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1 13,0,,, -Po~rut'N~ws ~==/LL ---._...._~ ~ Vol. 51, No, pages &i!l~~~;m-.~;mw-~-i; _.~--- Grosse Pointe, Michigan W/o Freeman resigns By Dan Jarvis Siaft Wrller Aftel \ P<ll~ d~ l11,lvo and elllothel det,lde a~, Cty wllntll man 111 GO~~L Pomte Wood<' MayO! GeOl ge F eeman e~lb"ned at Mondd\ \ /11l'etmg of the Woods Cltv Councd pffp(tlvp Oct 15 've been coj1<;l(!ellng t fo! some tme," F eeman said "ThCl e \\ a'i some concern on the council as fal as the e'ildency equ ement n the city chclltel' " Fl'eeman, who cunently e sides both n the Woods dnd St Clall Shol'e", said he was look ng fol a pel manent l'esldence l1 the Wood", but probably wlll e tll'e and move to Flonda Counclman Paul Beaupl e sad the cty chaltel' equl ement fo! esldency S vague Accol'dlng to wol'dmg m the Woods Cty Chalte' and state statutes, an elected official m d cty must also be an electol', meamng he 01' she must be leg stered to vote m that cty and must be a resident Freeman lesldes on Yorktown m the Woods and S regjstered to vote m the Woods "The majollty felt that the spmt of the cty chaltel was not bemg met even though he dd retan a Woods address," Beaupre sad "t's unfc!tunatp that he had to letl'e at this time, but the mayol felt t was m the best 111 tel e"t of the cty" CicOge CdtllJ1, tlly duo ney, ecent y ~"upd d leg,l! opllllon at lhe eqlw"t of the ell y Councl "tatmg thelt lhe e"ldenl \ of dll el('clm " ba<,ed on lhe mtenllon of thell pel'~on to ellldm d pel llldnent e"ldpnt of l hal tit y Sl,lle "ldtllle~ ~el~ thell e" dency 1<, defined d" Ow place 1\hel e a pel "on "wnd<, the mel jollty of his or hel' lme "The duo ney" oplllion and the city chdltel left d lot of loorn fo! cl (htpl PKe of Opll1lOn, Beduple "dd "t \lds vel) am blguou'i,ll1d the m<1)01 dltln't \\ anl to!l'uve the npl e<'''1011 that he wa<, domg an) thmg wrong He Wel'i nol t wa" hl'i dec~lon lo etll e dl1d h" dec.;,lonalone "He Wll cel telmly be ml<''ied vel y much m the Wood" He 1\el" vely dedcated elnd thelt S the eason he won so many landslde VletOlle" and had,,0 httle OppOS tlon 111 several electons He wa" a true leadel and he wj11 be sorely mssed" Robert Novltke, maym PO tern, Said F eeman had the umque abilty of mall1tall1ll1g d balance between seve! alan the council with varyll1g opll1lon~ "He fm med a good WOkmg ela tlonshlp with the City Council and the cty admll1lstratlon, Novltke said "George will be mssed very much both by those with the' cty and by the residents" The Cty Council must now appomt a maym to sel \e out the remamdel of Fleeman's telm, which un" until Novembel 1991 Novltke said m the absence of a 111a) 01, he \\111 Lhall the Loun c meetmgs and "gn oflicral doc uments whch leqllll"e the may or's slgnatw'e Chestel Petel sen, cty admll1 sh ator, sald the City Council will accept F eeman's e"lgnatlon at ts Nov 5 regulal meet mg The council, the mean tme, can appomt a mayor to lin",h the tel m, he selld "He,erved the communlty vely \\ ell," Pete sen 'idld "He has been l1stlumenld 111 makmg The gold of autumn The area known as the Nuns' Walk on Kenwood inspires this anonymous 19th century poem: Come said the wind to the leaves one day Come over the hills with me to play Put on your garments of scarlet and gold For winter is coming and the nights grow cold, Photo bv Ellzabeth Carpentel Lons Gate Unllmlted 50~ George Freeman See FREEMAN, Pt1~ t1t._,~ By John Mmms Asslslant Editor Altl'it, 'ia dol. father, ;,aloon keeper, 'icuba dl\ el, teachel', ventm, paltlel, Santa Claus These words elthel descllbe a clowd 01 one man Tony Nelson Nebon. 60, ha" been a Glos'ie Pomte PaT k esldent fm neal h 30 ye81 s, and dullng those dec ades and befo! e he''i amassed mj llad expenence'i One thmg he hasn't done l'i faj!ed to hve hfe to the fullest He was born France but came to ths countl"} at an earl> age, hv11g at lil'il 111 F eeport, R, and then the east 'ilde of DetrOt The fdmj!) \\a" not \\el1 off Tony Nelson page 13A --- Tony Nelson As a young man lj1 the 1950", Nelson attended mt school m Chcago, but t seem'> he leal ned about evel ythmg except alt " went to school and got a good educaton. but not an art educaton," he '>ald " learned how to tl eat people' To em n hs way through col lege, he worked m lestaurant'i and bar'> n Chicago, he stalted a'i a busho\ fm Stouffel 'i and \\ OJ ked hl'i \\ av up to bartendel He then lended bal at a sh p 10mt m Chcago, and he said that'<, \\ hel e he gol hl'i real edu caton Havmg leal ned the \\ orldly le"'ion5. Nelson decided he needed a good alt educaton, so lw left the Wmdy Cty and went to the We"t COd''it to attend the pi r"tlglou~ Los Angele'i Alt Cen tel The "chool \\ a'i e"pemlve, ano at llme'i he \\mked th!ee job'i \\ h J!p attendmg school He ",ld tho<,p \H"le the halde"t tll ee \ pm" of ll<' hfr ToddY, "" an 'n'itlllctol at tlw Cpnt('1 fo! C catl\,(' StllOJ(''i Nel 'ion pomt'i out lhat many young peoplp "a\ thp\,11 e unable lo gpt an edu<.atlon hecall"e lh('u fam h can'l affol 0 to p,l\ fm t Hp c,tlhng h-. tlm( l1 Lo" Ang('\r" :--;('\<'01111d'" huh <,\mpalll\ fol tha, h'unll'l1t An\ hod\ Cd 11 go to wllq.(( hl' ",1\(l Tll" " t)1(' ;"''1l'"ll"t countn 111 thl' \01ld hl'c<lu"1'1,111\0111' (<111gl t.\11pchlt,lllon \tl (dlllll1g. hddh 101, dc' gl ('!' floll hc \ \1 t ('('l1l( "'\l']'ol 1\,1-. onl d " loh,ll h 11 ])lllmt bu h lldn t \1,,t to f' turn to the Motm Cty Because he had on v $5..t0 l1 hs pocket, however, he decded takmg the Job may be a good dea, even f t \\ a'i l1 DetlOit BeSdes, the $7,500 a ) eal he would be makll1g n d.utomollve 'itylmg was pi elty good l 'Back 111 tho'ie da\ ".. ll' "aid 'f you made $1 0,000 ~ou 0\\ npd the \\ md" Nelson "alo that at thp time he esented bemg m DetlOlt He \\ anted to be \\ hel e the act ton \\as - Ne\\ YOk Clt\ So elftl') a couple of yea! s, "tlli,mgle )11' packed up and \\pnt lo tlw Big Apple n New YOlk, he and olhel" \\ 01 ked all 1ght and 'ilppt dill mg the day Th('y\l pick up and OOP off Job'i 111 thl' aftcilloon aile! then pull alll1lghtpl" :'\\'1...on and the othl'l 8111'i1-, 111 tw W oup would ('at n cakl"t <1t suppeltlme ane! dmncl m tlw mol nll1g Tll' houl" '11tl'c! hill) lust fine '! m nol fill pal h 'P] hi "aid ' hrte grttmg up < moll1jng \Vhlll' 111 the big Cll\ )1l' got mound on, matm "coot,ll1d 'la\l'nged [1l1tll]U(,,me! ' col1d hand "hop" to! h-. fu1111ulp \\," tll(' full of fi ndlll~ T h.,,\lei of hi" ~(,d\('llgl'l hunt... wl hu\ llg \fle'1, \',U,\l1d, h f \l1d \ hi okpll rl.ltlol1<,lll]1 ",\pj,oll L,ml(' h,ll h hon!p to ])111(\\1 Hilt h\" tllll(' t \\.1'",ll"" h, See PONTER, pa~e l:la Woods investigation leads to culllination of counterfeiting case By John Minnis Asslstanl Edllor A counterfeit casher's check l1ve'itlgatlon mtlated by Grosse POlnte Woods polce m August hel'i led to charges l1volvmg two young men from the west Sde \\ ho allegedly made the bogus checks on a home computer One of the young men, Anthon) Grewal, has been ar 1 algned 111 U S Distrct Court m DetlOlt fm passmg or possessmg counterfet secunlle", whch S a felony WlTYll1g a l11il'{lmum of 10 yeal'i 111 pn'ioll and a :'1250,000 fine GC\h,1 and an unnamed, and 'io fill' uncharged, dccomphce are rpolted to be,hout 23 veal's old DetaJ!s \Vel P "ketch) Monday belilu'ie whle (, e\\ 11.1was arlalf.,rned on thf' ha1j~e, the accomplice hiln \ et to be charged,,ccordmg to fedt'ral prosecutor Diane D,mnhur \ho l'i handlng the ca<.e \1'iO n federal court, all prosecuton" e"tllt from mdlctments hanned do\\ n flom a federal j.,'l,md 1111 \ Thtl'i fa 1', the case h,,'i not p<lched th(> 11dlctment,t ag-c, Don" hu(> 'laid \C( 01 dlllg to GJO'i.;e POnte \\non" /)tte<tlh Sj.,'l Michael \'\l1j)p(,ll"tp the ca.;e began on \ \lg :2G \\ hrn a nl m;'i(> Pomte \\'oon"!11phh,mt t'ported a 'ius ph 10\1" m( d('l't On tha day. llw "u"pech lll\olvrd \\'(,1(, "hop pll1g 111, \Llck AV('1\(' "tore \\ 11ll' cll'" U"'''l1g thl' plllcha'i(" ll(' p,l\ 111,\(ll't hp m('1 ch,mt <,\'i ph loll" 01 tlwll mtentlon" When they left the store, the merchant obtamed a descnptlon of ther car and got their hcense plate number. He then reported the incdent to Woods detectives VanDeGmste's subsequent nvestgaton revealed that the two men had 'ttempted to buy goods from two other Mack Avenue stores usmg cashier's checks. VanDeGmste sad the method of operaton was always the same. The suspects would go shop pmg on Thursday, me up merchandse they wanted to buy, found out what the total bll would be and then up on Saturday Wth a casher's check for the exact amount of the pur. chase Because t was Saturday, the merchants would not be able to venfy the casher's checks The checks representd nu. merous banks the area VanDeGmste said the suspects began buymg Jewelry, sornethmg \\ hlch could be more easily converted to cash They began small but worked ther way up to bgger purchases and bigger checks They began to buy goods for ther own use, not Just for their ea'ie of hquldatlon On Sept,28, the suspects al legedly used a $17,000 cashier's check to buy a complete desktop publjshmg computer system from an outstate Michigan Com puterland store Pohce speculate that the suspects planned to go nto the counterfet cashier',> See COUNTERFET, l'ool~~;'jw Ji;;qiMM7"~. p81{e 12A t~: Old St. Ambrose demolished 2A CtieS join airport rebuttal 3A Events 4A Engler's hopes growing dim 6A State leaders honor Judge 9A Actor's role ls turtle soup l0a Obztuanes lla Methodist women azd homeless 15A Cavanagh faces challenger 17A DSO concert a crowd-pleaser... 18A 'Another Antl.gone' at Serpent's Tooth 19A 'Mller's Crossing': Above average... 20A MOTbegms 20th season 21A Book stores combme... 22A Saturn shows some promzse....23a Women's club....1 B Brzdge column... 2B Shoppmg opporfu llltzes..,3b eztv rlash o~ grzdzron..c Who':, ~ot the edge " ",.2C (,la.~~lfied ad,'! 5C <~111l1t.~ur. \

2 f 2A Library plans to be discussed Charlt',> Hdnson, dlll'dol 01 t w Gro,,!>e POll1tl' pllbllt h hl,lle'>, has hslled un ll\ tatlon to dn\ one \1 ho dnt'> to O"Clh.., tll' plan" 1m d ll'\\ wntl ell l bl,ll v and the llplolll1l1g llbl,ll \ bond "SUP Appointment" Cdn be.l11,l1gl'd 11\ telephone at ,t Cl'l1 tl.11llbl al\, 10 Kel chev,t, 01 on. dlop 111 bas" flolll to on Wedne"du\" beg\lll1ng Oct 31 Hanson S p e"pntlng d h ee lid"".t Barnes School on Thm '> dd\ Oct 25 f!'om 7 30 to 9,30 p tl ttled "The Manu"ulpt :'leets the \VOl d P ocessol nfo! illaton Acce"s at the Pubhc L bl,ll) - TvJ,n <.lllu TUllUllOl1 Reglstl atlon fo ths class h tlhough CommuJ1lt, EducatOn dt Corrections COllet/lOll,> be pli/fed Oil 111,., page el'el \ u eel, f fll.'1 e,., all en or of fact wn.'>ton, call the lieu 1100/11 al 882'(}294 The headlme on the story about Llfehne, a weekend program aimed at mcreaslng famlly communicaton of. fel ed at Plel ce Middle School, should hm e made clear that the pi 0gJ. am S open to all famllles n the Glosse Pomte school dlstnct Wth chtldren n mddle school, not only Pl' ce laml lies The p Oglam S bell1g olteled Nov 2 3 and reglstra tlon can be made by calling any one of the middle schools An mcollect telephone number was plll1ted 111 last \\eek's notice about the Glosse Pomte South Hgh School class of 1973'" reun On tlhke 11engden" num bel '; Auto history A lighthearted program, "You Ought to have an Auto," wll provdea chronological hstory of the automobile m Amenca and how t has changed our hves. The lecture wlll be presented Thursday, Oct 25, from 7.30 to 9 p.m, at the War Memorial The shde show and lecture Will revew the works of Henry Ford, the Dodge brothers and other early developers of the auto Dr Martm Brosnan will also examme what happened to the auto mdustry dunng World War, the Roanng '20s, the DepressOn of the '30s and World War Brosnan has hosted slnular programs at the Smithsonian nstituton, the Henry Ford Mu. seum and Greenfield Vllage and the Detroit Histoncal Society The lecture fee S $8 a person For more mformatlon, call ,~~ '.'._, ~. ~. '"-:-.'....'-..." ~ ~.~;~...," c '.. :._ r..:t"~ '"... it ~ -. o.~..;;" ~ 0 ~.. "t.:,.. J ~...~... 't'".',,'~: '...-!. ~.' "', ", f'/.. '--,... '. A: "0 -:;."...,~... ' ~ t. "" ~.. ~.'. ", l. '\....~...,:;-..;..,"...~~:'O... ",.-..:..).. ; /.. ~ ~ #.. ;."," t... " ".... -,'. ~;". '.:.! '1..'... '.~... "". ' ' ' <j... 'r 0 0' '.'1: ~ ",~,, ~.' ~ '.... of".e....". ft".":~..~ ".'... ~ \.1,...,-, "......,.',., St. Ambrose LAST THREE DAYS SHRT and TE SPECAL ~ Hathaway Shirts Classic Easy-Care pinpoint oxford cloth shirts with buttondown collar. Tailored in the Hathaway tradition. White or Blue. Regularly $38;0 NOW $26 50 LBERTY Neckwear Pure silk neck wear to enhance your new sh~rts. Fashionable new paisley and foulard prints, Regularly $18';()NOW $13 50 (While quantities last) c6il's f/!cl"oo KERCHEVAL AT ST CLAR. demolition GROSSE PONTE MONDAY-FRDAY SATURDAY 10 to 530 OPEN THURSDAY EVENNGS TLL 9 Mastercard Visa -,,.... '...! l "., - ".' ~,'. J: r ",-. 0' '! - oil', " \,;...:.." 0 ~.. ;: "'~ ~ ''fu,, ", ~~ ~ The former St. Ambrose Community Center was torn down last week to make room for more parking at the Grosse Pointe Park municipal complex. The Park purchased the building in June for $ As the low bidder. Richters Contracting of Mount Clemens was awarded the contract to tear down the wooden structure that was built in While the structure was being torn down. nearby residents and parishioners watched. The building originally stood where the current church stands and was moved across the street in lielearlya 'lvinner... fare of a quality that belies its lnodest price tag." -Molly Abraham, ~ l~ AMERCNS ::)zza~~ Detroit Free Press \ l Jllll (l'dr \\. j rj \\1 r", 1r \ ~" l..j""" '11 The Women'!> Republican Club of GlOs",e Pomte will ho"t a Republican canddates evel1lng Monday, Oct 22, at the Wm Memollal flom 7 to 9pm SX local Republican candl dates will bnelly speak and campagn hteratul e fo statewide and local candl dates Will be avmlable Candidates partlclpatmg ale Kevll1 McNealy, 14th Olstnct canddate for the U S House of Representa tlves Carl Edwal ds, 13th OS. tnct candidate for the U S House of Repl esentatlves Philip Tanman, state "enate candidate fo! the 1st OStllct Bll Blyant, state repre '>entatlve 1'01 the 13th D1S. tnct Dave Pochmara, candl date fol Wayne County com 111,,'>lOnet" Clark Owant, candidate on the non pmilsan ballot for the Michigan Supreme Cowi Dessert and coffee Will be "el ved at no cost For more mfolmatlon, call ntroductory Priced CL\SSC\LY GOOD LOOKN(;~ U'Ql 'ED CO\1FOTABtE Johnston &Murphy. 1 hi nlllf.1 lllfl 1111 mu h.,)().. 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Jnr!ud('(/ ~', l~elgh,> ;' 07~ 8a< J" ruhher armor "n::, Jacobson's \\1 \.\t,( () ~ r ( ( h... (n" ( h H~( \\ L"h r( Hd \ '" \ d1d \ Hl rl( 11 'lh(..." '>h,,1' l,,1,1'l 1'"1 '''' l1lh,d,11,lfl<l ",; l,,1,1(, P rn on \1",,<1"1 ll,,d,11 \\, <", 'rll\,,< "l"rrl",,!" ṭ,, ~, t ~.,,

3 --r-' ;---.p e _..._.._._U... r..._--~~_ more communities approve continuation of airport battle By John Mlnnts The 10lll LOmmunlLe" followed LOmmumLleb apploved the added the coblbbased on mthel popula lutlee,h,ll ed the $25,000 ex be hn ed to c"""t BU nle) Assistant Edllor ecll hel <lcllon by the Gro""e expenditure bubject to then may- tlon, state equallted value, 01, pen"e to hll e Blll nley to come up The City, rdl m",md ldl pel POll1te J,1lk counul to applove 01" and/or city managel s commg formula usll1g both populatlon \\ th d pll:hmll1dly epolt on De Wood" uty LOuncl" undnll1lou"ly GlOsse POll1te ('tv, Wood", 111 Plll1clp<ll < $,300,000 tequebt up Wth an equtable way of and SEV tolt', pldn" for the dllpo!t o.t dpploved the :j,300,000 le"olu Farms and HaJ pel Wood" <ll b) the Glo".,e POll1te Hell pel "halll1g the $300,000 c.o"t among The $300,000 will be used to G) cltlot,l1d ( onnel tlon n Glo.,,,e POll1te \Vood", approved te"olutlon" Monda) Wood" All polt Study Commttee the five Glo""e Pomtes dnd Har- contmue to eto.ll1 W di>hll1ht[o1 Bll nk...'" ('POlt 1dlcated that CouncJ!wonldn.](,dn ({ll.' \1 c" night that would al101\ the 10ldl to plepcll e d ('butt,1 to DetrOt'" pel Woods, who aj e all members DC, attorney Jame" BU1l11ej 1)/'tl Ot " l xpeddtlon., of Fedel dl the only one to vote,lgdll1,t the fight to contmue to bloch. the md"tel pl'l1 fm the $501 mllon of the study commttee V, who S a folmel i>ecletaly of \\ldt1011 Adl1lll1J.,tldtlOn glanti>, le"olutlon ploposed e>.panslon of Del10lt plopo"ed all pot e>'pdn"lon The official!> of the ValOU" C- tjanspoltatlon l1ltlally, the "X 111 hi'> OpnOn, \\ele ovetly optl Of the "X comrnllllltll'" m,lk Cty Allport A" \lth the l\nk, the foul tw" will be negotwtmg i>hall11g commumtle" lj1 the study com 1"tll dnd unlikely to be forth mg up the "tudy committee on!) By John MinniS ASSistant Editor A 19-year old St Clair ShOles man learned last week that the long arm of the law S not a myth Enc Anthony Shellum was ar rmgned on burglary charges Oct 14 after he was extradlcted from Holland, Mich., where he was stayng after beng depolted from Canada. Farms MUnCipal Judge Matthew Rumora set bond at $50,000 cash or surety and Shellum was put m Wayne County Jail where he awaits arraignment on the chm ge m Wayne County CircUlt COUlt Shellum pleaded mnocent to the burglary charge Shellum's run from the law began shortly after noon July 17 when a house-sitter reported the home m the 100 block of Men wether 111 the Farms had been burglanzed A stereo system, compact discs, a man's leathel Jacket, miscellaneous items and a BMW were reported stolen Shellum, who had spent the mght and several days at the house before bemg told to leave, was the pnme supspect He was reportedly seen driving the BMW at North Hgh Sci},.ool and of allegedly trying to sell the lollllllg Fl!thel, he bald thell' GO"se Pomte ShOll''' hd" \et to Park detectlves investigating four related armed robberies \\('e,elloll'- envlronmentdl meet The dllpolt le"o!utlon " CDs at a local recoid store, ac cordll1g to earler polce reports Shellum then dsappeared Wlthll1 days, the stolen BMW was found abandoned at the To lonto ntel natonal AlllJort Ac cordmg to Fm ms Detective M chael McCarthy, Shellum apparently heard on a pohce scanner that thel e was a lookout for the BMW so he allegedly ditched the car at the mrpolt On Oct 10, Fdrms polce re celved a teletype that Shellum was bemg deported from Cal gary, Canada On the followmg day, Shellum was turned over to customs officials 111 Sweetgrass, Mont At the time, the Wayne County plosecutor's office refused to extradite Shellum from Montana Farms pollce learned Oct 11 Shellum was back 111 Michigan when the Secletary of State's of fice sent a teletype seekng con fil matlon of a warrant against Shellum, who on Sept 27 ap phed for a driver's hcense m Holland, Mich. On Oct 12, Holland polce arrested Shell urn, and Farms Detectives Dan Jensen and Michael McCarthy went to Holland and. bl ought~ Shellum- bade to-;he- Farms -SWEETEST Saturday, October 20th Sweetheart Sweetheart DAY Sweetheart A Sweetest Day to Remember at Mack between..ancaster & Fleetwood THE WHTTER The Whittiep, always a symbol 01 chal'm, dignity and,pace.." The Tradition Lives On Today, at The Whittier, that tradition lives on With an attractive, yet affordable lifestyle. Our residents appreciate the security, service, and amenities which, included in the monthly rent, complement their spacous riverfront apartments and gardens n hlstonc ndian Vllage. You'll love your life at The Whittier' t's close to everything, there's lots to do, it's affordable too Call today, or mall the coupon to the address below. rd~;~;~;~;~~;~~~ ' you and VSit The Whittier, Please Name ~ : cafl me to make arrangements My telephone number S Address (we) can't make t for lunch. but City 1 would like a brochure explammg the service and facilities of The State Zip Whittier KERCHEVAL "On The Hill" L_~~~~~~~!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~J ploblun, that weded to be ad expected to be brought beloie the Four armed Obbelles as handgull to hel head and de pect pulled a gun and demanded 1100 block of Wayburn when he dl e,,,ed Shorei> COllnlll dt 1[<, many days are being nve"t- manded hel money The woman money The resdent didn't have was approached by a man With d FolJ()\\ mg Bl! nley'e., epo! t, Oct 23 meetmg gated by Glosse Pomte P,uk po arb'1led Wth the b'lmman but any money on him and the sus b'1ln The gunman demanded the e.,tud) LOmmlttee dellded to Also, t \" expected thdt tlw lce, who believe the Cllmei> all' then gave hm hel pul se pect fled money, which he counted as he elomrnll1d etdllllng BUl nley to city of Wall en mo.) cllp 111 on related On Oct 10 three,, At 1125 pm, a man sittng n walked away plepale a lebuttaj to DetlOlt'i> the costs Wallen Ma)Ol Ronald On Oct 7 at 130 am, a 30 al med ObbellCb wele repolted a CaJ m the 1000 block of Mary- Accordmg to Park pollce, the ll1de.,tel plan fol the dlrpolt Also, Bonkowski '> e\pelted to blmg year old woman was Waltlng n d At pm, a man n the land was approached by a sus- four armed robbe"les ate be,lei ondutll'; dnd envronmental the mattel befo! e h" council car m a parkng lot n the alley m the 1400 block of Way pect Wth d gun who demanded heved to be the work of one e\.pel h dnd d local ld\\ fil m \1 Oct 24 block of Kercheval when bul n approached a resident who money The man n the car then man The police were m the md approached by a man who put a W,l'; n hl<" PAl vmd The <;u<; sped awav The gunman fired a de of the 11vebllgatlOn Mondav shot at the car as t was leavng and could not comment 1Ul"thel At 11'20 pm, a 26-year.old on the robbenes man was m his rear yard n the - John Mllllll\ Farms burglary suspect arrested after deportation from Canada Grosse Pointe Building Co. Country Traditions. Wimbeldon Racquet Club NEW Leagues & Clinics Beginners, ntermediate & Advanced Players Permanent Court time Tenms, Racquetball & Squash EnJOYwhrlpools, saunas, httmg lanes, elevated lounge & party facilities in a comfortable and relaxmg atmosphere- Lighted, Call Bob for Details. Octoberfestl990' Supervised Parking Oct 261h p m Nme Mile, St. Clair Shores 8WEETE8T DAY SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20 th Charge By Phone 3A 95 Dozen Limited Supply jwecan DEUVER7 0 DAysG Wesley Berr~ """~ 18Flowers CALL NOW FOR FALL SPECALS We're a company dedicated to you, the Gu)'\se Pointe consumer. <,, l Extraordmary room" begin With <;uperior cu<;tom cabmets from Quaker Mad avalable at Grosse Pointe Building Co Harper Ave. s.e.s ADDTONS DORMERS KTCHENS BATHROOMS WNDOWS GARAGES 'RECREATO)\, ROOMS ALL TYPES OF EXTEROR SDNG Harper Ave St. Clair Shores, M MOTOR CTY MODERNZATON C(~ Reference" Avalable

4 4A Clothes are revealing Do clothes eveal our truest day, Oct 24, at noon dentity? They not only dentify Professor Joy Hansen fmm us as belonging to a specific cui Eastel n Michgan U mverslty ture, but as pelf 01 mmg specific trace the way n whch fash roles m that culture ab well On wflects SOCiety She Will ex. The brown bag luncheon plo gram "You Ale What You Wear," wll e>.amllle the ques tlon "Do clothes eallv make the professlonap" t \1 be held free of charge the Booth WJ!kmson Costume Gallery of the DetrOt Hstorcal Museum. on \\ "dnes. Mark McPherson Ghost talk scheduled Mark McPherson, a member of the BntlSh and Amencan 80(:1- eties for psych1cal research, will talk about haunted houses, poltergeists and exorcisms in "My Favorite Ghosts" on Tuesday, Oct. 23, from 7:30 to 9 p.m., at the War Memonal n addition to providing a col. orful and realistic overview of bib own ghostly encounters, he,---coupon ---,! Why Pay More! :.AETonlY MDWEST ANTQUARAN BOOK FAR $600 l TESTNG 7 Days a Week No Appointment Nec~ssary HARPER & CADEUX SHELL ~~~,~l Harper Comer 01 C_d.~ur ~U-=A~ ~ _.J 25 Out!.tandmg Dealer:. ~, FRDA Y, OCT. 26 & SATURDA Y, OCT. 27 9:30 am pm Sponsored b) the Friend:. of the DetrOt Public Library at Main Llbran 5201 \\ood"-ard Somethmg for c" en onefrom the no!>talgm buff to the general reader For more informaton lall Grosse Pointe News (USPS ) Pubhsf>ed every Thursday By Anteeho Publr~her<; 96 Kercheval Avenue Grosse Pointe, MJ Phone Second Class Poslage pa d al D lro' M ch gan a1d addl\lonal madng off ces SubscrlpllOn Rates S17 ppr lea' va ma $190u of stale POSTMASTER Send address changes to Gosse POinte News 96 Kercheval GrOSle POln'e Fa ms Mll:h The <leadlme fo' news COpy SMondal noon 10<!1<J r e nserton All adyertlsing copy musl be 11~,PM.e Sng De partmenlbyl1 a m Tuesday CORRECTONS AND ADJUSTMENTS ResDO'S Oility tor display and class "ed adverl's ng erio' S r- led to el!ller cancellallon ollhe cha'gp 10' or a e Uo 0' lhe portion n error NOli/Kallon must be glen n lime 'or co,reclron m he 'ollowlng ssue We assjn'e no responsibility tor lhe same after he lisl nsm on The Grosse POlnle News reserves the ''9hl nol 10 accept an adver1lser S o,der Grosse Pomle News ad vertlslng representatrves have no aulooilly 10bind h S newspape, and only publcaton of an advertlsemenl shall CO1Sr~ulefmal acceplance of he advertiser s order plol e lustoncal elatlonshlp" be. tween our outward appeal ance and events n tme VSltOlS Wll have a chance to look at how dress symbols commul1lcate a Visual statement of economc, so clal, and professonal statu" For more mfolmat On call Lon Napleb at 8~lJ 1419 will read selectons from some of the world's greatest literary ghostly tales mcludmg works by Dckens, James, Poe and Doyle. The evening ls $12. Early reg- stration is suggested. For more information, call FSERZD. ~ - mj DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR NATURAL GAS HOLDS A THREEeTO'ONE PRCE ADVANTAGE OVER ELECTRCTY, Electing love brllont Phow by Dale Peg" "Of Thee Sing" Will be the opening show for Grosse Pointe Theatre's season. Shown above in a recent rehearsal are Tony Amato of Harper Woods and Marie Boyle of Grosse Pointe Park as presidential candidate John P. Wintergreen and Mary Turner. the campaign worker he chooses for his first lady. The award-winning Gershwin musical will be presented Oct. 30-Nov. 4 and Nov at the Fries Auditorium in the Grosse Pointe War Memorial at 8 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 7 p.m. on Sunday. Tickets are $10 for all performances: group rates are available for some performances, Call the GPT Ticket Hotline at to order tickets. Basketball game to benefit kids SCANLANS The GlOsse Pomte F aternal "veltlcal prosecuton" - that S, 01 del' of Police, Lodge 102, ha" the same plosecutor follows the Olgamzed a basketball game to child through the entre cault alse mane) for the Wayne plocess n othel countes, a child Counh prosecutol'" Chld Abuse may be assigned fhe or "X dlf Vmt fel ent plosecutol'b by the time he The game 1\ be on Sunday 01 she S thlough the plocess ad 28 <1t :3 p 111 at Grobse Anothel featule of the Ul1lt S Pomte NOlth Hgh School The the use of a child advocate who cost lb $5 pepares the chld fol' the couli The Glosse POnte police om. ploceedll1gs Becau"e chld1en cel ~ be challenged by the al e at the Ulllt fm a couple of COllit Jestel" flom WKSG.FM hauls at a tme, the umt pro Aba, fol each slce of Dommo'" Vde" snacks and toys to play pzza sold at the game, d poltlon 1\ th when they are not bemg n of the pmceeds wll be donated tel Viewed to the Child Abuse Vmt FO more nfolmatlon, call The Wayne County prosecu Blldget Cralg.Maple at 822 tor's Chld Abuse Umt plovldes 9355 Christmas cheer at the tavern VSit Greenfield Village's Ea. at the War Memonal. Fee of $49 gle Tavern for an evening of a person includes motorcoach Christmas cheer on Thursday, and dnner. For more infonna- Dec. 13, from 5:30 to p.m. bon, call Make reservations by Oct. 26 F{)RST 0weetest Day 0pecials $4.95 each FRESH CUT BOUQUETS ~ , FREE wth eoupot ~ee~\)a1 MYLAR BALLOON L~ ~~!~~~~~!~~!l~~~~~~ 399 Fisher, Road Grosse Pam te UP TO $300 CASH BACK FROM BRYANT! UP TO $300 CASH BACK FROM YOUR UTLTY! 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HATHAWAY for Probate Court Assistant Prosecutor Chief of Drug Forfeitures Wife, Mother. Two Children Paid for By Committee to Elect Diane M Hathaway 2828 DaVid Slott Bldg. DetrOit. M Sunday chamber music concert Grosse POinte Chamber MUSC bassoon, and Ernestine Barnes, Will present ts monthly Sunday horn Charles Wmgert, tenor, afternoon concet at the War and John Miller, plano, will be Memonal m the Crystal Ball. heard in Robert Schumann's loom on Oct 21, at 230 p.m. "Dlchterliebe" and "Widmung." The program Wll feature the Vwhst MChelle Moffett will play DetrOit WoodWnd Qumtet n two selections from Suites No.2 works by Franz J Haydn, and 3 by Johann Sebastian Jacques bert, Charles Lefebvre Bach and Scott Joplin The group con- Light refreshments Wll follow SStS of Deborah Katz, flute, Syl. the program. The pubhc S m. va Starkman, oboe, Lnda Bo, vlted. AdrmsslOn at the door is ushko, e1m'met, Ehzath Wlson, $5 Members attend free. 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6 Pointes plan new attack on ai rport issue Pomte foes of the DetrOt Cty rpolt expam,ion now are glrdmg ru.osse fol a new ashau!t on the $501 ml-!jon project that many Pomters fear will damage the quahty of lfe m their communty f t S cm ned out Encour<lged by the findmgs of the first Bm 111e\ eport, the Glohse Pomtes-Harper Woods Alrpolt Study Commttee last week ploposed that the mvolved Cities contnbute up to $ to hne up new ammumton to kjil the project f possble MO'e hpeclfically, the recommendaton \\ as that the mvolved ctes retam TranspOl tatlon Secretary James Burnley V, the tepm t's author, and addtional experts to gather more evdence and thus buttress thell' case agamst the arport expanson pla.n Thuo;; far. foul' of the five Pomtes and Harper Woods have approved the commttee's recommendation, subject, however, to the negotation of an equtable formula for the sharmg of the addtional costs by the. Pomtes and other commumtes involved m the battle agamst the arport expanson. The new funds would permt the hmng of envronmental and aeronautcs experts to find "areas where facts are l1correctly stated 01' stated m such a way as to be msinterpreted" by the people wth whom they are filed. Burnley then would use ths mformatlon to prepare a 'ebuttal to DetrOt's master plan and to try to persuade federal agences to reject the project True, the Sze of the proposed opposton fund S formdable Howevet, wth the cards apparently stacked m favor of the expanson by Vrtue of the mpled state and federal support for t, surely the Pomtes and the other protestmg commumtes would be Justfied m ths mvestment to protect themselves agamst t n hs first report, Burnley had made the major pomt that DetrOt S over-optimstc m expectmg to receive some $342 11l1lhon 111 Federal A\'at!on Adnul1lstl at10n g1 ant::. to finance the project He Cted the fact that the FAA's largest grant has been $351 mllon for Denver's new $2 blhon arport and the FAA had pronllsed only $185 mllon for the $1 bllon expanson of the Detroit Metro Arport. n that connecton, Councilman James Robson of the Park has urged Pointers to support the expansion of Metro airport m order to lessen pressure for the completon of the master plan for the DetrOt Cty Airport HS pomt S that f Metro's $100 mllhon bond leferendum S defeated in November, avaton officalh mght look more favorably at expanson of DetrOt Cty Au'port in order to lessen Metro's traffic load Many objectons to the Metro expanson rest on the mcreased nose WhChbegan aftel November 1989 when the FAA changed fhght patterns, forcing steeper take ofl's and more rcsultmg nose. But Wayne County officals say the FAA has agreed to re evaluate last year's changes 111 flight patterns, which were made, m part at least, to answer complalllt::. [10m Wll1dsor resdents about the mcreased nose from an mcreasmg of flghts. number Wayne County Executive Edward H. McNamara recently told a congressonal subcommttee that the county S nearmg completon of a plan to limt arplane nose and urged the subcommttee to wrte federal arport nose gmdelmes to protect lesidents natlonwlde. The contrast between the attitude of Wayne County toward critics of the Metropolitan Airport expanslon and the attitude of the city of Detroit toward cdtics of the Detroit City Airport expansion is startling. McNamara obvously pays attention to citizen complaints and seeks to do something about them. Mayor Coleman Young and his cohorts ignore and play down criticism and do little or nothing to answer complaints. Robson's contention that the Pointes could help prevent expansion of Detroit City Airport by suppmting expansion of Metro Airport is similar to the NMBY (not m my back yard) argument against many community developments, but it does seem to be pertment in this connection Surely local resdents do have the right to protest agamst and, if possible, even block developments that they fear will damage their property values or the qual- ty of hfe in their community. f a more dstant development spares them from that mconvemence, surely they also have the right to say so. To date, t appears that the protestors agamst the nose they fear at an expanded Metro airport are given a serious hearmg whle cntics of the noise and safety factors at DetrOt City Arport are apparently ignored. That factor also should affect Pointers' opimons Wth respect to the two developments. Vol. 51, No. 42, October 18,1990, Page 6A Robert G. Edgar Publisher Robert B. Edgar Founder and Publsher ( ) Pubboh.d wkly b) Ant«bo Pubh... n 96 KcTchcnl A \'e. Grosse P01tUt Farm!, M 481.J6 EDTORAL 882.{)294 Pat Pahosc), Ed,or John H.,\1mnis, AssJsWlt!:dJ'or Margie Rems South, Feature!'<Ltor Rob Fulton, Sports Edtor Wilbur lliton, EdHonaJ Consultant Ronald]. Bernas, StaffWn",r Arloe Hudkins]r, Edlto",] Canoemst Darucl,~]an,s, Staff\\ nrer George F Lathrop, ('..op) Einor Rosh Sill... Photographer CL-\5S1HED ~~~obp':,b'j:her and o""fi.d M.mger Arm. Mulli.nn Sil,.., '\sslstant \Un.ger ldoboucr SltJrlC) Cheek SuePapeun Shcm Stdzer JuheTobm hm Vdordo DlSPA Y ADVERTSfl,'G Roger luges, Adv,rtlSlng M2n'ger ] Benlonun Gwffre, &slst2lltad""rtlslng hun'ger Peter]. Bulmer, Ad""rl1Sl1g R.epresenoove Oms nebs, Ad""rtlSllg R.epresenoove Kun \1 Kozlo.. so, As.s1sWlt to the Ad""rnsmg M:uuger Kathleen M Ste''CnSOO, Ad""rtlSllg Represc:noove CRCUATON Deboroh Placke, Man.g.r CREA 1lVE SERVlU-S AND PRODUCTON M.L. Volemic-lickteig, Mzn'8'" Renee Gtawn, A35oc:lote Manzger, An Coordutanon and Promooon Robert Gf'eUle, A35oc:lote Manzger Sys"'tns 2Jld Producn on ' BobCoe Valerie Encheff Diane Moren. TonySdupani.eThe M... bum.chl"'pnoo " PUTapper Audit AuocJ&tJanltldNuJonaJ Bureau Nt1"ppe:r~tJOn Engler's hopes growing dim With less than three weeks left m For example, the governor, refelting to the campaign, state Sen. John the debt-reducton CrSS m Washmgton, Engler S facmg a dfficult task m sad that "f the federal government had overcommg Gov. James Blanchard's lead made the tough decsions we made seven m the race for governor. years ago, t wouldn't be m the shape it S Engler suffered another blow over the m today." weekend when Helen Mlliken, wife of He neglected to add that the state under Mchgan's last Republcan governor, an,, ts Constitution S not permltte~ to run d«:fnounced she had endorsed Blanchard's re ts at allj' Nor t d 'he menton that n electon because of the "enormous mpor- some respects, notably ts unemployment tance" of hs pro choce stand on aborton rate, Michgan S n worse shape than the An Engle! spokesman attempted to play federal government. down the endorsement by clammg the For hs part, Engler Sad that Mchigan GOP nomnee has substantal support from S one of only a few states losmg populaother pro-choce Republcans as well as 110n in the last decade and yet its governant-aborton Democrats But Mrs. Mll- ment spendmg went up 68 percent, or 40 ken's action was a remmder to women vot- percent above nflaton ers of Engler's postion and hs choce of a This statement, too, is dlstoted unless pro-lfe runnmg mate the canddate also reports how Michigan n another bad news blow, Engler compares Wth other states m spending learned just before hs first debate Wth the and explains that many mcreases m state governor on Oct 6 that the DetrOt News expenditures were caused by a cut n fedpoll that was publshed Oct 7 would show l al aid under a GOP presdent. Blanchard ahead by 26 points as compared As far as the overall results of the first Wth the governor's 12-pomt margm m an debate were concerned, however, we early September News poll. thought that Engler had the better of it Two polls by the DetrOt Free Press had Wth his contention that the major issue S slghtly smaller leads for Blanchard, how- the future of Michgan and his promse ever One had reported Blanchard Wth a that he would have an 83-county perspec- 12-pomt lead just before the August pri- t1ve and not let "the LanSng-DetrOt axs" mary and the other put the governor dommate his thinking. ahead by a 13-p01l1tlead on Sept 27. As for the second debate Monday mght, Despte the bad news, Engler S credted t was just more of the same with charges, by DetrOt News poltcal wnter George countercharges, exaggeratlons and sharp Weeks Wth havmg had "a slight edge" m exchanges that led to no clear-cut declslon hs first debate Wth Blanchard Even though hs hopes now must be dlm- Our 0\\ n notes mdlcate that both cand- mmg, Engler knows that m poh11cs as m dates made frequent clams and charges m baseball, t's never over tll it's over. But that first debate that m our opmlon were the tme for Engler to catch up S surely not completely Justfied. growing short. A Bush-Hoover AParaPhrase of an old say1l1g, Hell hath no fill}' like a conservatve scorned. appears to be appropriate to descnbe some of the ant-bush reacton these days True, -a good many people aside from con"en-atlve" dl'3o find t dfficult to under-..,tand ju..,t \\ here the presdent stands, and \\ hv. on the momentous defict-reducton package no\\ before Congress But three tmes m recent days, m pubh catons rang1l1g from the DetrOt News to the New York Times, \ve've read conservative opnons campa! mg Bush Wth Her oe1't Hoover, whom Democrats hke to call the archtect of the Great DeprpsslOn But the opmlons come from people normally <;upportmg Bush, except that they're nm\..,aymg that hi" economc policies, a" expre""ed m the ongmal defict reducton package he endorsed, would, like Hoover'" tax and tarff pohces, help hnng on a de pre"sod The truth S, of course, that the hgher taxes proposed m the defict-reducton package would no doubt reduce demand Just at a tme when the economy S slow comparison? mg down into a recessonm many Palts of the country. But most economsts we've read stll think debt reducton S essental, and should mclude some tax hikes as well as further cuts m domestic spendmg, because of the enormous cost of paymg the interest on the debt WhCh, m fact, soon Wll become the biggest smgle tem m the federal budget But to some conservatves, and especally ultraconserva11ves, any effort to reduce the defict m part by ralsmg taxes S wrong and therefore George Bush becomes a president to pillory and scorn as another Herbert Hoover. True, Bush's poston on the tax ssue has shfted so many tmes m recent days, t's difficult to know where he stands at the moment So maybe the ultraconservatves have frightened hm mto buymg ther me, wrong as we thmk t S But f they don't support George Bush, where Wll these conservatves go m 1992? To help the ambtous Rep Newt Gmgrlch of Georga who sparked the House revolt agamst the deficit reducton deal backed by the president? Don't be ridculous, i Recommended To the Editor: Get thee to a hbl aly The Glo,;se POinte audovsual department ha" a Video of. Roger & Me" See t t's 1," eat' AJso look up "Notes on Oll! patl'larchal state' n the Aug 27/Sept :3, 1990 ssue of The NatOn maga71ne Gme Vdal wrote t - recom. mendatlon enough John Conley Three Mile Drive nteresting To the Editor:,1m \\phng 111 leg.t1c!to.john ~vhnl''' al11c1e.tbout the hl"t01) 111 on Sept 1'3 Glos"e Pomte J <1m 15 vem" of age and h:l\ l' 11\pd m GO<;"CPomte 111\ \\ hojf' hfe ha\ l' 1]('\'el kno\\n too much ahout the hl"tmv of GlOs"e Pomte M\ hou"l' 1"11 t too fm fl0m thp dl"co\('j\ about tlw "tleet (< tl,lck". <lnelj h,hno dpa,111\ "uel, t 111.g hnd P\ (' p\. j"tcd find thl<'\el\ mlplc"tmg,bout uneo\ elll1g, p,u1 of M"t hl<;to\ 1\" " child gu)\\ mg lip W\ () \\ a.., 111 fmmed about how ths Cty came to be what t Stoday All of ths mformatlon S new to me would lke to ead more about the hstol}' of OUi community J thmk t would be a good dea to start having a small..,ectlonm the papel (f only a palagraph 01 t\\ 0) lettmg eddel5 know some of the facth about GOSsePomte hope to ead more about OU' community's histol}' m the future t wlll be appre Clated by the younger genelatlon Stephanie Bridge Grosse Pointe Park More letters on page 8A Night'ights To the Editor: am wlltml{ n regard to the db<;enceof a ghtmg '>y'i lpm at Gros<;ePomte South Wlthout hghts, the football gdmc" must be played on Satlll day,;. not Fnday mghts hke many of the school" There S a need fo! a new, good hghtzng system at South so football games may be played on Frday nights There are many people who enjoy watchmg both hgh school and college foot. ball games A COnflctanses when the varsty team S playmg on Saturday, the same time a" most colleges With a lghtmg system, the games could be on Frday mghts and sports fans could \\ atch both levels There are many dtsruptve thmgs that Juvemles do on Fllday nights f our local hgh school football team was havmg a game, they may choose to attend and stay out of tl ouble Also, the varsty team \\ auld not be the only football team usmg the faclhty The fre,;hman squad could play on Wedne"day nights and the JUnlOl varsity could compete on Thursday mghts A hghtmg system for GroS'lC POnte South's foothall field S a must for the '>Choolt would have only a postve mfluence on our commumty Chad S. Hepner Grosse Pointe Farms....-,.-~ -

7 The old days on the lakes Recent shipping dsasters such as the fire aboard the gasohne tanker Jupter and the Sinking of the ll-fated EdmWld Fitzgerald both serve as remmders that while safety of shippmg on the Great Lakes has vastly mproved o~er that of the prevous century, there are stll no guarantees The Jupiter, owned by Cleveland Tankers, gnted in the Sagmaw River after the passmg vessel Buffalo created a large wake which snapped ts fuel m. take hnes. The Edmund Fitzgerald sank mto the deep CYwaters of Lake Superior, takmg With it a crew of 29, after huge waves cracked the vessel apart, separatmg the fore and aft portions of the ship Even with these disasters, shipping m the 20th century S safer and better regulated now than in its earlier days. During the season of 1871, Just six years after the assassina. tion of PreSident Abraham Lm. con, more than 1,165 shpping disasters were reported on the Great Lakes n the penod surrounding America's Civl War, most Great Lakes schooners and steamers were constructed entirely of wood, carried few lifeboats, had Vrtually no fire protection equlpment and lacked navgational hghtmg now requred for night travel Many dsasters resulted from fires or mghttme collisons be. tween vessels. Hgh death tolls among crews and passengers were common One such dsaster, as related by author Dana Thomas Bowen m his book, "Shipwrecks of the Lakes," was that of the elegant passenger steamer Lady Elgn m 1860 n the dark early mornmg hours of Sept 8, Lady Elgn was steammg from Chicago toward Mlwaukee carrymg 300 members of the Union Guards, their friends, some 50 other passen gers and a crew of 45. The ship was about 10 mles off shore near what is now Lake Forest, m, when out of the darkness appeared the sharp prow of the heavly loaded freight Dan Jarvis schooner Augustus of Oswego, under full sail. The force of the mpact drove the schooner's prow deep into the passenger ship's port side After the crash, the schooner, which carried no lights, was swept away from the scene by a SWift wmd and made no attempt to come about Aboard the ll-fated Lady Egm, crewmen and passengers pamcked as the huge ship qulckly took on water Cattle were pushed overboard to hghten the load, but to no avail. The captain steamed for shore, but soon the cold waters rushed mto the bolers and the engines were rendered useless. As the vessel settled deeper nto the fngd waters of Lake MChigan, pasengers were swept away by huge waves and withm 30 mmutes, the once elegant Lady Elgn began her final plunge mto the deep, black waters Records show that mall, 297 persons penshed m the dsaster. Another total loss on the lakes occurred 10 years earher with the burmng of the steamer G.P. Grffith m A passenger ship, the Grffith carried some 325 mmigrants from England, reland and Germany. After arriving on Amerca's east coast aboard ocean.going passenger liners, immigrants lined the steamboat docks at Buffalo, NY, seekmg destma. tons m the Great Lakes region. After the G.P. Griffith was loaded Wth entre famihes carrymg their life savings and worldly possessons, t headed westward into Lake Erie toward ts eventual goal of ChCago. But after only 150 mdes, a mate reported smoke commg from the steamer's luggage and freight hold Because the ship was only five miles north of the OhO shore- me, the captain lnllnedlately ordered the vessel toward land Although attempts were made to fight the fire, the hold was packed Wth freight and soon flames were leapmg from below The captain of the G P. Gnf fith was m a desperate race for shore with the frre gammg growld by the mmute Sadly, he and the majonty of his passengers lost that race for safety. By the time the vessel was within three miles of the OhO shore, the flames had leaped to the mam deck The sleepmg pas. sengers were awakened from ther berths and many crowded into protective corners on deck to avoid the increasmg heat and flames When the flammg ship reached a pomt only one-half mle from shore, the heavily loaded steamer, Sitting low m the water, hit a sandbar, which kept the ship from reachmg shore Soon after, flames enveloped the entire ship Only about 30 passengers out of the orignal 297 survived, With many of the dead washmg up on shore By August 1859, the United States Congress passed a set of navigaton laws requiring hull and boiler mspectlons as well as other safety measures Today lake freighters benefit from a host of safety nstruments and regulations whch have saved numerous lives Captams can pmpomt their ship's locaton, the locaton of other vessels, the water's depth and wmd conditons. Ship masters of today also have accurate weather nformaton to gauge storms Modern admralty law requres a host of frre protecton equlpment as well as lifesavmg gear for all persons on board a vessel Even Wth the mprovements, shippmg on the Great Lakes reo mams a dangerous calhng for those who harken to the sea's Sren call As Well:>the ca:>e With the Ed mund Fitzgerald and ts crew of 29, modern safety and commumcaton mstruments cannot always save a vessel when nature turns aganst man and machine, Page 7A, > Marge Reins Smith 0\1, \1 WON'T BE CMJ...f\~ LONG AS WE DOt(\ MVE 10 F\DOPT 1t\E\R l\fe~t{les. Treasures await serious bookie By Nancy Parmenter Special Wnter Sssshhh! That soft murmurmg you hear is the sound of bookworms browsmg. The sound of profound concentration. t's Thursday afternoon at the AAUW used book sale, one of the slow days. Enough book lovers have gathered to bump mto each other m the aisles, exchangmg friendly gnns - Just so long as you don't grab the book wanted! t's so quiet that Kay Kirby doesn't have to raise her voice to annowlce the afternoon's "blue lght special," a bargain m paperback romances But the an. nouncement doesn't cause even a ripple; these bookes are serious types. Table upon table S arrayed m the hall, Wth cardboard boxes underneath - qulte possbly the source of Wldlscovered treasure A collector could find darn near everything John P. Mar. quand ever wrote Ah, remember "B.F 's Daughter." For nostalgia's sake, 'm tempted to pick them up But reason rules; 've read them all. Wait a mmute - here's "The SoWld and the Fury" m exactly the same edition that's missmg from my bookcase even open the flyleaf to see f my name S m it (t sn't) drop t in my box, even thongh 've read ths one too Serendipity reigns in spite of the book committee's best efforts Browse through the biographies and happen upon "Nuclear War What t Cnn Do For You" (hmmm) 01 "ErotC Somethng. or-other" (hhhmmmmm) or "Earthworms" ( take that one) Here's one with an inscription: To Linda, from Eddie, Christmas And a sad addendum: Just three weeks after Christmas, Edde died. What a poignant, tantalzing peek nto someone's life! Who are Eddie and Linda? A few days later and a couple of chapters nto the book, it really isn't very good - an anthropomorphic view of backyard brrds - but keep reading. Knd of a tnbute to Eddie Books can connect people that way Booklovers can't resist books any more than candy-hohes can walk past a fudge shop And they can't throw them away, ether. So the book barrels ended up Wth a bunch of books that might be good for somebody (though one wonders who) - like textbooks from long-gone college days hate to be the bearer of bad news, but some of that stuff ended up m the trash anyway "Booklovers hate to throw books away, but they'll let us do t," said Carolyn Sullivan, who spent hours and days of her sum. mer lfe sortmg through ples of hterature and Junk as co-chair of the marking commttee. On the other hand, you can't assume that old books aren't worth anything Sulhvan has found that out "Some old books are worth more than new ones, and if you're a collector in a certam area and find a book that's out of print, you take it now, because you can't go out and pck t up tomorrow" So bookies spend hours Sitting on the floor if they have to, look. mg at all the titles, riskinr' ter- '. '0 minal myopia, and gong away Wth enough books to open a store. Or one book One buyer was so excited at an art book she had fowld,she told Sulhvan she was going to gve t to her son for Chrstmas But then, her husband piped up plaintively, "Why don't you gve it to me?" When my grandmothers died, took all the books could carry. A shelf full of Sir Walter Scott m matching fake red leather, Wth real gilt edges Assorted pre-world War fiction, some classies, a lot of history One of my grandmothers, a truly serious reader who educated herself widely, loved to underline and notate her books. Now, after almost 20 years, her personality shmes out at me agan as read her books Not long ago, was readmg her copy of Catherine Dnnker Bowen's "Adventures of a BOgrapher " Beside a paragraph on the correct pronunciation of John "Quinzy" Adams' name was scrawled " learned this from N aney." The intervemng years rolled away for Just a second when read that. n a fit of cleanmg one day, decided to get nd of all the hooks 'd probably nevpr read. took 'em all to a church rummage sale and gloned briefly in my orgamzed shelves Then went to a neighborhood garage sale with a big book table BrOWSngthrough, discovered some with my grandmoth. er's name on the leaf. By heaven, t seemed a hard, cold fate for Grandma's beloved books to be dsplayed at some strang. er's sale. bought them all back Mchigan Humane Society shelter and at all three Johnstone & Boo whos, whats Johnstone Realty offices For and whens more nformation, call Halloween is less than two or weeks away. Here are some Haunted car wash As part charity scares. of its one year anniversary celebration, the Colomal Car Wash, A Spooky Maze. ThS event S sponsored by St John-Bon Secours Semor Commumty. For $2, will wash your car and provde Nme Mile, Farmington, you'll get a hay nde, cider, some scary fun as well Proceeds doughnuts and access to a maze Wll go to the Amencan Cancer whch was deslgned by Todd Society for contmumg research, Wise, drector of laundry at the educatu>n and servloe for those semor commumty t's all wheel. who suffer from cancer. char accessble, too Price is $4 on Oct 27 and 28, The scary stuff will take place from 9 a m to 9 p m n case of at East Warren on Friday and Saturday, Oct 26 and 27, from 6 to 9 p m Call , ext 1009, for more information The Zoo Boo. This one takes place at the DetrOit Zoo on Saturday, Oct. 27, through Wednesday, Oct. 31, from 6 to 9 p.m t's designed as a fun-filled, safe alternatve to neghborhood trickor-treating Children under age 12 Wll get coupons redeemable for treats at eight statons along the Halloween Trail. n addition, there will be hundreds of carved pumpkins, characters from children's books, a Zoo Boo pumpkin patch, and a hve illuson show performed five tmes each mght Advance tickets are $2. Chldren under 2 are free. Tckets may be purchased at the zoo tcket office daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mal! orders should m- clude check or money order, selfaddressed, stamped envelope and three alternate dates Send to Zoo Boo, POBox 39, Royal Oak, Tckets are limited f space S aval!able, tckets may be sold on the mght of the event for $3 Zoo Boo S sponsored by WJBK-TV, the DetrOt ZoolOgical Socety, Ehas Brothers, ComprehenSive Health Services of DetrOt, the Fred Slber Co., Mattel Toys and M&M Mars For nformaton, call Halloween CollectOn for the Ammals The Michigan Humane Socety S holding ts sixth an. nual Halloween fundraiser on Halloween mght Tnck or trea. ters may ask for donatons m- stead of the usual treats or candy, and proceeds Wll be used to help fund the Michgan Humane Society's Cruelty nvestgaton DVSOn Camsters are aval!able at any Cars stolen A 1986 Pontac Sunblrd SE was stolen from the block of Mack m Grosse Pointe City durmg the early morning hours Oct 15 n Grosse POnte Park, a 1983 Chevrolet Cavaher m the 1300 block of Beaconsfield and a 1991 Ford m the 1300 block of Bal. four were taken sometime over. mght Oct 6. Roses and Romance go together. On Sweetest Day, October 20th, give her one dozen Roses for only $ Delivery in the Detroit area is available for an additional charge. Call today: Three location. to.erve you: 9830 Conner, Detroit. 1200S Morang, Detroit MlUk, Grosse Pointe A mrjor urdu CArdsQrup"d. ram, try Oct 29 and 30. For informaton, call Winter fun The Neighborhood club S acceptmg regstrations for two of ts most popular fall and winter chldren's sports leagues: basketball and mdoor soccer. Boys and grls n grades K through 4 are ehgble The flrst practce" Wll be held on Saturday, Nov 1.1 Regw;tratlOn dead- me S 4'30 pm, Monday, Oct 22 Call for more mfor. maton SWEETEST DAY THRLL HER WTH A DOZEN ROSES ~~~ ~ $22.95 (Not T.l"ll"phool) \ PARK rq~.~ " \. Serving over 40 Years ln... ', ~ AA. ftl~ ro,., ""',.. _.....~ _.OL _

8 _8A L~ Devil To the Editor: am wl'ltmg m regal d to the lack of the Blue Devil mslgma on GOsse Pomte South's football field pi e~s box Ths S an dea that many have had and 1\ a" once followed thlough 011, but the absence of the,ej.m logo S absurd, and his pi es ence would g eatly enhance the look of the field The devl1 should be pamted on the Fishel' Sde of the box, pel haps With a cap tlon ploclalmmg the footbdll program's tladltlonal succe~::. and all of their champion shp seasons That plalll, whte pi essbox!s m dll e need of a pamt Job and dn l1tlmldatlllg South Blm' DeVl ThS symbol would mtlllli date the busloads of players that pull mto the parkmg lot on Wednesdays. Thursdays and SatUi days, lettmg them know that they are about to face a tremendous football po\\el The Devil would stare do\\ n at them relent lessly, and they would glance at the proclamaton of success m the Eastern MiChl gan League, and know they are m for a hard game They also would see what p de South has m ts progl'am. and how deep rooted m tadl tlon the progl am eally S and With a recold as good a::. South's was m the EM L no South student could look at the Devil shamefacedly The g eat Blue Devl would greatly upgl'ade the looks of the now somewhat drab stale pressbox, along With the field Passel sby would recognize t as Grosse Pomte South's field, and f they didn't already know, they \vould learn that they are perenmal football powel S m the area The proposed symbol would give the foot ball facilities a look of professonalism and would lesemble the stadums of some colleges Lastly ths Dev1 would g1ve the students and pla\ el::' of the hlgh school a gl eat sense of pi de A glance at thell mascot would emmd the playej s of thell e'\pected sucee", and a10;0 that the, 31 e pla\'lng 1\ jih "Blue DeVil pllde" The de'iu e nstljjed n them could give them the extra edge m any game All m all, the field and the pressbox greatly need this Devil The condltlons of t now are mcredlbly pi am a<; S the field The athletic de partment at South and the people at Cty Hall should look at ths as a way to en hance not only the field, but Grosse POll1te South tself thmk t's tme to look at ths senously and to leahze that t S gl eatly needed Bill Gough Grosse Pointe Farms Soccer To the Editor: Soccer as a sport S o\'el looked at South Hgh School and the commumty t 1<; neglected by the ne\\ spa pel. the athletc department and the school Soccer S a SPOlt on the nse, but Wthout the help of others. t w1l1 always be downgraded Wthout the hype of the newspaper, no one Wll kno\\ what S happemng m the soccel StuatOn f the paper could Wlte altlcles about the big games and lvaines more, people would know and want to come cheer ther team on Also they could mprove on the article.., before the sea<;()n analyzmg the team, how thev might do, who to watch and the strengths These little thmg<; would help South soccer 11 the biggest wa" possble Soccer ha" also been neg lected by the trammg depart ment t does not receve the proper fir<;t ad c;upphec; and f t doe" t S m bmlted amounts Soccer Je; not "up plied With a tramel 01 an) kmd of help f njunes well' to occur dunnl{ game<; South soccer 1<; hultng lght no\\ because of the amount of m Junes occurring and the ah sen<;e of a trame' The school hac; al"o cau"cd ts problems n the pl0l-,rram Wth the ab<;ence of a "oceel field at South the <;OCCP team must play at Bal ne" which 1<;only a couple hlocks, \\,1\ h om NOth Till'; hm h till' l.11'> to onl\ the one'> 1\ ho h,n e tl,llhpoi t.lt1on <llld till' \\ to go The..,t<lndb,t till' fil'ld,lie.' e"" lhan <lol' qu,lte A1..,0lll'l1g,m d\ h om Soull1. \E.' h,1\e no lockel'> 01 loonh to 1\,tch filllh 01 e\ en h,h', ch,llk t,llk The '>Olcel pi 01,'1 dnl h.11'>0out oj molll'\.l!tel h,n lllg to hm tlw godl po'hh to tl1l'l fido The '>Oelel pi 01-,'1,lln ", "econo,ll\ "poit to looth,dl but 1\ th till' 11l'lp of the pa pel tl d1l1l'" dnd "choo\' "Ol eel LOuld bl', bg "poi t With, ttll> l'cognltloll tlw,ttpnod ll'c' \\ ould go up,me! tw k,lll 1\ ould llllpl 0\ (' Mike Ht"'11 G.o...e Pointl' Cit) Joy To the EditOl" \\oulo lht hhl' to l''\pll''''' 111\ feeling.., of h,lppl11e"",llld JO\ to le<lln th,lt Glo""e POinte Wood.., beg,ln c b"loe 1 ec\'cllng Thl" del bllllg" u" one..,tep e!o"l'1to..,<1\ 1l1g OU ::,10\\1\ detl'llol,lt l1g l'n\ 11on ment Hopeful" t he p"t of the P01l1te" \\.,oon follo\1 111 thl'" helpful ano he,lltl1\ 1110\ en1l'nt t(m, d" OU pi e COU'>l'nl 11 onl11ent NCole Km G'o,,~e Pointe Wood!> Expansion To the Editor: n youl July 12 ssue, you so kmdly published my let tel' covenng the responses receved from Val OUSespon Sible state and federal offi Cias m the mattel of our ohlectlons to DetlOit City Arport expanson, whch we mailed Api'll 3 Your Aug 16 ssue con tamed OUl' feelmgs about the Michgan Department of TransportatOn repoit titled "Value of DetrOt Cty An port to the Gl'eatel DetrOlt Area" ThS Wll plobably be the last tlme we'll bother you, because we are begmnmg to get the feehng, leal 01 lmag med, that people are too busy to make known then' thoughts concermng the real value of hfe 111 the northpast subui bs At any rate, here's a copy of the lettel we sent to U S Sen Donald W Riegle Jr m response to us Oct 4 response to our letter of Api'll 3 Thel e would seem to be no eason to repeat hs let tel, because OU response 1S based upon t, ts nature can be eaddy asccltamed We'll' begmnmg to wonder f Wayne County govern ment feels the same about ths mattel as do ow. nolth. ('ast commumtles Also, we wonder f Macomb County govel nment feels the same do, doe!> W dl1 en s some thmg bemg ovellooked? Charles F. Loeher Grosse Pointe Woods Dear Sen, Riegle: Thank you for yow Oct 4 1esponse to our letter of Api'll 3 m which we e quested you to express oppo sltlon to expanson of DetrOit City An-POlt Thank you for bemg mterested m our opmlons on this controversal mattel We legret that Congress man Hertel's H R 4338 contmues to he dormant Wth the House Subcommttee on AViatOn and that no complementary resoluton has been mtroduced into the Senate Perhaps such acton would be taken soon Pel haps federal-level acton could be taken to stmulate the reversal of the Mch. gan Legslature's demal to Warren voters of the veto power over DCA expansion Pel haps the matter should be evlewed because voters from many more areas, also, would hke such veto power "Enhancmg the local economy of Macomb County" should also mclude respect for the resdents of Warren, whch S located wlthm Macomb County, as well as northeast Wayne County Dsplacement or dsrupton of local homes and busnesses, ever-ncreasmg un- \\ anted nose, pohutlon and safety for all of us m the DANE M. HATHAWAY Probate for Court ASSistantProsecutor Chief of Drug Forfeitures Wife, Mother, Two Children Paid for By Committee 10Elect Diane M Hathaway 2828 DaVid Stott Bldg Detroll M densely populated suburbs in close proximty; and concern for lessened quality of life are not the only concerns for many of us - mportant as they are The step-by-step gradual l1crease m the number of flghts smce DCA's first ex panslon - whch, mclden tally, we call "the psychology of easmg mto the ultimate objectve," - attempted to make people 111 our area feel secure 111 the belief that there wouldn't be anythmg to be concerned about Then Warren objects to the factors you menton, for good cause. Then Wmdsor objects, makmg certam that flght paths avod that City, aga1l1 for good cause. Then, Wth more arrvals and departures and more davs of flghts, the flght paths start takmg advantage of the five Grosse Pomtes and Harper Woods When multjplymg the present flghts by a factor that estabhshes an arrival and takeoff every four mmutes, we reahze that attempts are bemg made to ignore the wishes of a great many pe0- ple Perhaps the powers to be figure that a hgh percentage of us who are opposed are semor CtZens who are "on the way out" anyway and whose wishes no longer matter. n recent years t's been a genume pleasure to witness the number of young families moving into our areas for the same reasons as dd ther parents W1l1 ths pleasurable phenomenon contmue Wth an expanded DCA? What we're saying is ths: "The very moment that the expanded DCA's traffic S mcreased, several thousand residences n Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe City, Grosse Pointe Farms, Grosse Pomte Shores, Grosse Pointe Woods, Harpers Woods, Warren and others, Wll deprecate in marketa. blty due to plummetmg With most thmgs, there is usually some kind of catch. But not so With our FirstRate Fund'" which lets individual investors earn a' great rate without tying up their principal. Earn 8 Percent Open a new FmtRate Fund~' and earn mterest at an annual rate of 8 percent from now until Decem ber 31, D After that, t's tied to the highly competitive 91-day Treasury Bill rate All it takes Sa $10,000 depost ta start. And you can add to t, whenever yau like Also, your bank deposits are valuation and desrablity The entire character of the areas wll change from what we worked to achieve to somethmg we don't want.. Recent sw'veys of retired senlol ctizens m our areas revealed that near 90 per cent prefer to contmue to hve m thelr present homes But then, that was befoi e the first expanson of DCA t then becomes likely that those of us who could affold t would take a financal loss and move out of the area Those of us who couldn't af ford to move away would eternally regret that we didn't take steps to prevent DCA expanson Small busl nesses dependmg upon resl dental types of evenue would lose also THE FBER GROUP Twelfth Annual Exhibition October 11 - October 21 Handmade - One-of-a-kind Home & Fashion Accessories SOMERSET MALL There should be no need to expand DCA Metro Arport and Wllow Run should become the nucleus for a e. glonal format of airport'! DCA, as a large, expanded faclhty S too near to Metro Airport and would degrade and eventually cause many deal communities to dlsap pear A large tax base would be eroded Thank you for closely ljuultonng the StuatOn We urge your OppoStOn to DCA expanson as a part of your commitment to look out for the best mtel ests of the Mchigan ctzens of the five Grosse Pomtes, Harper Woods Warren, etc Charles F. Loeher Grace C. Loeher Grosse Pointe Woods W Big Beaver Road at Coolidge, Troy Sun 12-5 J Monday Thursday Friday 10 9 Other Days.:::'~ ~:~~fth Avenur open Mon j 1~9, T'S SOLD AND LQUD AT THE SAME TME. FDC nsured for up to $100,000, n short, you have nothing to lose A lot to gain S?lid. And Liquid, Too. Unhke some other investments F.rstRate lets you get to your ~oney, Without paying a penalty, j Just drop us a me. Seven days later you'll have your money. ' So what are you waiting for? Open a FtrstRate Fund;' today. Stop n or call us toll free at far d~talls.the 8 percenl annual rate apphe~ only to. r f\tratl um!' acu1llnt~opened hclween Octohc 1 and De~em1xr ll r ( FRSfOFAMUlo\. First of America Bank. Southeas' Michigan, M.A. \1rml"" f /)/( f._" -- 1

9 Nt.W4 State lawmakers to honor retiring Judge Schneider By Dan Jarvis Slaff Wrller Woods MUnicipal Judge Patn Cia Schneider, who lecently an nounced she will etu e by the first of the year, will soon JOn the mpressive list of MlChlgan judges honored by the state Leg slature Schneider will soon become the recipient and the subject of a jomt lesolutlon adopted by both the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives, accordmg to state Sen John F Kelly Kelly said the lesolutlon will be adopted by the Leb'1~lature m mld-novembel and Will honor Schneider and hel caleer as a dedicated pubhc servant "People have to understand that this type of public Sel'vlce S tl uly for the benefit of the com mumty," Kelly balll "Many the Judicial branch are greatly compensated financially Scheider, as a mumclpal Judge, nevel was "Her service on the bench shows her dedicaton to the preservation of the lifestyle we have m the Pomtes She has a softspoken style and a tough enforcement of the law "She's done a great job and has the grattude of the entire commumty" Raphael lecture postponed The paintings of "The Divine Raphael" will be the lecture subject of Part 2 of Visions of the Divine presented by Michael Farrell at the War Memorial. The Raphael lecture was scheduled for Oct. 15, but has been moved to Monday, Oct. 22, from 7:30 to 9 p.m. The lecture is $12.50 a person. The slide-illustrated miniseries will examine Raphael's life and his talian Renaissance art, including some of the sweetest images of Mary in religious art. For more information, call Learn script Pat Potter will teach "Modified Old English Script" on Tuesday, October 23 and 30, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.rn. at the War Memorial. Class fee is $14 for two sessions. Bring a calligraphy pen, several different nibs, a pen or pencil and tracing paper. Advanced registration is suggested. For more information, call Drunk burglar apprehended Patricia Schneider When a Senate concullcllt e" olutlon hononng one'!> Cdleel " proposed, an elected official col lects data on the person and t '> passed along to the Leglslatl\ e Service BUleau which put'> the pi oposal mto wntten folm The document '> then slgneu by t,> "ponc;o, 111 thlb ca'>e Send toi Kelly t '> then asblgned a J e'>olutlol1 number dnd redd to till' c;llte Senate, whose mem bel" vote on t- ddoptlon The plopo..,eu lc"olutlon '>call ulllcntly (Md 111 to the Mlclll g,\11 Hou"e of Repl (',>entatl ve'> \\ ho"e membl'l'" dl..,o vote foj t,> '\doptlon Aftel adopton by both legl~ld tlvt' bodlc", the leholutlon " Jllll1ted 111 the Sendtc and HOll..,e 10U Jl..Jl"..lld wwmes Pdl t of ~hthl!,;.l1'" pel m.ment legl"latjve elo! d t "u)\\" thdt the pel 'ion wa'> elognlled <llld hono! ed b) Mlch g,l1'" top legl"ldtolo., and the e" OlllllOl bllome" p,lt of Olll "dle.., hl"o! ~ fo! all time," hell; "'dd The ded foi a LOrnbll1ed Sen dte Hou..,e eo.,olutlon wab pi 0 po"ed b) Fal m'> Counclwolllan Gall Kae"", who "did Schneldel lchly de"el ve" the offilldl honol 'Pal Schneluel ha", been 111 the folell Ollt o( commlll1lty lead el" pi e'>entlllg 1novatl ve ded'>..llld, \\ellle'ipected the 'i 1 tl t :;J) J j t i '11 LOllllllunlty," Kaeb'> '>dld "She \Va,> one of the fil,>t women Judge" ) thl'> U ed and '>he J be "duly ml'>'>ed by dll "With d keen em, "ll"" li" tened to people'b wnwln" dnd hol.., done dn out,>tdndlllg Job on the benlh ' K.le..,,, '>dld Schneldel fll' quentl) met dnd J"tened to elel ted \\ omen on Jo(..d city Ulun 11" 'llcl the GOo.,,>t'POinte Bo.1! d of f:duldt On to heal dnd ddcll e"" ll](,11 wncel no., All of 1<., admll look lip lo hel dnd we felt \ e needpd to expl c..,,, tl1<t dppl elhltwn Jll a long Jd,>lll1g.l\ ''"'' "did Anolhl'l (J(.11 loull! h o " l.jl'dn Rile of (d O'>'>P POintl' Wood,>, h.l,> known Sdll1Cldel 101 d quell tel leillul \, '>K' the t\o met dt "dlooj,111,111'>\\ hln thl d,h1ghtel'> d[tpnc!l'd tl1l' ~dll1(' ~lhool The 1lpnlhl 1.., of the ((lullll \\eh' dl'v.,>t.ltt'u \htll \\P foulld out "he \\.1'> t'tlllng,' 1{U' ~dld Wt',ll "dl1lllt' hl'l vel \ llulh 101 thl' glp.11 thllll;'>,,11l''' don 101 t1w (t;.llld thl t'nllll' dlpd,llllong 111('111tht. dl'\ t'jopjlt of tht, Youth.\"""'ldnle P ogj,1m Sfw'>.11\\.1\'> J1<ld Jl<lllelKe.llld lll'dtt'd p('oplt f'llih '>ho\\ Pad lor by Sullivan for C"CUlt Judge Commlltee Gary L Kohut Chdlr Thomas M 9A 1g no l,voltlblll and domg \\ 1Mt tl1\' dw equlreb," Rice ~,ld don t thll1k people n this lt\ 1(',\1,,(' yet how much she \\ be,"'>cd t wll be very hard eplfcmg her" {ll(' '>tjd the cty'!> JudCal '>l.1ch WllmlUee " "till -.eekmg 1l01111nee"fOl Schneldel'~ 1eplace lilt.ll1d \\",>oon begm to 1l tt \ t \\ C,nd,date'> ~ " Celebro" rhe Great Lakes 1,7M!CH!GAN SULLVAN~ for Circuit Judge J, (.,.,. A Grosse Pointe Park woman reported to police that someone was breaking mto her home in the 1300 block of Nottingham at 5 a.m. Sept. 29. When police arrived, they found the suspect in the act of bending back an outer screen and breaking the inner window of a door leading to the woman's living room. The suspect appeared to be highly intoxicated, according to police, and the woman refused to press charges. Newspapers stolen On Oct. 14 at 9 p.m. a Woods patrolman on Hampton saw a light green Chevrolet mpala loaded down Wlth newspapers. The driver was checking the trash set out for the next day pick-up The officer ordered the man to pull over, which he did, but while the pohce ear was turmng around to get behmd the suspect, he took off A hlgh.speed chase ensued but had to be stopped when a radiator hose on the Woods patrol car broke Accordmg to police reports, the suspect most hkely fled because he was steahng newspapers that had been set out for recychng. Burglary reported The one thlllg that every pregnant woman craves sn't pickles and ce cream t's 111- formaton. Clear and useful medcal informaton on what you need to do, and when you need to do t. At the Pennatal Center at 5t John Hosptal and Meclcal Center, we have the people and the procedures to provide Just that. We can help answer your questons through fetal momtormg, ammocentesls, ultrasound exammations, and more. We can address your concerns through genetic counselng, round-the-clock avalabilty of obstetnclans, gynecologlsts, n The oslsi e, 0 neonatologlst~pellllatolog"h. and others '~ough (hagnoss,obser1tlon. and education, we C~llde you and your baby t' nght drecton. For m matlon on the Pennatal ntl'1,t St Johll Hosptal ~ :\1c(!c,1Celll('l. please ca~hh nulllbc We C<lll satsfy y~1 l1eed to know St.[,] John Hospital and Medical Center A home in the block of Wmdmlll Pomte Dnve was bur glsnzed sometime between 630 P m Oct 4, and 12'28 pm Oct 5. Taken were pillows, curtams, a televlslon, compact disc player, power sander, btereo and speak ers -pup... ~..., ~ f.. -. _..

