Counted Cross Stitch for Kappa. A. " Even without. B " Friendship is a golden key" 2x5 C. Ins flowers. 4-1 / 2x2-3/ 4 0. Brown owl

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2 Letters to the Editor: Dear Diane, The article in The Key. Fall, 1979, " Anorexia Nervosa" by Hilde Bruch, M.D. ha been a turning point in our daughter's life. I read it quite casually at the time, last fall, but several key symptoms remained with me. Our daughter, it turned out, had these same symptom and with the invaluable help ofnaas (The National Anorexia Aid Society Inc.) located in Columbus, the medical help we were able to enlist and of course, wi th our daughter's wi ll to become well and free of this life threatening illness, we count our elves among the blessed' Thanks to the enlightened doctors who treat anorexia and with the support of the NAAS- your article has touched more lives than you may know. With deep appreciation, Ginger Stephan, B The Key - Ohio State of Kappa Kappa Gamma EDUCATIONAL JOURNAL Vol. 97 No.4 Winter, 1980 The /'ir.\1 colle~e u mnl!n., mal!a:ine. Pllbli.,ht)cl contimw11xlr Jince 1881 Fraternit~ Headquarters. 530 East Town St.. Columbus. OH !Mailing Address: P.O. Box Columbus. OH Send all editorial material and correspondence to the : EDITOR - Mrs. David B. Selby Merwin Place. Worthington. OH Send all active chapter news and pictures to : ACTIVE CHAPTER EDITOR - Mrs. Willis C. Pflugh, Jr Juan St.. San Diego. CA Send all alumnae news and pictures to : ALUMNAE EDITOR - Mrs. Paul Heenehan. 439 Lake Rd.. Wyckoff. NJ Send all business items and change of address. six weeks prior to month of publication to : FRATERNITY HEADQUARTERS-P.O. Box 2079, Columbus, OH (Duplicate copies cannot be sent to replace those undelivered through failure to send advance notice.) Second class postage paid at Columbus. OH and at additional mailing offices. USPS Copyright. Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity Price $1.50 single copy. Deadline dates are August 1, November 1. February 1. and April 1 lor Fall. Winter, Spring, and Summer issues respectively. Printed in U.S.A. Table of Contents Challenge - To Help the Di abled I It's Your CHOICE, Let Kappa Help... 2 Alumnae ews Historically Speaking Campus Highlight Fraternity Directory LOST but not forgotten Pi Centennial Celebrated Centre College In lallation Parliamentary Inquiry Sights & Sounds Rho Celebrate 100 year of Si terhood.. 51 Happy Birthday Chi In Memoriam Spotlight on Kappa Ani t Province Officer aminating Form... in ide back cover I just received my Key and enjoyed reading it as I always do. I was especially interested in the article on " Choices" about the career programs of members of Kappa. However, I have wondered if there ha ever been any kind of survey done on how many Kappas are in aviation? I got my license in 1976 and have found two other Kappas here with thei rs. It would be interesting to see how many of the sisters are in this field. We have doctors, lawyers, merchant, and ch iefs. Do we have any pilots?. Recentl y, to celebrate the 50th year of women m aviation, the AA 's (Women's pilot organization) put out an interesting year book which I am sure has been put into the Smithsonian's Museum of aviation. How many Kappas are listed there? Amelia Erhardt started the group with 98 other women pilots. At this writing there may be 5,000 members internationally. This was just a pa sing observation - thought you might be interested in following up. Mary Borden Gunun. B?: - Texas Dear Mrs. Graf, After reading your interesting article about Kappa song books in The Key, I wondered if you would be interested in one more? The one I have, a hard cover blue on blue, " Songs of K.K. r. "Fifth Edition, published at Cincinnati, OH, 192 1, under the direction of Carolyn L. McGowan, custodian with Beta Rho Chapter and Cincinnati Alumnae. I will be happy to send it to you. Helen Garrison Picton, BPD. Dear Kay Graf, Your article,_ " Historically Speaking. " in the summer edition of The Key has given me the greatest pleasure! I am the one who produced the /960 Songs of Kappa Kappa Gamma. and I appreciate the fact that you seem to understand what I was trying to do with that book. Of course. I realize the flaws in it, but. as you know. there had been no published Kappa songs since Catherine Christie's excellent, but small, volume in A more complete book had not been published since I think this wa why the chapters started out "on their own" for songs and contributes to the lack of unity in general singing today. Bonnie D. Adams, BM - Colorado Counted Cross Stitch for Kappa Aidia A. " Even without words" -two girls 5x4-1 / 2 B " Friendship is a golden key" 2x5 C. Ins flowers 4-1 / 2x2-3/ 4 0. Brown owl 3x3 E Key, owl.!leur-de-lis 4x3-1/ 2 F. t.. owl.!leur-de-lis 3x3-1 / 2 G " Saw an owl 1n the Hardanger 2-1 / 2x2-1/ 4 1x2-1/ / 4x 1-3/8 1-1 / 2x 1-1 / 2 2x1-3/ 4 1-3/ 4x2 tree" 2-112x x1-114 H " I pledge" 2-112x x I Blue owl : KKr on branch 3x x J Fleur-de-lts 3x2-112 t -112x K " One. Two Three words" key & heart 3-3/ 4x3-3/4 1-7/8xt -7/8 L " Happiness IS lillie SIS" 4-112x X M Crest 5x x2 N " Love IS Fnendsh1p" 3x x On October 6. t women assembled at Smith College Nonhampton. Mass.. to begin training in an as tonishing new r gram - women orricers in the Navy. the former members or I p1oneer midshipman class might look back at their lives and see h being a naval orriccr changed their lives. Two members of that group. LL. Dean Frazier Johnson and (J.g.) Carol McConell Wells. arc focusing anention on their fu1 classmates. Dr. Johnson is a sociologist and Mrs. Wells is archivisl. They hope 10 obtain the addrcs e of as many membc~ the first midshipman class as JX)Ssible. and from these addrc se schedu le interviews or obtain replies to questionnaires. All infom tion will be kept confidential and the anonymity of participants"' be preserved. Data on careers, family life. income. health. ci 1 participation. and other activities will be obtained. Out of 11 research may come answer to the question. ''Docs rnilital) scrv1 have a beneficial or detrimental effect on the lives of women'.' Anyone who was in the first cia s of women officer candidates who knows a fanner WA YES orricer. is urged 10 write or call; l Dean F. Johnson or M s. Carol M. Well s. PO Box Nonh,.c em State University. atchitoches. Louisiana Telepho (318) Researchers arc available for interviews b) tel phone or video tape. Dear Director of Philanthropies, On the back of our mother's Kappa key i et graved Dora Thornton It is exciting fc us to realize that he has been a Kappa for 75 yean especially since we know how much it has alway meant to her. She was twice president of B?: Texas and a founder of the Ft. Worth Alumna Association. She always said that she didn' t pressure famil. members to pledge Kappa, but the fact remain tha many of us followed her example. First, her young er sister Pauline Thornton Waring, B?:, abou 1907; then her niece, Katherine Thornton Willett B?:, about 1919; then her daughter. Elizabeth Bo well Bronson, B?:, 1935; then her other daughter Pauline Boswell Fosdick, 194 1; then a grand daughter, Elizabeth Bronson Wiggins. fb - Ne\1 Mexico, 1965, chapter treasurer and vice president and then another granddaughter. Deborah Fo dick H -Wisconsin, 1968, house president. Her onl} other granddaughter attended Austin College where there was no Kappa chapter, so Mother's record is 100%. If Mother were able to make such decisions, we feel that she would be delighted to give ten dollar for every year she has been a Kappa and that he would want it to go to Kappa's work in rehabilitation. Her check for $750 is enclosed. Betsy Boswell Bronson and Polly Boswell Fosdick Designed by Cleveland Kappas, these miniature or regular s ized cross stitch pictures are easy and speedy to make. Finished sizes range from 2-1 /4" x 3-1 /4" to 5" x 7" depending on material. Kits include complete instructions, material, needle, embroidery floss, and detailed pattern with a Greek and regular alphabet to personalize. Kits are $4.50 each or 2 for $8.00, add $.75 for postage and handling. Specify kit letter and description and material size you want: large, aidia, 11 stitches per inch, or miniature, hardanger, 22 stitches-per inch. Make checks payable to Kappa Philanthropies, Cleveland; and mail to: Sally House, 3650 Townley Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Allow 2-4 we~ks for delivery.

3 CHALLENGE To Help the Disabled Cover: The United Nations has declared 1981 as the International Year of the Disabled Person and because of Kappas commitment to the field of Rehabilitation the cover pictures were selected. Helping others to help them elves is the goal of rehabilitation projects to be featured throughout the world. Dr. Tim Nugent, director of the Division of Rehabilitation Education at the University of Illinois, has loaned hi s slides to Th e Key. Row I - top row, left to right: A blind student studying test materials by talking book or tape built in to a regular library table which he shares with sighted able bodied people and sighted wheelchair people; Jill Smith, a young lady born without arms or legs dispatching a vehicle via radio; A long ramp added to a very old and difficult church to make it independently and safely accessible; A young lady in a wheelchair functioning independently in a kitchen appropriately designed; Don Grazier unable to use arms or legs handling a telephone with 50 lines and taking notes while writing with hi mouth; Social recreation (able bodied men and women and wheelchair men and women participating in volleyball game in a local park); The Assembly Hall (used for sporting events, 3-ring circus, opera, drama, concerts, convocations with 8 ramps to the upper concourse and the lower concourse accessible by ground level approach); A mother in a wheelchair talking with her daughter who is sitting on her lap; A severely disabled student in a wheelchair on Graduation Day, in cap and gown; A blind person traveling independently on a public sidewalk keeping up with the general population ; A young lady in a wheelchair on a dock with able bodied friends at a lake; A severely visually impaired student reading a text on a special closed circuit television apparatus that magnifies the print 33 times, allowing for the individual's independence; Football Stadium (interior showing hundreds of individuals in wheelchairs sitting 25 rows up where they can see the football plays and the band formations, fully integrated with other spectators); A father in a wheelchair visiting with an able bodied friend while his children enjoy the out-of-doors and the lake; Same bus (wheelchair individual leaving after disembarking from bus). (Lift will level with any urface from a foot below treet level to the level of the floor. Entire operation takes 4'12 seconds); A blind tudent studying with the assistance of three special pieces of equipment- a talking calculator, a Braille writer and an Opticon which reads print without the assistance of a second party; Wheelchair track (finish of the women's 440 yard race at the National Games held on the indoor track at the Univer ity of lllinois). Kappas can make a world of difference. The volunteer hours given, the funds rai ed for equipment, the quest for acce sibility and acceptance of rehabilitation, plus the important cholarship grants to train the very be t people to work for the future- the e are major philanthropic projects of Kappa Kappa Gamma. Become lndependeq!, Marjorie Moree Keith, -~s~of tre 'Time', fa - Kansas State, Director of Philanthropies Challenge is a word which makes us shift into gear - a summons to leave our armchair and act. A challenge i also the opportunity to solve a problem. This year, 1981 declared the International Year of the Disabled Person by the United Nations, is a Kappa challenge through our Rehabilitation projects- an opportunity to offer real help and concern. Look at your community or neighborhood to see how you can be of service to those who are di sabled. At the Rehabilitative Services Center, University of lllinois, they are committed to helping the disabled to help themselves become independent and self-sufficient. Can we as alumnae members accept thi s challenge and give our assistance to those who are less fortunate? Can we accept the challenge which Ruth Johnson Holden, tj.a - Penn State, our 1980 Achievement Award recipient, offered to us in providing the deaf with instruments to hear the great music of the symphonies? Or can we di stribute and sign Organ Donor Cards for those who are desperately in need of a kidney? Imagine listening when you can't hear, or trying to read a book when you can't see? Disability is not always the loss of a limb, one of our sen es, or the ability to communicate. How can an elderly person carry groceries in both arms and maintain balance? Or think of the frustration of not being able to drive to church, just because you have reached the age when your license will not be renewed. The opportunity which re ults from the challenge enable us to set our goals to include those who do not have the same privileges or capabilities through no fault of their own. Since we in Kappa have accepted the broad challenge of rehabilitation, this is our opportunity to how our communities and neighborhoods that we do care. Let u support those who need us, so that they too can become contributing member of our ociety. (Continued on pg. 12, 13, 14- lists of contributors to Rose McGill and Student Aid Funds.) In orporating the an of dance, mime. body movement, facial ex pre sion and mu ic, Diane Jones and Cindy Tanaka, both E:: - California at onhridge. tllu trate to audience of all ages how mu ic can be seen a well a heard. Without uttering a ound. Cindy and Diane tran form the lyric of a ong into vi~ual picture in the air. Each program i carefully geared to meet the need and intere t of a particular audience. Although the how may seem to be purely entertaining. it i not. There is an important le on in human a' arene to be learned by all. They have cho en ong to illu trate the beauty of American Sign Language. and to al o cmpha ize the fact that ign are an important mean of ommunication used by man of the 13 million hearing-impaired individual in the nited tate today. hat tarted out to be a totall volunteer venture ha led Sign of the Time ' to be re ognized by man of outhem California Performing An Companie. In luded are Inter-group Cultural warene Program. Open Hou e at the Holl}wood Bowl. Lo ngele Children' lu eum Fe ti at and A ery Special ns Fe tival to name a few. Cindy and Diane have reated and produ ed a unique an form... bey nd w rd! THE K E (WINTER 19 0

4 It's Your CHOICE.... The career program of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity, CHOICES, is ready, willing and able to serve the membership as an active network filled with career information. In response to a resolution of the 1976 General Convention, a program has been established to further the awareness of both actives and alumnae of available career choices as well as being a catalyst in the matching-up of Kappas in similar career fields and geographic locations. The information from the Loyalty Fund cards has been entered into a data bank and several thousand members are currently coded for easy access. This information will assist both prospective employers and employees in their respective searches regarding career opportunities. Letters have already been answered that request the names of individuals with specific. chairman for Epsil am scholarship U c Davis. Chapter at.. lon Omicron rree has started a and this year m yto.'"~~ard. Also. since scholarship' b~l :.'~"of seniors, I thought we have a c.~ n ormation would be the " careers I f definite interest Th has been nd I helpful. ere h. information a expressed for r IS u could send me a would apprecrate if yfor the copying and copy and any charge mailing. Shari Osgood These are samples of letters received and answered by CHOICES - the Kappa Network. career objectives who reside in certain geographic areas. Loc alumnae groups, active chapters and individuals may utilize tl CHOICES career data bank to identify people in career area Once these Kappas are identified, they may become resoun people when planning career programs locally or when searcl ing for job placement in another locality. In addition to the data bank, the CHOICES Career Commi has compiled alumnae and chapter career programs, bibliogn phies, self-analysis materials and other career-related items in resource file. An explanation of available materials in the re source file as well as the costs are available by returning th coupon on the next page. The career information is a significant portion of our entir career program and network. It will only work if each memb responds with her current career- we're counting on Y01 Uust like the census) we really want to know what you ar doing! We encourage you to let us know of pertinent changes i1 your career profile so our files will be timely. Every membe receives the Loyalty Fund mailing every year- do return tht card even if you are not making a contribution at the time. 1 just finished reading the career article in the Winter 1978 issue of The Key with the career report on communication, 1 am a journalism major at the University of Kansas and a member of Omega Chapter and 1 am very interested in any information on communication careers. 1 will graduate next May with a degree in magazine journalism. At this point I am at a loss on where to start hunting for jobs. I really want to work on a magazine of some sort-public relations or city magazines- and am willing to move where opportunity calls as I hope to someday work in New York on a national magazine. I am hoping you can send me some information on possible openings, or people whom I should contact about career placement in the journalism field. This is a highly competitive field and I think getting my foot in the door will be the hardest part. I thank you for your time and help. Kappa has helped me in so many ways and will always be a very special part of my life. Shelly Coker While reading th S ac e ummer 1980 d ' rossrhe articles abo h e Ilion of The ke I resident in the Ch. ut t e Kappa Career Directory ly, came and am beginning t; t:o~ a new position in the pub;i~a~~a~;ea, o;um~~lceting fields. Could ~::pe:ployee relations, advem~~;ga Y nuve regardin ase send me an. ~', area? I'm g opportunities in tht' fi ld. Y lf!jormation a May 1980 s te tn th Ch ' communications gradl«lte o~" Te~as C'L e.. tcago ' :f A TJT/Sflan in,.,nend Kappa I cannot ~:ir clear percepe'"'... 11ghfor I need for.,..,. -torma- tion of the development. tion on ~areernt of the lives of Yollr enr&eflrne as well as acyo11r al11rnn~ n enter tht uves. w ho will soo adrrura. bl e.. b market is vtr)' " for JO Oil SO rniic Thank )'. material. sending rne this ShirltY Nason Los Angeles. CA Let Kappa Be Your Connection!

5 What's available now? By returning the coupon you can order a slide program on career planning; secure plans for producing a seminar; receive copies of programs other groups have done; receive addresses of any Kappas who have been written up in The Key or are in the career data bank so that you can personally contact them for career information - our network in action! Job Placement: Ten Turn-Offs In any job placement effort it finally comes down to The Big Interview and what the job hunter does to convince an employer that he or she is worth hiring. Much has been said and written about the traits that employers look for in hiring (the fact that self-assuredness and a well-written resume can open a lot of doors for job hunters is no secret to most counselors). But perhaps equally important for consideration are the factors that lead to rejection of job applicants. A survey of 153 firms by the Electronic Computer Programming Institute revealed the following are among the most likely traits to tum off employers: I Poor personal appearance 2 Lack of interest and enthusiasm- a passive or indifferent attitude. 3 Over-emphasis on money - interest only in best dollar offer. 4 Condemnation of past employers. 5 Failure to look at interviewer when conversing. 6 Arrival late for the interview. 7 Failure to express appreciation for the interviewer's time. 8 Failure to ask questions about the job. 9 An overbearing attitude- being overly aggressive, conceited, authoritative. 10 An evident lack of career planning, purpose or goals. Taken from GUIDANCE INSIDER. pg. 54f Elizabeth Anne Cole, t. Y-Georgia and BX-Kentucky affiliate, was crowned Homecoming Queen during halftime at the Kentucky-Vanderbilt football game by comedian Bob Hope. She is the pledge chairman for Beta Chi and a 21 year old senior business major from Lexington. Where will her life CHOICES take her? Can Kappa help her in her career contacts? Yes, Kappa is membership for a lifetime. Let us help each and every one of you! We're counting on you- fill out and return to Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity, P.O. Box 2079, Columbus, OH KAPPA P R 0 FILE ~~~~ ~+t!>++<t>t!>++++c!>r!>+<i>++<t>+~ j:...t> Omgu"'M WE REALLY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! Comments My field(s) of interest Current career No. Years Experience I would be willing to assist in a career program for Kappas 0 Please send me information on CHOICES available materials in the resource file. 0 I would like information from the career network file. My career choice is in the following location Chapter Yr. of initiation Name Street State Telephone THE KEY/ WINTER

6 ALUMNAE NEWS Patterns in Progress Edited by Lois Catherman Heeneh B~ -Adelphi Over two hundred years ago the United States became a new and separate nation because its people felt a strong need to be free to conduct their lives according to their own inclinations. Simultaneously, the students of the young country felt a vital need for a forum in which to exchange ideas and Phi Beta Kappa was formed; dedicated to the concepts of friendship, morality and literature. When women entered institutions of higher education in the mid 1800s, they felt the desire to prove themselves equally fit and capable of entering into literary exercises and debates. And so, fraternities for women began, with Kappa Kappa Gamma among the earliest. Louise Bennett (Boyd) wrote in her reminiscences of the early days of Alpha Chapter"... the world seemed to be moving too slowly for us. '' In describing the goals of our founders she said, ''Our aim was to draw into the society the choicest spirits among the girls, not only for literary work, but also for social development. " Now, 110 years and 113,000 members later, other Kappas are following the same patterns as they eagerly work to increase and improve the status of women in their emerging roles in society. The field of education lends itself to these interests and one who is giving a great deal of time, thought and energy to such patterns in progress is Mary Higginbotham Beaven, ~B- Duke. As Director of the Institute of Leadership Studies of Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ, Mary supervises a unique and highly successful doctoral program. It is perhaps a clue to Mary's outlook that while she was once turned down for admission to a doctoral program because she was too old, so they said, she now supervises a program whose students are all 30 or older, with one current student enthusiastically involved in a difficult program at age 68! Daughter of a Kappa, Patsy Flentye Higginbotham, Y- Northwestern, and with two Kappa aunts, Mary grew up north of Chicago. She interrupted her college work at Duke to be married, but later earned her BS, MA and PhD degrees at Northwestern. High school and college teaching was followed by a position as director of a doctoral program in arts and humanities at the University of Massachusetts, then work at Virginia Commonwealth University in the adolescent medical clinic and then her move to her current position. The doctoral program at FDU began in 1971 and went through a period of change that resulted in the establishment of the institute in An informative booklet describes the program as being "... intended for professionals engaged in the improvement and deepening of human knowledge and practices. The student's professional employment, challenged by the times, is used as a focal point and laboratory for study, reinforcing the thesis that effective leadership is based on knowledge which is a mixture of theory and practice. " In simplistic terms, the program seeks to erase the " ivory tower" aspect of education by combining "book learning" with practical experience. It is designed for mid-life and mid-career transitions where a person can no longer draw on his original training to answer the demands of current profes ional responsibilities. For example, the 68 year old tudent mentioned before is a retired pre ident of a company who received his rna ter's degree in counseling and is now involved in studying pre-retirement counseling in hi doctoral program. Hi own past experience howed him the need for uch a field of study and he plan to u e both his tudie and his own experience to help others to plan for and adjust to their retirement. Another tudent only began her undergraduate study at age 47. After 4 finishing her master's she worked in her field for a while but discover problems and issues she wanted to deal with so she is now enrolled the institute to enlarge her knowledge and capabilities. Along with studies in their particular fields of interest, students at tl institute are encouraged to investigate the characteristics of leadershi Many of those who enroll have been in varying positions of leadersh in their work but their discussions as a group encourage communicati~ across differing age groups and managerial levels. It has been four that interests differ: males look toward the bottom line and demar efficiency while females are more inclined to be interested in peop and their reactions. Frequently men and women don't interact very we until they become involved in small group discussions of basic issu ~ and then are able to apply new insights to other situations. In addition to her work as Director of the Institute of Leadershr Studies, Mary Beaven is interested and involved in current trends an opportunities for women. She suggests several ways in which Kappa career program might expand to better assist our members. For exarr pie, most universities have career counseling programs, usually wit particular guidelines for older women. Programs can be one da seminars, one week or longer. Why not set up a program through th university, offer enrollment to interested alumnae and hold the meet ings in the Kappa house on Saturdays or during a Jan-plan break or i1 the summer? Many women have had years of involvement as volunteers, havj obtained a great deal of valuable experience and acquired a larg1 background of knowledge and expertise in their areas. While volun teerism has long been a mainstay in the operation of many organiza lions and institutions, and should continue to be, many volunteers an now feeling uncomfortable with the fact that their valuable efforts de not result in a paycheck. They tend to feel " unworthy" as compared to their wage-earning sisters. Mary suggests that seminars in manageria skills would enable these women to put their abilities to work in pai situations. Many women have skills they don 't realize are marketabl ~ until someone points them in a direction in which they can apply thei! learned and innate abilities. Stop to think for a moment. Kappa is a volunteer organization whose members are using marketable skills daily in their Kappa work. For example, a chapter adviser or a province officer handles many of the following in her position: supervision, organization, personnel, membership recruitment, finance, house management, public relations, education, social graces, inter-relationships, leadership training, planning and running programs, workshops and conventions. Doesn't that sound like someone who is capable of an executive or managerial position in the wage-earning world? Another of Mary's ideas centers around an alumnae group planning the program for the year on a theme of work for women. With careful planning and detailed organization and follow-through, they might secure university sponsorship and, by including carefully selected readings and perhaps a few discussions led by a professional, the participants could earn course credits. As we discussed this idea, Mary asked why there couldn't be a different kind of Kappa chapter; one devised specifically for older women who had returned to pursue their education. She cited the fact that at the University of North Carolina 20 percent of the women enrolled were older, non-traditional tudents. Her suggestion was for a chapter not of Kappa al umnae but of new Kappas who just happen to be older women. Instead of traditional THE KEY/WI TER 1980

7 undergraduate chapter activities and programs, their chapter meetings might involve discussion of mutual problems regarding finance, studies or families, or might serve as a forum for a member to present her master's thesis for the education of the others or for their critical commentary. (Do we hear an echo of 1880?) As part of this thinking, Mary admitted that she had sent a blue sheet for a fictitious 49 year old rushee to friends who are advisers at two different Kappa chapters. The response was a suprised " You must be kidding! '' But with twenty years remaining in this century, we may find that the Greek world will provide another type of fraternity experience in the future. After all, it was some years before alumnae membership was recognized as a classification of member in Kappa history. Why not "active alumnae"? The pos ibilities are endless and Mary Beaven allows herse lf free rein in envisioning roles that women might fill in year to come. A slim, vital woman who has two ons, one in high school and another who works in New York, Mary put in long hour in her office. participating in eminars, etc., but al o finds time to enjoy singing, pl aying the piano, hiking and creative writing. When asked if she ever slept, she replied solemnly, " Oh, yes, every night! " The time which she gave to our talk, with no appearance of pressure, strengthened my impression of a capable woman who e interest in the characteristic of leadership stem from her own abilities. training and po itive outlook on life and the' opportunities it can provide for people, but especially for women of all ages and backgrounds. In Th e History. Catherine Schroeder Graf. BN-Ohio State, wrote that college ocieties ''... were the democratic expression of the new order - the young energetic nation and its enfranchised individual... The entire fraternity system strives to adapt, within the framework of its founding purpose, to the modern times of each college generation. Fraternity members continue to reach out- to take Mary Beaven part in campus and commun ity projects and phil anthropic endeavorsto give of themselves. The system doe not ex ist by exc lusion. but rather by inclu ion. For u it mean the incl usion of all that i good, beautiful and true-recycled agai n and aga in to the wider world in which we li ve.' ' It mean Kappa of every age and in every poss ible ituation recognizing the qualities of leadership that the fraternity builds and encourages and providing further opportunities for growth and ful fillment. Progress Noted in Microwave Cooking Across the United States, microwave cooking is synonymous with "Barbara Harris." Barbara Duncan Harris, fo -Wyoming, is the author of Let's Cook Microwave, her self-published book which has sold 250,000 copies. Known as the "Microwave Bible," it make microwave cooking fun, easy and foolproof. Barbara has also been microwave columnist for Bon Appetit Magazine, and she wrote the Culinary Arts Institute Microwave Cookbook. But writing is merely the tip of Barbara's iceberg. From her home in Portland, Oregon, she runs " Microwave Cooking Service, " and travels extensively across America and Canada teaching clinics and seminars. Elected five time to Who's Who in American Women. Barbara has been trea urer and vice-president of the International Microwave Power In titute's Cooking Appliance Section (IMPI/CAS). A graduate of the Univer ity of Wyoming with a B.S. in Home Economic, he i also active with the American Home Economics As ociation and Home Economi t in Bu ine s (HEIB ). Mini feature by Carol Cheney Williamson, f\li-maryland After teaching high school home economics and journalism in Lander, Wyoming, she became home economist for the American Sheep Producers Council in Denver, Colorado, where he tested and developed recipe using lamb. She also taught cooking school throughout the United States. As Extension Home Economi t for Oregon State University in Portland, she developed a program for low income people that was cited as one of the mo t successful in the country. She started microwave cooking classes several years ago based on the number of microwave phone ca lls at the extension office and her own desperate earch for simple, no-non en e information and recipes. The demand for her information created her more than full-time consulting firm in Portland, where many home economists and demonstrators have been trained or worked for her. She has strong feeling about u ing the microwave in the ea ie t, most sensible way po ible for everyday cooking. She i known for her practical approach, empha izing " the ba ic " that make microwave cooking ea y, even for " the gourmet," Barbara developed technique applicable to all food and recipe. Her contact at clas e and through correspondence have proven to her that the average cook i not a gourmet cook, and that mo t people cook to plea e their families in imple, fa t, ea y way. She u e only food that would be found in mo t kitchen and encourage the u e of the microwave by the total family for the time- aving and convenience feature it offer. Called the "Guru of Microwave Cooking," Barbara Harris is one of America's most respected microwave authorities. Eduor' 'ote: If )OU 'tt~ouid hke a " Kappa-autographed" cop) of Ut's Cool M1cro~a" 'iend a ched for S Mocro'u'e Cool mg s.r-oce. P 0 Bo< Portland. Or<gon 972 Pla.e pcc1f) that )OU are a Kappa Teaching gu1de and other mjcto\iioi\c mformauon are abo l\ajiable fromlho lddre ln a future Kr. tn1clc....,c ""ant to feature coo bool..s "'nuen b) Olhrr Kappa or alumnae grt'iui"\ If )OU ha\c mformauon for lhu; anaclc. pleasc' send to Feature Ednor CtCt Wtlham n. L\010 Queen bul) Lane. Hou lon. Teus We also hope to re\tc:v. bool '4nuen b) Kappa authors Jr )OU hi\c: tnformauon for th1 an clc:. plea<c send 10 Book Edllor Jud) Cohen. Box 33. Sun Valle). Idaho 3353

8 ALUMNAE ACTIVITY St. Petersburg Scottsdale More than forty members of the Scott sdale (AZ) Alumnae Association gathered to honor Alphonsine Clapp Howard, L - Nebraska, on her 80th birthday and 60th anniversary as a member of Kappa. A charter member of the association and its first president, Alphonsine has served the Fraternity in many capacities; as local chairman of the colonization of Epsilon Delta- Arizona State, and as Kappa Province Director of Alumnae, and is still active on the scholarship committee. Enjoying the celebration (facing the camera) are Helen Jaffurs Chacheris, Carnegie Mellon, Thelma Sandstrom Dunbar, Bn - Oregon, Alphonsine, Ruth Galen Robb, B<t> - Montana, Joan Lillevig Myers, rz - Arizona and (left foreground) Joyce Miller Pauer, BK - Idaho. With forty paid members and an average attendance of fifteen, Kappas in t St. Petersburg (FL) Alumnae Club show that a small group can think big. Tho gave $300 to Kappa, divided equally among the scholarship fund, Rose McGi Epsilon Zeta-Florida State and Epsilon Phi-Florida U. In addition, $200 went PARC an organization which provides training and services to more than thousand retarded persons in the county. Bert Muller, president of PARC, accepted the check from Carolyn Me Spence, 6.M -Connecticut, ways and means chairman; Edythe Dethlefs!bolo BP6.- Cincinnati, one of PARC's founders; Helen Keepers Welch, 6.A -Per State, Marguerite Hartshorn LaMar, <t>- Boston; and Mozelle Sawyer Bell, 6.f Michigan State, alumnae president. These energetic Kappas raised the func through their third annual participation in a rummage sale at a local flea marke Raleigh Clearwater Bay Members of the Clearwater Bay (FL) Alumnae Association work constantly to make life clearer and brighter for members of their community. Channel Markers, an organization which serves the visually handicapped, was the happy recipient of an optometric chair to be used for vision screening tests. A a result of optometric testing and reevaluation, many individuals have benefited from new prescription, telescopic or electronic aids. Local alumnae were particularly touched by the story of one nearly blind woman who was so happy to be able to use a needle again that she sewed a button on, cut it off and sewed it on again repeatedly. The purcha e of the chair, for over $3,000, added to other gifts from the Clearwater Bay Kappas and the tory appeared in a local newspaper in a column appropriately headed " Good for You". Inspecting their gift are Helen Mull Harri on. B - Ohio State; Jean Righter Hecht, p6. - Ohio Wesleyan. alumnae president; Kathryn Irwin Thornton, rn - Denison; Helen Ho ki nson Jones. BI - Swarthmore. and Dorothy Harrison Blacklidge, 6. - Indiana. It wasn'tjust a birthday party, it was a Kappa gathering when Myrtle Mille1 Upshaw celebrated her 96th birthday on October I at the home of her daughter. Nancy Upshaw Edgerton. A group of Raleigh alumnae gathered to celebrate the presentation of a 50-year pin to Mrs. Upshaw by Raleigh alum president, Dorothea Lowendick. A graduate of Denison University in Ohio, Mrs. Upshaw's local sorority chapter became affiliated with Kappa Kappa Gamma after she had graduated and had moved to Raleigh. But she returned to her chapter house, was initiated into rn. and became an active alumnae organizer in the area serving as Province Director of Alumnae from 1935 to 1940, for Lambda Province. There were plenty of birthday cards and congratulatory notes on hand for the festivities. Mrs. Upshaw greeted friends who may have known her from the time she was a teacher and principal of Murphy Elementary, a school in downtown Raleigh. She had the distinction of calling the first PTA meeting in Raleigh back in Daughter Nancy Edgerton, also a former PDA, is currently serving as an advisor to Delta Beta chapter at Duke University (her alma mater) and will serve as this year's Nominating Committee Chairman for the Lambda Province elections. 6 THE K EY/WINTER 1980

9 Kappa Belles Kappas are active in many organizations and three who had not known each other before were delighted to meet and exchange idea when member of the executive committee of the American National Cowbelles met in Scottsdale, AZ. The organization i the 17,000-member auxi liary of the National Cattlemen's Association, who e member work to promote the beef industry and for appropriate legislation. The occa ion for their meeting was the National Beef Cook-Off, sponsored by the Cowbelle, judged by Julia Child, Muriel Ellis and the food editor of the Chicago Tribune and Redbook, and aired on " Good Morning, America' '. Kappa committee member are Mi ldred Riddle Hartigan, fk- Wi lliam & Mary; Natalie Chalower McElroy, X - Minnesota, and Ann Drummond Wooley. ~~ - Okl ahom a State. Thcson An annual event for Tucson (AZ) Alumnae As ociation members and Gamma Zeta-Arizona chapter members is the pledge dessert. Because the chapter took 62 pledges thi fall, the event was moved fro m an alumnae home to the newly remodelled chapter house. Spring pledges attended, along wi th the large new class, and 75 alumnae brought the number to a record crowd. Nancy Kaufmann Lynn, Tucson alumnae pres ident and a rz, conducted the meeti ng (top) and the pledges stood to be recogni zed (bottom) as actives, pledge and alumnae admired each other and the house. Baton Rouge The Kappa hou eat Louisiana State. wa the cene of an exciting reunion of i 8 Delta Iota who attended LS U circa 1950; some of whom had not seen each other for 30 year. The Capitol House Hotel, where many a Greek dance had been held in past years, was the place where Delta Iotas from as far away as Virginia, Texas, Tennessee and Mi si si ppi unpacked their bags but spent little time sleeping! Seeing the chapter hou e wa a thrill for many. ince sorority hou e were not allowed on the campus until Meeting the house director. singing Kappa Grace, lunching wi th the active and being escorted on a tour of the lovely hou e made a perfect day and everyone is looking forward five year to a bigger reunion when the chapter celebrate it fiftieth anniver ary. Tan-Tar-A Friendships Kappa Provi nce delegate to the 197 national convention at Tan-Tar-A, Lake of the Ozark. enjoyed each other" ompany so much that they have held a reunion each ummer in e. Continuing and enlarging their friend hip arc Louise Danforth Muen tennann. r1 - Washington niv., orthem Orange ount y; Ann L ken Rh ode, Bll - Wa hington. Southern Orange County: Le ley Pearsall inn, Bn- Oregon. Long Beach: Diane Gadberry Fielder. r - Kan a tate. an Diego: any auer 1iller..:;T -.. C.. La J lla; andra hmie ing Haggert..:;:= - Carnegie- tell n. Glendale- Burbank ; Pat utherland Carver. al Bll. outh Bay: and largaret very Brom. al o.l:=, Lo- ngele. THE KE f I :TER

10 Names in the News jayne Harper Plank, fx- George Washington, is serious about her role in politics but feels that too often women in politics take themselve too seriously. Mayor of Kensington (MD), Jayne says she once jokingly remarked that her husband played tennis ; she played politics. The women in the audience did not find it funny. Town council member since 1967 and mayor since 1974, Jayne prefers to avoid the " feminist" label and says she runs not as a woman but as the most qualified candidate and feels that women who proceed this way are those who are most likely to get ahead and stay ahead. Jayne has served on the board of directors of the National League of Cities and in 1978 was the first woman president of the Maryland Municipal League. Asked to run for Congress, Jayne replied that she was not ready now but does aspire to higher office in the future. Former research analyst, crypt-linguist and teacher, now the owner of a real estate business in the Capitol area, wife and mother of five sons, Jayne is a people-oriented person who bel_ieves that personal contact with constituents, legislators and government admi nistrators is essential. Jayne Planl Spring Asher & Wicke Chambers Wicke Oliver Chambers, 6. Y - Georgia, and her partner Spring Asher, a Kappa Alpha Theta from Cornell. are co-producers of'' Super 2", an award-winning show for children on WSB-TV/2. Atlanta. Partners for II years in television, books and newspaper. they have won 4 Emmys, a national award from Action for Children 's Television for outstanding children 's programming and an Iris Award for the most outstanding children's program in the top 25 television markets. Formerly acquaintances from working together at Atlanta's High Museum, they met while Christmas shopping, topped tore t, talked a bit and were involved in writing (Wicke) and illustrating (Spring) "Atlanta: A Guide for Teens and Tots". Publi hers weren't interested o they borrowed $1500 from their hu bands, published the book themselves and paid back the loan in three month. A cookbook followed and now their newe t i "The Money Making Job Book for Kid.' Changed from " Super 2'' to " Time Out for Kids " with an eye toward syndication. their show feature high-energy music, quick cuts. fast stories that grab a child quickly and then release him for another. alway using the learning-can-be-fun approach. Guest appearance upplement the regular cast of three teen-agers and the how ha been de cribed a a fine example of a dedicated effort to expand the horizon of children's television. With one husband and three children each (2 boys and I girl a piece) Wicke and Spring are experienced in knowing what children like and want. Their partner hip began when the olde t of the 6 children was 8; he i now 19. Wicke ays their bu ines has grown a their children have grown up and out. " It has been a great arrangement for two women who want a family and a career. " 8 THE KEY/WI TER 1980

11 Mary Jane Kidd Mary Branton Mary Shaw Branton, 0 - Mis ouri. was elected pre ident of the Jack on County Hi torical Society. She will direct four nationally recognized project : The Re earch Library and Archive in Independence Square. offering ervice to hi tory student : the John Wornall Hou e-mu eum in Kan a City; the 1859 Jail Mu eum in Independence; and the Jack on County Hi torical Society Journal. Active in many volunteer po ition, Mary i presently serving on the governing board of Columbia College and Children Mercy Ho pita!. Past activitie include Family and Children Service. Crippled Children ur cry School and the Kansa City Junior League. Wife. and mother of two daughter. Mary recently retired as chairman of the board of the Plaza Bank and Tru t Company. Margaret Lu Vanne Doty Hatch, f - Middlebury. ha produced a film entitled "The Longe t Stride", di tributed by Ma Media Mini - trie of Baltimore, MD. After her husband' death in Margaret went to work a a volunteer with the legi lative office of the women' International League for Peace and Freedom in Wa hington. DC. While di tributing copie of Robert Heilbroner' book The Great Ascent to member of Congres, he became intere ted in a ection of the book that di cu ed what it would mean to the average American family to live on 100 a year. a, of the world doe. Filmed near her own home in the love! Hud on aile of ew York, the film u e pecial effect to how a group gathered at a neighborhood picnic and how their world ould change if the li edina Third World developing country... no h u e. town or go ernment ervice ; poor clothing, furniture and food. The oung man who hallenge hi neighbor to "ark toward impr ing ondition for other end b quoting Chri topher Fry Thank God our time i no' /When wrong come up to face u every" here. e er to lea e u till "e take he I nge t tride of oul men ever took... '. THE KEY \! INTER 19 0 Mary Jane Cole Kidd, 82 - Texas. was honored by Soroptimist International of Glendale (CA) with the women Helping Women" Award. Past president of the Oakmont League. which nominated her, she rccci ved the first.. Woman of the Year" A ward from the Glendale Chamber of Commerce in 1972 and in 1973 was given the.. Woman of Achievement' " Award by the Glendale New -Pre. Her ervice and intere ts are many. with health care a a prime intere t. lemming from her po ition as a staff medical secretary and medical record librarian. Also active with the YWCA and the Women's Committee of the Glendale Symphony Orche tra, he opened door for women in government with her ervice a a member of the Los Angele County Grand Jury. Glendale Zoning Board and Planning Commi ion. Ediror s note: It a!ii'g_\'s tickles me to recein information about special Kappas submiued b_, their proud husbands. Rar Kidd. executil e 1 ice president of Western Asso iation of Food Chain. Inc.. ll'rote that " For a great man_,. years a myriad of imeresting Kappa mail has elllered our home and. indeed. been highly welcome! On 01 ember J a great dayfor me. /married an incomparable gal. As I read through the note of January 1980 adl"ising Mary Jane of her 50-year award certificate. I felt Kappa Kappa Gamma II"Ottld be interested in her accomplishments - a// in the field of sen ing her conlltumitl. in helping people... Thank you. Ray. Margaret Hatch 9

12 Orriette Coiner Sinclair, BK- Idaho. active in the political world for 40 year. was chosen as one of four national electors to represent Idaho at the Republican National Convention. She served as Republican National Committeewoman for Idaho from 1971 through I 980. Orrie 's college interests in politics grew through her work in the Wilkie campaign and her later activity in local and county Republican organization, where she held many offices in various regions, districts and Western State Conferences. Ln 1978 she received the outstanding Republican worker award from the State Central Committee. As co-chairman for the Bush for President Committee in Idaho. she continued to work hard for her party while still managing to have time for her husband, four children and four grandchildren. Owl's Eye Glimpses Pa adena Alumnae Association members are becoming known for thei r unusual grandch ildren. When some of the group visited the San Diego Zoo to meet Maya, the elephant adopted by Florence Gates Baldwin, BHA- Stanford. Ida Lloyd Crotty, r:=: - UCLA. became so enamored of a huge Kodiak bear that she adopted him, i.e. - brought "gourmet"" food for him for one year. Nancy Jones Cassill, Bn- Washington. is a si tant director of UW Alumni Association and Alumni Hou e is now sometimes referred to a " Nancy' Castle '. She i involved in developing program uch a the Alumni Lecture Series. Vacation College and Traveling Campu. a well a being re- pon ible forth; overall operation of the alumni office. With many year of experience in community improvement project. ancy has worked a a member of the Citizen Ad vi ory Committee for the State Department of Social Service and in other civic group. Cecilia Hendricks Wahl, L\- Indiana, was chosen as the ninth winner of the Gertrude Rich Award. an honor that recognizes women who are active in Indiana University alumni re!"ation programs. She has worked as production manager of Purdue University's WBAA radio station, as a grade school teacher in the trust territory of the Pacific Islands, as secretary to the speech and theater department and as assi tant to the secretary of the IU Board of Trustees. Active in the Monroe County Historical Society. the Audubon Society and Local Council of Women, Cecilia has served Delta Chapter as an adviser and as houseboard treasurer. Adele Coryell Hall, I - Nebra ka, i the fir t Kan a City United Way volunteer to be named to the United Way of America's Board of Governors. She join 6 other women and 30 men on the board, which advi e the independent United Way nationwide. Kaki Thomas, ffl - Denison, runs the Bandersnatch, a small student-run coffeeshop on the Denison campus. Formerly dark. uninviting and operating at a loss, it i now attractive and comfortable, while maintaining the traditional menu of bagels and soft drinks. After complaining about the lack of organization when she worked there as a student, Kaki was offered the position of.manager and outlined problems ranging from traffic flow to lack of publicity, as well as providing remedies for each problem. University and student government association loans enabled her to carry out her five point program and turn the shop into a popular and financial success. Province Meetings Alpha: Feb Mar. I, Syracuse, NY Beta: Mar. I9-2I, State College, PA Gamma: Apr , Cincinnati, OH Delta: Mar. 6-8, Hillsdale, MI Epsilon: Apr. 3-5, Madison, WI Zeta: Mar , Lawrence, KS Eta: Apr. 3-5, Colorado Springs, CO Theta: Feb Mar. I, Lubbock, TX Iota: Mar. 6-8, Walla Walla, W A Kappa: Apr , San Fernando, CA Lambda: Mar , Washington/MD Mu: Apr , Athens, GA Nu: Apr. 3-5, Tuscaloosa, AL Xi: Mar , Little Rock, AR Omicron: Apr. 3-5, Des Moines, 10 Pi: Feb Mar. I, Sacramento, CA Rho: Apr. IO- I2, Amherst, MA 10 THE KEY/WINTER 1980

13 Anne Wilson, BX - Kentucky, has served as secretary to four presidents of UK. Retired now. she served as pre ident ' ecretary ince 1959 under4 very diverse personalities. Her other talent in organization and management came out in her position a Kappa convention treasurer for many years. Molly Tee Leeper Stewart, r - Arkansas, ~ennonstratted Wok cooking for the Shrevepon (LA) Association. The meal wa such a succes Molly was prevailed upon to help with the Brunch and to demostrate crepe making the group. Jane Cahill Pfeiffer, f'l' - Maryland, wa unable to attend convention last June to receive her second Alumnae Achievement Award. Fairfield County (CT) Alumnae Association was proud to present the award to Jane at their first fall meeting and were delighted with her interest and enthusiasm during the question and answer period. Jane i shown with Jackie Ballhatchet Downey, Y- Nonhwe tern, alumnae president. Sue Burkhart Butler B - Ohio State. was chosen to serve as president of the Rocky River (OH) Board of Education and Martha Young Miller, 0 - Mi souri, i pre ident of the Manhattan (KS) Board of Education. Carol Shanesy Elizabeth Gregory Bell, BX- Kentucky, was the first woman to receive the Bell Awara. pre ented annually by the Berrien Counry (MI) Bar Assoion to an outstanding layman. Betty's "deep concern for children" wa cited the pre entation of the award. including her work in mental health. Hattie Parks tone, B:=: - Texa. wa honored at a pany where the Bryan College tation and Brenham alumnae pre ented her with her 75-year pin. At 92 he i till,ery a tive and recall man happy memories of Kappa and her chapter. Her daughter, Mary tone Rankin. al o B:=:. and her granddaughter Ruth Rankin Reimann. EA-Te as Chri tian. ha e enjoyed v.earing her key. engraved with 190 her initiation date. and carrying on the tradnion of Kappa for 3 generati n. Carol Shanesy, f!1 - Denison, is a computer peciali t, a enior systems engineer with IBM. At a pecial ceremony in June 1979, he was honored by the New York City Police Department for " out tanding assistance rendered the latent tmit". The system she designed gave a computer the capability of earching the NYPD master fingerprint file of more than I million fingerprint and coming up with the ingle fingerprint to identify a criminal. Using this de ign, on May I 0, 1979 the criminal known as the " Bronx rapist" wa po itively identified from a single print left at the scene of hi Ia t crime. ''As a direct re ult of the computer program designed by M. Shanesy, this individual wa identified and arre ted and a large contingent of police manpower wa re tared to the Bronx community.'', the upervisor of the fingerprint unit reported to the commandi ng officer of the Support Services Bureau. " M. Shane y' talent and dedication repre ent the e sence of public ervice. A a direct re ult of her effort. a most dangerou criminal ha been removed from the community. Please extend the thanks of all the member of the Identification Section to M. Shanesy for a job well done." Carol wa al o in trumental in etting up the ew York City Police Department' CATCH computer, which i programmed with microfilmed photograph of known criminal. When a ictim or witne can de cribe hi attacker the de cription i fed into the computer, which then pour forth the photograph in it bank which re emble the de cription. Carol earned her M.A. in mathematic from orthwe tern, where her mother and aunt were member of p ilon Chapter. Offered a po ition by an IBM recruiter, he accepted and ha been ith the company ince THE KEY INTER 19 0 II

