Campus Visit Program. \ t, CommunityCoilege 7701 North Lincoln Avenue, Skokie. DANCING DISASTER Irv partners up for bìleroòrn crash cäurse PAGE26

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1 lì J! SERVNG NLES SNCE 1951 $200 THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 A CHCAGO SUWTMES publication 24/7 AT PONEERLOCALCOM CLASSCALLY COOL Vagabond Opera brings modern spin to Skokie N DVERSONS M AD EFORTV ROVES Maine South juniòr Caroline LaPelusa runs through a routine with the Varsity Hawkettes on Oct 12 The Hawkettes Will compete in a live, onair dance competition hosted by ABC7 in November PAGE 7 CURTS EHMKUHLSUNTMES MEDA DANCNG DSASTER rv partners up for bìleroòrn crash cäurse PAGE26 :ís1ü ;Ls C0DOOO6To_4fi1 soclo9 1 S3]1N Js O:Dvo w1fl ariani f1elfld EF]1N 6TOa 8fl9S Campus Visit Program Thursday, October 27, 5:30 pm Room Pl 03, Skokie campus Discover why Oakton is the ideal place to begin your college education Talkwith current students and admission and financjaj aid representatives Tour the campus and learn aboiìtoaktons academic and career programs, services, and student clubs on Reserve a seat at wwwoaktonedu/visit \ t, CommunityCoilege 7701 North Lincoln Avenue, Skokie

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3 4 WWWPONEORLOCOLLO4 HllTSOAY OCTOBER 20, 2011 OL 1O3WTENLW0RTHAVE0010 KA005WeGiT M018u1 M0uNrr KAREN WRGHT et'r"o'sunoe L,RDCOM Mou en PROSPEETLOOO8000 OK040nNOrT MP ,0080 5SPNe5l LSTEHWA STRENGTH, STABLTY, SECURTY A333WCOLUUB 0503 ue100um'4000s380,330 OflreLnOU* N0CENT0AVE00M UNCOLW000'533S SNMLWSUKEE AuE402coe 547, MOuorpeasTMUOO i These qsahtieo set Koenig& 501ey apart from other brokerages Our outstanding local organization is backed by Hometervicen of America, nc, u Oerkshire Hathaway affiliate, and otre of the largest fulservice reoidenlial real estate brokerages in the nation, We offer our clients exceptional sersic,p and more resoorces to achieve their real estate goais and peace of mind 80LE0Rfl&lflVEJ , N or io en LAVECOM 00 STO 0 50 HO E' S SC0000,003 coo MOUNT 0000PECT'SOiOOaE SOU O 45 8 N 8004 H U RSrRelO4,O so so M0005PPET PAT TO KOENGSTREYCOM 2115M MOnOTONE Au e 008 OlANO 773, W O EVON AV E COU Oslo PERSA KAT0E000VU8O 847,823, N AVE e DlAN8L5,r4UØ , s4700K000 UN SO LO WOOD '8070,005 S4100AOL000500LO 312,642,1300 7OSP010AeE201,Eoe 01005E'051Q300 FA AN ,4300 SSOGLSKCOE,EAe0111,5OM ENGSTREYOPENHOUSES CON Loca [News P003EERLOcALCOM THURSOAY, R 20 DOtO 5 PUBLCSAFETY BREFS Burglar swipes drinks, belt from classroom A classroom at culver School, 6940 W Oaktoo St, roas burglarized between Oct 2 00f 000,3, police reported A000rdieg to the polioe re port the offenders raosasbed e teacher's dosk and removed several cotfee drirks from the relrigerator, "Somebody come ir throagh the edodow," seid District 71 Superi000s' den Amy KeAppe, who woo o roule whether the window was closed at the of the burglary Kruppe said o bell also was stolen from the slascr000i "Ohaok goodreas no see was hurt end 000hirg big was taker," Kruppe Tire police report stated theo ro other rooms eppearod tobe disturbed ir the sohool Ao iouéotigatios was peodiog By Trooy Police: Teen damages school lawn with car A "bad day" roportedly leda hiles teeragerto drise across his high sohool's lawo atoen classes dismissed lest week Park Ridge Police cmdr Lou lagmon said ofticers or the atoer0000 el too lt mele oalled 00Mai00 Coot High School, 2Ott W lemps000 st, when a MANE TOWNSHP Discount drug program launched by township Maine Ovwrship has bunched o new presoriptior disooart pnogrem for Afree presoriptioo'drug card ot' teeed through coastacoast Oc may br picked up at OMino Township OsAr #011,1700 Ballard Rood, Pork Ridge, 0000 parecipatirg pharsnosies 000er also be downloaded and printed et www,00ast2soestro00in arder "tows' ships" Obero areno eligibility require' meets ond the pnesoriptioo oords are good on entire tanrilies, accordiog to Maire Orwerhip Maire Township isirs othen town' ships across Cook, Lake onu PuPate counties io ofleriog rho Treo card Though the cord is desigood for poopir without healnh irsunarco, eryoro oes get 00e, Then eis no cost 0v the towoship tor ofinriog the cords, said Maire nomo' ship supenuisen conol feochki Resides the discovrt on preovnipti000, the cord also provides SOte OOpenc000 school maintenance worker repontrd seoir4 o urhiole driulog on the lawn along the Peoren Aoed sido olthe Pork Ridge oompua The oar thon headed to the eohool's souoh parking lot where it was soon driving "resbleosly,"logwor eaid When polive olficens arrived, school sccvnioy hod drtaiood the dniuer, ideo Hfied eso 17yearold student from Ailes logmeo soid rho boy admitted to dniuirg on Oho school's grese besauoo he was hauing a hod day The tentaren was ohanged with edminal domage to propenry He maz rnleered on bio own r050gri0000e and oeoigred or got 25 court date The Notent oldomage to the high school's lows was not ndioeoed ir the po lice re port _Boreoro'fer'Jehooeo Police to host drugabuse forum Oho flileo Polior Orpertmeot will h000 a presertotics or presoniptior' drug abuse rom 7'R30 pm Oct26 at RoOrr Oame High School, 7ASS W tempoter St, Hiles The presentation willtocer preacriptiordoug abase rabo faoirg te000 People who 0000rd will oleo leorr drug abuse foots and methode 0trer to aotond Por more inlormation cor0000 Hiles Poule 5go Robert Tornabere, 1047f S80'ASOO disoou000 loe lab ard imaging Oeoos, the township stated, Por more iefsrmation about Ohr program coil foto) 935R8y wwwo sa stano ao Oro co O Township to recognize community members Township Otlioiols of llinois will reoogniee three people associated with Maire O000rship gs0000mrnt during ao upcoming corlerenoe in Sp oir go e d Maire Oowrship Superuisoe Corel Oeschky is net to reoaioe the 2011 Oownehip Friend 00 Aooth Award1 Laura Oioa, a volu00000 ard 00000cr with MoireSOay Youth and Femily Seruioes will reoeiue Ohr 2001 Associa' Olor of tllioois ToAnship commiorees or Youth nolarteer Worker Aword; old a photogroph toker by lick Bertor, who hordlos public reletiors for Moine Tow000ip, mill br named Oho Brot Photo 00lire Year in the MighOy Mes' soar solnpeoitior The awards will be presentad doe' irg the Townohip Ofticiol cl llinois' annuel 000frr LADY LUCK loiteeeosldeestgootlnerethstelsllisl!ethomebo'spoftet hteehieg cope ea The tou005te lebte dunieg the lites eesldeot'oppeedaboe open hssse et hn Rifes 81510es and bebe Cactos on Sept, 24 MORE 00 P001 LAWSUT Contractor sued over late payment for work on new grocery store eh TROCO 000Km A aok0000m0000 loe Ooedoo Fovd Ooo'rice store 0h01 opened Obis work ko toileo hcs Ood o 1cv coil oga1000 the general v too 000he 000lerO 'lacy , 45000e cl loo leenoti050l h0001'ook aoid Wolos OoOdeosurrd 000lgo, of Oawogo, mus eopposed 00 POY Ohe hooliorg cvmpcoy wore 1h00 $107,000 Or v)okio cowpleied io Mormh "We haven't eecaivod 00e POOc oir" sold FoeOor000, miro espbolced 0h00 hio eompaoyhnoled00010mk outed w0000 to cboocdiril Pormolo sold his compovy hod 05000evel saill Webs, osa WeinE h e001 00h Mill Okoppiog Cenotoc Anvordiog to 000ew000, obro 0010 Mil pad Woiso, Weise hmo'a paid to loe000i000l Odu005g OslO Mill Olroppirrg 00000e Maoogoe Mike Williows dd woo resaco s call Orom Pi000er Treos serboing roww055 "Tbor coboentranoors ogreed ooo Oo got pold until the g000rul 0000e0000r gos poio,' Ovid iletfray COrOe, the p rop00000terg Wniee g0000 Said WOiOO io soo 0010g OolMill Ahoppiog C0000v "Warn cowieg doom 000r ," gnean acid Wiehoed Otobmolu Bconoo' log completed 0000nvtìog work ooilue projoci ornerei m000ohe 0go und gabi000i wild Webeo slat owes bio oomperiy $70,000, nod 1h00 rho 00000aiiog voropocy still cmos lcneo'nvoi000l ogooliog 000, ,000 0h00 Kobiouki Monagisg Ediror: MUtt Sshmito 708'524'A433 msuhmitoldlpionernbovol00m ras'000lord 00 OY until hic row pooy gets poid "lu's seey Oroo00000ing," Rubio ski said Kobisoki hod seid hr thooght bis rompooy might desino poy' ment Oct 17, but lad ovo otloso checo h04 Anreice oa ro ported to have s rikboo'euitisg eeeawooy OoO 10 The sonor ir croo to 0011 Mill Ohoppleog Ceo',Hueevndiog Vo Gordoo Sor ojees, the clore ootcr0000iqoa shoppbog espeebeore; 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4 'li 00W 6 WOWP10001RLOCOL00O THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 200 D L' yl'on'lc'loe 2Ò ÑfllC5eCl5 o N 11ES HE RA L D rs P E CTATO R Bloekshopp19 Calendar 27 Dieeasiors Dl Family Friendly02 Fi23 FERr32 Photo Rea12 Folle blotter 20 Property transfers 18 Saedyolov27 Sehoeln digeot16 Sports MOMMY ON A SHOESTRNG Sweet HaLloween ideas without the tooth decay PAGE 36 CONTACT (S ME Nues HerrldSpentatur eaaearoa enromo lauem 0e oro Emerson Middle School students take fleteo dudngasesnion aboard the Freedom topamos, EMERSON MDDLE SCHOOL Freedom Express offers First Amendment rides Avicio Enero a 5mobile museum" allowed etudentn et Omee000 Middle School is Nitos Se soleo o Oaf d teip noithout boning to mayal off orbuol ge000de The Freedom Eopeera, o 45 foot Semitrailer oteehed with ade roh500l molnete end rehibite related to Finii Ameodmeni fece dome, reilad op lo She Nitra erheul Sept OS, gi000g eighthgrodees eno) aoanno, TTÖN RELGON SPEECH ASSEMBL the SReleer'sy to ougmerot ihei inpre, study of the US Ooanatilusion Sledonlleludied nenleus on hiblee aod ereiferte tbet"ooploro She hiateeirol rentent' of Onesti tuhouel freedoms eod how they relate te the world Ouday The FeaeSum Eepenss voded On Chonagnreeo enhools by the Sebeet R MeCormneh Soue detieo 9 eblleblstoryhlm, sia Sept 30 TRuwO l0l1olo Ters sodio os Emerson Middle Snheel olghthgeadnro Afeo Rojo und jimmy O'Bden take nutesdariegusept,3usisitteomthefenedom Eapmuo, aaa5405tmelejle ma0000lnrceeonell SORO lehr leon 0e Oreen R f 0e ea is ed 0e eno: sss e, r eeene E3SER510 TOE EDTOR hee00il,ea,hnu000a)ornol005l,en Secoli, ionens lo hn otilar, Crise 7010dsaennoner, isla 000 elerolso lu eroso, leoni usamos 00,0 asole seos, odiosee osa oi100rerserrr010ne,luor000s000lveisese t es sala 00 leen) ea l'orco le se O,,,, le reno 0l55Ma lse nene leoceeleno, Ola rieres! escorare0 s HLES WEST High school having a homecoming events 'Under Neon Lights' E CASES Homeremiegweob eel Ohrati000 el Milos West High School wir hirh off todoy fort 251 with e weeh of eu eitioog feolinities leeolìog up to the peeede uod booboo gome Ort the Home nomleg Seero Strodeets morhod the dart of Homeromiog wach, thamed "Undue lbs Neon Lights, Meedoy with 5po jemu dey," one cf One thsooed doys pent 0f "Spirit Wosh," e Seoditi000l port et Neme reming feotieition shot deli0 oatra Oorh dayofihewaohos e diflereot theme The only mejor chongo in the Homecoming events liosup Ohio year io the po rods oobedule, which wil he moved from len usuel dma Satoidey to Fridoy ailerneos 00 thot students al naarby Edluon end Madieon Olemaoetoey eon rome out and wotrh the foetiotsies The parade will heed cent uf 1er roviogohr Sabos Porcel perldeg :40 pm, shad besot north ne Gross Peino, root oomnis Secret, south on Li000lnAoer,ue,thenwe010n e herb tonilas Wool Oser lhet night the NOes Waco Wolveo vocally fono bell teom wsl sobo on Obole nogtime rindo the 000nston MANE SOUTH Towouhip High Srheol Wildhilo nl 7 pm Alomni used the 00lire Hilen Went 00mwoolly ers ie0000d lo ettend the game, nod e npeeial loot will be oct up to welnome the slmnsi atoeting 00 0:00 pm in the n000bweol rennen of Mike Paseah Stediom The danno in expeoted lo be bigger thou ever thie year, sold Jersico Ogolnib, direr Sur uf ntud005 ero,'violen el Hilen WeSt More Oben 1000 lirketo hove been Sold no fee, ond the enent is eopseteol lu cell out before Oeiurdey Ogulnik sold The deere oteros 017,10 pm Oct 21 "This ynoe'a set uop io bogo end coolly impresoine," Ogolnib seid of ba retenleinment aeloy whinh will be pe0000ed by Room Soter 000deont Sooeromnnt otaro pinmoiog Hom000m iog weeh end eh000se o theme each yeee in Seplem bac, Ogoloihooid Homecom ingep0050r Kathie Kojmnw ice wer in rheege ofptanoing Soc enterloismeot lo_e ba enre eludendo end toh pumped up for Olee big feetbell game, o pep eelly will be held Friday alleeoeon dosing oehoni houes The Homecoming hieg sod 00000e weenloha nnnooereddur'mg homeroom Fall play, 'Pride and Prejudice,' runs tonight through Oct 22 Maine Sooth High Snkool The eamoiadee of ke east nail peccano the foil pino honlodenm001bonsdeno, Sec "Felds and Prejudice," Oct loo Thomes, Mery Sobicald, 2022 atbe school, tuisdm Moly Potion, buy Olderldo, iood,poek18idgc Kethioen MeCeecirb, JaS Os Performoocra will br St erodonbo, done Douer, Ryan 1)00 pm es cmbreo sighto Moyo, lalika lllioomank, Ful Tinheta eec $001 the audite rich Gibbom, Emmo Peep cloro doon Sorry Mothire, 3hrt ChoppaS, Diroclad by John Musoyn ViOlano Mendee, Regioo Ver old, Ohr ploy lue etage edsp briol, Giuliana Serlueoi nod tetion of Ohs corel by Jene Ambre Saul, Auoteo nsilb Cloira F100'iono The aao'olool dimelor io aaeliaohelh B0000t end Sean Cerni St0000n and the atoge CohiDLemsnc as Me Daeoy meioogeeiamadsleoo Pincen Malee Soash taeles Chaoe Drag aehraroruo rollona oaith the Vacoity eewkettes doñng as Rat 02 topieg by ARC? 