10 10A NtM/4 Touring actor finds role is turtle soup By Ronald J Bernas Staff Wnter.jdch Stott b 11\ll" tll( dll'.lll of ('\('1\ cl,\""cdlh t1811ll'd ddol - w'~ p,u t of,1 lllultlmillloll dollu tollllllg pi odw tilln pl\ lg to pdch"d hou"e,,1\ l~~ tlt' (('untn Jlh d<1,llu.l ~.l'''' "'0 good tlwlt, \1 ploh tllil be,ll l 'dl'n"lon p ht tlw ~tll dull'd.1un" book 1l1~'" 110\\l''1 t.., not 11 mll't OJ Ph lltoll1 r th, OJ! \h.., New Yark trip planned VSt New York Nov to see the Rockettes Chnstmas show, tour the Statue of Llberty, GreenWlch Vllage, SoHo, Wall Street and the South Street Seaport Shop at the Readmg Outlet m Pennsylvama, Macy's m New York Cty and the glamorous 5th Avenue The tnp mcludes two mghts 111 JON THE REDARMY'S SPECAL FORCES. Ct.' S Arne rican Red Cross ~<llllhc"qn" "lkhrgan (hapln t..,d,,11011 \\ Jth dn <l11t1 <ug 1W">dg" 'll1wd light,t tilt' po"t Sl''',lllll' t-ltlel'!, pt' t"en Hlo] \OJ..,hlp uo\\d \llueh ;,\dllll" the t ll'dtl'l, \1 hl'll' tll{' hl'ol,1111 ph lll,llh 1ll'1fOlm rhl'j", 0ll'.,ong t,1led \Vd h Stl,ught \1 hlch tell" hid" to be..,tlong,~nd nol to gl\(' 111to pl'el Pll'''''''lP but to bl' ploud of 1\ 110 th,'\.1t' he "',ld So f.l the kd.., l' ]o\t'd t "tol t..,h,l( k hollle 111 Gl lh..,e POlilU '-;holl'" h", \P,'k, pj.l\llg,ll ll' :\LhOll J'l'lllp]e tll' "dlllt t 1ll',ltel he.."t 111,h d c1l1jd,11d l'd h'",lppt'lltl' 101 the "polhght tll1nj... tlll lil..,t,ho\\ e lll'lllbel "'l'l'jllg J~ Annie Get YOU GUll \\ th Ethel \lel mall,t t hl r 1"lll! ll' ',lid lm." thmh \\ hen the bug ii,>t bt ' Thell,1'>,..,tudent at Um\t'l '-ti Lggdt School, Scott pla\ cd Amah] d "thool ploduttloll of thl' Opt'll'ttd Amah! 'l1d the Night \'"ltol'" and he \\.1" hooked O!e\ el He \\ d~ dccepted to studi at tlt' :\ejghbol hood PlavhOl;<;e School of Theatl e and pel folmed J1 eglonal plodllctlons of Bllghton Beach Memolls" and Bllo"l Blues ' He pel fomed on B oad\\ ay the Tony a\\ al d nommated plai 'Lalgeh, Ne\\ YOh.. Tack Scott Scott S SU pilsed at ths pal packmg the hom,es Scott d\s tlcular tmll m hs caleel, but b., 111 t.., those tlltl d.hlp ult no mean" dlsappomted that he '<;,TJ een cons of pop Cllltlll c the not doll1g what he wa<; tl amed J'eendge ;\utant "l"1jatu les fo on BOad\1 ai thell fil st natonal tow,. s t l OllC that 'm dolllg th S, Commg Out of ThE'l She" aftel studed classical theatel? Scott doesn t pia) me of e Yes, t S OllC, but ths S such PZZd ll111nchmg dude> but at" a bg ploject and t's opemng a OK \\ th him A;, Baxtel St k lot of doo! 5 fo! me," he sad man, a mdd SClentlst \\ ho \\ k '> fol the tmtles' nemess, Shl By bg, he means names The der, Scott 1<;one of only t\vo 0 ploductlon staff reads like a pe the sholl who actuall) Who s Who on Broadway The look hke people The othel ~ set was desgned by Eugene Lee those affilcted Wth twtle man, \\ ho Cleated the sets for Leonard S APlll. the lo\'eh lepoltel Belnstem's "Candde" and Ste Scott, \\ ho studted classcal \ phen Sondhelm's "Sweeney actmg at OhO Wesle) an Dll\ e Todd", the lghtmg designer, "t), audtoned 101 the 'iho\\.jules Fschel, has thl ee Tony and \\ as called back f()l a second a\\ al ds on hs she \'es, and the.1udltlon \ ploducel and cleatl\'e dnel:;to,l l)1en afu~1the c~uback, theta, Bqb J3e~<\~\,,-olJ~~cLonB\o.1dma; 11,l'i like a thlee week ''ait, and prodllttmn~""o~ mu<,lcalu as "lu HO al d the castlllg _"Annle,' 'We",t Side StOlj dnd au e( toi (,l!led me dll cctll..:t ' \ C!JOlh Lllle.. hollle!j"h n-. d,}wc).. t nj it..,ll",t? don t knoll, -.elf },e(du-.e ld-.tlng- dll edol" lhl '<',lld \re e booked thlough don t do thdt Scott "dd He "nc \11th pos<;lble e"tenslons lod 11l'the\' lked \\ hat dd at T~ e al en't too mam dctolb callbacks and they created the w at e a,,<;tlled of a Job foj that loll' of Baxtel Stockman fol me" on... Ba"tel S m the SatUlda::. RU \\011\ about ne"t Jul\, mol nmg cartoon and the mult ne},.t uly millon dollat gj ossmg movie but "CLllllg Oul of Their Shell~ " \\ as not ollgll1a!!y m the toulll1g lull ll. al the \[amjlll Temple sho\\ Theatnll DetrOit Wedlle&dlli, Thh " a lot of fun,' he sad through'ru/(n Oll 1719, at 7 of the tour whch b blled as a pm, Sm da) OL 20, at 10 loch and 1011 show \\th a plot a 1 P 4 P lnd 7 p 111. t " my filst chance to play and Sllnd.. Oct 21 at nooll 3,>omeone evl but Stockman;, pill alld 6 71lkets Q/ ' not tota!!::. evl, because he'<; $1650 alld '11 he re~el {led b\ hmd of a bumblel so he gets Wlllllg the A-"WL Temple The- "ome laugh" atr e bo\ o{fin,t and The tou stal'led fi\ e \\ eeks all TlcketMasl- outlets mcludmg ago \\ th '>old out pelf 01 mance<; Hud\o!i '., and 'lrmorl) HOll~e at RadO City MUSC Hall and...orn To 1!Wl f:,tlcket~ to V,',a end" 40 cltle'i latel m Los Ange or \1a...terwrd, C:{ 645.fi666 Flll e" And thel e S of caul 'ie a e filoll]j het l1{or ollon wll co!d the tou " plomotmg?77-o10(), Coles to run again Dr Tom Coles, presdent of the local affiliate of the \'atlonal Allance for the Mentally and a Grosse Pomte resdent, \\ll agam run n the DetrOlt Free Pre<;s Marathon Oct 21 to ral'lc money for brain research Pennsylvama en ute, two mghts m New Jerse. two dmners and round tnp l->torcoach transportaton for $35fl. person, double occupancy; $H smgle supplement Payment S due n fuljd, time of reservaton The trip sponsored by the Grosse Pam War Memonal For more lfo~tion, call for mentally ill through the NatOnal Alh 1ce for Research on SchlZOphr' la and DepressOn (NARSAD). 11 of the money ralsed locally s sent W N ARSAD and goes ward bram research Whether t S 20 cents a mil or $5 or much more, check should be made out to NARSAL and matled W Allance for the Mentally ll, Harper, Harper Woods, Both the AM and NARSAD are non-profit, chart table orgamzatlol1s For further informaton, call Carol, , Margaret, , or Frances, The local AM group 1<;one of more than 40 n Mchgan and 1,000 the Umted States The group meet'! every Monday at 7.30 p,m. n the Henry Ford Contlllulng Care Center, Harper, OCTOBER ESTATE AUCTON Exhlblton begins Friday, October 12, 1990, 930 am P m and continues dally through Friday, October 19, 1990, until 12 noon SpeCial preview Wednesday, October 17, 9 30 a m to 8.30 p m llustrated catalog available at the gallery for $1000, postpaid $1200, express mall and overseas $21 00 Annual subscriptions $50 00 Call or write for a free llustrated brochure FEATURNG SEVRES, MESSEN, AND ROYAL VENNA PORCELAN A LARGE COLLECTON OF AMERCAN NDAN ARTFACTS. FNE ESTATE JEWELRY AND COSTUME JEWELRY, OVER 250 LOTS. OVER TWO HUNDRED ANTQUE AND SEM-ANTQUE ORENTAL RUGS FNE STERLNG SLVER AND ANTQUE SLVER. ANTQUE AMERCAN AND ENGLSH FURNTURE FNE OL PANTNGS. OVER 150 ROYAL DOUlTON FGURNES AND TOBY MUGS BRONZE AND MARBLE SCULPTURE Kerman Persran rug 79 x 10 Orrenl.1 map rug 3 10 x 6 9 Dated 1967.,, 'f ~ \ ", ", \ ~ ~. \ Chinese mperial rug 64 X 9'6 Gold hread and Silk woven for Chien Lung Owned by Chung Wah Emperor Yee and Emperor Yung ~ ~~'M..,~\. ~ Ani que Pers an Serapr rug 84 x 122 \ c:lj //) '-/ c= (t FRDAY, OCTOBER 19,1990,7 P.M. SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20,1990,11 A.M. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21,1990,12 NOON NOW ACCEPTNG / / 1 / Kandahar Mra1 rug 12 x 15 CONSGNMENTS THE HODGE MAGARAN COLLECTON OF ORENTAL RUGS OVER 250 LOTS SUNDAY OVER 300 PECES OF ESTATE JEWELRY Fine Arts Appraisers and auclioneers since 1927 Over 300 ots 0 f estate and fine Jewelry Saturday Kasvrn PerSian rug East Jefferson Avenue Detroll Michigan (313) or FAX No (313) (Across from the Ren Cen) OFFERED SATURDAY J 1m 1111] 1111J!liiJiJJlMJ lh\b ql,; 1t0 Anlrque Kalak Caucasian rug 4 x 7 s gned Lawrence F DuMouchelle Ernest J DuMouchelle Joan 0 Walker Norman DuMouchelle FREE VALET PARKNG AT ALL AUCTON DATES OVER 1400 FNE OFFERNGS u --.. ' -~ '~-

11 October rosse Pointe News 11A Samuel M. Brownell FuneJ al services for Samuel M. Brownell, the Grosse POinte educatol for whom Blownell Mddle School was named, were held m New Haven, Conn Mr BlOwnell, 90, died Fuday, Oct. 12, 1990 n New Haven, Conn He was born n Peru, Neb Mr Brownell was a former U.S commssoner of educaton, and the former supermtendent of the Grosse Pomte schools, sel v mg from 1927 until He was Detroit's supenntend- ent of schools from 1956 untl, 1966, overseemg the expanson and mtegraton of the dlstl'lct He was educated at the Um verslty of Nebraska and at Yale UniverSity, whele he earned his master's and doctoral degrees ~ He left Grosse Pomte and be came a professor of educaton admmlstraton at Yale n 1953, Mr Brownell was appomted US l commissoner of educaton dur ing Presdent DWght D Elsen hower's first term Frank J Welcenbach, the! former prncpal at Trombly Ele mental)' School, prased Blow ": nell as being a "t emendous pel! son and a dedicated educator i "He embodied everythmg n! an executve that S requred,' Welcenbach sad "He never lost Sght of the mam emphass of educaton, that of teachmg students He inspred a strong n t stl uctlonal program and n"plred t warm feehngs and coopel atlon : from the staff" : Mr Brownell S survved by a : daughter, Ruth Cr{':-: of Ann Arbor, Carolyn Tarrots' Kidder Logan pnvate funeral ceremony as held for Carolyn "Cal rots" dder Logan, 66, formerly of os~ Pomte, M s Logan ded Fnday Oct, 1990, of cancel n hel MdU WUl, home ' Carolyn Kidder Logan She was born Jan 11, 1924, m Almont As a young adult, she moved f to DetrOlt whele she marned Dr f Wilham Geer, later movmg to f Grosse Pomte City Her daughter, Candce Gecr, : author of the Book "SX White : Horses," sad her mother taught her the meanmg of beauty and, the importance of enjoymg life Mrs. Logan was a member of the Daughters of the Amencan Revolution and JUlllor GOUp Goodwill ndustnes n 1982, Mrs Logan moved to, Maui, Hawall, wth her second husband, Dr. David Logan "Selflessly devoted to her, David cared for her completely during the 1 1/2 years of her llness," her daughter sad "She was a woman of great physcal ~auty, Wit, mtelligence, compasson and faith and had one of the, bggest hearts a human could possess" Mrs. Logan's ashes were spread over the sland of MaUl Besides her husband and ~ daughter, Mrs Logan S survved by a son, KeVin Geer, two SS ters, a blother; and two g and chiiden John Phillip DeWald Service" for John Phllhp De Wald, 65, of GOSse Pomte Cltv, were held Tuesday, Oct 16, at Ch 1St Church m Gro"qe POinte Farms Mr DeWald dlcd Saturdav. Oct 13, 1990, n hl'l home Hc wa" born n H'ldale, Mlch He wa'l a self l'mplovcd blllldcl and property mana~c Mr DeWald recently ctlled, c!o"mg hl'l office" m the F'lhel BUlding aftel 26 yea s He \"a" a ht) aduate of H"dah' College dnd Bowhng Gleen Unl velslty He wal> d ddl tel nwmbel 01 the New Cenlel LOn'., Club, the Cottage Ho!>pltal Al>...halv, St John Hosptal Guild,md the Fnends 01 Bon Secoul '>Ho,>plLtl He wa" d U S Al tn, \'elt'l eln of World Wdl, '>en lg 111,J, pdn M DeWdld enlo)('" pldvll1g tenuls and golf SurvlvO>. mdude h.,> \\lle yea!;" JOdn Hett<l,>on,> DdVld Wat en dnd,10hn l~llloll d >"tel, Mdl, nman <tnd,; 1,'1 andchlld, John ElllOtl.11 Ml DeWdld la,> pled(u'd,,('d by h" bl othp, Gem gp CrematOn wa;, at FOe"t Lawn Cemetery, DetrOt MemOllal cont lblitlol'> 111,\\ be mdde to the Cottdge 10c.,pll,d Ho"plce 01 to Chl."t Chllllh Glo,>,>ePomte F'll m" Peter G. Theokas ServCes for Peter G Theoka", 88, of Grosse POinte Woods, wele held Wednesday, Oct 10, at A,,- sumptlon Geck Orthodox Church n St Clar Shores Mr Theokas ded Sunday, Oct 7, 1990, at Bon Secours Hosptal m Grosse POnte Cty He wa" born in Gleece M Theokas owned the Pal k Sde Olive n estam ant on Ea"t Wanen m DetlOlt for about 30 yeal s He retm:d 1963 He also owned the P & G Restdll ant at Chene and Madison m DetrOt An avd walker, Vl' neokd" was an Eastland Mall "1,000 Mler," a group of cardiac pa tlents who walk the hallways of the mall for health He was a member of Assump ton Greek Orthodox Church semor citzens group Survvors nclude hs Wfe, Ethel; a daughter, Mary Cafes, a son, Gregory, four gandchl1 dren, and two g eat grandchll dren Bunal was m Cadillac Memo nal Gardens East m Clmton Township Memonal contnbutons may be made to Assumption G eek Orthodox Church, Martel Road, 8t Clar Shores A-rangements wel e made b, the A H Petel's FuneJ dl Home, Grosse Pomte Woods rene Lucinda Shier SerVces for rene Lucmdd (Wood) Shel', 92, of Grosse Pointe Park, were held Monday, Oct. 8, at the Chas Verhel)'den Funeral Home n Grosse POnte Park. Mrs Sher ded Fnday, Oct 5, 1990, at Bon Secours Hosptal m Grosse Pomte City She was born m DebOlt Mrs Sher was a sales clerk for the J L. Hudson Co Survvors include her son, James A, seven grandchldren; and eight gleat-grandchldren She was predeceased by her husband, James C, and a daughter, Geraldne Blackwood Burial was m Glen Eden Cern. etery, Llvoma Memonal contnbutlons may be made to the Mchgan Cancel FoundatOn Since 1913 Ollr Jordan Thomas Yinger Sel "lle" /2-month old JO dan ThOlllet" Yl1gel of Gro'>'le POll1tl' P, k Wel e held Tuesday, (kt 9,,t St M,ltthe\\ Chlll ch.101d'll1, t \\ ot W of Ga Henry DePoorter Servces fm Hemy DePoorter, 83, of Glo"se POlllte Park, wel e held Tuesday, Oct 9, at St Am blose Catholc ChUl ch m Grosse POll1te Pal k Mr DePoorter died Saturday, Oct 6, 1990, at Bon Secoms Hospital GlOsse POnte Cty He was bon St Challes, m Jordan Thomas Yinger bllcl!p ded Flldav, Oct 5, 1990, <t Bon SecoUl" Ho"pltal 111 (;10""e POll1tcCity,101dan and hs twin sistel wel e bm n dt St John's Hosptal 111 DetlOit aftel a succeessful 111 VltlO felt1hzatlon plocedule 'He was one of our muacle babies," "did hs mother, Mlch elle Beaupre Ymgel of GlOsse POlllte Pal k "He was the happ e"t baby ever Even when he clled, \1 e could make him laugh" The lllfdnt ded of sudden m- fant death syndrome (SDS) and untl hs death two weeks ago, JOdan was a healthy and Vbl ant child, hs mother sad "Once home, he thllved and \\ as nevel Sick, not even a cold" Othel survlvos mclude hs fathel, Tmothy Ymger of Grosse POll1te Pal k, grandparents, Thomas and Ten Ymger of Momoe, and Kenneth and DOriS Beauple of St Clair Shores was m ResurrectOn CemetClY, Chnton Townshp MemOlml contnbutlons may Ed MakszewskJ Carpeting be made to the Southeast Mchgan Chaptel of the Sudden n fant Dedth SyndlOme Founda hon, clo Children's Hosptal, 3901 Beauben, DetrOt, MlCh All dngements wel e made by the ChdS Vel heyden Funeral Home Glosse Pomte Pal k He was a member of the Belgan Amellcan CentUl'y Club SUvlvors mclude hs Wfe, Mary, a daughtel, Mal)' Butlel of Glos"e Pomte Pal k; Ssters, Julia Surmont and Mal)' Van- Belle, and thl ee g'andchlldren 1'.11 DePoOtel' was prede cea"ed by h" brothels, Mon'ls and Alphomo Mack Avenue between 8 & 9 Mile in the small mall Bunal Robert E. Coleman 0 D 5 SOCety of Orthodontsts, the Umvelslty of DetlOt Dental A- Servces for Robelt ECole umm ASSOCiatOnand the Ommman, 75, of Glosse Pomte clam Kappa Upsilon Chapter of Shores, were held Monday, Oct the Umverslty of DetrOit 8, at Our Lady Star of the Sea Dr Coleman was chairman of Catholic Church Grosse the American College of Den Pomte Woods tlsts He was listed 111 "Who's Dr Coleman died Fnday, Oct Who the Mldwe>.t" and 5, 1990, at St John Hosptal m "Amel'lca'l, Dental Leadel s" He DetrOt. He was born m DetrOt was the first g aduate of both A graduate of Notre Dame dental ;,chool" of the ;,tate of High School, Dr Coleman at Mchgan tended Notte Dame Umverslty Survivors nclude his Wfe, and earned hs bachelor of SC Manon, a son, MChael E; ence and dentstry deg ee from da ughters, Carolyn Sieffert, the Umverslty of Detrot Mary Scarfone and Janet Polom- He was a vetelan of World bt, and 15 grandchldren War Memonal contnbut' ns may Dr Coleman was head of the be made to the Grosse POll1te department of Othodontlcs at Ophthalmology Chmc or to the the Umverslty of DetlOlt School Amencan Healt ASSOCatOnDe of Dentstry from 1950 until trolt Chapter 1963 He served as p esldent of An angements were made by the Edward H Angle SOCety of the Chas Verheyden Funeral Olthodontcs, the GlCat Lake'> Home, GO""E'Prl\nte Park ADD CHARM TO OUTDOOR LVNG AREAS TOM'S FENCE CO. ALL TYPES OF PRVACY & SECURTY FENCES 100% VNYL-COATED LNK SYSTEMS FULLY GUARANTEED RESDENTAL & COMMERCAL CALL FOR FREE ESTMATE ~~:F=?F~\MULER'S c.a l U..L---eJJ.J..UJ.-~-V.A J./""1 CORN BEEF FLATS $229 lb. WNTER'S NATURAL ~O;G $259 FRESH BEEF DOGS lb BRSKETS $229 TURKEY $1 69 lb. MciNTOSH APPlES 39~ Northern Spy's APPlES 49~ CAULFLOWER 99~ hd ACORN SQUASH 3 for $1.00 Aunt Mids SPNACH 10NN... 59~ H 's Fresh APPLE CDER MARKET -~ KERCHEVAL ~ ;.. "An mpressive Selection of foods in a relatvely small place if; the heart of Grosse Pointe Park" O_PENMONDAY-SATU!DAY PRCES N EFFECT OCTOBER 18, 19, 20 FRE~n PCKEREL$499 FLLETS WHTE lb. PERCH $289 FLLETS lb. SMOKED CHUNCK SALMON AVALABLE ~!~:O~~~L~R $ lbs. was m Lake Ol'lon MemO!ml contl'lblltlons may be made to the Gazette Van De trolt, Mle Road, Rose Vlle, Mlch Allmgement>. wele made by the Chd" Verheyden Funeldl Home 111 Glo,,>.ePOll1te Pal k Laurie Jennings Hunt A llemol'lal service for Laurie Jenmngs Hunt, 36, formedy of Glo"se POnte, wa" held m Sum. nllt, N J Mu, Hunt ded Monday, Oct 9, 1990, 111 Overlook Hospital, Summt, N J A b'ladudte of Umverslty Llg gett School, M shunt gj adu ated horn Wellesley College and wa'> actlve the college's al uml1l d%ocldtlon and the Tau Beta,,01 ollty SUvlvors mclude hel' hus band, Jonathan A Hunt, sons, Wesley J and Joseph B, par ent", Mr and MS J Joseph Jennmgs, a "stel, Vlctolla B Ross, and a blother, John J Jen mngs V of Bloomfield Hills Memonal contllbutlons may be made to the Umverslty Liggett School, 1045 Cook Road, GlOsse Pomte Woods, Mlch Thomas. J. Lough Servces for Thomas J. Lough, 101, of Grosse Pomte, were held Saturday, Oct 13, at Grosse Pomte United Methodst Church n Grosse Pointe Farms Mr. Lough ded Tuesday, Oct 9, 1990, his home He was born m Fargo, N D. Mr, Lough earned degrees m CVlengmeermg from the North Dakota Agrcultural College, (now North Dakota State Umversity) and the Massachusetts nsttute of Technology where he was mtated mto the Theta X fratermty After graduation, Mr Lough served as a commissioned officer m the U S After graduation, Mr. Lough served as a commssoned officer m the U S. Army Engineering Officers Corps m France durmg World War He then worked as a clvl1 en. gneer m Canada and North Dakota, owa, Nebraska, MSSOur and Mchgan He later became general manager of Thomas Stephens lnc, as real estate holdmg company that constructed several gas statons, supermarkets and commercal buldmgs n the Detroit area Mr. Lough was a member of the Grosse Pointe Semor Men's Club. He was an avd bndge player, playing duplcate brdge twce weekly at the Neghborhood Club. "DUrng hs long lfe, he was known as an able nvestor and busmessman, and as a golfer and a muscan Wth a beautful tenor voce and a talent for playmg the clarmet," sad Mr. Lough's son, Thomas S. Mr Lough S survved by his daughter, Evelyn Lough Montgomery, a son, Thomas Stephens Lough; eght grandchldren; and 10 great-gl'andchldren He was predeceased by hs Wfe, Genevieve Smpson Lough m Mr Lough's ashes wll be nurned n the garden at Grosse Pomte Umted Methodst Church FRESH COFFEE THS WEEKS SPECAL COLOMBAN SWSS WATER PROCESS DECAF. $54~. LEGS OF $189 LAMB b SHOULDER ~::L:SS$279 ROAST lb. TALAN SAUSAGE COLOMBO YOGURT b HOMEMADE MEXCAN $2 49 CHORZO b SAUSAGE if PLAN OR PLAN LTE $1 99 _ 320z. t.--- _ c... =--, ~ _ ( 1,

12 12A NtM/4 CCS to host open house The Center for Creative Stud les - College of Art and DeSign wlll host an Open House on cam pus, Sunday, Oct 28, from 11 am t04pm ThiS annual event provdes arts enthusiasts and their fanll lies the opportumty to ell.plole and expenence the insttuton's oftermgs Vsitors can enjoy dem onstratlons, Sit n on working classes, take part n workshops, and Vew original student works n crafts, fine arts, graphc communicaton, mdustnal deslb'1l and photography The event also provides an op portumty to meet and talk wth faculty, students, alumm and staff nformaton will be provded on portfollo prepara hon, degree concentratons, non degree plograms and financial ald. Highlighted this year S the unve1lmg of the schools' new su pel computel desgn system DemonstratOns Will be provided throughout the day m the com puter labs Other activities on campus w11nclude: A bronze pourmg (1 pm the foundry), ongomg paper makmg, prmtmakmg, ceram- CSand glass blowmg demonstratlons, a fine arts exhibt and transportatlon design, clay mod ellng, drawing, pamtmg and photo studo demonstratons There Wll also be displays 1'1.' gardmg the center's involvement m two special projects mtenor design concepts for the neighbor mg Children's Museum and a display of the soon-to be-published book documentmg De- Counterfeit:.: From page 1 check busmess by prmtmg checks to order and seling them at a percentage of their face value VanDeGmste said the young men came from the Blrmmg ham-bloomfield area, and one of them S beheved to be a Michl gan State Umverslty student n fact, the UniverSty's computers and equpment may have been used to pnnt the bogus checks - along Wth the use of a home computer, VanDeGmste be he\ed 'rhe checks and bubsequem--' purchases would be in the ' $2 000 lange, and manj twje' e, en though "ale" agents would be <;USpJClOUS they couldn't tul n dol\n the prospect of a good com mlsblon, VanDeGmste Said For tunately, one Grosse Pomte Woods merchant was SUSpCOUS enough to check out the sus peets Once he learned the nature of the suspected offenses, Van DeGmste contacted the U S Secret Servce, whch investgates counterfeltmg activties VanDeGmste commended the Secret Service and Specal Agent Peter Damos for ther excellent assistance m the mvestgatlon, and he commended the alert merchant "f t hadn't been for the merchant gettmg the hcense plate number and hs refusal to do busmess," the suspects might not have been caught so quckly, he sad Shortly afterward, the suspects stopped usmg their own cars and began usmg borrowed cars and even allegedly used tape to altel the hcense plates The two are beheved to have passed counterfet casher's checks at several malls, mclud mg LakeSide, Falrlane and East land VanDeGmste sad the scam was qute clever. "f they spent half the tme constructvely," he sad, "they would have done well for them selves" Grewal reportedly was ar rested Oct 5 The second ac comphce turned hmself m Oct 12, VanDeGmste sad Donahue sad that 111 federal cases, the suspect charged Wth a cnme often enters a plea agree' ment f an agreement S not reached, then the U S attorney files the mformatlon and f facts warrant, an mdlctment S handed dov,n The case has not yet gone before the grand Jury Grewal's counterfet cashier's check charge mvolves an mc dent where he allegedly passed a $1,26308 check for Jewelry The alleged counterfeltmg actvty occurred from Aug. 1 through Oct 3. Donahue, who dd not have much mformatlon at her dls posal, sad the case was at ts very earhest stages, at least as far as federal prosecuton cemed S can. trolt'8 hlbtoll(,.l1chtnchc'> Voltln tel.'l ::-tudent'> dlld dn eltlolldl sl~rnage \\ 111be 011 hdnd to ~'1nde VlbltOiS to VallOll" locaton" and ongoll1g actlvlhe::- Free pat king '> dvall.lble m the ('ollege's Bllbh Stleet pdl k l1g lot AddltlOn<l1p,lld p,l'kl1g S dv,llldble m Ullvel "ty Cu tmal Centel pal kmg d('lltll'''' neal campti" For mol.' mfoln1<ltloll 01, COP\ of thl' ('ollege'::- ecultment video, ('all JalJ1(,l' Bel g::-t1om, dedll of,ldml""'lon.."at /, \ > : The old/ the new The Blake Co. of Grosse Pointe is moving right along on the construction of a new home next to the old Cadieux farmhouse on Notre Dame. The city earlier this year approved a lot split of the property to allow The Blake Co. to build a new house and to refurbish the vintage farmhouse that was built by s- dore Cadieux. Presents... Phote b... Johtl ' '" Scott Shuptrine 30% OFF Tho11lasville@ Dining Rooln Hohda\ (hma (2-tl'o. gold tnm) <.ROSSf PO/'Tf HH'\O\J'k )tl\' ElemalChma (24K gold lnm) Dmmll room 'u...hasc: mclude. tahle SlX,hailS and Sde piece Crrsul n3u\'2!'c )('r\ mg PCCC:~ ;lnd uble ;;lcct.~onclli not mcluded n offer 'lov \(,11(, \\ OJ', Dm' J< ru" from 11\<11< OJ" \J ~.9 HH STERll'lG HEGHT~ JROJ< xll",n \n k, & J,,,,<, 'W,H \Jl THO\lASVLLE GAllERY GROSSE PONTE WOODS 1'1, ~'\ tj', A< nu, 1"'1 norlh of \100". HM 9~')1 B.OO\lFJELD HLLS ill n rtf'llrljlh ROJ< 1'1\1"'''h of lonlll Jk, ROJ< HR\~ ~<nll' "lluh 01 \foro" MM6,lOll l rlflm~,\,ll not J\.ut.lhlt. n ""1'"11""111,,, 1\ 1\1'''mfl( 1<111,1" October Now at Scott Shuptrine Free Lenox@China With the Purchase of Your Thomasville@ Dining Room now through November 30. Thomasville and lenox. Two of the most wanted names on everyone's gift list. And now with your choice ofl select dining. J:Ooms-from our Thomasville Collection receive free a 40 piece service for eight of " J,~!:.'~~ elegant.enot,/ 1J.!f~~~ ~ f' ~ "', ~.. Chin ~~ l \411 ~ ~~ Choose ~ Atf ~c~~.,. i\." the festive.";,1' t:.:. ~ 0 ay iii': ~.-' 'i..,(1' H lid,;t~~ 611 OO~ design. Or the classic 24 karat gold band Eternal pattern. Take advantage of this exceptional offer, now during our Thomasville Holiday Dining Room Event. D. e.tb'.?pm"n nr? '?PH 7 sa SS7SS r_ -, '..- L '.

13 f, Nt.W4 13A Oner:.::::::::.:.:::.:.::;.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.;.:.:.;.;.;.:.:.:.; : ;.;.: ; : :.:.:.:.:.'.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.;.:.:.;.:.;.;.:.:.:.:.:.:.;.;.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.;.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:::::::::::::;::::::::':':::.:.:.:.:.;.:.:.:.:.:.;.:.:.:.:.:.;.:.:.:.:.::;.:.::::::::::::::::::::.:::::::::::::::.:.:.;.:::.:;:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: P t October - 18, 1990 From page 1 wanted to be back, and he fully Utended to enjoy hfe here, whlch he has ever smce He and a few other bachelors got a five-room apartment above the Fox and Hounds at Long Lake Road and Woodward Nel son bought a Corvette and a 32 foot boat, whch was chrstened the Ark "because we figured we could get every animal n the world on t," he sad. "And hved," he recalled " damn near klled myself hvmg " After a fun filled weekend, "'d come to work Monday morn 109 look109 lke 'd been dragged through death," he said Nelson took up skung, and t was through this Winter actvty that he met Rosemary, who was to become hs Wfe " did everythmg there was to do m Michigan," he Sad " lound out ths was a great state to lve m. came back here and decided ths was gomg to be it " He's been here ever since and has no legrets " worked hald though," he said. " loved my trade." He worked at a number of jobs and finally ended up n advertls mg with Campbell-Ewald about He'd even send out flers, and 1962 When asked what he dd, the place would be packed and does, as an artist, Nelson " knew everybody m the ad doesn't hke labels, hke graphc vertsmg busmess," he sad, or commercal artist He de- "and they knew me " SCrbes himself as a conceptual Fittingly, the name of the bar artst. was Terrible Tony's Saloon, and "'m a concept person," he even to ths day some people stll sad " hke to solve problems, call him Telnble Tony, mcludmg create deas." Like a hghly some of hs students, he Sad As skilled rough carpenter, Nelson a saloonkeeper, Nelson called likes to leave the finishing work upon hs experience workng 10 to others bars and restaurants whle he Never one to stck Wth one was gomg to college Job for a long time, Nelson got While work 109 at Campbell restless He came up With the Ewald, some of hs General Mo- dea that DetrOit needed a bar tols contacts appl0ached hm where all the advertising types With the dea of opemng a bar could get together to get crazy and restaurant across the street and let off steam So he bought from the GM Building an old, derehct saloon at Monroe He bought the restamant and Brush The bar at that loea- bulldmg, fixed t up and started ton today is well known, espe- sellng food and drmks He cially on St Patrick's Day t's named the restaurant Telnble the Old Shillelagh Tony's, the same name as his But when Nelson bought the bar bulding (for a song, he says) " Just offered a good, clean during the '70s, t was a dve, restaurant," he sad t was a bg and the advertlsmgui~o~ity rh~rt~s...$a,wch so..that he had. pa:tromzed t Nels led to m'l:fl1ft'hm~h'~rtlslng Job ' throw a party there at least once " was kllng myself," he a month And the reasons for a sad " couldn't do both" He party sometmes got quite crea- also had a gourmet caterng seltive, such as Christmas m July vice called Anthony's From page 1 several mprovements over the years" Freeman was responsible for the establishment of many of the city's commissions. During his tenure, the city began the Memorial Day observance program, the re-establishment of the Woods fireworks display, the employees recognition awards program and the city's charitable gift program. "He was reponslble for gettmg more Citizens nvolved in CVC affars by gettmg them to volunteer for the many commssions n the city," Petersen said "We n the City Hall had a close and cordial relationship with hm and we are going to miss him very much. He truly loved ths city and the resdents benefited from hs years of servce." n Freeman's 20 years Wth the Cty, he said his proudest accomphshment was serving longer than any other mayor. He was first elected mayor m 1979, servng SXconsecutive terms. He was president of the MiChl gan Mumclpal League from , past president of the Mchgan ASSOCatOnof Mayors and a past delegate to the White House Conference on Agng. All about cars; for women only "'m gomg to mss beng mayor," Freeman Said "'ve en Joyed it and 've enjoyed servmg the residents for so long "'m at the pamt where 'm countng my blessmgs and lookmg forward to my future want to thank those who have gven me the opportumty to folm pelsonal frendships over the years" THNKNG OF j ~ ",! " One day a man everyone called "Gorgeous Geol ge" showed up at the restaurant and offel ed to buy the restaurant Nelson said he told the man to give him an offel, and when he did, Nelson rephed, "Double t " Gorgeous George balked at the pl'lce, but he kept commg around and makmg higher offers, and Nelson kept saymg "double" Fmally, Nelson got his price - "double." He then got out of the saloon and food busmess and retired at the age of 50 He started salmg more and enjoying himself full tme, but then David DaVS, pub hsher of Car and Driver magazme called, Nelson sad, and wanted him to redesign the magazme Though he had nevel de- Signed a magazme befole, Nelson accepted the assgnment on the condton that t didn't tuln mto a Job The edeslgn took 2 1/2 years, by which time Nelson WdSbOled With the Job and, apparently, ~ was tred,of Nelson, who was fired " was!eady to qut anyway," Nelson said Retllement agam proved elu slve for Nelson He started hs own desgn, marketmg and pho tography bus mess, and before long he was takmg pctures for some of DetrOit's largest pubhc relatons firms "All of a sudden the retree S wokmg very hard," Nelson said "At 50-somethmg was staltmg avel agam. The money was pour mg n never made so much money m my hfe " He ran the busmess out of hs house He did t alone - no em ployees, no overhead When he SNCE 1949 TME CENTER KEllY HARPER WOODS Mi, Open Closed Wed-Sot-Sun EXPERT" PROFESSONAL WATCH - CLOCK and JEWELRY REPARNG All work done on premises and guaranteed Membe,AW NAWCC MWG BBB REmODEllnli? DON'T TAKE A CHANCE, CALL THE PROFESSONALS Customcraft nc has all the qualifications you would want a competent remodeling contractor to helve PLACE OF BUSNESS' We have a complcte fully staffcd showroom Wth samples 01 our custom cabinetry and ail types of building matenals EXPERENCE. Over 34 years under thr S<1memanagement QUALTY: We use only the best materials and the most highly skilled tradesmen PLANNNG. We plan your project so ts attractive as well c1s functional SERVCE. We guarantee our wor~ and service your Job lor 2 ycws EXPEDENCY We plan your Job so ts started and (onlplet('<j n!t1e shortest time span posslblr PRCE' Our pricing Sextremely compelitlve when comparing Smilarmaterials deslqn and workmanship ASSURANCE We are licensed and nsurcd and we offer you the names of several hundred S<1tlsrlcdcustomers FOR OVER 34 YEARS, SPECALSTS N CUSTOM-CRAFTED KTCHENS, BATHROOMS, FAMLY ROOMS. DORMERS, AND COMPLETE NTEROR AND EXTEROR REMODELNG QUALTY DOESNT COST-lT PAYS v.:..u 0... S"' Mack Grosse Pointe d t i.- CAT FOOD 3 for $ varieties Photo by John A Park resident for nearly 30 years. Tony Nelson now teaches at the Center for Creative Studies. A conceptual artist. he sketches an idea at his home office. Freeman:.:.:::.:.:::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:;:.:.::.:::.:.:.:::.;.;.:.:::.:" n a class for women only, learn how to tell if the used car you are buying has been in an accident, if you need lif~, acci. dent and health insurance on your car loan, and how not to be intimidated by a car salesman. Mke Whitty, president of Automotive Sales Training Specialists and author of the book, "The Complete Guide to Selling New Cars," will present "Don't Call Me Honey: Buying and Selling Cars for Women," on Wednesday, Oct. 24, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the War Memorial. Lecture cost is $15 with an optional $3 material fee payable to the instructor. Early registration is suggested. For more infonnation, call Mmms needed help, he contracted some one The business lasted five or SX years and he had some mce accounts, he said, but then a fllend at the Center for Creative Studies (CCS) needed someone to teach mt directon Though he'd never taught before, Nebon was wlllmg to gve t a try On his first day of class, Nel son ecalled, he looked at his watch and discovered he'd told the students everythmg he knew and only 15 mmutes had gone by "Now what am going to do?" he wondel ed. HS daughter, Stephame, who S a teacher, told hm he needed a syllabus, and he soon had a system down He now teaches Alt DllectlOn and at CCS He couldn't teach and run his busmess, so he let the busness de out He still does an occa- SOnal assgnment, but he does t on hts own schedule and won't let t mterfere With teachmg "Right now enjoy teachmg," he sad "'m not SUle my students enjoy me. 'm a tough teacher" Somehow over the past dozen yea s, Nelson found tme to leal n to scuba dve, and he's been all over the world dlvmg Some of his tnps have been to the Caribbean, Cayman slands, MeXCO, Egypt, San Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala "You're m a different world," he sad "You'le n ther wold That's why lke going there." He sald everywhere he goes the natives call him Santa Claus, whch S understandmg consderng hs cottony beard and handlebar mustache Nelson even found time to be an mventor He came up Wth the dea of a "gft!>ack," which was a decoratve cloth bag Wth a draw cord. He tried to sell the gft sack locally, but a recesson hampered the product's success, he said Lookmg back at his hfe, Nel son S satsfied He and hs Wfe raised five chldren - a full house, he "aid, "queens over kmgs" (three gl'ls, two boys) All the kids went t1,rough Gros"e POnte South Hgh School, and they are now hvmg throughout the country They all get together at Chnstmas, whch S a specal time for the family "'ve got a good famly," he sad "t's a tel' lific family" 5tFOR DETROT SATURDA.'i OCTOBER20 Nelson suffered what he called a heart conditon, and that changed everythmg, he said Now all VSits and conversatons With his children end With " love you," he said When he suffeled hl<; heart conditon, whch he said wasn't a hemt attack, Nebon said his Wfe called the Park pohce, and emergency medical techmclans were at hs house almost stantly, for which he " g ateful to be hvlng m the Pomte" He pomts to the many benefits of the Pomtes,!>uch as the lake, schools, churche" and fine old homes He attends St Paul Cathohc Church "LlVlOg here 1<; tel rtfic," he "aid " wouldn't live any other place" Willia... Leo aha/anjr. PROBATEJUDGE Po,d for by the Coholoo for Judge Committee PO Box <131<11 Detroit M <lb2<13 Give Your Sweetie if.;. ~ ~ Fresh Rowers! ~ J SWEETESTD~~ BLOSSOMS S a d,v,,,on of S,lk &0 Morgan nc 1\1011'" ( rl"(t" < Md, Wdcomcd DL 11\L '"','''olllo1hk ( ustomer Scn.Cl GROSSE PONTE FARMS BRMNGHAM CF4RMStJvfAR/(ET "355 FSHER RD. U.P.~::f:-UP OPEN 8 to 5'30 p.m. D~llY;Wed. til Noon. Closed Sunday WE DELVER Prices Good Oct. 18, 19,20 FRESH WHOLE.,,«168J CHOCE WHOLE._ ~ FLRYENGGCSHCKEN flli@::'?}rt?3 BEEF.'.!1 rr:~ ~,'"j-. KOSHER CORNED TENDERLON ~_ $ M~nD 45~..( BEEF $2~~ 541~ :~~D$3~ ~~~~~~~~7~.~~ NABSCO CHPS our famous $1.39 bag ~ AHOY $2.19 bag N.Y. $299 OUR 51st YEAR OF SERVNG THE GROSSE PONTE COMMUN KAUKAUNA MEXCAN RED LABEL C E SALSA OR NACHO MARMALADE ~~ NLLA H DDAR lb. CHEESE SAUCE $ ~~ WAFERS BlueMoon $255 n t~~ ':ry"':'.. ~4 jar PD $1 77 box BLUECHEESE lb. TOASTETTES RED HOT ~@~~~ aourmet Round SPECAL KMOREfOOOJNSa~ Croutons, H.rb, R.nch, c...,. P.rmeaan oj LOHR SAUVGNON WASA CRSP BREAD a.rile, Onion a.rile BLANC ONE TME ONLY $~89Bot. 750 mj BUY ONE GET ONE Wh~ Supply Leata FREE! 8 Varieties MCHGAN ALL PURPOSE POTATOES 10~. ~ ALDENTE HANDMADE PASTA $219 bag 16v.nell WLD $~9 MUSHROOM CRSP MciNTOSH SUNKST JUCE ~RElB...1 APPLES ORANGES Z.@~.10/99~1 OREGON APARES A.~berry or Blueberry, Honey CN.m & ~mond HO,=, Bulter TENDER CEUO BAG CARROTS 10!.. HOMEGROWN CABBAGE 10~ jar ALL PURPOSE Ng COOKNG ONONS 10~. COMPLETE MCROFLMNG SERVCE N HOUSE. ON LOCATON a 2 2 or J as. t Pd.'ed., ~ \.J.

14 14A Corn cubs The first grade boys in Monteith Elementary School's Tiger Cubs program recently took a trip to Symanzik's Berry Farm to pick Halloween pumpkins. To get to the pumpkin patch the boys had to first make their way through a maze cut in the cornstalks. From left the pumpkin pickers are Robert Rizzo. Stephen Rusko. Raymond Dettloff. Lenny Stoehr, Tyler Coe and Cub Scout Brad Coe. Star plans open house Pdrenb and young \\omen bound fol high school ate mvlted to dt tend the open hou;,e at OU l dd\ Stdl of the Sea High School \\' ednesda\, Nov 7, at 7 pm Om Lad\ Star of the Sea High Sl hool offel" acadenllc e"cellence \l1 addltlol1 to Catholc envllon ment and mstl uctlon Thel e Wll he,11 opportumty to \ Slt the l L"''ol (Jom<; dnd meet the teach 1'1'-,t"i1,md "tudents 1\1\' 'l hool, located at 467 rcllllold (.,lo""e POll1te \\lood::. FO )]]Ole l1fm)]]atwn calj 881., 1 J (l PSA T set at North counselmg center The PSAT, the Prelmmary ScholastiC Aptitude Test, w!ll be held at Grosse Pomte NOith High School Satm day, Oct 20 RegJstl atlon S m the school's Schools can vie for circus tickets The cost for the test S $8 Thl" S the only tlme the test \\ ill be offered this yea! PellY DlUg StOles, nc S student to be an honolarj' ring ;,pons01 mg a contest whch will mastel pel mlt schools to take all then Anothel 10 \\ mnel swll 1estudenb to the Moscow Cll cus cewe 60 tickets to the circus on opemng mght at the Palace Nov 7 while 196 wmnel s will m Auburn Hills on Nov 7 l ecelve elght tckets each Students can enter the contest Entlles to the contest must be at any Perry dl ugstore and the dlopped off at a Perry drugstore one grand pnze wmner \\ e by Oct 28 The \\ 111nels, picked lclvc tlcket" to the Cll cus at andom f10m all entlles W \l The pllze \\ 111 also include! be notified the follo\\ l1g cla) \ Slt b, C CW, perro! mez's to the,chool and t \\ pel mlt one Apples for Teachers Educational Oames & Teacher Supplies Bring this ad in for 10% discount we have the lowest prices anywhere exp Kelly Rd. Ceramicist Detl Ot cel alnlclst Jeff Hale \\ be Ulllvelsity Lggett School'" Haag Bckett cewmlc,1 tl>.t n le"ldence Wedne>.da),1l1d Thtll"day, Nov 78 Halloween JOSEPH PERRY Account Executive A mu;,c concert With a Hal m\ l'l'n theme l" set for Fllday, Ol t 26, at 7,:30 p 111 m the up pl'l "chool audltol'lum at Umvel ''t \ Liggett School, 1045 Cooh HO,ld l1 Glos<;e Pomte Wood;, College night Tlllu"ddy, Oct 25, mark>. the 11th dnnudl College Night bell1g held thl;, veal at GO>.se Pomte South High School at 7 15 pm 1\101ethan 150 co!leges and l111lvel<;lth'<; \'ll he n the ma111 h'l'll1ndslum and c1a"slooms 10 cated throughout South High School until 945 p m FOl more mformatlon, call Deanna VanAntwerp at Lmda G eenfield at All pal ents and students al e encoul aged to attend Kelly honored Kelll Sue Kelly has been selected fol the thll'd yeal a low to "Who's Who Among Amell can High School Students" as a multple a\l'ard wmnel, she ls among less than one half of one percent honored CO three years Kelly was the startmg pltchm for the GlOsse Pointe North High School varsty softball team which took the first dlstnct wm m ~r. the school's history She \1'111 attend Lake Supen01' State Umver- >.ty on an ath letlc scholar shp where she'll major m sports medl cme Kelly Kelly S the daughter of Sue Kelly of Maple City and Ber~d Kell) of Plymouth. "'"'i ~~s~tl!. LEASNG & SALES. ALL MAKES & MODELS FAX DOMESTC & FOREGN NEW & USED (313) E 11 MLESTE 203,ST CLAR SHORES (313) Hale teaches at the CenteJ fol C edtlve Studle" and mdll1talll" a >.tudlo the St Ch,llle" Al t \"t" Co!leltlv{' 111 ndl3n Vill,lge Dtlll1g h" le"ldency,t the concert offered at ULS The upper..,chool'" Jau chon, band and Jail en;,emble" \\ 111 pel foim ""CellV "l'1ettlon"" Up pel "chool 11111"C'otudl'nth \\ al"o be featm ed 111,,010" The publc.., wellome Adml" ::.lon to the one ham loncel t 1" frpe, ho\\ evel, cho! ale dnd lhon membel s will be fundi dlsll1g at the concel t to help clefl d\ the LO"t of the 1991 pedoi mll1g 10Ul Pa (j to by Ca a"lagn to County Comer S<;;J e Camm'tel 413SBs.rop DelO..~ "Qa...482")J chool, dle Wlll demonstl ate Rdku filll1g telhnlque" usl1g a poltdble kiln a~ well a>. dlscu>.,nd demonstrdte hi'" clay con- "tl uctlon tl'chl1lljues -tile will WOlk \\ th uppel and 10\\ el ;,chool "tudent:, on Nov 7, begllll1lng 11 dn llppel >.chool ce 1,lmC" cl,"" at 8 48 a m He \l'1l1 be at the nllddle school campus on Blldllllff Olive on N ov 8 P,ll enh, 'lluml1l and fllcnds,1 {' 111\ ted to attend any of Rile" cla">.e,, or ple"entatlons at the "chao! Cook Road l1 (;o""e Pomte Wood" FO male nfo!mdtlon, call mt tedchel Km en K.ltanllk at 884 l..jj..j Re-Elect DaVid P Cavanagh Wayne County Commlssloner-l st District PROVEN Chc1 rnwn Public. SUVCl Commmce Accomplished B mced County Budgp! nltl ~tt'd Extcn"lv( RO,ld mprovement.s Endorsed by L,lW Enforcement AgenCl($ NOTCE TO RESDENTS City of ~rnj3l1.e Jnint.e JJrarms Michigan FALL LEAF COLLECTON The Glosse Pomtes and many other commumtles n Michgan are takmg steps to reduce the amount of solid waste by undertakmg a compostmg pi ogram for lawn waste begmnmg With this Fall's leaf collecton YOUR COOPERATON S REQURED f we are to succeed m ths endeavol EFFECTVE mmediately, please follow the plocedures below 1 Leaves must be bagged separately from regular house hold rubbsh and placed at the curb on regular rubblsh pick up days 2 Leaf bags must be clear plastic and kept apart from reg ulal hou~ehold rubbsh bags The above procedules Wll enable our Department of Public Works to provide separate leaf pck up With the least amount of disrupton' to our normal waste lemoval procedures and Wth minmal personnal and equlpment costs Thank you advance for your cooperaton will be ULS's artist-in-residence t " r\t ~1 d 'l'l( 011>'1 'lrll C'ft1r OF GROSSE PONTE FARMS G P N 10/18190,,', CD RATESFOR THE SEROUS NVESTOR. Matunty Rate Maturity 18 Months 8.200/0 1 Year Rate 8.15% -L _ Leaves aren't the only things falling this autumn. ~c<.c ;L rual n.ton of return uc effealvc U or 10 S 90 All CD shown are fc.dcnlly mjured up to Sl per dcjx-of per ljutllutlcrl (pnnelpal and U'lterest combu".c:d) and SHEARSON LEHMAN BROTHERS uc: b.cked by \h:. Nil filth and acdll or the L S Govcmmcra Rltl: nd.",a.j.b...hues a:e lubject to c.hange Th::~ may be.lub.w:la1 penal!) for ear )' wl'lhdnwaj '0 (oes. are pt.ld by!he U;w:1t0T CALL: CHRS WALSH ADERSHP BY LXA \1PL 1M Jumbo Riles ~vllilbl. '\innon- S1~ t"' Shnnoon Leh~., Hl,llkJn [ftt 55 or older? We've just reduced the cost of homeownersinsurance3()o1o~ Here~ ",h\' Our ~tatl~tjc~~ho", ~'-rr~ that homeo",ner~ SS and older ha\c r rill r ~-= te",er and les~ L<l,tl> lo~~e~thdn other r - ~ -, :- ',~l' groups.lj..~. So t s onl>,mto lhar~e ;ou le<;~ -J-~ l~.:., _ r - \our homeo\',j1lr~ murancc ~_ :1l' ,t,4uto.owners nsurance ~ ~. ~~' J. ~ LJp ~ c.v' t\.."y..:-, t;lj -rat 'Ne Pr06&m 'ft[ "k U "AHAN NSURANCE AGENCY NC MACK AVENUE GROSSE PONTE WOODS, M ' CD rates allover town seem to be falling like leaves, But not at Colonial Central Savings Bank. Come to Colonial Central today and rake in the high yield from our 1 year certificate of deposit. FDC NSURED 7.71% lyearcd 7.5% Annual Yield SlO00 mnimum deposll Annual Rate DepoSits of $2,000 or more will entitle you to free Profilcheck! - the checkng account that pays you more... COLO:'\L\L CE:\TRAL SAVNGSBANK FS B :.~... Member 01Central Hold n9 Company F,nanc,al Network Subslant,allnleresl penalty for eorly w thdrowol Role subject 10 cnonge Without nollce...."... Mt. Clemens Mt,Cremen. St. Clair Stlorll Gratiot Ave Garfield Rd Harper Ea.' Oet,olt Warr.n Detroit 15751Nine Mile Rd Van Dyke Kelly Rd Gross. Point. Wood Mack Ave THOSE WHO CHERSH AUTHENTCTY TEND TO LOOK DOWN ON ANYTHNG LESS. (~~ MarVin Windows stili makes traditional wood Windows one at a time To order With everything from authentic divided lites to Round Tops So whether we're restoring a home or building a traditional reproduction, we can match Virtually any style, size or shape you want For more nformation contact POinte Windows nc for a complete demonstration of MarVin Products ~l~-;ri Pointe Windows nc. " ~~'~ '"""' ~j,1, - Fill \/1 )0111 H/ldo\\.,l'l'd,..: ' ~l ) Harper, St. Clair Shores ,< \ b ".ne -.-'.-.".0' --.- ~,.../ ~ l l

15 ,.. - Methodist By Dan Jarvis Staff Wnter " wondered why somebody ha"n't done somethmg about homeless chldren Then real. zed am somebody" So sald Bella MorriS, a volunteer Wth the DetrOt East Dls. tl'lct of the Unted Methodst Women Membels of the Ul1lted Meth O(st Women (UMW) then ssued a call to the partlclpatmg Methodst churches n the area to help the homeless The UMW volunteers called on fellow members to donate toys and personal hygene tems fol'children between 4 and 10 "Today was not a happy day for chlldj en who have no place to call home, never knowmg where they will sleep tonght, what they Will eat or when they v>'l have dedll clothe,.," MOlrS Sad "Many don't know f they wll ever play agam Wth the new frend they made yesterday at the shelter The httle thmgs that our chldren take for granted, some of these homeless chldren wll never have "Every child should have a. toothbrush, a comb and a favor lte toy, but the chld on the street does not We cannot take each of these children home Wth us, but we can gwe them some of the thmgs every chld needs " So the misson team wlthm : the DetrOt East District of UMW proposed gving "love bags" to homeless chldren Organizers said the love bags were personal gfts from mem bers and were taken to homeless shelters and distributed to chldren The members of UMW came through m a bg way, sad Lois : ReckhofT, presdent of the De- trolt East Dstrct of UMW, Answermg the call, Methodst women volunteers donated more County official to discuss recycling Terry L. Guenn, adminstrator of solid waste management for Wayne County, will outline uses of recycled material at a meeting of Grosse Pointe Citizens for Recycling scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 7:30 p.m. in Cleminson Hall at Grosse Pointe South High School. Guerin will dscuss the current status and trends in solid waste management with emphass on recycling and developmg markets. After his talk, there will be a question and answer session For further informaton, call Jim Kerwin at or Anne Roehng at NtMl4 The love bags were then dehv ered to the Cass Communty Unted Methodst Chwch n DetrOit and to the BaldWn Avenue Umted Methodst ChUlCh m Pontac From those churches, they were distrbuted to homeles" children through the Homeless Umon and Drop n Center, which arranges for ChUlches to provdetemporary shelter for the homeless than 1,800 love bags to homeless chldren m southeast Mchigan "The bags were large enough Each bag was made of sturdy for other belongmgs Snce the cloth and contamed the followmg chldren travel qute a bit," Bureau provides nautical speakers Need a nautcal speaker for a yacht club, Coast Guard Auxil. ary, Power Squadron or com. munity group meetmg? Leading experts on a Wide range of recreational boating subjects are available through the Boat Owners Assocaton of The Umted States (BOATU S.) speakers bu. reau The BOATU.S speakers bureau maintains a list of more than 400 professionals who are qualfied to speak on subjects rangng from hull blistering and sal mamtenance to manne weather and powerboat racing. To schedule a speaker, call the speakers bureau Monday through Frday from 9 a m to 5 p.m. EST, at women unite to aid homeless kids in metro area prased shelter volunteers for gvmg ther tme "These chldl en should ha\ e somethmg to do beside" Just '>t tlng thej e," RleckhofT Said The bag gives them "omethmg pel sonal, somethmg of thell' own ' ReckhofT added that the 10\ e bag" epl'esent mol e thdn $32,000 worth of donated good" by the DetrOit East Dstrct The City of <&ros.6 '01nt ll!oobs Michigan NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that the City Council, meetmg as a Board of Appeals under the provsonsof SectlOn of the 1975 City Code Wll meet m the CounCilCourt Room of the MUnCipal BUlldmg, Mack Plaza, on November 5, 1990, at 730 pm to hear the appeal of Donald Lang, 803 Woods Lane, who Sappeahng the demal of the BUlldmg nspector to ssue a bulldmg permt fo constructon of an additon to the resdence at 803 Woods Lane The bulldmg permt was demed due to a deficiency m the equled leal yard as set forth m SectOn of the ZOnng Ordmance of the Cty of Grosse Pomte Woods A vanance S therefole equled All mterested parties are mvlted to attend G P N 10/18/90 City of <&ros.6 '01nt Chester E. Petersen Cty AdmlOl~tlatm Clel k ll!ooll.6mchig.m NOTCE TO BDDERS Sealed bids will be received b) the Cll\ Clerk of the Cty of Grosse Pomte Wood.,.t the MUniCipalBudd mg, Mack Plaza, Grosse Pomte Woods, M until 300 pm on Monday, October 29, 1990, at whch tme and place bd, Will be pubhcly opened and read aloud fol furlllshlog the fol1o\\109 tem as describedhel em, namely One (1) 1991 S1l'..teen Yal d T,ln dem Vac All Sweeper Copes of specificatonsand bd sheet-. ma\ be obtamed from the Department of Public Work" The C\ at Grosse Pomte Woods reserves the right to eject.n) and all b](l, t" waive any mformalih 10the blddmg and to accept any bid t dt ('ll' to be the best mtercst of the Cty G P N 10/18/90 Chester E. Petersen City Admmlstl atm Clelk City of ~rn.6s 'ointe moolls Michgan Applications for Municipal Judge Be adv<;edthat the Clt) of Gro<;"ePOllltl' Wood., \\111h,1tC('pllllg request<; from quahfied apphcant<; for appomtml'lll a" MUnlC1P,11 Judge of the City of Gro~~ePomte Woorl<;to fill the unp,pll ((j terlll of Judge Patncla Schneider \\ho 1" le<;lgnmg ('ffectl't Llnu.!' 1991 Persons 10terested such appontment mllst 1)(' t0111l'\,dlllil ted to practce m Mchigan and mu"t hp a qu,lltfied and 1p~p,te)(d ejectol of the city...hen appomtcd and throughotlt hi" or he! tpmlll office and must not be mdehtpd to thp Clt\ Person~ llterc<;tpdm bemg considered fo! <;uchappomtment.,holiid indcate sllch mterc<;t bv ~llhmlttmg a ('(tel,lnd p"uml' to tht cllclal Sf'arch Committee, Cty of GlOS"(' POlntl' Wooe!" 2()()2i Mack Pla7a on or before October G P N 10/11190 & \ 1,~ tems. Rieckhofl' said One pair of children's tube "They are somethng to e or sport socks.,j h 'b b h A t thb h' T"C...G@.h'... He l""liae, t e gal age ags t at t 00 rus, p as C 00 - children carry With them brush too holder and tube of tooth- "A 1 t f th ese h 1dr d 't C en on pas e b fit have anythmg to call their own A b ar 0 soap map as C so ths m an effort to gve them soap ox a bag fiu af ove t W ' et A com, b brus, h was hcath chj1dren know there S love fm and packet of tssues. them in the world" A colormg book, crayons and Relckhofl' stressed the need to storyabood k t h n a sma oy, suc as a care for homeless children and car or tl uck for boys and a doll for grls The bags were collected and. displayed at Redeemer Umted : Methodst Church n Harper ; Woods durmg the East Dlstnct UMW's annual meetmg USDA PRME Pfwlo., h\ f),1ll With the altar packed with donated gift bags for homeless chldren. members of the Detroit East District of United Methodist Women donated and gathered the bags and presented them to the Rev. Ed Rowe of Cass Community United Methodist Church and other locations in the area for distribution to the homeless. From left. Rose Channell. coordinator of global concerns: Lois Rieckhoff, president: Belia Morris. supportive community volunteer; Barbara Gibson. Redeemer Church president of UMW: Dee Araujo, vice president: the Rev. Ed Rowe: and Joyce Walker. nominating committee volunteer ~~"-~-~--- CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS 2416 oz. bottles J L\ h gloup ha... aheddj pledged and donated mole than :t> dlll lllg 1990 La"t vedl, thel donated mole thdn 4,000 book., to Focu"HOPE The nel\ book'> \\ele glftl\lapped dnd gnen to dllldlpn a" Christ nm'>ple,>cnh "We keep gong' Rleckhofl '>dld "We hd\ e d mighty benevo lent bunch STANDNG RB $449 ROAST lb. LON END PORK ROAST COUNTRY STYLE RBS f:lorst ASSistant Mon.-Fri Sat. 8-5'00 DANE M for Probate Court Prosecutor Chief of Drug Forfeitures 15A Gift bags are loaded by volunteers for distribution to homeless shelters in the Detroit metropolitan area. From left. Shirley Mc. Clenahen, chairperson.nominating committee: Bill McCasland. volunteer: and Ronald CorL pastor of Redeemer United Methodist Church. $16~. afe $2 59.,,'..... Labatt's Blue, SWEETEST OR BLUE LGHT ~ 4'.. ) TOP QUALTY ~\ GREAT SERVCE FREE DELVERY For the Pointes & Harper Woods MACK, G,P.F. lb. $1 99 DAY BEER SALE ~ ~, FAYGO HALLOWEEN t~ 24 CANS lb HATHAWAY Wife, Mother, Two Children PaidforByCommlneeto ElectDianeM Hathaway 2828 DaVid Ston Bldg Detroit M MCHGAN MciNTOSH APPLES 79 ~,~ 3 lb. bag' CALF. SUNKST EATNG 4/99~ ORANGES,JUMBO SZE FRESH 15~ CARROTS lb. pkg. FANCY GREEN BEANS 99 +dep cans FRESH ROASTED COFFEE BEANS MOCHA JAVA $4.49 lb. SWSS CHOCOLATE ALMOND 4.99 lb. POP SALE $4 99 +dep $6 99 +dep --~.r... 1/1 't 1 r l t \, ' nl1r--t Ca;rpcr (;-l~'o. PURE ARTESAN MNERAL $8 99 WATER + dep tr bottles _, - 11 'sf. ft. "c t.- t.j a '11' a _... COMPLETE MCROFilMNG SERVCE \ 1111HOUSE. OllilOCATOli

16 /, 7.,. 16A,~.#) ' \ ;,,"'#-i,, :,.. Stock # M Tilt air stereo/cassette stylee! wheels, over-dnve transmission power stcennq power brakes Super Red gray cloth WAS: 514,148 S,;- - r t " J"';" ~q... T '"1, 'i ~.!'... j... " Srock # L Sunroof leather 10 speaker-cd player power seat adjuster air cond anti-lock brakes rear wiper 15 alloy \ivheels 50 senes tires the rest of the equipment S ~tandard WAS: 522,533 S ~~,~'l fl-;~«l lr r:. '7!l..fA".Lt, t.-> ~,~! ~~'''lt:; ~7 r i \'"jrj1n CELCA '"...,......,.. ' ~~ A,:,1!.'",." ru"e' D ft. r Stork # M Automatic transmission, alloy wheels, power Windows, locks & mirrors, cruise, tilt ntermltt wipers, "1 0" speaker- CD player, rear spoiler Much, Much Morell "This Car S HOTl Come by to see soonll.~ '. RNKE TOYOTA TECHNCAN MAT FENNNG OPERATNG THE HUNTER ALlGNfv1ENT SYSTEM r FRONT END ALGNMENT'SPECAL': Ị $.95 WTH COUPON : : 24 4 WHEEL ALGNMENT $4'\95 ' : [XfJlrP, 1-')90 - V WTH COUPON ~ _._._-_._-~ RNKE TOYOTA KEEPSA FULL LNE OF PARTS& ACCESSORES TO KEEP YOUR TOYOTA RUNNNG LKE NEW TOYOTA TUNE-UP KT 4 Toyota Resistor Spark Plugs $ 29 PLUS TAX 2 Toyota Oil Filter 1 Toyota Air Filter 6 LESS $5 65 Toyota 1 Toyota Fuel Filter Mall-n Rebate 1 PVC Valve E F and 6 cyl slightly hlgherl TOYOTA "11m (' what vou do for me" Toyota. Best-Selling mport. SERVNG YOU AT THS LOCATON SNCE VAN DYKE AT 10 1/2 MLE ROAD CENTERLNE, MCHGAN HOTLNE lsl)m2000 HOTLNE ~.. Q Z oc > RNKE TOYOTA to MlE SUBJECT TO PROR SALE NO HDDEN CHARGES SMPLY ADD TAX AND PLATES j $ en' rs d ', $' P 7 7 '??-?'??2pU~71.? - ~ '1 "'.'. l

17 Harper Woods councilman challenges Commissioner Cavanagh By John MinniS Assistant Editor For the setond tllne, tll (J tellll Demaci atlc ncumbent Dd\ U P Cavanagh face" Republll.lll lh,d lenger David Pochmma, no\\, Harper Woods councilman, 1m the 1st D&tCt Wdyne Count\, Board of CommlSSOnel" "eat County commlsslonel tel nl'> al e for t\\ 0 yeal S and the pa\, effective Jan 1, S $41,396 The genelal electon 1" Tul.''' day, Nov 6 David P. Cavanagh Democl at Davd P Cavandgh, 35, S seekmg hs thu d tel m on the Wayne County Boald of CommlsslOnel s He S Chdll man of the Roads, Au POltS and Pub1Jc Services Committee and folmel head of the Audit Commttee A GlOsse Pomte Woods resl dent, he S mm ned and has two chlldl en. He S an mvestment and financal plannel and a former planner With the city of Detroit He has a bachelol's de gree 111 pubhc law and admlm" tratlon from Eastel n Michgan Umversity As former chau man of the Audt Commttee, Cavanagh shares credit Wth Wayne County Executive Edward H McNamara for balancmg the budget for the first tme m a d07en yeats Cavanagh sad he called all the depaltment head& befo! e his committee to Justify theu' pl'oposed spendlllg Cavanagh S also OppOSlllg the proposed expanson of Dell Olt City AU1Jort and S "m denty buppoltmg" the ploposed $1 billion expanson and modermza tlon of Metropolitan All port HS g ounds 01 0ppos1l1g the Cty AlrpOlt expanson.11 e Thel e sn't enough fedel al fundmg to buppol"t1\\ 0 major dll pmt expansons m metl"opolltan DptlOlt The DetlOlt <11 ea doe<; not need two leglondl dllpolh ll" con"tjtupnh 111 hi" dl" tll t, wllllh lld ude" dll the GO..,"P POll1te.., and ldl pel Wood", de oppo"ed to ('ty All PO t e>,pdll..,1011 c,\vanagh :.11"0 d,wn" Cedt 101 1\01 klllg With Glo..,..,e Pomte LOllllllllllltW.., n gpttll1g Lake "hol e m tlll' F,ll m",md ShOl e",lld JVl.lck A, enue up to CadieUX 1epd \( d Hp.."wl he h,l'" d god 01 getlll1g,111 UlUllt, 10dd" 111 h" dl"tllct, l1c1udmg MOl()',". t' pal pd h, 199:d AUlJl dmg to h'> Llllpdlgn lt Pldtllle, C'<l',llldgh "t" h<, dl ('ornph"lltllel1h oflke Dli ('ded Ulunt y tce plant l1g and beautdllatloll pi 0b'1am" 101 the ed"t '>de.:::>pojl'>oletl d WUl1t) pl0/-5ldm 101 ehdblljtdtlllg Cack hou:'les Acilleved pllllhase of a shel ff malll1e patlol bodt the Pomte<; Authollzed Vdnous audts of county funds and nnplemented nel\ audltmg "afebtuatds l1tlated a p 06'1am to get bettel retul ns on 1vested Ulunt) fund" Helped 111 <;ettmg up a new count) law enim cement pi 0-1-,'1 am He dlso &ald he completed campaign plonuses flom 1988, &uch d<; gettmg a study com pleted of the MJlk River dram ") &tem, upddtmg the count) computer system and bulldmg mol e Jail space Cm anagh :'lad he gets along \\ell With McNama13, whom he call" "a gjeat admll1lsll dtm " McNamalU 1& lunnmg unop po"ed 111 Novembel 'My expellence and quahfica tlons make me the pllme candl ddte," he sad " m not lunnlllg on my nallle nol 'm lunl1ll1g on my accomphshment<;" David Pochmara A Hdl pel 'Va ods councilman "el \ mg hl:'l fil st tel m, DaVd Pochmald, 43, S contmumg h'> 1988 attempt to Ul1beat the 111 cumbent A 101 met ~upel \ bo of "elll ity at the Renaissance CentC!, David P. Cavanagh \\'hel e he wa& employed 101 about 12 yeal S, Pochmara S now self employed and workmg to develop &el1lol Citzen housmg m DetlOlt A" d <;ecullty officel fol the RenCen, Pochmdl a had the full authollty of a pohce officel, he said Though he chd not attend a pohce academy, Pochmm a Said he 11'01 ked his way up m the se cunty depaltment Pochmara descl'lbes himself as a conservatve Republican He beat out two lllcumbents to earn his seat on the Harpel Woods Clt) Council, he &ald He Said he S runmng fm county commssoner because he believes the meum bent has not addl essed the pi oblems of the commumty "And they are get tmg \\ orse," he sa id He bald taxes haven't been addl essed, and the ncumbent S on record as trymg to overrde the Headlee Amendment Pochm31 a Said he voted agamst a Headlee oveillde as a council man Hmpel Woods Pochmdra sad he S opposed to e"\panslon of Dell Olt Cty All pm t He sad he voted m favm of financially suppmting the Glo<;se POlllte Hal per Woods An-pOll Stud) Committee Thel p al e thmgs the countv can do La fight the ploposed elt) Au-port expanson He sad the county conti os the mfj astl uc- David Pochmara tule, such as loads, that S needed to SUPPOlt the arport County funds could also be re stncted from suppoltmg the all' polt, Pochmara Said He sad he has been active passmg out some 4,000 piece" of literature m oppositon to the arport and has mvlted speakel S to address his homeowners asso October S Lupus Awareness Month Systenuc lupus erythematosus is a chronic inflamma tory autoimmune disease that mainly affects women, especially women in their childbearmg years Samir Yahia, MD, chef of rheumatology at St. John Hospital and Medcal Center, says that the most common symptoms of lupus are a skm rash and joint pain. Many of the early symptoms, however, are dismissed by women as merely fa tigue "They might expenence tiredness, a little bt of a fever, along Wlth aches and pams Some can t rheumatism or a change 111 the weather, think if anyone has any questons they should t1,ltloll on the <pm t.,.,up ih, \VdYll' County wmml"..,lollel you ldll do,iii "orl'> 01 thlllg"," he "cud 't'., my mten t On to do "0 to be d n all, e lomm "''>1011('1 He 1.1\01" the planned expdl1..,101101!\1pt! 0 AlpOi t, whllh he "dd bl' good 101 bu"lle"" JJl tht, Detlo]t dl(,\ POlhmdl d " oppo"ed to the 38 pelllllt 1M) Jllll'd"e fm count, UllH1l1"'>lOllP" thdt goc'" llto l' felt -j'll CUll pntly, the Will m"'''0111'j.., get '!>:d9970 Jl..,alal \, dlllh UPd..,l" to $11,196 <t t1h' iii "t 01 tll(' ) Pdl Whilp he belll'\ l" Count) Ex eultlll' ;\1l!\'am,ld ha" done d good Job dpdnlllg up the wunt) budget, ll' dop"n t bebel e Cd \dl1,ll'h hd" lh"'n hltl" 1",- ('n,!1 to help h" Wll"tltupnt 'communl tie" n!mpel Wood". Pochmald '" plomotlllg the edevelopment 01 the Kelly Road buslles,> d",tllct, and he be1je\'e,> the countv lan be helpful to thp eju\ ellat;on 01 the commel cl<ll dl ea He 1<;dbo clltlcal of the "do gooder" Lan"mg' \\ho have consult ther doctor, not necessanly become very paranod about t, but an evaluaton by an internist or a rheumatologst S mportant," he says Because lupus S a systemic disease affectmg many of the body's organs, an early diagnosis S important MedicatOn, mclud mg ant-nflammatory drugs, cortlcosterolds, and m severe cases, nununosuppresslve drugs, are the mamstay of treatment for lupus Yahla adds, "n addtlon to takmg medcations, one has to learn how to cope Wth the llness, such as avodng unneces sary drugs, avoldmg exposure to the sun, USng sunscreens and also copmg Wlth chromc fatlgjle, tredness and takmg rest Some 17A fol ced the co"t of dl sposmg mcm ellltol a"h to skylocket H" com ment was rdelcnce to the do"mg d(m n 01 the Glo""e POlllte Clmton DJ"po"dl Authol ty mcmel ator due to lddm!lull lound m the a<;h A" a e<;ult, the Glo""e Pomte" h'l\ (! begun collectmg bdtt(!l e", 01 l\hlch :'ome all' a "OUlCP 01 lddmilim Neveltlwle"'>, the Ul"t of d",po"mg of the a"h 1t,1" ldu~pd ldl ge mu ea"p" 111 the blldgl'l'" of the Cltle" that <(' membel <; 01 the llluneldtm au t hm jt\ t'" not a big envn onmentdl pi oblc'm,' h(' "did 01 the cdd tllulll "sue 'ochmara said he " thl ee COlli"e" "holt of eall1lng a bathe 101..,degl ee m public admml"tl d lo Ulh he pldn" to complete Hl J" lllalllcd and hd" foul duldl en T\O hdve b'raduated ham GlOsse Pomte school'> and t 110 dl estill attendmg the pubill "chool dlstllct t\ a gleat communty," he &ald of the Grosse Pomtes and Halper Woods He gle\\ up ljl Hdl pel' Woods and g'aduated flam Notl e Dame J-hgh School October designated for lupus times you may have to even change your Job or hfestyle to mllllmjze the physical and emotonal stress in your life "Depression is part of the dsease. So, people with lupus, or any other chromc illness, need help_ They often need counselng for depression" Many people Wth lupus have nuld symptoms_ By takng an active part in treatment, the person with lupus can help to keep the disease under control ~~~~~~"%«"'~"~':$.~1-:: "'~"J~":."" "%..\.. 1~:,<,.. " v POlfiTE BLLlfi~DS SPORT EMPORUM E. Warren Avenue (near Mack) Open 11 a.m. Draper's 25th Anniversary Sale 35% OFF BARCA\pUNGER" v,, < NOW OPEN,,, 28 POOL TABLES DANCNG WED. SAt:. SNOOKER ROOM Pass-TV Giant TV Darts Monday Night Football Video & Pinball Games Basket Ball ClaSSCwing chair styling that's at home n the living room, family room, or study Distinctive ball and claw legs Wth popular nailhead tnm MANY STYLES AND FABRCS TO CHOOSE FROM ORDER NOW FOR HOLDAY DELVERY WEDNESDAY 75~ DRAFT $4 00 PTCHER THURSDAY $1 DRNKS STANDARD ONLY F"lNC FURNTURE '/ \( ~ 1/ At Draper's you never pay extra for delivery, qualify or service MACK AVENUE (near 9 mile) ST. 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18 18A He cle,lted \\hat 1815 \"1" <1 ne\\ kmd of musical subpen"l' MOleO\ el, the theme bnngs to nllnd d call on tll(' Alepnhorn Music Director Neeme Jarvi takes the podium next week to lead the Detroit Symphony in the first of three consecutive weeks of concerts. He is the 11th music director of the orchestra. With assocated VSOnsof scel1lc VieWS m the Tyrol Once estab lshed, the tour dea perblsts thloughout the work A damty mllluet l1 the second movement, vel y dall1tily pelf 01 med by the 01 chestl a under guest conductol Hem y LeWS,bnngs to nllnd the folmal Hapsbm g comi A Laen dll'l, Austna 's "low count! V wdltz, evokes m<1ges of PCtlll e"que Vllages Always, the musc has a play ful quahty Wllie LeWS' tempos and dvn<1llllcs, lls spalian,,llrno"i 1,ld bdck conductll1g "t\ t', \ ele holll'what estl allled, tht'v LOuld not suppress the m hl'l ('nt hvelllle"i;, and chal m Ll'" " \\ ds not quite so hud b..lch Copland's "E Salon Me'dco. Thl" WOk's oflbeat and \111qUl'\ Mp,\lc<ln rhvthms de m,md l1u"lchlllswho can al"o count on theu' toeb and m a few of till' t1lckler sequences, LeWS lookl>d lke he mght want to t"hl' his shoes off But fol anyone who savors folklore and MeXcan muscal _t\ les, "E Salon" S mvanably "atls(vmg and mvlgorating The calol and Sprit of the musc, 111 fdct, l1splled MeXcan CritCS at ts premere to pronounce t "as l\1e'\lcan as Revueltas" t S even mole 01 a pi 0h"ammatlc 11avel piece havl11g been l1bplled by Copl,ll1d'b VSit to a native Mexlc<1nllght dub while t avel lg 111 that country Agam, the mu"lc tl an"cended LeWS' lack of m"c1ll"mo The concel t came to ts finale With a move mto vet another 11ghly popular WOk 111 an al way" populm folm - Brahms' "Fl st Plano Cancel to" The!:o) mphony fan today eapeel!> much of B ahms whose sensuous hal mollles a e d hallmark Yet thl" wolk wa.., actually hissed at ts <;econd publlc pelformance With Bl'8hms hllnself at the key board Plambt Mischa Dlchtel, a" so mst last week, escaped that fate He h:l'i,1 blllh'mt. de'tached playmg style that does much to leveal the stlucture of the mu SC Howevel, his forceful, dr3 matlc touch and heavy pedalmg tended to obscme the compo"er's soalll1g romanticsm MOleave', the dfficultes of the fil st two movements, whch may have contnbuted to ts ong mal recepton, seemed to put conductol and plamst 111 compet tlon on occason, to determme DSO concert features Schubert, Copland, Brahms By Alex Suczek Special Writer The DetrOit Symphony Orches tla's progj am for tb concelis last week wab a nlajo potental crowd.pleasel Take Schubert's "Thud Sym phony," completed m 1815 when he was 18 Replete with happy Austnan melodleb dnd SUip S mg har01ol1lc moduldtlons, t ha~ mstant appeal,md remam" un. matched b) any teenage com poser smce As the openel on the ploglam, The Schubel t ilou"l'd expecta tlons fol "n evenll1g of mu"lcdl efl e"hment and delight That S not to.,a\ that Schub eli's mu"lc " bupel'ficlal The S)mphon\ 's tuneful themes and lllgenuousne,," ille deceptlve The young composel has some tlows been unfan'!) Judged to have fallen short of thl' classcal standm ds bet bv Havdn, Mozart and Beethoven 'n fa~t, he seemb l1 some ways to ha\ e antlc pated the sophistcated hal mo mes of Brahms The first movement, for exam pie, lllt! oduces ts theme on an unconventonal choce of nstl u ment - the c1a1111et - and Schubeli, lllstead of developmg t Wth \ aj 8tlOns, ploceeds to explole hm monic modulaton" 'Mr. Destiny' is uplifting, predictable By Michael Chapp Specal Wnter "Mr. Destmy" is not the most original film of the year. t's not very solid in the plot department. And it's not the funniest picture you'll ever see. That S8ld, there is something worthwhile about this movie. Maybe it's the underlying theme. Maybe it's just the way it makes you feel. Whichever is the case, it's hard not to come away from the theater feeling at least somewhat satsfied. "Destiny" is a modern-day "t's a Wonderful Life;" almost all of ts best ideas and moments are denved ill some way from that Jmuny Stewart. classc nstead of Stewart, however, we Options available Eor Thanksgiving Fuel pnce" - 36 percent hgher than ths tme last year - are not crlmpmg the plans of Thanksgvmg holiday travelers, AAA Michigan reports Mchgan motorists Will find plenty of gasohne to make that tradtonal trip to Grandma's house, but at hgher pnces Regular self.serve unleaded is up about 36 cents a gallon more than last year when the pnce averaged $1 01 per gallon Rlsmg fuel prices have caused those planmng arhne and tram travel to make plans earher for the upcommg holday "Many atrlme travelers, fear ful of the effect of rlsmg fuel prices, got ther tckets for the Thanksglvmg weekend prior to Oct 1, when a 4 2 percent fare hke took effect," said Dane Wllard, vice president of AAA Travel Agency "As a result, many alrlme seats were filled for the holiday by early autumn By the end of September, one major carner had 40 percent of ts seats sold for Thanksgvmg and 25 percent for Christmas" But tickets are stli available to the arlme traveler who pur chases now by consultmg a reha ble travel agent, Wllard sad Latvia choir at Marygrove The Marygrove College Music from 10 14, won first place at the Department Wll present the Ja- Boys' ChOr FestVal for all of zepa Medma MUSCHigh School Latvia m 1988 under the direc- Boys' ChoT of Rga, LatVa, ton of ChOlf conductor Romans U.S,S R. on Monday, Oct 29, at Vanagas 8 p m. m the Sacred Heart General admisson tickets are Chapel on the campus located at $10 and $8 for students and sen West McNchols n north. Of CitZens For reservatons Of west DetrOt. further mformatlon call the Mar. The award Wnning chor, com. ygrove College MUSC Depart. posed of 29 boys rangng 111 age ment at , ext 232 Metropolitan The Metropolitan Symphomc Band will present a Latin Hob day Program on Sunday, Oct 28 at 3:30 p.m. at the Macomb Center for the Performing Arts on the Center Campus of Macomb Community College, Hall and Garfield Roads m Clinton Township The 45-piece band, under the drrectjon of Dr Martin Stella, wll present a number of Latm favorites including musc from have Jm Belushi And nstead a crucial moment of the state of a classic we have a nuldly en. baseball championship. Now 35, tertamng, but ultimately medocre, pece of work. around for his entire life. He he's been carrying that failure Beluslu plays the average blue wonders how things would have collar Amencan kind of guy, been drlferent f only he had hit He's got a mce home in the suburbs, even f t S nussing a a home run when it mattered. 'driveway because the contractor refuses to put one in He's got a beautiful wife who loves him, even if she does occasionally forget his blrlhday. He's got a decent job at a sporting goods company, even f the boss S a lttle overbearing. And he's got a nice set of frends, even 1f some would call them nerdy Enter Michael Came, the title HS problem 18 ths When he character On a dark mght n a was a kd, he struck out dunng deserted bar, the bartender, travel Dlbwunt seats always sell first turkey dnner, AAA Mchgan - so tl avelers are advised to advises those concerned about book as soon as possible A good conservmg fuel to heed the foltravel agent can find the best lowmg suggestons rates offered by all carners at no Plan dnvmg routes so that cost to the customer you can travel at constant speed Most alrlmes antcpate that and bypass congested areas. the volume of travel ths AVOd travehng during peak Thanksgvmg season Wll be traffic hours comparable or shghtly above last year Tram travel promses to be a populal opton ths hohday sea son Amtrak ral servce expects a half million riders across the Umted States to travel by tram ths ThanksglVmg Smce fuel represents only 3 percent of Am trak's total budget, fares to date have not mcreased Travelers are advised to buy tckets at least a month ahead of the planned travel date to avod sold-out seats The busest trams are ex. pected to be headed to Washmg ton, DC, New York Cty, Phla delphia and Chicago Geyhound Bus L11esalso an. tlclpate more travelers than last yeal OffiCials advise passengers to pm chase tickets 30 days m advance to get the best rates For the thousands of MChl, gandm" who Will dnve to their Band goes Latin "Bolero," "West Side Story," and "La Fiesta MeXcans" Special gue"t artsts Wll be lync s0- prano Gall Mtchell, and dancers Rill Wllc;on and Nlra Pulhn Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for,tuden!.<; and semor CitZens, $.5 for children 12 and under, and $.') for groups of 10 or more Tckets are available at the box office, or by telephone at , 9 a m to ) pm Monday through Fndav Travel at moderate speeds on the open road Hghel speeds requre more gasohne Make sure your automobile S tuned up before makmg a long tnp An out.of.tune car can use 3 to 8 percent more fuel MotOrists should buckle up and avod alcohol this Thanks g1vmg hohday whch officially begins at 3 pm Wednesday, Nov 21, and runs through mldmght Sunday, Nov 25 Durmg last year's Thanksg1Vmg week. end, 14 people were klled on Mchigan highways, compared to Half of the fatal crashes mvolved alcohol. Thlr. teen of the Vctims had seat belts available but 10 chose not to use them Regular Dinner Prices EVERYDAY gives Belushi a chance to see what life would be like if he had lut the home ron. Suddenly Belushi is married to the beautiful daughter of the owner of the sporting goods company, meaning Belushi is also the president of the company. Suddenly he's living in a castle, with a garage full of Rolls Royces and servants to use at his whim. And, guess what? Suddenly, he's not as happy as he was when he was just a simple guy with bills and a broken down car, Sound familiar? t should, since thls is a formula we've seen before, But the mam problem here S not that the movie is predictable. t also loses viewers by putting the old Belushi - the middle class guy with middle class values - into the body of the new Belushi, who's supposed to be an upper class guy with upper class values. f, as Caine explains at one point, everything is supposed to be different in this new life, beginning at the moment of the home run, then Belushi shouldn't be a prisoner to his old values. That's a complicated explanation for a point which could have been easily fixed by the writers, Still, if that point had been fixed, the movie's themes of being content with what you have and keeping things in perspective would never have worked, So even if this isn't one of the most consistent films of the year, it is, probably, one of the more upliftmg ones. t's just too bad it couldn't have been both. ~aue4- SPRTS & EATERY Little Mack, <south of 13 Mile) Roseville Pnmc Rib ~''Vt'1i'i''''~ Filct Mignon 1nuJ~ 8 oz porho" s."f"pd tltth frrs" bwlll'.,."a mw..\~room.s New York Sinp 1002 brollf"j '0 ordt'y Choppcd SHlo," J,fiy 16 (lz.,ftjfj wllh fw:5~ ht",.,.,.d ","-~Jrl"[)(mt.~ flr01led Pork Chops (8 oz ) 2 ck~ ~ w fk.pp, wwrl Sluffed flonclc Brea.' of Chicken $8 95, Elttru , Broil"d Scrod NnJ ["".,.".. fittnc mrw m.~ hu,..,. 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Brulda' 51Md anytime Ovtr200 tmso menu who wa" eally 111 chm ge Ths faded J1 the last movement whel e plano and orche~tl a put a~lde lestldlnt and gave more expl ebblon to Brahms' passon 111 the "Rondo" ThiS week, the DSO open.., t., WeekendCl Pops selles Wth mu.,c of John Philllp Sou"a..nd conductor Keith BllOn ll1 hlb pm tl <1yal of Amellca's gleat bc1l1d mabtel PClfOimances aj e sched uled on Fllday and SatUlday, Oct 19 20, at 8 30 p n and Sun day, Oct 21, at 330 pm The gl eat ne\\ s fol re{,'lllm bvmphonygoel s S that the 01 chestl a's new musical dll ectol Neeme JarV, Wll be helc to con' duct the fil st of hs seneb thl" season btmtmg on Thursday eve 1ll1g, Oct 25 On the pl'ogl'am die Weber b Ovelillle to Ob eon, "Symphol1lc MetamOl phoseb" by Hmdemlth, "PastOl ale fol Oboe and Stlll1gS" by Hanson and Nelsen's "Sym phony No 4" There wll be folll pelformances 111 all, ThUi sday and Fnday, Oct 2526, at 8 pm, Satmday, Oct 27, at 830 pm and Sunday, Oct 28. at 330 pm FO tckets and mfolmat on, call Pianist Dorothy Donegan in concert Dorothy Donegan, called "the last of the red hot mamas," wll perform n concert Sunday, Nov 18, at the DetrOt Yacht Club, located on Belle sle. Joinmg m the Jazz concert Wll be the Hon. Myron Wahls of the Michgan Court of Appeals and hs tno Donegan, who began performmg on the south side of Chicago when she was 12 for 25 cents an hour, has appeared on film and Broadway and m clubs Her last appearance in the area was at the Ann Arbor Summer Festval last year, The concert begms at 8 p,m Wth cocktals at 6'30 pm, cash bar For tckets, call Artistic 8alloon &- PartY Supplies Sweetest Day FrNhlong Stemmed ROSES.Weddlngs Private Party Birthday Party Halloween.Sweetesl Day Anniversary.Tallgate Parlles.Church Groups Webave HOL1DAY' ( PNATAS.. ' PARTY SUPPUES E Warren Detroit Tue.,OaOBER 30 - Sun.,NOVEMBER 4 ---FOX THEATRE--- DAY TME TCKET PRCES TueSday 600 pm Wednesday 600 pm Thursday 600 pm Friday 600 pm Salurday 200 pm Saturday 600 pm Sunday 200pm Sunday 700 pm All Opemng Nighl Tickels $5,00 OfT Comphmcnl~ of J~~' Tldel~ at F.oxTheatre Box GrrKe i~ and all TCK~az:~Sn=M Oulleh CHARGE BY PHONE (313 ) 'l

