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1 2013 Profiles Membership Guide of the Ontario Association of Architects Inside: Architects Shaping Cities: Urban Design Issues


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5 Ontario Association of Architects THE ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS is a self-regulating organization governed by the Architects Act, which is a statute of the Government of Ontario. The Association is dedicated to promoting and increasing the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members, and administering the Architects Act, in order that the public interest may be served and protected. Membership includes 3,050 licensed architects, 1,280 intern architects, and 720 associates (honorary, life, retired, and student associates). There are 1,475 architectural practices in Ontario (October 2012). Ontario architects are highly trained professionals bound by regulations made under the Architects Act. To be licensed as an architect, an individual must meet the education requirement, gain a minimum of two years practical experience, pass extensive examinations, and attend the OAA Admission Course. Following licensure all architects must participate in the OAA Continuing Education Program. Only individuals licensed by the OAA may legally use the title Architect. In Ontario, the Architects Act sets out the types and sizes of buildings which must be designed by an architect. All architects offering and/or providing services to the public have a Certificate of Practice issued by the OAA and carry professional liability insurance. Ontario Association of Architects 111 Moatfield Drive Toronto, Ontario M3B 3L6 Tel: (416) Fax: (416) WIDECK Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems EPIC Metals structural roof and floor deck ceiling systems are designed to maximize architectural possibilities and creative potential. Long span capabilities of feet are intended to define a building s envelope with unique appearance options and a high degree of interior acoustical control. Mercedes-Benz Dealership, Burlington, Ontario Wideck WPA Toll-Free Tel PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 5

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7 PROFILES TABLE OF CONTENTS Architects Shaping Cities: Urban Issues How to Use the Membership Guide PLEASE CHECK THE TABLE OF CONTENTS for the location of the information you require. Practices are listed under their legal business names alphabetically, e.g. The Architects Studio will be listed under T for The. William Smith Architect will be listed under W for William. If you are seeking a specific architectural practice, first check the alphabetical listing to find the practice s location (city/town). This is important as a practice located in Nepean will be listed under Nepean, not Ottawa. The former cities of Metropolitan Toronto are all listed under Toronto; Scarborough for example, will be listed under Toronto, not Scarborough. Some architectural practices have included a profile of their experience and design philosophy. These descriptions are provided by the practice. Although the Ontario Association of Architects can assume no responsibility for the accuracy of these statements, architects are bound by principles of professional conduct which stipulate that they not misrepresent themselves or their practice with regard to qualifications, experience or capabilities. All practices listed are Holders of a Certificate of Practice and have met the requirements as established by the Architects Act and Regulations. Only holders of a Certificate of Practice may offer architectural services to the public. For the most up-to-date information Profiles is published as a convenient reference for the public and the members, and is current as of September 21, For up-to-date information about architects, associates and architectural practices, visit and go to the Discover an Architect tab. This online database is an up-to-date listing of practices and members. Cover Photo: RENDERING BY PLANT Architect Inc. Membership Guide of the Ontario Association of Architects HOW TO USE THE MEMBERSHIP GUIDE WELCOME & THEME ARCHITECTS SHAPING CITIES: URBAN ISSUES THE PARKWAY OF LEAST RESISTANCE: AN ARCHITECT S ROLE IN RE-VISIONING THE DON RIVER VALLEY AS TRANSPORTATION CORRIDOR IN 2040 By Roberto Chiotti Urban Issues: Transportation NOW IS THE TIME TO DEVELOP BANK STREET IN THE GLEBE By Chris Leggett Urban Issues: Main Streets A FLÂNEUR S DAY TORONTO VS. ROTTERDAM By Nubras Samayeen Urban issues: around the world/at home and abroad URBAN DESIGN AND DESIGN REVIEW IN ONTARIO S MUNICIPAL PLANNING By Alex Taranu Urban Issues: Planning RETHINKING A MASTERPIECE (TORONTO CITY HALL) By PLANT Architect Inc. Urban Issues: Public Projects, Public Space ON DOING CITIES By Mahesh Butani Urban issues: the future WHY YOU SHOULD USE AN ARCHITECT FOR YOUR PROJECT SELECTING AN ARCHITECT AND HOW THE OAA CAN HELP TIPS ON HOW TO USE RAIC S GUIDE TO DETERMINING FEES FOR ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES OAA SERVICES TO THE PUBLIC Membership Listings ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN 43 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES ALPHABETICALLY 78 ARCHITECTS (MEMBERS) 86 LICENSED TECHNOLOGISTS 0AA 98 INTERN ARCHITECTS 98 STUDENTS 105 RETIRED MEMBERS 106 LIFE MEMBERS 107 HONORARY MEMBERS 108 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS 109 Profiles is the official annual directory of the Ontario Association of Architects. The OAA is an open and responsive professional association of members which regulates, supports, represents and promotes the practice and appreciation of architecture in the interest of all Ontarians. The Association was founded in 1889 and its primary role is to serve and protect the public interest through administration of the Architects Act, and through leadership of the profession in Ontario. ADVERTISING ENQUIRIES: Alana Place Tel: (800) ADMINISTRATOR, WEBSITE AND COMMUNICATIONS: Tamara King PUBLISHED BY Naylor (Canada), Inc Ness Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3J 3X1 Tel: (800) Fax: (204) Web site: PUBLISHER Robert Phillips NAYLOR EDITOR Andrea Németh PROJECT MANAGER Alana Place BOOK LEADER Robyn Mourant SALES REPRESENTATIVES Amanda Rowluk, Anook Commandeur, Bill Biber, Brenda Ezinicki, Candace Bremner, Cheryll Oland, David S. Evans, Lana Taylor, Michelle Dalrymple, Tracy Goltsman RESEARCH Kent Agramonte LAYOUT AND DESIGN Susan Redfern PUBLISHED DECEMBER 2012/OAA-D0013/ Naylor (Canada), Inc. PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 7

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9 Welcome to the OAA s Directory of Practices and Members THE PROFILES DIRECTORY IS THE OAA s vehicle for Ontario s architects to introduce issues that are currently affecting the industry and profession today and to provide important and helpful information to their clients and potential clients. GOING GREEN The OAA s Communications Committee reviews the environmental impacts of this print vehicle. While we acknowledge that print may not be the most green solution, we have worked with Naylor (Canada), Inc. to ensure the paper, post-consumer waste, inks and printing processes are reflective of both of our commitments to the environment. We request that you retain this edition for reference and/or forward it to someone else who will find it useful. When its function has been exhausted, please recycle. Thank you. ARCHITECTS SHAPING CITIES: URBAN DESIGN ISSUES This year s issue is all about Ontario architects who are shaping urban environments. The topic was chosen to highlight the skill of Ontario architects and to increase awareness of their active role in this area of expertise. Urban design issues are an ongoing topic for those who make the city home, work in the city, and/or visit urban centres. How the city works, how people move within its boundaries, the amenities, culture and neighbourhoods it offers, are all elements that make a city unique. A city impacts its users mentally, physically and emotionally; the accumulation of the range of experience creates a lasting impression, ultimately making a city memorable. While addressing the broad issue of urban design, we invited submissions from our members on a diverse range of urban issues and topics, leaving it up to the authors to define contemporary urban issues. We hope the articles are thought-provoking and give the reader a glimpse into the architect s role, challenges, and solutions. Together, we hope this collection of articles illustrate architects involvement, commitment, successes, and impacts on urban environments and design. The role of Ontario s architects is expansive and goes far beyond the design of buildings. Urban design is a complex area of practice where architect as creative problem solver is tested and celebrated. We hope this glimpse inspires thoughts about how Ontario architects are influencing and creating communities, as well as creating the best built environments for work, play and living. Now, more than ever Ontario architects are the best choice to help society meet its goals. KOMANDOR GLASS & PANEL PARTITIONS & DOORS Proudly Canadian, serving the industrial, commercial & institutional construction industry since 1994 The Millwork Solutions Company JOHN D. LASSEL DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS 830 TRILLIUM DRIVE, KITCHENER, ON Horner Ave., Toronto t PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 9

10 Urban Issues: Transportation The Parkway of Least Resistance: An Architect s Role in Re-visioning the Don River Valley as Transportation Corridor in 2040 BY ROBERTO CHIOTTI, B.E.S., B.ARCH., MTS, OAA, MRAIC, LEED AP PRINCIPAL, LARKIN ARCHITECT LIMITED, AND GUEST FACULTY AT THE INSTITUTE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES AT GEORGE BROWN COLLEGE Architecture is the sole profession whose members are qualified to design and to provide advice, including technical and aesthetic judgement on the built environment. Architects provide services and solutions with technical competence and aesthetic sensitivity suitable to the physical, social, cultural, and economic environment, thereby inspiring the community and its citizens PROFILES A recent collaboration between George Brown College s Institute Without Boundaries (IWB) and the Evergreen Brickworks has resulted in the launching of the MOVE Transportation Expo at the Brickworks facility located in the heart of Toronto s Don Valley. The purpose of the exhibition is to demonstrate the history and current status of transportation within the GTA as well as to propose integrated design solutions for addressing our future transportation needs. Based upon the quantity of media coverage, this topic appears to be of significant importance to the politicians, pundits, planners, and general populous of Toronto. Our team was responsible for re-envisioning the city s waterfront and Don Valley as transportation corridors for the year 2040 and beyond. Although we were comprised of a number of related experts, including those from the planning, transportation, and public landscape design disciplines, an architect was chosen to assume the role of lead designer. The organizers of the exhibition knew of my commitment to the IWB and to sustainable design solutions. What they did not know is that the waterfront and in particular, the Don River and its Black Creek tributary have played a primary role in my formation as a citizen of Toronto and as an architect. The valley was my back-yard and playground growing up as a child. It was the place where I sought refuge when teenage angst seemed too overwhelming to manage. I ve explored it on foot, by bicycle, and driven its full extent by motor vehicle thousands of times. My architecture thesis sought to re-unite Toronto with its waterfront, integrating the ravine and PATH typologies as a major way of achieving this goal. I have always resided within a stone s throw of its edge and its constant influence over those many years remains deeply embedded within my DNA. My experience is not isolated. Indeed the waterfront and the ravines of Toronto have had a profound influence on the way the city has developed and on the lives of its inhabitants. For the most part, the valleys have been exploited as a resource for our extractive economies and a dumping ground for the by-products of those industrial processes and our pervasive human presence. By the end of the 1960s, the waterfront and Don Valley had been significantly altered to conform to an urban transportation network that was conceived to privilege vehicular traffic as a way of ensuring ease of access in to and out of the city for goods and people. The negative consequences of these planning initiatives are only now being fully understood and integrated into our collective consciousness. Originally designed for a peak capacity of 60,000 vehicles, the Don Valley Parkway (DVP) is now stretched beyond its limits as it attempts to accommodate over 100,000 vehicles daily. Pollution, gridlock, and loss of productivity are the norm. With architects playing a defining role, Toronto s bold plan for revitalizing its waterfront seeks ways to re-dress some of the mistakes of our past by integrating built infrastructure while actually re-vitalizing natural infrastructure. The Parkway of Least Resistance (also known as PoLR) continues this strategy by challenging current views and uses of the Don River Valley and acknowledging the valley system as a necessary natural asset within the urban context of Toronto for the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of its inhabitants. From the outset, the team understood that to re-privilege the natural meant implementing a bold strategy to eliminate cars and trucks from the DVP.

11 Image courtesy of the Parkway of Least Resistance as created by Karen Mays Eliminating the DVP as we know it became the instigation for four dramatic proposals : 1. Configuring new corridors to move goods and people by re-directing car and truck traffic to currently under-utilized adjacent routes such as Victoria Park Avenue, Bayview Avenue, and Don Mills Road. Re-configuring two lanes of the current DVP roadway to accommodate a guided bus-way that will enable non fossil-fueled rapid transit vehicles to travel at speeds of up to 100 km per hour while in the valley and then continue their journey on traditional streets at either end. Transportation hubs will also be provided at either end for commuters and the provision of several stops within the valley will improve access to the many existing and future social and natural amenities. The GO train tracks will be doubled up to dramatically increase capacity of commuters from farther afield and avoid scheduling conflicts with freight trains. 2. Demarcating open recreational space in the Don Valley for Toronto s expanding population. With increasing energy costs, many Torontonians will not be able to escape city limits in private vehicles to access current popular natural destinations such as cottage country or Algonquin Park. image courtesy of the Parkway of Least Resistance as created by Karen Mays 3. Remediating the river and associated ecosystem itself by planting the better part of the remaining four lanes of roadway to create a linear park similar to the Hi-Line in New York City. Furthermore, additional native species will be re-introduced into the valley itself, and the system of estuaries and detention ponds to deal with run-off and flooding will be enhanced and expanded. Image courtesy of the Parkway of Least Resistance as created by Karen Mays PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 11

12 4. Strengthening public connection to the natural environment by reinforcing existing entry points to the valley and establishing new areas of accessibility and connectivity to surrounding neighbourhoods. As the urban built environment necessarily intensifies over the next several decades, it will become even more critical to our health and well-being to create a mutually enhancing relationship between the human community and the surrounding natural world. Image courtesy of the Parkway of Least Resistance as created by Karen Mays Natural elements, like water, always take the path of least resistance. This reality means that a moving object will follow whichever route has the least friction and the fewest barriers. We believe that our Master Plan articulates the simplest way for people, goods, and natural elements such as water and wildlife to flow through the Don Valley. When compared to other invasive solutions such as double decking the roadway, or introducing a subway line beneath that will ultimately only make the situation worse, the Parkway of Least Resistance delivers a significantly more cost-effective alternative that succeeds in privileging the valley ecosystem over the car while reducing human commute times, increasing commuting capacity, and improving the quality of air, water, and habitat for all. We encourage you to visit the MOVE Exhibition at the Brickworks and visit our website Perhaps as architects, it is time for us to acknowledge and celebrate our unique ability to provide the broader contextual vision and the necessary leadership and design skills to solve larger urban issues, thereby expanding the ways in which we can enter the dialogue necessary to ensure a truly sustainable future for all. Roberto Chiotti is principal at Larkin Architect Limited and guest faculty at the Institute Without Boundaries at George Brown College. 1 The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, A Guide to Determining Appropriate Fees for the Services of an Architect, 2009, p.4 Carpenters and Architects, building a better society - together! Carpenters Local Rowntree Dairy Road Vaughan ON L4L 9T2 t: f: 12 PROFILES

13 Bank Street is Ottawa s main street and stretches from the Parliament buildings to the Rideau Canal and beyond to the suburbs. Between downtown and the Rideau Canal, the trendy Glebe neighborhood has recently undergone a sewer, water, infrastructure rebuild. This stretch of Bank is similar to many North American city main streets. A proliferation of one and two-storey low flat roofs, some stuck to the front of old gabled buildings, add to a frontier town western movie set feel. Lone buildings in the middle of large parking lots create dead spaces that also dampen the pedestrian experience. Although the street re-build went fairly smoothly, it is clear from the number of papered up windows that businesses have suffered. In addition to this latest hit, the Glebe is now confronted with the same conditions that killed many North American city cores in the 60s and 70s: a large shopping centre, the Lansdowne Redevelopment project is going in, just outside of our core. The fresh coat of asphalt down, clean sidewalks and new street lights are great but it now becomes apparent that the rest of our streetscape is lacking. Most commercial retailers know that Bank Street in the Glebe demands some of the highest rents of any main street location in the city. This makes it difficult to attract and keep new tenants. Business model and financing have to be Urban Issues: Main Streets Now s the Time to Redevelop Bank Street in the Glebe very strong to survive the first few tenuous years in a new location, and many do not. Due to the high cost of existing property, tearing down existing to make way for new does not add up. In order to secure the future viability of Bank Street, I believe a strategy must be developed for carefully increasing the population density of Bank Street. There has been a lot of discussion regarding infill development in the downtown core. Many people have expressed concern, rightfully so, regarding the insensitive over-building of their neighborhood streets. What I am referring to here is the Bank Street block only. More people living on or close to Bank Street will increase commercial viability, enhance livability, improve the streetscape, heighten the sense of neighborhood, community and security. I believe the way to the future is through enlightened planning regulations: regulations that allow for creative solutions rather than rely on preset zoning by-laws which are usually outdated by the time they are implemented. There is a huge real estate opportunity in the Glebe, located right over our heads. I propose the development of strategies to encourage the building of three to six floors of mainly residential units above the existing structures. From an urban design point of view, a great streetscape relies on a number of elements. Visual elements include building facades, building heights, sidewalk widths, street furniture, street lighting, planting, sculpture, roadways, parking and open spaces. The vertical densification of Bank Street would go a long way to enhancing these factors. Interestingly, a key factor that experts agree on in creating a good urban streetscape is the height to width ratio. In order to give a sense of visual enclosure to the street, the buildings along the street should create the side walls of an outdoor room. A study by BY CHRIS LEGGETT, OAA, MRAIC Reid Erwing states what we all intuitively know: People like rooms; they relate to them daily in their homes and work places and feel comfortable and secure in them With regards to visual enclosure, he states: Visual enclosure of streetscapes occurs when bordering buildings are tall enough in relation to street width to block most of a pedestrian s cone of vision.. The walls of the room are the vertical elements that bound and shape the street spaces, Experts generally agree that the height to width ratio on commercial streets should be about 1:1 or 1:2 as a minimum. In the world s great cities like London and Paris the height to width ratio is higher. In the Glebe, the street and sidewalks are approximately 60 feet wide. The majority of buildings along Bank Street in the Glebe are between one and two storeys or approximately 10 to 20 feet high. This puts the height to width ratio at 1:¼ and 1:½ no wonder it looks like a frontier town. In addition to the physical there are psychological factors that bear on our sense of comfort when walking down a street. The feel of a slightly crowded sidewalk adds to the vitality and interest of the walk. There is a heightened sense of security when the sidewalks are alive with people. More pedestrian crossings slow down cars, making the pedestrianvehicular relationship less stressed. Think of the Byward Market! Increasing the vertical population density of Bank Street in the Glebe would be a win-win solution. More people mean more commerce, more vitality, greater sense of community, slower traffic, enhanced security and, of course, a great streetscape. Chris Leggett is principal architect of the firm Christopher A. Leggett Architecture Inc., and has resided and practised architecture in the Glebe for over 30 years. PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 13

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15 Toronto, Canada, is one of the largest growing cities of the world. With its amalgamation of different parts in 1998, it has become one of the most expansive mega cities. With planners, architects and designers, well-equipped with policy, regulatory planning and physical tools, Toronto turned into what we see today: a cosmopolitan city layered by history with a trendy touch of contemporary architecture. There are various forces working on building it. But, as a one day flânuer walking through its streets, collecting and witnessing, Toronto revealed itself to me as a huge influence from today s architects. As Walter Benjamin described, the flâneur is the essential figure of the modern urban spectator, an amateur detective and investigator of the city. 1 However, this role of architects and power of architecture elicits an intangible connection and resemblance with the urban growthpattern of Rotterdam, an architectural museum city in Netherlands. The physical similarities are that both are waterfront cities, both recovered and yet carry their traumas and deep scars from the past. Amongst many wounds, one that affected most was its bombing in World War II and the other by its devastating fire in 1904 with the subsequent depression. The following paragraphs describes my observations looking at both, re-emerging and reviving cities with new architectural branding or other words urban-revival with catchy, trend setting architecture which exclusively lays in the hands of architects. That is to say, setting the urban design, planning and policy aside, it is simply the architects role through creative, trendy design in making imprints that works as Urban issues: at home and abroad A Flâneur s Day: Toronto vs. Rotterdam A Museum of Architecture Influence of Iconic Architectural Design Trend in Contemporary City Making a stylistic and metabolic growth catalyst for both the cities. These architecture pieces have multifarious impact on the city: firstly, they are stylistic trend setters and inspiration for future architecture developments. Secondly, they act as catalysts. Thirdly, the designs are non-traditional, exciting, human friendly, attractive and hold the spirit of our time, zeitgeist, than just any mundane solution and finally, perhaps these edifices have created vigourous, fresh and dynamic designs that has amplified our design expectations as well as expanded and opened up endless possibilities for newer architectural design guidelines. This paper selectively observed projects that are from last decade with contemporary tendencies and aspiration but there are many others projects scattered over different districts in the city. These architectural edifices have become a direction, attitude and incentive for our urban future. Rotterdam, as called the architecture capital of Netherlands, was heartbroken and torn with the bombings of World War II and decades of social engineering failed to put it back. After the war, old city centre turned into rubble by May The city had to start from tabula BY NUBRAS SAMAYEEN rasa, a fresh, new ground, an empty palate for architecture. The original plan of Rotterdam suggested segregation in the living and the working areas. By late 1960s, this policy had incited much public outcry and created a void in the urban centre. Henceforth, radical rethinking was necessitated. Immediacy of a new identity and renewed life worked as catalyst for new rebuilding plans with some startling signature, radical designs. The city faced the task of entirely rebuilding and reinventing itself. As Rotterdam was first resolving its housing policy and issue, a radical plan simply ignited the process. In one complex, the apartments are shaped like boxes standing in one corner on concrete supports that look like tree trunks. Each yellow tree house holds one self-contained flat, all joined by walkways and reached by stairs. The Landtong residential development project designed by Frits Van Dongen as well was place-making at that time. Even various avant-garde office buildings (image 1) designed by reputed architects also break the traditional norm of box office towers and helps in the image creation and iconic entity. Image 1: Rotterdam Architectural spectacle (from top left clockwise) - Luxor Museum on Maas River- A development on Kop Van Zuid, the Cube House, Office buildings in Central Business district, Unilever Food Farm office on historic buildings, The Shipping and transport College, Erasmus Bridge an icon of Rotterdam back-dropped by a Tower designed by Renzo Piano and Luxor theaters. Photo Courtesy: Humber/Content/Image_gallerie, PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 15

16 The Kop Van Zuid is one of the largest and recent urban developments in Rotterdam; with its Urban Revitalization project next to Maas river, where Rotterdam show cases its pride. Renzo Piano, MVRDV, Ben van Berkel, OMA and many other signature architects make their tread followed by many others. It is a realization now that we know why so many Dutch super-modernist architects came in time. The bridge connecting this new development with the older parts of Rotterdam in Erasmus was designed by Ben van Berkel, which now is an icon and gave the city its default. The bridge helped to create a fresh image of the once deceived city. With its swan like form and access to pedestrian, cars and cyclists, the bridge is a new identity of Rotterdam. It is an endless cradle of inspiration for photographers, filmmakers, advertisers, and even poets, holistically the citizens of Rotterdam. Henceforth, the Kop Van Zuid is a spot these super-modern architects are holding an entity to place making and creating an incentive for more people and more developments to come. It also helped to propel the future growth and promise. Here, the urban design tool is architecture itself, simply the design to induce more development. Similarly, if we look at the pockets of developments of Toronto downtown we see a similar pattern in last 10 to 12 years. It is hard to hide and retain the new developments unnoticed. However, the iconic architectures in Toronto give a sense of p ride and boost the encouragement of change for new generation architects. Architecture of particular buildings, small in gesture, has immense possibilities in changing the urban-scape and holistic urban design. Many of these buildings are investments in making a livelier city. The reintegration of such buildings into the city is an essential contribution to the city s beauty and building collective memory. Allen Lambert Galleria (see below image 2) is a fine example of architecture connecting the public and the private, designed by Santiago Calatrava. It is clutched in between two traditional office buildings and provides access to the public connecting two streets in its ends. It is essentially a very successful urban project which mostly and perhaps exclusively depends on the architectural design aspect. The fine inventive, skeletal structure gives a texture to the space, as it also successfully creates a frolic, indoor ambience for users of all ages, which otherwise would be unlikely to be successful with just any tedious design solution. In close proximity is the trio of museums the Gardiner, Royal Ontario (image 3) and Bata Shoe all three of which have become destinations and work as catalysts of design and cultural growth in the city. Especially the Royal Ontario Museum, as designed by globally known Daniel Libeskind, sits as a crystal in the midst of orthogonal buildings. Its extended forms, emulating shards, are not only sculptural but also create exciting urban spaces and a street front that cannot go unnoticed. As a direct impact of the building, the commercial and cultural urban growth have expedited along with these developments along Bloor s corridor. Not only cultural buildings but also academic and institutional building such as graduate housing by Morphosis, which is quite ground breaking in the housing trend. Set on the western brink of the University of Toronto campus, on the north-east corner of Spadina Avenue and Harbord Street, the residence opening in 2002 marks the main western entrance to the campus with a long extended, cantilevered piece acting as a gateway extending halfway over Harbord Street. This controversial approach (image 4) and its new architectural feature that overhauled the regulations set its mark in the city. Featuring a massive University of Toronto sign, the building also engages branding as a space making tool. This well fitted building makes it difficult to retrofit the spaces; it would be difficult to replace with any loosely designed structure. Image 3: The Royal Ontario Museum (top), an out of the box architecture designed by Daniel Libeskind makes an architectural statement and creates an influential impact in the surrounding, which otherwise would not have been successful with just another mundane design (bottom collage). Photo Courtesy: Nubras Samayeen Image 2: Allen Lambert Galleria, A winning Public Art project by Santiago Calatrava, where arcade is the Art Piece. Its skeletal structural rhythm creates a form and exciting space with light and shadow that makes it a frolic and excites pedestrians of all ages. Photo Courtesy: Nubras Samayeen 16 PROFILES

17 Just as Benjamin s flâneur walking in Toronto and Rotterdam, each feels like a gallery of architecture. The neighborhoods are not new, but actually from an older, historic generation, but what is taking over is the new one or two buildings in each distinct neighborhood. They silently speak and foster fresh, new growth. This is not stagnant or just acting as fulfilling spectator s thirst. These sporadic, non-contiguous pieces of architecture actually work as an icon of each district or prevailing community, providing stimulation for more urban growth towards a vibrant city. Without undermining long-term strategic planning, urban policies, economic planning but the designs of these eclectic architectural spectacles by default offers much credit and depend solely to the creative role of today s architects. Image 4: (top) A graduate housing project by Morphosis: the usual extended form acts as a gateway to University of Toronto Campus on the west side. (bottom) Wave Decks on Toronto Water front by West 8 & DTAH architects- Sculptural undulated waves carelessly creates active urban space Photo Courtesy: Nubras Samayeen 1 Walter Benjamin, Charles Baudelaire: A Lyric Poet in the Era of High Capitalism, Harry Zohn, trans. (London, 1983), p. 54 Nubras Samayeen (LEED AP, Associate AIA, APA), a graduate of University of Michigan Ann Arbor, is an architect licensed in Bangladesh, works as an urban designer, artist and educator, currently working as an assistant professor at Howard University, Washington, DC. The Natural Advantage of for the Ontario Architect Nordic Lam TM beams, headers, columns, tall wall studs, the NI-90x I-joist series, and our latest innovation, Nordic X-LAM cross-laminated timber panels feature our exclusive technology, a unique process that minimizes waste through fibre optimization. Nordic Lam TM is ideal for residential, commercial, industrial and architectural applications. Nordic is certified under internationally recognized standards and the Forest Stewardship Council. NORDIC LAM TM NORDIC JOIST TM NORDIC X-LAM NORDIC LVL RIM BOARD HEAD OFFICE MONTREAL, QC T F TORONTO, ON T F PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 17

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19 Urban Issues: Planning Urban Design and Design Review in Ontario s Municipal Planning BY ALEX TARANU, OAA, FCIP, RPP The last few years have brought significant changes in the urban planning process including increased attention to urban form, design, sustainability, public health, concerns for quality, scale, urban comfort, livability and increase importance of character and identity. Urban Design has emerged as one of the key methods and areas of practice - including for many architects. The purpose of this article is to present the architectural community an overview of urban design practice in municipal planning, highlighting some of the recent tools. The importance of urban design in the planning process and city building has been recognized in Ontario first in the large cities and more recently is spreading across the province. The practice of urban design in municipal context is regulated in Ontario by the Planning Act as well as by local planning policies. The Planning Act was updated in 2007 and included provisions for urban design as well as sustainability also enabling municipalities to setup their own policies and related process. The Act fundamentally made urban design legal in Ontario and provided support to a series of Ontario Municipal Board decisions strengthening the role urban design plays in planning and facilitating the urban design process. The following provides an overview of the policy framework and the main urban design tools currently in use: OFFICIAL PLANS Starting in the 1980s and 1990s, a number of policies dealing with urban design have been included in Official Plans, the fundamental municipal planning document, particularly in Toronto. Detailed policies for intensification, tall buildings, guidelines for mid and highrise development have been recently added with significant input from the architectural profession. Other Official Plans have followed along the same line and include urban design provisions dealing with urban form, character in a more graphic, easier to understand document Ottawa, Mississauga, Brampton, Kitchener, Markham, Waterloo, etc. URBAN DESIGN GUIDELINES One of the key forms of including urban design provisions in planning policies and process are urban design guidelines. In use for quite some time, first in Toronto and gradually adopted in other municipalities, urban design guidelines are in many instances appended to statutory planning documents such as Official plans, Secondary Plans, etc. They are in use on a City wide basis (by typology land use or building type) or for specific areas. City-wide guidelines are now in place in many cities across the province including Ottawa, Brampton, Kitchener, Waterloo, etc., being continuously expanded and updated to deal with the most current planning and design issues. URBAN DESIGN IN DEVELOPMENT PLANNING AND APPROVAL PROCESS: SECONDARY PLANS Secondary Plans are statutory documents dealing in general with extensive areas and at large scale in greenfield as well as infill situations. They could have general urban design provisions and policies and often have associated urban design or community design guidelines. TERTIARY PLANS One of the key stages of the planning process which is very important for urban designers and architects are the Tertiary Plans (also called Precinct Plans or Block Plans). These are more detailed plans, often at the neighbourhood/community scale and could be applicable to greenfield as well as infill situations. Although not a statutory stage described in the Planning Act, Tertiary Plans have been enabled thorough municipal Official Plans and are used intensively in particular across the GTA. They usually include extensive urban design provisions and can have associated detailed urban design or community design guidelines. In greenfield situations Tertiary Plans can coordinate a number of plans of subdivision, agreements, securities and other processes. URBAN DESIGN BRIEFS One of the new urban design tools in planning are Urban Design Briefs. Widely used abroad, they have been introduced in Ontario starting around 2005 in Brampton as mini-urban design guidelines attached to a rezoning and/ or Official Plan Amendment documenting. This tool is an agreement with the municipality and includes quality provisions to be followed in the Site Plan Approval process. Urban Design Briefs are a good opportunity for architects to deal with context, to describe the vision for a site, detail provisions for phasing and also to secure additional services. URBAN DESIGN REVIEW While urban design is now present in the entire planning system, the focus of the design review is the Site Plan approval stage as formally enabled in the Planning Act. The quality and outcome of the review depends very much on the policy and guidance as described above. An increasing number of municipalities are hiring staff with design training in architecture and landscape architecture to perform design review. A number had fully fledged urban design sections and some have on staff licensed architects. PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 19

20 In the last few years an additional design review tool has been adopted in Ontario - Design Review Panels. Gathering experienced local professionals from all design professions, urban design panels are providing advice to staff and Council, focus on major applications and issues related to context integration, massing, detailed design, character and scale. Started in Ottawa years ago and then implemented in Toronto, design review panels have been adopted in many municipalities including Mississauga, Vaughan, London, Markham, etc. Smaller municipalities may also rely on consultants for design review assistance. ARCHITECTURAL CONTROL In some municipalities, to complement the design review process, an architectural control process is being practiced for single-family residential development. This is another opportunity for architects to increase the quality of community design, of residential design, to diversify their services and get work in an area where too few architects practice. DEVELOPMENT PERMIT SYSTEM One of the new planning tools (in fact a potential new planning system) is the Development Permit System (DPS). Enabled in 2007 after years of studies, DPS has only been implemented in a handful of small municipalities but it is in use around the country for quite some time. The DPS combines a number of existing steps in the planning process (zoning, minor variance, site plan approval) and outlines a comprehensive and effective system that includes policies, guidance, regulation, standards. By moving the policy level upfront and also delegating subsequent approval authority to staff, DPS also reduces the lengthy appeals potential. From urban design perspective, DPS offers opportunities to include detailed design guidance in the process, to coordinate guidance with regulation, resulting in form-based provisions, well-illustrated and accessible documents. It allows the integration of planning, urban design and heritage and is well suited to infill, and smaller, more incremental, contextual areas of redevelopment. Of the major municipalities, Brampton recently approved a DPS for a small area and has plans to further expand it. It is expected that the system will continue to be increasingly used in the years to come, improved as experience is gained and eventually adopted more widely throughout the province. A number of other urban design tools such as demonstration plans, master plans, open space plans, Heritage Conservation District Plans etc., could also form the background of policies and development approvals and have significant provisions for urban design. CONCLUSIONS Some of the tools described have been in use in other provinces for some time e.g. design review in BC and Quebec, Development Permit Systems in BC and Alberta, etc. Although urban design tools are relatively new in Ontario s planning process it is expected that they will continue to evolve and become more important for city building. Considering urban design issues from the early stages of the building planning and concept, good knowledge of the planning process, local policies and regulations will facilitate the success of building design. Good understanding of urban design, a good grasp of planning requirements could also offer architects opportunities for additional services to clients. Planning policies and process have a significant impact on built form, the way buildings are planned, designed and built. It is important for architects to be knowledgeable and aware of urban design issues, to work with other citybuilding professions and to increasingly think as placemakers and urbanists. Alex Taranu is a manager of Urban Design and Special Projects for the City of Brampton. Illustration: Municipal planning and urban design process diagram (Credt: Alex Taranu) 20 PROFILES Tile & Stone Installation Systems Floor Covering Installation Systems MAPEI ( ) Concrete Restoration Systems Visit One of Canada s Largest Outdoor Displays Your one stop shop for pond and waterfall kits and accessories Office and yard: 25 Langstaff Rd. E., Thornhill, Yonge & Hwy Manufacturing plant: Keele St., Maple or Fax: A wide selection of natural stone and precast concrete products Flagstone Interlocking Cultured Stone Masonry products Retaining walls Aggregates Accessories Bulk/bag road salt

21 Urban Issues: Public Projects, Public Space Rethinking a Masterpiece BY PLANT ARCHITECT INC. Photograph by Steven Evans PLANT Architect Inc. Photograph by Steven Evans PLANT Architect Inc. Photograph by Steven Evans PLANT Architect Inc. Public space is the foundation of cultural place-making. It is a space of possibility a space that fosters and inspires experiences of politics, art, history, culture, ritual, performance, and gathering. It must be flexible, robust, tactile, grand, and complex, as well as intimate, intuitive, striking, innovative, and clear. Crafting of public space involves synthesizing these diverse qualities through a process that is serious and fun, subconscious and self-conscious. Illustrative of this urban design strategy is the award-winning revitalization of Nathan Phillips Square at Toronto City Hall, won by international competition in 2007 by the team of PLANT Architect and Perkins + Will Canada (in joint venture), Peter Schaudt Landscape Architect, and Adrian Blackwell Urban Projects. Since the spring of 2007, we have been bringing the redesign of this iconic, highprofile public space to fruition. Originally designed by Finnish architect Viljo Revell in 1958, this cultural icon was brilliantly conceived as a three-tier public space: Square, Walkway, and Podium. Although the bones of the site have held up well over the years, many of its vital areas have been closed to public access either due to security concerns, or because they have simply outgrown the capacity of their original design. A hodgepodge of furniture, bicycle racks, barricades, and other fixtures had amassed on the site after years without unified aesthetic governance, compromising the integrity of Revell s overall design and making it difficult to use by the public, or program for the kind of multiple uses expected in the City s main public square. To both repair and improve upon this integral public space, we directed the relocation, rebuilding, and redesign of key elements such as the Peace Garden and Skate Pavilion, as well as the design of new built and planted elements including a Podium Roof Garden, Restaurant, and Bike and Visitor Kiosk. The aim was to restore the Podium and Square to a condition in keeping with its cultural status, while also creating a more stimulating public space both formally and functionally. Balancing these distinctive impulses while working within the site s heritage designation became one of the central design challenges of the new AGORA/THEATRE scheme. As part of the team s initial approach, we examined the history of Toronto s civic Square and explored the roots of democratic space in Canadian culture. Inevitably, the team arrived at the public spaces of ancient Athens: Athens, from roughly 600 to 350 BC, located its democratic practices in two places in the city, the town square and the theatre. The Square stimulated citizens to step outside their own concerns and take note of the presence and needs of other people in the city. The architecture of the theatre helped citizens to focus their attention and concentrate when engaged in decision making. 1 The interpretation of Revell s original vision thus conceived Nathan Phillips Square as a twenty-first century agora and theatre, designed at the scale of a modern metropolis. The urban redesign built on these twin democratic typologies by opening up the Square, programming a porous perimeter with green rooms, activating the stoa as a threshold, and organizing the existing architecture to bridge these elements. At the core of our urban design methodology was the recognition of the site s original materiality and strength of form. To bring to the site a similar richness of material quality and typology, we used a palette of materials that distinguishes the surfaces of the new pieces from those of the original, either by being lighter or by echoing patterns and textures of the existing structures. In Revell s original vision for the Podium, a reflecting pool encircled the Council Chamber as a way of dramatizing the hovering, saucer-like structure. Sadly, waterproofing issues and poor usage led to the pool being filled shortly after its opening. Given the amount of wind, shade, and maintenance typical of this site, there was no desire on the part of the City to re-establish a pool. As part of the revitalized vision for the Podium Roof Garden, we invoked the memory of Revell s original design by re-conceiving the entire area between the Council Chamber and the towers as a large, newly invigorated courtyard. This new court is evocative of Revell s original reflecting pool with its paved black granite and contrasting white and grey pavers. With custom lighting and furniture, a future café that will occupy the prow, a long curved bench, and the new sparkling, PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 21

22 black-granite courtyard, this complementing and reconnecting the scheme s surrounding space now actively frames the Council Chamber an interpretation that remains in the spirit of Revell s original concept, with the planting in front of the Council Chamber reflecting down to the Square. Inspired by Paul Klee s Polyphony (1932), the Podium s vast urban garden features a complex mosaic of twenty-three sedum species inter-planted with forty-two species of grasses, alliums and bulbs the colours progressing from brighter yellows and oranges in the SW to reds and purples in the NE, each responding to shade and wind conditions created by the towers. Its form reinforces the robust forms of the Podium, towers, Chamber, and prow. With its large, broad brushstrokes of colour and its vivid palette of foliage, the garden functions like an enormous painting, allowing visitors to engage the landscape and third-level plaza in new and inspiring ways. This lush metropolitan haven is now a site for intimacy, lingering and strolling, large-scale art installations, and wedding chapel gatherings. PLANT Architect Inc. Rendering by PLANT Architect Inc. buildings and culture. This award-winning public project narrates the site s iconic architectural forms, prompting visitors to revisit and re-experience this modernist landmark as it continues to evolve and transform. Amidst the hustle and bustle of Toronto s vibrant city, Nathan Phillips Square must not be mute, but rather should exist as a catalytic moment whereby the elements of design and space intersect to create a striking, provoking, and challenging urban design ensemble. It is both performer and stage. Over the course of its revitalization, the site will continue to evolve into a rostrum upon which culturally minded locals and visitors may perform and engage. Torontonians are beginning to encounter their City Hall buildings for the first time, while visitors from around the world are discovering the strength, beauty, and exquisite detail of Nathan Phillips Square s distinctive modern form. PLANT Architect Inc. is an More importantly, it has become a place that encourages close readings of the towers fine architectural detail. The Podium Roof Garden is the first completed transformation in the AGORA/ THEATRE scheme. After remaining closed to the public for decades, this three-acre, upper-level component of Toronto City Hall is now host to the largest publicly accessible green roof garden in Canada, and it has been recognized as a leading example of the city s award-winning Green Roof By-Law. The redesign of the Square, its walkways, and Podium demonstrates how one may preserve the integrity of a heritage building without slavishly mimicking its form and detailing. Our team achieved this through the introduction of new forms that engage the original structure in civilized dialogue, extending both to detailing and to the maintenance of a balance between restoration and addition. Ultimately, however, the team brought to Toronto a revitalized energy, whilst award-winning, collaborative firm that branches into the domains of architecture, landscape, ecology, furniture, art and graphic design. Synthesizing their expertise in these disciplines, PLANT integrates architectural, sculptural, and landscape interventions to articulate new meanings, create visceral experiences, and form critical, interdisciplinary dialogues about place, memory, ecology, history, art, and culture. For more information about PLANT s practice, please visit Rendering by PLANT Architect Inc. 22 PROFILES Rendering by PLANT Architect Inc. 1 Richard Sennet, The Spaces of Democracy, University of Michigan, 1998

23 TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES. CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES. Pella Windows & Doors Ontario For more information about Pella Commercial capabilities please visit 2012 Pella Corporation Photo Costea Photography, Inc. An Endless Choice of Stone Selection of Lightweight Facing Stone or Full Depth Stone Facing the Future Telephone Toll Free Digital catalogues now available Naturally Preferred PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 23

24 2013 OAA Conference May 8-10, 2013 Re-Imagining the Business of Architecture Come and be part of it! Join us for the 2013 OAA Conference May 8 10, 2013 in Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre & Intercontinental Toronto Centre. Visit the OAA Web site at for more information. Be inspired by a new approach to the business of architecture. Gain insight into how you might apply new tools, and new processes, and a new way of thinking opening you up to the opportunities available today. The Conference will present a variety of ideas including: new business models for running a practice, specialization both as practices and as architects, and the power of education combinations (e.g. architecture/mba). In this forum, we will address how you can use your training as an architect, apply some innovative approaches and make an impact through government, through development, through project management, or through heritage; there are infinite paths to discover. 'Re-imagining the Business of Architecture' will get you thinking about the future and your ability to shape it. Sponsorship opportunities are available! Contact Alicia Kalozdi-MacMillan at TMCC-Moore Carlyle Consulting,

25 On Doing Cities BY MAHESH P. BUTANI INTERN ARCHITECT Drawing by Nikos A. Salingaros It is i mportant to reevaluate how cities grow in our times. Alexander R. Cuthbert s Requiem for an era of urban design, 1 show us where the field of urban design has been over the past 50 years. On Doing Cities poses thoughts for urban design in the 21 st century. THE CITY AS RHIZOME Contrary to Howard Kunstler s prognosis on urban futures that giant cities will contract and densify around their old centers and waterfronts, 2 quite the opposite is unfolding. Giant cities worldwide are mutating into hubs and subsuming smaller cities within their economic bandwidth as non-hierarchical nodes within a complex network of interdependent economies. Cities that don t recognize this new geography are destined to swim upstream for a long time. In traditional urban planning mode, one builds from the core outwards, until residents says enough. And then, one continues to build anyways. The core suffers for this. Rejuvenation most often mangles the core, which then awaits real-estate spikes for a boost. Meanwhile the battle of the urban-suburban divide rages, consuming in its frenzy the economic potential of many cities. In contemporary planning mode, planning led by economy self-organizes logical hubs and propagates connections to relevant nodes across time and space. The result is a rhizome 3 structure, which is essentially a network. Its defining characteristics are fluidity and connectivity. This is the lifeblood of cities in the 21st century. The synergy generated from this rhizomatic form opens up a new kind of urban space an ecology of multiple, non-hierarchical entry and exit points 4 across the network, in which a new kind of economy and culture which is fluid and participatory, begins to grow without the cataclysmic real estate spikes and the ensuing stagnation. This is the new urban structure 5 upon which a knowledge economy is built, designed by the most consummate planner of our times: the economy. READING CITY NETWORKS What we are attempting to do in small to mid-size cities is build a new economy on old urban patterns. Our repeated déjà vu is a result of this. The fluidity in contemporary urban networks has time and movement embedded in its structure. Movement is the building block of this architecture. Here, without flow, there is no network, and there is no emergence 6 and hence there is no new urbanity. The network is the new economy. Here, the outcome of change is new transactional relationships emanating from the inherent structural dynamics of the network. The kind of change we presently talk about in smaller cities centres around leadership, vision and big-build projects based on form based notions of urban planning. Where real change is about recognizing and implementing structural realignment of geographic patterns of cities, and thereby transforming cities into nodes of larger networks in order new income opportunities and tangible prosperity will accrue. We call cities which embraces such change, successful. Yet we focus on their built-form for inspiration instead of reading their sub-structures for clues. RE-DEFINING THE CENTRE The very nature and role of centre has continually evolved 7 over the last 40 years. Successful urban cities in our times no longer see the urban-peripheral dichotomy as a challenge to overcome but as an outdated impulse to circumvent. The single biggest strength of a dispersed urban cities network lies in its ability to break open the locked pathdependency between urban design and real-estate development. Real-estate development is a byproduct of an economy, which is mistakenly attributed as being its cause. The economy of traditional centre can only revive by a fluid economy that sprouts from new patterns relevant to the network. This is what carries the old core with it in the new growth cycle. We are living in a decentralized geography which implies that the meaning of centre has changed too. With this change, we need to recalibrate our expectations of the city core. We fool ourselves with every new civic project or real-estate win in the city core. We rarely factor opportunity costs of delayed shift into the world of a knowledge economy; a shift that can only come with a strategic deep-read of city patterns. Without this shift, traditional urban centres do get revitalized eventually as soft live/work environments, and most often serve as a critical memory linkage to history, which often get erased with gentrification. One cannot recognize Yorkville 8 in Toronto today precisely because of this. Density has its unintended consequences when growth turns into hyper-growth. PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 25

26 SURFACE READ OF URBAN FORM Urban design approaches based on massive surface-read of urban forms, has produced a dearth of civic projects littered across North America, draining resources and the economy of its vitality. Most are now obstacles to a true knowledge economy which simply asks for an ecology of multiple, non-hierarchical entry and exit points across a network. Surface read of urban form throws us in a direction that generated hard connectivity between static points within a city, which required further constructs such as TOD 9 as supplementary motives to induce growth. This is nothing more than the same old path-dependency between urban planning of the eighties and real-estate development. Hard linkages have historically failed to provide the structural framework needed to realign a city to new economies. Such efforts at best may succeed in replicating a broken-tooth urban pattern, which is not to be mistaken as growth that is supportive of a fluid knowledge economy. One of the most problematic issues in planning is to manage urban growth through the 21st century, as a large portion of humanity continues its drift The Best Floors Start With Our Finish! into urban centres. One of the biggest challenges for small to mid-size cities which have repeatedly missed opportunities to urbanize in the last century is to avoid the pitfalls of cities that are now trapped in the zero sum centreperipheral dichotomy of the 1980s. In an era when the idea of a static centre has moved beyond the limitations of its structure, into ideas of liquid modernity 10, flow and networks, smaller cities continue struggling to re-build the centre, using tools and techniques from the last century. Is human brain hardwired to not read beyond the surface? To not recognize patterns? The future of cities is dependent on recognizing patterns and disengaging old ones, and engaging new ones. Herein lies the significance of deep-reading cities in our times. Without this ability, we are doomed to choking a city s potential. DEEP READING URBAN PATTERNS In Models of Growth: towards fundamental change in learning environment 11, David Cavallo, elaborates on Paradigms : In Second Thoughts on Paradigms, Thomas Kuhn states that paradigms consist fundamentally of three elements: exemplars, models, and symbolic expressions Rather than failing by attempting new blueprints, we attempt to create an emergent design that does not plan every step in detail, but searches for models of robust growth and uses Kuhn s description of the components of paradigms to provide principles. A deeper read of a city s geography will give urban designers an opportunity to reinvent the city in ways that few cities have dared to envision. Urban designers need to develop capacity to not catch the next wave, but become the next wave, and for this they need to recognize the critical importance of geographic structural realignment of existing patterns of a city. The contemporary world is characterized by new spatial formations in which network morphologies hold sway. It seems we live in a world where everything flows. The use of hydraulic metaphors implies a need for theories able to make sense of these new geographies of flow. Positioning cities in the world: Towards a politics of flow, Phil Hubbard. We are wasting time trying to create urban form based on old texts instead of focusing on our geography to allow a new kind of economy to emerge, which will generate its logical urban form a new kind of form 12, which cannot but turn small to mid-size cities into world cities. Mahesh P. Butani is currently an Intern Architect in Ontario. He got his bachelor of architecture from India in 1982, and masters in arts education from Teachers College, Columbia University in New York in Presently he is involved in restoration of old buildings and project design and management for urban revitalization projects in Hamilton, Ontario. For more than 40 years, members of the Concrete Floor Contractors Asso on have d ned the standard of quality in concrete oor construc on across Canada. Make sure that your next project is a success by prequalifying members of the Concrete Floor Contractors Associa on. 26 PROFILES Tel: NOTES: 1. Alexander R. Cuthbert s, Requiem for an era of urban design : article/6336/ /26/kick-ass-deleuze-guattari-introduction/ php?page= /06/what-matters-isnt-transitoriented.html g=pp1&dq=liquid%2520modernity&pg=pp1#v=onepa ge&q&f=false Paper11Pages pdf article22&lang=en (The dynamics of networked cities: comparative analysis and modeling) REFERENCES: Mahesh P. Butani, On Reading Cities, on-reading-cities Antonio Caperna, Biourbanism: A New Way to Planning Urban Environment, 2010, slide presentation Michael W. Mehaffy, The New Modernity: The Architecture of Complexity and the Technology of Life, Katarxis No. 3, Nikos A. Salingaros, Remarks on a City s Composition, Chapter 5 of Principles of Urban Structure, Techne Press, Amsterdam, Holland, Areaplanning/urbanstructure/chapt8/remarks.htm

27 ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERS Specialists In: Designated Substances Surveys for Renovation, Demolition and Construction Projects Mould Investigations and Remedial Design and Supervision Air Quality Testing Asbestos Surveys and Abatement Design and Supervision Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments, Site Cleanup and Risk Assessment Geotechnical Investigations For More Information Contact: Wayne Cormack, CIH or Rein Andre 121 Granton Drive, Unit 11 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 3N4 Tel: (905) Fax: (905) Web-Site: DECOMMISSIONING CONSULTING SERVICES LIMITED Products Geared Traction Elevators MRL Elevators Hydraulic Elevators Freight Elevators Material Lifts Custom Elevators Accessibility Products Designed and Manufactured at our ISO 9001 certified facility in Kitchener. Delta Elevator Co Ltd (519) Services Manufacturing & Installation Service & Maintenance Modernizations Controllers Life Cycle Planning Design Consultation Lunch & Learn Seminars Excellence in Waterproofing, Roofing and Surfacing Technology For over 50 years, Kemper System has been recognized as the manufacturer of the highest quality cold, liquid-applied, fully reinforced waterproofing, roofing and surfacing membranes in the industry. Architects, engineers, roof consultants, quality contractors and building owners all trust Kemper when their project demands the best. For plazas, IRMA roofs, green roofs, metal roofs, balconies and terraces, or any architectural design, our long history of success proves that Kemper stands the test of time. Standing the Test of Time For more information, please visit our website or call our Customer Care Center at KEMPER SYSTEM CANADA Inc Dixie Road, Ste. 13 Mississauga, ON L4W 1E PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 27

28 Why you should use an architect for your project LOOK AROUND YOU There is a vast array of building types: residential institutional commercial industrial mixed use Each has its own specific users and needs. This amount of diversity requires someone who understands the big picture of our society and communities as well as someone who is trained in the complexity of the processes and details of building design. Each project is a component within a community. In order for our communities to be vibrant, not only does the individual project need to be well designed, it needs to address its context, how it relates to the streetscape, and its role in creating a better, livable, safer community. Just like the variety of building types, there is also a variety of designers and builders. Architects are the only individuals qualified to design the full range of building types and sizes. Their education, experience and ability to problem 28 PROFILES solve make them a wise choice for any project. For your building project, you will want to consult a professional, an architect. Many people will not have previously retained an architect. By legislation, buildings which exceed 3 storeys in height or 600 s.m./6458 s.f. (gross area) must be designed by an architect, with the exception of assembly occupancy which requires the services of an architect regardless of the size. For buildings which do not fall into the above noted categories, you have the choice of who the designer is. Every project introduces opportunities where you can benefit by choosing a professional. WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF HIRING AN ARCHITECT FOR YOUR PROJECT? When you hire an architect, you can be assured they are: qualified for admission into the profession, including established standards for education, experience and examination; continuing to develop their skill and proficiency through the OAA continuing education program; applying standards; and covered by professional liability insurance. Architects meet high professional standards. When we re dealing with important decisions and projects don t you want the best on your team? Professional, Competent, Accountable, Responsible A project that is designed and built by an architect is one which is a successful collaboration between client and architect, it is well thought out. Building projects are big investments and the final product should be effective, efficient, and beautiful. We are all unique and each one of us lives differently. An architect can help you create a space that meets your specific needs and addresses your objectives, concerns, hopes and interests. A solution that responds to your needs will save

29 you time in daily tasks and enhance your experience. In the long run, an architect can save you time and money. By working together with an architect your project may exceed your expectations! Whether you are building a new structure, planning some renovations, or adding to an existing building architects brings value to your project by taking care of your interests and producing a quality building project. An architecturally designed project can result in cost-savings in energy solutions and long-term maintenance costs. Designing and constructing is the beginning of the process, but a building has ongoing costs of running, maintaining, and upgrading over time. An architect can see you through the life-cycle of your project and can address issues in the design phase to create simple, effective solutions for the future. Universal design, sustainability and green issues are concerns which the public are now becoming more educated about and interested in. Architects are well versed in the processes, products and systems which can make a real difference in our world. Architects see these concerns as part of the project; it s an integral part of the services they provide. If you want your project to be kind to the planet and its people an architect is definitely your best choice. Generally, all buildings which exceed 3 storeys or 600 s.m. (6458 s.f.) require design and general review by an architect. Exceptions are assembly, occupancy which requires the services of an architect regardless of size and those industrial buildings or parts thereof which may be designed only by a professional engineer. Whether you re thinking of a renovation, a new build, or planning a complex development, involving an architect early on in the design process is a key to success. ARCHITECTS BRING VALUE TO YOUR PROJECT Hiring an architect for your project is peace of mind. The route to a completed building project is challenging. There are many decisions to be made along the way which will have a strong impact on how your project functions and looks. Your architect can see you through the process, not only easing the way by helping you avoid wrong turns, but can direct you to innovative solutions. The result you want is a successful project; those that fulfil the desires of the owners, while meeting the needs of the users and contributing to the general well-being of the environment. Such projects are the result of a working process between clients and architects. SOME OF THE SERVICES ARCHITECTS PROVIDE When planning a new building, renovating or restoring an old one, applying universal design, solving a particular functional or space planning problem, all of which are within the scope of an architect s expertise. Traditional architectural services, focusing on the design and construction of buildings, include: listening and understanding the client s aspirations taking a client s instructions reviewing the client s program and construction budget realizing the client s objectives establishing a program concept design designing buildings that comply with the Building Code and other authorities understanding and applying basic principles of structural design understanding and applying basic principles of design theory selecting and coordinating normal structural, mechanical and electrical engineering services construction documents technical specifications guide through the complex regulatory building process preparing the necessary preliminary and final design studies preparing estimates preparing working drawings and specifications assisting in the drafting of bid forms for contractors, proposals and contracts including the actual call for bids assisting the client in obtaining routine approvals from the authorities who have jurisdiction reporting on bids and proposals carrying out contract administration of the construction phase, including the general review of the construction Architects provide professional services. Architectural Design Competitions: Competition documents prepared by the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) describing the options for organizing competitions and the rules which govern them is endorsed by the Ontario Association of Architects. This document is available on the RAIC website at: architectural_competitions/index_e.htm The architect, as prime consultant on your project, can administer a contract that will result in the completion of your project on schedule, within budget, and to high standards of quality. SELECTING AN ARCHITECT Selecting the right architect for your project is one of the most significant decisions you make as a client. For more information on Selecting an Architect and How the OAA can help, see page 31. PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 29

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31 Selecting an Architect and How the OAA Can Help ARCHITECTS AND THE OAA Architects today are involved in diverse areas of practice and business. There are specialists and generalists in private practice. As well, architects are employed by a variety of large corporations, institutions, and small businesses applying their skills in research, innovation, and creative problem solving in a wide range of areas. Traditional practice, focusing on the design and construction of buildings, is still a popular choice for many architects. Choosing an architect means you will have the best on your team dealing with your project. Professional, Competent, Accountable, Responsible The Ontario Association of Architects ensures that the profession remains responsive to the needs of society. The Ontario Government has given Ontario architects the privilege of selfregulation. The Ontario Association of Architects regulates the practice of architecture in Ontario. Ontario architects are the only individuals qualified to design buildings in the province greater than 3 storeys or 600 s.m. (6458 s.f.). The Association is dedicated to promoting and increasing the knowledge, skill and proficiency of its members, and administering the Architects Act, in order that the public interest may be served and protected. All architectural practices are also required to obtain a Certificate of Practice issued by the Ontario Association of Architects. Members of the public may obtain copies of the Architects Act, and Regulation 27, through the Ontario Government s e-laws website ( SELECTING AN ARCHITECT Selecting the right architect for your project is one of the most significant decisions you make as a client. There are three basic methods of selecting the architect that is best suited for your project: Direct Selection; Quality Based Selection; Architectural Design Competitions. Each method has its advantages depending on such variables as your requirements, the complexity of the project and your time schedule. To meet a client s needs, architects must compete on the basis of their ability to perform the required services, not on the basis of fees. Therefore a competitive bid method of selecting an architect is not recommended. Competitive bids for architectural fees can degenerate into an auction forcing fees down to unrealistically low levels resulting in fewer hours of professional skill being devoted to developing an economical and satisfactory project. Savings in professional fees precipitate the reduction of design quality and professional services, and the client loses in the end. When an architect has been selected on an appropriate balance of skill, experience, imagination, sensitivity and ability to perform on schedule and within a construction budget consistent PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 31

32 with a client s needs, it is relatively simple to negotiate a fair fee. DIRECT SELECTION Is most often used for residential architecture as well as small projects. You can select an architect on the basis of special expertise required, reputation, familiarity with the location, personal acquaintance or a recommendation. You may seek an architect who designed a similar project you like. Your final decision may be based on your comfort level and rapport with a particular architect. QUALITY BASED SELECTION Is most commonly used by building committees representing institutions, corporations or public and private agencies. It is a sensible, balanced procedure for selecting an architect on the basis of professional qualifications and competence, using value-based criteria. A comparison is made between two or more architects by a building committee that you set up. The committee makes a selection based upon their judgement of which architect is most likely to handle the project successfully. A document providing detailed information about Quality Based Selection (QBS) is available at ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN COMPETITIONS Architectural Design Competitions solicit design solutions which are judged impartially on the comparative excellence, imagination and ingenuity of the submissions. The winner of an architectural competition is normally awarded the commission for the project. The architects for many public buildings such as City Halls, Museums and Galleries, are selected by this method. There are basically two types of architectural competitions, open and limited. A document describing the rules for organizing an Open Architectural Competition is available on the OAA Website, visit public resources go to hire an architect and click on Architectural competitions. In order to assist you in considering conducting a limited competition, Guidelines for Limited Competitions are available from the Ontario Association of Architects Website, please see the link above. HOW TO FIND AN ARCHITECT To begin, go to and click on the Discover an Architect tab. The OAA s database of practices gives you the most up-to-date information. You can search by location or practice name. Practices websites are linked to this listing to view their portfolio and learn more about their philosophy and expertise. Visit the OAA Website to search our database of practices. Your most up-to-date resource for practice listings. YOU CAN ADVERTISE YOUR PROJECT TO OUR MEMBERS The OAA s Project Opportunities allows clients to post projects that require an architect. More than 2600 members can access this information. For more information: Go to click on Professional Resources tab, go to Classifieds. The result you want is a successful project; those that fulfil the desires of the owners, while meeting the needs of the users and contributing to the general well-being of the environment. Such projects are the result of a working process between informed clients and skilled architects. Natural Heritage In Stone Natural building stone, thin stone veneer, manufactured stone and a full line of landscaping stone and products. Contact info: Feversham ON Collingwood ON ONTARIO BUILDING OFFICIALS ASSOCIATION Building Knowledge. Growing Communities. 32 PROFILES

33 Tips on how to use RAIC s Guide to Determining Fees for Architectural Services THE ROYAL ARCHITECTURAL INSTITUTE OF CANADA S (RAIC S) A Guide to Determining Appropriate Fees for the Services of an Architect is endorsed by the OAA. The guide was developed by RAIC with input from the Provincial Associations to assist architects and their clients in determining appropriate fees for architectural services. This national fee guideline includes updated recommendations for percentagebased fees. The guidelines are intended for both clients and architects alike and supports existing provincial fee guidelines. This Guide provides: the various factors affecting the amount of the architect s fee the various building types and corresponding details references and work sheets to assist in calculating fees The publication contains the following information: It is important to note that there is no standard or recommended basis for calculating the fee, as the fee is dependent on the specific requirements of the project and the client. The Value of an Architect (Architecture Matters) 1. Architect s Compensation 1.1 Methods of Compensation 1.2 Fee Adjustment Factors / Variables 1.3 Reimbursable Expenses 1.4 Payment Provisions 1.5 Other Payment Provisions 2. Building Classifications 2.1 Occupancy 2.2 Building Complexity 2.3 Building Size 2.4 Building or Construction Costs 2.5 Building Category or Building Type 3. Definitions 4. Other References APPENDICES: A Fee Calculation Work Sheet B Sample Fees using Fee Calculation Work Sheet C Typical Invoice using Percentagebased fee D Alphabetical List of Buildings by Category E Services of the Architect F List of Supplemental Architectural Services G List of Types of Consultants on the Design Team H Finding, Selecting and Engaging an Architect The need for the document increased with the significant changes occurring in the design and construction industry. It is impossible to assume that the same professional fee will be appropriate for all projects even if the projects are of the same size and the same building type. As each building project is unique, so is the scope of services required and therefore so is the fee. A percentage based fee was once the standard. Today, it is no longer applicable. THEN A schedule of fees for architectural services based on a percentage of the construction cost was widely accepted and used following the Second World War. Expectations and roles within the design and construction industry were consistent and clearly understood. Architect s services for any building project were very much the same and builders generally performed in a consistent manner based on a standard set of customs and procedures. Therefore it was relatively easy to identify a typical fee for services of an architect for a particular building type. NOW Today the situation has changed and it is necessary to examine every single building project to determine the appropriate fee for an architect s services. The practice of architecture and the provision of architectural services have evolved considerably. The architect and client must agree upon a wide range of project requirements and negotiate a fee based on each unique project. Some of the reasons for this include: Widely different Authorities Having Jurisdiction and approval processes based on building type and jurisdiction; Increasingly complex and sophisticated building systems and technologies; Different forms of project delivery; Project phasing with multiple building occupancies at various different times; Numerous additional specialists to consult and coordinate; Additional (or reduced) levels of services depending on each project and its method of delivery; Wide variations in construction costs; New project design and documentation requirements such as Building Information Modeling (BIM); Requirements for third-party certification (such as LEED ); PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 33

34 New demands for rapid construction and tight schedules; Greater overhead costs as a result of extensive and complex Requests for Proposals and new marketing expenses; Greater expectations for energy conservation and building performance; Extensive submissions at various stages of project documentation. TIPS FOR CLIENTS The Guide provides information as to the variety of ways in which an architect is compensated, according to the scope of the architect s services and the project s type (classification), size (area) and scope (complexity). When you embark on a construction program, you are making a commitment to what may be a major investment in an unknown quantity. While it is possible to define the proposed facility broadly in terms of size and function, there are significant variables needing attention: How well and how long will the facility serve its intended purpose? Will it be responsive to the needs of its users and the community? What will the Life Cycle costs for operating the building be? 34 PROFILES Promoting quality workmanship within the hard surface industry. TERRAZZO, TILE AND MARBLE ASSOCIATION OF CANADA ASSOCIATION CANADIENNE DE TERRAZZO, TUILE ET MARBRE TTMAC Specification Guides Tile Specification Guide Terrazzo Specification Guide Terrazzo Colour Plate Brochure Dimension Stone Guide Volume II Hard Surface Maintenance Guide TTMAC Services Inspections Training Core Learning Seminars Universal Floor Tester ASTM-C627 Standards T: Web: Will the building be built using Green Building Practices for a reduced impact on the environment? The architect you select to design the facility will be a major determinant in answering these questions. Training and experience enable the architect to transform your ideas and functional needs into an architectural program; a conceptual design; and the working drawings and technical specifications from which the facility will be constructed under the architect s administration and field review. During the design and construction of your building, the architect effectively becomes a major contributor to your organization serving as advisor, coordinator, and technical manager as well as creative artist. In a large measure the architect will determine the functional as well as aesthetic success of the project. An architect needs to be able to provide the appropriate level of service required and conduct their business in a professional manner. Compensation should reflect not only the cost for the architect to provide services but also (and more appropriately) the value of those services. If it is decided that a contractor should be made responsible for the design as well as the construction of the project - the design - build option is appropriate. the client will benefit from the services of an architect in specifying the requirements in the building contract, or the contractor should appoint an architect to develop the design, where it is required under the Architects Act. In either situation (of a design/build option), the appointment of an architect can be covered by published amendments to the OAA 600 client/architect contract, a made in Ontario for Ontario architects version of the national RAIC 6 standard contract form. CONSIDERATIONS DEVELOP A WORKING RELATIONSHIP A sound working relationship between client and architect will contribute significantly to the success of a project. Time spent in preliminary discussion about the requirements, the timetable, the budget, and the nature and cost of professional resources required and their cost is time well spent. CONSIDER THE RANGE OF SERVICES The architect can provide a range of services. For a building project, these begin with investigating the feasibility of the requirements, developing design proposals, applying for statutory approvals, preparing construction information, obtaining bids for building work reviewing construction, and administering a building contract. The architect works with a broad palette of skills. The architect can coordinate or arrange normal structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services, and other specialty consulting services connected with the project (e.g. interior design, landscaping, IT, security, signage or barrier free access). The architect s skills are not only relevant to whole building projects but also may be applied to related issues, including such diverse matters as strategic planning or master planning of property development for a client and the design or selection of furniture, fittings and equipment for the project.

