff 5:30 PM July 11, :00 PM Enrollment Deadline: July 9, :00 PM Please be sure to wear comfortable clothing Please call to cancel lt unableto offend July28 DaMon Community Coilee Continuing Educaton Skoklo Campes, Emotional Unemployment: A Therapist's Guide lo Helping Those Facng Job nsecurity and Transifinn DaMon Community College Continuing Education, Sfçokle Campus For information call (847) g or 1847) Mr Condittoners Antiques, CoflecttbleS Appliances Arts, Crafts, Hobbies Auctions Building Material Business Equipment Clothing, Furs Electronics, Accessories Estate Saies Exercse Equipment Farm and Gardening Farm Equipment Firewood Flea Markets Food, Produce Furniture Giveaways Horses Jewelry Lawn, Garden Equipment Machinery, Tools Medical Equpment Misc Merchandise Musical instruments Office Furniture Resale Shops Snow Removal Equipment Sporting Goods Swap, Trade Swmmng Pools, Supplies Tickets Wanted to Buy Antiques and Collectibles * * ESTATESALES* * 7619 Orole, Nio Sat 94, Sun e4 GuingS Opens 7:3Sum Mahoguny ibis Crys lamps, 28R nuls, chromo kit sat, bkcasu, old biko Liudros lots 01 nwuiry gold, &vr, 30s boong glavus, many dishos, plan, bks, turs, dep elans, typowntor, codar chest roc, linons, gall clubs, port sowng mach handicapped items, tools 5olo by AnnaMarlu FND YOUR PERFECT PET N THE CLASSFEDS Answers to Super Crossword Antiques and Collectibles ANTQUE AUCTON Tues, July 12th, 3:00 10:00 PM 7232 N Wostarn Ave, Chgo Western Springs EstaCo & Other Saletas & Consfgnmontst tocludos: Pc 01 Tall uronzo Candloholders wfspider Web Designs: Very Ornately COrned Desk w/hutch Top: Ornately Corned Library Table: Fine Anlq Stained Glass Window; 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Tools, household llamo appliances, eleclranics & morel You name il we probably have it MORTON GROVE Thars, Fri 6 Sat Sam'Zpm 5937 Madison, Golf Clubs, Bogs, Art, Frames, Kitchen & Bathroom, Sports Memorabilia, etc MULTFAMLY YARO SALE 2600 Block Lawndaie Ave, Evanston SAT July 2nd 92 Rain Dale Sal July 9 Antiques, luto, eh/na, books, housewares, clothes, dulihouse, ele Something ter everyonel MultiFamily! NORRDGE 496E North PiEsburgh July Elk, 9th end 10th, 9am4pm Something for everyanel Jon,t Mi 17t N " : " 'ó 5439 "ondhil 'r, E pl Wuukeyan beiween Shermer 6 Walters, Fn 7/8Sal 7/9, 9am4pm, Garage eohiiquel Chairs sola dressers, lomps Antiques, paintlegs srnlage aweiry 6 collectibles NORTHBROOK 3613 RUSSEiT LANE Fri 6 Sal 9am4pm Mciii Family Vintage toys, ra/es collectibles, antiques, lumilure, unasaat items, glassware asd morel Norlhbrook 945 Huckleberry La, Sat/Sun, Zig10, 94pm Furniture Books, toys, clothng, housewares kltchenwuro, Ail Must Gol priced to Sollt NORTHEROOK GARAGE SALE SAT JULY 9th 9:00 arn3 00 pnv Fumo,loys,trampol,ne,apps clnrhes, booku,vlc 2567 WALTE1Rd AVE 12 blka east al Plingsine blwn Wi/low and Dundea NORTHBROOK Mu/li Family Moving Salat Thursday and Fnday, July 71k und 815 gam3pm and Salurday, July nh, 9am000n 1249 Ridgawood Drive OAK PARK block al 14 Kesilwomth Ano, MultiFamily Sala, Saturday 7/9 8:3Oamlpm Hvusnhotd items, lighting, lamitumo, antiques toys a 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Salol Beaalilul Salol Furniture Cuslom Jewelry, 5/rck knacks horno decor, antiques moyo 9orden decor and so much morel some' ihing lnr evaryonol Skoklo, 1513 Tripo Ave Friday Sunday July 8rh/Oth, loam 5pm Household tems, restauravi items, electron/cs, clolhes, orn moro SKOKE MULTFAMLY SALE 4200 Block 01 BOBOLNK SAT and SUN ' JULY g and JULY 10 9AM 3PM NEW and USED TEMS GREAT PR/CES Wadsworth 3341 Mldiane Dr Fri 7/8Sun 7/lo gampm Depression glass, elegant gloso, lenlon, vintage hasta, chydrens seodeg machines, vintage toys lionel, nd records, ha' by tems niant ueallswing lumrlvro WA K AN ' ri on av e'io, Lynn Terrace Tools, toys, men 6 wamens clothng alt sizes, mum, household, compaler desk, books, shoes, too's 01 items bss Western Spnngs Annual Chany Garage Sale Fri 7/B & Sal 7/9 9o4p 3843 Hampton Proceeds banelil homeless an/mais Fam HhldiXrtch electron/cs, Gar den ilems Games, Dolls, Loather Jackets, ilome Decor, much more Westem Sprngs Fri July 8, 8am 2pm 6 Sal July 9, eam2pm 5136 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2 Edran $900, incdo heal, lausdry & parking mmediate Occp GRE prop EDSON PARK 2 BEDROOM UN REACH DiTTO MORE Trains Lionel American Flyer FURNSHED APARTMENT FOR Old arbia Dolls, D Joes, RENT 2 BEDROOMS i BATH and Old Toys QUALFED LOCAL STOVE REFRGERATOR, AC pay cash, Call NO PEFS HO SMOKNG WALK CANDDATES N TO EDSON PARK METRA STAlON (847) WE ARE BU?NG US 6 FOREGN SLVER & GOLD CONS icc CHCAGOLAND WTH mtdwenlnurnlsmatics@gmnllcorr, * EDSON PARK AREA * MONSTER, CALL Olmsted Ovortilll 1 Bedroom, 1 BaiN No pets, Near Moira, ' Near Shopping $870/month McLortnan 9nT F J r' i 2 ih y N f'ñ' N N r ' 'r i ' t _ yr Apartments, Unfurnd Cook County Chgo N ONE MONTH FREE W louhy Wull malnialned bslldlng newt decorated Healed, Clase to CT thops, etc mmediata occupancy Seo todayl Bedroom $755 2Eedroom $855 ro VEW APT CALL A at Hallmark & Johnson PARK RDGE Busso lfldrm, loath Available immed, Near Maire 9 Shopping $745/mo McLennan SKOKE NLES CENTER RD Lonely 1BR's sais Avsllabla NowLargor modern kilohons & balhs Storage laundry a park ng Heat incfudad Call Tony cta Cook County Chgo S CHCAGO SOUTH Larga 4 BR, lull LR, DR hdwd 1100m, 1 car gar, basemenlincl mo sec Seclian 8 welcome ONE MONTh FR W Bryn Mawr Boautilut newly remodeled apart' mento, must 5,3 seenl New kitchens, newly liled balhs New wall la wail carpeting avd hardwood honro, ein Heated imrnxdlaio oupaecy Sea todayll One Bedroom S758$765 To View Ap Call Lobo Haltmsrk & Johnson ONE MONTH FABEl N Lincoln Raro opportunily to ren newly remodeled opts al below market rena Must be seenl New kitchens newly liad baths, new wail to wall carpeting acri heded hirs, vin Hauled mmediata occupancy Seo todoyl 1 Bedroom $755 To view Apt Cali Lube Hallmark S Johnson Apa For 66x1 SOUTH 1949 Eas 78th Sl, 2nd lnar i bedroom, newly remodeled, hardwood bero, appliances 875/monlh* suis Cook County Suburban Apt For ent *BELLW000* 2 bdrm apt Nice lacasen $820/monlh plus security, includes hnat, waler, oppio *Cail Joe * ELMW000 PARK 3 bedroom, $1400) month, ncludes heat, oppliunces, available now, credit check Call EVANSTON AUSTN Dolirihllul 2651 on Ridgo Ava near St Francis Hoop/al central a/c, lsd heal ho Wir reserved prkng, mod Orn al w/ ow and disposal Avail now $1150 Chadio, FOREST PARK 3ER, remodeled kitchon, cooking gos, heat S waler xci close to ba Blue Lina, $1300 Coil Jerry, Glenview 1,2,3 Sda LUXURY RESDENCES Valley Lo Towers i 1910 Chestnut Ave Call (847) x200 Mon Frl 9:30 5pm WwWnalteylotsworscon, HARW000 HEGHTS, 3br iba, strani parking, hardwood tloors, 5100e, refrigeralor, vnry clean, no pets MORTON GROVE immod Ose 2BR 2BA, elev bldg i healed lndr prkg sp All appics md m/d in uni No pets aliowad Near rain slalion, 2 yrivase $14 50$ To PLACE YOUR COMPLEX, APARTMENT, OR HOME RENTAL N THiS GUDE PLEASE CALL THE SOUTHTOWNSTAR TODAY!!! Apartments, Unturnd Cook County Suburban NDRRDGE 1 BR, 2nd loor, new carpet & appliances, lreoh paint $720/mo + alilo + sec No pals Call Oak Parir 2 bedroom, nice lila klcken ant balh, hardwood iloors, dlshwosher, a/c, Clase to L, $925/monlh Oak Park Snulh, 3 bedroom, 1 balh, top floor, 1 parking space provided, 51200/month i monlh secunty No ulililles OAK PARK: Sludio (25 Rooms) $650 1BR $750, Wvhnglon S Kenilworth Hdwd him now kil, LR Cobla ready Ldry n bldg Ht inc No Dogs (773) SheEn 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms 5240 West laliiz Unheated Elevolor, parkinri, loandry so noch llore, slants at $ SKOKE: Grove Oatstundieg Building Spacioas 5 Room' 2 Bedroom Lltrt, airy/remodaied, ceillnss lavo Garage uvoll Heat ncluded Janitor on premises, close ho Devonshire Park Call Bobby or Hallmark S Johnson Skokle, 5 rooms, 2BR Apartment, tow rent, heal S hot water ncluded, ist lase Cali Lake County Highland Park 2 bedroom, ist loor opt all electric, close lo lawn and rain, no pets, $970 a mnnlh ***Coli 847'831a050*** HGHLAND PARK EAST Spas 2 br/old, nica kil, oak bins, WFP 5lN nd Nr Luke, shops, im, Gar avail $1326 S $is76 Now CondosTownhomes CookCounty Chgo N GLENVEW CT CONDO 2BR 2BA $1100; Avail Now, Heal nctcd GRE prop Loop Lonury Cundo 600 uq stsdio,lail kitchen; 240 sncurily; w/d n unit; quivt; necerrm;$l175; Cook County Chgo S CoOk County Siburbàn CondosTownhomes Cook County Suburban Skoklo Lotus Conddmlniums BedroOm/S820 For Apple Call NORTHFELD 3BR, 2BA rancr, Now hll, i c par, big hndd yd W/dock, New Trer, pets 0k $1975 (847) Suburbs, BENTO OWN Boy with No closing costs and 9x1 help wilh your credit Call er violi wwwshbacom Lake County Deerhield, 1557 Gordon Terrado 3BR, 2BA, hrdwd 11m, lin bsml 25 car gar, deck w/ rg bd3rd, $1900/mo Call Beach Pork, Remodeled, 3BR 15BA 2 car garage, washerfdcyar, no pats $1 150/mo y 1mo Sec Dep Tenont pays stils Rooms Cook County Chgo N McGaw YMCA EVANSTON Reams for Men w/maid samba, daily S wenhly rates; $r3l S up iricludos uve oh lacililias cali thu V tor availabilily 1000 Groen eat 214 Vacation, Reort Michigan City, in, on ba beach, 3 bedroom condo, plus lndonr pool, $000/week, 4 week mnimum, Shore Your Specal Car Healed, secare Mnslh or Anoual Ails Sloroge Cook County Chgo S HARWOOD HEGHTS 2,90010,600SF W6BCB RETALJOFFCE 4600 N Harlem 7,800 10,000 relnll sq ht & 2,000 clice sq ht ironic coune 26,000 volnlclos/dny wwwjosephlreateslabenoh Cook County Suburban SKOKE OFFCE SPACE 2 ROOM OFFCE SUTE Available August 1 $6001Mo N THE 4240 DEMPSTER BLDG ncludes: All Utllitlea Air Conditioning s Large Common Reception Area s Large FREE Parking Area CALL FOR APPONTMENT Wilfred Jacobson & Co (847) FAST Call OO or go to p,ofleerlocalcomlmaii(etplace EilteT P1050 Code Ronls) t" 05) f1051 Code Renla) 1' wbolt placing your ad 2 wrek minimum purchase Nvrcnnpucl odvertisert only coupon per cuslonrer Nare(aild Olterends 7/31/l Garages Lake County Waokegnn, garage br ren, zoned light ndaslrhal, 664 sq t moldo stor000, plus athic end oulside $585/month Call Llncotnwooch, 2000 s ndush/at 6511, 80% shop opaco 10% duda, Nico Sola Area $i800/msnlh, Contact Les or Rob, StorageWarehoue Lake County GRAYSLAKE: 1350 sq)t THangar Slorage Alrplono, Collndhor Cars, Mntorcy de , Mr, Nano CHCAGO 5151 N Harlem OFFCE SPACE FOR RENT $250 Move is Fee No oecurit Deposit and 2 Months Freellli SqFi Muo Sneill Greal Locaton Ready in?juvn n OnSio Parkng Llght, Erigh Spaces Excellent Fool Trolfl Heotlsg ncluded Call Braco 7734e14191 Cook County ChgóSì Chicago, Edgebrook, Prolossisnal nr Medical ottica space, ish livor, 1200 oh with common wailing rovix u bahhrooms Geore y029 Cook County Suburban LlncolriwoodSkokieNos SF Top Notch Otlido sltes mperial Skokle st mo rent St 2nd mo rest $2, L'L 011ices or Rent Nr Toahy & Edans 301% 400l1000ltl200li May combina, no OalraS, niohlly cfean up Call 84T Houses Townhomes Condos, Lofts Duplex Open Houses Mobile Homes Manufactured Homes Apartment Buildings CoOp Apartments Senior Housing Commercial, ndustrial Farms, Farmland Homes Built to Order Vacant Property Vacation Property ncome Property nvestment Property Lots Real Estate Auctions Real Estate Wanted Real Estate Misc OutOfTown Real Est OutOfTown, Commercial Lakes, Resort Property Mortgages, Loans Homeowners nsurance Real Estate Seminars Real Estate Services Judicial Sales Legai, Hoúses'1 Cook County Suburban ELMW000 PARK 2 sly sind lam (3 BR's) w/ BR gardon ap w/ huge walkis cedar dosel parlocl inlaw silulallon Built a la 1 block s trans S olorus, 2 car gar, patio, ndry rm $250, or 63osaan9?O RENT YOUR APARTMENT Willi EASE N TUE CASSFEDS CALL TO PLACE YOUR AD PONEER PRESS *ige Sale Guide Address øeách,fak N Calder 5400 North Lieb Ave %' P!! th Ct 2216 N 76th Ave i 841 N 74th Ct 2117 N 76th Ave 2315 N 73rd Ave Eflstoii 1315 Dewey Ave 3000 Central St Fraflin Pärk 3049 Louis Street KädHM, 4528 N Narragansett 7456 W ANSLE STR Highland Pk 1943 Elmwood Dr 1111 Wade Street 86 Prospect Ave 1107 Thorn Tree n Unsdale 5 Ñ Elm St La Qran9e 6311 Laurel Ave 604 South 10th Ave kiff 404 Glen Ave Lake Forest 7go Tisbury Lane Thursday SS Friday 9am3pm 9am5pm Bam4pm 9am5pm 83 Bam3pm loam4pm ldamspm ldam2pm 9am 3pm 95 ßam4pm 9am4pm 9am3pm Saturday 9am3pm 9am5pm 8am4pm 9am5pm 83 8am3pm loam4pm 9am4pm loam4pm 9am 3pm 95 8am4pm Bam4pm loam3pm 9am4pm 9am1 2pm Sunday 9am4pm 9am3pm l'amspm 9am5pm llam4pm 9am3pm ' 9am1 pm a 11 S ' :i Address Zrh 135 S BJESCHNG RD rt1l! 616 Harvard Lane 630 East Golf Rd âìvièhfñ 3 Exmoor n 9am3pm 9amSpm 7008 Lexington Lane 9am 4pm 9am 4pm 9am 4pm 1439 Woodhiil Drive 9am4pm 1249 Ridgewood Drive 9am3pm 9am3pm 945 Huckleberry Ln Ók:iïi 5336 Stony Creek Or 9am 3pm 9am 3pm 9am 3pm 810 South Cuyler 700 N Elmwood Ave 2144 Manor Lane N Meactiam Ave 200 Block of Ashland Laihrop kokie 9520 Lorel Ave 5136 Centra 3843 Hampton 2229 Chestnut Ave!! ik 421 Old Darby Ln S Thursday, July 7, 2011 Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday ßamlpm 8amlpm 9am3pm 9am3pm 9am3pm 9amto5pm 9amto5pm 9amto5pm 9amto5pm loam to 4pm Barn 12pm 9am4pm 9am2pm il i ii s s Pioneer Press (DC) 9am4pm 9am1 2pm 9am4pm 9am2pm Sami 2pm 9am2pm loam to 4pm 8am 12pm 9am4pm 9am2pm gam4pm 93 i Oam4pm 8am4pm Bam4pm Bam4pm : r i t r 27 J