19 ... ~1 Another Antigone' is By Alex Suczek Special Writer Wth a ttle that S a quote from Shakespeare and a statement of goals that are ambl tiously lofty, Serpent's Tooth Theatre, a new company based Oakland Commumty Col lege's Royal Oak Campus, has mternationally sgnaled that it S setting ts sights hgh To the organizers' credit, theil' first pro ductlon hts the mark n many ways The play S "Another Ant! gone" As the name suggests, the gifted author, A R Gurney Jr, borrowed the thematic deas of the classcgreek work to ex. plore contemporary conflicts and values He has created a model n thea tel' pece well worthy of the ex turns out to be one of the clevel But With em31 kable mgenu tncks of the play t become'> ty, Gurney has taken advantage clear m the opemng scene that of two other classical devices this S also the mmd set of the that go beyond the boundaries of play's leading character, clas'>lc'> the onglnal Professor Henry Harper The first spnngs from a tnangle that develops in the elaton H!>student, Judy Miller, has let hm know she expects an A shp between P ofebsol Harpel, foj her "Antgone" scnpt set m Judy, and her boyfnend and fel the context of the Cold War He low student, DaVd All thlee le1,ponds coaly that hcrs S only simultaneously expenence a change m loyalties and goal'> that S as jarrmg a!> when the tno ADMT Ol\'E Smtle\ "No EXit" cahze the true natul e of theil' punish ment hell The second S an msplratlon at the end of the play DaVid, hke any youth m the plote,>s of selfdl'>covely, decide'> 3.NO.lY\OV that the classc"at e his tl ue call mg and S moved b) the smcel e encouragement of the pi ofessol He turns away flom Judy and flom his major 111 chemistry to follow m Harper'<; foot<;tep<; Stdndmg m Harpel ',> empty office to let! leve a book the pi 0 fessor left for him, DaVid S hke Orpheus leborn t S a mastelful touch that mten'>lfies the mpact of the staltlmg conclusonof the play "Anothel Antigone" S such good theatel that t tl anscends and uphfts the atmosphere of ts commumty theatel venue The college lectule hall used as a theatel and the audience m t become mtegl'al pmts of the pelformance as Plofessor Hal per deltvers his end of term lectul e and agomzmg falewell The four members of the ca"t do molethan ise to the chal lenge of the 1,Cllpt They are swept up m ts powel to dehvel performances that at e alter the Halloween spint, allows for nately touchmg, mful mtlng, plenty of audience particpation, shocking and almo1,t always real otters free treats and invites parents Mal k Rademacher as Harpel as well as children to attend S totally the scholarly professor, m ther favonte costumes mept m his lack of pel sonal sen SltlVlty to othel s' emotonal needs, unyleldmg m h'> erum ce ment of academic ule" Man) students have known him pressed ambitions of ArtistC the latest of such efforts and Director Mchael L Geiger to does not meet his lequuement present "mtellectually <;tlmnlat for a term paper ing and altlstically challenging Wth this, the plot thcken'> drama" fast t opens a COnflct that That goal, of course, runs the spreads to other mpoltant ssues nsk of soundmg too arty A new and values m college hfe today theater many commumty must mcludmg ethmc plejudlce, edu hve or die presentmg shows that catlonal dlsclplme, academc people relate to and enjoy wlth- complomlse and personal den out compromlsmg ts deals t!ty - thmgs that move us all Serpent's Tooth Theatre has Harper's mablhty to compro scored agam, "Another Anti mise hs scholastic standal ds gone" makes ts audience laugh, and see Judy's work as credble, cry and go home with a lot to and her tenacous efforts to e think and talk about The audl wnte it and then ploduce t on ence is caught up even before campus so that she can gradu the performance begins t S dlf- ate, make the rreconclable con ficult not to speculate on how fhct Like Antigone and Kmg Gurney S rendermg one of the Creon m the onglnal, they al e greatest of all classcgleek plots on a colhsjon COUse m whch m contemporary terms, ThS both just finally lose Halloween show planned Ghosts, goblins and monsters of all ages will haunt the stage when the Utica Dance Center presents its family Halloween show, "Things That Crl> Bump m the Night," at Macomb Center for the Performing Arts at 7 pm Wednesday, Oct 31 The 60-member cast of these "things" S made up of the Dance Center's students and faculty Durmg the one-hour show, they will entertain the audence of tnck-and-treaters With a "wonderful alternatve to an 01'- dmary Halloween night" The show features special stagng effects n keepmg with Tickets are $4 for children and $6 for adults They may be ob tamed at the center's box office or reserved on credit card by cfllhng , Monday through Fnday, from 9 a m to 6 pm SpeCial group rates ale avalable. Macomb Center S located on the Center Campm, of Macomb Commumty College at Hall (M-59) and Garfield roads n Clmton Township excellent choice to open new theater Demse Edwal ds gve" her role as Judy all the illvmg mtenslty of the self confident, godl dllven JeWish gul who achieve,; by shecl force of pel,;onahty Shl doesn't know how to gve up and when COnel ed, makes hel' Je\\ shness the Sbue Steplwn Knollenbel g a'> D,lVld dthcvl'" lll, \>('1!(.rth lkahl,' col Jegldn \ ll, to -:,Hill,lll' hi" chln'n Jield He keep'> hi" loll' on even keel a'> 111', gill dnd tlw pi of go hp,lc! to he<ld then Judy and David in "Another Antigone" are played by Denise Edwards and Stephen Knollenberg. who are recreating in the play aspects of their own recent college experience at Wayne State and Boston universities. 19A make'> his pivotal shift - the 0, pheu'> mage - With "ympa thy ou'>mg WnVlttlOn Tymg t all togethel '>.Joyce U/elat m the -upp0l1mg loll' of the college decln,md confidant of idl pel She keep,> the,>tory touch \\ th eallly by hel' affec tlonate dl'>pla) of contel nand mpallence With Hal pel and Sill cell' advlcp Any college adm1l11s tratol would wlllpathlle With hel "U,>tlatlOn Sel pent'" Tooth Theatl e'" chal lenge now ha" d ne\\ dllnenslon to hve up to an e...wllent openel and go on to b'1eatel achieve menh, Another Antigone" S playmg the ne... t two weekends the OCC bulldmg at Wa"hmgton dnd Mam Royal Oak Fnday and Saturdav pej10l mances are at 8 pm, Sunday Matmees at 3 pm FO ticket'> and mformatlon, call Now You DON'T HAVE10WAlT UNTLYou CAN AFFORD 1bBuYlT Save At Least 20% On Outdoor Lighting. Shed some light on the situation Save at least 20% on our complete selection of outdoor lighting ncluding quality fixtures from Hinkley AdJusta- Post Ouolzel and Murray Felss Sale ends October 27th. _Hinkley 16"-hlgh solid brass carnage-lamp porch light With beveled glass panels Polished or antique finish Reg $4625 SALE $29.Murray Felss SH-high solid brass Windsor Collection fixture With beveled glass panels Polished or antique finish Reg $ SALE S79 _Hinkley cast aluminum porch light Black or sand flnrsh Reg $49 S8 SALE $29 BOuolzel 19'-high Park Lane lantern Polished brass with clear glass or black With frosted glass Reg $13900 SALES109 F _Hinkley black top lantern on black AdJusta Post 7 sreel pole With ladder rest Reg $92 12 SALE $69.Hlnkley 9 -high solid brass porch light Polished or antique finish Reg $27 38 SALE $19.Hlnkley double nood light fixture Reg $69 12 SALE $49 Hinkley 13 -high solid brass carnage-lamp porch light With beveled glass panels Polished or antique finish Reg $ SALE $99 H The cost of elevating your floors just went down. nvest in Karastan.... 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20 20A Opener ~~~",, \'\ \ " \, ~ ',,\ ~-' ""\ " ~" \ ", " '~, " \ The Theatre Arts Club of Detroit will present its first play of the season Oct. 26 at p.m. at The Players. Cast in "Steel Magnolias" are Sharon Conti. Jean Hawkins. Jane Combrink-Graham. Jean Coyle. Sharon Strika and Monica Locke. 'Damn Yankees' on deck at Macomb The Broadway musical "Damn Yankees," a tune.filled fantasy about a middle-aged baseball fanatic who trades his soul for a chance to lead the Washington Senators out of the cellar mto a pennant race with the New York Yankees, has been booked for a three-night run at Macomb Center for the Perfornung Arts. Smging and dancmg to songs like "Heart" and "Whatever Lola Wants," a touring New York theater troupe W111present fully staged and orchestrated pezformances at 8 p.m Thursday, Fnday and Saturday, Oct On Broadway, the onginal verson won three Tony Awards - Best MUScal, Best Score and Lyncs and Best Book. Tickets are $22 for adults and $20 for students and semor Ctizens and may be obtamed at the Center's box office or reserved on credt card by call , Monday through Fnday, from 9 a.m to 6 p.m Macomb Center S located on the Center C&11PUSof Macomb Community College at Hall (M- 59) and Garfield Roads n Clnton Townshp Guest artists to perform Soulful folksnger John Prme of The Flymg Karamazov Broth el s, and spellbmdmg storytelhng John Patterson Will provide fow' days of vaned entertamment at the AttiC Theatre Oct 2528 Prme Wll perform Thursday and Fnday, Oct 2526, at 8 pm Tcket" are $1950 The Karama. zov shows are Saturday, Oct 27, at 7 30 and 10 p m Tckets are $19 50 John Patterson Wll ap. pear Sunday, Oct 28, at 230 and 7 pm Tckets are $12 Tickets may be purchased at the AttC Theatre box office at 7339 Third at West Grand Bou levard or by callmg Tckets are also avalable at all TlcketMaster outlets or by call mg Visa and Master- Card are accepted n the tradition of Woody Guthne and Bob Dylan, Prme's songs are reflectons of Amencan hfe - pictures captured by his gentle acoustc strummmg and gemhke lyncs, by turns funny, sad and cynical Prme's songs have been recorded by Bette Midler, Bonnie Ratt and Johnny Cash Wth more than eght albums to his credt, Prme is a recording artist on his own label, "Oh Boy Records" Opemng for him S Ann Arbor blues/folksmger Dck Segel The outrageous antics of the Flymg Karamazov Brothers follow m the weekend lmeup. Jug. glers, comcsand muscians, ths unrelated quartet of zanies SlOgs four-part harmony while throw. mg clubs, champagne bottles, eggs and an occasonal octopus Sportmg ponytails, black pantaloons and geometric-shaped black hats, these Marx Brother of the manual dextenty clrcwt PVH is proud to be in your neighborhood to serve you with.. A full range of Veterinary services Caring, experienced Veterinarians and Technicians A modern, new hosptal with state-of-the-art equipment present a pece callec "The Gamble" One member of the troupe, desgnated "The Champ," attempts to Juggle any three ob Jects presented by members of the AttiC Theatre audience Blendmg mime, dance and act mg, storyteller John Patterson performs on Sunday m his one. man show, "When the ColUleLl Band Goes Marchm" The dynamc Patterson brmgs to life lit erary landmarks of freedom by Black-American wnters mclud. mg Fredenck Douglas, W E DuBOS, James Baldwm, Langs ton Hughes, Martm Luther Kmg Jr, Alice Walker and more Americana exhibit "Detroiters Collect," an exhbton of books and other pnnted materials from the collections of 14 local collectors, Will be on Vew the thrd floor exhbit hall of the Mam DetrOt Pubhc Lbrary, 5201 Woodward in the Umversity Cultural Center, from Oct 19 through Jan 15, 1991 Vewmg hours are the same as library hours, Tuesday through Saturday, 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m and Wednesday, 1 p.m to 9 p.m The show S sponsored by the Fnends of the Detroit Public Library in cooperation with the Mchgan Center for the Book. There is no admssion charge. The theme of ths year's show is Amercana. Collectors of Amencana have an advantage m time The Amencan past S stll qute recent W1th many tems avalable for collectmg, and the American present S a fertle source of collectibles, as hstory S made daily 9.5% RA NCOME Paid MONTHLY Principal GUARANTEED AAA U.S. GOVERNMENT AGENCY YOU DECDE: When income begins For how long CALL James F.Peters, Jr. MS'f,CPA Detroit Office Director of Financial Planning Shearson Lehman Brothers KTCHENS, BATHS, FLORDA ROOMS... KTCHENS?ORMERS -PVH. VST OUR MACK AVENUE LOCATON TODAYl Veterinary Hospitals Mack Avenue (1112 blocks S. of outer Drive) MOnday-Frday 7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. OFFERS VALD AT THS LOCATON ONLY call for your appontment today: LUNAR GARAGE GARAGES _':'-~ -,-". - $ 'X20' Excluding Concrete WE RASE & RECONDTON OLD GARAGES & MODERNZATON E. 8 Mile FDC- NSURED SOUTHFELD BRMNGHAM GROSSE PONTE WOODS $5.000 MONEY MARKET nstant Liquidity Checking Privileges COMPARE YOUR BANK MANUFACTURERS 540% 1615% 6.33% ::ER N :: :E MONEY FUND Passbook Security a High nterest Rate COMPARE YOUR BANK to COMERCA. 5 70'10 NBD. 61~~ Vo MANUFACTURERS 600% M1CH NAT 5.55% R~TES ~sof'o 90 BASED ON S101XX1 8~UlNCE..... r _

21 For 20 years, Michigan Opera Theatre has stood for excellence m opera entertainment and educaton throughout the Detroit community t has also achieved national stature as one of the country's 10 largest opera companies based on its operating budget. As the curtam ascends on ~lchlgan Opera Theatre's 20th anmversary season, ths S a look back to the company's be. gmnmgs, ts early days of operatmg as a fledglmg addton to the city and state's cultural hfe, and through ts maturaton process as one of the naton's pre. mler producers of grand opera and muscal theater n 1963, David DiChiera began the production of the popular Overture to Opera series, a program of staged operatic scenes which he presented and narrated in hundreds of schools and community centers throughout the state. The program was the educational component of the Detroit Grand Opera Association which annually brought the Metropolitan Opera to DetrOlt. n addition to presenting excerpts from the Met's annual of- 1CHGAN PERA HEATRE 20th A~""'\ ERSARY ferings, Overture to Opera gradually assumed its own identity, producing more than half a dozen rarely heard one-act operas. n 1969, the celebrated bass Ttalo Tajo joined the troupe in performances of Donizetti's oneact opera "n Campanello"; the followmg year he returned to di. rect and sing in Overture to 0pera's first full-length production, "The Barber of Seville" starring mezzo-soprano Maria Ewing in her profess1onaloperatic debut. The success of this series over a period of yeard laid the groundwork for the establishment of Michigan's own professional opera company which launched ts first full-length season at Detroit's historic landmark theatre, Music Hall in The premiere season's prophetic programming path - ''La Rondine" by Giacomo Puccini and "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" by Andrew Lloyd-Webber - demonstrated the company's equal commitment to the beloved works of the grand opera and operetta tradition and the Slgnificant contributions from contemporary oomposers, with particular em. phasis on American composers. ts mission was to provide an al. ternative to the traditional grand opera presentations by the Metropolitan Opera, and to make opera accessible for everyone. n 1973, the company changed Hilberry presents 'Twelfth Night' Shakespeare's last romantc ccmedy, "Twelfth Night," directed by Mart Maraden, guest drrector from the Stratford Festival, opens at the Hilberry Theatre Saturday, Oct 27, following a preview Oct 26, and runs n repertory through Dec. 15. ''Twelfth Night" is one of Shakespeare's highest achieve. ments m sheer comedy and probably the happest play he wrote. t is a mixture of comedy and melancholy, romance and mistaken dentities. Principal roles will be played by returning company members Kate Willinger, recpent of 1990 actmg awards from both the De. trolt Free Press and The Detroit News, Bart Hansard and Lee B Michigan Opera Theatre lifts curtain Heinz, and newcomers Tami Evans and Max Baker "Twelfth Night" wll run m repertory with "NOses Off' and "Farther West" through Dee 15. For mformatlon about tckets and season subscnpton dscounts, call the Hllberry box office at its ~e to Michigan Opera Theatre m accordance with its man. date to serve the entire state. All productions were performed in English until the early '80s when both English language and original performances were offered. Michigan Opera Theatre was also the fll'st opera company in the Midwest to provide its aumences with surtitle translatiol)s, a technology which has become standard in most major opera houses around the country. Today, the company offers a full spectrum of opera entertainment, from the comedies of Moz. art to the drama of Verdi to the 20th century verismo of Stephen Sondheim. Recently, Michigan Opera Theatre has enhanced its seasons with presentations of grand classical ballet, providing Detroit audiences with the opportunity to enjoy an art form rarely seen in the city. As a result of MOT's commitment to artistic excellence and accessibility, its total base of support has grown impressively: more than 230,000 people annually are exposed to both main stage productions and educational outreach performances across the state; the company's subscribers now number more than 8,000; and its financial contributors have swelled to more than 7,500. Highlights of the company's more than 550 main stage performances include many operatic triumphs: the professional operatic debut of Kathleen Bat. tle, who is considered the finest lyric coloratura soprano in the world today; the final "Norma" of Dame Joan Sutherland and its subsequent nation-wide broadcast on National Public Radio; the revival, telecast and ensuing Broadway run of ''The Most Happy Fella"; the directorial debut of actor Sa! Mineo with ''The Medium," in which he also played Toby; the telecast of Copland's ''The Tender Land" with the composer himself at the p0- dium; the American opera debut of Cleo Laine in ''The Merry Widow;" Catherine Malfitano's frrst "La Traviata;" Victor Vergara's first "Carmen;" the American role debut of Ghena Dimitrava in "Turandot;" the historic Detroit concert debut of Luciano Pavarotti, the world premiere of Pasatieri's "Washington Square," the American premieres of the Armenian opera "Anoush" and Poland's ''The Haunted Castle." Further national recognition has come from mounting im.portant revivals of such Amencan works as Gershwin's "Porgy and Bess," BlitzBtein's ''Regina'' and Gruenberg's "The Emperor Jones." n fact, 25 percent of the company's main stage productions have been devoted to opera and musical theater works by True Color Trio The family of KODACOLOR GOLD Films ncludes the fight film to match your picture-taking needs KODACOLOR GOLD 100 Film Perfect for taking pctures outdoors under bright sunlight or ndoors With a flash American composers. And in a wonderful stroke of serendipty the final opera of this two decade-long, era, "M a- dame Butterfly," which concludes this season, will be the company's 100th presentation. The company's phlosophy of offering aspiring artists perfor. mance opportunities 18 well reo garded, and particular recognition has come for its role in the emergence of such outstanding black American singers as Battle, Maria Ewing, Leona Mitchell, Carmen Balthrop, Williel. menia Fernandez, Vinson Cole, Andrew Smith and conductor Willie Waters The spmt of this opporturnty is kept alive annually with the Young Artists Apprentice Program, whch offers nationally recruited smgers and production personnel performance and career opportunities. Under the leadership of educator and composer Karen Di. Chiera, Michigan Opera Theatre's successful winter residency program is now enjoying its 17th successive year of touring the state, bringing opera to communities in both the upper and lower peninsulas. With approximately 300 services annually, the company's 12-year-old education department has taken the national lead in providing performance pieces that both educate and entertain families and young audiences about the perils of substance abuse, smoking and a vanety of social issues. The department has given special emphass to providing necessary tools for the enjoyment of opera to the physically challenged through American Sign Language interpreted performances, audio tapes for the blind, TDD Voice for hearing impaired ticket buyers, in-school curriculum for special needs students, and has been instrumental in establishing the South East Michigan Chapter of the Very Special Arts Festival. KODACOLOR GOLD 200 Film A great multi-purpose film to choose wnen you want to be ready for anything or wnen your picture-taking conditions are likely to change $4.65 SHOW YOUR TRUECOLORS DiChiera's efforts to establish MOT as one of the pre-eminent companies in the nation have been recognized and honored, including special citations from the KODACOLOR GOLD 400 Film A fast-actlon film that delivers excellent color and clarity t also performs well n low light $4.99 [tkodakufl Jewel!ffPhoto Harper, St. Clair Shores M Detroit City Council, the Michigan State Legislature, and the Michigan Foundation for the Arts The Detroit News, in electmg hm as a Mlchgaruan of the year m 1979, stated "DiChiera has done more than any single person m the city or state to brmg opera to the people" The president of the Repubhc of taly recogmzed his achievements by mvestmg him Wlth the order of Cavahere al Mento dela Republica The company's national prestige is further enhanced by Dl- Chiera's appointments as gen. eral drrector of Opera Pacfic in Cahforrua's Orange County and artistc director of Oho's successful Dayton Opera. The relation- Shp between the three com. panies has proven to be a costeffectve means of co-producmg new, lavish mam stage produc. tlons and presenting mportant community education perfor. mances As a non-profit company, Michgan Opera Theatre denves its annual income from a vanety of sources including the sale of tickets, both season subscriptions and single performances; through the generosty of private donors, corporations, founda. tlons, state and federal agencies; and through myriad special fun. draising events coordinated by a body of dedicated volunteers Together, these sources have kept the company's $5 nnlhon plus budget defict-free and m the black, having been cited by the Ford Foundation as one of the most fiscally responsible arts orgamzations in the country. The organization is governed by a 40-member board of directors with further guidance by the 290-member board of trustees. Now entering its third decade, the company looks forward to ending its nomadic existence and establishing its presence in Detroit. Within the next four years, Michigan Opera Theatre will complete the renovation and ex. panslon of the opulent Grand Circus Theatre (formerly the Capitol) as a new opera house for the city of DetrOt and a permanent home for Miclugan 0pera Theatre's many actvites The Grand CrCUS Theatre was the first in a series of palatial vaudeville and moving picture houses to be built in the 1920s surrounding Grand Circus Park. As with all of C. Howard Crane's theaters, its acoustical properties are considered among the finest from any of its 3,000 seats or 18 boxes Resplendently decorated m talian Renaissance style, the theater boasts Tiffany stained glass panels, crystal chandeliers, frescoes, brass fixtures and marble stairways and drinkmg fountains. LBRARY UNTS on SALE NOW! Cadleul( ~, r on 20th Several years ago, the opera company concluded that ts fu. ture rested upon havlng control of its own facility, one whch would adequately house the tre. mendous resource demands of grand opera and the company's many outreach activltles, whle provding necessary audience ameruties. After an exhaustive search by MOT board members of the city's exsting facilties and analyzing costs of building a new facility, MOT selected the Grand CrCUS Theatre as the deal soluton Unhke most American urban centers which demolished ther grand theater edfices m exchange for parkmg lots, SX Harper. Detroit Open Man. Thurs 9 8 Tues. Fri & Sat CLOSED WEDNESDAY library Un 34' x '2- x 7f, H 2 Adlustable Glass Shelves D'op Lid Des~ File Drawer $599 00,. \ X ~~r 1C1 v (' season 21A former entertainment palaces within a three-block area stll stand m downtown Detroit. CollectlVely they represent the largest theater renovation program m the world. Among the naton's 15 largest cites, DetrOt S the only one whose opera company does not have a permanent home. To complete the entertainment district, anchor ts core, provde a broader programming base, bnng more employees into the area, and mtroduce new hfe year round into the area, and ultmately to satsfy the needs of the burgeorung Michigan Opera Theatre, the Detroit Opera House S bemg developed. n the hustle and bustle of your busy life Take time to 'see the leaves' For this, too, shall pass all too quickly! Open Boo~case 29' x 12"x 76- H 2 FXed Shelves 4 Adluslab e Shelves $ Start and cnd at the Clarion~ Hotel in Big Rapids and enjoy our Special October Gold Package Rates Single-$64 Double-$ \ kl'uflh 'llf!lkcd color lour 1',11 pro\ ldl {hl mil") tflu1 rllurl W llljo\ lhl rel 1\ {loll ll! rllrllllol1 (ml\ \\l lln oikr 'ool-c, 111-\\ lmlpool (,olt R 1l(!Ull ( lub lor 2 (0l1!,!l1l1111l1n BrlJkta'l or 2 L 111\lr,m ( ub -Adult l1\ ronllk1l ~la\ 2 lu[.,lm ll "till l'l"mllll dll gold "lib 1 10) (h~ulllllt on \ our \u.ond l1ght '" "orl\ Call the Clarion Hotel for Reservations '1 Pem '-met. Big Rapds. t\llchlgan "18 COUNTRES: PHOTOGRAPHS FROM AROUND THEWORLD" One-Man Exhibition Monte Nagler October 11 - October 21 Meet the Artist 7:00-9:00 PM Thursday & Friday Oct 11 & 12 - Oct 18 & 19 SOMERSET MALL W Big Beaver Rood at Coolidge Troy Sun 125/ Monday Tnur,doy Friday 10-9/ Other Days 10-6 'Saks F Hh AvpncJ2 open Man - Fri 10 9 Fournier's Furniture Ooor Bookcase 29' x, 2" x 76" H 2 Fxed Shelves 4 AdJustab'e Shelves $ Harper, 51 Clair Shores Open Man Thu rs Tues Fn & Sat CLOSED WEDNESDAY COMPLETE MCROfLMNG SERVCE oj..." 1'::1= nllj nr4tlnllj 2"

22 22A By Dan Jarvis Staff Writer owllel of Grosse Pomte Book Vd. lage, Gwendolyn Bashara Sdm uel, was presented wth the op portumty to Jom forces wth the School Bell to move mto Kercheval, she also Jumped Located next dool to the former Site of the Book Village, also established 15 yem sago, the combmed store now offel b all thmgs educatonal for kids and adults, as dd both operat loll" m the past But now, hke the phrabe "bg gel' than both of us," the ston> offers somethmg nether StOie could provide before combll1d hon theme gfts for kids Accordmg to Book Vllage Manager Stephame Elall1e Sam uel, parents often come 111 look mg for somethmg for a chld and are delighted that both the Book By Ronald Michael G. Magee, chef engmeer for the Hu on Clmton Metropolitan Authonty, has receved d 25 year HCMA servce pin He JOined HMCA June 28, 1965 He began as a staff desgn engneel and then was p mclpal design engneer pnor to bell1g pi omoted to hs present post on March 31 He lecelved a bachelor of SCence degree n CVlengmeerlng flom Wayne State Umverslty in 1966 He S d resdent of Grosse Pomte Woods. J. Bernas Grosse Pomte Woods resdent John Casey has JOined Banker & BllsebOls as marketmg drector Based m Birrmngham, Banker & BllsebOls S a natonal retal advertsing firm and has been operat- ng Snce 1912 Casey Will be responsble for the marketmg and pro moton of the many servces the company offers retal furmture dealel sand furmture manufacturers. Casey Wll also SUpervse all copywlltmg fd! the firm Previously, Casey had been advertlsmg manager for Frst of Amenca Bank m DetrOt Burton ~g~ A m<lllhlge of convenience or good llll"1l'"'' sense? Both,,HCOldlllg to the managel" oj till' GO"se Pomte Book Vtllage dnd School Bell, speak Rod Burton of Grosse Pointe Park has joined DDB Needham Detroit as Vlee president, management supervsor Burton's primary focus Wll he m new busmess development A 3D-year veteran m the advertismg busmess, Burton was formerly vce plesldent/duector of the retal dvsion for SX years at J Walter Thompson, DetrOt. Before Jom 109 J Walter Thompson , Burton managed hj~ own firm, Burton Advertsmg, for almost 20 years He S also a member of the board of governors for the NatOnal Academy and Sciences of TeleVSOn Arts Ken Forrester of Grosse Pomte Woods has been named drector of anesthesa servces of Hutzel Hosptal Forrester's prevous postons mclude coordmator of anesthesia services and staff nurse anesthetst He Jomed Hutzel's staff m He earned a bachelor's degree m nursmg from Mchgan State Umverslty, a bachelor of ;,clence degree flom Wayne State Universty and a master's degree 111adm1111stratlOn from Central Michgan Universty Larry D. Rankens, formerly of Grosse Pomte Woods, has Jomed the mstltutonal trust and mvestment management group of Manufactmers Natwnal Bank of DetrOt as first Vce presdent. Rankens S the crucel m-charge of the busmess development dvson He S re..,pon;,lble fo! mat ketmg the bank's trust servces to compames thloughout the Mdwest PrOr to Jommg Manufacturers, Rankens was vce plesldent m charge of llmos Ttust Busmess Development fo N 13D Bank, N A m llmos Margit A. Jackson of Grosse Pomte Shores was named an alter nate delegate of the state's delegaton to the 1991 White House Con fcence on Lbrary and nfo!matlon Servces in July 1991 Jackson S the btate treasurer for the League of Women Voters The selectons "el e made by senate majorty leader John M Engler and house speaker LeWSN Dodak William E. Lauppe of DetrOt Automotve Parts m Grosse Pomte wa" elected to the board of drectors of the Mchgan Automotve Pats Assoclatwn by the assocatongeneral membership As a member of the board for the tenn, Lauppe Wll provde leader ;,hlp and dn ecton for the assocaton's656 members Lauppe S a esldent of Grosse Pomte Paul Saylor of Grosse Pomte has been named a producer at l'dmpbell-mlthun Esty Advertlsmg n ths new poston, Saylor S rsponslble for the production of all televson commercials from m ceptlon to completon for the 28 Jeep and Eagle dealer assocatons natonwide Most recently, Saylor was a Jumor producer m the hi nadcast productwn department Prior to JOmng the firm m 1987, h( worked for a year at Tracy LockelBBDO as an assstant account l'.l'cutlve on the Peps! busmess and for four years at BBDO as a t,lffic coordmator on the Dodge account Brucf' C. Thelen has been elected to a one year term as charman of the nternatonal Law secton of the State Bar of Mchigan The nterna tona La" <;cctlon was formed m re sponse to the rapid growth of mternatwnal lcgal practice n Mchgan The secton sponsors semnars, luncheon programs and other actvtes of mterest to the mternatldnal legal and busmess commumtles Thelen e;a Grosse Pomte resdent Thelen Michael B. Blashfield has been named a lectmer n Lawrence Technologcal 1hlVerslty's Collegp of MHnagement B,l..,hfield hold.., a bachelor's degree from Eastern Michgan Unvere;lty and S on the faculty of Unversity Lggett School He S a resldpnt of Grosse POnte F'armc; Vll,lge and 8dlOO) Bell Cdn Pdch olfel om' h'lll oj an almo'it tallol made gill At Book Vdldge, p,uent;, Cdn pick up Joe l(,hllmdll'" book tj ted "The Blllll,1l Bodv," \\hde tl1[> SdlOol Bell C,l oll(,l the ha lids on OnH ga me, "SOllP Bod~ ", Both complement each otllel and mole thdl1 Ollle, pmpnts h,\\ e plll dl<l;,ed the t\\ 0 t(>m;, tog('t1w, 'idld the voungel Sam uel, 19, cl 1989 hy]aduate of Glo..,..,ePOlllte South 1"01 d H,d!O\PP theme, the School Bell of!e'i,m edulclt OM to) "Bag of BOlw..,," le,ltm mg d ;,keletoll 11\ a b,l~ t;, pdltnel Plll1t " t1w book, Funn\ Bone",' 111 which d ;,keletoll dog JUllP" f<l d SUlk dnd 1.111"clp,1l t when t flits the by] ound The objcct the book S for the dog s human pals to put t togpthel COrectly Othel combmatlom, llclude the Sesame Street Snuffieupagus 111 puppet and book form FO the e;taffs on both SdeS of the store, the combmatlon" seem endless Both Sides offel a selecton of storybook Videos, With the Book Vllage Sde!eatm mg cldsscs hke "Capt,n Kd" Wth Charles Laughton The School Bell Sde Specldl7e" kid style Vdeos such as "Let's Smg Along," a concel1 fo! kds whch comes complete With a toy mcrophone When t comes to books alone, the Book Village offers a com plete selecton fm adults, mclud mg "Plams of Passage" by Jean M Auel, and a complete selec tlon of chldlen's books, mclud mg those by author and llust! a tol' ChrS Van Allsburg And fm tho"e mtcl ested m Great Lakes shpwrecks and 10 cal h;,tory. there me several to choose from "One of the best thmgs S that we have come to know many of Oill customer" and we can spe clal order tems f we don't have so well S that both sides recommend each othel's tems Bemg under one roof allows them to get to know the stock of fered by the other Sde Though some would say t's twice as much mel chandlse to be famliar With, Samuel Sad the partnership S a "match made 10 heaven" School Bell owner Rta Flah erty, who also teaches fifth grade at Kerby Elementary School n the Farms, sees t much the same way "One of our goals S to encourage everyone to be readers as ~;ell as thlnkel s," Flahety sad We never outgrow the need to educate ourselves." Flaherty sad one of the spe Book Village, School Bell find a winning combination mg of the pcent Jomt venture of the two btores, no\\ Side by Side undel one loof 111 the Village b t two "toles 01 one? '" 1\\0 "tol's one and t's,11) thng but conventonal Hel e ;, the "etup Thl' School Bell, established 15 ye,l" ago, \\ as located on :'vlack AH'nue 111 GlOsse Pomte City \Vhen ownel Rta Flaherty got the opportunity to move the educatonal toy and game outlet fo khb to the Vllage, she lumped at t J\ t t lw "lint> tllte when the Photo by Dan Jar\ S "A match made in heaven" is how Stephanie SamueL left. describes the relationship between the staffs at Grosse Pointe Book Village and the School Bell. which recently opened under one roof at 17047Kercheval in the Village. At right. School Bell manager Pat Manthe holds one of the many combinations for kids offered by both the Book Village and School Bell. them at the moment," Samuel sard Because Samuel has been commg to hel mother's stm e sll1ce she was Just 4 yeal s old and be gan workmg thel e neally seven yea! s ago, she's had plenty of OPPD!tUl1ltles to get to know the Book Village's long tel m custom els BeSdes her WOlk at Grosse Pomte Book Village, Samuel S actve m Grosse Pomte Theatre, both as a pelformer and choreographer, and S Cill'Tently chore 0- g'aphmg the musical revew "Cole," based on the musc of Cole Porter Samuel Sad the one thmg that makes the partnershp between the two busmesses work caltles of the School Bell S oflenng educatonal tools for chlld- 1en Wth specal needs "Thel e S a Wde selecton of matellal that we can order to keep them interested m learnmg," she said "We avod the fads because there are so many good qualty thmgs that can help the chldren thmk " She added that the combmations that the two stores can offer go beyond what S on the shelves Summmg up the last few months of cooperaton by the two stores, Samuel said, "The rela tlonshlp between the two stores works very well Who knows where t Will go?" Ann Arbor Antiques Market 5055 Ann Arbor-Saline Road Ann Arbor, Michigan Our 22nd Season SUNDAY OCTOBER 215t 5:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Thi rd Su nday of the Month (except November) Over 350 Dealers in Quality Antiques and Select Collectibles All Under Cover All items guaranteed as represented. Locator service for specialities and dealers; onsite delivery and shipping service. FREE PARKNG ADMSSON $3.00 For additional information Look in todays classified section under 400 headings for antiques For Further nformation contact M. Brusher, Manager P.O. BOX 1512, Ann Arbor, M 48106

23 g~ New Saturn shows some signs of a promising future tlon and a new name removed from the rest of GM, a new factory n Tennessee using revolutionary methods and technologies to build them, a Wide val'lety of mnovatlons on the car tself and a marketing approach that ~tressed qualty, workmanship and the human element of Saturn Even Saddam Hussem lent a hand With his mvaslon of Kuwait by provokmg fears of higher fuel pl'lces Just as Saturn unveils ts small Japanese-type cms, which are rated by EPA at 23 through 27 miles per gallon city and 32 through 37 highway But perhaps the most mportant market wedge the Saturn has S ts pnce structure, which starts at $7,995 With a basic package of equipment, the Pl'lce Will appraoch $10,000, but dealers are confident they can sell a lot of Sat urns at that prce About 30 dealerships on the West Coast and Southeast Will begin later this month selhng the first new car lme from GM smce the Oakland was replaced by the Pontiac m And there are other aspects of Saturn's market plan which are mterestmg Saturn dealers are encouraged to operate in a more busmesslike and less "horse tradmg" manner than the retaj1 auto business is used to f all goes well, there wj11be no dickering over price, no dscounts, no rebates, no hagghng over usedcar trade-in allowance - m short, the Saturn wj1l be bold much the way a Honda or Mazda S. Salespeople wj1l be authorlzed to close deals without approval of managers. The usual method is for the salesperson to make a deal With the customer, then get it approved by a manager. Smce this system lends tself nicely to By Richard Wright use of the lowball, which the manager kicks up the pnce one way or another, t arouse~ SU"pl con m the buyer, and nghtly "0 f all goes accordmg to plan, the Saturn Will be sold like other merchandlbe, With a mmlmum of hagglmg and costly SUrpll't('<; Thl!> should make buymg a new car a lot less scary than t is now for many people The big que'ltlon H,of course, will the Saturn actually cut mto ~ale" of,jdpane!>e car~? Many buyer~ al e deeply skeptical about the Amencan automakers' ablity or mtentlon of achlevmg thf' kmd of quality that the Jap dne<,e have t Wll take tme and t Will take a different kmd of car than u!>ually come~ out of DetrOit The Saturn may well be that different kmd of car t" modern styling c;eem." a combmatlon of GM and Japanese (the sport!> coupe looks a lot like a Geo Storm, which get~ generally high mark!> for t!> appearance) and there ha<; bepn an effort to make 23A t feel and drive like a Jupane!>e car Detroit hus had little ';UCCCH." n rolling back the tide of 1m ports over the years Henry <'ord once said Ford Motor Co wa" gomg to push the mport~ "back to the sea," but Ford'!> effort~ have met With no more succes!-t than GM's or Chryslers's Some of the mport fighter~ have had great sales succe!>s, m cludmg Chevrolet's Chevette and CitatOn and Ford's Pmto and Escort, but they did not stem the tide of mports and had no dls cernable effect on Japanese sales growth They seemed to have more appeal to buyers of Amen can car~ Saturn want!> to change that All rght, was wrong About a year after the Saturn project was announced by Gen eral Motors, confidently predicted that there would never be a car named Saturn bullt by General Motors m the Umted States t was Just a pubhclty stunt (GM did get years of pubhclty from the project) designed to get the federal government off the corporaton's back (some thmg did t) But now Saturn S ready to move mto the market, the latest m a long lme of mport-fighters, but by far the most serouseffort ever made by an Amencan auto company to take sales back from Japan f t comes even close to GM's plans fo! t, the Saturn Will assure Roger R Smith's place m automotlve history as a VSOnary and a great leader, filmmaker Michael Moore no twltlu,tdmllllg f t doesn't fare well against the Japanese, well, nether did the Corvalr, the Vega, the Chevette, the X bodies But none of the prevous import fighters had eight years of plannmg and de velopment, a separate corporaf t Market OpmlOn Research and Product & Consumer Evalua tlons nc have Jomed to form MOR-PACE nc, as the holdmg company of each operatlon Grosse Pomte resident Frederick P CUlTier, former chairman of MOR, Will become chairman of the new company PACE and MOR Will contmue to opelate mdependently Female management seminar scheduled Madonna College m Livoma will offer a seminar, "SUpervisOn and Management for the Woman Manager," Saturday, Oct 27 from 8:30 a m to 3 p m The cost S $50 Major topcs to be dscussed mclude: The workmg woman's role m the '90s and beyond, the great balancmg act career, educaton, social life and family Two successful women executives will be the presenters For more mformatlon, call the Continumg EducatlOn Department at Madonna College is located at 1-96 and Levan Road, Llvoma Women to meet The Busmess Management n stltute of Marygrove College Will sponsor a one-day workshop for "The Entrepreneurial Woman" on Saturday, Nov 3, from 9 am to 4 pm m the Madame Cadillac Hall located on the College campus at 8425 West McNichols at Wyommg m northwest DetrOlt The workshop, desgmed for women mterested m "Startmg Their Own Busmess," w1l1focus on topics such as Selectmg a Busmess Opportumty, Developmg a Busmess Plan, Structurmg Your Company, Taxes, Licenses and Permits, Fmancmg Your Business, Marketmg Your BUSness and The Powel of Networkmg Women busmess owners featured are. Barbara Poulos, presl dentjceo of Busmess BaSCS Semmars and of Franchise Mar ketmg, nc, and Joy A Schmidt, MBA, CFP, founder and presl dent of Joy Schmidt and Assoclated,nc Other program presenters m- clude Dorothy Benedict, small busmess consultant With NLAC Economic Development Center, and Heidi M. Bulich, J.D, and Cynthia A Moore, J D, who are associates m the DetrOlt office of Dlckmson, Wnght, Moon, Van Dusen and Freeman The keynote luncheon speaker, Jeanne G PalUZZ, APR, wlll speak on ''The Tricks, The Traps and The Treasures of Bemg on Your Own" PalUZZ, owner of JGP Marketmg Group nterna tlonal, nc, develops strategic plan<; to launch new and expand mg companies Today Michigan, four out of five new bu<;ll(><''>cs arc "tarted by \\omen. The $98 work<;hop fee mcludes lunch and matenal" To register or for more mformatlon, call MarygTove College, Office of ContlllUlng EdllcatlOn, at , ext 240 A new Vein Clinics of America opened recently in St Clair Shores at Greater Mack, phone The climc spe- Cializes m treatment of varicose vems by mjectlon-compression sclerotherapy The new procedure S performed on an outpatient bass at one fourth the cost of surgery, and cure rate m most cases S close to 97 percent, accordmg to a release ssued by the company Gallerie 454, Kercheval m Grosse Pomte Park, S hostmg an exhibiton of contemporary glass sculpture to celebrate the grand openmg of the gallery's new sculpture gallery The exhibit Will run from Oct 20 through Nay 14 - ATTENTON Borg to address secretaries The Detroit chapter of Professional Secretaries nternatonal (PSD will hold its monthly meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 24 at the Portslde nn, 3455 Biddle Avenue Wyandotte. Cocktails Will be available from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m., and dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m. Tom Borg, president of Tom Borg & Assocates, will speak on "Re-nventing Customer Service." Borg is a professional consultant and speaker who has conducted training programs, semmars and workshops smce 1982 and has been a featured guest on a number of televison and radio talk shows. Cost for the meetmg is $17 For more information, contact Ann Dlckmson at RECYCLERS Grosse Pointe Citizens for Recycling ANNUAL MEETNG Wednesday, October 24th - 7:30 p.m. Cleminson Hall, C.P. South High School Speaker: Mr. Terry L. Guerin, Administrator of Solid Waste Management for Wayne County EVERYONE WELCOME! ADMSSON FREE For more information call or Relatives in TALV? Dean Witter has investments which are designed for non-u.s. citizens who live outside the United States. These investments are exempt from U.S. federal income withholding taxes for qualified individuals. Some of these investments are available only by prospectus. FOR FURTHER NFORMATON, CALL JOHN DeLORA (800) Sul1rheinrich honored Judge Richard F. Suhrheinrich was honored by his former law firm on the occa.loll vi hi:> appointment to the U.S. Court ot Appeals for the Sixth Circuit. The hrm. Kitch, Saur~lor. Drul chas. Wagner & Kenney. was founded in 1969 by Suhrheinrich and fuchard A. Kitch. From four lawyers and two secretaries. the firm has grown to one of the largest lull-service law firms in Michigan with more than 100 lawyers. Looking over the portrait at Suhrheinrich that was presented to him are, from let!. Jeremiah J. Kenney of the law firm. U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Cornelia Kennedy, SuhrheUlrich and Richard A. Kitch. $2,000 REBATES AVALABLE NOW 4 <l' 3010 P s P b rear delog :, l'tlewa~ 1111 \ sole wnoow delrosl oono 4 cynde! S~ fj , c;m Employee LST $ option NOW $8,677 ~:~" L-S_ AV _ E _$5_68.-1 BRAND NEW 1990 CUTLASS SUPREME COUPE ~\ 2 <t coupe ~c Sde delog rem rn,"ors ps ~)'!Bl se<ro'cass tucl<els roo'lmg ~(J PlJlse m A rear m.1s ClW.' V 6 P w oonveneo«!1o-l rear de~ 5.urn ""'eets Sill. 7j&J LST $ NOW Sf 2,399 ~~" c;m Employee option SAVE $844 4d' 3010 Ps P b :, Dn\ SlefW '" ~ doli. 4 Cj1.OOlf sole del'osl S~.7250 LST$'3 518 em Employee Option" NOW.~, ~"':'n<l SAVE $654 1ft 870 ncludes Shipping and deshnallon Just add taxes and plates Allincenhves back to dealer Frst lima 1990 CUTLASS CALAS BRAND NEW ;:5:-.z ~ 1990 CUTLAS~ CERA 8r! ~-.-~ -- - ~, Buyer Program ncluded you quall~ed Wllh GMAC 1990 EGHTY.ECHT ROYALE 4 <t V ~ P s P b P w P locks cruse A),!,f),! cassene rear delog ilonm"m ""eels pllsd1pr1g AC ljy loaded S< '&492 A clem a LST $ $ NOW 14,995 The New Geneationof ",,~~~:f.~~ 1991'5 N STOCK NOW! UOLDSMOBLE ~~.f.~~ SERVCE OPEN nl MDNCHT DRUMMY OLDSMOBilE "772~i200mabile DealgiM1lt&f GRATOT!!..!) COMPLETE MCROFLMNG SERVCE laj ~f\c:t: f"\1jlj n"'atfn~ -

24 24A NOW'S THE TME TO GET GREAT VALUES AT YOUR METRO DETROT LNCOLN-MERCURY DEALER FOR 1991 MERCURY TOPAZ GS Cash Down Payment Refundable Security Deposit Option Package 363A savings Total Cash Due at Lease nception ncludes First Month's Lease payment' Total Amount of payments 24 Monthly Lease Payments of $2, $ $1, $ $4, $ WHY PAY FOR THE WHOLE PE WHEN YOU ONLY WANT A PORTON? You want a new Cdr every two yams or so Now yoll, can have one How? Only pay for what you use Heres how t works We take the total cost of the car, then deduct the guaranteed future value Your payments are the difference, plus a lease charge based on the total cost of the vehicle. So your monthly cost S much less than With a conventional purchase financed over the same pen ad of time. The benefits go on and on PLUS C,' i: t 11!:,, f YOUR CHOCE for PLUS PLUS Cash Down Payment $ Refundable Security Deposit $ option Package 451A Savings $ T01alCash Due at Lease nception ncludes First Month's Lease Payment' $3, T01alAmount of Payments $7, Monthly Lease Payments at' $ ALL WTH AUTOMATC TRANSMSSON 1991 GRAND MARQUS LS 1991 LNCOLN TOWN CAR JUST A MONTH 1991 SABLE GS PLUS t ; -: ";\ FORS AND AR CONDTONNG A MONTH Cash Down Payment Refundable Security Deposit Option package 172A Savings Total Cash Due at lease nception ncludes First Month's Lease Paymen~1 Total Amount of Payments 24 Monthly Lease Paymenfs af COUGAR LS,,r l~}j ~ l~t..., ~L> ADDTONALPROGRAMNfORMATON CustomelCash Back dlrecllylrom Lincoln Mercuryon199, modelswllh a 24 month Ford C ed,t Red Carpet lease $600 on Topaz GS S750 on Sable GS $500 on Grand Marquis LS $1300 on Town Car Customer Cosh Bock can be applied toward payment retundable securlly deposit and first monlh spaymenl O! you may keep lhe cash for cosh bock and special lease lerms you must lake new vehicle delivery rom dealer stock by Toiol cosh due 01lease ncephon ncludes a retundable S9CU'lydeposll cash down paymenl and first mon1hsleose payment 'Lease payment sbased on Manufaclurer ssljggestedrelall Pllce $12525 on TOpozGS $11629on Sable GS$16637 on CoogorLS $21B25on Gmnd Marquis LSand $30 038on TownCO' ncluding option package savings pel model 0$ shown above Leasepaymenllncludes destination chages but excludes the taxesone! license fee one! SbaSed on a 24 monlh closed end Red Capel Lease from ford Credll Lesseemay have the opuon 10pUlchose he cor a1 lease end at a price to be negotlaled wllh lhe deoterat lease ncepllon However lessee hos no obligation 10 pulchose the Co' alleose end lessee sresponslb1elorexcess wea and lea 30 OCOmlle$l$ the lotol mileage allowed wllh on S 11 per mile charge OYef Lease subject to crad applo'v'olone! nsurability 0$ determined by fo<d Credit See yoor Lincoln Mercury dealer 10<hSprice and 1ermssee yourd901f!11ordetails (_0'."._) " / 40H~lS\"C. $5, $ $ $5, $7, $ Cash Down Payment $ Refundable Security Deposit $ Option Package 262A Savings $ Total Cash Due at Lease nception ncludes First Month's Lease payment' $3, Total Amount of Payments $7, Monthly Lease Payments at' $ Cash Down Payment $ Refundable security Deposit $40000 Total Cash Due at Lease nception ncludes First Month's Lease payment' $6,78321 Total Amount of payments $9, Monthly Lease Payments at' $ _l1li,... LNCOLN Apollo 2100 W Stadium Blvd Krug Michigan Ave Bob Maxey Mack Avenue at Cadieux Park Motor Bob Dusseau Stu Evans Hines Park Mel Farr Woodward Ave Grand River Ave Ford Rd Ann Arbor Rd (at 1-275) 4178 Highland Road Opposite Palmer Park ,0 ' Crissman 1185 South Rochester Rd Arnold Gratiot at 12 Mile Rd /.,1,\, Diamond 221 N Main St at 11 Mile \, ' 11 Star Stu Evans Crest Bob Borst Sesi W 12 Mllp Rd Fort St at Pennsylvama Van Dyke at 151/2Mile 1950 west Maple 950 East Michigan ~ L

25 Churches 4B Bridge 2B Grosse Pointe Board of Realtors 8.17B Section B Grosse Pointe N~ws Woman's Club is dedicated to friendship, service, enrichment By Margie Reins Smith Feature Editor Forty years ago ths month, about 25 women - newcomers to the P01l1tes - responded to an 11VltatlOn sslwd by the Grosse Pointe War Memonal They met 111 the Veteran's Room at the War Memo 1'1alfor a socal afte1'l1oondesigned to promote f1'1endshlp and to acquaint them with the War MemOral's faclites The afte1'l1oon's program featured a voln rectal by a talented 15 year-old flam Denby Hgh School and a demonc;trat!on of flower arrangmg techmques Mrs Fredenck C Ford and Mrs Charles B LOtd were responsble for the gathering Mrs Frank P Lster served as hostess for the autunm afternoon The women were so enthusiastic, they decided to get together agam fact, to meet once a month The two dozen women became the founders of the Neighbors Club, a woman's organizaton which has evolved mto what S known today as the Grosse Pointe Woman's Club Over ts 40-year hstory, the group has grown to 240 members. "t started as a neighborhood group. We just sat around and talked. We were seeking friendship," said Marjorie Stoner, one of the charter members. Stoner moved to Grosse Pointe in "The purpose was to welcome women new to the area and to introduce them to the War Memorial," said Mary Grace Adams, also a charter member. Adams moved to the Pointes in "We were called the Neighbors Club of the Grosse Pointe War Memorial Center at first," she said. "We had outstanding leadershp. We worked as volunteers for bloodmoble dnves We worked for the Red Cross and we sewed cancel' pads We performed and acted m plays Some of the women played bndge" Other programs mcluded book revews, fashon shows and lectures about gardening. "We were a very mformal group. Very congenial. Not sophstcated We had lots of fun and got to know each other beautfully," Adams sad The group met on the first Man day of the month_ Dues were 50 cents a meeting. By January 1951, the club membershp had doubled and the group had elected officers and adopted bylaws By 1952, membershp had reached 95 "We weren't looking to become mvolved m social ssues of the day," Adams said. "The group was stnctly for frendship and enrichment. n fact, the articles of incorporaton specifically state that the club S not to become mvolved in Marjorie Stoner poltcal camp31gns, pendmg legslaton or propaganda activites" n 1953, the group JOined the De bolt Federation of Women's Clubs and changed ts name to the Grosse Pomte Woman's Club Accordmg to Adams and Stoner, one of the group's most popular activites was a parlamentary law class taught by Mrs John Grffin Other actvtes mcluded a bndge group, a dscusson6'10up and a ser- Vce group whch worked for Children's Hosptal Members planned tours of the lbrary, held a Men's Nght, and presented programs n volvmg art, travel, hterature and current events. n 1954, membershp had reached 212 and the group separated from the War Memonal to become an mdependent organzaton. A scholarshp comittee was formed Schol. arships were awarded each sprng to local students n the early 50s, the club had a symphony commttee whch provded refreshments for members of the Grosse POlllte Symphony Orchestra during rehearsal breaks and at the receptons after the sym- Mary Grace Adams phony's first few concerts The orchestra later Oganl/ed an auxlary to take over these actl Vi tes By 1967, thcl e wel e 239 mem bel's m the Glo"se Pomtc Woman's Club Janet McConkey, newly elected presdent, ha" been a member fm 10 years She Sad that monthly meetmgs usualy draw between 125 and 130 members to the War Mem O'ial for tea, coffee, sandwches and a program "\\' c hm c t\\0 fund1 alsd ~ cuch year n November, we have a more elaborate lunch and perhaps a fash On show ThS year the prog'am Wll be 'Gender ssues m the courts' n May, we have a fashon show and luncheon, u:'>uallyat the Yacht Cluh We use the funds to award scholarshps, two each year, to female students at the two pubhc hgh schools" She sad the Woman's Club S lookmg for new members CUl rently, most of the members ale 40 or over Few members are n ther Janet McConkey P1Hllo" b\ \1 lll...,,!f Ht.ln ~rnjth :30" 01 younger because so many are workmg Lke most women's OtgamzatlOns, McConkey Sad, the Woman':,>Club has adapted to the trend of women returmng to fulltme employment "We used to meet for two or three hours Now we plan somethlllg that dllow:'>women to take one or 1 1/2 hours to hear a speaker, then get bdck to work" Over the years, the Grosse Pointe Woman's Club has sponsored a va. llet} of programs and fundralsmg projects ranglllg from a panel on Juvenle dehnquency, lectures on Grosse Pomte's mansons, canasta partes, bake sales, fabhlon shows and blldge luncheons They've donated money for needy Grosse Pomte famles at Chrstmas, funded Halloween partes for teenagers and donated money to decorate the War Memonal's Chrstmas tree. They've worked on dozens of sel vice projects, mcludmg kmttlllg mttens and glvlllg holiday partes for needy children, conducting blood drves, collectmg eyeglasses for the needy and volunteering at a variety of inbtitutions such as hospitals and the Foundation for Exceptional Children. "The club offers an opportunity to share fellowship, community and cama raderie with other women in the Pointes and to provide and share in the concerns of the community:' Adams said. en- "t's a conscientious, lghtened group," Mc- Conkey said. " always have fun. wouldn't miss a meeting," Stoner said. f ~_..~--_ --.. CO-M.p.L..ETllle.. SE..,j;y : e lls.. sllle.. _w T..~..! ~ +_ e_e_._, H.., "- - -._- e' -

26 Myra 1. GUDDis and Fred W. Gottob Gunnis-Gottlob Mr. and Mrs James J Gunms.. of St Clall' Shores, formerly of Grosse Pomte Woods, have announced the engagement of thell' daughter, Myra J. Gunms, to Fred W Gottlob, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred R. GQttlob of South. gate A fall weddng is planned Gunnis earned a bachelor of science degree from Wayne State Uruverslty She is director of accounting at E & L Transport Co Gottlob earned a bachelor of science degree m bllbmess admlmstratlon from Central Michigan Umverslty. He S a commod. tles broker With H.C. MacClaren nc Sachs-Amato Louise Sachs of Gro"se Pomte Pal k has announced the engage nwnt of her daughter, Stephame Anne Sachs, to Petel And ew Amato, son of Sam and Shrley Amato of St Clair Shores An October weddmg S planned Sachs S a graduate of Grosse Pomte South High School and S completmg pre medical studies at Wayne State Umverslty She S office manager at Oxford Pe dlatllc Chmc m Grosse Pomte Woods Amato S a graduate of Grosse POinte North Hgh School and S studymg commercial photogl'aphy at the Center for Creative Studies He S the purchasmg agent at Lochmoor Club Kourelis-Bricolas Steve and Helen Kourehs of Grosse Pomte Woods have an nounced the engagement of their daughter, Mary Kourehs, to Lows Bncolas, son of Stephen ~ 1D B& 4H A75432 K432 A64 + : :96 wl~tie + ~ !J! Becker Louie Bricolas and Mary KoureJis and lene Bllcolas of Mount Cle mens A Novembel weddmg S planned. Bridg=e================-- :- HAVE A PLEASANT TRY AT PERFECTON.: :. BRDGE BY WOODY BOYD t,.... have never had the pleasure of pa} mg wllh Dorothy Hayden Truscotl, but t S a whm dearly c1mg to Dorothy's luster (26th ranked world grand master) S so universal that fe\\ \\ould quibble that she has been the leadmg world class woman player for over twenty five years Coupled \\th this emmence S her magruficent '. t, arlthmeucal reckonmg and playmg probity She Se\ er so pop ular because of her charm. magmflcent partnership conslderallon and gfted poise All of these charactensucs bloom m her many successful manuscrpts on blddmg/play and adventuresome table expenences Two of her many famous hands came from play with her favorite partne~ the mmortal B J Becker Every bridge columrust has wntten about the one she and B J played m the 1963 ntemallonal Team Trials m whch they reached SX clubs thru a blddmg mx up Wth three small hearts m each hand The defense faled to lead the SUit and Becker found a prize wmmng line of play to Win twelve trcks t '. as an epic adventure m bndge hstory. The other. today's hand. S one of those dlfficuilles that becomes Smple when you see, but an agonizing quests for t\\ eh e ttlcks that pans you n your search for the proper play There are many others from her gallery of great exlublts, but tlus one parucularly wj1ltest your best mtellectual stress Dorothy's prologue S wonderful, so let her pen set the stage "t seems a mid western motonst was lost on one of the country roads of southern Mmnesota. so he ~topped and asked a farmer for drecllons After some thought and scratchmg hs head for a while. the farmer came up Wth this marvelous but puzzling reply, 'Well }ou can't get there from here'.. And that S how tooay's hand gamed l's name East at 19 H C P sat m shaken dsbelief at B J and Dorothy'S action when the bidding returned to hm HS llustnous opponents must be crazy he thought Conceivably a se\en save m the mmors might be nght, but m the presence of experts hs tmid nature con\ meed hm to lay n '. all as such an mprudent call as!hells would naturally have to crash Dununy's damond ace...on he obvous smgleto:l lead B J lnmedlately reall1ed there was a communicaton problem Settmg up dummy's spade SU.. w K J 10 Dorothy 6H K Q J AKQ97 Both Vulnerable 8 AQJ West leads D 5 for damond discards was his only hope. but how could he get there from here as often as he had to With the cards as they are? He could wm the spade ace, ruff a spade and re-clter dummy Wth the trump kmg to ruff a thrd spade, but then what? The dummy was empty of entrys so he couldn't get to the good spades from his Side or could he?.. By now my readers can obvously see how B J did t At trick four. after ruffmg the spade 10 his hand. he let West Win his trump five Wth her slxl West S now end played at this early stage A spade play by West would be ruffed by declarer. sellmg the SUit and the trump kmg would stili be the much needed enlry to run spades lfwest mstead led a club dummy ruffs and declarer pitches a damond Now the thrd spade ruff and the trump kmg S the extra entry to dwnmy's set up spade SUit As the fanner said. "You can't get there from here," but B J did'.,.{ ~i J ) " '.: Kow'ehs earned a bachelor of scence degree m bllbmess adnlllllstl at On and S presently WO kmg on a master's degl ee n accountmg Bncolas S a f,'l'aduate of Glosse POlllte South High School He S self employed Engaged? Married? Call October MOT overview Steven SUBkin, Michigan 0pera Theatre's dlrector of development, will speak on Thursday, Oct 18, at 7:30 p.m. in the meetmg room at the Grosse Pointe library. SUBkin will present an ovemew of the Michigan Opera Theatre's season, which opens Nov. 2 with Verdi's opera "Rlgoletto." The second part of the program will be a slide presentation of the DetrOt Opera House project. There is no charge. ReservatlOns may be made by callmg lau PET L a E L, 7 c'u. \t/eder CARE We'll feed and exercise your little friend while you work or vacaton. House Stting, dog walking, transportation to vet or grooming and dog training at your home are also available. Daily/Weekly Rates 25% off 1sf week W/Coupon Togetherness family 0 Children ;:, ~~ ". &pecial<3,~ -.-'"'4 5PAN6L - ", PHOTOGRAPHY... OF COURSE 1835 Fleetwood Corner of Mack J / nml\'1'n'l~ wmu,u@ ST-"ART" TPS, i RECEDNG PLANES To create a feeling of depth in a painting or drawing, it is necessary to make some objects recede into space while others advance. The method of overlapping objects is one way to accomplish this. Remember that distant objects look smaller and less detailed than those which are closer to you. CLEANNG OLD PANT FROM A PALE'TE To remove dried paint from an oil painting palette, use a palette knife to scrape off the major part of the paint. Then use linseed oil, some salt and a cork to rub off the remainder. Stop by and see us at CREATVE WORLD Mack Avenue, A 6~"" A Special Pa~ty becomes a Specal Memory. We do the Organizing... so ~. you can Celebrate! Social, Clubs, Cor-,EVENT PLANNNG porate and Children s Events Theme Parties - Teas. Consultatons. BAL- LOONS DELVERED. BALLOONS STUFFED -- MasterCardNl<;a Call Carol or Donna at 63 Kercheval on-the-hill (Lower Level) Counter, Points av' Ann Arbor Antiques Market Our 22nd Season... Antiquers... Plan on the Ann Arbor Antiques Market, Sunday, October 21. There are over 350 dealers in quality antiques and select col. lectibles. All under cover. All items guaranteed as represented. 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" at 1875 Roslyn, east of Mack m the Woods o( Grosse Pomte (between 8 & 9 Mlle) v, lathleen,$~enson jt1(,...,.\ ~ Opal is the birthstone for the month of October. Be sure and ' Jo, stop by KSKA JEWELERS." and see our large selection of...::. rings, earrings and pendants... at 63 Kercheval on-the-hill, C,c4,c~4 Y,c~ Specializing in post-mastectomy bras, and breast forms by Amoena, Naturalwear and Henson. Bali bras (including large sizes), swzmwear, Barbizon lingerie, wigs and lovely Headliner scarfs with bangs Mack Avenue, NOTRE DAME PHARMACY has, \ a great variety of ~ U. of M. and M.S.U. supplies. Kick off the season with a collectors Rose Bowl glass FREE with any $50.00 purchase... at Kercheval inthe. Village, ~M-tO'Wt\, FLOOR COVERNG Specials -- Specials -- Specials!! Stop by Eastown and check-out our NEW carpet SPECALS going on now. Also - - see our large selection of floor coverings in vinyl, tile and wood. Don't miss out -- There are so many SPECALS going on now throughout the store:... See you at E. 9 Mile and Harper (across from K-MART) And, our other store is still at Harper, For more Pointe Counter please see 18B Points

27 'O~'.i.e s F~ib Do your holiday shopping at Cottage, Bon Secours Only 67 shoppmg days 'till Chnstmas Grosse Pointe's three hospitals are getting a jump on the hoh day season with Chrstmas shop pmg fundraisers. Cottage Hospital's annual Hol. lday Mart Wll take place on Frl day and Saturday, Oct 19 and 20, in lower level Boardrooms A and B of Cottage HOSPital, 159 Kercheval, Grosse Pomte Farms Hours are 11 a m to 5 p m. on Fnday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m on Sat urday Proceeds from the event wlll be used for the renovaton of the hospital's emergency room Among the unique tems for sale: Chnstmas wreaths, ornarne~ts.and decoratollb,toys, lmgene; Jewelry; gloves; cards and statonery; attc treasures; and baked goods. First pnze in the Hohday Mart drawing S a Panasomc Camcorder. Second pnze S a 13. inch color TV. Tckets Wll be on sale at the hosptal's gxft shop and at the Holiday Mart. They're $1 each or 12 for $10 Parking is free on the days of the event Take a ticket at the hospital's parking structure and bring it to the Hohday Mart for valdation. Co-<lhaumen for the event are Barbara Norton and Dorothy Steiger. Other committee heads are Joyce Jipson, Margaret Layson, Ruth Schueler, Pat Owens, Charlotte Moreland, Nancy Lepley, Betty Theuer. korn, Bernice Wood, F10rence Flynn, Helen Mcntyre, Pat Kurtz, Ginny Downs, Joyce Rock and Judy Cooper. Applause please: The Fan Club for Metropolitan DetrOt, a chartable foundation whch raises funds for local cultural insttutons, Wll hold a party to benefit the Attic Theater "A Night m the AttC," a Hal. loween bash, Wll take place on Friday, Oct. 26, from 7 to 11:30 p m at the New Center One Atrum n Detroit. The party Wll feature a haunted attc theme Wth repre. sentatves of 10 restaurants serv- ng their best treats. Lve musc will be provded by the Knaves. There Wll even be a contest for those who choose to wear Halloween costumes - with cash prizes for the top three. All proceeds will gooto support the Attic Theater. Tckets are $45 a person f ordered by mall; $55 at the door. Prce ncludes food and bever. ages Valet parking is available. For reservations, call the Attic Theater, Honorary chairmen are Paul and Sue Nine and Grosse Pointers Don and Dale Austin. Other Grosse Pointers who are llvolved are Leonard and Sibyl Jacques, Dottie Doerer and Darlene Soave. Hall of Fame: The MChlgdn Women's Hstorical Center and Hall of Fame Wll honm four mpoltant Michgan women the contempolaly honols divi o.lonand five 10 the hlstoncal honols dvsonat ts seventh dnnual dw31ds done' at the Southfield Radsson Hotel on Thlll'sday, Oct 25 No G'osse Pomters to be hon More shopping: and 01 ed - yet the Bon Secours Assistance But each ye31 the gloup seeks League S gearing up for ts 11th to honol dlo.tmgulshed Mchgan annual Christmas Mart in the \\ omen who hdve made a major Connelly Auditorium at Bon Se- wntllbutlon to the state and to cours Hospital, 468 Cadieux, the wo!ld at lal ge Grosse Pointe City Tckets fol the dmner me $65 The event will take place on nfo!mahan and hckets are Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 3 dvallable thlough the Mchgan and 4. Hours are 10 a m. to 7 Women's Hlstoncal Center, 213 p.m. on Saturday; 10 a.m. untl "' Main Stleet, Lansmg, 48933, 6 p.m. on Sunday. Coffee, tea 01 by callmg m and sweets will be served -aunng,. L~r'3mg.-o),' Q n Detl'Olt the day; wine and ~l\e:;> m.t.11~,~~"';;'-~~' ~M'H evenings. tems for sale wlll mclude 1m- Art Town: Some Grosse gerie, jewelry, brass, mfantwear, Pomte al tlsts Wll be exhlbltmg toys, silver, china, Christmas or- then \volk at the Our Town Art naments and cards, hand-crafted gifts, gourmet treats and more. Valet parking will be available Proceeds will benefit the hospi tal. For more information, call And more: The Fontbonne Auxiliary of St. John Hosptal and Medical Center will hold its Holiday Spree on Friday, Nov. 2, at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, from 6 to 9 p.m. More about the Holiday Spree next week. Honored: Mr. and Mrs. Emmet E. Tracy Sr. will receive the first Life Achievement Award at a reception to be held in their honor at the Grosse Pointe Academy on Monday, Oct. 22, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The award is n recogmtlon of the Tracys' long.standing dedxcation and commitment to preserving the dignity of all human life The event S co-chaired by Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Tinunis along Wth a team of Vce chairs, mcludlng Dr. and Mrs. Jesse Cardello, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Couzens Jr., Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard Crane, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bradford Lundy Jr., Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mercier, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Scranton, Mrs. Gerard Slattery, Mr. and Mrs. Philip G. Tannian and Mr. and Mrs. Art VanEslander. The Life Achevement Award is the first such award to be pre. sented Michigan. Brian Cu. sack, director of Right to Lfe of Michigan, said, "Mr. and Mrs Tracy are truly extraordinary people who have dedcated ther lives to restoring respect for all human hfe. Their dedication, passion, endurance and giving S an inspiraton to all of us " After the recepton, a keynote address will be gwen by Mary Ellen Bork, a free lance Wrter and the former president and program chamnan for the Thomas More Society and a member of the executive commit tee of the Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights For more information about the recepton, call Cusak at we Bon Secours Hospital Assistance League's Christmas Mart co. chairmen Anne LaFond. left. and Sharon Tusa are ready for the group's annual Christmas fair which will take place at the hospital on Nov. 3 and 4. ExhbtOn and Sale at The Com mumty House m downtown Blr mmgham The Juned exhbton wll feature Michigan artsts and their Ceative ntel pretatlons of "Our Town " The exhbt opened Wednesday, Oct 17, With a prvate pre vew The publc may Vlew the works from Thursday, Oct 18 through Sunday, Oct 21 Some of the Grosse Pomte at t >' ;.lsts Dorothea Krieg, M. Ster-.. ling Allardice, Michael Derbyshire, Melba Fisher, Barbara Hoag, Carol Luc, Nancy Pro. phit and Bette Prudden. t isn't easy But it S possible to stay calm under stress Peace comes to those who know God Christ Jesus declared 'The kingdom of heaven S Within you are uniquel 'J{p other nome finens store offers this Kini of service..5l.ttentive sales /Up Quality merc/iamfise 'E?(]Jertcoror and aesign assistance n-home consurtation Custom monogramming Custom Sewing Special order capa6ifity Our price wif[ 6e a p easant surprise p ease C017li in. You might enjoy a VSit to a Christian SCience Reading Room where you can study the Bible and SCience and Health wllh Key to the Scnptures by Mary Baker Eddy You re invited to explore hls community resource CHRSTAN SCENCE READNG ROOM 106 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe Farms Open 10-5, Monday-Friday 10-2, Saturday the~ ~etboth & linens store too Kercheval, Grosse POinte Vllage' M-W Th-Fn Sat The Commumty House S a non-plofit 01 gamzdtlon estab hshed m 1923 as a mult pulpose faclity offellng yeal lound edu catlonal, cultul dl and ecea tlonal activties for people of all ages n additon to the mtwork, whch S for sale, the e \\ be plograms, speakel sand awad" clumg the five day event Reo.el vatlons are equll ed fot o.pecml events AdmiSSOn \<., fl ee to the exhlblt\on Call 644 'S8T2. f01 n formaton. -Margze Rems Smlth hospitals Collage Hospital Auxiliary's Holiday Marl co-chairmen Dottle Steiger. left, and Barbara Norton. display some of the items that will be available at the annual benefit for the hospital MACK AVENUE GROSSE PONTE WOODS s Discover Reflection Free lenses because no reflection is the best reflection on you. 1M Silor introduces Reflection Free lenses, the most revolutionary breakthrough in lenses since contacts. CALL YOUR PROFESSONALS AT Thc B!Jke Company h,l~ heen mcmbers ofthc Gro~se Pomte commumt~ for three gencratlons We kno\~ \\ hy people l1\c here, and why the~ go to great cnglhs to rema'n here O\er the )ears their homes ha\e becomc too l.1rge anel clllficulito mamtam and unul now, the Gro"e Pomte area h,s offered \cr) fe...ahernall\e, to people...ho \\antlo (h,mge ther homes, notthclr llrest~le We Undcr~t,md The Blakc COmpan) hd~ (re,lled the allcrnatl\e, Harl)()r PldlC,llu'\urOUS condommul11l0mm\jnn) Ol,Hed on the shore 01 Lake St C,\Jr, near ever) thmg ~au hold <lcdr DeSigned wnh lr3dlllonai '\' an emphash pldled on pmacy,..eclnt),10<1,ccnll beaut~ Choose hct...een lo\\nhollsc~or tcrracc n t\\ 0- and three he<lroom cont gur<ltlon<;,la\ l,hed \\ th an cndlc,,", l"t ot amenilies. mcludlng, 2 car garage, C\CepliOndlland'(,lpmg and bo,ll,lip~ Call Rob :-'lacgregor LOd.l~loran,lppomtmcn t and e\ pene nce the lratllllon of Harbor Placc ) all \ee th.n \~e re,l1h do understand 11fE BL\KE (:O~l~\\l' (313) 8!H.6OO he larbor Plare We Will be open from 1-, PM Dml) 10 \lhtthe we enter thmugh R~lC,a lerrare. 100 yd, North of Nine Mle Road Ht off Jeffcnon OC\cl0j)lr, f Dodge Place, \\linchhlod POlllle,,chuhroo",md 1.lrbOl {'1M.'. hl' 111.1"1.' Compan~... the ne\' (;rm,c Pmntl r.hlilllln 11._'""._-:~~:d~.~~~~'~.~.~.~S~.~Sl7.7 r",.p~""'b_...;. ltloll7 ll. ~U t e.. ~ 'm,. de' 'e S7.. t..., tt COMPLETE MCROFLMNG SERVCE 38 d r d rt $ m s