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5 BWWWPlOel,ERL0Ce rf_l THU'lP OL,, : 10% off Oriental Rugs Wool Carpets $5 savings per yard All Runners $3 savings per linear ft SmartStrand $3 savings per yard Stainmaster $3 savings per yard WearDated $3 savings per yard WTH THS AD SAVE AN ADDTONAL $1 00 PER YARD' Offer Expiions October eli CARPET & FLOORNG 2900 C'ntral Street Evanston Visit us at www apehancarpets corn Savings up to $1000 NileseeotdenrJesrsetteyomfratpteys billiards during the Siles reshleatoppreolatien open house atthe Siles Fitness and Senior Center on Sept 205] nl0000ljflse001eon suonoie verlo FLYFWn1 Activities abound at resident apprciatn event in jç1es The village el Hiles opened ile fitness reeler und revior center to all residents for n free evening of torn for oil eges lesi 000nth te oelebrete hn oifloge's heing corned u top piove to ruine children by BionmheegBusinrtnWeelo, These attending engaged je such acfioitien ra 000dmming, epos films, Orales, bu fiords end conino play, and ato Coil 18d71 1ff8400 for mere iofenoation about the tilles residents Autres and Alan Rothbaosr shoot hoops dunng the Sties nestdaat appreciation Open hesse atthe Siles Fitness and soler Center ne 5ept 24 O0005U]OfltCalrOe f ANrlesTshintdentgned/peighnlsgraderfessisa i<iog freon o design 500eprfltiea earlier in hn year sits forrale, Nifes was rantoed one atbe best towns to raise htds by Bleombeng 005ianss 0/reh, er000ril00000rtor 40eor veo atoro O USNESS ashion trend gives new Eaning to 'herd' hair S'llEnNlFfR lof NOON 00 e soro o is aro 00 s0a s Wloeo idyourold Holly Hael000l now melme Sloven 5rler sporting f000heon leo his haie feb00 jedgiog 000otaaianta on'p,eensieaaldel"ltatoprieg oho heranoo an hnrnndioie fan et iba groeefsgfosbiontrend "Theyjant 1001e no cool," the Pachfiidgetoenegeruald alter leaving proben and hico rooster fouthersottarfond to her curly bromee hair Orb 6 'land Oho deoomting my hair io a differbet wry" Parh ioidge hairatplist Lindo Suase hrn breo otttrhiog leather entonnons dyed o maltitode of dilfereooi to the bois of frorole contorneen fer the pact alo months ut Camden Hair Sesigos, 1278 Noetlooret Sbghonoy Popalocioedbypep nol000re, the cotoneiooa are ardo net Oeiy with teneogera boat women of nil upes, raid Renne, her oven hair dreomttdinhathers, "Everybody libas to hnvr little blia" alee esplaiaed loud somefimaa fonthere are net enough Title, rnotal 0e shvonda of 1000cl aro cornmanip odded au an onorteenlo Por those heai0000 ebovo wear 'mg mal roorter feathero, for Otbicti er other 000soes, Oho tiosel, aimplytied into etmada ofheie nt the hip or oidor of the bead, can also be used alone an deoamdon, nddingaopurkliog errol Feather rotevaioea hnve breo aoeand for more than a yesr, Rosso said, bat they have become mom ola race mcontly t tabee jost rninaten tu Otiorb them to torunda at FiREPLACESFJS:: oroíefi,ldènò!stlhi«cefle hairstylist Linde Rosso attaahesapellson featherts the hair et ashy Harfoosl, 14 Rosse gets a somber at ragoesto for teether hoireotennt'sasetcoroden Stair Design in Park Ridgeir000rerr hair osniag absud und ci000p 100g tool The evten50005 "groen ont with your bain" ROnaO raid, und they curler evsohrd, curled rnd flaoiresed, They generally laut about n rnooth Or tono Ao for bairn the otyliui suid ohr heron the shiny stedf 0000ld "tain os" iou big muy alter ehe barr atmosde onore by the chies of the reality show, "Haul Hooa000lves of Brvrrly SAlle' "t Sien ont the deorl' Rosaso said 01 her etech of feath005 and ti000l, "JOlsaoat rveiy day hune women and girls rom 5et C,codeo, one frarher $08, the 05000d is $12 nod any odditi000t foathare uro $8 noch, Hair thesela $5 pre otmad While her deughtar melted to bave her 000ensiona attoohed,ssavilforhaoiocl00000ledged her oven hole bathers, added iv than for av irland 'T ba it, but my dvnghter forbid me to llave tharn>' nhn oaidoeiih olaogb The opposite onun 0mo for Mnrilyes Joven, uloenplul008 "My daughter velo lore it," Jonea cold as slot hod o gamy feether and thonel uttanhed at Cuenten Huir Orsige "Shah only 8, bvb she liban o lot of blingalotofnpnrbly,seon5005i" isa'ing Homevamirg girls Anac Moine Onroth High School ohooved their vcl000l ap'oit by roqoonstiog red und hieda leathers sod tiooel for thoirhoir, Ruano asid, Raaoo han sito bond u cuche iv hontirg "loather pos' tiea" She moevtly ot0000lnd o 10yroreld gicla panty whem A goentu riur0000d for frath 'Ssaiosoy the girls choose choir leathers and they go couoy,"rueaossid, For mere ivfeemstinn ne Sanable foabhor eutevalovo and bother parties ge to sonor lhoduorornuoom DebooseySooero ill Wrosgholeosdedooss Weed Hotdeoe JUNK ENE \ LOT$0061ie Remese OsosOs 050 se0500d Osto risi n eein l0aoO alloro rn e Por ente loo 000 Orlon ts 505,5 115OFFj' wwwiaekgeooenom Soonsse Nil THURtDAO, OCT , 0010 WWWPONEER00AL,COM u 9 Love your petlove Pioneer Poess' Pets & Vets! 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6 KTCHENS BATHS BASEMENTS ti sojfl3ojalatqrswvw rial JiM 1O'haWWP!osgEe9ore1,Go '1euR5Qepncro8E92n2oifnia NL THUrSDAY OCT000e WWWNONELDLOCALC9JL4 Great master suites start here Olond oro so by a naden Components by Kohier, the world leader in premium faucets, fixtures and bath components, Designed and built respected name in home remodeling, bypiroom Chicagoland'u most Fully bucked by eoclusine loyaar installation and lbyear workmanship warrsntiao lt you're envisioning a Why pay to use your money? No monthly fees whén you use your GSB Debit MasterCard for purchases new master suite, come see what the best n the business cuc do to make it real Call 868, to schedule scomplimentaix consultation at your convenience Ouruhuwmnms tastare tüll mum oemohgo ohuwcaoing premium producta Sam tap maeu(actureru, ohcludingo Surchargefree transactions at thousands of A TM5 displaying a MoneyPassiEl or SUMltJ logo nformation available at wwwgsbcom and (847) THE BOLD LOOK OFKOHLER HOME ADDTONS AROOM AecsmrocTrsaLnemwmaso,om wwwairoomcomipp jnooinwnod Honro Denign Shawroonr ea2o N Urrmie Aut Napersille Honre Donign showroom 27e4 Aurais Ave Open dotar Sonden ha Coot CUSTOM HOMES n touch with your Lif& GLENVEW STATE BANK Gleriviem Northbrook Northfield Arlington Heights / Mount Prospect (847) / wrewgsbcom Member FDC

7 JO, JS31,iilhii,1SWiU10OOJO'!il, 1OWPONEERL0CRL00M rame THURSDAY 0(100ER of 01 lvhnd PSNEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, YCTOBYR 20, 2011 la Tava offers fresh take on ndian cuisine BY CATARON GRAN fronen" isgeedleots, the Shomam A SNAPSHOT OF LFE N OUR COMMUNTY OL HUYSD100, 0(100ER 20, loti WWWPONAERLOCALCOR 13 The aroma of Ranciad apices greets all who eater ose of Morton Grove's newest epice otter Toes Fresh Toste of Sodio fiestaseont, TSA Dempatar St, fe000reo traditional fsodian escipes with a fiavorfo) twins, naid Moheoh Ahoema, who cash his neife, Kim, hontod e grsodopsniogllsptt5 "fiveeythiog f prepare io from aomtoh," he ooiti "Wo keep the iovoatory low to 10sep freohoess T5ocd we rook io heorthsatthy oilo ShoeSveot" "Mohashslwoysw0000d000pen s restooe000," Kim Yhsrms asid "lt coos his diosas Wo Uve io Mortoo Grove We wonted to find s pisos riots to home, Aod this opportosity 00mo aloog "Tisais asthnstir tedios roisias?' The meso st this whitetobterloth reat05500t rues the gamos from meat sod positry to Sondoor aperichten to vegetarian sod ocgssio Options "We hove s great seofood minetie0," Kim Aharmo asid "Aud a foil hoe with nigaotore000htoiloi' What nets this piare apart from other resn000sots io its "fresh, aeoar "Shot mches a hogs diaerenoa io the toste," Mohesh Shorms said As a vegetarian with vegas frisada Kim Shooma asid the YUtea AOa to asoh details as nhn lissag os the meno of att iagn'odienta ha a dish is ofgvsottmport000e "Vegosa appreoisto 5h50" she Vegas dieto see mom reotoittive 5h05 vegatoriass is than, is addition to avoidisg meat, vegasa do non est dois1 prodocts, eggs sod, is some casos, h000y For Maessh Rharma, shsriag his toos of the food of do childhood o somethiag he asid he has wootnd to do for a tong time "Tino io comethiog t um passionoto shoot," ht sold 'i5ood lisos ta perfect torwhatthadmmiad" foco SOoth Sirote of odio h 00ev for 1000k from g sm to 8 pm sed far dianer Sam 510 pm Too t000h botfet lectores meot and vegetorion Apisono oloeg with timo and gesso estada, sad tond000t chicheo nod naso The rastoor000 elso has bolt boo Call lid) argo ta 0000w tavadisiagoem for more tafoessa aoo tenon Sfoormo getta hog front hund Rebute Ott RNBT: lana Nomse Mohoob Sloontra tassai hin sos BaYart, in tha air as opining night Tasa hortssdeejesos Lance mohos o Tango Mange, Photos by joe Lerner SunTimes Media Toso chef Sendos Choshas prepamso dish os cpnnisg night m Lateo Richards, of Doc Plaises, came in te toohnoas the mona," 'm sa escinnd that thay aso Sama ntths nntorfttl sfeoao oed nurains cit snodo tse ase st Taso, as ndian raateaeont,whish apooing 5f» 50W 5n's 100e to go te treces AOesaa," sits seid celebrated ita groed npastng test month More OLe Click on Photo Galleries on the home page 10 view more images, Rige So pioneerlocalnlycaptutecom lo bup photos

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9 16 WWWNONEPrLOCA,COO i THURSDAY OCTOBER 20, 2011 OL Oil THUnSSOY OCTSOcO 25, POOELRLTCOLCOO 17 DSTRCT 207 '2OTs Best' for October Three seniors selected by Maine Township High School District 207es "207's Beat" for October were recognized during a recent Board of Educa0on meeyng All three Martin (Morti') Sliwinski, OB Metre East; An drnw At) geendet, st Metre West; and terry Warchol, cf Maire South were reeog Before you replace your windows und siding, look into a complete CurbEppeaí makeover from Elevations t includes nvnnything your homos exterior needs: o pr000solonel oroh:nectural plan, the boon matorinis On the market, and rha unmatched guairo und energy Standards of our proprietary WeashenEzasien" cnocnss We'll Tnish in an Etolo as tour weoks from the day we Osan Working,' and back toil with Ocean icotallation and 15year sfnucturul wurnant:eo Sc', wherhar it's windows and s:ding replacements uno compiono eotar:or mahcouer, El000tions should bu your Tiest cali We coil t Corbtppeat, cou call e perfect Call orcisit Elenahorro today rel ELEVATONS niaed fer aeedemic acheve 0000der is ranked first in his West santon class of 519 students wtth a grade peint acerage of 4,95 te addition to 0000lting in a rigorous course load, hohes been in uolved io a host et activities, including swimming, waten peic, crosscountry, COACH totonieg, band, Pi Sigma Pi, Quill & Scroll, Voroity Club, oelleybait and studann onwspapenwostenoer, where h O Berreo fly is a5000iate chief editen Wanchal renks it the tap S percent of Maine South's sr' nier clase with s grade poirrt average of 490 She, tao, rs taking tour AP elaoses, along wish a foods class, a naturel, noted South Pniocipal Shawn Meesmer, for someone who is interested in one day epening her ovl bakery kerns tald boerd members she is r'ntenested in pursuing business or smallbusiness menegemert studies at either Loyola University er ndiana Onloenolty at Bloom ingtoo Marty Sliwioski connie, a 0760f 487, loa mochen al East's Gifted Lyceum progrec aod curnertly hes four Adoancnd Placement classes on his course load, Herecently completed a summer irteroohip ir state Sea Dar Kotewaki's slice and iseo auid participant in interacholasso muck thais Sliwinski tald Beard membnre h eis consideriog a wide variety of colleges and unloereitias, and would like te study so' thropelogy er psychology in preparation lar law scheel 18MONTH SAMEASCASH FNANCNG AVALABLE" aan,e:ee esrse,arrer, e,, ease sea, Ne paysneents Ontil 2013 CALL 88861t46BB FOR A FRed CONSULTA'f'lOt' TODASS Wwwmg'eleeationsassses/PP Uocalnwead Berna Deognshoweaorn cr25 s Lirccln Ace, L:ncolnw006 Open monsat 55 Sundec bu appt Nepennflle Heme Resigo snawwam 2764 Acme Ace Napero:lle lopen nossac ns cundeyby appt EROR MAKEOVERS,fNDOWS 0000R5 &DENG ROOFNG DSTRCT 219 NOThS 'Xanadu' is staged NWtheatrr will present Bnoadway'o surprise musical hit "Ganado" Bco 3'S in the Black Sos Theatro at Biles West High Scheel, HOOD Oektan St, Skekie, The mosival yokes fon at the osit film starring Olioia Newten'lohn A Areek cose, Cha, descends froth Mount Olympur with her Oint en eroses to inspire S000y, te achieve Eke greatest creation cl his lifea rollan disca, auf cher Che, disguised asan Australian reilen girl named Kira, falls in loue wr'th Sanry, her maleus sisters take advantage cl she situation end Chu risks eternal banishment The east of "Sanado" inpiodea: Launro Laeger, Stooen Cee)kowski, Den' tel Bedoya, loua Zasso, Anahita Karimi, Camerce Bredenick, Rachel Flink, ambi Evangelista, Quinn LawsonHall, Dsnny Marrisen, Merrieli McWhertan, and Bryso Taiec Musicians include: flerril Millen, guitan; lerdeo Aoldberg, guitar; lieue Kwsn, pieno and Mas Hosim, Crew Hoads: Stage manegen, Aria Cadwell; assis' tent stage moragen, Zachany Tanoefl; scena design asola tant, Lila cubant; coetome ileed, Katie 800kley; lead carpeoter, Beone Gratch; assistart director/master eleottician, lacan Magal; peint leed, Susana Montoya Qoitohia; pnnp mistress Amy Sands; and audio lead Ashley Pagett, Productias crew: Scott Albaum, Mina Berksan, Brardcr Hess, Sense Castilla'Raler, Mania Cesa Caleigh Hevaneek, USaran Pasia, Kitty Rinhondser, Cynthia Bsbenny, Sithara Slaoeot sod flashai Wyis' ber be n, Prodoctior team: Dirootor, Andy Sinclair; cecal/muele director, Amy flnaoahl; vhonoagrapheo, Petti'Anoe Davis; assistant 00x01 dinecton, lay lakosen; essiotseg oheneognaphee, Semi Knelt; technisai direc fon)oeanic design, Steven Seonge; cestume/psopentien design, Kimberly Morris; lighting design, Charlotte Rafhke; 500nd design, Adam Rosenfhal; and boo cilice management, Cynthie Philbin and (sohle Garvey Showtimes are 4pm Reo 4; and 7:30 pm Nos, 3,4 and S, Viokets are $15 fon adults end $7 len students, senior oitiaeno and children Call the flea 011ioe at (847) A2A'2A33 A free cemmonify performance will be hrld allg am, Bau 3 HowlO'Ween robot art show Cheok out the saoond an 0001 HowlOWner All Show at A pm Oct27 in the Miles Wast Ont Gallery sf5701 Tekton St, Skekie The secondflort gallery above tho auditorium will be 000verted into a heonted ball, Teaturing nakot artwork, the cnnnpc ocllaboration between files Weot art otudeoto end pairslew South third'gnaderr from Kethaniro MacLennan's classes, The ohow io enganlaed by the National Art karat Saviety at Nuco West Children are ercou:egrd to wear their cootumes and slow tha artwork Stodenhr from the Chalcerotees will seroo ryroky macks Thin Teachers students