14 Rose McGill Fund Contributors Special Gifts $100 and over Epsilon Tau Chapter $610 Epsilon Omega Chapter $300 Alpha Province Meeting $237 Beta Province Meeting $ Carr, Mr. A. N. Favrot, Mr. and Mr. Clifford IMO Eleanor Luzenberg Pratt, Odelle Milling Christian, Marie Macnaughton, Mae Saunders, Sarah Harris Rowe Hoyt, Katherine Bailey McLaughlin, Florence B. Maxwell, Mrs. M. Penn, Elizabeth H. Roever, Mr. Myrtle IMO Betty Winne Brady Sexauer Foundation $10,000 Tucker, Frances C. IMO Julia Monon Cole Yolk, Elizabeth M.!MO Lillian Tamplin Phillip Wiggins. Mrs. James F. Circle Key Grant Won ham Foundation $12,000 Magazine Agency $19, Macnaughton Estate $25,000 Associations $100 and over Albuquerque, N. M. $ Arcadia, Calif. $100 ($50 Circle Key Grants) Arlington Heights, Ill. $200 ($50 Circle Key Grants) Baltimore, Md. $100 IMO Elsie Merrill Cox Boulder Colo. $1000 Cincinnati, Ohio $500 Cleveland East, Ohio $210 ($200 Circle Key Grants) IMO Mrs. Fern Leon Collins, DuMars, Clarence 0. Meloy Cleveland West Shore, Ohio $100 Colorado Springs, Co. $100 Columbus, Ohio $250 ($125 Circle Key Grants) IMO Margaret Sater. Ann Hoster. Margaret Delaney McNeill, Judith Ann Caccavello Moriarty, Ann Kauffman Young Contra Costa Co. Ca. $784 Des Moines, Ia. $110 IMO Dolly Beurmann Betts Dallas, Tx. $3156 ($1500 Circle Key Grants) In honor of Mrs. Thomas Walker lmo Willie Pearl Gardner. Mrs. Stubbs, Scott Taylor Turner, Sarah Meriweather Detroit Ea t Sub. Mi. $300 Detroit Nonh Woodward. Mi. $250 Essex,. J. $ ($ Circle Key Grants) IMO Adelaide Gunni on Calder, El ic Kraemer Holmes, Shirley M. Landers, Margaret Carroll. Lillian Billow Heyman Fargo.. D. $100 Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. $300 IMO Prudence Greer Andrews $ 150 Ft. Wayne. Ind. $11 0 lmo Elizabeth H. Steger Houston. Tx. $1450 $50!MO Christine Arnold Keener, Rosalie B. Briggs Ryan, Nona Hobbs Wolfe, Betty Winne Brady, Jo Scott Whitley Kansas City, Mo. $2005 ($1,000 Circle Key Grant in Honor of Betty Smith Beachy) $400 for Patti Knupp La Jolla, Ca. $200 La Jolla-San Diego $ Lexington, Ky. $100 Long Beach, Ca. $150 Louisville, Ky. $100 IMO Miriam Sugar Campbell, Edith Dean Bowman, Genrude Daniels, Elizabeth Booker Chescheir Los Angeles $100 IMO Elizabeth Skeedy Doheny Lubbock, Tx. $ IMO Ruth Fulcher Marin Co. Ca. $250 Miami, Fl. $ 100 Memphis, Tn. $360 fmo Helen Masset Lowry Nonh Suburban, Ill. $150 ($100 Circle Key Grants) Oak Park-River Forest, Ill. $250 Oak Park, Ill $70 IMO Larraine Eissen Ames Oklahoma City, Okla $ Omaha, Nebr. $230 fmo Dorothy Madden Burgess, Lucy Han, Barbara Payne Miller Palo Alto, Calif. $175 Pasadena, Calif. $250 (Circle Key Grants IMO Helen Kuehan Baillie) *Philadelphia, Pa. $400 ($300 Circle Key Grants) Phoenix, Az. $100 Princeton Area N. J. $300 ($200 Circle Key Grants in Honor of May Jones) ($1 00 Circle Key Grant in Memory of Naomi Burnston) Quad Cities, Iowa $100 Richardson, Tx. $317 ($150 Circle Key Grant) fmo Joseph Schofield, Annette McMullan, C. L. Wm. Bloom, Edith and Wm. Mohaupt St. Louis, Mo. $250 IMO Marie Bryden Macnaughton San Diego, Ca. $305 IMO Dorothy Sherman Stokes, Mary L. McPhetridge Reilly San Jose, Ca. $268 ($50 Circle Key Grant) $168 in Honor of Margaret McGinley Schenectady, N. Y. $100 Southern Orange. Co. Ca. $200 $25 IMO Emily Marr Patterson Tulsa. Ok. $200 Westchester Co.. Y. $550 (Circle Key Grants) $250 IMO Dorothy Dake Littig Wichita, Ks. $ (Patti Knupp) Wichita Falls, Tx. $200 Associations under $100 Akron. Ohio Arlington. Tx. Beta Iota. Pa. Billings. Mont. Birmingham. Ala. Bloomington. Ill. Buffalo, N. Y.!MO Blanche M. Johnson Cheyenne, Wy. Clearwater Bay, Fl. IMO Nilah Byrum Zens, Clayton Slawter. Seth L. Everett Cleveland, Oh. IMO Charles B. Mills, Mrs, Elizabeth P. Homer, William Wiley Dunn, Mrs. John A. Lane. Robert Hallstein, Wilbur Monday Corvallis-Albany, Ore, Detroit, Mi. IMO Mr. Willis Bugbee East Lake Porter Co., lnd. El Paso, Tx. Ft. Worth, Tx. Fresno, Calif. Glendale-Burbank. Ca. Hawaii Hanford, Ct. Hutchinson. Ks. (Circle Key Grant) Indianapolis, Ind. Jacksonville, Fl. IMO Susan Scallard Nicolai. Dorothy T. Watkins O'Connell Laramie, Wy. Little Rock, Ark. Milwaukee East. Wise. IMO Mrs. Cosalette Elliott Lindsay, Mrs. Margaret Grant Monmouth. Ill Muncie, Ind. IMO Edith Sawicki Nashville, Tn. New Orleans, La. Northern Va. Palo Alto, Ca. IMO Flora G. Campbell Houck Raleigh Area, N. C. Roanoke, Va. Rochester, N. Y. Sacramento Valley. Ca. IMO Marjorie W. Riddell, Genevieve P. Hook Salt Lake City, Ut. San Antonio. Tx. Seattle, Wash. Shreveport. La. Topeka, Ks. Tri City, Wash. Tucson, Az. Twin Citie, Minn. Washington. D. C. Suburban Maryland Westwood. Ca. IMO Mrs. David E. Patterson. John Friswold, Virginia Perry Whittier, Ca. Clubs $100 and over Clay-Platte, Mo. $200 Glen Ellyn-Wheaton. Ill. $ Huntington. N. Y. $100 Indian River, Fla. $100 Kalamazoo, Mi. $150 IMO Dorothy Dake Littig Clubs under $100 Adrian, Mi. lmo Margaret Osgood. France Cooney. Genevieve Alger Gobba 12 THE KEY/ WINTER 1980

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17 Surely the Greek system has experienced ''the best of time, and the wor t of times." Have there been flawless years? If so, they probably have occurred at different times on different campuses. The 1960s and ' 70s represented the mo t recent period of stres for fraternities and ororities in general. Even o, Kappa Kappa Gamma installed nearly four times as many chapter as were closed during this time. War years have proven difficult for some chapters, as members have left to join branches of the service and agencies such as the Red Cross and the USO or to marry and follow their husbands to whatever places they could. The Fraternity underwent an internal conflict in 1898 when Beta Beta Chapter was requested by Kappa officials to urrender its charter because the num.ber of women on the St. Lawrence campus was con idered insufficient for maintenance of a healthy and stable chapter. (At that time there were no provisions for notification of concern, probation, trial, or defense of the group in question. The constitution provided for withdrawal of a chapter if the vote of the Grand Council had been unanimous and two/thirds of the chapter had voted affirmatively.) The girl of Beta Beta reacted with surpri e and anger. They brought suit against members of the Grand Council and the editor of The Key in protest of the action that had been taken against them. The lit igation, which was given wide publicity in Greek system journal and resulted in the amending of many a con titution in order that a fraternity's right to withdraw a charter should be legally guaranteed, extended from June; 1898, to March, The Fraternity vote was upheld, in spite of an injunction by the Canton, New York, courts. Beta Beta Chapter was replaced by a local orority, Zeta Phi, in In 1914 this local petitioned Kappa for a charter. The petition was granted by vote of the Grand Council, the chapters, and the alumnae associations in A decision to initiate all alumnae of Zeta Phi into the chapter, now Beta Beta Deuteron, wa made at the 1920 Convention. Thu, in time, all wounds were healed. Most of the problem pertaining to the closing of chapters had up to this time, been related to anti-fraternity legislation by university administrations or their spon oring bodie. The e were state governments and variou denomination of churche, which were responsible fore tablishing many of our in titutions of higher learning. Tho e chapters that had succumbed to uch pre sure before the tum of the century were Gamma at Smithson College in Logan port, Indiana; Pi at the Univer i ty of California in Berkeley (rein tated as Pi Deuteron in 1897); and Alpha at Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois. "Secret ocietie ' also were ab olutely forbidden on the Univer ity of Mi ouri campu between 1880 and Theta Chapter, ecure in her po ition as the cnly national women' fraternity located there, refu ed to yield to the demands of the faculty and led an underground or sub rosa exi tence during that troubled time. A very precariou exi tence it wa, with bid, acceptance (all complete with parental perrni ion), and initiation taking place in the mo t furtive manner. But Theta Chapter urvived thi admini trative opposition and ha continued along an uninterrupted pathway ince I 75. Alpha Chapter' bli ful infancy wa arre ted b a decree from the General A embly of the United Pre byterian Church declaring that no Greek letter groups hould be allowed in educational e tabli hment under it juri diction. Thi edict repre ented only one facet of an all-member plea to refrain from joining any ecret ocietie. An article. ly Speaking. By Catherine Schroeder Grqf B N -Ohio State Fraternity Historian sent to your hi torian from the chairman of the History Department of Monmouth College records. with some minor editorial deletion, the traumatic events which occurred: "On my desk now i a ragged and worn bound cries of letter written to and from Monmouth College faculty and admini trator from 1868 to Lacking typewriters, carbon, electronic copier, each letter contained in the bound volume was written in long hand, luckily in very readable and often beautiful Spencerian script. I suspect the letters kept by the college were the originals or first drafts, for there are corrections, lines drawn through sentence, etc. Those sent from the college no doubt were perfect, the originals with corrections becoming the college correspondence files and today the stuff of a little hi tory. ''The first letter of close to a hundred caught my eye for it mentioned my own sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. To place it and the rest I will write about in the proper context, I mu t recount a bit of Monmouth history. Shortly after the end of the Civil War fraternities for men were established on campus. In I 867 a group of 12 coed formed a ecret society called at first I. C. Sorosis Society, later Pi Beta Phi ; and in 1870 six girls founded Kappa Kappa Gamma at Monmouth, a school then about two decades old. "In 1874 the United Presbyterian Church, founder of Monmouth, decided that secret societies were wrong. Members were admonished not to join them and on the U.P. college campuses where fraternitie existed the order of the general assembly was to ban them. From 1874 until little was done at Monmouth to end the way of the ecret organizations. They were popular with students. The young pre ident, Dr. David Wallace, was a Beta, as was at least one of his sons. The Beta national magazine even was published at Monmouth. The students knew about the action against social organizations as early as September of 1874 because on the back of a mall document entitled 'Programme of Exercises, 1874 and 1875,' are alit of do' and don 't, expectations of the college from her student. There wa the usual mention of attending public worship, forbiddance of the use of intoxicating drinks, as well as card playing. There mu t be ' no frequenting of drinking, gambling, or billiard saloon... the faculty judge ball and dances as improper places of resort for students,' etc., etc. And then there it was, number 7, and new! '"7. It shall be unlawful for any student of this college, hereafter, to become a member of any secret college fraternity, or to connect with any chapter of such fraternity. ' This was a recent addition to the college statutes by the senate at its June meeting. " By late 1877 and early 1878, pressure on the administration and the faculty grew. In a letter of the time, one male student a ked for Photo of 1878 letter of Alpha Chapter which certifies the formal disbanding of the group Elizabeth Gowdy Baker,, who painted the beautiful aquarelle portrait of Tade Hartsuff Kuhns, was reprimanded by the Monmouth College in 1882 for wearing her badge while serving as an art instructor. THE KEY/WINTER 19 0

18 Early Alpha members appeared in The Key Included; b~ck row: Georgie B. Pillsbury, Elizabeth Wallace Taggart, and Mabel Pillsbury. Front row: Lou Stevenson Miller, and Louise Bennett Boyd. information on the fraternity matter and was told that the faculty had decided to prohibit pledging in the future. Within one college generation fraternities would be extinct. Eventually. members were forbidden to wear their di stinctive pins or badges. "The social groups had tried to reason with the faculty and wrote a letter: 'To the Hon. body, the Faculty of Monmouth College, greetings: After a earful (sic) consideration of the present conditions of affairs in college with regard to fraternities and what we consider to be the proper course for us to persue (sic) hereafter we, the members of the undersigned frats in joint session have decided upon the following as our course of action. We agree to initiate no more members until the senate meets in June next, when we will petition that body to repeal the law existing against frats. In case the law is not repealed we will then consider any proposition you as a fac. may see fit to offer. In consideration that there are no laws in college statutes against wearing badges, and as members of different frats are now known, we will wear our badges until June. Very Respectfu lly, B0II, ~X. KKr, I. C. ' " The faculty reaction to this defiance was prompt: ' Faculty cannot accept this - Must face up to the enforcement of the Jaw. ' This appeared in a brief faculty minute attached to the above student petition. ' ' Wh ile the letter is undated, one John B. Walker was dismissed from college for wearing his badge. His abject letter to the faculty exists: ' I hereby petition you to restore me to the rights and privileges of a student at Monmouth College. In making this application 1 express my sincere regrets fo r wearing my fraternity badge and I acknowledge that I ought not to have done so. 1 hereby pledge that I will not do so hereafter. Should you restore me to the rights of a student 1 ask you to permit me to have my picture taken with my badge. If the faculty consents to this I pledge myself to wear my badge only while I sit for my picture.' " Parents were interested and concerned, too. Early in 1878 several fathers of I. C.' threatened to withdraw their daughters from Monmouth and ominously mentioned a return of tuition. They questioned the right of the college to interfere in events outside the classroom, off campus. The faculty response said that the fac ulty had no hand in making the new law, that it was a senate enactment. ' But it is our duty to execute it and if we do not... the senate would put in our place those who would.' "By the early month of 1878 one proud group after another bowed to circum tance. On March 20, 1878: 'The members of the Monmouth Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity in connection with Monmouth College hereby certify that our chapter has been legally and formally di banded and the charter and all documents have been placed in the hand of Mi Alice Pillsbury to be held by her in trust and not to be urrendered by her for the purpo e of erving aid chapter as long as the law again t fraternities at Monmouth College is in force.' Five Kappa igned it. 'I.C. followed uit a did each and every other fraternal group. They certified that they had turned over their charter and documents to some member or other. The college men eemed to have given up more quickly than the women. As late as 1880 Lessie Buck identified hersel to the faculty as president of I. C. Society. It is known that for some fe.,. years thereafter sorority 'rush' was held during summer months an~ high school girls were pledged. Meetings were held in private homes Both the I.C. Society and Kappa Kappa Gamma had grown, hw: expanded with new chapters, had become national, even holdin conventions in other states. ''There is a Jetter in the collectiqn that was addressed 'To Whom!1 May Concern' (obviously the Monmouth faculty). It was written b} Tade Hartsuff, later the legendary Tade Hartsuff Kuhns of early Kappa years and one of the Fraternity's great leaders. She wrote from Ne... Castle, Pennsylvania, on January 26, 1884, and in her note informed those concerned that at the sixth biennial convention of Kappa Kappa Gamma held in Madison, Wisconsin, ' there -had been considerable discussion and with the understanding that the alumnae and founders of our Alpha should control and operate such a chapter, moved, seconded, and carried that these alumnae members retain their charter and that Alpha as such be recognized as a chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma.' Tade Hartsuff signed as president. "Right next to the Hartsuff Jetter is a very short and succinct note. 'To the faculty of Monmouth College: This is to certify that the Kappa Kappa Gamma Chapter here is an alumnae chapter.' It is not dated. It was signed by Kappa founder Minnie Stewart Nelson (later Field). My guess is that Mrs. Nelson may have attended the Madison convention and gained heart for her group from it..' 'A few months after. the Hartsuff Jetter, the Monmouth Alpha members had given up and asked that the initial charter be withdrawn. The year was The seventh biennial convention with Jove and sympathy agreed. It was a pro-forma withdrawal of the so-called charter for as nearly as can be ascertained no charter ever existed. There seems to be agreement that some sort of a document was drawn up. No doubt lawyer and Judge Stewart, father of Minnie, helped to give it a legalistic high tone sound and he apparently promised to take it to Springfield on his next trip for registration with the then proper authorities. No such document exists, perhaps never existed. It is possible that Judge Stewart felt that it was unseemly for a document, a charter, written by teenagers, girls at that, to interfere with the busy activities of a state government. " Late in 1877 Dr. David Wallace, young first president of Mon- J mouth, was a burned-out man. When he arrived to start the new wilderness college in 1856 the bulk of his salary was paid by a local church where he served as a full time pastor as well as a full time college president and teacher. He kept Monmouth open during the Civil War, wrestled always with finance, or the lack of it. So, worn and weary, he told his faculty that he soon must retire, and this he did. " His retirement years were spent in Wooster, Ohio, and there his young daughter, known as Lizzie, entered college. Three years ago in doing some research on the period of Dr. David Wallace at the time of the!25th birthday of my college I ran across an old diploma, granted over 100 years ago, to L. L. Wallace. Investigation revealed that for some reason Lizzie returned to Monmouth and graduated here. That framed diploma now is in the Alpha Chapter room. " The fact was, Lizzie pledged Kappa at age 15 and during the very time her father was trying to stamp out social groups at Monmouth. I also found in the college archives a letter from Wallace, written a year after he had left Monmouth for Ohio. He was anxious to know how his successor was doing and then said to his correspondent, 'Lizzie wi hes to join a society here (Wooster) and I wish she would not after all thai trouble about the society at Monmouth.' " For some time this sentence mystified me until I finally c.oncluded what the 'society trouble' at Monmouth was all about. Lizzie had pledged Kappa before she was old enough to enter college. She no doubt attended meetings held sub rosa in private homes. One as umes a headstrong child clashing with her harried father over the matter and (continued on page 36)

19 ~...,.,.. by Anna Mitchell Hiett Pflugh eta M u - Colorado ctive Chapter Editor Greek Weeks Include Service Projects- At Louisiana State, all Greeks on campus participate in service projects and social gatherings during Greek Week. Seen here are Renee Beauclair (left) and Mimi Minis, two of the Delta Iota Kappas who were involved in Greek Week activities by cleaning up around the lakes. Photo by Bill Feig, State-Times and Morning Advocate of Baton Rouge (LA). Parks Perked up in Illinois - Instead of rai ing money to give to a charity, Beta Lambda (Illinois) Kappas decided to have a philanthropy project in which they could see immediate results. They wanted to do omething environmental in nature and decided to spruce up some neighboring parks. The Champaign Park Di trict was very cooperative and lined up two parks which needed to have trash picked up and leaves raked. The biggest problem encountered was the abundance of broken gla. "We're hoping that the few cut fingers we experienced in cleaning up will prevent some youngster from doing more serious damage, " they wrote. The surrounding community is grateful to Beta Lambda, and the Kappas took great pride in seeing what they could do with a few hours of diligent effort. Kappas Paint a Pretty Philanthropy Picture Delta Iota (Louisiana State) Kappas painted the inside of a Half-Way House for girls last September as a philanthropy project. Betsy Curet, a Kappa alumna, is presently head of the house. Pictured here to the left are chapter president Dede Romeneda, Ill -Louisiana State, holding the bucket of paint as she organizes everyone into different rooms. Marian Fagan, standing, and Diane Shumacher, sitting, ~I- Louisiana State, both diligently paint a room to perfection. Everyone had a fantastic time painting and enjoyed giving part of themselves. Photos by Bill Feig, State-nmes and Morning Advocate of Baton Rouge (LA). THE KEY IJIITER

20 Philanthropy flowers at Delta Gamma chapter - Last spring the Kappas at Michigan State made 38 May Day flower arrangements for the lngahm County Extended Care Facility. The flowers were delivered on the first of May, and the patients were delighted and cheered to find the arrangements on their dining room tables! Gamma Epsilon lends a hand - On March 1, Gamma Epsilon burgh) Kappas lent a hand to the Hand in Hand festival, a carnival benefits handicapped children. They spent that Saturday working provide a happy day for the children and were the only sorority at Pitt 1 participate! (From left; child, Yvonne Ralich, Lora Gavlik, Paula Smitl and Nancy O'Donnell, re - Pittsburgh) -A Picture Worth a 1,000 Words Daffodils become Kappa bloom in Virginia - With all due respect to the fleur-de-lis, Epsilon Sigma (Virginia) seems to have adopted a new Kappa bloom - the daffodil. Taking advantage of the abundance of spring daffodils in the Charlottesville area, the Kappas there picked armfuls of flowers each morning for four weeks and took them to the University of Virginia Hospital, where they were sold to relatives and friends of patients there. Sales brought in about $40 a day for the hospital and brightened many dreary hospital rooms. Furthermore, Epsilon Sigmas discovered a beautiful way to start the day! Pictured left to right are Liz Gamble, Kemp Passano, and Kathy Lewis. 18 Beta Nu hearts unlimited - Last summer the Ohio State Kappas presented a rush skit, "The Grinch Who Stole Kappa" for their philanthropy, Recreation Unlimited, which supports a summer camp for physically handicapped and mentally retarded. Last year, Columbus Kappas contributed enough money to send three campers to summer camp. And a few words which create a picture o Kappas caring-'' l cried because l wanted tc stop dancing, until! met someone who coulc not dance " were the words on the w innin ~ K appa sign at North Dakota State 's dance marathon last spring. The students there, wit~ the help of Gamma Tau chapter, helped make life a little less painful and a little more beauti -, ful for th ose less fortunate than them el ves. hl was the combination of 30 hour, 73 couples. a lot of determination, the Old Fieldhouse gym, a great deal of Kappa, and much support which came together to join force in the dance against muscular dystrophy. When the final awards were presented, Kappa was rec-' ognized often - In addition to winning th ~; sign contest with a sign designed by Kim Lees, rt- North Dakota State, K appas Linda Beard and K ate Ginsbach rai ed the two top individual pledge amounts and Chri ty Carlson, rt- North Dakota State, with her partner, won "Most Spirited Couple." At Syracuse Univer ity, Beta Tau Kappa'> took second place in the annual drive for muscular dystrophy. With the help of P i Up ilon Fraternity, the Beta Tau Kappas raised $2,000 and won many contest throughout the 48-hour dance marathon. Amy Reimann and Diane Wolf, BT - Syracuse. are credited with the spirit and organization which led the Kappa to the second place win. THE KEY/WI TER I 980

21 Car Wash for Pride at Epsilon XI - The funds raised in a four-hour car wash by Kappas at California State, Northridge, were donated to the "Pride House," a live-in drug rehabilitation center. The money was used to purchase new educational materials. Also, Epsilon Xi Kappas at Halloween dressed up for the Spastic Children's Foundation and helped to take the children through a haunted house. The pumpkins from their big and little sister pumpkin carving were donated to the Foundation. In November, they participated in the campus blood drive and helped cosponsor "Life of the Party," an event open to the entire campus and benefitting the Porterville Children's Hospital. Balloon Sales Support Gamma Iota Projects-In September, Kappas at Washington University sponsored a Balloon Sale to raise the funds to support their philanthropy projects for the year, which will aid the St. Louis Children's Hospital and Central Institute for the Deaf (both associated with the Washington University Medical Complex). The Kappas plan to provide toys and books for the Occupational/Physical Therapy departments, an afterschool party for the five to ten-year-old children, and handmade Christmas stockings and stocking stuffers for each of the 150 children at the hospital. They are also involved in a "Homes for the Handicapped" tour and a Halloween party for underprivileged children. As of October 15, Gamma Iota Kappas had already contributed 90 hours of philanthropic work! Derby Day Reinstated - Delta Mu (Connecticut) chapter found a place in the reinstated Sigma Chi Derby Day on their campus. Maura McGeary, ~M-Connecticut, seen to the left, won the queen contest, and Kappa was second overall in women's events, and third in spirit. The spirit prize was for the most money collected, and proceeds from the Day went to the March of Dimes, providing 3% of their annual budget. Balloons and Bicycles - Gamma Theta (Drake) chapter combined :a bike-a-than and balloon derby to raise money for the Convalescent Home for Children in Des Moines (Iowa). The balloons were released with attached postcards naming the donors at Drake's Homecoming game halftime. Preceding that game the bike-a-than was underway. Of the 550 cards returned, the one coming the greatest distance arrived from Quebec, Canada! Phi Psi 500 for Philanthropy - Epsilon Nu Kappas at Vanderbilt prepare to defend their title in the Phi Psi 500 tricycle race which is the campus-wide highlight of the annual philanthropic event sponsored by Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. Seen here are (from left) 1n top row: Lisa Schoenbaum, Cheri Lomax. Marcia Levy, and Lynn Peters; and Nancy Nants and Gwen Hettinger in front. THE KEY/WI :TER

22 Stacey Black, n~ - California, awa"rded Prytaenen for scholarship, achievement, and involvement; chapter president. Actively Speaking. Sarah Traub, ~ - Nebraska, member of the UNL Student Alumni Board, Dean's List every semester, page for the Nebraska Legislature, chapter first vice-president, voted most outstanding pledge. Sandy Swanson, ~ - Nebraska member of the UNL Student Alumn Board, NU Meds, Omicron NL (home economics), Phi Upsi Omicron (home economics), Phi Eta Sigma (freshman), Alpha Lambda Delta (freshman scholarship), year Regents Scholarship, treasurer, chapter scholarship chairman. Betty Ronan, ET - Mississippi State, National Agri-Marketing Association where she won first place in the national Student Marketing Program Contest, sophomore and senior Homecoming Maid, campus beauty, featured in campus yearbook, Agronomy Club, Alpha Zeta (agriculture), chapter activities chairman and intramurals chairman, chapter marshal and pledge chairman of the charter members, chosen chapter outstanding senior. Helen Sotiriou (left) and Beth Redosh, BY - West Virginia, recent recipients of the two badges belonging to the late Christine Arnold Keener, BY - West Virginia She had been chapter treasurer and upon her death donated her two Keys (badges) to Beta Upsilon to be worn by the treasurer and the other by a top chapter officer. Beth is this year's treasurer and is also winner of the WVU Achievement Scholarship award, Golden Key (national honor society), Li-toon-awa (sophomore women's honorary), and American Society of Personnel Administrators. Helen is chapter second vice president, on the Dean's List, American Society of Civil Engineering, past chairman of Crohn's Disease philanthropy project and past fraternity education chairman. Kathy Sjulin, ~ - Nebraska, ASUN Committee for Fees Allocation vice chairman, University Program Council talks and topics chairman, Model United Nations delegate, Daily Nebraskan reporter and copy editor, Greek Week committees, Sigma Delta Tau and Kappa Tau Alpha (journalism), Phi Eta Sigma (freshman). and Alpha Lambda Delta (freshman scholarship), a 1980 Aksarben Countess, chapter activities chairman. Lori Heath, E - Vanderbilt, Tau Beta Pi (engineering), Eta Kappa Nu (electrical engineering) president, Alpha Lambda Delta (freshman scholarship) vice president, Phi Eta Sigma (freshman), past chapter pledge chairman, chapter treasurer. 20 THE KEY/WINTER 1980

23 Julie Esther, re - Drake, Gamma Gamma (Panhellenic honorary), Dean's List for four years, Alpha Lambda Delta (freshman scholarship), Omicron Delta Kappa (leadership), Who 's Who, editor-in-chief of the Drake yearbook, photographer for the Drake newspaper, on the Board of Student Communications, Panhellenic Council, chapter second vice president. Not pictured is another Gamma Theta Kappa, Brenda Ganzel, also in Gamma Gamma. Brenda was 1980 Panhellenic President, Drake Relays cochairman for 1981, Dean's List, past Greek Week co-chairman, Panhellenic treasurer, chapter marshal and scholarship chairman, on Student Alumni Board and 1980 Relays PR chairman. Julie Esther, f0 - Drake. Jayne Slaughter, State. ET _ M"' Three Epsilon Tau (Mississippi State) Kappas have been selected for Who 's Who Among American Colleges and Universities. Jayne Slaughter's other honors and activities include Maroon Band Flag Corps and Concert Band for three years, lnter-~esidence Hall Council, Kappa Delta Pi (education), Alpha Epsilon Delta (pre-med), Omicron Delta Kappa (leadership), Order of Omega, MSU Fashion Board, Miss MSU Bulldog Basketball Queen's Court, chapter activities chairman and public relations chairman. Twila Gregory was also selected for the MSU Hall of Fame, has been Pi Lambda Theta (education) president, in Association of Childhood Educators International, Phi Kappa Phi, Cardinal Key, Order of Omega, Omicron Delta Kappa (leadership), Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's Cabinet of Education, nominated for Out ss.._i.pp_.i standing :oung Women of America, chapter scholarship chairman and treasurer and president. Pictured above are Krista Graven (left) and Ellen Spira, who with Claire Nelson, are the three Eta (Wisconsin) Kappas selected for Phi Kappa Phi (national honor society). Members are selected from the top 10% of the senior class and the top five percent of the junior class. With 40,000 students at Wisconsin, this is quite an honor! Krista is also in Phi Beta Kappa, and Ellen has been chapter president and corresponding secretary. Claire has been Panhellenic representative and a rush counselor. Twila Gregory, ET- Mississippi State. Allison Smith has also been named to Angel Flight (Air Force ROTC and Arnold Air Society), Area I Commander for Angel Flight and Little Major for MSU Angel Flight and Arnold Air Society, chapter pledge class president and public relations chairman and first vice president. Being the Wendy's character for Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers provided Sharon Eisenhauer, B -Ohio State, with oppportunities to travel all over the country and meet famous people. For three years Sharon was in over 50 commercials for Wendy's and eventually worked at Wendy's Corporate Headquarters doing marketing research. She is now working as a disc jockey at 92 X, WXGT FM Columbus. As a disc joc.key she has two of her own air shifts, does production work for commercials, and makes personal appearances. "There are advantages to being a radio personality," said Sharon. "Among them are getting free albums, tickets to concerts, and even getting good seats in a restaurant. " Sharon was the Miss Ohio Teenager 1979, and one of the ten finalists in Miss American Teenager. As a member of the sophomore honor society at Ohio State she participated in public service projects and philanthropic activities. She helped make arrangements for the record breaking musical chairs game for the Guinness Book of 'Norld Records. She is activities chairman for Beta Nu Chapter. Ann Waldron, ~r - Michigan Martha Woolbright, E State, Honors College (1976- Vanderbilt, secretary of Lotus 80), Omicron Delta Kappa Eaters (sophomore honor soci (leadership), Phi Kappa Phi, ety), Gamma Beta Phi (schoi Mortar Board selections chair- arship), past Alpha Lambda man , quarterback of Delta (freshman scholarship) two sorority league cham- president, Phi Eta Sigma pionship football teams (freshman), executive board of 78 and second place in 1980 the Student Government Assoand second place basketball ciation's Speakers committee, 1978, highest grade point aver- and volunteer at the Vanderbilt age overall in the chapter, Children's Hospital. chapter recording secretary and president. (From right) Landa Jorgensen, Ann Davenport, and Pat Borelli, B - Illinois, new members of Sachem Gunior activities honorary). THE K EY INTER

24 Teri Rae, EI- Puget Sound, rush chairman of Panhellenic, pledge class vice president and named outstanding pledge, chapter song chairman, and subject of several gallery showings in the community in relation to her fine arts major. Actively Greek in Vicki Renner, ~ - Nebraska, Panhellenic - IFC Judicial Board, Greek Yearbook staff, chapter assistant rush chairman 1980, Teachers College Advisory Board, Student Education Association, Elementary Education Curriculum Committee student delegate, All-University Fund Committee, varsity cheerleader, Lincoln Action Program volunteer tutor, Lincoln Public Schools Junior High gymnastics coach, Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta (freshman scholarship), Regents Scholar, and chapter public relations chairman. Julie Naaf, ~ - Nebraska, selected 1980 Active Active; also Panhellenic representative, Greek Week talent show committee, ASUN (student government) Teaching Council, Teachers College Advisory Board, University Program Council talks and topics committee, NSSHA (speech and hearing association), Lincoln Action Program volunteer tutor, Lincoln Public Schools Junior High volleyball and basketball coach, Phi Eta Sigma and Alpha Lambda Delta (freshman scholarship), and a Regents Scholar. Beta Lambda (Illinois) chapter has taken top Greek honors. They were named most active and most outstanding chapter on campus when they were presented the Borelli Awards. Pictured here (top left) is Sally Guirl, BA - Illinois, chapter president.' Lower left is Beth Burian, BA - Illinois, chapter pledge, chairman, who is happy that Beta Lambda was recognized as having the outstanding pledge class (of 23 sororities) on campus for the second year in a row. Kim McCarley, BA- Illinois, (below) was named outstanding ~'="~jt.~~~~~~~~:.~g~reek senior on campus by the Panhellenic Council. Marie Whelan, ZB - Lafayette, Panhellenic Council president, tour guide for the college, playing the lead role in the college's theatrical production of "The Last of the Red Hot Lovers," McKelvy Scholars Program (local honor society), chapter social chairman, and recipient of the chapter's "Sunshine Award." 22 THE K EY/WI TER 1980

25 Robin Appleford, IT - Whitman, (pictured to the right) spent the summer working for Senator Jackson (D Washington) in Washington, D.C. One Whitman student is chosen each year for this extern program. Robin is a varsity soccer player, a resident assistant in a freshman dorm, and a highly valued Kappa intramurals football and basketball team member. Jill Altshuler, EO- California at Davis, was selected as the U.C.D. representative to compete against three other agricultural schools in California for the Elanco Summer Legislative Intern Program. She was selected by State Senator Ken Maddy (A-Fresno), pictured here with Jill, as the 1980 intern. Jill was responsible for assisting on all of the senator's agricultural legislation in addition to writing his bi-weekly agricultural newspaper columns. Elanco provided an $1800 grant for the summer's intern. Actively Interns. Mary Duncan, E - Vanderbilt, was an active worker in the campai gn to re -elect President Carter. She worked a a co llege intern in the pres office of the Carter/M ondale National Campaign Headquarters in Washington. D. C. during the ummer and wa employed as assistant in charge of cheduling at the Carter/ M ondale State Headquarter in Na. hville. TN. M ary i also the admini trati ve coordinator for the Vanderbilt Women Week Group (dedicated to providing work hop and lecture centered around women's intere ts and fe minist is ues). She is al o chapter registrar and ha been Panhellenic representati ve. Lisa Lau, 1'0 - Drake, (pictured left) served her public relations internship as assistant press secretary to the Governor of Iowa, Robert Ray. Part of her job included drafting letters and writing press releases for the Governor, as well as accompanying the Governor to conferences and conventions all over the state. Artistically Active. Erin Dunivan, BY - West Virginia, is one of the recipients of two awards in the prestigious Exhibition 280 in Huntington, West Virginia. She won both an Achievement Award of $200 and a Purchase Award for an untitled monotype print. As a measure of their pride in this talented Kappa and her achievements, the Charleston (West Virginia) Alumnae Association financed the purchase of one of Erin 's aquatints and presented it to the chapter of Beta Upsilon. This joins the collection of original graphics in the Beta Upsilon house begun three years ago and now including works of Chagall, Matisse, and other contemporaries.... ~ "" (From left) Laurie McAvoy, Lynn Pasteris, and Stephanie Buchanan, r" Wilham and Mary, are aides to the prestdent of the college, Tom Graves, who is pictured here with them. THE K Y tr-.'ter

26 Variety is the Spice of Sports Sarah Fee and Lori Dotson, i\l - Butler, each won a state championship title in their respective singles categories in the NCAA Division II tournament. In May they will go to Detroit to play in the five-state Division II regional tournament. Sarah plays the number one seed on Butler's team, and Lori plays the number five seed. (From left) Jenny Cutting, Daphne Brown, an Blair Barnes, nu - California, are on the C< women's crew. Louisiana State did not have a soccer team until Susan Gibbons, ill - Louisiana State, came along. She helped start the team in the fall of 1979 and now plays left-forward wing on the 30-member team. Her chapter congratulates her on her accomplishments. (From left) Donna Gundolfe, Carrie Balcomb, and Laura Branyon, EH - Auburn, are on the varsity tennis team. Rebecca McBride, BA - Illinois, (below) was chosen along with her teammates to participate in the United States Slow Pitch Softball Association tournament last August in Modesta (California). Rebecca was pitcher for the team which ranked in the top third of the tournament. Chris Scherick (left) and Judy Holt, nil -California, are on the Cal women's rugby Northern California all stars teams. Carolyn Reynolds (left) and Lynn Wilcox, nil - California, play Cal women's soccer. Carolyn is on the varsity " A" team and Lynn plays on the junior varsity " B" team. Epsilon Nu Kappas were Women's Intramural Volleyball Champions at Vanderbilt. Lynn Hjelte, Jl..l. California. is a Cal women's track star in cross-country and distance running. Last spring, the Delta Tau Kappas (Southern California) placed fourth in the Santa Barbara volleyball tournament, winning the consolation trophy. A full weekend affair, the tournament participants are the 75 sororities in California. Seen here are (from left) in the front row Lisa Breuer, Karen Kewell, Mary Ann Lanchantin, and Alissa Bonner; back row Steve Arnold (coach), Alison Olmstead, Phyllis Contino, Cathy Contino, and Jody Lusk (assistant coach). 24 THE K EY/WINTER 1980

27 Susan Rabon, ul - Louisiana State, is a choreographer and dancer for LSU's Tigresses, a dance team of 16 girls who dance during halftime at LSU's basketball games. Anne Adkins, f0 - Drake, is in her third year of cheerleading. Betsy Rands is also a Gamma Theta who cheers with Anne as team mascot. Four Pi (California) Kappas have been chosen counselors for "Lair of the Bear," a camp for Cal alumni and their families. They are (from left) back row Lisa Garratt and Lauren Biggs; front row Jaime Stone and Laurie Lewis. Lisa is chapter social chairman and Lauren is second vice president. Counselors are selected for this competitive position based on achievement and personal interviews. Caroline Lettas, 6f - Michigan State, cheerleader. Anne Briggs, B - Ohio State, demonstrates her enthusiasm for the Ohio State Buckeyes at the OSU-Syracuse game last fall. Susan Luckett, EN - Vanderbilt, has ridden and competed nationally with American Saddlebreds for 1 0 years. She was in the national finals in New York's Madison Square Garden and in the Kansas City Royal last fall. Some of her season's wins include River Ridge Champion in Columbus (Ohio), Lexington Jr. League Champion, Day1on Charity Horse Show Champion, Indiana State Fair Champion, and Music City Champion in Nashville (Tennessee). Mary Beth Martensen, BA - Illinois, was selected from among 40 other girls to be one of the six University of Illinois female cheerleaders. (From left) Lisa Mann, Nancy Gifford, Jane Williams, Meline Del Rio, and Clare Kaiser, ZB - Lafayette, are five of the eight-member cheerleading squad on their campus. Jane is captain of the squad and is also chapter membership chairman. (From left) Belinda Bonsall, Jennifer Cornielle, Holly Erskine, Laurie Miller, Lolly Patterson, and Shari Seiler, 8,\ - Illinois, were chosen to be part of the Marching lllini and the lllinette squad at the University of Illinois. The 40- member squad rehearses dance and marching routines every day and performs at all home football and basketball games. THE K EY/WINTER

28 GETTING THING DONE THE KAPPA WA By: Jan Harenberg, fb -New Mexico Chairman of Chapter Programs Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all that you need to accomplish each day? Maybe you feel there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done you want done. Whether you are a college student trying to coordinate tudies with Kappa activities, a mother faced :with getting her family and herself to the right places at the right times, or a working woman trying to manage her career with her home life, time management can be a frustrating problem. What to do? Certainly, there are many approaches to effective time management. Still, nearly all of them combine the use of evaluations, goals, and priorities. And so it is with Total Programming, a time management tool currently being used by our Kappa chapters across the continent. Developed nearly a decade ago, Total Programming is based on the fundamentals of MBO, or Management by Objectives. It is a process whereby chapter members identify common goals, define each individual member's major areas of responsibility in terms of the results expected of her and use these measures as guides for operating the chapter and assessing the contributions of each of its members. The entire procedure is essentially made up of seven separate parts. Certainly it would be difficult to participate in Total Progrartlllllng without proper training. Consequently, the next step in our chapter management process is to prepare the newly elected chapter officers for the responsibilities of their offices. This may well be the key to a chapter's success with Total Progrartll1llng. The core of the training period is the "triplet meeting," a time when the outgoing officer, incoming officer, and adviser meet to review the duties of the office, the officer's notebook and resources, and the suggestions of the outgoing officer. Additional training comes at a one-day workshop where leadership skills and programming techniques are taught. Chapter council duties and methods of operation are also explored. The Total Programming process begins with chapter evaluation or an appraisal of what has gone on the previous year. The evaluation measures the success of the chapter program and provide information and background for writing new programs for the future.. It also allows every chapter member to participate in the future planning of the chapter. Chapter evaluation takes place before elections and is administered by the Program Committee under the direction of the econd vicepresident. The method used for chapter evaluation vary from chapter to chapter but generally involve the collection of que tions from chapter committees. The question are based on the previou year's programming and are often put in the form of a questionnaire to be an wered by each individual member. Sometime a chapter will al o use the que tions to timulate small group di cu sion'. The committee system is designed to give every member of the chapter an opportunity to be actively involved in deci ion making. Because of her participation in the making of the committee's decisions, the committee member has more understanding as to why the decision wa reached as it was and is thu more supportive of the decision. Committees also provide an atmosphere in which a member may develop and strengthen leadership kills. Thi is especially true when a chapter officer effectively delegates her responsibilities to her committee members.

29 As stated in the Total Programming manual used by our chapters, ''the chapter goal serves as the basic direction for chapter efforts during one year. It is set by the chapter as a whole and is implemented by individual committee programs." It is important to remember that the chapter goal should be based on the results of the chapter evaluation. Also the goal should be as specific as possible. This helps prevent the chapter from being overburdened with too many areas of concentration. Lastly, the goal should be measurable. Methods of determining the chapter goal again depend on the chapter but most often a chapter will meet in a retreat-type setting or will congregate in small groups. Once the goal has been selected, many chapters use a slogan, logo, or symbol which may serve to advertise the chapter goal to the chapter. The committee program should include a statement of the chapter goal, plans on HOW the committee will help the chapter reach its goal, and a proposed calendar incorporating these plans. Again these plans need to be so specific as to be "calendarable" and easily evaluated. A breakdown of the delegation of duties to committee members as well as notes as to what "other committees should be involved in the implementation of a project may also be included in the committee program. It should be stressed that the committee program is to be written through the efforts of the entire committee-not just the committee chairman. One may question this time consuming step of planning at the committee level. Yet it is exactly thi planning which will save time and achieve better results in the long run. Upon the completion of the committee programs, it becomes the duty of the econd vice-president and Program Committee to put together the total chapter program. The committee program are collected and coordinated in order to combine events and promote committee interaction wherever po ible. The chapter' master calendar hould al o be included in the total program. Editor's Note: In keeping with the goal of The Key taffand Council thi biennium. the acti e chapter -ection-camp S HIGH LIGHT -will include a feature article on chapter programming in each i ue. Before ' e de clop each area in the chapter program, howe er. we are tarting \ ith the proce it elf-with Total Programming. Look for Fratemit Education and Membership in the ne 1 i ue! The master calendar is the final step of the Total Programming process. It is considered to be a coordination tool whereby the Program Committee and second vice-president can plan the chapter's upcoming events for an entire year. Every effort is made to combine activities for higher quality programs and better use of time. If it appears a particular month is going to be crowded, the Program Committee may look to combine events with similar ones of another month or possibly postpone or cancel the event. After the calendar has been approved by the chapter, monthly calendars are made for each chapter member. The advantages' of Total Programming are clear, both for the chapter and the individual. The chapter gains because the Total Programming process will improve the overall effectiveness with which the chapter is managed as well as facilitate the coordination of committees within the chapter. A well integrated Total Programming system also helps the chapter to determine areas of poor performance and then do something about them. Finally, increased participation on the part of chapter members in the decision making processes leads to member support and high morale. And what of the individual member? Undoubtedly she benefits as he learn what she i expected to accompli h. With thi s clarification generally comes improved performance and increased atisfaction with her member hip in Kappa. Yet, more importantly perhap, i the preparation thi young Kappa receive for her life as a caring, productive member of ociety. No matter what she decide to do after her college year, her Kappa experience with Total Programming will make a difference in the way he choo e to approach her life ' activitie. She may lead her volunteer organization just a little bit better or run her own bu ines more efficiently all as are ult of her experience with Kappa' programming technique. Certainly, it i thi increa ed under tanding of how to work with other that make the proce of Total Programming worthwhile.

30 Each spring, Panhellenic and Interfraternity Council at the University of Montana sponsor Greek Week to promote the Greek system and strengthen ties within. A blood drive, slide shows, an all-greek picnic, street dances, a talent show, and other activities together establish good relations within the community, on campus, and between the different houses. Pictured here are (from left) Darlene Craven, Julie Parks, Luann Brubaker, Liz Johnson, and Lesa Rice, B<ll - Montana, performing for Greek Week at the Finnets. Tammy Catfray (left) and Judy Vance, A l1 - Monmouth, are the 1980 and 1979 Homecoming queens, respectively. Tammy is also chapter corresponding secretary and president of Blue Key Honor Fraternity. At Butler University, for the fourth year in a row, a Mu Kappa was chosen Butler's Homecoming Queen. Melan Waugh, M - Butler, was crowned at halftime festivities. She is also vice president of the Public Relations Student Society, Student Assembly publicity chairman, in Rho Lambda, Mortar Board, and Sigma Delta Chi Uournalism), and chapter rush chairman and junior Panhellenic representative. Kappas at Carnegie-Mellon participated in their university's spring carnival with a booth built as a miniature replica of New York's famous F.A.O. Schwarz toy store. The theme of the carnival was " New York." Delta Xi chapter earned much for its efforts, as the booth and its game attracted many players. The Key is Participation The Homecoming committee at the University of Wisconsin included several Kappas. Seen here are (from left) Lisa Monahan, Rosson Glenn, Libby Calabresa, Sue McGary, Mary Mayer, and Kathy Wegmann, H - Wisconsin. Mary was co-chairman of Homecoming, and Kathy reigned as Homecoming Queen. "Roarin' Fun in Century I" was the theme of the Delta Tau (Southern California) Homecoming float. As it was a float representing each decade since the university was founded, the Kappas (with the Kappa Alpha Thetas, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fratern1ty) had the decade of the 1920s. Pictured here on the first place, sweepstakes-winning float is Lisa Breuer, t1 T - Southern California. 28 THE KEY/ WINTER 1980

31 FRATERmTYDlllliCTORY COUNCIL Presidem - SALLY MOORE ITSCHKE, H:\ (Charle\) 6570 Pl e~e n1 o n Dr.. Wonhmg10n. OH ~ 3085 Vice President - GAY CHUBA BARRY,.l>\ (John A.) R1. I. Box 7W. e" foundland. PA I -!~ 5 Treasurer- JEA LEE SCHMIDT 6.,\ Clarem m A\e. # 34. Ne" Yo r~. Y Director of Alumnae- A FLETCHER COl. VI, rh (Che 1er A.. Jr J 52 Bro dmoor Or. an Franci;co. A Director of Chapters- MARIA KLJ G BEIL WILLIAMS, 0 <Charles) 2 2 I Alra1ar..E.. Albu4uerque. ~I 87 I 10 Director af Field Represenwtil es- CAROL11 ECOLE TOLLE, :. \ Capll\ a Or.. ara;ma. FL 335 J Director of Members/rip -.I LIANA FRASER WALES, HN (Ro;s E.) Ra,mar Bl vd.. Cinci nna1i. OH ~ 5208 Dire tor of Personnel - REBECCA TO E ARBO R, :.1 (Robenl 1220 Ro;s A\ e.. Balon Rouge. LA Director of Philanthropies - MARJORIE MOREE KEITH, ra (Waller 1\1. ) ~ 05 W. ermom. rbana. IL FRATERNITY HEADQUARTERS 530 East To \ln St., Columbus, Ohio -'311 5 Mailing Addres : 1'.0. BoA 1079, Columbo, Ohio Eucuti e Secrerun - Bell} Sanor Cameron. Bi\ (Roberl V.) PANHELLENIC National Panltellenic Conference Delegate- Phyllis Brinton Pryor, B1\l (Wilbu r M.. Jr.) 1975 Monaco P~ "l.. Denver. CO (Chairman): FiN Allernale - larjurie i\ Iatson Converse (Exlension Chairman): Second Alterna1e- J ean Hess Wells, :. Y (Robe rt i 4830 Jen Rd... W.. All ama. GA 30327: Th ird Ahernale - Sall v Moore itschj..e il'rc, Jent l. Panltellenic Affairs Commiuee- PC Delegate (Chairman): Fir;~ and Second Allemale;. Chap1er Panhe ll enic : Pauline Tomlin Beall, 1"\!John ) 670~ 1,;"'' Lane. Jclcdn \'A : Sue Peterson Fream, BT (Dav id) 5 Dorolhy C1.. Middletown. J 07748: Ca mpu; Panhellenic: Adlon Oohme J orgensen, II.\ <Richard) 10!3 H tlle) Dr.. ChJmp 1gn. JL 61 ~() Alumnae Pan hellenic: Martha May Galleher Cox, pu (L. E.) 62 I 0 Moming>iJe Dr.. Kan;as Ci1y. MO CHAPTERS Alpha - C;trol Allen Baugh. B (Daniel) 536 Cay uga Heigh1s Rd.. lihaca. Y 1~ 850 Bew - Shirley Menz Anher. J'P CCharle;) 1440 Red Fern Or.. Piusburgh. PA Gamma - Carol Lash Anmtrong...'.,\ <Ronald) 4989 Wahher Circle. Kenering. OH Delw - Marianne B e b o utlk c ~. BT (John ) 1420 Kirkw ay. Bloomrield Hill,. ~ II ~8013 p <ilon - Jane Weinhagen EZ (Thomas) I 35 St. West. Apple Va lle). MN Leta - Barbara Ro siler Huhn. pu tdav id) 10 Dolch Mill Or.. Manchesler. MO 6.~0 1 I f.w - Lynda Smi1h Gamble. ul-1 to. Ja) I 1956 Yale Crest Ave.. Sail Lake Cil). lit S4108 Th ew - Robena Whillield Brown. :.'l' CB'}on L.) 3600 Lovers Lane. Dall a;. TX 7522 low - Sandra Berglund King. I"H (Richard) Benneu. Tacoma. WA Kappa - Deborah Wam;er Ru \>e ll. r :::: (Paul) I 122 Campbell St.. # 8. Glendale. CA Lambda - Catherine Ax line William>. A 0 (l awrence) ~ 720 Pi c ~ e n Rd.. Fairfax. A M11 - Janet Dicker on an ford. I"K (H. Denni ) 529 Franklin Ave.. lntlialanuc. Fl )nthia 1cMillan Lanford. 1"11 (Will iam) 197 Woodl and Hil i>. Tu;caloo,a. l \t - Joyce Wi lson "" on. :. (Roben) 6 1 ~ King;hridge Dr.. Oklahoma Lll). OJ.: Om i< ron - Kouhr}n Wcl<h Ia). (George) 1302 Ford Parkwa). 1. Paul. MN 551 l6 Pi - Pmicia Ball Hill)ard. :. (Duane) Bal amina Way. Menlo P a r~. CA '1~025 Rlw - Judilh Famham Pre ton. <ll (J ohn ) 105 Yorkshire Or.. Hebron. CT 062~8 ASSOCIATE COUNCIL PROVINCE DIRECTORS ALUMNAE Alpha - ~ J a rjo ri e Bock Fergusson. HT (David) 256 alllerbur) Rd.. RucheSier. Y Bew- Barbara Cran>Jon Granat. :.r (Wi ll iam) 65 ~ Va»Jr Rd.. Wa)ne. PA 11)()87 Gamma - Lee McDonald Cassier. p..'. (Edward L. i 17. Fran kl in. Oda" "'" OH Delw - Bealri< e Douglass Todd. ~ I 73 ~~ lluntingtun Rd. Jndianapoli;. IN ~ 6}~0 Epsilon - Ca1herine Bernolas Gelhaar. E ()a me; E.) 9 Wi ll iam. Mt. Pro'i"'<"l. JL Zeta - L) nn Lalham Chane). :.1 <Kermit) \. 65th Or.. Mernam. K Eta - Nancy Nelson Schwa rt7. B.\ (Ralph ) 5867 Sou1h moor Lane. Eng le\\ooj. CO Theta - Eloi;c Moore ethenon. B=: (H. W.. Jr. I 3933 Balcone\ Or. Au<tin. TX 7g73 I low - Carmelyn McMahon John;un. RK <Da niel) 2703 ~ h. ie" D1.. B01>e. ID 8370 ~ Kappa - Ve ra Lewi Marine...'.Z (Jame;) ~ 74 Hanard Dr.. Arcadia. CA Lambda - Jo;ephi ne Kerbe) Sha". B=: (Wi ll iam) 6527 B) rnc; Or.!clean. A 2} 10 1 M11 - Su;annah Ere~ Howard. EZ U me' A ) 1080 Glen Echo Rd.. J ac~'u m ille. FL I N 11 - Beuy Jane Parb Gar). :.1' <Oscar K.l 9 10 Bu hanan A\C.. O lord Xi - Willie Long Oa1e. r 1 (Gordon) 485 Va lley Club Cir.. Liuk Rod. R Omicron - Mar}' Canada) Laugh lin. r0 ( i\li c h a~ I J 2\12 I Eu la Dr.. o~, l oin~>. It\ P1 - Ruth Hopper Bailey. 1"0 (John ) 7 re~ 1 Rd.. L afa)~ ll c. CA 745~1) Rho - Wil ma Win berg John;on. Jr...l\1 IA IJie)"22 Bur li ng10n Rtldu. Bedford. MA FIELD SECRETARIES Karen Bosch ( A ) W. Monlw to. Phoeni. AZ 5039 Dianne Delayo (J'Bi. I l4 La Paloma. anla Fe. 1 M nne Hardv te-l. Cmb Orchard Rd.. Glen m1. MD ancy Olc~tt ( ~! ). 3.~2 1 W. JJrd 1.. #. Jnd ianapoh,. I Leah Yelverton (l'll l. 15 Edgefield Rd.. Mobi le. AL TANDING COMMITTEES GENERAL ADMINISTRATIVE 8\"law - arol Engels llarmon, :.J..: ( l' ton 0.. Jr.) I 105 Catal ma R.. E.. J ac ~ >On\llle. FL (Cha1m1un): Mar) Gord n Wagers..\1 (William D. H I 15 Fir 1. lndlanapoh ~. I ~ : Eleanor F. Zahn. r::::. 2 0 Holl)ridge Or.. Holl)v.ood. A 9006 Com m11on - lal) Agnes Graham Robens. Y ('i illium B.l I I 16 ~lh A, e. 1.. Grea1 Fall;. MT 9~0 1 ( hainnan) l:..ttt n<inn - 1a1Jorie Mat; n on,erse. r:. (\ ilesl 3 toneleigh Cl. Roche ter., Y 1461 (Cha rmanl f1 ntma- Jane Lmd>a) K ~ e. 1'11 (Robe rt ) 607 Ent" i le Co.. We tmin"ter. W lnungton. DE 19 0 (Chairman); nn E'an Ed" ard. EE ()arne E.) 459 Blanton Rd.. W. tlanta. G 303 ~ 2: anq aus King. :.\ (John) 3029 Woodmont Dr. >Ulh Bend. I : nne W1lson. B.> Fontame Rd. ~"ng t o n. KY ~ 01: l're" dent x-om 10: Trea ur-.r: H u mg ha1rman Hwnn - Cathenne chroeder Graf. 13\ (Ja ~ R J 3 4 ' H1ll\l " Or. Columbu~. OH KE)' l'ubl1rmion - Di ane Miller Selby. BN (IJaviJJ 6750 kmin PI. Wonh ulgh>n !Edilor-Chaimtan): Anna Hieu Pn ueh. B~l <Willi\ C Jr '1 Juan St. San D1egu. CA (Acli e Chapter dilor): Loi' Cal herman lleenehan. ll~ tp ull 43\J Lake Rd.. W yc ~ o l f. J (Alumnae Ed itor): Florence Hutchin,un Lon,lord. I"..'. IGrd)don L.J 311 E. 72nd S1.. 1 e" Yur~ tart Eduorl: Judnh Reamer Cohen. '1 1 tjohn F.) Bo 33. un \'aile) B oo~ Re ie" EJnurJ: ami heney Will mmson. 1"'1 1 (Jon) Queen,buf) Lane. Huu,lOn. TX Fcalure Editor) Publtt Relation> - Marjorie Cro" B1rd. B\1 601 \\'arrcn Landmg,. ~~ Collin\. CO 0515 Rmwl - Jean He" \\'e ll s. :.)! R uben!~ 30 Jell Rd. \\'.Atlanta. G CHAPfERS Chapttr Ad11son Boards- Jan mgleton McAih ter. :.P CRus II ) 2010 Gate\\ a) Or., Madison, MS Chapttr Pmwam> - Janice Harenberg. J'B. 333 Comanche. Apt 14B Albuquerque. M 7106 Clwpttr B1laks - Patn ia Blair Waller. rb (F M l 1517 Murra)" Ol>d.I:. Columbia. C Fratumn Education - Pegg) ~erman. :.'ll. 203 Pea h Ortha1d Dr. J4. bll> hurch. VA 22~3 Hmue - Judith Panon Fame). :.}. <Franklin) 15 R I ling Oah. Emd. OK Pledge - tephan) F rgue Houghtlm. B\ <Roben. Jr 1 29 Fo>dale. Wmnet~a. JL Publtc Relattmu - Dorothea Lo"end1c~. Er Pool> 1d Dr. Rale~ gh. C S~holarsh1p - ~rginia Andmg LaChame. J'K!Raymond ) I 30 anlnll Or.. ~ - mgton. KY ~505 ocwl- Helen Ku ha G) II trom. Y (Thorn ) 602 W F1fth t. Game \I lie. FL 32601

