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1 BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS T. PAGE THARP GOVERNMENTAL BUILDING 102 STARKSVILLE AVENUE NORTH, LEESBURG, GEORGIA SPECIAL CALLED MEETING TUESDAY, JUNE 20 TH, 5:30 P.M. OPAL CANNON AUDITORIUM T. PAGE THARP BUILDING MEETING AGENDA COUNTY COMMISSIONERS COUNTY STAFF Dennis Roland, Chairman Billy Mathis, Vice-Chairman District 1 District 3 Mike Sistrunk, Co County Manager Christi Dockery, Co County Manager Luke Singletary, Commissioner District 2 Jimmy Skipper, County Attorney Rick Muggridge, Commissioner District 4 Bill Williams, Commissioner District 5 1. INVOCATION Page 2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 3. CALL TO ORDER 4. DEPARTMENT MATTERS Public Safety (A) Consideration of directive to open new Public Safety Response Station on New York Road at intersection of Laramore and Philema roads or Highway 195, as well as selection of operating a fire truck or ambulance. 5. ANNOUNCEMENTS (A) The next regular scheduled County Commission meeting will be Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. (B) County offices will be closed: Tuesday, July 4, 2017 in observance of the Independence Day holiday; 6. ADJOURNMENT AGENDA MAY CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE Lee County is a thriving vibrant community celebrated for its value of tradition encompassing a safe family oriented community, schools of excellence, and life long opportunities for prosperity and happiness without sacrificing the rural agricultural tapestry. I

2 LEE COUNTY PUBLICSAFETY AMBULANCE INVENTORY Truck Year Location Mileage 88M Leesburg M Leesburg- Spare M Century M Century- Spare M Palmyra M Redbone M Red bone- Spare M Smithville

3 yyy -- --`'r, A. v IRz II I o LEE COUNTY PUBLIC SAFETY FIRE/ EMS SERVICES- 911 COMMUNICATIONS 102 Starksville Ave N. MS Leesburg, Georgia B4 IC S AVIA Fire Engine Inventory List Year Make Manufacturer Mileage Hours 2015 International Rosenbauer International Rosenbauer Freightliner American LaFrance International KME Odometer does not work Not work 2002 International KME International E- One Note that the first five are front line Fire Engines. The last one is the Reserve Engine 5

4 INSPECTION, MAINTENANCE, TESTING, AND RETIREMENT OF IN-SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE FIRE APPARATUS There are many different types of forms for reporting in- used within the design parameters, whether the apparatus was spections, maintenance, and tests that could be used in con- manufactured on a custom or commercial chassis, quality of nection with a fire apparatus preventive maintenance proworkmanship by the original manufacturer, quality of the gram. Resources for forms other than those shown in this components used, and availability of replacement parts, to annex are the local or state fire apparatus mechanics associa- name a few. In the fire service, there are fire apparatus with 8 tion, apparatus manufacturers, or the Apparatus Maintenance to 10 years of service that are simply worn out. There are also Section of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. fire apparatus that were manufactured with quality components, that have had excellent maintenance, and that have Annex D Guidelines for First-Line and Reserve Fire Apparatus This annex is not a part of the requirements this of NFPA document factors responded to a minimum number of incidents that are still in serviceable condition after 20 years. Most would agree that the care of fire apparatus while being used and the quality and timeliness of maintenance are perhaps the most significant in determining how well a fire apparatus ages. but is includedfor informational purposes only. Prior to 1991, the single fire department apparatus stan- D. 1 General. To maximize fire fighter capabilities and mini- dard was NFPA It was basically a" reactive standard." If mize risk of injuries, it is important that fire apparatus be something worked well in field use for a few years, it might equipped with the latest safety features and operating capabili- have been suggested for inclusion in NFPA It was a very ties. In the last 10 to 15 years, much progress has been made in basic standard. In the late 1980s, the Technical Committee on upgrading functional capabilities and improving the Fire Department Apparatus decided to become proactive and safety features of fire apparatus. Apparatus manufactured prior to to greatly enhance the value of the standard for the fire ser usually included only a few of the upgrades resafety vice. Task groups were appointed to develop reasonable required by the 1991 and subsequent editions of the NFPA fire quirements for the various components that made up a fire department apparatus standards or the equivalent Underwrit- apparatus, and a safety task group was charged with looking at ers' Laboratories of Canada ( ULC) standards. Because the issues across the board that would improve the safety of fire changes, upgrades, and fine tuning to NFPA 1901, Standardfor fighters Automotive Fire Apparatus, since 1991 have been truly signifi- The completely revised 1991 edition of NFPA fire departcant, especially in the area of safety, fire departments should seriously consider the value( or risk) to fire fighters of keeping who use the apparatus. ment apparatus standards was the result of these efforts and the full committee' s strong desire to make the automotive fire pre fire apparatus in first-line service. apparatus standards not only more safety oriented but also The 1991 edition of the NFPA fire department apparatus more user friendly. In 1991, four standards were issued: standards included, other among provisions, requirements for NFPA 1901, Standard for Pumper Fire Apparatus, NFPA 1902, fully enclosed driving and riding areas, auxiliary braking sys- Standardfor Initial Attack Fire Apparatus, NFPA 1903, Standardfor tems, reflective striping, improved warning lights, and prohi- Mobile Water Supply Fire Apparatus,and NFPA 1904, Standard for bition of roof-mounted audible warning devices. The mini- Aerial Ladder and Elevating Platform Fire Apparatus. mum tip load for an aerial ladder was set at 250 lb ( 114 kg), Contained within the 1991 editions of the fire department and other requirements, such as a minimum rail height, were apparatus standards were requirements for such items as inadded to make the aerial ladder safer for fire fighters to use. creased battery capacity to ensure starting under most condi- The 1991 editions have been recognized as the benchmark tions, intersection lights for increased visibility, removal of all from which improved and safer fire apparatus have evolved. It roof-mounted audible warning devices to reduce hearing is recommended that apparatus only that were designed and problems, a flashing light in the cab to warn if a cab or body manufactured to meet the 1991 or later editions of the NFPA door is open, a backup alarm, an automatic transmission to fire apparatus standards, or apparatus that have been refur- make it easier to drive ( unless the purchaser has a specific bished in accordance with NFPA 1912, Standardfor FireApparareason for a manual transmission), fully enclosed riding areas tus Refurbishing, to meet the 1991 or later editions of the NFPA with reduced noise ( dba) levels to keep crew members safe fire apparatus standards, be permitted to operate in first-line and informed, seats and seat belts for all crew members riding service. This will ensure that, while the apparatus might not on the apparatus, fail-safe door handles so the sleeve of a coat with totally comply the current edition of the automotive fire does not inadvertently catch a handle and open a door, and apparatus standards, of many the improvements and upgrades signs requiring everyone to be seated and belted. required by the standards since 1991 are available to the fire In the pump area, the standard specified that 3 in. ( 75 mm) fighters who use the apparatus. or larger valves be" slow close," that caps on intakes and discharge It is recommended that apparatus manufactured prior to outlets be tested to 500 psi ( 3400 kpa), that an intake relief valve 1991 that is less than 25 years old, that has been properly mainbe provided to help manage incoming pressure, that 30-degree mined, and that is still in serviceable condition should be sweep elbows be provided on the discharges to eliminate hose placed in reserve status and upgraded to incorporate as many kinking, and that all 3 in.( 75 mm) and larger discharges be elimifeatures as possible of the post-1991 fire apparatus ( see Section nated from the pump panel to reduce the possibility ofinjuries to D.3). Apparatus that was not manufactured to the applicable the pump operator. NFPA fire apparatus standards or that is over 25 years old should be replaced. Fire apparatus equipped with electronic or electric engine throttle controls were required to include an interlock system D. 2 How the Standards Have Changed. It is a generally ac- to prevent engine speed advancement, unless the chassis cepted fact that fire apparatus, like all types of mechanical devices, have a finite life. The length of that life depends on many factors, including vehicle mileage and engine hours, quality of the preventative maintenance program, quality of transmission is in neutral with the parking brake engaged or unless the parking brake is engaged, the fire pump is engaged, and the chassis transmission is in the correct pumping gear. In the body area, the minimum step surface size and load- capabilities were increased, handrails were required the driver training program. whether the fire apparatus was carrying 2007 Edition I 6