join journalism convention Nihes West High Sohovi English teeokers, ard their students, will present at tho National High School (ourrahiom Corventien Nov 17 through 20 in MirneoyOho, Mino, English teachers Sharer Swersor aod Lbs SeNapahi will pronect asesaron fon stsdaens aed touchers entitled PowenaErnpower=Sooc eso" They will boing 15 NiheO Wast studette to the cerineoehyo Lauer the adviser of Riles West News will present "New to Soodve the First Sean Anuite' or Nos, 1H Sesenal members of the Nues West News staff will presart "The Top DO Things te Know about Seing Online" so Noo, D9 Tho National yigh School leunnahism Coroention isa semia005al gatheniag ol high school )osnrahsts end adoiseen sponsored by the leunoahism Education An' sociation and the National Scholastic Press Associa' D SCOOLS 0lEST DSTRCT 207 Twanty'threasen:'ons from Maine Township High Sohoel gustavo 207 haue oanned the obtus of Netionel Medo Saholarship Commended Stodents fon the 2BD2 rehelee' ship program They include: Adam R000en, from Maire East; Hostie Boynianaki, Cassandra Deody, Launen Krone, barra Kuceak, Benes lumon, Staoen Am, homes Leemos, Soniel Mleynek, Cnrolioe Murphy, Christine Muophy, (anathen Novak, Kylo Richardson, kath erina Solberg, Sarah Tarabey, Begins Venheist, Lawneoce Whitney, Connie Woo sod A' eoanden Zaug, all from Maine South; and, from Maire West, Abigail Maar, Angels Somas, Andrew Arandon and Belote Wang 01 the 000ghly SS million students who entered the 2002 competition nationwide, ooly about qeahity es Commended Staderts Though Commended Stodents do rot eontieuo in Eke 00myotition for Natlona( Merit Schalenships same of those students do beoome candidates on special soholanships sponsored by corporations end bosineseen, High school students enter the GaAcnal Naht Program by taking the Fsoliminsny SAT/National Mamut Scholarship Qualifying Test Each stsderot must sobmit e detailed soholarship application, inoloding an essey and infonmehon about the studont's pentioipation and leadership in school and community activities MANE SOUTH Stsdnnts wenn named Bardom Acts 0f Kirdneos winners Too September and October by Maine South High School's Principal's Studeot hdvisory Committee, They i001sde: freshmen Lindsny Ander000 and Ebory Freeman; sophomores Aea Basso and Diwitni Polymena' hoc: bunions Fions Viogan ara Launen Vanok; and entions Scott Hdamcoyk and Caroline Ziminski MARY, SEAT OF WSDOM A Roc Bask, sponsored by MSW Family'Sehoel Association, will be from 11am la 1pm Oct29 st Marc, Seat of Wisdom School in Wisdom yell This annual count fon childoon la prekirdengarlen to fourth grado includes Halloween Barnes, a bake sale, raffles and male Children como in costume 0000)0V the fun event Older studeets help as voluoteoos, and in designing and nuoniog a "haunted Acune" A Halloween plcy, "Fright 0030 in the Lard el Odds," will be pressoted at 7pm Oct29 ir Mary, Seat al Ris' dom School worry Sym This play iroerpenat es comedy ard muoio, performed by the MSW Sohool sheeter group, Wisdom players Performers are students in grades KO RESURRECTON H055nroction College prep High Sohool honaned the top vtsdnrts in neck dcxc dudng the llug 24 Back te Sohoel Liturgy whioh marked the first allschool gather' ing Ton the new school year Oho Topos students in the saphow000, union sod senior classes and the b000minc freohmar with the 1g highecb naned as Res Scholars Seriar Bes Suholara Class : Alison Casey, Ruchai Csnningham, Tonna Aawron, Kaitlyn kenakes, Anne Elyse Larsen, Lauren McNeels, lessive Ordinario, Margaret Pomero, Briars Tornen and Samanthe Tnaooyk Anion Reo Scholars Class : Senah Riark, Asbni' elle Catsello, Kristina cloy, Haube Higgins, Mia M500lis, nebecca Mcl cocon, Siobhan MoManus, (ennilen Ryao, Christina Vscgas end Arnards Villesencn, Sephemene Bes Schalans ClasS : AleaaAknne, Rebecca Ranghi, Matelie Chit, Meegar Early, Eric Kennedy, Carmen Mueller, Rachel B'Bonrell, Aira Partipibo, Sarah Bean and Alani Vaneas Freohman Baa Soholano Class of 2005: lillian Zavic, Molly Flynn, Cerla Anexo, Audrey Holmes, Alabama MAn torero, Mary Ann MeraBaS Victoria Miachooieki, kelsay O'Brion Kctelyo V'Vtady, end Cecylis Hudel, A merit noholarohip ir awarded te the 10 freohmon who are namad as Bac Scholars, 0050n0000ion Collage Prep High School 000hnuos the celebration clubs 90th year cl educating young women with clock back at fashion throughout Ehe egeo 00 Bot 27, Resurrection will host the Classy & Fabulovs Fashion Show st Beau ella by Victo' ria, 99S0 Lawnence Ave in Schiller Park Cooklsils, raffles and games wr'll bngin st 6pm, lollowed by dinner al 7:OS pm and entortsiornent and Teshiot show al 8:OS Faskiorn will be modeled bh Besurnectr'cn students, staff, parents and alumnae Reusnoations are SO each (an $45 if purchased by Oct 201 and mey he made by call' ing 1773) , eat 112, an bh visiting wwwreohs, org Price includns dinner sod non'sbooholio kovenages A cash ban will be ausilable Alumnae, parents, neighbors MB Financial Bank and all comen io the community are incited ST ROBERT BELLARMNE St Vobent Bellarmine School io introducing anew Boed sporta program fon its studente r kindergarten through third grade These oporto sessions sta noncompytitius, fun introduotions ta tesmbsilding, understanding the language ofthe speoific speri, and intreduc tony obills, All three provudens speoishiae in tosohing '/i(htsilia; 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11 BATHROOMS CO WWWhl050ESLOQsuLvrs 5URSTA[00005ERr20f20tl OL OL muusoorocroaoo i WWA,PlSOcE4Lv5l COM 25 i POUCE BLOTTER The falloo'isg isoidents were listed among the offidel reports of the gli es Police Department, seeders are reminded thetas arrest doesnot 0050titota efinding of gout, golf ocoort of law 000 make toot determino BATTERY Nagerai Aokhbayos, 32, al 880g Gall Raed was er' rested Oct16 end charged with battery, Obst rutting a paute olticer ard knowingly demegirg property Police reoponded tas fight et e liquot establishment or the 0800 block ai Milmeukee Auanue Police seid the suspects had blood on their clothing, y 30yeanold man who is a security guasti et tin buoi roes said he sew ths ohres sucpoote lighting with an uoknawn men end several other unknown mes Hohes a Nov 16000m date DECEPTVE PRACTCE An emplayae ola ciron ing campane reportedly depoeited two checks in hen own personal bank accourt besween Sept20 end gct 04 at a berk on the 7000 block of lewpntsniroteud al giving the checks to the csmpeny awnon The twa cheoks that wore deposited wenn ton $240 and $015 SUSPCOUS NCDENT shi rtless man gea walking ir lneloc Oct03 on the 6800 kiosk of Miiweuker Auonue Ohr nier told police ha was tryirgto oammure With nature and buba cigerotle" The 21yeen'ald luto men sullene trame mental disonden, police sold COUNTERFET CURRENCY Someone royantndli paid tan itomsost Osata stone an the 0500 block oh Milwaukee with aaunlnnleis $50 bille Oho unknown sllsndestled the stono with e tomaie Shatatal loes tothe onore weoabovt $350 DOMESTC DSPUTE 445yearold Gleouiem women told police thst on Oct13 oh ewes visi'hng her molhen'e home an the 8S00 kiosk of Greenwood to get sama beloogiogs lurker mother, whet her52'yoer'old btother, who was ivtocioatrd, wanted harts leave, end puehed the victim and hit her Onice le the leva with e closed tier Oie 60km defended heroelt with e metal pole and the suspect leg DSORDERLY CONDUCT A man from lee Plaines overheard a 4k'yearold Glenview man talkingwitk e cswerkergcf, loin en inappropriste Serrer at a liquorooteblishmeot on the 8900 bloch olmilwevkee Avenue,Theovopecl reponedly sold theviutim wan going 50 poriormaensuel actor him Palloo said tha sus peor told rho complainant ra stop sutuideend otter ho had oes with the rawarker he would kill him PROPERTY DAMAGE hkb'yeasola Siles men asid that an Oct03 hiowoad lenco en the 7500 blovk of Noce wsa dawagod by hie rei ghbar'r dog T leal Caip Eadsdo dimen ddiceoolprepeeybe eredee One val Soir p makel lore cina VOid elk peo logic eaiyo erga6 DS PLAWNSo a óEOakton5t Poet Lecolieno CHCAGO S Secllr Chicogo Ave, CHCAGO6740 So Wearers Ave VLLA PARR'',103W, RouasseS Rood PALATNE ':;255WNaokwealgW CAROL STREAM 252 CanelA li, SCHERERVLLS 747W, 65lkAao' O!LE WEEC OtliV! 1WJCi, TP SMEBFF'S Tsefollaroiegiooidaegeis cei000rpamoed Malta Twosship usare complad by 08e Cook Cnuolyyhariff'actoparsroeot Raodem am mmindod 0400 so arnnatdoeosoteoeaultcnea flodiogofgsilc 001yooacr'Oaf loam vas wake ihaa deoerseiea ASSAULT Miaheel Olee, 23,altho 9800 block al Linde Lane, vni0000parated Malos Township, was ohargrd with aggracated 05000lt Sept 25 Aocordiogte palien a 21year old wsmao e0005ed lias el pioking up a rock arti threat enirgts hit her outhit it ehe did not yeythe $1G ehe owed him, lies reportedly lied, bot wee leier found by pslioe or the apartment complex end tekar ints ouctody BATTERY do 10yearad man tald pollee Or Sept22 that nomeone struck him with e machete, resulting io cuto to bis hondo end body The inoidert reportedly e000sred at Golf Terrace Apartments on the 9000 b cok of Gall Terrace The uiatim, who was token to 8duocete Lutheran General hospital, did net wart ta preee changes, police 8 S0year'ald meo neid polleo hie relghbarotruck kiwis the lace during e Gept 27 ergument on the 9200 black of Emerson Street Polise seid the men admitted he end his neighbor had been dnirking Na complaints were signed, PO RS Stefenov Boyan, 44, otiha 9500 blook of Cheater 8v envy, uni noonporatod Meine Township end Sensu Filiytc, 43,sT Weodotock, Ge,, mero nook oherged with bottoni Oct 2 hovsrdirg te poliae Boyan and Filipov were excused al punvhiegtwo men, ages 23 erd 25, autolde a residence er Chester Avenue Both vi slims rotueed medloal eltcntior, Police said etoakol PROPERTY DAMAGE ulehiolee were re parted damaged Oat, lot Crestwaod coodaminiums and alert mente en the blook at Holly Lene; Oct Ton the 9200 black st FOirouay Drive; Sot, Sat Crestwaad condo' minors and apartments an the bleokaf Holly Lene; Oct Goethe 9100 black ai Banbeery Lene; and Oot, loan Golf Terraoeypanl mento an the 9600 blook al Gall Terrace THEFT Athelltrom a vehiole wec teported Oct 2er the 9200 blosk al Golf nova, A cehiole wee reported stolen Oct00 110m rho 9500 blookafparklare, FRE A Oumpatenlire was me posted Oct Bet Creetwoad tardomini ums end aperemerco or the block al kurde Lane HTANDRUN hïtaedron accident mea reported Ovt25r the 8700 block el Lyare Street, íiiiipiin NT AC 90 Normondy's awordmdnng roam vi designors, urchdaore end project managers moka ike ensime prncesaalrn050 effontlvcs, Tirso, 6agosto knnw your oyjle end nnedn Thon we precorseoluriono on mnanolorm;ng your hvuao into the homo yvu'vs siwoys warred in oo'bo We beka vuto vi every deooil mom contact ro ciron up All you haue rodo io oie hack ond relee NormandyBuilderscom Collions Free C000vlraysn vi sins our Hinodolo showroom 00440E Ogden Ace AOSTONS KTCHENS RENOVATONS

12 GUEST ESSAY 1Oh PONEEROCYL,COM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, Socalled walkout explained BY JOE 000R5E "The priettoged deotoe 'Rsise n Coot,: bolt, Quontion of Pniottege,' trove to eueeotiv000enioo al Toben Recnottyaeverof ortictet hove precedono e ocor ott ether mooppeared io the botet meato ttons except the three higher regarding the tvothoot by me, ruokiog pcksiteged mcitooa to Tete Atdrreo Proybylo und Rennst, to Adjourn nod to Pio Moyor Robert Rattere et tor the Time in which te Adjoura specist hourd macbog Sept UY bi Cannot be apptïed eu uay t hove atso read comments other motten aod 00 subsidiory by trootees nod con pittore ot motiec ouo be spytied to it lorory f root trotting to see if Roth Cotteco nod t usked topons wootd oak or prnvtde the Preston ueverut times: "What oonwer to the most importent roonon ore you 'taping on teste thot cor citin000 cf Nttet the tubta' the motion to go deoerve to hoow: Why dtd they toto eoecuttte netsion?" 