37 Houses DuPage County *****Houso for SaJo***** Sonously Sophshcated Manhattan style Luxuty Home with amonitles liko a list el Whos Who Boasting Orando, Hardwood, Marble Crown, Stano, Brazilian Cherry, talntoss and Slate, 2,800 Sq Ft Finished Walk oat ground level lully finished basement Apartmentt to Law Arrangement wfpnvate entrance Full kitchen, 4th Br, Stainless apttlian ces, High end Slate Full Bath, 5GO to deck + patio Train S Hummer Park Block Hqh Etticiency Furnace & 75 Gallan HWH, Anderson windows, Wiring lar media, Bra2il an Cherry wood throughout ist lloor with 10 ceilings, 9+ Vaulted Grand Muster Br, WC and Lux S:tlh Suite Built n OR cabinets W talian Marble Tootterl Apartment Buildings CookCounty Suburban BELLW000 6 witt opt btdq for Sale S units (25W1 BA) unit [irr, iba) S car orkng lot Positive cash flow T OutOfTown Real Est LTTLECEDARLAÇE West Bend, W 50 East shore S Donna Steinhardt, First Weber Group, Judicial SalesReal Est SKO<B 114 THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON TRUST COMPANY, NATON AL ASSOCATON AS GAANTOR TRUSTEE OF THE PROTUM MASTER GRANTOR TRUST Pluiritilt, vs ARVYDAS CEPAS AKA ARVtDAS CEPAS, AUDRONE CEPNE; CLFFORD WENER; SPARK'S ELECTRCAL CORP' AG MECHAN CAL, NC CONTRACTORS MATERAL, NC; UÑTED STATES FRE PROTECTON LLNOS NC; UNKNOWN OCCUPANTS; UN known OWNERS AND NONRECORD CLAMANTS, Onlendunts, 08 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant to a Judgment ol Foreclosure and Sale entered n the above entitled casse on July 26, nlercounly Judicial Sales Corporation will on Monday, July 25, 201 i 91 hn hour u m in their silice at 120 bvesl Madison Street, Suite 7185, Chicago, llinois, sell al public Onction to the highest bidder lar cash, us sel orth below, the following describnd morigoged real estate: PN 1Ot9200tt4O Commonly known as 95i0 North Lowell Avenue, Skakin, L 60117E, The rnortyagvd real estato io improved with a sinple lamily residence tire subject mortgaged resi estate is a unit ot a common isteres cnmmunily, hn parchaser of hn unit other ban a mortgagee shall pay hn assessments required by subsection (gi) of Section 18 5 n hn Condominium Property Act Soie terms: 10% down by cnrtilreci funds, balance, bji certilied funds, within 24 hours Na relands The properly wiii NO bn open tor inspectisn For nlormation cali Salvo Clerk at Lain Clices 01 tra T Novel, ils North Frankiin Street, Chicago, llinois ) 357ii25 NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Seliing 011icer, t363i62 Pub: 6/30, 7l7, 7/14/2Qii #95565 Judicial SalesRéai Est Judicial SalesReal Est Judicial SalesReàlEst SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON ONEWEST BANK FEB Piainlill, MOHAMMED T SULTAN el al Defendant 05 Cf i NOTCE OP SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant to o Judgment el Foreclosure and Suie entered in the above cause on February 3, 201G, an agent of The Judicial Subs Corporatino, will al io:30 AM on July 27, 201, al the The Judicial Sales Corporatios, One South Wacker Drive 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 60606, nell at public auction o tha highest bidder, as set forth below hn lottowing descnbed real eslate:cornmoniy known as 7708 NLS DEN TER ROAD, SKOKE, L Properly leden No The real estala s improved with a residence Sale terms: 25% down nl the highest bid by certified funds at hn Clone al the unction; Thn bnlunce, including the Judicial sala lee orabandonvd Residential Property Municipality Relict Fund, which is calculated en residenlist rout estate at hn rate at S for each or fraction hereot s the amount purd by the purchauer not la eocvod $300 in cerhljed lunds, io dan within twentyfour (24) hsurs No len shall be paid by hn mnrtgagen acqairing the residential roui estate pursuant to its credit bid at ha 551v orby any mortgagee, judgreunt creditor nr other honor ucquinng the residonlial real estate whose ri5hls in and to thu residential real estale arose prior to the sala Thu ssbtect property s subject lo general real estate taoes special assessments, or special tanes levied ayaiest said real estate and is altered or sale withgot any representation as to quality or quantity at title and without recourse lo Plaintill and le AS S condilion The sale is lasher subject to contirmation by hn court f hn sate is set aside tor any reason, thu Purchaser al the sale shall be entitled only to a netsrn uf hn deposit paid The Purchaser,,,pholl have no lasher recourse oguinst the Mortgagor, the Mortgagee nr hn Mortgagee'u attorney Upon payment n full al the amount bid, the purchaser will receive a Cerlilicate of Sale that wiil entitle the pur' chaser o a deed to the real estate alter confirmation of hn salo Thu property will NOT be opon for inspection and plaintilt makes no lepreseotutlon as lo the condition of the property Prospeclive bidders are udmnnished lo chock the court hn n verity all ntormation this properle s a condominium unit, the putchasor el the unit at thu lorectosuro sale, other thon a mortgagee shall pay the assessments and the legal leen required by The ondaminium Property Act, 765 LCS 6OSSg)(i) and g)(4) t this property is a cononminlem unit which is purl st a common inletest Community, the purchaser el the unit ut the foreclosure ealo other than a mortgagee shall pay the assessments renuired by The Condomlnisrn Property Act 765 LCS gl F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOMEÓWNERJ, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 20 DAYS AFTER EN TRY OF AN ORDER OP POSSESSON N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE tlltno MORTGAGE FORECLO SURE LAW Fon inlnrrsation, contact Plaintill's attorney: The Sate Clerk CODLtS & ASSOCATES PC, i5w030 NORTH FRONT AGE 1OAD SUTE 100, BURR RDGE tl 60527, (630) E betwoen the hours st i and 3 PM only and ask tor the sales department Please retor to hie number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Dna South Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicago, L i2) 2116SALE You can also visit The Judicial Sales Corporation at www,jsccom (or a 7 day etalus rejiort el pendins sates COOLS 6 ASSOCATES PC 15W030 NOTH FRONThOE ROAD SUTE 100 BURR RDÓE, L (630) At 'îömev File 'No: ARDC# Attorney Code Case 6 09 CH NOTE: Pursuant to the Fuir Debt Colleclion Practicas Act, you uro advsed that Plaintill's attorney is deemed to be a debt collector altumpting o collect a debt and any informaton obtained wilt be used for that purpose Pub: 6/30, 7/1, 7/14/2011 #85619 BUFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY OVSON ThE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON F/N/A THE BANK OF NEW YORK AS SUCCESSOR N NTERET TO JPMORGAN CHASE BANK NA AS TRUSTEE FOR STRUCTURED ASSET MORTGAGE NVESTMENTS lt NC BEAR STEARNS ALTA TRUST 20058, MORTGAGE PASSTHROUGH CERTFCATES, SERES Plantilt, UM TENEKEOZHEV, et at Defendant 0g CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pur osant to a Judoment of Foreclosure and Sale entered n the above causo os May T6, 2011, an ugent 01 The Judicial Sales Corporation, will at 1030 AM on August 18, 201 1, at the The Judicial Salua Corporation, One South Wacker Dove 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 60606, sell ut public auction to the hghest bidder, as set forth below, the taltornng described real eotalo:commonty known us 10 OLD OAK DRVE UNT #201, BUFFALO GROVE L Property loden No i1021, The real estate s mproved with a resdence Sale terms: 25% down of the highest bld by certified tundo ut the close of the anctios; The balance, including thu Judicial salo ten tor Abandoned Residential Property Muncipality Relief Fund, which localcutated en residential neat ostato ut the rato of Si tor each $1,000 or traction thoreot et the amount paid by the purchaser traf ta enceed $3011 in certitied tundo, n due within twentyfour 124) hours No toe shalt be paid by the mortgagee acquirng the residential realestate pursuant to ts credit bid at lto sale sr by any mortgagee, tudgment creditor, or other tinner acquiring the residential real octale whose egels in and to the resldontiul teal ostato arose poor to the cale, The subject property s subject to general real estate tacen, epeclal aooeoamonto, or special taxes levied against said real estate and s elfored tor salo without any reprnsonlation as ta quality or quantity of titlnund without recourse to Plaintiff and n AS S condition The salt, s tar then sobject to confirmation by the coart lt the sale is un asido lar any reason, the Purchaser ut hn sale shall be entitled only lo a return et the deposit paid The Purchaser shall hune no further recourse ogalnst hn Mnrtgsgor, the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee's attorney Upon payment in lull of the amaunt hid, the purchaser will recebe a Certificate of Sale that will entitle the purchaser ta a deed to the real estate alten confirmation of the sale The property will NOT be opes to( inspection and plaintill makes no ropreoentation as to the condition of the property Prospective bidders aro admonished to check the court file to venty all ntarmatiso l this property io a condominium unit, the purchaser of tre unit at the foreclosure sale, other than a mnrtgagne, shall pan the assessments and the tonal tees required by The Condo' minium Property Act, 765 LCS 605/9g)(1) and (g)14) lt thin property s a condominium unit which s part at u comrnsn nterest community, hn purchaser at tre unit at the foreclosure salo other than a mortgagee shall trae the assessments reqoired bi' The Cnndemlniam Property Act, 765 tcs BsS/iS 51g11 F YOU ARE THE MORTGA GOR HOMEOWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO GEMAN N POS SESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER DF POS SESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON i5170i(c) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW Fer information con' tact Plaintiffs attorney: The Salo Clerk, CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC, i5w035 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, between the hours at and 3 PM oele ucd ask fer hn salua department Please ruler ta filo number i i7 THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacher Orion, 24th Floor, Chicago, L 6060e4650 (312) 236SALE You can also visit The,ludìcial Sates Csrporahan at maim tjsc cam for a 7 day status report uf pendiert salen COOLS S ASSOCATES, P0 iswo3o NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L ) Attorney File No: ARDCC 004E8002 Attorney Code Cuso e os CH NOTE: Pursoaot to hn Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you aro advised that Plainlitt's attorney is deemed to be t debt collector attempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be onnd for that aursone Putt: 7(7, 7/14, 7/21/2011 #98578 MORTON GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON DEUTSCHE BANK NATONAL TRUST COMPANY AS TRUSTEE FOR PFML MORTGAGE PASSTHROUGH CERTFCATES, SERlES 200eFF1 i Plaintill, :;E '(UN SONG A/K/A JEE SONG, el at Defendant 09 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that purnuant to a Judmont of Foreclasuro and Salo ontetod n the above casse on Muy 10, 2010, an agent of The Judicial Saleu Corporation, will at 10:30 AM On July 29, 20h, at the The Judicial Sales Corporalion, One South WackorOrive 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 60606, sol at public auclinn to the highest bidder, au ont forth below, the following described mal enlato Commonly known an 6145 MAYFAR STREET UNT i2'3, MORTON GROVE, L Property lndna No tOSO, Property ndon No lundn,ying pin ) The real estate is irnptovird with a residence Sala lenas' 25% down al the highest bid by certihod funds ut the close el the auctlan, The balonce, including the Judicial culo tee for Abandoned Residential Propet p Municipality Relief Fund, Which is calculated on residential real estato al the ralo of St for each Si 000 or traction thereof of hn amount paid by the purchaser not to eeceed 5305 in certitied funds, s due within twentyfour (24) hours No leu shall bu paid by the mortgugco acqoining the residential real estate punsuant to its credit bid at the san Orby any reongagee, judgment creditor, or alkor honor acquiring hn residential teal estate whose nghlo in and ta the renldevlial real estalo arase prior la hn sale The subject ptapnrty is subject la general teat estate tunos, special assessments, or special taaus levied agaleot sad real enbte and lo ollared for sale without any representation as to quality or quantyy et litio and Without recourse to Plaintilt and in "AS S" condition The sale n further subject to canlirmallan by the court lt the cale s sel aside for any reason, the Purchaser al the salo shall bu entitled only o a return al the deposit paid The Purchaser shall have na tarthor recourse againnt the Martnagar, ba Mortgarten an the Mortgagee's attorney Upon payment in Gl of the amount bid, the psrchasor will receiae a Cerlificafe of Salo that will enhle the aurchaser ta a deed to tre real estate aller confirmation at the sale 'Plie property will NOT be open tor inspection and plaintilt makes no repreoentatian art ta hn condition of the property Prospectiva biddero are admonished to check the court lilo to venly all information f lias propenv s a condominium Unit, the purchaser el the unit ut hn faroclosuro sale, albor than a martgagne, shall puy ho 05005xmento and tlo tegal tees required by The Condominium Ptaporty Act, 765 LCS 60519(g)(1) und lg)14 l this property is a condominium unit which s tras st a cammon inlereot commavily, the purchaser of hn unit ut the foreclosure salo other than u mortg0000 shall pan nn assnssmnets roquired by The Condominium Property Act 765 LCS 605/t8Elait F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEOWNER) YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 bays AFTER EN TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE llllno MORTGAGE FDRECLO SURE LAW For nfnrmation, contact Plaintilrs attorney: The Sale Clerk, COOLS & ASSOCATES PC, iswo3o NORTH FRONT AGE ROAO, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE L 60527, (630) betwoen the hours of and 3 PM oely end ask lar hn nalca department Please roter to fila nomber , THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Soslh Wacker Dove, 24th Floor, Chica' go L (312) 236SALE You caa also nisit The Judicial Sales Corporation ut wwwtlsccom tar u 7 day status repart al pondlori sales CODLS & ASSOCATES PC 15W030 NORTH FRONT AGE ROAD, SUTE tog BURR RDE, L ) 79t9876 Altarnen Rn Na,: i ARDCe 004E8002 Attorney Codo Case l 09 CH NOTE: Pursuant to the Fair Debt Calleelion Practices nd, O5 ara edeised that Planlitt'a attorney in deemed ta be u debt collector attempting to collect a debt and any nformation abtal000 will be used lar that purpose Pub: 7/7, 7/14, 7/21/2011 #58630 Judicial SalesReal Est Judicial SalesReal Est SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON HOYNE SAVNGS BANK, Plaiolitt, vs GEORGE W SMOULS, MAR CRUZ SMOULS, UNKNOWN OWNERS AND NONRECORD CLAMANTS; Dol ondanls, 0g CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE s hereby given that pursuant la a Judgment el Fareclosure entered io hn above eelilled cause an Fobrsary 10, 2010, ntercoeoly Judicial Sales Corparaban will on Monday, Aegust i, 201 1, al hn baer al i a m n their office at 120 Wos Madison Street Seite 718A, Chicaga, llinalo, sell to hn highest bidder ter cash, he following doscrbed mortgaged real enlate: Commonly known as 7555 NORTH KEELER, SKOKE, L PN pot0000, i e20090 The improvement en the prnpnrty cansisls et a single family rosidence f hn subject tnsrtgaged real estate s a Unit et a commun ntereut community, the eutchaser of hn unit other than a martgagen shall pay the assessmnnls resulted by subsectisn (gi) et Section 185 at hn Condominium Properly Act Salatermn: Bidders maul present, ut hn lima at sato s cashlnr'a er certified Chock for 10% of hn succosslul bid amount the balance of the uuccesuful bid chah be pad within 24 hours, by similar fundo The property will NOT be open for inspection Far nfarmalian call Mr Brandon R Freed ut Plaintiff's Attorney Rolf, Weideoaar S Reidy, LTD, 222 North LuSalo Streol, Chicuga, llinois NERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Selling Otticnr, 1312) Pub: 7!?, 7/14, 721t201 i #986i8 BUFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT ' CHANCERY DVSON THE BANK OF NEW YORK MELLON FCA THE BANK OF NEW YORK AS TRUSTEE FOR THE CERTFCATEHOLDERS CWALT, NC, ALTERNATVE LOAN TRUST 200ei 1DB MORTGAGE PASS THROUGH CERTFCATES, SERES 20061iCB; Plaintiff, 5VNAS JOCONS MORTGAGE ELECTRONC REGSTRATON SYSTEMS, NC ; UNkNOWN HERS AND LEGATEES OF EDVNAS JOCONS, F ANY; UNKNOWN OWNERS ANO NON RECORD CLAMANTS, Defendants, 09 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN tha pursuant to a Judgmental Foreclosure and Salo entered in the above entilled cause on Asgust 2010 ntorcaunty Judicial Sans Corporation will on Monday, July 2111 t at the hour at 1 t a rn in their slice at 120 West Madison Street, Sudo 718A, Chicago, llinais, nell ut public auclisn ta hn highest bidder lar cash, as set larth below, the lullowing doscriboij rnortrtagod real estate: P lfl Commonly known as 1024 Reechwaod Ruad, Beltala Grove, L The mortgaged real estate is irnpraved with a single tarnily residenco lt the oubject mortgaged real estate o a ovil 01 a common interest community, the perclraseraf the unit Other than a mortgagee shall pay the assessments required by subsection (gi) el Seclion O 5 a the Condominium Property Act Salo terms: 111% down by certilied funds, balance, pp certified funds, within 24 hours Na retends The property will NOT he open tar inspectien Far ofarmatian call hn Sales Clork at Planlilt's Attorney, The Wirbicki Law Group, 33 West Monroe Street, Chicago, llinois (312) W NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Sellrnn Otticer, f Pub: 6130,71?,7114!2011 #95600 SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON US BANK NATONAL ASSOCATON, AS TRUSTEE, SUCCESSOhNNTEREST TO WACHOVA BANf NA FORMER LV KNOWN AS FRST UNON NATONAL BANKS, AS TRUSTEE FOR PARK PLACE SECURTES NC ASSETBACKED PASS THROUGH CERTFCATES SERE 2054WWF Plaintiff, DbNG WOOS SHN AX/A DONG SHN NKJA DONG W SnN, el al Datendunt 10 CN NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant ta a Judgment al f oroclossro and Sale enlered n the abone casse on April 28, 2011, an agent of The Judicial Sales Corporation, will al 10:30 AM an August 1, 201 1, al hn The Judicial Sales Corporatian, Oso South Wacker Drive 24th Fluor CHCAGO, L, 00605, sel al public auction ta the highost bidder, as sot forth below, lire lallawing described real estala: Commonly known as 5055 W MADSON STREET UNT b 205, E, L Property ndex Na , Properly loden No (1O2i40seos Underlying) Tho reat estate is improved with a condortownhoasn Safe turms: 25% dawn of the hlhest bid by certilied funds al hn clase al hn asclron, The balunce, ncteding the Judicial salo feo tar Abandoned Residential Property Municipality Relict Fund, which lo calculated on residontiol real estate ut the rate et Si for each $1,000 or traction thereof at the amount paid by the purchaser not to eaceod $305 in certified lunds, is due within twentyfour (Z4) hours No fee shall be paid by the mortgagee acqoiring the residential real enlato pursuant to its Credit hid at he sale or by any mortgagen, judgment crediter, or other honor acquiring hn resdential real estate whose rights in and la the residential real enlato arase prior lo hn sale The uuhinct property is sablect la general teal estate taren, special esnesnmeels, or special laven levied agaunnl said rout Ostato and s atlered tsr surto wuthaul any representalion as o quality or quantity of tille and without recourse n Pluinfutl und in "As ls condillon The nula lo fudher subject la coelurmation by ke caur l hn sale s sot asido lar any reason, the Purchaoer at the salo shall be entitled only ta a return al the deposit pulc The Purchaser shall hava no further recaurno against tre Marteagor, the Mortgagee or hn Mnrtgageo's altarnoy Upon payment n lull al ba amount hid, the purchaser will rocuiye a Codificato of Sale that will enhle the purchaser ta u deed s the real estate aller cnnlurmation 01 thu sala The praparty will NOT ho open tar nopecluen cod plaintill makes no repro 500lation an to tto condition of 15e property Prospectivo bidders are udmonishod lo check hn cuan file s verify all letormaluon l thin prop 04v io a condominum Unit, hn purchaser nf hn unit at hn foreclosure safo, other than a mortgagee shall pay hn assessments and thu la gal lees required by The áondaminuum Properly Act, 7ES LCS 605/#(q)(l( and (g)(4( f this property in a condominium Ovil which s part of a common interest community, hn purchaser at hn unit at the fareclosarn sale albor than a morfgacee shall pay hn assessrnnnts reunid by Tho Condominium Property Ad 755 LCS 005/18 51ei F 'OU AlE THE MORTGAGOR lomeówner), YOU fave [HE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR30 DAYS AFTER EN TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLO SURE LAW For nlormalian, contact t'lalnlill's allarney: The Sale Clerk, CODLS S ASSOCATES PC, 15W030 NORTH FRONT AGE ROAD, SUTE iso, BURR RDGE, L 65527, (630) betweon the hours at t and 3 PM only and ask for the sales depart mont Ploaso reler la tule eumbor 14'iO'30232, THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacher Drivo, 24th Floor, Chicaen, L (312) 230SALE You can also visit Tro Judicial Sales Corporation al Oswwtsccam br a 7 day status report of pend n sales CODLS & ASSOCATES PC 1SW3O NORTH FRONT ACE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDÓE, L ) Attarnov Filo Ne: AROC Atlsroey Cada Casa e io CH NOTE: Pursuant la the Fair Debt Collecliso Practices Act, you ate adyisod 1h51 Plaletilt's atlomny is deemnd s bu u dobt calleclor attempting to collect a debf and any lolorrnallon obtained will be used ter that purpose Pub: 6(23, 6/30, 7/1/2011 #92142 C MORTON GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT ' CHANCERY DVSON FNANCAL FREEDOM ACQUSTON LLC Plainlift, Ï:s Bank National Association as purchaser of the loans and other ausels at t'urk Natisnal Bank successor by merger to Canmopoliton Bank und Trust Vida The CosrnopalilanNationul Bank at Chicugn us Trostea ru//a dated October 21, 1970 anda Tmsl Na i9362, el al Ontendant 10 CH NOTCE 01 SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN tha pursuant ta a Judgment of Foreclosure und Salo entered in the abone causo an May 12, 201, an agent of The Judicial Soleo Corporation will al 10:30 AM on August i6, 201 1, st hn Thu Judicial Sales Corpo ration One Sauth Wucher Deve 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 6000e cell at public auction o the hghest bdder, as cet forth below hn lo lawien described teal estate: Commonly known as 7145 arsen WOCD STREET, MORTON GROVE, L Property loden Na, 1Bi8' The real estate lo mptaved with a reoldanco Salo ternis' 25% dawn of the highest bid by certified funds ut hn clase nf the auction; Tha balance, including the Judicial uale tee tar Abon doned Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund, which n calculated on rosidontlat teal estate el hn rato of Si far each $1,000 er ruclion thereof al ke umoant paid by the purchaser not la evceed $300, in certuliod funds, s duo within twentybar (24) hours, Na fee shall ho paid by hn mortgagee acquiring the resdential real estate pursuant to its credit bld at the eule or by any mort5agen, Judgment creditur, er other llenar ucquideg hn reslaentiul real estate whose nghlo in and n hn residential raal enlaln arase pear o the sale, The subject property is oubject la garera real estate tases, specal assossmonfs, or opecial lanes levied against sold real estate ond io allered for sale without any reprosenlatlon as lo quai' or qoanhty at tille und wuihaut recoarse ta Pluintill and n AS S condition The sale s further subiect la confirmation by the court f the sato io set aside for any reason, the Purchaser at ke sale shall be eelltlod only lo a rotem el the dvpnsil paid The Putchuser shall have na further recaurse against the Monflasor, hn Morfgagen or ba Morlgagoe'o attorney Upon payment in luifol the arnaunt bid, ke putchaser will receive a Certilicate et Salo that will onlitte the purchaser s a deed la hn rou estate alter conf irmotion at the sala Where a nav of real estate s made ta salusty a lien prior la tha of hn United Stales, hn United Stabs shall hune nno year 110m hn dato at sale wilhin which la rednern eecept that with n opecl o a lien aesin5 undur hn internal revenue laws hn pnrlsd shall ho 120 days or hn period allowable for rodomption under Stale law, Whichovor is tengan, aed in any caso n which, under thu provisions el section 505 el The Housing Act al 1950, as umended (12 US C 1701k), and oubsoclion )d) of section 3720 al lillo 38 al hn United Slates Codo, len right o redeem does net orlon, there shall be no right al redemption The property will NOT be open for nspection and plaintilt makes es representalion as la hn condition al the property Prospective biddern are admonished ta check hn court tile to voruly oli inlonnallon f this properly us a condominium unit, ke purchaser al ke uni at thu foreclosure sale, other ban a mortgagee, ohail puy hie assessments ucd the legal lees teguired by The Condominium Proper v Act, 765 LCS 605a(g)(1) and (g)(4) lt bis praporty s s coedominu um unit which lu part at a common interest community, ke purchaser of hn unit al ke lereclosuro safe other than a mortgagee shall pa tha aosnsnments reguired by The Condominium Property Act 70 LCS 605/185(qil 11 YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOMEÖWN ER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON N AC CORDANCE WTH SECTON 10170i(C) OF THE LLlNOl MORT GAGE FORECLOSURE LAW, For ietermation, cantad Plaintilto albinon Thu Sale Clerk, CODLS S ASSOCATES, PC, 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD SUTE iso, BURR RDGE, L 00527, (630) belwnen the hours at i und 3 PM aely and ask lar the sales department,, Pleasn roter to filo number i THE JU DCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Drive, 241ii Floor Chicago L ( SALE You can abo visit Tim Judicial Sales òoiporalmon al wwwljsccom tar a 7 day status topuil al pending sales CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC, 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L Allarney Filo No: ARDCe Atletnoy Cado 217E2 Case e io CH NOTE: Pursnant la ba Fair Deb Collection Prachices Act you aro advised 1h51 Plaintrl's attorney mn deemed ta be a debt collector allamptingto collect u debl und any in' tarmatmen oblamnod will be used 1er that purpose Pub: 717,7/14,7l2i120i1 #96561 JudlcialSalesRéátEst Jidlóläl SàlesReátE WCKlE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON PROVDENT FUNDNG ASSOCATES, LP, Plaintiff, e JAB JUN KM, etui Delendant 10 CH eliseo NOTCE 01 SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pur suunl ta a Judmon at Foreclosure and Sale entered le ba ahane cause on May, 20h, an agent of The Judicial Sales' Corporation, will al 10:30 AM on August 1, 201 t al the The Judical Sales Coipo' ration, One Seulh Wacker Diman ' 4th Floor CHCAGO, L, 0000e, sell at public auction o hn highest bidder, as sut forth below, the lo t5win described real enlute:commonly known us 5345 DRAN STR ET, SKOKE, L Property ndon Na io21iii05i The real ostato is mprovod milk u single lamily residence Sale teims 25% down oh the highest bud by corhilied lunds al hu clase el lee auclion; The balance, including hn Judicial safe tee for Abandoond Resi denhial Property Municipality Relief Fund, which io calculated an mesidecmal real estato al lime rare of $1 for each $1,000 or tracban liorool at hn amount paid by hn jurchaser no la ueceod $300, in certified funds, s due within twoely our (24) boors, No fee shall be paid by lime morlrlalee acquiring the renidontmal real enlato pursuant ta ils credit hid a e salo or by an? mortgagoe, judgmnnl creditor, or olier uomini acquiring the residontia real estala 00505e rights n and lo the residenlia real estabn atase prior to the sala, The subiect properly is subject togoneral real ontalo tacen, special assesomerols or special tauen lev io asìost said teal osate and us ollered for oslo without aey reme' senta ion au to ujalmty or quaehmty st lithe and wulboal recourse O Plain till and iii AS condition The salo is lurther nubject to conf ummalion by tra caur, l he sale is sel asido tsr arty reason, ba Purchaser at hn sala shall he enlitled only o a relurn n, the deposit paid, The Pur Chaser shall fraye na lijrlbar besaron against hn Maaganr lime Marlgapen er ke Merlgagno's alterney Upon payment n lumi nf hn umoun bid, hn purchaser will receive a Certulicalo U Salo that willentullo ba purchaser ta e deed to ke real notate aller cenlmrmatiorl U lime Salo Tho prepnioy will NOT be open tsr inspecllan und plamnlill makes no represeetalion au o the condition nf the properly Prasl000hive biddors are admonishod ta check lre court filo la cony all nformahmon l this property s a cendamiomarn noi, hn parchanor al the uni at hn lerecloosre sale, slher ban a moflganeo, shall pay the ass055mevbs and the local feas required by Tha ondomiolum Property Act, 70k LCS 605/ jgj(t( and (g(j4), bis properly s a condominium uni whiclr is part st s common nterest community, the purchaser el lima knit al hn foreclosure sale other than a msrtaagoe shall pay the as 5050menln required b Tlun Condominium roaerly Act 705 LCS 605/10 S(i) 11 YO ARE THE MORTGAGOR HObEOWNER) YOU HA E THE RGHT TO ROMAN N POSSESSON FOl JO DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N AC' COROANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORT GAGE FORECLOSURE LAW Far inlormallan canfact Plalntitt's otter' non: The Safe Clerk, CODLS E ASSOCATES PC i5wa30 N RTH FRONTAGE ROAD SUTE loo, BURR ffoge, 'L 05527, )030) e between hn baum el t and 3 FM only und ank lue lme sales department,, Please rater la lite number i4io0g780 THE JU OCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Dnae, 7411m Floor Chicago L (312) 230SALE You can also omsil Tuis Judicial Sales òerpnralmen al uvmosc,carn tar e 7 day slalus roend 0 Deedierl nulos, COOLS & ASS CATES PC, ibwo3o NORTH RON AGE ROAD, SUTE 10g BURR RdGE, L ) 704' 8076 Attarnoc Filo Na,: 04i0'0078E ARDC Altomney Code, usa O 1G Cff G NOTE; Pursuant O 1ko Fair Debt CollOdion Practices Act yna ara advsed 1h51 Plalelill's attomnoyis doemed tu be a debt colndar ultornpting to collocl a dobt and any me' farmaliart oblulned will too Onor for that propano f Pub: 6/35, ill, 7hi4/201 i BUFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON CTMORTGAGE NC SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO ABN AMRO MORTGAGE GRÒUP, NC Plalolmht, LLNARA DASHCHENKO AlP/A GULNARA P OASHCHEN1O, et al Detenrianf 10 CF NOTCE 0F SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN 1h01 pursuant la a Judgment al Farnclosure aed Sale enterad n ba abone causo on June 8, 2011, an agent at The Judicial Sans Corporation, will at 10:30 AM on Angast 9, 1101, at the The Judicial Sales Corpora' las, One Sauth Wacker Devo 24th Floor CHCAGO L, 60600, sol at publie socllan o the highest bdder, as set forth below the followin doscrubod real eslalo: Corsmenjp known as 10 OAK CfEEK DRV UNT 63018, BUFFALO GROVE, L Property ndex Na 0354' 'i268, The rout estate s lrnprovnd with a condoitawehouse Sale tomes: 25% down al the highost bld by eertutìrrd tundo at thu close at the auction; Tho balance, ncluding hn Judicial sala tee for Abandoned Residonliol Property Municipality Rolmet Fund, which io calcslalod as resideellal root enfala at the rato of st fer each $1,000 or fraction hereot at ba amount paid by the purchaser eat to enceed $300, n codified funds, s due within twentytsar )24( hours, Na fee chah ba paid by ba morlgaaeo ucqaineg ke residential rout osiate pursuant ta its credit bld al 11m sain or by ony mortgagee, judgmnnt ctedmtor, or olhnr llover acqulong ba residential real enlala whose nghto n and to hn rosudenhial real eslate arase prior to hn sale The subject properly is subject ta general roui enlato tanes, spoclal assess' meets, or opecmal been levied ugaunul said real notao und lo ollered for salo without any represeetalmon es to quality or gaudily of lilla and without tecourne o Plaintmft and n AS 1S condilmon, Thu sale lo furher subjecl la conlirniatien by tiro coart f the sale is sel aside tor any reason, hn Purchaser al ke sale shall be onlilled only lo a return at hn dnposit paid The Purchasar shall haya no further recourse aoalnst ba Mortgagor, hn Manganeo or the Marfgagee's attorney Ciron paymunt rr fail of the amount bld, ba purchaser will recolue a Certificaba at Sala that will calilla ke parchaser la u deed o the real estate alter conlirmalion of hn sale The property will NOT be open far nopeclion and plalotitt makes no tepteserrtalian as ta the conohllan of ba properly, Prospocluvo bdders aro edmonished to check the caur filo la verfy all infornrallon f this property s a condominum uni, hn purchaser 01 the Unt at the laredosure nulo, alher than a morlga500, shall pay hn assessments and hn legal fees required by The Condominium Property Act, 765 LCS 65519(g)(i) und (g)(4( this properly in a condominium unii which is part al a common inlerest community, hn purchaser at hn unit ut hn toroclosure salo albor ban a mortgagee shall pay hn as505smonto required by The Coedomielam Pronomi, Act 765 LCS 6a5/i8,5si, F YOU AllE THE MORTGA SOR H0MOWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POS SESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POS SESSON N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS hortgage FORECLOSURE LAW For iolsrmalioe con 10cl Plainhl's allornee: Tra Salo Clerk, CODLS & ASSOCATOS, PC i5w030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDG, L 65527, (630) beiween the heurs of and 3 PM only and ask 1er 1ko sales department Pleasa refer o tilo number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Onu South Wacker Drive, 241k Floor, Chicago, L 6060e465g (312) 236SALE Vue can aba visit The Judicial Sans Corporation el www4jsc,com ter a 7 dan sales report of pending salon COOLS S ASSOCATES, P0 150/030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L (035) Allornoy Fila Na: 14'l0'09331 AROC Attorney Code, Casa O io CH NOTE Pursuant la hn Fair Debt Collection Praclmcns Act, you ara ad vised that Plantull's allalnoy is doemad to be a dubt collector alternpl ing la collect a debt nod any information obtained will be used far hat Parasse, Pub: 6/30, 7/7, #95578 SKOKE COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST COMPANY AMERCAS AS TRUSTEE FOR HALl Plalelmt, LFANA ENWA, at al Dolenotant 10 CH NOTCE DF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN hat pur' suant ta a Jsdarnenl of Foreclosure and Sala colored o hn ubaya casse on May 17, 2011, an agon al The Judical Sales Corparatien, will al 10:30 AM on Augost 19, 2011, at hn The Judicial Sales Corporallan, One 5001k Wacker Drive 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 60006, sell at public auction la the highest biddor, as set tooth below, 1ko tallowing descebed real : Commonly known as 77t2 LARAME AVEUE, SrtOKE, L Property eden No io2ai23026 Tho mal 05151e in mptaved with a resldenco Sala terms: 25% down at hn highest bid by certulmed fundo st hn clase of the auction; The balanco, including ba Judicial salo lea fur Abandoend Residential Properly Municlpalmty Refuel Fund, which io calculated on rnsioteelmat real enlate at ke rata el Si tar each $1,000 or truchos thoroof at hn amount paid by 1ko purchaser no o enceed $300, n certified tundo, in due within weotylour 1241 frouro Na tee shall be paid by hn mortgagee acquirleg ba resmdontial feat eolale persuanl to its credit bid at hn sale or by any mortgagee, udgment creditor, or alkor llenar ucqulrmeg hn moldenlial real entubo whose rghts in and lo hn rosldonlial rua colato atase prior o the salo Tlo oubject plaperty s subject la general real eslalu lanes, special a550soments, or special tanes levied against said real estate and is ollerod ter salo wilhaut any rapreseetatine as la quality or quantity st title and wmtheut recoutse ta Plainlilt and n AS 1S condilian, The sale in turthor sabjecl to confirmation by the coart, lt hn aabo is sot asido lar any reason, the Putchasor at hn sale shall be enlilleot only o a rotule al tre deposit paid The Purchaser shall hace ea further recourse againnl the Mortgagor, hn Martga5ne or hn Mortgagee's atlorney Upon payment n tall el the amount old, hn purchaser will receive a Certificala el Sale hat will enhlo 1ko parchaser to a deed to ke real estala aller conlurmatian of 1ko sala t bu properly will NOT ho open for inspection and plauntmll makos no reprosedation as to the condiluan al the property Praspechno bidders ate admonished la check ba court filo lo velmly all nlormahion, lt bis prepoly s a condominium uni, hn purchaser of hn nell at the foreclosure sale, olier ban a mertgyrgea shall pay the assessments and hn togal fees required by The áoedaminium Properly Act, 705 LCS B0519(g( and (g (41 bis properly is a coedaminium unit which n pari of a cammon nlorool commanity, hn purchaser at he evil ut the tereclosute salo abhor ban o rnsrtgaoee shall pan hn ussossrnnnto reiluired by The Cavdorninlam ProporSi Act 760 LCS e05118,51n1, F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEÒWNER) YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 bays AFTER EN TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLlNOl MORTGAGE FORECLO SURE LAW, For ntarmahuon, cantad Plaietilt's ablernay: The Sale Clurk' CODLS e ASSOCATES P C,, 15W030 NORTH FRONT AGE hoao, SUTE 105, BURR RDGE, L 00527, (635) be' weon hn hours al t and 3 PM only and ask for the salon department Please relor la libe comber , THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Orlen, 241h Floor, Chica' go L (312) 236SALE You can also vol The Judical sales Corporation al viww,lmsccom far a 7 da stalus mood al Bending salas, CODLS O ASSOCATES PC t5w030 NOTH FRONT AGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RloàE, L ) At' lomey Fila No : i4'i0'0527i ARDC Attalney Cade, Case f 10 CH NOTE; Purnuant to hn Fair Debt Culbecfian Preclicos Ad, you are advised that Plalntill's atbomoy is deemed fa bu a debt calleclar attempting to collect a debl and any lof ormalion obtained will ho asod fer hal purpose Pub: 7h7,7114,7/ #58561 Find t1e Ci os\durdrean todrivecom Visit ToDrivecom Judicial SalesReal Est Judicial SalesReal Est SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON FEDORAL NATONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCATON Plalotit, 1')LLAM G RESURRECC1ON, el el Delnodant io CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN hal pur suant tu a Jodgmont of Foreclosaro und Sala colored in the above causo an Joouary 27, 2011, an agon at The Judicial Sales Corporalion, will at 10:30 AM on July 22, 201 i, at the Tha Judical Sales CarporuliOn, One South Wacker Doive 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 60606, sol al public uoclian to 1ko behest bidder, as net forlh below, hn f 5f lawlnot dnscribed real eslain:commonly known as 5200 LEE STREET, SKOKE, L Properly moteo No t02tt2a048 The real enlate s mproved wmlh a single family rosldonce Salo lerma: 25% dawn al ba highont bld by corhtund funds al hn close of hn auclion; The balance, ncluding the Judicial sala tea tot Abandoned Renideotlal Property Muelcipality Relict Fund, which is calculated an residenkst real Ostato at ho ralo at $1 tor each Si 000 or fraction thereot Ut the amount paid by ho purchaser not lo eaceed $300, n certutmed lands, lo duo wilbin wentyfoar (241 hours No tee shall be paid by hn mortgagee acquring hn residuntial real assta pursuant to to credit bid al tra Sale or by any mortgagee, judgment credilar at other mener scquunng ba ronidential real eslabe whose rights in and o ke residonlia real onlate arson pnor to hn nula The sabject property s subject to genoral teal enlate tanes, special asneosmenbs or special tunos loeinn against said real enfue and is ollerod Nr salo wulkaul any remesenlatmon as lo quality or quanluty of title and wulhoal recourse la Plain' lilt and in AS ls csudition, The sale lo further sobject o contmrmaluen by ke court, the sale s sot asido for any roasan, ba Purchaser at lre sale shall be onlilled only la a rolare at he de005il paid Tho Purchaser shall have na furthor recourna against the Mortgagor, the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee's atborney Lîpon paymenl in lull of hn areoanf'bid, hn purchaser will recome a Certificate of Sale hurt willen' lilla the pulchaser ta a deed to the real eslaln alter conlmrrnatmon at hn sala The property will NOT be open ter nspection and plaintiff makes pa represeelatian as o the condition at ke properly Prospecluve blddors aro admonished la check the cnart fila la normi all information, f ths properly s a condominium uni, hn purchaser at hn unit al the loreclosure salo, other than a rnorgaee, shall pay hn assessments ucd hn legal loes required by The Condominium Properly he, 765 LCS 6059g)(1) and g)14) 1f hm property s a condominium unit which s part al a common inlolest community, the parchaner al the uni at the foreclosure sale olker han a mortgagee shall pay 1ko assesuments required by The Coodomlelurn Pr000rly Ad 765 LCS 0aS/18,S(q1, F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOAEOWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON N AC CORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE lllnol MORT GAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For letarmation, canlacl Plamnluff's utter' nov: The Sala Clerk, CODLS O ASSOCATES, PC, tuwo3o NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD SUTE loo, BURR RDGE, L (630) between hn hauls at i and 3 PM anly und ask ter ba sales deparlmenl,, Pleune refer (o fila number 14tO16910, THE JU DCAL SALES CORPORATON Ono Soulh Wacker Drive, 241k Floor Chica5a, L (312) 236SALE Vsa can also visit The Juducll Safes Corporafion at lvime,sc cam ter a 7 day nales repart at ponding salen, CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC tswo3o NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE too BURR RDGE, L ,Alloreey Fila Na : ARDC Atlorney Code, Caso 6 ho CH NOTE' Pumuanl o the Fair Debt Collochno Praclices Act, you are advined that Plainlult'n utbomoy lo deemed la bu a debt calleclar attempting ta collect a debt and any in' tarmaluon abtalnod will be used for hat purpose ? Pat,: 8/30, 7/7, 7/14/ E N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON US BANK NA Plauelmlf, ti'la KSLYUK, al al Delendant 10 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN kal pursuant ta a Judgmenl et Foreclosure and Sabnenlerod io the above causo on May an agent st The Judicial Sains Corporalmon, will at 10:30 AM an Asgasi 9, 201, al hn The Judicial Soleo Corpora lion, One Sooth Wacker Druuo ' 241k Floor CHCAGO, L, 600B, sell at public auction ta the highest bidder, us set larth below, ke foilowin dnncnbed teal osate' Commonly known as 6655 WOODS DRV UNT #1908, SKOKE, L Properly motee No , Property ndev No, 10Oe30453t1409, Properly ndex Na, fo09304'03tt4to, Property ndex Ne, ( e Underlying) The teal ostalo n improved wilh a reoldonce, Salo herein: 25% down at he hl5hnst bld by certihmed lands at hn doso at hn auction; Tea balanse, ncluding the Judicial salo leo tar Abaedoned Residential Proper p Municipality Relief Fand, which us calculated on resideolial real oslae al ba ralo of S for each St 000 or fraction hereof al hn amsunt paid kv ke purchaser not ta eacend $300 n cerlìlmnd funds, is due wmlhin fweolytsur (24) hours, No toe shall bo paid by ho mortgagee acquiring ke residenliul real estale pur000nt to ls credit bid at the salo er by any morlgagen, judgment credulor, or albor linear acquiring the residenlial real estalu whosa nghts in and ta the ronideetmul real eslae arose pear lu the sala, The sublecl property s sobjecl O general real ostalo lanes, special assessmenls, or special tuses levied against said real estala and s ottered for sale wuthoul any repr050nlahan as la quality or quantity at tille and wulhoul recourse o Plaintiff and n AS 1W condulmne The san s further subject ta coehmrmaluon by ho court l the nula lo nel aside her any reasne, hn Purchaser al ke safo shall be oolitled oelp la a retorn of hn doposil paid, Thu Parchasor shall hava na lurther recourse againot ba MorlOagor, ke Mortgagee or the Mortgagee's altornoy Upon payment in lull of the amount Old, ke purchaser will receive a Certificate at Solo that will entitle the purchaser la a deed lo ke real axale aller contirreation at hn sain The properly will NOT be open for inspection and plaintiff makes no reproneolatino as n the condilian at the properly Pronpoclryn bdders are admnelohed to check ba Court lila o notify all olormation, l hio proporto s a condominium Uni, hn purchaser al hn uni al hn lereclasero sale, alhor than a morlgagen shall pay ba asnesomeeta und the nnul fees required by The áoedomieium Property Act, 75 LCS 045/9(g(l) and (5)14) this properly s u condominium unit which s par al a Common interest communily, the purchaser of ke unit at hn foteclosarn sale 51h01 liac a mortga500 shall pay 1ko assessmenls reaulbod kv The Condominium Property Act leo LCS 605/18,S(gl, F?OU AliO THE MORTGAGOR H0MEowNER) YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 bays AFTER EN' TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON i517o1c) Ot THE lllln0 MORTGAGE FORECLO SURE LAW Fur inlormalien, contoct Plaintill's olsmee, The Salo Clerk CODLS S ASSOCATES P C, i5wo30 NORTH FRONT AGE hoao, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (635) betweon lre hours al i and 3 PM only and ask lar ke salon department, Please relee ta tile number THE JUOLAL SALES CORPORATON One Soalh Wecker Drive, 24th Fluor, Chicaos L G 1312) 236SALE You can aba nisml The Judicial Galos Catparallon ah Wwwhjsc corn lar a 7 day sales rqport of pendins safes, CODLS & ASSOCATES PC NO4T FRONT' AGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR ROÓE, L ) Atlamen Fila Na ; ARDC Allarney Codo 2176b Caso e io CH NOTE; Pursuant lo 1ko Fair Debt Col oclion Practices Act, pas aro advised tha Plaintiff's otlorney is doomed ta bu a debt celleclar altompling to collect a debt and any nlarrnahion obtained will be used 1er purpose Pub: 6/30, 717, 7/14/2611 #95515 Find t}e Ck todjlvecom Visit ToDrivecom E N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNTY OEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON AURORA BANK, FSB F/101A LEHMAN BROTHERS BANK, F50 Plaintiff,?RTHA MORENO, el nl Defendant lo CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that pur' suon la n Judqrneel nl Foreclosure and Sale entered n the above cause on May 3, 2011, an anno of The Judicial Sales Carporalise, will at 10:30 AM on Ao5usf 5, 001 i, at the The Judicial Sales Ceroolalion, One Soalh Wacker Deve 241k Floor CHCAGO, L, 60600, nell at public auclion to hn hlghesl bidder, as nel 10db below the following described real esae:cammonly known as 7600 KARLÒV AVENUE, 51<01<10, L Properly lndeo Na, l o, The real enfue n improved wulh a single tamily tesidonce, Sala herno: 25% dawn al ke highest hid by cortulued at the close of the auction, The balonce, including hn Judicial salo leo lar Abandaned Residential Proper' lv Municmpalily Relief Fand, which is calculatnd on residential real estate al ba ralo el $1 tar each $1,000 or traclmon thereof of ke amuunl paid by hn pulchanor not la oecend 5300 n certuhmed tunds, is dan withn twentybar (24) boum, Na len shall be paid by hn mortgagee acquiring the residential real osate pursaanl la ils Credit bld at hn sole or by any mortgagee, iedgment creditor, or other linear acquiring the resldeelial real colata whase rights n and la ke residential realeslan arase prior o ke sala The subject properly is oublect la general real 05101e tuneo, special assensmenln, or special tonno levied againsl said real ostato and lo oltered for sale wmlhoul any roprenentalmen as lo quality er quanlily ot tille and wmlhout recoaron ta Pbaletmlf und in AS 1S condition, The spn s ntlkor suhjecl ro confirmahion by the court t ke sala io set aside lar any reason, hn Purchaser ut hn sale shall be enlilled achy o a return al hn deposml paid The Purchaser skull kaue no further recourse againnt hn Mnrtqagur, the Mortguoon or the Mortgagee's attorney Upon payment n loll of hn amount bid, hn purchaser will teceive a Certificate of Sale tha will entitle the par chaser to o deed lo ba real enlate aller conhrmalmnn of the san The property will NOT be open for mnspecluon and plaintill makes no lepresenlaluon as la the cendilion of ke properly Prospectivo bidders ara admonished O chock hn cauri file la eenty all infonnalmon f this propertv s a condominum unit, ke purchaser al hn uni al hn lareclasuro sale, alkor ban a mortgagee shall pay ho asnenamenln and hn legal loen reqoirod by The óandommnuum Properly Act, 765 LCS 605/9(gl(i) and g)(4f l bs preperly is a condominium unit which in part at a common intereol community, hn purchaser nf he unit al the foreclosure sale other than a rnorlgagen shall pay hn assesomenty reguirod by Thn Condominium Properly Ad 768 LCS 605/18 alol ip YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEÓWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER EN TRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLO SURE LAW For mohermaluse cunlact Plainml's allarnop: The Salo Clerk, CODLS A ASSOCAtES PC, 15W030 NORTH FRONT AGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (635) be Wenn hn boors at t and 3 PM only and ank for he safes departmen Please reler lo tile number 14'iO25265, THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Soulk Wacker Drive, 241h Floor, Chica go, L ( eSALE Yea can also visit The Judicial Sales Carporahuoo al www,lhse cam far a 7 dan slalas repart at pond ng sales COOLS & ASSOCATES PC t6w030 NORTH FRONT AGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDÓE, L At 15mev File No : AROCe Aeornoy Code, 21 7B2 Caso 6 to CH NOTE Pursuael to ke Fair Debt ColSe tien Placlices Ad, you aro adnmned that Plalolilt's allorney n deemed o be a debt collector athemplieg n collect a debt and any intormulmon obtained will be used for tha purpose oa Pab:6/23,6/30, #92156 C BUFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON CTMORTGAGE, NC Plaletill, BOGDAN OZMSK, et al Onloedanl 10 C NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that par' saunt la u Judgment al Foreclosure and Sale entered le hn abano cause en May 13, 2011, an agent al Thu Judicial Sales Corporation, will al 10,30 AM on August 16, 2511, a hn The Judicial Sales Corporation, Ovo Soulh Wacker Devo 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 00006, nell at public auction to hn highest biddor, as not forth bolow, hn fol' lowing descnbed real exhale' Commonly known as 65f MLLER LANE UNT #105, BUFFALO GROVE L Property ndeo No, 03'OO' Tha real 05101e s improved wulb a condoltawnhouse Salo 101mo: 2a% down al ke highest bid by certified tundo al hn doso nl ke ascluon; The balance, ncluding ba Jududal salo lee lar Abandoned Renmdenhlah Properly Municipality Refuel Fund, which n calculaled en residenlmal real 05101e at the ralo st $1 lar ouch $1,000 or rachan kereat at hn amoenl paid by the purchaser noi o eeceed $300, n certified hundo, s due wulbin twenly'our (24) hours No fee shall be paid by ba mortgagee acquiring 1ko residential real usate pulsoanl ta ils crebb bid al hn sale or by any mortgagee, iudgmenl credmbnr, or alkor henar acquirng hn rosldenlial real 05101e whose nghts io and la ke resldenlual real osate arase pnor la hn salo The subject properly is sablect o general real estate beau, epecial assessmenlo, or opocial tauos levied against said real esfolo end lo ollered tor sale wilbout any represonluliao as to quality nr guanhmly of title and without recourse to Plainlill and n AS ts conduhmon, The salo is fur her subjecl lo conhirrnatuon by hn court, f ba sain us sol asido lar any roasan, ke Purchaser at hn sale skull ho onlillod only la a relurn oh the deposit paid 7ko Purchaser shall have no harther recaurse agaunsl ihn Mortgagor, the Mortgagen or hn Mortgagee's altarney Upan payment in fall at hn amount bld, the purchauer will receive a Cerlilicalo al Solo hal will entibie the purchaser fo a deed ta hn real eulalu alter conturmalion of ke nulo The properly will NOT be opon 1er inspeclian und plainlilf makes no rvpreneotalion as lo ke condihuon at the properly, Prospectivo bidders are udmanlnhnd to check ke court fula la nenly all information, f thin propnity s a condominium unit, the purchasar 01 hn unit at the forocleoure salo, other than a mongagen, shall pay ke as505srnenls and ba legal tees required by The Condominium Properly Act, 765 LCS 605/Sgll and g)(4) thin property lo a condominium uni which is part el a common neront community, hn purchaser at tiro volt at the furoclosure sala alkor than a mortgagee shall eav ke aoues5menls repaired by The Candeminmom Pronome Act 7ES LCS 00548Sgll F YOU A'tmE THE MORTGA Golf 44OMOWNER, YOU HAVE TO RGHT TO REMAN N POS SESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POS SESSON N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS 4ORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For nlonealion, con tact Ploinhuit's altomev: 't'tre Salo Clerk, CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC i5w03o NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDG, L 60527, (630) belwone ke haars nf t and 3 PM only and ask fur 1ko sales deparlrnnet Ploase rober o file number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacher Devo, 241k Floor, Chicago, L (312) 236SALE You can also visit The Judicial Sales Corporalion at wvs'w,tnc cam lar a 7 day status report at pending calos CODLS S ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH PRONTAGE ROAD SUTE 105 BURR RDGE, L (630) Allornoy 1h10 No: ARDCe Attorney Cade, Cose f 10 CH NOTE: Pursuant fo ke Fair Debt Callectmnn PraGuces Act, you aro advised that Plainlill's attorney lo deemed s bu a debt colleedor atbempt ing o callad a debt and any lnbonnalman ablulned will be used for hat purpose Pub: 7/1, 7/14, 7/21/2011 #90674 Judicial SalesReal Est WCKlE COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON CTMORTAGE, NC Plalnml, 'LENA POPNKOLOVATABAKOVA, el al Defendant 10 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN lta pur' 000nl la o Judgment of Foreclosure and Sole enlered n the above caase on May 5, 2011, an agon of The Judical Soleo Corporation, will at 10:30 Add on August 9, 201 t, at ba The Judicial Salon Corporatian, One Sooth Wacker Drive 24th Roar CHCAGO, L, 60606, sol at public auchan la he kl11hesl bidder, as set larth below, the following described root oslale: Commonly known as 9360 Sl<OKE BLVU UNT 4320, SKOKE, L Properly ndex No The real estala s mproved wmlh a rnallifamlly residence Sole lerms: 25% down of the kighesl bid by cerfiluod funds al hn clase of the aactlon; The baloece, including ne Judical salo fee for Abondonad Ronidonhiat Property Municipality Robot Fund, which lo calcololed on rosidontial real 05101e at hn rato of Si far each $1,000 er fraclion heroat at the amount paid by kopurchaser not ta eoceod $3OO n certitlird fundo, lo dan within twontylour (24) hours Na lee shall be paid by ke mortgagee acquldng the rosidenliul real 05101e pursuant lo ire credit bid at hn sale or by any mortgagee, judgment creditor, or other linear acquiring hn rnohctonliol real entale whone nghts le and to lre residential teal 05101e arasa peor to hn sale The subject property s subject o geeeral real enlato 100es, special asuossmenls, vr npecial laves levied againsl said real onfato and is altered for sale Wuthaul any ropr000nlalion as to qaalmly or quantity of tille and without racourse la Pbamnml and in AS S condition The sale is further subject O canturlrsalien by he cuor, l ke sala is set aside fer any reason hn Purchaser at hn sale shall be entitled only to a rolom of the deposit paid The Purchaser shall have no further recourse ugainst the Mart' gagor, the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee's aoorney Upon payment in rulraf the amnunl bld, the purchaser will recalco o Corilmcaln nl Sala that will enhlo ke purchaser la a deed o hn roui estate aller contirmalien ob hn sale The properly will NOT 1ro open tar inspechon and plaintill makes na represoetalion as lo ke condition nl hn property Prospective bidders are admonished to chock ke court life la vonfy all inforrnahion t this properly ix a condominium oeil, the purchaser of hn unit at hn lareclosurn sale, albor than a mortgagee, shall pay the a5505amenls and the legal lees required by The Condominium Proper' h' Act, 765 LCS 605/Ols(i) and g(4) f thus properly s a condomini am unit which lo part ala common istoreot community, the purchaser al ke unit al the foreclosure sale alkor ban a mortgagee chah po hn 055assmeebs required by Tha Condominium Properly Act 76 LCS 605/t85qil, F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEdWN ER YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N AC CORDANCE WTH SECTON i5ilol(c OF THE LLNOS MORT GAGE FORECLOSURE LAW, Fer inbarmaluan, envad Paioull's alarnov: The Sale Clerk, CODLS & ASSOCATES P0, 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD SUTE 10G, BURR ADGE, L 60527, (630) belwoen ke hours nf and 3 PM only and oslo far tho sales department, Please retor to lila number THE JU,, DCAL SALES CORPORATON One 5001k Wacky, Done, 241ro Floar Chicago, L (312) 236SALE You can also rond The Judicial Sales Carporalise at wwwtjnc corn lar a 7 day slalnn roparl of Pending sales, CODLS S ASSOCATES, PC l5w030 NORTH PRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L Anamey File No; t4'lo44202 ARDC# Attorney Codo Caso C O CH NOTE' Pursuant lo ke Fair Debt CollOdiOn Practices Act, you aro adorned hat Plalnluf'n atlorney is deemed o ho a debl collecter allempling ta collect a debl and any information obtained will be used for that purpose f Fob: 6/30, #901 5 KO Kf E N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON PHH MORTGAGE CORPORATON Plainlift, fara HNKLN, el al Dol ondant lo CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that parsuon lo a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered in the above cause on Java 13, 201, an agon al The Judicial Sales Carporalise, will ut 1030 AM an Augusl le, 201 1, at the The Judicial Sales Corporation, One South Wacker Dovo 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, #0000, soll at publie auction o hn highest bidder, as set orth below, hn tolowing described real estalo Commnely known as 6240 LARAME AVEOUE, SKOKE, L Property motee No Tho real osate is mproved With a single family residenco Sale terms: 25Th down U he highest bid by certuhed funds at ke close of he auclion; The balanco, including the Judicial salo lee tar Abandoned Residonhual Properly Municipality Reliof Fond, which o calcahabed an residenlial real enlate ut the rate ob S 1er each $1,000 or raclion herert? et ke amouni paid by hn purchaser nob o enceod $300, in certiliod lands, s otan wilbin twentyroar (24) haars, Na leo shall be paid by the merlgagea acqumnng 111e residential real estala pursuanl o ils credil kid at hn sale or by any mortgagee, ndgmenl Creditor or albor henar acquunng ke residential real eulahe whenq eghls us and ta the residenlia real estate arose peor lv the sale The sobject property us sabjecl ta general real estate laces, special assessments or npecmal taons leeloti against said real enlato and in altered lar sale wmlhaut any reprosonhalion as o quality or quanlily nl tille und wmlhaut recourse to Plain lilt and n AS 1W coedilmon, The sale io larthor subject o canlirmalion, by the court l ke sale is sol asido her any reason, ho Purchaser al ba sale shall bu onlullod only ho a relorn el ke depesml paid The Pur chaser shall have no brber recourse against the Marlgagar, bue Mvrigagve or hn Mortgagee's allomey Upon payment in lull al iba amount bud, the purchaser will receive o Corliiicato al Sale that will enlilla ba purchaser la a deed la 1ko real Osate aller confirmalien ab ho sale The property will NOT be open fer loopeciman and plainlill makes na roprosenlaluan aa ta ihn caedmlmen al ke properly Prespeclive biddors are admonished to check the court lila ta sonly all inlermalmon, lt this properly s a candommnmere unit, ke purchaser of ke unit al hn forecbosore salo, 01h01 ban a mortgagee, shall pay ke assessments and the legal lees required by The Condominium Properly Ach, 765 LCS 65519(5)11) and g)(4 if bis properly s u condominium uni which is part el a common interest commavity, ke purchaser of hn unii al hn forociosurn sala other than a mortgagee shall pay ke as 5055rnonls required be The Condominium Fronerty Act, 765 LCS 605/16 51gi) P YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEOWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON N AC COROANCE WTH SECTON is1701(c( OF THE LLlNOl MORT GAGE FORECLOSURE LAW, Fer unlonnalion, canlacl Plaunlult's alar, non: Tko Sala Clerk, CODLS & ASSOCATES PC, 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD SUTE 100, BURR 1DGE, L e0527, (630) between he bourn st t and 3 PM only and ank ter ba sales department, Pleaso roler lo bile enmbor THE JU DCAL SALES CORPORATON One Soalh Wacker Dove, 241k Foar Chicago L (312) 236SALE You con also molt The Judicial Sales dorporalmon al wivw,tse corn for a 7 due Obras repart al pending sales, CODLS & ASSOCATES, P0 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L e Allornoy File No,: ARDC Attornop Cada, Case CH NOTE: Pursuant o ke Far Dob Collection ProDuces Ad OO are advised 1h01 Plalobt's atrarnoy s dnomed o be a debt collector allomplmng fo callad a debt and any n formation ablalned will be used far 1h01 purpose Pub: 717, 1h14, #96614 Find the Ckt of Your Dreams todrivecom ', ¼/ Visit ToDrivecom 28 Pioneer Press (DC) Thursday, July 7, 2011 Thursday, July 7, 2011 Pioneer Press (DC) 29 Judicial SalesReal Est Judicial SalesReal Est Judicial SalesReal Est, Judicial SalesReal Est Judical SalesReaF Est Júdiólal SalesReäl Est: Judicial SalesReal Est Judicial SalesReal Est Judicial SatesReal Es Judicial SalesReal Est; Judicial SalesReal Est Judicial SalesReal Est To PLACE A CLASSFED AD, CALL OR VST PONEER 00ALCOM'LASSF1EDS