5 ANNEX D to be slip resistant, and reflective was required on all striping 5) A low voltage electrical system load manager is installed if four sides of the apparatus. Electrical system requirements for the total connected load exceeds the alternator output line voltage systems were added to include the use of listed ( 6) The alternator output is capable of meeting the total components that were grounded. continuous load on the low voltage electrical system. Many requirements were added to increase the caoperating pabilities of all aerial devices. For aerial ladders, the minimum ( 7) Where the gross vehicle weight rating( GVWR) is 36,000 lb 16,000 kg) or more, an auxiliary braking system is installed design strength of the rungs was increased, a height requirement and operating correctly. for the handrails was specified, a minimum load- carrying require- ( 8) Ground and step lighting meets or exceeds the current ment for standard. steps was specified, and folding the aerial ladder had to have a minimum carrying capacity of 250 lb ( 114 kg) at the tip ( when the aerial ladder is at zero degrees elevation and maximum 9) Noise levels in the driving and crew compartment( s) meet the current standard, or appropriate hearing pro- section is provided. extension. Where a water tower is equipped with a ladder, the same requirements that applied to an aerial ladder were required ( of the ladder on the water tower. The carrying capacity of elevating platforms at zero degrees serviceable 10) All horns and sirens are relocated to a position as low and as far forward as possible. 11) Seat belts are available for every seat and are new or in condition. elevation and maximum extension was raised to 750 lb( 340 kg). ( 12) Signs are present stating no riding on open areas. Elevating platforms were also required to have handrails, breath- ( 13) A pump shift indicator system is present and working ing air available in the platform( with low-air warning capability) properly for vehicles equipped with an automatic chassis for at least two fire fighters, and a water curtain cooling system under the platform. transmission. 14) For vehicles equipped with electronic or electric engine All aerial devices had to be capable of supporting a static throttle controls, an interlock system is present and load of one and one-half times their rated capacity in any po- working properly to prevent engine speed advancement sition. A requirement for a stabilizer movement alarm and reat the operator' s panel, unless the chassis transmission is flective striping with warning lights was added. Interlocks to in neutral with the parking brake engaged; or unless the prevent inadvertent movement to an unsupported side and to parking brake is engaged, the fire pump is engaged, and prevent raising the aerial device prior to the stabilizers being the chassis transmission is in pumping gear. deployed were specified. One hundred percent nondestruc ( 15) All loose equipment in the driving and crew areas is setive tests ( NDT) became a requirement. All these mounted to prevent its movement in case of an requiremerits merits were included in the 1991 editions of the NFPA fire department apparatus standards. In 1996, the four fire department apparatus standards NFPA 1901, NFPA 1902, NFPA 1903, and NFPA 1904) were all fire apparatus be checked and maintained regularly to en- sure that they will be reliable and safe to use. The manufacturer's instructions should always be followed when maintaining the fire apparatus. Special attention should be paid to ensure that the following conditions exist, as they are particularly critical to maintaining a reliable unit: recombined into a single standard that was designated as NFPA 1901, Standardfor Automotive Fire Apparatus. This edition further enhanced the safety and operating all the apparatus. characteristics of The 1999 edition included chapters on quints and mobile accident. D.4 Proper Maintenance of Fire Apparatus. In addition to needed upgrades to older fire apparatus, it is imperative that foam apparatus, further defined slip resistance of stepping 1) Engine belts, fuel lines, and filters have been replaced in and walking surfaces, required better of equipment mounting accordance with the manufacturers' maintenance schedin the driving and crew compartments, required predelivery testing of foam systems, and specified that fill stations for ( 2) Brakes, brake lines, and wheel seals have been replaced breathing air cylinders be designed to contain a rupturtotally or serviced in accordance with the manufacturers' maining cylinder. ule( s). tenance schedule. The 2003 edition continued to refine the requirements in 3) Tires and suspension are in serviceable condition, and the driving and crew areas with riding increased head height tires are not more than 7 years old. requirements at positions and additional requireseating ( 4) The radiator has been serviced in accordance with the ments for storage of SCBAs in seat backs, both aimed at reduc- manufacturer' s maintenance schedule and all cooling ing fire fighter injuries. The test protocol for resistance of slip system hose are new or in serviceable condition. 5) The alternator output meets its rating. standing and surfaces was walking better defined. There was a general cleanup of the requirements throughout the docu- ( 6) A complete weight analysis shows the fire apparatus is not over individual axle or total gross vehicle weight ratings. ment to enhance the operational usefulness of the apparatus. 7) The fire pump meets or exceeds its original pump rating. D. 3 Upgrading Fire Apparatus. Any apparatus, whether in 8) The water tank and baffles are not corroded or distorted. first-line or reserve service, should be upgraded in accordance with NFPA 1912 as necessary to ensure that the following fea- tures are included as a minimum: 1) Fully enclosed seating is provided for all members riding ( 9) If equipped with an aerial device, a complete test to original specifications has been conducted and certified by a certified testing laboratory. 10) If so equipped, the generator and line voltage accesso- ries have been tested and meet the current standard. on the fire apparatus. 2) Warning lights meet or exceed the current standard. D.5 Refurbishing or Replacing Fire Apparatus. Fire depart- 3) Reflective striping meets or exceeds the current standard. merit administrators and fire chiefs should exercise special 4) Slip resistance of walking surfaces and handrails meets care when evaluating the cost of refurbishing or updating an apparatus versus the cost of a new fire apparatus. Apparatus the current standard Edition El