32 ALUMNAE Alumnae Programs- Jane Robb Davis. A ~ (Thomas) Berkshire Rd.. Cleveland. OH Alumnae Fratemirv Education- Molly Morony Cox. d.o (David L.) 4920 Morningside Rd.. #44. St. Louis Pk.. MN PlllLANTHROPIC Grants for Study: Graduate Cmmselor Felloll'ships- Caroline Cole Tolle. d.a (Dirk V.) 2902 Captiva Dr.. Sara,ota. FL Deadline for Applications. December I Gradume Felloll'ships - Miriam Locke. rll Fourth St.. Tuscaloosa. AL <Cir irman): Judges: Mary Elizabeth Brooks r~ Stevens St.. Apt. 3. Madison. WI 3705: Agne> Park Fau,naugh. pd. (H. A.) We!haven Lane. Rocky Ri ver. OH : Joyce Thomas Fuller. d.y (Justin ) 133 Tecumseh R.. Montevallo. AL : Cynthia Springer Harbold. ~I {Frederick E.) Morning Mist Trail. Ft. Wayne. I Deadline for Applications. February 15 UnderJ?raducue Scholarships- Jean Risser Aiken rp {W. James. Jr.) 206 Maple Ave.. Pinsburgh. PA (Chainnan): Judges: Marsha L. Love. I::Z S. Ocean Bl vd. Apt Delray Beach. FL 33444: Sarah A. Ryder. At.. 3 Echo Lane. Wheeling. WV Deadline for Applications. February 15 Undergradume Emergencv Scholarships- Lois Thompson Woehlke. rt. (Leslie) 1045 Circle Dr.. Elm Grove. WI Relwhiliwtion Felloll'ships. Scholarship.< aiici Sen ices - Donna Simenson Long. l:lt\ (Thomas F.) Martin. Wichita Fa lls. TX (Cha irman): Judges: Sandra Benzies Levi ne. H (Robert) 1350 N. Lakeshore Dr.. Chicago. IL : Judith Lana. B<ll Watson Pl.. N.W.. Washington. D.C : Jea n Schauer Peterson. re (Charles) R.D. #4. Columbi a. MO : Pat Burrows Vadopalas. BO (Paul ) 781 Marion Ave.. Palo Alto. CA Deadline for Applications. February 15 Rose McGill - EliLabeth Monahan Yolk. pt. {Vaugh n W.) 649 Timber Lane. Devon. PA (Chainnan): Marilyn Hall Fall s. K (Roben M.) 4 1 Hillside Rd.. Strafford. PA 19087: {Assistant) Belly Smi th Beachy. 0 (Roben S.. Jr. ) 7908 Bristol Ct.. Shawnee Miss ion. KS {Circle Key Grants): Dolly Clinton Thute. I (William H.) 1808 Pedregosa Ct.. S.E.. Albuquerque. NM (Christmas Sharing Program) SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS KKr Heriwge Mu.<eum - Jean Hess Wells. t. Y (Roben) 4830 Jen Rd.. N. W.. Attanta. GA Nominatillfi- Martha Ga lleher Cox. pt. (L.E.) Morn,ingside Dr.. Kansas City. MO Parliamenwrian - Sigrid Ruedel Crane, Y (Roben) 55 1 Kramer Dr.. S. E.. Vienna. VA COUNCIL ASSISTANTS Assiswms to rile Direcror of Membership - Patricia Coffee Gessell. t.a {Perry) 107 Dolphin Dr.. Oceanside. CA 92054: Leslie Larmann Sukys. BPt. (Roben) 5695 Drake Rd.. Cincinnati. OH 45243: Cherry Moslander Ridges. t.h {Stephen W.) Fraternity & Sorority Coordi nator. Stude nt Un ion. U. of Utah. Sa lt Lake Ci ty. UT GRADUATE COUNSELORS Timi Atkin on (l:l 1) KKr th Ave., Fargo. ND Mimi Barry (r<ll) KKr Orrington. Evanston, IL Anna Corona (BH ) KKr. Woodbury Hall #309. Amos Tuck School. Hanover. NH Carol Dryden (r<ll) KKr Oak Creek Dr., #107. Palo Alto. CA Jannie Gustafson (BM) KKr Gilbert Rd., Storrs. CT Susie Hardie (r<l>) KKr Picasso. Isla Vista CA Cathy Hove (I ) KKr S. Lincoln. Urbana. IL Katy Huff (1'8) KKr E. 15th. Eugene OR Lisa Kinch (EZ) KKr N.W. VanBuren. Corvallis. OR Betsy Klebe (BY) KKr. 219 W. Burke St.. Easton. PA Linda Pierson (lla) KKr. 12 Arl ington Rd.. Wellesley Hills. MA Cindy Turner crk) KKr. 815 S.W. lith St.. Gainesvi lle. FL Gretchen Vander Veer (B P~l ) KKr. 23 B University Heights. Burlington. VT Barbara Woolley (Ill) KKr, 215 N. Third St.. Danville. KY FRATERNITY HEADQUARTERS 530 East Town St., Columbus, OH ( ) Communications - Jean Ebright Elin. B 1 (Michae l) Financial Administrator - Larry Focht Supenisor of Chapter Finance - Jane Coombs..lA Convention Coordinator - Many Ryan Palmer. B.l (Charles L.. Ill) Assistants - Janie Howland Carr: Theresa Napolitano HoltL: Carol Linrell (Robert): Ann Green Mahle..l ~ (Thomas): Terry Mollica: ancy Sanor Pennell. B:'-1: Diane Miller Selb). l:l 1 (David) AUTHORIZED JEWELER Burr, Patterson & Au ld Co., P.O. Box 800. El"ood. I KAPPA GROUP INSURANCE M Ginny Iiller Paul Burke & A sociate< uite 500. helard Plaza Minneapolis. M MAGAZINE AGENCY Director - Gwendolyn Dorey Spaid, M (Orieon) 4440 Lindell Blvd., Apt. 1702, St. Louis, MO PROVINCE MAGAZINE CHAIRMEN Alpha- Mary Mcilvaine Sheridan, SN (Roderick K. ) 116 Wyatt Dr., Rochester, NY Beta - Marie Mathewson Dey, t.a (Russell, Jr.) Timberlane, #6 Timberlane Dr., Pennington, NJ Gamma - Nancy Nem Rudy, SN (John F.) 740 Lafayette Ave., Cincinnati, OH Delta - Anne Rippetoe Shafer, rt. (John T,) 2826 Forest Lane, Lafayette, IN Epsilon - Jane Althaus Bube, E (Maurell) 307 S. Dwyer, Arlington Heights, IL Zeta - Marjorie Martin Burk, 8 (E.K. ) 630 N.W. 42nd Terrace, Kansas City, MO Era- Margaret Givens Heffner, SM (Charles) 750 S. Clinton St. Apt. 2-D, Denver, CO Theta - Katherine Nolan Kammer, SO (Charles) 1644 Palmer Ave. ; New Orleans, LA Iota - Midge Hudelson Moore, SK (Jay) N Hamilton, Spokane, WA Kappa - Kathryn Irwin Hayes, S2 (James) Jerry Lane, Garden Grove, CA Lambda- Dorcas Newcomber Cloud, t.a, 2022 Lee Hi Dr. S.W., Roanoke, VA Mu- Elizabeth Morris, AY, 117 W. Taylor St., Savannah, GA Nu- Celia Cawood Parsons, pt. (J. Richard) 917 Albany Circle, Lexington, KY Xi- Susan Kidd Diacon, SM (F. Terry) 3906 E. 58th Place, Thlsa, OK Omicron - Christine Cahill Julander, f0 (Richard F.) 207 Belmont Court, Apple Valley, MN Pi - Margaret Helser VerMehr, Sn, 324 Costello Dr., Los Altos, CA ACTIVE CHAPTER PRESIDENTS & CHAPTER COUNCIL ADVISERS (*Chapter House Address) ALPHA PROVINCE Sr. Lawrence Universiry (SSt.)- Pamela Starke, *45 E. Main St., Canton, NY 13617; Doris Pike Gibson, sst. (Theodore) Five Mile Rd., Pike Farm, Canton, NY Syracuse University (ST)- Wendy Hall, *743 Comstock Ave., Syracuse, NY 13210; Debra Jo Hartmuller sst., 681 E. Seneca Thrnpike, Apt. A-5, Syracuse, NY Cornell Universiry ('itt.)- Terri Mazur, *508 Thurston Ave., Ithaca, NY 14850; Judy Powell Fogel, rn (James) 309 Cayuga Hghts. Rd., Ithaca, NY Universiry of Toromo (S'i')- Kathleen Taylor, *32 Madison Ave., Toronto, On, Can. M5R, 2Sl; Patricia Jones Dalton, S'i' (John) 19 Thdor Gate, Willowdale, On, Can. M2L 1N3 McGill Universiry (AA)- Suzie Coughlan, KKr Stanley, Apt. 209, Montreal, Pq., Canada H3A 1S3; Heather Lundell Milliken, t.a (Ronald) 430 Delmar Ave., Pointe Claire PQ, Can H9R 4V7 BETA PROVINCE Allegheny College (rp)- Linda Home, KKr, Box 179, A.C., Meadville, PA 16335; Margaret Seid Culbertson, rp (John) 395 Sunset Dr., Meadville, PA Universiry of Piusburgh (re) - Carol Ann Barone, *4401 Bayard, Pittsburgh, PA 15213; Anne Magdsick, fa, 1060E Chatham Park Dr., Pittsburgh, PA Pennsylvania State Universiry (AA)- Gail Joan Donnelly,KKr, 108-S Cooper Hall, University Park, PA 16802'; Frances Anne Riley, AA Box 314, Boalsburg, PA Carnegie-Mel/on Universiry (A2)- Dawn Clawson, KKr, Box 966, 5115 Margaret Morrison St., Pittsburgh, PA 15213; Mary Grossewege Mengato, t.e (Alfred) 24 Churchhill Rd., Pittsburgh, PA Bucknell Universiry (A<Il)- Laura C. James, KKf, Box C-2919, Bucknell U., Lewisburg, PA 17837; Sally Rolston Goas, AA (Thomas) 48 Center Dr., Camp Hill, PA Dickinson College (En)- Mary Beth Monahan, KKr, Box 1347, Carlisle, PA 17013; Barbara McAuley Emery, A?: (Mark) 1930 Princeton Ave., Camp Hill, PA Lafayerte College (ZS)- Linda J. Grebe, Box 4030 Collge Sta., Easton PA 18042; Judy Anderson, BA (Craig) 814 Poplar Rd., Hellertown, PA GAMMA PROVINCE Universiry of Akron (A) - Kim. Glenn, #237 Spicer St., Akron, OH 44304; Patty Burkley, 1333 Weathervane Lane, Akron, OH Ohio Wesleyan Universiry (PA)- Wendy Weinheimer, *126 W. Winter St.. Delaware, OH 43015; Kay Jones Weller, S (William) 675 Pollyanna Dr., Delaware, OH Ohio State Universiry (S ) - Jill Ann Me ec, *55 E. 15th Ave., Columbus, OH 4320 I; Dale Brubeck, rk, 965 Manor Lane #M, Columbus, OH Universiry of Cincinnati (SPA)- Barbara Bateson, *2801 Clifton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45220; Sally Creekmore Santry, SP (Michael) 1344 Clough Pk., Batavia, OH Denison Vniversiry (r!1}- Alexandra Prvor, KKr, Slayter Hall, Denison U., Granville, OH 43023; Ann Stafford Truesdell, p&, 593 Deanna Stroll, Heath, OH Miami Univtrsiry (AA)- Margaret M. Burkley, KKr, 100 Hamilton Hall. Miami U.. Oxford, OH 45056; Chris Diehl Noble, tj.a (Nicholas) 1348 Dana Dr., Oxford, OH DELTA PROVI CE Indiana Universiry (A)-Joni John on. *1018 E. Third, Bloomington, IN ; Suzanne Strobel Jones, A (Robert) Covenanter Dr., Bloomington. IN DePauw Universiry (I)- Usa Raible, *507 S. Locust, Greencastle, I 46135; Anne Kendall Clark. M (Robert) R.R. #6, 1900 Wildwood Dr., Greencastle, IN Butler Univtrsiry (M)- Le Ann Ryder, *82 1 W. Hampton Dr., Indianapolis, IN 46208; Janet McKown Alexander, i\ Wyandotte Tr. East, Indianapolis. I Hillsdale College (K)- Anne Marie Mager. *22 1 Hill sdale St., Hillsdale, Ml 49242; Sall y Altman Giauque. K (Ora) Brookview Dr.. Toledo, OH University of Michigan (Btl.)- Beth Jackson, *1204 Hill, Ann Arbor, MJ 48104; Mary Jane Thomson, rn {Edward) 2040 Delaware. Ann Arbor. Ml 48103

33 1urdue University (r.:l) - Nancy Everett, *325 Waldron, W. Lafayene, IN 47906; Barbara Weaver Luther, f.:l (Stephen) 319 W. Oak St., W. Lafayette, IN Michigan State University (llf)- Jillane Whitecraft, *605 M.A.C. Ave., E. Lansing, Ml 48823; Lynne DeRose,.:lf, 1232 Hitching Post, E. Lansing, Ml EPSILON PROVINCE Monmouth College (All)- Molly Halloran, KKr, Student Center, Monmouth College, Monmouth, ll 61462; Gail Simpson Owen, A (Tim) 521 E. Broadway, Monmouth, IL Illinois Wesleyan University (E)- Beth Uphoff, *105 E. Graham St., Bloomington, [L ; Connie Miller Schroeder, E, (Douglas) 410 Willard Ave., Bloomington, IL University of Wisconsin (H)- Kris Olson, *601 N. Henry St., Madison, WI 53703; Gretchen Hutterli, H, 8505 W. Beltline Hwy., Madison, WI Northwestern University (Y)- Elyse Erickson. * 1871 Orrington Ave., Evanston, IL ; Ann Scherz Dyke, H (Thompson) 1326 Larrabee Ln., Northbrook, ll University of Illinois (BA)- Sally Guirl, *1102 S. Lincoln Ave., Urbana, IL 61801; Debra K. Deiss, BA, 2502 Myers Ct., Apt. 7, Champaign, IL ZETA PROVINCE University of Missouri (0)- Debbie Kelley, *5 12 Rollins, Columbia, MO ; Frankye Long Mehrle, 0 (Paul) 1804 W. Broadway, Columbia, MO University of Kansas (fi) - Kelly Sayler, *Gower Place, Lawrence, KS 66044; JoAnne Wagner Fairchild, 11 (Roben) 2913 W. 26th, Lawrence, KS University of Nebraska (I)- Mary Mruz, *616 N. 16th, Lincoln, NE 68508; Karen Anderson Walls, I (Sam) 1856 Pawnee, Lincoln, NE Kansas State University (ra)- Loretta Redd, *517.Fairchild, Manhattan, KS 66502; Kristi Lee Kinney, A, 529 Laramie, Marthattan, KS Washington University (fl)- Ellen Langford, KKf, Box 1082, Washington U., University City, MO 63130; Barbara Love Sarich, ri (Dennis) 415 Lee Ave., Webster Groves, MO ETA PROVINCE University of Colorado (BM)- Margaret Ann Fischer, *1134 University, Boulder, CO 80302; Nancy Wallace Shain, BZ (E. Rex) 340 S. 38th St., Boulder, CO University of New Mexico (rb)- Lisa Lalicker, *1620 Mesa Vista, N.E., Albuquerque, NM 87106, Dolly Clinton Thute, I (William) 1808 Pedregosa Ct., S.E., Albuquerque, NM University of Wyoming (f0) - Carolyn Keith, KKr, Fraternity Park, Laramie, WY ; Sandra Nicklas Sandeen, BA (John) 1937 Thornburg, Laramie, WY Colorado College (llz)- Dana Craig, *1100 Wood Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903; Patricia Zimmerman Packard, Ell (Peter) Rt. #I, Box 100, Eiben, CO University of Utah (.:lh)- Ann Mcintire, *33 S. Wolcott, Salt Lake City, UT 84102; Rhea Smunhwaite Foulger, ~H (Donald) 2529 Casto Lane, Salt Lake City, UT Colorado State Uni versity (EB) - Elizabeth Moore, *729 S. Shields, Ft. Collins, CO ; Donna M. Waite, fo, 1713 Yucca Ct., Ft. Collins, CO THETA PROVINCE University of Texas (B2) - Adelaide Smith, *2001 University Ave., Austin, TX 78705; Robin Gerner Sivenson BB (David) 7114 Fireoak, Austin, TX Tulane University (H. Sophie Newcomb College) (BO) - Mary Abbay Sayle, *1033 Audubon St., New Orleans, LA 70118; Lynda Lankford Smythe, BO (Charles, Jr.) 397 Fairway Dr., New Orleans, LA Southern Methodist University (r<l>)- Jeanmarie Tolle, *31 10 Daniels St., Dallas, TX 75205; Janet Jones Burford, BB (Sam P., Jr.) 4209 Versailles, Dallas, TX 752{)5 Louisiana State University (Ill) - Dorothy Frances Ramoneda, *KKr House, Box A, Baton Rouge, LA 70893; Jan Williams Hill, Ill, 6344 Peggy, Baton Rouge, LA Texas Tech University (ll'l')- Jane Griffith, KKr, 4108 Tech Sta., Lubbock, TX 79409; Melanie Waters Neal,.:l'l' (Larry) th St., Lubbock, TX Texas Christian University (EA)- Judy Detwiler, KKr, Box 29721, Fr. Worth, TX 76129; Karen Koester Meyer, ro. (Roben), 3709 Hickory Springs, Ft. Worth, TX Texas A & M (EP)- Suzanne Bouffard JCKr. Box 9913, College Station, TX 77840; Nancy Mills Howard, 0.0 (John) 3803 Caner Creek Pwy., Bryan. TX Baylor University (EY) - Becky Cramer, KKr. Box 195, Baylor U., Waco, TX 76703; Edith Gorman Bond, EY (T. J.) 209 Harrington, Waco, TX IOTA PROVINCE University of Washington (Bil) - Cynthia Swensen, * th, N.E. Seattle, WA 98105; Shirley Stone Marinkovich, Bll (Donald) ih Ave., N.E., Seattle, WA University of Montana (Bel>)- Helen Hemingway. *1005 Gerald Ave., Missoula. MT ; Bonne Dec Philip Holt. Bel> (Harold) 345 Daly Ave.. Mi oula, MT University of Idaho (BK) - Cindy Higgin, *805. Elm, Moscow, ; Ellen Wetherell Hermann, BK (James) Box 193, Gene ee, LD Whitman College (ff) - Susan Ragen, KKf, Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA 99362; Jan Stewan Dappen, ff (Andrew) 433 Washington, # 10, Walla Walla, WA Washington State University (fh)- Kathy Brock,.E. 800 Campus, Pullman, WA 99163: Lynda Herndon Carey, BK (Matthew G.) S.E Spring, Pullman, WA University of British Columbia (fy} - Kelley Brandes, % K. Parker-Sutton, Coulthard Rd., Surrey, BC, Can V3W IB2; Christina Chaston McLeod, ry, 5535 Greenleaf Rd., W. Vancouver, BC, Can V7W I 5 University of Puget Sound (EI)- Kathi Whinig, KKf. Smith Hall. U.P.S., Tacoma. WA 98416; Joan E. Kruger, El th, Tacoma, WA KAPPA PROVINCE University of Ari:ona (I"Z)- Li a Zenner. *1435 E. 2nd St.. Thcson. AZ 5719; Thelma Mu ing Dahlen, (Richard) 3210 E. Via Pa.lo Verdes, Thcson. AZ University of California at Los Angeles (f: ) - Donna Gustaf n, *744 Hilgard, Lo Angeles. CA 90024: Linda Morri Birlc.e, B: (John) King pon Dr.. Malibu, CA University of Southern California (.:lt)- Sol)ya Zaninovich, *929 W. 28th St., Los Angeles, CA 90007; Mary Daley Borovicka, EZ (John) 155 Club Rd., Pasadena. CA Arizona State University (Ell)- Kathi Kerr, KKf, Palo Verde Main, Box 201, Tempe, AZ ; Janna Lory Cross, fe> (Donald) 4730 E. Arcadia Lane, Phoenix, AZ California State University of Northridge (EB) - Judy Seif, KKr, Plummer St., Nonhridge, CA ; Diane Hemstreet, EB, Quedo Dr.. Woodland Hills, CA University of California at Riverside (Ell)-Cindy Munhall, KKr, 3637 Canyon Crest, #S-213, Riverside, CA 92507; Pri cilia Rissler Steelman, rz (George) Velardo Dr., Yucaipa, CA University of California at Santa Barbara (E'I') - Susan Annette Archibald, *6525 Picasso, Isla Vista, CA 93017; Anne Pomeroy Compogiannis, rz (Stephen) 4833 Via Los Santos, Santa Barbara, CA LAMBDA PROVINCE West Virginia University (BY)- Sherry Carmichael, *265 Prospect St.. Morgantown. WV 26505; Betty Schmitt McClain,.:lA (Richard) 476 Rebecca St., Morgantown, WV College of William & Mary (rk) - Mary Beth Boyle, *I Richmond Rd., Williamsburg, VA 23185; Barbara Harding Hager, fk (Harry) 221 W. Queens Dr., Williamsburg, VA George Washington University (r X)- Jacqueline Sight, % Miriam Etris, 3202 Foothill St., Woodbridge, VA ; Miriam Wick Etris, B (Roben) 3202 Foothill St., Woodbridge, VA University of Maryland (f'l') - Kathy Donna Pearce, *7407 Princeton Ave., College Park, MD 20740; Jan Del Schultz, r'l', Walkers Choice Rd. Apt. 6, Gaithersburg, MD Duke University (llb)- Stacy Sempier, KKr, P.O. Box 5024, D.S., Durham, NC 27706; Susan Beck Davis,.:lB (Clinton) 1800 Williamsburg Rd., Apt. 19E, Durham, NC University of North Carolina (Ef) - Roxanna Louise Hayworth, *302 Pittsboro St., Chapel Hill, NC ; Marjorie Lancaster Crowell, Er (Mark) 113-A Pine St., Carrboro, NC University of Virginia (EI)- Mary Nell Smitherman, KKr, 503 Rugby Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22903; Karen Mylting Dougald, ~A (Donald) 20 University Circle, Charlottesville, VA MU PROVINCE Rollins College (AE)- Debbie Wilson, KKr, Pugsley Hall, Rollins College, Winter Park, FL 32789; Jan Leonard, BE>, 2929 S. Semoran, Apt. 269, Orlando, FL University of Miami (IlK) - Karen June Domer KKr, Box , Coral Gables, FL 33124; Susan T. Peters, ~K S.W.!1 4th Pl., Unit D., Miami. FL University of Georgia (0. Y) - Lisa Carol Mathison, S. Milledge Ave., Athens, GA 30605; Judy Clark Nichols, ~'I' (Larry) 1076 St. Augustine Pl. N.E., Atlanta, GA Emory University (EE)- Denyse Smith, KKr, Drawer N'N, Emory U., Atlanta, GA 30322; Carol Carrano Adams, ~M (William) 4423 MI. Paran Pkwy., N.W., Atlanta, GA Florida State University (EZ)- Judy Crowell, *528 W. Jefferson St., Tallahas ee, FL ; Erin Shedden McColskey, EZ, 1231 Buckingham, Tallahassee, FL University of Somh Carolina (EK) - Leslie Lynn Caldwell, KKr, Box U , U.S.C., Columbia, SC 29225; Kathy Ellis Fitzgerald, EK (John) 1617 Fairhaven Dr., Columbia, SC Cl~mson University (EM)- Nancy M. Blomgren, KKr, Box 3852, Clemson U., Clemson, SC ; Judy Patterson, EM (Dewitt) 3 Shrevewood Dr., Taylors, SC University of Florida (E<l>) - Jillian M. Spangler. KKr, 815 S. W. lith St., Gainesville, FL 32602; Felice Wood Pralle, BE> (Fred) 1015 N. W. 21st Ave.. Apt. 18, Gainesville, FL NU PROVINCE University of Kentucky (BX)- Sharon Louise Carpenter, *238 E. Maxwell, Lexington, KY 40508; Anne Hall Atchison, BX (John, Jr.) 3333 Overbrook Dr., Lexington, KY University of Alabama (fn)- Bea Robens, KKr, Box University, AL 35486; Kathleen Powers Randall, f ll, 6 Druid Ct., Thscaloosa, AL University of Mississippi (AP)- Hermine MeLany, KKr. Box 8137, University, MS 38677; Lynn Miller Sloan,.:lP, (William T. ) 911 S. Lamar Bl vd., Oxford, MS Auburn University (EH)- Lois Page, KKr, Dorm K, Auburn, AL 36830; Gay Myrick Cole, EH (David) 653 Sherwood Dr., Auburn, AL University of T~nn ~ssu (EA) - Diane Cooper, KKr W. Cumberland Ave., Knoxville, TN 37916; Mary Hamilton Ewing..:lB (Charles) Top ide Rd., Knoxville, TN Vanderbilt University (EN)- Andrea Lynn Meyer, KKf, *2416 Kensington Pl.. ashville, TN 37212; Yvonne Paul Benson, ri (Roben) 5901 Roben E. Lee Ct.. ashville, TN Mississippi State Un iv~rsity (ET)-Twila Lynn Gregory, Drawer LY, Mississippi State, MS 39762; Ellen Randolph Weatherly,.:lP~. 525 S. Washington, Starkville, MS C~ntrt College (Zf)- Madeline Hopson, P.0. Box 1093 Centre College, Danville, KY 40422; Linda Chestnut Coker, 89 (John) 461 Fitzpatrick, Danville, KY XI PROVINCE University of 0/clahoma (B9)- Charlotte Ann McDaniel, *700 College. Norman, OK 73069; Janie Bumpers Huffman, B8 (Lawrence) Briarcre 1 Dr.. Norman, OK Uni ersiry of Arkansas (f ) - Rhonda Hair, 800 W. Maple, Fayetteville, AR ; Laurel Herlocker Maxey. r (John) 2815 Loxley, Fayeueville. AR University of Tulsa (All)- Andrea Heiss. *3146 E. 5th Pl., Thlsa, OK 74104: Linda Dickey Hilsabeck, 89 (Michael) 4053 E. 26th, Tulsa, OK /clahoma Stale Uni ersity (t..i) - Laura Jackson. *1212 W. 4th, Stillwater, OK 74074: Althea Jacobson Wright, Ill, 3916 Yorkshine, Stillwater. OK THE KEYIWINJ'ER

34 University of Arkansas at Little Rock (EEl)- Susan Bailey, *2924 S. Taylor, Little Rock, AR 72204; Sue Darby Gaston, rn (James) 13 Pinehurst, N. Little Rock, AR OMICRON PROVINCE University of Minnesota (X)- Julie Erickson, *329 loth Ave., S.E. Minneapolis, MN 55414; Carol Shaw, X, 5136 Xerxes Ave., S., Minneapolis, MN University of Iowa (BZ) - Susan Vickery, *728 E. Washington, Iowa City, la 52240; Susan Connell, 8, 208 Fifth St., Coralville, la Drake University (rej) - -Shelly Sayler, * th St., Des Moines, la ; Carolyn Cooper Cameron, re (Bruce) 705 Knolls Ct., West Des Moines, la North Dakota State University of Agriculture & Applied Sciences (rt) - Paula Jacobs, * th Ave., N., Fargo, ND ; Charlotte Arneson Peterson, rt, Burgum Hall, NDSU, Fargo, ND Iowa State University (.:l0) - Lisa Smith, *120 Lynn Ave., Ames, la 50010; Suzanne Mulder, B8 (Robert) 1040 Gaskill, Ames, la PI PROVINCE University of California (Oil) - Stacey Black, *2328 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704; Nancy David Bengtson,.:l (Ronald) 5045 Cochrane Ave., Oakland, CA Stanford University (BH.:l)- Lori Ogden, 1300 Oak Creek Dr., Palo Alto, CA 94304; Mary Carolyn Currie Liniak,.:lB (Paul) 855 Trenton Dr.. Sunnyvale, CA University of Oregon (Bll} - Debie Banister, *821 E. 15th St., Eugene, OR 97401; Sandie Philippi Maki, rm (Louis) 2029 Graham Dr., Eugene, OR Oregon State University (rm)- Elizabeth Butler, *1335 N.W. VanBuren, Corvallis, OR 97330; Carol Jager Neumann, rm (Gordon) S.E. 31st Pl., #86, Milwaukie, OR California State University at Fresno (.:ln) - Terri Ferguson, *5359 N. Millbrook, Fresno, CA 93710; Cynthia Girardi Ferdinandi, an (Tom) 3149 W. Morris, Fresno, CA University of California at Davis (EO)- Debra Kendrick, KKr, 222 Rice Lane, Davis, CA 95616; Sandra Planz Fortini, ax (Glenn) P.O. Box 3168, El Macero, CA RHO PROVINCE University of Connecticut (.:lm) - Katherine G. Huffman, Gilbert Rd., Storrs, CT 06268; Suzanne Nelson,.:lM, RFD 2, Beacon Rd., Willimantic, CT University of Massachusetts (.:ln) - Kathy Chruciel, *32 Nutting Ave., Amherst, MA 01002; Lois Coggins Ducharme,.:lN, Audubon Box 67, Leeds, MA Dartmouth College (EX) - Kirk Eveleth, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Hinman Box 5060, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH 03755; Sandra Shiroky MacGillivray,.:lM (Peter E.) 8 Park Ridge Rd., Springfield, VT Babson College (ZA) - Diane Carol Magee, Box 707, Babson College, Babson Park, MA 02157; Carolyn Bodie, 752 Tremont St., Apt. 3, Boston, MA University of Vermont (Z.:l) - Debra Ann Cockayne, 23B Uni versity Heights, Burlington VT ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION (*Clubs) AND CLUB PRESIDENTS CANADA British Columbia (l) - Susan Kennedy. fy West II th Ave.. Vancouver. BC. Can. V6J 2C3 Montreal (A)- Suzanne Brais. t:.t: Redfern Ave.. Westmount. Montreal. Que. H3Z2G5. Can. Toromo (A) - Margaret Ada m ~ o n Bryan. B'i'. Apt Widdicombe Hill Bl vd.. Weston. On.. Can. M9R I Y3 *WinnipeR (0) - Debbie Ferguson George. n: (Edward) 334 Borebank St.. Winni peg. Mb. Can. R3N I E4 (Secretary) ENGLAND (A) *London - Margaret Frank Shambarger. Bl1 (Marshall ) 5 Randolph Cres.. London W9. England UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ALABAMA (N) *Anniston Area - Jean Bagley Weatherl y. rn. 5 Christopher Way. Anniston. AL 3620 I *Aubum - Lenke Dean Garrison. E0 (Gerald) 9 14 Lake hore Ave.. Opelika. AL Birmingham - Shannon Rogers Beard. rt I (Charles E. ) Overton Rd.. Birm ingham. AL *Brewton Area - Sarah Moss Hagood. f ll (Thomas) 1307 E cambia Ave.. Brewton. AL *Gadsden - Miriam Parker Shannon. r n (Maurice C. IU) 102 Clokey Dr.. Rt. # 10. Gadsde n, AL *Huntsville- Beverly Rainer Park. rn (Shep) 212 Forest Hill Dr.. Brownsboro. AL Mobile- Patricia Konnersman D'Oii ve. rt I (Walter F.) 3603 Linden Lane. Mobi le. AL *Momgomery- Jo Screws McGowin. ri I t Claude) 240 E. Fairview Ave.. Montgomery. AL *Tuscaloosa - Mary Yeates Meriwether. r ll (Wi ll is) 48 The Highland. Tu caloosa. AL ALASKA (I) *Anchorage- Rebecca Ann Gottschalk. f H Radiant Circle. Anchorage. AK ARIZO A!Kl *Cochise - Mary Shacpe Moeur. rz (Sidney) th. Douglas. AZ *Flctflstaff- Dar} I Maill oux Spackeen. rz (Robert) 782 W. Beal Rd.. Fl ag taff. A Phoenix - Janet Buck Cacpenter. t:. A (Peter) E. Cochi se Rd.. Parad i'e Valle) Scousdale - Pamela Hudson Krewson. rn (Charles) E. Lake, ide Ln.. Scotbdal AZ *Stm Ciry - Frances Swanson Hoben. At;, (Leonard ) Cameo Pt.. Sun City. A: Tempe-Mesa - Joan Abendroth Pratt. t:. (Robert) 422 E. Del Rio. Tem pe AZ 852R Tu cson - Nancy Kaufma nn Lynn. rz (Steven ) 6837 E. Opatas St.. Tucson. AZ ~ Marin County (11)- Jean Gallien Ostlind, fm (Benjamin) 19 La Crescenta Way, San ' ARKANSAS (: ) *ElDorado - Candace Henry Nobles. f N (Hutton) 506 lan nont. El Dorado. At *Fayeuel'ille - 1 Jean Ann Killi an Faires. r (Rick) Waneetah HgtL Fayettelille AR *Fort Smith - Kathrine Brocchus Goldtrap. r Adam Dr.. Fort Smith. Af *Hot Springs - Barbara Petersen Wil on. f<l> (Bill ) Rt. 5. Box 287. Hot Spri ngs. A 'I' Little Rock - Mary Machen Boyce, I' (Robert) 32 1 Charles. Little R oc ~. AR *North Arkrmsas - Sherry Thomasson Deacon. r (Joseph ) 626 W. College. Jonev boro. AR *Northeast Arkansas - Jean Woodell Johnson. r N (l ame> Jr. ) 503 Roose, elt. \\. Memphis. AR *Pine Bluff - Julie Schroeder. f N Linden. Pine Bluff. AR *Texarl.ana - Helen Kath y Hunt Olson..:lO (Jack E.) P.O. Box Texa r~ a n a. TJ\ CALIFORNIA *Amador Valley (0} - Ruth Litchfield Clark, rm (Ralph) 1022 Peppenree Pl., Livermore, CA Arcadia (K)-Harriet Walker Shanley,.:lH (John) 474 Oxford Dr., Arcadia, CA *Carmel Area (fl) - Helen Virginia Bell Hofman, fh (Richard) P.O. Box 1362, Pebble Beach, CA Contra Costa County (11) - Moreland Menz Whitbeck, BT (Harold) 1620 ShangriLa Ct., Lafayette, CA East Bay - Louise H'Doubler Nagle, H (Robert) 215 Crocker Ave., Piedmont, CA Fresno (0) - Debra Jean Kazanjian, an, 836 W. Princeton, Fresno, CA Glendale-Burbank (K) - Della Faye Crisler Harrington, 811 (Cris) 1640 Opechee Way, Glendale, CA *Imperial Valley (K) - Margaret Herres Kellogg, t:.z (Howard Ill) 405 Sycamore Dr., Brawley, CA *Kern County (K) - Carol Wankum English, an (Ralph) 3812 Purdue Dr., Bakersfield. CA LaCanada Valley (K) - Carole Cathcart Siegler, rej (John) 4824 Palm Dr., La Canada, CA *Lauguna Hills (K) - Alice Henderson Metcalf, BA (Frederic) 3421 Calle Azul, 2-G. Laguna Hills, CA La Jolla (K) - Mollie McKinney Schulze, BM (Robert) 3044 Curie, San Diego, CA Long Beach (K)- Sue Cornwell Ryan, Ell, 6161 Kelley Cir., Huntington Beach, CA Los Angeles (K)- Margaret Avery Brom, r:=: (Benjamin) 1143 N. Fuller Ave., I.,.os Angeles, CA Rafael, CA *North San Diego County (K)- Margaret Murray Brownley, X (George) 4120 Skyline Rd., Carlsbad, CA Northern Orange County (K) - Jane Gembolis Haxton, rh (Jack) 8372 Sparrow Lane, t La Palma, CA Palo Alto (11) - Jeanne Kurtzon Rudiger, Y (Carl) La Vista Dr., Saratoga, CA Pasadena (K)- Charlotte Deane Stone, rr (Willard) 700 S. Lake Ave., #1 34, Pasadena, CA *Pomona Valley (K)- Mary Andrea Webster, 0, 1250 N. Indi an Hill Bl vd., # 2, Claremont, CA *Rancho Bernardo-Poway (K) - Eleanor Stewart James, Y (Eugene) Fernando Dr., San Diego, CA *Riverside (K) - Rebecca Lee Kunke, Efl, 1055 Blane St., #53, Riverside. CA Sacramento Valley (fl)- Doris Bowman Vencill, 11:=: (Charles) 5260 Bell Wood Way, Carmichael, CA *Saddleback-Capistrano Valley (K) - Patti Hirt Jackson, BM (Jack) Amapola Lane, Mission Viejo, CA San Diego (K)- Margery Ann Wright Bamhorst, Bl1 (Howard) 1155 Savoy St., San Diego, CA San Fernando Valley (K)- Janet Welsh, El, 9801 Amestoy, Northridge, CA San Francisco Bay (fl) - Connie Loveday Lurie, ax (Robert) Lyon St.. San Francisco, CA San Jose (fl) - Susan Puterbaugh Clayholt, t:.x (Kenneth) 998 N. Second St., San Jose, CA San Mateo (fl) - Mary Jane LeVan Armacost, rn (Samuel) 595 El Cerrito Ave., Hillsborough. CA Santa Barbara (K)- Mary Anne Betts LeBaron, r:;:, P.O. Box 2203, Santa Barbara, CA THE KEY/WINTER I 980

35 *Santa Cruz County (ll) - Frances Novotny Veon, r11 (Michael) 108 Royal Oak Ct., Scotts Valley, CA Santa Monica-Westside (K) - Catherine Williams Smith, 84 (Gardner) W. Tahiti Way, #204, Marina del Rey, CA *Sonoma County (ll)-judith Johnes Revelle, rj (John) Belita, Rohnen Park. CA South Bay (K) - Judith Todd Chambers, r'ji (William) 2565 Chelsea Rd.. Palos Verdes Est., CA Southern Orange County (K)-Beverly Brown Cannichael, r:;:: (David) 1525 Serenade Terr. Corona del Mar, CA *Stockton Area (fl) - Prudence Bunis Scott, BH (Richard) 9168 E. Fairchild, Stockton. CA *Tulare-Kings Counties (0) - Anne Torian Ewing, r11 (David) 929 W. Mary St., Visalia, CA *Ventura County (K)-Sheron Messmore Quarelli, rz (Charles) 890 Via Ondulando. Ventura, CA Westwood (K)-Marie Wessendorff Murphy, 8:= (Will iam) 522 Hill green Dr.. Beverly Hills, CA Whittier (K) - Carolyn Chaney Hall, 8K 1440,W. Lamben Rd.. La Habra. CA COLORADO (H) Boulder - Karen Bird Hill, p4 (Thomas C.) 2901 Park Lake Dr.. Bou.lder, CO Colorado Springs - Andrene Richardson Harris, 1''1' (Charles) 25 Friendship Lane, Colorado Springs, CO Denver - Lynne Lommen Ramsdale, A4 (Joseph) 1459 S. Lima, Aurora CO *Ft. Collins - Joan Lidke Craft, E8 (Paul) 1712 Lindenwood Dr.. Ft. Collins, CO *Grand Junction - loge Wire Fleming, E8 (Bud) 397 S. Camp Rd., Grand Junction, co *Greeley - Jan Florio Kinkade, 8M (Donald) St., Greeley, CO Pueblo - Sharon Millward Georgis, ro (James) 1828 Bonfone Blvd, Pueblo, CO CONNECTICUT (P) Fairfield County- Jacqueline Balhatchet Downey, Y (J. R.) 18 Prides' Crossing, New Canaan. CT Hartford - Sheila McGeary D' Agostino, 11M (John) 48 Spring Lane, West Hartford, CT *New Haven - Barbara Watson Clark, BT (Peter) 125 Captains Walk, Milford, CT DELAWARE (8 ) Delaware- Manha Spurgeon Fisher. 1'4 (Hugh}2920 Bodine Dr., Wilmington, DE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (A) Washington, D.C. - Suburban Maryland - Sheila Wright Rovelstad, r'i' (Craig) Cordage Walk, Columbia, MD FLORIDA (M) *Brevard County- Margo Cameron Reed, BT (M.A.) 402 Thru h Dr.. Satellite Beach, FL Clearwater Bay- Jean Righter Hecht, p4 (Martin) 2724 Burning Tree Lane, Clearwater, FL Fr. Laudtrdale- Barbara Whitney Keith, Y (Wayne T.) 1732 S.E. lith St., Ft. Lauderdale, FL *Gainesville- Susan Melvin Merriton. BY (Peter) N.W. 6th Pl., Gainesvi lle. FL *Indian River- Mary Lou Cole Attarian, 88 (Edward) 61 Cache Cay Dr., Vero Beach. FL Jacksonville - Shearer Anderson, EZ, 2237 Bishop Estates Rd., Jacksonville, FL Miami - Jeanne Ann Seghers Moorman. 8P4 (Roben) 740 Saldana, Coral Gables, FL *Palm Beach County - Marcia Rushton Tarkleson, 6 (George) 233 Venetian Dr., Delray Beach. FL *Pensacola- Margie Watson Fleming, 8 (William) 5067 Shoshone Dr.. Pensacola, FL *St. Peursburg - Beverli Bloom Powell, r 1 (Jack) 3646 Overlook Dr.. N.E.. St. Petersburg, FL *Sarasota County- Alice Allen Wallace, re Tree Line Ct.. Sarasota, FL Tallahassee- Sally Seitz Ramsey. B, 2429 Merrigan Pl., Tallahassee. FL *Tampa - Sara Walker Jones. <I> (A. Wilson) 4501 Ro emere Rd., Tampa. FL Winter Park - Louise Caner Borsoi. EZ (Edward) 1717 DePauw Ave.. Orlando, FL GEORGIA ( 1) *Athens- Aldie Olaf on Edwards. 'I' (Hardy) Rte. #I. Winterville. GA Atlanta - Elaine Williams Grizzle. E8 (Kenneth) 5198 Meadowlake Lane. Dunwoody. GA *Central Sa1 annah Ri1 er Area - Li a Harris White, II. Y (Steven) 525 St... Augu ta. SC columbus- Patricia Mudter Hobb. 6 Y (Dan) 1529 Swk Ave.. Columbus. GA *Macon & Middle Georgia - Margaret Meeks Blum. 4Y (Hcrben B.. Jr. ) 184 Buckingham Pl.. Macon. GA Sal'tlnnah - Eliz.abeth Carswell Morri..l Y (Archibald) II I land Dr.. Savannah, GA waycross - Sylvia Hiers Huggin. 6 Y (Joseph) 1608 Coral Rd.. Wa}cros GA HAWAII (K) Hall'aii - ancy Winter Bigelow. p.l (Wi lliam) 10 0 Makaiwa St.. Honolulu. HI IDAHO (I) Kerri Quinn. BK Edgemont. Boi e. ID *Coeur d'alene- Kathryn Hagadone Wellman. BK (Roy C.. Jr.) 3404 Feman Hill Rd.. Coeur d'alene. ID *Idaho Falls - Anne Egg leson Bu h. BK (Eugene) th. Idaho Fall s. ID 3401 *Lewisrmr-Ciarksron - Joanne Hopkins McCormack. BK (Stewan ) 3830 Countrv Club Dr.. Lewi ton. 1D 8350 I *Moscow - Vicki Ridgeway Zimmer. IlK (John ) 1037 Harding. Moscow. ID *TII'in Falls - Barbara Gibson Allen. BK (Richard) 777 Campus Dr.. Twin Falls. ID ILLINOIS (E) Bloomington - An n Wilcox Schwulst. E (Warren) R.R. 13. Box 132. Bloomington. IL Clrampaign Urbana - Gai l Antrim M Williams. BA (John) 509. Ridgeway. Cham paign. IL Chicago Area: Arlington Heights Area - Patricia Murray Mayo..l:::: (Brent) 611 S. Bunon. Arling ton Heights. IL *Aurow- Virginia Saum Sweeny. 61' (James) 36W525 Wildrose Rd.. St. Charles. IL *Barrington Area - Margaret Dewenter Graham. r.l!clayton) 66 Round Bam Rd.. Barrington. IL * Be~ erly-sowh Shore- Barbara Wing Buikema. E (David) S. Oak lev. Chica go. IL *Chica11o - Charyn Fly Ofstie. BO. 543 Brompton. Chicago. IL *Chicago Sowh Suburban - Mary Joyce Mullender Walker. I (James) Ash land Ave.. Homewood. IL *Elmhurst - ancy Forsyth Flanders. A4 (Thomas) 717 Poplar. Elmhurst. IL *Glen Ellyu-Whearon - Nancy Adams Muller. 8 (John) 2S. 464 Arrowhead Dr.. Wheaton. IL Hinsdale - Linda Bose Cooper. r<j> (Thomas) 108 Oxford Ave.. Clare ndon Hill.. IL *LaGwnge - Nancy Campbell Madda. B4 (Louis) 13 Kimberley Cir.. Oak Brook. IL *Napen ille - Marianne Herrick Boyajian. r11 (James) Hidden Springs Dr.. aperville. IL North Shore - Lynn Warner Brenge l. r<l> (Douglas) Beechwood Ave.. Wilmet te. IL North Suburban - Mary Virginia Fuller lstnick. p6 (Roben ) 11 2 Oak Terr.. Lake Bluff. IL Oak Park-River Forest - Erika Esser Shomey. I (Wi ll iam) 625 Keystone. Ri ver Fore. t. IL Park Ridge-Des Plaines Area - Loui e Wilkins Eberle. 4 _ (Marcus H.) 230 East Ave.. Park Ridge. IL *Decatur-Josephine Yantis Eberspacher. Bi\1 (E. C.) 219. Wa hington. Shelbyv ille. IL *Galesbur11 - Patricia Carpenter Kane. E (Kelly) I 063 Jefferson. Galesburg. IL Monmowh - Donna Manz Buss. Au (Dale) R.R. #I. Media. IL *Peoria - Alice Stoik Kieser. E (Richard) 11 8 E. Coventry Lane. Peoria. IL *Rockford - Bon nie Edwards Geddes. 4E (Gordon) 123. Hi ghland Ave.. Rockford. IL Springfield - Margaret Anderson. rj. 48 Lilac Lane. Springfield. IL INDIANA (a) *Ander.wn - Barbara Cleaver Gephardt. 6 (David) 1602 Greenway Dr.. Ander~o n. I ' Bloomin!IIOII - Pauline Jones Johnson. 8 (Rolland) 712 Ravencrest. Bloomi ngton. I *Bluffton - Edwi na Patton. II W. South St.. Bluffton. I *Bomre Cormry - Donna Power ichols. 6 (William) 207 East Dr.. Lebanon. I Colrunbu.<- Carol Lynn Holmes Bigley. I (Thomas) 3445 Ri verside Dr.. Columbu. I East Lake-Porttr Cormry - Jacalyn Fox Rogers..l (Donald) 161 Huntington Ct.. Gary. I *Elkhart - Mary Weiler aquin. B I (Thomas) 3229 East Lake Dr.. o.. Elk han. I 46514, ans, illt - Laura Hunter Goebel. r.l Venetian Dr.. Evansvi lle. I Fort Wayne - Margaret Ann Wilson Rothman. Er (Peter) 1330 Wood Moor Dr.. Ft. Wayne. I Gruncasrlt - Margaret andy Moore. I (Harry) R.R. #2. Box 74. Coate ville. I *Hammond - Cathryn Van Buren Bomberger. 'I' (Peter) 1750 Alta Vista. Munster. I Indianapolis- Carolyn Willis Kincannon. r6 (LoUIS) 3611 Haverhill Dr.. lndianapo lis. I ' * Ko~ om o - Gay Douglass Pedigo. M (Roben) 3201 Tall y Ho Dr.. Kokomo. I La(aymt- Suzanne Appelle Cavette. B.\ (F. Erie. Jr ) 725 Bexley Rd.. Lafayette. I *LaPont- Pamela Bargholz Malec. M ( tephen ) 391 Y, Ha,.1home. LaPone. l *Marion - anc) Weir elb). I (Timothy) 46 o. 362 E.. Jone boro. I 4693 llfartrnsnllt - Alrce Wetmore Pond. K CRoben) I 1erry Lane. Greenwood. I Muncrt - lrce Allman Bo)d. u (Thoma ) 1132 N Wal'l'rck Rd. Muncre. I THE KEY/WINTER