38 Judicia SalesReal Est Adoption Assumed Name Auction Real Estate Bld Not)ce 'Divorce Foreclosures Foundation Notices Judicial Sales Mechanics Liens Name Change Probate Public Hearings Public Notices Storage Legai Take Notices LNCOLN WOOD N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNTf DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON MB ENANCAL BANK NA, SUCCESSOR N NTEREST TO MAN UFACTJRERS BANK; Plaintiff, vs HO K LEE M(JA HO LEE' DONG S LEE M(JA DONG LEE; SCHMDT SA1MAN & MORAÑ, LTD; UNKNOWN OWNERS; UN KNOWN TENANTS AND NON RECORD CLAMANTS; Defendants, lo CH NOTCE OP SALE PUBLC NOTCE s hereby given that pursuant o a Judgment of Foreclosure enlered n the above entitled cause on March 3, 2011, ntercoanty Judicial Salas Corporation will on Monday, August 1, 2011, at too hour of 11 am n their office at 120 West Madison Street, Suite 718A, Chicago, llinois, set fo the highest bidrter for cast) hn following described mortgaged real estate which will be oflered separably: Commonly known as 6601 North Uncoiti Avenue, Liecatnwood, illinois and North Ciark Street, Chicago, illinois PN , 10'35'319'O0, 1W35'314'062 and North Uncoin Avenue, Uncoinwood consists of a 25,191 square foot interior site zoned Bi und improved With u square foot orle story building North Clarir Street, éhlcayo, ConsistO ob u two slurp rebaivupartment buïidio5 These properties may be mode available for inspection by Conbactiog Mr Aunar R van der Vent ut (312) The successful purchaser is entitled o pussession of the propetty only Tre purchaser may only oblate possesnion Of units withiu tle multiunit property occ5pled by lndividuaiu named in the order of possessiou Suie lerma: Bidders must present, ut the time of suie, u cushier's or certíiied check tor 10% of lre succesaful bid amount The balance of the successful bid shah be paid within 24 hours, by ulmiiur funds, For eformallon cali Mr Andrew H Eren ut Stahl Cowan Crowlsy Addis LLC, 55 West Monroe Street, Chicago, llinois eaeo3 (312) NTERCOUNTY JUDiCAL SALES CORPORATON Seilluo Officer, 1312) Pub: "Tfl, 7/14, # LEGAL Assumed Name Assumed Name ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant to An Act in relation to the uso of an Asuumed Business Nurse n fhe conduct or fransaction of Business in the Stae, as amended, that a certilication was Filed by the undersìgned wifh the County Clerk of Cook Cpunty File No on June 15, 2011 Under fhe Assumed Name of Accurate Chufe and Supply at 7627 W Rascher, Chicago, L The true nomo(s) and residence address of the owner(s) is: tyrone A Luedke, 7927 W Rascher, Chicago, L Pub:6/23,6/30 717/i i ASSUMED NAME Notice io hereby given, pursuant fo An Act in relation to the use of an Assumed Business Name in he conduct or transaction of Business n the Stale, as amended, that a certification wus filed by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County File No on June 16, 2011 Under the Assumed Nome of ADVANCE CONTRACTOR SERVCES at 7952 Kildure Ave, Skokie, L ß0076 The true name(s) and residence addreso of the owner(s) is: Michael Kolpas, Westin Kolpao, 7952 Kildare Ave, Skokie, L Pub:6/30,7i #97082C ASSUMED NAME Notice io hereby given, pursuant to "An Act in relation to the une of an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transaction of Business in fha Stute, os amended, that a certification was filad by tite undersigned wilh the County Clerc of Cook Çounfy File No on June 29, 2011 Under the Asutjmed Name of Better Home Company at 410 W Camp McDonald Rd, Prospect Hs, tl The true flama(a) and residence addr000 o? the owner(s) Waldemar!ernanek, 410 W Comp McDonald Rd, Prospect Hs, t Pub;717,7/14,7/21/ll #99516 C Judicial SalesReal Est ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuan to An Act in relation o the use of un Assumed Business Nome in the conduct or transaction of Business n hn State," as amended, that a certification was filed by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County File No Di on June 28, 2011, tuder the Assurned Naine of Chcago Moble Marketers at 331 S Peoria St, Suite 101, Chicago, L 60607, The true name(s) and residence address of the owner(s) is: Michael Robichuud, 331 S Peoria S, Suite 101, Chicago, L Dean Richardson, S, 87th Ave Patos Hills, L Pub 7(7 7/14 7/21 ( ASSUMED NAME Notice in hereby given, pursuont to "An Act inseiation to the use of an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transaction of Business in the Sfule$ as amended, that a certilicution was filed by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County File No on Jurie 16, 2011 Under the Asuumed Hume of ED KRUSE ASSOCATES at 8528 W, Culhenne Ave, Unit in, Chicago, L The frue name(s) und residence address of the owner(s) is: Edgar C Kruse, 8528 W Cathenne Ave, Unit i H, Chicago, L Pub:6/23,6/307/7/1 i # ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant o An Act in relation fo the use of an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transaction of Business in fha Stote, as amended, that a certification was filed by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook Courtly File No D on June 23, 2011, Under the Asaumed Name of tlltnt REALTY at 6725 N, Kilpalrick Ave, Lincoinwood, C The true name(s) and residence address of the owner(s) is: Samuel E (ir,, 6725 N Kilpatnck Ave, Lincoinwood, L 60712, Pub: 7/7, 7/14, 7/ ) ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant fo An Act in reialion to fhe use of an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transaction of Business in the State, au amended, that a certification was filed by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County File No on June 22, 2011 Under the Assumed Name of MAF Consulting Group at (608 5 Cedar Lane, Mount Prospect, L The true name(s) end residence address of the owner(s) in: Mytian A Figiel 6 James J Figiel, Cedar Lune, Mount Prospect, L Pub:6130,7u7, 7/ REACH OUTTO MORE QUALFED OCA1 CANDDATES (H CHCAGOLAHO WTH MONSTER, CALL Assumed Name ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant o An Act n relation to the use of en Assumed Busness Name n the conduct or fmnusctlon of Business n fh State, as amended, that a certification wo filed by the undemlgned with the County Clerk of Cook County, File No 011(26624 on June 17, 2011 Under the Assumed Nurse of New Sky Remodelng at 8443 Lindar Ct, Skokie, L The true name(s) end resdence address of the owner(s) s: Danel Sakoloky, 8443 Llnder Cf, Skokle, L Pub:6/23,6/30,711/i 1 # ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant to An Act n relation o the use of un Assumed Business Nome in the conduct or transaclion of Business n the State," us amended, hut a certification ws filed by the undersigned with the County Clerk of Cook County File No Di on June 23, 2011, Under thu Asuumed Name of The Ttre Stte at 5225 N, Ooolu Ave, Chicago, L The true name(s) and residence address of the owner(s) Javier Malendes, 5225 N, Oriole Ave, Chicago, L Pub:7i7,7/14,7P21/ll #99642 C Copy of Legal Notce to be Published Notice is hereby given, pursuant to "An Act n relation to the use pf an Assumed Business Name in the conduct or transoclion of Business in the Sts(e, as amended, that a cerlilication was filed by the undersigned With he County Cletle of Cook County File No, on the JUNE 08, 20t1 Under the Assumed Name of: LUXTVLDEST1NATONS With the business located at: 1731 Locust Piace #307 Schaumburg, L, The true neme(s) and residence actdress of the ownnr(s( is: Rhortda E ngraham 1731 Locust P, Schaumburg, L Pub: 623 6/30 717/ Bid Notice Village of Skokie Notice to Bdders The Village of Skokie is now Sccepting sealed BDS tor Leal Haulingloisposel Servlcee Notice is hereby given that hn Vìlluge of Skokie will receive BDS at 5127 Oukton Street, Skokie, llinois Altention: Michael Aleksic, Purchasing Agenl unfit i i :00 am local time on Tuesday, July 19, 2011, A copy ob the bid can be obtamed by visiting wwwskokieorg Click on Village Deportment, Purchasing, Bids & tff's to download a copy Bids can also be obtained tor the Village of Sltokie Purchasing Ottico at the address shown above Any bid or proposal submitted unsealed, unsigned, fax f reosmssions or received subsequent to the aforementioned date and time will be disqualified and retumed to the bidder The Village of Skokie rosemos the right to reject any and all bids or parts hereof, to Waive any irregulanties or informaiilies in bidding procedures und to award the contract il) S manner best serving the nterest ob the Villuge, Skokie Village Hail is a fully accessible building Persons requiring assistance should contract the Purchasing Office at or T'Y Michael Alekslc Purchasing Agent Village of Skokie Pub:7/7/11 #99590 C SAY T N THE CLASSFEDS, CALL To PLACE YOUR AD Bld Notice Village of Sicokte Notice to Bidders The Village of Shokia s now accepting sealed BDS for SreNe BlvdiSesrle Pkwy Trattic Signet nstallation 6 nteisectiort improvement Pro(ecf Notice s hereby given that the Village of Skokie will receive BDS at 5127 Cakton Street, Skoltie, llinois Attention: Michael Alekuic, Purchasing Agent until 11:00 em local time on Thursday, July 21, 0l 1, Bids can ulso be obtained froidi the Villuge of Skokle Purcheslng Office at the address shown above There's a $5000 non refundable charge for plans A prebid conlerence will be held at 9:00 am on July 18, et the Village of Skokie Village Hell Bidders will be requred fo certity that for all work fo be performed pursuant to the Contract Documents, al least the prevail ng rate of wages as found and determined by the lilinois Deparlment of Labor for Cook County wilt be paid lo ail workers and employees employed and working on he project Any hid or proposal submitted unsealed, unsigned, tax transmissons or received achsequent lo the aforementioned dale und time will be disqualified end returned to he bidder The Village of Skokie reserves the right to reject any and all bids or parts thereof, to waive any irreguleritius or informalitius in bidding procedures end lo award the contract in e manner best serving the interest of the Village Shokie Village Hall is a fully eccessible building Persons reqsinng assistance should contract the Purchasing Office at or 'FlY Michael Alekslc Purchasing Agent Village of Skokie Pub;7171fl #99399 Vllage of Skokle Notice to Bidders The Village at Skokie is now accepling sealed BDS tor High Priosty Sfreet Patching Program Notice is hereby given that the Village of Skokie will receive BOS al 5127 Oakton Slreet, Skokie, llinois Attention: Michael Aleltsic, Purchasing Agent until 11:00 am local time on Thursday, July 21, 201 i A copy of the bid carl be oblamed by visiting w'ww,skokieorg Click on Viiae Departments, Purchusing,Bids& RFP's to download a copy Bids can also be obtained from the Villoge of Skokie Purchasing Office at the address shown above Bidders will be required lo certify that for all work to be performed pursuant lo the Contract Documents, at least the prevail ng rate of wages as found und determined by the lilinois Department of Labor for Cook County will be paid fo all workers and employees employed and working on the project Any bid or proposal submitted unsealed, unsigned, tax transmissions or received subsoquent to the aforementioned date and time will be disqualified and returned lo he bidder The Village of Skokie reserves the right to re)ect any end all bids or parts thereof, to waive any irregulonlies or lnlormslilies n bidding procedures end lo award the contract in a manner beat serving the interest 01 the Villuge Skokie Viilae Etall s a fully accessible building Persons requiring asslsbonce should contract he Purchasing Office st or TTY O Michael Alekslc Purchasing Agent Village of Skokie Pub;7/7ll #99343C FND MORE LOCAL JOBS AT PONEERLOCALCOM,?OHS1ER Mechanics Liens That en , a saie will be held at 3:00 pm el: Body Works Unlimited 2521 W, Ferdinand Chicago, L All bids la be n wnling to seil the following articles to andarci, e lien existing under the laws el the State et llinois against such articles ter labor, services, skills er material espended upon or storage furnished 1er such articles at fha request el the toilnwing designated personls) unless such articles ere redeemed Wilhin thirty (30) days et the publicaten 01 ths notice NAME OF PERSON(S) Juanita Fisher Nelianal Aulo Finance Co DESCRPTON OF ARTCLE 2007 Perd Escape FMYUO2ZO7KCO797 AMOUNT S Pub; 717/1 i ) That on Wl5/2811 u suie will be held ut 300 pm al: Cicero Aulo Repair nc 3739 N Cicero Avenue Chicago, L E0641 All bids O be in writin9 to sell ba bellowing articles o enlome a lien eoisting under hn laws ob ba Stute el llinois against such articles 1er labor, services, skills or matenal eapended upen or slaruge burnished ter such articles ut the request el the following designaled person(s) unless such arlicles are redeemed wilbur hlity (301 days ob the publicafian of bis felice NAME OF PERSON(S) Thomas Pierce Land Rover Capibal Grnsp DESCRPTON OF ARTCLE 2502 Land Rover Freelandnr SALNY22292A AMOUNTSJ5Ol3 Pub:7/7/li b9239 Probate STATE OF LLNOS N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS PROBATE DVSON n the metier of the estate et Florence Levy, Deceased CaseNoll P3212 PUBLCATON NOTCE Notice s hereby given of the death of Florence Levy of Chicago, L Letters ob office were issued on June 16, 2011 lo David Levy, 297 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, NY 1238, whose atfomey is Laude J Wasserman, 9933 Lawler Avenue, Suite 122, Skokie, llinois Claims against the estate may be filed in the office of the Clerk ot the Circuit Court n Room 1202, Richard J Dafey Cenler, Chicago, llinois 60802, or with he representative, or both, on or before January 7, 2012 which date s not less than 6 months from the dale of he first publicalion of his notice and any claim not hled Within that penod is barred Copies of any claim tiled with the Clerk must be mailed or delivered to the representative and lo the attorney within 10 days a(er it is bled nf Laude J Wasserman )Atbemey) Pub: 7(7, 7/14, 7121 ( STATE OF tllnos N THE CRCUT COURT OF COO( COUNTY, LLNOS PROBATE DVSON n the matter of the estate of Joseph H Ouguay, Deceased CeaeNo,11 P 3524 PUBLCATiON NOTCE Notice s hereby given of the death ob Joseph H Duguay of Palatine, L Letlers of office were issued on 624i 1 to Suzanne M Duguay, 1139 West l (mois Ave, Palatine, L 60067, whose attomey is Caby A Lind, 121 S Wilke Rd Guile 407, Arllngfon Heights, L 60005, Claims against the estafe may be tiled in ba office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Room 1202, Richard J Oaley Center, Chicago, llinois 60602, or with the representative, or bolti, on or bebore December 30, 2011, which date s not less ban S months from the date of the first publication of this notice and any claim not filed wilhirt that period is barred Copies 01 any claim fifed with the Clerk must be mailed or delivered lo the representative and to the ottorney within 10 days after it is filed /o/suzanve M Ouguay (Representative) 15/ Cary A Lind (Afborney) Pub 6/30, 717, 7/14 (96860) DON'T NEED T? SELL T FAST CALL Probate Stete of llinois n The Clrcuii Court o? Cook County, llinois Probate Dvson in the matter of the estate of Maiy G Schreiber, Deceased CeeeNo2011 P 2902 Notice s given in the deafh of Mary G Schreiber of Hillside, lihuele Letters of office were ssued on 6/13/2011 to Robert Lyons whose uttemey is: Edwin R Niemim, pa 1110 N Ashland Ave,, Chicago, Notice to Heim and Lagotees Notice s given to Nancy E Schreiber, who s an heir n the abeve entitled proceeding to probate a will and whose name or address s nob stated Within 42 days alter the eltecfive dale of the original Order of admission or tram the dala of the first publication of this notice, you may file a pelilion with the court te require proof of the will by testimony of the witness to the will in open court or other evidence, as provided in 5/621 of the Probate Act of 1975 (1LCS 1992, 755, 5/621) You also have the nght under 5/8i of the Probate Act (LCS 1992, 755, 5/8l) to coolest the, validity of lte will by filing a pelilion with the court withn sis (6) months offer admission of he will fo probate The estate will be adminisbered without court supervison, unlass under 5/284 of he Probate Act (LCS 1992, 755, 5/284) Any interested person noes independent administrolion at any lime by mailing or delivering a petition lo terminale to the cierk Claims against the enlate may be filed s he oece of the Clerk of the Circuit Court in Room 1202, Richard J, Daley Cevler, Chicago, llinois or with the representative, or bolh, on or before 'December 23, 2011 which dale is not less ban B months from the dale ol he tirst publication of this notice and any claim not filed within that penod is barrad Copies of any claim tiled with the Clerk must be mailed or delivered to iha representative and lo the alborney within io days utter it has been fifed, Pub:6/23,6/30, 7/7/ #92811 State of llinos in The Crcut Court of Cook County, llinos Probate Dieleton ts the malter of (he estabe et Walter Budzinski, Deceased CaeeNo2011 P3228 Noiice is given n the death ob Wailer Budzinski of Chicago, lilinein Letters of clice were issued on 6/20/2011 to Diane McKay whose attorney is: Edwin R Niemira, pa 1110 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, Notice to Heirs und Legatees Nolice s given to Kimberly KemickiJirnenez and Scott McKay, in the above entitled proceeding to probate a will and whose address is not stated Within 42 days after the ettaclive dale of the original order of admission or from the date pl the first publication of this notice, you muy tile a petition wilh fhe court to require proof of the will by feslimorry of the wilness lo he will in open court or other eviddnce, as provided in 5/621 of the Probate Act of 1975 (LC$i9g2, 75, 5/621) You also hava the right under 5/81 ob the Probate Ad (1LCS 1992, 755, 5/8l) lo contest ihe validity of the will by filing a palilion Wilh the court within six (6) months aller admission ob the will to probale, The estate will be administered wilhout court supervision, unloss undet of The Probaba Act (LCS 1992, 755, 5/284) Any interested person latininatas independent administralisa ut any time by mailing or delivenng a pelilion to terminste fo ba clerk Claims against the osate may be filed in the ottica of iba Clerk ob the Circuit Court n Room (202, Rchard J Daley Center, Chicugo, llinois or with the representative, 01 bow, on or bebra December 30, 2011 which date is not laus titan 6 bnonihsbrom the dale ob the first publication of this notice and any claim not filed within that penod is barred, Copies of any claim filed with he Clerk must be mailed or delivered to the reprasenlalive avd io the allornay wilhin 10 days aller it has been filed Pub;6/30, 7/7, 7/14/ Public Notices Police 011lcer Viiluqe el Herwoed Heghts 7306West Wilnee Avenue Harweed Heighbs, illisola Pupulalion: 8,600 Swem Olticem: 23 Application deadline: July 25, 2011 s PM Allcalisn neurelundable bee: S P)APPLtCATiONS WLL BE MALED TO APPLCANTS The village of Harwood Heights is accepling applications lar the posilien al Police 011icer, Beate Quallllcaltons: Al least 21 years of age; less then 35 years el age el the time el appiicabios; US citizen; esnoclale or bachelor's dearee in any told from an accredi ed'cellege erunivemily; maul meal all ether eligibility requirements as provided by hn Slate Statues ant Village Ordinances: possess a valid driver's license in good standing; have el least 20/70 vision correctabin le 25/20; va lelony or misdemeanor csnvlcliens er arrests Duties end respenstbllttles: Full service municipal policing enlercemen of slate and lucal laws: prepara wvev reparla on assigned tasks and elend court and testily when necessary, Community pnllc ng assist sud render nid to ciii Zens, cnnduct building checks and investigate suspicious persons, vehide enises, etc, unitsrm palrni, traflic cenirel, mobur vehicle assists, and lrafbc crash nvesligaliuns Benelils: starting salary S 44753, wdh en eppurtunity lo earn $51, 418 aller 12 months, und $68,255 aller 3 yearn contract pending ) Employer paid medicaelite insurance, paid pension lund, sicwuacallon days and lnngevily pay Applicatien process: appiicalions maybe picked up ut iba Horweed He)ghbs Police Department localed at 300 West Wilson, Harwasd Heiehts, 1111 nais 6070e ( any lime day or niitht Applicalievs must be relamed by Msnday, July 25, 201 i al 5:00 PM Aliending erieriiallsv is MANDATORY and will be held en Monday August i, 2011 al the Village at Hurwsad Heights Community ream which is also sca ted al 730g Wesi Wilson, Harwood Heights, illinuls, Davis will apee al 6,00 FM sud will close pronipily ei PM, aller which no ove will be allowed enlrance A physical abili and wurten les will be given en Su arday, August 6, 2011 ut Ridgewood High School, located at 7500 Wont Movlresa Avenue, Norvdgn llinulu Doors will Opas al 8 00 Ak), and close promplly al 9,55 AM Questions should be dlrectad lu the Village at Harwuod Hoighln Pniice Commission between 8 50 AM and 4:00 PM ( ) The Village al Harwoed Heights is any Equal Opponunity Employer By order ob he Harwsod Heights Police B Rie Cemmisnian: Slave J Wydu, Chairman Dorothy A Ayros Secretary Sanino Nuccia D'Argenba, Csmmlsslaver APPLCATONS WLL BE AVAl L ABLE BEGNNNG ON NURE DAY, JULY 7, 2e11 THRU THURS DAY JULY 21, 2511 AT ANY TM, Pub: 7i7,7/l4lli NOTCE EMERSON PARK AND EMLY OAKS NATURE CENTER PLAYGROUNDS PUBLC HEARNG The Skokia Park Dislncl invites you to provide input on the design of new Emerson Park play ground and Emily Oaks Halare Center playground Date: Tuesday, July i2, 20i i 'time: 7:00 pm Location: Emily Oaks Nature Center 4650 Brummel Street Slabe, L Contact person: Mike Rea or MReaEskokie partns,obg Pub:717f11 #99655 C NOTCE in accordance with the llinois Prevailing Wage Act, the Skokie Park District ('Park Disinct") has made a determination of the prevailing rates el wsgaa to be paid laborers, mechanics and other workers employed in public works projects tor the Park Dialect, The Park District has deterorirted that the prevailing rotes of Wages are the wage rates for Cook County, as datarmined by the llinois Depurlmeni of labor A copy of the delertnination is available for public inspuclion in le Park District's business oflice located at 9300 Weber Park Place, Skokie, li 60077, Copies are also available epuri roquesb by calling the Park District al /ja, Dated; June 21st, 2011 Mark Scheulderman Socrelury Board of Park Commissioners Skokie Park District Pub:7/7/t i (96251) Public Notices A RESOLUTON ADOPTtNG THE PREVALNG WAGE RATES FOR LABORERS WORKERS, ANO MECHANCS EMPLOYED BY OR ON PUBLC WORKS OF HLES 'TOWNSHP DSTRCT FOR SPECAL EDUCATON SCHOOL DtSTRCT 807, COOK COUNTY, LLtOlS WHEREAS, the Slate of llinois has enacted 'an Act regululing wages of laborers, mechanics end other workmen employed in any public works by the slate, county, city, or any public body, or any other political subdivisiun or by any one under contracl tar public works,' approved June 26, 1941, as amended, being Section 39si through ch48, ill, Rev Stat 1985; and WHEREAS, the aforeould Act requires het the Gosewing Board of School Distrlcf 807 invesligate end ascertain iba pievaillng rate of wages as defined n said Act for laborers, inschanica, and other workers iv he locafily of said Scheel Div trict employed n pertanning construction ot public works tsr said School District NOW THEREFORE, Be il Rs solved by the President and Governng Board of Nifes Township Dislrict tor Special Educulon School Dlstncl 807, 005k County, iilinoia, as follows: Section : To the extent evtl as required by 'an Act regululing wages ot laborers, mechanics, end other workem employod in any public works by hn Snv, county, city or public body vr any political aubdioiulon or by anyone under contract tor public works,' approved June 26, 1941, as amended, the gunarul prevailing rate of wages in bis locality for laborers, mechonics and other workers engsgsd in the construction of public marks coming under the )unsdicinn el this District s hereby ascer lamed lo be the same as hn prevailing rate of wages tar csn alluchon worte n Cook Counly areas as dotemilned by hn Dupartment of Labor of the Slab of llinois, a copy of hat debarmlnation beng attached heruis and incorporabed herein by raierence, The definition of any terms appeanng n this Resslslion which ar,e also used in hn aforesaid Act shall be lra surre as in sold Act, Section 2: Nothing herein con tamed shall be construed fo spply ssld general prevailing rabo of wages as herein ascerlalnnd lo any work or employment oucept public works construclinn of bis Dislrict to the esienb rsguired by the aforesaid Act, Section 3: The Sacrelary of the Goveming Board shall publicly post or keep available for inspeclion by any nterested party n the main ottica of this Oisbncb hm determnation of such pronailing rate of wages Secfion 4: The Secretary of hn Governing Board shall mail a copy of this deterntivalisn la any employer, and to any associalian of employers and lo any person or association of 0m' pioyees who have filed, or filo their name end addresses, raquesling copies of any delermination sluting the particular rateo and the particalar class of workmen whose wages will ha afteclad by such rates Section 5: The Secrelary of iba Govemin9 Board shall premplly tile e certified copy of this Rosoiulion with both the Sacrelaiy of Slate and the Det,arlmenb of Labor st ba Stale st llinois, Seclion 6: Withn 30 days albor the filing of a corlitiad cspy s his Resolution wilh the Secruba Or el Stale, the Secretary el liv Governing Board shall cause O be published n a newapapur si geseral circulation wiltiin 1W area a copy of this flesoluliev and such publicalion shall conalilule nolice that ho dateranno lion la effective and that this is the determnation of ibis public body Seclion 7: Ths RosolubiOs shall be in lull force end ellocb upoir ils passage and approvai au roquired bylaw, ADOPTED, bis day si June, 20h, David Koder President, Governing Board Vicki Goldberg Secretary, Govamtvg Board Pub:7/flhl #90577 C Find the Cí\1 o$ \3ur Dreans todrivecoítì Public Notices POLCE OFFCER Village of Lincobnwood MANDATORY ORENTATONJWR11TEN EXAMNATON Saturday, July 30, 201 i at 8:00 am Hiles North High School 9800 N Lainer, Skokie, L Saler Door #2, North Side of Building Candidales must have e valid NPSTA POWER Test card ssued within 12 months prior to epplicablon deadline, Applicalion, qualibicallona end benalit nformation is available st w'ww,lhebbueline,com Salary: $53,207 $81,739 aller 5 years Application Deadline: July is, 201 i at Noon you have queslions or need additional informalion, please call (800) , The Village of Lincoinwood s an Equal Opportunity Employer Pub:7/7/l PUBLC NOTCE NOTCE OF HEARNG ON THE PROPOSED APPROPRATON ORDNANCE FOR FSCAL YEAR A Publrc Heanng' will be held by the President and Board of Trustees ot the Village of Lincolnwood on Thursday, July 2h 2011 al 7:30 PM in the Courtcil Chambers, Lincolnwood Village Hall, 6900 N Lincoln Avenue, Lincoinwood, L The purpose of he hearing is lo consider the proposed Appropriahoy Ordinance for Fiscal Year A copy of the proposed ordinunca will be available for review starting July 5, 2011 at Villuge Hall daring normal buninous hours, Monday hm Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Pub:717/h1 #99350 Public Notices PUblic1Notices LEGAL NOTCE APPLCANT: Robert and Chrstine Savage NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that a public hearing will be held on Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 7:30 pm n fha City Council Chambers at the Park Ridge City Hail, 505 Butler Place, Parti Ridge, llinois, when the follow ng malter will be considerad: ZONNG CASE NUMBER: V1114 Application for a Variance to allow en alluched deck lo be less than O feat from the detached garage conflicting with Section hi,4,a5 of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Park Ridae, Lot 7 n BLOCK 7 in WALTER E, 0000LNSK'S PARK RDGE HEGHTS, BENG A SUBDVSON OF THE SOUTH 150F THE NORTHWEST A OF THE SOUTHWEST HOF SEC TON 36, TOWNSHP 4i WaPT, RANGE 12, EAST OF TlE THRD PRNCPAL MER DAN, N COOK COUNTY, LL NOS, THE PROPERTY OTHERWSE KNOWN AS: 227 imperial Street, Park Ridge, L All persons interested in the above described malter are inviled lo attend and Will be heard The case file for this matter is available tor review in the Departmenl of Community Preservallon and Development in City Garr Zimmerman, Ctrairrn:rn Zoning Board of Appeals Pub:771 (98323) Public Notices ELEMENTARY SCHOOL OSTRtCT64 Park RidgeNibs, llnos FUeLlO RELEASE Community Consolidated School District 1164 announced its policy for free lunch for those students unable to pay for meals undar the llinois Free Lunclr Program The bellowing household size and income criteria will be used for determining eligibility: llinois income Guidelines (Effective tram July fo June 30, 2012) Famly Size Year Month Week $14,157 1,180 $ ,123 1, ,089 2, ,055 2, ,02i 2, ,957 3, ,953 3, ,919 4,077 94i Each Additional Household Member +4, Children from households that meet Federal guidelines are eligible for free meuf a Application ferras are being sant o all homes with a latter lo parena or guardiana To apply for free benetils, households must complete the allached application as soon as possible, sign it and return t to the school Additional copies ob the application tono are available at the principal's office n each school, Households should answer all applicable queutions on the form An application cannot be processed and approved by the school it t dues not contain all the required information, The required lntorrsalron s: SNAP/TANF HOUSEHOLDS; if the school provided you a betfer thai stated your chrfd(ren) is eligible for treo meals vra the dired certrfrcallon process, you do not have to complete ths appiicabion o receive free meal benefits You do not have lo cornpne this application to receive meal benefits Households that currenily received Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Temporary Assisiance for Needy Families (TANF) br their child(ren), only llave lo lia the cfrild(ran)'s name and SNAP or TANF case number and sign he application Appt i calions lsting LNK arid medlcat card number cannot be used for free meets ALL OTHER HOUSEHOLDS: if a household's ncome s at or below the level shows on fha income scale, children are eligibo for free meals Households must provide the following lut ormation: (i) the names ob all household members, (2) lre last four social secunly numbers of lho adult household member signing the applicabion, or indicaba it the adult does not have a social secunty number, (3) the amount of income each household member received last month where il cernes from (wages, child support, etc), (4) the signature of an adult househsbd member School or olher olliciats may verity the informalion provided on the application at any lime during the school year Households may apply 1er benefits at any time during the school year, f e household is net eligible now but has a decrease in household income, an ncrease in household alza, or a household member becomes unemployed, they should fill out an application al that lime n certain cases tostar children are eligible for meal benelils regardlass 01 the household income if a household has fouler children living wilh them and they wish lo apply for meal benefibs for them, ihey should compbela the application Households dissatisfied with ba ruling of the offical may wish to discuss it with the school Households also have the nghl to a fair hearing This can be done by calling or wribing la lre folbowing otlicial: Sandra Slnnger, i64 South Prospect Avenue, Parkflidga, llinois 60068, , n accordance wilts Foderai law and US Dept of Agncuilure policy, this institution s prohibited trorn discnmbnatlng on he basis 01 race, color, national origin, sex, ana, or disability To tile a complaint of discrimination, wnte USbA, Olracbor, 011ice of Adludicebion, 1400 ndependence Ave, SW, Washington, D_C or call toll tree (666) (Voice) ndivictuals wlbo are hearing impaired or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) or (800) (Spanish) USDA s art equal opportunity provider end employer, Pub: #98588 C Public Notices LEGAL NOTCE Ridgewood High School Districl 234 reaftirms ita policy to pay the prevailing wage on public work projects as o paid in the Cook County area as of June 2011, Sincerely Cheryl Pliso, Business Manager Pub:7flhll #99210 SUBSCRBE TODAY CALL OR VST PONEEROCALCOM Public'Notices FND THE PERFECT HOME AT SEARCH(HCAGOCOMAOMES Public Notices RESOLUTON ADOPTNG PREVALNG WAGES JUNE, 2011 WHEREAS, he State of llinois has enecbed An Act regulating wages ol laborers, mechanics and sifter workers employed in any public works by he Stale, county, city or any public body or any political subdivision or by any one under coniract for public works, approved June 26, i941, codibied as amended, 820 LCS 130/i el seq )i993), formerly Rev, Stat, Ch 48, par 39s1 el seq and WHEREAS, the aboresaid Act requires that the Hilos Elamanlary School Disbricl #71 of Cook County nvestigate and esserlain the prevailing rate of wages as defined in said Act tor luborers, mechanics and other worliera in ba locality of Cook County employed n performing conalrriction of public works, for said Hiles blemenlary School Disbrict #7i, NOW THEREFORE, BO T RESOLVED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATON OF NLES ELEMENTARY SCHOOL DSTRCT #71; SECTON 1: To the entent and as required by An Act regubul ng wages of laborers, mechanlca and other workers employed in any public works by Slate, county, city or any public body or any polilicab subdivision or by any one under contract for public works=, approved June 26, i94i, as amendad, the general pronailing rate of wages n ihis locality for laborers, mechanics and other workers engaged n conslruction of public works coming under the )urisdiclion of the Hiles Elemenbuly School District #7) s hereby ascertained to be the same as the prevail ng rate of wages for construction work la the Cook County area as determinad by the Department of Labor of he Slate of llinois au of June, 199e, e copy of that determination being atlached hereto and ncorporated herein by reference As requlred by said Act, any and all revisions of the prevailing rate of wages by the Department of Labor of the Stale of llinois shall supersede the Department's June determination and apply o any and all public works construction undertaken by he Niles Elamentary School District #71, The definition of any terms appearing in this Resolution whch are also used in at oresaid Act shall be tre same as n sad Act, SECTON 2: Nothing herein conbainod shall be construed to apply said general prevailing rate of wages as herein ascertamed lo any work or employment encept public works constrtiction of the Hiles Elementary School Dislncl #71 to the enlen required by the aforesaid Act, SECTON 3: The Hiles Elementary School District #71 Board Secretary shall publicly post or keep available for nspection by tiny interested party in the main office st the Nues Elementary School District 1171 ths determinallon sr any revisions of auch prevailing rate of wage A copy of the dalerroinalion or el the current reidsad determinalion of the prevailing rate of wages then n effect shall be attached lo all contract specifications SECTON 4: The Nues Elementary School District #71 Board Secretary shall mall e copy 01 ths determination to any employer, and to any association of employers and to any person or sasoclalion of employees who have bled their names and addresses, requesting copies of any doternrinalion slating ihe parflcafar rates and the particular class st workers whose wages will be alfecled by such ralas SECTON 5: The Hiles Elementary School Distad #71 Board Secretary shall promptly tile a certified copy of bis Resolution with both the Secretary of Stato ndex Division and fha Departmont et Labor of the Stale of llinois SECTON 6: The Hiles Elementary School District #71 Board Secretary shall cause lo be published n a newspaper of goneret circulation wilhin the area a copy of bis Resolution, and auch publicabion shall conslilule notice hal the determination s effective and that bis s the detarmlnalion of this public body, Passed this 2h day st Juno, 201 APPROVED: /a/patrick Byrne, President Board of Education Mary Krueger Secretary /s/board of Education Pulins/30/l1 #97805 C Public Notices RESOLUTON AUTHORtZNG ADOPTON OF PREVALNG WAGES WHEREAS, the Slate of llinois has enacted 'An Act regulating wages of laborers, mechanics and olher workers employed n any public works by the State, county, city sr any public body or any political subdivision or by any one under contract tar public works'; and WHEREAS, the aforesaid Act requires that ihe Board of Edacalion et Morton Grove School District No 70 nvesligala and ascertain ba preaailio9 rate of wages as defines in said Act far laborers, mechanics und olher workers in the locality of said School Dislrict employed in performing censlruclion ob public works, for Morton Grove School District No, 70 NOW THEREFORE BE T RE SOLVED BY THE BOARD OF EDUCATON DF MORTON GROVE SCHOOL DSTRCT ND 70 as follows: Section 1: To the entent and as required by 'An Act regulating wages st laborers, mechanics and other workers employed in any public works by Slate, county, cuy or soy public body sr any political subdivision or by any one under contract for public works,' the penera prevailing rafe of wages in his locality for laborers, mechanics end other workers engaged o construolion of public works coming under the unsdiclion of Morton Grove School dislncl No, 70 is hereby ascertained to be the same ea he prevailing rate of wages tor construction work in the Cook Counly area as datermined by the Department of Labor of the Slate of llinois as of June of each year As required by said Act, any and all revisions of the prevailing rafe of Wages by the Department of Labor of the Slate of llinois shall supersede the Department's June determination end apply lo any and all public works consiruction undertaken by ba public body The dolinilion of any berras appeanag n he Resol u lion which are also used in aforesaid Act shall be the same as in said Act Section 2: Noihing herein conlamed shall be conslrued lo apply said general prevailing rate st wages as herein ascertained lo any work or employment except public works conatruclion of Morton Grove School Dial net Na 70 to the entent required by the aforesaid Act, Section 3: The Secretary of the Board of Education shall publicly post or keep available for inspectron by any interested party in the main office of Morton Grove School District No 70 this determination of such prevaibing rabe of wage or any revisiano of such prevailing rate of wage A copy of this determina liot Or of lns current revised determination of prevailing rate of wages thon in effect shall be allached lo all csnlracl specificalions, Seclion 4: The Secretary of the Board st Education shall mail a copy st this determination to any employer, and lo uny asso, ciabion of employers and lo any person or association of em pboyees who have filed their names and addresses, request ng copies of any determination staling the particular rates and the particular class of workers who wages will be affected by auch raleo, Section 5: The Secretary of he Board ob Education shall promptly file a certified copy of this Resolution with both the Secrelary of Slate end the Department of babor of ba Sate of llinois Section 6: The Secretary 01 tle Board ot Educabion shall, wilhin 30 days alter filing of he Resolulrsn with the Secretary of State, cause lo be published n a newspaper of geneml circulalion within tre aree a copy of this Resolution, and such publicallan shall conslilule notice that the delerminalian s alteelive and thai this a the delermination of this public body PASSSD 'THS 20th day et June, 2011 APPROVED; President, Board of Educaliss (SEAL) All'EST: Sacrelary, Board of Education Pub: 77h (99337) FiND MORE LOCALJO8S AT, NONEERLOCALCOMJMONSTER Public Hearings NOTCE OF PUBLC HEARNG NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN by the Board of Edacalion of Fairview School District No 72, n the County of Cook, Stale o! llinois, that a hearing will be held on July i2, 2011 at 7:00 pm lo discuss the intention of he Board ob Education of Fairview School Dialrict No 72, Cook Counly, fo transfer Two Hundred Twenty Five Thousand Dollars ($225,00000( from he Education Fund to the Transportalion Fund pursuant to Seclion 172A of the School Code (10$ LCS 5/72AJ NOTCE S FURTHER HERE BY GVEN that a Public Heanng on said transfer will be held el 7:00 pm on the i2lh day of July, 2011, at Fairview South School in his School District No 72 Dated this 21st day el June, 20h i, BOARD OF EDUCATON SCHOOL DSTRCT No, 72 COUNTY OF COOK STATE OP LLNOS Jetbrey Bnb, Secrelary Pub: 7711 (99201)0 LEGAL NOTCE APPLCANT: Oreat Baranyk, Baranyk Associates, Ltd NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that a public hearing will be held on Thursday, July 28, a 7:30 pm in the City Council Chambers at the Park Ridge City Hall, 505 Butler Place, Park Ridge, llinois, when he tollowing mallar will be considered: ZONNG CASE NUMBER: V1113 Application for a Variance to allow an addillon o encroach into the required nterior side yard setback, conllicting with Section 73, Table 3 of the Zoning Ordinance of he City of Park Ridge, LOT 3 N FRST ADDTON TO CHARLES A SCO'TS PARK RDGE VLLAS N THE SOUTHEAST 1/4 OF SECTON 22, TOWNSHP 41 NORTH, RANGE 12, EAST OF THE THRD PRNCPAL MERDAN, N COOK COUNTY LLNOS THE PROPERTY OTHERWSE KNOWN AS: 1924 Greendale, Park Ridge, L All persons interested in the above descnbed malter are inviled lo attend and will be heard The case file for this malter is available for review in the Depurlmant of Community Presarvallon und Development in City Hall Gary Zimmerman Chairman Zoning Board of Appeals Pub;7flhll #98868 C FND YOUR PERFECT PEt N THE CLASSFEDS Publlc'liearings Public Hearings NOTCE OFPUBLc HEARNG NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN by he Board of Education st Fairview School District No 72, in the County et Cook, Stale ob llinois, that a lentalive budget tor said school dislncl for the biscal year beginning July 1, 2Oii, will be on file and conoenienlly available o public inspection in he Business Office, 7040 Laramie Avenue, Skokie, llinois, 60077, from and altar 900 am os the 22nd day of June, 2011 NOTCE S FURTHER HERE BY GVEN that a Public Heanng on said budget will be hold at 7:00 pm on the 20th day of September, 2011, at Fairview South School in this School Distact No 72 Dated this 21st day of Jane, 2011, BOARD OF EDUCATON SCHOOL DSTRCT Na 72 COUNTY OF COOK STATE OF LLNOS Jeffrey Brill, Secretary Pub: 77i i C Storagè Legal NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE TO BE HELD AT: 'THE LOCK UP STORAGE 350 W i<inzio Chcago, L DAT6 7/22/2011 BEGNS AT: 3:00 PM CONDTONS: All units will be sold lo the highest bidder, Bids taken only for each unit in ils enlirety Paymenl must be made by certified chock or monay order only No personal checks or cash accepted Ali goods roust be removed from the unit wrthin 24 hours Paymenis due immedialely upon acceptance of bid Unit availabilily subject lo prior selllement of account, Unit 6407 Alesis Windsor TV, boses, bike, metlresu, yacuarn, bed rails Pub:7/7, 7/14/11 # NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE To Be Neid At: The Lock Up Sell Storage Centers 3366 N Kedzla Chicago, L Date: 07/22/2011 Begins at: 11:30am CONDTONS: Ali units will be sold lo the highest bidder, Bids laken only br each unit in its entirety Payment must be made by certified check, cash or money order only Ne personal checks accepted All goods roust be removed from lre unit within 24 hours, Payment due immediately upon acceptance of bid, Unit availability subject ta prior settlement st account, Unt 2348 Antonio Evans sofa, dresser, TV Unt 4224 Alfred Rivera slap ladder, bones, bins Pub: 7)7, 7/14/11 # C Public Hearings LEGAL NOTCE OF PUBLC HEARNG Skokie Plan Commission, Thursday, August 4, 201 1, Village of Skokia, 5h27 Oakbon Street, Skokie, llinois 60077, at 7:30 PM, lo consider the lollowing: NEW ACTON TAKEN P Specal Use Permit: 9141 Skokle Bouteverd Astride Pierre requests a special use permit for a child day care in a 2unit muitibarrrily residence n an R4 Mullifamily Nousing distncl and any other relief that may be discovered dunng the review o! this case FOR YOUR NFORMATON: Plans and relabed documents are available al the Village's Community Development Departmen, Planning Division, (847) Monday through Fnday, trom 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM, SPECAL AD: Available upon request for the disabled Call (847) sr TOD (847) nterested parties aro invited to attend this meeling, This notice s for information purposes only, Published in the Skokie Review on July 7, Paul Luke, Chairman Pub:7l7/h1 # C LEGAL NOTCE OF PUBLC HEARNG Skokie Zoning Board of Appeals, Wednesday August 3, 2011 Village of Skokle, 5127 Oakton Street, Skekie, llinois 60077, al 7:30 PM, lo consider ihe following: NEW ACTON TAKEN Z7350 Lavergne Avenue Tornasine Romane requests an euceplisn in order to nslali a 6toot tall fence (5tosi solid with 1foot lattice) approvimabely So leal n length along the west side lot line rather than the 50% open minimum requirement and 4foot maximum hoighl as requred by Godions 1 18BO(e) and 1 h880(e)(h) of the Zoo ng Chapter of the Skokie Village Code in an R2 SingleFamily districl FOR YOUR NFORMATON: Plans and related documenls are available al the Village's Community Development Department, Planning Division (847) Monday through Priday, from 8:30 AM lo 500 PM SPECAL AD: Available upon request for the disabled, Call (847) or TOD (847) nterested parties are inviled to eilend bis meeting This Belice s for information purposes only Published in he 5/reble Review on July 7,2011, Ralph Klein, Chairman Pub;7/7/11 # C Storage Legâl NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE TO BE HELOAT: ThE LOCK UP SELF STORAGE 3850 West Devon Ave, Lincolnwood, L, DATE: 7/22/2011 BEGNS AT: 10:00 AM CONDTONS: All units will be sold O the highest bidder Bds laken only for each unit in ils entirety Payment must be made by certified check or money order only No personal chocha or cash accepted Ail gooda mast be removed from the unit within 24 hours Payment due mmediately upon acceplarice Of bid Unit availability subject lo pnor selliement of account Unl#1 147 Chez Fare Travel/Mordy Bogen Couch, love seat, children's books, children's toys, entertainment center, copiers, clothes Un Wayne Gums/Pamela DanielsCottee table, Dning table & chair set, rug, end fabes, couch, love seat, misc boxes, entertainment cant er Untt#3166 Rosu Pava Ladder, table saw, boolboxes, misc, tools, shelving, painting supplies Unt#4111 Syed SaleernMisc, kitchen supplies, coolers, deli slicer, dishes, stove Unitt 4125 Stephanie Dudek,,Misc bou' es, ladders, 0ril, lawn mowers, mattress Unt#3225 Asilo Aslam Shelving, vaneus sizes et venical blinds, pastic bins, children's car bed, lug gage Pub:7/7,7/h4/h1 #98832 C NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given 1h51 pursuant to Section 4 of the Sell' Service Storage Facility Act, Stale st llinois, that PS Orangeco nc and will conduct sale(s) by competitive bidding on July 26, 2011 al i:0o pm On the premises where said property has been stored, and which are located al Public Sborage eo8223, at 945 Rohbwing Road, Rolling Meadows, llinois 60008, the personal property descnbod below n the masera of: 1043 Ryan Pabisiak books furniture 7019 Drene Dilchman boues bags tolas furniture Purchases mast be made with cash only and paid for al he lime ol sale, All goods are sold as re and must be removed et the lime ob purchase Safe is sub (ecl to adiournmenl (6SOOQlPub'7/7, 7/14/1 h C NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that pur, suant lo Seclion 4 of the Sait Service Slorage Facility Act, Stele of llinois, the undersigned PS Orange Co nc, will soll at public sale by compelitree bidding on July 27, 2011 at 10:30 A M, on ihe premise where said properly has been stored, and which is located al Public Storage/PS Orange Co nc, 4430 N Clark Chicago, L, the personal property descnbed below, n the maltera of: A025 Mae Gales boxes bags toles A040 Leslie Shaw boxes bags toles A066 Theodore Psulos boues baqs toles Bo20 Francesca Schenk bosas bags tolas 0023 John Nicholson furnilure bedding CiiO Bnana Prewilt boces bags lotes CiBO Jennifer Demarly boues bags toles D0h9 Johrt Nash Jr turnilure bedding D063 Michael Dalbey furniture 0142 Matthew Johns bones bags toles 0153 Papi Perez boses bags loben' Di81 Desiree Williams boxes bags lobes, Purchases must be moda wilh cash only and paid for at ihe lime of sale All goods am sold as s end must be m moved al the lime of purchase Sala is subject lo adloummant, Pab:7/7, 7/14/hl (07554)C FND THE PERFECT HOME AT SEARCHCHCAGOCOM/HOMES 30 Poneer Press (DC) Thursday, July 7, 2011 Thursday, Ju(y 7, 2011 Pioneer Press (DC) 31