6 INSPECTION, MAINTENANCE, TESTING, AND RETIREMENT OF IN-SERVICE AUTOMOTIVE FIRE APPARATUS that are refurbished should with comply the requirements of that NFPA A thorough cost-benefit analysis of the value of breaks down at any time during an emergency operation not only compromises the success of the operation but might the safety of the fire fighters relying on that appa- upgrading or a refurbishing fire apparatus should be conjeopardizducted. In many instances, it will be found that refurbishing costs will exceed greatly the current value ofsimilar apparatus. or Experience has also shown that a refurbishing fire apparatus that is over 20 years old, other than to paint or repair the ratus to support their role in the operation. An old, worn out., poorly maintained fire apparatus has no role in providing emergency services to a community. apparatus, is a very poor investment. Annex E Informational References Some factors to consider and evaluate when considering whether to refurbish or replace a fire apparatus include the E. 1 Referenced Publications. The documents or portions following: thereof listed in this annex are referenced within the informa- 1) What is the true condition of the apparatus? existing Has tional sections of this standard and are not part of the requireit been in a major accident, or has something else hap- ments of this document unless also listed in Chapter 2 for pened to it that would make spending significant money other reasons. on it ill advised? 2) Does the current apparatus meet the program needs of E NFPA Publications. National Fire Protection Associa- tion, 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA the area it is serving? Is it designed for the way the fire NFPA 11, Standard for Low-, Medium-, and High-Expansion department operates today and is expected to operate into the foreseeable future, or is the apparatus function aratus Driver/ Operator Prolesally obsolete? Can it carry everything that is needed to do the job without being overloaded? 3) If the apparatus is refurbished, will it provide the level of safety and operational of a new capability fire apparatus? Re- NFPA Foam, 2005 edition. NFPA 1002, Standardfor FtreA sional Qualifications, 2003 edition. NFPA 1150, Standard on Foam Chemicals for Fires in Class A Fuels, 2004 edition. 1901, StandardforAutomotiveFneApparatus, 2003 edition. member, in many cases, refurbishing does not mean increasing the GVWR, so it is not possible to add a larger water tank NFPA 1912, Standard for Fire Apparatus Refurbishing, 2006 or additional foam agent tanks or to carry massive amounts edition. of additional equipment. Enclosing personnel riding areas might add enough weight to the chassis that existing equip- ment loads need to be reduced to avoid overloading the chassis. An aerial ladder that does not have a 250 lb( 114 kg) tip load at zero rating degrees elevation and maximum ex- E. tension cannot be made stronger. 4) What is the anticipated cost per year to operate the apparatus if it were refurbished, and what would the cost per year tors Publications. American Association of Motor Vehicle Ad- ministrators, P.O. Box 79702, Baltimore, MD be for a new apparatus? Do not forget insurance costs, down- NFPA 1961, Standard on Fire Hose, 2007 edition. NFPA 1962, Standard for the Inspection, Care, and Use of Fire Hose, Couplings, and Nozzles and the Service Testing of Fire Hose, 2003 edition Other Publications. E American Association of Motor Vehicle Administra time costs, maintenance costs, depreciation, reliability, and Vehicle Inspection Handbook, Passenger Vehicles& Light Trucks, the safety of the users and the public. At what rate are those costs each year? rising Are parts still readily available for all Vehicle Inspection Handbook, Trucks, Buses, & Trailers, the components on the apparatus? A refurbished 15-year- E ASME Publications. American Society of Mechanical old apparatus still has 15-year- old parts in it. How long could Engineers, Three Park Avenue, New York, NY the fire department operate without the apparatus if it suddenly needed major repairs? ASME B , Pressure Gauges and GaugeAttachments, ) Is there a current trade-in value that will be gone tomorrow? E U.S. Government Publications. U.S. Government Print- Most apparatus over 12 years old have little trade-in value. ing Office, Washington, DC Are there creative financing plans or leasing options that Title 29, Code of Federal Regulations, Section , can provide a new fire apparatus for little more than the cost " Servicing multi-piece and single piece rim wheels" Mar. 7, of refurbishing or maintaining an older apparatus? D.6 Conclusion. A fire apparatus is an emergency vehicle that E.2 Informational References.( Reserved) must be relied on to transport fire fighters safely to and from an incident and to operate reliably and to support properly E.3 References for Extracts in Informational Sections. the mission of the fire department. A piece of fire apparatus NFPA1901, StandardforAutomotiveFireApparatus, 2003 edition NAN 2007 Edition 4 8

