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1 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County mn Mttnmm m > Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton wwwmwwuaaw mmjuuwooo JUM>J1JA~^AK^V^JUWVVMW>JCT3JJ1-->^1>J; JUl_l JW^J^llWJVMWPB SCRAP * * cm** -w > " " Vmu mll r ~~~JL11 w*^* tsrj **A upwwmtmwww, WWmMXXMW""^1 1WMMWl MWM,<H,rlllHll,lMH lkh y

2 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton

3 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton

4 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton

5 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton

6 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton

7 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton

8 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton

9 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton

10 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton

11 _ the satsfacton to WAJOR HE LGHT DROPS DEAD ON PTTSFORD FARM Planned to ^ Brthday Observe 87th To-morrow MOURNED BY MANY FRENDS Won Admraton for Hs Actvty n Cvl War, Busness, Reforms and Church Found Dead Soon After Leavng Home for "Walk MAJOR HARVEY E LGHT Maj-r Harvey E Lght, who was planhs eghty-seventh brth day dropped dead yesterday mornng about : oclock on bs farm, n avenue, Pttsford Major Lghl ap l > bad been n good health of late and yesterday mornng lef the house to walk out upon he farm He was found dead a short tme later Hs death as a great largg,;,, frend-, le made an address al the Ptts ford Grange only a few weeks ago and had attend,-a fun, Major Lght wa- born at Fsh! the-hudson on September 19, 1834, Ms father moved to Harvey was stll an nfant, settlng n old los Harvej Lght went to work on the farm of J ney near Farport He receved a wage of a shllng a da d He worked on a farm for Beven years and then nto the genera] store of Joseph True lerk, Enlsted Cvl War Company (he wn, ( "ol n Rga ml n, h, t;l n whore n 1863 BJ sh-rfl of the county n re+-rnn? to enter th- army \\, enlsted a large number f solder* a company wl Tenth a n, the j tan Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Major Lghts wnr record was q hrl- HOMER ELY DES <>ne He took part n many ongajf?- monts n the lfrhtnjr around Lousvlle Knoxvllo le was actve n the capture of the rebel soneral, John Mor gan At the end of the -war Major Lghl returned to Mchgan and conducte nursery busness and hs farm untl 1ST", when he moved to Westfeld, n the nanu- ) heatng apparatus n lstt he came to Rochester and estab lshed a foundry and machne shop at! State and Patt streets n 1SS7 hs, health faled hm and he save up bus- > retre to hs farm Led Actve Lfe as Farmer After several years, durng whch he rgdly obeyed the nstructons o physcans, he was restored to health and snce that tme he had been l the actve lfe of a farmer He leaves three sons Arthur S Lght, of Roches ter, and ud Fll Lght, of Sagnaw Mch; and a daughter, Mrs J J Kelly, of Ann Arbor, Mch He a member of the ("; A t,, the Army of tbe Cumberland and of the n of Honor Monroe County and Pttsford granges -md of the Brghton a < lnreh Major Lghl tool a promnent part n - ah m prohbj ton, equal suffrage Eor women, and the on of slavery, and all tfre hs heart ; n speakng of the death of Major Lght, one long frends, a man n uly the age of the Major spoke as follows last nght: "The sudden death of Mam- llarvev ght at hs home,n Fast avenue Pttsford, removes from our md! character greatly revered by many He was one of the few Cvl War solders nor and Uanl -lacs and ndssoluble - to day "Not only w d, bll h n dat, for of wt ng the d-st rucl on of hatl el f la prohbton and full sufnlcd to all "H enl < lrslan and a m jcnhnl and supporter of the le an < lnn ns to muand of the A po D n- rm " - le ha v ng on the breastplate the Wrtes Trbute n Verse The followng trbute has been n tten on th- death of Ma or Lghl bj one of old comrad aptn n of Fath! Thy ma n at Bowed Death of tme, halted n ths rale of te ll,, whole *datc of T \,, : llng sp s weak, n the sword he u* Th,l0,"-Vs \nd whare the warrors helmet re //x^c<t-/mhs L E Sutherland f*?2-f Mss Feell Maud Sutn the Deaf, ded home of l n, mh Street es two brothe-h Rev utherland ol ],p ths nll-n-,m Uc home $4AJrtO AT 88; SERVED LONG AS DEPUTY Passng Comes as Great Shock, to Many Frends /f^/ ^y&la^ SERVED FOURTEEN SHERFFS Apponted by Francs A Schoeffel n 1881 and Served Contnuously from That Date Untl Hs Death n Charge of Books and Papers Homer Caswell Ely, for forty years a deputy sherff of Monroe county, ded suddenly last n?ht at tfo 2 Sumner park, aged SS years Mr Ely had been alng only snce day and hs dealth came as a \ to hs relatves and many frends and fellow employees Mr Ely was born n West Henretta o-j Aprl L7, s:, am came to Ro at an early age Ho \ nted a deputy under Sherff Francs A Schoel le n L8S1, takng pa pers n the herfl pff e had been contnually al hs d that dale, Servng under the Followng ds: John \V lauua, Thomas 0 Eodg son, Burton H Davy, John VV Schroth, Thomas VV Ferd, < harles F, Ralcy, Wllam Crag, Wds K flllette, Hurley llanl Ueorgc Brown, (hal- Andrew Welenann and Frederck s Couchm < >n th- cm n <> hs eght] eghth brthdav l : p ng M P dv u a pre sented vll a huge bouquet of flowe n gf n on am felctaton bj Sherff Couch n Mr Kl v n: cred t vv e s lrst vv f- was Hanna \,, daught Vel She ded n sm leavng chldren led \nn c of (m w h ded a ten [d, Sun lghters, lara lane Ely, daughter of h vv n - wth hm, and M - Roj of Laburnum a grand lomer S no nephews Funeral aer cea vv ll take place the home f la nephew, Frank H, Ely, No "7 Sumner park on noon at " oclock The bodl vv ll be to Etuafa for bural Pne Elll Was Only Survvng Member Of One Of -QjlM8 Qlde^tF amtes Em me P Perrn the lastsurvvng member of one of Rochesters oldest famles, ded at her resdence 83 Rdgeway avenue yesterday mornng, aged 80 yeare llcr body was removed to 683 Man street east where funeral wll be held Saturday n noon Mss Perrn was the daughter of Elas Perrn, one of th, -rffs f Monroe county t was after Mr named n that the town of He came to Rochester when a young man and made t hs home He was over 90 when he ded daughter, che oldest of thre the only survvng famlb &*~f3 >T-/ ^ *>f /

12 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Ormrod Ballej Former State Senator Ormrod Des at Hs Home n Churchvlle; Well Known, as Advocator^ Good Roads System "Wllam\ L Ormrod, former State Transportaton Club of New York and Senator and promnent n Socety of the Genesee poltcal He leaves three neces, Mrs Fred and busness crcles of Western New Swab of Cleveland, Mrs Ormrod Ttus York, ded Saturday at hs home at of Rochester and Mrs DeLancey N Boce of Churchvlle, and one cousn, Hlltop, Churchvlle Mr Ormrod was 58 years old and, before takng up hs resdence n ths state, was well! known n the hotel busness, havng j been manager of Royal and Sant Charles Hotels n New Orleans and j the old Clfton House at Nagara Falls j He was also an operator of the Monmouth House at Sprng Lake Beach, N J, at the tme one of the largest hostelres on the Atlantc seaboard Mr Ormrod was born n Cleveland, Oho, a son of Wllam and Catherne Ormrod, and after completng hs ed ucaton entered the telegraph feld He was marred n 1899 to Mss Har ret E Brooks and shortly after took up temporary resdence n Rochester, where he was connected wth the Flour Cty Natonal Bank n 1905 he retred from actve dutes and made hs home at Churchvlle, where he engaged n farmng Hs frst poltcal offce was n 1905, when he was elected Supervsor of the town of Rga, servng for two terms and afterwards as charman of the salares commttee and good roads commttee t was manly through hs efforts that the state hgh from Rga to Churchvlle were con structed Mr Ormrod was elected to the State Legslature n 1910 and held that offce for two terms n 1913 he wa lve offcer of the Perry Vctory, nnal Commsson He w as a church member, and f- gregatonal Church bath Wth th,- Masonc fraternt a member of the Genesee Valley club WLLAM L Ol > ROD md The ll take place from the home lock n Mt Hope Rochest, PROMNENT ROCHESTER BROKER S FOUND DEAD N BED AT HS MERRMAN STREET Correspondence \ Trbute *^J t / Edtor Post Exnres: /3 ^ax /*C> n theteath last weel/ of Mary C j McLaren -Rochester lost a nurse whose lfe was devoted wth rare unselfshness, to the good of her patents Comng!to ths cty from Guelph Ontaro, over thrty years ago she receved her tran ng n the then Cty hosptal and snce has lved almost contnuously n Roch ester Durng ths long perod she mn stered to many resdents of ths cty and through the ntmate relatonshp of nurse to patent and famly she was enabled to exhbt those rare qualtes of womanly charm and untrng devo ton whch endeared her to all her frends Endowed by nature wth strength of character and a hgh grade of ntellect, her professon gave her the opportunty of wde acquantance and servce She was ever unsparng of herself n her devoton to her duty as she saw t and she held herself un swervng n ts performance And yet she was no martnet n her chosen call ng She was a good old-fashoned nurse plus the skll and ntellgence added hy modern scentfc tranng All the<e qualtes developed to an unusual degree made her a welcome guest n tmes of sckness and trouble Manfamles n ths cty wll feel that, they have lost not only a frend but a most valued and beloved member She be longed to them and they can ll affod her loss September Mm Elzabeth Halcv C D T %$?<& * lerday mornng n Huntlagton Park, Cal She W1S hern n VVnles ll 1837 BUd cuue t country n s,"?, makng h-r ho Buffalo " 1873 Mrs Hnley moved to Rochester, where she remaned untl 1901 nuke her homo n Calforna Durng her resdence n ths be waa u church worker, 2 been a member of Alexander Street Methodst Church and Monroe \ Metho l, She alao took ke n the actvtes of Womens Chrs- thn Unon Mrs Pnlev ge w and Leonard and How H Ballej " l ard J B,n and three daughters, Mrs Fred \ Parmenter, Mrs mm Reed n Mra Ho ; of Huntngton m l wll take place from the hom Thomas Porter Pord, wdely known! n fnancal and busness crcles of Rochester, and senor member of the brokerage frm of Ford & Enos, wth offces n Wlder Buldng, was found dead n bed at hs home at 33 Merrman Street yesterday mornng wth gas flowng from an open jet n hs room Coroner Thomas A Kllp who -tgated the case, gave a verdct of dental dec Mr Ford, who was 50 ; and unma who lv - of hs moth s b t 11 ; small lght eft burnng, v mornng, A B he nd durng ng dure to appear al by telephone When there was no response, Mr Enos communl v, th 1 he w retaker of t h Ford home n an effort to learn the cause The womans bus! Mr Knox tha all attemptb t V Mr Ford proved frut 1 vera] men from the off patched to the home, brngng wth them a phyacan, who pronounced Mr Ford dead He was born near Covngton Ky Kochester about He na v Worth joned Rchmond, Mr Charles ED Wo - and M \V M and t

13 m daughters, 1 HDMMUGHTON WAS VCTM OF Been Superntendent of Vaults at Genesee Val ley Trust Co Snce 1911 Dropped Dead Early Ths Mornng &*$**!%** Sezed wth an attack of heart trou ble whle n the offce of the Demo crat and Chroncle, on Man street east, Henry D- McNaughton of 198 Oxford street, superntendent of vaults n the Genesee Valley Trust Company on Exchange street, dropped dead ths mornng, shortly before 8 oclock Mr McNaughton, who at one tme served as county clerk, was born n Mumford and had always lved n Monroe county He was a member of one of several poneer Scotch famles that settled n the towns of Wheatland and Rga a century ago He was rased n ths county and a lfe of actvty and honor won for hm the respect and unqualfed confdence of all who knew hm He waa perhaps best known to the publc as county clerk He held the poston of deputy county clerk for a number of years and n 1882, upon urgent solctaton of frends and of members of hs party, accepted the Democratc nom naton for clerk At that ttme the Republcan ma jorty was about 4,000 n Monroe county, and the party put up a strong canddate to oppose Mr McNaughton Mr McNaughton receved a majorty of votes The dutes of the of fce were fathfully and ably per formed durng the three years of hs admnstraton, and he waa urged to accept renomnaton He declned, for at that tme he was deeply engaged n the project of brngng the Lehgh Val ley Ralroad to Rochester n fact he was the frst man to make ths sug geston and waa the most actve local of the promoter enterprse He was factor n the dev< a promnent ment of a number of nterests whch had drect bearng upon the progress of and Rochester He was prosperty man 0" unquestoned honesty and cal ablty added to wde knowl edge of affars, especally n cty and county Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Upon retrement from the offce of county clerk Mr McNaughton re-j ceved flatterng notces from the; press n 1897 he agan became a canddate for the offce and n the fall of 1907 was nomnated for the pos ton of comptroller for Rochester Mr McNaughton began hs work for the Genesee Valley Trust Com pany n 1911, when the vault was n stalled, as superntendent of vaults n 1873 Mr McNaugton marred Clara V Sloan of Ere, Pennsylvana was a member of the masonc Hje fraternty, belongng to Rochester Lodge, 660 He was also connected wth the Ancent Order of Unted Workmen and wth Clan McNa-ughton He was a veteran of/ the Cvl War, havng served as second leutenant n Company C, Fourth New York Heavy Artllery He leaves hs wfe, and a cousn, Mrs Margaret Smth UNUSUAL HONOR TO NATHAN RUBENSTEN Doors of Synagogue Opened When Q- \Euneral Cortege Stops df,/ t<f>f were pad by the of Ltochester to Nathan Unhe~l-n at th- funreal servces held yesterday morn ng from hs home, No 200 Joseph ave uu- The funeral was one of the largest held n tl rthodox synagogue and a large number of people followed the hearse from the home to the Rochester Hebrew School n Baden street, of whch Mr Rubensten waa a drector A the school a eulogj w delvered by Rosenberg, superntendent of the school, and hv llyan Goldman, pres den! Of lle Chool, The hear- then Stopped at the relh la -lresh lapdel synagogue, n Hanover street, where the were opened n Mr Rubenstena honor Bural was made n the plol n Mounl Hope cemetery" Mr Rubensten was EMS years old and had conducted a hook and avenue for re n Joseph thrlv - wo promnent n the nv was regarded a a man of unquestonable ntegrtj and spent much n an arbtrator h dsputes among Jewsh resdents, who often submtted ther troubles to hm rather han to have them revewed ll the courts Mr Rubensten ed n He real -slat- busness wth bs son, Jacob Rubensten, He was u member of the BNa rth and of other fraternal organzatons and al ecretary of he New Free man Tent, Knghts of the Maccal lb- was a member and forme- offcer of ongregaton Beth Hamedresh Hag del He lev,; Rub s wfe, Km- Ruber v uu Jacob and Ells M Ruben da 1> and J: Unl,rother saac Ruber of Detrot, and fou,er Rubensten, of Brook and \, Sarah Hurwtz, of ths cty, DEATH GOMES TO Mrs Enoch Stoddard ol Roches- 1 ter Des n Baltmore promnentthlanthropst! Engaged for Many Years n Chartable Enterprses; Daughter of Well Ralroad Mal- _ C/ /- Mrs Enoch Vne Stoddaru of 6S South Washngton Street, ded yesl day n Baltmore after a short lllm She leaves one sster, Mrs John W loothout of 1063 East A\ S Ml (chldren, Carolne Washngton and E V Stod Rochester Mrs Stoddard devoted her lfe to chartable and thropc*work, her unusual ab1 an organzer makng her efforts sngu- Bucceasful years of her lfe to chld W< 11 to educaton of chl and partcularly dren For years she was one of the most actve workers n the Chldrens, Ad Socety and Acorn So- Though actvely engaged n wot ths nature Mrs Stoddard found to fll one of the socal Mrs oftb the C< nturj Clu Daughter Ot promnent Man Stoddard,,,, n lcof one ol,,, Roch Balh the combnaton wl and headquan man leaner of the Ro was actve offce n ton was bo vvl ",:1 law durng the ClVll r m n 1878, Enoch Vn- Stoddard, v WamarrU " " tes and death n 1908, waa ts pfe Member <f Many organl/ut- falo Tt on m the - - Th "",n n- one burg u:,r a

14 GEORGE A BENTON, FORMER JUSTCE OF SUPREME BENCH AND PROMNENT N COUNTY ^^TCS^ESATjnS^CERKORT HOME Justce George A Benton, who re tred under th age lmt from Su preme Court bench n the fall of 1918, after 27 years of publc lfe, ded last evenng at hs Spencerport home of anaema Justce Benton had been n poor health some tme and was con fned to ha bed for fve weeks Mem bers of the famly were wth hm when the end came He was n hs 74th year, havng been born May 7, 1848 At the tme of hs death, Justce Benton was an offcal judcal referee, havng been apponted to that poston by the Apellate Court; He also was a member of the law frm of Benton, McKay, Bown & Johnson He s sur vved by hs wfe, Mrs Catherne S Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton years was the head of the mltary branch of that organzaton From the fact, he acqured the mltary ttle of major, by whch he was famlarly known for many years before he went on the bench n 1883, Justce Benton was an un successful canddate for the nomna ton of Dstrct Attorney Three years later he was a successful canddata for the nomnaton, and n the elec ton, defeated Wllam F Rampe, the Democratc nomnee n those days nomnatons were made n county con venton, and hs opponents n the con venton of that year were Joseph W Taylor and C D Kehel n 1899, he was remonnated wthout opposton and retred at the end of hs second term Successful n Poltcs Judge Benton was defeated only once for an electve offce That was Benton, and four chldren, Mrs Ethel Bet-bee of Rochester and Msses Alce and Helen Benton of Spencerport, and George A Benton, jr, of New York When death came to Justce Ben ton, t closed the lfe of a man who had an eventful career He was born at Tolland, Conn, the son of A L Benton and Louse W Alden the lat ter a lneal descendant of John Alden of the Mayflower Hs great-grandfather, Jacob Benton, was a famous solder n the Revolutonary War Hs educaton was acqured at Monson Academy n Connectcut, Wl lams College and Cornell Unversty He graduated n 1871 from the last named nsttuton wth the degree of A B He was presdent of hs class and a member of Delta Upslon and Ph Beta Kappa fraterntes Graduate of Columba After leavng college he taught for one year n Peekskll Mltary Acad emy, and n the followng year en tered Columba Law School, where he was graduated n 1874 He came to Rochetser then, and formed a part nershp wth Pomeroy P Dcknson, whch contnued ten years From 1384 to 1887 he practsed law wth out a partner Justce Benton early took an actve nterest n Republcan poltcs He was one of the organzers of the old Lncoln Club and for a number of SERVCES FOR JUSTCEBENTON n 1893, when he was defeated for County Judge by George E Warner, by a pluralty of about ffty votes n the entre cty He formed a law part nershp n 1887 wth Rchard E Whte, whch contnued for a number of years He was elected Surrogate n 1896 and was re-elected for a second term He was holdng that poston when Ar thur E Sutherland was promoted from County Judge to Justce of the Su preme Court Judge Benton was then apponted County Judge by Governor Odell, resgnng as Surrogate After servng as County Judge two years, he announced hs canddacy for Supreme Court bench n 1908 n that year Justce Edwn A Nash of Lv ngston County retred under the age lmt, and was succeeded by Justce Benton n 1909 For many years Justce Benton was promnent n Masonc crcles He was a member of Yonnondo Lodge, F and A M, Hamlton Chapter of Roch ester Consstory, Monroe Commandery, of Knghts Templar and Damascus Temple He was very actve n the erecton of Masonc Temple, servng as trustee both of the temple and the club He also was a member of Roch ester Cty Lodge of K of P, and Cen tral Presbyteran Church Durng the war, he was head of Monroe County Home Defense League FUNERAL FROM HOME N SPEN- CERPORl T TO-MORROW / YEA MANV MANY YEARS ON BENCH Had Been Judge of Surrogate Court and Serveo lo Terms as Dstret-attorney Funeral sevn-s for former Su preme Court Justce G Mln Benton, who ded al hs home n Spencerport Saturday nght, wll be held at the home to-morrow after noon at 3 oclork The offcatng wuan wll be Dr Clarence A Barbour, and he wll be asssted by Rev Peter Brrell, mnster of the Congregatonal church of Spencer port nterment wll be mad m Mount Hope cemetery Honorary bearers wll be former Supreme Court Juatloe Arthur f Sutherland, Justce S Ncleon Sawyer Justce John B M Stevens, Ju/e Wllam w cark justce Robert f Thompson Justce Nathanel Foote Justce Benjamn B Cunnngham Justce Adolph J Rodenbeck, Ju lascal 1) DeAngels and Justce" Al bert Bewal, all of the Supreme Court- George W Aldrdge, Rchard A Whte and R G H Speed, who was secretary of Justce Bentons -lass at Cornell 1nversty The actve bearers wll be MTCE GEORGE A BENTON Carlton F Brown Clarence W McKay and Byron A Johnson, for mer law partners of Dr Justce James Benton; H Beebe, Frank N Web ster and Glbtrt N Treble Justce Benton leaves hs wfe Mrs Catherne Westerdck Benton; onel George A Benton, jr of Spencerport daughters, Mrs Alexander Beebo, of Rochester, and Alce and Helen Benton, of Spencerport; one brother Wllam Benton, of Waterbury Conn and two ssters, Mrs Mary Chrstopher" and Mrs Nelle West, both of Rock K0Ck" onn

15 Of Purtan Stock Masonc Afflatons George Alden Benton was born Hstorc n Scrapbooks Collecton Tolland, Conn, May 7th, 1848, the son of A L and Lousa Alden Ben ton He was of Purtan stock, hs ancestors havng early emgrated from England to the Plymouth col ony Through hs mother, Lousa Alden, he was a lneal descendant of John Alden of Mayflower fame Hs paternal great-grandfather, Jacob Benton, was a Revolutonary solder He acqured hs early educaton at Ellngton Hgh school and completed hs preparatory work at Munson academy after whch he entered Wllams college where he studed for two years Hs last two years of study were passed at Cornell unver sty where he receved the degree of bachelor of arts n 1871 He gradu ated from Columba Law school n 1874 and was admtted to the bar n the same year Between hs college graduaton and the begnnng of hs legal studes he taught school for one year n Peekskll, N Y He be gan the practce of law n ths cty n 1874 n a partnershp wth Pomeroy P Dcknson Ths contnued for ten years Durng the three years followng the endng of the partnershp Justce Benton, practced alone but n January, 188 7, he formed a partnershp wth Rchard E Whte n 1880 Justce Benton was one of the founders of the Lncoln club and served n the mltary branch of ths organzaton through three presden tal campagns, hs actvtes gvng hm the honorary ttle of major Two Terms Dstrct-attorney t was n 1883 that he frst ap peared n the poltcal arena as a canddate for offce for n that year he was urged by hs frends to try and secure the nomnaton for the dstrct attorneyshp on the, Repub lcan tcket He had been a staunch Republcan from the day he cast ha frst ballot He faled n securng the nomnaton but n 1886 the county conventon nomnated hm, and he was elected He was re-elected and served a second term whch ended n 1892 n 1896 he was elected sur rogate, an offce he held untl 1906 when he was apponted county judge by Governor Benjamn B Odell to serve out the term of Ar thur E Sutherland, who had been elcted a justce of the Supreme court Supreme Court Justce On October 2, 1906, Justce Benton was nomnated by the republcans of the seventh judcal dstrct for the justceshp of the Supreme court, and was elected, takng hs seat on the bench on January 1, 1907 After hs retrement, whch was brought about by the operaton of the statutory age lmt whch compels retrement at the age of 70 years, Justce Benton n 1!19 became an offcal referee for the seventh judcal dstrct n ths ca pacty he handle! cases that were sent to hm by the courts and returned them wth hs recommendatons n Cvc Matters But t was not alone n poltcs and publc offce that Justce Benton dem onstrated hs remarkable mentalty He was always nterested n and promnently dentfed wth cvc mat ters n Spencerport he was actve n educatonal work, organzng and drllng the Spencerport Hgh school cadets He also served as a member of the board of educaton n that town He was a member of the Delta Upslon fraternty, the Unversty and, Mcsone clubw of New York Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hs Masonc afflatons were many and he had been honored wth the 33d degree He was a member of Yonnondo lodge, F and A M, Ham lton chapter, Monroe commandery, Rochester Consstory and Damascus temple He had the unque dstnc ton of beng the "father" or actve projector of movements that resulted! n the buldng of two Masonc tempes, the one n Rochester and the 1 other n Spencerport He was a mem ber of Rochester Cty lodge, K P Bar Assocaton Acton Resolutons on the death of Judge George A Benton wll be drawn up by a commttee apponted at noon to-day at a meetng of the Bar assocaton at the Court House The meetng was called to order by James M E OGrady, who nomated Judge Na thanel Foote as charman Homer E A Dck was elected secretary On moton of Rchard E Whte the followng resolutons commttee was apponted: Rchard E Whte, Jo seph W Taylor, John Desmond, Wl lam W Webb and James L Hotch kss On moton of Surrogate Selden S Brown the followng commttee was apponted to attend the funeral at Spencerport to-morrow: Selden S Brown, Wlls K Gllette, John D Lynn, James M E OGrady, James Mann, George D Forsyth, Stephen J Warren, John W Barrett, Wllam F Love and John A Barhte Florence Kendrck Cooper ^r Mrs Florence Kendck Cooper, ss ter of Ryland M Kendrck, a mem ber of the faculty of the Unversty of Rochester, ded yesterday at the home of Mr Kendrck at rondequolt Mra Cooper was the wdow of Lston Cooper and a daughter of the late Asaber^C Kendrck She leaves, be tdes her brother, one sster, Mrs Wayland R Benedct of Cambrdge, Mass The funeral wll take place from the late home at 3 oclock to morrow afternoon ^ej"^%/^ Ofr/r/3 ETHAN ALLEN CHASE,, Ethan Allen Chase, a former res dent of Rochester, ded Sunday n Cal forna, aged 89 years Mr Chase went to Calforna n the wnter of 1891 as a tourst wth no ntenton of stayng He had been engaged n ths state for a lfe tme n buldng up one of the largest nurseres n the state and the thought of embarkng on a new venture at hs age, an n a new land, never entered hs head He was there three days when he pur chased 10 hgh prced acres and at the age of 60 lad the foundaton for the largest orange grove, wth one excep ton, n the world He had been to Florda where he saw the trees denuded by frost that wnter The frst year he set out on the ten acres 100,000 young trees The next year he bought forty acres am added 200,000 nursery stock; then the slump came, but he kept rght on and after twenty years hs grove had grown to 1,500 acres coverng two and a half square mles Ths grew BO valuable that he and hs three organzed the Natonal Orange Co to e ctrus output of ther 000,000 plant Mr Cha bro ther of the nn erj frm whose ndus try put Hom-oyc Falls m the map l-yltjf ^V/l ^ oca>(> \ Mnute on the Death DeatlTof or Mr Cyr Cyrus F Pane Adopted by the Trustees of Reynolds Lbrary ^JL/ The death of Cyrus F Pame on June 10, 1921, removed from the Board of Trustees of the Reynolds Lbrary one of ts oldest, most fath ful and most useful members He was elected a Trustee of the Lbrary on Aprl 11, 1893, to succeed Mr Mort mer F Reynolds, who had ded on June 13, 1892 Sx months after hs electon, on October 10, 1893, he was apponted Charman of our Property Commttee, whch poston he held untl he was releved from ts re sponsbltes at hs own request n 1917 Of hs servce to the Lbrary on that mportant commttee t s m possble to speak too hghly nas much as hs commttee was charged wth the care of the sole source of the Lbrarys ncome, hs constant watch fulness and economcal, as well as eff cent, handlng of the Arcade property were of the hghest value to the n sttuton whch Mr Reynolds wse and t generous thoughtfulness had e lshed Durng the long perod ot M Panes servce the Arcade was n creasngly handcapped by the compe tton of more modern offce buldngs whch sprang up n ts mmedate neghborhood n the face of such competton Mr Panes commttee kept our roll of tenants surprl full and the recepts from rental prsngly hgh and constant Th cumulaton of unexpended n h has gven u our fund of hgh grade se url les n as n possble by such ell lc< n menj Of the A of the L 1 Mn ee, Such result! would hn \ e been mpo Combned on n the ml tha and fa r dealng n h lo our tenants whch Mr Pane rmly showed, n all these ha m er waa reven led Quel and acton ng n an a nl Rare] n n n v hn and knd) 1 1 j blended nt nn; n fath >u [n th -, he Property ( hs oll wen u,, Lrd, plead- mov u Trusl -1 should l n B has lefl memo Mll < r 1 1 : for h Ou hm are heavll he raved > d we / ma

16 GEORGE A BENTON, FORMER JUSTCE OF SUPREME BENCH AND PROMNENT N COUNTY ^ POLTCS, DES AT HS SPENCERF-ORT HOME Justce George A Benton, who re tred under the age lmt from Su preme Court bench n the fall of 1918, after 27 years of publc lfe, ded last evenng at hs Spencerport home of anaema Justce Benton had been n poor health some tme and was con fned to hs bed for fve weeks Mem bers of the famly were wth hm when the end came He was n hs 74th year, havng been born May 7, 1848 At the tme of hs death, Justce Benton was an offcal judcal referee, havng been apponted to that poston by the Apellate Court; He also was a member of the law frm of Benton, McKay, Bown & Johnson He s sur vved by hs wfe, Mrs Catherne S Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton years was the head of the mltary branch of that organzaton From the fact, he acqured the mltary ttle of major, by whch he was famlarly known for many years before he went on the bench n 1883, Justce Benton was an un successful canddate for the nomna ton of Dstrct Attorney Three years later he was a successful canddate for the nomnaton, and n the elec ton, defeated Wllam F Rampe, the Democratc nomnee n those days nomnatons were made n county con venton, and hs opponents n the con venton of that year were Joseph W Taylor and C D Kehel n 1899, he was remonnated wthout opposton and retred at the end of hs second term Successful n Poltcs Judge Benton was defeated only once for an electve offce That was Benton, and four chldren, Mrs Ethel Beebee of Rochester and Msses Alce and Helen Benton of Spencerport, and George A Benton, jr, of New York When death came to Justce Ben ton, t closed the lfe of a man who had an eventful career He was born at Tolland, Conn, the son of A L Benton and Louse W Alden the lat ter a lneal descendant of John Alden of the Mayflower Hs great-grand father, Jacob Benton, was a famous solder n the Revolutonary War Hs educaton was acqured at Monson Academy n Connectcut, Wl lams College and Cornell Unversty He graduated n 1871 from the last named nsttuton wth the degree of A B He was presdent of hs class and a member of Delta Upslon and Ph Beta Kappa fraterntes Graduate of Columba After leavng college he taught for one year n Peekskll Mltary Acad emy, and n the followng year en tered Columba Law School, where he was graduated n 1874 He came to Rochetser then, and formed a part nershp wth Pomeroy P Dcknson, whch contnued ten years From 1384 to 1887 he practsed law wth out a partner Justce Benton early took an actve nterest n Republcan poltcs He was one of the organzers of the old Lncoln Club and for a number of SERVCES FOR JUST1CEBENT0N n 1893, when he was defeated for County Judge by George, E Warner, by a pluralty of about ffty votes n the entre cty He formed a law part nershp n 1887 wth Rchard E Whte, whch contnued for a number of years 1CQC He was elected Surrogate n 189b and was re-elected for a second term; He was holdng that poston when Ar thur E Sutherland was promoted from County Judge to Justce of the Su preme Court Judge Benton was then apponted County Judge by Governor Odell, resgnng as Surrogate After servng as County Judge two years, he announced hs canddacy for Supreme Court bench n 1908 n that year Justce Edwn A Nash of Lv ngston County retred under the age lmt, and was succeeded by Justce Benton n 1909 For many years Justce Benton was promnent n Masonc crcles He was a member of Yonnondo Lodge, F and A M, Hamlton Chapter of Roch ester Consstory, Monroe Commandery, of Knghts Templar and Damascus Temple He was very actve n the erecton of Masonc Temple, servng as trustee both of the temple and the club He also was a member of Roch ester Cty Dodge of K of P, and Cen tral Presbyteran Church Durng the war, he was head of Monroe County Home Defense League llneral FROM HOME N SPFN- CERPOET TO-MORROW MANY YEARS ON BENCH Had Been Judge of Surrogate Court and Served Two Terms ax Dstrrt-attontcy Funeral servces for fnrmer Su preme Court Justce George Alden BentOn, who ded at hs home u Spencerport Sal unlay nght, wll be held at th- h> to-morrow after noon at 3 oclock The offcatng vman wll be Dr Cla Barbour, and he wll be asssted by Kv Peter Blrrell, mnster of the Congregatonal church of Spencer port nterment wll be made n Mount Hope cemetery Honorary bearers wll be former Supreme Court Justce Arthur E Sutherland, Justce S Nelson Sawyer Justce John B M Stevens, Justce Wllam W Clark, Justce Robert K Thompson, Justce Nathanel Foote Justce Benjamn B < unnngham Justce Adolph J Rodenbeck, Justce Pascal D DeAngels and Justce Al bert Bewal, all of the Supreme Court- George W Aldrdge, Rchard A Whte and R G Speed, who was vce-secretary of Justce Bentons class at Cornell nv-rsty The actve bearers wll be Carlton F Brown Clarence W McKay and Byron A Johnson, for mer law partners of Justce Benton- JUSTCE GEORGE V BENTOJ Dr James H Beebe, Frank N Web ster and Glbtrt N Treble Justce Benton leaves hs wfe Mrs Catherne Westerdck Benton; one son George A Benton, jr of Spencerporf three daughters, Mrs Alexander Beebe, of Rochester, and Alce and Helen Benton, of Spencerport; one brother Wllam Benton, of Waterburv, Conn and two ssters, Mrs Mary Chrstopher and Mra Nelle West, both of Rockvlle, Conn

17 he - Of Purtan Stock Masonc Afflatons George Alden Benton was born Hstorc n Scrapbooks Collecton Hs Masonc Tolland, Conn, May 7th, 1848, the afflatons were many son of A L and he had been and Lousa Alden honored Ben wth the ton He 33d was of Purtan degree He was a stock, hs member of ancestors Yonnondo havng lodge, F and A early emgrated M, Ham from lton England to the chapter, Monroe Plymouth col commandery, ony Through hs mother, Lousa Rochester Consstory and Damascus Alden, he temple He had the was a lneal descendant of unque dstnc ton of John Alden beng the "father" or actve of Mayflower fame Hs projector of movements that resulted paternal great-grandfather, Jacob n the Benton, buldng of two Masonc temwas a Revolutonary solder 1 He pes, the one n Rochester and the acqured hs early educaton at Ellngton Hgh school and completed hs preparatory work at Munson academy after whch he entered Wllams college where he studed for two years Hs last two years of study were passed at Cornell unver sty where he receved the degree of bachelor of arts n 1871 He gradu ated from Columba Law school n 1874 and was admtted to the bar n the same year Between hs college graduaton and the begnnng of hs legal studes he taught school for one year n Peekskll, N Y He be gan the practce of law n ths cty n 1874 h a partnershp wth Pomeroy P Dcknson Ths contnued for ten years Durng the three years followng the endng of the partnershp Justce Benton, practced alone but n January, 188 7, he formed a partnershp wth Rchard E Whte n 1880 Justce Benton was one of the founders of the Lncoln club and served n the mltary branch of ths organzaton through three presden tal campagns, hs actvtes gvng hm the honorary ttle of major Two Terms Dstrct-attorney t was n 1883 that he frst ap peared n the poltcal arena as a canddate for offce for n that year he was urged by hs frends to try and secure the nomnaton for the dstrct attorneyshp on the Repub lcan tcket He had been a staunch Republcan from the day he cast hs frst ballot He faled n securng the nomnaton but n 1886 the county conventon nomnated hm, and he was elected He was re-elected and served a second term whch ended n 1892 n 1896 he was elected sur rogate, an offce he held untl 1906 when he was apponted county judge by Governor Benjamn B Odell to serve out the term of Ar thur E Sutherland, who had been elected a justce of the Supreme court Supreme Court Justce On October 2, 1906, Justce Benton was nomnated by the republcans of the seventh judcal dstrct for the justceshp of the Supreme court, and was elected, takng hs seat on the bench on January 1, 1907 After hs retrement, whch was brought about by the operaton of the statutory age lmt whch compels retrement at the age of 70 years, Justce Benton n 1918 became an offcal referee for the th judcal dstrct n ths ca- handled eases that were sent to hm by the courts and returned them wth hs recommendatons n Cvc Matters But t was not alone n poltcs and publc offce that Justce Benton dem onstrated hs remarkable mentalty He was always nterested n and promnently dentfed wth cvc mat n Spencerport he was actve n ters educatonal work, organzng and drllng the Spencerport Hgh school cadets He also served as a member of the board of educaton n that town He was a member of the Delta Upslon fraternty, the Unversty and Masonc clubs Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County 1 other n Spencerport He was a meml ber of Rochester Cty lodge, K P Bar Assocaton Acton Resolutons on the death of Judge George A Benton wll be drawn up by a commttee apponted at noon to-day at a meetng of the Bar assocaton at the Court House The meetng was called to order by James M E OGrady, who nomated Judge Na thanel Foote as charman Homer E A Dck was elected secretary On moton of Rchard E Whte the followng resolutons commttee was apponted: Rchard E Whte, Jo seph W Taylor, John Desmond, Wl lam W Webb and James L Hotch kss On moton of Surrogate Selden S Brown the followng commttee was apponted to attend the funeral at Spencerport to-morrow: Selden S Brown, Wlls K Gllette, John D Lynn, James M E OGrady, James Mann, George D Forsyth, Stephen J Warren, John W Barrett, Wllam F Love and John A Barhte -J e^oauoh - -,S ur*h ^ok HXV3H W S3WVf A "N snu^ oxoouojj S "J*W *ph ^tmus ur 90mQ **7 V wpounoo PUB fawowy Ethan Allen Chase * Des n Calforna j^ J A ^<*-64UcAAr CC~^ TJthan Allen Chase, formerly of ths cty, ded Sunday n Rve Calf, aged 89 years Mr Chase frst went to Calforna n the wnter of 1891 as a tourst and had no ntenton of stayng nor of engagng n ness He had spent a lfetme to b up one of the largest nun New York state and the thoughl startng a new busness n a new ton nevpr occurred to hm Nevertheless, he stayed Despt hs three score years, he started a new enterprse Three days after hs ar rval he bought 10 hgh-prced and, at the age of 60 lad He founda ton for the largest grove, wth one excepton, n the world leaves hs Wfe, two sons, F and Harry B Chase and a <l ter, Mrs Frank G Newell gef, ft \ Mnute on the Death of Mr Cy Cyrus F Pane Adopted by the Trustees of Reynolds Lbrary ^JL/ The death of Cyrus F Pame on June 10, 1921, remove < from the Board of Trustees of the Re; Lbrary one of ts oldest, most fath ful and most useful members He was elected a Trustee of the Lbrary on Aprl 11, 1893, to succeed Mr Mort mer F Reynolds, who had ded on June 13, 1892 Sx months after hs electon, on October 10, 1893, he was apponted Charman of our Property l ommttee, whch poston lye held untl he was releved from ts responsbltes at hs own request n 1917 Of hs servce to the Lbrary on that mportant commttee t s m possble to speak te>o hghly nash as hs commttee Was ch wth the care of the sole source of tbe Lbrarys ncome, hs constant watch fulness and economcal, as well as eff cent, handlng of tbe Arcade property were of the hghest value to 1he n sttuton whch Mr Reynolds wse and - generous tboughtfulness had e lshe,d Durng the long perod Panes servce the Arcade was laereasngly handcapped by the compe tton of more modern offce buldngs whch sprang up n ts mmedate neghborhood n the face of such competton Mr Panes conn kept our roll of tenants surprsngly full and the n oa rental prsngly hgh n Th cumulaton of unexpended n whch has gh of hgh grade securtes was made possble by such efl <>f the Arcade, seconded by le conomes Of l he Lb arj lomml Such results would have been mpossble wthoul Combned courage and cadton n the >r our paop nt -ml far dealng n n to our tenants whch Mr Pane un formly showed n all tl Qu e nl frm al1 clear n acton :ne\ do 1th a man n \ am l 1 frul an >n hs low ed Board, p 1 1 m tj M Propertj Co move hs nam hm legrl Mll n ul! ]J Bu Ou n th 1 wt hm are hcavllj h nf

18 Detals 4 N MASONRY FOR ^JALfJFJJTURY Thomas Brooks, Past Master of Rochester Lodge, Des UNQUE RECORD N ORDER Waa Elected to Offce 195 Tmes and 864 Consecutve Meet- ^-Attentl&d Thomas Brooks, presdent of the Rochester Lodge Past Masters Asso caton, and one of the most dstn gushed Masons n ths phrt of the country, ded Thursday afternoon at hs home at 42 Glendale Park, aged 78 years He had been a Mason for 52 years, and was the oldest past master of Rochester Lodge 660 F and A M Mr Brooks had a remarkable record of actvty n Masonry He was n stalled an offcer of varous bodes n the order 19 5 tmes At one tme he attended 8 64 consecutve meetngs of Rochester Lodge He entered the or der n 18 69, beng ntated on August Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Mr Brooks was born n Toronto and came to Rochester n 1864 Two years ago hs honors were ncreased when he was apponted representatve of the Grand Lodge of the state of Florda to the Grand Lodge of the state of New York For many years he was em ployed hy James Cunnngham Com pany n February, 1914, hs rght leg was amputated above the knee at an operaton n Rochester General Hos ptal Mr Brooks leaves a son, George B Brooks of Rochester; a brother, J G Brooks of Edon Oho, and three ss ters, Mrs H H Scrbner of Chehala Wash, Mrs Elzabeth Wlson of Lon don, Ont, and Mrs T P Hoadley of Toledo, Oho The funeral wll take place to-mor row afternoon at 2 oclock from the home of hs son, at 44 Glendale Park, and at 230 from Mt Hope Chapel Servces wll be under drecton of Rochester Lodge, and part of the 33d degree wll be used, whch was wrt ten by Mr Brooks Erwn J Lathrop, past master of Rochester Lodge, wll offcate and the lodge quartette wll sng The entre servce wll be n ac cord wth Mr Brooks own desres, as expressed to John B Mullan three months ago STROKE PROVES FATAL TODAY TO PROFWOODLAND r" " * * Mm Offcals of Mechancs nsttute sad ths mornng that hs death wll be a decded loss to the nsttute He was well lked at the nsttuton and hs broad knowledge wll make hs place hard to fll, sad offcals About fve years ago he was actng presdent of Mechancs and was releved only be cause of hs request He was promnent n the lecture feld n 1900 he created qute a sen saton wth hs lectures on lqud ar At that tme he was engaged to speak on the Chautauqua crcut Professor Woodland besdes beng a member of the Chemcal Socety was a member of Genesee Falls Lodge, F & A M, Cyvene Commandery, and of the Tall Cedars He leaves hs wfe, Mrs Anna Woodland; a son Frank Woodland student at the Oho State Unversty master of Ro HOMAs BROOKS,1 on A tl m s _: an Malle aa n the lne < Ul-r dlsbe won w den of Cj unted nto cs n masr for two 1 1 for r of the Councl of or four j hapter of SCUS r-nfor nd 1S83 Rochester y M n l wth dur- 1 1 Brooks never mssed ester nstructor n Chemstry at Mechancs nsttute Des at General Hosptal Was Scentst of Exceptonal Ablty, -ft t*}~ ff*> One of the most promnent chemsts n New Vfn state, J Ernest Wood land, head of tho scence department at Mechancs nsttute, ded ths m ng at 7:20 oclock at the (Sen Hosptal He suffered a paralytc stroke on October 1 On tha late he went to Geneva to address a meetng of chemsts and up- ;on hs return went to hs home at 36 South Washngton treet, where he (was found the next mornng He rushed to the General Hosptal, where he hovered between lfe and death unn tns mornng when the end Professor Woodland w WooBter, Oho, n 1866, son of Leunt Wllam and Mrs w - land, h n\ ng been an (n cer n the Cvl \\;r h- was ated fnm Woo h School n 1885 He attended the Unversty of Wooster from 1887 to 1889 nnd re ceved the of bachelor or scence from Denson Unlveratly n 1803, He was an nstructor at Cooke tny at Montour Falls, N 1 from there he went to edde nstl ne n New Jersey, n 1902 he came to Mechancs lnsttue Professor Woodland was presdent of the aud of the an hemcal Socety 1 1< nen n brngng the natonal con- on of the socety to Roch last Aprl He dd a tremendous m of analytcal work : Rochester manufacturng con cerns H or of the commltt ton of pros- PROF J ERNEST WOODLAND, at Columbus, Oho, and a sster, Mss Martha Woodland of New York of fn nents had not been completed up to noon t s expected tha bura w n take place at Wooster, Oho, and tha tbe funeral wll probably on v\ ednesday meetng of the Rochester Branch of the Amercan Chemcal Socety wll n- held ths evenng at Mechancs n sttute to take acton on the death of ts presdent j MORTUAjJYRCCORD yx n :ml Koch m bs ofl Block, and a of,- band s, l s,,, > Phlp Mrs ad bad p entlre publc k ""j"; up the study the of buldngs he had b a Erbe l" St Paul Btreet perl r

19 and, E SDNEY OSBORN, CANDDATE^ FOR COMPTROLLER ON DEMOCRATC TCKET, DES SDDDENLY AT HOME E Sdney Osborn, Democratc can ddate for Comptroller, ded of angna pectors at hs home at 229 East Ave nue yesterday afternoon Mr Osborn was an attorney, wth an offce n the Grante Buldng He awoke yester day mornng feelng somewhat ll and dd not go to the offce untl 10 oclock Shortly after lunch hs sckness be came serous and Mr Osborn took a car home He was helped nto the house by frends and three physcans summoned, but all efforts to sustan lfe were wthout aval 230 oclock Ho ded at Mr Osborn was unmarred and mad hs home wth hs sster, Mrs Robert W Lace, at the East Avenue address He was nomnated as the Democratc canddate for Comptroller n the Sep tember prmary and had gven much tme of late toward preparng hs cam pagn For two years, whle Governor Smth Was n offce, he was senor audtor at the Rochester State ncome Tax offce, and twelve years ago was Democratc canddate for Assembly- : man At that tme he lved n College Avenue Asde from ths, he has not been a canddate for, or held publc offce Graduate f Mchgan For many years Mr Osborn had lved n Rochester - was born n Tekonsha, Mch, and was educated n publc school* and at the law school of the Unversty of Mchgan Followng hs graduaton, he j came to Rochester and practced law for three or four years Afterward, le went j to New York Cty, where for ten years he j was an attorney for the Ttle & Guaranty any Then he returned to Rochester und snce had been practcng law here He was known among the attorneys of the Rochester Bar Assocaton as a lawyer of lute and scrupulous honesty Kurvrng relatves, besdes Mrs ace-, an Mrs C R Koons, another sster, of 189 ; Wnterroth Street, and Fanne and Harret, j ssters, of Tekonsha and Denver, Col Fnal arrangements for the funeral wll not be made untl relatves n the West notfy Mrs Loee of arrangement h they wsh to be made Mr Osborn was 48 years old Mrs Carolme Bryan TreaaM^ Mrs Carolne Bryan Treat, former ly of Rochester, wdow of Judge Samuel Treat, ded n New Haven, Conn, on October 27 Mrs Treat would have been 99 years old had she lved untl her next brthday Mrs Treat was born n Geneseo on February 12, 1823, of parents whose ancestors took a promnent part n the Amercan Revoluton n 1841 she was marred to Mr Treat and went to St Lous wth hm to lve He began the practse of law and after spendng 36 years n the western cty, they re turned here Whle lvng here, the couple made ther home wth ther) daughter, Mrs N A Jennngs, Plym- outh avenue south, near Troup street, Sxteen years ago Judge Treat ded Mrs Treat remaned n Rochester, untl sx months ago when she moved to New Haven, where she had ahum- 1 ber of relatves lvng ^^J^/L/^A Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton mrs enoch VNE STODDARD DES N BALTMORE Founder of Chldrens Ad Socety and Century Club and Charter Member of Humane Socety Passes A^Mterac^Lllness Mrs? Enoch Vne Stoddare! of 68 South Washngton street, ded yes terday n Batmore after a short - ness She eaves one sster, Mrs John W Oothout of 1063 East avenue, and two chldren, Carolne S Mtchell of Washngton and E V Stoddard of Rochester Mrs Stoddard devoted her lfe to chartable and phlanthropc work, her unusual abltes as an organzer makng her efforts sngularly success ful These were more and more de voted n the later years of her lfe to chld welfare, and partcularly to educaton of chldren, as her exper ence led her to beleve that the hope of socety les more surely n the rs ng than n the passng generaton To ths end sho organzed and was for years one of the most ;vo workers n the Chdrens Ad Socety and the Acorn Socety Though ac of tve! ths+vaur she found tme to fll one of the so cal needs of her cty, and founded the Century Club of whch she was frst presdent Mrs Stoddard was horn n Roch ester, September 18, 1850, beng one of fve chdren of saac Butts and Mary Smles Butts Her father^ a member of one of th early famles of Monroe county settlers, was nt mately connected wth the cary de velopment of Rochester He was one of the promoters and frst- presdent of the Buffalo, Rochester and Pttsburgh Ralroad, then called the State Lne Ralroad He conceved the dea of the combnaton whch resulted n the Western Unon Tele graph Company, and was nstru mental n brngng ts headquarters to Rochester, and was one of the companys drectors For many years he was edtor and part owner of the Rochester Unon, and was actve n poltcs, though never an offce holder Hs sugges-, ton to Stanton, Lncolns secretary of war, was responsble for the draft law n the Cvl War He wrote s v- eral books on poltcal and econom cal subjects n *187 8 Mrs Stoddard marred Enoch Vne Stoddard, MD, who soon after hs marrage retred from actve practse and devoted hmself to phl anthropc work He was for many years a member of the State Board of Chantes and for eght years before hs death n 1908 was ts presdent-] He was author of several medcal works and of one hstory He was member of the George H Thomas Post, G A R-, and presdent of the local chapter of the Sons of the Amer can Revoluton For many years Mrs Stoddard was one of the Board of Managers of the Buffalo State Asylum for the nsane, and was the frst woman to be ap ponted to such a poston n tl" as one of the charter members of the Humane Socety of whch Dr Stoddard was to* ;1 tme be_j fore enterng the Stato Board of Chartes Ths socety later dvded, because of the growth of tho cty and of ts work, nto the Socetes for the! Preventon of Cruelty to Chldren and to Anmals t was n part due to her, efforts that a PJ w" provded for chldren- Before that all youthful offenders v, < wth old offenders She founded and was for many years Ldent of the Chdren Ad socety whch aupph the work of the S P C A of the Acorn Socety whch undertook the mantenance of promsng chldren durng ther educaton More than one man or wom or professonal teacher an owes hs or her start n lfe to unusual socety Tho Century now become one of Rochesters ns - tuttons, s another of Mrs Stoddard tons Mrs Stoddard was a member of St Lukes Epscopal Church and o lenv clubs and socet Ala, lterary -nd others- Her ablty as an organlar ber experence n ths country and n many others, gave her a pro found knowledge and a broad outlook KSh made t possble for her to d-,-ect her energes to the best ad- VaThffuneral wll be from thehome of her sster Mrs J W Oothout, 1068 East avenue, and wll bo prvate y

20 JOHN BURGESS DED TODAY N, PHLADELPHA Left Rochester Saturday To Spend Wnter Wth Hs Daughter Was Strcken Unexpectedly Yesterday * 3Q Yrs n Water Bureau John Burgess, for 30 years an at tache of the waterworks bureau of Rochester, ded at 8:30 oclock ths mornng at the home of hs daughter, Mrs Helen D Gelshenen, n Phla delpha Mr Burgess left Rochester Saturday to spend the wnter wth hs daugh ter as he had done n prevous years te was n excellent health when he Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton n 1872 Mr Burgess marred Sarah M Doodv who ded three years ago ths month Survvng are the three sons and one daughter, as well as one grandson, J Perry, son of John BurgeBackn the days of the old execu tve board, whch was the poltcal power of that perod, Mr Burgess was apponted by George W Aldrdge then charman of the board, and was placed n charge of the dozen or more water pressure statons whch had been establshed as emergency efforts to a prevent water famne He re of these sta maned as superntendent tons for more than three years and untl they were dscontnued Thereafter Mr Burgess was made nspector of wrte-r ppe layng and for more than a quarter of a century was engaged n that branch He supervsed the layng of all of the bs water mans n the cty and t s a part of hs record that not one mam has ever been found defectve Hs knowledge of water gates n every sec ton of the cty made hm nvaluable He to the department dd specal work n the East Sde sewer construcon the Hemlock lake condut con structon and Cobbs Hll reservor Many mles of water ppe n every secton of Rochester were lad under hs nstructon Mr Burgess served under every mayor n the last 30 years Mr Burgess retred from actve servce n the Water Department on June 15, last year At the hour on that day when Mr Burgess was to call for hs fnal pay check employes of the Waterworks Bureau gathered at the bureau offce n the Cty Hall Upon arrvng be was called nto the offce of Engneer Matthews, where he found hs fellow workers gathered, and was presented wth a handsome travelog bag as a testmonal from hs co-workers DEATH COMES TO PROMNENT WOMAN wdely known for her phlanthropc enterprses and socal work actvtes n Rochester durng the past 25 years, ded yesterday mornng at her home at 204 Dartmouth Street, aged 52 years, followng an llness of several weeks Mrs Blumenstel who confned her work manly to the betterment of school condtons, was named durng the summer for the poston of school commssoner, made vacant by the resgnaton of Mss Helen E Gregory but whch was later flled by Mrs Henry G Danforth Mrs Blumenstel sponsored the plan whch later re sulted nto the adopton of mlk for malnourshed chldren nto No 18 School and whch was later followed by every elementary publc nsttu ton of learnng n the cty t was through her efforts manly, that the need of a new buldng for No 18 School was fnally realzed, and later constructed to house the grow ng attendance She was presdent of the Mothers and Parents-Teachers Assocaton of Roehester, untl the conventon last year and prevous to that tme, held many offces of mportanee wth that organzaton She leaves her husband, Joseph Blumenstel; one son, Monroe A Blu menstel; one daughter, Mss Helen A Blumenstel; one brother, Benjamn W Alpner of Kankakee, 111, and three ssters, Mrs A T* Stern of Champagn, 111, Mrs L Degan of Ch cago and Mrs S A Reuler of St Paul, Mnn The funeral wll take place from the home, to-morrow mornng at 11 oclock Bural wll be made n Mt Hope Cemetery JOHN BURGESS left ths cty and after hs arrval n Phladelpha n fact, yesterday morn ng he dd not complan of llness and was n hs usual good sprts About 11 oclock he went to hs room and few mnutes later Mrs Gelshenen beard a nose and upon gong to the room found her lather unconscous Word of the llness of Mr Burgess led to hs three sons n Rochester, John E, Francs R and George W and they left soon after Phladelpha, arrvng before ther father passed away M Burgeas dd not recover con- 1 mk rapdly Death to bronchts The remans wll be brought to Rochester; arrvng rrow mornng, and wll be taken n the resdence of the son, John E of the lngton h wll be avenue The held from St Augustnes Church, has rn n Ro< on j, 18, n the old Ffth dent of ths cty From 1889 to 1891 he served as Den supervsor for th of B( ler of h but for nl been a member ln" Presdent OfPf/s- Mllng Co lf*-r, *?- Dead A Home Matnew Macauley presdent of Macauley-Fen Mllng Company, propre tors of Prde of Dakota Mlls, beleved to have been the oldest actve mller ester, ded yesterday, aged 65 years Mr Macauley was born n Durham, Canada, and came to Rochester when 10 years old He started n the mllng busness on hs arrval here and con tnued untl the day of hs death Ho was a member of the Church of the Ascenson s a member of the New York State Mllers Assocaton leaves hs wdow, Emma E Mac auley; one son, Bert Macauley; one daughter, Mss Emma Macauley, all of Rochester; three ssters, Mrs E H Chappelle, Mss Mary Macauley and J Morrssey,all of New York cty T Funeral servces wll - o at the famly home at 33 Fnch street at 2:30 oclock Thursday afternoon Bural wll be mad- n Mt Hope Cem etery - Daly Death Roll Death Comes To >/y}^b E- D- Chapn Frances Mary Htchcock^ wfe of Edward Dwght Chapn ded ths mornng at the famly home on Troup street Mrs Chapn was born at Ho- N Y on February 15, 1843, and was marred from the home of her parents, at Cncnnat, O, on May 29, 1806 Pror to her marrage, Mrs n had lved n Rochester for a tme and n Aprl, 1860, became a member of the Brck Presbyteran Church Her entre marred lfe has been lved n Rochester and she has mnnt n the actvtes of Brck Church and n the chartable and benevolent work carred on n the cty Mrs Chapn leaves, besdes her hustwo daughters, Mrs Frank H Mrs Paul H Cooper; a ss ter, Carolne E Htchcock and a brother, Wllam F Htchcock /

21 and death ends long 9, career of noted > ll pqsjauemploye MbUry Van Yalkenburg assstant postmaster of Rochester, ded yester day afternoon at hs home at 548 South Goodman Street after an llness of about two weeks Although hs alment was not consdered serous durng the frst few days, and he at tmes showed sgns of mprovement, nevertheless he grew steadly worse,! the end comng about 4 oclock MLBURV VAN VAKB1NB11RG Mr Van Valkenburg was the second oldest employe of the Rochester Postoffce to come n under the present cvl servce condtons, havng been apponted a clerk on M 1886 ls advance at the local offce has ((nsstent He was apponted x clerk on No L 1887; asmt stamp clerk on January 1, mp clerk on December 1, 1900* fnance clerk on September 1, 1907; assstant casher on July 1, 1911; casher on May 16, 1918 and Assstant Postmaster on October 10, was well known among thou sands of Rochesterans, havng been for nneteen years at the stamp wn dow of the local offce Mr Van Valkenburg was born n Pttsford on May 16, 1863 He was promnent n fraternal crcles of ester, havng been a past master nesee Falls Lodgye, F and A M; al tals Root ^ Grotto; a n Hamlton Chapter, ouncl, Ro onsstory US Temple A A O N M S )- was aso a snger of ) nence, havng appeared at many church and lodge affars durng hs lfe He llam M harles Bryant The funeral wll to-morro on at 330 o< from the hon, wll be n Pttsford Cemetery Mason als wll take place at the grave Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton AUNTOFGERMAN FELD MARSHAL DES N CTY SUCCUMBS AFTER SHORT LLNESS Worked AT HOME OF DAUGHTER t for Comfort 19% >f of Amercan Solders Durng War Grandson Ded n Acton n France Emma von Saucken, a resdent of ths country for more than sxty years and whose nterest durng the war was more manfested n her work n provdng comforts for the Amercan solders n France than n the thought than she was an aunt o Feld Marshal von Hndenburg, d rector of the kasers forces, ded ths mornng at 6 oclock at the home of her daughter, Mrs Lucy Whtman, 194 Conkey avenue, after a short ll ness, aged 99 years She leaves two sons, Edward A and George von Saucken; her daughter; eght grand chldren and eleven great-grandchl dren Born n Germany Mrs von Saucken was born n Ger many September 29, 1920, and came to ths country n 1861 Her sster, Leontlna, marred, n the early for tes, Herr Oscar Benngendorf von Hndenhurg and was also a lady-nwatng n the court of Emperor Wl lam, of Germany, father of the kaser Mrs Saucken was o n attendance at the mperal court, and passed her chldhood and early grlhood on a large estate just outsde Berln Leutenant von Saucken suf fered a wound n servce and was granted a long leave of absence Wth hs wfe he came to Amerca and soon became an Amercan ctzen Durng the war her work n knttng for the Amercan solders was con tnuous, and her great prde was n her two grandsons, Lous C Whtman, of the Marnes, who was klled n the Battle of the Marne, June 11, 1918, and Stephen M Whtman, who served as a sergeant wth Battery E, 30 7th Feld Artllery The death of Lous Whtman was a severe blow to her, and she wore all durng the war on her dress a lttle servce pn bearng two stars Many Memores n spte of her extreme age Mrs von Saucken retaned a remarkable keenness of mnd, and remembered anecdotes and ncdents of court lfe whch were very entertanng For the past three centures the von Sauckens have been ntmately ac quanted wth royalty n Potsdam, Berln and Koengsherg The father of the present emperor s a character who loomed large n her memory, and she remembered that hs pranks, whan he was crown prnce, afforded the royal famly both amusement and annoyance Came on Salng Vessel Mrs von Saucken, whose full name was Baroness Grafn von Saucken, wa born n the town of Dantzg, near the ancent home of the Prussan monarchs, Koengsberg, and whle aha lved there attended the old Schloss-krke, the church to whch royalty belonged She was ultra con servatve, and dd not concede any rghts to the people, belevng n the dvne rght of kngs She was very much opposed to the comng to ths country, and made a personal appeal to Frederck the Thrd to gve her husband a poston so that they mght reman at home They made the passage on a salng vessel and because of extremely n clement weather were ten weeks on the trp The steamshp on whch they had at frst booked passage passed them on the frst week out Ths country was very dfferent from what she had antcpated, she sad, but nevertheless she had much happness n her new home MANY AT FUNERAL OF NOTED POSTAL MAN OF ROCHESTER The fnne e of A wlatant Mlbury Van Valkenburg ol H- Kochwhch u; place,,, 1 hum bs lafe n me al B48 Smth < the tljb -- th mc afflllal lo p ced hm - n th n ol hurl AH ll pos attend d h" Van Mn the overflow s ; \l s \ P a - St P Te Judg Joh n h \ Dor Councl M Lalla Rookh 0 n d M Van

22 - WON HGH PLACE ^f^ln, Lfe Passed n Rochester AMONG THNKERS BY HS STUDES Hr-Cl - Wllam Cox, Known World Over, Des n Cty Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton DEATH CALfS WELL^ Dr LeGrand Allen Walker ded yes terday mornng n Rochester after a bref llness, aged 56 years The fu neral wll take place at 130 oclock Frday afternoon from the home at 7 0G Man Street West Bural wll be made n Maplewood Cemetery, Hen SCHOLAR OF OLD CLASSCS Was Credted Wth Dscovery ol Sucalled Homerc System of Reason ng and Ten Pncples for Solvng All ntellectual Problem? Wllam < o\ v- lo bas b< of Rochester for seventy-seven > ded yesterday al No 1^0 Gem aged 90 j ears le W < o\ of Rock sland : daughters, Amj Mrs M\rn Eng: land, of R and Mrs John W/ Ryan, of Dunkrk: t\<- grandchldren and one great-grandchld Alfred Cox, only brother of Mr ded a October 19th al Wenaf "Wash He wa Rochester Wllam Cox was ea, England, on Janarj Baled for Amerca al tn,<r- of 14 years and began work nt He ng trade Flo came to Rod conducted n ths ctj for hrl nne j n Rhd wthn tha n M elam Talors Exchange Mr Co began hs clothng busness n ltochester n 1847 hs Stre b-ng stuated at tha n He old <lohe bpldng, Man streel and North Water street n 1853 le moved bn busness t<> Front streel Roch a most enterprsng Dscovered Homerc System Mr, Co* had manj chars whch stamped hm as an unusual man Although he had enjoyed none of the advantages of a lberal Mr Cox won a hgh place for hmself among thnkers and wrters by applyng h assduously m readng and studyng the s n ha lesure mom nts Mr ox was credted wth bavn- d the led ll>nere system of reasonng and the ten unversal prncples bj whch all ntellectual probl lved From e-rh youth Mr, <")\ spent all hs spare momenta n studyng the clasand n tne be became an encyclopeda formaton concernng the ancent Creeks Hs wen! back far Greek hstory to remotest Aryan 1!- n came to en oj a world wde reputaton denl of lb mel on purely orgnal Jne^ havng a e,nm of th- ancent classcs antagonsthat of most learned schola Was Lecturer and Wrter About thrty as a and wrter He bj oke b fore mat led on to b n the wrtand M- The n n of Seek ad Sght and Brth and Truth" and V "Defnton of the Ten Prn WLLAM COX Mr Coxs lectures on the ethcs t th war and Socalsm Spansh-Amercan at tracted wde attentdn and commendaton Tly Scence of Understandng," a com poston by Mr Cox, was nclosed n a box at the layng of the corner stone of the Court House n 1894 Ths partcu lar composton was prnted and reprnted and won the prase of scores of ntel lectual Man of Many nterests t s possble that Mr Cos caught bs nspraton for hs ltenarj work from hs nn le, >>" Joseph Hun, o 1 "ld Ml, v\ h, been me know a ae a \v rter aa a result of : (jontroversy wth Lord Uacaulay M manj nte He was actve n varous communty m provement projects and among othe nterests started a fund t pro lre proper equpment for the astronomcal -xplorutona Of Lous Swft n 1855 the old Lve <al< baseball ll n/ed n Bochest ter M r < ox served ptan l d< \ oted consder t able tme to the breedng of blooded Tb from hs late resdent e on Tu afternoon at J CJC BROWNELL S DEAD TWO Wcm -/?%/ r Meat and Mlk nspector for Health Bureau for Twenty Years Cory on C Brownell, who ded on Fr day at hs home No 00 BrouSOH avenue, aged S2 years, for twenty years wa and mlk nspector n the Health Bureau He was retred from actve dutes about four 3 b >rn n s,1689 and < durng the Cvl war wth Company K Eghth New lork Heavy Artllery He was a mler of E C Marshall Poll 6 A 11 He leaves one son, F M, Brownell, two brothers, F 1 Brownell, of 1 and Adelbert Brownell! of one sster, Mrs A!f and seven grandchldren The fl wll be held from the house al oclock tomorrow a f r-n Bural wll *ae made n Mount Hope cemett retta,,,- Dr Walker was born n Mchgan, the son of John L and Lyda Allen <; rover Walker He was graduated from the College of Physcans and Surgeons n New York Cty n the class of 1891 He practced medcne n New York for three years, and then establshed a practce n Roch ester He was a member of Rochester Medcal Assocaton, Monroe County Medcal Assocaton, Amercan cal Assocaton, Rochester Academy of Medcne and Rochester Patholog- Socety He was a member of Yonnondo Lodge, F and A M; Ruelr Consstory, Scottsh Rte Damascus Temple, Mystc Shrne He a member of the Oak Hll try Club Dr Walker was a brother of the late Charles Eugene Walker of West Lotta He leaves hs wdow, Mrs Josephne H Walker; two nephews, Allen Vncent Walker of Roches ter, and Charles Leland Walker of cbeago, and a nece, Madge Ethel Walker of Roche DEATH ENDS LONG^ CAREER OF WELL^/ John Chrstan, who ded Wednesday nght at ha home n Dewey Avenue, Barnard, n hs 04th year, saw Roches ter grow from a lttle place n 1852 to a thrvng cty n 1921 Mr Chrstan came to ths cty from the sle of Man, makng the transatlantc voyage on a fast salng vessel, the trp beng consumated n four weeks The Journey from New York to Albany was made by packet and from Albany to Roches ter on the Ere Canal n ths cty he had an actve part tn the constructon of Man Street East brdge over the Genesoe Rver, the job lastng nearly a year, wth all the help n fn 2S m6 m^terea m the vcnty 1868, Mr Chrstan marred Mss at,d-,^e daughter of one of Rochesters oldest famles Her father also came from the sle of Man The couple observed ther sxteth weddng 19a MrS- Chrstan hz Ze dte"7 Mn,EuaSKl,ea,V<!S J*1"6 da^ters, hlu Kmberly of Barnard Mrq Gertrude McLaughln of Normandy AveJ nue and Maud Chrstan of Barnardtwo sons, Wlle E Chrstan ofk SSSS"?hfrt?eeree D ChrlstEof ferg^t-^and^nd^^ **

23 TH HUSBAND DES TODAY; WAS BANKER 52 YEARS For Many Years Was Secre tary of Rochester Savngs Bank Was Formerly Ac tve n Many Cty Organ zatons J/&/<*< Thomas H Husband, for the past 52 years connected wth the Rochester Savngs Bank, ded ths mornng at ^ THOMAS H HUSBAND hs home n the Oxford apartments, 285 Oxford street, after an llness of one week Mr Husband was born n Roches ter on November 21, 184 5", at the cor ner of East avenue and Wllam street and hs whole lfe was spent n ths cty He entered the employ of the Rochester Savngs Bank as a book keeper when a young man and was steadly advanced untl he was made secretary, whch poston he held for many years Hs advce and counsel were sought by large numbers of per sons n the makng of nvestments Partcularly was he consulted by many persons of lmted means before they nvested ther savngs n homes or [other propostons, as he was con sdered to possess excellent judgment and to have a keen nterest n cus tomers of the bank makng wse and safe use of ther money Durng the years of hs actve lfe he took a lvely nterest n publc af fars and afflated hmself wth var ous organzatons, although n hs later years, because of advanced age, he had largely relnqushed these af flatons He was a Mason, and had held membershp n the Genesee Val ley Club, the Country Club, the Whst Club, and the Rochester Athletc Club At one tme he was much nterested n boatng and dsplayed skll as an oars man For many years Mr Husband was actve n the old volunteer fre depart ment, and at the tme of hs death was presdent of the trustees of the Fre Department of the Cty of Roch ester, nc, formerly the Fremen? Benevolent Assocaton Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Mr Husband was a descendant of Hstorc / Scrapbooks one of the poneer Collecton settlers of Roch ester, Thomas B Husband, a Scotch man, who came here when Rochester was only a small vllage Survvng are the wdow, Clara B Husband; two sons, Francs of San Antono, Texas, and Joseph of Ch cago, and one brother, James of Jamestown Funeral servces wll be held from Mt Hope Chapel at 4 oclock tomorrow afternoon, conduct ed by the Rev Paul Moore Strayer The funeral of Jacob Z Rosenbloom, one of the ctys best known orthodox Jews, was held Monday afternoon from the Synagogue Beth srael on Leopold street, whch he or ganzed about 35 years ago Mr Rosenbloom had been a resdent of Rochester for 54 years He was born n Russa n 1849 and came to the Unted States n 1867, comng "rectly to Rochester He was a member of tbe Freeman Tent, Knghts of Maccabees, and was a past commander of the lodge He was a member of the Rochester Cty Lodge, O O F and a charter member of the Jewsh Detry Asso caton For sx years after organzaton of Congregaton Beth srael, whch had the frst large orthodox synagogue n ths cty, Mr Rosenbloom was pres dent Snce then he had served as secretary n honor of Mr Rosenblooms servce to the synagogue, hs body was taken nto the edfce, where a specal was rtual conducted by Chef Rabb Solomon S Sadowsky Mr Rosenbloom leaves a daughter, Mrs Besse Copeland of Rochester; a son, Mchael Rosenbloom of Charlero, Pa; three brothers, Max, Abram and Lous Rosenbloom, and a sster, Mrs Rose Purvln, all of Rochester; three grandchldren, Jeannette and Arnold Copeland of Rochester and Jeanette Rosenbloom of Charlero, Pa ffys George Henry Root George Henry Root, a veteran of the Cvl war, ded Tuesday at the home of a nece, Helen L Bolton, 1216 Man street east, aged 77 years Besdes hs nece, he leaves a nephew Wllam H Snow of Warsaw He enlsted n the Nneteenth New York cava?ry, at Por tage and was transferred to Com pany D 130th New York Dragoons, August L 1862, and was dscharged lune :0, 1865, at Clouds Mlls, Vn 11 was n member of Olbbe poat, Q A R, of Warsaw The funeral s held to-day at Warsaw under drecton of post fytrkt/hj-jt- SAML R CARTER ONE OF PONEER MASONS OF CTY Was Charter Member and Organzer of Damascus Temple and Rochester Lodge of ElksLfe Mem ber of Many Bodes Samuel R Carter, one of the two survvng men who put Rochester on the masonc map years ago, and prom nent Elk, ded yesterday mornng at hs home at 439 South Goodman street, aged 78 years, followng a long llness Funeral servces wll be held SAMUEL K CARTER at 11 oclock Saturday mornng from the home, wth Monroe Commandery ( Knghts Templar, n charge, and nter- 1 ment wll be at Mount Hope Ceme- Mr Carter was a lfe member of Valley Lodge, 109, F and A M one of ts oldest members; a lfe mem ber of Hamlton Chapter, 62, R A M a member of Dorc Councl, 19, R and S M; a lfe member of U roo Commandery, 12 K T; a lfe member of Damascus Temple, A A O N M S; a lfe member of Roch ester Consstory, aud a lfe member j and past exalted ruler of Rochester Lodge, B P O E Mr Carter was a past deputy grand exalted ruler ot the Elks, and was a charter member and organzer of tho Rochester Lodge of Elks and of mascus Temple He was frst mp Orental gude at the formaton ot frst mperal body of tho Bhrlne, and waes a member of the famous old drll corps of Monroe Commandery H He was for many years connected wth the prntng busness and had held mportant postons n vrons ctes He was formerly superntend ent at tho Fost Express The R ter Typothetae wll adopt a res on hs death and wll appont a dele gaton to att m the funeral He leaves hs wfe Mrs Jenne Carter; two daughters Mlle C Al Mrs Frank VV Eastman of Rochester, two ssters, Mrs Ella Groh of ester and Mrs Emma Kolkner of De trot //

24 Z JOSEPH KLEM,^, JEWELER, DED THS MORNNG Had Been n Busness at One Locaton, 82 Man Street West, Snce 1875Was Expert n Repar of For egn Watches Joseph Klem, who had been n the jewelry and watch reparng busness at 82 Man street west snce 1875, ded at 3 oclock ths mornng at hs home, 32 Clay avenue He had been n poor health for a long tme n pont of tme durng whch he had been n busness Mr Klem was Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton -7-, Daly Death Roll Frank N Mandevlle Very Wdely Known,As Muscal Drector Fra rank N Mandevlle, formerly Rochester, wdely known as a muscal drector, ded Sunday after a bref ll ness at hs home, 180 Claremont ave nue, New York cty, aged 48 years He was born n Rochester and hs muscal career began here When but a boy he occuped the poston of organst n several churches of ths cty and served n that capacty wth the Cen tral Presbyteran Church for about of seven years He wrote and produced "The Prn cess la" n ths cty when he was only 19 years old Hs exceptonal ablty n muscal lnes gave to hm the name of "The Boy Prodgy of Rochester" Hs later wrtngs were "The Heathen from Hoboken" and "Carta" Among the lght operas of whch he was con ductor were "The Chocolate Solder," "The Merry Wdow" and "Floradora" nurng the past summer he was muscal drector for the Muncpal Opera Company of St Lous A few days pror to hs llness he was en gaged by an Englsh grand opera com pany n Amerca to act as ts muscal drector durng the comng muscal season He leaves hs wfe, Ethel E Mande vlle He was a member of the Gene see Falls Lodge, 508, F and A M, of Rochester Funeral servces wll be under* the drecton of Emmanuel Lodge, 654, F and A M, of New York Veteran County Court 7&*ooa Attendant s Dead George H Truex, voteran county court attendant, ded of heart dsease, early today at hs home, 76 M hattan street, aged 71 years He was / WM V MADDEN, LOCALARCHTECT, jjdead N BOSTON Had Been n Poor Health for MonthsDesgned Num ber of Fne Rochester Structures, ncludng Two Churches *?ffy,/fcf?l Wllam V Madden of 33 Vck Park B, a well known archtect of ths cty, ded yesterday n Boston He leaves hs wfe, Louse Carrol Madden; one; son, Carrol Madden and two daugh- ters, Emly and Elzabeth Madden;! three ssters, Mrs- James C Comerford, JVnna and Elzabeth Madden of ths cty, and two brothers, Charles and Mchael Madden, both of Boston The body wll be brought to Rochester for nterment Mr Madden was born and receved hs early educaton n Rochester* When a young man he workeel n the offce of J Foster Warner About 20 years ago Mr Madden started n bus ness wth Edwn S Gordon, the frm beng known as Gordon & Madden wth offces n the Trangle buldng Later the frm ncluded Wllam G Kaelber About three years ago Mr Madden wthdrew from the frm and agan went nto busness for hmself Mr Madden desgned several fne struct-res n ths cty, ncludng the Blessed Sacrament Church on Oxford street, Corpus Chrlstl Church and the JOSEPH KLEM ly the oldest merchant on Man street Mr Klem was expert n the reparng of watches of foregn make father, Anthony Klem, was for many years engaged n the res busness Hs brother, Charles Klem, who ded three years ago was prom n the Frst ward nent n poltcs Mr Klem was born n Rochester and hs whole lfe was passed n ths cty He was a member of Wlbur Camp, Woodmen of the World, and of llakatoo Trbe 74, O R md the survvors are two ssters, Mrs Mary C Byrn Wllam Smyth, both of ths cty: or A Smyth of Rochester, and two neces Mrs Mare son of Rochester and mndow of New York cty Funeral servces wll be held Fr day at 9 o- e home and at 9:30 oclock from Heart Church, wll be n ry GEORGE H TRlEX on duty at the Court House yesterday, but early n the afternoon, complaned of llness and went home Mr Truex was apponted to the Court House st,aff of attendants about 15 years ago He leaves a boh, Arthur F Truex lvng n Tuls, Oklal- 1 hs wfe, now n Newark, Oho Mr and Mrs Truex had been n Oklahoma vstng ther son recently and returnng 1 Mrs Truex stopped over at N vst frends No date has been set for the l WLLAM V MADDEN D^^" Man streere:atucmal nastrr;xmn",ldc? hld been for the h S; lotj;: Ble buut slus ( us

25 SherffHstorc Couchman Scrapbooks Collecton Dead Followng Bref llness; ^khad Honorable Career M^*^<~*^ jj~*m< >^c Turn_ Elld Came Early Ths MornngLong Membe/of Na tonal Guard, He Served Wth Dstncton Wth A E F n FranceFuneral Wll Be Held Saturday Frederck S Afternoon n Asbury M E Church y *,, Couchman, sherff of Monroe county, ded at St Marys Hosptal at 6:05 oclock ths mornng followng an attaclt cf appendcts that became* acute last Sunday morn ng Throughout the day yesterday the sherff showed sgns of mprove ment; hs strong consttuton seemed to be trumphng over the malgnant nfecton whch the dseased appendx had started, and hs thousands of frends n Rochester were hopng aganst hope that he would wn through At mdnght, however, hs heart acton became weakened and at 4 oclock the staff of physcans who had been fghtng hour after hour to save hm sent word for Mrs Couch man to come to the hosptal Almost untl the end he retaned conscous ness; as hs stregnth ebbed he con stantly roused hmself to carry on hs struggle for lfe but hs efforts be came weaker To those around hs bedsde he was unfalngly courteous and shortly before hs death ralled suffcently to ask those at hs bedsde about hs frends At 6 oclock he drfted nto unconscousness and wthn a few moments the leader of Rochesters servce men answered hs revelle Funeral arrangements were perfect ed early ths afternoon Prvate serv ces wll be held at 1:30 oclock Sat urday afternoon from the jal res dence on Exchange street, and mme dately followng, the body wll be re moved to Asbury Methodst Church on East avenue, where t wll le n state for one hour Members of George H Yerkes Post Amercan Legon, wll act as guard of honor when the body a lyng n state Publc funeral servces wll be held n Asbury Church at 3 oclock, follow ng whch, companes of the Thrd Battalon, 108th nfantry, N G N Y, and Troop F, 101st N Y Cavalry, to gether wth a number of Amercan Legon posts, wll act as escort to Mt Hope Cemetery At the cemetery, Masonc funeral servces wll be conducted by Frank L Smes Lodge, F and A M Bearers wll be members of the Amercan Le gon, and honorary bearers wll be from varous organzatons of whch Mr Couchman was a member Wth the passng of Frederck S Couchman Rochester has lost one of the outstandng fgures of the last two Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County decades n the ctys mltary and cv lan lfe Hs career s best descrbed as one of servce Hs concepton of ha duty led hm under hs countrys flag at every call she ssued; a hus band and a father, he lad asde hs work to lead a battalon of Rochesters "own" on the battlefelds of France He had served n the Spansh-Amer can War and had left a strong mpress upon the character of tbe Rochester Natonal Guard now commanded" by a man he rased from the ranks Major Couchmans success, regardless of modern maxms, was nether the re sult of push or pull; he advanced step by step n the publc and m servce because he was wllng to FREDERCK S COUCHMAN "stand under" Hs character and hs prncples were as sterlng as hs hon or He was one of the most modest leaders of men that Rochester could boast; he lved quetly and sncerely Hs frends were legon and hs un swervng loyalty to every man who was hs frend was the most notable of hs characterstcs Ths mornng when the news of hs passng was crculated through the cty t was evdent that Rochester had lost one of her best "frends" Cty and county offcaldom was as deeply shocked as were the doughboys that had followed hm through army hard Scottsvlle durng the Twman mur der, the sherff then holdng the rank of captan n command of hs old company n June, 1916, the natonal guard was called for servce on the Mex can border and as commander of the Thrd Battalon of the Thrd Reg ment he took hs command to Camp Whtman, later beng assgned to Pharr Texas He commanded hs bat talon n the famous 123-mle forced n 1 takng offce n ng untl sgn eleco of- march that was covered n 10 d the troops marchng n heav mg pluralty, ng order, wth the thermometer succeedng Sherff Andrew Wcden- degrees n the shade Tho majors 111:11111 Command was mustered out October hs daughter, 5, 1916, On Aprl 13, 1917 R ttalon was recalled for the World War 11 of wth Major Couchman n command The unts saled from Newport News May 10, 1918, and arrved n France May 24, havng traned at Spartansburg, S C, pror to embarkaton Ma jor Couchman v/as sent to offcers school at Langues upon hs arrval and rejoned hs command at Bouboret Woods at the close of hs course The battalon was then brgaded wth the Englsh n tho Dckenbusch sector and saw servce at Abelles n the front lne Later the major took ha men to Vllers Faucon for a rest perod and then Went nto the Hndenburg lne on Sep tember 25 The battalon went nto the front trenches for the great as sault and Major Couchman was wth hs troops throughout the attack at St Souplet Followng the smashng of the lne Major Couchman pushed ahead wth the remnants of the reg ment under hs mmedate command and dstngushed hmself by further advances ordered by General ORyan Major Couchman at the close of the Hndenburg push cabled for 50 volun teers to wade a rver under fre to break up a German poston and hs call brought every man n the reg ment as volunteer The battalon saled from Brest February 2,8, 1919, and returned to Rochester Aprl 2, 1919 Fred Couchman no mltary ttles are recognzed or permtted n the Amercan Legon Was a charter member of George H Yerkes Post, 99 At varous tme he served on mportant commttees and lent sup port to post actvtes n many ways He was one of the few members of the post to enjoy the dstncton of holdng membershp n another vet eran body He was one of the frst members of the Unted Spansh War Veterans,One of three representa tves of Aerks Tost to the Monroe county commttee of the legon, he at varous tmes took an actve nt n the affars of the organzaton When the A W O L Club, com posed of legon members came nto exstence Fred Couchman was one of the orgnal group to sgn bershlp roll He was actve n the support of the Mard Gras, whch orgnated wth the A W O L group About a year ago numerous Masons n Rochester started a movement to perpetuate masoncally the memory Of Frst Leutenant Frank L B who was klled n France E Frank L Smes Lodge came nto be ng, and Major Couch man w senor warden, whch put hm n d rect lne to occupy the char of the worshpful master n another year Recently Major Couchman was elected to membershp n Hamlton shps; the streets of downtown Roch ester were streets of mournng Major Couchman was born n Cobourg, Canada, n 1874, and n hs 13th year hs parents removed to Chapter, R A M Rochester He was marred n 189 6, As a cvlan Major Couchman en and had the prevous year enlsted as a prvate n the old Company A, tered deeply nto the lfe of Rochesle was a e e Smes L Thrd Regment n 1898 hs company F and A Al; Lalla POttO, was called and as a corporal he went M O V P E R; Rochester Con to Hempstead, Long sland, wth hs sstory, A A, S R; Damascus Temregment, the Thrd nfantry beng \ A O N M S; tho B P O later assgned to duty at Camp Alger E, Loyal Order of Moose, the Unted Spansh War Veterans, the Cty Cathe Old Guard, the Km Followng hs dscharge from servce at the close of the Spansh War he was twce called for duty on rot Club Ro -odgo, Knghts of servce at Buffalo n 1912 and at Pythas and the Unted Comme Travelers H< of l n Smth, r 8 \v V of the Automoble of Rochester The sherff and hs famly w bury urch con rs of the As Major Couchmans p th hs electon from the nl to th A o v *- 5 /3

26 t Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Thousands of Cvlans and Solders Attend Couchman Funeral pper left FOSTKK, -roop F horse whch marchrl lhlnd the casson, tearng the majors tardlc nnn horse equpment used on hs overseas mount, Shovel Upper rght Besn-ltK the body ot Major Couchman from hs K-hanKC Surer resdence to tho casson for transfer to Asbury Methodst Church, where t Jay n state yesterday after- Lower Crowds standng- n the road way of East Avenue n front of Asbury Methodst Church as the body was be ng; placed on the watng gun carrage for the march to Mt Hope Cemetery THRER crashng volleys of the bural salute, the flame from the rfle barrels splttng the early darkness of the November eve nng; soft, sweet notes of a bugle soundng the solders last call of "lghts out"; low voced commands, as th mltary escort lned up to leave the cemetery; ran, a movng mass of humanty, men and women, old and young, outlned here and there by the glancng lghts of long lnes of crawlng automobles, and the funeral of Sherff-Major Frederck S Couchman, for whch all Rochester and Monroe County, as well as ml tary frends from all Western New York, turned out yesterday to show the honor and affecton n whch the departed was held, was over "Rochester s, to-day, lke a great famly," sad Rev Dr Ralph S < man, pastor of Asbury Methodst Church, n hs dscourse at the fu neral servce at the Church, "here to Pay a trbute of love and resp [an honored member, and to talk to gether about the great, outstandng tlngs of hs lf0 that sons on us He was a tan, truly democratc n hs (revfs;a fren-d to evy man d and voung, 01 ets of ths cty, to-day, s sayng"