39 32 Pioneer Press (DC) ThUrsday, July 7, 2011 NL THURSDAY,jULY WWWPONEERLOCALCOM 21 Storage Legal Storage Legal Storage Legal NOTCC OF PUBLC SALE OF NO110E OF PUBLC SALE OF NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY PERSONAL PROPERTY PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice s hereby given that pursuant ta Section 4 ot the Seit suant to Section 4 of the Soif suant to Section 4 of the Soif Notice ix hereby given that nur Noflco s hereby given that pur Service Storage Facility Act, Service Storage Fsciiity Act, Service Storage Facility Act, State ot llinois, the undersigned Stste of llinois, fha undersigned Sfate of flilnolo, that PS PS Orangeco, nc, will conduct PS Orangeco, nc, wili conduct Orangeco,lnc and will conduct sale(s) by competitive bidding sale(s) by competitivo bidding sale(s) by competitive bidding on July 27, 2011 at 10:00 aro on: Juty 27, 2011 at 11:00 am on July 27, 2011 at 12:00 pm on the premise where said proporty tras been stored, and which property has been stored and property has been stored, and On the pmmise where said on the premises where said are located at Public Storage, which are located at Public Slorage, Property h 08087, 1711 W age, 708 W Central Rd, Mt which ere focated at Public Stor PS Orange Co 4072 N Broadway, Chicago, llinois Fuliertori, Chicago, L 60614, Prospect, L 60056, the personai property described below n 60613, the personal property Phone: , Fax: descsbed below in the matters The person the matters of: 133 Mchael et: B083 Samuel Alayi boxes, property described below irr the Folan boxes bags foies 357 clothing B100 Rachel Bean furnilure B103 Vanessa Salazer boxes furniture 2078 Rocio Mar Domenica Martinez boxes bags matter st: i i 1 5 Molly Biltrick Jessica Butler furniture 381 ',sxes B146 Robert Vandal boxes, furniture, clothing BiBi beth Newhali boxes totes 2179 nlfure Rumbases must be finec bags tumiture 2163 Eliza fotos electronics computers fur Douglas Hilimann boxes, bags Kam Thompson boses furniture made with cash or credit cord CO52 Daniel Medina boxes, 2247 Corey Lewis boxes bags only and paid for at the time of bags C062 George Gntfin bedding, furniture CilS Elmoom frire 4003 Kmberly Owens box and must be removed at the 3158 Herb Rosen boses fumi sale All goods are sold as s es electronics Purthases must time of purchase Salo s subject to adloumment be made wiih cash only and paid for at the time of saie Ali (98809) Pub:7/7, 7/14/1 1 C Goodson boxes, bags 0142 Ada Bablngton ctoihing C159 Johnny Harris furniture D002 Virginia Gonzalez boxes, bags Dna? Mae Prince boxes, bags 0054 tazaro Latosa clothing D075 Poscoe's Tavern boxes DOtta Gary Michaela bones, bags 0123 Aliante Tolliver fumifure D125 Lakeview Nursing & Rehab furniture D141 Dan Coney box, bags 5036 Patricia Smith boxes, bags E057 Cathy Hareas furniture Purchases must be made with cash only and paid for at fha time of saie Ali goods are sold as is and must be removed at the time of purchase Saie is sublect to adoumment (97253) Pub:7/7,7/14/11 C FND YOUR PERFECT APARTMENT N THE CASSFEDS x','"nw,*rs, LLNOS CLASSFED ADVERTSNG NETWORK ADOPTON Happily married, active professionaf couple who Witt provide your baby with unconditional iove, security and happiness We can help Cait LeeAnn and Puai BOATS The Boat Dock We Buy & Consign Used Boatsi Springfleid, L wwwtheboatdockcom BUSNESS OPPORTUNTY BE YOUR OWN BOSS START TODAV OWN A REO HOT i DOLLAR, DOLLAR PLUS, MALBOX OR DSCOUNT PARTY STORE FROM $ WORLDWDE! 100% TURNKEY CALL NOW M WWWDRSS21 COM CAMPERS/RVS Colmano Country Campers We Buy & Consign Used Campera and RV's Springfield, L CAR DONATONS DONATE VEHCLE RECEVE $1000 GROCERY COUPONS NATONAL ANMAL WELFARE goods are sold as is and must be removed at the time of purchase Saio is subjecf to adjoumment (100545) Pub: 7/7, 7/1 4/1 1 C FND YOUR PERFECT PET N THE CLASSFEDS CAREER TRANNG ARLNES ARE HRNG Train tor high paying Aviation Maintenance Camer FAA approved program Financial aid f qualified Housing available CALL Avaton nsttute of Mantenance CONDOS FOR SALE BRAND NEW! 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comments directly to CAN r,' Storage Legal NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice s hereby given that purxuanl to Section 4 of the Soif Service Sforsge Facility Act, Stale of llinois, the undersigned Public Storag&PS Orangeco, nc will conduct sale(s) by competitivo bidding on July 27, 2011 at 12:00 pm on tre premise where seid property has been sfored, end which aro located at Public Stomge/PS Drsnge Co, 2835 H Western Ave, Chicago, L the personal properly descnbed below, n the mailers of: 0002 Gary Klose boues bags lotes 0013 Emily Rider boxes bags lotes 0041 El Sherman boxes bags lofes tools 0054 Elsa Jacobson boses bogs toles 0097 Seirna Turan boues bags totes 0117 Christopher Cormier elec ronica compulers furniture 0128 Wallace McMlllan Sr boues bags toles 0129 Laloya Ef obmoon boxes bags toles 0133 Maria Miti boues bags toles 0135 Ssmm Meeks furniture 0147 Diane Lord boses bags toles 0148 Chrislopher Boesch boxes bags lotes 0152 Alfred Pischlone boses bago totes 0185 Kart 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STORAGE 2525 WEST ARMTAGE, CHCAGO, L DATE: Frday July 22, 2011 BEGNS AT: 2:ÓOPM_ CONDTONS: All enlia will be sold lo the highest bieldar Bids taken only for each unit in its entirety Payment maxi ho muda by caser, credit card or certified funds No persairal checks accepted All goody must be removed from hn xxi within 24 hours Peymaxb dux imrnedlatoly uoon acceptance et bld Unit availability subject n prior settlement of accoeni Unt 2056, Denardo P Joyos lv, monitors, bed, boxes, chair, bina, shelves, pictures xbher miscellaneous items Unt 2102, Asa MurdOck bags, box, bin Unt 3019, Mario MantredY mi Crowaves, Chest ol drawera, mannequin, chairs, bino, tan, dishwasher, other miscxllsvx oso llamo Unt 3451, Roman Mayas boys, bins mattress salon choir, clothes, tools, other mivcellarmn ous ilems Unt 3302, Lllian Arroyo tebeviulons, boses, chairs, dresser, coolers, bags vbrer mloceilanaoua items Unt 3509, Madeline Martinoz Saie is boaea, bins, file cabinet, shell, roning board, table, V olier mbsceïbaneoux lons Pub: 711, 7/14/11 # C favorite newspaper cli luggage tag Pioneer Press phøtos in a variety f srzes and on a wide range of media, from traditional photo apey to tshirts mugs and computer mouse pads vwwpioneerocacorn A Gowhara Abedin Pioneer Press Staff Photographer l tephanie Collins dances in Jennifer Meek's class at the new Dance and Music Academy enbrook South squarec Steuben at e,, t riva! Glenbroolc T 's t! Eas 21 F seri nan tear a bi fljflt sist get tota j Un'i war kep gan poi do Ti ve1 i tan Scii t