35 COMPLYING WITH RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS The architect is required to design within the client s program and requirements of authorities having jurisdiction and, of course, to work within existing laws relating to construction work, such as legislation and common law. All architects offering or providing services to the public must have a Certificate of Practice issued by the OAA and carry professional liability insurance. The architect will assist with the steps that must be taken to achieve compliance, and on the need for approvals. Architects can make submissions and conduct negotiations with authorities having jurisdiction, but obviously cannot guarantee outcomes beyond their control. Health and safety requirements in design and construction are governed by the Ministry of Labour. How to order For your copy of A Guide to Determining Appropriate Fees for Architectural Services The document is free to download for RAIC members. Printed copies to send to clients will be available for $25 each. Go to to purchase the Guide. Questions or suggestions regarding an architect s fees are welcome and should be directed to: The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada 55 Murray Street, Suite 330 Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 5M3 Telephone: Canada Web: PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 35

36 OAA Services to the Public WE PROVIDE THE FOLLOWING RESOURCES TO ASSIST YOU IN FINDING AN ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICE FOR YOUR PROJECT: RESOURCES The OAA Website is the most up to date, current source for information about architects and architecture. We invite you to visit and participate in this dynamic online community. Here are just some of the resources available at OAA PROGRAMS Find out detailed information about OAA programs including: CONTINUING EDUCATION The OAA has a mandatory Continuing Education program for its members. Visit click on Professional Resources, see Continuing Education for more information. AWARDS The OAA s annual awards program promotes the best of Ontario architecture. Members of the public are invited to participate in the People s Choice Awards, and the Landmark Award. A summary of the current OAA awards program including criteria, description, and submission information, and images of the past winners can be accessed at go to The OAA, click on Awards. 36 PROFILES DOCUMENTS This is a library of commonly requested documents available from the OAA. It includes the Canadian Handbook of Practice, Quality Based Selection, and information on finding an architect and beginning a project. Go to click on Professional Resources tab, see Documents. HOW TO FIND AN ARCHITECT : Discover an Architect is your most up-to-date resource for architects and practice listings. You can use this search tool to find an architectural practice by municipality or name. Practices Profiles are coming soon. Go to and click on Discover an Architect tab. PROJECT OPPORTUNITIES This area of the site allows clients to post current projects available to architectural practices. More than 5000 members can access this information. For more information: Go to click on Professional Resources, go to Classifieds, see Project Opportunities. We invite you to find out more about architectural services, the profession and the Assoc iation. See the following additional resources and services: CAREER INFORMATION Go to click on Public Resources see Become An Architect OAA PERSPECTIVES The OAA Journal is published quarterly. It is distributed to 5,000 architects, institutions, allied professionals, government agencies, and libraries. It is available upon request from the OAA. There is also now an electronic version of this publication which can be accessed at Go to News & Events, click on OAA Perspectives magazine. OAA ANNUAL CONFERENCE The OAA holds its Conference in Toronto (odd years) and at another Ontario location (even years). The Conference, traditionally held in May, attracts more than 1,000+ architects, allied professionals and building industry representatives who attend Continuing Education sessions, tours, keynote speeches and social events. Learn more at go to News & Events, click on OAA Annual Conference. PRACTICE ADVISORY SERVICES If you have questions, issues, or problems regarding architectural practice we want to hear from you. You can contact an OAA Practice Advisor for guidance and to confidentially discuss issues, questions and problems by calling or For more information visit go to Professional Resources, Practice Support, see Hotline. COMPLAINTS & DISCIPLINE PROCESS A complaint can be filed with the OAA by calling The Complaints Committee considers and investigates complaints made by members of the public (or members of the Association) against a member of the Association, holder of a Certificate of Practice or a holder of a Temporary Licence. The Committee may refer cases of professional misconduct to the Discipline Committee.

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41 New Product Showcase Durex Quantum Select. The New Generation of Drained EIFS. As of 2010, new requirements mandate the use of 10mm drainage cavities in Ontario. Naturally, Durabond has the answer. Excellent Thermal Resistance Optimal Drainage Path 471 Chrislea Road, Woodbridge, Ontario L4L 8N6 Toll Free: Tel.: Fax: Hour Fire Rating ULC W 456 Full Compliance :: Building Code Safety 10mm Geometrically Defined & Durability Drainage Cavity :: Pro-Demnity Design Superior Interfacing Solutions Requirements :: CCMC Compliant Professional Interactive :: QAP Compliant Technical Support For more information call , toll-free at , by or online at: WIDECK Roof and Floor Deck Ceiling Systems Toll-Free Tel A BETTER, STRONGER, FASTER BRAND OF PRECAST Fabcon structural precast wall systems are a versatile, sustainable and cost effective building envelope alternative. We offer variable R-values, a wide range of finishes and the simplicity of single source accountability. Beauty Written in Stone Interstone is an exclusive distributor for an assortment of premium marble, granite and stone products, including Compac Marmol and Quartz engineered stone. Discover over 300 of the finest stone materials from the world s leading quarries, as well as a wide range of porcelain tiles and mosaics. GlassWalk GLASS FLOOR SYSTEMS How do you open up an area to pedestrian traffic without creating dead space below? Or show floors in an entirely new light? The answer is GlassWalk engineered floor system from IBP. Light passes through a GlassWalk floor, so more natural light reaches the space underneath. Floors are offered in: Glass Pavers 6 or 8 square and Structural Glass units up to 4 square. Each GlassWalk floor is custom manufactured to your specification and is easy to install. Norm Grant (416) Langstaff Rd, Unit D, Concord, ON L4K 4Z Phone: Toll-Free: Fax: PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 41

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43 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN ALLISTON Line Vision Inc. 71 Victoria Street W., P. O. Box 234 Alliston, ON L9R 1V5 (705) / (705) ALMONTE Larry Gaines, Architect Old Town Hall, 14 Bridge Street P.O. Box 706 Almonte, ON K0A 1A0 (613) / (613) Peter Mansfield, Architect 122 Bridge Street Almonte, ON K0A 1A0 (613) AMHERSTBURG Simon Chamely, Architect 100 Point Blvd. Amherstburg, ON N9V 2Y8 (519) / (519) ANCASTER Richard G. Butterworth, Architect Inc. 127 Judith Crescent Ancaster, ON L9G 1L3 (905) / (905) Stephen Blood, Architect 63 Stowbridge Crescent Ancaster, ON L9G 5E1 (905) ARNPRIOR Richard White Architect 71 Carss Street Arnprior, ON K7S 2G8 (613) AURORA CSPACE ARCHITECTURE 15 Laurentide Avenue Aurora, ON L4G 3B3 (647) Pro Vision Architecture Inc Yonge Street, Unit B Aurora, ON L4G 1M5 (416) / (647) BARRIE Barrie Vickers Architect 78 Amelia Street Barrie, ON L4M 1M8 (705) / (705) Davenport Architectural Corp., Architect 28 Dunlop Street W., Unit One Barrie, ON L4N 1A2 (705) / (705) Formworks, Inc. Architects 61 Collier Street Barrie, ON L4M 1G7 (705) / (705) Ian S. Malcolm, Architect 126 Wellington Street W., Ste. 207 Barrie, ON L4N 1K9 (705) / (705) Jeffery Architect 22 Blake Street Barrie, ON L4M 1J6 (705) / (705) McKnight Charron Laurin Inc. Architects 67 High Street Barrie, ON L4N 1W5 (705) / (705) Peter Archer & Associates, Architect 78A Mulcaster Street Barrie, ON L4M 3M4 (705) / (705) Salter Pilon Architecture Inc. 151 Ferris Lane, #400 Barrie, ON L4M 6C1 (705) / (705) Stephen Claude Charron, Architect 67 High Street Barrie, ON L4N 1W5 (705) / (705) Ted Handy and Associates Inc., Architect 76 Mary Street Barrie, ON L4N 1T1 (705) / (705) BELLEVILLE The Ventin Group Ltd., Architects 6 Parsons Court, R.R. #5 Belleville, ON K8N 4Z5 (613) / (613) BETHANY Ronald A. Awde Architect 1458 King Street, P.O. Box 142 Bethany, ON L0A 1A0 (705) / (705) BLYTH John Rutledge Architect 406 Queen Street, P.O. Box 393 Blyth, ON N0M 1H0 (519) / (519) BOWMANVILLE Antonio Visca Architect 36 Mill Lane Bowmanville, ON L1C 3K2 (416) J.R. Freethy, Architect 5 Silver Street Bowmanville, ON L1C 3C2 (905) / (905) BRACEBRIDGE Bird Engineering Ltd., Architect & Consulting Engineer, 19 Bird Lane Bracebridge, ON P1L 1J1 (705) Osburn Associates Architect Inc. 6 Stonehenge Court Bracebridge, ON P1L 1N2 (705) BRAMPTON Arch-Tech Design & Drafting Inc. 30 Intermodal Drive, Unit 3 Brampton, ON L6T 5K1 (905) / (905) C. Y. Hui Architect 21 Kenview Blvd., Unit #11 Brampton, ON L6T 5G7 (905) / (905) Desmond Roychaudhuri, Architect 20 Davenrich Court Brampton, ON L6Z 1N6 (416) Part 9 Design 14 Manitoba Place Brampton, ON L6R 2H9 (905) Rajinder Chaku Architect Inc. 70 Ravenswood Drive Brampton, ON L6Y 3Z4 (416) / (416) Reinders + Rieder Ltd. Architects, Consulting Engineers 57 Mill Street North, Ste. 201 Brampton, ON L6X 1S9 (905) / (905) W. J. P. Construction Designs, Architect 30 Ramsgate Court Brampton, ON L6Z 1W4 (905) / (905) BRANTFORD Karp Namisniak Yamamoto Architects Inc. 331 Terrace Hill Street Brantford, ON N3R 1H6 (519) / (519) Lowry Associates Inc. 53 Lakeside Drive Brantford, ON N3R 5J5 (519) MMMC Inc. Architects 127 Brant Avenue Brantford, ON N3T 3H5 (519) The Ventin Group Ltd., Architects 50 Dalhousie Street Brantford, ON N3T 2H8 (519) / (519) Tim Fanstone Architect 16 Devonshire Avenue Brantford, ON N3T 5M1 (905) / (905) BURLINGTON Aside Design FR Beaver Lake Road, R.R. #1 Burlington, ON K0L 1J0 (416) Chamberlain Architect Services 5096 South Service Road, Ste. 103 Burlington, ON L7L 5H4 (905) / (905) Chamberlain Architect Services Limited 5096 South Service Road, Ste. 103 Burlington, ON L7L 5H4 (905) / (905) Cynthia Zahoruk Architect Inc Britannia Road Burlington, ON L7P 0E9 (905) / (905) Fabiani Architect Ltd South Service Road, Ste. 101 Burlington, ON L7N 3J5 (905) / (905) Fernando Fabiani Architect 3390 South Service Road Burlington, ON L7N 3J5 (905) / (905) James J. Koyanagi Architect 374 Lark Avenue Burlington, ON L7T 2T2 (905) / (905) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 43

44 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN jh.architecture 2430 Edith Avenue Burlington, ON L7R 1N9 (905) / (905) Karp Namisniak Yamamoto Architects Inc Harvester Road, Ste. 202 Burlington, ON L7N 3T1 (905) / (905) M. R. Neumann, Architect 868 Danforth Place, Ste. 101 Burlington, ON L7T1S2 (905) / (905) R. Meo & Associates Inc., Architectural & Engineering Consultants 825 Kingsway Drive Burlington, ON L7T 3H8 (905) / (905) Stafford Haensli Architects Incorporated 1100 Burloak Drive, Ste. 300 Burlington, ON L7L 6B2 (905) / (905) Svedas Architects Inc Botanical Drive Burlington, ON L7T 1V2 (905) / (905) CALEDON Landmark Architecture Architect Inc Escarpment S Road Caledon, ON L7K 1G3 (519) / (519) CALEDON EAST Laszlo Nemeth Associates, Architect Centreville Creek Road Caledon East, ON L7K 2M2 (905) CAMBRIDGE Dejmek Associates Inc., Architect & Engineer 35 Cambridge Street Cambridge, ON N1R 3R8 (519) / George P. Fejes Architect and Engineer R.R. #22, 6566 Ellis Road Cambridge, ON N3C 2V4 (519) / (519) Lillepold Architect 81 Blair Road Cambridge, ON N1S 2J2 (519) CAMPBELLVILLE Gordon Cheney Architect Inc. 220 Jessie Avenue, P.O. Box 193 Campbellville, ON L0P 1B0 (905) / (905) CHATHAM Andrew Incorporated, Architect 11 Crocus Court Chatham, ON N7L 5L5 (905) / (289) Jorden & Cook, Architect Ltd. 330 Richmond Street, Ste. 201 Chatham, ON N7M 1P7 (519) / (519) CHATSWORTH Larry May Architect Negro Creek Road, RR#1 Chatsworth, ON N0H 1G0 (519) COBOURG Bruce MacNeill Architect 171 Perry Street Cobourg, ON K9A 1N9 (905) / (905) Robertson Martin Architects Incorporated 3 Acadia Drive Cobourg, ON K9A 1T8 (905) / (905) COLLINGWOOD Quantum Architect 403 Minnesota Street Collingwood, ON L9Y 3S6 (705) / (705) CONCORD A. Baldassarra Architect Inc Jane Street, Ste. #200 Concord, ON L4K 4R6 (905) / (905) Aftermath Designs 33 Riviera Drive Concord, ON L4K 2H9 (416) Architectural Design Co. Inc., Architect 56 Pennsylvania Avenue, Unit 1 Concord, ON L4K 3V9 (905) / (905) Veld Architect R. Varacalli Architect Inc. 73 Chalmers Street N Langstaff Road, Unit #1003 Cambridge, ON N1R 5B9 Concord, ON L4K 3S3 (519) (905) / (905) PROFILES CORNWALL C. D. Kaltsas - Architect Inc Marleau Avenue, Ste. 260 Cornwall, ON K6H 2W8 (613) / (613) g. a. christoff/architect Two R.R.#1 Cornwall, ON K6H 5R5 (613) PBK Architects Inc Rosemount Avenue Cornwall, ON K6J 3E5 (613) / (613) COURTICE Mitch Sauder Licensed Technologist OAA 74 Wade Square Courtice, ON L1E 3E6 (289) CREDITON Daryl Little 78 Victoria Avenue E. Crediton, ON N0M 1M0 (519) CUMBERLAND Louis Lortie Architecte / Architect 2207 Pleasantview Court Cumberland, ON K4C 1H7 (613) / (613) DELAWARE Patrick Coles, Architect Box 155, RR1 Delaware, ON N0L 1E0 (519) / (519) DUNDAS Ferguson Ferguson Architect South 36 Jerome Park Drive Dundas, ON L9H 6H2 (905) / (905) Kaj Devai Architect # Governors Road Dundas, ON L9H 5M3 (416) / (905) Perkins+Will Canada Inc. 15 Foundry Street Dundas, ON L9H 2V6 (905) / (905) Stephen J-S Chang, Architect 8 Revell Court Dundas, ON L9H 6X9 (905) / Vermeulen / Hind Architects Inc. 15 Foundry Street Dundas, ON L9H 2V6 (905) / (905) Vermeulen/Hind Architects - Alberta 15 Foundry Street Dundas, ON L9H 2V6 (905) / (905) DUNNVILLE Paul J. Bolland, Architect 44 Haldimand Road, #17 Dunnville, ON N1A 2W4 (905) / (905) DUNROBIN Brian W. Dickey Architect Inc Armitage Avenue Dunrobin, ON K0A 1T0 (613) / (613) EDEN MILLS Charles Simon Architect The Mill, 221 Barden Street Eden Mills, ON N0B 1P0 (519) / (519) ELORA James Fryett Architect Inc. 115 Metcalfe Street Elora, ON NOB 1S0 (519) / (519) EMBRUN A. Dagenais & Assoc. Inc. Consulting Engineers & Architect 931 Notre-Dame, Ste. 101, P.O. Box 160 Embrun, ON K0A 1W0 (613) / (613) FLESHERTON Paul Dawson Architect 10 Sydenham Street, P.O. Box 278 Flesherton, ON N0C 1E0 (519) / (519) GEORGETOWN Noor Associates Ltd. 73 Arborglen Drive Georgetown, ON L7G 6L1 (905) GLEN HURON Lloyd Hunt, Architect 21 Station Street Glen Huron, ON L0M 1L0 (705) / GODERICH Adolfo Spaleta Architect 125 Anglesea Street E. Goderich, ON N7A 1V2 (519) / (519)

45 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Allan Avis Architects Inc. 60 West Street Goderich, ON N7A 2K3 (519) / (519) GRAFTON Ihor A. Kotowycz, Architect 830 Lakeshore Road, P.O. Box 185 Grafton, ON K0K 2G0 (905) GRAVENHURST K.S.C. Design & Drafting Services 1630 Winhara Road, Unit 1 Gravenhurst, ON P1P 1R1 (705) / (705) GUELPH Barry R. Johnson architect R.R. #2, 8016 Hwy #7 Guelph, ON N1H 6H8 (519) / (519) BJC architects inc. R.R. #2, 8016 Highway #7 Guelph, ON N1H 6H8 (519) / (519) J. David McAuley, Architect Inc. 360 Woolwich Street Guelph, ON N1H 3W6 (519) J. William Birdsell, Architect 107 Dublin Street N. Guelph, ON N1H 4N2 (519) / (519) L. Alan Grinham Architect Inc. 20 Douglas Street, Ste. 201 Guelph, ON N1H 2S9 (519) / (519) Talo Architect Inc. 302 Edinburgh Road S. Guelph, ON N1G 2K4 (416) / (519) William A. Curtis, Architect 51 Keats Crescent Guelph, ON N1G 3B1 (519) HALIBURTON Columbine Studios, Architect 2599 Trappers Trail Road Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0 (705) Hugh H. Taylor, Architect Wildwood Farm, 1179 Parish Line Road Haliburton, ON K0M 1S0 (705) / (705) HALTON HILLS (GEORGETOWN) Eric Connolly, Architect 16 Main Street S., Ste. 201 Halton Hills (Georgetown), ON L7G 3G5 (905) / (905) HAMILTON Atkinson Engineering Inc. 786 King Street E. Hamilton, ON L8M 1A6 (905) / (905) Cianfrone Architect Inc. 172 John Street S. Hamilton, ON L8N 2C4 (905) / (905) Colleen M. Reid, Architect 166 Stanley Avenue Hamilton, ON L8P 2L4 (905) / (905) david premi Architects inc. 28 King Street E., Second Floor Hamilton, ON L8N 1A3 (905) / (905) Douglas Ross Denton Architect + Associates 90 Duke Street, Apt Hamilton, ON L8P 1X6 (905) Invizij Architects Inc. 185 Young Street Hamilton, ON L8N 1V9 (905) / (905) John Mokrycke Architect /2 James Street N. Hamilton, ON L8R 2L1 (905) / (905) Kathryn Vogel Architect Inc. 81 Victoria Avenue South Hamilton, ON L8N 1A3 (905) / (905) Lintack Architects Incorporated 244 James Street S. Hamilton, ON L8P 3B3 (905) / (905) Custom profiles capability Over 3,000 in-house profiles Large variety of millwork products Moulding to your plans Architects Technical On-line Training Course Selecting Insulating Glass Sealants for Durability and Energy Efficiency provides an overview of the characteristics insulating glass (IG) sealants must provide to ensure long-term thermal performance, structural durability and longevity of insulating glass units (IGUs). This is an AIA course and is absolutely free and offered on an online platform making it easier for professionals to get their learning units at their own pace. For information, call For more information visit: 11 Dansk Court, Toronto, Ontario M9W 5N6 Tel: Fax: Toll Free: PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 45

46 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN McCallum Sather Architects Inc. 157 Catharine Street N. Hamilton, ON L8L 4S4 (905) / (905) Philip Toms Architect 292 Charlton Avenue W. Hamilton, ON L8P 2E5 (905) / Plethovalent Architecture 52 Rexford Drive Hamilton, ON L8W 2L9 (416) Radojewski, Architect 249 East Avenue N., Ste. A Hamilton, ON L8L 5J4 (905) / (905) Rebecca Beatty Architect 19 Miles Court Hamilton, ON L8P 4G7 (905) Sam Esposto Architect Inc. 548 Upper James Street Hamilton, ON L9C 2Y4 (905) / (905) Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects 1400 Rymal Road E. Hamilton, ON L8W 3N9 (905) / (905) TCA/Thier + Curran Architects Inc. 118 James Street N., Ste. 301 Hamilton, ON L8R 2K7 (905) / (905) Victor P. Pala, Architect Ltd. 768 King Street W. Hamilton, ON L8S 1J8 (905) / (905) Zebroski Associates Ltd., Architect 17 Huntsman Gate, R. R. #2 Hamilton, ON L8N 2Z7 (905) / (905) HAMPTON R. W. Bruynson Inc., Architect 6 Hillside Drive Hampton, ON L0B 1J0 (905) / (905) HAWKESBURY A-DN Architecture Design Inc. 362 Rue Bertha Hawkesbury, ON K6A 2A8 (613) / (613) 46 PROFILES HUNTSVILLE Duncan Ross, Architect 75 Main Street W., Ste. 10 Huntsville, ON P1H 1X1 (705) / (705) Mitchell Architects Inc. 7 John Street, Ste. 3 Huntsville, ON P1H 1HZ (705) / (705) JARVIS Dave s Design 22 Walpole Drive, P.O. Box 18 Jarvis, ON N0A 1J0 (519) / (519) KANATA Dynar Architect + Associates Inc. 535 Legget Drive, Stuite 120 Kanata, ON K2K 3B8 (613) / (613) Richard Briginshaw Architect 28 Sandwell Crescent Kanata, ON K2K 1V3 (613) / (613) KEMPTVILLE Robert Beckett Architect Inc. 9 Bridge Street N., P.O. Box 808 Kemptville, ON K0G 1J0 (613) / (613) KENORA Hristov Architect Inc. 631 Lakeview Drive Kenora, ON P9N 3P6 (807) Nelson Architecture Inc., Architect 205 Lakeview Drive, P.O. Box 1470 Kenora, ON P9N 3X7 (807) / (807) KIMBERLEY Ferguson Ferguson Architect North Box 81, Main St. Kimberley, ON N0C 1G0 (519) / (519) KING CITY Dzikowski Architects Inc. 57 Scott Crescent King City, ON L7B 1E4 (905) / (905) KINGSTON Alexander Wilson Architect Inc. Admiralty Place, Gore Street Kingston, ON K7L 2L1 (613) / (613) Colbourne & Kembel, Architects Inc. 739D Arlington Park Place Kingston, ON K7M 8M8 (613) / (613) Ernest A. Cromarty Architect Inc Princess Street Kingston, ON K7M 3G1 (613) / (613) H.M. Sardinha Architect Inc. 93 Queen Street Kingston, ON K7K 1A5 (613) / (866) HDR Architecture Associates, Inc. 382 King Street E. Kingston, ON K7K 2Y2 (613) / (613) Among the largest healthcare architects in Canada, HDR is a full service design firm specializing in Healthcare, Science+Technology and Civic, with four offices in Ontario, 20 in the U.S. Hughes Downey Architects 230 Rideau Street Kingston, ON K7K 3A4 (613) / (613) J.L. Richards & Associates Limited,Consulting Engineers & Architects 863 Princess Street, Ste. 203 Kingston, ON K7L 5N4 (613) Malcolm Fox Architect 803 Ashley Crescent Kingston, ON K7M 4E2 (613) / (613) NORR Limited, Architects and Engineers Admiralty Place, Ste. 101, 20 Gore St. P.O. Box 111 Kingston, ON K7L 4V7 (613) / (613) Shoalts and Zaback Architects Ltd. 4 Cataraqui Street, Ste. #206 Kingston, ON K7K 1Z7 (613) / (613) Susan Croswell Architect 1144 Trailhead Place Kingston, ON K7M 9H3 (613) KITCHENER AECOM Canada Architects Ltd. 50 Sportsworld Crossing Road, Ste. 290 Kitchener, ON N2P 0A4 (519) / (519) David Thompson Architect Limited 181 Simeon Street Kitchener, ON N2H 1S7 (519) John Clinckett Architect King West Kitchener, ON N2G 1B1 (519) / (519) John MacDonald Architect Inc. The Bonnie Stuart, 141 Whitney Place, Ste. 101 Kitchener, ON N2G 2X8 (519) / (519) JP Architectural & Engineering Services Inc Hidden Valley Crescent Kitchener, ON N2C 2R2 (226) / (226) Michael Brisson, Architect 742 King Street W., Ste. 202 Kitchener, ON N2G 1E7 (519) MMMC Inc. Architects 290 King Street E., Ste. 201 Kitchener, ON N2G 2L3 (519) Peter Ciuciura, Architect 122 Chestnut Street Kitchener, ON N2H 1V1 (519) Robert J. Dyck, Architect & Engineer Incorporated 79 Benton Street Kitchener, ON N2G 3H3 (519) / (519) Robertson Simmons Architects Inc. 130 Weber Street W., Ste. 100 Kitchener, ON N2H 4A2 (519) / (519) Ryszard Gancewski Architect 39 Misty Street Kitchener, ON N2B 3V4 (519) / (519)

47 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Samer Nessiem Architect 72 Gage Avenue Kitchener, ON N2G 2E2 (204) Sarah Lang Architect 22 Water Street S., Ste. #14 Kitchener, ON N2G 4K4 (519) Simone S. Panziera, Architect Charles Street W. Kitchener, ON N2G 1H6 (519) / (519) Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects 49 Frederick Street Kitchener, ON N2H 6M7 (519) / (519) The Ventin Group Ltd., Architects 151 Charles Street, Ste. 100 Kitchener, ON N2G 1H6 (519) / (519) WalterFedy 675 Queen Street S., Ste. 111 Kitchener, ON N2M 1A1 (519) / (519) William J. Krohn, Architect 304 Krug Street Kitchener, ON N2H 2Z1 (519) / (519) LAKEFIELD Christopher Z. Tworkowski, Architect 34 Bridge Street, P.O. Box 541 Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0 (705) / (705) LKW Architect th Line, North Dummer, R.R. #2 Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0 (705) LONDON Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson Inc. 200 Queens Avenue, 7th Floor London, ON N6A 1J3 (519) / (519) Carsten Jensen Architect Inc Hyde Park Road, #122 London, ON N6H 5K6 (519) Cornerstone Architecture Incorporated, Architect Richmond Street London, ON N6A 5C7 (519) / (519) Craig R. Elliott. Architect 68 Meridene Crescent E. London, ON N5X 1G5 (800) d.m.y Architecture 1563 Ryersie Road London, ON N6G 2S2 (519) Dillon Building Design Ltd., Engineers and Architects 130 Dufferin Avenue, P.O. Box 426 London, ON N6A 5R2 (519) / (519) Donald Ardiel Architect 470 Ambleside Drive London, ON N6G 4W9 (519) / (519) Endri Poletti Architect Inc. 941 Waterloo Street London, ON N6A 3X2 (519) / (519) Louis E.J. Cooke, Architect 771 North Mile Road London, ON N6H 2X7 (519) Malhotra Architecture 551 Kininvie Drive London, ON N6G 1P1 (519) Marsh Katsios Architect Wellington Street London, ON N6A 3R2 (519) / (519) Murphy & Murphy Architect Inc. 380 King Street, Unit 1808 South London, ON N6B 3L6 (519) Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc. 358 Talbot Street London, ON N6A 2R6 (519) / (519) Philip Agar Architect Inc. 513 Queens Avenue London, ON N6B 1Y3 (519) / (519) Randy Wilson Architect Incorporated 280 Queens Ave, Ste. 1Q London, ON N6B 1X3 (519) / (519) Sapala - Hoppe Architect 999 Maitland Street London, ON N5Y 2X7 (519) SJMA Architecture Inc. 126 Wellington Road London, ON N6C 4M8 (519) / (519) Skinner & Skinner Architects Inc. 482 Riverside Drive London, ON N6H 2R7 (519) / (519) Sonia Margarita Diaz Rodriguez 58 Reid Court London, ON N6G 5A6 (519) Spriet Associates Limited, Architects 155 York Street London, ON N6A 1A8 (519) / (519) Vinters Architect 1057 Viscount Road London, ON N6K 1H6 (519) Wasylko Architect Inc. 370 Queens Avenue London, ON N6B 1X6 (519) / (519) William Haas Consultants Inc. Architect and Engineer 1087 Gainsborough Road London, ON N6H 5L5 (519) / (519) LUCAN Gail E. Lamb Incorporated Architect Neil Road, R.R. #2 Lucan, ON N0M 2J0 (519) / (519) MAPLE Best Consultants Martin Gerskup Architect Inc. 15 Melissa Court Maple, ON L6A 1G2 (905) / LINDSAY M. B. Finney Limited, Consulting Engineer and Architect Suite 213, Kent Place, 189 Kent St. W. Lindsay, ON K9V 5G6 (705) / (705) Wilcox Architects Incorporated 74 Lindsay Street S. Lindsay, ON K9V 2M2 (705) / (705) HDR Architecture Associates, Inc. Building 13, 3rd Floor, 800 Commissioners Road East, P.O. Box 5010 London, ON N6A 5W9 (519) / (519) Among the largest healthcare architects in Canada, HDR is a full service design firm specializing in Healthcare, Science+Technology and Civic, with four offices in Ontario, 20 in the U.S. LISLE 3 Stones Architecture and Design, Sean O Reilly Architect 19 David Drive Lisle, ON L0M 1M0 (705) / (705) L360 ARCHITECTURE INC. 355 Wellington Street, Ste. 270 London, ON N6A 3N7 (519) / (519) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 47

48 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Sam Morgan Architect 33 Bluewater Trail Maple, ON L6A 3G6 (905) / (905) MARKHAM AECOM Canada Architects Ltd. 105 Commerce Valley Drive W. Markham, ON L3T 7W3 (905) / (905) Architects + Research + Knowledge Inc. 260 Town Centre Blvd., Ste. 300 Markham, ON L3R 8H8 (905) / (905) David McConnell - Architect 46 Fonthill Boulevard Markham, ON L3R 1V7 (905) Delcan Corporation, Engineers and Architects 625 Cochrane Drive, Suite 500 Markham, ON L3R 9R9 (905) / (905) Goudar Architects Inc. 105 Willow Brook Road Markham, ON L3T 5L2 (647) / (905) Hamid Kashani Architects Woodbine Avenue Markham, ON L3R 0P4 (905) / (905) Innovative Architecture Inc. Architect 80 Inverlochy Blvd., Unit 308 Markham, ON L3T 4P3 (519) Jauhari Associates 2 Apollo Road Markham, ON L3S 4C6 (905) / (905) John Shuki Lau Architect Inc Bur Oak Avenue, Unit 2 Markham, ON L6B 0R1 (905) / (905) Joseph N. Campitelli Architect Inc. 10 Bur Oak Avenue, Unit 3 Markham, ON L6C 0A2 (905) / (905) Leon Hui Architect Inc. 6 Wilmont Court Markham, ON L6C 1A9 (416) / (905) Mark Feldman Architect 260 Town Centre Blvd., Ste. 300 Markham, ON L3R 8H8 (905) / (905) PROFILES Markham High Tech Inc. Architects 50 Peter Street Markham, ON L3P 2A6 (905) / (905) Michaela Weiner Architect 260 Town Centre Blvd., Ste. 300 Markham, ON L3R 8H8 (905) / (905) Min & Associate Inc. Architect 800 Denison Street, Ste. 3A Markham, ON L3R 5M9 (416) / (905) Naylor Architect 2800 John Street, Unit 22 Markham, ON L3R 0E2 (905) / (905) Pavan Architects Inc. 70 Gibson Drive, Unit 4A Markham, ON L3R 4C2 (416) / (416) Petroff Partnership Architects 260 Town Centre Boulevard Markham, ON L3R 8H8 (905) / (905) R. Waiman Chung, Architect Inc. 20 Townley Avenue Markham, ON L3S 1C3 (905) Roger C. F. Lai Architect 70 Elmrill Road Markham, ON L6C 2P6 (416) / (905) Spectrum Architect 15 Allstate Parkway, Ste. 300 Markham, ON L3R 5B4 (905) / (905) Szeto Architect 70 Gibson Drive, Unit 11 Markham, ON L3R 4C2 (905) / (905) The Arcop Group, Architects 600 Cochrane Drive, 5th Floor Markham, ON L3R 5K3 (416) / (416) URS Architects & Engineers Canada Inc. 30 Leek Crescent, 4th floor Markham, ON L4B 4N4 (905) / (905) Venchiarutti Gagliardi Architect Inc John Street, Unit 1B Markham, ON L3R 2W5 (905) / (905) MERRICKVILLE Eric Haar Architect Inc. 106 Colborne Street E., P.O. Box 51 Merrickville, ON K0G 1N0 (613) / (613) MILFORD Building Permit Services By Architect Inc. 158 Scottsmill Road Milford, ON K0K 2P0 (416) MILTON Brian Williams Architect 176 Sarah Street Milton, ON L9T 1H2 (905) / (905) Green Propeller Design Inc. 336 Bronte Street S., Unit 29 Milton, ON L9T 7W6 (905) / (905) John D. Dorris, Architect 159 Wakefield Road Milton, ON L9T 2L7 (905) / (905) Our Cool Blue Architects Inc. 310 Main Street E., Ste. 203 Milton, ON L9T 1P4 (905) / (905) MISSISSAUGA Akitt, Swanson + Pearce Architects Inc Dunwin Drive Mississauga, ON L5L 1X2 (905) / (905) Allen & Sherriff Architects, Inc Explorer Drive, Ste. 28 Mississauga, ON L4W 4T7 (905) / (905) Almond Frasier Architect 1777 Covington Terrace Mississauga, ON L5M 3M5 (647) Antrix Architects Inc Britannia Road E. Mississauga, ON L4W 3X1 (905) / (888) Apexx Management Group 47 Pine Avenue S. Mississauga, ON L5H 2P5 (905) Atelier Architect Madunic Inc Eglinton Avenue E. Mississauga, ON L4W 1K8 (905) / (905) Axiis Architects 2900 Rio Court, Unit 148 Mississauga, ON L5M 7H8 (416) BW art Design Studio 4101 Westminister Place, Unit 32 Mississauga, ON L4W 4X4 (905) / (905) David Peters, Architect Inc. 230 Lakeshore Road E., #201 Mississauga, ON L5G 1G7 (905) / (905) Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc Shawson Drive, Ste. 100 Mississauga, ON L4W 1C3 (905) / (905) Hank H H Lee Architect Inc McFarren Blvd. Mississauga, ON L5M 5X8 (905) / (905) Hatch Architects Ltd Speakman Drive Mississauga, ON L5K 2R7 (905) Hossack & Associates Architects Incorporated 2155 Dunwin Drive, Unit 5 Mississauga, ON L5L 4M1 (905) / (905) InstilR Studio 2625 Misener Crescent Mississauga, ON L5K 1M9 (905) J. H. Rust Architect Inc Central Pkwy W., Ste. 30, 2nd Fl. Mississauga, ON L5C 4E5 (905) / (905) J. Milcic Architect 191 Wyndham Street Mississauga, ON L5M 1N4 (905) / (905) Jason Chiu, Architect 5351 Forest Hill Drive Mississauga, ON L5M 5B7 (416) Jenka Design Inc. 863 Lakeshore Road E., Ste. 2 Mississauga, ON L5E 1E2 (416) / (905) John Wong Architect 819 Messenger Meadow Court Mississauga, ON L5C 4B3 (905) / (905)

49 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Kenneth Isaac Architect Inc Village Centre Court, Ste. 201 Mississauga, ON L4Z 1S2 (905) / (905) M.E. McAuley Architect Inc Treviso Terrace Mississauga, ON L5N 4K3 (416) / (905) Michael Spaziani Architect Inc. 6 Helene Street N., Ste. 100 Mississauga, ON L5G 3B2 (905) / (905) Orlando Design Services Inc Airport Road, Ste. 500 Mississauga, ON L4V 1E3 (905) / (905) Pavlo Tourko Architect 1985 Bough Beeches Blvd. Mississauga, ON L4W 2J9 (416) Pedro Pimentel Architect Inc. 111 Floradale Drive Mississauga, ON L5B 1G1 (905) / (905) RSM Architecture Inc., Architect 6625 Kitimat Road, Unit 45 Mississauga, ON L5N 6J1 (905) / (905) Shahnaz Samuel Architect 6321 Tenth Line W. Mississauga, ON L5N 5T5 (647) Spiracle Design Architects Inc Golden Locust Drive Mississauga, ON L5N 8N8 (905) / (905) magid.youssef@spiracle Stafford Haensli Architects Incorporated 25 Watline Avenue, Ste. 300 Mississauga, ON L4Z 2Z1 (905) / (905) Stark Architects Inc Matheson Blvd. E., Ste. 317 Mississauga, ON L4W 4Y9 (905) / (905) Studio ua Erin Centre Blvd., Ste. 411 Mississauga, ON L5M 6Z7 (647) The Research in Architecture Studio 1801 Lakeshore Road W., Unit 6 P.O. Box Mississauga, ON L5J 1J0 (905) Thomas Walker Architect 5160 Explorer Drive, #30 Mississauga, ON L4W 4T7 (905) / (905) Veer Design Studio Inc Britannia Road W., Unit 1 Mississauga, ON L5M 0G1 (647) VYOM Architectural Solutions 3354 Brandon gate Drive Mississauga, ON L4T 2G4 (647) / (905) MT. BRYDGES Velta Baumanis Architect Christina Road, R.R. #3 Mt. Brydges, ON N0L 1W0 (519) / NEPEAN Anthony Pearson Architect 10 Revol Road Nepean, ON K2G 0B9 (613) / (613) Archicana 323 Ventanna Way Nepean, ON K2J 0Y1 (613) / (613) Katz & Ritchie Architects 34 Fieldcrest Avenue Nepean, ON K2J 4Y8 (613) M. David Blakely Architect Inc. 210 Colonnade Road, Unit #2 Nepean, ON K2E 7L5 (613) / (613) Peter Darwish Architect 10 Castlethorpe Crescent Nepean, ON K2G 5P5 (613) / (613) Vincent P. Colizza Architect Incorporated 301 Moodie Drive, Ste. #105 Nepean, ON K2H 9C4 (613) / (613) NEWMARKET ArchEye Architect Inc. 132 Trailhead Avenue Newmarket, ON L3X 2Z6 (905) / (905) Kojo La-Anyane Architect 610 Gagnon Pl. Newmarket, ON L3X 1V8 (905) / (905) Yuri Sura, Architect 193 Beechwood Crescent Newmarket, ON L3Y 1W2 (905) NIAGARA FALLS Chapman Murray Associates Architects Inc Colborne Street Niagara Falls, ON L2J 4B9 (905) / (905) Michael D. Allen Architect Inc Matthews Drive Niagara Falls, ON L2H 2Y9 (905) / (905) Peter J. Lesdow Architect 6710 Drummond Road, Unit 6 Niagara Falls, ON L2G 4P1 (905) Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc Queen Street, Studio 2 Niagara Falls, ON L2E 2L9 (905) / (905) The Office of Edward D. Russell Architect Inc Sodom Road Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6S6 (905) / (905) NIAGARA-ON-THE-LAKE Henry Swinkels Architect 972 Line 3, R.R. #2 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0 (289) Julian Smith and Associates, Architects 33 Ricardo Street, P.O. Box 484 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0 (905) Markham High Tech Inc. Architects 235 Victoria Street Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0 (905) / (905) Victor Tarnoy Architect 18 Wilberforce Drive, P.O. Box 1045 Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0 (905) / (905) NORTH BAY Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture Inc. 528 Cassells Street North Bay, ON P1B 3Z7 (705) / (705) Frank Broomhead Architect 32 Huron Crescent North Bay, ON P1A 3V1 (705) An Endless Choice of Stone Selection of Lightweight Facing Stone or Full Depth Stone Facing the Future Digital catalogues now available Naturally Preferred Telephone Toll Free PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 49

50 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers & Architects Progress Road North Bay, ON P1A 0B8 (705) / (705) L. P. Delean 528 Cassells Street North Bay, ON P1B 3Z7 (705) / (705) Larocque Elder Architects, Architectes Inc th Avenue E. North Bay, ON P1B 1N6 (705) / (705) Lyle Architects 261 Regal Road North Bay, ON P1B 8G4 (705) / (705) Mitchell Architects Inc. 124a Main Street E. North Bay, ON P1B 1A8 (705) / (705) OAKVILLE ATA Architects Inc. 211 Lakeshore Road E. Oakville, ON L6J 1H7 (905) / (905) AWS Architects 610 Ford Drive, Ste. 338 Oakville, ON L6J 7W4 (416) Brian Luey Architect 88 Dunn Street, Ste. 302 Oakville, ON L6J 3C7 (905) / (905) Cameron Architect Inc. 99 Bronte Road, Ste. 920 Oakville, ON L6L 3B7 (416) / (416) Common Ground Architecture Inc Wyecroft Road, Ste. 4 Oakville, ON L6L 6W1 (905) / (905) de Silva Architect 2275 Upper Middle Road E., Ste. 101 Oakville, ON L6H 0C3 (905) / (905) Elroy van Groll, Architect 345 Lakeshore Road E., Ste. 402 Oakville, ON L6J 1J5 (905) / (905) F. Manteghi, Architect 1261 Baldwin Drive Oakville, ON L6J 2W4 (905) Glenn Piotrowski Architect 167 Navy Street Oakville, ON L6J 2Z6 (905) / (905) Glenn Piotrowski Architect Ltd. 167 Navy Street Oakville, ON L6J 2Z6 (905) / (905) Gren Weis Architect + Associates 341 Kerr Street, Ste. 210 Oakville, ON L6K 3B7 (905) / (905) Gus Ricci Architect 64 Rebecca Street Oakville, ON L6K 1J2 (905) / (905) John Willmott Architect, Inc. 594 Chartwell Road, Ste. 3 Oakville, ON L6J 4A5 (905) / (905) K. Paul Architect 2660 Sherwood Heights Drive, Ste. 200 Oakville, ON L6J 7Y8 (905) / Michael Pettes Architect Inc. 323 Kerr Street, Ste. 203 Oakville, ON L6K 3B6 (905) / (905) momentum architect 2062 Lakeshore Road W. Oakville, ON L6L 1G7 (905) / (905) Neil J. McDonald, Architect Inc. 124 Kerr Street Oakville, ON L6K 3A7 (905) / (905) North American Retail Architects Inc. (NARA) 345 Lakeshore Road E., Ste. 400 Oakville, ON L6L 1J5 (905) / (905) Paul Hastings Architect 1317 Valerie Crescent Oakville, ON L6J 7E2 (905) / (905) Richard J. Turski, Architect 1315 Creekside Drive Oakville, ON L6H 4Y6 (905) Richard Mann Architect 153 Woodhaven Park Drive Oakville, ON L6L 4K4 (905) The Hicks Partnership Inc. 345 Lakeshore Road E., Ste. 400 Oakville, ON L6L 1J5 (905) / (905) Vanbetlehem Architect Inc Speers Road Oakville, ON L6L 2X4 (905) / (905) OHSWEKEN Two Row Architect P.O. Box 77, Chiefswood Road Ohsweken, ON N0A 1M0 (519) / (519) ORANGEVILLE Dickinson + Hicks Architects Inc. 45 Mill Street Orangeville, ON L9W 2M4 (519) / (519) Ian Starkey Architect 210 Broadway, Ste. 208 Orangeville, ON L9W 5G4 (519) / (519) Joel Wells Architect Incorporated 190 Broadway, Ste. 206 Orangeville, ON L9W 1K3 (519) / (519) KRA Architects 3 Rose Ridge Lane, R.R. #5 Orangeville, ON L9W 2Z2 (519) / (519) ORILLIA Bohdan M. Chorny Architect 126 Mississaga Street E. Orillia, ON L3V 1V7 (800) / (800) Roderick H. Young, Architect 102 Laclie Street, P.O. Box 10 Orillia, ON L3V 6H9 (705) / (705) Steve McKerroll Architect 3783 Tuppy Drive, R.R. #7 Orillia, ON L3V 6H7 (705) OSHAWA John Moses Architect Inc. 480 Sandalwood Court Oshawa, ON L1G 7X9 (905) / (905) Lennis Trotter, Architect 168 Centre Street S. Oshawa, ON L1H 4A6 (905) / (905) Mills & Associates Ltd., Architect 215 Simcoe Street N., 2nd Floor Oshawa, ON L1G 4T1 (905) / (905) OTTAWA A-DN Architecture Design Inc Ogilvie, Ste. B6 Ottawa, ON K1J 8M7 (866) / (613) Alcaide Webster Architects Inc Carling Avenue, Ste. 202 Ottawa, ON K1Z 7K8 (613) / (613) Angelo Mattia Spadola Architect 51 Young Street Ottawa, ON K1S 3H6 (613) / (613) ARCA-VERDE 243 Keyworth Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Y 0G2 (613) Atelier 292 Architect Inc. 292 Main Street Ottawa, ON K1S 1E1 (613) / (613) Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects Incorporated 63 Pamilla Street Ottawa, ON K1S 3K7 (613) / (613) Barry Padolsky Associates Inc. Architects Mercury Court, 377 Dalhousie St., Ste. 313 Ottawa, ON K1N 9N8 (613) / (613) BBB Architects Ottawa Inc. 47 Clarence Street, Ste. 400 Ottawa, ON K1N 9K1 (613) / (613) Bohacek Associates Inc. 84 Sherbrooke Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Y 1R9 (613) / (613) 50 PROFILES

51 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Brian K. Clark, Architect 203 Catherine Street, Ste. 201 Ottawa, ON K2P 1C3 (613) / (613) Bryden Martel Architects Incorporated/ Bryden Martel Architectes Incorporee 1066 Somerset Street W., Ste. #200 Ottawa, ON K1Y 4T3 (613) / (613) Cardinal Conley & Associates Inc. 738A Bank Street, Ste. 202 Ottawa, ON K1S 3V4 (613) Christopher A. Leggett Architect Inc. 233 Clemow Avenue Ottawa, ON K1S 2B5 (613) / (613) Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc. The Annex, 45 Eccles Street Ottawa, ON K1R 6S3 (613) / (613) Civitas Architecture Incorporated, Architect 14 Chamberlain Avenue, Ste. 101 Ottawa, ON K1S 1V9 (613) / (613) Cole + Associates Architects Inc. 595 Byron Avenue Ottawa, ON K2A 4C4 (613) / (613) Colizza Bruni Architecture Inc. 76 Chamberlain Avenue Ottawa, ON K1S 1J9 (613) / (613) Costantino + Associates Architect Incorporated 57 Spruce Street Ottawa, ON K1R 6N8 (613) / (613) CSV Consultants Inc. Architects Somerset Street W. Ottawa, ON K1Y 4T3 (613) / (613) CSV Architects is an Ottawa-based architectural practice registered to work both in Ontario and the Northwest Territories focused on the design of Institutional, Commercial and Multiple Unit Residential projects. David J. Bryden, Architect 1066 Somerset Street W., Ste. 200 Ottawa, ON K1Y 4T3 (613) / (613) David S. McRobie Architects Inc. 66 Queen Street, Ste. 100 Ottawa, ON K1P 5C6 (613) / (613) Derek Crain Architect Inc. 559 Cambridge Street S. Ottawa, ON K1S 4J4 (613) / (613) Desmarais Cousineau Yaghjian St. Jean + Associates, Architects 47 Clarence Street, Ste. 406 Ottawa, ON K1N 9K1 (613) / (613) Dextor A. Edwards, Architect 88 Centrepointe Drive, Ste. 100 Ottawa, ON K2G 6B1 (613) / (819) Diane Whalen Architect 109 Goulburn Avenue Ottawa, ON K1N 8C9 (613) Douglas B. Pollard Architect 700 Montreal Road Ottawa, ON K1A 0P7 (613) / (613) Douglas Cardinal Architect Inc. 14 Lodge Road, Ste. 200 Ottawa, ON K2C 3H1 (613) / (613) Douglas Hardie Architect Inc. 311 Richmond Road, Ste. 301 Ottawa, ON K1Z 6X3 (613) / (613) Echelon Architectural Services Inc. 51 Dunn Street Ottawa, ON K2K 3J8 (613) Edward J. Cuhaci and Associates, Architects Inc. 171 Slater Street, Ste. 100 Ottawa, ON K1P 5H7 (613) / (613) ema ARCHITECTS inc. The Telephone Exchange Building, 43 Eccles Street, 2nd Floor Ottawa, ON K1R 6S3 (613) / (613) Emmell Architect 3203 Riverside Drive Ottawa, ON K1V 8N8 (613) / (613) Erskine Dredge & Associates Architects Inc Holland Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Y 4R9 (613) / (613) Farrow Dreessen Architects Inc Wellington Street W. Ottawa, ON K1Y 3C1 (613) / (613) G. D. Conway Architect 185 Mafeking Avenue Ottawa, ON K1K 2V4 (613) / (613) Georgia Angelique Pezoulas Architect 192 Holmwood Avenue Ottawa, ON K1S 2P4 (613) / (613) Gerrie Doyle Architect 23 Linden Terrace Ottawa, ON K1S 1Z1 (613) / (613) Gordon Stokoe Architect 45 Ossington Avenue Ottawa, ON K1S 3B5 (613) / (613) grc architects inc. 47 Clarence Street, Ste. 401 Ottawa, ON K1N 9K1 (613) / (613) Harish Gupta, Architect Inc Plante Drive Ottawa, ON K1V 9E6 (613) / (613) HDR Architecture Associates, Inc Carling Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Z 8R9 (613) / (613) Among the largest healthcare architects in Canada, HDR is a full service design firm specializing in Healthcare, Science+Technology and Civic, with four offices in Ontario, 20 in the U.S. HiddenCity Architect 201 Keyworth Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Y 0E8 (613) Craftsmanship. Style. Performance. Carefully crafted with outstanding quality, superior functionality and unmatched performance; all backed by the best warranty in the business. It s easy to see why more architects, contractors and homeowners specify Strassburger Windows and Doors or visit Kitchener Head Office and Showroom 2101 Shirley Dr., Kitchener ON N2B 3X Barrie Office and Showroom 18 Alliance Blvd., Unit 2, Barrie ON L4M 5A Vinyl windows, patio and entrance doors for the replacement, renovation and new-construction markets PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 51

52 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN HOK Architects Corporation 205 Catherine Street, #101 Ottawa, ON K2P 1C3 (613) / (613) HOK is a global design firm that specializes in planning, architecture, design, and delivery solutions for sustainable interiors, building and communities. Honorata P. Roseman, Architect 7 Bower Street Ottawa, ON K1S 0J9 (613) IBI Group Architects 333 Preston Street, Ste. 400 Ottawa, ON K1S 5N4 (613) / (613) j. Guy Monette Architect 308A Fairmont Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Y 1Y8 (613) J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers & Architects 864 Lady Ellen Pl. Ottawa, ON K1Z 5M2 (613) / (613) James Farrow, Architect 1350 Wellington Street W. Ottawa, ON K1Y 3C1 (613) / (613) Jane Thompson Architect 404 MacKay Street Ottawa, ON K1M 2C4 (613) / (866) Janice van Baaren, Architect 518 Hillcrest Avenue Ottawa, ON K2A 2M9 (613) / (613) Jason C. Flynn Architect Inc Bank Street Ottawa, ON K1S 3X6 (613) / (866) John Donkin Architect Inc. 138 Hopewell Avenue Ottawa, ON K1S 2Z3 (613) / (613) John G. Davies, Architect, Incorporated P.O. Box 4429, Station E Ottawa, ON K1S 5B4 (613) / (613) Joseph Liff Architect 83 Hinton Avenue N. Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Z7 (613) / (613) Kevin Deevey, architect inc. 51 Ivy Crescent Ottawa, ON K1M 1Y1 (613) KWC Architects Inc. 110 Argyle Avenue Ottawa, ON K2P 1B4 (613) / (613) Lalande + Doyle Architects Inc. 207 Queen Street, Ste. 400 Ottawa, ON K1P 6E5 (613) / (613) Lara McKendrick Architect 73 Sherbrooke Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Y 1R8 (613) Len Ward Architecture, Inc Bank Street Ottawa, ON K1S 3X7 (613) / (613) Leonard Koffman, Architect 1300 Carling Avenue, Ste. 301 Ottawa, ON K1Z 7L2 (613) / (613) Liff & Tolot Architects Incorporated 83 Hinton Avenue N. Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Z7 (613) / (613) Linda Chapman Architect 233 Argyle Avenue Ottawa, ON K2P 1B8 (613) / (613) LineBox Studio Inc. 55 Evelyn Avenue Ottawa, ON K1N 0C6 (613) Live Architecture 44 Caroline Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Y 0S7 (613) M.E. Johnston Architect 110 Nelson Street, Ste. 504 Ottawa, ON K1N 9P2 (613) / (613) Mark Glassford Architect 257 Guiges Avenue Ottawa, ON K1N 5J5 (613) / (613) Mark Gray Architect 118 Sunnyside Avenue Ottawa, ON K1S 0R1 (613) Martineau Architecture Inc. 2 Vezina Place Ottawa, ON K2K 3G9 (613) Melina Craig Architect Inc Carling Avenue, Ste. 6 Ottawa, ON K1Y 4E8 (613) Michael Brum Architect 529 Echo Drive Ottawa, ON K1S 1N7 (613) / Michael Kelly Architect 377 Dalhousie Street, Ste. 313 Ottawa, ON K1N 9N8 (613) / (613) Moriyama & Teshima Architects 109 Murray Street Ottawa, ON K1N 5M5 (613) Morris Melamed, Architect 116 Stonebriar Drive Ottawa, ON K2G 5Y1 (613) / (613) MTBA - Mark Thompson Brandt Architect & Associates Inc. 112 Nelson Street, Studio 102 Ottawa, ON K1N 7R5 (613) / (613) Award-winning architecture, urbanism and conservation firm: over 30 years of experience and high level expertise in preservation, rehabilitation, adaptive reuse, heritage value intervention evaluations, sustainability and Eco-District projects. Nicholas Caragianis Architect Inc. 137 Pamilla Street Ottawa, ON K1S 3K9 (613) / (613) NORR Limited, Architects and Engineers 55 Murray Street, Ste. 600 Ottawa, ON K1N 5M3 (613) / (613) Open Plan Architects Inc. 457 Slater Street Ottawa, ON K1R 5C2 (613) Ovidio Sbrissa & The Architect s Workshop Inc Wellington Street W. Ottawa, ON K1Y 2Y6 (613) / (613) Parkin Architects Limited 20 James Street, Ste. 200 Ottawa, ON K2P 0T6 (613) / (613) PBK Architects Inc Queensview Drive Ottawa, ON K2B 8K2 (613) / (613) Perkins+Will Canada Inc. 485 Bank Street, Ste. 204 Ottawa, ON K2P 1Z2 (613) / (613) Peter J. Kindree, Architect 79 Hinton Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Y 0Z7 (613) / (613) Peter Moy Architect 9-21 Midland Crescent Ottawa, ON K2H 8P6 (613) Philippe Doyle, Architect 207 Queen Street, Ste. 400 Ottawa, ON K1P 6E5 (613) / (613) Popovic Routhier Architects Inc. 124 O Connor Street, Ste. 200 Ottawa, ON K1P 5M9 (613) / (613) Prelude Associates Ltd Innes Road, Ste. 210 Ottawa, ON K1C 1T1 (613) / (613) Pye & Richards, Architects Inc. 824 Meath Street Ottawa, ON K1Z 6E8 (613) / (613) Richard Chmiel Architect & Associates Incorporated 109 Bank Street, Ste. 200 Ottawa, ON K1P 5N5 (613) / (613) Rickson Outhet Architect 319 Daly Avenue Ottawa, ON K1N 6G6 (613) / (613) 52 PROFILES