27 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton /s Memorable Demonstraton Never was there a greater demon straton of popular and kndly feelng n Rochester than was evdenced yes terday by the people; the kndly words of sympathy on every lp; the great crowds from every walk n lfe that vsted the Couchman home n Ex change Street all mornng, untl the body was borne to the church n East Avenue to lay n state du-rng the early part of the afternoon; by the throngs at Asbury Methodst Church at the tme of the publc funeral, and whch lned the streets along the lne of March to Mt Hope Cemetery The populace began to fll the church by early afternoon, and at 3 oclock, when the funeral servces be gan, hundreds had to be turned away because the church was flled East Avenue, from Chestnut Street to the west of the Church, to Prnce Street, to the east, was lned on both curbs wth parked motor cars, as were all sde streets leadng nto the man thoroughfare For two blocks on ether sde of the Church, all traffc was turned asde by polce, to allow free movement to the escort bodes and carrages of the funeral cortege The crowds enterng the church were ushered up the north asle, past the foot of the pulpt, where the body lay, guarded by veterans of Major Couchmans old command n the grm lookng unforms they had worn over seas, then back down the south asle to assgned seats The lower floor and balcony were flled and the walls were lned wth people The casket, draped wth the Amercan flag, was all cov ered wth a wealth of floral trbutes, whch were also banked over pulpt and chor loft and rose hgh on the starways to the balcones on ether sde Many Vew Remans n the long processon of persons that moved past the ber were gray hared men, representatve ctzens of Rochester; young men, actve n the affars of the cty, and men n unform, whose nsgna 6howed membershp n almost every fghtng dvson of the A E F There was the Old Guard of Rochester, n cvlan clothes, every member a veteran of some war Also groups of men representng Masonc bodes, Elks, Moose and Commercal Travelers Outsde the church, a bg throng stood patently n the ran At the concluson of the bref but solemn servce at the church, the cas ket was borne through lnes of solders on the shoulders of sx former serv ce men to the s watng artllery cas son, wth ts sx black horses, and the column formed for the march to Mt Hope Cemetery The actve bearers were: Captan Charles F Mosher, commander of the Howtzer Company, 108th nfantry, who served under Ma jor Couchman n France; Leutenant Lews R Decker, A E F, charman of A W O L Club; Prvate James F Galllvan, A E P, commander of Genesee Valley Post, Amercan Legon and former legon dstrct charman; Captan Fred E Wegner A E F, vce-commander of George H 1 Post; Leutenant Alan H Wllams, the Sherffs adjutant n France: Leu tenant Wllam F Butler, comm of Yerkes Post, and former member of Major Couchmans A E F Battalpn Honorary Bearers The honorary bearers were: George W Aldrdge, Coll,,,t of Xew York: Colon representng the Old 0 A M presentng Smes Lodge of Masons,h R Ftch, representng the county mttee of the Amercan Legon; County Judge Wlls K Gllette, representng the Supervsors and ex-supervsors Assocaton of Monroe County; Charles S Owen, re-presentng the Rochester Ad Club; James L Hotchkss, County Clerk, representng cty and county offcals; Jams S Bryan, representng Rochester Lodge of Elks; Sydney E Whte, representng Shrners; 1 P Wllard, representng the Knghts of Malta; Freeman F Boyer, represent ng Unted Spansh Amercan War Vet erans; Lynn Hte, Charles R Taft and other representatves of organzatons Of whch Major Couchman was a mem ber t was 34 5 oclock when the long funeral processon, consstng of Troop F, 101st Cavalry, Park Band, Roches ter Battalon of 108th nfantry, 104th Santary Company, 3d Devson of Na val Mlta and band, Amercan Le gon, Unted Spansh War Veterans, Old Guard of Rochester, Army and Navy Unon, Veterans of Foregn Wars, Unted Commercal Travelers, cty and county offcals, the honorary and actve bearers, the casson, fol lowed by a fully accoutered and rder less war horse, wth saddle, and the long lne of motor cars bearng rela tves and frends, left the church, and moved to the slow beat of a funeral march to the cemetery hy way of Fast Avenue Alexander Street, Monroe Avenue, Megs Street, Lnden Street and Mt Hope Avenue Roads to Cemetery Lned Besdes the crowds of watng peo ple along the route every avalable bt of parkng space, the curbs, drveways and entrances to the cross streets, were occuped by automobles, and at the grave, where a canvas canopy had been erected, and flowers were banked hgh about the place of bural, many more persons were assembled Hundreds of them, unable to attend the servces, at the church, stood about the grave through the long, rany afternoon t was almost dark when the funeral party reached the cemetery The ml tary formed n lne and stood at the salute whle the casket was lfted from the casson and carred to the grave, and then, after the solemn Ma bural servce was performed" under drecton of Worshpful Master How ard G Noble of Frank L Smes Lodge, the rfles of Company A, 108th n try, barked ther salute, and Anthony nfantalno, Major Couchmans buglerorderly durng hs servce n F sounded "taps" ^^^Frederck S CouchlMf^^^^- Through the death of Sherff Couchmyan Monroe county loses a capable and effcent offcal and Rochester a ctzen who had gven notable servce to hs country Frederck S Couchman joned the Natonal Guard as a prvate n the Eghth Separate Company n 1895 He served through the Spansh-Amercan War as corporal Combnng ablty to command wth personal popularty he rose step by step He held the rank of captan for ten years He was promoted to major n 1916 Durng the tryng experence on the Mexcan border he showed hmself a competent offcer as well as a good com rade The tme came when the value of the tranng re ceved n the New York Natonal Guard and the worth of the servces of those men who had gven ther tme and energy to organzaton and drll were to be proved Amerca entered the war, the men of the guard were the frst reserve Major Couchman was among those who volun teered at the frst call As an offcer n the 108th regment he bore a weght of responsblty, n ad dton to encounterng the rsks of battle, durng those heroc days of September, 1918, when the 27th Dvson was the spear pont of the attack whch broke the Hndenburg lne Returnng to Rochester after demoblzaton he entered the clothng busness, wth whch he former ly been connected He was also elected a super vsor Hs personal popularty and recognzed capacty made hm the choce of hs party and tne voters for sherff Durng the perod snce hs elec ton hs admnstraton of that offce has justfed the trust reposed n hm *1 Dyng n the prme of lfe, Major Couchman leaves an honorable record of patrotc and publc servce Hs character and personalty were such as toyjvn host hm^a of frends who mourn hs loss T^ an apprecaton H,rcelorlek orcclatfon?jk S Courlmu A gallant solder, unsparng ol n the test of battle; a uoaolen and tree:-: publc offcer, a frend of unshakable loyalty to those n bo hon ored themselves n so termng hm: a man "whte" throughout- SUCh was Frederck s Couchman, whose sudden death ths mornng brought the most genune sorrow to everyone who knew hm, even slghtly Never gven to self-ah ertslrg, lew know, even among hs ntmates, of the scores of men of hs old battalon and regment who were helped and put n a poston to help tl through "Freds" unassumng knd nem, n tmes of peace when n had forgotten, he v m- n who stood by bm and wenl to death at hs orders n Frnn< e The people of Monroe county h lost an effcent publc servant who wll be mssed sadly from an offle,f hgh mportanee That there were hl honors n store for hm, few loubtel The sterlng qualtes of the man and hs undoubted ablty together wth a well deserved popularty made ths certan The Post Express can hut a voce to honor one who passed a lved, An offcer and a gentleman Paul Benton

28 l Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Guard at Head and Foot of Majors Casket n Church GREAT MASS OF FLOWERS BACK OF CASKET N ASBURY CHURCH Funeral Hghly mpressve n ts Settng, ts Servce; Large Number Attendnq Thousands Vew Body of Major F S Couch man as t Les n State nchurch~bugler Overcome A fter Blowng Taps at Grave Ap, R mourned yesterday afternoon when flu 8, l -1 and one of the endng mlltarj e cty, place n Hope e tho blr: Well S Mv n ( clber, lf*00, lad the) ervce, a trbllte to te Mar - dle, mornn f, an opera! on For app< nd Rochester and Monro at to A Methodst <!hn body luv n h hour, for the dead nable re lned wth p nle to ran ket was placed n front of the pulpt, amdst a mass of Hewers, whch covered the nlrar A guard of honor, composed of members of Yerkes Post of the Amercan Legon, took charge of the body after t arrved at the church, and for the tme t was exposed to vew belted and helmeted men, wth fxed baj onets and standng ut parade rest, mantaned ther Two men were statoned at the head and one at the foot of the catafalque, all rvng a rgldtj wh them alles At dfferent place along the asles were other guards, drectng the those n the lne enterng the ehun tenant Henry T McFadd A, 108th nfantry, was n cha detal Many Unable to Vew Body The publc sen c:- v,,,-, to begn k, but at that hour there were tln wat ns to pass the body, and t was decded Throughout the servce an occasonal OUtblurst of emoton w: to be heard from one of the members of the assem blage Several women were bo deeplj affected that they were taken out of the church l>r Cushmans on eulogj the departed nnple but exceedngly expp of what the ctj at large whch tlled the seats and the asles Thousands Stand n Ran After the Bervces the Amercan flag was draped over the casket, whch then was placed on th casson on Whch t was to be convey d to th \ short lme before the concluson of Cushmans sermon t had begun to \ but t hs dd not daunt the thousand Mle who beng dened a lasl glftnp the major;- countenance, sought lo make for ths n a measure bj payng ther up last trbute of respect to (le flagdrape casket As t was beng carred out of the church and down the steps on the Kbouldcrs of the bearers, heads were ban d The casson WttS draped n black and aw 11 bj horses, on the back of each an artlleryman B he casson and led by a solder was the horse that the major used at nspectons and revews of the battalon whch were held n ths cty n observance of a custom n use among the mltary, a leather boot hung from each Bde of the saddle, the to- ot the boot pontng to the rear, n the reverpe of the poston whch t would occupy f worn by the rder Journey to Cemetevy The placng of the casket, on the son was the sgnal for the column more Harbv by mounted polce K the M The lea h( members e organs cl Major Couchma Mount Servce for Fam; t followed to the people kept flng nl d at to he no end to the numhd uecessar to close the ; n n rves had been d \ burj nenrlj fft \t the the were closed the men taken to tl le n of le - lock and the H Cusl unn to,,1,,

29 andfather, vnlry, mounted and Amerean War Veterans Old Guard of Bter/Atmy am Navy Unon, Vet erans of Foregn "Wars Unted Commer cal Travelers, cty and county offcals tunty deputy sherffs and tbe honorary and actve bearers Bugler Sounds Taps, Collapses At Mount Hope cemetery a Masonc and mltary servce vas conducted A mltary salute was tred by Company A, 108th Regment, whch drew up n a sem-crcle around the open grave The Mcsono servce was n the charge of Howard G Nobles, master of Frank L Smes Ladge t" L> of whch Major Couchman was senor warden a rk he nfantry unts of the Thrd Battalon of the 108th nfantry followed The Naval Mlta Band and headed the dfferent unts of the Thrd Battalon, Naval Mlta The followng me n the order named:: County Commttee Amercan Le Amercan Legon post- nsh- Taps was blown by Anthony nfantalno, who served as the majors bugler at battalon headquarters whle the reg ment was n servce n France nfantalno was a close frend of the majors - and greved much over hs death Y- terday whle blowng the last call hs frends body he was vsbly moved breath u sob avbs planly audble, and as the last uotes of et tremblng n the ar he ; collapsed He was helped to an auto- j moble, beng unable to walk wthout as- Honorary and Actve Bearers ;!, Te, honorary bearers were as follows: George W Aldrdge, collector of the Port1 of New York ; Clarence D VanZandt, mayor-elect of Rochester ; Colonel F Juelson Hess, representng the Old Guard: Captan A M Barager, rep-! resentng Frank L Smes Lodge of Masons; Dr Ralph R Ftch, represent-: ng the Countj Commttee of the Amer- j can Legon; County Judge Wlls K Gllette, representng the Supervsors" and ex-supervsors Assocaton of Monroe county; Charles S Owen, representng lub ; Jame ty clerk, representng cty and county offcals; James S Bryan, representng Rochester Lodge of Elks; Sydney K Whte, representng the Shrn- J Wllard, representng the Knghts of Malta: Freeman 1" entng the Unted Spansh-Amer can War Veterans; Lynn Hte, Charles R Taft and other representatves of the: tzatons of whch Major Couchman member The actve bean ptan Charles 1 Mosher, commander cf the w pany, 108th nfantry, who d under Major!ouchman n France; Leut A Prvate an- dvan, A E 1" commander \ gjlej Anr-rean Leg Former le- barman; Captan E V ommander nant majors adjutant n, Leutenant Wllam F But ler, " ^ or and battalon Address at Church Servce n ;, at the pul Aslmry Church 1 >r Cushmaa sad: rn of the whee Some me n the next f-w would! the people of R ftly mafc(, 1 k 8 Couchman, ctzen, solder and publc sorvanton properly delvered Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton "To-day t s dfferent We are met here as one great famly of frends desr ng to talk together about he bg brother of the ctzens of Rochester, our bghearted brother presume many of you share wth me ths feelng that we arc here as part of a great Amercan famly to show our love and rpspect for our bg Amer aembers then of: Famly let -: recall some of the out standng mpressons that come to us of ths man who Merted Love He Won Frederck S Couchman was an out buldng example of the knd of democra cy that Amerca needs Jle was truly democratc n sayng ths 1 am thnkng of Amerca as the place where every mn has a chance to make the most of hm self; to come up out of obscurty nto the place of commandng mportance Ths man dd ths very thng "But better than that Frederck S Couchman merted the love whch all es n Rochester lavshly s showng hm to-day because havng rsen to es- teem and to mmandng poston he dd not forget how t feels to be n ob scurty The perl of the father s that le forgot how he felt when he was a hoy: the perl of the employer s hat he wll forget how he fell when he was an employee; the perl of the offc that he wll forget how t feels to be a prvate Frederck S Couchman dd not forget Therefore he was the type of ct zen that Amerca n "Frederck S Couchman was den,,, cratc h hs unselfshness, He was remarkably fortunate n the honors whch hs comrades and fellow ctzens act led hm, but one of the reporters spoke truly when he sad: Jt wa^ not by push or by pull Frederck S Couchman would not wllngly have pushed any mn down that he mght gel up And ths was the of the confdence that men who served wth hm had n ther leader Ths was how tha ncdent happened n the drve on the Hndenburg lne, when Ma jor Couchman e-nllod for ffty men to wade the rver and capture a dffcult Qereman poston Not ffty men e< teered, hut the whole regment Had Strong Love for Home "Frederck S Couchman was q peror Amercan n hs love for hs home We have too much reaped for the gref o these loved ones of hs wn -t here ths afternoon to lnger long upon ths sde of the lfe of our frend, hut those closest t" ths man know how naturally home-lovng he was and how tenderly loyal and consderate he was of those who held fust place n hs affectons "t s sngularly true that He gr-; solders of modern tmes are the men who have hated war and yearned lor the quet lfe of home T know then how much greater has been the servce that ths man has gven to hs country both n war and n peace*, because of hs readness and the readness of those who were dear to hm n forego ther ow plea un s for euu n s s "Our mpressons of ths man are not complete unless we thnk f hm as truly Amercan ll hs confesson of hs need d Splendd ctzen though he was great frend, lovng son, husband and father, yet Frederck S Couchman shared hearts nsl ced of tbe compasson of God un who feels so suffcent n 0 satsfed wth the applause of How ctzens, or so at case n the f home that he has slenced the heart, after Proclamed Allegance to God t was not so wth Frederck S mm Couchman, yon, my frends, ought to mnded that n the ore he nee ths cry after God :, at publc waj the altar of he church ot n the least what ngl to hm tha led hm lo do ths t n hs great soul of some thng undone An allegance to God whch up to that tme had not been formallj proclamed t was a great ex ample tha he set when he came to the altar of the church to salute hs great leader, Jesus Chrst "To those of uh who mourn to-day ; can do nothng better than brng to you the words of ths same Chrst, who sad am the resurrecton and the lfe, he that lveth and beleveth n Me shall " er de WAS TEACHER N SCHOOLS OF CTY FORLONG PEROD Funeral Servces for Mss Emly A Johnson Ths AfternoonSster of Rosster Johnson and Mrs Mss Emly A Johnson, a former teacher and prncpal of Rochester publc schools, ded on Sunday after* noon at New London, Conn, at the age of 9 2 Her death was unexpected as she had been n good health up to wthn several days of her death The body was brought to Rochester, and the bural took place ths after noon at 2 oclock at Ml Hope ceremony beng lng of the commttal servce at the grave Mss Johnson leaves a brother Rosster Johnson, and a sster, Mrs Joseph OConnor, both of New York cty, who are n Rochester for the fun Mss Johnson was born n Clark son N T and n 1830 wth famly moved to Rochester n 1890 she accepted an appontment n Cn cnnat as teacher of hstory n n ntermedate School, and n 1884 returned to Rochester to take up her work as teacher n the publc schools Tn 1896 she was made prln cpal of the old Lake Avenue A<< an) n 1902 was apponted prm of rubllc Bohoo] :;- At the close of the school year, 1902 she retred, and shortly after her resgnaton moved from Rochester Her wnters were subsequently spent n New York cty and her summers n Stonngton, Conn Wth lor sster, Mrs Joseph Ol nor she went to Europe n 1906 and spent a year n extensve travelng Wllam Johnson, Mss Johnsons and James Alexa ml her maternal grandfather, were n the Revolutonary War, and her r, Reuben Johnson, was n the War- of 1812 Her brother johnaon, the well-known author, nated from the Unversty of Rochester n 1863, and from SM to Clate edtor of he was ed Of the Concord (N H) Statesman, Amercan Cyclopaeda, standard ;v and 1901 edted the Worlds t Books n 40 volumes He s the author ->f several books of po< ry and bography H" latest work, "The Grandest Playground n \Vrorld" was publshed n 191 R Mss Kvelyn OConnor of New 3 r Mss Johnson, wa ne Drll k: for the ess Han B Johns nt of the ue, s a nephew of Ms*

30 swch! " Dr Augustus H Strong s Dead n Pasadena, CaL; Long ^heoloacal Semnary Head DR AUGUSTUS HOPKNS STRONG News of the death yesterday n Pasadena, Cal, of Dr Augustus Hopkns Strong, presdent-emertus of the Rochester Theologcal Semnary, was receved n ths cty last nght Dr Strong had gone there to spend the wnter as had been hs custom n recent years The cause of hs death has not been learned go U [opklns Strong was of Alvah and Catharne Hopkns Strong and was born n Rochester on Aug 1830 He was of Purtan lneage Jlder John Strong, of the ( on gregatonal ord< n Plymouth n 1039 and n the maternal lne d, may be traced from Stephen Hopkns, came over n th M Bower, Dr Strongs father, Alvah Strong, who the poneers n Rochester At j the Rochester D< tred from buenes n 1859 and was a r and the rr r r of the Theologcal Semnary, whch Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Attended Yale Unversty Dr Strong receved hs prelmnary ed ucaton n ltochester, and took a full Hs frst pastorale (lurch n Haverhll, Ma d from ls,t1 untl 1^;m as aled to the Frst Church remaned! n both these cln,1 by the fdelty and zeal wth whch h performed ha dutes, for the ceuru -, strength and prtualty o (hlpt utterance!, and lor enlghtened nterpn to attan a n aeologan To Semnary as Presdent n 1872 he accepted the call to the presdency and the char of systematc theology n the newly establshed Roch- Theologcal Semnary He served mlary for forty years, becomng dent emertus n 1911! Among the achevements of hs were the presdency rsng of the endowment of the sem nary from less than to more $200,000 than $2,000,000; securng as members of the faculty men who are leaders n ther departments; enlargng the body of atuand, more than all else, mpressng hs personalty and teachngs upon the men who studed under hm Durng hs lfe he was honored by hgh and responsble trusts n the church, lbwas presdent of the Amercan Baptst Mssonary Unon from 1S92 to 1895, and presdent of the General Conventon of Baptsts of North Amerca from 1905 to 1010 Honorary degrees from leadng unverstes were freel j conferred upon hm He was gven the degree of doctor of dvnty by Broun Unvrsty n 1870 ; by Yale n 1800; by Prnceton n 1890* Bucknell Unversty made hm doctor of laws n 1X01, and Alfred Unversty n t The degree of doctor of lterature was conferred upon hm by the Unver sty Of ltochester n 1012, the year n whch he retred from the actve pres dency of the semnary Traveled After Retrement Snce 1912 Dr- Strong had contnued fo OCCUPJ he house a No 17 Sbley place whch the trustee of the semnary n 1912 voted to provde for hm wnl free, for use so long as he should lve Much of hs tme after retrng from work at the sem nary was devoted to wrtng and travel n 1!>1C> and 1017 he made a tour of the Orent, sght seeng and vstng the llu son statons of the Anergan ^Baptst Foregn Msson Socety Dr Strongs reputaton as an educator s almost equaled hy hs fame as an author Hs prncpal theologcal work s "Systematc Theology," whch \va< publshed n 1886 The work ran through sx edtons and n 1908 t s revsed am enlarged n three volumes t s a stan "Ba - lfe n Hs ; the ergng the symbol of our lvng by contnuous p on ot H : thng for whch ply, t al have not kept alwaj ne hs nner relaton whch tan to Chrst f there s anythng that 1 can urge upon yo 1 to a successful mnstry, t s ths, that you say wth Paul, For me to lve s Chrst; t s no longer that lve but < lvethe n me; and that lfe whch now lve n the flesh lve n fath, the fath whch s n the Son of God, who loved me and gave Hmself for mo "Unon wth Chrst s the central truth of all theology and of all relgon Her n Boston Dr A J Gordon made t the central truth of hs mnstry, av know how sants of every denomnaton and snners of every degree docked to hear hm and to follow hm Whal ton, and what New England n to know ;> Ghr Hs Brthdays Observed V Dr Strongs brthdays these last few years hs frends loved to observe them n 1910, for exnmple, a observance was made by a her of s frends at the Fl Church At that tme a fetl grataton was read from >r Go A Barbour, presdent of the who was unable to he n town gra tulate Dr Strong personally "Dr Strong has heen and great factor n the lfe of the Fr tst Church" wrote Dr Barbour of the prncples whch he regularl to urge upon successve dents was that of absolute and un ng loyalty to the church of bershp, and wonderfully fed hs teachng "When came dent n the year SSN, at rn\ way to the old Frst Churcl there, both on Sunday and on W day evenng, unless le was al the cty, saw >r Strong or n ran, n heat or n cold, he \ hs place Moreover, remembe tha durng my junor year n the dard theologcal work hghly regarded an 1 mry he took the tme and g adopted as a text-hook n the semnares bor n hs busy and b "Phlosophy and Eelgfpv" appeared n teach a large class the Bble 1888, and "Chrst n Creaton and Eth gvng the class week n cal Monsm" n 1899 "Th< Great Poets lons to the books of the and Ther Theology" was ssued n 1007, and t was dscussed the theology of Member Homer, Vrgl, Dante, of Shakespeare, Ml Lterary Clubs ton, Goethe Wordsworth, Brownng am! Dr Strong was a promnent member Tennyson A supplementary work, pub- 1 of 8?vernJ *"1;" lshed n 1910, "Amercan Poets am! Ther Theology A auppl work, publshed n 191C, "Amercan Poets and Ther Theology," t Bryant, Emerson, Wht ter, Longfellow, Poe, Lowell Holmes, Laner and Whtman ; Among ls other books are "Unon wth Dr Strong wub man Chrst Hstorcal and frst wfe was Han urse n ^ ng a m Englsh ale, from whch he 57 wth hgh stand cal;" "<ne Hundred chapel Rochester, whom he marred J to Theologcal Students" and she ded July Ag many p composton and on the Books of the New the gold De there are sx chldren r StrongB ec * ond wfe was t medal for ll publc speakng of to! 350 e- a graduated from the Rg Hs Stand as to Relgon ter Theologcal Semnary After graduae dea of Dr 0 Europe, where he Strongs deep thnk two years n travel, pon ha ng o thngs may return n gahed from n address whch he delvered at 1801 h mn the annual meetng stry England alum, fer was that of the Theologcal, Semnar) wa belt Aprl > 1910 have been But am qq mad, m\ noble frend ulh and he sad "n resolvng to nothng but Chrst and Hm crm and tl preach ton, am most trulj Chr as the d, and all efflux and expresson of h o n nd move and hav beng, and apart from to the Alpha Ch mnsteral the Pundt Club and the Bro Club, to each of whch he contr papers from tme to tme a member of th on

31 ^ev l>r/ Augustus H Strong "The heart makes the theologan" s th bought bu >y the " of tho death of Rev Dr Au Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / t looks as j f Dr Strong had fn shed as ho began n the current "Watchman Examner" there s run nng a restatement n smpla form of the "fundamentals" whch have / gustus H Strong n Pasadena Thej next s that n Dr Strong mnd and! heart accorded well and made one musc Preachers and teachers of! theology there have been wthn the span of hs long and pre-emnently useful lfe who may have been hs ntellectual equals but we can thnk of none, unless t were the elder Hodge of Prnceton, who combned such thorough scholarshp, power of reasonng and lucd expresson wth a warmth of feelng whch made hm a molder of men One who sat under Rev Dr W G T Shedd and bought Dr Strongs "Systematc Theology" as soon as t) came off the press n 1S86 asserts; that the stern system of doctrne! taught by Dr Shedd mpressed hm! as the freezng of a glacer hut some-! how even n ts prnted form the] work of Dr Strong appealed to hm ; as vastly more humane and wnsome though t would be dffcult to say wheren the two men dffered as to! under dscusson a good deal of late t s work whch has so much of clarty and smplcty and lovalty to tho truth whch centers n Chrst n t that one may ardently hope that t was fnshed ere he passed to hs re ward He was so famlar wth every shftng wnd of doctrne, so patent wth those who wrest the Scrptures to ther own hurt, so able to make a truth crystal clear and so ftted to compose dfferences by makng the prmal loyalty stand out n com mandng power that hs last words may prove n spte of the worth of hs magnum opus to have been hs best And ths because n all he sad and dd hs theme was "one s your Master and all yo are brethren " Dr Strongs work we are convnced wll nbde when scores of modernsms have fallen nto run because central to t all s that teachng of the dvne mmanence whch s more than "fel lowshp" or even "partnershp" t s the "unonwhch s and wll be for- "fundamentals" t was ths emo tonal and affectonal element whch the student seemed to fnd n the prnted page and when he met the learned theologan nearly thrty years later he sad that he found he had been correct n hs ntutve judgment On hs "Systematc Theology," whch was afterward expanded to three volumes, the fame of Dr Strong as* a teacher of dogmatcs wll rest and rest securely That s n no wse dsparagng hs "Phlosophy and Relgon," "Chrst n Creaton" and hs two more recent works on "The Great Poets and Ther Theol ogy" and "Amercan Poets and Ther Theology" not to menton hs "Ms cellanes," "Chapel Talks" and "Lec tures on the New Testament," all of whch bear the same hall mark of profound scholarshp, clarty of vson and expresson of the thng seen and through all the glow of a supreme loyalty to Chrst All of Dr Strongs works arc absolutely Chrstocentrla n 1 way that exceed* the theology of Schleermacher From frst to last and all the way through the central truth and tho crownng experence s "unon wth Chrst" Of Dr Strongs work n huldng up the Theologcal semnary, hs leadershp n tho Baptst denomna ton and that nterest n msson work whch took hm only recently on a trp through the foregn felds, enough may perhaps he sad else where and ef hs work as a teacher and preacher and master n theology others wll doubtless speak out of a fuller knowledge and better under lng Dr Strong had an eye sngled to hs Masters glory so t he kept sayng "ths one thng do" The world was not mlch wth hm late or soon and ho dd not lay waste hs powers but put ha talents nto servce whch must endure for ho dealt wth words that cannoj pass away Dr*A%ru*t gustus Hopkns Strong?t2J] gtrstus H Strong, yvho ded yesterday n Pasadena, Cal, was born n Rochester and spent the greater part of a long lfe here He was always an outstandng fgure n the relgous and ntellectual lfe of the cty t could be sad that almost every one n Rochester knew or knew of Dr Strong Thus Closely dentfed wth ths cty Dr Strong was also wdely known throughout the country as a wrter, scholar and leader of relgous thought He was one of the recognzed leaders of the Baptst church n Amerca For 40 years he was the head of the Baptst Theologcal Semnary, dvdng hs tme between executve work and teachng The nfluence of hs character and personalty upon the men who studed under hm was not the least of hs servces to the nsttuton and ts graduates As -an admnstrator Dr Strong was successful n gudng the growth of the semnary ncreases n endowment were secured He gathered about hm an able faculty who held the same hgh standards of teachng and scholarshp that characterzed ther head n one respect Dr Strong was much n advance of many other men of strong personalty Although hs own vews were defnte and clear cut, and he mght perhaps be classed as a conservatve, he yet possessed a remarkable capacty to work wth and apprecate other men of ablty whose thoughts fol lowed somewhat dfferent channels Ths broadness Of sympathy and practcal executve nstnct for recognzng talent, n other men had much to do wth Dr Strongs success n obtanng able co-workers Unflaggng ndustry and a keen sense of fluty were characterstc of the man Hs assocates and students have testfed to hs loyalty am devoton to hs church, the semnary and any undertakng to whch he gave hs support The death of Dr Strong closes a caret r whch was marked wth sold am achevement value to hs church and the communty */1 trk&e-ff*?

32 , vt> Zo Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton George C Staud s Vctm of Heart Attack; Served as ^Postmaster for Four Years George C Stand, who resgned a~ postmaster of Rochester on August 1st ded unexpectedly at 4 oclock yesterday afternoon at hs home No 144 Chl avenue After resgnng the postmaustershp Mr Stand and members of hs famly made an automoble tour of tho Pacfc coast and return Mr Staud drove nearly all the way The party returned to Rochester n the latter part [ of October He was n apparent good health all durng the trp and on hs return sad he never had felt better n hs lfe Ths last week he complaned a lttle, bll 11 was not thought there was an> - serous n hs condton Mr Stand rose at the usual tme yesterday mornng and had hreakfast and read the newspapers He was taken sck at noon, and at 4 oclock hs heart faled hm George C Stand was a son of the late Carl G and Katherne Stand and was! born n Rochester on Aprl 21, 1860 He] was educated n SS refer and Pauls School and n a busness school of the cty After completng h on he went nto the cgar manufacturng bus ness wth hs father, hut later started a factory of hs own wh<-l le ran for n ons term of years at Brown street and Jefferson avenue Mr Stand ls busness about three years ago when he was servng as postmaster Mr Stand was a lfelong member of the Democratc party and n 101? was the canddate of hs putty for mayor He was defeated He was a memher of the so-called Ax facton of the Demo era tc party, but later swung over to the Tammany facton, whch elected hm state commtteeman from the Ffth As sembly Dstrct He was apponted postmaster by Pres dent Wlson on March 21, 1017, havng receved the ndorsement of Norman E Mack, of Buffalo, natonal comn man from New York stale Mr Stand contnued n offce untl August 1, 1921 Mr Staud always was a member of SS Peter anda Pauls Church He was a member of the Rochester Lederkrans for many years and served as presdent of the organzaton for twenty-lve years Several years ago he was made honorary lent of the Lederkranz The nemrganzaton wll meet at ther hall n Man st clock to-nght to pay ther last respects to ther late presdent GEORGE C STAUD Mr Staud marred twce Hs frst wfe was da Brayer Staud, who ded about nne years ro She was the moth er of the seven chldren who survve Hs tld wfe was Bertha Braver Staud Mr Staud leaves hs wfe: four sons, Carl 6 and Mlln B, of Rochester, and George C and Edmund, of Calforna; thre daughters, da, lva and Kathryn Staud, (f Rochester; one brother, Charles 1 Staud, of Rochester, and sx ssters Mrs 1 1 Popp, Mrs J T Mclntc Courtnenay Slfcr Mrs, Daus and Mra R Wolfert, all of ths cty The funeral wll take place from the home, No 144 Chl avenue, on Frday mornng nt 0 oclock anda from SS Peter and Pauls Church at 9:30 oclock S Whtman, Mrs M F Wm J McKelvey Long Promnent ^M^oncOrder Wllam J McKelvey ded last nght at the famly home, 158 Fulton ave nue, aged 77 years He had been n poor health for several years He was a past master of Yonnondo sons, and a past commander of Mon roe Commandery, Knghts Templar He was treasurer of, the Yonnondo Lodge, F and A M; a past hgh prest of Hamlton Chapter; Royal Arch Ma- WLLAM J McKELVEY Spencer McKelvey; one daughter, Mrs Harvey Kendall Hunt, and a brother, John W McKelvey The funeral wll be held from the home tomorrow afternoon and wll lbe prvate Lodge Past Masters Assocaton and for 2 3 years was recorder of Monroe Commandery He was a member of the drll corps of Monroe Commandery that went to Chcago n the early 80s He leaves hs wfe, G^ace and competed for przes n a natonal contest He was a member of the of fcal board of Frst M E Church and presdent of the Dewey Bble Class Some years ago Mr McKelvey was secretary of S F Hess Company, cgar manufacturers on Exchange street, and he also was secretary of the At lantc Stampng Company A consderable tme ago Mr McKel vey was promnent n Republcan poltcs He represented the old Nnth l now part of the Tenth ward, n J the Boad of Educaton, and served as presdent of the board

33 HOLD SERVCES FOR WOMAN WHO DD MUCH GOOD Last Rtes Sad for Dr Louse F Chamberlayne Founded Door of Hope and Aded Many To Lead Better Lves txf^ckjh^ (#*-*, Funeral servces were Meld at 3 oclock yesterday afternoon for Dr Louse F Chamberlayne from the home fo her daughter, Mrs Charles A Brady, 178 Culver road, where Qbath occurred on Monday The Rev George M Harrs of Webster, a re tred mnster and long-tme frend of the famly, offcated Durng her lfe Dr Chamberlayne dd an unusual and far-reachng serv ce for tho uplftng of humanty, and her death s occason for sncere mournng on the part of many whom she had aded t s related that one evenng at a meetng at the Old Rescue Msson, whch was attended by Dr Chamber layne and other earnest workers for unfortunates, a woman went nto the hall from a neghborng house of ll repute She expressed a desre at the of the servce to lead a dlffer- fclose cnt lfe, but declared that she had no place to go except the house from whch she had come At that moment a man present gave Dr Chamberlayne $25 and asked that t be the begn nng of a fund to establsh a place where such women could go Out of ths crcumstance the Door of Hope came nto exstence n 1896 and t gave many unfortunate women refuge and comfort and new hope n the leadng of better lves n later years * house was opened where young women who had no place properly to entertan young men frends could go, as could also those who were out of employment and lhad no home The house was called the Louse Home n honor of Dr Cham berlayne Dr Chamberlayne was a daughter of the late Rev srael Chamberlayne,1 of Lndenvlle, a well known Metho- clergyman of hs tme A broth-! er who ded a few years ago was also rgyman, the Rev Owen Chamber layne of Pttsford Dr Chamberlayne took her course n medcne at Boston erslty She began practse n Me dna, comng to Rochester some 30 years ago She was a worker years ago wth Susan B Anthony for woman suffrage Dr Chamberlayne leaves two daughters, Mrs Brady and Mrs Ber- K Flklns ot Boston; one sster, Mra Joseph E Fske of Chattanooga, Tonn, who also s a physcan The Rev DeForest Chamberlayne of Hley, a Methodst mnster, was her :ew Dr Chamberlayne was a member of the Monroe County Homeopathc Medcal Socety, the Western New York Homeopathc Medcal Socety and the New York State Homeopathc cal Socety Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton, Zl Mrs Ellen C Davs Des Unexpectedly Durng The Nght Ellen Cox Davs, wdows of Justn B Davs, ded unexpectedly of heart dsease last nght at the home of her daughter-n-law, Mrs George C Davs, 44 Barton street, aged 65 years Mrs Davs was n her usual good health last evenng and passed away n her sleep Her husband, Justn B Davs, who was promnent n Repub lcan crcles and casher of the n ternal revenue offce for many years, ded several years ago Ther only son, George Cox Davs, ded sx months ago Mrs Davs was a daughter of Mr and Mrs Joseph T Cox and was born n the famly home on Gorham street Her father was a manufacturer of safes and was promnent n the bus ness lfe of Rochester durng hs lfe tme Mrs Davs s survved by her daughter-nrlaw, Mrs George C Davs; three grandchldren, George, jr, and Shrley Hull Davs of ths cty and va Luclle Davs of Cadllac, Mch, and two neces, Mss Ella Cox of ths cty and Mss sabelle Stewart of Geneseo Mrs Davs was a mem ber of the Epscopal Church The remans were taken to the Jeffrey undertakng parlors at 32 Chestnut street, where the funeral wll be held at 2:30 oclock Thursday afternoon Amandaa Moultlrop /^~/ r* Mrs Mrs Amanda Moulthrop, tepmothef of Colonel Samuel P Monltbrop, tbe well known ltochester educator and a leader of boys actvtes ded yesterday at the home of her grandson, Merton n Da aged 80 years Mrs Moulthrop was born n Elba and receved her educaton at the ngham Unversty at Le Roy she was the daughter of Mr nnl Mrs Sh Parker, poneer settlera n oupty She was marred twee her beng J G Davs of Brockport and her husband, M N Moulthrop of Blba, Mrs Moulthrop was a sster of B ut of the rst Natonal She was a lfe long ber of the Presbyteran lmnh al Elba The funeral wll take morrow afternoon at 2 oclock from the home Bural wll be made nt Thomas Bfayl&YjJ Was Promnent n Busness Crcles Thomas Bradley Taylor, presdent John Taylor and Sons, nc, of 20 Front street, ded yesterday n Home opathc Hosptal Mr Taylor began busness n Roch ester at the tme of the Cvl War n a store on Man street, later jonng hs father n busness at the place on Front street snce occuped by the thomas Bradley twoh Are Ho was a lfe member of see Falls Lodge, F and A M, a d rector n the Enterprse Foundry Company and was connected wth (ther Rochester busness nterests Mr Taylor was born and receved bs educaton n ths cty He was a mem ber of < lentral He leave; f New j; one brother, John W Ta dent o ms, and w<> Howard of ths The fune or and Mrs H mco tomorrow afternoon from hs ho laledo C Waldo Church t wn Jtae " Jenne E Van Brunt / j Formerly Well Kr/(#n uscal Crcles y/*^**-^^^- u m, : vu unl v d Wlta tens VanBrunt, dl< k- home ll Nev the funeral to promnent as a she was solost at Brck Her n was empl York e was / ^

34 - body X MANY PAY FNAL HOMAGE TO MEMORY OF REV, OR, AUGUSTUS HOPKNS STRONG AT tt^ SERVCES N FRST BAPTST CHURCH ded n Pasadena, Cab last Tuesday, took place yesterday afternoon at 3 oclock from Frst Baptst Church j The funeral of Rev Augustus Dodge and Professor Ryland M Ken- Hopkns Strong, presdent emertus of drck of the Unversty of Rochester: Rochester Theologcal Semnary, who James G Cutler, Wllam B Hale erbarles M Thomas, Joseph T Alng, Dr Charles Dewey and Harvey F Rem where the body was taken from Alvah! Strong Hall of the semnary where t lad n state from 12:00 oclock untl 2:30 oclock, after ts removal from the, home at 17 Sbley Place, guarded by a of Semnary students Bural was made n Mt Hope Cemetery Rev James Taylor Dcknson and Rev Dr J W A Stewart dean of the Semnary, offcated at the servces Addresses were j delv ered by Rev Dr Wllam R Taylor,! pastor of Brck Presbyteran Church; Dr Rush Rhees, presdent of Roches ter Unversty and Dr Clarence R Bar bour, presdent of Rochester Theolog cal Semnary Dr Barbours address s as follows: t seems strange that Dr Strong s not sttng yonder n the pew where he was so famlar a fgure Hr memory s ndssolubly lnked wth the roo whch we av gathered at ths hum 1 speak to-day no formal word of eulogy, rather T speak out of a full heart my word of personal apprecaton and affecton n at least sx ways my lfe was lnked wth that of hm f whom we thnk: oudenld "H* Boy" More than thrty years he was my presdent and my teacher Those were n the day: when he was n the fullness of hs strength Wth frmness and wsdom and knd ness he conducted the affars of the school of whch he was the head Wth panstakng dlgence and thorough he dd hs work n the classroom 1 1 students were then, -as they always teen, hs "b 1 Hrng my paster: rs at bake Avenue Church, Dr elaton to th b nun stry n the Monroe \ --> tdn well as far beyond ts borders, was that Ol a frend, ws- and constant He realsed tbat n th church l the Of the p he dom of God am the work es, the leadersfc p of the The bedy of Dr Btror > at New York Central Staton at 8 16 oclock ths mornng and v >) to tn hy students from the BemlnSsy, un u ems ned wth the body was taken to he church for publc servces The lonora nr Wllam Kate Foster Warner Funeral Held Today; \ j-> Bural ^fj^^op^ The fune m Warner wde Warner; who ded Saturday mornng at ce, 37 North Washngton street, was held at 2:30 oclock ths afternoon from the re le Rev Dr Lews r of Chrst Epscopal Church, offcatng nterment was at Mt He Durng tn ces at the home Mrs C A Howland sang Mrs Howlands death, whch oc curred n her S7th year, followed sevn She had lved all her lfe and had ousc n whch she ded for many years J Foster War ner! two grandsons, Andr ner and oj Jn a w h n- 1 ot tl MnvJ- ch rotts of ytown, Oho f&-ctj, [? Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton ngton The actve bearers were Pro fessor Conrad H Moehlmann and Pro fessor Henry B Robns, of the logcal Semnary Faculty; Herbert S Weet, and Henry D Shedd, of the Sem nary trustees; Rev Dr Albert W B"av en pastor of Lake Avenue Baptst Church, of the Semnary Alumn, and the Rev Frank M Weston, of Brghton Presbyteran Church Emma Von Saucken Was An Aunt Ot ^sxoahndenburg Emma Von Saucken, for mbre than 60 years a resdent of ths country, an aunt of Feld Marshal Von Hnden burg, drector of the kasers forces, ded ths mornng at 6 oclock at the home of her daughter, Mrs Lucy Whtman, 194 Conkey avenue, aged 99 years She had been ll only a short tme She was born n Germany Sep tember 29, 1920, and came to ths country n 1861 Her sster, Leantna, marred, n the early fortes, Herr Os car Benngendorf von Hndenburg and was also a lady-n-watng n the court of Emperor Wllam, of Germany, father of the kaser Mrs yon Sauck en was often n attendance at the m peral court, and passed her chldhood and early grlhood on a- large estate just outsde Berln Leutenant von Saucken was wounded n servce and was granted a long leave of absence Wth hs wfe ho came to Amerca and soon became an Amercan ctzfen Durng the war her work n knttng for the Amercan solders was contn uous, and her great prde was n her two grandsons, Lous C Whtman of the Marnes, who was klled n the Battle of the Marne, June 11, 1918, and Stephen M Whtman, who served as a sergeant wth Battery E, 307th Feld Artllery The death of Lous Whtman was a severe blow to her, and she wore all durng the war on her dress a lttle servce pn bearngtwo stars Mrs Von Saucken, whose full name was Baroness Grafn Von Sau was born n Dantzg near tho ancent home of the Prussan monarchs, Koengsberg and whle she lved 1 1 attended the old Schloss Krke, the church to whch royalty belonged She leaves two sons, Edward A George Von Saucken; one daughter, Mrs Lucy Whtman; eght grand dren and 11 great-grandchldren \? Had Taught Schodl /Thrty-seven Years MSS MARGARET A FLEM<; Mss Margaret A Flemng, a publc s, teacher for 37 years, who ded Mon-, s Marys Hosptal Mss Ph began t< nstruct whle stll a student n n- Charlotte publc school and receved a n 1884 Wth the excep ton of two years, she had beten untl new a frst grade teacher at Charlotte Grammar Schbol, under He (harlot te Vllage Board of Educaton, whch later became No 88 School under the Rochester system Dur ng the two years she taught n the rural schools of Greece, Daly Death Roll rs Davd Cory Des n 87th Year /<A f9^ ^Mrs Jrs 1Davd Cory ded at noon to day at her home at the Vassar apart ments, followng a short llness Mrs Cory was n her 87th year, havng betjn born n Pttsford n 1835 She waa marred to Davd Cory of Rochester n 1862 and two chldren were born to her, Davd, who ded some years ago, and Har- E Cory, now of the% frm of Alng & Cory Mrs Cory was a member of Thrd Presbyteran Church and up to a comparatvely short tlmo ago was ac tve n the phlanthropc actvtes of the church and communty She was a member of the D A R and was actve n the development of the local chapter Mrs Cory leaves her son, Harvey S,,COT TJtW, erandchlldran, Mrs Rchard Harrs and Jano Cory, and great-grandchldren Arrangements for the funeral and bural wll be announced later s

35 old e- - he M * Frst Ordaned Woman mnster Des, aged 96 Antonette Blackwell, Born n Henretta, -> Passes OutVy AUTHOR OF 50 BOOKS Set Apart for Church Work n! 1853 at South Butler Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton unrs ut condtonal bens" Classfyng matter as "moton" she mantaned that such premse nvolved the eon hsun of "nexhaustble evoluton" She was cred ted l>\ some as havng orgnated the of a "rhythmc atom" a dev< lopment of rortexal atomc moton, nd ng that ato n same law as the stars,,, (l planets Thus phe nssted that whle tle nowere "mutually entangled and compacted" each svstem mantaued ts own essental dentty anrl changed only n form n hgher organsms, Ms Flackwell held, "the mnd becomes a fac tor n evoluton, co-operatng n every physcal process connected wth ts own sensblty, drectng l changes by drectng ts own pro Mrs Blackwell was a member of va rum- assocatons for the advancement o women and of a number ol phlo opl socetes Her frst lenrthy lterary work, "Studes n General Scence" was pub lshed m 1S60, t was followed le* a novel of Amercan lfe enttled "The lsl-n Lfe1 and "The Sexes Throughout Nature" Later she wrote "The Physcal Bass of mmortalty" Henry 0 Ford Was f-r Henry O Ford who ded Tuesday at the home of hs son, Clarence A Ford, 103 Roslyn street, aged 83 years, was a promnent Cvl War veteran Funeral servces were held at the home at 1:30 oclock tha afternoon under the drecton of Myron Adams Post, G A R and at the Methodst Church n Churchvlle at 2:30 oclock nterment wll be made n Church vllle Mr Ford enlsted on August 7, 186, as a prvate n Company A, 157th New York Volunteer nfantry He receved hs honorable dscharge on March 15, 1864 Mr Ford was the last of a famly of 13 chldren He was born n Mad son county, N Y, on August 20, 1838, and lved n the vcnty of hs brth place untl 1878, then movng to Churchvlle, where he spent the re mander of hs lfe, exceptng the perod of hs servce n the Cvl War The marred lfe of Mr and Mrs Ford contnued 59 years He leaves two sons and two daugh ters, namely, Mrs J S Way of Brock port: Francs T Ford of Churchvlle and Mrs C N Day and C A Ford of Rochester; nne grandchldren and fve great-grandchldren / Elzabeth, X J Nov othe ntonette Lousa brown Blackwell beleved to have been the frst woman ordaned t>> the mnstry n tl" auel a poneer woman suffrage worker u B Anthony, dfed here to day ;She was old and a> natve of Henretta, N Y She was ordaned mnster n the Orthodox Congregatonal Church at South Butler, N V n 1853 Bhe became a Untaran and was Laran church he Srs Blackwell wag the auth than tlty boo M ure Sketch of Her Career on,- of t le last survvng w a fve wth Susan B- Anthony n the arly fght for suffrage, the Rev Antoun Hlaekwell was noted al g been the frst woman ordaned to tne :, mted State born of Purtan ancestry nt Henretta X V May 20, S23, and n 1 1 tell, Graduated from the th ( merln < ollege n 1850, pr< ach w a dened her Ofl a< "" cunt of her V f-h renow] aker n 1S33 she w the pahto nl the Cons,1 Church n South Butler, X V n n, subseqnenth the Th entered try of tal " * " lve -lter n ya\y:, J, Mrs Hlaekwell made her M a,,, dualty," publshed h : to have vm work was the hvpotl - and Alfred Mchaels, Promnent Realtor and Former Clothng Manufacturer,,/ Des When, about To Vst Europe f ftjt^jzej Rntfrcf ~ Alfred Mchaels, promnent n real estate and fraternal crcles of Roches ter and son of the late Henry M aels, a founder of Mchaels-Stern & Company, one of the largest, clothng manufacturng concerns of ded yesterday mornng the cty, at Stuyv Hotel, New York Cty, afte a brel llness Mr Mchaels was n New York Cty preparatory Europe, havng lef to sallnj Rochester aboul two weeks ago He waa 52 years old Mr Mchaels before ha entry nto the real estate busness ten years ago, engaged n the clothn prse, and was at one holder n the Mentor & Rosenbloom Company, branches of whch we cated n many ctes of th Leadng Flffure Here n hs present busn was looked upon wth gn be realtors of Rochest been recognzed as one of the leadng prom ofesson He opened the Westchester tracl t Culver Road and recently purchased toth Frank C Palm of hmd for developng pu), on West Henretta Road, adjo enden Park tracl and prop n addton to hs real state ho n ths cty, Mr Mchaels was the owner of valuable property n New \ o k Cty, n Rversde was at 332 owers Buldng He lved n Pclhan Road, Brght Mr Mchaels was a memb o Tll- Kodesh Jorgregal on, he Ro Estat Boa d and h M Fraternty He l- aves ns wlf B< jhtcrs, Ms^ ^ 7- M< h Robert than of New York Cty; two brol Joseph M cha s D th< Mch el Btern ( mj- ny and 1 1 n chaels of t he m Buldng, and,m A 3tarn, Mr Henry Loter and u C C n all of - uu r 1 1 aen ces wll be held at M [ope <!ha p< ocloch Bural wll be mad Hope Cemel erj O^E CHAMBERLAN LaUroad Man and Well Known as R Manor ; Member of St Lukes lrnn E bertan wbw J Lucy A [Tpton, daughter of the UN hvd,-" -", Tew York,, western Dvson of the New yrk Centra & """- Klvor RaUroad ""j nn\ Fot fortj yean he wa employed wth t)r operatve department of the mnng, tran between Rochester and S th" - " pl0tfnel866 he loned Vallej Lodge pm of the u,, tj and m 1863 he b KnpM Templar Ho w tjd n ttbt pertaned to he >* communts and was hghly esteem*,11 who knew hm Ho had been a men, he,- of St Luke ""-eh ever Bmce comng < Rochester Mr Chamberlan leaves hs wfe, lucj A Chamberlan ; th John D and Frank B Chamberlan; ra M and three daughter! LHg m hamberlaa; three grandchl dren and four tl

36 - "f m DES AT AGE Many Beautful Homes Erected by Hm Was Carpenter-Contractor for Many Years and a Vet eran of Cvl,War Wllam Frederck Esterhcl*, aged S3 years, who ded yesterday at the famly home, 98 Rchard street, was Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton HELEN H CRAG DB TODAY N jeotyear For Many Years She Was Promnent n Varous Chartable Efforts One of Founders of General Hosptal fytoe>n^~ Helen M Crag, for many years one of the best known women of Roch ester, ded at her home, S3 South Washngton street, ths mornng Hardly a chartable or phlan thropc organzaton n ths cty but for many years shared n her ntell gent and earnest actvty, whle re lgous work also took a large part of her tme and attenton, Mrs Crag was one of the founders and for many years was vce-pres dent of the board of trustees of Roch ester General Hosptal For nearly a half century, to be exact, 48 years, she was promnent n the work of the Rochester Female Chartable Socety She began her work wth the socety as a vstor, and was later made j A S Bostwck Veteran Court \ Attendant Des / WLLAM F ESTERHELD the older resdents of Roches ter, havng lved here snce ho wae flvo years of age He had been ll only snco Sunday Mr Esterheld was born n Germany He came to the Unted States wth rents, crossng the ocean n a salng vessel, then the only means of often related how many days t took to make the trp Hs parents came drectly to Rochester ed hs early edu caton n Rochester schools For the past 20 years he had attended Blessed Sacrament Church and was a mem ber of the Holy Name Socety He veteran of the Cvl War Many of the beautful homes n ths cty were erected by Mr Esterheld, who was a carpenter contractor for many years He retred from bus- 20 years ago He leaves hs wfe, Mrs Carolne Esterheld; sx sons, Wllam, Jacob, George, Frederck, Edward and Franterheld; three daughters, Mrs Carolne Bralrton, Mrs John Carry and Mrs Rose Kort; 17 grandchldren our great-grandchldren The funeral wll bd held at 8:45 oclock Monday mornng from the home and at 9 o om the Blessed Sacra ment Church nterment wll be n lly lot n Holy Sepulchre Cem- presdent of the organzaton, suc ceedng Mrs Maltby Strong, n whch capacty she served for 27 years For a quarter of a century she was treasurer of the ndustral School and, wth her husband, gave much tme and effort to ts work She also was for a long tme a member of the cty Board of Health and belonged to the Brownng club As a member of the Frst PreBby teran Church she was one of the most regular attendants at ts serv ces and exceedngly actve through many years n all ts varous efforts When falng health about 10 years ago forced her gvng up of actve ef forts she was especally loath to cease her regular attendance upon church servces Mrs Crag was born n New York cty n August, 1833 She was the daughter of Lev S Chatfleld, who was attorney-general of the state from 1S49 to 1853 She was marred to Oscar Crag n June, 1861, after whch she mado her home n Roches ter Snce 1877 she had lved n tho house n whch she passed away Mr, Crag ded n January, 1894 Before hs death he had been actve n estab lshng tho nsttuton now known as Crag Colony at Sonyea He drafted the bll whch passed the Legslature shortly after hs death, makng t a state nsttuton, and upon sgnng the measuro Governor Flower con ferred upon the nsttuton the name of Crag Colony n honor of ts founder Mrs Crag was dstngushed for her extensve chartable efforts, and many men and women, even whole famles, enjoyed comfort and health through her efforts and attentons Also, she was a woman of tellectual large n attanments, and waa a con stant reader when not engaged n chartable or relgon work One who had been ntmately assocated wth her for over 40 years n her home lfe declared today that she never knew Mrs Crag to do or say an unknd thng, and added that she was nvarably hgh-mnded and noble No mmedate members of her fam ly survve, but a large number of men and women to whom she had be come endeared n her years of actv ty mourn her death Funeral arrangements have not been completed ARTHUR S BOSTWCK Arthur S Bostwck, for many years County Couort attendant and a well known Cvl war veteran, ded yesterday at (ls home No 10 T pton park, aged 74 years He leaves hs wfe, Mrs Mar garet K Bostwck The funeral wll be t Clfton Sn, Mr Bostwck had been ll snce No vember 20th Sx years ago he was ap ponted ;m attendant n the Supreme Court Prevous to tha tme he hnd n attendant n Surrogates Court 1 e had been a resdent of Rochest the t ^ eghteen years and was an ac tve member of Myron Adams 1 A t, and was presdnet of the M Countj Cvl War Vetera] n 1011 Mr Bostwck enlsted n Battery A, Thrd New York Lght Artllery on or 1, 1S()4, when he was 17 and 0 months old, at Auburn A few later he was sent wth hs company to jon that part of the Eghteenth Army Cups n the defenses of Newburn, N C, "" was nt the recapture of Plymouth, V C, n Novmeber, 1SG4, al ngs snkng of the rebel mare, and wth the expedton up the Roanoke rver to destroj the ralroad brd ^ don, N C The bntterj co op wth the Ffth Army Corps and Kal Cavalry from General Grants army at eburg, Vn Durng the lat c part of the wnter sr, Mr Bostwcka d wsh tht Tv \ n,\ Corps to 0 (l column tms wth Genera] Shermans army, marchng north from Savo Ga The object of the Q Was accomplshed after conderable fghtnc m Marc; flth, tl 10th, at Kngston, where the North ern army, nnd though wnnng the vctory, met wth ttery A n ng the charge of 1-1 vson lon from sm, al 5

37 and and Prases Lfe Work ^J3( Mrs jdscar Crag Edtor, Tjmej^^JJnTTn"- / ^" woman One of the most useful women of her day and generaton has passed nto the presence chamber Mrs Oscar Orag and her noble husband, for practcally half a century, stood ly for all that was fne and help ful n Rochester Even more, Mr Cra?gs nfluence was felt throughout -nate, aye and beyond for many states have profted by hs phlanthropc vsons nusbanu and wfe were remarkably unted n act and word They were a blessng n ther home cty When the husbands summons came hs strcken! wdow carred on the burden of lfe as bravely and unselfshly as before nst as far as n her lay to do ls work and her own Untl ncapactated by the feebleness of the passng years, her ne flagged n all her vared actvtes n addton to her splendd work n the 1 ndustral School and the Cty Hosptal, was actvely nterested n the Womans Educatonal and ndustral Unon She served as one of ts early drectors and head of one of ts most mportant actvtes, that of the legal ad protecton commttee She became a member of the ronde quolt Chapter, Daughters of the: rcan Revoluton n 1895 Ths socety was always a great joy to her Long- after ncreasng feebleness n capactated her from actve work n her numerous phlanthropes, she stll all the meetngs of the daughters fc>ho was partcularly n terested n the purchase of a chapter d lghted that t was n own neghborhood Every meetng Wednesday found her n her chosen seat on one of the sofas, an nspraton to the presdng offcer and a pleasure to everyone n attendam Mrs Crag was a gentlewoman, al ways and everywhere a lady To a keen and cultvated mnd she added -avng- grace of humor, all ed matters wth drectness, com mon sense, and courage, n fact one of strong ponts of her unusually strong character was the fact that she always had the courage of her conons Her attractve presence, her nterestng personalty, her kndly sympathes made her a welcome ad dton to the socal and cvc crcles whch she adorned A great souled Although born n New York Cty, there was a rugged Purtan ancestry behnd her whch was most apparent was a homo maker and house keeper of the old New England tcularly marked n her habt of ceaseless ndustry She n an dle moment No matter her sho was presdng or merely a commttee member, her work bag was always at hand, her fngers al- S busy The wrter sttng besde her at a D A R meetng one day be came so nterested n the attractve cloth whch Mrs Crag was knttng, she begged her nstructon, later she told Mrs Crag she had carred that work to Buffalo, where she taught some lades ts ntrcaces to lght, nstead of beng content wth the humble, but useful wash cloth, they of most -s from that pattern Mrs smled and sad: "One day was kntt< of those wasto cloths sttnj terrace of our Swt! lady watchng rmy above came down and asked teach her whch dd" One by one her near kndred have passed on, and so for years she has sat n h The assocatons of useful lfe lved n her memory, the bless d forgettng at last she unselfsh d wllng s umanltv pear, lonsldp are hers tor* for was hungry a/nd you fed 1 tnd you ga was lonely and you comforted me" let Brown Dow Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / Julus R Whtes- Was Promnences ^ Jeweler n Cty Julus R Whte, presdent"ot the J R Whte Jewelry Company, 94 Man street east, ded last nght about 9 oclock at the famly home, S749 Lake avenue, aged 71 years Mr Whte had been ll for over two years, durng whch tme he was not adtve n busness He was born n Sprngfeld Mass, June 14, 1850 He came to ths cty 3 6 years ago to engage n the jewelry busness and snce that tme had be come known as one of the leadng jew elers of the cty Mr Whte was well known for hs nterest n yachtng He was a charter member of the Rochester Yacht Club and many years ago served as ts com modore He and the late Rufus K Dryer cwned the largest yacht n the club, Wave Crest, about 10 years ago Mr Whte and George H Clark also jontly owned a large yacht Mr Whte was a charter member of the Columba Rfle Club, an organzaton of old-tme marksmen of ths cty Mr Whte was a member of Gene see Falls Lodge, Hamlton Chapter, Monroe Commandery and Damascus Temple He was a member of the Washngton Club He leaves hs wdow, Edth L Whte; three sons, Roy P, Perry B and Julus H Whte; one daughter, Lorna H Whte, and two ssters, So pha E Whte of Putney, Vt, and Lucy H Whte of New York The funeral wll take place at 10 oclock Saturday mornng from the home nterment wll be made n Rversde Cemetery and wll be pr vate sc*-^*,-, J,6t*Ms 7 Asa D McBde/^^V / Asa D McBrde, for many years connected wth numerous Rochester and rondequot busness enterprses, ded yesterday mornng n Deland, Florda, aged 89 years The funeral was held ths afternoon from hs wn ter home n Deland, Florda n 1863 Mr McBrde organzed the rondequot Wne Company, whch was n operaton untl prohbton be came effectve July 1, 1921, and for 14 years he was presdent of the ronde quot Frut Juce Company About 35 years ago he bult a wnter home n Deland and snce that tme has always spent the fall and wnter seasons of each year at that place Thrty years ago, he establshed the Valusa County Bank at Deland He was presdent of that nsttuton untl a few years ago At the tme of hs death he was head of the board of drectors He was also nterested n the Stetson Unversty of Deland, once beng a member of the board of trustees of that nsttuton Two weeks ago at Deland, Mr and Mrs McBrde celebrated the 65th an nversary of ther weddng % Ar Mc Brde was a member of the Presby teran Church of Leland He owned large orange groves n Florda Prevous to her marrage, Mr$ Mc Brde was Mss M Amela Lathrdp of Perry, N Y Mr McBrde leaves, besdes hs wfe, one son, E L McBrde of Deland, Fla, and three grandchldren, Asa D Mc Brde, Everett L Sunderlln and Lous Sunderlln and Mary Sunderlln, all of Rochester Tho late Mrs Charles Sunderln of ths cty was a daughter of Mr McBrde, and another was Mrs Campbell Johnson, who lost her lfe on the Lusltana whle crossng wth her husband to England, where he ntended to jon the Englsh army, n whch he was a reserve offcer ABRAM ADLER, CHARMAN OF DRECTORS OF L ADLER BROS & COMPANY, DES (NGERNG LLNESS ADram Adler, promnent Rochester clothng manufacturer, of 661 Un versty Avenue ded last nght at ls horn Mr was 79 years >>u\ He n Germany a to ths try when old Tho majorty of hs lfe was passed n Roch mmedately after hs arrval n A lea he and h bllltles j Mr Adler s w he lee ol th > ns f <"~ poor W X Mr Kt b Wlh- Mr md Mr Ml charman of the board of nnd exercsed cons n the man

38 upon Socety K(o Rev A M ONell Dead After Long Servce n Presthood Unusually Successful as Admnstrator and Organzer; Rv Augustne M ONell, M K LL D, 01 years old and pastor of the Church of the mmaculate Concepton for twenty-three years, ded at 1:1" oclock yesterday afternoon at the rec tory No 267 Plymouth avenue, where he had been ll for twelve weeks Father ONelJ was confned to hs bed for about lve treeks, when a change for the better occurred He was up am around for about a month Then came a relapse, and hs condton grete nally wprse Hs condton became so lay mornng that hs at tendng physcan, Dr James P ed of hs recovery lmhcr TNell was Lorn n Auburn on October , the some of Mchael QXell and Ellen T Hallsau Hs brothers John ONell Wllam OXell and Thomas H ONell, who was mayor \uhurn for a term of twt) years Father ONell was the youngest of brothers Hs Tranng- for Presthood Father ONell attended Holy Famly and St Marys parochal schools n Au burn Wth a few oler y*uths of B h he was prvately tutored by Rev \,T Loughln, the rector o Mar- and undt urn n the ela ay of 15 or LO nt to Jharles College, -t Ellcott Baltmore, for hs col entered Nagara h N Y for hs, phlosophy Hs le u St Josephs al Semnal : al Troj th pftton of whch he was ordaned to the n s ths cty, on March 25, 1804,! op McQuad n the were th presenl b1 ; Rev Th n r [> l and Ren Danel W naugh, late rector ol S Brdl Church, R Frst Assgned to Cathedral nuo he wa,,,,,,,1 to K< Tame F OHare, 1 1 p ector of the < Cathedral Whle -or al S Andrew? Semnary and secretarj to j d when he was enj H health fall, to 1 en er, and n hle n that ed Rev J P Can S ar - temporarly on the death Actve Outsde Church attached at Lat ter n nnd Son h Hd n Februlh,,, VnguR 189S he was the pton,, 1905 he ovnbje ter > N< 0< He Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton h- death REV A M ONELL Bult Strong Socetes l, ahtlltj regarded H,, ml bull m hs, tonal large and utrong! " the ctj nnd Rosary Bo ut n the country He formed an full? managed a parsh quet way, help has famles t th UCh a \v::\ that no 6n,, Father ONelJ kne* Josl who d He nsttuted a Young for grls who hr been gradu ated from the BChool, u S ( for schoolboys and a St Sodalltj for aoolg When Father ONell came to the numbered "l, m mbers; jt qo enrollnet Of l,00u and stands - on- of th nd n 1 1 r\ ded thrary, whch has grown roportona, numerou took charge of the parsh school wth t hml ed " pupl e attend ant responsbll "" ol he w s Known for the fo and clevern Church Vrtually Made Over When Farther < Nell wenl to th mm lt y maculate < < onceptlon!hurch he found a deb! of $24,000, whch e was pad on Through he efforts the beau tful < ouvent of the nnaeul ton, occuped by the Ssters of the of S Jo bull al $32,000 h- also bad toe church remodel( wndows were put nnd the nteror wa a he cosl of th Hare Durng the war there was SC 00(1 for Lberty Bonds and S-,<)0 for War Barng Stamps, n Mows: Ml, orga Member of the Board of Managers ot the Chldrens Ad Socety; member of the Board of Trustees of the cty lbr member of the Chamber "f member of the Executve Commttee of the State Conference of Chartes; pres dent of the State Conference of Chantes nnd presded over the sessons n Syracuse n November 1919; member of the Board of Trustees of the Catholc Summer School of Amerca; member of the Readng Crcle Commttee of Catho lc Summer School of Amerca ; member of the Fourth Degree Assembly of the Knghts of Columbus; member of the Arbtraton Board to settle talan labor troubles a few years ago: member of the Mayors Commttee of Three to nvest gate the dfferences between contractors and unons served on ths commttee wth Judge Adolph J Rodenbeek, and Rev Warren 8 Stone, of the Frst Presbyteran Church) ; presdent of the Rochester Cottage Assocaton of he Catholc Summer School of Amerca at Clff Haven Body to Church To-day The body of Father ONell wll be taken to the church ths afternoon at 3 oclock, at whch tme there wll be a short serv ce Each evenng at 8 oclock n tbe church there wll be a rectaton of pray-,,- tbe d-ad Solemn hgh mass of,,, n wll be chanted ths mornng and nun s v mornng at 8:30 oclock The school chldren mornng wll sng the mass ths ; A meetng of all of the men of the parsh n called for ths evenng at 8:30 oclock n hoo hal, when arrangements wll be made for the guard of honor The offce of the dead wll be eh by h the docese on Thursday evenng ft The funeral servce wll he held at 10 oclock on _, wu b tlfcal mass of requem wll he S Father ONell loaves (v u - A ONell, of Auburn, nod Mrs Catherne \\-un, of Peora, and one nephew, Thom- - w burn PUBLC LBRARY BOARDS- ADOPTS RESOLUTONS 0NV REV A M ONELL />DEATH^0F ^r^\)l^m Pu, has adopted resolutons -pet upon the death of Rev a a ONell who wa named - lbrury trust,-, rton n Aprl, rn::, u,, reappo n January vh tor fve years nnd agan lor a smlar term n 1919, The <-1""- - prases the clear tn- S 8ht keen B ludgmenl operatve ac and p by Father ONell whle the board, and hs untrng efforts had much to do wth the m, u,, growth tl, nsttn [:"" " lbrary bes lost lend The cty s poorer by hs passng tnt throngh the lfe whch he lved

39 - hm ther D*Jfe] Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County pe, he was re- Hstorc Scrapbooks th Collecton profound respect and ad mrals l men of other creeds now hm Th tes of Father ONell 1 -sded, and there was hard* 111 wll b* md- n many ways by the cty, n whch he long and wth such p l\v n any of the great pn : that they dd not m many thngs, not commonly enun a ted among the dutes of a prest Tc took pr1 pty, and was alert to pronv of ts Father ONell would h n not- of relef and correcton He lucdty Of,1" was, wth a thoughl and pose of mnd and de meanor" that nvarably make for perreness n ntellectual con- 8 n any college he would have been a great nstructor of youth, for he had n abundance the natve gft of makng dull thngs fascnatng and obscure matters plan and smple n the same way and for lke reasons ha mght have been a lawyer of emnence and renown, for lnked wth hs n stnct for gr the mnd and m of th r or the - was hs faclty re ducton from prncple or pr Hs msson n lfe, however, beckoned hm from those felds of promse, and M---d tha of the -H,,, there to spend he mnd and < tasks h-n any he oould have found n purely secular labors As the rector, frst of one mportant parsh, then of another, he came swftly to be recognzed as one su perbly ftted for sprtual leadershp Because hs was a nature that was by ts own joy n tol and sacrfce was always ready to serve wth o men many of them who had not a tenth of hs daly trals and perplex tes n the commttee work or the trusteeshps of patrotc and human taran auses n labor for manknd, through any agency that laj open to nd or mnd, v! -lght and Ths labor he p fathfully and eagerly, when many another\ man n hs place would have felt that wthout t hs full part had ah been done, For besde the ns sprtual staton that were themuse for abstenton from further undertakng, then the 1 v h ls -a e hat al s1 pm an end to al worl n j dul h he never beca - n body or robust n health At tmes phj effort of any knd was attended by great pan Bu non heard hm nr, and nn- Bllgth n MnHs of hs ndomtable sprt, none k 1 1 u m,, declne 01 la P A sound and splendd ctzen, a va - n e of rlghl supremely adapted to nspre others to lke j, he for ml [ ygt<lg nl n-: ^-x- y t rv-r p broaden the work of hs parsh He toped ts school, ts charlte not only by other church >w n fath, but often bj church wth wdely dffe enl p n all [ce n >- church, he and revered by the R an Catholc hur h for and nvalu heveor the Mn oh hm a Qute ed to the wnn to wll frer a the held n reverent and affectc /tyuw Augustne M ONell ^3u/ Through the death of Rev Augustne M ONell the Catholc docese of Rochester loses one <> most promnent ecclesastcs and the communty a ctzen of hgh character and deep nterest n cvc affars Although hs lfe work centered about mmacu late Concepton Church, and hs labors n hs parh were unceasng, he yet found tme and energy to devote to other felds Possessng organzng ablty of a hgh order and the capacty for arousng en thusasm he played ;m mportant part, n buldng the membershps of the church socetes Hre out the cty As a trustee of the Catholc Summer School of Amerca and actve n ts Avork Rev A M ONell mpressed hs learnng and force of character upon a wde crcle ls nterest n everyday affars and close sym pathy wth workers and the ndustral needs ol the communty was shown by the actve part he played n settlement of labor troubles Hs nfluence was great and medaton often sought because t was felt that he was not only far but well nformed and gfted wth keen nsght Hs organzaton of chartable work wthn hs own parsh was remarkably effectve He bec recognzed as an expert n ths feld, beng presdenl of the State Conference of Chartes Ms death wll be mourned not only by h ghonerfl and these h " wl be prest and relgous leader bll hy th uty

40 - - - ^J Hundreds Pay Last Respects To Beloved Prests Memory Large Congregaton Attends Funeral Of Dr AM ONell Solemn Pontfcal Mass of Requem Celebrated by Bshop Hckey, Who Eulogzes Man Who Was Equally 7 Beloved as Pastor and CtzenCty *LUZU<^ Offcals Present^, -0-^>f The Church of the mmaculate Con cepton was crowded wth sorrowng parshoners, members of the clergy and frends of a man who was equally beloved as pastor and ctzen" when the funeral of the Rev Dr Augustne M ONell, M R, was held at 10 oclock ths mornng Protestants mngled wth Catholcs n ths last sad hour n whch hundreds of men and women who had known Father ONell through the many years of hs lfe knelt n the Plymouth avenue church and joned ther prayers for the well-known and hghly-revered prest The solemn pontfcal mass of re quem was celebrated by the Rt Rev tn ONell, Supreme Court Justce Benjamn B Cunnngham, County Clerk James L Hotchkss, Comms soner of Publc Safety R Andrew Hamlton, Cty Treasurer H Bradley Carroll, Justce Adolph J Rodenbeck, James M E OGrady and others At the concluson of the mass and before the lnal absoluton, Bshop Hckey delvered a bref sermon,vsbly affected, Bshop Hckey, n a voce choked wth emoton, sad: "Everywhere there s evdence of the festval tme Our antcpatons Thomas F Hckey, who sang n a are bound to realze the great solem- Blessed Sacrament Church, a former assstant of Father ONell; Smon voce whch trembled wth emoton ntv of Chrstmas The church s pre- Assstng hm were the Rt Rev Den- Pared to tell agan the story of the ns J Curran V G, pastou of brth of our Savour Corpus and although we Chrst! Church, as assstant prest; the all are mpressed wth ths Chrstmas Revs John F Nellgan of Holy Apos tone, there comes to us that whch tles Church and the Rev Detrch makes us know that n ths church,anrenzs, M R, of Holy and n Famly docese and n ths cty a Church as deacons of honor; the Rev mortal lfe has come to a close The Andrew V Byrne of St somber Bernards black n ths church of the Semnary as deacon; the Rev John mmaculate Concepton and the J Ganey, chaplan at ndustry and solemn requem tell us the pastor of former assstant of Father ONell, as nubdeacon; the Rt Rev Andrew B Meehan, D D of St Bernards Sem ths church has gone to hs eternal home "You and come here today lo pray nary as master of ceremones; the for hm and learn tho lesson of m Rev John M Sellnger, secretary to mortalty Ths s not the tme for Bshop Hckey, as assstant master of Ceremones; the Rev George W Eckl eulogy There s no need for t You wll pardon me f have assumed to "He has left you a monument, not n brck, n wood or n stone, but n the sprtual lfe, the monument of the beautful memory of a true prest of God ntellectual, scholarly n all [ hs works, sympathetc n hs lfe, un compromsng, yet no more loyal and devoted ctzen was he Wth all these gfts, there was that hdden power of the uncton of the presthood n all he dd No word of mne, no word of any man, can tell the story of the values of ths man of God Hs great work s known to hs God only, but he has reflected strongly and beautfully the qualtes of a noble prest Agent Lews J Decker, Sherff HenryWe therefore bow to the full wll of W Morse, Judges Wlls K Gllette God, we thank Hm for the gft to and Fred H Dutcher, Alderman Mar ths church and we pray, for hm ths day, we chersh hs memory n love and affecton and charge you, hs people, to keep up hs hgh deals and f n the future the world would seem to lead you astray let the memt dry of ths sweet, devoted pres^ strengthen you and brng you back to the fold ask your ndulgence ask you to pray for hm May hs soul rest n peace Amen" The actve bearers were: The Revs Wllam Payne of Auburn; Arthur A Hughes of Holy Rosary Church, a for mer assstant at mmaculate Concep ton Church; Thomas F Connors of FtzSmons of St Marys Church; Ma nlas J Hargather of St Mchaels Church, and Raymond Qugley Members of the Fourth Degree As sembly, Knghts of Columbus, were honorary bearers They were: Charles R Barnes, Nel Curtn, Joseph M Qugley, Wllam Maloney, Ncholas J Dcvcreaux, John M Reddngton, John J Mclnerney and James Qunn Oth er members of the assembly acted as escort and ushers The mmaculate Concepton Cadet Band headed the funeral processon wth a squad of mounted polce and the members of the Holy Name Socety marched n a pastor of St Andrews Church and a stand here, dearly beloved, but wll body As the body was borne from former assstant of Father ONell, and jask you smply to jon wth me n tne church hundreds stood about the the Rev Edward Lynch of St Marys, prayer to God and we wll take from entrance and n the streets, the men also a former assstant of Father hm the lesson we all should learn wth bared heads and many of the ONell, as acolytes; the Rev Joseph The place and the occason call for parshoners n tears Grady of the Cathedral as thurfer; what cannot do We are flled wth The bural was n the prests* plot he Rev Father Barry of Corpus gref today The lfe that s closed s n Holy Sepulchre Cemetery where the Chrlat Church as book bearer; the an open book to our church and to fnal ceremony was conducted by Rev Charles Bruton of the Cathedral, our cty and t shows what power s as candle bearer, and the Rev n Ray aman of God wth the uncton of mond Eppng as mtre bearer The choral parts of the mas were sung by a chor composed of a num ber of prests, under the drecton of the Rev John B Petter of St Ber nards Semnary There was no or gan musc Practcally the entre membershp of the Holy Name Socety of the rhnrch attended the servces Oth r socetes were largely represented and there were delgatons prsent from hester Councl 178, Knghts of mbue, and other organzaton Chamber of Commerce was rep resented by John F McGraw and N Rauber truste ucent Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Gods holy presthood n the great work of the salvaton of souls "God blessed hm rchly, God gave hm length of years, and were to at tempt to speak words of prase w-ould offend hs memory To me as bshop, to you as prests and to you, hs loved ones, hs years of servce tell of hs loyalty to the church he loved He loved the church, he loved hs presthood, he loved hs work, he loved hs God He gave generously n all those years of devoton and, wth you today, would have hm, whose voce has thrlled ths church for 23 years, preach to us from the stllness of the coffn, to tell us that all we can rhy, Father ONrl havng do n our lfetme s as nothng com wth the edu-jpared to the great reward; to tell us catonal and Amercanzaton com- of the value of the consecraton of our tees of tn : <o tell us to go on and on and of the cty gov lead tbe army of Chrst through me "ntetl, among vel of tear* He would tell you, hs se n atten ng Mayor Ed n ths gerton wth ha parsh, f you secretary, B J would chersh hs memorv, do t n garty, Commssoner of Publc Works you brayera and n your lves Herb Attorney Wll ((unty Purchasng Bshop Hckey, asssted by a large number of prests Members of the clergy from every church n the cty attended the funeral, among those present from out of the cty beng the Revs John Smth of Cornng, Frank Rley of East Rochester, Denns V ane and Charles Muckle of Mt Mor rs, Father Lochran of Cato, Father Donovan of Buffalo, Father Houghton of Waterloo, Martn Cluney of Honeoya Falls, Alexander McCabe of Char lotte, G V Predmore of Elmra, Geo Esler of Caledona, Wllam Byrne of Ontaro, Father Holmes of Macedon, Father Kelly of Vctor, and the Rt! K- v Joseph H McMahon, D D, of the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes of New York cty, who was a close per sonal frend of Father ONell The board of trustees of Rochester Publc Lbrary has adopted resolutons of respect upon the death of Father ONell, who was named a lbrary trus tee by Mayor Edgerton n Aprl, 1913, was reapponted n January, 1914, for fve years and agan for a smlar term n 1919 The Lbrary Board prases the clear nsght, keen sympathy, good judg ment co-operatve acton and real ws dom dsplayed by Father ONell whle servng on the board, and hs untrng etrorts had much to do wth the won derful growth that the nsttuton has an The resolutons contan ths sentence: "The lbrary has lost a wse counselor and a fathful frend ne cty 3 poorer by hjs passng( but "cner through the lfe whch he lved

41 - ROCHESTERANS AGED STRCKEN AT CHOR flnesday Strcken wth heart dsease at the rt of St Ulafs- Chor n Conventon Hall Wednesday evenng, Jacob Luchn, of 419 Parsells Avenue, a resdent of Rochester for more than seventy years, ded before the arrval of medcal ad A certfcate of death from natural causes was ssued by Coroner Kllp Mr Luehm was born n Aaran Swtzer land, July 8, 1841, and came to Amerca Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton WHMller, Noted Archtect, Des rt * n Mam Fla Wllam Henry Mller, well known thaca archtect, and the frst student to enter the College of Archtecture at Cornell Unversty n thaca, ded! yesterday mornng at Mam, Fla, where he was spendng the wnter; Mr Mller was about 70 years of age Mr Mller was the archtect of sev eral qf the fnest homes n Rochester, among them beng the resdences of Lev S Ward, Harry Langdon Brew ster and Kngman Not* Robns n East avenue and George D Hale n Lake Mrs Elbs Was9fl Here 54 Years Resdent _ JZZZJEs>* Mrs Katherne Elbs for 5 4 years a resdent of Rochester, ded yester day mornng at the home of her son, John G Elbs, at 747 East avenue, aged 83 years Mrs Elbs was born n Goetzs, Austra, n May, 183S, and came to ths country wth her hus- Z^f V JACOB A1H M wth hs parents opht years later, settlng n Rochester He was marred u Msn w h fled lnlv lll Durng the Cvl AVr, Mr Luehm wth th- Unon nhor < of th- New l;l artllery He was for ~>l years employed by the lumen Cunnngham, Son and Company Mr Luehm waa promlnentlj d n church and fraternal crcles, ha\nk been for eghteen years a trustee (1 Church of naton, a member of Hunboll Lodge l O <> F; Powers Post, G A, and ty h- leaves four snm, Samuel *, Charlea j l< aehm ; tour daufl h u, Mrs Br and Marry 1 Mrs Charlea Gllddeh and Mrs Ann, Coppln, nnd grandchldren Tho n run wll take place to morrow alter clock from the, Ura, Bothmell at ar Mellvllle wll he made n Mt, Hope Cemetery avenue Mr Mller s survved by hs wdow, who s now ll at Mam; by a son, Henry Halsey Mller of Buffalo, and two daughters, Mrs Ruth Mller Bayne of ths cty, who accompaned her parents to Mam last fall, and Mrs Robert North of Buffalo Mr Mller was born at Barneveldt, N Y, and went to thaca when the unversty opened n 1868 He studed n the College of Archtecture untl 1870, when he left to open an arch tects offce n that cty, where he con tnued to practse hs professon for nearly helf a century He wll always be remembered as the archtect of many of the Cornell Unversty buld ngs, of several thaca churches nnd many prvate resdences n that cty, and also of the buldngs at Wells College, Aurora He desgned many buldngs and resdences outsde of thaca Ex amples of hs work are found n Ch cago, New York, Boston, Wash Albany, Rochester and many other ctes throughout the country Mr Mller was an ntmate frend of the late Andrew D Wht closely assocated n the growth and development of the unversty Mr Mller contnued to be un usually actve n hs professon untl about fye^years ago, when on account of poor "health he began gradually to retre He had been n the habt of spendng hs wnters n Florda for the past sx years Next to hs professon Mr Mllers great nterest was n musc, and no tably n the organ, whch ho hmself played Mr Mller was a member of St Augustne Commandery, Knghts Templar; of the Untaran Church, and of the Chl Ph fraternty at Cor nell tjgjl*- % - (% <f 7, V MTtS kathkum: ELBS band, George Elbs, n 1868 came to Roches ther arrval and took up the dence on Clnton avenue north, then almost a wlderness Mrs Elba ha been for 40 lb Church o, wt the So of the 1 1," o llm ne frend of h- - on v y mornng sh Bd MlllMU was fn full possesson ol h up untl th pany a e n her -m John ervllle bo Of John tar Egg jj MORTUARY RECORD f^h * Blebard l) Tunch Rchard D runeh, a veteran of tl War - ded w nn Punch Ho was 7 a member of C Powers Post! The funeral wll g a n mornng Btrc J- :1 10 ocloek from S >arys Church _un >ary Bural wll,>, Holy Sepulchcr / ^ff^mrl Lucy Brown* Gllmore/^^ Mrs, Lucy Brown Gllmore, wdow of Professor Joseph H Glmorc, ded yesterday n Rochester She leaves one daughter, Ruth, wfe of tho Rev L W Hattersley of Rangoon, Burmah; fvo sons, the Rev Davd C Gllmoro of Rangoon, Burmah, Edward R of Evanston, 111; Martn A of Burnt Hlls; Charles A of Scota, and Joseph H Gllmore of Rochester; sx grand chldren and two great-grandchldren The funeral wll be "eld from the home of J H Glruore at 1539 Hgh land avenue tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 oclock hld and ( Klon H Cbwles fy2j% Ms home passed ns entln rlan u eh, Hop

42 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton JOHN B WEGMAN STERDAY Poneer n Wholesale Mlln ery Busness n Ths Par of StateHad Been 111 LongTmea74t^ f,~^ John B Wegman of 445 Oxford street, presdent of the John B Weg man Company, wholesale mllnery dealers n the Cox buldng, St Paul street, ded at 10:15 oclock yesterday O1N B WEGMAN mornng n Rochester General Hos ptal, aged 7 7 years He had been ll for some tme and underwent several op-ratons Three week ago he waa operated on for nfecton of the kd neys and seemed to rally for a tme after the operaton Mr Wegman waa born n Rochon January 31, attended grade schools and the old Free Acad emy At one tme he was connect ed wth a ralroad corporaton About 40 yean ago he bought out m of She, wholesale mllners and about 3"> years ago ho m B, Wegman Com pany, wth hmself as chef stock- About dent and untl hs death Mr Wegman wldng of the company was a member of the Oak Hll Country club for a few years At one tme he v ly connected wth the affars of the Central Bank as a drector, beng one of the frst to of the Chamber of Commerce and attended crament Church He leaves hs wfe, Cora B Weg- ; one daughter, Mrs Harry Eck- ssters, Mrs Patrck Grady os Weg The funeral wll take place at 9:45 oclock Wednesday mornng from the late home and at 10 oclock from the Church of the Blessed Sacrament A Jhgh mass of requem wll be cele brated bv the Rev Father Grady, nephew of Mr Wegman nterment wll be n the famly lot n Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Mr Wegman was the son of John E Wegman, a poneer n ths part of the state, who was well known through holdng publc offces and a successful lawyer j LOUS C COOK WAS PROMNENT N EARLY DAYS /^w For 26 Years Managed Sb ley setatewas Manager of Academy of Musc When t Burned--Actve n Poltcs Ja>ocaa-* GUct** Jouju "b l,us Charles Cook, for the past 25 years superntendent of the B tate, and former superntendent tho Wlder estate and manager of old Academy of Musc on Corntl Street, ded Sunday at tho famly home, 301 Arnett boulevard, aged 7* years Cook hnd always lved n R< ester When a younger n Republcan pol orl gan/-d what was known of whch he was - a poltcal orgs years Mr Cook often recalled the 1 Rochester was a vllage when the old Academy of Mr one of the largest theaters n part of the state and one of the T nsttutons n Rochester, was n op eraton He was Manager of tho old my of Musc untl t \v- down, le was the lasl man n tho buldng on the nght the Are broke our whch com] th" buldng, wl-l sent vte of the Arcade Theater, formerly tho Cornthan Th< Mr Cook had be n manager of tho te untl ho lned l home by llln< He was a member of Teoronto l <( tor o ears and also a member of the Knghts oc baas He leaves hs wfe, took oral neces and u \vs The funeral was held al 2 oclock cated he famly horn** n Mount me- The Be off? Daly Death Roll Jacob Luehm Was Resdent Ot Ths #3acob Luehm, Cv and resdent of ths cty for 73 years was strcken wth heart dsease whle attendng the concert by the St Olaf Chor at Conventon Hall, and ded before medcal ad could be sum moned He was 80 years of age He lved at 41 J Tarsells avenue He leaves four sons, Samuel B, Charles J, Ben jamn J and Joseph K Luehm; four JACOB LUEHM lters, Mrs J H Rothmell, Mrs, Frank utchngs, Mrs Lous Zmm r and Mrs Harry J Baumer; two ss ters, Mrs C J Gllddon end Mrs Anna Coppn and 11 grandchldren Mr Luehm was born on July , n Aarau, Swtzerland He came to ths country n 1849 and lved n Rochester snce that tme Ho was n the employ of James Cunnngham Son & Company for 52 jears, the lat ter years havng been spent n tle of foreman of the platng and fnshng room He retred al eght years ago Durng the Cvl War he served as commssary sergeant n Company B Frst Battery of the New York Lght Artllery He was a member of Humboldt Lodge, O O F, for 54 years; of the Swss Socety and C J Powers Post, G A R He was a trustee for 18 years of the Church of the Reforma ton He was marred on October 5, 1SC5, to Mss Louse Luescher who ded January 4, 1919 They celebrated ther gulden w fldtng annversary on Oc tober 5, l! f, 1 The funeral wll be held at 2:30 oclock tomorrow afternoon from the home of hs daughter, Mrs J H Rothmell, 315 Melvlle street nter ment wll be made at Mount Hope ery

43 - GEO D BUTLER WAS MANAGER _OFWU50YEARS Began Long Servce Wth Telegraph Company n 1865Ded Ths Mornng at Hs Lnden St Home After Long llness _ ^fflux,^ /y/- George D Butler, retred manager of the local Western Unon offce and a well known Rochesteran, ded at 9:30 oclock ths mornng at the fam ly resdence, 60 Lnden street He leaves hs wfe, Eleanor CJ a son, Wayne C Butler, and two ssters, Mrs Egbert L Hodskh of Farport and Mrs Andrew C Hamm of Caledona, Ontaro Mr Butler has been n falng health for a number of years and had b n the constant care of a physcan several weeks ago he became serous ly ll Durng the holdays hs con dton became crtcal and he con- (KDRGE D BUTLER tnucd to grow weaker daly Mr Butler retred as manager of the Rochester offce of the Western Unon Telegraph Company January , after 50 consecutve years of servt l began hs long servce < October 15, 1865, as nght operator, [vng press dspatches for the Rochester Democrat A year later he was apponted n or to succeed E M Barton, wl o resgned to engage n the manufacture of tele graph nstruments at Cleveland, Oho, and wh> a became lent Of the Western Unon, Mr Butler was born n \\ but grew up n Wayne county n S to lea New York Albany 9 Whch was son: raohlc career r of the led Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton hs The Rochester \\ l0n and Hyra- ofr Butler frst saw t n 860 conssted of one small room wth three commercal wres, three operators and two messengers The offce! now re qures over 6,000 square felt for ts many departments and hundreds of wre connectons The Morkum auto matc prnter came nto use durng Mr Butlers servce wth the company Many other changes have taken place, among them the entry nto the telegraph feld of thousands of young women as operators There was, so far as known, but one woman n the state at the tme Mr Butler learned the busness, the majorty of opera tors beng school teachers or young men of good educaton and commer cal ablty who were attracted to the telegraph busness n ts nfancy Durng the perod Mr Butler served as chef operator and crcut manager he opened nearly all the telegraph of fces on the Rochester & State Lne Ralroad, now the Buffalo, Rochester & Pttsburgh Ralway, and also along the lne between Rochester and El- mra n company wth hs brother, the late Wllam F Butler, who was for many years chef operator of the Rochester offce, he was frequently de taled for specal duty at regattas, races and state conventons n 1883 Mr Butler receved hs ap pontment as manager of the Roch ester offce and soon afterwards was named secretary and treasurer of the Rochester Dstrct Telegraph Com pany, holdng the latter poston 17 years, untl the executve offce was moved to Western Unon headquarters n New York cty Durng hs managershp Mr But ler had busness relatons wth three generatons of several prol Rochester famles and made the ac quantance of many men promnent n the state and naton Many hundreds of messengers were employed by Mr Butler, some of; whom have become successful bus ness men Many are members of the polce and vflre department Glenn Curtlss was once a member of messenger force and early developed great apttude n reparng the bcyhs asso Mr Butler, was a lfelong lcan le declned all requests that he enter poltcs, belevng tha hs poston as telegraph manager re qured the strctest avodance of even the appearance of partsanshp As a sportsman Mr; Butler was well known n the varous clubs of Monroe county He was an expert shot, and hs equal wth the rod n Monroe county was hard to B ths vcnty The funeral wll be held Thursday afternoon at 2 oclock from the house, wth a bref servce at Mt Hope Chapel The remans wll be cremated! tts"/" Alnon B Babcock V: Almon B Babcock, a veteran of the Cvl war, Co D, Seventy-fourth ll nos Volunteers, ded yesterday n St Marys hosptal, aged He leaves a daughter Mrs Jenne Col by, of Chcago; four grandchldren three great-grandchldren, of go, and a cousn, Newton A Kngsley, of Rochester He w member of Rochester lodge, B P K,!, B, O M rshall po t, Q A R, The funeral wll take place W dl noon al 2 oclock from no:: Man street east, nterment wll wll be n Mt Hope, ^at Wllam H Smth wr Was Promnent M^ ~7^^Basmgss Crcled Wllam Henry Smth, for over 30 years a member of the wholesale dry goods frm of Smth, Ber & Gormly, ded last evnng at the famly home, WLLAM H SMTH 256 Alexander street, after an snce last Frday Death was due to heart trouble Mr Smth was born n Geneva, where, pror to comng to Roch he was partner wll t her n the mn b le ness n Rochester about 1892,wth saac Belr anl Wll M d d n 1906 and Mr tnued the Ber and Mr, Bmth have con Mr, of St member Church, a of the lenes e Vall y C ub nd he Country Club H one son tor, and one b ol he, Th of Gehl A ra gem not been co MAN WHO NVENTED CVL WAR RFLE N ROCHESTER N CpjNNECTCUT By Specal Dspatch t< The Herald 1 1,, 16 Ch l! M : \ for the N Ln Machne S :omp, 1"1" " the B] peatng fle, an a u1 c thread of mplen tc " Mn the 1 t (!lub, d, the hor, \ Bpenc tracted a Club, and to w ml he month d n the 1 r %l