40 NL THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM 22 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM j THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 NL t g 4 A fat, 55yearold man, unaccustomed to and unfit for athletic pursuit, :i nevertheless stood in the middle of a rugby field, in short pants, waiting for the start of a demanding and dangérous game had never played before had never even seen it played How could this happen? was punishing mysell Three years ago, a chieftain of The llinois St Andrew Society, the local association of and for the seriously Scottish, informed my superiors of which there are many that was a Very Bad Man n describing a Robert Burns Supper held in Vmette, had apparently dwelled too much on the hags İn so doing, had insulted Burns the bard of Scotland and all Scots, presumably Even though Chicago Sects are not exactly a downtrodden minority was chastened by the accusation of ethnic insensitivity Since then had, albeit somewhat casually, sought to make amends found a way last month The Chicago Highland Gaines, the annual twoday festival of all things Scottish, would feahire a haggiseating contest, hi addition to the bagpipeplaying and tossing around of phone poles and such So could pay my debt to local Scottish society by cheerfully nauseating mysell Hearing my plan, my pal Mike Martinez, managing editor of several minor metropolitan newspapers, told me, " know a guy who can help you get this haggis thing done" But as it turned out, Jack Crombie had not the slightest knowledge of Highland Games haggis What he did know about was rugby n a delightfully rich Scots brogue, he told me how his mates ofa tavern team of yesteryear would once again trod the rugby pitch in search of Haggis and rugby? Scrumtious BY R'! LEAVU ileavittpioneerlocalcom t looks as if Pioneer's liv Leavitt, foreground, can't help but be in position to stop the opposing ball carrier, but he wasn't i PHOTOS BY ALLEN KALETAFOR SUNTMES MEDA 1 Leavitt (facing camera) learns how to hook up for a rugby strum honor They would play in a 85andover Old Boys exhibitiori during a break in the festival's official tournament " just want to play enough so that 'm gloriously covered in mud when go to the beer tent," he said t sounded cooler when he said it than it looks here The cool factor may have something to do with why eventually agreed to not only compete at the haggis table, but also play in the Old Boys game as well did so even though, as it turned out, Martinez himself is one of the Old Boys, and now seemed to be filling the role of both instigator and witness 'Don't get hurt' "t's fun Great game," he said "Just don't get hurt?' OK "You can just go out there for a serum or two," Crombie said "Just to get the feel of it" At some point, asked Crombie, 55, whether he reeomniended the use of protective cups and mouth guards He scoffed as if had asked about bringing an American Girl doll The night before the gaine, consulted the font of all sporting knowledge Wikipedia informed me that rugby passes must be backward, but kicking can be Leavift has not died with his face in a plate He is competing in a haggiseating contest forward And when somebody knocks the snot out of you, you have to waite up for a second and pass the ball from the ground Whenever something goes wrong say a penalty or a death, there's a seiuni Each team lines up three guys, then four guys behind them, then one in the roan The front gays on your team grab the front guys of the other team Then a referee throws the ball in the middle ofthis thing closer to the feet ofthe nonpenalized bunch Everybody pushes like hell to get over the ball so they can kick it backward out of the serum to their guy in the rear Wikipedia reported that inexperienced firstrow gays have been known to get their necks broken So wouldn't be doing that The day of the game, was tired just from walking from the parking lot to the pitch None of the members of the team the Barons squad of the Lincoin Park Rugby Football Club was Scottish except for Crombie, who arrived in a kilt complimented him on his skirt He had heard that one before Many of the guys had nicknames Martinez was Spuds, after the old Bud Light dog, Spuds MacKenzie, which at least is a Scottish name for a dog One guy was called Midget Another was The rish Nazi "t's really not what it seems," Mt Nazi said with a sheepish look on his face 'j hate everybody equally?' Good to know Crombie assigned me to play second iow, a position that required me at serum time to reach between the legs of one ofthe gays playing "prop" in the front row, grab his shirt, tuck my shoulder under his butt and lift him off the ground and forward, while also pushing the guy in the middle of the front row, the "hooker" This has to be donewith my head between both auen, vho are as close to each other as two men can1be t is like inserting one's head in a guillotine made ofhuman flesh "So you don't get hurt, keep your head up," Crombie said That was hard to do, because there was nothing wanted to see from that perspective Before the game began, saw a bunch of the guys toss mouth guards into their pie,holes Youjoker, Crombie! took out my partial plate and tucked it into one of my street shoes My glasses went in the other shoe Safety signal "f you want to come out, just put up your hand:' Cromhie said to the team in general "Just get in long enough to be able to say, ' played rugby yesterday?" The game started figured had two minutes to make Some kind of play before my heart felt like itwas exploding Before long there was a serum, and had to get under Doug Hammond, who weighs 230 pounds missed his shirt, and grabbed his shorts, He didn't complain i would have Serums aren't the only time you lift your teammates When you throw the ball in from the sideline, instead of your teaminath merely jumping two guys pick him upafld sort of hurl him into the ail' to catch it was the guy in front, who actually is required to grab the jumper by the shorts and haul him up without W ing hhn a wedgie SEE HAGGS, PA 31 C ALENDAR CONTNUED FROM PAGE 19 The PoLish National AHiance invites Sox Fans to join them along with the Polish Roman Catholic Union, Polish Falcons and the Polish Wornen's Alliance for their annual PolishAmerican Night at US Cellular Field (Sox Park) on July 26, starting at 7:10 pm; the Chicago White Sox will play the Detroit Tigers Price oftickets for lower box seats is $2350 Tickets can be purchased from the Polish National Alliance ( , Ext 316); Polish Roman Catholic Union ( , Ext 2601); Polish Falcons ofamerica ( Q) or the Polish Women's Alliance ( , Ext 208) Tickets must also be picked up dur ing regular business hours; call ahead before purchasing tickets A flyer with complete details may be found on the PNA's website, wwwpnaznp org llinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, 9603 Woods Drive, Skokíe, (847) , wwwitholocaustmuseumorg A special exhibition, "Spots of Light: To Be a Woman in the Holocaust," the first international exhibition to focus exclusively on women and their experiences in the Holocaust is featured from 10 am5 pm through Sept 6 This large scale videoart based exhibition conveys the strength, initiative, and courage of these remarkable women Free with museum admission Film "Watermarks": After having survived the Hotocaust, a group of women, champion swimmers of a legendary Jewish sports club in Vienna, are reunited in this documentary, 1:303 pm July 10 Free with Museum admission Reservations recommended Panel Discussion "Courage & Resilience, Women in the Holocaust," moderated by WBBM Newsradio 780 Anchor/Reporter Regine Schlesinger, a panel ofwomen who survived the Holocaust will share their experiences of being in hiding, ghettos and camps, 6:308 pm July 14 Free with M useum admission Reservations recommended Special Event "Their Stories: Ref teetions 0f Survival On Stage And Screen," in partnership Toronto, pronto Porter's Downtown terminal is mere minutes from Toronto's wordfamous shopping, dining, and entertainment Book OhlrO ccii) , or cbntact your trävet agent with Lookingglass Theatre Company and Kartemquin Films, an evening examining the way survivors' stories are portrayed in the arts, beginning with reception at 6:30 pm July 19 (performance at 7) Live scenes from Lookinggiass' world premiere play, "The Last Act of Lilka Kadison," and clips from Kartemquin Film's documentary, "Prisoner of Her Past," wilt be paired with recollections of a Holocaust survivor Free with Museum admission Reservations required Any women interested in joining the Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care Threshold Singers can contact Kathy Huber at (847) Practices are held on two Thursdays each month starting at 6:45 pm in Park Ridge Threshold Singers are trained to sing in groups of two and three at the bedside of those who are sick and dying The songs are generally traditional or simple rounds, chants, lullabies and hymns that can be chosen to respond to musical taste and spiritual direction Singers go through patient care volunteer training, but there are no auditions; only requirements are a love of music and a desire to serve other5 Fundraisers The Jessica Shayne Magid "Chai" Chapter ofthe Leukemia Research Foundation hosts its annual BowlaRama fundraising event at 11 am July 10 Brunswick Zone, 10 S Waukegan Road, Deerfield The event features two hours of "allyoucanbowl" with shoes, pizza, soda and games and prizes for adults and kids; team and individual scores will be tabulated The Jessica Shayne Magid "Chai" Chapter was established in November, 2006, by cofounders Martin Kander of Buffalo Grove and his sister, Rochelle Magid of Nues, in memory of Magid's daughter, Jessica Shayne Magid of Niles, who lost her fight with leukemia in 1985 at the age of 13 Cost is $25 for adults; $15 for kids 12 and under Call (847) Like New Auto Spa, nc, 1050 Busse Highway, Park Ridge, has introduced a special fundraising program that benefits Advocate Lutheran General Hospital! Advocate Lutheran General Children's Hospital Anyone who visits Like New to have their car washed or detailed, or buys a gift card from the company and also asks for the Lutheran General discount will receive a price cut for the service, with a portion ofthe proceeds going specifically to benefit the Older Adult Services program of the hospital Call AiMee Madden, Lutheran General Development Office, (847) ; Steve Radakovic at Like New Auto Spa, (847) ; or visit www tikenewautospacom The fundraising program is featured on the home page with a link to a more detailed flyer containing the discount and donation matrix This offer is not valid with an outside wash only, or any other promotion/program Health Resurrection Medical Center, 7435 West Talcott Ave, Chicago, will offer the following health programs Advance registration is required, unless noted otherwise, by calling l Free onsite parking is available A thyroid screening will be offered from 810 am July 22 Cost i5 $10 A local dialysis clinic, Fresenius Medical Care Nites, 9371 N Milwaukee Ave, has started a new nighttime program for dialysis patients The new service allows patients to receive treatments in the clinic at night, for eight hours, while sleeping or resting, usually three times a week n addition to having their days free for other activities, patients often report having more energy and better dialysis results Medicarecertified Fresenius Medical Care Niles is now accepting new dialysis patients Call (847) Senior Advocate of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital offers free bloodpressure screenings 10 amnoon on the first Wednesday of every month at the hospital's Patient Resource Center, 8820 W Dempster St, Nifes (across from the hospital) No appointment is necessaryr Call (847) Historical Society The Nifes Historical SEE CALENDAR, PAGE 24 porter flying refined

41 24 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 NL NL THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM 25 CALENDAR CONTNUED FROM PAGE 23 Society, 8970 MiLwaukee Ave will host a fundraising ce Cream/Pie Social from noon4 pm July 16; weather permitting, it will be held outdoors Enjoy a sweet treat (prices vary), talk with old and new friends, watch oldtime movies and take a guided tour ofthe facilities Pies are from Bakers Square in NUes) Call 847) Library Niles Pub[ic Library, 6960 W Oakton St, (847) oronune at www nilestibraryorg Registration is required for most programs unless indicated otherwise Book Buddies Students entering eighth grade in the lati and adults can become Book Buddies Buddies read and/or listen to children read ence a week for an hour The NUes Public Library provides all materials and training Weekly, counselors from the Chicago çhapter of SCORE, the Service Corps of Retired Executives, will be at the Library to help small business owners and anyone considering starting a small business SCORE counselors are successful executives and business owners who can help with a wide variety of business issues These experienced businesspeopte offer private onehour sessions of business coach ing SCORE is a nonprofit association of volunteers Weekly sessions are held on alternating Tuesday evenings or Wednesday mornings Sessions are free but an appointment is required To set up an appointment online, visit the counseling page at wwwscorechicago org/ lfthere are questions, call (312) or info@scorechicagoorg Youth programs on a dropin basis Babytime: 11 am Mondays, for babies age 2 and under Continuous yearround dropin program for children with an adult ncludes stories, songs, fingerplays and extended playtime afterward Rise & Shthe Storytime: 10 am Thursdays, ages 26 with caregiver; enjoy stories, songs and more Maine Township Maine Township's FSH (Friends ndeed Serve and Help) is in need of volunteer drivers to provide residents free transportation to medical facilities in and near Maine Township Volunteers may choose how much time they wish to devote Requirements include a current drivers License and proof of auto insurance The program requires residents in need be mobile, or be able to use a cane or walker FSH also asks that appointments be set three or more days in advance To become a volunteer driver call Ed Oken, (847) To schedule a ride or for information call FSH coordinator Gloria Stepek, (847) , Ext 283 Parks MaineNiles Association of Special Recreation offers people with physical and mental challenges, behavior and learning disorders, hearing and visual impairments and emotional disabilities an opportunity to enjoy a variety of recreation activities MNASR serves Des Plaines, GolfMaine, Lincotnwood, THs SHALL SCFWE AS OFFC)AL NOTCE ThAT D 4J(&& HAS MY PERMfssON TO LOO( FOR A JOB HE ACTUALL'( LtKES HE SHOULD 1OT 0E MADE TO FEELS?C UNGRATEFUL OSLOYAL FOR LOOKLNG Fon A HEW JOB EVEN F HS BOSS rolo H1M ' rnee ARE LOTS OF PEOPLE WTHouT A JOØ D wkq o t forjatwe Morton Grove, Niles, Park Ridge and Skokie To receive a seasonal brochure, or to offer support for people with special needs by volunteering, call (847) NUes Stay cool this summer at Oasis Fun Center, 7877 Milwaukee Ave Full season hours: 11 am8 pm Mondays through Thursdays; 11 am9 pm Fridays; and lo am9 pm Saturdays and Sundays Call Oasis Waterpark at (847) or the Howard Leisure Center at (847) Tam O'Shanter Family Golf Nights Up to two children (17 and under) can play free when accompanied by a paying adult on Sunday evenings after 4:30 pm all season tong at the Tam O'Shanter Golf Course, 6700 Howard St_ junior tees will be set up on the course so beginners of all skill levels can enjoy playing and keeping score from tee to green New 3's Preschool This class offered at NUes Park District is for children who turned 3 after Sept 1, 2010, missing the deadline for the regular 3yearold preschool : GREEDY Children will experience their first classroom experience Classes are held Wednesdays and Fridays from 12:302 pm at Howard Leisure Center Session runs to May 20 Call (847) Niles Park District is offering private piano lessons (3045 minutes) for beginning and intermediate students Wednesdays and Thursdays at Howard Leisure Center, 6676 W Howard St Lessons will focus on the fundamentals oftechnique, music theory and good practice habits Call (847) to reserve a tesson time Goir Maine Visit one of the Golf Maine Park District offices, Feldman Recreation Center, 8800 Kathy Lone (one block south of Golf Road on Western Avenue), Nues; or Dee Park, at the corner of Dee and Emerson Roads, Des Plaines; or call (847) ; www gmpdorg Water Spray Park now open 4th6th Grade Summer Basketball Summer league is under way (clinic) Games on Fridays and Sundays at Feldman Summer Camp Sign up Find the right job today at poneertocacom/monstor or call We alt know The Economy now for summer camp which runs through Aug 5, 9:30 am3:30 pm Mondays through Fridays Field trips included Dee Park Ballet & Tap : Ages 3 years to adult Ongoing classes year round Dee and Feldman Park5 Youth Baseball Leagues available for participants ages 715 Register now Dee Park 3rd Shift ndoor Adult Soccer League Join this early morning indoor league Tuesday mornings Feldman The Painting Studio classes for adults: 10 am2 pm Mondays, Thursdays and 79:30 pm Wednesdays Feldman Tiny Tots Open Gym Parents may drop in and su pervise their 15 yearold any Wednesday or Thursday from 911:30 am for a variety of gym games at Dee Park Preschool There are still spots available for secondsemester preschool (for L#yearolds) Offered are morning (5 days per week) and afternoon classes (Mondays through Thursdays) AU classes are at Dee Park Tae Kwon Do Popular martial arts classes for chit has made t tough on everyone the test few years But it's time to move forward t's time to make today the day you've been waiting for Visit pìoneerfocalconi/rnonster and find the right joh for you today Let's do this PONEER PREss & monstev dren (ages 715) and adults offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays all year round Youth Soccer Leagues for children ages 4 to sixth grade are under way Games are played at Prairie Lakes in Des Plaines Practices at Dee Park Various rooms/gyms are available for rental for parties, meetings or ongoing activities Call (847) The Golf Maine Park District offers a selection of ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light bulbs for sale to the public from a Lights for Learning kiosk Proceeds from the sale of every bulb will directly fund the scholarship program sponsored by the district The scholarship program allows children the opportunity to attend camp when they may not have the resources to do so on their own The kiosk will also house the Lights for Learning teacher tool kits, designed for educators and organization leaders, to provide informational matenals on the overall Lights for Learning Program ENERGY STAR Activity Books for children, as well as ENERGY STAR home energyconservation and electronics information, will also be available A recycling bin for used CFLs will also be available CFLs may be purchased at Feldman Park, 8800 Kathy Lane, NUes, 8:30 am10:30 pm Call (847) The Golf Maine Park District offers the community an opportunity to recycle paper products A recognizable greenandyellow container supplied by Abitibi Bowater was dropped off in the Feldman Park lot, 8800 Kathy Lane, nearthe corner of Western Avenue and Kathy Lane Products that can be recycled in this container include: newspapers, magazines, office paper (fax and copy), shopping catalogs, mail and envelopes, catalogs, folders, colored paper and shredded paper (bagged); no cardboard or phone books All money raised will fund the scholarship program, allowing children to attend summer camp and other pro grams Call (847) or go to WWWpaperretriever cam! Religion Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 8201 N Karlov Ave, Skokie, will hold Adult Christian Education classes following 10 am Sunday services Classes will be held on a variety oftopics A Fettowship Hour follows the lo am service each week with "Bring a Friend to Church and O Brunch" the first Sunday of each month Call the church at (847) Messiah Lutheran Church, 1605 Vernon Ave, Park Ridge, holds a Christianeducation hour at 9 am each Sunday, with worship service at 10:15 am During the hour, Sunday school is in church parsonage; children from preschoolsixth grade welcome Childcare services are available during worship Call (847) St John Brebeuf Adoration Chapel in the Parish Ministry Center, 8307 N Harlem Ave, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for spiritual devotion, prayers and meditation Call (847) EzraHabonim, the NUes Township Jewish Congregation, 4500 Dempster St, Skokie, offers ntroduction to Judaism and beginning adult Hebrew classes on Sundays and monthly Yiddish Members and nonmembers are welcome Call (847) , or go to wwwehntorg Reunions The Niles Township High School Class of 1956, Skokie, will hold its 55th Class Reunion at the Westin Northwest Chicago, 400 Park Blvd, tasca, at 6 pm Sept lo An informal gettogether will be held on Friday night at Shula's Steak House inside the Westin Hotel from 610 pm For reservations, contact Donna Cutro Campobasso at (847) or her at dcl907@aolcom The Maine South High School Class of 1971 is hold ng its 40th reunion on July 15 and 16 at two local venues All are welcome For registration and Lodging information, mshsl97l@ yahoocom or visit Facebook page: Maine South Class of '71 40th Reunion USS Columbus CA74/ CG12/SSN762 Reunion will be held from Sept 2124 at Sheraton National Hotel Arlington, Va Contact Allen R Hope, president, 3828 Hobson Road, Fort Wayne N Call (260) from 8 am 5 pm Eastern time, fax: or Hope4391@ frontiercom The Maine East Class of 1969 Reunion and 60th Birthday Bash will take place from 711 pm July 16 at Marriott Linco(nshine Resort, 10 Marriott Drive, Lincolnshire Cost is $69 per person includes dinner and dancing with a cash bar Contact: Anita' Pedersen, anitawarrenpr sbcglobalnet, (630) Maine Township High South, Class of 1966, is spearheading a twoday "Mass Reunion" to be held Aug 26 and 27 Accompany ng classes that represented the first collective student body to attend the newly seft f c uior Le wnow orly Jncuded COMPLETE Basic nstallation* Purchase 7 or more Series windows and we'll Add Marble Sills ABSOLUTELY FREE! PLUS: CALL NOW and,e' add FREE Lo!flE Glass! We will not be undersold! an comparable products ie'efri 'Basedoii 7dbEg That's why over 38,000 home owners have chosen Paramount We Manufacture Our Own Windows n Our 70,000 Sq Ft Factory! Bay & Bow Windows Call opened high school in 1964 as well as their spouses and guests are to be included The nucleus of new students that celebrated the opening of Maine South High School migrated from both Maine East and Maine West and includes the classes of 1965, 1966 and 1967 The twoday event will be held in Park Ridge at the recently developed Uptown Plaza located at the intersection of Touhy and Prospect avenues and Northwest Highway The Friday evening event [J ( P f3 W LU t t J uï íj Statewide Coverage Windows Siding Roofing insulation Llcense# wilt take place at Houlihan's Restaurant, which will be closed to the general public The alumni festivities will reignite on Saturday evening, and the venues will include Houlihan's, Jason's Deli and various neighboring entities within the Uptown Plaza Tickets for one or both evening events are on sale now and must be purchased in advance For reservations, contact event coordina tor, Glenn Woerz (Class of 1966), at MassReunion gmailcom or (847) y ow! Buy Factory 'îrect! k i Maine South alumni can also subscribe to the "Hawk Droppings" newsletter via the above address to receive updates and ongoing information on classmates and relevant information The 1966 Class of Ridgewood High School is planning a reunion and looking for graduates Anyone with information concerning alumni is asked to haydelju comcastnet or call (217) SEE CALENDAR, PAGE 29 Sliding Patio Doors Call Us Today For Your Free Estimate! i ORVSTUSAT wwwparamountîmprovements1com