53 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Robert J. Smith Architect 201 Parkdale Avenue, Unit 801 Ottawa, ON K1Y 1E8 (613) Robert Taylor Architect Inc. 314 First Avenue Ottawa, ON K1S 2G8 (613) Robertson Martin Architects Incorporated 216 Pretoria Avenue Ottawa, ON K1S 1X2 (613) / (613) Roderick Lahey Architect Inc. Ste Carling Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Z 7M1 (613) / (613) Rosaline J. Hill Architect 1404 Larose Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Z 7X7 (613) Rubin & Rotman Associes, Architectes 190 Somerset Street W., Ste. 206 Ottawa, ON K2P 0J4 (613) S Monk Architect Inc. 50 Camelot Drive, Ste. 202 Ottawa, ON K2G 5X8 (613) / (613) S.A. Stefanison, Architect Inc Garfield Avenue Ottawa, ON K2C 0W8 (613) / (613) S.J. Lawrence Architect Incorporated 18 Deakin Street, Ste. 205 Ottawa, ON K2E 8B7 (613) / (613) Schoeler & Heaton, Architects Inc. 180 Metcalfe, Ste. 401 Ottawa, ON K2P 1P5 (613) / (613) Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Incorporated Ste Ottawa Station 200 Tremblay Road Ottawa, ON K1G 3H5 (613) Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects 1505 Laperriere Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Z 7T1 (613) / (613) Stewart + Tsai Architects Inc. 160 Clemow Avenue Ottawa, ON K1S 2B4 (613) / (613) Susan D. Smith Architect 1288 Kingston Avenue Ottawa, ON K1Z 8L2 (613) / Temprano & Young Architects Inc. 280 Metcalfe Street, Ste. 203 Ottawa, ON K2P 1R7 (613) / (613) Thomas E. Blood, Architect 22 Antares Drive, Ste. #202 Ottawa, ON K2E 7Z6 (613) / (613) Troy Harper, Architect 60 McLeod Street, Ste. 607 Ottawa, ON K2P 2G1 (613) Vandenberg & Wildeboer Architects Inc. The Old Stone Lodge, 160 Flamborough Way Ottawa, ON K2K 3H9 (613) / (613) Vermeulen/Hind Architects Inc. 485 Bank Street, Ste. 204 Ottawa, ON K2P 1Z2 (613) / (613) Veronica Nunn de Pencier Architect 2 Middleton Drive Ottawa, ON K1M 1B8 (613) / (613) Watson MacEwen Teramura Architects 116 Lisgar Street, Ste. 400 Ottawa, ON K2P 0C2 (613) / (613) Woodman Architect & Associates Ltd Beechwood Avenue Ottawa, ON K1L 8L9 (613) / (613) Y.C. Lee Architect Company Limited 330 Wilbrod Street, Unit 4 Ottawa, ON K1N 6M5 (613) OTTAWA (STITTSVILLE) David Mailing Architect Associates Inc. 57 Kyle Avenue Ottawa (Stittsville), ON K2S 1G9 (613) / (613) OWEN SOUND G.M. Diemert Architect Inc. 957 Fourth Avenue E., Ste. 201 Owen Sound, ON N4K 2N9 (519) / (519) Makrimichalos Cugini, Architects 870 3rd Avenue E., Ste. 201 Owen Sound, ON N4K 6K6 (519) / (519) PARIS David Parrish, Architect and Company 919 West Dumfries Road Paris, ON N3L 3E2 (519) Dowling Architects 14 Banfield Street Paris, ON N3L 2Y4 (519) PARRY SOUND Furniture Architecture and Design Group 92 James Street, Unit 8 Parry Sound, ON P2A 1T9 (705) / (866) PEMBROKE Morris Thuemen, Architects Inc. 211 Hincks Street Pembroke, ON K8A 4N7 (613) / (613) Tony Gardynik Architect Inc. 84 Isabella Street Pembroke, ON K8A 5S5 (613) / (613) PERTH B. J. Edmundson Architect Inc. 40 Sunset Boulevard, Ste. B30, R. R. #1 Perth, ON K7H 2Y4 (613) / (613) Geoff Hodgins Architect 1 Sherbrooke Street E., Ste. 303 Perth, ON K7H 1A1 (613) / (613) Chute Systems - Linen - Waste/Recycling PETAWAWA Colbourne & Kembel, Architects Inc. 18 Cardinal Crescent Petawawa, ON K8H 3N9 (613) PETERBOROUGH Barrada Architects Inc. 260 McGill Street Peterborough, ON K9J 1W5 (705) / (705) Gregg Gordon Architect 516 Hunter Street W. Peterborough, ON K9H 2N1 (705) / (705) Lett Architects Inc. 171 King Street Peterborough, ON K9J 2R8 (705) / (705) Matthew T. Harvey, Architect 103 Auburn Street Peterborough, ON K9H 2G3 (705) / (705) Royden Moran Architect 385 Reid Street Peterborough, ON K9H 4G4 (705) Trevelyan Architect Inc. 148 Hunter Street W., Ste. 201 Peterborough, ON K9H 2K8 (705) / (705) PICKERING RAI Architect Inc Clements Road, Ste. 266 Pickering, ON L1W 3V4 (905) / (905) The Industry Leader PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 53

54 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN PICTON Brian Clark Architect 525 County Road 11, R. R. #1 Picton, ON K0K 2T0 (613) / (613) E.R.A. Architects Inc County Road 10, R.R. #3 Picton, ON K0K 2T0 (613) / (613) PORT COLBORNE Quartek Group Inc. Architects, Engineers 378 King Street Port Colborne, ON L3K 4H2 (905) PORT DALHOUSIE Joseph G.A. Colonna Architect Inc. 8 Paxton Avenue Port Dalhousie, ON L2N 5H8 (905) / (905) PORT HOPE Christopher Wallace Architect The Canton Mill, 4476 County Road 10 R.R. #1 Port Hope, ON L1A 3V5 (905) / (905) Foord & Taylor Limited, Architect 30 Bruton Street Port Hope, ON L1A 1T9 (905) / (905) Philip Goldsmith Architect 46 Dorset Street E. Port Hope, ON L1A 1E3 (905) / (905) Piccini Architect 148 Walton Street, Unit 2 Port Hope, ON L1A 1N6 (905) / (905) PUSLINCH Paula Hamilton Architect R. R. #2, 1510 Gore Road Puslinch, ON N0B 2J0 (905) / (905) RICHMOND HILL Abelman Architect 44 Sweet Water Crescent Richmond Hill, ON L4S 2A9 (416) Allan Barrett Architect 36 Portage Avenue Richmond Hill, ON L4E 2Z4 (905) / (905) Allen & Sherriff Architects, Inc Yonge Street, Ste. 200 Richmond Hill, ON L4C 5K9 (905) / (905) AWS Architects 75 Nantucket Drive Richmond Hill, ON L4E 3V9 (905) D. Lus Architect Inc. 58 Baynards Lane Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9B4 (416) / (905) David Sujitno Tjan, Architect 19 Alexandra Wood Richmond Hill, ON L4B 2L1 (905) / (905) Doris L.K. Cheung Architect Inc. 20 Wertheim Court, Unit 20 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3A8 (905) / (905) Eugene Kuan Architect 1 West Pearce Street, Ste. 205 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K3 (905) / (905) G2 Consulting Architects Inc. 23 Pearl Gate Court Richmond Hill, ON L4B 2R2 (416) Heman Shih Architect Inc. 26 Trish Drive Richmond Hill, ON L4E 5C5 (905) / (905) HJ Architects Inc. 152 Shadow Falls Drive Richmond Hill, ON L4E 0N9 (416) / (416) I. V. Tikhomirova Architect 56 Garden Avenue Richmond Hill, ON L4C 6L9 (416) IBI Group Architects 9133 Leslie Street, Ste. 200 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 4N1 (905) / (905) Jeffrey M. Swartz Architect 77 Baynards Lane Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9B9 (416) / (905) John G. Williams Limited, Architect 40 Vogell Road, Unit 46 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3N6 (905) / (905) K & I Architecture 66 Oak Avenue Richmond Hill, ON L4C 6R7 (416) / (905) Lowell Lo Design Inc., Architect 7805 Bayview Avenue, Ste Richmond Hill, ON L3T 7N1 (905) Maher Salem Shahatit 19 Subrisco Avenue Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1B1 (905) Master Building Inc. 15 Wertheim Court, Ste. 511 Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3H7 (416) / (416) Michael Cicerani Architects Inc. 76 Roseview Avenue Richmond Hill, ON L4C 1C8 (647) Robert Segarra Architect Inc. 95 Weldrick Road E., #63 Richmond Hill, ON L4C 6H0 (905) / (905) Ryan Company Architect Inc. 154 Mill Street Richmond Hill, ON L4C 4A9 (905) / (905) Studio Linea Architects Incorporated 125 Weldrick Road W., Ste. 20 Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3V2 (905) / (905) Thomas K.K. Yeung 414 Oceanside Avenue Richmond Hill, ON L4C 2Z8 (416) / (905) RIDGEWAY Jason Pizzicarola Design - Architects Inc. 296 Ridge Road N., Ste. 201 Ridgeway, ON L0S 1N0 (905) / (905) SARNIA David Gilchrist, Architect 907 Devine Street Sarnia, ON N7T 1X3 (519) / (519) SAULT STE. MARIE Caughill Consulting Services Inc., Engineer and Architect 536C Fourth Line E. Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 5K8 (705) / (705) Chris Tossell, Architect 531 River Road, Unit 3 Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 6X7 (705) david ellis architect inc. 255 Pim Street Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6B 2T3 (705) / (705) EPOH Inc. Architects and Consulting Engineer 726 Queen Street E. Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2A9 (705) / (705) MGP Architects. Engineer Inc. 123 East Street Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 3C7 (705) / (705) TAL.VT Architect Inc. 51 Margaret Street Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 6J7 (705) / (705) SCUGOG (PORT PERRY) Marc J. Riva, Architect Lake Ridge Road Scugog (Port Perry), ON L9L 1V8 (905) SEBRINGVILLE Architect s Vision 92 Perth Road 130 Sebringville, ON N0K 1X0 (226) SHARON Dennis K. Tanaka, Architect Inc. 14 Colonel Wayling Boulevard Sharon, ON L0G 1V0 (905) / (905) SIMCOE G. Douglas Vallee Limited, Engineers and Architect 2 Talbot Street N. Simcoe, ON N3Y 3W4 (519) / (519) SIOUX LOOKOUT Keewatin-Aski Ltd., Consulting Engineers, Architect 61 Queen Street, P.O. Box 510 Sioux Lookout, ON P8T 1A8 (807) / (807) 54 PROFILES

55 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN SOUTH PORCUPINE Fennell Architect 25 Hellen Avenue South Porcupine, ON P0N 1H0 (705) / (705) SOUTHAMPTON Montgomery Philip King Architect Inc. 383 McNabb Street, Unit 124, Box 977 Southampton, ON N0H 2L0 (519) / (519) SPENCERVILLE PTAH Consultants Inc. Architects 8055 Campbell Road Spencerville, ON K0E 1X0 (613) / (613) ST. CATHARINES 2M Architects Inc. 115 Lake Street St. Catharines, ON L2R 5X7 (905) / (905) Allen & Chui Architects Inc. 443 Eastchester Avenue St. Catharines, ON L2M 6S2 (905) / (905) Archway and Associate Architect 7 Vergorda Circle St. Catharines, ON L2T 2P1 (905) / (905) Carson Brian Cook Architect Inc. 156 Street Paul Street St. Catharines, ON L2R 3M2 (905) / (905) J. David Pounder Limited, Consulting Engineer and Architect 8 Warrington Place St. Catharines, ON L2N 2N5 (905) / (905) John Gittings, Architect 81 Highland Avenue St. Catharines, ON L2R 4H9 (905) / (905) Larisa Brodsky Architect Inc. 156 Street Paul Street St. Catharines, ON L2R 3M2 (905) / (905) Macdonald Zuberec Ensslen Architects Inc. 39 Queen Street, Ste. 403 St. Catharines, ON L2R 5G6 (905) / (905) Parker Architects Inc. 156 Street Paul Street St. Catharines, ON L2R 3M2 (905) / (905) Quartek Group Inc. Architects, Engineers 89 Street Paul Street St. Catharines, ON L2R 3M3 (905) / (905) Robert Kimpinski Architect Ltd. 26 Church Street St. Catharines, ON L2R 3B6 (905) / (905) Venerino V.P. Panici Architect Inc. 146 James Street, P.O. Box 386 St. Catharines, ON L2R 6T7 (905) / (905) STELLA Nicholas Holman, Architect 1105 Third Concession Stella, ON K0H 2S0 (647) / (613) STONEY CREEK Grguric Architects Incorporated 28 King Street E., Unit B Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1J8 (905) / (905) STRATFORD GB Architect Inc. 430 Ontario Street Stratford, ON N5A 3J2 (519) / (519) Jeffrey Elliott, Architect 288 Woods Street Stratford, ON N5A 7T4 (519) Marklevitz Architects Inc. 516 Huron Street Stratford, ON N5A 5T7 (519) / (519) Michael A. Wilson Architect 178 Huron Street Stratford, ON N5A 5S8 (519) / R. Ritz, Architect 322 Ontario Street Stratford, ON N5A 3H8 (519) / (519) SUDBURY Castellan James + Partners Architects Inc. 289 Cedar Street, Ste. 300 Sudbury, ON P3B 1M8 (705) / (705) J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers & Architects Bouchard Street Sudbury, ON P3E 2K8 (705) / (705) PBK Architects Inc Kingsway Blvd., Unit 2 Sudbury, ON P3B 2G1 (705) / (705) Perry + Perry Architects Inc. 174 Larch St, Ste. 201 Sudbury, ON P3E 1C6 (705) / (705) Sawchuk Peach Associates - Architects 198 Oak Street Sudbury, ON P3C 1M7 (705) / (705) Wicklander Associates Inc., Architect 2508 Eden Township Road Sudbury, ON P3G 1M1 (705) / (705) Set your projects apart. Arriscraft continues to impress the industry with innovative and stunning designs. From highly versatile, thin clad units to cutting-edge building stone, Arriscraft delivers the most dynamic selection of residential and commercial stone products. Arriscraft. Simply stone. TM Yallowega Belanger Architecture 255 Larch Street Sudbury, ON P3B 1M2 (705) / (705) SUNDERLAND Archxes Design Inc., Architects S700, Con 2 Brock, RR 1 Sunderland, ON L0C 1H0 (905) / (905) TARA David James Diebel Architect 27 John Street, P.O. Box 18 Tara, ON N0H 2N0 (519) / (519) TECUMSEH Dory Azar Architect 870 Revland Drive Tecumseh, ON N8N 5B2 (519) THORNHILL Battaglia Associates Inc., Architect 104 John Street Thornhill, ON L3T 1Y5 (905) / (905) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 55

56 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Charles Cosentino Architect 99 Grenadier Crescent Thornhill, ON L4J 7V7 (905) / (416) Claudio Rabaglino Architect Inc. 16 McKelvey Drive Thornhill, ON L3T 5X7 (416) / (416) Dennis Sintic Architect 49 Alexis Road Thornhill, ON L3T 6Z9 (647) / (416) Haim Riback, Architect 2 Pinevale Road Thornhill, ON L3T 1J6 (905) / (905) Idels Architect Inc. 80 North Meadow Crescent Thornhill, ON L4J 3B1 (905) / (905) Irena Bombard Architect Inc. 392 Mullen Drive Thornhill, ON L4J 2P3 (905) / (905) Jonathan Weizel, Architect 36 Janesville Road Thornhill, ON L4J 6Z9 (905) / (905) LLM International Inc., Architect 50 Aileen Road Thornhill, ON L3T 5T1 (416) Marlene R. Scharf Slopack, Architect 60 Kings College Road Thornhill, ON L3T 5J8 (905) / (905) Meromorphic Design Group 87 Kings College Road Thornhill, ON L3T 5S1 (416) Sang-man Youn, Architect 38 Kings College Road Thornhill, ON L3T 5J7 (416) / (905) The Panel Group Inc. 505 Highway 7 E., Unit 262 Thornhill, ON L3T 7T1 (647) Variance Group Corporation 9 Mountbatten Road Thornhill, ON L4J 8A5 (416) THUNDER BAY Brook McIlroy Inc. 53 Water Street, P.O. Box 800 Thunder Bay, ON P7C 5K4 (807) DCSC Limited Architect + Engineer 679 Leslie Avenue Thunder Bay, ON P7A 1Z9 (807) / (807) FORM Architecture Engineering 131 Court Street N. Thunder Bay, ON P7A 4V1 (807) / (807) A trusted and influential multi-disciplinary design firm whose passion, commitment and respect help to create distinctive built environments that are better places for people to live, work and play. H. Bradford Green Architect Inc. 123 South Brodie Street, Ste. #1 Thunder Bay, ON P7E 1B8 (807) / (807) Habib Architects Inc Victoria Avenue E., 3rd Fl. Thunder Bay, ON P7C 1B7 (807) / (807) Leonard Alfred Wood Architect Ltd. 180 Park Avenue, Ste. 110 Thunder Bay, ON P7B 6J4 (807) / (807) PBK Architects Inc. 740 South Syndicate Avenue Thunder Bay, ON P7E 1E9 (807) / (807) RSR Architecture & Design Inc. 110 McComber Crescent Thunder Bay, ON P7A 7E8 (807) / (807) TIMMINS J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers & Architects 150 Algonquin Blvd., E., Ste. 201 Timmins, ON P4N 1A7 (705) / (705) PBK Architects Inc. 172 Algonquin Blvd. E. Timmins, ON P4N 1A9 (705) / (705) PBK Architects Inc. 834 Mountjoy Street S., P.O. Box 120 Timmins, ON P4N 7C5 (705) / (705) William A. Scott, Architect 345 Toke Street Timmins, ON P4N 6V6 (705) / (705) TINY Quantum Engineering 97 Copeland Creek Drive Tiny, ON L9M 0M2 (705) / (866) TORONTO 3 Sixty Architect Inc. 166A Bennett Road M1E 3Y3 (416) / (416) A Todaro Architect 25 Cole Street, Ste M5A 4M3 (416) / (416) A. Duncan Green, Architect 108 9th Street M8V 3E4 (416) / (416) A. Fazel Architect 2973 Lakeshore Blvd. W. M8V 1J5 (416) / (416) A. Robert Murphy Architect Inc. 2255B Queen Street E., Ste. #1100 M4E 1G3 (416) / (416) AA Bernal Architect 25 Telegram Mews, Ste M5V 3Z1 (416) AA Bernal Architect is a multidisciplinary practice with focus on sustainability and building asset renewal. ABBARCH Architecture Inc. 317 Adelaide Street W., Ste. 700 M5V 1P9 (416) / (416) ABSTRAKT Studio Architecture 180 Belsize Drive M4S 1M1 (416) / (416) ACI Architects Inc. 30 Furnival Road M4B 1W3 (647) / (647) ACI Wright Architects Inc Avenue Road, Ste. 204 M5M 4B4 (416) / (416) Adamson Associates Architects 401 Wellington Street W., 3rd Floor M5V 1E7 (416) / (416) Aedas Canada Limited 5415 Dundas Street W., Ste. 214 M9B 1B5 (416) / (416) AGATHOM Co. 3 Gilead Place M5A 3C8 (416) / (416) Agile Architects 2121 Lakeshore Blvd. W., Ste. 616 M8V 4E9 (416) Agnieszka Wloch Architect 13 Albemarle Avenue M4K 1H6 (416) Ahuva A.R. Woods, Architect 265 Ridley Boulevard, Ste M5M 4N8 (416) Alan Littlewood Architect 2121 Bathurst Street, Ste. 423 M5N 2P3 (416) / (416) Alan Maguire Architect 18 Cranbrooke Avenue M5M 1M4 (416) / (416) Alberghini Architect Inc. 85 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Ste M4H 1L6 (416) / (416) Alex Rebanks Architects Inc. 232 Rose Park Drive M4T 1R5 (416) / (416) 56 PROFILES

57 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Alexander Benedek, Architect 117 Roxborough Street W. M5R 1T9 (416) Allan D. Rae Architect Inc. 110 Clifton Road M4T 2G4 (416) / (416) We know where to draw the line! Allan Killin Architect Inc. 237 Grenadier Road M6R 1R9 (416) / (416) Allen & Chui Architects Inc. 100 Sunrise Avenue, Ste. 102 M4A 1B3 (416) / (416) Allied Architects Inc. 71 Stock Avenue M8Z 5C5 (416) / (416) Altius Architecture Inc., Architect 109 Atlantic Avenue, Ste. 201 M6K 1X4 (416) / (416) Amantea Architects 12 Ellis Park Road M6S 2V3 (416) AMB Architects Inc. 8 Seneca Hill Drive M2J 2W2 (416) / (416) Amy H. Lin, Architect 132 Curzon Street M4M 3B5 (647) Andisheh Architect 740 York Mills Road, Ste. 403 M3B 1W7 (416) / (416) Andre Sherman, Architect 135 Holmes Avenue M2N 4M5 (416) Andrew Morrison Architect Inc. 970 Bathurst Street M5R 3G4 (416) / (416) Andrew Thorpe Architect 612 Clinton Street M6G 2Z7 (416) Andritsos Architect International 416 Vaughan Road M6C 2P2 (416) Andrzej Wodkiewicz Architect 131 MacDonell Avenue M6R 2A4 (416) / (416) Angela Tsementzis Architects Shaw Street M6G 3N1 (416) Angus Skene Architect 142 Glendale Avenue M6R 2T2 (416) / (416) Ann Lawson Architect Inc Bloor Street W., Ste. 933 M8X 2Y8 (416) / (416) Anna Richter Architect 121 Hillsdale Avenue E. M4S 1T4 (416) / (416) Anna Voineskos, Architect 9 Hawthorn Avenue M4W 2Z1 (416) / (416) Annamaria Perruccio Architect 6C Portland street M5V 3N6 (647) Anthony Belcher Architect 900 Yonge Street, Ste. 504 M4W 3P5 (416) / (416) Anthony E. Marsh, Architect 63 Marlborough Avenue M5R 1X5 (416) / (416) Anthony Kemp Architect Inc. 672 Dupont Street, Ste. #410 M6G 1Z6 (416) / (416) Anthony Provenzano Architect 388 Manning Avenue, Ste. C M6G 2V7 (416) Antti Kotilainen Architect 135 Chaplin Crescent M5P 1A6 (416) / (416) Arcade Architecture and Design Inc. 197 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 200 M5T 2C8 (416) / (416) Archdesign Group Limited, Architects 1800A Avenue Road M5M 3Z1 (416) / (416) Architect 1:1 362 Beechgrove Drive, Ste. One M1E 4A5 (416) Architect Bernardo Cascone 14 Whitfield Avenue M9L 1E9 (416) Architect Ravi Doiphode Leeward Glenway, Ste M3C 2Z1 (416) Architects + Research + Knowledge Inc. 82 Peter Street, Ste. 100 M5V 2G5 (647) / (647) Architects Alliance 317 Adelaide Street W. #205 M5V 1P9 (416) / (416) Architects Crang and Boake Inc. 7 Raeburn Avenue M3H 1G6 (416) / (416) Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson Inc. 26 Soho Street, Ste. 202 M5T 1Z7 (416) / (416) Architecture ACT Incorporated 3 Bridgman Avenue, Ste. 200 M5R 3V4 (647) / (416) Architecture Counsel Inc. 110 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 600 M5V 2K4 (416) / (416) Architecture Project Management (APM) 32 Regal Road M6H 2J7 (416) / (416) Architecture Unfolded Inc. 219 Dufferin Street, Ste. 201B M6K 1Y9 (416) Architrave Design, Architect 12 Mill Cove M8X 2S5 (416) / AREA, Architects Rasch Eckler Associates Ltd. 15 Lola Road M5P 1E5 (416) / (416) AREA Architects is a full service firm, based in Toronto and operating across Canada extending over 30 years of practice. We offer our clients expertise in a wide range of areas including retail, commercial, residential, institutional and emergency services projects. We also specialize in the restoration and renovation of historic buildings, often integrating historic components into new developments. Arquinextia 8 Fee Place M5A 4G7 (416) Array International Architects Inc Eglinton Avnue E., Ste. 810 M3C 1H9 (416) / (416) Arsenault Architect Inc Dundas Street W. M9A 1C4 (416) / (416) Artful North Architect 12 Duplex Avenue M5P 2A3 (416) / (416) Arthur A. Wrigglesworth, Architect 101 Lyall Avenue M4E 1W6 (416) / (416) Asen Vitko Architect Inc. 19 Yorkville Avenue M4W 1L1 (416) / (416) Astra Burka Architect 118R Clinton Street M6G 2Y3 (416) Atelier Kastelic Buffey Inc. 176 John Street, #203 M5T 1X5 (416) / (416) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 57

58 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Athos Zaghi Architect 14 Lark Street M4L 3M6 (416) Atria Architects Inc. 36 Bypass Court M1T 1L1 (416) / (416) Audax Architecture Inc. 152 Davenport Road, 3rd Floor M5R 1J2 (416) Ava Janikowski Architect Inc Lakeshore Blvd. W. M8V 1J5 (416) / (416) Avenue Architecture Inc. 90 Eglinton Avenue E., Ste. 990 M4P 1A6 (416) / (866) Axiis Architect Design Inc. 250 Consumers Road, Ste. 616 M2J 4V6 (416) / (416) B+H Architects 481 University Avenue, Ste. 300 M5G 2H4 (416) / (416) B. R. Kushnir, Architect 14 Appleby Court M9B 5A2 (416) / (416) Baird Sampson Neuert Architects Inc. 317 Adelaide Street W., Ste M5V 1P9 (416) / (416) Baldwin & Franklin Architects Inc. 167 Richmond Street E. M5A 1N9 (416) / (416) Balind Architect Inc Eglinton Avenue W., Ste. 2 M6C 2E2 (416) / (416) Barry C. McFarquhar, Architect Avoca Avenue M4T 2B8 (647) Barry Goldman Architect 12 Bowman Street M4X 1T9 (416) / (416) Barry R. Cline, Architect 1 Palace Pier Court, Suite 1908 M8V 3W9 (416) / (416) my Bart Szoke Architect 257 Margueretta Street M6H 3S4 (416) / (416) Batay-Csorba Architects 212 Oakcrest Avenue M4C 1C2 (416) BBB Architects Toronto Inc. 14 Duncan Street, 4th Floor M5H 3G8 (416) / (416) Benjamin Schultz, Architect 1 Gardenia Court M2M 4G2 (416) / (416) Bernard E. W. Turkewitsch Inc. 152 Ridgewood Road M1C 2X2 (416) 30 years experience practicing Architecture. Creatively synthesizing sustainable solutions for living, learning, working and recreation. Consulting design process to implement client s aspirations into meaning-full light sculpted places. Building and property inspection. Bernard H. Watt, Architect 3 Follis Avenue, Ste. 101 M6G 1S4 (416) Bernatt Architect Ltd. 40 Wynford Drive, Ste. 312 M3C 1J5 (416) / (416) Bill Hurst Architect 26 Dixon Avenue M4L 1N3 (416) Bill Lobb Architect 136 Northcote Avenue, Ste. #100 M6J 3K5 (416) / (416) Black and Moffat Architects Inc. 169 Harbord Street M5S1H3 (416) / (416) blacklab architects inc. 163 Sterling Road, Ste. 151 M6R 2B2 (647) Bogdan Newman Caranci Inc. Architects 672 Dupont Street, Ste. 410 M6G 1Z6 (416) / (416) Borealis Design Group Inc. 67 Lombard Street M5C 1M2 (416) / (416) Bortolotto Design Architect Inc. 533 College Street, Ste. 401 M6G 1A8 (416) / (416) Boxwood Architects 627 Lonsdale Road M5P 1R8 (416) / (416) Brad Culver, Architect 192 Spadina Avenue, Ste. #400 M5T 2C2 (416) / (416) Breathe Architects 177 First Avenue M4M 1K3 (416) Brian Awde Architect 628 Cummer Avenue M2K 2M8 (416) / (416) Brian Danby Architect 32 Beaver Bend Crescent M9B 5P9 (416) Brian L. Curtner Architect 380 Wellington Street W. M5V 1E3 (416) / (416) Brian Lee, Architect 398 King Street E. M5A 1K9 (416) / (416) Brian T. Hogan, Architect 23 Webb Avenue M6P 1M4 (416) / (416) Brisbin Brook Beynon, Architects 14 Duncan Street, 4th Fl. M5H 3G8 (416) / (416) Bronwyn Fitz-James, Architect 125 Macdonell Avenue M6R 2A4 (416) / (416) Brook McIlroy Inc. 51 Camden Street, Ste. 300 M5V 1V2 (416) / (416) Brown and Storey Architects Inc. 10 St. Mary Street, Ste. 850 M4Y 1P9 (416) / (416) Bruce Fair Architect Inc. 18 Judith Drive M4J 2R9 (416) / (416) Bruce March Architect 3409 Yonge Street, #31 M4N 2M8 (416) Bruce Studio 2 Plymouth Avenue M6J 1Z1 (416) Building Arts Architects Inc. 324 Broadview Avenue M4M 2G9 (416) / (416) Burka Architects Inc Dufferin Street, Ste. 201 M3H 5S8 (416) / (416) Byron Carter Architect Inc. 17 Avis Crescent M4B 1B8 (416) C & Partners Architects Inc. 1 Palace Pier Court, Ste M8V 3W9 (647) C-K Kenneth Chow, Architect 183 Three Valleys Drive M3A 3L7 (416) / (416) Barrett Architect Inc. 708 Gerrard Street E. M4M 1Y3 (416) / (416) 58 PROFILES

59 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN C. Y. Lee Architect Inc. 200 Finch Avenue W., Ste. 204 M2R 3W4 (416) / (416) Cannon Design Ltd. 200 University Avenue, Ste M5H 3C6 (416) / (416) CannonJohnston Architecture Ltd., Architects 200 University Avenue, Ste M5H 3C6 (416) / (416) Carbon Architects Incorporated 170 Roehampton Avenue, Ste. 404 M4P 1R2 (416) Connect.Create.Conserve. Caricari Lee Architects Inc. 113 Miranda Avenue M6B 3W8 (416) / (416) Carson Lee, Architect 118 Imperial Street M5P 1C6 (416) / (416) Carson Woods, Architects Limited 12 Cumberland Street, Ste. 302 M4W 1J5 (416) / (416) Casaldom Architects 133 Evans Avenue M6S 3V9 (416) / (416) Catherine Friis, Architect 186 Dupont Street, Lower Level M5R 2E6 (416) / (416) Creative solutions for architectural design specializing in personalized service for city and country homes, renovations, additions and interiors. Fine quality, refined taste tailored to suit each client s requirements and style. Catherine Nasmith Architect 21 Nassau Street, #415 M5T 3K6 (416) / (416) CH2M HILL Canada Architects, Inc. 245 Consumers Road, Ste. 400 M2J 1R3 (416) / (416) Chan Smyth Architect 177 Roehampton Avenue M4P 1P9 (416) Charles G. Bunker Architect Inc. 41 Weybourne Crescent M4N 2R4 (416) / (416) Charles Schwenger Architect Inc. 47 Broadleaf Road M3B 1C3 (416) / (416) Cheryl Atkinson Architect 216 Crawford Street M6J 2V6 (416) Cheryl C. Giraudy Architect 46 Eastmount Avenue M4K 1V1 (416) CHGarchitect 47 Marbury Crescent M3A 2G3 (416) / (416) Chorny Associates Architect Inc. 193 Edenbridge Drive M9A 3G7 (416) / (416) Chris A. Montgomery, Architect 276 Ellis Avenue M6S 2X2 (416) Christopher Fillingham Architect Inc. 21 Burkebrook Place, Ste. 409 M4G 0A2 (416) Christopher P. Tweel Architect Inc Yonge Street, Ste. 206 M4T 2P7 (416) / (416) Christopher Walker, Architect 96 Manning Avenue M6J 2K5 (416) Chu Architects Inc. 484 Markham Street M6G 2L3 (647) Cindy Rendely Architexture 44 Charles Street W., Ste M4Y 1R7 (416) / (416) CJI Architectural Design Inc. 134 Blythwood Road M4N 1A4 (416) / (416) Claudio A. Santon Architect 177 Heward Avenue M4M 2T6 (416) Climans Green Liang Architects Inc. 160 Pears Avenue, Ste. 418 M5R 3P8 (416) / (416) Clive Brett Smith Architect Inc. 343 Wellesley Street E. M4X 1H2 (416) / (416) Clive McKenzie Architect Inc. 59 East Liberty Street, Ste M6K 3R1 (416) Colin J. Rabnett Architect 246 Russell Hill Road M4V 2T2 (416) / (416) Condustar Studio Inc. 15 Maitland Place, Ste. 204 M4Y 2X3 (416) Conifer Consultants 1034 Davenport Road, Ste. A M6G 2B9 (416) Coolearth Architecture Inc. 386 Pacific Avenue M6P 2R1 (416) Core Architects Inc. 317 Adelaide Street W., Ste. #600 M5V 1P9 (416) / (416) Mississauga, Ontario P: HOWE GASTMEIER CHAPNIK LIMITED Crisante Architect 224 Ellerslie Avenue M2N 1Y4 (416) CS&P Architects Inc Yonge Street, Ste. 200 M4P 2E5 (416) / (416) CXT Architects Inc. 362 Dupont Street M5R 1V9 (416) / (416) D Arcy L. Dunal Architect 55 Lavinia Avenue M6S 3H9 (416) D. Maniates/Architect 47 McRae Drive M4G 1S2 (416) / (416) Dadras Architects Inc. 15 Rainbow Crescent M2K 2T9 (647) / (647) Daniel B. McNeil, Architect 106 Harcourt Avenue M4J 1J2 (416) / (416) Daniel Johnson Architect Inc. 90 Richmond Street E., Ste. 100 M5C 1P1 (416) / (416) Daniel Karpinski Architect 167 Glenmount Park Road M4E 2N3 (416) / (416) Noise, Vibration and Acoustics Consulting Engineers Architectural Acoustics Building Noise and Vibration Control PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 59

60 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Daniel Louis Cusimano Architect Incorporated 185 Bridgeland Avenue, Ste.107 M6A 1Y7 (416) / (416) David Binder Architect 1407 Yonge Street, Ste. #200 M4T 1Y7 (416) David C. Rich Architect Inc. 110 Summerhill Avenue M4T 1B2 (416) David Footman Architect 321 Manning Avenue M6J 2K8 (647) David Fujiwara Architect 276 Main Street, Ste. 202 M4C 4X5 (416) David Lieberman Architect 918 Palmerston Avenue, Unit 12 M6G 2S5 (416) / (416) David Mitchell Architect 246 Dunview Avenue M2N 4J2 (647) David P. Moore Architect 20 Victoria Street, Ste. 700 M5C 2N8 (416) / (416) David Sin Architect 160 Browning Avenue M4K 1W5 (416) David V. Snell, Architect 76 Corley Avenue M4E 1V1 (416) David Yeung, Architect 825 Gerrard Street E. M4M 1Y8 (416) / (416) Davidson-Langley Incorporated Architects 6 Cornish Road M4T 2E2 (416) Design Applications 175 Withrow Avenue M4K 1E2 (416) / (416) Design Workshop Architect Inc. 98 Hastings Avenue M4L 2L2 (416) Detail Architect 69 Binswood Avenue M4C 3N8 (416) Dialog Ontario Inc. 2 Bloor Street E., Ste M4W 1A8 (416) / (416) Diamond and Schmitt Architects Incorporated 384 Adelaide Street W., Ste. 300 M5V 1R7 (416) / (416) Dimitri Papatheodorou Architect 271 Mutual Street M4Y 1X6 (416) dkstudio inc. 8 Leacock Crescent M3B 1N9 (416) Domus Architects 1982 Islington Avenue, Ste. 101 M9P 3N5 (416) / (416) Don Bielesch, Architect 77 Davisville Avenue, Ste M4S 1G4 (416) / (416) Don Bolton Architect Corporation 12 Kew Beach Avenue M4L 1B7 (416) / (416) Donald J. Caunter Architect Limited 40 St. Clair Avenue E., Ste. 302 M4T 1M9 (416) Doru Vasile Architect 229 Florence Avenue M2N 1G7 (416) Douglas Lawrence Architect 35 Langley Avenue M4K 1B4 (416) / (416) DP STUDIO INC Ritchie Avenue M6R 2J6 (416) / (416) Drawing Room Architect Inc. 287 MacPherson Avenue, Ste. 301 M4V 1A4 (416) / (416) Drew Laszlo Architect Inc Yonge Street, 3rd Floor M4N 2L9 (416) / (416) Drew Mandel Architects 19 Duncan Street, Ste. 405 M5H 3H1 (416) / (416) DTAH Architects Limited 50 Park Road M4W 2N5 (416) / (416) Dubbeldam Design Architects 401 Richmond Street W., Ste. 258 M5V 3A8 (416) / (416) Duncan S. Harvie, Architect 74 Chester Avenue M4K 2Z9 (416) Dunjic Design 163 Floyd Avenue M4K 2B6 (416) Dutra Architect Inc. 49 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 301 M5V 2J1 (416) / (416) E.I. Richmond Architects Ltd. 243 College Street, 2nd Fl. M5T 1R5 (416) / (416) E.R.A. Architects Inc. 10 St. Mary Street, Ste. 801 M4Y 1P9 (416) / (416) Eco-Revival Consulting Ltd. 5 Anvil Millway M2L 1P9 (416) Edward Makauskas Architect Inc Dundas Street W., #325 M8X 1Y4 (416) / (416) Edward Nicolucci Architect 113 Palm Drive M3H 2C2 (416) / (416) Edward Tabachnik, Architect 133 Torresdale Avenue, Ste M2R 3T2 (416) Edward W. Lee, Architect 6 Argyle Street M6J 1N4 (647) Edward Weinberg Architect 17 Olive Avenue M6G 1T7 (416) / (416) Edward Wojs Architect 366 King Street E. M5A 1K9 (416) / (416) Eightspace Inc. 109B Crawford Street M6J 2V1 (416) / (416) Ekam Architects Mariner Terr M5V 3V9 (416) Elemental Architects Inc. 312 Browns Line M8W 3T6 (416) / (905) Elevation Architects Inc Queen Street E., Unit 1 M4L 1H9 (416) / (416) Elizabeth Sisam, Architect Inc. 138 Princess Street, Ste M5A 0B1 (416) / (416) Ellen Vera Allen, Architect 4 Dacotah Avenue M5J 2E5 (416) / (416) Emil Cristescu Architect Inc. 920 Yonge Street, Ste. 804 M4W 3C7 (416) / (416) 60 PROFILES

61 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Ernest H. Hodgson Architect 292 Keewatin Avenue M4P 2A5 (416) / (416) Etude Architects Inc. 30 Kern Road, Ste. 106 M3B 1T1 (416) / (416) Eva J. Gordon Architect 185 Avenue Road M5R 2J2 (416) / (416) Evan Saskin Architect 25 Givins Street M6J 2X5 (416) F N Architect 81 Saybrook Avenue M8Z 2V6 (416) ctrl@bell.ent Farid Motamedi Architect Inc. 3 Chase Road M2J 2S1 (416) / (416) Farrow Partnership Architects Inc. 559 College Street, Ste. 500 M6G 1A9 (416) / (416) Favor Robinson Architects 162 Moore Avenue M4T 1V8 (416) Firm Associates Inc. Consulting Engineers and Architect 21 Hedgewood Road M2L 1L4 (416) / (416) Firoz A. Abdulla, Architect 3 Concorde Place, Ste M3C 3K7 (416) Fliess Gates McGowan Easton/ Architects Inc. 95 Barber Greene Road, Ste. 300 M3C 3E9 (416) / (416) Forum Architect Corporation 90 Applefield Drive M1P 3Y2 (416) Fournier Gersovitz Moss Drolet et associes architectes 322 King Street, Ste. 400 M5V 1J2 (514) Francesco Serafini Architect 20 Glenellen Drive E. M8Y 2G6 (416) Francis Leung Architect 3632 Victoria Park Avenue M2H 3B2 (416) / (416) Frank Bandiera Architect Inc. 43 Elm Street, Ste. #3 M9N 3C9 (416) / (416) Frank Lam, Architect 48 Playter Crescent, Ste. 1A M4K 1S5 (647) Fred Code Architect Cumberland Street M5R 1A6 (416) Est Toronto, Ontario (based) works also in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A one-person firm specializes in homes/cottages and concept design for various building types. Freeman & Mason, Architect & Engineer Inc. 366 Sumach Street M4X 1V4 (416) / (416) G. Bruce Stratton Architects 217 Richmond Street W., Ste. #300 M5V 1W2 (416) / (416) Gaito Architects 32 Sawley Drive M2K 2J1 (416) Gallant Architect Inc. 1 Hi Mount Drive M2K 1X5 (416) / (416) Garth Norbraten Architect Inc. 50 Hastings Avenue M4L 2L2 (416) / (416) Gary G. Erickson, Architect 27 Stewart Street M5V 2V8 (416) Gary Sandor Lichtblau Architect 6 Vermont Avenue M6G 1X7 (416) / (416) Gary Stein Architect 300 New Toronto Street, Unit #38 M8V 2E8 (416) / (416) Gary Watson 8 Second Street M8V 2X2 (647) Gensler Architecture/Design, Inc. Brookfield Place, 181 Bay Street M5J 2T3 (416) Geoffrey Kendall Architect Inc. 347 Sorauren Avenue, #118 M6R 2G5 (416) / (416) George Friedman, Architect 196 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 201 M5T 2C2 (416) George Popper Architect 344 Bloor Street W., Ste. 508 M5S 3A7 (416) / (416) George Robb, Architect 4800 Dundas Street W., Ste. 201 M9A 1B1 (416) / (416) George Thomas Kapelos Architect Box 1027, Station F M4Y 2T7 (416) Gerald Spring Architect Inc. 632 Magnetic Drive M3J 2C4 (416) / (416) gh3 architecture 55 Ossington Avenue, Ste. 100 M5J 2Y9 (416) / (416) gh3 inc. 55 Ossington Avenue, Ste. 100 M6J 2Y9 (416) / (416) Giancarlo Garofalo Architect Inc. 672 Dupont Street, Ste. 309 M6G 1Z6 (416) / (416) Giannone Petricone Associates Inc. 462 Wellington Street W., Ste. 501 M5V 1E3 (416) / (416) Gillian Green Architect 226 Havelock Street M6H 3B9 (416) / (416) Giovanni A. Tassone, Architect Incorporated 185 Bridgeland Avenue, Ste. 107 M6A 1Y7 (416) / (416) Global Architect Inc. 6 Leswyn Road M6A 1K2 (416) / (416) Gluck Partnership Architects Inc. 156 Duncan Mill Road, Ste. 5 M2L 2E6 (416) / Goldsmith Borgal & Company Ltd. Architects 410 Adelaide Street W., Ste. 500 M5V 1S8 (416) / (416) Gordon Ridgely Architects and Associates Inc Yonge Street, Ste. 205 M2P 2A8 (416) / (416) Gow Hastings Architects Inc. 275 Spadina Road M5R 2V3 (416) / (416) TEN PLUS ARCHITECTURAL LOUVRES BOLAR FOOTGRILLES Since Tel.: Fax: Website: Millcreek Drive Mississauga, ON L5N 2M2 PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 61

62 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Gregory Patterson Architect 47 Kimberley Avenue M4E 2Z4 (416) Gregory Reuter Architect 128 Hamilton Street M4M 2C8 (647) Gregory Woods Associates 1777 Bayview Avenue, Lower Floor M4G 3C5 (416) Guthrie Muscovitch Architects 770 Brown s Line M8W 3W2 (416) / (416) Habash Architect 38 Amanda Drive M1V 1C9 (416) / (416) Hagen Materne Architect 77 Sparkhall Avenue M4K 1G7 (416) Hanna E. Regehr - Architect 147 Woodbine Avenue M4L 3P1 (416) / (416) Hanson + Jung Architects Inc. 457 Richmond Street W., Ste. 101 M5V 1X9 (416) / (416) Hanson Architect 457 Richmond Street W., Ste. 101 M5V 1X9 (416) / (416) Hardial Dhir Architect Inc Bloor Street W. M6P 1A6 (416) / (416) Hariri Pontarini Architects 602 King Street W. M5V 1M6 (416) / (416) Harry Mardirossian, Architect 23 Lynn Gate Crescent M1T 2E1 (416) / (416) Harry Morison Lay, Architect 231 Macpherson Avenue, Main Floor M4V 1A1 (416) PROFILES HCA Architecture Incorporated Architects 191 Eglinton Avenue E., Ste. #201 M4P 1K1 (416) / (416) HDR Architecture Associates, Inc Adelaide Street West L.L., 2nd Flr. M5H 1Y3 (416) / (416) Among the largest healthcare architects in Canada, HDR is a full service design firm specializing in Healthcare, Science+Technology and Civic, with four offices in Ontario, 20 in the U.S. Heather Asquith Architect 82 Langley Avenue M4K 1B5 (416) Helen Vorster Architect 150 MacDonell Avenue M6R 2A6 (416) / (416) Hendrik Op t Root, Architect Ltd. 25 Cole Street, Ste M5A 4M3 (416) Henry Chiu Architect Limited 2347 Kennedy Road, Ste. 507 M1T 3T8 (416) / (416) Henry Schefter Architect Inc. 219 Dufferin Street, Ste. 100C M6K 3J1 (416) Hermitage Architects Inc. 720 Lakeshore Boulevard E. M4M 3M3 (416) High Park Architects 3000 Dundas Street W. M6P 1Z3 (416) / (416) Hilditch Architect 401 Richmond Street W., #139 M5V 3A8 (416) / (416) Ho K. Sung Architect 456 Bloor Street W., 2nd Fl. M5S 1X8 (416) / (416) HOK Architects Corporation 720 King Street W., #505 M5V 2T3 (416) / (416) HOK is a global design firm that specializes in planning, architecture, design, and delivery solutions for sustainable interiors, building and communities. Howard Rideout Architect Inc. 163 Gough Avenue M4K 3N9 (416) / (416) Ian Chodikoff Architect 195 York Mills Road M2L 1K8 (416) Ian Douglas Architect Inc. 156 Balsam Avenue M4E 3C1 (416) Ian MacDonald Architect Inc. 80 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 201 M5V 2J4 (416) / (416) Ian Trites Architect 20 Fourth Street M5J 2B7 (416) / (416) IBI Group Architects 103 Church Street, Ste. 201 M5C 2G3 (416) / (416) IBI Group Architects 95 Street Clair Avenue W., 2nd Floor M4W 1N6 (416) / (416) IBI Group Architects 30 International Blvd. M9W 5P3 (416) / (416) IBI Group Architects 230 Richmond Street W., 5th Fl. M5V 1V6 (416) / (416) IBI Group Architects (Manitoba) 230 Richmond Street W., 5th Floor L4M 6W4 (416) Icon Architects Inc Dufferin Street, Ste. 200 M3H 5T5 (416) / (416) ID Workshop Inc. 105 Summerhill Avenue M4T 1B1 (416) Ideal City Design Group Inc. 457 Balliol Street M4S 1E1 (416) / (905) Insight Architects Yonge Street M5E 1W7 (518) Integra Architect Inc Sheppard Avenue E., Ste. 300 M2J 4Z8 (416) / (416) Iori Architects Inc. 49 Jackes Avenue, 3rd Floor M4T 1E2 (416) / (416) ISD Architects Inc. 133 Coxwell Avenue M4L 3B4 (416) Isometrica Design 10 Delisle Avenue, Ste M4V 3C6 (416) Istvan Lendvay Architect 2 Chatfield Drive M3B 1K5 (416) / Ivan S. Franko Architect 5415 Dundas Street W., Ste. 214 M9B 1B5 (416) / (416) Our design firm is dedicated to quality in churches, office interiors, and barrier-free access. Clients include The Salvation Army and Toronto Community Housing. Ivan Saleff Architect 779 Willowdale Avenue M2N 5B5 (416) J. Christopher Knowles, Architect 116 Bedford Pk. Avenue M5M 1J1 (416) J. Gorka Architect 261 Willowdale Avenue M2N 4Z8 (416) / (416)

63 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN J. Margaret McGookin, Architect 14 Prince Rupert Avenue M6P 2A7 (416) Ja Architecture Studio Inc. 174 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 104 M5T 2C2 (416) / (416) Jacob Feikema Architect 280 Clendenan Avenue M6P 2X3 (647) Jacqueline Rhee Architect 14 Harcroft Road M6S 2V9 (416) / (416) James Bailey Architect 49 Melbourne Avenue M6K 1K6 (416) / (416) James Belisle, Architect 2 Withrow, Wards Island M5J 2C3 (416) James Ireland Architect Inc. 18 Kingsgarden Road M8X 1S6 (416) / (416) James Macdonald, Architect 62 George Street M5A 4K8 (416) / (416) James Pfeffer, Architect 506 Davisville Avenue M4S 1J3 (647) Jan Tymstra Architect 36 Burgess Avenue M4E 1W7 (416) / (416) Janet L. Harrison, Architect 249 Woodfield Road M4L 2W8 (416) JCI Architects Inc. 55 Eglinton Avenue E., Ste. 606 M4P 1G8 (416) / (416) Jedd Jones Architect Ltd. 210 Sheldrake Blvd. M4P 2B5 (416) / (647) Jeff Latto Architect Inc. 2 Whitewood Road M4S 2X7 (416) / (416) Jennifer Turner Architect 63 Delaware Avenue M6H 2S9 (416) / (416) Jenny Francis Design 137 Brock Avenue M6K 2L5 (647) Jerome Markson Architect Inc. 110 Bloor Street W., Ste M5S 2W7 (416) / (416) Jet Architecture Inc. 220 Duncan Mill Road, Ste. 316 M3B 3J5 (416) / (416) Jillian Aimis Architect 626 Briar Hill Avenue M5N 1N2 (416) / (416) Jiri Skopek, Architect 165 Kenilworth Avenue M4L 3S7 (416) / (416) Joan Burt, Architect 310 Delaware Avenue M6H 2T8 (416) John Bettio Architect 36 Enderby Road M4E 2S3 (416) / (416) John Blums Architect Inc. 200 Brockport Drive M9W 5C9 (416) / (416) John Boone, Architect 51 Arundel Avenue M4K 3A3 (416) John C. Houghton Associates Architect 491 Davenport Road M4V 1B7 (416) / (416) John Ingrao Architect 23 Westmoreland Avenue M6H 2Z6 (416) John K. Merkley Architect 2001 Bloor Street W., Ste. 307 M6S 1M6 (416) John O Connor Architect 50 Amelia Street M4X 1E1 (416) / (416) John Robert Carley, Architect Incorporated 234 Eglinton Avenue E., Ste. 504 M4P 1K5 (416) / (416) John Robulack Inc. Architects 4 Prince George Drive M9A 1X8 (416) John van Nostrand Architect Limited 317 Adelaide Street W., Ste. 205 M5V 1P9 (416) / (416) John Vanstone Architect 85 Woodlawn Avenue W. M4V 1G6 (416) / (416) Joseph Barna, Architect 78 Olsen Drive M3A 3J3 (416) / (416) Joseph Kostantin Architect 32 Chiefswood Square M1W 3J7 (416) / (416) Josephine Young Architecture + Design Inc. 650 Queens Quay W., Ste M5V 3N2 (416) JS Barmi Architect 57 Florence Avenue M2N 1G1 1-(877) / (416) Julian J. Trasiewicz Architect Inc. 7 Norgrove Crescent M9P 3C7 (416) / (416) Julian Jacobs Architects Ltd. 36 Eglinton Avenue W., 7th Flr. M4R 1A1 (416) / (416) Julian Jaffary Architect 578 Street Clements Avenue M5N 1M6 (416) / (416) Jurecka + Associates Architects Inc. 150 Glendale Avenue M6R 2T2 (416) / (866) K & K Architects 50 Mangrove Road M6L 2A3 (416) / (416) K.C. Au Architect Inc. 26 Dalhousie Street M5B 2A5 (416) / (416) Kandovan Architects 292 Prince Edward Drive S. M8Y 3Z1 (416) / (416) Kaprielian Verhiel Architects Inc. 77 Mowat Avenue, Ste. 112 M6K 3E3 (416) / (416) Karen Chisvin, Architect 31 Willowbank Blvd. M4R 1B7 (416) / (416) Kasian Architecture Ontario Incorporated Hanna Avenue M6K 3S3 (416) / (416) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 63

64 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Katherine Harrison Architecture and Design Inc. 78 Deforest Road M6S 1J4 (416) Kathleen Kurtin Architect 124 Wells Street M5R 1P4 (416) Kathleen West Architect 347 Sorauren Avenue, Unit 201 M6R 2G5 (416) / (416) Katrina Sochacka, Architect 18A Altamont Road M2M 1S4 (416) Katy Chey 50 Stephanie Street, Ste M5T 1B3 (416) Kearns Mancini Architects Inc. One Atlantic Avenue, Ste. #104 M6K 3E7 (416) / (416) Keith David Benjamin Architect 454 Kingston Road M4L 1V3 (416) Keith Loffler McAlpine Architects 10 St. Mary Street, Ste. 402 M4Y 1P9 (416) / (416) Kelman Associates Architect 40 Kimbark Blvd., Ste. 101 M5N 2X7 (416) ext 2 (416) Ken Fukushima Architecture 3300 Bloor Street W., Ste M8X 2X3 (416) / (416) Kenneth Florence, Architect 74 Farnham Avenue M4V 1H4 (416) Keshiri Design Services 54 Glen Echo Road M4N 2E3 (416) Kevin Manuel Architect Limited 55 Town Centre Court, Ste. #700 M1P 4X4 (416) / (416) 64 PROFILES Khalil U. Syed, Architect 100 McLevin Avenue, Ste. #211 M1B 5K1 (416) / (416) Kingsland + Architects, Inc. 219 Dufferin Street, Ste. 308B M6K 3J1 (416) / (416) Kirkor Architects 20 Martin Ross Avenue M3J 2K8 (416) / (416) Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects Incorporated 147 Portland Street M5V 2N4 (416) / (416) KMA Inc. is a general architectural practice with a specialty focus in the area of secure institutional facilities. We provide a full range of services including architectural, programming, interior design, planning and urban design, and project management services. Additionally, the firm offers Compliance Services for public owners (PDC), Fire and Emergency Services Facilities Design and Construction, Business Case Reports, Real Estate Evaluations and Feasibility Studies. Kneider Architects 29 Gervais Drive, Ste. 300 M3C 1Y9 (416) / (416) Kohn Partnership Architects Inc. 116 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 501 M5V 2K6 (416) / (416) Kohn Shnier Architects 30 Maud Street, Unit 100 M5V 2M5 (416) / (416) Kongats Architects 80 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 302 M5V 2J3 (416) / (416) Kregg Fordyce Architect 197 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 200 M5T 2C8 (416) / (416) Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects 322 King Street W., Third Floor M5V 1J2 (416) / (416) Kyra Clarkson Architect 51 Fulton Avenue M4K 1X7 (416) / (416) L.E. Glazer Architect Limited 85 Scarsdale Road, Ste. #300 M3B 2R2 (416) / (416) Lapointe Architects 10 St. Mary Street, Ste. 606 M4Y 1P9 (416) / (416) Larden Code Consulting Architect 307 Sunnyside Avenue M6R 2R3 (416) ael.hp.t.o@rogers.ocm large [medium] design office inc. 123 Fern Avenue M6R 1K2 (416) Larkin Architect Limited 457 Richmond Street W., Ste. 201 M5V 1X9 (416) / (416) Lawrence Dodd Architect 360 Bloor Street E., Ste M4W 3M3 (416) / (416) Lawrence Esco Architect 3 Wideford Place M2M 4H2 (416) LDM Architects 201 Upper Highland Crescent M2P 1T9 (416) Leads Architects Inc. 91 Glenlake Avenue M6P 1E3 (416) Leo Filipp Architect 73 Hay Avenue M8Z 1G3 (416) / (416) Leo Mieles Architect 64A Afton Avenue M6J 1S1 (416) Leon Lubelski Architect 700 Lawrence Avenue W., Ste. 365A M6A 3B4 (416) / (416) Leonardo Romanese Architect Inc. 42 Goodmark Place, Unit 10 M9W 6S2 (416) / (416) Levente B. Danko Architect 657 Woodbine Avenue M4E 2J3 (416) / (416) Levitt Goodman Architects Ltd. 533 College Street, Ste. 301 M6G 1A8 (416) / (416) Libela Architects Inc. 15 Benleigh Drive M1H 1J1 (416) Lieux Architects Ltd. 42 Browning Avenue M4K 1V7 (416) / (416) Lin Architect 63 Connaught Avenue M2M 1G9 (416) Lindy Consulting Limited 48 Bedford Park Avenue M5M 1H9 (416) / (416) Line Architect Inc. 75 Astley Avenue M4W 3B5 (416) / (866) Lisa A. Rapoport Architect 101 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 208 M5V 2K2 (416) / (416) Local Office of Architecture 30A Queensbury Avenue M1N 2X7 (647) Loh Architects and Associates Inc. One Yonge Street, Ste M5E 1E5 (416)

65 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Lorne Rose Architect Inc Sheppard Avenue W., Unit 1 M3K 2A2 (416) / (416) Luc Bouliane Architect Inc. 67 Northcote Avenue M6J 3K2 (416) Lukjaniec Architect 38 Wascana Avenue M5A 1V5 (416) / (416) Lundholm Associates Architects 401 Richmond Street W., Ste. #369 M5V 3A8 (416) / (416) Lynch + Comisso Inc. 570 Annette Street M6S 2C2 (416) / (416) Lynne Eichenberg Architect 120 Grace Street M6J 2S2 (416) / (416) M J architecture 409 Shaw Street M6J 2X4 (416) M. Shami Architect 88 Dumont Street M2M 4K1 (416) / (416) M.A. Shoom Architect Inc. 542 Mt. Pleasant Road, Ste. 200a M4S 2M7 (416) / (416) M.W. Hall Corporation Architect 2B Croydon Road M6C 1S7 (416) / (416) MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects Ltd. 19 Duncan Street, Ste. #202 M5H 3H1 (416) / (416) Makow Associates Architect Inc. 3 Bridgman Avenue, Ste. 201 M5R 3V4 (416) / (416) Makrimichalos Cugini, Architects 1881 Yonge Street, Ste. 400 M4S 3C4 (416) / (416) Maor Cohen Architect Inc Yonge Street, Ste M2N 6K1 (416) / (416) Maragna Architect Incorporated 273 Glengrove Avenue W. M5N 1W3 (416) / (416) Maria Denegri Architect 703 Bloor Street W. M6G 1L5 (647) Marilyn Ypes Architect Inc. 33 Hathway Drive M1P 4L6 (416) / (416) Mark Nawrocki Architect Inc. 33 Fraser Avenue, Ste. 103 M6K 3J9 (416) / (416) Mark Stringer Architect 12 Birch Avenue, Ste. 207 M4W 1C8 (416) Martha Dorion Architect 139 Farnham Avenue M4V 1H7 (416) / (416) Martin Associates, Architects 34 Fallingbrook Road M1N 2T4 (416) / (416) Massimo A. Fantoni Architect 219 Avenue Road M5R 2J3 (416) Matthew Shuster Architect 36 Greenland Road M3C 1N2 (416) / (416) Maurizio Trotta Architect Inc. 50 Roselawn Avenue M4R 1E4 (416) / (416) McCormack Architects 322 King Street W., Ste. 400 M5V 1J2 (416) / (416) McGillivray Architect 15 Donwoods Grove M4N 2X4 (416) McMillan Associates Architect Inc. 111 Queen Street E., Ste. 108 M5C 1S2 (416) / (866) Medina Architects Inc. 95 Thorncliffe Drive, Ste M4H 1L7 (416) Mehboob Bangash Architects 400 Woodsworth Road, Townhouse #78 M2L 2T9 (647) / (866) Mel MEKINDA, Architect 80 Wychwood Park Road M6G 2V5 (416) / (416) Melillo Architects Incorporated 2938A Bloor Street W. M8X 1B6 (416) Mesbur+Smith Architects 148 Kenwood Avenue, Ste. 100 M6C 2S3 (416) / (416) Meta Form Architects Inc. 608 Oriole Parkway M4R 2C3 (416) / (416) MG Architects Inc. 18 Kuhl Avenue M9B 5X9 (416) / (416) Michael A. Faric Architect 34 Eglinton Avenue W., Ste. 509 M4R 2H6 (416) / (416) Michael Bulatovich, Architect 755 Danforth Ave.. P.O. Box 3060 M4J 1L2 (416) Michael H. K. Wong Architects Inc. 878 Yonge Street, 4th Fl. M4W 2J1 (416) / (416) Michael I. Baytman, Architect 30 Canterbury Place, Ste. 709 M2N 0B9 (416) Michael Lafreniere Architect 33 Empire Avenue M4M 2L3 (416) Michael Mantzoris Architect 79 Helendale Avenue M4R 1C6 (416) / (416) Michael Mohelsky, Architect 463 The Kingsway M9A 3W3 (416) / (416) Milenov Associates, Architects 63 Street Clements Avenue M4R 1H1 (416) / (416) Milne Architect 426 Sackville Street M4X 1S9 (416) / (416) Milton Katz, Architect 18 Cadillac Avenue M3H 1R9 (416) / (416) Miro J. Nestor Architect 35 Alamosa Drive M2J 2N6 (416) / (416) MMC International Architects Ltd. 819 Yonge Street M4W 2G9 (416) / (416) MMH Architects Inc. 109 Railside Road, Ste. 101 M3A 1B2 (416) / (416) Moffet & Duncan, Architects Inc Dundas Street W. M9A 1B9 (416) / (416) Mohammed S. Elbadawi Architect 260 Carlaw Avenue, #209A M4M 3L1 (416) / (416) Monica E. Kuhn, Architect Inc. 12 Sackville Place M4X 1A4 (416) / (416) Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc. 197 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 301 M5T 2C8 (416) / (416) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 65