7 IR A& LEE COUNTY PUBLIC SAFETY FIRE/ EMS SERVICES- 911 COMMUNICATIONS 102 Starksville Ave N. MS Leesburg, Georgia gzic S 1. C May 26, 2017 Lee County Board of Commissioners, This letter is to clarify the directive of the Lee County Board of Commissioners to start a BLS unit response at Station# 6 located at New York Rd. and Laramore Rd. I wish to ensure that we are on the same page as to what will be provide from this location. As I understand it, we will place six ( 6) full-time FF/ EMT' s at this response station to operate on a 24/ 48 schedule. These FF/ EMT' s will provide Basic Life Support by utilizing one of our current Reserve Ambulances. This Ambulance will carry all standard equipment to provide basic life support. It will have an automatic defibrillator, but will not carry a cardiac monitor or drug box. This estimated cost of providing this service will be approximately$ 345, 000 annually for salaries based on 6 FF/ EMT' s. This unit will be able to place EMT' s on the scene quickly and get medical attention started on a patient to include CPR and starting an IV. They can provide all care except that which is considered Advanced Life Support which requires a Paramedic. This will be the most cost effective way to achieve the goal of getting medical attention to a patient quicker in this area of the county as it does not require the purchase of all of the added ALS equipment which is quite costly. ( which is estimated at$ 55, 000) Facility and building preparation and annual operating costs are not included. If I can be of any further assistance in implementing your plan or answering any further questions please let me know. Thank you for your attention and support as we move Lee County Public Safety forward. Respectfully, Wesley Wells Interim Public Safety Director us

8 IRz 7 LEE COUNTY PUBLIC SAFETY 1. I1W L-7 FIRE/ EMS SERVICES- 911 COMMUNICATIONS 342 Leslie Highway Leesburg, Georgia Al! 4ilC SO ' t*k Phone / Fax TO: SUBJECT: Honorable Board of County Commissioners Opening New Response Station MEETING DATE: Tuesday June 13, 2017 MOTION/ RECOMMENDATION: Decision on Board of Commissioners directive to open a new Public Safety Response Station on New York Road at intersection of Laramore and Philema Roads, or Highway 195. BACKGROUND: Estimated costs in opening new response station will be: $ 101, 050 w/ Ambulance or$ 390,950 w/ Fire Engine 1. Trailer - $ 43, 900 * Special pricing from Clayton Homes for Public Safety 2. Fence - $ 9, Concrete Work: $ 3, Cost to survey and prepare deed to donate property - $ Bury Power Lines and install pole w/ electrical box - $ 1, Furniture (Beds, Dining table, TV, Sofas, Night Stands, etc.) $ 5, Office equipment (desk, chair, computer, printer, copier, fax, misc.) $2, Stretcher and equipment for BLS Ambulance $ 21, sets turnout gear at$ 2,200 each - $ 13, Using the Reserve Fire Engine means a loss of. 5 points and would have to be equipped at an estimated cost of$ 36, 000. The option to use the Reserve Fire Engine means closing a station anytime one of the Fire Engines needs maintenance or repairs. 11. Cost to replace reserve fire truck( if use fire truck instead of ambulance) $275, Estimated recurring annual operating expense of$50, A 10

9 I y ` jam i Z Q LL g u x r 0 Tt o o }! }}! 0 0 iywit f y') Q v, 4 1 N. r T S S H N n Tt v a o o 0 0 o ed a oa r N N N N T O Y1 N N 10 O n 5. I 1 I I li' O 1 ' o 0 S al R' 0.,_ u a. a' r' N L Q N a 11/ D _, It O o o` 0 CIO Pill " 1 i Et 0 ni r- f r- / O li, 1 3. a y{? 72 ::/ r' LL c) CO. 41; H C\ 1 < J a - Z t r LL N NMI f 4 m,,,.,,, N s: 1 011: 11) a co a O CU y I--,- VP l U L In o 1]