36 *Richmond - Ellen Jane Wynegar. ~I N... A St.. Apt.. I C. Richmond. IN 4737.J Sowh Bend-Mishau aka- Constance ag le Bachen. I (Frederick) Berwick Dr.. South Bend. I *Terre Ha111e- Lois Cushin Danner. I (Bruce) Mockingbird. Terre Haute. I IOWA (0) *Ames- Mary Schaerzel Swanson, BZ (J ack) 3002 EisenhowerCir.. Ames.IA *B11rlington - Jea n Thuenen Funck. ri (Waller) 2509 S. Third St.. Burlington. la *Cedar Rapids- Linda Leichty Mordaunt. r0 (Richard H.. Jr. ) Ill Fleetwood Dr.. S.W.. Cedar Rapids. la Des Moines- Kay Bryanr Heilman. 6.0 (Bruce) rh Sr.. De Mo ines. la *Fort Dodge Area - Nola Can er Hume. ui (J ames) 1317 Temh Ave.... Fori Dodge. la loll'a City - Shirley Man in Monrgomery. 0 (John) 2020 Glendale Rd.. Iowa Ciry. la *Norrhll'est/oll'a- Doris Horslund Fritcher. BZ (Ted) R.R. I. Storm Lake. la Q11ad-Ciries- Di ane Dahogne Felsred. 6.0 (Steven) E. 39th St.. r:>avenpon. la *Sk11nk Ri1 er Valley- Marion Rambo Prewin. BZ (Leland) 8 14 N. Coun. Onumwa. la KANSAS (Zl H11rchinson - Ruth Muirhead Dillon. ra (Paul ) 207 Kisiwa. Hutchinson. KS *Klmsas Ciry- Mary Mill er Holmstrom. AI (James) 8028 Brookside Cir.. Kansas City. KS Lall'rence - Tammy Gay nier Steeples. r A (Don) 3026 Ranger Dr.. Lawrence. KS Maharran - Virgini a Cox Bussey, 0 (Lynn) 2901 evada. Manhanan. KS *Salina - Margaret Hass ig Yarnevich. ra. 38 Crestview Dr.. Salina. KS Topeka- Mary Ward Rankin. r A (Randall) 3417 S. W. Birchwood. Topeka. KS \Vichira - Joan Rakaskas Gegen. B0 (David) 209 N. Ballin. Wichita. KS KENTUCKY ( l Lexington - Eli Laberh Taft Williams. r'l! (Thomas) 3324 Nanruckel Dr.. Lex ington. KY Loll isi'ille- Jane Knoebel McCiinron. ~ I (Donald) 6205 Deep Creek Dr.. Prospect. KY LOUISIANA (0 ) *A lexandria - Anne Hamm Green. EA (Raleigh) 2527 Jackson St.. Alexandri a. LA Baton Rouge- Benha Brewer Narozniak. AI (E. C.) 667 S. Burgess Dr.. Balon Rouge. LA *Lafayerre Area- Patricia Holmes Duncan. AI (John) 509 Camellia Dr.. Lafayene. LA *Lake Charles- Renza Tau sig Junk. 6.1 (Virgil) 4 10 I Pleasant Dr.. Lake Charles. LA *Monroe - Sharon Smith Hu ff. up (Earl) 229 Lakes ide Dr.. Monroe. LA New Orleans - Carli Lamanria Cooper. AI (John) 422 Alhenon Dr.. Metairie. LA *New Orleans Wesr- Constance eblen Duncan. AI (Herman) 2520 Ramsey Dr.. New Orleans. LA Shrel'eporr - Patricia Svolos Thompson EA (Phillip) 7 11 Ontario. Shrevepon. LA MARYLAND (A) *Annapolis-Gennaine Miller Gallagher. '11 (Edward) '239 Anchorage Ct.. Annapolis. MD Balrimore- Catherine Dennis Thomason. r'l! (C. Temple) 137 Westbury Rd.. Lutherville. MD Washingron. D.C.-Suburban Man /and - See District of Columbia MASSACHUSETTS (P) *Bay Colony- Nance Ailes Mcil vai ne. rp. 35 High St.. Topsfield. MA Bosronlmercollegiare-Ann Riner John ron. r (George) I 00 Bristol Rd.. Welles ley. MA MICHIGAN (A) *Adrian - Carolyn On Heffron. :=: (Hugh) 927 College Ave.. Adrian. Ml Ann Arbor - Jody Carpenrer Lighrhammer. tor (Dwaine) 2 Regen! Ct.. Ann Arbor. Ml *Barrie Creek- Shirley Nichols Sparks. BZ (Rober!) 144 Waupakisco Beach. Banle Creek. Ml.J9015 *Dearborn Area - Sue Knappenberger Eccleslone. ub (John) 6046 Ro ena. Dearborn Heights. Ml Derroir- asr Suburban - ancy Kehoe Chuba. K (Thomas) 3 1 Colonial Rd.. Grosse Pre. Shore. Ml Detroir North Woodll'ard- Mim i Stein Monon. Y (James) Sleepy Ho llow. Binningham. Ml *Detroir orrlnresr Suburban - Greta Peter en Tieman. I (Miles) Heanhslone. Farmington Hills. Ml Grand Rapids - Judy Mahoney Freeman...1.r (Emery). Sec'y Woodcliff Circle. S.E.. Grand Rapids. Ml.J9506 *Jackson - Clara Dowling able. c.r (Ru sell) 1728 Maybmoke. Jack on. Ml *Kalama:oo - Gretchen Fulenwider Ishler..I. II (George) 3 11 Grandview. Kalamazoo. Ml Lansing- asr Lansing - Janet Sradle VanGorder. Y (Donald) 220 Riverwood. Okemos. Ml 4 6.J *Midland - Thea Rautenberg Smith. I (Earl)5106 Sturgeon Creek Parkway. Midland JO *Sr. Joseph-Bemon Harbor - Bema n Harbor. Ml Mary Lou Myers Duncan. 0 (Charles) 1612 Par~ Dr. MINNESOTA (0) *Duluth - Dale Heimbach Wheeler. B.l (Thomas B.) Woodland Ave.. Duluth MN *Rochester - Beny Hall McGoon. :lo (Dwighl) h Ave. S.W.. Rochester. Ml\ Twin Ciries- Karen Srrachauer Miller. r0 (Kenneth) 6621 Tracy Ave.. Edina. M MISSISSIPPI (N) Jackson - Sharon Boone Seale. up (William D. Jr. ) Rre Shady Lane. Jack>on MS *Mississippi GulfCoasr- Ze lia Ward Walker. I. 502 Rayburn Ave.. Ocean Springs. I *North Mississippi - Catherine Mary Crews. up (Bill y) Ida St. Apt 40. Tupelo. MS MISSOURI (Z) *Ciay-Piaue Counry - Susan KlaffYick, ri (Buddy) 3653 Briarcliff, Kansas City, MO Columbia - Virginia Bonville Thomas, ri (Robert) 2219 Danforth Ct., Columbia, MO *Jefferson City- Chris Beasley Steppelman, 0 (Jay) 3250 S. Ten Mile Dr., Jefferson City, MO *Joplin- Ellen Blanchard Eastman, 0 (Mark) 1032 W. Murphy Blvd., Joplin, MO ' Kansas Ciry- Carol Klecan Clark, r A (David) 9105 Buena Vista, Shawnee Mission, KS *Sr. Joseph - Mary Teller Watkins, EZ (Thomas D.) I 055 N. Noyes Blvd., St. Joseph, MO Sr. Louis- Jean McQuaid Gaschler, BA (Robert) 333 Douhon Pl., St. Louis, MO *Springfield- Manha Stanley Wright, 0 (M. Lloyd) 1443 S. Delaware, Springfield, MO *Tri-Counry- Rebel Story Dugan, BO (Mark) Rte. 3, Box 173, Charleston, MO MONTANA (I) Billings - Betty Lou Collins Conner, B<l> (Stuan) 1963 Patricia Lane, Billings, MT Bulle- Jean Hollingswonh Peterson, B<l> (John) 1244 W. Steel, Butte, MT *Great Falls- Patricia McMeel Rice, B<l> (Peter) 800 Grizzly Dr., Grear Falls, MT Helena- Ellen Colby Feaver, BE> (Eric) 901 Flowerree, Helena MT Missoula - Pam Messing Hughes, B<l> (C. Richard) I 08 Fairway Dr., Missoula, MT NEBRASKA (Z) Fremont - Diane Mitten Dyson, l (Donovan) 1441 N. Hancock, Fremont, NE Lincoln- Betsy Stilwell Strain, I (William) 3630 S. 76th, Lincoln, NE *Norfolk Area- Gayle Myer Wright, l (Richard) 119 Morningside Dr., Norfolk, NE Omaha- Harriet Rogers Moore, l (Quentin D.) 7905 Ames Ave. Circle. Omaha, NE NEVADA *Somhern Nevada- (K)- Becky Vashak Casey, Bt1 (Michael) 4225 Hazelcresl Dr., Las Vegas, NY NEW HAMPSIDRE (P) *Hanover- Paula Uihlein Schleicher, Y (Mark) I Meadow Lane, Hanover, NH *New Hampshire- Catherine Summerlin Ward, EH, 1058 Union St., Manchester, NH NEW JERSEY (B) Essex- Roberta Jibb Giles, t1m (Kenneth) 142 Maple St., Summit, NJ Lackawanna- Susan Kaffenberger Wetzel, f\jl (Barry) 20 Campbell Rd., Short Hills, NJ *North Jersey Shore- Jean Meier Thompson, BM (G. Lee) 6 North over Pl., Red Bank. NJ Northern New Jersey- Elizabeth Huntington Edwards, fm (A. C.) 331 Jndian Trail Dr., Franklin Lakes, NJ Princeton Area- Susan Kline Herrmann, r'l! (Frederick) I 0 All wood Dr., Lawrenceville, NJ Sourhern New Jersey - Marjorie McLarty Dunn, Bt1 (Michael) 278 Black Baron Dr., Delran, NJ NEW MEXICO (H) Albuquerque- Peggy Wills Keleher, t1a (Michael) 1400 Morningside N. E., Albuquerque, NM *Hobbs - Mauree Kimbrough Ewing, fb (J. Ronald) 1933 N. McKinley, Hobbs, NM *Las Cruces- Laura Mathers Paulowsky, Et1 (Michael) 3010 Camino Real, Las Cruces, NM *Roswell - Par Pederson Harrington, rb (Gerald) 2704 Gaye Dr., Roswell, NM *Santa Fe- Nancy Hedrick Parker, EA (William) 917 Calle Vistoso, Santa Fe, NM NEW YORK (A) Buffalo- Willow Wilcox Bros!, fp (Gary) 314 Burroughs Dr., Snyder NY *Capital Disrrict - Mary C. Daley, BT, One N. Main Ave., Albany, NY *ChautauqULI Lake - Mary Megerle Skidmore, fk (Stephen) 411 Crossman St. Jamestown, NY THE KEY/ WINTER 1980

37 Huntington- Ann Schilling Manniello, fla (Robert) I Carley Ave., Huntington, NY *Ithaca - Christen Ward Gardner, 'I', 58 Highgate Cir., Ithaca, NY *Jefferson County- Barbara Schaefer Metevia, BBfl (Neil, Jr. ) 1145 Harrison St Watertown, NY New York - Hope Deborah Andruss, flc, 45 East End Ave., 5E, New York, NY Rochester - Julie Roever Leake, rn (Paul) 57 Wincanton Dr., Fairport, NY St. Lawrence - Doris Pike Gibson, BBfl (Theodore) Pike Rd., R.D., Canton, NY Scheneciady- Marlene Wells Younkins, tj.a (Thomas) I Kevin Dr., Burnt Hill s. NY Syracuse- Palli Davidson Walsh, BT. 103 Palmer Dr., Fayelleville. Y Westchester County- Cathy Thompson Carswell, E (Bruce) 16 Highland Way. Scarsdale. NY I 0583 NORTH CAROLINA (A) Asheville Area- Nancy Wilson Rule, fk (Waller) 16 Chunn's View Rd., Asheville, NC Charloue - Susan Johnson, K. 411 Dogwood Lane, Belmont, NC *Piedmont-Carolina - Nancy Alyea Schiebel, flb (H. Max) 1020 Anderson St., Durham, NC Raleigh - Dorothea Lowendick, Ef, 5750 Poolside Dr., Raleigh, NC NORTH DAKOTA (0 ) Fargo-Moorhead - Susan Peterson Benesh, rt (Dwight) 2101 So. lith St., Fargo, NO *Grand Forks - Lila Shepard Barcome, ft (Donald) 2424 Olson Dr., Grand Forks, NO OHIO (f) Akron - Carolyn Lee Mar h, fla, 715 W. Streetsboro Rd., Peninsula, OH *Canton-Massillon - Barbara Wasson Strawn, I (James) 3733 Harvard Ave. N. W., Canton, OH Cincinnati - Vicki Pancero Thllis, spfl (Mark) 8825 Old Indian Hill Rd., Cincinnati, OH Cleveland - Lana Moxley Knopf, BZ (Morris) 2861 Paxton Rd., Shaker Hts., OH *Cleveland South Suburban - Ruth Bozler Moorhead, flb (John) 2456 W. Boston Rd., Cleveland, OH Cleveland West Shore- Katherine Rohwedder Strain, flo (James R. ) Fairfax Lane, North Olmsted, OH Columbus - Mary Anthony McLemore Weaver, flp (Robert) 243 W. Granville Rd., Worthington, OH Dayton - Penelope Miller POeiderer, flt (Scon) 403 S. Elm St., W. Carrollton, OH *Elyria - Margaret Halsted Persons, flf (Charles) 302 Hamilton Cir., Elyria, OH *Erie County, Ohio - Michael McElwain Lenhart. K (Donald) 1205 Columbus St., Sandusky, OH *Findlay - Lee Ann Ehrman McLaughlin, fla (Thomas) 2507 Sweetwater Rd., Findlay, OH *Middletown- Nancy Cameron Berg, flc (William) 135 Wexford Dr., Monroe, OH *Newark-Granville- Ann Stafford Truesdell, pfl (Thomas) 593 Deanna Stroll, Heath, OH *Springfield - Sherry Feaster McKinnon, M (David) 1741 Crestview Dr. Springfield, OH Toledo - Marcia Irwin Gaul che, BM (Harry) 4550 Torquay Ave.. Toledo, OH *Youngstown- Margaret Ruchhoft Souer, fla (Fred) 5025 Lockwood Blvd., Young town, OH OKLAHOMA (c ) *Ardmore- Marian Coffey Riesen, B9 (Alben. Jr. ) 2301 Cloverleaf. Ardmore, OK *Bartlesville Area - Peggy Poller Clark, B0 (Jim) 2529 Evergreen, Bartle ville, OK *Duncan Area- Ann Mills Weaver, fb (T.R.) 1415 N. 12th. Duncan. OK *Enid- Frances Moler Shipley, fli (Jerry) 2830 Whippoorwill. Enid. OK *Mid-Oklahoma - Mary Jane Jordon Richard, B0 (Gordon, Jr.) 15 E. FrankJin, Shawnee, OK *Muskogu-ChristineCiark Wagner. B0 (C. Warren) Box512, Muskogee. OK Norman - Margaret Mason Arnold. BE> (William) 514 Evergreen Circle, orman, OK Oklahoma City- Beny Jo Ingram Law, B0 (T... Jr. ) 7303 Waverly, Oklahoma City, OK *Ponca City- Ruslyn Evans. fli, nd, Ponca City. OK *Stillwater- Cynthia Leese Wegener. fli (Robert) 3920 We!brook Dr.. Stillwater. OK Tulsa - Su an Brooke Harris McCalum, fli (Rodney) 4643 S. Jamestown, Thlsa. OK OREGO (n) Con allis-aibany - Moll Edick Mike II. flll (Richard) 3206 onh Shore Dr., Albany, OR Eugene - ancy Collins Mulheim. Bn (Wilson) 1375 Inglewood Ave.. Eugene. OR Portland- Joan Keane Lewman. r (Larry) 12734S.W. 19th Ave.. Lake Oswego, OR Salem - JoAnn Robison. rr Augu ta ational Dr.. So.. Salem. OR PENNSYLVANIA (B) Beta Iota (Swarthmore)- Mary Owsley Hogenauer, 0 (Eugene) Wesnown School, Wesllown, PA *Erie - Ann Tannehill DiTullio, fp (John) 5106 Clinton Dr., Erie, PA *Harrisburg- Pauline M. Sweigart, fla, 22 Amherst Dr., Camp Hill, PA *Lancaster - Janet Lyons Snyder, fla (Charles) 450 N. President Ave., Lancaster, PA *Lehigh Valley-Susan Ellis Clegg. flc (Herman) 4385 Clearview Cir., Allentown, PA Philadelphia - Ode!le Hutchison Locher, fl<l> (Waller) 473 Maplewood Ave., Springfield, PA Pittsburgh - Karen Kepner Tobias, fp (Gregory) 798 Fore t Ave., Pinsburgh, PA Piusburgh-South Hills-Nancy Grace Ganter Anderson, fla (John) 21 Forest Glen Dr., Pinsburgh, PA *State College- Janel Carlson Kepler, fla (George) R.D. 2, Box 246-B, Spring Mills, PA RHODE ISLAND (P) *Rhode Island - Su an Bunch Allen, fk, 4 Ellis St., Barrington, Rl SOUTH CAROLINA (M) *Clemson - Joy Shuler Smith, EM (Rocky) 204 Seneca Rd., Apt. B, Clemson, SC *Columbia - Brenda Bethune, EK, 2325 Blossom St., Columbia, SC *Greenville Area- Virginia Dooliule, EM, 122C Woodbridge Apts., Greenville, SC *Low Country - Nancy Kathryn Gri wold, EM, 1742 Sam Rinenberg Blvd, Apt. 3H, Charleston, SC TENNESSEE ( ) *Chauanooga Area - Jane Lane Jones, rn (Madison, IV) 228 N. Hermitage Ave., Lookout Mountain, TN Knoxville-Susan Kane Barker, EA (Henry M., Jr.) Sumac Dr., Knoxville, TN Memphis- Sharon Gafford Ritz, 80 (Michael) 1959 Corbin, Germantown, TN Nashville- Martha Owen Coulam, X (Craig) 1106 Park Ridge Dr., Nashville, TN TEXAS (0) *Abilene- Connie Cutcher Weeks, EY (David) 7,51 Grove. Abilene, TX *Alice-Kingsville-Cynthia Cheatham Pallon, Be, 508 College Place, Kingsvi lle, TX *Amarillo- Peggy Porter Ladd, 80 (Frank) 4705 Olsen Blvd., Amarillo, TX Arli11gton, Texas Area- Mary Louise Villeret Stites, fll (Robert) Whisperwood Trail, Arlington, TX Austin- Kay Kriegel McNabb, Be (James) 2422 Jarrett. Austin, TX *Beaumo11t-Port Arthur - Susan Dunagan Gordy, EA (Marvi n) 4430 Folsom, Beaumont, TX *Big Bend - Douglass Adams Kerr, rz (James) Box 1546, Fort Stockton. TX *Brownwood-Cemral Texas- Margaret Colston Chandler, Be (W. Knox) 2604 Southside Dr., Brownwood, TX *Bryan-College Station Area- Nancy Brewster Donaldson, rp (Wesley) 1215 S. Ridgefield Circle, College Station, TX Corpus Christi - Louella Caldwell Wallace, r<i> (Robert) 350 Grant, Corpus Christi, TX Dallas- Susan Ellis Cooper, EA (Charles M., Ill) 6331 Chesley. Dallas, TX *Deniso 11-Sherman - Rebecca Shytles Brown, B:: (Barrett) 1224 Western Hills. Sherman, TX El Paso- Susan May Lindquist, rz (John) 5012 Meadowlark, El Pa o. TX Fort Worth- Peggy Aars Smith, EA (Don) 3953 Thistle Lane, Ft. Worth. TX *Galveston- Joan Williams McLeod, a:: (E. Douglas) 53 Cedar Lawn, Galveston, TX *Garland- Susanne Smith Rahhal, r (Alfred) 1609 Merrimac Trail, Garland. TX Houston - Aorence Wells McGee, B:=: (William) 266 Maple Valley, Houston. TX *Houston Bay Area- Kathryn Kolb Johnson, Be (George Jr.) 2807 Pl ymouth Colony, Webster, TX Houston F.M Area - Gretchen Cook Street, All (Terrell) 1502 Big Hom. Houston, TX *Longview - Betsy Kay Stites, EA (William) 1115 LeDuke Blvd.. Longview, TX Lower Rio Grande Valley- Laura Lee Fendley Hick., B: (Jame ) 500 Wichita, #8, McAllen, TX Lubbock - Jeannie Koonce Panerson, EY (Tommy) th, Lubbock, TX Lufkin- Len Amen Medford, EA (Phil) 1519 Wildbriar. Lufkin. TX Midland - Kay ewman Smith, n (George) 2305 Culpepper, Midland, TX *Odessa - Paulette Amburgey Waggoner, 61 (John, Jr. ) Box 2229, Odessa, TX Richardson - Betty Haynes Dollins, fl'i' (Charles) 2001 Lake Side Lane, Pla'no, TX san Angtlo- Susan Meadows POuger, Be (Robert L.) 2167 Sui Ro, San Angelo, TX San Antonio - Joan Powell Jackson, B:=: (Robert) 8842 Willmon Way. San Antonio. TX sugarland!missouri CiryArta - Va.lerie Connell Caner, fli (John) 3106 Fairway Dr.. Sugar! and, TX Temple- Ann Kimbriel Secrest, EA (Jerry) 509 W. Wa.lker, Temple. TX Texarkana - See Arkan as ThE KEY/ WINTER

38 *The Plainview Area of Texas- Eliabeth Fleener Bell. BZ (John) (Ref. Chr.) 201 Lometa Dr.. Plainview, TX The Victoria Area - Mildred Jean Mosher Rowan. r<l> (Thomas) 6030 Country Club Dr., Victoria, TX *Tyler - Joan Hertz Taylor. B:=: (Leon Glenn) 2929 Old Jacksonville Rd.. Tyler. TX *Waco- Jacquelyn Hollowell Wooldridge. EY (W. Robert) 2637 Glendale Rd., Waco. TX Wichita Falls - Elaine Carruthers Stephens, s:=: (R.L.) 3609 Glenwood. Wichita Falls. TX UTAH (H) *Ogden- Eleanor Winston Lipman, t.h (Allan, Jr.) 2830 Fillmore Ave., Ogden, UT Salt Lake City- Cathryn Baldwin Francis, t.h (Greg) 2943 South 400 East, Bountiful, UT VERMONT (P) *Central Vermont- Beuy Margileth Diefenbach, M (Henry) R.D. #I, Randolph. VT VIRGINIA (A) *Charlouesville Area- Bonnie Phillips Brill, EH (Alan) Rte. 10, Box 1855, Charlottesville, VA *Hampton Roads- Alice Matthews Erickson, rk (Wayne) 303 Hamrick Dr.. Hampton, VA *Norfolk Area- Mary Wright Pavlik, Bfl (Michael) 2245 Wolfsnare Rd., Virginia Beach, VA Northern Virginia- Mona Anderson Shultz, rz (Theodore) 9832 Arroyo Ct., Vienna, VA Richmond- Nan Gildersleeve Grass, t.a (E.J.) 3220 Marlboro Ct., Richmond, VA Roanoke- Becky Shonk Sheets, BY (R. Dale) 2656 Willow Lawn St., Roanoke, VA WASHINGTON (I) *Everett- Elizabeth Black Bell, Bfl Vernon Rd.. Lake Stephens. WA LCike Washington - Joanne Hudelson McMahon. BK (Wi lliam) 8400 E. Mercer Way. Mercer Island. WA Pullman-Janily Nessen Patrick. rh (Robert) S.E Nebraska. Pull man. WA Seaule - Janet Gallaher Myers, Bfl (Richard) 2458 Magnolia Blvd. W.. Seaule. WA Historically Speaking... (continued from p g. 16) proving not to be the docile submissive daughter of a minister as was expected during the Victorian period. "Anyway, hale and hearty, Lizzie Wallace Taggart, Alpha Kappa and member of the Monmouth Class of 1880, returned to campus at the time of the reinstatement of the Alpha Deuteron Chapter back in If you look at the photograph of the returning Kappas posing before the building named for Lizzie's father, Wallace Hall, there she is, very much in the middle of things. She was a very early Alpha Chapter member in spite of the opposition of the United Presbyterian Church, the college senate, the faculty, and the wishes of her college president father." -Mary Bartling Crow, AI::. Spokane- Sandra Wood Hatch. rh (Stanley) E. 150 High Dr.. Spokane. WA 9920 Tal oma - Christine MacLennan Lamka. El (Michael) th Ave.. E.. Tacoma WA Tri-City - Patricia Shannon Hollen. rt-l (Richard) 1609 Hains Ave.. Richland. W~ *VCincouver - Blair Proctor Porter. r.l (Michael) N.W. 34th Ave.. Ridgefield WA Walla Walla - Janet Ferguson Campbell. rr (Robert) 318 Craig St.. Walla Walla. Wf Yakima - Khay Waidner Norris. rr (Donald) 7006 Alpine Way. Ya~ima. WA WEST VIRGINIA (A) Charleston - Judy L. Penn. BY Kanawha Blvd.. E. Charleston. WV *Clarksburg Area - Sally Wil on Greene. BY (J. Thomas) 2 11 Candelight Dr. Clarksburg. WV 2630 I *Huntingwn - Germaine Lawson. t.y th St.. Huntington. WV Morgantown - Aldene Morris Troutman. BY Cherry Lane. Morgantown. W\ *The Parkersburg Area - Judith Bunn Clovis. Er (David) 105 Colony Rd.. Vienna WV Wheeling - Mary Philips Pitkin. ub (S tephen) Washington Farms. Wheeling. Wv WISCONSIN (E) *Fox River Valley - Virginia Rogers Rose. HN (S tanley) 1136 E. Moorepark Ave.. Appleton. WI Madison - Joanne Jorgensen Lawson. rh (Richard) 6613 Boulder Ln.. Madi on. WI Milwaukee - Barbara Gerlinger Quilling, t.a (Frederick) 8615 N. Foxcrofl. Milwaukee. Wl Milwaukee West Suburban - Lorraine Guernsey Strand. t.o (Reuben) Lill) Heights Dr.. Brookfield. WI WYOMING (H) Cheyenne - Suellen David on. ro Dillon. Cheyenne. WY *Codr- Meredith Hall Crou e, AZ(Douglas) 808 W. Bighorn Ave.. R.R. #I Box 188. Basin. WY Laramie - Lynne Hyde Severin. ro (Charles) 2012 Thornburg~ Dr.. Laramie. WY The deuteron (A) used in Dr. Crow's chapter identification means, of course that the chapter has been reinstated. In Alpha's case, this widely celebratec event took place on Founders Day, October 13, Kappa Alpha Sigma,! local sorority established around 1900 with the ultimate goal of acceptance int0 the Fraternity, was permitted to petition that year with the approval of the activ! chapters. Dr. Crow has investigated the meaning of the Greek letters in the namf of the local. She learned that the Kappa was in honor of Kappa Kappa Gamma Alpha signified the first chapter; and Sigma represented the sigma in the pledge pin. Other chapters, in addition to those discussed in this article, which share the distinction of resurrection from their apparent demise are Rho, Psi, Beta Eta, and Beta Rho - all "deuteroned." The Greek system continues to thrivt throughout some of the best, some of the worst, but mostly throughout solid and constructive times. This article can be removed from The Key and placed in your Kappa Notebook, chapter section l--- KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA MAGAZINE AGENCY UNDELL BLVD., APT. 1702, ST. LOUIS, MO "' Mrs. Orieon M. Spaid "' DIRECTOR order any magazine at rate offered by publisher-prices on request ~~mer , STREET f~ ORDERED BY --~T~----~ MAGAZINES NEW OR RENEWAL HOW LONG PRICE ADDRESS CREDIT ALUMNAE ASS'N., WHICH CARD, XMAS GIFT BIRTHDAY CHECK ENCLOSED FOR$

39 LOST but not forgotten. ALPHA PROVINCE BETA BETA (St. Lawrence University) Allen, Joan Church 1950 Aycn, Joellen 1964 Blldwin, Cynthia 1958 lllrtley. Judith (Kearing) 1955 leek. Dor. (Hosley) 1918 Beeker, Susan Jane (Bums) 1952 leekcu, Lyn 1965 leektoft, Leslie Ann 1971 Jledoll. Lyn Maxine (Buennan) 1963 Bcir. Linda ClaiR: (Johnson) 1961 Bence, Gretchen Anne 1947 lleanett, Debordh Kiernan (Ealden) 1971 Jlo&gs. Anne Louise (Ross) 1930 llmwn, Margmt Hamilton 1942 Burford, Judith (Dor.n) 1955 llvgevin, Judith (Johnson) 1958 Bush, Linda Gail (Scadron-Wattles) 1967 c.spari, Beatrice Marie 1968 Oadwick, Christine Howard (Stuart) 1941 Qauvin, Suzanne Margaret (Billbor) 1966 Otisnall, Susan Lynn 1964 Caumoyer, Margaret Taylor 1969 Oinfield, Judith (Svenson) 1956 Oinfield, Suzanne (Hallberg) 1953 Dlrling. Elizabeth 1933 Davidson, Julia Mary (Harum) 1929 Drnnen, Sarah Stebbins 1920 Dirge, Winifred (Weeks) 1943 Dunham. Susan Lorraine (Morray) 1968 lillon, Phyllis Towne (f.,cman) 1934 Ply, Martha Lang (Miller) 1961 Pcindel, Joann Cordelia fmooney) 1946 Ferebee. Anne Hawes 1962 l'ialayson, Linda Su 1968 Oebbardt, Martha (Sloane) 1920 Good, Barbara Jeanne (Fo,.ter) 1960 rnham, Marguerite M 1971 Gnnt, Dale Marie 1970 Or.ene, Margmt rignard, Renee Katherine 1948 IWdane, Robena Bruce 1978 Haul. Lynn Marga"'t 1960 Heaton. Virginia Esther (Hall) 1937 Holland, Patricia Ruth (Jillson) 1967 Houser, Patricia Gail ftrumbull) 1965 Hubbell. Catherine Anneue 1926 Jameson. Janet (Hildebrant) 1941 leanne. Edna Jardine (Brush) 1921 Jones, Elizabeth Alison 1966 Kirtr::patrick. Patricia M 1944 Kleberg. Ann Maunder (Blakeslee) 1943 Langan, Patricia Ann 1957 I.Aibrop, Virginoa Smiley (McWeeney) 1964 Lader, Susann<o!Webb) 1958 Leboeuf, Edna Mae 1931 Uber, acline 1952 l.oughnn, Betty Katherine (Barry) 1936 low. A nes Isabelle (Hall) 1923 M1100, Shirley Ann 1945 Nu.. eu. I abel (Rutherford) 18 I Wc:Bnde. Marjorie (Thompson) 1938 II, Louise (Cos tello) 1891 ary, 01@ y, Hrkn ( eavling) 1923 "' m, ~ chelc Inez 1969 Od!.r, 1ane-Oau'< 1957, Helen Hale IE ~ ) 1923 Ptmu, Leslie Ga ltbro"nl 1957 Pia. Jane Clldwonb (Johnson) 1935 Pel. Mil) JustUS!Scon) ley, Huht 195 ~. andnl EIIJOC 1965!tad. Dana Ru II 1964 llemmjton. Dorolhy Cro!Zei cr) 1920 Ruegg, Barbam Purcell 1959 Russ. Jane Carolyn 1951 Saue,., Katherine Ramsay (Kehoe) 1955 Scbniebs, U"ula 1954 Seagle. Eleanor Robeson (Parker) 1937 Seitz, Mildrl'd 1920 Shellington. Christine L 1974 Shepard. Ann Hardie (Stevens) 1956 Sichak, Jane Li (Hoffman) 1962 Signer, Susan Joel 1959 Stafford, Mabel Stratton 1923 St. Andrews. Bonnie Anne 1964 Stockham, Helen In:nc Stoughton, Anne Moore 1961 Taylor, Virginia Judith (Zupp) 1955 Todd, Ann (Dasho) 1926 True, Merrill Walker (Enderton) 1962 Urciuoli, Karen Margaret 1961 Vanwert, Beverly Clevclan (Perham) 1949 Wells, Nancy Mae (Proctor) 1955 Whitcomb, Judith Helen 1958 Wilson, Virginia B (Robins) 1945 Wi.,n. Martha Ann 1971 Wolberg, Ellen May (Baumwoll) 1958 Woodhead, Judith (Deritter) 1944 Wonnan. Joyce Wyatt (Finlay) 1952 BETA TAU (Syracuse University) Ahlberg. Carol Lynn (Record) 1952 Aldinger. Anncy Carol CNakai) 1969 A lien. Sydney Hu Ida 1964 Angell, Carol Florence 1964 Ashley. Blanche Louise (Collins) 1894 Babbitt. Eile<n Frances 1967 Bagwell. Ka1hleen (Houghton) 1904 Ballou, Marion (Annstrong ) 1903 Barnes. Cynthia Whiting 1967 Bassett, Helen Alidc (Cory) 1918 Be"t. Patricia Bancrofl (Paterson) 1939 Bindrum. Ann Helen <Kc rz) 1963 Bowmim. Patricia Ann CCiarlariclloJ 1951 Brookfield. Jane Moo"' (Terlrnile) 1947 Bru ss< II. Laura Faye 1968 Bu c~ley. Jo Anne Dole (Schott) 1950 Campbell. Leslie Ann 1967 Campbell. Mona Jean 1959 Caney. L 1924 Carlson. Mory Ethel (Jewett) 1943 Casuza, Ann Allen (A b1'3m) 1963 Childs. Patricia Anne (Millerl 1937 Clark. Edna Joyce 1955 Clarl.e. Sara Ann 1969 Coffman, Patnm Long tsoitie) 1961 Cole, Albena Grace (Fuller) 1934 Cole. Hilda Jeanne ( lclaughlin) 1935 Cooper. Be erly Luth!Hamilton! 1946 Cragg. Dan1 Lee (Hanna) 1969 Crnne. Jean Carol (Koepcr) 1953 Crate. Vi'!linia Helen!Shea) 1937 Daub. E11zabeth Topping (Vickl 1961 D>' is. Faith I Pe..on J 1902 Dean. Carol Jo 1967 Dec~cr. Mfll]orie Loc ~wood twarner) 1934 Donoldson. Stephanoe T (Pressman) 1964 Dorr. Janice M (fo ieckl 1923 Egn<r. Mary G1ffonl tadrianl 1945 Eme n. Sara'<S (Welty) I 9~ Engel, Eleanor 1942 Fehling. Con tance Ann 1963 Fe'l!U>On. Donna Lee 1957 Frl'eman, bella Beth 1974 Fnctsch. Mary HeK Fro<t. anc Anne (Th&&J 1965 G1lle), Carol June IA"Ianoan) 1957 Goff. Chnsuna!aria 1968 Gohlke, Mar) Agnes CMetzcrl 1961 Goodell. flldml ~~ ) 1911 Good"'" Paine lane twnghtsmanl 1967 Gra Boll>ara EllllbethiStetson) 1946 G=le). He~ ~ ( lllal 1931 Haar, Jane Randolph (Schutt) Hall, Lynne Allison CNic~ol ) Harbaugh. Mory Manha Harbottle, Ada Vassar (Taylor) Hardman. Joyce An n (Hammond) Harris. Harriet Craigie CBcth) Harris, Inez Abbie (Robin on o Harris, Mary (Hasting s) Harwell. Anne (Teague) Haslett, Adeline Mary (Champaign) Hawley. Sarah Pamelia (Stoddard) Hayes, Susan Alice Hensel. Elkn Lee (Harrison) Hildncr. Joan Le Rou Hill. Helen Geraldine (Pelot) Hillis. Julia Eunice (Teele) Holton. Mary Lynn Hopkins, Cherry Mary Homey, Melody Jean Hughes. Marcia Virginia (Simmons) Hurley, Brenda Lee Hutchins. Mary Francis (Phelps) Jackson, Margaret (Heisler) Jillson. Oriole Frederica CBurlew) Johnson. Anne Fr:ances Jones. Karen Elisabeth Jones, Mary Augusta (Morriss) Kelly, Anne Leslie Kregel, Kmn Lenore Kuczynski, Judith Diane E (lawson) larson, Ann Bowman tginway) Li, M:uine Thgn-Kwan (Kwok) Madden. Jane McKeeman, Mary Kay McNally. M Joanne (f isher) Mellott, Elaine Lois (Boyce) Mil ler. Anita Cleveland CPrl'ston) Newell. Borbara Jean CBmndon) Olson. Karen Jan~ ('Wilcox) Parker. Mary Gertrude (Case) Pinckney. Janel K Poner. Pamcl3 Jan~ Rice. Katherine Sedwick (Arlud:) Rice, Marilyn Louise Richard. Anne Roe (Hafer) Rondomanski. Patricia Ann Ryder. Sarah Louise Saf"'. Judith Schoenlcber. Milrose Ruth Schuck. Nancy Kathenne (Proudmanl Shults, M a~orie Ann (Parker) Steele. Pauline Elizabeth Stokes, Shelley Baylis Stowell. Bcnha F"'d Stmnd1, Carol Jean ( Swen.feg\!r. June Emily (Rasmu se n) Svkes. Rachel Anne (Dionne ) Thomas. Barbara Jeanne CHendrick ) Thorpe. Chnstina Thckcr. Lois Adrienne (Bal.,h) Thmcr. Manha Uebel. Be'frly Claire (Coccia) Voorfltt Ruth Cas1ner (Ann tmng) Walker. ancy Irene (Burnham) Waln. Doroth) Allee CBioo"'l Wendelken, Robin Mane Wholahan, Oh\'0 Mary Wilde. GcraldJne M&r@l"'l Wilham Annetta (Telfer) Wlll arn Roberta Ltnne Wilham!oOn. Mary Me=r <H e) Winne. Dorothy Jane (Bro"n) Witmer. Baroan Joan ( lund) 1 Wong. Karen Lee PSI (Cornell University) Alba.oeoe. DIIOC Eliubeth llltmmcr) Allen. Carmen Ston< Alhi011, Jane Andrus (Cam<ronl I % S 193 Anna Mary Ande,.on. Barbara Andrl'ws, Ethel M Angell. Susan Humphrey (Keyser) Austin, Bessie Baldwin, Candace Seward Barru. Elizabeth Ann (Burleson) Baskcll, Ann Stuan Bateman, Helen M (Heath) Bateman. Ruth Achsah (Stebbins) Beale. Sarah Jane Benner. Constance Louise Bergin, Winifred Mandeville Blaker, Marion Adelaide (Miller) Boone, Edith Bos trom, Irene E (Fromm) Botsford, Elsie V (Moroney) Bowen. Beverly Agnes (Moeller) Brinklow. Judith Ann (Perkins) Brown. Joan Catherine Budlong, Nancy Lou (Lent) Burch, Alice Elizabeth Burch. Justine Burd. Virginia Gordon (Nicholson) Burden, Ruth (Babcock) Burke, Judith Barbam (Sttphenson) Burton. Marien B P (Whitehouse) Burtt, Dorothy Newell Butler, Ludy Edelin Byrne, Katherine Agnes Cairns. Margaret Eleanor V (Elter) Camden. MO!jorie Louise Cardon. Martha Cassidy. Jessie Jane (Saunders) Chadwick. Margaret Terry Cha!l'berlain, Phyllis lane (Kilbourne) Charles, Elizabeth Ann (Tweedale) Clork, Emily (Laurie) Clark, Ruth F"'nch (Wells) Cochrtln. Julia Andrew Collins, Mory Elizabeth (McMullen) Cook. Ellen Townley Cook. Katherine Elizabeth (Perkins) Corcoran, Phyllis Adeline Cornell, Elizabeth Sheldon (Maxudian) Covell, Eileen Marie Cramer. Louanna Dallas (Eddy) Crocker. Catherine Rae Dash. Deborah (Winn) Decker. Elaine Ferris (Kom) Dehond. Susan G"'en (Hadley) D ly. Marianne Clork Deniton. Ann Mac (Brian) De sen. Miriam Beth Dixon, Margery (Bloomer) Dogan. Diane Elizabe1h Donahue. Jean Kathryn (Juergens) Dovey, Adelaide (Church! Drake. Manha Lee (Young) Durand, Anna Perry (Logan) Dyer, Sllrlh Marguerite (Pedrv.o) Eaton, Ka~nne (Nichols) Erb, Elizabeth Erb, Julonn E Eskridge, Olivia Lee (Mandel) Fagan. Lou1sc Stephens!Pe1rce) Falk, Laun Ann F1 ke, Chnstabel Fo"}the Fleet, Flo"'nee Perrott (Fune) Folda. JeM1fer Foster. Mary (Seb.. orer) fo,.ler, Gwynne CBnggs) Frauanne, Mar) Joy Freneh. Charlottt Calhenne F'umu. Beatnce Lou11< (Pollock) Ge1 Kathryn Ellen ac.,etc. Am) G1llen. "'ancy El ubeth!l>lll) Goelz. Janet L) M Gn:tz, Mlljone BcMOn frauch) I S I TlfE KEY/WINTER