66 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Moote Architect Euclid Avenue M6J 2K2 (416) Morfitt Architect 140 Pearson Avenue M6R 1G5 (416) Moriyama & Teshima Architects 117 George Street M5A 2N4 (416) / (416) Morrison Hershfield Architects Inc. 235 Yorkland Blvd., Ste. 600 M2J 1T1 (416) / (416) Moshe Safdie Associates Ltd., Architects 39 Cuthbert Crescent M4S 2G9 (416) Moss Sund Inc Dundas Street E., Ste. 200 M4M 1R9 (416) / (416) n ARCHITECTURE INC. 23 Bonnington Place M2N 4V2 (416) / (866) Nadeem Irfan Architect Inc. 10 Milner Business Court, Ste. 213 M1B 3C6 (416) / (416) Natale and Scott Architects 1558 Queen Street E. M4L 1E8 (416) / (416) Natale Architect Inc Dundas Street W., Ste. 218 M9B 6E3 (416) / (416) Nathanael Gray Architect 70 Rhodes Avenue M4L 2Z9 (416) Neil Ironside - Architect 425 Durie Street M6S 3G5 (416) Nelson Kwong Architect 101 Duncan Mill Road, Ste. G10 M3B 1Z3 (416) / (416) Nelson Wong Architect Inc. 146 Vaughan Road M6C 2M2 (416) Nexus Architects 40 Balmoral Avenue M4V 1J4 (416) / (416) Ng Architect Inc. 40 Wynford Drive, Ste. 301 M3C 1J5 (416) / (416) NGA Architects 220 Duncan Mill Road, Ste. 319 M3B 3J5 (416) / (416) Nick C. Sgro Architect 1941 Eglinton Avenue E. M1L 2M4 (416) / (416) Nick Swerdfeger Architects Inc. 12 Clarence Square, Unit 3 M5V 1H1 (416) Nicola Losurdo Architect 287 Evelyn Avenue M6P 2Z8 (416) Nina Fant Architect 451 Rosewell Avenue, Ste. 413 M4R 2H8 (416) Nitin Malhotra Architect 23 Bonnington Place M2N 4V2 (416) / (866) Noble Fairlie Architecture Inc., Architects 36 Yarmouth Gardens M6G 1W4 (416) Norman Landry Architect 150 Sherwood Avenue M4P 2A8 (416) NORR Limited, Architects and Engineers 175 Bloor Street E., North Tower, 15th Fl. M4W 3R8 (416) / (416) Northgrave Architect Inc. 66 Gloucester Street M4Y 1L5 (416) / (416) Nova Tayona Architects 52 Beaty Avenue M6K 3B4 (647) NXL Architects 180 Lesmill Road, Studio 18 M3B 2T5 (416) / (416) O.C.A. Architects Inc. 26 Parkview Gardens M6P 2W2 (416) / (416) Office of Michal Gorczyca 96 Harbord Street, PH-2 M5S 1G6 (647) OfficeArchitecture Inc. 18 Dacre Crescent M6S 2W1 (416) Oleson Worland Architect 192 Spadina Avenue, Ste. #400 M5T 2C2 (416) / (416) Open Architects Inc. 454 Kingston Road M4L 1V3 (416) Opus Architects Incorporated 19 Brittany Court M9P 1R9 (416) / (416) Orangeink Design Inc. 44 Agar Crescent M9B 5A6 (416) Osborne Architect 40 North Hills Terrace M3C 1M6 (416) Papadopoulos & Pradhan Architects Inc. 251 Consumers Road, Ste M2J 4R3 (416) / (416) Paradigm Architecture and Design Inc Gerrard Street E. M4E 2C7 (416) / (416) Parallel Architecture Inc. 639 Queen Street E., Ste. 300 M4M 1G4 (416) Parkin Architects Limited 1 Valleybrook Drive, 5th Floor M3B 2S7 (416) / (416) Patrick Fahn Architect Inc. 9 Earl Street M4Y 1M4 (416) / (416) Patrick Johnson Architect 118 Montgomery Avenue, Ste. 301W M4R 1E3 (416) Paul DaCunha Architect Inc. 101 Silverhill Drive M9B 3W4 (416) / (416) Paul Didur Architect Inc Dundas Street W., Ste. 202 M8X 1X8 (416) / (416) Paul Dowsett Architecture Inc. 943 Queen Street E., Ste. 200 M4M 1J6 (416) SUSTAINABLE.TO Architecture + Building provides sensible, sensitive & sustainable solutions. We see clearly through the fog of green technologies, products & philosophies to provide realistic, achievable & affordable results. Please see our reviews at Paul Johnston Architect 2120 Queen Street E., Ste. 202 M4E1E2 (416) / (416) Paul Marques Architect Inc Weston Road, Ste. 207 M9N 2B1 (647) / (647) Paul Martel, Architect 35 Admiral Road, Ground Fl. M5R 2L4 (416) / (416) 66 PROFILES

67 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Paul Oberst Architect 55 Rusholme Park Crescent M6J 2E1 (416) / (416) Paul Raff Studio Incorporated Architect 703 Bloor Street W. M6G 1L5 (416) / (416) Paul Reuber Incorporated, Architect 35 Church Street, Ste. 817 M5E 1T3 (416) Established in 1980, Paul Reuber Incorporated has proven experience in architectural and interior design, as well as urban design and planning. Many of the firm s projects have been published. Paul Roth Architect 272 Riverside Drive M6S 4B2 (416) Paul Syme, Architect 8 Camden Street, Ste. 300 M5V 1V1 (416) / (416) Paul Yee Architect 45 Riverdale Avenue M4K 1C2 (416) Paula Bowley Architects Inc. 36 Argyle Street M6J 1N6 (416) / (416) PBK Architects Inc. 60 Harbour Street, 4th Floor M5J 1B7 (416) / (416) PDA Architects 522 Mt. Pleasant Road, Ste. 200 M4S 2M3 (416) / (416) Peggy Chiu Architect Inc. 124 Merton Street, Ste. 505 M4S 2Z2 (416) / (416) Pellow + Associates Architects Inc. 20 Victoria Street, Ste. #700 M5C 2N8 (416) / (416) pa is experienced in the design of office, residential, and retail environments; entertainment centres; main streets, and lifestyle design. Services include architecture, interior design, urban design, and planning. Perkins Eastman Black Architects Inc. 119 Spadina Avenue, Ste M5V 2L1 (416) / (416) Perkins+Will Canada Inc. 672 Dupont Street, Ste. 500 M6G 1Z6 (416) / (416) Peter A. Gabor, Architect 2221 Yonge Street, Ste. 300 M4S 2B4 (416) / (416) We listen. No preconcieved ideas. Traditional or modern. We treat every project and client with same respect. We help property owners figure out what to do with their properties for new and renovation projects. Award winning architecture interior design, and project management-homes-condominiumsoffices-grocery stores car dealerships. New communities. Working internationally in S. America, E. Europe, and M. East Peter Higgins Architect Incorporated 124 Merton Street, Ste. 204 M4S 2Z2 (416) / (416) Philip Beesley Architect Inc. 213 Sterling Road, Ste. 200 M6R 2B2 (416) Phillip H. Carter, Architect 789 Queen Street W. M6G 1G1 (416) / (416) Pillon Architect Inc. 745 Mount Pleasant Road,#203 M4S 2N4 (416) / (416) Plant Architect Inc. 101 Spadina Avenue, Ste. 208 M5V 2K2 (416) / (416) Plaston Architect Limited 885 Progress Avenue, Ste. UPH-7 M1H 3G3 (416) / (416) Poizner Architects 16 Bradgate Road M3B 1J7 (416) / (416) Pomeroy Architecture Inc Dundas Street E., Ste. 200 M4M 1R9 (416) Post Architects 32 Albany Avenue M5R 3C3 (416) Post Architects 279 Victoria Park M4E 3S6 (416) Predrag K. Roman Architect Inc. 150 Burndale Avenue M2N 1T2 (416) / (416) Project Management Universe Corporation Architects 24 Millgate Crescent, Ste. B-100 M2K 1L6 (416) / (416) PS Architect Inc. 801 Eglinton Avenue W., Ste. 300 M5N 1E3 (416) / (416) Public Studio Architecture 1575 Dundas Street W. M6P 2P4 (647) Pyramid Architect 176 Davenport Road M5R 1J2 (416) / (416) Q4 Architects Inc Avenue Road, Ste. 302 M5M 4B4 (416) / (416) Quadrangle Architects Limited 901 King Street W., Ste. 701 M5V 3H5 (416) / (416) Queen s Quay Architects International Inc. 100 Scarsdale Road, Ste. 200 M3B 2R8 (416) / (416) R. A. Lumbao Architect 15 Esterbrooke Avenue, Ste. 141 M2J 2C5 (416) R. V. Anderson Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers and Architect 2001 Sheppard Avenue E., Ste. 400 M2J 4Z8 (416) / (416) R.A. Juknevicius, Architect Ltd. 31 Hartfield Road M9A 3C8 (416) R.E. Barnett, Architect 503 Davenport Road M4V 1B8 (416) / (416) R.H. Carter Architects Inc Dundas Street W. M9A 1B8 (416) / (416) Radeff Architect Ltd. 244 Glenforest Road M4N 2A4 (416) / (416) Radek Kozlowski Architect 135 Westminster Avenue M6R 1N6 (416) / (416) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 67

68 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Rafael + Bigauskas Architect Inc Sheppard Avenue W., Unit 1 M3K 2A2 (416) / (416) Ragotte Architect 55 Braeside Road M4N 1X9 (416) / (416) RALLY Architects 132 Micmac Crescent M2H 2K2 (416) raw design inc. 317 Adelaide Street W., Ste. 405 M5V 1P9 (416) / (416) Rayman Architects Ltd. 95 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Unit 3610 M4H 1L re:think DESIGN STUDIO 993 Queen Street W., Ste. 415 M6J 1H2 (416) Rebanks Pepper Littlewood Architects Inc Yonge Street, Ste. 402 M4T 1Z4 (416) / (416) Rebuilt Developments Inc. 83 Robinson Street M6J 1L6 (416) Red Studio Inc. Architects 354 Davenport Road, Ste. 300 M5R 1K6 (416) / (416) Reflect Architecture Inc. 21 Shaftesbury Avenue, Ste. 100 M4T 3B4 (416) Reich + Petch Architects Inc Yonge Street, 11th Floor M4S 1Y5 (416) / (416) Renaissance Corporation Architect 50 Gervais Drive, Ste. 505 M3C 1Z3 (416) RENEW architect 215 Withrow Avenue M4K 1E2 (416) 68 PROFILES Reza Aliabadi 6021 Yonge Street, Ste. 900 M2M 3W2 (647) Richard H. Shaw Architect Inc. 221 Golfview Avenue M4E 2K8 (647) / (416) Richard Librach Architect Inc Yonge Street M4N 2M9 (416) / (416) Richard Wengle Architect Inc. 102 Avenue Road M5R 2H3 (416) / (416) Richard Ziegler Architect Inc. 15 Polson Street M5A 1A4 (416) / (866) Rick Wink Architect Inc. 370 Markham Street M6G 2K9 (416) / (416) Robert Chang Architect Inc. 225 Richmond Street W., Ste. 201 M5V 1W2 (416) / (416) Robert J. McCrea Architect 44 Jackes Avenue, Ste M4T 1E5 (416) Robert Stiff Architect 20 Southlea Avenue M4G 3L9 (416) Robertson Simmons Architects Inc King Street W., Ste. 300 M6K 3C5 (416) / (416) Robin Clarke Architect A8-142 Pears Avenue M5R 1T2 (416) / (416) Robin Tharin - Architect Inc. 7 Lurgan Drive M2N 2G1 (416) / (416) Robyn Huether Architect 1765 Queen Street E., Ste. 410 M4L 3Z2 (647) Romanov Romanov Architects Incorporated 375 Parkside Drive M6R 2Z6 (416) / (416) Ron Shieh Architect 40 Wynford Drive, Ste. 301 M3C 1J5 (416) / (416) Rossini Architect 2 Fieldway Road, Unit 906 M8Z 0B9 (416) Roth Knibb Architects Inc. 886 Queen Street W. M6J 1G3 (416) / (416) Rounthwaite Dick & Hadley Architects Inc. 225 Richmond Street W., Ste. 201 M5V 1W2 (416) / (416) Rudy Wallman Architect Limited 30 Duncan Street, Ste. 202 M5V 2C3 (416) / (416) Ruth Cawker, Architect 206 Brunswick Avenue M5S 2M5 (416) / (416) RVTR Inc. 289 Mutual Street M4Y 1X6 (647) S. Vlahovich, Architect 13 Baird Avenue M4J 1H1 (416) Saccoccio Weppler Architects Inc Kingston Road, Ste. 201 M1C 1L4 (416) / (416) SADP - Architecture 366 Adelaide Street E., Ste. 431 M5A 3X9 (647) Sage Idea Studio Inc. 79 Balmoral Avenue M4V 1J5 (647) Sam Salis Architect 170 The Donway W., Ste. 411 M3C 2G3 (416) / (416) Samuel.H. Consulting 319 Merton Street, Ste M4S 1A5 (416) / (647) Sander Gladstone Architect 205 Ridley Boulevard M5M 3M4 (416) / (416) Sandra F. Smith Architects 10 Overdale Road M6B 3E8 (416) / (416) Sane Architects Inc. 885 Don Mills Road, Ste. 402 M3C 1V9 (416) / (416) Sanz-Sole Architect 212 Fern Avenue M6R 1K4 (416) Sarah Ifrah Architect Inc. 75 Dufflaw Road, Ste. 201A M6A 2W4 (416) Scoler, Lee & Associates Architects Inc. 64 Shuter Street M5B 1B1 (416) / (416) Scolozzi Architect Inc. 260 Adelaide Street. E., P.O. Box 119 M5A 1N1 (416) / (416) Scott Associates Architects Inc. 80 Bloor Street W., Ste M5S 2V1 (416) / (416) Scott Morris Architects Inc. 24 Mercer Street M5V 1H3 (416) / (416) SedArc Inc. Architects 124 Glenholme Avenue M6E 3C3 (416) / (416) Sedun + Kanerva Architects Inc. 22 McGee Street M4M 2K9 (416) / (416)

69 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN SEED Architect 6 Rhodes Avenue M4L 2Z9 (416) / (416) Selectus Architecture 44 Rumsey Road M4G 1N8 (416) / (416) Sergio Brizzi Malekian Architect 143 Steeles Avenue E. M2M 3Y5 (416) / (416) Serosima Architects Inc. 9 Bridport Crescent M1V 4N8 (416) / (647) Sharon McKenzie Architect 9 Rossmore Road M6G 2M6 (416) / (416) Shashi Washikar Architect 65 Heaslip Terrace M1T 1W8 (416) / (416) Shaw Architect Inc. 47 Victoria Park Avenue M4E 3S1 (416) Shawn Freeman Architect 62 Vermont Avenue M6G 1X9 (416) / (416) Shawn McSweeny Architect 36 Burnhamthorpe Park Boulevard M9A 1H9 (416) Sheldon D. Rosen Architect 330 Spadina Road, Ste M5R 2V9 (416) Shim - Sutcliffe Architects Inc. 441 Queen Street E. M5A 1T5 (416) / (416) Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners Architects 672 Dupont Street, Ste. 500 M6G 1Z6 (416) / (416) Sievenpiper Associates Inc., Architects 559 College Street, Ste. 500 M6G 1A9 (416) / (416) Sigmund D.F. Reszetnik Architect Inc. 20 Castleview Avenue, Level 1 M5R 1Y9 (416) / (416) Simon H.K. Ng, Architect 250 Consumers Road, Ste. 106 M2J 4V6 (416) / Simona Sund Architect 1135 Dundas Street E., Ste. 200 M4M 1R9 (416) / (416) Sirlin Giller & Malek Architects 15 Lola Road M5P 1E5 (416) / (416) Sky Architects Inc. 89 Chester Avenue M4K 2Z8 (647) Smith Architect Inc. 174 Scarborough Road M4E 3M6 (647) SMV Architects 247 Spadina Avenue, 4th Floor M5T 3A8 (416) / (416) SNC Lavalin Architecture and Engineering Inc. 195 The West Mall M9C 5K1 (416) / (416) Snyder & Associates Inc. Ontario Design Centre, 260 King Street East, Ste. A101 M5A 4L5 (416) / (416) Sofia Di Sabatino Architect 39 Arundel Avenue M4K 3A1 (416) / (416) Solares Architecture Inc College Street M6H 1B5 (416) Space Architects 35 Golden Avenue, Ste. A102 M6R 2J5 (416) / (647) Spencer R. Higgins Architect Incorporated 720 King Street W., Ste. 215 M5V 2T3 (416) / (416) Spragge + Company Architects 156 Duncan Mills Road, Ste. 17a M3B 3N2 (416) / (416) SSG Architecture Inc. 113 Bond Street, Ste. 202 M5B 1Y2 (416) / (416) STAMP architecture 35 Golden Avenue, Ste. A102 M6R 2J5 (416) Stanford Downey Architects Inc. 67 Lombard Street M5C 1M2 (416) / (416) Stanley E. Sota, Architect 65 Glenaden Avenue E. M8Y 2L5 (416) / Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects 401 Wellington Street W., Ste. 100 M5V 1E7 (416) / (416) Stephen G. King, Architect 235 Kenilworth Avenue M4L 3S7 (416) / (416) Stephen Mann Architect 115 Castlefield Avenue M4R 1G5 (416) Stephen R. Pile Architect Inc. 624 King Street W., 2nd Fl. M5V 1M7 (416) / (416) Stephen R. Taylor Architect 37 St. Paul Street M5A 3H2 (647) Stephen Robert Hitchcox Architect 28 Thirteenth Street M8V 3H4 (416) / (416) Stephen Teeple Architect 5 Camden Street M5V 1V2 (416) / (416) Steven Eskind, Architect 51 Dunvegan Road M4V 2P5 (416) / (416) Steven Fong Architect 32 Gibson Avenue M5R 1T5 (416) Steven Robinson Architect Inc. 181 Rumsey Road M4G 1P4 (416) / (416) Stevens Burgess Architects Ltd. 40 St. Clair Avenue E., Ste. 301 M4T 1M9 (416) / (416) Stingray Architects Inc. 55 Barber Greene Road, Ste. 100 M3C 2A1 (416) / (416) Stone s Throw Design Inc. 12 St. Andrews Gardens M4W 2E1 (416) / (416) Stoyanovskyy Architects Inc. 73 Abilene Drive M9A 2N5 (416) Strasman Architects Inc Gerrard Street E. M4L 2C2 (416) / (416) Stuart Mussells Architect 244 Lisgar Street M6J 3G7 (416) Stuart Watson Architect 287 MacPherson Avenue, Ste. 301 M4V 1A4 (416) / (416) Studio Architectonic Inc Sheppard Avenue E. M2K 1B8 (416) / (416) Studio Jonah 8 Glenavy Avenue M4P 2T6 (647) Superkül Inc., Architect 2208 Dundas Street W. M6R 1X3 (416) / (416) Susan Friedrich Architect Inc. 643 St. Clair Avenue W. M6C 1A7 (416) / (416) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 69

70 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Susan Speigel Architect Inc. 299 Rushton Road M6C 2X8 (416) Suu-dda Patkar Architectural Corporation, Architect 5200 Finch Avenue E., Ste. #307 M1S 4Z5 (416) / (416) Suzita Morita Inc. 1 Edgedale Road M4X 1N5 (416) Our practice derives from the belief that specialization is for insects, experience includes architecture, urban, landscape, furniture, curatorship, artwork, installations, etc. resulting from an obsession for all forms of art/design. Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co. Architects Inc. 468 Wellington Street W., Ste. 200 M5V 1E3 (416) / (416) symbolics architecture+design 233 Belsize Drive M4S 1M3 (416) / (416) Szabo & Fok Architect 345 Bloor Street E., P.O. Box M6W 3J6 (416) T. M. Sanborn 12 Windley Avenue M6C 1N2 (416) / (416) Tact Architecture Inc. 660R College Street (Rear Lane) M6G 1B8 (416) TAES Architects Inc. 12 Upjohn Road, Ste. 2A M3B 2V9 (416) / (888) Tafler Rylett Architects 477A Dupont Street M6G 1Y6 (416) / (416) Takashi Tsuji, Architect 25 Bayberry Crescent M2K 1T9 (416) / (416) Takvor Hopyan, Architect 20 Pineway Blvd. M2H 1A1 (416) / (416) 70 PROFILES Talwood Group Architects 109 Warden Avenue M1N 2Z5 (416) / (416) Tampold Architects Inc. 87 Avenue Road, Box 358, Hazelton Lanes M5R 3R9 (416) / (416) Tangram Architect Inc. 60 Truman Road M2L 2L6 (416) / (416) Tarvo Eistrat Architect 450 Runnymede Road M6S 2Z1 (416) / (416) Taylor Hannah Architect Inc. 515 Davenport Road M4V 1B8 (416) / (416) Taylor Smyth Architects 245 Davenport Road, Ste. 300 M5R 1K1 (416) / (416) Taylor/Hazell Architects Ltd. 333 Adelaide Street W., 5th Flr. M5V 1R5 (416) / (416) Taymoore Balbaa Architect 465 Dovercourt Road M6H 2W3 (647) Ted Shepherd Architect Limited 41a Sherwood Avenue M4P 2A6 (647) Teeple Architects Inc. 5 Camden Street M5V 1V2 (416) / (416) Ten-2-Four Architecture Inc. 55 Eglinton Avenue E., Ste. 606C M4P 1G8 (416) / (416) Teng M. Chow Architect 115 Autumn Glen Circle M9W 6B3 (416) Terry Fitsialos Architect 79 Lawrence Avenue E. M4N 1S5 (416) / (416) The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc. 410 Adelaide Street W., Ste. 501 M5V 1S8 (416) The Architect Circle 2000 Ltd. 16 Boulton Avenue M4M 2J3 (416) The Kirkland Partnership, Inc., Architects 225 Richmond Street W., Ste. 500 M5V 1W2 (416) / (416) The Ventin Group (Toronto) Ltd., Architects 72 Stafford Street, Ste. 200, 2nd Flr. M6J 2R9 (416) / (416) Thomas Brown Architects Inc. 394 King Street E., M5A 1K9 (416) / (416) Thomas Gluck Architect Inc. 156 Duncan Mill Road, Ste. 5 M3B 3N2 (416) / (416) Thomas Marzotto, Architect 672 Dupont Street, Ste. 403 M6G 1Z6 (416) / (416) Thomas Moore Limited, Architect 102 Kippendavie Avenue M4L 3R5 (416) / (416) Tim Lee, Architect 69 Whittaker Crescent M2K 1K9 (416) Tim Wickens Architect 73 Frizzell Avenue M4J 1E2 (416) / (416) Tina Ranieri - D Ovidio Architect 131 Shaver Avenue N. M9B 4N6 (416) Tom + Fong Architects Inc. 6 Garamond Court, Ste. 278 M3C 1Z5 (416) / (416) Turner Fleischer Architects (Manitoba) Inc. 67 Lesmill Road M3B 2T8 (416) / (416) Turner Fleischer Architects Inc. 67 Lesmill Road M3B 2T8 (416) / (416) UCARCHITECT 283 Lisgar Street M6J 3H1 (416) / (416) unit a architecture inc., architects 184 Ossington Avenue M6J 2Z7 (416) / (416) Van Driel Architect 67 Corley Avenue M4E 1T8 (416) / (416) Van Elslander Carter Architects Incorporated 168 Ossington Avenue M6J 2Z7 (416) VanLe Architect Inc. 2 Billingham Road, Ste. 302 M9B 6E1 (416) Victor J. Heinrichs Inc., Architect 920 Yonge Street, Ste. 608 M4W 3C7 (416) / (416) Victor Lam Architect 23 Norwood Road M4E 2R9 (416) Viljoen Architect Inc. 300A Wilson Avenue M3H 1S8 (416) / (416) Villa Villa Architect Incorporated 28 Shannon Street M6J 2E7 (416) / (416) Vogel Architects Inc. 33 Bernard Avenue M5R 1R3 (416) / (416)

71 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN W. K. Lim Architect Inc. 141 Portland Street M5V 2N4 (416) / (416) W.F. Heartwell Architect 526 Euclid Avenue M6G 2T2 (416) / (416) Wanda Ely Architect Inc. 203 Argyle Street M6J 1P7 (647) Warren J. Grossman, Architect 30 Edith Drive, Ste. 110 M4R 1Y8 (416) / (416) Watchorn Architect Inc. 255 Wicksteed Avenue, Unit 1A M4H 1G8 (416) / (416) Wayne Barrett Architect 708 Gerrard Street E. M4M 1Y3 (416) / (416) Wayne Long Architect 23 Lesmill Road, Ste. 305 M3B 3P6 (416) / (416) Wayne Swadron Architect Limited 355 Eglinton Avenue W. M5N 1A3 (416) / (416) Weatherston Architects 514 Crawford Street M6G 3J8 (416) / (416) Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited 95 Pelham Avenue M6N 1A5 (647) / (647) Wes Surdyka, Architect Inc Keele Street, 2nd Fl., Ste. #108 M3J 1M8 (416) / (416) WGD Architects Inc. 250 The Esplanade, Ste. 302 M5A 1J2 (416) / (416) Wiktor Moskaliuk Architect 29 Ashford Drive M9B 5X2 (416) / (416) William Dewson Architects Inc. 135 Alcorn Avenue M4V 1E5 (416) / (416) William Weima Architect 14 Kings Park Blvd. M4J 2B8 (416) William Wong Architect 12 Algonquin Avenue M6R 1K7 (416) / (416) Williamson Chong Architects 235 Carlaw Avenue, Ste. 400 M4M 2S1 (416) Workshop Architecture Inc Davenport Road M6H 2G4 (416) / (416) WZMH Architects 95 St. Clair Avenue W., Ste. #1500 M4V 1N6 (416) / (416) XCI Design & Architecture 57 Maughan Crescent M4L 3E6 (416) / (416) Xtudio Architecture Wellington 101 National Street M1M 0A3 (416) Y Architects 111 Highfield Road M4L 2T9 (416) Y. Erez Architect Inc. 55 Timberlane Drive M3H 1J3 (416) / (416) Y.T. Architectural Services Inc., Architect 333 Greenfield Avenue M2N 3E7 (416) / (416) Yair Engel Architect 3 Concorde Place, Ste M3C 3K7 (416) Yim Chan Architect 6 Fitzroy Terrace M5T 2K3 (416) YL Architecture Ltd. International 25 Capreol Court, Ste M5V 3Z7 (647) Zak Ghanim, Architect Inc. 31 Curzon Street M4M 3B3 (416) / (416) ZAS Architects Inc. 517 Wellington Street W., Ste. 404 M5V 1G1 (416) / (416) Zeidler Partnership Architects 315 Queen Street W., Ste. 200 M5V 2X2 (416) / (416) Zone Architect 580 Christie Street, Ste. 514 M6G 3E3 (416) TORONTO (WESTON) Ciro Polsinelli Architect 32 Fern Avenue Toronto (Weston), ON M9N 1M2 (416) TOTTENHAM John Hix Architect Ltd th Line, R. R. #3 Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0 (905) / (905) UDORA soma earth ARCHITECT General Delivery Udora, ON L0C 1L0 (866) / (866) UNIONVILLE David Johnston Architect Ltd. 8 Maple Lane Unionville, ON L3R 1R2 (905) / (905) Gabriel Bodor Architect, Inc. 46 Goldring Crescent Unionville, ON L6C 1Y7 (905) / (905) Peter Favot Architect Ltd. 117 Fred Varley Drive Unionville, ON L3R 1T1 (905) A firm of Architects & Urban Planners, specializing in the rezoning, building design and development of residential, commercial, industrial and recreational properties. V. Samuel Iser Architect Inc. 62 Spanhouse Crescent Unionville, ON L3R 4E3 (905) UXBRUDGE Robert Reimers Architect Ltd. 23 Wilson Street Uxbrudge, ON L9P 1H8 (905) / (416) VAUGHAN A.J. Tregebov, Architect 8888 Keele Street, Unit 1 Vaughan, ON L4K 2N2 (905) / (905) ADG Architectural Design Group Inc., Architect and Engineers Highway 7 Vaughan, ON L4L 8L5 (905) / (905) BASE3 Architect Inc Steeles Avenue W., Ste. 406 Vaughan, ON L4K 3R1 (416) Battaglia Architect Inc Keele Street, Unit 8 Vaughan, ON L4K 2N2 (416) David Lam Architect Inc. 168 District Avenue Vaughan, ON L6A 0Y3 (905) / (905) Denis Gerald Rioux, Architect 3700 Steeles Avenue W., Ste. 305 Vaughan, ON L4L 8K8 (416) / (416) Intra Architect Inc Rutherford Road Building B, Ste. 25 Vaughan, ON L4K 2N6 (905) / (905) Jin Architect 139 Lady Valentina Avenue Vaughan, ON L6A 0E2 (416) / (866) Mei Associates Inc. 66 Jason Street Vaughan, ON L4K 3G4 (416) / (416) Nestico Architect Inc Langstaff Road, Unit 7 Vaughan, ON L4K 4R7 (905) / (866) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 71

72 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Nino Rico Inc. Architect 201 Spinnaker Way, Ste. 10 Vaughan, ON L4K 4C6 (905) / (905) onespace unlimited inc Steeles Avenue W., Ste. 305 Vaughan, ON L4L 8K8 (416) / (416) SRN Architects Inc Jane Street, Ste. 203 Vaughan, ON L4K 5Y2 (905) / (905) Studio Archifad 11 Johnswood Crescent Vaughan, ON L4H 2K7 (647) Vincent James Santamaura Architect 8395 Jane Street, Ste. 203 Vaughan, ON L4K 5Y2 (905) / (905) WMA Inc. 80 Bass Pro Mills Drive, Unit 13 Vaughan, ON L4K 5W9 (905) / (905) WALLACEBURG Elcon Engineering Wallaceburg Limited, Architect and Engineer 1436 Dufferin Avenue Wallaceburg, ON N8A 2W5 (519) / (519) WASAGA BEACH Casaldom Architects st Street S. Wasaga Beach, ON L9Z 1Z6 (705) / (705) WATERDOWN Melissa Rocchi Architect Inc. 3 Strathroy Crescent Waterdown, ON L0R 2H5 (905) WATERLOO ABA Architects Inc. 564 Weber Street N., Ste. 5 Waterloo, ON N2L 5C6 (519) / (519) Architecture Incorporated, Architect 490 Dutton Drive, Ste. B1 Waterloo, ON N2L 6H7 (519) / (519) PROFILES Gregory M. Ward, Architect 264 Toll Gate Blvd. Waterloo, ON N2L 4M2 (519) / (519) J. L. Cortes Architect Corporation 222 King Street S. Waterloo, ON N2J 1R3 (519) / (519) J.C. Daniel Parent, Architect 433 Timbercroft Crescent Waterloo, ON N2T 2J1 (519) Somfay Masri Architects Inc University Avenue E. Waterloo, ON N2J 2W1 (519) / (519) SRM Architects Inc. 145 Columbia Street W. Waterloo, ON N2L 3L2 (519) / (519) WELLAND Architect Osama Abo Nassar 22 Hellems Avenue Welland, ON L3B 3A7 (289) / (905) Giorgio Giovinazzo, Architect 16 Empress Avenue Welland, ON L3B 1K7 (289) / (289) Raffaele A. Belvedere, Architect 60 W. Main Street, 2nd Fl. Welland, ON L3C 4Z7 (905) / (905) WHITBY AECOM Canada Architects Ltd. 300 Water Street Whitby, ON L1N 9J2 (905) / (905) Barry*Bryan Associates (1991) Limited, Architects, Engineers 250 Water Street Whitby, ON L1N 0G5 (905) / (905) Ferdinand Wagner Architect 450 Lyndebrook Road Whitby, ON L1N 5R5 (416) / (416) Gadzovski Architect 51 Kennett Drive Whitby, ON L1P 1L5 (905) WINDSOR Architecttura Inc., Architects 1361 Ouellette Avenue, Ste. 201 Windsor, ON N8X 1J6 (519) / (519) Architectural Design Associates Inc., Architect 1880 Assumption Street, Ste. 100 Windsor, ON N8Y 1C4 (519) / (519) Archon Architect Incorporated 1645 Wyandotte Street E., Ste. 300 Windsor, ON N8Y 1C8 (519) / (519) Chintan Virani Architect Inc Holly Crescent Windsor, ON N8R 1Y6 (519) / (519) Di Maio Design Associates Architect Incorporated 8045 Wyandotte Street E. Windsor, ON N8S 1T2 (519) / (519) Glos Associates Inc North Service Road E. Windsor, ON N8W 5R7 (519) / (519) With architects, engineers (civil, structural, mechanical), and sustainability specialists under one roof, collaboration comes naturally at Glos. Our clients benefit from a custom-made project team specifically suited to their needs. Hanna Ghobrial and Associates Ltd Temple Drive Windsor, ON N8W 5J6 (519) / (519) Integral Architecture Inc Driftwood Drive Windsor, ON N9E 4H2 (519) J.P. Thomson Architects Ltd Ouellette Avenue Windsor, ON N8X 1K5 (519) / (519) L.D. Warren, Architect and Engineer 121 Wyandotte Street W., Ste. 3 Windsor, ON N9A 5W8 (519) / (519) Maged Basilious, Architect 333 Riverside Drive W., Ste. 106 Windsor, ON N9A 7C5 (519) / (519) MMA Architect Inc Lauzon Parkway, Ste. 101 F Windsor, ON N8T 3H5 (519) / (519) Passa Associates Inc., Architects 374 Ouellette Avenue, Ste. 802 Windsor, ON N9A 1A8 (519) / (519) Robert Di Maio Architect 1645 Wyandotte Street E., Ste. 300 Windsor, ON N8Y 1C8 (519) / (519) Sfera Architectural Associates Inc. Architects 1368 Ouellette Avenue, Ste. 206 Windsor, ON N8X 1J9 (519) / (519) studio g+g Inc., Architect 1057 Walker Road Windsor, ON N8Y 2N6 (519) / (519) Surendra K. Bagga, Architect, Inc. 933 Goyeau Street Windsor, ON N9A 1H7 (519) / (519) Vijay Vasantgadkar Architect Inc Temple Drive, Ste. 200 Windsor, ON N8W 5J6 (519) / (519) William Kachmaryk, Architect Buckingham Windsor, ON N8S 2C5 (519) / (519) WOODBRIDGE Abacus Architect Inc. 51 Roysun Road, Unit 1 Woodbridge, ON L4L 8P9 (905) / (905) Alaimo Architecture Inc Kipling Avenue Woodbridge, ON L4L 1Z5 (905) / (905) Antonio Greco Architect Inc. 16 Polo Crescent Woodbridge, ON L4L 8W6 (647) Dino Giulietti, Architect 19 Huronia Place Woodbridge, ON L4L 4L4 (647) Flanagan Beresford & Patteson, Architects 70 Silton Road, Unit 1 Woodbridge, ON L4L 8B9 (905) / (905)

73 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Mauti Designs Inc., Architects 128 Wallace Street Woodbridge, ON L4L 2P4 (905) / (905) Multi-Design Associates Inc., Engineers and Architect 571 Chrislea Road, Unit 4 Woodbridge, ON L4L 8A2 (905) / (905) Stile Architect 29 Lime Drive Woodbridge, ON L4L 5N3 (416) / (905) Suriano Design Consultants Inc. 51 Roysun Road, Unit 1 Woodbridge, ON L4L 8P9 (905) / (905) WBA Architects and Engineers Inc. 530 Rowntree Dairy Road, Unit 3 Woodbridge, ON L4L 8H2 (905) / (905) Zanjani Architect Inc. 6 Roslyn Court Woodbridge, ON L4L 2Y6 (416) WOODSTOCK Dickson Partnership Incorporated, Architects 350 Beard s Lane Woodstock, ON N4S 7W3 (519) / (519) OUT OF PROVINCE ALBERTA Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc. Norland Coach House RR8 S28 C Ave. S. Lethbridge, AB T1J 4P4 (403) / (403) Bennett Architect Inc Street NW Edmonton, AB T6E 6A1 (780) / (780) BKDI Architects Avenue SW Calgary, AB T2P 1G7 (403) / (403) CTM Architecture Ltd. 210, 340 Midpark Way SE Calgary, AB T2X 1P1 (403) / (403) David Hamilton Architect Street Edmonton, AB T5K 1A6 (780) / (780) Morrison Hershfield Architects Inc Avenue Edmonton, AB T5S 1J8 (780) / (780) Paul Tarjan Architect 1425 Kensington Road NW Calgary, AB T2N 3R1 (403) / (403) William H. Marshall Architect Avenue SW, Ste. 301 Calgary, AB T2R 0A4 (403) / (403) BRITISH COLUMBIA Acton Ostry Architects Inc. 111 E 8 Avenue Vancouver, BC V5T 1R8 (604) / (604) Atelier Pacific Architecture Inc., Architect 131 Water Street, #109 Vancouver, BC V6B 4M3 (604) / (604) Bing Thom Architects Inc Burrard Street Vancouver, BC V6Z 2A3 (604) / (604) Chernoff Thompson Architects 1281 West Georgia Street, Ste. 110 Vancouver, BC V6E 3J5 (604) / (604) Hughes Condon Marler Architects 569 Johnson Street, Ste. 300 Victoria, BC V8W 1M2 (250) / (250) Hughes Condon Marler Architects 1508 West Second Avenue, Ste. 300 Vancouver, BC V6J 1H2 (604) / (604) J. Robert Thibodeau Architecture + Design Inc W 5th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6J 1N5 (778) / (778) John E. Gustavson, Architect 576 Seymour Street, 4th Fl. Vancouver, BC V6B 3K1 (604) / (604) Mallen Gowing Berzins Architecture Incorporated 601 W. Cordova Street. Ste. 170 Vancouver, BC V6B 1G1 (604) / (604) Omicron Architecture Engineering Construction Inc. 3 Bentall Centre, 5th Fl., 595 Burrard St., P.O. Box Vancouver, BC V7X 1L4 (604) / (604) Pacific Coast Architecture Inc Production Way, Ste. 501 Burnaby, BC V5A 4R4 (604) Patkau Architects Inc West 6th Avenue Vancouver, BC V6J 1R2 (604) / (604) PBK Architects Inc West Broadway, Ste. 200 Vancouver, BC V6J 4Y3 (604) / (604) Richard Henriquez Architect 402 West Pender Street, Ground Floor Vancouver, BC V6B 1T6 (604) / (604) Stanley Paulus Architect 2751 Cultus Avenue Coquitlam, BC V3C 5A2 (604) / (604) Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects 111 Dunsmuir Street, Ste Vancouver, BC V6B 6A3 (604) / (604) Teresa Coady Architect Inc Gleneagles Drive West Vancouver, BC V7W 1W3 (778) UDG Architect Ltd W. Pender Street, Ste. 600 Vancouver, BC V6E 4G1 (604) / (604) VIA Architecture Incorporated 1050 Homer Street, Ste. 301 Vancouver, BC V6B 2W9 (604) / (604) MANITOBA Architecture 266 McDermot Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3B 0S8 (204) / (204) sasa@ ca Bridgman Collaborative Architecture Ltd. 678 Main Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 1E4 (204) / (204) Calnitsky Associates Architects Inc. 124 Nassau Street North Winnipeg, MB R3L 2H1 (204) / (204) Cibinel Architects 420-A Stradbrook Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3L 0J8 (204) / (204) Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited 359 McDermot Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3A 0A6 (204) / (204) Courtnage Architect 164 Langside Street, 2nd Flr. Winnipeg, MB R3C 1Z4 (204) / (204) ft3 300 Waterfront Drive, Ste. 200 Winnipeg, MB R3B 0G5 (204) / (204) GW Architecture Inc Princess Street Winnipeg, MB R3B 1K2 (204) / (866) Harold Funk Architect Inc Donald Street Winnipeg, MB R3C 1L8 (204) / (204) LM Architects Market Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3B 0P4 (204) / (204) MMP Architects McDermot Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3B 0S3 (204) / (204) Nejmark Architect 2-54 Adelaide Street Winnipeg, MB R3A 0V7 (204) / (204) Northern Sky Architecture Inc., Architect James Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3B 0N8 (204) / (204) Number Ten Architectural Group - Ontario, Architects Bannatyne Avenue E. Winnipeg, MB R3B 0R3 (204) / (204) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 73

74 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Otto Hammer Architect 160 Morley Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3L 0Y1 (204) / (204) Prairie Architects Inc Bannatyne Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3B 0R3 (204) / (204) Raymond S.C. Wan, Architect Unit # Waverley Street Winnipeg, MB R3T 6C6 (204) / (204) Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Incorporated 1600 Buffalo Place Winnipeg, MB R3T 6B8 (204) / (204) Sputnik Architecture 113 Cauchon Street Winnipeg, MB R3L 1X1 (204) / (204) Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects 905 Waverley Street Winnipeg, MB R3T 5P4 (204) / (204) Verne Reimer Architecture Incorporated River Avenue Winnipeg, MB R3L 0E4 (204) / (204) Voitec Architect Inc. 516 St. Catherine Street Winnipeg, MB R2J 0N1 (204) / (204) NEW BRUNSWICK D.F.S. Architects 85 Charlotte Street, Ste. 403 Saint John, NB E2L 2J2 (506) / (506) Des-Tek Inc. 683 King George Highway Miramichi, NB E1V 1N9 (506) NEWFOUNDLAND AND LABRADOR AMEC Architectural Services Ltd. 133 Crosbie Road St. John s, NL A1A 3C1 (709) / (709) Ron Fougere, Architect 2F Bates Hill St. John s, NL A1C 4B4 (709) / (709) 74 PROFILES NORTHWEST TERRITORIES Pin/Taylor Architects 3502 Raccine Road Yelllowknife, NT X1A 3J2 (867) / (867) NOVA SCOTIA AMEC Architectural Services Ltd. 130 Eileen Stubbs Avenue, Ste. 201 Dartmouth, NS B3B 2C4 (902) / (902) Brian MacKay-Lyons Architect 2188 Gottingen Street Halifax, NS B3K 3B4 (902) / (902) George A. Cotaras 1660 Hollis Street, Ste. 102 Halifax, NS B3J 1V7 (902) / (902) NUNAVUT Livingstone Architect 626 Queen Elizabeth Way, Ste. 201, P.O. Box 1186 Iqaluit, NU X0A 0H0 (867) QUEBEC Aedifica Inc., Architects 606 Cathcart Street, Ste. 800 Montreal, QC H3B 1K9 (514) / (514) Allaire, architect 1690 Rue Girouard Ouest Saint-Hyacinthe, QC J2S 2Z7 (450) / (450) Anderson Architects 4470 Sherbrooke Street West Westmount, QC H3Z 1E6 (514) / (514) Archipel, Architecture Inc. 24 Mont-Royal West, Ste. 804 Montreal, QC H2T 2S2 (514) / (514) Architectes Lemay et Associés 780 Brewster Avenue, 4th Floor Montreal, QC H4C 2K1 (514) / (514) Atelier A. Bellavance, Architect 89 Bromont Blvd. Bromont, QC J2L 2K5 (450) / (450) B.J. Drvar, Architect 515 Francois, Ste. 304, Nuns Island Montreal, QC H3E 1G5 (888) / (888) Beique, Legault, Thuot architectes 480 St. Laurent Boulevard, Ste. 303 Montreal, QC H2Y 3Y7 (514) / (514) Blouin Tardif Architectes 1450 City Councillors, Ste. 700 Montreal, QC H3A 2E6 (514) / (514) Brian Elsden Burrows, Architecte 1442 Sherbrooke Street West, Suite 300 Montreal, QC H3G 1K4 (514) / (514) Campanella & Associes Architecture Design 9090 Park Avenue, Ste. 330 Montreal, QC H2N 1Y8 (514) / (514) Conrath Architecte 4004 Wellington Montreal, QC H4G 1V3 (514) / (514) Dan S. Hanganu, Architect 404 Saint-Dizier Montreal, QC H2Y 3T3 (514) / (514) Denis P. Bouchard Architect 1535, chemin Ste-Foy, Ste. 220 Quebec, QC G1S 2P1 (418) / (418) Desmarais Cousineau Yaghjian St-Jean + Associates, Architects 2000 McGill College Avenue, Ste. 600 Montreal, QC H3A 3H4 (514) / (514) DMA 655 rue Desnoyers, Ste. 204 Montreal, QC H4C 3E1 (541) / (514) Eric Girard 400 Atlantic, Ste. 402 Montreal, QC H2V 1A5 (514) / (514) Eric Majer 4099 Hotel-De-Ville Montreal, QC H2W 2G9 (514) / (514) Fichten Soiferman Architects 1470, rue Peel, Ste. 550 Montreal, QC H3A 1T1 (514) / (514) Fournier Gersovitz Moss Drolet et associes architectes 1435 Saint-Alexandre, Ste Montreal, QC H3A 2G4 (514) / (514) Francois Grenon Architecte 27 St-Eustache Street St-Eustache, QC J7R 2L1 (450) / (450) Frank G. McGrath, Architect Les Atriums, 680 Victoria, #119 St. Lambert, QC J4P 3S1 (514) / (450) Geiger and Huot Architects 424 Guy Street, Ste. 104 Montreal, QC H3J 1S6 (514) / (514) Gerald Labelle Architect 570, chemin Bord du Lac Dorval, QC H9S 2B3 (514) / (514) Gross Kaplin Coviensky Architectes 7275 St-Urbain Street, Ste. 100 Montreal, QC H2R 2Y5 (514) / (514) Groupe Marchand Architecture & Design 606 Cathcart, Ste. 600 Montreal, QC H3B 1K9 (514) / (514) Heloise Thibodeau Architecte 395 Avenue Beaumont Montreal, QC H3N 1T5 (514) Isabelle Bradbury architect.e inc. 1-a rue Ste - Ursule Gatineau, QC J9A 1B5 (819) James Lalonde Architect 200 Chestnut Beaconsfield, QC H9W 2S6 (514) Jean-Christian Koch, Architecte 286 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Ste. 200 Montreal, QC H2X 2A1 (514) / (514) Jon Hobbs Architect 12 Arbutus Road Gatineau, QC J9H 6N9 (819) Julien Architectes 400 Atlantic Avenue, Ste. 905 Montreal, QC H2V 1A5 (514) / (514)

75 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Karl Fischer Architect 1420 Notre-Dame ouest Montreal, QC H3C 1K9 (514) / (514) Lafond Architects 5235 Jean-Talon Est, Ste. 214 Montreal, QC H1S 1L4 (514) / (514) Lapalme Architecte 53 boul. St-Raymond, Ste. 200-A Gatineau, QC J8Y 1R8 (819) / (819) Latimer Hu, Architect 4210 de Bullion Montreal, QC H2W 2E7 (514) Lemay Michaud Architects 111 rue St-Pierre Quebec, QC G1K 4A6 (418) / (418) Lemay Michaud Architects 742 rue William Montreal, QC H3C 1P1 (514) / (514) Line Laurin Architect 1616 Montarville St. Bruno, QC J3V 3T7 (450) / (450) Manon Renaud 443, rue St-Claude Montreal, QC H2Y 3B6 (514) / (514) Marcel Landry Architect 77 rue Laurier Gatineau, QC J8X 3V7 (819) / (819) Marco Manini Architect 8184 Rue St. Hubert Montreal, QC H2P 1Z2 (514) / (514) Martin Frenette Architect 151 Chemin d Aigremont Ville de Lorraine, QC J6Z 4N7 (450) / (450) Martine Pfalzgraf Architecte rue St-Antoine Gatineau, QC J8T 3M6 (819) / (819) Menkes Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architects 1134 Ste. Catherine West, Ste Montreal, QC H3B 1H4 (514) / (514) Michael Pitsas, Architect 233 avenue Dunbar, #100 Mount Royal, QC H3P 2H4 (514) / (514) Michel G Langlois, Architect 1100 de Conde Montreal, QC H3K 2E3 (514) / (514) Miguel Escobar Architect 1117 Ste-Catherine Street W., Ste. 907 Montreal, QC H3B 1H9 (514) / (514) NFOE Inc. 511 Place d Armes, Ste. 100 Montreal, QC H2Y 2W7 (514) / (514) Nicolas Maalouf 730 Rue Filiatrault Saint-Laurent, QC H4L 3V4 (514) Paul Grenier Architect 310 Victoria Avenue, Ste. 301 Montreal, QC H3Z 2M9 (514) / (514) Pierre J. Tabet architect 167 De Roquebrune Gatineau, QC J8T 7Y6 (613) / (819) Provencher Roy + Associes Architectes 276 Saint-Jacques Street, Ste. 210 Montreal, QC H2Y 1N3 (514) / (514) Regis Cote et associes, architectes 682 William Street Montreal, QC H3C 1N9 (514) / (514) René Tringali, Architect 1200, de Louvain Street West Montreal, QC H4N 1G5 (514) / (514) Renee Daoust, Architect 3575 Boulevard St-Laurent, Ste. 602 Montreal, QC H2X 2T7 (514) / (514) Robert Leduc, Architecte Lakeshore Baie d Urfe, QC H9X 1P7 (514) Rubin & Rotman Associes, Architectes 270, rue Prince, Studio 200 Montreal, QC H3C 2N3 (514) / (514) Sami K. Kerba, Architect 150 Frank Robinson Avenue Gatineau, QC J9H 4B1 (819) / (819) Saucier + Perrotte Architectes 7043 Waverly Street Montreal, QC H2S 3J1 (514) / (514) Stendel + Reich Architects 3435 rue Stanley Montreal, QC H3A 1S2 (514) / (514) Stephane L Ecuyer Architect 2372 Boul. St-Martin Est, Ste. 200 Laval, QC H7E 5A4 (450) / (450) Subhash Chopra, Architect 750 Boulevard Marcel-Laurin, Ste. 228 Ville Saint-Laurent, QC H4M 2M4 (514) / (514) The Arcop Group, Architects 1244 Ste-Catherine Street West, 3rd Floor Montreal, QC H3G 1P1 (514) / (514) Zinno Zappitelli Architects 8410 Rue Bougainville Montreal, QC H4P 2G1 (514) / (514) UNITED STATES Adams + Associates Architecture, Inc. 126 N. Main Street Morresville, NC (704) / (704) Andrew J. Moiseev Architect 4351 Delemere Court Royal Oak, MI (248) / (248) Bernardo Fort-Brescia 2900 Oak Avenue Miami, FL (305) / (305) Bohlin Grauman Miller Architects Inc First Avenue, Ste. 916 Seattle, WA (206) / (206) Bohlin Grauman Miller Architects, Inc. 123 South Broad Street, Ste Philadelphia, PA (215) / (215) Bohlin Grauman Miller Architects, Inc. 8 West Market Street, Ste Wilkes-Barre, PA (570) / (570) Brad Adams Walker Architecture, P.C. 201 Fillmore Street, Ste. 201 Denver, CO (303) / (303) Brady R. Mueller, Architect 6115 Cahill Avenue Inver Grove Heights, MN (651) / (651) BRR Architecture Canada, Inc Antioch Plaza, Ste. 300 Merriam, KS (913) / (913) Bruce Sekanick, Architect 142 East Market Street Warren, OH (330) / (330) Bruns-Pak Architecture 999 New Durham Road Edison, NJ (732) / (732) CAL Architecture, Inc Fifth Avenue, Ste Seattle, WA (206) / (206) contracts& CB 2 Architects 500 Liberty Street SE, Ste. 100 Salem, OR (503) / (503) Charles E. Fosse, Architect West 12 Mile Road Farmington Hills, MI (248) / (248) Christopher Wzacny Telegraph Road, Ste. 114 Bingham Farms, MI (248) / (248) Cities Edge Canada, Ltd th Avenue NW. Ste. 300 Willmar, MN (320) / (320) CLR DESIGN, INC. 833 Chestnut Street, Ste Philadelphia, PA (215) / (215) Curry Architecture 471 High Street S. E., Ste. 10 Salem, OR (503) / (503) Daniel L. Tessarolo, Jr., Architect 2700 S. River Road, Ste. 400 Des Plaines, IL (847) Daniel Roach, Architect 3150 Kettle Court SE Salem, OR (503) / (503) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 75

76 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN David A. Levy & Associates 345 Springside Drive Akron, OH (330) / (330) David A. Thiel, Architect 15 W Seventh Street Covington, KY (859) / (857) David A. Youse, Architect 995 West Third Avenue Columbus, OH (614) / (614) David C. Norback, Architect 1220 Marshall St. NE Minneapolis, MN (612) / (612) David Lavender Architect 420 South Water Street Marine City, MI (877) David S. Arends, Architect 600 Vine Street, Ste Cincinnati, OH (513) / (513) Design Forum Architect, Inc Paragon Road Dayton, OH (937) / (937) Dorsky Yue International Architecture, Inc Chagrin Blvd., Ste.325 Beachwood, OH (216) / (216) Edward B. Wyatt 1510 North State East Jackson, MS (601) / (601) Elkus/Manfredi Architects Ltd. 300 A Street Boston, MA (617) / (617) Eric James Hugger Architect 1515 Arboretum Drive, SE Grand Rapids, MI (616) / (616) Flad & Associates Architects, Inc. 644 Science Drive Madison, WI (608) / (608) Forum Architecture 745 Orienta Avenue, Ste Altamonte Springs, FL (407) / (407) 76 PROFILES Gehry International, Inc., Architects Beatrice St. Los Angeles, CA (310) / (310) Gensler Architecture/Design, Inc. One Beacon Street, Third Floor Boston, MA (617) / (617) Gregory A. Shunick, Architect c/o Manhattan Studio 41 West 25th St., 7th Flr. New York, NY (212) / (212) Gregory Cook 140 South Dearborn Street, Ste. 500 Chicago, IL (312) / (312) Hagy Belzberg Architect /2 Main Street Santa Monica, CA (310) / (310) HapstakDemetriou Q Street NW, Ste. 200 Washington, DC (202) / (202) HDR Architecture Associates, Inc. 303 East 17th Avenue, Ste Denver, CO (303) / (303) HDR Architecture Associates, Inc. UBS Plaza, 444 Cedar Street, Ste St. Paul, Minnesota (612) / (612) HDR Architecture Associates, Inc Indian Hills Drive Omaha, NE (402) / (402) Among the largest healthcare architects in Canada, HDR is a full service design firm specializing in Healthcare, Science+Technology and Civic, with four offices in Ontario, 20 in the U.S. HDR Architecture Canada, Inc King Street, Ste. 400 Alexandria, VA (703) / (703) Among the largest healthcare architects in Canada, HDR is a full service design firm specializing in Healthcare, Science+Technology and Civic, with four offices in Ontario, 20 in the U.S. Hughes Thompson 1430 West Peachtree St. N. W., Ste. 200 Atlanta, GA (404) / (404) J. Howard Nudell Architect Fox Club Dr. Farmington Hills, MI (248) / (248) Jeffrey A. Stewart, Architect Preston Road, Ste. 130 Dallas, TX (214) / (214) Jerry J. Phillips, Jr., Architect 400 Perimeter Center Terrace, Ste. 650 Atlanta, GA (770) Jerry Locati Architect 1007 E. Main Street, Ste. 202 Bozeman, MT (406) / (406) JoeArchitect, Inc Delgany Street, Ste. LL1 Denver, CO (720) / (720) John E. Enkemann Jr., Architect 7430 Second Avenue Detroit, MI (313) / (313) Jova/Daniels/Busby, Incorporated 1201 Peachtree Street, NE, Ste. 700 Atlanta, GA (404) / (404) Kendall/Heaton Associates, Inc Post Oak Blvd., Suite 1000 Houston, TX (713) / (713) Kenneth Park Architect 360 Lexington Avenue, 7th Floor New York, NY (212) / (212) Kevin Hengst, Architect 1250 Old River Road, Ste. 201 Cleveland, OH (216) / (216) Kevin T. Evernham, Architect N. Scottsdale Road, Ste. 195 Scottsdale, AZ (480) / (480) Lomonaco & Pitts, Architects P.C. 297 River St. Troy, NY (518) / (518) M.H. Architecture, Inc. 701 Emerson Road, Ste. 450 St. Louis, MO (314) / (314) Maryann Thompson Architects 14 Hillside Avenue Cambridge, MA (617) / (617) MATT E. MAJEED, Architect 7100 East Pleasant Valley Road, Ste. 320 Cleveland, OH (216) / (216) Matthew Brinza 2902 Corporate Place Architectural Department Chanhassen, MN (952) Merrick Canada Architecture Inc S. Peoria Street Aurora, CO (303) / (303) Michael H. Lutsch, Jr. Architect 130 E. Chestnut Street, Ste. 302 Columbus, OH (614) / (614) Michael J Habel, Architect 302 W. 3rd Street, Ste. 500 Cincinnati, OH (513) / (513) Michael John McCall, Architect 550 Kearny Street, Ste. 950 San Francisco, CA (415) / (415) Michael L. Clark 130 East Main Street New Albany, IN (812) / (812) MulvannyG2 Architecture Corporation th Avenue NE, Ste. 500 Bellevue, WA (425) / (425) MulvannyG2 Architecture Corporation 601 SW Second Avenue, Ste Portland, OR (503) / (503) NBBJ Architecture of Canada, Inc. 223 Yale Avenue North Seattle, WA / (206) NEWMAN (Canada) INC. 300 York Street New Haven, CT (203) / (203) Patrick C. Harris, Architect 4801 Emerson Ave., Ste. 210 Palatine, IL (847) / (847)

77 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES BY CITY/TOWN Patrick G. Blees, Architect 219 N Second Street, Ste. 301 Minneapolis, MN (612) / (612) Paul Steelman, Ltd W. Desert Inn Road Las Vegas, NV (702) / (702) Paxton Waters Architecture 14 South Rangeline Road Carmel, IN (317) / (317) Perkins & Will North America, Inc., Architects 330 N. Wabash Ste Chicago, IL (312) / (312) Peter Lichomski 5580 Wildrose Avenue West Bloomfield, MI (248) PGAL Design Canada, ULC 3131 Briarpark, Suite 200 Houston, TX (713) / (713) Pickard Chilton International, Inc. 980 Chapel Street New Haven, CT (203) / (203) Raffaele Franco Greco 2631 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Ste. 110 Fort Lauderdale, FL (954) / (954) Richard L. Bowen & Associates, Inc Shaker Boulevard Cleveland, OH (216) / (216) Ridgeland Associates, Inc. 830 North Boulevard Oak Park, IL (708) / (708) Robert F. Vanney Architect 360 North Robert St., Ste. #201 St. Paul, MN (651) / (651) Robert John Stensland 202 Main Street, P.O. Box 461 Janesville, IA (319) / (319) Rosemary A. McMonigal 1224 Marshall Street, NE, Ste. 400 Minneapolis, MN (612) / (612) SAI Architecture, Inc. 64 Pleasant Street Watertown, MA (617) / (617) SDI HTI - Canada, Inc. 311 Elm Street, Stel. 600 Cincinnati, OH (513) / (513) SGA Design Group, P.C S. Boulder Avenue, Ste. 550 Tulsa, OK (918) / (918) SGA Design Group, P.C. 105 NW 2nd Street, Ste. 307 Bentonville, AR (479) / (479) Shayman Salk Arenson Sussholz & Company 630 Dundee Road, Ste. 110 Northbrook, IL (847) / (847) Shremshock Architects, Inc S. Sunbury Road Westerville, OH (614) / (614) Sleeper Street Design, Inc. 51 Sleeper Street, 6th Floor Boston, MA (617) / (617) SmithGroup AEIP International, Inc. 500 Griswold St, Ste Detroit, MI (313) SOM Canada, Inc. 224 South Michigan Avenue, Ste Chicago, IL (312) / (312) Stephen B. Jacobs 71 Sterling Ridge Road Stowe, VT (802) / (802) Steven J. Bieringer 2902 Corporate Place Chanhassen, MN (952) / (952) STV Architects, Inc. 205 West Welsh Drive Douglassville, PA (212) / (212) Swallowtail Architecture Suite Travelers Blvd. Summerville, SC (843) Thomas Hamilton 5925 School Avenue Richmond, VA (804) / (804) TRM Architecture 448 Delaware Avenue Buffalo, NY (716) / (716) WD Partners, Inc Discovery Blvd. Dublin, OH (614) / (614) WHR Architects Canada, Inc Louisiana St., 26th Floor Houston, TX (713) / (713) William Franz Architect 4055 International Plaza, Ste. 100 Fort Worth, TX (817) / (817) BFranz@FJLC.NET William J. Beitz, Jr., Architect West Twelve Mile Road, Ste. 180 Farmington Hill, MI (248) / (248) William P. McMahon, Architect 670 Mason Ridge Centre Dr., Ste. 220 St. Louis, MO (314) / (314) PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 77