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13 14 WDWPONEETCOCOLCOO THURS2W OCTOBER OL iversions PONEERLOCSLCOM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 B 4 For Your onstderation Rag4ag musiciàns roll into Skokie Theatre ir: Yit h Nobody gh,es you more for your money thán AHst ate i,hrr:: ft Safe Driving Bonuse Checks Accident Forgiveness from Day One J $100 OFF your deductible every year you're accidentfree Bundle Policies and Save FREE lifetime membership in Good Hands Roadside Assistance Plus for a limited time, get your FRST TOW FREE when you get a quote T SPECAL OFFER JUST FOR OUR BOMETOW HRSTÉ TOW Aqetioietofoc$rrtiesfor the cotnelagoreek t ThrMeratoglhoov Cemediaeu, Poatorlog WON Morning Newt prceooaiition Pat T000rsoio, fora Oriavat old Mike Toomoy ovil perform at 8pm Oct Dial the North Shore Center for the Perfornoing Arto, SOD Skobie Oivd, AhokioTirketo ore $425DB For information, viali ovocconorthohoeeoenter org or coil (140) "fr El ephoett Meet' ot'iiibeproaeotrd by the Stint Otbootion Pityore Ort 21OSto il at St Ooecove010ro, 2H21 W Oiveraey, Chicago Curtninit at Rpm Pet Hoyo nod Satoedaya; 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comody MARGN CALL *** Rated: R for lerguoge Length: 100 Oirutes Stars: Taohory Guineo, Star ley TuRc: Rouir Spacey Ar ertrylrvel analyst st ao7sstrnert Sprague MARTHA MARCY MAYMARLENE Rated: Olor dislunbing violent ard leruol contero, nudity sed lbrguage Lesgth: 120 mirones Stars: Rlioobeth Olsen, Saroh pouls ohr Haul sirugglen to re'segsge with her fsmily sitar escapirg from se abusive religious cult Oese Durkin modo his lesione wrilieg/directiog debut with the drama and won the directieg prize at this year's Surdose Film Festival Rated: G MGHTY MACS Length: 102 minutes Stare: Carla Sugiro, gould Boeeaeae, Morley Shelton r the zany 0970e, a basketbstl coach (Gugino) steers a tramata lind Cathalic girls' school wilh no gym and nc uniforms toward a rational championship, Tim Chambers )"Morphy's Ocaer") wrote and directed the family comedy Reman Atkins on retacos as the British geaernmnet's mast aslikely secret egsetis "Jakney English Rahare,"a sequel te tise 2003 remedy "Johary Bngfisfe" PARANORMAL ACTVTY 3 Rated: R for snmo uioleroe, laagvsgr, brief secuslity md drug use Lesgsfs: 54 nrrutro Starr: Klle Featheretor, Graydar, Lauren pointu) tino that oould lead to the oompany's dowrfall, Propel lirg so inlerosl crss at the begirrirg ot the 200E ORO' ronrïc meltdowr C Chardon makes Bio writirgldirect:rg debut with the thriller, wo young sisters (Froth' dolor and Arrodee) boom friendship with se nuls ibm errity thet Avorio their home Horre boot and Ariel Sohubnon )"Cotfmnh") direuted tela yteguel to hn horror STLL PLAYNG BLACKTHORN * * * Rstnd:Hforvioleece end Length: 98 enirutee Stars: Srm Shepard, Eduardo Noriega, Slever Roo Thismolencholy, elegiac, but aleo hordss'sad/lr leather Western ieeagieen thor Dutch Caoeidynurviued the climactic ove bsttlo at the erd of"outoh CO55idy and the Surdeece Kid," sdopted the rame ones Blackliroro ard lived Tobe A0'ssrrrthirg ord have ore loor curlew hurrah Shepard is ideally sst 50 Oho aging Western lceo who reluctantly egroes to helps lrnderfoot mirino anginser (Spanish sloe Hanega) nr cuver $00,000 he has stolen in eocharge for half the loot Dilenlon Mateo Oil botero writer for Turns directed by Alr)ondto Amerabor, such as "Tho Srl tesidr" aed "Opas Dour Eyeo") enphalieec leo avlvmnal aspect nl Cassidy's erlurn to clime The pace is slow and lhere'o e somrwhat noctalgic tore throughoul, perticualarlyir ihe Aim's rrgrertohletlashbacksto the glory days of Butch and Suc dance, Ost that "Alacklhorr" is the nquivalert of watch ing on old mar sn000irgir hin rocker, Suns are deswr and people die ard there'o ylerty of poil toge arourd, inoludinga nluwmctïor chose across e salt'flst desert in which punsure and pursued Rae barely summon hr er' ergy to moue One moro step THE DES OF MARCH * * * /S BoOed: Olor pervosivr language Leegthr 151 minutas Starsr George Cb010ey, Byan 5051ml0, Paul Siamoni Ohr way That "The Tirs of March" eetoblishes 1h01 politics ser dirty os a precept universally occepted as workaday reelity on the campeige trail cstrhlishes o ohillieg moral bordador Especially when tho asnumy' lion by ore of the story's smartest political pesan players that euer withie that )raught state cl affairs there is still room for feierdship, loyalty old ideslism tures out tobe resourdingly foire, Diercton/cowriter/costar Cinorey tuns rn a smelt, tinely crafted sed vttorllr luthioss drama in which ide ais die hand, an well oso need peeformercy ana highly pecnideetial Obamalike pvlitival progressive with o scardolous libido ando streak ut rattlesnake meen cens "des" is Gosling's movie, though, and ho loaosc a searing impression ova brilliant campaign sleale' gist who will poll any dilly nch fora causa he belmnveo in A true bell nur, whene dedicotior to his ccedidala and basic assumptions oboul himsclfsne tarn spart and bloodily reassembled io a way that will oriy be held together by scar tissue REAL STEEL * * /O Rated, F113 far romo violence, intense action ond brief language Easgth: 12F crisoles Stars: Hugh lockman, Dakola Gayo, Evargelira Lilly 5Farmet bolee turned sleazy, small'time robnt'boc' ing yramoter Charlie Kenton blackmar) iso selfish, cocho, obrosious deadbeet dad who actually salis or his eights to his boegagc'abandoned boy Mac (Scyo( for $100,000 to repay gembling debto He has n look alter the boy for a summer, though, which giuna Challis bust ennogh time for redemption oche and Moo guider hopeless spornirg 'bot uy from the robs underground tua shot at hn tillo "RerlSteal" ices have its selliry points The C boring matches see imaginodive and entirely beliavable and dined' on Shawn Levy ("Night st the Museum") maintains an easygoing quality within the colillas cf various formulas until chameleocly Reading neactions during hn David vs Gcuiatb finale ettempling to feed us perdigestod ems' lions as if we were so meni Hungry baby birds Ocume limes ora effeviva Feldoy and ore vompilod from inlanmation avouable on Tuesdoy Pense note That theater scliadules are 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including intnnuiews with ytmmakens and cart members and a diovussion with 000hor Michael Cnicheon, LAU REL & HARRY: TRE ESSENTAL COLLECTON H This deloce godies set inclodeo SB shont films and fortunas mede by the classic scmndy team Por Aal teach 000dios between 1929 and 1940 sil neotorrd and digitally remestered, EStros lnsludn intaruiews With comic acoors hab OSan Dyhe, Tim Conway and lenny Lewis, oommsntanies by Laurel and Tandy aficionados and a oirtual location map supplylogan inoznacticn tcvr 01 hn anses un000d LA, where the doo orada them films, 112 H Rasemsetbased Sonnes Rehire, a mactan pomphin sercea, noill create ghcuifch arnastinni sot nlgeardsgsfdadasd Salgedey ecasiags thrnagh Oct 29 at"seeaams le 111e Perk," the sew hearted atirasfes iaspn'scd hy the reel fife righifel misdeeds eldr H,H Salmes, Dahike eres scaeeiaed pumphies, snma weiglsisg as mach as 1,595 lbs, ta Osaste hin msnstnasu ettracfans "Screams is tire Park," recommended fer agesay sad sides, is is the Path 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"BestKept Secret Aroe,nd Greek Restaurant with Oopa!me Pat Bruno Chicago Scsez Times "wonderfully Prepared Greek Food from Exceptional oit,i:ily:,i::,:i:,l'm',4ppet:zerm to Delightful " h i (A llelenkdinners ' North Shore Magazine "Mykonots Hats become Known as One of the Rest Authentic Greek Restaurants in chicagolandarea,ae Berry Bernstenn hoe r More "Authentic Greek Food Reminiscent of the Greek Authentc Greeh CustRe OC11 7 Days A Week Reierva)ions ReCmmooesolmd fmr Part as of lnppensng 8660 GOLF?TOA NLES, i (one block west of Golf Mill Shopping CeSter( H sland for which il is Named" fsx Maria Battaglia, Visit us on the Web at,,, Pioneer Press wwwmykonosgreekrmstaurantcom AN oj 30TH 11111', this a 10 receve q,, L&1lC 0Ff (nelr loot solid so percy mnmuc, SOeOoaiOd with aeyothnrotics, NoOvaBd mncaneysuso,resdooty repises Y

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high school hike atonte 019:30 pm both tights Also teatuning munlu by a hue band, connnauione, fleo lace pointing, gamos and mene Admission re)?; $6 on ehildneo 512 yeats nid: $5 toe Scoute in uniform; "Fast Patch," $20 Vieil wwwnwsc eng en wwwlekotalodgeorg "Feas City" haunted ettnoetiot, tbseagh Oat, Slat 8240 B Austin Ace, Monlnr Gnous The 40,000squaretoot enuinnnment features mono thon SO lise chanacters naaming etagoo with audio, lighting and video effects Recommended ton ages 13 and up Tickets: $25; $31 VP Gnevp dinoountc available launa al openoliar one 711 pm SundayThutedey; 7 pmmidnight Frideys and Satvndays and Cet 3031 Poninlonmatier, visit Www tsereityehiesgaeom Hahtsweee ftetute film, 'Nostenatu," mill be screened at7 pm Oet 3lat tho Shokie Theotna, 7924 Circolo duo, Skokie $1g et the doct Cell (847) A7777A1 er uicilwccw akakiethoatne000 Hellasaoeo Femilp Fesoaal, ton childnen ages 312, sill beheld mom A5:30 pm and b:usb:g5 pm at Pnainie View Community Cenlee, A83A Dempstetst, Menton Gnous The cuont includes cannival gamos and attroctieno, pcians, teiresir' monto, ahoy hunt, entertainment and moro Regiotnotron nequined; call (147) 9hs B200 Fer intenmatiot, ulsit wwwmontengnoeepankseem "Oestitehed; Masis foe the Deed et night" will be presented by the Chicago Chambas Chein at 7pm Oct 23 in Ardosa Chapel et flonth Park hniuensity, eonnon at Fester and Speulding, Chicago n the tirst half cf the program, the obole mill penlonm the hounting classical mugie 0111 Bach, Benjamin Britten and athens The second halt otthe concert will matute manobre musical toles fnem "Swoenay Todd," "Nightmana Balene Chyetmas" end Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom of the Opena," accompanied by organ and percussion The audierco is encouraged to attend in costume Tickets ens $18 in advance; $20 et rho denn Visit wwwehicagacham' horchoir,erg Oehiseases HaVas 4,0 motivai of olansie herrar lume, Ost, 24'28 atibe Portage Theater, 4050 N Milwaukee hue, Chieoge Monday "Flecho" et 7:15 pm, "Proroy" al pm: Tuesday "The Thing" 007:15 pm,"econeist " et 9pm; Wednesday "hemp et lark' nove" 007:15 pm, "Child's Pial" at 9pm; Thursday' "Gremlins" at 7:1S pm, "The Sentirei" 019 pm; Friday "House of Frankenstein" at 4:30 pm, "The Monster Squad" ans pur, "The Haunt' leg" 019:15 pm, "The ynuse Corpses" etil pm Costume ncetest at Gp_O Ont, 2G; $200 sanh priao for heel aduli costume Admission: $0 MondayThursday (double toatunesl; $10 Ptidey (leur filmel; $35 iveday page Visit mwwportagethentercrl, "Hohhsweee Magis," teotuning The Magic Dentist, Or Murk liasohubo, will be pr(erted ot2 pm Ost, 3001 the Rasoment Theotre, er Road, Rosement Also or the program s "Quick Chonge," osastunreclrorge Oct by bold Mass and golia Xaneeua, Tirbets: $20; $10 ten children ogeo 12 and younger $30 VP Vckotn include a bochstoge meet and greet with the east and come of the animals used in the production Proceeds benefit Solute, nc, a oseprofit cegoniaotice that provides linancial support for militory men and women and theie families, Tickets ore osoiloble at www tichctmoststcom cr Pon more information obout the theater, oeil ( e ursit mesa rosem ent h e et ne co en SCOBAMS it tise Path et ttssemest, a haunted houes, will be open theaaoh Ott 31 at the Park et Rocemort, luot mese et giner Raed between EnV Mewr and Balmnnai, reos te Muoioo, in Rocement Oho indoat attraction operates rom er shine, V'l pm TueedaySatundey and 650 pm Sundoys General edmisvlan is $20 The attnaetico is wheelchair acensarble Paren tal diecretior is advised For tickets or information, omit wwwoe rea w sie 1h e p a n k e em or coil ( STAGE "Chlldsss st, Lestes Gad" mill be presented Oat 27'Hon, Bat 00600e Communily e's Footlikfhentor, 1600 E Roll Raed lee plaises Peefonmorces one et 8pm ood Neo 4'S; 2 pm Oct30 and NouA; and 1:30 pm Boo 3 Tickets: $12; $10 len students and serions; $8 feo greups 0015cr mene; $5 on preuiew orgel 27 Call "Cityes al Light," Ose, G'Oes Diet Fluet Theette Workshop, 927 Reyes St Eeonston, The theatrical journey throogh Oetlrn, Paris, Warsaw ved nh Aulo in the 1920n end 1930g copiureo the apinit of lewich cabaret et the era Performances ore ot 7:30 pm Wednesdaysaturday; 2:30 pm Surdeys Tckets: $25; $15 for previews, Sou S'A Call ( e visit mwwpiventheatreorg, "Citad 9," sheaagh Oes, 4 attha Gift Theotne, 40024, Milmoubec, Chicago (letennon Ponh( Shown 007:30 pm Thutsdoy'Saturdop; 2:30 pro Sundays Ne perlerosnees Nov18 en 24125$30 Coil ( '70T1 on visit wwuo 150g: fit h e o tre a ng SEE GV, Pohl 150 EMANO THROUGH NOVEMBER Zllhr3O Eriboog '55' '' '1' THE HEART OF FOLLES BEATS HERE WTH PALPABLE FORGE" "HGHLY RECOMMENDED CbliCAGOO80HW1 DA1ZLESTHESHOWTO SEE" "ONE OF THE licniajotcittico ' GREATEST MUSCALS EVER WRTTEN" 'i CAN'T RECALL A BETTER ACTED, SUNG AND DANCED MUSlCAL" W0EZ915 "BRLLANT' shakes (las r STANDNG OVAflONS" "F YOU SEE ONE MUSCAL A SEASON THS S THE ONE" Chicago bock by JAMES GOLDMAN' r;ouoasdlor,s,bettphentondhehm' deae4bygarygrff'l' issd s,;s;slle a a,suy,,eahs,ajj P,;1v : ' '' : cr,k,r,s;s,4 GelV,hs, 1555k: Le ;dsl,,,,,,s,,k',,;h C,,,,,s Md,i;crs,k 3h12k0s ComOst AVAT n1e$)s)o UTrS((mrarms

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ATRUMPH OF COMC MAGNATON NOENOJSLY WACKY AND,ALTOGETPER'RRESSTiBLE" ReK 111e MuscaL ON SALE NOW! NOVEMBER 2527 Fit Plea 25 et 255 & 7'30 Set, duo 26cl 10:0G 3:00 & 8:00 Suce Pier :00 ave' 'eses bee clice 4 U ) T, CT i STR r' T C ',,ric,s, be STEPHEN SCHWARTZ M'UST'CLOSE OCTOEER Fcrck li1 ( u i FE AR Gaussraeaa' g WHODUNÎ'\ 4CAMPY t4e% mumf,,ta nun nootcktdekhosah ' '4 USCAL/i 8hake8Joroh EXTENDED BYPOPULAR DEMAND' Ofl8g0lbaaber 512,595,5600 WwWelltasgoshslseseon, R L tb [t P J j it iìttht