44 t>% JESSE C HUMELBAUGH, WELL KNOWN NEWSPAPERMAN, DES OF PNEUMONA ct-ly twelve hours after the h of hs mother n Hghland Hos ptal from pneumona, Jesse C Humelbaugh, one of the best known of the younger newspapermen of Roches- ter and wdely known also n other cr cles, ded n the same hosptal and of the same dsease at 3 oclock yesterday afternoon ness of two weeks Death came after an ll Both Mr Hnmelbaugh and hs mother, between whom a pecular sympathy exsted, were removed to the hosptal from ther home at 24 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton TER DEATH OF MOTHER ~ fcfr ng there untl 191S, when he was en gaged for smlar work for The Herald Hs actvty and resourcefulness n reportoral work and the wde range of assgnments whch he "covered" brought hm nto contact wth hun dreds of persons who were attracted to hm by hs alertness and nterestng personalty Hs sze helped hm n ganng ngress nto places where other reporters were dened admttance, al though he never sought to take undue advantage of that fact When the frst report came n November, 1918, that the armstce had really been sgned Mr Humelbaugh and a num ber of other reporters who were n The Herald offce at the early morn ng hour at whch the report was re ceved, obtaned entrance to the Cty Hall and pulled the long dsused bell n the turret, gvng the cty ts frst ntmaton that the war hnd ended lom The Herald Mr Humelbaugh returned to the Democrat and Chron cle and became copy reader on the ctj desk-, whch poston he held untl hs fatal llness He was actve n ( very movement lookng to the elevatbn of the newspaper professon n ester ajd seemed to have an n stnct for leadershp whch brought hm promnently before all of hs fel- w wnkers At the last roastfest of the old Rochester Xewswrters Club 1919 he was the choce of the club nembe of Delta Cpslon Fraternty A year ago Mr Humelbaugh was confln hosptal for several months wth a / BENJAMN CHARNED^* \y CLAMED Benjamn BY DEATH Chcheste^Harned, asso cated wth the busness lfe of Roch ester for forty years and who, as a telegrapher, receved the frst message that flashed the news of Presdent Lncolns assassnaton, ded yesterday afternoon at the home of hs daughter, Mrs Paul Weaver, at 142 Broadway He had been ll but a short tme Mr Harned, one of twelve chldren, was born May 3, 1S48, at Merrck, L He began hs career as a druggst and later became a ralroad telegraph op erator at Johnstown He later moved < n:ss; C H MELBAUGH the dsease, whch had run a parallel course n both cases, reached an acute stage Mr Humelbaugh ded wthout knowng of the death of hs mothe nusually on of wuesee k of physng a he The death of Mr Humelbaughs mo her, Ars, llara [umelba whch occu erday mornng oclock, came after an llness of less than a week She was taken ll whlef for Mr Humelbaugh She was n nent n a work er, a drector of the Rochesederaton of Womens Clubs and a member of the Stoddard l; of Westmnster Presbyteran She was born n daughter of Jess- Laura Pattevson Besdes a hush she hm\ es ee brql her-, (uthe McGahan ", and - ol Redland Wllam 1) Hun band and fat h lasl mum her of hs famly, anotho havl double nber of years ago to-morrov Of an Epl arch Roy wll offcate, to New Haven, Conn, where he gan a bakng enterprso wth P der Ferry He marred Mr Ferrys daughter, Harret S, n 1873 Mr Harned and Mr Ferry came to Rochester n 1883, and here the former opened the -D-L Restaurant n the Powers Buldng He later purchased Perrys bakery busness next door n lkk) the busness was moved to 157 Man Street West, occupyng the entre structure on that all Mr Harned Frst Church of Chrst, Scentst He leaves two brothers, Samuel L Harned of Brooklyn and Charles W Harned of Dallas, Texas; three daughters Mrs Paul Weaver Mrs Benjamn B Bates and Mrs Wellnton Potter; one son Percy L Harned, and nne grand dren all of Rochester The funeral V1 ^e,place Monday afternoon at -30 o clock from the home Bural wll be made n Mt Hope and later Cemetery at New Haven, Conn llll nor Wth

45 ! MOTHER AND SON DE SAME DAY; -WERE LKE PALS Jesse C Humelbaugh, Wel Known Newswrter, Passes Away at Hghland Hosptal Both Deaths _J)ue to Pneumona 3Ja~oc % ffv Jesse C Humelbaugh, one of the most popular of the younger newspa- permen n, Rochester and wdely ac quanted, ded yesterday afternoon at JESSE C HUMELBAUGH 3 oclock at Hghland Hosptal, about 11 hours after the death of hs moth er Mr Humelbaugh and hs mother were removed from ther home, 24 Rundel park, Tuesday afternoon to the hosptal, sufferng from pneu mona There was an unusual bond between them and they were nsep arable, beng more lke pals than mother and son Jesse gave up a stage career to re turn to Rochester and be near hs mother Jesse ded wthout knowng of the death of hs mother He was the son of Wllam L" Hum-] elbaugh, advertsng counselor of the Genesee Pure Fcod Company n Le Roy The father was a newspaper man for a long tme Jes?e was born n Le Roy n Febru ary, 1889, and attended schools there He was a graduate of Le Roy Hgh School At age of 11 years he con tracted scarlet fever, whch ch hs physcal growth However, h not mentally hampered Hs keen wt and magnetc personalty made for hm an unusually wde crcle of frends n 1013 he entered the Unversty of Rochester, but n hs junor year he entered vaudevlle, hs act tourng the largest ctes n the eastern half of the country, from ponts n Canada to the Gulf A large muscal com company engaged hm and the on opened Broa n New showered complmentary ex on the young pressons Rochesteran n hs vaudevlb played var ous New York theaters and was well known n the Metropols Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton However, he wshed to be near hs parents, and n September, 1915, took up reportorlal work on the staff of the ocrat and Chroncle n 19 S, he joned the reportoral staff of the Her ald He always covered hs assgn ments n a way all hs own, and "Hummy," as he was known to the newspaper fraternty, was one report er wth whom none lked to wrte n competton However, he had a warm frend n every newspaper man and woman n the cty, all of whom knew hm ntmately and lked hm He was alert to all mportant, phases of newspaper work n 1918, when the armstce was sgned, Jesse n some way n the early hours of the morn ng ganed admsson to the Cty Hall and pulled the bell rope, gvng Roch esterans the frst announcement that the war was over After several months on the Herald, Tesse returned to the Democrat and Chroncle and became a copy reader, whch poston he held up to the tme of hs fatal llness He was a member of the Rochester Press Club At the last roastfest of the old Rochester Newswrters* Club n 1919, consdered to have been the best ever staged by the club, he was roastmaster, n charge of actvtes He was a member of Delta Upslon Fraternty Wth the death of hs wfe and son, the father s left the only survvor, a second son havng ded several years ago Arrangements have been made for a double funeral servce tomorrow afternoon at 2 oclock, from the home, the Rev Perre Cushng, D D of St Marks Epscopal Church at Le Roy, offcatng Delegatons from the df ferent newspapers wll attend the servces ATTACK OF HEART DSEASE S FATAL a TOCVLWARVET Taken suddenly H y< noon whle walkng n Cady Street, Mchael Murphy, aged Park Aver, u slated nto a hous at 168 Cadj S where he ded befo e m< dh Kllp order d he bodj removed to the Morgue An aut showed heart T2J/- yneu f*" ^/ Mchael P Murphy The funeral of Mchael P Mm a veteran of the Cvl war who ded Wednesday, wll take -mor row mornng at 9 la oclock from hs thorae, 752 Park avenue, and at B80 oclock from Blessed Sacrament church nterment wll be made n j Holy Sepulcher Mr Murphy was a member of ORorke post, G A R, the Holy Name socety of Blessed! Sacrament church He was born n Canada and came to ths country when a young man and enlsted n CompanyA, Sxteenth nfantry, whch partcpated n several battles <7 2 * -r~ Daly Death Roll Elzabeth Burke, Former Teacher, 3ttrs Elzabeth T3urkc /vdow of Rchard F Burke, ded ths mornng at her home, 25 Avondale park, after an llness of sx years, aged about 75 years She was one of the bestknown, as well as one of the oldest, publc and parochal school teachers,n ths cty Mrs Burke was born n County Mayo, reland, n 1847, and when a chld came to ths country wth her parents, Pat rck and Elzabeth Armstrong Burke, settlng n ths cty She was gradu ated from Rochester Free Academy n 1865 n September of that year she began teachjng n old No 6 School, gong later to St Patrcks School, Brown and Frank streets, where she taught under the drecton of tho late Bshop Bernard J McQuad, and among her pupls were Archbshop Edward J Hanna, now of San Fran csco, and Bshop Thomas F Hckey of ths cty n 1876 she was marred to Rch ard J Burke, who ded n 1 SS7 Fol lowng hs death n 1887, Mrs Burke resumed teachng, acceptng a pos ton n Publc School No 6, where she taught contnuously untl 1918, when she was taken ll and r at the close of the year She grad ually declned n health from that tme By many she was esteemed as one of the most successful teachers n ths cty, and many Second, Nnth and Tenth ward boys and grls, now men and women, began ther educaton under her She was a llf ber St Patrck member of the R and p the Teachers Assocaton Survvng her are three sm Burke mc hcagb; ard Wll A and Edward J cty, and1 two d etta and Elzabeth Burke of th John A HartfelderJ% Was Promnent w^ Busness Crcled (j[ lan of furnture n th nue wll be held ton llnl ol and to m th degre Rochester wh many J Buffalo have been one of tl tght ave lgatons, re very r 53

46 " 1>d - Father Of Horseless Carrage Des At Home n Tjoup Street GEORGE B SELDEN Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton j SHORT LLNESS nventor of Frst Gasolne Propelled Vehcle and Founder of Selden Motor Vehcle CoRetred Ten Years Ago George Baldwn Selden, "father of the automoble!" ded ths mornng at the famly home at 111 Troup street, aged 7 3 years He leaves hs wfe Shpley; two daughters, Louse a Cary, of New York cty; Clara Sayre Selden, f San Dego, Cal two sons, Henry Rogers and George B Selden, jr, of Rochester, and three grandsons Prvate funeral servces wll be held from the home Thurs day afternoon, wth nterment n Mt Hope Cemetery George Baldwn Selden was born n Clarkson on September 14, 1846, the son of Henry R Selden, judge of Crcut Court of Appeals and at lme leutenant-governor of the state of New York, le obtaned hs early educaton n the Clarkson schools and graduated from Yale Unversty nl868 When the Cvl War broke out young Selden enlsted n the Sxth ted States Cavalry and served George B Selden n bs through the war >rgnaly exploson buggy He nvented the frst nternal Mr Selden was twce marred Hs combuston motor automoble n 1877 frst wfe was Mss Clara Woodruff of n ths same month, September The ft] Seldens Woodbury, Conn chldren, all of whom are,"a1 now lvng 1895, there, were on fle n Washngton favor, bm Ford and hs gron more than 500 applcatons for ed n and Mr patents] pealed to hgher authorty t was not on *l*\n o Qhnrv nf automobles, accordng to the Nared Mss Jean Shpley oful, Allf_TV,r,Vl ruomk * /- untl 1911 that a derson was ha Selden mar tonal Automoble Chamber of Com down makng 11 Rochester n 1909, who survves unnecessary to obtan merce But the fundamental Followng Mr Seldens successful patents a lcense and pay royalty before man nventon of the gas propelled motor were those of Selden, and on these for nng a new motor ven many years, were based the vehcle the Selden Motor V< plans for every successful motor vehcle n the Company was organzed, wth Mr Sel country n 1890, Barnum and Baley announ would exhl den as frst wordng of the clams cover contnued untl about 10 years ago, ng the essental p&rtb out the count when Mr Selden retred and the of tle auto com ble pany was taken over by the Selden >< 11 up to he n sent tn fgures Truck Corporaton Mr Selden Lable, th tomor v menl stockholder n ths concern at the te annual proover the tme of hs death, although he took entre, ndustry No success- ducton jumped from 3700 n that ful automoble could be made or op- year to 11,000 fou later, and 1 wthout the elements combned when ltgaton over the Selden no actve p Followng hs retrement from bus ness Mr Selden contnued to engage n expermental work untl taken l month ago Death was due to the nfrmtes of age s on September 15, 18f> ge B Selden, ty, obtaned the frst!,od to the p ne ae a vehcle Selden Wth other patents all to safeguardng lo hm the pro of ths motor and ts com Was H man theme of hs lfe When he entered Yale n 18G5 he at- bnaton wth a clutch, geare, by whch the motor drove the propellng wl neans for thro- ng out and for a n spte of 1 1 ton, automomanufacture grew surprsngly n the Selden patents, nts fnally ended n 1911, the annua] The result was the organzaton of fgure had clmbed Up to werful group of martufac^u "<>0 who pad a royalty to Selden on each When M Selden was a boy of about lne sold Ths was the Assoa- 14 > n be* ton of Lcensed Automoble Manufac- father, t upheld the Selden monop- of farm \p oly for self-protecton a nfrngements on the basc patents, tot publc road n tme, however, an arose wn on stay! The ; n thnkng upon the sub on and u wu hs tted to

47 - mxture, entrely n the Held of patent ltplte the ta,t that hs fatlv raged hs mechancal pursuts, desrng hm to gve hmtd law, he contnued hs cal nvestgatons n hs le sure tme, begnnng automoble ex perments n S aever he could get away from hs offce he locked hmself n hs -e he pondered over medanproblems and made experments Hs frst experments had n vew the development of the steam automoble but n March 1ST3, he abandoned steam and began the study of engnes When lenz (who be gan ther automatc experments about and who are credted wth be ng the fathers of the automoble re- n Europe) and other European nventors had proved that the gasolne motor was not only practcal but had a great commercal future Amercan manul s began to awake The nng of ths bout " but t waft not tll 1S9G that the n-made automoble rket, and not tll when there were n the Unted States only 50 automobles, that the nter est began to have any volume Mr Selden then found a very dft atttude toward hs patent n 189 9, 20 years after hs nventon had begun to beg for recognton, he en- 1 nto a contract wth an old and promnent Eastern automoble com pany Ths contract lcensed the com pany n queston to manufacture auto mobles under tl at, and granted the company power to ssue lcenses to ol rers About 18 years ago Mr Selden had hs 1878 engne ftted up and mount ed on a carrage, the work all beng done n accord wth the specfca of the patent applcaton of 1879 t weghed about 700 pound-, and could carry three persons speed of about 11 mles an hour a s an nventor not lmted to the feld of self-propellng vehcle a hard rubber tre, a tracton devce lo prevent the slppng of mprovements on a hoc machne, a power-drven typewrter usng other agent3 n 1874 or 1S75 he bult and opcr that drven by a mxture of "laugh- --s" and ternal corroson of th ths machne soon pn to be a fa 1 1 By 1876 he on that road locomoton would be acheved only b com mon engne of the con type usng lqud fuel Hs dream j of a llgl bat would ganed the b there fol patent The next da; a road wagon t wll tfl Of the a ment pac or by tl, of hs en law suts and do, the same Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County n- a foundry, a few parts not essental Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton sad lke! car-! to the demonstraton of the runnng ablty of the engne were omtted, and of the three cylnders was ftted up At length, early n 187 8, Mr Seldens long dream stood before hm n steel and br The May day n 1S78 when the frst test was made was to Mr Selden an unforgetable day The tral took place n the corner of a foundry boarded off nto a small room All was made ready the gnton flame was lghted -the fly wheel gven a turn There was a sharp exploson, then ncreas ngly rapd explosons The engne ran! Almost a year elapsed before Mr Selden could spare the money neces sary to fle an applcaton for a patent The applcaton was fled May 8, but owng to the delays natural to the, prosecuton of an applcaton, the patent was not granted tll November J51S95 f The years 1878 and 1S79 were hard years wth Mr Selden, as were before apd after, le was fl unable to 1 so complete hs "gasolne bugg efforts to nterest captal n hs n venton seemed well-nght ho as some to whome he offered a halfnterest n hs patent classed hm wth the crack-braned pursuer c moton, and expressed pty for hs famly Mr Selden dd not lose com n hs engne, but snce no ma turer would regard l Hed t and for years t was stored away Wth trunks and old m ral other devces He,, was engaged n experments n photographc proje r Seldens fnancal reward ng tme comng, but tho royalty on all automobles manufactured and mported under the Selden patent s one and one-fourth per cent, of the lst prce, and of ths Mr Solden a substantal share The royalty for 1903, 1904 and 1905 amounted to $814,183 J-^u^t George B Selden$&f*\_ The death of George B Selden, known* as the ^ nventor of the automoble engne, recalls the fact that Rochester has reason to be proud of producng a poneer n a great ndustry and ashamed that local enterprse dd not make greater use of that oppor tunty Mr Selden encountered perhaps more than the usual ndfference and ncredulty accorded the n ventor t was the belef at the tme the electrc battery rather than the nternal combuston engne was the proper source of motve power for a self propelled vehcle Long after hs experments were well developed and hs patents fled gasolne was allowed to run to waste by ol refneres here and elsewlv n the end hs patents were recognzed and a large part of the automobles bult n the country constructed under a lcense based upon them Although ths exclusve rght was later over thrown n the courts no one questons the mport ant part that George B Selden played n the devel opment of the automoble ndustry He earned a poston n the front rank of tholfl whose nventve genus and ablty to see the poss bltes of new mechancal development lad th1 foundaton for Amercas leadershp n ndustry NEW ENGLAND HONORS LATE GEORGE SELDEN AS FATHER OF AUTOMOBLE; ASSOCATON RECOMMENDS MOTORSTS GVE MEMORAL Bo s, Jan 18 Great trb ute s beng pad to the late George B Selden of Rochester, "father of the automoble," throughout New England by the motor ndustry and by the press The N E A A, at a meetng to-day passed resolutons commendng ha achevements and recommendng a sutable memoral to hs memory Every automoble owner wll be asked to contrbute to the Selden Fund The press of New England has pad consderable trbute to the dead n ventor New Englands apprec of Seldens great achevements and the countrys great loss s well ex pressed by an edtoral of the Boston Transcrpt whch wll say n ts next ssf n DBrt " The man who patented n ths country the applcaton of tho nternal combuston motor to a vehcle a process of whch not only tho uomoll> of the 1 r, nut the aeroplane as well s a d*-velopm name was Oeorc he -ol m" Rad* den mad fs fl wth a am other tban steam made from water, n 187" whereat Das >MH dated from 1889 Seld recognsed by the courts, and upon t the automoble ndustry f th wm founded An k tho a her uu- h [cal no enl lo engne had ts precursory bn n u ns n- n- >, h practcal account OsasVt Wa Hs Du An we gve to Mor- of the tel egraph, to Howe tha <->f tho sewng to Hell uu to Bdlson tlmt > 1 1- phon t s entlrelj proper that we should as< tbe nterna] combuston motor n ts ; o, applcaton, to George Baldwn den A man of N< Yankee nventor, many worthy monuments wll bo reared to hm t s needless to remnd any was the lght gasolne engne dal, the automoble possble The steam onglne had proved tself mpractcable aa an nomlcal motor for Wlh the use of petroleum sprt n a lgl glue, the rn moor vehcle became sble Ml he pcked up at second hand

48 2 TRBUTE TO NVENTOR OF THE AUTOMOBLE, FEATURE OF SHOW fans for Award of $200 to Oldest Gar of Make on Dsplay Are Changed So That All Entrants Wll Be Exhbted Alongsde ot Present Day Models on Saturday-Entres Close To-nght Proroptlv at!) oclock last nght all crowd exceeded ^cn tha fgure n of the buldng, between the brght lghts were extngushed n 1 :: ::,(> lust nght, the asles were 1 Buldngs 3, 4 and 6 at Exposton completely blocked, and t was necesto make ones way around Park, where Rochesters Fourteen! h through tbe exhbts Every sabwas busy every mnute and more were Annual Automoble Show s n prog ress n the orchestras n each of th watng to bo talked to No one part of tho show had more buldng:?, a player arose and Btru vstors; than another Even way out hour on thc gong A slght wat, and le the end of Buldng 5 progress a cornetst arose and sounded laps througl, thc alsles was ah dffcult as Another short wat, and thc lghts jn the mddle of Buldng 4, and the rougs of people who were n buldngs at the tme stopped and there was a slence- Heads were bared untl tbe lghts flashed on agan That was the trbute pad by Rochester Automoble Dealers Asso caton to the memory of George B Selden, a Rochesterau, the acknowl edged nventor of the automoble, who on Tuesday and whoso funeral was held yesterday smplcty, vsble effect mpressve- n ts the trbute made a very w ore present at the tme on the thousands who The chef topc of conversaton at the show last ngbl long n fact, all day was the dsplay of machnes of vntage of early years of the ndustry, whch s planned as a closng feature of the chow Old Machnes on "Dsplay Followng a meetng of the show commttee, a change was made n the plans already announced regardng feature t has been decded that every car entered n thc contest to wn a prze of $200 must be dr to tho show on Saturday mornng Arrved there, the machnes of other days wll be placed on dsplay n th- booths of thc dealer n that car to day, and wll be open to publo nspec ton untl the show comes to a close- Entres must be made by 8 oclock to-nght, n whch tn- name of the car tn date o" ts manufacture owner and ls address must be ed Tho entry must be accompan << b> - letter from the dealer n tha car attestng to the year of ts manufac ture These entres wll be receved f th" managers The show commttee wll meet to nght tres, md lcl s tn put car Nn be U day the wll nspect each of tho entres, nnd at 9-30 oclock Saturday nght the de- 0 wll bo announced At 1030 ck, the oldest ear wll be led forth and ts owner wll be pre of $200 < mwds Grow Targer Thc crowd whch attended the show 1 1 -ngh tared the capac ty of the three buldngs Krot k n the mornng untl 1030 hero was a steady ng, and a1 elos: lonr Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton d to stay : f ll were flashed on agan Meanwhle J dealers who are exhbtng n that sctn of the show are very hgh n ther prase of thc managcment for gvng t hern ther locatons t s the confdent expectaton of every exhbtor that the crowd to nght and to-morrow wll exceed any fgure ao far set, and t s even pre dcted by thc more sangune that the mark wll be set on one of the molls l s fgured that the closng La lre of the dsplay of old models wll brng hundreds who mght otherhe present on Saturday eve nng T date l has been a great show, most attractvely staged, most satsly attended, and wth results n mm! mplshed far exceedng the expectatons of anyone For t has been a sellng show, and the dealers say t wll contnue to be a sellng show rght up untl the last mnute GEORGE B SELDKN -Daly Death Roll Wllam Bartholomay 3 s n Germany Wllam Bartholomay, son of the late Henry Bartholomay, founder of Bartholomay Brewng Company n ths cty, ded Tuesday n Munch, j Germany, aged 67 years Mr Bar-j tholomay formerly lved n Rochester j but for the last 10 years had made hs home n Germany He leaves hs) wfe, Ella Batholomay; four ssters, Mrs Katherne B Hofhenz of ths cty, Mrs Lna Burgweger of Buffalo, Mrs Emly Wedenmayer of Glenrdge, N J, and Mnna Batholomay of Germany; two brothers, Henry and Phlp Bartholomay of Chcago, and two sons, Wllam and Herman Bar tholomay of Chcago Mrs Bartholo may was formerly a member of the Rochester Club and other socal or ganzatons of ths cty VETERAN MEMBER OL ROCHESTER BAR S // REM n the death of TVlQAr -vud occurred v ls home at 1624 Cul the Rochester bar lost om hers, wth a record of nearly 44 years of contnuous servce Mr Os- \rn was born n Mecklenburg, n l W Osbor of Schuyler <!ounl mnent ctzens He was cu lenburg schools and n h law o ng admtted to the bar at tha Shortly to Roch Felf wth of years, ths frm < hp, he begs n nd Smth death h Place Buldng, w here he rtlced for th Mr Osborn v as strong dvorce n the pes comng to hm wth martal dl f he waa refused to bly court He was marred n 18 Theresa L Sontag of ths,1s hs sole nn \ or Wth-,ln about two months Mr Osborn lost hs older brother, John Osborn, a well-known 1 r and a sster resdng rg norm Paul Woore Strayer wll ol,

49 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton For forty-lve years Ar Kn ngaged n the sheet metal bus- t under the name of Dumond, Babcock and Kngston -Mr Kngston went out from Roch ester wth Company E, 140th New York Volunteer regment He enlsted August 27, 1862, when 19 years old, and was mustered out June 21, 1865, by reason of the close of the war He became a corporal and after the bat tle of the Wlderness, actng sergeant because every sergeant n hs outft had been ether klled or wounded The 140th regment was n the Thrd brgade, Second dvson, Ffth Army corps, Army of the Potomac Takng Unform Home The men of Mr Kngstons reg ment had been taken out of the lne After the close of the war, Mr Kngston was kept n Washngton be cause hs dscharge had been lost t turned up later when t was re turned by a Wsconsn regment to whch t had been sent by, mstake Mr Kngston and two comrades quckly bought ctzens clothes The others threw ther unforms away, but Mr Kngston bough trav elng bag nto whch he thrust hs, sayng that he was "gong to take t home to show to hs chldren" He not only showed t to hs chldren, but to hs grandchldren Swam North Anna Rver, Mr Kngston, after tbe Cvl war, marohed wth 450,000 veterans n re vew before Presdent Andrew John son at Washngton and many years llater at a G A- B- encampment n that cty marched before PresdentWlson Unform n Museum Mr Kngstons unform, wth the canteen and cartrdge box worn [wth t was presented by hm to the Muncpal museum at Exposton park last year and s mounted on a form n a glass case Ths unform s of a very dark blue materal The trousers are of a bag gy Turksh type The jacket also of dark blue s trmmed wth brght red brad and brass buttons Ths s, of course, Turksh, too Under t was worn a brght red shrt, low at the neck and coglarleab There s a sash of blue, trmmed wth red, worn wth the trousers The hat s a Turksh at Cold Harbor and new unforms s sued to them The one then dscard ed by Mr Kngston had been rddled wth turban of whte, wth dark blue bullets, four penetratng the tassel am an baggy edgng of red at the trousers, wthout even gvng the bottom The leggns are of canvas wearer so much as a scratch wth leather tops There were three of these zouave regments that were organzed nto a zouave brgade: The 140th New York, the 146th New York and the 155th Pennsylvana Ther unforms were all alke except that the 146th had trmmngs of o lghter blue and the Pennsllvana, trmmngs of yel low The Ffth New York, Du Zouaves, had unforms smlar, but wth baggy trousers of brght red The Fourteenth, a Brooklyn reg ments unform, was a blue jacket and straght-legged, rather close lttng trousers / t> RCHARD KNGSTON Wearng Hs Cvl War Zouave l" nform oneof best known cvl warveterans RCHARD KNGSTON DSS AT THE \(,: OF T8 YEARS N RHVEW AT WAR CtOSE Marched Before Presdent Johnson Zouave Unform He Wore Now Qunby " n Muncpal Museum a long ll o! sons, B Feld, Thomas, Sergeant Kngston swam the North Anna rver n Vrgna, and almost ded of exhauston after he reached the bank because the trousers became! lke barrels of water Several tmes \ the unform became so stff wth mud that t would stand alone, but the materal s as good to-day as t was when t was ssued at he battle of Cold Harbor There has never been a rp n t t was made n Frame and Mr Kngston beleved t to be the only one left of the 1,700 Mr Kngston had vvd recolleclons of hs war experence-, and of men Who played mens part when the tmes demanded real men He had gene nto one acton wearng B "\\ KO BOUth slouch hat sent hm hy hs father, and never before worn As wth several others he deple: some hushes he though! a a bush had slapped hm across o\ ed that the dsoh lonfederate rfle had cut hat-brlm straght through al the front and off around h rl" as f done wth 0 knfe, leavng t only a shred And the touched hm Another when hs unform was pene- lpped the off hs sleeve and he trated by flv< eh Wore Unform n Con Ots Parade! Th long after the when Mr Kngston had opmlty for wearng the old unform Ro n,, ew< 11 8 Otl returned om the Phllpp and r for hm here Confed fl of h" G ""lr -ston WLLAM CARSON TAKEN BY DEATH Offcer of Monroe County Savngs Bank Snce 1916 BRCK CHURCH TRUSTEE n Stone Busness n Plymouth Avenue for Several Years Wth Hs Brother Death Follows ll /rj-f* f *M ness That Began Year Ago Wllam mv Sa Carson, rate fune wu n- held ol thc home at 1 1 Mn Mr < arson a nd h < brother,!h ll 11 on, w 1 m the,,; for ra mouth canal, M ) Mr 0t the Monroe < lounl \ Ba Lnjgs Bank n 1910 he of th bank, g Davd P : M n n had been n n health for md a half, but - ml! tdtou une serous 1 1,,M the Mom oe < ounl nk n the latter par <d 1lJ, bn naton nor- 1 wth t 1 1 on to xarad n the old unform and n the Brck Pn a January bank, (jenr < \ ullej <!lub wll

50 _ HKNn, two Daly Death Jgoll Benj 0: m C Harnea^J Promnent n^ 7~~^ Busness Lfe n Chchester Harned, asso d wth the busness lfe of Rochfor 40 years and who, as a telegler, receved the frst mes 1 that flashed the news of Presdent (Lncolns assassnaton, ded yesterday afternoon at the home of hs daugh- Paul Weaver, at 142 Broad- He had been ll but a short tme Mr Harned, one of 12 chldren was born May 3, 1S4S, at Merrck, L He ffjamk C M MtMvD hs career as a druggst and later b ftllroad telegraph op erator at Johnstown He later moved to Xew Haven Conn, whero he be- (fan a bakng ent prse wth Phlany He marred Mr Ferrys 8, n 1873 Mr Ferry came to r n 188::, and hero tho for- ed the -D-L Restauranl n Powers Buldng He later purchased Mr Ferrys bakery busness next door n 1900, the busness was moved to 157 Man street west, occupyng the entre structure on that ste Mr Harned was a member of Frst Church of Chrst, Scentst He leaves two brothers Samuel L Harned of Brooklyn and Charles W Harned of daughters, Mrs Paul Weaver Mrs Benjamn B Bates and Mrs Wellngton Potter; one son L Harned, and nne grandchl dren, all of Rochester The funeral lace Monday afternoon at 2:30 oclock from the home Bural wll ho made n Mt Hope Ccmctcrv v Haven Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton J P < > 0$f?3- Funeral of Newspaper Man and Scen tst to Be Held To- morrow /^>tj The funeral of Henry C Mane, for twenty-sx years an edtoral wrter on the "Democrat and Chroncle" and an authorty on astronomcal subjects and forecastng weather condtons through scentfc study of sun spots, who ded Saturday at hs home 210 Oxford street, aged 7 8 years, wll take place to-morrow afternoon at 230 oclock from the house nterment wll be made n Rversde and wll be prvate He leaves hs wfe, Helen M Mane; two daughters, Maran Mane and Mrs Walter B Copp, and a grandson, Justus W Copp, all of Rochester Mr Mane waa born at DeRuyter X Y n 1844 He became assocated Wth the "Democrat and Chroncle" n February, About that tme he became nterested n astronomcal subjects and began to study the stars and the sun n 1882, wth mechan sm nvented by hmself, he began takng daly photographs of the sun makng a scentfc study of the spots appearng from tme to tme on the suns surface He appled the results of hs nvestgatons to weather con dtons and for years ssued hs pre dctons for perods of twenty-fve days t was clamed by many scen tsts and meteorologsts that hs pre dctons were as hgh as 90 per cent correct and that the general average of accuracy was about 80 per cent He was a frend and confdent of the late Dr Lews Swft, emnent Rochester astronomer, who made hs observatons n the old Warner ob servatory, stll standng at East ave nue and Arnold park Both were members of the Mcroscopcal socety About 1880 Mr Mane devsed a method of arrangng datoms under the mcroscope and produced some test plates declared by good judges to be superor to those of European manufacture Ths achevement, to gether wth membershp n the Amercan Assocaton for the Ad vancement of Scence, attaned at a Boston meetng n the early eghtes, n company wth Dr Swft, led hm to propose to the Mcroscopcal so cety the formaton of the Academy of Scence, wth sectons devoted to varous subjects The suggeston was adopted and Mr Mane was named charman of the commttee on framng the con sttuton Wlhen the academy was organzed Mr Mane was chosen sec retary, a post he held for Ave years n 1882 the academy was ncorporat ed under the laws of the state of New York, and became noteworthy for lectures and nterestng annual ex hbtons As a member of the edtoral staff of the "Democrat and Chroncle" Mr Mane wrote on many subjects, but sunspots were hs hobby He resgned n March, 1904, to take the poston of assstant superntendent of parks n ths cty He had specal charge of the plantng and preservaton of trees n the parks and streets He held ths poston for a tme, leavng t to become publcty and advertsng manager for the Xew York and Kefcompany, of tftl whch poston he held untl a year or so ago, When falng health compelled hm t, retre HENRY C MANE* ft- DES; KNOWN AS SUN OBSERVER wdwy known /s the advocate of an orgnal "sun spot theory and as a keen observer of na tural phenomena, ded yesterday after noon at hs home, 210 Oxford Street Mr Mane was for many years on the edtoral staff of the Democrat and HlNRY C MANE ward w sstant superntendent of R< pary sj s em d from paperwork n 1904 but contnued to wrte on the results of hs tons n M daughters, Mss Maran Mane and Mrs Walter b >opp andson, Justus W Copp, all of Rochester The funeral wll esday a ternoon al 230 oclo k rom t he home Bural "wll be n Rversde Cemetery * Mrs Mary C Hone t^6--> Mrs Mary C Hone, wdow of Ale h>ne, one of the orgnal members of ho frm of Burke, Ftz Smons, Hone & Company, ded yesterday at her ha 88 Clnton Avenue South She was a memf one of the best known older famles of ltochester The funeral wll take place mornng at OoO oclock from tho home and nt 10 oclock from S B Cathedral rment wll bo made n Holy SenulaVr etery

51 the -7 Dalv Deat ol Frank M Goff Frank M Goff, for 45 years an at torney of ths cty, ded Sunday at Waterloo, owa He had been n fal ng health for more than a year Wth hs famly, he moved to Waterloo, owa, last May Mr Goff was born n Rochester n 1851, a son of the late Henry H Goff and Sarah Wrght He was educated at the Brockport State Normal School and the Unversty of Rochester, from whch he was graduated n 1872 He studed law n the offce of John Van Voorhs and was admtted to the bar n 1876 Hs law practse contnued from that tme untl hs retrement n February, n Mr Goff marred Clara Brown of Spencerport, who survves hm The couple for many years made Spencerport ther summer home, ^ j spendng the wnter months here n, , however, they moved to ths cty, remanng here untl last May Mr Goff was a member of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, the ; New York State Bar Assocaton, the Rochester Club, the Socety of the Genesee and Damascus Temple He belonged to Etolan Lodge of Masons of Spencerport Besdes hs wfe, he leaves one son, Wllam F Goff of Rochester; one daughter, Mrs Nathanel H Looms of Waterloo, owa, and fve grandchl dren The body wll be brought to 32 Chestnut street, where Masonc fu neral servces wll be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 oclock Bural wll be made n^farfleldcemetery, Spen cerport \fcm4u 7S /- * f^^\ Justn J Lotto Justn J Lotto, son of Peter Lotto of 301 Central avenue, and an engneer n the Unted States Navy, ded of pneumona at the naval sta ton at San Dego, Cal, on Saturday, aged 28 years He was attached to the destroyer St Clar Lotto enlsted aa thrd-class fre man n the fall of 1917, and durng the war he was on transports carry ng supples to Europe After the war he returned to ths cty, but enlsted for the thrd tme just before Chrst mas He was marred last Thanksgv ng day n St Paul, Mnn Mr Lotto leaves hs wfe, Louse; hs father, two ssters, Mrs Geneveve Vnc of Yonkers and Mrs Mary Kope of ths cty, and one aunt, Mrs Cath erne Garrett of ths cty The bodv s en the way to Roches ter and bural wll take place late ths week M- Catharne A Acklcy Mrs Catherne A Ackley, who ded day mornng n St Marys Hos ptal as the result of a fa stars of her home at 12 Howell street February 1 loneer resdent of Rochester She suffered a broken hp and other njures n the accdent Ackley was born n Roche n 1837 at 12 Howell street She 1 at York, Lvngston county, for l, where she and her husl conducted a hotel Afterwards she 1 the Lncoln House at Spen! cerport, contnung there untl followng the death of her hus- 11 -Jula1 M McMahon; a brother, Charlea lon, and a nephew, James F on P^tf ff S01_^ The funeral wll take place Monday ~ Moarers una a a Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton t*~~*v / S Double Funeral Held Today For 7rbC,feMSon md ma6y beautful flowfcrs, tokens of expressons of frendshp and sym pathy, the bodes of Jesse C Humel baugh, one of the most popular news paper men of Rochester, and hh mother, Mrs Claro L Humelbaugh were borne to ther fnal restng placet ths afternoon Hundreds of frlendb gathered to pay respect and trbute to assocate fellow worker, frend and former actve welfare worker Ther restng places were arranged typcally n keepng wth th endearng com fort that each found tn the others company The sorts head was close to heart-lne of hs beloved compan on, hs mother Double funeral servces, held from the late home, 24 Rundel park, worn attended by men and women from all walks of lfe, who esteemed both the! r and son Th lerre Cushng of St Marks Epscopal Church, conducted servces Bural waa made at Rversde Cemetery The followng wt for Mrsj Humelbaugh: R S Nagle, W L H ad, M B Shantz, Dr E H Gray, Wllam Burr and Professor W 1 1 ell The actve bearers for Jesse Humelbaugh were; Morrs Adams, George L Davd, F B Robnson, nor B Ells, John Burns and J mnsky, all members of the ed toral staff of tho Democrat & Chroncle, Tho honorary bearers, also former co-workers of Mr Humelbaugh on the staff of the Democrat & Chroncle were: Olver S Adams, Allan C Ross, Homer H Rowell, John V Smeltaer, Norman roolt, Harold Harrs, 1, 111 am Marks Wllam P Costelo, Leo V Kkefflng-, ton "larenco Bull, James R Mc Carthy Bruce R Mann, Raymond C Ghent Charles S Edwards, George A Sturla Harry L Trletley and Mlton ; Hall and Harry V Roff and Harry mer members of the staff Representatves of the Roch Press Club, two members from r offce, attended At a meetng yeete d of Go* lub the rollowne; ted! n the death of Jesse C Wumelbaurh e lfe brg] He was a lovable personalty and he had n an unl ee the faculty nf makng md llm- frends Nothng was too commonplace n hs Bleht to mert anvntve nterest, nnd he brought to every haae of hs work an ntfl perssted through health n the sorrow brought,, nls dnubl* vstaton we nrnffer onr sncere svmnathy to a d an father DEATHSFUNERALS / t dwn Kufus Qulnby Of Edu n Uufns Qulnhy who ded Monday n New York place ths mornlnjar at 10 oelork from M Hop,- chapel Mr Qulnhy wa n n Engneer eorps of the ed States army and h sun of the late C and Elzabeth (Junby etf Rochester He was a D, Qulnby, mp r, and John O Qulnby of Unt < y -T Daly Death Roll Arthur Robnson Des At Hs Home; sjll For Year a/d^-^ - A7- Arthur Robnson ded at hs home, G7 South Washngton street, ths mornng, followng an llness of more than a year Mr Robnson was born n Xew Haven Conn, n 184:: and was educated n the schools of that cty and at Yale Unversty He came to Rochester about S 72 and for many years, untl hs retrement from busl- >out 10 years ago, wan general agent for the Amercan Credt ndem nty Company Untl recent years, when ad\ ago and llness hm more closely to hs home, Mr Robnson was actve n the affars of the Frst Pres\ n nn h For ma ny > was presdent of the board of trustees of the em all tmes hs strong n ts actvtes was very mber of the lub and o he Yale Club of Ro< mem ber of the M hum l A Mr Robnson \ llnm > 1 1, 1 1 and M l Btebb cty mm from on \ Henry B lb n\\ t bapn o the S p of the Chapn member of the < ld Guard of Roch \\ M \ - le He l John* stone < Lowell J he n n- ll) Wll Hope b rs wll tak Cha Mllllt Edward H Vck, F6rm( -^/rjleofklks slfea Edward n \ ck ded thh ry F \ ks, whch ber of years as nt beng B -, he r* 3

52 ,?88 /O FRANK M JONES, FORMER COUNTY TREASURER AND HOLDER OF OTHER MPORTANT PUBLC nu m Jones, for promnently dentfed wth the Repubn partj both as an offce holder and a worker, ded yesterday morn ng at hs home n Webster Hs last publc offce was County Treasurer, g elected to that poston n 1908 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton ATHSHOMEN^EBSTER Mr Jones wa* was also well known as a busness man, havng operated a large store n Webster untl 1915, when he retred from actve dutes He was born at Unon Hll, Novem ber 18, 1847, the son of Chester and Hannah Jones Hs mother was the daughter of Samuel Mllard of the Revolutonary Army After recevng hs educaton n the publc schools of Unon Hll, Mr Jones entered nto the grocery busness wth hs father He later bult, and operated a store of hs own at Unon Hll untl 1891, when he moved to Webster, openng tablshment there Enters Frst Offce n 1885 an es Hs entry nto publc lfe was made n 1885 when he was elected Super vsor of the Town of Webster He was four tmes successvely re-elected to that post n 1889 Mr Jones was elected to represent the Frst Monroe Dstrct n the State Assembly, gong back for a second, and later, for a thrd term Whle a member of the Assembly Mr Jones served on the commttees on gas, electrcty, water supply and ralroads n 190S, he was chosen County Treasurer Durng the year of hs retrement, 1913, he was mted a delegate to the Consttu tonal Conventon Mr Jones was closely afflated wth the Masonc fraternty, havng been a member of Webster Lodge, F and A M; Rochester Consstory, nnd of Damascus Temple, Nobles of the Mystc Shrne, le was a member and trustee of Webster PresbyL Church was marred December 22, 1869, to Mss M House of Ontaro, whom he leaves Besdes hs wfe, Mr Jones leaves one brother, Wllam Jones of Mam, Fla and two ssters, Mrs Nancy M Davs of Ros Angeles, ca;, and Mrs Laura Rousch of Unon Hll, WELL KNOWN AS NEWSPAPER AN SCENTST Henry C Mane Des After Long Promnent Lfe NOTED AS SUN-SPOT MAN? Hs Study of Spots on Sun as Means of Forecastng Weather Gave Hm Wde Promnence Served Long1 as Wrter on Democrat and Chroncle Henry C Mane, for twenty-sx years an edtoral wrter on the staff of the Democrat and Chroncle, and an au thorty on astronomcal subjects and the forecastng of weather condtons through scentfc study of sunspots, ded at hs home No 210 Oxford street, yes terday afternoon, aged 78 ye Mr Mane was horn at Deltuyter N Y, n 1844 le came to the Democrat and Chroncle n February, About that tme le became nterested n astronomcal subjects and began to study the stars and he sun n 1882, wlh mechansm nvented bj hmself, he began takng daly photographs of the sun, makng a scentfc study of the spots appearng from tme to tme on the suns surface He appled the n of hs nvestgatons to weather lons and for years ssued hs pred / J H Wv M, DMS Descendant of Countrys Poneers Des After Short llness/^^j Haure K Kennedy h v at hs lome, No 248 W aged Tl: r an llness of over two weeks Mr Ken famly l d early n ths country Hs g father was n the Revolutonary war and and uncles held COl n the Cvl Wa le leaves seven of whom lve out of low a The funeral wll be held from the home aften? and nter wll Mrs Mary Amela Van YoorbJs Mary Amela Van Voorbs, wfe of Van Voorbs, at one tme referee okruptcy n Hocbestcr, ded Sunday borne at 60 Park Avenue, us Mrs Van Voorus had been lng health for some tme Sbo waa horn n Rochester the daughter of Mr, rs Jacob Anderson, poneer settlers who lved at 131 Exchange Street Mrs Van * aa a member of St Lukes opal Church, Sue leaves, besdes her husband, two slsterh, thc Msses P H and A 1 Anderson The funeral wll take afternoon from tho home Bur alwlljje made tu Mt, Hop e Cemetery HENRY C MANE for perods of twenty-fve -lavs t was,l:"11"1 l,v man neteorololll: "S predctons were as ns hgh? "r "" correct and tha the general avae of accuraej was about 80 per cent Predcts Tornado Accurately SeS," X,- ","e ", ;; tes Mr Mane,-, *"<* to the At over la own sgnature,"v1" - ved wfl, "era /;-- -,,!,,, m,, E Court House, Oho a tornado, and the

53 - hs He was a frend and the Swft, emnent Rochester oner who made b lons n the old Warn tttory, stll Qg at Bast avenue and Arnold park Both were members of the Mcro scopcal Socety About 1880 Mr Mane ed a method of arrangng datoms under the mcroscope and produced some plates declared by good judges to be superor to those of European manufac ture Ths achevement, together wth membershp n the Amercan Assocaton for the Advancement of Scence, attaned at a Boston meetng n the early ef n company wth l>r Swft, led hm lo propose to the Mcroscop v t n formaton of the Academy of Scence, wth sectons devoted to varous subjects Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton OLDEST G A E MEWBER N CTY MUSTERED OUT Charles J * Brock Des n Hs Nnety-frst Year BORN N ADJONNG COUNTY n Servce n Cvl War (or Nearly Three Years A <S/ Was Secretary of Academy The suggeston was adopted and Ar, Mane was named charman o mttee on framng the consttuton When the academy was organzed Mr Mane wu held for fve years, lu 18o2 the acade my was ncorporated under the laws of the state of Xew York, and became noteworthy for lectures and nterestng annual exhbtons a member of te edtoral staff of th- Democrat and Chroncle Mr Mane > wrote on man nspots hobby, n March, 1904, to take the poston of as s-perntedent of parks n ths cty He had specal charge of the plantng and preservaton ot trees n the parks :n,d gts le held ths poston for a rme, b-a- blcty and advertsng for the Xew York V Kentucky < ompany, of ths cty, whch on be b d untl a u#o, when fallng hm to re tre Mr Ma, l lelen M Mane; two daughters, Ms, Murn Mane and Mrs Wa pn, and a grandson, Justus \Y Copp, all o Roche lun-ra e, No 210 Oxf< atlernoon at _ be made n ll be held from the Rversde cemetery T H JAMESON WAS PR ATOP nt attorney, on j rce, wth Wlder buldng, ded ths mornng at the General Hoe long llness He leaves tde Burke Jameson; ra a ml Ann M Jameson, and Mr J n Honeoye lucat- nary, r n the offce a rs, and was admtted ^en a Republcan pervsor from ", b * Was Farmer Before and After Hs Servce n Cvl War Resdent of Rochester Many Years and n Busness Up,rt&t3 to 1921 Traveler /f>7- Charles J Brock, who was the oldest member of the Grand Army of the Re publc n Rochester, ded yesterday Hs age was Ml years, 4 months and -7 days Mr Brock was a former commander of C J Powers Post, former charman of the G A R Memoral and Executve Commttee and presdent of the Monroe County Cvl War Veteran Assocaton Up to last June he was n the real-e busness and was n n of all bs facultes, actve and alert He leaves a son, Arthur L Brock, of Wers, X H ; two grandchldren and four great-grandchldren Hs funeral wll take place to-morrow- afternoon at 2:30 oclock from No 731 Man l east Mr Brock was born n Maron, Wayne county, on September 15, 1830 He came to Monroe county when a young man nnd was workng a farm n Webster on shares when, on Augu t 8, 1862, he en lsted n ment, whch later became he Nnth Heavy Artllery " out f serva ce on Maj " 1805 Ths regmen! l"r seventeen months was assgned to the defense of Wash ngton and bult forts, rfle pts nnd maga ml the natonal captal, Mr Brock was a < lompanj M After the regmen! moved nto acton n the South he was njured n the battle of Cold Harbor, Va For four days Mr Brock lay on the battlefeld wthout attenton Then he was sent lo Wa hngton anl h Phladelpha n eght days befon red anj treatment After the war Mr, Brock returned t,> Rochester am lunch room n the Washngton rjall block, al th north east corner of Man and Cln! He ran th for about eght months and then we Held, where he lved for seven lu, c bus ness- Retvrnn- n- found employment wth Cleveland & Taylor later John A Taylor, wholesale co tonery dealers n State stre,,, t h (he 1 [en th and for two m nspector am for four \ e nspec tor He retred from the ctys servce after hs eghteth brthday and took a 10,000 " mle 1 crossed h- contnent ( ce and pla -, t0 g0 tl, natonal encampment n Dr Mr m, made b home al No, " l1 Thurston road CHARLES J BROCK Bar Assocaton S^**** Adopts Resoluton On Late TH Jameson oflng of the t Ba AA " latoh, h d at tho Court House at noon today ne resoluton* on the death of the late Attorney Theodore H Jameson were l Mr Jameson ded yesterday mornng The resoluton was read by Ken dall B Castle Justce J B M TMODORK H JAMESON hens presded at the meetng whch waa attended by the Supreme Court >w tn the Huneral servces for Mr Jameson be held at 2 noon from the home at mlnt oclock tomororw

54 A q-x Daly Deathr,Roll V*s*> Henry Arthur Dutton Well-Known Buyer n Sbleys Slk Dept Henry Arthur Dutton, assocated wth the Sbley, Lndsay & Curr Com Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton V VETERAN COURT STENOGRAPHER TAKEN BY DEATH b-+c Wllam J Burke Succumbs to Lngerng llness SERVED FOR THRTY YEARS lcourt Steno^Hs Home / Was Frst to Be Named Stenog rapher of Cty Court and Frst to Use Typewrter n Servce of Cty Known as Baseball Player HENRY ARTHUR DUTTON at hs home, 1D1 Dartmouth street, aged 6 0 years He leav son, George F Dutton, a daughter Gladys Dutton four brothers, a sster and four grandchldren Mr Dutton was born n Chester, England, and receved hs educaton there Later he moved to Ottawa, Canada, wth hs famly, and after spendng four years there he came to Rochester 81 years ago Thrty years ago Mr Dutton became assocated wth the Sbley, Lndsay & Curr Company n the slk department, and at the tme of bs death he was buyer for artment Mr Dut-, ton made hs home n Rochester permanently after hs arrval n 1890 md commanded the hghest respect from hs busness assocates Mr Mutton was a member of Roch ester Lodge, F & A M, and of Ham lton Chapter, Royal Arch Masons He member of St Pauls Epg:< [h urch Mr Dutton had hern ll only a short and hs death came as a sh to all who know hm Two weeks ago last v- he 111 and sffck on rng a severe n whch s beleved to have been the of hs deal h [e con! nued at work three days al nju man at home to re pany for about 30 years, ded yester- cfcntwo weeks n turhemmorhage Sat es wll b oclo, tomor row afternoon at l:o0 cn-k Bural wll be made n Mount Hope Cemetbera of R Lodge wll lle Ml ml the funeral servces After a prolonged perod of llness Wllam J Burke, for nearly thrtyyears chef stenographer n Cty Court, cvl branch, ded yesterday mornng at hs home, No 173 Krkland road Had Mr Burke lved untl Sunday, he would have been 63 years old, havng been born on March 12, 1859 He was a natve of Rojhcster Hs Jjth was due to a general breakdown followng a complcaton of dseases He had been n falng health for nearly a year Mr Burke attended a school that stood on the ste now occuped by the Cathedral Grammar School He was a classmate of Archbshop Ed ward J Hanna, now of San Francsco, and of Bshop Thomas F Hckey, of ths cty He entered the employ of the cty n the offce of the corporaton coun sel n 1884 Durng the tme he was n that offce he served under Corporaton els John N Beckley, van Powers and Charles B Ernst Made Stenographer n 1893 On January 1, 1893, he was apponted stenographer n- the Muncpal Court n the Cty Hall, whch then was presded over by Judge George E Warner and T E Whte He was the frst stenographer of that court and s sad to have been the frst to use a typewrter n the ser vce of he cty He became a member of the New York State Shorthand Report ers Assocaton, after wnnng the repu taton of beng one of the best men n hs vocaton n ths cty Years later Munc pal Court became Cty Court, and n now n the Muncpal Buldng n South Ftzhugb street From the tme that he became of votng age Mr Burke was a stanch Democrat, beng a member of the club known as Young Men of the Democracy, whch exsted n the Nnth ward He was a member of the Knghts of Coluubus, Fourth Degree, and of St Augus tnes Church Funeral to Be Held Monday Mr Burke for many years adng amateur basebalj play, otry for tho Nnth Xfnvd Stars, was one of w 1 1 -l made a nam, rcles and whch sent many p] After nterest n the ; wane Mr Burke was one o the organzers of the Catholc League,, bed for fve years after 1900 Lent of the league dur ng most of that tme Mr Bn Mary E Madelne Burl brother, M " ""1 "" Helen l\ Burls 1 wll b< Monday mornng from St Augustnes hgh wll be celebrat John OBren, rector ol the church The Knghts of wll ;,,, to the lu" WLLAM J BURKE *~7= WLLAJ1 FOGARTY Death of Well-known Veteran of Cvl Wllam Fogarty ded at hs home, 24 Cleveland place, yesterday, aged 75 years He leaves hs wfe, Emma J Fogarty; three daughters, Mrs Fred Mutchler and Mrs Edward Lotz of Rochester, and Mrs A p Smth of Salt Lake, Utah; fve sons, Wllam, Walter, Raymond, Fred and Henry Fogarty, all of Rochester; one sster, Mary E Fogarty of Chcago; twentytwo grandchldren and ten great grandchldren He was a Cvl war veteran and a member of ORorke l c, U He saw double the war, frst n Company H, Sxty-seventh Oho nfantry, and later on board the U <S 8 Hartford He was actve and promnent n all Grand Army movements and for many years had been n charge of the Memoral day observances at Holy Sepulcher cemetery )r Anna Crag: D Anna Crag, for the last 2~< years a member of the staff of Knds Park State Hosptal on Long sland, ded Tuesd nsttuton Sl two ssters t Sara Crag Buckley of Chcago and Dr, Marlon Crag Totter of ltochester; one nece, Mss lorothy Buckley of nn, nnd two nephews, l>r H Crag lores of Urbana, 111, and Dr T Crag Pot ter, an nterne at Johns Hopkns Hosptal t Baltmore, Md 1 d wll take place from he South Avenue ths afternoon al oclock Bural wll bo n ourcn vlle Cemetery Su/day mornng at 10 "flock^ ^(flx- /

55 - DEATH CLAMS VETERAN BUSNESS MAN0F12THWARD Was Proramcnt n Fraternal Crcles Organzed Frst ndependent Hose Company n Hs Ward Harre R Kennedy, 72, who for many years had been promnent n busness and fraternal crcles n ths ded last nght at hs home, 248 Megs street, after an llnees of ten monthf Mr Kennedy was born n Auburn n 1S50 n 1871 he moved to Roch ester and was employed by the John Sddons company untl 1873, when he went nto the hardware busness n South avenue, n whch he contnued untl 1900 After hs retrement from the hardware busness, Mr Kennedy engaged n the manufacture of nfants shoes, whch he contnued untl the outbreak of the World war Mr Kennedy was actve n the n terests of the cty He organzed the frst ndependent fre company of 112 members n the Twelfth ward At the dedcaton of the fre house bult for t, Mr Kennedy was honored wth the ttle of Father of the Twelfth Ward Hose company, and was pre sented a gold-headed cane by the members of the company and ctzens of the Twelfth ward He was a member of Temple lodge, 412, O O F; Past Hgh Court Ranger of Court ndependence, 570, O O F; Excelsor lodge, 408, A O U W; a lfe member of Rochester lodge, -660, F & A M; onc chapter, 210, Royal Arch Masons; Dorc coun cl, 19, Royal and Select Masters; a past oommander of Cyrene com mandery, 39, Knghts Templars, and of Rochester Consstory, and was also a member of Damascus Temple the Mystc Shrne Mr Kennedy s survved by two nephews, Edward E Hoxe of Boston Albert D Hoxe of Brooklyn Funeral servces wll he held from Thursday afternoon B oclock, and from the chapel at Mt < oclock, the to be n charge of Cyrene commandery, 59, K T Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton of S H G01TRY DEA AN HER Began Busness 35 Years Ago Wth One Horse and Wagon and Bult Up Ex- tensve Equpment of Trucks, and Wagons??? <a<_4l <z %^ Samuel Gottry, presdent of the Sam Gottry Cartng Company, a well known busness man, and a poneer n the cartng busness n ths cty, ded at 6:15 oclock ths mornng at 8t Marys Hosptal, aged 71 years, from apoplexy Mr Gottry was strck- xmff Actve m Busness and Fraternal Artvten at 2 och fternoon at hs home, 22 Parkwa s taken to S Marys Hosptal n an uncon scous condton, n whch state he re maned untl hs death Mr Gottry was born n Utl came t R young man He had lved here 50 years, for about 35 of whch he was engaged n the cartng busness He was one of the frst to the cartng bus ness here, begnnng wth one horse and t the concern hears hs name has motor trucks, several movng vans and 80 horses and s one of the larg est cartng companes n ths part of the state n 1896 he ncorporated the Sam Gottry Cartng Company wth hmself as presdent Hs eons are connected wth the company, Frank S Gottry beng general man ager and treasurer and Charlea B Gottry, v nt- Mr Gottry was a drector and stockholder n th "usement Compan: nbar of the r f tho Ch Mr Gottry leaves hs wfe, Jula A Gottry; two daughters, Mrs Geor- Gardner and Anabelle Gardner of ths cty, and three sons, Frank S and Charles B Gottry of ths cty and Edward O Gottry of Notre Dame Unversty Masonc funeral servces wll be] held from the famly home Saturday: at 3 oclock nterment {afternoon wll l bo n Mt Hope Cemetery DEATHSFUNERALS T3THEODORE JAMESON Memoral Adopted by Monroe County At a specal of the M roe County on d n the Court house, at noon, wth Ju John M Stephens presdng the memoral commt! Kendall b Castle, charman; Merle L Sheffer, John S Bronk and Joseph L Humphrey presented the foll resoluton on the death of Theodore 1 1 race Jameson, for n promnent member of the Monroe Counts bs Theodore Horace Ja meson p away Wednesday morrung, March 22, BM after an llness of four! weeks caused Mr Jameson was born n the old \ nne years ago, the boh Jameson and Knly \llen le atl ed the \ lllage tor oojleg al h S the fall f the \v dej an unl llm He was a dlgent student ngly popular n college, b an presdent of hs c!h6 n or year am dent to the tme of hl Mte n college, he atudh d fa w and toq to th te buldng H """ nltame tme the Mr for Spur- ll 1 1 ectlon de eloped 1 1" m fn and con nt tme u of Mr r Vd Comrrx ln \nrl 1909 h X V and dauffh r, Charlea h man > M, u f> publc callj nd t he old and < srhtful d z/3 1 n ned M pt for th,, H 1 1 1, of Monroe Commandery, 12 Knl HARRE R KENNEDY j\ s, Hamlton Cha M Lalla Rool and nondlo Lodge, F A A M H also a member of the Knghts ol M C A and Ralroad Y M C A, a Rocln o E, 24, and a membor of the ""ll : he funeral, n McCa H P t Ml be the

56 a Lf^cL WLLAM J BURKE, Cty Court Stenographer, To-day Who Ded WM J BURKE, STENOGRAPHER XTYCOURT,DES N POSTON CONTNUOUSLY TWENTY-NNE YEARS GREAT AMATEUR BALLPLAYER Hs Career wth the Old Nnth Ward Stars Whch Tumed Out Many Professonals Wllam J Burke, stenographer n Cty court for 29 years, who n hs j younger days was one of the best- 1 known amateur baseball players n the cty, ded to-day at ha home, 173 Krkland road, of a general break down followng a complcaton of dseases f he had lved untl Sunday he would have been 63 years old He had been n falng health for the past four or fve months but had been able to be at court rregularly untl about a month ago He leaves bn wfe Mary F Burke; a son, John J Burke; a daughter, Madelne Burke; a brother, Mchael J Burke, and two ssters, Helen F Burke and Mrs Elzabeth Armstrong The funeral wll be held Monday mornng from St Augustnes church, of whch he was a member nte-- ment wll be made n Holy Sepulcher Mr Burke was horn n ths cty March , and was educaed n th,- publc schools He entered the employ of the cty n the offce of the corporaton counsel n 1884 and served Corporaton Counsels John N ley, van Powers and Charles Ernst On JB January 1, 1893, he was apponted stenographer n the Muncpal court n Cty hall Ths court later became Cty court, cvl branch, and s n the Muncpal buldng n South Ftzhugh street He was the only stenographer to hold of fce contnuously from the tme of aptt to the present Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Career as Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Ballplayer n all hs lfetme snce he wore knee breeches, Blly Burke was a baseball player untl the demands of bs stenographc work led hm to toss asde the catchng mtt as a matter to hs hands t was of protecton about thrty-fve years ago that Burke as catcher of the Nnth Ward Stars was one of the dols of sandlot fandom The Nnth Ward Stars to-day would be classed as sem-professon als, though most of ther exhbtons were more closely related to the am ateur game Blly was a catcher n most of the "great games" played Wth the Danfords, the team whch always dsputed the poston of the Nnth Ward Stars Games were played just to the east of the old Drvng park, the fence of the race-course servng as a back stop for the baseball damond There was no Dewey avenue beyond Drvng Park avenue then t was Thrush street Bllys batterymate was hs brother, Alec, who ded about two years ago Alec, by the way, was the frst ptcher n ths sec ton to have good control of a curve ball Other members of the then wellknown Nnth Ward Stars were Johnny (Honey) Durnherr, Joe and Jack Creegan, the Armstrong brothers, Tom Callahan Andy Wedenmann and Paul Cook Cook went from the Nnth Ward Stars to professonal baseball and afterwards was a player of natonal promnence wth the Lousvlle team Some Become professonals When Blly Burk left the Nnth Ward Stars Andy Wledenmann was advanced to the catchng poston Tom Callahan, who was a member of the club, was a brother of Blly Cal lahan, who, followers of baseball of earler days wll recall, was a member of the famous ca Hanan -Dave Mc- Kough battery whch was sold to Phladelpha That battery was as great n ts day as any battery of the present tme Callahan was called one of the greatest natural ball play ers of any tme He, perhaps, was not as smart as some but n natural ablty, playng any poston besdes battng and ptchng well, he was a Ssler of hs tme At the same tme Blly Burke was dentfed wth the Nnth Ward Stars he was a force n the Nnth Ward Young Men of Democracy, whch or ganzaton ncluded most of the Nnth Ward Stars He contnued a Demo crat all hs days, too The young poltcans and the baseball players had headquarter? over a saloon con ducted by Creegan and Armstrong n Lake avenue, opposte Lyell avenue Factor n Catholc League Blly Burke was a promnent fac tor n Rochester baseball crcles n the lfetme of the Catholc league, 1900 to 1905 He was presdent ot ths league whch produced such re markable talent and exhbtons that the professonal game here suffered attendance Burke had a remarkable organzaton whch graduated many players to profes slonal rank? Bdlly Burke snce the suspenson of the Catholc l<,s a fan of fans" n followng the dongs of Eastern and nternatonal lubs Hs only fraternal afflaton was wth th Knghts of Columbus Was Well Known n Paper Trade and Lfe Member of Genesee Falls Lodge of MasonsMember of Teor onto Lodge, 0 0 P, for 25 Years//3fc24<X^ Davd Strauss, for the/past 51 years a resdent of Rochester and prom nent n Masonc crcles, ded early ths mornng at the famly home, 58 Mlburn street, aged 85 years Mr DAVD STRAUSS Strauss had been ll for some tme The funeral wll be held Sunday morn ng at 10 oclock from the famly home Rabb Emertus, Max Landsberg of Temple Berth Kodesh wll offcate nterment wll be n Mt Hope Cemetery Mr Strauss was born n June 5, 1837, n Wurtemberg, Germany He came to ths country when a young man n February, 18G4, he marred Rosa Hays <>n February 3, 1914, Mr and Mrs Strauss celebrated ther golden weddng annversary Mr Strauss had n connected wth the frm of Daly and Ferguson, wholesale paper dealers, n Mll street, for 21 years, a greater part of the tme as a salesman He had been a Mason for over 60 years, beng a lfe member of Genesee Falls Lodge, r7, F and A M He was also a member of Teoronto Lodge, O O F for 2 3 years, and a member of Temple Berth Kodesh, Bna Brth and Rochester Contnental Lodge, F S Mr Strauss leaves two sons, Man Strauss and Herman 1) Strauss, both of Rochester; four daughters ke Mannhemer, Josephne and Mn ne Strauss, all of Rochester, and A J Freberg of Los Angeles, forna, and four grandchldren,

57 " Heart Attack n Hs Auto Proves Fatal To John McKe Promnent Mason and Tenth Ward Republcan Leader Strke* Whle on Hs Way To Call for a Frend To Attend Lodge Meetng Was Actve n Rochesters ndustres /T *=>ju ^_/ r Whle drvng hs automoble n, Thurston road shortly before 9 oclock last evenng John McKe, 62, of 54 Lake Vew park, promnent n masonc crcles and poltcs suffered an attack of heart trouble He ded whle be ng taken to Rochester General Hos ptal Mr McKe was on hs way to attend a meetng of Valley Lodge, F and A M, and ntended to call for a frend n the vcnty of Thurston road Mr McKe was strcken when hs machne reached Roxborough road He drew the automoble up along sde the curb and appled the brakes, but dd not stop the motor came unconscous He then be Hs groanng at tracted a pedestran who notfed po lce headquarters Se^eant Kavanaugh and Patrolman Austn hurred to the scene Mr McKe was alve and the offcers drove the machne to Rochester General Hosptal, reachng there about 10 oclock Mr McKe had expred by that tme Coroner Kllp took charge of the case and per mtted the removal of the body to an undertakng establshment He wll ssue a certfcate Mr McKe was born n Scotland He s a half-brother of Polce n spector Alfred Kllp He came to ths country when young and the fam ly lved for years n the town of Gates, the homestead beng n Lyell avenue He had been a resdent of the Tenth X M S, and last year was monarch ward for about 12 years and was ac of Lalla Rookh Grotto, M O V P E tve n the affars of the Republcan R He was a member of the con organzaton n the ward For two sstory and Damascus Temple years he was presdent of the Tenth Snce the organzaton of the Ward Republcan Assocaton, made Shnola Company Mr McKe had been up of the regular organzaton Re superntendent Before that tme he publcans He was county commttee was n the shoe ndustry and was man and took an actve part n the foreman n several Roehest organzatons actvtes aganst es He made one trp to England Charles E Bostwck Mr McKe re and ntroduced some Amercan machnerj tr makng shoe/ tred from the head of the assocaton Ha broth ths wnter of Dorc Councl, Royal and Selett ers; a past commander of Cyrene Knghts Templar; a Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton _~r JOHN McKF *~ member of Rochester Consstory, A A S R, and Damascus Temple, A A O er-n-law, George M Wetmore, s He was actve n masonc affars and presdent of the Shnola Company was a past master and lfe member of \l M s leaves hs wfe, sabel Valley Lodge 109, F and A M He McKe; a son, Donald J, who s a stu a member of Hamlton Chapter dent at the of Rochester, \ M a past llu aster and a daughter, Ruth M McKe Funeral servces wll be held oolock on Thursday afternoon the home f ^J^THS-^njBALS Mrs Lu Chamberlan Noyes "X- Mrs Lu Chamberlan Noyes, wdow of General Henry T Noyes and daughter of Hon Jacob P Chamber lan, ded yesterday afternoon at her home at 283 Alexander street She was a member of Thrd Presbyteran church She leaves fve chldren The j funeral wll take,,,,, from the1 Wednesday mornng at 10 j oclock Bural wll be at Watk HUNDREDS ATTEND JQHNJTKE SERVCE Busness, Fraternal and Poltcal Assocates n Last Trbute Trbute to the late John McKe was pad yesterday by hundreds of people, nf eludng men and women promnent n the busness, fraternal and poltcal lfe of Rochester, who attended hs funeral, whch was held n the afternoon from bs home, No 54 Lake Vew park n terment was made at Rversde cemetery Nearly all the offcers of the Ma bodes n Rochester attended the funerl, although no Masonc servces were held A delegaton of polce offcers was pres ent All the members of the Board of Managers of the Slate Agrcultural and ndustral School at ndustry, of wnch Mr McKe was a member, also attended Floral emblems, whch surrounded the casket n the house, were from the Tenth Ward Republcan Club, Valley due onc Chapter, Royal Arch Ma rene Commandery, Knghfff Templar; Dorc*Councl, Royal and Sde-t Ma of all of whch Mr McKe was a member, and from Lalla Roohk Grotto, of whch he was monarch untl January 1st Damascus Temple, Mystc Bhrn whch he was marshal, and Roch Consstory, Scottsh Rte, of whch he was an offer Rev Herbert J Burgstalder DD thc Frst Methodst Church, offcatl be Servces, The hearer-; were Posl ter John B Mullen, Specal County Judge Frederck L < Dutcher, he ter L1 Grffth, Brwn c Shmt, A L Thomp son nnd John B rebel Tn- Republcan Commttee of the Tenth ward adoptm a resoluton on the death of Mr McKe, whch was sgned by n ccmn of Harry ll Servs, Matha c Barry, Hem Shedd nnd Ray W Snbn ^TmNRYEMS WAS BORN HERE MORE AGO George reorge H Pero, Er, Employee of Pero, sr, Emplo; Old Paper Mll, s Dead/^^, George 11 P d lns ely, ded \es: - Marys r months He was bora on Sept en her ;, 1 S"> 1 on the lttle trad f land n lnton a north across from the property <f St M cl W hen a Lo\ n w nt t, ndana for Rochester hen thou old He hd 1 of plpenn worked Ml the d HSl N dl1 then at he er al elh ward le whs a memh command the tent and all hs hers nl th h \\ nm J, Justne W, org! dr, ter! Pero; fve daujhte Hun U- Thorn P o, of B W#s, Th ds; on- b rlolj

58 one of the most pcturesque fgures n throughout the war of 1812 Emulat Rochester n recent years, ded yes ng hs predecessors, when the strfe between the North and th South be terday at hs home at A:,l Magnola gan, Mr Lawrence enlsted n Com Mr Lawrence, who was re pany E, 50th Regment, New York Engneers, and served untl thc cessa puted to be tho oldest Grand Army ton of the war Hs fve brothers were member n the state, lacked less than also n the war, servng wth varous unts of the state Even when the two years of the century mle: war between the Unted States and Ho Lad n en n falng health for any began, Mr Lawrence evnced re to ro across some tme n addton to the dstncton of be- ho oldest Cvl War veteran, he 1 L < Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Samuel Townsley Lawrence, Oldest / Cvl War $terqn ofjstate, Des 1S23 He learned the trade of car penter and also followed other enter prses durng hs lfe Upon hs ar rval n ths cty he became a mem ber of tho Rochester Cty Cadots an organzaton of young men Mr Lawrence was marred n 1845 at Clarkson, and drove to tho weddng n that place from an outlyng settlement over roads and felds that were covered wth eght feet of snow, the sled passng over the tops of fences wth ease Durng hs lfe, Mr Lawrence was always a habtual devotee of tobacco He began chewng when he was 8 years old and contnued vrtually all of hs lfe He was eccentrc n many ways Ho always dd hs own cook ng, beng especally profcent n bread makng Mr Lawrence scorned bakers bread, and usually was found up at hs home about 5 oclock n the mornng preparng to do the mar ketng and get the ntal repast ready Lover of Vnegar Although he never attrbuted hs long lfe to any adherence of any partcular thng, he was a great lover of vnegar as a promoter of good health and eyesght He used t n almost every preparaton of food n whch t would not spol the taste Despte the handcap of many years, Mr Lawrence was always actve and about He was remarkably well pre served for hs years and took a keen delght n the topcs of the day He was afflated wth the Whg and Re publcan partes and cast hs frst vote n 1844 for Henry Clay Snce that tme he has voted for every Pres dent Lncoln and Grant were famlar fgures to Mr Lawrence who saw both of them whle he was a solder He would have attaned hs 99th year August 26 Mr Lawrences frst wfe ded n 1890 He remarred and leaves hs wfe, Mrs Mame Lawrence; three sons and one daughter, lvng outsde of Rochester and several neces and nephews of ths cty The funeral wll place Thursday afternoon at 2 oclock from 31 Lake Avenue Bural! wll be made n Mt Hope Cemetery Thoto by Stone, Herald Photographer SAM EL TOWNSLEY LAWRENCE MONROE Countys grand old man, Samuel Townsley Lawrence, ran of the Cvl War, and Mr Lawrence, who came nto the world when Western New Rochester we, of an mtreked wlderness, had the vared and nterestng career one would expect of a person who was alert to the tmes and whose lfetme covered the span of offce of many Presdents Untl shortly before hs death he could re count wth the ease of one half hs years the ad\ pognant, accomplsh!, the world whch lelble mark upon hs memory Famly of Fghters whch n lle wars of the young and strugglng re publc Hs grandfather, Samuel Townsley, was klled at thc battle of Bunker Hll Hs father served was also the oldest exempt freman n He was a member whch n the early days was housed n Man Street Hast, a few houses beyond St oe C^ounty of old Engne Company 6, Paul Street Mr Lawrence often re cted for newspaper ntervewers and hs frends, accounts of frefghtng n the days when one trusted to good fortune rather than upon the engnes, whch were small hand affars Mr Law Came from Albon ho came to Rochm Albon n 1841, was n Stllwater, Saratoga County, n FUNERAL SERVCES^ HELD FOR VETERANS ^OF^^NDNAVf Pnal servces for Wllam Fogarty, ran of the Cvl War who ded re n H,> Sepulcher Cemetery The fu neral was n charge of nrorke Tost, R, of whch Mr Fogarty was a member for many years Durng the Cvl War, Mr Fogarty served wth the 67th <> nteer nfantry n the campagns around Charleston, S C La to He navy and took part n harrowng adventures He was charged from the servce *arraguts flagshp, the ll s S Hart- t^j? th Brook,yn Navv Yard, Aprl JO, Jm o^, Part,y Hv*d,n rl*veland Place *? th?v ust 25 yeftrs wa* employed at the Bausch & Lomb plant Pr wep,rnth K ^>been attached to

59 knd Paal CTYS OLDEST WAR VETERAN S TAKEN BY DEATH Samuel T Lawrence Des at Age of 98 Years FREMAN N EARLY DAYS > Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County / Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Would Have Marked 100th Brthday Two Years Hence Once a Cty Cadet Mr Lawrence also n hs youth was a member of the Rochester Cty Cadets, a mltary organzaton of the young men of the cty Mr Lawrence leaves hs wfe, Louse Lawrence, and four chldren, the oldest of whom s more than 70 years old They are : Edwn, Chnrles and Samuel Law rence, all of Chcago He also leaves eghteen grandchldren and twenty-two great-grandchldren, as well as several nephews and neces Joned Volunteers n Hs Youth and Fought Stubborn Front Street Fre Served wth Engneers n Cvl War Before Lee Gave Up Sampel T Lawrence, the oldest Cvlwar veteran n Rochester and one of the veterans n New York state, ded day at hs home, No 452 Magnola street, aged 98 years Funeral servces, n whch Cvl-war veterans of Monroe county wll take part, wll be held at 2 oclock to-morrow afternoon a No 31 Lake avenue nterment wll be made n Mount Hope cemetery Mr Lawrence was born n Stllwater, Saratoga county, n 1823 Hs father fought under the Amercan flag on the seas n the War of 1812 wth Eng land Mr Lawrence came to Rochester n 1841 He attended school here for a tme and then became an apprentce n the carpenterng trade wth J tt, who had a lttle shop n Aque duct Btreet t was n Rochester, n 1844, that young Lawrence cast hs frst rote, ballotng for Henry Clay He be came a member of a volunteer fre asson and at the tme of hs death was the oldest exempt freman n Rochester Came Here n 1841 When he frst came to Rochester n 1M1 he took up hs resdence u Man He marred n 1846 and hs frst wfe ded n 1890 He was the father of sx chldren, two of whom ded n S s he moved nto a stone house n Genesee street, a few rods south of Brouson ave nue, then named Hunter street Ths house only recently was sold and wll be torn down On August 20, 18G1, whch was hs 38th brthday, Mr Lawrence enlsted n tony!: Ffteth Engneers He l the Army of the Potomac, under Mlellan and remaned untl surrender, four and a half years He was slghtly wounded n the le Lad four brothers n the war Charles Lawrence, wab klled n the stormng of St Marys Heghts a corporal of the Ffteth New* York Engneers, Company E, Mr Lawrence astruct the brdge over a,, at Farmvlle, near Rchmond, for the Unon solders t< puss over when ed General Lee to surrender The engneers were ordered to stay by the brde, so they couldnt see the sur render Lved n Chcago a Whle, After the Unon solders had forced rrende lorpo! Lawhe honorable dscharge and returned to Rochester to lve hs trade of carpenter bulder untl 1871, when he removed t, He lv for nearly thr B parents Uwd n LOO h ter to lve nnd had!">-: Slag t tme Mr- Lawrence was descended from a famly of fghters Samuel Townsley, hs mothers father, fell n the Revolutonary war Hs father, Smth Lawrence, served n he War of 1S12 Three of hs grand- M \v servce wth the Amercan army overseas n the World War, Samuel and Harry Lawrence, both of Chcago, and Omars Lawrencefl of Valparaso, nd, wo was klled n acton n France a Cvl war veteran Mr Lawrence took an actve nterest la the affal the Engneers Brgade of the Arm the Potomac, and every year attended the annual reunon of the brgade al G n He always sat at the heud of the tabc at the renn Freman n Early Days Besdes havng been a war veteran, Mr Lawrenc also was a \c!crun freman! When he was barely of legal age! Lawrence joned old Engne Company 5, whch was housed n Af*a n street, east of St Paul Btreet n b fre that burned half one sde of Front streel about 1842 he contracted a clod whch the doctors thought would be fatal, but he reco n three or four days After the lllne tha followed the Fronl street lre Mr Lrrrrnce joned Engne Company - then located near Buffalo brdge He was secretary of ths company or eghl years, or untl he lefl the cty m 1857 or 1858 to Nagara Falls, and wth tha nov-l hs connecton wth lre-fghtng n tellng of the early days of the Departmenl n year or two ago, Mr Lawrence recalled the story of the mpresented to th, fghters n the 40s and whch was small portons and lout tbe Cty These sales netted $500, kvueh was the nuclec- of the fr< on fund whch las no* grown to nn amount never antcpated by fn of those early days A ftcru arl, whenoney :,,f the was gven! n nun after of apprecaton ol property, t went nto that volunte ut of the who otherneed the the fund Snce then, a stale law made of donatons ob WELL KNOWN MASON AND MLTARY MAN H JjMJf DEATH Walter 7 C Smth, wdely known n fraternal and mltary crcles of lochester, ded yesterday at hs home 386 Woodbne Avenue, aged 4H Mr Smth was promnently d Hed wth the Masonc Fraternty, havw \u: J C smth np and a m Hgh P of lon- lhapter; Pa ndar, pon ef : n nn luard tn lon of th- Home Sm wa wth that organzaton h u v acl vtl 1901 when he enll wth the le of tl cc vng h lout ponted f Was hole pany, tha [< mber ot the < Ud < luard ffll- M the trn ol Smth & Oberst n Taylor and Cora M ; h ral wll lls Smth

60 Funeral Samuel V* WLLAM EARL WAS VETERAN Man Apponted Buchanans n Presdent Admnstra ton Des at Home of Hs Daughter Retred After Fftygears Servce One oftrre oldest ralway mal em ployee n pont of servce and age, Wllam E Earl, of ths cty, ded yes terday afternoon at the home of hs daughter, Mrs J H Johnson, 625 nue, n Mar He Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Mr Earl n S 67 transferred to a run between Canandagua and Ba re he worked for four yeans, he was promoted to a run betwen Rochester and Nagara Falls n 1871, Mr Earl was promoted to clerk between New York and Buffalo Ls tme t took a mal clerk three days to make a round trp Durng hs employment n the mal servce Mr Earl was n several ral road wrecks At Rome n 1877 hs clerk-n-charge, workng next to hm, was klled n 1877, the mal servce was re organzed, the mal trans runnng through from New York to Chcago After ths reorganzaton, Mr Earl located n Rochester and ran between Rochester and Albany for 16 years He then transferred to the Auburn branch of the New York Central be tween Rochester and Syracuse, where he was statoned for 12 years n 1913, the department establshed a termnal n Rochester Mr Earl was located at Rochester untl the depart ment dscontnued ths termnal, and he was transferred to Buffalo, where he was located up to the tme of he death He was credted wth havng a re markable emory Besdes knowng where every postoffce s located n the state, he could tell to what postoffce a letter should be sent whch was addressed where a postoffce was never located He was an expert for many years n New York state dstr buton of mals Three generatons were n the ralway mal servce, Mr Earl; hs son, Fred J Earl, and hs son Ted Earl Mr Earl leaves two daughters, Mss M L Earl and Mrs J H John son; a son, Fred J Earl; sx grand chldren, and one great-grandchld The funeral wll take place on Sat urday afternoon at 2:30 oclock n terment wll be made at Mount Hope Cemetery PONEER SODA MANUFACTURER ^PASSES AWAY Thomas W Galvn Des at Hs Home After llness of Two MonthsWasTrustee of St Brdgets Church romnent n HsBusness omas W Galvn, poneer soda and mneral water manufacturer, ded yesterday mornng at the famly home 20 Evergreen street, aged 68 years, after an llness of two months Death THOMAS AV GALVX WLLAM E, EARL was n the servce for more than 50 s, and untl qute recently pervular dutes a* clerk n the Buffalo termnal He entered the durng Presdent Bu chanans admnstraton Mr Earl was born n Geneva n ed hs frst dutes n the postoffce of that cty Three ter he obtaned a poston n the Canadan postoffce, where he was employed for four years He made hs frst trp as ralway clerk between and WlllamspOrt, Pa,1 on the Northern Central Ralroad Al ths tme thc ralway servce was n ts nfancy Certan large postof- ; rally stuated were desg- "dstrbutng postofflces," to j whch mal nt n packages where postoffces werej el the tran dd not stop the! mal pouch was caught by hand, the the staton holdng the tl to be caught n hs hands Toes are caught wth a heavy he car, and a s held up at the staton on a M crnv Suddenly, March 1, 192? Mch ael 1 Murphy, at hs home, No 725 Park avenue He was born n Canada and came to the Unted States when a young n Upon the outbreak of the Cvl war he enlsted for fve years n Company A, Sxteenth nfantry He was a member >f ORourke Post, O A t, and the Holy Name Socety of the Blessed Sacrament Church, He la sur vved!>:, one daughter, Mrs Sade Mc- Grath uneral wll take place Saturday mom- ng ll 9;13 0clOCk mm lle lnne Mn t ) :!0 oclock from the Blessed Sac Ch,urcn nterment n the famly lot at Holy Sepulchre cemetery 19-X of Amela Va/Voorhs funeral of Mary Amela Van voonbs took - place at oclock Tuesday afternoon from No 00 Par avenue Servces were conducted by Rev (uj W, Hanes, a prandnepher of Mrs Van Voorhs, and Ke Tyler, DD, Of St Lukes Church nl e,,n -,; made at M t Hops cemetery The bearers, all nephews of Mrs Voororman Van Voorhs, John Van Voorhs and Byron Munsoa j^q, TftcM^ was due to pneumona The funeral wll be held Wednesday mornng n terment wll be n Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Mr Galvn was born n Auburn n 1854, and came to Rochester at the age of 24 n 1879 he went to New Hampshre, where he marred Helen Byrne A short tme later he returned to Rochester and engaged n the manufacture of soda and mneral waters, beng ono of the frst men to engage n that busness n ths He was presdent of the New York State Bottlers Assocaton for a num ber of years and was later made pres dent of the executve board of the as socaton He was frst vce-presdent of the Unted States Bottlers Assoca ton untl he retred from actve bus ness January 1, 1915 Although he never held any polt cal offce, Mr Galvn was keenly n terested n poltcs He was a mem ber of St Brdgets Church n Gorham street for many years, beng one of the trustees of that church He was a member of the Holy Name Socety of that parsh Mr Galvn was a man of retrng dsposton He was known among hs large crcle of frends for hs knd and gentle manner and hs chartable oston H sx daughters, tne and Regna Galvn and J Eugene Kraft of ths cty; Mrs Thomas E Garvey of Kansas Mo,; Madame Helen Galvn of Sacred Heart Convent, Maplehurst, New York cty, and Mrs Thomas J Guness of New York cty; one son, Joseph Galvn of Chcago, 111; two ss ters, Mrs Elzabeth Ke burn and Mrs Robert Keth of Kansas Cty, Mo, an three grandchl

61 - PROMNENT PHYSCAN, PASSES AWAY Dr John E Weaver, for 25 Years a Practtoner n Rochester, Des After ll ness of Over Two Months Duraton Dr John E Weaver of 4 69 Megs street, promnent physcan of ths cty, ded yesterday mornng at 7 oclock n Hghland Hosptal The funeral wll be held at 2:30 oclock Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Dr Weaver was Collecton a member of the Kwans Club and the Rochester "Patheologcal Socety He was also a member of Asbury Methodst Church and was at one tme assocated wth the Odd Fellows and the Masonc fra ternty He leaves hs wfe, Mrs Lucy Les ter Weaver: three daughters, Mrs Ernest Lttle of New Brunswck N J; Mary and Catherne Weaver; two sons, John and Avery Weaver; three brothers, Fenton V Weaver of Elmra George Weaver of Brooklyn and Charles G Weaver of Chcago, and three ssters Mrs Katherne Wl lams of Germantown, Mrs Helen Phep of Syracuse and Mrs Mary Palmer of St Lous, Mo y- Daly Death Roll Chrstan Helbronn Cvl War Veteran And Former Hotel Propretor VETERAN OF WAR OF 61 DES AT George Washngton Laupnan, Cvl War) veteran, and for Go years an employe of the Ere Ralroad, ded yesterday mornng after a bref llness at the age of 75 years at the home of hs son, Edgar Laupnan of 4 Shafer Street elder Lampman Untl sx weeks ago the worked as a baggageman on an Ere tran runnng between Kochester and Cornng and Rochester and El mra He was around as usual Tuesday nght and early yesterday mornng, but was sezed wth an attack of heart dseast and ded n a few mnutes <Cf DR JOHX E WEAVER Saturday arternoon from the famly home nterment wll be n Rversde Cemet Dr Weaver wan taken ll about 10 weeks ago, and hs condton became so aggravated that, t became neces sary to remove hm to the hosptal Saturday Dr Weaver was born n Penfleld n 184S, the son of Erastus K^ud Ursu la Dryer Weaver Dr Weavers moth er was the daughter of a proml Penfeld physcan He receved hs early educaton n the schools of that town When Syracuse Unversty opened Dr Weaver matrculated as n member of the frst enterng class He graduated from that nsttuton n 1872 After hs graduaton he began hs medcal studes at a Mchgan un versty Upon the completon of hs term there he entered Columba Un versty n New York cty and receved hs medcal decree from that school Dr Weaver practsed for a tme n Elmra and later removed to Roches- 25 years he was examnng n physcan for the North western Mutual Lfe nsurance Com pany Murng the nfluen nlc Dr, er was apponted by the govern- left! surgeon to png out the epdemc n and other New England Ro tober 5 bo take up hs dutes and gave ff)rpdcuous servce MAtan Holbronn, well known Clvjlwar veteran, ded s mm day at Buf falo Born n Welbenhem, Bavara, January 12, 1843, he came to ths ry and settled n Rochester n 1850 He enlsted n the 13th Reg ment, New York Volunteers, n 1862, and after two years servce wa- ferred to thc 140th Regment and re maned wth ths regment untl the end of the war Upon hs return to Roch gaged n restaurant busness and was Man and r 10 year? n 18S 1 he to the rondequot hay and op the Outlet House at Sea Breeze for 2 9 ye He v ber of the Old Ryan Zouaves and wan wth them when ths organzaton went west to brng back to Rochester the body of Col onel Ryan He was for many years captan cf Company G, 54th Reg ment Natonal Guard, Ne? served durng many poltcal cam pagns as captan of the old Tenth Ward of Boys n Blue He was a lfelong Republcan and was a court attendant for a ndmber of years He was a charter memb Bluecher Lodge, K of P, and was the oldest past grand ch the lodge; also S of Knghts of Calvn, \ eterara Assocaton of the Old 13th and 140th Regments, ner Post, G A R, and Unon ans Unon Hs funeral Wll he held from the home of hs dau F J Nugent, 254 Ravne morrow at 2 oclock wll le held at Mt Besdes hs v bronn, he l Bn,:ml H- grandchld onn of Chllcothe, 111; hs er, Mrs Nugent and eght h/-<-~<tj! $eor;e L,OYvenllalj(2A* t George Lowenthal, aged S years, a vet eran of th r, ded yesterday Mr Lowenthal was a member of Gao Thomas Post The funeral wll tak fo-monpow mornng at 1030 oclock at 11 Buckngham Street f G ^, }^_ ff Mr GEORGE W VMMW lampman was born la Warsaw sod later ns famly moved to Fort Wayne, n 1 When - was fourteen years old he enlsted n (he army and whs n servce nne months when hs parents obtaned ds ns tender age Hen 11 home and enlsted a 1 n the ml ndana Batte le n the Battle of Gettysburg, a Round Top an 1 n several oth menu Be 1 ame th Poll nd r us famly moved to R01 b and h r, the r 1 He, ducto unable t> bold bla poston brakemau and baggag, poal n 11 - worked untl ah 1, and was hghly regarded by h many frends v Lampman was an honorary Brothers 1 ol * l; He ll slnl, ll s ha