40 Grisrom. Edith (Manison) 1911 Taylor, Mary Gilley (Walbridge) 1889 Hill. Muriel Chapin 1951 Gordon. Dianna Mary Haigh, Eva Macella 1911 lbbias, Charlene (Shumway) 1896 Horak. Gracelise Margaret (Hughes) 1952 Grant, Sandra Kathlyn (Castner) Hamm, Elizabeth Jean (Kenny) 1942 Townsend, Emma Natalie (Russ) 1915 lntermaggio. Elvira Anita (Maffucci) 1945 Gundy. Muriel K (Smith) Havens, Elizabeth Willcox (Reid) 1923 Townsend. Louise 1909 Jacobsen, Maude Englested (Crawley) 1928 Hanson, Dorothy Alice (Brace) Heed. Belly Jane (Jennison) 1949 Vail, Eileen Bain 1916 Jacobsen, Therese Engleste (Mitchell) 1928 Harris. Birnie Evelyn (Howson) Hobbs, Jonet Anno 1962 Vanatta. Virginia 1913 Johnson, Alice Florence 1950 Harvey, Barbara Jane (Palmer) Hoffman, Dorothy Chopman 1938 Vandegna. Joyce Carol 1965 Jones. Janet Caroline 1949 Haydon, Jean Patricia (PaleCTIIO) Hopper, Helene Washburn 1957 VanWinkle. Karen Patricia 1965 Jordan. Diane (Stites) 1951 Hayroe, Isabel Clifton (Harrison) Hotchkiss. Carol Leigh (Banquer) 1965 Vernier, Julie Marie 1962 Kaufmann, Clara (Purkis) 1906 Hiller. Sheila Elizabeth (Whitton) I' Huestis, Edna Frances (Simpson) 1902 Verrill. Pamela Harding (Walker) 1962 Kipp. Ethel Margaret (Mills) 1905 Hogg, June Georgina (Steele) I' Huestis, Ella Lucine (Barker) 1900 Wagner, Flavia (Stutz) 1944 Leahy, Mary Dorothy (O'Neill) 1949 Holderman, Anna Barbara (Mather) t' Huffman, Sandra Lee (Green) 1968 Wagoner, Shirley Elfleda (Johnson) 1955 Lucas, Jean Marshall 1913 Hopkins, Anne lhlcey I' Jackson, Lael Hollister (Boyd) 1955 Wehman, Patricia Ann (Anderson) 1951 Mackintosh, Margaret C 1905 Hourigan, Patricia Ann I' Jenkins, Ann Louise (Wollpet) 1962 Welch. Helen Ann Cockey 1951 Maloney. Ruth (Runey) 1933 Howitt, Mary (Carnworth) I' Kerslake, Margery Jane 1952 White. Barbara Tanger (French) 1961 Marks, Jean Cochrane (Coleman) 1909 Hubbell. Flora Grace I' Knapp, Deborah Ann 1978 Wilber, L.aura Hadley (Mille>) 1937 Marshall, Winifrt:d (Marwick) 1905 Huff. Betty Marie I' Kralovec. Doris Mae (Miller) 1943 Wilhelmsen, Ragnhild (Kielland) 1919 McCulloch, Irene (Swift) 1912 Hughes, Mary Elizabeth (Best) I' Kuphal, Nancy Warde (Jones) 1960 Williams. Margo Lee (Pollak) 1967 McDermott, Mildrt:d Mary 1909 Hull, Florence Louise (Budgell) 1' Kyle, Julie Ann (Averill) 1964 Wilson. Florence Lea (Humphreys) 1936 Mclaughlin. Helen (Sargent) 1932 Innis. Mary E (Cates) I' Ladenburg, Anne Radcliffe 1964 Wisbum. Anita Gabriella (Morrison) 1954 McNeil. Edna N (MacKenzie) 1917 Jackson, Sally Victoria (Breithaupt) l! Langdon, Lee 1951 Witherell, Wendy Anne (Hill) 1952 Melvin, Patricia Florence (Pettit) 1951 Johnson, Virginia Edleen (Wood) 1' Lawson. Gretchen Ann (Lentz) 1949 Wolfinger, Carolyn Louise (Selldorff) 1953 Metzger, Margaret Louise (Landcastle) 1928 Johnston, Nancy Jean (Graham) I' Leary, Emma Branan (Behan) 1917 Woll, Barbara R 1959 Milligan, Ruth Seton (MacRonald) 1929 Jowsey, Dorothen Benedict (Smart),. Leary. Helen North (Dowd) 1919 Young, Anne Shippen (Echols) 1924 Mills, Frances Evelyn 1919 Kaufman, Sally Jean (Koetsier) I' Leonard, Ann Ramsdell 1936 Young. Carrie V 1900 Montee, Margery Jean 1944 King, Leslie Patricia 1\ Lester, Ruth.Jean (Jennings) 1941 Neville. Muriel Grace (Learning) 1938 Kuerble, Linda Ruth 1\ Levy, Elizabeth Louise 1967 BETA EPSILON (Barnard Nugent, Dorothy (Travers) 1919 Laidley, Ann MaJjorie (Birtles) I' Lewis. Shirley Gilpin (Hite) 1944 O'Reilly, Elsie Katherine (Sears) 1940 Laird, Katherine Greer (Comber) H Lichty. Marjorie Elizabeth (Hunter) 1924 College) Pando, lnes Dolores 1914 Leamcn, Nance Jane 1\ Lindcnburg, Marie Elizabet (Flack) 1926 Allen. Elizabeth 1899 Peacock. Elizabeth (Delapenha) 1919 Leaney. Wendy Anne 1\ Loomis. Sharon Dianr 1968 Eaton. Mary Lavinia (Glass) 1898 Phillips, Ruth (Foote) 1929 Libby. Georgina Elizabeth )\ Lynn, Nancy Jane (Barton) 1949 Firebaugh, Bertha Harriet (Osberg) 1907 Raabe, Ruth (Surrett) 1928 Lindsay. Ruth Mary (Huestis) 1\ Lytle. Elizabeth Spahr 1945 Fox, Harriet Ruth (\Vhicher) 1907 Reinhold. Joan Evelyn (Nieman) 1948 Link, Nancy Frances 1\ Maclennan, Tanya Leone 1956 Gillespy. Jane Bliss 1898 Rich. Orina Patricia (Byer) 1942 Long, Susan Elizabeth (McNiven) I\ Marsilius. Diane June (Barendse) 1967 Henderson, Nathalie (Swan) 1902 Robb, Helen Gordon (Catlin) 1918 Lowe, Diana H IS Mason, Donna Jean (Drummond) 1956 Hndge. Charlotte Morse (Peters) 1909 Roberts. Mary Carol (Brown) 1951 Luke. Dorothy Howard IS Mathis, Sandra Lee (Hopkins) 1966 Jacobi, MaJjorie (McAneny) 1896 Roeder, Eleanor Florence (Carlos) 1940 Lundy, Isabel Amelia (Fulton) IS McCambridge. Nancy Joan 1960 Lathrop. Ella Roselle (Shields) 1896 Sadowski. Irene Theresa (Reynolds) 1951 Macaulay. Mary Elizabeth (Court) IS McConnell, Carroll (Manning) 1950 Lockwood. Hilda Legrand (O'Brien) 1900 Sanford, Helen 1925 MacFarlane, Mary A (Callaghan) IS McHugh, Lucille Margaret 1933 Mayosmith, Lucie (Phillips) 1903 Sharpe. Jane Lois 1947 MacNeill, Mary Frances (Duthie) IS McKay, Katherine Florence (Eakin) 1919 Meyer. Florence Alma 1902 Souville, Eleanor 1951 Marshall, Helen W I~ McMillan. Elsie Ruth 1954 Newland, Ann May (Stoughton) 1903 Sparrow, Bessie May (Anderson) 1913 Martin, Florence Lillian (Clark) I~ McTighe, Helen Evans (Allen) 1936 Phelps. Eleanor (Clark) 1899 Theiss, Carol Marlene 1951 McGillivray, Carolyn Ann 19 Medden, Rheua Vaughn (Rand) 1925 Recs, Florence Dubois (Moore) 1910 Umbeck, Jonella Deane 1944 McKee. Margaret L (McKay) 19 Meigs, Marcia Godwin (Smith) 1957 Stanton, Priscilla Dixon (Auchincloss) 1906 Vanhorne, Harriet (Wells) 1951 McSJoy, Mary Hope Nadine (Mclarty) 19 Meyers. Mary Lou 1960 Stapler, Martha Gause 1903 Vonarx, Dorothy (Mount) 1928 Mews. Eleanor 19 Milliman, Mary Louise 1942 Thompson, Elizabeth llsley 1900 Warner, Doris Ann 1934 Miller. Catherine Ann (Vivian) 19 Moore, Barbara Ann 1945 Verlage, Charlotte C (Hamlin) 1909 Weekes, lnna Marjorie (Lane) 1905 Milliken, Regina Margaret (Brown) 19 Moore. Candace Leigh 1963 Weis, Joan Agnes (Anderson) 1944 Mills, Mary Cynthia (Castanheira) 19 Morrison, Olive Butler (Waud) 1900 BETA SIGMA (ABelphi College) Wetzler, Dorothy (Schloss) 1931 Minden. Sarah Lynne (Faux) 19 Murlless. Barbara Arden (lambert) 1920 Zayatz, Alicia Anita D (Bevan) 1943 Moffatt. Janet Elizabeth (Van Oordt) 19 Nansen. lm1elin 1920 Adams. Alice P 1949 Monahan, Dorelle Elinor (MacDonald) )~ Needham. Annabel (Hilliard) 1924 Adams, Nancy Lee (Murray) 1953 Mondy, Maryon Elspeth (Pearson) 19 BETA PSI (University of Toronto) Neill, Mary Caroline (Hanna) 1955 Andrt:ss, Frances Grace (Guild) 1928 Murray, Joan Ellen 19 Neufeld, Mary Diana 1964 Arata. Mary Mae Dorothy (Fletcher) 1932 Adams. Goil Ann (Sandercock) 1960 Mustard, Elizabeth Jean (Burch) 19 Nichols. Emily Baker (Stevens) 1937 Avery, C Louise 1909 Armstrong. Francis Mary (Sainbury) 1944 Newlands. Patricia Margaret 19 Noyes. Charlotte McCallum (Sewall) 1925 Beatty, Margaret (Randall) 1924 Ball, Mary Elizabeth (Hughes) 1959 Patrick, Edith (Fraser) 19 Osborne. Edith Louise (Kochenour) 1960 Bennett, Dorothy Ann 1952 Barnes. Elizabeth Rose 1962 Patrick, Gertrude (Somerville) 19 Osborne, Patricia Ann (Reisner) 1954 Bornman, Ruth 1925 Beatty, Barbara Grace (Hickman) 1945 Patrick. Janet Elaine (Hall) 19 Otis. Mary Amy 1886 Brady. Helen Elizabeth (Lcaycraft) 1909 Bell, Jane Ruth (Greer) 1940 Peart. Shirley Joanne (Butt) I Otto. Joan (lewis) 1950 Brady. irene Patricia 1946 Bell, Leona Janet (Macey) 1960 Peck, Ethel (Brown) 19 Patterson. Susan Barr 1956 Braun, Dolores Ann 1950 Belton, Esther (Sherwin) 1950 PI8JttOn, Phyllis Georgia (Airth) 19 Paul, Mildrt:d Valorie (Devenney) 1935 Bristol, Carol (Douglas) 1919 Blathwayl, Anne Cecelia 1974 Quinn. Mary Ann I Perkins, Julia Eleanor (Califano) 1965 Bums, Marguerite 0 (McAuliffe) 1922 Blundy, Grace Barbara 1937 Ratz, Helen Ruth (LeBlanc) 19 Pnum. Patricia Ann 1968 Bums. Maryland (Byrne) 1918 Bnwles, Ethel Mary (Harris) 1924 Rice, Evelyn Ada (Cockburn) 19 Pope. Anne French 1920 Bush. Frances Antoinette (Russell) 1929 Broadfoot. Barbara Valerie 1936 Robertson. Isabel Fitzpayn (Stewart) 19 Prangen. Helen Louise (Keller) 1925 Caw I, Henrietta (Carey) 1919 Brown. Barbara Elizabeth 1955 Rose, Shirley Ann (Roy) 19- Press. Barbara Ann (Thmer) 1962 Cleland. Jean Marie (Trifari) 1935 Bryce, Dorothy Edna (Farmer) 1931 Ross, Mary Helen (McKee) l'i- Putnam. Patricia Ann 1964 Colston. Dorothy Reeve 1919 Burnet, Carol Elaine (Valin) 1964 Sanderson. Mary Isabel (Young) 19 Quinn. Edith Louise (Franklin) 1950 Colston, Miriam Lloyd 1919 Bunon, Jocelyn June (Paul) 1963 Sceviour. Jane Elizabeth 19 Rick. Nancy Lee 1960 Cooke. Shirley Ann 1953 Cannon, Nancy Joan 1949 Scott. Barbara Jane (Neace) 19- Rickert, Juledell (Kirsopp) 1947 Coryell. Eleanor Bradford (Clark) 1921 Cates, lo an Margaret 1963 Scott, Jane Ellen JCJo Riemer, Felicia 1952 Cracovaner, Joan Marie (Thompson) 1948 Charles. Mary Jane (fisher) 1961 Scott, Judith Lesslie 19o Root. Helen Mariene (Campbell) 1919 Cudlipp, Marion Wybum (Abbon) 1905 Clark, Frances Eleanor (Piironen) 1941 Sheridan, Minam Elizabeth (Ruehl 19 Sanders. Susan Joanne (Bennett) 1964 Cutter. Marian 1906 Colvin. Margaret Townsend 1927 Siddall, Janet Lorraine (MacQuarrie) JCJo Sawyer. Emma Louise (Ridgway) 1890 Davis, Blanche (Harrison) 1924 Court, Catherine Anne 1964 Slemin. Mollie (Wondyatt) 19- Schroeder, Lynne 1959 Davis. Dorothy (Boyich) 1925 Coun, Jane Grace 1964 Smith, Gwendolyn Yvonne (Calder) J'lo Shelton. Mcrijean (Kelley) 1964 Davison. Edna Suydam (Osterhout) 1918 Cowan, Evelyn (Archibald) 1932 Smith, Leslie Joanne (Whittaker) 19t Simen, Rita Alvina (Dorrance) 1951 Dutton, Ruth Froncis (MacLachlan) 1924 Cox, Karen Arlene (Morris) 1963 Smith. Marian Gertrude (Angus) 19. Skinner. Kathleen (Delsanter) 1960 Fenton. Audrey (Harrison) 1942 Cunningham, Ruth (Isbister) 1932 Smith. Stephanie Jane I Smith, Diane Evelyn (Daechtcr) 1952 Flynn. Hester F (Crowell) 1913 Daniel, Mary Elizabeth (Hoffman) 1968 Smith. Wendy Jocelyn (Chambers) I Smith. Elma Jouett (Brady) 1890 Frothingham. Patricia Mari (Becker) 1945 Davidson, Edith Jean (Tucker) 1944 Stewart, Jeanne Audrt:y (McNabb) I Smith. Kyle Elizabeth 1979 Galagher. Virginia (Perry) 1940 Da\ idson. Vera 1911 Sutherland, Margaret Anne Smythe, Elizabrth Janr (Weinstein) )!)4.1 Gauvran. Ethel (Smith) 1905 Davis. Eleanor 1912 Taylor, Betty Marie (Moore! Southwonh. Ann Cynthia {Smith) 1955 Glassman, Mignon Margaret 1951 Delaney. Marguerite Louise (Majdalany) 1945 Tennant. Gillian Helen Sparks. Ruth Ann (foster) 1957 Gran!0r. Oli>e Standish (Oliver) 1921 Dickson, Be..,erly Ann (Monteith ) 1962 Thornton. Sarah Louise Stafford. Elizabeth Dai l ( Viseur) 1953 Grant, F Margaret 1925 Ebbs. Alice Susan (Hayhurst) 1961 Vickers. Mary Hope (Krebs) Stagg, Linda!Lon~) 1951 Grosskunh. Helen Virginia 1944 Elder, Amelia Jean 1950 Wales, Morna Gillian SW\ton. Be>erly Fay 1950 Grossman. Gladys Freda 1915 Fairclough. Susan McKay (Dosman) 1957 Walker. Evelyn Gladys Starr. Mary Eltz.abeth (Kmg) Hackett. Eleanor Augusta (Phillips) 1919 Fairfield. Alice (Strickland) 1921 Wardle, Edna Gwenne Stebbtns, Emma Mabel (Mitchell) 1891 Halsey. Lillian (Robinson) 1912 Fee, Nancy Elizabeth 1964 Walson, Elizabeth Patncia (Craig) Stecker, Marg:m::t Loomts 1912 Halvorsen, Irma Lucille (MacFarlane) 1924 Fife. Gwendoi)'TI 1925 Wal50n, Helena (Bowley) Steer. Elizabeth Anne 1956 Han. Dorothy Anne (McGowan) 1934 Finlay. Jean Marion Stott (Naylor) 1949 Web ter. Nancy Lee (Mathe>On) Sterbenz. MariC' Loutsc 1977 Haslell. Norma (McKinstry) 1919 Aanders. Mary MaJjorie 1911 Western. Nancy Alice tmccomuck) Stockdale. Gertrude K 1938 Hastings, Florence M (fox) 1937 Forsythe. Dora (Suddeby) 1911 White. Judith Ann (SDllth) Stow, Juha Ann 1949 HeaJey. Virgmia Ehsc 1934 Fowler, Margaret Louise (Desbrisay) 1953 Whittingham. Megan Anne StrAw. Sara Catherine (Wright) 1965 Hcissenbuud. Joycr Adair 1950 FUJIWara. Joan Rjtsuyo 1971 Willunson. Dorothy Lynn (McKeowm) I Stroler. Kay Ann (Sta<di 1963 Hendenon, Adelaide E (Hill) 1923 Fulford, Leslie Jane 1967 Wtlliorns, Cathenne Ann I Stuart. Doroth) Rit hie (fuller) 1944 Henderson, M3.rg:uet Nonon ({)uhnscn) 1928 Goodearle. Marg=tta B (Sompson) 1947 WiUwns, Ruth Gunmng (Zuem:r) I S)mrosi.J. l ary Abbott 1966 Herman, Dorrit Henrietta 1936 Gonderbarn. M&r) Mone (Mathes) 1936 Wmten, Beatrice G rknowies) 19

41 isc, Rulh Elizabelh (Stewan) 1945 II, Susan Clare 1968 Wyfie, Joy Elizabeth 1966 Ylnlley. Margaret Anne (Baines) 1954 foung, Barbara Joan 1966 Zaleski. Diana Lynda (Gillis) 1970 DELTA DELTA (McGill University) Achenbach, Edna Estelle (Walker) 1962 Aikins, Katherine Merriman (Cullen) 1938 Andrews, Dixie Jean (Asscltine) 1942 Armstrong, Ann Elizabelh 1934 Austin, Karin 1964 Aylett, Barbara Joan (Paul) 1964 Ballantyne, Frances Ann 1954 Barne, Charlotte Wentwon (Brode) 1936 Barnes, Frances Seymour (Beardmore) 1943 Bellemare. Claudette (Davis) 1969 Birks. Barbara Muriel 1966 Blachford. Nancy Cynlhia (Clark) 1953 Black, Ida Willa 1930 Boake, Margaret Carolyn (Gundara) 1961 Boland, Sheila Patricia 1949 Boorne, Julie Charlotte 1962 Boweslyon. Charlotte Mary (Wagner) 1961 Bradley. Jane Barker 1966 Bradshaw, Mary Elizabelh 1950 Brock, Margot Elizabelh (Abbott) 1954 Brown. Mary Elizabelh (Heney) 1948 Bruce, Agnes Jocelyn 1934 Buckingham. Carol Arene (Levinson) 1956 Burris. Margaret Stuan (Bassett) 1930 Cameron, Janet Morrison (Baker) 1931 Caner, Mary Elizabelh (McTavish) 1931 Case. Jufia Isabel 1969 Chaykowsky. Valerie Olga 1956 Chisolm, Daintry Craig (Snyder 1949 Christensen. Rosemary 1961 Christie, Frances Helen E 1944 Clark, Gwendolyn Louise (Sharp) 1965 Clarke. Joan Elhel (Denis) 1934 Colby, Harriet Child 1934 Cole. Valerie Anne 1962 Cowper. Mary Belh (Muir) 1950 Cran. Claire Elise (Brais) 1951 Crombie. Ann Greenough (Goldsmilh) Cross. Nan Rolhncy (Morrison) 1953 Currie. Marianne 1959 CUttle, Mary Margaret (Read ) 1943 Davies, Susan Elizabelh (Robinette) 1963 Davis, Patricia Leslie 1938 Dawson, Mary Christabel Doble. Jean A (McRobie) 1931 Dobson, Anna Etl!clwyn (Petmon) 1934 Dodds, Roma (Henderson) 1940 Donnelly, Kalhleen Francis (Krawman) 1930 Drury, Leilh 1961 Elherington. Barbara Jane (Dowie) 1958 Ewing, Shirley Ann (Howard) Farquhar. Helen Marion (Taylor) 1959 Fellowes, Lucy Alexandria 1967 fcmlbce. Joan Dunton (Sutherland) 1949 Fisher. Mary Louisa 1946 Forde, Mary Therese 1948 Foster, Angela (Boughner) 1963 Frere. Leslie Joan 1969 Gauuer. Christa Yvonne 1966 Gilmour. Susan Ellen (Peterson) 1958 Goodfellow. Caroline Alice 1969 Gordon. Efizabelh Maud 1940 Gonnan. Rosanagh Laun~ 1971 Goudreau. Barbano Blair (Cirill 1962 Goudreau. SuJaD Huck (Speriongl 1964 Gn101, Margaret Monro (Andn:w) 193 I Gn!nt. SaralJ Ber};cn tstalleyl 1952 Gregory. Mary Aorenc:c (Web ter) 1934 Grove, Sylvia Irvine rmclemon) 1939 Hale, JaGqueline McCau1y (Ann trong) 1941 llamilton. Elizabelh!Maitland) 1937 Harn olton, Janet lsobc1 (Gobb) 1941 Haney, Joyce 1944 Han n. Barban Joan (MacDougalll 1969 Hanson. Patricia Hazel (Kemp) 1940 Hartling. Joan Marquis (Banlett) 1956 Hamson. Beatnce Jane (Humm) 1940 Harrison. Karen Louosc 1969 Han, Judolh Ann 1966 HI). Margaret Ru II CChun:hl 1930 Hendne. Ebzabelh Loloan 1964 Hendry, Wendy Ann 1963 Henzberg. Donhea Helen (Gra 19-4 Holbom, Gertrude EJ.- 195! Holbom, Helen Joan (Bndle) 1936 Hodp:. Frances kuoe 1949 Homer. Cat) (Cameron) 1934 Ho ard. Alma Clavenng (Eben) 193! Ho ard, G enna Mary 1951 Hue.oon, Oebonlo Rulh tlonghurso 1960 Hunt, Onooe (Moll l InC) Lonaane!Edmond> I 19 5 Johnson, Carol Nell Johnson. Eileen Nonna (1\omer) Johnson, Rosa Mary (Rose) Johnson, Sharon Belh (Vroom) Johnson. Susan Mary Iones. Calherine Ludlow H (Anderson) Joseph, Sara Elhel Keddie. Brenda Rae (Sorley) Kelly, Katherine Mary (Shaughnessy) Kennedy. Dorolhy Shirley (Love) Kennedy. Janet Dianne Kennedy, Nan Vema (Finley) Knox, Alison Douglas Kosick. Carol Anne (Herzeca) Lang, Celia Marguerite Lawson, Mary Genrude (Corcoran) Lealhem. Moira Gaston (Day) Lcdain, M Janet Tai t (Hammond) Ledden, Barbara Anne Leger. Jacqueline Harriet Umesurier, Mary Stuan Leus, Heidt Margaret Lindsay. Elspelh Georgia (Rhodin) Lovell. Rosita Frances Lowe. Kerry Louise (Anderson) Macey, Cynthia Jane!Taylor) Maci nnes. E Calherine (Bytler) MacKay. Jane Elizabelh (Wright) MacKay, Mary Barclay MacKimmie. Sherrill Ann Mann. Margaret Carol Marriott, Helen Adelaide (Downie) Malher. Jane Maynard Matolcsy. Kalherine Maryann Maw. Joanic Elizabelh (Clark) Mayhe w, Anne Lovi tt McConnick, Sheila Georgina McCulloch. Ann Leslie (Hopei McFetridge, Helen Shauneen McGillis, lsobel Anne (Campbell) McLaren. Philippa Doane (Hunoer) McLeod, Frances (Hamilton) McNab. Janet Elizabeth McNab, Mary Ann Mills, Pamela Joan (Frost) Mitchell, Jean Campbell Molson. Mary Ann Montminy. Lise Helene (DoUlre) Morris, Shirley Evillc (MacDonald) Murphy, Beatrice Georgina Nasc. Barbara Stewan (Campbe ll) Nelson, loan A (Oliver) Oamer. Maris O'Reilly, lsobel Margaret (Davis) Osborne. Mary Sophia Owens. Cynlhia Jane (McMahon) Owens. Gail Kalherine (McRobie) Payne. Judilh Enid (Barbour) Perry, Anne Denise (Hardman) Perry. June Bowen (McKenzie) Pierce, Judith Calherine Powell. Yolande Winnifred (Stewan) Quaid, Fionagh Doreen Rainnie. Ann Logan (McCUlloch) Ramsey, Mary Ellzabelh P (loyal) Rhodes, Ellen!Pien:e) Richer, Carole Deni~>C Robcnon. Sonia Jean (Wight) Robcns. Cynlhia Wynne (Johnston) Robinson, Aorence Ann (Shaw) Rodgers, Joyce Irvine (Munn) Rose. Barbara Su an Russel. Ruth Molson (Wolson) Ryan, Mary Sheilagh (Whitehead) Scoon, Nonna ancy (Lowden) Shonn>ed, Gillian Stuan (Teochmanl Simpson. Eleanor Alice Smilh, Rulh Anne Penelope (!lorn) Snyder. SUJaJ1 Fn~nces Stacey. Kalharine Ameha D (Mason I Slatten. Aloe< L)n (MeCO<doc) Stevenson. Shorley Elozabe (White) Sulrerruut, Ann Hewoonl Suleman. Elizabclh He"' ard (Rose 1 Stone. Joseploone Deeubas Tan, Ingrid!R}an) Thompson, Helen Munel (Borks) Thornhill. S}h11 1lll'pt'CI (Cooper) Thole. Ellllbelh MorccroO (Harnolton) Th.nsend, Edolh Edgecombe Tv.1dale, Valerie lo} techauzou) VanBusltu\. Bettie Lou!Holden) Vaupshas, Vl\lan Margaret Veolh. Calhenne Conn Ven:oe. Alice Margaret tedmoson) Webster. Lucy Grel"')!G DUlUI HCOS<Il Weldon. Diane (Pufoeldl \\ 1. Aloee Vorpnoa Wlutt. Marpres R..- t 1ad{enne) JI Williams, Frances Eileen (Miller) 1931 Williaros, Sadie Rulh (Rennie) 1952 Winslow, Barbara dlrodford) 1938 Wright, Joanna (Farrell) 1935 Wright, Penelope Anne (Carlson) 1959 BETA PROVINCE GAMMA RHO (Allegheny College) Anderson. Betsy Ann (Mason) 1961 Avetta, Karen Sue 1973 Baker. Marie Comerford (Springer) 1921 Baldwin, Beverly Joan 1946 Baldwin. Filis Lee (Coit) 1945 Boll. Cynlhia Louise 1964 Barclay, Barbara Anne (Miller) 1959 Barnhurst. Eleanor Gregory (Treat) 1923 Beyer. Mary Eleanor (Mahaffey) 1904 Bream. Sandra Jean 1965 Brcdehom. Margaret Louise 1963 Brenan. M31Jorie Larson (Cozan) 1946 Brewster, Marilyn Healh (Lauffer) 1954 Bri!.tow. Eva Joan 1942 Britton, Winifred C (Hami lton) 1919 Bronncnberg, Louise Lorrai (Lanier) 1949 Brooks. Phylli; Leslie (Cox) 1960 Brown. Maron (Calderwood) 1961 Buchhcot, Geraldine Verono!Redfield) 1963 Campbell. Esohcr Franco!Scarborough) 1941 Clu'\!1. Patricia Anne (Levine) 1966 Cole. Jessie (Blakeslee) 1904 Cri11pin. K:uen Lom~c 1965 Cross. Janice Elizabeth 1973 Dahlboon. Carol Doroth y (Hagen) 1964 Deily. Jean Carolyn IGoodnoan) 1966 Dragosavac. Dyannc Lynne CKerecman) 1966 Duff. Marjone!Preston) 1920 Ericson. Ruth Marie tdingle) 1911 Eys U. Carolyn Chnstonc 1949 Franklin. Wendy Ann 1969 Frocdt. Rebecca Mary!Perez) 1964 Fullenon. Nancy Jane (Reichle) 1953 Gaston. Ethel Gcnrude (Hawk in I 1901 Gaston. Phylonda Elise (Hastings) 1902 Gaocs. Eva Claire 1915 Gcckler. Cheri Lou 1972 Gelbach. Ruth Elizabeth 1Cochran' Graf. Elizabeth Ann!Rcinin ga) 1950 Greenland. Della Viola!Schaul) 1897 Grove, Elizabeth lane (Berntson) 1959 Hall. Eleanor Mary (Lewos) 1901 Held. El a Ann CLinabergcrl 1957 Hervey. ell Meade toi>en) 1939 Holme. Ann Ehlllbeoh (Arcson) 1964 Johnson. Vir~inia f'.1a) f\vhcdcrl 1951 Johnston. Glenda Mal tbearcel 1956 Jonc~. Thelma Ann 1951 Judd. Virginia Su'ian (Wanlcr) 1964 Kn~mer. Margaret Ann tprather) 1945 Logan. Kerric Mcredoth 1970 Luvaas. Karen Dav.n 1973 Marino. Martha Louosc 1955 Marvm. Jcss1e Adam!! I 99 1cAhster. Lauren Rae (Alllcrc) 1966 MeCaffeny. Emma Rulh (Sl onner) 1920 M Candle.,. Enna Charlolle INockmonl 1958 McCune. Mar~u<"ntc M ISv.cct) 1918 McLean. Margan:! Grano 1912 Me emar, 3flC) Ruth tmillerl 1951 Mitchell. Elizabeth Lloyd ohmonl 1919 Morri<on. Man an Glad); urray. E Louose IGourle}) 1933 ochol. arab Jean 1961 onhrup. Robena Ga) 1965 )C. Phyllos Elaone I poonen 1964 Paul. Chns11ne Ann IBockell 1969 Pcrkm~. Ann Wannp. fltmber) 1948 Peter!. Ruth Margel') (Moller) 1920 Pheteplaee, Carol Ann (Vance I 195~ Pogou. Elizabeth Cu oer;o!l'l:n.i all 1941 Po\<ell. Joan Arlene 195 Re..OOn. Carol Ann 197J R~. Jco:;s c toner to' Bntnl 1911 Rhone5nooth. Moll)on< Ahce 1963 Rhone muh. U>&ll Clary I '160 Ro hmond. Gaolil)ndonl 1905 Roa.:h. Dorolhy I Topic) I 191 chou. Helene Louo tch"i'manl chloter. renee E tu.-cll)nl 1934 leral.. Ul.IOOC Cl.ore 1968 hearer. Hameo Jane I daoml 1'157 hel"'-ood. \'trgtnta 1" ltlt'l'l 194'7 molh. lhleen Ann~~~... )I 195 mooh. >;anc) Rumnll!Phohrpcl 1951 teloott. Emol) IAntoooplo t 1'14 t.>ne. her lo..e (Hl\e-t ~~ n. JNJJ Ree tb ooon~l 1961 ll:obwn, I II 1911 Thorn. Annie Florence E (Wilson) 1905 Tiffany. Janet Appleby (Avella I 1945 Townsend. Alice Culbenson (Foschcr) 1922 Voges. Barbaro Ann 1951 Walker. Mary Melissa!Amidon) 1905 Wangner. Kathanne (Baldwin) 1921 Waring. Janelle Alma 1923 Werner. Susan EloLabeth 1961 Westerland. Sherry Ga)!Strong) 1961 William>. Clarice Jean (A IIcx.aht) 1947 Wolhams. Emma M 1940 \ ilson. C.~rnlyn Margaret (lone I 1952 Wouy. Marcia Morgan (Zeeb) 1967 Wood,.,ard, Barbara A (Vaughan) 1948 Worster. Dorothy Ju loa!hubbell) 1919 Yo 1. Edna A 1911 Zedcr. loan Woodbridge tbyme) 1967 Zeider. Kathie neva 1966 BETA ALPHA (University of Pennsylvania) Adam. Lydoa K 1915 Aruffo. Fr nm Ann Xa ier (Marshall) 1955 Bachrach. Gretchen Burdic 1966 Blum. Elizabeth Christine 1929 Bohon. Sar.oh Adele 1953 Bossard, Constance CCongdon) 1952 Brannon. Sarah Frances (Thomp;on) 1940 Brool'i. Ehnor PaLricia 1959 Brown. Barbara Emohe!Kling ) 1948 Bur~. Emma Lou" (McClellan) 1901 Bulls. Emclyn Palmer!Merrifield I 1944 Caldwell. Floren«!Sheridan) Campbell. Marian Lavine t\vhanon) 1949 Cline, Patricia Eileen 1964 Cooke, Ehzaboth Aymar!Grant) 1945 Cox. Margaret Juloelle 1968 Cubberley. EliLabeth 1914 Dana. Dorothea Dolorc; (Hud<onl 1946 Danfonh. Mal') Ann 1955 Darlong. Malvena McNab!Temple) 1963 Dav os. Gayle Montgomery 1937 Day. Anna Lea (Burroughs) 1948 Day. Margaret Dunning (Jones) 1960 Dcuts h. Ann 1anc 1961 Dm~v ~c ll. Ethel Kilauea CVon Gcldcml 1935 Duncan. Elose babel (Boardman ) 1941 Evan~. Ann Dugmore (Q,crin) 1953 Evans. Laura K (Penn) 1965 Fawccll. Mar) Virgima (Waldron) 1937 Fcrgu;on. Sally IColcmanl 1949 Fislc. Jeanne R obc ~on (Swanson) 1942 Fox. Anne Gou (Hayes) 1950 Gcttcs. ancy Jane 1964 Hamner. Joan Kor~ (Tutholl) 1945 Hathawa). Genrudc (Ameen) 1945 Hedge;, Judnh EhLabeth 191>4 Hcndtrson. Carol Ann 1966 Hoagland. Anne Rowe 1974 Hodges. Jul ia Black (LcwiSI 1897 Jarreu. Eleanor Jean Jennong>. Margaret Emeline 1947 Jones, J ~ss1c El1zabcth 19()..t Kavanau~;h. Frances Aup:uo;ta CSpi crl 1932 Kcnncd). Elizabeth Ann thco,r. itt J 1942 Lalla. lary Thorn 1961 Leonard. Joyce Kempler 1964 Lyn>l<). hem II Lee (Helm) 1964 ta... tcrs. franc1e Manc (Boardman) 1953 McBndc. M B.I) 1952 McCiosl e), Mal') cgrecn"oodl 1915 McG oll. Judilh Anne (O'Rourke! c cely. Constance Joan 1961 McNochob. Nancy L (Birol 1955 McTigue. Manha El11"'beth 1966 Mtller. All t Chnstmt CShmei 19~ Moore. Chns.una \\'httman 1969 Moorshead. llannah Soanle) tturnerl 1939 Morrill. Elozabeth Logan!Pcoer>l 1955 Mosher. Florence 1924 Murra) Eloabeoh E.J~ard 1972 Obert). Joan ohannat 1943 Page. P.unela 1962 Palermo. Chmtone Anlhony tbentle) Ptnmn@tOn Helen Mall'm) IB'-.. t.)) 1 97 Ptterlun. EJea.nor f m.l.c 1%8 Quutncr Patnci ( poc:h.rl 1945 Rcdm('ln. Anne Bl')an 1962 Reogeluoh. Juha Mor~an 1963 R.tx,ad. Ann Hanulton flutlc:tonl 1975 Rh.:hW'd m. [,tj~n ah,tlur 1961 Robb Ann Grah:un I mothl 1947 Rm<:. KIOI'Cn 1%0 Rue. MB.I') Vorpnoa 1%5 angree. Ellen Toffony 19H Sause nnr L)Ukton fbamum) 19J9 Sa,m. \ianon Booe 19!..c; :llmn. Ehabeth Rulh,,..,aunoJ 1'!63 hmll N<o.n<) Emol) t).leon) 1966

42 Schoff, Muriel (Clark) 1920 DELTA ALPHA (Pennsylvania O'Connell. Jane Philippa 1963 Durstine, Lillian Eliza W (Rodger) IS 1963 Orr. Judilh Ellen 1965 Glenn. Francts Alice tbrewcr) Schulz. Berti Jane State University) Pardue, Nancy Haines,,Minrue A (Pennock) " If Scou. Barbara Markoc!Lillie) 1951 Pollock. Mary Michael (Gifford) 1953 Hanna, Rulh Amanda ( Pien:e) UJ Shallcross, Helen Jane 1930 Adams, Jane Elliou (Spahr) 1962 Shapleigh. Constance Freema 1967 Bankes, Linda Jane 1964 Pouer, Bee Rulh 1948 Ihrig. Grace Anna (Van Dom) 18 Shea. Jeanne Catharine (Shields) 1938 Barone, Virginia Anne (Cutler) 1957 Runneue. Edith Elizabelh (Weill 1944 Johnson, Dora Elizabelh 18 Ruppen. Patricia Anne (Pence! 1959 Kirk. Jean Milligan (Robinson) 19 Small. Sara Elizabelh 1969 Beachler, Janis Ennold (Wood) 1962 Sm)'lhe, Martha Rosena 1964 Bell, Elizabelh Cordelia 1930 Scelsi. Ariadne Brylkin 1961 McConaughy. Mwjorie R {Smilh) 19 Stevens. Mary Ellen (Oncrdork) 1963 Blankenhorn, Patricia Jo 1970 Schell. Carol Jean 1963 Robinson. Emily Genrude (Smilh) 18 Slrong, Judilh Ann (Kinney) 1957 Bobak, Roxanne 1972 Shaw, Mary Ballou (l;:lorn) 1944 Stambaugh. Mary (McClurg) 18 Sundlof. Jane Carol (Fiddler) 1937 Boyer. Anne Margaret (Mulone) 1935 Shields. Nancy Ann Mary 1951 L AMBDA (University of Akron Thayer, Mary Eustis (Zane) 1951 Brennan, Cynlhia Ann 1971 Sneddon. Mary Lou (Bryan) 1944 Toogood, Margah Cassard t Flood) 1920 Brooks, Diane Keener (Hobb) 1961 Stanton. Cheryl Jean 1963 Anderson, Carole Mae (Fenlon) 19 Trend, Edith May (Crawford) 1920 Buckwalter, Christie Anne (Joanlhan) 1969 Stoker, Marilyn June (Ammerman) 1961 Behney, Jacqueline Ann 19 Trexler, Fern Brendel (Sheffer) 1920 Callahan, Mary Louise (Monro) 1945 Sunseri. Geraldine Helene (Nowe) 1947 Brelh, Vicki Ann (Grelson) 19 1\Jmer, Margaret Barr 1948 Case, Kalhleen Ann (VanSteenburgh) 1964 Tennant, Marlha Jane (Crawford) 1944 Bryan, Laura (Mclaughlin) 18 VanBibber, Mary Jane (Orr) 1958 Charles, Nan Hoover (Moorhead) 1944 Todes. Josephine 1956 Cheval, Marie Louise 19 Vasco, Lynn (Foster) 1961 Dunbar, Elizabelh Siegrist (Zemo) 1956 Treon. Susan Jane 1953 Churchwell, Mary Jane (Maconachy) 191 Vcckly, Jane (Sykes) 1957 Estlick, Belhy Jean 1963 Twitchell. Jane Elizabeth (Cound) Clinger, Belly Lou (Schueneman) 19- Watson. Gail Fellr (McDennoll) 1955 Feichl, Charlolle Barnhan 1972 Wachter, Marcia Miller {Smilh) 1944 Combs, Norma Jean 19< Wehle, Field 1943 Ferrier, Barbara Jean (Culbertson) 1963 Wefing, Sue Carole (Ewing) 1960 Cooper, Micbele Ann (Wallace) I!I' White. Belly Jane (Haines) 1940 Fraser. Carol Anne (Plesser) 1968 Weller, Claire (Davis) 1967 Costigan, Julia Marie (Roberts) 19' Wilson, Virginia Cartwrigh (Jastromb) 1961 Freshman, Mary Breu (Gonnan) 1963 Wolfe, Claudia Louise 1968 Dawson, Pamela 191> Wrenn, Nancy Anne Banker (Metzger) 1958 Geisler, Elizabelh Ellen 1973 Wonders, Sarah Jane 1960 Deem, Judilh 19!' Young, Miriam Anne (Bourne) 1951 Giles, Lucille Zuck (Willson) 1936 Wood, Nancy Carolyne 1958 Fichter. Dorolhy Louise (Walter) 19< Gullo, Marsha Lee 1973 Yaspan. Gail Nancy 1974 Frank, Elizabelh (Akers) 19: BETA IOTA (Swarthmore College) Harmon. Fern Edwina (Pollock) 1930 Zimmerman, Helen Clare (Thunhursl) 1945 Frick, Iva Dora 19 Henderson, Joanne Lesfie 1965 George, Mary lean (Leonhardt) 19: Barr, Constance Eleanor (Lindsay) 1920 Himmelberger, Kalhryn Ann (Vogan) 1968 DELTA PHI (Bucknell University) Hammond, Alice (Sanders) 18c Boak. Roberta (Wasser) 1926 Hinman, MOJjorie lane {Brinkley) 1942 Hannacker. Mary Margaret 191" Dickey. Alice (Beaton) 1923 Kenyon, Lois Arden (Huber) 1949 Amsterdam, Dasha Linda (Epstein) 1952 Holland, Barbara Louise (Fredrickson) 19. Fogg, Frances Elizabeth (Meyers) 1925 Lease, Nancy Carole (McHugh) 1970 Auten, Elizabelh Ann (Troutman) 1949 House, Mary lane (Quillian) 19: Madden. Katherine (Hammell) 1921 Lewis, Virginia Wrean (Thomas) 1933 Baldridge. Donna Elaine (Mack) 1969 Hutchison, Mary Jeanne I~ Miller. Laura Cecilia (Curry) 1893 Lynch, Mary Margaret (Badstibner) 1952 Barton, Cheryl Lee 1965 Jones, Barbara Ann l9i Nicely, Edith (Bodine) 1923 Magness, Susane Estelle (Krewson) 1961 Beck, Virginia Phelps 1965 Joseph, Jo Ann Marie (Bridge) 19~ Pe11us. Mary (Coeke) 1922 Marlo, Donna Grace (Saunders) 1961 Browne, Sheila 1960 Kiefer, Kalhryn Lee I!It- Pre>ton, Aida Hill (Lum) 1905 McFadden, Nancy Brooke (Wall) 1964 Clark, Helen E 1950 Lee, Grace (Carney) 192 Young. Frances Willard 1915 McNichol, Mary Kate (Emery) 1974 Dietz, Beverly Jane 1962 Mayfield. Julianne (Oatley) 194 Meyer, Betty Margarite (Hean) 1943 Dinatale. Patricia Boyce (Williams) 1969 McCann, Patricia Marie (Young) I Misner, Linda Jean 1968 Dixon, Margaret Barbara (Michelsen) 1952 Mitchell, Marty Lee 19& GAMMA EPSILON (University of Mosier. Judy Ann 1970 Doscher, Marilyn Ann (Martin) 1963 Moir, Linda Jeanne (Banon) 196 Pittsburgh) O'Brien, Patricia Marie {Ayers) 1965 Fenlon, Dow Mitchell 1961 Montabone, Nancy Irene (Goff) 196 Owen, tris Burgoyne (Langdon) 1952 Gardner, Marilyn (Crisci) 1951 Murray, Barbara Lynn (Williams) 197 Ba11is. Grace Marie (Ross) 1965 Quinn, Dale (Mellou) 1942 Geake, Beverly Jean {Muto) 1952 Norris. Helen Elizabelh (Mahan) 19) Bishop. Ann Thome 1949 Repscha. Barbara Jane (Pfeifferi 1954 George, Patricia Ellen (Scolaro) 1959 Panayotoff. Emily Velika IIJ6. Bishop. Ellen Marie (Lloyd) 1951 Rosenberg, Donna Bell (Keasey) 1964 Gilmour. Susan Pamela (lsken) 1973 Peters. Sandra Ann {Beebe) IIJ6. Brey. Marilyn (Minnihan) 1949 Shedd, Wendy Lee 1969 Glose, Winifred Hazel (McCaffrey) 1949 Reinhart. Cheryl Lynn (Boolh) 1961 Brian, Elizabeth Mary 1967 Shultz. Leslie Ann (McMullan) 1956 Grier, Patricia Anne 1970 Rogner. Carol Marie (Ward) 1961 Brown. Jacqueline Chris1in (Denning) 1963 Stagemyer. Barbara Jane (Bray) 1961 Harrison, Judith Wells (Steiner) 1958 Schellenlrager. Margaret M (Zimmerman) 19S< Brown, Virginia Lee 1965 Staley, Ann Ellen (Benoit) 1966 Hartzell, Shirley Louise (Prall) 1951 Sheak. Clara lone (Paschall) 188 Buechting. Ruth Christa (Marhoefer) 1946 Tan, Gail Morton 1967 Harvey, Dorolhy Virginia (Lloyd) 1950 Sinalair. Gail Patricia 195 Camblon. Carol Charlollc (Flick) 1939 Thomas, M~ Victoria 1973 Hayes, Elisabelh Taylor 1964 Sisler, Jean Lenore (Rood) 188 Christian. Marilyn Louise 1951 Thompson. aren Lee 1967 Herring. Barbara Jane (Thompson) 1960 Slaybaugh, Rulh Alicia {Booth) 190< Clark. Abby Alden (Nimmo) 1946 Travis, Mildred Pauline (Grubbs) 1931 Hopkins, Jo Anne (Voorhees) 1955 Cline. Ann Hamilton 1960 Spencer, Diane Judilh (Hume) 195 Wallace, Pamela Marie 1967 Hungerford, Anne 1971 Stanley, loy Elaine 196 Cou Iter. Susan Lee 1962 Wood, Sarah Elizabelh (Matheny) 1962 Hmcheson. Janice Carol 1966 Cavil. Elcanot Franes 1926 Stump, Norma Lee (Spegal) I Yougel. Alberta lane (Evans) 1946 Irish. Patricia Anne 1956 Thmer, Leota (Carlisle) 188- Cusano. Joanne Irene 1967 Zuehlsdorff. Cheryl Fern 1969 Levasseur. Barbara Ann (Toner) 1955 Demarkus. Novaes (Zatkovick) 1938 Walsh, Linda Louise (Hart) 197: Locbbecke, Eleanor Clara (Herbold) 1959 Doods. Agnes A (Monon) 1935 Waters, Nona Belle (Nelson) 190 MacDougall. Barbara Elizab (Yamashita) 1957 Dougheny. Jean Roc (Grove) 1937 DELTA XI (Carnegie-Mellon Weaver. Nancy lean (Lehman) 196" Mante. Suzanne Margaret 1964 Eldridge. Polricia June 1946 Williams. Ada May 188: University) Ma11hieson. Marilyn Joan 1967 Eldridge. Paula Joan 1947 Williamson. Anita Lee (Phillips) 196 May, Myra Lee (Piferl 1950 Evans. Judith Anne (Zwetch) 1957 Barrell, Dorothy Jean {DeCarlo) 1944 Willoughby. Mary Elizabeth 189. McCanhy. Valerie Thornton (Meluskey) 1961 Fisher. Ann Adele 1958 Bashcin, Barbara June (Verceke) 1963 Winkelman, Belly Ellen (Morrissell) 1931 Meara, Kalhryn Elizabeth (Sullivan) 1961 Fisher. Nancy Lee (Ebersole) 1948 Beard. Borbara Jenn (Kuhns) 1946 Zelma, Rosemary (Murphy) I96t Meister. Joan Anna 1950 Frantz. Ann Elizabeth (Davis) 1941 Bearer. Elaine Louise 1966 Meyer. Joan Margaret (Jackson) 1950 RHO (Ohio Wesleyan University) Freeman. Gwendolyn Ransom (Decker) 1966 Briddle, Sally Ann (Goodman) 1957 Montgomery, Judy Lynn (Nichols) Garvey, Patricia Ann (Simons) Cain, Cynthia Ann (Prugh) 1974 Alger, Diane Lynn (Barelli) 196: Morgan, Molly Manhart 1962 Geyer. Victoria Jo 1978 Cancn. Albena Annan 1962 Nason. Mary Elizabeth Allen, Marlha Lou (Jones) 194! 1971 Gilleland. Helen (Graham) 1923 Clark, Margaret Elizabeth (Thfel) 1944 Nides, Mary Jane Allwein, Alice Elizabeth (Schafer) ' Giorgio. Patricia Susan 1968 Cosby. Betsy Berkeley (Moore) 1950 Noyes. Katherine Margaret Anderson, Faye Louise {Bennett) 1., Greensfclder. Nancy Lee 1966 Darraph. Mary Patricia (Kearns) Peherson. Janice Lillian (Schnur) Anderson, Margaret Ketcham (Walker) Haney. Joyce Ann 1958 Dayton. Diana Denise (Nadel) 1960 Poline. June Lehy {Richey) Axe, Mary 19, 1956 Hazleton, Lorna (O'Neill) 1943 Dimling. Elizabeth Powell 1944 Pope. Carol Lynn Back, Doris Corrine (Thomson) 1966 Herron, Thelma Marie (Payne) 1919 Dunn, Elizabelh Galvin (Smilh) Rubinoff, Donna Diane Bangharn, Rebecca Elizabelh (WoodrufO 1931 Hugus. Helen Margaret (Marley) 1926 Eneix, Barbara Jean {Hoffmaster) Sageman. Susan Jean Baumgardner, Holly Lyon 1974 Johnson. Sally Ann (O'Malley) 1956 Fitzpatrick. Rita Helen (Gumben) Shulof, Suzanne Belt, Patricia Rulh (Conrades) I~ Kelly. Lynn Hamm) 1964 Fo>. Janice Jo (Brown) 1964 Siegrist. Manha (Spratley) Benjamin, Mary Ann 1.,.., Kraus. Kalhy Ann 1975 Ganong. Sally Elaine (Farrell) Slifkin. Dooolhy Ann (Ahwarg) Booton. Anne Kerns (Cole) LewiS, Mary Kay (Chapman) 1959 Gtllcspie, Vera Harford (Smith) 1949 Smith. Bernadette Alice Bryant, Suzan 1974 McAuley. Mary Carron 1966 Glenn. Helen Margar<l Stanley. Margaret Taylor {Henrickson) Caldwell, Nancy 1963 Lee (Sarel) 195) McQuade. Joan Haddoel (Pavlik) 1960 Gross, Jane Anne {Magee) 1957 Wcllhofer, Jane Ann (Nelson) 1957 Carlson. Leslie Kay 1963 Metour, Viv1ane Marguerite {Follansbee) 1930 Gustafson, Eleanor Virgin1 {Gicquelais) Whue, Carol Joyce {Ohl) Cbeffey. Mary Elizabelh (Kennedy) 1~1 Morton. Lynne (Clifton) 1961 Hall. Elizabeth Ann (Harris) Whnchurst, Joan Wilson (Bennett) Collins. Carol Aon 1967 Negley. Barbara Lou (Thompson) 1954 Hartman, Janet Panerson (larson) Wtlliams, Barbara Lynn tbennell) Collins, Julie Mitchell {Berger) 1965 Norman. Elynore L)nne!Lange) 1938 Henderson, M:u-garet Louise Williams, Nonna Grace 1952 Cooke. Jane Margaret (Farrell) 1921 Ralston. Helen Be:nneu (Bro"'n) 1934 Honan. Donna Rae (Williams) 1964 Win~ate, Barbara Jean tletangj 1968 Courcheoe. Suzanne Edessc (Mtller) 1951 Riner. Louru Lc1gh 1964 Humphries, Holle Lynn 1973 Wolford, Barbara Lou1se Cowan. Doris Gwendolynn (Rotterman) Robert, Carol Vif!!tnia (ReniSChlen 1962 Hunter. G\!raldine Mane (Morrison) 1944 Cox, Marguerite Goode (Stell) 1934 Rowan, Linda Christi~ t Hiulc) 1969 Kaehn. Nancy Jeonne!Shoup) 1965 Crabbs, Carolyn Jane (Rubenstein) 1966 Samson. Em1ly Elliot (Tcpe) 1968 Lawton. Jane CSinclair) GAMMA PROVINCE Cnug, Beuy Virgmia {Bodfish) IMI Shaffer. Helen Phoeb.: (Colhru) 1919 McCabe. Frances Kalhryn 1964 Curdy. Judilh Elaine (Kelly) 1950 Smith. Grorgia Lucille 1966 McCaul. Margaret Catherine IRushkm) 1950 BETA GAMMA (Wooster College) Dahlstrom. Linda Blanch 1,., Sruclcman. Ellen Campbell (Easley) 1962 McConmd... Patricia Anne (ll\tngood) 1957 Dalee, Janice Elizabelh (Foster) 194' Thomp~n. Pa1rlcia L)'nn 1963 McDowell. MOJjone 1949 Andly, Edna Casy {Wolfe) 1910 Danrltman. Patric1a I... Wallace. P::unc1a 1965 McShane. Helen Elizabeth 1954 Chamberhn, Mary Eslher ISawhtllJ 1888 Denzer. Marily~ Loui"' 1952 Wato;on, L)dta Jan<!Darb)) 1943 Mehler, Ann 1955 Cornell, Helen Roselia (Shepherd) 1888 Ditmck, Wendy Anne {WJiDCfJ 196l Wu:kersham. Virgima tfindlc)) 1928 Mobef!!. Carol 1952 Co\Cr. ElSie Franklin!Arbogast) 1899 Dorinan. Mary Dale w,u.u"'li. Doroth) l:lru: Morley, Sally Ann 1963 Co\er. Gmce (Spencer) 1899 Farley, Wynne Laune I King) 1956 Youn. Eih..~n V (\'an Ormcr) 1937 Momll. Marlha Sru>el~ (Rotzler) Douglass. Eleanor Dm.,iddi (Routzahn) 1906 Fast, Mary Looi"' (Ovenntre) 194' '"'