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20 roe POSERTOCALCOM THURSDAY OCTOBER TC lc Th0fSDA uu7;oneavlcolco lese NO W PLAYNG! PLAY REVEW 'THE TEMPEST' THERE'S MORE AT THE NORTH SHORE! Lrsa Flesso playa Calihasin "The Tsmpest," by William Shrknapaaev, stagrd bydreamlegle Theateeaaaeksotic3o pee Febdrysssd Salaedays, throogh flac, 19, st the Retarde, e' eingtas Aus Euasststr, Tiokete ese $15$30 'Li Mseeisfevmatiasat 'iv deeeeelsgiothestex' meekahlsgspat,eom t r ' s14v7' MORNNG SHOW COMEDANS FROM WGNTV Ana Bolaval, PatTomasulo FRDAY & Mike Tomnoy / ' ONLY' Fri Oct21 at 8pm A unequp ol'cnd up coorsdy culent ubdk rntcoolis l/rn MWoncmfyf fr100 per5005liliaof S jute TOLOflTs, JLU1 The Doyle &llehhie Show is like Spinal Tap with a twang" THE ROYAL GEORGE THEATRE Tickets call 32SDD9000 or ticketmastercoie Discounts )srßnaups! Cat )2 olasddell corn Rob Riddle (from left), loe Lasslolak David Geleaskyin "Rodgeea& Harts ACelebratioa," by Light greta works eso ''SS'RSRSaOOOOB Fcgers & [zrt celebration will have you singing mO ONDOES Sudgero tiravo Bevete ODO aongs together They ere souples otthe Greatotoened veo SoegBoolo cheriohedby Orsey ohaotouar who hope up on n grand pisan and essrey pieno man vaho 00cr played in n 000ktoil her "Olee Moon," 'Teilleg in Lova 1500k Love$ "lout Dt Somonti" "Mauhattane "Thin ConS be LooSe "Mytoeert Stood StiO"the kttiovie0000peodlesn Light Opera Worte la pmseetingo eeltbrntiottuf the work el Soot pernera t00000 no ita aevood ato5r et the MeSser YMCA Chihlroe'a Contar in Eveentue through RevS The siu000mbor r000,aunysmphy Tiffany Seaweed, Betheny Thtmos, DeatdGeheookp Joe Leedetok and Roh Riddlo,peehem as an 000esnbla, ea tolva an toupies, aadaaaoloineo, under the dieselbe elrudy Hegeoeoiller, Light Spera Woche' artistic Aserene Motiv di0005oujabyliods Siete llogenoeiller ploys it stroight, eeithout nap ottnmpt ta either reveo ute er obliterate the time Ornear to 1941, whey Rodgers h liurtwvehrd mogir tvgethee Seophy Sed 'RODGERS & HART: A CELEBRATON' Light Spera Weeks 1425 Maple hoe, Eaneatee N pa Fridays sod 5510edeys, aod3 pos, Suedayn theeegh Non ft (547) , rosee Lightopereworlos,roea lenonehy hove oltre StOle Peed end Ginger moments, nod n throwhark to the dopo of veudeoisr is deftly wvvae iatv the thaw Motel0 however, the osat memboro preaeot those amazing Soege io eneverrhaegi,ag otmuaphere Thomas givra onaopleaireperformanon of "Lady is otreootpp Landvirais erqoaoeivcyeaorte perlort fur "With a Soeghe Myltrort," eed just a tuaob olhumor roeclodea RiddleS Condition el that haunting "Wlverece Whoa" "Rreuitrhod, Sotirered oodrewijdsead," Sum the Smcdway show "Pol Jeep" in song by the women aehrg whotwrreraitdmftohyjrs 000itiaadhomtheiemry oeighonl5oamona110 nveoqubitalitge Otr Blue," aodbrophy'o "Tien Cento u PeOre" is aminiabooru drame, givioguaagoeopte ollao dead ynoug sucrose iv the smakefilleddocrepnrlvrl Or thntbrbefanom0010haohoe arromes o cabaret The evenioog u presented mown erta, aed at the opreelag ofthe strand thora ore eoeoirsl pmeontatioea cf travel oongn, moludiog "AGmetBig'Sb000,"suhivh solutos Cloirago The votivo ensemble abo eaaemblenhr a tureohisg rroodibiov of "My Pooanyvelrotino" nona who oro mura lembo ber odtb She 050go olgirloerd Rudgrro end Secar 11ammacstake li mill Sod ovany v Ravin lps'brn for more acerbic thon tgeonmeeniaiooin Dosing the show tha performert opoab nf Davalo pom000l demena, his dearenibato elroleoliam end raelydauthal the age uf da The thenirr ai the MoGa'r 57,tCAoldldrrnbCraterbm only 200 arcos Or dirgem wore body mireophoeae, whirh medo meny 010ko nombem very alucio, tore mr evaphoneornallynor0muy1v noack n buone? Still, Oho aeegnvvsea lovely the storer sous apieltod rod, tono unes setrptluo, you mold nobeanbly wath out v tire theater singbcg o i CSNTOD500 FROM PAGO 90 "The Comedy of Escozo" mill be poseen ted by Piccolo Thaatre ato peser 2022 stehe Enuratee Acts Depot, 600 Mulo St, ERreetov TiekeOs: )2S $22 nortee eitizevs $15 otodnota Csll (547) ovulait nue licou lu Oh e a tre co e "The Elaphunt Mas" mill br yrranetrd by the knot Soban' tiav Pluycro Ret, JrCoo, 13 SOSO lovauaetura, la2s W Dive000g, Chicagc Curtaiv at 5pm Feideyv erd Setvodayo; 2pm Suedsys Rickets: $15: $10 loe atudevta; $7 lue nevior citie005 Cull (773) ne viol vnnnusaiolsrbcatiarpliyeraneg "Thc Ritehee," act ior Went Eed rrslanrortiv 1950e London, will be praseetod at 7pm Oat 25 rl Serthmest' eco Uvivronsty'alenephice Luvia Theater, 20 Rets Circle Sobre, Eceosluo $20 Cull ( ne Omit uwticeoelhwoateecedu "Maple and Visc" will ho perosolod by Beva Theater Ceonparsy Oat, 27Dro, hat the Nayen Coltuasi Rets Center, 927 Neyes St, EOars000 Kathy sod Ryn, a successful Now Reek City roupie, have brceme allergic ta their 21st cnotury livra Allee meeting a ohaeiamafo maclooms cae' muabty of ly5oa rsoeaoturn, they Terge Sell phoeoa ned nnahi foe cigur000va ard Tupperware partien Tickets: $30$40; $05$20 foe atudrsta sed yauvg adulto ondee use 26; (051(1205 loe previema, Call 1847) e visit rowu reutfheatoeorg Mldwrat Noes Mesiaab presenta "Reeve," by Fron Zvll and Narcea Meodnea, na poet nfl ta curere readiog acebos al aeigioal musicale at 7:30 pm Oat 24 si the Light Opern Wuchs Secaed Stage, 1420 Repte, Eoaea000 Rick' os srs $05 at the door Visit uvnalightilpeoawcekaoee "Rehearsal foe Macdoe," tlessugh Set 30 at lames Douoivgîhectre, Sliphavt, Chicago Curtain at 7:3n p10 Fridays ucd Saturdays: 1:30 pm Sur' doyn Tioketa: $00; $15 foe studeete sod nesboos Visit htry:j/javoesdruvirgthertro type pad ce e "Oadgeea& Host: ACr' eheatisn" will be prensotod by Light Opera WeekS thraagh Not, hat the Light Opera Wurko Secard Stage, 1420 Maple Ave, foavatee Cuotaio atspe Foidrya sod Setue dayn; 3pm Suvdnya Tickets: (OC $34 red $40: hallyeive lcr ages 21 sod yourgrr Cell ( or omit noua LightOporaWceksnae "Shock the Saziav," at the Raseeurt Theatee, River Rnad, 0000mrst Profuonaecea cre at 2 sed 7:30 pm Friday; SO re, 3pm aed ayo Saturday; avd lye Sueday Tickets: Riait mnweus005rttherteecne no rail (Ago) "Seapahata:d Musical Seraphaoh,"levturbegwarkv by Brerduay campaneo Str' p5ev Schnalle, will bopoeseeted thraxgh io the Noethlightohsutec, located se the Noeth Sk000 Centro fertile Performing 600e, 9501 Skakie Bird, Sknkie Cuetair tiwos are 7:30 po Thuraday; pw Feiday; 2:30 par avda po Setneday; sod 0:30 pm Sunday Tickets: $25$65; $10 ce aove OS nod uvdcr Call ( ne visit uaw va rok lishin ro "Startïsg Hess, Stestieg Noes" ubil be yoeseeted by Obra Ubiqne Cabaret Shratee thmegh Cae 6st Nu Exit Call, Slenneud, Chicago (Solves Psok) Prefaemarcos tee at 7:30 pm Thoeadayu; S pm Foidayn ach Saturdays; 7pm Suvdayn Tickets: $25$30 Opti000l dirvev packxge, $35$50 Riait ucnethroubique00g ne call 1800) '"Oseada" will be pre' a000ed at 7:38 pm Noa,3 sadll and 4pm sod 7:30 pm Cae 4 le the Slack Bac Theatre et Slice West Pigh Schanl, 5101 Oaktee, Skekie Tickela: $00; $7 for etuderts, seriar ritieres aed childeev Call the boa ofline at 1847f A feeo cemeussity perlorma000 nul beat 10 am 5003 CLASSCAL Bes misa Symphony Osahsstoa, ccvducted by Alae Aeatheeioglco, perneos at North Shore Cevtee for tira PerfureivgAots, 9501 Shokia Blvd, Skakie (847) 673' 630e uuaarvnionarg Tickets: $3S$70, with dïacounta far nevmves red atuderto Rat 23,3 po: "6e Eeglish Lsodncape" uith Amit Pried, celle The pongeam includes Seit000: Simple Symphory, Spie; Elgse: Cello Caocrvta iv E Mirer, Op SS; asd Vavghas Williaea: Symphney No5 iv D Neo 53,3 p01: "Fane Great Somarlie hstmnrsoliete" The poegran becludos Hump' eedieck: 000rtuee te "Bacon rod Gretel"; boat: Sophiste Web No1; Wagree: Pvelndr ta "Dir Mebeteroivger"; Sibslius: Symphary Nr lier miene, op 39 Sells Voce chevibee chair will apee ln 29th season with "Awake the Sano," feotueieg a orppella ueobn bo campas ero tejo Whilacre, Gobrirl laok000 arel Frack Probo, at SCESO, PA6E 165 STARS OF RENT Adam PESCa & Anthony Rapp Sat, Oct22 at 8pm THS SATURDAY ONLY! A CDPCBr celebrahiioeg ties Brgdthsucy 1111 ffr'81& tlreir llrdltlda'cl melbibdl droop1 NORTH SHORE CESTER mc TlE 700FOV5,lttJl ARTS t550kc uoorncac;s n6u ro:e'",ee":lti 'u ho re ' Mo re it:thenorth Sii re! 5 l j ' HANDCAP THS! Fri Nov 4 at 8pm P OnOCakSa Tod hanoroots TelgosSlop hr king llorrieeo, linilog dlnafiililies'onil uo D your lssrliel! SilsuolSbdrip Pgeloei dih'oóits & 2651 louer C dill NorthShoreCenterorg

21 NN LHLQC4CCOH'l 7A705043ÒCT057g GO CONTNUED FROM 7:30 pre Ret 22 at St Luke's Episcopal Ciurch, 939 Hic' man Ave, Evanston Tickets: $38 preeciuer; $30 general aderiooiae: $09 students Cell (877) or visit wwou bellouoeeorg Tito Contrai Region olthe Metropolitae Opera Auditiore sill hold ita avdihor litas at 2 pet NeoN el the Muoio leotitate otchioego 0490 Chioogc Ove, Doseren $20 Col (302) or emeli j ettlo (H) 6000 et Ong Chicago Chnnebnr Meni' PSUETSU Tì ol000 (312) wuow ohicagochambermueiccrg Cartello are held 017:30 pta Sundays et FlakSteigen Carcer Hallal tlorthwectera Ueiuersity's cempuo, 50 Aria Circle Drive, Everetor Tickets: $25'$45; $10 tar 01v' dents tna 6; "Memories at Plorenae," with guest violist asicque 9500g ord ocllist Sophie Shao The program iraludes flamenco Cimaroee's Quartet No3 ie C Mejor; Belo 80066's Striag QoerOet No1 in A miaor; Clareo Newman's Tihl7ets,nreaL,'oil;olals atiir'14ihid,id OlLo bitvie allticketn:;:stnraatlals, riokenniasrae50ra j "NorPrrindicPraeoceglia"; 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Pionisr moihan tau, hha cymphory orchestre end e women'n choral group will perlorm works by Anillen and Holst, $1V; $6 on slvdents, Hot 25, 7:30 pm: Contemporary Music Ernemble penlorms Webern's C0000rlo lot Nine nshrumenhs, Nico flulrly'n "Uy All Mearn" and &yorgy Litchis Piano Caneenho, $6: $4 nn sludenlo Oct07, 7:30 pm: Tokyo SED GD, PAGE 02H 1 LiliitU 'e s) 4ttU * "MASTERFUL"* OCTHUOS000:VCVvoct2o'2c11'l WWW PS0VEaLSC0L 009' 1711' "POWERFUL, NTRGUNG GASPNGLY FUNNY", WV( Ó1( tc%e 4ijbi Pe7pdee 'ni 46gjviG :0011 trnjltt'zer P11ZE WNN'EH CLYBOURNE PARK By Bruce Norris Direcled by evsembjb member Amy Morton 4Ptw EXTENDEB THROUGH NOVEMBER13! steppèriwolf Buy online at steppenwolforg or call et 00 ste,,,,,:o,,,,,,,,,,, :': y 0110V '! e«r ViOTOl 'J

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31 ARCHCHCO50SUNTS5ESFÛMOS THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, MODEL SHOWCAS dkt'orsliñdbl1ros)ñ New pricing from mid $300s OU CAN m*ab2was/xv/ New Constoaction in ettabliahed Ubertyvifie community A majestic setting next to the Merit Club golf course Upgraded products and exquisito finishes throughout 2 & 3 bedroom aingle family homes upper $400s r45jç DC'ctoplllt"ll Tour the newest decorated 2 BRr 2½ bath condominium model and Furnished 2400 sí 2 BR, den, foracsal dining room model 7 flexible floor plans including 3250 xl penthouse Choose fine nierior finishes to personalize your home Scenic Village Green walk to dining shopping, enissy biking & walking trails O/l Sloth TOSS of Al 22, ORB block igl) of Milwe/kle Sac coron from Egg Agl/Dr Cale Open daily llameo 5pm LNCOLNSHREFLACECOM Nowlna cao atacoseslaw nto a low cactuses sooth as essossnsy sesso st anbeolubf o p56005 lisp bystro esoso bssasia4 sanrssrnelsy s t,sloncuadiyxsstyuassonliseresomtto lates TODAY'SHOMES GOLDEN FMPAE[3 vsodcomplohosg solos al000w bsoolclcica5ccondssxoioicm doeelopmealsia/udimgis+d tllers asodllysiaxpaicwls Bosbd0055s tsloblishediool000lglpoopsolios is theno osalestcle bukwscge isosio the ally of Ocal Cado CHupP eoetessscearcovlssmsow Cbica5obysaraokocshiawaod the asleslssssniog sookeosge RoaosowCbissgoliNoolloilosoo Thu campas/y sbeos 000idomtsl scsdcsemwsooialbesk000gw; pasp000y msavsgomeol; cries aaedmcolselingiwooswcox' altec/cow as/al ccsedooxlooiam concoosiondevelopmwnls: exdicodcelioral sonstoss loo disthesesal oral REO moss those l,loilhicsssodbawl000sisveiglol cieyeaodnoolb Blesse loca/cocos EisoeNoolle,l,isocclaxyaolc, Lalsewlow, lcclolcvsss, Ss/solesmille/Golol Cease, Ecaoclxo, Wioscolsa sed Colee Fcoesr Pbs moos inlonwaliow, vicie "5 LOWELL A REMARKABLE Bbd/Obth oasis w/qualty & modern appeal eqgaling auno resort! Warm & soiling Norlhwood's atmosphere LOADED nuances; Voolted cudarlioirrgaroa,t'ieeplace, noam, grande laps, FULL stainless (219f g + wine coolor and as talian syslum thai are some nf the beat qualities in this Wrap amund covered cedar dock and lighted ontorlainmost aleas tase yac to the balli in pesi that overlooks the bokotront acttoity Walkout bower & FULLY improved waterfront NEW high eff systems 5 star master subte 3+ heated garage pan CANNOT tnd anything like this here or Cedar Lake One alu KND, TERRFC price B *349,5001 w/architectural rich bordwand oqcipmont package double neon w/eahaust executive choto kitchen v ' r /,,, / 15rs WNNETKA AUCTON YOU'RE NVTED TO BD rd1v»455r ' 'T':' C rfl",,95 f _ e i NO THUASDA/', OCTOBER 20, 2011 OESTCHCHCASO05NO505/HOMES(S Enhne Yra Rdreíint Lifety1& Reti mr DriiwJr j O/ÑEW COHST OÑrPÑCES FROM $699'OO 4$1O6,OOJ' A Vast ones ebsito co wwwfourseason dreamltomescont O Chrysler Dr Belvidere, L OP rvol lo Gexochid nato 2lire riga/ ox Gesoclgd Olarnal/eJloo T2scerxlHocp(RlPRC 20) left non t'acri S, n/plot os Cbvrpalnr'Dc QUALTYRUn; LUXUROUS, AFFORDABLE & ENERGY EFFCENT Fsalessxa munite 2 bothovo 2 be/ea, 2x6 wall ecos/e/oiles sapeilor insulasen, go/sso/el Blood lite/mus, with cpplancex (alda lip o/os sehigesaloss, neger, space saves 550scwaoes, dshwashers), Easopeon ldlehess, Osspiaceu, cached eedixga, skpoghls, spacieux laundsy rooms oeñavxdsy xml/a, eslvdvw crea/mex/e, spa baths w/wh/dyuolc, vedrai sic, 2 /2 cas sieve//ed garages, xe/ely sodded bevve YOU'Ll, LOVE OUR NSGBOR000 Bract/cily laothvaped ved meuculosoly mcivlciced xeiglvbcshxod when res/irnos st/l precoce oldadhiened nsigbbosllness Reside iv a rupposblvo commoculy srm/e/corel xl pears goce by Fbiexdly reorders cealk lighled sidewall/s cod curcisgbserllxedo/seetsthsyrs5eyapoxl cosrple; flog park, p/ca/c and gesse areas Boeidccb,uvr5epeoeer//000s, garce cigl/o, i/noes peches and doy hips Shopping, ban/cog, ssstcr/owe/c and msa/cal Toe/lilies ase v'id/io wxlltcg dir/vane Realces 5thsr Cost oc Lis/cg & BaleasaxsYocas Retiormsot Lilealplsl ifr0'e' U2rr,i ' Onporasiova /tx he Oviobo, 29/h eavi/er oils Giuri 06es dos'r sews neon/i ssvsydey noodoasby /rind LAoNes1E issir' 1er Dise, rl,/ebrvmdrobosgv/ralseawd/ac//ot/ihoacllsaersnivdunbl/ghsirirl005rdessssiiec erro//vn t,,vr Tasio 55000m CLUB 847/680w0090 McrithomesneF SAnNo 117,arsiygollcRi flxsxvaafosxthas), nosgls 115 splts io mironas, Follow alles so Saloe Csgsur usos Sally S'S glgsegl iso ' 'lnar, ONLY 9 DAYS UNTL AUCTON i WWW WNNEJ UCTOOM Thevapararlerr/w/5 Psevirn colve CONdE 5l Jcoroesvcn oeocs rccrrx Tile FOlO çseaeuoaratx &eeoifli/ 0111E USA