62 ,,) :30 So Daly Deathjtoll Death Takes" *" Jantor After Tt\ p Bref llness /f7>= George S McClelland 50 years of age, ded suddenly last evenng at the roomng house of Mchael Lpman 183 Front street An autopsy per formed at the Morgue ths mornng Under drecton of Coroner Thomas A Kllp showed that death was caused by heart dsease, acute gastrts and kdney trouble Mr McClleland had been employed as a jantor at the plant of The Tmes-Unon, but had been away from hs dutes for two weeks because of ll health Hs condton dd not become ser ous untl last evenng when Mr Lpman, hearng groans comng from hs room, went n to nvestgate and found hm unconscous He notfed Patrolman Lucy, who summoned the ambulance from St Marys Hosptal, but lfe was extnct before ts arrval Coroner Kllp was then called and ordered the remans removed to the Morgue Mr McClelland was born n Roches ter and the greater part of hs lfe was spent here He served durng the Spansh-Amercan War as a member of Company H of the New York State Natonal Guard, but was later trans ferred to the Second Ambulance Com pany For consderable tme he was a member of the chor of Central Presbyteran Church He was a mem ber of Rochester Lodge of Moose Mr McClelland leaves three chldren, Arlene, George and Florence McClelland, and hs mother, Mrs Arlene Breen The remans were removed ths mornng to the undertakng rooms of Ryan & Mc- ntee, and the funeral wll be held from there on Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 oclock ^^,W^MAN_DES Had Been Engaged n Seed Busness for More Than Forty Years Albert w Glman, for the past forty years engaged, the seed busness When,-, ded yesterdaj of opeumona home, No 1 Brch creseenl seed **" Hehadbeenllf01abo!t^ days man He leave, hs wfe, Ella Maj ttnd, Albert H ll *-:"!::;; ;z j w>, Rochester n" snl u Jl was graduated from th ln Rochester n s? n 1ST! K He uh?fcbu 11 le en- " m the Kappa Epslon fraternty /^ jpg* Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton V Mrs Elza Taunton ("? 5 (~ f Des At Age Of 85; / V Resded Here 72 Years Mrs Elza McKelvey Taunton, wd ow of Wllam R Taunton, ded Thursday afternoon at St Jeromes Hosptal, Batava, aged 85 years She suffered a fractured hp n that cty on March 23 and was taken to the hosptal on March 25 Mrs Taunton was born n County Antrm, reland, December 23, 1837, but had lved n ths cty snce she was 13 years of age The famly home was on Lake avenus, now occuped by Dr E R Hardenbrook The famly attended the Frank Street Methodst Church She was educated at old School 6 All who knew her spoke of her as a frend She was endowed wth rare physcal health, keen mnd and remarkable memory, often tellng stores of her young lfe n reland The funeral was held from the home of her daughter, Mrs C E Olp, 31 Dllnger avenue, Batava, Satur day mornng, the Rev Charles Chalmer MaeLean, pastor of the Presby teran Church, offcatng A short servce was held at Mt Hope Chapel Saturday afternoon at 5 oclock, the Rev Dr A W Beaven of Lake Ave nue Baptst Church offcatng Mrs Taunto- was a member of that church Mrs Taunton leaves three chldren, Mrs C E Olp of Batava, Mrs Thomas Corkhll and Stanley Taunton of ths cty: a brother, John W Mc Kelvey of ths cty; three grandchl dren, Mrs J McXelly of Lma, Mss Ruth Olp and rvng Olp of Batava, and three great-grandchldren The bearers were relatves and near frends, C E Olp, J W MeKelvey, George McKelvey Lous D Clements Martn Gardner and Chester Grover The bural was n the famly plot at Mt Hope *TT> HENRY E BALL ( <S/ Death of Man Long Employed by the ^-, Hram Sbley Estate The funeral of Henry E Ball, for many years employed by the Hram Sbley estate and who ded Tuesday at hs home, 71 Oxford street, took place ths afternoon at 4 oclock from Ht HOpe chapel Mr Ball was born n East Bloom feld, and removed at an early age wth hs parents to Spencerport He was sent to a preparatory school, n Lee, Mass, the natve town of hs grandparents From there they had come years before to Spencerport, on a packet boat on the Bre canal They bult a houso about one mle from that vllage, and t s now occu ped by Mrs J L Humphrey, daugh ter of Mr Ball When he wa young man he was connected Wth the busness offce of the "Democrat and Chroncle" Later he went West and on hs return, n November, 1875, en tered He employ of the Late! y He had vsted England, knd and contnental countres He was a Republcan, an admrer of Theodore Roosevelt and at one tlm< bttr ot the progressve party nd Mrs Ball cele hen- golden weddng C P Brown Des, Frst Fraternal cs Regment Head CLARENCE PERRY BROWN The funeral of Clarence Perry B - known ralroad and fraternal man, wll be held at 1:45 oclock Saturday afternoon and al oclock al Mounl Hope Chapel nterment wll be made u Mnne Hope cemetery Mr Brown (led yesterday m, rnng of heart trouble whle on hs tran a Salamanca, He was 65 years old and for forty-one years had been n he employ of the Buffalo Roch ester nnd Pttsburgh Ralway Company, Mr Brown began servce wth the road when t was the old "State Lne road," runnng from Rochester to Le Roy Besdes ls afflaton wth the ral road Mr Brown was promnent n fra ternal crcles He served us an offcer of the Frst Fraternal Regment for thrty years and was one of ts organzers n L920 he was nadc ts colonel, Onlj weeks hro he gave hs yearly report to the regment He also was a member of ant, m Rochester, Unty Encampment, Grace Rebckah Lodge, Aurora l Valley Lodge of Masons, the hood of Locomotve Engneers Achlles Veterans Corps He leave-* hs wfe, Mary Brown; two daughters-, Mrs Persa rons and Mrs Frank Joell; foru sons, Georj Brown, of Salt Bake Ctj ; Rev Clar- "" Brown, of Clfton Sprnj and Stewart C Brown, of Ro!, All offcers and members of the Frst Jratemol Regment and band ore re quested by the senor major, J P Wllard, to report at Mount Hope avenue and Clarssa street, at 2 oclock Raturescort at the funeral of Mr Bno

63 - 10,,, ol n o 9 DANEL B MURPHY, WDELY KNOWN, BUSNESS MAN AND PHLANTHROPST, tfu^u DES AT HOME AFTER LONG LLNESS, o Danfel B Murphy, for many yearb Arm of presdent of the dry goods Burke, Fltzstmons, Hone & Co and on of the foremost ctlsens of Roch ester, ded yesterday mornng at hs home at 541 Unversty Avenue, aged 7 4 years He had been n falng health for a consderable tme He retred from actve busness lfe February , on the advce of hs physcan Durng hs entre career, Mr Murphy was promnently afflated wth the church, clubs and phlanthropc en terprses, hs efforts toward the better ment of the latter beng especally marked He leaves hs wfe, Mrs Mary B Murphy; four daughters, M Grace Murphy, Mrs James J Atknson Mrs John J Fnucane Margaret Murphy, all of Rochester: one son Vncent B Murphy, member of Assembly, "f Rochester; one brother, James M Murphy, of Bombay, and eght grand chldren The name of Danel B Murphy has so long been th large busness enterprses that t s not often recalled that, n hs younger da> was aa promnent a school prm fllng at one tme the poston of prn cpal <>f thc Cathedral Schools of untl the age of -V years dd he take up busness pursuts but hs later success n ths feld over shadowed hs earler career He never lost, however, hs nterest n educaton al, phlanthropc and relgous matters and he found tme, despte the exa- tons of busness, to devote some share of hs tme and ablty to these outsde nterests Born on a Farm Mr Murphy n n Bombay, Frankln County, July 23, 1848, a of Maurce and urphy n worked on h farm letter he attended the State Normal School at Potsdam He taught dstrct schools n Frankln County for fve wnters, workng on the farm each summer n 1871 he was appo prncpal of St Marys School at Dun krk and n 873 he ns pr he ( a hed DAMEL B 1ULRPHY Refused "Poltcal Preferment* Mr Murph] ntfled wth poll cs l s known ever only offlca l nted bj <" poston he cth e nstl utn unstntngly Mr Murphj other cha rtabl Bd al of tho Rochester scho years and n 1875, at the age of 27 d munc years, he ent< >loy of the pal reform He wa n exten e, FtzSmons, Hone & vstng Euro pt, South panj " began work n mh th othe wth some oods house n 187" as an nterestng le V busn< Tn n won h] Mne Head of Frm n Mr Mnle Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton the rp n a rrov n Rermud had n m ucton f the : nl a u Martnon n 190: the ll-fate tme m 1902 and chlevo n Busness \saoclatos l the coll! When KNOWN N HARDWARE AND REALTY BUSNESS jf1 Funeral of Horton L Fowler to Be Held To-morrow The funeral of Horton L Fowler, who ded last Frday afternoon after a bref llness at the General Hosptal, wll be held at 3 oclock to-morrow afternoon from hs home, No Dasy street n terment wll he made at Mount Hope cemetery Mr Fowler was horn nt Wnsted, Conn, on October L" 1852 He came to Rochester when a young man dentfy ng hmself wth the hardware bus For thrty-eght years he was connected wth the frm of Mathews & Boucher n the capacty of buyer He was con sdered one of the beat judges of hard ware n the country n 1911 he retred and devoted ls attenton to h late nterests n the early development of the Tenth ward Mr Fowler was a promnent prop erty owner He was one of he t realze the possbltes of lake-fronl prop erty n aboul 1890 he purchased and developed property easl of Sunervlle, f whch Rock Beach no* a part He later acqured and developed property at Clraml Vew Beach, Gulford bluff, Char lotte, and pror to Ms death had plan for the mprovement of a trad whch he owned at Canandagua lake n the secton beng promoted by the Lakes Assocaton, Mr Fowler le \ f, Ella ; two sons, Herherl 10 and Raymond 1 fow ler: two daughters, Mrs Henry M Df fenderffer, of Baltmore, and Mss Ruth M Fowler, of ths cty ; M James A Baker, of t taw a K one grandson, H hard c Fowler, of Rochester Hs Father Bult Newport House on rondequot Bay/ 9 7^2^ Webster, March 4 Word be eelved here of he deal b Cal, of Horace A Vnton, a former resdent of \\ - am lat Rochester Mr Vnton was born seveny-four year ago ll> father bull the Newport Hq here tha the son was horn The deceased was he owner of a wooded!,, hack of Glen Edyth, whore he hnl am houses Snce he dealh of hs wfe, j,,: year aj;o, he had made hs home much,,f the tme wth hs daughter, M Hoocka, of Rochester He left nbou month Ago to val bl on n hlfo le leaves three sons, Charlea 11 am Joseph E Vnton, of h Am brose N Vnton, of Loa Angeles, and d n ml y wth the rl n fars n was one, nvolved a of the - and pr the Na-! \rm me n He devoted a la, mt the t ngled affars of th tha nvolved people M u \ n n? for nun

64 - - SZ J C SCHLEYER DES ft gpeart ATTACK n Market Busness wth Brother n Man Street Many Years Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton _, Daly Death Roll Cvl War Veteran Des Unexpectedly c^ v / f "--> Mchael Murphy, 6S, of 725 Park avenue ded unexpectedly yesterday afternoon He was born n Canada and came to the Unted States when a ) young man Upon the outbreak of j the Cvl War he enlsted for fve years n Company A of the lgth Reg- ment, U S nfantry, and partcpated Sn several battles Mr Murphy was a member of lorourke Post, G A R, and of the Holy Name Socety of Blessed Sacra ment Church He leaves one daugh ter, Mrs Charles McGrath Clarence Perry Brown Promnent n Ralroad And Fraternal Crcles The funeral of Clarence Perry; Brown, well-,known ralroad and fra-j ternal man, wll be held from the ACTVE AS G A R MAN / Death of Charles H Osborn Removes Man Actve n Fraternal Crcles JOSEPH C SCHLEYER Joseph Charles Schleyer, of No 12 Strathallan park, for years one of the well known busness; men n ths cty, ded unexpestedly at hs home early lay mornng Mr Schleyer went to ue Saturday nght, after complan ng of pan n one of hs shoulders le was found dead n" the mornng by hs wfe Coroner Thomas A Kllp gace a certfcate of death from heart dsease Mr Shlever had been n farly good b up to De tme of hs death Sev eral days ago he contracted q slght cold and was confned to hs home for a short tme On Saturday, however, he had recovered suffcently to vst hs brother, John Schleyer, of No 14 Strathallan park,, AVhle there he seemed to be n good health and sprts Te ntended to gve an Easter parly at hs home yesterday Mr Schleyer was born n Rochester on November 10, 1857, and attended St ha parochal school and later a bus- COllege Hs father, Joseph Schleyer, conducted a large meal market at No L71 Man street east n ss; hs father ded, and Joseph and hs brother, John Schleyer contnued the busness under the nne ol" Joseph Schleyers Son Some years later the market was,, 212 Man street east The frm remaned there untl L920, w hen th md the two brothers re tred from a \ busness Mr Schleyer was a successful busness man who had hundreds of busness am onal frends n 1808 he marred Florence Whlcher, who ded ffteen months later, a tew- months after the brth fa -on lu 1004 he marred Sgrd member of he Roeh Athletc Club and the Kr,,, Club le, ves hs wfe, Sgrd X Schl broth er, John Schl yer, am rne < CLARENCE PERRY BROWN home at 53 Pos? avenue at 1:1~> oclock Saturday afternoon and at 2:30 oclock at Mount Hope Chapel nterment wll be n Mt Hope Ceme tery Mr Brown ded yesterday morn ng of heart trouble whle on hs tran at Salamanca He was 65 years old and for 41 years had been n the employ of the Buffalo, Rochester and Pttsburgh Ralway Company Mr Brown served as an offcer of the Frst Fraternal Regment for 30 years and was one of ts organzers n 1920 he was made ts colonel He also was a member of Canton Roch ester, Unty Encampment, Grace Rebekah Lodge, Aurora Lodge, Valley Lodge of Masons, the Brotherhood of Locomotve Engneers and Achlles Veterans Corps All offcers and members of the Frst Fraternal Regment and band are requested by the senor major, J P Wllard, to report at Mount Hope avenue and Clarssa street at^ 2 oclock Saturday afternoon, to act as escort at the funeral CHARLES H OSBORN Durng hs lfetme, Charles H Osborn, who ded last week at hs home, No^23 North Washngton street, after a bref ll ness, took a promnent part n the actv tes of F E Perce Tost, of the Grand Army of the Republc He served as colorn an r of Mnt organzaton for a number of years am attended all tbe natonal encampments n that capacty Mr Osborn also was a member of Gen Lodge of Odd Fellows, Kheder Khan esee Sanctorum, ( O fc P, nnd Gudng Star Lodge of Rebekahs The funeral was held from hs home last Saturday aftern h, bural beng made n Mount Hope Cemetery He leaves only hs wfe, Sarah Osborn Mrs Fred A Reynolds Jured From Famly Home The funeral of Mrs Nelle Hggns ds, wdow of the late Professor Fred A Reynolds^ who ded at the famly home, 1281 St Paul street on Monday, after an llness of several weeks, was held from the house at 2:30 oclock ths afternoon, servces beng conducted, n the presence of relatves and frends, by the Rev W K McKra, pastor of Trnty Epsco pal Church The bearers were John A, Roberl and Leonard Reynolds, Rch ard Seymoure and Elson and Emmett Wrjgh e were many beautful floral trbutes, nterment was n Mt Hope Cemeterj Mrs -Nelle Hggns Reynolds was born n Geneseo, N Y, on July 31, 1861 a daughter of John and! ns, who were among the p" settler:? of tha Mrs Rej n was a graduate <n Geneseo Normal School and Lma S three sons, Fred M, Harold A and Howard A Reynolds; one daue, Mrs H W Brgham; one brol Mont Hggns; one Mrs sster, of Harrsburg, Pa, and [daughter, Eleanor Brgham Mce Anna Seymoure, and several nephews /7p/ -0- /,?2-

65 George Cooper Des At rondequot Home; / Lved Here 92 Years George Cooper, a resdent of Roch-1 ester and vcnty for nearly 9 2 years ded yesterday at hs home n Cooper Qpl %-c/ - l Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / VETERAN COURT REPORTER rvng Hutchns Succumbs to Heart Attack S^ SAW 35 YEARS SERVCE Became Supreme Court Stenographer n Ths Dstrct n 1887 and Flled Poston Ever Snce Among Bulders of Monroe Ave Church rvng Ccero lutehlns, for thrty-fve years Supreme Court reporter for the Seventh Judcal Dstrct, ded suddenly at hs home at 115 Allance avenue short ly after noon yesterday Although Mr Hutchng had beon away from hs work RtflXG CCEKO HUTCHNS for about a week because of llness, he GLORGE COOPER road, rondequot, aged 95 years He leaves one son, John M Cooper, a ss ter, Mrs Mary Hatch of Massachusetts and eght grandchldren Mr Cooper was born n England, June , and came wth hs par ents n 1830, tl- famly settlng n Rochester n 1837 the famly moved to rondequot, where Mr Coopers father engaged n gardenng On De cember 4, 1849, Mr Cooper marred Phoebe Janet Ttus, and they ther home n Garden street, ronde quot The followlng year Mr Cooper went nto the gardenng busness for hmself Hs busness ncreased and soon he was supplyng vrtually all the hotels of that day n 1S80 he sold bsbusness to hs two sons and rel from an actve ca reer The funeral wll he held from the famly home Wedfl 3 oclock nterment wll be n M Hope Cem FUNERAL OF W J BURKE Cty Court Judges Honorary Bearers at Stenographers Bural^^ Funeral -erves were held yesterday mornng for Wllam 1 Burke, for ly thrty years chef stenographer n Servces at the n me \,,, ) 7;; Krkland road, were held ;t S ::,(,,, and al St AugU le led by Rev John H cbre Bev Mchael Nolan, > on <>f H" ad Rev Charles seemed to be well on the road to recovery, as he arose yesterday mornng, and bused nlmself about hs home untl suddenly strcken wth hert falure The news of thc death of the veteran court stenographer was receved wth surprse and regret by hs many frends and assocates n legal ereles a well a* ester boats of others n Roch Mr Hutchns was horn a lllmyra n 1830 and came to ths cty when a young man He succeeded A P Lttle when the latter reslgn-d an Supreme Court re porter la 1881 and bud held he po ever snce le reported lor tvaral years wth the late Juetlea John M H,n> n later wth Justce Wllam W Clark, of the Appellate Dvson, Fourth Department For he past year or so he has been re porter for Justce Benjamn B Cunnnglam Ho probably has served as oll ul reporter at more murder trals than any other reporter COB lecttd wth the Men roo County Court House of Mr Hutrbns was one of the bulders the Monroe Avenue Methodst Church, erected n 1802, and was for 30 years a member of that church and a member of the Board of Trustees at the tme of hs death He was a past presdent ot" the New York State Stenographers A< Hon He s survved by hs wfe, Mrs Alce M Hutchns; one duphter, Mrs (Jeorge Hall; two sons, Koss 1 and Claytan D, lntehhs; two ssters, Mrs Frederck Van Dyne, of Washngtou, D C, and Mr- Warfeld, of Fernandlna, Fla, nnd one brother, Charles D Uutchlna, of Palmyra The funeral wll be held from hs late home on Tuesday afternoon at 1 oclock nterment wll be mad" n Mount cemetery HonorMeMbryoTfy 2-7- CourtReportef Al Journed j rvng 1 1 cnm wn ded after reporter, Ben bar e "AM o > mh R new M Uut -l-tln qua) "l Mr that noun >m cans more than togetl Hutchn and kn n Members of the Knghts of Columbus ttnded the church n a body, nte my tolj Sepulchre metery, ng a tthe grave beng gven by Georg \ wpb John Glmore, Andrew w, etl COUl lce,,, Mcllfmcl () urn John n n tho Judg : [ bbard Judge John M ogers and Faul

66 SV / Nnety-two Years of Long Lfe of George Cooper Spent n Rochester ^ and n mmedate Vcnty of Cty AW? /ft/* >f ;/f^ George Cooper A resdent of Rochester and vcnty for nearly nnety-two years ded yesterday at hs home n Cooper road rondequot, aged OH years He leaves a son, John M Cooper, a sster, Mrs Mary Hatch, of Massachusetts, and eght, grand chldren Mr Cooper was born n England on June , and was brought to Amer ca by hs parents n 1830, the famly set tlng n Rochester At frst the Cooper famly lved n South St Paul street (now South avenue), south of the canal There was a boat yard tat that pont and only four houses besdes that occu ped by the ( mper famly n 1832 Mr Cooper began to attend school n a room n the back part of St Lukes Church Two years later, n 1834, Rochester became a cty n ths year Mr Coopers parents moved to Alexan der street: and Mr Cooper attended scl n the basement of tbe Second Baptst Church, whch stood at Clnton avenue north and Man street, on the ste of the present Sbley, Lndsay & Curr Com pany store n 1837 the Cooper famly moved to rondequot, where Mr Coopers father engaged n gardenng At that tme there was but one other gardener there, a Mr Hawley, who lvd at the ntersecton of the Rdge road nnd St Paul street, < n December , Mr Cooper mar red Phoebe Janet Ttus, and they made ther home n Garden s red [rondequot The followng year Mr Cooper went nto the gardenng busness for hmself, rasng vegetables and trees He establshed a stand at Man and Front streets n 1864, and at ths stand sold besdes trees, urrants, raspberres, rhubarb, agus, boxwood, cabbages, n plants, sage and thyme Hs bu Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton fsep,tf DELAVAU DEAD Had Carred Mal on One Route Twenty Years Was Born n Brooklyn Joseph S Delavau, for thrty-fve years a letter carrer and one of the best known n the postal servce here, ded on Mn dflj a hs home, \ 1 Fulton avenue fter an llness snce last Frday, aged 8f years He leaves two daughters, Mary d:, van and Mrs M \V Fast,,,,, and " Frederck A Delavau, of the ctj engneers offce Mr Delevan was born n Brooklyn n and- came to ths cty wth hs par ents Wth the excepton of (wo n years Spencerport he had lved here Snce he was J years old He throughout the Cvl war n the 108th New \rk Volunteer nfantry He was " West members of the Central ^teran Church and of ORorke - A R [( 11S apponted a car- " the postal servce,, ls7f> by Post Danel T Hunt when only twenty-two carrers were attached to the ncreased and soon he was supplyng vrtually all the hotels of that day n 1880 he sold hs busness to bs two sons and retred from an actve Career Fve years ago Mr, Cooper wrote hs remnscences of Rochester as a vllage and rftj durng tbe days of bs boyhood and early manhood Possessed ol keen powers of Observaton and a retentve memory he was able to trl much of n terest pretanng to he eartj flaj of Rochester rlavs,,, FRANK W BALE TAKEN BY DEATH Former General % Freght ^ Agent of B, R & P busness career tftt wde > Began as Agent, Later Worked Up n Freght Department, Had Charge of Buffalo "Warehouse, Later Formed Coal Company Here FraUk Watson Bale, a resdent of Roch ester for more than thry years and former freght agent of the Buffalo, Rochester & Pttsburgh Ralroad, ded yesterday at hs home, No 28(1 Chest nut street He leaves hs wfe, Mrs May MManns Bale The body was taken to No 32 Chestnut street For more than twenty years Mr Bale had been connected wth tbe Buffalo, Rochester & Pttsburgh ralroad ether n the capacty of or operator freght clerk He frst became agent and oper ator ;t the Mplewood staton Later serv ng as operator at Lneoln Park On June 1, 1802, Mr Ba leenfecl the general freght department as a clerk Fve years later, n chef clerk 1807, be was mad Shortly after tha be for a tm;- as actng dvson freght agent at Buffalo At the concluson of ths servces be resgned to accept the poston of manager of the Keystone Warehouse at Buffalo Forms Coal Company On July 1 1!)07, havng returned to hs former poston n He general freght department Of the Buffalo Rochester & Pttsburgh, Mr Bale was apponted gen eral freght agent <>f the company That poston he held untl December 31, 1919, Mr, Bale resgned on ths date to accept an executve poston wth Reed Freer & Mller, of a Boston, concern dealng n cal and pn ron Mr Hale returned to Rochester n June, 1920, and entered nto a partnershp wth a former assocate n the general freght depa rt ment \( the Buffalo Roch ester ft Pttsburgh, the two establshng what s known as the Bal-Con Coal Comwth offces n the Ellwanger & Barry buldng Mr Hale was actve n ths concern at he n f hs deal b Durng hs many years of servce wth the Buffalo Rochester & Pttsburgh ral road Mr Bale made a bosl of frends and hs pleasant dsposton and knd1 ttude toward hs fellow man held these frendshps t hrougloul hs career Mr Hale was a member of the Rochester Club FOUGHT N CVL WAR John Young, Member of Oho Regment, DesMember of Pessner Post John Younjr ded yesterday at hs home, No 07 Lnden street, aged 77 years He was a veteran 0f the cvl war, havng served wth the 57th Oho Volunteers He was a member of Pessner Post, G A R ( *? 1U"B leayes llls wf Catherne, Smth Young;,w chldren, George chld, and one sster, Mrs Carolne Slaer he funeral wll be held tomorrow afternoon at 2 oclock from th famly J-rmcnt,U be^ ^

67 _ John B Keller, Florst, s Dead; Came Here n 1860 // tf -2- John B Keller, for many years a florst n ths cty, ded yesterday at the famly home, 541 Clnton avenue south, aged 8 3 years Mr Keller had been ll for some tme He emgrated to ths country from Germany at an early age, comng to Rochester to lve n 1860 He started a florst establshment at 1023 South avenue under the name of John B Keller and for more than 45 years contnued there About 30 years ago he retred, turnng over hs place of busness to hs sons, who now operate t as J B Kellers Sons He leave hs wfe, Tosepha; sx sons, E E Keller, F J Keller, George J Keller J Mchael Kelled, John W Keller, Wllam L Keller; one step daughter, Mary Keller; 14 grand chldren and fve great-grandchldren He was a member of Humboldt Lodge of Odd Fellows: Prvate funeral servces wll he held tomorrow afternoon at the home at 4 oclock Danel B Murphy Lad At Rest n Holy Sepulchre The funeral of Danel B Murphy, for many years engaged n busness n ths cty, who ded Saturday, was held from the famly home, 541 Unversty avenue, at 8:45 oclock ths mornng and at 9 oclock from Corpus Chrst Church Solemn hgh mass of requem was celebrated by the pastor, the Rt Rev Denns J Curran, V G The Rev Wllam Hart was deacon and the Rev Harry Doerbecker was subdeacon Bshop Thomas F Hckey gave the fnal blessng after the mass The followng prests were n the sanctuary: The Rev Joseph Cameron, M R, the Rev John Crowley, the Rev Walter McCarthy, the Rev John Bresnahan, the Rev John OBren, the Rev Smon Ftzsmons, the Rev John Nellgan, the Rev James Wood, the Rev John Sellnger, the Rev M J Hargather>, M R, the Rev John B Sullvan and the Rev John Hogan The church was flled wth frends of the famly nterment was made n the famly lot n Holy Sepulchre Cem etery Fnal blessng at the grave was m by the Rt Rev Denns J Cur ran, V G ed by the Rev J Fran r s QHern, pastor of St Patrcks! Mll! Ho hon, chaplan of St Anns Home for the Aged There were many beautful floral offerngs sent by frends Members of the board of drectors of the Chamber of Commerce ths mornng adopted a resoluton on Mr Murphys death, statng that hs servr-es n th hambcr were many and mportant Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Former Pastor^f 01 St Matthews^, Church DeacF TtevT John Muehlhoeuser, for many years pastor of St Matthews Lutheran Church n ths cty and ly pastor of St Johns Lutll ChUrch at Munson Pa ded yesterday at the home of hs late sster, Emma Mnehlhaeuser Goette, 47 Park Vew, 7 7 years The Rev Muchlhaeuser had been ll over a month He was born n ths cty on Novem- REV JOHN MUEHLHAEtTSElt ber 18, 1845, when hs fatl pastor of Zon Lutheran Church n Grove street He receved hs early educaton n the school* of the and then went to Mounl Ary School, near Phladelpha, where he receved nstructon p to end t, mnstry From there be Went to Germany, where leted hs studes al Gueterslow, Lepzz and Thuebngen Returnng to the Unted Sta was ordaned a mnster and assl to a congregaton Pa A f,,v was called t be come pastor of St Johns Lutheran tor of St ho organzed St, Mat-, nn ch and m as a s, : <5 ln hal Maul,- He contnu hen h, resgned th act p a oall fr the lvan1a chu!;,, \ as pastor of tha < hurch u stroke - Last Thursday he was brought back to Rochester by Jus _ relatves 4, ft leaves two user, of Hamln N > George Muehlhaeuse of two neces, Edna M and Mat da D Goette, and lve nephews Rudolph J Julus A, and Alvn L Goette all of Rochester, th Bev Carl J ^oetuot Alexandra, Va,, and Rev J Muehlhaeuser, of Buffalo MRS, ROCHESTER Husband Was Grandson of Man Who Founded Ths, Cty PROMNENT JNCHURChf WORK Born n Albany 88 Years Ago, Daugh ter of Caspurus and Anna Hewson Pruyn; L/eaves a Son Staff Correspondence of The Hemc! Albany, May 10 Mrs Mary Henvsen Pruyn Rochester, who ded Tues day nght at her home at 435 State Street, Albany, was the wdow of Montgomery Rochester, a grandson f Colonel Nathanel Rochester, fou of R-ochester She Montgomery Rocheste of All Mrs Rochester was old,! havng been born n Albany on Aprl 13, 1834 She was the last sur\ chld of Caspurus l and Anna Hew son Pruyn Mm brothers were Fran cs, Robert Colonel and Wllam Alda (M ruyn and hfl C, Bell) and nela (Mrs Ch 11 r Albany She was ma led OB of Roch rom the ho of the 1 of the \\ of n church for mo than brought h nat nvald for Fourteen ^ Fon te ppled n ll She work as the Albany d ch of the womans auxlary unfjl about Ulna; hea h h obll rt of tha word that Kb" tlon as t he Unted On whch her nt dd not eeas- untl a few days b> t h M Mont Roches s wll be held al h after w hch th Roch n Ml - 1 $~6~

68 && ROCHESTER RELATVES HEAR OF MAJOR HUGH RED GRFFNS DEATH YESTERDAY N RUSSA // Rochester relatves yesterday -were plugged wth provsons for the learned by cable of the death n Rga,? re"ch armv- Major Grffn, who dur- ^ ng hs assocaton wth wtn th tne war staff Russa, at 11 oclock yesterday morn carred the ttle of colonel, came to ng of Major Hugh Red Grffn, at Amerca Here he succeeded n mov ng 100,000 tons of provsons to tached to the Red Cross He ded at France Followng the armstce, the age of 72 years Major Grffn became assocated wth Red Cross work n Russa Major Grffn was a son of Colonel Major Grffn, whle assstng he James T Grffn, one of the organzers father n London n the European work of the Amercan Reaper Company, re of the Unon Grays n Cvl War days Hs father, for many years followng the Cvl War, was European agent for the McCormck Reaper Company of Chcago, beng for more than 25 years a resdent of London, England Major Grffn succeeded hs father to the poston and, at#the outbreak of the World War, was lvng n Pars, France Moved Muntons and Food Wth the openng of hostltes, Major Grffn became assocated wth the nteror Department of the French Army, havng charge of transportng muntons from Amerca to the battle feld Once durng the early part of the war, when Amercan seacoasts DEATHSFUNERALS Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton % turned to Massachusetts, where he! marred Mss Carre Grffn Besdes; hs wfe Major Grffn leaves a daugh ter, Edth, who recently marred Arnold Foster of London; a sster, Edth, who s the wfe of Edward Verrall Lucas, promnent Englsh wrter; two aunts, the Msses Fanne H, and Anna J Anderson of 50 Edgerton Street, and a cousn, Mrs Wllam G Ranes of 60 Park Avenue Major Grffns father was a promnenl Baptst layman, havng served for many years as pr t Assoca ton of Great Brtan and reland Hs wfe for Bome tme las been presdent of t le Amerean Assocaton of Women n Eng-lad of whch Queen Mary s honor ary presdent Major Grffn was gven hs mddle name, Red, by bs mule, James D Red, promnent durng the Cvl War as manager of the Western Unon Telegraph Com pa n \ MRS AKENHEAD MJODAY lrkcty Mrs Jula Felt Akenhead, wdow of the late James Macntosh Aken head of ths cty, and a member of one of the poneer famles of Roch ester, ded today at the home of her daughter, Mrs Burton H Davy, 611 West 110th street, Now York Mrs Akenhead had lved n ths cty praotcally all her lfe and was at one tme promnent n socal and club lfe About three years ago she went to make her home wth her daughter n New York She had been ll a year Mrs Akenhead was the mother of Mrs Burton H Davy, whose husband at one tme was secretary of the East Sde Savngs Bank She was a mem ber of the Asbury Methodst Church n East avenue She was a member of the rondequot Chapter of the Daughters of the Amercan Revolu ton, the Order of the Eastern Star and other socetes She leaves two daughters, Burton H Davy ond Grace Akenhead! of New York cty; Akenhead of Rutherford, N J;* two grandchldren, Mrs Walter J Salmon and James B j Davy, and one great grandchld, Burton Davy Salmon, all of New York cty The body wll be brought to Rochester and removed to 32 Chestnut street The funeral wll be held Monday nterment wll be n Mt Hope one son, J Rayj / // ELZABETH W ALLEN Member of Poneer Famly Des Her Home n Ranes Park Elzabeth Wtherspoon Allen, a member of one of the poneer fam les of tls Cty, ded yesterday at her home, 435 Ranes park She leaves her husband, Thomas W Al len; a sster, Mrs C W Cross, of Rochester, and sx nephews, Dr Charles R Wtherspoon and Raymond W Cross, of ths cty, Frank--B Wtherspoon of Easton, Pa, Robert A Wtherspoon of Quebec, Henry K Wtherspoon of New York, and S Fnley Wtherspoon of Saranac Mrs Allen was a daughter of Wl lam and Almra Wtherspoon wrho moved to Rochester n 1845 nnd charter members of Frst Methodst church She wag born n 1847 n - Jones street lved her edu caton, n part, publc scl n the and n Mrs Curt s now Lvngston Park semnary, Sprng and Lvngston park n 1885, she took up the study of musc and art n England, France, Germany, and taly, spendng much tme n Dres den, Germany Durng the two years of her stay n Europe, she vsted all of the fne art galleres of the above mentoned countres She was an ardent admrer and lover of art and 9 dlngly well pa n art and lterature n she marred Thomas W Allen and lved n Rochester untl 1904 when they moved to Nw York, reuntl the sprng of 19-1, al whch tme they returned to Allen was an actve member of Trnty church and a for mer drector of the church Home Th clock from the home made n the fa plot at Mt Hope at WDELY KNOWN COURT ATTACHE DES AFTER RETURNNG HOME FROM BURAL 7_ JRVGES FOR SON AT HONEOYE FALLS Charles^H Jameso )n, qfe of the ful frame of rpnd when he walked most famlar fgures for *nt many years t ^ house wth a bunch of llacs n the Court House, ded suddenly of heart dsease yesterday, at the home of hs son Dr Curtss N Jameson, at 6 72 Man Street West He was n hs 76th year Although hs death was not unex pected by hs son, t came as a shock to hs frends n the Court House He retred as Deputy County Clerk at the b-gnnng of tho year, but has been a frequent vstor at the Court House snce He was at hs old desk short whle Thursday and told hs former co-workers he was feelng fne Attends Sons Bural Yesterday mornn yc Falls to the b neson of ha son, Attorney Theodo James ded sx weaka ago Mr Jameson returned and he had plucked at Honeoye Falls He was a trfle weared wth the journey and sat down n a char and n less than three mnutes lfe was extnct 0?ce ^S ^n n Chl- August 20, 1846 He had one brother, Theodore H Jameson, who was klled n the second battle of Bull Hun Mr Jame son marred Mss Emly S Allen at Honeoye Falls September le ded two years ago Mr Jameson was apponted specal u Uy C?nty Clerk n 18S when m Olver was County Clerk Ha served n varous capactes n the?^1 T :,n2 was apponted depu ty clerk September 7, 1911, a noston Poston ho held untl he retred Besdes hs son, he leaves three grandchldren, Los Ann and Jean -m daughters of the late on, and two ssters ffl Mrs Austn of Morton, and" Mrs Byron Thomas of Newark Funeral servces wll be held from "wn2b0ecnc^ Mnday u n wll aftnooe; be made at Mr Honeoye Falls Jameson was a rnnster member of West Presbyteran Church

69 1 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / ELZABETH ALLEN MRS BARBOUR S * FUNERAL TO-DAY PtOr Servces TAKEN BY DEATH for Member of Old Rochester Famly from Home ///**~ /7^ /<?^V The funeral of Mrs Elzabeth Wther spoon Allen, a member of one of Roctesters old and promnent famles, who ded on Wednesday, wll be held ths afternoon at 3 oclock from her home, No 435 Ranes park nterment wll be made n the famly lot at Mount Houe cemetery Mrs Allen was born n Rochester n 1847 the daughter of Wllam and Almra Wtherspoon, who moved to ths cty n 1845 Mr and Mrs Wtherspoon were charter members of the Frst Meth odst Church and were actve members of the church throughout ther lves Mrs Allen receved part of her educaton n the publc schools of the cty and n the Mrs Curts Semnary, whch s now the Lvngston Park Semnary, located at Sprng street and Lvngston park n 1885 she took up the study of musc nnd art n England, France, Ger many and taly, spendng much of her tme n Dresden, Gernany Durng the two years of her stay n Europe she vsted all of the fne art galleres and operas o fthe above mentoned countres She was an ordent admrer and lover of art and was well posted n ths feld as well as n the feld of lterature n 1890 she was marred to Thomas W Allen, Sr, and lved n Rochester untl 1904, when they moved to New York, re manng there untl the sprng of 1921, at whch tme they returned to Rochester Mrs Allen was a nactve member of Trnty Epscopal Church ths cty She represented tbe church at one tme as one of the drectors ofthe Church Home Mrs Allen leaves, besdes her husband, one sster, Mrs C W Cross, of Roch ester, and sx nephews, Dr Charles R Wtherspoon, of Rochester; Frank B Wtherspoon, of Eaton, Pa ; Robert A Wtherspoon, of Quebec, Canada; Ray mond W Cross, of Rochester ; Henry E Wtherspoon, of New York, and S Fnley Wtherspoon, of Raranac Lake GROCER FOR 50 YEARS George Yawman, Lfelong Resdent of Rochester, Dead /^>- George Yawman, who ded on Tueedaj nght at bs home No 219 West avenue, a lfelong resdent 0f Rochester Hs parents, Ncholas and Appolona Ackerman Yaw man, came to bs country from Alsace-Lorrane nearly nnety years ago and settled n ths cty soon afterwards, makng the np to Rochester by packet at m l Ere conah Mr Yawman was burn n 1848, <m n farm n wba s 1 1 > w Megs s Whle stll a young mn Mr awman engaged n the grocery busness n Ja*y contnung n t hs lne for ffty He bad been n n health for before hs death Mr, awman was ne,,r the oldest members SS Peter and Paula Chur-h He loaves bs wfe Elzabeth Beggj Vm one -u Frederck G Yawman two daughters, Ms Frederck Leonard and Mss Effe lawman; one brother Ncholas 5 lo < Yaw mal, ll ol l,, Mother of Dr Clarence A Barbour Actve for Years n Churches PROMNENT N HARTFORD Actve n Church Work and n Mus cal Crcles n Connectcut Cty Untl She Came to Rochester wth Son To Be Bured n Hartford Mrs Heman Barbour passed away yesterday at the home of her son, John B Barbour, No 90 Aldne street Mrs Barbour had long been a promnent fg ure n the church and mssonary lfe of Rochester and, up to the tme of her forced retrement because of her advanced age, she was very actve n all phases of phlanthropc work She was an outstandng member of he Lake Avenue Baptst Church, where her son, Dr Clarence A Barbour, now pres dent of the Rochester Theologcal Sem nary, was pastor for eghteen years n the church she was known as "Mother" Barbour and all the members of the church were deeply devoted to her Actve n Hartford Church Mrs Barbour was born n Fredercton, Xew Brunswck, on September 1!!), 1837 Her father, Wllam P Barker, moved to Hartford when she was 18 years <>ld She became very actve n ehureh and Bble school work, was promnent n mu scal crcles n Ha rl ford, an nelve mem ber of the Frst Baptst there and a tea her n he prmary depart ment of ts Bble school waa there that she met Heman n Barbour, judge of the Probate Court and one of the best known law yers of the ctj and state, They were marred on May!, 1805 To them were born three chldren, Clarence A Barbour, John t Barbour and Edth Gertrude Barbour, the last named dyng n n fancy Judge Barbour ded on June Mrs Barbour was left wth he -are of the chldren There were fve step lsc]h L Barbour, once speaker of the House of B ve n Connectcut; Rev Henry M Barbour, tot twenty-fve rector of He Protestant Epscopal Church of the Beloved Dscple n New York cty : Rev Heman 1 1 Barb tor of Rn] hes n Lockport, N y, Chcago, [, Camden, V, Columbus, < ), and Newark, N J; Dr Thomas S Barbour, for thrfeen years foregn sec retary of the Amercan Bapf 1st Foregn Msson Socety, and Wllam H Rarbour, of Atlanta, Ga All of these no- p R lenry M Barbour Came to Rochester n 1891 Mrs Barbour n vel to Provdence n 1884 whle her two sons were n Brown rsty and came to Rochester when,,,,, Clarence A Barbour, became pastor of the Lake Avenue Bapt, 1801 She has beta a resdent of Rochester snce that tm Rev Albert W Beaven, t D, mnster of the Lake Avenue Baptsl Church, saw last nght ; "Few women have had a larger nfluence on the lfe *>f tl" churh Mother Barbour She wa d Chrstan woman, ol broad " unenergj ^ "> l),s lrft "" " son upon srahp of the church ]] (h an nvaluable asset S Long Loved by Lake Avenue Church as Mother Barbour* Mrs Barbour was presdent of the onary Socety of tbe Lake Avenue Church for sv years, For many years she was a member of the hord of agers of the Baptsl Home nt Farport, and presdent tor s long tme of the McAH Mssonary Socety of Rochester and Monroe county The publc funeral servces wll Dl held at the Lake Avenue Baptst Church Sunday aften lock The a bodj wll be n de Barrett Parlor of he church fm t -t oclock, and wll be taken 10 Hartford for WLLAM C WEBB/SON OF CLAMS JUDGE, DES Mad Been Promnent n Sunday-school <>f St Pauls Epscopal Church Wll Wllam W, and Marj Webb, ded mm- n unl) home, No,!"> \< nnste road Mr \\ ebb w n a me < ltl hur h onnell\ dem fed V l " Sm- Up spetl lu on lvald for tn lned, t be Humeopnth M M el ol Hm n- r and n pn ge of the Stuo ( m h >- M The funeral w ll be held n morrov ernoon al 3 :P0!m from the home, Kura] wll be

70 - n a 0 DES N VESTRY OF CHURCH FROM HEART DSEASE James C Connolly, Well jall-d Known n Busness Crcles, Strcken Whle Attendng Servces at Blessed Sacra- Whle ag aarly ma Church ng, n <> Janu uddenly ll mum r n the Although been from hearl d the, Mr Conn JAMES < ll trp Wth bs famly a n who was also CONNOLLY, unable to p olong llf H< hm d< lorone 1 Kllp 1 om (f 111"! Jlfe >wn Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton n Mr Connolly was a charter mem- Enghta of Columbus, Fourth Dl :,) ^v;,s a dre,: n- Summer nl at Clff Haven, Lake Champlan He leaves hs wfe, Mary Egan Connolly; a daughter, Mare Agnes Connolly; two sons, James and lohn Connolly; and four ssters, Sster Gabrel of the Order of Ssters of Charty of Buffalo; Mrs John {Charles Fee, Mrs F D Ashe and Mrs F A Cunnngham, all of Rochester The funeral wll take place tomor row mornng at 8:30 oclock from the home and at 9 oclock from Blessed Sacrament Church The Rev Thomas F Connors wll offcate at the requem mass The bearers wll be Maurce H Nel, George V Shaw, John A Grffn Dr Lous J Dowd, Wllam T FarrelL and Charles T Haggerty T P McCarrck and Frank berry wll act as ushers The bur al wll be made n Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Mss Sarah Frost, Last^?> Of Old Rochester Fanffly, Des U1CS tv\ After Long llness j There passed to her eternal rest on Satn Mes Sarah Frost, the last member of a well-known Koch- l, Those who knew her n her younger days can m - wonderful devoton daugb- and sster Of pleasng per-( sonalty, gentle, refned, of great d won frends whom she was brought up her lfe but uay, 865, she be ante a n muncan! of St, Luk p copal1 Church, whch she lov rvedl wtb fathulness Fldelltj was her w connecton v\ t l th ll a 11, r n the C to 1918 er, Th o he suffered s m t ms snce been confned to her bed at The Pllars,; wh : e durng the Everj tlng that g de- \ at on could b bed upon her There were flowers always besde! Cheerful, patent, never a com- [oua welcome wth eag tdngs of oh nds one f when n h ed s s\ et whch, as one vstor s an n to me" H waa her earnest desre to be bured from 8t Lukes Church, from whch the funeral wll be held at 10:30 oclock tomorrow mornng PROMNENT N MANY LNES OF S, ACTVTY HERE Charles M Wllams, Attor ney, Unversty Trustee and Well-Known Member of Masonc Fraternty, Dead After Long llness Charles Mner Wllams/promnent Attorney, trustee of the Unversty of ltochester and well known n Masonc crcles ded early yesterday mornng al hs home, 43 Merrlman street fol lowng a long llness, aged 71 years Mr Wllams was born n Ro> ter Aprl 30, 1S51, a descendant of an old Amercan famly Hs s rather, the Rev Comfort Wllams, the frst mnster of the Gospel permanently settled n Rochester Mr Wllams grandparents on hs mothsde were among the founders of lunch Mr Wllams was educated n Rochester publc schools and grad uated from the Unversty of Rochr n 1 ST 1 college he won the ey prze and the le was s member of Ps Upslon fraternltj and was elected to th y After hs grad on fr college Mr Wllams s u led law, graduated from the Al bany hool, and began practse n Rochester n For n he was a law partner of John R Fan nng Hs practse he later contnued alone, and at tho tme of hs death offces n the Wlder buldng 1902 le was presdent of the Roch- >tar Assocaton n 1879 Mr Wllams was ap ponted a commssoner of schools and retaned ths poston untl Bnc had eon closely ln- fed \vn mnal work, pa rttcuwth the admnstraton of the, Unversty of Rochester n 1188 n ame a members of the board ol trustees of the unversty, and from l S ft to he ( rotary and r From 1898 unl death he retary and attorney he mn : n memory of hs grra r and, \v Wlland MM,,, ll, Wll hp for women dents le was also he donor o Wllams memoral p honor of hs moth one of the donors of the Uah ly of the wfe of dent Martn B Anderson H trbu rally to Morgan natu y fund and to Mr Wllams has been an nellve member of Xonnondo Lodge, n A M, snce hs bene, 3, 1881 He serv h the untl n 1885 he b t the lod^re n Dec nondo and he contnued n ths offce to tl of hs death He was a member of Monroe 0 ry, 2, K P, a ml n 1832 was era der Mr, Wllams leases hs wfe, VV Sams m Wllams; one dan Dr Henry T Wll Wll ml three cousns The es wll be prh Rev Jam^s T ached at Frst klnson, unh p ld -nnng hs sermon, to Mr 1/

71 , from Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton WGMARKHAM DES SUDDENLY -4J FARM HOME DED SUDDENLY AT HS FARM N AVON VOTED X MAW FELDS OF AC-, TVTY HERE jwn as /Stock breeder vas Also Banker and Actve n Bus ness aud Hstorcal Organza tons of County CHARLES M WLLAMS Wlls JudFt&d teran Clothng rchantxsuead Wlls Judd Neal ded yesterday st hs home, 232 Flower Cty park, aged (j years Ever snce hs youth Ar Neal had ben dentfed wth merchant organzatons n ths cty For more than 40 years he was n touch wth the Rochester publc n ths way and probably few men were better known here n the retalng of mens cloth ng than Mr Neal He was frst connected wth the frm of Allen, umpany, whch dn a clothng busnes many years ago n the old Arcade As buyer he was as socated wth the McFarln Company for a perod of betwen seven and eght years and pror to that wth the Unon Clothng Company for over f years Three months before the openng of the Duffy-Powers Company he was -;ed as buyer of boys and mens ment, and he was act ve n the management of these r partments up to the tme when he was forced to leave the store n De cember by the llness whch resulted n hs death Mr Neals personalty and sterlng e for hm frends of hs busness assocates, and hs death wa the source of great sorrow to them!s assocates n - Duffj n pa ny Me leaves hs wfe, Sarah Nea, two Arthur 8 and Bernard L Neal so s a member of Rochester T, ts of the Maccabees Mgers and aul j v< York Wllam G Markham, well-known stock breeder n Gene-, ded suddenly ths mornng on hs farm near Avon from complcatons brought on by old age Hs health had been falng for some tme He was 8H years of ape Mr Markham leaves one daughter, Mary K E Markham; a sster, Mrs Alfred G Dunsford; fve neces, sabel Puffer Lnda D Puffer, Ruth Dunsford of Elm Place, Mrs J M Spn nng of Rochester and Mrs R A PearsSJaa^of Ames, la At thetme of hs death Mr Mark ham was charman of the board of d rectors of the Pfaudler company, vcepresdent of the State Bank of Avon, drector of the Rochester and Gene see Valley ralway, presdent of the Lvngston County Hstorcal socety, member of the Rochester Hstorcal socety, Chamber of Commerce, Gene- Bee Valley club The funeral wll be held from the Elm Place farm at 3 oclock Thurs day afternoon Rev James T Dck nson wll offcate Mr Markham s best known to the rsng generaton through hs Mark ham and Puffer certfed mlk Olde ctzens, however, wll recall hs ac tvtes n sto dng, through whch he developed lnt On hs arrval n Japan be met nsral Grant, who had arrved from Chna tho da] bsfof on hs trp around the world He explaned to General Grant the remarkable result he found here from these experlm n breedng, whereupon the General nduced hm to go on to Chna, and make the same explanatons to the vceroy, U Hung Chant, <> whom he ga ve hm ntroducl on The story of the few mon nl n Chna, hs ntervew wth th hs travels n Men; 1? 1 1! -\ lev ad th m nl n beyer, "Govsrnor of the Bheep ner," s full of thrllng ll too lollk m,, told h nterest Turns o Daryng a v> nl m - Mr Mo ha m fame At the age of 21 Mr Markham bowsvsr, was actvely nterested n the breed gradually turned trom dng to ds ng of stock, and he soon establshed j ng M he present me he a are a t he Mn ham a nd ufl a farm a fne herd of Short-hoj md a 150 tolstena m ludng roung sto< k flo< k of Lecestershre sheep whch of whch about head a a mlk for years were prze-wnners at the ng The ave p o Lo fars ^m quarts, nn durng the Record of Sheep Pedgrees (lush n 1789 n on Roches n 1872, when he was 3f years old, j te waa folln,,,, Colons! Wllam Mr Markham had assembled BO fne Markham, grand fath th< a flock of Amercan mernos th >o cul < nt occups nl uu rom was recognzed as one of the best n and m 1 7 :M kpurchased the country n 1876 Mr Markham the al prepared for publcaton the "Amer nd Uh a log cabn, the can Merno Regster," the frst r replca of whch s now standng on of ndvdual sheep pedgrees ever the grounds, and n whch Mr M publshed Snce then smlar regs hams father 88 n ters of all the dstnct breeds have bult brck hou- n \\ been publshed He wa elected pres New fork, whch wth rs nl addl dent of the New York Stale Sheep uy homestead Wl Breeders and Wool Growers l Ml ton, whch poston he held plac uoatad at twenty years, secretary of the Naton Lma al Wool Growers assocaton for \\ M Mark-k, twenty-three years, and also pres ham w d he dent of the New York State Amercan Merno Sheep Breede tton n lb for many years As secret, he l p Natonal Wool Growers assocaton he was largely nstrumental n man-! n-law tanlng the tarff for the protecton of p the wool ndustry Pfau t th, ng ths perod that the p aw rnmen! solcted Mr, b Japanese Mark h ms counsel concern n A ther r ed too pur red sheep and dell r,]em on al Tokyo ror th tabshneu of a government Bo< k Chna upon Whch had besn b d lm l an no rams, makng 800 pe enl crease n the value o OS of the "-

72 ! - Lo WAS PONEER RESDENT OF Thomas E Blossom Des at Home n East Avenue Blossom Road Was Once Property of Famly and Named for Them f(tf%2s Thomas E Blossom, poneer resr Monroe county, ded ths mornng at hs home 1,400 East ave nue, aged 73 years old He was n poor health for several months pre cedng hs death He leaves no sur vvors Mr Blossom was born October 12, 1S4S, u of Brghton, then known as j Blossomvlle, after hs famly He was, educated n the pub lc and hgh schools of Rochester, and was a graduate of the Unversty of Rochester, class of 1871 He wa-s un marred Hs only sster, Augusta Blossom, ded n January, 1921 Thomas Blossom, an mmedate an cestor of Thomas Edward Blossom, came to Amerca n , and was the frst deacon of the Plgrm Church at Plymouth, Mass Captan Ezra Blos som, grandfather of Thomas E, was an offcer n the Revolutonary V and ha Yale Blossom, father p1 man founded and supported the Brlgh hurch Blos som roud perty of for th om famly and was n Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton JOHN F NAVN DEAD FOLLOWNG Was Manager of Phoenx Mutual Lfe nsurance Co Here Snce 1913Had Also Developed Portland J^ement Companes, John F jcavn, manager of the Offce of the Phoenx Mutual Lfe n surance Company snce January 1, 1913, ded yesterday at Clfton Rchard Vay, Who Ded Yesterday, Was Poneer Resdent Of Rochester Rchard \ray 82, who ded yesterday mornng at the home of hs daughter, Mrs Wllam S Ecker, 5 Kensngton street, was formerly a well known busness man of ths cty havng been engaged n the saloon and restaurant busness at Wlder and Brown streets for many years Mr, Vay for many years conducted the Jefferson House, one of the frst halls n th cty where many publc meet ngs were held and busness pertan ng to the nterest of many socetes was transacted Mr Vay was born n Germany When a man he came to ths young country and for a tme made hs home n New York A few years later he came to Rochester when ths cty was,hen vllage Hs place of busness at Wlder and Brown streets was one of the most popular n Rochester at that tme Mr Vay had been 111 for about a vear He leaves three daughters, Mr* Wllam S Ecker, Mrs Henry McFarln and Margaret B Vay; three sons Julus J Edward R and Peter H* W Vay, and 12 grandchldren was a member of Commandery 28 Knghts of St John Rochester LedJrkranz and West Sde Matzel Club The funeral wll be held Thursday mornng at 8:4ft oclock from th home of hs daughter Mrs Wllam 8 Ecker and at 9 oclock from SS Peter and Pauls Church nterment wll "n the famly lot n Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Many Are Present?*/^ -,At Funeral Held^ sssfcor W G Markham Avon, May 19 Funeral s< held ly afternoon for Wl G Markham from hs late home, "Elm Plac hs vllage, were largely lattendod The Rev James T Dckd Favor ns of Blest be the Te that mg" and Mrs L F Beers -1 B, Mm n ter; Aaron Barber and of the A Bank; judge Lockwood r Dotj of G the Lvngston hers am my; W 1 u hch Mr hner of ounty l nre; At- -ter; E nlet of the ter, and le of Batava, formerly of arers were: A J Jones, C de n th tnk of Avon; de and JOHN F NAVN SprLngs, followng a short llness Mr Navn was one of the best known n surance men n the cty Mr Navn was born at Adran, Mch, March 1, 18&9 Hs early lfe was spent n Adran, and later he was engaged n the lfe nsurance husneas at Detrot for the PhoenU r some years pror to conan r he was engaged n the east n the development of Portland Cement companes h nl made hs home n Rochester 1918, resdng at 153 Plymouth aven He leaves hs wfe, Nelle C Navn,r Rochester; one son, Navn of Detrot, b Detrot ball Club, and one bl Frank J Navn o of the Detrot Baseball Club The body wll be taken to Detrot for bural A -r-^deathsfunerals/5? Justus Bcshen* * "3- The funeral of Justus Reshelm, Cvl war veteran, who ded Sunday at hs home, 85 Hckory street, aged 86 years, wll take place from the home of hs son, Albert 471 Clay ave nue, to-morrow afternoon at 2 oclock nterment wll be made n Mt Hope He leaves three sons Albert and George, of ths cty, and Edward of New York; one daughter, Mrs C H Snell, of Brooklyn, and several grand chldren Mr Beshem came to ths country from Germany when a boy and had lved n the Cvl war Rochester snce the close of Hs home durng all the perod of hs lfe n ths cty was n Hckory street He served four years n the Unon army as a mem ber of the Fourth New York Heavy Artllery He frst enlsted for two years, and when ths term was up he re-enlsted for the duraton of the war He was a member of Pessner post, Grand Army of the Republc, and a lfelong Republcan Mr Resbem was a past master of Germana lodge, F and A M: a mem ber of Germana Lodge of Perfe Rochester consstory and Damascus temple?

73 DEATH COMES JO S J Promnent and Well Known n Ralroad and Busness Crcles Was Vce-Pres dent of F B Rae Ol Co, nc 77\a<j~}>tf- <f>w Samuel J Kear/s, one of Roches ters well known amd popular busness men, ded at 11:30 oclock last eve nng at hs home, 50 Darwn street, aged 67 years Mr Kearns had not been n good health for a number of years past though due to hs optms tc nature many of hs frends were unaware of t About sx months ago hs llness became aggravated and he was confned to hs home for some tme Ths sprng he agan resumed hs dutes and apparently was much mproved Followng a dnner Monday nght he came home and complaned of not feelng well Tuesday he re maned quet and no alarm was felt for hm untl about 10:30 oclock last nght when hs heavy breathng caused the summonng of medcal ad He ded an hour later Mr Kearns was marred 28 years ago to Jane McDonnell besdes whom he s survved by one son, Wlfred; one brother, John Kearns of Detrot and one sster, Mrs Anna North of Yonkers Funeral servces wll be held Frday mornng wth! despatcher on the West Shore Ral Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton road, beng located at Syracuse From there he was promoted to chef tran nterment n Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Mr Kearns was born n London, Ont, and early n lfe became a tele graph operator Hs ralroad ca covered a perod of about 35 years Durng ths tme he was connected wth the New York Central and ts assocated lnes He began as a tran Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County despatcher on the Mohawk Dvson of the Central n 1910 he became superntendent of the R, W & O D vson wth headquarters at Oswego n 1911 he was promoted to supern tendent of the Rochester Dvson, whch poston he held untl February 1, 1917, when he left the Central servce and became vce-presdent of the F B Rae Ol Co, nc He occu ped ths poston up to the tme of hs death Mr Kearns genal dsposton, hs keen sense of humor and love of com panonshp made for hm a host of frends who wll deeply mourn hs untmely death n the years that have ntawened snce he gave up "ralroadng" he has always man taned frendly contact wth hs for mer assocates, and hs occasonal calls n the varous offces were al welcomed wth the ways greatest cor dalty He was a member of the Rochester Club, the Rochester Automoble Club whch he has been a drector for {of sx years; the Oak Hll Country Club, the New York State Ralway Club, the Rotary Club, the Ralway Clu New York cty, the Chamber of Com merce and the Knghts of Columbus takng an actve part n the latter or ganzatons recent drve for a new club house He was also a member of the Church of St John the Evan gelst n Humboldt street n MORTUARY RECORD Funeral of samfl Kearns The funerul o J Kearns, vce presdent of lr! B, mpany m rnnrr offcal "f the New Tor trnl Ralroad, todl place morn ng from the home -t 59 Darn Po oclock uu t o <>, nrk from the Church,f s John the Evangelst n Hum boldt Btre m requem hgh mass was by He rector, Rev John B Sullvan Kev Thomas F Connors of TlcsffH Sacrament Church waa deacon nnd lvv F-mcs Wood waa subdeacon Musc van suns: by Pvlnnche Prury, Margaret Hereron Crag, Ceorfr t Boucher and Eldward Lenen Ushers at lle maa wore G Ponahue Morley and Charles Buelte, here were delegaton! present from Rochester Councl Knghta f Columbus, nnd other socetes The New York Cen tral Ralroad anted The Ambrose Street plan) of H : Company was closed rurncr the funerul nterment was n the famly lot n Holy lcber Cemetery Fnal blessng al he was gven by the Rev John B Sul lvan The actve bearers were Oscar Stanley, Rmer E Farchld, John harles,rd, Charles 8 Owen and erhert W e The honorary bearers were Mayor Clarence P Van Zandt, Frank P Rae, Tamea F Hamlton, Charles R Hrnes, Wllam Crag, John R Powers, John J X,,,, lotrloh, Frank or nm Wllam Everett The delegates from the Knghta of Colu rlondod: eor nmaa Grc 1,1 Georg Tarrrll Harry Crowley Frank Smth Mx, Edward Walsh, h> Frank and John Me- Hanna, Raymond Curray ntyre *7??*+7 >f>_-^-> WAS N SERVCE OF THE CTY FOR THRTY-F0JR YEARS * lawambhbmbaahmftabbbaavam ohn mccarth nvestgator n Department of Publc Works Des at Hs Home n Harvard Street John McCarthy 63 cty nvestga tor n the department of publc works, ded yesterday at hs home, 131 Har vard street Besdes hs wfe, Sarah F he leaves two daughters, Helen F and Marlon J McCarthy, and one brother, Jeremah, all of ths cty Mr McCarthy had been h ployee snce 1888 Hs frst poston was that of nspector, and he red many promotons ce of the cty, reachng the grade of r n the serv cty nvestgator, n whch he waa ng at the tme of hs death He was born n Lvngston county May 16, 1868 and was a promnent mem ber of the Knghta of Columbus and the Holy Name socety of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament The funeral wll take place on Wed nesday at 846 oclock from the home and at 9 oclock from the Church of the Blessed Sacrament nterment wll be made n Holy Sepulcher l SAMUEL J Kl

74 L-L WAS PONEER N Wllam Gleason, Founder of Bg ^Myjp, Des CAME HEflE FROM ZELAND Learned Trade n Rochester and Started Gleason Works n Year That Cvl War Ended Wllam Gleason, founder and pres dent of the Gleason Works, and a poneer n the machne tool ndustry, ded yesterday afternoon after a short llness at hs home at 16 Ports mouth Terrace, aged 86 years Hs long lfe had been devoted from hs boyhood days to the development and mprovement of machnery, and as late as 1917 he was so actve n hs chosen lne of endeavor that he was the subject of a specal magazne artcle, whch acclamed hm as the oldest lvng machne tool bulder Long one of Rochesters nfluental men, he was known n m Tlpp chne shop of Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton p of went Celebrated Ffteth Annversary On February 20, 1918, the ffteth annversary of the busness was cele brated at the plant n Unversty Ave nue, wth an elaborate program of entertanment, n whch all the em ployes partcpated The frst p bevel gear planng machne, bult by Mr Gleason n 1873 and used constantly snce then n a Ch cago factory, was on exhbton at the annversary celebraton Mr Gleason at that tme was gven a gold lovng cup by employes who had been wth the busness more than twenty years Mr Gleason was the father of Mss Kate Gleason, who has been ac tve n the management of the com pany and s known wherever machn ery s used n the Unted States Mr Gleason was a member of the Au tomoble Club of Rochester and the Oak Hll Country Club He leaves a wfe, Mrs Margaret Phalen Gleason; two daughters, Kate and Eleanor Gleason; two sons, James E and An drew C Gleason, all of Rochester; and eght grandchldren The funeral wll take place Satur day mornng from the house at an hour to be announced later VET WHO SAW LEE SURRENDER DES AT HOME COLONEL SEWARD GOCLD WAS DSTNGUSHED SOLDER WAS FOUNDER OF AVON BANK Moved to Rochester on Retrement Twenty Years AgoActve n G A R Crcles On he eve of another Memoral Day, a day n whch he had taken a lvely nterest ever snce the perod when he was one of the prvleged few who wtnessed the collapse of the Confederacy, and the surrender of General Lee at Appomattox, death came to Seward F Gould late yes terday al hs home, 240 Alexander street Of all the Rochesterans who servce n the Cvl war, he probwas the only one present on that j hstorc occason when General lee realzng the futlty of further com bat, surrendered to General Grant and ended the poltcal pretensons of the Confederate States of Amerca Hs has been an unusual career Born n Rochester October 14, 1844, he receve hs early educaton n the publc schools and had entered the Unversty of Rochester when Fort Sumter was fred upon Parents and frends endeavored to have hm com plete hs course and he was scheduled for graduaton n June, 186:: When reports as to the outcome of the early campags n 1863 were receved here, uld be dssuaded no longer and dsregardng all thought of the covet ed degree, he accepted a commsson n Aprl of that year as frst leuten- /r?xx>c-*-*p Wllam Gleasonc< jtfaj) Startng hs orgnal machne shop r 1865 Wl lam Gleason, who ded Wednesday at the age of 86, was one of the poneers of an ndustr y n whch Amerca has attaned acknowledged su; premacy n quantty and qualty of machne ool output ths country s today wthout a rval Tl lat was not the case when Mr Gleason started n bsness t took hard work, courage and enterprse under df fcult condtons to lay the foundatons of a com pany whch now employs 1,700 workers and sends ts products to all parts of the world By nventng the frst practcal machne for cuttng bevel gears Wllam Gleason m ade a con trbuton to manufacturng processes /whch has proved of the utmost mportance, especally n thc automotve ndustry n latter years Mr Gleason was fordnate n be ng able to see hs sons stll further develop the busness he had founded Hs death closes a lfe rch n useful constructve effort V^ty>C^ffA^ ant and was detaled to Battery B, j Eleventh New York Heavy Artllery n about two months promoton came to hm and he was made cap tan and transferred to the command of Battery K, Fourth New York Heavy Artllery Actve servce fol lowed, whch ganed hm the recog nton of hs superors and on Deber lf 1 Sf 4 he was made a ma jor He played a promnent part n the artllery co-operaton n the Ba-tn f the Wlderness, and valor un der Are ganed hm a brevet, leuten ant-colonelcy He was cted for ds tngushed conduct at the battle for the possesson of Petersburg When Confederates retreated after the battle of Spottsylvana, he brought up hs artllery so rapdly that hs dn ners took an actve par n the pur sut and helped to turn the retreat n to a rout Mnor actons followed Hs comnnd was wth General Grants man army n the last days precedng Lees surrender and he was one of th offcers at headquarters when the ac tual proffer of the Confederate lead ers sword was made When Presdent Johnson revewed he vctorous Unon armes through the Washngton streets Colonel Gould led hs artllerymen past the Whte House Then he was dscharged from the army and lke so many of hs fellows gave the same enthusasm to cvl pudsuts whch had made hm success ful n army lfe He moved to Avon* where he founded the Gould-Lord bank, one of the fnancal features of communty lfe there for many years About twenty years ago he severed hs connecton wth the Avon hank and moved to Rochester, where he lved wth hs son and daughter He leaves hs daughter, Elzabeth H; a son, Harry L Gould, and hs sls- ter, Anna J Gould, of Washngton, D C He was a member of H C Cutler post, G A R, of Avon, and of the Delta Ph fraternty The funeral wll be held Wednesday nsness

75 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / GROVER C ASH KLLED WHEN HT BY FAST-fflOVNG CAR AT RACES ON BROCKPORT TRACK Rochester Man on Way to Warn Spectators of Ther Danger n Pressng Close to Fence When Run Down by Racng Car STRUCK FRST BY SPRNG OF AUTO, THEN HURLED UNDER TS WHEELS Grove r O Ash, 27 years old, of No 160 Clnton avenue north, Rochester, was klled almost nstantly on the Brockport far grounds at the automoble races held there yesterday afternoon when he walked to the mddle of the track and was struck by an Essex Specal drven by Horace W Shaw, of No 8$ Sco street Ash was a dealer n motorcycles and bcyles and was afternoon n the professonal motorcycle-and-sdesar race, whch was held just prevous to the ffth event, one of the machnes crashed through the fence, causng njures to J Watt and Johnny Ubcrlacher, both of Rochester, who were on the machne The ambulance took them to the hosptal, where t was found that Watt had a broken nose and Uberlacher a broken jaw A queston was rased as to whether the races should be contnued wth the anbulane absent, and Ash s sad to have joned hs voce wth those of the drvers n rdculng the suggeston that another accdent was happen before the ambulance could make the trp to the hosptal and return Ash on Track at Sart When the cars were started Ash was near the ralng n front of a platform that stands a few feet from the judges stand on the nsde of the track Shaw, the man whose machne klled Ash, occu ped the second place at the start of the [e place havng fallen to Af the drve aed to tune nnd Dust Cloud Hdes Car rted down Alj,, the track n the drecton Barthold had ndcated, ntent on warnng the specta tors away from the dangerous place they occuped Watson was walkng alongsde the ral, whle Ash was nearer the mddle of tho track The cloud of dust whch Bartholds machne had rased had not cleared away when the two men stepped out on the track They had walked a few steps when connected wth organzatons for pro motng of motorcycle und automoble Shaws car loomed up n the dust Ash racng who mmedately saw hs danger, jumped The accdent occurred n the frst heat to one sde, toward the center of the of the ffth event on the program, whch track As he dd ths Shaw swerved n utomoble event after the the same drecton, thnkng Ash would tme trals that were held earler n the for the protecton of the fence The front sprng of the machne struck Ash on the leg, throwng hm aganst the rght front wheel He then fell under the machne so that the rear wheel p over hs body Shaws machne was go ng about forty-lve mles an hour Shaws Car Nearly Upset n a desperate attempt to avod the accdent Shaw swerved hs machne so sharrly that t appeared to bo about to tp over The car skdded thrty-nvc feet before t was brought to a stop n spte of the fuct that the stands, whch the spot where thc accdent accurred, was crowded, none of the spectators ventured out on tho track One of the attendants at the grounds reached out and pulled the body off the track, just n tme, as two other machnes passed almost at the n stant they had recovered t Nearly every bone n Ashs body was Coroner Davd Atwater was notfed, and ho drected Morgue Attend ant B Corcoran to remove the body to the morgue- t remaned there for a hours and then was taken to No 421 Al- Arthur Barthold, of Rochester, as a re e street Shaw, who was a frend sult of the tme trals of Ash, was completely upset as tho re After the racers got away, nnrvey sult of the accdent He was unable to Watson, of No 2 Grard Btreet, who act cpatc further n thc days program ed as announcer, walked to where Ash was standng and the two talked untl Accdent Seen by Mrs Ash the leadng car was seen makng the turn Ashs mother was sltng several hun nto tho home stretch- The dr%er of ths dred feet nway from the scene of th car waa Barthold As he drove past the cdent, but she dd not know tha her son judges* stand he sgnaled by wavng an bad been struck untl she was told later arm above hs head and, pontng behnd Ashs wfe and dan hm run bm, shouted a few t of them down ble Ash was presdent of the Ash M :, and Watson thought Barthold was Corporaton, at No 162 Clnton to tell them that tl pcpl north He started as a clerk m the the track- Later t was learned that Wakner Mph Motor Con re, n Barthold had attempted to Ml the Man t, nnd wo that persons hud crowded ag untl he was regarded as or of the the turn at the he authortes here on tl of nutomo le home hf>r0 W0M ble and motorcycle racng, le was of the 1 t on and a drector of the l an ; daugh Mr and held from No Ellsworth M Ford JDead n Youngstown The death yesterday of Ellsworth M Ford, a former well known Rochesteran, was reported n telegrams re ceved by frends ths mornng from Mrs Ford n Youngstown, Oho, where Mr Ford had made hs home durng the last two years The body wll be brought here on Wednesday mornng at 9 oclock and the funeral held from 207 Chestnut street at 7 oclock, bural beng n Mumford Cemetery Mr Ford had spent nearly all hs lfe n Rochester Pror to gong to Youngstown wth Mrs Ford he had been employed as an nvestgator n the department of chartes and cor recton for 10 years, from January 1, 1910, to Aprl 9, 1920, when he was granted a leave of absence to enable hm to accept a poston n the audt ng department of the Brer-Hll steel mlls n Youngstown Before he became connected wth the department of chartes he was en or a few years n the cty waterworks depart ment and pror to that tme he was for b m m ntfed wth the Roch ester Surgcal n Mr Ford was well known n fra ternal crcles, partcularly n the Benevolent and Protectve Ord havng been esqure of R ter Lodge, 24, durng the adml ton of Dr Rch, rd J l M nter nr Also, he waa membe of the masonc fraternty and M act e n he pollth s (Tn ra of th< Nnetanth member of he Nnetaenl h Wa rd R publcan Qluta the 18 > yea he re ded ", w st eel - wa from Mumford He leaves hs wff, nee M Fo d The bearers at th* fune w edm ooon wll be \> MU Koch, James Ml Bloom ^Ua^OL ( } f*%l ONCE A LEADER N^g^ - EDUCATONAL WORK Death nt Frendly lom<- of B Dela Brown, Last of a Poneer Famly E Dela Brown, teacher th ded last nlghl avenue, al She was mm 11, TS4-4 sanna Ayles ths cty teachng n Just befo te tl worth Brown, WD n aa th was to School 4 w! unt l am known 1884, wh ton untl forced to am lead* bur n vald H He e%

76 - & DR J R CULKN, NOTED PHYSCAN, TAKEN BY DEATH Long Recognzed as One of Leadng v Mede Medcala Men of Ths Cty f^coul / t) WON DSTNCTON N WAR Was Awarded Dstngushed Serv ce Cross for Keepng Death Rate from nfluenza Low at Camp Up ton Served on Health Commttees Dr, Joseph R Culkn, one of Rochestres best known hyscans ded at hs home at No 286 Alexander street shortly before 2 oclock yesterday afternoon after an llness of about two weeks Although he suffered a great deal of pan at tmes, hs llness was not consdered serous un tl hs condton took a sudden turn for the worse on Wednesday Whle Dr Culkn was long recognzed ne of the leadng physcans of ths cty, he acheved hs greatest dstncton durng the World war Althuogh well the mltary age, he volunteered for Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Dr Culkn was born n Oswego fftyeght years ago and receved hs early educaton n that cty Followng hs graduaton from the Unversty of Mch gan, he contnued hs studes n medcne at Bellevue Medcal College, New York cty, and later n Venna, Pars and Lon don He was vce-presdent of the stuff cf St Marys Hosptal, past presdent of the Rochester Academy of Medcne and a member of the Pathologcal Socety and of the Rochester Medcal Assocaton He also was a member of the Knghts of Columbus Served on Mlk Commsson As a ctzen, he dstngushed hmself n many walks of lfe He was a member of the Mlk Commsson of the Board of Health, and as a member of the varous health commttees of the Chamber of Commerce he rendered valuable Bervce to the communty Dr Leo F Smpson, a close personal frend, who attended hm durng hs last llness, yesterday pad hgh trbute to hm Dr Culkn leaves fve brothers and two ssters, as follows: W E Culkn, of Duluth, Mnn ; John Culkn of Ches ter, Neb ; Mchael Culkn, of El Paso, Texas; Judge F D Culkn, J A Culkn, Mrs Mary C Navagh and Barbara Cul kn, of Oswego Hs wfe ded about two years ago The funeral servces wll be held from the home on Monday mornng at 8 :45 oclock at Corpus Chrst! Church at 0 :30 oclock Bural wll be made n Oswego Dr Culkn s /f Eulogzed by ^ ULs Colleagues "The hgh whch the late Dr regard/n Joseph R Culkn was held by the mem bers of hs professon may be gathered from a trbute to hm whch was adapted by the Rochester Medcal Assocaton The trbute, whch was drawn up by Davd L Jewett Samuel H Rosenthal, Charles R Barber, Loren -W Howk and Edwn Wolcott, gves he folk) characterzaton : By reason of the death of Dr T R Cul kn the Rochester Medcal Assocaton mur" he loss of ne of ts charter mem bers and orgnal supporters o place upon Hs mnutes ths? ral of hs sudden and untmely death wl, le could stll, from* hs years of <\ e and the rpened value of hs judgmenr render such valuable ad to the? cal urofesson and to the communty Dv Culkn practced ns professon wth m skll, wth sound judgment and wthout sr nl; on le contnually end! those ancent hypocratlc stand ads nt learnng, of sagacty, of hums and of probty, whch through the have hern the deals sought and n many lned by the medcal pro 11 served hs country wth dstncton: gave loyal and cfftvct servce to the afflated ; he, n h h he w - valuable and tn onsultant ; he gave lberally of hs and skll wthout thought of prce ot o hose who leal red hs sen So n adopt mm; ths Memoral The b So n adopt n;, hs memoral, the ; saddened by hs death, must pay a to those fundamental characterstcs that lwaya been he mark f the n the medcal professon and whch were well exemplfed n the lte of Dr J B Culkn DR JOSEPH R CULKN lles, wa commssoned a captan n June, nn, and joned tl lors n November After orl prelmna j tranng at Walter ptal, n Washngton, he was pton, remaned Faphank, - v hen h as surgeon n camp untl the clo the v Won Cross for Notable Servce eontn"" ls remarkable handlng of nfluenza epdera, the mp Upton had one,t the lowest mortalty records of tl- mltarj camps, For th any of pd by the ct mndng general for the dstngush! the Unted of the,; M -!l mms- the Burgeons Certflr the 7^St^Dr Joseph R Culkn^^^^^ Through the death of Dr Joseph R Culkn Rochester loses an able physcan and a ctzen ds tngushed for servce to the communty and the country Dr Culkn was born n Oswego 58 years ago but spent the greater part of hs lfe n ths cty He prepared hmself thoroughly for hs chosen pro fesson, through study n ths country and abroad and was recognzed as a man fully abreast of the developments n surgery and capable of drectng others As vce-presdent of the staff of St Marys Hosptal, a member of the Mlk Commsson and n hs regular practse as a physcan hs work was constructve and useful to the communty When the war emergency came Dr Culkn volunteered for servce at the openng of hostl tes That servce proved exceptonally valuable as was shown by hs remarkable handlng of the n fluenza epdemc at Cnmp Upton, Avhere he was n charge He receved the dstngushed servce cross, the hghest honor that could be conferred for servce n ths country and back of the actual fghtng lnes After the armstce Dr Culkn carred on hs servce for the government and country as an ex pert on the heart and lungs, havng supervson of mportant work n connecton wth certfcates of dsablty He retred as a leutenant-colonel n the reserve corps Hs death at an age when t was hoped by hs assocates that he had years of further usefulness before hm Avll be mourned by a large crcle of frends 9-rx^<~C_ f* / 9 V-^ rt n [from n the

77 - LAST SERVCES CONDUCTED FOR J)R J R CULKN Solemn Hgh Mass of Re quem Celebrated by Very Rev Monsgnor Curran Musc by K Of C Choral1 > n Dr Culkns death Rochester 1 loses one of her valued ctzens and of t s a personal sorrow to a larse num Socety Mayor One ber of frends Regret nablty to be Honorary Bearers present at funeral servce (Sgned) "Thomas F Hckey" The funeral of Dr Joseph R Cul "Wll you express to Dr Culkns kn was held at 8:30 oclock ths famly my lovng sympathy and as mornng from the famly home 286 sure them hs memory wll reman Alexander street and at 9 oclock from ever fresh n my mnd He was one of Corpus Chrst Church, Man street the fnest, mnst skllful men have east Solemn hgh mass of requem known, cultured beyond most men was celebrated by the Very Rev Mon- All these gfts, crowned by a kndness sgnor Denns J Curran The Rev to others whch made hm almost Wllam Hart was deacon and the unque He rests after a noble fght lev Harry Doerbecker was subdea-,may hs place be n peace orf Among the prests n the sanetuayr (Sgned) Edward J Hanna" were the Very Rev Monsgnor James Hartley, the Rev Andrew Byrne, the Rev Edward Byrne, D D, Daly Death Roll of St Bernards Semnary; the Rev J Francs OHern of St Patrcks Cathedral, the Rev M J Nolan of St Patrcks Cathedral, the Rev B J Gommngnger of Penn Yan, the Rev Mchael Kreg of Brockport, the Rev Wllam Byrne of Ontaro, the Rev Thomas Glbert ded yesterday morn J F McArdle of Scottsvlle, the Rev ng at hs home, 78 Atknson street He John OBren of St Augustnes leaves three daughters, Mrs Frances Church, the Rev John Hogan of St E Bacon and the Msses Barbara M and Marys Orphan Asylum, the Rev Charles Shea of St Augustnes Church, the Rev Raymond Qugley of St Andrews Church, the Rev Wl lam Cannan of St Andrews Church,! the Rev Wllam Bergan of St Tat-, rcks Cathedral and the Rev Edward! Smpson of Phelps, N Y Professor Eugene Bonn drected the chor, whch was composed of members of the Knghts of Columbusj Choral Socety Marguerte Vay was ata the organ The Ssters of St Joseph, the Ssters of Charty and the nurses from St Marys Hosptal of whch Dr Culkn was formerly a vce-presdent, at tended the servces n a body Mem bers of the Knghts of Columbus and other socetes also occuped prom nent places n the church Many frends of Dr Cullan attended the servces The actve bearers were: Dr Leo V Smpon, Dr Walter A Calhan, Dr Lawrence Nac- Dr herald G Bums,, ThomaB Murray and Cornelus Mur ray The honorary bearers were: Mayor Clarence D Van Zandt, Dr Phlp Conboy W J Trmble, Dr THOMAS GLBERT Seelye Lttle, Dr George W Goler, Madelne T Glbert Mr Glbert served Dr Joseph Roby, Dr John A Stapleton Dr Edward L Hanes, Dr T T throught the Cvl W ar wth ( Macks Black Horse Battery 18th New Mooney, Dr Joseph P Flemng, Dr York Volunteers, partcpatng n W McGee, Dr L A Whtney, Dr numerous battles and recevng Tames P Brady Dr Thomas Mc- of honor for gallant servce He also Namara, Dr Frederck W Zmmer, was an exempt freman leremah Hckey Dr Edward W \ mean Dr F W Goddard, Dr T 1, "ovonnell Dr James T McGovern,,r George W Guerlnot and John RTh?body was taken to Oswego for n of polce from the Unt Smon L Garson, bead of the frm of l staton drected traffc Garson & W le, dealers n talo Vmr the movng of the proce mngs at 47 Clnton avenue north, ded nsderable dstance at hu home, whchtext 2,030 l Tlong Mal st Carre Wle * -The followng telegrams were reornlng at the Gan,n and three sons L H cathedral!v shocked to receve news of n My to the f hs famsympathy Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Thomas Glbert, Cvl War Veteran, Dead At Hs Home Smon L Garson, Promnent Busness Man, Dead At Home wan a r n Osw mo " Ro " t r hen a h u / BSHOP AT FUNERAL OF MRSJM J, NER Many Clergymen at Servces for Actve Charty Worker Qtl t < c MARY F NER Funeral servces were held yesterday mornng for Mary Ner, matron of St Elzabeth nt 8:30 oclock from the Guld House nnd at 8 oclock from Blessed Sacrament church Solemn Georgo Predmore, nephew of the de- v Uvll John Francs OHern, pastor of dral, superntendent of th m tes, as eubdeacon Rev Walter j KL1 was le last absoluu Rev Rev Blessed Ba Wl lam Kllackey, a Blessed Sacrament \ Brophy, pastor of St Mo Ohun Wllam Payne, pastor of St -, \ The musc of the Wllam Predn m Church, Church The hcarrrs Wllam P ldng ment 1 "en B debre / a" l~j- 0 c y u