10 Fire District Structure Values by Class 812 Residential 54,475, 104 Commercial 685, 300 Accessory 5, 636,510 TOTAL 60, 796, Residential 2, 438,473 Commercial Accessory 230,426 TOTAL 2, 668, Residential 14, 813, 521 Commercial 412, 800 Accessory 2, 680,875 TOTAL 17, 907,

11 a i. tor. 55 r--- -, V A 13, ' J/ jol i06 1 i-,., `.' 1 I 71 --'. Oil' p z+ 1. e i t 1 Ei 1,1,,,,) l r l i ; t! t k r I+ DA,., ; 4 I d Fire al. w.( FS) R I District 110, K2 Markt r t i 1 FS 2& 3Dhtrkt IOv. r pi Ali#..+ f a+w.- i / - FS l amid 0 fb S MALI a& Dbftk. r t f 1 f" 4 1 r e,...' FS(& 134strict( 0v.11 1 Markt 10. erlp) ypiyel. n par Comm BbeY s I.- District Overlap Population: 2, 982 ( MAROON) No K LEE COUNTY FIRE STATIONS Five" road mile" radius/ 2010 Census population by Block Population TOTAL: 28, 298 ( Per Fire District IVORY) Coverage Area Population: 1, 774 ( AQUA) I I 4 13

12 STATE OF GEORGIA COUNTY OF LEE LEASE AGREEMENT BETWEEN BILLY MANNING AND THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF LEE COUNTY, GEORGIA, FOR FIRE SUBSTATION AND POLLING PLACE This Lease Agreement entered into effective the day of , by and between Billy Manning of 152 Manning Lane, Leesburg, Lee County, Georgia ( hereinafter referred to as " Lessor") and The Board of Commissioners of Lee County, Georgia of 110 Starksville Avenue North, Leesburg, Lee County, Georgia 31763( hereinafter referred to as" Lessee"). WITNESSETH : WHEREAS, Lessor is the sole owner of those certain premises more particularly described as 103 Laramore Road in Lee County, Georgia; and WHEREAS, Lessee previously entered into an annual oral lease with Lessor on September 24, 1988 ( hereinafter referred to as " the 1988 lease"), regarding leasing the subject property for use as a fire substation and voting precinct for Lee County in County Commission District 1; and WHEREAS, at the time the 1988 lease was entered into, it was for a period of one ( 1) year, renewable for an additional nineteen ( 19) consecutive years at One Dollar($ 1. 00) per year rent; and Page 1 14

13 WHEREAS, no payments were ever made by Lessee to Lessor, nor were any payments ever demanded by Lessor of Lessee during the term of the Lease, with respect to said rental payments during the term of the 1988 lease; and WHEREAS, during the existence of the 1988 lease, Lee County constructed and maintained a metal building thereon for use as a fire substation and a voting precinct; and WHEREAS, Lessor and Lessee deem it appropriate to enter into a new Lease Agreement for such purposes under the terms and conditions herein set out; and WHEREAS, Lessor and Lessee deem that this new Lease Agreement is for the mutual benefit of both parties. NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises, the rental payments to be made hereunder, and other provisions of this Lease Agreement, the parties do hereby agree as follows: 1. ( A) That Lessor shall lease to Lessee, and Lessee shall lease from Lessor, that certain real property, with all improvements thereon, located at 103 Laramore Road in Lee County, Georgia ( hereinafter referred to as the " leased premises" or" premises"). B) That Lessee shall pay to Lessor on the tenth ( 10`h) day of January, commencing on (" 9 EA0,r,.a- l o aol3and continuing on the same day of each successive year thereafter during the term of this Lease, the sum of One Hundred Dollars ($ ) per year as rental for the leased premises. 2. That as additional consideration in return for rent that Lessee did not pay to Lessor with respect to the 1988 lease, and in consideration of Lessor not requiring Lessee to take down and remove the building owned by Lessee now located upon the leased premises, as of the date that the first lease payment is due hereunder, Lessee Page 2 15

14 shall also pay to Lessor the sum of One Hundred Twenty-five Dollars ($ ). Such payment shall be in addition to, and not in lieu of, rental amounts due to Lessor under Paragraph 1 of this Lease Agreement. 3. That Lessee shall be authorized to use the leased premises for a fire substation and a County voting precinct in County Commission District 1 during the term of this Lease. 4. That Lessee shall not have the right to assign this Lease, or any interest therein, or sublet the leased premises, or any part of the premises, or any right or privilege to the premises, or allow any person other than Lessee and Lessee' s agents, employees, volunteers, and members of the voting public access to the leased p remises. 5. That Lessor leases the premises to Lessee for an initial term of one ( 1) year commencing as of the p of day O `* o V,r 2013,, and concluding as of the 3 I day of 2014; provided, however, that the Lease shall be automatically renewed without action of either party hereto for four( 4) additional consecutive one ( 1) year terms ( for a maximum total of five ( 5) one 1) year terms) under the same terms and conditions as herein set out unless either party provides not less than thirty ( 30) calendar days' written notice to the other party of such party' s intent to terminate the Lease as of the expiration of the then- existing annual Lease term. Such notice shall be in writing and shall be delivered to the other party at the address provided herein. 6. That the parties agree that because the leased premises are to be used solely by Lessor for the public purposes herein set out during the term of this Lease, Lessor shall not be obligated to pay any ad valorem taxes to Lee County with respect Page