43 Marian Virginia (Knight) Elizabeth Sara (Ramsey) Lucille (Thompson) Gladys Jane Ebntr (Webster) Ann (Woodhouse) Eleanor Allin< (Roberu) Mary Ann (McCoy) Mary Marvin M:ujorie (Sullivan) Martha Kingsley (Tee) M:ujorie Lowell (Shaffer) Judith Bee Nancy Lynn Heather lo Manha Jane (Yutzey) Rosalind Jeanne Lucy lliicij!citian, Katherine Edward (Elias) Martha Jean llhet:bo1nd). Nancy Louise (Havlik) (Popovich) Louise (Smith) Ellen Mary Christie Cameron Saros. Shirley Ann (Ford) Sleckel. Harriet (Griffith) Slillman, Nancy MacDonald Sloni, Meredith Susan (Devine) Sloycheff, Sofia Dimitria (Paros) Sykes, Saro Dec (Forbes) '111ylor. Patricia Ann (Shannon) Theobald, Laurel Ann (Maglischo) Tbomas. Margaret Genrude (Wentwonh) lboma.. Patricia Ruth (Getgcr) Thomas, Susan Helen (Kirby) 1!-edway, Beryl Anna (Dowling) 'lllcker. Nancy Eleanor (Di kmanl Wagner. Mary Jo (Manley) Wallace, Karen Lee Walter. Vtrginia Ains-.onh (Ondrittk) Wam:n. Myna Ann (Holt) W.lklns. Wendy Jean ~... Martha Jane (Hcv.lett) ~nz. Caroltne CStrllhorn) Willisford. Mary Carol) n (Fromm) If. Diane L (Sale ktj t t949 BETA NU (Ohio State University) Acomb. Carole Jane Adams. Kellte AM Albnght. Mary Esther (Gtles) 1\kunder. 1 abel Ann (Ktene) khc. Kaye Elizabeth llold"'tn. Frednl.a Hull thoo,<rj llomlt. andra Ann ll«kle). Jane Eltubeth t Foulserl a-n. Mary Loui leu. AM tbauaah J lkmlwt. Barl>an nn Bell. Marpl\'t Heard tcrav.fordl lloomj.trand, Kann Lee llooddter. Jo ce Elatne (Oompfl. Blrl>ara Ka)'e lmltger. Ban Ka~ lftdtger, 1anha Lou lmot.s.!won Kay (Wdlerl, Gecq111 nne ( 'el... aney Clut a... Barl>anAnn I t t t ~ B)Td, Yvonne Robin Byrnes, Maureen Caccamo. Patricia Jean CDaughcrtyl Caponigro. Joan Marie I JlUct.'l} Clough. Sara Catherine rbusbyl Coyne, Beatrice Ann Dake, Mignon Pendleton Daugheny. Jane (DaviS) Davis, Dorothy Anne (Dishong) Dysan. Ann (Baker) Eben. Marion Gale (Greene) Ebinger. Jane Virgmia (Bcnneu} Fay. Jane Claire tham) Ferguson. Patr1cia Anne CYoung) Fisher, Robin Lee (Hayden) Flandcr... MaryBeth Fo>tcr. Ka1hlcen Marie (Mtllcr) Fry. Marmcc Joan (Spray) Gtbbs. Mary Margaret tchcmngtonl Gilfillan. Margaret A Gill. Cassandra Armida (Ponder) Gleason. Lynn Hunter Glenn, Theresa Ann (Kirchner} Goodall, Connie Lee CCallif) Gould.. Cathcrinc Ann (Tyson! Griffith. Jean Elizabeth (Casey) Jiaas. Carol Ann (Rowland) Hall. Linda Marie Hamm. Dorothy Kathleen IHobenl Haudenchild. S andra Jean (McVeigh) Hayes, Carolyn Sue 1-fcme. Patricia Jane Heinlein, Mary V1rginia (l-lemlcm ) Hughes. Virginia Bedell tboohcrl Jeffers, Janice Lou (Kabealo) Jeffers. Jean Lee (Herb) Jeffery. Emil) (Pollard I Jeffries, Joann {Wen~e) Johnson. Lee Ann Jordan. Claire Estelle (Birl.eland) Keams. Diane Reid czimmcmmn) Kincaid. Sara Margcne (Maxwell} Klassen, Ethel Windsor CLcasure) Kline, Karen Sue!Dangel) Knox, Sue Jane (Mihalko) Li, Marinda Pasadena Lindow, Joan Margaret Lipant. Jean Anne CBraddon) Luu. Taylor Lyon. Mary Susan Malmgren. Josephine Ann Manmng. Sar.1h Lee (Raney) Mll-"hall, Marie (Dodd) May. Marilyn (Copelan) McCauley. Mary Ann McElroy. Sar:th Margaret (Walker) McGavron. Margan:t Ross Mcintyre. Claudia Lee (Baud.) Mcmll. Gloria lean Middleton. Amy Louise (Hamouda) Miles. Gwendolyn!Smith) Miller. Manha Ann (Gonion) Mtracle, Kathleen Anne (Hull) Moms. Barbara Cook (Young) Monison. Helen (Butler! Monison, Moll ie (Harrington) Mundschau, Kathleen E ~iundy, Margaret Jane olt, linda louis(' O'Brien. 1ary Therese O'Kane. Eluabeth tbruwnj Olds. 1ary Frunces (Altemus) Panlov.. Helen R (McLean) Perluns. Dorothy Ellen (Wthn)ll Phelps. Barbano Ann Piper. Eltubeth She"'ood Pollard, Mary Mugarcl (Dale) Pompet. Omelia 1ary (Wm toni Pope. Ltllian Elma (Evans) Anna Marghanta CShoals) Rigby, Judath Ann tre1chartl Robcns, Yvonne Mary tmoteerl Robm n. Chel') I 1ane Rohrs. Kathleen Anne CB)m<l RoscmlUI). Phtltppa Rosm tgc>jt\an) Ros, Valcne L)M (Tate) Helen Joan Ru U.!U) Cathenne R l bal.. Patncta Ann Salt. Cathy Ellen (Poptell amuel. Sydnc) Lee arp. Gl!ld> tbeaml chv.cmk), Jane Carol '"""' Carol nn!robbmsl mtth. Jeanne Eliubeth IFtthenJ rruth. Sam Gad (Dv. erj rruth. Vera Cond11 { MeCon>~lkl pert>a. Beverl) L)nn (We on I wl, Rob)n ue trrucr. Linda Ka) IFUchctl t I~ 1957 t ! t966 Strecker, Lillian (Smi th) Sullivan. Kathlene M (Pumphrc) l Thomas. Cynthia Joan Truiu, Juanita Grimes tmeconnelll Tuck. Phyllts Dorothy Vigh. Rebecca Maria Waite.,., Mitzi Wei fer. Judy Lee (Hauifotinons) Welling, Mary Alice (Tappe) West. Elizabeth Stanley R (Norvell) Wilson. Eli.abeth (Cooper) Winslow. Marcia (Crittenden) Wi>eman. Carol Joyce rhydel Wollam. Nancy Lee Wood. Nelle E (Wtelandl Yost, ancy Ellen BETA RHO (University of Cincinnati) Adams. Carol Franklin (Weiss) Allison. Eleanor fervin) Amelung, Marguerite (Thomas) Ander.>en. Ann Mohr (Hammond) Anderson. Helena Ell ion (Paul) Angert. Jean Florence (Howells) Avey, Ellen Genmde Balle nune. Clara Lucinda!Mclaughlin) Beaumont. Jean Lindsay (Cobcan) Bidlingmeycr. Emilie Ladd Clones) Bidlingmcyer. Mabel Ladd tkress) Boone. Barbara Jo (Drewry) Bannan, Pamela Ann (SiedcntopO Boulware, Elizabeth (H oo~er l Brokate, Laura (Pauonl Burnes, Linda Caren. Ann Therese Closson. Manha Alice (Forstorm) Collcu. Carol Ann Covey. Lorene Patricia Cron. Robin Jeane (Lee) Damon, Ann Elizabeth Dickson. Dorothy (Blair\ Dines. Elaine A (Frecrs) Eells. Lym Anne (Bloom) Endicott, Leslie J3ne Evans. Ada Robinson (Benson) Fink. Phyllis Gayle (Kennedy) Frnme. Sally Joan (Blaney) Frischhcnz. Lynne Catheri rczamesl.i) Fupill, Frnnce. Jean (McClatchy) Go ven, Susan Scou (Hal l) G~sc r. Jane Alice (Disher) Grciscr. Joanne liales. Hazel (Southgate) Hall. Grace DeForest (McComas) Heilkcr, Mary Katherine (Beiting) Heins, Clara Irene (Cornell) Hill. Ethel Miriam (Steiner) Hil inger, Judith Louise Hinds. Mary Elizabeth Holup. Lynda Leigh (Gorrclll Hughes. Beverly Lou (Perldns) Hughes. Janet Louise Hundley, Patricia Ann (Han) Hurst. Susan Jane (Davis) Jackson. Jeannte Ruth (Ru h) Jening. Juduh Klee Johnson, Jane Ann Johnson. Janet Mane tluu) Kemper. Ruth Elatne (Cooper) Kohl. Marion Mane CDuning) Kreger. Frances Jane Lameic:r. Melt sa AM (GmnJ Lawson. Andress Parke (Criucnden) Leland, Pannela Louise (Swi her! Lew1 Diane Jane Linke. Gatl Marie Lutz, Lmda Sue!Tolley) Lynn. Amy (Walker) Marttn, Jane (Galloway) Marttn. Marion (Ricker) McGlaughlin. Mabel Eleanor (Thauwald) McKtnne). Eleanor Churclul (Powell) Mclaughlin. MU) EIJUbeth tlohnston) Me etl. MIJ)onC Ethel 1e ~cr. Lou1sc: Agnes Mom KJUy Beall Murpby. Janel Anne (Case) olan, Doroth) Joyce (Montgomery) Desper. Gail Bits (Hudson) Pault. Helen (S.,.,.I) Peanon. Lucy Helen Periun. Dorothy hldrcd IRou sell Prent<l. Lynn Ellen Piau. InC) Lee tfluehar) Pov.ers. Cjnthta Jo Pnor, Carol Lee (Eason) Raaf. l..mda Mary 1 Ptk<r I Remehn. Eugerua Lea (Whllndcel t Ringeler, Waltraud Emma 1956 Robinson, Mary Elizabeth (Disal o) 1963 Schcpman. Patricia LyM (Meuear) 196 I Schott. Elizabeth Temple (Ti<me)'<r) 1953 Seitz. Kathryn Day (Quist) 1942 Sekinger. Helen Ann 1961 Shewman. Lela CHatfield) 1927 Shumway, Mina Jeanine (Robinson) 1947 Steinmetz. Shirley Jean (Kli ne) 1950 Stoll. Dchorah Jane (Gayhart) 1970 Starn. Helen (Manss) 1921 Stubbs. Bette Mae (Jacl.son) 1941 Surnbrock. Martha (Christopher) 1945 Todd. Nancy Co (Bernhardt) 1950 Toepfer. May (Rietmann) 1932 Unde,.,. ood. Roselyn Robena (Schafficld) 1948 VanAndale. Genrude A (McCoy I 1966 Wahcrman. Jane Ann (Kimball) 1948 Watts, Bethany Warfield 1960 Weaver. Joan Kathryn 1964 Wheeler. Judith Ann 1959 Whitmer, Manha Allison (Walk) 1971 Whitney. Deborah Anne (Mueller) 1963 Whitney, Marbelh Caryl 1964 Wiese. Julianne 1973 Williams, 11:rry Jeanne CKessler) 1960 Worsham, Gayle Edythe (Decamp) 1958 Yancey. Grace Oliene CVerchek) 1968 GAMMA OMEGA (Denison University) Alling. Mary Stuan (Gregg) I 942 Andrews, Patricia 1961 Ashbrook, Elizabeth Ann 1970 Bacheld<r, Genevieve Mead (Greenwood) 1930 Baker. Mary Esther (Moms) 1954 Bare, Jane Elizabeth (Hipple) 1945 Bennett, Holly D'ae 1962 Bethke. Sally Joann 1948 Bctjemann. Theodoru 1961 Bischoff, Jean Ann (Brohm) 1960 Chalmers, Susan Anne 1939 Christianson. Sonja (Rosen) 1956 Collett, Norma Scott (Haines) 1935 Cr ig. Betty Elaine (Hall) 1939 Davis. Barb11111 Favor (Pclgrnm) 1929 Debary, Ellen Elizabeth (Turner) 1941 Dobson. Carolyn Louise (Heil) 1951 Farnswonh, Manha Brownin (Snow) 1954 Faulkner. Joyce (Warner) 1951 Goddard. Catherine Pilcher 1953 Harrison. Sally Bernard (Kenner) 1962 Hodge. Beth Middleton (Emilson) 1953 Holden, Holly Elizabeth (Larue) 1963 Hornaday, Betty lane (Swenson) 1936 James, Helen Louise (Parnell) 1950 Kincaid. Ellen Palmer (Sandrock) 1964 King. Mary Jane (Maher) 1934 Kresge. Alice Catherine 1942 Langfitt. June Leanore (Brewster) 1933 Udstrr, Maryann (Dawson) 1965 Longhta, Sonja Jean 1979 Marr, Saroh Barbara (Cox) 1933 Marsh, Diane Gail (Blessi ng) 1950 McCormick, Clarita Ann (Spalding) 1932 McCormick. Lucie Bernice (Stoddard) 1933 McDowell, Margaret Ann 1970 Mcneilly. Ellen Mae (Mahoney) 1954 Myen. Susan AM (Banthien) 1940 Nungesser. Dana Ash<rafl 1977 Ottr. Dianne Pennington (Thompson) 1966 Owings. Caren Gail (Hiser) 1960 Penoyar, Cynthia Ann (Herbcn) 1946 Pollock. Elizabeth Andre (Keith) 1935 Ruff. Marii)'M Ardis (MainJ) 1958 Ruine. Joan Jane (Blue) 1944 Schieble, Rae Jean 1948 Stroben. Carolyn Dagmar (Nelson) 1943 Sweet, Marion Ross 1934 Thomas. Faye (Geil) 1931 Thorn. Elise Mane 1965 TobilU, Nancy Linda (Vollbracht) 1963 Vaughan. Linda Oves) 1958 DELTA LAMBDA (Miami University) Adamson. Mama Jean!Schneider) 1959 Ale under. Ehzabeth Ann 195 A man. Barl>an Lou 1949 Atl.m Jodtth Ann CMtller) 1956 Baler. Pamela Dee (Jeffenon) t964 Baldwtn, Meny (McConnclll 1954 Banthten, Chn 1y (Schcllentra'er) 1967 Beanhky. Arden (BnJII'T) 1955 Becker. Margaret Mary 1975 Beeler, Mary Leeds (Gallov.ayl 1957 Betts. andra Lynn (CurT'IJ\) t972 B]Orl.. Calhcnne Ann (Nebon) 19S7 Blxk, Gad Hayv.ord ( Brownt~l 1955

44 Black, Shirley May (Gil<hrist) 1953 Cox, Marian Harbison (Kraft) 1932 IOTA (DePauw University) Reusser, Jacqueline Sue (Reimer) 14 Bond, Melinda Alison (Longacre) 1973 Crawford, Helen (Bailey) 1913 Rhodes, Hazel Louise (Prather) 14 Brallier. Connie Sue 1971 Critchlow. Florence (Brewer) 1920 Andrews, Frances Caroline (McDonald) 1929 Ries. C31herine Sue thundsherger) I~ Brown. Charlotte Anne 1966 Curran, Margaret (Locht) 1913 Annstrong. Annette Genrud (Johnson) 1898 Rogers, Natalie (Fuchs) IY Brown, Claudia Lee 1964 Dailey, Mary Olive (Pierson) 1894 Arvidson. Faye Birk (Onon) 1965 Rose. Mary Louise CFoohey 1 lq Brubaker, Jacqueline Patty 1974 Daupert. Delores Anne 1970 Aspinall. Patricia Ann (Reel) 1945 Rosencranz. Joan Eberle lewing I 19 Brush, Deborah Gay (Duval) 1965 Dohrenwend, Carolyn C 1975 Augbum, Marilyn Kay 1960 Sandberg. Suzanne (leach) 19 Bryant. Susan Lee!Drake) 1964 Doremus, Marie R (Patton) 1912 Bartlett. Samara Jean (Skinner) 1941 Sanderson. Mary Lee 19 Burnett, Sara Le>lie (Hale) 1956 Do,, Linda Sue (Neland) 1968 Bernenderfer, Jean(reeeen) 1934 Schillo. Leonnc Edna 19 Butdorf, Jeraldine Ruth 1974 Dumo, Ethel (Fiske) 1916 Bentley. Josephine (Cannell) 1923 Scott. Naoma (Moulin) 19 Cole, Gertrude Lillian 1942 Easter, Joan 1949 Berkman, Barbara (Koch) 1933 Shacklett. Janis Kay tvan Fleet) 19 Cole, Sandra Rae 1962 Eichelkraut. Suoan (Kraus) 1958 Bodell, Virginia May (Carlson) 1944 Shake, Dorothy Sue!Hunt) 19 Connor, Elizabeth Virginia (Fosler) 1960 Eichin, Margery Lee 1933 Boyd, Betty (pyle) 1962 Shubrick. Julia (Kothe) IY Craine. Constance Ann 1973 Elliott, Sharon Diane (Gagnon) 1959 Braden, Julie Elaine (O'Connor) 1966 Shugert. Margaret Louise (Campbell) 19 Cromwell, Martha Belle (Mather) 19~1 Ellis, Patricia Ellnora 1973 Brewer, Grace Elizabeth (Schulten) 1941 Siegmund. Suzanne Elizabeth 19 Cutler. Joyce Yvonne (Stirling) 1955 Firmin, Carolyn C 1972 Brower. Helen Elizabeth (Offutt) 1947 Simmons. Carol Jean (Heldt) 19 Devlieg. Carol Lynn 1957 Foley, Mary E 1906 Brown, Phyllis Ann 1956 Simonds, Millicent Mae tmcelhen) J 19 Dickman. Deborah Jane 1966 Gaul, Mary Susan (Burke) 1949 Buente, Joyce Marion (Baron) 1961 Stahr. Emily Elmina (Johnson) 19 Drake, Barl>ara Anne 1972 Glascock. Pamela Ann (Pond) 1968 Caldwell. Esther Kathleen 1930 Stahr, Joanne (Hamm) I~ Elliott, Jan 1960 Graff, Elizabeth (Kenvin) 1920 Campbell, Beverly Ann (CiuSier) 1947 Stanley. Mary Margaret (Allen! I~ Evans, Patricia Joan (Robcnson) 1950 Graham. Marian (Calkin) 1921 Catlins, Dorothy 1919 Stone, Helen Josephine (Hayes) I~ Ferris. Barbara Ann 1970 Grebe. Janice Lee (Allison) 1956 Caylor, Carolyn (Wadlington) 1942 Stone, Ruth Frances 19t Fox, Lucinda Sue (Stephens) 1962 Gregory, Vera (Cowden) 1906 Chesterfield. Susan Ann (Jensen) 1965 Stoner, Florence Lela (Newhouse) 18' Galea. Mary Ellen Louise 1974 Griffith, Marian (Castillo) 1917 Clauss. Christine Lynn 1971 Stuckey, Karen Kay I'll Gilmore, Susan Merrill (Capron) 1965 Ham, Mabel K (Kitterman) 1909 Cloyd, Mildred (Hinrichs) 1920 Tevis, Dorothy (Sunderland) 19 Graham. Kathleen Ann (Bloomer) 1965 Hanna, Emily Cecile (Keir) 1911 Conger, Jessie Mildn:d (Williams) 1902 Thompson, Mary Virginia (Jordan) 19., Gu~tafson, Jan Ellen 1966 Harper. Connie Vincent 1944 Cooper, Hilda (Hettiger) 1927 Tripper. Martha Lynn (G reen) IQ. Hartz, Sue Carol (Mustard) 1957 Harper. Diane (McNabb) 1960 Cooper. Nancy Ann (Anderson) 1946 Turner, Marilyn Louise I'll Hautau. Joyce Adele (S hrader) 1964 Henderson, Carol Joan 1974 Cornwell, Julia (Heimburger) 1919 Valaoras. Cecelia Maria (Damgelis) 19: Havighurst. Ruth L 1952 Herkless, Nancy Lee (Shields) 1941 Cox, Catherine (Winters) 1913 Vannuys. Mary Virginia tryan) 19: Heffelfinger, Sue Ann 1971 Hinkson, Joyce Anne 1946 Cox, Linnie Eldora (Smith) Varney. Hilda I French) 19, Hiers, Kristin Alison \Adams) 1970 Hohn, Mary Eleanor (Rainey) 1926 Crawford, Janet Lynn 1972 Vietzke, Kathleen Jo (Evans) 19: Hinsch. Amy Lee 1970 Holloway. Edith (Monroe) 1905 Davidson, Jean (Goldmann) 1932 Walker. Carolynne Lee (Cook) 19! Jewett. Lee 1954 Howe. Rebecca 1928 Derrick, Patricia (Saffran) 1953 Webber. Erba tleel 18' Johe. Barbara Ann (Sink) 1965 Hutton. Georgia (Pell) 1904 Dewitt, Wendy Rice 1962 Wells. lnga Berenice (Saunders) 19t Jones. Pamela Anne (Danneman) 1962 Johnson, Gertrude C (Porter) 1903 Dix, Edna Carolyn (Crocker) 1955 Wells. Mary E 18! Kingdon. Margaret Anne 1965 Johnston. Donna Marie 1966 Downs, Susan Jane 1966 White. Cynthia Anne 19t Knesal, Marian Grace (Cranicc} 1942 Kegley, Carol Anne 1974 Epler, Nellie 1887 Wilhelm, Kathryne N (Black) Kuhek. Kimberly Anne 1975 Kelley, Kathleen Bruce 1970 Espino. June C (Acton) 1974 Wilkinson, Sarah Louise Landis. Lynn Robertson (Town5end) 1970 Kelly, Janis Kathleen 1967 Evans. Loio Eleanor (Benham) 1917 Williams, Carol Pattison (Stelle) MacKinnon, Susan Aljcan 1957 Kennedy, Martha Lou (Coon) 1927 Farmer, Gail Marie (Fisher) 1907 Wood, Louise Farrow (Thompson) MacQueene. Nancy (Lupton) 1943 Kern, Debra Jane (Barker) 1974 Fidler, Jean Louise 1971 Zinsmeister, Karen Sue CGetman) Maloney, Marilyn Dell 1972 Kirk, Susan Rose 1958 Frederick, Nancy Lee 1960 Marshall, Ruthlynne tshafer) 1954 Kiser, Marjorie (Nye) 1927 Frick, Marjorie (Cull) 1938 MU (Butler University) Maynard, Elsa Louise (Houtz) 1969 Larson. Margery (Barker) 1952 Galliher, Eugenia (Brown) 1954 Adler. Frednita Clarice (Bartelme) McBride, Dianne Leslce 1965 Lewis. Eloise J (Omara) 1934 Geoghegan, Mary K (Miller) 1933 McCune, Karen 1960 Martin. Nancy Ann (Maris) 1971 Geny, Anne Templeton Anderson, Alice Jane 1970 Balz, Beuy J (Seiler) Melancon. Kathy Lynn 1975 Mauix. Barbara Jo (Benry) 1971 Giffin, Carolyn Leslie (Brown) 1962 Bancroft. Anne (Sachs) Miller. Jennifer Sue 1971 McDonald, Lois (Byrum) 1920 Glasner, Bamara Ann (Hanrahan) 1947 Becker. Kathryn Ann Moriarty. Ann 1954 Merkel, Jean Austin 1974 Goris, Debra Lynn 1972 Brauain. Heleit W (ferguson) Murray. Judith Ann (Goelzcr) 1952 Miller, Nancy Louise (Werner) 1966 Graff, Janet (Moore) 1927 Clayson, Dorothy Fanchon (Anderson) O'Connell, Mary Eileen 1971 Mitchell, Martha Jane (Rush) 1954 Graham. Joan Macleod (Romlin) 1952 Colgan, Joan Waite Olsen. Connie Lynn (Miller) 1970 Moore. Dorothea (Templeton) 1917 Green, Marianne Wickersham (Hagmann) 1963 Davis. Mary Anne (Carroll) Paquin. Deborah Louise (Mayock) 1969 Moore. Martha En dora (Shepard) 1929 Gustafson, Bamara Anne (Gundrum) 1963 Davis. Vjrginia Archer Parrou. Elsa Maria 1955 Moritz, Marcia Jan 1972 Gwinn. Mary Margaret (Denrough) 1959 Denny, Frances Clayton!Gandall) Pentz. Sara 1956 Niwao, Geraldine Reiko 1970 Hollis, Susan Judith 1968 Downing. Helen Dorothy (McGaughey) Pittman, Kathleen Ann 1965 Ovennan. Brmice (Poyser) 1887 House, Agnes (Rockwood) 1909 Durbin, Eleanor (Nebel) Reynold>. Gail Taylor 1969 Overmeyer, Sarah Hodson (Eskew) 1973!shell, Cecily Ann 1960 Elliou, Rose Riley, Mariheth (Landfair) 1956 Pressler, Slyvia Jane (Camp) 1965 Johnson, Kay Eileen (Jerrell) 1964 Evemtan, Rosabelle (Denny) Rosencrans. Alice Lynn 1967 Ragains, Susan Annette 1963 Kabel, Rebecca Anne (Blount) 1964 Hale, Marjorie Maxine (Geyer) Rumpka, Connie Sue (Munz.) 1958 Rappepnrt, Nancy Jean (Dudley) 1973 Keach. Judith Anne (Dickson) 1943 Schinagle. Patricia Anne (Kindred) 1955 Hayner, Rowena lana (Hoover) Reeves. Mary Jane (Kirshman) 191'3 Kiger, Gretchen (Cryer) 1954 Schmidt. Virginia Ann (Bird) Johnson. Esther Belle!Scribner) 1957 Robinson, Lenore (Davis) 1908 Kinsey, Clarice Susan (Bair) 1966 Kolle. Sheridan Louise (Skura) Schrock. Cinda Lou (McKinney) 1963 Rosser, Maude Reford (Root) 1963 Kreisher, Karla Sue 1978 Seidler. Alice Tucker (Rae) 1960 ' Kunzig. Dorothy Anne Rossow, Carolyn Nancy (Ryan) 1931 Leazenby, Margaret Stowe (Norton) 1916 Southworth. Mar<y Elizabct (Willey) Lee, Rebecca Ann 1962 Rowley, Margene Lockwood (Smith) 1953 Linn, Judith Carole (Rose) 1954 Sparrow, Beverly Ann (Salstrom) Loomis, Betty Jane (Campbell) 1963 Ruehl, Mary Wilson 1938 Lockwood, Mary Georgiana (Waddell) 1918 Stewart, Charlotte Lee (Means) 1954 Mackey. Pamela Marguerite!Legrand) Russell. Roine Ruth (Fugard) 1931 Loop, Ruth Evangeline (Bull) 1907 Sundberg. Barbara Fran 1958 Mason. Bertha Ellen (Schluderl Schilling, Deborah Anne (Brothers) 1973 MacGreevy. Jane Evans 1965 Thome. Shirley Marie (Stevenst 1~3 Schlamersdorf, Bonnie Lou (Sher) 1971 Madden, Myrtle (Siehenthal) Matthey. Deborah Lee 1894 Troescher. Margaret (Tobergte) 1970 Shapiro. Roxanne Del 1970 Marquis, Rose Munn, Suellen 1884 Tutlle. Nancy Gh in 1953 Sbechan. Elizabeth Anne 1974 Martin. Helen Elizabeth 1915 Nichols. Patricia VanTassel. Katrina (Peters) 1953 Shumaker. Lynn M 1964 Masters, Marilyn (McQuistan) Nolte, Elizabeth Ann 1945 Venuti. Patricia Coc 1971 Skinner, Lucretia Mabel (Whitmyer) 1901 McBee, Beverly Ann (Herbig) 195) Norris, Marilyn Ehzaheth (Dick;) Wardl!n, Patrscia Kay (Shrum) 1966 Slagle. Francine (Lacy) 1968 McDaniel, Jane (Williams) O'Brien, Angela Eileen 1932 Wells. Nancy Virginia (Macklin) 1948 Snyder, Amy Lou (Paine) 1969 McEachern, Shirley Jean Paddock, 1971 Dode!Cooper) Whua~er, Katherine Ann 1975 Spear, Suzanne Wilson (Stigney) 1948 McGrew. Ethel Dorothy (Connor) Peterson. Margaret Ruth (Spam) 1909 Williamson, Lynne Anne 1971 Stanley, Kathleen S (Tibbs) 1915 Merson. Michael Joan Porter. Deidre Janet Gordo (Broadfieldl 1955 Wolkcrsdorfer. Sandra A 1952 Stevens. Frank (Jones) 1898 Me~er. Elizabeth Emily 1926 Postairc, Madeline Stone, Sue Catherine (Black) I~ Miller, Mary Lou (Evans) Postaire. Marguerite Marie tladuu-e} 1950 DELTA PROVINCE Stoner. NeUe Irene (Rock) I~ Mills, Pamela Gray (Casagrande) Rardin, Vicki Lynn (Sidebottom) 1957 Stump, Mary Ann 1963 Mitchell, Mary P1er!On Ray. Mary tcason) 1895 DELTA (Indiana University) Telaoder, Marcie Anne (Markoski) 1966 Morris. Jean (Grindley) Reynolds, Jane Marita 1913 Telfer. Ruth Adams!Barrett) Ackerman. Mary Margaret (Patterson) 1911 Monison, Ellen Rittrr. Janet Marie Tracy, Janet Maurine (Hinrichs) Allen, Mary Beth (Diazl 1909 Mutz, Sondra Carol Rudolpb. Patric1a trapp) 1%5 1%3 Tyke!, Evangeline Ayo (Clark) Andrews. Helen Agnew (Kaufman) 1947 Myn:. Virg1nia Susan Savidge, Mary Louise tltghtman) VanCamp. Helen Landes (Frankel) Aylward. Janet Mitchell Nees. Mary ldylle Schroo. Sue Ann (Evans) 1930 Baker. Lulu Vandevoort. Anita Pierce (Tichenor) 1954 Nelson. Lois Estelle Sears, Vugima Gay (William Bell. Joan Agnes Vial. Dorothy Ann (Mahoney) 196~ Nesbitt, Nancy Anne Skaggs. Joyce IBeggsl 1% Wall, Carrie Ann Bollenbocher, Paula (Feltus) 1976 Noble. Margaret Robb (Evans) Stackhouse. Sue (Myers) Bowles, Mary Bob (Merleuo) Wall, Cathenne Marie (Dunham) Ostrom. Margaret!Udelll Starks. Carol Dawo (Jenkins) 1919 Walters. StaCia (Parks) Boyd. Barbara Lee (Oauhenspeek) 1% Pashos. Kay Ellen Stout, Susan Jane (Shepman) 1979 Bud... Sul.8Jlne (Kinnear) Weil. Marsbo L)1ln 1974 Paterson, Margaret Jean (Eastman) Sunderland. Martha Uewell (Kitt<) Buskirk, Manha Alice ~If. Patricia Ruth!Yagodnik) Phelps, Elizabeth Hill (Kelly) 1956 Temune. Manba Ja~ne (Wddc:y) Byrum. Bernice Mari"a (Kimball) Welch, Patrici11 Anne 1947 Pitktn. Suzanne!Canon I Thomas. Pauline q Wiley. Penelope Sue (Nelson) Poucher, Sara A (Fogel) Vinzant. Louise Isabel theht) Carothers, Lora Dean (Biatchlev) I~ ,. CIIIT. Conme Lou (Gustafson) 1%5 Wilson, Carol EJeanor pyke, Mildred (Mooney) Wood, Kathleen Joan Quade:. Lynn Katherine Closson. Cbruunc Anne (Barr) 1968 Young. Patncia Jean Rawls, Ann Elizabeth (Hedinck} NU (Franklin College) Comstock. Marie Frunces (Lmenthal) Zerbe, Mary Angela 1%8 Reed. Lora (Snow) 1897 McClain, Mollie Ketfer (8eard<ley1

45 KAPPA (Hillsdale College) Allen, Nancy Elit.abeth (D<Wolfe) Augur. L<ila ltubby I Bidder, Barbara Jane ts harpl Baker, Judioh Rae Beauy. Bonnie Jane (Caner) Reek, Lallen (Moon:) Bourdon, Mary Jane (Parks) Brown, Diane (Ruokolainenl Calven, Vicooria L<e Campbell, Catherine (Collins) Dancery. Mabel (Grano) Dixon. Mary Diane Fcldmeycr, Doris Kay (FaSI) Fish, Shirley Wyau Frankenberg, Irene Frisby, Catherine Ann Furlong. Nela Virginia (Bearden) Gardner. Anne Sherrell (Phillips) Gayle. Laureen Aleece Geary. Jacqueline Lorna (Jesse!) Gilmo~. Eileen Marie Goulding, D<borah L<e Graham. Sally Eleanor [Lawther) Gnmm. Anne Virgi nia (Schull) Gwih, Julie Adelle (Hewin) Han ock. Glenna Ji ll (Smioh) Han. Gayk Irma (Mcsora) Hayden, Mary Kaohenne Hazel. Linda Louise Heckman. Marilyn Flo (Clark) Henberg, Greochen Ann Hine. Marian Hudson!Hayes) Houchins, Ann Marie (Adams) Hull, Virginia Adelaide (Daniels) Johnson. Gwen Elizabeth Jones. Lois Ann (Clawson) Keys. Marsha Joyce (Da)1on) Kimball. Deborah L<ahy, Su san Ruoh (Purdy! Lerner. Evelyn Mae Le;oer, Judioh Ann L<vereu, Carol Vema (Tomlin) Lollard, Cornelia Ann Ludwicki, Vir~inia (McNeilagc) Luntz. Melinda Ann MacMahon. Holly Pearce Mann, Ruoh Mawson. Ruth Eleanor (Brown) Mauck, Frances F McDonald. Anna Beryl (Norwall ) M Qullen, Bcuy Jane Meugcr. Shirley L<e Moe, Elenor Marie (Johnson) Moore. Aor-ence lrene ( ichols} Morriwn. Shirley Marie (Lindau) Nagor ka. Lois Ann Neher. Cynthoa Jane ei>on. D<borah Jeanne Nachols. Florence Odca, Shorle) Jane (Lee) Orw1g. Judy Kay (Rei<er) Parle. Pamela An n (Nenelbecl ) Pereue, LoiS Wood"onh!Morse) Pcoerson. ancy Marie (MllllSOn) Pococl. baron L)nne (Ake") Powe". Phylh Jean (Park) Reed. Su1.anne Margareo Rllthe), Ruoh Irene tduo;ea) Roche. Ailee!Onlleyl Rocl"ood. Goy Ehzobeth May ahbuf}. Jean 1argarel (SI31er) hmodl. Genrude (1\Jbb J neit. Wonofn:d Lo ona rgrahaml harpe. Margan:! Louose (Owens) Shipman, Pan-.ela Lawrence oms, Judith Ellen (Bryan) I er. Ka)t D1anr Snnth, Daane hchclc CMmclmanl outh,.onh. Alwolda MOJ'!'ar!Dodge) Squoer. M nle!crelhnj mon. lud1th Asn<> T Jobn.!della (W hbuml tonehousc. nna Lowsc Ttlhns. inc) Ehuheth Th~'"~- P3tncla nn Th lr.c:r. Patnc11 Ckxhn t IOOS) \'older. Salh Lou I!offal) Wall. I'll U J ( lone) Walrath. IU<II JO) (W1g<tl W lunan. Je,. I June \\< ner. Dem Lynn ln~o.l, t\ tan 1.«Wolht. Jane man, ltnme C'Th<>mp>anl Z.M. lar} Tooo IFLIICh) Zupan. lar} Clltt'l n oohpbontl ' ~ ~ '! ' I IX (Adrian College) Anthony. Verda Ruth (Gray) 1911 Briuain. Helen E (Haynes) 1909 Brown, Dorothea Robena ( 1941 Butler, Alma (Campbell) 1908 Buns. Grace L 1923 Chrisoy, L<na (DeLong) 1911 Crum, Aorence Celesoe (Eve noeyer) 1899 Davis, Elvira (Bums) 1905 Ferguson, Mildred (Hage mann) 1892 Gibson. Edna Hazel (Leslie) 1894 Han. Mildred E (1\Jmer) 1920 Hayes, Margarel (McManus) 1920 lllendcn. Mary Rulon 1921 Jackson, Nelle 1891 Jennings. Irene Ardon (Vanehben) Ka.s1en. Ruth Mabel 1938 Limes, Margarel Van taeocher) 1922 Link, Nola (Wi nn) 1905 McCiinlon. Margaret N (Fickes) 1905 McCollum, Mary Jane (Ramsey) 1901 OlmSiead. Helen Eileen (Musgra e) 1918 Palmer, Theda Marie (Moore) 1917 Peebles. Maude Alice (Bemz) 1900 Robins. Arlene Clara 1944 Rose. Laura Blanche (Bovee) 1921 Smock. Frances Marie 1936 Tallmadge. Maria Sophia (Moorehead) 1889 WebslCr. Lucy Bell (Caldwell) 1894 Wesogale, Gladys Irene (Odell) 1927 Wheeler. Blanche Orilla (Toolan) 1897 BETA DE LTA (U niversity of Michigan) Baker, Kathleen Elaine Beck, Kathryn Mary 1977 Bedel, Inez (Wheldon) 1903 Bingham. Harricl Elizabeoh I 93 Bisbee, Jane Emera 1937 Brady. Bonn ie Kay (Ellis) 196.l Carney, Catherine Vorginia CWallacc) 1943 Converse, Edna Julieue!Berst) 1905 Corson, Constance 1966 Cummiskey, Karen Christine 1973 Da is, Pamela Lynn!Peters) 1971 Dcmareo. Susan Ma..ha (Ross) 1964 Douglass. Ann Denise (Wilhile) 1966 Drake. Pleasanoine Cushman (Mill) 1965 Edwards, Emily Frances (Vraoaric) 1963 Ference, Carol Jane (Rieger) 1958 Geyer. Jeanne (lohnsion) 1936 Gnau. Sally Ware (Kom) Hoimbaugh. Lenore (Sprick) 1911 Holloran, Shannon Ann!Hammond) 1967 Harris. Rmh lhjmbuiiischaus) 1936 Herrick. M111) Plane CSehoeffcr) 1896 Hinc, Ehubetlo (Tn:lfa) 1939 Bogan. Anne Todd (Enlson) 1963 lsgng. Karen 1962 J ohn ~o n. Helen 1923 JohnSlon. Mary Margarel 1955 Keeler. Margare1 Lee (Warren) 1929 Kc lo. Kathcnnc Ann (8ela1rl 1965 Kendall. Kimerly Ann (Kircher! 1967 K ing~:land. Ann Thomson (Lmcoln) 1963 Kordenbrock. Ruth Sylvoa (Dorough) 1957 Lange. Arlene VeSio CMowou) MaeAnhur. Jeanne Elizabeth 1964 Mann. RO'e M111')'!Da"sonJ 1941 Manng. Sheryl L)nn (Hemngoon) 1967 McClelland. Ruoh Lillian oouo) 1919 McCurdy. Helen Jo)CC (Osborn) 1920 McKarahan. Jean Hamel (Valleau) 1939 MoiTeu. Ruoh Groce (Hoeninghan><:nl 1910 Monogom<f). Bel>) Anne (lohn<on) 1971 Montro>. Mllnl~n Elozabel (Haines) MOil!an. Jone1 Manem (Veughanl 1943 Peoerson. Manan Ruth 1959 Piau, Melda Faore 19:!5 Rob1nson. Barbara Jane!Bm"n) 1941 Robon n. Don H (JohnSlon l 1921 Rub), Lon nn 1977 Sehmod. Kathenne (Holhng" onhl 1964 hn:.ner. Anne Kn un 1972 ha". Daphne Yul1 ( oegmi.icc) 194~ boaff Clare M ( { ISOII) 1968 oaplcr. Ehzabeth Waldo (Soeen) 1963 l<m, lane Kemp (JobnsonJ 19 9 l<"''" M llf)' L)nne 1970 "'" k, Xanlhl Banleu (Bash I 1905 Taber, Con E tkai><rl : lbol, Joseplune Eloubet l"lll'halll 1931 lkmbl), O.ilnt 1arlenc 1971 'fi}loff. Robon ue 1970 l'pledgcr. Della Louo>e (Bbnchard) 1911 Wlm'n. IIJ)Cn< H)de 1931 "'''. Jud Elh ffinnenji) Wood.. ad. Carol L~M GAMMA DELTA (Purdue Universi ty) Alexande-r, Nita Lynn Andrews. Jenny L<e Bain. Lesley Beth Baw>CI. Vicli Lynn Beard. Anne Rhea (Douglas) Bellinger. Anne Louise (Marshall) Biddle. Susan Mary Billman, Elaine CHunlington) Bochmng, Tamara Lee (Truilll Boom, P~nn y Ann (Hooz) Boyle. Alana Caroline (Brown) Bradbury. Jan is Sa01elle (Gauhiere o Brown. Ann Elizabeth Bullock, Barbara Jean (Crain) Burch, Marv Suza nne Canfield. o;,roohy Anne IAemingl Cargnino. Marilyn Loui~ ( Bruc ~) Collings. Sylvia M (Sander) Collins. Judith Kay (Oliver) Cory. M111)!Shoemaker) Courtanc). Carol Ann Cm. Ragi na Sue rschwa rtz) Coyner. Helen Hunl (Harker) Crane. Anne E (Sherwood) Cumming. Clottlde Jeanette Currie. J amc~ Kay Decker. Donna Lynn Dolan. Andrea P Early. Sharon Mary (Severance) Elli<. Mary Beth Emmelman. Becky Jo (Richards I Fall, Jani 1 DclabarredaJ Fam... Marum Grace Feldman. Carol Anncnc ( Ragain~) Freier. Kim Allyson [While) Friberg. Manha Royce Gardner. Margaret Vi rgi nia (Piau) Gr ff. Barbara L\-e (Gia7arl Griggs. Carol Lynn (Whnehum) Hawlick. Maryann (Semc radjian) Heidler. Soephanic Jane (l.oer) Henning. Louise Hope CLuck I Hinkle. Nan<y Helen tm:mhalll Holcomb. Judith Walling Hollingswonh. Manc uc L (Speas) l-loull. Maude Louise Hu ~ton, Cynlllla Lynn Karsten. Iva M Keller. Mao; Fr necs (Pholippcl Kelsh. Patncta Ann Kem. Edith lone CNcl!'on) Kern. Bc\'crly Ann (Meyer) Kichukoff. Sally Jane CZtmmemliln' Kinsell, Kandic~ Anne CGoin I l.ackamp. Patncta Ann (Cnllllll) Laffeny. Joan Lh:cly. Monon Loui~ (Crew ) Lugar. Darlene Mane (Rms) MaddoA. Susan Luctllc Mal bary. larj!arel Ann CMasonl M a~n. Susan Vaneta McCart h). Joan Marie (Bareilhen McCullough. Carolyn (l'urscl) Mchal ko. Kaohcrinc!Cosey I Moore. Sharon Daan (Payne) Morin, Lula Loutsc (Vennd.J 1unsell. Joanne Louise ff:mier) 'ev. man. Linda Carol Nc\olo rr\an. Sharon Louise O'Bnen. Doroohy E1leen rpockenngl O'Hara. Manl)n (1...<""' O)ler. Domth) Jean oknou o PardonMr, Patncut Lcona.r f ammon5) Peterson. Susan Karen CMe~zeh Place. Janel (Ami) Rll.!>m u\oson. Elsa Y"onne C tcmcrt Retherford. Monam B CCnl inl Robmson. Mll]onr Joan 1Dodg.e1 R ~~rs. Patn ia Jacquclm rwal v.ortht Roll. Elmobeth Ann ofo>j Rowle). Ao) Lotu ( WhncherJ Saul. Laura Jenmfcr Sedollo. \'oola 1:.!her ILuwu) $c\crn, h.nn Erd.m (HOU\tOn) omcole. IIU'\ Elu beth (M)nd) Skonner. ~tho;n loon wt... Ruth nn ttt.. cl. Ann tcv.ut. Amo l.lp1da Ju~ Ehubc1h I.Ort'.r. ur-fjmu~) on,.r, BMban Rea I Adam I Sln'ng. "'l Gad!Aih n) """becl. UWI 11.oheth (Jones) 'J\Im<r Barbin Elozabeth l.nlhl. MilT) Ann! K hl I Q ~ & ~ ~ ~ ~ ) 19lol 19 I 1932 I'IIH ~ J'l(() ~ Ward. Elsie Loui_se (l...<ro, l 1919 Wasmund!. Jeanne Ann tcu inol 1961 Wason, Elizabeth (Hall) Wa1kons. Helen Isabell (Stevens) 1949 WaiSOn, Martha Elinore (Selecoer) 1949 Wlutacre. Judoth Ann (Kessell 1960 Wilhoill:. Marie! E 1918 Wolf, Gail Louise 1961 Young. i abelle Winifred (Moir) 1937 Zinn. Robertn Louise 1962 Zvonar, Lynn Marie (Johnson) 1971 DELTA GAMMA (Michigan State University) Allen. Winifred Faye (Linchoenwaller) Anderson. Laura Virginia {McA, oyl Archer. Elizobe th A AnnslrOng. Eli1.abeth Jane tro enberg) Bement. Margaret Louisa (Ostemum) Benson, Dorothy Jean Bemlcy. L3\'~ni a Cottrell Bondas. Sara Ann Blomgre, Ruth Olive!Publow) Braswell. Mary Evei)11S Br.tug, B<."vcrl y A nn ~ Brown. Diane' MacArthur Brown. Shan Weymar trexl Ca~ad. Rosalie Anne (Miller) Ca~ad. Rowena Mane tscarrowl Collins. Hamel Jill (Campbell) Cookerly. Kalhcrine Louise (Sarjeaml Cookongharn. Joan Lee (C'ook) Curto. Joan Mar) (Rankin) Davas. Ann Elizalxth Dav1s, Susan Claire (Hanold) Delaney. Sally Ann (Ball) Delano. Barbara Upjohn (Gaunoleu) Drummond. Lillian Dorothy i Bamelll Fairba nl..~. Martha Jean I' Fuller) Flanaga n. Jean Mar~;arct Frc~man. Elizabeth Ann Gamnglon, Elilabclh Kaye (Swt$hCr) Gcnebach. Jane Eli1abe th (Brooh) Gerhard!. Don Mary (Bolland wonh) Glanz. Wendy Joy Gowrr. ficlen thendenoon) Gross. Susan Trudy J laa.s. Le~lie Louise Haugh"oul. Barbard l lcnsky. Kristina Loutsc tfcird) Herron. Barbara Loui!tC CCouncilorl Hol..,ngle. l<an Ehzabeth (Canham) H ou~;;cj. Laura L~c Hutchans. Bl.'vcrl)' Ann J ucob~cn. Loll~ f a~ t Med gy~~y) Jam1eson. Bcuy Ra~ lfo.1illcn Johnson. Laureen Sue Johm.on. Lucm Hall Kay..,cr. l:.lcanor Celeste (Gmtrd) Kelley. Bonita Lynne tsahman) Kunmcl. tephame Jo tknapp l Kn:ntlcr., Mary u~n (Rumney) Lamoreaux. Madge (Yorll Pdtricia Margaret t mllh) Lc"1s. Doroohy Elose (Crosby I Ltndc. K:Hhr) n Ann Longelba h. Mary Lou1se!Talherg) Lohmann. Karen Ann CPayc:tte) Long. Londa Jane Lura<. Adele M111') (Young) Lud"'td. Bell\ Jean fstebold) L)n<h. 1arg.;el Rc)nolds (Ruohcrford) Mabie~. llclen M)111 <Baoc l Manus. Consu~Jo Anltn ITa) lor) McCanh). Janel Ka) Milhs. Ruth Mary!Alieni Mmthom. l:.mlly Cla1rc: rbrchm) Moon:. Joan Elizabeth Mom'" tarprel lne1 (Gilt!!) a'jnwt. Luci~ Ann I Torrance) Sara Jan tgla<t'!il) Pare. Jnm~..c: Ellen 1M1IIar) Pame. Marguc:n1c Ruth tcital) J Pewicr. Bruce Adele fao"e"l PheiJ!'. Eh1.abelll Palmer CYcorgenl Podlc: Patnctl Ann Poncr, Anne Jam1wn Pno,hard. L)nn Beth IGIII<<piCI Rcmhardt. La\cmc Lmmclm t<hbomcl Rcnz. Ehtai'>eth Ann I Eberhardll Raker. ''M)' JI.OC flcc:manl Ru:, Buncl Juh1 ryoonp:) Ru.cll, lmnne IGoR!) Seaman. EIILabeth ~1odngal (Tem"') 1 mnh B:ut=a usan t IAnJoU<J moth Edna \ ftuller ) moth H:unc~ Andre"!lame 1 195) ~ :! 19~ ~ ~9 19 9