78 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES ALPHABETICALLY # 2M Architects Inc., St. Catharines, ON 3 Sixty Architect Inc., 3 Stones Architecture and Design, Sean O Reilly Architect, Lisle, ON Architecture, Winnipeg, MB A A Todaro Architect, A-DN Architecture Design Inc., Hawkesbury, ON A-DN Architecture Design Inc., Ottawa, ON A. Baldassarra Architect Inc., Concord, ON A. Dagenais & Assoc. Inc. Consulting Engineers & Architect, Embrun, ON A. Duncan Green, Architect, A. Fazel Architect, A. Robert Murphy Architect Inc., A.J. Tregebov, Architect, Vaughan, ON AA Bernal Architect, ABA Architects Inc., Waterloo, ON Abacus Architect Inc., Woodbridge, ON ABBARCH Architecture Inc., Abelman Architect, Richmond Hill, ON ABSTRAKT Studio Architecture, ACI Architects Inc., ACI Wright Architects Inc., Acton Ostry Architects Inc., Vancouver, BC Adams + Associates Architecture, Inc., Morresville, NC Adamson Associates Architects, ADG Architectural Design Group Inc., Architect and Engineers, Vaughan, ON Adolfo Spaleta Architect, Goderich, ON AECOM Canada Architects Ltd., Markham, ON AECOM Canada Architects Ltd., Whitby, ON AECOM Canada Architects Ltd., Kitchener, ON Aedas Canada Limited, Aedifica Inc., Architects, Montreal, QC Aftermath Designs, Concord, ON AGATHOM Co., Agile Architects, Agnieszka Wloch Architect, Ahuva A.R. Woods, Architect, Akitt, Swanson + Pearce Architects Inc., Mississauga, ON Alaimo Architecture Inc., Woodbridge, ON Alan Littlewood Architect, Alan Maguire Architect, Alberghini Architect Inc., Alcaide Webster Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Alex Rebanks Architects Inc., Alexander Benedek, Architect, Alexander Wilson Architect Inc., Kingston, ON Allaire, architect, Saint-Hyacinthe, QC Allan Avis Architects Inc., Goderich, ON Allan Barrett Architect, Richmond Hill, ON Allan D. Rae Architect Inc., Allan Killin Architect Inc., Allen & Chui Architects Inc., St. Catharines, ON Allen & Chui Architects Inc., PROFILES Allen & Sherriff Architects, Inc., Mississauga, ON Allen & Sherriff Architects, Inc., Richmond Hill, ON Allied Architects Inc., Almond Frasier Architect, Mississauga, ON Altius Architecture Inc., Architect, Alvin Reinhard Fritz Architect Inc., Lethbridge, AB Amantea Architects, AMB Architects Inc., AMEC Architectural Services Ltd., St. John s, NL AMEC Architectural Services Ltd., Dartmouth, NS Amy H. Lin, Architect, Anderson Architects, Westmount, QC Andisheh Architect, Andre Sherman, Architect, Andrew Incorporated, Architect, Chatham, ON Andrew J. Moiseev Architect, Royal Oak, MI Andrew Morrison Architect Inc., Andrew Thorpe Architect, Andritsos Architect International, Andrzej Wodkiewicz Architect, Angela Tsementzis Architects, Angelo Mattia Spadola Architect, Ottawa, ON Angus Skene Architect, Ann Lawson Architect Inc., Anna Richter Architect, Anna Voineskos, Architect, Annamaria Perruccio Architect, Anthony Belcher Architect, Anthony E. Marsh, Architect, Anthony Kemp Architect Inc., Anthony Pearson Architect, Nepean, ON Anthony Provenzano Architect, Antonio Greco Architect Inc., Woodbridge, ON Antonio Visca Architect, Bowmanville, ON Antrix Architects Inc., Mississauga, ON Antti Kotilainen Architect, Apexx Management Group, Mississauga, ON ARCA-VERDE, Ottawa, ON Arcade Architecture and Design Inc., Arch-Tech Design & Drafting Inc., Brampton, ON Archdesign Group Limited, Architects, ArchEye Architect Inc., Newmarket, ON Archicana, Nepean, ON Archipel, Architecture Inc., Montreal, QC Architect 1:1, Architect Bernardo Cascone, Architect Osama Abo Nassar, Wellend, ON Architect Ravi Doiphode, Architect s Vision, Sebringville, ON Architectes Lemay et Associés, Montreal, QC Architects + Research + Knowledge Inc., Markham, ON Architects + Research + Knowledge Inc., Architects Alliance, Architects Crang and Boake Inc., Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson Inc., London, ON Architects Tillmann Ruth Robinson Inc., Architecttura Inc., Architects, Windsor, ON Architectural Design Associates Inc., Architect, Windsor, ON Architectural Design Co. Inc., Architect, Concord, ON Architecture ACT Incorporated, Architecture Counsel Inc., Architecture Incorporated, Architect, Waterloo, ON Architecture Project Management (APM), Architecture Unfolded Inc., Architrave Design, Architect, Archon Architect Incorporated, Windsor, ON Archway and Associate Architect, St. Catharines, ON Archxes Design Inc., Architects, Sunderland, ON AREA, Architects Rasch Eckler Associates Ltd., Arquinextia, Array International Architects Inc., Arsenault Architect Inc., Artful North Architect, Arthur A. Wrigglesworth, Architect, Asen Vitko Architect Inc., Aside Design, Burlington, ON Astra Burka Architect, ATA Architects Inc., Oakville, ON Atelier 292 Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Atelier A. Bellavance, Architect, Bromont, QC Atelier Architect Madunic Inc., Mississauga, ON Atelier Kastelic Buffey Inc., Atelier Pacific Architecture Inc., Architect, Vancouver, BC Athos Zaghi Architect, Atkinson Engineering Inc., Hamilton, ON Atria Architects Inc., Audax Architecture Inc., Ava Janikowski Architect Inc., Avenue Architecture Inc., AWS Architects, Richmond Hill, ON AWS Architects, Oakville, ON Axiis Architect Design Inc., Axiis Architects, Mississauga, ON B B+H Architects, B. J. Edmundson Architect Inc., Perth, ON B. R. Kushnir, Architect, B.J. Drvar, Architect, Montreal, QC Baird Sampson Neuert Architects Inc., Baldwin & Franklin Architects Inc., Balind Architect Inc., Barrada Architects Inc., Peterborough, ON Barrett Architect Inc., Barrie Vickers Architect, Barrie, ON Barry C. McFarquhar, Architect, Barry Goldman Architect, Barry J. Hobin & Associates Architects Incorporated, Ottawa, ON Barry Padolsky Associates Inc. Architects, Ottawa, ON Barry R. Cline, Architect, Barry R. Johnson architect, Guelph, ON Barry*Bryan Associates (1991) Limited, Architects, Engineers, Whitby, ON Bart Szoke Architect, BASE3 Architect Inc., Vaughan, ON Batay-Csorba Architects, Battaglia Architect Inc., Vaughan, ON Battaglia Associates Inc., Architect, Thornhill, ON BBB Architects Ottawa Inc., Ottawa, ON BBB Architects Toronto Inc., Beique, Legault, Thuot architectes, Montreal, QC Benjamin Schultz, Architect, Bennett Architect Inc., Edmonton, AB Bernard E. W. Turkewitsch Inc., Bernard H. Watt, Architect, Bernardo Fort-Brescia, Miami, FL Bernatt Architect Ltd., Best Consultants Martin Gerskup Architect Inc., Maple, ON Bill Hurst Architect, Bill Lobb Architect, Bing Thom Architects Inc., Vancouver, BC Bird Engineering Ltd., Architect, Bracebridge, ON BJC architects inc., Guelph, ON BKDI Architects, Calgary, AB Black and Moffat Architects Inc., blacklab architects inc., Blouin Tardif Architectes, Montreal, QC Bogdan Newman Caranci Inc. Architects, Bohacek Associates Inc., Ottawa, ON Bohdan M. Chorny Architect, Orillia, ON Bohlin Grauman Miller Architects Inc., Seattle, WA Bohlin Grauman Miller Architects, Inc., Philadelphia, PA Bohlin Grauman Miller Architects, Inc., Wilkes-Barre, PA Borealis Design Group Inc., Bortolotto Design Architect Inc., Boxwood Architects, Brad Adams Walker Architecture, P.C., Denver, CO Brad Culver, Architect, Brady R. Mueller, Architect, Inver Grove Heights, MN Breathe Architects, Brian Awde Architect, Brian Clark Architect, Picton, ON Brian Danby Architect, Brian Elsden Burrows, Architecte, Montreal, QC Brian K. Clark, Architect, Ottawa, ON Brian L. Curtner Architect, Brian Lee, Architect, Brian Luey Architect, Oakville, ON Brian MacKay-Lyons Architect, Halifax, NS Brian T. Hogan, Architect, Brian W. Dickey Architect Inc., Dunrobin, ON Brian Williams Architect, Milton, ON

79 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES ALPHABETICALLY Bridgman Collaborative Architecture Ltd., Winnipeg, MB Brisbin Brook Beynon, Architects, Bronwyn Fitz-James, Architect, Brook McIlroy Inc., Brook McIlroy Inc., Thunder Bay, ON Brown and Storey Architects Inc., BRR Architecture Canada, Inc., Merriam, KS Bruce Fair Architect Inc., Bruce MacNeill Architect, Cobourg, ON Bruce March Architect, Bruce Sekanick, Architect, Warren, OH Bruce Studio, Bruns-Pak Architecture, Edison, NJ Bryden Martel Architects Incorporated/ Bryden Martel Architectes Incorporee, Ottawa, ON Building Arts Architects Inc., Building Permit Services By Architect Inc., Milford, ON Burka Architects Inc., BW art Design Studio, Mississauga, ON Byron Carter Architect Inc., C C & Partners Architects Inc., C-K Kenneth Chow, Architect, C. D. Kaltsas - Architect Inc., Cornwall, ON C. Y. Hui Architect, Brampton, ON C. Y. Lee Architect Inc., CAL Architecture, Inc., Seattle, WA Calnitsky Associates Architects Inc., Winnipeg, MB Cameron Architect Inc., Oakville, ON Campanella & Associes Architecture Design, Montreal, QC Cannon Design Ltd., CannonJohnston Architecture Ltd., Architects, Carbon Architects Incorporated, Cardinal Conley & Associates Inc., Ottawa, ON Caricari Lee Architects Inc., Carson Brian Cook Architect Inc., St. Catharines, ON Carson Lee, Architect, Carson Woods, Architects Limited, Carsten Jensen Architect Inc., London, ON Casaldom Architects, Casaldom Architects, Wasaga Beach, ON Castellan James + Partners Architects Inc., Sudbury, ON Catherine Friis, Architect, Catherine Nasmith Architect, Caughill Consulting Services Inc., Engineer and Architect, Sault Ste. Marie, ON CB 2 Architects, Salem, OR CH2M HILL Canada Architects, Inc., Chamberlain Architect Services, Burlington, ON Chamberlain Architect Services Limited, Burlington, ON Chan Smyth Architect, Chapman Murray Associates Architects Inc., Niagara Falls, ON Charles Cosentino Architect, Thornhill, ON Charles E. Fosse, Architect, Farmington Hills, MI Charles G. Bunker Architect Inc., Charles Schwenger Architect Inc., Charles Simon Architect, Eden Mills, ON Chernoff Thompson Architects, Vancouver, BC Cheryl Atkinson Architect, Cheryl C. Giraudy Architect, CHGarchitect, Chintan Virani Architect Inc., Windsor, ON Chorny Associates Architect Inc., Chris A. Montgomery, Architect, Chris Tossell, Architect, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Christopher A. Leggett Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Christopher Fillingham Architect Inc., Christopher P. Tweel Architect Inc., Christopher Simmonds Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Christopher Walker, Architect, Christopher Wallace Architect, Port Hope, ON Christopher Wzacny, Bingham Farms, MI Christopher Z. Tworkowski, Architect, Lakefield, ON Chu Architects Inc., Cianfrone Architect Inc., Hamilton, ON Cibinel Architects, Winnipeg, MB Cindy Rendely Architexture, Ciro Polsinelli Architect, Toronto (Weston), ON Cities Edge Canada, Ltd., Willmar, MN Civitas Architecture Incorporated, Architect, Ottawa, ON CJI Architectural Design Inc., Claudio A. Santon Architect, Claudio Rabaglino Architect Inc., Thornhill, ON Climans Green Liang Architects Inc., Clive Brett Smith Architect Inc., Clive McKenzie Architect Inc., CLR DESIGN, INC., Philadelphia, PA Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited, Winnipeg, MB Colbourne & Kembel, Architects Inc., Petawawa, ON Colbourne & Kembel, Architects Inc., Kingston, ON Cole + Associates Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Colin J. Rabnett Architect, Colizza Bruni Architecture Inc., Ottawa, ON Colleen M. Reid, Architect, Hamilton, ON Columbine Studios, Architect, Haliburton, ON Common Ground Architecture Inc., Oakville, ON Condustar Studio Inc., Conifer Consultants, Conrath Architecte, Montreal, QC Coolearth Architecture Inc., Core Architects Inc., Cornerstone Architecture Incorporated, Architect, London, ON Costantino + Associates Architect Incorporated, Ottawa, ON Courtnage Architect, Winnipeg, MB Craig R. Elliott. Architect, London, ON Crisante Architect, CS&P Architects Inc., CSPACE ARCHITECTURE, Aurora, ON CSV Consultants Inc. Architects, Ottawa, ON CTM Architecture Ltd., Calgary, AB Curry Architecture, Salem, OR CXT Architects Inc., Cynthia Zahoruk Architect Inc., Burlington, ON D D Arcy L. Dunal Architect, D. Lus Architect Inc., Richmond Hill, ON D. Maniates/Architect, D.F.S. Architects, Saint John, NB d.m.y Architecture, London, ON Dadras Architects Inc., Dan S. Hanganu, Architect, Montreal, QC Daniel B. McNeil, Architect, Daniel Johnson Architect Inc., Daniel Karpinski Architect, Daniel L. Tessarolo, Jr., Architect, Des Plaines, IL Daniel Louis Cusimano Architect Incorporated, Daniel Roach, Architect, Salem, OR Daryl Little, Crediton, ON Dave s Design, Jarvis, ON Davenport Architectural Corp., Architect, Barrie, ON David A. Levy & Associates, Akron, OH David A. Thiel, Architect, Covington, KY David A. Youse, Architect, Columbus, OH David Binder Architect, David C. Norback, Architect, Minneapolis, MN David C. Rich Architect Inc., david ellis architect inc., Sault Ste. Marie, ON David Footman Architect, David Fujiwara Architect, David Gilchrist, Architect, Sarnia, ON David Hamilton Architect, Edmonton, AB David J. Bryden, Architect, Ottawa, ON David James Diebel Architect, Tara, ON David Johnston Architect Ltd., Unionville, ON David Lam Architect Inc., Vaughan, ON David Lavender Architect, Marine City, MI David Lieberman Architect, David Mailing Architect Associates Inc., Ottawa (Stittsville), ON David McConnell - Architect, Markham, ON David Mitchell Architect, David P. Moore Architect, David Parrish, Architect and Company, Paris, ON David Peters, Architect Inc., Mississauga, ON david premi Architects inc., Hamilton, ON David S. Arends, Architect, Cincinnati, OH David S. McRobie Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON David Sin Architect, David Sujitno Tjan, Architect, Richmond Hill, ON David Thompson Architect Limited, Kitchener, ON David V. Snell, Architect, David Yeung, Architect, Davidson-Langley Incorporated Architects, DCSC Limited Architect + Engineer, Thunder Bay, ON de Silva Architect, Oakville, ON Dejmek Associates Inc., Architect & Engineer, Cambridge, ON Delcan Corporation, Engineers and Architects, Markham, ON Denis Gerald Rioux, Architect, Vaughan, ON Denis P. Bouchard Architect, Quebec, QC Dennis K. Tanaka, Architect Inc., Sharon, ON Dennis Sintic Architect, Thornhill, ON Derek Crain Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Des-Tek Inc., Miramichi, NB Design Applications, Design Forum Architect, Inc., Dayton, OH Design Workshop Architect Inc., Desmarais Cousineau Yaghjian St-Jean + Associates, Architects, Montreal, QC Desmarais Cousineau Yaghjian St. Jean + Associates, Architects, Ottawa, ON Desmond Roychaudhuri, Architect, Brampton, ON Detail Architect, Dextor A. Edwards, Architect, Ottawa, ON Di Maio Design Associates Architect Incorporated, Windsor, ON Dialog Ontario Inc., Diamond and Schmitt Architects Incorporated, Diane Whalen Architect, Ottawa, ON Dickinson + Hicks Architects Inc., Orangeville, ON Dickson Partnership Incorporated, Architects, Woodstock, ON Dillon Building Design Ltd., Engineers and Architects, London, ON Dimitri Papatheodorou Architect, Dino Giulietti, Architect, Woodbridge, ON dkstudio inc., DMA, Montreal, QC Domus Architects, Don Bielesch, Architect, Don Bolton Architect Corporation, Donald Ardiel Architect, London, ON Donald J. Caunter Architect Limited, Doris L.K. Cheung Architect Inc., Richmond Hill, ON Dorsky Yue International Architecture, Inc., Beachwood, OH Doru Vasile Architect, Dory Azar Architect, Tecumseh, ON Douglas B. Pollard Architect, Ottawa, ON Douglas Cardinal Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Douglas Hardie Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Douglas Lawrence Architect, Douglas Ross Denton Architect + Associates, Hamilton, ON Dowling Architects, Paris, ON DP STUDIO INC., Drawing Room Architect Inc., PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 79

80 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES ALPHABETICALLY Drew Laszlo Architect Inc., Drew Mandel Architects, DTAH Architects Limited, Dubbeldam Design Architects, Duncan Ross, Architect, Huntsville, ON Duncan S. Harvie, Architect, Dunjic Design, Dutra Architect Inc., Dynar Architect + Associates Inc., Kanata, ON Dzikowski Architects Inc., King City, ON E E.I. Richmond Architects Ltd., E.R.A. Architects Inc., Picton, ON E.R.A. Architects Inc., Echelon Architectural Services Inc., Ottawa, ON Eco-Revival Consulting Ltd., Edward B. Wyatt, Jackson, MS Edward J. Cuhaci and Associates, Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Edward Makauskas Architect Inc., Edward Nicolucci Architect, Edward Tabachnik, Architect, Edward W. Lee, Architect, Edward Weinberg Architect, Edward Wojs Architect, Eightspace Inc., Ekam Architects, Elcon Engineering Wallaceburg Limited, Architect and Engineer, Wallaceburg, ON Elemental Architects Inc., Elevation Architects Inc., Elizabeth Sisam, Architect Inc., Elkus/Manfredi Architects Ltd., Boston, MA Ellen Vera Allen, Architect, Elroy van Groll, Architect, Oakville, ON ema ARCHITECTS inc., Ottawa, ON Emil Cristescu Architect Inc., Emmell Architect, Ottawa, ON Endri Poletti Architect Inc., London, ON EPOH Inc. Architects and Consulting Engineer, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Eric Connolly, Architect, Halton Hills (Georgetown), ON Eric Girard, Montreal, QC Eric Haar Architect Inc., Merrickville, ON Eric James Hugger Architect, Grand Rapids, MI Eric Majer, Montreal, QC Ernest A. Cromarty Architect Inc., Kingston, ON Ernest H. Hodgson Architect, Erskine Dredge & Associates Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Etude Architects Inc., Eugene Kuan Architect, Richmond Hill, ON Eva J. Gordon Architect, Evan Saskin Architect, Evans Bertrand Hill Wheeler Architecture Inc., North Bay, ON F F N Architect, F. Manteghi, Architect, Oakville, ON Fabiani Architect Ltd., Burlington, ON PROFILES Farid Motamedi Architect Inc., Farrow Dreessen Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Farrow Partnership Architects Inc., Favor Robinson Architects, Fennell Architect, South Porcupine, ON Ferdinand Wagner Architect, Whitby, ON Ferguson Ferguson Architect North, Kimberley, ON Ferguson Ferguson Architect South, Dundas, ON Fernando Fabiani Architect, Burlington, ON Fichten Soiferman Architects, Montreal, QC Firm Associates Inc. Consulting Engineers and Architect, Firoz A. Abdulla, Architect, Flad & Associates Architects, Inc., Madison, WI Flanagan Beresford & Patteson, Architects, Woodbridge, ON Fliess Gates McGowan Easton/ Architects Inc., Foord & Taylor Limited, Architect, Port Hope, ON FORM Architecture Engineering, Thunder Bay, ON Formworks, Inc. Architects, Barrie, ON Forum Architect Corporation, Forum Architecture, Altamonte Springs, FL Fournier Gersovitz Moss Drolet et associes architectes, Fournier Gersovitz Moss Drolet et associes architectes, Montreal, QC Francesco Serafini Architect, Francis Leung Architect, Francois Grenon Architecte, St-Eustache, QC Frank Bandiera Architect Inc., Frank Broomhead Architect, North Bay, ON Frank G. McGrath, Architect, St. Lambert, QC Frank Lam, Architect, Fred Code Architect, Freeman & Mason, Architect & Engineer Inc., ft3, Winnipeg, MB Furniture Architecture and Design Group, Parry Sound, ON G g. a. christoff/architect, Cornwall, ON G. Bruce Stratton Architects, G. D. Conway Architect, Ottawa, ON G. Douglas Vallee Limited, Engineers and Architect, Simcoe, ON G.M. Diemert Architect Inc., Owen Sound, ON G2 Consulting Architects Inc., Richmond Hill, ON Gabriel Bodor Architect, Inc., Unionville, ON Gadzovski Architect, Whitby, ON Gail E. Lamb Incorporated Architect, Lucan, ON Gaito Architects, Gallant Architect Inc., Garth Norbraten Architect Inc., Gary G. Erickson, Architect, Gary Sandor Lichtblau Architect, Gary Stein Architect, Gary Watson, GB Architect Inc., Stratford, ON Gehry International, Inc., Architects, Los Angeles, CA Geiger and Huot Architects, Montreal, QC Gensler Architecture/Design, Inc., Gensler Architecture/Design, Inc., Boston, MA Geoff Hodgins Architect, Perth, ON Geoffrey Kendall Architect Inc., George A. Cotaras, Halifax, NS George Friedman, Architect, George P. Fejes Architect and Engineer, Cambridge, ON George Popper Architect, George Robb, Architect, George Thomas Kapelos Architect, Georgia Angelique Pezoulas Architect, Ottawa, ON Gerald Labelle Architect, Dorval, QC Gerald Spring Architect Inc., Gerrie Doyle Architect, Ottawa, ON gh3 architecture, gh3 inc., Giancarlo Garofalo Architect Inc., Giannone Petricone Associates Inc., Gillian Green Architect, Giorgio Giovinazzo, Architect, Welland, ON Giovanni A. Tassone, Architect Incorporated, Glenn Piotrowski Architect, Oakville, ON Glenn Piotrowski Architect Ltd., Oakville, ON Global Architect Inc., Glos Associates Inc., Windsor, ON Gluck Partnership Architects Inc., Goldsmith Borgal & Company Ltd. Architects, Gordon Cheney Architect Inc., Campbellville, ON Gordon Ridgely Architects and Associates Inc., Gordon Stokoe Architect, Ottawa, ON Goudar Architects Inc., Markham, ON Gow Hastings Architects Inc., Graziani + Corazza Architects Inc., Mississauga, ON grc architects inc., Ottawa, ON Green Propeller Design Inc., Milton, ON Gregg Gordon Architect, Peterborough, ON Gregory A. Shunick, Architect, New York, NY Gregory Cook, Chicago, IL Gregory M. Ward, Architect, Waterloo, ON Gregory Patterson Architect, Gregory Reuter Architect, Gregory Woods Associates, Gren Weis Architect + Associates, Oakville, ON Grguric Architects Incorporated, Stoney Creek, ON Gross Kaplin Coviensky Architectes, Montreal, QC Groupe Marchand Architecture & Design, Montreal, QC Gus Ricci Architect, Oakville, ON Guthrie Muscovitch Architects, GW Architecture Inc., Winnipeg, MB H H. Bradford Green Architect Inc., Thunder Bay, ON H.M. Sardinha Architect Inc., Kingston, ON Habash Architect, Habib Architects Inc., Thunder Bay, ON Hagen Materne Architect, Hagy Belzberg Architect, Santa Monica, CA Haim Riback, Architect, Thornhill, ON Hamid Kashani Architects, Markham, ON Hank H H Lee Architect Inc., Mississauga, ON Hanna E. Regehr - Architect, Hanna Ghobrial and Associates Ltd., Windsor, ON Hanson + Jung Architects Inc., Hanson Architect, HapstakDemetriou+, Washington, DC Hardial Dhir Architect Inc., Hariri Pontarini Architects, Harish Gupta, Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Harold Funk Architect Inc., Winnipeg, MB Harry Mardirossian, Architect, Harry Morison Lay, Architect, Hatch Architects Ltd., Mississauga, ON HCA Architecture Incorporated Architects, HDR Architecture Associates, Inc., Omaha, NE HDR Architecture Associates, Inc., Kingston, ON HDR Architecture Associates, Inc., Ottawa, ON HDR Architecture Associates, Inc., Denver, CO HDR Architecture Associates, Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota HDR Architecture Associates, Inc., HDR Architecture Associates, Inc., London, ON HDR Architecture Canada, Inc., Alexandria, VA Heather Asquith Architect, Helen Vorster Architect, Heloise Thibodeau Architecte, Montreal, QC Heman Shih Architect Inc., Richmond Hill, ON Hendrik Op t Root, Architect Ltd., Henry Chiu Architect Limited, Henry Schefter Architect Inc., Henry Swinkels Architect, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Hermitage Architects Inc., HiddenCity Architect, Ottawa, ON High Park Architects, Hilditch Architect, HJ Architects Inc., Richmond Hill, ON Ho K. Sung Architect,

81 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES ALPHABETICALLY HOK Architects Corporation, HOK Architects Corporation, Ottawa, ON Honorata P. Roseman, Architect, Ottawa, ON Hossack & Associates Architects Incorporated, Mississauga, ON Howard Rideout Architect Inc., Hristov Architect Inc., Kenora, ON Hugh H. Taylor, Architect, Haliburton, ON Hughes Condon Marler Architects, Victoria, BC Hughes Condon Marler Architects, Vancouver, BC Hughes Downey Architects, Kingston, ON Hughes Thompson, Atlanta, GA I I. V. Tikhomirova Architect, Richmond Hill, ON Ian Chodikoff Architect, Ian Douglas Architect Inc., Ian MacDonald Architect Inc., Ian S. Malcolm, Architect, Barrie, ON Ian Starkey Architect, Orangeville, ON Ian Trites Architect, IBI Group Architects, IBI Group Architects, Ottawa, ON IBI Group Architects, Richmond Hill, ON IBI Group Architects (Manitoba), Icon Architects Inc., ID Workshop Inc., Ideal City Design Group Inc., Idels Architect Inc., Thornhill, ON Ihor A. Kotowycz, Architect, Grafton, ON Innovative Architecture Inc. Architect, Markham, ON Insight Architects, InstilR Studio, Mississauga, ON Integra Architect Inc., Integral Architecture Inc., Windsor, ON Intra Architect Inc., Vaughan, ON Invizij Architects Inc., Hamilton, ON Iori Architects Inc., Irena Bombard Architect Inc., Thornhill, ON Isabelle Bradbury architect.e inc., Gatineau, QC ISD Architects Inc., Isometrica Design, Istvan Lendvay Architect, Ivan S. Franko Architect, Ivan Saleff Architect, J J. Christopher Knowles, Architect, J. David McAuley, Architect Inc., Guelph, ON J. David Pounder Limited, Consulting Engineer and Architect, St. Catharines, ON J. Gorka Architect, j. Guy Monette Architect, Ottawa, ON J. H. Rust Architect Inc., Mississauga, ON J. Howard Nudell Architect, Farmington Hills, MI J. L. Cortes Architect Corporation, Waterloo, ON J. Margaret McGookin, Architect, J. Milcic Architect, Mississauga, ON J. Robert Thibodeau Architecture + Design Inc., Vancouver, BC J. William Birdsell, Architect, Guelph, ON J.C. Daniel Parent, Architect, Waterloo, ON J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers & Architects, Timmins, ON J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers & Architects, North Bay, ON J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers & Architects, Ottawa, ON J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers & Architects, Sudbury, ON J.L. Richards & Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers & Architects, Kingston, ON J.P. Thomson Architects Ltd., Windsor, ON J.R. Freethy, Architect, Bowmanville, ON Ja Architecture Studio Inc., Jacob Feikema Architect, Jacqueline Rhee Architect, James Bailey Architect, James Belisle, Architect, James Farrow, Architect, Ottawa, ON James Fryett Architect Inc., Elora, ON James Ireland Architect Inc., James J. Koyanagi Architect, Burlington, ON James Lalonde Architect, Beaconsfield, QC James Macdonald, Architect, James Pfeffer, Architect, Jan Tymstra Architect, Jane Thompson Architect, Ottawa, ON Janet L. Harrison, Architect, Janice van Baaren, Architect, Ottawa, ON Jason C. Flynn Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Jason Chiu, Architect, Mississauga, ON Jason Pizzicarola Design - Architects Inc., Ridgeway, ON Jauhari Associates, Markham, ON JCI Architects Inc., Jean-Christian Koch, Architecte, Montreal, QC Jedd Jones Architect Ltd., Jeff Latto Architect Inc., Jeffery Architect, Barrie, ON Jeffrey A. Stewart, Architect, Dallas, TX Jeffrey Elliott, Architect, Stratford, ON Jeffrey M. Swartz Architect, Richmond Hill, ON Jenka Design Inc., Mississauga, ON Jennifer Turner Architect, Jenny Francis Design, Jerome Markson Architect Inc., Jerry J. Phillips, Jr., Architect, Atlanta, GA Jerry Locati Architect, Bozeman, MT Jet Architecture Inc., jh.architecture, Burlington, ON Jillian Aimis Architect, Jin Architect, Vaughan, ON Jiri Skopek, Architect, Joan Burt, Architect, JoeArchitect, Inc., Denver, CO Joel Wells Architect Incorporated, Orangeville, ON John Bettio Architect, John Blums Architect Inc., John Boone, Architect, John C. Houghton Associates Architect, John Clinckett Architect, Kitchener, ON John D. Dorris, Architect, Milton, ON John Donkin Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON John E. Enkemann Jr., Architect, Detroit, MI John E. Gustavson, Architect, Vancouver, BC John G. Davies, Architect, Incorporated, Ottawa, ON John G. Williams Limited, Architect, Richmond Hill, ON John Gittings, Architect, St. Catharines, ON John Hix Architect Ltd., Tottenham, ON John Ingrao Architect, John K. Merkley Architect, John MacDonald Architect Inc., Kitchener, ON John Mokrycke Architect, Hamilton, ON John Moses Architect Inc., Oshawa, ON John O Connor Architect, John Robert Carley, Architect Incorporated, John Robulack Inc. Architects, John Rutledge Architect, Blyth, ON John Shuki Lau Architect Inc., Markham, ON John van Nostrand Architect Limited, John Vanstone Architect, John Willmott Architect, Inc., Oakville, ON John Wong Architect, Mississauga, ON Jon Hobbs Architect, Gatineau, QC Jonathan Weizel, Architect, Thornhill, ON Jorden & Cook, Architect Ltd., Chatham, ON Joseph Barna, Architect, Joseph G.A. Colonna Architect Inc., Port Dalhousie, ON Joseph Kostantin Architect, Joseph Liff Architect, Ottawa, ON Joseph N. Campitelli Architect Inc., Markham, ON Josephine Young Architecture + Design Inc., Jova/Daniels/Busby, Incorporated, Atlanta, GA JP Architectural & Engineering Services Inc., Kitchener, ON JS Barmi Architect, Julian J. Trasiewicz Architect Inc., Julian Jacobs Architects Ltd., Julian Jaffary Architect, Julian Smith and Associates, Architects, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Julien Architectes, Montreal, QC Jurecka + Associates Architects Inc., K K & I Architecture, Richmond Hill, ON K & K Architects, K. Paul Architect, Oakville, ON K. Paul Architect Inc., Oakville, ON K.C. Au Architect Inc., K.S.C. Design & Drafting Services, Gravenhurst, ON Kaj Devai Architect, Dundas, ON Kandovan Architects, Kaprielian Verhiel Architects Inc., Karen Chisvin, Architect, Karl Fischer Architect, Montreal, QC Karp Namisniak Yamamoto Architects Inc., Brantford, ON Karp Namisniak Yamamoto Architects Inc., Burlington, ON Kasian Architecture Ontario Incorporated, Katherine Harrison Architecture and Design Inc., Kathleen Kurtin Architect, Kathleen West Architect, Kathryn Vogel Architect Inc., Hamilton, ON Katrina Sochacka, Architect, Katy Chey, Katz & Ritchie Architects, Nepean, ON Kearns Mancini Architects Inc., Keewatin-Aski Ltd., Consulting Engineers, Architect, Sioux Lookout, ON Keith David Benjamin Architect, Keith Loffler McAlpine Architects, Kelman Associates Architect, Ken Fukushima Architecture, Kendall/Heaton Associates, Inc., Houston, TX Kenneth Florence, Architect, Kenneth Isaac Architect Inc., Mississauga, ON Kenneth Park Architect, New York, NY Keshiri Design Services, Kevin Deevey, architect inc., Ottawa, ON Kevin Hengst, Architect, Cleveland, OH Kevin Manuel Architect Limited, Kevin T. Evernham, Architect, Scottsdale, AZ Khalil U. Syed, Architect, Kingsland + Architects, Inc., Kirkor Architects, Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects Incorporated, Kneider Architects, Kohn Partnership Architects Inc., Kohn Shnier Architects, Kojo La-Anyane Architect, Newmarket, ON Kongats Architects, KRA Architects, Orangeville, ON Kregg Fordyce Architect, Kuwabara Payne McKenna Blumberg Architects, KWC Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Kyra Clarkson Architect, L L. Alan Grinham Architect Inc., Guelph, ON L. P. Delean, North Bay, ON L.D. Warren, Architect and Engineer, Windsor, ON L.E. Glazer Architect Limited, L360 ARCHITECTURE INC., London, ON Lafond Architects, Montreal, QC Lalande + Doyle Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Landmark Architecture Architect Inc., Caledon, ON Lapalme Architecte, Gatineau, QC PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 81

82 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES ALPHABETICALLY Lapointe Architects, Lara McKendrick Architect, Ottawa, ON Larden Code Consulting Architect, large [medium] design office inc., Larisa Brodsky Architect Inc., St. Catharines, ON Larkin Architect Limited, Larocque Elder Architects, Architectes Inc., North Bay, ON Larry Gaines, Architect, Almonte, ON Larry May Architect, Chatsworth, ON Laszlo Nemeth Associates, Architect, Caledon East, ON Latimer Hu, Architect, Montreal, QC Lawrence Dodd Architect, Lawrence Esco Architect, LDM Architects, Leads Architects Inc., Lemay Michaud Architects, Quebec, QC Lemay Michaud Architects, Montreal, QC Len Ward Architecture, Inc., Ottawa, ON Lennis Trotter, Architect, Oshawa, ON Leo Filipp Architect, Leo Mieles Architect, Leon Hui Architect Inc., Markham, ON Leon Lubelski Architect, Leonard Alfred Wood Architect Ltd., Thunder Bay, ON Leonard Koffman, Architect, Ottawa, ON Leonardo Romanese Architect Inc., Lett Architects Inc., Peterborough, ON Levente B. Danko Architect, Levitt Goodman Architects Ltd., Libela Architects Inc., Lieux Architects Ltd., Liff & Tolot Architects Incorporated, Ottawa, ON Lillepold Architect, Cambridge, ON Lin Architect, Linda Chapman Architect, Ottawa, ON Lindy Consulting Limited, Line Architect Inc., Line Laurin Architect, St. Bruno, QC Line Vision Inc., Alliston, ON LineBox Studio inc., Ottawa, ON Lintack Architects Incorporated, Hamilton, ON Lisa A. Rapoport Architect, Live Architecture, Ottawa, ON Livingstone Architect, Iqaluit, NU LKW Architect, Lakefield, ON LLM International Inc., Architect, Thornhill, ON Lloyd Hunt, Architect, Glen Huron, ON LM Architects, Winnipeg, MB Local Office of Architecture, Loh Architects and Associates Inc., Lomonaco & Pitts, Architects P.C., Troy, NY Lorne Rose Architect Inc., Louis E.J. Cooke, Architect, London, ON Louis Lortie Architecte / Architect, Cumberland, ON Lowell Lo Design Inc., Architect, Richmond Hill, ON Lowry Associates Inc., Brantford, ON Luc Bouliane Architect Inc., Lukjaniec Architect, 82 PROFILES Lundholm Associates Architects, Lyle Architects, North Bay, ON Lynch + Comisso Inc., Lynne Eichenberg Architect, M M J architecture, M. B. Finney Limited, Consulting Engineer and Architect, Lindsay, ON M. David Blakely Architect Inc., Nepean, ON M. R. Neumann, Architect, Burlington, ON M. Shami Architect, M.A. Shoom Architect Inc., M.E. Johnston Architect, Ottawa, ON M.E. McAuley Architect Inc., Mississauga, ON M.H. Architecture, Inc., St. Louis, MO M.W. Hall Corporation Architect, Macdonald Zuberec Ensslen Architects Inc., St. Catharines, ON MacLennan Jaunkalns Miller Architects Ltd., Maged Basilious, Architect, Windsor, ON Maher Salem Shahatit, Richmond Hill, ON Makow Associates Architect Inc., Makrimichalos Cugini, Architects, Makrimichalos Cugini, Architects, Owen Sound, ON Malcolm Fox Architect, Kingston, ON Malhotra Architecture, London, ON Mallen Gowing Berzins Architecture Incorporated, Vancouver, BC Manon Renaud, Montreal, QC Maor Cohen Architect Inc., Maragna Architect Incorporated, Marc J. Riva, Architect, Scugog (Port Perry), ON Marcel Landry Architect, Gatineau, QC Marco Manini Architect, Montreal, QC Maria Denegri Architect, Marilyn Ypes Architect Inc., Mark Feldman Architect, Markham, ON Mark Glassford Architect, Ottawa, ON Mark Gray Architect, Ottawa, ON Mark Nawrocki Architect Inc., Mark Stringer Architect, Markham High Tech Inc. Architects, Markham, ON Markham High Tech Inc. Architects, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Marklevitz Architects Inc., Stratford, ON Marlene R. Scharf Slopack, Architect, Thornhill, ON Marsh Katsios Architect, London, ON Martha Dorion Architect, Martin Associates, Architects, Martin Frenette Architect, Ville de Lorraine, QC Martine Pfalzgraf Architecte, Gatineau, QC Martineau Architecture Inc., Ottawa, ON Maryann Thompson Architects, Cambridge, MA Massimo A. Fantoni Architect, Master Building Inc., Richmond Hill, ON MATT E. MAJEED, Architect, Cleveland, OH Matthew Brinza, Chanhassen, MN Matthew Shuster Architect, Matthew T. Harvey, Architect, Peterborough, ON Maurizio Trotta Architect Inc., Mauti Designs Inc., Architects, Woodbridge, ON McCallum Sather Architects Inc., Hamilton, ON McCormack Architects, McGillivray Architect, McKnight Charron Laurin Inc. Architects, Barrie, ON McMillan Associates Architect Inc., Medina Architects Inc., Mehboob Bangash Architects, Mei Associates Inc., Vaughan, ON Mel MEKINDA, Architect, Melillo Architects Incorporated, Melina Craig Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Melissa Rocchi Architect Inc., Waterdown, ON Menkes Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architects, Montreal, QC Meromorphic Design Group, Thornhill, ON Merrick Canada Architecture Inc., Aurora, CO Mesbur+Smith Architects, Meta Form Architects Inc., MG Architects Inc., MGP Architects. Engineer Inc., Sault Ste. Marie, ON Michael A. Faric Architect, Michael A. Wilson Architect, Stratford, ON Michael Brisson, Architect, Kitchener, ON Michael Brum Architect, Ottawa, ON Michael Bulatovich, Architect, Michael Cicerani Architects Inc., Richmond Hill, ON Michael D. Allen Architect Inc., Niagara Falls, ON Michael H. K. Wong Architects Inc., Michael H. Lutsch, Jr. Architect, Columbus, OH Michael I. Baytman, Architect, Michael J Habel, Architect, Cincinnati, OH Michael John McCall, Architect, San Francisco, CA Michael Kelly Architect, Ottawa, ON Michael L. Clark, New Albany, IN Michael Lafreniere Architect, Michael Mantzoris Architect, Michael Mohelsky, Architect, Michael Pettes Architect Inc., Oakville, ON Michael Pitsas, Architect, Mount Royal, QC Michael Spaziani Architect Inc., Mississauga, ON Michaela Weiner Architect, Markham, ON Michel G Langlois, Architect, Montreal, QC Miguel Escobar Architect, Montreal, QC Milenov Associates, Architects, Mills & Associates Ltd., Architect, Oshawa, ON Milne Architect, Milton Katz, Architect, Min & Associate Inc. Architect, Markham, ON Miro J. Nestor Architect, Mitch Sauder Licensed Technologist OAA, Courtice, ON Mitchell Architects Inc., North Bay, ON Mitchell Architects Inc., Huntsville, ON MMA Architect Inc., Windsor, ON MMC International Architects Ltd., MMH Architects Inc., MMMC Inc. Architects, Brantford, ON MMMC Inc. Architects, Kitchener, ON MMP Architects, Winnipeg, MB Moffet & Duncan, Architects Inc., Mohammed S. Elbadawi Architect, momentum architect, Oakville, ON Monica E. Kuhn, Architect Inc., Montgomery Philip King Architect Inc., Southampton, ON Montgomery Sisam Architects Inc., Moote Architect, Morfitt Architect, Moriyama & Teshima Architects, Moriyama & Teshima Architects, Ottawa, ON Morris Melamed, Architect, Ottawa, ON Morris Thuemen, Architects Inc., Pembroke, ON Morrison Hershfield Architects Inc., Morrison Hershfield Architects Inc., Edmonton, AB Moshe Safdie Associates Ltd., Architects, Moss Sund Inc., MTBA - Mark Thompson Brandt Architect & Associates Inc., Ottawa, ON Multi-Design Associates Inc.,Engineers and Architect, Woodbridge, ON MulvannyG2 Architecture Corporation, Bellevue, WA MulvannyG2 Architecture Corporation, Portland, OR Murphy & Murphy Architect Inc., London, ON N n ARCHITECTURE INC., Nadeem Irfan Architect Inc., Natale and Scott Architects, Natale Architect Inc., Nathanael Gray Architect, Naylor Architect, Markham, ON Naylor Architect Inc., Markham, ON NBBJ Architecture of Canada, Inc., Seattle, WA Neil Ironside - Architect, Neil J. McDonald, Architect Inc., Oakville, ON Nejmark Architect, Winnipeg, MB Nelson Architecture Inc., Architect, Kenora, ON Nelson Kwong Architect, Nelson Wong Architect Inc., Nestico Architect Inc., Vaughan, ON NEWMAN (Canada) INC., New Haven, CT Nexus Architects, NFOE Inc., Montreal, QC Ng Architect Inc., NGA Architects, Nicholas Caragianis Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Nicholas Holman, Architect, Stella, ON

83 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES ALPHABETICALLY Nicholson Sheffield Architects Inc., London, ON Nick C. Sgro Architect, Nick Swerdfeger Architects Inc., Nicola Losurdo Architect, Nicolas Maalouf, Saint-Laurent, QC Nina Fant Architect, Nino Rico Inc. Architect, Vaughan, ON Nitin Malhotra Architect, Noble Fairlie Architecture Inc., Architects, Noor Associates Ltd., Georgetown, ON Norman Landry Architect, NORR Limited, Architects and Engineers, NORR Limited, Architects and Engineers, Kingston, ON NORR Limited, Architects and Engineers, Ottawa, ON North American Retail Architects Inc. (NARA), Oakville, ON Northern Sky Architecture Inc., Architect, Winnipeg, MB Northgrave Architect Inc., Nova Tayona Architects, Number Ten Architectural Group - Ontario, Architects, Winnipeg, MB NXL Architects, O O.C.A. Architects Inc., Office of Michal Gorczyca, OfficeArchitecture Inc., Oleson Worland Architect, Omicron Architecture Engineering Construction Inc., Vancouver, BC onespace unlimited inc., Vaughan, ON Open Architects Inc., Open Plan Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Opus Architects Incorporated, Orangeink Design Inc., Orlando Design Services Inc., Mississauga, ON Osborne Architect, Osburn Associates Architect Inc., Bracebridge, ON Otto Hammer Architect, Winnipeg, MB Our Cool Blue Architects Inc., Milton, ON Ovidio Sbrissa & The Architect s Workshop Inc., Ottawa, ON P Pacific Coast Architecture Inc., Burnaby, BC Papadopoulos & Pradhan Architects Inc., Paradigm Architecture and Design Inc., Parallel Architecture Inc., Parker Architects Inc., St. Catharines, ON Parkin Architects Limited, Parkin Architects Limited, Ottawa, ON Part 9 Design, Brampton, ON Passa Associates Inc., Architects, Windsor, ON Patkau Architects Inc., Vancouver, BC Patrick C. Harris, Architect, Palatine, IL Patrick Coles, Architect, Delaware, ON Patrick Fahn Architect Inc., Patrick G. Blees, Architect, Minneapolis, MN Patrick Johnson Architect, Paul DaCunha Architect Inc., Paul Dawson Architect, Flesherton, ON Paul Didur Architect Inc., Paul Dowsett Architecture Inc., Paul Grenier Architect, Montreal, QC Paul Hastings Architect, Oakville, ON Paul J. Bolland, Architect, Dunnville, ON Paul Johnston Architect, Paul Marques Architect Inc., Paul Martel, Architect, Paul Oberst Architect, Paul Raff Studio Incorporated Architect, Paul Reuber Incorporated, Architect, Paul Roth Architect, Paul Steelman, Ltd., Las Vegas, NV Paul Syme, Architect, Paul Tarjan Architect, Calgary, AB Paul Yee Architect, Paula Bowley Architects Inc., Paula Hamilton Architect, Puslinch, ON Pavan Architects Inc., Markahm, ON Pavlo Tourko Architect, Mississauga, ON Paxton Waters Architecture, Carmel, IN PBK Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON PBK Architects Inc., Timmins, ON PBK Architects Inc., Vancouver, BC PBK Architects Inc., PBK Architects Inc., Timmins, ON PBK Architects Inc., Sudbury, ON PBK Architects Inc., Thunder Bay, ON PBK Architects Inc., Cornwall, ON PDA Architects, Pedro Pimentel Architect Inc., Mississauga, ON Peggy Chiu Architect Inc., Pellow + Associates Architects Inc., Perkins & Will North America, Inc., Architects, Chicago, IL Perkins Eastman Black Architects Inc., Perkins+Will Canada Inc., Perkins+Will Canada Inc., Dundas, ON Perkins+Will Canada Inc., Ottawa, ON Perry + Perry Architects Inc., Sudbury, ON Peter A. Gabor, Architect, Peter Archer & Associates, Architect, Barrie, ON Peter Ciuciura, Architect, Kitchener, ON Peter Darwish Architect, Nepean, ON Peter Favot Architect Ltd., Unionville, ON Peter Higgins Architect Incorporated, Peter J. Kindree, Architect, Ottawa, ON Peter J. Lesdow Architect, Niagara Falls, ON Peter Lichomski, West Bloomfield, MI Peter Mansfield, Architect, Almonte, ON Peter Moy Architect, Ottawa, ON Petroff Partnership Architects, Markham, ON PGAL Design Canada, ULC, Houston, TX Philip Agar Architect Inc., London, ON Philip Beesley Architect Inc., Philip Goldsmith Architect, Port Hope, ON Philip Toms Architect, Hamilton, ON Philippe Doyle, Architect, Ottawa, ON Phillip H. Carter, Architect, Piccini Architect, Port Hope, ON Pickard Chilton International, Inc., New Haven, CT Pierre J. Tabet architect, Gatineau, QC Pillon Architect Inc., Pin/Taylor Architects, Yelllowknife, NT Plant Architect Inc., Plaston Architect Limited, Plethovalent Architecture, Hamilton, ON Poizner Architects, Pomeroy Architecture Inc., Popovic Routhier Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Post Architects, Post Architects, Prairie Architects Inc., Winnipeg, MB Predrag K. Roman Architect Inc., Prelude Associates Ltd., Ottawa, ON Pro Vision Architecture Inc., Aurora, ON Project Management Universe Corporation Architects, Provencher Roy + Associes Architectes, Montreal, QC PS Architect Inc., PTAH Consultants Inc. Architects, Spencerville, ON Public Studio Architecture, Pye & Richards, Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Pyramid Architect, Q Q4 Architects Inc., Quadrangle Architects Limited, Quantum Architect, Collingwood, ON Quantum Engineering, Tiny, ON Quartek Group Inc. Architects, Engineers, St. Catharines, ON Quartek Group Inc. Architects, Engineers, Port Colborne, ON Queen s Quay Architects International Inc., R R. A. Lumbao Architect, R. Meo & Associates Inc., Architectural & Engineering Consultants, Burlington, ON R. Ritz, Architect, Stratford, ON R. V. Anderson Associates Limited, Consulting Engineers and Architect, R. Varacalli Architect Inc., Concord, ON R. W. Bruynson Inc., Architect, Hampton, ON R. Waiman Chung, Architect Inc., Markham, ON R.A. Juknevicius, Architect Ltd., R.E. Barnett, Architect, R.H. Carter Architects Inc., Radeff Architect Ltd., Radek Kozlowski Architect, Radojewski, Architect, Hamilton, ON Rafael + Bigauskas Architect Inc., Raffaele A. Belvedere, Architect, Welland, ON Raffaele Franco Greco, Fort Lauderdale, FL Ragotte Architect, RAI Architect Inc., Pickering, ON Raimondo + Associates Architects Inc., Niagara Falls, ON Rajinder Chaku Architect Inc., Brampton, ON RALLY Architects, Randy Wilson Architect Incorporated, London, ON raw design inc., Rayman Architects Ltd., Raymond S.C. Wan, Architect, Winnipeg, MB re:think DESIGN STUDIO, Rebanks Pepper Littlewood Architects Inc., Rebecca Beatty Architect, Hamilton, ON Rebuilt Developments Inc., Red Studio Inc. Architects, Reflect Architecture Inc., Regis Cote et associes, architectes, Montreal, QC Reich + Petch Architects Inc., Reinders + Rieder Ltd. Architects, Consulting Engineers, Brampton, ON Renaissance Corporation Architect, René Tringali, Architect, Montreal, QC Renee Daoust, Architect, Montreal, QC RENEW architect, Reza Aliabadi, Richard Briginshaw Architect, Kanata, ON Richard Chmiel Architect & Associates Incorporated, Ottawa, ON Richard G. Butterworth, Architect Inc., Ancaster, ON Richard H. Shaw Architect Inc., Richard Henriquez Architect, Vancouver, BC Richard J. Turski, Architect, Oakville, ON Richard L. Bowen & Associates, Inc., Cleveland, OH Richard Librach Architect Inc., Richard Mann Architect, Oakville, ON Richard Wengle Architect Inc., Richard White Architect, Arnprior, ON Richard Ziegler Architect Inc., Rick Wink Architect Inc., Rickson Outhet Architect, Ottawa, ON Ridgeland Associates, Inc., Oak Park, IL Robert Beckett Architect Inc., Kemptville, ON Robert Chang Architect Inc., Robert Di Maio Architect, Windsor, ON Robert F. Vanney Architect, St. Paul, MN Robert J. Dyck, Architect & Engineer Incorporated, Kitchener, ON Robert J. McCrea Architect, Robert J. Smith Architect, Ottawa, ON Robert John Stensland, Janesville, IA Robert Kimpinski Architect Ltd., St. Catharines, ON Robert Leduc, Architecte, Baie d Urfe, QC Robert Reimers Architect Ltd., Uxbrudge, ON Robert Segarra Architect Inc., Richmond Hill, ON Robert Stiff Architect, Robert Taylor Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Robertson Martin Architects Incorporated, Ottawa, ON Robertson Martin Architects Incorporated, Cobourg, ON PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 83

84 ARCHITECTURAL PRACTICES ALPHABETICALLY Robertson Simmons Architects Inc., Kitchener, ON Robertson Simmons Architects Inc., Robin Clarke Architect, Robin Tharin - Architect Inc., Robyn Huether Architect, Roderick H. Young, Architect, Orillia, ON Roderick Lahey Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON Roger C. F. Lai Architect, Markham, ON Romanov Romanov Architects Incorporated, Ron Fougere, Architect, St. John s, NF Ron Shieh Architect, Ronald A. Awde Architect, Bethany, ON Rosaline J. Hill Architect, Ottawa, ON Rosemary A. McMonigal, Minneapolis, MN Rossini Architect, Roth Knibb Architects Inc., Rounthwaite Dick & Hadley Architects Inc., Royden Moran Architect, Peterborough, ON RSM Architecture Inc., Architect, Mississauga, ON RSR Architecture & Design Inc., Thunder Bay, ON Rubin & Rotman Associes, Architectes, Ottawa, ON Rubin & Rotman Associes, Architectes, Montreal, QC Rudy Wallman Architect Limited, Ruth Cawker, Architect, RVTR Inc., Ryan Company Architect Inc., Richmond Hill, ON Ryszard Gancewski Architect, Kitchener, ON S S Monk Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON S. Vlahovich, Architect, S.A. Stefanison, Architect Inc., Ottawa, ON S.J. Lawrence Architect Incorporated, Ottawa, ON Saccoccio Weppler Architects Inc., SADP - Architecture, Sage Idea Studio Inc., SAI Architecture, Inc., Watertown, MA Salter Pilon Architecture Inc., Barrie, ON Sam Esposto Architect Inc., Hamilton, ON Sam Morgan Architect, Maple, ON Sam Salis Architect, Samer Nessiem Architect, Kitchener, ON Sami K. Kerba, Architect, Gatineau, QC Samuel.H. Consulting, Sander Gladstone Architect, Sandra F. Smith Architects, Sane Architects Inc., Sang-man Youn, Architect, Thornhill, ON Sanz-Sole Architect, Sapala - Hoppe Architect, London, ON Sarah Ifrah Architect Inc., Sarah Lang Architect, Kitchener, ON Saucier + Perrotte Architectes, Montreal, QC Sawchuk Peach Associates - Architects, Sudbury, ON Schoeler & Heaton, Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON PROFILES Scoler, Lee & Associates Architects Inc., Scolozzi Architect Inc., Scott Associates Architects Inc., Scott Morris Architects Inc., SDI HTI - Canada, Inc., Cincinnati, OH SedArc Inc. Architects, Sedun + Kanerva Architects Inc., SEED Architect, Selectus Architecture, Sergio Brizzi Malekian Architect, Serosima Architects Inc., Sfera Architectural Associates Inc. Architects, Windsor, ON SGA Design Group, P.C., Tulsa, OK SGA Design Group, P.C., Bentonville, AR Shahnaz Samuel Architect, Mississauga, ON Sharon McKenzie Architect, Shashi Washikar Architect, Shaw Architect Inc., Shawn Freeman Architect, Shawn McSweeny Architect, Shayman Salk Arenson Sussholz & Company, Northbrook, IL Sheldon D. Rosen Architect, Shim - Sutcliffe Architects Inc., Shoalts and Zaback Architects Ltd., Kingston, ON Shore Tilbe Irwin & Partners Architects, Shremshock Architects, Inc., Westerville, OH Sievenpiper Associates Inc., Architects, Sigmund D.F. Reszetnik Architect Inc., Simon Chamely, Architect, Amherstburg, ON Simon H.K. Ng, Architect, Simona Sund Architect, Simone S. Panziera, Architect, Kitchener, ON Sirlin Giller & Malek Architects, SJMA Architecture Inc., London, ON Skinner & Skinner Architects Inc., London, ON Sky Architects Inc., Sleeper Street Design, Inc., Boston, MA Smith Architect Inc., Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Incorporated, Ottawa, ON Smith Carter Architects and Engineers Incorporated, Winnipeg, MB SmithGroup AEIP International, Inc., Detroit, MI SMV Architects, SNC Lavalin Architecture and Engineering Inc., Snyder & Associates Inc., Sofia Di Sabatino Architect, Solares Architecture Inc., SOM Canada, Inc., Chicago, IL soma earth ARCHITECT, Udora, ON Somfay Masri Architects Inc., Waterloo, ON Sonia Margarita Diaz Rodriguez, London, ON Space Architects, Spectrum Architect, Markham, ON Spencer R. Higgins Architect Incorporated, Spiracle Design Architects Inc., Mississauga, ON Spragge + Company Architects, Spriet Associates Limited, Architects, London, ON Sputnik Architecture, Winnipeg, MB SRM Architects Inc., Waterloo, ON SRN Architects Inc., Vaughan, ON SSG Architecture Inc., Stafford Haensli Architects Incorporated, Mississauga, ON Stafford Haensli Architects Incorporated, Burlington, ON STAMP architecture, Stanford Downey Architects Inc., Stanley E. Sota, Architect, Stanley Paulus Architect, Coquitlam, BC Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects, Winnipeg, MB Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects, Hamilton, ON Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects, Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects, Vancouver, BC Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects, Ottawa, ON Stantec Architecture Ltd., Architects, Kitchener, ON Stark Architects Inc., Mississauga, ON Stendel + Reich Architects, Montreal, QC Stephane L Ecuyer Architect, Laval, QC Stephen B. Jacobs, Stowe, VT Stephen Blood, Architect, Ancaster, ON Stephen Claude Charron, Architect, Barrie, ON Stephen G. King, Architect, Stephen J-S Chang, Architect, Dundas, ON Stephen Mann Architect, Stephen R. Pile Architect Inc., Stephen R. Taylor Architect, Stephen Robert Hitchcox Architect, Stephen Teeple Architect, Steve McKerroll Architect, Orillia, ON Steven Eskind, Architect, Steven Fong Architect, Steven J. Bieringer, Chanhassen, MN Steven Robinson Architect Inc., Stevens Burgess Architects Ltd., Stewart + Tsai Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Stile Architect, Woodbridge, ON Stingray Architects Inc., Stone s Throw Design Inc., Stoyanovskyy Architects Inc., Strasman Architects Inc., Stuart Mussells Architect, Stuart Watson Architect, Studio Archifad, Vaughan, ON Studio Architectonic Inc., studio g+g Inc., Architect, Windsor, ON Studio Jonah, Studio Linea Architects Incorporated, Richmond Hill, ON Studio ua3, Mississauga, ON STV Architects, Inc., Douglassville, PA Subhash Chopra, Architect, Ville Saint-Laurent, QC Superkül Inc., Architect, Surendra K. Bagga, Architect, Inc., Windsor, ON Suriano Design Consultants Inc., Woodbridge, ON Susan Croswell Architect, Kingston, ON Susan D. Smith Architect, Ottawa, ON Susan Friedrich Architect Inc., Susan Speigel Architect Inc., Suu-dda Patkar Architectural Corporation, Architect, Suzita Morita Inc., Svedas Architects Inc., Burlington, ON Swallowtail Architecture, Summerville, SC Sweeny Sterling Finlayson & Co. Architects Inc., symbolics architecture+design, Szabo & Fok Architect, Szeto Architect, Markham, ON T T. M. Sanborn, Tact Architecture Inc., TAES Architects Inc., Tafler Rylett Architects, Takashi Tsuji, Architect, Takvor Hopyan, Architect, TAL.VT Architect Inc., Sault Ste. Marie, ON Talo Architect Inc., Guelph, ON Talwood Group Architects, Tampold Architects Inc., Tangram Architect Inc., Tarvo Eistrat Architect, Taylor Hannah Architect Inc., Taylor Smyth Architects, Taylor/Hazell Architects Ltd., Taymoore Balbaa Architect, TCA/Thier + Curran Architects Inc., Hamilton, ON Ted Handy and Associates Inc., Architect, Barrie, ON Ted Shepherd Architect Limited, Teeple Architects Inc., Temprano & Young Architects Inc., Ottawa, ON Ten-2-Four Architecture Inc., Teng M. Chow Architect, Teresa Coady Architect Inc., West Vancouver, BC Terry Fitsialos Architect, The Architect Builders Collaborative Inc., The Architect Circle 2000 Ltd., The Arcop Group, Architects, Markham, ON The Arcop Group, Architects, Montreal, QC The Hicks Partnership Inc., Oakville, ON The Kirkland Partnership, Inc., Architects, The Office of Edward D. Russell Architect Inc., Niagara Falls, ON The Panel Group Inc., Thornhill, ON The Research in Architecture Studio, Mississauga, ON The Ventin Group (Toronto) Ltd., Architects, The Ventin Group Ltd., Architects, Belleville, ON The Ventin Group Ltd., Architects, Kitchener, ON

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Bortolotto, Tania, Bouchard, Denis Joseph Pierre, Quebec, QC Boucher, Carole Edith Bouliane, Luc Jean-Paul, Boulos, Atef Boulton, William Stephen, Bourbeau, Claude, Montreal, QC