78 Bll 1^1 Tl of ssues of the Day passed on but because the name of the boards late presdent was Joseph U Culkn World war veterans do not come before penson boards Cvl war veterans are almost through wth penson boards and wth everythng else; there are compara tvely few pensonable veterans nl told Thus t happens that the local penson 1 meets but once a month Some tmes there are no applcants to examne rarch more than three or four These examnatons are more work than lfe nsurance examnatons whle the fee s much less There s "nothng n" the job Nether does the ttle of Unted States examnng surgeon add to the prestge or to the honor of a physcan; rather tu the contrary For a the fashon these davs to Apeak allurngly of pen soners and to shrek about "penson frauds" f the ptfully small "( Army" of to-daj s largelj made up of rascally treasury-lootng pensoners then by nference penson examnng bu ure for the must par dsh nest, because only upon her repp ts ol - anjnat ons ther opnons as to dsablty granted, Lkewse wth other than Cvl war t pensons thc natons solders who ate the pensoners defraudng the naton, f they are tootng thc treasury, f they are hoggsh ly tryng to fore the taxpayer to grant onus" t hen he naton s nol worth fghtng for Our solders have Len our f they are frauds, then what must te be f pe frauds so are Tros dnt the were war pensons ranted There s nether money nor l uor n the of penson examner Why dd Mr Culkn reman on nrd for many j ears? He v ty to resgn al any tme Thr nor honor nor anythng "m l" for 1 >r Culkn ; yet le hung m to he petl \ears lng man (real Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County R Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton V>r Culkn \vn" alke conscentously Rochester, June 12, 1022 Pays Trbute to Dr Joseph R Culkn S W LTTLE, M D M L CASEY, M D To the Edtor of the Democral nnd Plronre jlves cf pret men all remnd us, e ran nnke our lves sublme The truly great are always the least pretentous Ther very humlty shnes brghter thnn the decoratons of the braggart So was t wth Dr Culkn hear people say they had heard of hm but that was all Others, lvng here n Rochester, never even had beard of hm and yet he was one of the truly great men n the cty An ndefatgable worker always for the good of others, gentle, patent, long sufferng, sympathetc, often wthout hope of recompense, he strove ever up ward untl by study and experence he acqured a fund of real knowledge, tha few of hs assocates posse Persons of wealth contrbute l the chesl and thnk they are good to the poor Dr Culkn labored through the darkest hours of the nght wthout pay for those same poor know because was at hs ungracous assstant, When the wnds were howlng and the nght was bner cqld, Mrs Culkn (God rest her sou]! would say : " hale to waken you agan, Joe, but tha poor Smth famly s n trouble and of thc young doctors know them" le would answer : "ll go, Pdge Thank God they want le broke dow u sometmes, yes, bul not for long led soon be dong hs wonderful work agan Many n n have murmured aganst poor Mrs Cul kn for callng for help and blamed hm fr not beng two men f he nssted on dong w n*a charty, bul now,,, look back twenty odd years wth a better understandng and envy hm hs mental sa sfacton He was ever studyng, he took t wll be n lo those who many courses nt home and abroad, hs l>r Culkn ence n practce was vast and n short tut) to BOH Ve acqured more medcal wsdom thnn try When the far greater opporn th the World war, s usually ganed n bo short a lfe, was o h;n B and l >r Culkn sen dgnfed but d so unassumng, so humble that hs next otlng n l door neghbor mght well ddnt l was anythng about hm He rve Mm rvco graduated from BeRevuc n 1S67 und lrtj yealn re prvate pntent he wth rnd more s know alout hm was mned he dd n tg be Camp Upton nn honors the Government nt gave hm bul as of course, was u wee l of a b le had many lovng and grateful pn lents who wll never forget the ^ust to the np lcant for a p to the government He made tbe most roan they ever knew The doctors of ^>< Oplnlon expressed n ths column are careful exnmnato of the applcant ; and cty knew hm and t meant much for toose of the wrters, not necessarly he reported accordng to the very best of of ths aboul a hundred of the busy pnper physcans hs professonal ablty He served on the lo postpone ther work and attend hs Penson Board because t was hs duty to n " a n a Penson body, l w as an npr Board Pays serve ; and he served conspcuously well Trbute ulghl evdently to Dr Culkn The qualty of h" professonal work, mssed by the busy re porter Seldom can any event durng To the Edtor f the and t was notably hgh, was constant workng hours draw together such a num ^r : As a matter of f >rm nnd of whether or not t "pad" t was hs ber bul t was a proof, f need le the the Rod arl of duty to render n each case ls best pro worth of the deceased He ded as he had States Penson Examnng Surgeons las fessonal servce; therefore he dd SO n n offcal a -ta upon the death of hgh places or n low lved uprght; fearless and thoroughly no government of prepared, yel so unselfsh as to be almost ts presdent Dr Culkn The author fcal outranked hm n qualty of serv unattended Hs death lke hs lfe was tes at Washngton have been duly not ce m ed sublme fed of the bo Ordnarly tha To each of the remanng board Dr n matters of scence and practce Culkns should suffce fnr the formal acton of a passng the passng of he a per was up to the mnute, but n medcal gonal frend t s member board of fttng, then, that n no great mport es, courtlness and dgnty he be addton to the formal offcal acton ance upon longed to the old school and must have the death of Dr Culkn the Board of n ths nstance t does nol suffce The been wounded often by the commercalml lack of -nl ure n the modern Tnted States Penson Voard for many years las been of Examnng Sur no great mportance to geons n Rochester should make publc a anybody not selool le had other crosses to try l m trbute, however to ts members Yet more than the nadequate, to the nnd sweeten hs character Among them memory of stereotyped formal acton s due, not be Joseph R Culkn mght menton that hs better half (Sgned) cause the presdent of the board has was very dear to hm and not at all well, that he couldnt have the chldren hs bg heart desred, and lnsl of all death took away hs beloved wfe, leavng hm all alone fnd cannot draw the pen pcture desred of one of Natures noblemen, but f have succeeded n brngng the tears to the eyes of the thousands of you who knew hm and loved hm so that you can keep your own memory pctures of your best frend wll have succeeded tell you that whch you yourselves do know ; Show you sweet Caesars [ r, poor, dumb mouths, And bd them speak for me FRANCS 1 OBREN, M D Rochester, June 22, 1922 MRS MARYMURRAYHEAD F MOTHERS CORPS, DES <v Well-known Charty Wnrkor Was / Member of Many Clubs Has Mary Q wfe of Wllam H Mur ray, ded last evenng at the famly n rue,,t7!> Park avenue, aged 50 years Mrs Murray was presdent of O-old Star Mothers corps No 1 an offce- of the county commttee of the n des auxlary of the Amercan Leglon, secretary of St Aloysus guld and a member of the Ladles auxl ary of Memoral and Robert posts, of S Klzabeths guld, of thr Help socety of St M hosptal, the Catholc Womens club, the Lockhaven Charty club and the Lades Elks olul She was a woman of unusual ener gy, actve n all these organzatons, as well as n prvate chartable work A most pleasng manner and engag ng dsposton helped endear her to a large crcle of frends, who wll mourn her loss Mrs Murray leaves, besdes her hus band, a son, Barton W Murray, of New York, who s travelng n Eu rope, and a daughter, Beatrce N fcfurraj Of ths nn,- Alr " Cy potty offcal power

79 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton GULD HOUSE MATRON r Mrs DES FROM APOPLEXY Mary F NerPasses Away at Guld House n Feld Street Af ter Few Hours llness ^>>- 1 Mrs Mary F Ner, matron of St Elzabeth Guld house Feld street ded from apoplexy, after only a few hours of llness, at the Guld house last nght She was born ffty-two years ago and was marred to Edward Ner, who ded ffteen years ago Af ter hs death she was engaged for some tme as dstrct nurse n the health department of the cty About ten years ago slu was chosen by Bsh op Thomas F Hckey as agent for St Marys Boys and St Patrcks Grls asylums n the placng out n homes and n followng up n vstng, the or phan boys and grls of these nst tutons She vsted every part of the docese of Rochester, and was most successful n a work from whch she was promoted to be matron of the St Elzabeth Guld house whch was opened n November, 1914, a poston she held at the tme of her death Durng these eght years, besdes d re, tne; the Guld, whch s a home for Catholc workng prls of the cty, n whose welfare ^he was deeply nter ested, spendng all her tme and en ergy n constantly plannng new thngs for ther beneft and welfare, under the gudance of the board of drectors, she organzed a summer camp-on Can andagua lake, known as Camp Ma donna for the Catholc grls of the cty, and also was the founder and organzer of the Catholc Womens club, whch has a membershp of over 1,000 women She s survve,] hy a daughter, Marla Ner, of ths cty; two ssters, Mrs Jeremah Connor of Boston, and Mrs Thomas Nolan, of St Lous, and by three brothers, John Feny, of New York cty, and Rch ard and Wllam Fennesse^x, of Roch- The remans wll le at the Guld house, 1 Feld street, from whch place they wll be taken to R Sacrament church, Oxford street, for funeral servces Monday mornng at 9 oclock CVL-WAR VETERAN DES Mchael Myer ^88, Served n 140th \ev \ork Volunteers /Ol* Mchael Myer, a Cvl-war veten lay at the re1 11- me n Bath l oh ML, and two dnu>;!, ays, and Mrs Adam Nager, all pany J ll<"l New York Volunteers, and " red The bo(,y wll W He home of hs daughter n th uneral Wll " held WELL-KNOWN BUSNESS MAN DEAD AT HS HOME MARCUS \ s K Ktll DEATHS-r-FUNERALS % Mrs Sarah Olman Wllams Mrs Sarah Olman Wllams, a lfe long resdent of Rochester, passed away on Saturday at Dr Lees hos ptal n Lake avenue Mrs Wllams was n her 76th year She was an alumna of the Roch ester Free academy and for a short tme a teacher n School 3 After teachng a short tme she was mar red to L L Wllams, founder of the Rochester Busness nsttute A member of Central Presbyteran church, and an actve worker Mrs Wllams was for twenty-fve years presdent of the Ladles Ad socety She was a member of th board of managers of the ndustral school and at one tme vas a member of the Lades Ad socety of the Homeopathc hosptal Two years ago Mrs Wllams re tred from the presdency of the board of drectors of Dr Lees hosp tal, havng been a member snce ts foundaton She was dentfed wth numerous olubs, especally the gno rance club and the Ethcal club She was also an actve member of the Travelers club Two sons, Herbert G Wllams and Theodore D Wllams, and one broth er, James A Gllman, are the only survvng relatves The funeral was held at Mt Hope chapel to-day at 1030 a m y/ M H VANBERGH WAS 30 YEARS N BUSNESS HERE \ c:-pr:sm:\t or v \\ rergm SLVER PLATE COMPAN1 DEAD AT Hs HOME ^C^UJ2^_^y *9>l WAS LL BUT SHORT TME lotlvc n War Work Member of Man] Fraternal Organsatons and \\ \ n - Vll Ml, -, \ ears n \n-nala two bro M row tonv nlo mm m wll L >n "" Rochester wth hl ", M u Melbo n \ n mads trp oompany, of u hch he Mr \ f tlo n 191 ntended Bepten nrnc; the V he Brook ne la, of Bergt M when he on n WRM Van he ROVlfl n the as f, to hm wth f th* 1 was kers for th he nt 1 1 only through but n lb hrorh hlfl ; tlon n ternal lone and clube 1 1 > was a M hrlne, r of the U r on mem- nde- lfe letlc ll K whch he a tru

80 , c% Oldest Practcng Lawyer n Cty b (*&*** and Relatve of Abraham Lncoln Des at Hs Clfton Street Home- Wllam Mller Bates, the oldestfourth generaton of Samuel Lncoln, practcng lawyer n Rochester and a who was the mmgrant ancestor of blood relatve of Abraham Lncoln, ded yesterday at hs home ot 110 Clfton Street, aged 88 years Mr Bates was a drect descendant n the WLLAM MLLER BATES At the annual pcnc held by Syracuse alumn last year Mr Rates was the old est alumnus and oldest person pr He was a member of Beta Theta P at Syracuse n 18G2 He often referred to Abraham Lncoln as "Cousn Abe," be ng a blood relaton of Lncolns Woman hong Reeden /f Rochester Des n Boston /^A M- Hnrre 1 Lane, tot maft years dent of Rochester nnd wdow of Frost, for whom ded m her home No 1C Mull,- Mt f 1 of M "" was n the famlj,,l,, Hallock, of Brck Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Abraham Lncoln, so that the relaton shp between Mr Bates and the Emancpator was that of cousn Mr Bates has practced law n Roch ester for more than 58 years, a record unequaled n Western New York and probably n the entre country He was graduated from Genesee College, now Syracuse Unversty, n 1862, and three years later became a partner of Seth H Terry, who had just severed hs connecton wth another partner Later Mr Bates formed a law connec ton wth Albert G Wheeler, who soon afterward became cty attorney Not only dd Mr Bates clam ds tncton by hs relatonshp to Lncoln, but hs ancestry had other clam to fame by reason of the fact that hs grandfather fought n the Revoluton ary War and won recognton at the Battle of Bunker Hll Mr Bates brother, Ocero H Bates, s sad to bear a strkng resemblance to Lncoln Mr Bates was an amateur poet of some promnence and much of hs verse has been publshed n Rochester papers He was known also for hs advocacy of makng rondequot Bay the harbor of Rochester by dredgng out the mouth of the bay so as to admt deep draft vessels Hs law of fce had been mantaned for years at 32 4 Powers Buldng Mr Bates leaves a wfe, Mrs Mn ne Farwell Bates; two daughters, Mrs John Heusner of Portland, Ore, and Mrs Grace Bates Barons of Rochester; three grandchldren, a brother and a sster The funeral wll take place Saturday afterrloon at 2 oclock from the house nterment wll be made n Mt Hope Cemetery RY GOLDSTAR MOTHERS V?+x> )h*>z* <&-9>%- Acton Taken eh Death of the Presdent, Mrs Wllam Murray Acton on the dsatb of m s Wllam Murray, presdent of Corp No, Gold stnr Mothers, has been taken >v the corps S fllwn: Whereas t bas pleased our Heayenlj Father to remove bj death our Beloved [resdent, we bow n bumble submsson to Ha Holy Wll, n* wa revrtntlj learn wll be dons Murray was a beautful motherly love, she whs \ - m n Le Of le ll n le \\nne V Club l Socety, B Guld Lobertsbow Post, and presde the Gold Star Motb n ths latter < a sn- whs unttr nc n n ort m, band togel her those wh had experenced tbe grleel of loted taken n d country pres Her wound m our hosptal! ml ls to gl M nl r j her to them, 1 1 and her klndlj wll be B mssed by l n Our beloved pre ns angel " our Gold Star Mothers Corps She was sn nspre ton lo el on d words n adequate to express l our > - 1 lo tr nl she dd led jrrnnt tha ths wonderful record tha she ms left n ways nn for her > le res ve thl we hr Gold Slur Moth B1 sense of deep loss n h " her crenel h y to the copj be spred on our mlb HAD ERECTED MANY BRDGES j, THROUGH U S Frank M Skene, Promnent Contractor, Dead After Short llness Stutson Street Brdge One of Hs tor of ths localty for many years past and generally well-known throughout the country, ded yester day after a few weeks llness FRANK M SKENE Mr Skene had been engaged n general constructon work practcally all of ha lfe and was rated one of tho best constructon men n the country Pror to 1908 wth hs father as Skene & Son he was engaged n gov ernment work, drectng hs efforts prncpally to the constructon of con crete brdges, dams and locks through out the U S and Mexco n 1911 he formed a partnershp wth J L, Rch mond and upon completon of the government locks at Evansvlle, nd, the new frm took over a state contract for lft-brdges at varous ponts on the Barge canal, notably at Adams Basn, Brockport, Spencerport, Hulberton ajd Gasport Many other brdges and locks were bult, throughout New York Western state and Pennsylvana and upon com pleton of a brdge at Lttle Falls N Y n 1913 the Arm there dssolved partnershp, Skene gong to Harrsburg, Pa, where he took over a con tract for the constructon of a con crete dam three quarters of a mle n length across the Susquehanna rver He then went to Plttston, Pa, -where he bult a brdge smlar to th Stut son street brdge, connectng Wllkes- Barreand Plttston M*ll\ completlon of the Plttston brdge he came to Rochester and bult Jn 191U7n rree\brlee at Charlotte ra,sed the avennl hrm Elmwood Porun^Tt^^^^ -P" Mr Skene leaves hu -m*- > f^t^n\v - * mother M^ Af nen Kevada= h^ on W v""v ne3 Skene of Huntng- Co"; 5Hun ^ 8l8t6r8 MrS- EUen W" Va = and pjedlc? W?nU Mrs Mnn n*7m?rubb of Mnneapols, 0fNewSf,eann^a-andA-S / n C C "M 3s A* >> 3 2 "O C a 1 >* a s 3*

81 REV H G OGDEN, PROMNENT HERE, DES N ALBANY? Serous llness s Fatal to Former Pastor of Frst Methodst Church JSTlMC-? FOSTERED PUBLC GOOD Here and n Other Ctes He Worked Notably for Betterments Rev Horace G Ogden D D pastor nf Trnty Methodst Church n Albany and former pastor of the Frst Methodst b f ths cny passed away at hs home n Alban\ yesterday, hs death resultng from an operaton Dr Ogden, who was ll durng the past year, under went an operaton for appendcts and other troubles last Thursday at an Al bany hoaptal The was a operaton serous one and Dr Odgeo dd not m after the operaton prove Preached Here Last September Rev Mr < )gden preached hs fnal ser mon at the Frst Methodst Church here on,,,r September 26, 1921 BEV HORACE G OODEN, D D Up lefl Rochester to take up the dutes of mnster at Trnty Methodst Church a y H lster there ),Pn cketl Wth the llness that,; bs death Whle n Rochester Dr made frends n many walks of lfe e wa actve n the Mnsteral ed wth many n ther efforts for Beft Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Horace Greeley Ogden was born n Danvlle, nd, nnd was educated at De- Fnversty, Grecncastlo, where n S):, he was graduated wth honors en ttlng hn to wear the Ph Beta Kappa key, a badge of scholarshp par excel lence Depauw conferred on hm the degree of doctor of dvnty He was educatde to he mnstry at Boston Un versty, where he also took addtonal work n lterature and phlosophy When n college, hs ablty ns a preacher man fested tself when he was made assstant pastor Of he Centenary Methodst Church of Terre Haute, nd Whle nt Boston he occuped the pulpts at Lwn and Lowell, Mass, ntermttently, Poneer n Juvenle Court From Boston Dr Ogden went to Kewanna, nd, fo rhs frst charge He flled ths pulpt for three years and later became mnster of Trnty Church, Lousvlle, Ky, whch ranks hgh n the denomnaton Whle n /ousvlle Dr Ogden establshed he frst juvenle court From there he went lo Jamestown, where he remaned for seven years Hs work n ths cty was hghly prased, a church grew rapdly under hs gudance le offcated at -(H funerals and BOO weddngs durng hs slay n J town n 1014 Dr Ogden came to Rochester a tthe request of the Frst Methodst Church of ths cty Bshop Wllam Burt, of Buffalo, consented at that to hs appontment here After funeral servces n Albany to morrow, the body "ll be shpped to Dan vlle, nd, for bural MEMORAL SERVCE FOR DR HG OGDEN Teh Members of -3- rst Church, Roch ester, Attended the Funeral n tf Trnty Church, Albany \ A delegaton of ten members of Frst Methodst church went to Albany yesterday and attended the funeral servce of the nto Key Dr H G <>*- don n Trnty Methodst ohurch The church was crowdel to capacty wth a multtude of mourners, among them beng representatves of the James town Rochester and other churches whch Dr Odgen had aerve tor Ha alma mater, De Pauw unversty, was also represented The body s beng tak vlle, Ky, for bural to-day Mrs Ogf mpaned by two ol,nd Tan m> Those who went to Albany from Rochester wer M and M Shutt, Dr and Mr M L Eulme, Mr and Mrs Frederck Hall, and Mrs A L Thompson, James E K and B A Rch At m memoral be held n Frst Methodlet church on Bun nghl Rev Dr Orlo J Prce wll for the Federaton of Jhu,,1,-h Dr, Ogden was the p dent for a memorable \ ym v\ ll apeak Cor h,,,,! Ln- and ;c\ n stabler and Rev John T wll speak far the church - wll be read from mnsters who n 1 n Dr FUNERAL SERVCES ARE ^ELD^OR^ROBERTS Retred Methodst/Mnster Had Been n Church Servce 40 Years "^J-* The funeral of Rev Raphael M Rob erta, D D, who ded on last Sunday n Esopus, N Y, took place yesterday morn ng Rev Ralph S Cushman, pastor of Asbury Methodst Epscopal Church, off cated and bural was made n Mount Hope cemetery Dr Roberts was well known n the Xew York Methodst Con ference He was born n Farport on November 11, 1836, and came to Rochester when young He became a member of old St Johns Methodst Epscopal Church, nt Man and Clnton streets Later he moved to Macedon Center, where he was graduated from Macedon Academy He entered the Boston Theoloflcal Semnary, and after beng graduated was nto the Nev STort Uethodal Conference on tral n 1864 He was receved n full confesson two years 1 n 1866 Dr Roberts was ord deacon by Bshop Ames, and n Bshop Clark ordaned hm Of Dr nlnenls the New fork Conferenc He 1912, h \ Lng been he ll last se had been a member of urch, t has been an,,,,,),,,, many of the promnent young m of to day lurred to n the church FUNERAL OF DR ROME PlGl Metbodltl Church /ssorute Mm ster Dead at A*e of 72^_ The funerul of Rev Tl lt the hur wn, ded al age of 72 years, \\ wll be held to-morrow fron hs!, No 119 August Dr Rwe wus xrn n Devoran, laud, on Aprl 11, 860 H ual n tn n 187* ot tme, connected wth the was later readmtted, and n full membershp He was gradu the f 1876 am Of H School of The gj [e had al < Snce 1910 lr Bo actvely n the Frst Metbodsl Church, assstant pastor, H be conducted bj lernenlet ol t of long fr j /

82 7 PASTOR HONORED BY CONGREGATON HE ONCE SERVED,v(\ Parshoners Are n Tears ^ at Memoral Servces for Dr Ogden HS WORK REVEWED Called Statesman of Kng dom of God, Bgger Than Hs Denomnaton Human qualtes of frendshp and sympathy together wth ablty as an organzer and leader were attrbuted to Rev Horace Greeley < >gden, D D, at memoral servces held last evenng at the Frst Methodst Church, of whch he once was pastor Prase by mns ters from other churches and by laymen promnent n church work n Rochester was expressed before an audence of frends, many of whom were n tears durng thc servces There was not a speaker who dd not menton n term* of warmest endearment Dr lndens love of humanty "An rrestblty lovely personalty," "a man who radaled, joy," "a statesman n the kng dom of Cod," "wholeheartedly frendly," "larger than any church and any denom naton are a few of the phrases by whch le was characterzed After the sngng of devotonal musc, prayer was offered by Dr F Coman, superntendent <>t he Rochester dstrct of the Genesee Mehods Conference Followng prelmnary remarks of eulogy by Rev Hcrterl 1 Burgstohler, pastor, Dr Orln 1 Prce, secretary of the Federa ton of Churches, spoke )r Rrjre re vewed Dr Ogdens work outsde of the church "H" was a frend of the schools, of the ndustres, of the shopmen," he sad "He was a Statesman n the kngdom of Ood, much bgger than hs denomnaton He had many personal lovely trats, n cluded a wholehearted sympathy for hu manty He was progressve, forever open tone trul over neglectng funda mental prncples" "Hs famlarty was so modest, so wholehearted, yet s,> nsnuatng," de dared Dr Coman "hat t was mp, resst hm Hs frendshp at all tmes grpped the heart Hs love for men was ful and unfalng Hs publc lfe tnuoux usefulness and o-e to a communtj far wder than Cordal n frer, councl and clear n flled n place of large altrusm and love,! tt large-hearted, urbane < hrstlan gentleman" Dcknson, D D for merly pastor of the Frs! Baptsl Church r < gdens greatness de led eulogy whrl, hs modesty mght : refuse " QC pastors wnnng personalty "We are more remem k,,fl,t,,p n<"ts that are npre medtated, sad D "thnn hv n"h! How from Ofd< n n lttle thn Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Letters then were read from pastors of oler churches Rev C Waldo Cherry, D ), mnster of the Central Presby teran Church, wrote: "Dr Ogden was a noble sou wth a great heart of knd ness and greal ablty as an organzer and leader, always lovable and frendly" Rev John S Wolfe, pastor nf the Brck Presbyteran Church, wrote that Dr Og den had gven a wholehearted Chrstan concepton and a clear vson to the cler gy of Rochester "He was a remarkable force for good n ths cty" wrote Rev Paul Moore Strayer, D D, mnster of the Thrd Presbyteran Church, "and Rochester s a much fner place for hs presence n t" Rev John T Cameron, assocate mnster wth Dr Ogden, declared that the former pastor had contnuously done work wth persons of whom the church knew nothng "He was preemnently a lover of men," declared Dr Burgstahler, who added that the fnest trbute that could be rendered was for hs frends to rededcate them selves to servce wth Chrst A resoluton was adopted by the con gregaton N COUNTY SERVCE FOjR FFTEEN YEARS Thomas F Kearney Deputy County "yerk, gnccumbs to llness v V THOMAS F KEARNEY Thomas F Kearney, 59 years old, erly rst assstant deputy countj clerk, ded on Thursday al hs home, No, 381 Unversty avenue Mr Kearne\ had held hs poston for ffteen \ ear a one tme served under the late George W Aldrdge, when the latter was slate superntendent of publc works Pror to hs appontment to the c unty poston, Mr Kearney was engaged n the contract ng holles sn partnershp wth hs brother health resulted n Mr Kearneys resgnaton fr m hs offce Hs wfe (,l two months beforeh s death He cflvp Mce and Mun Kearney, an a brother, 1alrek A KearnM MRS CHARLOTTE FOOTE +d DES AT(HQMB HERE \f&/- b^r?-^ Wfe of Former Supreme Court Justce Wll Be Bured Saturday /ft^" Charlotte Ann Campbell Foote, 73, wfe of Nathanel Foote, former jus tce of the Supreme court and former assocate justce of the Appellate D vson, now specal referee, ded yes terday at her home, 112 Brunswck street Besdes her husband, ehe leaves four daughters, Mrs Charles X Perrn and Mrs Jerome B Chase of Buffalo Mrs John C Jessup of Hart ford, Conn, and Mrs Edmond H Bar ry of Rochester; a son, Nathanel Frederck Foote of Boston, and eght grandchldren Judge and Mrs Foote recently cele brated the ffteth annversary of ther weddng The funeral wll take place Saturday afternoon at 330 oclock from the home Bural wll be pr vate Mrs Jula Wegran Page WasFormerly of Rochester / C7 *7^"^ Mrs Jula "Wegman Page, formerly of ths cty, ded at her home n Auburn on Wednesday, after an llness of two years The funeral servces were held lay from the home No 17 Grant avenue, Auburn She leaves one daugh ter, M,s George A Adams, of Auburntwo sons, Henry Wegman, of Rrusston nd, nnd Leroy Wegnnn, of Lousvlle Ky ; and one sster, Mrs Rose Wegman of thaca, Mrs Page was one,,f the prf, stockholders and nn offcer of the Weg man Pano Company, whch untl bank ruptcy proceedngs a few rears ago was a wdely known Auburn frm She the plantff n recent ltgu,,,, 1U,, of wnch was n the Roehest grow ng out of the bankruptcy She was awarded a verdct for $2*,000 n ths ac- "" but the stran of the tral over! her strength CHRSTAN M MEYER r/ CVL WAR VETERAN^ DEAD stan M Meyer d a Sun^y^ed 8 years He leaves two sons Paul A of Greensburgh, Pa, and Davd ths G of cty; one daughter, C Maud Meyer, and one granddaughter Jane Meyer He was a member of F Qulnbv post, <* A R The funeral wll be held on Thursday at 2 oclock from the home, -* elevan street nterment wll be n Mt Hope cemetery

83 : POLCE AND Flht" PATROL HEAD TO JEJUJEDOPAY Aban T Englsh, manager and treasurer f the Rochester Protectve Polce and Fre Patrol, whose funeral wll take place ths afternoon at 3 oclock from the chapel n Mt Hope Cemetery, was born 6S years ago Mr Englsh became assocated wth the Protectve Polce and Fre Patrol, a pr vately organzed force of watchmen 33 years ago, becomng assocated wth ts earlest manager, M E Wolff, a former polce commssoner of Rochester, about n Halfax N B, the son of Mr and Mrs James Englsh, who came to make ther home n Rochester when Alba a Englsh was but one year of age The Englsh home was at East Avenue anl Ptkn Street, where Alban T Englsh spent hs boyhood and a good part of hs lfe after growng to manhood three years after the Protectve Polce came nto exstance, n 1883 He remaned Mr Wolffs trusted leutenant, and at the tme of the latters death, about ffteen years ago, succeeded to the ownershp of the busness Famshed Specal Protecton The Protectve Polce and Kre Patrol furnshng traned men for specal protec ton to banks, busness houses and res dences and tbe force of gray unformed watchmen whch patrols the busness places and resdental dstrcts of the patrons of the Protectve organzaton has become a fxture n the cty and won many com mendatons for ln(j for the fathfulness of ts patrolmen and offcers The members of the force are ex tremely proud of ther work and several of; them are veterans of more than 30 years! le organzaton was launched n Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton ONE OF ROCHESTERS BEST KNOWN AUTOMOBLE DEALERS AND PONEER TO PROLONGED LLNESS ff- <=}-%- ~X Albert M Zmbrch, one of thelbest Buldng n Man Street known of Rochesters automoble he East, where handled frst the Scrpps-Booth and dealers and a poneer n that busness lately the Nash He ntroduced the n ths frst taxcab n vcnty, ded Rochester yesterday at hs About twenty years summer ago, Mr Zmhome at Pultneyvlle follow Wa3 ng a? -kck marj"led, to Mss Mabel prolonged llness He Obbs had been Besl, bs summer home at a patent at tho Pultneyvlle, he had a Homeopathc Hos home 1541 Culver Road ptal n ths cty for a consderable Mr Zmbrch leaves, besdes hs tme, but last week was removed to wfe and father, two sons, Albert M hs summer home, jr, aged where t was re 19 years, and Fred, aged 4- two ported that brothers, Herman J he Zmbrch was mprovng Hs of Rochester and Fred 11 of Buffalo death came as a shock to hs famly Mr Zmbrch was a m and many frends Tonondo Lodge, F and A M; Haml ton Mr Zmbrch Chapter, R and S suffered an attack of M; Mo Commandery, K T ; Lalla Rookh nfluenza some, tme ago and hs re- tto, M, O V P B TL, and Damascovery was retarded by a nervous cus Temple, A A O N M S; Roch ester breakdown For a number of weeks Lodge 24 B P O Elks; Ro ester Club nnd Rochester Al hs Club condton was grave, but he ral The Funeral arrangements led so strongly last week that t was been completed last evenng beleved he would soon be about hs place of busness agan Mr Zmbrch was 46 years of the son of Danel Zmbrch who untl a few years ago conducted a cafe n ths cty n hs younger years, tn son was a bcycle rder of note, ha captured a number of racng trophes He was also a dealer n bc\ Wth the appearance of the automo ble, Mr Zmbrch transferred hs n terest to the new form of speed ve hcle and had been a dealer n motor cars snce that tme Hs former place of busness was the old Unted States Garage n Plymouth Avenue, now operated by J Lawrence Hll For the last few years he had been establshed n the Frankln nsttute / ^ Daly Death Roll Funeral Servces 7 ++t The funeral of Anthony Eble was held ths mornng at 8:30 oolock from the home, 278 Pont avenue, and at 9 oclock at SS Peter and Pauls Church Solemn requem mass was celebrated by the Rev Thomas Stafford of Ovd, asssted by the Rev Ernll Oefell aa deacon and the Rev George Kolb as eubdeacon The bear ers were George Kondolf, Henry Brayer, Jr, Ed Moran, Steve Brayor, Wllam Fleckensteln and George Brayer, Jr nterment was made ln the famly plot at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, the Rev Thomas Stafford offcatng nt the grave Members of ORorke Post, 1 G A R, of whch the deceased was a member, attended n a body 1S-83 by Arthur Leutchford, J Vncent Alexander and Matt Angle of Rochester Alexander and Mr Angle beng the sur-, of Englsh, before becomng connected Polce, was for a num- - manager of the old Cornthan >, jdemy of Musc, then he leadng theater of the n He was also a charter member of th- t Lodge of Elks Hs death took nng followng an llness nglsh has not been al >t at,j,jegk ABSRT M ZMBB1CH - m Hurke o Englsh, Englsh, an broth,h Ry

84 n DETECTVE OF GREAT RECORD _ DES AT HOME \1,sl Wllam H Whaley Was Head of Bureau Many V Years HAD NOTABLE CAREER CHASE AND CAPTURE OF FLEE NG MURDERER CAUSED Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton FORMER CAPTAN OF DETECTVE BUREAU DEAD -/ "After pursung the man a half mle caught up wth hm, and grabbed hm by the neck Verno gave me a battle, but wrested the gat from hm, and felt safe dragged Verno back to the watng room, held hm wth one hand, and telephoned to headquarters to send Detectve Murphy out When Murphy arrved he recognzed Verno as the man wanted" Physcans clam that ths over-ex erton and exposure by Whaley brought on heart and nervous trou ble, whch resulted n hs death When word of hs death was sent out to-day hundreds of telephone tges were sent to hs wdow ex pressng sympathy Large numbers of telesrrams also have been receved, every one of them expressng deep sorrow at Mr Whaleys death and ex tollng the sterlng character- whch he possessed n polce crcles, and partcularly n the detectve bureau, where there are a number of men who worked under hm n the old days and who knew hm well, there was sadness MALADY Wllam H Whaley, head of the Whaley-Doyle Detectve agency and formerly captan of detectves, ded to-day at hs home, 1091 Culver road after an llness of three months He had been n poor health ever srtm-e the latter part of 1917, when he was njured whle chasng a murderer He was forced to reman away from hs dutes for nearly a year He never recovered fully from hs njures and was compelled to retre from the Rochester polce department He was born at Sandusky, Oho, on June 24, 1872 Wth hs parents he moved to ths cty n Aprl, 1875 He receved hs educaton n the publc schools Followng the lfe of a ma rner, he saled on fshng smacks and steamshps, and was a surfman n the Unted States Cost Guards at Summervlle He performed ths work from Aprl, 1893, untl June 20, 1899, when he was apponted to the polce force Whle on duty at the Exchange street staton on the nght of Septem ber 30, 1899, he rescued Albert Turk from drownng n the canal near the Exchange street brdge He was awarded a slver medal from the Vol unteer Lfe-savng servce On June 4, 1902, he was made a detectve, and by close applcaton to hs callng was advanced to the poston of drector of detectves By an order of the Com mon Councl ssued on May 28, 1912, the offcal ttle of the head of the de tectve bureau was changed from d rector to captan He retred from that offce on June 17, 1920 n June, 1920, a few days after he went nto retrement, Mr Whaley be came attached to the John Doyle De tectve agency and under the new ttle of the Whaley-Doyle Detectve agency About eleven years ago he marred Mare Gaussun, daughter of Mr and Mrs Julus Gaussuln The couple have two chldren, Mare, 10, and Jean, 1 He also leaves a brother, Arthur Whaley and two ssters, one of them beng Mrs Anthony, of Snmmervlle, the other lvng n New York Mr Wh- leys mmedate famly, hs broth er, sster and hs partner, John Doyle, were at hs bedsde when he ded A Spectacular Chase One pcturesque chapter n Captan Whaleys detectve career was hs sen satonal arrest of Tony Verono, 25, slayer of Gaetano Turlno, 55, of 163 Hartford street t was on a stormy Chrstmas nght, 1917, when the mur der was commtted, and wthn ffteen mnutes the bulletn was flashed Captan Whaley, who was vstng relatves n Culver road, wth hs wfe Whaley was raled to the telephone, t beng an urgent message, and was nformed by headquarters that an talan had klled Turano, also that the murderer had escaped No de scrpton was gven "Send a taxcab mmedate to" gvng the Culver road address was Whaleys prompt order Wthout stoppng to say farewell to the host and the other guests Whaley dashed to the front door, hatless and coatless, entered the taxcab, ordered the drver to speed south n Culver road en route to polce headquarters " thought possbly the talan slay er would try to make, East Rochester, where there s a colony of that race," sad Whaley afterward, n descrbng hs plan of campagn "So ordered the tax to the Unversty avenue wat When we arrved there ng room "d an talan walkng back and forth, as f nervously watng for a trolley car, and 1 decded to quz hm Not havng receved a descrpton of the wanted slayer, was n doubt of ths fellows dentty, but decded to rsk an ntervew As approached the talan he bolted for the rear of the watng room, and started to ran through an open feld covered wth snow then about two feet deep " started n pursut t waa dark, but dscerned hs fgure dsappearng n the feld, and gave chase, tryng to overtake hm The fugtve turned once, fred a shot at me, and that con vnced me he was the rght man dd not have a gun wth me, but kept on hs tral, through felds, nto gulles, dtches and waterways But saw was ganng on my man Another bullet whzzed past me just as stumll 1 and rolled n the snow That, fall probably saved my lfe, for thv bull went over me as was rollng n the snow to Chef Qugleys Trbute Joseph M Qugley, chef of polce, was vsbly affected by the news of the death of hs former subordnate " always thought a great deal of Captan Whaley," he sad "He was apponted drector of detectves at about the same tme that became chef of polce always found hm to be a hard-workng, panstakng, thorough offcer He worked hard nght and day He seemed to possess a partcular faculty for persstence to a marked degree Through hs efforts he cleared up many mportant ca To crmnals he was far, hut uncom promsng and for that reason we were ble to keep out of Koch ester m professonal crmnals le was char table, knd and reasonable and was well lked by hs subordnates n the detectve bureau and hy myself was exceedngly sorry to learn of hs death" T H, ; >Wj^, H Whaley^T^3 Durng hs 21 years of servce, from appont ment as a patrolman n 1899 to retrement n 1920, Wllam H Whaley was "an energetc, hard workng and capable member of the Rochester polce force Whle a detectve Whaley was recogned as one of the star men of the force He earned hs promo ton to head the detectve bureau Always to work and ncur rsks hmself n lne of duty he nspred the same qualtes n the men under hm, by whom he was both lked and re spected Hs death at the age of 50 when t mght have been expected that a man of hs powerful physque would have many years beffjre hm, was drectly due to exposure and over-exerton whle pursu ng through snowdrfts and over fences a young and actve crmnal, whom he fnally caught and placed under arrest for murder Wllam H W7haley had a record of useful and effcent work n combattng crme Hs loss wll also be keenly felt by a wde crcle of personal frends

85 ^rs^vu-am H WHAm^ The detecton and convcton of nals under modern condtons demands a hgh degree of natural ablty and energy One of the most effcent and sklled detectors of crme has just passed n the person of Wllam Whaley, who from 1904 to 1919 was a member of the detectve bureau of the Rochester polce force, and durng the greater part of that tme was the head of the bureau under the ttle frst of drector then ol captan of detectves Mr Whaleys talent was unusual was combned wth a pleasng personal ty whch won the confdence not only of hs frends and superors but of prsoners as well t Hs fellow detectves and hs superor, Polce Chef Qugley, have sad of hm that whle he was re lentless wth crmnals he was far Persons who have followed the hstery of crme and crme detecton n Roches ter wll recall as hs most notable achevement the seekng out of the rob bers of the Present jewelry establshment n the former Chamber of Commerce buldng and the recovery of the bulk of the stolen property, whch was valued at many thousands of dollars n the roundng up of ths gang of profcrobbers tenuous clues had to be pursued half-way across the contnent, and the dramatc clmax came when Whaley wth other detectves faced and conquered the leaders of the gang n a western cty Hs persstence and courage were large factors n hs success These were re vealed n hs pursut of Tony V< rona on the nght of Chrstmas, 1917, n whch by a fall and fatgung run he so m pared hs health as to necesstate hs resgnaton from the force and bs event ual death But he got hs man, as he dd on many other occasons Polce offcers and detectves wth hs professonal sprt and skll are rare n real lfe, although they abound n the pages of fcton The value of such serv ce as Captan Whaleys to a communty of the character of Rochester s so hgh as to be dffcult to calculate The whole cty owes hm recognton and should jon wth those who knew hm and hs work more ntmately n honorng hs memory ^^MOF Mss Helen Louse Green daughter of the late S ded Thursday at h levar nd a brotl Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton --Daly Death Roll Whaley Funeral s Attended By a / Many Offcals Funeral servces; for Wllam H Whaley head of the Whaley Doyle Detectve Agency and former captan of detectves, were held ths afternoon and were attended by cty offcals and many of hs former polce department assocates, ncludng Chef Joseph M Qugley Genesee Falls Lodge, F and A M, under Master Fred J Snow had charge of short servces at 1:30 oclock at the home at 1091 Culver Road, after whch servces were held at Chrst Epscopal Church East ave nue, where Rt Rev Davd Lncoln Ferrs, suffragan bshop of the Eps copal Docese of Western New York, offcated, asssted by Frank E Bssell, curate at Chrst Church Genesee Falls male quartet sang Bural was at Rversde Cemetery, where Genesee Falls Lodge offcated Bearers were Sergeant John Nagel of the Polce Department Captan John MacDonald of the Fre Depart ment, nspector Wllam A Sten of the Polce Department, Detectve George Dookstader, Herbert Atknson and Horace G Olver Honorary bearers were Mayor Clar- ence D Van Zandt, Charles Van Voor hs, Chef of Polce Joseph M Qu Wllam J Graham, Dstrct Attorney Wllam F Love, Joseph S Vck, George Cullnan, chef of detectves of Nagara Falls; Wllam H Crag, Captan of Detectves John McDonald, Merton E Lews, Albert Baker and Smon J Fennell MRS ANN SCHAFFER DES p + Q CuZq fcf^ffyry After an llness of *fve years duraton Mrs Ann Schaffer, 97 years old, of No ll Venna street, ded on Wednesday Mrs Schaffer count 17 from Germany wth her parents, Mr and Mrs John Raab, ^ 138, the famly makng the trp n eleven weeks n a two-masted ooner The Raabs arrved n Rochthe rp here from New York, n a packet boat on the Bre canal on August 28th, 1 The famly lved n (Unon avenue, n what s now the Eghth ward, for many years At frst there was no schoolhouae, s Mrs Schaffer studed n -! : near-by Later the frst X!l School was Bult and she attended there Mrs Bchal had lved n the Eghth ward Co eghty-sx years She was one of tle early members of Salem Presbyteran Church, n whch she had always 1 n actve Mrs Schaffer leaves three daughters, Mrs Fred C Kuefer and Mrs J B j Schorr, of Rochester, and Mrs Anna Cann, of Denver, Col, and fve sons John, Lous, Fred, Wllam and Noah Schaffer fate funeral servces wll be held on Monday mornng nt 11 oclock the undertakng rooms at No 52 Cm land street Bural wltt be n Mount ery / y> NVENTED CLOC rvng D Fellows s Clumeu By Death Age of 74 Years RVNG D FELLOWS rvng 1) Fellows, Tl yean old, n ter >f 11 watchman 1 ded last nght u the General Flospltnl, Mr Fellows! for manj years n re] expert n the Taylor nstrument Com pancs Barometer department came to lle publcs llllell ull two when he nc le nn nventon th to nura tha watchmen n p 1 the nvelu do ther dlltj and ll h 1 mc nsure (h n rom ll harm The nv ded for 1 bnuks, p nl plnes needng poll pro! - wa years of el Wllard 1 cm! C0RrW*# \\ ll rl pfrk *3, -> nto, lames and "" Pt01 :< a *

86 T R PESHNE^ DES FOLLOWNG M BREF 1LNESS ^Aj4Bp aw r ut^ Was Secretary of Rochester Lodge, F & A M, 33 Years and Actve n Other Masonc Bodes Wth ^>ne Frm 50 Years vfhomas R Peshne, One of the most promnent members of the Masonc fraternty n Rochester, ded yester day at the famly home, 266 Plym outh avenue, aged 73 years The fu neral wll be held Frday afternoon at 2:30 oclock from the famly home The Rev G B F Hallock, pastor of Brck Presbyteran Church, wll off cate nterment wll be n Mt Hope Servces at the grave wll be copducted by the Masons THOMAS R PFSHNE Mr Peshne was a member of Rochester Lodge, 660, F & A M; of Cyrene Commanderys K T; Damas cus Temple, A A O N M; Roches ter Consstory, A A Scottsh Rte, and other fraternal organzatons He was secretary of Rochester Lodge, F & A M, for 33 years and attended many of the conventons of mascre bodes He was at ont utenant n the EKht Sepurate Company, Nat Guard, and was also a member of the Old Guard Mr Peshne was horn n Newark, N J He came to Rochester n 1871 When a young man he entered the employ of Matthews & Boucher Hard ware Company, where he had been employed for the past 50 years Mr Teshne was well known n Rochester He had been ll only about three weeks Death was due to a gen eral breakdown He leaves hs wfe, Flora Hovey Peshne; two faughters, Mrs Wnne 1 Church of Buffalo and Mrs Rob ert R Luce ol S3 ra us,,,, brother Major John t Peshne (ar bara, Cal, and one grandson Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Man Long n Dplomatc Servce Who Last Was Consul at Wndsor, P Ontaro, to B Lad to Rest Here Colonel Mchael J endr(fk, Unted States consul at Wndsor, Ontaro, Cal*- ada, ded on Frday n that cty, accord ng to word receved by hs brother, Mon sgnor J W Hendrek, pastor of St Francs de Sales Church, Geneva The body wll be brought to Rochester after servces n Canada, arrvng here prob ably about Tuesday, and wll be taken to the home of hs cousn,! M lylnnl, No 811 Man street west Servces wll be held at St Brdgets Church and bural wll be made n Holy Sepulchre cemetery Colonel Hendrek bad been n the dp lomatc servce contnuously for nearly thrty years, begnnng wth hs appont ment by Presdent Grover Cleveland He was born n Penh Van on December 23, 1847, a son (f Thomas and Catharne lfendck, and was educated nt the Penn Yan Academy He conducted a mercan tle busness n Penn Yan from 186<5 to 1884 n 1893 he began hs dplomatc career as consul at Bellevlle, Ontaro, remanng there untl 11)08 n 1006 he marred Mss Geneveve Yates, of Belle vlle From Bellevlle, Colonel Hendrek went t Mocto, New Brunswck, when! he served as consul untl 101$ From 1018 t j015 he was consul-general n Chrstana, Nwrway, n 1915 be was apponted consul at Plauen, Saxony, Ger many, and served there untl the war broke out When Ambassador Gerard and tbe Amercan dplomatc corps wth drew from Germany, Colonel Hendrek was a member of the party, He was ap ponted to he pout at whch he ded, n Wndsor, n 1017 le was commend ed on several occasons for the excel lence of the servce he gave to hs coun try Colonel Hendrek leaves wo brothers, Mmsgnor Hendrek, of Geneva,, former Supreme Court lust ce Peter A Hen drek, of New York ; one sster, Mss Teresa Hendrek, of ths cty, and a half-sster, Mrs Klza lylanl, of Penn Ynn Rght Uev Thomas A Hendrek, who ded whle servng as bshop of Cebu, Phlppne slnmls, and -who okm was pastor of St Brdgets Church here, also was a brother of Colonel Hendrek Two other ssters not now lvng attaned hgh places n relgous orders to whch they devoted ther lves Several cousns and other relatves lve n Rochester and Penn Yan Monsgnor Hendrek went to Wndsor yesterday to accompany the body of hs brother to ltochester The Hendrek famly has been well known here nnny years / Marcus Davd,S*j? Clothng Man,^ Tl Des At Hotel Mams Davd, resdent at? the Powrfotel, one of the oldest and best known clothng men n the Rochester feld, ded yesterday n hs apartment at the hotel He was 66 years of age Mr Davlu leaves hs wdow, fve chldren, Lester J Davd of Rochester; Blanche Davd of New York; Mrs J R Wener of New York; Mrs Leonard Rothschld of New York, and Mrs E J Arnstene of Cleveland; two ss- Ms Marcel Warmaer of Mrs Sarah Grmm of New York and four grandchldren He was born n Germany n 1856 and came to the Unted States n 1870 He settled at Albon whore he early became assocated wth Smon Adler, later comng to Rochester wth the Sten-Adler Company At the tme of hs death he was wth Levy Brothers & Adler- Rochester n 1882 he was marred to Augusta Kettner of Brockport, who survves hm

87 Memoral Resolutons Adopted by tho Dme Savngs and Loan Assoca ton on the Death of Mr Chrs Tessen Mr Chrs Jessen ded suddenly at Geneva Swtzerland, September 1st, whle makng a four-mouths trp wth the Cook tours -He was born Aprl 3d, 1851 n Denmark, comng to Amerca n 1869, resdng nt Wellsvlle, X Y, whle actng as engneer for the Ere Ralroal com pany, n whch capacty he served for eghteen year? He came to ths cty n 1887 at whch -tme he started n the nsurance busness He wll be sadly mssedjy hs many frends, Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / 7^ JOHN D ASHBY, LONG ON STAGE, T S DEAD HERE Under Name of Kelly andj Ashby Put on Chnese \ Skt for Frst Tme n Amerca Managed ^Ln coln Theater^ ^rtt^t f John Daggert Ashby, known /f-w for 35 years n the theatrcal professon, ded yesterday mornng at St Marys Hos ptal, after an llness of ess than two days hs death Heart dsease was the cause of Hs body was removed to 31 Hubbell park, from where the fu neral wll take place on Wednesday mornng at 11 oclock Bural wll be at Rversde Cemetery Pror to hs death, Mr Ashby lved at the Savoy Hotel, State street He ws manager of the Lncoln Theater, Jay and Chld streets, and untl a year ago operated the Manhattan Theater, Jefferson avenue Mr Ashby was 59 years old and was born n ths cty When 2 4 years old DEATH TAKES FREft^ D MORGAN, VETElfjfN ^^MWgOLESALER Fred D Morgan, well known Mason sn busness man of Rochester, ded nl oclock last nght at hs home 10 de StMet After a lngerng a*ed 4 rears Rj He was presdent of D Morgan Company, denors n n sale papa* B twne, wt* oflce* al t: Btchana* ttrett He a tnm Mr Chrs Jessen, Who Ded Recently at Geneva and especally so n the northern part of the cty, where he has been very busy lendng a helpng hand am vsng those m need of assst gudance- He was ot a retrng poston and never held publc but was alwa ed n publc affars He v he Dme Bankng and Loan aasoclal whch offce he held for over thrty years; he was a me*aber of the Board of Underwrters, and a member of the Rochester Chens club represent ng them at the London tournament durng August of ths year; he v member of the <")ly club and of G(!\,U; lodge, MT 111,1 A M rd of n held Wednesday, :; 6th 1922, the followng n luto The announcement <r t< sudden death of MSrue, <hr softened only n tl, mate assocaton wth hm many years has done so nnn h an(j ml t stand lnon" nt to hoard wo shall mss hs commandng he formed a patrnershp wth an acro bat named Kellyft under the ttle of Kelly and Ashby, and they put on the boards the frst skt of ts knd n Amerca, "Fun n a Chnese Laundry" The sketch played often n ths cty, appearng the last tme at the old Cook Opera House, then a vaudevlle theater They traveled through every state n the Unted States and through Eu rope Ashby crossed the ocean sev eral tmes n hs career wth t When the World War broke out n 1914, Mr Ashby was booked for a tour n southern France, but cancelled t and came to ths cty He had played n mosj European countres and n Aus trala Hs last act was known as "Reblnong a Bllard Table" and hs partner was a successor of Kelly, wn had ded Ashbys last PUbll pearance n ths cty was S ago next Thursday at Cook Opera House Hs real home was n London, Eng, where he owns a hotel Hs sec ond wfe and a son survve hm there He has two chldren by hs frst wfe Jack Ashby and Mss Frances Ashby of New York cty Both are n the theatrcal lfe He has two brothers, Fred of Calforna, and James of tns cty He was a member of the Whte Rats Mason, ; mem t heater r-r rl \ f Organ m Spclr nnd two mner* Wlls ran The fll,, V,,M, r All, t \V afternoon nt oclock from Lake \ Pnp wn be <r;h n 1 n ll offcate Rurlal >\ ll b hs! 1 1 on ort, and hs nc t was n ths lnnr lt We saw fne character, and th kndness of m we l< our heartfelt condolence to hs w! orrow thnt we must we wll ^^M senl to

88 Held Henry u - Daly Death Boll, Funeral Servces ^^^ For Fred D Morgan Ths Afternoon Funeral servces for Fred D Mor gan, presdent of F D Morgan and Company, 47 Exchange street, and promnent Mason, who ded Sunday nght at hs home at 10 Rversde street, were held ths afternoon at Lake avenue Baptst Church, of whch he was a member Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton DRECTOR OF MEMORAL GALLERY DES cf r George L Herdle, Promnent Artst, Had Been 111 for bt Years do- / <? - WAS PANTER OF ABLTY OUT OF HS EFFORTS THAT THE BEAUTFUL MEMORAL ART GALLERY GREW FRED D MORGAN Honorary bearers were John A Robertson, Lous P Wllsea, Charles A Macy, Fred H Rapp, Fred Battershll J M Keller, Esten A Fletcher, S G Case, Fred J Mller, Wllam A Montgomery, George W Powers, Charles H Carson, James D Henry, Sdney E Whte, Charles M Colton, Wllam E Davdson, Marsden B Fox, Charles S Gbbs, Merrtt L Hutch son, Albert G Wate, Edward C Way, Charles S Owen, W Dewey Crtten den, Luther H Mller, Harry E Wetmore, George M Wetmore Albert C Hall, Fred R Slgler, Henry L Marks, Morrs F Clark, Hermann Dossen bach and Charles E Crouch The actve bearers were Wllam E Wl lams, John B- Mullen, Samuel R Parry, George G Davs Loren E Mason and Hugh J Coyle Mr Morgan suffered the amputa ton of one leg about a year ago, and never fully recovered from the effect of the operaton He was 64 years old He waa past master of Cornthan Temple Lodge, F & A M; past pres dent of the Past Masters Assocaton and member of the orgnal board of governors that had charge of the erec ton of Masonc Temple; past grand offcer of the Grand Lodge, F & A M ; a member of onc Chapter, Royal Arch Masons; a past commalnder of Monroe Commandery, Knghts Tem plar; past potentate of Damascus Temple, Nobles of the Mystc Shrne; past monarch of Lalla Rookh Grotto; of Rochester Consstory h Rte nnd an actve offcer of Ody; honorary thrty-thrd der of Scottsh Rte; also a er of Damascus Temple Patrol was an offcer of the Lake ]je leaves hs wfe, Florence Dan- Coral A of ths cty of Troy; a daughter, Mrs Maybell Spencer, and two W nnd Wllam P an George L Herdle, drector of Memoral Art gallery snce t was ; establshed n 1914, ded last nght at 9 oclock, at hs home n Summer park, after two years of sufferng borne bravely Mr Herdle was born n Rochester, August 27th, 1868, and educated n ts publc schoolb n 1892 he marred Elzabeth Bachman, and to them were born two daughter^ Gertrude, who has been fllng her fathers place at the Art gallery dur ng hs llness, and sabel Besdes hs wfe, and chldren, Mr Herdle s survved by a sster, Anna Herdle, who also lves rt ths cty Mr Herdle Btands as an exemplf caton ot what a man may do towards shapng hs own career and cuttng a very deep nche for hmself, not only n hs own communty, but n the wder assocatons of outsde lfe Wthout other nstructon except that obtaned by a two years stay n France and Holland where he studed wth some of the best teachers, he was en trely self-taught From a school-boy days untl the hour he was strcken down he was a student of art, of men and of tmes Durng hs early years hs evenngs were spent n drawng, for there was wth hm ever the desre, to reach perfecton Art Club Presdent Twenty Years For twenty years, pror to two years ago, as presdent of the Roch ester Art club, he led n the develop ment of a hgh artstc conscentous ness n ths cty, and t was ont of hs efforts that Memoral Art Gallery grew, and the cty, through Mrs James S Watson, came nto poasosson of one ; of ts most valued and valuable nsttutons n the old days before the exstence of the gallery, Mr Herdle as presdent of the Art club, was nstrumental n provdng each year for the educaton and pleasure of the communty, art loan exhbtons make up of selectons from local prvate collectons aug mented wth peces from New York galleres Then came the blossomng of hs hopes n the openng of a gallery, beautful n ts Grecan smplcty, and here he lad the foundatons of a permanent collecton that shall reman as a beautful memoral of the con scentousness, the artstc honesty and nspraton of ts frst drector He managed the art collectons at the Rochester Exposton at Expos ton park, and he was actve n many other lnes where hs servces were needed Hs nterest n the Home lands exhbton, one of the top-notch achevements of the Chamber of Com merce, led hm to personally collect all the art objects and other slmlhar features for t Ths work often led hm to nearby towns George L Herdle Pctures n Many Exhbts Mr Herdle was a panter of ablty and the future held much promse for hm All of hs work was character zed by a beauty of concepton and achevement that ndcated greater thngs to come, for there was always true craftsmanshp n all he dd as well as a very hgh artstc mert As a panter he exhbted at the Natonal Academy of Desgn, n the Pennsylva na Socety of Fne Arts exhbts and n the Corcoran gallery n Washngton, entrance to whch proclams a man establshed as an Amercan pant er n the past few years he had aban doned much of hs pantng because of the wdenng of hs dutes at the gallery The last pcture shown was n the exhbton at Edgerton park durng the Rochester Exposton He was a member of th Assoca ton of Museum Drectors, and was the dscoverer of John Wenger, Mau rce Fronckes and Haley Lever was one of the joys of hs lfe am a drector to dscover and brng for ward men and women artsts by gv ng them a showng n the gallery here So relable was hs judgment n ths respect that those who got ther frst hearng here rarely had dffculty n gettng a wde publc ap proval He had a hgh standng, too, as an art crtc and was often called upon to judge n art exhbtons n other ctes Ms deal of gallery servce was to make people see that art B always n the makng, and therefore he com bned wth -exhbts of old ma l" pood thngs of the moderns and above all he loved orgnalty However, he beleved nothng had a rght to be offered to the publc untl t had become a movement When t h;;d so become he was broad enough to gve t ts chance n Memoral Art gallery and elsewhere Funeral servces wll be held Mon day afternoon at 2 oclock at Ar Herdles late home Bural wll be n Mt Hope t

89 - - Announcement of the death of Wllam T Carleton at hs home n Flushng last Monday, at the age of; 73, came as a shock to the older gen eraton who recall the great part played by hm when lght opera was the rage n the Eghtes of ths great vogue n one year of comc opera there were about forty companes on the road Sngers were drawn from the church chors, and many favortes were thus developed for perman When "The Mascotte," Audrans fne concepton, was brought over here n 1881, Mr Carleton was a nv of the company whch ntroduced t to Chcago n August of that Other companes were presentng t smultaneously n Boston and New- York Carleton made a ht n the part of Pppo, the shepherd, am t establshed hm securely as a lght opera bartone Sx years later, he had a travelng company of hs own and toured the country n "Brttlne" There was talent n th whch t would be dffcult t n these days Besdes Carleton, on the program wll le found the names vt J K Murray, Charles Alce Vncent, Fannl Beaudet and Clara Wad No doubt moat of tho old-tmers wll more readly recall Fanne even Carleton hmself Th** news papers never seemed to tre o plottng the k," a pecular movement employed by the Jovefte of "Ermne" and whch was always receved wth howls of ap plause, f nrlpton has nol b from n many years ed at a varety house n th then stuated on the north) of Clnton and Man n ths But hs sngng partejl and the exhbton was n> y*mvtr efr-y* Funeral of George L, Hurdle Art lovers from far and near gathered tbe funeral of He, (or fourteen years or of Memoral Art < lrcnd and ate The servces cted at the Her dle home at 10 Sumner Park by Rev Dr Frankln of Church of the Reformaton, and a bref eulogy was gven by Dr ;n-h thees, presdent of Unverof Rocheal ll rnse frends of Mr Herof H Club; \r Mr Herd al was made n Ml Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Memoral Art B lh,> Henry P Neunf^- Promnent Mason, saaynedjvdeath Henrfr P Neun of 941South ave nue, poneer paper box manufacturer of ths cty and a 32d degree mason, ded yesterday He had been ll some tme Mr Neun was born n ths cty Hs father, Henry Neun, was engaged n the manufacture of paper boxes when ths ndustry was n ts nfancy Henry P Neun learned the trade from hs father and contnued n the busness untl hs death He was among the frst paper box manufac turers n Rochester, havng engaged n ths busness when much of the work was done by hand Mr Nuen never sought poltcal offce, but persuaded by hs frends, he at one tme was canddate for cty comptroller and cty treasurer on the Democratc tcket Mr Neun was nterested n the floral busness, havng extensve greenhouses and gardens n South avenue Ho was Past Commander of Mon roe Commandery, Knghts Templar, a member of Yonnondo Lodge, F and A M, Damascus Temple, A A O N M S, Rochester Lodge, B P O E and other fraternal organzatons Pot years he had been a member of Cen tral Presbyteran Church He leaves hs wfe, Grace Levs Neun; fve daughters, Dora, Else, Eva, Margaret and Harret Neun, and three sons, John, Harold and ll l Neun, all of ths cty MRS MARCUS M CASS DES AFTER LONG LLNESS Wjw Woman of Unnsna] Mental m Sprtual Attanments V / Watkns Bural The feat?) ofjdrs MrfrcTa fl ] occurred home n Rochester followng a long 111! She was born n Schuyler county, N y, the qnlj chld of feevl m and nda Ueo 10, of Watkns long promnent n cvc a nd poltcs the fam ly, whch waa Huguenot and came here about Tm, were the B ;,- no, n - of m ano, n w nl Washngton al Valley Forge and later Aral regent ol nvm>;\ of the B fork Deceased waa educated at the Elm > Female collage, graduatng later at the Chcago N ool, and was a wnm unusual mental and splr na attanm gfts, whose ter years u j development She lea besdes h nd, one daughter, Mrs h Hartley of Washng ) C and Plymouth avenue south, ng at 945 and the bural at Watk 7 ACTS ON JESSEN DEATH >, >fo\ Ar >> Chess Clbb Mourns Loss of Representa tve at London Congress At a meetng of the Rochester Chess Club nst nght, acton was token on tho death cf Chrla lessen, who ded sud denly n Geneva, Swtzerland Mr Jps- was tourng England France, Ger sen many and Swtzerland When n Ensland he was repreaentatve of the R ester Chesa club at tbe London Cong] Mr lessen was the presdent of the nsurance Company and North Sde Loan on, a member of t l *" Cty Club, the Board of Underwrter and the Rochester Chesa Club H< an actve Mason, Ha leavea bla Margaret Jessen who s spendng the bunnncr n Calforna Henry Prey 63 years old, ded on - Saturday at hs home after n bref 11 nes hs Mne Frey, nk, HenM Wllam Zwefle anl Leonard /welgle, and two daughters, Mr- A Bert nnd George Krchner He was n mem* her of K D T M The funernl held lock yesterday mornng f ml the famly heme, No 115 Fl( Cty park, and nt lo oclock" Church of the Bacred Heart Bev (leorge V* Mnns waa celebrant at the solemn m mass, aaalsted uu Rev, - aubdeacon, Th Joseph Bcbdenherr, Edward B Curl Boboehherr, Fred G Webber, Wl lm John Herbert Bural waa n the famly plot al Sapulehra cemetery Bervcea nt the by Rev John Hot The fun al of Marj Tn resa Fogl wfe of Mchael J Fogarty, waa held at s : S loc " M< r home of her daughter! Mra J h No 60 PllllSOre street, nnd tnu St A hk n rch 0 oclo t, Bolemn celebrated bj Bren, Rev Edward M and km n mmmm, h Members of tbe thrd Order of Bt, from the < rder of St, Joseph nnd Charty attended tl the cln> as u d Councl, nn Red Men, and from Mapl John, ollj John 1 Houlhan Bural Sepulchre Weaver, wdow of New Bl t Weaver, all of ; Mrs Amanda John Brown, John B - V John Brown, aged 83 years, who was a sergeant ; 1 States nfantry P Lapp Ncholas Brown Ave great grandchldren

90 l TRBUTE PAD TO G L HERDLE Funeral of Drector of Mem oral Art Gallery Held Artst frends and the fen and women who had been assoc ated wth hm n buldng up art apprecaton n Rochester for many years, gathered at hs late home, 19 Sumner park, at 2 oclock, ths after noon, to pay ther last trbute to Gssorge Lorton Herdle, for fourten years drector of Memoral Art gal lery Th gatherng was a represent atve- orre, drawn by a sngle purpose to show ts apprecaton of the man who n hs -feld had done so much for the cty, and n dong t had won not only a wde respect but a genune affecton from those wth whom he had come n contact Servce had been hs rule of lfe and he had fallen when he was gvng the rchest knd of servce Those who bore hm to hs last restng place were men whom he had loved and who loved hm They were Professor Charles Wrght Dodge, one of the d rectors of Memoral Art gallery; Ray M Pke, ntmately assocated wth hm n hs dutes at the gallery; Frank Vonder Lancken, lecturer on art at the Unversty of Rochester, and assocated wth Mr Herdle for many years n the Rochester Art club; Fletcher Carpenter, of the East Hgh staff, a brother artst; A E DJL GEORGEXWHTNEY fx+ <L t Get?- 1<?>^ Well Known Rochester Physcan and Army Captan s Dfad Dr Urn re C Whlncy cf No, 83 dcl 011 Saturday al the Hghland Hosptal, aged 4" years, He had been a practcng physcan n ths for the las eleven years 1 r Wht as graduated from the Un of Rochester* n 1901 nnd was a member of Ph Bets Ksppa fraternty, [n LOOS he waa graduated from the College of Physcans and Surgeons n New Vrk cty He was on nterne for two rears n the Roosevelt Hosptal n New York where he ds,, Studed n l he Sm- ne Maternty Hosp * Whtney was n member of the Warren < Hubbard Lodge, K and A \l and belonged to Rochester Scottsh \ Durng he war he volun red fo servce n the armj nnrl nl For Oglethorpe, 6a He atl lned the rank of, captan He a ber of the cal Socety, he Acndemj of Medcne and h*> Amercan Medcal Assocaton He leaves hs wfe \ Ella C Wht ney; a *on, George C Whtney, Jt ; h* parents, Mr and Mrs Sherman W, of Hall an dfl brother, Wllam Whtney, of Buffalo Th wn take "m* al 11 oclock from "p Harrj Green- Ml be n N nn- Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton MEMORAL TO MR HERDLE The BY GALLERY DRECTORS drectors of the Memoral Art gallery have learned wth n expressble sorrow of the death of ther beloved art drector, George L Herdle, after nearly two years of weakness and sufferng most coura geously borne From the very n cepton of the dea of the gallery to the end of hs lfe, even through out hs last llness, Mr Herdle de voted to t hs whole, heart and ablty Wth rare enthusasm and wsdom he has guded ts develop ment, always wth the am of ren derng the largest possble servce to the ctzens of Rochester ts success s he monument We, who have been assocated wth hm through all thes years, record our grateful admraton for hs ablty, fdelty and wsdom as our art d rector, and our affecton for hm personally To hs famly we of fer the assurance of our profound sympathy n ther rreparable loss Crockett, frst assstant secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, and Adam Fredrch The servces were coawlucted by Rev Dr Frankln F Fry, pastor of the Church of the Reformaton Dr Rush Rhees, presdent of the Unver sty of Rochester, spoke brefly n affectonate trbute of Mr Herdle Bural was n Mt Hope Mrs MD Backup Resded Long n For more than three-score yenrs and ten Mary d Backus, whose death occurred at - o clock last Frday mornng, at r>7 lelps Avenue, had been a rtsdent of Rochester aud for more than three-score years she had lved n the home n whch she ded, to whch she went ns the brde of Albert Backus, 61 years ago She was born on May 12, 1840, the daughter of Samuel 8 Wood, who was the frst superntendent of th* -Western House of Refuge, the nsttuton for delnquent boys nnd grls long conducted on th* ste now occuped by Edgerton Park Her fathers frst charge n nsttutonal Vork was an orphan asylum n Rversde Drve n New York, on the ste of whch the lurles M Schwab resdence now stands There the late Mrs Backus (Mary D Wood), was born, and 0 years later she came to Rochester, when her father was apponted head nl the house of refuge newly founded n 1858 Mary D-Wood became the wfe of Albert Backus, who for 25 years was a teucher n the House of Refuge* He later entered busness wth bla brother James 11 Backus He ded 25 years ago ln her j nekus was actve n church and chartable work She attended No ( Publc School She was a eharter member of the Frank Street Meth odst Church and when t was dsbanded became a member of the Frst Methodst Church One of the socetes n whch she had a keen nnd helpful nterest was the eld Nnth Ward Lades Ad, organzed " the Tenth Ward was thought of Ths socety dd chartable work of a general charac Mrs Backus leaves a daughter, M Louse Backus, at home, and two sons, Harry V and Charles Backus, both of Rochester Vctor Klefer, deputy clerk n Cty Court, Crmnal Branch, ded ths mornng n the J N Adam Memoral Hosptal at Penysburg, Cattaragus county Mr Kefer was apponted deputy clerk n 1920 by Judge Wllam C Kohlmetz, fllng the vacancy caused VCTOR KEFER by the death of Deputy Clerk Mar garet D Corbett For many years he had taken a promnent part ln poltcs and served as alderman n the Seventeenth ward from 1908 to 1915, when he res to become jaler and deputy sherff, tc whch he was apponted by the then Sherff Charles S Owen Mr Kefer was a Republcan He was promnent n fraternal cr cles, beng a past sachem of ronde quot Trbe, O R M; a member of the Haymakers, a charter member of Uhland Camp, M W of A; a member of the Rochester Bruder Treu, Protected Homo Crcle, Commandery 40, Knghts of St John, and of the Eclpse Socal Club Mr Kefer leaves hs wfe, Elza beth; a sster, Mrs M Van Graafelland; a half-sster, Mrs Fred Kallussee; two half-brothers John S Hess and Warren S Hess Hs home, was at 909 Joseph avenue

91 ORLEZN 6ANUE, AGED 106 YEARS, UNDOUBTEDLY OLDEST CTZEN OF ROCHESTER, rt 1 Orlezn Ganue, who up untl hs death was undoubtedly Rochesters oldest resdent, ded at the home of hs son, Frank L Ganue of 29 Elgn Street, late Tuesday nght at the age of 106 year? Before movng to hs sons home about two J Mr Ganue had lved wth hs daughter Mrs Charles Ells of 3 Manla Street, for 18 years The funeral wll be held from the Ells home ths after noon Actve Untl Recently Untl less than three months pre cedng hs death Mr Ganue had been enjoyng remarkable health consder ng hs advanced age and almost every day he walked alone from the home of hs son n Elgn Street to the home of hs daughter ln Manla Street Hs mental facultes gave no evdence of beng mpared and he was ade to hear and see wthout dffculty An unusual concdence n the Ganue famly was revealed last nght n the fact that Orlezn Ganues father was also 106 years old at the tme of hs death Hs mother lved to be 98 years old Mr Ganue was born n Canada and came to the States when 6 years of age, hs famly settlng n Scottsvlle, whch was at the tme a verll wlderness t v Canue lved almost contnuously untl he moved to Rochester about 36 ago Was Successful Trapper Although Mr Ganue pass 1 years n farmng, hs younger n Upled trappng n tn cnty of He n those early ), t was not uncom mon for ths poneer settler to return home at nght wth three or four mnk and a number of raccoons not an acre of ground wthn a radus of mles, wth whch he was not fa- hm Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton OH1K71N \ < W *?>-^ mlar and n hs long uraups thro ong bwmps h 0U the woodlands he experenced n narr when comng ln con* tact wth wld anmals Mlls bs del h l W there was not a resdent of S or vcnty that dd nol DR MEZGER DEAD AFTER LONG LLNESS T*9 r /~tt$ /y-/4*y Germana Lodge, F and A M, Wll Be n Charge of Funeral Servces,,r, 9 n Frday Afternoon an llness of many weeks Dr Wday v best here ln 1867 d from BJ r and A from Ruoh Medcal col wth ptlon of when,erg unversty n ( home The fun James D ffta^u member/ of m- Mr Peet was a maculate Concepton Church for more thnn forty but of late had been attendng St Bonfaces Church Btreet, nnd ld whle the lust " the church were beng admnstered n n U- e had been her worshpers who had seen, hm ly whle kneelng at prs/er Coroner Kllp ssued a certfcate f death from natural causes Mr eet was a member of mmaculate opton for more than forty years, but cf late had be g St Bonfaces le enlsted when 16 n lle "d l",ll New York Volunteers upon d rtns frst call for troop1- n tsl and was wounded n the,, Battle "" Bull Run He was a prsoner of lle < ntejeratos before he was red out n Mr Tee publcan and once was f Mr rg - Ll Death ea n,,on to p - Kngston, wft Feld 0f h Qreg Street Whll yeld bad not been n the besl o health, M,e had " llnellllle, to 11 large \r? Kd was the daughter one Kngston, of the old Rochester, and was born here Septe Angus! 2 n marrage wlh George tha tme Lated wth bla jameh Feld, n the awnng b Exchange Street n tha year moved theyj to Grelg Street, and hod passed nl ther lfe together the A member of raanj dabs, ohur( he was known to l gopdlj number She leaves besdes her husband ""v daacb " am fan a W" bell of ths crandehlldrrn funeral lervlces wll b "je home on Thursdaj aftern wth bural al Mt Hope l A M lermsnt lodr wll bo n m Hope eemot the auspces of th* lodge D ger was also a fellow of the Mm ledlcal oeotj H Offce ukh ho was not a -rvod hs au tha, partyh canddate for cty Clark, but Med He belonged to the Grand Army of the Republc He leaves one son, Wllam! Pe of Rochester, and a broth- M Teel of East St Lous for two terms and omtaeman <<t th Th",t Assembly ds trct Dr -- He v Ha ch Con-

92 0 DR LOREN HOWK, PHYSCAN, DES Was One of Best Known Practsng Physcans n CtyWas Prme Mover n Organzng Rochester JVedjcal Assocaton Dr Loren W Howk, for many years one of the most promnent of Roch esters practsng physcans, ded un expectedly yesterday at hs home at 774 Man street west aged 62 years He lea7e* hs wfe, Mrs Ella Hldreth Photo by Mock DR LOREN W HOWK Howk; a daughter, Mss Kath Howk; a son, Marvn H Howk, and two brothers, l r 1 l Howl McGregor, and Judson Howk of Rochester Loren W Howk was horn n On taro, Wayne\ county, n 1861 H father was J C Howk, for - n Um- coal ml ss n Ontaro Loren, fve boys, took hs preparatory course n Webster Free School, from whch 1883 He tl Rocheate uatng n 1887, after wn a full medcal course at the Unvertor of medcne jn the 11, when he was graduated wth thc hghest honor of any mem,, r of hs class n college Loren Howk wa popular He n,,f lnn Al-l Or Howk whle at ts he con 1 staff ol tne 10 West ave Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Dr Howk was on t the physcans staff of the General Hosptal; was county physcan, and served at the Monroe County Hosptal for 20 years He was presdent of the Rochester Medcal Assocaton, a member of tho Amercan Medcal Assocaton, New York State Medcal Socety, Rochester Academy of Medcne, Rochester Pathologcal Socety, and a fellow of the Amercan College of Surgeons, a conventon of whch s n sesson ths, week n Boston He was a prme mover n the or gansaton n ts present form of the Rochester Medcal Assocaton Through hs efforts, Dr Frank B Tbbals, Detrot, Mch, came here and aded materally n puttng the Roch ester assocaton upon the effcent plane of the Detrot assocaton of smlar scope The clubhouse of the local assocaton n Chestnut street was the result of Dr Howks dea n collaboraton wth others For years he was a drector of ths assocaton, and n he was ts presdent t has been the man factor, n the opnon of many, n weldng a frater nty of feelng among local physcans Dr Howk was promnent n the or ganzaton of the junor staff of the General Hosptal Durng the late war he was charman of the Monroe county medcal advsory board n every actvty wth whch he was connected, Dr Howk was enthusastc n marked degree He was a treless worker at all tmes, never sparng hmself He was a loyal supporter of Unversty of Rochester develop ment Last week he entertaned class mates at a reunon at the Unverstv Club The funeral wll be held from the resdence, 774 Man street west, at 3:30 p m tomorrow Promnent WofnW Well Known Here ptes mmewyork Ms Frederck Cook, wdow rot former Secretary of S Cook, who ded Tuesday nght at her apartments n Hotel Savoy New York, wll be bured temporarly ln New- York and the body later brought to U>> -heater to be plaoed n Mt Hope Cemetery, t s announced Mra Cooks daughter, Mrs Fredercka Louse MacDonald, s crtcally ll n ths cty and can not now be nformed of her mothers death Mrs Cook, who has lved n New York snce the death of her husband about ffteen years ago, was a mem ber of one of the most promnent early Rochester famles Mr Cook was at one tme presdent of the and Lght pany, now the Rochester Gas and Electrc Corporaton Ho was one of tho founders of the German-Amer can Bank, now the Lncoln-Allance Bank and tho German nsuranca Com pany He also was the organzer of the Rochester Telephone Company Mrs Cook was 7 4 years old She has been for many years dentfed varous chartable projetn here She s sad to have gven more than $100,000 to l! q nndcru sum n her wll to charty She gave a buldng for grls to the Rochester Orphan Asylum, supported the nfantorum at 509 Kast Seventy-seventh Street, New York, and has long helped su the Home for Aged n Rn Besdes her daughter, Mrs Cook h two ssters, Mary Agnes and Amela B Mutschler and om son Frederck Mar-Donald cty CHARLES J CHSM^- ^ DES SUDDENLY Was Fve Years Postmaster of Brghton and Was Many Years a Promnent Nurseryman Charles J Chsm, 7 6, of 1190 Park avenue, promnent nurseryman former postmaster of Brghton, and suddenly yesterday afternoon Chsm had just descended a ladder he had been usng to pck qunces n tho rear of hs home, when he coll and ded Mr Chsm was born n the Provnce of Quebec, and when a young man came to ths country settlng n Brgh ton where ho engaged n the nursery busness, and beca mporter of rare shrubs and an au thorty on nursery culture Mr Chsm was apponted post master of Brghton n the second term of Presdent Cleveland He served n ths poston fve years and durng hs tenure of offce th Brgh ton post-offce receved the hghest ratng of effcency by r tors Mr Chsm also served for some aa a member of tho Democratc county commttee from Brghton Mr Chsm leaves hs wfe, Mary Chsm; four sons, Arthur and Sam uel Chsm of Los Angeles, <) Raymond and Charles Chsm of 1 Mrs u Butler and Florence Chsm of Rochand Mrs "W Brggs of Angeles; two ssters, Mrs Nelle gan and Mrs Elzabeth Dennng of Rochester, and several neces and j ncphewrs Mr Chsm was a member of B Sacrament church parsh, snce ts! organzaton twenty yen lo was a member of the oh and at the <tme of hs death v trustee of the church He was a mem ber of the Knghts of Columbus, Fourth degree

93 DEATH COMESTO G MACPHERSON -UNEXttCTEDLY1 Well- Know** Banker and Busness Man Expres Whle Sttng n Char at Hs Home Funeral Serv ce Monday / <z ~y Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc s Scrapbooks Collecton He had not been 111 and hs death was most unexpected He was at hs place of busness untl 6 oclock last evenng He was sttng n a char n the lv ng room of hs home when hs wfe was attracted to hm by a pecular nose She hurred to hs sde but he ded wthn a few mnutes Death s beleved to have been caused from heart trouble Mr MacPherson leaves hs wfe, Mrs Eva J MacPherson; one daugh ter Mrs Wllafl M Bdwell of Roch ester; one son, Douglas V MacPher son of Montclar, N J; two brothers, Charles A of London, England and Robert B MacPherson of Toronto; one sster, Katherne MacPherson of Montreal, and seven granchldren ft Glbert Gfrdley MacPherso*, for many years connected wth the Trad ers Natonal Bank and former secre tary at Washngton to former Con gressman Henry Brewster, ded un expectedly last nght at hs home, 471 Mt Hope avenue, aged 73 years The funeral wll be held at 2 oclock Mon day afternoon from hs late home n terment wll be n Mt Hope Ceme tery The Rev S Banks Nelson, for merly of St Peters Church here, but now of Knox Church, Hamlton, s expected to offcate Mr MacPherstm was born ln Aug ust, 1849, the son of Mr and Mrs Robert Duncan MacPherson He came to Rochester about 40 years ago He was foregn representatve of the H H Warner Patent Medcne Company, gong abroad about 1887 where he Remarkable Lfe Closed^ - Wth Last Rtes Todaf^ and Mrs Denns < oo j GLBERT GUDLEY MacPHERSOX, represented the company n London later becomng the Euro pcan manager He returned to mt 1896 From then wtl ry to Congress tmed to Rochester n 1900 and became secretary of the Traders Natonal Bank and the Rochester Se curtes Company He was secretary and tr> the K M Upton Cold Storag y for about 10 years, also served n that capacty wth the Floesch McGovern Constructon M, sonc c rson was wth es Company unved some tme ago n- mber of Commerce, a former Hll Country Club ; mo was actve n Ma formerly was a com B Paul* Epscopal lent of the At 8:45 oclock ths mornng the of Mr Cooney l tha he had been w : mc, and te r funeral of Denns Cooney, 93 years go the old, was held from the home of hs 65th weddn of ths be* loved >m> daughter, Mrs A G Englert, 65 n the Church of St John the Allendale avenue, and at 9 oclock ln the church of St John the Evange lst, where the Rev John B Sullvan observed n Roche tr pastor of the church offcated Then Cooney both enj Mr and Mrs health was a large attendance of relatves and frends, and there were many chldren, p beautful floral trbutes nterment was made n Holy Sepulchre Ceme that would be hard to dm tery Mr Cooney was one of the oldest Mr Coonej w ly well resdents n ths secton of the state preserved mentallj and phj Hs lfe was remarkable not only for une wth lttle or no sufumpanlon ts longevty, but also for the rugged ferng, and hs wfe fathful a health that he enjoyed almost uf> of 67 years was at to the tme of hs death, for the vgor hs and clearness of hs mnd, and for the ness bo ughout Mr Cooney lved a! sze of hs famly He leav happy n hs ho wfe, Mary Campbell Cooney, sx,, hs famly, 1 sons and fve daughters, 65 grandn n hs ctzenshp n hs ana 20 gn at-grndchlldren love an almost 100 persons n the lmmed- kndly nature, und h< late famly nterest always ln the hapj Another remarkable faot ln the lfe welfare of those around hm, tho C (ty n ster

94 - (S a- Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Freman Sullvan MAN S HURLED LKE MSSLE 4 njured n Cras sylvana R R Bd Funeral Servces Held Moore ^>^ The funeral of Wllard : E Moch-e, Found by Lfe-Long Frend Aftr Search n DarkAccdent When Tre Fles Off Rear Wheel o Speedng Machne Q<sj;5 Four fremen are njured and one s dead as a result of an accdent about 9:30 oclock last nght when the rear end of Truck 10, of the tre de ment, crashed nto the overhead ; of the Pennsylvana Ralroad Exchange street, a short ce south of Clarssa street The Dead Ladderman Thomas Sullvan, jr, 35, of 12G Bartlott street, frac- 1 skull, brol and bru The njured Gommenglnger, 48, of shoulder, broken rght leg ratons over rght Taken to St Marys Hosptal, con dton crtcal Alfred Long, 30, of 420 Augus tne hand wren rght leg njured Taken to St Joseph Bchano, 37, of 218 Adams street, laceraton of scalp and possble fracture of left arm Taken to St Marys Hosptal Blum, 35, of 652 Emerson street, possble fractured rght leg and other njures Taken to Hghland Hosptal The truck was answerng an alarm from Exchange and Flnt streets The fre was n a ple of leaves n Voletta street, beleved to have be bj boys, celel veen As fro was clmbng the jthe n dgo, the sold tre on wheel be ;hed, -, who was t merman, to ke > control of the rear end ted to Charles ngton aveement near ths EDWARD GOMMENGNGER pont s extremely rough and Gommengnger was unsuccessful n con trollng the trucks rear wheels They struck tho heavy steel grder of the brdge a terrfc blow The rear truck of the hook and ladder became de tached and tho rest of the truck ran along the brdge for about 100 feet before t was stopped Sullvan could not be found untl tho arrval of Motorcycle Patrolman Wllam Connell, of the Exchange street staton, a lfe long frend of Sul lvan Connell found tho njured fre man on the ralroad tracks where he had been catapulted over the brdge, a dstance of 20 feet tenant t leorge [blshue, 33 Ver mont street, who was on the front scat, and Klpfel, the drver, escaped njury Ere Chef Jaynes, who arrved a short tme after the accdent, d rected the scne work He sad the accdent was unavodable Polce took owd that Bath The brld The cause of the acc a street, n a dark and lory, n v as mpossble today fo he n n n to plan how th< 1 ( e, t M scarcty of tal phone one fren turned n an ala m from Box 44r> Clarssa am Exchang summonng addtonal H They help Jack up He dam uus Every avalable ambulance n the cty ws ed to le when word of the accdent rea n : < j ters neh had d to the a tnn ng to ther quart rm was sent n from Man st burnng n the cellar of shop of Jacob Stark, 396 No damage resulted Man promnent Rochester banker and one of the foremost lay workers n the Protestant Epscopal Church n West ern New York, who ded Saturday mornng at ha home at Pttsford, aged 54 years, was held ths afternoon from Chrst Epscopal Church n East \ enue The bearers were Herbert J Wnn, John Crag Powers, Wllam DOrvlle Doty, Wllam E Sloane, Charles H Palmer and Dr Charles G Retz, and the vestrymen, led by Frank Ward and Albert Walker, escorted the body n and out of the church The musc of the servce was sung by a full vested chor The Rt Rev Davd Lncoln Ferrs, bshop suffragan of the docese of Western New York, offcated, ass by the Rev Lews G Morrs, rect Chrst Church, and the Rev Frank E Bssell curate The board ol and the women of the Church H attended n a body Eugene C ton and Albet A\ and Prof nur <J Young v charge of the musc Charles J Ch Charles,1 Chsm, for many J n tho m Monroe county, d noon at hs home, l 1 90 whle pckng qun leved to have been due to heart trou ble Mr Chsm was born about 75 den Cleveland fve years Mr actve member of nee of Qu lo n bus Name Socety and at th trustee Fourth! es hs wfe, Mr sons, Arthur and Ls Cal and of Ro J Butler and Florence Ch Mrs W Brggs of Los er of term of Uvo rs Nelle Regan and betb Dennng of Roch jand eces and r,,]

95 - - nour made ths mornng Offces Of Harry 1 Bareham, commlfl- of publ - Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton ft SERVCES FOR J H STEDMAN TOMORROW PM nstgated Custom of Lght ng Chrstmas Candle and Was Formerly Actvely Connected Wth MM}r Busness nterests ^-^5^ Funeral servces for John Harry Stedman, one of Rochesters nfluen tal ctzens who ded Saturday nght at hs home, 24 Portsmouth terrace, aged 7 9 years, wll be held at 3 oclock tomorrow afternoon at St Pauls Epscopal church The honorary bearers wll be Wllam B Farnham, John N Beckley, Wllam Noonan, Harper Sbley, Edward G Mner, JOHN HARRY STEDMAN Judge Wllam W Webb, Hram W v, Francs B Mtchell, Wll Matthews and Herbert K Kowl-, ton They wll meet at the Sled home shortly before thc church ser- There the Rt Rev Davd n,], suffragan of w York and te \V A R Goodwn s- Pauls Church, wll ((nduct a pray rshop nd Dr Goodwn also wll con- u l The! ushers wll be n Mount Hope n hs a be Tbouas Spencer and n r wll nterests, ; of tbe Forty-mle, C mpany, vcepresdent of tl Synd the pany, vce- t of the Pacfc W Corporaton, "f the l and Mnes, Ltd lb pany, Bay n every part of the Unted States and n far corners of the earth the gong of Mr Stedman wll brng sor row and regret to thousands who, whle they may not have known hm personally, were one wth hm n sym pathy through ther adopton of the custom of the lghtng of the "Chrst mas candle" whch he - more than a decade ago and whch, from a purely local observance, has spread to cvlzed countres n all parts of the globe, entrely through the efforts of Mr Stedman who gave freely of thought, tme and money to the re vval of the beautful old Englsh custom Mr Stedman was born on Novem ber 15, 1843, at Newport, R, and came to Rochester as a young man Fnancal success came to hm as the result of the nventon of the frst s ralway transfer n 1892 The lttle slp of paper, whose arrangement was worked out by Mr Stedman n an dle moment, became the pattern for the mllons of such slps that are used n every part of the world today and the royaltes receved upon the slp* brought fnancal ndependence Mr Stedman was a man of genalty and sweetness of character ln bs actve years no socal functon was complete wthout bs presence and he was frequently called upon to act as tos lc dnners and luncheons r at pub He w poet of consderable ablty, hs v havng the same charm of sentment and humor that was present n hs s,,,- was partcularly Loved men frends, both young and nd n n ton wth v a had be lne com Ltnes and d manner of the type of old south ern gentleman that n- muc* bled n app The llness to whch Mr Stedman umbed b three ago when he was strcken whle sumg at Loon lake n thc Adron dack mountans, He was brought back to Rochester at that tme by n Edward W Mullgan and afte a tme - el about agan For several months, however, he bad been confned to hs honn al 24 Ports mouth terrace though, untl the weeks of hs llness, ho nssted u rsng and beng lull dl OS >! each h order to receve the many An unng consttuton and B cheerful and determned "wll to lve" enabled hm to rally from m ng attacks whch t was feared he would not survh e Mr st \\s a member ol rads Epscopal Church and untl he was confned to the house by lb was promnent ln ts a He was an alumnus of the Unversty of Rocheste Assocated Alumn, the Country Club, the Genesee Valley Club, l ester Art Club, the Socety of of tho Am Revoluton the R deal Md le \UtOmoble Club- le \ nt of the Board of Trustees of the Church Horn Mr Stedm hurot CTY HALL BEL^y TOLLS FOR HERO Funeral of Freman Who Gave Hs Lfe n Per formance of Duty For the frst tme n many months, the bell n the Cty hall once more tolled off the sad messac- f the paus ng of another fathful B< who gave hs lfe n the perforata of n hazardous dm Whle tn- bodj (" mm Thomas Sulln 1 was be! restnc place n Mt, snce le- fo] W! alt n tbe loll, to mourn tho loss of two ol dstngushed rge w AldndRo and Hl urn Bdg paynk trbute t" one who bn lt- l U Of h* fell v fm hn r londaj nkht Tl u 1 1 n en u d l h crashed brldn nt m tbr home and Deludng Han j Mnlrrw 11,ll Of the 11 1 ment, and a nune ranks,n Sullvan! through ths to t; John, als tety, Cha road hoth sdes of tbr prch and Forbes Benjamn M-uu fley John Danel Colsman and Dh l Ml 1 bell wll agan toll ln solemn H mornng, he bod] as a n n of Are a ljrht, s loh nto bn tng to an o

