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1 Index Index Index Overview May 217 Update July 217 The Effective demand reflects investor interest on the marketplace for the 3 real estate segments in Kenya (residential, commercial and land) % DF Residential Effective Demand Commercial space demand dwindles The DF Residential effective demand, tracking residential properties for rent, is up by 4.8% in May 217 compared to April 217. This performance is due to an increased interest by tenants. The supply of residential units is also up by 5.8% from April 217. DF Commercial Effective Demand % DF Land Effective Demand % The DF Commercial effective demand, tracking commercial properties for rent, is down by 57.1% in May 217, from April 217.The commercial listing are up 167% month-on-month showing increased supply despite the declining demand. The prices are projected to recede in order to attract occupants. The DF Land effective demand, tracking land listings for sale, is up by 14.9% in May 217, from April 217. This gain recorded shows investor confidence on land properties is still high, with supply of the same properties up 2% month-on-month. Residential Effective Demand [For Rent] [+4.8%].35 Commercial Effective Demand [For Rent] [-57.1%].8 Land Effective Demand [For Sale] [+14.9%] Dodram Trading Ltd

2 Ksh. Rent Demand Residential May 217 Update Residential Market July % Number of residential properties for rent listed in May Number of The number of residential listings were up 5.8% in May 217. The number is expected to shrink in June as the demand for the residential properties went up by 4.8% which indicates more uptake Kileleshwa 3 Br Apartment Rent Trend The rent prices for 3 bedroom apartments in Kileleshwa are up 35% from June 216 to May 217 with the increase in effective demand. The units listed are 4% less in May 217 compared to May 216. The increase in demand and lack of equal increase in supply in terms of listings allows the rent to move higher. May 216. Oct 216. May 217. Rent Demand Kileleshwa 3 Br rent growth gave the highest return during the period. The median 3 Br rent in Kileleshwa is 35% up over the period, the appreciation of the land has not been factored in Bond NSE All Kileleshwa 3 Br rent growth June 216. May 217. Source: Data Fintech Analytics, April Dodram Trading Ltd

3 KSh. Per sqft Ksh 217 Dodram Trading Ltd Commercial Commercial Market May 217 Update July % Number of commercial properties for rent listed in May Commercial The number of listings up down 167% m-om. The number of listings is cyclic and has completed the declining trend and is expected continue rising in June with the decline in demand for the commercial space Westlands Office Space Rent Trend The rent on commercial property in Westlands went up by 2.5% between May 216 and May 217. The rent is projected to drift slightly lower to absorb the new commercial spaces May 216. Oct 216. May Bond NSE All Westland Commercial Property Rent June 216. May 217. Source: DataFintech Analytics, June 217 The 1 year bond gave the highest return among the three investments over the last 12 months. The growth of rent in Westlands commercial property was slower that of 3 Br. Apartments in Kileleshwa over the last 12 months.

4 Ksh Millions Land May 217 Update July 217 Land Market 149 2% Number of land properties for sale listed in May 217. Land The land property listings are up 2% month on month. Investor confidence in the same property is up 14.9% for the month indicating the strong investor confidence in land as an investment option The number of listings is projected to continue with the upward movement as land is seen as a more stable investment option compared to other real estate investments. 2 Karen Land Price The change in median land prices in Karen is up 5.5% between May 216 and May 217. The demand for land remained high with the growing population and is projected to remain on the upward direction. - May 216. Oct 216. May Bond NSE All Karen median land price June 216. May 217. The 1 year bond gave higher returns than the gains from the land investment in Karen between May 216 and May 217 The growth of land value in Karen was higher than the growth of commercial space rent in Westlands but less than the rent growth of 3Br Apartments in Kileleshwa. Source: Data Fintech Analytics, April Dodram Trading Ltd

5 May 217 Update July 217 Methodology Over 253, Data Points Collected and Analyzed > 1, Unique Visitors per Month Period of Data Collection > 13,7 Unique 1/1/215-31/5/217 13,7 Real Estate Units Data points sub-markets Participation 3 Real Estate Sub-markets Analyzed 7% Kenyan Investors 3% Foreign Investors x About Data Fintech Data Fintech is a consumer data broker whose main aim is to generate financial value from consumer data. Founded in 215 in Nairobi (Kenya), the company's senior team cumulates more than 4 years experience in data mining, research and consumer payments. x About Buy Rent Kenya Buy Rent Kenya is the largest online property website in Kenya. Buy Rent Kenya connects property buyers and sellers through its online marketplace. For more information: buyrentkenya.com 217 Dodram Trading Ltd