28 f 48 TkP~MCC~ Golden anniversary By Rev_ Joseph P. Fabry Christ the King Lutheran Church A number of churches m our Grosse POinte commumty are celebrating anmversanes ths year and we extend healtfelt congl atulatlons to all of them Chnst the Kmg Lutheran Chmch on Mack and Lochmoor S one of the celebratmg co1!,'teg<ltlol1swe are commemoratmg the golden al1mv!.'1saj) of our foundmg 10 pre-war 1940 wth year-long activities focusmg on the theme, "ReJOcmg 10 God's Love" An111\'el...dlY event:-. for Chnstlan congregatons are first and folemm,t opp0l1umtles for people to praise God for HS bollnteoll~ mel cy to us m our Lord Jesus Chnst. God S glorified a" \\(' ll'l11l11dourselves agam and agam that we are H,'; people and He has dehvered us from the dommlon of sm and death till ough the atomng work of HS beloved Son The chmch\ ongo1og task S to keep sharmg that word of deln'el dnee \\ th people everywhere untl the Lord comes agam glol y Do vou 1 eahze that all our anmversary celebratons can be traced back thousands of years to the time of God's people the Old Testament Ever Snce He delvered srael flom slavery 10 Egypt, led them through the wlderness and brought them safely to Canaan, the Lord kept remmd10g the sraeltes of HS great acts of protection and provson He commanded them to observe Passover annually in fam- so fathers could tell ther chldren about the Exodus from generaton to generaton. And He commanded them to observe the Sabbath on the seventh day as a perpetual rem10der of His mercies Further, God commanded that every seventh year be hallowed as a "sabbath year," Wth specal observances for famly and synagogue And after seven sabbath years, 7 x 7 equals 49, the 50th year was to be observed as the "year of jubilee" - slaves were to be set free, debts canceled, and land allowed to he fallow_ You can read more about thls Jewish festval 10 LevitCUS 25. Reflectmg upon God's mercies n this year of jublee, we thank Him for the faithful pastors and teachers who have commul1lcated God's Word to us week after week the past five decades. We also thank Him for the devout church members who have received that Word in honest and faithful hearts and whose lves have been changed and ennched by t Permt me to Cite a few historcal items. Christ the King congregaton originated as a preaching station of The Lutheran Church - MlssoUl'1 Synod and continues as a member of that church body to ths day. Sunday servces and Sunday school were begun m a modest concrete block bmld10g on Mack and Lancaster. n 1953 the congregation bmlt a new church Just a stone's throw from ts first bmldmg The present church was dedicated and mcludes a 45-[00t bell tower Wth three swmgmg bells mstalled on the church's 35th anmversary Begmmng with a handful of charter members, the congregaton today numbers 640 baptzed souls n ts five decades, the congregatlon has been served by four pastors, Rev Wlbert C Burmester, ; Rev Walter J Geffert, ; Rev. Joseph P. Fabry, 1972 to the present; and Rev Randy S. Boelter, 1985 to the present. There S a full complement of weekly parlsh activities offenng Bble classes and servlce opportunities for children, youth and adults The congregation opened a preschool m 1986 Wth an enrollment of four chldren whch doubled by When the choice is home... '" R.N.'s L.P.N.'s... Therapy Services... Personal Care Aides NEED PERSAN RUGS 3x5 - $300 - $400 4x6 - $400 - $500 5x7 - $500 - $600 Home/Hospltal Support R.N Assessment and Supervision Employees Screened and nsured nsurance Benefit Assistance Dependable Prompt Service 24 Hours Per Day - 7 Days Per Week Afflllated With t/femcy6f;;a Health System SERVNG THE EASTSDE AND THE GROSSE PONTE COMMUNTES 'M PAYNG 8x10 - $600 - $800 9x12 - $1,000 and up 1Ox13 - $1,200 and up Buying American and European Paintings Music Boxes - Cut Glass - Fme Lamps - Pottery - Toys - Weapons - WnstlWatches - Clocks New Location: df~~ EXTENDED CARE Mack North of Vernier - nsured Consignments - See PASTOR, page 7B CALLNG HOUSE ANTQUES '" lames Hammann Organ concert at Jefferson Avenue Presbyterian James Hammann will perform an organ concert at the openmg of the fifth season of the Jeffer. son Avenue MUSC Senes on Sunday, Oct 21, begmmng at 4 pm, at the church, 8625 East Jefferson at the corner of Burns The program wll mclude mu- SCby Hmdemlth, Bach, Faulkes and the Fifth Organ Symphony by Charles Mane Wldor - The program S open to the public Guarded parkmg S aval dble behmd the church Rummage St. Paul Ev. Lutheran Church c::r Jt 375 Lothrop at Chalfont. 900 & a m Wlrshlp sale Hlstonc roquos Avenue Chnst Lutheran Church w1l1 hold a rummage sale on Saturday, Oct 20, from 9.30 a m until 11'30 a m tems Will mclude books, fw mture, c1othmg, toys and household goods a m Education THE SUBJECT FOR THS SUNDAY S: "Doctrine of Atonement" First Church of Christ, Scientist Grosse Pointe Farms, 282 Chalfonte Ave. 4 blocks West of Morass Sunday 10:30 a.m Sunday School 10'30 a.m Wednesday 8'00 p.m ALL ARE WELCOME < Nursery Available Rev J Phil 'Nahl Rev Colleen Kamke First English Ev. Lutheran Church VernierRd. at Wedgewood Dr Grosse Pomte Woods Worship 8.30 am & am Sunday School 9:45 am Dr. WaterA. Schmidt, Pastor Rev Paul J. Owens, Pastor The new three. manual 4B-stop Klals tracker organ m Grosse Pomte Memonal Church will make ts public debut at 3:30 pm. Sunday, Oct 21, m a rectal by William De Turk, director of music and canllonneur The rectal w1l1 mclude works by J S Bach, Haydn, Peeters, Wldor and Vlerne t Will feature a new WOk by DetrOit organist and composer Thomas Kuras The Kuras pece was specially commssioned for the debut of the hand bult 3,575-plpe mstrument C.P. United Church celebrates SO years Grosse Pomte Untted Church, on the corner of Lothrop and Chalfonte n Grosse Pointe Farms, S celebratmg its 50th year. Members have designated Sunday, Nov 4, as Homecommg Sunday Members Wll invte frends and neghbors to VSitthe church, enjoy Cder and donuts, and find out what Grosse Pomte Umted Chw'ch is all about. The celebraton S open to the commumty. Rick Hawley S chairman of the orgamzing commttee for the event For more mformatlon, call the church office at Grosse Pointe UNTED METHODST CHURCH A Fnendly Church for All Ages 211 Moross Rd. Grosse Pointe Farms "Pledging Allegiance" Dr Jack E. Giguere, preaching 9:00 & 11:()()a m. Worship A- THE UNTED ~ METHODST CHURCH GROSSE 240 PONTE Chalfonle at UNTED Lothrop CHURCH a caring church "Each piece on the prol,'1'am was chosen to dsplay the range of color and othel musical dspects of the new organ," De Turk sald "We thmk t S one of the finest mstruments of any size n this area - perhaps m the entire country " The German-bUllt 01 gan was completed and dedcated at a specal servce at the church late last year The organ project, m- c1udmg multiple studies, VlSlts to vanous organ builders, an exten slve fund ralslng campagn and the actual constructon of the m- strument, consumed much of the last decade, accoldmg to De Turk "We knew WE' wanted a new organ for the new millenmum," Holiday bazaar St Joan of Arc Chw ch, Mack, will hold ts mnth annual bazaar on Sunday, Oct 28, from 10 a m until 5 p m tems will mclude lawn SignS decorated for special occasons and holidays, homemade clothes for Barbie dolls, hand made Jewelry, Christmas cards and deco. ratons, hand made sweatshirts, food and more All proceeds Will go to the Chdren's Athletic Club light opera The fall festival Wll also fea ture Chnstmas crafts and a bake sale flom 1 to 6 p m The recital S free and tickets for the fall festival and tukey dmner wll be available at the door For mformatlon, call the church at Christ the King Lutheran Church Mack at Lochmoor :00 a.m. Sunday School & Bble Classes 9 00 & a.m. Worshp Services Supervsed Nursery Preschool Call Josepb P. Fabry, Pastor Randy S. Boelter, Pastor St James Lutheran Church 170 McMillon Rd., near Kerchevol Grosse Pointe Forms Sunday Mormng WorshP 8'30, 9:30 & 11 a.m. Chnst1an Educat10n for all ages 9:30a.m Pastor Robert A. Runbo Robm Abbou, MinSterof Nurture PRESBYTERAN CHRST EPSCOPAL CHURCH Saturday 5:30 p.m. Holy Eucharist Sunday 8:00 a.m. Holy Eucharist 9:15 a.m. Family Eucharist 10:20 a.m. Church School and Adult Forum 11:15 a.m. Mornmg Prayer or Holy Euchanst 61 Grosse Pointe Blvd Memorial Church's organ to debut at recital Fall festival at St. Col';mba "Love s n the All''' S the theme for the enteltamment at St Columba Epscopal Church's fall festival on Sunday, Oct. 14 Three local smgel s, James Wllkmg, Cecelia Mac.Smlth and Glace Ward, Wll p"ovlde a pro g'am of old and new love songs begmnmg at 3 pm, With selections from stage, screen and Redeemer United Methodist Church VermerJust W. of-94 HarperWoods ~ 10:30 a.m. WorShP 9'15 a m. Church h GRACE UNTED CHURCH OF CHRST Kercheval at Lakepointe Sunday School and Worship 10:30 a.m. Nursery is provded Rev. Harvey Reh ARE YOU CLMBNG TilE HGHT LA)J)J~t? There is only one laddej that ipg-s lotal AntiefActioll, fulfillment and inner PPRCP (julp to Chllll'h of l h' Poi nl('q and find Ollt if you' H ' dim!ling t h','jgh t nddl'l. GROSSE PONTE BAPTST CHUHCl Slnday Rehool 9'41) n Morning Worflhip 1J 00 n 111 Evpning PrAiSE> (l'::lo Mack Ave., GPW (corupr of old 8 Mile) Public cordwlly mvited to Homecoming Sunday on November 4, 1990 "Fire On The Altar" Psalm 116: :00 m. F.mlly Worship; 10:00 m. Educ.Uon 11: 15 m. Tr.dltloNl Worship; CRB ROOM KDON. AVALABLE DR ROY R HUTCHEON PASTOR REV DAVD R KASER CROSS ASSOC Episcopal WORSHP SERVCES said Susan Reames, chairperson of the church's New Organ Committee and longtime supporter of the project "The organ will play an mpoltant role m the muscal hfe of the larger commumty t belongs to everyone" De Turk's recital wll be the fil st of frequently scheduled pelf 01 mances n addton to reo cltals and ts role m the church's \\ObhP services, weddmgs and memonal services, the Klals 01' gan may someday be the center of master classes for muscians and meetmgs of keyboard profes slonals, De Turk sald "Hen' (Hans Gerd) KlalS S expected to be With us for ths first rectal," said De Turk "He Will be travehng here from Bonn, where Klals Orgelbau S located." De Turk sad the mstrument S the result of the efforts of hundreds of people, rangng from craftsmen, committee volunteers, mterested muscans and musc lovers, and, of course, the many donors who made t financally possble "But Oct 21 belongs to the organ," De Turk suld "ThS S ts day." Mass for sick A Mass for the anomtmg of the sick wll be held on Sunday, Oct 21, at 2 p.m at St Clare of Montefalco Church, Grosse Pomte Park The Mass S an opportumty for those who are not able to attend regular Sunday Masses because of health reasons, to recelve the sacrament There Will be a recepton mmedately afterward DAL-A-PRAYER Grosse Pointe Unitarian Church "Loving Your Self' t.t-- ~ a.m. Service & Church School MAUMEE John Corrado, Pastor..:: ST. MCHAEL'S EPSCOPAL CHURCH ~ Sunnlngdale Park Grosse Pointe Woods, a.m Holy Euchansl 1030 a m Choral EuchanS and Sermon Church School (Nursery AVaJlable) Md-Week Euchanst 9'30 a m Tuesday The Rev, Robert E.Nelly The Rev. Jack G.Trembath Grosse POinte WOODS PRESBYTERAN Church Mack (between Moross & Vernier) 9.00 a m Worship & Learnmg Center 1000 a m Adult Education & Children's Hour Jr. High Time Senior High Challenge 1100am. Worship & Church School "Witnessing" Dr. Jack Ziegler, preaching Nursery Services Available from 9 00 a m to Noon ~ GROSSE PONTE MEMORAL CHURCH ESTABLSHED 1865 W Sunday, October 21, 1990 ~ "REALZNG OUR BAPTSM" dw~ Dr Berlram deheus Atwood preachmg 9.) 0'00 Worship (Chldren's Worc;hlp Enrichment) 10-11'00 Education for All Ages & Corree Hour 11-12:00 Worship Fellowship and Coffee Cub and Toddler Care AV:l1)allle 3:30 Organ Dedication Lay Theological Academy, OCl 23, 73D pm, ChriSl Church "Freedom of Simplicity.; "Tending God's Garden.. : Lay Theological Academy, OC 24, 730 pm, Mcmonal Church "Ba~lcChnsllan Bcllcrs" 16 Lake~hore Drive - Gro~~e Pointe FBrm~ RR2-533O

29 Soroptimists Soroptimlst nternatonal f Grosse Pomte will present SlstZr Angela Cerna.Blata ld a,>peca pro~rat.d on Wednesday, Oct 24, begmnmg Wth a 7 p m dmner at the Grosse Pomte War Memo ral. mprovmg the lives of women and children m a central Andes hghland region of Peru has been a. two-year fundmg goal for Sorop~mlst nternational of the Amencas Sister Angela S a natve of Lma, Peru, and has been the Umted States smce 1976 Cur r:ntly, she works m the Arch diocese of DetrOt m Hlspamc af fall's and teaches at Sacred Heart Semmary The publc S invted The dm. ner cost S $9 and reservatons should be made Wth Lee Meyer at no later than Oct 22 Call Sandy Beard at or for more mforma. tion. School of Government nc. DetrOt Cty Council member Keth Butler will be the featured speaker at the second meetmg of the 50th anmversary celebration of the School of Government nc The meeting Wll be on Wednesday, Oct. 24, at the De. trolt Golf Club, beginning at 11 a.m. Butler's topic will be "What Detroit Needs for a Change." President Rosemary Elias wll preside at the meeting and Jean Kll'kman, second vice president and SOCalchairman, wll report on future events da Mae Mass. nick, first Vce presdent and program director, will report on future speakers and will mtroduce the charman of the day, Catharme McMullen, who wll present Butler Louisa St. Clair, NSDAR Vision screening The local alumnae of Delta Gamma sorority have organ. ized a preschool vision screening program for nursery schools in the area. The sorority's national philanthropy is sight conservation and aid to the blind. Free vision screenings were (Jiven last week to 3. and 4- year-ods at Grosse Pointe Pre-Kindergarten Central. located in Grosse Pointe United Church. Brandon Barnett. 4 1/2. reads the eye chart for volunteers Phyllis Osler. left. and Susie Royer. Last year. according to Ann Baxter. vision screening chairman. Grosse Pointe Delta Gammas screened 356 youngsters from eight nursery schools and referred about a half dozen children to physicians for further evaluation. Of these. three now wear glasses and two underwent therapy. Middle East expert to address Women's Economic Club Judith Kpper, a guest scholar consequences for Umted States m the foreign studies program of polcy the Brookingll nstitution, wll be Kpper S a consultant to the the luncheon speaker at the Rand Corporation, ABC News, Women's Economic Club on and she establshed and drects Wednesday, Oct 24 Her presen- the Councl on Foreign RelatiOns tation, "Shfting Sand' The Mld- Mddle East Forum de East m Turmoil," wll exam. Kpper S currently co-editmg me raq's aggression and the a book, "New Drections m Forpoltical and mlhtary heat that elgn RelatOns' The Umted has been appled by the rest of States in a Changmg Mddle the world East" She frequently analyzes She wll examme the roots of regional events for televson Fox Creek Questers celebrate 2Sh anniversary The Fox Creek chaptel of The Questen, celebrated t~ 25th an mversary on Oct 7 at a brunch at the Country Club of DetJOlt Flfly two members and b'llei>ts gathered to commemorate the formaton of the chapter, one of seven Que<;ter chapter<; n Groi>"e POnte Among the special guei>ti>were Bevedy Cyr, international Ple~1 dent of The Quei>ters, and her husband, Donald, Mallanna Ball of Bnghton, pi e'ildent of the Mchgan ~tate orgalllzatlon of The Questers, and DOlothy Te patti, area coordmatol fm the East alea of Mchgan Tepdttl " a liaison between the i>tate or gamzatlon and the "even Grosi>e Pomte chapters "We, the People - Reflect" was the subject of a talk by Rogel Kllk Co-chalrmen fo the event were Helen Pnest and Rita Brennan Both are charter mem bel''>,the only two of the Olgnal 14 members remamng n the Fox Creek chapter The Questers S an ntel'lla tional orgamzatlon, mcorporated m Pennsylvama n 1944, With almost 900 chapters throughout the Umted States and m two provmces m Canada The ntel national Headquarters BUldng S located m a hlstonc Phlladel phla bulding n May, the annual mtel'lla tonal conventon was held m Phladelphia. t offered membel s an opportumty to VSit the head quarters bmldmg whch they support The orgamzatlon also sponsors many preservaton and restoraton projects and a gradu ate scholarshp program at Col umbja Umverslty for an alchl tectural preservaton student Local Quester chapters meet monthly n the homes of mem bel's ndividual members share lectures on antique artfacts and Sgnficant preservaton Stes OccaSOnal feld trps are planned to VSt museums, p 1- vate collectons of antiques and hlstoncal landmarks Lomsa St Clar chapter, the Middle East cnsls and the programs mcluding "Today," NSDAR, Wll meet Oct 20 at "Meet the Press" "Nghthne" 1030 am, at Guest Quarters Senior Men's Club "World News Tdmght," "Mo~. Suite Hotel, Troy. The hostess is, mg N_e~~~n_d _ot~rs. She was Helen Finsterwald The Semor Men s Club of on the staff of Senator Robert F State Conference reportswm-grosse Pomte Wll meet on ~ues Kenneay and MNetl-m;;-a-neWB~-G.P.; Camera Club be gven by' Regent Barbara day, Oct 23 at 11 a.m., at- tlle i assstant' to Walter Cronklte at Clark, Elzabeth Ryckman, Grosse Pomte War MemOral, 32 CBS News Jackie Omlor, Joyce Edson, An- Lakeshore The luncheon Wll be held at drea Weyhing and Dorothy The speaker wll be Fred Cur noon m the Southfield Sheraton Brown, Jackie Omlor was m- riel', presdent, Market OpmiOn Hotel, m the Supenor room stalled as state treasurer on the Research. HS topcwll be "Elec- Tckets are $17 for members and state board by president tions m 1990." The presenter $22 for guests. For reservatons, general Mane H. Yochim. Wll be Mark Beltmre. call the WEC office at Louise Readmg will mtroduce Claire Harter of Piety Hill chapter, who will speak on the NSDAR Centennial Program, "A Century of Scence." Eva Klem and Charlotte Varz attended a luncheon at the College of Archtecture and Urban Planning of The Umverslty of Michgan and met the Eloise 0 Goddard scholarshp recipient, Sarah Wagner, For luncheon reservatons, call mary Nahhat, Hamette Wheeler or LoUse Reading. Alpha Phi Alumnae Alpha Ph Alumnae will hold a Founder's Day Brunch at the Sterling nn Banquet and Conference Center, 15 Mile and Van Dyke, on Sunday, Oct. 21, at 12:30 pm. A breakfast buffet wll be served from 1 to 3 pm. for $12 a person Peggy Woodhouse, presdent of the DetrOt East Suburban Alumnae chapter of Alpha Phi, and Clauwa Jackson, president of DetrOt North Alumnae chapter, mvlte all Alpha PhS in the area to attend. For reservatons, call Susie Fraser at or by Oct 18 The Grosse Pomte Camel a Club will meet on Tuesday, Oct 23, at 7 30 pm at Brownell Md. de School VStors are welcome Call or for mol' nformaton Congratulations Miner's Grosse Pointe on your 10th Anniversary You are invited to our celebration party 20% off all fall apparel October 18, 19, & 375 Fisher Road Grosse Pointe, Michigan Store Hour1i Monday!hru Saturday Thursday GEGEFR THE ORGNAL SPRNG TRUNK SHO\;V Thursday, October 25 Blnningham 58 The Fox Creek Questers chapter celebrated its 25th anniversary recently. n the front row, from left. are Marianna Bair. president. Michigan state organization: Dorothy Tepatti. Easl area coordinator: and Beverly Cyr, international president. n the back row. from left. are Carol Davey. Fox Creek chapter president: Rita Brennan. charter member and co-chair of the event: and Helen Priest. charter member and co-chair. Frida\', October 26 "1 :\cw Grosse P011ltc Location "lif,,~~~,,~,~,~:m ~\.i '-'!..,~~~~, ",~ (W...p~lilt", BmllltH,:h,l111 \Olld.l\ "<lllnl<l\ ]) h 1hur.,d 1\ \ 'l pll1 ~,,(, H-lO (,42 7i5.=, "Losing45 pounds was a cinch:' General Josiah Harmar, NSDAR The General JOSah Harmar chapter of the NatOnal Socety of the Daughters of the Amen. can RevolutiOn Wll celebrate ts 52nd year at the Detroit Boat Club on Saturday, Oct 20, at 12'30 pm The chapter was named for General Josiah Har. mar who, followmg the Treaty of Peace m September 1783, was chosen by Congress to carry the ratficaton of the treaty to Pans and dehver t to BenJamin Frankhn Regent Charlotte Buchanan has mvted the regents of sev era nelghbormg chapters to be guests Don Miller Wll speak to the group on "Hghlghts of Mchgan's Nature Assocaton" HOURS Mon Sat Thurs 'tll 100 1&828 KERCHEVAL GROSSE PONTE M STUnGART d:>pott d:> patat<s!i3{autj - d:>'{acfu d:>k"t.!i3{oujl1 PARS NEW VORK MLANO g:j'l.h nh C[a~~ic (!o[&:etj.,[e.1 fot c:e/nin9 '99' 6 ~'u.' at u.0ul1 6 tl;t" Z(' 91;"uda" OetoG" 18 'JuJa" OetoG" Q Jh~ shops of Wllllon.Pi~rc~ And we Ju.t made t ca"er Reglsler for a 6 week program and get ONE WEEK FREE! Thc Dlct Center Dlfferencc You can eat real foods, dine out, entertain, travel and continue to lose weight - day after day! We have new, expanded food choices! Free stabilizmg program. Free maintenance program. Lo'e up to 18 lbs hy Thank'glvmg and keep t oft!hroughollt!he Hohda>,l Call for a fteecon"lllalion toda> Diet. Center' 131 Kercheval _al 1.- es t e ce 7 COMPLETE MCROFilMNG SERVCE 77 CO t.,tes a?.cs.'...t. as or _,trft:1 to CM Cd m s

30 , _...-._ S~M George Burns' book tells how to live to 100 He hasn't done t yet, but a bettmg person would lay odds that, wth hs energy and au tude, George Burns will make t to 100 or more What's the secret that makes the 94-yeal-old Burns so amaz mgly vital? n hs book, "How to Lve To Be Or More," Burns tells all, lays t on the lme and runs t up the flagpole The result S some excellent advice on remammg healthy and act! ve as one grows older - ad Vce laced Wth humor n case YOUare one of those who ask. why anyone would want to lve to 100, Burns ds poses of that question nght off " know some people who are not the least mterested m reach llg that age," he -.d' "> but the\ are all under 10. " am a member of a club whew run mto 50 and 60 pe0- ple a day 've yet to meet anybody who sad, 'George, 'd like to die today' Dymg is not popular t has never caught on. "t's bad for the complexon. t also upsets your daly routme and leaves you with too much time on your hands." Wth the assumpton that many people are mterested m staymg around to celebrate a centill)' of hvmg, Burns moves mto his how to lesson n a chapter Exercse Can Do Wonders Look At Me But Not Too Closely, he descnbes hs dally exercse routme, which S a combmatlon of stretching exer- CseSand cahsthemcs Senior Men's Club travelogue The GlO~:,e POntl. Sel1lOl plc>- clnd tall tlkls, the :'len -. Club \\111 ple;:,cnt "Let s MokclUlkdll ChUlch bult by the (.0 to Hcl\\ dll," d mo\ e b\ one fil -,t Cllll:,tldns, and the Hulhee o( 11', membels, Pene Pulmen Palace, :,ummel palace of Lel, on Fllday, Oct 19, at 8 pm tm<1l1an kmgs fhe film Wll be nan ated by E Oahu, whch means the Gath h Wdd Palmantler from the stage elll1g Place, was once the com of Pal cells Mddle School mon meetmg ground of ancent The movie neludes tloplcal kmgs Thel e S film of the sun ">cenery, exotc flowers and hs ken batt leshlp Arizona, VSble tmlcal sites on the slands of beneath the waters of Pearl Hal' :'rdul, Kaual, Oahu and the bg bol, With 1,102 men still enl"ldnd of Hawall On MaUl. onc(' tombed, and the NatOnal Cemetlle favollte esort of Ha\\allan tely of the PaCfic Wth graves of!-mgs, S the lestored Village of 2 7 noo klled n World War n Lahama. the Wlamsbmg of Hawall. where as many as 500 \\ halng ShpS once anchored l1 the h31bol Vewel s \\ abo take a scenic 50 mle drive to Hana on a wmdmg, shoreline load which has more than 900 curves Kaual. the Garden sle, \\ds the scene of many famou... mo tlon pctures Spectacul81 \ e\\ "> 31 e sho\\ n at the Wamea Can yon, often lefened to a<; the Gland Canvon of the PaCfic On the sland of Hawa, the OChld sland, thele S Honau nau, folmer city of efuge of an clent Ha\\ allans \\ th ts tern The Japanese Byodo n Tern pe, a copy of one m Kyoto, S "hawn, and there are scenes of Wmklk's famous beaches, luxu lloushotels and fine restaurants Santa Claus S shown 31Tlvmg n WaJklkl by outngger canoe on Chllstmas Eve nteresting ammals can be photographed n the 42 ace Honolulu Zoo There are \ le\\s of Waimea Falls Park on Oahu's north shore and the Honolulu Academy of Art 1'1 dvelogues are open to the pubhc The charge S $1 and m- eludes refreshments served after the ploglam n the past 6 months HAVE YOU MOVED? BECOME ENGAGED? n the past 3 months HAD A BABY? We have lots olloeal information and over 50 gifts - No strings! GROSSE PONTE Phone -even if you only moved next door! To make sure that you can follow hs instructons, there are pictures of Burns going through hs routine You mght say it's easy for hm because of the company he keeps Many of the photographs show hm domg his exercses Wth shapely young beautes He also takes a dally 5.mlnute walk He has been exercsing both his body and hs humor all hs life. He has no patence for those who Wll not exercse because t is boring or timlh:onsurning "You make time, that's all," Health seminars The ne\\ y fomed Glos"e P01l1te East Shol e dl\ SlOnof the Amellcan Healt ASSOCiation of Michgan and the Department of Commul1ltv EducatOn of the Glosse P01l1te pubhc school" are co sponsor1l1g a semmar foi sen 101 s senes consisting of foul health lfolmat On sessons The purpose of the SC"SlOn;:" pi esented by Madelyn K!eltch. R N, S to pro\'lde insights mto ho\\ pel sons can take bettel cal e of themselves The sessons are flom 1 30 to 3 p m on Fllday aftel noons dulmg October The next one S Oct. 19 "Nutrition and Det," on Oct 26 "MedcatOns" All sessons are at Bal nes School, MOl'l1lngslde. Grosse POnte Woods They e free and open to all senlols 60 and ovel Call fol addtonal 11fOlmatlOn \ \ 1215PM t "l0 PM 11'.\1 2 p.m 2 "l0 PM - "' PM "l30 PM -4 PM <)PM 6"lOPM "PM 8PM 1215 PM PM 1 "lll PM 2 PM 2 "l0 PM "l PM ~ "lll PM.J PM 5PM 6'\01',\1 7 P.M. - 8 P.M. By Marian Trainor he says "f bonng helps, you should be bored for half an hour a day What's wrong with that?" He admts that he hasn't got a body lke Burt Reynolds but he contends, "He hasn't got a body that looks like mme " Next to exercise, Burns beleves that avodance of stress S 11111'01tallt 111plolong-mg lfe "f you ask me what is the smgle most mportant key to longevty, would have to say t S avoding worry, stress and ten- SOn And f you didn't ask me, would say t anyway" He admts there are many things to worry about these days and that if your try to ignore them, television Wll remmd you. From 4 p.m. when the news starts, untl 7'30 p.m, he says, you see explosions, taxes, fire, AARP No The Glosse Pomte chapter No 2151 of the Amel'lcan Assocla tlon of Retred Persons Wll hold ts next meetmg at 1 p m Monday, Oct 22 at the Gl'Osse Pomte Memonal Chw-ch, 16 Lakeshore The speakel Wll be Dale Pelton, CEO of St. John Bon Secours Nw-smg Home The sub Ject wll be "SemOi HOUSing m the Grosse Pomte Area" Members and guests may have then blood pressure taken befole the meetmg starts Refreshments Wll be served aftel the meeting Retred persons who lve m the area are mvlted to attend The tnp to Romeo wll be Oct 31 The bus leaves the parkmg area at 9 a m and Wll retw'n at approxmately 5 p m, GRAND OPENNG SPECAL THURSDAY, OCTOBER 2-; BeJut\ \Jke 0\ tr - (ourte~\ 1 N,lturJ ( o">metk ~ Art AppreUJllOn ~ldl. Prl~l.nt,ltlOn - (ollrte~\ ~pe.lker\ BlreJl of DetrOt n~t1tllte of Art'> r;u,hlon 1rwd'> r.ll t (ourte,>, JJlOb~on ~ ( Jlun ( ooklog Demo - ( Ollrtl ~\ ) DennJ~on '> ( hllrdllll High "lhool "mger~ Bob l) Orlhl~tr. (Big 'erlormanle) FRDAY, OCTOBER 26 -a'>llllln lfe~t\ e ~emmar ChocolJte Tortl Demo - Counl '>, \Vllham~ ~onomj AerobK Workout'> - (ourte'>\ nlled ljlth ~pj and BOhford 10'>pll.ll Art Appreu.ltlOn "lde Prl~lnt.ltlOn - (ourte'>\ ~pej"er '> Bure.1ll of Detroll n,>llule of Art'> 1:0111\ Al,>tlO «J'>'>llJ Ptrformanu:) A Gallery of Fashions - '>ee the late!>t Fall and HoUday Fashion'> on stage courtesy Laurel Park Place Merchants SATURDAY, OCTOBER "l0 AM 11 ~ll A 1\1 Jcrn 1.lcob, "log,> (,ood "tutf 1or Kid'> Noon 12 ~O 1'.\1 Art ApprellJtlOn "hdl Prl ~enl.ltlol1 - (ollrte~\ "pea"er\ BureJu of Detroll n,>tllutl of Art'> 1 P.M. 2 P.M. A Gallery of Fashion'> - Courte.,y Laurel Park Place.\1erchant'> 1 P.M.. 3 P.M. Meet Michael Knight (Tad Martin of Al My Children) in PeNon "l "l0 1'\1... 1'\1 1 "l01'\1 5"lOP\l 6.30 P.M. - 8 P.M. "tel cn'>oll l1gh "l hool ~ \ dl.lgl "mgcr'> Be'>'>\onlliu (1,111 'trtorm.l1ll ) Kelly Ganer 'ihow - Mi.,., \ichigan 1987 murders and crashes n case you miss anythmg, t's repeated agam at 11 pm " can't change the world," he admits, "but can change the channels" He tred t but that ddn't work ether. He got Bela Lugosl bting three beautful guls on the neck "t scared the hell out of me," he Sad, "so SWtched back to the news." Burns finally gets serousand lectures on the toll tenson takes our lves Worry, stress and tenson are not only unpleasant, they can shorten your lfe, he says When your body is under stress, t manufactures chemcals that polson your system, lower your resistance and rase your blood pressure We all know that hgh blood pressure S the majol cause of strokes and heart attacks. On the subject of worry, Burns advses f you can't do anythmg about t, there's no point 111 or and enjoy it worrymg And t you can do somethmg about t, then there's nothmg to worry about " feel that way when the plane 'm on S bouncing around t's not my problem The plot gets lots of money to fly that plane. Let hm worry about t never fly in those small pnvate planes, but that's for a different reason. f 'm gomg down, want to have an audience Wth me." The bottom lme with Burns: worry S counterproductive Sex is last on the list because Burns really doesn't have much to say on the subject except that moderaton S the key Whatever that means With his sense of humor, t could mean anythmg. George Burns Will appear at the Fo). Theatre on Fnday, Oct 19, tit 6 p m Tickets are $35, on sale at the Fox Theatre and Joe LoUS Arena box offices and all Ttcketmaster outlets Cure Your Varicose Vczins EVENTS... and never worry about showing your legs again! New Micro Cure'!> injection process eliminates need for surgeryl No hospitalization No anesthesia No scars - legs left unblemished No loss of work. Painless Sofe and effec1lve, Micro Cure~ S a scientific breakthrough CALL: GROSSE PONTE Birmingham FREECONSULTATON \loon 12 "'10 P \1 1 ' \ ' \1 ~ P.M. - 4:30 P.M. ~lrnday OCTOBFR 2H unl lr.lll\ 'rl '>enl'> - \ \ 1,>lt\\ th \olhu (.oo'>c )ohlll1\ 1rudell ()rlill '>,r.l ( Big 1l,llld 'l rlorm.mll ) Ale..ander Zonjic in (oncert Oa17 Performance) A."O (hlldren ~ Arl (.llkf\ \1 ink' (,lfll.llifl \r11~1 (L1dmt\ \rl "hlbll Dalh (,1\ lo\\\.1\'.lnd morl ; See Our Collection of Fine Furs! WN A TRP FOR TWO TO THE louvre N PARS Roundtrip Airfare Provided by American Airlines, Hotel Accommodation~ Provided by Marriott Hotel~ and Resort.,. Entry Deadline October 28, 1990 at 4:30 P.M ,... l o ~ i; ~ AmericanAirlines',.. "hopp"l\.: iollr' "Ol1d.l\ "'urd ') 110pill ">ll1d.\ '; 00 pill (Ol11plllllll1llr1 \ li, ['.rhlllg MACK AVENUE GROSSE PONTE, M Daily P m.. 2-'; 'pn "" 11 \\, '1 "1\ \11( ld,\, 1\hllrgh Ro ld' 011' h '! ),q H ') 1\(1l1l'1l" -~ 11. r _,

31 C(}~ B Pastor:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. From page 4B the end of the school year This community oub'each has seen a marvelous growth and now has an enrollment of 63 children and a waltmg lst Donna Val1lck, a graduate of Concordia Umversity, S teacher director and Anne Moore and Nancy Burns are teacher aides What does a chul'ch do for a "second act" after celebratmg ts golden anmversary? Automakers pledge themselves to bmld better cars, retail stores promise the publc improved service, quahty merchandise and lower prces, telephone compames promse faster connectons and courteous servce But what can you expect from a church? Our pledge to the commumty is that we want to remam fathful to the prmary work Chrst has called HS church to do m every age through the preachmg of the GObpel and thereby be a leaven m the dally lives of people around ue:; Making it through the holidays... For those people who ale experencmg gl ief over the loss of a loved one, the hohdays can be a tme of lonelmess and despair The Cottage Hospice program S holdmg a special!>upport group meetmg, "Makmg t Through the Hohdays," on Tuesday, Oct. 23, from 7 to 9 p m. m the conference center on the first floor Turning Wheel Toastmasters Each yea, Genel al Moto! s' Turmng Wheel Toastmastel S t1'1es to locate and encoui age as many of ts former members as possible to meet and enjoy an evenmg of camaradene With CUllent membel sand guestb The meetmg S called "Ole Time! s Nlte" The club encourage;, ole tlmel s to participate m the pi a g am to find out f thell speakmg skills ale still well honed ThiS year, the 6'Uest speakel Will be Donald Runkle, vice pres dent of GM Advanced Engmeel mg staff, who Will speak on "The Racmg SPlllt " A model meetmg Will be conducted to show VS tol s what TOdstmastel S meetings al e lke and what the 01gamza tion can do fol them Evelyone S invited The cost, $22 a pel son, mcludes dmner and p OgJ am The meetmg Will be held at the GM Management Development Center at Van Dyke, WalTen, on ThUlbday, Oct 18, flom 6 until about 9 p m FO mol e mfol matlon 01 to make esm vatlons, call club plesldent And Shllva"tava, Mature driving The Department of Commun- ty EducatOn of the Grosse Pomte pubhc school system Will present "55 AhvelMature DriVing," on Thursday and Friday, Oct 25 and 26 LUCien Fay W111 conduct the two-day class, which S scheduled from noon to 4 P m. at Barnes School More than 200,000 American drivel s over the age of 55 have taken the course, which is de- Signed to mprove driving skills and prevent accdents The course S recognized by all 50 states as an approved driver improvement course, and 22 states have mandated automobile m. surance carriers to grant rate reductons to all who complete t A fee of $7, payable to AARP, Will be collected at the first meetmg Call the Department of Commumty EducatOn, Fall bazaar The St Joseph's Home fol the Aged, 4800 Cadieux, Detroit. will hold ts annual fall bazaar on Saturday. Oct 20, from 10 a m to 4 pm and Sunday, Oct 21, from 11 a m to 5 pm undel sponsor"hlp of the St Joseph Cal mellte GUld Shops the bazaal \\ fea ture attc tleasllles, jellehy, bake sale and ummage tem", a \\ hlte elephant "ale. clothmg and furmtm e Othel ath acton" mclude dl awmg", "dent auctlon<; and a cake hllk, a Sprt peddlel and 1,'1een plant shop Ref! e"h ments will be available All pro ceeds from the ha7aar benefit the l'e"ldent" of the home of Cottdge Hospital Sistel Elame Hartnett, Cottage Hospice bereavement coordmator, and Kathy Ritsema, Cottage Hospice volunteer COOl'- dmator, Will explam copmg techniques that mdlvlduals or familes can use to sw'vlve the hohday season and begin to expenence the heahng process The program also provides a forum for participants to express feelmgs and share the expenences of others For more mformatlon, call Cottage Hospice at , ext 2467 Women's Connection Mary demamgold, of Dress to mpress, will present a mmifashon show and tps on acces sonzing at the next Women's ConnectOn of Grosse Pointe meetmg on Thursday, Oct 25 The Women's ConnectOn S a women's networkmg and support group composed of busmess and professonal women and women prepallng to enter the work force. Anyone mtelested S 11'1- vlted to attend Cocktals ale at 6 pm Dmner begms at 6 30 The program 1uns from 7?9 to 9 Reservat0l\ deadlme is Oct 22 Call CAMCORDER RE:NTALS deweltpphoto HARPER S.C.S w~ --~~ The Rev John F Chld of OU Milhele DePue of r~0"ev111(', long,,)ueled vory full length Lldy Stdl of the Sea chulch dnd \a" d jul1lo! bllde"l1dld bedded g(m n dcwnted With peal the Rev Stanton R. Wlson of Ld Lewdndoll"kl of Cllntol1 ljt>dd" dnd 11 de'>cent..,equm'> Glo.,;,e Pomte MemOral Chul eh Towll"llp 11..1'>the tl(m el gul The mothul of the h'loom WOe Dr. and Mrs. Edward John Vermet Malicki- Vermet Lhll,>tlne NLllw Ne.dllkl, daught(,1 of M dnd l'vh" :-'1tlh ell A Malicki of Glo,,'>e POnte Wood". m,lliled D Ed\ldld,10hn "ellnet, ;,on of M'> A noldd E \'el met of GlOs"e Pamte PH h <l1d the dte W diem K Vel met. on Aug , at OL Lad) Stdl of the Sea chlch sac will hold recognition ceremony Services for Older Citizens (SOC), n conjuncton Wth the 25th anmversary of the Older Citizens Act, will sponsor recog mtlon of outstandmg semors m the area who have been nominated by thel' churches, service clubs or other orgamzatons The recogniton ceremony wll take place at a wme and cheese recepton from 2 to 5 p m. on Sunday, Oct 21, at Christ Chw'ch, 61 Grosse Pomte Boulevard, Grosse Pomte Farms The SX honorees who W111 re celve plaques at the event are Ehzabeth Bromley, Howard Hush, Alfred Karre, Edward Piper, Frank Sladen, Jr and LOUse Tewalt Piper has donated nearly 12 gallons of blood to the Red ClOSS He has dehveled Meals on Wheels and S a leader 111 hs church Tewalt hds aded the home less, cancer pdtlents and the poor She is on the board of lbjorofen NURSNG HOME 'lo.j~ '\51 jlfrer~on DLTROT 1'.11( ()l Al} rvursn(, CARE Gems From The Sea O Attenddnl~ 'C)" fulll"" tl!, o!liudted at the 5 3 p m cel e "hm["lpe\ud full length peach > ~ moil) hlcll was followed by a feta full length go n'> "tylu] lhilton go\1n \\ th a lace Jacket JeleptlOn dt the Gro"se Pomte With bqua e neekll1u". fittud bod HUddel",ll the eel emony wel e Y,llht Club ce'>, puffed "ee,e" dnd "udlght.1,,11 ROlle)!'Jllk VClmet dnd "klltb They callwd fluefoljll Llldd:'l],llllkl SO]ol"l;,lleleSte The bllde WOle a whte satm bouquet;, of llle.., pll1k l,lll1<l phlm Wluk,ll1d Ann We"t The full length gown accented With tlon", pul pe "tatlw, bldjl" eddll1g pdl t) llaveled to and pe,nl beddmg and sequmed bleath. peal! "pllg'> ant.! h'leen" f!ol1 the chlllch n d ho'>u AlenlOn lace appliques The The flowmglll 00e d \hlt(. dj,llll1l,l1ll<lge gcmn fedtuled a bweetheart lace thlee twled fuillenbrth golln Thl bllde e,lned d bdcheloj of 1llhlll1e lug 0 mutton "eeve'>, a th lace bleev('::" bodllc,md.11 h deglep 111 llatelldl dnd 10 bedded peplum and a cathedlal tlaln dnd CdillUd d ba..,ket of ghtl(' Jlldn,lgement flam \lldll length tldll1 Hel cathedlal jjl1h lalnatlon,> pill/,:e,(,ll1u "ll '-,(,tl l"111\el",ty dnd d md'> l(,llgth \ ell Wd" dttached to a dnd babw'> bl eath ~( of, l" def.,'lue 111 bu'>l1e"" UOl1 of "equll1t:d AlenlOn dce, BJad Launb oj OJ1'l1do. Fl.l,H]llll11l"tldtlon flom Wayne P('dJ1 beadmg, Austnan crystdl" wa" the bebt man "ljt' U nil C'hlt" She 1<.,a <.,el1lol,l1d pedl1 spng'> dnd "he carlled GlOom"men t:1p N lch \' elmet lldu-.,llidl en 'l1cc fm Genel <11, U1<.,Cddt:of 01 chid::" stephanotl;', of l'vlsblon VWJo, CdlJ, 1\ lk \lool,., TUlk ~'1lld Bu'> Group 1\hlte lo"e", babies' breath, peal Tlost and Tom Steven;,on of The glolll1 edl ned a bachelol dl1d '>equlled bpllg,., and 1Yy GlOsse Pomte, Al1dl ew l{llhl1l'l 01,UeJlle eleg! ee lhellllblly Ll1dd Malicki of Gro;,;,e Pomte of Washmgton, DC, dnd Robel t flom the Ul1lVel "ty of Michigan Woods, the bllde's Sister, was Kolasa of Chicago 'l1d d dactol of dental SU gel y m,ld of honoi Bllan Adams oj Cadillac \Va" de!:,'lue f! am the Umvel Slt" of Bllde;,malds were LOll Vermet the jumol 6'100msman l\hchlgan He ;' d dentst of MSSOn VieJO, Calf, Cathy Matthew Lell andol\ ;,kl of The LOuple tlaveled to the Kl k of Shelby Township, Laura Clnton Town"hlp wa" the ling d\\ dllan bldnd" Rldella of DebOlt, Diane Kolasa bemel Thel llll\c n GlOs;,e Pomte of Sherman Oaks, Calif; and The mothel of the bllde 1101e Pal k ;\llchele Prentce of Southfield directors of nearly a dozen 01'- gamzatons, includmg the Children's Center of Wayne County, the Umted Way of Southeast Mchigan and the Travelers' Aid ASSOCiatOn Karrer and Bromley serve older adults whose illnesses make them dependent on others for meals, shopping, transportaton and other needs. Karrer, a retired chef, often cooks his spe- Calties, and Bromley transports the food Sladen has held leadership po- Sitions With the Rotary, the Fnends of the Grosse Pointe Lbrary and the Grosse Pomte HStOrical Society He also works at hs church as a Sunday school teacher and elder Hush has served as a leader for SOC, the Grosse Pointe Sen- or Men's Club, the Kwanis and hs church Tckets ate $15 For mforma- \ tlon, call SOC at CHLD CARE WTH AN ACCENT AuPAJR~ HOMESTAY USA A year-long. go'ernmenldeslgnaled au pa" program Quahfled au pars (ages 18-25) from 13 European counlnes Aboul Sl65/week for up to 45 hours/week of hve-n child care au pars successfully placed nalonwlde since 1986 CALL (313) or (708) Midwest Reginal offce ~ A pr09,.un of The blpellment n "t~rnatlonal L1VH'9 Library, Club, and Hobby Rooms Wide Range of Social Activities Emergency Call System Laundry Facilities on Every Floor Private Patios and Balconies On.Site Beauty Parlour Maid Service Available Chauffeured Van Service Grocery Delivery 1 & 2 Bedroom Apts. Start at $579/mo. Models open daily 11,7. Call (313) LOOKNG FOR A MORTGAGE? CALL David A. Vicari OUR CORPORATON S BACKED BY A SmONG TRADTON OF EXPERENCEAND FNANCAL STRENGTH dmr Financial Services. nc. A Full Service Mortgage Banker Serving Homeowners Since Chicago Rd SUite 6201 Warren M4B093 7UCJ n, f/"pin OF WNDSOR FUR SPECALSTS FOR 64YEARS Com" ~"e Arp\n'~ fjbulou~ 1991 loueelion of fa~hlon furs, e\.pertly crafted into loday's exciting new deslgm... and of course, you are as~ sured of fine quality and value \\ hen you ~hop Arpin's. Full PremUm On U S. Funds No Duty & Sales Tax Refunded Bircher".' ~ajlor 484 PeliSSier Street 19 Mile Rd. 18Mile Rd. 18 Mle Rd, Just East of Dequlndre Rd. r UUJ\l llu:l~ ",r; ENDER DOWNTOWN Wf\DSOR larking Garage On PeliSSier Monday hru Saturday 9 am pm J Friday 9 am to 8 pm ts AWonderful Life! At Birchcrest Manor-An Active Adult Apartment Community ~=---...",=== ==,...~- BltCHClu~~S~r "- MAN 0 R Correction The byline on Ellen Probert's Garden Shed column on Oct 11 was inadvertently omitted The article, "Pumpkins, apples, mums lend color, flavor to autumn," appeared on page 18A. From our colledlon of cultured pearl bracelets With Jeweled cla~r~ edmund t. AHEE jewelers Mack Avenue Grosse Pointe Woods ,. 2 7 f.' dd "crs COMPLETE MCROFLMNG SERVCE n 77 - e.0 e,mass. a. s 7a i 's.' 'e an,..., c Ot Cd or

32 '1! ' i' a,lll 1"1 REALTOR' EQUAl HOUSNG :JPPOPUNlY ' The Properties Listed On These Pages BGl rosse Pointe Boar of Adlhoch & Associates, lnc Aldndge & Associates Bolton-Johnston Associates Century 21-East m the Vllage Chamberlam Realtors ChampOn & Baer, lnc Coldwell Banker Schweitzer Real Estate R.G. Edgar & AssOcates James R Flkany Real Estate Co The Prudential Grosse PO;l1te Real Estate Hgbie Maxon, nc Realtors Johnstone & Johnstone, nc Lochmoor Real Estate, nc. Co Red Carpet Kern Damman Realtors Red Carpet Kern Shorewood Real Estate, Jnc Jm Saros Agency, nc Scully & Hendne, nc Sme Real Estate Co. Tappan & ASSOCatesof ERA Wlcox Realtors Youngblood & Fmn, nc GlJ HGBE MAXON HGBE MAXON, NC. GBJ HGBE MAXON FRST OFFERNG - Center entrance bnck Colomal wlth four bedrooms and three and one half baths on quet ~treet n the Farms near South HJgh School Famly room, second floor slttmg room Central ar cond1homng MORAN ROAD - Great center entrance Colonial between CharlevOX and Beaupre. Attractvely decorated throughout Newer Mutschler kitchen Wth eatmg area. Den plus screened porch. Three bedrooms Newer furnace. PRCE REDUCED to $162,900 WAVERLY LANE - SpacOUS entry hall and Mutschler ktchen 20 X 21 foot fanuly room with beamed celing and attached redwood deck. 18 foot garden room Central air and secunty system. Two car attached garage Pnced consderably below new constructlon n the Farms. LOTHROP ROAD - Brick semi-ranch Wlth five bedrooms, two baths, family room and enclosed breezeway to two car garage. Frst floor laundry room. $249,500. RDGE ROAD - Elegant Norman Manor House Stuated on large lot Wth magmficent gardens, pnvate courtyard, pool Fve bedrooms and four baths. WASHNGTON ROAD. Charming three bedroom Englsh Colomal. Many recent mprovements Heated Flonda room overlooks lovely yard Wlth sunken garden. Tastefully decorated $169,000. FAR ACRES - Outstandmg Colomal n premier Farms location Wlth Vlew of lake. Six bedrooms, SX baths and two powder rooms. Family room, lbrary and first floor laundry. Multple fireplaces. Pool and pool house. Four car attached and heated garage. MOROSS ROAD - Three bedroom two and one half bath home on the golf course Wlth first floor master bedroom Flnlshed hardwood floors Central alr condlt1onmg n ground spnnkler system FLEETWOOD - Second floor condomnum Wth newer carpetng Separate basement, patlo and carport Central ar Corner Un! t n convement Harper Woods locaton LAKELAND - ChOce locaton n the Cty of Grosse POinte Three bedrooms Wth two full and two half baths Family room and second floor den Terrace overlookng large pnvate yard Two car attached garage EARL COURT - Umque re~ldllnce on a cul-de-sac near Farms Per Leaded glass, Pewablc tlle and three fireplaces Lbrary and famly room Three terraces. SX bedrooms and three and one half baths SerVlce stars Beautful gardens NEFF ROAD - One half duplex near Village shops has three bedrooms, three baths and two- powder rooms Recently remodeled ktchen Wlth large eating area Den Redwood deck and fimshed basement Two car garage WLLOW TREE - Colonal m Grosse POnte Shores near Lakeshore on quet cul-de-sac Four bedrooms and two and one half baths Wlth famly room, Mutschler lutchen, first floor laundry and fimshed basement ProfesslOnally landscaped Wlth Crcular dnve and spnnkler system $355,000 CANTERBURY - Four bedroom, two and one half bath Colomal n popular area of the Woods. Custom kitchen 10cludes mcrowave, d1shwasher, Sub.Zero refrigerator and Jenn-A1re stove. Basement recreaton room and office area. Furnace new Central ar condltlomng. Spnnkler system and two car attached garage OPEN SUNDAY from lt04pm McMLLAN ROAD - Center entrance Colomal Wlth three bedrooms, one and one half baths and den close to the Hll Natural fireplace '\vo car garage mmediate possession GROSSE PONTE BOULEVARD - Attractlve New England style Colomal on approximately one half acre F'tve bedrooms and four and one half baths. F1replace n master bedroom RDGE ROAD - Excepttonal turreted six bedroom home 10 convenient Farms location Master bedroom Wlth slttmg room. Four and one half baths. Walled bnck garden. HAMPTON ROAD - Charmmg three bedroom bungalow. Bay wmdow n updated kltchen. Natural fireplace. Recreaton room and office m basement. Patio Nce bljy at $86,000 BERKSHRE ROAD - Stately Enghsh 'ludor resldence on one of the Park's most beautlful streets. FVe bedrooms and three and one half baths. Lbrary and famly room Large ktchen Two car garage. 80 x 175 foot lot with avalable adjacent orchard lot. COLONY - Ranch style condo n St. Clar Shores, near Marter-Jefferson shopping '!\vo bedrooms. Llv10g room has skylght. Covered terrace Large storage room JEFFERSON MANOR CONDOMNUM - second floor unit luxuriously appointed and very spacious Two bedrooms and two and one half baths Den Pnvate basement area. Central air. Secunty guard and garage. parklng. CADEUX ROAD - Three bedroom, two and one half bath condominium with Baker Concept kltchen Fourth bedroom Wlth Slttmg room on thrd floor. Near Village shoppmg and Bon Secours HOSPltal 400 ON THE LAKE Fabulous fifth floor condommium Wlth beautiful Vlew of the lake. '!\vo bedrooms and two and one half baths Wlth flexlble floor plan. 23 ~ 16 foot famly room Laundry room ncludes boat web, use of clubhouse, tenms courts and pool. PRCE REDUCED to $215,000 Also avalable for lease at $1200 per month PRESTWCK - Three bedroom Colomal Wlth den overlookmg lovely yard Large ktchen Great locatlon mmed1ate possesson $129,000. MOROSS ROAD - French style,tesidence Wlth oak flooj;!!'; lltetf dawtihying.~~p,p.y.wmdow and marble fireplace Updated famly ktchen large covered porch overlooks beautful lot $375,000 KENWOOD ROAD. Center entrance Colomal. Seven bedrooms, four baths and two lavatones. Beautiful newer kltchen. Lbrary FVe fireplaces. Screened porch. Three car attached garage Pnvate back yard Wth newer landscaping LEWSTON - Terrific French resdence Wlth elght bedrooms and five and one half baths on beautfully landscaped 200 x 167 foot lot, 30 X 20 foot family room plus large library, bar room and gourmet kltchen. nground pool LAKESHORE ROAD feet of Lakeshore frontage complement this over 8,000 square foot residence Perfect for modern lving Wlth ts mdoor pool and entertainment area Color brochure prepared by Sotheby's nternatlonal Realty avalable upon request OXFORD ROAD - Near Lakeshore 10 the Shores SX bedrooms, four baths and two powder rooms Large receptlon hall, 17 foot hbrary Glass enclosed terrace 100 x 300 foot lot wlth Crcular drive Central illr QUick p0'i'iesslon CHRSTli'E COURT Great Woods locaton on qlllet court near..,chools Three bedrooms and fnmll) room i'ewer T<xlf Two car garage Ready for early occupanc) OPE:-'- SUNDAY from 1 to 4 P m. LAKELAND - Nce sze lot and nground pool enhance the value of thts five bedroom four and one half bath Medterranean Colomal Seventeen foot famly room. Two car garage KENWOOD ROAD - Elegant Georgian Colomal Four bedrooms and four and one half baths Newer marble master bath Outstand1Og kltchen Small office Three car garage 356 Lakeland 921 Canterbury Chnstme Court 628 North Brys Dnve. OPEN SUNDAY NORTH BRYS DRVE - Attractve Colonial Wlth covered front porch has five bedrooms, two and one half baths, famly room and breakfast nook. Marble floored entrance hall. Two car attached garage. Near Ferry school. mmedate occupancy OPEN SUNDAY from 2 to 5 p.m...$345, $225, $135,000, $235, WNDEMERE PLACE - Almost fimshed three bedroom two and one half bath condomlmum n luxutlous area Large lbrary or den ApproXmately 3,450 square feet. '!\vo car attached garage Private dnve and common pool and pool house for owners Manyamemtles SHERBROOK SUBDVSON - OfT Moran between Lakeshore and Grosse Pomte Boulevard. Several choce buildng stes aval lable Wlth proposed bulldmg plans Nice sze lots Pnced from $608,000 to $823,500 VACANT COMMERCAL FOR LEASE "ON THE HLL" - Two story bulding Wlth approxlmately 3,420 square feet total Basement space also avalable. Call for detals FROM CORNER TO CORNER WE COVER THE GROSRE PONTES. "MATCHNG PEOPLE AND HOUSES, DGBE WTH MAGNATON." [(W kercheval avenue MAXON grosse pointe farms michigan NCORPORATED AffillBte of SOTHEBY S NTERNATONAL REALTY REALTORS' HGBE MAXON DGBE MAXON... 'jr"'jp,"c' f, A c t_..... _, a.,.. 1

33 October 18, lll111111W' ~ ',':111, ' The Properties Listed On These Pages BGl REA.LTOR".QUA, MOUSNG ::'O"tJQUNY rosse Pointe Boar of Realtors@ Adlhoch & Assocates, lnc AldTldge & Associates Bolton.J ohnston Associates Century 21-East n the Village Chamberlam Realtors Champion & Baer, lnc Coldwell Banker Schweitzer Real Estate R G Edgar & A'i'''i James R Flkany Real Estate Co The Prudential Grosse Pomte Real Estate rllgole :Ylaxon, lnc Realtors f\hll'itone & Joh'lstone, rnc Lochmoor Real Estate, nc Co Red Carpet Keirn Damman Realtor" Red Carpet Keirn Sr.orewood Re'11 Fot...,,,, Tnc.Jlm Saros Agency, nc Scully & Hendne, nc SlOe Real Estate Co Tappan &.\ssoclates of ERA Wlcox Re:11tors Youngblood & Fmn, nc Put Number 1 to work for OPEN SUNDAY VLLAGE LANE on umque secluded Lane near Village. this country Colonial features three bedrooms Wth sitting room and updated baths. Fanuly room Wth fireplace and wet bar, and lovely large ktchen look to a country garden and patio - a warm background for relaxed enjoyment. ThS home is covered by Buyer ProtectOn Plan CLARVEW.. Lovely ranch m Grosse POinte Shores ThS wonderfully mamtaned ranch S located one block from lake and features a host of custom features A large paneled hbrary, famly room that overlooks a mamcured yard, garden room, centralmt, sprinkler system, the hst goes on and on. All W1th a well thought out flow1ng floor plan. Byappomtment. OPEN SUNDAY MERRWEATHER... Great neighbors! Welcome home to 329 Mernweather Road, smack dab 10 the mddle of Grosse Pointe Farms ThiS charmmg country Colomal offers three bedrooms, formal dmmg room, professonal landscaping, alarm system and large breakfast nook Decorating whmsey S seen n the powder room, and magmficent mahogany wet bar S the centerpece of the fimshed basement Seller has new home ALLARD mpeccab]y mamtamed large ranch m the Farms Huge kitchen Wlth bult-los,fireplaces m h vmg room and faml]y room Master bedroom Wth full wa]k-m closet Carefree hvmg Perfect floor plan for gracous entertaining Call today for further mformatlon and an appomtment ALL PONTE BULLETN FVE FRST OFFERNGS FRST OFFERNG FRST OFFERNG GROSSE PONTE PARK GROSSE PONTE CTY Large three bedroom brick bungalow, 900 RVARD - Charmmg two bedroom new ktchen and updated bath, natural plus den, natural fireplace'l[~~~l woodwork, beveled glass doors, move-m dmmg room, attached garage, $,. cond.jtjon Owner wants a fast sale Pnced at $63,000 FRST OFFERNG GROSSE PONTE PARK Well-bUllt two fam11y flat n most desrable and h1gh rental locale of the POntes. Three bedrooms, two baths n each Large hvlng room Wth fireplace, romal dinlng room, 10wer offers new htchen and furnace Three car garage, walk to lake and parks Call for details FRST OFFERNG GROSSE PONTE PARK ExceptlOnal qualty, three bedroom Colomal features large rooms, luxunous drapes and carpetng throughout. FamJly room Wlth fireplace and bullt-lo barbecue, fimshed basement Wth wet bar, centra] air Attached garage Wth opener, pato, pnvacy on large corner lot A rare find Value at $259,000 GROSSE PONTE PARK FRST OFFERNG GROSSE PONTE WOODS OPEN SUNDAY SHOREHAM - Sprawhng three bedroom Cahforrna ranch on 126 x 150 foot lot Beautlfully landscaped Wth secluded yard, bnck pato and gas barbecue New Crcular dnve, sprinkler "ystern, centra1 an' condltlon1~g FJnlshed basement Wlth recreation room and half bath, also fourth bedroom, attached garage with opener. Call for more mformatlon. GROSSE PONTE WOODS Unbehevable 4,300 square feet ofhvmg three houses from Grosse Pointe Shores. Fve bedrooms, maid's quarters, three car attached garage. Separate entrance to mmd's quarters. Excellent flow, newer Custom Craft ktchen, Sub Zero fndge, all the goodes for the gourmet cook. Tho many features to mention. GROSSE PONTE SHORES McKNLEY. Pnced to sell! Seller W1l1Jngto pay up to $5,000 worth of buyer's closmg cost Wonderful famly home located on McKnley 10 the heart of the Farms ThS home features 2,100 square feet of hying space Wlth three bpdrooms, large family room with fireplace, central ar, recreaton room and two car garage Close to schools, shoppmg. 90 KERCHEVAL GROSSE PTE FARMS M ST CLAR Elegant, remodeled condo 10 the heart of the Cty Fabulous Mutschler kitchen n almond and navy, hvmg room n neutral shades, carpeted and lovely hearth. Second floor - three spacous bedrooms and bath, thrd floor bedrooms and bath_ Extra msulatlon and mslder storms BY APPONTMENT GARY LANE... PERFECT FOR STARTERS! Tns JOAN.. Updated throughout, ths three bedroom exceptonal two bedroom Lakeshore Village Condo bnck ranch S located n St Clair Shore" Some of S pnced to sell. Beautfully malntamed Lovely ts many mprovements mclude all new carpetmg view and setting. Ktchen appliances ncluded, and pamt, furnace and central ar, newer oak clubhouse, pool, ERA Home ProtectOn Plan are ust ktchen Wth breakfast bar, updated bath, full bath a few of the many extras You'l] be pleased when n basement Wlth stall shower, newer roof and a you see ths beauty two car garage Call today for an appointment WOODMONT. RECENTLY REDUCED. Beautful bnck, three bedroom bungalow 10 finer area of Harper Woods Recent]y decorated throughout, natural fireplace, eatng area n ktchen, separate dmmg room, two car garage Wth electnc opener plus a lot more Early occupancy can be lccommodated Call for futher detlll] " RVARD. Absolutely gorgeous townhouse n Grosse POinte Cty Spacous rooms featun ng refinished flooring, natural woodwork And painstaking detals. Large kitchen, den, garage, fimshed basement. End Unit. 400 ON THE LAKE Sophstcated ]akefront condo Pnvate boat shp, one car garage plus carport Marblp foyer leads to totally new ktchen and bath, all new carpeting m hvmg room, dmmg room and three bedrooms. Mamtenance fee $355/month mcludes clubhouse, tennis court, secunty, water, "now removal, g-arbage, m,lnna, electnc ROQUOS Engllsh Cottage, ndlan Village'" finest hvmg LeadE'd Wln(, hardwood floors, four bg bedrooms, custom AndscApmg, multple fireplaces, covered patio, much, much more - Cty livng at ts finest - over 3,800 square feet TAPPAN AND ASSOCATES Rr At r~ TAT! Walch!he <)t1owc.:l<;(' r;u"h C:;undrlY Channel a m Spe how W(l reo mo\l nq lhp world Charmmg Enghsh Thdor Wlth loads of character, four bedrooms two baths, natural fireplace, refimshed floors, owners transferred, call for detals GROSSE PONTE FARMS OPEN SUNDAY MCKNLEY - Spnclous three bedroom Colomal n qljle t Farms locaton close to shoppmg and '>Chools Three bedrooms, one and one hrlf baths, large famlly room, natural fireplace, a must see, Tl'acl) to decorate, pnced to sell, check the' comps MEMBERS OF: Grosse Pointe, Macomb County, Oakland County, Birmingham, Bloomfield, and Western Wayne County Board of Realtors. Seven suburban office~ with over 250 sales profeasionals to serve your real estate needs Lovely sprawling brick ranch. Seconds to Lakeshore Attached garage, first floor laundry, three bedrooms, hbrary. Two and one half baths, horseshoe dnve, lots of curb appeal. Reduced $20,000 GROSSE PONTE PARK Love]y newer Colomal m choce locale, attached garage, family room, four bedrooms, two and one half baths, over 3,200 square feet of space. A must see, estate lookmg for all offers 0n1u~ ~T- ' T --- ~21 [ U U EAST N THE VLLAGE Kercheval Ave., G.P OPEN DALY 9 to 9 WEEKENDS 9:30 to 5 VP National Relocation Service and Gold Crest Home Warranty COMPLETE MCROFLMNG SERVCE ; \ mm s... or ass' 'S" CO. 'n 'to:! D'.M Cd. 2'ma

34 - 10B Grosse pointe News SNE REALTY... T'S WORTH YOUR TME TO CALL SNE... GROSSE PONTE FARMS COLONAL covin'.' hl(,(, bpdloolll tllll lm!h l<ll1lh fol m.\\ lhnml-( OOlll 111q('1 l(',\! (""11 11 b (h Llllllh OOll two U11 atl.lllwd gm.lgp GROSSE PONTE WOODS FAHWAY. ThlPP bp!joolll, t\lo b.llh dl\<h 1\(h ([' k\lclwll form<ll (lll1lllg OOlll, Lll11i1V nxhl1 tlld (< g,lf.l!:!' ST. CLAR SOUES SL':"\SET CHCLE [<;:.(pllpl\\, ('!!loo lolldollllllllllll \lllh 1\\0 bldll}(]l1<', 11('11 l.\1pp(lllg «n\1 tl.1\1 l<llp01(!jllllh. po... p......,lon!jlhlltullt(l11 EA."''!' DETHOT COLLll"SO:\ E,l'\ \)< t lli, (11Wq f P.l 'll llll ("'11)[' -.1\ bl'dlootj] Fl1f.ll,h \ldol hul\g.dol lw,llltllllil <'lllilll'd on 01( Ol(.1< ot] 111<1 qllil h. po-'-'p'-'lllll 1l\.ll\ te dl lll <, SNE REALTY MULTLST SERVCE FARMS OFFCE MACK ST. CLAR OFFCE, 215 N. 3rd St Aldridge &. Associates 75 GROSSE PONTE BOULEVARD Fantastc Farms locaton, three bedroom, Cape Cod Coloma] W)th t\lo and one half baths, two car attached garage A very affordable pnce' Call toda) One Day Only HOME FAR Everything you always wanted to know about l()n1~ Eelll()delil1~~ ('urnit lire Ecfinishing Landscaping 11-()111l? nspections Secllrity S~)c;t(Jnh MOl tuages Cust0l11Doors nterior Design )en1onstrations,..and Much, Much More Assumption Cultural Center Mdl tel Hoad, St Clclll Shore~ Thursday, October 18, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. FREE Admission FREE Refreshments Door Prizes Sponsol ed by (;osse Pomte BOold of REALTORS. 631 PEMBERTON ThS Enghsh Thdor offers spaclousness along W)th a wel1 desgned floor plan Featunng four bedrooms, three and one half baths, master,ulte, hbrary, enckjsed terrace, breakfast room, recreaton area, lnground heated pool Pewablc tiles, crown moldings, stmned and leaded glass Central air, two and one half car heated garage A quallty horne Just the home you'~e been waltmg for 1060 SOUTH RENAUD Super three bedroom ranch Wth one and one half baths, two natural fireplaces, den, recreation room, huge lot, t\\o car atlrched garage At very affordable pnce 1891"1 OLD HOMESTE.\D REDUCED Out<,tandmg three bedtl)om hrlck r,ln,h on large 100 )( 185 fnot lot,]u<,t a f.." of,t... many extras nclude central air conditoning, ~pnnkler -y~tem, n('\\ \\lndow", a)unllnum tnm, knott) phl( {an"h 100m, finl..h"d basement Wth bath, ne\\ carpet, natural fin'plal(, \\alk up attc and tl\o car attached garage Mack Grosse Pointe Woods, M APPONTMENTS GROSSE PONTE SPECALSTS ARRANGED JUST LSTED in Harper Woods! Budget priced one bedroom ranch perfect for the single first time buyer $49,500. E A L R S FOR OVER 70 YEARS '1 _ Eleg nl ( ro ll11 ll,~<, hullt CO]Ollial um<tjuckd n hc fall of ll)x~ Four \),,1, rth tjlf<'c till h1lh, and 1"0 h.t1fhath~ Scparal< h< 'lin.. dnd lt l011rlllll111lng for cach floor Douhle pi h d And r" 11.< ndov. < v. lh C ClOT hll11lh Hid L \h 10m "111, '" T,,lllenl. hrnlj~holll PJu,h l.h" lt,, \ < r llf, t 1fC1v.ond floor. hroughout Lalmdr} f 1 llll r 11 ml t dfhl\l1 o{fol thc ~"<ltcll (,orgcou<,,1,1 tll \< 1111"J' lu,) r"lrlgu'lor hlllil d'hlhk oven, dclu't,.t 1 lh'l\< "t<1 md T,1 lotlllmcr>r T"o cuslon, - '" 1111Hilic mpl,llc'! ltt1lil roolll [lrq\,lc J' "odd bum1l,,- 1\ l\l- room fireplll <' ' g t< \11,leT brow' 11' ' r" pr 1\,e dr< " n~ loom With <lj1~ ptlvale fnll bath and '.' 1. \[], ' "\' \'m c1o,ct' ", ",~ 1f ill v lilt ( 10" \ \1 \l(i X\)rc~ 'T"f< «lonall} d, '" ",ollnd. \< \h l 'mple'c' nnd, rground ihln~ct ~v,\( 1 P< r l ~ ol[ [ 11 \ l< 11 {till ~JlC r, f llahle d"nlll, H []" " lj1 perf«,m,. n, (R 11 fnhr <\l,\il()"(',\( 1'\lf,DKD'" J1m.._osros i\8cncyl.!nc Mack, (;}'():-,~(''()llt(" M 8,s.; () - ~)():~ () (" PNE COURT - DON'T MSS THS! Transferred owner offers $10,000 reduction on this versatile home with two baths, den, private courtyard and more. Perfect for the downsizing couple or career single. Easily maintained with room to move - you'll like it better than a condo!! THS ONE S SPECAL! This four bedroom, two and one half bath Colonial on Brys with so many amenities includes large family room, newer Mutschler kitchen, all appliances, central air, inground sprinklers and so much MORE!! Call for details and your appointment to see! A HllTOP SElTlNG OVERLOOKNG THE LAKE - what a spectacular site for this elegant Lakeshore home with spacious accommodations including family room, library, gourmet ktchen plus all the amenities you would expect! LOTS OF RENOVATON has gone on in this three bedroom, two bath English - it's really better than newl Located on popular Oxford, it could be just the ticket for your family. Make arrangements for an inspection today! THS FOUR BEDROOM COLONAL in prime Farms location is EXCEPTONAL! fhe versatile floor plan includes library, famlly room, cozy fireplaces and handy service stairs to private suite over the garage. Recently decorated! GROSSE PONTE PARK MACK HOLLYWOOD - OPEN SUNDAY HERE'S A BUY! Four bedroom, one and one half bath Colonial with family room, finished basement. central air and a tempting price. Meticulously maintained! A RARE FND! A three bedroom, two and one half bath Colonial very nicely priced in an area of newer, executive homes. Here's an opportunity for the investor looking for a home to redecorate in a prime location near the lake. Transferred owner will give quick occupancy! STARTNG OUT OR SCALNG DOWN? Here's the perfect condo for youl Ready to move into and now offered at the tempting price of $ ! GROSSE PONTE WOODS A three bedroom charmer on a lovely quiet court. ncludes Florida room, fireplace and beautiful decor. Now offered at $129,500! MORAN. This favorite Fanns street now offers this spacious three bedroom Colonial with that much desired second bath off the master bedroom at a newly adjusted pricell Nice extras nclude a breakfast room, large rooms, screened terrace and MOREl OPEN SUNDAY BAlJOUR QuaUty buutfour bedroom, three and one half bath Colonial Central air BAlFOUR. Well maintained three bedroom Tudor. $131,900l 1415 HOll\wOOD. See "Frst Offering" picture! 330 KEROEVAl. Four bedroom with huge family room n great Farms area. 281 MOROSS. Four bedrooms, two baths n the Farms at an affordable prl<.e! 1230 N. OXFORD. Come see my brand new exterior paint lob plus surprises nside, too! 781 PEMBERTON. The decor s very special! Three bedrooms, one and one half baths, oyely appointments! 1824 SEMlNOl! Four large bedrooms plus den and family room n ndian V1DageColonial 470 SHElBOURNE. Two/three bedroom ranch on quiet Farms court. Prvate garden with deck. 312 STEPHENS. Seduded Farms location offers three bedroom ranch. huge family room WEDGEWOOD. Marble entry, drcular staircase, gourmet kitchen! Near Hunt Club 1244 WH1TER Three bedroom, two and vne half bath Colontal with famuy room. mmediate occupancv 1366 WH1TER Exceptional value near 51 Clare Great updating and now $198,5OO! A TRADTON OF TRUST AND SERVCE FOR OVER 70 YEARS r a.1=_..n... GROSSE PONTE WOODS MACK j~... -~-... LOVELYLARGE ROOMS. fresh decor and lots of custom detailing make this five bedroom Colonial stand outl Fantastic lower level entertainment area, large family room and MOREl $314, BEDFORD - UNUSVAL VALUE Terrific family home is all nicely updated and offers space and privacy for all - even a third floor suite perfect for teensl Now priced at $225,000 and owner offers over $2,000 toward closing costs and moving expensesl T'S HARD TO BEAT THE SPACE at this price in this four bedroom, two and one half bath English n lovely Windmill Pointe area. Great room sizes, family room, den updated kitchen. larger lot now offered at $159,9001 LAKESHORE VllAGE. Fantastic end unit with extra privacy has beautiful hardwood floors, custom trim and crown moldings Finished basement, central air, pool and clubhouse privileges and just $66,9001 TUCKED AWAY FARMS location and a charming four bedroom, two bath with brand new kitchen, new carpeting, den, family room and a price tag you can't reslstl GROSSE PONTE FARMS 82 KERCHEVAL "'---=t... _~.. - CHARTER MEMBERS OF 1ii. ~ WORLD LEADERSN RELOCATONASSSTANCE

35 L, 11 B 1140 Marylllnd 937 Lakeshore 480 Notre Dame A New Offering Share Spacous rooms n ths three bedroom bnck Colomal featunng two full baths, kitchen Wth eating area, formal dimng room, new furnace, two car garage, and fimshed recreation room 10 basement 1260 Elford SpaclOus two bedroom ranch in Grosse Pomte Woods features 21 x 17 foot famly room Wth sloped cellmg, cozy den Wth fireplace, large hvng room Wth fireplace, two full baths, first floor laundry, new roof, new furnace, new carpet10g and an updated kitchen Make an appointment to see t today! ~, ' -,.: s.~. ~'. Only $350,000 buys ths fabulous Lakeshore 10catlOn between Eght and Nine Mile roads. Some of ts many features nclude four bedrooms, three full bathe, hbrary, huge famly room, kitchen Wth bult-in apphances, great basement, first floor master SUte The best buy on the market when you consder the cost of vacant lots, and comparable sales 12S Berkshire Open Sunday 2-5. Pnce reduced to $289,000 on ths charming Enghsh 'Udor Wth four to five bedrooms, three full baths, first floor lavatory, newer Mutschler kitchen, recreation room Wth natural fireplace, Pewablc tile n year.round sunroom, new storms and screens on first floor, inground sprinkler system and an attractive three-car garage. A well mamtamed home! Jim 0aros i\8encyllnc Mack, Grosse Pointe, M Open Homes Sllnday Open LakepOlnte Open Lakepomte 251 Lothrop Open Notre Dame 1125 Berkshre 251 Lothrop 1099 H<lwthorne Open Sunday 2-5 Wallong dstance to shoppmg, park, and pubhc transportaton ThS remodeled three bedroom, one and one half bath condo S 10 a perfect locaton You11 also enjoy a brand new kitchen, one and one half baths, hvmg room Wth natural fireplace, central ar, basement Wth work room and full bath Make sure to stop n and see ths fantastc condo for only $125,000 Open Sunday 2-5 Beautiful Cape Cod 10 the heart of the Woods LVng room features natural fireplace and bay Window, all oak kitchen With bult-los, famly room Wth natural fireplace and thermo doorwall and Wndows, spacous bedrooms Wth double closets and two full baths. A wonderful family home" The search > over' ThS attractve ranch home m St Clair Shores S so well maintained that you can move Tght n ThiS three bedroom btlck home has central arcondltlonlng arad much more' Make an appomtment to see t today! 1440 Yorktown Priced slashed $10,000. Now $198,500' Well mamtamed modern ColOnial Sltuated on extra deep lot Wth new roof, energy efficient furnace and alr tonultlon(!1 Rt'~t'nt1y JectJrat"d Wth new carpetmg Master bedroom Wth private bath, famly room overlooks back yard Updqted ktchen Wth eatmg space Large room Szes, hardwood floor, natural fireplace, two car attached garage, basement has dropped celing and bled floor Ardmore Park 525 Moorlllnd Fabulous brck ranch Wth all the comforts and style you'd expect! Marble entrance foyer, spacous lutchen Wth all bult-m apphances, range and ceramic tile floor, three full baths, beautfully fimshed basement Wth plaster celhngs, wet bar and natural fireplace. Central alt, spnnkler system Fleetwood Three -----bedroom bnck bungalow 10 Harper Woods features a beautiful custom-built ktchen Wth oak cabmets, stamless steel Snk, bult-n dshwasher and Jenn-Aire range Fantastc finished basement Wth natural fireplace, game room, office, fun bath, lutchen and laundry room Newberry Open Sunday 2-5 Ths beautful Colomal 10 Grosse Pomte Farms S wating for you! Large room sizes, a step-down famly room Wth vaulted celing, modern kitchen Wth ceramc floor and a park-1ke back yard Wth elevated wood deck makes thlo home deal for a growmg famly 1610 Ford Com"! Open Sunday 2-4 ThS three bedroom Colomal has one and one half baths, central ror (and addtonal electtlcal mprovements), new roof and garage, reflnli,hed hardwood floors, large famly room and a fimshed basement ready for entertmnlng Ncely landscaped rear grounds and a deck Wth a gas gnu make ths home a yearround plea<;ure' 1572 Cook 610 Barrington 600 Middlesex Fabulous home on the waterfront' ThS custom-bult home S a boater's dream Home has three bedrooms, attached "mother-in-law" apartment Wth separate electncal and furance, fun finished basement, famly room Wth natural fireplace and entlte Otenor S freshly decorated Exterior has spnnkler system, built-in swimming pool Wth custombmlt tered deck and Crcular dnve 220 Fisher 1341 Bishop Attractve three bedroom, one and one-half bath Colomal m Grosse Pomte Park. All good Szed rooms; updated ktchen, hvlng room with natural fireplace, Flonda room and fnished basement Wth recreation room. Ths home S spotless 1379 Blukingham e as,two Colomal om Wth spacious living en Wth recent ice ly fi nishe d, two car attached th auto openers, new an caplng, central air, fresh paint, Flonda room and many other features. Call today for details, you won't be dlsapponted Buckingham ~ ~- Was prevously listed for $164,000 but from now untl the end of October t S hsted for $149,900 An excellent buy for ths spacous four bedroom, bnck center-entrance Colomal 10 Grosse POnte Woods f not sold by the end of the month seller will be leasmg 1019 Harvard Bea J hful ran ch Wth foyer, natural fireplace n the living room, three bedrooms, screenedm porch off the ktchen, central air, recreaton room 10 the basement and n-ground sprinkler system for both the front and rear grounds ThS exceptional buy has been reduced to $119,900 Call for an appomtment to see your next home' 524 Notre Dame A specal opportumty and rare find at $225,000 The Cox & Baker quad-level home has five bedrooms (or four bedrooms and den) and three full baths. Master bedroom Wth full hath and slttmg room overlooking the park-lke back yard with 14 magmficent pine trees. Oak pegged and oak parquet floonng, beautful natural wood panehng, lower level family room Wth wet bar and lavatory Outstanding ceramc bled hath, great storage and closets Many other amemtles aw81t you 10 ths great buy for a famly who can take care of cosmetc decorating Gorgeous three bedroom brck Tudor Wth a new ktchen, excellent eating area, livmg room ~ th natural fireplace, recreaton room n basement and rear deck off the dining room. Be the first to see this beautful home! Wildwood 2293S Lakeshore Specal custom bult, one owner home m Grosse POnte Park Wth many amemtles, some of whch are: entrance foyer Wth beveled glass door, ivmg room with marble fireplace, remodeled ktchen Wth built-ms plus eatng area, four bedroms, two and one.half baths, famly room, recreatlon room 10 finished basement plus addtonal ktchen Also mcluded S gas forced air, central air, aluminum tnm and gutters, and tle roof. Premer Enghsh 'fudor n Grosse Pomte Park, near Kercheval. Spacious fve bedroom, three and one half bath home has a gorgeous paneled library Wth natural fireplace, updated ktchen, Pewablc tile breakfast room, finished basement with wet bar and natural fireplace, hardwood floors and outstanding floor plan 907 Bedford Elegant four bedroom home Wth family room, hbrary, state-ofthe-art kitchen that S a cook's dream, master bedroom \'11 th dressng room and pnvate full bath, two custom marble fireplaces and professonally landscaped grounds. You won't find a more prestgious home" 136S Beaconsfield 1751 Lochmoor '!Wo bedroom townhouse style condomnum with a "Lakeshore" address Located near Marter Road. Full basement, central lllr and more Pnced well at $64,900 Call for an appombnent 987 Lakeshore REDUCED' Super sharp bnck bungalow n exclusve lakesde St Clror Shores neighborhood. Ths three bedroom home has been completely redone! New kitchen, roof, carpetng, paint etc Seml-finlsh2d basement, two car garage Located between Jefferson and lake (private beach) ThS home S also an excellent Condo alternatve. Call for your ptlvate showng NOW $87, JVedgewood ~~ "''f.'p:', 1985 Mln Antwerp, Dl'llghtful bnck ranch 10 Grosse POnte Woods has beautfully flnl~hed basement, two b<>droom'l Wth expanson attc, formal dining room, new furnace and roof and two car garage f;< A great value in an exclusve area of Grosse POnte Park Ths four bedroom, three and one half bath Colonial S offered at an excellent price Hlghhghts nclude hardwood floors (some carpeting), updated heating system, plumbing and electnc Beautful new oak ktchen and garden/den provde a Oce traffic pattern Aluminum storms, two car garage and attractve grounds. Only $199,900! Ths S a great buy for someone who wants to live n the lower umt and needs help from the upper rent Separate furnaces and electtlc Upper um t has hvlng room, ktchen, bedroom, bath and laundry room and outsde rear access Bll<;ement recently fimshed Wth recrl'atlon room Lower Unit ha'l two bedrooms, kitchen, hvlng room and dining room Excelll'nt Grosse Pomte Park locaton V~lt onl' of Gros<;e POnte "Cla"'~lc" homl's A rare opportunity to own everyone's "favont!' " Thl'l one owner home 1<;mp!'ccably m!1lnt!1lned and show~ <;l'cond to none Three to follr bl'droom'l, beautful CNamlC tle. central mr, three car bnck garage, sprinkler <;y~t!'m and be'aut! fill hme'ltone ext!'rlor appolntment... Features abound n ths fabulous four bedroom brck Coloma! n Grosse POnte Shores Home opens nto a ceramc tle foyer Wth natural fireplace Large famly room has cathedral celhng, ktchen ~ a cook's dream, second floor master sute has a two-person salina, marble Jacuzz and attached full bath Many more amemtles awalt you 10 ths Ctl'ltom home" Cape Cod Just off Oxford Road Just waltmg for the nght famly to fall n love Wth ts many charmmg feature~ Such as four bedrooms, two and one half baths, updated ktchen With bullt-ms, first floor master bedroom Wth ptlvate bath, formal dining room, famly room Wth cozy natural fireplace and doorwall le'adml\ to an awmng covered pato You11 also find attached garage, central nlr, alarm system and more' _.. -l ~T~7~~S~.~.~S~~S~S~S~7~.~s~.rlllll r 7 ~m_~..$ s ' llltllllr.. W S2ll ~-_ l.-..,. -.. '.',enh". 'w "cr Cd'.- CO~PLETE ~CROFLMNG SERVCE \ -