87 ARCHITECTS Bousfield, Andrew M., Waterloo, ON Bowen, Richard L., Cleveland, OH Bowley, Paula, Boychuk, Gary-Conrad Boyd, Christopher Boyko, Robert M.J., Boyle, Ross R.J. Bradbury, Isabelle, Gatineau, QC Bradica, John S. Bradley, William R., Brandaw, Garth Brandt, Mark Thompson, Ottawa, ON Brandts, Elisa Beatrice Brawley-Cunliffe, Wendy, Ottawa, ON Bridger, James, Montreal, QC Bridgman, Wins R.F., Winnipeg, MB Briginshaw, Richard, Kanata, ON Brinza, Matthew John Brisbin, Brian G. Brisbin, Ritchard Brisson, Michael R., Kitchener, ON Brochu, Andre Emilien Brodsky, Larisa Bronny, Radoslaw Brook, Calvin Broomhead, Jr., Frank Arthur Brough, Robert James Brown, Christopher P. Brown, Deanna Brown, James A., Waterloo, ON Brown, James K., Brown, Kenneth Brown, Patrick W. Brown, Rowana Lynn Browne, Christopher C. Browne, Sydney E. 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Cappe, Lorne, Caragianis, Nicholas Kimon, Ottawa, ON Cardinal, Douglas Joseph, Ottawa, ON Caricari, Giuseppe, Carley, John R., Caron, Guy, Montreal, QC Carreno Chao, Mauro Javier, Carroll, Stephen Carter, Byron, Carter, David Ian, Carter, Lawrence, Waterloo, ON Carter, Phillip H., Carter, Ronald Harry Casciato, Nicola Cascioli, Anna Cascone, Bernardo Casey, Steven Casquenette, Evelyn Lee Cassan, Stephane, Castel-Branco, Jose M., Castellan, Dennis Castle, Timothy George Catarino, Sheldon Morao Caudle, Peter William Caughill, M. Bruce, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Caunter, Donald J. Cawker, Ruth Cazzin, Tanya Ceppi, Guillermo L. Chakravorty, Nupur, Stittsville, ON Chaku, Rajinder, Brampton, ON Chamberlain, Brian K. Chamely, Simon, Amherstburg, ON Chan, Bonnie Ah-Cheer, Chan, Carolina Chan, Edward K. Chan, Guillaume Kwong-Ting Chan, Hee Sun Harrison Chan, Irene Gardpoit Chan, Joe Chan, Patrick T.Y. Chan, Serena S.Y. Chan, Simon C. C. Chan, Walton Fan, Chan, Yim Chan Smyth, Margaret Chandler, John Chang, Clementine Rong Chang, Paul Chin-Pow Chang, Robert, Chang, Stephen J-S, Dundas, ON Chang, Szu-Wen Chang, Wan-Chi Chang Wong, William Chapman, James D. Chapman, Linda Maureen Charbonneau, Joy Anna Charette, Isabelle Josee Charowska, Ewa Charron, S. Claude, Barrie, ON Chase, Bradley Stuart, Oakville, ON Chatfield, Patrick, Seattle, WA Chaturani, Manish, Mississauga, ON Chau, Jenny Lee Chau, Katie Chau, Nina Nga Chauhan, Vipul, Kanata, ON Cheam, Tat-Liang Fabio, Winnipeg, MB Chee, Betty Chen, I-Hsin Chen, Welming Chen, Xiaoyu Calvin, Chen, Yiqiu, Oakville, ON Cheney, Gordon L. Cheng, Aaron Man Hin, Cheng, Shaowei Chernoff, Russell Michael Cheung, Doris Lai-Kwan, Richmond Hill, ON Cheung, Ian Yat-Shing, Markham, ON Cheung, Louis K.C. Cheung, Patrick Pui-Tak Chey, Katy Chiao, Wei T., Chichmanian, Azad, Montreal, QC Chilton, William David, New Haven, CT Chimienti, Johnny Chin, Clifton Chiotti, Roberto A. Chisvin, Karen L., Chitale, Shashank Chandrashek Chiu, Henry W. Chiu, Jason Chi-To Chiu, Paul Yu-Pang, Vancouver, BC Chiu, Peggy P.K. Chlebowski, Jerry Chmiel, Richard A. Cho, James Jiann Wey Cho, Mar Mar, Richmond Hill, ON Chodikoff, Ian Chomik, William Michael, Calgary, AB Chong, Donald Chong, Richard David, Chong, Winston W. Chopra, Subhash C., Montreal, QC Chorny, Bohdan M., Chow, C-K. Kenneth, Chow, John T., Chow, Ken, Markham, ON Chow, Lena Chow, May Chow, Raymond, Chow, Teng M. Choy, Benny Man Kuen Choy, Christopher Wai Yiu, Richmond Hill, ON Choy, Nicholas Yeung Chung Christakis, Harry Charalambos, Christiansen, Carl Theodore, San Francisco, CA Christiansen, Coben Christie, John E. Christoff, G.A. 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88 ARCHITECTS Cooke Wooland, Suzanne Coole, David R. Coombs, Richard O. Coppa, John, Richmond Hill, ON Corazza, Enzo Corbett, Douglas, Winnipeg, MB Corcoran, Erin Louise, Kitchener, ON Corey, Mark Adrian, Madison, WI Corredor, Gustavo Cortes, Jorge L., Waterloo, ON Cosentino, Charles Costantino, Domenic A. Costescu, I. Cotaras, George Anthony Cote, Normand Cote, Regis, Montreal, QC Cotnam, Andrew G., Timmins, ON Coulter, Carol-Anne, Courtnage, Donald F. Couse, Christopher G. Cousineau, Andre Cousineau, Antoine, Montreal, QC Couto, David Matthew Covatta, Vincent Coviensky, Jerry Cowle, John Cowling, Daniel Cozzitorto, Claudia Crabtree, Nicole Louise Craddock, David D., Craig, Ian William Craig, Melina Elizabeth, Ottawa, ON Craig, Richard Barry, Ottawa, ON Craik, Robert, Crain, Derek Cravit, Paul M. Crenson, Bogumila C. Cressman, Robert Scott Cresswell, Geoffrey Crisante, Rosemarie Cristescu, Emil Cristofaro, Domenic, Amherstburg, ON Critchley, Paul H. Croft, David J., Cromarty, Ernest A. Crompton, William D. Croswell, Susan L., Kingston, ON Crothers, Robert J., Kingston, ON Crowell, Sumner Fiske, Watertown, MA Cryns, Ingrid M., Udora, ON Cubitt, Emma Lea, Hamilton, ON Cudlip, Guy L., Pickering, ON Cugini, Cesidio Cuhaci, Edward J. Cui, Honglin Culpeper, Paul R. Culver, Bradley, Curran, William J.E., Hamilton, ON Currie, Akiko Currie, Robert James Curry, Clifford B. Curtis, William Andrew Curtner, Brian L. Cusimano, Daniel Louis, Cvornyek, Karen Czoli, Alexander Daniel D D Abbondanza, Lisa D Elia, Andre, Da Silva, M. Alice, Dabrowski-Sickle, Margaret B. PROFILES Dabrus, Richard Webb DaCunha, Paul J. Dadras, Mehrzad, Dagenais, Yves, Montreal, QC Daghighi, Marjan Danby, Brian J. Danelley, Terry W. Dang, Larry J. Daniel, Ann, Daniels, Erikki Tuomas, Saint Paul, MN Daniels, Stanley Lee, Atlanta, GA Danko, Levente B., Daoust, Renee, Montreal, QC DaPonte, Ricardo Dare, Scott Micheal Darlington, Robert William Darwish, Peter M. Daschko, Walter, Davidson, Elizabeth, Davidson, Martin S., Davidson, Theodore, Davies, John G., Ottawa, ON Davies, Robert S., Davis, Clark Sackett Davis, William A. Dawson, Paul, Flesherton, ON Day, Tracy Jean de Boer, Grace M., Nashua, NH De Giovanni, Antonietta Linda, Ottawa, ON de Grandmont, Darrell Martial de Grandpre, Jean-Marc, Montreal, QC de la Harpe, Charl William, Calgary, AB De Leon, Emilio Atienza, Whitby, ON de Melo, Leonardo Manuel de Paiva, M. Fernando de Pencier, Veronica L. Nunn de Silva, Anthony M., Oakville, ON de Silva, Olga, Oakville, ON de Valence, John, Dearlove, Steven, Priceville, ON debacker, William M., DeBortoli, Gianni (John), Vaughan, ON DeCiantis, Frank DeCoursey, M. Elaine Deczkowska, Hanna E. Deevey, Kevin, Ottawa, ON DeFigueiredo, Paul Alexandre, Deguchi, Fabio, Deimling, Christopher Lee, Ottawa, ON Dejmek, Ludmila, Cambridge, ON Del Buono, Briar Lee Delean, Lucien P. Delean, Matthew Robert Delisle, Pierre Demetriou, Olvia C. Denegri, Maria Dennis, David N. Dennis, Jeffrey Allan Denton, Douglas R. Desai, Samir A., Ottawa, ON Deshaies, Marc R. Deshmukh, Jayashri Bharat DeSimone, John, Hamilton, ON Devai, F. Kaj J. Devaney, F. Lyndon Dewson, William Richard, Dey, Sudeep Dhar, Ranjit K., Dhir, Hardial, Di Carlo, Mauro Di Cienzo, Paolo Panfilo Di Filippo, Deni (Donato) Joseph Di Fonzo, Livio Di Maio, Michele Di Maio, Robert Di Roma, Frank Di Sabatino, John Anthony, Mississauga, ON Di Sabatino, Sofia, Di Sano, Dino Romeo Di Vincenzo, Simon P. V., Vaughan, ON Diakun, Donna Michele Diamond, A.J. Diamond, Arthur William, Aurora, ON Diaz Rodriguez, Sonia M., London, ON Dickey, Brian W. Dickie, Keith Stuart Dickinson, Ivan G. Dickson, Lance Michael Dickson, Leonard W. Didur, Paul, Diebel, David James Diefenbach, William Lawrence Diemert, Grant M., Owen Sound, ON DiMaria, Charles F. Dimitrovska, Zaneta, Diodati, Tony Dionne, Louis Dissinger, Donald Herbert, Philadelphia, PA Djordjevic, Natasa, Dubai Dobbin, Jason, Dodd, E. Lawrence, Doerschlag, Christopher Kurt, Dublin, OH Doiphode, Ravi Gajanan, Dolan, Martin L. Dolan, Paul Edward, Ottawa, ON Dolovich, Pauline Ruth, Dolyniuk, Tarisha Taralyn, Domingos, Benny A., Donaldson, Michael William, Donkin, John H.E., Ottawa, ON Donovan, Scott Dorion, Martha A., Dormer, David Patrick, Bolton, ON Dormody, Jesse David Dorris, John D., Milton, ON Dorsey, Douglas F., Mississauga, ON Dorsky, William, Beachwood, OH Douglas, Ian Harry Douglas, Kirsten Elizabeth Douglass, Paul Anthony, Schumacher, ON Dourado, Gerard Anthony, Mississauga, ON Dovell, Cynthia Dow, David Dowling, Paul J., Paris, ON Downey, R. Bruce Downey, Stanford Paul, Downing, Marcis Peter, Dowsett, Paul G. Doyle, Gerrie Doyle, Philippe S. Dredge, Michele L. Dreessen, Toon Franciskus, Ottawa, ON Driscoll, Michael William Drmic, Aimee, Drolet, Georges, Montreal, QC Dron, Douglas E. Drvar, Bozidar John, Montreal, QC Du, Yun, Shenzhen, Guagdong Province du Toit, Roger Dubbeldam, Heather Dubuc, Michel, Montreal, QC Dudek, Annette Duffie, Daniel A. Dunal, D Arcy L., Dunkley, Christopher Dunn, David M., Merrickville, ON Dunn, Gregory M. Duong, Tan Hoi, Duranai-Khan, Ahmad-Shah, Mississauga, ON Durrani, Jamshaid Ali, Dutra, Dino, Duynisveld, Kristina N., Cambridge, ON Dwoskin, Stephen Loewy, Seattle, WA Dyck, Robert J., Kitchener, ON Dyke, Andrew Dykstra, Gregory J. Dyson, Robert Jeffrey, Dzamba, Lubomir Dzikowska, Joanna Dzikowski, Marek A. Dziwinski, Christopher, Kanata, ON E Eames, J. Brian Earle, Stewart William, Eastman, Mary-Jean, New York, NY Eastwood, Robert A. Eastwood, Timothy Edward, Ebrahim, Aminmohamed S. Ebrahim, Moez Ecclestone, David Andrew Eckhardt, Cecily Beata Eckler, David M. Edelstein, Morry Edmundson, Basil J., Perth, ON Edwards, Dextor A., Masham, La Peche, QC Edwards, Perry John, Efstathiou, George James Eichenberg, Lynne Elizabeth Eistrat, Tarvo Einar, El-Behairy, Mohsen El-Fakih, Adham, Windsor, ON El-Khatib, Tarek Elali, Mona, Elbadawi, Mohammed Saleh Elder, Iris R. Elgie, Stuart Thomas William Elkus, Howard Felix Ellingham, Ian Elliott, Craig R. Elliott, Jeffrey R., Stratford, ON Ellis, Charmian Deirdre Ellis, David W.P., Sault Ste. Marie, ON Elmes, Ian Richard Ely, Wanda Yin-Yien Embir, Ben Emmell, Jean H., Ottawa, ON Eng, Donna H.F. Eng, Mary Engel, Yair England, Craig J., Enkemann Jr., John Edward, Detroit, MI Ensslen, Harald B. Eqbal, David, Aurora, ON Erez, Yechiel, Erickson, Gary George, Eroglu, Nazli Ela Erskine, J. Gordon, Ottawa, ON Ervin, Natasha Lynne Esco, I. Laurie Escobar, Miguel Eskind, Steven M.

89 ARCHITECTS Eslahjou, Babak, Eslami, M. Reza, Esposti, Craig Esposto, Sam Mark Estrada Aguirre, Ileana Gabriela, Eustache, Maguy Evans, James R., North Bay, ON Evernham, Kevin Todd, Scottsdale, AZ F Fabiani, Fernando Fahn, Patrick, Fair, Bruce L. Fairlie, Ian F. Falkner, Amy Alice Falsarella, Davis G., Fanstone, Tim Fant, Nina Lilian, Fantoni, Massimo A., Fantuz, James Norman, Calgary, AB Farah, Tawfiq, Faraj, Saad, Brantford, ON Faraone, Maria, Oxford Faric, Michael A. Farrell, Monika Ewelina, Oakville, ON Farrow, Deborah, Ottawa, ON Farrow, George B.P. Farrow, James W., Ottawa, ON Farrow, Tye Stuart Farrugia, John Joseph Patrick Farwell, Roger J. Faustino, Magno Nick G. Favor, Daryl S Favot, Peter, Unionville, ON Favreau, Guy, Montreal, QC Fazel, Alireza, Thornhill, ON Featherstone, John Feikema, Jacob, Fejer, Patrick Bela, Fejes, George P. Felczynska-Bronny, Yolanta E. Feldman, Mark E., Markham, ON Feldmann, Adam Gregory Fellows, Tobias Edward, Ottawa, ON Fenech, Philip J. Fenez, Damien Paul Marcel, Winnipeg, MB Feng, Xu Fennell, Roger E., South Porcupine, ON Ferguson, Christopher Lawrence, Brampton, ON Ferguson, John A. Ferguson, Peter D., Kimberley, ON Ferguson, Sarah Elizabeth, Ferkul, Jacqueline D. Ferkul, Robert F. Ferrara, Luigi Feuer, Andrew J., Fichten, Jacob Fiett, Pawel, Ottawa, ON Filarski, Andrew, Filippov, Lev Leonidovich Fillingham, Christopher T., Finbow, Aaron Finkle, Julie L. Finlayson, Mary Jane Finnamore, Stephen A. Finney, M. Bernard, Lindsay, ON Fischer, Karl Fish, David Henry Fitsialos, Sotere (Terry), Fitz-James, Bronwyn Fleener, Brian Reed Fleischer, Jeffrey Alan Fleischer, Russell Fleming, Anne Marie, Fleming, Derek Andrew, Vancouver, BC Florence, Kenneth E. Flynn, Jason Christopher Foder-Romanov, Anna-Maria Fok, Alex C. Fong, Steven T. Fong, Terry Tien, Fong, Vanessa Syt Jing, Foord, Terence, Port Hope, ON Footman, David Edward, Fordyce, Kregg G., Forest, Robert J. Fort-Brescia, Bernardo Miguel Forte, Michael Paul, Markham, ON Fortin, Jean-Francois, Montreal, QC Fosse, Charles Edward, Farmington Hills, MI Fouchard, Richard, Ottawa, ON Fougere, Ronald Gerard, St. John s, NL Fournier, Alain, Montreal, QC Fox, Malcolm D. Francis, Jenny Yan Nei Franke, Sandra Nicole Franke, Simone Franklin, Loretta Hazelton, Thornhill, ON Franklin, Mark A. Franko, Ivan Frankovich, John D. Franz, William Emil, Fort Worth, TX Franzoni, Mauro Fraser, Alan Peter Freeman, Malcolm A. Freeman, Shawn, Freethy, J. Reginald, Bowmanville, ON Frenette, Martin Frere, J. Marsh Frias, Ambrosio Aguilar, Ajax, ON Friedman, George, Friedman, Jonathan Joseph, Friedrich, Susan, Friesen, Deborah Friis, Catherine, Friscic, Hrisjanka Nina, Fritz, Alvin Reinhard, Lethbridge, AB Frontini, Andrew Ivo Fruhauf, Frederick Fry, John P. Fryett, James E., Elora, ON Fujiwara, David K. Fukushima, A. Ken Fukushima, Masaharu Fung, Arnold Wing-Kwong Fung, Carson Funk, Harold George, Winnipeg, MB G Gabiazon, Lucia Laila Cruz, Gabor, Peter Norman Gabor, Peter A., Gacesa, Stevan, Dundas, ON Gadzovski, Toni, Whitby, ON Gagacev, Nikolai, Stoney Creek, ON Gagliardi, Ronald D. Gaines, Larry H., Almonte, ON Gaito, Daniel N.K., Gaito, Lynn Giltrow Gaizutis, Edmund R. Gallacher, Gerald Andrew, London, ON Gallant, Murray Gallant, Robert J., Galvin, Matthew Leo, Gamboa, Marie Jeanette De Leon Gancewski, Ryszard, Kitchener, ON Gandhi, Hitendra, Richmond Hill, ON Gane, Charles, Garbar, Alla Isaacovna, Richmond Hill, ON Garber, Steven J. Garde, Avinash Vishwanath, Gardezi, Hassan Abbas Gardynik, Anthony A., Pembroke, ON Garofalo, Giancarlo, Garrido, Catharine Gartner, Leslie Joseph Frederick, Atlanta, GA Garz, Michael David Gates, Blandford G. Gatt, Christopher B. Gaudet, Walter Gilles, Gaus, Andrea M.K. Gawargy, Thao Phuong Gazic, Ivana Gazzola, Stephen A. Gedruj, Mel Gehry, Frank O. Geiger, Gilla Geldart, Douglas J. Gensler, Douglas Cortell, Boston, MA Georges, Karam George, Gerber, Jeffrey Peter Geremia, Giovanni, Winnipeg, MB Gerrard, William E., Gerskup, Martin S., Maple, ON Gersovitz, Julia Gerth, Andrew James, Aurora, ON Ghahremani, Kay K. Ghandehari, Hoordad Ghanim, Zak Gharaei, Fatemeh Ghatalia, Girish Giaimo, Joseph, Gianforcaro, Davide Giannone, Ralph Gibson, Michelle L. Gibson, Nancy Lynn, Gilbert, Amanda Lee Gilbride, Kelly L. Gilchrist, David W. Giles, Douglas E. Gillanders, John G. Ginn, Katherine M., King City, ON Ginsberg, Stephen Giobbe, Dennis Rino, Giovane, Gilda Giovinazzo, Giorgio, Welland, ON Girard, Eric, Montreal, QC Giraudy, Cheryl C. Gittings, John D., St. Catharines, ON Giulietti, Dino Paul Gladstone, E. Sander, Glassford, Mark W. Glauser, Kurt Glazer, Lawrence E. Glennie, Robert St. John, Glos, Jaroslav L. Glos, Randall M., Windsor, ON Glouberman, Norman Glover, Robert G. Gluck, Thomas, Goad, James M. Goble, Christopher Byron, Tulsa, OK Goeller, Rainer Goetz, Vincent Allan Gogan, Paul Clark Gogluska, John W. Goldman, Barry Shawn Goldsmith, Philip M. Gomes, Lloyd Alex, Mississauga, ON Gonera, Katarzyna, Ottawa, ON Gontarz, Mariusz T., Gonzalez-Aquino, Americo Raphael, Goodfellow, Philip Rowe Goodman, Dean, Goodman, R. Craig, Goodwin, James Robert Gorczyca, Michal Ludwik, Gorczynski, Voytec Gordon, Eva J. Gordon, Gregg, Peterborough, ON Gordon, Robert B.B. Gorka, Jacek A., Gorley, Timothy B. Gortat, Andrzej M. Goudarzi, Bita, Thornhill, ON Goudarzi, Mehdi, Markham, ON Gow, Valerie, Gowing, Christopher Patrick, Vancouver, BC Gowing, Wesley Thomas, Orangeville, ON Goyeche, Robert C. Gradon, Richard R. Graham, Colin E. Graham, Margaret Sarah Grant, Jean-Claude Grant, Michelle Kay Grauman, Frank William, Philadelphia, PA Gray, Mark William Gray, Nathanael William, Graziani, Berardo E. Greatrix, Mark John, Winnipeg, MB Greco, Antonio Greco, Raffaele Frances, Fort Lauderdale, FL Green, A. Duncan Green, Geordon John, Green, Gillian Elizabeth, Green, H. Bradford Green, Robert W. Greenan, John Paul Greene, Frank James, New York, NY Gregersen, D. Brian Gregg, William B. Gregoire, Denis, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Gregoire, Robert Gregory, Victoria E. Grenier, Paul Edward Grenon, Francois, St-Eustache, QC Grey, Heather Sumintra, Grey, John Michael Ogilvie, Grey-Noble, Helen, Grey-Noble, Norman E., Grguric, John I. Grice, Gordon Stuart, Griffin, Charles Howard, Houston, TX Griffiths, Larry, Niagara Falls, ON Grinham, Lloyd Alan, Guelph, ON Groen, Jason-Emery, Kingston, ON Grossi, Jason Michael, Windsor, ON Grossman, Warren J. Grossmann, Robert T. Grotsky, Kenneth Mitchell Grujic, Karolina Gruszecki, Lauren PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 89

90 ARCHITECTS Gunatilake, Chanura Hemantha, Gupta, Harish, Ottawa, ON Gupta, Jayant Gupta, Ravneet Kaur Gustavson, John E. Guthrie, G. Randall Gwozdowski, John P. Gyemi, Anthony J. H Haar, Eric C. Haas, William L. Habash, Nasry Habel, Michael James, Cincinnati, OH Habib, Ahsanul, Thunder Bay, ON Habib, Kamal N., Mississauga, ON Hack, Ahmad El Shazar Hackett, John Haden, John Bruce, Vancouver, BC Hafner, John David, Willmar, MN Hailey, James Allen Haley, Gillian B. Hall, Christopher Hall, Daniel Hall, Daniel Charles Rupert Hall, G. Mitchell Hall, John Patrick Hall, Mark W. Hall, William J., Halldorson, Laragh, Hamacher, Janis Aileen Hamdy, Aly, Hamdy, Omar Hamilton, David A. Hamilton, Diana Lanczi Hamilton, Paula Louise, Puslinch, ON Hamilton, Thomas William, Richmond, VA Hammer, Otto, Winnipeg, MB Hammond, Richard W. Han, Qing Min (Bruce) Handa, Takuma, Handy, Edward P., Barrie, ON Hang, Caohan Hanganu, Dan Hanham, Ross Hannah, Dee Dee Taylor, Hannay, Alison J. Licsik, London, ON Hanning, Jeffery D., Hansen, Ariane D. Hanson, Heidi, Hanson, Pat Hanzlik, Kurt Peter, Dubai Hapstak, Peter F. Hardie, Douglas Hargraves, Peter Edward Frank, Winnipeg, MB Hargreaves, James A. Harhay, John, Hariri, Siamak, Harmer, Brian Douglas Harper, Jonathan P. Harper, Troy Andrew Harris, Patrick C. Harris, Paul Elliott Harrison, Christopher Harrison, Janet Louise, Harrison, Katherine Ann Hart, Alan Frederick Hartley, Alan Thomas, Vancouver, BC Harvey, Clifford L. 90 PROFILES Harvey, Matthew T., Peterborough, ON Harvie, Duncan S., Hasan, Imad, Richmond Hill, ON Hassan, Drummond Hassanpour, Hossein, Hastings, David W. Hastings, Paul Anthony, Oakville, ON Hastings, Philip J., Hatton, Gordon C., Tokyo Hauser, Drew, Hamilton, ON Hawes, Jessica Stewart, Hawryluk, Czeslaw Hayward, Scott Craig, Ottawa, ON Hazell, Charles Headland, Louise Melissa Heaney, Jennifer Alane Heartwell, William F., Heeringa, Gerald L., Stoney Creek, ON Heil, Gregory P., Southfield, MI Heilbrunn, Abraham Heiman, John Howard, Tulsa, OK Heinen, Joanne Louise Heinrichs, Victor J., Henderson, Joy Kathleen Hendy, Ashraf O.A., Ottawa, ON Hengst, Kevin Patrick, Cleveland, OH Henriquez, Richard G., Vancouver, BC Henze, Jurgen H. Hercun, Edward Herischi, Elika, Hermon, Catherine Herrera, Andres Eduardo, Montreal, QC Hershfield, E. Ronald, Hettinger, James L., Burlington, ON Hicks, Mark A. Hicks, William R. Hierlihy, Brian Higgins, Peter J., Higgins, Spencer R., Hilditch, Steven, Hilgers, Lloyd A. Hill, Ian C., North Bay, ON Hill, Martin L., Snoqualmie, WA Hill, Rosaline Judith, Ottawa, ON Hind, Mary Jo Hindi, Rashad, Mississauga, ON Hinds, Bruce R., Hippolite, Rick Hitchcox, Stephen R. Hix, John R. Hlobil-Emmenegger, Peggy, Hoang, Charlie Chuong Hobbs, Jon F. Hobin, Barry J., Ottawa, ON Hodgetts, Geoffrey Michael Hodgins, Geoff S. Hodgins, Robert Hodgson, Ernest H. Hoffmann, Alexis Maria Caja Hogan, Brian T., Hogeboom, Huxley, Hollands, David R. Hollett, Mark Calvin, Ottawa, ON Hollett, Philip James Holman, Nicholas Andrew, Stella, ON Holownia, Wojciech, Mississauga, ON Hood, Darryl John, Ottawa, ON Hope, Edward Earl, Ottawa, ON Hopewell, Sarah Hopyan, Takvor, Hoq, Md. Mominul Horber, Alexander A., Horii, Beverly Sugami Horne-McQuay, Rhonda L., Kingston, ON Horvath, Julius Laszlo Hossack, Peter S., Mississauga, ON Hotson, Kai Wesley Hotson, Norman Houghtling, Shawn Travis, Houghton, John C., Hoyt, Christopher Basil, Hristova, Jenina Milousheva, Kenora, ON Hrovat, John V. Hsu, Fang-Chun Hsueh, Daniel Cheung-Wah Hu, Latimer Huang, James Philip Huang, Wei Lun (Alllen), Hubel, Tiina Katrin Huddleston, Amy Elizabeth, Perth, ON Hudson, William S.D., Huether, Robyn Leigh Hugeback, Mark Stephen, St. Louis, MO Hugger, Eric J. Hugh, Errol, Hong Kong Hughes, Archie Hughes, Christopher Martin Hughes, Jonathan D., Ottawa, ON Hughes, Mikaela J., Kingston, ON Hughes, Roger, Vancouver, BC Hughes, W. Paul Huhta, Jeffrey N.L. Hui, Cho Ya, Brampton, ON Hui, Desmond Cheuk-Kuen, Shatin Hui, Leon, Markham, ON Huissoon, Marina S. Humeniuk, Kevin Arthur, Winnipeg, MB Humphries, Allen N., Pickering, ON Hung, Jenny Ling-Chien Hung, Joseph Hunsperger, Robert David Hunt, Lloyd J., Glen Huron, ON Hunter, Graham Philip Huot, Eric Hurley, Patricia Leonora, Montreal, QC Hurst, William H.D. Hussar, Paul S., Nepean, ON Hutnik, Robert John, Seattle, WA Hyatt, Jennifer F. I Iafrate, Don Joseph Ibrahim, Hassan Mohamed Hassan, Oakville, ON Icke, Paul Idels, Richard, Thornhill, ON Ifrah, Sarah Hana Ignacio, Emma Luz Tan, Inglis Baron, Martin J. Ingrao, John A. Ionescu, Maria-Romeea Ionescu, Petre Cornel, Mississauga, ON Iori, Clelia Iozzo, Giuseppe Joe Ireland, James M. Irfan, Nadeem, Ironside, C. Neil, Irwin, Stephen V. E. Isaac, Kenneth J. Isaias, Kleanthes, Oakville, ON Iser, Vinod S. Ishii, Margaret Yasuko Iskandar, Adel Iskandar, Sandra Rose, Isnar, S. T. Istrate, Manuela Ivanova, Bojana J Jackson, John Anthony, Oakville, ON Jacobs, Julian L. Jacobs, Stephen Benjamin Jacobs, Sylvia Joanna Jae, Young-Joon, Jaeger, Virginia Jaffary, Julian, Jain, Prishram Jakovic, Rajko James, Brock Winston James, Kevin Elliot James, Kristin Michelle James, Timothy R. Jamil, Raid George Jancso, Yvette Olive Janikowski, Ava A. Janjusevic, Amra, Ancaster, ON Jansen, Wiepke D. Janssen, Dieter, Janzen, Melana Leanne, Jaques, Nadine M., Jasinski, Jacqueline Irene, Winnipeg, MB Jauhari, Indera Prakash, Markham, ON Jaunkalns, Viktors, Javidi, Nima Jefferies, David A. Jeffery, John Kerr Jeffrey, Steven J., Jensen, Carsten S. Jensen, David Allen, Jensen, Nathan Tyler, North Bay, ON Jesson, David J. Jewitt, Brian J. Jin, Bernard S., Jin, Hui Jin, Justin Joseph Jin, Kelly Yang, Jin, Roslyn Deana Joannou, William, Johnson, Barry R. Johnson, Brie M.G. Johnson, Daniel R., Johnson, G. Patrick, Johnston, David R.M., Unionville, ON Johnston, Donna M. Johnston, Mary Ellen Elaine, Ottawa, ON Johnston, Matthew, Ottawa, ON Johnston, Paul V. Johnston, Robert James Johnstone, Celia Anne, Johnstone, Ross A., Joiner, Tchad Ajay, Ottawa, ON Jokic, Nick Jones, Carolyn Monique, Ottawa, ON Jones, Jedd Jones, Michaela Margaret, Jones, Phillip, Jones, Stephen Gilbert Jonker, Roland P. Joshi, Akshay Kumar Janubhai Juknevicius, Romualdas Julien, Isabelle, Montreal, QC Julien, Marc, Montreal, QC Jung, Douglas, Kowloon

91 ARCHITECTS Jung, Onah, Jung, Wilson, Jurecka, Paul D. Jurewicz, Jerzy Jurkiewicz, Zbigniew K Kaartinen, Rolfe O. Kabir Mokamelkhah, Elham, Kachmaryk, William, Windsor, ON Kaddoura, Mahmoud Salim Kaderali, A.R. Kafaei, Alireza, Kahssay, Loulseged Tewolde Medhin Kalczak, Dana L. Kalmantis, Evangelo B., Windsor, ON Kaltsas, Christos D., Cornwall, ON Kaminsky, Sanford Kanerva, Seppo, Kanetkar, Raminder, Guelph, ON Kangarlou, Vahid Kangas, Kalevi K. Kapelos, George Thomas, Kapkin, Gaye Kaplin, Richard Kapov, John, Kaprielian, Laurence G., Kapsa, Jan, Cantley, QC Karadjova, Iana Gueorguieva, Karamehmedovic, Vernesa Karamizadeh, Afsaneh Karlavaris, Thea Karp, Myron, Burlington, ON Karpinski, Daniel P., Kashani, Hamid, Markham, ON Kashef, Mohamad H. Kasian, Don Kaspar, Emerich G., Kastelic, Simon Robert, Katsios, Vasile, London, ON Katz, Andrea Maxine, Katz, David A., St-Lazare, QC Katz, Milton Katz, Stephan P. Katzin, Harold J. Kawagishi, Kikuko Kayal, Hoda Wassef Kazanczuk, Izabela Kazemi, Sami Hassanen, Kazerani, Neda Kazerouni, Mansoor H. Kazmierczak, Agnieszka Maria Kearns, Jonathan M., Keen, John Henry Keenan, Robert, Richmond Hill, ON Kelaiditis, Theologos Kelebay, Rachael Kelly, Michael P. Kelman, Harold, Kembel, Gary M., Yarker, ON Kembel, Heather Clark, Yarker, ON Kemp, Anthony L. Kendall, Geoffrey, Kendall, William Doyle, Houston, TX Kennedy, Kimberley Kennedy, Sheldon Craig, Kerba, Sami K., Gatineau, QC Kerekes, Ladislau L.C.P., Kerman Pour, Armiss Keshiri, Charles Nader Kevorkian, Shiraz, Mississauga, ON Khalaf, Saad Aziz, Windsor, ON Khalil, Hany Khalil, Mustafa F., Mississauga, ON Khidher, Maissaa Khouzam, Hadi R. Kihlanki, Unto A. Killin, Allan Kim, Edward S. Kim, Lily Jisun Kim, Sylvia Kyu Yuen, Kimpinski, Robert J., St. Catharines, ON Kinawi, Ashraf, Doha Kindree, Peter J., Ottawa, ON King, Jonathan King, Montgomery Philip King, Stephen G. Kingsland, Colin J., Kinney, James Michael Kinoshita, Gene Kirkland, Ellis Galea Kirkland, J. Michael Kirkwood, Alistair Stewart Kirshenblatt, Steven Kitzul, Terra Lynn Kiung, Thomas Tsung Hong, Klein, Joanna Colleen Klein, Leslie M. Kleinfeldt, Carol-Jane Klinck, T. Daniel Klym, Glen Rodney, Ottawa, ON Knafo, Salvador Knapp, Melissa Julie Kneider, E. George, Knezic, Tomislav Martin, Knibb, John H. Knight, Joseph Wallace Knipfel, Carl A., Knowles, J. Christopher, Knox, John C., Hamilton, ON Ko, Simon Koch, Evelyn E. Koch, Jean-Christian, Montreal, QC Koffman, Leonard Kohlmeier, Blair P. Kohn, Harry Kohn, Martin L., Kokosky, Christina Darea Kokot, Joseph, Kitchener, ON Kolarov, Dimitre Simeonov, Kolbasenko, Tomasz Krzysztof, Milton, ON Kolev, Rossen Lambov Kolis-Hupa, Barbara Kolt-Wagner, Lexi Jane, Lakefield, ON Kongats, Alar W., Kordos, Andrea Dianne Korman, Clifford, Koroluk, Kelly Dawn, Ottawa, ON Koropecky, Mark, White Rock, BC Korrick, Susan L. Kostantin, Joseph George, Koszta, Waszyl Vitaliy Kotilainen, Antti, Kotob, Basel, Safat Kotowycz, Ihor A. Kowalski, Richard J. Koyanagi, James J., Burlington, ON Kozlowski, Radek Kraincanic, Olivera Krakow, Debra, Wolfe Island, ON Krapez, Mark Kratky, Ladislav, Milford, ON Krause, Hans D.E., Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON Kray, Mitchell Randy, Atlanta, GA Krendler, Andrzej Krendler, Maria Krezel, Grazyna E. Krilic, Nevena Kristof, Andrea M., Krivosudsky, Matthew, Krohn, William J. Kronby, Daniel Mark Kruck, Ken Krykorka, Zuzanna Ktecha, Anwar, Mississauga, ON Kuan, Eugene Kubaczkowski, Malgorzata Maja Kubanek, Ian Edward, Montreal, QC Kubbinga, Christopher, Kucera, John Kuch, Walter E., Thunder Bay, ON Kucharczyk, Roman Wiktor Kuhn, Monica E., Kuksis, Lauris Kulig, Paul Stanley, Kulish, Karine Anatoliyevna, Richmond Hill, ON Kumagai, Geoffrey Gordon Kumar, Rohit, Mississauga, ON Kumar, Shefali, Kumaraswamy, Nitya Kung, Eric L.C., Kuo, James Y. Kuo, Steve Shu-Yi Kurdziel, Zenon, Oak Park, IL Kurkjian, Peter Alexander Kurtin, Kathleen Margerat Kushnir, Bohdan, Kusmider, Patrick Joseph Kustou, Rafid Kuwabara, Bruce Kvedaras, Audrey J. Kwan, Dennis Kwan, Philip Kwan, Wilma Tin-Wai Kwasnicky, Paul William, Burnaby, BC Kwok, Francis U-Leung Kwok, Jason Weider Kwong, Nelson, Kyle, Thomas G. L L Ecuyer, Stephane, Laval, QC La-Anyane, Seth K. Labelle, Gerald Laberge, Jeffrey, Sudbury, ON Labonte, Robert H.R. Lackovic, Alexander Mark Lacombe, Claude Lacoste, Robert Ladouceur, Priscilla Doreen, Oakville, ON Ladyk, Michael Bryan Lafond, Alain, Montreal, QC Lafreniere, Michael Alexander, Lagerberg, Eric Stephen, Seattle, WA Lahey, Roderick Ian, Ottawa, ON Lai, Derrick Lai, Jannie Yann-Jen Lai, Nelson C. Lai, Richard Warren Lai, Roger Chun Fai Lajeunesse, Patrick Lalama, David Francis LaLande, Louise C., Ottawa, ON Lalonde, James Francis, Beaconsfield, QC Lam, David Ping-Chuen Lam, Frank L. Lam, Joanne Chung Yan, Lam, Kin Lik Lam, Suzette Lam, Ullman W.C. Lam, Victor, Lam, Yvonne Y.S. Lamb, Gail E. Lamontagne, Mona N. Lander, Dwight D.M., Brantford, ON Landry, David E. Landry, Marcel, Gatineau, QC Landry, Norman Donald Lang, Douglas J. Lang, Gerald, Lang, Jennifer Lang, Sarah Langelaan, Ir. J. Willem R. Langlois, Michel Gilles, Montreal, QC Langridge, Mark A. Languedoc, Michel, Montreal, QC Lapalme, Mathieu, Gatineau, QC LaPierre, Robert Lapointe, Francis Larden, Allan E. LaRocca, Luigi Larocque, Jean P., North Bay, ON Laszlo, Drew Latimer, Gregory Latto, Jeff A., Lau, Charles Lau, John Shuki, Markham, ON Lau, Winda Wai-Tak Laurin, Line, St. Bruno, QC Lausch, Linda Lauzon, David B. Lavender, David, Marine City, MI Laverty, Thomas G. Lavoie, Claire, Lavrisa, Marko T., Lawrence, Douglas S. Lawrence, Shawn J., Nepean, ON Lawrie, Malcolm V. Lawson, Ann Lawson, David I. Lay, Harry M. Lazzari, James Ronald, Cincinnati, OH Le, Mai Thi Hien Le, Trung Van Le Quang, Anh, Montreal, QC Leahy, Stephen P. Leaning, Anthony V. Leaning, Kristina Hagberg, Ottawa, ON LeBlanc, Mario, Montreal, QC LeBlanc, Maurice Robert, Markham, ON LeBlanc, Stephane Robert, LeBlond, Edward Thomas, Winnipeg, MB Leduc, Robert, Baie d Urfe, QC Lee, Brenda, Lee, Brian F., Lee, Carson Lee, Cheol Yong, Lee, David R., Lee, Donghwan Lee, Edward Wonki, Lee, Gary H. PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 91

92 ARCHITECTS Lee, Hank Hsin Han, Mississauga, ON Lee, Janice Ming Lee, Sarah Young Lee, Shirley Hsien Chien, Lee, Timothy Edwin Lee, Yuk-Cheung, Ottawa, ON Lefebvre, Robert G. Lefneski, Stephen John, Kitchener, ON Legault, Olivier Leggett, Christopher A. Lehari, Thomas Arvo, Lella, Matthew C. Lemay, Alexi Lemay, Louis-T. Lendvay, Istvan, Leong, Tina Mun Yin Leong, Yew-Thong Leong-Poi, Jeffrey Mark, Mississauga, ON Lepage, Denise Marie LeRiche, Janouque Marieve Lerinman, Alexey Lesdow, Peter J., Niagara Falls, ON Leshchyshyn, Jurij Letki, Aaron Lawrence, LeTourneux, Jean-Pierre, Montreal, QC Lett, William P. Lett Jr., William Pittman Leu, Christine Amy Leung, Alex Leung, Francis W.C. Leung, Sukie Shuk Ki Leung, Thomas Hugh, Ottawa, ON Levey, Amanda Jane, Levine, Jay H., Levine, Jordan Abraham, Vancouver, BC Levitt, Clive S., Levitt, Janna, Levitt, Sheldon J., Levy, David Allen, Akron, OH Levy, Heeny A. Lew, James H., Thornhill, ON Lewin, Susan Spencer Lewis, Camille D. Li, Ho Kin Li, Xiao Hua Li, Yisen, Li, Yue Li, Yun Liaghat, Aphrodite Liang, Alice Y. Liang, Carson Librach, Richard Jeffrey, Lichomski, Peter Piotr, West Bloomfield, MI Lichtblau, Gary Sandor, Liebe, Janice L., Calgary, AB Lieberman, David J. Liefhebber, Martin, Liegghio, Bruno Bernard Liff, Joseph, Ottawa, ON Lillakas, Allan E. Lillepold, Marty Lim, Jay Sze-Leon Lim, Wesley K., Lima, Fernando Fabio Santos Limmert, Richard Arthur, Ottawa, ON Lin, Amy Huey-Zu Lin, Catherine Hsieh-Mei Lin, Doreen Dung-Yuen Lin, Leo H. Lin, Lizhou 92 PROFILES Lin, Zhao Kuan Lindy, Steven C., Ling, Daniel H.T. Link, Esther Joy Linley, Rick J., Winnipeg, MB Linneman, Manfred Lintack, Richard F. Lipinski, Andrzej K., Markham, ON Lipowiec-Kepka, Maria, Gatineau, QC Lippa, Dominic A. Lismer, John Joseph Lisowski, Gerald, Sudbury, ON Litovitz, Allan D. Littlewood, Alan Littlewood, Gail Liu, Robert Jen-Lung Livingstone, Ambrose Cameron Llanos, Ana Maria Lloyd, Nathaniel Laidlaw, Zurich Lloyd-Jones, Peter, Lo, Lowell O.H., Thornhill, ON Lobb, Bill D., Lobban, Malcolm S. Lobko, Joe, Locati, Jerry Dean, Bozeman, MT Loffler, Keith, Loh, Joseph C. Lokk, Linda K. Lomonaco, Joseph J. Long, Wayne L. Lopez Forte, Gabriela, Markham, ON Lopreiato, Giovanni Loreto, Lori Loreto, Paul Francis, London, ON Lorimer, Gordon E., Ottawa, ON Lortie, Louis V., Cumberland, ON Losner, Vladimir Lostracco, Mimmo A., Hamilton, ON Losurdo, Nicola Lotfy, Hady Loucks, Donald J., Louie, Benjamin Yao Bing, Edmonton, AB Lowry, Henry B. Lu, Hongbo, Beijing Lu, Pochi Lubelski, Leon Lucas, Victoria Susan Luciw, Michael A., Sudbury, ON Luckie, Patrick Markus, Mississauga, ON Lue Tam, Anthony Luey, Brian D., Oakville, ON Luhar, Nilesh Chunilal, Mississauga, ON Luk, Wing Chi Christina Lukatela, Alka Lukjaniec, Joseph, Lumbao, Rommel Areola, Lundholm, Michael E. Lupien, Ryan Jason Lus, Delis, Richmond Hill, ON Lutsch, Michael Herbert, Columbus, OH Lyle, Christopher Michael Lynch Comisso, Mary Ellen, M Ma, Henry Hing Keung Ma, Sheng-Yuan Maalouf, Nicolas Macdonald, Donald E., Ottawa, ON MacDonald, Ian D., Macdonald, James W., Macdonald, Jeffrey B., MacDonald, John H. MacEachern, Grant MacEwen, Eric St. Clair, Ottawa, ON MacEwen, Nancy Ruth MacGillivray, Geoffrey D. Mack, Warren R. MacKay, Daniel A., Markham, ON Mackay-Lyons, Brian, Halifax, NS MacKenzie, Daniel Mackenzie, Neil Alexander, Calgary, AB MacKenzie, Robert B. Mackey, Aloysius T. Mackintosh, Charles Andrew Mackowiak, Greg MacLeamy, Patrick Edward MacLellan, Damian MacMillan, Rooth MacNeill, Bruce C. MacPhail, Paul, Georgetown, ON MacSporran, Kenneth, Madan, Om Prakash, Ottawa, ON Madeira, Anna Christine Madonna, Veronica Nerissa, Madunic, Zarko, Maguire, E. Alan Maguire, John R. Mahoney, Anne Mailing, David M., Ottawa (Stittsville), ON Majeed, Matt Emad Majer, Eric Robert Majors, Richard Arden Mak, Stephen Makauskas, Edward, Maki, Haytham Maklenovic-Al-Hamadani, Vesna, Makow, Stan P., Makrimichalos, Leo, Malcolm, Ian S. Malek, Lawrence H. Malekian, Sergio S., Malhotra, Deshpal S., London, ON Malhotra, Nitin Malisani, Jorge Alberto, Ottawa, ON Mallard, Jennifer Mallen, Peter Jason, Vancouver, BC Malley, Joseph Francis, Miramichi, NB Mallinson, James David, Montreal, QC Malloy, Robert John, Belleville, ON Maloney, Corinne Clare, Guelph, ON Mancini, Anthony E. Mancini, Antonio, Orangeville, ON Mandel, Drew Antony, Manfredi, David Peter Mangat, Raj S. Maniates, D. Manini, Marco, Montreal, QC Mann, Eric Latimer, Mann, Richard, Oakville, ON Mann, Stephen, Mannion, Andrew Stuart Mansfield, Peter Manteghi, Foulad, Oakville, ON Mantzoris, Michael, Manuel, Kevin G., Mar, J. Ronald Maragna, Rocco, Marando, Carmine Marcantonio, Luigi J., St. Catharines, ON March, R. Bruce Marchand, Alain-Serge Marchand, Michel, Embrun, ON Marchese, Ines Marcoccia, Paolo Renzo, Mardirossian, Haroutiun Harry, Marjara, Amita, Oakville, ON Mark, Gary, Vancouver, BC Mark, Robert Marklevitz, Terry C., Stratford, ON Markson, Jerome Marler, Karen, Vancouver, BC Marques, Paul Marriott, Edward James, Dartmouth, NS Marsh, Anthony E. Marshall, William H., Calgary, AB Martel, Denise Martel, Paul G., Martignago, Maurizio S., Ottawa, ON Martin, Barry H., Timmins, ON Martin, Edward Johnson Martin, Jason Andrew, Kitchener, ON Martin, Kristine L., Martin, Robert Philip Hugh Martin, Thomas E., Martin Di Giuseppe, Frances M., Martineau, Paul William, Ottawa, ON Martino, Terence J. Martinovic, Ivan, Martins, Paulo, Martire, Francesco Eraldo Martynowicz, Mark, Hamilton, ON Martyshuk, Gordon Edward Marx, Marie Danielle Marzotto, Thomas, Masri, Reema Massicotte, Isabelle Mast, Kevin Master, Mustafa, Materne, Hagen Hans Matson, Seth Nyvall Matthews, Robert C. Mauti, Brent Jerome, Woodbridge, ON Mauti, Ron, Woodbridge, ON Mawdsley, Stephen J., London, ON May, Lawrence F. Mazzitelli, Joseph McAlister, Daniel F., McAlpine, Andrew L., McAlpine, John William McAuley, J. David McAuley, Maureen McBirnie, James B. McCall, Michael John, San Francisco, CA McCallum, Joanne, Hamilton, ON McCann, Bruce D. McCann, Douglas C., McCarthy, Jeffrey J. McCartney, Shelagh Christine, McClelland, Michael, McCluskey, Kevin R., Mississauga, ON McCluskie, Gary C. McConnell, David, Unionville, ON McConnell, Doug McConnell, R. Steven, Seattle, WA McCormack, Christopher, McCrea, Robert J., McCreery, William J. McCullam, James Andrew McCulloch, Brian McDonald, Colin Darcy, Windsor, ON McDonald, Neil J., Oakville, ON

93 ARCHITECTS McDonald, Reginald Michael, Vancouver, BC McDowell, Dale Leslie McEwen Lachance, Dominique McFarlane, Alan Brechin McFarquhar, Barry C., McGarva, Graham Robert McGillivray, Ian G. McGookin, Joyce Margaret McGowan, Terence J. McGrath, Frank G. McGugan, Louise A. McGuigan, Paul W., Mississauga, ON McGuigan, Sheila, McIlmurray, Kevin J. McIntosh, Jay Alexander McIntosh, Paul E., McIntyre, Jason William McIntyre, Ronald B., Vancouver, BC McIvor, Trevor William, McKee, Kimberley Jane, Thunder Bay, ON McKee, Steven W. McKendrick, Lara J., Ottawa, ON McKenna, Marianne P. McKenzie, Clive Anthony, McKenzie, Sharon, McKerroll, Steven E., Orillia, ON McKnight, Michael William, Barrie, ON McLaren, Peter D. McLean, Barbara Marie McLean, Gregory M., Waterloo, ON McLean, Michael James, London, ON McMahon, Catherine Christina McMahon, William P., St. Louis, MO McMillan, Peter McMonigal, Rosemary Anne, Minneapolis, MN McNally, Graham John, Hamilton, ON McNeil, Daniel B. McRobie, David S. McSweeny, Shawn, Medek, Liza Medina Medina, Luis Francisco Mee, Brian William Meffe, Domenic A., Mei, Frank Yi Mekinda, Mel M., Melamed, Morris, Ottawa, ON Melillo, Bruno Paul, Meng, George Z.Y., Brampton, ON Meogrossi, Gianni Merkley, John K., Merrill, Richard F., Mesbur, David K. Meschino, Glen, Metwally, Sherif Metzger, George R. Mezzomo, Gordon A., Sault Ste. Marie, ON Michail, Angie Michasiw, Mark Mieles, Leo Mielnik-Vogel, Barbara Migon, Danuta M. Milchberg, Anne Milcic, Josip, Mississauga, ON Milenov, Aleksandar, Miller, Geoffrey Frank Miller, J. David Miller, Michael C., Miller, Otto Frank, Pickering, ON Miller, Robert Earl, Seattle, WA Miller, Stuart D. Mills, Christie Frances Mills, David A.G., Oshawa, ON Milne, Patricia L. Milne, Ronald J. Milosevic, Goran A. Min, Young-Suh Miner, David E. Miologos, John, Dublin, OH Mirahmadi, Nazanin, Thornhill, ON Mirynech, Michael R., St. Catharines, ON Miskucza, Kori Steven, Mississauga, ON Miszkiel, Barbara T. Mitchell, David G., Mitchell, Glenn Alexander Mitchell, Paul William, North Bay, ON Mitchell, Robert G. Mitchell, Steven R. Mitchell, William H. Mitta, Aamer Daniel Mitterhuber, Michael A., Burlington, ON Mladenov, Branko, Moeller, Brian Douglas Moffat, Donald O. Moffat, Walter Mohacsi, Laszlo Andras, Ottawa, ON Mohammadi, Abdolazim, Mohammadi, Lida Mohan, D. Leslie Mohebbi, Mohammad, Mohelsky, Michael Moise, Christopher Darcy, Napean, ON Moiseev, Andrew Jerold Mok, Kenneth T.K., Hong Kong Mokrycke, John, Hamilton, ON Molyneux, David J., Moncarz, Rochelle Marnaux Monette, Guy Georges Joseph, Ottawa, ON Monjazeb, Golchehr, Gloucester, ON Monk, Susan Lori Montenegrino, Angelo Montgomery, Chris A., Montgomery, Terry Montpetit, Thierry Alexandre, Ottawa, ON Moore, David P. Moore, Madeleine Moore, Thomas K., Moore, Timothy J., Port Perry, ON Moorhouse, Richard A., Moote, Geoffrey David, Mora Izturriaga, Ruth Alejandra Moran, Royden E. Morden, Grant Leighton, Ottawa, ON Morettin, Diego Morfitt, Neil Andrew Morgan, Jason Peter Morgan, Sam, Maple, ON Moriyama, Ajon K. Moriyama, Jason Moro, Joseph M., Morris, Gerald Morrison, Andrew Morrison, Robin I. Morson, Ivan Mortsch, Alan H., Moscati, Matthew Peter Moscovitch, Shawn Moses, John D., Oshawa, ON Moskaliuk, Wiktor Moss, Carolyn, Moss, Rosanne Mostofian, Ahmad Motamed, Ahmad, Motamed, Fariba, Motamedi, Farid Moussaoui, Youssef M., Moxam, Michael A. Moy, Peter R. Mueller, Brady Robert Mueller, Michael, Montreal, QC Muffitt, Andrew Charles, Muhlfelder, Lewis, Boston, MA Mulalu, Judah Michael Muller, Jason Matthew Muller, W. Michael, Mumme, John Mungall, David R. Munn, L. Alan Munro, Neil A. Munteanu, Dan Serban, Murfitt, Graham R., Ottawa, ON Murphy, A. Robert, Murphy, Colm P. Murphy, David Ronald, London, ON Murray, David B. Murray, Sarah Jane, Ottawa, ON Murray, Wayne, Niagara Falls, ON Muscovitch, Arthur Mussells, Stuart Lyman, Mychajlowycz, Roman Myers, Richard Ari Myska, Paul G. N Naddaf, Pedrum, Thornhill, ON Nahachewsky, Thomas Jack, Saskatoon, SK Nalezyty, Reginald L. Namisniak, Stephan, Brantford, ON Nankivell, William P. Nash, Diarmuid Michael Nasmith, Catherine E. Nassif, Hatem, Natale, Gino, Vaughan, ON Natale, Nolan A., Nawaz, Tanwir, Ottawa, ON Nawrocki, Mark, Naylor, Christopher, Markham, ON Ndirangu, Daniel Andrew Wamatu, Milton, ON Neidrauer, Lisa Michelle Nejmark, Josef Nekhil, Adel AB, Markham, ON Nelson, David E., Kenora, ON Nemeth, Laszlo I. Nemeth, Ronald William, Edmonton, AB Nessiem, Samer Fouad Iskandar, Kitchener, ON Nestico, Saverio, Vaughan, ON Nestor, Miro J. Netkin, Bradley S. Neuert, Jon W., Neumann, Manfred R., Burlington, ON Neumayer, Linda Newby, Derek Noel Newman, Elie Newman, Herbert S., New Haven, CT Newsome, Craig A., Brantford, ON Ng, Anthony, Ng, Brigitte Wai Yee Ng, Dennis Wai-Hung Ng, Jeanne Kar Yee Ng, Man Fu Ng, Peter H. Ng, Ricman Kwok Ming, Kowloon Ng, Robin K.F. Ng, Simon H.K. Ng, Stephen Tin Tat Nicholson, John R., London, ON Nicoll, Gayle L., Nicolucci, Edward Horatio Nizielski, Andrew J. Niznik, Pawel Noble, Janet Nocon, Elizabeth S. Nogas, Michael George, Burlington, ON Nokes, Christopher Nonis, Steven Daniel Norback, David Charles, Minneapolis, MN Norbraten, Garth Northcote, David Henry Northcott, Robert Kenneth, Northgrave, Paul H., Nowacki, Ryszard Nucifora, Francesco Nudell, J. Howard, Farmington Hills, MI Nyman, Lind S. O O Connor, John D., O Neill Cole, Kathleen, Ottawa, ON O Reilly, Christopher Patrick O Reilly, Sean Patrick, Lisle, ON O Shaughnessy, Maureen O Sheehan, David O Sullivan, Philip Peter Oberst, Paul Durfee, Obuchowicz, Helen Ocampo, Norman L, Niagara Falls, ON Odorico, Carlo Ohi, Elisabeth Ruth Ohri, Vikas, Brampton, ON Oikawa, Grant, Ottawa, ON Ojutalayo, Maria Teresa, Oakville, ON Okum, Linda Patricia Olejar, Miloslav Oleson, David W. Oliveira, Nelson Oliver, Donald K. Oliver, Douglas Robert, Paris, ON Olson, Wayne G. Ong, M. Wilhelmina Ong, Tommy Cheng Hock, Markham, ON Ong, Wellington Po, Op t Root, Hendrik Oprise, Sergiu Grigore Orlikow, James Gordon, Winnipeg, MB Orlowska-Jurewicz, Zofia, Ottawa, ON Orr, Ralph E. Ortiz, Arnold Ortiz, Eduardo Antonio, Orton, Alan Edward Ortved, Peter C. Osborne, Diana L. Osburn, F. John, Bracebridge, ON Ospalak, David, Oster, Lindsay Marie, Winnipeg, MB Ostry, Mark Eral, Vancouver, BC Ottenbreit, Barrie J. Ouellette, Joseph Rene, Chatham, ON Ouellette, Kevin P., Mississauga, ON Outhet, Rickson M. Owen, Graham W. PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 93

94 P Pace, Thom Padolsky, Barry Leonard Pahlawan, Fadia, Vaughan, ON Pala, Victor Peter, Hamilton, ON Palazov, Sevdalin Mitev Pan, Hui-Wen Panahandeh-Kafifar, Amir Panici, Frank Panici, Venerino Panou, Katie Lane Panziera, Simone Secondo Paoli, Pier Paolone, Walter P. Papadopoulos, Georges C., Papatheodorou, Dimitri, Pape, Gordon M. Papetti, Deni Paquette, Deo M. Paquette, J. Albert D. Parakh, James Nash, Parent, J.C. Daniel, Waterloo, ON Parent, Kevin Joseph Park, Frank H.Y. Park, Kenneth Parker, David T., St. Catharines, ON Parker, Leslie Ann, Parrish, David R., Paris, ON Parson, Wayne J., Brampton, ON Pascaris, Peter, Pask, Gary Martin, Pasqualino, Antonio Cosimo Passa, Joseph M.T. Pastor, Peter H., Pastore, Franco, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Patel, Dipesh Patel, Pankaj Patel, Tushar Babubhai Patkar, K.S., Patkau, John Robert, Vancouver, BC Patkau, Patricia Frances, Vancouver, BC Patterson, Gregory D. Patteson, W. Mark Patton, Ernest A. Paul, Kamal, Oakville, ON Paul, Sidney B., Paulus, Stanley Pavan, Roger A., Markham, ON Pavliuc, Vladislav Payne, Kristine Alexandra Payne, Thomas C. Paz, Cecilia Pearce, David M.J., Mississauga, ON Pearce, Sarah M. Pearson, Anthony B. Pearson, Christine Peat, Owen D. Pedrosa, Joseph P., Ottawa, ON Peixoto, Michael Edward Pelletier, Francis Pellow, Harry A. Peltekoff, Peter E., Markham, ON Penny, Sheila I. Pepper, John E. Percival, Ann M., Percival, David Perdue, Justin Simon Pereira, Trevor Xavier, Pereklita, Dmytriy, Perigny, Michele, Mississauga, ON Perkins, L. Bradford, New York, NY 94 PROFILES ARCHITECTS Perrotte, Andre Perruccio, Annamaria Perry, Christopher J. Perry, Jeffrey G. Pesner, Mark Lawrence Petch, Whitford A., Peters, David B. Peters, Jerald David, Winnipeg, MB Peterson, David Anand, Petre, Virgiliu Petricone, Giuseppina, Pettes, Michael Pezeshki, Bahram, Pezoulas, Georgia Pfalzgraf, Martine Pfeffer, James William, Phelps, George R. Philippe, Jason Nolan, Phillips, Adrian Phillips, Carol Susan Phillips, Diane E., Ottawa, ON Phillips, Jerry Jais Phillips, Stephen W.K., Piazza, Philip J. F., Ottawa, ON Piccini, C.L. Reno, Port Hope, ON Piccolo, Adriano Nicodemo Pichette, Patrice, Montreal, QC Pickard, J. Christopher Pickard, Jon Kevin, New Haven, CT Pienkowska-Roseman, Honorata P. Pietrzakowski, Henry A., Sault Ste. Marie, ON Pile, Stephen R. Pillon, Renzo A. Pilon, Gerald P., Barrie, ON Pilon, Lynn, Pimentel, Pedro Piotrowski, Glenn, Oakville, ON Piraino, Michael D., Sundridge, ON Piskovic, Michael J., Burlington, ON Pistone, Mario Silvano, Pitropov, James, Pitsas, Michael Pitts, Francis Murdock, Troy, NY Pivetta, Paolo Piwowar, Patricia Jo Pizzicarola, Jason, Ridgeway, ON Ploeger, Steven R. Plumpton, John Nelson Podgorski, Malgorzata Podreciks, Robert E. Poitras, Michael Poizner, Martin M., Poletti, Deni, Poletti, Endri, London, ON Pollard, Douglas B. Pollard, R. T., Wallaceburg, ON Pollit, Alan D. Polo, Marco L., Poloway, David S. Polsinelli, Ciro Pomeroy, Leslie David, Granton, ON Pomeroy, Scott Pontarini, David, Poon, Ronald Ming Chi Pope, Jeremy David Pope, Stephen F., Ottawa, ON Poplak, Percy, Popovic, Vladimir Aleksandar, Ottawa, ON Popper, George M. Portelli, Frank Joseph Porter, Brian K., Ohsweken, ON Posen, Simeon Possamai, Ranieri Poste, Gregory Ray, Kitchener, ON Postepski, Tomasz J., Vaughan, ON Potter, Frederic Mark, Potter, John Craig, Poulin, Patricia Poulin, Roger F., Selangor Pounder, James D., St. Catharines, ON Powe, Gregory G. Prabhu, Neal Sanje, Pradhan, Arun Wamanrao, Prange, William Norman Premi, David J. Pretotto, Christopher Clarke Propst, Stephen, Markham, ON Prost, Gabriel Moses, Ottawa, ON Provencher, Claude Provenzano, Anthony, Puccetti, Maia Clara, Pugliese, Gianpiero Antonio, Pyon, Dennis Q Qiu, Wendy Xiuwen Quesnel, Zenis A. Quirion, Georges R., Timmins, ON Quiterio, Paul R Rabaglino, Claudio Raber, Bruce, Vancouver, BC Rabnett, Colin Rachlin, Laura G., Racine, Sebastien Radeff, Constantine N., Radley, Adina S. Radojewski, Marek J., Hamilton, ON Radulovic, Aleksandar, Winnipeg, MB Rae, Allan D. Raff, Paul L. Rafinejad Farahani, Hamid Reza, Richmond Hill, ON Ragotte, Stacey A., Rahbary, Farhad Rahman, Farah D. Rahmanian, Yaser, Thornhill, ON Rahnamaei, Ahad, Raimondo, Emilio Rajora, Nitasha Rajotte, Joseph-Benoit-Pierre, Ramasubramanian, Viswam Rampton, Richard Glenn William, Oxford Station, ON Rancier, Douglas M. Randev, Ash, Ottawa, ON Rania, Samir, Ottawa, ON Ranieri-D Ovidio, Tina, Rank, Melanie L. Rankin, Gail Rankis, Peter, Rao, Guy (Gaetano) Rao, Liming, Mississauga, ON Rao Smirnis, Malini Rapanos, Angelo Junior, Oakville, ON Rapoport, Lisa Raspin, Gregory Patrick Rassaf, Mehdi Rassenti, Nicholas Ravens, Jan H., Richmond Hill, ON Ravinsky, Manuel Rawson, Kent, Orangeville, ON Rayman, Toby, Raymond, Stephane Robert Razavi Rezvani, Seyed Jafar Razvan, Marius Alexandru Rebanks, Alexander Redden, Greg A. Reed, Graeme Alexander Reeves, Andrew Derek, Ottawa, ON Regehr, Hanna E. Regier, Ferdinand Reich, Anthony J., Reich, Sheldon M. Reichard, Richard A., Waterloo, ON Reid, Colleen M. Reid, Lindsay Catherine, Picton, ON Reimer, La Verne Dale, Winnipeg, MB Reimers, Robert G., Uxbridge, ON Reist, Brent Renaud, Manon Rendely, Cindy Sharon, Reszetnik, Sigmund D.F. Rethman, Donald J. Reuber, Paul David, Reuter, Gregory Tyson, Reyes Aguilar, Ruben Rhea, Chris Michael Rhee, Jacqueline J. Riback, Haim, Thornhill, ON Ricci, A. Gus, Oakville, ON Ricciuti, Anthony Rice, James Daniel Rich, David C. Richardson, Andrea G. Richter, Alexander Charles Richter, Anna Rickard, Dale Jon, Vancouver, BC Rico, Gaetano Nino Rideout, Howard Ridgely, Gordon S., Ridgway, Peter M., Vancouver, BC Rieder, Joel, Brampton, ON Ries, Steven, London, ON Riese, Martin P. Rioux, Denis G. Ripley, Colin S., Ristic, Ivana Ritchie, Eric J., Nepean, ON Ritz, Robert J. Riva, Marc J. Rizkalla, Hany Habib, Brooklyn, NY Rizzardo, Roger Roach, Daniel Shea, Salem, OR Robbie, Philip, Melbourne, FL Robbins, David A. Robertson, Danica Joanne Robertson, Grant Robertson, Gregory M. Robertson, Laird A., Kitchener, ON Robertson, Stephen N., Ottawa, ON Robinson, Blair Robinson, G. Grant Robinson, Gordon B. Robinson, Scott William, Robinson, Steven, Robinson, Terrence M. Robulack, John R. Roca, Alfredo Manuel Rocchi, Melissa Maria Grace Rocha, Ana Catalina Roche, Geoffrey David