15 to the building located on the leased premises during the term of this Lease since that building is owned by Lessee. 7. ( A) That Lessee shall purchase and maintain, at its sole cost and expense, public liability insurance with respect to the premises in an amount not to exceed Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($ 500, ). Lessor shall be named as an additional insured with respect to such liability insurance policy. Proof of the existence of such insurance policy shall be provided by Lessee to Lessor within ten ( 10) days of Lessor's request therefor. B) That Lessee shall purchase and maintain, at its sole cost and expense, hazard insurance with respect to the building located on the leased premises and Lessee' s contents upon the leased premises in such amounts as Lessee may deem appropriate. Proof of the existence of such insurance policy shall be provided by Lessee to Lessor within ten( 10) calendar days of Lessor' s request therefor. 8. That Lessee shall be responsible, at its sole cost and expense, to maintain the interior and the exterior of the building and to maintain the grounds around the building included in the leased premises, and at the conclusion of the term, the premises shall be in the same condition as they are on the initial date of this Lease, ordinary wear and tear or damage by fire or the elements excepted; provided, however, that the building owned by Lessee on the leased premises shall be removed by Lessee at the conclusion of the lease in accord with the provisions of Paragraph 16 hereof. 9. That in the event of a default by Lessee hereunder, Lessor shall have the right to cancel and terminate this Lease Agreement, as well as all of the right and interest of Lessee hereunder, by giving to Lessee not less than thirty ( 30) calendar days' written notice of such cancellation and termination. Upon expiration of the time Page 4 17

16 fixed in such notice, this Lease Agreement and the right, title, and interest of Lessee hereunder shall terminate in the same manner and with the same force and effect as if the date fixed in the notice of cancellation or termination were the end of the term of the then- existing term of this Lease. 10. That Lessor warrants that Lessee shall be granted peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the leased premises free from any eviction, termination, disturbance, or interference by Lessor, as long as Lessee pays the rent and other charges provided herein, and otherwise fully and punctually performs the terms and conditions imposed upon Lessee by the terms of this Lease Agreement. 11. That Lessor represents and warrants that he has full right and authority to enter into this Lease Agreement. 12. That Lessee shall be in exclusive control and possession of the leased premises, and Lessor shall not be liable for any injury or damages to any property or to any person on or about the leased premises, or for any injury or damage to any property of Lessee. Lessor shall have no duty to inspect the leased premises, and Lessor specifically assumes no liability for its failure to inspect said premises. 13. That the failure of either party to insist on a strict performance of any of the terms and conditions hereof shall be deemed a waiver of the rights or remedies that such party may have regarding such specific instance only and shall not be deemed a waiver of any subsequent breach or default in any terms and conditions of this Lease. 14. That all notices required or permitted to be given with respect to this Lease Agreement shall be in writing. Each notice to Lessee shall be sent by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, and return receipt requested, to: Page 5 18

17 County Administrator Board of Commissioners of Lee County, Georgia 110 Starksville Avenue North Leesburg, Georgia Each notice to Lessor shall be sent by registered or certified mail, postage prepaid, and return receipt requested, to: to time designate in writing. Billy Manning 152 Manning Lane Leesburg, Georgia Notices shall be sent to such other address as either party may from time Every notice shall be deemed to have been given at the time it shall have been deposited in the United States Mail, postage prepaid, in the manner prescribed herein. Nothing contained herein shall be construed to preclude personal service of any notice in the manner prescribed for personal service of a summons or other legal process. 15. That Lessee shall, on the last day of the term of this Lease Agreement, or upon any earlier termination or forfeiture of this Lease Agreement, peaceably and quietly surrender and deliver the leased premises to Lessor. 16. That upon surrender of possession of the premises, Lessee shall have sixty ( 60) calendar days after the surrender of possession of the premises, or the termination of the Lease Agreement, to remove, at Lessee' s sole cost and expense, the building, including the concrete slab, located upon the leased premises and Lessees' other personal property located upon the leased premises. 17. That this Lease Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties and cannot be changed or terminated except by written instrument subsequently executed by the parties hereto. This Lease Agreement and the terms Page 6 19

18 and conditions hereof apply to, and are binding upon, the heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors, and assigns of both parties. 18. That time is of the essence in all provisions of this Lease Agreement. 19. That this Lease Agreement shall be construed in accord with the laws of the State of Georgia. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned have set their hands and affixed their seals effective the day and year first above written. LESSOR: Board of Commissioners of Lee County, Georgia By: _ I Unoffici I Witness Ch irman Ulna, C ` V. 1Q I11 Attest: r Notary Public My Commission Expkes Nov :11 c cek C c LESSEE: Unoffi ': I Witness illy anning Nota L Public a z40 Ae_(: 77, 7 a EXPr GEOR' A oc E-E co, Page 7 20

19 j OARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF LEE COUNTY, GA- 110 Star kit vino Ave N- Leesburg, GA ( 229) ** BILLY MANNING ** 10/ 03/ 2013 DATE I. D. PO # v.,, k PTION 09/ 26/ e :±- =. 0 % 1V 49 s, o e 4 1 AMOUNT Vi ; r0 "" ADDNL ,... 0,.%.!: o 7, y4 a 1 e PLEASE DETACH STUN BEFQREDEF0677MIG CHECK TOTAL BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF off 4. COLONY BANK Pr! - k LEE COUNTY, GEORGIA LEE GENERAL Ff1ND- CASH IN BANK s< ze re s;, - ; TaEEHDl a STARKSVILLEAVBIIEN 11, 111: e. LEESBURG, GEORGIA DATE AMOUNT 10/ 03/ 2013 $******* j vow AFrft so ONrS AY ---- TWO HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE & 00/ 100 DOLLARS ---- UTHE ** BILLY MANNING ** BOER 152 MANNING LAMS a,,,,,'"... OF LEESBURG, GA _. 8 SECURT' FEATURES INCLUDED. DETAILS ON BACK 8 ali. i92' 1: : 0 3L03728e AI b 21