46 StanoJev. Carol Ann I Kirwan) 1964 Wiubcrger. Ruth Ellen (Checkis) 1949 Burton, Lucille Johanna (Reno) 1945 Quackenbu h. Joyce M (Oakes) 194!- S~eele. Henrieua Joyce (Williams) 1961 Wood. Karen Anne (Wood) 1965 Butcher, Jacqueline 1973 Ravenscroft. Violet (Palmer) 19~ Thomas. Marlene Myles (Miller) 1950 Work, Emma Gibson (Bun) 1934 Campbell, Jane (Delabuutetien:) 1952 Reisewilz. Margrit Hilde (Huhoe) 19,; Thompson. Mary Jill 1962 Cangiano, Bn:nda (Muir) 1958 Reynolds. Susan Marie (Maslowe) 1-. Vaneuen. Ann Ehzabcth (l ames) 1947 EPSILON (Illinois Wesleyan Carter, Persis (Temunc) 1916 Rice. Elizabeth Jane (Ecker) 194t Vinton, Cornelia (Ricks) 1947 Childs, Shirley Ann (Jackson) 1968 Richardson, Adelaide (Brandl) University) 1921 Wagner. Jean Elizabeth (Wilkins) 1943 Christensen, Nancic Jean 1955 Rogers, Beverly Buckner (Collins) 19Jt Ware. Donna Jean (Barnell) 1938 Ahlcnius, Marion Holliday (Matheson) 1923 Coggeshall. Minnie Juliet 1903 Rosernurgy, Patricio Ann (Jewel) 1960 Warn:n. Sandra Lee (Hancock) 1961 Baker. Beulah Louise (Locher) 1902 Collings, Christine Rogers (Eifrig) 1969 Rothberg, Deburah Ann 1961 Walkins. Elizabeth Goodell 1973 Barclay, Carol Joyce (Stephens) 1949 Croal, Nancy M (Prescou) 1951 Royce, Carolyn Mae (Erickson) 1949 WcaYer, Joan Carol tholmes) 1974 Bates. Nell ie (Morris) 1891 Dalenberg. Ramona (Novak) 1927 Rozan. Kristin Bcrvig (Valentine) Weber. Susan (Theiler) 1935 Beeler, Linda Lee 1968 Davis. Catherine (Chaplin) 1922 Ruby, Joanne Marie )g,g ~ Wetze l. Talitha Jane (Gilkerson) 1947 Berg. Elsie (Davis) 1914 Deforest. Hanict Stanton 1927 Sayle. Flora (Ayers) 1904 Wilkins. Mary Ellen (Clifford) 1944 Blades, Edith (Lewis) 1886 Degraw, Clemence (Jandrey) 1927 Scamecchia, Susan M (Deheinrich) 1961 Williams. Barbara Christin (S mith) 1967 Bowers. Beuy Anne (Geib) 1949 Demerdlh. Julia Wells 1961 Scheaf. Katherine Laurel Williams. Gwendolyn Dale 1964 Ciocia, Karen Anne 1972 Dillman. Margaret (Malcheue) 1920 Schneiders. Nancy Anne (Welch) )g,) Wilson. Violet Francine (Wilson) 1948 Clark. Rita Marie 1966 Dudenhocfer, Ann Celeste 1977 Schuhmann, Alice Wright. Caroline Cary (Scoll) 1932 Cox, Marion Elizabeth (Hampton) 1953 Duesler, Connie Lee 1974 Seaton, Dorothy Melissa (Fairfield) 191& Ziegler, Carol Ann (Ziegler) 1968 Crawford, Linda Anne 1963 Elston, F Marie (Bryan) 1916 Scefurth, Sylvia 19, Cunningham. Irene 1905 Emery, Marion (Smythe) 1930 Serota, Mary Ellen (Dahlslr.llld) 1965 Czajka, Nancy Marie 1971 Enger. Frances (Christianson) 1915 EPSILON PROVINCE Dean, Joann Elsie (Duncan) 1960 Evans, Florence Gilbert {Wallin) 1945 Shehan, Dorothea Sheldon, Eleanor Pray JQJO IJJ9 ALPHA (Monmouth College) Ebcrspacher. Josephine Ann 1970 Falk, Lenore (Harris) 1902 Smethurst, Joyce Mary (Pollock) Fairchild, Eli1.abe1h Ann (Graham) 1947 Fanelli, Diane (Daugherty) 1965 Soule, Nancy Calvin 1963 Allen, Elizabeth DuPont 1966 Ashe. Elizabeth Stanton (Smith) 1934 Stautz, Helen Carolyn (McCJaughry) 1934 Atkinson. Barbara (Bai ley) Hayward. Margaret (Ruland) Fitzhugh. Sarah (Dawson) 1925 Stavrum, Elizabeth Ann (Lux) 1941 Azdell. Janeue Wilson (Carlson) Hinds. Marcia Jane (Moss) Foeller. Carole Louise (Smith) 1953 Steller, Debra Jean 1974 Ballard. Barbara Ann Hineman, Sandra Marie (Roj)lkovick) Fox, Theresa Merrigan (Draper) 1958 Swansen. Martha Bunker 1970 Barber. Bonn ie Jean (Van Ovcrbcke) Hoh, Susan Jane (Hartter) Gaarder, Nancy Gay 1973 Tefft, Susan Kathleen 1968 Barden, Nancy Louise (Park) Howard. Beulah (Akers) Gans, Gretchen Anne (EIIioll) 1961 Thieman, Marie (Raab) 1908 Barnett. Marian Frances Hudson, Guida (Ireland) Godfrey, Helen Hathaway (Walker) 1940 Townley. Lulu Rosemary (Smathers) 1934 Barnhan, Wilma Jean (Toohey) Janssen. Barbara A'nn (Day) Goehel. Margaret Eloine (Henne) 1932 lbwnsend, Irene (Christy) 1919 Baumann. Joan Elizabeth Johnson. Jennifer Ruth (Burian) Granum. Gail Lynn 1965 '!hill, Mono Suzanne (Rogers) 1904 Beveridge. Dorothy Jean 1956 Jones. Patricia Kathleen (Wehrle) 1956 Greeley, Helen (Russell) 1910 lhul, Marguerite Agnes (Jones) Jm Bischman. Carol Marie (Luthin) 1949 Kemp. Janice Mildred (Byrkil) 1955 Hadley. Jane Evereu (Perry) 1953 Thcker. Pamela Grace (Enerson) 1964 Bondurant, Bonnie Beth (Wiese) Kennedy. Charity Hafner. Irene Mary (Blackmer) 1916 Vannoy, Jo Ann 19~ Bosovich, Marcia Elaine 1972 Kenyon. Karen Rai 1957 Hale, Irma (Pfund) 1904 Wallis, Eva Elizabeth (Detienne) 1909 Burgeson, Marsha Arvilla Killen. Brenda Jean Hall, Ann Elizabeth 1964 Wallis, Winifred (Groves) 1917 Burgess. Marion (Stewan) Kirkpatrick. Mrujorie (Hoopes) Hampton. Mary McDuffie 1919 Warn:n, Lela Marcy (Brink) 1969 Camp. Kathryn Margaret 1967 Knox. Manella (Flail) 1950 Havey, Marianne (Hobbins) 1949 Warn:n, Margaret (Beoder) 1919 Carpenter. Wendy Elizabeth (Koch) 1967 Larnboum. Annabel (Hoeper) 1958 Hayes, Mary Marr 1962 Washburn, Nancy Ann (Heller) tm Daniels, Sally Six 1959 Marshall. Jacquclynne (Schmid) 1955 Heinze, Ann Morrison (Hom) 1968 Watson, Julie Courtney (Tasche) 1919 Davies, Lowrie Ellen ttietj.) 1964 May. Clara (Henry) 1891 Heitz, Terry Gardiner 1966 Wheeler. Marion Bostwick (Emerson) 1948 Dellinger. Dolores Jean (Saunders) 1945 McCollough. Susan Jean 1956 Herman. Sharon (Wilson) 1962 Williams. Teresa Anne 1973 Dent. Barbara Jean (Parks) 1946 Musick. Frances ffirown) 1919 Heyse, Roxanne 1975 Wilson, Susan Betsy (Wirth) 1965 Diffcnbaugh. Mary F \Abbou) 1939 Myers. Mary Elizabeth (Nafziger) 1928 Hiegel. Gail Ann 1974 Wollmar, Ingrid Jenny (Marr) 1961 Drain. Deborah Kay 1970 Nate, Mildred E (Rike) 1914 Hodel, Mary Anne 196< Wright, Rowe 1907 Ericson. Ethel June 1947 Neiberger, Mary Coe (Lenhard) 1916 Holmes, Sally (Smith) 1954 Wyman, Anna (Babcock) 1890 Ericson. Rose Mary (Bridger) 1942 Nelson. Marjorie Lee (Olsen) 1951 Huffman, Judith Kaye 1960 Young, Mary Hunt (Houston) 19ll Farwell, Jeanneue F (Campbell) 1937 Newberg. Mary Jo 1973 Humphrey, Jean Derr (Anderson) 1936 Ferguson. Dorothy Louise UPSILON (Northwestern 1951 Norris, Margarc1 E (Swim) 1930 Husting, Polly Marden (Petrie) 1958 Field. Maude Onh (MacManus) 1939 Powers. Suzan Michele (McDonald) 1966 Jacobus. Susanna Seymour (Sauder) 1952 University) Garry, Robbie Ann (IVinslade) 1962 Ratcliffe, Charlene M (Kessler) 1943 Johnson. Deburah Anne (Zellmer) 1974 Hanzlik. Mary Arthur (Silva) 1960 Read. Miriam F (Wade) 1928 Johnson, Jessie Vera (Card) 1902 Adams. JaneL Bryan 1965 Hemberger. Judy Ann 1971 Reynolds. Rena Ann (Leckey) 1951 Jones, Donna Carol 1959 Ade. Julia Louise (Levering) 1957 Herriott. Helen Louise 1967 Robe rtson. Jean (Schuhz) 1931 Kappus, Carola Christine (Loepfe) 1972 Ainsworth. Ann 1944 Hill. Jane Ellen 1965 Shaff. Jeanne Marguerite 1937 Kearney. Jan Elizabeth (Miller) 1967 Aring. Julia Pickard (Uihlein) 1971 Irvine. Shirley Grace (Drennan) 1954 Shaw. Sally Ann 1972 Kendall. Georgia (Sharp) 1889 Baker. Belly Bell CHollzman) 1940 Jones. Elinor Raye (Gi lleue) 1940 Short. Karen Jean (Mills) 1967 Kidd, Sally Candiss (Waldrarn) 1966 Banlett, Bonni~ Jean (Daniels) 1948 Kaler. Patricia Lee (Alspach) 1946 Soper, Lucy (Lane) 1907 Kiekhofer, Emilie Brace 1950 Benjamin. Gail 1954 Kelley. Janel Cleghorn (Krieger) 1957 Sradcm1an. Rebecca Sue 1969 Kimpel, Rae Muriel (Larsen) 1941 Bernard. Leslie Carolyn 1965 Kistler. Carlyn Joan (Wagner) 1952 S1ephens. Mindy Lou 1974 Kirscher, Kathleen Ann 1955 Berry. Joyce Frances (Parl.erson) 1946 Lewis. Susan Virginia 1972 Thllis, Mary Abigail (Thmer) 1898 Kirwan, Jeanne 1905 Blair. Elizabeth Ebeman (Bucklcn) Linneman. JoAnne (Rees) 1951 Watson. Mary Carolyn (McCollem) 1945 Kitchen, Dorothy Lewis (O'Neill) 1911 Bodach. Mildred!Nelson) 1923 Logan. Manha Joan (Lindley) 1948 Webb, Margare1 Madella 1930 Klotz, Elizabeth (Bennen) 1920 Branson. Helen Louise (Stuart) I~ Lowry. Carol Ann (Tigges) 1960 Williams, Carol Jean CBunn) 1957 Krernl. Claudia Jean 1972 Briuenham, Flora Marea (White) 1907 Lucc. Jane Ann 1961 Wissing. Jean Virginia 1959 Krueger, Dorothy Adelaide (Hiecke) 1916 Brown, Janel Lee I~ Lynn, Shnron (Kirl. ) 1951 Womer. Anna Carolyn (Nieman) 1954 Larson. Carol Christine 1967 Brown. Linda Elizabeth )g,a MW1n. Marjorie R (Peterson) 1940 Wyau. Virginia Marie (Parsons) 1941 Larsson, Kerstin (Salvadori) 1956 Brown. Nellie (Brashear) Marvm, Carolme Wheater '"' 19&1 Yontz. Elaine (Beverly) 1946 Levy, Jill Susan 1978 Buchner. Carol Lynn (Congdon) 1960 McKeon, Marsha Jeanne Young, Mary Alice CMoureyl 1952 Lew. Lauric Kane 1967 Capp, Constance Joan CBiuestem) 1965 McSwain, Nan Rc1d 1970 Linquest, Laura Elizabeth (Nilz) 1946 Carlisle, Belly (Von Hagen) J9J7 Miller. Wendy Ann 1968 ETA (University of Wisconsin) Long. Ann Marie 1968 Chelburg. Janice Claire [Twohig) 19" Mnchcll. Joanna 1934 Aancs. Sandra Jean 1961 Lyman. Lucy Elizabeth (While) 1951 Coggeshall. Judith I~ N1clscn. Linda Karen 1959 Allen. Carol Sue (Biedermann ) 1949 McDem1ott, Ann 1938 Collins. Jean Elizabeth 19M Olson, Sandra Lee (\VolfO 1963 Anderson. Mary A (Brink) 1936 McDonald. Mary Catherine (Hill) 1945 Condon, Jane (Jones) 1926 Pilgnm. Marie Loi!' Arnold. Christine Elizabeth 1962 McEwen. Ethel (Marsh) 1900 Cook, Elizabeth (Coleman) J9fl Pmbcn. Sally Beatrice 1971 Bacder. Barbara Jane (Thomas) 1969 McGrath. Eileen Medary (Lucas) 1938 Cumnock. Philura (Willeuu 1905 Re1d. Mary Cathenne (ZoecJJcr) 1960 Barbee. Lou1sc Mary (To-wer) 1924 McVeigh, Nancy Jeane (Tesch) 1955 Davis, Beverly Sue (McCarty) 199 Schaniel. Joanne M:mlyn (Collier) 1948 Barw1g. Elsa Marie truedebusch) 1916 Mead. Jessie {Rose) 1908 Decker. Barbara Ann tbicrt'r) 19>19 Smale. Joan Eileen 1958 Beel er. Suunne Carol 1963 Meulendyke, Susan M CFondrie) 1970 D1ckson. Myrtle Snu th. Elizabeth Ann (Zorn) 1953 Bell, Brenda Elizabeth (Becker) '"' 1958 Middleton. Jean (Bathurst) 1946 Dobson, Je Sle Vera (Smuh) 1909 Sn)der. Sandm Kay!Blomgren) 1968 Bencher. Dorothy Louise [Tameling) 1945 Morris. Gail Olivia 1962 Dunn. N;tncy Jane (Williams) 1949 Sprout. Cnrol Etlene (Melton) 1957 Bla1r, Suo;an RosaJie 1961 Morton, Lynn Colby 1960 Durand. Jane Martm (Lockwood) J9Jf uce. L1ly Ann (Thompson! Blane), Loretta Anne {Weir) 1971 Motll, Linda Rose (Mulder) 1964 Dyer. Bjlrbara Jule (Moon:) I~ Such~, Joann Rna (Reed) 1958 Boardman. Bclse) Rose (Asncan) 1967 Mun~. Grace Emma 1902 Dyer. Mariam Jane!Baker) 19>19 Thomson, Pntric111 Mil~d 1957 Boreson. Bcuy Lou (O'Bnen) 1942 Nelson. Patricia Ann 1964 Edelen, Pearl Jane (Pinson) 1917 Timmons. Mllnl)'n Jean (0upu)) 1967 Bowman. Mar~arel Alice (Brown) 1953 Nordman. Maud 1960 Elhs. Patricia Ann 19t6 Titswonh. Jill Rae 1969 Bo" man. Mill) Ellen 1974 O'Berly. Kathryn Anne 1969 Ericbon. Judith Elayne 1961 Tomazn:. Carol)n Math1ld:a 1953 Bnus. Rub) E'a.ns 1919 Olbrich, Sue Walser Norlh (Post) 1929 Eveman. Nona J CBarbork l 1953 Thmer, Charlotte Ruth (Nichols I 1961 Brown. Barbara J (A hton) 1942 Pearman. Jenrufer Ann 1974 Falley. Carol Clarl. (O'Bnen ) I~ Vu.. ~. lc1gh lrunan 1967 Brown. Dorolh) (Pauon) 1915 Peck, Laurie K 1976 F1llmore, Vtctona Lee CHargrta\'CSJ 1961 VinJe. anc) Kathlttn 196 Brown. Jen01 (Short) 1908 Pedley. Jean Jocelyn (Hayes) 1940 Fmdlay. Joann Clare (Prather) 1962 Waller. MW) Watt 1939 Brown, Shelia Kathleen 1960 Pe1fTer, Carole A Fmdle>, Robin Chnsune (Corlew! Warder, Susan Ruth (le m,.~l 1969 Bucl. ln~er Mananne (Boell 1961 Penner, Lynn (Sheridan) Flentye, Ethel Kathryn (Porter) 1920 Watkm, Traq Mane Buffinton. L..c"llc (8n:cn) Formberg, Shyrl M1chele 1967 Porcelli. Penny Sue fbjordahj) W1llson. Ruth twat1an l Burl.e. lois Ahce (Moran) Fors)th. lui"' Suzanne!Gu<~\Onl '"' 1953 Pullen, Hamel WinSion (CUlley) 1938 Fo.lcr, Suzanne Ruth (Mul hns) Fumeaux. Gayle Diane (Pearl) Gerling. Barbara Jean (Rowland) Faye. Linda Leilani (Collins) Field. Jeanne Elizabeth SIBrr, Martha Jane 1960 '"'

47 Susan Jane <Jones) Florence (Lewis 1 Frnnces Eaton (Friedlundl Alice (Stassen) Vera Jane, Gnce Genevieve (McGinley) Sue (Cooper) I Gracie) Gordon (Wylie) Elizabeth (Fillion) Laurene (Hall) Hope Louise IMeyer) ILoveland). Jcn ie (Conover) Miller. Loda Lou (Hutchinson) lot iller. Maurin< Milligan, Rhett "' Mary Elizabeth Morehoust". Hamet (Newton) t.lorgan. Susan Beecher MoO:. Charlene Anne (Lies.) Mower. Beverly Ann (Jeffers) Nelson. Nancy Lee' (Liljegren) Nerbovig. Ruth Kan:n (Stroud) Noce, Grace Georgette (Kent I Nye. Helen (Erwin) Olson, Hazel O'Neall, Rosemary (Perry) Park. William (Sula) Peter., Sally Barrell (Kearney) Peterson. Virgin ia Lee {l) nch) Pollock. Jeanne (Sollittl Power.. Gladys (Ackerman) Raddin. Louise Reiley, Jul ie Kay Reynolds. Murial Brunton (Potter) Ridlon. Margaret IVan lngen) Riley. Peggy Ann (Wolf) Robinson. Alice (Speicher) Rogers, Judith Laurel Schilling, Susanne Schintz.ius, Susan Ellen Schou, Madelon J Scofield, Georgia Ann (John on) Seegar, Helen F (Stone) Scnjcn. Virginia Anne (Olson) Shuman. Evelyn Whirl (Traylor) Slagle. Elizabeth (Snyder) Smith. Helen Louise (Collins) Smith, Helen Rigdon (Gilmore) Snow, Kathryn Bcnneu (Springstead) Sorensen. Marilyn loan (Mclmyrc) Speck. Florence (ferry) Sprankle. Margaret Fair IRandolf) Sproul, I:;kanor Elizabeth <Beaton) Stackhouse. Mary Neill IMa <an) Stanley, Mary Ann Stewart. Kathryn Charlene (Proctor) Stoup, Shirley Ann Strunk, Jeanne Ellen tdcnnlcr) Sullivan. Helen Marie (McKinley) Sumner, Mary Louise (Snow} Terry, Edna June (Pickrell) Thomas. Virginia Kathryn IDaniels) Thompson. Elizabeth (Riley) Thompson. Virgi nia Hope (Myers) Thurnau. Sally Gray (Egler) Torrance, Laura Harding (Olson) Tyra. Nancy Wallis, Helen A I Allender) Walton. Patricia Eileen (Overby) Ward, Suzanne Ward, Suzanne Warner. Caroline Hall Webb, Fmnces Anderson (Leis hman) Webster. Marjorie Eleanor (Endr<>) Weimar. Manncue Marie tkeenan) Welch. Elizabeth B (Campbell) White. Elizabeth W (Johnston) Williams, Helen Campbell Wing. Catherine Evans (Mann ) Wintcnburg. Gertrude Luell (Hoaglund) Wishard, Winifred Youngberg. Janet Ruth (Price) 1958 BETA LAMBDA (Univer ity of Illinois) Albers, Nancy Elizabeth Anderson, Glenda May Andrews. Elsie V Arntstrong. Elizabeth E (Fairman) Ate, Lynn Marie Barber. Marian IO~<en) Barker. ancy Jeanne (Bittinger) Barnell. Jane Ellen Bien. Bernice Beatrice (Kaska) Bittinger. Elsie Mac (Watt) Boldn:y. Cathic'cn Dawn Brady, Lynne Kathleen Brunnemcycr. Joyce Edris (Palmer) Bubeck, Patricia Ann (Johnson) Burger. Margery Sewell (Winter) Calderwood. Sara Ruth (Reeder) Campbell, MlllVine Margaret (Sheppard) Capron, Ruth B (Thomas) Carl. Linda Lea (Bonnem) Clark. Dorothy Jayne (O' Dono-.n) Cord. Karen Leslie (TayiM) Corwin. Linda Liles Costello, Carol Ann Crosby. Elizabeth Susanne (BiklinJ Davison, Mnnha FC3nccs (K.rieckhaus) Dennen, Dorothy (Wright) Dennen. Helen (Wright) Diener. Jane (Andres) Disosway. Virginia Ellen (Schoeule) Done. Esther R <Moore) Drew, Mildred Evangeline Dunoth. Donna Lee (Langford) Dupuy, Genevieve (Seoul Evans. Lois Katherine (Barnes) Eycleshymer. Lois Catherin (Cooling Fairfield. Faith Jeanneue (Fisher) Felts, Nancy Sue Fielding, Gayle Franca Fisher. Edna Jane (Westover) Foley. Ann French. Laura Margaret (Bic ker.;) French. Mildn:d (lams) Froom, Gail Edith (McKenzie) Gabel. Helen LouiS< (Archer) Gilbert. Carol Mary Glaeser. Mildred 8 (Fidler) Glidden, Doris (Needler) Goldman. Agnes Redfern (Burke) Graff. Elizabeth (Sanger) Graham, Connie Sue (Ernst) Gn:gory, Eli1.abeth Gross. Martha Ann IWilliams) Halsey, Katherine C Ham ilton. Camille Adair Hardinger. Rachel Harter. Elizabeth A Herdman. Carrie Belle (McNeill) Herdman, Margarel May Howard. Katherine Elizabet (Coppermanl 1960 Hughes. Patricia Ann 1964 Hu01oon. Geneva (Bennttt) 1909 Hutehmson. Cathy Lee IHynes) 1966 Jorzi k, Elizabeth 1926 Keller. Patricia Ann 1969 Kendall. Helen V 1904 Kimbell. Miry Anne 1935 Knopf, Dorothy Caroline (Kirst) 1944 Lane. Barbara Mclln:c (flesh) 1944 Lauber. Patricia Robin 1970 Lauterborn. Mary Sue (Mayers) 1959 Lavelle, Christine Linn, Pegeen Jocelyn 1961 Lovig. Baroara Ann 1964 Mattes, Dorothy (Spaulding) 1948 Maurer. Ann Frances CHand I 1963 McGrath, Courtney Bethlah 1941 McKnight. Ann Ruth 1962 Mickelberry. Jane Adelaide (Riuenhouse Nichols. Emily Lavinia (Tn:esl 1902 Owen, Carol Doris 1968 Panella. Marilyn Jean 1964 Parler, Dorothy Harding (Pumpellyl 1934 Paul. Susan Marie (Kostelny) 1972 Paxton. Nancy Lois (Kclihcr) 1955 Phillips. Cynthia Ann (Minor) 1974 Pass. Bonnie Mae 1965 Pouk. Marg a~ l Finlyson 1906 Powell. Julann Rita CBoatnerJ 1961 Pratt, Ouhcrine Ann 1974 Prall. Elisabeth Haven (Shoemaker) 1942 Rasmussen. Josephine Louis!Belden) 1933 Ratcliff. Kathryn LouiS. (Crouch) 1921 Roberts. Shirley June 1945 Scharff, Nancy Elizabeth (lcns<n) 1944 Schilling. Linda Joann 1968 Schrnuf, Linda Mae (Purdue) 1969 Scudamore. Thelma (Southwick) 1919 Shaeffer, Nancy Ellen (Balma) 1967 Simpson, Janet Dupuy (Cruntz) 1936 Small. Gwendolyn Davi< (Marshall) 1941 Smock. Mary Virginia (Dcuell 1924 Snyder. Mary Jane 1968 Stcmme. Harriet Thelma 1959 S1engcr. Joan Marie tschroedcr) 1953 Stout. Mary Ann (Carroll) 1947 Swenson. B;eatricc Lillian (Cronl) 1904 Teetor. Bcuy LouiS< (A ndron) 1939 Tchon. Atha Lee 1944 Thayer. Ann Dyas (Holmquist) 1951 Thurston. Helen Marie (Monahan I 1906 Torian. Jean Dekress (Kauffman) 1940,Ttcwyn, Joyce Geraldync:: 1948 Twomey. Mary Susan (larn:t) 1949 Wagner. Joyce 1962 Webb. Mary LouiS< (Be ken) Weber. Rosalie Jean (Pritchard) 1957 Weber. Sue Ann 1967 White. Helen Muriel 1956 W1 sing. Lynn Dianm: 1962 Young, Hazelt Bie 'ins) 1925 Youngs ; Mary Jeancue (Niebergalll ~ Please fill out the following blank and forward to Fraternity Headquarters. P.O. box 177. Columbus. OH LOST but not forgotten Office use only ODDDDDDD member no. Maiden Name Chapter Initiation Yr Check if: New marriage date Deceased date PLEASE PRINT NEW NAME IF D FFERENT FROM LISTING TITLE I I LAST I I FIRST I I MIDDLE I I I NEW Address

48 -''This Chapter In Time''---- Pi Celebrates Its Centennial By Didi Moore Boring, 0~ From the first notification of the upcoming birthday, to th last tearful goodbyes on May 22, 1980, Pi Deuteron Chapter a the University of California, Berkeley, actives and alumna worked to create a special celebration of Pi 's first I 00 years From November 1979 when Pi Board was first informed tht House Board began work immediately. Didi Moore Boring 5: was appointed chairman, and a chapter committee was co chaired by seniors Erin Biggs and Carol McKnight. Early on i was decided to have an open house during the day (May ), and a banquet that evening. ''This Chapter ln Time' ' wa: chosen as the theme for the day, and a logo was developed. The challenge was to reach as many as possible of Pi 's ove1 1,000 initiates and to offer them a way to become a part of thf celebration if they wanted to. First notification was through th chapter newsletter The Pi Piper; official announcements wen out in March asking alumnae to reserve the day. Many whc could not attend the festivities, contributed to the Universit) through the Emma Moffett McLaughlin Scholarship Fund in honor of a Pi Kappa who had been an outstanding leader in community and University affairs. Additionally, a gold charm depicting the logo was offered; each sold for $50 and proceed went to the Chapter House Fund. The day of May 22nd saw many reunion luncheons before the open house at the chapter. People came from all over California, as well as from Oregon and New York! The House was beautifully decorated with help from the Mothers' Club; actives gave tours of the campus, and tea was served. In the chapter room, scrapbooks and early photos were displayed by decades. A wealth or historical photos of the classes of '02 and '03 and of the first chapter houses was provided by Jean McLaughlin Doolittle. The banquet was held at the Marriott Inn in Berkeley with about 180 attending. Guests were surprised by visits from the Cal StrawHat Band and Oshi, the silent Cal mascot, who really got the evening off to an enthusiastic beginning. Seating was 46 THE KEY/WINTER 1980

49 Stacy by initiation classes. After the mistress of ceremonies, Sally Walker Lyding, gave a humorous history of the, she asked everyone to rise. As she called off the name each decade beginning with the 80's, those who had been a ted in that decade sat down. Left standing at the conclusion the oldest initiates, all who had been Kappas over 50 The oldest there was Elva Christie Hughes, initiated in 10, two of whose three Pi daughters were also present that. The collegians gave the early initiates a great round of Representing the Fraternity, Marjorie Cross Bird, BM, then director of field repre entatives, presented a,000 scholarship to the University of California in honor of Pi Chapter. A special scholarship committee under Marian) Midge Oliver Zischke had earlier determined the winners on the basis of need, high scholarship, and chapter community contribution: Arnie Mosher, a Kappa, and ica Whitlock, a Tri Delta. The banquet speaker wa Joseph. Moore, Jr., then vice-chairman (now chairman) of the Board Regents of the University of California, and father of Centen Chairman, (Marilyn) Didi Moore Boring. The evening to a close as we heard of the collegiate activities from :hapter president St~cy Black, and were treated to a performby singers Marilyn Hoffman and Ann Forbush. All joined n the singing of Kappa songs, led by the actives and the clo ing :eremony. Pi is indeed fortunate to have the spirited, dedicated group of llumnae and actives presently involved in the chapter. The :entennial offered an opportunity to enlarge the group of 'riends, refresh some perhap dimming memorie, and to paricipate again in creating a new memory, one which will last mtil th.e next big occa ion, the 150th. in Will you be here? Pi Chapter Hou e Fdnor"s note: for dcta11> of p, Deuteron Chapter H>stOI). rt:ad Th Kt'l. Fall pg J'HE KEY V I R

50 Zf Chapter Installed at Centre (Lett to right,) Susan Clark, Elizabeth Bennett, Jill Austin, Tracey Corey, Cindi Pierce, Wendy Reed, Leslie Tassie, Susan Weesner. 2nd row; Kim Hounchell, Susan Johnson, Lee Anne Groomes, Susan Kubler, Adanna Keller, Cindy Mclemore. 3rd row; Dawn Melton, Amy Hobson, Aileen Moore, Pat Bullock, Denise Cohen. 4th row; Fran Geralds, Ruth Dudley, Leslie Gividen, Ellen Anderson, Pam Price, Madelyn Hopson. (Not pictured ; Chan Dulworth, Martha Maher, Barb Sonntag, Charlotte Stiverson, Sarah Valentine, Nancy Youtsey.) Front row; Wendy Reed, Denise Cohen, Adanna Kelley. Back row; Sherri Carpenter (BX), and Barb Sonnetag. Grace Haddad (BX) with zr treasurer Sarah Valentine and adviser Nancy Hill. (Lett,) Betsy Taft William, f'i'-maryland, Lexington Alumnae president and Laurie Hettel of BX help while Susan Wachs Oldfield, Vivian Abernathy and Mary Smock (rt. photo) all EX-Kentucky also assist. Barbara Woolley, n:-oklahoma State, graduate counselor, (center) Dinnie Texter Callahan, EM-Colorado, from Fraternity Headquarters, and Linda Chesnut Coker, 80-0klahoma, membership adviser for zr, all unpack and prepare for initiation On a colorful, crisp fall day, Zeta Gamma chapter was installed at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. Centre College, founded in 1819, is a highly competitive, independent liberal arts college. The 75 acre campus is located in a rural community about 35 miles from Lexington. Traditionally an all male school until the 1960's, it now has six national male fraternities but until this year the women have had no organizations. Kappa together with Kappa Alpha Theta and Delta Delta Delta installed chapter~ on October 4, 1980, at Centre College. They even held a joint campus reception on Sunday, October 5th where all guests and new initiates of the three groups could join in the festivities. The installing officers were Fraternity President Sally Moore Nitschke, BN-Ohio State, and Director of Membership Juliana (J.J.) Fraser Wales, BN-Ohio State, with Nu Province Director of Chapters Cynthia McMillan Lanford, fit-alabama, and Barbara Wooley, ill-oklahoma State, graduate counselor assisting. (Betty Jane Parks Gary, ilp-mississippi, Nu Province Director of Alumnae was unable to attend because of illness in the family.) Gini Anding LaCharite, fk-wm. & Mary, and Anne Hall Atchison, BX-Kentucky were co chairman of the installation. Kappas arrived from various points around the state of Kentucky and Tennessee, and representing Fraternity Headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, were Dinnie Texter Callahan, BM-Colorado; Jane Coombs, ila-miami; and Diane Miller Selby, BN-Ohio State. Beta Chi Chapter members served as big sisters for the new chapter. The traditional ceremonies were held on Friday evening and the installation was accomplished by noon of Helping to clean up were Carol Levin, Kitty Armstrong and Betsy Ferg son all Beta Chis. 48 THE KEY/WINTER 19f

51 Saturday followed by a box lunch for all participants in the dorm of Centre College. That evening the installation banquet was held in the Trustees' House of Shakertown in Pleasant Hill, Kentucky. This restored community added a most delightful flavor to the entire weekend as the simple pleasures of friendship bloomed everywhere. The " Evening Fare" included Shaker mashed potato soup, Cajun chicken, wild rice casserole, cushaw squash, southern green beans, pear and blue cheese salad, village hot breads, dessert and beverage- all served family style complete with candlelight in several small dining rooms. When dinner was completed a short walk down the old dirt pathway to the Shaker Meeting House was enjoyed by all. Once again candlelight prevailed as the evening' program centered on the theme " We Make You Kindly Welcome". J.J. Wales served as toastmistress, read greetings, and made appropriate introductions. Sherry Carpenter, president of Beta Chi Chapter, gave the official welcome to Zeta Gamma and Madelyn Hopson, president of Zeta Gamma, responded. Greetings from the college were offered by Dr. Edgar C. Rickert, Jr., Provost and Dean of Centre College. Sally Nitschke spoke for the Fraternity in greeting our l06th active chapter. Gifts were presented to the new chapter, but perhaps most special of all was the presentation of badges to each new initiate. The chapter was initiated with the big sister badges belonging to the Beta Chi members. These badges were worn throughout the day and at the conclusion of the evening program the new badges were exchanged for the big sister badges and many shiny new pin were glowing in the candlelight. A lovely reception was held for parents and guests in the West Family Hou e. -Vanderbilt, on the left, and Sally Nitschke center enjoy from Tennessee. Field Secretary Talby Hardy, El:-Virginia; Fraternity President Sally Moore Nitschke, B -Ohio State; and Director of Membership Juliana Fraser Wales B -Ohio State radiate enthusiasm for the newly installed chapter. (Left) Madelyn Hopson, president of zr receives the gavel rrom BX Kentucky chapter president, Sherri Carpenter. (Above rt) Anne Hall Atchison, BX-Kentucky, installation chairman. (Above left) Elizabeth Kimbrough Park and daughter Ridgely Park, both BX-Kentucky, and both former Fraternity officers attended the installation banquet. (Above rt.) Gini (Virginia) Anding LaCharite, fk-wm. & Mary, former Nu PDC and installation chairman has a conversation with new initiate Charlotte Stiverson. Front left, Cynthia McMillan Lanford, rn-aiabama, Nu Province Director of Chapters, and Sally Moore Nitschke, B -Ohio State, Fraternity President, wait to participate in at the Shaker Meeting House. THE K EYIWIIIITER

52 CAMPUS SIGHTS AND SOUNDS THE UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON'S Library is establi hing a Mount St. Helen's collection as a centralized location for material s on the volcano' eruptions ince March (Chronicle of High Educario11) USED CRANKCASE. OIL was mi xed with No. 6 oil for heating last winter at the University of Rhode Island. Skidmore College (N.Y.) plans to burn I 00% used crankcase oil this winter. much of it donated by ervice station operators who receive receipt for tax-deductible charitable donations. A TUCK-IN SERVICE at the Univer ity of Maryland and Penn State for 25 or 50 may include a group singing " Rock-a-bye Baby" or a bedtime story, tucking in the covers. and a kiss on the cheek. Not exactly mother. but it 's friendly. TO SAVE ENERGY- and an estimated $50,000-the University of the Pac ific adopted new summer work hours of7:00 am to 3:30pm. Air conditioners were turned off at 12:30 pm but it was claimed that offices etc. stayed cool enough until closing time. BY THE END of the '80s one-fourth of the U.S. population will be Spanish-speaking says the president of Georgetown University. (UPI) AN ASSISTANT PROFESSOR of phys. ed. and the soccer goalie from Houghton College (N.Y.) set out from Pittsburgh to row a 17 ft. Adirondack guideboat 980 miles on the Ohio River to Old Shawneetown. Ill. Alumni who were varsity athletes pledged funds. based on the boat trip. for the college's phys. ed. center. THE PRESIDENT of the Rhode Island School of Design described the qualities needed for a college president : the aloofness of a cat; the cunning of a fox; the eye of an eagle: the hide of an elephant; the slipperiness of an eel; the courage of a lion ; the stubbornness of a mule; PARLIAMENTARY INQUIRY Q.: Debates on motions at our club meetings often drag on for a long time without getting anywhere. What can be done to expedite matters? Prepared by Operation Brass Tacks of the National Panhellenic Editor Conference the tenaciousness of a tettier: and the wisdom of an owl. To thi~ he added: a heart of gold : nerve of tee!: and a stomach of iron. (Chroni cle) PRE-RETIREMENT SEMINARS are being held for faculty anc staff members at a number of college. Among tho e conducting f week programs are Vermont, Oklahoma, and Southern Missis ippi. A FILM, made by a group at Adelphi University (N.Y.), shows the problems of deaf children and their parents and how to overcome th ~ problems. It has been accepted by the People's Republic of Chin: Medical Association for howing at all Chinese schools for the deaf. A STUDY last year by the Citibank of N.Y. found that almo t a third ol American families with a son or daughter in college had to borr01~ money to pay for tuition, a percentage that is on the rise. (U.S. News & World Report KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA and Kappa Sigma at Southern Methodist University collected over 35,000 aluminum cans in their 3rd annua drive. Proceeds went toward beautification of the campus. Prizes were awarded to groups which collected the largest number of cans. Lambd" Chi Alpha won with over cans contributed. THE FIRST WOMEN'S college in the United States was the Tro) (N.Y.) Female Seminary, founded in 1821 by Emma Willard. (U P!) THE IFC at the University of Tennessee, in order to promote goo relations with the campus, eats weekly with a Dean, faculty member. and/or campus leader. This ha proven to be a very effective means of improving communications and understanding among these different areas. (Phi Gamma Delta) By Sigrid Ruedel Cranr Y - Northwestern Parliamentarian The chair should ignore anyone who does not properly eek the fl oor but interrupts debate by calling " Question," ' ' Que tion. " A.: In order to cut off debate and to force the vote on a motion. a member should rise, seek recognition by the chair and then say: ''I call for the Previous Question'' or something to that effect like: ' ' I move to take the vote on the pending motion(s) without further debate." After thi motion has been seconded, the chair will immediately proceed to take the vote on this motion by ayi ng: " The previou que tion i moved on the mot ion(s) to... (the chair name the motion(s) on which the vote is to be taken wi thout further debate). All in favor of ordering the previous que tion please ri e... All oppo ed plea e rise...'' Thi motion is undebatable and cannot be amended. Since it deprive the membership of the right to debate it require a :;t, vote. Becau e of that the chair hould reque t a tanding vote. A oon as thi motion i adopted the chair will take the vote on the motion that was pending when the previous que tion wa ordered. 50 Q.: Several time in the past. in order to shorten the busi ness part of our meetings. the chairman dispen ed with the reading of the minute. I this procedure permissible? How will the member hip know whether the minute were correct? A.: It i permissible. but not desirable, to dispense with the minute.. The minute of meeting arc the permanent and legal record of an organi zation and therefore will have to be approved and corrected. if a correction is necessary. Minutes not approved at a meeting at which they were in order. hould be read and approved at the next bu ine meeting and prior to the minute which are in order for that meeting. Another method i for the chairman or a sembly to appoint a committee with power to make any correction and 10 approve the minutes. Publication of the minutes and distribution to the member hip would al o take care of the problem. THE KEY/WINTER 1980

53 Rho Celebrates years of Sisterhood By Holly Hattemer p6 - Ohio Wesleyan r..,. /:. r.. "" On Saturday, October , the Rho Deuteron Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma fraternity at Ohio Wesleyan University celeits centennial birthday in the form of a luncheon at the Delaware Holiday Inn. Many Rho Kappas were present representing several Ohio alumnae groups. Lee McDonald Cassier, P~ - Ohio We ley an, Gamma Province director of alumnae, welcomed all ister and ceremoniously opened the program with the Kappa Ble sing. After lunch we received a pecial treat from the Kappa Chorus Girl. who performed their entertainment from second set parties of rush, which was a dynamic arrangement of that cia ical Broadway show, A Chorus Line, written and choreographed by Cathy Mes ing Robyne Langsdorf. The keynote speaker was Julianna (J.J.) Fra cr Wale, BN-Ohio State, director of membership. Representing the Fraternity, he pre en ted a gift of $1000 to Nancy Wenzlau, wife of Dr. Thoma Wenzlau. President of Ohio We ley an University. The money will be placed in a cholar hip fund for future u e. Margaret (Skip) Leland Russell, P~-Ohio ley an. ecretary and treasurer of the liou e Board, presented a gift of $100 to the to be used for a birthday party in elebration of their centennial. The luncheon addres pre ented by Wendy Weinheimer, chapter pre ident, was a fasci ummary of Rho' hi tory. fhe K EY 1. ;TER 19 0 ized before that. In the minutes of Epsilon. then Grand Chapter, it is noted that on April 23, 1880, that chapter voted to give permission for the establishment of chapters at Oakland, California, and at Ohio We leyan University in Delaware, Ohio. ' AI o earlier i the acceptance of an invitation to honorary member hip in Rho Chapter from Lucy Webb Hayes, wife of United States Pre ident, Rutherford B. Hayes. On the piano in the living room of our lodge tands a beautiful antique doll ; it is a replica of Lucy Haye dre sed like her counterpart in the Smithsonian In titution in Wa hington, D.C., in a wine velvet dress ornamented by a tin y Kappa key. The doll wa donated by two past Presidents of Rho Chapter, Elizabeth Monaghan Yolk and her. Deborah Yolk Cook. Rho Chapter Pre ident Wendy Weinheimer shown accepting gift from Columbus Alumnae A sociation Pre ident Mary Anthony Weaver (above) and chatting with Gary Ryback, Coordinator of Greek Affa irs at Ohio We leyan ni ver ity (below). ry book of Kappa Alpha Theta al o date the adve nt of Kappa Kappa Gamma to Ohio e leyan to at lea t the fa ll of I 0. It tate. all went we ll unt il the fall of I 0. when it was a rude awakening "hen one winter da the e citing new w a announ ed that Kappa Kappa Gamma had e. tabh hed a chapter at Ohio We leyan. and the J Rho Chapter House Kappa key appeared on weater of fifteen of the most promi sing girls. " During the 1880's, Kappa and Theta were the only national women's fraternitie on campus. However, becau e we tended to monopoli ze the ociallife. other tudent threatened not to return to campu if the women's fratcrnitie continued to exi t. Consequentl y. the fac ult y voted women's ecret organi zation illegal and Kappa and Theta were forced to surrender their chapters. "During its brief exi tence, Rho had initiated twenty-eight members. and the e girl continued a subrosa operation. having an initiation even after the gradu ation of The Kappa convention for that year voted to withdraw Rho's chapter and record were turned in. 'Then. in I 896. a group of eight girl decided 10 forn1 an organizati on of their own rather than ri sk being eparated by joining one of the two ex i ting local sororitie. One of these girls wa all y Humphreys. and her mother told her about a group he had belonged to back in Rho Sigma. In trigued by the storie the gi rl re-e tabl i hed Rho Sigma. which nourished unt il when all social fraternitie we re voted out by the girl themselve. "Eight year later in 1922, the al umnae of three former groups retu rned and re-establi hed local fratern ities. Luci lle Leonard LeSourd, a member of Rho igma. wa one of the women who worked the harde t to persuade the fac ult to recognize the e group. Due largely to h ~r effort. the fac ulty conented to pennit nauonal fra ternitie fo r women 10 retu rn to campu. Mrs. Le ourd wa one of th irtyfour Rho igma alumnae who were later inill ated into Kappa Kappa Gamma Fraternity. " With in three years from I 923- I 926. ni neteen of twenty-one Panhellemc Congre~ fratern itie were an tailed at Ohio We Jeyan. rconrinued on page 53) 5 1

54 Daughters of the presidents were members "Of the 16 sororities at the University of Minnesota, Kappa Kappa Gamma is the oldest: 100 years. Chi Chapter was founded April 21, 1880, by eight women. Daughters of three University presidents, William Watts Folwell, Cyrus Northrop, and Marion L. Burton, were members. So is golfer Patty Berg. This year the Kappas have 91 members; 17 live in the chapter house at 329 loth Avenue southeast; 19 live in the annex next door; 12 live in the dorms; and 43 commute. Since 1880 there have been approximately 1,650 active memberships in Chi. Other claims? Alice Adams coined the name of the University's yearbook, the "Gopher." The Kappas gave the Pillsbury Gate, entrance to the campus on 14th Avenue, to the University. The first woman to receive Phi Beta Kappa at the University was Effie Amers-Rochford. The chapter house was built in 1916 and was designed by the head of the University's architecture department." (Taken from Minnesota, University of Minnesota Alumni Association magazine, November 1980, pg.l7.) On Monday evening, October 13, 1980, Chi Chapter celebrated its IOOth birthday. An open house was held the previous day for Kappas as well as University Officials, lfc and Panhellenic friends. The memorabilia was displayed throughout the house including old photographs and sentences inscribed on blue construction paper fleur-de-lis telling the history of the chapter. (i.e., "No daughter of a University of Minnesota President has ever pledged anything other than Kappa!") The banquet featured a large, fourtiered birthday cake with candles, and, naturally, everyone sang "Happy Birthday to Chi''. Over 200 were in attendance for the delightful dinner and program Jed by mistress of ceremonies, Marcia Sailor. The Pickers performed and Molly Morony Cox, llo - Iowa State, presented a style show using all her own collection of gowns. The first gown modeled was an 1880 wedding dre of Molly ' great grandmother, and 52 Chi actives at banquet include: standing left to right; Liz Clapp, and Julie Erickson. Seated, Nancy Hammer, Julie Jones, and Kris Hjelle. Happy Chapter President Julie Erickson; middle, Direc of Philanthropies, Marjorie Moree Keith; and Pre ince Director of Chapters Kathryn Welsh M. X-Minnesota. Some of the alumnae eluded: Marg Leonard, Sally Kel Beverly Esse!, and C Gagnon. THE KEY/WINTER I

55 Chi Julie Erickson makes chapter presentation of 18 antique keys to Fraternity representative Marge Keith. the center, being conas a SO year, is lsabol Thibalt Chapter Pledge Maureen Young, on left, and pledge sister Laurie Rhodes, on right, model in hi storical fashion show. all were very special gowns from orneone in the family. She u ed all 27 Chi pledges as model. Representing the Fraternity, Marjorie Moree Keith, fa- Kan as State director of philanthropies presented a check for $1,000 to honor Chi's centennial. Diane McGrath, wife of the president of the University of Minnesota accepted the check and gave orne complimentary remarks about Chi Chapter and Kappa. Fifty-year pins were awarded to: Mary Harloa, Isabol Thibalt, Alice Bradford, Mary Berg, Elenor Esterly, Su an Okre, Ruth Paulson, Valborg Raun, and Elizabeth Sewareid. A grand conclusion for the evening was a slide show on the entire 100 years of the chapter. Old pictures had been taken from scrapbooks, and appropriate music backed the show, as everyone seemed to find someone, or even themselves, in one of the slides; an emotion packed personal feeling for the Fraternity was evoked. As a finale, chapter president Julie Erickson pre ented Marge Keith with 18 antique Key (badges) which the late Cleora Wheeler had retrieved from Kappa families and preserved in the Chi Chapter archives. These badges will become part of the Kappa Heritage Museum display at Fraternity Headquarters. of the SO year (Rho celebrates. f rom pg. 51) 'At the Kappa convention, permission was granted for Rho to pre ent a fo rn1al petition. The petition wa ubmitted January 10, 192S, and noti fi cation that the charter had been granted came on February 16. Initiati on wa delayed until May I, and Rho Duteron Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma became the thirteenth Panhellenic group installed at Ohio We leyan. " In its early year the home of Salle Reed Seman, the mother of two chapter membe r, wa Rho' headquarters. The fi replace in our pre ent chapter room wa donated by al umnae and i dedicated in loving memory to Sall ie Semans - a loyal Kappa. " By 1927 it wa nece ary to rent rooms in town for meeting and ru h partie. In 1949 the hou eon 126 W. Winter Street was pu rchased wi th a loan fro m the fraternity. " Rho Duteron ' hi tory is indeed a tory of peri tence, perseverence, and dedication. The only rea on we are celebrating our one hu ndredth bi rthday i because of our efforts and those before u. Rho Duteron chapter i not trong becau e it i old, it i old because it i trong.'' 'hfe KEY INTER

56 It 11 wltb deep repet that The Key annoiidcelthe deatb of the fouowln& memben: Allegheny College - Gamma Rho Harriet Krause Curtze '04---September 30, 1980 Jeannette Ferguson Flick ' 13-0ctober 28, 1980 Ethel Kelley ' 16---June 25, 1980 Arizona, University of- Gamma Zeta Gertrude Whittlesey Drummond '27-May 3, 1980 Barbara Prestigard Johnson '39-August 20, 1980 Josephine Barnes Powers '30---0ctober 13, 1980 British Columbia, University of - Gamma Upsilon Ruth Large J aeggar '40---December, 1977 Butler University - Mu Eleanor Torr Boyle '26---June 26, 1,980 Dorothy Talbott Brown ' 16---August 31, 1980 Virginia Kerz Hill '27-Dctober 18, 1980 Lula Colborn Teter '08-July 21, 1980 California, University of - Pi Deuteron Gladys Buchanan Brown '06-Dctober 9, 1979 California, University of at Los Angeles - Gamma Xi Eleanore Hoffman Wehrle '38-August 12, 1980 Colorado, University of- Beta Mu Grace Sowter Kneale ' 17-September I 0, 1980 Mildred Spray Rothwell ' 13-Dctober 2, 1980 Agnes Cary Thayer ' 16---June 15, 1980 Denison University - Gamma Omega Helen Scarritt Pearson '29-0ctober 21, 1980 DePauw University - Iota Jessica Wood McKeand ' 16---April 15, 1980 Duke University - Delta Beta Martha McKennon Sitton '45-September 29, 1969 Fresno State College - Delta Omega Alice Krohn Downing '54-August 5, 1980 Hillsdale College - Kappa Ruth Guthery Arnold '29-Dctober 10, 1980 Loraine Chestnut Chapman ' 18-May 28, 1980 Elizabeth L. Smith '24---August II, 1980 Illinois, University of - Beta Lambda Helen Rugg Condit '23-Dctober 10, 1980 Sarah Hughes Koehler '30---September 6, 1980 Sally Lofquist Picken '46---August 25, 1980 Mary Snideman Rish '23-March 14, 1980 Ann Skelton Windsor '46---August 17, 1980 Iowa, University of- Beta Zeta Althea McGrath Dalton '20---June II, 1980 Mary Lambert Forward '25-February 23, 1980 Ellen McClain Holman '29-September, 1980 Mary Morris Law '00---March Dorothy Dake Littig '22-February 16, 1980 Kansas State University- Gamma Alpha Virginia McKee Bargeman '25-Jul y 20, 1980 Frances Curtis Ducret '27-September 4, 1980 Alyce Bacon Payne ' 17-July 7, 1980 Kansas, University of- Omega Faye Chisham Mo es '09-Dctober Lewella Groberty Rogers ' 17-August 13, 1980 Nell DeHart Weaver ' 17-September 5, 1980 Kentucky, University of- Beta Chi Sarah Simpson Johnson '22-August 19, 1980 Emma Louise Turck Wine '38-September 5, 1980 Michigan, University of- Beta Delta Suzanne Brown Ireland '41-February I, 1980 Missouri, University of- Theta Camilla Collins Draper '29-December 25, 1972 Jane Robertson Franzen '50--November 2, 1978 Nannie Denny Hume '85-March 14, 1953 Katherine Jane Rodgers ' 17-May 5, 1969 Gladys Houx Rusk '20-Dctober 14, 1980 Betty Compton Wolfe '42-June 17, 1980 Monmouth College - Alpha Deuteron Geraldine Shore Hancock '45-August 3, Bernice Sapp Ralston '34---August 23, 1980 Montana, University of- Beta Phi Maribel Spellman Allison '20---June, 1980 Nebraska, University of- Sigma Viola Barnes '07-July 26, 1979 New Mexico, University of- Gamma Beta Ernestine Huning Miekle '25-August 14, 1980 Northwestern University - Upsilon Elizabeth Bronson Brownell '00---January 16, 1974 Jane Ellen Porth '68-April, 1976 Josephine Ba1hatchet Zempel '36---August 2, 1980 Ohio State University - Beta Nu Lois Moore Bennett ' 17-0ctober 19, 1980 Marian Lerch Hunt Mehle ' 17-August 15, 1980 Eliza Washburn Sellers '2 1-August 14, 1980 Ohio Wesleyan University - Rho Deuteron Catheryn Craig Schafer '27-June 5, 1980 Oklahoma, University of- Beta Theta Lucile Tway Herndon '33-August 17, 1971 Lucerne Washbon Roberts '35-April 13, 1980 Oregon State University - Gamma Mu Virginia Bilyeu Holsman '34---April 30, 1980 Oregon, University of- Beta Omega Margaret Hamblin Holmes ' 18-May, 1980 Mary Skinner Howard '22-July 18, 1980 Helen Gage!sam '27-0ctober 5, 1980 Pennsylvania State University - Delta Alpha Josephine Cranmer Durbin '30---September 18, 1980 Virginia Jackson Ide '4 1-Dctober 8, 1980 Pittsburgh, University of- Gamma Epsilon Louise Jennewine Speis '25-February 13, 1980 Purdue University - Gamma Delta Thelma Snyder Bowman '25-June 23, 1980 Kathleen Shirley Branch '24-Dctober 21, 1980 St. Lawrence University - Beta Beta Deuteron Doris Eggleson Cook '21-July 13, 1973 Peggy Magee Foster '28-January II, 1969 Alice Paste Gunnison '99--March 4, 1972 Stanford University - Beta Eta Deuteron Adaline Wright Fuller '06-Dctober 5, 1980 Syracuse University - Beta Tau Florence Bray Fudge '21-July 3, 1980 Texas, University of - Beta Xi Retta Barnard Brinkerhoff '28-June 29, 1979 Sarah Ennis Meriwether '06---March 22, 1980 In Memoriam Washington State University - Gamma Eta Edith Morehouse Gebert '40---June 24, 1980 Washington University - Gamma Iota Marylou Wright Harrison '43-September, 1~6 - Martha Gerhart Lewis '21-July 25, 1980 Alice Murphy Meyer '43-September, 1979 Washington, University of- Beta Pi Miriam Cole ' 16---August 30, 1980 Geraldine Todd Drummond '20-September 10, I9SQ.. Helen Robbins Hinman '31-January, 1980 William & Mary, College of- Gamma KappaJ. Anna Bell Dennis '23-September 12, 1980 Wisconsin, University of- Eta Peggy Aring Gorham '48-July 30, 1980 Helen Fay Johnson '03-September 29, 1980 Lucile Bieberman Starkey '16-Dctober 7, 1980 Jane Pierce Wells '30---September 29, 1980 Wyoming, University of- Gamma Omicron Carolyn Krueger Sisson '52-August 29, 1980 Inactive Chapters Boston University - Phi Helen Hutchinson Lytle '33-July 9, 1980 Middlebury College - Gamma Lambda Elizabeth Nichols Jacobs '37-September 6, 1980 Pennsylvania, Unversity of- Beta Alpha Margarita Champion Adkins '20-Dctober 17, 1980 San Jose State College - Delta Chi Virginia Goldsmith Cureton '58-August 19, 1980 Swarthmore College - Beta Iota Marian Jones Hallenbeck '22-Dctober 28, 1980 STATUI NT OF OWtn:::.~:::,~~ E.,:,NT AND CIRCULATION ' - ""~: ;:;:; -.:pr:a l:lna loa..a l 9 ' I ;:;;:;;; ""' " "' ~.. ;- J:,;;~r;.:::: :-; ;-;.....,... ~ pa frau - mit, BO E. '"""" --~ -...St. Coluobut Olllo.l&.l& ~ H21S Lo.- - u- u -..,.;o.,...,.,,,...,.. SSO E. TOOill St., Col... u~. Olllo Ul i S,,,..,.,.OCOOWUU OOOU OO...,.,,.,,, ' "''"" &JoO,.&JooCI - oa... i;.;,;:'-;;:;;;"... c;.,-.., no E. T.,.., St. Colllllb... Cillo u:u _ N.n. lokrl V,...,...,. UO F. y_, 5r Col.-ut ot.l" HIS... '"'0..._ o,.,._......,.,-u.,..,,...,...,..,.,n -- --,._,,_...,,.,...,...,._.,.,_, _...,.,.,..,.,.,.,....,.,..c to..,,,.,_, _ _ (jj;;;;,- ";'""'.,. - 0::::.::::~ :.':'.':.' :..-=- -: ~::;t;. :::..-.:.:. - _..._._ ,G =-----"";";':-:;-.:: ' 54 THE KEY/ WINTER 1980