42 1 26 WWWPONEEROCALCOM THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 NL POPERTY TRANSFERS nformation is provided by Recordinformation Services, PO Box 894, Elburn, L 60119; phone (630) ; fax (630) DES PLANES 1090 S 2nd Ave: Marth E R vas to Shawn Nugent Kryst(e Nugent, $193,000, May Margret St: Gleason Trust to David Oshinski, $229,500, May Van Buren St: Welts Fargo Bank Trustee to Mauri (io G Hernandez, $114,500, May Jeffery lane: Thomas j Corrao to David jitwaya Roza jitwaya, $215,000, May Ashland Ave Apt 205: Catherine A Baumann to Kevin M Capps Amy A Schroeder, $98,000, May E Thacker St Apt 504: Ve((s Fargo Bank to Gangerel Luvsanchultem, $95,000, May Buckngham Drive: Wells Fargo Bank to Gaurav Chawla, $189,000, May W Dempster St: Theodore L Estrup v to And rzej Wi(czek, $258,000, May Sandy Lane: Schultz Trust to Dawid Hajncet Andrzej Hajncet, $206,000, May Sandy Lane: Pnc Mortgage to Daniet Hanley Catherine Hanley, $204,000, May Pearson St Apt 609: Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Peter Macloch Dariusz Macioch, $79,000, May W LincoLn Lane: Laurie L jutcher to Elvis Papaleka Vilma Papateka, $300,000, May27 771e Therese Terrace: Citibank Na Trustee to Jacob Lazarju (jet Lazar, $150,000, May WoodLawn Ave: Steven G Karabatsos to Ryan M Brandt Megan Ha(lagan Brandt, $229,000, May Robhi Drive: Pnc Mortgage to mran M Jhakaria Shahinbanu jhakaria, $95,000, May Kennedy Drive Unit 107g: Federal National Mortgage Assn to Muhammad Z Mirza, $43,000, May GoLf Road Apt 3c: Bessie Bernstein Estate to Michael Bernstein, $90,000, May24 Grills Free Assembly & Next Day Delivery Q2OO $199 Liquid Propane Grill Folding Work Tables 280 Sq n Total Cooking Area 12,000 BTU Stainless Steel Burner Spirít SP320' $599 Liquid Propane Grill 3 Stainless Steel Burners 536 Sq n Total Cooking Area 36,000 BTUPerHour nput DUCANE 9355 Landings Lane Unit 303: Wieslaw sio to Dus ko Cuckovic Zdravka Cuckovic, $67,000, May 24 EDSON PARK 7249 N OLeander Ave: Staunton Trust to Eric Reinhardt Jamie Reinhardt, $325,000, May N Osceola Ave: Mclaughlin Trust to Kevin Gleeson, $280,000, May23 GLEN VE W 1025 ELm St: Ronald Marks to Christopher M Farrington Jaimee L Farrington, $472,000, May Castitian Court Apt 208: Carolyn Acton Shimanovsky to Christine M Keyes, $67,000, May Bette Lane: Jerry V Johnson to Philippe Magloire Sophie Dominique Magloire, $545,000, May Depot St Apt 412: Yerke Trust to Mary K Peiffer, $112,500, May Wildberry Drive Unit D: Richard A Beran to Robert L Grass, $260,000, May Valor Court: Jay F Kreske to Leslie D Fenton, $555,000, May 25 Affinity3lOO $277 Liquid Propane Grill 3 Stainless Steel Burners 550 Sq n Total Cooking Area 36,000 BTUPerHour nput liii] e UL lu :r rn: ' ' Summite $3499 Liquid Propane Grill Center LED Ughted Control Knobs Sear Station Burner Rotisserie Burner , 2316 Fir St: Donna Peterson to Mark N Tatge Julie Tatge, $410,000, May Greenbriar Drive: Helman Trust to Shawn Rassam Anna L Rassam, $226,000, May Quincy Bridge Lane Apt 301: Quincy Bridge Developers Lic to Semion Krishtal rma Krishta(, $70,000, May Forum Square Unit 104: Federal National Mortgage Assn to Mee Kyung Cha, $68,500, May Prairie Lawn Road: Nicholas S Brahos to Wai Chin Karen Chin, $439,000, May31 HARWOOD HEGHTS 4700 N Odell Ave: Nancy Sitard to Jovan Ljubicic, $177,000, May N Oconto Ave: Alice Brendel to Ann L Addleman Luciano Tarutlo, $113,500, May N 0cott Ave Unit 309: Parkway Bank & Trust Co Ttee to Janusz A Adamiak Jadwiga A Adamiak, $194,500, May N Olcott Ave Unit 409: Parkway Bank & Trust Co Ttee to Steven Ptasinski Jennifer Ptasinski, $212,500, May31 MORTON GROVE 6143 Lincoln Ave Unit A: Nitin Goel to Rajesh Jindal Natasha Garg, $350,000, May Hazel St: Deutsche Bank Nati Trt Co Ttee to Kevin M Kansler Morghan A Gleason, $208,000, May CaQue Ave Unit 409: Lasalle 115 Holdings Lc Serie to Mahruba Choudhury Niaz A Choudhury, $183,000, May31 MOUNT PROSPECT 1112 N Crabtree Lane: Mariusz Koby(arczyk to Jeff Anderson Anne Wickboldt, $275,000, May E Bonnie Brae Ave: Knurowski Trust to 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Drive: Engert Trust to Pamela Deliglio, $350,000, May2S NORR1DGE 7645 W Norridge St: North Star Trust Co Trustee to Susan B Thalhammer, $212,500, May31 NORWOOD PARK 4842 N Newcastle Ave,: Szalajka Trust to James E Crubaugh, $240,000, May N Nagte Ave: Chicago Title Land Trt Co Ttee to Pawet P Matinowski Renata Malinowski, $210,000, May N Neenah Ave: Blake Trust to Matthew Coan, $187,000, May N Nashville Ave: Parkway Bank & Trust Ca Ttee to Yevstakhiy Dunyak, $127,000, May W Catalpa Ave: Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Francesco Demonte, $140,000, May27 PARK RDGE 1023 Granvilte Ave: Dennis Schroeder to Monica Grubisic Espinosa, $610,000, May Tyrelt Ave: Huffman Trust to Brennan R Young Heather M Anichini, $320,000, May Canfield Road: Myron o Bodnar to Jozef Wrona, $230,000, May S Greenwood Ave,: Federal National Mortgage Assn to Soon 0k Lee Ankyu Lee, $245,000, May Courtland Ave: Fannie Mae to Christopher j Moore Alma Cehaic, $310,000, May Park Lane Unit 111: Christine Czarkowski to Steve Karagiannis, $170,000, May S Cumberland Ave: Boildar Stefanovic to Shawn Fleura Amber Fleura, $600,000, May Leonard St: Timothy S Perry to Philip j Kline Jr Katharme V English, $357,000, May31 SKOKE 3515 S Church St: Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Ramiro G Lozano, $125,000, May Lee St: Schober Trust to Paul C Dayton Trudy J Schober, $200,000, May Madison St Unit 403: Ana Turner to Xiaohong Bi, $246,000, May Coyle Ave: Res nick Trust to Nicola D Habash Mary M Habash, $325,000, May Kildare Ave: Us Bank Na Trustee to John Dem Marinela Dem, $487,000, May Kedvale Ave: Us Bank Na Trustee to Habib Abbasi Meherunnisa Abbasi, $133,500, May Kolmar Ave: Koppelmeier Trust to Maria V Seda, $230,000, May Nues Center Road Apt ic: Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Richard Kim, $45,000, May Harding Ave: Kishore Warner to Chaim M Teisner Nechama Telsner, $285,000, May e Skokie Boulevard Unit D: Chicago Title Land Trt Co Ttee to Filemon Vega, $145,000, May Niles Center Road Unit A: Katherine Oswald to Danial Majeed Abdul Majeed $140,000, May Keystone Ave: Aalok Avinashi to Adrian Tudor Florina Tudor, $900,000, May Woods Drive Unit 414: Federal Home Loan Mtg Corp to Henry F Marquard Sharon L Marquard, $152,500, May Woods Drive Unit 606: Optima Old Orchard Woods Lc to Nacksoon Bae im Wan Bae, $230,000, May23 i Home Front by BlockShopper THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 HOT PROPERTES BY ROB PSKAC Divide and conquer 1964 splitlevel has hardwood floors, 2car garage 8150 W Monroe St, Nues $399,900 Constructed in 1964, this splitlevel home consists of a combination living room and dining room that features hardwood floors, large windows, exposed lighting and a chandelier Highlights ofthe kitchen include tile floors, builtin cabinets, modern appliances and table space Carpeted floors make up the family room, which has expansive wooden trim and large windows revealing the front yard The master bedroom is made up of hardwood floors, a closet with sliding mirrored doors and a bathroom featuring tile floors, dual vanities and a combination shower and tub The property comes with a twocar garage and is 15 miles from the Dee Road Metra station Lstng agent: Eileen Marie O'Grady, Koenig & Strey Real Living, (773) , eogrady@koenigstreycom ON THE MARKET A ROUNDUP 0F NEW LSTNGS A fourbedroom, twobath home at 8403 N Greenwood Ave in Niles is on the market for $299,900 This singlestory ranch home was built in 1968 and features refinished hardwood floors and a storage shed behind a twocar detached garage An office, recreation room, finished basement and attic are also included John Aiston ofcoldwell Banker is the listing agent MARKET WATCH ASOFMONDAY City Edison Park Forest Glen Norwood Park Des Plaines Evanston Glenview Lincolnwood Morton Grove Niles Park Ridge Skokie Wilmette For sale A threebedroom, twobath home at 8922 N Oak Park Ave in Morton Grove is on the market for $299,000 Built in 1960, this bilevel house features refinished hardwood floors throughout the first two levels, plus an eatin kitchen A landscaped back yard is also ineluded with the property, which is near the train, bus, downtown and shops Missy Jerfita of Koenig & Strey Real Living is the listing agent Median price Landscaping frames the front yard of the property, which is close to the Dee Road Metra station Beds: 3 Baths: 2 Selling a honie diw stands ozafmin i/te it'st? us: Jio1prnpeiEiesb1ocksioppei:com Foreclosure rate A threebedroom, twobath home at 8916 N Elmore st in Nues is on the market for $285,000 This trilevel house features oak hardwood floors, custom drapery and new windows throughout A walkout basement contains a bar, and a patio overlooks a fencedin back yard, Sharlet Hakimi of Keller Williams TEAM Realty is the listing agent Nailiait Spicer U of sales ti of foreclosures 211% $255, % % $378, % % $ % % $185, % % $318, % % $436, % % $295, % % $242,500 23,28% % $208, % % $349, % % $235, % % $607, % Source: ChlcalolockShoppercom Data tracks last 12 months of sales The updated kitchen includes modern ppliances, tile flooring and buiitin cabinets The Gold Standard 0 EASY TO OWN Morton Grove Just Llstedl Rare 8 rm Trilevai located convenent to Park Vew School, ParWPool, Mets Staton, Shopping & morel Lovely main loor family rm adjacent to kitchen luge 21 ' master br on 3rd level with connecting attic for expansion Oak liners in living/dining rm New paint, newer roof &windows Lt roc ren Gange $223,900 E1TER TAKE A LOOKt Morton Grove New Listingi Solid built 7 cm 01level with 2 car attached garage Oak loom under carpet Large living rm + dining rm & eatin kitchen, 23' lower level family rm with fireplace 3 large bes & i '6 baths Large rear yard Numerous extra's nclude root '08, windows '09, furnace 'OB, hot water tank '09 & washing machine '09 2 car gar Convenient to Prairie view Pard $269,500 Edtori Denise Remro Denise@blochnhoppercOm MARNO REALTORS 5800 Dempster Morton Grove ($47) (OUTSD LLNOS CALL ) wwwcontury21martnocom 3 CAR GARAGE + 100' X 125' LOlL Morton Grove Rare Offert Fabulous 7 cm brick Rilevel in Golf School 01st #70! Living rm with FR dining nu with sliding glass doors to greenhouse Kitchen with breakfast em, vaulted ceiling & wail of windows overlooking beautiful yard & patio Newly remodeled lower level family rninew ceramic file bath with shower stall 200 amp electric 3 car attached garage $3905 MORE FOR YOUR MONEYL Skokie New on the Marketf Classic 7 ren corner brick & Lannon stone Ranchl Huge living im and dining rm 22' main floor family rm Eatn kitchen, 3 bedrooms, full finished basementwlth rec roi, sitting mi & large utility ren Rushes & landscaping redone n last 2 yrs 2 car attached garage Many updates thruoutt Truly moven condition Great Location in the Heart of Oakton ParM $320000

43 Food Big Bowl employees dig deeper into farmtotable trend BY VERONCA HNKE Contributor we ali know of plenty of farmtota hie restaurants Menu Sure, lists boasting locallygrown foodsare as surprising r asice cream in July But this season, Big Bowl began digging deeper into the popuiar locavore ethos partnering with Heritage Prairie Farm in La Fox, ll, to not only purchase produce, but plant and grow crops alongside farmers Big Bowl employees volunteer to work, planting seeds for produce like lettuce, which they planted at Heritage Prairie Fhrm in early June Those crops will end up on plates at Big Bowl restaurants Meanwhile, employees learn planting irrigating and germinating eryone helps "We all volunteer every two weeks," explained Rau Guttierrez, market chef for Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises, which operates Big Bowl Guttierrez was among the Big Bowl employees who planted lettuce in June "Working on the farm reminds me ofgrowing up in Mexico," Guttierrez recalled "My mom would tell me to go out to get lemons, carrots or cabbages fresh from the market You could tell how fresh the food was by smelling it" At Big Bowl, Guttierrez stirfries summer vegetables grown at Heritage Prairie Frnis He makes "Farmer's Market Chicken Stir Fry' in a wok, making a sauce with peanut oil, light soy sauce, oyster sauce and a little chicken stock «t may take only minutes to cook one ofbig Bowl's signature stirfries n reality however, they have PONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, JULY 7, Seedtotable season The Big Bowl Farmers Market stir fry, ready to eat, is served with some fresh summer pickled vegetables (upper right) MCHAEL SCHMDTSUNTMES MEDA Chef Raul Guttierrez slices beets, turnips, Tropea onions, garlic scapes and fresh garlic in preparation of the Big Bowl Farmers Market stir fry MCHAEL SCHMDTSUNTMES MEDA been crafting that meal for months That is where the bar has been raised to now," said Nate Sumner, farm manager at Heritage Prairie Farm Any vegetable can be showcased in a stirfry including Hakurei turnips Japanese salad turnips which are an especially popular variety this year "These small, white, ping pong ballsized turnips are a delicacy," Sumner said "They are not your typical turnip And don't get me wrong love traditional American style turnips, but Hakurei turnips have a texture that is smooth and tender with a mild flavor and an intoxicating sweetness that has a hint of honey?' Heritage Prairie Farm is also growing Tropea onions for Big Bowl "These spring onions are mild and sweet Their long slender, pink bulbs are as beautiful as they get They look as good in the field as they do on a plate;' Sumner said n a pickle Guttierrez also pickles vegetables, using vinaigrette made with rice wine vinegar, sugar salt, sesame oil, peanut oil and ground toasted Thai chilies He pickles a iiiix of vegetables like carrots, turnips or green garlic whatever is ripe that day to complement meats and other foods Big Bowl also purchases food grown on Mick Klug Farm in St Joseph, Mich, and Nichols Farm & Orchard in Marengo, where produce is sold at a farai stand ready for stirfrying at home Nichois Farm produce is also sold at farmers markets Vit: wwwnkhthfarm corn Farmer's Market Chicken Stir Fry (Adapted from Big Bowl) 12 ounces fresh summer vegetables 6 ounces boneless chicken breast, cut into bitesize pieces 2 teaspoons cornstarch i teaspoon sesame oil, plus afewdrops 2 tablespoons oyster sauce teaspoon sugar /2 CU chicken stock cup peanut oil 3 small fresh shiitake mushrooms, sliced i teaspoon Chinese salted black beans 2 teaspoons Fresno peppers, julienned 2 teaspoons fresh ginger, chopped 2 teaspoons fresh garlic, chopped MCHAEL SCHMDTSUNTMES MEDA 2 teaspoons cornstarch mixed into 2 tablespoons water Mix chicken with cornstarch and sesame oit; set aside Combine oyster sauce, tight soy sauce, sugar, and chicken stock; set aside Heat one cup of oit in wok to hot Add chicken Cook, stirring just until chicken turns color Remove to drain Reserve the oil Reheat wok over high heat When hot, add three tablespoons ofthe reserved oil Add mushroom slices and cook, stirring, until browned slightly and soft Add black beans, chìti pepper, ginger and garlic, and cook, stirring Add vegetabtes and toss until well coated in the seasonings Add oyster sauce mix and bring to a boil Readd the thicken and cook, tossing, unti! heated through Whensauce boils, restir cornstarch mixture and add Cook over high heat until sauce thickens slightly and clears Remove to a serving bowl and garnish with a few drops of sesame oil Serve over or with jasmine rice Fresh Summer Pickled Vegetables (Adapted from Big Bowl) '/z pounds of mixed summer vegetables, cut intó bite sizes 2 tablespoons kosher salt cup rice vinegar, unseasoned 3/ge CUP sugar a4 teaspoon kosher salt 2 teaspoons sesame oit 2 teaspoons peanut oil /2 teaspoon dry Thai dillles, toasted and ground (add more or less, accord ing to taste) Toss vegetables with kosher, salt; let rest for 30 minutes Mix vinaigrette ingredients well Squeeze excess water from vegetables Add cup vinaigrette to eight ounces of vegetables (Pickled vegetables do not need refrigeration) MCHAEL SCHMDTSUNTMES MEDA CALENDAR CONTNUED FROM PAGE 25 St John Brebeuf is took /ing for au St John Brebeuf School alumni Alumni should contact Libby Ryder, (847) , or lryder sjbschoolorg, and submit their name, year graduated, address, phone number, maiden name (if ap plicabte) and address, and may share a story or tell how St John Brebeuf made an impact on their life Maine Seniors The Maine Township Main,, estreamers program offers a variety of opportunities ;:, for residents 55 and older Membership includes a free subscription to the MamS treamers monthly newsletter, which details activities for the upcoming month Most activities are at Maine Town Hall, 1700 Ballard Road, Park Ridge, unless otherwise noted Contact the MameStreamers, (847) , or go to wwwmainetownship corn Day Trip See the Cubs play the Brewers at the Milwaukee Brewers Miller Park Stadium, 10:30 nm 6:30 pm, July 28; $69 members/$74 guests All Day Trips depart from Golf Mill Shopping Center in Niles Maine Township is asking for assistance in locating good, reliable handymen in the area f you know of someone and would like to submit a name, contact Therese Tully, (847) , Ext 260, and she will forward a form to complete Maine Township, in cooperation with the Cook County Sheriff's Office, is collecting used cell phones to be converted for emergency 911 use for seniors Donate phones at Maine Town Hall Senior Center The Niles Senior Center offers membership to Niles residents age 55 and older, and their spouses Drop by the NUes Senior Center, 999 Civic Center Drive, NUes, or call (847) 5888L2O, for an application Visit www vnilescom, click on Departments and then Senior Registration required for most programs Free bloodpressure a screening is 911 am July13 on a walkin basis Chotesterol and glucose screening will take place from 911 am July 13; $15, members; $20, nonmembers Residents and employees of Niles can drop off old medications and needles between 9 and 11 am July 13 D required AARP Safe Driver's Safety program for ages 50 and older will be given from noon to 4 pm July 26 and 28 The course is designed to tune up driving skills, adjust to agerelated changes, reduce traffic violations and qualify for an auto insurance premium reduction or discount Cost is $12, payable to AARP Preregister The Sudoku Club meets from 11 am12:15 pm on the second and fourth Mondays ofthe month Admission is free for members; $12 for six months for nonmembers Weekly Dinner and a Movie Schedule (58 pm) Registration is required whether or not dinner is to be included July 12: "True Grit '(PG13), pizza, soda, and dessert, $5 members/$750 nonmembers July 19: "Just Go With t" (PG13), hot dog, chips, d * i s dessert, $2 members/$3 nonmembers July 26: "The Kids Are Alright" (R), pizza, soda, and dessert, $5 members/$750 nonmembers Cabaret Cruise & Navy Pier Trip is 10:15 am5:30 pm July 12 Come aboard the Spirit of Chicago and enjoy an entertaining lunchtime experience in Chicago featuring the Grand Lunch Buffet Also, enjoy a twohour cruise and the Spirit of Chicago Cabaret Show Along the way, learn some fascinating facts about the famous Chicago skyline Following the luncheon cruise, take a onehour to walk around the pier 'eon your own" before boarding the deluxe motorcoach for the ride home Members pay $66; nonmembers, $71 Twilight Dinner Group Join fellow members from the center for a casual dinner outing at local community restaurants Transportation to and from the restaurant is "on your own" Advance registration is required July 20, 5:30 pm: L Woods, 7110 Lincoln Ave, Lincolnwood Dinner includes appetizers of fried catamari and barbecue chicken, flat bread, Caesar and chopped salads, barbe a / s a, a s as a a, ' NL THuRSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM t 29 cued baby back ribs, grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, vegetables and key Lime Pie or cheesecake; $28 members/$33 nonmembers Seniors Mather's More Than a Cafe, 7134 W Higgins Ave, invites adults 55 and older to experience professionally taught, freetomoderatepriced programs such as lifelong learning programs, fitness classes, free bloodpressure checks and health screenings, free consumer seminars, specialinterest workshops, special events and day trips Call (773) for more information, except where noted Chess Club for checkmate champs and new people who want to learn the rules and basic strategies Sessinns are Wednesdays, at i pm Jazzercise Jazzercise is a fitness program that combines aerobic exercises with elements of jazz dance A series of dance routines is set to popular music while incorporating yoga, Pilates, cardiokickboxing, and other fitness styles The classes move incrementally through different intensity levels, so a ' 4 :s i ; anyone is welcome to join Classes are held at 11 am Wednesdays, $535 Line Dancing is offered at 11:15 nm on the first and third Tuesdays ofeach month Each class costs $325 A variety ofexercise classes fit for every level is available Try the gentlemoderate exercise class, 11:15 Mondays and 10 am Tuesdays that features a combina ' tion of seated and standing exercises for a complete cardiovascular workout The moderatehigh energy class is at 11 nm Thursdays and Fridays, giving more of a challenge with cardio, strengthening, stretching, and toning routines Each class costs $325 Computer Classes All classes are four weeks and meet once a week for two hours Begin with level one and advance through to level four Classes are regularly forming and are offered every month Golf Mill Shopping Center is hosting "Feats of Fitness," a mallwalking program Mondays through Saturdays, to enable seniors to walk within an enclosed SEE CALENDAR, PAGE 33

44 ç 30 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM J THURSDAY JULY 7, 2011 NL t : 1 r CHCAGO Edison Park Lutheran Church 6626 N Oliphant Ave Chicago, L (Across parlfrom Edison Park Metra) , wwwedisonparkchurchcom Saturday Worship 4:30 pin Evensong, Sunday Worship 9:00 am Spirit Bñdge 10:30 aro Conteniporary Rev Dr Michael D Sparby, Sr Pastor Carote Edwards, Pash Deacon Mall Haider, Worship Music Michael Lyda, ChitdrervyoutlVFamily st Paul Lutheran Church 5650 N, Canfield, 60631, (708) , wwwstpaulcanfiedorg Street Level, Air Conditioned Sunday Worship 8:15 & 10:45AM Sunday S6hool & Adult Bible 9:30AM Saturday Worship 6PM St Paul Lutheran Chstian Day School, Pre KGrade 8, SHARNG GOD, TOUCHNG LVES EVERYWHERE All Saints Cathedral Parish National Catholic Church 9201 W Higgins Road Chicago, L 60631, Webste: wwwascpnccorg "Catho'ic in FaithA People Empowered" Saturday Mass at 5:00 PM Sunday Mass at 9:00AM Bishop Anthony Kopka, Pastor L Faith Lutheran Church (ELCA) 5201 W Peterson Ave Chicago, L (773) Saturday Worship 5:30PM Sunday Worship 10:30AM Holy Communion Weekly Pastors:Barbara BerryBailey and Jeffery King North Shore Unitarian Church Deerfield, L Phone: wwwnsucorg Every Sunday at 9:15AM & 11:15AM MORTON GROVE Morton Grove Community Church PresbyterianChurch (VSA) 8944 Austin Avenue (Lake and Austin) Morton Grove, (L (847) wwwmgccpresbyterianorg Sunday Worship 10 AM Fellowship 1 1 AM Rev Lolly Dominski Handicapped Accessible ALL ARE WELCOME st John Lutheran Church 7429 Milwaukee Ave, Nifes ww'wstjohnnilesorg Sunday Service 9:30AM NQRTHFELD : Willow Creek Community Church North Shore Campus 315 Waukegan Road Sunday Services: 9 & 1 1 am Promiseland (nfants Grade 5): 9&11 am Elevate (Grades 6 8): 1 1 am mpact (Grades 9 12): 6 pm For more information visit wvñwilowcreeknorthshoreorg Norwood Park Lutheran Church 5917 N Nina Ave Chicago, L Fax: Sunday Service 10AM Sunday School 9AM (Septemberthru May) Rev Robert C, Johnson, Pastor CentraZotìe Park Ridge Presbyterian Church 1300 West Crescent Avenue wwwparkridgepresbyorg Sunday Service: 1 0:00 AM To showcase your House of Worship here call or mgarrìgan stmedìanetworkcom HAGGS CONTNUED FROM PAGE 22 This is like playiig football and pausing now and then to lift weights found that had good instincts for moving to the ball But was too slow to do anything about it, because my heart was doing that exploding thing No tackles, no interceptions, no passes stuck my arm in the air, but forgot to run off the field Maybe thought one guy was going to relieve rae and another would carry inc off finally staggered to the sideline, and lay down nearby 'd had a good cardiac stress test, so knew wasn't going to die But didn't feel like living Crombie soon left the pitch with a bleeding hole in his head " guess didn't keep my head down," he said He got his head wrapped in bandages, and assured me he had no concussion Soon, however, he was puking on the sidelines "t ain't rugby 'tu (Jrombie starts heavin'," the Barons' Jake Stafford told me We were getting beat in more ways than one At least two players went down with leg injuries Martinez actually came out with a broken shoe, but his feet were intact He remarked that the unnamed tenni we were play ng seemed to have been assembled ofplayers regardless of age One speedy Adonis looked as if he could have been my grandchild tried to get back in the game, but some of my teammates yelled their opinion that do no such thing After helped lose the match, quickly dranj two cups of Crombie's beer and trod across the festival grounds to sign up for the haggis contest put my teeth back in and my glasses on, but didn't change out of my $480 thriftstore spikes, because a rainy week had turned much ofthe grass into mud went to the Heavy Athletic Field, where they do the hammer throw and caber toss (that's the phonepole hurl), because that's where the contest was to be But a volunteer sent me back across the access road About 20 minutes passed while was sent in one Wrong direction after another, erossing the little road three times, before somebody finally let me sign up At one point, stumbled into the middle of four people squaring off with Pioneer Press Managing Editor Mike Martinez grabs a breather after a warmup drill before the Old Boys rugby match ALLEN KAtETAFOR SUNTMES MEDA real swords in some kind of demonstration of defiance of liability insurance riders "Will you kindly go the other way round?" asked a young woman waving a broadaword "You're the boss," assured her missed the caber toss, which had wanted to see, but caught the sheaf toss, a game in which the kilted cornpetitors use a pitchfork to try to fling a 20pound wrapped bale over a high bar Harrison Bailey, a Pennsylvania high school assistant principal and the only AfricanAmerican on the Highland Games pro circuit, won with a 322foot hurl Finally, about an hour later, it was time for the haggiseating contest wasn't expecting to win, but figured had a chance, since Shawn Gunst, a festival organizer, had remarked, " don't think we've ever had a returning champion" This is not surprising, since it is daunting to eat a meal pound of lungs, liver and other offal without using a fork or even a hand Like chopped Liver When was presented with my plate, was surprised to find it smelled pretty good, like warm chopped liver And we were off t was lucky it didn't smell foul, because kept getting it in my nose t tasted quite good, like peppery pate finished about half of it, looked to my right and left, and was ahead of both those guys And then Gunst said there was a winner Kevin McKinnon, 31, told me he loves haggis, and regaled nie with tales of eating it here and eating it there the way some guys talk about barbecue joints He agreed that the Winston haggis we'd eaten was tasty but said he'd had even better "When you've had a good haggis, it's lifechanging," he maintained His right arm sported a lovely tattoo depicting his roots, in the form of waving flags of Scotland, Canada and Chicago asked him how he ate so fast with food in his nose "You've got to go to a different place in your mind' he said stayed around for the closing ceremonies, which featured just about every bagpipebased band in the Chicago area, and some from out of town At one point, the City of Chicago Pipe Band played the opening stanzas of 'Ainazing Grace," and then was joined by hundreds of roaring bagpipes, filling the air and our hearts You never know when you're going to go to a different place in your mind SKOKE Central United Methodist Church 8237 Kenton, Ave, Skokie (847) wwwskokiecentralumcorg Worship: Sundays at 10:30 AM St Timothy Lutheran Church 9000 Kildare Ave Skokie wwwsttimothyskokieorg Worship: Sundays at loam Congregation Bene Shalom 4435 Oakton, Skokie, (847) wwwbeneshalomorg Friday Shabbat Services 7:30pm; Family Shabbat 6:30pm, 3rd Fri/month Kabbalistic Prayer Service 10:30am 2 Satimonth Rabbi Dr Douglas Goidhamer Asst Rabbi Shari Chen Cantonal Soloist Chariene Brooks nterfaith Families Welcome All services voice & sign language Evanshire Presbyterian Church 4555 Church Street wwwevanshirepresbyteriancom Every Sunday at 1 1 AM st Peter's United Church of Christ Dakton Street & Laramie Avenue wwwstpeteruccskokieorg Sunday Worship i OAM Sunday School 9AM (Sept thru May) Rev Richard LanforO Childcare Provided Air Conditioned Sanctuary Temple Beth srael 3601 W Dempter St Skokie, L wwwtbiskokieorg llevar Emet Messianic Synagogue 7800 Niles Ave, Skokie wwwdevaremetorg Join us tor Shabbat Services at loam A Community of Jews who believe and teach tbatyeshua (Jesus) istlie Piomised Jewish Messiah' SKOKE CarterWestminster United Presbyterian Church 4950 W Pratt, wwwcwupcorg New Lyle Youth Group Sundays 5:307:3Opm Assynan Fellowship Fridays 7:309:30 pm Coffeehouse & Open Microphone 2nd Sat Each Month 7:309:30 pm Sunday Worship Services: Contemporary & CW Café 9 am Traditional 1 1 am Sunday School (all ages) 1 0 am Michael Scott Porter, Sr Pastor EzraHabonim, the Nues Township Jewish Congregation You home for Jewish, Learning, Living and Loving 4500 Dempster St Skokie, L , Fax: wwwehntorg Weekly Shabbat Services Fri 8PM & Sat 9:30AM Minyan MonThurs 7PM; Sat & Sun 6PM Monthly Shabbat dinners at 6:30PM Religious School Wed & Sat; Cantor BeniaminWarschawski Rabbi Neil Brief, Emeritus Beth Hillel Congregation Bnai Emunah 3220 Big Tree Lane, wwwbhcbeorg Kabbalat Shabbat Fridays 6:00 PM Shabbat Service Saturdays 9:15 AM Jr Congregation, Tot Shabbat, Torah Time 10:30 AM Followed by Kiddush Daily Minyan AM and PM Rabbi Allan Kensky Cantor Pavel Roytman Dean Marshall Kupchan A multigenerational egalitarian conservative congregation UA Place to Grow as a Jew w ' 'V W 'V W' To showcase your House of Worship here call or muarrlgan@stmedlanotworkcom a asa a A asa a ÇA a%a a