95 Rodgers, John Scott Rodriguez, Julio Cesar, Rodriguez, Veronica Roehling, Carl David, Detroit, MI Rofael, Medhat Maher Soliman Roll, Shirley Rom Colthoff, Roland Roman, Predrag K., Romanese, Leonardo Romanin, Randall L. Romanov, John F. Romero, Hector F.J., Sebringville, ON Rommel, Timothy M. Rosberg, Wayne Olaf, Rose, Lorne H. Rosen, Mark Tyson Rosen, Sheldon D. Rosier, William E. Ross, Barbara M. Ross, Duncan D.A., Huntsville, ON Ross, Heather Lyn Rossini, Giovanni A. Rossmann, Erik Shin, Ottawa, ON Rostum, N. Eldin, Markham, ON Roth, Paul W. Rothnie, Stuart Norman, Vancouver, BC Rotman, Kalman Stephen, Montreal, QC Round, Anthony William Routhier, Nathalie Rowbotham, Rod L., Vaughan, ON Rowse, Edwin J., Roy, Julie Roy, Marie-Andree Roy, Stéphanie, Montreal, QC Roychaudhuri, Desmond, Brampton, ON Roze, Antra K. Rozkowski, Marek Rubarth, Hans G., Ottawa, ON Rubin, Richard Henry, Montreal, QC Rudy, Brian George, Rughani, Neel Rupp, Carl-Jan Aldo, Victoria, BC Ruptash, Susan M., Russell, Edward D. Russell, Eva Allyson Rose, Ottawa, ON Russell, Trevor H., Markham, ON Rust, Juergen H. Ruth, McMichael Gordon Rutledge, John Andrew, Blyth, ON Ryan, Brenda May, Parry Sound, ON Ryan, G. Duff, Richmond Hill, ON Rylett, Douglas B. Rzeszowski, Wojciech R., Winnipeg, MB S Sa d, James Lewis Saatgian, Ligia Saavedra, Patrick, Saccoccio, Dana M. Sadeghi, Amin, Sadeghi, Amirreza, Thunder Bay, ON Sadeq, Sadeq Mohamed, Sadrudin, Samir Safdie, Moshe Sahid, Bill Saif, Samy Salach, Sara Amber Marie, Sudbury, ON Saleff, Ivan, Salehi, Nazli Salgado, Claudia Lorena Salik, Patricia, Salis, Sam, Sampson, Barry W., Sampson, Peter John, Winnipeg, MB Sampson, Robert Samuel, Shahnaz, Mississauga, ON Sanborn, T. Maureen Sandhu, Bob Mindara Sandori, Paul, Sane, Arun, Sangill, Stephen C. Sanjari, Sassan Santamaura, Vincent J., Whitby, ON Santini, Antonio Santini, Denise Angela Santon, Claudio Sanz, Deanna Louise Sanz-Sole, Judith, Sapala - Hoppe, A. Vanessa, London, ON Saplys, Linas Bronius, Oakville, ON Sapounzi, Paul J., Brantford, ON Saragosa, Diana Sardinha, Hermano, Kingston, ON Sargeos, Sameh Hakim, Hamilton, ON Sarin, Vimal Sasaki, David Paul, Oakville, ON Saskin, Evan Sather, Gregory W. Saucier, Gilles Sauve, Alexandre Savignac Duhaime, Julie Manon Savoia, Carlo P., Burlington, ON Savu, Gabriela Sawatzky, Tamira Rosanne, Sawchuk, Oryst Harry, Sudbury, ON Sbrissa, Ovidio, Ottawa, ON Schafrick, Gina Alexandra Schefter, Henry Schiffer, Joseph C., New Haven, CT Schlaepfer, Matthias Schloessin, Thomas P. Schlyter, Kevin B. Schmidt, Andrew Michael Schmidt-Shoukri, Jason Schmitt, Donald R.M. Schriever, Fred, Ottawa, ON Schukai, David Richard Schultz, Benjamin Schumacher, Michael Scott, Schwenger, Charles R. Scoler, Marcus, Scolozzi, Francesco Scorgie, Russell J., London, ON Scott, David C. Scott, Deborah B. Scott, Donald F. Scott, Michael David, Scott, Nigel P., St. Catharines, ON Scott, Timothy J., Scott, William A., Timmins, ON Secker, Charles Robert Sederavicius, Shirley Sederavicius, V. George Sedun, Leonard, Segarra, Robert Seguin, Joseph Denis Seguin, Pierre-Yves Sekanick, Bruce, Warren, OH Serafini, Francesco Serbyn, Andrij, Montreal, QC Serino, Sean Michael Serlin, Kalina Sestic, Steve Srecko ARCHITECTS Seto, Ida Seto, Thom Douglas Sgro, Nick C., Shabsove, Maxine Shah, Mahendra N., Thornhill, ON Shahatit, Maher Salem, Richmond Hill, ON Shahbazi Moghaddam, Azar, Waterloo, ON Shahinian, A. Nanette, Shajari, Babak, Shakespear Miles, Michael Shami, Manouchehr Shantz, R. Cameron Sharma, C.P., Ottawa, ON Sharp, Sheena, Sharp, William Tyler, Shaw, Bryan J. Shaw, Richard Henry Sheffield, James Irwin, London, ON Shen, Edward, Shatin, N.T. Shepherd, Ted, Sheps, David G. Sherman, Andre, Sherman, Elliot W. Sherman, Laurence C., Sherriff, Brian Richard Shieh, Shuh-Ron, Shields, Paul A. Shields, Richard W. Shigetomi, Brian Isamu Shih, Heman, Richmond Hill, ON Shim, Brigitte Shnier, John C., Shoalts, Gerald L. Shoom, Martin Shooner, Anik, Montreal, QC Shore, H. Edward Shremshock, Gerald Stephen, Westerville, OH Shrestha, Bijaya B. Shu, Wilson Y.L., Hong Kong Shukor, Issam A. Shum, Leroy Lee-Chi Shunick, Gregory Andrew, New York, NY Shuster, Matthew E., Shwartz, Avshalom, Richmond Hill, ON Siber, Birgit Sickle, Brian Sievenpiper, J.E., Silbert, Marc M. Silva, Veronica E., Ottawa, ON Simister, Peter A. Simmonds, Christopher M. Simmons, Patrick R., Kitchener, ON Simon, Charles H., Eden Mills, ON Sims, Clare Isabel, Sims, Robert A. Sin, Bernard Sin, David C. K., Sinclair, Andrew Donald, Singh, Sanskriti Rawat Sintic, Dennis, Thornhilll, ON Sipka, Olivera Sisam, David Sisam, Elizabeth Siu, Tung-Chau Andrew, Skene, Angus Skikiewicz, Richard, Skinner, Bradley P., London, ON Skopek, Jiri J., Skura, Matthew David, Slater, Noah Slopack, Marlene S., Thornhill, ON Smeltz, William George, Smirnis, Jason James Smith, Aaron Smith, Clive B. Smith, Graham Mel Bate, Smith, Harold B. Smith, Jessie Elicia, Ottawa, ON Smith, Julian S. Smith, Matthew A., Smith, Mitchell C. Smith, Nancy P. Smith, Richard Oliver, Ottawa, ON Smith, Robert J., Smith, Robert James, Ottawa, ON Smith, Sandra F. Smith, Stanis I.R. Smith, Susan D., Ottawa, ON Smith, Victor R., Smyth, Robert, Snell, David, Snell, Kenneth H. Snell, Robin Snowball, Roger W. Snyder, E. Douglas, So, Victor W.T. Sobel, Steven Sochacka, Katrina A. Soiferman, Gerald E. Soldera, Peter P. Solomonescu, Armand Solow-Ruda, Guela A., Markham, ON Somborac, Natasha Lise, Somfay, Joseph, Waterloo, ON Somlo, Roberta Sommer, Werner, Sonmezocak, Alkim Soryal, Amgad Alfons Rofaeil, Kitchener, ON Sossanpour, Rafie, Montreal, QC Sota, Stanley E., Soucy, Gaston Antonio Soueid, Ahmad, Alexandria, VA Soules, Jonathon Squire Spadola, Angelo Mattia, Ottawa, ON Spagnuolo, Sam Paul, Spaleta, Adolfo Sparling, Jill Colleen Trower Sparrow, Barrington Douglas Sparrow, Martin Thomas Spataro, Sebastiano, Spaziani, Michael D. Speigel, Alexander A. Speigel, Susan Spigelski, Caroline Mira, Spodek, Zale Spragge, Thomas, Spriet, Andrew M. Spriggs, Hilary Ann Spring, Gerald A., Sproul, Anthony O., Ottawa, ON Spry, David R. St. Jean, Bruno St. Pierre, Viateur C., Oshawa, ON Stafford, Paul Anthony, Carleton Place, ON Stanichevsky, Alejandro, Stapleton, Scott Michael Stark, John B., Mississauga, ON Starkey, Ian Starkman, Joel C., Starr, Michael Stas, Nart, Kitchener, ON Stavros, David PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 95

96 Stechyshyn, Cory Randel, Thunder Bay, ON Steelman, Paul Curtis, Las Vegas, NV Stefanison, S.A. Stein, Gary Stein, Gerald H., T Steiner, David Stelzer, Kevin Thomas Stendel, Clifford S. Stensland, Robert John, Janesville, IA Stephenson, John K., Thunder Bay, ON Sterling, Mark Steven, John F., Stevens, Anne Stevens, Karl H., Stevens, Paul Andrew Stevens, Richard L. Stewart, Grant Stewart, Jeffrey Alan Stewart, Peter D. Stiff, Robert B. Stirton, Scott Stoehr, R. Norman, Altamonte Springs, FL Stokoe, J. Gordon, Ottawa, ON Stone, Allan J. Storey, Elizabeth Kim, Storms, Todd C. Stoyanovskyy, Orest Strain, Paul J. Strasman, James C. Strasman, Shawn Collin, Stratford, Gordon C., Stratton, G. Bruce Strauss, Jeff Adam, Streith, Peter J. Stringer, Mark Stronghill, Scott Edward Strub, Harold Stupar, Dusan, Hamilton, ON Sula, Claudina C.E., Mississauga, ON Sullivan, Michael Burke Albert, Montreal, QC Summers, Michael B., Mississauga, ON Sun, Chien Hwa Jimmy, Sund, Simona Sung, Ho K. Superina, Victoria Sura, Yuri Surdyka, Wieslaw Surtel, Paul R. Sussholz, Steven Edward, Northbrook, IL Sutcliffe, A. Howard Suteir, Mansoor A., Orleans, ON Sutherland, Thomas Niel Svedas, Anthony V. Swadron, Wayne J. Swart, Robert Swartz, Dennis Turest Swartz, Jeffrey M. Sweeny, Dermot J., Sweers, Jason John, Dundas, ON Swerdfeger, Nicholas Bryan, Courtice, ON Swinkels, Henry J., Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Sycz, Janusz Syed, Khalil U., Syme, Paul D. J., Szabo, Michael A., Szabo, Susan Caroline Szaflarski, Stanislaw, St. Catharines, ON Szaszkiewicz, Paul Joseph, Szeto, Alfred Szewczyk, Barbara PROFILES ARCHITECTS Szoke, J. Bartley, Szumacher, Jacek, Szyplinski, Andrzej W., Richmond Hill, ON Tabachnik, Edward, Tabet, Pierre Tadros, Y.M. Tafler, Catherine H. Tai, Chei-Wei, Tai, Nigel Ping Fun Tai, Sai Hong Kenneth Talasman, Gabriel M. Talvitie, Ron Talwood, Alexander V., Tam, Rose Yee Mun Tamburri, Ernest, Markham, ON Tampold, Thomas, Tan, Natalie Hui Chin, Tan, Philip Hui Lee, Tanaka, Dennis K., Sharon, ON Tanaka, Susan Reed Tanner, Catharine Taraciuk, Cora Lia, Ottawa, ON Taranu, Alexandru M. Taranu, Carmen Tarazi, Muneer Antone Tardao-Domingos, Rose S. Tardif, Jean, Montreal, QC Tarjan, Paul Tarnoy, Victor Tassone, Giovanni Antonio, Taul, Eneri Tavassoli, Mehrnoush, Markham, ON Taylor, Heather Taylor, Hugh H., Haliburton, ON Taylor, Jill D. Taylor, Judith E. Taylor, Michael C., Taylor, Ricky W., Cornwall, ON Taylor, Robert W., Ottawa, ON Taylor, Simon, Yellowknife, NT Taylor, Stephen, Tayona, Nova Christina Tayrien, Douglas Scott, Tulsa, OK Teeple, Stephen R. Teh, Dan H.T. Temporale, Alexander L., Oakville, ON Temprano, Eliseo, Ottawa, ON Tenenbaum, Sidney Tobias Teng, Hui Teoh, Wen Hui Teramura, Allan, Ottawa, ON Teramura, Daniel T., Terra, Steven Melo Terrence, Bernard P. Terres, Guillermo Tessarolo, Jr., Daniel L., Des Plaines, IL Tharin, I. Robin Theodore, Peggy Theriault, Dominique Thibodeau, Heloise, Montreal, QC Thibodeau, J. Robert, Vancouver, BC Thiel Jr., David Anthony, Covington, KY Thier, Michael Karl, Burlington, ON Thivierge, Marc Alfred, Ottawa, ON Thom, Adam James, Thom, Bing Wing, Vancouver, BC Thom, David M. Thom, Michael Frederick, Gloucester, ON Thomas, Charles, Thomas, Edward J., Fergus, ON Thompson, David Vincent Thompson, Hughes William Thompson, Jane S., Ottawa, ON Thompson, Jeremy Matthew, Thompson, Maryann, Cambridge, MA Thompson, P. Rand Thompson, Robert D. Thorpe, Andrew Tiburcio, Diana M., Mississauga, ON Tikhomirova, Irina Viktorovna, Richmond Hill, ON Tillmann, Thomas W. Timpany, Trevor Derek Timpany, Tyler Cortlend Tino, Gerarda M. Tirnanic, Zoran Tite, Martin P., Ottawa, ON Tjan, David Sujitno Tobin, Lisa Sharon Todaro, Alfonso Anthony Todd, Andrew Paul, Montreal, QC Tokue, Rika Tolot, Tino V., Ottawa, ON Tomlinson, Richard Fulmer Toms, Philip, Hamilton, ON Tong, Agnes M. Toomes, T. Martin Topping, Robert Torza, Megan Elizabeth Jane, Tossell, Christopher, Sault Ste. Marie, ON Tourko, Pavlo, Mississauga, ON Tovell, Peter H.M. Tragacheff, Vladimir Trahan, Jean-Francois, Montreal, QC Tran, Anh Viet Tran, Tam Hoang Trasiewicz, Julian J. Travaglini, Marco Travers-Gillespie, David M. Tregebov, Alan Trevelyan, Kenneth W., Peterborough, ON Tringali, Rene, Montreal, QC Trites, Ian Troppmann, Joseph Anthony Trotta, Maurizio Trotter, Lennis W., Oshawa, ON Trottier, Patrick David, Brantford, ON Truong, Huy Minh, Trusevych, Anatolij W., Vaughan, ON Tsai, Kenneth Lester, Montreal, QC Tsang, Peter Tsang, Remus S.L. Tsementzis, Angela Tsui, Matthew H. Tsuji, Takashi Tuchman, Howard A. Tuminan, Hector, Turcotte, Eric, Turczyn, Roman A., Doha Turkewitsch, Bernard E.W. Turner, Jennifer K., Turner, Michael Kent Turner, Peter F. Turner, Roy H. Turski, Richard J. Turvey, Cameron, Tweel, Christopher P. Tworkowski, Christopher Z., Lakefield, ON Tymstra, Jan, U Uher, Scott Charles, Cleveland, OH Ujimoto, Jennifer Unal, Elcin Upiter, Wayne S. Ursin, Siri Katrine V Vacca, Andria Marie Vadeboncoeur, Jean-Luc, Montreal, QC Vaidya, Jitendra Valdmanis, Martin K. Valens, R. Scott Valentine, Diane L. van Baaren, Janice Ellen Angus, Ottawa, ON Van Driel, Theo, Van Dyk, Jamie David, Kitchener, ON Van Elslander, Terence A., Van Groll, Elroy Van Iderstine, Grant Van Klaveren, Jacobus C., van Nostrand, John C. Van Rooy, Peter Reginald Van Rutten, Emmanuelle Ermelinda Fernande, Ottawa, ON van Veen, Anthony, Burlington, ON Van-Ham, Daphne Vanbetlehem, Frank Vandenberg, Ralph A. Vandermaarel, Edward John, St. Thomas, ON Vandersluis, Marcel, State College, PA Vandertuin, Elizabeth Wilma, Vanney, Robert Francis Vanstone, John A.H. Varacalli, Rosario Varvarikos, Charles E. Vasantgadkar, Vijay, Windsor, ON Vasile, Doru Vassilev, Krassimir (Kris) D. Vassilev, Yassen Kroumov Veer, Jan Michael, Ottawa, ON Velikov, Ekaterina Ventin, Carlos A., Brantford, ON Verenini, Bruno Vergara, Manuel Jr. Domilong, Mississauga, ON Verhiel, Andy Vermes, Agnes Vermeulen, Fred P., Dundas, ON Vermeulen, Stephanie Johanna Vetere, Don Vickers, Barrie Murray Vilardi, Settimo Tom, Windsor, ON Viljoen, Kenneth M. Villani, Benjamin, Pickering, ON Vincent, Paul A., Markham, ON Vinters, Aivars, London, ON Virani, Chintan Jayshrikant, Windsor, ON Virdo, Domenico Antonio Visca, Antonio Visentin, Luca Vishnovsky, Peter, Vitko, Asen, Vlahovich, Slobodan Vo, Long Vogel, Jacek, Vogel, Kathryn Ann, Hamilton, ON Vogt, Heinz H. Voineskos, Anna

97 ARCHITECTS Vokac Taylor, Barbora Catherine Voogjarv, Vello I. Vorster, Helen, Vozoris, Christine Ellie, Vriend, Christopher Edward W Wa, Sybil Wadsworth, Deborah Lynn Waese, Jessica Wagler, Brent Murray Wagner, Ferdinand Wagner, Wayne, Wainman-Wood, Daphne Waisman, Hagit Walker, Brad Adams, Denver, CO Walker, Christopher P., Walker, Scott D. Walker, Thomas D. Wall, John Wallace, Christopher Wallace, Kit Wallace, Trevor Andrew, Wallman, Rudy P. Wan, Raymond S.C., Winnipeg, MB Wanczycki, Christopher Wang, David, Wang, George Chung-Chen, Richmond Hill, ON Wang, Qiang Grace Wang, Zhi Ward, Gregory M. Ward, Leonard G., Ottawa, ON Ward, Zoe K. Warne, David, Warren, Lawrence D. Washikar, Shashikant, Wassermuhl, Salomon Wasylko, Mykola Watchorn, Garry, Waters, Mark Paxton Watkins, David Holman, Houston, TX Watkinson, Brian F.J. Watson, Edward (Ted) K., Watson, Gary Derek, Watson, Lesley D., Ottawa, ON Watson, Stuart Watt, Bernard H. Wayow, Kendall, Mississauga, ON Weatherston, Jeffrey C. Webb, Alan Granger Webber, Gayle C. Webber, M. Evan, Webster, Lynn L. Wege, Kurt H. Wegner, Christopher Eric, Wei, Fei, Guelph, ON Wei, Rebecca Evi Weidl, Paul Weima, William, Weinberg, Edward Howard, Weiner, Jeffrey Alan Weiner, Michaela, Markham, ON Weis, F. Grenville, Oakville, ON Weiss, Kevin Albert, Weizel, Jonathan R., Thornhill, ON Weller, Alexander James Wells, Joel Geoffery Wells, Stephen R.M., Wellsman, Thomas E. Welter, Arthur Wengle, Richard B., Weppler, Paul A. Wertheim, Dagmar, Weselake, James E. West, Kathleen Whalen, Diane Elizabeth Wheeler, Marcus B. Whelan, Paul G. Whitby, Brent Franklin, White, John A. White, Richard White, Terrance J. Whiteley, Brent Christopher Wickens, Timothy Michael Wicklander, Stephen R., Sudbury, ON Widawsky, Warren Thomas Wiersma, Elena Alice, Kitchener, ON Wiesbrock, Ralph Wigle, Jane Wignall, Douglas Scott, Omaha, NE Wijayasiri, Harischandra Wilcox, Glenn A. Wildeboer, Malcolm Peter Marinus, Stittsville, ON Wiljer, Lea Wilkinson, David John, Kitchener, ON Wilkus, Michael John Williams, Brian Williams, J. Richard Williamson, Betsy, Willmott, John C., Oakville, ON Wilson, Ashley Andrew, Wilson, J. Alexander Wilson, Junior Frederick Wilson, Matthew D. Wilson, Michael A. Wilson, Nancy-Ann Wilson, Peter M. Wilson, Randy, London, ON Wilson, Richard J., Newmarket, ON Wilson, Thomas Robert Wilson, William Edward Wilson Orr, Lynne Wink, Kenneth Allen Wink, Rick Winston, Angie Nadia Cecelia Winter, Edward Ryan Wiseman, Walter Kenneth, Arlington, VA Witalis, Jason Witt, Richard John Wloch, Agnieszka Wodkiewicz, Andrzej, Wojs, Edward, Wolfe, Nicole Yvonne Woloschuk, Kent Douglas, Winnipeg, MB Wong, Alice Sheung Yin Wong, April Yee-Tak, Wong, Brenda Dawn, Ottawa, ON Wong, Dathe D., Wong, Edward Chi-Hung, Vancouver, BC Wong, Eric C.K., Wong, Hazel Wai-So Wong, Janice Karen Wong, John S. Wong, Margaret T. Wong, Michael H.K., Wong, Nelson Wong, Siu-man Wong, Stephen Wah Ching Wong, Terrell Anne, Wong, Vito Wong, William, Wood, Cassie Louise Wood, David Courtenay, Wood, Leonard A. Jr. Woodman, Robert J., Ottawa, ON Woods, Ahuva A.R. Woods, Gregory Hugh, Woods, James W. Woods, W. Carson, Wooldridge, Rex Hunter, Houston, TX Woolf, Jeremy Wormsbecker, Eric C., Barrie, ON Wrigglesworth, Arthur Alfred Wright, James M., Wright, Paul Michael, Wright, Troy William, Wronski, Mark A. Wrublowsky, Robert Anthony Wu, Jason Wu, Paul G. T. Wung, Kristy Wunsch, Graham D. Wyatt, Edward Bowden, Jackson, MS Wysocki, Zygmunt Wzacny, Christopher Zenon, Bloomfield Hills, MI X Xi, Tai Xu, Jianguo, Xu, Ti, Xuereb, Michelle Geraldine Y Yaghjian, Haroutioun Yallowega, Richard Michael Yamashita, James S. Yan, Francis M.Y. Yanchus, Mark W., Dubai Yates, Deborah Jean Yates, Kelly David Yazar, Hatice Yazdani, Orang Yee, Elaine Ting Yee, Paul Yeh, Winston K.M. Yen, Gary Chen-Yi Yeoh, Dora Yeung, David P.C., Yeung, Thomas K.K., Richmond Hill, ON Yoon, Bo Young Youn, Sang-man Young, Christopher Mariman, Bentonville, AR Young, Deanna Lynn, Oshawa, ON Young, Ian Laurence, Ottawa, ON Young, Josephine Young, Richard D. Young, Robert Joseph Young, Roderick H., Orillia, ON Youse, David Allen Youssef, Magid Wagih Fawzi Yousufi, Abdullah Ypes, Marilyn Yu, Matthew Chun-Wai Yu, Wendy Whae-Yee Yuan, David W.M. Yuen, John C.Y. Yuhasz, David M. Z Zaback, Raymond A. Zagaria, Antonio, Woodbridge, ON Zaghi, Athos, Zahed-Zahedani, Seyed Mehdi Zahoruk, Cynthia A. Zaig, Ran Zakarian, Magda Therese, Montreal, QC Zakko, Reid Zalewski, Stan, Zanjani, Siavash Zappitelli, Daniel, Montreal, QC Zarakol, Melodi Zarlenga, Salvatore S. Zatylny, Henry Zawadzki, Marek C. Zebroski, Gary W., Hamilton, ON Zee, Barbara Zeidler, E.H., Zeller, Francisco Javier Zeng, Xiao Hui (Vicki) Zerjav, Leo Charles Zhang, Hao Zhang, Ming Zhang, Ping Zhang, Shenshu, Zhong, Haiguang, Zhou, Chen Zhu, Liquan, Ziegler, Richard E., Zigomanis, Nickolas Zimmer, Garth Steven Zinno, Tony, Montreal, QC Zirone, Mario J. Zlomislic, Milka M. Zone, Baruch, Zong, Nanhai Zorko, Jozef, Montreal, QC Zothner-Cotic, Viviana Zoukis, Stavros A. Zuberec, Michael Zuker, Alan N. Zupancic, Mirko John Nicholas Zurawel, Peter E. Zvidris, Juris Valdis Zwicker, Mark A., Zytaruk-Dugger, Carolyn, Palm City, FL PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 97

98 LICENSED TECHNOLOGISTS OAA A Acimovic, Dragan, Mississauga, ON Aiello, Pasquale Alessandro Audette, Jean, North Bay, ON B Baker, Ryan Thomas Barton, Matthew James Bejarano, Olga Lucia, Markham, ON Bennett, David Bruce, Jarvis, ON Boonstra, Luke Allen, Ottawa, ON Boudreau, William E., Sudbury, ON C Carreiro, Danny, Milton, ON Champoux, Patrick, Tecumseh, ON Collie, Trent James, North Bay, ON Cote Menard, Christian Curtis, Lee Michael, St. Catharines, ON D Dietrich, P. Andrew, Kitchener, ON Driedger, Paul Dennis, Windsor, ON DuArte, Ted Cesar, Mississauga, ON Dunjic, Zoran, E Eckensviller, Jeffrey William, North Bay, ON F Falkanger, David Olav, Gravenhurst, ON Feaver, Christine Lee, Thunder Bay, ON Fedko, Grzegorz Finch, Timothy, London, ON Fragale, Anthony Santo Fuoco, Pietro G Gammond, Jeremiah Lyle, Thunder Bay, ON H Hakemi, Samuel Hales, Steven M., Kitchener, ON Hicks, Ryan Patrick, Kitchener, ON Howson, Mark James J Janecka, Tomas Frank, L Lajeunesse, Steven Lesisz, Zofia Maria Little, Daryl Ralph, Crediton, ON M Maves, Christopher Steven McIntosh, Douglas Blair, Kitchener, ON Mech, Roland David, Stoney Creek, ON N Northey, Bryan Garry Douglas O Oke, Christopher Ron, Kitchener, ON P Page, John MacKenzie Parkinson, Jeffrey Stuart, Mississauga, ON Primiani, Mark Anthony, Brampton, ON Prince, Robert George, Hamilton, ON R Ranalli, Tony, Fonthill, ON Rasenberg, Dawn Elizabeth, London, ON Reynolds, John Arthur, Ruszczak, Terry Nicholas S Sauder, Mitchell Conrad, Courtice, ON Savo Sardaro, Gino, Woodbridge, ON Serravite, Domenico, Sguigna, Jeremy Louis, Vaughan, ON Silva, Larry Manuel, Simon, Luke H. Spurgeon, Robert Alexander, Mississauga, ON Suriano, Michele, Woodbridge, ON T Tam, Terence Chi Tak Toms, Jeremy Roy, Brampton, ON Tonin, Charles Serge V Vetere, Michael Vincent John, Woodbridge, ON W Worton, Adrian Shane, Barrie, ON X Xu, Yi (Jerry), Y Yang, Xin Yue Sherry INTERN ARCHITECTS A Ahmad, Shikha A., Thunder Bay, ON Abbott, Melanie D. Ahmed, Sarwat Syed Abdel-Nabi, Mohamad Ahn, Hyounjung Abdelsayed, Mary M., Mississauga, ON Ahuja, Akhilesh, Mississauga, ON Abdolvahabi, Farhad, Richmond Hill, ON Aitken, Kirk Abidi, Safdar Ali Akhter, Sadia Abood, Reem Aktan Gumusay, Mehtap, Abou El Fish, Mohamed, Hamilton, ON Al Nabelsi, Mohammad Abou-Chacra, Maroun Al Riffai, Mohammed Abuyan, Kirbi V. Al-Azzawi-Robinson, Awras A. Adam, Mihai Al-Kaissy, Layla, Mississauga, ON Adams, Drew S. Al-Mashta, Sarmad, Montreal, QC Addeo, Stephen J. Al-Neaimy, Ansam Addison, Nathaniel J. Al-Nijaidi, Hazim R., Mississauga, ON Adelman, Paul W. Al-Shaheen, Safwan N. Adikankwu, Iyke Kaine, Mississauga, ON Alavi, Maryam Afshar, Arash, Alerasoul, S. Abbas Aftab, Nazia P. Alhbian, Hamza M. Ageh, Olajide Ojo Ali, Nahla, Brampton, ON Agelothanasis, Paul Allaverdian-Orumie, Eileen Aggarwal, Monica Allin, Chloe L., Ottawa, ON Agha, Yaser Allison, Jordan L.N., Agnew, George M. Almassian, Alireza, Maple, ON Ahmad, Farid, Brampton, ON Altamiranda, Myriam Z. Ahmad, Maysam Alwan, Oruba, Mississauga, ON PROFILES Aly, Shahnaz J. Aminian, Katayoun, Amir Yar Ahmadi, Mahmoud, Mississauga, ON Amir-Choupani, Froohar, Richmond Hill, ON Amiri Kankari, Parisa, Amos, Logan W., An, Woosuk Anani, Yomna N. Ancheta, Remus, Mississauga, ON Andrawes, Sameh Onsi Farah Andrejin, Maria Antao, Elvis Isac Arasteh, Yassaman, Araujo, Fatima M. Aref, Ahmed, Kanata, ON Arezehgar, Asghar, Richmond Hill, ON Ari, Shirin Ariemma, Leo M. Arriojas, Hugo A. Arseneault, Andre D., Waterloo, ON Asayesh, Afsaneh F. Ascenzi, Gene, Ashouri, Mohammad, Askari, Ramak, Assatory, Rooben, Thornhill, ON Aswath, Sujatha Athavale, Manisha S. Atkins, Seth M. Audet, Melisa Avedissian, Houry, Ste-Genevieve, QC Avila, Ricardo J. Avis, Steven Ayala, Luisa V. Aylsworth, Jason Paul Azizbeik Mohajer, Mahshid Azzam, Bassel, Ancaster, ON B Baddour Saghbini, Joyce Baghdadi, Bamdad, Bahy, Dalia, Baker, Jonathan Shane Ball, Maria Baniasadi, Maryam Banihashemi Jahromi, Aida Barakat, Hisham A. Bardalez Vasquez, Richard Barei, Andrea M.

99 INTERN ARCHITECTS Barker, Scott H. Barnett, Ian R.M. Barone, Rosa Barsoum, Lina A. Bartman, Daniel Bartnicki, Sebastian P. Basharathullah, Neda Basso, Roy A. Basta, Essam G. Basu Roy, Amanda Batay-Csorba, Jodi L., Batto, Ziad Bauer, Ronen David Bauer, Stephen Thomas, Bebal, Yasmeen N. Beck Rubin, Gregory A., Becker, Steven Bedard, Joshua Bedikian, Mania C., Westmount, QC Beggiato Porto do Nascimento, Leandra Belaen, Matthew J. Beltrano, Salvatore Ben Fredj, Rim Benesh, Halyna Benmor-Mizrahi, Limor Bennedsen, Margaret Berkenbosch, Curtis R. Berman, Gavin R., Bernal, Luis Mauricio, London, ON Bhatia, Neeraj Bielny, Bartek A. Bielun, Jody M. Bishai, Naji Nassef Salama Bisson, Patrick G. Bitar, Hassan Blais, Mathieu J. Blakeley, Adam J. Blazeka, Damir Blias-Cabezas, John N. Blois, Michael P.M. Bodunrin, Adetokunbo A. Bogaczewicz, Peter W. Bogdanowicz, Julie S., Boiangiu, Costan Boivin, Nadine Bolourian Kashy, Alireza, Bolton, Graham, Borazjani, Yasmin Borcan, Dumitru Borcescu, Nick R., Bortolamiol, Rodolfo, Bose, Arindam Boulanger, Alexandre Boulougaris, Foti Boxer, Michael, Boyd, Robert M. Boyden, Elsa Boyes, B. Allison Boyko, Erik A., Bozic, Vladimir, Bozovic, Neda, Brander, Adam D. Breccia, Jordan E., Brampton, ON Breskin, Igor Bresler, Liana Bridgman, Kevin Bright, Erica J. Briker, Daniel J., Brock, Jeffery G. Brouwer, Jason A. Bryan, Simon W. Buffey, Kelly Bumanglag, Donovan Burad, Dinesh Sumatilal, Brampton, ON Burkhart, Ruth A. Butani, Mahesh P. Butler, Andrew R. Button, Heather C. Button, Keith A. C Cai, Su Rong (Susan) Calabocal, Jackielyn P., Caliman, Calin Campbell, James, Duntroon, ON Campos, Roberto Canizales, Yanelkar A., Oakville, ON Canlas, Elmer, Cannon, Renny N. Cao, Jin, Caravaggio, Paul N., Carbonneau, Cynthia Cardinal, Evelyne Carenza, Francesco Carlile, Michael R. Carter, Peter D. Carter-Wingrove, Ross Carvalho, Nelson Carydis, Christina Casasanta, Dante, Bradford, ON Casati, Alfredo Cascella, Mark O. Castellanos, Sabrina J. Cates, Philip Catsaros, Constantinos Elias Cebulak, Peter W. Cellucci, Claudio Chak, Wai Ming Chamberlain, Blake D., Windsor, ON Chan, Angela Fung-Chi Chan, Derek H.F. Chan, Jacqueline T-M Chan, Louis Chan, Thomas Y.H, Chan, Viviane Chan, Wai Fung, Chan, Yiu-Bun Chang, Angela Chao, Nancy E. Charles, Sapphira Charlton, Darcy J., Ottawa, ON Charmsaz, Kamran Charron, Eric A. Chau, Andrew Chi-Ho, Chaves, Derek C. Chavoshan, Niloufar Chekhman, Vladimir Chen, Henry Wei-Yu Chen, Melinna Chen, Shouheng Chen, Xi Chen, Xiaohong (Betty) Chen, Xiaoying Cheng, Dominique Cheng, Emily A. Cheng, Lang Cheng, Nelson Wai-Lun Cheong, Lai In Cherian, Shery Kozhimala, Mississauga, ON Cheung, Jessica Cheung, Man-Kit Robert Chi, Po-Chih, Chibututu, Erinma O. Chieh, Hsiao-Chung (Anthony) Chien, Gary Chilton, Mark Chin, Vivian W. Chin, Wai Yau Keenen Chiu, Calvin K. F. Cho, Sung Uk Choe, Thomas Y. Choi, Bora Chou, Johnson Chow, Marco C.H. Chow, Mei Ling Christian, Pratik Chu, Raymond Chung, Andrew G., Montreal, QC Chung, Jack Chung, Tina My Van Cichy, Mark A. Cicvaric, Zvonimir, Cimo, Antonio Ciobanu, Doru L.I., Clarke, Magnus P., Clesle, Michael C.D. Coates, Adam J. Cogliati, Jeff B., Cohen, Joshua S. Colombani, Gabriel A. Coneybeare, Melodie L. Conforti, Amanda Connor, Robert D. Cook, Brad Cooper, Paul A., Gatineau, QC Cooper, Steven D., London, ON Copeland, David W. Corbilla, Neilgreco Cortese, Fausto Costa, Elisa F. Costa, Yakdehikandage Ruwan Costain, Aaron G. Courtney, Mark Ian Cowley, Louise Cox, Samuel T., Ottawa, ON Craig, Anna M.E. Cranford, Andrew Croft, Peter Cronin, Richard C.A. Culver, Kerri-Ann Culver, Steven E., Cummings, Jonathan M. Cummings, Shaun T. Cvetkovic, Sasa D Da Silva, Catia M.C. Dabrus, Virginia, Dadson, Leland T., Daidzic, Maja, Mississauga, ON Dana, Ladan Dang, Oliver Darcey, Jason J. Darmos, Peter T. Datoo, Tahera Davis, Jennifer L. Dawood, Wesam de Boer, Idette Z. de Cola, Marianna R. De Felix, Mariela Y. De La Mora Campos, Ana-Francisca de Lasa, Florencia De Socio, Nicholas L DeBenedetti, Dino Dedrick, Brooke K. Del Buono, Michael Anthony, Maple, ON Del Rosario, Brady M. Delaviz, Nazli Delgadillo Chaves, Fabio E. Delisle, Daniel M. Den Haan, Daniel Derhak, Walter Desai, Maya Devashrayee, Kasmin M., Dhanjal, Joginder Di Giulio, Stefano Di Gregorio, Betsy Marina, Di Nardo, Tony, Di Sarra, Francesco P. Dia, Enrico C., Sudbury, ON Diamant, Tomer Z. Didiano, Gabriel Dinh, Thuan Van, Dinoi, Fiorella, Milan Djahedi, Siamak, Markham, ON Djilali, Riad, Djulepa, Sanja Dodaro, David Sergio Doesburg, Chloe PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 99

100 INTERN ARCHITECTS Dolan, Donna E. Dombrovskis, Janis Doran, Kelly N. Doshi, Sejal Douglas, James David Doytchinova, Radelina Dror, Libby, Duckworth-Pilkington, Peter Dumitrascu, Sandrina Duncan, Erin A. Durst, Dylan G. Dybenko, Trevor P. Dyk, John R. Dykstra, Nathan J., E Eady, Michael J. Ebadizadeh, Elnaz Edmundson, Andrew El Atreby, Lotfy El Masry, Sherine El-Bahrani, Laith El-Gazzar, Nadine El-Hajj, Ibrahim, Richmond Hill, ON El-Kady, Marwa M. El-Kayed, Mazen M., El-Khoury, Joseph, Eland, A. Robert P. Elfaizy, Ramy, Mississauga, ON Ellis, J. Jordan A., Elmansoury, Tarek, Mississauga, ON England, Kyle T. Enns, Jonathan Eshraghi, Solmaz Eslami, Pantea, Esmaeili, Sarvenaz Esser, Sabrina Etemad Yousefi, Arash Eum, Taewook Evans, Donna J. Evans, Philip Eweis, Mohamed F Facciponte, Concettina Fain, Gabriel Falcone, Alfredo Farhat, Modrek, Richmond Hill, ON Fearman, Carolyn D. Febres, Gabriel, Sudbury, ON Fehertoi, Alexander R.M. Feldman, Benjamin K. Fenuta, Elizabeth V. Fernandes, Manoj D. Fernando, R.Rebecca Ferrante, Tatiana Fickert, Christopher R.N. Fiet, Gregory Filipetti, John D. PROFILES Fimmers, Guy-Michel Flett, David D. Ford, Justin Huang Franco, Blanca E., Woodbridge, ON Franklin, Elysse Franklin, Lawrence Frasca, Antonio Frayjoun, Moammer Osman French, Katherine Anne Friedman, Gabriel Frisch, Joanne, Froom, Robert Fung, Eric Fung, Jason W. G Gabrail, Vivian S. Gagachev, Gordica T. Galeteanu, Emira Galezowski, Richard J. Gallant, Michael J. Gallaugher, David E.W. Gallivan, Daniel T., Gallo, Vincenzo, Garzon Aranguren, Victor A. Gaum, Benjamin N., Gauthier, Martin R. Gayen, Tushar K. Gebresselassie, Mahtot T. Geher, Judith Claire Geldart, Jeff J. Gerges, Marian K. Ghadirian-Marnani, Nastaran Ghaly, Dina Ghanizadeh, Behnam, Oakville, ON Ghannad, Marjan Ghayedi Karimi, Maryam Ghazi-Zadeh, Soheil Ghiami, Lida Ghoneim, Adel, Gibson, Suzanne A. Gigante, Valerio Gill, Abel John Gillett, David Gillier, Craig W. Girgis, Emad S., Mississauga, ON Glennon, Zachariah Gluszczak, Darcy Gojsevic, Simona Gomes, Fausto S.G. Gomez Meza, Mitsy M. Gonsalves, Allison M. Goodarzi, Mostafa Gorrie, Paul R. Gotfryd, Jonathan J. Goudarzi Sotoudeh, Borna Gould, Kathryn A. Goyzueta, Margarita Z. Gozu, Madalina P., Ottawa, ON Gracey, Bryce W. Graff, Gordon J., Graham, Katelyn E. Graham, Patricia J. Graham, Peter C. Granlund, Matthew J. Grant, Colin W. Gravelle, Mijanou M. Grebenc, Jessica Green, Laurence Bradley, Gravenhurst, ON Green, Thomas C. Gregor, Bernadette A. Gregory, Benjamin D., Kitchener, ON Grguric, Vera C. G. Grieco, Fabian A. Griffith, Brendan A. Groh, Sonia Gu, Xiaoke, Guardia, Javier S. Gucciardi, Michele Guido, Michael, Vaughan, ON Guirguis, Atef E.H, Ajax, ON Guitberg, Victor, Richmond Hill, ON Gumbinger-Muirhead, Meagan D., Hamilton, ON Gumushdjian, Darius A. Gunn, Andrew Guo, Vera Guo, Yaqing Guo, Yimei, London, ON Gupta, Aradhana Gupta, Sheelu, Gurevich, Sergei Gurmani, Azhar H. Gurnham, Richard N. Guthrie, Avery J. Gutierrez, Gerard J. Guzman, Monica H Habuda, Darko, Belle River, ON Hachimi, Hassan Haddad, Zeid Hadidian, Robert W. Hagen-Cazes, Charlotte B., Hagens, Jared J. Hains, Tamara Julie Haliburton, Jennifer L. Hammad, Fawwaz T.F. Hammer, Rebekka Han, Hee-Won Alice Hancock, Christine Hancock, Stephen G. Handy, Craig A., Hann, Laura J. Hanna, Ashraf F. Hanna, Sara F., Mississauga, ON Hanna, Teresa Elizabeth, Ottawa, ON Hannah, David W., Hannah, Gail Hanoudi, Benan B., Oshawa, ON Haque, Tasmin Harispuru, William G. Harmey, Lisa M., Kitchener, ON Harris-Brandts, Suzanne E. Harrison, Wayne Hart, Andrew David Harte-Maxwell, Monika Hasan, Mahmud, Hashem Nejad, Kambiz Hassan, Aisha Hastings, Darren Havers, Christopher M. Hayes, James Hayward, Annegret C. He, Wenxi He, Xiao Tong Headon, Todd Heintz, J. David Henderson, Cynthia Henry, Jerel Heppler, Kimberley A. Hernandez, Eduardo, St. Catharines, ON Hernandez Echevarria, Merlys C., Heydari Alamdari, Mehran, Hii, Vanessa Hill, Shelagh M. Hindson, Brad J., Ho, Herman Ho, Jennifer Ho Ping Kong, Christine Hoffman, Erin Holmes, Ralph, Holt, Michael C. Hong, Jason S. Hoo, Phoebe Hoot, Samer Hosein, Stephanie A. Hossain, Parvez Sohel, Brampton, ON Hosseini, Shabnam Hossfeld, Adrienne C. Hotari, Andrew K. Hrelja, Boran Hristova, Zhivka P. Hu, Allan (Gang) Huang, Ken Huang, Lily H., Huang, Mark Chien-Ming Huang, Roxanne Hsin-I Huang, Shih-Huei Sherry Hunter, Carrie E. Huntley, Ben A. Hur, Kyung-Sun, Hussain, Mahmood A., Huynh, Le Leslie, Ottawa, ON Huynh, Son Van Huynh, Vi Luong Hynes, Renee K.

101 INTERN ARCHITECTS I Ibrahim, Amany E. F., Markham, ON Ibrahim, Amr, Mississauga, ON Ibrahim, Hany T.A. Ikejiani, Patrick O. Ikhlassi, Nissan Ilg, Bobby B., Ottawa, ON Illamperuma, Sanjeevanie Imerman, Hayley K. Iordanova, Iordanka, Ip, Yvonne Isanan, Raul Paulo M. Islam, M. Hadiul, Islam, Mujtaba S., Iwata, Sarah K. Izadi, Shahriar Izen, Brenda J Jafar, Abdulkarim A., Ottawa, ON Jaffar, Mark Jajju, Asaad Y., Mississauga, ON Jalal, Fahimuddin Jalali, Farzaneh, London, ON Janes, Allison P. Jardin, Ashley C. Jaroszonek, Monika Javadipour, Mania, JeBailey, Jacob Jensen, Sonya Renee Jerome, Jeffrey Jeronimus, Jon N. Jihad, Abdul Lateef Jim, Henry H. L., Joakim, Christian M. Joanis, Sonia John, Niji Johnston, Joanna C. Johnston, Luke A. Jomaa, Houssam G., Mississauga, ON Jones, Adrienne E. Jones, Belinda J., Joong, Patricia Jordan, Holly A. Judson, Derek R. Jukes-Hughes, David G., Kingston, ON Juneja, Raminder K. Jurecka, Blair C. Jurkovic, Stanislav K Kabashi, Irma M. Kadhim, Bonnie Ban Kakarantza, Maria Kalaeswaran, Gopalakrishnan Kalfakis, Eleftheria Kallini, Hany Nessim, Mississauga, ON Kalt, Christina M. Kampman, Tessa Chantelle Kan, Joseph J. Kanellopoulos, Tommy Kang, Deborah, Kang, Jee-Young J. Kanno, Tsugumi Kanu, James Kanza, Adam G., Kao, Brian L.M., Karatcheff, Vladimir V. Karavelis, Gregory Kareem, Muhammad S., Ottawa, ON Kasprzak, Tomasz, Mississauga, ON Kaur, Manmeet Kaur, Swapan Jeet Keens-Douglas, Tara P.M. Kelada, Maged I.K. Keliar, Mark, Kellner, Richard A. Kemp, Richard G., Ottawa, ON Kenyon, Steven E. Keung, Olivia W. Khalili-Moghaddam, Shahram, Khan, Imran, Khatri, Hitesh Ratilal, Kheirieh, Leila Kherada, Zoheb S., Khoylou, Safora Kianfar, Mojgan Kilcoyne, Mary Catherine Kim, Caroline Kim, Koo Yark, Kim, Kunhyang King, Robert Wm. M. Klambauer, Peter G. Klassen, William A. Klebanov, Michael Klein, Alberto J., Ottawa, ON Klimi, Kristiano, York, ON Klimitz, Jesse R., Knezic, Julia L Knight, Christopher J. Knizatova, Alena Ko, Vincent P.K., Markham, ON Koehler, Michael, Koff, Nicolas Kolakowska, Joanna Kolbas, Aleksandar, Kitchener, ON Koleva, Lilia, Montreal, QC Konidis, George, Koolwine, Ryan M. Koren, David Kos, Lukasz Blazej, Shanghai, Koslowski, Ryan Kouladjie, Katayoun Koutsoulias, Michael Kovalev, Claudia E. Kraljevic, Ljilja (Lilly) V. Krickhan, Natasha Krieg, Gordon, Ottawa, ON Kristensen, Kristian M. Kruger, Daryl Mark Kudlats, Jennifer L. Kuo, May Kuperman, Natasha Kusec, Damir Kuslikis, Viktor P. Kutertan, Ahmet M., Kwak, Robert Soong-Ho, L Labuschagne, Harim P.J. Lad, Bindya S. Ladowski, Joanna Laffin, Sam M. Lafreniere, Karine, Timmins, ON Lai, Gordon K.H., Lai, Ivy W-Y. Lai, Wing Yin Ryan Lake, Marilyn Lam, Kelly W. Y. Lam, Michael S. Lam, Persis Lam, Peter C.Y. Lam, Richard J. Lamontagne, Melanie S. Langevin, Clinton Lanoue, Cindy M., La Salle, ON Lappas, Paula, LaPrade, Michael D., Chesterville, ON Latifi, Anahita Latoszek, Przemyslaw Lau, Alan Ngai-Lung Lavatre, Alankar S., Brampton, ON Law, Chun Fung (Rico), Lawrence, Nadia N. Lawson, John Thomas Laye, Brian D. LeBlanc, Jason A., Leduc, Janie Lee, Amie A. Lee, Christina G.Y. Lee, Claire Y.T. Lee, Donny Lee, Jamie Ming Lee, Janet M. Lee, Jason Geesun Lee, John Jeong-Bum Lee, Juliana Hoi Ming Lee, Kevin Jae-Jin Lee, Robert J.W., Markham, ON Lee, Sacha Lefler, Jorden J.S. Lefort, Brigitte Legault, Joel M. Lennox, James R. Lennox, Sue, Oakville, ON Leppe, Pablo, Vancouver, BC Leung, Ada Leung, Jeff, Leung, Monica J. Leung, Selina S.Z. Levin, Dan Li, Ho Yin Patrick Li, Shan Li, Tantan Li, Yongling, Richmond Hill, ON Liang, Fei A. Libaneo, Adriano L., Liefl, Jessica E. Ligers, Kim R.K. Lin, Chia Ying Emily Lin, Edward Lin, Jerry Chien-Chu, Lin, Leo Xuan-Yi Ling, Scott H., Lippert, Seth E. Lippold, Lawrence R. Lister, Richard J. Liu, Honglei, Shenzhen, Guagdong Province Liu, Jacquanline Tsz Kan Liu, Sheng Yi Lo, Joseph Lo, Michael Lo, Vivian Wai Wan Lojo, Emina Lolley, Christine, Lopez Hernandez, Jose A. Lorenzo-Luaces Pico, Veronica, Love, Pamela K. Love, Ryan M. Lovegrove, Randy A., Guelph, ON Lu, Yi Lu, Yingchun Lucas, Katelyn M. Lucassen, Eric, Ludington, Jordan Ludman, Shelley Lui, Melissa Lukachko, Christian Alexander, Lukas, Ana Lum, Ken, Luong, Bach T. Lupi, Marco Luzar, Brigitte Lysiak, Roman Bohdan M Ma, Ching-Po Macaroun, Andrea MacCraken, J. Alan Macdonald, Andrew H., Cambridge, ON Macecek, Andrea Machnic, Michael A. MacIvor, William Maclaren, Ian MacLean, Sean Macleod, Michaela M. PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 101

102 INTERN ARCHITECTS MacPherson, Andrew Meera, Gyana Mader, Theresa R. Mehdi, Mohammed R. Maggs, Jasmine S. Menezes, Diya M. Magus, Marianne P., Brampton, ON Menikgama, Ayesha Mahboubi, Saied, Mera, Mircea E., Maher, Adel M., Mississauga, ON Merdan, Amr M., Mahfouz, Nassouh Mesher, Deborah Marie Mahindra, Latha Mestito, John M. Majzoub, Marwan Issam Micacchi, Robert W. Mak, Ingmar Miedzik, Andrzej Malboeuf, Eric R., Ottawa, ON Mill, R. Bruce Maleszewska, Monika Miller, Anne E. Maletic, Anita Miller, Michael J. Mallari, Ulysses D. Miller, Sarah A. Mamizadeh Vahid, Farima Miloradovic, Nebojsa Mancini, Agata Z. Miranda, Marcela Souto Maior Mancuso, Giampaolo C. Miron, Sylvio, Cumberland, ON Manios, Mahir L. Misbah Ur Rehman, Ahmed, Manley, John, Mississauga, ON Marcante, Marian Miskin, Andra Hiran Marcynuk, Ashley T. Mitanidis, Timothy D., Mark, Earl Mitchell, Camille A. Markazi, Mohammed Ali Mitchell, Ryan J.M Marler, Bryn M. Moayerian, Sayeh, Calgary, AB Maroulis, Nick B. Moeini Taleghani, Ramin, Woodbridge, ON Maroun, Abdo H., Moffitt, Lisa Marie Marthinez, Sacha K. Mohajer, Farzam Martin, Judith R. Mohajer, Maryam, Richmond Hill, ON Martinez, Pedro G. Mohammadi, Shahriar Shir, Thornhill, ON Maruyama, Ky, Mohammed, Crystal F.S. Marzyari, Mehdi, Mohan, Christopher A.D. Mason, Thomas J., Mohseni Kiasari, Omid Maston, Lia E. Moini, Ali, Mataj, Artan, Mississauga, ON Momenzadeh, Reza, Mataj, Etleva, Mississauga, ON Montaser Koohsari, Mitsa, Matar, Petra Morales, Dana, Matharu, Navjit Singh More, Vikas G., Mississauga, ON Matic, Marija Moreira-Smith, Maria Matta, Simran J., Morell Torres, Carlos A. Mauro, Stephen A. Moreno, Carlos Maw, Jenna E. Morozova, Irina V. Mazhari, Leila Morris, Antoine Mazik, Melissa A. Moryoussef, Anya Mazowiec, Aleksandra Moshaver, Sam Mazzulla, Frank P. Moss, Barbra McArthur, Jason, Mousavi, Omid McCallum, Derek Movilla, Katherine M. McCaughan, Adam P. Mozafari, Ardavan McCunn, Meika Deane Mugalvalli, Mahindra Chandrasekh, Dubai McEvoy, Erick J., Ottawa, ON Mugattash, Nasser E.I., Mississauga, ON McGarvey, Cian T. Mujib, Mehreen S. McGinn, Jon G., Burlington, ON Mulji, Nazia McKenzie, Ailan Mulla, Katy McKibbin, Cara J., Mullin, G. Peter McLeod, Amanda L., Munawar, Mustafa, Pickering, ON McNabb, Timothy Munoz Puente Arnaiz, Carla McNeil, Peter J. Murphy, C. Alan McNinch, Darcy S. Myszkowski, Przemyslaw, Ottawa, ON McQuinn, Maxwell S. Mediodia, Agnes G. PROFILES N Nakamura, Hajime Nally, Michael T. Nam, Clarissa H. Nan, Lucian Naqvi, Nina Nates, Claudia Neagu-Wierzbicki, Madalina Neal, William J., Burlington, ON Nedialkov, Ivaylo Kirilov Nehme, Elie A. Nelson, Jason Nemeskeri, Thomas Neudorf, Gregory A. Ng, Alan D. Ng, Brian, Ng, Cherie Ng, Lawrence S.C., Stouffville, ON Ngo, Thomas Ngo, Tom Nguyen, Kelly Huong Nicholas-Schmidt, Michael A., Niknam Fard, Ladan Nin Hernandez, Cecilia Maria Nishimura, Riki Norman, Jennifer J. Norris, Amy L. S. Northey, Lyn Y. Nwanyanwu, Chidi C. Nwanyanwu, Erica U. O Obaid, Suhail Odell, Ryan M. Odobasic, Lejla Offin, Kevin G. Ogunkeye, Akinlolu O. Olak, Krzysztof A., Oakville, ON Olano, Ramon Magno P., Maple, ON Ollson, Ryan M. Omidi, Azin Onufrak, Eva Onufrei, Alexandra Corina Opie, Kael Ortwein, Andrew Osborn, Nicola Osmo, Jane Ottaviani, Tonino, Ovcina, Erkan, Belle River, ON Oyelade, Olusola A. P Paden, Elizabeth R. Pai, Jayalaxmi Pakdaman-Hamedani, Yekta Pal, Sanjoy, Mississauga, ON Palfy, Otto, Thornhill, ON Palibroda, Ryan Palma, Jose M. Paluszkiewicz, Gerwazy, Panacci, Michael J. Panaitescu, Cristina Elena Panaitescu, Dan Panalaks, Miyako Panchuk, Neal T., Panopoulos, David M., Papa, Richard T. Papineau, Leslie K. Papoi, Gabriella Pappalardo, Marta A. Paradiso Testa, Katy Pareja, Carla P. Parezanovic, Isidora Parham, Mehran Patel, Laxmanbhai M. Patel, Sonal Jagdishkumar Patterson, Duncan P.R., Pattison, Gregory Akira, Pavela, Neda Pavicevic, Boris, Pavlich, Z. Robert, Pavlov, Ventzislav P. Pavlovicz, Milosh Pavone, Michelle K. Pawlowski, Sylvia K. Payer, Clayton Pecoskie, Erica Peddie, Matthew C. Peirce, A. Nicole Pejic, Mladen Pellegrini, Davide Peng, Hui Peng, Song Perez, Arthur H. Perez Gonzalez, Jorge D., Mississauga, ON Perin, Maria Perna, Angelo Persano, Sebastiano Peterson, John Petkovic, Nadezda Pevcevicius, Roman V. Phelan, Oliver J. Phillips, Paul W. Piccione, Mariangela Pieterse, Ian M. Pisharoty, Raka Mukherjee Pitman, Mark Plouffe, Vincent Poida, Diana R., Pickering, ON Poirier, Marie A. Pollock, Stephen Pommer, Christopher F. Pompa, Ronaldo Poon, Chi Luen Poon, Jowenne Poon, Lauren E. Popa, Ilinca, Popa, Paula