57 MEMBERSHIP DATA (To be used by members of Kappa Kappa Gamma only) PICTURE Name of Rushee (Last) (First) (Nickname) chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma at (College or Univer it y) College Class: Freshman Sophomore Junior ---- Senior arne of Parent of Guardian :-=---::-::----: (Give full name) chool Address (if known) (Numb.:r) (Street) (Cit y) (State) (Zip Code) Has Rushee a Kappa Relative? Sister Mother Grandmother (C heck One) Other Name ~~~ :----:----: ~----:----- <Married) (Maiden) (Chapter) Address _----:----:----: ~ (N umber) (S treet) (City) (State) (Zip Code) Has Rushee connections with other NPC groups? High School (Name) (City. Suburb. or communit y where located) Scholastic Average Rank in Class Number in Class Scho~Attended~~H~hSchooJ Scholastic Average Number of terms completed Activities: Please list names of organizations (explain type-school, church, community) with the rushee' participation and leadership in each one. Attach additional information on separate sheet if you choose. Special Recognition and Honor arded: 'J)ffi KEY/WINTER

58 Please use this portion of the form to provide information about the rushee's character traits, leadership qualities, and personalit} characteristics, using examples whenever possible. Indicate rushee's special interests, talents, and any other information which might serve as a means to know her better: ::: - -: - Check one: This information is submitted on personal acquaintance with the rushee. I have known the rushee for years. Although I do not know this rushee personally, this information has been obtained from school, friends, or other reliable sources. Did the chapter request this reference after rush started? Yes No I hereby endorse this rushee with the understanding she may become a pledge of the Fraternity if the chapter so desires. Signed Date Maiden Name Married Name Address Number Street City State Zip Code Chapter Initiation date If the rushee lives in a city where there is an alumnae association or club, the signature of the MEMBERSHIP REFERENCE CHAIRMAN of that group is requested. Please forward for her counter-signature. (See the Directory in the Spring Issue of the Key THE ALUMNAE MEMB ERSHIP REFERENCE COMMITTEE OF (Association or Club) endorses this rushee. Date Signed, Chairman Address Other Authorized Fraternity Signature (To be used if necessary) Date Signed Title (Check One) State Chairman Membership Adviser Chapter President _ TO BE COMPLETED BY THE CHAPTER MEMB ERSHIP CHAIRMAN: Reference Endorser Acknowledged Date pledged Signed, Acti ve Membership Chairman Chapter IF RUSHEE IS PLEDGED TO KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, SEND TillS BLANK TO THE DIRECTOR OF MEMBERSIDP WITIDN 10 DAYS OF PLEDGING T HE K EY/WINTER 1980

59 For those who have no idea what the Art Editor looks like, here she is, receiving a Certificate of Participation at the National Portrait Seminar in New York City, Barbizon Plaza Hotel, from John Howard Sanden, portrait painter and Seminar Chairman. The week-long study conference for portrait painters attracted 447 painters from 42 states, The Hague, Netherlands, Germany, South America and Mexico, who met June 23 to 27 to exchange techniques, participate in workshops, watch demonstrations, and discuss the unique challenge of the craft. Spotlight on Kappa Artists By FLORENCE HUTCHINSON LONSFORD f!:::..- Purdue Art Editor Carey Boone Nelson. 0 -Missouri, has had a record-breaking year since last reviewed. The Franklin Mineral Museum, Franklin, New Jersey, sponsored a national competition to find an appropriate symbol for the museum, dedicated to the history of mining and minerals, and known as the fluorescent mineral capital of the world. Carey's idea won, and on Sunday, May 25, 1980, her life size statue of a zinc miner, six feet, two-inches, was unveiled. The Franklin ore body is the richest in zinc content and contains 22 minerals not found anywhere else. The museum laboratory constantly adds new specimens and is an important educational institution. From October 4 to November 2, 1979, Carey's sculpture bust of Mildred McAfee Horton was exhibited at U. S. Customs House, New York with American Artists Professional League Grand National Show. Her one-woman exhibit, " People and Places," ran from September 24 to October 5 at County Federal Savings and Loan Bank, Madi on at 59th Street, N. Y., and from November 7 to 22nd, she showed at Lever House with the Burr Arti ts group. Salmagundi Club gave her a olo-award exhibition in December and early January of Carey' sculpture is permanently di played worldwide in Durban Art Mu eum, South Africa; Victory Library Mu eum, Melbourne, Au tralia, Mi ouri State Capital; Hall of Fame, Colgate Univer ity; Wagner College; The Pentagon; National American Indian Mu eum; and Madi on Square Garden Hall of Fame. She wa recently elected a Life Fellow to the Royal Society of Arts in England, and her biographies are li ted in " Who's Who in the Ea t," "Who' Who in American Art," and the Smith onian Mu eum, Wa hington, D. C. Carey i pre ently Pre ident of Catharine Lori liard Wolfe Art Club, and on the Board of Trustee of the Brooklyn In titute of Art and Science, and on the art jury at Salmagundi Club. She i a Kappa achie ement award winner in 1976, and her culpture of the Marqui de Lafa ette, commi ioned for the Bicentennial, wa noted in the Congre ional Record. Two culpture, " Young Pan'' and " Indian Maiden' ' were hown with Burr Arti t at Hammerqui 1 Gallery, ew York, through October. THEKE INTER 19 0 Carey ha ju t signed a contract with Mu eum Piece, Inc. for five smaller sculptures for reproduction and mas ales in mu eum. She gave her O.K. after seeing preliminary mold produced. This same company does Rodin, Malvina Hoffman and Anna Hyatt Huntingtons sculptures for museums. Patricia Newton White, pa - U. of California at Berkeley, ha a B.A. with painting major, and an M.A. in photography from Humbolt State University, Arcata, California. She de cribe her elf a " Ba ically a painter, who became fascinated with photographic proce ses and working with light-sensitive materials." She u e a camera, a light table, and arrangements oftran parent and tran lucent materials, which is more related to till life in procedure._ The re ulting photographic 57

60 Delta Xi's new stained glass window, pictures, was designed and constructed by Rusty Gray, a graduate student in metallurgy and materials science at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This window faces the inside of the house, where it catches the sunlight brilliantly. It is situated next to the front door. The project took 75 hours to complete and was done over the summer of '80. Her exhibitions and inclusion in travelling shows have taken photography to the University of Santa Clara, Carmel, Eureka, an Focus Gallery in San Francisco (all in California); Bellevue Museum, Washington; Edinboro, Pennsylvania; University of and a solo exhibition of paintings at Heller Gallery, University ~ California at Berkeley. Published work is reproduced by University of Santa Clara in ' temporary Hand Colored Photographs"; "Complete Book of graphers," McMillan & Company, Los Angeles; " Photographers c the Humboldt Bay Region " by Peter Palmquist; an "Work on Paper- Invitational, U.S.A." In March 1980, Patty was at Swan Lake, New York, for the annua meeting of the Society for Photographic Education, in which membership has taken her to Asilomar, California, in , and t Ft. Worth, Texas, in She has three gallery representations: Nei Gallery, New York City; Foster White, Seattle, Washington; and Art Center, Eureka, California. Patty teaches photography at College of the Redwoods in Eureka California. She and her husband, Robert, who has a PhD in pol science from Indiana University, Jive in Trinidad, which she calls " small, rural, isolated community six hours North of San Francisco.' Here she is an artist-photographer producing the work she sends fror the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts, and to photography sh~ everywhere. Patty's mother Marjorie Sundvahl Newton is a Gamm Delta from Purdue. As the key goes to press, Patty writes "I have just been invited t have a solo exhibition of my work at the International Museum o Photography at the George Eastman House, Rochester, N.Y. isn't prints are toned, then painted with oil paints. The work falls between painting and photography. Her highly personal color interpretations of forms have resulted in a purchase award from "New Photographics," Central Washington State University, Ellensburg, Washington (1980); the Joseph S. Woolford Graduate Fellowship, from Rotary Club of America (1979); Best of Show Award, Humboldt Cultural Center, Eureka, California; and Purchase Award from Reese Bullen Gallery, Arcata, California. The Alternative Museum, 17 White Street, New York City, included her work in a show called '' Beyond Photography- 1980'' in April and May of When this show closed, Neill Gallery, 136 Green Street in New York ' s Soho art district transferred her work to their gallery, which now represents her. She i a member of permanent collections of Humboldt Arts Council, Eureka, California, and Central Washington State Univer ity, Ellen burg, Was hington. Publications presenting her photography are " Portfolio of New Work," by Society for Photographic Education, Pacific Grove, California ( 1979) and " Between Two Media- Ten Year of Work in Painting and Photography,'' a cluster college program on arti t at Humboldt State Univer ity. 58 captured "Best of Show" trophy, professional division, at the Dixo Arts and Crafts competition May 3, 1980, in California. She took an at minor at U. of Mississippi, and went to John McCrady Art School New Orleans. She travelled for 18 months in Europe, and flew one yea for Delta Airlines and four and a half years for TWA as a stewardess ant supervisor, working out of New York City. There she had a ""''-,.,.'~ show in 1976 and a three-man show in 1973, and studied with Edga Whitney. Her paintings are landscapes, portraits, still life and figure done in acrylic, oil, water color, pencil and inks. She prefers rura landscapes, architectural studies and children's portraits. Her ~nr""'"rll is realistic, although some figurative and nostalgic subjects appeal her now and then. Barbara did not begin serious painting until 1965 in New Orleans a John McCrady School. Her one-man show at Aventi Gallery. Nev York, in 1974 inspired her. Her first-place awards at Dixon Art Fair ir 1977, 1978 and 1980 are proof of her talent. This spring' judge, Bol McCabe, a Sacramento architect, artist and sculptor, announced more first-place ribbons for Barbara's two other entries, entitle! " Wat on' Barn," and a figurative portrait of two children, "B!l Si ter, Little Brother. " Her honors are all the more impressive as tht THE KEY/WINTER 198(

61 Dixon Fair attracts large numbers of competitors in many categories of arts and crafts, photography, home arts, industrial design. floriculture. rodeo, music and 4-H events. Her husband, Robert, spent four year in the Army Air Force, and is now a test deskman for Pacific Telephone. Their children are Collin. four, and Daniel, two. Barbara describes herself not as an artist, but a a homemaker and mother. Laurie Lee England, 86- Michigan, an English major, has discovered a challenging new career in commercial design, and free-lance almost full-time for the Washington Post in Washington. D. C. She work in the promotion department, and is respon ible for intriguing and highly-innovative art work to attract readers and buyers to invest in newspaper related promotions. She says that while she never was graduated from the Corcoran School of Art, she went to work and received much of her training on the job. Her first efforts out of college were in research and legal work, which did not suit her personality or sati fy her. Since she has always enjoyed working with her hands. she turned to art naturally, and to her great surprise found the commercial art world challenging conceptually and physically. She happily states, "So now I manage to combine the best of both worlds." She trie constantly to expand her horizons, going regularly to art galleries and exhibition. In Washington. D. C., this is so time consuming, it is impossible to cover all the museum, galleries and small hows. But she tries! The visual world in which artist find themselves is expressed Barbara Ricau MacArthur, ~?-Mississippi, holding "Best of Show" trophy at May 1980 Dixon Art Fair for painting "Dixon Almond Orchard." over and over in their own re pon e to what they experience and what they then produce. In addition to pen and ink graphic. Laurie i a commercial photographer. and continue her college ports activitie. Virginia Hybart Taylor McLure, BO - Sophie Newcomb, who call herself ' 'Gin,'' ha a BA in fine arts with a painting major. She left New Orlean to tudy at the Art Students League and the School of Vi ual Arts in New York, where he work in her own loft studio at 131 W. 23rd Street. Mo t of her work i in oil on canva, in a style ex pre ioni tic and figurative. For drawing he ometime u es pa tel and oil crayon. A profe ional arti t who e painting are dominated by motion and movement, expres ioni t and repre entational, she is currently doing city cene of ew York. She exhibit at Bien ille Gallery in ew Orlean, Loui iana, and the Fine Art Mu eum of the South, in Mobile, Alabama. She i a member of Arti t Equity. Her hu band, Thoma McLure is a TUlane SAE. Jean Ebright Elin, B - Ohio State, is an accomplished artist now working with textiles through church banners. She says, "It is a painting in fabric and texture, and each stitch is a brush stroke. It is a labor of love - a gift of service- a hymn of praise - a prayer." An idea, sprung from inspiration, is transferred to a pencil sketch, blown-up to banner proportions, patterns made, fabrics located, embroidery stitches worked, and finally the banner is born complete with lining and skirt of fringe. The lavender shell design symbolizes from baptism to death on the cross, the Omega is hiding behind the Alpha, and the drops of water are aqua of sea, deep teal to purple of kingship and purple to red of blood. Hill, and Don Stone. Some of the e teacher took their students on foreign tours to Ireland, Italy, Colombia (South America), Tahiti, Yugoslavia, and through New England. Patricia paint rapidly on location and work at home to correct painting and develop her sketches. All of her work hows a trong design concept. and her subject material includes repre entational land cape. ea cape, sti ll life and Victorian houses in which blue tends to be a dominant color. Her one-man shows were held in 1976 and 1979 in California where she now lives in Portola Valley. She paint with and ha won prize from Peninsula Outdoor Painters, Color Circle, Santa Clara Valley Water Color Society and show with Society of We tern Artist, the Menlo Art League, Palo Alto Art Club, Pal o Alto Cultural Center, and the Rosicrucian Mu cum in San Jo e. She is an As ociate member of American Water Color Society. In addition to painting, she de igns needlepoint canvasses and collect wood carving. She has travelled widely from the time she was a small girl. and ha been drawing and painting from an early age. She posse es. orne rare wood carvi ng of African buffalo, a calf, and fish, which he acquired before such items Laurie Lee England, B~ Michigan, is a promotion designer for the Washington Post. Below is a sample of an advertising supplement graphic she did for a recent special. al!tlllasijinglonpost PHOTO GIFf GUIDE. Patricia Van choiack Redlick, ~E - Rollin, was doing lovely water color in college, which were admired by her chapter i ters. Since then, he attended a hington ni er it Art School in St. Loui, Mi ouri. and tudied with John Pike, Jame Fitzgerald, Tony Van Ha elt. Millard heet, Robert E. Ood. Arthur Barber. Tom THE KE /'1 INTER

62 "Coast Cypress" water color Schoiack, ~E-Rollins Elizabeth Williams, n-washington University, with her sketching mark ers at Newport Beach, California. were appreciated by world travellers. Pat has two married daughters, Duff Ellen Waagen and Tracy Lynn Sinclair. She signs her paintings with her maiden name "Van Schoiack." Elizabeth Williams, ri- Washington University, is that rarity in the art world- a court room illustrator. A fine arts major in college, she came to New York for more study at the Parsons School of Design, where she was on the Dean's List. In New York she studied with Dave Passalacqua, a New York illustrator, and later in Los Angeles with Eva Roberts, a fashion illustrator. She prefers material that does not require dependence on photographs, which makes her work special. Her.courtroom illustrations for NBC news are mostly shown in Los Angeles. In addition she does book illustrations, an example of which is " How To Kick A Football Accurately. '' Fashion illustration is a small field, and takes a long time to become established, but Elizabeth with her magic markers and pencils works for California Apparel News, various fashion designers, outside clients, newspapers, and does book illustrations. She has to date not shown in galleries. She has been a model, lived in Paris and New York, and is constantly 60 Lady McCrady, BT Syracuse, with the cover designs for two of her children's books. trying to improve her ski strives as an artist to keep her ow identity, and feels that subject matter means very little. Her home is Marina Del Rey, California. Lady McCrady, BT - Syracuse, is the author-artist of five chi. dren' s books and the illustrator of 12 children's books. She lefts cuse with a BFA, went to London University, studied in Greece, Ita! and Paris, and has done intensive graduate work with Milton Glase1 one of New York 's foremost illustrators. She uses all media as her wor includes many types of commercial and fine art. Her editorial drawing appear in the New York Times, New York Daily News, national maga zines, cable TV, and a column-strip called "Lady McCrady' s Ne1 York 80's." "Redbook" and "Glamour" magazines have used he illustrations. Lady can do about anything, and she does many things at the sam time. Her paintings are large abstracts, which were sold by th Wadsworth Atheneum, in Hartford, Connecticut. Her paintings drawings are now in collections in New York and New England. Sh has done graduate studies in creativity, and her books for Holida. House Books are delightfully innovative. Some of these titles ar Cornish Cuckoos, Jack the Wise, Miss Kiss and the Nasty Mildred and the Mummy (about her mother and grandmother), and Dial Press book called The Night Light by Jane Feder, with illustration by Lady McCrady. Childrens books require drawings in duplicate for color separation and Lady now has two assistants to do some of this laborious deta work. She uses pastels, pencils and charcoal for her book illustratin! Lady has a lot of new books lined up for 1980 and 1981, one of which to be an adult book. A series of three paperbacks are in the works, 18 card illustrations will be reproduced for Main Line. Lady's publisher likes to send her to lecture in the East and MidWes She was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, where her father had an I jazz band, and where her maternal grandmother lived, where h grandmother on her father' s side still lives, and where she has an aun uncle and cousins. Her parents were Indiana University and Butler, ar. Lady' s sister went to I. U. She is now writing two manuscripts ab01 her grandmother. In addition to writing, painting, illustrating, an lecturing, Lady has hobbies of jazz-dancing and making chirret rug~ She says that everything has come easily to her by way of breaking int the art world, but like many others who find recognition, she ofte works all night while the city sleeps. She feels her first real luck doing a film in London with animated drawings, while she was in the school of art with Sir John Cass. She divides her time betwee New York and Hingham Harbor, Massachusetts. Her New York apar mentis a top-floor, filled with light, and has an airy quality with a vie of the Chrysler building, sky and stars. She has a lovely color sens preferring pink, rose, Oriental blues and greens. Lady has a cat name Star Boy, who appears in her books. She is a member of ' 'Who's Wh International Authors and Artists. '' Should anyone want a copy of on of her books, write to her at 17 Park Avenue, N. Y., N. Y , an she will order it for you and autograph it. THE KEY/ WINTER!980

63 is is the year Province Officers will be elected at your Province Meetings. Every member, whether acti ve or alumna. has an opportunity and res pon ibil ity in thi s ess. The form below can be used to recommend the Kappa you feel best qualified to serve in these important po ition. Please end your recommendation( ) OW to your Province Nominating Chairman, listed on this page. Please attach a eparate letter giving additional information and your evaluati on of the candidate. RECOMMENDATION FOR FRATERNITY OFFICE recommend for (First) (Middle, maiden, if married) (Last) (Number) (Street) (C ity & State) (Zi p) Initiation year: Years of attendance: Degree: Field of Study: lumnae Association or Club: Prov ince ge range: Is she employed? Po ition? oes she type? Children/ages? Is she free to travel? Husband 's occupation? ACTIVITlES (positions and years held) Undergraduate: Chapter Date submitted: Campus Honors Alumnae: Signed (Fir.;t) (Middle. maiden, if married) (Last) (Husband ' firs1. if married) Address (Number) (Street) (City & State ) CZip) Association or Club Chapter Advisory Board House Board ~ovince Fraternity Civic & Career Check current status: Active D Alumna D Your Chapter Your Association/Club No organized group ALPHA: ~ETA : GAMMA: DELTA: EPSILON: ZETA: Mi s Viiu Kanep 272 Rusholme Rd. Toronto, Ontario Canada M6H 2Y8 Mrs. David Fream (Sue) 5 Dorothy Ct. Middletown, NJ Mr. Charle J. Me smore (Carol) 98 Granden Rd. Akron, OH Mrs. Arthur Belli h (Jeanne) 5349 E. 72nd St. Indianapolis, IN Mrs. Michael Molt (Joni) 1 Jill Rd. Fairfield, TL Mrs. Walter J. Stauffe r (Carolyn) 8008 Roe Ave. Shawnee Mi ion, KS Province Nominating Chairmen ETA: THETA: IOTA: KAPPA: LAMBDA: Mrs. E. Fraser Bishop (Marion) 4800 Hale Parkway, #706 Denver, CO Mrs. D. C. Shreve (Shirley) Pinerock Hou ton, TX Mrs. James E. Hu tsinpiller (Mary Beth) S Martin Spokane, WA Mrs. William R. Tenni on (Kay) 1920 Ea t Gary St. Me a, AZ Mrs. Courtney David Egerton ancy) Las iter Mill Rd. Raleigh, C 27ro9 MU: NU: XI : OMICRO PI: RHO: Mrs. Ed Crocker (Jan) 2764 N.E. 37 Dr. Ft. Lauderdale, FL Mrs. Raymond C. LaCharite (Ginny) 1830Cant rill Dr. Lexington, KY Mrs. Henry Broach, Jr. (Joy) #5 South Road Terrace Little Rock, AR Mrs. Robert Julander (Chris) 207 Belmont Ct. Apple Valley, M Mrs. Edward L. de Laveaga (Aly one) 12 Bien Yen ida Orinda, CA Mr. Charles A. Brooks (Mary) 8 Tiffany Lane Westport, CT068 0

64 NAME OR ADDRESS CHANGE Maiden Name Chapter Initiation Yr. Check if you are : alumnae officer house board officer chapter adviser Check if: New marriage date Deceased Date Widowed Divorced, (show name preference below) Special interest, ability, occupation : PLEASE PRINT NEW NAME IF DIFFERENT FROM ATTACHED LABEL NEW Address: LAST I I FIRST I I I MIDDLE I I I a: w l en < :E l en Fill out the card and mail (with label attached) to Fraternity Headqu arters. P.O. Box 177. Columbu. Ohio AI o notify your chapter. Please send notice of undeliverable copies on Form 3579 to Kappa Kappa Gamma P.O. Box tncolumbus, Ohio 43216

University of Oklahoma Libraries Western History Collections University of Oklahoma Archives Record Group 64: Greek Letter Societies

University of Oklahoma Libraries Western History Collections University of Oklahoma Archives Record Group 64: Greek Letter Societies Overview of Series in Record Group 64 64/00: General 64/01: Acacia 64/02: Alpha Chi Omega 64/03: Alpha Gamma Delta 64/04: Alpha Phi 64/05: Chi Omega 64/06: Delta Delta Delta 64/07: Delta Gamma 64/08: Delta

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The Subject Section. Chapter 2. Property Address

The Subject Section. Chapter 2. Property Address Chapter 2 The Subject Section The SUBJECT section of the URAR introduces the appraisal assignment by presenting important information about the subject property. The SUBJECT section provides spaces for

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House Party Planning Kit

House Party Planning Kit Party to End Hunger in India House Party Planning Kit House parties are a great way to educate friends and family, recruit new supporters, generate action, and raise funds for Akshaya Patra s work. This

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Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months

Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months No Agents No Fees No Commissions No Hassle Learn the secret of selling your house in days instead of months If you re trying to sell your house, you may not have

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HOUSING GUIDE. HOUSING GUIDE table of content 1 Area Information AT F.I.R.S.T. INSTITUTE, WE ARE COMMITTED TO THE NEEDS OF OUR STUDENTS. 2 3 4 Apartment Searching 101 Moving Checklist 10 Roommate Searching

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LindaWright SERVING TAMPA FAMILIES SINCE Preparing for a Successful Home Sale

LindaWright SERVING TAMPA FAMILIES SINCE Preparing for a Successful Home Sale LindaWright SERVING TAMPA FAMILIES SINCE 2007 Preparing for a Successful Home Sale Welcome, I realize that you have a choice when hiring an agent to help you sell your Home and truly appreciate the opportunity

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Winning with Foreclosures

Winning with Foreclosures Buying Bank-Owned Foreclosures (REO) and Short Sales Courtesy of Name: Phone: Email: Diane Van Slyke 209.681.4275 Terms you should know: 1. Distressed Property: This term refers to all pre-foreclosure

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26/21/12 Alumni Association Alumni Archives Administrative Reference Files, BUSINESS. Box 1:

26/21/12 Alumni Association Alumni Archives Administrative Reference Files, BUSINESS. Box 1: Record Series Number The materials listed in this document are available for research at the University of Illinois Archives. For more information, email or search

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The Secret Life of Bees Study Guide

The Secret Life of Bees Study Guide The Secret Life of Bees Study Guide Name Date Block Chapter 1 What does Lily notice in her bedroom as she lies in bed at night? Why does she think they arrived that year? What happened to Lily s mother?

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The Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections The University of Toledo

The Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections The University of Toledo The Ward M. Canaday Center for Special Collections The University of Toledo Finding Aid Ted Ligibel Historical Glass Collection 1910s-1988 MSS-207 Size: 1 linear foot Provenance: Gift of Ted Ligibel, December

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Exercise 1 Negotiating A Job Salary:

Exercise 1 Negotiating A Job Salary: Exercise 1 Negotiating A Job Salary: Suppose you re searching for your first full time job post-college graduation. You ve been searching for employment for 6 months. Your college roommate informs you

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REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2014

REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2014 REPORT - RIBA Student Destinations Survey 2014 There needs to be a stronger and more direct link between the architectural profession and the study of it as a subject at university. It is a profession

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Inventory. Accession No:

Inventory. Accession No: 4772 Women in Communications, inc., records Inventory Accession No: 4118-003 Special Collections Division University of Washington Libraries Box 352900 Seattle, Washington, 98195-2900 USA (206) 543-1929

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Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014

Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014 Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014 NOTE: Hold CTRL when clicking a link so it opens in a new browser window. Dear, Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow, I said as my 4-year-old son looked up in my eyes. We

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Our second speaker is Evelyn Lugo. Evelyn has been bringing buyers and sellers together for over 18 years. She loves what she does and it shows.

Our second speaker is Evelyn Lugo. Evelyn has been bringing buyers and sellers together for over 18 years. She loves what she does and it shows. Wi$e Up Teleconference Call Real Estate May 31, 2006 Speaker 2 Evelyn Lugo Jane Walstedt: Now let me turn the program over to Gail Patterson, also a member of the Women s Bureau team that plans the Wi$e

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Boutique Webster Square Route 139 Marshfield, MA

Boutique Webster Square Route 139 Marshfield, MA Ze@l Boutique Webster Square Route 139 Marshfield, MA 02050 781 507 3480 Business Proposal for Jacqueline Doherty Financial Proposal for Ze@l Boutique To be Submitted to Citizens Bank Jacqueline Doherty

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Appendix C Tips for Making an Inspection a Cooperative Rather Than an Adversarial Experience

Appendix C Tips for Making an Inspection a Cooperative Rather Than an Adversarial Experience Appendix C Tips for Making an Inspection a Cooperative Rather Than an Adversarial Experience A strongly expressed desire by the vocational educational program administrators, as well as by the enforcing

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Maya Lin and Her Impact on the Landscape Architecture Community

Maya Lin and Her Impact on the Landscape Architecture Community LSA 220- Introduction to Landscape Architecture. Prof. Fernandez Maximilian Eckhardt Final Project 11/30/15 Maya Lin and Her Impact on the Landscape Architecture Community When thinking about relevant

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U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. Fair Housing. It s Your Right

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity. Fair Housing. It s Your Right Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity Fair Housing It s Your Right A Message From The Secretary When the Fair Housing Act became law 29 years ago, not all Americans could live in the neighborhood

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AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities

AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities 2018 AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Jody Cranford AIA DC 800-818-0289 2018 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 10/20/17 ANNUAL PARTNERSHIPS Annual Partnerships offer sponsorship

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Session 4 How to Get a List

Session 4 How to Get a List Land Profit Generator LPG Session 4 Page 1 Session 4 How to Get a List The List is the most IMPORTANT AND CRUCIAL piece of information in this process. If you don t have a list you can t send out letters

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TOP-RATED HOME INSPECTION FRANCHISE. Franchise Information Report TOP-RATED HOME INSPECTION FRANCHISE Franchise Information Report 2017 CONTENTS What is WIN Home Inspection?... 1 What are the startup costs?... 2 How much can I make?... 3 Do I need experience?... 4 Protected

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The home ownership rate is 64.3%. Existing home sales are 82% back to normal. New construction starts are 53% back to normal, up from 46% a year ago.

The home ownership rate is 64.3%. Existing home sales are 82% back to normal. New construction starts are 53% back to normal, up from 46% a year ago. Brian Buffini s Real Estate Report PAGE 1 INDUSTRY FACTS MEDIAN DAYS ON THE MARKET: 39 Days in April 2015 vs. Home sales in April reached a seasonally adjusted rate of 5.04 million, an increase of 6.1%

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List of 2009 Round Allocations

List of 2009 Round Allocations List of 2009 Round Allocations CDFI 601 Thirteenth Street, NW, Suite 200, South, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 622-8662 9 10 CDFI 601 Thirteenth Street, NW, Suite 200, South, Washington, DC 20005 (202) 622-8662

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Claremont United Methodist Church

Claremont United Methodist Church This workshop is held in partnership with: 5 THIRD ST., SUITE 424 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94103 415-495-0349 WWW.CALIFORNIAPRESERVATION.ORG CPF@CALIFORNIAPRESERVATION.ORG Claremont United Methodist Church Out-of-the-Box

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How To Organize a Tenants' Association

How To Organize a Tenants' Association How To Organize a Tenants' Association Before You Begin Once again: * you have no heat and hot water. * the building's front door lock is broken, and a neighbor was mugged in the lobby. * you asked the

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Begin by developing a strong marketing plan. The cornerstone will be internet driven

Begin by developing a strong marketing plan. The cornerstone will be internet driven Wednesday, February 16, 2011 Chuck Fethe, Realtor Keller Williams Realty 11121 Kingston Pike, Ste, C Knoxville, TN 37934 Hello and Welcome, You re ready to sell your property. And, while you re looking

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ANDY'S FROZEN CUSTARD 20 YR. ABSOLUTE NET ANDY'S FROZEN CUSTARD 20 YR. ABSOLUTE NET 3541 PLANO PKWY THE COLONY, TX 75056 Lee McLean III, CCIM Senior Advisor 417.887.8826 Peter Colvin Council Chair of Single Tenant Investments

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Giving Is Good. for the Soul. The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss

Giving Is Good. for the Soul. The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss Giving Is Good for the Soul The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss by Grace Camblos Commissioned by The Graduate School, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Charles and Shirley Weiss

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Welcome to the Club About The Hunter Club Your NACS Show Benefits Your Year-Round Benefits Benefits-at-a-glance Hunter Club Annual Events Contact

Welcome to the Club About The Hunter Club Your NACS Show Benefits Your Year-Round Benefits Benefits-at-a-glance Hunter Club Annual Events Contact TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome to the Club About The Hunter Club Your NACS Show Benefits Your Year-Round Benefits Benefits-at-a-glance Hunter Club Annual Events Contact WELCOME TO THE CLUB NACS Hunter Club

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LUXURY MARKET REPORT. - January LUXURY MARKET REPORT - January 2018 - THIS IS YOUR LUXURY MARKET REPORT MAP OF LUXURY RESIDENTIAL MARKETS Welcome to the Luxury Market Report, your guide to luxury real estate

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32ND STREET RV SALES LOT 32ND STREET RV SALES LOT 5610 E. 32ND STREET YUMA, AZ 85365 Jerry LoCoco Designated Broker/Managing Director 928.277.8211 x102 SVN VELOCITY COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE 190 S. MADISON AVE,

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Old Testament. Part One. Created for use with young, unchurched learners Adaptable for all ages including adults

Old Testament. Part One. Created for use with young, unchurched learners Adaptable for all ages including adults Old Testament Part One Created for use with young, unchurched learners Adaptable for all ages including adults Mission Arlington Mission Metroplex Curriculum Lesson 28 Page 1 M ISSION ARLINGTON MISSION

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Systems for Realtors that Produce Measurable Results

Systems for Realtors that Produce Measurable Results Systems for Realtors that Produce Measurable Results MISSION STATEMENT The goal is to build a systemized real estate business focused on delivering premium customer service. This focus will produce results

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No Survey Required w/ Survey. Affidavit. Affidavit. Affidavit

No Survey Required w/ Survey. Affidavit. Affidavit. Affidavit STATE Purchase Residential Refinance Residential Additional Information Survey Required: Survey Required: Alabama AL No survey required w/ Survey w/survey Alaska AK Yes Survey Required Survey required

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Business Creation Index

Business Creation Index Business Creation Index December 2016 National Association of REALTORS Research Department Introduction The new Business Creation Index (BCI) was created to monitor local economic conditions from the perspective

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Closing Attorneys with Over 70 Years of Experience. The REAL ESTATE CLOSING PROFESSIONALS of CHOICE

Closing Attorneys with Over 70 Years of Experience. The REAL ESTATE CLOSING PROFESSIONALS of CHOICE A QUARTER CENTURY OF REAL ESTATE CLOSING EXPERIENCE The REAL ESTATE CLOSING PROFESSIONALS of CHOICE For over a quarter of a century, Peck & Tuneski has continually earned the trust, respect and repeat

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Table of Contents. Since 1919

Table of Contents. Since 1919 Since 1919 Table of Contents Think Before You Act Page 2 What type of message are you sending when you increase your rents? Are You Thinking about Raising Your Rents? Page 4 Think carefully before you

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History of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce ; a rich history of helping the businesses and citizens of the town of Clayton, NC

History of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce ; a rich history of helping the businesses and citizens of the town of Clayton, NC History of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce 1951-2014; a rich history of helping the businesses and citizens of the town of Clayton, NC Founding Founded in 1951 as the Clayton Merchant s and Credit Association

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Irene Cobb Papers #2918 1

Irene Cobb Papers #2918 1 Irene Cobb Papers #2918 1 Descriptive Summary: Creator: Irene Cobb, New Hope Baptist Church Title: Irene Cobb Papers Inclusive Dates: 1886-1991 Bulk Dates: 1960-1989 Abstract: The Irene Cobb Papers consist

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Introductory Comments: Elisabeth Mann Borgese Lecture 2008

Introductory Comments: Elisabeth Mann Borgese Lecture 2008 Introductory Comments: Elisabeth Mann Borgese Lecture 2008 Anthony Charles Saint Mary's University Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H3C3 Canada Dr. Elisabeth Mann Borgese was a key architect

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State Political Coordinator (SPC)

State Political Coordinator (SPC) State Political Coordinator (SPC) Playbook & Field Guide Topics Page Introduction 3 What is a State Political Coordinator (SPC) 3 The Issues 3 The REALTOR Party 3 About the SPC Program 3 SPC Duties & Expectations

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CAMERON, RONDO E. Rondo E. Cameron papers,

CAMERON, RONDO E. Rondo E. Cameron papers, CAMERON, RONDO E. Rondo E. Cameron papers, 1951-1993 Emory University Emory University Archives Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library Atlanta, GA 30322 404-727-6887

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Welcome to Hale House

Welcome to Hale House Welcome to Hale House Now its site is just a little rise of ground between the Community Medical Center and Peachtown School, and the old well is covered by concrete. No one has seen Hale House, one of

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GIBBS, WILLIAM C., William C. Gibbs, Jr., and Eththelle Faye Byoune Gibbs papers,

GIBBS, WILLIAM C., William C. Gibbs, Jr., and Eththelle Faye Byoune Gibbs papers, GIBBS, WILLIAM C., 1925- William C. Gibbs, Jr., and Eththelle Faye Byoune Gibbs papers, Emory University Stuart A. Rose Manuscript, Archives, and Rare Book Library Atlanta, GA 30322 404-727-6887

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MIDWESTERN REGION NEWSLETTER Spring 2016 MIDWESTERN REGION NEWSLETTER Spring 2016 Illinois Indiana Iowa Michigan Manitoba Minnesota Missouri Nebraska North Dakota Ohio Ontario South Dakota Wisconsin 2016 National Meeting - Schedule - Registration

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How to Find and Retain Good Tenants

How to Find and Retain Good Tenants How to Find and Retain Good Tenants FIRST THINGS FIRST: ATTRACTING POTENTIAL TENANTS The most effective technique in finding good rental tenants is casting a wide net. A larger pool of tenants to choose

More information Streets In Infinity Streets Infinity with many thanks to those who came before who contributed to this lesson Streets In Infinity Streets Infinity with many thanks to those who came before who contributed to this lesson www.lockhart- Streets In Infinity 1 Streets in Infinity with many thanks to those who came before who contributed to this lesson 2 www.lockhart- Streets in Infinity Materials

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International Buyer s Guide to US Real Estate

International Buyer s Guide to US Real Estate International Buyer s Guide to US Real Estate INTERNATIONAL BUYER S GUIDE TO US REAL ESTATE Table of Contents Introduction 3 Common Real Estate Practices in the Us 4 The MLS Commission Buying Your Home

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Home Buying Service. In this Guide: Finding an Agent. Finding the Right House. Applying for a Loan. Home Inspections.

Home Buying Service. In this Guide: Finding an Agent. Finding the Right House. Applying for a Loan. Home Inspections. 1 In this Guide: Home Buying Service Finding an Agent Finding the Right House Applying for a Loan Home Inspections and much more 2 Inside This Guide Thank You 3 Step 1: Finding the Right Agent 4-5 Step

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OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES. Updated July 26, 2018 OFF-CAMPUS HOUSING OPPORTUNITIES Updated July 26, 2018 DISCLAIMER As a service to students, NU provides the opportunity for individuals, companies, and firms to publicize available off-campus housing on

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Home Buyer s Guide. Everything you need to know before buying a home

Home Buyer s Guide. Everything you need to know before buying a home Home Buyer s Guide Everything you need to know before buying a home A real estate transaction is one of the biggest financial transactions most people will do in a lifetime. Understanding the buying process

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Nominators: Darwina Neal, FASLA, ASLA Past President (1983-4) Paul Dolinsky, ASLA, Chief, Historic American Landscape Survey

Nominators: Darwina Neal, FASLA, ASLA Past President (1983-4) Paul Dolinsky, ASLA, Chief, Historic American Landscape Survey Honorary Membership Nomination Narrative Nominee: Nominee s Address: C. Ford Peatross 1409 North Vermont Street City/State/Zip: Arlington, Virginia 22207 Phone: (703) 989-7252 Nominators: Darwina Neal,

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NACA REAL ESTATE AGENT NACA REAL ESTATE AGENT Compensation Range: $60,000 to $80,000+ (100% Commission with ability to exceed $100,000) FLSA: Independent Contractor Location: Nationwide Locations Contact: Real Estate Department:

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Guide to the Aaron Director Papers

Guide to the Aaron Director Papers University of Chicago Library Guide to the Aaron Director Papers 1918-2001 2007 University of Chicago Library Table of Contents Descriptive Summary Information on Use Access Citation Biographical Note

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April 2015, Volume 24 Issue 4. Q Round Up

April 2015, Volume 24 Issue 4. Q Round Up April 2015, Volume 24 Issue 4 Q1 2015 Round Up Wayne Williams President, ALN Apartment Data, Inc. Evan Takacs Account Executive 1.800.643.6416 x 220 Laura Reese-Williams,

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English as a Second Language Podcast ESL Podcast 294 Living in a Condo or Co-op

English as a Second Language Podcast   ESL Podcast 294 Living in a Condo or Co-op GLOSSARY exasperated frustrated; tired of something; angry that something continues to happen over time; very annoyed * The caller became exasperated when we told her that there was nothing we could do

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LUXURY MARKET REPORT. - February LUXURY MARKET REPORT - February 2018 - THIS IS YOUR LUXURY MARKET REPORT MAP OF LUXURY RESIDENTIAL MARKETS Welcome to the Luxury Report, your guide to luxury real estate market data

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Home Selling Made Simple

Home Selling Made Simple Home Selling Made Simple Table of Contents Introduction...4 Determining Your Asking Price...5 Should You Sell Solo?...6 Tips On Advertising Your Home For Sale...8 Building Rapport With Homebuyers...10

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Bradenton Herald Hot apartment market in Bradenton-Sarasota a tight

Bradenton Herald Hot apartment market in Bradenton-Sarasota a tight 1 of 7 5/8/2015 10:12 AM Bradenton Herald Hot apartment market in Bradenton-Sarasota a tight stretch for workers By MATT M. JOHNSON mjohnson@bradenton.commay 3, 2015 Facebook Twitter Google Plus More Linkedin

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Verna Reid. Women Between" Verna Maud (MacKay) Reid, U.E., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Photo (2003) courtesy of Verna Reid

Verna Reid. Women Between Verna Maud (MacKay) Reid, U.E., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Photo (2003) courtesy of Verna Reid Verna Reid Women Between" Verna Maud (MacKay) Reid, U.E., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Photo (2003) courtesy of Verna Reid Verna s adult life has centred around her marriage to Craig Reid and their three children

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COMPARISON BUILDINGS. Circulation, Clients, and Guest Spaces vs. Family Spaces

COMPARISON BUILDINGS. Circulation, Clients, and Guest Spaces vs. Family Spaces chapter 11 COMPARISON BUILDINGS F10 House Robie House Your Home 1 2 Teacher Notes THE BIG QUESTIONS ANSWERED ASSESSING STUDENT LEARNING How do people move through the spaces in a home? The circulation

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This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today's Market By Diane Keyes READ ONLINE

This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today's Market By Diane Keyes READ ONLINE This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today's Market By Diane Keyes READ ONLINE Get 133 ways to sell your home, no matter the circumstance! No matter how you choose to put your home on the market,

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ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT If You Are Making A Lifestyle Change Consider The Benefits Of GRANDVIEW VILLA

ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT If You Are Making A Lifestyle Change Consider The Benefits Of GRANDVIEW VILLA ENJOY YOUR RETIREMENT If You Are Making A Lifestyle Change Consider The Benefits Of GRANDVIEW VILLA The Grandview Villa will be a place where your neighbors will truly become your friends. The biggest

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ARCHITECTURE EDUCATION IN FINLAND Jaana Räsänen ARCHITECTURE EDUCATION IN FINLAND Architecture art and everyday experiences Combining the rational and the irrational, architecture is difficult to define. It is a common thought that architecture

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Pepperdine University s Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, University of California, Irvine.

Pepperdine University s Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, University of California, Irvine. DEGREES: Pepperdine University s Straus Institute of Dispute Resolution, University of California, Irvine. May, 1979 June 1975 Juris Doctorate, University of San Diego School of Law, San Diego, California.

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Real Estate Investor Market Research Report. Real Estate IRA Investment Trends & Insights

Real Estate Investor Market Research Report. Real Estate IRA Investment Trends & Insights 2017 Real Estate Investor Market Research Report Real Estate IRA Investment Trends & Insights Contents Introduction... 2 Entrust IRA Real Estate Investment Trends... 3 Where Investors Bought Real Estate...

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Tibbits Booster Newsletter

Tibbits Booster Newsletter Tibbits Booster Board AUG 2016 Tibbits Booster Newsletter Congratulations to Nancy Sprow, July Volunteer of the Month! Nancy has been a volunteer for Tibbits for approximately 20 years! She is a valuable

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Team Roetter ACTION PLAN

Team Roetter ACTION PLAN ACTION PLAN Introduction MORE EXPOSURE. MORE KNOWLEDGE. MORE SALES. Thank you for the opportunity to present our qualifications and marketing plan to sell your property. ENCLOSED PLEASE FIND: 1. Why Hire

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Four Unveilings of the Macdonald Bust in Celebration of Sir John A. Macdonald's 199th Birthday

Four Unveilings of the Macdonald Bust in Celebration of Sir John A. Macdonald's 199th Birthday Four Unveilings of the Macdonald Bust in Celebration of Sir John A. Macdonald's 199th Birthday Unveiling # 1: January 10, 2014 Benchers Reception, Osgoode Hall, Luncheon Left to right: Her Hon. Mrs. Ruth

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H O U S I N G P O S T. Inside This Issue:

H O U S I N G P O S T. Inside This Issue: A P R I L 2 0 1 8 V O L U M E 1 8 I S S U E 4 H O U S I N G P O S T Inside This Issue: Child Supervision Apartment Rates Apartment City Limits Event 4/13 Subleasing/Selling/ Assigning & Solicitation April

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Welcome to the Webinar

Welcome to the Webinar Welcome to the Webinar We ll get started at 2 p.m. Eastern Use the Q&A box on the left to submit questions for the presenter or technical support Technical considerations: If you re experiencing choppiness,

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Bo s Straight and Strong Feet. Written by Kim DeLeon Illustrated by Katy Anderson

Bo s Straight and Strong Feet. Written by Kim DeLeon Illustrated by Katy Anderson Bo s Straight and Strong Feet Written by Kim DeLeon Illustrated by Katy Anderson Bo s Straight and Strong Feet Written by Kim DeLeon Dedicated to Jaden DeLeon Illustrated by Katy Anderson Copyright 2012

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Architect For Your Luxury Home

Architect For Your Luxury Home Selecting the Right Architect For Your Luxury Home Designing Innovative Spaces to Suit Your Vision and Lifestyle Resulting in the Home of Your Dreams. Selecting the Right Architect for Your Luxury Home

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3. Professional Memberships

3. Professional Memberships CV HEIDI M. CIES 5440 Conley Way Denver, Colorado 80222 303.758.6404 Heidi cies graphic design Founder and Principal 5440 Conley Way Denver, Colorado 80222 303.758.6404

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Goomzee Corporation Fall MLS Platforms. America s MLS Platform Vendors & Market Distribution. Goomzee Research

Goomzee Corporation Fall MLS Platforms. America s MLS Platform Vendors & Market Distribution. Goomzee Research Fall 2009 MLS Platforms America s MLS Platform Vendors & Market Distribution Goomzee s MLS Vendor Market Research Over 500 MLS organizations were polled in this research report. This was initially an internal

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Business English. (Answer Keys)

Business English. (Answer Keys) Business English (Answer Keys) Business English / Incomplete Sentences / Elementary level # 1 (Answer Keys) Money accepted I like to visit other countries but I find the cost of travel is too high. answer:

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WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE? Upper-Year Residence at uwaterloo» Off-Campus Housing» WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE? FIND YOUR FIT ON OR OFF CAMPUS 1 2 we re here to help. Have questions

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41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1:

41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1: Record Series Number The materials listed in this document are available for research at the University of Illinois Archives. For more information, email or search

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An Established Authority On New Jersey Real Estate

An Established Authority On New Jersey Real Estate An Established Authority On New Jersey Real Estate Founded in 1986 2 Expert Solutions Rely on Zimmel Associates for in-depth market knowledge, industry expertise and exceptional service. Tenants, owners,

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Solar Open House Toolkit

Solar Open House Toolkit A Solar Open House is an informal meet and greet at a solar homeowner s home. It is an opportunity for homeowners who are considering going solar to see solar in person. They can ask questions about the

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Audio #26 NRAS NRAS

Audio #26 NRAS NRAS NRAS Dymphna: Welcome everybody to Great to have you guys listening again and once again, I have a fabulous guest speaker to come and talk to you. Now we re talking about something

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Your. Home Selling. Packet. Josh Voss (608)

Your. Home Selling. Packet. Josh Voss (608) Your Home Selling Packet Josh Voss (608) 575-5127 Why should represent you on your next Real Estate Sale. EXPERIENCED, COMPETENT AND PROFESSIONAL The

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Was Your Landlord Foreclosed?

Was Your Landlord Foreclosed? If you re 60 or over, call your local legal aid office: Eastern CT 800-413-7796 Western CT 800-413-7797 Hartford Area 860-541-5000 Bridgeport Area 800-809-4434 Stamford Area 800-541-8909 New Haven Area

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February 2009 Bar Examination

February 2009 Bar Examination February 2009 Bar Examination Question 1 Mr. Jones owns a tract of land which has frontage on Jones Road and also on Old Post Road. Mr. Smith owns an adjacent tract of land, on which his home is located,

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influence MAYFAIR INTERNATIONAL The International Marketing Office For Diane Turton, Realtors Located In London, England

influence MAYFAIR INTERNATIONAL The International Marketing Office For Diane Turton, Realtors Located In London, England influence MAYFAIR INTERNATIONAL The International Marketing Office For Diane Turton, Realtors Located In London, England We provide unrivalled international property marketing experience across continents,

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LUXURY MARKET REPORT. - March LUXURY MARKET REPORT - March 2018 - THIS IS YOUR LUXURY MARKET REPORT MAP OF LUXURY RESIDENTIAL MARKETS Welcome to the Luxury Report, your guide to luxury real estate market data

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Professional - Loyal - Dedicated. Compliments of: Liz Wright Buyers Specialist

Professional - Loyal - Dedicated. Compliments of: Liz Wright Buyers Specialist Professional - Loyal - Dedicated Compliments of: Liz Wright Buyers Specialist 850-832-2137 Add your name here Add your phone number here From: Liz Wright Welcome!

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TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP. John Belle traveling in England between studies at the Architectural Association in London.

TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP. John Belle traveling in England between studies at the Architectural Association in London. JOHN BELLE TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP John Belle traveling in England between studies at the Architectural Association in London. 2018 2018 JOHN BELLE TRAVEL FELLOWSHIP The John Belle Travel Fellowship is a $10,000

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A guide for first time buyers

A guide for first time buyers On the move: A guide for first time buyers 1 Introduction Buying your first home can be a daunting experience. There are lots of things to sort out, such as surveys, checking

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Affordable Elegance. Highridge Costa Companies

Affordable Elegance. Highridge Costa Companies Affordable Elegance Master developer combines affordable housing with the level of quality expected of market-rate developments Blending state-of-the-art building techniques and pioneering designs with

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We ll tailor our provision to your needs, whatever they may be. Our core services are below, but it s not an exhaustive list we d run out of space!

We ll tailor our provision to your needs, whatever they may be. Our core services are below, but it s not an exhaustive list we d run out of space! About Us Adore Cardiff is a lettings agency with a difference. Based in Canton, we operate throughout Cardiff, letting and managing high quality homes on behalf of local landlords. Adore is a newly established

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NEWLY CONSTRUCTED RESTAURANT IN PRIME YUMA LOCATION NEWLY CONSTRUCTED RESTAURANT IN PRIME YUMA LOCATION 1731 E. 16TH STREET YUMA, AZ 85365 Jerry LoCoco Designated Broker/Managing Director 928.277.8211 x102 George Renz Broker / Owner

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John William Graham: From Farmer to Soldier

John William Graham: From Farmer to Soldier Archives Alive 10-29-2014 John William Graham: From Farmer to Soldier Maggie Blackledge University of Iowa Copyright 2014 Maggie Blackledge Hosted by Iowa Research Online. For more information please contact:

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City of Westminster Fair Housing FAQ

City of Westminster Fair Housing FAQ City of Westminster Fair Housing FAQ What housing is covered? The Fair Housing Act covers most housing. In some circumstances, the Act exempts owner-occupied buildings with no more than four units, single-family

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As the natural gas industry continues

As the natural gas industry continues Marcellus Education Fact Sheet Natural Gas Lessors Experiences in Bradford and Tioga Counties, 2010 In cooperation with the Marcellus Shale Education and Training Center As the natural gas industry continues

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