45 downtown 32 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY JULY NL NL THURSDAY JULY 7, 2011 WWWPJONEERLOCALCOM ) 33 ÎE ' ç ' ' ; t *' A 1,;, : Ç1/ ' (a, ' y *, : lt, i ' Ì ' \'Ñ :,t stai lveary 1Jeinet1i e Speer & Banks Wedding Vanessa Leigh Speer, daughter of Bruce and Joni Speer, of Mattoon, Krystal Mary Ncmeth of Norridge graduated on May 13, 2011 with a Master of Science Degree in Sport illinois is engaged to be married to Kyle Douglas Banks, son of Tim Management with honors from Northern llinois University and Sue Banks, of Libertyville, llinois Vanessa is a 2006 graduate of Mattoon ugh School and a 2010 graduate oftrinity nternational Krystal grew up in Norridge, attended Leigh School and graduated from Ridgcwood High School in 2004 She Univcrsity where she received a degree in Elementary Education Kyle went to Loyola University than transferred to Northern llinois University to complete her Bachelor Degree in is a 2006 graduate oflibertyville High School and a 2010 graduate of Kinesiology in 2009 She made the Dean's List and was granted a position as a Graduate Assistant, teaching Eton University, where he received a degree in 1juman Services Studies classes, while she studied to complete her Master Degree She completed her internship at the LeaningTower Vanessa is employed as a 5th grade teacher at Jefferson Elementary YMCA, coaching the Girls Gymnastic Team For S years, she has been teiching gymnastics at Lake Shore School in Charleston, llinois Kyle is employed as a sales associate for Gymnastics Academy in Chicago, where she herselfhad been a student and part ofthe team from age 6 Krystal American 1lotel Register in Vernon 1lills, llinois The wedding vows has accepted a position with Health Fitness Corporation Her family and friends are extremely proud ofher will be exchanged July 9th 2011 at First Baptist Church in Mattoon, and wish her every good fortune in her future endeavors llinois The couple will reside in Charleston, llinois ',, i), h CALENDAR CONTNUED FROM PAGE 29 environment The program : is sponsored by Bethany Terrace, Golf Mill Shopping Center, Maine Township MaineStreamers and Partners in Healthcare (North Shore Physicians Group) Health seminars and blood pressure screenings will be offered throughóut the year every month on the second Wednesday Call the Golf Mill management office, (847) Senior Link Alliance, in collaboration with the City ofchicago Department on Aging, offers a free Home Repair Referral Service to all seniors residing in Park Ridge, Niles, Harwood Heights, Norridge, Schil 1er Park, River Grove and Elmwood Park Program helps seniors over 60 find honest reliableworkers to help maintain their homes Seniors aregiven three names of prescreened qualifled handymen or contractors who are matched to the type and size of the job Jobs include carpentry, plumbing, drywall, plastering, painting, gutter cleaning and repair, electrical work, roofing, washing windows, errand running, yard work, snow removal, furnace repairs, wallpapering, tuckpointing, tiling and more Call Carol McDavid, (773) CJE SeniorLife is accepting appltcations for its Robineau Residence, 7550 N Kostner Ave, in Skokie Robineau offers a residential community composed of 24 affordable units in a one story building, in a warm, friendly setting designed to serve seniors, 62years and older, who may need a helping hand Staff is available onsite, 24 hours a day, in case of emergency Additional supportive services are available through CJE Applicants should qualify for subsidized housing under the provisions of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Section 8 program An additiona( monthly service fee is required Scholarships are available For an applica tion and tour of Robineau, contact Dorothy Levant at (647) Super Seniors, a Jewish Seniors group for people older than 60, meets 34:30 pm the first and third Sundays at the North Shore University Health System Skokie Hospital, 9600 Gross Point Road, Skokie Topics include current events, books, jokes and srael Call (847) Teen Center The Nifes Youth Council is a group ofteens from sixth through 12th grade who ANTQUE COLLECTBLE JULY 9th 8 10th TlflW!flflfl SATUU&T104 Juu,v uuuu SUlL (îípostcardspaper Eaily Buyos: A] 8m1Dam/$25 MME coujty FRHGROUUS CRAYSLAKE * WHEAON 3Oth AHNUAUMASSVE * A T JDlu*FLEA* nuuuuu MARKET SAT AUO2Oth (4PM4AM)1S7 (COUNT? FARM & MANCHESTER) DuPap County Fairgrounds WHEATON, L wwwzurkopromotlonscom provide support and advice on Teen Center programming, develop leadership skills and work to serve the Niles cornmunity They meet the first and third Thursday of every month at 5:30 pm Stop to check them out Call (847) The Teen Center is located at 373 Golf Mill Center in Nues The Teen Center is working with the Niles Senior Center to find teenagers willing to help senior citizens with leaf raking, snow shoveling SEE CALENDAR, PAGE 34 VCKY'S AUCTON 204 S i 3th Av, St Charles L (630) SEGWAY Series Transporter Steillng Sliver Flatware Vintage Costume Jewelry Fine Jewelry Tools Crystal & China Antiques Lot n St Charles Boat Trailer Tramboline Military items Saturday July 9th Sale Starts at loam Preview Friday before at loam6pm and Saturday 8am loam t BELL 50th Anniversary Former Park Ridge City Council Member Sue Bell and Former Maine Township Trustee Bill Bell celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on June 24th Family and friends gathered at the Palmer House in Chicago and celebrated at the talian Village restaurant ç ours &Jz L &?e W44 7 /«o«tcemete4 949emete4 S(teee Seu 9ad««4 wwwpioneerlocczicom For more nformaton, contact or ceebrate@pjoneer(occom PONEER PRESS YOUR LOCAL SOURCE 12 Unit MutiFamiy W, 72nd St Chicago Minimum Bid:$1O5,OOO Fully rented Classic yellow brick Newer rear stairway, boiler & hot water heater All 2 bedroom units Al CDHAL lll A V Bank Owned Bank Owned Distribution CenterChicago RestJLounge ndiana Dolton 5142 Belmont Avenue To Be So'd Absolute i Opening Bid: $198,500 Regardless of Price 15,780 sf; 2500sfoflicespace w/separate restmoms & HVAC Overhead doors & 14' tnid door u 'P i }Office Building '1G ip4on 524 Busse Hwy 2p,UD'7 3p 1 Park Ridge Minimum Bid: $295,000 s 4,617 sl 4 restrooms & shower lo private offices s general offices : 3 storage areas o 10 roll up garage door 3,750 sf; tenant paid utilities Leased & producing income Fte sndig 2 stoy tta4,800sf New roof, pkimbing, tudpointing s High traffic & tourist area A Bank Owned Ground Floor Retail/Office 2801 W Howard Chicago Opening Bid: $125,000 4,100 sí new construction Zoned 632; divisible High traffic corner Long Grove ' Retail Building 407 Robert Parker Coffin Road Opening Bid: $225,000 Appraised: $650,000 fdc Long Go Busiess CisL Jdy 3jst The Prosorvo it Cardinal Creek s a private, resortsty1e community ir, a tranquil setting locatod n Beecher, surroundod by fha 27hole newly renovated Cardinal Crook Golf Course This devolopor closeout auction preont9 a unique and Auctp A final opportunity fo purchase a fin/shod luxury homo, townhomo or homo sito at your price rn A 11 luxurious homes originally priced to $384,990 MNMUM BDS: $139,900 5 townhomes originally priced to $253,200 MNMUM BDS: $79, walkout & golf course home sites MNMUM BDS: $15,000 All Properties Will Sell Subloct to Minimum Bids Features/Amenities: Fireplaces Brick Facades WalkOut & Golf Course Sites ' 4, 3 & 2 Bedroom Plans 3car Garage Ranch & 2story Designs Clubhouse Pool Fitness Center CardioCourse Granite Kitchens Maple Cabinets Full Basements Vaulted Celing Beecher Schools ', w, s a a s è ' A T; Net Leased,sit Retail Building ioj0fl ncome nplace m, 1955 E New York Aurora Minimum Bid: $575,000 Office Building (171% c rate) Previously Priced: $997, Joliet Rd' Countryside Opening Bid:$195,000 : s 2 story preengineered building 4,434 sf remodeled ' Add storage/garage building 20 parking spaces a e s 20,000 sfw/350'frontage Excellent investment Minutes from Naperville & Aurora 22 acre land site 3 mile population of 110,000+ O B

46 a4 j WWWPONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 NL NL THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM 35 CALENDAR and general yard work while earning money Complete the Nues Teen Job Connection form available on the center Web site and return it to Mark at the center nformation wilt be shared with the director ofthe center and contacts witt be made with residents in need of services Registeryour bike through the Mites Teen Center or Nites Police Department Every year the Nues Police Department accumulates a number of Lost or stolen bikes and CONTNUED FROM PAGE 33 is forced to sell them at an auction because their owners cannot be identified By registering your bike, you are issued a Village of Niles Police Department sticker and your bicycle's information is entered into a national database auowing the PoLice Department to reconnect you if it is ever lost or stolen Volunteers ndividuals who have few of hours to spare are urged to join the Avenues to ndependence Thrift Shoppe Team of Volunteers Avenues is looking for friendly, hardworking men and women to help staff at the Thrift Shoppe, 7710 W Touhy Ave in Chicago Volunteers are needed on a regular basis 10 am5 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, or l8 pm Thursdays Volunteers receive a discount Wo experience is needed Mt proceeds from the Thrift Shoppe help Avenues continue valuable programs for adults with developmental disabilities Contact the store manager, Michael Frustini, (847) , Ext 771 The Men's and Women's Association of Advocate Lutheran General HospitaL is Looking for new members The communitybased philanthropic and social organization raises funds for the hospital through a variety of events, including an annual golf outing, glove sale and concert The organization's donations have assisted the hospital in expanding programs, purchasing stateoftheart medical equipment, and pursuing research and education initiatives Yearly dues are $35 Call (847) Many individuals have found themselves (aid off or unable to find employ ment Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care would like to respond by helping professionals stay current with their job skills (or gain experience if recently graduated) by offering professional volunteer opportunities Possible opportunities include positions in medical records, human resources administration, community outreach, finance, marketing and admissions/customer service Volunteers must have a willingness to make use of their professional skills and a positive attitude allowing them to take on a great deal of responsibility Training and seminars for professional and personal development will be provided Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (847) , Ext 3128, or rparrow@rainbowhospice org Visit wwwrainbowhospiceorg To place your ad, contact Marsha Garrigan at or mgarrïgan@stmed ianetworkcom ANTQUE & COLLECTBLE MARKETS JULY 9TH 8 10TH SATURDAY 104 %1 JSUN 831$6 Early Buyers: SAT 8amlOam $25 s LAKE COUNTY FARGROUNDS i; RAYSLAKE 1060 E PETERSON RD 3OTHANNLMSSV1 iujmmawja,ttf M1f113' *L:Ah* WLET SAT AUG 20th (4PM4AM)/$7 (COUNTY FARM & MANCHESTER) Lk DuPage County Fairgrounds k WHEATON, L WWWZURKOPROMOTONSCOM R,fl_'_? L11 ÇE ALL ATE ARENA OPEA MARKET OVER 650 VENDORS 6920 Mannheim Rd Between Higgins and Touhy Bordering O'HARE ARPORT 6am to 3pm *EVERY SUNDAY *Dates & time are sublect to change La Grange Park Antique Mall 800 East 31st Street La Grange Park, L (708) Sales Throughout The Store Jewelry Bronze Figurines Lighting Linen Furniture China Dolls/Repairs French Decor Oriental Rugs & More TuesSat 11AM5Prvl Sun!2PM5PM r wviw woffs corn Oualitv Anticrnes and Why not sell some of your antiques, jewelry or collectibles? FOR UPCOMNG AUCTONS Anlq Furniture, Oriental Rugs, Pantings, Pottery, Figurines, Lighting, Bonzes & Jewelry Antique & ColJetible Auctions Every 2 Weeksl Quality Consgnments Accepted, One Piece or nure Eslatel We buy Antiques & Estatesl Visit our Website for Photos & Results, Upcoming Auction Dates, & Current Listing cired 18 Years on the North Shore 256 1: 70 Dealer Antique Emporium Come and see our eclectic assortment of items from Furniture to Jewelry, Antiques and Collectibles, Fun and Serious SiilezrnzQsa(esju(y 8 efr 9 J4nniveicaiy Sale,u& 22iu124tÑ WWwheritagetrailmall,com Jakdei 7232 N Western Ave, Chgo, L (773) wwwdircctauctioncom Heritage Trail Mall Hows MF 11ODarn; 53O poi Sat lo:oo 5r30 pin Sun 1200 SOO pm Morton Grove base runner David Schoenberg steals second base in front of the tag of Northbrook shortstop Brett Synek BUZZ ORRSUNTMES MEDA njuries take toll on Morton Grove BY DAN SHALN Contílbutor Whether one calls it the dog days of summer, hitting a wall or a June Swoon, the Morton Grove Mustangs appeared to experience some fatigue last week After winning eight straight games, including going 50 in their own tournament (June 2426), the Mustangs dropped four straight contests to fall to 148l The stretch came during a period when the American Legion/Connie Mack team played 10 games in 5even days By the end of last weekend, the Mustangs were scheduled to have played 14 contests in nine days All the baseball, and a few other factors like absences and draining summer jobs, seemed to be taking, a toll Some of the team's younger players, who had never competed at this level, seemed to be suffering the most "We hit a bump in the road:' Mustangs head coach Ed Toledo said "t's a grind lt starts to wear on our kids t's not a bad thing t happens every summer But if our (younger) guys had been around it (before), they might be able to deal with it better" Toledo said the team's pitching remained solid during the losing streak, but the defense had struggled "(During) the eightgame win streak, we'd get double plays at critical times and we'd have one or zero errors in all those games When we did have an error, we'd follow that up with a double play or the pitcher would come up with a strikeout," Toledo said "(During the losing streak) we have made an error and then followed that up with another error The pitching has been good, but we haven't been able to pick up the defense like we were doing before" Another problem has been the absence from the mound of Keenan Kelly, perhaps the team's top pitcher The righty has not thrown in recent weeks because of an elbow strain "He's the kind of kid you roll out once a week and know what you're going to get He's a kid you can slot in when you're in a little bit of a rut and he's going to (shut down the opponent)" Toledo said The bats also went silent as the Mustangs were shut out on consecutive days; losing 40 to Prospect on June 27 and 50 to Highland Park on June 28 The power outage coincided with the injury to Lawrence Darlak, one of the team's top hitters, who missed several games with a shoulder problem n some games during the losing streak, the Mustangs had just 11 or 12 players, which Toledo's hindered ability to make tactical changes "t's nice to put in a lefty (batter) in for a righty (pitcher), but we're limited with some of that stuff, as well," Toledo said On June 29, Northbrook defeated Morton Grove 72 The Mustangs took an early 21 lead on a tworun double by Brett Schuetz, which scored Zach Jones and John Gobbo Mustangs starting pitcher Sam Cattau (Walther Lutheran) gave up six runs, but only two were earned The Mustangs' fourth straight loss was 85 to Elk Grove on June 30 Morton Grove led much of the contest before surrendering the advantage in Elk Grove's fourrun sixth Kelly was 2for3 with two RB, Jones was 1for4 with a run scored, Gobbo went lfor3 with a run and RB and Clark Fox and Matt McTague each went 1for3 with a run Morton Grove's Sam Cattau delivers a pitch during American legion baseball action against Northbrook at Meadow Hill Park in Northbrook suzz ORRSUNTMES MEDA

47 affordable ' O 36 WWWPOWEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 NL a'iteno of e1u and'arnin3 Center Banquai FaciliDes Oaly28Minutes South ofihe 80 & 157 nterchange Weekly Special "CRAZY THURSDAY" 18 ROLES RDNG $20 aj1 until 200 pm 7202 N 4000 E Road 81S Manteno, il to reserva lee limes! Visit our WebsUe for Great Weekday, Weekend and Ho'iday Rates wwwmantenogolfcom 18 Notes of Championship GaH DeerJe1 Golf CUh *j Ltwc,1T OOKYOLR S'ECJAL TEE TMES ONLNE FOR p ÇjAL Vj;NQ 1201 Saunders Rd Rverwaads 84? To place an ad in this section,call to speak with a sales representative suntimm/gof foryourcompete 2 i i t i rhis surnmér, spend your time blowing bubbles dingbikes and hitting the beachnot sitting inadoctor's office We offer quick, easy and physicalswith no appointment necessary Stop in at one of our three çônvenient Locations, Ñridge,49oo N Cumbertand Ave : '7O845646OO PLaines Elmwood Park :j5o 'River Rd 7230 W North Ave O Suite 1068 : ; 7O84533OOO SUPER SAVNGS! risrr Us DALY AT 4 wwwdeertiedgoforg/ttspecias $30 PHYSCALS FOR SCHOOL, SPORTS & CAMp' Flahive adds muscle to Notre Dame BY DAN SALN Contributor The job market may be a tricky one for recent college graduates, but Connor Flahive has made the smoothest of transitions from ivycovered campus to real world The former Northern llinois fullback only received his degree in May, yet he already has been hired as the head strength coach at Notre Dame High School, his alma mater He also opened up his own strength and condìtioning sports performance fadiht The Chicago native starred as a linebacker for the Dons before heading to DeKaib, where he became the starting fullback during his redshirt sophomore season in 2008 The past two years, as the Huskies emerged as a Mid American Conference powerhouse, Flahive made important contributions as a blocking back and on special tennis The 6foot, 235pounder was a key performer for NEU last fat as the Huskies went l3, winning the MAC'S West Division and defeat ng Fresno State in the Humanitarian Bowl Though Flahive never did carry the ball, he had 12 career receptions, including an important 2yard touchdown grab in the Huskies' 3423 victory over Minnesota last September " don't think could have had a better career," said Flahive, who also was a regular on the 2009 squad that went 75, defeated Purdue and played in the nternational Bowl " had some great coaches, who (after my 2009 knee injury) stayed with me and allowed me to keep playing for them and doing vell for them?' A kinesiology and exercise science major, Flahive said he'd long been fascinated by sports performance and training and always knew he wanted to work in that field «actually have not wanted to do anything else besides that," he said " became enamored with strength and performance for athletes and that'sjust what started getting into, reading everything could get my hands on" Flahive álso became a keen observer of former NtT strength and conditioning coach Eric Klein When he wasn't actually training with Klein, Flahive was watching the coach work with other athletes " believe the success (NU has had) was because of Eric Klein," said Flahive, about the coach who followed former Huskies head coach Jerry Kill to Minnesota this past offseason "(Klein) took me under his wing was very annoying to him and wanted to know why and how about everything had a zillion questions a day He challenged me to stay up on my reading and uptodate (about new training methods) 11e was influential to me" After finishing classes last December and completing an internship in the early spring, Flahive returned to Notre Dame, initially as a volunteer strength coach Before long, Dons football players were making such strides in the weight room that Flahive was hired on as an assistant coach "(Flahive) was one of the best football players we've had at Notre Dame in the past 20 years His work ethic and leadership were Former Northern ilhineis fullback and Notre Dame graduate Connor Flahive trains with current Dons football player Conner Gavin PHOTO COURTESY OF CONNOR FLAHVE always top notch That's why it was easy for me to put him to work with our athletes," Dons head football coach Mike Hennessey said "He brings good, sound strength and conditioning techniques to our team and our athletes and he has tremendous energy and enthusiasm that pushes our players to perform at a higher level "Our weight room is an alive and exciting place to work in because of the program Connor has established?' n April, Flahive opened up FAST (Flahive Advanced Strength Training) a sports pet'for mance business run out of a 1,350 squarefoot space in Park Ridge at 636 Busse Hwy Flahive already is training several high school and middle school athletes " like working With (those ages)," said Flahive, who is looking to train athletes from a variety of sports, though specializing in football players " want to help those kids get to college, where was, and give them an opportunity to play (college sporls)' Flahive said he uses knowledge gleaned from many sources, including classes, reading and observing to tailor workouts specific LO each individual " use a lot of different types of things, a lot of tools like dumbbells and barbells, but also unconventional stuff, Strong man (com1)e1 tion) stuff like sand bags, big tractor tites big fire hoses and ropes," he said "'m just tfy ing to put together a multifaceted progiam to create powerful, wellconditioned athletes, who will avoid injury and dominate fl the field" f Former Trojan in Hall he helped create BY DAN SHA LN Contributor Seymour Ridnd has not been a high school gymnastics head coach since 1984, but he had plenty of success during his decade in charge of boys and girls teams at Niles East and Niles North n May, Rifkind was honored for his contribution to local gymnastics with induction into the llinois High School Gymnastics Coaches Association Hall of Fame, located at the Gary Morava Recreation Center in Prospect Heights Rifldnd, a state Seymour Rifkinds allaround champion himself at Nues East in the late 1960s, coached more than 40 AllAmericans and several state champions at his nowclosed alma mater (from ) and then at Niles North (197984) The former health sciences teacher also spent time training future Olympian Bart Conner when the goldmedal winner was a student at Nues West in the mid1970s Now living in Riverwoods and enjoying a successful career as an executive, author, public speaker and life coach, Rifkindjoins a list of HSGCA Hall of Famers that includes former Nues West head coach John Burkel and former Nues North head coach Tom Sokolski Coincidently, Rifkind was instrumental in the formation of the Hall of Fame 35 years ago Rifkind said he had not been expecting the recent accolade, which he found out about in late April 11e was inducted at a May 17 event at the Hall of Fame "1 was honored to be inducted myself after being away from the sport for so long was quite surprised to get the call and the letter (announcing the honor)," said Rificind, who was nominated for the Hall by former Glenbrook South head coach John Neville, himself a Hall of Famer Twentyfive of Rifldnd's former gymnasts attended the ceremony, some of them coming from as far as California "(Former gymnasts choosing) to share the moment with me was more gratifying than the induction," said Rifkind, who competed collegiately at University of New Mexico and University of owa "We had great teams and athletes who went Downstate, but to me (coaching) was also about the lessons you could learn through gymnastics, things that stay with you like working with teammates and perseverance coached specific skills, but tried to throw in life lessons?' Over the years, Rifkind said he has been pleased to hear from former gymnasts who said they drew upon those lessons when getting through challenging periods, like mcdical school or law school, and building successful careers in various fields But as Rifidnd is fond of saying, he did not just "talk the talk," but also found inspiration from his time in gymnastics to help in pursuits like completing marathons and triathlons, climbing Mt Kilimanjaro, learning martial arts and building his own marketing communications business Though he's no longer sitting on a team bench, Rifkind has seemingly never stopped coaching For years, he has worked with athletes, coaches and business leaders, helping them maximize their potential "'ve had a lifetime of learning, studying and reading," he said "'m not a psychologist by trade or schooling but 've read as much as any psychologist or sports psychologist, 've put many ofthe skills into practice and learned what works and what doesn't 've tried to use that in my lessons and seminars?' THE LEPRECHAUN CHARTER SERViCE Diversey Harbor For Excitsg Salmon & Trout Fishing Cptn Bill Kelly kelly103@comcastnet FREDDE BEAR SPORTS BUYNG USED GUNS PND GUN COLLECTONS Oak PaticAve,Thley Park L r \ r \ 1r\ a J_J_J ' Sniage & Modem Treanus BOught SOld and Tiaded Sabering et Estates mily Owned Since 1964 Large Selectian of Fine Cigars Charter Boat "CONFUSON" Lake MicganSalmon H Petchlhadas Fishing Starts NWlndiana PastriCk Marina North Norlhpoint Marina 4 Great Boats to Choose From Capt Rob Poteshnian i wwwconlusioncharterscom To advertisè in The Great Outdoors OEuli to speak with a sales representative Do you suffer from pain, tingling, numbness, coldness or burning feet and hands? Explore new treatment for NEUROPATHY DABETC AÑD NONDABETC Reduction in acute & chronic pain Restores sensation infeet and bands s mproved balance less falls Potential toprevent amputation \ Ca1JNo! t fora F Premier SCreenig PHYSCAL THERAPY ' i More Than O Years Success oftreafing Neuropatby Snponfls Liberlyville (847) Joiet (81 5) Skokie (847) Hinsdafe (630) Orkind Park (708) Ràsetle (630) Munster, N (21 9) Evergreen Park (708) 42379Ó0 Chicago South Loop (31 2) 880p8Ò8 Chicago Northside (773)8679Q Burbank (708) ERY NL THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM 31 'AW Restoration» 'Specializing n Rldentia Repar" Glass Btock Fireplaces " Chlmne Repatee Stone Repatrs N Room Addtttons Cultured Stono Tuckpalntlng Matiboxea Brtck/Ceecreto Wate,pwoftng u Na Job Too Small Fico Estimates " With Over 25 Years Esperienue u AUn: Will CeasiderALt Compttlors Weilten Estlmatnu u 1Cah Adam Bo d Prod ' We can service your Roofing, Siding & Gutter needsas well as all nterior & Exterior iiìrne Repairs Established n i 957 ' Father, Son & Grandson or SAVE 5Ö% TO 7 The Cost Effective Alternative : TUCkPOiNTNq MASONRy 30 Years n Business Senior Citizen Discount nsured/bonded Free Estimates EDMAR, NC ' , Northshore Roofin2 has expanded to Northshore Home Care & Repairs BEFORE OF REPLACEMENT COSTS $250FF Your Scheduled Work with this coupon Not valid willi other ottora Odferoxplres8tl5fll CONCRETE RASNG Experts Patio, B,,seanoats Sidcwalle&Stoops Factory/Warvhouso Floors Garage Floors Wo Moo PerCome nrfveway Void Filling Cull Thday For A Free Estimate WWWtrlffleacoflcretecom

48 : LocaiSports : PONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, JULY 7, 2011 ) 38 Managing Editor: Rich Martin rmartn@ioneertocacom t n,,,, t'tn' 'd'od ton,le tn t, NL THURSDAY, JULY WWWPONEERLOCALCOM 39 h 'i,',' L Jofl Hi,,, Pofler POo Stff Phot,9Mpnr o, DotonN Nna tint in tt t),,nkt' or1',1',n,' k' stn,i, n,, (fl,i(t1ak t,,,i$ltt,,,'t 251)11,tuf, s,,tti i,,,,,, nil t, v,,,, in 27 it lit ;,tukni ttl,)t ta, hit' t t tutu t'ol huh' t 'Atti litt' t h,,,! hi ni Lt$' or Ft i'''nt LS ttti4 jilt,, i(tt lilt' iiitiri,t it,cijitttt, t' i,r r,,, t_tt t,! t itilx' lt ti 11% t liii tlt,lt n' gtts tins l,lu to b, cut' a,t,non Orderrepri'nt of Vourfsvorite Ploneàr Prese photo, n varletyof sze'snd on a wide ranq of modlafrorn 1rathtona photo poper to (hlr muqs nd co,nputer rnoue pc www pioneerlocalcom 1 Prorom Rat, POoU Fmoz % Dawn APR PARK RDGE COMMUNTY BANK erestc ProRram UNTED HOME LOANS Rato Palot, Fee, % On,,,, APR UHLoanscom 30 yr fixed $ % yr fixed $995 20% oyrfixed $ % yr fixed $995 20% yr fixed $ % /1 ARM $995 20% yr fixed Call for Rates 7/1 ARM $995 20% 3016 Prtm Rot, Ponte Fees % Down APR COMMUNTY BANK OF OAK Pirn RVER FOREST 708' yr fixed Call for Rates 1 5 yr fixed Call for Rates 5/1 ARM Call for Rates 7/1 ARM Call for Rates Wolves' Third baseman Kevin Ross puts the tag on Marshawn TayLor during the Double Duty Classic attstar baseball game at (LS Cellular Fek i KETH HALESUNTMES MEDA Ross says yes to Michiga BY DAN SFALN Contributor The University of Michigan has a proud baseball tradition that includes players like George Sisler, Bill Freehan, Jim Abbott, 3arry Larkin and Chris Sabo, all who went on to play in the major leagues Perhaps someday the name Keyin Ross will join the list of Wolyer ines greats On Friday, that possibility drew one step closer when Ross, who will be a senior at Niles West, gave a verbal commitment to Michigan Ross, a 6foot1, 190pound shortstop, spoke by phone to Wolverines head coach Rich Maloney on Fnday night to say he had chosen to don the MaizeandBlue He plans to make it official in November "(On the phone) coach Maloney talked about the program and how much he wants me there, and basically just told him that want to be there," said Ross, who was in Georgia for a traveling team tournament "This is another step in my career and 'm hoping to take it further than that (to the professional ranks) (Maloney) told me that was good enough to go to the next level with him" Ross, who hit 436 with 30 RB, 35 runs and 16 stolen bases last season for Niles West after transferning from Mather, was watched closely by the Michigan coaches a few weeks ago when his travel team, the Chi Town Cream, was competing in Ann Arbor " did pretty well and guess they liked what they saw They made a good offer took the tour and liked what saw," said Ross "My favorite thing is the field (recentlyrenovated Fisher Stadium) t's a hitter's ballpark Plus, like the academics f baseball doesn't work out, 'll have a great education" Ross also noted that one of his heroes, Derek Jeter, once committed to play for the Wolverines, before opting for the pros Ross spent the first day of the July contact period taking calls from interested schools, including University of llinois, Eastern lilifois and Central Michigan While he has yet to sign the letten of intent, Ross said his future is in Ann Arbor "'m done 'm committed," he said This summer, Ross has been playing for Miles West and the Cream, which took a record of 21O heading into July 4th tourflamdtt in East Cobb, Ga The Cream already has won tournaments ifl Arbor, Lombard and at Tnitoll College On June 28, Ross attended a tryout for Team llinois for the Area Code Games Aug 510 ifl Long Beach, Calif, and is waiting to heat if he made the roster (C) 626 Talcol Rd, Park Ridge, L PNA BANK 30 yr fixed 15 yr fixed 1 0 yr fixed 30 yr jumbo oans@pnabanknet 720 mincredit score required on 30 yr Jumbo Call (C) 3250 Lacey Road, Suite 140, Downers Grave, L RCHLAND MORTGAGE COMPANY yr fixed 20 yr fixed refi 1 5 yr fixed 1 0 yr fixed Save with Richiand Mortgage $ $ $ $800 (B) 1701 E Woodileld Road, Suife 814, Schaumbuig, L MORTGAGE RATES & cliarlieguloan@'yalioocorn 20% 20% 20% 20% NFORMATON AVALABLE 24/7 ON THE NTERNET PP (A) 3 Westbrook Corporate Center, Suite 1010, Westcftester, L AMLOANCOM $ % yr fixed $325 20% $ % yr fixed $325 20% $ % /1 ARM $325 20% $ % /1 ARM $325 20% 2874 Certified Upfront Lender! 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49 Thank you Chicagoland for trusting us to be your ':' Chosen Home Remodeling Company Our mission and goal will never change and because of those principles we are the fastest growing full service home remodeling company in America today Again,thank you Chicagoland for trusting us with your most important investment YOUR HOME 0 We will always continue my father's passion on quality, value andservice \ Your TiCKET 'f to SMMER :' Receilie tickets LO sflt javonte SpoTUng event où Osi Vlhen wdlfl9 D idtn Reodegtoe frci Gnxe rioby and no on p;ioi scies, (aufor d5üs BORd on h,, We will never let you down! 7 i On Cabinets, Tie& Fixtures with our DiRECT SAVNGS PROGRAM! Dream KTCHENS Add or mprove Existing BATH ROOM Extra Living Space ADDTONS ' s,,,,,: 'ç,' NTRODUÇNGGAAXEGA RGES OFF 1 Oiu[ ON ALL EXTEROR PRODUCTS Certified installed ROOFNG Energy Efficient WNDOWS Wide Variety of SDNG AliTypes of PORCHES Complete MASONRY ' &4 fl :]

41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1:

41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1: Record Series Number The materials listed in this document are available for research at the University of Illinois Archives. For more information, email illiarch@illinois.edu or search http://www.library.illinois.edu/archives/archon

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Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds

Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds Record Type Volume Dates Indexes Reel Index 1A 1774-1792 18776 not at Archives Index 2 1785-1817 18776 not at Archives Index 3 1817-1832 18776 not at Archives Index 4 1832-1846 18776 not at Archives Index

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OF PRAISE. Faithful Cross, O Tree of Beauty. Assembly, Unison Choir, Descant, Keyboard, and Flute. œ œ œ œ. tree limbs. ex and all ing and to

OF PRAISE. Faithful Cross, O Tree of Beauty. Assembly, Unison Choir, Descant, Keyboard, and Flute. œ œ œ œ. tree limbs. ex and all ing and to CHORAL HYMNS O RAISE ithful Cross, O Tree Beuty Delor Dufner, OSB lute Dcnt Melody Keyord 4 4 4 4 4 4 Assemly, Unison Choir, Dcnt, Keyord, lute Reverently (q = c. 96) ith ful Tree Cross Tree Cross Tree

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FOR SALE EXQUISITE FAMILY HOME. Bracken House, Cosher, Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford

FOR SALE EXQUISITE FAMILY HOME. Bracken House, Cosher, Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford FOR SALE BER B EXQUISITE FAMILY HOME REF 2760 Bracken House, Cosher, Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford Five Bedroomed Detached C. 284 SQM/ C. 3057 SQFT By Private Treaty A TRULY BESPOKE ARCHITECTURALLY DESIGNED

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SAMPLE. j Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï. # # ? # #. Ï Ï Ï Ï ú Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. . ä j. ú ú. Ï ? # # Moderate, acoustic feel. Arr.