32 6 j SEARCHCHCAGOSUNTMES/HOMES THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 NO Builder Showcase Director Antioth Newport Cove New American lomes, lite Sngetamy homes n lakefront community $290,000 to $1 million plus Newport Drive, Antioch, L wwwnewportcovecom and wwwnewportcoveonhneblo0spotcom Newport Cave You donfust buy a touse You buy a lifestyle 42 acres waterfront 67 custom upscale homes Decorated models Laketront park Pdvate madna Arlin' töff:hèi i ht Arlington Reuerve Lennar Rowhomos $269,990 $274, Crambourno Way Arlington Heighs, wwwlennarcom Thu Rnal Countdown with only 5 homes remalningi A lavish moltfamily new horno community, located on Algonquin Road 1!4 mile west nl Adinainn Heights Road n Arlington Heights Enjoy walking paths, pdvatu roads and a community pond Less than 3 miles trum the Metra Train Station Boasting over 2000 square tee 3 flour plans, 23 bedrooms, 2 lull and 2half baths, 2car garage aod finished lower levels Live hem, play everwherel BälidêÈe: Four Seasono Dream Homes Four Seasons 1000 Chrysler Drive, Belvidere, l SingleFamily $69,900 $106, www fourseasonsdreamhomescom Four Seasons is a beautifully landscaped, meticulously maintained community eatudng boulevards, puni complex, grenu areas and sidewalks on curving tree lined streets Fñeodly residents still practice oldfashioned neighborliness! Residents enjny community, dinners, coffee hours, game nights and day tdps Shopping, restaurants and medical tacilities are within walking distance Brid,aviewi Bridgeview Place Lennar Ranch Villas $149,990 $219,990 Townhomes $184,990 $224, D Claridge Drive Bridgeview, L wwwlonnarcom ntroducing Leonars Everything's tnclvded Homes to Bddgeviewl Located n Conk County, Bridgeview Place isjust 137 miles from the MetiaTialo Stafion for an easy commute tu dnwntnwn Chicago Addifinnalty, l55, 294 and Midway Airpurt are conveniently close Spanish and Polish speaking New Home Consultants are available Hablamos Espanol Muwimy po polsku 900 Tower, LLC, an affiliate of JMB Realty Corporation The Residences At North Michigan Avenue Luxury condos from $233 Million (312) wwwtheresldencesal900 corn One distinctive building, only afew exceptional homes remain Gracious two and three bedroom flour plans are available and feature exceptional floishes, gourmet kitchens, lavish master baths, sweeping city views and a private rooftop garden Then, add avadety et dining, fitness, and shopping options under the same roof Library Tower Lemiar Condominiums $399,990 $463, S Slate Street #1722 j Chicago, L B wwwllbrarytowercom The Final Countdown with only 3 homes remaining! Library Tower has an amazing location in the South Loop at the corner of State Street and Congress Situated across the street from the Harold Washington Library, lust off the El Ameniies include 24Hour Doorman, Fitoess Center, Bosiness Center, Residenflal Movie Theater Ronm, Hospitality Room, RoofTop Deck, landscaped Park, Common Area, Maintenance & nsurance, Water, and Trash Removal, FHA approved The Columbiem 1160 S Michigan Avenue, Chicago, L Condo One bedrooms from $299,900, two bedrooms from $399,900, three bedrooms from $699,900, penthouses from $799, hecolurnblanchlcagocom Homes at The Columbino showcase ninefont windows with gorgeous park and city views, Luxurious interiors include granfle cuontertops and designer wood cabinets, plus oversized walkin closets, spastyle baths and private terraces Worldclass ameofties include a lavish clubroom and a statentthe a fitness center All this located atthetnot nf Grant Park The Park Monroe 65 E Monroe Slreel, Chicago, L Condo One bedrooms starting at $299,500, two bedrooms starting at $649,500 Large threebedroom residences and twostory penlhouses also available ParkMonroecom The Park Monroestands at the foot of Millennium Park With homes beginning on the 42nd flour, all have magnificent views from floortoceiling windows, plus spacinus rooms and excellent finishes The amenity package is second to none with views to match, including a terrace, pool, spa and so much more Mesa Development Tue Legacy at Millennium Park 60 E Monroe Street, Chicago, L Condo One bedrooms from the mid $300,000s, two bedrooms from the low $600,000s, three bedrooms from $1 1 millon, penthouses also available TheLegacyalMlllenniunipark corn The Legacy's blueglass tower overlooks Millennium Park providing ncredible views n a location perfectly situated to take advantage of all the city has tu offer Homes feature highlevel finishes and the amenities, ncluding an indoor punt and two sty garden lounges for entertaining on the 42nd and 60th floors, are ncomparable 6 NM Development, Lac Six North Michigan 6 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, L Condo OneBedroom Residences from $319,900, TwoBedroom Residences from $674,900, ThreeBedroom Residences and Penthouses from $1,049, SlxNorthMlchigancom Six North Michgan s a boutique building, historio on the outside and modern and chic inside, with views of Millennium Park and the lake plus the best culture ofthe cityjuot steps away With 85% sold, enlya few homes remain 200 N Dearborn Private Residences 200 N Dearborn Condonainiwno $200,000 $1 5 Millon (Sales Manager) s www200ndearbomcom Conversion nf4l Story, 309 apartment building in loop Theater Distdct Penthouse Flourlop floor with outdoor deck and spectacutar views Amenities nclude: ndoor pool, Outduorterrace with BBQs, Workout center, 24hour security Upgrades include: Marble floors, Stainless steel appliances, New cuuotertops, Connechun to Pedway, CM, rafail shops and restaurants 474 North Lake Shore Drive 474 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, L Condo One bedrooms from $249,900, two bedrooms trom $429,900, three bedrooms trum $549, LSDCondocom 474 North Lake Shore Ddve features incredihle views of the lake and skyline, a location steps from all the best nf thu city and amenities including a fullsize indoor pool, fitness center and hospitality room with large sundeck, plus the ability to customize your finishes and an additional $40,000 to $100,000 off now 10511e & Vincennes Builders md Developers, LLC The Homes Located At Beverly Ridge S Martin St (105th & Vincennes) Singlefamily Homes $195,000 $293, e wwwbeverlynidgechlcago corn The Homes Located at Beverly Ridge offer newconstroction singlefamily homes at affordable pdces within Chicago cíty limits Starting at lust $195OBO, these homes nclude spacious living areas, upscale finishes and a convenient location close to Mein and expressways For more information, visit www beverlyridgechlcagocom wwwbeverlyridgechlcagocom Chica'o:Rid i Kerry Ridge Lennar Townhomes $169,990 $209, Birmngham Street/Chicago Ridge, L wwwlennarcom ntroducing Leonars Everything's ncluded Homes to Chicago Ridge! Keriy Ridge features four distinct floor plansranging from 1,525 tu 1,793 square feet, 2 and 3 bedruoms, 15 and 25 baths, finished lower levels and 2eargarages Chicago Ridge s partof Cook County, and just 15 miles southwest et the Loop n downtown Chicago Kemp Ridge s centrally located minutes from everything Acadia on the Green New England Homes LLC Condominium $293,900$ Burlinton Avenue wwwnebinccom El t in Edgewater by Del Webb Single family homes starting in the low $190s 2550 Edgewater Drive, Elgtn, L (847) wwwdelwebbcom/ edgewater Now Homes and Lifestyle Starling in the low $1 90s Fourteen tluorplans to choose from ranging from 1,19? to 2,833 square feel Love Lite to the Fullest At Edgewater by De! Webbl Bowes Creek Country Club Toll Brothers ActiveAdult Homes Singlefamily ranch homes from the mid $200000g Ranch townhomes frein he upper $100,000s 3841 Valhalla Drive, [1gm wwwbowescreekcountrycluh com The ActiveAdult Collections at Bowes Creek Country Club provide a private, gated community reserved for those 55 and better This community offers homeowners a perfect blend of litostyle and luxuryt Evanston 1 : The Bluewater Group, nc Grand Bend 1228 Emerson Street, Evanston, L Condominiums $174,900 $559,900 For more information, Visit the Showcase Communities at: hup://specajsectionssuntimescom/homes/buider wwwgrandbendllvingcom Contemporary, spacious suifloft style condominiums feature floor to ceiling windows, 9' celings, large balconies, stainless steel appliances and nunit laundry ncludes heated gange parking and storage nw association tees and convenient location Walking distance to Metra, 'L', and downtown Evanston Lowest priced new construction n towel G(envièw Patriot Commons at The Glen Toll Brothers Condominiums from the upper $200,000s Townhomes from the mid$400,000s 1600 Patriot Blvd Glenview, L www pafriofcommonsattheglencorn Walkable living Exceptional, uxudous residences Easy access to the Metra,Visit Patriot Commons at The Glen todayl Lmited homes available for quick delivery! HawthornWòds Hawthorn Woods Country Club Toll Brothers Townhomes and SingleFamily Homes From the upper $300,000s 4 Turnbury Coud, Hawthorn Woods, L meow hawlhornwoodscounlryclubcom Surrounded bya prestigious Arnold Palmer 18hole golf course, hawthornwoodscountryclubcom Hawthorn Woods Country Club is designed to please every home buyer, ndulge in our fantastic amenities Golf course home sites available! Hinsdae: The lampons of Hinsdale Next Generation Development, LLC 5715 Grant Street, Hlnsdaie, L Condos, Townhomes $290,000$750, wwwnxtgendevelopment cam Nestled within the highly regarded Village of Hiosdale, The Hamptons uf Hinsdale features elegantly landscaped grounds, impressive shinglestyle architecture, atranquil pond, a park setting with gazebos, a maintenancefree lifestyle, close proximity tu shopping and dining and a short ½ mile from Hiosdale Central High School Homer Glen Gallagher and Henry Kingston Hills vy Court Townhomes low to mid $200,000s Single Family from $364,200 (708) wwwgaliagherandheniy corn Wwwgaliagherandhenrycom Kingston Hills singlefamily buyers may choose from several models, including ranches and twostory homes All home plans can he tailored to fit an ndividual homeowner's needs and desires Also available are tour modem townhnme models, where twostory designs and unique elements distinguish each plan Gnllagher and Henry Goodings Grove Sheffeld Drive Condominiums low $200,000s Single Family from $364,200 (708) wwwgallagherandhenry corn Character and class blanket Gallagher and Henry's awardwinning hume design at Goodings Grove, Modem floor plans meet the veteran homebeilders longstanding reputation for quality construction to create a community bustling wth pride nf ownership and spirit Spacious and luxurious condominium residences otfera spectacular retreat from the norm, reywl ii, Lennar Ranch Duplex Homes $139,990 $149,990 Single Family Homes' $174,990 $224, WoadviewAvenue/Joliet, L wwwlennarcom A masterplanned commonity with a 3,700 square foot private cnmmonity clubhouse featudng a library, club room wilh kitchen, fitness center and two swimming pools Served by the exceptional schools of Plainfield Distdct 202 and commuting convenience via l80 and 55Two Metía tines provide service to Chicago Joliet has a lotto offer BoA Homes Theodore's Ridge 8001 Shady Oak Road Singlefamily From $163, wwwhnahomescom Build a new home nr choose from a selection of completed homes Plainfield Schoalsl Take l55 to lis Hvry 52 and exit west Turn dght (North) on Re 59 At Theodore Street, furo left (West) continue past Ridge Rd, and proceed to the community entrance on righl Open MonFri loam6pm, Sat & Sue llam5pm Leniont Gallagher and ilenry Covthngton Knolls 40vertonCourt Single Family from $384,400 (630) wwwgallagherandhenry corn Setagainstthe backdrop ofhistoric Lemont, Cnvingtnn Knolls offers several singlefamily home plans, affording the community a vavied, discerning appearance Ranches and twostory homes pepper the Covingfno Knolls landscape, each home as individual as the family nside and all enjoying Gallagher and Henry's renowned homebuilding reputation Donven Homes Ashbury Woods Ashbury Place Luxury Townhornes from the Upper $ www0onven1fomescom Three NEW CLASSC MODELS RANCH & 2STORY Plans with ist Floor Master Bedrooms, Sq Ft of lining area and 2,3 and 4 bedrooms Full basements, 2 car garages and all the upscale amenities DonvenHonies Woodglen Development 931 Woodglen Lane Luxury Duplex Homos from the Mid $400's wwwdonvenhornescom Three Dramatic GOLD KEY AWARD WNNNG MODELS 2,000 2,600 sq ft of living area featuring sun rooms, dens, walkout basements, 2 car garages, alt the upscale amenities and your own wooded yard 2,3,4 Bedroom Homes Libert 'l'ue Enclave at the Reserve at the Merit Club Merit Homes Single Family $495,500$625, Tall Pine Way, Libertyvllle, L wwwmerlthomesnet Dowosize loto luxury sq ft Model Home Urs: FdMon 105, closedluesfwedflhurs Call orvisit wwwmerithomes,net Weiss Development Lincolnshjre Place 400 Vllage Green Luxury condos $359,000 $789, Lincolnshlrepiacecom Lunudnus spacious 2 and 3 br condos and penthouses live like single family homes and are packed with upgrades and amenities at Linculnshlre Place, a condominium community along the scenic Village Green in Lincolnshire, Builder Showcase Y RKHOOK nndomnums AR'Fz CONSTRUCTON CO, NC CONDOMNUM $185,500$195, ST REGS DRVE WWWHARTZHOMESCOM Just north of 22nd Street on Northlake Road; ½ mile east of Highland Ave Mndels upen Mon, Tues, Fn, Sat 105, Sun 115, or by appt Elevator condominiums with ndoor parking and storage Amenities nclude outdoor swimming pool and minutes to major roadways, ncluding ntnrstatos 294, 88, 355 and 290 Yorktown Center just a short walk Only 8 avalable units Lock' ort, G V1S'f hartz CONSTRUCTON CO, NC SNGLE FAMLY and TOWNHOMES $199,900$230, Placid Ct go WWWHARTZHOMESCOM Located 2 blks west of Farrell Rd on Division St (167th street) Models open Mon, Tues, Fñ, Sat 105, Suo 115, or by appt This s and Active Adult gated Community with an 18,000 square foot Clubhouse 2 Pools, fitness room, Library, and Salon New pdcing on homes and leave your yard maintenance behind Come make friends and be part of this community! Mokenaiiy MANCHESTER COVE HARTZ CONSTRUCTON CO, NC TOWNHOMES $205,900$249, S 104TH AVENUE WWW;HARTZHOMESCOM On 191st Street between LaGrange and Wulf Roads Models open Sat 105, Sun 115, nr by appt All brick maintenance free towohomes 2 Bed/2 Bath w/ful bsmt 9' ceilngs; all appliances including Washer & Dryer Minutes from train station and nterstate BO Equity Lifestyle Properties Golf Vista Estates 4951 Augusta Bind, Monee, L Manulactured $50,000 $88, wwwgollvlstagolfclubctm Golf Vista Estates is the Southland's Premiere Senior Living Community Manufactured homes lino o superb 9hole executive golf course Soveral sites still available Standard homes are 3 bedroom with 2 bath, Garages and decking upgrades available, MörtonGrOè 'frafalgar Woods Lennar Townhomes $299,990 $319, Prairie Street Morion Grove, L wwwlennarcom TrafalgarWeods s intown living at ts best lo one of the most suughtaftercities io the Chicagoland area Conveniently cinse to