36 126 ~,,:-;- /-r':-a -:;.../-;-"'0~ 1'0" ~ ATTRACTVE three bedroom, one and one half bath Colomal n a great locatjon of the Woods. Open floor plan deal for entertalnmg Wth a kmg-slzed famly room (20x 18) Flmshed basement, upgraded ktchen GREATER MACK-BEAUTFUL three bedroom, one and one half bath ranch n a desrable resldentjal area of St Clalr Shores Freplace, central au condltlomng, famly room, fimshed basement WOODCREST - EXCELLENT VALUE on ths very clean ranch n Harper Woods. Many mprovements including updated ktchen, partjally fimshed basement Wth half bath and much more 2144 STANHOPE - EXCELLENT value on ths two to three bedroom ranch n the Woods Famly room plus den, upgraded ktchen, beautfully fim!>hed basement Also, natural fireplace, energy efficent furnace, spnnkler sy,tem ~"~ 9~~ 'i:m:j( ' 11 W MACK, G.P.W. OPEN SUNDAY PRESTWCK, G.P.W SUNDAY OPEN HOUSES 7 LAKESDE COURT. (2.5 p.m.) - More than luxunous, ths 4,000 square foot luxury hom~ offers beautiful views of Lake St Clair from half ts rooms You Wll appreciate the rich oak paneled 11 1r~fY" a spacous famly room, the foyer tiled n French limestone and a master bedroom swte only ava a e m custom constructon such as ths 1829 SEVERN _ ( 2-4 p.m.) - PRCE CONDTON, AND QUALTY all stand out m ths mmaculate three bedroom two and one half bath Colomal complete Wlth famly room and fireplace. Modern atchen Wth oak cabmetry, great carpeted recreaton room Wth concealed storage and laundry area. Stop n Sunday to see ths home 789 LAKEPONTE ( 1-4 p.m.) - Walk to schools and waterfront park from Uus four bedroom two and one half bath Colomal A large lot, bay wmdows, and a reahstjc pnce of $171,000 add attractlveness to the pcture 1782 KENMORE (1.4 p.m.) Neat as a pm and ready for possesson, tins neat three bedroom ranch has an updated ktchen, screened terrace, newer furnace and more.. now for only $109, ANTA. (1.4 p.m.) - LocatOn, locaton, locaton' ThS attractve Grosse POnte Woods home features three bedrooms, a clean basement Wth recreaton room, a wood deck off the back of the house, alummum tnm and a home warranty All for only $88,500 ADDTONAL OFFERNGS DAMMAN REALTORS Mack "The Red Carpet Treatment!" FOUR OPEN HOUSES SUNDAY 2-5 [B REALTOR' THE BEST OJo' EVERYTHNG - Nearly 8,000 square feet ofhvlng space awaits the most meticulous of home buyel s Recent mprovements mclude a fabulous 700 square foot lotchen/famlly actlvlty area Wth Grabll cabmetry and beautful Country French tle floonng Tus home also features four fireplaces, all Wth nch mal ble and carved wood trim A 33 foot screened terrace overlooks mamcured grounds and a ~f'\\ ),nst~ll('cl 60 f00t "frf'(, fr>rm" pool and slant pato area 1f.>,ou are consldenng the purchnse of R true luxury home, we mvlte your mqulnes on ths exceptional offenng. ATTENTON BARGAN HUNTERS. n Grosse Pomte Farms, four bedrooms, two full haths, a famlly room overlooking a Rrge yard, an updated atchen and an attached garage all for... $134,900. See and compare ths home because t tops all competitors N THE WOODS - Well malotamed and comfortahle descnbes Uus three bedroom two full bath Woods horne set on a lovely landscaped lot N THE FARMS - Three bedrooms, two full baths, and a pnce of only $124,900 make this charmer ideal for starters or folks not ready for condomlnlum lvmg ONLY $99,500 - Ths four bedroom home has over 2,000 square feet of great living area including an attached "apartment lke" second floor. Move n conditon and close to schools and transportation. You Wlll be delighted Wlth the value of ths home CADEUX, Grosse POnte Park Owner wants to see all offers' Four bedroom, semi-ranch. Walk to Vllage shopping' Great home for family hvlng' Over 1,800 square feet Two full baths, new Vinyl Wndows' Large first floor bedroom Wth first floor bath Entertainment center n fimshed basement f CLARWOOD, St Clar Shores: Three bedroom bnck ranch Wth famly room. Many updated features including newer furnace and roof. Remodeled kitchen Wth breakfast area Recently decorated throughout Wth neutral colors Covered wood pato Ths home Wll sell tself! Pnced well n the low 80's!' LAKESHORE VD...LAGE. ALWAYS N DEMAND - Ths two bedroom townhouse features a good location and a finlshed recreaton room. Located on Gary Lane. ATTENTON BOATERS - ThS home features both a panoramc Vew of the lake as well as the practcality of a protected canal.. the home has 2,600 square feet, a beautful kitchen, two full baths, Jacuzz and much more than you would expect for $359,900. COMMERCAL NVESTMENT PROPERTY - PRCE REDUCED. 3,120 square feet of prime retail space, Harper Avenue between 11 and 12?? Mlle. deal for office or mstnbutlon uses. Good parking with addtional???? ncluded JEFFERSON, St Clair Shores: Fust floor hvlng Great area Terrace facmg Jefferson! Low monthly mamtenance fee One bedroom. Well pnced at $45,500. SWmming pool Land contract terms Stop n Sunday lmmedlate occupancy" MACK AVE., GROSSE PONTE WOODS ST CLAR, Grosse Pomte Cty' Easy hvmg n Grosse POlnte' Two bedroom townhouse COndOminUm W]th basement Central alr, levelor blinds, newer carpeting Low maintenance fee! Asslgned parlang Close to everythmg! mmedate possesson HOME WARRAN1Y AVALABLE CERTFED FEE APPRASER ON STAFF NTERESTED N REAL ESTATE CAREER? WE HAVE SEVERAL PROGRAMS BOTH FOR THOSE WHO 00 NOT HAVEA LCENSE AND THOSE WHO DO CALL ROBERT DAMMAN AT ~~. 1- REO CARPET /SHOREWOOD KEirn / REAL ESTATE, NC. Formerly - Shorewood E.R. Brown Realty Mack Ave., Grosse Pointe!~uardian Home Y-W~ Avallab4e ReiocabOn SeMCeS AVailable HDDEN COVE CONDOMNUMS ON LAKE ST. CLAR SHORE BREEZE ESTATES CONDOMNUMS ON THE LAKE BULDER'S CLOSEOUT Two bedrooms, two baths, first floor laundry, fireplace, basement, wood deck, attached garage. Three left Wth mmedate occupancy Walk to your boat (boatwell ncluded n pnce) Located at 15 Mle and Jefferson, Just before Shook Road Model open Monday, Wednesday, Fnda)( Saturday and Sunday from 1-5 pm Call or NEW CONSTRUCTON St. Clar Shores on Lake St. Clair. Fahulous condonurnums W1th a heautiful VlllW of the lake. Two bedrooms, two baths, hasement, first floor laundry room, wood deck, two car attached garages. 1,830 to 1,936 square feet. Just south of 13 Mlle, east of Jefferson. Office open 9-5 Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Fnday and Sunday 1-5. Call or OPEN SUNDAY LAKEVEW - Grosse POnte Farms Spotless Colomal bult n Onglnal owner. Features mclude three bedrooms, famly room Wth natural fireplace, covered patio Wth gas gnll Stall shower n basement Spnnkler system, central ejr Two and one half car garage Counln/ (ub Dnpc S Clarr Shorc'> ML hrqan For m{orrnat 1011 ( nil ollr sales oj/we nt [>r((ee; From $ to $3.')0 ()()() Theres nothing ordinary or el'c'ryday about LAKE POiNTE TOWERS t s not JllSt a residence. t s a lifestyle Everything yoll lvant S nght /wrp TennS. a beautiful spa and pool and a challengrnq publ,c qolf (lub at the door The bwldmg llselj S ll(' only r11ld nse condommlllm tower rn St Clair Shores an arc/ltel t s masterple( e with t s soanng glass atnum balcomes and mlch mlch more ns(de alii/our whlme; have bl'l'n ant,clpated roome; offer unparalll'd e;pace for elltertmnrnq Floor plan!> allarlable from 970 to O!'er 2300 '>quare {eet On(' two or three bedrooms and 2 or 21/2 bathe; SpectaC!llar 7th floor pentlloll'ie re'ilderh pe; Q['allnblr,'vtodd!> and!>/lowro017l 'Open el'en/rm/ (e'(( epl 1/lirw!nl!) ~ Grosse Pointe The Prudent18 Real Estate Co You know us We know real estate And ndependently Owned find Operarod Mernbtn of the Prudential RS(l1EsrM6 Af1r sres nc 1680 FAlRHOLME. Grosse POinte Woods You can't ten by ndlng by Stop n and see tlu.s very mce bnck Colomal offenng three bedrooms Wth a walk.through fourth bedroom. Fanuly room, enclosed porch, recreaton room Wth bar Central air, one and one half car garage BEAUFAT - Harper \\bods Wth Grosse POinte school system. Sharp three bedroom ranch Wlth a famly sze atchen that has been updated Other mce features nclude fireplace n the lvlng room, three bedrooms Furnace and central ar new n 1988 Full hath n basement CADEUX - One house off Jefferson' Throwaway that Wlshbone - A httle acton and you can have ths home now' deal four bedroom Colomal Wth R. 15 x 8 5 foot dressmg room. Two full baths, two half baths, famly room Approxmately 2,500 square feet Comes with Guardian Home Warranty 1573 HOLLYWOOD. Grosse POinte \\bods No waiting for ths one' mmediate possession at close. Three bedroom bungalow Wlth updated ktchen Formal dmmg area, central ar, basement, garage. One car det8ched garage Close to schools Owner wants an offer' "SHOREPONTE CONDOMNUMS" EnJOy the good hfe n ths totally redecorated condo. Complete W1th brand new kltchen and updated powder room Two large bedrooms Wlth two full bathrooms Neutral decor Brand new cement patio Attached garage A real charmer Just waltjng for you! NEW CONSTRUCTON. Locaton 1'0'111 be the corner of Cadeux and Jefferson. Custom hullt by Baker Bmldmg Comp8ny Pnnts avalable at our office. Constructon to start 8pnng of Call for detals. -- _._---~ ~._""'."''''''''_''''._._.''''':'. '''''_'' '' ''.._..'''.''.''''' M.. _ s ( -" - -~ J.. s -

37 '' 138 j, illi111l ~111 The Properties Listed On These Pages REALTOR' 'CU, -iojsn" =- " ~ "" P ) t-n rosse Pointe Boar of Realtors@ Adlhoch & Assocates, nc Aldrdge & Assocates Bolton-J ohnston Assocate" Century 21-East n the Vllage Chamberlam Realtors ChampOn & Baer, nc Coldwell Banker Sch\\ eltzer Real Eiitate R G Edgar & As"oclates James R Flkany Real Estate Co The Prudental Grosse Pomte Real Estate Co l-hgbje :\laxon, nc Realtors Johnstone & Johnstone, nc. Lochmoor Real Estate, nc Red Carpet Kern Damman Realtors Red Carpet Keirn Shorewood Real Estate, nc Jm SarosAgency, nc Scully & Hendne, nc Sme Real Estate Co Tappan &; ASSOClaLeS or /<.,1{A Wlcox Realtors Youngblood & Fmn. nc BY APPONTMENT FRST OFFERNG OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 OPEN SUNDAY 2-4, \ ~ LOOKNG FOR A FOUR BEDROOM CAPE COD home with two bedrooms and bath on first floor, plus a channing kitchen, family room and pnvate fenced yard, then call today for an appontment OPEN SUNDAY HARVARD - CHARM' CHARM! CHARM! Umque home offers leaded glass Wndows, Pewabic tle, hardwood floors, spacousrooms, a new custom ktchen, two full baths and even a finished basement Come and see for yourself on Sunday. BY APPONTMENT PERFECT FOR A SMALL FAMLY. Well kept three bedroom bungalow n Grosse Pointe Woods. Updated eat-m ktchen, hardwood floors, plush carpetng and "move-n" condton Great nvestment for $99, CRESCENT LANE FRST TME OPEN!! Three bedroom, two bath contemporary ranch Wlth a stnkng lvng room/wmng room Wlth a cathedral cellmg and natural fireplace, famly room Wlth a wet bar and a well planned kitchen Wlth an eatng bay BY APPONTMENT A RARE OPPORTUNTY to purchase a first floor two bedroom condo n the much requested "Berkshues." Pnced to sell at $133, RVARD - STEP BACK N TME ThS remodeled farm house offers a parlor, three bedrooms, plus a nursery or den, central ar, hardwood floors, outstandng ktchen and famly room Wlth an adjomng deck for your outsde entertaolng OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 CAREFREE, CONVENENT CONDO LVNG. Located n the heart of the Village ths condo has had considerable updatmg A much desred corner unit Wth two large bedrooms and one full bath A WELL PRCED one bedroom condomnum stuated 10 converuent Grosse Po1Ote Cty. UOlt has been completely updated and redecorated n pleasng neutral colors Brand new carpeting $46, BALFOUR - HANDSOME TUDOR on a large well landscaped lot Wlth all the mportant quahty features. Beautlful natural woodwork, refinshed hardwood floor, exceptlonal moldngs and forced ar heatlng system are all reasons ths S the most exciting four bedroom, three bath house n the Park at a great pnce! Owner motivated BY APPONTMENT WHY RENT? This adorable Fanns home S a great alternatve to rentmg. Brand new great room, ktchen and bath. New plumbng, updated electtlcal servce, all new Wndows and lots of insulaton make ths an opportumty not to mss at $85,000 RETRNG SOON? EnJOY the ease of one floor hvmg Ths three bedroom home has two full baths, two fireplaces, central ar and celng fans A lovely quet street makes ths a perfect retrement home. All appliances ncluded $179,500 THE WARM HOSPTALTY OF COLONAL ARCHTECTURE combined with the comfort of modern bnck 1'0nstructlOn make ths a perfect condomnium for the buyer lookng to scale down Two mcely Szed bedrooms, modern ktchen Wlth sohd oak cabnets and an updated bath $64,900. EASY AS PE.. to own and mantan ths three bedroom home. Large eat-m ktchen, brand new furnace, central air and recreation room and full ktchen n basement. Appliances and furmture ncluded n sale. mmediate occupancy. 849 LAKELAND - CUSTOM BULT COLONAL on one of Grosse POnte's mobt desrable streets. Ths three bedroom, two and one-half bath has everything you have been lookng for Hardwood floors, two car attached garage, large lot, etc, etc OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 EXCTNGLY DFFERENT. The contemporary flalr combmed Wth the stunmng setting demonstrates the umqueness of ths three bedroom, two and one-half bath Colomal near Windmll Pomte New features include ktchen, furnace, central ar, secunty and fire systems, landscapng ana decor ABSOLUTE PERFECTON Wlll be your response when you see ths custom bult Fanns Colomal. From the two story foyer to the octagonal lbrary to the dramatc two story famly room thls home keeps gettmg better and better Call for all the details regardng ths most special and spectacular hstmg," OJ"~ A LARGE PRCE REDUCTON on ths one of a knd Enghsh stuated on a beautlful double lot Second floor features a master suite with dressing room, two connecting baths plus four other bedrooms and two more baths. Call for detals. OUTSTANDNG PEWABC TLE hghhghts ths PRCE REDUCED OWNER WLL CONSDER specal house on one of the Park's favonte streets. ALL OFFERS!! Snllmeadow condo ranch. 15 Mle Entry recepton hall Wlth Circular stajrcase, hvng Road Just west of Two bedrooms, one and oneroom, formal dimng room and library SpacOus half baths Pnvate pato. Attached garage. Many ktchen with separate eatng area S well equipped. extra features. $79,000 Seocnd floor has wonderful famly bedrooms Wlth appropnate baths. Allow us to show you the way to lve comfortably 1141 BEDFORD. QUALTY & ELEGANCE can be found throughout ths exquste English Thdor famly home Three bedrooms, one and one-half baths, famly room Wlth gorgeous woodwork and bult-ns Move n condton and only $139,900 BY APPONTMENT '- ~.. _- THS S NOT LKE EVERY OTHER HOUSE on the block! 'Thmfic four bedroom, two and one-half bath home Wlth famly room and ncely fimshed basement The open floor plan S great for entertaining and a growng famly. Fire alarm, secunty system, spnnkler system and attached two car garage EXCEPTONAL TWO FAMLY FLAT each Wth a hvng room, fonnal dolng room, two bedrooms, two full baths, large famly room and a spacous kitchen Wth good eatmg space A long lst of major mprovements Four car garage Lower vacant Phone for detrlls HANDSOME COLONAL features a new gourmet PRVATE ROAD SOUTH OF JEFFERSO:\" ;";e\\('r ktchen by Mutschler, dramatc hvng room W1th constructon' Handsome three bedroom, thlep h,l t), handsome fireplace and boxed Window flows and two half-bath Colomal Paneled library, fir-r gracefully mto the famly room and adjacent floor laundry, two car attached garage BeautlfLllh glassed terrace Upstars, the famly Wll delght n landscaped, ptlvate pato, ~ecunty "'y...tpm \ the four bedrooms, two and one half baths and MUST SEE' thrd floor StudO. TllS wonderful home can be LEASED OR PURCHASED M'M"" ~/EP CHAMPON~BAER,NC. REALTORS RELOCATON COUNCL (l2l\l'll!led An' (;mw' hntc hlrm\ i\ 11..j~21() _'- 2 0,, 5 -- '.. 'l:lss Olll771l1.1ll lls.'. 1l= ',.,. o.oo 'wc dlold rdllll COMPLETE MCROFLMNG SERVCE

38 14B Grosse pointe News ~... -:... ( " ~, "- COLDWELL BANKER. SCHWETZER REAL ESTATE..--. REALTORS OF THE MONTH." \\, '", ~ " '" 1 -# l\ "'.. KATHY SCHWETZER Hili Office DOROTHY DAUPHNAS Woods Office ADELL STOVER Farms Office JOSEPH RCH Woods Office GEORGE L. PALMS Farms Office PEGGY DELOZER Hill Office OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 P.M. 46 MOORLAND, G P SHORES - Superb custom-built quad n prime areal deal for entertaining Extra large family roam with natural fireplace and wet bar $279, BERKSHRE G P PARK - A gem with spacous roorns, wet plaster, ternflc family kitchen A great tloor plan, perfect for family livingand entertaining $245, YORKSHRE, G P PARK - Charming English cottage. completely renovated with newer kitchen and baths, magnificent oak floor and natural woodwork $247, BALLANTYNE, G.P. SHORES - Newer Mutschler kitchen with wet bar Elegant marble foyer Large library with recessed oak panelling Profes- Sionally landscaped $474, SUNNNGDALE, G P. WOODS - Spacous contemporary n mint condition with magnificent pool and outdoor patio. Fantastic finished recreation room with wet bar $369, RADNOR CRCLE, G P FARMS - FRST OFFERNG Locatlonl Spacous, four bedroom Colonial n prime location New eat-n country kitchen, new baths. $289, BALFOUR, G P PARK - located n beautltu\ neighborhood on large lot this lour bedroom, center entrance Colonial offers new atnum room $ GRAND MARAS, G P PARK - Totally redone, four bedroom, two and a hatl bath, center entrance Colomal large family room wth, pegged oak 1\00ls $ WHnER, G P PARK - ThiS foul bedroom brick ColOnial offers two and a half baths, breaktast nook, library, two car garage, and porch Some appliances $217, BlARMOOR CT, G.P. 988 HOLLYWOOD. G P. WOODS 742 N. RENAUD, G.P. WOODS - WOODS - Well maintained, four - Custom home throughoutl Move in and enjoy the updating. bedroom ColOnial features Mut- Thiele bul~,custom, four bedroom all new Vinyl Windows, new inoschier kitchen, Kitchen Aid dish- brick ColOnial offers wet plaster, leum, new counterlops, new dishwasher, built-in.stove, flnlsnepu 'ffial'o\l;l sus"wood peg,lloonngdo'... JNasoer amwdlspcsal, new furbasement $234,000 family room $229,900 nace $239,500 ~~ 1919 SEVERN, G P WOODS - TraditiO nal, full-brick Colon lal n desirable location mpeccably maintained Custom decor Offering many extras $154, MLE ROAD, CHES- TERFELD TWP - Charming cape Cod features four bedrooms, three baths, eat-n kitchen With appliances, walk-n closets, two car attached garage $145, NORTON, EAST DETROT - Clean, well maintained, spa- COUS custom built ranch ohers hardwood floors, wet plaster Prime area n Southlake schools $112, MOROSS, G P FARMS - mmediate occupancy Fantastic all new decor Four bedroom, brick home near the Pier, shopping, churches, hospitals, country clubl $ "',l, 2118 FLEETWOOD, G P WOODS - Exceptional ColOnial, freshly decorated throughout, offers updated kitchen wrth appliances, updated bath, nicely finished basement $115, WOOD MONT, HARPER WOODS - Move nto this well maintained bungalow With family room, fireplace, eating space n kitchen, finished basement, deck $91, MORAN, G.P FARMS - Extra lotll Good location near transportaton and shopping Breakfast bar n kitchen, three bedrooms, natural fireplace, recreation roam $133, SHOREPONTE, ST CLAR SHORES - Townhouse condominium, bright and cheerful, features two bedrooms, first floor lavatory, attached garage Center unit, $128, JULANA, EAST DETROT - Tt>ree bedroom bunga,ow offers many unique features large kitchen With dining area and built- n china cabinet mmediate occu pancy $ EDGEWOOD, ST CLAR SHORES. Two bedroom, freshly painted ranch offers natural fireplace appliances n kitchen, ceo dar closet n foyer. sun room $ ROSCOMMON, HARPER WOODS - nvestor's dreaml Great starter home or retirees All on one floor Good for handicapped people New roof, new furnace $44, ROSLYN, G P WOODS - This clean, well-kept bungalow S loaded With potential. Marble Sills, first floor laundry, two and one half car garage With work area $87, OVERLAKE, ST CLAR SHORES - Charming, nicely decorated condominium townhouse n nice, secluded wooded area ncludes stave, refrigerator, washer and dryer. $59, KELLY, EAST DETROT - Great location Clean and nicely maintained mmediate possession. ThiS S a co-op Maintenance fee ncludes taxes and heat $43,900. REAL ESTATE CLASSES FORMNG MONTHLY. CALL TODAY! A member of the ml Sear; FmanClal Net\Vllrk u!lli GROSSE PONTE WOODS Mack Avenue just north of Vernier KERCHEVAL ON THE HLL 74 Kercheval Avenue GROSSE PONTE FARMS Mack Avenue just south of Moross OFFCE HOURS Weekdays 9 AM to 8 PM Weekends 9 AM to 6 PM 23 OFFCES SERVNG OVER 85 SUBURBAN COMMUNTES Q ~ "C' ('... B lfal1ol1" SCHWETZER REAL ESTATE An dti.., lwn!ll nl ~ Member of C''-llriler lesldenlli ~ ~ The H<>llleSellers f... ~.._... --_...._... _~.._ A "~-~"'--"'-":''''. _.._~ '-

39 158 &OMETHNG foq EVEQYONE Since our founding we have worked hard to establish a dynamic organization of real estate professionals and services. The key to our successis our people, brtght... sensitive... creative people who have brought their specialized knowledge and professional perfonnance to a seldom-found level of expertise. The realtionship between The Prudential and our company is dedicated to the single-minded purpose of ensuring that your experience with us results n the "highest" degree ofsaltsfaction, n all respects. nnovative strategies n marketmg, national family relocation service and our own computerized mortgage orgination system Oare continuously evaluated and refined to better serveyou. ur everyday involvement in all aspects of the company s operations S an ntegral part of our leadership style. Our J. Dennis Andrus, PreSdent reputation speaksfor lself.. YouKnow Us. WeKnow Real Estate. Dougla~ F. At1dru~, Vlr~ Pr~'lilppt OP~N 6UNDi\Y Me KNLey ot a minute? That's all t Wll take to recognize the value n ths three.bedroom Grosse C POinte Farms Colomal With an abundant kitchen and pub room. the home S great for entertaining W!i\'!' i\ l)t:c1nnnc r' wo beautful bungalows for under $53,000 One With two bedrooms and the other Wth four bedrooms Recently pam ted, each has hardwood floors and many other new features T [YEN WTlOJT i\ [)L1\ZE he fireplace spreads radiant cheer throughout the country kitchen A wealth of relaxing and entertaining spaces are available n ths Grosse POinte Park Cape Cod 12 OPEN 6UNDAY MOQAN educed pnce S Just cne of the features of ths three.bedroom Colomal Others nclude hvlng room fireplace, fonnal dmlng room. ktchen eating space. and large family room Wth fireplace. EX.EClJWE ENTEQTANNG n an elegant setting S so easy n ths PlantatOn Colomal on Lakeshore Dnve With both nformal and formal dining rooms and a graclous elegant aura, t's most mpressve Y BEfOQE THE6NOW flle6 au can be wann and toasty by the natural fireplace n ths charming Grosse POinte Cty story The second floor hlde.a.way S perfect for kids. T MAQVr:LOU6 MAKEDVEQ hanks to canng owners, this three.bedroom English has been reborn Wth ts leaded glass and new Pella Windows, refimshed wood floors. rpmodeled ktchen. and huge new deck 6PAClOU6 feelng s what you Wll expenence when you Vlew ths charming three.bedroom. home 10 Grosse Pomte. ncludes den. natural wood floors and much, much more WLLOW TREE GP SHORES Stunnmg family room Sauna/whrlpool Superb craftsmanship $410,000 NEWCASTLE G P WOODS Pcture perfect Colomal Meticulously mamtamed Updated atchen $ [HG) ll'lal!()t' 'J" /0' C> ~. NetworlcfffQ)' nlernallonal Referral ScrVltc 114 Kercht:;vt., BARRNGTON' G.P PARK Pnce reduced Owner transferred A "best buy" $ BLARMOOR G P. WOODS New neutral decor Elegant but comfortable Four famly bedrooms $238,900 MCKNLEY' G.P FARMS deally located Tle roof Beautful decor $ BY APPONTMENT $359,000 BALLANTYNE Four bedroom Colomal Just a short walk from the lake Famly room $325,000 BARCLAY: Dramatic contemporary ranch Wth famly room. year.round garden room too! $ BERKSHRE. Fve fanuly bedrooms plus extra lot deal for pnvate pool or tenms court $ CLOVERLY Eour, bedroo\!, chru~<fullo leadlld,g~,and.:pll\ster mohhngs. S,ttmg TQPm, $194,500 COOK ROAD Bnght cheery four bedroo~- Colomal bult by Cox and Baker Move nght 10' $98,500 FLEETWOOD Two bedroom low mamtenance ranch n the Woods Wth a great lower levet $97,900 HAMPTON' Perfect starter home for young famlhes Full ofhght and freshly decorated $ HUNT CLUB. Appealing Colonial both insde and out' Three bedrooms Great locationl $ LANCASTER- Darlmg three bedroom Wth warm cozy feeling nslde plus neutral decor $119,000 LNVLLE' Large fanuly room, great eat'ln atchen plus quet location you'll love $126,900 MANOR Freshly pamted Enghsh bungalow Wth an updated kitchen you'll enjoy workmg m $189,500 MCKNLEY: Handsome three bedroom Colomal n one of the Fanns most popular areas $86,900 RDGEMONT- Really affordable three bedroom bungalow that's clean as a wlustle too! $97,900 ROSLYN Freshly decorated and ready for occupancy Wth two full baths and three bedrooms $ SHOREHAM' Aquahty bult ranch Wth first floor laundry and breathtalang garden! $ ROSLYN mmaculate three bedroom ranch m superb condition on a great Szed lot $169,900 ST CLAR: Great location and temfic appeal for ths English style bungalow $118,500 TOURANE' Enghsh bungalow Wth great floor plan and new decor to move nght mto! FRST OFFERNG. ClaSSC center entrance Colomal Wlth spaclous rooms Wlth high celhngs, fine woodwork and leaded glass lughhghts awmtmg your personal decorative touch With over 3,500 square feet mcludjng SX bedrooms. three baths, plus sun room, famly room and recreaton room, t's an mvltlng spot for your famly and friends' FRST OFFERNG. A fine English cottage with leaded g1ass Wlndows, three bedrooms and family room compnsmg over 1,800 square feet of lvng space. Updated ktchen ncludes stove, refrigerator. new dishwasher and cellmg fan along Wth breakfast nook Wth built-in comer cabmets. 826 BARRNGTON Wll be open for your viewng Sunday. Save up to 25% on Your Frst Year Mortgage Payments! 816 BEDFORD 577 BLARMOOR 953 LAKEPONTE LENNON. 243 MCKNLEY 676 MDDLESEX 1581 NEWCASTLE VAN ANTWERP WLLOW TREE FNANCNG BY GMAC MORTGAGE CONTACT ONE OF OUR SPECALSTS FOR DETALS Enghsh Colomal...Colomal... Bungalow Enghsh Colomal Colomal Colomal. Colomal OPEN SUNDAY Four bedrooms.. Four bedrooms..... Three bedrooms...,. Three bedrooms.. Three bedrooms Four bedrooms... Three bedrooms... Three bedrooms Four bedrooms GMAC Mortgage DREAMHOUSE- is the innovative program that saves you money. Pay less during the early years of homeownership, when you need the money most. $217,900 $ $ $ $ $245,000 $123,900 $121,900 $410,000 OPEN SUNDAY. 894 LAKEPONTE. should be mcluded m your Sunday tour Note the spacous rooms and handy traffic pattern. Along Wth four bedrooms and two and one half baths. there S a den and large walk-up attic A great spot for your family CONVENENCES GALORE a fine three bedroom Colomal on shady street 10 the Woods Along with fmmly room. first floor laundry and attached garage. there are two and one half baths, aluminum trim and natural fireplace Call for your pnvate showng OPEN SUNDAY. 657 SUNNNGDALE.. Large scale family hvlng on tree-hned boulevard a short walk to the lake and schools. Ths attractve home offers a roomy famly room Wth cathedral cellmg. hbrary. three and one half baths plus SXbedrooms See t Sunday! STUNNNG ENGLSH TERRACE. Ths row house has been completely redecorated smce Along Wth SXbedrooms and three baths, there S a new h-tech atchen, refimshed floors plus channmg hbrary Plenty of space to ralse a family and entertam OPEN SUNDAY MORAN... ask for the details of all the recent updating such as furnace, central air, new decor, storms and newer appliances which are mcluded. A special oftenng of a Sde entrance Colomal 10 the Farms Wth fireplace 10 master bedroom FOUR UNT BRCK NCOME. Four new gas forced mr furnaces are mcluded along Wth four stoves and refngerators. ts good cash flow and close proxmllty to shopping and transportaton make ths an excellent nvestment opportumty DESRABLE CONDOMNUM... Located on handy Grosse Pomte Cty Ste, this first floor condominum is close to shoppmg and transportation. Mlm blinds are mcluded Wth recent redecoration along with refngerator and stove Call for your showng. GREAT FARMS LOCATON Need a starter home or a retirement spot m a famliar locale? Tns cozy ranch Wth a first floor laundry room, expanson loft over attached garage S pnced below $100,000 See t now and move before the hohdays' OPEN SUNDAY BARRNGTON - Frst oftenng of story and a half Enghsh cottage EASTBROOK CT. Lovely, spacous four bedroom Colomal Wth attached garage 894 LAKE PONTE. Four bedrooms, large rooms plus great traffic pattern 461 MORAN. Three bedroom Colomalln the Farms recently updated 526 NOTRE DAME. Channmg farm house 10 the Cty Wth pnce reduction 647 SUNNNGDALE. SpacOus Colomalm great Woods locaton 865 TROMBLEY. SpaCOUSand gracous famly home on extra large lot!,.' r.. -Jj!l---- wt ~.CO.M.P.L.ET.E.M.C.R.O.F.L.M.1.N.G.S.E.R.V.C.E r 'Rl1i:t BOLTON-JOHNSTON ~9, t"h"f RO.H,!'/ ( ', (, \ 111/1 -:{' l\...~ociatc4t0"(.ro... 4tC 'olute. Ucaltol"!la hp "orld 20(,47 \talk Avenue "!'!""' /'1/)( (/. \(/1/1"/ "t'mbpr of RHO 1",ld"r /" R.,/", ill/,,,,..,... ~ELO S llls.. slc 1l0_S / lls '..,.' 1l''d~- _1..'w._.. loold.d mm_...

40 1..' r ~ 'll \1111'11111\ ' ' '1 Jr' The Properties Listed On These Pages rosse Pointe Boar :B@ nealtor" 'QUAt ~OUSNG 1'C JP9QlfUNTv of Realtors@ Adlhoch & Assocldtes nc Aldndge & Assocwtes Bolton-Johnston Associates Cemul) 21-East n the VJ!lage C}j,Ji11berL..ui1 Rc..uitvr~ ChampOn & Baer, nc Coldwell Banker Schwetzer Real Estate R G Edgar & Assocates,J.1m ~ R FJ".arn Real Estate Co The Prudential Grosse Pom te Real Estate Co Hgbie ~axon. nc Realtors,Johnstone & Johnstone, nc L0chmour Rt-a] E:,tate, n.:: Red Carpet Kern Damman Realtors Red Carpet Kern Shorewood Real Estate, nc Jm Sara:,.\g'cnc), ne Scully & Hendne. nc Sine Real Estate Co Tappan & Assocates of ER.,\ Wlcox Realtors Youngblood & F'nn, 1m 1;".'p ~~: ~ '. -,,. '-~' '" FRST OFFERNGS SPECAL BROCHURE avalable on ths Unque contemporary n the CTY. Three levels of hvng space Wth four bedrooms and two and one half baths add up to a streamhned, care-free envronment CUSTOM COLONAL -- Four bedroom, two and one half bath, first floor laundry, selfcleanmg crystal clear NGROUND POOL Wth large pato, newer furnace and central ror, country ktchen and built-ms, master bedroom Wlth pnvate bath and dressmg area. NEWBERRY PLACE Enter ths lovely French Colomal m the Farms through a graclous foyer. Some of the features mclude wood peg random plank floors, new wood deck, recessed lightmg and beautful decor. F1ve bedrooms, three full baths, famjly room and hbrary. LARGE REDUCTON $85, Can stll buy sometlung. Three bedrooms, 16 x 14 foot famly room Wth doorwalls to wood deck, formal dining room, fresh new decor throughout and central ror. 543 CANTERBURY - Elegant custom bult executve horne Two star) marble foyer, four bedrooms, three full and two half baths Paneled famll) room Wlth fireplace and wet bar, hbrary and first f100r laundry Central alt, fimshed basement, automatc spnnkler system and large wood deck. The hst of amemtles S endless. OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 FRST OFFERNG 325 KERCHEVAL n the Farms features natural fireplace, two bedrooms, bath and one half and den off the ktchen Also ncluded S the finshed basement, pato and two car attached garage Large lot SALE SUBJECT TO PROBATE APPROVAL STOP N Please call regarding our many other listings in the Grosse Pointes and Neighboring Suburbs. JAMES R. FKANY ~ 1! REAL ESTATE 714 Notre Dame The Jim Saros Agency is pleased to offer: PRCE REDUCED $289, BERKSHRE OPEN SUNDAY 2-5 AUTHENTC COLONAL - two and one half baths. Affordable 2,000 square foot center hall home, updated ktchen Wlth breakfast room, famly room Wlth new Wlndows, central air, located on one of Grosse Pomte's best streets AUDUBON ROAD. DePaepe bult Colomal, lovmgly cared for by onglnal owner. Four bedrooms, two and one half baths, attractlve hbrary, large FlOrda room overlooks beautfully landscaped yard, beautiful detajl throughout ncludes extra lot MARVELOUS four bedroom famly home on South Renaud. Large rooms and lovely natural fireplace ln hvmg room Absolutely charmmg decor Four bedrooms, two full baths and fimshed basement See thts one quickly before t's gone! AUTHENTC ENGLSH -- Three bedroom, one and one half bath m convement FARMS locatlon Spacious famly room, updated ktchen Wlth apphances and large breakfast room, attractve woodwork and moldngs Two car garage. FRST OFFERNG STRATTON PLACE Umque custom-bult French style home secluded Wth complete pnvacy a block from the lake. Master bedroom sute on first floor, oak panejfd hbrary, famly room, two story graclous foyer, three bedrooms on second floor Surrounded by multi-leveled patos on a woodland settmg SHORE PONTE Wth attached garage, fimshed basement plus two and one half baths. Located off Mack and Verner J2L!Magnificent grosse Pointe 'Estate A French country manor featured n "the BUlldmgs of DetrOt, a Hstory," by W Hawkms Ferry The lakefront estate has been completely restored by the current owners to preserve the specal character of a bygone era wille adding to the very best features found n today's new custom bult homes. A great cholce for the successful executlve lookng for a majestic lakefront estate Call today for a complete color brochure or to arrange for your personal showlng RDGE ROAD. Absolutely stunnng Enghsh Tudor Wlth all the amemtes bedrooms plus a ground floor suite for Nanny or office. Beautifully landscaped Wlth lovely pool and three car garage A wonderful floor plan for famly and entertajmng. AFFORDABLE NCOME -- Two famly Unt n desrable Park location Lower has five rooms, upper four rooms. Land contract terms awulable Long-tme tenants provde financal secunty MAJOR PRCE REDUCTON. ProfesslOnally landscaped yard, finished basement, large family room, four bedroom, two and one half bath Colomal GREAT VALUE. Stop by Sunday 2-5 pm at 197 LakeVew. TREAT YOURSELF. TO THE VERY BEST. EnJOy a spacous 3,200 square foot center hall Colomal n the Farms, near the lake Walk to schools, a 20 x 15 Mutschler famly room and 19 x 14 Mutschler ktchen are very specal rooms m ths very specal home NEAR VLLAGE -- $199,000 REDUCED ncludes 18 x 17 foot famly room, garden room, two fireplaces and three full baths Wth five bedrooms. GRAND MARAS -- Attractive Colomal Just off the lake Four bedrooms, two and one half baths, large (25 x 15 foot) family room, spacious master bedroom, all avalable for $242,500. FRST FLOOR MASTER SUTE, two full baths, famly room, attached garage and central air. Every room has an attractjve Vew of mature, pnvacy landscape. ONE BLOCK WALK TO LAKE PARK-LKE SET'NG SpacOus Colomal Wlthm walkng dstance of the HJ1l and the Village Attractve decor throughout. Four bedrooms, two and one half baths, famly room, breakfast room, finshed basement, central ar and spnnkler system. OPEN SUNDAY Audubon. $179, Ridge. $529, S. Renaud.... $169, Jefferson $305, LakeVew $215,000 ENGLSH NEAR LAKE -- mpressve Engltsh with four bedrooms, two and one half baths, paneled tbrary with bay, heated garden room, finished basement, central ror on a nice pnvate lot half a block from the park tj r UL m<jucold "orld charm awallsyou m ths spacous English Tudor '" \h four to fve bcdroom~ and three full and one half baths A find,md a!!rcat value at S289,OOO DETROT'S FNEST OPEN SUNDAY 2.5 BEST AREA. POPULAR STYLE. Dehghtful Cape Cod near Grosse POnte Farmly room, French doors to wooden deck, quarry tle atchen floor, three bedrooms, one and one half baths Absolutely charmng 4327 Bshop. METCULOUS COLONAL Three bedrooms, one and one half baths, full bath n fimshed basement Updated ktchen Wth apphances Very well mrontamed 3890 Harvard We Represent Most Major Relocation Firms = Wlham G Adlhoch Maureen L Ahson Joy R Bracey Charles E Daas Mary A Daas Mananne H. DaVes Henn Ettedgui Nma Foster Cyntha C. reland John D. Hoben, Jr Patncla A. O'Grady Wlham F. Leslte Chane M. Pme Lmda C. Rodnguez Ann W. Sales Thomas D. Steen Thomas L Taber Jeffrey vonschwarz MACK at SEVERN \ rch tcctural dclailmg and quahty you'd expect wllh an lmpres- '''e to)er, hvlng room wllh nalural ftcplacc. formal dmlng r<xlrn (both wllh rehcf crown molding and French doors) Pewablc tlle 11 \ 'dr round 'unroorn Wth leadcd glass wmdows. newcr Mutschler kltdlul 'Cr> ce stalrca,e. hardwood 1100n, recreatlon room With a nat "T.d ltll'l"c thrcc car garagc and mground spnnkler syslcm Call D,hhlL ).!TO~ for your pnvate showmg A Mack, Grosse Pointe, M ~...-_... '...t.... r ~~~7~:-t _ _.. _""...._~-..~_oat.. ',,'.."l1li.&1 ' to l'..".., '', J'~ J

41 'm",1 \ " October ~ ~ 178 One Day Only HOME FAR Everything you always! ;,,,,,~~. ~ '1 ' ~,; ~ t,,,,,... '.J i ( (K ' (~, (. r l,{,, (, ' wanted to know about Home Remodeling Landscaping Security Systems CUsf6mDoors. Furniture Refinishing Home nspections Mortgages nterior' DesigfC ~. ".._-." Demonstrations... and Much, Much More Assumption Cultural Center Marter Road, St. Clair Shores Thursday, October 18, 2 p.m. - 6 p.m. FREE Admission FREE RefrEshments Door Prizes Sponsored by Grosse Pointe Board of REALTORS ! n 2.1 m m so 'n ad So 2 COMPLETE MCROFilMNG SERVCE 2 sa S 2, en an ''ftd r n eo 1M 1d rr. \

42 ' "SPECAL ACCENTS" The quaint little shop in the VVoods has expanded to the corner of Mack and Hampton Unique Halloween and Thanksgving, gifts, crafts and special holiday wreaths are available now. Creatve ideas and custom orders are our specalty ~ Ed Maliszewski ~~ Carpeting Our 77th Annual October Oriental Rug SALE! 25% OFF our entire selection of hand knotted Oriental rugs... at Mack Avenue, edmund t. AHEE jewelry co. f getting engaged is on your mind, let me tell you something about diamonds. Diamonds entered the history of man about 400 B.C. in ndia. At first prized for its incredible hardness, the diamond became a symbol of strength, courage and invincibility: To be had only by kings. t wasn't until the 15th century, when Archduke Maxmilian of Austria gave the first diamond betrothal ring to Princess Mary of Burgundy, that women started wearing diamonds as a symbol of enduring love. And today? A diamond of a carat or more. To be had only by a very special woman. edmund t. AHEE jewelry co. has the largest and newest selection of fine qualty damond engagement rings. Our expert Jewelers will be happy to explain the difference of characteristcs n your quality diamond. Ask about the four C's that determine a diamond's quality: cut, color, clarity and carat weght. Qualty, because she deserves the best. We will custom design your diamond engagement ring m our own art jewelry workshop on premses - Or you can choose from our fresh orignal in-store desgns We Wll gve you expert qualty because she deserves the best Mack Ave at Oxford. 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C h if d r en, (r,((f' in (.()'llurrh' rtrhl party, party! f' ;,.(. c. p,j n l in {, low rt ry f.l t~)r~(~s,ba!- J,,',n'l and tn:at'l, ChlJdrens f)c'rhlrlmf'nt. BAKE SHOP", Spccial of the w('ckl B(. 'lut(~ and 'ltop hy to pi~kup a f('w of our dcliclous Englsh muffin hread - only $ , ext w Jacobsons Qctober 18th (Thurs,) <., ~,,f T F S :00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m Gus Goodman will } 3 4 S ~, 18 9;0} n 23 present a specal co - "' 10 r lection of custom made fur lined and reversible garments. Mr. DaVid Goodman, representative of the company, will be in the store to present their special service. The finest materials - furs mink, fox and others combine'd with leather, silk ultrasuede and other luxury fabric in a custom made, practical garment. n the Fur Salon._ October 23rd (Tues,).2:30 p,m,. Accessories Show. Accessorlze, accessorize! Learn to change your look maximize your wardrobe using 'shoes, scarves and jewelry. 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You've had this idea in the back of your mind, but you never knew qmte how to promote yourself? Give The Creative Services a call -- we know just how to put you at the forefront of the business world Wth a professional image Kercheval on-the-hill, em n this Column call ~alhleen POints -

43 ",, f '. There's more to lose this time More polce officers will be needed to direct traffic More bleacher space will be filled More hot dogs, popcorn and pop will lme the shelves n the concesson stand Look out everyone, t's tme for the N()rth South football game ThiS season, unlke the pre. VOUS21 games, North and South wll have more to lose - or gam - by the outcome. South, which dommated the Eastern Michigan League by wmnng nine football titles, Jomed the Macomb Area Conference ths season North has been in the MAC for four years A North wm would wash away the disastrous loss to South last year, and t would gve South one more league loss A South wm would be the second straight over North and would knock North further down in the MAC White DivisOn standings. t's becomng stale to repeat this, but it's true: This game draws a lot of fans who have not attended a game all season. Oh well, guess t's hke Easter Sunday when everyone shows up at church Just once a year Neither North nor South has a shot at getting into the playoffs But a wm would salvage some part of the season However, let's not Judge the season on this one game don't care who Wns or loses, as long as t's a great game to watch. Many may argue this POnt, but last season's game was fun for only South fans. The 42 points was the most ever scored in a North-South game, but the Norsemen stili hold the overall edge in games, Throw out the previous stats, this season's records, the game books. This game is a war of attrition Neither team does anything fancy. Both like to control the ball, eat up the clock and stuff the football n the end zone But, don't kid yourself, f there's an opportunty to use the 52-nght, diveslant throw-the-ball-m-the-endzone reverse, then you'll see it Most of these players respect one another, and a majonty of them have played Wth or agamst one another m base. ball, Red Barons or basketball, and the finest part of this game S the hugs, tears, hand shakes and high fives that take place among players dunng and after the game These guys will have to me up n front of an old mend and try to bury him and beat him, but not humilate him Both teams are well coached and disciplined, so there shouldn't be any fighting, Just some verbal barbs and shoutng matches - the usual stuff that goes on on the field This year's game will be played at North, where South hasn't won Snce 1982 (14-10) But that, too, doesn't mean a thing Normally the VStng team walts until five mnutes before the game - JUst in tme for the com toss - to show up, thnkng t kind of psyches out the home team Sorry, but that ploy Sgettmg stale, too Panted faces on fans, cars done up n school colors and htte pranks throughout the week really make this one of high school's finest nvalnes Tus game brmgs out more fans than homecomng, and all those people should be mat. tendance at every game, not Just when North and South meet North (4 3, 3-3) and South (4 3, 4-2) Will lock horns at 1 p m. Oct 20 at North S no excepton. North and South, both competing m the Macomb Area Conference Whte DVision, Will clash Oct. 20 at North n the annual battle for football pride Fans from all over wll see this game People will come out of the woodwork and see their first - and probably only - game of the season. So what? t's the North-South game. Why's everyone excited? What's there to worry about? Why S everyone mvolved so anxous? BECAUSE, DUDE! T'S NORTH VERSUS SOUTH Players and coaches have pre. pared long and hard for this battle, and others are bettng a few bucks, a lunch and some will even eat crow if ther team doesn't wm But what do the people who are not playmg think about ths 22nd match-up? North holds the senes edge, 11.10, whlle South has recorded the Widest margin of VictOry in a North-South game, last season The followng are quotes from several people m the school system on what the North-South Classified,, SC. / South 2nd, North 3rd By Rob Fulton Sports Editor As expected, the Unversity Liggett School grls' tenns team won the Class A Region 5 champonship Oct 13 at Farwell Field ULS, the defending Class CoD state champs, catapulted mto Class A this season, where t holds the state's top rankmg, and the champonship came as no surprise. The real story to emerge out of this tournament was the battle between North and South Going mto the second day of the tournament t was no secret ULS had won, but things remamed unsettled for second place The top two teams qualfy for the state championshps. North held an lead over South, but the Lady Blue DeVls evened the score Wth a Wn at No.4 singles and No 2 doubles. Deadlocked at 18-18, North and South took to the court for a battle at No.2 doubles. Wm and you go to the state meet, lose and winter starts immediately. After more than three hours, South's Kathy Nault and Molly Katchmark came away with a 4. 6, 64, 7-5 win over North's Nafootball game means to them. Jo Lake, director of athletics at South: See RVALRY, page 2C Section C Grosse Point~ News Knights capture Class A regional tennis crown Ph oro by Rob Fulton North will be led by junior Paul Straske. No matter how things heat up in the Middle East,it's still going to be bitterly cold here this yeor. Record lows are predicted tor Michigon's winters this year. nvest in properly insulated apparel We bought early and we bought a lot. So our prices on petroleumbased insulations will remain stable this season METRO SK Phot<> by Rob Fulton Heather Heidel became a regional champ at No, 2 singles for University Liggett School. What does the North- South game really mean? By Rob Fulton Sports Editor Preview stones seem to always be the same when they are about a big game And this story Photo b} Rob Fulwn South's Steve Wisniewski sparks the Devils. Like everyone else, we can't happen next year predict what Wll We'lf stili give you the best service n town matter what As a local retailer, we appreciate and support & SPORTS "SELLNG SPORTS FOR THE FUN OF T" Mack South of Vernier Grosse Pointe Woods Mon. - \\ed. & Sat. 10-6, Thu. - Fri No your loyalty taha Rodriguez and Rebecca "Gomg mto play Saturday, Damm told the grrls that they had a e- To get to the finals, Nault and gtmate shot at still getting past Katchmark had defeated ULS' North and mto the state tourna. No 2 doubles team of Lynn Sm ment," said Prychitko. "t was a kel and Lauren Gargaro, 6 3, 4 lot of pressure, but the grrls han. 6, 64, n semifinal acton ded t well " "That was one of the biggest ULS, which won 10 straight wins we've had n some time," Class C.D state ttles, sn't used said South coach Stephane Pry to the kind of pressure t will chltko " know that waq a tre. encounter Oct in the state mendous amount of pressure for meet both teams to go through n that "We knew gong into the rematch dj.dn't say anythmg to gonal meet that we were the fa. Kathy and Molly, but 'm sure vonte because we had done very they were aware that 1f they we)) aganst both North and won we'd go to the state meet" South during the season," said Region 5 S genera))y doml- ULS coach Bob Wood, whose nated by North and South, but team finshed 11-0 n dual because of ULS, one of them had meets "But all that means noth. to stay home unless North and mg when you get to the state South had tied for second meet Our girls will have to ban. North's No 1 smgles player, de some great pressure the state Becky Devne, did, however, meet offers Where or how we qualfy for the state meet after finsh wll all depend on how finshmg second to regonal well we handle the pressure in champ Shannon Byrne, 6-0, 6-0, the frrst round." of ULS ULS handled the regional North coach Karen Cooksey pressure fine. Besides Byrne, could not be reached for com- other regonal champions for the ment. Lady Knights include Heather Nault and Katchmark had Heidel (No. 2 smgles), Anne Caalso lost - badly - m two pre. VlOUSmatches against Rodnguez anddamm See TENNS, page 3C Don't by a single parka this season. Bu; sc\ era] parkas ill one, "a the Columbia nrrn:hange'" Svsrem Rcpn:scnrcd here br ounnf.unous Bugaboo Parka r". Bcrgundral T " Cloth o~ t=hdj. Zlp-our Jacgor Fleece'" hner' Radial Slwe. AdlustabJccu!lS Frontstonn~ Columb' flap' T\\ofinntzlppcr-<:loscdsccumypocke15' EJasocw.usr :1 la SpomwearCompany St.'~umme,.~ Sti S~op,!)nc Mack Avenue, G.P.W CUSTOM FREPLACE DOORS Will NCREASE N PRCE OCT. 22, ORDER TODAY TO BEAT THE PRCE NCREASE "FREE SCREEN & NSTAllATON" RADANT HEAT GAS LOGS 24 " GAS LOGS WTH STANDARD VALVE ONLY _D@jt~." Two locations to Serve You Better THE HOT SPOT THE HOT SPOT, TOO Mack Ave Mon. Frl washington Sat 10.6 New Baltimore Closed Sunday b 1 7 ' S?2.?S.?.. S 7SS.. 7 =~~zm Sll fillr' ll COMPlETF MCROFilMNG SERVCE S.S S _.l' CMl' m ' 111 l1li '..'.rlltlll c ' Slll \

44 _2C S~M4 October 1B, 1990 Ri Edge vary,.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.,.:.,.,.,.:...:.:.:.:.'.:.:.,.:.:.:.".,.:.,.:.:.".:.:.:.,.:.".:.".:.".:.:.".",.,.:,.:.m:.".:."",.:.,.,.".:.:.:.".:.,.:.:.:.".:.'.:.:.:.'.:.".:.'.:.:.'..:.:.:.:0:.:.:.'''''.''.''.:.,.:.,.:.".:.:.:.:.".:.:.:.:.:.:.:.".:.".,.".".:.".".".:.".".:.".»:.",.".:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:."."",:.,,,,:.::,,,,,,,.,.:,.",:,,::: From page C " would describe t ab a game letll ell! edol \., meetlllg.. Tom Gauerke, director of night gdme!'>,hub;', you wouldn't But whose sidehne do you between friendly nvals who "t means that Tom G,Hle!ke ~e. 1 wandel f Gauerke atwetics at North: have to wony about being stand on filst, Peggy? share the same values t's not a wll buy lunch at OU ne'\t ath knoll" dbout till' bet "n m." opmlon, to suggest both pldce~ elt the same time S th grudge match t's trme for all thdt the., North South footbdll Scott R b rt N rth 'brar Berm'e LeMieux, ou as- h d 0 e S, 0 1. the kids to Jam toget er an NORTH versus SOUTH game doesn't mean mal e to tht' lan:. 81'stant principal: have fun" NORTH dthlete", and coaches than any '']'m not,el Y "poli" OJ wnted "t', 'n event that allows for d k LeM told him SOUTH The fllendly lvally the NOth ~ «othel game 1<; slly Hopefully. t 'pilited competton between two h Soun t t s 1 e eux KCKNG RUNNNG PASSNG North's Gary Corona started the first live games before Som Sonom took over South on the other hand has stayed With Tim Gramling \tho has more expe'lence Too close to call Mike Haskell and Paul Straske have corned North s load but With the addltfon of Brandon Cramm and Steve Craparotta North has more weapons South,) ChriS t1uw"k :' U loud ro 0llfl9 down and f North can t stop him t be a long day Don t gnore South s Steve WsnlewskJ, though GAME Gary Corona has booted four field goals n four attempts for North and has missed only one of 10 extra points South s Jay Berschback has struggled all year DEFENSE North's Leo Salvaggio Sthe stopper but guys like MarcAdams and Craparotta W' hit hard North has also lost end SCott Nesom who was having a great year South's defense has really come on lately led by Jason Bedsworth and Kelly Graves South has the edge because North has defensive njunesand guys who have not played n the same po~hon all year ALL-TME SERES North got hammered last year, but stili holds the edge Nel!her team Will win!he league. but as usual. thsgame will be a war North has won four of the last six games and South hasn't won at North since ROB FULTON Edge e Cdn have e'\cellent competl SOlltl1 game engendel'o S exu schools ~ With the ultimate au-tlon dnd great sportbmans}lp be 11g t abo pulls kid;, togethel " come bemg that all the kds Dr. John Kastran, North w a 0 say tween the two schools 111 all Engendels? You mean plo hdve the oppoliul1lty to get to principal: "poh Defimtely. though, the duces, Ceates? thought '00 get her fo a day and have good, NOih South lvellry " somethmg Bob Newvine, VLS head cledn fun.. \ el \ ;,pecld] n - high school football coach: 'opalt".. "t's a t line fol the WJ11munlty Tom, Tom' Did you know to come togethel,11dcalle ho\,l!)()ut the betl /,'1eat d 'v,lh y t ha'o With the ddn't thlllk he dd t\\ 0 schools Thlo\\ out the e Roger McCaig, director of COld book... and,di thl "<; 1)(' 'e"earch and development for cau"e that ~dme 1\ dl be 1\ ill.. the school system: But Bob, we Cdllt thlow out t s a b'1'eat example of school the book'o,11d stah othelwl'o( Peggy Andrzejczyk, former sports editor: " stand on one sidelme for the first half and the other s1de hne for the second half This game was the highlight of the entlre year sports-coverage Wse t's Just a great game to be a part of" Good Berme, you got that out one breath Any pi edctons, Berme? GAMES FOR OCTOBER 20 SUMBERA all ' haven't seen NOth play, but 'll SdYSouth by three " em e to get n on the Lake- Gauerke wagel? SPlllt and competiton that'<; \e wouidn t have 11~tOl \'. h Cd tydn d wondell -" u ".John Somet.", NOl-t h a thl (' t 1(' Dr. John B. Artis. South \ J r n e"" ' fill mg, Lutl trainer: pnncipal: Nancy Peleman, secretary " cheel D NOth 'd be n to the assistant principal and tlouble f had to go on ecdld atwetic director at South: "Rl\ah-y, rvalry, 'vah-y" With what leally want to say Well put, Nancy, but say that about ths gdme hope all the fdst five tmes kds play w('\1 and don't get n John Stephens, South i. Jured" brarian: You'le aflald to "peak up, "Actually, 'm a fan of both John, but yom colleague Maitl ::.des, so cheer for both teams VanEenenaam, who 1\ 01 k;, Wth see the North-South game as an you at CHMP, sn't entity and of tself Just hke Marti VanEenenaam, South Toledo at CMU to watch the kds get 11volved athletic trainer: from both schools and have some "t's a chance to kck some fun" butt dehght n beatmg NOlth EMU at Bowl Green Ssssshhhhh Boy, f that's not ever" time because t's like an t a weener f: an trymg t0 be dp0 officej 'vah-y for me A South Ball St. at WMU matic wm gves me a chance to get my Virginia Parsons, North's pomts 111 and brag fo a year n owa at Mich. key computer operator: the trammg room, howevel, t's "'m a soccer fan, but may the one of the most mtense times of MSU at llinois best team wm " the season" Vlgl1la, take t you won't be there? f you do show up, 'll Malt, a North W11 would realy put you on the defensve Miami at N.D. buy you a hot dog and as mentoned 111 the start Russ Luttmen,. Sout h assl5-. of ths story, some people could Alabama at Tenn. tant principal: eat crow "Usually t means have to stay home and not go to the Mchgan game have season tckets and f the North-South game S at home, 've got to be there, but ths year don't have to so 'll be Ann Arbor "Senously, t's a rivalry that matches that of the Mchigan- Michgan State rvalry" 1 we had lights and Friday Fla. St. at Auburn Airzona at use owa St. at Oak TOTALS " hope the kds g1ve t then best effort and all of them play Wth g-eat spoltsmanshp e call the 3-0 game years ago My heart was broken over that be cause both teams played so well and t was unfortunate a team had to lose" But t was NOlth - your team - that won 111 overtme Dr Kat; tran FULTON Toledo CMU CMU EMU EMU EMU EMU WMU WMU WMU WMU Mich. Mich. Mich. Mich. llinois llinos llinos illinos N.D. Miami Miami N.D. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Tenn. Auburn Auburn Fla. St. Auburn USC USC use usc Oak Oak Oak Oak M14 36~t4 '~ ROY 0'. 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45 1. 3C,.. ṭ İ.~ ~ : ~,', North one By Rob FUlton Sports Editor Thanks to Reeve Bandon and Jim Mome, till' GO~~(' POintl' North boy;,' U 0% count! v team ran to a vlctm v ()ve; South Oct 9 at Veine Hlil Because of the f100dmg alll~ and high wlode; the l,hhtl0!1111, gruehng COU se wa~ erouted and no unnel' had to challenge the hill Howevel, all unnel e; hdd to brave the slop and mud that hned the COU e;e "t wasn't an deal day unles;, you wel e a duck," sad South coach Tom Wise "The dlftmence the meet was Reeve B! andon Plus, ow pi oblem wa;, that a couple kds weren't used to thdt kmd of weathel dnd realh ddn't run that well ". But both teams had to un 111 t The Win was the fil st 111 thl ee seasons over South and lfled the Norsemen to 62 ovel all and gave them the Macomb Aea Conference White D VSOn championshp With a 6 a mal k South d1opped to 11 2 ovel all and 5 2 m the White DVSOn This S the first season North and South have competed 111 the same league " don't think thew was leally any pressw'e to wm this one Just because we hadn't beaten South n the pi evlous two meetlllgs," said North coach Pat Wilson "n fact, thmk the weathel eally took away the electllclty and e:-..- cltement you nolmally have m a North-South meet" North's Scott Colhns beat all runners and fimshed fil st , and South's Marty K aft fimshed second ovelall (16 Jl) North s~orts By Rob Fulton Sports Editor Two weeks ago t became very evdent that the Grosse Pomte North football team was not gomg to contend fol the Macomb Area Conference White DVSOn title But t was also apparent that the Norsemen were m d pelfect positonto playa spoiler role The Norsemen caltled out their role to pelfectlon Oct 13 as they upset the Fraser Ramblels, 21-20, m a homecommg affair at North's Memonal Field Fraser was prevously un beaten m league play and, thanks to the Norsemen, Romeo and Fraser are now locked n a first place tie With dentical 5-1 records Those two teams \\ step ahead of South But dftcl that the meet really tdme do\\ n to the runners the nllddle of the pack "ThiS meet was too close," Said Wbon "We didn't get all OU! unnels unnmg the way the\ ;,hould, but don't thmk South did mther On paper t 1\d" dll Cd"y Will fol u;" but you nevel can <.ount on that when.> ou!un agam;,t South" Nm th's Tom Gauerke, whom W;,CfeaJed flom the start of the meet, fimshed third ovel all m 16 48, and the est of the race \\ as Wide open "Gomg m we knew we had to hd ve e;omeone front of Gauelke," Said Wise "Then our next goal was to have three guys between him and then next run ner, but Reeve leally bloke that up B andon fimshed fourth overall m and used a push the final half mile to beat South's Dan Qumn, who fimshed fifth (16 57) "Heeve and Jim really broke up the pack for us," Wilson said. "Both Tom Wise and felt we had the meet won at one pomt, then we both felt we had lost t t wa;, very close and fun ~o watch" But when Moore fimshed seventh (17 16) aj1d South's Noah Slivers took eighth (17'12) Wl ;,on knew Nmth had won, but the margm would be shm South's Josh Chnstam (17:32) and Tony Oloya (17 33) fimshed 11th and 12th, respectvely. Dave Meda (1744), Mark Phipps (1800) and Charles Smth (18 21) ~, also ran well for North "- "When we knew the course ~ would be very sloppy told the kids to JUbt be p epal ed," Wlson North wrecks Ramblers, play m the league's final game this weekend The Will for the Norsemen, now 4 3 overall and 3-3 m the league, anks Wth some of the finest comebacks m sports as Nmth battled back from a twotouchdown deficit Jumor Sam Sanom, startmg his second straight game at qualtel back, rallied the troops and eal ned his first varsity wm befm e more than 600 fans " won't say that this was one of the greatest comebacks m NOth history," Sumbera said. "But will say that this was one of the most excltmg games 've been mvolved m We've had a lot of great games at North and this was Just another one of them" See NORTH, page 4C Barons earn 15-0 win The Grosse Pomte Red Barons varsity football team posted a 15-0 VictOry over the St Clan Shores Green HOnets, but the Jayvee and freshman teams were beaten The Jayvee lost 186 and the freshman lo~t 13 a The varsity scored touchdowns on passes of 20 and 10 yard~ Quarterback Jim Candela hit Todd Drake for both e;core~, and Vmce Thomas converted one ex tra pomt Dan Gutmann tackled a Green Hornet ball Cal 1']('1 for a safety to round out the Baron'; scormg The Red BMone;' defrn<.,e \\ a~ led by Gutmann, Waynp Ford Jonathan Rapp, Jm Cand('la. Mike LUCido, Jimmy Myel sand Jason Lorence The entire oft('n e;lve mp blockrd e\11em(']v \\('11 The Jayvee game \\<1e;lu'd, 66. at halftime The Barons e;coled on a 40 Jenny Schutzman (No, 2 smgles), Becky Bierbusse (No.3 smgles), and Linda Woodrow (No.4 singles), were flight runners-up for South said " told them to go out and Just get mto postion and not worry about a time because that means nothmg. We needed to get guys n the right spots and hang onto those postions" But for South, the last half mile proved fatal 'We were staymg With North and runmng pretty well," Wise said, "but t came down to two passes We needed to get by two of North's runners m the last half mile, but we just didn't get the Job done t was just one of those thmgs " North and South competed m the MAC league meet Tuesday, Oct 16, after press time t'~.> 81d pass from Jeff Halso to Keith Huot, but that was all they could muster Halso had une; of 25 and 30 yards, and 1\att Thibodeau also ran well Joey Schmitt and Ryan Kmge;lev provided outstandmg blockmg, and Steve Bernhardt and DaVid Grant also played well of, ' fene;lvely The defense was led by Chl'ls Adragna, who recovered a fum. hie, and Nelson Ropke Other de-, fene;l\e e;tandouts mcluded Mar- ~; tm Matthews, Ken Marone, '" Keith Smith and Armand Bove ~:' Thr flee;hman team struggled offensively despite the great run- '~ nll1g of Mike Candela and Paul \' HOUlke ~'. Defene;lve standouts mcluded Candela, Ben Staperfenne, Jef ~10rawe;kl, Lawrence SelvaggJ, Todd Blake, Kacy Matlock and Jlmmv LOU1e;ellMatlock had an mtercepllon, and Blake and Mol'- aw"kl Ccovered fumbles ~ UP TO $3000 OR3.9% FNANCNG On Select Bulcks Check Out Our FRST TME BUYER'S PLAN On Bulcks COLLEGE GRADUATE'S PLAN On Bulcks and Nlssan f<ut ~ 1f~ ;'/ '991 BUCtl PARK AVE. ULTRA Stop n loday lor your All Time t Super Bowl.eam 011'0101Ballot The followmg S a list of at North, South, Umverslty Liggett School and Stal of the Sea for the week of Oct n the cross country listmg, B S for boys only and G S for girls only. B G means both teams run that day North Football Oct 20, home vs Gro.,-,e POinte South Liggett Soulh, 1 pm Basketball Oct 18, home Vq Rose\lie, 7 pm Oct 23 at Romeo, 7 pn Tenrus Oct 19 20, Class A state tourna ment at Mtdland Cross country Ocl 19 B G at Oxford nvtatonal, Oct 27, B Gat Metlo Beach for re glonal meeet Soccer Oct 19 home vs AnchOl Bav, 4 pm, Oct 22, home \ ~ COUSinOn dstrct play, 4 pm Swmlfiung Oct 18, home vs Stevenson, 7 p m Oct 20 MSCA at Eastern MChl gan, Oct 23, vs Grosse POinte South at North, 7 p m Golf Ocl 20 state finals Star Basketball Oct 18, at DominiCan, 730 pill Oct 23, home \S Blbhop Gallagher, 730 p Tenrus Oct 19 20, ~tate tournament TW LOWEST PRCES Welcome to J)l----- Ask BUCK CUSTOM CARE about our Wth a 36 mo 0' less on any 1!i91 Park Ave you Will '0<:8"'" FREE all rou t ~9 scheduled mam!9nance shocks & brake lmmgs f necessa')' & more' 1991 SKYLARK COUP! 1991 REGAL CUSTOM SEDAN ~ A r narrow kr mold ~ sze m~ will op 'J!~ r demej~1a';"~fe~}/s1~ ~:$$pkr~k~;yap«g tr$l~e~ 12m- MS.' $12 Ul SAVtNCi $1 332 ::."JE $11, PARK AVENUE ~ ~Sf~~~~~erm~en, rut~~~e~ltsea~~ft~ ~ r~ Fa~h ~~ ~\r"1e51ctw11 ~n~m:'~~nu~: "'.">gel"g loathe' ~~~"!il' No roll!'.7p 1~1116 "'VG! ~ ::."JE $25, CENTURY CUSTOM SJ:OAN $4!lat df ks p w mtts dr ~~.. de< '~rd Wlp lf delql;l 110 \'ls ajut'r' \llrlvs; c.ass mjrj CflltSl 3 J ' p 1111 lull p«g Slk V-6,~ No 0- "'"' ~4VNlOS 116 U ~~ ~S~ 1 =:~E$12, LeSABRE LTO SEDAN ~ A11101'1Drlv. fir ls V t3mlie GM EMPLOYEES WELCOME So e.'~.s rnc ude a raclo.., ecales toepl cqblea.o~8 t'lc8nl \lu Of ta $... mall de.,p r defog CfUli. J()O V-6 lctg... _!'He (1"11 w".$ pllq COli ~.m plllil M, $ VN... $2212 ::fj! s 15, REATTA CONVERTBLE ~ 1980 REGAL CUSTOM COlTQOCtoc' gro~.qvoln onc:.,,~.1 VO\l can il\o\l'llt ~ Ccm. s.. M'.' $ VNCiS $ ::~E$27, RVERA We Will Meet or Beat ANY Deal For A Comparably Equipped Buick or Nllunl Sports schedule for week of Oct Football Olt ~O, at Gro&.e Pomte North pm Basl.etball Oll 18 at AnchOl Bay, 7 pm, Oct 23 home vs Fraser, 730 pm Tennis Oct 1920, Class A ~tate tourna ment al Mdland Cross country B G at Metro Beach for eglonal meet Oct 27 Soccer Oct 19, home vs Lggett, Oct 22, home vs Roseville m distrct play, 430 pm Swimnung Oct 18, home \5 Sterlmg Heghts, 4 p m Oct 23, vs Grosse POinte North at North, 7 pm Golf Oct 20, state final; PERKS BEST SELECTON NV 358 factory To Dealer A..."." "or ""CQill' "tl"o mof $tt 'SG744 MSR) $8 099 S...VNliS ::fjej " NSSA PCKUP..X2 M$R~ $1679 S"'VN... $1391 SALE PRCEJ 1990 NSSAN PCKUP 4X4!5 ~d "".0<:0'''''' tlu'np4o Sn "'50890 M.. ' 111 ~09 S...VNGS tau NC! ' 1990 NSSAN MAXMA GXE $ 'i 16,859 '" Football Oct 19, home vs Lutheran North \Ve~t, 4 15 p m Basketball Oct 18, home v~ Sacred Heart, 5 pm, Oct 23, home \ s Lutheran Westland, 5 p m Tennis Oct 1920, Class A slate tourna menl at Midland Cross country Oct 20, Whitmore Lake nvlla tlonal, 930 am, Oct 23, at MAC meet,5 pm Soccer Oct 19, at Grosse Pomte South, 4 pill, Oct 24, at Lutneran EliSt dstrict play, 4 pm Golf Oct 20, slate finals Feld Hockey Oct 18, at Sacred Heart Academy, 4 pm, Oct 24, at Maumee, 4 p m Stop in and enjoy a FREE Donut and a ~ i1l DARN FNE, Cup of Coffee f'.c " and get your LOWEST PRCE?.$ :sp.'d' "'''.0 olorm (n C:ON:! "at altl'oqg" MilO glgn po r J.1 rlnq pg".,. bto\ $t1t '5CW:3!l MUP 114,924 S... VN.., ::r"jel $11, NSSAN STANZA XE ~ a.cond! r..:-oefowef ''''~CO&l41. 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46 ~.4.c >_t!!.4~~~: _-----G-ro.s.s.e.p.o.i.n.te-N.e.w.s. South sports h. Devils declaw Panthers despite weak offe~:~a~~wph~niec~~~~~ emotonal loss to Fraser the back plays, Harwck raced 20 tal 100 yards of offense seconds t wab a gre~t g 'e the and two blocked shots even at 24, thm we r h week before, the South offense yards and then popped m from Harwck finshed wth 57 best under 500 team m t e Soccer reverted to some of ts old habts the 5 Jay Bersehback'b extra- yards on 13 carnes at Roseville. pomt attempt failed "The end result was that we league" h 4-8 n terrble weather conmtlons "We had a lot of trouble get- But the defense wasn't done, won" RCe s81d "No matter how ~::~ltr~~ ~6 55 with 20 and onfa SOd ggyl1field, South tied By Rob Fulton tmg anythmg going," sad Dev- yet ugl; t really was, we won" second." to play but mssed a Utl~a C~ P - ']' on ~mor de- Sports Editor Jls' coach Jon Rce. "We really Roseville took possesson and, Basketball shot and Utca then converted fens er th au s tgoa. Showing Sgns of ts early-sea- ddn't play well at all don't Wth tme runnmg out, moved foj a 5855 lead Ayrault's three ou ih en wen on to rout son blues, the Grosse Pomte know f we weren't mentally down the field to the South 3 Enuhe Ayrault, Erm Lalley pomt desperaton shot missed, Utltha, 91, adnd Ro meo, 8-1, to South Blue DeVls' football team mto the game because of the loss One play later, however, Norm and Stephane COOdens have but Karen Ehresman grabbed pu'> ts 'ecor to overall narrowly escaped Rosevlle's to Fraser, or f we were lookmg Rce sacked the quarterback and really been on a tear for the the rebound and ht a bucket to The DeVls stll tral North, clutches Oct 12 ahead to the North game" pushed the ball back to the Lady Devls' varsty bdsketball t the &Coreto 5857 however, by one game m the However, a thad-quarter South travels to North for a 1 South 10, where time ran out be team cuayrault, who scored 11 of her Macomb Area C?nfere~ce White touchdown by Juruor fullback pm game Oct 20 fore the Panthers could get off t's Just too bad the team gd~e hgh 19 pomts m the third DVSOn South S 8-2 m league Chrs HarWck saved the day for "ThS game was a httle ds- another play hasn't been able to get conbecu uartel to wash away a 10 pomt play the South offense, whch strug- couragmg," Rce sad "We were Bren Brownscombe had a tlve vlct{)nes DtlC8 lead, finshed Wth SX re- At Utca on Oct 10, John Osgled all night long having a couple of strong weeks fumble recovery, and Bnan South beat Rosevlle, 5142, bounds and three asssts Ern trowskt and Jason Dritsan each DeSPte the dsmal offensve offensvely, but m ths one we Blake led South Wth 13 tackles behmd Ayrault's 16 pomts and Lalley, who scored mne pomts m booted a hat tnck, and Matt performance, the Blue DeVls really ddn't show up t was a Jason Bedsworth and Bnan Bw- 10 rebounds, but two days dter the fourth quarter to gve South Smucker, Rck Wemberg and walked away Wth a 6-0 Vctory good thmg the defense played rows combmed for 22 tackles lost to Utica, the leader of the a lead, fimshed Wth 13 Lou Preston each notched solo South S 4 3 overall and 4-2 m extremely well" n the first half, South turned Macomb Area Conference Whte pomt~ goals. OstrOWSk now has 16 the Macon:!: Area Conference Rosevlle onlv gamed 150 the ball over three time" twce' Dlvl"lOn 5R-57 Augdd Dldhe had 10 pomts goals on the season and Dntsan Whte DlVlslOn rushmg yards and -ddn't com on fumbles and once on a Tm "We almost pulled off a great and ruled the boards for 17 re- leads South with 23. Earler m the season the of plete a pass South's Kelly Gramlng mterceptlon Overall, upset," sad South coach Peggy bounds Ostrowski continued his fine feuse was mefficlent, but m the Graves set-up the DeVls' only South ran only 30 offensve VanEckoute "The grb played Agamst Roseville, Drake had week by sconng four goals in the ast two wee k S sh owed Sgns of score afte r h e recover ed a fum bl e pays, compare d.~ 62 b R fixtremel u well and we even had d LU y ose-", 14 pomts and 12 rebounds, an win over Romeo. mprovement But, after the on the RoseVlle 25 On back. to- ville The DeVls ddn't even to- a chanc~ to Wn t m the final North : ;.~..~~~.~..~~.:~~;..\:~:~.~;:~\;;;~~ :~.;~i;~;.~.;~;~~;:; ~~.~;.~~ Basketball over North Mustangs '81, Rockets 1 L1l1dsay Hawk 111'> scored an unassl,>ted goal, and Annie Pea cock had '>everal good breaka By Lmda Morreale Special Wnler Wth a pall' of victones last lull 111 t (hdn h.l\(' to but th( gill" d](1 ll1d the\ (ljdn t mmd 7a<l k ',Hd. ]{unll1l1g 111 tho,(' lon dllloll' 1" \1('\C'),lll e,1"'1 thll1g hl l,lll,(' m\)](, (,m \,mde) H(m l \ l 1 thl'> team ha" em.l1l1ed fn lu,ul,tll -,('<!..,on long and tl],)t " \\ 11\ \\ L \ t been,ucte""lul Pointe Girls soccer scores \a~ " Rebecca Cadare! and Can e HO\\ e were out'>tandlllg the Mu"tang,>' goal, and Nicole D Hondt and Chnstma Bakal'> played well m front of them U-12 travel Mustangs '80 3, Birmingham 1 Anne MOT'> '>cored twce and LZ Tymrak once for the Mil'>" Kllc;tm Byron a,>,>"ted on hoth Morn.., goal, :v1eh"'"a Bro\\ n 1,17 Slone ('OU tn('~ Schclfel and Kelly '\('umann plclyed \~rll offrn "lvdy,,md Thel e"c\ Fr,1l17Jngel,mc holed the defen<>e Mustang" '80 2, Opponent 0 Courtnry Lytle and Annt' MOl 1'1'" provded the scol'lng, Wth ht'lp from Bhzahcth Borowl('c...:.~.:~:;~:~::.~::~.~:.:.;~~: UL S-_s po rjs From p3j.{e 3C about foul' mmute" to pl1\ 2(J Knl-ghts secure 10th S,1l01ll pl,j\ cd d pol"cd dnd 'Matt pla~ ed d gjedt lpme. Matt \'ancoppenolie ied NOJih Jedd~ gdme,md \\db compie Sumbed bald. Jim got the 111 to a meddh:,t lound of 81 at tll' h h- mentpd b) the lunnmg of semor telceptlon, but t las becaube of dllmac tou!nament which soccer c ampl-ons p Steve C apdl Ottd, who carlled thp fine pjd) and pi es,>ule Matt N Oih placed "econd ~\'th a 34(J the ball 20 tllll(':, fol 136 yalds made" team ",core ;\11/..e Zohk. who lin t did dnd h\o touchdowns. mcludmg Cldparotta an the ball thlce d fi th th By Jeff Back"urst week, the Lady Kmghts ran 1:'- e 0111 OVe! d 111 e e" k b d to 8 3 And t th the game \'mnel Wth thl ee mm Stl alght time:, and got the ball to glonai tau! ndment llth a 78, Special Wrrler their bas et a recor - was e worst loss the ute" 10 plm 111 the game the 1, but a delay-of game pen shot an the MAC tow ney The Umverslty Lggett School overall ULS varsity football team has Thl" \as a gdme \hlch we alt" pushed North back to the 6 A -l. E (82) Sc tt C boys' varsty soccer team played On Oct 9, ULS topped Roeper, suffered in two years. d L J, nw'e nll}', 0 arson d Se' Mart' J t d Th K h /]cl to pal' /Jg and the kd", de where Clapdlotta CaTled t fol (85) B D (88) d two games last week an mol' ma eran e e mg ts, previously d fi h ", lan 1 JaUla an d' 'th 36. t d anked N 8' h ~el led t 1C cr~ t 01 t 1" Will, the touchdown Just one play VanCoppenolle (89) rounded out emerged Wth a Wn, a te an a the scormg W pom s, an r o. m t e C ass C Sumbel d "did Befm e the game latel N ih' t league champonshp Lmda Morreale ChPped m with polls, were thrashed by Detroit le talked dbout bemg at the C010na's eatla pomt gdve t 01 '> :'CO t g 0 1l t, 2 e le/,,,ona The Wn came on Oct 11 at. Country Day School, 40-7 Oct d h \1, OUnamen c 12 pomts. 13 U OSSlOd s n t e bed bon, e NOlth the margn of VCtOl}' Lutheran Northwest, 6-1 Jerant's 29 pomts and 10 l\elp 33 and le had to make up Fowler dnd Addm Mylnmek blocked shots again paced ULS Entering the game, ULS knew OU dsand decde \1hlch way ecovel ed fumbles fo - NOth Swimming SX minutes mto the game, to a Vctory over Lutheran t had to beat the Yellow Jackets le \1dnted to take tlls season Adam Km'Zeme\\ sk had an out The No 6 1,1lked Lady NOJbe. Jonah Smth scored hs first of Northwest. Juruor P-R Stark n order to make the state play- Appdwntly the gu\ s made up ",tanding game at offensive men lo"e to the occason and de two godls He got hs second goal added nine points. offs. nstead, t looks like ULS' their mmds. tackle, and also had 11 tackles feated No ;) anked Blrm1l1gham eght mmutes later. The other Wnter will start sooner than ex- North, whch gave up the on defense Marc Adams had Gloves, first-half goals were scored by Cross country pected. game s fil st scm e but latel ted mne tackles, and Crapalotta fin Wendl Madel, Kal en Dundon Anthony Ayuyu as ULS took a ULS, which won its first five t at 77 on a Sdnom 9 yard shed Wth 10 Tim Memmg and and Je~mfel Paloucci wele all 49 lead at the mtermission Jennifer Miller placed third in games to start the season but touchdo\\ n un dnd a Gal}' Cor Brandon Cramm' each had llne double mnel b, and posted time:, the Class B-C race last week, has now lost two straight, fell to ana e\t! a pomt, erased a 13 tackles thdt \\ qualfy them for the Two minutes into the second and also placed 10th out of overall pomt deficit m the fourth And thanks to the offensve state meet next month half, Alex Crenshaw scored, and runners m the Gabnel Rchard "We got waxed," S81d ULS qudliel me of John Bomler, Matt Wm The 200 and 400 freestyle re after a Northwest goal made the nvitatonal coach Bob Newvine, whose team As soon a'> Fraser mssed the stanley, Chns MaUl-ad, Bob lay teams of Palouccl, Lda score 5-1, ULS' Richard Berri had only 196 total yards of of. e... tld pomt on ts thlld touch Backlund, Dube and Korzen SZdOO, Mader and Dundon also booted the game's final goal "Jennfer has been making fense "We ddn't come out to do\\ l Sumbel a "dd. tm ned le\\ sk, the offense got u,n S\ am fast enough to make a drastc improvements the past play A win probably would have \ \1, \.-\l1- '\n\\ '-did thd\" \1 acked On Oct 12, ULS faced South- two weeks," said ULS coach Phil gotten us n'- the playoffs, but ' <,tate-cut tlme d, r_' 1 h d LU b) Pdk let' make h,lt one "f was nice to see the offense field Chrstian, and despte a 4-4 Langfor. Sne's no onger 0 - even f we"wm our remaimng hull get it gomg agam," Sumbel a te, the Krnghts won ther 10th mg back at the start and has two games t'll be tough to get 1\01 'Cll](,l1 dld md/..e t said "The blockmg was Cl"lbP Basketball consecutve Mchgan ndepen, been avoiding being boxed m" m We had to make our own ophuli and then "orne and all the guys really played dent Athletc Conference cham- portunity, and we just didn't g~t Tla1l1lg 207, the NOlsemen \\ell" Amy Sacka led the Lady plonship Jon Sieber led the boys' team, the job done This was very dis- \1ent to \VOlk flam then own 43 Shawn Penzak scored all three Norsemen to a come from behmd finishing fifth in the 96-runner appointing and difficult to aftel C apaz otta etm ned the F asel touchdowns victory over L'Anse Cl euse, 68 Ayuyu scored two first-half field. watch." kckoff 27 ') al d;, Mke Haskell, "t was an excellent Job of 56, Oct 9 goals, but ULS Yelded one goal ULS scored on a 73-yard pass lho fim"hed \\th 49 "ald'> on come flom behmd football," Sum NOlth had baled 138 at the and hung on to a 2-1 lead at the from Jason Drook to Chris Careght callie'> ran 32 yal d" on bel a ;,ald "We could have JUbt end of one quarter, but outscored half Golf roll late in the third quarter. \ \\'0 pa ~'i and Matt Dube gone through the motons, but L' Anse C euse 224 m the sec The Kmghts, 3-5 overall, Mke Whelan added the extra caught a 15 ya1d pa'>s flam \\e dldn't t was one of the mo'>\ and quartel to take a 3017 half n the second half, Ayuyu posted their best score in recent point. Sanom FoUl' play'> latel, C apa e...cltmg homecommg games m time lead scored hs thrd of the game and years at the state regonal meet ULS trailed 12-0 at the end of 10Ua 18mbled m from the 1 and ) eal b " Sack a scored 16 pomts to go 13th goal of the season to gve m years the first quarter and 27-0 at CO!ona added h', pomt aftel Wth seven ebounds and fom ULS a 3-2 lead, and Crenshaw ULS' 361 earned t a seventh halftime. cuttmg the defict to 2014 \\ th "teal", and Stephame Gore had extended that lead to 4-2 with 10 place. "Whatever didn't cave in m Just ovel :''{ mmute'> to play Golf 14 pomts and thlee steals mmutes to play. Low-scorers for the Kmghts the frst half," S81d Newvine, And that':, \\hen the North de By James Moore Noelle COmJer canned 10 But Southfield Chnstlan got were Pat McCormck (87), Wes "certainly rod in the second fense \\ hlch gal e up 229 yal ds SpeCial Wnter pomts and dshed out three as- two goals to knot the game Sims (91), Andrew Stewart (91) half." on th(' da\ dnd cau"ed thlee What a tulndlound thl" hd'> :'1"t,>, and Katie Loehm had foul ULS, ranked No 5 m the and Jamie Brock (92) tm no\ el s, \\ ent to \\ 01 k been ds,>'ib and foul steals Class CoD polls, S overall Matt Fo\\ le \\ ho fimshed Ld;,t season the North golf Aldna Hansen, who had eght \\ th nme tackles ru"hed Fraser team ddn't wm a match, but pomt:" played 111 hel first game qum1el back DaVd Gutow out of ths yeal t has won the Macomb smce hel season openmg ankle the pocket A hultled Gutow Area Conference Whte DVSon mjul,) then thl ell the ball and Jm and has also qualified fol the NOith S 84 overall and 5 1 m Kuhchel mtelcepted t and ran Cld'>s A golf tournament at leoigue pla~ South masterful in win By Rob Fulton lompt'\(' t,pw,lc'd thdl \( 11w hill 7,\lal1L'k ".1e! \\l \..(' SPf(SEdCr t \\lll'jh lhlll' mel chdll! lull to \w d111ll'll;l of lul111ll1g thplt' 11l1l111~ \ l11o,t.1 p'l l L \\ m,md tlh L;, \\('1 e ch, dl,pll, 11'll dillc condition, thl " J \! ( ) ) \01 t l' l "(d l. 111 dppolnt([1 th,'\ couldn t lull till' do'" oilltl '-,O\lt] ~ll,(]o" 1'lll f 1 1 ) t i) lolilltl \ t<' l,ounclll d"ll'dkcl '])]1' 1((, 'Ult] O\( d 11 \\p \OU C ]dh )('( 11 " 1- j (J L) \ hut tlll'1 t \\.1' '-;outh, (lluchlh U- \' 'ULll"ful \\l' h"d 10 \01 t ], tt,1\ 1l1l'1, 1 f DuPont,me! bltd \lol1dlo \\ho lill t H 11 C 11L1(\\,h fun (O\" lifth,md 'l\th too ( 'lel'l h, 1\ \ 11\11',mcl 1111dch \111'on Ll'hold 11c)j'), 10' h "'pll 1111\ f \OU don t h,\(' to 11,1],thlld(hD(\'llll1dlllLd tlf v t) lj ' 'l\(,11 ] 01 \0' ].l11(.m \,ln \ll1hl'\\ll1.1lt! 1lJ('d to GO 1 )(J()- B ( )01- "(l 1_ ('(" 01_ 1l\(',tll hl \\111,11'0...;d\l ~l \ '- 1\ )()-.j ""11\, d \0 l (1,1,- \,ll(.. nil('.0cd ('n ~- ) th' \1.LO)]]) 1 \..ld (f Ol1lllnu OUH!('dolll:'\mth,toplll('lUl U-10travel \\ hltl [ )1\ 1,1011 thdmphl,hlp "-), t d t t \\ th.1 10 (J ' lp d.~ollt] \\,n e l1 mo( <., ) h,ll \1(' did Buh,lgldl ",lid ( 1 ' 11"\1 \U\ 1] thnk the \\e<lthl'1 (,dlh hoth ~tl 11.,hl l.ll..;\ll tit " \\ tholll. 1 ) /, 1\ ( u, Hit )()t] "<1111' ]d( 0 n" Hllldll1...; 1() 111hl 1\11\\dl '- tl ) t i Ull 11\,Oll] \\.h H P Ullltll-llll\j](hl";.\[\.L;L1l 11\ ~ l \\l \( pu 10~l\hll. 1..;1't pill( mu].1 \ 01 1l' (('11(1 ) 1 110\1',1ld hm/.. Ol!l tt',lm \\01 '(.1'''11 \\tl H (((pl'/ l.llll! ) ttl Ldllll \11" 1\"l l\('1 1]('( toonhc],l)ol ]n!, J L'! [J Bt!],gWl \\,1'> light - ;;:,11" 1, )olll 1 '.lr l 11 ' (O,( 1 1 ~ h ll", t(,lln \\,hn t too U11CP11ll'1 ('\!..1H '(01< \\.1' hou thl 1\(',llhtl th,11 11,1,!op-](ld hut thl \\1, fi r d /.. (10,(, h".\1" h, 11111H- lloh' ttl1gl01 lj(, \1('1(' p"l/..( d 1\]( one thing \( \(' \\01 "pd L.' '('1'011 \mth 110\\ 161 h.ndon,dl"'(',l,-onl..,nol\o\ m('ldll took thl iii '! i\! 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Ed Merrman caught five passes for 96 yards, and Tom Best had three catches for 27 yards Kevlll Whtfeld led the Kmghts' defense Wth 26 tackles TRUESLAP SHOT Capture the fast action with New KODACOLOR GOLD 1600 Film New KODACOLOR GOLD 1600 Film delrvers the best color accuracy of any '600 speed 111m available With fme gram and better cotor satur at/on so you can CJlch he fast action of every power play and every slap sliot on goal Show Your TrueC%rs:" 24 expo roll $6.49 uewcl!j!photo Harper, St. Clair Shores ,.-...,-- --r"--..