96 (>d H MRS GRAVES DES AT HOME N LAKE AVE Came to Rochester n 1858 Wth Her Husband Who Became Promnent n Manufacture of Elevators Was 92 Years of Age Mrs Elza 0 Graves, wdow of Lorenzo S Graves, the nventor of the Graves elevator, ded yesterday at the famly home, 257 Lake avenue, aged 02 years Mrs Graves was born n Wllmate, Conn, her parents beng Captan and Mrs Moses Coffn, and marred Mr Graves n 1852 Sx years later tbe couple moved to Rochester Mr Graves was orgnally nterested n the manufacture of leather and paper cut ters and nvented the Graves solecutter Later he organzed the Graves Elevator Company, whch became one of the foremost ndustres n Roch ester n he sold hs nterest to t the Ots Company and the busness was contnued under the management of Mr Graves son, Fred D Graves, now deceased After Mr Graves retrement from ve busness he and Mrs Graves (traveled extensvely, hakng three trps to Europe, and also vstng parts of Durng these trps Mrs Graves gathered many curos and relcs whch tll preserved n the famly home 7 hake avenue Both Mr and were members of Central lurch and were actve n ts work They also dd much good n a quet way by assstng young people wth whom they came n con tact, n many cases provdng means of educaton for grls and boys n whom they detected promse and af fordng them the hosptalty of ther own home Mr Graves ded on Aprl 21, 1905 Despte her years, Mrs Graves was e and n good health untl about fve weeks ago when she suffered a fall No bones were broken, but for a tme she was confned to her bed as the result of the shock She had m ppn d ly qute recovered, however, and was nl out the house yesterday for nght c m that her death last dy to her rela- Mrs, Graves son ded some ago but s three grandchl- Mrs K l; lardenbrook and md Mrs T DcMalllo of Won There are also sx grcatgrandchlldren Funeral servces for Mrs Graves wll be held nt z oclock l noon from wll -e at Mr ; [ tery, Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton DES AT HOME; Entered College at Age o 12 and Graduated n 17th Year Was Student of Languages Member of Several Masonc Organ zatons ^(frr^f^rcjw George Welch Looms well-known Rochester scholar, ded ths mornng at hs home, 95 Gardner avenue, after a long lluess Mr Looms was born on November 24, 1852, at Wlmngton, Del, the son of Georgo Loom; and Eva Smth GEORGE WELCH LOOMS Looms Whle he was yet a boy, he moved, wth hs parents, to Mead\ Pa, and shortly thereafter hs father became the presdent of Allegheny Col lege At the age of 12, Mr Looms entered the college of whch hs father was presdent,- and was graduated whle n hs seventeenth year, n the class of 1871, and a member of the Delta Tau Delta fraternty Th^ee years later he receved hs masters degree, and the age of 18 was chosen vce-pretm of Beaver College Mr Looms sent several years study ng abroad, specalzng n languages He returned t States and n 1874 entered Drew Theologcal Semnary from whch he was gradu ated n 1877 He was or of several Methodst churches n Nagara Falls, Bolvar and Rochester before he retred from the mnstry to enter busness n owa Upon hs return to Rochester he marred Celeste Gardner by whom s survved He also leaves a daugh ter, Mrs Nelson p Sanford; a s- Mra John H Howe and a nece, > Eva Howe He was a 32nd degree ", a member of Frank R Lawrence Lodge, F and A M; Mon roe Commandery Knghta Te^ and Rochester Consstory He was also a member of the Sons of the Amercan Revoluton and the Genesee Valley Club Prvate servces wll be l fune nl W C MEDCAF DES AT HOME Was Well-Known Landscape Gardener and One of Old- j er Resdents of Cty- Born n England Wllam C tvr Medcalf, M/d a ^vel-known -cape gardener and one of the older resdents of Rochester ded ths mornng at the famly home, 207 Selye terrace, aged 92 years Mr Medcalf lad out the grounds of many of the large buldngs and homes n ths cty, ncludng the grounds around the Memoral Art Gallery n Unversty avenue He also had charge of plantng the shrubbery around ola Santarum Mr Medcalf was born n Norfolk, England, n March, 1530 He came to ths country n 1873, comng to Roch ester where he has made hs home ever s He was at one tme a vestryman of Chrst Epscopal Church, but of late years had attended the Church of the Ascenson Mr Medcalf was nterested n pol tcs, although he never held any of fce He had been ll only a short tme and had been at work up untl wthn two or three days of hs d> Despte hs advanced age, Mr Med calf was n full possesson of all hs facultes and could recall many m portant events n hs early lfe He was a man of genal dsposton and lked to dscuss tmely topos He leaves one son, Edwn Arthur Metcalf: two daughters Mrs Th N Smth, and Ms Henry T,Br fve grandchldren and tm grandchldren, all of th WAS WELL-KNOWN -,_ ROAD CONTRACTOR Arthur J Rockwood Des at Hs Home n Edgerton Street jh /*_ n Masonc Order Actve Arthur jt Lockwbod: well-known engneer and hghway contractor, ded yesterday at hs home at 232 Eogerton street Mr Rockwood was a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnc nsttute nnd served as dvson en gneer n the Hghway department for ears Mr Rockwood was actve n Ma sonry, and attended Thrd Presbyter an church He had a promnent part formng the New York State Road Bulders assocaton, and served as ts frst presdent He was also connect ed wth the Amercan Socety of Cvl Engneera Mr Rockwood was a 32d degree Mason, member of the Shrne and d Cyrene Commandery Knghts Templara Besdes hs Browne wfe, Mrs Susan Rockwood Mr Rockwood haves two daughters, Jessca and Elzabeth Rockwood, and one son, Arthur Rankn Rockwood Funeral servces wll be conducted by the Ma sonc order to-morrow afternoo: 3 oclock at the home / on Frday, thf Rev Jerome K reotor of St Stephens Eps< - ch, offcatng, asssted by Evan n Martn The famlj quests that flowers be omtted

97 < ra ll 111 Beach N - 1 Daly Death Roll Thomas Swanton Of Fre Bureau Des Unexpectedly Thomas Swanton, 6G, of 81 Savan nah street, for many years connected wth Fre and Polce Telegraph Bu reau, ded unexpectedly yesterday afternoon whle vstng at 199 North street A physcan was summoned but Mr Swanton was dead when he arrved Coroner Kllp took charge of the case An autopsy showed death reeulted from heart dsease Mr Swanton was born and educated n Rochester He was apponted to Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton OLDEST DOCTOR, R E PHLLPS, /<^c^c^^ Practsed n Rochester 38 Years and s Beleved To Be Oldest Practsng Phy scan n CtyWas Born n Canada/P^K ^ r BECAME KNOWN AS LANDSCAPE EXPERT >,s-q -^^nr Wllam C Metcalf Clamed by Death at Home Here, Aged 93 <fo- Dr Reub be the old* practsng p] hs home, 425 Monro mm n,n and l Medcal lclne n t " 1 1 New 1 le m: THOMAS SWANTON the Fre and Polce Telegraph Bureau Oct He was thrd n the pont of servce n that department Numerous changes were made n the telegraph methods snce the tme Mr Swanton began servce When he started work the telegraph bureau headquarters were n the basement n Cty Hall Mr Swanton had been workng as usual despte the fact that he had been n poor health and had been under the care of a physcan He went off duty at 8 oclock yesterday mornng after workng from md nght He leaves one sster, Mrs Rchard Peer, and one brother John t Swanton John leny StoSfnanT *&n A~f>- ~F*ttSt >rccatonq<m7 (*Le> des on Chrst/r^?^ve wll stll shne lke stars ln wndows of our cty although ne who dd so much to popularze the beautful cus tom wll pass, as we may hope, ng and succeedng Chrstntases n a land or lfe or state of conscous ness h ;han ths H bore long llness wth that tence whch makes afflcton proftable for those whose thoughts turns to the deeper meanngs and hgher values of lfe; and of uch kndly natures we seem warranted n belevng, aa the llumned Mlton be leved of hs frend, that n the "sweet socetes" of a more delghtful state of beng he had found peace and r*rhe Chrst Candles burn tor symbolze a hope, whe/e t s, n that ths lfe wth ts ": ons" s only a prelude,, on for an exstence "n sarte desre" Dr P medcne al rt, N Y to Ro and M by Y, w bs wdow, t\\> ls Hull Phllps 1, and a gw hsm, Kha d P CANDLES BURN DURNG FNAL STEDMAN RTES rs Revver of Chrstmas Custom *ld to Rest n Mount Hope ~?t ty* ( emem*ry / <% v>^ The funeral of John Harry Stedman was ln keepng wth the achevements of the man and the charaoter f hs lfe The servcm were held n St Pauls church late yesterday after noon Lghted candles on the altar and banks of flowers were the orna mentaton At the head of the casket stood one large lghted candle, recallng whch he had re vved of placng a candle n the fghted wndows on Chrlstma* eve At Mt Hope a lghted candle was placed at head of the grave Wllam A- R- Goodwn, D D, or of the church, offcated at the Epscopal servce There was no eulopy Dr Goodwn read the commttal servce, too Wllam B Farnham, -lohn N Beckev Wllam K Noonan, P Har-,,,, sbley, Edward O- Mn /Mat hews, -nd, rnes B WWgb, Ml hell Hr-w W Sblej ar Frederc] hsnory bearers, F JJJJj ber Danb M and Thomas were the "shers Spencer Wll WLLAM C MEDCALF pher Medcalf t hs hod expert la most notable works n ths at] were the layng out of the grounds around the Watson G on the Unversty of nd of the surroundngs >! the Mom cub South nvttm Mr Ml Mnr-l LH, 1880, n Wggenhall, St For ncr Or; , wn \ M nd another son, nn Jane, Medcalf, s bo ded two rj wth the Department of Parka Mr Ml Wth the ml Wf 01 he < nr-h n daugb- he and two dchldren, all <>f th ll of 1 1 HOMEOPATHC BOARD ACT^t,/ON J H STEDMAN D DEATH Te Horn ht ate of the reo- 1 was al defend ll a and means toward

98 - H> j JHSTtDMANS ^LAD AT REST X ( s /-=- Bshop Ferrs and Dr Good! wn Offcate at Last ^frtes,fv>j The body of John Harry Stedman was lad to rest ths afternoon n Mt Hope cemetery followng servces n the home and n St Pauls Protestant Epscopal church Ths man who bult hs lfe nto the cty honored by a mournng metropols wall was, who turned out to p:y last res] to the honored dead Rght l;ev Davd l> Ferrs, >uffrafran bshop of Western Xew York, and Rev Dr Y\ A K Goodwn, rector of St Pauls Monducted the servce whoh was attended by scores Par tcular attenton was pad by the mnsters to the lfe 0f Mr Stedman, whch was one 0f thought for others "Though Mr Stedman be dead," sad one of the pall bearers who had known Mr Stedman for many years, "he cannot de n memo ry Every Chrstmas that a lghted candle s seen n a Rochester home, Mr Stedmahs name wll be recalled For t was he who brought ths Chrstly thought nto Rochester "Ths candle thought at Chrstmas tme was typcal of Mr Stedman He ntroduced the dea so that each flck erng ray from the tallow lght would convey a message of peace on earth, good wll to men to the passerby n the street Though of olthers made Mr Stedman the loved and respected ctzen that we regretfully lay to rest to-day" The hoonrary bearers were Wllam B Farnham John N Beckley, Wllam Noonan, Harper Sbley, Edward G Mner, Judse Wllam W Webb H ram W Sbley, Francs B Mtchell, Wllam H Matthews and Henry K Knowlton The ushers were Thomas Spencer and Francs Macomber ^Daly^hRoU lbert ded Yester day at hs home, 4D Megs street, aged 78 ye; the age of 16 Dr Glbert en n lb" Sxty-fourth New York dry and wasa severely wounded tttle of Far Oaks After the attended the unversllchgan and Buffalo, beng from tho latter nsttuton n Ho practced medcne n ngaton and Wyomng] countes for 29 years, 14 of whch were spent n Byron n 1870 he marred Mary M Moon, of Wyomng About ten years ago Dr Glbert gave up actve work as a physcan n ths cty and h ged n the real busness r of the al socetes and of <! y He also of Thrd Preatwo sons y C Glbert, and l e,ch 1 W Rchard,1 Wllam j; cm, Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / CLOTHNG MAN DES N TEXAS W L Dobbn Vctm of Ral road Wreck Death Unex pected Was Secretary of Levy Brothers & Adler, ncorporated Wllam L Dobbn, secretary of Levy Brothers and Adler- Rochester, nc, one of the largest clothng manufacturng concerns n Rochester, ded yesterday mornng at Marln, Texas, from njures suffered n a ralroad accdent November 4, at Dremond Juncton Texas Mr Dobln was on hs way to Waco, j Texas, when the Pullman car n {whch he was rdng was telescoped by a locomotve W H Wllet, of New York, who was n the berth above Mr Dobbn, was klled n stantly Mr Dobbn suffered a broken arm WLLAM DOBBN and nternal njures, unc suffered from shock He showed much m provement and ha death yesterday mornng was unexpected Hs wfe her brother, the ReV, Lous C ah, of Cn were at tho besde at the Tarbott Sana torum when ho ded The telegram announcng Mr Dob bns death came as a great shock to members of hs frm and to hs frends John F Sknner, assstant cty engneer, a brother-n-law of Mr Dobbn, had heard that he was rapdly recoverng Two members of the clothng frm vsted Mr Dd bn and after he be gan to recover they returned to Rochester, reachng here on Satur- Wh hey left Mr Dobbn was consdered out of danger, but suffered pse yesterday The body wll!" brought to Roche trow Fnal fun ral arrangement* d then wll be Mr Dobbn was born n a small town n the rovd nee of Ontaro da, 68 years ago T- came to when a young boy He was employed for some tme at the ants Bank, becomng teller be fore he entered the employ of L Adler Brothers & Company, clothng manufacturers, as offce assstant Later he became credt manager Mr Dobn remaned wth ths frm for 12 years and thrm became asso cated wth Levy Brothers Clothng Company as secretary and drector He had been dentfed wth ths con cern for 15 years, and when Lev* Brothers Clothng Company and the L Adler Brothers & Company were consoldated wthn the last year to form the Levy Brothers & Adler- Rochester, nc, Mr Dobbn con tnued as secretary and drector Mr Dobbn had charge of the fnan cal and credt end of the Levy Broth ers Clothng Company, and also of the new corporaton Jacob Levy, pres dent of the Levy Brothers & Adler- Rochester, nc, and founder of the Levy Brothers Clothng Company pad warm trbute to Mr Dobhln yes terday afternoon, characterzng hm as an effcent and loyal busness as socate and frend Mr Levy frst,knew Mr Dobbn when they were both employed by L Adler Brothers & Co Later when Mr Levy and hs broth ers had started n busness for them selves Mr Dobbn became dentfed wth the new concern, whch subse quently enjoyed a flourshng growth and wthn the last year absorbed the corporaton whch formerly had emnloyed the prncpal members of Levy Brothers Clothng Company Mr Dobbn was a quet and unas sumng person and devoted hmself largely to busness He made hs home at Brghtford Heghts, East avenue, Pttsford He was returnng to Roch ester when the accdent happened but ntended to make a stop only at Waco, Texas Mr Dobbn had spent l months on the Pacfc coast n the nterests of hs frm Mrs Dobbn rushed to hs bedsde OOn as she waa notfed to the ac- Kev Mr Cornsh hurm Marlln from Cambrdge and two members of the frm left here For a tme Mr Dobbn was not cxed to recover, but last Wednes day hs condton mproved and he lered out of danger Mr Dobbn leaves besdes hs wfe, one daughter, Dorothy Dobbn, a stu dent at Oxford Unversty, England Dobbn s a graduate of the Un versty of Rochester He also leaves one sster, Mrs John F Sknner of Rochester, and a brother, George R of Akron, O Mr Dobbn was a member of Roch- Masonc bodes and treasurer of the Untaran Church

99 j -7^? Daly Death Roll Sdney C MacKaye, Promnent n Cty, ney Church MacKaye, 7 9, was found dead n bed yesterday at hs home, 142 Sawyer street Mr MacKaye was well known n Rochester, where he had lved all hs lfe He was born here October 2, 1843, and receved hs early educa ton n the publc schools He served, wth the engneers dvson of Unted States mltary ralroads from 1864 to the close of the Cvl War H! a member of the Alert Hose Company of the Rochester volunteer fre de- \ partment MacKaye asssted n the layng of the frst condut lne of the Roch ester water works from Hemlock lake!mr to ths cty On January 1, 1873, he was apponted chef nspector n charge of repars for the entre sys tem, leavng ths offce wth the change of admnstraton n 1890 He was subsequently apponted nspector n 1914 to assst the n department locatng mans that were uncharted!, at the advanced age of 71, ds played a remarkable memory n con necton wth the work Mr MacKaye led a very act He took a keen nterest n poltcs n the old Sxth ward and was a warm frend of the late George W Aldrdge He was one of the early members of Company A, Boys n Blue He be-,,1 to all the masonc and was one of the orgnal members of the old drll corps of Monroe Com mandery He was also a member of Rochester Lodge of Elks n October, 1875, h L- WeHs " n 7 He leaves one son, Harry D MacK rarlton Grant Ma both of who n Detrot, Mch The t 2 oelock Batruday oon Mrs Lous S Chapn s Clamed By Death; *^^d ^chorj]harty Mrs Lous S Chapn ded ths mornng at the famly home, 137 Plymouth avenue south She had been ll wth nona about 10 days Mrs Chapn was noted for her chartable work She was vce-pres dent of the Rochester General Hos ptal for some tme and was manager for many years, resgnng about sx months ago Mrs Chapn was at one tme an actve member of the Frst Baptst Church but later attended the terlan Church She wa/ born n Rochester Before her marrage Mrs Chapl*, was dke, daughter of Scot! sther pdke husband, Lous *S,ln; one daughter, Mrs Esther l a,nd one sster, Mrs Herbert Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton MRSWSKMBALL DES AT FAMLY ROUP ST HOME Wdow of Wllam S Km ball Was a Lover of Flow ers Death Comes Year and Half After Talented Brothers >/^>r>v^ Mrs Laura Mtchell Kmball, for many years a promnent fgure n the lfe of Rochester, ded last nght at her heme, 145 Troup street She was 80 years of age Mrs Kmball wll be remembered chefly for her chartes, whch were unobstrusve and wdespread She was born n Perry, September 26, 1842, and came to Rochester n her early grlhood She was a lfelong n of St Peters Presbyteran Chun actve n all aspects of ts wo Her death comes a year and after that of her talented brother, J Guernsey Mtchell, one of the most versatle and talented sculptors of hs day Lke her brother, Mrs Kmball was a keen devotee of art, and dd much to promote the growth of arts tc apprecaton n the earler perod of the ctys hstory Her husband, the late Wllam S Kmball, who ded March 26, 1895, was one of the outstandng fg Rochester commercal al lte of hs day He was dentfed wth many vared nt ng at \nous perods as presdent of tl Hosptal, the Unon Bank, the Cham ber of Commerce, the ml > School, the Genesee Valley Club and the Post Express Prlntlm A deep love of flowers waa Mrs Kmballs well charact and found "! " her houses, whch were at ne lme one of the show places of the formerly opened le rvatory wth ts remarkable dsplay of orchds to the publc several daya a week Her flowers frequenth le wn ners n the flower shows formerly,, Conventon HaM Mrs Kmball lea others nd Wll wll be held tomorrow aft oclock ces wll be open to < V Ullam / MORn^^*& s ll) n Ml bad beep N lt nlrr ""r for H- "" "f 111 for about two f!",,- of publl V 3014 m ac GEORGE H H0UCK7: -2 u 2-- DES AT HOMESTEAD George H Houck ded yesterday after noon at the famly home at Rush Mr Houck was a retred farmer, and was nu> of the earlest settlers of tl Hush Early n lfe Mr Houck took an nterest n poltcs and was Bet chosen to electve offce n eepted nomnaton by the Demo to the poston of Supervsor, and won out n a close poltcal b nomnated to the san lowng year and was agnserved a thrd term from hf board H> Supervsor agan ln 1892, al tl Mon of hs frends, and was agan at the polls Early n SM, Presdent Mr Houcks name to th confrmed hs nomnaton to b of the Port of he served for nearly two j Mr Houck s Mrs John sons, Fred Q A of New Tork Cty The funeral servces wll day lteral nterment wll be mnde ln B Deatj Roll /4 S Death Clams ns Sarclus D Bentley, Lawyer Here Th- death Born M He For Nearly 50 Years J mod A A 8 1);fnnB(, mhrr \KStn ", ( lull,, and u" Rogers and Paul

100 Frankln MASONC RTES FOR -fpr/vler OFFCAL wllam Schlenker Lad to Rest n Mt Hope by Yonnondo Lodge te>e,tx To-day f T^yA Wllam former Schlcn cty offcal, took place to-day from the famly resdence, US North- V the Rcformud tho servces at the house " was borne from thc ng- bearers: Jacob Web d Wdman, Charles B Hram Davs Paul W tler and Charles J Schauman Members of Yonnonda lodge 163, " [, of whch Mr Schlenker a member, escorted the body from the house to Mt Hope cemetery where t was nterred n Masonc ony Worthful Master saac Brckner was n change of the work Representatves from Germana Lodge of Perfecton, Rochester Conss ts Temple, Knght- Pythas, Odd Fellows, Seven) Ward Republcan club Rochester nerchor, attended tho funeral as dd tn the department publc works and cty ncnerl plant polt born n ths Mublc schools n Board of Edln lf03 Mayor A-dolpl,r Rode, ommlsston publc works, from whch poston be 3H, accept tbe poston of SUperl he muncpal ncn eratng plant Hs falng health forced Mr Schlenker ro reelgn th? poston Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / PONEER CAMERA Popular and Well-Known Eastman Offcal Suc cumbs to Pneumona \ Suffered Stroke Durng Hs Actve War Work John A Robertson, wentor and poneer camera manufacturer, ded yesterday at hs home, 861 Man street east Mr Robertson, who was manager of the camera works of the Eastman Kodak Company n State street was actve untl a week before hs death He had been manager snce 190S Funeral servces wll be under Masonc auspces and wll be held from the house at 2 oclock Saturday afternoon j Although hs dlnth was due to pneu mona, he had never entrely recov ered from a stroke whch he suffered Three years later he was engaged n busness wth Albert Mutschler under the frm name of the Mutschler, Roberston & Company n 1897 ths bus ness was ncorporated nto the Ray Camera Company of whch Mr Roberston was presdent A few months later the Ray Company was merged wth the Rochester Optcal Company and later became the Premo Works of the Eastman Kodak Company n 1897 Mr Robertson marred Lllan Kmber of Rochester He was a member of Frank R Law rence Lodge, F and A M; Damascus Temple, Mystc Shrne; Hamlton Chapter, 62, and Monroe Commandery, Knghts Templar He served as com mander of the Monroe Commandery n 1912 and was past presdent of the Masonc Club Besdes hs Masonc connectons, Mr Robertson was promnently dentfed wth the socal lfe and cvc aspratons of the com munty He was a member of the Rochester Chamber of Commerce, Rochester Club, Oak Hll Country Club, Ad Club and the Rotary Club George Eastman, who s at Pne Lodge, N C, was yesterday notfed of Mr Robertsons death and t s ex pected that he wll return for the funeral Durng the war, Mr Robertson was actve n all the servce campagns and drves, n addton to hs exactng work as manager of a plant devoted to the manufacture of war materals He was charman of the factory d vson n the Red Cross campagn, and t was durng ths campagn that he suffered the stroke whch was nd rectly responsble for hs death Be sdes hs work for the Red Cross, he was promnently dentfed wth the Lberty Loan and War Savngs St sales campagns Before the Unted States entered the war, he asssted n formng the Brtsh Relef Assocaton, organzed to ad the dependents of Englsh and Canadan soldb Mr Robertson leaves hs wfe, Ll lan Kmber Robertson of ths cty, and one sster, Mrs C D McQueen of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Daly Death Roll CHAS E HAL, Many Years Representatve of Natonal Cash Regster Company n EuropeOld Rochester Famly, fa^ >~ Charles E Hall, real estate dealer, and for several years European rep resentatve of the Natonal Cash Reg ster Company n Pars and London, ded yesterday mornng at hs home 1G5 Shepard street Mr Hall was a son of Charles Spencer Hall, who founded the old Hall Agrcultural Works ln South Water street, and a grandson of Joseph Hall, a poneer manufacturer of threshng machnes Charles Hall was a member of Gene-1 see Flls Lodge, F and A M He leaves hs wfe, Camlla Wels- man Hall The funeral wll take1 place tomorrow rftornoon at 2-30 oclock from 248 Brunswck street The servces wll be conducted b> Wallace Rose, pastor of Church Bural wll be n Mount Hope Cemetery V JOHN A ROBERTSON whle engaged ln war work, durng the hostltes wth Germany Mr Robertson was wdely known to War Department offcals as the n ventor of tho Eastman Gun Camera Ths machne, used n tranng ar men ln the use of the Lews machne gun, regstered the accuracy of the gunfre upon a movng pcture ftt and rendered the old style of balloon and kte targets obsolete As the old style targets were traled from a sec ond plane, the Eastman Gun Camera was a safety devce whch was eagerly sought after by the Amercan and the Alled governments Born n Ontaro, Canada, October 21, 1868, Mr Robertson frst became connected wth the Eastman plant n 188 9, when he came to Rochester and worked n the old flm plant at Court and Stone streets He was trans ferred to Kodak Park and n went nto busness wth the Photo Materals Company Edward J Klee Des 77 U- After Long llness V^c -/-*-- /f^-v, Edward J Klee, for the past 24 years assocated wth hs brother, tlefry J Klee, n the furnshng bus ness at 159 Man street east, ded yes terday followng a long llness at hs ome, 960 Megs, street, aged 51 years He was n the old days a promnent bcyclst and took many przes ln road races He was a member of the Lake Vew Cycle Club, St Hermans Socety,, Holy Name Socety and the St Bon face Club of St Bonface Church He! leaves hs wfe, Josephne Vol Klee; tvo sons, Harold J and Alfred Klee; two daughters, Mrs Bryan Ford and Mss Estelle Klee; four brothers, Henry J, Joseph J John F and George P Klee; two ssters, Mrs M Mary Gaengler of Rochester and Sster M Conce-pta of the Francscan Convent ln Buffalo, and two grandohldren Funeral of Mrs Frederck Cook The body of Mrs Frederck Cook who ded n New York Monday, wll ve n Rochester at 8 oclock next Saturday mornng anu wll be taken to the Jeffreys Undertakng parlors n Chestnut street The funeral wll be held at 11 oclock Saturday mornng n Mt Hope Chapel, the Rev Dr f chr Lews G Morrs,, Church, offcatng The body wll b placed n the Cook Mausoleum /

101 - ~f&*fc, ^ohn A Robertsotff;U35:*:*5^ resdents of ths cty have been as -well known or as generally lked as John A Robert son, manager of the Camera Works of the East man Kodak Company, who ded yesterday aft ernoon Everybody called hm "Jack" A man of gant frame, and seemngly nex haustble energy, hs genal presence added cheer to any group he entered and when he took hold thngs began to move To be a capable executve, keepng the work of a large factory up to the mark, and yet wnnng not merely the respect but the lkng of the workers, requres a rare type of man Jack Robertson was such a man Mr Robertson never allowed any respons bltes restng on hs broad shoulders to submerge ls keen sense of humor He felt that a laugh or two placed men n a better frame of mnd and forwarded the busness n hand Hence he was much n demand as a speaker and toastmasterj especally when some really serous project was n yeav t was whle engaged as charman of the fac tory dvson n a Red Cross campagn that he suffered a stroke whch sapped hs strength- He had from the frst been one of leaders n relef and loan campagns "Jack" Robertson was a unque personalty Hs loss wll bo severely felt by many whose acquantance wth hm was slght yet had been cheered and encouraged by hm Hs frends, be ncluded all who served among whom may under hm n factory or offce, wll long hold hm n ther memores Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton fr^jqj^tt* / Gf ROBERTSON^- JOHN S EULOGZED f ~ John A Robertson, late manager of the Camera Works n State Street was eulogzed last nght at a meetng of the Rochester Safety Councl as a poneer n safety work Mr Roberteon sad A W Koehler, drector of safety for New York State Ralways, and the speaker of the evenng, had a vson of the value of safety work long before t was generally recognzed He agtated the worth of t frst as an n dvdual n he helped or ganze the Natonal Safety Councl, ot whch he was a drector nnd a member of ts executve commttee untl last was read from Marcus yeatelegram A Dow, presdent of Natonal Safet [1, n whch Mr Dow sad n Dart: "He (Mr Robertson) was a true 1 frend, and the Natonal Safety Coun- cl has suffered a great loss Hs ser vce both and n the na has been of tntonal organzaton Burable value", talk on tl- dollar sde of safety Mr Koehler nome gave tartvalues a lfe at *1000- were klled Eghty thousand persona,r whch loss on of ssn 000,000 to the count rophaf to fve bllon dollars a year, or about?r,o for n, wcn as mpanlee bg] earnngs, he Ma He,,, ompam whch hler Md nng results of whch th? average person lttle that puttng ml lon, not only, nted nu loytg *>* n- producton -Daly Death Roll *f 1/ Frank D Phnney, U Of R Graduate mds1 n Rangoon Frank Dennlson Phnn Unversty of Roc) Amer can Baptst Foregn Msson Rangoon, Burma, snce 1882, dl cently, accordnv Mr Phnneys graduaton from the l"n;\ of Rochester, folc tranng n the pub! he was gven pa and of the ty For the frst hs graduaton from coll Phnney a prnt " the: and M;ss j w h h Phnn ess of Mr Mowng Phnney d of r GREAT-GRANDDAUGHTER, _ COL ROCHESTER DES s Of Veteran -^Polceman Des led ths morn-1 and / H Catherne Ro<-Jw>trr Van Kvrt> Wal> >, ndant of One of Found- Catherne/ Roch B great-granddaughter 1 Nathanel Rochester undera of the cty of R n ths cty Van Etarle wa hern tn thn,on street, between Washngnl runouth av pen hen,s ls from early grlhood % comkes church, from whch hr funeral ertll be held to moro clock Mls? Van Evrles mother, Sopha rranddau :d a dau,,, n- oleman, an physcan of the cty, ded vhen ehe was a1 small chld and she lve n the famly of TberhM Ro-h-?he passed a few rears n Vew Tork wth her father J M H Van Evrle, and later returned to Rochester anl * member ot the faynlly of John RochMter, * Thomns H l"ster the survvng v,,, of Mew York

102 whch? o H- WARD SHAW RUDDY, ASSOCATE EDTOR OF THE HERALD, CLOSES LFE RCH N LTERARY LABORS Howard Shaw Ruddy, for more, than thrty years on the edtoral staff of The Herald, for the last twenty of whch he had been assocate, edtor, ded early last evenng at hs home, 52 Somerset Street, aged 66 years He had been n poor health for many months, but death was the mmedate result of a fall n hs home last Sat-! urday evenng, whch nflcted a se vere scalp njury and whch caused Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton concusson of the bran f y^ A man of remarkably strong wll, Mr Ruddy nssted on arsng at hs usual hour on Sunday mornng, despte hs n jury, and worked much of the day on a number of book revews n prepara ton for the lterary department of The Herald He faled rapdly the followng day, however, and t was known that hs death was only a mut ter of hours Mr Rud had made hm nol only an mpo fluenee n th The Herald, but had gh wde acquantance -md an mpressve repu taton among scholars throughout tncountry He was a p same lterary school that produced the "ndana group" of wrters, and hs own natural gfts and tastes were broadened wth some of the best known celebrtes of the last generaton The late James Whtcomb Rley for whom Mr Ruddy had an ntense admraton, was an ntmate frend Ther frendshp dated back to early youth, before Mr Rley had gven promse of the dstngushed enreer that he was later to acheve One of Mr Ruddys most przed possessons n later lfe was a copy of the frst collecton of poems publshed by Mr Rley, a small pamphlet contanng rlest nsj>lrahe" gave to Mr, Ruddy wth full knowledge of the ordnary qualty of the work and wth no ex pectaton that t would be worth pre servng Wth the passng of years the collecton has acqured a hgh value and Mr Ruddy recently refused a lberal offer for t nspred Popular Novel Another of Mr Ruddys close frends was Maurce Thompson, auth "Alce of Old jrncennes," the dea and most of the materal tor whch Mr Ruddy suppled from hs own exten sve knowledge and observaton Eu gene Feld wm mong h quantanes, and Booth Tarkngton and Meredth Ncholson were among those who had grown to lterary prom nence besde bm Wllam W Denslow, the artst, wne" "Wzard of Oa" and other ven pcture hm fame, and tng pub lshng frm of George Putnam & Sojs were personal frends Born n Brdgeport ll 01 22, s:,f, Mr Ruddy was edl the publc schools at Lawrenc 111, where he lved untl 1876 n that year le moved to "S n,) \ n n frst n later n an edl as cty edtor from ntll 1888 there he al o en n the s mm thus brought nto conta vlth the!, waa fond of relatng s of poms of horn w e atra nded n the and sought fl nancal from m one occason a c6metheatrcal troupe bo,:, of money f om Mr, Ruddj ng hs trunk ty, Whch he never returned to redeem Ths trunk, conta m arlety of pcqu6 snge eost Mnes, reman Mr Rudd and he showed t to ln1 e ested \ to a B home Mr Ruddj was specally nterested n the tradtons of Amercan mn-l BtreJsy as brought t> perfecton n the late St ]l the old tre mnstrel shov h St merto m of rtanmenl tha produced, and was fond of poll f_0 the h famous person ages of ther day as l rt and Harrgan, Ge ;e Prmrose and Lew Btader Hs memory of events of that perod was remarkably clear and when nduced to relat collec tons he could dran nnn a wealth of fascnatng and nstructve nfnrma-, lon t was only to a few n! frends thstt he cared o abandon hs natural retcence and talk fre HOWARD SHAW UUDD1 1 """ snapahol by Stone, Herald Photographer, at Thc Uerald forth U TheVle ^,,t"!, Ml"," BeaCh " 1,,10< Wh6n M Hlld,l>,:<l bv w,th l,ll Ju^t thlrtj rears The pose le characterstc and entrely affeeu-d, u- a> h caught <-a hs guard whle enjoyng the sport* Started Career on Herald Uuddy came to Ro ; d won the frendshp of Samuel V Lee then managng edtor of The Herald, a frendshp whch has con-! unnterruptedly tn the present Mr Ruddy was mmedately engaged as exchange edtor and edtoral axapher, and from that tme contnuously en The- Herald staff Hs specal knowledge of He >s gft for orl pungent expresson won hm the poston of lterary edtor n 180 rh he contnued to wrt

103 ! lapse snce he became a member of the staff n 1902 he assumed the l dutes of assocate edtor, whch pos loye revealng a humorous h and a gft for pthy satre that become famlar to thousands of s of The Herald Hs pen has a contrbutor to the edtoral page m some form or other j wth scarcely a ton he had snce flled Mr Ruddy was a member of the Authors League of Amerca, the Amercan Press Humorsts Unon and the Socety of the Genesee n 1399 he collected and edted a book of verse by contemporary Amercan poets, pub lshng t under the name of "Book Lovers Verse", Hs collecton of books, ncludng many rare prnts and frst edtons represented the accumulaton of many s, and s probably one of the largest and most valuable n the coun try Mr Ruddy was a charter member of the Herald Thrteen Club, the or ganzaton of employes who have thrteen years or more n tnuous servce on the paper He was the thrd oldest member n a* and was very proud of hs me shp and ts dstncton n February, 1877, Mr Ruddy red Alce A Gosnell of Lawrencevllb 111, who survves Ho loaves e ghter, Mrs Chester Haak of Roch- : two grandsons, Howard ter Haak; a sst< Murphy of Danvlle 111; two brothers apolls, nd, and Vlncennes nd, and am nephews and nc The funeral wll take plu row afternoon a an hour to b cded later Howard Shaw Ruddy, whose death occurred at hs home n ths cty yes terday, was, ln pont of servce, the oldest member of the edtoral and news organzaton of The Herald, >n the entre lst of employes of ths newspaper, there are but two whch were there when Mr Ruddys name was entered more than thrtythree years ago Duraton of servce s n tself a measure and mark of the worth of a newspaper worker as t s rated n the journalstc household of whch ho t, a member But the long perod of Mr Ruddys assocaton wth The Herald was only tho background, the settng, of hs unque value to th terprlse ln whch tho greater part of hs professonal Hfr: was Spent, of what now unfortunate to be ratod as thc old (,f the school n h there were few or no 8] lsts, but from whch every man was r Mated, f at all wth at least a equpment for each of many \m of narratve Traned or crtcs n the needs and prac tces of dally Mr- Ruddy came to The Herald prepared for a arety of edtoral task* nclnaton Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton and approved excellence were not long n snglng out for bm the dutes of lterary crtc and revewer and contrbutor to the purely edtoral < olumns A rare, crsp and, at tmes, caustc humor nclned hs pen to the makng of the bref edtoral paragraphs, n whch he became as famous as news paper anonymty permts any edtoral -WTlter to be t was ths fc of hs work that he most enjoyed ond that nether llness nor the ap ponted dleness of vacaton weeks could nduoe hm wllngly to go fore Hs knack for terse, satrcal or merely amusng comment, compressed nto from three to fve lnes, hjus rare ly been excelled n Amercan Jour nalsm, and throughout bla long stay wth The Herald ho had at no tme more than a dozen rvals, all told Hs nmtable paragraphs were quoted from one ade of the country to the other, by the more serous as well aa the exclusvely humorous publca tons Somethng ln the way of smlar valuaton and trbute mght be pad to the crtcal work of ths wrter n shps the realm of analyss of author The book department of The Herald waa condm-ted wth a thought ful, conscentous effort to dsc,- n and emphasze those lterary and ar tstc qualtes that have a genuln v popular appeal and at the same tme do no volence to ndarda of enlghtened taste, wth authors those whose lterary SU as sured a dee1 re ago were numerous, ll nong the leadng publshers of the coun try were almost hs personal authors and publlsl of subjects was volumnous "t1 So much for tho equpment whch he brought to hs dally share of toll n the makng of The Herald ths has been sad t s much When But t s not all nor even the greater part of the acknowledgment that s due to the memory of ths old and nvalu able member of a stuff that has al ways abounded ln zealous and de voted loyalty knows no stnt who have and n ndustry whch Among all the men ad what t has been and what t has become durng fnf r ts ne - <ury wth wth more undevatng fdelty to the task n hand and to the permanent nl ; a,ms of the newspaper, than ths patent, able, ndefatgable worker man could become factor n tbe producton So far as any an ndspensable of a daly newspaper, Howard Ruddy, self-ef faced and self-denyng, made hm self that n the work of The Herald Nor when dsease that could not be shaken off began to wear down hs physcal powers, dd devoton or n dustry flag Bravely, even stubborn ly, he refused to lay asde hs work Only wthn the last few strcken hours of helplessness was hs pen A fne sprt, ntrepd, loyal and unflnchng, s gone Heralds from among The of workers aly Deat athroll /&5- n Dep J Of Chartes Des?* At Age Of 70 Years Edward l nvestgator 1n the Chartes, ded fu Lynhurst el leaves h* \ two step-brothc-, Wllam and J Rog< Mrs Emma Wells f r ^arak f ths cty to 266 Ne wll HP% ^* l>\\ \C> ll\\ \l %

104 ltob< 1 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County o-: Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton MANY PAY TRBUTE AT J A ROBERTSONS FUNERAL Members of Monroe Commau de\y, Knghts Templar, were among the many who honored the memory of John A Robertson at hs funeral yesterday afternoon The pctu re shows members of the order, of whch Mr Robertson was a past co mmander, lned on both sdes of t he path over whch the body was carred from the home after an mpressve servce cludng many promnent ctzens, attended the servce Mourners from All Walks of Lfe Pay Last Honor at Ber of John A Robertson Funeral of Camera Works Robertson was,,f Scotch ancestr jof others, hs nablty not lo heed,],, [typcal of th greal prncples tha guded loyal to hs nhertance of Hundreds of grevng frends of Mr Robertson, n At he home there was B bref eulogy by Rev Mr Drysdale, whch was con cluded wth the readng of a poem wrt ten by Mr Robertson about twenty-four hours before he was strcken wth fatal llness Hev Mr Drysdale sad n part n the eulogy : "Rochester brnes ts trbute of af fecton to-day to the memory of a man who wrote hs name n love upon the culls ncdent to a multtude of hearts of thousands A slant stature and frendshps, sapped the vtalty of ha nft great heart anons hs fellows, hs lfe large stature, and he ded, geat at the age T, 7, "Out of the mst of our chldhoods hour* Pome brd and bee and buddln Come sweethearts, love and blushng b Out of tle mst of mat Come trouble and sorrow and blndng tears ; Ou of the mst of our lfes declne Comes those rcher frendshps 1 1 w,- and mne Whle nto the mst of our future day Comes a gleam of hope, drvng the cloud away" The serves a the Mount Hope chapel were conducted by Monro and Cyrene Commandery joned n tl After the commandery r he mpressve Ben ;e^ conduct* thrty-thrd degree Masons, n whch B!shop Harrs (XJOK was a thrty-thrd degree Mason, m years, beloved and Manager Brngs Out by 2 * *?**?*{* Th t vt" " st honor ht can be besto, "Ms, of b,,t, fll sense that Nature Rochester Few men hud the number mght ry About a dozen of the small stand of genune frends that Mr up and say to all the world, Th thrty-thrd degree Masons n Robertson Host of Frends possessed as whs was a man ter a deposted rote on the cof ns attested to bj solemn gref at the funerul "He was a Chrstan democrat To hm was lowered nto the vanll Ppe Major gen The servces were 11 man was a man for a tha lu the McCarthy played he Hghland lament, conducted at the home by Rght Rev Davd Lncoln Ft palatal homes of our cty and n lle "Flowers n the Forest" a rowng frends gath n-- m rs, suffragan bshop of the humble eoages hearts are sorrowng to to a departed cheftan, awdng t> Epscopal r docese of Western Xew York, and day for the loss of a true frend Scotch tradtons Rev John \ r -m man Robert J, >r\ sdalo, " thnk hs lfe was lke tha of the Many automobles were parked near pastor of Mount of ll Presbyteran Church Gulf stream, that carres the sunshne of the Robertson home durng the Precedng the servces semes passed hle by the those land arf traffc was regulated by ber Mod home, nulery and dffuses ts warmth n far off Knghts lands polce Templar, of Camera Works Closed whch Mr, Robertson wag a pas beyond the expanse of wnd blown ocean > mander acted as The a guard of Camera Works,,f the nonor,m league* * "7-" of ssted by a large detal from "lack Robertsons lfe sent ts currents Kodak Cyrene Company [\ Commandery Wth of l\e n an flashng swords unfalng stream and trbute t Mr Robertson The : blessng led "Jack" whte phmmage wavng n the wnd and the bleak wastes were transformed Commttee ot the Safctj ds n,11 strata of members of the two comma ndees The stood desert and soltary place-:,, Chamber of Commerce at n and smplcty n lfe d from n the nt attenton along the crcular walk lead forth wth roses Flowers of hope :ln,\ ng yesterday passed the fol servces, 1 u ng to the home as the on on Mr Robertsons death : cortege moved frendshp grew under the nfl nre o( hs wbeh from the porch past the people sta The Rochester Safety Councl has lo*t lfe All Walks Represented wth bared Home heads Love laclt of a great lender, a w Lfe frend John A Robertson uped about he coffn, placed n a The honorary bearers were Walter S "Rack of la-k Robertsons lf m, sfctv n all ts van and 1 Ames, w r Folmer, never of tb Haste Jarae B Have durng frends and fan her back n 1 he enterng nto 1 1 err 1 queston 1 Hggns, Lews B Jones, Prank \V lttle hamlet of Scottsh folk at Xtrnhone preservaton of lfe and the 1 Hubbell, James C 8 those sprngs of home love here am en hnl mssng lls R P S Wmm, \\ accdents Stuber, those ncreasng streams of Scol :" employ,, lf s B Cornell, Ths George W councl and the whole communty Todd 11 George nd smplcty He loved God and ha the - of Rochester wll mss hs for- Judgment Pan; all " dolns Clark and nght, nnd effort to mane me neghbor and he lved n hs home, unceasng n who was dear 11 of the road, always happer and more 11 Bagppers n Cortege man" There e Words mourners The eulo concluded fal to wth the Followng the actve bearers, greal loss at tl made poem, bch Mr 1 benefce commanders hanksgvng >;, ;M ut we, h of Monroe Command- Mr Robertson, and called "Out of the n our humbl Mst" fathful laler m

105 of REVDRANSTCE DES ON TRAN; SEASE ormer Rector of St Lukes Church Here Strcken Whle on Hs Way to Of fce From Home n Montclar, N J A^-^- <? fq->7/ The Rev Henry Anstce/ DD, for *1 years, rector of St Lukes Epscopal Church n ths cty, and promnently dentfed wth the (Protestant Epscopal Church for more than half a century, ded unexpectedly Of heart dsease yesterday on a tran frosh hs home n Montclar, X J, Whle enroute to hs offce n the Chuch Mslons ome at 281 Fourth Av^tue, New York DflV Anstlee Was a brother of Josjah Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County S Dr Anstce was one of Hstorc the jnost actve Scrapbooks Collecton and best known men ln the Epscopal Church n the Unted States, and he was remarkable for tl fact that he preserved an ex ceptonally youthful appearance de spte hs years When he resgned the offce of secretary of the House of Deputes of the General Conventon of the Epscopal Church at ts meet ng n Portland, Ore, last October, after havng been renomnated, he re ceved an ovaton unprecedented n the hstory o{ that body He resgned ths poston, whch he had held for 20 years, on account of ll health Dr Anstce was born n New York October 7, 1841, and was graduated wth honors from Wllams College n 1862 He receved the degrco of master of arts from Wllams colege n 1865, and n the same year was graduated from the Phladelpha Dvnty School Hs frst rectorate was at St Barnabas Epscopal Church at rvngton-on-the- Hud8on, where he served durng 1SC5 and 1866 On May 30, 186, he marred Mss Flora Fenner, of rvngton-on-the- Hudson, who ded about two years ago n 1866 he accepted a call to St Lukes Epscopal Church n ths cty He served as rector there for 3 1 durng whch tme he accom] much for the church n ths cty He establshed tho Epscopal Church of the Epphany, n Jefferson avenue, on September 13, 187C, and n 1886 he founded St Georges Epscopal Church at Charlotte t was under hs d recton that $19,000 was expended ln remodelng the nteror of St Lukes Church and the work remans today as he planned t He lad the cornerstone of th copal Church Home n Mount Hope avenue on Aprl 20, 18C!> and d8 llvered the address at the f openng of that nsttuton j durng hs rectorshp that specal serv ces for deaf mutes were lnaugu t Whle n Rochester Dr Anstce was an actve member of the Rochester Athletc club He was an athletc of note and took keen nterest n the affars of the club Durng hs rectorate, St Lukes was mother church to four mssons whch have snce become ndependent churches, St, Georges St Marks, St Pauls and Epphany n June, 1908, Dr Anstce returned to ths cty to gve the address atthe exercse commemoratng the 50th an nversary of Lvngston Park Sem nary LAST TRBUTE^7 PAD VETERAN NEWSPAPER MAN P at St Lukes, and the custom of noon servces n 187C le was made Chaplan of nent of tho state na Rev Henry Anstlee, D D Anstce, for many years promnent n the church, socal and busness lfe of Rochester and who ded here two years ago Mrs Josah Anstlco lves n Culver road Dr Anstce s vlved also by one nephew, Mortmer R Anstce of East boulevard; three neces Mrs Joseph F Weller of wood avenue, Brghton; Mrs Law rence Gardner of Audubon street, and Mrs Rchard Bogart of Yonk Funeral wll be conducted at hs late home ln Montclar, N J, at 4 oclock Wednesday afternoon bj Rev Charles L Pardee, secreta the House of Bshops, asssted by Rev Dr Luke Whte, rector of St Lukes Church, Montclar Bural wll be at Sleepy Hollow Cemetery on Thuraday< The Rev Mr Anstce, who was n hs 8 1st year was a graduate of Wllams College and the Phladelpha Dvnty E WU rector at varous tmes* of churches at rvngton-on-hudson, Rochester and Phla-, delpha Rochester Unversty con-, ferrcd the degree of doctor of dvnty) upon hm n 1875 Snce 1904 he hs efforts chefly n conhe general ohureh l guard, whch offce he held mber of years n 1887 he ted clercal representatve to general conventon, He left Rochester ln 1897 to roctor of St Matthas Epscopal Church n Phladelpha n untl 1908 blob devoted hs elms to the tbe church Some of bs ol of the Clergymens trng Fund S "t of he Amercan!hu h Buldng Fund Commj sm trustee of the Cll orlum, overseer of Phladelpha Dvnty School, and nber of the boa d of ml slons of the Bplscopal < huroh Josah for many years promnent n the church and of Rochester, who ded hers two years ago, was a brother of Dr An stce Whle at St Lukes Church Dr An stce baptzed 1,675 persons, prepared for confrmaton 1,127, n 1,016 1,222 [om Dr Anstce took a promlm n the of the docese a many general com ;, wa -m m d p- uty 1 S80 Mlll Of J" Socety of the the now \t> ^n \\\ h DDT 1 f lurk- Anstce wth the degree dvlm of doctor of

106 - - jl Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton A snort Prests from Many Doceses Comng Here for Funeral of Vcar General Curran n Corpus Chrst Church SSS rrlval of the body -sll l wll follow ; the church n s ute from tomor row afternoon 230 oclock untl the funeral, whch wll take place at 10 oclock Thursday mornng Ths wll afford opportunty for parshoners am numerous frends of Mgr Curran, out he parsh m pay ther last re spects to ther departed sprtual lather K of C Guard of Honor A guard of honor, consstng of members of the Fourth Degree Assem bly, Knghts of olumbus, am from the varous socetes of the parsh, wll be present n the church whle the body s lyng n state The offce of the dead wll be chant ed by a specal chor of ffty prests under the drecton of Rev John M Petter, S P B, who s professor of sa cred musc at St Bernards Semnary- Masses wll be offered for the repose of the soul of Mgr Curran thsand to morrow mornngs at 830 oclock The mass tomorrow mornng wll afford opportunty for chldren of the parsh to show ther regard for ther former pastor and Thursday mornng at 10 oclock the funeral mass wll be cele brated t wll be a solemn pontfcal mass wth Rt Rev Dr Thomas P Hckey as celebrant The other off cers of the mass wll be named by Bshop Hckey Socety Delegatons To Attend Places wll be reserved n the church for delegatons from the Knghts of Columbus, the Holy Name Socety, the Rcsary Socety, the Young Ladles rthlly and members of the varous Ssterhoods Prests of Rochester and from docese outsde of the cty, am bshops and prests from outsde do ceses, wll be p t 1 he fun Th- musc for the funeral march wll he by the chor of pr<on of Rev la (her Petter Bural wll be made n the pr plot at Holy Sepnlcher Cemet HERBERT H FREELAND, PROMNENT SHOE MANUFACTURER, DES AT HS HOME AFTER YEARS STANDNG 1 1, e m ll! j 49, ded afternoon - had " and lle 11 lll S, he lj Kn hs le had be [mate h tor the last three two BOl A of -h-es and had h Stone t Wo known to he retal rade and had n u h, MM Ple club of Ro Come Here le n Chld He n s the m Methodls mnster Sho l Lrents ted to Western New v ork, \\ hch had H a numb lull n> ; School and the Ro h 1,1,:,A M,-l: DENNS 1 CURRAN, from photograph taken booj after bla elevaton to the offce of vcar general of Rochester Docese A ne He TMgr Curran, vcar gen- Dlocese w hen wll e taken to n e ch, Prests wll act as pall re n movng h bodj t M : n lalty wll 1 the R0 Ml Young 1 urn the Later he for U1 ll wll reman unl,, ml;1]m

107 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton f ~ Funeral Tomorrow for Professor Emertus of Unversty, Who Was t Fatally Hurt JTen Ht 6y Autos WOMAN COLLEGE PROFESSOR FATALLY HURT WHEN HT BY ONE CAR AND RUN OVER BY ANOTHER Stn H the Home n lenlo w Colleg n moble d of 1 1 vvh prove Howard < w U C,-/ DR ELZABETH H DENO Ellsa- mertus FD jtfeg The chu [tush [tl th Due to Sn held the ]*1Z,, ;tn automoble ac been a member for the last twenty

108 " 1<- HENRY LKLY S DEAD AFTER LONG LLNE 7? Fresu resdent and Treasurer of Trunk Concern Was Wde ly Known Throughout Country Was Member ^of Many Organzatons Henry Lkly, presdent and treas urer of the Henry Lkly Company, of ths cty, ded at hs home, 10G Rrunswck street, shortly after 5 oclock last evenng, followng an ll ness of several months, aged 52 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton n 1886 He then entered hs fathers busness as an apprentce, learn ng the trunk manufacturng1 bus ness from the bottom and masterng all the detals of both the factory and the offce urer of the Henry Lkly Realty Com n 1888 he went on the road as a pany, and presdent of the Lklysalesman, travelng to all parts of the Armatage Company of Syracuse Unted States for 20 years Hs fne He was a member of the Rochester personalty and sprt of good fellow Club; the Oak Hll Country Club; the shp won hosts of frends n all Masonc Fraternty and Rochester walks of lfe throughout the country Lodge of Elks and he became an mportant fgure n the trade n New York and many other large ctes After hs term of servce as sales man, he became sales manager of the company, and n 1913 he was ad vanced to general factory manager He held ths poston untl 1915, when after the death of hs brother, Wl lam C Lkly, he was made presdent of the company, one of the largest and most successful ndustres of ts knd n the country Mr Lkly was also presdent of the Wllam D Callster Realty Company of Rochester; presdent and treas Mr Lkly was marred October 30, 1906 to Bertha Henry of ths cty He leaves hs wfe, Bertha Henry Lkly; one son, Rchard Henry Lkly, and one daughter, Helen C Lkly The funeral wll be from the home, 106 Brunswck street, Saturday afternoon at 2:30 oclock nterment wll be n Mount Hope cemetery The Lkly stores n ths cty wll be closed durng the servces / HENRY LKLY years He was one of the most promnent busness men n the cty, havng been dentfed for more than 30 years wth one of the orgnal n dustres whch have made Rochester famous for the partcularly hgh grade of the product manufactured He was exceptonally well known n all the large ctes of the country, havng served as a travelng salesman for the company for 20 years, and he had a wde crcle of frends n the trade and among hs compettors, he was well lked and honored as one of the best equpped leaders n hs lne He was born n Rochester March 12, 1870 of Scotch parentage, the son of Henry Lkly, founder of the busness, and Helen (Callster) Lkly Ho was educated n the publc schools and the hgh school n ths cty and the Roch ness < nattu whch he was graduated Wllam Duke Ellott 14 Years n Flower Wllam Duke Ellott, head of thc Ellott Realty Company of 130 Man Street East, ded yesterday mornng at tho famly home at 375 Boulevard Arnett He leaves hs wfe, Mrs Aretta Snyder Ellott; one daughter, Harrett Ellsworth Ellott; one son, Wllam Duke Ellott, all of ths cty; hs mother, Mra Wllam H Ellott; four ssters, Mrs Henry Ncwbald, Mra Wllam Myrlck and Mrs C N Morgan, all of North Carolna, and Mra Danel Sawyer of Wash n D C, and two brothers, Jbttr H Ellott of Rocky Mount, N Joseph K Ellott of Roches C, and Mr Ellott was born n Camden, N C, August 28, 1877 Alter attend ng the dstrct Bchools n the state where born, he wenl to fte Academy and later to the Unl\ of Buffalo, from the law depart of whch he v ted He ( North law Whl) he Look an nl d helped to pul m the "drj column of he ormer resdent wh< ran oton, Folo form pllotl made ts n - \ctvo Wlson Supporter, Roch [n 1916 ] matlon ol he Wood ow v\ llaon ndem n d only tme Member Many Organzatons Fe : o :h< Dead after Cty, Where He Wlsonan League Ty CfT^ Rod l e Board of Roch wll tn, 330

109 Ars, JOHN HALL, FORMER PARK COMMSSONER AND WELL KNOWN HORTCULTURST, DES ^JFTRJ^RT^ESSjyETRjTJOME John Hall, formerly of Rochester and well known throughout Western H xvn l-t,^-,-^ t- v-* v*r*~ naned actve n that nnrov c " lft*" when h Xew York as an expert on hortculture led Frday afternoon at hs home n Detrot, aged 7 7 years He contracted a cold, whch developed nto pneu mona and resulted ln heart falure Mr Halls death was the frst n hs famly snce hs marrag ago Mr Hall Mglsh dehavng been born n England He fame to ths country soon after the close of the Cvl War and went to Omaha, Xebraska He came to ltochester n 1872, where he remaned for nearly ffty 5 ago Mr and Mrs trot to spend ther remanng years near ther daughter Mrs K L Southand 1 Hall, who s promnently connected wth manufacturng nterests the Promnent Hortculturst Early n hs bu Mr Hall became assocated wth the 11 he Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton matned actve n that parsh shp to Monroe Methodst 1 ch n that 1 became actve, and he served n many church offces Mr Hall leaves hs wf< / Funeral Servces ^V, For Dr Deno Held ^ rom Br ckchurch uferal servces for Dr Elzabeth H Deno, emertus professor of the hstory of art at the Unversty of Rochester, who ded as a result of an accdent on Saturday nght, took place ths afternoon from Brck Pres byteran Church The Rev Wllam R Taylor, D D, pastor of the church, and Dr Rush Rhees, presdent of the Unversty of Rochester, offcated The honorary bearers wll be Joseph T Alng, Professor Charles Wrght Dodge, Wllam B Hale, Charles M Thomas, A J Warner and Julus M Wle Dr Deno was born n Albon on August 3, 1842, a descendant of Dr Ezra Stles, who founded Yale Un versty She was 1 from Mount Holyoke Semnary n 1886 From 1870 to 1896 she was pro of German and hstory of a t t W-llesley College, spendng two J 1 study ln Lepzg, Germany She re ceved her doctors degree from the Unversty of Hedelberg, 1 ; 1888 n 1902 she came to the 1 sty of Rochester as lecturer 1 hstory of art and n flo m\ made p was m 1917, She leaves a Fsher of Bb renzo B Deno of Buffalo be ln Albon tomorre "ck Dr, Deno stepped n the path of r V f th there led Mr Hall " ml A nlr-l Socety, marked extent n 1 nnd dev< lopmenl through the efforts of Mr Hall,wo val hortcultural tes were Mr Hall n< d for o a Hoard Of flowers, fruts : Nbel", 1,JS On the b lpful, and be enjoyed 1 1 respect of hs asso to a hgh man of strong rel [r Hall 1 t 1 1 bane 111, M John YEARS DENTFED WTH THE OFFCE OF SUPERNTENDENT OF P001 DES SUDDENLY r f<^~>^/ 1?, After an llness lastng onl> Mrs Lone Curtce Blckford de at the Blekford hom ngd 41 yeurs M daughter of the late Mgtr N he Cnrtlee Brothers romp-am ty? beng a well known n Kor member of the Century Club nnd the D A R She leaves her bnsbsnd, Frederck 10 Blekford; two daughter*, Dorothy Curtce and Josn Cur,nd a gon Rdgr Curtce Blekford The funeral wll tsko place from the homo ln Beach Avenue Tuesday afternoon at 2 ovock /Z^#>*, le\v \\ He 111

110 9* HUNDREDS PAY FNAL TRBUTE TO MONSGNOR Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Exclusve Photograph Depcts Scene n Corpus Chrst Church Durng Funeral of Vcar General / Bra*ve Worst Storm to Attend Servce at Cor- /\ pus Chrst TgE BSHOP s ~ OFFCATES WAS ORDANED 42 YEARS AGO WTH HE LATE FATHER CURRAN Forty-two years ago two young men knelt sde by sde n the sanctuary of the lttle Catholc semnary at Troy,\ followng ther ordnaton to the presthood To-day, one of them, Rt Rev Thomas F Hckey D D, as bsh op of the docese of Rochester, of fcated at the solemn ceremones j markng the funeral of the other, hs vcar general, Rt Rev Mgr D J j Curran, for twenty years the rector of Corpus Chrst church n so dong the bshop pad an eloquent trbute to hs assocate n the presthood and opate, one who had labored un trngly, despte physcal dffcultes, for the welfare of hs own parsh Church and as voar general for the advancement of the docese at large The scene wthn the church was ndcatve of the esteem n whch Father Curran was held by hs fellow! prests Hundreds braved thc worst storm of the season to pay a fnal trb ute to hm, whose retrng dsposton and zeal had commended hm to those not of hb relgous belef Men from all walks of lfe were n the church when the Bshop began mass the of pontfcal requem at 10 oclock There was more than a sprnklng of cty and county offcals The entre east chapel was flled by delegatons from the ssterhoods sta- Msson House at Washngton, D C, tloned n Rochester; the east sde of and Very Rev John Healy, O P, and Rev the man asle had a few seats reserved Joseph CXToole, O P^ o( New Tork for the relatves of the dead prest, cty j,jne re8t of the church wth the ex- j As the body was carred fr Capton of the west chapel was flled Ths remarkable pcture taken durng wth sorrowng parshoners n the j the ohurm the prests formed a gum pontfcal requem mass honor from the altar ralng to th for Mgr Curran depcts vvdly the West chapel were prests of ths and scene Bshop Hckey s seen ;s trance The Fourth degree asg<" J the celebrant of the mass and other doceses unable to fnd room n prests as ls assstants are seen at the altar lned the walk from the entrance j to wth the the sanctuary acolytes Ths exclusve photograph was taken the curb durng the Covered wth a black pall, just as heght of the storm n dm lghl nnd wthout a flashlght by a member Bshop n Kulogy f he were tho most humble of the ] of The Post Express edtoral staff At the close of the mass the lshop garbed n the robes of parshoners, j hs sacred ofllc the body of the prest Rt Rev The church stll gave evdence of Mgr J ) Hartley of stepped to the altar ral and ln a Kt lay n a plan casket at the head of the holday trappngs whch had Bernards semnary was the choked assstng wth told of the the man sle n front of the hgh adorned t for the proper celebraton prest at the pontfcal requem long and nttt n-uass n nng wax candles, three of Chrstmas, whch gave the The deacons of honor were Rev elaton le had r John bshop *n each sde, and the burnng tapers nspraton for part of the F eloquent Nellgan and Rev Mchael Curran He told of hl falthl Homes whch the assemblage of clergymen nounced afc the close of of Macedon The deacon and subdeacon of the mass were Rev m J the whte robes of two monks the mass carred; just before the "absoluton" and the whte surplces of the other Hargather, rector of St Father Mch Curran as Ths G Chor of Prests were the only hgh lghts n church and Bev Dr M of God" God blessed hm wth j Nolan, prests th< scene The musc was by a chor of prests presdent of St Andrews talents He used them only fo semnary Wthout the storm raged n all of ts drected by Rev John M Petter, S The ceremones was Rev k only words of ntense fury Captan Herman Russ T B professor of musc at St Ber And,n J- U D of St Ber rty-two wth a sergeant and ffteen men, neludng a detal from the traffc squad Fourth degree assembly of the seph S Cameron ;11 ho nards semnary Members of the nards semnary, asssted by Rev Jo We shall mss hm nt order an despte the Knghts of Columbus, n Bun n the prests plot n sword and of the whrlng gusts of bufferng tablrn, who had been a guard of Holy BPUl< her, the bshop and carred h Hs memory wll ln prests now A detal of snow shovelers were vept busy throughout throughout the offcatng at the oommlta] ger servce fo nght after mnor offcers of the mass were: the servce Path ms Bshop Turner of Buffalo, a close keepng thp approach body had to the been taken church from J-lean Wthn, wth all the of the rectory nto mpres the frend of Father Currans dd acol no church, re rve n Rochester n tme for the Wllam servmaned on guard throughout tho " t ro funeral sve solemnty servce cause of delay n tran Wllam servce Byn servces The trustees of the church of the church 1, the fnal acted s at g sad for the dead the long- the out of town Harry prests servce present at the servce Rev Charles Hruton; thurll were Rev prmyers Lous prest OHern rector of the James T Wood Apostolc m-

111 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton l Crowd Braves Storm to Attend Funeral of Monsgnor Remans <>r RT REV MGR < k: \\ beng carred o Corpus PllUlO < n -H < nn to h pontfcal requem mass F rur Curran the storm long for 1 m g ordnal m her < n """l Ml t of Ms nn h tlng of r rae," all un- that he m had - h< m the m had known the departed LS fathfu broke n m Bg tea s flled n the aasamb u hlo rdancd \\ th BHghop them hldd, Mllll- Of he p 1 tl the " \-Mll e M : J Hal hn

112 oclock Sster MSS GERTRUD RESSMANN, KODAK f*^jl PARK RESEARCH LBRARAN, DES * H- SUDDENLY WHLE PREPARNG TO DNE <m^jl :, rtrud Ressmann, lbra- spoke > several languages fluently n,, v 1 v 4 r *hc Snce comng to ths country, she had an n theresearch laboratory of the devoted mnbch study to ^ s, Eastman Kodak Company at Kodak Park, ded suddenly yesterday afternoon at SO South Ftzhugh Street, where she bad gone to dne The cause of death was be leved to be heart falure The body was taken to Jeffreys undertakng parlors n Chestnut Street Mss Ressmann resded at 130 Plymouth Avenue, and had lvcl Rochester for ten years She was born n Berln, Germany, and had no near relatves lvng She was the daughter of August Ressmann, who was a muscal composer of some promnence durng the latter part of the Nneteenth Century n At one tme he was connected wth the Berln Con servatory of Musc He also wrote a number of works on the hstory of musc, and was the author of several short bographes of the outstandng characters n the feld of muscal composton Gfted and Accomplshed Mss Ressmann fted and hghly accomplshed woman, who Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton and lterature of chemstry She was a member of the Amercan Chemcal Socety, and was well known among lbrarans and, through correspond ence, to many promnent men pnd women n dfferent parts of the coun try, who are engaged n chemcal re search and experments Besdes be ng n charge of the research lbrary at Kodak Park, she acted as custodan for much of the Eastman Companys confdental correspond ence on chemcal and other scentfc subjects Her assocaton wth the Eastman Company began soon after she left Germany to resde n London There she was engaged by Kodak Lmted, the Englsh branch of the Eastman n terests, n a secretaral capacty and remaned wth that branch for four years She tame to Rochester about the tme that the research lbrary was beng founded, and was soon employed n the poston whch she held untl the tme of her death Before Mss Ressmann left Ger many, she acted for some years as governess n the famly of one of the marred daughters of Chancellor Otto von Blsmark The German statesman came often to vst hs grandchldren and frequently conversed wth ther nstructor on a varety of questons Mss Ressmann was thus able to re late many nterestng frst hand remnscences of the famous "ron chancellor" George W Cooper, Promnent Mason, Des, Aged 74Yrs George "VV Cooper ded ths morn ng n ths cty, aged 74 years He leaves hs wfe, Mrs Nelle Cooper and one brother, Frank Cooper of New Orleans Mr Cooper was past nfaster of Valley Lodge, F and A M, past hgh prest of Hamlton Chapter, R A M; past commander of Monroe Commandery, K T; past^411ur/rou GEORGE W COOPER y SON OF PONEERS OF Clulngsworth Foster Perrn Remembered Days of ndans Councls Chlngsworth Foster Perrn, one of,!,,,,,, (m resdenl of Brghton, who wan, boy when tbe ndana came to Councl Rock wth ther knves and guns for eounrday mornng a the home ranees H Perrn, No, -, s,;n uu-, aged 97 rears He other neces and four ne The funeral wll take place to-wo afternoon at - from the home Bural wll be n Brghton cemstery 2Hr, Perrn was b "K cabn Brghton when, as he whs fond of re* nothng unusual to put hs on forepaws the wu- of an evenng and look nto the house They wouldn1 trouble us n the but when nght came and they hungry, they prowled" n remnscng he would tell of the <jnvs when hs father took hm along on nrlagua to ground, before there was He remembered chldren used to slde flown the hll n Mfl nd the day xv,,n Jonathan Chld, frst mayor of,k the oath When una! urged Mr,1,, E e nl to J chef gtllson, eng r n charge of the, wns well known here more than Held ROCHESTER WOMAN DES T SONSJJOME N ROME, lusband of -Mrs Edward J Red Also Ded Whle on Vst There Home, N x", Dec M (Specal patch to the Democrat and Chronc! Mrs Edward J Red, of No 80 Chest nut street, ltochester, wdow of l>r Ed ward J Red, of Rome, ded snhlrnh ths afternoon a the home >>f her Mayor W, B Red, n hs cty She bag been hero about a week n accordance wth an annual custom of pendng tbe Chrstmas holdays wth bar son nfler whch she lnl planned lo go fo Lmh Angeles, Ol, spend he bal anee of the wnter wth n sster Sn _h<! been preparng to go t< Cab; wth n frend from Rochester on Ja* uary 8th Mrs ted ded whle seated n a char She had been troubled wth hem dsease for about two years Marj 1 Rugg, daughter of Mr and M Henry Rugg, wns born 09 ago n Albon, Oawego county f wa there she was marred to Dr Red, wth whom she went to lve n Rochester Pr Red ded n Rome seven years ago, also whle vstng n ths cty Mrs Red neraber of Roch Chapter, Daughters of the Amercan R>v olnt on am of Rochester < < Chapter, >rdc of the Waste Star Mayo El onlj chld She l uu a brother, VV llnm Rugg, of Fulton ; Mm > \ rgh?a, of S :l null Mr- Wa Tllman of Los Angeles, Cal, Wtrh m w lmn Mrs Red was preparng to de real of he w nter The funeral probablj wll lake plan oclock Tu nnd bural wll be nt he de of her husband master of Dorc Councl, past mon arch, of Lalla Rookh Grotto and a member of Damascus T servce neral wll be held at 3 oclock Mon day afternoon from C09 Clnton nue north The Rev G B V, Halleck and Valley Lodge wll offlc fjjprt^recorp sx Funeral of Mss Van Kvrr The funeral of Mss Catherne K ter Van Evrle, ^re;t ganddaughter of Colonel Nathanel Rochester, t>k place yesterday afternoon from Bt Lukes Plureh The body was lyng n state n the church from t oclock n the mornlnc untl the tme for the funeral n ner n enable her hosl of frends to pay trbute,r respect Rev Wllam E Nxon, notng rector of the church, offcated Bural wns made n the, wg larnnv fajnlly o plot n n Mt m Hope Cemetery

113 grandchld Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County WM Hstorc H WNTON DES / Scrapbooks Collecton /V PONEER FREMAN AFTER LONGLLNESS n poltcs le was a staunch Repub lcan and was for two years secretary of the Republcan Central Commttee He represented the Eghth ward when there were only sxteen wards n the cty At one tme le was nomnate*! en the Re publcan tcket for sherff, but wthdrew n favor of John W Hunan, who wa feat 01 Ho was vry aetve n the Knglr the Maccabees, le was the frst pres dent of the Flower Cty Tent, the Aral tent organzed n Rochester, and h ganzed Teutona Tent of Monroe Tent n Charlotte, and Segel and Sten Tents n Rochester He was a past commander of Jefferson Tout fo two terms and was prelate Of the n Masonry le was a member of nondo Lodge, Hamlton Chapter, Lalla Rooke OrottO nud Dorc Councl /o 7?, Employed Wllam by Years Frend of Tne Post Express ll Whtcomb Rley James Wlls, L Wnton 76, of 4S7 Parselle avenue, for twenty-fve years conn buslnesa offr-e of home to-day, ton leaves ha wfe, Harret Wnton three at< en stepgrandchldren, and a sster Mrs Ethelnda Mller, of New York The funeral wll be held at the house to morrow, and bural wll be n Kng ston, N Y Mr Wnton came to Rochester from ndanapolla more than thrty years ago, and was for some tme employed! n th lepartment of the nne Tme-," later enterng the employ of and con-!tnuns wth t up to the tme of hs llness Befor comng to Rochester Mr Wnton was for number of years advertsng manage* of the ndanaj,1 t waa whle he J e tha he gave James Whtcomb RHey the frst, money whch l the poet bla work,, n Brooklyn n 1846 Wllam! W m! untl he became a >unk man, when he went to Klngsmtnnt edtor of the " Kngston ton h< went to From Kngs of the Omaha Wnton also JOHN P KSLNGBURY FORMER LETTER DEAD N BUFFALO John P Kslngbury Served Forty-fve Years Postal Employee, as John P KlaMngbu 252 Fro avenue, n cty, ded M nr tbe hon daughter aged 74 years, He : mal ca JO!!< ll neral servcea wll lake place from No,nt street al 2 30 n charge of onno am A M Bural wll be U Mount [ope < ttrjr Mr Kalngburya brother, ]>,,: [bury, ded n th The George WWetzel Des; n Lghtng Busness 40 Yrs hs "K01 G y este He l He zel, a son, George B ; * l ORG1 W W ert; two aletert, t w; n ls^" " afternoon when bualnesa was dull on the ndanapola "Journal," tht the l then unknown, p hmwndow >wth an order from Colonal Eljah w Kalford, ;< 1C be pad trlbuton lwajra remembered the the lke A panter ng for " four aona th the explorer n sllce l""" broth compa!" reman here ;,l " fl! 1 l lave been nne Mr Kslngbury wns becam t s an l f hs deal put n n the mana than of th< t0 b* blrthdaje hls wnton f mesmund n the : lon wth -Joan

114 ne and /o-z JOSEPH CARSON,^ ONCE EGHTH WARD ^jujjpm, DES former Democratc Supervsor of the Eghth Ward, ded Tuesday evenng at hs home, 3 Buchan Park, aged 50 years At the fu neral yesterday afternoon at Ujck a large number of local and county mm, present, n cludng Harlan W Rppcy, Dr W D Wolf, Frederck D Lamb Wllam P tre and Charles Bechtold Nu- OUS Other frends were p nterment was made n Stone Road Cemetery JOSEPH CARSON Mr Carson was born n Lthuana on July 7, 1872 He came to ths coun try about 86 years ago and had lved n Rochester for more than thrty of those years, le was a cgarmaker by j ago start) whch he contnued untl he death Al a lfe long Democrat and acnroe County Democratc Mr Carson hold no other polt that of Supervsor n 1914 and 1915 He once was a caodlrman n hs ward He of dlrec of t he - ma s!, < lr Bel h Hemedresh Mr tr h Benja and n Mrs r on; a mo three u e the Eghth Ward, Hyman " and two s Md Mrs Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / FUNERAL SERVCES OF DR DENO HELD S": Dr Taylor and Dr Rhees Offcate at c^ceremony n Brck Church P^,>^ 1^^^ Funeral servce^ for Dr Elzabeth H Deno, professor emertus of the hstory of art at the Unversty of Rochester, took place yesterday afternoon at Brck Presbyteran Church Dr Denos death was caused by an automoble accdent Saturday afternoon whle she was cross ng East avenue at Megs street She lved about one hour after she had been taken to the Homeopathc Hosptal Rev Wllam R Taylor, D D, mnster of the church, and Dr Rush Rhees presdent of the unversty, offcated There was somethng approprate about the Chrstmas greens and red whch adorned the chancel for the holday senson, far as them seem removed from scenes of mournng, because of the facl that Dr Deno had long studed the heautful n art She sought to mpress h*>r pupls wth the mnstratons whch ma) come through that branch of art the mas terpeces of whch depct much of the Chrstmas story Dr Rhees n hs prayer j descrbed how ths woman had felt the sprtual beneft of the truly beautful n form and color, as well as n character No word of eulogy was spoken by ether of the clergymen, yet the references n ths prayer were a trbute Members of the unversty faculty and a number of young men were n the gatherng Flowers covered the casket and floral peces practcally hd t from sght durng the servces Musc by the vested chor and Tom Grerson, organ st, was especally fttng The honorary bearers were Joseph T Alng, Professor Charles Wrght Dodge, of the unversty ; Wllam B Hale Charles M Thorns, Julus M Wle and Andrew J Warner Dr Deno wll be lad to rest ths afternoon about 1 oclock, besde members of her fathers famly, n Mount Albon cemetery, Albon Her brother-n-law and sster, Mr and Mrs Henry B Fsh er, of Batava, wll be present Lorenzo B Deno, of Buffalo, a brother, wll come f he s able Mr and Mrs Fsher, and Mrs Qugley, of Xew York, a nece, were at the funeral yesterday, DgAJHSFUNERALS lr/ Adolph Cassebeer /^"^ beer, 74, retred plumbng contractor, ded yesterday at hs h 1,1:25 St Paul street Mr Cassebeer was born at Hastngs-on-the-Hudson n to hs cty when was "d Before startng n busness for hmself, he was connected he Bllwanger & B, seres number of years Mr Cassebeer was the father of Walter 11 asseheer, pert n ll Was a the cty plannng hu mmber of Salem Kvan ehurch and belonged to Ger mana lodge, F, and \ \ / Daly Death Roll tf 27 %" *- U Lev C baker Des At Bath Solders Home Lev G Baker, formerly a resdent of Rochester, ded at Bath Solders) Home on Chrstmas day, aged 12 LEV C BAKER years The body wll be brought here for bural tomorrow Mr Baker leaves a daughter Mr- Anna Wlesenreder of ths cty; a son, Roy Baker of "Whalen, N Y and fve grandchldren When the Cvl War broke out, Mr Baker was one of the frst to en lst servng wth Pennsylvana volun teers throughout the war Though horn n the North and havng d ant-slavery feelng, Mr Baker was etary to General Lee, Confeder ate leader, when hostltes began Hs frends tell how he was offered a commsson to lght aganst the Unon, but preferred to take chances on returnng to the North He has often told relatves of hs adventurous trp back to Pennsylvana where he en lsted, makng most of the dstance va the "underground ralway" the method by whch slaves were smug gled out of the -nt les of the South by ant-slavery propagandsts Whle he lved n Rochester, Mr, of the G A R ted wth local posts Besdes hs ;1VP3 hs w)fp daught Emlle r; a brothe le,,,,,,, (Wf> E Stenheuer and " " fe The funeral wll take place "" afl 2#30,, Mount Bural wll be n Hope cemetery

115 _, the Albon Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton /oa DR DENO WLL BE BURffD TO-MORROW Trbute Pad to Emertus Art Pro- fessor by Presdent Rhees Funeral servces for Dr Elzabeth H Deno, emertus professor of the Hstory of Art at the Unversty of Rochester, "who ded as a result of an accdent on Saturday nght, wll take place to-morrow afternoon at 2:30 oclock from Brck Presbyteran Church Rev Wllam t Taylor, D D, pastor of the church, and Dr Rush Rhees, presdent of the Un ty of Rochester, wll offcate The honorary bearers wll be Joseph T Alng, "Happy n her dsposton, she wus a warm frend and a stmulatng com panon Her nfluence, lke her crcle of frend*, wus far broader than the college communty, Multtudes of ctzens have - sat at her feel B of art and she haw stmulated a greal nterest n that of lfe among great numbers f out n fuel, he growng nterest n lue of fne arts for the enrchment of lfe n no small neasne he to her quet, persstent and ntellgent effort Here was 11 noble lfe, well lved whch leaves a fragrant memory " Mr Deno was horn n Albon u An ^k " 1842, a descendant of Dr Stle-, who founded Yale Unversty She was graduated from Blount Holyoke Sen nary n 1886 mm 1X7(1 to 189(1 "; profet of German and bsto at at Welleslev College, -pen lne wo years n study n Lepzg, Germany, She ed her doctors degree from the l n l [eldelburg, Germany, n n loj she came to the lnver-m Um: er as lecturer on the hstory of art and n 1810 she was made pro! that subject She was made em< professor n 1817 She leaves a sster, M> [enrj t rsln r Batava, nnd a hrfle B Deno, ol Buffalo Bural "ll on Wednesday afternoon at 1 oclock m-ml of M e \v n ;,, Jurn ylurll 1, head WHROWERDNK, HEAD OF FRM, ^DESATHOME Was Presdent of Largest Automoble Accessory House n SectonStarted n Carrage Busness 35 Years Ago / ^*y^ "Wllam H Rowerdlnk, presdent of the frm of "W H Rowerdlnk and Son, nc, North street, bggest automoble accessory house ln ths secton, ded ths mornng at the home at 6 Argyle street, after a long llness Heart dsease was the cause of death Mr Rowerdlnk had suffered from ths trouble for many y He was seated ln hs room, readng a newspaper when Mrs Rowerdlnk left hm on some household errand When sh <l he was seated ln the same poston d He was born about f5 years ago ln Brghton and waa < ducated n the publc schools of the town Ho attended and was graduated by Hope College, Holland, r re turnng to Ro ho frm s now cared on by Henry J Rowerdlnk Mr Rowerdnks only son, who s n New York attendng uonal automoble aho one son Henry J 1 S Wece den, ; \\! M Sul herlanl and a e ttam 1 1,, DR ELZABETH H DENO : Low and W \ tlubl one Roe hs lodge ftl"1 Professor Charles Wrgbl Dodge, Wl lam B Hale, Charhs M Thorna- A Warner and Jnlms M Wle ha no been regular work of th lr Deno xvurk Hy at the Memoral Art ghc had been a member from rn, organsaton and aha bad Of ts Lbrary and Prnt Her knowledge Of art, and l3 was 0f prnts, gr ught great gref the unve rday "She bad an mnd and an equally wheb a rteult tha fe had reached (he uge v p nterest th lng hat he un- 11 > " ln f:elll\ of the mportance and abject tha "rre lle cllery m ng students and the muntj tot the rch opportunty nee put al Mr Mn Mjjtt Mary nlmor Palmfc/ t /7*^<^ Mrs Mry Palmer, aged 1>1 years, or los Cortland s led early yesterday loomng Mrs Palmer was born n reland, febru- 1 when a grl B,, Bowmanvtlle, Canada At f 18 nl, was marred to Edward P moved to 10r> Cortland Street, tbls where she passed the remander of her lfe ajbe leaves B lver am Mrn J Chrst am 01 0rr of Rr three ehlldren, Mrs T,er, both of th four grndhlldren and three greatgranhltl dren The funeral wll take place from 137 Chestnut Street tomorrow afternoon at 380 orloek Bural wll be made n Hft Hope Cemetery t ral was an Class 42 of tral Chu Arrangement-} for the funeral wll, Mr Rowerdlnk for many years was dentfed wth the nos:!urlng busness of R pact wth the t the uto) gradually W from tho carrage ncss untl today the 1 nesa s recognked as one uf >st ln ths part of the * m rmlugo ln Man ot west, where Fays Theater s r ho moved to 107- oocupylng ) floor, whch W hat tme the showroom for earn *trt largod to lnclud- harnesses, and also th and pant About ago Mr Rowerdlnk rnov rs n North street, and ln 1910 the frm was nco s W Rowerdlnk & Bon a ago the frm ontered the automobllo accessory feld

116 Rowerdnk lot/ WH ROWERDNK, ACCESSORY FRM FOUNDER, DEAD succumbs Suddenly to Attack After Two-Year Perod of Health /<^ WLLAM H ROWERDNK Wllam Rowerdnk, for thrteen years head,,f he frm of \V towcr- dnk and Sons, nc, one,,f the latgesl automoble accessory houses n ths par of the stale, ded suddenly yesterdaj al hs home No c, Argyle street, aged 03 years Mr Rowerdnk had been n poor health tor aboul tv md for the year had nut taken actve part n hs busn fve years ag n Mam street e present ste of [fays Th that he moved hs,u, 107 and 100 Man, m-cm weh) where he used the top floors for nof hs bn Expanson, store!,l H (,(j M; Rowerdnk to change hs quarters agan am he moved to Kln street, where ldded lo l l-er [lerat other m nlnk to (he l,,,f \y jj "l Son, n,,-, Son 7n,s-> 1 l!, n he fr,, w" Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / Mr Rowerdnk was ; member of the Rochester Consstory, Scottsh Rte, lamas as Temple of the Shrne; Mon roe Commandery, Chamber of Commerce, Rochester Club and Oak Hll Country Club He was an elder of Central Pres byteran Church and n drector of the Traders Bank le leaves hs wfe, Mary A Rower dnk; a daughter, Mrs L \Y Layman; n son, Henry f Rowerdnk: two grand chldren Wllam -f Rowerdnk and Mary Elzabeth Layman Arrangements for the funeral w be made known later DAVD J HLLS WFE DES FROM AUTO NJURES Run Down by Delvery Truck When Crossng Street Tj^ n Captal? Mrs Davd JCJ Jayne Hll, \V7e of the presdent of the Unversty of Roch from 1888 to 1896, ded to-day at a hosptal n Washngton, D C ester from njures receved n an automo ble accdent late yesterday afternoon She had just left her home and stepped from the curb when run down by a j delvery wagon drven by a negro The drver has been arrested Mrs Hll before her marrage n was Julette Lews Packer of Wllamsport, Pa Dr Hll at the tme of hs marrage waa presdent of Bucknell unversty He resgned that post n 1888 to head the Unlverstv of Rochester Mrs Hll lved here for the succeed ng eght years Then Dr Hll resgned and she went wth hm to Kuropu where he spent three years n the study of law and dplomacy She waa wth Dr Hll when he wat mn ster to Swtzerland Two years later he was apponted mnster to the Neth erlands and n 1907 he was made am bassador to Germany Mrs Hll was a noted hostess n the foregn colony n Berln and much regret was expressed m hr return to the Unte, States wth her husband after ha resgnaton n Snce ther return to the Unted States, Dr and Mrs Hll have lved n Washngton She has been a quent vstor n Rochester / ADA V HARRS, EDUCATOR, DES JN PTTSBURGH \>^-j^,(?r^ Formerly Connected wth Publc Schools Here as Executve Ada Van Stone Harrs, for nne years connected wth the Rochester school system, frst as supervsor of prmary grades and kndergartens and after wards as an assstant superntendent ded last nght, at her home n Ptts burgh, Pa, to whch cty she removed n 1910 She was apponted to the Roches ter system n 1901, comng here wth Superntendent Charles B Glbert, from Newark, N J n June of that year she was apponted supervsor of] prmary grades and kndergartens, layng the foundaton for much of the work that has been done snce She ryng on a normal convensaton wth members of hs famly yesterday mornngg, Mr Rowerdnk seemed com fortable and there was no thought of mj danger Henry Rowerdnk, hs medate son, had gone b New York to attend the \ automoble show Mrs Rowerdnk left her husband for aboul ten tnnul rttend t<> some thngs aboul he house, "and returnng she found hm apparently nslepe wth wspaper n hs hands h wa- lue, heart dse Born n the town,t Brghton, Mr attended the town publc s Later le attended Hope < ollege, nl, Mch, fnun whch he was grad uated Returnng to Rochester he Btartwae,n and carrage busness ah, n remaned wth the Rochester publc school system through the supernlendency of Clarence F Carroll, and on Jannary 21, 1909, she was ap-, ponted assstant superntendent, whch poston she resgned n Aprl, 1910 V al uablo Work Here n takng acton on her resgnaton on Aprl 1 8th o fthat year n a set nf resolutons; adopted unanmou ng other thngs, sad: "n cceptng the resgnaton of Harrs, the assletanl aup tendent, the board desres to record onvlctlon ol the magntude and value of the worts she has accom-! pllshed for the schools of the The most lrhportan< constructve work undertaken by the now Board of Edu-, caton was the endeavor to pet a prarpplcaton n the school room of the new knowledge of chldhood and the laws of chld develop whch had accumulated from twenty nl rated scentfc study of chldren "The ablty, expert knowledge, personal force and practcal genus esh an achevement are and the path to success supr> dffcult b leans not merely the embodment of the new but tha all that s good n the old muat be taken up nto the new and full recognton and effcency The task nvolved, therefore, nothng thah the creaton f a new pont of vew n the teacher and provdng the new means and methods essental to makng that pont- of vew effectve Mss Harrs possessed n a very untona for tlvs task and from the nature Of her offce t fell largely upon he power*, her greatest entm nl her treless effort" / ane

117 1 - REV J F STAUB DES FOLLOWNG SHORT LLNESS Had Been Pastor of Holy Redeemer Church Snce 1CC2Was One of Most Wdely Known and Best Loved Catholc Clergymen )~~ ^_&_ <fv^ lev Jacob F Stauh M R, rch n Hudson avenue and one of tho most ly known and best loved n bers of jts 0f the The body or removed from the rectory to chun 30 oclock tomorrowl where t wll le n state Untl Frday mornng at 10 ocl when pontfcal mass of requem wll Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Prom 1894 to 1901 he had the parsftes of St Johns Church the Greece, and H0y Ghost Church of Coldwater whch were then combned As a result of the growth of Holy Redeemer parsh under hs charge t waa necessary to found two other churches Our Lady of Perpetual Help m Joseph avenue and St Andrews church n Portland avenue Durng 1 ord Hall and new a school, both of whch are of mod ern equpment, were bult n 1914 Father Staub observed the twenty-ffth annversary of hs ordln- aton to the presthood daned Ho was or November 25, 1889, n ruck Theologcal Semnary, Aus fhs slver jublee was marked by ea and a fp0 seres of events n the parsh whch extended through out the week The Reverend Jubllaran was gven a recepton, when the young Lades d tho Order of Marth sented tlful gold chalce and cborum Many prests atl (lay v course of tl ouchng on of tho jublee, he fact that ttlon m r, who on that hrthtub n the hghly an loved b Catholcs and Protestante ton to hs parochal work, h< ad n th Catholc Fed wn waa U * /OS Rev Jacob F Staub^dv-W^ Through hs work as rector of Holy Redeemer Church, ls actvty n connecton -wth Catholc chartes, and hs nterest n cvc affars the Rev Jacob F Staub was known to large numbers of resdents of Rochester All testfy to hs unflaggn and frendly sprt and devoton to the nt of hs church and the as a communty whole Holy Redeemer parsh has ts church edfce at Hudson and Clfford avenues Here, durng of the Rev Jacob P Staub s pastorate has one of the centers of growth of the ctys popu laton New faces, new racal strans, have stantly apppeared ned to sonc extent by dsplacement of the older elements Ths growth presented the rector of wth an opportunty and a task of excej> scope Hs success n buldng up the church p hs ablty as a relgous leader and orj dffcult crcumsta To persons o urch the Staub was pe ve to labor matters 1 1 uown for the hs lne and effort toward obtanng a < of ndusl ral t stance ls good ol n more th The offco of the dead wll chanted Thu oclock Wll j! Of; state For of St Fath the buld """ lld lull nd < nce ot 1( of vear her ml btten lony slrl Such M orl< \\ ll le alue, addnglo thc contrbuton th Staub made to the among ten durng ractor ln n or- fcomrtlhb^flonsl The Keler WndthO] le was fo tho r wth t of n clul lectu at- on to u tfect rch the held n New! has r of 1:1 \ \< < ST u: tu, lnt ths levo-l lly S, -j hool There he 1887