downtown Chicago, Just i 3 miles from the Mefra Train Station Humes boast over 1,700 sq ft, with a choice of 2 and 3 bedrooms, 25 baths, and a 2car garage, The Crossings at Morton Grove Toll Brothers Rowlionoes From the low $300,000s 6337 Hennlngs Court, Morton Grove L, vjww crossingsatinortongrovecom The Crossings at Morton Grove offers spacious row home designs, unique architecture, and luxury features to satisfy the most disceroing home buyer The perfect blend of luoury, location and lifestyle! HBEN ABTZ CONSTRUCTON CO, NC SNGLE FAMLY $249,900$319, O'CONNELL STREET WWWJARTZHOMESCOM Rte 3OfLincon Hvi to Spencer Rd (4 milos W of LaGrange) and go south i mile to models Models opon Sat 105, Son 115, or by appt lo beautiful models to choose from Amenities nclude onsite park ui/boat rentals & children's splash pad fur sommerfue New Lenon Grade schools District 122 and High school District 210 LARAWAY RDGE and HEATHER GLEN P,D HARTZ CONSTRUCTON COMPANY, NC SNGLE FAMLY Low $200's 2024 CARDNAL DRVE et 2215 SCOlO GLEN WWWHARTZHOMESCOM Rt 30/Lincoln Hwy to Wolf Rd, South to Laraway Rd, West 15 mlles to Heather Glen models Travel an additional 25 miles to Laraway Ridge Models Models open Mon, Tues, Fñ, Sat 105, Sun 115, or by appt Heather Glen offers 3 new Model Homes to open August27, 2011 Homes ot!er4 bedrooms, basements, 2 car garages and first floor brick Some sites backup to water Laraway Ridge s building ouf the final phase, and offers an on site schont wdh some Models FOR SALE and quick deliveries SANCTUARY PONTE P,D 1ART CONSTRUCrON COMPANY, NC SNGLEFAMLY $219,900$261, SUPEROR CRCLE WWWHARTZHOMESCOM 3 Shucks North of Ht 30, on Madey Ruad Models open Mon, Tues, Fn, Sat 105, Sun 115, or by appt Our new Models are now Open Ranch and twostory bornes are available to build on any one of these estate sized nts Meadow Ridge Northbrook KZF Development Attached Maintenance Free Living $495K$895Kw/special pricing on inventory homes 1118 Morgan Street (Corner of Techny & Founders) meow rneadowrldgenorthhrookcom Attached MaintenanceFree living in a private gated community Full bdck residences ranging from 2300 to 3600squaro feet 6 different plans, many with 1st floor master suites Call today to learn about special pricing on inventory homes Palatinel: ' :: V R Frimez' & :sociates Tise heritage of Palatine Condomnums $249,900 $ V 6231 wwwrtranczakcom TRUE BULDER CLOSEOUT The Heritage of Palatine features an exceptional blend ut sophisticated floor plans and nwmaintenance living Located n the heart of downtown Palatine, The Hedtuge s within walking distance fo shopping, dining and the Metra R Franezak & Associates Tice Heritage of Palatine i3rownstones Towehnme $ wwwrtmnczakcom FRST MOVENS FALL, 2011 The Bruwnstnnes feature seven distloct hnmes with 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths and nearly 2,500 square feet nf living space Luxury abounds with elegant interior finishes, fully applianced gourmet kitchoos and allached parking Gallagher and Henry Suffield Woods Rldgewood Drive Single Famly from 84,3W (108) wwwgalagherandhonrycom Over 15 singlefamily home plans, ranging n size from 2,500 square feet to over 3,100, are available on oversized nts surrounded by ponds, mature trees, and ferest preserve land, eosudng that Sollield Woods' residents will continue to enjoy a quiet, serene lifestyle well nto the future Epcon Villas at Fox Run NO THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011, ( SEARCiCHJCAGOSU4TMES/HOMES j 7 For more information, Visit the Showcase Communities ire etory S Fox Run Circle Plainfleld, L Maintenance free vllas & stand alone homes $119,990 $229, wwwepconcornmunitiescom Villas at Fox Hun, an Epcon Community n the heart of Plainfield, offers maintenancefree luoury ranch humes surroundud by stunning beauty! This charming community features a hdck paver entry, a bike trail, walking areas, three ponds, and an ncredible 3100 square foot clubhouse teatudng a filness facility, outdoor heated swimming pool, and cummunity greatroom perfect forenteaioing Villas at Fou Run is located just minutes from shopping, dining, entertainment, historic downtown Plainfield, and major expressways Shorewood Glen by Del Webb Single larnhly homes starting from the mid $150s 1413 Justice Court Shorewood, L (615) wwwdelwebbcom/shorewond New Humes and Lifestyle Starting n the $150s Thirteen flunrplaos to choose from ranging from 1,269 to 2,450 square feet Write the neot chapterofyour life starting at Shorewood Glen! Optima Old Orchard Woods Optima Condominium From $199,340 fo $1,000, Woods Drive Skokle, L e wwwoptimawohcom Few condominium communities in the greater metropolitan area can boast the sophistication of city views and the serenity of woodlands Few, f any, front a vast forest of oaks, elms and maples Until now, none can claim the ïmpdmatur of awardwinning architect David Honey and his esteemed colleagues Bordedng on the eastern edge of Harms Woodshundreds at acres of indigenous furestland preserved against future developmentoptima Old Orchard Woods Condominiums beckonynu hume SnesCtr Ors: apeo Duilyfrom loam to 5PM SoúthBarrin i ton Regency at The Woods of South Barrington Toll Brothers SingleFamily Ranch and TwoStory Act lotadult Homes From the low $500,000s 23 Aztec Cl, Snulh Barrington, L M mmv reg encyabhewo a dsofsnof h bu rnlngtoncn ne Regency at The Woods nf South Barrington is setting the new standard n activeadult living Enjoy our resortstylo clubhouse, fifoess center, tennis courts and pont Nestled within a gated community, this collection boasts both convenience and privacy for its residents, Tine Park Gallagher and Blenry Radclllle Piace Humbor Lane Townhomes from mid $200,000s Single Family rom $ (708) wwwgalagherandhenrycom Radcliffe Place homebuyers choose from 22 singlefamily borne plans, sonto eoclusive to Radcliffe Place The mlx ut ranches and twostory homes grants Radcliffe Place a distinctive took on parwith any customhome community Alsn available are four modere towohome models, featuriol distinctive twostory designs and open floor plans Weiss Development River's Edge 425 Ben)amln Drive Luxury condos $329,900480, RiversedgebyWDCcom From a waterfall entry to a privato nature park, River's Edge 2 br condominiums are distinguished by stone and masonry architecture and scnntc forest preservo at: 'views Choose one of the last four units and personalize your home to suit your style, : Wheelin ':, Millbrook Pointe Luxury Townhomes Northficld Group, LTD Townhome Development trum $259,900 to $369, N Walt Road, Wheeling, li vawwmillbrookpointecom Arranged io small clusters of elegant twostory townhomes and charming threestory owhomes, Millbrook Peinte s situated along two nterconnected private streets Classic all masonry extertors boast charming entrances, multigabled ruotlines and exciting facades fealudng octagonal rooms and impressive balconies and terraces Great Value, floor plans and quality construction are perfect options fur the first fimo buyer or someone looking to downsize Mallinckrodc Renaissance, LLC Mallinckrodt in the Park 1041 Ridge Road Agerestricled condomniums (55+) $205,000 to $699,000 One affordable 1BR available for $110, wwwmalllnparkcom Mallinckrodt lo the Park s the adaptive reuse and conversion of lhe former Mallinckrudt College in Wilmette n maintenancefree condominiums for active adults age 55 and over The community's final 8 homes feature spacious floor plans, luxury finishes and heated ndoor parking For more information, visit www mallinparkcom Gallagher and Henry Fnrmingdale Village 9048 Wltham Lane Condominiums upper $200,000s Single Family from $384,400, (630) wwwgalagherandhenrycom A familyfriendly vibe and exclusive brick homes characterize Farmìngdale Village in Woodridge, the west suburban town's most elaborate and celebrated new home community Ranches and twostory homes lino the community's winding streets where the American Dream lives Luxury condominiums provide residents a significant taste of the good life Wilcox Develo1mient Staples At The Sonatas 645 Handel Lane Maintenance Free Attached and Detached Ranch Homes $159,990 to 229, e wwwwilcoxdenelopment cone Maintenance Free Ranch Homes Attached homes 1650 to 1905 sqft Priced from $159,990189,990 Detached Courtyard Homes 1516 to 2900 sqft Priced from $204,990229,990 Open Monday to Saturday 105 Sunday 125 Route 47 North sido of Wuodstuck, right on Ware, Left in Vivaldi, left on Schumann to Clubhouse ndiana i i' BEECHER POLLOPPE BULDERS HUNTER'S CHASE 1689 WNUSCAPE LANE, BEECHER N STARTNG FROM $1 40'S wwwphillippebuiderscom Located 37 miles south of Chicago, Hunter's Chase is a neighborhood that embraces the warmth and comfort of small town rving There s plenty of open space, parks, and public fields to roam and play Consider one et nur Ready Suilt Homes available for purchase today! 100% Energy Star Builder! Sains Office opon MonSun li4; closed Toes/Wed CHESTEBTON PHLLPPE BULDERS VLLAGE GREEN AT COFFEE CREEK 605 VLLAGE PONT, CHESTERTON N MANTENANCEFREE TOWNHOMES STARTNG FROM $1 90'S wwwphilllppebuilderstom Maintenancefree loonry townhomes designed for a modern lifestyle while capturing traditional Midwest architecture Located along a praide restoration park with over 250 acres of natural space and walking paths Take advantage of ndiana's 1% tax cap and homestead incentivos Models open Sat/Sun 114 er call for appointment 100% Energy Stan Partner DYER PB1LLOPPE BULDERS PRARE TRALS GETTLER, DYER N TOWNHOMES STARTNO FROM $170'S g wwwphiiilppebulderscom Within easy reach ofthe City efchicago, Oyernfters a small town atmosphere infused whh all the comforts and conveniences of a major metropnlhan area Maintenancetree, consider one of our Ready Built townhomes available tudayf CLOSE OUT PRCNGONLY 4 UNTS LEFT! Sales Cenlernpen FdSun fi4 pm LOWELL PLLPPE BULDERS SPRNG RUN 2183 Oakwood Lane *(proposed construction lot) SNGLEFAMLY HOMES STARTNG FROM siso's wwwphiiippebuilderscom Spdng Run, located nearthe high school, minutes from histodc dnviotown Lowell and 65 for Chicago commuting A community in which neighbors are fdends, children feel safe and smalltown values oint Spring Run is encircled by ponds, woods and rolling hills, choose from 26 models, huit to suit Call for appointment ST JOhN PHtLLPPE BULDERS, NC THE GATES OF ST JOHN BRDLEWOO3 ST, ST JOHN N SNGLEFAMLY; SiNGLEFAMLY MANTENANCE FREE STARTNG FROM $190'S wwwphlllippebuiderscom A pedestrianfriendly, multigenerational community un more than 700 acres with distinct, interconnected neighborhoods featudng a treelined boulevard, walking paths, water features, green spaces, and parktacilities Like the magnificent decorative gafes for which it is named, The Gates of St John is a community characterized by beauty, charm and tradition BERREN SPRiNGS Lakeside Properties, Series LLC Lake Chupin Sbocca lake Shore Drive, Berrien Springs M Single tamily $3131K to $9081( 888TOMCHGAN ( ) LakeChapinShorescom At just 90 minutos from Chicago's Loop, this 21 home, maintenancefree community sits on Lake Chapin, the largest all sports lake this close to Chicago with 22 miles of connected shoreline Come tour our model homes, the lake, and "test drive" nur heated pool this weekend,wconsnt RACNE The Atwater at Gaslight Pointe New England Homes LC Condominums $169,900 to $372,500 4 Gaslght Drive wwwnehinccom

33 ' ' b1 i j J! 8 SEARCHCUCAGOESUNTMES/HOMES THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 NO 02 HONOA ÇR?VEXfA WO AUTOMATC PL,,W, TLT, CRUSE CD, #78665A POWER LOCKS & WNDOWS, TLT, CRUSE CD, ' #X2032 AUTOMATC, POWER LOCKS & WNDOWS, TLT, CRUSE, CD, NCEL #X2030 PoweîMounroôf! STEEL BLUE, ALLOY WHEELS POWER MOONROOF, LOADED #85425A TAURUS 'SES W, POWER M0ÓÑROOF, POWER LOCKS & WWDOWSTLT CR1JE ; " ALLOY WHEELS #X2012A ', AUOY WHEELS, POWER MOONROOF, CD, LOW MLES, LOADED #2OOAA ALLOY WHEELS, POWER LOCKS & WNDOWS, TLT, CRUSE, CO, #1 31 3A ALLOY WEELS, AC, CD, NCE #X2457 3RDRQ"Sea! SLVER LEATHER, MOONROOF, HEATEDSEATS, LOADED, #X2003 N) o N) AUTOMATC' POWER LOCKS & WNDOWS, TLT, CRUSE, CD, #X2000 SLVER POWER LOCKS & WNDOWS, TT CRUSE, CD, #78353A SLVER, POWER LOCKS POWER LOCKS & & WiNDOWS, TL1 WNDOWS, TLT, CRWSE, CD, LOW CRUSE BALANCE OF MLES1 #X2011 FACTORY WARRANTY, L PRE DRVEN, #X31$6!, ThUKS/lll1NS b03 CHVY RALBL'AZER L' AlLOY WEELS,POWER, LOCKS & W1NDOWS TLT, RUSE CD, NCE! tx2old ejer4aoonroaf POWER MO0NRO0F : ALLOYWHEELS, POWER LOCKS &WNDOWS, TLT, CRUSE LOADED! #100658A ; Loaded! V8, HEM, CHROME WHLS, LTHR, PWR MNROOF, HiD SEATS, LOADED #X2005 VB, WELL EQUPPED LOW MES, BALANCE OF FACTORY WARRANTV #X2013 VEHClES ti9 PREDRVEN, SLVER, ALLOY WHEELS, POWER LOCKS & WNDOWS, T1LT,CRU1SE,FLLLY LOADED, #X1447B PREWNTER SAVNGS OF UP TO $30,000* PLUS UP TO $5,000 N MOVNG COSTS COVERED 'nitial appointment and tour must be taken by November 15, 2011 "Ask a Sales Associate for important deai1s No wind, no snowdrifts, no cabin feverjust endless ways to stay active, engaged and entertained That's how we do winter at Sedgébrook, where every resident stays comfortable, connected, warm, and protected Now is the perfect time to explore the worryfree, fun lifestyle you'll enjoy here at Chicagoland's friendliest senior mmunity Now, before the snow flies and while our PreWinter Savings event is on Call today for your personal tour at or visit WelcomeToSedgebrook corn AUTOMATC, ALLOY WHEELS, 8 FOOT BOX, N10E1 #X2539 ' Ve, DUAL AC, CAPTAN CHAiRS, ALLOY WHEELS, UNE NEW #7111A Leather! Moonroof XLT PACKAGE, LEATHER, ALLOY WHEELS, AU THE TOYS #2320 OR2O9 OR25Oj ' (O71íÒLíGi1'fLO1CRYSL'ER1 GRTCARVANfSXTO&rCOUNTRYTOUR,llG, 4Ï V6, STO N' GO, CAPTAN CHARS, DUAL AC, ALLOY ' WHEELS, NCE ' #X511A f Leather!?oonrou CHROME PACKAGE LEAThER, ALLOY WHEELS POWER MOONROOF, 00KS & WNDOWS HEATED SEATS, TONNEAU COVER T1LT Z71 OFFROADPKG,t CRUSE #60338 LOADED #60338A PEDRVEN, V6, DUAL AC1 CAPTAN CHARS, ALL NEW BODY STYLE #X3l00 LOADED! PREDRVEN fflack, LEAThER, MOONROOF, NAV, ALLTHETOYS, LOA1ED#1089A ü4b$r R5391 REO LEATHER, i PREDRVEN, PREMUM J SLVER LEATHER, PACKAGE, CHROMES, DUAL LEATHER, ALL ThE POWER SEATS, 16K TOYS, #X2009 MLES ONLY, #X K'Mils Oñy! LEAThER, MOONROOF, CHROME WHEELS, NAVGATON, EVERY POSSBLE OPTON #X2O11A 55OO Miles Onl S LNE PACKAGE, PREMUM PACKAGE, HEATED SEATS, TOP OF THE LNE, #X2019 NAVGATON, PANORAMC ROOF, SPORT PACKAGE, LOADED #70393A 24ù8ø';' QR$4791 8R$66 :: 4600 Miteo Onty! SLVER, V6, POWER MOONROOF, CD, LOW MLES, LOADED, PREDRVEN #5077A BLACK, LEATHER, DUAL AC, ALLOY WHEELS,OADED, PREDRVEN, #X2032 1OK4Meo Only! BLACK, SPORT P1(0, NAVGATON, POWER MOONROOF HEATEtY SEAT,AUTOMATC, LOADED, #X2002 SEDGE You ONLYMORE SO SERVCE 2114 COMNG FROM THE NO(Tfl,;flhliF ;';;;:' DEPARTMENT LX 0111F Nl LAS C t,1wa(kl SUU /y qffl 'N!J401 N MLWflUKEE 111E NLES JUST SOUTH OF?OEF HOflD "NT" 9PM1 OPEN JVtE! OPEW 2114 COMNE FHOM TtE SOUTh ' X U F1" A ML'/ALJKL NU '14 h OM lu NORTh DR 'OUT WE SPEflM YOUR LAHGUflGE: SPMSH POLSH BUSSAN 1EEK heth'flh ' ENGLSH FLPNO SSYhAN ' KOflE'LN, X L M'Sft W l UMLV/AUKLE NUN SALESHOUBS: MONFR 9AM9PM, SlT 9AM7PM, SERVCE a PAHTS HOURS: MJNTHUHS 711Mgpr,7, FB 7!M7PMSiff 8 M5PM 800 Audubon Way Lincoinshire, L Phone: Fax: WelcomeToSedgebrookcom A S2NOR CARE DEVELOPMENT, LLC AFFLATED C0MM!JNTh MANAGED BY LFE CARE SERVCES, LLC *us tax, hile, limnse & doc lee, ""V! ave credit o select cetitiu used cars Ex, S42U6 ar $10fb financed 81 O down ilealer uy down may affect Final seltln dce Maximum balance $10000 fui 24 mahs trl6s tax, tille, license & ac te Financing thni FMCO Ueil YLhkhS tinaacln based on fl months LB% ar w! $500 d#n, Ex $1011 pr Sl000 ffnaneed # down Used vehicls 01 or newer, flnanclo hasd o 72months?R% apr w! $500 dovin, Ex S814 S000 aanc! $500 dwn, V aruved crail Exñres Factoiy rrant Se doalr for detal Olalerwill nel oor any dclnu wium ha tlis aiveiiisaient hiees ara goad 2 days 1mai date cl publloaon Pictures ae lar Hl6srao pvrases only ee ealertor dohails