SAMPLE. j Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï. # # ? # #. Ï Ï Ï Ï ú Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. . ä j. ú ú. Ï ? # # Moderate, acoustic feel. Arr. Jesus, My Cross Have Taken #394 HNRY LYT LL MOOR rr by Thomas rassi # #? Moderate, acoustic feel 4 4 # # P? 5? 8 1 Je sus, 2 Let the ld 3 Man 4 o, then, 5 Soul, then earth trou kno lo i Thee o breast pa

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TITLE DATA Excellence by Design. Document Types. Description


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City of Stockton Official Records in San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum (Feb. 11, 2010)

City of Stockton Official Records in San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum (Feb. 11, 2010) City of Stockton Official Records in San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum (Feb. 11, 2010) Assessor s Office Assessment Lists 1857 Assessment Lists 1858 Assessment Lists 1860, 1861 Assessment

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OFFICIAL RESULTS. Up-to-Date results summaries for... President of the United States 1 position per party. Republican. Democrat

OFFICIAL RESULTS. Up-to-Date results summaries for... President of the United States 1 position per party. Republican. Democrat Michigan March Presidential Primary Electi OFFICIAL RESULTS are now available! Current returns are with precincts and AVCBs reporting--. -- accounting for. the regised vos. Reload page for most recent

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54 64 51 44 74 94 84 Pr Pla opo nt sed ing S (By truc Ot tur he e rs) 34 50 24 05 49 14 15 rp po P so al de nitn rts ( g tcu yb eru ehto )sr P F eto rutu tn lai oh e isu gn Fu Pot tu en re Ho tial us ing

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Grow With Us! April Dates to Remember: Regional Affiliate of:

Grow With Us! April Dates to Remember: Regional Affiliate of: April 2018 Grow With Us! Visit our Website at: www.iowaregionallilysociety.com Regional Affiliate of: www.lilies.org www.iowahort.org Kristi Evans dna4n6@mchsi.com Dates to Remember: Susan Williams llilyfan@iowatelecom.net

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Golf Club Tent Site Project Narrative July 30, 2010

Golf Club Tent Site Project Narrative July 30, 2010 Golf Club Tent Site Project Narrative July 30, 2010 The purpose of formalizing the tent site on the ill b'teen is to provide a centralized location for outdoor events hosted the Sugarbush Golf Club. Currently

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Verse #4 Verse #5. Agent Name Phone Company/Office

Verse #4 Verse #5. Agent Name Phone Company/Office Holiday Postcards NO Production Fee with an order of 2 or more! Order Form 1 Choose design 8.5 x 5.5 Glossy Color Postcards Holly Jolly Snowman od friends, A time for go od cheer, a time for go sh you

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Welcome to Exford Waters

Welcome to Exford Waters Your new residential community. Your escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Welcome to Exford Waters Exford Waters is a new residential community where you can enjoy a lifestyle built around

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Consideration of a Redevelopment Area Designation for the Study Area

Consideration of a Redevelopment Area Designation for the Study Area attracts trespassers as has occurred through the past two decades. Absent redevelopment of the property, the abandoned buildings and the two dredge lakes will continue to be attractive nuisances that the

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206 high house. Cary, NC office building for lease

206 high house. Cary, NC office building for lease 206 high house Car, NC 27518 office building for lease propert summar Office space available for lease propert location Convenientl located between downtown Car and Preston Corners along High House Road

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Ninigret Depot Industrial Land

Ninigret Depot Industrial Land Ninigret Depot Industrial Land 545 Lodestone Way Tooele, Utah 84074 Kelsie Akiyama 801.578.5504 kakiyama@ngacres.com PROPERTY HIGHLIGHTS 2 PROPERTY HIGHLIGHTS Ninigret Depot currently has approximately

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Harding Real Estate Vacant Acres State Rd. 36 Lake Geneva, WI Offered by Randy Erwin, Broker Associate Natalie Torres, Broker Associate

Harding Real Estate Vacant Acres State Rd. 36 Lake Geneva, WI Offered by Randy Erwin, Broker Associate Natalie Torres, Broker Associate Harding Real Estate 74.77 Vacant Acres State Rd. 36 Lake Geneva, WI 53147 Offered by Randy Erwin, Broker Associate Natalie Torres, Broker Associate Harding Real Estate 1710 South Eastwood Dr. Woodstock,

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KWAZULU-NATAL. Ballito Lifestyle Centre. The Quarter Boutique Shopping Centre. Netcare Alberlito Hospital. Ashton International College.

KWAZULU-NATAL. Ballito Lifestyle Centre. The Quarter Boutique Shopping Centre. Netcare Alberlito Hospital. Ashton International College. Simbithi Dr Simbithi Dr Umhlali Country Club Ballito Junction Ballito Lifestyle Centre The Quarter Boutique Shopping Centre Netcare Alberlito Hospital Ashton International College Salt Rock Rd Ballito

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+ + Former Marshall s Junior Box Available in Large Regional Shopping District. + + Property is located in 385,000+ SF Chapel Ridge Shopping Center

+ + Former Marshall s Junior Box Available in Large Regional Shopping District. + + Property is located in 385,000+ SF Chapel Ridge Shopping Center CHAPEL RIDGE SHOPPING CENTER PREMIER RETAIL SPACE 34,813 SF freestanding concrete block/brick building available within the Chapel Ridge Shopping Center a Power Center located within the northeast submarket

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NEW STANDARDS IN ADVERTISING. What California REALTORS Need to Know NEW STANDARDS IN ADVERTISING What California REALTORS Need to Know What We Will Cover Cha ges to busi ess advertisi g practices What is cha gi g a d he Types of advertisi g affected Exceptio s Samp es

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PORTRUSH. 16 Ballymacrea Road. BT56 8NR Offers Around 370,000

PORTRUSH. 16 Ballymacrea Road. BT56 8NR Offers Around 370,000 PORTRUSH 16 Ballymacrea Road BT56 8NR Offers Around 370,000 Ar stro g Gordo & Co. Ltd Estate Age ts for the sel es a d for the e dors a d for the lessors of this property hose age ts they are gi e oti

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CHAPEL RIDGE SHOPPING CENTER & MAYSVILLE ROAD Fort Wayne, IN 46835 FOR LEASE CHAPEL RIDGE SHOPPING CENTER PREMIER RETAIL SPACE Freestanding, 2-tenant concrete block/brick building available within the Chapel Ridge Shopping Center a Power Center located within the northeast

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IRIS. vazanias & vattis E STAT E S LT D

IRIS. vazanias & vattis E STAT E S LT D IVY + IRIS vazanias & vattis E STAT E S LT D w w w. v v c r e a t i o n. c o m LIMASSOL Wr ap p e d around t he dinky cas t le, t he c ent ral o l d to w n r adiat es out i n a s quiggle of lanes w he

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UW Seattle Approve Residence Hall, Single Student Apartment and Family Housing Rate Adjustments

UW Seattle Approve Residence Hall, Single Student Apartment and Family Housing Rate Adjustments VII. STANDING COMMITTEES F 6 B. Finance and Asset Management Committee UW Seattle Approve 2014-15 Residence Hall, Single Student Apartment and Family Housing Rate Adjustments RECOMMENDED ACTION It is the

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Gallatin County / Big Sky Affordable Housing

Gallatin County / Big Sky Affordable Housing / Big Sky Affordable Housing PRELIMINARY ARCHITECTURAL REPORT (DRAFT) - PRESENTATION TO THE PUBLIC Warren Miller Performing Arts Center - Big Sky, MT GALLATIN COUNTY because it is more financially feasible

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FAQs and TIPS: Move-In and Living at GrandMarc (more general FAQs are available on our website at

FAQs and TIPS: Move-In and Living at GrandMarc (more general FAQs are available on our website at FAQs and TIPS: Move-In and Living at GrandMarc (more general FAQs are available on our website at www.grandmarctcu.com) ALL North Tower apartments are EVEN numbers; ALL South Tower apartments are ODD numbers.

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Welcome to Meadowbrook Village in Pewaukee

Welcome to Meadowbrook Village in Pewaukee Welcome to Meadowbrook Village in Pewaukee SEVEN FLOOR PLANS CHOOSE ONE TO MATCH YOUR LIFESTYLE Each floor plan is designed with private balcony or patio, private front entry, and direct access to your

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CITY PLANNING COMMISSION CITY PLANNING COMMISSION 915 "I" STREET - SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA 95814 APPLICANT Alan Oshima, Architect - 1723 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 ovinver_ Golden 1 Credit Union - 131 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento,

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17 Sweet Coppin Cranbrook EX5 7FB

17 Sweet Coppin Cranbrook EX5 7FB A modern, spacious, semi-detached family home, with three bedrooms, an enclosed rear garden, parking and a garage, in a quiet position of Cranbrook. 17 Sweet Coppin Cranbrook EX5 7FB PROPERTY TYPE Semi-detached

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AAII Los Angeles Chapter Saturday Meeting Investment Seminar at the Skirball Center, September 15, 2012 TODD RUBINSTEIN

AAII Los Angeles Chapter Saturday Meeting Investment Seminar at the Skirball Center, September 15, 2012 TODD RUBINSTEIN AAII Los Angeles Chapter Saturday Meeting Investment Seminar at the Skirball Center, September 15, 2012 TODD RUBINSTEIN S ENIOR PARTNER Rubinstein Group at TOLD Partners 818-601-7200 ToddR@told.com ToddR@realtor.com

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Winning with Foreclosures

Winning with Foreclosures Buying Bank-Owned Foreclosures (REO) and Short Sales Courtesy of Name: Phone: Email: Diane Van Slyke 209.681.4275 ib4u@kw.com Terms you should know: 1. Distressed Property: This term refers to all pre-foreclosure

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DANNY ROTH. Copyright Top Agent Magazine

DANNY ROTH. Copyright Top Agent Magazine DANNY ROTH DANNY ROTH Danny Roth is much more than a REALTOR. He s an innovator, a consultant, a creative strategist, a pub lished author, a mentor, an educator and an advocate for everyone involved in

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CHISHOLM TRAIL RANCH SUMMER 2018 POWER CENTER OPENING EDGE Berkshire Lane, Suite 700 Dallas, Texas T edge-re.


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3. Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Attn: Gail Farber, Director of Public Works 900 South Fremont Avenue Alhambra, CA

3. Los Angeles County Department of Public Works Attn: Gail Farber, Director of Public Works 900 South Fremont Avenue Alhambra, CA ACCELERATED REVIEW PROCESS - B Office of the City Engineer Los Angeles, California To the Honorable Council Of the City of Los Angeles Honorable Members: JUN 2 0 2014 C. D. No. 11 SUBJECT: Quitclaim of

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English as a Second Language Podcast ESL Podcast 294 Living in a Condo or Co-op

English as a Second Language Podcast   ESL Podcast 294 Living in a Condo or Co-op GLOSSARY exasperated frustrated; tired of something; angry that something continues to happen over time; very annoyed * The caller became exasperated when we told her that there was nothing we could do

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HOUSE + 3 BUNGALOWS! RESIDENTIAL INCOME PROPERTY- PROBATE SALE HOUSE + 3 BUNALOWS! ATWATER VILLAE ADJACENT BUT LOCATED IN CITY OF LENDALE, currently a non-rent-controlled property. 1815-1821 Princeton Street, lendale, CA 91204

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REQUEST FOR COUNCIL ACTION REQUE FOR COUNCIL ACTION Date:February, 0 Item No.:.a Department Approval City Manager Approval Item Description: Approve Resolution Approving the Vacation of an Easement for Oakwood Heights Holdings Minor

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Midtown. 3 UNIT Community TH ST REET SACRAMENTO, CA KELLY RIVETT t Senior Managing Director RE LIC #

Midtown. 3 UNIT Community TH ST REET SACRAMENTO, CA KELLY RIVETT t Senior Managing Director RE LIC # Midtown 3 UNIT Community 1 9 1 7 28TH ST REET SACRAMENTO, CA 95 8 16 KELLY RIVETT t 916.569.2385 Senior Managing Director RE LIC #01249433 01 OFFERING SUMMARY Newmark Knight Frank, as the exclusive advisor,

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Remodeled, Sleeps 8, Close to Town - Tyra Summit A2E by SkyRun

Remodeled, Sleeps 8, Close to Town - Tyra Summit A2E by SkyRun Remodeled, Sleeps 8, Close to Town - Tyra Summit A2E by SkyRun Summary 2 BR 2 Bath Condo - sleeps up to 7 Description Tyra Summit A2E - a SkyRun Breckenridge Property - Ski-In / Ski-Out - Pool & Hot Tub

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1761 NW LOOP 281 LONGVIEW, TX 75604


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City of Westbrook. Township of Westbrook JOINT RESOLUTION NO

City of Westbrook. Township of Westbrook JOINT RESOLUTION NO City of Westbrook Township of Westbrook JONT RESOLUTON NO. 2-218 This JONT RESOLUTON ofthe City of Westbrook and the Township of Westbrook pertains to the Orderly Annexation of unincorporated land for

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CITY OF LOGAN, UTAH ANNEXATION CERTIFICATION CITY OF LOGAN, UTAH ANNEXATION CERTIFICATION TO: RE: Logan Municipal Council Thomas & Megan Maples, property contiguous to Logan City located at 973 West 22 South, College Ward, Utah 84321-6362 and is

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Huge 2 Bedroom Condo with Private Hot Tub - Quick Walk to the Slopes!

Huge 2 Bedroom Condo with Private Hot Tub - Quick Walk to the Slopes! Huge 2 Bedroom Condo with Private Hot Tub - Quick Walk to the Slopes! Summary 2 BR 2 Bath Condo - sleeps up to 9 Description 221 Cinnamon Ridge I - a SkyRun Keystone Property -- Walking distance to Mountain

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38 UNIT TURN-KEY INVESTMENT! R I V E R O A K S A P A R T M E N T S 38 UNIT TURN-KEY INVESTMENT! $2,100,000 38 UNITS 2 1 0 W R I V E R S I D E D R I V E C A R L S B A D, N M 8 8 2 2 0 Situated on the shores of the beautiful Pecos River

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For Lease. Retail, Office, Warehouse CONVENIENTLY LOCATED NEAR I-25 NORTH. Lease Rate $ $8.55/SF Modified Gross. Available

For Lease. Retail, Office, Warehouse CONVENIENTLY LOCATED NEAR I-25 NORTH. Lease Rate $ $8.55/SF Modified Gross. Available SWC Osuna Rd & Academy Parkway NE For Lease Academy Parkway 5 7 6 Lease Rate $780 - $855/SF Modified Gross Available Suite 203: Suite 316: Suite 404: ±2,200 SF Osuna Rd 1 2 3 4 Suite 630 Suite 611: ±3,000

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Montgomery Community College. Bid No , Part A. GERMANTOWN CAMPUS BIOSCIENCE EDUCATION CENTER, Phase 2 - Building Construction

Montgomery Community College. Bid No , Part A. GERMANTOWN CAMPUS BIOSCIENCE EDUCATION CENTER, Phase 2 - Building Construction -...;, V i NI 1,(01.-,-,--iP.C- 1-.\. t;_:,17r.1 i e.) P. YN -.-- e::-:/ -. F_ rse1i7r-4 ) t7p1 e4 e'tntir\l-r.)ta-1_ pvt-0/-67. /1-. & NI ZsiC,C7'r'S i'--1 (7-2_1001 4 it? 13..-- -7z,,,0 o 0 1,--1 6i

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Summer marketing slogans apartments for rent

Summer marketing slogans apartments for rent Summer marketing slogans apartments for rent Start summer off in your new apartment home. 63 Catchy Apartment Marketing Slogans That You. Also would like to see some description of ads for apt rental in.

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RECOMMENDATION That City Council approves recommendations on the attached Board Memorandum.

RECOMMENDATION That City Council approves recommendations on the attached Board Memorandum. CRAtLA BUILDING COMMUNITIES 1200 West 7th Street I Suite 500 Los Angeles I Cali fornia 90017-2381 _j ' >J nt Agency nf the CITY OF LOS ANGE LES DATE I DEe t" 6 2010 I.: "" ul I 1 l 1 0 l I F 213 977 1665

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Lbi Oceanfront. Beautiful! Views Galore. Dine Overlooking the Dunes.

Lbi Oceanfront. Beautiful! Views Galore. Dine Overlooking the Dunes. Lbi Oceanfront. Beautiful! Views Galore. Dine Overlooking the Dunes. Summary Long Beach Island Oceanfront. Stunning ocean views with four levels of decks (2100 sqft) including a roof deck Description 5

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Luxurious Villa in Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece

Luxurious Villa in Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece Luxurious Villa in Imerovigli, Santorini, Greece Our personal review - visited in 2010 The famous image of Santorini that most people have in mind, the multicoloured houses partially built on top of each

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Luxury 5BR-4BA Oceanfront Condo With Spectacular Views, Jacuzzi, 3 Pools

Luxury 5BR-4BA Oceanfront Condo With Spectacular Views, Jacuzzi, 3 Pools Luxury 5BR-4BA Oceanfront Condo With Spectacular Views, Jacuzzi, 3 Pools Summary Direct Oceanfront Condo, 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Sleeps 14 Description Direct ocean front corner/end condo on South Ocean

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2008 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level

2008 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level www.agmanager.info 2008 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level August 2008 (available at www.agmanager.info) Revised October 2011 Kevin Dhuyvetter, K-State Ag Economics, (785) 532-3527,

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Direct Oceanfront - North Myrtle Beach - Great Location!

Direct Oceanfront - North Myrtle Beach - Great Location! Direct Oceanfront - North Myrtle Beach - Great Location! Summary Directly on the ocean, steps from the beach! WaterPointe II - located in the desirable Windy Hill section of North Myrtle Beach. Rent directly

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A landlord s essential guide to letting

A landlord s essential guide to letting A landlord s essential guide to letting Who we are To those of you we have not yet met, nice to meet you. We re Julie Twist Properties and we d like to start as we mean to go on by being up-front, honest

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We look forward to working with you! Sincerely, Richard Grimes President & CEO, RealtySouth

We look forward to working with you! Sincerely, Richard Grimes President & CEO, RealtySouth list tosell Thank you for taking time to meet with our RealtySouth agent and for reviewing this listing presentation designed to introduce you to the expertise of RealtySouth. The power of RealtySouth

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Near DFW Airport & HWY 114

Near DFW Airport & HWY 114 FOR LEASE 1900 Westridge Drive IRVING TEXAS 75038 1,000-10,000 SF available Near DFW Airport & HWY 114 Easily accessible from SH 161 (President George Bush Turnpike) and SH 114 Colliers International 1717

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AWARD WINNING COAST AND COUNTRY PARKS AWARD WINNING COAST AND COUNTRY PARKS David Bellamy Award For Conservation 4 star Enjoy England Award 2 www.surfbayholidays.co.uk Beachside Holiday Park Merley Road Westward Ho! Bideford Devon EX39 1JX

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Ground Floor Plan A m (76'-9")

Ground Floor Plan A m (76'-9) Ground Floor Plan 1:100 @ A3 23.4 m (76'-9") 7 Brewery Square D1 1HX A1 Retail Unit No.7 ARA ft² m² Gross Internal Net Internal 6.4 m (21') Shop Front 6.11 m (20'-1") I..Z.A. Demise Brewery Square Context:

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Fees & Charges Document Lodgement

Fees & Charges Document Lodgement Land Services Fees & Charges Document Lodgement 2015-2016 Agreements AG, RH, RA, B3 person on all titles Application for substitute CT/CL Bankruptcy Applications SC, B3 One registration fee irrespective

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RESOLUTION NO. PZ Series of 2018


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Contents. What type of property can I look at? Welcome to Co-Ownership. Important things to remember. What s a shared ownership plan?

Contents. What type of property can I look at? Welcome to Co-Ownership. Important things to remember. What s a shared ownership plan? Co- Own Contents 7 8 11 12 14 15 Welcome to Co-Ownership What s a shared ownership plan? Why choose Co-Own? Weighing up your options How do I get started? Step by step 16 17 19 20 22 26 What type of property

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Bella Luna Gorgeous 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Condo - New Owners!!

Bella Luna Gorgeous 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Condo - New Owners!! Bella Luna 202 - Gorgeous 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Condo - New Owners!! Summary 3 Bedroom 3 Bath Luxury Condo Description The Bella Luna is one of the finest places to stay in Orange Beach! This complex is not

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Biltmore on Lone Star in Alamo Ranch

Biltmore on Lone Star in Alamo Ranch NEW BUILDINGS FOR SALE OR LEASE OWN FOR LESS THAN THE COST OF LEASING! BUILDING 1 SOLD BUILDING 2 HAS ONLY 3 SUITES LEFT Biltmore on Lone Star in Alamo Ranch Medical and Professional Office Suites for

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Flip Flop Spot Paradise! Beautifully Decorated 3BR2BA High Speed Internet

Flip Flop Spot Paradise! Beautifully Decorated 3BR2BA High Speed Internet Flip Flop Spot Paradise! Beautifully Decorated 3BR2BA High Speed Internet Summary Our condo has 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom With Ocean View. Located on west beach in Gulf Shores away from the crowded beaches

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2005 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level

2005 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level www.agmanager.info 2005 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level September 2005 (available at www.agmanager.info) Revised October 2011 Kevin Dhuyvetter, K-State Ag Economics, (785) 532-3527,

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2004 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level

2004 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level www.agmanager.info 2004 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level November 2004 (available at www.agmanager.info) Revised October 2011 Kevin Dhuyvetter, K-State Ag Economics, (785) 532-3527,

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[Type text] Location: Agia Sofia, Mykonos. Accommodation: Guests : 31 Bedrooms : 15 Bathrooms : 15. Distances:

[Type text] Location: Agia Sofia, Mykonos. Accommodation: Guests : 31 Bedrooms : 15 Bathrooms : 15. Distances: Agia Sofia, Mykonos [Type text] Location: Agia Sofia, Mykonos Mykonos Accommodation: Guests : 31 Bedrooms : 15 Bathrooms : 15 Distances: To Mykonos town : 4.0 km (2.5 miles) To Ornos beach : 3.7 km (2.3

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Perth. Designed for living, built for life

Perth. Designed for living, built for life Perth Designed for living, built for life N E S t Taymount House n ou ym Ta e ac r r Te A fully restored C-listed Georgian building comprising of 29 exclusive apartments situated close to Perth s hub yet

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ALL SENIORS CARE 175 BLOOR ST. E. SOUTH TOWER,STE.601 TORONTO, ONTARIO Dundas St. W. Oakville, Ontario, Canada, L6M 4H6 CLIENT 75 BLOOR ST. E. SOUTH TOWER,STE.60 S ZBA SUBMISSION /NOV/07 Toronto ON M4V Y7 Canada 35 Dundas St. W., Oakville 35 Dundas St. W. 063 - NOV - 07 COVER PAGE / STATISTICS A000 75 BLOOR ST. E. SOUTH TOWER,STE.60

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Glenford Grove. Glenford Road, Newtownards. An Exclusive Development of Stunning Detached & Semi-Detached Turnkey Homes

Glenford Grove. Glenford Road, Newtownards. An Exclusive Development of Stunning Detached & Semi-Detached Turnkey Homes Glenford, Newtownards An Exclusive Development of unning Detached & Semi-Detached Turnkey Homes Your dream kitchen at This is a computer generated illustration of the actual Kitchen / Dining / Living

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O Reilly Auto Parts & Dollar General Two Free Standing Buildings 390 New Hartford Rd Barkhamsted, CT

O Reilly Auto Parts & Dollar General Two Free Standing Buildings 390 New Hartford Rd Barkhamsted, CT Actual Property O Reilly Auto Parts & Dollar General Two Free Standing Buildings 390 New Hartford Rd Barkhamsted, CT Not Subject Property Phone: 212.972.3947 Fax: 212.686.0078 dan@exp1031.com www.exp1031.com

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Obama On Real Estate.

Obama On Real Estate. Page 1 of 9 If you don't see images, click here to view Story Ideas. Events To ensure delivery, please add newsletter@bisnow.com to your address book, learn how Obama On Real Estate February 13, 2013 While

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246 MCDARIS LOOP Serene, Forested Mountain Home Wolf Laurel

246 MCDARIS LOOP Serene, Forested Mountain Home Wolf Laurel W W W. M Y M O S A I C R E A L T Y. C O M 60 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801 tel : 828.707.9556 246 MCDARIS LOOP Serene, Forested Mountain Home Wolf Laurel 3 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms 3,197 SF 1,000+

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Maes Y Llewod. Bancyfelin, Carmarthenshire

Maes Y Llewod. Bancyfelin, Carmarthenshire Maes Y Llewod Bancyfelin, Carmarthenshire Enzos Homes. Making dream homes affordable. Rural charm, urban convenience. We believe dream homes deserve dream locations. Based in beautiful Carmarthenshire,

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Wally Kleucker. Earth Teach Me Stillness

Wally Kleucker. Earth Teach Me Stillness MC Wally Kleucker Earth each Me tillness for chorus () and iano rice: 75 cents Catalog MC4021 kleucker5@aol.com htt://musicisdivine.triod.com Musica Chromaticaress 7000 Windyrush Rd. Charlotte, NC 28226

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Family History Journals of Nancy Allen Nicholas February 1888

Family History Journals of Nancy Allen Nicholas February 1888 Family History Journals of Nancy Allen Nicholas 1888 February 1888 February 1, 1888 Mary Ann went and took all of her children the first time since they have been out since they was sick. They have gone

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Volume II Edition I Why This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Investors

Volume II Edition I Why This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Investors www.arizonaforcanadians.com Volume II Edition I Why This is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity for Investors In This Edition How to make great investment returns in a soft market U.S. Financing for Canadians

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P.O. Box 1749 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3A5 Canada Item No Halifax Regional Council June 20, 2017

P.O. Box 1749 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3A5 Canada Item No Halifax Regional Council June 20, 2017 P.O. Box 1749 Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3A5 Canada Item No. 11.2 Halifax Regional Council June 2, 217 TO: Mayor Savage and Members of Halifax Regional Council SUBMITTED BY: Jacques Dubé, Chief Administrative

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ATMACK Licensed Real Estate Brokerage in NY, CT, GA, MA, PA, WV

ATMACK Licensed Real Estate Brokerage in NY, CT, GA, MA, PA, WV 855-859 Crane St. Schenectady, NY 12303 Mixed Use, 6-Unit For Sale DESCRIPTON SUMMARY 6 Units: Gross Floor Area: Basement footage: Lot footage: Total Size: Stories: Parcel ID: Vacancy Rate: Year Built:

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Get the latest version of Melody here: https://www.patreon.com/mrdotsgames

Get the latest version of Melody here: https://www.patreon.com/mrdotsgames Melody v0.0.3 Full Walkthrough The walkthrough has been created to give you the best possible chance of winning Melody over. During the game, you ll meet different characters and your decisions will affect

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TOWN OF FARMINGTON ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS MEETING MINUTES TOWN OF FARMINGTON ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS MEETING MINUTES APPROVED MINUTES The following minutes are a written summary of the main points that were made and the actions taken at the Town of Farmington

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