Southbury Land Trust. Engaging the Community Through Scout Projects. Connecticut LAND CONSERVATION Conference April 4, 2009

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1 Southbury Land Trust Engaging the Community Through Scout Projects Connecticut LAND CONSERVATION Conference April 4, 2009

2 Start em young

3 First encounter Camp-outs Special events (district Camperees) Badge work Eagle Projects

4 Have a Project List Ready such as: Trails maintenance Land Trust boundary signs Benches along river WHIP projects (eradicating invasives) Trail mapping Rebuilding stone walls Fence installation

5 Meeting with Scout Scout & parent meeting with land steward, Trustee, Scout Liaison, ED Project application filled out Possible projects discussed Scout is given SLT rules and guidelines for Eagle Scout Projects Visit some potential project sites Follow up with scout

6 EAGLE SCOUT INFORMATION Date of inquiry: Scout name: Address/ Phone #: Troop#: Date of Birth: Scoutmaster Project timeline: Project preference: Comments:

7 Rules & Guidelines for EAGLE SCOUT PROJECTS WITH THE SOUTHBURY LAND TRUST Project should be proposed at least 6 months before the scouts 18th 1 birthday (although SLT will try to accommodate, if there is less time available) Project may be selected from available SLT projects or own idea may be presented In either case a preliminary meeting with SLT to discuss potential projects to be arranged with: Ray Patchkofsky (Eagle Scout Project Coordinator) Regina Badura (Stewardship Co-Chair) Chair) (Project must involve some fund raising, obtaining of discounts and/or donation of supplies and materials. It is the responsibility of the Eagle candidate to create a project proposal, based on the discussion(s) ) with SLT Deliver copy of proposal (proposed project scope and outline) to SLT office (68½ Bennett Square) before presenting it to scoutmaster and troop committee, or if time permits, mail to SLT at P.O. Box 600, Southbury, CT If there are wetlands affected by the project Scout must get application form from the Inland Wetlands (IWWC) office at Town Hall Scout must get SLT signature and application fee check for $30 Scout must get site maps from SLT or Town Hall to attach to IWWC app. Scout must plan IWWC permit application more than one month prior r to scheduled project date Scout must appear before IWWC to explain project and hear their concerns and comments Scout must work with SLT to adjust project to resolve any IWWC issuesi If project involves building a structure (such as a foot bridge or boardwalk), Scout may also need a Building permit and possibly even a Zoning permit Scout must furnish SLT with work dates and schedule at least two weeks in advance so neighbors can be notified and to avoid conflicts with other SLT activities Once project is submitted and accepted by all parties involved (including( Scout committee, IWWC & SLT) copy of final project outline must be submitted to SLT After completing the project, when seeking sign off on Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook, submit a report to SLT including photos before/after the project hours worked during the project and number of workers description of work performed Helpful phone numbers: Ray Patchkofsky Regina Badura SLT office Bent of the River Audubon Dale Kurz BSA District Chairman





12 Formalities Scout presents project to Scoutmaster Troop committee approves concept Land Trust reviews project write-up and signs Eagle Project Workbook BSA District Council Chairman signs Date for project is set Time to get to work!

13 Scout preliminary project plan Scope and goals of project Timeline Benefits to land trust/community Permits (building, zoning, IWWC) Budget Fundraising, discounts or donations of materials scout to seek out List of supplies & tools Safety precautions Before photos

14 Prep Purchase all materials & supplies Site preparation Letter to neighbors alerting them of activity Communicate instructions and schedules to scouts and helpers Be ready to hit the ground (i.e. wood precut, benches/bridges assembled)

15 Community support September 18, 2007 Ira J. Stein, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. 497 Main Street Ansonia, CT Dear Dr. Stein: The Southbury Land Trust would like to thank you for your contribution of $200. Chris Wood coordinated an Eagle Project at the Southbury Land Trust Lovdal Farm this past August, building a bridge over an intermittent watercourse. The scope of his project required him to apply for and receive permits from the Southbury Inland Wetland Commission as well as the Building Department. This bridge is very much appreciated by the Land Trust as well as the hikers whose feet will stay dry and d the inland wetland environment itself which is being protected from the impact by those hikers. Once again, thank you for your donation. Your support helped this Eagle Scout project be a great success. Sincerely, Karen A. Huber Executive Director PLEASE SAVE THIS LETTER FOR YOUR TAX RECORDS The Southbury Land Trust, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Contributions are tax-deductible to the full extend allowed by law. No goods or services were received in exchange for this charitable gift.





20 Written Eagle Scout Report TOTAL volunteer hours broken down per activity Notation of any changes from original plan After photos Accomplishments, Letter from LT Accounting of expenses Troop committee reviews project BSA District Council Chairman signature BSA National office, Texas for recording

21 Project completion Doug Boyd Troop 162 Boy Scouts of America February 13, 2009 Dear Mr. Boyd: Matthew Karkut coordinated an Eagle Project at the Southbury Land Trust Platt Farm this past October. The project was to build a kiosk, mount trail markers, post tree identification signs and removal of invasive plants and brush. This comprehensive project t was very well managed by Matt, from the beginning, planning phase through completion. Matt budgeted both time and manpower wisely. He appeared before both the Building Department and Zoning Commission to secure approval for the construction of the kiosk. His well researched project was done in a timely fashion as well as economically. Overall, the Southbury Land Trust is extremely grateful to Matt and crew for the many, many hours of work they performed at Platt Farm. Their work is very much appreciated by the Land Trust as well as the hikers who can now fully enjoy this area. We hope everyone found this experience rewarding and that they will w enjoy hiking and exploring Southbury Land Trust properties in the future. Sincerely, Karen A. Huber Executive Director

22 Eagle Court of Honor Invitation received by land trust Attendance by stewardship and/or Trustee, Executive Director Thank you gift (Land Trust T-shirts) T Speak at ceremony Press release of project, SLT newsletter and organization website Scout sends thank you note to LT!





27 fini Southbury Land Trust Regina Badura, Stewardship Director Karen Huber, Executive Director Office phone (203)