47 5C DEADLNES NDEX 96 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mi HELP WANTED AUTOMOTVE REAL ESTATE FOR RENT GUDE TO S::RVCES Monday 4 pm-all BORDER and MEAS- 900 Air Condlbonlng 948 '\~ulaboo URED (special type, bold caps, etc ) must be 200 General 600 AMC n our office by Monday 4 p m 201 Help Wanted Babysitter 601 Chrysler 708 Houses Wanted to Renl 901 Alarm nstallahon/ 949 JanJonai Service 202 Help Wanted Clerical 602 Ford 709 Townhouses/Condos Repair 921 Jewelry/Clock ScrvlC'.Monday4p m -ALLCANCELSorCHANGES 203 Help Wanted Dental! 603 General Motors for Rent 902 Aluminum Siding 943 Landscaping/Snow must be n our offce by Monday 4 p m Medical 604 Anhque/Classlc 710 Townhouses/Condos 903 Appliance Repairs RemovaJ 12 Noon TueSdaY-Regular mer ads No 204 Help Wanted Domestic 605 Foreign Wanted 904 Asphalt Paving Repair 943 Lawn Maintenance borders, measured, cancels or changes on 205 Help Wanted Legal 606 Jeeps/4-Wheel 711 Garages/Mini Storage 905 AutolTruck Repair 950 Lawn Mower/Snow Tuesday 206 Help Wanted-Part Time 607 Junkers for Rent 906 Asbestos Service Blower Repair CASH RATES 207 Help Wanted Sales 608 PartslTlres/Alarms 712 Garages/Mni Storage 907 Basement Walerprootlng 951 Linoleum 10 words $4 00, each addl- 208 Employment Agency 609 Rentals/Leasing Wanted 908 Bath Tub Refinishing 952 Locksmith tlonal word 40~ $1 00 fee for billing 610 Sports Cars 713 ndustrial Warehouse Rental 909 Bicycle Repair 940 Mirror Service OPEN RATES Measured ads, $9 48 per nch 611 Trucks 714 LVingOuarters 10Share 910 Boat RepairS/ 946 MOVing/Storage Borderads, $1050 per nch AddltlOnalcharges STUATON WANTED 612 Vans 715 Motor Homes lor Rent Mamlenanoe 953 MUSCnstrument Repair for photos, art work, etc 613 Wanted To Buy 716 OHlces/Commerclal 911 8nclv'Block Work 954 Palnllng/Decorallng 300 Babysllters CLASSFYNG AND CENSORSHP We re- 614 Aulo nsurance for Rent 912 BUlldmg/Remodeling 954 Paper Hanging 301 Clencal 717 Offlces/Commeraal 913 BUSinessMadllne Repair 925 Pallos/Decks serve the right to classify each ad under ts ap- 302 Convalescent Care Wanted 914 Carpentry 956 Pest Control proprlate heading The publisher reserves the 303 Day Care 718 Property Manageme'1: 915 Carpel Cleanlllg 953 P,ano Tuning, Repair nght to edit or reject copysubmilted for pubhca- 304 General 719 Rent WithOption 10Buy 916 Carpetlnstallallon 917 Plastenng tlon 305 House Cleaning RECREATONAL 720 Rooms tor Rent 917 Ceiling Repair 957 Plumblng/Healrng CORRECTONS AND ADJUSTMENTS 306 House Silting 721 Vacation Rental- 918 Cement Work 958 Pool Service 307 Nurses Aides FlOrida Responsibility for display and classified adver- 919 Chimney Cleaning 903 Refrigerator Service 308 OH1ceCleaning 650 Airplanes 722 Vacalton Renta~ 920 Chimney Repair 912 Romodellng tlslng error S limited to either a cancellation of 309 Sales als and Motors Oul of Slate 921 Clock Repair 960 Rooting Service the chargeor are-run of the portion n error No oal1nsurance 723 Vacallon Renta~ 922 Computer Repair 961 Scissor/Saw Sharpening tlflcatlon must be given n time for correcllon n al ::>artsand Servl09 Northern Michigan 923 Construction Service 962 Screen Repair the following ssue We assume no responslbll- MERCHANDSE al Storage/Dockage 724 Vacallon Renta~ 924 Deoorallng Service 963 SeptiC Tank Repair 655 Campers rty for the same aller the first nsertion Resort 925 Decks/Patlos 964 Sewer Cleaning Service 400 Anl1ques 656 Molorblkes 725 Rentals/Leaslng- 926 DoOis 965 Sewing Machlng Repair 401 Appliances 657 Molorcycles Out State Michigan 927 Draperies 966 Slipcovers 402 Auctions 658 Motor Homes 928 DressmaklnglTalloring 967 Solar Energy Bicycles 659 Snowmobiles 929 Drywall 950 Snow Blower Repair 404 GarageYard/8asemenl 660 Trailers REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 930 Elecb1calServl Snow Remo~al Sales 931 Energy Sa\l1ng Service 962 Storms and Screens ANNOUNCEMENTS 405 Estate Sales 800 Houses for Sale 932 Engravlng!Prlnbng 968 Stucco 406 Firewood REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 801 CommerCal BUildings 933 Excavating 969 SWimming Pool Service 100 Personals 407 Flea Market 802 CommerCal Property 934 Fences 970 TV /Radlo/CB RadiO 101 Prayers 408 Household Sales 803 CondosJApts/Flats 935 Fireplaces 971 Telephone Repa,r 102 Lost and Found 409 Miscellaneous Articles 700 Apls/FlalsiDuplex- 804 Country Homes 936 Floor Sanding! 972 TenniS Court 410 Musical nstruments Grosse POlnte/Harp91'Woods 805 Farms Refinishing 973 Tlie Work SPECAL SERVCES 411 Office/BUSiness 701 Apts/Flals1Duplex- 806 FlOrida Property 937 Furnace Repalrl 943 Tree service EqUipment DetrOt/BalanceWayne County 807 nvestment Property nstallabon 913 TypeWrller service 105 Answering ServiceS 412 Wanted 10Buy 702 Apts/FlalsiDuplex- 808 Lake/River Homes 938 Furnlture Rehnshngl 938 Upholstery 106 Camps St Clair Shores/ 809 Lake/Rlver Lots Repair 974 VCR Repair 107 Catering ANMALS Macomb County 810 Lake/River Resorts 939 Glass - AulomoUve 975 Vacuum Sales/Service 108 Dnve Your Car 703 Apts/FlalsiDuplex- 811 lots for Sale 940 Glass - ReSidential 976 Ventilation service 109 Entertainment 500 Adopt A Pet Wanted to Rent 812 Mortgages/Land Contracts 941 Glass RepairS 954 Wallpapenng 110 Health and Nulnbon 501 Birds for Sale 704 Halls for Renl 813 Northern Michigan Homes Stained/Beveled 977 Wall Washing 111 Hobby nstrucuon 502 Horses for Sale 705 Houses- 814 Northern Michigan Lots 942 Garages 903 Washer/Dryer 112 MUSCEducation 503 Household Pets for Sale Grosse POinte/Harper Woods 815 Out of State Property 943 Snow RemovaV 907 Waterproofing 113 Party Planners/Helpers 504 Humane Soclebes 706 Houses- 816 Real Estate Exchange Landscaping 978 Water Softening 114 Schools 505 Lost and Found DetrOt/Balance Wayne County 817 Real Estate Wanted 944 Gullers 979 Welding 115 TransportabonlTravel 506 Pet Breeding 707 Houses- 818 Sale or Lease 945 Handyman 980 Window Repair 116 Tutonng!Educabon 507 Pet EqUipment S Clair Shoresl 819 Cemetery Los 946 Hauling 981 Window Washing 117 secreta nal servces 508 Pet Groommg Macomb County 820 BUSinessOpportunilies 947 Heabng and Cooling 982 Woodburner service 100 PElSONALS 100 PERSONALS 100 PElSONALS 102 LOST AND FOUND 10q ENTElTANM NT 116 TUTORNG/EDUCATON 117 SEClETlllAL SEtVCES 200 HELP WANTED GENERAL STANLEY Home Products Degreaser on salel For merchandise, parties, fund raising call TAXES Private, Confidential Anthony BUSiness Service Mack Ave Near Cloverly Serving you since HALLOWEEN Costumes for rent, all sizes DepoSit requlred can provide ChauffeUring to or from alrpo rt, Docto r, etc References Call Ray LEARN to drive your car Be ndependent All ages Patient nstructor References FEELNG frazzled? Time for a massagel Betsy Breckels, AMTA certified Massage Therapist Experienced, rehable, sensitive Reasonable rates Women only WNSTED'S custom fram- ng Framing, mat1lng and quahty work Reasonable rates Margaret, Can your ads in Early! GROSSE PONTE NEWS MASSAGE. ProfeSSional For woman Over 10 years n east area certified Judy, JACKE'S Pet t Pal service Animal Slttlng HOUse Sitting Airport Shuttl e By Appointment onrv Jackie Huckins LOVNG, personal care, small female dogs References $7 00/ day VE WEDDNGS & Baptisms, by appointment FLORDA- two tickets one way, DetrOit to For Myers, Saturday November 24th $ CALLGRAPHY_ Add elegance to weddings Christmas cards, etc Kathy, aller 4 pm NEEDED- Resourceful person to volunteer 10 hours a week for one month to help plan large chlldcare facility n Jeffersonl Chalmers area Call ACAPULCO Plaza or choose another resort through Rei, 1 week (suite) per year for 20 years Membership for sale ARLNE ticket one way from Sarasota- Bradenton Flonda to Detroit, valid thru June 1991 $ , evenings SMALL Dog St1lng- not over 14 pounds, 24 hour care Only 1 or 2 dogs Excellent references Please call before 6 30 PM PSTON tickets, several games Section 217, 2 seats Call n94271 THE 3 MARKETEERS Need transportation to the airport? Don't have time to shop? Does Spot need a walk around the block? Call us today and relax tomorrow! (M,(;iiG;\N'S -(i'f;,-,711)~ GirlS, Art & Hand Crafls Made ExclUSively n Michigan : '-~l}jlt0 (~j~j~ Bakery, ce Cream Made to Order SandWiches, Salads & Qwches. Take Out or Eat Under UmbrcUas on Our Pauo As seen n "Michigan LVng" Magazine Weekdays 7059 Lakeshore, LeXington Hgts. Weekends (313) UnlJl 9 pm.l, , nosh SLLARS PHOTOGRAPHER ARE you nterested n becoming a distributor for the new PhoeniX Cookie ' ONEWAY Senior airline ticket from Metro to West Palm, November 6, $ 'RVERS THANK you St Jude for favor received M K 100 PERSONALS =.z.. r ",, (313) TWO very friendly 9 month old Lab mix strays need a good home We found the male and female housebroken strays who love {ots of allentlon Wf give to good homes separately or 10gether FOUND female tan long haired dog With blue eyes on the corner of Bishop and Jefferson Call P~tSONALS YOUR HOME OR PET A WORK OF ART PenCil, nk, Watercolor Busmess or Boat By Carol Sinclar notecards and prlnts- Wheelchair Transportation Unlimited 2 Chair Van with Lift PrcX up and Return ro Any Desrmallon Local & nters tare ASSisted Trips Available (Nor Emergency EqUipped) 24 Hr Service Stanley R Dolson, PANO entertainment, popular/ c1asslcall old favor tes Cocktail parties weddings, Christmas! all occasions Grosse POinte A CLOWN COMPANY Featuring Lulu T. Clown For Magical Memories HfAlTH AND NUTlTON LOST birch colored purse, THANKSGVNG from a car on Morass BODY massage l ncrease NOVENA October 6th Circulation, soothe nerves, tone muscles TO ST. JUDE LOST Hymllyan cat, mark- Relieve stiffness and 116 TUTOlNG/EDUCATlON SPANSH Latin Tutor Cer tlfled Teacher your home High school pre ferred TUTORNG n French and Spanish Call Kathy at TUTORNG ALL SUBJECTS GRADES 1 THRU 12 PROFESSONAL FACULTY WE CAN HELP GROSSE PONTE LEARNNG CENTER 131 Kercheval on the Hli TUTORNG all subjecls, all grade levels Mrs Judy Stili S~CltnAllAL SERVCES o Holy St Jude apostle and ngs hke a Symese, fluffy soreness TYPNG done n my home martyr, great n virtue and like a PerSian, blue eyes, Spread sheets, GraphiCS, rich n miracles, near female Lost on Wayburnl REFLEXOLOGY. fool Cer- Fhers, Word Processing kinsman of Jesus Christ, Kercheval , tlfled Experienced Refer- Reasonable rates 839. faithful ntercessor of all Evenings ask ences Home- Office Gift 1007, aller 5 pm f Sh Certificates who nvoke your special or el a RESUMES, term papers, patronage n time of. -LO-S-T-g-o-d-c-ha-,-n -M-ex-c-a-n r--l... O-S... E-W-E~G-H-T-- theses A professional need To you have re- hat charm October 12th wnler armed With a Maf th d th f WANTED: 36 people to course rom e ep 0 n Village Keepsake lose bs n next clntosh Laserprlnter will my heart and humbly beg Reward create and print your own to whom God has given days With brand new unique resume School h t t diet disc program Natusuc grea power a come work proofread and t t H ral Satisfaction guaran. a my ass1sance e P primed me n my present and ur- PROFESSONAL Sound teed Earn $$$ as you gent position n return Service OJ's for all occa- lose' Call WLL type corospondence, promise to make your slons Call Dan, 882. term papers, resumes name known and cause 6904 Have compulerl Wordperyou to be nvoked fec Say three Our Fathers BEST SOUND, BEST PANO lessons for begin- ADVANCED BUSNESS three Hall Mary's and PRCE, ALL OCCA- nmg students Call Carl SERVCES Glorlas PublicallOn must SONS B BUSiness Personal be promised St Jude PANO entertainment for VOLNST 9 years With Medical Dental Legal pray for us and all who weddmgs, parties, etc DSO 12 years teaching Reports Letters nvoke your aid Amen MUSC from the 30's to Wishes to start teaching Term Papers ThiS Novena has never the present , again ManUSCripts Theses been known 10 fall have Carl Resumes Cover Lellers had my request granted, PANO nstructions- many GraphiCS Tables publication promised FARY Godmother available years experience, certl- Mailings labels Envelopes L P M for entertaining at chlld- fled All levels Laser Printer ren's parties Call Chan- T THANK you for favors received St Christopher, St Jude, St Peter, St Paul, Mom, Dad, Mary & Christ SO telle 1."l TADASH Concert upright Casselle ranscnptlon plano, black mirror finish (313) CLASSCAL musc for any Plano like new $2 500 occasion Solo, duo, trio, BUSNESS AND quintet, guitar, Winds, _34_3-_9_238 TECHNCAL SERVCES voice PROFESSONAL muscian Laser Pnntn With teaching degree BM Overflow Support available for lessons n Busmess Techmcal your home Plano or vo- AcademiC cal Medcal. Dental. Legal Letters. Reports. Memos PANO teacher With degree Spreadsheels nvocng has opening for begin Forms Processml$ nlng or advanced stu Cassclle Transcnphon dents Experienced 10 Personatl7cd classical, pop ragtime Repetitive Leiters Envelopes. Labels and lazz Ma111ngList Mamtenance SUZUK vlohn lessons all Thcsc<; Dl~<;('rtatlons Term Papers. Manuscnpls ages Certified Lisa Foreign Language Work Salgh E'luah()n~ GraphiCS Stah~lcs ' Tables. Ch1rts Rcsumes Cover Letlers Applicahon Forms MfMRfR rrofc"~onal A,soc1atlon of R"",umc Wnter~ National A"OCiolhon of '>ecrllarl,11 ScrVa'5 Engmeenng S<>C1cty of DetrOt LETTER FOR LETTER FAX Word Processing Resume Preparation General-Personal Typing Medical. Legal BUSiness Casselle TranSCription Harper-Vernier EXPERENCED typing ser- Vices, mailings, resumes, proofreading, etc Reasonable rates =AST Creative, profes- Sional, affordable An ex. penenced wnter! computer graphic designer Will write, design and laser print your resume, filer or newsleller , Clarity CommunicatOns Please leave message NEED help With your accounting? Starting a new business or Just need help organizing the one you have? Pat's the one to Call 20 years experience Excellent references Days Evenings HElP WANTED GENERAL TEMPORARY ASSGNMENTS AVALABLE NOW NTERVEWNG FOR Secretaries Medical and Legal Transcriptionists Bookkeepers Data Entry Operators Typists SWltchboard/ Receptionist Word ProcessorslSecretanes BM 5520 BM Syslem 36 Word Perfect 5 0 Display Write 314 Plus other sollware EMPLOYER'S TEMPORARY SERVCE : : ACCOUNTANT! Office Manager With computer knowledge Excellent opportunily tor full- time employment With growing law firm benefits, salary negotiable Call for application or send resume to Vernier Rd Harper Woods, M PATENT Account Representative mmediate opening to work n processing of n patient and out patient accounts for Medicaid programs Must have strong background n third party bllhng regulallons Strong typing skills Be famlhar With computers Please send resume to Detroit River. view Hospital n33 E Jefferson DetrOit, M Equal OpportUnity Employer APPLCATONS accepted for Stock! Cashier Part time, college hours accepted Yorkshire Food Market, Mack GROSSE POlnle Shell, Mack BARTENDERS waitresses, Accepting applications part- time evenmgs 567- cashlerl females pre- ~6 ~~ ~~ ~ ~enlngs available CONFERENCE Manage ment assistant self RELABLE employees for starter, detail onented, ce- cream parlor Eveneeds to be people and ntngs and weekends computer fnendly, Mac lntosh preferred but Will tram, part time flexible lve.n care giver needea hours, college student for senior adults n Mt OK, small company East Clemens family home _s_ld_e_e_xpo_tec_h_, _88_2_-1_8_2_4 _7_9_1-_1_33_7_77_5_-_25_5_6 AUTO SALES With experience and proven track record Excellent pay plan and benefits Apply at ROY O'BREN WEEKEND WORK Part time help needed at the Roo~tertall Catermg Cluh Perfect for college ~tudenls Make $100 on a Saturday Call FORD St. Clair Shores Ext '" (_... COMPLETE MCROFilMNG SERVCE b Ct.,,sea 1 as - $" 7srn.',. rr'. 0 3 tz \ r79s'7.'spsg

48 C,200 HUP WANTlD GENERAL BARMADS full or part lime, experienced nights and weekends Busy dance club good pay and tips Downtown De troil NCOME Tax preparer full! part time December through April for local CPA firm Send Re sume to Box R-23 Grosse POinte News 96 Kercheval, Grosse POinte Farms M HANDYMAN to assist With home maintenance chores for older persons living n the Mack! Mo ross area Flexible hours 8 to 12 hours per week deal for retired persons E 0 E Calvary Center NAL Techs full or part time Some experience preferred Call Notorious Nalls HAR stylist wanted full time Progressive com mission or guarantee plus commission Space avail able for nail technicians Filippo s CASHER needed part time nights weekends Apply n person at Mack! Moross Amoco Mack Avenue Grosse POlnle WANT ADS Call n Early WEDNESDA Y, 8-5 THURSDAY, 8-6 FRDAY, 8-5 MONDAY, 8-6 GROSSE PONTE NEWS MATURE couple wanted to manage small apartment complex Must be handy Salary and apartment Resume to POBox St Clair Shores PHONE girls, $4 Pizza makers S4 50 Delivery boys Ex-Domino s employees welcome Little taly Pizzeria COOK short order days Dishwasher, days and af ternoons W3tress 11 to 4 2 to 9 lemale male Harry s Mack NEEDED- busboy Call after 5 p m AntoniOs Restaurant, LAWN culling $5! hour and up HOST! HOSTESSES Walter Waitresses Experienced Apply Ram s Horn Restaurant Mack Grosse Pomte, 200 HELl' WANTED GENElAL 200 HELP WANTED GENERAL JANTORAL part- time 5 nights a week, Monday- Friday deal for women Call between $40,000! Yrl Read Booksand TV Scripts Fill out simple like! don t like form EASY' Fun relaxing al home beach vacations Guaranteed paycheck 24 Hour Recording Reveals Ext ME4E'9B EXPERENCED waltstaff needed Apply n person after 2 Nemos Bar & Grill Renaissance Cen ter WEAR TALOR MADE CLOTHES' Drive a Mercedes' Call hour recorded mes sage f you have the courage to call t can make you rich FURNTURE r<:l'o1,,,h"19 Of upholslry Two years ex perlence EARN money at home stuff ng envelopes Send a self-addressed stamped envelope to PMA Box 1323 Broken Arrow Ok MR. C's DEL rlexlble work schedule Starting pay based upon experience Will tram for cashier, dell clerk, cooks and stock POSitions Must be 16 Apply at any Mr C s Dell BOOKKEEPER needed ReqUired compuler experrence Located on East Side near down town Send resume to The Grosse POinte News, Box P-64, 96 Kercheval Grosse POinte Farms M PART Time beauty salon receptionist 2 days a week Must have some bookkeeping experience GROSSE PONTE NEWS WANTED person to clean and paint gutters , WATTRESS wanted part time days Expenenced only VanDyke DRVERS NEEDED Good dllvlng record Will tram Excellent money making potential Apply n person Mack Ave BOOKKEEPER part time, Grosse POinte area SALES and stock positon DAY help! Nights Applications now being accepted n quality retail store near Wayne State University after 2 p m Assembly Full or part time flexible Line SandWich Shoppe hours Call ext Mack, Grosse 200 POinteWoods CLNTON Township s COOK full! part time experienced Gilbert's Salon of The Year needs talented and motivated Lounge, Harper hair stylist 10 work n top St Clair Shores 772- salon Excellent pay 9720 Manager scale Earn up to 75% commission JOin our RESPONSBLE With good unique team of stylists personality, full or parttime waltperson Experi- todayl Easy on easy off- Metro Parkway and 1-94 ence necessary Good Call ask for wages Please call 527- Beverly 7240 WATRESSES full and part time experienced Weekend nights busy dance club good pay and tips Downtown Detroll SERVCE Station attendant full or part time 18 years of age or older Good driving record Apply n person Mack at the corner of Fisher Road Answer This Question s whatyouare doing now ever going to earn you $ $25000 or more per month f the answer S NO lhen you owe t to yourself to e~plore hlsopportunity ( Hours BUSBOYS & DSHWASHERS Full time starting $5 per hour plus tips part time starting $4 25 per hour plus tips FleXible hours and benefits Apply between 2-4 at The Onglnal Pancake House Mack Ave THERE'S ANOTHER CHAMPONSHP TEAM N TOWN WHOSE OFFCES PrOVidethe best opportunity for SUCCESS n selling REAL ESTATE nterested n extensive train- ng ncluding Pre-license and Marketing? n Grosse POinte call Mark Mon aghan at Other locations call Lloyd Ed wards at COLDWELL BANKER SCHWETZER REAL ESTATE 23 Offices Grow and prosper With Grosse POlntes most prestigious restaurant Excellert working conditions. company paid benefits BUilding towards enthusiastic and professional stoff Send resume to Jahn Kress J23 Kercheval. Grosse Pornte Forms or call for appointment LUNCH room supervisors- nterested applicants are now being sought for elementary and middle school cafeterias These POSitions require good Judgement and the ability to work affectlvely With staff and students apply n person at Grosse POintePublic School Sys. tem 389 St Clair APPROXMATL Y 30 hours a week- Receptionist With some kennel responslbll. ties Call Grosse POinte Animal CliniC between 9 and WLL hire mmediately Badly needed order desk assistant to help our Sales depart men t you re sincere With a busmess like phone manner this opportunity S for you l Hourly wage With bonus and ncentives advancement potential Mr Grady CAFETERA Contingents are now bemg sought for the Grosse POinte PubliC School Cafetenas These positions require good judgement and the ability to work effectively With staff and students 3 1/2 hours per day (1030 am to 2 pm) $4 67 per hour Apply n person at 389 St Clair PART time consesslon stand, deal for college students and homemak ers Evenings and week ends Grosse Pornte Community Rink LANDSCAPE Company needs gardeners grass cullers, snow plow dnvers, hand shovelers Must have driver's license MATURE SNCERE DEPENDABLE Persons sought to do order desk phone follow up on customers generated by our sales office ThiS opportunity S deal for a retired person housewives looking to supplement taltllly 1)1- come or 1U&l gooo-part lime afternoon workers - until 9 30 P m ReqUirements are maturity, "phone poise" and a good "gift of gab" along With Willingness to learn and dependability We are an established - family type "east area firm" Full training, good hourly base, commission and bonus to those who qualify Please leave message for Mr Bryant NDEPENDENT Typist With BM compatible computer needed Call Eileen, GENERAL labor/ handyman, full time, no experience necessary ADULT sklsr nterested n working With chlldrens ski club HELl' WANTED AYSTTER MATURE, expenenced Sitter needed for occasional evening care of preschool twrns References required OLDER woman needed to Sit n my home for nfant starting mid-november Non smoker preferred References required MOVED out of town OPENNG available for toddler (15 mos-3 years) 1/2 day class, 5 day week at the GVing Tree Montessori School Way below Original cost BABYSTTER needed n my home Transportation a must Please call between 9a m - 3p m NEED experienced babysitter to watch twins, 2 1/2 years old part time nights Friday & Saturday no more than 15 hours a week Please call Lynn at HELl' WANTED CURCAL SECRETARY, part time Good typing skills OFFCE manager trarnee for growing busrness Call J 202 HELl' WANTED CLERCAL SECRETARY, CPA Firm has POSitionopen for full and part time Word Slar experience desirable Send resume to Ward and Ward Mack Ave Grosse POinte Woods M BOOKKEEPER- permanent! part time Computer knowledgeable Send re sume GLYC Jef ferson St Clair Shores Attention Pat LAW firm seeking part. time help general office With light typing Please send resume to P 0 Box Grosse Pornte M Attn Naomi Aiken NTERVEWNG for secre tanes medical and legal transcriptionists word processors bookkeepers data entry operators yp StSand switchboard receptonists Employers Temporary Service WORD PROCESSORS Secretaries Legal Secretaries Receptionists Data Entry Operators Typists 55 wpm New to the area? n between Jobs? Need top dollar? Want flexibility? Work tomorrow and receive top pc:y for your skills Need experrenced people Call today for an appointment You could be working tomorrowll RUTH PARADSE TEMPS CLASSFED DEADLNE... is still NOON TUESDAY for all regular liner ads All measured, border, photo or other special ads must be n by 4:00 p m. MONDAY The oflice Will be open until 400 pm on Tuesdays to conduct other business but the computers are down and NO CLASSFED ADS CAN BE TAKEN AFTER NOON ON TUESDAYS! Don't Forget - Catt yqur ads n Early! GROSSE PONTE NEWS LEGAL SECRETARY $23K-25K To partner of prestigious firm Must possess good nterpersonal skills With strong typing and word processing Pleasant working atmosphere Full benefits including optical and dental FEE PAD OR SEND RESUME TO: CAREER CONNECTON AGENCY 1380 PENOBSCOT BLDG. DETROT, M RECEPTONST CLERK Full time POSition With growth potential for large corporation front desk good typing skills Salary depending on experience Full benefits Graebner Employment St. Clair Shores BUSY office- good customer relations- receptionist, typing, shorthand skills required- computer hteracy beneficial but not ne cessa ry- growl n g alarm! security company Call Ms Abbott HELP WANTED DENTAL/MEDCAL HYGENrST wanted for parttime help n our Fisher BUilding office Days ne gomble DENTAL Hygienist needed for progressive preventive orientated East Side practice Needed for Saturdays only Please call CHAR Side assistant Some expellence helpful Benefits No Salurdays EASTSDE- Grosse Pomte area physcians office needs part time office person hours! week Medical termlnol ogy billing, typing experl ence necessary Salary and terms negotiable depending on experl ence Send Resume to Box W-25 Grosse POinte News 96 Kercheval Grosse POinte Farms DENTAL ASSistant t 6 hours No Saturdays Grosse POinte office Call HEt' WANTED. DENTAL/ MEDCAL $$ HOME $$ HEALTH ADES Come See us FRST Earn up to S8!hour' CALL PROFESSONAL MEDCAL SERVCES affiliated With ST JOHN HOSPTAL AND MEDCAL CENTER equal opportunity employer SEEKNG FRENDLY PHYSCAL THERAPST Full time posllion attend rng Single pallenl n Grosse Pomle Eastland areal Salary plus benefits accordrng to level of ex perlence Please Call Carolyn DENTAL Hyglenlsl position available n a growing Dental Practice With a full scale soft tls~ue man agement program Here,~ ' opport J""y to utilize all your skills Postion Will start as part lime must be a cheerful enthusiast team member With exceptional skills Send resume to Box M-299 Grosse POinte News 96 Kercheval DENTAL ASSistant needed Experienced preferred Full time No Saturdays Modern, pleasant Grosse Pomte office or DENTAL ASSistant needed Experience preferred Full- time No Saturdays Modern, pleasant Grosse Pomle office or HYGENST wanted n Harper Woods office HELP WANTED DOMESTC "EXPERENCED COOK" Must have references Two person family Nonsmoker Hours 2 00 to 800 pm Call LOVE WORKNG WTH CHLDREN? Be a nanny Full time! parttime Good salary and benefits Call The Nanny Network GROSSE PONTE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY years rehable service Needs experrenced Cooks, Nannies, Maids House keepers Gardeners, Butlers, Couples, Nurse's Aides, Companions and Day Workers for prvate homes Mack Avenue Grosse Pomte Farms 206 HELl' WANTED PART-TME 207 HELP WANTED SALES BULD YOUR CAREER UPON THE ROCK.!! Take ad antage of all we have 10 offer Un~\rpa<;~ed real e~tale!rammg program~ A top notch ~ajes ~taftto learn from Computcmcd sajr<;,upport ~y<;lem~ And a name that'~ second to none Call our orticc today And,tart yom carccr on <;ol1d ground ASK FOR DOUG ANDRUS TrY' Prudential.. Gros<;e POlnle Real Eslate Co HELP WANTfO SALS BULDNG anything takes the proper tools Espe clally a career t all begins With a good foundation part of which ncludes the people With whom you work On The Hili Call Nancy Velek at Coldwell banker Schweitzer Real Estate 23 offices ARE YOU SEROUS ABOUT SELLNG REAL ESTATE? We re SEROUS about YOUR SUCCESS' Extensive training rncludlng Pre license and Market- ng n Grosse POinte, please call George Smale at Other locations call Lloyd Edwards at COLDWELL BANKER SCHWETZER REAL ESTATE 23 Offices ATTENTON WOMEN No more minimum wage California company expanding Part! full time ncome opportunlfy m a growth! glamour busness Set up, training and ongoing support For n. formation! appointment contact Jeanne at PART time Retail sales person Experience preferred must be Willing to work at least 2 Saturdays each month Apply n person Judith Anne, Kercheval Grosse Pornte City FNANCtAL SERVCES nvestigate a career opportunity n this exciting field Be on the leading edge n offering comprehensve services to businesses and rndlvlduals Applicants should deally possess college degree or success n sales or coaching, or prevous business ownership ComprehenSive training, benefits and compensalion package offered Send resume to Ann at Somerset Financial Group, 2075 West Big Beaver, SUite 601, Troy, M48084 RETAL sales, Coffee Be- ~f\ery, l'art dime., tp full f'll[ffi 832-:?lW00JO~) ASSiSTANT manager sales associates and cashiers for retail apparel store n the Eastland Mall Must be dependable, have strong selling skills and good references ASSistantmanager applicants must have pre- VOUSexpellence n retail apparel management Apply n person at Donna Sacs, Ask for Teresa QUALTY child care provided by mother With degree n child development LOVNG, mature, experienced lady Wishes to babysit full time Excellent references LCENSED daycare n my home Ages 18 months and older ndoor and outdoor play equipment Tammy, STUATON WANTED CLERCAL EXPERENCED Secretary! Receptionist! Telemarketer Monday- Sunday, flexible Yvonne, or EXPERENCED Secretary, legal medical and general background Computer and word process ng Available for temporary and! or part time SEEKNG POSition as church secretary Computer knowledge- Wordperfect- Word processing STUATON WANTED CONV"USCENT CARE COMPETENT N-HOME CARE SERVCE TLC elderly children Hourly overnight rates available ExperrenCed n the Grosse POinte area PreViously Hammond Agency 30 years Lcensed and bonded Sally, STUATON WANTED CONVALESCENT CAiE EMT 20 years n health care- 10 years n certified private duty nursing Looking for home care cases- midnight shifts Please send a note or leave message POBox 35, Mt Clemens M SPECAL care provided for n-home convalescents and elderly Excellent references CAREGVER, Elderly and convalescent Days, overnights, weekly Excellent references NURSE'S Aid", exce-lient references, bonded insured, Will travel Live n hourly STUATON WANTED DAY CAiE The Nanny Network, nc. Quality professional child care n your home Call us NOW for nformallon WARM reliable mom has openings Licensed Mack! Bishop area BABAR'S HOUSE Private home, French nflu ence, non smoker, hot meals Full time open l1gs ages 2 thru Kinder. garten STUATON WANTED GENERAL "ATTENTON" Sign-up now for Fall Clean- Ups NOW before t's too late, also nvolved S waterproofing, landscaping, gutter cleaning and other odd Jobs you can possiblythink of a free estimate , ASK FOR GARY. FALL S herel Let Planter's Touch remove your annuals and plant your bulbs Call Nancy or Susan NEED SOMETHNG MOVED? Two POinte residents Will move or remove large or small quantities of furniture, appliances, pianos or what have you Call for free estimate MOVED BACK TO AREA Looking for full- time POStion have Bachelors degree n SOCiology Experienced Please send replies to Box 5-12, Grosse POinte News, 96 Kercheval, Grosse POinte Farms, MJ48236 RESPONSBLE, mature male Will work for you Available for errands, driving, pet care, companion for elderly or nfirmed And mlscella. neous FleXible hours References Dave WOMAN to do diversified duties Babys,"lng, light housekeeping, compan- on, etc FleXible hours 9 Mllel Mack area preferred STUATON WANTED HOUSE CLEANNG Call for ATTN Doctors Experienced Medical Office manager and Medical Biller seeks full time employment , Kathy CHAUFFEUR, Houseman Excellent references from Grosse POinte Farms Part time, very reasonable NEAT conscientiouselderly man seeking full time,employment. Bill, '773-2 '107ge -,r ) "r01 CLEANNG, light and heavy Windows, walls and floors scrubbed Washing and ronrng clothes Leaves raked, lawn mowed, snow shoveled STUATON WANTED HOUSE CLEANNG BUSY Bee's ProfeSSional Cleaning Ladles- take the day off' Reliable CARMEN'S CLEANNG SERVCE No time for housecleaning? Let our team come and do t for youl SPRNG CLEANNG SPECAL 10% Discount Reasonable References Experrenced EUROPEAN Style of clean- ng Will refresh your house Local references, own transportalion, 7 days a week Washing and roning GVE us a call and let us do the cleaning Two mature and thorough young women Will clean your home for you Take a break and let us do the work Please call Cheryl at KNOWN and Famous European style cleaning S a unique cleaning program for your home Whether you live n a house, apartment or condominium- we can help you stay clean and refreshed, providingon the spot personal attention Such as our old fashioned way of cleaning, scrubbing and waxing floors, moving light pieces of furniture, polishing fixtures, vacuum and dust covered furniture, woodwork, complete kitchen, complete bathroom cleaning, window cleaning, remove cobwebs, make beds. change linens and lot more We are experienced, rehable and worry free For free estimates call "A Step Ahead- A Step Above" EXPERENCED Housekeep- ng Reasonable rates References LET "First Mald"clean your home, office or condo Bonded and nsured Excellent references Call RELABLE and thorough cleaning lady Weekly_ preferred References ,Joyce ~ STUDENT looking for general housekeeping, dependable With references Call JOnl, PROFESSONAL house cleaning References available Call Sue, L1VE.N housekeeper for elderly English lady References HELl' WANTED LEGAL 300 STUATON WANTED AYSTTERS MATURE Nurse would like EXPERENCED, reliable LEGAL SECRETARY TLC for your child n my licensed home Call Col- loved ones at your home references Reasonable to give T L C for your house cleaner, excellent Experience required hours per week With leen rales Catherine, 881- some flexibility Pleasant FREMAN'S Wife Will baby- SHUT in's invalids, convalescents let me run er easily accessed down Sit References, reasonable rates Monday thru CLASSFED town office With attended parking Good hourly rate rands, shop, assist With Friday meals Evelyn- References is still DEADLNE... Call Jennifer, SECRETARY ReceptOnist YOUNG mother of one and one on the way Will babysit NOON TUESDAY wanted for small firm near Grosse POlnfe Part time, 3 days a week PART.TME POSition for downtown Detroll law firm running errands, copying and filing Light typing and phone answering skills helpful Approxi mately hours per week, noon to 5 pm each weekday $4 00 per hour Raise n 30 days LOOKNG for 8 highly motivated entrepreneurs Call hour message for all regular liner ads All measured, border, photo or other special ads must be n by 4:00 p.m. MONDAY The office Will be open unlll 400 P m on Tuesdays to conduct other business, but the computers are down and NO CLASSFED ADS CAN BETAKEN AFTER NOON ON TUESDAYS Don" Forget - Call your ads in Earlyl GROSSE PONTE NEWS CREATVE CLEANNG SERVCES Well established n the POlntes With references Experienced team of women workmg together so you don't have to Call for your esllmate BUSness coordinator Cheryl Vreven YOUR WAY CLEANNG SERVCE Homes, offices Weekly or Bweekly Free estimates Theresa, S~~G~ Prepare for the holidays, greet your guests with a clean home by CLEANLNESS UNLMTED ,-...

49 October 18, S STUATON WANTED HOUSE CLEANNG LADY. experienced Will do housework n the Grosse POinte area RESDENTAU CommerCial cleaning Day or evening appointments available Reasonable rates De. pendable Relerences Karen EUROPEAN Style house cleaning, windows Thor ough honest Excellent Grosse POinte Refer ences Ursula, after 6p m SPOTLESS housecleaning References THE HOUSE.KE-TEERS CLEANNG SERVCE ProfeSSional, Bonded and nsured teams ready to clean your home or busl ness Gift Certificates Available 1Oo~ Off With Thl" Au First Time Callers Onlyl LET me do your cleaning, we are very reasonable Call Mary STUATON WANTD HOUSE STTNG am a young professional recently relocated back to the DetrOit area am looking to house Sit dur- ng the winter months al lowing me time to get reaccllmated and locate permanent housing am able to provide multiple references Please call Jane at STUATON WANTED NUlSES ADES EXPERENCED Nurse's Aide seeks private duty care With elderly Good references A V AL ABLE for private duty and personal care VSitS 30 years experl' ence references , leave message NURSES aide Wishes day work 25 years experience References Call Jan NURSE Aldel 16 years Care for elderlyl convalescents Mealsl personal! housekeeping Refer. ences NURSES Aide compahlon, live n or out Experienced references NURSE'S Aides live- n or hourly Will travel, CARE for the elderly Honest, reliable, excellent references, CERTFED and loving Nurses Aide Wishes nights STUATON WANTED OFFCE CLEANNG EURO Malds- European style of cleamng Days or nights $15 Special for this month E.D P NC ProVides a Wide range of hlgh- qual- ty cleaning and related services for commercial clients for your office suite or large commercial building Experienced bonded, honest and reliable, plus anxous to work Free estimates call OFFCES PROFESSONALL Y CLEANED Reasonable Rates References Available LARRY B&J BULDNG Malnte. nance Company Com. plete office cleaning for small businesses Also carpet cleaning, Window washing and residential work Reasonable Call your ads n Early! GROSSE PONTE NEWS MElCHANDSE ANTQUES 309 STUATON WANTED SALES 400 MElCHANDSE ANTQUES ORENTAL RUGS CASH NOW For your Oriental Rugs, Paintings, Jewelry Fine Furniture, Porcelains, Collectibles including Dolls, Royal Doultons, etc. Phone for a FREE verbal appraisal. :!l1~l- Since E. Jefferson CERTFED AUCTONEERS & ESTATE APPRASERS SALES Marketing specialist with degree seeks POStion With CPA firm or other Call after 6 00 pm, REFLECTONS PAST ANTQUES N THE PARK Some tems n The Shop ThiS Week! Oak file cabinet. stack bookcase match slick table, 7 sailfish, painted cupboard, ron garden furniture, great park bench French art glass chandelier Goed selection of fun funky and almosl seflou~ antrques and collectibles As always, Jewelry, folk art, country, deco, 50's Wednesday - Saturday 12 to 5 p.m. or By AppOintment Kercheval Always Buying COME to Stoney River Mercantile, 3,000 square leet of unique Antiques, col. lectlbles & crafts n Almont, 8 miles North of Romeo on VanDyke 117 S Main, NOW OPEN Tuesday thru Friday, 11-5 Saturday, Sun. day, Noon. 4 ANN ARBOR ANTQUES MARKET- M BRUSHER, Manager, Sunday, October Ann Arbor Saline Road, EXit 175 off 1-94 Over 350 dealers n quality antiques and select collectibles, all tems guaranteed as represented and under cover, 5 am - 4 pm AdmiSSion $3 22nd Season, The Original"" FEATURNG Much fresh merchandise and several new dealers ncluding EDWARD SEM- MELROTH With several ornate PARLOR STOVES of museum quality, "Golden Art period of Cast ron" Column stove With statue n between columns, " Wmged ViCtory" circa 1850, stove that looks like 3 story house - "MANSARD PALACE" made m Salem, OhiO 1872 DORAN HOUSE nice selection tea leaf and white T ronstone ncl live ronstone chlld(en's tea sets last half 191h century L'ESPRT lots of rustic furnllure LA CUS- NE du JARDN Natural Wicker armchair made by A H ORDWAY, mate S n Yale University Art Gallery Last Tent Row -5 memorbilia from estate of JOSEPH SADONY nternationally known psychic MARK LOESEL, Last Tent Row 1-8 HARD- WARE specialist With hundreds of completely restored and ready to use pieces rncl sets door locks, entry locks, knobs, hinges COWBOY TRADER w/frne Vintage WESTERN tems ncl chaps, saddles, spurs, etc MCHAEL GOYDA, EAST PETERSBURG, PA Good Country, Amencan FOLK ART, Deco thru 60's TREASURE MART ANN ARBOR With choice tems from local estate DAVD ZDYB, BUFFALO, NY With W P A and related Amer. can scene artwork ncl pair theatre wall sconces, p a ntin g s, ad ve rt Sn g store display signs one FSK TRE SWEET- HEART SOAP, mechanical & mint WYKEHAM, BROOKVilLE, PA fine ENGLSH BOXES & CLOCKS ncl tall case & shelf HANKS & WELLS, Don sell yours until you see us We pay top dollar tor your Oriental rugs regardless of size or colldlllon MERCHANDSE ANTQUES 400 MERCHANDSE ANTOUES EDGECOMB, MANE With F')LK ART ncl really nice Whlrlyglg wi four sail boats, bonnet cupboard grain painted circa 1830, artists work box, paint decorated and With artist photo CECLA M DAVDSON, GRAND SLAND NY Americana PAMELA BOUCHARD, DELFT & SLVER GRESCO-TREASURES TO CHERSH, great collechon old STEFF animals from little "nchers" to life size studio pieces ncl WOODCOCK also early GOAT on wheels circa 1910 ANNA MAC- DONALD wlcollectlon of over 100 cameras early 1900's through 1960 ADVERTSNG AR- MORES ARCHTEC- TURAL & WNDOWS ARTS & CRAFTS ART DECO ART GLASS ART POTERY AUTO. GRAPHS BANKS BAS- KETS BEARS BEDS ncl BRASS, BRASS & RON, WOOD BEER STENS BELLS mcl brass, ron, bronze, church, railroad, ShipS, sleigh BRD HOUSES BOOKS ncl rare and out of print also new reference books on antiques BOXES BRASS & COP- PER ncl buffing & repair BRONZE BUGGES BUCKLES & BUTTONS CAMPAGN CANDY CONTANERS glass & mache CANDLEMOLDS CANDLESTCKS CANES CANTON CAR- OUSEL CHANDELERS & LAMPS CHNA & SOFT PASTE ncl FRENCHY CAMEO DERBY DOULTON DRESDEN LMOGES MSSEN SEVRES STAFFORDSHRE ROYAL VENNA CHNESE.NEOLTH GANSU YANG-SHAO QNG DYNASTY CE- RAMCS ROSE MEDAL- LON ANTON FAM\LLE ROSE YSNG JADES CHNESE TEXTLES CHLDRENS CHOCO- LATE & CE CREAM MOLDS CHRSTMAS CVL WAR CON OP- 'ERATED MACHNES COLOGNES" CORK- SCREWS COSTUMES CUT GLASS CUTTERS DAGUERROTYPES DECOYS DOLLS DOOR STOPS, EARLY LGHTNG EPHEMERA FSHNG TACKLE FLOW BLUE FOLK ART FOUNTAN PENS FRAMES FURNTURE, everywhere FURNTURE CONSERVATON & RES- TORATON SPECALST GAMES GARDEN OR. NAMENTS LEGRAS LEVERRE FRANCAS MULLER MOSER GOLF MEMORABLA GRANTEWARE HARD. WARE mcl specialist HATPNS & HOLDERS HAVLAND HOLDAY HOOKED RUGS CONS RON RONSTONE VORY' JAPANESE MEJ PEROD, JEWEL- ERY LAMP SHADES LACES LNENS LO- NEL TRANS MAJOL- CA MAPS MESSEN MLTARY MNNG' MR- RORS MOCHA MUS- CAL NSTRUMENTS NEEDLEWORK NEONS PANTNGS RESTORA- TON SERVCE OF PANTNGS PRNTS ncl PARRSH FSHER GRAPHCS POSTERS PASLEYS PERFUMES PEWTER PHONO- GRAPHS PE SAFES POLTCAL PORCE- LANS POST CARDS PRNT SHOP MEMORA- BLA POST OFFCE QULTS everywhere, QUMPER RALROAD RAZORS REDWARE RUGS AMERCAN N. DAN HOOKED, OREN- TAL & RAG RUSSAN SAMPLERS SEWNG TEMS SHAKER SL- HOUETTES SLVER SLEDS SLEGHS SPATTER SPONGE- WARE SPOOL CAB. NETS SPORTNG & FSHNG STANED & LEADED GLASS STCK- PNS STONEWARE STOVES STRAGHT RAZORS TEA LEAF TELEPHONES TEX. TLES TFFANY TilES TOLEWARE TOOLS mel harness makers, book makers, wood werk. ing, TOYS TRANS TRADE SGNS UM. BRELLAS VNTAGE CLOTHNG WAGONS WATCHES WEAPONRY & MLTARA WEATH. EAVANES, WEDG. 400 MUCHANDSE ANTQUES WOOD WCKER fantastic selection mcl sets, pairs, dlnmg tables, desks, some VictOrian, some natural WLlO. WARE WNDMilL WEGHTS WNDOWS, stained, leaded, beveled WOODENWARE YEL- LOWARE Come to our desk m Building A and we Will direct you to dealers rn the above categofles On site delivery and shipping service available No buying or sellmg between dealers during brief unloading time No outrageous early buyers' entrance fee Lots of homemade & custom made food CEDAR Armolr, 2 doors 1 opens to 6 sweater drawers other for hanging $ MAPLE teachers desk, 2 Side drawers, center flips up Excellent condition $275/ best MKE'S Antiques- Cherrywood dresser and drawer Kneehole mahogany desk With bracket feet after Chippendale, Oak roll top desk, oak dining room set 6 chairs, table and buffet Mahogany nlghtstand, Mahog. any dinette With 4 chairs and table Federal ~tyle sofa upholstered n white Wardrobe, Kentucky rifle (1790 to 1810) And much more Malor credit cards welcomel Morang, between 1-94 and Kelly ELEGANT, ornate 1920's French dining table, 6 chairs, 3 leafs, pads. $2, KEN NARY KAGE ANTQUES Open Wednesday Thursday, Fnday, Sunday, 12-4p m Saturday, 9a m to 4p m WE BUY AND SELL Cadieux at East Warren ON THE HLL Second Story Antiques 85 Kercheval Above Something SpeCal 106, Mon - Sat, 10-7 Thur BB Representing 7 Dealers ANTQUE Art at decorative art prlces- Chinese snuffs, Japanese woodblocks, early 19th century botanicals, Egyp/tran, Greek and Roman antiquitres, Afncan Art, etc, etc Barclays- Where the rare and unusual are expected Mount Clemens, Ann Arbor TOWN HALL ANTQUES Histone Romeo Come VSit The Antrque Mall everyone S talking about' Over 8,000 square feet, 2 floors, 40 dealers, special- Zing n quality anllque clocks, fme art glass and china, Flow Blue, quilts, furniture, Amerrcana, primitives, collectibles, Juke Boxes, Jewelry and many unusual and unrque treasures Open 7 days a week, 10-6 Located at 205 North Main, 32 Mile Road and Van Dyke (M53) 7 shops n the downtown area SOLD Oak 8 prece dining roem set Manufactured asking $695, make offer Adrian Antique Market OCT 28th, 8-4 PM Lenawee County Fairgrounds, Adrian, M Browse the New heated Ag BUilding for quality an. tlques and collectibles Rain or shine AdmiSSion $2 00- (517) FURNTURE refinished, repaired, stnpped, any type of caning Free estimates, , MDWEST ANTQUARAN & COLLECTBLE BOOK SALE Outstanding book dealers offering collectible books, from comics to antiquities, plus graphics, calligraphy, maps, prints, manu- SCripts, and posters Something for everyone - from the nostalgra buff to the general reader Come browse and buy Spon. sored by the Frrends of the DetrOit PubliC Library en Frrday and SatlJrday, OCtober 26 and 27, at the Main DetrOit Library, Woodward at Kirby, 930 to 5 00 pm AdmiSSion free For nformallon, call MEll.CHANDSE ANJQU S COLEEN Boyd (& bunnres) spins angora ya'n at the Citadel Group Antiques Mall 609 Huron Port Huron October 20 Free admission" Free refre'3hmenlsr AUTHENTC Antique Carousel horses from the turn of the century Museum quality ArrLlANCES HAMLTON gas dryer Runs good $ G E refngerator/ freezer, 13 6 cubic feet, gold Like new perfecl condlllon $300 or best offer KTCHENADE dishwasher, white, built n Remodel- ng STOVE, gas Refrigerator, frost free Both avacado $75 each GAS dryer, $75 Gas or electric stove With match- ng frost free refngerator MAYTAG gas dryer, olive color, excellent condillon, $ GAS dryer Whirlpool, large capacity, excellent condition $ KENMORE matching washer & dryer, gas, ex. cellent condition $ , after, 6 WASHER With bleach and softner dispenser, gas dryer Sears best Pair $350 Microwave, Whirlpool, almond color Apart. ment size $ , before 9p m WHRLPOOL electric range, 30", almond, self cleaning, timer, excellent condition $ APARTMENT size refngerator, white $75 Call KENMORE heavy duty washer & dryer, transferrable warranty, electrrc , , alter 6 GE frost-free refrigerator, avacado good condition $350 19B6 GE electnc stove, white, good condllon $ SEARS Coldspot refrigerator, GE electnc dryer, GE electnc stove $175 each Call after 5, GE dryer, GE Window air, 6 years ofd FRDGDARE washer and dryer, AUCTONS SUPER ANTQUE AUC- TON Sunday, November a m Utica Rd, Utica Quality furniture, lamps, glass, oils and pnnts, and other rare and nteresllng antiques and collectibles For a large pictured list call Walt GARAGE/YARD ASEMENT SALES GARAGE Sale Rain or Shine Woodcrest between 1-94 and Beaconsfield, Vernier and Morass Friday, B 30 to am Saturday & Sunday, 830 to 4 00 pm Wide vanety of tems, Single bedframe With head and footboard, 14" 1957 Hubcaps, old tools, sports rackets, household goods and kmc knacs, wedding gown (fits 10-12), clothes, exercise bike, books & wooden baby crrb CVL War Buffs- have out of pnnt, Harpers Weekly, repnnt newspapers $5 each ESTATE Sale Everything must go Furniture, baby tems and more da lane across from Monteith off Cook Friday October 19tth 9 to 3 MOVNG sale- Chairs, exer. clse bike, desk, electncal appliances and more Saturday Fleetwood (corner Beaconsfreld) MOVNG sale, some furnl' ture odds and ends Everything must be sold Frrday, 9 to 3 (only) 771 Shoreham, corner of Wedgewood 404 GARAGE/YAD easement 5ALES THURSDAY, Friday, Saturday, 9-5 Jewelry, knrckknacks, Avon mensl la. dies clothing, bird house, household tems liberal, Between 71 8, East of Gratiot FVE family garage sale every Friday & Saturday 10. 5, Minden (across from City Airport) GARAGE Sale, 1886 Severn Rd Saturday October 20th 9 a m to 4 p m 4 family's collectibles Qual- ty Teen and Women's Winter clothing GARAGE Safe, furniture, lamps, many unique household accessones, clothing, little Tykes toys Baby tems, Saturday 9 to Lincoln Rd GARAGE sale Several family Bargain prrces Household tems toys, girls 20" bike Saturday onlyl Loch. moor MOVNG Sale, assorted chairs, glassware, pottery, dishes, china, pots & pans, lamps, linens, bedroom furniture, TV, stereo, entertal n ment stand, christmas decora. tlons, large size ladles clothing, weights and bench, punching bag and more Woodcrest, Harper Woods between 7 & 8 off Kelly Thursday, Fnday & Saturday, 10-5 CLASSFED DEADLNE.,. is stili NOON TUESDAY NO CLASSFED ADS CAN BE TAKEN AFTER NOON ON TUESDAYS! QUALTY Sale, HOOSier kitchen, antique oak mantei, oak table, bicycles, beds, books, drapes, Marme toilet, Sink, horsesh. oes, 1975 Flreblrd More 1114 Bedford Saturday 9 to 3 THREE family garage sale, Thursday through Saturday, 9 to Beaconsfield, between Band 9 Mile Road Soca 13/ Jefferson Baby tems and furniture Saturday, COME one, come all' Multifamily garage sale, good- es galore G Joe, weights & weight bench, stove, clothes, refngerator, household tems, furniture, mens Friday, October 19th, Lakepolnte THREE family garage sale New tems, baby tems, toys, furniture, designer clothing & glassware 1023 Bedford, Grosse POinte Park Thursday, Fnday & Saturday, 10-4 FANTASTC FVE FAMLY garage sale ' Saturday only, 10 am to 3 pm 315 Ridgemont Road, between Chalfonte and Beaupre Absolutely no pre-salesl 8 foot pool table, childrens' and adult bikes, big wheels, scooters, chlldrens' kitchen set, stuffed animals, toy box, toys, games, books, chlldrens' hockey skates and equipment, upright freezer, kitchen utensils, pots, bathroom scales, portable sewing machine, telephones, sofas, end table, coffee table, lamps, plclures and frames, card table chairs, butcher block table, nflatable double mattress, metal cot, bedding, hammock, file cabinet, youth white desk, fan, humldlfrer, air conditioner, artificial Christmas trees, newer ski boots, ch,ldrens' thru adult clothing, Sony Beta Video Recorder, two Newts With tank/liller, etc Pet travel carner, two cats, photography and darkroom equipment, and many, many more treas. ures/ 2151 Fleetwood Fnday, Baby tems, onental rug, toys, household tems, much more MOVNG SALE Friday, Saturday, October 19th, 20th 900 am- 600 P m Eastwood Harper Woods Country Club Driv. Harper 'Woods Houlehold Sale sora, 1ovesut, china cabnet, solid bra.. table lampl, cecallona1 chair, mirror, record clblllet nd llened lrelsurel mull au &0 Saturday, Sunday October 20, & 21st 10a.m. to 5 p,m, MULT family yard sale Furniture, antiques, kid's clothes baby stuff and lots of miscellaneous Saturday October 20th 830-5, 1418 Grayton GARAGE Sale 423 St Clair, Saturday,October 20th, 9 to 5 Library la. bles mlsc furniture, odds and ends a. 404 GAlAGE/ YAll 0 ASEMfNT SAlES COUCH and loveseat. ex. cellent condition $350 large gas grrll With tank excellent condition $125 large mirror $75 table and 3 chairs $20 dinette table $10 Continuing clean electric range (gold) $75 lamps $10 each headboards (make offer) Cap for small pick-up mlsc tems MOVNG SALE' Furflllure appliances, outdoor tools, craft tems and much morel Saturday 10 to Beaufalt Harper Woods near 8 Mile and Vernier GARAGE Sale 4978 Hli crest October 19th 20th 9 a m to 3 p m Furniture mlsc tems GARAGE sale Gau kler, St Clair Shores, Frr day Saturdav Sunday 10 6 MOVNG salel Ceramic molds, furniture and miscellaneous Thursday, Fnday and Saturday, 9 to Duchess, Near Kelly and Whittier LOTS and lots of things Payton Fnday Saturday, 10 5 Sunday 12-4 ANNUAL Fall Rummage Sale, F81h Commufllly Church Moross near 1-94 Friday, October 19th, 9 am to 3 pm MOVNG Salel Saturday & Sunday, Washtenaw HUSBANDS A Huntlng l MaSSive 3 family clearout sale 1311 Hollywood SkiS, bikes, toys, stereo, mlsc etc 9 to 4 Friday Saturday and Sunday NOT 'Junque'l MOVing to FlOrida Two households seiling tools, snow blower furniture, clothing, bikes, sport equipment and so much more Stop by on Friday or Saturday, 10-4 to Kenmore, between 7 & 8 Mile, one block West of Harper MULT FAMLY garage salel Kitchen table, chairs bookcase china redwoocl picnic lable wooden doors, chldren s clothes, toys and furniture, car seats, patio cushions and umbrella and much morel Saturday only, 9 to Middlesex, Grosse POinte Park ST. JOSEPH'S ANNUAL FALL FAR 4800 Cadieux Saturday, 10 to 4 Sunday, 11 to 5 Collectibles, Jewelry, rum. mage, clothing, furniture, books, Silent aucton, bake sale, games, Chrrstmas Shop and crafts GARAGE sale, quality, style children and adult clothing, redecoratrng, household furnishings, toys, Nlkon camera, furnrture Frrday only, 9 am 1906 Norwood off Mack, Grosse POinte Woods ODDS.N-ENDS 78" Doorwall blind 2065 Brys, Grosse POinte Woods Saturday October 20th, 9-1 ST, Veronica's SO S Au. tumn Chlldrens & Matern- ty Resale An autumn resale of nfants chlldrens and maternity clothing, toys, furnilure and accesorles Will be held from 1000 am to 1 00 pm on Saturday, November 3, 1990 n the school gym of St Veron- ca Parish at Universal at Toepfer, three blocks east of Gratiot, be tween 8 and 9 Mile Roads n East DetrOit Deadline GARAGE YARD easement SAlES 405 ESTATE SAlES WE BUY BOOKS N YOUR HOME 7C 4 family garage sale A bit 01 everything lor every. one Household tems, record albums, furniture, books, pictures a car, avacado green refrigerator, electnc dryer No presales Fnday, Saturday, University YARD sale 2090 Brys Grosse POinte Woods Thursday Friday Saturday 9-4 GARAGE Sale, 1826 Bournemouth Fnday, Saturday 9-3 Household tems children s clothes and toys two SchWinn bikes 16 and 18, tables desks and more GARAGE SALE, dreams come true Patio furniture, living room furniture lamps desk, baby and children articles clothing and kitchen stove Friday and Saturday, 10 to N Oxford f you miss it, you Will be sorryl GARAGE sale Jenny Lind style baby furniture, baby equipment, clothes and miscellaneous tems Drexel loveseat, luggage, gas grill, and much more Friday, Saturday, 10 a m 3 p m 35 S Duval, Grosse POinte Shores 47 RADNOR CRCLE, off Hall Place behind Kercheval on the Hli Plenty of valuables, clothes, kitchen, lawn, books, neighbors stuff No presales or early- birds Saturday 9 to 1 Ralndate Sunday RUMMAGE Sale Peace Lutheran Church, E Warren Friday October 19th, 9 to 12 25" color TV, golf clubs, antique rocker, couch, cedar chest, tables, lamps, pictures, spool bed, mlsc 276 Kerby, Saturday onlyl 9-4 GARAGE sale Saturday October 20, 9-4 Books, clothing, small boy's bike, lewelry, tools, ladders, miscellaneous household tems 942 Washington, Grosse POinte City FAMLY clothlng- Women's Msc household tems Frrday and Saturday October 19th, 20th 9 a m to 3 p m No presales 1392 Grayton Corner CharleVOX GARAGE and Basement sale, one day onlyl Saturday, Anita, Grosse POinte Woods Refrrgerator, freez9f, din- ng room set, washer & dryer, fine china, Jewelry and many household tems DON'T miss th,s fabulous BG garage and basement sale Saturday, 10-4 Sunday, Hollywood FORMAL French ProVinCial drnlng room set (6 chairs buffet china cabinet) 4 piece walnut bed. room set (double) 3 mahogany tables, contemporary couch, four chairs Call after Free Offers No Obligalion Appraisals Furnished Entire Estates also DeSired JOHN KNG Michigan's Largest Bool< Store Clip and Save!hS ad 406 FlEWOOD FREWOOD! Hardwood and mixed wood $55 per cord Free kindling , Pioneer Tree Service FREWOOD delivered Mixed hardwoods $501 face cord A time hmlt, as for the completon of newspaper copy or other work, payments of debts, etc. 2. At the Grosse Pomte News, our deadhne for classified ads S '12 noon on Tuesday MONDAY 4 p.m, Measured n Column Ads Border Ads Cancels Changes..SUb}iCllo ellllllll' fur holldqvl,.1 l'.._-_ (..._.s galll''''''- Ed"zSn COMPLETE MCROFilMNG SERVCE -,,, Wrt 7?St 'an en Werre_ e,. \ ft' st.s.m 01",

50 e 40b FREWOOD CHMNEY caps, $ stalled Chimney clean mg $ SEASONED firewood $65 Free fire starters Same day delivery MSCUlANEOUS ATCUS LVNG room suite three pieces two tables lamp With matching plal1ters bentwood rocker $ ENTERT ANMENT center solid oak l1ew never used Will accommodate up to 30 T V plus VCR shelf and tape drawer List at $1 000 Will sell for $ EXECUTVE Teak wood desk \\th attached cre denza small metal desk formlca secretary desk Wvr\sht..., t incial... hdtl~ MEN'S & lady s used golf club sets COMPUTER table wllh shelves by Workbel1ch ebol1y almost new $ JRGNAL Mermaid style wedding gown, size 6 2 mink Jackels, 1 brown 1 black piped With Fox On ental rug Terra Colla and cream not qulle 8 x 10 Reasonable, SCOTT stereo receiver SansUi speaker, Sharp dual cassel1e deck $250 negotiable Yamaha FX 500 multi effects unit With Gonlla amplifier and DOD FX-17 wah pedal (for gutar & other musical mslruments) $500 negotiable GOLD and blue rugs $75 for both Lazy boy SWivel velvet rocker $ CANNONBALL klngslze bed complete SOlid pine $ SOUD teak dining room set 6 chairs, 75' Side board, lable extends 10 75", $ QUEEN S2.esofa bed l1eu tral tones. _Dever used... wrong color t.., $,J.. th 405 mate SAlES 409 MSCEllANEOUS ArTClES EXQUSTE wedding gown, size 8 Full length train vory beaded and lace Professionally stored Asking $ POOL lable Valley 7ft 1 piece slate, 2 years old $ CARPETNG wllh pad, 12 by 15, 2 tone gold/ burnt orange shag Very good can dillon $ FRST class ladles walch and fur lacket SOFA With wooden frame al1d velvel print $150 Dning room set 6 chairs $ BOY'S Corvelle youth bed Brand newl Complete $450 or best offer CLASSFED DEADLNE... s stlu NOON TUESDAY for all regular liner ads All measured, border, photo or other Special ads must be 111 by 4:00 p.m. MONDAY The office Will be open until 4 DO P m on Tuesdays to conduct other business, but the computers are down and NO CLASSFED ADS CAN BE TAKEN AFTER NOON ON TUESDA YS TWO loveseats, brown Col onlal Good condition $ FOUR Poster bed frame With matching night stand VOry color $ LADES ROLEX walch stainless, $800 Ladles Rolex replrca, $ JAMES A. MONNG BOOKSELLER KERCHEVAL Selected books bought and sold Vintage Video Renlals RARE Opportunity White marble lop coffee table, 46 x 20 French Provln clal frame like new $80 or best ESTATE SAlES RANBOW ESTATE SALE 74 WilLSON Grosse Pointe Shores (First block South of Vernier, off of Lakeshore) Saturday, October 20th (9:00 4:00) Featuring Large metal flower cart, glassware, mens, baskets, limed oak kitchen set, two Nlloak vases, lamps, oak washstand, three drawer chest and library table, poker table, golf carts, kitchen tems; fishing supplies, pmg pong table, occasional chairs, Zel1lth portable tv, claw al1d ball plano stool, foot stools, yard and hand tools, Christmas tems, tea-leaf large bowl, cedar chest, craft supplies and more HUNTNGTON Harper Woods (between Beaconsfield and \-94) Saturday, October 20th (9:00 4:00) Featuring Dark blue.small print, sofa, loves eat, rockers and recliner, new Singer model 2010 Seleclronlc sewmg machine, new Modern Maid electric range With gnll, end tables, pine bunk bed, two RCA color t v's small Queen Anne maple table, walnut dmlng room table, maple dressers, Sears's refrigerator, ladders, two cash registers, blue flowered sofa, and much more Stop by both sales and pick up a quality bargain Numbers 7 30 a m Saturday, both locations LOOK FOR THE RANBOW S & J SALES ESTATE SALE & HOUSEHOLD LQUDATORS COMPLETE HOUSEHOLD MANAGEMENT FREE CONSULTATONS APPRASALS LARGE MALNG LST RECEPT NVENTORY No Minimums Lowest Commission CALL TODAY tfarfz ~ G~O~~~~O~~T~1JTY HARTZ HOUSEHOLDSALES, NC. Trust your sale 10 us kl10wlng th al we are the most experienced moving and estate sale company n the Grosse POinte area For the past 10 years we have provided flrsl quall1y service to over 500 satisfied clients CALL THE 24 HOl R HOTU...E FOR lpco"fj'g '\ALE J' FOR~A TlO," Grosse Pointe Estate Sales, nc. Estate. Household MOVing MARY ANN BOLL PATRCA KOLOJESK MSCEllANEOUS. ARTCLES EXCELLENT CONDTON, complete room of match- ng furniture, sectional 5 piece, brown/ beige print, $700 ($2,300 value) A. mond color 38" sq cock. lall table wllh mirrored top $150 end table to match, $ X 26" Alvarez pnnts n brown frames $150 2 Monet waler lly prll1ts 111 brown frames, $75 1 blue lilly prlnt- brass frame $50 2 ighled wall unlls almond color glass and mirror door" With brass tllm 1 piece desk! bar unit 1 piece shelves With doors $500 Contemporary kitchen dll11ng set Par quet top table With 6 brown leather chairs $600 (From Englanders) Almol1d color bedroom set tnmmed n brass, 63" dresser With mirror door chesl, night stand, queen or full headboard and frame, $550 Queen size mattress and box spring. Sears best. pair $300 Armless chair and ottoman yellow corduroy, $75 Gas fireplace logs. birch, 24 " logs only, $55 Dinning chairs. 6, white and cream, fully upholstered, stralghl leg $65 each Little Tykes party kitchen, $35 Ladles 3 speed bike, $25 Girls Schwl1n 18" bike, $25 Scooter, $25 Rexalr Rainbow water camster vacuum With attach. ments $125 Zenith 27" color TV wllh stand, $ , before 9pm MOVNG sale- fruitwood chll1a cabll1et and oval table, pll1e nlghtstand, wrll1ger washer, electric ral1ge, fan, lawn mower al1d snowblower, 9x 11 carpeting casual chll1a STEELCASE desk, 5ft, $ HEALTH nsurance for indi- Viduals offenng comprehensive coverage, excel. lent rates, Dental opllonal Bonlor nsurance Agency, nc QUEEN ANNE formal din. ng set by ThomaSVille Table With 2 leafs, 2 arm chairs, 4 Side chairs Excellent condition $1, D5 ESTATE SALES ~ 11~rtz GROSSE CALL MSCEllANEOUS ARTCLES ANTQUE Wicker couch, 3 seat, needs work $ , call between 6 & 9 pm CLASSFED DEADLNE... S stili NOON TUESDAY for all regular liner ads All measured, border, photo or other special ads must be n by 4.00 p.m. MONDAY The office Will be open until 400 pm on Tuesdays 10 conduct other business, but he computers are down and NO CLASSFED ADS CAN BE TAKEN AFTER NOON ON TUESDAYS! Don't Forget. Call your ads in Early! GROSSE PONTE NEWS DESGNERS white Heritage sofa, 4 Side chairs, pall1t. ngs, leaded glass pieces WANTED- Now BUying Household goods, pots and pans, blankets, toy, furnl ture, antiques Jim's Used Furniture Kercheval at Alter BSTRO set, table and 2 chairs, never used, blue padded seats, $ MOVNG sale. bedroom sels, old dining room set, stove, tools! dnlls, girl's bike, huntll1g bows, old plano, cuckoo clock, miscellaneous RNG 1 15 carat, solitaire engagement, best offer to $3, RNG, emerald, aquamar- ne, 6 diamonds, best offer to $ DNETTE SET Pecan color, 4 chairs Call be tween 6p m - lop m AUTOMOBLE, Home or Heallh nsurance at very pleasll1g rates AMGA For More nformation 1000 With two Megs 1terna\ RAM, tons of games, $150 - $200, two JOYSliCks, 2400 BPS Sopra modem, 1 external 3 112" dnve monitor, P~no- SO1lCKXP printer, $1,2DO firm , Ed after 330 pm ESTA TE SALES HARTZ HOUSEHOLD SALES, NC. FRDAY & SATURDAY 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. OCTOBER FARWAY DRVE GROSSE PONTE WOODS Take Torrey Road off Mack continue on Fairford turn right on Fairway toward Moross Whole house estate sale contemporary furmure including buffet, glass and brass end table, drum table With marble top, pair of lovescats, formlea dlnelle set With upholstered chairs, two chlldrens bedroom sets, blond contemporary dresser, three piece modern sectional and much more AcceSSOries including Royal Bayreuth set of china bone chll1a FostOria, Wedgwood, crystal stemw~re silver plate, loads of ladles' clothing and accessones All tems priced to sell quickly WEDGEWOOD GROSSE PONTE WOODS Turn North oft Falrford between Morningside and Fairway Whole house moving sale ncludes walnut gun case, desk With matching chair, pair of lemon vel vel loveseats, glass lop coffee table, walnut end and drum tables, maple game table With four leather SWvel chaffs, walnut bar, Betarnax, leather and walnut couch, Fngldalre washer and dryer, assorted Silver plaled serving pieces, decorative accessories, lamps, etc CALL THE 24 HOUR HOTLNE AT OVER 15 YEARS Appraisals NO NUMBERS TillS WEEK CROittbOW ~ ESTATE AND HOUSEHOLD OF SERVCE SUSAN HARTZ PONTE CTY laj U Excellent References 89tote goq~ LQUDATONS Complete Service Glen and Sharon Burke" References KATHERNE ARNOLD & ASSOCATES Estate. Moving Sales Antiques 409 MSCEllANEOUS ARTClS GO nto business for yourself Name your own salary and hours Video tapo n Sony color and sound Weddings, retire. ments, Bachelor parties Wills, class reunons, proms, plus many more occasons Complete package of used profes- Sional equipment Sony Color TeleVSion Camera Toyo OptiCS Manual Zoom lel1s Sony V /4 l1ch Video cassel1e recorder TE trl pod 2 lavaliere Sony Microphones, Sony Microphone Mixer Selling for $2,600 Serious 1qUlrres only Please Call Jerry At CUSTOM sofa 2 prlnl chairs, end tables all new condition, kitchen table, 4 chairs, Ladle s Raleigh bike, ronrrle, pa tlo table 4 chairs, portable sewing machine, pctures, MULCHER lawn mower, $75 Double entry oak doors $ DNETTE, seats 8, Early Amencan, solid oak Upholstered bullon Vinyl seats All pine stained ncludes matching pme Hutch Excellent condition $500 Must see RCA 170 portable VCR& CLC025 Video camera $500 or best Boat farp, 24', $ THOMASVLLE Country French cocktail table, Jasper console bar Nkon 35mm camera Men's FUJ racer, after 530 MOVNG! MUST SELL Mirrored wall unit With entertainment center, storage for TV, VCR, and audio equipment Dining set, black table, 6 arm chairs 5 piece bedroom set With queen size bed Office desk and SWivel chair All n excellent conditon Best offer Call or ORENTAL style rugs 4'x6' one light blue other navy Pale gold lmch pleat drapes and rods With 12" tlnch pleat valance One valance 10' Wide, drapes 7' long 9' Wide Other valance 14 1/2' Wide. drapes 6' 8" long 15 1/2' Wide Three solid wood 6 panel doors, solid brass hard. ware One solid wood door With 8 wll1dow panes Taro electnc snow blower Ten cubic foot chest freezer Mangle THOMASVLlE- 2 end tables, 1 coffee, shelving unit {oak! beveled glass} $ LARGE steelcase desk 2 1/ 2 feet by 6 feet Excellent condition 2 chairs $150 or besl offer ' MSCEllANEOUS ARTClES TWO Schwinn, 1-3 speed, 1-10 speed like new B.FOLD Louvered door, 36 x 80 $10 New white slorm Window/ screen, 45 x 75, $ PORTABLE electnc heater portable humldlfrer, sew. ng machine, oak rocker miscellaneous antiques GARAGE door 16 by 7 feet, wood flush, 6 months old Excellent condition tracks ncluded Make offer LEATHER hides, full size for upholstry, beige upholstry material, charcoal matenal with geometric print, Drexel fireplace chair, Nettle Creek bed. spread (Queen) Window chesl OAK Workbench youth bed, complete $75 Ma. pie three drawer dresser $75 Excellent condition BASEMENT or Patio furniture, Ratan couch and three chairs, $150 Lazy Boy brown rocker, $35 Brown love seat, $50 Three glass top end tables, $ WANT ADS Call n Early COUCH love- seat and end table, very good condllion, $150 for all , leave message BLACK canvas pallo/ porch awnings, shutters evenll1gs and weekends FORMAL dining set, must see & must sell SOFA, beige With muted colors Good condlllon $500 Mahogany dropleaf table, 2 leafs $ HANDMADE Chinese looped rug. 3 1/2 x 5 112, Teal blue/ mauve flowers, $ BTU air conditioner, 2 years old, Best offer Beachwood kitchen s!3t~ 4 ~an~ c~alrs'r$,120 V'lhcKef storage cabinet, $ LOVE seat, chocolate brown corduroy, $95 Portable electnc clothes dryer, 120v $45 TV VCR cabinet, glass doors, $50 All very good condition Gall after 7 p m NFNTY car speakers, 6 1/ 2", 3 way, brand new WEDDNG gown, custom made, size 10/ 12, lace and beaded bodice, full satll1 skirt Beautiful $600 Veil $ CLASSFED DEADLNE... is stili NOON TUESDAY for all regular mer ads All measured, border, photo or other special ads must bemby 4:00 p.m. MONDAY The office Will be open until 4 ()() pm on Tuesdays to conduct other business, but the computers are down and NO CLASSFED ADS CAN BE TAKEN AFTER NOON ON TUESDAYS! Don't Forget - Call your ads 10 Earlyl GROSSE PONTE NEWS ORENTAL RUGS Don sel! yours unlll you see us Wo pay lop dollar for your OrlOnlal rugs regardles S of SZ() or condilion The Missing lne:.. : THE MSSNG L1NC L1NC is a non-proflt organization whose purpose S to place goods no longer needed by indviduals and businesses nto the hands of metropolitan De1rort chantable agencies. f you have any items no longer of use to you, Operation L1NC knows who can and Wll use them. Please call L1NC at L1NC wants your clean, usable odds and ends There are many organrzallons who can put these things to a creative use Uses have been found for mlsp'lnted calendars and drapery fabric scraps 8e inventive and call L1NC CONTACT L1NC TO SCHEDULE DROP OFF WAREHOUSE HOURS M W F i~.2 KEEP T MOVNG MUSCAL NSTRUMENTS 412 WANTfD TO BUY GUTARS FOR STARS WANTED We pay ca~,h for your muscal nstruments Harper St Clair Shores USED PANOS AT BARGAN PRCES Used Splnets.Consoles Uprights & Grands ABBEY PANO CO ROYAL OAK PANOS WANTED TOP CASH PAD MENDELSON spinet plal10 good condition WURLTZER spinet plano/ bench Mahogany $ YAMAHA grand plano 5' 6', ebony gloss Beaullful' $5 495 Michigan P,ano Company Other pianos from $395 PANO: Free 54" upright Needs work You move t, you have t BABY Grand, carved ma. hogany, matching bench Great buy, $ DON'T spend thousands of dollars rebuilding your plano Call Jack Hendne He recondilions planas completely for a few hun dred dollars Guaranteed to play like new Concert tuning and repair Free estimates MUSCAL nstrument Salel All nstruments, school discounts, Chnstmas Layaway CHERRY Wood Autoharp Excellent condition $ WURLTZER console plano with bench, excellent condition, $1, YAMAHA & Kawai grand planas, from good condllion to like new, $2,995 to $6,495 Other planas from $395 Michigan Plano Company, Woodward at 9 Mite Open 7 days 411 OFFCE/USNESS EQUPMENT COMMERCAL safe, 20 X 271/2 X 18 Fle cabmets, ~2 -typewnlersr exeeutlve desk and chair CANON Model 230 fax machine Mint condilloni $ APPLE lie system 128K, tilt monitor, disc dnve, JOY stick mage writer pnnter, 1200 modem Ready to run With lots of software and manuals provided lots of extras Great for student $1, WORD PROCESSORS BM Dlsplaywnters and CPT, With letter quality printers deal for Lawyers office Computer equipment and miscellaneous Reasol1- able MACNTOSH Plus With 20 MEG H 0 al1d pnnter With MS word and excel plus others $ WANTED TO UY CASH FOR KDS' CLOTHES EXCELLENT CONDTON CURRENT STYLES VERY CLEAN, BETTER BRANDS, NFANT THRU 14 MUST BE ON HANGERS Bnng 10 Monday, Tuesday or Thursday, 10.4pm. LEE'S RESALE Mack OLD Fountain pens wanted Any type any condlllon CASH paid for Mahogany and Oak furniture Call CASH paid for baseball cards and all other sports cards WANTED to buy old costume and Rhmeslone Jewelry brass lamps ceilmg fixtures, wall sconces evenings WANTED we pay cash for Lelca Nlkon and Hassel. blad cameras , SHOTGUNS, nfles and handguns wanted Par. ker Browl1lng Winchester Coil others Prlvale collector USED COlF CLUBS WANTED Full Sels Wedges Putters THE GOLD SHOPPE buy. ng and seiling diamonds, gold sliver, plallnum Jewelry, pocket and wnst watches, silverware, den. tal gold COins, stamps, baseball card collections, promotional model cars (GM Ford Chrysler) Scrap gold mmediate cash' Grallot East Detroit, 4 blocks South of Nine Mile CASH FOR GOLD/ SLVER CONS CON COLLECTONS SCRAP GOLD MSC. R.C KELLY RD E. DETROT Same location 18 years Grosse POinte resident, 18 years SOD ANMALS. ADOPT A PET FOUR month old Tabby kit. tens Free to good homes LOVABLE dogs and cats need good homes For adoption nformation call Northern Suburbs Animal Welfare League Volunteer at or PLEASE DON 'T DELAY! SPAY or NEUTER YOUR PET TODAYl An altered pet S a healthier and happier companion Also, t spares you the grief and pain of having puppies and killens destroyed when no homes can be found Countless numbers of sweet, nnocent lltle ones are eu. thanrzed every day 111 shelters across the country because a pet wasn't spayed or neutered f we cut down on the numbers of unwanted llters being born, we Will also cut down on the number of abandoned, lost and un. wanted animals to destroy WE WLL BE HAPPY TO ~ PROVDE ADVCE as welt as a LST OF ECONOMCAL SERVCE SOURCES Call us at: Antl.Cruelty Association FREE cat to a good home, three years old, spayed, front declawed ADORABLE gray and white kitten needs loving home GROSSE PONTE NEWS KTTENS, 6 weeks, loveable cutles Shots, wormed NSAWL GROSSE POinte Animal CliniC (on Kercheval) has a wonderful selection of pets available this week for adoption We stili have our iwe white bunny Also an adorable 8 week old male Shepherd/ Collie X pupple, a little male Lhasa! Shllzu X, 2 beaullful young Lab/ Shepherd X's, and a georgeous young male RUSSian Blue kitty For more nformation PLEASE call us at KTTENS- Free 10 a good home , leave message BRD owners' 1 Will care for your birds n your home while away References , Jerry KTTEN, black and white markings white paws, needs loving home Please call KTTENS available, variety KTTENS. adorable, cute Free to a good home HALLOWEEN Treat, slightly used all black n. door Female cat, spayed, declawed Free to a good home Call SOLD grey female kllten, shots and wormed also orange and white female declawed shots FREE 10 good home male Beagle 3 1/2 years old Up to date on all shots S03 HOUSEHOLD l'ns fo~ SALE SNOWSHOE- Sealpoll1l/ white show, female, 11 months Must selll $