118 1 Klo Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton CHURCH THRONGED AT FUNERAL ORTHE REV JACOB F STAUB, M R 9-& Mm-, c Womens organzatons of parsh enterng Holy Redeemer Church ng to church 1 [ Wth all the ceremony the Roman H: Mcllgan, the Rev John n Char! toner te oll 1 nch can bestow on ts [cgtraw and the Rev Ernmetl church w n lee mournng and throughout the serv dead, the funeral of the Rev Jacob F The Bngng was under the drecton ce were audble demonstratons of Staub, M R, former pastor of Holy John m Petter S T B H by tho e wn had learned to k< 1 n r Church n Hudson avenue, "the followng pn Dg the rc- er Staub n d ths mornng Solemn \ BWonses: the R EJ Dough beare The Rev Wl <; \\ enann, A Charlea Hoff C s s R; the pontfcal mass of requem waa celc- Rohde and T Wnterroth Zwlerlen, D D; tho Rev Wa ted at 10 oclock by the Rt Rev Long before the tme,^r, r"r xh thns Hargarther, the Rev Leo Hof sebnenler, bshop of Roches crowds of Borrowng parshlons of the dead prest be- and the m \\ llmn [elssl The the lrtn Clu ter, Francs G The ; John F Bopplc gan tng at the church, and hontu leorge Klron and the Rev Francs X u ben th ta begun the 1 church [enry Spegel, < eorge Stu Kunz wa [< aeon The crowded to the door* and many u, Charl Dr Mm nd the le tol n the streets nea B toward Bu n on C of honor A delegaton of polce drected traffc pp, John J om Rev A B Me ban, D D, wns M L e varous socetes of \nnr Mesenzahl the church marched Crow He hall to or of tho < n a body Specal pews After tl, he church \\ cere wr Florack were arranged n the church for S nb n was n Among the prests n nary St 1 Obl B Vlell SO! th lot Practcally all the wen; the Rev Wllam Hart, t h< Hov athletc A ts who attended the servces at tarry D r, the R,,ts of St John C W B L- * n- church went t<> the ceme Florack, the Rov George W A, the Order of Martha and the Fnal blessng al the r ven Sler 1 H by Bshop He] Ubert J loua labor organmsj the hop 111 Key Al h- luslon of the ser,h the Jos m v A- bts of Columbus headed by John ther ner, the R J! whch he spoke of the oflcl " p he had done and touched on the " 1 /elllllt noble and u,,je lb,, art C S ef djf Pole ph M Qu Below: Knghts of St John mart-h-

119 Extols HghOmraTteT*S Of Rev Jacob F Staflk Kdtor, Tmes- 1 asafa?h3tr0s^rheo0,-: ^?F8- * h,bcommunty served th man, n tlls Plysk,,Z",J l,rdpn," " "" St?] ""e as ansxauwl ft JuSd fonrf-ae h<? *c<5ompaned an n- referee n f^r^ the?ff(e of KcrFaZ^!^^, bfl t Se ^ ^a<--r ruauls nterest ufrprofec^l r^hts f *fs hprc w;s lay before fh qute ; Fthn V*,tl1 f h k ^laul) sat,f he watng patently as had nothng else to do When the lease waa called t vas adjourned for some reason and when the r about to fx the adjourn lasked Father stauh Tha "VVt- w,u, Plfd Oh whatever t," vo, tsll uplte me" Hs own col concern That was hjs /!" v-k ^;ur,teoua- gentle, unusually! Wth :,]) la yet uncompromh Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / Oldest Druggst n Rochester Des After Passng Lfetme n Busness; j, Grandfather a Settler Here jn 1797 n t( A-<~*>--tk r^c, ~?^{ s B Kng-, the oldest druggst Rochester n actve servce at the tme of death, bens born n 1830, ded Wednesday mornng Mr Kng wll probablj be best rerk of a gen n the druff store at Man Ftzhugh Streets, whch poston held from the tlm was bult untl Curran A < ; ] r - settlng M tl Mll at tho Lower t j waa born n s at vlle, Ten; when they returned to New York feld, On ducatlon at tb ter whle t was lo n "the old buldng n Buffalo S now know n Mr, le was Weal bn M n - mn, of Yo j j-r rve to Roch ster n a lp n mathen Af* ool n co wth hs broth m Kng, a under the old tonal 1 ntel that stood v Pov /Of lved hs busy the dgnltv?bf- that flled a un munty May hs lalty com Expresses Apprecaton Of The Rev Jacob F Staub Edtor, Tmes-Unl The death of the 7; taub s a nns to tl not know hm personally ma appre f the wrt he assocated wth hm prng of 19 buldng Candy Co Presdent Des^fj 3ollo$n LFgJ AtcC^rch the Candy Com mornng th B*omeopathl< of the le V the wth pr f0*ta brng How out <t njust ; nest or he ard Meth nl of n l b not thus: en atber statn7* 1 seul Lter and1 he reed from lb out of bus Sn lme he has been en gaged n varous postons untl re- although he never was a very rugged man Mr Kng dspl ul amount <>r \ talty,-

120 two lo Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton EDWN T MARSH, CWl WAR "VET," -SJffAJTATJS Was Resdent of Rochester Snce 1839Was Deputy Collector at Port of Char lotte and Had Patented Many Aj^cleg /<?>0 ^Edwn T Marsh, Cvl War veteran and resdent of Rochester snce 1839, ded ths mornng at the home of hs )WN T MARSH daughter Mrs Grace Marsh Rowe, 2C3 Garfeld street, aged 83 years He was born n Buffalo ln 1839 and camo wth hs parents to ths cty n 1839 n 18C2 he responded to Lncolns call, enlstng n Company 1, N Y Volunteers, known later as the Ryan Zouaves Ho was wounded at the battle of Gettsburg, n whch battle a brother Wll C Marsh was klled He was taken prsoner on the feld wth he captan and many of hs company, and for 10 months was confned n Andersonlle, Ga, and Florence, S C, pens Mr Marsh was apponted mall carrer by Scott W Rp Dyke, havng served seven years when he resgned to enter commercal lfe He was deputy collector at the Port of Char lotte under the Harrson admnstra ton Ho pattened soveral artcles of mert, tho frst of value to hm beng a mal box used extensvely n 1869, he marred Esther ej Roades Fve chldren were born to them, four of whom are now lvng! a prolfc wrter, never havng trad to urge what he thought was rght, and many of hs artcles were publshed n magaznes Ho leaves hs wfe Esther Roades sons, Edwn R Marsh and Vaughn C Marsh; two daughters, Mra Grace Man Ruth Marsh ndchl dron, all of ths cty Ho was a charter H Thomas Post, me of hs mber of F F Qulnby Post death FORMER POLCE COMMSSONER r$ arc d^d Jacob Hawe, Poneer of Rochester ndustry and Descendant of Revolu tonary Famly, Passes Away at Advanced Age Jacob Howe, one of the rldtutral poneers of Rochester, ded ths morn ng at the Homeopathc Hosptal He leaves a son, Paul M Howe and one daughter, Mrs Flora M Colebrook, both of Rochester Mr Howe was born here December 3, 1845 and came of Englsh stock, whch had settled n Amerca pror toj the revoluton Hs father, Jacob Howe, 2nd, was born n Boston n 1811 and came to Rochester when a young man, havng founded a cracker company here Ths company was carred on wth success by hs son, the late Mr Howe, who dd not retre from actve par tcpaton n the busness untl 1905 At that tme the Howe factory was Stuated n North Ftzhugh street on land now occuped by the Duffy- Powers block He was educated n the publc schools of the cty and the Unversty of Rochester and was a promnent Mason, belongng to Genesee Falls Lodge, F & A M; Hamlton Chap-; ter, Royal Arch Masons; Monroe Commandery, Knghts Templar; Rochester Consstory, Damascus pe and Masonc Club He was a thrty-second degree Mason From 1880 to 1885 Mr Howe was a commssoner of Rochester1 He was a lfe long member of Brck Presbyteran church The funeral wll be held Monday afternoon Funeral ( s/ au**~ Of Mrs Martna- Held Ths Afternoo K/, At St Thomas Chur The funeral of Mrs M tbath - Martn, wfe of the a H Ma tn, waa huld at 2 oclock bs after noon at St- Thomas Epscopal Church The chancel waa banked wth beau tful floral trbutes from ndvdual frends of Ml n, the Cl( the vestry, Guld, Sunday-achool, chor, Daughter: nt the Kng of St Pauls and St Jam - Churchea and otbr organzatons of St Tho parsh The servces were conducted by Bshop Davd L Dr Wll n, A : Goodwn ol Pauls Church The Epscopal ch men of Ro d d the servce odj- The reman 6 >n the n the Sp n- n tfh< a mm,e, where M lood M Wll b *S George VV Thomas, Rochester Lawyer, George W Thomas, well -known lawyer, and treasurer of the Home stead Loan Assocaon, ded ths mornng at the famly resdence, 17 Madson Park south, aged 72 years He leaves hs wfe, Martha Hall Thomas: four sons, Dr Georgo P Thomas, Herbert B, Frederck W and E Arthur Thomas; a daughter, Mrs Alfred Wrght; a brother, E De Wt Thomas, and a sster, Elzabeth M Thomas The funeral wltl be held Frday from tho house at 3:30 oclock nter ment wll be made n Mount Hope Cemetery Mr Thomas was born n Rochester and was a lfelong resdent here He was assocated wth the late Judge Davy He waa admtted to the bar May , and whle Mr Davy was Dstrct-Attorney Mr Thomas was hs only assstant Mr Thomas was assocated n a movement whch resulted n the for maton of the frst loan assocaton n Rochester, the organzaton of whch he waa treasurer at the tme of ha Mr Thomas was a meml upper Masonc bodes n Roch havng obtaned h econd de gree n lc a member ot Corng Lodg was a m l the Rochester Bar Assocaton M had been ll for se\ months Tl was oonfln snce early ln Octoh J^aly Deathly / /^^^ saac C Sheldon, Descendant Of Early Resdent, s Dead c Sheldon, for manj years a well known resdent of the town of M< ndon and who had lved n Roch- nce L906, ded Tuesday n ; the home of hs daughter W - OBren, 21f> Spruce a\ ro Mr Sheldon waa a nephew of the thrd whte chld born m Roche ter, and "n of of, hum from v e n the mw n later moved to Rochester, when number of years he cond M State S m re comng Mr Sheldon v ng a n north of Juncton n 1874 he \\ helehan of Mounl n to whom were bo Th ths of who W J O nd Mbt, n Tw nd Wllam Sh V] own n W Attn >r John F \Y 1 Ol Holy Sepulch ry

121 - ha Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Mrs Mary EMartn Passes Away; j 111 One Week Wth Pneumona; T fffe Of The Rev Evan H Martn / "J" BUCKLEYS DEATH PROVES SHOCK TO MANY Man Who Helped Place Rochester on Baseball Map Known Country OverHad Been n Bus ness Here Over 30 Years (/he funeral of l/mes H Buckley, who ded at hs home, 170 North Unon street, last Saturday afternoon SS of only a few lays wll be held Wednesday mornln ck from the house and at 10 oclock from St Josephs Church n Frankln s varous organzatons of whch Mr Buckley waa a member wll attend James l Buckley was horn n Al bon m Aprl 5, 1865 He ; h and en gaged n the r stauranl, be ng located for man] An drew s - reet, n stll later n M lo<{ brother, Wun r Bu h l< j erated w ht woe then tl op nt n Ro nducted a rests urant n Man and he last th * h had op e n n M n baseball and pror to "-,s h one u t n wn- d - Ro ball of m s Paul Btreet v,, 11 Cha tro nv nst Shl<UL l/c* mus mauv :lzm:th martx *?*V&^ "Th, m Elzabeth Martn, v e Rev Evan Hart- eral years rector of St Marks zell Martn, rector emertus of St Comng to Rochester 24 years ago Thomas Epscopal church, occurred Mr Martn became rector of St Ste at mdnght last nght at Park Ave phens church n Chl avenue nue Clncal Hosptal Mrs Martn Twenty-one 0 be took charge had been ll wth pneumona snce of what was then St Thomas ms son n Feld street, whch shortly Frday afterwards was receved nto the do The funeral wll be held at 2 o cese as a clock next Monday afternoon at St parsh, and he became ts Thomas Epscopal church, Feld frst rector street near Monroe avenue The ser Snce that tme the Rev and M vces wll be conducted by the rector, Martn have resded at 24 Feld the Rev Dr Arthur O Sykes, asssted street Mr Martn resgned St Tho- by the Rev Dr Wllam A R Good wn, rector of St Pauls Church Bural wll be n Mt Hope Mrs Martn was a daughter of the late Mr and Mrs John Wesley Brown of Dansvlle, and was born n that vllage on May G She was marred to Mr Martn on Aprl 23, 1874 They resded for a tme at Perry Center, Wyomng County, where Mr Martn was pastor of a church After Perry Center, the Rev and Mrs Martn were enn mssonary,wa and Colorado,nlng from the msson feld, n became assstant rector f st James church, Buffalo From!, Martn went to North Tonawanda where h for sev mas pastorate fve years ago, but( has contnued to serve vacant pastor-, ates, at Salamanca, Horncll, Albon^ Newark and other places 6nce tl Mrs Martn, always actve n church and phlanthropc work, has ace paned hm on practcally all of hs vstatons to the parshes he has served snce retrng from the paro chal mnstry n all of the parshes n whch the Rev Mr Martn has been th Mrs Martn has taken an acl kndly, helpful part n tho achv ot the womens and young people sj organzatons She was nterested the work of the Y W C A presdent of Autumn Chapter at the tme of her death world ol of outdoo Roch Ml Ol of leadng ho nl- uch prom wn mw ope m t tn t Natonal wlnn m R nen, nl " Ml" l : l f all w n

122 /O _ Daly Death Rol/^5^! Dr DJ, Chaff e^ Physcan Here 50 Years, Dead Dr Davd J Chaffee ded yester day afternoon at hs home, 50 South Unon street, aged 88 years The funer al wll be held from the famly home at 1 oclock tomorrow afternoon n terment wll be made at Fulton Dr Chaffee was born at Palermo, DR DAVD J CHAFFEE Oswego county, July 6, 1835 n the log cabn whch was the home of hs parent? Ab Jula Chaffee, n Chaffee receved ha educaton n a dstrct school nnd at Faley Semnary, Fulton Havng decded to be a he pu su d ha tudles!< H-red the Albany Medcal "ollege but dscontnued hs wmk there on becomng convnced of, homeopa b of medh Followng hs determnaton to prethoroughly, he entered \\ ste n Homeopathc Medcal College at Cleveland, from whch he graduated wth honors, and later ennd was graduated from the Pennsylvana Homeopathc :, Phladelpha, marred Lousa Broadwell 4, 1863 She was related to, Federalst Alexa nder Hamll- )011 sm- ded about two years ago h- - e began pra< go county, where From there he mo md one w here he pra sed about nd contln H then moved to He L daughter, M 0 c_ ],,,, one gram Hs grandfal was an ensgn Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Dr Davd J Chaffee, Well Known asf>3 Physcan, Des after Practce of ft NearlyJ l fojwjjjg Hochger Dr Davd J Chaffee ded yesterday afternoon at hs home, 50 South Unon Street, aged 88 years He was born at Palermo, Oswego County, May 6, 1835, n the log cabn whch was the home of hs parents, Abner and Jula A Chaffee Hs earlest recollecton was of movng, when 4 years old, from the log cabn to a new farmhouse Hs grandfather, Davd Chaffee, was an ensgn n the Revolutonary Army Studed Vgorously Dr Chaffee receved hs educaton n a dstrct school and at Faley Semnary, Fulton Havng decded to be a physcan, he pursued hs stud es vgorously He entered the Albany Medcal College but dscontnued hs work there on becomng convnced of the homeopathc theory of medcne Followng out hs determnaton to prepare hmself thoroughly, he en tered the Western Homeopathc Med cal College at Cleveland, from whch he was graduated wth honors, and later entered and was graduated from the Pennsylvana Homeopathc Col lege at Phladelpha He marred Lousa Broadwell March 4, 1863 She was related to the great Federalst, Alexander Ham lton She ded about two years ago Dr Chaffee began practce at Jen nngs Corners, Oswego County, where he remaned about three and onehalf years From there he moved to Farport, where he practced about sx years He then moved to Roches ter and contnued n actve practce untl a few months ago Hs work n Rochester lacked only a few months of coverng a perod of ffty years From nng of hs work he v essful and was greatly beloved by hs patents, to whom he led a personal frend as well as " ter, Mrs Cora Mar^aT^TMacLaren,^^ Former Nurse Here,// ACf, Des* n Warren, Word has been receved here that n ded M tcl fo no rly a nurse the Rochester General Hosptal, yesterday n Warren, Pa Mss MacLaren was born n Drundo, Ont ro, Canada She came to Rochester n, and began as a nrso n the Roch pta n that year, sn- graduated n M W Ml to VV ll- Sha h*s been superntendent of the 15 years Funeral of Mary Z, tal for the past Sherman Tn- funeral ol Mary Z Sherman, who ho frst nurses djnld Satths cty Mary Sherman was born n Castlo, N Y After graduatng nal School she 1 1 mm for many years, n ly lo nt to he connected wth th Womans Educatonal and,, th< Bocheater conp untl the O C Boddy and one granddaughter, Florence C Boddy The funeral wll take place at the resdence tomorrow at 1 oclock Bural wll be made at Fulton Knd ly omt flowers Fulton and Syracuse papers please copy Thos V Coughln, RealJEst ReaL Estate Man l Hs tcome Thomas W Coughln ded yesterday afternoon at hs home at 10G Alexan der street Twenty years ago, on comng to THOMAS W Rochester, Ar he : n! COUGHLN Cotjgtln was one wth the Nlaga] a > -, the hs own He was a member of Roch ll B and Councl, 178, Knghts of Columbus, Fourth Degree Assembly and also of Rochester Lodge 24, B P O E as well as a member of Rochester Club and Hunters Club of Byracus was popular n the tons to whch he! Mr Coughln leaves a sster, Mrs Catln a brother, O J Coughln of!

123 J tn-! Daly Death Ro FUNERALlAY Monsgnor x~s>/ ard OBren Offcates at Servces n St Josephs ChurchFu neral Largely Attended The funeral of James well known druggst and former head of the Rochester Baseball Company was lndd ths mornng at 9:30 oclock from the famly home, 170 North Unon street, and at 10 St Josephs Church oclock from The funeral was largely attended, representatves beng present from Rochester Councl TS, Knghts of Columbus; Rochester Lodge 24, B P O Elks; the Automoble Club of Rochester and the Chamber of Com- Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County ^ Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton TO KNGMAN _N0TT ROBNS Promnent Busness Man Des from nfluenza Follow- ^- ng Operaton FUNERAL ON THURSDAY WAS HKM) Ol VSSOCATED MORTGAGE NKsTOHS, D RECTOR OF SBLDY CO Kngman No avenue, ded last nght at Hghland j hosptal after an llness of a ft Ht death resulted from an attack >f nfluenza, followng nn operaton for appendcts On Monday evenn last week, Mr Robns attended a fmrcwell recepton to the retrng recto,,, hs church, Rev Dr Wllam A R Goodwn of St Pauls He was a> the speakers on ths occason after hs return home develops cold On Frday he was taken to the Hghland hosptal for an operaton from whch h" dd not recover The al wll be held Thursday after noon from S Pauls church Busness Man Des After Short llness // / landng Physcans n Consultaton Some of the leadng the country were called nto eon latlon by Dr Thorn hope of savng Mr Robns Thos the hospll ncluded ns of Kngman Notl Robtue, JAM1S H BUCKLEY e, also a large number of frl u hgh n d by the Rt Monsgnor Rchard OBren of vlle, a cousn of kley le John v nnd con, drecton of Prof J gtupp who The honorary b Publc Sa Bareham, Wll John Popp 1 "h" 0tt ry " and ry,, t, Utful Donald Guthre 0 \, merly assocated wth the M Brothers clnc al Rochester, Mnn, and Dr 11m v r, <r Syracuse m sty Medcal -ohool Members of he famly and q s wore summoned to the hosptal last n Khl Those at edslde when death came > brother-n-law, John R Sbley; hs cousns, Anne O Wlls and V\ Benson, Mr and Ms r O, Spencer Mr and Mrs dot Frost, and Mr and Mr* Donald amplell Hs sster, Mrs G, W Fsleeck, and her husband, started from Florda, when notfed of hs llness, bul dd not reach here before Mr Kobns ded Graduate of Harvard Mr Robns was born n Watervlle, M son of Re\ Dr Henry E Robns, provdent ol Colby Meg- ml t one tme nn Bap tst church n Rochest r and tme on the faculty ol Then; came to Rochester n 191 he was graduate, from Harvard un- ;y, a few year later he was marr >> Sbley, daugl nl RufUS A Sh Ever snce hs advn n Mr Robns has be ud prmnen n ts busness affars He took over the busness whch hs father jhad started and d" < d ll nto tho Assocated Mortgaj wth offces n every large ctj n he coun try At the tme of n- death M Robns was and presdent of ths M organzaton, tlve n n ns oth<,,, tll,,,,,f, phlanthropc natun eludng the recent campagn fo,, for the expanaon of H nd Ho pathlc ho,,-,, veers Mr l;"1,lnh w" ms chun MCe commttee Dre<tor of Slblej < ompany 1 1 wa-- second ", ter of (!o r h dh the Blbley, La urer of th pany, form rlj p eeldenl an bs death member ol th managers of the Hghland hoe] " f m Rey m the Farm Mo - : nkers Assocaton of He wa,1< mum, > h, outsde Of H" and n - Hull lng eorporatln and the vv C Mo u, bol b of Mlwaukee, V

124 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County ^rmm-eb K T Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton SNDAY VXuTy *^_ Once P^nT^sUran andobservatow He Founded Varner Observatory As t Looks To-day

125 1 1 -, _ Central Lbrary of Rochester and y Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton HULBERT H WARNER, FOUNDER OF OBSERVATORY AND FRST CHAMBER HEAD, DEAD AT 8! Promnent Fgure n Poltcs Here Durng Last Century Passes Away at Hs Home n Mnneapols PROMNENT MEN WLL DO HONOR ^TOK NROBNS To Be Honorary Bearers at Funeral; Sbley Store / ^Wll Close DEATH WDELY MOURNED //s Hulbert H Warner, founder of the Warn rvatory n Eas! avenue, frst presdent of the Rochester l hambe amerce, and thrty years ago a promnent fgure n the busm poltcal lfe of Rochester, ded yesterday mornng a( 2:30 oclock n Mnneapols after an 11 y,>0 months, aged 81 yea Unversty Trustees and Store Drectors Prase Hs Worth as Ctzen He ^"J "^ ^ the An :,,:;,;ll,,,, smt vaa Warner Sal*- <nro Company, whch man for 11 taned a medcal manufacturng estab tamng- organc,, lshment n %\ hat wns the t- large hnlfjng ertd n Bt Paul Btreet product of ths frm -was Bold over : large part of the world, branch agences beng mantaned n England, n varous counf Europe, and n Australa Mr Warner was one of the large u, of the perod 1889 h,1 1, eats n cure to an Kna agency for the Bale of ted an a large staff of men under hs dr employed n vendng these whch were manufactured by a Cncnnat frm Had Large Art Collecton Profea manj - fourt " wth the ad 1 the Rod," J*1? dj*vered Mlll bj n, mll mo Swll, U M-rva,,,-,,,, later was abandoned :"T Md the,-,, Mr Warner was ntensely nterested,!", growth "ty, and Mr Warner realzed a 1 rem 1 proft from hs medcne bu ad he traveled wdely, accumulatng a large and Rochester Chamber of Comm valuable collecton of ol pantngs ff,,,,, l ; (( Kaal avenue and Goodman a org! 1,,, 1 street, wa e tn served untl the end of the fol "f Roch M to all n" 11< ow Warner Observ -y, whch enterpm,,,, contrbuted stll t KJas avenue and Arnold,j,:,,,,,n,,,, m, ( { park, waa bull bj Mr Warner n 1879 for Professor Lews Swft, an a of Rochester, who was noted for h covery of nunb Was ctlve n Poltcs Swft, wth h< ad of a telescope nnall enough to be carred from place t place h wth covered n mnd" ulthoug Republl u tcket, M \\ j -\\ ; bull wth, the agreelnenl th t the people of U The buldng h usng the n d,1 m estmated $100,000 l 1 of v hte Medna one, rough a hlar and throughout wth nat )n fell 1 by A 1 \n 1 < rdge, and """ he moun _ m addtonal $13,000, for n long perod tn tupped the pub of the buldng, \ the d fro WurT for h lm -m nl \ arded P gk(j for thc of the on, located b wraged Dscovers of Com Republcan party v le wan :h antl-platl man _ \\ Udrdg 11 M " Hh opp Aldrd h the la date On Wn n- 1 1, delegate ly Repub n 1884 he chart red - make to the conve later h k the del and agan n 8W he wn u deb 1" gate he conventon m- Wllam MeKnlej Phlad ] 1 Rochester b left Roch m- h past l, the Uu The funefsl of Kncrman Nott Robns, "lon and treasurer of the As- Mortgage Tmxstors and well known fgure n busness and cvc lfe, wbo on Monday nght of complcatons re- Dg from an attack of ltuenza, wll take place to-morrow afternoon t k from St Paul* Epscopal church n st avenue Bshop Brent, Wllam A : Good rn, D former rector of St Pauls Ohurch, wll Men from all branches and lllsll: body n n orarj a ll be -c p 1 <anadale, Kends te, Benjamn B Rhees, Thomas B Ry< d B \\ w ard Wllam R l> D Mner, Charles w 9 SM ) t Alng, >ougl Cook, and Wll Th> Sllr Frends Actve Hearers (am nnd A 1 Warner ad M B Thomas Moulson, ttarrj 0 P Parley J Wthngton, Watkn Frederc know ton Poulkes wll be ush Mr Ro "11 known th out the country and ho < w bo knew hm wll be n r the funeral, among whom BJ Mxter am Mr am Ms Throop Wlder, of Bul Walter Glfford hck, of n Cook, of w have been the country and fro bj Mr Ro the vm ot the Sh! pany adopted r< Supporter of nlveralt) That adopted by h** as trustee and the lv" :Mm Mr ablty an< nl con tde whch that wth pted by the d [ the C r c E - - c c?nd w ben f h < -nn; ll, he found 1 wth where M Wa bqld fll n c E!S South G He v

126 the, and B >4 ASSOCATES N FNAL TRBUTE TO MR ROBNS / V olutons - LOST A VALUED FREND GAVE SERVCES FREELY TO COMMUNTY N MANY TJNES OF CTVC ENDEAVOR The funeral of Kngman Nott Rob ns, who ded Monday nght at the Hghland hosptal, wll take place to-morrow afternoon from St Epscopal church at 230 ocock Pauls The actve bearers wll be: F Harper Sb ey, Donald Campbell, Ellott Frost Fletcher Steel and A J Warner Sbey, Lndsay and Curr Drectors Adopt Res- The honorary bearers wll be: Edwm-,1 11 rre, Herbert P Lansdae, Kendall B Castle, Benjamn B Chace, Dr Rush Rheee; Thomas B Ryder, Roland B Woodward, Granger A -ter Dr Wllam R Taylor, Ed ward G Mner Charles W Smth, E Allon Stebbns, Joseph T Alng, Doug-las P Cook, of Worcester, Mass, Wlum A hck, of Boston, Mass The ushers wll be >nald M Beach, Thomas G Moulson, Hnrv O Poole, y J Wthngton Watkn Kneath, Frederc K Knowlton, Dous S olll At a Bpeclal meetng of the dlrecof the Sbley, Lndsay & Curr of whch Mr Robns was a ber, the followng mnute was adopted: "t la not wthn thr lmtatons of on that he should be spared to carryvon the work; ho v> mted wth n so many; Flled Broad Sphere n Couasvmty Mr Robns was endowed wth a cularly clear, analytc mnd, uly traned Markedly success ful n buldng up thr busness hs tll-!- had founded, hs ablty and the human mnd to solve thc mystertth To those who know Kngman Xott Robns, there ment we n many other He waa precl- of the ndvd sblloommunltj n whch he lved, am responded cheerfully to the mands for hs servces Few; young men have flled a broader sphere n Rochester touched ts Ufa many dfferent angles "Mr : sessed a sngxlarly Hs frends only lm the number of n who dd not know hm personally hm, deepl w ot Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton "n the death of Mr Robns th ors of ths company have lost a most valued busness assocate and To hs m warm personal frend medate famly we extend out wo* cerest sympathy" The board of drectors of the Y M* C A and of Hghland hosptal met to-day and adopted memorals on tho death of Mr Robns They extolled hs servces to both organzatons and formal expresson of sympathy to hs famly dnnrve to a bostf of frends outsde of hs n tmate famly crcle and busness as socates He was a successful busness man, but far better than that he was a successful Amercan ctzen n the fnest sense of the term n personal, as well as n busness relaton and n publc affars, he enjoyed the confdence and em of all those who possessed hs acquantanceshp t can truthfully be sad that he was cut down n the flower of hs usefulness He had made hs way rapdly snce comng to Rochester n 1007, and besdes beng the presdent of an mportant fnancal concern, was arrve n many organzatons and was dentfed wth many publc enterprses He took a promnent part n the recent hosptal drve, as he had n other smlar cam pagns n the past He was an offcer of the Chamber of Commerce, treasurer of the Unversty of Rochester a drector of the Securty Trust Company, a for mer presdent and at the tme of hs death a member of the Board of Mana gers of the Hghland Hosptal, treasurer of the Provdent Loan Socety, and secretary of the Reynolds Lbrary, n addton, he wns dentfed wth prom nent busness enterprses outsde of Roche But ths hasty, sketch of h and publc eonn nnt do justce to hs dean-cul character, hs hgh deals, or the splendd example, whch he set for others Hs career lfflton to any young man v, ho ous of makng the most 0f hs natural gfts and of beng of real servce to the com munty There are compensatons for hs early leso n Hp though! tha he made he most of hs lme, that he lved a full well-rounded lfe, and tha nether he nor those attached to hm ever lnl any occason for mournng over wasted years Lfe to hm was an opportunty whch he employed to the utm- ead of permttng heavj busness responsbltes to narrow hs outlook, he found more tme for publc servce than man wn, are concerned only wth petty affars, and yet who plead that thej have no tme for anythng outsde the lh round Hs memory wll be chershed by all who came n contact wth hm n any way and hs name wll he m on the scroll of tho*, who reflect honor on the ctv of ther home GROUPS EXPRESS REGRET AND LAUD LFE OF ROBNS Trustees of Chamber Prase Record of Late Second /, Vce-presdent m /-<*-&- ^_/^g> FUNERAL TO BE TO-DAY Bshop Davd Lncoln Ferrs h>- to Have Charge of Servce at St Pauls Church Bshop < ha 111 home he, ase of llness and w l he ade to offcate at the fune: na Nbfl Robns, whch wll be held ths noon ul 2 :30 oclo k al St Pauls opal < hurch Suffragan B Hurray Bartlel t presdent of Hobarl llege, Rev Wllam A R G v n,!? 1 > n Paul al wll be Resolutons,,n, nued lo en md organzatons Mr Robns had come nto contact A of the Bo the Chamber of Commerce yest Pr Lous S Foulk a called upon the bref nt honor of Roland B, ll of Mr Robns n wn "he has served tbe Rochester Chamber n \ > "Man mportanl have had leadershp" 1020 n "n la m to the Board hamber und n >< ber, 1021 lent l seed of Educaton Robns buton n hs ( lmmber of < ora beleved pr nornm d\\, \ mercan n He losl un opportuntj to urg he resolul ntlee and n nre the Board of Dn l C A m 11 oelo M Bndowmenl l on Valuable Busness Vewpont polces "" ght a sngly vauarvsy well neral Kave l ngrudsclj to Hosptal ::n,,-, l> Shed, three

127 " came MRS AUGUSTA COOKE DES _AT CTY HOME Of One of the Oldest and Fnest Famles n, State A PATRON OF CHARTES wth her Husband, a noted lawyer, she was actve n lfe of the cty There passed, wth the death to-day of Augusta W Cooke, wdow of Mar tn W Cooke, former promnent law yer n ths cty and a member of Rochesters lterary crcle, one who had played a promnent part n socal lfe and phlanthropc affars n ths communty n her death passed one of the now rapdly growng lmted number of chl dren of poneers, and the daughter of two lnes of ancestry that reached n ther ramfcatons back through :he hstory of Connectcut to ds tngushed famles n France and Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Her great grandfather, Tmothy Buell, an offcer n the Revolutonary war, was one of the earlest settlers of Ontaro county, whle her mater nal grandmother was also dentfed wth the earlest hstory of Western New York Tmothy Buell, great grandfather of Mrs Cooke, came from Goshen, Conn, an early settler of East Bloomfeld, where members of the famly stll lve n the homestead bult by hm The famly was repre sented n the War of the Revoluton by several members who fought both as offcers and ln the ranks The fam ly can trace ts descent from Governor Wells and from John Mason, an Amer can commander, major of Colonal forces for thrty years, deputy gov ernor of Connectcut and chef judge of the Colonal court of that state from 1660 to 1670 Major John Ma son was n command of the force of Englsh and ndans sent aganst the Pequot ndans, and has a place ln hstory as the conqueror of these peo ple He told the story of the Pequot war n a bref hstory he prepared and whch long snce became an au thorty on ths phase of New Eng lands contentons wth the varous n dan trbes Of Famous Famly Mrs Cookes maternal grandfather was Jared Boughton, a descendant of John Boughton, a French Hugo drven to Englarfd durnp the persecu ton of the Huguenots He was a son of the Marqus de Chantlly, and hl3 brother, Noel, was a marshal of France under Lous XXV, fo ffteen years/ John Boughton reman short tme ln England and then, for ths country, landng at Boston n 1635 He was th- founder of the Amercan branch of the Boughton famly hton, grandfather of Mrs Cook from Btocteb vnn, n 1788, and was t the ndan councl whoh n tho Phelps and Gorham purejnae As soon ns were made, wth hs tether and hs broth er of sx mles square n whnt s now the t unshp of vctor H hm self on Wha1 s now known Hough She was for many years a member of the board of managers of the Rochester Orphan asylum, now the Hllsde Home for Chldren She was a member of thc Rochester Hlatorlcal socety and as already noted, was a charter member of rondequot chapter, D A R, and ts regent for a tme From ts founda ton she was voe-presdent and a superveor ot the Homeopathc hosptal, and presdent of ts tranng school for nurses Mr and Mrs Cooke had three chlf]rpn Delafleld, who ded n chldhood; harlot to, wh was the wfe of Captan rdman Smth, who dnl at th* 23, and Katherne wfe f th \\ t Butts, who suher mother afternoon at 880 oclock AsY^3 Mrs" r>ora 8Hacoek Hasllp / 7 Mrs, Dors H years Saturday at th" famly honr> en Uembera of Mrs n the lon Dearly century She wns born lv V ber parenta beng James 0 Hlscock and,\ Worden,, poneer n nl m 1 n H publc r rled Job b b 17T4, lved a 6tor f t pa /sr ton hll, the se of m ndan - and a ml 1 1 m h m - of a rmt m- For J earn g*l ea1 mt - "Mtered n Boughton hll, and tors frequent! of tho ndlam lous/hton bull hs houf hll n t1"- shadow of a great tre tmes th tho ne, - n - ctlve n t n> M wth h " o heal rled "tn W Tool Mrs Augusta W Cooke England Members of these famlee, both n ther lands of orgn and n Amerca played conspcuous and mertorous parts n the chroncles of ther days and left neffacable recrdeath came to Mrs Cooke to-day, oftpr a very bref llness, at the horn; of her daughter, Mrs J DeVVtt Butts, e sh- waa JhFortsmout vrn n East Bloomfeld, N Y on 1^1 a daughter of Mart- JSlt er and Edna Boughton Buell, and,h her parents removed to Roche- Tern chldhood, and here had snce Sde her home Mrs Cooke had fo^d reason to be of her anproud *,nd rv and fo,leaal *e took n rondequolt ch Tk n of whch sh4 was a charter nnd for a tlnjs r^-nt Sember wa the 1 Rochester, of whch he b trustee nnd he " ers of the N< w aton and was ts Y"u st meraty of on of the found tgtt*1,, Mr Cooke was an enthuala stud- nl and waa a ShakespeH ber of the Shakespeare socety of New " ",r- York, of the AuthO Fortnghtly dub Mr and Mrs Cooke Wra hl-ntlfled wuh the sodsl and chartable M?L cty """ were awont the lea Q 0f the nnvlts f0f " n many ""rel Of 1 ""1"" " amelloral "",",,, oor untl u n, J m mm d Mrs to th< :nblw ---

128 - work - LE GRAND BROWN, WELL KNOWN DEPUTY^ CTY ENGNEER, EXPRES AT GENERAL^ H HOSPTAL FOLLOWNG BREF LLNES Grand Brown, deputy Cty Englareer snce July 1 919, ded ths morn - at tho (Jeneral Hosptal afl llness <f ten days Mr Brown was ly known as a enced engneer an skllful am exper had been n charge "f Ere <anal subway and rapd ructon work 1 eath v hemorrhage f tn- bra n Mr Brown has had stomach tn a number of years After hs t"- moval n th*e hosptal, physcan n- ly X-ray photographs tha ulcers had formed n the stomach and, on was d ken place urdaj hut m L th ml: on hs bran bursl Tueedaj nght, causng hs - Maj u \ n / rnw hm n :a sprts a tha m March, mm found and expressed hlm- <M he ra lwaj At the tn ta k n LU M 1KOW \ Sou u Mr Browns father \\s one the bulders of the State Lne Ralroad, whch later became the Buffalo Ro hester am Pttsburgh The elder Brown was apponted a commssoner n examne n- lasl secton of 1 1 Northern Pacfc Ralroad bj P denl Arthur n lscs:; LeGrand conpaned hs father to the Pacf nst m tha tme and was presen when spke ol the road Wn drven LeGraml m own receved a com school educaton and attended the n! versty ot er n * _ he began enghe m, m m h chel nl ( n arm Hell Ral road \ h s rel urn lrnn : le went lo Florda wth Mr Grant and opened an off Enterprse, later dong work for th Jacksonvlle Tampa and Hey We Ralroad He returned to Monroe Mn; Mn gg fo 1 ; a partnershp at Bcottsvlle wth l l> R all n ln coal nl m( busne M Brown Mas n poj ed a engne r on lo< be Roch branch the Lfehgh Vall lb- opened an Rochester n 1890 md was employed "l the Roch Ra llwa; ompa nj w hen the ch made Cro electr mo \ power, n he sprng of l St he was chel engneer of th Vew Beach Ralroad, now the t m lne l acted an chel for the Ro besl e a w a lompan up n 1892 am h L891, was eng Eml Kuchlng, n cl onn from n n the cty, The lm 23 mles lo Mr h own ma n n,-, offc a consul! ng engneer al S reel for a number m varou 890 a m 906 wa slt Buffalo porl m ml Rochester Ralroad for he vllage of fro :h4 t o 906 am engneer for \ a rou ralroads, He was n the mountan Lged n engneern w nn San - rancl des clothes, whch n a San hotel, were bu Promnent Ralway Engneer n urn n :n::, m, r()u n -4neer fo, umne n Calforna 1 1 manta n- et al San onsultng engneer from to and durh lorl Soul hern Pacfc a nd No All Frw n a n- bach l Roch n 1 n n and was an expert on -lllv!l w nl """ :- d voted hs "n Plonaer \ r l ow n s Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton and sn to he d transl n 1881 Mr m w M n da ugh late \ D Hall of Ro at th lah n H m S w 1 1 MAYOR PAYS HGH TRBUTE TO DEAD ENGNEER Says Death of Le Grand Brown s rreparable Loss z^ to he Cty ~ N CHARGE SUBWAY R R WDE EXPERENCE AS RALROAD BULDER DED N HOS PTAL EARLY TO-DAY "Le Grand Browns deaths s an r reparable lose to the cty," sad Mayor Van Zandt to-day, of Le Grand Brown, deputy cty engneer, who "aly to-dr,y at Cleneral hosptal "We wll not fnd a man who can fll hs place as he rlled t As engneer n charge of the subway, he lterally lved and dreamed subway, so ceen was hs nterest n hs work ctys loss s great, and m great, for 1 knew hm well, and hm" Mr Brown had been ll for se weks but hs llness was not con -d red of a serous nature untl yes terday when he had a hemorrha^ Mayor Van Zandt vsted hm at the hosptal on Tuesday nght, and re d fndng hm n < ch rful mood "ll n U 1st," d n, referrlr he nw aj p o w n h specflca mm he nclude the rallw a Eastern end of he M" w HtrH u m! rm t s reel to the Ro< heete Was son of Poneer Mr Brown n ll ), l X63, tho second 0 ; of rj o* D, - poneer n \ nl,\,\ k am o ganlzer of ^ h he Rochestc m " ne ralroad n,w a par o he Buffalo, Rochester and a common srhool "dm and Hum nded ater n 1 RR 1 - tme chef o of t he B< h ral m d nhcrltlng h road- B n llroad bullde " r h was wth the Jacksonvlle, 1 \\ s mll ond bll va r o branch of the 1 \ lev* : lne HAD WDE EXPERENCE N RALROAD BULDNG LEGRAND BROWN Deputy Cty Engneer n Ohargc of Constructon <u Suhwaj Ralroad, wn ><( To-day Pl Many ^ ears n Oltj Servce m Julj M n them untl hs l He start -rneer n rlrrj;o,,: mk condut constructed from or prohh tha of v t ructon u" th M oug H th made d p (,,;,,! ol -omplfttert and M Ml r s, - all Brown leaven hs wfe, M Brown; om B, Hrn n f School of Journalsm nf the and tn Pun ral ofesaor n \rrhaeolo; Mr \, W

129 lncss Garden bldrtn f LAST TRBUTE PAD KNGMAN ^JOTT ROBNS Funeral Servces Held at St Pauls Church Ths j Afternoon _ DR GOODWN OFFCATES SUFFRAGAN BSHOP FERRS! MAKES CLOSNG PRAYER MEMORALS ADOPTED mpressve funeral servces w e held ths afternoon n St Pauls Epscopal church East avenue, tor Kngman Nott Robns, flnancte phlanthropst who ded Monday nght at Hghland hosptal followng a bref llness Men who had assocated wth Mr Robns n hs fnancal enterprses, those who had worked wth hm n the drecton of j the communtys phlanthropc enter-, prses and many of St Pauls parshloners, where he had been an actve hurch offcal, assembled to pay hm a last trbute v Before the body was taken to the church t n prayers at the house n the presence of the famly Mrs Kngman Notl Robns, Dr Ed ward R Sbley, John Sbley, Mrs; Bsleeck, Walter Benson and Wlls Thc funeral processon was nthe entrance to St ran church by tho offcatng clergy and the vested chor am recessonal the chancel The chor sane "1 nl of >aj the processon took ts way up he mnn asle of the church, Dr Goodwn Opens Servce Central / Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County \<\<- Hearer* Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton F Harper Thomas G Slencer, r>onald Campbell, Elol Frost, Fletcher Steele \ J Warner The usher* were Donald M Reach, Thqmas G Moulson Harry O Poole, Parley Wthngton Watkn Kneath, Frederck K Knowlton Lous S Poulkes and Buell P Mlls Among those from out of town were Mr and Mrs ODonnell selln of New Vork cty, Walter Gfford of Now York, Wllam C Chck of Boston, Mass, Douglas P Cook, Worcester, Mass; Paul A Dagener of New Vork, Mr and Mrs Throop Wlder Buffalo; Mrs W J Mxter, Boston Mass; Earl Mount, Mnneapols, and Fletcher Steele, Bos ton Members of the faculty and hoard of trustees of the Unversty of Ro ter were amonjc th tt at the servces The drectors of the Memoral Art Gallery met to-day and adopted < memoral to Mr Robns The Cham ber of Commerce took smlar acton At a spectal meetng of thc board m trustees of ho Securty Trust Company of Rochester, held February S, 19^3, the followng resoluton was adopted: t s wth unusual sorrow th*: record the death, on February 4th, of our assocate Kngman Nott Robns Although one of the youngest of our number, Mr Robnn had been ber of ths board snce March 20, 1919, and had won both our respect and our sncere frendshp He was so attractve n personalty, effcent n busness and clean n lfe, that t was no surprse tha te was rapdly and deservedly makng hs way to tho front rank, not only ln busness crcles, but also n the uplftng and helpful enterprses whch tend to make our cty notable throughout the land He lved no eelflsh lfe, for he was always cheerfully responsve to the many demands made upon hm Tor counsel and assstance and unfalterng ln hs loyalty to the hgh both mess and ln prvate lfe We extend our sncere vm]t Mrs Robns, fm we can apprecla a small d< least, what,,,, hs pa T _n eft EATH CLAMS^3 DANEL ANTHONY "Danel M Authon ded al tll deuce, 278 Kenwood A> noon M 5 oclock, aged 86 years, 10 months ml days H" waa born nly Xmv York Mr Anthony, when he became of weal nto the nursery msness on --11 A Ster, and n 1858 member " the company n m : 1865, wth hs brothers, he bought out the // ; Thp op of he en ce sad by Rev Wllam A R Goodwn D D, untl recent^ rector j of tho church Then the chor the Twenty-thrd Psalm Thc l wn,,, Rev Murray Bartlett, D \y Soul" Dr Goodv n offl otnmlj tal had 10 attend thc prevented hs c Rochester to-day The honorary be Barr Rnpr, D formerly rector of St Pauls, now f)f H presdent Thc next hymn was "Th nal Bowers, followed and prayers, voced bj Dr, Goodwn The closng prayers and benedcton p la\ d Lncoln " s,,ff, hop d ll dr"ork Th Vor- Benjarrrl n Roland B 1 1 Ulster n Wllam R Mner, Charl Francklyn Ha/elgh 19& Franckl] n Burlegh, former Ro h actor ann wh known throughout he proat the New York - d l m to h* bod bom n for three mom b ly youth here - he appeared wth, ludlng Ma s ander gttn, h- ts Neth *>app n h Ol, lh, pfctu Mr 1 1"1 rnlllll resdents of Ro " Plsyed n Mnnv wth of ",,"r - th h- r n Santago and a, an cousns n nd bural to Sty n hm M NTMOHY \ r n m North Water s reel u b of h he bull) : h bul rat ng n 184 Vvenue, h he Heel n:, hun h bakng busln >* Ths bo Mv - busness he hh > nl 1 Mel,, p nk (he old Anlh" \ Wlle nl tnnd, whch baa -en tafcen nto he d hnl llll knthony, he ea\es thn \nh am Mne n^h " \ \\

130 am //o OFFCAL ASSOCATES SHOCKED AT DEATH OF DEPUTY CTY ENGNEER Chef of Constructon of Ralroad n Canal Bed Had Notable Career - Funeral for LcGrand Brown, deputy ctj engneer, who ded yesterday mornng al the Genera] Hos ptal, wll he held to-morrow after at 2 oclock frn Mount Hope ebapfl ;," ed bj t Francs C Woodward, rector ol Grace >pal < Hnr-h ot Seottsvllc, oflcals am representatves of the fraternal bodes o Nvhcb -Mr " wns a member wl attend tne scrruc, Mr Brown had Lad long experence n ralroad buldng and transport&toe H through tn and n party ot" the ned Status He the author ot a textbook on ral- was nay 1 tran operaton t - n nnny foregn countres as well as n the Unted States More recently Mr Brown, wth the ttle of depuh cty engneer, had "en ooptru1 engneer n charge of esters $r,00g,qq0 ndustral and rapdtranst subway ralroad n canal bed He was >> Fnal llness Urel Mr Brownes llnos had bee duraton and h- death name fl to hs offcal uul large sum LE GRAND BROWN ler of frends On Tuesday evenng Mayor Van Zandl vsted hm am pleased tn learp tha he was much, mproved Frst Worked for ( ty n 1881 Hs physcans stated that they Would oterate m T About SM he frst wa! by trouble the cty to buld the second eod,ul n 1 1ne for several day to the < n cty from Hemlock lake He hal patent to gafa strength, charge th-- laj ng nch lne nc "ll he job on Mnr,, Mr lrv, he became chef the M n v nr \ an Zandt Rochester Rnwa Company am was n > Wednesdaj mornng Mr rwn charge nf tn work o transformn suffered a stroke and thereufl road n an ele le nnlt the <f by Pr J m U net Wnk 0f l :n k,s l he four -al physcan, am H nl He e,,-l M rogate Selden S Sr,r the R rh "-ter,v Grand \ Brown, a brother, wn lne had bl was n lne to Slllnlervlle to hs bedsde at :15 o H Wlle Cty, the Rohrslr St Sms terdaj mornng engnes m n Professon Forl> \ 1 l-mrl & M Brown had been an n getc worker n forty yea n un trng, eothusl knew m< real He,,n October 19, lv" D S Brown, who was nterested n who nt one tnu lent,f le Ro n" er rntl- hron l - < " Bl ov, u \,, h t the Rochester Prntng l Ml H lllll palrn father, \ h orgs am lsv p runng wth \ 1 n Hal Lne rlo n ter Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton He n lr Brown was agan em ployed l>v the cty f-r a tme to make lle He ncdental to th/ constructon of palroad n [ am n years, UP tl g between ctes am, o\er th" ehnlle t allef] to Recto " H Be ren,,,, )m, ntended cvl engm aled upon bm, row< a he S,,,,1,, aelfle am,,,) am] often / Edwn A Fsher, consultng cty eng neer, nml on February 1st of that year to make a detaled study of the possbltes of oper atng a muncpal ralroad n the bed of the old Ere canal Ths was at the tme when sentment for such an m provement was crystallng, and t was shortly after the slate had announced ts ntenton of abandonng the oll anal Cased Adequate Chan Hs report was on enlghtenng tl" nhltes of the mprovement am was ne) hy other 1 here to look nto the project On account of [hs famlarty wth the worh he was ap ponted deputy ctj OB -nly 1 1m; am g structon m charge of the con He was engaged n ths work up to th" tme "f hs death Mr Brown worked untrngly on the prelmnary plans, and when actual con stnuton WSJ started about a year go he much lme along the route, lendng a helpng hand here, a bt of advce there all 6f whch went toward the effcency "l the work Hs wde experence n ralroad constructon was of great advan tage and t ws hs practcl judgment Unt dscerned the mpossbltj of swngng regular freght or Pullman cars around he bent at the South avenue end of the duct He formulated the plans for wdenng the curve so that the cars could he operated safely Taken Year Ago Aboul a year ago just pror to startng trp lo the Pacfc coast to attend a a meetng of the Amerca n -on of Engneers, of whch he was a Mr rw n e p- neel a b - attack f stomach trouble He \ he n- of a party comp ty En gneer < Arthur Pool am] Glostev V Hevenor, offce engneer of he Cty De part men of Engneerng, but wa uhle to make the trp h-e f he llness H hat " been serouslj ll snce tha tme, bul kept gong "m hs nerve" Hs work on ubwaj projeel allj atdu : OUB, but he reman despte h- poo he The book "" whch Mr Brown W6 Jont uu ho w th \\ llu Nchols, mun of he Board ol Ej n emploj ees, and h tlm Soulh n Rah tlled "Tran lshed frst n Aprl 1916, but ha through several edton l l regarded ns the standard manual for ralroads am whch all th he ch! ry, llel n (he Roch n Fraternal Onb: Mr Brown w:ts 1 the f Chester Chapter of nemg S the A, of Engneers He also was " tn- toch U Lawrence Mason <(, le heater ont, u > r Ma md Damascu Shr nl nth, organsatons, ncludng the Roch er of the un 1lllpter,,t the New \rk SH ; n t he ^\ hngton lub M Brown! garet E Brown : daughter, Ma Brown, both of brothers Surrogate Selden S Brown, l Scottsvlle, am wbo f,,r twenty-fve,, n,,,,,,, wth the New Vork rm,, and a Lllan R" w Hall, 0f No 10 Pnroad le untl 1919 Hs, he \,,, VaHe\ Ralroad "rdge, MUy0r Hram l

131 FRENDSBEAR Murraj W M 1 \ Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks K Collecton N ROBNS TO GRAVE / //4 Ths photograph was taken yesterday afternoon at the funeral of Kngman casket was beng carred from St Pauls Epscopal Church nfter the servce there, Bob "Those Eternal Bowet " followed dw n The closng rn nd bened then by Bshop \ r t n nf KN S MPRESSVE * The llllllllal a Mounl l lope terj rend by l Goodwn, n the presence of The nor l decora! s : le b ted of jarl of the Robn,,, \ he 1 1 lends and admrer ol m edomnam t he throughout the land Ft< Large Numbers of Frends Gather at St Pauls n o R b hm! falterng Fnal Trbute lnn, He " r B Ryder, Rolana B Kngman Notl ondurted 5 1 Wllam A R < loodfl n, llll ll \l,,,,, Th -, Granger \ Hpll ter, lo D D; Edward < Smth, Edwn Allen h T Alng, Dougl P Wllam C Ch and!> l ) m the! :,, bs hom n Bull Buell P M of pray ml; H >b n Dr, Edward Sbley John Sbh Mr and m am AllMf? fltten and \\ l lam d l\ and M Tl The buldn

132 " nuel Zo DR RUSH RHEES PENS MEMORAL TO K N ROBNS o 4 Hgh Trbute Pad to Mem r ory by? Unversty Presdent of -_- PUBLC SPRT LAUDED SERVCE TO COMMlMTY NSP RATON TO 1OW CTTZEX8; CTYS LOSS GREAT Trbute to Kngman Nott Robns who ded ths week after a bref l ness, was penned to-day by Dr Rush 1 Uheps, presdent of the Unversty of Rochester Hs flpf sentment follows: "The death nf Kngman Nott Robns has brought so greal a loss to our cty that l venture t" prlvl yng*a word concern ng hm through your columns My assocatons wth hm as trustee am treasurer of the Unversty of Roch ester have been ntmate death means to the unversty 1 What hs shall not undertake to express But do want to record my admraton nf the man, and my grateful apprecaton of hs character of mnd and heart "Mr Robns had cne of the wenesl mnds have known, quck n acton ful m analyss, thorough n thnk ng, an clea r n conclusons le modest, but forceful Hs opl rather than hs nsstence upon t car red weght Hs prme ntellectual nter m questons of ecom whch he thought run scentfcally than mosl of us are wllng or able to do f was much mpressed wth th- need for an understandng of fundamental economc laws by all our ctzens and at th s n- tme was eager for con ment n human rel- 11 partes to eco nc undertakngs H n the Rochester Chamber of Commerce am bj mpathy "Mr nt of such ntellr CuMr sprh Prased Robns was one of the most Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / "f we measure hs publc,\ qualty rather than length, C has gven o few of our communty ve as fully as he n bs; sho t ser\ ce lfe Hs memory s a challenge to us who are left lo sc<-k HkO hgh of servce and lke nspraton therefor" Thc Provdent Toan socety has adopted a memoral to ~SU-?obns For many years he was treasures of He organzaton DEATH TAKES ^THE AGE OF 103 Was Born n Germany After Napoleonc Wars ; r- o Cty at 52 Came nlla John /\f f\\lj oll Rutz, one of the/ohlcs men, not only n Rochester, but n the country, ded yesterday at hs lwfne No 118 Alphone s rent, at the age of 1U_ two funeral wll be beldtu rnoon at 2:3U oclock from (he hom eldest daughter, Mrs Emma No 474 Clfford avenue Bural wll be n Mount Hope 111 the perod of readjustment and re construct -n after the Napoleonc wars, w nl hav< ponee sprt, that he pulled up slakes and brought bn famly lo \ settled n Rochester Here n became a carpenter and bulder, reefng a buld ng at Clfford and Central av< era! frame dwellngs n Kelly and Alex ander streets, the chapel n Ale street near the canal, and Salem Church n Frankln street He followed ths trade for twelve years and then went nto the saloon and grocery busn The years were good to hm and up to the very last he enjoyed excellent health Although hs hearng was slghtly m pared durng the last few years, hs eye sght was stll strong and he enjoyed readng the newspapers every day n addton to dong the lght chores about the house Tobacco apparently dd not shorten hs lfe, he sad, for he smoked sx or eght cgars a day besdes a cur ously old ppe, staned deep wth age and use He made a practce of rsng at 8 oclock n the mornng and never retred before 10 oclock at nght Hs wfe ded on November , and a son, Adam P Rutz, ded n Octo ber of the same year Two other chld ren ded some years ago, but at the tme of hs dealh he stll had a large famly to gather about hm on hs brthdays and at other celebratons He s sur vved by three sons, Walter Lea and Frank Rutz; three daughters, Mrs Em ma Versprella, Mrs C A Renhardt and Mrs da Ernsse ; eght grandchld ren and seven great grandchldren CTY OFFCALS HONOR MEMORY Lany Act as Bearers at F u n e r a 1 of LeGrand Brown, Whle Engneer ng Dept s Closed All Day Resolutons Adopted The f 0,, m md Bra former ueputj - Thn Church, d r 1 1 Sen; ]: \\ HMllW el 1 1 " publc-sprted men n our com mnute All good cut mght hs ldp :nl hs COtnsel So : 1 Was hs n to all calls tha n le for 1 um r "- burdens whch hs publc Hue "Th hs actvtes s p St a ll unv nterests on tha tho Mho m Um,, er Hon tayo \ h Zandt, Arthur POO sna, mffy, John P M M s,,r,,,,1 Wllam J le to Am Devoton Deep) Rooted room JOHN RTJTZ nth usel The John RutZ was born L820 J acre at t, 0 Mr h1] mora ban waa wth HUant mnd domnatng P lu rmed fath ol \\ that Work at ;l vr: the Ml et E a a both den Rn

133 Vjpellate n " " FORMER JUDGE PAHENDR1CK DES, AGED l Member of Leadng Western New York Famly Once on Supreme Bench, < Frmer Supreme Court Justce, Peter A Hendrek of New York, member of a noted Western New York famly, ded n Buffalo yesterday afternoon The funeral wll be at St Brdgets Church, ths cty, Tuesday mornng al n Bural wll be n Holy Sepulchre tery Former Justce Hendrk was a gradu ate of Fordham Unversty He frst prac tced law n Auburn, where he became cty attorney Gong to New York, he Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Justce Hendrek was a member of a famly whch held a leadng poston for many years n the relgous, poltcal socal lfe of Western New Y<rk 15 born n Penn Van, July 8, 18nN He was abrother of Monsj ph W AY Hendrek rector ot the Church <>f St Francs DeSales, Geneva and lean of hs dstrct Ha sster s Sster Lucreta Hendrek, of ths cty H s survved by hs wfe, who was Jula Sherwood, of Rochester Was Brother of Cpunsul-General Another noted brother, who ded four or lve months age, was Colonel Mchael W Hendrek, for many yean* n the Unted States dplomatc servce Colonel Hendrcks frst consulate was at Belle vlle, Om, where h< served fourteen years, later becomng consul-general ;n Norway and Germany At the tme death he was statoned at Wndsor, Cana da Stll another brother was Bshop Thomas Hendrek, one-tme rector of St Brdgets Church and member of the Slate Board of Regents He wns the trst Amereur go to the Phlppnes after the slands were taken over by the Unted States, ll ago ;nh ded, SERVCES FQR% P A HENDRCK JBE BED HERE Former Supreme Court Jus tce Bured n Holy Sepul chre Cemetery, Followng Rtes at St Brdgets Church The gene J f emn hgh msjls John /Zl ( nn 7- Daly Death Roll Francldyn Hurlegh, /y/- Former Actor Here, Des n New York 14n^> ten rrf ester actor and w< U know n thr out th n Roc youth here, 13 born Takng to the stage, ho John G ernn t he Mary Anderson, the H Englsh act whom he orgnal company of "A Valentne" and n and thc ra was wth the " C "Tho llah plaj ng w th ng ts New York run and ts lory? ca nt years h work n wth Wllllarn Pnrnum one of the poneer of Rochester, lvng ves two b m t, ot! B becan PETER A HENDRCK en, and later help le law frm of OBren, Durham v Hendrk, whch dd a large busness OBren was tago, and nu n Ro n ter 1 and ht n nl t Vork cty whch Mr Hendrk 1 1 \l, tfurph many Hall, dur str rng d (ranted Jury Tral to Thaw A ^?Mohn t, funblonjs^cw u hs ho one of bell tol Ml;tn M the Federal agency fo mm aw, admt b whom retu D tlsm for : Mr Cunnngn annlngham leg Cunntnghas no snter, Mrs Wandby of Wa-nn ton, / " 7y3 -? / w Dvson

134 oclock ZH END COMES FOR CENTENARAN HERE, WHO SAW FRST STEAMBOAT AND TRAN AND LVED 102 YEARS WTHOUT AUTO RDE at Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton n" a year when steamboatss were of early days, was a wonder event to chldren and adults alke stll an object of curous nterest, when steam ralroads were mostly n the Frst Auto KUlc at 102 vsonary stage, when the populaton On the celebraton of hs 102nd brthdav he enjoyed hs frst rde n f the Unted States waa just approach an automoble, even though t was ng the ten mllon mark, when Roch a snappv wnter day, and not only ester was not bg enough to be seen on enjoyed the rde, but a large brthday cake He was actve to the end maps of New York State, when Na When Mr* Rutz was 17 years of poleon was stll breathng at St Helena age he hred out to a farmer who and James Monroe was Presdent of used to pay hm %~> a year, for labor of about 17 hours a day the Unted States, John Rutz of 118 Up to the end of hs lfe yesterday / WELL KNOWN MUSCAN AT FAMLY DR ttlward M Nouwe Conducted Several Orchestras; Orgnltfd Elks B r^jlzj&* EDWARD M NOUKSE Alp ho Photo by Stom JOHN RUTZ lttle vllage n was ng v ; l car- Old h cater the l rated Photographe mornng, M r tobacco a nd thorouj > om by ppes of Lobacco, v h " en lore, old brar m a le n: Verapr 11a ol 474 CH Mrs Rose Reh da Km s Leo There d< hlldren and chldren Tn Wll take l Edward M Nourse, a well known can of th: cty, ded yesterday mo a the famly resdence, No 40 Plyra avenue north, aged 55 years Te leaves hs wfe, Judth, three sons Arthur lv of Rochester; George L of Canastato a,,,! Joseph, of Phladelpha; two d ters Mrs Mary Hendrckson, o < leve- ;,,! ;,d Mrs Raymond *renn,lls a Cty; brother, Charles Nourse, o Chttenango, and a sster, Mrs Sade Johneon, of Syra u Mr Nourse wan a natrc of < awmovn He came to Rochester about thrty-fve years ago, and became prom Btrumenfal muscal crcles For a num ber of rears le was nl the head o1 b ademy n ths cty, and partner n fl dnnc Mv pavlon Beach He conducted n :"s,:,nl v, a drector of one n the Famly Theater al one tme He organzed the Band and was secretarj and treas ner of the organsaton Mr Nourse was a member of a number of fraternal socetes m Rochester, whch n a measure accounted for hf acquantance n the cty H ed wth the Elks, Eakles, Moose, Beav ers Klowc Cty Lodge of Odd B nn(] Courl Rochester, fo the, also was actve n labor unon a delegate from thf Mus,,, the Central Trades and -, Councl The funeral servces wll > held the famly home on Wedne noon rn nnd wll l> n lower Cty Lodge of Odd F< sn- body wll be placed n Mount Hope Chapel untl sprng when lova MORTUARY of < wll on Mrs RECORD^ lusuata Uarton rarson* Barton ;, - and -"1 " / nhal ol h" ( lllml 1 wll be made n Mt n! bult a hand an acle ded m and whch had " Mrs

135 Dr mrch, CHAS B KENNNG, REALTY DEALER, Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / Oldest of Th Generatons,/ Horseyhoers m Formerly Conducted Gro cery at Court and Wllam StreetsPurchased Man Street East Property Fol lowng Dsastrous Fre Charles B Kennng, real estate dealer, ded unexpectedly early ths mornng at hs home 237 Alexander street, aged 72 years He leaves hs wfe, Clara Wegand Kennng; three daughters, Mrs Gordon Rauber, Wlhelmn^ and Emma F Kennng; two sons, Charles A and Leon A Kennng; four ssters, Mrs Emma Wagner, M A J Wegman, Mrs Charles Hoffman, all of Rochester, and Mrs Anna Oschager of Los Angeles, Cal; one brother, Herman Kennng of Roches ter and one grandchld, Wlma Ken nng The funeral wll be held at p:30 oclock Thursday mornng from the famly home and at 10 oclock from St Marys Church, of whch Mr Ken nng was a member Mr Kennng was born n Roches ter n 1851 slarted as a clerk 1- When a young man he the Landmark grocery store conducted by hs father WDELY KNOWN PREACHER AND HOLAOEAD U* r^- Robert Stuart Mae- Arthur, Actve n Baptst Church and Well Known Here, Passes Away at 81 Years The Rev Dr Arthu Alllan the Un f^ys> ded u,r the DMAS MARSHALX, nlleat of hrrr generaton* who tor reare have > ducted n blaclunnltb "hop tlllaaa Canted < decades "** as,hc hop whore owners ravns thoroughtook HH blooded ateeda, >-,, h<- u>< msm,f the Mnrahall famlljr Mr Mnrxlall ded Mondn famly lomr 16 Mlls,, Street lloaves Hrer bon, OllnfftOll k W llllam H Murahnlt >r th Cty anl LewtH Mnrahall of burchtown three dav4fh tern Mra Lonlaa Wll " >,r->- 1 Han Wllaon nnl Mrs Mnn- lb (lna of Albon, and n fmnl*"" MRS ANNE ADLER DEAL!, M to 1 OHARLKS B KENNNG n North street, opposte Andrews grocery store Unon street wth A ucd a avenue, near as a part r two years he bought out the N n 1878 ho purchased the ourt and Wll n 1907 he re! from the grocery an J meat busness ess a sho tter the dsastrous " buld ngs n the vcnty of Urove, Gbbs and Belevng n tho future of Man street east as a busness locaton he1 - d > Mr Kennng s of the Are swept A Ken- l home only a fowl Funeral of Assemblymans Mother to Take Plato To-morrow /^>^ Mrs Anne Adler, wdow of the late Lews Adler, ded at her home, No T Argyle tn,!ay m<>rnn* &** a3 born n Oornlek, Gcrllur father, Mchae O sk, came to Amerca mmedately after the German revoluton of 1848 ana eca Falls, where hs famly n two yean, later Mr and Mra Lew* Adler lved there for a abort tme after ther marrage n 1806 They then,1 to Medna where they took an acln the communty lfe of tbe vlla* rmhfel Adlere death occurred not long after the m Adler le bly"!,,nd Mark L Adler both, olonel M Gray, h /ulnsk, Unted States army nou S n Phladelpha; a sster, Mss Bertha O Zalnsk, of New York; three S*MUr a nece, and two nephews She wen w *Mrf Edward Rosenben *> *d b,1 Edward ngn ; n l80 rcll, tl wll* be from the home n! u h n ure strcken SJbTto Mount Uopo cemeter*

136 Magure \w HEART ATTACK Man Long Well Known as Detectve Drops Dead n Jewelry Store DSPLAYED DARNG Recent Canddate (or Sherff Won Record for Bravery Whle Polceman Wllam F Magure former detectve sergeant and one of the best-known dc tectves n Western New York, ded lasl nght n the jewelry store of Phlp Lew nson, at No 21 South avenue, v here he had gone to btan a watch left there for repars several days ago Death was due fee heart falure Enterng the jewelrj store shortly Crt 7 oclock, Mr Magure walked up t< th mnter and asked Mrs Lewnson for Hctor- turnng to get tn artcle, M son, who hay known Mr Magure 1 or several year hm Whle talkng ntl Mrs Lewnson 1 over on the floor A customer the p 1 Halej to the al f- r - < -k * 1 1 man and tred to get hm Falng n ths, he sunne lman Decker of * - s md precnct who was " dutj n Man streel The vered that Mr M gure "1 and n v Kllp When Coroner Kllp arrved he pro the man <)\nl and ordered the to lb" morgue M >d Cty 27 "\ears He was er and had lved hen 1 h educaton n ( n that tlt h anted u memfa! the tr depart m rved th n _, 1891 l-- was apponted t the department a th un ha effcent < l M" an njurj Mr Whle Mu returnng orae n, pnned "fffrcd un assocated len detectve ag< Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton SHONE AS DETECTVE WLLAM F MAGURE Defed Gang of Thugs Many stores are told of Mag actvtes whle a member ol the depn" ment A year after he becan ber of the department, whle parrolr bs beat n St Paul street, (here a vry tor help Ths street, at the tne was notorous Graspng h nghtatcl the young offcer entered the dark ball way of th- house from whch the call for help hrol come The house wa "hang-out" of the famols Sunset Gang" whch had terrorzed Rochester for year- (nr-tm m Magure showed the gang bad chloroformed a young farm hand and proceeded fo rfle hs pockets, The farmer awakened, however, 1> th drujr had taken effect and set up > lusty call for help l, Magure arretsed several of th" gang and ul n convctng them th another occason he saved t" n n Allen street The v had he attacked bj a jealous country rnan and her ll" wa:- threatened, p, (or Ho- Kl arrval of Magure tn" doubtless would have been klled hs ro he wa^ commended by tl" then chef ol polce, Joseph P Clcury fte casl n ns lol wh the lemo cratc party ot Monroe county, M: r made many frends and waa a treless worked for the party for wbcl canddate for sherff at tbe t electon Although defeated, le run aganst th< anddate, Sherff Frankln W JUllslll n a here le ded last ngb, t was Bad that hs last words " dd the best could for them" Ths e " rerarl tore hat ho bad not Mr Magu ran for ol Another concdence was the fa t thc mrade > e was among the fr- 1 to an 1 " Mr Magure had dropped who was walk >utb avenu crowd n fronl "t th" j w <-l Hurry lyng the floor on "BLL" MAGURE LAD TO REST JNMOJJNTHOPE Detectves Bear Former Comrades CasketOrder of Moose Hold Servces at Grave After Requem Mass at St Brdgets Church The funeral of Wllam T Magure, former Detectve Sergeant and the last Democratc canddate for Sherff, was held at 8:30 oclock ths mornng from the famly home, 86 Strong street Mass was celebrated at 9 oclock n St Brdgets Church by the Rev Raymond J Lynd nterment was n Mt Hope Cemetery Servces at the grave were conducted by Past, Dctators Lynn Hte and Henry Clark of Rochester Lodge 113, Loyal Or der of the Moose Actve bearers were Detectve Sergeant John Nagel, and detectves Arche Sharp Wllam Wedman, Mchael Doyle, Wllam Lndner and George McKevejr The Honorary bearers were Fred erck D Lamb, Dr Wllam D Wolff, Congressman Meyer Jacobsten, Wllam C Page, Mlton B Gbbs, Harla Rlppey, Wllam H Mc- Doald Lous M Atsdale, Wllam D Schoenmann Austn J Mahoney, Dr Mlton Chapman, Leo Boohler Frank E Hayrlen, Thomas McCarthy, Thos J Morrson Benjamn F Nalls, Wl lam J Clark Edward L Fay, Jo J Boland, Mchael Carola, Robert E Keefe, James F Loary, and John B es The followng from the Monroo County Democratc Club at tended: Patrck H Galvn, Wllard A kle, Wlllla mm, Smth, Lynn Hte anl Henry Clark; from Roches ter Lodge Loyal Order of Moosjp; De tectve Captan MacJfcWMd, Ex-flspector Wllam Sten, ftc-dctectve Sergeant Edward OBren, Ex-Polce Captan Jacob Klen Polce Captan McAlester, Ex-Battalon Fre Chef James Lynch and Ex-Fre < Charles Lttlo fro mthe Locust Club and the Fre Department Among the many floral offerngs wero peces from tho Monroo County Democratc Club, Monroe County Democratc Commttee, three from hs personal frends n the Demoo< Club of Monroe County, Congressman and Mrs Jacobsten, Leutenant- Governor and Mrs George R Lunn Womens Democratc Club of Monroe Count, the Seventeenth ward and the Nneteenth ward Democratc Clubs, Patrck Patrck alvn The Moose Lodges of Rochester, Cornng, El mra and Hamlton, Ontaro; the Po lce Benevolent Assocaton, Clnton N Howard and from scores of per gonal frends Messages of condolence were re ceved by the wdow from Governor Alfred E Smth, Leutenant-Governor oorge R Lunn and from many other men of promt nencen fraternal crcles and polce work Many promnent men and frends of Mr Magure attended the funeral ncludng James P Henry Wllam Crag Alderman Charles Knapp and Supervsor Frank Mattern n,-,

137 an Me -! WORD RECEVED HERE OF DEATJ well Known Rochesteran Ded n Los Angeles en February 21st SERVCE HEJD FRDAY Body Cremated and Ashes Wll Be Brought Here for Bural Later Los Angeles, Calf, Feb 25 (Spe cal Dspatch lo he Demecral nnd Chroncle) Funeral servces of Fred G Sweet, promnent busness man, of Roch- ester N V wo ded suddenly from pneumona on February Jlst, were held on Fe;-r;r\ 23d" Mr Sweet, who was 67 years old, had made hs home for the past at No 1117 West 20th street few hm ls The bod} a ted and th ashes r ll he taken back to Rochester for bural bj Mr Sweet, ls wdow am only survvor, when Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton WELL-KNOWN7^ ^TEACHER DES Frank C Glasser/ Member of East Hgh School Fac ulty, Succumbs to n fluenza Early yesterday mornng-, at the Hghland Hosptal, Frank C Glasser ded after a bref llness, death beng due to complcatons whch followed an attack of nfluenza Mr Glasser, who had been a teacher of mechancal drawng at the East Hgh School for the last seven years, was formerly a member of tbe frm of Dunnng & Glasser, contractors, of ths cty Ho was the son of the late Frank C Glasser, who was actvely dentfed wth busness lfe n Rochester for many years Mr Glasser wa luate of Pur due Unversty wth the deg bachelor of scence n \ ng He was a promn nt athlete -whle n college and was a member of the ndana Delta Chapter of tbe Ph >1] Lous Mesenzahl, (fy** Local Coal Dealer, Des At Famly Home /ous Mesenzahl d< 1 ths mornng at the famly home, tl TPortland ave nue, He leaves three uaghtera and Leona Mesenzahl and Mrs John Lelcht, jr; sx sons-, Wllam J, Lous J, Arthur J, Rchard C, Albert J, land Julus A Mesenzahl; one sster, Mrs Adam Mller of Farport; three zahl of Rochester and George Mes enzahl of Greece, N Y, nnd 17 grand chld] Mesenzahl was one of the po neer mcnl Church H o one of 1 1 men to engage n the coal 1 n Ro n that busness for about 40 to Rochester when a young man 1 1 engaged n the coal buell Ml, M h-t! tn tme of hs deal famly hom n Ho Sepulcl : l llv /zs she returns n a few we Mr Sweet had been engaged n \< contractng nnd manufacturng project n Rochester for several years 11" wan employed by tbe old Lews M Loss Compuny, a contractng Arm lal plac foundaton work for several brdged th Msssspp rver Durng 1803 he was employed n he count] engneer* offce, under 1 ^ hat offce al n- tn" Untoek, who held le was connected wth ll" Roch Brck and Tl" Company for several m rs bor h" nst few years he bud wth Mr McClntock, ns former chef n he rdhnty servce, n a company facturng eenem guard mls t plant ut Fsher* uompnnj \, ; a,e;l, am trustee of!l l ll rntna Church, Mr Snl v actve workenr n the Churchs ce a h s a Gannett ms<- 1 1,,n,l M- Sweet were partcular!,,,! jm the Boys Evenng Home, ol1 whch l" was superntepdanl for aboul twenty rears The dea of the bome was prmarly to furnsh a lace w here newsanl other bo> workers mgh have meetng place, Tb! under Mr Sweets leader shp nto teetng twce : we-k at the (gannetl Hous lur ng ms the year Boy* were gven m; adyce, anl :n "" Ml Sv b FRANK 0 GLASS1 R Kappa P fraternty H : teacher frends, was well known, and deal h came aa a " :- to n* M, ablty and v n love u huntng made h Ml 111 "", mnmlsport, vvhere he had long bad a cottage Mr QlasBet l a H, both of tns cty ral wll " m ffr Jula ms ln Ja-^3 r lnv1 Lou 1 1 n, e n be f m 1 1 \ roll her lfe, Rll" 1 1 ll jj, nduced to enter thc m-, be n; 11, : On ther trp to the Pacfc coast t U and Mrs Sweel,- al Km, - Evcnna n many parts of Europe and formed qut table souvenrs Mught ho u,,, had become st Ml, nod "Jrv", the lodge n WM U; Von M MllH"

138 He was a lnk n a chan of Sol ders Hs grandfather served n War of 181 L!; hs father s< lar army am u War; and hs Wllam H A edv n the Spansh Amercan War M < gong to war, he was a< m athletcs, partcularly rowng, be- be old champons of th " Rver, who m whch engaged Hs complshment ln nng and holdng for several years the sngle ecull champonshp of thc ochester The volunteer fre department of that tme attracted young men wth love for adventure and excte n and havng a const t ul Tgged enough, he served wth "Pe l a term and then wth "Old B" tx, CORA M GLLETT?* JEACHER, S DEAD V>*7~~ ^hejl t lra M Gllett one of the old-tnej and must conscentous teachers n the Rochester school system, ded ths) mornng at her home 63 Grffth street, after an llness of several; weeks Mss Gllett was a daughter of Coln and Ency Gllett and was born n ths cty and educated n Grammar School 14 and the old Free Academy She began school teachng when a very young woman One of her superntendents was Mlton Noyes, j attorney, who spoke n the hghest terms of her to-day, sayng- that she was an exceptonally fne character and a teacher of unusual type, always progressve am ntensely nterested n her school and the chldren under her For twelve or fourteen years she was prncpal of old School 28, whch was located just off South avenue n a untl about fve years ago, when she red on a penson She was a lfe-long member of the Untversalst churcn Those assocated ; wth her n school and church speak of her n the hghest terms both as teach er and ehuroh woman, descrbng her as a woman of sngular beauty of charac ter and of splendd mental equpment Her crcle of frends and acquantances was unusually larpre women now promnent n socal Many men and busness and lfe came under her nstructon or supervson n ther youth, anl h\ l-m she s remembered wth respect and affecton Mss Gtllel t s sun her cousns Wllam ( Gray, Helen G Bur n > Mram G n sal s Arrangements for the,m n completed funeral have Tays Trbute to, Helen M Spra^ue t>^ <P_Xc # %3> To tl" Edtor Of tl,- cnnrrat am Chroncle, Sr: An unusual personalty passed out from the lt" uf Rochester n the dea h v mornng, February 25th, of ", wllow of m W spra-me she ded al ber buldng- now used as a warehouse When that school was dscontnued a j number of years ago, she was trans- ferred to Horace Mann School 13, where! she remaned on the teachng staff resdence, No 80 James street, she waa horn and lved all her lfe, n young womanhood she was a teachthe B n mber contnuously o nne j n r lavs Mrs Rprajrne n n" tbe Brck Chm n the prmary dpartol tho late Mrs endent er her man to Mr, S prague t, n many parts of Europe nnd f<,r m d nnd curos they brought home She woman ally gntle and! on am L923 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / VETERAN OF OLD 13THNY REGMENT, N HARDEST FGHTNG OF CVL WAR, Mhael, a Cvl War,m who was a member of the famous 13th Regment of the Now nfantry, ded yesterday morn the home of hs son, Wllam rmchael of 8ff6 Mt Hope Ave nue, aged 94 years was born n tobey Ho enlsted n Company H Thrteenth New York Volunteers, known as the Old 13th, Aprl 23, 1801 He served hs frst ten enlstment, was mustered out and re turned to Roches! 13, 1863 He re-enlsted n Company > New York Cavalry, December 14, l contnued n the servce to the fall of 1865, beng dscharged August 1 of that year He look part all the engagements n whch the or ganzatons wth whch he was cond had a part, among whch were Bull, Hun, Hanovpr Court House, Mechancs^ lle m, Cha lle, Lynchburg, Malvern lnt Charlestown Wnchester, Martnsburg Petersburg, ard the Battle of the Wlderness From Famly of Solders SM Wllam 1 1 Ook, Mrs - and Mrs Fred wn brother, Dougal W hael; ron, all Henry G BoothTTU, c?$f?ses Away n /4?r$f Southern Cty rfenrj 0 Booth, well known n ths whore he spent the greater part of hs lfe, ded on M t the home of hs son, E E Booth, Vcksburg, Mss Besdes hs son, he t a daughter, Mrs Cora B Mles of Rochester Mr Booth passed hs 82d blrtj the day s death and spent 79 years- of hs lfe n ths cty he was horn He was for many years Bed n the jewelry busness at the ng assocated wth la was en expert n damonds and precous stones and made many trps to Europe to purchase jew elry for large concerns He ttn went an operaton several years hut had ;\- recovered and only recently suffered a break) Booth w< th about Of hs >:<; M < mmk am, upper photo aa " appeared n lower n < \l War unform T~T,S j- DEP TTleA / HATCHJames U Hatch, for of ths cty, son of the late Jesse W fcnd Harret B3 Hatch, entered nt rest a ha hume n Arlngton Mas*, lay mornng March 3, 1923 n hs *th yar le leaves hs wfe, Nells rd Hatch; a daughter, Maron L Hatch, of Arlngton, Mass, and a son, George Rdwanl Hatch, and a sster, Mrs Alexander M Lndsay, of ths

139 The - WAS VETERAN /, George Carmchael Des at Hstorc / Scrapbooks Collecton Sons Home Four Gener atons Contrbute to Coun trys Fghtng Forces George M Carmchael, Cvl Wrar veteran and a member of the famous ^old 13th Regment of the New York nfantry, ded ths mornng at the home of hs son, Wrllam H Car mchael, 856 Mt Hope avenue, aged 84 years The body has been tak 436 South avenue The funeral wll be held at 2 oclock Monday afternoon1 nterment wll be n Mt Hope Ceme- tery Mr Carmchael leaves one son,) Wllam H Carmchael; three daugh-j ters, Mrs P C Cook, Mrs Johm Greve and Mrs Fred Whtney; one; brother, Dougal W Carmclv grand chldren and two great grand chldren, all of Rochester George M Carmchael was born ln ths cty, October 11, 1838, and had lved here all hs lfe He receved bs educaton n the publc schools of ths cty He was the son of Hram and Mary J Mynders Carmchael When the call came for volunteers n 1861 Mr Carmchael was one of the frst men to rally to the colors He en lsted n the old 13th Regment and served for two years He then re turned to Rochester but remaner] only a short tme when he enlsted Ll the 2 2d New York Cavalry He was Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Mr Carmchaels father also served n the Cvl War beng a member of Scotts Band, 27th Regment When George Carmchael frst joned the Offcer Dekdebrun requested a war rant for the arrest of a Mchael army he went n as a drummer hoy and then served as a mall carrer Hs frst enlstment was under Colonel F Qunby, then professor n the Unversty of Rochester Mr Carmchael had a pece of star carpet over whch John Wlkes Booth fled when escapng from Fords Thea ter fre after he had shot Presdent Lncoln Many war relcs belongng to Mr Carmchael are n the Munc pal Museum n Edgerton Park Among theso s the only "shoddy" coat, as] they wero then called, worn by a! member of the old Thrteenth t has! been used by theatrcal people from Rochester to Chcago n a play, "The Spy of Wnchester," t was qute promnent Hram Carmchael, Mr Carmchaels father, was a ctzen of Rochester for many years He bult a house at Mt Hope avenue and Alexander street whch stll stands The thrd genera ton of ths famly to serve Amerca on the battlefeld s represented by George Carmchaels son, Wllam H A Carmchael, who Berved n the Spansh-Amercan War After feeng honorably dscharged, Wllan mchael enlsted n the regular Unted States Army He was sent out on the Chnese Relef Expedton am1 a year fourth l tlon of tho famly gave a sol fght n the last war, Charles Tulley, n of Mrs Cook, 445 Lnden street, a daughter eorge M Carmchael FRST GRADUATE NURSE OF CTY HOSPTAL DEAD / L/^C^Jt^?^ Mss Mary E Dyson Passes Away at nsttuton Where She Traned and n Whch She Served 40 ^an^two^ay^ Mres Mary E Dyson of 122 Emerson street, ths cty, passe day mornng, at the Rochester Gen eral Hosptal Mss Dyson was the frst nn graduate from the T Nurses of the Ro The frst tranng class for nur - started n ths hosptal n 1881 Mss Dyson was graduated March There were four young women uates n ths class Ms:) Mary E Dy son, Mss 1 Dckenson am flss K, The presdent 6f the f trus tees at ford was ts /Zj Dl n n Had World-Wde5 Reputaton As A Taxdermst The funeral of Chrysost Krohhoff, Avenue Hosptal, wll be hold at 9 mornng from hs home n Cole ro from B m h nt Sepulch Kf4, and cne t ths 1 W 1 le alumnae 27, wh th s nt 3:40 ; 10 years a GEORGE ML OARMOB U thrown from hs horse and suffered an njury durng the ulstment After beng dscharged from tne h S returned to hs reg ment untl mustered out of scrvc 1865 A" 1 1 at Balt 1 cortege of Presdent Abraham Lncoln On October 11, last year M mlc], ed hs 84th brth! e avenue He red ratulatory messages and many of hs frends called to pay hm count, ng n " mountel he kn 01 elephant f th < cus, and was CO nts of homo ment for 40 the w MUnted s favort Mr Krohhoff CO was the mountng of tho Temple Hll masto don, found at N-!> BOH s n N bany Mrs the str 1 was an exempt ftred n "l< hand en, h rulled through olunteers