20 1 lll] ROOK Pc1G w h, LEASE AGREEMENT GEORGIA, LEE COUNTY. THIS LEASE, entered into the / 5 day of 1990, by and between JACK E. MILLER ( hereinafter referred to as Landlord") and THE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS OF LEE COUNTY, GEORGIA hereinafter referred to as " County"), W I T N E S S E T H: 1- Landlord, for and in consideration of the rents, covenants, agreements, and stipulations hereinafter mentioned, reserved, and contained, to be paid, kept and performed by County, has leased and rented, and by these presents does lease and rent, unto County, and County hereby leases and takes upon the terms and conditions which hereinafter appear, the property described in Exhibit "A" which is attached hereto and made a part hereof ( hereinafter called the premises"). 2- County shall have and hold the premises for a term beginning on the 16th day of April, 1990, and ending on the 15th day of April, 1991, at midnight, unless sooner terminated or extended as hereinafter specifically provided in this Lease. Unless County gives written notice to Landlord no later than thirty ( 30) days prior to the expiration of the original lease term, or any subsequent lease term, this Lease shall continue for nineteen ( 19) additional one- year terms upon the same conditions and terms as set forth in this original Lease. County shall have the absolute right C D22 22

21 J ROOK 1 _ :J4 P GE 2; n C terminate this lease by giving written notice to Landlord thirty 30) days prior to the expiration of the original lease term or any successive lease terms. County shall have the option to renew this lease upon the same terms and conditions as the original lease for an additional twenty ( 20) one year terms ( representing a total of forty ( 40) years) by giving Landlord written notice of its intention to renew at any time while this lease is in effect. 3- County shall pay Landlord promptly on the 16th day of April, 1990 and on the 16th day of April of each successive year that this lease is in effect, during all terms of the Lease, a yearly rental of One Hundred and no/ 100 Dollars ($ ). 4- County shall pay all water, sewer, sewer service charges, gas, electricity, fuel, light, heat and power bills for the premises or used by County in connection therewith, during all the terms of this Lease. If County does not pay such bills or charges, Landlord may pay the same, and such payments shall be added to the following month' s rental of premises. 5- The premises shall be used specifically for a fire department, ambulance or emergency rescue department and voting precinct only and for no other purposes. Premises shall not be used for any illegal purposes, nor in any manner to create any nuisance or trespass, nor in any manner to vitiate the insurance or increase the rate of insurance on the premises. It is specifically agreed C D22 23

22 BOOK 1 - `, i PAGE that County will not place garbage collection devices, other than those necessary to collect refuse from those persons using the facility for the purposes set forth above. 6- County shall keep in good repair any improvements on the premises. 7- Landlord hereby gives County exclusive control of the premises and shall be under no obligation to inspect the premises. County accepts the premises in its present condition and as suited for the uses intended by County. County shall return the premises to the Landlord at the expiration of the Lease, or prior to termination, in as good condition and repair as when first received, natural wear and tear, damage by storm, fire, lightning, earthquake or other casualty alone, excepted. County shall be allowed to remove any improvements placed upon the premises so long as such removal is completed by the expiration of the Lease. 8- If the whole of the premises, or such portion thereof as will make the premises unuseable for the purposes herein leased, be condemned by any legally constituted authority for any public use or purpose, then in either of said events this Lease from the time when possession thereof is taken by shall cease the public authorities, and rental shall be accounted for as between Landlord and County as of that date. Such termination, however, shall be without prejudice to the rights of either Landlord or County to C D22 24

23 BOO y Pa recoverrecover compensation and damage caused by condemnation from the condemnor. It is further understood and agreed that neither County nor Landlord shall have any rights in any award made to the other by any condemnation authority notwithstanding the termination of this Lease as herein provided. 9- County shall not, without the prior written consent of Landlord endorsed hereon, assign this Lease or any interest hereunder, or sublet premises or any part thereof, or permit the use of premises by any party other than County. 10- It is mutally agreed that, in the event County shall default in the payment of rent herein stated, when due, and fails to cure said default within five (5) days after the giving of written notice thereof by Landlord; or if County shall be in default in performing any of the terms or provisions of this Lease other than the provision requiring a payment of rent, and fails to cure such default within thirty ( 30) days after the date of receipt of written notice of default from Landlord; Landlord, at its option, may at once, or within six ( 6) months thereafter ( but only during continuance of such default or condition), terminate this Lease by written notice to County, whereupon this Lease shall end. Upon such termination by Landlord, County will at once surrender possession of premises to Landlord and remove all of County' s effects in which Landlord claims no interest therein; and Landlord shall have the right forthwith to re- enter the premises and C D22 25

24 ROOK 11 :J PAGE J# ) repossess itself thereof, and remove all persons and effects therefrom, using such force as may be necessary without being guilty of trespass, forceable entry or detainer or other tort. Notice to Landlord shall be mailed to the following address or such other address as Landlord may designate in writing: JACK E. MILLER Notice to County shall be mailed to: LEE COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS Post Office Box 56 Leesburg, Georgia All rights, powers and privileges conferred hereunder upon the parties shall be cumulative but not restrictive to those given by law. No failure of Landlord to exercise any power given Landlord hereunder, or to insist upon strict compliance by County with its obligation hereunder, and no custom or practice of the parties at variance with the terms hereof shall constitute a waiver of Landlord' s right to demand exact compliance with the terms hereof. Landlord" as used in this Lease shall include Landlord, his heirs, executors, administrators, personal representatives, assigns and successors in title to the premises Time is of the essence of this agreement. This Lease contains the entire agreement of the parties hereto and no representations, inducements, promises or agreements, oral or otherwise, between the D22 26