51 9C S 03 HOUSEHOLD PETS FOR SALE. COlliE puppies 8 weeks old (very large) first shots, $ SCHNAUZER pups- AKC Grosse POinte area Home , work SAMESE kittens chocolates, blue pointe & sealpointe, litter trained, beautiful apple face beauties, see parents, $125, TOY poodle pups, AKC, 6 weeks, white (Top Qual- ty) health guaranteed $300 to $ AKC Norwegian Elkhound puppies Champion sired Home raised by responsble and canng breeder or GOLDEN Tabby male 1 year, litter trained, beautifully marked, $ AKC Roltweller 6 week old puppies Low, low pnce Call Rebecca, or GERMAN Shepherd puppies, white AKC Call after 5 p m o 50S LOST AND FOUND FOUND abandoned or lost kitten, all white With Orange and Black spots Raccoon tall Marter- Jefferson area, 2 weeks ago Owner or good home, please call F you lost a pet anywhere n lhe Grosse POinte area please call us at The Grosse POinte Animal CliniC ThiS week we have a female black Lab! Shepherd X With Silver choker, found Jefferson Grosse POinte Shores Male RUSSian Blue cat, found Hidden Lanel Wedgewood n Grosse POinte Woods Male gray Lhasa Apso X, found Roslyn n Grosse POinte Woods Male black and blond Shepherd X, found Mack and Vernier n Grosse POinte Woods Male Shepherdl Collie X pup pie found Verner n Grosse POinte Park For more information call LOST kitten 4 months old, grey tabby On 10/14 Harcourt near Windmill POinte Benjamin misses her , FOUND! Black Persian male cat, approximately 7 months old, neutered Free to good home LOST long hair cat grayl brown white underneath MSSing 2 weeks, Mack! Buckingham area FOUND. tiger kitten approx. mately 4 months old, black! gray With orange tipped fur, female Chandler near Morass ANMALS ADOPT A PET 50S ~OST AND FOUND LOST medium dog, black With light brown, Gordon setter/ mutt type, chain collar 'ET lleedng STUD SERVCE- for Yorkshire and poodle AUTOMOTVE AMC 1982 Concord, power, air Looks and runs greatl No rust miles RENAULT Alliance 88,000 miles and stili run nlng Needs radiator, best offer '01 AUTOMOTVE CHYSlEl 1985 Daytona 5 speed new clutch AMFM slereo No rust miles Asking $3,3001 best Plymouth Volare slant 6 auto, air clean, miles evenings 1986 CHRYSLER LEBA- RON GTS TURBO From Flonda, excellent condl tlon Low miles, $4, evenings and weekends 1987 Daytona Shelby Z- Turbo, T- tops, loaded, excellent conditon, $6, Man day through Frrday, 8 to Dodge 600 ES, 5 speed turbo Runs greatl Good condition $1,200 or best , bee per, Dodge Polara, 35,000 miles, air, power seats class 3 equalizer hitch one owner, extra clean $3, EAGLE PREMER ES, 4 door sedan, excellent condition, loaded no opllons excluded, aluminum wheels, stereo With equalizer and 8 Jensen speaker system low mileage Prrced to sell After 5 pm DODGE Conquest, excellent condition. low " mlles: must "6911. '$4,500 or best Chrysler Lasser turbo, excellent condition, low miles, $2295 or best n3-9526, n Omm, 4 door, air, automatic, clean, 60,000 miles $ Dodge, from Arrzona. 1 ton van, new engme new trans runs excellent $ Plymouth Voyager LE, 34,000 miles, cream! wood, excellent conditon, $ Plymouth Reliant wagon, air, automatic, AM/FM, power steenng, n,ooo miles, 22 engine, good mileage $1, ANMALS ADOPT A PH DNO S five months old, playful, loving and good With other pets max (not pictured) S 0 pure bred blue Dobe, five years old trained and a good house pet Call Gloria, AUTOMOTVE CHRYSLE 1986 DODGE Daytona, automatrc, AM!FM radio air. extended warrdnty Very good condillon $3, DODGE Daytona, turbo Z 5 speed sun. roof air, louvres, loaded. 38,000 miles. sharp, ex cellent condition, anginal owner $4 950 Must sell PLYMOUTH Reliant miles $1 650 Re liable transportatron DODGE Grand Caravan SE warranty complete Ziebart $ or best Evenings Plymouth Sundance 2 door automatic excel lent condition $ DODGE 600 $2200 Dark blue 2 door excel lent extenor and ntenor Chrysler Lebaron loaded miles $3500 or best offer Newport, very good condltron, high miles, one owner $ AUTOMOTVE folio FORD Festrva L, 1988, tape player, 5 speed, $4, , after 6 pm 1983 Ford Escort, needs valve Job $ MUSTANG LX, low mileage. fully loaded, ex cellent condition Eve nlngs Thunderbird sport coupe, V8, loaded Highway miles $ TARUS L, automatic, air, Bndgestone tires, well mamtalned $4, MARK V, 2 door, charcoal and pewler, maroon ntenor, loaded, one owner 55,000 miles $ , Ext 205 Monday- Frrday 8 to 5 pm 1983 Mark V Bill Blass eo - < " ~\J9~' af,nrp,or ~n~4wool (oaded, 92,00(r miles, new motor $4200_ ::' 1982 Mercury Cougar V6, low miles, runs good $ Mustang, mmt condition, loaded $9, ANMALS ADO'T A PET '02 AUTOMOTVE FOliO 1986 Escort GT Black, 5- speed, cruise, air AM/FM casselle, alarm, sunroof, low miles $3, after T BRD turbo coupe, black auto loaded. exlended warranty 44,000 miles mmaculate $ Cougar, V6 loaded, runs great 70,000 miles days evenings 1990 Mustang GT, show room condition less than miles, loaded best offer after Towncar dark blue leather mterror, excellent condltron $15,000 or best offer Call Black Tempo GL 4- door Great condition $ Mercury Grand Mar quis LS. full power white With burgundy leather seats, 30,000 miles, $ LYNX L 1984, 4 speed stick sunroof, cruise low back seats, AMFM stereo, luffcoat, plastic laminated bollom, varrable wipers inted glass, head light alert, excellent condition LTO wagon excellent condition, loaded, new transmission $3,000 Best Muslang GT loaded, red, excellent condition $ or best Mustang LX, 50, 5 speed, 22,000 miles $8, Mustang LX Medium blue, excellent condition, low miles. 5 speed, air, stereol casselle $7,900 Call after 7 pm TEMPO 1987, 2 door GL Sport Coupe, 5 speed trans console, articulated seats, air conditioning, power steerrng, tilt steer- ng wheel, cruise control, Rallye wheels. stereo With casselle tape newer tires & brakes, medium -blue metallic With gray 111- tanorg A. 78,000 "miles sharp $3, Escort Gl- 4 speed, sun roof, good condition, $ after 5 p m on weekdays 1986 Mercury Sable wagon Good condition $6, ANMALS ADO'T A 'ET This week at the Rnti-Cruelt.Y Rssociatlon, Jos Campau, Detroit, mlch., we ha ve some real sweethearts. Remember, this is Rdopt-R-Dog month... so won't you please stop by and adopt a companion? our featured pet for Adopt-A-Dog month S 0. gorgeous St Bemo.rd Collie mix pupp!:j She s onl!:j 12 weeks old ver!:j gentle & pla!:jful She Will be medium size o.bout 45 bs when full grown Although this S Adopt-A-Dog month we Just hod to squeeze these two cutles b!:j SUGRR & SPCE are brother and sister The!:Jare Tiger stllpe longhair tabb!:js Just 10 weeks old ver!:j fun-loving and pla!:jful Our adoption hours are 10:30-3:00 mon.- Sat. For more nformatloll Oil these babies alld others at our shelter, please call lsk for Debbie or Efleell. 602 AUTOMOTVE FORD 1985 T-Blrd, Elan, midnight blue, 1 owner, excellent condition, new tires, mufler, $4 495/ best oher MERCURY Colony Park staton wagon, miles, loaded, Original owner Runs fine and looks good Rustproofed yearly $ AUTOMOTVE GfHfllAL MOTORS 1980 Olds Delta 88 Royale Good condition, all power, air clean $1, leave mes sage 1989 BUick RViera Sable beige Power everything complele electronic package Min conditon miles Asking ~14,500 Call am-5pm '66 CADLLAC CONVERTBLE Coupe DeVille Full power, air, runs great Everything works, new tires Great to restorel $4,800 firm Leave message. Frank STE, 1986, black! gray, loaded, wheel stereo controls, sunroof, mint, miles $5.900 or best , evenings 1978 Caprice Drives very well $7001 best '1986' Cutlass Salon, one owner, bucket seats, console, loaded, V8, 26,000 miles mint condition $7,0001 offer , leave message 1980 Camara, excellent condition AM/FM cassette, air $2,500 or best Sunblrd 4 door, air, stereo, clean $2,850 John BUick Skyhawk, red Super Hawk, very clean, well maintained, low miles, excellent COndition , after 530 pm 1987 Chevrolet Spectrum Turbo sliver 4 door 5 j sp~m~' miles, excellent cond'lon $5, ANMALS ADOPT A PET 603 AUTOMOTVE GENERAL MOTOS 1980 Skylark V6, automatic, air, stereo new paint Excellent condition Celebnty MOVing Must selll EJ<celient can dltlon 25 liter 4 cylinder $2, or BUick LeSabre No rust California car loaded With many new parts ' $1 450 or best Camara Berhnella Red Loaded $ BUick LeSabre miles. all oplions $4, Regency Brougham Sedan 10,000 miles Ar, lilt wheel power seats Windows, trunk antenna much more Clean $16, Cadillac Fleetwood black, leather ntenor, fully equipped Excellent can dillon Call CAMARO roc Z Original miles, t- tops, loaded, alarm sharp, $9, BUCK Century 81, good shape, $1, CADLLAC min 32,500 miles, moon roof $ Camara LT V8 air, dark blue. 74,000 miles clean $1, or Sunbrrd S E - sunroof, black, power, 52,000 miles, $4, PONTAC 1986 Grand Am real sharp miles, $5,300 or oher Century T- Type 2 door, auto, air, stereo new tires, brakes 6 cylinder, 56,000 miles $3,200 John FLEETWOOD 60 SpeCial 1989, low miles, blue Grosse POinte, Chevy Cavalier Four door Sedan interior! exterior like new air AM FM, power steenng & brakes, 4 new t,re~ En r 'gmrf need$ work'l$1'obb or best offer , ask for Jrm 500 ANMALS, AOO'T A 'll BROWNE S 0. Pembroke Welsh Corgi He rs neutered o.nd portly housebroken Brownie S a ver!:j ho.pp!:l dog He S avatlo.ble,or o.doptlon at the Centro.l Shelter of michigan Humane Soclet!:J located at 7401 Chr!:Jsler Drtve DetrOit or call AdoptOn hours are m to 430 P m Tuesdo.!: through Saturda!:J SWEET mommr was found neo.r Wa!:lne State U She and her five pups are n need of callng homes momma ~s housebroken obedient and ver!:j good no.tured Call mon -Frt 9-5 CUTE and adorable kittens are offered b!:j the Animal Soclet!:l for adopton Call mon Frt 9-5 The Ammo.l Welfare SOCiety 15 a "'elwor~ of male than 50 vetelnallan hospl:ols n 5 E michigan dedcated to finding homes fo pets AUTOMOTVE GENElAl MOTORS 1984 Trans Am AMFM cassette, alarm, sunroof Excellent condition Low miles $ CHEAP! FB!U.S SEZED 84 VW $50 87 Mercedes $ Mercedes $ Mustang $50 Choose from thousands starting $25 24 Hour Recording Reveals Details Ext MJ4E9C U S HOTLNE copynght 1990 Chevrolet Beretta GT 6 cylinder, loaded, low mileage, bright red $11, CADLLAC Sedan De Ville, 88 Royal maroon, leather 15 nch wheels loaded, excellent condl lion, under miles $13, Camara RS t-tops, red, adult owned, miles, alarm system, mint $to Cutlass Supreme nternallonal Series. loaded, excellent condl tlon. power sunroof. stereo cassette With equalizer 6 way power adjustable seats $12,500 or best offer , week days after 6 or weekends 1986 Cutlass Supreme, V8 trlt, air, cruise, stereo tape new tires/ brakes/ shocks spotless Sedan DeVille, $3,0001 best offer, needs engme repair BUick Park Avenue, 4 door, loaded, well mamtalned BUick Park Avenue four door, power wmdows! seats, stereo cassette, loaded, excellent condition, $3, BUick Skyhawk, excellent condition, stereo, runs pertect, Silver DeVille, black two door, low mileage, garage kept, GM lady exec utlve $ or best between 3 and Elpm Chevy Caprice Runs well $ best Grand Am, one owner, excellent condition, 5 speed, air, cassette,alarm, 69,000 miles, warranty $5,000 or best Pontiac 6000, all power, good condition $3,900 or best BUCK LeSabre, 4 door, 62,000 miles, loaded, clean $2, , after BLUE BUick Century Sedan 52,000 miles V-6, woman owner $ BUick Grand Sport, rebuilt engme, newly rebuilt transmission $ Sunblrd 4 door, 35,000 miles, loaded Very clean BUick LaSabre, full power air, cruise, AM/FM cassette, more Good condition $4,4001 best MONTE CARLO LS loaded excellent condl lion must sell, $7,000 or best offer Cadillac Brougham, gray leather, wire wheels, executive car, excellent condition days weekendsl evenmgs $13, CADLLAC Coupe de Ville moon roof With black Simulated top, new tires miles $ Corvette convertible, red w~lh white top leather low miles Must sell after Cutlass Clera Brougham 4 door loaded 4 cylinder 92,000 miles Looks and runs good $ CHEVY Corsica LT 1990 V miles loaded warranly GM executive $ Cutlass miles, like new $1 500 or best GRAND PRX Black aula loaded miles Like new $9 900 After 5 p m AUTOMOTVE GENERAL MOTORS COUPE DeVille 1984, good condition, new engine, tires Many extras $4,600! best or LaSabre, all equipment $2,000 or best of. fer , evenings 1983 Trans Am T. tops, new Borg Warner 5. speed Loaded Red/ Black Very clean $3,500 John Olds Cutlass, 68,000 miles, V8, power everything many new parts $1,800 Best PONTAC 6000 LE, 1983, Silver gray. 4 door, full power, air, sharp Asking $2, OLDS Delta Royal Brougham, loaded. double power seats and mirrors 4 new tires and brakes miles $7,850 or best CHEVY mpala, 68,000 miles (actual miles), motor and body n good condition $ BUick Skyhawk, power steering! brakes, stick, AM/FM stereo, front wheel dnve, rear defoger, runs great, mmaculate $1700 or best oher evenings and weekends 1986 CELEBRTY 4 door, 1 owner, clean, $3, GEO Tracker, automatic, 4 speed, air, 21,000 miles, alarm system $7, , after BONNEVLLE SE, fully equipped, like new 57,000 miles, $9,000 or offer Citation, 4 door, air, automatic, cruise, one owner, 19,976 miles, like new An estate $ Cavalier RS, automatic, 4 door, loaded, sport wheels, well malntamed Very clean. $4,350 n ~04 automotve ANTQUE/CUSSC 1966 GTO, 389 tn-power, all numbers match, body perfect, needs paint $7,500 or best offer days, evenings, Jim 1966 Mustang, very clean, white hard top, 3 speed $3500 or best offer AUTO storage n Mt Oemens, heated with alarm and sprinklers, 35 cents per square foot , Beth QUALTY PARKNG & STORAGE, NC. Antique Cars Snowmobiles Small Boats Pop-Up Campers Solid Concrete NSURED Building 961.PARK We Will Pick Up 60S AUTOMOTVE FOREGN 1985 Toyota Gamry LE, fully loaded, new brakes, new muhler excellent condition, $3,900 or best offer WANT ADS Call n Early GROSSE PONTE NEWS Jaguar XJ6L, 46,000 ongmal miles, clean $ after Mercedes Benz 280, automatic blue, 53,000 miles $ FAT 124 SPYDER, excellent condition $1, '{)311 after 4 pm LE CAR 1981, runs well, no rust air excellent MPG New muffler/ brakes! bat. tery Ready for winter $ evenings COMPLETE MCROFilMNG SERVCE go _ _... ««««- - d... s... d

52 ... 10C Grosse pointe News f i 60S AUTOMOTVf. FOREGN 1975 Volvo Runs good $ after 12 noon 1983 N,ssan Pulsar 4 door hatch Runs and looks good Clean Sunroof miles $1 400/ best At1er 6p m B7 TOYOTA Cellca GT excellent condllion auto matlc only miles air sunroof exlras Must seel MGB very good can dltlon rebuilt engine ne... clutch $3500 or besl 01 fer before after Honda Accord LX Aula air black! an 1 owner Honda mud flaps nose bra and car mals Oil eve!) 2000 Alwa\ s detailed Only 43 pal ~0f)Q...,,_'-"'v $13450 Mark NSSAN 240 SX Hot Rod loaded $ AUD,WOO S loaded sunrcol air 5 speed ~tereo cuslom wheels 10\\ miles ke nel', S Mazda RX7 GSL SE Full\ loaded New tires S miles S Mercedes 300 E ex cellent condilion Must see 10 appreclale Leather nlenor Many extras miles asking S25000 Call days evenings MAZDA 1985 RX 7 GSL SE Red sunroof air cassette cruise security system Excellent condl tlon best or Toyota Corolla wagon air stereo great car $ SUBARU 1984 Like new Silver Air tape deck 52, Audl, C8 Excel lent condition $ AUTOMOTVE FOEGN 1974 FAT 124 SPYDER excellent conditon $ after 4 pm 1989 Honda CiVC CRX 811 ver auto air stereo Ex cellent condition Excel lent gas mileage S VOLKSWAGEN QUANTUM GL miles All available op tlons sunroof askln~ $ Mercedes white 1\lth blue mint condition SE2BO nter or $J MAZDA 626 _ LX auto a r all power plus cru se control bcellent condition dealer marnte nance rustproofed m les Original ('.."" <::7':lnn flrh 1nnq 1984 Mercedes 190 D cream exter or tan nte r or mmaculate no acci dents excellent malnte nance records North Carolina car(no willters) Ashlng pllce S9 300 \l.,lork Eve nlngs Audl 80 only miles burgandy $ &6 Audl Turbo Quat tro miles Toran ado red S6 900 Both excellent condition Call evenings or...eek ends HONDA Accord 1988 DX 4 door auto air cas selle low miles Excellent condition $9 200/ best BMW 325E 1985 bronzlt low milage Original owner Mallltenance re cords $ Volkswagen Fox 16,000 miles good condl tlon transferable war ranty $ Mazda Mlata White 2100 miles Showroom conaltlon $4000 Alpllle stereo system $ Answer to last week's Crossword Puzzle?T~1 ::OJ-- Look for answers n next week's ssue ACROSS Of lre communl'y 6 Cameo an Bril - 10 Film star Gregory - -,; Poetry muse 15 Donnybrook -6 Or'ental '1ur~el'la d Lei lated 18 Esrapace?v COr'loass p' 21 ;at-x?3 B d;>' py,,i- Roae~'< h Ve, c S C?P'2 ;) H2 r ge:- )r ':J-;:.~cy rro... rc 3' [1 " V" r' 3~ VJo CE.. 1f"'~.or '":l~ H J"1;' c,e<: 36 nr' Cr' ";)~ en'" 'n? ~ L1 '> - n) ') _ r J~ ".J' v... ('.. J t ~ ~ 2 v '.::? r Jc r, " -_ C" 44 La~ '),'s' 45 VJea'l (> '')'f..r-' 46 Broa('l'rl~'S 47-&("0' 48 D sb,j'.' 51 PrefiX roea' co 52 Orang 55 llegal d spos cfj 58 Legalleneer 60 Aclress BiWC'O" 61 MedlClna plr' 62 Egg shaped 63 n tandem sch grps 64 Billy- 65 Saltpeler DOWN 1 Coat With wax 2 Part of the eye 3 Urn 4 Follower of (Suff) 5 Entrust a secret 6 Daddy duck 7 ASSistant B Topaz birthstone mo 9 Did lunch 10 Terrace 11 Flightless bird '2 Hollywood s - Rt-ner l Knobby JOint r, Tles?? PArlecl serve 2i_ '- e defense (lust C?:J C_f' V th lre elbow?r P Jseb) s - c) 1J'"'.er?' ()' f f'aracy 't"' ()...1! lxr", f d ~ " ~'Cr f' k ~ ~'Jo< er ryr (. 1pj~, oro ~r 1 e'f s. r a ( r r Do' )[i Vf rd C;f" '.?B'1e c :'j,..., TO ( 'e"'),,r,nj 46 r P( 'u'.' ~ 'p 1.8 ';. 49, ( '30,'J S' Ce, S? P'e, VOLVO 740 GLE miles 5 speed overdnve new brake::.! warranty new exhaust loaded excellent condl tlon must see $9 350/ negotiable '0' AUTOMOnVE JEl'S/4.WHl 3 53 Baseball s - Rose 54 Ogler AUTOMOTVE FOREGN ronco needs work $500 or best Neekdays after Grand Wagoneer mint condilion miles lady ~ car $ Western sno\ p101\ po\er tilt angle floor console stick \', th high 101'. beam 1\th fog p0\\ lights all h) draul cs ~loses frame thdchet l1lounts and Ll(~, ncluded Formerl\ 'Tlounted on Jeep CJ 7 ~,",("l~cl, "-"nnrl t on oarel) used GMC Jimmy 4 x 4 GypS\ package excellent condition Well cared for Nel\ tlre~/ brakes Call S G rand Wagoneer loaded blue/wood panel mmaculate condltron S or ofter '10 AUTOMOTVE SPORJS CAtS 1977 MG8 classc red original miles S2 900 or best Merkur XR4tl Auto leather moonroo! white Askll1g $ ' AUTOMOTVE TRUCKS FORD 1989 Ranger XLT 6 cylinder loaded 2 tone blue super clean With cap and bed liner low miles FORD work truck F- 250 pick- up, automatic 9000 GVW 58 liter excellent condition AUTOMOTVE VANS 1987 Voyager Excellent condition low miles Mid night blue $7 300/ best Ford E150 van miles dark blue standard transmission 6 cylinder good work truck $ GMC van New tires exhaust system, springs and shocks Fully loaded conversion Excellent condition $ Chevy cargo van $900 or best offer FORD Econolille 150 Supervan mechanically excellent best ofter GMC Mini Van Safari GT miles Tattered remnant 57 Labor org 59 Eggs 613 AUTOMOTVE WANUD TO UY TOP $$ PAD For Junk wrecked and unwanted cars and trucks State licensed 8ULL AUTO PARTS WANTED good used cars and trucks also wrecked or repalrables want your beat up car Jim Days JUNK cars and trllck~ Cash waiting Call Paul TOP DOLLAR PAD Junk-Unused-Unwanted Cars- Trucks-Parts Late Model Wrecks Same Day Pick-up Unique Auto Recycling , HUSBAND left Woman With 2 small children des perately needs safe car for...ork Very low prrce ranoe Please call 88S 7893 '51 OATS AND MOTOS 1978 CHRS CRAFT 281 Express pristine condl tlon twin engine With all the necessities for a wnte oft $ Kayedon triple cockpit needs total restoration With trailer S CATALNA 27 sailboat 1979 Loaded Harken roller reefrng Lora n VHF nboard wheel and more Excellent condition must see Reduced to $15,000 or best ofter Werrcraft XL Nova Loaded Mint Low hours Trailer Must sell AT 'ARTS AND SfRVCE p.d.a. MARNE 011 Service Quality 011 change and products DockSide service Licensed! nsured AUTOMOTVE ANTQUE/ ClASS.C Your 'vaterfront ex perts speclallzmg n Condominium BO<1 twe\lb and Boathouscs f,om the DettOlt R,ver lo Luke Sl C\dlt We offer opport Untes at Bf'JJe Macl HarhOl Grcgo,y' Rver Club and Mal me City 30 to 60 foot wells are avail able For mformatlon call or ~ The Prudential ~ Gros!e POinte Real Estale Co "'deper'h'en~l}'d,omed and Ope,alea 656 MOTOtlKES HONDA 50 Aero for sale Call after HONDA Elite 1988, $ RAZZ Yamaha moped red excellent condition 110 miles $ after G-ANT-eOOK OF 101 PUZZLES ONLY $250,. KWlkKross, Watchword See the USA Giant Scramblrs Hours of fun Thousands of words names. facts & 1rlVa Giant X 11 Book Large print no rub nk l Less than 3c a puzzle Great gift for all ages l Please rush copies Enclosed Scheck or M 0 for - 0 $ payable 50 f'ach pi JS $ PUZZLES S&H per ordpr to PO BOX 4911, Akron' OH ,L_9J 'NAME : \DORFSS - : -y - _~-- '.-~--~--~--~-~~~~-~ ~ MOTORCYClES KAWASK 400 custom pall1t new batlery Asking $400 Calf Jim '51 MOTOt HOMES 1987 Tioga Arrow 23P Chevy cab 350 cubic ncll dunl dlr uulse ~ 000 W Onan generator power roof \ ent 811stlen shocks low miles excel lent lslde <:lilt' oul 771 <1989evenings 700 A'TS/FlATS/DUPUX Pointes/H.rper W ~s GROSSE POinte City R vard at Chalfonte Cozy one bedroom upper large lvmg room updated kitchen With appliances, plenty of slorage and closet space. basement and laundry access $595 Eastside Management Company, LOWER flat, $425 month plus secunty and utilities, Wayburnl Kercheval area Grosse POinte Park NEFF Rd Lower flat near Village, 2 bedroom, sunroom, 1 1/2 baths Natural fireplace, modernized kitchen, all appliances New garage No pets deal for professional couple or person, $9001 month References required ST. CLAR, 2 bedroom, panelled den, modern kitchen, dishwasher, central air, garage $700 George J Kushner, 881- B400 WAYBURN 2 bedroom upper, newly decorated, stove. regngerator, carpet, new furnace Perfect condition TWO bedroom Untt, quiet 2nd floor, carpeted. drapes, air, stove and refrigerator. laundry facilities, parking $440 ncludes heat and water BEACONSFELD} Jeffer son, 2 bedroom upperrecently redecorated, appliances, $ GROSSE Pomte- Newly remodeled large 2 bed. room flat which ncludes private parking balcony, appliances, full basement, and more Call 9 a m 9 p m 7011 A'TS/FlATS/DU'UX 'ointes/h.rper W"~5 RVARD. 342 near Jeffer son One bedroom With newer kitchen and appll ances new carpet and free heat and electnc Rent $500 on lease Phone LARGE 3 bedroom flat stove refrigerator newly carpeted and painted Non smokers please f no answer call after 6 WAYBURN at E Jel lerson Beautifully deco rated 2 bedroom apart ment $325/ month or EXCEPTONAL 2 bedroom 2 bath lower on Harcourt family room neutral de cor updated kitchen With dishwasher basement storage garage lawn service $ NEFF Kercheval- remod eled wo bedroom upper new kitchen cabmets counter tops loor light ng middle sland all ap pllances new exterror wmdows low E glass 3 walk- closets family room, deck, electric ga rage oft street parking All Window treatments Washer and paid water bill Summer and Wmter grounds care Walk to Village shopping Available November 1 NO PETS $ FURNSHED 2 bedroom condo 1/2 block to V lage Rent mcludes utilities, other perks Eight week minimum stay Available late Nov or early Dec Call days to mspect 3 bedroom upper flat m Grosse POinte Park Se perate basement and furnace Appliances provided 1 year lease $575 plus ulll,tles NEFF. large custom duplex. completely redecorated, 2 1/2 bath, 3 bedroom, hv ng room With fireplace, dining room, all ne'w kitchen Central air, full basement, 1 car garage No petsl Available mmediately $1,150 Call Lon at ext 104, 9 to ~2 aller 5 and'wee'kel'l'ds;l" F' ~ nr HAB.COURT lower 2 bedroom, Florrda room, 2 1/2 baths, garage HARCOURT. Duplex 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, large living room With natural fireplace formal dm- ng family room All new kltchenl appliances New carpetmg, air, full basement! recreation 2 car garage/ automatic door, pllvate drive DVided yard! patio, snowl lawn service $1,0001 month plus utilities NO PETS Available approximately November 1st- Call UPPER 2 & 3 bedroom flal. on Wayburn $390 plus utilities GROSSE PONlE MOVNG AND STORAGE COMPANY Reasonable Rates Reliable SeMce local & Long Distance Free Estimates PONTE GARDEN HARPER WOODS ONE AND TWO BEDROOM Newly Decorated Selllor Callen D<;count Two YC.Jr Lca~c AVailable ('10<;<: to Shopping and Bu~ Well Malntalncd & Scx:ure BUlldmg~ Other apartment, available n Ea~tDetrOit and Fraser FOR YOUR APPONTMENT CALL APTS. 700 A'TS/FtATS/DUl'lfX 'ointes t H.rller Woo~s ONE bedroom, Harper Woods New carpet, stove, refrigerator, blinds Fresh paint $425 plus one month security GARAGE apartment, 2 bed. room, large living room, $750 utilities ncluded mmediate occupancy A TTRACTVE, well kept 1 2 bedroom rentals Com pletely remodeled kltch ens and baths ncludesappliances new carpeting, natural fire place private parkmg basement garage From $ EASTLAND Shores Manor Upper 2 bedroom condo 1 1/2 baths heat and wa ter ncluded Appliances washer/ dryer central arr storage facilities balcony carport $595 88< EXECUTVE LVNG SUTES MONTHL Y LEASES Furnished Apartments Utili ties ncluded Complete With Housewares, Linens Color T V And More Call For AppOintment NEFF RD near Jefterson 2 bedroom upper air conditioned, carpeted, remodeled kitchen, den or heated porch Sundeck Automatic garage door opener $995/ month NEAR Village, nice two bedroom lower, garage, lawn and snow service $ RVARD near Jefferson- StudiO apartment With pnvate entrance, $400 month ncludes gas and water or TROMBLEY flat Charming English Tudor, 3 bedroom, 2 1!2 baths, den. fireplace hardwood floors, remodeled kitchen, garage, washer/ dryer $1200 month GROSSE POinte Park now available, 2 bedroom apartment updated, automatic heat and air, carpeted, pl/vate parking $395/ month plus deposit, heat and electnc ncludes water a m to 4 30 pm 1007 BEACONSFELD- Larger 2 bedroom upper carpeted off street park- ng $450 Secunty $600 SectOn SOMERSET- two bedroom upper appliances, washer dryer garage $525 plus utilities Call after APTS/FlAH!DUPlEX PoinlcslHlrpcr Woods TWO bedroom apartment, very nice, new carpets & appliances Near Village $665 Available Novem. ber 1st Call alter 4, DUPLEX, near Lake St Clair 2 bedroom, 2 bath, family room, appliances, carpetmg, central air, ga rage ncluded $ Jefferson Lakepolnte Lower flat Newly painted, all appliances ncluded, basement and off street parking $525 per month plus utilities Wayburn upper flat. 2 bedrooms. $425 plus se cunty deposit plus utilities , after 11 am LOVEL Y Modern 1 bedroom apartment- carpeted. elh condillonmg, parking Whittier near Kelly Road $3301 month including heat or NOTTNGHAM, 900 block, spacous upper apartment living. dining kitchen, large bedroom, walk n closels New Carpeting Access to two lakeside city parks deal for non smoking individual No Pets Available November 5th $425/ month plus utilities SOMERSET. 3 bedroom lower Freshly decorated All appliances $650/ month No pets Please leave message GOT A BUSY SGNAL? RELAX! USE OUR FAX Call and inquire about our FAX MACHNE. When time is short and our lines are busy, you can simply FAX the copy along with bl11ing and category information_ GROSSE POinte City. 843 GROSSE PONTE NEWS St Clair Newly deco rated 2 bedroom lower PARK- 2 bedroom upper Appliances turnlshed No,flat, appliances, $450 9Wok,~m;oJ1o PE\~u.S!ZfWJ month plus deposit 331- montfl'-plus utilities S"ecu rrty depost Available -L-O-V-E-L-Y-2-b-ed-r-oo-m-l-o-w-e-r, November Rivard Available Novem- TROMBLEY Rd- Spacous ber 15th Neutral decor, English Tudor upper flat. formal dining room, large 3 bedrooms, den. 2 1/2 kitchen With dishwasher baths, dining room, living Basement storage, room new up.dated washer/ dryer Garage kitchen, carpeted No $750 ncludes utilities pets l Prefer adults and lawn service 881- $1,050 Available Decem ber PARK lower flat, newly dec- NCE large 5 rooms Com- orated, hardwood floors, plete kitchen, garage, appliances, new furnace, Available now $ Nottingham, 2 bedroom BEAUTFUL spacous 2 lower duplex With fire- bedroom upper Neutral place, garage, leaded decor mmaculatel $775 glass Windows, newly re- ncludes exterior malntefinished loors, and nance Kathy Lenz, Johnkitchen appliances Rent stone & Johnstone 884- $520 plus utilities Call af ~e~5_~9g1m or HARCOURT- Upper Gra- COUS, decorated, carpeted. curtained 2 bedroom. dining room, family room, modern kitchen, separate basement, efftclency furnace No pets $ APTS/FlATS/OUPLEX Detroit / Woyne County 3644 Nottingham- 2 or 3 bedroom lower, $300. Call Lavon n MORANG- one bedroom, all appliances $325 plus utilities, secunty deposit Call Tappan & Ass0- Ciates, UPPER -E Ou1erdrive 1 bedroom. StUdy $315 plus 1st! last Single preferred Before 3 p m weekdays CADEUX near Warren, 2 bedroom Duplex, dining room, garage $400 month TWO large bedrooms, 1 1/2 baths. full basement garage, storage room 690 Alter Ad Windmill Pomte area $400 plus secunty LAKEPONTE/ Whittier, basement studo apart. ment, $300/ month ncludes u1llltles, washer& dryer, deal for mature adults, no pets Security deposrtl references. m. 8900, Barbie "2 WEEKS FREE RENT" grom. Pointe J:trra Spec lout one bedroom Wallo n elm",.rngaralof lr co'd loon ng 53&0 monl~ nclude. he. ~ 'f t. " ~ > 1

53 S 11C 701 A'TS/FlATS/DUPUX Detroit/Wayne County 701 APTS/HATS/DUPUX Detroit Wayne County 702 APTS/FLATS/DUmX S.C.S/Mlcomb County TWO bedroom lower Uat HAVERHill. Spacious Fireplace, dining room, GRANT MANOR three bedroom home, dish washer Nice area SENOR CTZEN appliances, good condl. $450 month plus secunty APARTMENTS tlon. $4251 month plus depost after 6 Affordably Priced ndependent living for seniors age utilities No pets 886- ask for Rick ' 1758 after G pm 62 and over who like the UPPER flat n great area 2 ONE bedroom upstairs opllon of making new bedrooms, all appliances, apartment, Mack at Bedford, redecorated, kitchen friends, being nvolved n laundry facilities, heal SOCial activities and stili and water ncluded $5001 With breakfast area, all have the privacy and n. month plus security 886- appliances and utilities dependence of their own 8393, after furnished, convenrent apartment from $390 a HARPER Whittier area quiet location $375 per month Convemently located to St BaSil and St Upper flat 2 bedrooms month plus secunty large living room, new 9540 Veronica Parishes, Semta carpel Country kitchen busline and shopping EXCELLENT area of DetrOit. KenSington near $400 a month ncludes Mile, East Detroit heal and waler Warren $450 for 2 bedroom lower n owner oc- 0572, ALTER Road near fiver CUPied flat Ask for Bnan Lovely 1 bedroom upper Newly decoraled Air, garage, carpeting some fur. HAVERHLL Chandler Park, nce 2 bedroom nlshlngs $325 Please upper, appliances, carpel. leave message or call after 4 $ WHTTER Harper area One bedroom apartment, heat and appliances n. cluded $ CLEAN upper flat, Harperl Cadieux area 2 bed. rooms, large rooms, basement, garage, $ KELL V Morang- deal for senior, 1 bedroom $285 Studio $255 Alter 5- n HARPER Whlttlerl Cad. leux one bedroom apartment, refrigerator, stove $335- $350 ncludes heat LOVEL V modern 1 bed. room apartment. car. peted, air, parking Cad- eux! Morang area $365 month including heat EAST Jefferson near Alter n Detroit 2 and 3 bed. room uppers With heat and utilities, fenced park. ng From $350. $400 month Security deposit ~ Bedroom lower flat Stove, refrigerator, drapes, carpet & heat No pets Adults preferred MORANG Whitehill 1 bedroom apartments Safe, secure building, heat, air, appliances, $385 1 year tease C W Babcock HAVERHLL near Mack, spacous 1 bedroom upper, appliances Available mmediately $245 n MORANG Deluxe One Bedroom Apartment ncludes heat, water, appliances, alf, washing avail. able Working adult or Senior preferred $ days, after 4. CHARMNG APARTMENTS near Grosse POinte 1 bedroom apartment, $4001 month including heat Lakeshore Realty UPPER FLAT ON ASHLAND ON CANAL Two plus bedrooms, two baths, off-street parking, sunporch, secure yard deal for working profes- Sionals $330 plus utilities, last month and deposit Available November 1st Call for appointment or Whittier, one bedroom, bath, kitchen all appliances, dining room, living room, balcony, air conditoning Available now $3451 monthly plus security deposit , after 5 00 pm 702 APTS/FLATS/DUPLEX S,C.S/ Macamb County UPPER 4 rooms, 1 bedroom, carpeted, cable, stove & refrigerator. leave message or call after 7:00 pm, LAPPN- between 7 & 8 Mile off Hayes- 4 room upper. Some Free rent for painting $325. lavon n :lottngham Duplex, 2 bedroom, stove, refngerator, carpel, garage deal for working couple, $4251 month plus deposit , leave message' DEVONSHRE, 2 bedroom lower $375 plus security BEDFORD, 1 bed. room upper $325 plus security MODERN 1 bedroom- Appliances, central alf, dishwasher, washer and dryer, 11 Mile/ Jefferson $440 per month RVERA TERRACE 9 Mile/ Jefferson, 1 bed. room upper, excellent condition All appliances, air, water, swimming pool, $600/ month plus deposit mmediate occupancy, Mormngs, n or Evenlngs APTS/FLATS; DUPLEX S,C.S, Macamb County,. BEAUTFUL Duplex, Metro Park beach and Lake St Clair Two bedroom, Master bedroom With walk n closet, living room, dining room With door wall to deck on wooded lot Attached garage, 1 1/2 baths utility room new carpet, mini blinds, 7 large closets, ceiling fans, neutral decor $ HERTAGE APARTMENTS 1 bedroom apartments near Melro Beach ST. Clair Shores, large 1 bedroom, walk n closet, carpeted, appliances, tiled bath, heat ncluded $ EAST DETROT Cavalier Manor on Kelly Road Attractive 1 and 2 bedroom apartments Many features including security system, ceiling fan, central air Low move MOROSS mediate 1/2 Duplex, occupancy 1m. n FREE 1ST MO. RENT. f you have a good Job and $ or 526- credit CHALMERS Outer Drive, mce two bedroom lower Reasonable rent, security, references FLATS for rent Outer Drivel E Warren area $375 No pets, security deposit and references required 885- n92, leave message DETROT near Harper Woods, 1 bedroom upper apartment, appliances, carpet deal for Semors or working person $340, plus security n CAOE!UX - Loyely one bedroom Appliances, air, carpel/ng mmediate occupancy FURNSHED apartment, $300/ month plus security References APTS/FlATS/DUPtEX S.C.S/ Macomb County ST. CLAR SHORES Greater Mack Between 8.9 Mile Rd Clean and cozy one bedroom apartments Newer carpeting and appliances Window blinds Ceiling fans On bus line $450 ncludes heat Open Monday- Frrday 9-5 Saturday 1()'3 CHAPOTON APTS f ~~ n6 -.- ~, ''\ '... - L. i.i$ it ST. CLAR SHORES 12- Jefferson, extra large 1 bedroom unlls QUiet smaller commumty From $470 ncluding heat & carport Call weekdays or weekends Mr Klein ST. CLAR APTS PONTE Rentals, has one and 2 bedroom apartments n St Clair Shores and RoseVille, $395 and up RVERA Terrace, level, next to pool room, 2 bath Claire, n LAKEVEW APARTMENTS lower 2 bed- $750 ST.CLAlR Shores, 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, modem kitchen, heat, water and carport ncluded, cenlral air $ Mile and LrtJe Mack, mce one bedroom upper, appliances, ideal for older lady, $400. Lavons Property Management, n BEAUTFUL RlvlSra Terrace- Jefferson/ 9 Mile Two bedrooms, 2 baths, HEAT NCLUDED, air carpeted, club house, pool, secunty mmediate occupancy $ Jefferson at 10 Mile, St Clair Shores. Excellent location. Spa- COUS one bedroom Air conditioned, Carpeting, appliances Heat and water ncluded. $ APTS/FlATS/DUPLEX S.C.SMacomb County LVe where the lun S four seasons lon A~TS/FlATS/DUPLEX S.C.S/Mocamb County NNE & Harper 1 bedroom upper, new deco, heat & appliances included $ n APTS/FlATS/DU~LEX WANTED TO lent RETRED FlOrida gentleman wants furnished apartment for next sum. mer Phone, HOUSES FOil NT Poinlesl Harper Woo~s WOODS 4 bedroom execu tlve home Furnished, 1 block from lake Short term lease available $1,5001 month or GROSSE POinte Woods 2 bedroom bungalow, natu ral lireplace, formal din 109 room With bay Win dow, screened porch and finished recreation room Newly decorated Close to schools and public transportation $650 monlh plus security GROSSE POinte Schools. 3 bedrooms New carpeting and paint mmediate occupancy $ ROSCOMMON Har. per Woods, cozy 2 bed room With updated kitchen, stove, refrlgera tor, dishwasher, garage $525 per monlh WOODS 3 bedroom brick Colomal, family room, fin- shed basement, lireplace, garage, central air newly decorated Great housel $1,050 Available November 15th WOODS- Three bedroom ColOnial, 1 1/2 baths, 2 car garage, fireplace basement, stove, reflgerator $725 plus security Available November 1 Call Hampton 3 bedrooms, Fireplace, Garage $8501 month Hampton 3 bedrooms, Fireplace, Garage $850/ month GROSSE POinte, lovely large 4 bedroom Tudor With family room and study, complelely rend vated $ TROMBLEY ROAD- SX bedroom, 3 1/2 bath Col. omal Month to month lease One month security deposit Tenant pays lawn/snow/utilities No pets please Available mmediately $2000/ month CHAMPON & BAER, NC SMALL wonderl One bedroom cottage, 2nd floor loft, stunning new kitchen With garden Window, freshly painted, new turn. Ce, lovely front garden courtyard $ /2 months security ROSLYN Mack, newly decorated 2 bedroom Bungalow. Greal new kitchen, appliances, dishwasher, carpet, Levlors, gorgeous new basement, Rec- family room Hurry! $ /2 secunty GROSSE POinte Woods Hampton near Marter Extremely clean, well kept 2 bedroom Ranch, large rooms, excellent locaton, huge basement, appliances, garage, $850 EastSide Management, A'TS/FlATS/DU~LEX S.C.S/Mlcom~ County select your home trom our executive one arnllwo be(lroom ranch ~A'" ~ " apartment homes or our spacious lwo-be(lroom loft apartmenls Pamper ~.1.,... ~'~"na ~ yoursel! Wllh ndividual d,male COnifO all-g E kitchen, wall to-wall plush carpeting sound and your own LAKEVEW PATO OR BALCONY Erloy -.[t,.~.~ your PRVATE LAKEFAONT CLUB HOUSE BOAT HARBOR and '-'. ~.....,... ~ BOATNG ASSOCATON CLUB BOATS on all sports Lake St Cia" ~ orf~.. condlhomng -.), Resort Mng at your doorstep HARBOR CLUB APARTMENTS AND YACHT HARBOR EAST JEFFERSON ON LAKE ST CLAR ReSident Manager S HOUSES FOR RENT Pointes (Harper Woods HARPER! 7 Mile- 3 bedroom, finished basement, garage, $600 Also Mack! 8 Mile- Grosse POinte schools, remodeled, 3 bedroom, $825 month Andary PARK, 2 bedroom ranch Completely furnished, central air, security sys. tem, modern kitchen, full bath n basement 6 month lease Tappan of Era, WAVBURN Kercheval, must seel Spacous three bedroom home Great new kitchen, appliances, dishwasher, freshly painted, carpet, Levlors throughout, bright basement Recroom $ /2 security PARK- House on Nottingham, updated kitchen, redecorated, hardwood floors $700 plus utilities , WOODS. 3 bedroom ranch, 2 baths, fireplace, new kitchen, professionally decorated, appliances, garage mmediate occu. pancy Rent or rent With option $ or LAKEPONTE. lower flat, new carpet and paint, all appliances loci u ded, basement Off street parking mmediate occupancy $525. month plus utilities LNCOLN ROAD- 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath ColOnial With large family room mmediate occupancy No pets please $1,400 month With secunty de- POSit Johnstone & Johnstone GROSSE POinte Woods- 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, fireplace, kitchen, 2 car garage, air conditioning. $950 month, 1 month deposit Call af. ter 5, BEAUTFUL & spacous Grosse POinte Woods, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, new decor, 1500 square feet, appliances, $875 per month Ken HOUSES FOR!tENT Detroit [Wayne County GRATOT 7 Mile area- 5 rooms, 2 bedrooms mmediate occupancy $325 month plus secunty References requred Prefer working people KELL V/ 7 Mile, 2 bedroom bungalow, finished basement, garage, clean, $435 per month plus se- CUrity SNGLE home, newly decorated n and out Alter/ CharleVOX area See to appreciate MCCORMCK, Kelly/ Moross Cute two bedroom bungalow, carpeted, basement 1 1/2 car garage. $425. EastSide Management, SPACOUS three bedroom ColOnial. New carpet, large kitchen With appll. ances, bnght basement, lovely deck, fenced yard, garage Buckmghaml Mack 1 1/2 months security $ CLEAN home n Mack! Cadieux area $525 per month plus 1 1/2 months security n2-5476, between noon and A'TS/FlATS/DU~LEX S.C.S Macomb Caunty Your own private basement Central Carports air conditioning avai1able Close to a newly renovated 706 HOUSfS FOil lent Detroit Wayne County CADEUX! Morang, 1,200 sq t bungalow With ga. rage $450 month plus security THREE bedroom home, be. tween Mack and Warren, EAST DetrolVSemrau, 9 1/2 and Gratiot 3 bedroom $695 per month CADEUX! SOUX- 2 bed. room, clean, decorated appliances available $ CADEUX near Mack 3 bedroom brick, clean, $475/ month $4751 secu. rlty GREAT area of DetrOlt Oldtown/ Cadieux! Chandler Park CharTning two bedroom bnck Ranch, freshly painted $450. EastSide Management THREE bedroom, family room, 2 car garage No Pets 4995 Ashley $600 month ANATOLE, Mack 3 bed. room house, $425 per month C W Babcock HOUSiS for flnt S.LS.; Macomb County LAKESHORE 3 bedroom, hvlng room, dlmng room, fireplace, air conditioned, 2 car garage, SWmming pool, patio. $1175, 1 month deposit after 5 TWO bedroom Bungalow, 1 1/2 car garage, very clean house 11 Mile and Jefferson area. deal for professonal couple. $575/ month plus secunty , after 3 00 pm ST Clair Shores. Marter Rd Beautiful 2 Bedroom Townhouse $ HOUSES WANTED TO lent WANT to rent your fur. nlshed, air condilioned home, condo or flat for June 15 through October 15, 1991 Mature couple, former Grosse POinte res- denls With no pets, no children non smokers Reterences Please call 884-6n9 709 TOWNHOUSfS/CONDOS FOil RENT LAKESHORE Village, Edsel Ford Ct, 2 bedroom Townhouse Wth appliances Available November 1st $650/ month- 1 month deposit , , after 600 pm LAKESHORE Village 2 bedroom Townhouse on Lakeshore Pool and clubhouse $ DELUXE Courtyard condo near Bon Secours and Village 2 bedrooms, all kitchen appliances, lovely neutral decor $825 month JOHN- STONE & JOHNSTONE DELUXE Courtyard condo near Bon Secours and Village 2 bedrooms, all kitchen appliances, lovely neutral decor $775 month 884-Q600 JOHN- STONE & JOHNSTONE ST. CLAR SHORES, Lakeshore Village, 2 bedroom Townhouse condo $575 plus security A'TS/FLATS/OUPUX S.C.S! Macomb County NORTH SHORE N ST. CLAR SHORES (at 9. 1/2 Mile & Jefferson) large DELUXE ONE AND TWO BEDROOM APARTMENTS WTH center (8-1/2 Mile & Jefferson) shopping n the heart of the boating and fine restaurant area Swimming pool & clubhouse A nce place to call home From $570 Call Today To see these exceptional apartments Monday - Friday 9-5 Saturday TOWNHOUSES CONDOS FOR RENT GROSSE PONTE PARK St Paul at Waybum Redecorated 2 bedroom, dining room, kitchen with appliances, full basement, carpeted, off street parking. $450 Eastside Management THREE bedroom condo n Grosse POinte mmediate occupancy $950 month plus utilities , Coldwell Banker Schweitzer Real Estate LAKESHORE Village- beau. tlful 3 bedroom Condo, finished basement with bath, stove and refrigerator $700 month. n ST. Clair Shores near Eastland, large 1 bedroom, quiet bulding, carport, including appliances, heat & water LAKEFRONT Condo Wth glass & screened balcony With Vew of Lake St. Clair Boat well, clubhouse with pool, tenms courts 2400 square feet of living space Tappan of Era, ST. Clair Shores, RVera Terrace 9 & Jefferson, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, pool, clubhouse, $725. First month free FORT Myers Condos- up scale 1 bedroom on river near shopping and dining yet secluded grounds, fa- Cilities and secunty outstanding, fully furnished, available for season 1 month minimum Pnvate CONDO With 2 car at. latched garage on S. Clair Shores golf course. Two bedrooms, 1 1/2 bath, air, carpeting, appliances, $ LAKESHORE Village, Great location, updated, 2 bedrooms, air, kitchen applances, Finished basement Wth bath. $625. Available immediately LAKESHORE Village. 2 bedroom. c1ubhousepool- daycare- alr- recroom. clean. mmediate occupancy. lease, $575, first, last secunty WARREN, 12 Mle! Schoenherr, 2 bedroom, gas, wa ter, appliances, washer and dryer ncluded $690 With/Without oplion n RVERA Terrace, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, air, carport, middle unit $700/ month RVERA Terrace Beautiful 1 bedroom, $580 includes heat Carport, pool, clubhouse, secunty LAKESHORE Village, 2 bedroom townhouse Central air, mmediate occupancy $600 per month 884-n52 DEAL localion on Jefferson next to Shoreclub 2 bed. room Newly decorated $700 monthly ncludes heal & water GROSSE POinte, Jefferson, newer Townhome, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 1st floor laundry, 2 car attached garage, deck $1,000/ month Michigan Realty Company, EDGEWOOD Terrace Condo One bedroom apartment, decorated n mauve throughout 1-94 and 9 Mile ncludes heat $525/ month n TOWNHOUSES CONDOS WANTEO WANT TO RENT: Your furnished, air conditioned home, condo or flat for June 15 through October 15, 1991 Mature couple, former Grosse POinte residents With no children, no pets, non smokers References Please call LVNG OUARHRS TO SHARE ROOMMATE; male or female, Maryland n the Park. lower 2 bedroom completely fum Shed, utilities ncluded References required , evemngs RENTNG- share three bedroom bock home Wth 60 year old woman Utilities ncluded $250 month Near St John Hosprtal PARK. upper flat to share ResponSible female Heat ncluded $255 now , LVNG QUAlTElS TO SHAE FURNSHED room n lovely Grosse Pomte Park home Kitchen and laun. dry privileges $250 monlh LOWER f1al to share Dev. onshlre near Mack, look. ng for non smoking, reo sponslble female n 30's $200/ month plus utilities RESDENT seeking room to rent near Bon Secours Hospital Excellent Grosse Pomle refer. ences TWO bedroom duplex, Moross/ 1.94 area $200 plus 1/2 utlillies ResponSible working adult After 6 pm t6 FEMALE roommate to share apartment on Ver. nler Harper Woods FEMALE ~tudent has fur. mshed home to share With same Has to be a non- smoker, Very neal $200/ month includes utilities Move- n mmediately Kenya OFFCES COMMERCAL FOR RENT MOVE YOUR BUSNESS ON THE HLL Several suites available, Utilities and mamtenance ncluded SUites adjusted to suit needs of tenant. 1,700 sq. ft, 1,900 sq tt, 2,100 sq ft Coldwell Banker Schweitzer Real Estate BEAUTFUL office space for rent, 710 Notre Dame, Grosse POinte in the Vllage Up to 1,000 square feet. Generous parking space, $1,200 per month HARPER Woods, Harper, 2 rooms plus reception and storage $475 per month ncludes Utilities HARPER Woods, Harper, small office, deal for Rep, $125, ncludes utilities TWO MONTHS FREE RENT Plus a great locaton for this very nice suite of comfortable and convenient offices n Harper Woods 1,600 square feet near 1-94 and Vernier Easy onl off X.Way SpeCial features nclude convenient parking, entrance waiting area, special luncheonl snack area With complete kitchen facilities Completely redecorated and carpeted, With new everything throughout Super neighbors Come VSt JEFFERSON/ 9 mile Forsyth building 800 to 2,000 sq t available mmediately PrestigiOUS, attractive, Williamsburg design, well soundproofed Ample parking, $1650 per sq t n. cludes Janltonal Robert Sflfe and ASSOCiates n THE MARK BLDG MACK AVE ST CLAR SHORES Office suites available Upper Level Variable Sizes Modern.Affordable nquire on other locations MACK, Grosse POinte Woods Retail storefront 20 x 69 Minimum 1 year lease $1,050 Red Carpet Kelm Shorewood Real Estate GROSSE POinte Village Secure basement storage Robert Sflre and Associates Mack 900 square feet $700 per month EXECUTVE ottlce suite available Modern office building located n St Clair Shores ST. Clair Shores 11 1/2 mile! Harper 500 square feet air condllioned, partitioned carpeting, 5 day lanltor near expressway mmediate occupancy, $5001 gross ncludes all utilities and JaOllor KENNEDV BULDNG Affordable office suites Large area/single sutes East 8 Mile Road opposite Eastland Mall ~~~~~-_~- m~ COMPLETE MCROFLMNG SERVCE , eft - «'e «0 c... n..or 2

54 - 12C 11 b OHlCES/COMMERCAl FOR RENT. BOUTQUE Office Space- $125 and up Easl Jefferson, Grosse POinte Park, between Maryland and Wayburn Beautifully decorated Parking a plus ~e pay your moving cost) East Jefferson- orf,cel Commercial Grosse POinte Park deal for Real Estate Office, Beauty Parlor, Travel Agency, Barber Shop, Medical CliniC Executive Sales LeaSing Office Square Feel available (we will pay your moving cost"l) / STORE or Office for lease, 1,400 sq ft 8 Milel Harper n 1.94 ALLARD LARGE OPEN AREA- with movable partitions two pnvate offices, kitchen, 2 lavs, slorage, ample park. 109 ON THE HLL SECOND FLOOR FRONT Windows 535 sq ft, sin. gle Side office, Single office Withlav Cheap basement hideaway VLLAGE 2ND FLOOR, Windows, three room suite retail or office MACK OFFCE SPACE sq ft divided nto3 secllons, carpeted MACK. KERBY 4400 SO FT zoned B. 2, rear parking MACK- VERNER 2800 SO FT can divide, reo tall FSHER ROAD AT MAUMEE- lower level 1-2 person SUite,lav MEWS. Single office, 1st fl, share entry Virginia S Jeffnes Realtor ta~y access to 1-94,19070 E 10 Mile, 1634 square feet general offce GROSSE PQl1\l..9."Vlllage 2 basement offices With Windows $250/ month Robert Sflre and Associates SGNATURE BULDNG 1 executive office, 14' x 18' Withsecretanal services room, $1001 month n cludlng utilities Harper near 10 Larger offices available soon , GROSSE POinte Farms Law building, Will accept 1 lawyer December 1, Mack Ave OFFCE SPACE Grosse Pointe Woods Use of conference room and kitchen OFFCE building on Ker. cheval (n the Park) Re cently updated, approx 1600 square feel 6 pn vate offices plus reception, pantry, 2 lavs, AC, pnvate 6 car parking n rear $1,300 per month , Ext MS for ENT GROSSE POinte Woods, lovely, furnished, bed. room, slttrng room bath All utilities and prlvllages ncluded Non smoker $2701month MOROSS and Mack area room With kitchen and private entrance $65 weekly PROFESSONAL. OUiet home Sleeping room East Warren/ Outer Drive area Call before 6 PM FURNSHED room, kitchen, laundry, non. smoker, $175 Utllrtl9S ncluded VACATON RENTAL FLORDA MARCO sland, FlOrida Condos beachfronl bay- View or goll course Exec utlve homes on water With pool Rent by week month or season Call Jim McGregor Harbor. view Realty HUTCHNSON sland 111 VACATON RENTAl florda BOYNTON Beach, furnished two bedroom Condo, on inter-coastal, minimum 6 months SESTA Key, Flonda Spa. cious, 2 bedroom Condo Secunty deposit requred or ADULT waterfront Condo Gulf Coast South Pasadena Two bedrooms, 2 baths, pool, Jaccuzl, fish- ng & boating dock Seasonal $1,0001 month MARCO sland, lease San Marco Villa townhouse 2 bedroom 2 1/2 baths decorator furnished pool Jacuzz best locallon to medical center Publ,x shopprng center Beach/ park deal for extra clean, non. smoking couple Rate based on dou ble occupancy 3 consecutive months $1 900 each AdditOnal months, $1,600 each Each addl. tlonal adult $500 per month MaXimum 4 adults, no pets evenings, SARASOTA, Ledo beach at Armand Circle Furnished, 2 bedrooms. 2 baths, n beautifully main. talned complex With private beach, pool and clubhouse Lease for 3 months With option to buy Prime time now available from December to May to re serve NAPLES Woodmere Lake Excellenl condition 2 bedrooms, 2 bath fully furnished Minimum 3 months, $1,500/ month SANBEL sland house, 500 feet from ocean, 2 bed. room, 2 bath, large living room, large enclosed porch Available October, November, December and January April on Mnimum 2 week rental, VACATON RENTAL OUT OF STATE CONDO & VLLA VACATON RENTALS 8AHAMAS CARBBEAN FLORDA HAWA MEXCO Personalized VacatOns CANCUN MeXCO-Two bedroom, two bath condo on the ocean June through September $150 per day, $850 weekly October through May $200 dally, $1,200 weekly Accommodates Dally maid service , Monday-Fnday, 9 to 5 ACAPULCO studio Sleeps 4 December Overlooks bay, maid service VACATON RENTAL NORTHERN MCHGAN VACATON n Harbor Springs Beautiful new condo n charming downtown, With View, JaCUZZ, fireplace Sleeps HARBOR Sprlngs- Harbor Cove luxury condo Sleeps 9. remodeled mterlor, new furniture, ndoor pool Available for fall & winter rentals HARBOR Sprlngsl Petoskey Luxury 3 bedroom condo Pool tennis, near golf Weekends or weekly or SCHUSS Mountain Shanty Creek chalet n The Woods Sieeps 8, 54 holes of golf ncludmg The Legend TenniS, pool TROUT CREEK CONDOMNUM HARBOR SPRNGS, M Adjacent to Midwest's best skng. Boyne Highlands Nubs Nub ndoorl Out. door & ndoor pools, fitness center, 10K cross country ski trails, meeting rooms 1-3 plus loft condos With fireplaces whirlpools Pleasanlview Har. bor Springs M HARBOR Springs- Harbor Cove Beautiful condo sleeps miles from Boyne Highlands or Nubs Nob ndoor pool hot tub sauna Sylvain Manage. ment nc On site ocean front, luxurious MACKNAC sland new 1 condo, 2 bedroom 2 bedroom condo located bath, 3 month minimum on a tranquil wooded January. March, 553. bluff lake view fireplace 3471, and mo'e Open all year VACATON RENTAL NORTHERN MCHGAN HOMESTEAD, luxury 3 or 4 bedroom condo Superb vlewl Chris/mas week skng ' Trailer on 11 acres off the Pere Marquelte River near BaldWin Lots of deer trails Atter 5 pm, HOUSES FO~ SAL DOLL house Van- Antwerp Remodeled 3 bedroom, fireplace fin- shed basement, deck and much more Owner anxous $124,900 Andary HARPER WOODS, 2 bedroom aluminum bungalow, garage, appliances $39, or HARPER Woods, Eastwood Open Sunday 2-5. Maintenance free 3 bedroom Ranch on large park- like setting Natural fireplace Pnce reduced $89, EXCEPTONAL Harper Woods ranch, Grosse POinte schools, move- n condition, new kitchen, 2 full baths, refinished hardwood floors, Pella Windows, installation, new furnace Many extras Must see GROSSE POlOte Shores super special custom bull, 2 bedroom Callfor. nla contemporary ranch, Deep/ands area GREAT location Beautiful 3 bedroom Colonial n Grosse POinte Woods Close to schools, parks and stores Excellent condltlonl New Kitchen, central air, mmediate occu. pancy Price reduced to $125,000 Open Sunday, 2 to Country Club N Woods- Pretty clean and well maintained bungalow on one of Woods best blocks 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 baths, central ar, natural fireplace, formal dining room, nice finished basement, 2 car automatic garage. Large.unflmshed second floor, 2 bedrooms possible Move- n conditon, mmediate occupancy $99,000 See to buyer's broker keep trying 100 HOUSES FO SALE 986 LOCHMooR. 5 fireplaces, 4 bedrooms, basement, 3 car garage, 135 foot lot $235,000 Home needs work Cen. tury McKenZie GROSSE POinte City, 942 Washington, 3.4 bedroom, bnck, 2 baths cen. tral air, large family room, larger 2 car garage, 2 fireplaces, nground spnnkler $147,000 Open Sunday, 1 to OPEN Saturday 2-4, Sunday 2. 5, Manchester 3 bedroom brick bungalow 21 X 16 family room With natural fireplace, finished basement, 2 car garage, deep lot, over 1500 square feet Between Harper & Mack STERLNG HEGHTS, nice three bedroom brick Ranch, finished basement 2 car garage formal assumption Ask for Thomas, Century 21 MacKenZie, n9-75oo STEAL this house With owner's permission 3 bedroom 2 baths n Grosse POinte Farms now $109,500 Call Johnstone & Johnston FOUR bedroom English reduced to $225,500 Owner Will pay over $2500 for buyers at close Call us for details, Johnstone & Johnstone MOROSS- Just reduced Near lake 3 bedrooms, 2 bath ranch With spacous master SUite, large family room 3 car garage St Ctalf Shores Beauty Central air, finished base ment wth wet bar, over Sized garage, maintenance free, new kitchen With built- los,great area Centruy 21 Market-Tech, ask for Paul Bunc HOUSES FOR SALE 1073 Canterbury, Open Sunday 1. 4 All new n 1990 Beautiful center Sland kitchen With new washed oak cabloets, new burlt n appliances flooring and counters Sky light n family room, bay Window With Window seat n living room, custom Window treatments throughout Re-flnlshed hard wood floors, carpet- ng, ntenor paint and wallpaper Extenor paint and roof No work left for new owner Four bedroom, 2 1/2 bath Colonial mmediate occupancy $239, or OPEN SUNDAY, 1-5 pm 1424 Beaconsfield, Grosse POinte Park Three bedroom 1 1/2 story, 1 1/2 bath, 2 car garage, enclosed front porch, house S completelv uodated orachcal floor plan, exceptional style Reasonable pnce EnjOy all the advantages of Grosse POinte Park n a new beautiful home??? , after 5 pm THREE bedroom home, full finished basement, 2 baths, 2 car garage St Clair $79, HARPER WOODS ONLY $990 DOWN FHA Sharp 3 bedroom bungalow, 2 1/2 car garage Freshly painted mmediate occu. pancy New roof Excellent conditon Only $54,900 Century NCOME FOR SALE LOCATON LOCATON $169,900 Open Sunday n the Heart of the Farms John- 128 MUR $143,000 stone & Johnstone HANCH N THE WOODS 3 bedrooms, approximately 2200 sq t, Gas furnace, central air, lnished base ment, updated kitchen Onglnal Owner 1200 S Renaud, Grosse POinte Woods Call after Open house this Sunday 1-4 Phone: Complete Home nspections nc. Ourpre-purchasehomenspectionmaysaveyoua lifetime at problems and expense nspectionsperformedby licensed builders With over 20 years experience mmediatewnttenreport Call today for a freebrochure or 10 schedulenspecbon Elegance n Detroit 4484 BSHOP ROAD BUilt by Cox & Baker Three bedrooms, recreallon room Wllh bar, one and one half baths, central ar Newly refin lshed wood floors Natural fireplace Open Sunday 1-5 Owner mollvaled GROSSE PONTE FARMS 321 KEQ3Y QD ThiS two story brick home has lots of spacel Three bedrooms, two baths, two fireplaces, three car garage With storage loft Wonderful finished basement, walk to schools Now priced at $158,000 Open Sunday 2-5 or by Appointment STEVEN B. HUBBARD REAL ESTATE Brokers Protected The Perfect ~ Grosse Pointe Farms LocatOn 43 EDGEMERE RD. BY OWNERS First Offer ngl Spacous custom burll Co on a' S luated n one of Grosse Po nte Farms most des rab'e 10callOns near schools churches and Grosse Po nte War MemOrial Five bedrooms three full and two half baths two j replaces attached garage enclosrd porch beautiful extra lot With rose garden deal fa' '1 tennis court or pool Available for mmed a'e occupancy $395,000 Call for Appointment Open Sunday 2-5 p m WATERFRONT mobile home, good condition, all appliances OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY,OCT.~S~1~ Van Antwerp Harper Woods E of Harper, S of Vernier Spacous 3 bedrooms, formal dining, family room central air, Grosse POinte schools and more Askmg only $ With VA terms Red Carpet Kelm Metro GROSSE PONTE.00 HOUSES FOR SALE DETROT pleasant little easy living Duplex near hospital, 2 bedroom, hardwood floors, sunny FlOrida room, Art Deco, great starter or nvestment, call Jane Delroll, Priced reduced to sell, mid Sized Bungalow white glove clean, formal dining room, newer carpet, neutral decor, 3 bed. room, extras nclude- garage, basement fenced yard, bring all offers, call Jane DetrOt, homey, convenient brrck Colonial, dining room, hardwood floors, 2 bedrooms, natural fireplace, don't waltlow 30's, call Jane DetrOll, forced sale, 3 bedroom Bungalow near 8 Mile, basement, 2 fireplaces, extras nclude appliances, $3,000 down, $375 a month on land contract. full price $29,000 call Jim Power 8rOKtlrS LlOlitea, JUST reduced spacous 3 bedroom brick ranch n S Clair Shores fireplace, 1 1/2 baths, updated kitchen and bath, 2 car garage, ftnlshed basement $82,000 or make offer Rosedale Open Sunday, BUYNG OR SELLNG A HOME Will prepare all legal documents $200 complete Also trusts, Wills, and probate Thomas P Wolverlon, Attorney, MOVE. n condition, 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath ranch on quet Fairway Dnve n Grosse POinte Woods NeWlydecorated throughout, 2 fireplaces New furnace and air, new deck With Jacuzz overlooking beautiful yard Fnished basement With wet bar and lots of storage Priced below realtors appraisal at $195, OPEN SUNDAY, 2-5 ST. CLAR SHORES Unique one of kind ranch professonally decorated, many newer features Georgeous treed lot, Flord.a.rQOm $1Q.7,OOO Call Mike Mandell ERA PARSLEY BELLE MEADE GROSSE PONTE SHORES Four bedroom Colonial, finished basement, outstandmg location, built square feet Call For Appointment BY OWNER $587,000 BY OWNER WOODS 1977 BROADSTONE SpacOus brck, 3 bedroom, bath, family rm, large ktchen, hvlng rm, dining rm,dbl fireplace Finshed basement, 2 car garage rear deck $143,000 ' Grosse Pointe Farms 165 Lothrop Rd Heart at the Farms Four bedroom, two and one half bath Cape Cod LVing room With fireplace, formal dlnmg room, paneled library, small family room. Attached two car garage With storage. Lot 100' x 240', spnnkler system and more Listing promised. $369 t OOO By Owner HOUSES FOR SALE FARM House, 198 Kerby Four bedroom, 1 1/2 baths den $ By owner No brokers HARPER WOODS 1-94/ Vernier Van Antwerp Nice three bedroom brrck ranch Family room, central air natural woodwork part finished basement With bath and bar, brick garage Gillen Realty LlTTLESTONE RD Extremely sharp 3 bedroom brrck Colonial n Grosse POinte Country Club Woods SubdiVSion Completely renovated throughout new kitchen carpet and hardwood floors throughout extra large panelled lamlly room central air, new landscaping Large lot Many other features,.00 'HOUSES FOR SALE PARK. Buckingham Attractive 4 bedroom Colonial 2 full baths, central air finished basement Move n condition Owner ransferred $ or best offer Century 21 East FAMLY SZE HOMES ThiS 5 bedroom 2 full bath offers a family room fin- shed basement With lireplace and 2 car garage Secluded street n St Clair Shores $105,000 Roomy 1,800 square foot brick home n the 9 1/2 Mile/ Mack area Large family room With vaulted ceilings and 2 way frre place plus a finished basement Low 90's CENTURY 21 AVD, NC move- n condition Call ST. Clair Shores, beautiful lor appointment 885- custom brick ranch three 2229 bedrooms hardwood OPEN Sunday 946 Anita 3 floors, kitchen bullt- ins, bedroom 1 1/2 bath brick full basement With lav ranch, family room formal and shower, laundry dining room Must room, fru,t cellar, work sell, all terms offered area rec room With dry $124,900 Call Tim Judd bar 2 3/4 car garage Prl. Agent, vate park at end of street, Lakeshore school dlstrrct AAA Builders Model By owner, $88,500 Open 1 LEFT! Spectacular Views, 2.3 bedrooms Sunday Lincoln Townhome, fire. places, 2 car garage, very luxurrous 374 UNVERSTY Colonial, 3,500 square feet, 5 bedroom, LAKEVEW CLUB 3 1/2 bath "BUilt Jefferson N of 11 1/2 Mile n 1957" ExtenSively renovated Fri,Sat,Sun, 1.5 $335, GROSSE PONTE PARK 1017 WHTTER Classic Calhoun built center entrance Coloni~l su~nd~i'b~ '~Qvely manicured grounds, bulh approxmately This home features five bedrooms, three and one half baths, living room with fireplace, formal dining room, paneled family room/den, kitchen and breakfast room. Full basement has recreation room ""'th fireplace. Gas forced air furnace with central air. Two car detached garage Call for details. OFFERED AT $249,900 GROSSE PONTE WOODS Attractl ve, well main tained brick and alumlnum Colonial, built in 1953 by Ed Russell. This spacious family home features three bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, hving room Wth freplace, dining room, glass enclosed famly room and kitchen with separate eatng room. Full basement, "Carrier" furnace recently installed, central air, two car attached garage and more. Call for detals OFFERED AT $239,500 GROSSE PONTE SHORES 911 BALLANTYNE Attracllve, well kept Colomal built in 1963 features four bedrooms, two and one half baths, two fireplaces, and two car garage. LVng room, dining room, paneled famly room with doorwall, large kitchen With built-ins, full basement with recreaton room Central air, inground spnnkler system, spacious fenced side and back yard Wth bnck pato. Call for details. $297,500 COMERCA BANK-DETROT (313) ( r-- v _. '