103 INTERN ARCHITECTS Popovska, Yvonne G. Porovic, Jelena, London, ON Pourmusavi, Samad Preiss, Anna K., Ottawa, ON Pressacco, Danny Prochazka, Caroline Jane Prosun, Prithula Pruss, Andrew M. Przygodzki, Jacek Puertollano - San Jose, Mary Joy R. Puiatti, Andrew J. Pukier, Joanne, Pushkar, Nadia Olga Q Qadir, Nadia, Qiu, Qing Quanh, Tang Heng Quieta, Janice L. Quijano, Sigfrido Qureshi, Zubair Ahmed, Brampton, ON R Race, Craig W. Raees Mohammadian, Sahar Rafique, Daniel Rahmani, Alma Raja, Mazhar I., Cambridge, ON Rajabzadeh, Ali Rajani, Nadeen Rakhshanfar, Arsia, Rakocevic, Goran, Rakocevic, Marija Ramirez, Alfonso M., Ramirez, Marina M. Ramundi, Sonia Rankin, Peter J. Rasevic, Rajka, Ottawa, ON Rasor, James, Rassekh, Sara, King City, ON Reed, Amanda Rennaiye, Abayomi O. Resendes, Emanuel, Ria, Gianni Riad, Abraham, Mississauga, ON Richard, Sabrina G. Richer, Isabel Renée-Lise Rietta, Michael R. Rijkhoff, Dennis T. N. J. Ritchot, Pamela R. Robb, Meredith Robinson, James B. Rocha, Paulo Rodriguez Alvarez, Norberto Rogers, Allison Rogers, Sarah D.M. Rogojina, Elena Rolleston, Heather Roman, Irene Roopra, Inaara C. Rosaeg, Bjorn T. Rosanova, Giulia Ross, Gregory Ross, Kristin M. Ross, Tony J. Rotundo, Carmine John-Paul Rotundo, Frank Routh, Simon A. Routley, Thomas C., Rovika, Irma Rowat, Randall Rozwadowski, Donata Rubio-Reyes, Carlos A. Ruddy, John Rudzik, Ewa Ryan, Matt Ryan, Michael J. S Sadeghi, Pedram Sadeghi, Saeed M. Safarzadeh, Titka, Saha, Bini Sakanovic, Dinko, Ottawa, ON Saleh, Mayada A., Saleh, Sara S. Salehin, Soodeh Salib, Youssef R. Salimian, Kiarash Salimpour-Karimi, Shohreh, Thornhill, ON Salmon, Jeffrey S. Samareh-Golestani, Morteza Samimi, Mamak Samsam, Moda Sanie, Siamak Santopinto, Ya el T. Sapounzi, Lilia Saravandi-Rad, Golbou Sargent, Michael J. Sarmast, Majid Sarwer, Mustak Savic-Brkic, Jelena, Scarlat, Florin, Scarlett, Roy D., Brampton, ON Scarpazza, Filippo, Glenburnie, ON Scherk, Leah E. Schlange, Eric D. Schneider, Alexis Scholes, Jennifer Schorn, Kevin L. Schumacher, T. Dan, Waterloo, ON Schvan-Ritecz, Zsofi Scoler, Allan D. Scolozzi, Mathias F. Scott, Ouri Scroggie, Samantha Seddighi, Titka Sedyka, Margaret Seegmiller, Matthew Sehatzadeh, Geeve, Sekikawa, Karen A. Semple, Heather Sequeira, Monica Serbanescu, Luminita Sernoskie, Danielle A. Seydoux, Dominique Shaban, Mae, Shaddick, Daniel J. Shafaei, Khodayar Shah, Neepa Shakeri-Nezhad, Ali, Thornhill, ON Shan, Wenjiao Shean, Richard W. Sheffield, Amy Shields, Andrew Shijaku, Ilir, Shipman, Clara J. Shirshekar, Sanaz Shiu, Albert G., Shortt, Robert W. Shostak, Robert D. Shvets, Alexander A. Sibbald, Bronwyn C. Sibma, Walter Siemicki, Mark Silva, Jorge S. Simic, Sinisa Simionescu, Cristian G. Simionopoulos, George Simonovski, Andrej, Mississauga, ON Sin, Courtney H.W. Sin, Terry Hon-Tai Sin, Welland T., Singh, Major Sirkin Hummel, Athene Siu Chong, Stephanie Skinner, Donald L. Slade, Andrew C.B. Slote, Kyle D. Slotek, Kate M. Smith, Adam D., Guelph, ON Smith, Andrew K., Cobourg, ON Smith, Barry W. Smith, Bradley J. Smith, Calvin G. Smith, Daniel R. Smith, Kieron D., Smith, Laura M. Smoka, Maan M. E., Windsor, ON Socha, Steven B., Solari, Walter, Sole, Richard A. Solodukhin, Edward Solowski, Sean J., Sonani, Dhruvakumari P., Soosalu, Rein Sopher, Charles Soppelsa, Alessia M. Sou, Grace Spatafora, Michael A. Spear, Patrick F. Speth, Kristin L. Srinivasan, Balaji, Brampton, ON St-Pierre, Vivian Stamenovic, Natasa, Starodub, Volodymyr L., London, ON Stevenot, Kristal J.R. Stewart, Graeme J. Stickl, Melissa N., Vanessa, ON Stiff, Elizabeth J. Stitt, Ryan B. Stoddart, Eryn A M Storus, Matthew T. Strazimiri, Skerdi, Dubai, Streber, Carolina J., Stryjewska, Agnieszka B., Suen, Po, Sukumaran, Rhonda L. Sule, Joshua, Mississauga, ON Sullivan, Christopher A. Sun, Chaojun Sun, Martin, Sunderland, Jared J. Suppa, Pasquale, Woodbridge, ON Szeto, Ka Sztaba, Marcin L., PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS T Tadrissi, Saeed, Tahmasbi, Reza Tahmoresi, Mahmoud, Talebiani, Nooshin Talebzadeh, Arezoo, Tam, Adrienne Tang, Fan-Ju Susan Tanha, Ali Tappuni, Sal Tavakkolian, Mohammad Mehrdad Tawadros, Myriam Taylor, Michael D. B. Te, Houng Tedesco, Alexander, Temes, Leonard N., Ternamian, Tzoline Terzis, Johnny, Theriault, Catherine G. Thian, Regina LT Thiruvampalam, Sivakumaran, Thomas, Kevin Thomas, Manju Thompson, Kenzie B. Thomson, Andy Ross Thomson, Kirsten Mary, Thorn, Christine M. Tillson, Susan Ting, Shirley Vai Tintinalli, Connie Tiron, Diana, 103

104 INTERN ARCHITECTS Tomas, Eric E. Torrealba, Jessica M. Torrens, Brian S. Tosheff, Tiffany Toussaint, Sabine Toussi, Hadi (Sean) Touw, Katrina Town, Chloe J. Tran, James Tran, Ke Leng Tran, Tuyen Tranquada, Michael J. Trcka, Lubos Treacy, Michael Treuhaft, Stephanie A. Trinh, Chi-Man Trotter, Adam D. Truesdale, Titania Trujillo, Adriana Katherine Trussell, Michael R. Tsang, Man Yi Mandy Tse, Cindy Ho Yan Tse, Eric L. Tseng, Danny Shao Chan Tseng, Shan Chih, Tsung, Gloria Tak Ling Tunon-Marshall, Katya Turk, Jonah, Thornhill, ON Turnbull, Geoffrey A., Twine, James M. U Udoh-Orok, Edem O., Brampton, ON Udoh-Orok, Eno Ecoma Ul Haq, Mansoor, Mississauga, ON Ulfig, Roland E. Unis, Robert P., LaSalle, ON Unterthiner, Richard Uslu, Fatma G. V Vaid, Abhay Valencia, Jose Valente-Gorjup, Francesco Valentin, Rolando E., Van Den Ham, Douglas Mark Van Dyke, Jeremy A. Van Es, M. Karl Van Eyk, Michelle E. Van Spronsen, Ryan, Ottawa, ON Van Ziffle, Eric G. Vandermaas, Marco Vasilyan, Tenny M. Vassighi, Houman Vaz, Alistair A., Vela, Linda Verbanac, Donald Vigers, Jill Vins, Xeniya, Visram, Mohamed Y. Vizaee, Elham, Vo, Lam T., Mississauga, ON Voicu, Gheorghe S.D. Vorstermans-Zado, Andrea M. Vos, Stacie A. Votruba, Michael W., Vrabec, Daniel Vrachas, Elektra W Wah, Jason Zhen-Shan Wakefield, Melissa J. Wampach, Natacha B.A., Ottawa, ON Wang, Frank Wang, Henry, Wang, Qiyou Celine Wang, Xiao Hong Wang, Zhe Warden, Christopher James Warren, J. Douglas, Warshawski, Magdalena J. Wassermuhl, Beth Watson, Darcie, Watson, Susan M., Waxman, Sander P. Weber, Bruno Anthony Westman, Deborah Wex, Anna F. White, Byron T. Whitefield, Hamish, Montreal, QC Whiting, Graham T. Whitley, Danielle K. Wiens, Helga D. Wiley, Shannon B. Williams, Christopher A. Willis, Veronique, Denfield, ON Willson, Ian Edward Wilson, Allan W. Winters, Jordan G. Winters, Michael D. Wolfe, David Wolos, Yara Vanessa Wong, Edward S.C., Wong, Francis, Wong, Howard Wong, Johnathan L.H. Wong, Sandy Lai Shan Wong, Tung Shing Matthew Woo, Kim Yee Woo, Kin Mei Wood, J. Grant, Worrell, Vanessa R. Wu, Harvey Wu, Lauren Mei Hsuan Wu, Wing-See X Xie, Hongling Xu, Yi Xu, Yong, London, ON Y Yagod, Maier, Jerusalem Yakivchyk, Romanna, Yang, Ya-Chih A. Yarbakhti, Ali, Yau, Joseph T. Yee, David Yeung, Cherry Yeung, Martin C.K. Yeung, Sandy Pui San Ying, Joanne Yoshida, Jennifer Akiko Younes, Hassan Khalil Young, Alana E. Yousefi, Elmira, Youssef, Youssef F., Brampton, ON Yu, Anita Yu, Yixin Z Zadrad, Ahmadreza Zakaryan, Vahe, Zandi Fard, Mehdi Zaphiratos, Erika G. Zarei, Ladan Zarififar, Niloofar Zavolta, Giulio, Sherman Oaks, CA Zepf, Diana Zhang, Chun Zhen, Mengdi Zhou, Rui Zhou, Yi I., Zografos, Constantine Zouari, Sonia, Ottawa, ON Zwart Hielema, Karen 104 PROFILES

105 STUDENT ASSOCIATES A Aljebouri, Omar, Alves, Paulo Anderson, Kyle, Londesborough, ON Andrachuk, James Augustine, Bradley W. B Baechler, Amber R. Bailey, Shawn M. Ballantyne, Brian Balodis, Taylor M.H., Sutton West, ON Bell, Kathryn E. Belomorska, Milena P. Bennett, Kate P.A., Bishop, Nathan W. Bootsma, Michael D. Brazeau, Timothy M., Ottawa, ON Breg, Justin F. C Chan, Alexander Chan, Joshua Chi Shun Chan, Karen Hoi-Man Chau, Elaine Chen, Vikkie Yun-Qi Chow, Christina Wing-Sum Cifuentes, Julio, Conti, Miklos Coombes, Shaun Cuda, Raimondo P. D Dehnadfar, Pegah, Markham, ON Demers-Viau, Beatrice Desroches, Ivan Di Donato, Anthony B. Donnelly, Stephen Dopheide, Samantha J. F Ferreira, Jamie V. Ferwerda, Wilfred James Fields, Gary J. Finley, Dave E., Newmarket, ON Fish, Zachary C. Fisher, Nathan R. Freedman, David M., G Galachiuk, Meghan E. George, Miranda N. Gillen, David P. Graves, Jim Grin, Reuben W., Cambridge, ON Gu, Jean Q., Ottawa, ON H Hartney, Matthew D. Hau, Bernard, Hellwig, Andrew, St. Catharines, ON Henning, Matthew, Mississauga, ON Herljevic, Daniel Hickling, Jessica M. Holmes, Lauren H. I Ianni, Laura Issaeva, Ekaterina, J Jarvis, Anna K Kobayashi, Alan Duncan, Waterloo, ON Kuzan, Katherine N. L Lai, Rebecca Hiu-Chun Lalonde, Leanna T. Lam, Andrea Wing-San LeClair, Justin Lee, Andrew K.H Lee, Christian G.H. Lee, Ken Ching-Wah, Markham, ON Lee, Yuen Ying Serena Lemieux, David Lenson, Michelle Li, Kwan Hang Karen Li, Xiao Sunny Lim, Jonathan Y.F. Lin, Michael CC Lioubachevski, Elena Lui, Elaine Yan Ling M Ma, Han MacKellar, Caileigh S. Madureira, Daniel O. Malka, Daniel J. Martin, Brian A. Martins, Hugo Matthews, Stacy-Ann McClanaghan, Ryan A. McConnachie, David, Ottawa, ON McDonald, William G., Gatineau, QC McIlmurray, Shanna L. McIntosh, P. Jason McLachlin, Ian R. McTavish, Daniel J., Mills, Matthew, Thunder Bay, ON Mistry, Reena Mistry, Shevaun K., Whitby, ON Moghal, Ayesha Mozheyko, Julia Murphy, Andrea G. N Nagy, Andrea L. Ng, Jennifer K.W. Nguyen, Khoi Phu Dang Nikolova, Maria Anguelova O O Shea, Kristal L. P Pai, Chang-Ping Perry, Caitlin M. Q Quan, Ryan L. R Radev, Sophia C. Rajarathna, Thilani Reid, Eric S., Ancaster, ON Riddell, Eric Rogan, Ronald Craig, Cambridge, ON Rutherford, Michael J. S Sayah, Saide M. Shi, Joe Smita, Prianka D. Somerville, Sara Soria, Aileen Gabriela Soroor, Mohammed A., Strobel, Sebastian Strong, James J., London, ON Sturgess, Danya E. T Tanfield, John Tchouprikova, Ekaterina Telfer, Christopher W., Essex, ON Thind, Rashpal S., Dundas, ON Thomas, Amanda-Marie Towell, Jessie U Urbanik, Brian Anthony Uy, Stephanie V Veenstra, Anna-Joy W Wall, Brian G., Winnipeg, MB Wang, Shuo Wat, Timothy Wun-Ming, Calgary, AB Waterfall, William James Wenzel, Stephen M. Williamson, John C. R. Willison, Stephen E. Wong, Kenneth Wong, Lisa Suk-Lai X Xiong, Keyu Xu, Ying Y Young, Matthew Yuan, Yifei Z Zhu, Ningxin Zjawin, Arkadiusz G., PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 105

106 RETIRED MEMBERS A Abel, John N. Adlaf, Rudolph Akman, Erju, Chantilly, VA Anderson, Paul S. Ania Blecua, Juan, Apollonio, Bruno Archer, Rodney W., Au, William P.K. B Baker, Richard Charles Barake, Antoine Bastien, Michel Becker, Paul David Bentley, Thomas G., Georgetown, ON Berglund, Bruce A. Bianco, Ernesto Birston, Paul E. Blache-Fraser, Robert I., St. Clair, ON Black, Douglas C., Bobaljik, John, Boreskie, Michael Borghese, Natalie M. Bowron, John Shields Boyd, Malcolm R., Saint John, NB Boyko, Myron E., Brandon, Ronald D., Elora, ON Brock, Peggy Ann Brown, Terence L. Burns, Lori Anne C Cameron, Jane E. Carruthers, James Colin, West Vancouver, BC Celikoz, Abraham Chadha, Bal Raj Challies, George B. Chan, Nancy C.P. Leung, Chan, Robert C.L., Chiao, Heather Lynette Chmiel, Roman, Richmond Hill, ON Chong, Anthony Chi-Tat Choubak, Feridoun, Christoff, Terrance Peter Chui, Leonard L. Clermont, Alexandre Paul Cochrane, Kenneth John, Cody, David Colaco, Irineau C.A. Cote, Micheline, Inverness, CA Coupland, David R. Crone, Norman Scott Cropley, Graeme H. 106 PROFILES D Damanis, Viktor Dewairy, Samir (Sam) Helmy Duda, Klaus P. Dulatas, Avelino H., Iqaluit, NU E Easton, David Ross Ebrahimi, Ben, Edwards, James C., Ottawa, ON Ellis, Brian Edward, North Vancouver, BC Esar, Michael S. Esslemont, John Ross F Fekete, Thomas L. A., Thornhill, ON Ferguson, Robert B. Ferrant, Theodore F. Fowell, James E. Franovic, Vladimir, Ottawa, ON Frederick, Jocelyn Lum Friesen, Rudolph P. Fry, Gregory S.G. Fyfe, Robin Hamilton G Gagnon, Marc L., Newcastle, ON Galanyk, E.A. Galea, Joseph M. Gardonyi, Janos Gauthier, Helene Gilbert, Gordon W. Glickman, Melvyn J., Goodwright, Alan R., Ottawa, ON Gosselin, Yves Robert, Ottawa, ON Graham, Suzanne Crysdale, Greenbaum, Toby Greenfield, Robert Harry Grinnell, Ian Ross Grolle, Kaj J.E., Nepean, ON Grunsky, G. Michael H Habib, Daphne Hakimi, Dalya G.S. Halpern, M. Paul Hartley, Ian Hately, Larry William Hill, Robert G. Hogg, Michael R.M., Ottawa, ON Hulme, William D. Hume, George F. Hunter, D. Lee, Stowe, VT I Ip, Charles Ip, Peter Y.F. J Jacoby, Alan Jakovac, Vladimir Janzen, Paul R. Jarvi-Dunker, Marjut Johnson, Ian R., Oakville, ON K Kassum, Navroz, Kavanagh, Lawrence J. Keenberg, Ronald Douglas, Chelsea, QC Khattab, Hossam T. King, James W. Kirst, Frank J. Klassen, Herbert Knoll, Barry Wayne Kowalski, Nancy, Kowbel, Bruce H. L Lee, Howard C.H. Leung, Gabriel Paul, Liang, Perry Bor-Ling, Lienert, David P. Lilholt, Per, Oakville, ON Ling, Frank C.F. Lipson, Aaron M. Litt, David Edward London, Kenneth Lowry, Rob M MacPhadyen, Murdoch A., Mannell, Steven Stuart, Halifax, NS Marley, R.W., Martin, James M. Martineau, Lucie Nicole Mason, Terence J. Masters, Raymond McBurney, A. Mark, McDonald, James B.A. McElwain, Peter H., Katy, TX McKibbin, Brian C. McKinnon, Robert E. McLaren, Brian L. McQuarrie, Lenard B., Phoenix, AZ McQuire, Curtis C.M., Mendell, Mark R. Menzel, William O., Goderich, ON Mertins, Heinz W., Metz, William B., Ottawa, ON Miatello, Sara Mincoff, Lionel, Cote St. Luc, QC Mocellin, Riccardo G. Mohaupt, Wolfgang G. Morrison, Richard H., London, ON Moskovic, Robert, Mount Royal, QC Murray, Kevin A. N Narale, Arvind Nevins, Paul J. Ng, Lawrence S. Nightingale, Paul Leslie, O Okun, Hershel B., Oman, Karl Ozdamar, M. Kenan P Pajovic, Joseph Pastor, Frank J., Perry, Ronald G. Pickersgill, J. Bruce, Plavsa, Marko Plumb, Helga, Posliff, Robert J. Potter, Paul William Q Quance, Mary Anne Qureshi, Naeem U.H. R Radosevic, Dragan Radulescu, Gabriela Rana, Rajendra S., Burlington, ON Rankin, Alexander J. Rankin, W. Keith, Winnipeg, MB Rasch, Bernard Montgomery Reynolds Macedo, Katherine H., St. Augustine, FL Richards, Thomas F., Port Lambton, ON Richter, Manuel, Thornhill, ON Ridsdale, Cameron C. Rodriguez, Luis, Orleans, ON Roebuck, I. Hillel Rose, Mary Ross, Michael H. Ruthig, Ingrid C. S Sandrock, Sharla Dawn Santos, Edgardo V. Saroli-Palumbo, Anna, Montreal, QC Schwartz, Skip Seleanu, Michael Seymour, Alan V., England Shapiro, Marilyn H. Shaw, Wendy Elizabeth Sheff, Gerald Shepherd, Christopher R., Shepherd, Paul W. Sherazy, Nehad Gamal Shinkoda, Taizo Shukla, Raji

107 RETIRED MEMBERS Silva, Patricio A. Silverberg, J., Skinner, Paul M. Skourides, Alexandros Speirs, Alastair G., Ottawa, ON Steele, Robert E., Strazdins, Herbert Sun, Thomas Szuberwood, Brian C., T Tamm, Toomas Tammer, Aida Evelyn Tawadros, Magdi A. Taylor, David W. Taylor, Shashikant Teshima, Ted Tokar, Brian W. Tomaszewski, Gregory Z. Tong, Henry, Irvine, CA Tory, M.J. Tim, V Vachon, Jacques, Ottawa, ON Vallee, G. Douglas Varias, Nicholas Vicaruddin, Khaja, Edmonton, AB Voisey, Donald A. W Watkin, David Lawrence, Calgary, AB Wayne, Susan J. Webster, Robert Gordon, Ottawa, ON Wellen, Mortimer F., Montreal, QC White, W.R. Wilkinson, James B. Wither, Glen Robert, St. Williams, ON Wolfe, Richard Wong, David S. Woo, Leslie E. Wood, Edward H. Wright, Julianne, Ottawa, ON Wright, Norman A. Y Yang, Charles K.N. Yarker, Douglas W., Victoria, BC Z Zdanowicz, Andrew Zennaro, Alberto LIFE MEMBERS A Akitt, Alan Davison Allward, James L. Ang, Kenneth K.L. Ankowicz, George W. Armstrong, W.G. Atkins, Brian T.E. Atkinson, Lloyd R. B Baker, B. A., Baker, Langton G. Baldwin, Edward R. Balogh, Joseph L., Colllingwood, ON Barel, Paul C.J. Bartha, Julius Bebris, Eriks Becker, J. Keith Becksted, Robert Walter Beecroft, Harvey Taylor Bemi, George Edward Berkowitz, Saul M. Berns, Marcus M., Bett, Malcolm J. Bindhardt, Klaus D. Bona, John S. Booth, Geoffrey Booth, Richard R. Borowiecki, W.P. Bowman, Denis Mortlock, Caledon, ON Boyce, William Young Melvil Briggs, Robert Edward Brooks, Brian M. Bunten, Ekkehard Alfred Burgoyne, Reginald Vernon Blac Butler, Anthony, Hamilton, ON C Carrothers, Gerald A.P. Cartwright, Barry John Cash, Donald, Lunenburg, NS Chapman, Donald Nelson, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Chapman, Howard Dennison Chiu, S.K. (Alex) Christie, Margaret Connidis, Andrew J. Consiglio, Graeme Cesare, Ottawa, ON Cooper, Arnie O., Winnipeg, MB Couchman, John Charles Craig, James Basil, Ottawa, ON D Daniel, Peter Daniels, John Henry Davies, Gerald A., De Pesthy, Joseph L., Dibben, Adele Donaldson, J.M. Dorval, Charles Dunker, Klaus Dunlop, Earl R. Duschenes, Rolf E Etherington, Alfred Bruce, Honolulu, HI F Fenner, Richard Flack, Edric C. Flanagan, Walter A. Flanders, John Fliess, Henry Foster, Kenneth Henry Freedman, Gerald S. Fullerton, Edward Wilson Furuya, Zenbei, Thornhill, ON G Gabor, Emil Gatszegi, Tibor M., Ottawa, ON Gerskup, Joseph Giller, Marvin Gillespie, Bernard J., Gitt, Manfred, Glaister, Ronald M. Godel, Sydney L., Montreal, QC Goering, Peter L.E. Graham, Robert J. Greenberg, Charles D. Greenberg, John Greer, William Newton Griffiths, Anthony J. Gross, Mortimer D. H Hagadorn, Larry F., St. Catharines, ON Halko, L.A., Hallford, Donald G. Hanley, A. Douglas Hanna, Alan H. Hanna, Saad F. Harkness, John J. Heaton, A. McD., Ottawa, ON Heck, Geoffrey Charles Heinonen, Stanley F., Hillier, Lloyd Ernest Hogg, Alan D. Hollingsworth, W. G. Hopper, Frederick Houlbjerg, Vagn, Hubicki, John M. Humphreys, Barbara Alice Hunt, Brian R. I Ind, Charles P., Edmonton, AB J Jarosz, George A. Jarrett, Claude Stephan Johnson, Douglas Cumming Jones, Michael H.V. K Kalin, Isadore Kanga, Dinshaw D., Keen, Kenneth L. Kembar, Ross, Lakefield, ON Kershaw, Paul A. Keywan, James Walter Kobayashi, Ronald S., Markham, ON Konopacki, T. Korsal, Bilgin Korulis, Gaston Kozma, Paul O. Kurland, Jerry A., Longwood, FL PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS L Laikve, Guido E. Lambert, Martin James Lambert, Phyllis Lambooy, Nicolaas, Belleville, ON Landau, Aaron Langmead, L.S. Lanik, Edward I. Lazic, Vera Leslie, Richard R., Ottawa, ON Levec, Frank Levine, Allan M., Thornhill, ON Lewandowski, W.J. Lobban, William Love, John B. Luk, Shing Yip M Macdonald, Edward A. Maceluch, Walter J. MacInnis, Garfield A Malik, Dharam P., Mar, Jack Bing March, Ronald John, Waterloo, ON Marien, Andre Marinoff, Ivan A. Mark, Gilbert Marko, Victor S., Kelowna, BC 107

108 LIFE MEMBERS Marsh, Victor Martin, H. Ian Martin, William Thomas Matsui, Ichiro Roy Matus, Vladimir May, John Sinclair May, Manfred J. Mayer, Walter E., Mayne, Frank E., Brockville, ON McIntyre, Donald Badger McLean, J. Malcolm, Ottawa, ON McRoberts, A. Norman Medwecki, Joseph A. Middleton, Charles Moeller, Charles H. Moffet, William J. Moriyama, Raymond Murray, Bruce Robert, Tiny, ON Murray, Timothy V., Ottawa, ON N Nagy, Sandor, Ottawa, ON Nelson, Earl A. Nelson, Lorne T. Nesbitt, William Harold O Okamura, George K., Olson, J. Julien Overstrom, Carl-Eric, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Owen, Kingsley R. P Pacek, Joseph Patel, Kanti M. Patterson, David C. Pencak, L. Perks, Christina, Petroff, Henry Piccaluga, Aldo Polson, Gordon F., Markham, ON Praetorius, Wolfgang, Markham, ON R Rankin, Donald G. Rankin, John C. Rebanks, Leslie, Richards, Idwal David Ritchie, Donald George Riva, Aldo Rolph, Anthony P. Ross, Alistair Roze, Andris E. Ruchlewicz, MFS Ruebsam, Ingo, London, ON Russell, Arthur John, Dunrobin, ON S Sai-Chew, D.M. Salter, William Millet Seligman, Seymour A.J. Senior, Desmond John Sharon, Hanoch, Ottawa, ON Sharp, Lionel C. Shaw, John N. Shelley, Charles I. Shenkman, Stanley R. Sherriff, Wallace E., Mississauga, ON Sherwood, James H. Shukla, Jack Smedley, Gordon J., Sault Ste. Marie, ON Smith, Robert E. Sobiski, Kenneth C., Leith, ON Soter, Emery I. Stafford, Paul M.W. Starczewski, Henry Stasios, Nicolas, Stecura, Ihor Stefanovic, Cedomir, Stefura, John Stevenson, Glenn A.A. Stewart, Herbert Stickel, Ruth-Margrit Stirling, Ronald J., Stoker, Patrick McG. Stone, Norman R. Sullivan, John S. Sweetman, Rollick, Richmond Hill, ON T Tameanko, Marvin M. Tampold, Elmar Taylor, Alexander R. Taylor, Arthur F. Thompson, Fred S. Tisch, Fedor, Tymoshuk, John, Hamilton, ON U Underhill, D.M. V Vahi, Ernest van Ginkel, Blanche L. W Waisman, Allan H., Vancouver, BC Wakayama, H. Peter, Wark, Ronald L.M. Warren, Alan P. Weir, John Walter Wells, John Malcolm Westren, J. Hugh, Wilkes, Peter G. Wilson, George D. Wise, Richard C.S. Wong, Boe D. Wong, Jacob Wood, James W., Z Zuk, Radoslav, Montreal, QC HONORARY MEMBERS A Abram, George S. Allen, C. Michael Arnold, Jeanne Ayres, Kelly B Brunner, P. John, C Cameron, Christina Clasby, Phyllis Cohen, Howard E. Crombie, David F Fram, Stephen, Flesherton, ON G Gretton, Robert H Hall, Barbara Harris, Daphne K Kehoe, Timothy L Lee, Douglas H., Leitch Crase, Martha J.S. M McKnight, Ronald A. Miller, Maxwell J., Mitchell, Lorne S., Collingwood, ON Morgan, David Myers, Rollo N Nathwani, Rashmi, Neville, G. Douglas, Port Hope, ON Nixon, Harry P Parks, Brian Pellicano, France, Kingston, ON R Rayman, Irv Richardson, Peter Roberts, Alfred C. Robertson, Derry M., Picton, ON T Teron, William Treves, Byron Y Yolles, Morden Z Zeidler, Margaret 108 PROFILES

109 INDEX TO ADVERTISERS ACOUSTICAL DISTRIBUTORS OAS...40 ACOUSTICAL ENGINEERS HGC Engineering Ltd Valcoustics Canada Ltd ALUMINUM DOORS/WINDOWS/ CURTAIN WALLS Commdoor Aluminum... 14, 41 ARCHITECTS ACI Wright Architects Inc AREA, Architects Rasch Eckler Associates Ltd DTAH (du Toit Allsopp Hillier)...60 HDR Architecture Associates, Inc , 47, 51, 62 HOK Architects Corporation... 52, 62 Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects Inc NORR Limited...46, 52, 66 Peter A. Gabor Architect...67 Snyder & Associates Inc...69 ARCHITECTURAL ACOUSTICS Valcoustics Canada Ltd ARCHITECTURAL ADHESIVES & SEALANTS Mapei Inc ARCHITECTURAL COATINGS DuRock Alfacing International Ltd....Inside Front Cover ARCHITECTURAL COATINGS & EXTERIOR WALL CLADDING SYSTEMS Durabond Products Limited... 41, Outside Back Cover ARCHITECTURAL GLASS Fenzi North America Inc ARCHITECTURAL SURFACES Forms & Surfaces... 37, 42 BIKE RACKS Bike Rack Mfg. & Dist. Co BRICK MANUFACTURERS/SUPPLIERS Arriscraft International...55 Hanson Brick Canada... 6 Thames Valley Brick & Tile... 30, 41 BUILDING CODE CONSULTANTS LMDG Building Code Consultants Ltd..85 CARPENTERS COUNCIL UNION LOCAL 27 Carpenters District Council of Ontario...12 CARPET Mapei Inc CHUTES SYSTEMS - RECYCLING/ WASTE/LINEN Wilkinson Chutes Canada...53 CLAY PAVING BRICKS Thames Valley Brick & Tile...30 CLOSETS Komandor Canada Closets & Doors Inc... 9 CODE ENFORCEMENT Ontario Building Officials Association...32 CONCRETE FLOORING/FINISHING Concrete Flooring Association...14 Tri-Con Concrete Finishing Co. Ltd... 8 CONCRETE PRODUCTS Pre-Con...17 CONCRETE RESTORATION Mapei Inc CONSTRUCTION LAW SERVICES Aird & Berlis, LLP...29 CONSULTING ENGINEERS M & E Engineering Ltd DESIGNATED SUBSTANCES & HAZARDOUS MATERIALS Decommissioning Consulting Services Ltd DOOR AND WINDOW WOOD CASINGS Komandor Canada Closets & Doors Inc... 9 DOUBLE DOORS & REMOVABLE MULLIONS Post Latch Industries...67 ELEVATOR/ACCESSABILITY CONTRACTORS Motion Specialties...47 ELEVATORS Delta Elevator Company Ltd Forms & Surfaces...37 ThyssenKrupp Northern Elevator...30 ENGINEERED WOOD MANUFACTURER Nordic Engineered Wood...17 EXTERIOR STONE DESIGN StoneSelex Inc....Inside Back Cover FENCING - ORNAMENTAL Iron Eagle Industries Inc FIBER CEMENT SIDING James Hardie Building Products...40 FLOORING Mapei Inc Terrazzo Tile and Marble Association of Canada...34 Tri-Con Concrete Finishing Co. Ltd... 8 FLOORING - INFORMATION RESOURCE Concrete Flooring Association...26 FOOTGRILLES Ten Plus Architectural Products Ltd GLASS BLOCK & GLASS FLOOR SYSTEMS Thames Valley Brick & Tile...30 GREEN ROOFS Vitaroofs International Inc...40 HEATING AND COOLING PIPING REHAU INDUSTRIES INC HVAC INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROLS REHAU INDUSTRIES INC INSULATION Icynene, Inc LITTER & RECYCLING RECEPTACLES Forms & Surfaces...42 LOUVRES Ten Plus Architectural Products Ltd MARBLE & GRANITE Interstone Marble & Granite Ltd MASONRY SUPPLY Maxwell s Landscape and Masonry Supply...32 MATERIAL HANDLING Wilkinson Chutes Canada...53 MODULAR BUILDINGS NRB Inc MOULDINGS & MILLWORK PRODUCTS Alexandria Moulding...45 Baywood Interiors Ltd NATURAL STONE PRODUCTS Beaver Valley Stone Ltd Interstone Marble & Granite Ltd....3, 41 NOISE & VIBRATION CONTROL Valcoustics Canada Ltd OUTDOOR FURNITURE Forms & Surfaces...42 ROOF DECKING - METAL Epic Metals Corp....5, 41 ROOFING Kemper System America, Inc ROOFING/CLADDING/FOAM PANELS VICWEST...39 SECURITY GATE SYSTEMS Tymetal Corporation...37 SOFTWARE - BUILDING INFORMATION MODEL GRAPHISOFT...40 STONE MASONRY VENEERS StoneRox/Bradstone... 23, 49 STRUCTURAL CONCRETE Mapei Inc STRUCTURAL PRECAST CONCRETE WALL PANELS Fabcon... 18, 41 SUNSHADES Ten Plus Architectural Products Ltd SUSTAINABLE BUILDING PRODUCTS REHAU INDUSTRIES INC TESTING SERVICES (LAB & FIELD) Can-Best...85 TILES Mapei Inc WALL SYSTEMS Forms & Surfaces...37 WATERPROOFING Mapei Inc WHEELCHAIR LIFTS Delta Elevator Company Ltd WINDOWS REHAU INDUSTRIES INC WINDOWS & DOORS Golden Windows Ltd Pella Windows and Doors of Ontario...23 Pollard Windows Inc...42 Strassburger Windows and Doors...51 WINDOWS/THERMAL BARRIERS Azon U.S.A., Inc...39 Specializing in Bicycle Parking Systems and Stackable Bike Racks PROFILES 2013 MEMBERSHIP GUIDE of the ONTARIO ASSOCIATION OF ARCHITECTS 109


111 Barrie Showroom Toronto/GTA Showroom Ottawa/Nepean Showroom Montreal/Laval Showroom 73 Morrow Road Barrie, ON L4N 3V7 T. (705) Eastgate Parkway Mississauga, ON L4W 4T6 T. (905) B Colonnade Road Nepean, ON K2E 7J6 T. (613) Autoroute 440 Ouest Laval, Quebec, H7P 5P9 T. (450)

DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY. Port Credit Local Area Plan Built Form Guidelines and Standards DRAFT For Discussion Purposes

DRAFT FOR DISCUSSION PURPOSES ONLY. Port Credit Local Area Plan Built Form Guidelines and Standards DRAFT For Discussion Purposes Port Credit Local Area Plan Built Form Guidelines and Standards DRAFT For Discussion Purposes 1 Local Area Plan - Project Alignment Overview Directions Report, October 2008 (General Summary Of Selected

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Jasper 115 Street DC2 Urban Design Brief

Jasper 115 Street DC2 Urban Design Brief Jasper 115 Street DC2 Urban Design Brief Greenlong Construction Ltd. Stantec Consulting Ltd. 2017 Overview The proposed rezoning application supports the development of two mixed-use high-rise buildings

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12 REGIONAL CENTRES AND CORRIDORS PROGRAM UPDATE Clause No. 12 in Report No. 11 of was adopted, without amendment, by the Council of The Regional Municipality of York at its meeting held on June 26, 2014. 12 REGIONAL CENTRES AND CORRIDORS PROGRAM UPDATE

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Quayside Site Plan NOVEMBER 29, 2018

Quayside Site Plan NOVEMBER 29, 2018 Quayside Site Plan DRAFT M E D I A P R E V I E W I N A D V A N C E O F D E C E M B E R 8 TH P U B L I C R O U N D T A B L E NOVEMBER 29, 2018 Sidewalk Labs: Who We Are Sidewalk Labs We aim to combine world-class

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FOR SCOTLAND. Response to the Land Reform Review Group

FOR SCOTLAND. Response to the Land Reform Review Group FOR SCOTLAND Response to the Land Reform Review Group 1. The Historic Houses Association for Scotland (HHAS) represents around 250 individually owned historic castles, houses and gardens throughout Scotland.

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Planning Rationale in Support of an Application for Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-Law Amendment

Planning Rationale in Support of an Application for Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-Law Amendment Planning Rationale in Support of an Application for Plan of Subdivision and Zoning By-Law Amendment The Kilmorie Development 21 Withrow Avenue City of Ottawa Prepared by: Holzman Consultants Inc. Land

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Draft for Public Review. The Market and Octavia Neighborhood Plan

Draft for Public Review. The Market and Octavia Neighborhood Plan Draft for Public Review The Market and Octavia Neighborhood Plan San Francisco Planning Department As Part of the Better Neighborhoods Program December 00 . Housing People OBJECTIVE.1 MIXED-USE RESIDENTIAL

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Yonge Street and 3 Gerrard Street East - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report

Yonge Street and 3 Gerrard Street East - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 363-391 Yonge Street and 3 Gerrard Street East - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report Date: May 22, 2015 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Toronto and East York

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STAFF REPORT. March 14, Toronto and East York Community Council. Director, Community Planning, South District

STAFF REPORT. March 14, Toronto and East York Community Council. Director, Community Planning, South District STAFF REPORT March 14, 2005 To: From: Subject: Toronto and East York Community Council Director, Community Planning, South District Preliminary Report Official Plan Amendment and Rezoning Application 05

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Modern Tower Blocks and Apartment Neighbourhoods: Toronto s Urban Asset

Modern Tower Blocks and Apartment Neighbourhoods: Toronto s Urban Asset Modern Tower Blocks and Apartment Neighbourhoods: Toronto s Urban Asset Toronto s heritage of modern residential towers is an important built legacy which distinguishes Toronto from other cities. While

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City of Winnipeg Housing Policy Implementation Plan

City of Winnipeg Housing Policy Implementation Plan The City of Winnipeg s updated housing policy is aligned around four major priorities. These priorities are highlighted below: 1. Targeted Development - Encourage new housing development that: a. Creates

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Table of Contents. Concept Plan Overview. Statement of Compliance with Design Guidelines. Statement of Compliance with Comprehensive Plan

Table of Contents. Concept Plan Overview. Statement of Compliance with Design Guidelines. Statement of Compliance with Comprehensive Plan Table of Contents Concept Plan Overview Statement of Compliance with Design Guidelines Statement of Compliance with Comprehensive Plan Developer s Program Market Objective Benefit to Local Businesses Benefit

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Ann Arbor Downtown Zoning Evaluation

Ann Arbor Downtown Zoning Evaluation Ann Arbor Downtown Zoning Evaluation Options Workbook ENP & Associates in cooperation with the City of Ann Arbor September, 2013 Photo Courtesy of Andrew Horne, February 9, 2013 Introduction Thank you

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Urban Design Brief Dundas Street. London Affordable Housing Foundation. November Zelinka Priamo Ltd.

Urban Design Brief Dundas Street. London Affordable Housing Foundation. November Zelinka Priamo Ltd. Urban Design Brief 1039-1047 Dundas Street London Affordable Housing Foundation November 2017 Zelinka Priamo Ltd. TABLE OF CONTENTS Page No. INTRODUCTION... 3 SECTION 1 LAND USE PLANNING CONTEXT... 3 1.1

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The Mississauga Urban Design Panel

The Mississauga Urban Design Panel Appendix 3 Page 1 David Anselmi, OALA FCSLA David Anselmi studied landscape architecture at Ryerson University and the University of Georgia at the graduate level. Since 2003, he has been Vice President,

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Kassner Goodspeed Architects Ltd.

Kassner Goodspeed Architects Ltd. Kassner Goodspeed Architects Ltd. 29 & State Street Developments Ltd. The Promenade at Robie South Case 20761: Application for Development Agreement Design Rationale The land assembly is a 1.3 Acre parcel

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Subject. Date: 2016/10/25. Originator s file: CD.06.AFF. Chair and Members of Planning and Development Committee

Subject. Date: 2016/10/25. Originator s file: CD.06.AFF. Chair and Members of Planning and Development Committee Date: 2016/10/25 Originator s file: To: Chair and Members of Planning and Development Committee CD.06.AFF From: Edward R. Sajecki, Commissioner of Planning and Building Meeting date: 2016/11/14 Subject

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10 St Mary Street - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report

10 St Mary Street - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 10 St Mary Street - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report Date: May 14, 2015 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Toronto and East York Community Council Director,

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5 to 25 Wellesley Street West and 14 to 26 Breadalbane Street - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report

5 to 25 Wellesley Street West and 14 to 26 Breadalbane Street - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 5 to 25 Wellesley Street West and 14 to 26 Breadalbane Street - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report Date: May 16, 2013 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Toronto

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Montreal Road District Secondary Plan [Amendment #127, October 9, 2013]

Montreal Road District Secondary Plan [Amendment #127, October 9, 2013] [Amendment #127, October 9, 2013] 1.0 General The following policies are applicable to the Montreal Road District as set out in Schedule 1. 1.1 District Objectives The objective of this Plan is to guide

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The Miramar Santa Monica

The Miramar Santa Monica The Miramar Santa Monica Project Description The Santa Monica Miramar Hotel (the Miramar or the Hotel ) has been an institution in the City of Santa Monica since originally opening on the site in 1920.

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Cressingham Gardens Estate, Brixton. DRAFT Masterplan Objectives for discussion. September 2015

Cressingham Gardens Estate, Brixton. DRAFT Masterplan Objectives for discussion. September 2015 Cressingham Gardens Estate, Brixton DRAFT Masterplan Objectives for discussion September 2015 Contents Introduction 1 Project objectives 2 Masterplan objectives 4 Draft masterplan objectives for the Cressingham

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Development Approvals

Development Approvals Planning and Development Approvals Martin Rendl, MCIP, RPP 1 Overview What is planning? Why is planning relevant to architects? What planning instruments apply? Successfully navigating the municipal planning

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1061 The Queensway - Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report

1061 The Queensway - Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 1061 The Queensway - Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report Date: January 28, 2015 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Etobicoke York Community

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Self-Guided Walking Tours Ground-oriented Housing Types. Mt. Pleasant Tour Cambie Corridor Phase 3

Self-Guided Walking Tours Ground-oriented Housing Types. Mt. Pleasant Tour Cambie Corridor Phase 3 Self-Guided Walking Tours Ground-oriented Housing Types Mt. Pleasant Tour Cambie Corridor Phase 3 City of Vancouver September 2015 Self-guided Walking Tours Ground-oriented Housing Types Take this self-guided

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PART ONE - GENERAL INFORMATION Corrected Date: Page 7 Date of Submittal Changed to Coincide with Submittal Date on Page 5 PART ONE - GENERAL INFORMATION A. INTRODUCTION B. Background Miami Shores Village is soliciting responses to this

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to Coventry University

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to Coventry University Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to Coventry University Date of visiting board: 22 & 23 November 2018 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 19 February 2019 1 Details

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Downtown Development Focus Area: I. Existing Conditions

Downtown Development Focus Area: I. Existing Conditions Downtown Development Focus Area: I. Existing Conditions The Downtown Development Focus Area is situated along Route 1, south of the train tracks, except for the existing Unilever property. It extends west

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IMPLEMENTATION MASTERPLAN ROTHERHAM TOWN CENTRE IMPLEMENTATION MASTERPLAN Prepared by WYG for Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council June 2017 Contents Rotherham Town Centre Masterplan Introduction Town Centre Context Opportunity

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Peter Street and 357 Richmond Street West - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report

Peter Street and 357 Richmond Street West - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 122-128 Peter Street and 357 Richmond Street West - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report Date: March 11, 2016 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Toronto and East

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1.1.1 The Role of. the Architect

1.1.1 The Role of. the Architect 1.1 The Architectural Profession 1.1.1 The Role of 1.1.1 the Architect Canadian Handbook of Practice for Architects 1.1.1 The Architect in Society Challenges and Opportunities for Architects in the 21st

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TIBOR VARADY University Professor Emeritus CEU Department of Legal Studies

TIBOR VARADY University Professor Emeritus CEU Department of Legal Studies CEU RENEWS We have a community which shares a spirit of openness. This spirit has sometimes been shaped alongside history, sometimes in spite of history. This spirit needed and needs a home. TIBOR VARADY

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HOUSING ELEMENT GOALS, OBJECTIVES, AND POLICIES HOUSING ELEMENT GOALS, OBJECTIVES, AND POLICIES GOAL 1: To promote the preservation and development of high-quality, balanced, and diverse housing options for persons of all income levels throughout the

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307 Sherbourne Street - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report

307 Sherbourne Street - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 307 Sherbourne Street - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report Date: August 14, 2015 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Toronto and East York Community Council Director,

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Self-Guided Walking Tours Ground-oriented Housing Types. Cedar Cottage Tour Cambie Corridor Phase 3

Self-Guided Walking Tours Ground-oriented Housing Types. Cedar Cottage Tour Cambie Corridor Phase 3 Self-Guided Walking Tours Ground-oriented Housing Types Cedar Cottage Tour Cambie Corridor Phase 3 City of Vancouver September 2015 Self-guided Walking Tours Ground-oriented Housing Types Take this self-guided

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Residential Intensification in Established Neighbourhoods Study (RIENS)

Residential Intensification in Established Neighbourhoods Study (RIENS) Residential Intensification in Established Neighbourhoods Study (RIENS) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In December 2015, the City of Kitchener retained Meridian Planning Consultants to undertake the Residential Intensification

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êéëé~êåü=üáöüäáöüí Livable Lanes: A Study of Laneway Infill Housing in Vancouver and Other Growing B.C. Communities

êéëé~êåü=üáöüäáöüí Livable Lanes: A Study of Laneway Infill Housing in Vancouver and Other Growing B.C. Communities êéëé~êåü=üáöüäáöüí November 2009 Socio-economic Series 09-020 Livable Lanes: A Study of Laneway Infill Housing in Vancouver and Other Growing B.C. Communities The term laneway housing or carriage housing

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71 RUSSELL AVENUE. PLANNING RATIONALE FOR SITE PLAN CONTROL APPLICATION (Design Brief) ` 71 RUSSELL AVENUE Ottawa September 14, 2018 PLANNING RATIONALE FOR SITE PLAN CONTROL APPLICATION (Design Brief) Introduction The intent of this Planning Rationale and Design Brief is to provide planning

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density framework ILLUSTRATION 3: DENSITY (4:1 FSR) EXPRESSED THROUGH BUILT FORM Example 1 density framework 4 ILLUSTRATION 3: DENSITY (4:1 FSR) EXPRESSED THROUGH BUILT FORM INTRODUCTION The Downtown Core Area contains a broad range of building forms within its relatively compact area. These

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Real Estate Council of Alberta. An introduction 1

Real Estate Council of Alberta. An introduction 1 Real Estate Council of Alberta An introduction 1 2 Real Estate Council of Alberta - An introduction Welcome At the heart of Alberta s real estate industry is an organization where people work cooperatively

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For Vintages of Four Mile Creek Town of Niagara on the Lake, Ontario

For Vintages of Four Mile Creek Town of Niagara on the Lake, Ontario Planning Impact Analysis For Vintages of Four Mile Creek Town of Niagara on the Lake, Ontario Prepared by: Upper Canada Consultants 261 Martindale Road Unit #1 St. Catharines, Ontario L2W 1A1 Prepared

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230 Oak Street- Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report

230 Oak Street- Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 230 Oak Street- Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Bylaw Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report Date: February 6, 2014 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Toronto and East

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Appendix1,Page1. Urban Design Guidelines. Back to Back and Stacked Townhouses. DRAFT September 2017

Appendix1,Page1. Urban Design Guidelines. Back to Back and Stacked Townhouses. DRAFT September 2017 Appendix1,Page1 Urban Design Guidelines DRAFT September 2017 Back to Back and Stacked Townhouses Appendix1,Page2 Table of Contents 1 Introduction 1 1.1 Purpose 1 1.2 Urban Design Objectives 1 1.3 Building

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BUILDING VALUE THROUGH DEVELOPMENT BUILDING VALUE THROUGH DEVELOPMENT DELIVERING LONG-TERM RETURNS GWL Realty Advisors is a leading real estate investment advisor providing comprehensive asset management, property management, development

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DOWNTOWN BEAUMONT CENTRE-VILLE: PARKING MANAGEMENT REPORT DOWNTOWN BEAUMONT CENTRE-VILLE: PARKING MANAGEMENT REPORT Prepared for: Prepared by: Town of Beaumont Planning & Development Services WATT Consulting Group Our File: 3364.T01 Date: October 5, 2016 1.0

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MEMORANDUM. I1 District Industrial Living Overlay District 110,703 square feet / 2.54 acres

MEMORANDUM. I1 District Industrial Living Overlay District 110,703 square feet / 2.54 acres Department of Community Planning & Economic Development 250 South 4th Street, Room 300 Minneapolis, MN 55415-1385 MEMORANDUM To: City Planning Commission, Committee of the Whole Prepared By: Peter Crandall,

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Chapter 3: A Framework for a National Land Information Infrastructure

Chapter 3: A Framework for a National Land Information Infrastructure Chapter 3: A Framework for a National Land Information Infrastructure Brian Marwick Overview As a federated county, Australia s land administration systems are state and territory based. These systems,

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Planning Rationale. 224 Cooper Street

Planning Rationale. 224 Cooper Street Submitted by: Robertson Martin Architects Tel 613.567.1361 Fax 613.567.9462 216 Pretoria Ave, Ottawa, Ontario, K1S 1X2 Planning Rationale 224 Cooper Street Planning Rationale Application to City of Ottawa

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MINOR VARIANCE REQUESTED: November 6 th, 2016 Committee of Adjustment 101 Centrepointe Dr. Ottawa, ON K2G 5K7 Re: 83 Hinton Avenue Ave. Applications for Minor Variances APPLICATION OVERVIEW The applicant proposes to construct a

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Architecture (ARCH) Courses. Architecture (ARCH) 1

Architecture (ARCH) Courses. Architecture (ARCH) 1 Architecture (ARCH) 1 Architecture (ARCH) Courses ARCH 5011. Graduate Representation Intensive 1. 3 Credit Hours. This course focuses on the development of visual literacy, graphic techniques, and 3D formal

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Zoning Analysis. 2.0 Residential Use. 1.0 Introduction

Zoning Analysis. 2.0 Residential Use. 1.0 Introduction Zoning Analysis 1.0 Introduction For zoning to be an effective community development tool, it must recognize the unique land use characteristics of the various portions of the community. The Lawrence Zoning

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Identifying brownfield land suitable for new housing

Identifying brownfield land suitable for new housing Building more homes on brownfield land Identifying brownfield land suitable for new housing POS consultation response Question 1: Do you agree with our proposed definition of brownfield land suitable for

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Richmond Street West Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report

Richmond Street West Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 543-553 Richmond Street West Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report Date: April 24, 2015 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Toronto and East York Community Council

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20 Edward Street Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report

20 Edward Street Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 20 Edward Street Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report Date: January 20, 2015 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Toronto and East York Community Council Director,

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Investment Guide. home loans

Investment Guide. home loans Investment Guide home loans Your investment journey With the right finance solution, a property investment can build your wealth and improve your financial security. There are hundreds of thousands of

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CORNER BARWON HEADS ROAD & BURVILLES ROAD, ARMSTRONG CREEK. Artist Impression CORNER BARWON HEADS ROAD & BURVILLES ROAD, ARMSTRONG CREEK Artist Impression 2 Artist Impression INTRODUCTION The Village Warralily will be the activity centre for the Armstrong Creek community, it will

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25 Leonard Avenue - Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report

25 Leonard Avenue - Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 25 Leonard Avenue - Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report Date: March 8, 2017 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Toronto and East York

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Community & Infrastructure Services Committee

Community & Infrastructure Services Committee REPORT TO: DATE OF MEETING: September 12, 2016 Community & Infrastructure Services Committee SUBMITTED BY: Alain Pinard, Director of Planning, 519-741-2200 ext. 7319 PREPARED BY: Natalie Goss, Senior Planner,

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Bylaw No , being "Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2016" Schedule "A" DRAFT

Bylaw No , being Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2016 Schedule A DRAFT Bylaw No. 2600-2016, being "Official Community Plan Bylaw, 2016" Schedule "A" Urban Structure + Growth Plan Urban Structure Land use and growth management are among the most powerful policy tools at the

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Richmond Street West - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report

Richmond Street West - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 457-457 Richmond Street West - Zoning Amendment Application - Preliminary Report Date: March 10, 2017 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Toronto and East York Community Council

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Royal Institute of British Architects

Royal Institute of British Architects Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA Exploratory Board to AKMI Metropolitan College, Athens, Greece in collaboration with the University of Portsmouth, UK MArch Architecture & Urbanism

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4.0 Implementation & Phasing Strategies

4.0 Implementation & Phasing Strategies VISION MANDATE: To ensure that the City Centre Area Plan (CCAP) develops in an orderly, sustainable and fi nancially sound manner: Build Community : Ensure that the necessary infrastructure and community

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COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Comprehensive Site-Planning Overview. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Role of Government

COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Comprehensive Site-Planning Overview. 1.1 Introduction. 1.2 Role of Government C h a p t e r 1 1.1 Introduction Comprehensive Site-Planning Overview Properly planned and conceptualized large-scale developments are benefits to communities, developers, and end users. The essence of

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Director, Community Planning, North York District NNY 23 OZ and NNY 23 RH

Director, Community Planning, North York District NNY 23 OZ and NNY 23 RH STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 2 & 50 Sheppard Avenue East 4841 to 4881 Yonge Street and 2 to 6 Forest Laneway Official Plan Amendment, Zoning By-law Amendment and Rental Housing Demolition Applications

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WYNYARD CENTRAL HOUSING POLICY WYNYARD CENTRAL HOUSING POLICY 1 Policy objectives 1.1 To clarify the approach that Waterfront Auckland (WA) will take to delivering a thriving residential community. 2 Scope 2.1 Covers the approach to

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ST CATHARINES PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE. A story of community, partnership and revitalization

ST CATHARINES PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE. A story of community, partnership and revitalization ST CATHARINES PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE A story of community, partnership and revitalization Our Agenda History of project development Community engagement Project Planning Phase Funding Design The Future

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Director, Community Planning, Toronto and East York District

Director, Community Planning, Toronto and East York District STAFF REPORT September 1, 2005 To: From: Subject: Toronto and East York Community Council Director, Community Planning, Toronto and East York District Further Report Applications to amend Official Plan

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66 Isabella Street Rezoning Application - Preliminary Report

66 Isabella Street Rezoning Application - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 66 Isabella Street Rezoning Application - Preliminary Report Date: November 15, 2010 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Toronto and East York Community Council Director, Community

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Demolition of Three Heritage Properties in the South Rosedale Heritage Conservation District - 5, 7, and 9 Dale Avenue

Demolition of Three Heritage Properties in the South Rosedale Heritage Conservation District - 5, 7, and 9 Dale Avenue REPORT FOR ACTION Demolition of Three Heritage Properties in the South Rosedale Heritage Conservation District - 5, 7, and 9 Dale Avenue Date: January 30, 2018 To: Toronto Preservation Board Toronto and

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PARKING ELEVATING. The Bedrock Real Estate Services team is on a mission THE OF

PARKING ELEVATING. The Bedrock Real Estate Services team is on a mission THE OF ELEVATING THE OF PARKING The Z revolutionizes and revitalizes parking and mixed-use development in Detroit. By Jim Ketai The Bedrock Real Estate Services team is on a mission to revitalize Detroit by creating

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Chapter 10: Implementation

Chapter 10: Implementation Chapter 10: Introduction Once the Comprehensive Plan has been adopted by the City of Oakdale, the City can begin to implement the goals and strategies to make this vision a reality. This chapter will set

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How Does the City Grow?

How Does the City Grow? This bulletin summarizes information from the City of Toronto s Land Use Information System II, providing an overview of the development projects received by the City Planning Division between January

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From Policy to Reality

From Policy to Reality From Policy to Reality Updated ^ Model Ordinances for Sustainable Development 2000 Environmental Quality Board 2008 Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Funded by a Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Sustainable

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1417, , 1427 & 1429 Yonge Street - Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report

1417, , 1427 & 1429 Yonge Street - Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 1417, 1421-1425, 1427 & 1429 Yonge Street - Official Plan Amendment and Zoning Amendment Applications - Preliminary Report Date: March 24, 2015 To: From: Wards: Reference Number:

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The Cannery Marketplace Narrative. Purpose: Site Design Approach: Cannery Commerce District 10/18/2017

The Cannery Marketplace Narrative. Purpose: Site Design Approach: Cannery Commerce District 10/18/2017 The Cannery Marketplace Narrative Cannery Commerce District 10/18/2017 Purpose: A number of entitlements are being requested for the Cannery Marketplace inclusive of a Master Conditional Use Permit (Master

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8350 Broad Street, Tysons

8350 Broad Street, Tysons 8350 Broad Street, Tysons This 20-story, Gensler-designed trophy office building with proposed LEED Gold certification will feature 9 finished ceilings and floorto-ceiling vision glass throughout virtually

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City of Toronto Condo Consultation

City of Toronto Condo Consultation City of Toronto Condo Consultation Public Meetings May 30, June 3, June 4 & June 5, 2013 1 Purpose of the Project Identify and help address issues related to Condo Living Consultation is focusing on: Identifying

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Philippine Capabilities 2013

Philippine Capabilities 2013 KMC MAG GROUP Real Estate Firm Philippine Capabilities 2013 Copyright KMC MAG Group CONTENTS 1. About KMC 3-6 2. 7-8 3. 9-10 4. 11 Copyright KMC MAG Group KMC MAG Group, Inc. is an award-winning real estate

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Place Type Descriptions Vision 2037 Comprehensive Plan

Place Type Descriptions Vision 2037 Comprehensive Plan Place Type Descriptions Vision 2037 Comprehensive Plan The Vision 2037 Comprehensive Plan establishes a range of place types for Oxford, ranging from low intensity (limited development) Rural and Natural

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Update on the Avenues and Mid-Rise Buildings Action Plan

Update on the Avenues and Mid-Rise Buildings Action Plan STAFF REPORT INFORMATION ONLY Update on the Avenues and Mid-Rise Buildings Action Plan Date: May 15, 2009 To: From: Wards: Reference Number: Planning and Growth Management Committee Chief Planner and Executive

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Planning Justification Report for 324 York Street

Planning Justification Report for 324 York Street Planning Justification Report for 324 York Street June 1 2018 This Planning Justification Report demonstrates how the continued use of the subject lands as a commercial surface area parking lot accords

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Bridgeland-Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP)

Bridgeland-Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) Bridgeland-Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) The current Bridgeland-Riverside Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP) was approved in 1980. Since then, a lot of changes have taken place in the city and the

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Director, Community Planning, North York District

Director, Community Planning, North York District STAFF REPORT ACTION REQUIRED 32-50, 52, 55, 56, 59, 60, 62, 65, 66, 70, 72, 76, 80, 85 & 90 Forest Manor Road, 100, 106, 110, 123, 123A, 125 and 130 Parkway Forest Drive, 1751 and 1761 Sheppard Avenue

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Viability and the Planning System: The Relationship between Economic Viability Testing, Land Values and Affordable Housing in London

Viability and the Planning System: The Relationship between Economic Viability Testing, Land Values and Affordable Housing in London Viability and the Planning System: The Relationship between Economic Viability Testing, Land Values and Affordable Housing in London Executive Summary & Key Findings A changed planning environment in which

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INCREASING HOUSING SUPPLY IN ONTARIO INCREASING HOUSING SUPPLY IN ONTARIO Consultation Document Find out more at: www. Consultation Document About this consultation A strong demand for housing and limited supply in Ontario has resulted in

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Affordable Housing in the Draft National Planning Policy Framework

Affordable Housing in the Draft National Planning Policy Framework Affordable Housing in the Draft National Planning Policy Framework Introduction 1. The draft National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) proposes to cancel Planning Policy Statement 3 (PPS3) Housing (2005

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Checker Building Architectural Design and Details

Checker Building Architectural Design and Details Checker Building Architectural Design and Details Dr. Mohamad Nadim Adi 1, Robert Drew 2, Dr. Mohamad Al-Hussein 1 University of Alberta 1, Perkins + Will 2 Introduction Wood is one of the most widely

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770 BROOKFIELD ROAD Site Plan Control Atlantis Investments November 2017

770 BROOKFIELD ROAD Site Plan Control Atlantis Investments November 2017 770 BROOKFIELD ROAD Site Plan Control Atlantis Investments November 2017 Prepared for: Atlantis Investments Inc. Prepared by: Fotenn Planning + Design 223 McLeod Street Ottawa, ON K2P 0Z8 October

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GOALS, OBJECTIVES, AND STRATEGIES GOALS, OBJECTIVES, AND STRATEGIES What follows is a series of goals, recommendations and actions that reflect the themes outlined in the Mineral Springs Vision Plan (incorporated into this document as

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MEMORANDUM Planning Commission Travis Parker, Planning Director DATE: April 4, 2018 Lakewood Zoning Amendments Housing and Mixed Use

MEMORANDUM Planning Commission Travis Parker, Planning Director DATE: April 4, 2018 Lakewood Zoning Amendments Housing and Mixed Use MEMORANDUM TO: FROM: Travis Parker, Planning Director DATE: April 4, 2018 SUBJECT: Lakewood Zoning Amendments Housing and Mixed Use In August 2017, the Lakewood Development Dialogue process began with

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Urban Design Brief (Richmond) Corp. 1631, 1635, 1639, 1643 and 1649 Richmond Street City of London

Urban Design Brief (Richmond) Corp. 1631, 1635, 1639, 1643 and 1649 Richmond Street City of London Urban Design Brief 1635 (Richmond) Corp. 1631, 1635, 1639, 1643 and 1649 Richmond Street City of London Site Plan Control Application Holding Provision Application April 1, 2015 Prepared for: Rise Real

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FEASIBILITY REPORT. 1486, 1490 and 1494 Clementine. Prepared by: Lloyd Phillips & Associates Ltd. For: Ottawa Salus

FEASIBILITY REPORT. 1486, 1490 and 1494 Clementine. Prepared by: Lloyd Phillips & Associates Ltd. For: Ottawa Salus DRAFT FEASIBILITY REPORT 1486, 1490 and 1494 Clementine Prepared by: Lloyd Phillips & Associates Ltd. For: Ottawa Salus LPA File No. 1008 Lloyd Phillips & Associates June 9, 2010 Feasibility Report Page

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The demolition required for the project came before the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) on November 3, 2016, where no action was taken.

The demolition required for the project came before the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) on November 3, 2016, where no action was taken. D E S I G N R E V I E W C O M M I T T E E S t a f f R e p o r t 2072 ADDISON STREET PRELIMINARY DESIGN REVIEW For Committee Discussion/ Majority Recommendation JULY 20, 2017 Design Review #DRCP2016-0002

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