140 X% Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton MRS AKENHEAD LONG RESDENT _0F ROCHESTER / LA, Was Promnent n Lfe of Sxteenth Ward for Near ly Half Century Woman of Brllant Mnd and The death, last qfnday monlng at General Hosptal of Mrs: Jesse Dewar Akenhead, took from the communty one who for nearly 60 years had been aotve n the church and cvc lfe of the Sxteenth ward Mrs Akenhead, who was horn at New Lanark, Scotland, n 1841, came to Rochester on a vst ln 1858 wth was exceedngly well read Md had made a number of trps abroad wth her late husband, and her excellent memory and dscrmnatng taste were reflected n her conversaton Funeral servces were held from me home ln Lyndhurst street on Tuesday afternoon, the servce beng ead by the Rev L Appeldoorn, pastor of the Second Reformed Church The bear ers were Harry J Bareham, Harry Crowley, John Hynes, John Julan, P W Judson, P R Sgler, Wllam H- Sours and Charles Thayer nterment was art, Rversde Cemetery Mrs Akenhead leaves one son, Clarence Akenhead a well known contractor of ths cty; and one sster, Mary Scott, of Lonehead, Scotland & J Fred Farbef^J Des; Known To -^Nursgry Trade J Fred Farber, for many /years a well known fgure n the nursery trade, ded last nght at the famly home, 3 Athens street, aged 60 years He was a lfelong member of Genesee Falls Lodge, F and A M, and for more than 32 years was connected wth the Chase Brothers Company He became offce manager for ths company n 1886 and was elected sec retary n 1918 He retred from ac tve busness n the same year He was superntendent of the Sundayschool of Memoral Presbyteran Church and an elder He leaves hs wfe, Hepse Danforth? -JL>14J1V JUVM Servces tor RevW H Meyer Held Here Today Funeral servces for the Revv^wllam T Meyer, pastor of the Presby teran Church of Port Alleghany, Pa, who ded last Frday, were held ths afternoon from the home of hs broth er COO Magee avenue The Rev F Frankenfeld, pastor of Salem Evangelcal Lutheran Church, offc ated, asssted by the Rev Dr Mac- Gowan of Andover, Pa Bearers wre Edward Hauser, Carl Klen, Harry Schultz, Paul Ludekens, Lous Meyer and Oscar Zabel nter ment was n Mt Hope Cemetery The Rev Mr Meyer was a natve of Rochester, and formerly a loyal worker n Salem Evangelcal Church of ths cty After graduatng from REV WLLAM H MEYER MRS JESSE AKErVHEAD an uncle and aunt and remaned to make the cty her home, ln 1875 she became tho wfe of the late Wllam Akenhead, for several terms alder man from tho Sxteenth Ward and promnent ln tlhe poltcal lfe ol the EaM Sde At the tme of her marrage Mra Akenhead went to lve n the house at 147 Lyndhurst street where she contnued to resde up to the tme of her last llness, fve weeks age* She waa a member of the Second Re formed Church almost from ts or ganzaton and for many years was an aotve worker n Ha varous organza tons She was also greatly nterested n the work done by the Salvaton Army and n a quet, hnassumng way gave her support to each of the off cers sent to take charge of the local corps and gave generously to ts re lef worlc Mrs Akenhead was a woman of keen mnd and ntellgence, wth an nterest ln general lterature and n current affars that remaned undlmmed up to her last llness She J FRED FARBER Farber; one daughter, Mrs D Ches- Barry of Mt Vernon; one brother, Phlp Farber; fve ssters Mrs D W Ross of Canon Cty, Colo; Mrs A W Reber of Berkeley, Cal; Mrs G C Jenny, and Clara and Sade Farber of Rochester, and one grand daughter, Ruth Elzabeth Barry hgh school he studsd for three years at Elmhurst College Recevng tho call to the mnstry, the Rev er entered Auburn Theologcal Semnary n September, 1917, gradu atng n May, 1920 Tn June, 1920, Mr Meyer marred Mss Agnes Tlomans of Auburn n June of the same year, he accepted a call to tho Pres byteran Church at Port Allegany, Pa, whch church he was servng acceptuntl the tme of hs last llness Mr Meyer was especally nter n the socal msson of the modern church Tho summer of 1918, ho spent ln socal work n Gary, ndana; and ollowng summer found hm en l work and n Daly caton Bble School work n Brooklyn, under drecton of the Church Exten son Board of the Brooklyn-Nassau Presbytery Realzng the mportance of the sprtual development of youth, Mr Meyer has been actve ln organzng and mantanng a troop of Boy Scouts for the past three years He leaves ha wfo and two lttle ones, aged 7 months and 22 hs months; mother Mrs Carl Meyer ot Roch ester; four brothers, Oscar, Clarence and Carl, and hs sster, Helen, of the same ctv

141 DRLJSOMERS% DES N PARK Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County never Hstorc Scrapbooks held Collecton any other publc offce than the aldermanshp He was a member of the Knghts of Columbus, Monroe County Medcal Socety, New York State Medcal Socety, Academy of Medcne and the Hosptal Medcal Socety /z L STERN,*- ARTHUR OF CLOTHNG FRM, Was Alderman of thefourth Ward and Resdent Med cal Superntendent of Monroe County Hosptal 111 Several Weeks Dr Leonard J Somers, Alderman of the Fourth ward and resdent med cal superntendent of Monroe County Hosptal, ded last nght n Park Ave nue Hosptal after an llness of sev eral weeks Death was caused by com plcatons resultng from a recent at tack of pneumona, and from cancer of the stomach Dr Somers has been a member of the Common Councl snce January 1, 1906 He has been superntendent of the County Hosptal for a number of years Dr Somers leaves one sster Lllan Somers of Fort Edward Funeral ar rangements have not yet been made At the tme of hs death, Dr So was a member of the fnance, water works, law, cty proper and publc baths commttees of the Common Councl He has been on the publc baths commttee snce 1908 and t was under hs gudance the bath house n South avenue, known as the orgnal cty bath house, was enlarged and m proved Dr Somers succeeded Wllam H Crag as Fourth ward alderman Up to the tme of he llness, he had hardly mssed a councl meetng dur ng hs career Dr Somers also was fc*^aj MEMORAL TO LATB DR, SOMERS PASS BY COMMON COUNCL H& le was a of the Common mum m! out of respect for th Leonard J Bo M Ward, who -unday nght at Park Av pltal After the meetng had be to order by the ml me an account of whch kng provson for the ty notes to rs ntroduced and referred to th e Then Alderman Maron the death ol > the on the n wll wll nt l hur L Stern, m< the clothng man daj al - l" Stern Jr; a daught- ns vfc, rthur Morley A Stern, and two brothers, Herman M S n nnd receved h )nl school versltv n 1900 On 1 untl lal AR1 111 H NT NATVE OF ROCHESTER?* ^DES N WASHNGTON,! end as n DR LEONARD J SOMERS a member of thc charter amendment commttee under whose drecton the charter was prepared sr 0 ners hal an offce at 52 Clnton avenue At tho tme of hs death he had offces at 110 Clnton avenue south tlm hosptal buldng s resdent physcan, at ners was born at Fort 1:<1- n v, and educat pubjjc 0 d colleg ute ln tnat He later attend d aated from the Albany M Followng graduaton, n >U1 M OUs of th< ll l

142 j j " " - /3o OLDEST MASON AND ATTORNEY N COUNTRY, FORMER NATVE OF At AGE OF 103 Wa n \ nan of M hs HL brthdaj n- Roch - 1 a n- an ntervew, "1 donl pa per n < t m Mr ell, "nn when t Rochester, well s dffen nl was born and brought up h : spent the my lfe n that ctj glad to M PO -l so who s nt tha cty," he add M r, m sol, who w as t he o lvng n Now he odesl the n 1 " Slat buted n n par t ppe He to "H Smokng Prolonged r- had fl h \\ ASMTOV BSSELL m thdaj m t to lun un any l non v "n n Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton urn he dd nol let on to n father, h lef harm tmero pa 1 mj fal ml d a agan wth Cuban w eeds w hch w e g h n tl a\\>, hm by the Ma: onlc ord r a un u n n he a m "W h, nl nllrl, drank le, nn never tg h to urn my 111,1 el n ;" n- ter and he seemed to hotel w as only aboul Lu al he mc hle h" had no obj cton to mj ted could not drnk am) run he hotl tx ut> a mmw n row sd dad t h t, cou, < m m he ho el as v, a n l" wa n,,n do Memory Went Buck 07 -\ ear* and ho related manj thngs tha happened n Ro he ter n thc recall detnctl: John Quncy Adams, sxth presdent of " Unted states gve an ad durng- thc fall, Old n tho Courl Lv + 1,, "He wa,!,,,, hl lal hr, around the V u"" r blsclj broadcloth sul rowd ml n hear ted event for Roche, greal runernl Wllam He,, corted by a large company of troops, wth ul Wlnfleld Scotl n command, Be wns c, 2 feel tall and looked lke a gant That was (he most mpressve processon l ever wtnessed n my youth "My father, who was Herman Bssell, was a strong loco fooo Tacksonlan Along n mddle lfe he went, down to Havana, Cuba whoro he was strcken wth the yellow fever and ded My maternal grandfather M roroe ded n Rochester al the r 92 as the result of a fractured leg lo was a ono tme Hgh Sherff at Hart Ford Conn, and had charge of tho Hessan puffng at ther ppes and the room was so thck wth smoke that could hardly see across t Fnally the leader, a (h Ps Senor, sad: "Well, eant stand ths any longer and he threw up the wndow Of course, t was not very comfortable for me, bul 1 never squealed n my h the old gentleman laughed, heartlj as he told the story used to have what they called ttm J second wnd" added Mr, Kssell, ":, oud outdstance them all n collage ath letcs mns not brag, bul reallj excelled n most f\ovy sportng contest wo n:,rl ln had a (n voce am never tred of speakng added "n 1844," nl ned Mr Bssell, " was strcken wth typhus fever, whch lefl a physcal wreck was a mere skeleton and dd nol seem < mprove > bt returned t> mv home n Rochester and our famly doctor was called, After a thorough examnaton, whch thought would never cease, " remarked, m sorry, awfully sorry, bul your days are numbered ^ on havent a chance n h world, young man Well, l d that mght just as well de n Europe as n Amerca, s<> packed up, much aganst everybodys wll, hd good by to Rochester and went to New York, where l embarked on the salng vessel Prnce Albert and was eghteen days on the ocean traveled wth college frend who was gong " Hedelberg for ad Mm ed s- We Btayed four montha n London, havng a room overlookng the Nelson Monument can remember well, \\ here do j on come rom nqured the landlady "We are from Amerca, repled "From Amerca V Why all the Anr ever saw were redskns "We were abroad nearly a \ re covered my health and never have had Law n the offce o B P shne Smth, a promnent Rochester attorney who tns amv, s Mnster to Japan was adml ted to 1848 recall < lharles Ol " r, who was one <> the leadng attorney s of hat tme, and when s 1 u ce bad a ce n the same buldng wth hm also remembe wen Judge Barnard and Jldge McCunn, ced a m tullj for n u- years and wa demand as a Republcan speaker lurng h-- campagns n s: went on the stump for n n: later moved to New Haven admt ted to be!opnectcul > d nn pra 1 1 lked New Haven as well as l ld Ro 1881 wen,, New For took lp resdence at 106 West 84th Street and Lgan mssed Rochester and could urn qeem atlsned or contented w t l New fork came lure because t was Charlotte (Mss Charlotte B Hulhort, who was a natve of Great Harrngton, whom he rnaron November 20, )84S who d me n She ad not lke \(MV fork any heller than She ded n 1814, n her S7th vear We had marred 66 years and T have her mwd very y,-ry much," he murm brushng away the tears that gudd streamed down bs wrnkled cheeks tarred Brcks There ndng years Tho sol- prsoners durng Barrngton Mass, March 23 ng durng hs the " remember nnety years ago," he re e Revolutonary War marked suddenly a8 ace he ganed by smokng, begun Washngton ;u " went though to school n Rochester to change tbe and those Subject, "when was a lad of n who n hs de Bssell, sehooldays were lb, happesl of my lfe! Rochester the age of 12, aded hm to lve receved 10 long, cents a 1 wont to a day for clnng days saw n hs wreaths of to- preparatory academy at <"anandalgua, N V from per heln ng to carry hreks for the frst be often sad Hs recpe for longev whch graduated n manent sdewalk lad n 0 smoke lfes dvne phlosophy, 1842 entered Rochester t Unon College wth the worked all ded ty was: day, twelve at hs home here today He class of 1840 long and was whle hours, and t n college ganed "Eat well, sleep well, dont worry the reputaton nearng- hs of was the frst money that ever earned beng 103d brthday an expert n nathemat The prcks, sold for $260 a thousand and cs and take penty of exercse they were brcks, too A days work for Bssells love for hs ppe brought n Bssell was the oldest Mason, and Wasnt brcklayer was worth a bushel Smoked of Out hm the one great enjoyment reman j 50 cents recall the frst smes m the country that "Soon alter 1 entered Unon a lot of the father and Nehemah Osborne hunt on the Ch Ps men tred to smoke me oul of mv n rh sde <>f ltochester across the room They had ppes; had a good par Rver n 1825 l>o you know, ynuns of lungs There were a dozen of them man, 1 would gve a good deal to have one more glmpse of that secton of before de As T st here, nay by day (hose arc the scenes that eome hack to mnd, pleasant dreams me by, hldhood days "To my mnd also cornea the pcture of Sam Patch, acrobat, dressed n hs ret, whle and blue tghts, who n 1s27 sought to leap* from a platform 100 feel above the ml m" Rver Nearly all of ;, turned oul to wtness the remarkahl h" was gong to try and accomplsh an remember the hush that fell over the crowd as he clmbed fo the top of the pln "rm and looked down upon the sea of faces What happened no one seemed to know, but suddenly he stumbled over the planlo struck on hs sde n the water and klled can see hm now whrlng he ar" exclamed M through a paned voce as he pressed hs hand over hs " Brsl Presdental v Henry Clay, Whg canddate for Presdent n nth Mr Bssell, the sngle ex< " on of 1 1 have voted tor every Whg and Repub canddal For Evans Hughes n 1916, 1 was a gre mrer of John Tyler am Ulssed hm by only eght monl catara ta on mj eyes, whch slght)] pared my sm h dd nol gel to " VOtl for Mr Hardng, hut Md not need any hh year old c n th "But why dd yn ever \> quered The Serald " expected you would pljpd te v u f have nev r told a soul * personal reason, nothng "" p ll-s a reason w hn h pardon me, keep t mj, smle a sck day n my lfe snce am m peel aunt her ml l the la s De llonorrd by Man? Mll llllll "We returned on the Washngton rvng, alng vessel, and were on the hundredth brtl wnler l hs tme 21 days," he added \\, had a load " llha alllr n -n-ds en ternty, ol ml whch" h the der Durng q greal Btorm th and hm - s nu mov of the n " were wept board, >h t wun pt tn Lodar ns, v, hch he Jo "(n my " urn n 1851 fr abroad t went back n Rochester and look lp lle m ns n, brthday Mr B Btudj Of 1 countl latlpns from all p Stales and ana la d cla s of tho lorn cunty " datf " n- nl nothng of thc tov> swamped the South Ma llelt After M the pazz old arm chat parted B n front " h mg fathe o\er the ne thnk

143 - hs all serousness, le -by, my and s< xt year and f m dont feel greved, for remember a lttle whle and ^v e pa ay but once" Capt Wffaff^ampbeD, Retred U S Army Offcer, T^pe^snHosptal Here Captan Wllam A Campbell, States Army, retred, ded yes terday n Homeopathc Hosptal Thc funeral wll be held at 2 oclock to morrow afternoon from hs home, 40 Vck Park B nterment wll be n Mt Hope Cemetery Captan Campbell served 18 years before retrement on October 8, 1909 He enlsted wth the 12th nfantry on October 13, 1885, and n the four suc ceedng years served as prvate, cor poral and sergeant On February 11, 1889, he receved the rank of second leutenant, after passng an examna ton, and was assgned to thc Nnth nfantry Ho was promoted to a frst leuten ancy n 1S96 and was assgned to the 22d nfantry and three years later was made captan He saw servce n the Spansh-Amercan War and bs retrement followed a dsablty nm the lne of duty Captan Campbell was an attorney! by professon and was known as a) wrter on legal-mltary subjects When the Unted States entered the World War he offered hs servces to the cty n connecton wth the organ zaton of the Hon Defense Le wf mghtcr, Mrs w Gage o D son, "> Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton DEATH OF DEAN MONROE BAR AT AGE OF 95 YEARS O S Wdely Known Lawyer, Quncy Van Voorhs, Passes Away -r^ftcrshort llness VETERAN OF CVL WAR PRACTCED PROFESSON N ROCHESTER NEARLY f> TEARS REFEREE N BANKRUPT! V Quncy VanVoorhls, dean of he Monroe county bar, ded last nght at hs home, 60 Park avenue, aft< llness of two weeks, ap-l 96 \ears Hs w f- M "H Vm \ Mason and a member Of Monroe com mandery He was for many years a vestryman of St Lukes church Mr Van Voorhs was born n 1 tur, Otsego county, March 11!, ) and came h> re wth hs parents wh< n but a boy When be (Jecdsd to be come a lawyer he ntered tl Bee ol hs brother, John Van Voorhs, was a famous lawyer ln ths f the country and an actve leader n Republcan potl \dmlttd Uht n 1H\H VENERABLE DEAD AT /3>/ HS HOME hs, ded " ar ago The only sur QUNC5 \ \N MMltlHS vvng relatve* re nephews and The funeral wll be held from the neces and grmdne] Park avenue home Mondaj mto neces 1 1, was a thrty-second degree Th< me Mnln noon lo OH Mrs Dora Haslp Lved n Greece Her Entre Lfe The funeral of Dora Hscock Haslp, wh0 urday at her home on the Manltou road, Greece, waa held Monday The Rev A T Merce ment was n Parma TJnlo ry Mrs Haslp was a lfelong resdent of Greece She was the daughter of James O, and Lockey Woruts of Greece 1 C( B ago Mr and cooperage, ns for landmark, to vcnty then s Mlls 1 n the, schools of her actrdlng around" nd, John Aftr hut a year of study be was admtted! to the bar n 1858 am v l\ fn nearly sxty-fve years Untl a two years ago n the Powers buldng, where he mantaned an offce The nftrmll hancng years compelled hs gradual ral Hs early educaton w Mendon a< and at Gen< Wesleyan Lma ; hs ajm slon to the ba nto a partnershp wth hs brsal whch contnued for mors than "" ears Then he torn on, Rcha tnued untl the sons death Soon after the outbroal< of le < war ho enlnted and saw of actve servl hm and he was commsson*- tenant by P Sldl nl l ml n Bankrupt^ RefM nths When the b effectve n 189s he was appo the frst referee for the RochSStSl trct He served n ths offce wth acton for flfte retred aganst the wshes of those who wth hlr vsors M Stepl grat n nk "S aa Vn\o! h Board ol On J 15, 1874, she marred t lter, s-n - ng the brde of Lews M Smth rage she moved a short uly home, to after the dea LAWYER- set-

144 ded /"2>/C Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton HGH TRBUTE PAD QUNCY VAN VOORHS Memoral Read Before Bar; Assocaton by Senator Homer E A Dck LONG PROMNENT FGURE COM31TTEF ON RESO/ TON S NAMED Dl < V ON" TO ATTEND FUNERAL Quncy Van Voorhs who ded at hs home n Rochester March 17th was extolled at a memoral meetng- of the Rochester Bar assocaton at the noon hour to-day S The meetng, at tended by a, large number of repre sentatve attorneys of the cty, was held n the north Supreme court room of the Court house Harvey Remngton, presdent of M Rochester Bar assocaton, presded untl Justce Benjamn B Cunnngham was nvted to presde A moton to appont a commttee on resolutons was carred and the fol- owng attorneys named: Joseph W Paylor, John Desmond, John D Lynn, James M E OGrady and Phletus Chamberlan The followng memoral was read by Senator Homer E A Dck at the request of the presdent of the bar Delaton: "On Saturday, March 17, 1928, al hs home n the Cty of Rochester, oc curred the death of Quncy Van Voor hs, lawyer and solder, at tho great age of nnety-fve years Mr Van Voorhs was born at Decatur Otsego county, X Y, March , of the Dutch colonal stock At an early age he came to thc county of Monroe and receved hs early edu caton at the Mendon academy and the Genesee Wesleyan semnary, at Lma Upon hs admsson to thc bar he formed a partnershp wth hs ds tngushed brother, the late John Van Voorhs, and together they prac nw n the cty of Roohest r for many years Subsequently, Mr Van Y hs practced n partnershp wth hs late sun, Rchard Van Voorhs n 1808 he was apponted Unted States referee n bankruptcy, holdng that poston for about ffteen years n nl Mr Van Voorhs practced law ln the county of Monroe for sxty-fve years "Whle Mr Van Voorhs was a fa mlar fgure to a majorty of the pres ent bar of the county, for hs won derful vtalty defed tme and enabled htm to contnue hs actvtes down to a comparatvely recent date, we can not form a Just estmate of hs useful lfe out of our own memores f long- < neraton, and must be consdered wth hs generaton Headed Notable Group "Mr Van Voorhs was one of a group of very notable men, members of the legal professon, who practced at the bar n the county of Monroe at a tme when Rochester was a cty n the makng They were not only able lawyers; they were n the truest sense representatve ctzens All of them were men of nfluence, many of them of marked publc leadershp and ds tngushed,publc standng They all made ther nfluence felt upon the growng communty To ths group of promnent lawyers the cty of Roch ester owes much of the sound founda ton upon whch her culture and pros perty are bult "Among these men Mr Van Voorts occuped, justly, a very conspcuous place He was for many years one of the conceded leaders of that brllant and able bar He also took hs part ln the wder range of publc affars He served hs country as a solder n the great Cvl war, and he also took hs part n the early establshment of the present wholesome moral and re lgous tone of the communty by gv ng the best that was n hrn to the servce of hs quant, hstorc church as a vestryman for a perod extendng over many years When, later, he as sumed hs dutes as Unted States ref eree n bankruptcy, hs establshed reputaton at once commanded pop ular confdence "Mr Van Voorhs possessed a charm o& manner whch was rresstble Whle a strong and manly character, he was modest and unassumng We of the present day wll long remem ber hm as a venerable and benevolent gentleman of the old school He was a scolarly lawyer, a patrotc ctzen, and a Chrstan gentleman" The followng were named a comrotte to attend the funeral: George B Draper, Thomas Ranes Rchard E Whte, Clnton H Furbush, saac Adler, Erwln S Plumb, Frederck T Plerson PASTORS WDOW dtes? OLD W C T U MEMBER SS*\p, ftt*l ->^- Mrs Marj 1 Bsjbefl, one of the oldest members of the Vv* C T yesterdaj a H" Homeopathc Hosptal, aged 90 M Bssell was the wdow of 1 Bssell, who ded oboul twentj years ago " wa pn or ol the - ul Methodst Church n Frank streel and for a shorl tme before ls death of h" Spencer Rpley Metkod&l Church, Bssell was one of thc eaj esl ment M of the W c T l am untl the death <>r her hubband took an actve par n ts programs as w-l as n the work of t" n 0f the church She leaves three sons ] >r!; 1 ; of Snna Barbara, Can : Y VV Bssell, of th d C s m of Brm ngham, Ala a dsu Alce <; of ths ctj : fve grandchldren N"u greal grandchldren Funeral Servces For Quncy Van^joorhs Funeral servces were neld yester day afternoon at 2:30 oclock from hs home, 60 Park avenue, for Quncy Van Voorhs, dean of the Rochester Bar Assocaton The Rev W Ed mund Nxon, assstant pastor of St Lukes Epscopal Church, offcated A commttee from the Rochester Bar Assocaton attended, composed of Thomas Ranes, Rchard E Whte, Clnton H Furbsh, saac Adler, Fred erck P Plerson, Erwn F Plumb and George B Draper, deputy corporaton counsel At a memoral meetng of the Roch ester Bar Assocaton yesterday noon Senator Homer E A Dck read a me moral of Mr Van Voorhs Patrck Kane Des At Age Of 106 Years Patrck Kane ded last nght n St Anns Home for the aged n Lake avenue boulevard, aged 105 years He was born n reland n 1818 Hhe be came a school master n that country at an early age About 85 years ago he came to ths country For a tme he was a farm hand at the St Paul street home, durng the tme that Mother Heronymo was n charge Mr Kane was connected wth varous n sttutons n the cty for 20 years n 1916 he went to St Anns Home for the Aged as an nmate There he re maned untl hs death Two ssters of Mr Kane also spent ther last days at that nsttuton They both lved to" be over 90 years of age These were Mr Kanes only relatves, t s sad Mrs Wllam J McNabb s Dead n Cleveland Mrs Wllam J McNabb, formerly of Rochester, ded last nght n Cleve land, where Mr and Mrs McNabb were n charge of the Volunteers of Amerca She leaves her husband, who formerly headed the Volunteers of Amerca n Rochester The body wll ;be brought to Rochester and funeral servces wll be held at 10 oclock Thursday mornng at 137 Chestnut street The Rev Harry G Greensmth wll offcate

145 nc, 1 Trbute t Mr> S/lCsZc*- Martha McLean Harmon (& 7,^ n Harm, 11 1 rat rul "*"*rs Chrnnlcle woman honored and loved by a wde loselv begnnng of our h rough the lof? years of her h?mn 1 t0u0,bp,1 * nearly "" veneratons ause of a wonderfully re- nory whch held the tales of grandfather and great-grandfather as lanular stores, because of carefully, preserved notes and famlv memoranda sno was well njru a connectng lnk beween the present and that day far awv ln ts seemng but near ndeed n realty when the valley of the waa an un broken wlldem n August, 1701 Wllam Hlncher Hncher" t was n New York Henshaw" n New England), f B a veteran of the Revoluton, came to the mouth f tho Genesee rver wth hs utle son, aged 11 For a year famly bad on the Bs Flats lkermung njon a settlement, wth help of hs lttle boy ho cut wld rected a hut on thr west s]-,,f the rhor, and returned ro Bg Flats for the wnter dton has t that they carred enough and ague wth them to last nearly tll sprng n February, 1702, he moved hy way of Seneca lak-^ nnd Cathernes town upon uttlng t- road before them n March they erossed the rver and oecuthe hut bult the your helore: t thatched wth dry wld gr e frst p at the mouth! 1 le Geuesee rv red lnt ^ Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton M, rver am Her / father, Heetor McLean, belongs also lo the early Scotch settlers, perhaps the most arstocratc of them He was for - or more one of the most hghlv men of hs callng n all ths m of the state, hjh daughter was "most carefully traned, educated at Lv ngston Park Semnary, a communcant of St Lukes She grew up n Rochlea, makng lfelong frendshps here as elsewhere n 1885 she was marred to Qeorge K Harmon, belongng 10 a welt known and prosperous Wheatland famly, member of a numerous clan of cousns and kndred, of whch she at once became one, cordally w loomed and as cordally recprocatng Her husband was a Baptst The frst twenty-jve years of ther marred lfe spoof n Churohvlrle, where and ln Mumford Mr Harmon had extensve mll ng nterests n the lttle Baptst church Mrs Har mon worked fathfully, playng the organ helpng n all ways possble lur a mother of a growng famly of lttle After comng to ltochester she unted wth the Baptst church; her boys were Jon ng that fath and she went wth them The t % whch bound her to her chldren and hoy to her wore unusually close -le lay strcken n the hosptal ter mnd wont back to lor beloved St Lakes, n whose nurture she bad been reared, re 1 hr r-s of her grlhood, where, sle had been marred The abld 1ng love for the stately servce of her unt her church was almost pnthel apparent Her son, ever most thoughtful and tpder of her assured her she should So to her grave as she bd gone 0 the altar, wth th nd the blessng f he church of her heart; and her nun later sad, "That s rght H B D Rochester, March 20, 1923 Rchard Dukelow WasAt OneTme ^-Bg Jdontractor 7, or /-^h^-^ ard 11 Dukelow, who ded unpectedly early Wednesday mornng at hs home, 10C0 North Goodman street was for 15 years one of Rochesters promnent contractors and bulders mm /32 ^ 1 was h N aga ra The 1 ec 1 3 ea r n- e a comfortable log house, wh b 1 by le old n- buldl Charlo He accumulat property, run hs own boat for bart; buj ng many seres 1 Land whch s stll beld n the Hlncher name! v man ol courage, of mt, am ndependence nf Mon lls famly eonssled of one daughters, "Seven! wves and mothers from under one Wllam Hlncher ganed a competency, he blazed a cont rhuunbuldng of our far valley hou fnest t land poneer M r was Mn at-grandfather, one of h~ sturdy group marred, Donald McKenzle Mr Mel u{red ; to that fne group of sturdy Scotchmen, mostly from the Hghland* of Scotland, who early n tbe nneteenth century came almost n a body to western Wheatland, to CaledoDla and to Le Roy to the hll eountrv of the Oatka, attracted manly by ts lkeness to ther beloved "Helands" n auld Scota He eame from nverness n 1804, and n tnfry, belent S-otel ted * ],>g buldte of th- state nn le land round about was,,1 Dp buslnen of cloth rst woolen [vet 1- eu ll over a wde terrtory m braced n ten prosperous and cloth ndustry were add-; years a mll, whch he sold to Remngton & Allen half a m turv fl H L PEAKE 01% SCRANTOMS, NC, ^ DES AT HOME Well-Known Busness Man Not n Good Health Re cently but Condton Was Not Thought To Be Crt calmember of St Lukes Howard L- P * ot tle dl "Jy ths mornng at the famly home, 1C Locust street He leaves hs wfe, Jesse Attrldge Peake: two daughters, Helen and Olve Peake; two ssters, Mrs Edward H Walker and Mrs Lous \ Kolb, and one brother, Ches ter A Peake, all of ths cty Mr Peake arose ths mornng say ng that he was gong to work A short tme later hs daughter went to room Seeng that n v ntly ll sr H UU 11 \UU ll Kl LOW m luty poltes, tl 111 h,m n sprt" Ho was one o ders n 1 ho Frst Prehytertan ledonl! n 1806, nlstry the most honorable Scotchman may hold, le was fal her of Purtan, Now, -nter blood s Hue rats whch charactersed 11, t loyalty to her frends, h 1 m n publc her raeter 1 X fourscore She be- fo 11 " *?,r Caledona r,, j the cruel se *vhl,-a lfe she wd perhaps eeome "aged" but *he wth her sprt young, her nterest m jf* vvd, her borne hr domestc affars largely the work of her own bands She was s alve as many a far younger falls tn be by Mr th re and Ul1 1 wth the tom Company for abort 26 years was well known among tho 1,;, of tms d lto Lodt F end A of h hs frends k,er to

146 Thomas j! /W- Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Funeral Of Dr J E Ottaway Held n 4*P$ Pttsford s Poneer Resdent s Dead -02 V//eA,t?2 Tonas Wood Pttsford, March 28 The death of Thomas Wood removed one of the oldest members of Northfeld lodge, F and A M Pttsford Grange, and the Baptst church, as well as of th? town le sp u-s of hs lfe ded 80 years on the place \Nh?re he The property was purchased by hs parents, Wllam and Sarah Wood, a r they left England and Wood was next to the youngest of ther thrteen chlnl was th - of the famly n an _ "sketch" of hs *- whch he wrote as par ol n M \n, Vn \ hmteers he states: " was born thc 3d day of February 1S3S, n England, and came t ths country n 1842 tended seoo,; later worked on tho farm \ hlc bought Al th- age Of twenty-four as a prvtae n lompanj C of \ w fork Volunteers, n - battle of Anletam, Sep r- 17, 1862, and on the rnavh rver and n consequence had to ford m s p] ced n mu, lta] wen the regment moved" ced thfollowng Aprl and - u n -1 home, but l requred Mr Woo hs health en- 1 xj ler post, Q, a r, banded He was of Novthfle!,, The Masons and Amercan Legon wn assst re\ q, Blocum, D 1 1 n the B ln> funeral trervl s hs wfe, h chldren four d by **> Btep-chld < m Qdehlldren and chldren, / / PONEER Spent OF _JGHtON, DES Hs Entre 85 Years n Secton About Allens CreekRecalled Buldng of New, York Central Road>?1^;jL Wllam Marshfeld Parsons, one of the older resdents of Rochester, ded ths mornng at the famly homo on East avenue, Brghton Mr Parsons, who was 85 years of age, was born n Brghton and had lved there all of hsj lfe He leaves hs wfe, Mrs Arvlla Lord Parsons; one daughter, Mrs Harry H Kngston: Mrs- H E Boardmn of Geneseo, N T, and Mrs A L Bearlsley of Farport; two mum grandchld) nephew Th- funeral wll be held from the, famly home at 2:30 oclock Tue afternoon and from the Brghton byterlan church at 3 oclock n- tent wll be n the famly lot n Brghton Cemetery One of Mr Parsons proudest rec ollectons was the tme when he shook hands wth Presdent Abraham Ln con at Washngton some years ago Mr Parsons was engaged n farmng most of hs lfe He was born nea Allens creek, n Brghton, when that localty was practcally a wlderness He watched wth great prde the growth of that secton untl today t s one of tho fnest x-esldental sec tons n ths sucton of the state Wllam Marshfeld Parsons wth hs brother, Colonel E Blossom Parsons, conducted sue ol " frst malt ho n ths part of tho state about 4o years ago The plant was located on Brown street Mr Parsons wtnessed the construc ton of the frst tracks of the New York Central Ralroad n ths secton n 1! and modern devces used for excavaton work were unknown and practcally all the haulng was done n the oldfashoned onc-horse-drawn dump carta Mr Parson-! was a deacon and one of the olde ;hton Presbyteran Chun Funeral se*vlces f6r > Jon Ottaway were held noon from Ella late lon avenue The RV; She: man W Haven of Church offl lated Tn John L Bemlsh, H Dm Vc tor Co] s (Trunk Dobson, Mlo and Joseph Salsbury l DR JOHN E OTTAWAY, From a photograph taken soon alter he began the practse of mcdjclno, the only one le ever had taken was n Rversde Cemet n Ottaway \\ as bbrt Apt l 1S61, at VSrnon Center, N V was graduated from the nyersty of M cngan n 1886 and p Med cne for a fe wmonths n Penn Yan The next year le came 10 Charlotte, The docl health offcer of Charlotte a member of the Board two He was the phj the New Yot Genesee Fu n-> as assstant to the late D Frank A Jones n 1890 h d to Mss Alce E Atkns o1 Geneva, Tha! year he opened an offce and con tnued o Twenty-th * ard, led, unl slckm n he sprng of 1898, when the Klondke rush was Otjoned a party Alaska Te returned wthn ptal surgeon Of late nterested n a ;n 1 -m love n H A, n-, m, and wen tly passed av As a physcan he was 1 by hs patents, who l h n hm le car reer nto s many a horm scan ha bc years he 11 the 1 1 whch M > Ottaway M m the (

147 1 % $TER% )!ES kf Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton / 11" M 5 DR TREHON^ DES AT PARK /S> / 1 D mt pltal, Yonkers, ded n 5 owng aton Funeral se n V day of m 1 er J Francs OHe ther ( F Dr Duffy attorn Mt St M lege, Em Md, from whch he was graduated as arts, le then entered Bellevue :: hool, fnduced n conjn the operaton of Belle graduated n 1891, the youngest graduate untl d St Josephs Yonkers, as an nterne and n a vstng Duffy wde generally on Robert ngls, a Yon was stabbed n the durng an a fray and was rushed l, where Dr Duffy d upon hm lmmed tnts of the gur- 111 <- heart Was Formerly Member of Old Executve Board of Rochester Served as Deputy Secretary of State Durng Hughes Regme! James L Whalen formerly a Mll street, and at one on ded ths n Lnl T ra The fn / Lf CUsU/f- One of Oldest Practsng Homeopathc Physcans Passes Away Ths Morn ng Was on Homeo pathc Hosptal Staff n John K Tretl of the olde p m ng lomeopathlc phytlvla morn ng u hs 1 ) m Born n reland, Dr ehen a Tretton came to thff young latter, he b : staff of > now the H h n M -n - S ; from College n the t tme Roch- Medcal Socle! and pa1 he le mom for a ton; f nllu and E lat and fy an and G Taul Duffy of Waterloo le was a member of 1 County Medcal Socety, Stat" Medcal Socety, New Tor: Aca< of Medcne, Medcal Academy of New York Unversty, Yonkers Cty Olub and Chamber of Commerce JAMBS n WHA1 and at o Funeral Serva a For Dr Tretton To Be feld Tomovrov -,, (on be // MORTUARtR / lu r,- w Marccllus nc a rmeran of the n BVhaU-_lmen1 <1,of1 ted wth Ms fathe n th He took an m, untl 1" BenJana, yeeterdaj Benjamn F Tlnn / [a con ty of the s So- 111 at hs Catherne wth DR ll\ 1 : 1 h\ wlf

148 and _ ol /3L DR E F DUFFY, NOTED SURGEON, BURED HERE wr= Born n Rochester, He Won Wde Renown n a /frend of the poor KNOWN TO HAVE TREATED HUN DREDS AND REFUSED PAY MENT FOR HS SERVCES Dr Edward Francs Duffy, surgeon of wde renown, who ded Saturday evenng at hs home, 267 South Broad way, Yonkers, N Y, was bured th** mornng at Holy Sepulcher cemetery Bshop Thomas F Hckey gave the fnal blessng at the grave asssted by Rev J F OHern and Rev C F Shay Dr Duffy was born n Rochester, a son of the lat* Walter B and Theresa ODea Duffy He was a brother to James P B Duffy, Walter J Duffy, Mrs W T Noonan and Mrs J G Hckey, of Rochester; Mrs Charles F Rordan, of Snaron, Mass, and G Paul Duffy, of Waterloo Dr Duffy attended the publc schools of ths cty, later matrculat ng at Mount St Marys college, Emmtsburg Pa, from whch he was graduated as a bachelor of arts He then entered Bellevue Medcal school conducted n conjuncton wth the operaton of Bellevue hosptal H- was graduated n 1891, the youngest graduate up to that tme Dr Duffy entered St Josephs hos- ; pltal n Yonkers as an nterne after hs graduaton, and later went to Eu- j rope, where he studed for several years before commencng hs prac tcng career Hs sanatorum n Yonkers s consdered one of the most completely equpped n the Unted States n 1913, he marred Margaret Ward of New York cty Whle he was knovn as a physcan of unusual capabltes Dr Duffya eputatlon was an a surgeon " Duffy was noted also for hs gennd hs nterest n the poor nnng the summer months he \\,s oftentmes seen drvng hs ant moble through the surroundng country hav ng a* hs passengers a group of prv leged youngs He has been known to treat hun dreds of poor patents wthout charges of any knd The determnaton of the nh and hs tense nterest n hs patents la llustrated by the fact that he recently performed two major op eratons whle sufferng from double qunsy and Jaundl Ever sn-e hs return to Tottktr*, Europe, Dr, Duffy had been a vstng physcan at St Josephs hos ptal, and some years ago chef ft th< ^taff of surgeons Last ted presdent of the tals executve board, Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton DES AT JN BERKELEY ST Well-Known and Popular Busness Man and Mason Had Been Wth Meng & Shafer Company T-/,m for Past DeMalne, a member of thc lnn of Meng-Shafer-Held Company, ded ths mornng at the famly home, 9 Berkeley street, aged G7 years He leaves hs wfe Bernada DeMalle; lve sons, Bard am John DeMalle of Worcester, Mass, Abratn and saac DeMalle of Lowell, Mass, and "Wl lam DeMalle of Rochester, and one lter, Mrs S F Sevy of ROchcster The funeral wll daj afternoon nterment wll be n Mt Hopo Cemetery The Rev Dr Henry C, Jacobs, pastor of Brghton Re formed Church, wll Oftc saac DeMalle was born n Roch ester He attended tho publc schools here and later attended Hope College at Grand Rapds, Mch After gradu- and SAAO l>l M LLE returm d to R< n ) h n n, now the W a th whl : for n n whch he wa Although of a n tlrln \\ on, Mr ed n tn wn,1,1, frend lnn tell h m -s n both depend d Judgment and ad\ l< > n ma] ml uporj Mr publc h P m n- -, Sfonno lnnlh n / PAY TRBUTE TO MEMORY OF PPQ^TlfTTLE Memoral Servce Held at Chrst Church Wth Eulo ges of Late Presdng Bshop by Rochester Clergymen he" late Bshop Danel S Tuttle of Mssour, presdng bshop of the Eps copal Church n the Unted States, was a man of genune democracy, un fegned love and chld-lke humlty, t was sad yesterday afternoon by Suffragan Bshop Davd Lncoln Ferrs n an address at the memoral servce held at Chrst Church "rrespectve of creed or color, he was the frend of man," sad Bshop Ferrs "And coupled wth hs undy ng love for the church there glowed ln hm a sprt of patrotsm whch frequently found expresson ln words that wll lve n the hearts of men long after the lps whch spoke them have been slenced by death He possessed a fraternty of nsght and experence whch enabled hm not only to lve n harmony wth hs brethren and the world, but also as a wse masterbulder, he guded the church through tryng days of advancement and reor ganzaton and to hm the House of Bshops and the church at large owes a debt ot grattude t can never repay "t would be an nterestng and l lumnatng bt of hstory f we were able to tell how many tmes ho has crossed and recrossed the cont meetng wth the House of Bshops, openng general conventons, conse cratng new bshops and delverng specal sermons That record may never be known, but wo do know that he was among us as one who serves, and no appeal for hs help went un heeded so long as he could fn1 the tme and strength to make hs response" Rev L G Morrs, rector of church, gave the se ng wlh was read when the, late prelate was consecrated as a Ln nl ln a short address precedng the lng, affrmed that "lookng over tho perod of years from hs contlon to hs death we realze how fully Bshop Tuttle fulflled the hundant promse of hl rvce n the church and how fathful! followed n the footsteps of the The Rev Samuel Tylar rector of St Lukes Church, spoke chefly of Bshop Tuttles poneer mssonary n the Northwest d beyond the sky lghts of man-stll l d towns fr h and smple envronments or lfe," sad the speaker "There the Jtness and lack of sham of hs Chrst-lke character were of one sprt wth the stem and un ng facts of lfe as he found t among op Tuttle had the smplcty of a n relgon and hs eager ever questng for the truth am enthusastc for the next m He courageous atttude toward the fath and hs broad-ml were scornful of mere ecclcsn^ ts" <u t (V C V C So, rt O - --? U - 5 rt ^ c h a "5, 3" v O c u <D >, f- c * m X c o m ~ u o C 4, % Uj ~ C O S >, J S, 0 a-* o Sec p ^ -S mll-, A A P 0 :

149 LYMAN H GRANGER, OLD RESDENT, DEAD Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton f Mr Granger was born n Greece, where hs father, Lyman Granger, had moved a short tme prevously, on May 18, 1837 When he was 7 years old hs famly returned to Rochester and settled n a house n Canal street Mr /3 7 Granger was educated n the Roch ester publc schools Although hs older brother had attended the unver sty he dd not as he was anxots to enter upon a busness career More than half a century ago, Mr Granger opened the frst set of books of The Post Express, then known as The Evenng Express, wth offces n Mll street Mr Granger was con nected wth the busness offce of the paper for more than ten years Mr Granger leaves hs wfe, Mary Martn Granger, and hs nece, Alma C Granger MS PCTURE^ S UNVELED m Descendant of One of Earlest Settlers Had Long Been ll-trbute s Pad Lyman H Granger 85, descendant of one of the earlest settlers ln Roch ester, ded at hs home, 30 Appleton street, at 730 oclock last nght, after a long llness He had retred from actve busness several years ago, but he kept an offce n hs home for the transacton of hs prvate affars The followng trbute was pad to Mr Granger to-day by Myron T Bly, who has handled lls legal affars for over thrty years: "t was one of hs prncples to keep hs word to the letter," sad Mr Bly, "and on the same prncple he wanted those wth whom he dealt Lo keep ther word wth hm "He was not ostentatous n makng chartable gfts and many of hs ac quantances assumed that he was not n the habt of practcng charty, but a few of hs nner crcle of frends are well aware of hs habt of unobtru svely befrendng those n need" Mr Granger belonged to the Roch ester lodge of Masons Gdeon Granger, grandfather of Ly man ll Orange came to Rochester wth hs famly early n the nneteenth century, travelng all the way from Connectcut n an ox cart He bought large tracts of land on the west sde of the Genesee rver n what was then Genesee county, pror to tho foundng of Monroe county n 1816 Gdeon bought a porton of helps and Gorhan tract and at one tme he owned much Of the land borderng West avenue and extendng from the present ste of Jefferson ave nue a the town of Gates E of Gdeons holdngs were plotted by James S Bruff, one Of Rochesters po neer surveyors, nto what was later known as the Granger, Sbley and Feld tract lyng west of Jefferson avenue and traversed by that street and <;-n- H Granger stll Btreet Lyman retaned some of the property pur chased by hs grandfather FORMER ROCHESTER^ JEWELER DES AT 3 u MACED, AGED 95 Phneas Ford, aged 8 Rochester Jew horn lve o ter \ an a] the jewelry fl n then n E h op n store of hs own drews Streets and Mr Aft( M ll wth at State and An : 1 oldest T L 81 emplo empl Tho MORTUARY f % Ln* Wulwn H Th Wllam Noble Tho Republcan rh fl- Hosptal educated *, h wm elty ras f** :ord ft4 rgh 1 and Tho funeral * oclock fr- Mn ral wll bo made n Mt Hope Cemetery

150 /2<J- Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton Mother of Customs Collector Pallace & es at Her Sons Home n Brockport JOHN MARTN VES, FORMERLY ROCHESTER NEWSWRTER, DES N FLORDA; AT ONE? John Martn ves of 17 Rundel Park ded Saturday ln Jacksonvlle, Fla He was formerly a member of the edtoral staffs of the Democrat and Chroncle and the Post Express, and for a tme was secretary of the Chamber of Commerce Mr ves was a natve of New Eng lme ot" hs death 11 es two daughters Mss and Mrs Cla grandchld, M Ball The body wll be brought to Roch- land, clamng Housatonc, Mass, as hs brthplace At an early age he came to Mendon Most of hs edu caton was receved at the Newark Academy After workng as a newspaper man n ths cty for a few years he went to Lockpo"1 cty edtor of the Lockport Daly M ELZABETH PALLACE, Queenstown to New York Clt) 5 years, mother of John was marred to John Pallace, sr, who Pallace, collector of customs ded sxteen years ago, n New J for the Port of Rochester, ded Thurs- Mrs Pallace attended the Church of day noon at the the home of her Natlvll rt and? son n j [for more than fn She was born n Boyle, Roscommon, nd, and oame to tns country, D MRS ELZABETH PALLACE years of age Sho was among the passengers on a sal ng vessel, whch took thrteen jweeku days t make the trp from mem l : Lades Ad Socety of that oh She was a promnent fgure n Ch socal actvtes n t Besdes her son daughters, the Mss Mary L Pallace and Mrs Ann Wllams, all of Broch M SS M: - un era 1 wll tak Monday mornng at 980 the home and at 10 Church of the Natvty Bural be made n Mt Olvet Ceme On hs return to Rochester he took charge of the publcatons depart ment of the H H Warner ( Later he went to South Australa, to represent the ntel of that company For a tl and ve n poltcs " was apponted com sloner t,o thc Unted States for the Melbourne Exposton n and v West Avenue, Brockport Mrs Pallace had made Brockport her home guay by Presdent M Mr ves was frst marred n Lockport n That wt years nce ma agan He was wth hs Becond wfe JOHN MARTN 1VKS dal ln Mt Hope

151 - DEATH CLA W B FA UNEXPECTEDLY // yph^r (o-f4& Promnent Banker SuccumBs at Atlantc Cty Had Been n Poor Health but Had Looked for Beneft From Trp Wllam B Farnham of 39 Oxford street, vce-presdent of the Lncoln- Allance Bank, ded yesterday after noon n Atlantc Cty Mr Farnham was born n Dayton, O, n 1868 Hs parents moved to Palmyra when he was about two years Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton WAS PONEER^- N DESGNNG -OFC Lous Smons Des Unex pectedly at Hs Home, 9 Buckngham Street, Early TodayOne of Jewsh Home Founders j Lous Smons, poneer clo sgner and well-known clo of ths cty, ded un y early ths mornng at thc famly home, 9 Buckngham str 65 years Death was due to heart trouble He had been p of hs famly up to 1 evenng ago ds wth m rnng am Mr Smons was born n on St Paul stre Hum ploy of B Kupp M a d to /" He leaves hs wfe, Amela Smons: fve sons, Sol of Rochester, Harry of New Rochelle, rvng of Chcago, Smon of Detrot and Phllp Smons of New York; three daughters, Mrs Rose Cralsk of Chcago, Mrs Barney L#evy and Honor" Smons of Roches ter; two brothers, Jacob of Chcago and Benjamn Smons of San Francs co, and two ssters, Mrs R Goldsten! and Mrs A Applebaum of ths cty, and m grandchldren The funeral wll be held at 2 oclok tomorrow afternoon from hs late home nterment wll be n Brtten ery C L NEWTON,V PASSES AWAYP HS HOME ZZ# Was One of Oldest add Best Known Resdents? Was Formerly n Commsson Busness U of R Grad uate of Class of 73 n one of the old Lost-known resdents of t ns home ln \r :-> ttrtel Me wa the son wth wl he ft n the commsson 3y / -*1 a s Roofceater WLLAM B FARNHAM from 1 ter m of age Te was educated at Palmyra Hgh School and at R Bus ness nsttute Hs frst experence was wth the Frst Natonal Bank of Palmyra n 1891 Mr Farnham came to Rochester and became assstant er of the German-Amercan Bank, whch later was merged to form tn Llncoln-Alla was assocated wth the late Frederck Cook, actve n busness nterests n Rochester, and a former secretary of state of New York Mr n was assocated wth Peter A Vay who was the senor vce-presdent of the Ln coln-allance Natonal Bank When the Allance Bank and the Lncoln Natonal Bank were merged Mr Farnham, who was vce-presdent of the Lncoln Natonal Rank, was elected a vce-presdent of the merged nsttutons He waa connected wth the Lncoln branch of the bank at 33 Exchange street Mr Farnham was treasurer of the Ohmer Fare Regsterng Company of Daytor About 15 years ago Mr Farnham marred Mss Dela Sherman of Wash ngton, related to Ocneral Shermans famly Mrs Eugene Van Voorhs s < a ls1 Farnham Mr Farn ham leaves two sons, who were wth hm also a brother, Henry P Farn ham of 38 Thayer street nham a unlly had to planned vst the Panama eanal but nstead went to Atlanl Mr Farnham had been health for Mtxou several months bul was not regarded as serous and h looked for h- 01 S SMONS ns was a y of nng n Unsllo 1887, ho w to Jul <>n whl s the only nc vlvlng Lke - he was for years an attendant al h of lets o Brghton oonlk hat ste " flnt n be and p held Frday nf

152 j l/-o Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton JOHN KAVANAGH DES AT HOME JUTER LLNESS lu, -ywv f Wdely Known as nsurance Man and Golfer One of Organzers of roquos Golf League and Oak Hll Club ftfy/f John Kavanagh, wdely known n surance man and one of the or ganzers and best known member of the Oak Hll Country Club, ded ths mornng at hs home, 17 6 Westmns ter road, after a short llness Mr Kavanagh leaves hs wfe, Mrs Katherne Smth Kavanagh, three brothers, George of Montreal, Wllam of Washngton, D C, where he s connected wth the department of state, and Frank Kavanagh of Boston; three sster Mrs Edward Mahaney, Mrs OLeary and Mss Kavanagh of Toronto Mr Kavanagh came to Rochester s ago from Toronto, where he was born, and engaged n the nsran busness At the tme ot hs death he was manager of the dent nsurance Com pany wth offces n thc Commerce Buldng Mr Kavanagh was an enthusastc golfer, beng one of the organzers of roquos Lcasue, composed of the 1 u, n ths cty and golf clubs n Utea, Syracuse and Buffalo was an actve member of the Chamber of < and formerly of the Rochester club JOHN S burand, FORMER^^ -jr> ROCHESTER MAN, S DEAD John S Durand, lawyer, ded sudden ly to-day ln New York cty, where he had made hs home snce hs admsson to the bar, followng hs graduaton from Columba Law school He leaves hs wfe, one son, Henry S Durand; a brother Dr Henry S Durand, and two ssters Mrs Kdward W Mullgan of ths cty, and Mr? Emmet Jennngs of Avon nnd He WS h^rn n Cncnnat ln 1859 was brought to Rochester by hs ts when a hoy He receved hs educaton n the Wlson school here then attended the Hopkns school at New Haven, Conn, and receved hs unversty tranng at Yale, completng hs law work at Columba The announcement of hs sudden b came as a shock to Rochester They had but lttle nformaother than that he had ded sadlrs Mulll t0 New ts for "ral wll not b made un" n New York Last Servces Held Today For John Kavanaugh r m w wnurr JOHX KAVANAUGH Funeral servces for John Kava naugh, nsurance man, were held at 2 oclock ths afternoon from th famly home, 17 6 Westmnster road Mr Kavanaugh ded Saturday after a bref llness nterment was n Mt Hope Cemetery He had been a res of Rochester for 40 years and was manager of the Rochester offc of the Standard Accdent nsurance Company The funeral servces for Jtev Raymond H Fttler, late curat pal Church, Buffalo, hs homo ln Buffalo, was day afternoon nt tho famly Fal-vlew Crescent, near vaxd Tho servce waq c Rev Davd L Ferrs Bshop Suffra Western New York, asssted by Rev :ralter R Lord, re< Johns Church, and Rev Dr Samuel 3 of St Lukes < church Rev Mr Puller was n to the tme of hs leavng Ro Tho actve pall hearers were three fallow clergymen of Buffalo, Rev George W GavHcr, Re N Borton, Rev "VV S nf tha Rochester clergy, Rv W11 McCoy, Rev H C >V Terom Kates The honorary bl Rev Charles H Jessup, Rev F W Abbott, Kev Samuel W Sykes, Her Evan H Man Hlssrl, Rev <\ A Ransom, Rev Charles R Alllsson, Rov Walter John E Cook am Mr Denns, a canddate for At Mt, Hope Cemetery servce wns read by Blshon Ferrlslsted by Rev George P Wllams / OLD FRE-FGHTER ^j\nd PRNTER DES Thomas H Gosson Was Second Oldest Member of ProtecteesWas Lfe Member Yonnondo Lodge Thomas H Gosson, second oldest member of the Protectves and for the last twenty years a prnter n the employ of The Post Express, ded to-day at hs home n Pont Pleasant after an llness of ten days from heart dsease He was a lfe member of Yonnondo lodge The funeral wll be held Frday He leaves three sons and one daughter: Elmer R, Clfford T and Earl D Gosson and Mrs Ll lan B Sparks Mr Gosson was 76 years old He was born n Lverpool, England, and came to the Unted States sxty-three years ago, settlng n Rochester He lved here untl nne years ago when he moved to Pont Pleasant He beacme a prntng craftman n Roch ester, practced the craft here untl he became 111 At one tme he was presdent of Typographcal unon 15 From an early age he was nter ested n fre-fghtng Wthn a few years after hs arrval n Rochester he Joned the Protectves and retaned membershp untl the tme of hs death He recalled wth much nter est hs helpng to draw an old Are cart along the sdewalk through Man street many years ago and expressed much delght wth the developments n fre -fghtng, culmnatng n the present motorzed department He waa among those who organzed a fre department for Pont Pleasant, that colony of former Rochesterans who resde throughout the year on the shores of rondequolt bay He was made frst chef of the department Advancng years made hm gve up the post, though he retaned hs nterest n thc affars of the department He was a member of the Exempt Fre mens assocaton of Rochester, of the Western New York Volunteer Fre mens assocaton and of the Lake Shore Fremens assocaton Y (/llonry A Sheldon s Dead Henry A Sheldon of Hamburg, son of the late Judge James Sheldon, judge H old Superor Court Of Buffalo, ded at hs bo rlay Mr Sheldon was ln the employ of the Barber Asphalt Company for than 30 years and was treasurer of the roquos works Theodore Shel don, attorney, of Buffalo, s one of the three survvng brothers The other two are James and Robert, both of Buffalo Surah Palmer Sheldon, who charge of the new om n the Buffalo Publc Lbrary, Mrs Jam Hollnghead of East Orange, N\ J, and Mrs Wllam <" Howell; of Roch ester are ssters of Mr Sheldon < a Sheldon* former Bufl paper woman, was a sster Mra Sheldon, wdow of the de ceased, was formerly Helen Craycroft ol Phladelpha, nece of Frank Bfc ton, the novelst Sarah Carew Louse Stockton, Wllam Stockton and J: are survvng chldr-n TfT^tf^&S

153 W H WHTNGS,7$ DES AT Hlf HOME TODAY v Was Well-Known Lawyer, Cvl War Veteran and Member of the Masonc Bodes of Cty Held Ths Afternoon Funeral Wllam H Whtng, well-known lawyer Cvl War veteran, and prom nent n Masonc crcles, ded ths mornng at the famly home, 108 Troup street, aged 81 years The funeral was held ths afternoon The Rev Robert J Drysdale, pastor of Mt Hor Presbyteran Church, offc ated nterment was n Mt Hope Cemetery He leaves one daughter, Olve Whtng Mr Whtng was born n Lyndeboro, N H, and was a descendant of the Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton WF WEBSTER- - DES AFTER LONG LLNESS Was Well Known n Shoe Manufacturng Crcles- Came to Rochester at Age of 18 and Became Part ner of Colonel S S Eddy Wllam F Webster, well known n the shoe manufacturng ndustry n ths cty, ded yesterday n Rochester General Hosptal after a long llln He leaves three aunts, Mrs N Jane of ths cty, Mrs Anns S Jackson and Mrs Mary E Sherman of West Henretta, and several COUSl The be held at 3 och rrow afternoon from the hom< untl hs last llness n December 1899, Mr Webster marred Helen Jo sephne Parsons, who ded ln Decem ber, 1913 Durng hs marred lfe and after hs wfes death he made hs home wth hs mother-n-law, Mrs Charlotte A Parsons, and hs hrotherv nnd sster-n-law Mr and Mrs 64 South Washng*- 911 lp hd been nssocated wth Gustavus H Sten n the lnr: nnd nvestment frm of Sten & Webster / WLLAM V WEBSTER hs aunts ln Wept Henretta, wll WLLAM h whrrnco Rev Samuel Whtng, -who came to tns country n 1636, and who was he fust pastor of >" Lynn, Mass Wllam H Whtng was a graj of Hamlton ^""JV - class of 1869 He also attended the urn Theologcal Semnary He to Rochester n 1870 and was prncpal teacher at the House of Ref uge for sx years He was admtted t the bar n 1877 and practsed law Olve Whtng bere wuh hs daughter, S He lev "ed durng the Cvl War wth the 16th Regment New York Heavy rtllery He enlsted January , vas dscharged from servce May lr Ma- s 1866 He was promnent lonfc Tot longed b8ln * mtband A T ge, 507, l uu A J, ^R A M- * MS; to the old 4J ra was also drll W Mr \ a n the nng nls s h returned to West an- bust- Wftl my t streets, ln the bulldes of the He ton wth whch he remaned

154 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton

155 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton #^ No 103 PATENTED

156 Central Lbrary of Rochester and Monroe County Hstorc Scrapbooks Collecton

The Osler Library of the History of Medicine McGill University, Montreal Canada Osler Library Archive Collections P55 ROBERT HOWARD COLLECTION

The Osler Library of the History of Medicine McGill University, Montreal Canada Osler Library Archive Collections P55 ROBERT HOWARD COLLECTION The Osler Lbrary of the Hstory of Medcne McGll Unversty, Montreal Canada Osler Lbrary Archve Collectons P55 ROBERT HOWARD COLLECTON NVENTORY LST Ths s a gude to one of the collectons held by the Osler

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{Lpv ~1- u 1, BY-LAW N020

{Lpv ~1- u 1, BY-LAW N020 M {Lpv 1- u 1, (3) /-;2..;..f,3-;,L.,-... CORPORATON OF THE TOW BY-LAW N020 fyfla ;74 fy.;.>t 21. :m LED, r/t:.x b {.;...;:)Oq- ol.f] BENG A BY -LAW TO AMEND BY -LAW 87-112 AS AMENDED (Prvate Property

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Weinberg v Sultan 2016 NY Slip Op 30272(U) February 10, 2016 Supreme Court, New York County Docket Number: /2013 Judge: Cynthia S.

Weinberg v Sultan 2016 NY Slip Op 30272(U) February 10, 2016 Supreme Court, New York County Docket Number: /2013 Judge: Cynthia S. Wenberg v Sultan 2016 NY Slp Op 30272(U) February 10, 2016 Supreme Court, New York County Docket Number: 652273/2013 Judge: Cyntha S. Kern Cases posted wth a "30000" dentfer,.e., 2013 NY Slp Op 30001(U),

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D NONE (No reportable positions.)

D NONE (No reportable positions.) Hnojosa, Rcardo H. Report Requred by lhe Ethcs AOJO n Gol'crmnent Act of 1978 Rev. 1!20JO FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 {5 U.S.C. app. 101-/llj 1. Person Reportng Uast name, frs.t. mddle ntal) Court or Organzaton

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PALM BEACH COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS AGENDA ITEM SUMMARY PALM BEACH COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMSSONERS AGENDA TEM SUMMARY Agenda tem #: 31-l-fo Meetng Date: Department: May 6, 2014 [X] Consent [ ] Regular [ ] Ordnance [ ] Publc Hearng Facltes Development & Operatons.

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CITY OF DELAND, FLORIDA REQUEST FOR COMMISSION ACTION. FEBRUARY 15, 2016 Attachments: X] Ordinance X ] Staff Report ] Location Map.

CITY OF DELAND, FLORIDA REQUEST FOR COMMISSION ACTION. FEBRUARY 15, 2016 Attachments: X] Ordinance X ] Staff Report ] Location Map. Department: Plannng Subject: A- 6-0; Abandonment of Rght-of- Way Located Wthn a Porton Co. Plat X of the Blue Lake Celery CITY OF DELAND, FLORIDA REQUEST FOR COMMISSION ACTION FEBRUARY 5, 206 Attachments:

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AGENDA ITEM 1 O Consent Item. Acceptance of an Irrevocable Offer of Dedication for a portion of the future Bass Lake Hills Park and Ride.

AGENDA ITEM 1 O Consent Item. Acceptance of an Irrevocable Offer of Dedication for a portion of the future Bass Lake Hills Park and Ride. AGENDA TEM 1 O Consent tem MEMORANDUM DATE: Aprl 5, 2018 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: El Dorado County Transt Authorty Mndy Jackson, Executve Drector Acceptance of an rrevocable Offer of Dedcaton for a porton of

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41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1:

41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1: Record Series Number The materials listed in this document are available for research at the University of Illinois Archives. For more information, email or search

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On Cul-de-Sac Lot at the Top of Premier Class A Office Park. SITE i. All utilities contiguous to or on site Zoning allows for use flexibility

On Cul-de-Sac Lot at the Top of Premier Class A Office Park. SITE i. All utilities contiguous to or on site Zoning allows for use flexibility 1.92 Acres Rdgefeld Busness Center I-26, Ext, Ashevlle (828) 665-9085 2500 Heart Drve, Ashevlle, NC 28806 On Cul-de-Sac Lot at the Top of Premer Class A Offce Park Rdgefeld Blvd $379,900

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HILLIARD AVE. MLS# Karnes/CPE: Loopnet:

HILLIARD AVE. MLS# Karnes/CPE: Loopnet: Downtown Ashevlle Land FOR SALE or JOINT VENTURE on Prme Corner Zoned CBD (828) 665-9085 357 Hllard Avenue, Ashevlle, NC 28801 Corner Lot at Hllard and Clngman Avenues s Surrounded by Sold

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Own or Lease All or Part

Own or Lease All or Part Own or Lease All or Part Entre Center or Indvdual Sutes For Sale R INVESTMENT (828) 665-9085 2560 Ashevlle Hghway, Hendersonvlle, NC 28791 Below Market Prcng, wth Great Exposure on Major

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West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation

West Bengal Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation Industral Infrastructure Development Corporaton Block DJ, Plot No. 10, Sector II, Saltlake Cty, Kolkata 700 091 APPLICATION FORM FOR ALLOTMENT / ASSIGNMENT OF PLOT OF LAND / SHED / SDF BLDG. IN INDUSTRIAL

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John James Burton. Pioneer of 1844 by sea. compiled by Stephenie Flora

John James Burton. Pioneer of 1844 by sea. compiled by Stephenie Flora John James Burton Pioneer of 1844 by sea compiled by Stephenie Flora John James Burton b. 19 Feb 1816 Sheldon, Devonshire, England 15 Sep 1879 Portland, Multnomah Co, OR buried Yamhill-Carlton

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Development Site has 3,100 LF of River Frontage, 8.3 Miles to Downtown SITE. Moffitt Branch Road. Tunnel Road

Development Site has 3,100 LF of River Frontage, 8.3 Miles to Downtown SITE. Moffitt Branch Road. Tunnel Road 31 ACRES FOR RESIDENTIAL PROXIMITY TO US 70 / I-40 EAST ASHEVILLE, NC (828) 665-9085 423 Mofftt Rd, Ashevlle, NC 28805 Development Ste has 3,100 LF of Rver Frontage, 8.3 Mles to Downtown

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IN THE COURT OF APPEAL OF THE DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF SRI LANKA. All of 372/2, Kandy Road, .. N THE COURT OF APPEAL OF THE DEMOCRATC SOCALST REPUBLC OF SR LANKA. 1 Malame Janth Mahakumara 2Chamela Prasadn Vandabona 3Akla Sushan Vandabona All o 372/2, Kandy Road, Kurunegala C.A.No.825/97 (F)

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NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF DES MOINES, IOWA, AND SITTING AS THE LOCAL BOARD OF HEALTH: * Roll Call Number Agenda tem Number B.D.H..~.J.H Date...M~X~h)~)QQ!... WHEREAS the property located at 2018 E. 40th Court Des Mones owa was nspected by representatves of the Cty of Des Mones who determned

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Silas M. OLIPHANT: 1846 NY, USA 1937 CA, USA Married: Mary E. SOUTHWICK: 1846 NY, USA 1910 (Married 1869) Children: Ira M., Alice L.

Silas M. OLIPHANT: 1846 NY, USA 1937 CA, USA Married: Mary E. SOUTHWICK: 1846 NY, USA 1910 (Married 1869) Children: Ira M., Alice L. FAMILY MEMBERS: Peter S. OLIPHANT: 1805 NY, USA - 1902 NY, USA. (Grandfather of Silas M.) Married first: Diana FULLER (COOPER?): 1815 VT, USA - 1855 children: George, Melissa, Silas, Rachel, Charles, William

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SCRAP BOOK. >jv0r<0r^rvnrt^lrn<0ror>wirmlnr^^ K-JwrwnmmnxoWrlHWM. oralrrmnx. ir.iriw,iirrlirlrrjrirr.lrrmrrqrrllmllllm

SCRAP BOOK. >jv0r<0r^rvnrt^lrn<0ror>wirmlnr^^ K-JwrwnmmnxoWrlHWM. oralrrmnx. ir.iriw,iirrlirlrrjrirr.lrrmrrqrrllmllllm 1*M mnn< MaMWOMHataMMrtnaaMnnMBn lmamj MMaaMwwn^^ W H lt HlrHllLHU M 11111 llmlhurl oralrrmnx rrwrrlrlrrjrrrlrrmrrqrrllmllllm m rmmmmnt mwrmn nlwr>rrrnrlmrtrrlrrjrrw SCRAP BOOK KJwrwnmmnxoWrlHWM >jv0r

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Contiguous to CHS Blue Ridge Hospital BURKE PRIMARY CARE PHIFER WELLNESS CENTER. Bush Drive EXIT 105 EL PASO MEXICAN QUALITY MART QUICK MART 1.3 ACRES I-40 VISIBILITY Ext n Morganton, NC (828) 665-9085 125 Bush Drve, Morganton, NC 28655 Contguous to CHS Blue Rdge Hosptal $550,000 1.3 Acres Hgh vsblty from I-40 wth 44,000 cars

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CITY OF DAbE CITY. James D. Class, City ClerkIFinance Ditor Camille Hernandez, Commissioner

CITY OF DAbE CITY. James D. Class, City ClerkIFinance Ditor Camille Hernandez, Commissioner CTY OF DAbE CTY "Proud Hertage, Promsng FutureN P. Hutchson "Hutch" Brock, 4 Mayor Harold R. Sample, Cty Manager Steve Van Gorden, Mayor Pro-Tern Karla S. Owens, Cty AttorneyCommunty Dev. Dtor Scott Black,

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Forest City Industrial/Distribution. 111,128 SF Warehouse & Office Space. 486, 490 Vance Street, Forest City, NC 28043

Forest City Industrial/Distribution. 111,128 SF Warehouse & Office Space. 486, 490 Vance Street, Forest City, NC 28043 (828) 665-9085 Forest Cty Industral/Dstrbuton 111,128 SF Warehouse Offce Space, Vance Street, Forest Cty, NC 28043 I Industral Sale or Lease Multple Sale Lease Optons For Adjacent Industral

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APPROVAL FOR ACCELERATED PROCESSING DIRECT TO CITY COUNCIL COUNCL FLE NO. JJ -/ Of{) COUNCL DS 1 RCT NO. 12 APPROVAL FOR ACCELERATED PROCESSNG DRECT TO CTY COUNCL The attached Council File may be processed directly to Council pursuant to the procedure approved

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ANNEXATION Frequently asked questions

ANNEXATION Frequently asked questions ANNEXATION Frequently asked questons Q. What s the extraterrtoral jursdcton (ETJ) and how s the ETJ determned? The ETJ of a muncpalty s the unncorporated area that s contguous to the corporate boundares

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Forest City Industrial/Distribution. 111,128 SF Warehouse & Office Space. 486, 490 Vance Street, Forest City, NC 28043

Forest City Industrial/Distribution. 111,128 SF Warehouse & Office Space. 486, 490 Vance Street, Forest City, NC 28043 (828) 665-9085 Forest Cty Industral/Dstrbuton 111,128 SF Warehouse Offce Space, Vance Street, Forest Cty, NC 28043 I Industral Sale or Lease Multple Sale Lease Optons For Adjacent Industral

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RECITALS. WHEREAS, City and Lessee previously entered into Lease No. LAA-8637, commencing August 31,2012 and expiring August 30, 2017; and


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1.. PURPOSE & DISCLAIMER. Resoluton # 13-01 HLL FARM HOMEOWNERS ASSOCATON An Arzona nonproft corporaton RESOLUTON OF THE BOARD OF DRECTORS REGARDNG PERMETER EASEMENTS At a meetng of the Board of Drectors of Hll Farm Homeowners

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New campaign pushes mil

New campaign pushes mil wmjmbmmjm^^fjm m gfflfkrtr 1 "" rtn a "*r *r* «*M W OmfcHMMBWj ^jm.g.-. &.*»«*.< KWH HWHW That fabulous feel for fabulous fur, D Chargers ced, 1C Celebrate a tasteful Chnese New Year, B. % Volume 26 Number

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Lars worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad for approximately thirty-five years before retiring.

Lars worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad for approximately thirty-five years before retiring. FIRST GENERATION 1. Lars Erick ANDERSON was born on September 24, 1839 in Ekeby, Orebro lan, Sweden. He was christened in September 1839 in,, Sweden - Lutheran Church. He was confirmed on August 5, 1855

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PREAPPLICATION MEETING. Agenda Topics. February 24, Meeting called by: Commercial Dog Kennel. 9:00 am (Pre-App ) Wednesday 9:00 AM

PREAPPLICATION MEETING. Agenda Topics. February 24, Meeting called by: Commercial Dog Kennel. 9:00 am (Pre-App ) Wednesday 9:00 AM PREAPPLICATION MEETING Wednesday 9:00 AM Conference Room 40 9TH Street N.W. STE A East Wcnatchee, Wa. 98802 Meetng called by: LAND SERVICES CENTER Date: February 24, 206 9:00 am (Pre-App-6-004) 9:45 Agenda

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Department of Political Science and International Relations University of Geneva Boulevard du Pont d Arve 40, 1211 Geneva. https://simonlanz.

Department of Political Science and International Relations University of Geneva Boulevard du Pont d Arve 40, 1211 Geneva. https://simonlanz. Smon Lanz Address Department of Poltcal Scence and Internatonal Relatons Unversty of Geneva Boulevard du Pont d Arve 40, 1211 Geneva Phone +41 79 726 16 64 Emal Web

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$545,500 4,224 SF on.42 Acres

$545,500 4,224 SF on.42 Acres (828) 665-9085 FOR SALE: Hstorc Waynesvlle B&B Herrren House One Block From Man St., H HOSPITALITY Turnkey Bed & Breakfast wth Industral Ktchen Only One Block From Downtown: Lve/Work Busness,

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Medical Office Investment. Well-Established Practice in East Asheville at I-40 and US74

Medical Office Investment. Well-Established Practice in East Asheville at I-40 and US74 Medcal Investment Long-Term Lee to Park Rdge Health I INVESTMENT (828) 665-9085 333 Ghes Creek Road, Ashevlle, NC 28803 Well-Establshed Practce n Et Ashevlle at I-40 and US74 16,363 SF on

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Winning with Foreclosures

Winning with Foreclosures Buying Bank-Owned Foreclosures (REO) and Short Sales Courtesy of Name: Phone: Email: Diane Van Slyke 209.681.4275 Terms you should know: 1. Distressed Property: This term refers to all pre-foreclosure

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Industrial/Flex in Airport Area

Industrial/Flex in Airport Area Industral/Flex n Arport Area Wth Tenants n Place Ideal for Investor, User, or New Tenant (828) 665-9085 Chrstel, Arden NC Just Off Arport Road n Ashevlle Arport Plaza Area, Ths Property Works

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7r:"\:~~~~7';~ir", ,"'"v.. ",'."./" -,,~/,."".,-," ,,,,-...;-".,711 './ ... /. - i.'.. ':f\. _. d'~~m~~.. n,,'(;.''''-yl,);' on for Comptrollerl /,

7r:\:~~~~7';~ir, ,'v.. ,'../ -,,~/,..,-, ,,,,-...;-.,711 './ ... /. - i.'.. ':f\. _. d'~~m~~.. n,,'(;.''''-yl,);' on for Comptrollerl /, 7r:\:~~~~7';~r, d'~~m~~.. n,,'(;.''''-yl,);' on for Comptrollerl,... ~ ~:, FORM No. 1-=-AMENDED.'\T~.~ :T~-: - rj, or ~'';',t.'' OCTOBER' ~'.. ' 1, -.~ 1902.''-,1...V ' '~~' - > '.,,,,-...;-.,711 : J;...~,~.,,.

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Welcome to Hale House

Welcome to Hale House Welcome to Hale House Now its site is just a little rise of ground between the Community Medical Center and Peachtown School, and the old well is covered by concrete. No one has seen Hale House, one of

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We are transmitting herewith the recorded resolution together with map attached showing that portion of collateral facility so relinquished.

We are transmitting herewith the recorded resolution together with map attached showing that portion of collateral facility so relinquished. STATE OF CAL!FORNJA-BVS!NESS TRANSPORT P l.-"an~d""-"ho"'u""'s'-'-'n""g'ca,ge,n""cy"------------- EDMUND G. BROWN Jr. Governor DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATON DSTRCT 7-DVSTON OF DESGN OFFCE OF R/W ENGNEERNG

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3 arrested in heroin bust at mall

3 arrested in heroin bust at mall 'Volunae 25 Number. 11 Monday, July 24,1989 WesjlaTd^Mchgan 48 Pages Ffty Cents :; ; 3a«aste«a;;^k.:t:'..& &m&^> \:Mfc$f^Ms&&*&& *&. 61««Subuft>an Convnu Matloru Corpor n loft. All R^ Rwened. 3 arrested

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$495,000 ($ / SF)

$495,000 ($ / SF) Hstorc Waynesvlle B&B: Bank-Owned, Reduced 4,224 SF on 0.42 Acre Ste, Beautful Insde & Out (828) 665-9085 94 East Street, Waynesvlle, NC 28786 Turnkey Bed & Breakfast wth Industral Ktchen

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\ DFFICE OF COUNTY RECORDER PINE COUNTY, MINNESOTA. Certified, Filed and/or Recorded on: Pages: 2. leceived from: Receieved from name

\ DFFICE OF COUNTY RECORDER PINE COUNTY, MINNESOTA. Certified, Filed and/or Recorded on: Pages: 2. leceived from: Receieved from name Section 3. 1111111111111111 ll 529248 \ DFFCE OF COUNTY RECORDER PNE COUNTY, MNNESOTA Fee Total $46.00 Certified, Filed and/or Recorded on: Pages: 2 October 03, 2016 12:34 PM Tamara Tricas, County Recorder

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FOR SALE Historic 1897 Herren House in Downtown Waynesville Presents a Variety of Opportunities

FOR SALE Historic 1897 Herren House in Downtown Waynesville Presents a Variety of Opportunities FOR SALE Hstorc 1897 Herren House n Downtown Waynesvlle Presents a Varety of Opportuntes (828) 665-9085 94 East St., Turnkey Bed & Breakfast wth Industral Ktchen; A Lve/Work Busness or Co-Workng

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$530,000 ($ / SF)

$530,000 ($ / SF) Hstorc Waynesvlle B&B: Bank-Owned, Reduced 4,224 SF on 0.42 Acre Ste, Beautful Insde & Out (828) 665-9085 94 East Street, Waynesvlle, NC 28786 Turnkey Bed & Breakfast wth Industral Ktchen

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TITLE DATA Excellence by Design. Document Types. Description


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SAMPLE. j Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï. # # ? # #. Ï Ï Ï Ï ú Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. . ä j. ú ú. Ï ? # # Moderate, acoustic feel. Arr.

SAMPLE. j Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï. # # ? # #. Ï Ï Ï Ï ú Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. . ä j. ú ú. Ï ? # # Moderate, acoustic feel. Arr. Jesus, My Cross Have Taken #394 HNRY LYT LL MOOR rr by Thomas rassi # #? Moderate, acoustic feel 4 4 # # P? 5? 8 1 Je sus, 2 Let the ld 3 Man 4 o, then, 5 Soul, then earth trou kno lo i Thee o breast pa

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Bremner Obituaries from the Chicago Tribune

Bremner Obituaries from the Chicago Tribune Bremner Obituaries from the Chicago Tribune Extracted by Albert Stemwedel, Jr. < > and copied here with his permission December 2001. Comments added by John Brebner <

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AGENDA ITEM 1 N Consent Item. Acceptance of an Irrevocable Offer of Dedication for a portion of the future Bass Lake Hills Park and Ride.

AGENDA ITEM 1 N Consent Item. Acceptance of an Irrevocable Offer of Dedication for a portion of the future Bass Lake Hills Park and Ride. AGENDA TEM 1 N Consent tem MEMORANDUM DATE: Aprl 5, 2018 TO: FROM: SUBECT: El Dorado County Transt Authorty Mndy ackson, Executve Drector Acceptance of an rrevocable Offer of Dedcaton for a porton of the

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Definitions. 5 Standards. Charter Township of West Bloomfield clearzoning

Definitions. 5 Standards. Charter Township of West Bloomfield clearzoning than ten (0) feet to a street rght-of-way lne. E. Satellte televson dsh antennas are permtted subject to the provsons of Secton 26-5.9 and requre a buldng department permt pror to placement on any resdental

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FAMILY GROUP. HUSBAND: JOHNSON, George. WIFE: [1) DAVIDSON 8 /DAVISON, 5 Elizabeth. CHILDREN & spouses Event Day Mo.

FAMILY GROUP. HUSBAND: JOHNSON, George. WIFE: [1) DAVIDSON 8 /DAVISON, 5 Elizabeth. CHILDREN & spouses Event Day Mo. FAMLY GROUP Chart No. JOHNSON-1 3-83 HUSBAND: JOHNSON, George Event Day Month Year Town(shp) Occpaton: lnnkeeper, 4 farmer. 12 Conty ProvJContry Msc. lnfonnaton Born: abt 1807 4 1811 12 Qeenston 12 Lncoln

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SCHEDULE OF M.A (FINAL) VIVA-VOCE EXAM POLITICAL SCIENCE 2017 SCHEDULE OF M.A (FNAL) VVA-VOCE EXAM POLTCAL SCENCE 2017, The followng Prvate canddates wll be ntervewed at the Department of Poltcal Scence, U.o.P. 11.9.2017 27390----27395,27834, 27341-27342, 27344-27351,27375,27409-27410.

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Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Bushell VC, DSO

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Bushell VC, DSO Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Bushell VC, DSO Biography Lieutenant Colonel Christopher BUSHELL VC DSO. 7 th Battalion, Queen s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). Killed in Action 8 th August 1918 aged 30 years.

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Tax Forfeited Property

Tax Forfeited Property August 27,2014 TO: FROM: SUBJECT: Mayor and City Council Diane Ward City Clerk Tax Forfeited Property DSCUSSON: There are tax-forfeited parcels available to the City (see attached). At this time, the Public

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PLANNING COMMISSION APPLICATION PLANNNG COMMSSON APPLCATON City of Fairlawn, Ohio 3487 S. Smith Road Fairlawn, OH 44333 3366895 Fax: 336689546 Email: bldg_zoning@ci. Date: December 23, 213 The undersigned

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2850 Universal St, Oshkosh

2850 Universal St, Oshkosh AVALABLE PROPERTES Thomas Scharpf - Broker/Owner - Mobile (920) 379-0744 - Email - Debra Scharpf - Owner - Mobile (920) 379-2591 - Email -

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PSU/SEGHENT NO. HOUSING UNIT NO. ]J]]]]]]]p]:] :11ii]]]]]]i~Ji TOTAL VISITS [] iiiiiiiiiiiliiiililiiiiiiiiiiiiii


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q q DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS, AND RESTRICTIONS FOR CANDLEWOOD SUBDIVISION SECTION I PHASES 3-E AND 3-F q q STATE OF SOUTH CAROLNA COUNTY OF SPARTANBURG DEE-2011-28572 Recorded 4 Pages on 8/16/2011 11 :30:05 AM Recordng Fee: $10.00 Documentary Stamps: $0.00 Offce of Regster of Deeds, Spartanburg, S.C. Dorothy!"#$%&'()*+,-./

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CUP-14-93, AM. 1-17, SAINT SERAPHIM OF SAROV ORTHODOX CHURCH Z -< Conditional Use Permit Amendment Report South Anna Magisterial District

CUP-14-93, AM. 1-17, SAINT SERAPHIM OF SAROV ORTHODOX CHURCH Z -< Conditional Use Permit Amendment Report South Anna Magisterial District CUP1493, AM. 117, SANT SERAPHM OF SAROV ORTHODOX CHURCH Z < Conditional Use Permit Amendment Report South Anna Magisterial District >o Board Meeting Date. July 26, 2017 W, Overview Request To amend the

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Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds

Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds Record Type Volume Dates Indexes Reel Index 1A 1774-1792 18776 not at Archives Index 2 1785-1817 18776 not at Archives Index 3 1817-1832 18776 not at Archives Index 4 1832-1846 18776 not at Archives Index

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Some of the Known Descendants of Edward Chapman b. ca 1637 England

Some of the Known Descendants of Edward Chapman b. ca 1637 England 1 Some of the Known Descendants of Edward Chapman b. ca 1637 England [This is a draft version of a work in progress. It is thought to co ntain error and surely is not com plete.] Most of the following

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Perspectives on the Bench and Bar of Thurston County Since Statehood

Perspectives on the Bench and Bar of Thurston County Since Statehood Perspectives on the Bench and Bar of Thurston County Since Statehood A Program in Recognition of Washington s 125 th Anniversary of Statehood November 14, 2014 Temple of Justice Speakers: Retired Chief

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Comment to The English Translation of The Legislation on the Automatic Balance Mechanism

Comment to The English Translation of The Legislation on the Automatic Balance Mechanism Workng Papers n Socal Insurance 2001:3 Comment to The Englsh Translaton of The Legslaton on the Automatc Balance Mechansm Ole Settergren The Natonal Socal Insurance Board OLE SETTERGREN THE NATIONAL SOCIAL

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Citation The Review of Physical Chemistry of.

Citation The Review of Physical Chemistry of. TtleCover Author(s) Ctaton The Revew of Physcal Chemstry of Issue Date 1940-12-31 URL Rght Type Others Textverson publsher Kyoto Unversty VOLUME XIV NUMBER 3 THE REVIEW

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South Yorkshire Estate in the Late Nineteenth Century

South Yorkshire Estate in the Late Nineteenth Century : A South Yorkshre Estate n the Late Nneteenth Century By T. W. BEASTALL ~ examnaton of Lord Scarbrough's estate on the borders of Yorkshre and Nottnghamshre s perhaps helpful n throwng lght on the hazards

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Approval of the Negotiated Settlement of the Pending Condemnation Action for Zante Parcel- NE 171st St Urban Parkway Project

Approval of the Negotiated Settlement of the Pending Condemnation Action for Zante Parcel- NE 171st St Urban Parkway Project CTYOFWOODNVLLE, WA REPORT TO THE CTY COUNCL 17301 133rd Avenue NE, Woodinville, WA 98072 WWW.C.WOODNVLLE.WA.US To: By: Subject: Honorable City Council Brandon Buchanan, City Manager Rick Roberts, Public

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I I I ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT I I I BETHANIA POTTS POINT. June WendyThorp ARCHAEOLOGCAL ASSESSMENT "BETHANA" POTTS PONT June 1997 WendyThorp -r Archaeologcal Assessment CONTENTS OF THE REPORT 1.0 Precs of the Report.... 2.0 Parameters of the nvestgaton 2.1 The Ste...... 2.2

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Stately Living In An unparalleled Community

Stately Living In An unparalleled Community Stately Lvng In An unparalleled Communty The Courts The Courts at Wetherburn Commons, a brand-new rental communty wthn Manhem Townshp s newest mxed-use development, provdes luxury apartment homes wth a

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============================================================== Agenda tem: f'2 PALM BEACH COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMSSONERS AGENDA TEM SUMMARY ===--================================================================= Meeting Date: August 13, 2013 Department: Submitted

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THE CORPORATION OF DELTA BYLAW NO The Municipal Council of The Corporation of Delta in open meeting assembled, ENACTS AS FOLLOWS:

THE CORPORATION OF DELTA BYLAW NO The Municipal Council of The Corporation of Delta in open meeting assembled, ENACTS AS FOLLOWS: Attachment A Page 1 of 2 THE CORPORATON OF DELTA BYLAW NO. 6937 A Bylaw to amend the "Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 275, 1977" The Municipal Council of The Corporation of Delta in open meeting assembled, ENACTS

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OBITUARIES. PROFESSOR W. C. KERNOT, M.A.,M.C.E., PAST PRESIDENT V.I.E. Born 1815, died OBITUARIES. 39 OBITUARIES. 39 South Australia. One gunboat, one small torpedo boat, both over zo years old. Western Australia. Nil. Tasmania. Nil. The torpedo boats mentioned are not large enough to take part in an action

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WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History

WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History Francis Howard (Frank) WILKIE B 1870 New Zealand D 1945 New Zealand

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City of South Lake Tahoe

City of South Lake Tahoe City of South Lake Tahoe..,l/

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Twentieth Century Women

Twentieth Century Women Twentieth Century Women Patricia Kettner Marjorie Mutch Debby Lexier Evelyn Blankstein In Canada, women have been largely left out of historical narratives on architecture and design. For this reason,

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Mayor Smith immediately admi'::listered the oath of office to the following

Mayor Smith immediately admi'::listered the oath of office to the following 1 Newnan, Georga, January 3rd,-.!944 ~l Regulr meetng of Cty Councl held on above date at seven o'clock p.m., wth Mayor Smth presdng. Aldermen present, E. E. Lovern, C. L. BarroD, R. P. Parks, T. G. Ware,

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EXHIBIT "A" All that certain real property situate in the City of Fremont, County of Alameda, State of California, and described as follows:

EXHIBIT A All that certain real property situate in the City of Fremont, County of Alameda, State of California, and described as follows: EXHBT "A" All that certain real property situate in the City of Fremont, County of Alameda, State of California, and described as follows: BENG a portion of Parcel l as said parcel is shown on that certain

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WHEREAS, Chapter 312 of the Texas Tax Code authorizes the City of McKinney, Texas, to participate in tax abatement agreements; and


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New. homes. KING S VIEW Transforming & building new communities

New. homes. KING S VIEW Transforming & building new communities New homes KING VIEW Transformng & buldng new communtes Kng s Vew hgh qualty award wnnng house bulder, Cruden Homes West. A range of house styles 5 apartment styles: Wth ther own, well thought out layout

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Page 1 ORO NO


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VILLAGES of HOMESTEAD HOMEOWNERS' ASSOCIATION, INC. ARTCLES o'f NCORPORATON of VLLAGES of HOMESTEAD HOMEOWNERS' ASSOCATON NC. n complance wth the requrements of Chapter 617 Florda Statutes the undersgned all of whom are resdents of the State of Florda and

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THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO WESTERN ARCHIVES THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO WESTERN ARCHIVES CLARE BICE FAMILY FONDS Inventory prepared by Alison Mitchell-Reid, based on student finding aid project(s) undertaken in partial fulfilment of archives

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Pleasant Hill House Acres

Pleasant Hill House Acres Real Estate Sales & Acquisitions Wise H. Batten, Sr. (803) 625-4256 John D. Carswell (912) 655-8719 Jack Libaire (843) 522-9858 Mary Beth Poston (803) 625-4256 Forest Management Land & Timber Management

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Was Your Landlord Foreclosed?

Was Your Landlord Foreclosed? If you re 60 or over, call your local legal aid office: Eastern CT 800-413-7796 Western CT 800-413-7797 Hartford Area 860-541-5000 Bridgeport Area 800-809-4434 Stamford Area 800-541-8909 New Haven Area

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He and his wife, Sarah, are burried on the property that was his plantation and is now the abondoned Pacemaker Yacht Company.

He and his wife, Sarah, are burried on the property that was his plantation and is now the abondoned Pacemaker Yacht Company. 1. Joost SooySooy:Joost b. APR 1685, Holland, occupaton marner-merchant, m. 19 Aug 1707, n New York Cty, Sarah VanTenhavenVanTenhaven:Sarah, b. 1 Jan 1681, (daughter of Lucas VanTenhavenVanTenhaven:Lucas

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Finding Aid - Jones, Roome, Van Allen family fonds ()

Finding Aid - Jones, Roome, Van Allen family fonds () Nova Scotia Archives Finding Aid - () Generated by Access to Memory (AtoM) 2.3.1 Printed: November 16, 2017 Language of description: English Nova Scotia Archives 6016 University Ave. Halifax Nova Scotia

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