55 -, nor ~ r ',i', ~, ~~ ii', 'yf. ;J~ Lt,,,.',, 800 HOUSES FOR SALE OPEN SUNDAY BlARMOOR COURT Newer three bedroom Colonial Large kitchen, 2 1/2 baths, family room wllh fireplace, central air $179, WilliAMSBURG COURT Three bedroom townhouse Central air, 2 1/2 baths rec room $79,000 ' HENDRCKS And Associates, nc GROSSE POinte Farms 3 bedroom Colonial New family room, new kitchen, finished basement, 2 car garage, large lot For sale by owner, no brokers please For appointment, Days or Evenings HARPER WOODS Sprawling bnck ranch on park like lot, 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, huge family room, 2 natural fireplaces, formal dining room, 2 car attached garage A lot of home for the money MOROSS/.94 AREA Beautiful brick bungalow n fantastic neighborhood 3 bedrooms, natural fireplace, central air, full basement Only $33,900 With0 down Stieber Realty TO settle divorce, 3 time share weeks Sea Pines, Hilton Head S C Sleeps 6, pnme times Paid $10,000 to $14,000 each Must sell $6,000 each week HOUSES FOR SALE 100 HOUSES FOt SALE TODAY'S BEST BUYS GROSSE PONTE NEW LSTNG Grosse POinte 6-4 brick m. come Side dnve, 2 car garage, gas heat Excellenl location Under $100,000 GROSSE PONTE WOODS 4 room Bungalow, large 101, gas heat, Side dnve, one car garage, $62,900 or offer, cash to new morgage GROSSE PONTE NEW LSTNG 414 Two family flat, 2 furnaces, city certified very clean, large lot three car garage Only $84,900 cash to a new morgage CROWN REAL TV TOM MCDONALD & SON FHA Assumption $5 000 down University, 3 bedroom bungalow n move n condition Monthly payment $359 $31,900 Century 21 East, OPEN Sunday, 2-5, Hunt Club Three bed. room, family room, fireplace Red Carpet Kelm Amencan Hentage OPEN Sunday Fisher Spacous English tudor 3 bedrooms, updated kitchen and bath, family room, finished basement, newly decorated Agents protected $155, A two bedroom, 5238 Neff, $14,000 cash Allied Real Estate, HOUSES FOR SALE _ ~~:;~ Upon New custom 748 8helden Qoad Grosse Pointe 8horeA) built French Colonial. Four large bedrooms With walk-n closets, two furnaces With air conditioning plus many other features Across from Grosse POinte Yacht Club. Gorgeous view of Lake l 4,300 square feet Open Sunday 2-5 $785, Mii\c.kAverlUe, Co,;,plet,on Grosse POinte Woods, M LV Room8'x12' Natural Freplace Formal Dmmg Room2'xll' Ktchen lo'x10'4" New (nowax) Vinyl Floor Famly Room13 1/2'x15' GasWall Heater New Wall Ar CondtOner Parkay Floor BUilt n Book Shelves 1/2 Bath 6 12'x3' Master Bedroom12'6"x3'6" No 2 Bedroom14'xll' No 3 Bedroomll'6"x9' (Walk n Closet) BUilt n Slidmg StorageDrawers Full SzeBath CeramcTile RemodeledWth 2 Wash BaSinS Basement RE-creationRoom 23'x17' With 2 ClosetsPlus Extra StorageSpace WoodPaneling & Tile Ceiling 2 Car DetachedGarage Automatic DoorOpener StorageShelf -, COMM~tClAL ULDNGS OWNER retiring, 73 unit Corktown Zone 9 21 unit, 23 Unit,28 unit Mack We will pay your moving costs HStOriC Bank Building BeautifUlly decorated 3500 sq ft 2100 square teet undivided on first floor Zoned- all business $110,000 (or lease) or CADEUX- HARPER AREA 2 story building offers square teet for of flces retail etc Highly VSiblefor 194 $ Land contract available Johnstone and John stone, RELOCATNG Salon for sale, Mack near cadieux, $10,000 or best offer CONDOS A'TSFlATS FRST offermg Grosse Pomte Park Harcourt Each Unit 2 bedrooms, Flonda room, natural fireplace, seperate furnace and utilities, 3 car garage $225,000 Wilcox Realtors FOR Sale, Land contracu rent, lease option 2 bedroom, 2 bath, carport, poor $79,000 $20,000 down $695/ secuttymcludes heat, air. RVera Terrace Available December 1st Call HARPER Woods Fleetwood- 1 bedroom, large rooms, patio, full size private basement Wilcox Realtors lakeshore Village, 2 bedroom Townhouse, $57,500 Two bedroom 2nd floor, $47,500 Diana Bartolotta, Century 21 Kee, 751~26 CLNTON Township-PRES TGOUS KNOLLWOOD VLLAGE Over $20,000 n custom upgrades ThiS magnlflclent open floorplan features 3 bed rooms, 3 full baths and 6 skylights EnJOybreakfast n nook overlooking quiet, professionallylandscaped courtyard cozy greatroom With natural fire place and morel $172,900 Owner has two homesl Make offer Schultes Real Estate, Ask for Judy LAKESHORE Village condo on Lakeshore Dnve An estate property Two bed room, central air, freshly painted, carpets cleaned oak floors refinished, looks brand newl $59,500 Thomas A Gallagher Company Bob & Joan Bischoff Edgefield Harper Woods $93,900 Appointment Extras ElectriCStOe \/Hood BUllt n 01sh\\a~her GarbageDisposal OutdoorGa~Grill & GasLight 100 HOUSES FOR SALE 1979GasFurnace& Central Air 1973Alum Gutter, & Trim 1985New RoofHou~e& Garage CustomMouldmg~on Om & LV RoomWall, Slate Floor n Front Hall Carpeted Hard WoodFloor, Lot S7e41\115' Sq Ft 1st Floor 952)1680 2nd Floor 728 Ba<;ement728 Total 2408 \Valkmg D",tanc(' To QueenOf P('ac('Church & SchoolPlu, B,hop Galla1(herlgh School Prop('rt} Ta),(', Appro", $ Only 10~ CONDOS/ APTS/FlATS LAKESHORE Villaqe $65, CLNTON Township Spectacular end Unit Ranch n MoraVian Woods 2 bed. room, 2 bath, basement ' 2 car garage, central air cedar deck overlooking woods $148,900 Call Schultes Real Estate, , ask for Jack OPEN SUNDAY ST. PAUL GROSSE PONTE CTY Spacous English Tudor condominium With Old World charm Well cared for quiet corner umt Within walking distance of Village Features fclude 112 bath and library on 1st floor With newer gour met kitchen, 4 bedrooms 2 baths second floor, 3rd floor bedroom and bath Hardwood floors throughout With airy front bay n living room and upstairs bedroom FOR SALE BY OWNER $225,000 For more nformation or appointment PARK- Four family ncome, south of Jefferson, $149,900 Total monthly ncome $1,600 Century 21 East STLlMEADOW- 15 Mile Road, West of 194 Ranch unit With attached garage Two bedrooms, baths, pnvate patio, neutral decor Many extra features $83,000 CHAM- PON & BAER, NC ST CLAR SHORES Newer brick townhouse With lovely view of Lake St Clair 25' boatwell, cathedral ceiling With fireplace, beautiful woodwork, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, family room, 2 car attached garage, spacous kitchen With all appliances Ask- ng $159,500 EASTLAND AREA Sharp 2 bedroom Unit, balcony off bedroom, all appliances, private basement, move-n conditon Only $39,900 Stieber Realty PRCED bellow market mmediate occupancy Wind wood POinte Condo, upper two bedroom, two bath, den deck, all major appliances ncluded By appointment only, GROSSE POinte,15910 Jefferson, newer Town Home Three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2 car attached garage, 1st floor laundry, deck One Unit has fin- shed basement Will sell as Duplex or as 2 separate Condo's From $119,500 Michigan Realty Company, _ 100 HOUSES FOt SALE LOCALBrokerspeCialiZ- ng n short-term list- ngs Based on new concept resulting n effective home sales Will alsorepresentsenous buyers n the GrossePOintearea DERYCK REAL ESTATE A VON, ST. CLAR SHORES: Affordable three bedroom ranch \\ th 100 ~quare feet of 'ipace including full bath and kitchen m basement' CEDAR, ST. CLAR SHORES: Sharp two bedroom ranch Wth CU'itom kitchen, up dated bath, new furm ture and wmdows EASTBORNE: Reno vated bungalow With Gro~se Pomte 'ichools Four bedroom~ Walk to St Johns HOLLYWOOD, HARPER WOODS: A real 'be~t buy" With fonr bedroom~ Totally r('novated Updated ktchen and bath Gro~~e POnte 'ichool~ WLLAMSBURG CT.: Meticulously m,untalned htlck ranch '" lth Gro'i~e Pomte ~chool~, large kitchen \~lth eatmg ~pac(' FlOrida room ' Fanta...t Cc1o,et,pace' Thp Prudentl8l G,o'uP J'o nft" Op",,1 f,,',.,t' ('(' CONDOS/ A'TS/FLATS LAKESHORE Village- End Unit Condo, 2 bedroom (3rd n lower level), 2 full baths, new kitchen, new Windows and carpeting throughout $78, WOODBRDGE EAST Dorset Unit" brick townhouse With2 bedrooms, 2 baths family room, fin shed basement, newer furnace With central air, 2 carports, pool, clubhouse and secunty guard HARPER WOODS Sharp 2 bedroom unit, balcony off bedroom all ap pllances, pnvate basement move n condition Only $39,900 Stieber Realty JEFFERSON, between St Clair & Neffl Elegant penthouse With 2 bed rooms 2 baths den for mal dining room, private basement, valel parking, more $365,000 (H- 11JEF) 400 ON THE LAKE- Every room n this refined penthouse features a captivat- ng view of the lake- 3 bedrooms baths state-of-the-art kitchen, enclosed balcony With hot tub, plus $272,000 (H- 32JEF) ' SHOREPONTE townhouse a bnght and cheerful center unit, features 2 bedrooms, 1st floor lavatory and attached garage $128,000 (H-61SHO) COLDWELL BANKER SCHWETZER REAL ESTATE WEDGEWOOD CONDO n St Clair Shores- 2 bedroom, 2nd floor Unit With neutral decor, all appliances, pnvate basement With plenty of storage, and maintenance fee including heat and water $49,900 (G-68MAS) COLDWEll BANKER SCHWETZER REAL ESTATE CO-OP Apartment 1 bedroom Balfour at Morang, Bluehlll at Mack! Cad leux 2 bedroom Opal at Warrenl Mack appj ances ncluded Babcock Realty ST CLAR SHORES On he Lake- lovely 3 bedroom condo n this Lakefront complex Sunken V ng room With fireplace. doorwall to patio,full bath n master bedroom, fin- shed basement With 112 bath and attached garage $159,900 LAKEPONTE TOWERS- Take advantage of a sluggish market 6th floor Unit on Shores Golf Course S Priced well below what a new ufll1would cost Call for details CENTURY 21 AVD, NC JMMEDATE occupancy, condo Lakeshore Village townhouse ON THE LAKE: Two dfferent Units to choose from n ths complex on the water Select a second or Sixth floor view Prices n clude a ptlvate boa twell SHOREPONTE: Many fresh features m ths ptlvate end Unit Lower level recreation room, two bedrooms Newly decorated Attached garage VAN CT., ST, CLAR SHORES: 2 bedroom umt m exclusve com plex on the lake Beau tlful decor Green house, hot tub and gourmet kitchen VERNER RD. at The Berkshires: Ex ceptlonal frst floor ranch style With cus tom decor Two bed rooms Faces nner courtyard and pool WOODBRDGE, ST. CLAR SHORES: Beautfully decorated two bedroom to. whollnse style Very clean With mmedate occupancy ARTHUR CT.: Pnvate end mt at Lake~hore Village Neutral color~,j...t move m' _ The Prudential., G'o"e POlnlf q~<l ES111t Co CONDOS/ APTS/FLATS 106 FlOltlDA,tO'UTl' 101 LAKE RVER HOMES LOTS FOt SALE 101 lake/tvett HOMES SALE OR LEASE 112 MORTGAGES/ LAND CONTRACTS 3 13/ OtTHEtN MCHGAN HOMES- TWO bedroom, full kitchen, one bath Shanty Creek condominium Excep tlonal view Pool Overlooklnq Legend b7 117 EALSTATE WANTED COLONAL house 3 plus bedrooms plus baths 2 car garage sq ft plus 3D years old or less Taxes $3 000 or less East of Mack north of Moran $ or less No Realtors CASH FOR HOMES Serving Area Since 1938 Stieber Realty lwo Condominiums in Grosse Pointe Park 931 HARCOURT 1,600 sq ft each unit Lease pnor to Nov 15, 1990 Receive 1 month free rent Call Between 9 A M - 5 PM Dally USNESS O"OtTUNTES 13C 117 REAL ESTATE WANTED HARPER WOODS CONDO,..., GROSSE POinte MOVing Sloan Morossl 194 lovely ST. JAMES Company Regular trips one bedroom bnck sec... ';EHVCNG north Partial loads wel and story unit Dlnelte ~ t OHPORATON come storage area air condl i 9 8 acres of beautiful setloner Gillen Realty 886 Sln Cingpro'lded cluded land With cottage 3665 fol 1.1l1dwntrdct&,md molt!(dge.. 7 acres wooded, 3 acres BALFOUR SQUARE cleared Endless deep W(' buv tloltgdge, CONDOMNUM.1lt! J.!ldwnll,'lh well wllh crystal clear wa i-eetwooc ter and small pond 15 Nl.\\ morlgdg-t,,> Harper Woods dnd! efin.lnung minutes north of Port Hu- One bedroom lower unit dvdjlabll ran Perfect building Site, all appliances central air lom llllwndl _ must see to believe Call pnvate basement draper FX!d.lll _ les, carpeting patio car Alllh port Vacanl open 2 to 5 Ap)lOLlllnrllll..,1t 119 CEMUAtY LOTS Sunday LOWER Unit Morang heat ncluded $15 000/ best VERO BEACH FLORDA n The Prestigious Moor ngs Spacous condoml nlum, square feet For sale by owner Excel lent value at $ Two bedrooms 2 baths living room dining room Flonda room, kitchen laundry room screened porch Lovely view Resl dent manager tennis pool Pleasecall ST. CLAR SHORES CANAL HOME 4 bedroom bnck bungalow mmediate occupancy Deep, Wide canal seawall, beautiful dock area, 40 foot boatwell deep pot $234,900 (AP22511) ST Clair Shores- Lakefront Homes- 2 bedroom aluminium ranch, updated kitchen, basement, fireplace $199,900 New listing, 1,900 sq f1 2 bedroom ranch, basement, large family room, attatched 2 car garage, 70 f1 lot, steel seawall With covered hoist $319,000 Spectacular location With water on 2 Sides Pnme southern exposer, close to town location, 3 bedroom, baths, 2 fireplaces, Mutchler kitchen, 2 hoists Asking $635,000 Ask for Bob McKenZie Century 21 McKenZie, LOVELY Square foot 4 bedroom home HOist for 41' boat, huge lot, million dollar view and deep Wide canal Makes this perfect for sailor power boat Only $239,000 LZ Lavely RE/ MAX East FOUR bedroom Colonial With 50 foot lake frontage n St Clair Shores Sim pie but efficient Base ment recrea'tj.onroom, at tached garage, fireplace central air, nsulaton thermal pane Window, first floor laundry and master bedroom, baths Reduced to $330,000 Owner ST. Clair Shores 9 Mllel Jefferson Three bedroom, on canal steel sea wall, hoist finished base ment 2 car garage $ By owner No brokers please METAMORA. 60 acres n the heart of Metamora Hunt Country Will divide nto and 10 acre parcels wooded With creek and beautltul views Call Mike Mocere after WANT ADS Call n Early Don't Forget. Call your ads n Earlyl GROSSE PONTE NEWS OU! LOmllllllltl CASH for your DetrOit or Steel East Side property or assume mortagages Allied Real Estate, Harper St Clair Shores, M CEMETERY plot for wo Has everything for two Vault opening and clos- ng of grave Bronze marker, perennial care Best offer Call after 630 BAR for sale, East Side, promising opportu fty $15000 takes all ask for Ma WANTED. have $10,000 down want to buy small business AMERCAN Speedy Print- ng Center fully equipped Pre::.ently closed due to owner s personal problems Excellent opportunity for nght person Terms negotiable to responsible purchaser Call FND TuEHoUSE OF NVEST with East End Community Development Corporation in commer- Cial redevelopment of Jefferson/ Chalmers busness strip Minimum 12% return on your money Call YOUR DREAMS ~ro", '" N THE,:. GROSSE PONTE NEWS CLASSFEDS f you find yourself wandering aimlessly from block to block, from subdivison to subdivision in search of that perfect home, you're probably finding out that house-huntmg uses a great deal of your time and energy, not to mention expen- Sve gasoline' Save yourself miles and money by using the Grosse Pointe News Classified Advertising Section. Tllis section offers a Convenent way to shop real estate by yourself, or if you prefer, with a qualified professional realtor Your dream house could be in the next edtion... don't mss tt! Call n today to the Grosse Pointe News. CALLNG TUESDAY WTH CLASSFED ADS MEANS YOU RSK MSSNG THE DEADLNE! CALL THURSDA Y, FRO \ V, SATURDA \' AND MONDAY = COMPLETE MCROFLMNG SERVCE.s 'to,. t' OU$ $ 7' ' 12. E _ j $ no r -9 \

56 14C ~=====================,=<===========:;:=:: r Directory of Services '02 ALUMNUM SDNG LEONARD'S SDNG Aluminum and vinyl siding Complete custom trim soffit areas gutters and replacement wllldows L censed and nsured Free es1lmate:; ALUMNUM vinyl siding seamless gullersl down spouls repldcement win dol'.s ooors storm win do\:; doors Ron Verc'uys"e Company 903 A"lANCE SEVla CALL GEORGE NUTTO APPLANCE \ \ 1,,11 'r Dryer Sel\ ce V.1ClU1l Sel\lce and Sdles Used Stoves Relngerators WE SELL REBULT WASHERS AND DRYERS ALL WEATHER REFRGERA TlON REPARED & NSTALLED Co mm ercal-resldentl al ALL MAKES & MODELS CALL MKE LET GEORGE DOlT Major Appliance Repair PARQUETE '04 AS"HAlT "AVNG! 'E"ARS 90S AUTO/RUC( RE"AR '07 ASEMENT WATEtP'ltOOflNG CAPZZO CaNST BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG WAl LS STRAGHTENED AND REPLACED DONE RGHT 10 YEAR GUARANTEE LCENSED NSURED TONY AQUA-STOP, NC. Bilsements Repaired i,o OulS de Digging Lllrtlrlle Warranty Frpf' Estimates GROSSE PONTE NEWS JAMES M. KLENER S Washer & Dryer Repair Service Specializing n Whirlpool Kenmore & General EleclTlc Hot POinte PROMPT SERVCE C & J ASPHALT mprove the value of your home with a professional lob Over 20 years servic- ng Grosse POinte n driveways and sealing Parking lots repaired Free estimates Ownerl supervisor References ncluded nsurance CALL ANYTME RAY S FOREGN CAR GARAGE We service any and all for e g'1 cars specializing n Mercedes Volvo VW Englsh and Japanese vehicles 42 years expenence free pick up and delivery 8 6 P m Man day Friday 8 noon Saturday East Warren BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG THE RGHT WAY' Willis Strillghlened <nrj Brrlcpd Or Replaced 10 VrMJ GUARANTEE ( r NSf [J f, NSURED HO\!FS r &. r rricent ALL CONCRETE & MASONRY ALSO r 907 ASEMENT WATERPROOFNG THOMAS BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG Walls Repaired Stralghlened Replaced ALL WORK GUARANTEED LCENSED OutSide Method All digging done by hand Walls straightened or replaced FUlly nsured License No Year Guarantee RCK/LOa WORK KLENER BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG Digging Method Peastone Backfill Spofless Cleanup Walls Straightened Braced or Replaced Brick and Concrete Work 10 Year Guarantee Licensed & nsured A1 WORK R.L, STREMERSCH AMERCAN BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG Basement WafelJ'rooflng FAMLY BUSNESS "Since 1924" Walls R. R. CODDENS Repaired and Straightened Pea Pebble Backfill Founda\.1on Underpinned Digging done by hand Lcensed 15 Year Guarantee ANDY'S MASONRY AND CHMNEY REPAR All masonry brick waterproofing repairs SpeCial Zlng n tuck-pointing and small jobs licensed. insured Reasonable Free estimates , BRCK WORK Tuck-pOinting Small Jobs Reason able JAMES M. KLENER ALL CONCRETE & BRCK WORK Basement Waterprooling Flagstone, Brick & Slate PatOs & Walks Driveways, Garage Floors Porches & Chir11neys Tuck-pointing Patching LCENSED NSURED REPAR SPECALST CHAS. F. JEFFREY Brrck Flagstone Walks & Patios Porches Rebullf Pre-Cast Steps Tuck-POinting Cement Work Basement Waterproofing licensed R.R. nsured BRCK and cement repairs Porches chimneys, tuckpointing Expenenced Reasonable Neat work nsured Seaver s CODDENS FAMLY BUSNESS "Snce 1924" Porches. Chimneys Bnckwalks. Patios Vlolallons Repaired Mortar Color Matching "No Job to Small" '~CK/BLOCK WORK BRCK, Block Stone Porch and chimney repair 37 years experrence Ask for =luss J. W. KLENER MASON CONTRACTOR Brrck Block & Stone work - and all types of repairs Brrck & Flagstone Patios & Walks Porches Chimneys Tuck POinting, Patching Violations Corrected SpeCialiZing 111 Small Jobs Free Estimates Licensed ULDHG/REMODElHG EASTVEW ALUMNUM, NC. ALCOA PRODUCTS Awnings- Sidings Combination Storms Screens-Doors Roofmg Seamless Gutters B F Goodrch VrnylA Products MACK AVE NEAR CADEUX DETROT. M Years Exp L1C & nsured SEE SHOWROOM HOME BARKER CONTRACTORS Modernization. Allerat on s.addltlons.famlly Rooms Kltchens.Recreatlon Areas JAMES BARKER CORNERSTONE CONST. CO. Kitchens-Custom DeSign Family Rooms Wlildow Replacements Commercial Remodeling nterror/exterlor Additions Custom and Quality Always L1CfNSED AND NSURED JM LAETHEM JOHN'S HOME MPROVE. MENT All aspects of remodeling and repairs f you've had t With the rest now try the best Lcensed builder Free esllmates PONTE Contracting Associates Additions. deletions, replacements, repairs Licence No George Figley BULDNG ~EMODHNG FORMCA cabinets Refac ng countertops replace ment of doors Cammer clal/ residential Reasonable CARP(NTTY CARPENTER. rough finish basement mprovements European ralned 15 years experrence CUSTOM Home repairs rollon Window cords and Sills fence garage and porch repair CARPENTRY- Doors, windows porche''' decks roofing, repairs Siding aluminum trrm work CARPENTR~ Po~hes Doors Windows. Decks Finish & Rough Carpentry Repairs & Small Jobs Free Estimates CARPENTER work, panel- ng, partitions, doors cut. repairs, small lobs S CARPn CLEANHG EXPERT CARPET CLEANNG, NC. Truck Mounl Extraction ReSidential/Commercial DAVE TEOLS Family Owned-Operated K-CARPET CLEANNG COMPANY CARPET SPECALSTS Rated Best by ndependent Tests ~ Duraclean ~ By SOLTS Carpets & Rugs Furniture & Draperies Fire & Water Damage Restoration Expert cleamng for velvets & other delicate fabrics Recommended for Slam reslslanl carpels Serving homcs and buslncsses since BULDNG/REMODElNG DAVD BROWN HOME MPROVEMENTS Carpentry Kitchens Rec Room, Basement. AttiCS For All Your Remodelmg Needs lcall FREE ESTMATES - ".::---~~ ~.?fiy~ CALL THE EXPERTS AT ~ ~ ~~Jk':'" DOUGLAS SHAW HOME RENOVATONS Remodeling or Repairs of all nterior and Extenor needs From new to old, specializing n Finish Carpentry. nlenor Wall Removal, Kitchens, Recreational Rooms Libraries. Fnish Allics and Basements Small Jobs welcome Serving the Grosse POinte area since 1975 WHERE QUALTY S FRST! VALENTNE SLDG.CO FOR ALL YOUR HOME MPROVEMENT NEEDS Licensed MPROVEMENT NCORPORATED BUilders License No COMPLETE BULDNG AND REMODELNG SERVCE Add~lionslDormers Kitchens/Baths Rec Rooms/AttiCS Porch Enclosures Replacement Windows Aluminum SldrngfTnm Gutters/Downspouts Storm Windows/Doors Roofll1g/Shlngles One Ply Rubber Roofll1g Wood DecKsfTnm Licensed and nsured S~ nsured ::;. :-.;.... ~:- -:- SEBOLD + KAGE NC. Custom Homes & Additions Also Historical Renovation Classical & Victorian CARPET NSTALlATOH FLOORNG 917 CELNG REf'ARS 911 CEMENT WOtK 918 CEMENT WORK JAMES M. KLENER ALL CONCRETE & BRCK WORK Basement Waterproofing Flagstone Bnck & Slate Pallos & Walks Driveways, Garage Floors Porches & Chimneys Tuck-pointing Palchlng LCENSED NSURED REPAR SPECALST R.L. STREMERSCH CEMENT CONTRACTOR Cement Driveways Patios Brickwork Basement waterproofing Steps Tuck-POinting No Job too small Free Estimates SPECALZNG N DRVEWAYS AND BASEMENT WATERPROOFNG LCENSED CONCRETE work, repairs. Sidewalks, porches, chmneys, brick repairs Seaver's, All types of brick and block work Concrete driveways, Sidewalks, brick Sidewalks, porches, chimneys, brick patios, efc DeSender ERllTO CONSTRU<:110N ~ AlrCT)1leS 01 vert1e111 Worll-' 8asemenl Walerprootmg Addilions auautywork REASONABLE PRCES FREE ESllMATES THOMAS KLENER GROSSE PONTE NEWS BULDNG / REMODELNG Rochester Grosse POinte CEMENT WORK GRAZO CONSTRUCTON Cemenl drive floors patios Old garages raised and renewed New garage doors and reframlng New garages built Family operaled since 1962 licensed and nsured CHMNEY CLEANNG R.R. CODDENS- Chimneys cleaned- Screens installed Chimneys rebullu repaired J&J CHMNEY SYSTEMS MCHGAN LCENSE 5125 Chimneys repaired. rebuilt, re-lned Gas flues re-lned Cleaning Certified, nsured SAFE FLUE CHMNEY SERVCE Chimney Cleanl~9 Caps and Screens nstalled Mortar and Damper Repair Animal Removar Certified Master Sweep TOM TREFZER COACH LGHT CHMNEY SweEP CO. MASON CONTRACTOR BRCK, CONCRETE Basement Waterproofing Porches, Chimneys, Tuckpointing, driveways, Pa tos. Walks, Steps, new Keep birds and Work & Repairs, Glass squirrels ou~ Block, brick, Stone & Tile,. Patios V LCENSED, NSURED CHMNEY A 1 WORK SCREENS Only $25 ea. mstalled Yorkshire 'Building & Renovation nc. Custom Kitchens & Additions Licensed nsured SpecialiZing n quality custom work at affordable pnces ADDTONS. KTCHENS. BATHROOMS R.D. Priest BULDERS, nc. MASTER REMODELERS RESDENTAL. COMMERCAL BULDER tlttlezl JJ3k1llllJ ft( SNCE 1949 ALBERT D. THOMAS, NC. Quality Building & Remodeling For decades thousands of Grosse Polntennave trusted ther fine homes to our care for main. tenance, addtions &t remodehnr. DOESN'T YOUR HOME DESERVE THE VERY BEST CAREl Mcmber Natonal AS'lOC1atlOn ofhomc BUlldcrs and Remodelerq CounCl LCENSED-lNSURED.FULL SERVCE OFFCE MACK SALES Carpets Lmoleum Tile. Hardwood FlOOring and Paddmg We also provide nstallatons re-stretchlng cleaning. and any type of repair work Open 7 Days CARPET REPAR SERVCE Re Stretchmg seam re pairs spills burns palch mg etc Commercial mstallatlons Any size 17 years expenence PLASTERNG, Drywall. Tapmg & Spray Texturmg New & Repair Free Estimates 25 years experience Jim Upton or PLASTERNG- Free Estimates, 25 years experience All work guaranteed Grosse POinte references All types wet plaster and drywall Lou Blackwell PLASTERNG and drywall Nell SqUires CODE Violations Repaired nterior/ ExteTior Free mspectlon check can save you time and money nsured, experienced, references Seaver Home Maintenance 882..(){)00 PLASTERNG and drywall repairs Textunng and stucco nsured Pete Taromma WANT ADS Call n Early WEDNESDA Y, 8-5 THURSDAY, 8-6 FRDAY, 8.5 MONDAY, 8-6 GROSSE PONTE NEWS CAPZZO CaNST QUALTY WORK ALL TYPES OF CEMENT, BRCK AND BLOCK WORK Garages raised and set down on new ratwall and floor Waterproofing LCENSED & NSURED TONY BULDNG/REMODELNG licensed NSURED MASTER REMODElERS RADO EQUPPED TRUCKS Llccn'lC GROSSE PONTE FARMS, M CHMNEY REPARS 911 CEMENT WORK CHMNEY CLEANNG Caps Scree ns nstalled Ammal Removal Stale lice nsed 5154 Q ROOFNG-ALUMNUM GEORGE VAN SOLD/ Flue Chimney Savers Chimney lining & restoration as seen on TV's '"ThiS Old House'" Lcensed and nsured Offices n Grosse POinte CHMNEY REPARS R.R. CODDENS Chimneys rebuilt, repaired or tuck-pointing Flues and caps repaired Chimneys cleaned JAMES M. KLENER REPAR SPECALST Chimneys Repared And Rebuilt LCENSED & NSURED DECORATNG SERVCE JOANNA WESTERN J WNDOW SHADES PANT SHUTERS 8L1NDS KAUFMANN STORM DOORS AND _ WNDOWS GRAfTOP SALES AND SERVCE KERCHEVAL East of Aller n the Park TU Closed Mondays 921 DUPERES CUSTOM Made slipcovers and draperies Guaranteed workmanship Experienced Call now- Bernice CUSTOM DRAPERES Balloons, Mini Blinds, Verticals. Carpeting, Wallpaper, Bedspreads Compare our prices With department store 'sales' before you BUY FREE ESTMATES DRAPERES BY PAT etl5tot-t D~PE~r 5 ~ QLASSfQ DESGN Drapes, Sheers. Cornices, Blinds, Balloons, Valances QuahtyWork 5erVlg file POfl!es Snce FREE ESTMATES DRESSMAKNG/ TALORNG ALTERATONS- Quality craftsmanship on cloth- 1g, old and new Free Estimates Call LOUisa at (Harper Woods) WANT ADS GROSSE PONTE NEWS ELECTRCAL SERVCE S & J ELECTRC ReSidential-Commercial No Job Too Small SERVNG THE GROSSE PONTES SNCE 1965 CUSWORTH ELECTRC NC FAMLY OWNED AND OPERATED ELECTRCAL CONTRACTORS No Job too large or small Violations Corrected Master Licensed & nsured Residential - Commercial Fast Emergency Service SENOR CTZENS DSCOUNT F BUSY, CALL MACK 911 CEMENT WORK DPAOLA & REF CONSTRUCTON, NC. (12 Years with Tesolln Broihers) Specializing n all Residential Concrete Applications Footings, Garage Raislngs, Porches BASEMENT WATERPROOFNGS Licensed" nsured MARTN REF GARY DPAOLA n2.q033, 923 CONSTRUCTON SERVCE.23 CONSTRUCTON snvce fi.ra~o eonsg R.UeG ON. N. RESDENTAL COMMERCAL DRVEWAYS FLOORS PORCHES GARAGES RASED & RENEWED NEW GARAGE D06RS & REFRAMNG NEW GARAGES BULT LCENSED & NSURED '_Ị..- ~'

57 15C Director {,;/ ~ ~ ~..~ of Services f'., '. " 930 EL CTRCAl SERVCE ELECTRCAL work Old or new Shawn WADE'S ELECTRC COMPANY, NC. Commercial! ndustrial Residential MARTN ELECTRC co. All types of electrical work No job too small Free estimates low pnces All work guaranteed DECKARD ELECTRC CO Violations Repaired Trouble Shooting Remodeling Work New Construction Free Esllmates licensed! nsured EAST AREA BULDERS Free Estimates Reasonable Rates Commercial! Residential Code Work SpeCialists Master Electrician Emergency Service Licensed! nsured ELECTRCAL work, resdential, commercial Serv- ng the POlntes since 1939 Free estimates- licensed , lloyd LNCK - MLLER Electrical wlnng and repair CircUit breaker panels nstalled Appliance CirCUits Door-bell Telephone jacks Senior Citizens discount Licensed COLVLLE "ii! ELECTRC CO. Ranges, Dryers, Services, Doorbells VOLATONS FAST EMERGENCY SERVCE LAMP & CHANDELER Rewring and restoration Expert work at reasonable pnces Pick Up & Delivery , evenings GOT A BUSY SGNAL? RELAX! USE OUR FAX Call and inquire about our FAX MACHNE. When time S short and our lines are busy, you can simply FAX the copy along With billing and category information. GROSSE PONTE NEWS ELECTRCAL work, licensed contractor Master ElectriCian Free estimates FENCES STEVE'S Fence, Profes. slonal nstallation and Repair Free Estimates Call KMBERLY Fence, Custom Cedar Stockade, Maintenance Free ron Gate RepairS, FLOOR SANDNG/ REFNSHNG HERTAGE Floors- Hard. wood floors nstalled, Sanded and Stained ReSidential and commer- Cial Call or HERTAGE Floors- Hardwood floors nstalled Sanded and Stained Resldenllal and commer- Cial Call or KELM Floor laying, sanding refln' shlng Expert n stain Old floors a specialty We also refinish banisters PROFESSONAL floor sanding and finishing Free estimates W Abraham, T Yerke T.N.G. Floor Sanding and refinishing Free estl mates FLOOR SANDNG/ REFNSHNG GREAT Lakes Hardwood Flooring Complete floor refinishing, quality stains and finishes Old floors made newl '31 FURNTURl R FNSHNGJRE'ARS FURNTURE refinished, repaired, stnpped, any type of canlna Free estimates JM'S Upholstering com merclal & residential Free pick up & delivery Call GLASS REPARS _ UANED/EVE1 D GLASS & screen repair Steve's Hardware, Morang LANDSCAPNG SNOW REMOVAL MAC'S TREE AND SHRUB TRMMNG COMPLETE WORK Reasonable rates, quality service Call Tom FALL CLEAN UP Lawn, gullers, garage HaUling, painting, odd Jobs& snow removal Dana or FRESH CUT LANDSCAPNG SNOW REMOVAL WEEKl Y LAWN CARE Snow PlOWing Aerating Power Raking We Won't Abandon you n The Fall KETH DESSNGER SNOW plowing Best deal n town ReSidential and commercial Call Paul, SNOW PLOWNG Call For A Quote NSURED M&E LAWN CARE, NC. Weekly lawn service Spring/fail cleanup Dnveway Safe Snow Removal System. Schedule Now. Free Estimates MELDRUM Tree Service inexpensive tree trrmmlng and removal nsured , Jim TRMMNG removal, spray- ng, feeding and stump removal Free estimates Complete tree service Call Fleming Tree Ser- Vice, TRENTS LANDSCAPNG SERVCE, NC. Shade Tree nstallation Landscape DeSign Fall Clean-Ups J Gulter Cleaning Sprinkler System Winterization o Complete Lawn and Garden Maintenance.43 LANDSCAPNG! SNOW REMOVAL T&M GENERAL SERVCES Residential/Commercial Complete Lawn Care and Fall Oean- up Roto-Till- ng, Hedge & Shrub Trimming, Gulter cleaning & Aeration Dependable-Reasonable FREE ESTMATES CALL NOW TONY n MAC'S SPRNG CLEAN-UP Complete yard work, shrub a'ld tree lr.mmlng ete Reasonable rates, quahty service Call Tom St Clair Shores WANT ADS Call n Early WEDNESDAY, 8-5 THURSDA Y, 8-6 FRDAY, 8-5 MONDAY, 8-6 GROSSE PONTE NEWS COMMERCAL ReSidential/ Tree/ Shrub! Prunlngl Removal/ Fall cleanups/ Lawn renovation / Winter- zation and AreatlOn/ Complete Property Maintalnance Snow removal, ndustrial! CommerCial/ ReSidential or , after 6 00 pm 944 GUTTERS R & K gulters downspouts cleaned $15 and up SEAVER'S Home Malnte nance Gutters replaced, repaired, cleaned, roof repairs ~e4,... SNOW Removal- Famous Maintenance- Seasonal contracts, residential or commercial Serving Grosse POinte contlnu ousty since 1943 Carpets, walls Windows, and gutter cleaning, lawn service Fully nsured and licensed SAPONARO LANDSCAPE AND SNOW SERVCE Driveway, Sidewalks, and porch Fall clean. up leaf removal Cl LANDSCAPNG ReSidential and ~c~l, B~n" 372, 9049 SODDNG, shrub removal and landscape installaton Quality work, reasonable prrces TREES, shrubs, hedges and stumps removed Shrubs planted Free estimates nsured GUTER Cleaning/ light painting Sewer cleaning GUTER Cleaning Neat rehable service Call for fall scheduling, LANDSCAPNG/ SNOW REMOVAL Landscape Design and Construction Weekly lown service Landscape Design Aemtlng/PowerRaking Sodding Overseedlng/Top-dresslng Planting Spnngand Foil Cleanups PatiOSand Walkways Hedge/ StvubTnmmlng Timbers We servce apartments, condos, and shopping centers Dependable Quality Servce FREE ESTMATES PiJorget Landseaping Co. SpeCialiZing n creatve landscape design and plantmg of quality shade trees, shrubs, evergreens and large specimen trees CYPRESS LAWN SERVCE Lawn Care Specialists Fertilizing Clean..up Border Work cuner 944 GUTTUS KEVN'S Backl Call for your gutter cleaning needs FAMOUS Maintenance Serving Grosse POinte continuously since 1943 Carpet cleaning wall washing Window and gutter cleaning A full ser vice company Fully n sured and licensed ClEANNC Prevent Winter ce Back-up Senior Citizen Discounts '45 HANDYMAN THE HRED MAN Home & Small BUSiness Maintenance & Repair Odd Jobs & Code Violations LCENSED. NSURED VSA/MC NEED any home mprovement done? Painting plastenng drywall, car pentry, Windows plumb ng and much more Call The ProfeSSionalsat Er nle s Home Maintenance 6 years experience insured day or night Free estimates CARPENTRY, Electrical Plumbing Heating Cool ng Painting and odd Jobs provided by local i censed residential builder References Reasonable rates Senior Citizen discount Available 24- hours Call for free estimate RETRED Carpenter, 30 years expenence No Job to small Reasonable rates, FREE Estimates Clean- up ncluded Ref erences Please Call Earl QUALTY Home Repair Reasonable rates gutter cleaning furnace mamte 'l:'n8nce-."\p~umbi'h~, painting, electrical 8 years experience References available upon request Contact Enk at RETRED Handyman- Minor repairs, carpentry, electncal, plumbing, broken Windows and sash cord replaced etc Reason able References THE Handyman nc Top quality workmanship for carpentry, remodeling plumbing, electrical painting, wallpaper We do t all Please call or HANDYMAN Call Bud for reasonable pnces and prompt ser vice Home Repairs- Maintenance House palnllng garage and fence painting carpentry Masonry repairs Viola tlons corrected JD'S Roofing and repairs Gutters and gutter clean- ng nteno' exterior painting Free estimates Your Family Handyman Home repairs and malnte nance You buy t nstall t No lob too small Prompt service Reason able Call anytime CURT HERRNGTON Complete home repairs and mprovements Code VOlation work Free estl mates Licensed HANDYMAN LCENSED CARPENTER work, panel- ng, partillons, doors cut, repairs, small jobs HANDYMAN experienced plumping, electrical, carpentry, painting & drywall work Reasonable KeVin SUPER Handyman, large or small Jobs, general repairs, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, plastenng Senior discount Free estimates Rob, HARD working, responsible young man for gutter cleaning and repair, drywall installaton partitions, Windowrepair , Tom GROSSE PONTE MOVNG & STORAGE LOCAL& LONGDSTANCE AGENTFOR GLOBALVANLNES Bob Breitenbecher Owner M.P.S.C. L21290 Agent For: Paul Arpin V~n Lines Worldwide '; FREE 946 HAULNG "HAVE pick up Will haul" Furniture appliances, etc Local or distant HAULNG, debris removal and demolition Will re move any unwanted tems From washers and dryers to a complete house Will clean out basements garages yards and more Call ESTMATES LargeandSmallJobs Pianos(ourspeCialty) Appliances Saturday SundayService SeniorDiscounts Owned & Operated By John Steininger E Jefferson MPSC l licensed nsured EASTPONTE MOVNG AND STORAGE CO LCENSED" PACKNG ANTQUES 945 HANDYMAN STORAGE Of Antique cars snowmobiles small boats Pop. up campers Solid concrete building nsured Hours 7 DO am to 630 pm 961 PARK Quality Parking and Storage,lnc HAULNG Garage tear downs construction de brls concrete, dirt ga rage and basement Junk brush Can remove or move almost anything Phil Wassenaar WEEKLY TRPS TO NORTHERN MCHGAN 945 HANDYMAN NSURED.. MATERALS.. PANOS FREE ESTMATES FREE ESTMATES i:home ~REPAR nterior PANTNG Exterior Carpentry Plumbing Electrical Heating/Cooling We also repair appllancesl 24-Hour Emergency AV8lablilty OUALTY RATES SENOR CTZEN DSCOUNTS 94. HAULNG MOVNG-HAULNG DEPENDABLE EXPERENCED LOW RATES NSURED HfATNG A-ND COOUNG ALL WEATHER HEATNG COOLNG REFRGERATON Furnaces, Boilers Repaired & nstalled All Makes & Models CALL MKE CUSWORTH HEATNG AND COOLNG Serving The Grosse POlntes Family owned & operated LCENSED Service & nstallaton Commerclal-ReSldentlal KEATNG HEATNG THE AR OF QUALTY FurnaceReplacement NewnstallatOns CustomDuctWork Air ConditiOning KERCHEVAL (AT REAR) GROSSEPONTEPARK CARE SERVCE Heating Refrigeration Air Conditioning nstallation Repair Lcensed FREE ESTMATES 24 HR. MERGEllCY SERVCE '53 MUStC NSTRUMENT RE'AR COMPLETE plano sef\/,ce Tuning rebuilding refin- shing Member P,ano TechniCians GUild, SglS mund Bossner PANO services- TUning and repair 12 years ex perlence FleXible hours Reasonable rates PANTNG/DECORATNG NTEROR Painting Quality work Reasonable rates Call Cathie SPONGE Painting t's the newest n wall decor You'll love 111 Call WALLPAPER removal Call Bnan Slnta FOREST PANTNG &CONST, CO. Carpentry RoughFinish RemodelingKitchensRee RoomsBasements Palnllngnterlor/Extenor AnyPlastenngRepairs Licensedand nsured FUTURE PANTNG NTEROR/EXTEROR SPECALTY Drywall & Plaster Repair FREE ESTMATES NSURED KEN GOKE Palnllng - nterlor-ex. teflor, paperhang- ng and paneling Free estimates cheerfu ly given LCensed and insured '54 'ANT.NG/DECORATNG WOOD REFNSHNG STRP STAN VARNSH Duplicate EXisting Finish or Colors to Match Kitchen cabinets staircase handrails vanities panel ng doors tnm and mold ngs Licensed nsured References Free Estimates PRESTGE PANTNG CO DAVD ROlEWCZ MASTER PANTERS Resl dentlal or commercial Excellent pnces Before 9a m J&M PANTNG NTEROR/EXTEROR SpeCialiZing n all types of painting including aluminum Siding, repairing damaged plaster cracks, Window glazing All work and matenals guaranteed Free Estimates Grosse POinteReferences CALL ANYTME QUALTY PANTNG SERVCE NTEROR. EXTEROR 25 years of professional experience n your neighborhood All repairs before painting MATT FLETCHER 4151 Buckingham JOURNEYMAN Union Painter Non smoker Available evenings and weekends for nterior painting and paper hang ng Home, office, or shop Brush enameling spray- roller Marc WALLPAPERNG S what dol 80% Grosse POinte clientele WALLPAPERNG AND PANTNG SPECALSTS Allordable Painting and Wallpapering 2.0 years Free Estimates References 3-A Company Dan ROGERS Decorating, paint. lng, papering, staining 20 yaers experience Reasonable, reliable Roger ngersoll, FOR all your painting needs Call Ernie's Home Maintenance, 6 years expenence nsured BOWMAN Painting nc ntenor/extenor Free Estimates Gary EXPERENCED Painter 20 years expenence, Grosse POinte area Jim Craig PANTNG, wallpaper wallwashing Free estlmatesl Jan Glenda NEGHBORHOOD PANTNG COMPANY NTEROR/EXTEROR Over 500 sallsfled clients Long-Lasting Results MARCO PANTERS NTEROR. EXTEROR, TEXTURED CELNGS. WALL PAPERNG, STANNG, WA~l WASHNG CHECK OUR PRCES ' FREE ESTMATES 939:7955 NSURED 954 PANTNG/DECORATNG MLAN'S PANTNG ntenor-extenor Aluminum Siding Painting Patching, Plastering Stucco, Wallpaper Window Glazlng.Caulklng Free Estimates Reasonable Pnce References, Good Work PANTNG - ntenor and exterior Free estimatesreasonable rales Call QUALTY Master Painting nterlorl exteror special- StS Repair work guaran leed Reter"nees Fre" estimates nsured John PANTNG and Paper hang ng Free estimates Grosse POinte refer ences BRUSH STROKE THE COMPLETE PANTNG SERVCE FREE ESTMATES GEORGE'S Painting ntenorl Exterior Wall paper lng, patching/ plastering Window putty, caulking Senior Citizen dlscounl George, NTERORS BY DON & LYNN Husband-WifeTeam Wallpapenng Painting COLLEGE Painters Free estimates Call Chip NTEROR and exterior painting and paperhang- ng Reasonable rates, 30 years experience Ray Barnowsky JOHN'S PANTNG nteriorexterior SpeCialiZing n repairing damaged plaster drywall and cracks peeling paint Win dow puttying and caulk ng wallpapenng A\so paint old aluminum Sid. ng All work and material guaranteed Reasonable Grosse POintereferences Free estimates BRAN'S PANTNG ProfeSSional palnllng, nterror and extenor Special- Zing n all types of paint- ng Caulking, wmdow glazing and plaster repair All work guaranteed For free estimates and reasonable rates, call WHTEY'S Wallpapering nterior Painting ReasonablePrices Good Work Call No Job Too Small PANTNG AND DECORATNG NTEROR. EXTEROR REFERENCES RALPH ROTH NTEROR PANTNG 26 YEARS EXPERENCE Call for free estimate Wallpapering Plaster/Drywall... 1'1" WES7'~ ~~. ---~ ~'" 'p~ ~WJT~ ~ ~ -;.... _4" ~lnt~ SpeCialiZing n nterlorl Exterior Painting We offer the best,n preparation before palntmg and use only the fmest materials for the long est lasting results Great Weslern people are quality minded and courteous Call us for the ultimate n reslden ial and commercial palnling REASONABLE RATES FREE ESTMATES _ 1_ 7" : 'M pm COMPLETE MCROFilMNG SERVCE 9 M t t t 0 fl«e «7 7 P P = as MCOarooCS. o m 'r. ~- --- \

58 16C - Director of Services 954 PANTNG/DECOllATNG. 957 PLUMlNG/HEATlNG.60 ROOfiNG SERVCE.60 ROOFNG SERVCE 91. WNDOW WASHNG NTEROR/EXTEROR PANTNG AND REPARS Wallpaper Removal Reasonable References available Senior discount Free Estimates nsured TOM Michael's Painting & Wood Refinishing CUSTOM PANTNG WOOD STANNG AND REFNSHNG NSURED MCHAEL A MEDA NTEROR Painting Plaster repairs Water damage cod,' \ lolatlons repaired l xppr lncea references \ v dlher sealing nsula 1101'3 leaks lound Seaver s Home Maintenance BETTER Home Decorating,)la'3ler repair painting 18 ears experience Paul EXTEROR PANTNG GROSSE PONTE PANT NG Exterior ntenor Siding Staining Carpen try Licensed Free Estl males RJE PANTNG COMPANY CUSTOM nterror - EX1enor Licensed - nsured Free Estimates Within 24 Hours Grosse Pointe References Bob Esslan Please Leave Message,.56 PEST CONTOL ANMAL PLUMBNG HEATNG SEWER AND DRANS BOLER SPECALSTS SPRNKLER REMOVAL SAFE FLUE CHMNEY SERVCE PlUMiNG/MElTlNG PLUMBNG REPARS & SEWER CLEANNG Reasonable Rates For All Mike Potter - Licensed DECKARD PLUMBNG CO Sales and Service Licensed and nsured Visa Mastercard EML THE PLUMBER SPECALZNG N Kitchens Bathrooms Laundry room and ViolatOns Old and new work Free Estimates Bill Master Plumber (Son of Emil) FRANK R. WER REPARS KERCHEVAL FARMS Since 1925 Keith Danielson Licensed Master Plumber $ D$COUNT $ PLUMBNG For All Your Plumbing Needs Sewers & Drains Cleaned - '4000 WHY PAY MORE?? 7 days - 24 hours BOB DUBE PLUMBNG and HEATNG Licensed-Master Plumber SEWER CLEANNG SPRNKLER REPAR ETC Grosse POinte Woods PLUMBNG. Major or minor repairs references low rates Paul ARE you n need of plumb- ng work? Call Tom ANR Maintenance & Repair ElectriC sewer & ElectriC dram cleaning TOilets and faucets repaired & repla"eu Rea~onable rates hr Emergency Service ALL WEATHER HEATNG & COOLNG BOLERS BOLER PPNG HOT WATER TANKS REPARED & NSTALLED CALL MKE WANT Call n ADS Earlỵ. WEDNESDA Y, 8.5 THURSDAY, 8.6 FRDAY, 8-5 MONDAY, 8.6 GROSSE PONTE NEWS ROOFNG SERVtCE FLAT ROOT Problems? New rubber roofs nstalled on flat roofs Stops all leaks Guaranteed PLUMBNG/HEATNG AR CONDTONNG and HEATNG SALES SERVCE NSTALLATON 24 HOUR EMERGENCY SERVCE Res ide ntlaj/com m erei at FREE ESTMATES Senior Discounts FREE TONY The Master Plumber (Son of Emil) No Job too small new and repairs, Violations NORM'S PLUMBNG AND SEWER CLEANNG My prices won't take you down he drain COMPLETE PLUMBNG SERVCE MARTN VERTREGT Licensed Master Plumber New work, repairs, renova. tlons water healers, sewer cleaning, code VOlations All work guaranteed HUMDFER with purchase of Furnace or Ale system We,e nol comfortable unlll you aro E. L. CALCATERRA NC. Emil L, Calcaterra - Founder Plumbing Heating COOling ReSidential 0 CommerCial. ndustnal Serving Grosse POlnle Area Since 1958 Andrew Emil Calcaterra Mechanical Engineer Master Plumber 24 Hour Answering Service ADVANCE MANTENANCE STONE ROOFNG ReSidential.Commerclal.ndustnal.Flat Roof Reroofing Recoatlng.Slngle Ply otear Ofts 'Hot Tar Shingles.Slate.Tlle odecks.copper Metal.FREE ESTMATES olce dam oshields.heater Tapes nstalled ogutters nstalled cleaned, re paired LCENSED-iN- SURED AERO ROOFNG CO. EXPERT ROOF REPARS Shingles, Slate, Tile Roofs, Gutter Work All Work Guaranteed Licensed & nsured ROOFNG Repairs chimney, screens, basemenl leaks, plaster repairs Handyman work nsured Seaver's, TOTAL ROOFNG SDNG SERVCES ResldenlialiCommerclal Shingles, Single Ply Rubber Roofs, Tear Ofts Repairs, ce Backup VNYL AND ALUMNUM SDNG Seamless Gullersrrnm Replacement Wmdows Doors Storm Windows/Doors LCENSED NSURED RON VERCRUYSSE COMPANY LEONARD'S ROOFNG Shingles, flat roofs, complete tear-ofts, built-up roofing, gutters and all kinds of repairs Work guaranteed Free estimates Licensed and insured Member of the Better BUSiness Bureau EXPERT REPARS ROOFNG GUTTERS SMALL JOBS GENl1LE ROOFNG Re-Rooflng & Tear-ofts Small Jobs ROOFNG A Bargain Roofmg. Repairs, Flal Roofs Gutters, Carpentry, Siding Licensed Free Estimates ALL PRO ROOFNG ProfeSSional roofs gutters, sldmg New and repaired Reasonable reliable 16 years expenence LCENSED & NSURED John Williams COMPLETE ROOFNG SERVCE COMMERCAL RESDENTAL TEAR-OFF RESHNGLE CERTFED APPLCATONS OF MODFED SHNGLE PLY, RUBBER ROOFNG SYSTEMS VENTS GUTTERS REPARS LCENSED - NSURED SEWNG MACHNE SElVCE TUNE.UP SpeCial n your home Cleaned, all, ad- Just tension, $995 All makes, all ages '73 TilE WORK MUD work, pan repairs, ceramic, marble, slate, custom work Paul , CERAMC lile. residential lobs and repairs 15 years experience , Andy 977 WALL WASHNG P & M Wmdow and Wall Cleaning (Formerly Grosse Pomte Fireman Ad) Excellent care for your home Free eslimates- References GEORGE OLMN WNDOW CLEANNG SERVCE 35 YEARS N THE PONTES P & M Window and Wall Cleaning (Formerly Grosse POinte Fireman Ad) Excellent care for your home Free estimates- References A-OK WNDOW CLEANERS Service on Storms and Screens Free Estimates K-WNDOW CLEANNG COMPANY Storms, screens, gutters, aluminum cleaned nsured Free estimates KEVN'S Backl Call for your gulter cleaning needs D BARR CLEANNG SERVCES SECOND GENERATON WNDOW AND GUTTER CLEANNG DALE FAMOUS Maintenance. Serving Grosse POinte contmuously since 1943 Carpet cleaning, wall washing, Window and gutter cleaning A full ser. vice company Fully in. sured and licensed LEAKY & DRAFTY BASEMENT WNDOWS? SECURTY PROBLEMSf TAKE A LOOKAT OUR GLASS BLOCK WNDOWS FOR FREE ESTMATES JOHN J. GEllE Mason 38 yrs Expe"ence TRED OF GETTNG A BUSY SGNAL? RELAX! SEND T FAX! The Gro88e Pointe New8 now has a Fax unit available for your convenience GET A HEAD START WTH TH E CLASSFEDS Whether you're shopping for better digs, bigger office space or a newer mode of tronsportation, count on the Classifleds to take the legwork out of the race! And when you've got something to sell, an ad in the Classlfieds can put you in the lead at a price so small that anyone can afford to be a sport. So next time you want to get the job done, team Up with the C!assifieds... and save your running shoes for the gym! Grosse Pointe News Flat Decks K.MANTENANCE CO o Rubber Roofing Wall washmg, floor cleanmg Repairs and waxing Free estimates FAX NUMBER r , Licensed - Guaranteed n ! WANT AD ORDER FORM Schedule my GROSSE PONTE NEWS Ad for: : Date Classification Desired : : Enclosed is my check or money order for $ : NAME ADDRESS CTY-----ZP--_PHONE Mail to: Classified Advertising Department., 96 Kercheval Grosse Pointe Farms, Mi Write your ad below or on a separate sheet if desired. Minimum cost is $4.00 for 10 words. Additional words, $0.40 each tc.1 ~ ~..._---_ ~-, './l:.... ( -,~

59 17C is in the air! The Grosse Pointe News is Everywhere! 'ṭ Join the over 50/000 readership and have the delivered tq"yol)r bom~ every lhurs.dpy ':. 'q"'''' ""'C ~ 4i r!... ~ -' MAL YOURCHECKTO GROSSE PONTE NEWS 96 KERCHEVAL AVE. GROSSE PONTE, M c 1 YEAR S17 2 YEARS $29 3 YEARS $42 Out of State: $19, $35, $53 NAME STREET CTY STATE Phone ZP _792 7s.".=...2 " BaiSE 9r.,'R""cs COMPLETE MCROFLMNG SERVCE mnn _cen... _ J n m, SF _ C \ \

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S~ r ~oo~n~ , : Oll.LUBE & FLTER SPECAL : $1595 :~~~i1~e~ree Safety MOST nspection CARS L ~ Up to 5 qts. oil W COUPON EXP ~ ~..~ ~..~ SaveMore Than Ever~' SMARTLEASE JUST KEEPS CETTNC SMARTER! $0 MONEY DOWN / 24 MONTHS ~ c:z=; :~ 1991 CADLLAC SEDAN DEVLLE ~,-"."{lc ='_~";:''J'.-,c-=:-~tl $476~~./ ' MONTHS r ,.coupon. : PRE-WNTER MANTENANCE TUNE-UP : NCLUDES: SPARK PLUGS AND SET TMNG 4 eyl... $42 95 WE WLL CHECK: AR FLTER 6 eyl. $4895 FUEL FLTER GNTON WRES $5495 CAP & ROTOR 8 eyl. COMPRESSON Most Passenger Cars L ~.CHOKE W COUPON EXP OPEN 7 AM MO~. FR Jaguar TOYOTA Grosse Pointe Auto Works, Ltd K('rcllc\a!./n 1hePark Free Pick.{;p & f)rlhery't"!'st.~991. CADLLAC ELDORADO.. '" =-. ~"';... ~;m:m. '-:1 LEASE FOR /24.ktd21 l~~mm_l;.~. $49SP,uS GMAC SMART LEASE 24 months First parment, plus $ refund.b.. securlly deposit, plu. 1st rear plates due on daltvery, 4% state tax additional. 30,000 mila limitation. 104! per mile slices. charge over mltalion. Leesee s responsible tor el:ce.. lve wear and tear. To get total payment multiply paymanl br 24 months. 696 at Van Dy e NKE DLLAC A General Motors Family Since Tax ' SMARTLEASE bygmac MONTHS - ALL DOMESTC CARS WELCOMED-..- T


House Party Planning Kit

House Party Planning Kit Party to End Hunger in India House Party Planning Kit House parties are a great way to educate friends and family, recruit new supporters, generate action, and raise funds for Akshaya Patra s work. This

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Winning with Foreclosures

Winning with Foreclosures Buying Bank-Owned Foreclosures (REO) and Short Sales Courtesy of Name: Phone: Email: Diane Van Slyke 209.681.4275 Terms you should know: 1. Distressed Property: This term refers to all pre-foreclosure

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My landlord wants to evict me because I owe rent

My landlord wants to evict me because I owe rent TIP SHEET FOR TENANTS My landlord wants to evict me because I owe rent CONTENTS Can my landlord evict me because I owe rent?....2 Must I move out by the termination date?...2 My landlord gave me a Notice

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Finding an Apartment LESSON 4. Choosing an Apartment

Finding an Apartment LESSON 4. Choosing an Apartment Finding an Apartment LESSON 4 Someday you will be on your own with a full-time job and ready to live independently from your parents. Choosing an apartment is an exciting step in your life, but you must

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THE CONSUMERS GUIDE TO REAL ESTATE STAGING THE CONSUMERS GUIDE TO REAL ESTATE STAGING Definition of Staging Real Estate Staging is the act of preparing and showcasing residential or commercial property for sale. It is a systematic and coordinated

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things to consider if you are selling your house

things to consider if you are selling your house things to consider if you are selling your house KEEPINGCURRENTMATTERS.COM WINTER 2012 EDITION PAGE TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 3 5 7 9 House Prices: Where They Will Be in the Spring Understanding the Impact OF

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Rethinking the home ownership dream

Rethinking the home ownership dream Analysis Rethinking the home ownership dream Buying a home today may not be the life-long investment it has been in the past By Alison Smith, CBC News Posted: Jan 31, 2014 5:51 PM ET Last Updated: Feb

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Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months

Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months Sell Your House in DAYS Instead of Months No Agents No Fees No Commissions No Hassle Learn the secret of selling your house in days instead of months If you re trying to sell your house, you may not have

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Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014

Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014 Cash Flow for Life #3 September 2014 NOTE: Hold CTRL when clicking a link so it opens in a new browser window. Dear, Cash flow, cash flow, cash flow, I said as my 4-year-old son looked up in my eyes. We

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January 2019 Activities with Brandi

January 2019 Activities with Brandi January 2019 Activities with Brandi Activities with Francine Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 1 2 3 Adult Coloring 5-8 pm 4 Guys Night 4-8 Swimming 5-7 5 Live Music 7-10 Lunch &

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English as a Second Language Podcast ESL Podcast 294 Living in a Condo or Co-op

English as a Second Language Podcast   ESL Podcast 294 Living in a Condo or Co-op GLOSSARY exasperated frustrated; tired of something; angry that something continues to happen over time; very annoyed * The caller became exasperated when we told her that there was nothing we could do

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What You Need To Know About Mobile Homes

What You Need To Know About Mobile Homes What You Need To Know About Mobile Homes This booklet covers general facts about mobile home laws. It explains your legal rights and duties. 1. If you are buying a mobile home see page 1. 2. If you own

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Solar Open House Toolkit

Solar Open House Toolkit A Solar Open House is an informal meet and greet at a solar homeowner s home. It is an opportunity for homeowners who are considering going solar to see solar in person. They can ask questions about the

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Old Testament. Part One. Created for use with young, unchurched learners Adaptable for all ages including adults

Old Testament. Part One. Created for use with young, unchurched learners Adaptable for all ages including adults Old Testament Part One Created for use with young, unchurched learners Adaptable for all ages including adults Mission Arlington Mission Metroplex Curriculum Lesson 28 Page 1 M ISSION ARLINGTON MISSION

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Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds

Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds Record Type Volume Dates Indexes Reel Index 1A 1774-1792 18776 not at Archives Index 2 1785-1817 18776 not at Archives Index 3 1817-1832 18776 not at Archives Index 4 1832-1846 18776 not at Archives Index

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The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them

The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them Doug Hopkins Free Special Report The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them Hi! Doug Hopkins here from the Property Wars TV show on The Discovery

More information Streets In Infinity Streets Infinity with many thanks to those who came before who contributed to this lesson Streets In Infinity Streets Infinity with many thanks to those who came before who contributed to this lesson www.lockhart- Streets In Infinity 1 Streets in Infinity with many thanks to those who came before who contributed to this lesson 2 www.lockhart- Streets in Infinity Materials

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Was Your Landlord Foreclosed?

Was Your Landlord Foreclosed? If you re 60 or over, call your local legal aid office: Eastern CT 800-413-7796 Western CT 800-413-7797 Hartford Area 860-541-5000 Bridgeport Area 800-809-4434 Stamford Area 800-541-8909 New Haven Area

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GUIDE. The Shields Team of Keller Williams Realty (423)

GUIDE. The Shields Team of Keller Williams Realty (423) GUIDE The Shields Team of Keller Williams Realty (423) 896-1232 Shields Team At The Shields Team, we also love real estate--the land, the homes,

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Rental ID #324 Saint Germain Courtyard Studio 4 rue de Buci, Paris. Thanks for booking with VIP and welcome to Paris!

Rental ID #324 Saint Germain Courtyard Studio 4 rue de Buci, Paris. Thanks for booking with VIP and welcome to Paris! USA Toll Free: 1-800 403 4304 From Europe: +44-(0) 20 3002 0760 Worldwide: +1-973 948 3535 Rental ID #324 Saint Germain Courtyard Studio 4 rue de Buci, 75006 Paris Please print and carry this document

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Business English. (Answer Keys)

Business English. (Answer Keys) Business English (Answer Keys) Business English / Incomplete Sentences / Elementary level # 1 (Answer Keys) Money accepted I like to visit other countries but I find the cost of travel is too high. answer:

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Home Buyer s Guide. Everything you need to know before buying a home

Home Buyer s Guide. Everything you need to know before buying a home Home Buyer s Guide Everything you need to know before buying a home A real estate transaction is one of the biggest financial transactions most people will do in a lifetime. Understanding the buying process

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Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss the future sale of your home!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss the future sale of your home! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to discuss the future sale of your home! Enclosed is my exclusive Pre-Listing Package. I am confident you will feel that the programs I outline for you will provide

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3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals

3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals 3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals Cash Flow for Life August 2015 3 Examples of Wholesale Real Estate Deals Dear Reader, This is part two to last month s Cash Flow for

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PROPERTY BUYER S GUIDE WISE REAL ESTATE ADVICE PTY. LTD. PROPERTY BUYER S GUIDE WISE REAL ESTATE ADVICE PTY. LTD. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Introduction 2. Type of Home 3. Location, Location, Location! 4. Schools, Neighbours and Agents 5. Take A Hike 6. Price 7.

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real estate agency rental agency verbal agreement lease security deposit

real estate agency rental agency verbal agreement lease security deposit Where will I be able to live? Chapter 29 Key Terms real estate agency rental agency verbal agreement lease security deposit Chapter Objectives After studying this chapter, you will be able to weigh the

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Toronto Issues Survey

Toronto Issues Survey Toronto Issues Survey Today, we are asking Greater Toronto Area residents for their views on some different issues that have been in the news lately. Remember, there are no wrong or right answers -- we

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Reading for Critical Analysis Test 5

Reading for Critical Analysis Test 5 Reading for Critical Analysis 5 Name: Instructions: Copyright 2000-2002 Measured Progress, All Rights Reserved : Reading for Critical Analysis 5 from From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler

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10 Fatal Traps in Selling Your Property

10 Fatal Traps in Selling Your Property 10 Fatal Traps in Selling Your Property Nigel Heaven Managing Director of PMM Real Estate with over 21 years real estate experience and involved in over 2000 sales. I love real estate and hate to write

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Home Selling Made Simple

Home Selling Made Simple Home Selling Made Simple Table of Contents Introduction...4 Determining Your Asking Price...5 Should You Sell Solo?...6 Tips On Advertising Your Home For Sale...8 Building Rapport With Homebuyers...10

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Exchange semester Istanbul

Exchange semester Istanbul Exchange semester Istanbul Boğaziçi Üniversitesi Sept. 2015 Jan. 2016 By Sander van Dam General Information I studied from the 28 th of September 15 till the 12 th of January 16 at the Boğaziçi Üniversitesi

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Rental ID #56 Eiffel Hideaway One Bedroom 13 Passage de l Union, Paris

Rental ID #56 Eiffel Hideaway One Bedroom 13 Passage de l Union, Paris USA Toll Free: 1-800 403 4304 From Europe: +44-(0) 20 3002 0760 Worldwide: +1-973 948 3535 Rental ID #56 Eiffel Hideaway One Bedroom 13 Passage de l Union, 75007 Paris Please print and carry this document

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YOUR GUIDE TO SHARED OWNERSHIP. A guide to Shared Ownership

YOUR GUIDE TO SHARED OWNERSHIP. A guide to Shared Ownership YOUR GUIDE TO SHARED OWNERSHIP A guide to Shared Ownership WHAT IS SHARED OWNERSHIP? Shared Ownership is a government scheme aimed to help buyers get on to the property ladder. You only need to afford

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ONE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Introduction to Property Management SECTION

ONE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Introduction to Property Management SECTION SECTION ONE Introduction to Property Management COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL CHAPTER 1 The Benefits of Managing Properties Once you start buying and renting out property, it won t take long to figure out that

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EVICTIONS including Lockouts and Utility Shutoffs

EVICTIONS including Lockouts and Utility Shutoffs EVICTIONS including Lockouts and Utility Shutoffs Every tenant has the legal right to remain in their rental housing unless and until the landlord follows the legal process for eviction. Generally speaking,

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Brought to you by Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing

Brought to you by Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing INFORMATION FOR BUYERS AND POTENTIAL BUYERS Brought to you by Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing Land contracts: The nuts and bolts... 1 Why use a land contract?... 2 Pros to a land contract... 2

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TITLE DATA Excellence by Design. Document Types. Description


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The Knowledge Resource. First-Time Home Buyers FOR. Your Agent Is the Best Guide Save Time, Money, and Frustration

The Knowledge Resource. First-Time Home Buyers FOR. Your Agent Is the Best Guide Save Time, Money, and Frustration K N O W L E D G E I S P O W E R The Knowledge Resource FOR First-Time Home Buyers Your Agent Is the Best Guide Save Time, Money, and Frustration The Keys to Homeownership Unlock the American Dream Is Buying

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Why LEASE PURCHASE is fast becoming the seller's First Choice as an alternative to the traditional way of Selling Your Home FAST!

Why LEASE PURCHASE is fast becoming the seller's First Choice as an alternative to the traditional way of Selling Your Home FAST! A $29.95 Value, Yours FREE Why LEASE PURCHASE is fast becoming the seller's First Choice as an alternative to the traditional way of Selling Your Home FAST! RHB Results Home Buyers, Inc. 800-478-xxxx *

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The Perfect Master Bath An architect s advice on turning a good bath into a great bath without breaking the bank

The Perfect Master Bath An architect s advice on turning a good bath into a great bath without breaking the bank The Perfect Master An architect s advice on turning a good bath into a great bath without breaking the bank BY STEPHEN VANZE W e ve all seen them. They appear in magazines at the checkout line and the

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Hey guys! Living in London: What to expect. This video is for you if you re curious

Hey guys! Living in London: What to expect. This video is for you if you re curious Renting in London: What to Expect CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO : By Jade Joddle Hey guys! Living in London: What to expect. This video is for you if you re curious about

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How To Organize a Tenants' Association

How To Organize a Tenants' Association How To Organize a Tenants' Association Before You Begin Once again: * you have no heat and hot water. * the building's front door lock is broken, and a neighbor was mugged in the lobby. * you asked the

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Compliments of: Your Key Resource in Real Estate. Jessica L Thompson

Compliments of: Your Key Resource in Real Estate. Jessica L Thompson Jessica L Thompson 770.490.4615 {AGENT PHOTO} Compliments of: Jessica L. Thompson Keller Williams Realty Peachtree Road 3925 Peachtree Rd Suite 200 Atlanta, GA 30319 buying a home It s all about you The

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Multifamily Owners: Including Utilities May Be Killing Your Profits Learn how to protect your NOI

Multifamily Owners: Including Utilities May Be Killing Your Profits Learn how to protect your NOI ARTICLE P.O. Box 51356 Colorado Springs, CO 80949 1356 Tel: (877) 410 0167 Fax: (719) 599 4057 Multifamily Owners: Including Utilities May Be Killing Your Profits Learn how to protect your

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The Secret Life of Bees Study Guide

The Secret Life of Bees Study Guide The Secret Life of Bees Study Guide Name Date Block Chapter 1 What does Lily notice in her bedroom as she lies in bed at night? Why does she think they arrived that year? What happened to Lily s mother?

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The Investor s Guide For Success With Commercial Property

The Investor s Guide For Success With Commercial Property The Investor s Guide For Success With Commercial Property The 3 Fears When Investing in Commercial Property 5 Dreaded Mistakes to Avoid with Commercial Property 3 Common Misconceptions Causing You to Miss

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TENANT LAW SERIES. Care homes TENANT LAW SERIES Care homes A care home is a place you rent, where you get health care services, attendant care, or help with daily living. If you live in a care home, you are a tenant and have legal

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TOWN OF WARWICK ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS FEBRUARY 22, 2010 TOWN OF WARWICK ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS FEBRUARY 22, 2010 Members Present: Mr. Jan Jansen, Chairman Mr. Mark Malocsay, Co-Chairman Mr. Norm Paulsen Attorney Robert Fink Members Absent: Diane Bramich Chairman

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SAMPLE. j Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï. # # ? # #. Ï Ï Ï Ï ú Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. . ä j. ú ú. Ï ? # # Moderate, acoustic feel. Arr.

SAMPLE. j Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï. # # ? # #. Ï Ï Ï Ï ú Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. . ä j. ú ú. Ï ? # # Moderate, acoustic feel. Arr. Jesus, My Cross Have Taken #394 HNRY LYT LL MOOR rr by Thomas rassi # #? Moderate, acoustic feel 4 4 # # P? 5? 8 1 Je sus, 2 Let the ld 3 Man 4 o, then, 5 Soul, then earth trou kno lo i Thee o breast pa

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Inside. Issue 1 Autumn The inside view on the market. Agents move to new site. Go Gloucester.

Inside. Issue 1 Autumn The inside view on the market. Agents move to new site. Go Gloucester. Inside The inside view on the market Agents move to new site Go Gloucester Issue 1 Autumn 2013 No Contract Tie-in s & No Minimum Contract Period Welcome to our new home! We thought this

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Our second speaker is Evelyn Lugo. Evelyn has been bringing buyers and sellers together for over 18 years. She loves what she does and it shows.

Our second speaker is Evelyn Lugo. Evelyn has been bringing buyers and sellers together for over 18 years. She loves what she does and it shows. Wi$e Up Teleconference Call Real Estate May 31, 2006 Speaker 2 Evelyn Lugo Jane Walstedt: Now let me turn the program over to Gail Patterson, also a member of the Women s Bureau team that plans the Wi$e

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A PRIMER ON LANDLORD -TENANT LAW IN TEXAS. Typical disputes leading to eviction, how to avoid them and how to deal with an eviction.

A PRIMER ON LANDLORD -TENANT LAW IN TEXAS. Typical disputes leading to eviction, how to avoid them and how to deal with an eviction. A PRIMER ON LANDLORD -TENANT LAW IN TEXAS Typical disputes leading to eviction, how to avoid them and how to deal with an eviction. Today we will cover ---- 1. Problems that lead to the filing of a court

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To make money in short-sale foreclosures you must

To make money in short-sale foreclosures you must C H A P T E R1 Make Money in Short-Sale Foreclosures To make money in short-sale foreclosures you must first understand foreclosures. Two strategies to make money in foreclosures are quick cash and long-term

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Contracts. Professor Davis Fall 2014 Final

Contracts. Professor Davis Fall 2014 Final Contracts Professor Davis Fall 2014 Final Instructions: 1. This is a three hour examination. You may bring with you to the exam an outline on three sheets of paper, hand written or typed on one side of

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Application Policies

Application Policies Application Policies Thank you for applying for one of our rental properties. We know moving is a big step and you are anxious to hear about your application. To speed the processing, we have listed the

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Agencies, new state laws boost help for renters stuck in foreclosed properties

Agencies, new state laws boost help for renters stuck in foreclosed properties Agencies, new state laws boost help for renters stuck in foreclosed properties MinnPost photo by Bill KelleyAfter months of disruption caused by foreclosure proceedings on the house she rented, Yvette

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Released: September 7, 2010

Released: September 7, 2010 Released: September 7, 2010 Commentary 2 The Numbers That Drive Real Estate 3 Special Reports 9 Topics for Home Buyers, Sellers, and Owners 11 Brought to you by: KW Research Commentary Canada s housing

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Presents LEASING MADE SIMPLE. Getting ready for your lease doesn t have to be complicated!

Presents LEASING MADE SIMPLE. Getting ready for your lease doesn t have to be complicated! Presents LEASING MADE SIMPLE Getting ready for your lease doesn t have to be complicated! 1 The contents of this document are copyrighted 2012 and cannot be reprinted without the express, written permission

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1326 Fretz Drive Edmond OK Minutes for SilverHawk HOA Board Meeting, November 2018

1326 Fretz Drive Edmond OK Minutes for SilverHawk HOA Board Meeting, November 2018 Minutes for SilverHawk HOA Board Meeting, November 2018 Call Meeting to Order A Board meeting of the SilverHawk HOA was held on November 27 th, 2018 at the SilverHawk Clubhouse. It began at 7:00 pm and

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RENTERS GUIDE TO EVICTION COURT RENTERS GUIDE TO EVICTION COURT This booklet briefly describes the eviction process for Chicago renters who are in eviction court at the Daley Center, 50 W. Washington Street, Chicago, IL Subsidized Housing

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Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth

Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth Shared Ownership: The Absolute Truth Are you looking to buy a property and realising how difficult it is to find something that you want, in an area you like at a price

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Central Dispatch CENTRAL MICHIGAN ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS. Listen Up! APRIL Volume 2, Issue 4 111 S. Lansing Street, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858 Phone: (989) 773-2564 Fax: (989) 773-0193 Debra Townsend - Association Executive Normajean Fry - MLS Coordinator

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Eviction. Court approval required

Eviction. Court approval required Eviction An eviction is a lawsuit filed by a landlord to remove persons and belongings from the landlord's property. In Texas law, these are also referred to as "forcible entry and detainer" or "forcible

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THE SIGN OF EXPERIENCE THE SIGN OF EXPERIENCE Glenda Worrall is the Principal of Elite Properties Townsville. Glenda has been a multi award winning Real Estate Agent for many years in Townsville and her professional advice,

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Brewer & Sons. To Our Friends A FAMILY OWNED SERVICE COMPANY Brewer & Sons FUNERAL HOMES AND CREMATION SERVICES A FAMILY OWNED SERVICE COMPANY To Our Friends We at Brewer & Sons greatly appreciate the opportunity which you have given us to serve you. We count among

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One In A Million: Everything You Need To Know To Find The Best Realtor By Erik Brown

One In A Million: Everything You Need To Know To Find The Best Realtor By Erik Brown One In A Million: Everything You Need To Know To Find The Best Realtor By Erik Brown Check the the Book'' One in a Million. real estate service today: how to great agent and why you want them long Apply

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October Thoughts From Your HOA Board President. Welcome New HOA Staff Member: Dues Increase: 2018 Budget Released: in this issue

October Thoughts From Your HOA Board President. Welcome New HOA Staff Member: Dues Increase: 2018 Budget Released: in this issue October 2017 in this issue Welcome New HOA Staff Member: Wynlakes HOA welcomes Amy Cohen as Office Manager. Dues Increase: Effective January 1 st the HOA dues rates will increase and will be effective

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There are a number of things you need to think about before taking in a lodger.

There are a number of things you need to think about before taking in a lodger. Got a spare room? Your guide to taking in a lodger Thinking of taking in a lodger? A lodger is someone who rents a room in your home and shares areas such as kitchen and bathroom. Some people provide

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Real Estate s Best Kept Secret:

Real Estate s Best Kept Secret: Real Estate s Best Kept Secret: How To Make Millions With Your Very Own Probate Real Estate Goldmine! By Stacy Kellams A person who leaves a will ought to come back and see what a mess they left. ~ Will

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5 Reasons You Should Be in Probate Real

5 Reasons You Should Be in Probate Real 5 REASONS YOU SHOULD BE IN PROBATE REAL ESTATE...1 TIPS FOR PROBATE ENTREPRENEURS...2 WHAT TO KNOW ABOUT BUYING AS IS PROPERTIES...3 At any one point in time there is more than $60B in Residential Real

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41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1:

41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1: Record Series Number The materials listed in this document are available for research at the University of Illinois Archives. For more information, email or search

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EXCHANGE STUDENT EVALUATION REPORT SCAN DESIGN FOUNDATION BY INGER & JENS BRUUN EXCHANGE STUDENT EVALUATION REPORT Student Name: Cale Wilber Institution where you studied: Dorte Mandrup Architects Semester of participation: Spring 2015

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ATTRACT REAL ESTATE NOW ATTRACT REAL ESTATE NOW TIPS FOR BEGINNING REAL ESTATE INVESTORS TO EXPERIENCED REAL ESTATE INVESTORS You have giveaway rights to this ebook. That means you can give it away to anyone you like. Legal Notice

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The 4 Biggest Mistakes FSBO s Make (And How to Avoid Them)

The 4 Biggest Mistakes FSBO s Make (And How to Avoid Them) The 4 Biggest Mistakes FSBO s Make (And How to Avoid Them) From the desk of Kenner Kee Your neighborhood REALTOR! One of the biggest reasons people choose to forgo a realtor and sell their home themselves

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Brokers Forum Report

Brokers Forum Report Brokers Forum Report March 24, 2015 Forecast for April 2015 September 2015 The Center for Real Estate Theory and Practice 1 ASU Commercial Brokers Forum Survey Forecast for April 2015 September 2015 "Without

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Home Seller s Guide. How to get top dollar for your home when selling

Home Seller s Guide. How to get top dollar for your home when selling Home Seller s Guide How to get top dollar for your home when selling A real estate transaction is one of the biggest financial transactions most people will do in a lifetime. Understanding the sales process

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Long-vacant Durant Hotel in Flint becoming apartments; What do you think of this projec...

Long-vacant Durant Hotel in Flint becoming apartments; What do you think of this projec... Page 1 of 6 Long-vacant Durant Hotel in Flint becoming apartments; What do you think of this project? Posted by Ron Fonger The Flint Journal October 27, 2008 16:51PM Flint Journal extras: This is an updated

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Audio #26 NRAS NRAS

Audio #26 NRAS NRAS NRAS Dymphna: Welcome everybody to Great to have you guys listening again and once again, I have a fabulous guest speaker to come and talk to you. Now we re talking about something

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The capitalization rate is essential to any analysis through the income

The capitalization rate is essential to any analysis through the income FEATURES An Argument for Establishing a Standard Method of Capitalization Derivation by Eric T. Reenstierna, MAI The capitalization rate is essential to any analysis through the income capitalization approach.

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First Time Home Buyer s Guide. Produced by: The Michael Vincent Property Group

First Time Home Buyer s Guide. Produced by: The Michael Vincent Property Group First Time Home Buyer s Guide Produced by: The Michael Vincent Property Group Get Prepared: It s time to Adult remember all those documents & items that everyone told you to protect, don t give out, or

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Exercise 1 Negotiating A Job Salary:

Exercise 1 Negotiating A Job Salary: Exercise 1 Negotiating A Job Salary: Suppose you re searching for your first full time job post-college graduation. You ve been searching for employment for 6 months. Your college roommate informs you

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Cottage Food Laws as of December 2014

Cottage Food Laws as of December 2014 Cottage Food Laws as of December 2014 State Primary Statute Foods Allowed Revenue Venue Restrictions Additional requirements: These are just highlights, please Limit check your state law and any local

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South Park County Sanitation District

South Park County Sanitation District For accessibility assistance with this document, please contact Sonoma County Water Agency Community and Government Affairs department at (707)526-5370, Fax to (707)544-6123 or through the California Relay

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SoccerCity Versus Friends of SDSU: An Analysis of Two Competing Initiatives

SoccerCity Versus Friends of SDSU: An Analysis of Two Competing Initiatives SoccerCity Versus Friends of SDSU: An Analysis of Two Competing Initiatives The Mission Valley Site is the largest contiguous parcel remaining in the City of San Diego. Conversations regarding the future

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Grow With Us! April Dates to Remember: Regional Affiliate of:

Grow With Us! April Dates to Remember: Regional Affiliate of: April 2018 Grow With Us! Visit our Website at: Regional Affiliate of: Kristi Evans Dates to Remember: Susan Williams

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Get the latest version of Melody here:

Get the latest version of Melody here: Melody v0.0.3 Full Walkthrough The walkthrough has been created to give you the best possible chance of winning Melody over. During the game, you ll meet different characters and your decisions will affect

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Tools. for Tenants. Permanent Supportive Housing

Tools. for Tenants. Permanent Supportive Housing Tools for Tenants Permanent Supportive Housing U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Center for Mental Health Services Tools

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THE MONDRIAN 729 Humboldt St., Victoria A 93-unit, 10-storey residential mid-rise building Downtown mid-rise building will feature strong lines and coloured glass panels on balconies Suzanne Morphet Sun

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Bo s Straight and Strong Feet. Written by Kim DeLeon Illustrated by Katy Anderson

Bo s Straight and Strong Feet. Written by Kim DeLeon Illustrated by Katy Anderson Bo s Straight and Strong Feet Written by Kim DeLeon Illustrated by Katy Anderson Bo s Straight and Strong Feet Written by Kim DeLeon Dedicated to Jaden DeLeon Illustrated by Katy Anderson Copyright 2012

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Commentary 2. Released: June The Numbers That Drive Real Estate 3. Special Report 9. Brought to you by: KW Research

Commentary 2. Released: June The Numbers That Drive Real Estate 3. Special Report 9. Brought to you by: KW Research Released: June 2011 Commentary 2 The Numbers That Drive Real Estate 3 Special Report 9 Brought to you by: KW Research Commentary The housing market s balanced position remains firm. Sales activity is up

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Vibrant Vancouver: New tenants coming to waterfront Joseph Gallivan Thursday, February 22, 2018

Vibrant Vancouver: New tenants coming to waterfront Joseph Gallivan Thursday, February 22, 2018 Vibrant Vancouver: New tenants coming to waterfront Joseph Gallivan Thursday, February 22, 2018 Two new office tenants at the Vancouver waterfront explain their reasoning as the site sets to come to life

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At an altitude of 1,460m, Club Med Valmorel Chalets offer breathtaking views of Mont Blanc.

At an altitude of 1,460m, Club Med Valmorel Chalets offer breathtaking views of Mont Blanc. At an altitude of 1,460m, Club Med Valmorel Chalets offer breathtaking views of Mont Blanc. These fully ski-in, ski-out chalets offer a luxurious experience for clients looking for that something special.

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