25 a BOOKii PAGE. ia parties, not embodied herein, shall be of any force or effect. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have hereunto set their hands and seals that cause this instrument to be executed through authorized officials in their name, in triplicate, the day and year first above written. LANDLORD Signed, sealed and delivered in7v the presence of: J ' uj/j/: / J: v UNQ FAL WITNESS r ` TYBL NIy' c'di n fission expires 3- z' - 9/ t_ C : BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS LEE COUNTY, GEORGIA By thai nan J Attest Clerk o Signed, sealed and_delivered i '+{ c" 0. in the presence of-. UNOFFIQ L WITNESS jidl?o, 'Axyi ' pblic My` 'ockcismission expires j -zt- t' i C D22 27

26 CAPTION ROOK l - N cj J PAGE o w All that tract or parcel of land lying and being in Land Lot 125 of the 14th Land District of Lee County, Georgia, and being more particularly described as follows: Start at a point where the centerline of State Route 195 intersects with the South line of Land Lot 100 In the 14th Land District of Lee County, Georgia and go thence North 35 degrees 51' east a distance of ' feet to a point; thence continue along said centerline of State Route 195 along a curve North 31 degrees 30' east a chord distance of feet to a point ( curve radius equal to 3800 feet); thence go South 62 degrees 30' east a distance of 50 feet to the eastern right of way of State Route 195 to an iron pin and the point of beginning. From said point of beginning, go South 62 degrees 30' east a distance of feet to an iron pin; thence go North 26 degrees 34' east a distance of 100 feet to an iron pin; thence go North 62 degrees 30' west a distance of feet to an iron pin located on the eastern right of way of State Route 195; thence go South along the eastern right of way of State Route 195 along a curve a chord distance of feet ( curve radius equal to 3850 feet) to the point of beginning. corrith 7. celkae 28

27 GEORGIA, LEE COUNTY ERK' S OFFICE SUPERKR COJRT i. Flied / f_/ 99Q TIme / Book ZẒ.C. Pale 3a 1 0?7 9, / 9 90_ Record - A d.x Clerk ca-- ter 29

28 i I QUIT-CLAIM DEED No. 71 BOOK 1 FuGE ir1 G MMA(; E PRINT SHOP, AMERICUS.( A STATE OF GEORGIA, LEE COUNTY. TH day of April in the THIS INDENTURE Made the j 7 p year of our Lord One Thousand Nine Hundred and N INETY SUMTER BANK AND TRUST COMPANY the County of SUMTER and State of GEORGIA of the FIRST PART, and JACK E. MILLER between of the County of LEE and State GEORGIA of of the SECOND PART, WITNESSETH, That the said party of the FIRST PART, for and in consideration of ONE DOLLAR ($ 1. 00) AND OTHER GOOD & VALUABLE CONSIDERATION receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the said part y of the first part, do es hereby bargain, sell and convey and doth forever Quit- Claim unto the party of the second part, the following property: All that tract or parcel of land lying and being in Land Lot 125 of the 14th Land District of Lee Georgia, County, and being more described as follows: Start at a point where the particularly centerline of State Route 195 intersects with the south line of Land Lot 100 in the 14th Land District of Lee County, Georgia, and go thence North 35 51' east a distance of feet to a point; thence continue along said centerline of State Route 195 a curve North 31 30' east a chord distance of feet along to a point ( curve radius equal to 3800 feet) ; thence go South 62 30' east a distance of 50 feet to the eastern right of way of State Route 195 to an iron pin and the point of beginning. From said point of beginning, go South ' east a distance of feet to an iron pin; thence go North ' east a distance of 100 feet to an iron pin; thence go North 62 30' west a distance of feet to an iron pin located on the eastern right of way of State Route 195; thence go South along the eastern right of way of State Route 195 along a curve a chord distance of feet ( curve radius equal to 3850 feet) to the point of beginning. It is the purpose of this instrument to release only the above described property from that certain Deed to Secure between Jack E. Miller and The Farmers Merchants Bank of Leslie, Georgia which bank was merged into Sumter Bank and Trust Company in the original principal amount of $ 70, 000 as the same is recorded in Deed Book B- 29, Page 698, office of the Clerk of Superior Court of Lee Georgia. All other property described in said County, Deed to Secure Debt shall remain subject to said Deed to Secure Debt and such Deed to Secure Debt shall otherwise remain in full force and effect. Refer * r'- 0 le-,se :,; re^meat Lt- 1, 9O... Poci 115 i'^(- e 321) To have and hold unto the said party of the second part, his heirs and assigns forever. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the said party of the FIRST part ha s hereunto set its hand, affixed its seal and delivered these presents, the day and year first above written. SUMTER BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Signed, sealed and delivered in presence BY: 411.-_ a. sue(. (Seal) of us, OM. dog, attd year above written: AIIP PI. a.,... riṅ..-...::. 4440,, D ATT ST: A rra1 v 7G1. 41?, 171:11#1. STATE OF AijvaR ry Publr, Sumter, County, Georgia Ctbthrtussion Expires Feb 25, 1992 p7 `, g,6a i (Seal) 30