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35 V V V V V V V w Au d i Truth in Engineering ce Q o ç #DU134 PW P C RNNC BUAROS TTEÜYNWVS o, z From the first glance, the design of the allnew Audi Al will captivate you With an alluring profite, impeccably crafted interior and the most advanced automotive i V technotogy available, nothinghasbeenleft to chance, You wl1 experience ourcommitment to progressive esignand luxury in every detail The A7 transcends the eted, and puts you ft thçockpi QfWhatVS sure to sj!jx!od ìopoo0mlso/7yar PbwO,(,Jh L(mJft,d yter'tt HODOCflb(G ;;a ila Vf 13V EW 2011 SUfJK SX4 AUTOMATC #B0248A AUTO, AUJMNUM WHEELS, P'VR PKG, CD, FOG LAMPS BUv$ qp7or FOR if: 112nwK 98 Chovy Malibu U Mazdi MPV #P22 01) DotJj'Dako1a 4x4 SBÚ22? ;9S frd EK(oror UP200A 04 Honda Civic EX Coupe #BOO54A 07 Saturn Vue AWD V611ß0120A,01 Ford Focus 2X3! 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DC THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM J 25B CD ç z C, L 9 Automatic, Model # FB2F5CEW, Stk # H Tout due at lease incepton $1167 Plus 2011 HONDA Lease Per 36 Month For mos titjo license and doc fee Lease Per 36 Month For mos Model # RE4H5BJW, Sik # H26866 Talai due at lease inception $12O9 Plus ta idle, license and doc foe Automatic, MDdel # CP2F4BEW, Stk # H26243 Automatic, Model # YF4H2CEW, Sik # H HONDA Ç 2012 HONDA 4 LeasePer 36 Month For mos Tatet due at ease inception $1179 Pion taxi fitta, license and doc feo Lease Per 36 Month For mos Tatet due at lease inception $2729 Plus tae thie, license and doc fee, *Pricesptus tax, title, license and cloe fee All rebates and incentives applied AO9% APRFinancing on S&ect years, makes and mod&s See dea'er fo; details #Sased on closed end leases To qualified buyers with approved credit 2,000 allowable miles per year, i 54 for each additional mile ('i 2 Pilot: 2O4 for each additional mile) i 2 Civic: Residual: $12,626; 12 Accord: Residual: $13,770; '12 Pilot: Residual: $18,528; '1 1 CRV: Residual: $16,278 Additional options extra Lessee is responsible for excess wear/tear, maintenance and insurance Subject to early termination penalty Valid three days from publtcatton Dealer will not honor errors in this advertisement Not available with any previous offers BY DOROTHY ANDRES is all dolled for Lyric Contributor Soprumo Anna Christy is a doll literally She plays the lifesize mechanical doll Olympia in Lyric Opera's production of "The Tales of Hoffmann," which runs through Oct29 at the Civic Opera House "t's a blast," said the 35 year old singer, who will play a real live woman in Lyric's upcoming production of 'Ariadne AufNaxos," the fourth opera in the Lyric season Sitting in a conference room in the Lyric's offices on the eighth floor ofthe Civic Opera building she explained how pleased she is to spend extended time in Chicago, the city ofher birth "My dad George Christy grew up in Gleuview7 she said "He was one of five Christy children?' Barrington roots Her parents were married in Tokyo, settled in Lake Barrington and later Glenview They relocated to Pasadena, when Anna was quite little, so she was raised in sunny California Area roots, however, remain deep 'We came every summer to visit our cousins here:' she said "My aunt owned a horse stable in Gurnee and we went riding every summer when was in my early teens" For two summers she enrolled in Northwestern University's Cherub program for high school students "First was in the piano group," she said, "then enrolled in vocal studies" Her role in "Hoffmann" requires not only vocal abilitç with which she is blessed in abundance, but also a gift for physical comedy "(Aima) has shown a really dnz7ling theatrical flair in her performances for us, especially in her pricelessly funny Olympia," declared Roger Pines, longtime Lyric dramaturg "n that role, to combine such impressive vocal dexterity with physical comedy ofa very high order says a great deal for Anna's command ofher resources as an arst?' Anna Christy 'THE TALES OF HOFFMANN' Lyric Opera, Civic Opera House, 20 N Wacker Drive, Chicago 7:30 pm Oct 21, 24 and 29 For ticket prices, and to purchase, see www Lyricoperaorg Christy does not do Olympia alone She glides onstage as if transported by some kind of machine which, in fact, she is " am seated on something like a tricycle:' she explained "Olympia's huge skirt is actually a cage concealing a small seat, my seat belt and an emergency brake J can activate at any time "The skirt isjust tied around my waist 'm not really wearing it" Olympia's movement around and about the stage is governed by a remote device, held by a man dressed like a chorister, who controls her every move "t looks as if Olympia goes out of control," she explained, "but it is all done with the remote t took a lot ofpractice for us The primary concern was safety" She was more than pleased with the reception she has received in the role "t is so wonderful when the audience feels free to laugh," she said, smiling "t plays to us as performera t enters our sphere and makes it fun?' Christy began studying piano at agu three Later she sang in a church choin " began to notice that was singing more loudly than the others7 she said, "and on pitch?' Fitting roles Christy is a coloratura soprano, so she frequently sings ingenue roles "My body type and vocal type matches that kind of role,' she said 'SAnd like ingenues with spunk "Our voices are ready sooner;' she explained " believe am at the crux of my voice right now Some opera singers' voices don't mature until they are in their forties?' Her role as Olympia is her fourth at Lyric Her first was as the bride in William Bolcom's "A Wedding" a Lyric commission, which preuniered in 2004 t was based on Robert Altman's 1978 filin of the same name and Altman did the libretto 'Anna is n rarity among coloratura sopranos in being able to demonstrate extraordinary versatility in her operatic repertoire, and we at Lyric have been her lucky beneficiaries;' Pines said Chisty who has sung with the New York City Opera, Santa Fe, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, finds Chicago's Lyric Opera a very special company "There are the highest standards here, but it's like coming home to family," she said "The quality ofwork is so high, but the people are real Plus, they treat us ilke artists, they get us whateverwe need Sadly, it's pretty rare!' G O i CONTNUED FROM PAGE 22B Road, Rosemont (847) Friday Nights Live, featuring music from 8:30 pmmidnight in the Montrose Room, $5 Ticket prices for other shows vary For informaticin, visit wwwmontroseroomcom Oct 21: New Earth with crimson reign Nov 4: Fingers of Lightning Nov 5: Up Close Montrose with folk rocker Michael Mc Dermott $17 VP; $12 general admission Nov 11: n Bound Kennedy Nov 12: Up Close Montrose with Robbie Fuiks & the Country Allstars $20 VP; $12 general admission Nov 16: Up Close t Montrose with Cj Chenier (zydeco) $15 VP; $10 general admission Nov 18: Mr Blotto Dec 2: nstant Rewind Dec 9: The Cringe (benefit concert for the Children's Memorial Hospitat) Dec 16: Caltatoo Mayne Stage, 1328 W Morse Ave in Rogers Park, Chicago (773) wwwmaynestagecom Oct 26, 8 pm: Marchfourth Marching Band $10 general admission; $20 reserved Oct 28, 10 pm: Eyes Manouche & Bombonne (gypsy jazz) $12 general admission; $25 reserved seating Oct 30, 7 pm: The Famous Brothers' HonkyTonk Hootenanny, with Henhouse Prowlers and Naomi Ashley $10 general admission; $15 reserved Nov 4, 8 pm: Seth Rudetsky in "Deconstructing Broadway" $40 general admission Nov 12, 9:30 pm: The Chicago Gay Men's Chorus presents "Lipstick and Lyrics: Girl's Night Out" $25 general admission; $50 reserved Nov 23, 8:30 pm: Family Groove Company with The Electric Boogatoo and Sneaky Gene (jazz/rock/funk) $10 in advance; $12 at the door Nov 25, 8 pm: Henhouse Prowlers (bluegrass) $12 general admission; $18 reserved "MSFiT Tour 2011," a gospel rap concert featuring Da' TRUTH, The Ambassador, Mati Music, gospel artists Sean Simmonds and B Reith, spokenword artist Oraia, and Pastor Chris Durso, author of MSFT Dealing With Our Godgiven Discomfort, 7 pm Oct 26 at First Church of God Christian Life Center, 1524 Simpson St, Evanston $18 Call (847) or visit wwwfcogevanstonorg North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, 9501 Skokie Blvd, Skokie (847) wwwnorthshorecenterorg Oct 22, 8 pm: Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp, stars from the original Broadway cast of "Rent," perform musical theater hits Tickets: $60$30 Nov 5, 8 pm, and Nov 6, 3 pm: 'Sketches of Blue: An Orbert Davis Tribute To Miles Davis" Act rwilt feature the Orbert Davis Sextet playing music from Miles' groundbreaking album, "Kind of Blue" Act will feature Orbert Davis, accompanied by the 19piece Chicago jazz Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble, playing Orbert's adaptations of the classic Miles Davis/Gil Evans collaboration, "Sketches of Spain" $35 and $55 Rosemont Theatre, 5400 N River Road, Rosemont Tickets are available at www ticketmastercom or (800) For information, call (847) or visit wwwrosemonttheatrecom Nov 5, 8 pm: Sting Back to Bass Tour $8450$14395 Nov 13, 7:30 pm: Paul Simon $52, $87, $127 Dec 4, 7:30 pm: Straight No Chaser $2750, $3750, $4750 Dec 11, 3 pm: Celtic Thunder Christmas $3450, $4950, $75 Sing to Live Community Chorus will perform "A Celebration ofgratitude" at 8 pm Nov 5 at Northwestem University's Alice Millar Chapel, 1870 Sheridan Road Evanston Tickets are $20 general admission; $15 for students and seniors; free for breast cancer survivors Visit wwwsingtoliveorg Skokie Theatre, 7924 Lincoln Ave, Skokie Call (847) or visit www skokietheatrecom Tickets are $20 in advance; $25 at the door Oct 20, 7:30 pm: Songwriter Stuart Jacobson presents "Love, Love, Love," in a special benefit performance for Lymphoma research For mature audiences $18 in advance; $25 at the door Oct 21, 8 pm: Lou Maningas Oct 22, 7:30 pm: Bounding Main presentstraditional maritime music and improvisational entertainment Oct 23, 7 pm: KFAR Jewish Arts Center presents Vagabond Opera, offering a Bohemian cabaret of jazz, swing, tango, klezmer and more $15 Oct 28, 8 pm: Folk trio Sons of the Never Wrong Oct 29, 8 pm: Vocalist Ava Logan and the Ava Logan jazz Quartet present "Ella Fitzgerald & Friends," celebrating the music of Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Nat King Cole, Billie Holiday and others $25 in advance; $30 at the door Oct 30, 2 pm: The Junior Klezmer Orchestra, led by members of Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, presents a benefit for the Klezmer Music Foundation nc $15 in advance; $20 at the door; $10 for children 12 and under Oct 30, 7 pm: Larry Allen Brown presents Harmony for Humanity Letters From my Friends SPACE, 1245 Chicago Ave, Evanston wwwevanstonspacecom (847) Shows at 8 pm, unless noted otherwise Oct 21, 7 pm and O pm: So Fine: An AmazinGrace Celebration of Steve Goodman & John Prine (folk) $15/$18 Oct 22: Siegel Schwall Band (blues) $25/$30 Oct 23, 7 pm: Words & Music $121$15 Oct 25: Howard Fishman with The Hot Holy Mess $15/$20 Oct 26: Vizztone Blues Party $12/$1s Oct 27: New Riders of the Purple Sage (country/ rock) $22/$25 Oct 28: Tom Rush (folk/blues) $27/$30 Oct 29: Gregory Alan sakov with Fairchildren $1OJ$14 Oct 30, 7 pm: Lou & Peter Berryman (folk) $12/$15 Oct 31: Communion: Featuring Matthew & the Atla5, The David Mayfield Parade and Lauren Shera (Americana! folk) $12/$15 Nov 2: Richie Furay of Buffalo Springfield (country/rock) $27/$30 Nov 3: Catie Curtis (folk) $18/$22 Nov 5: Dave Barnes with Steve Moakler (pop/ rock) $15/$18 Nov 6, 7 pm: David Wilcox (folk) $18/$22 Nov 8: John Nemeth and Pete Anderson (blues) $12/$15 Nov 9: Michael Kaeshammer (with Jann Klose (jazz) $15J$18 Nov 10: Rob bie Fuiks: New Songs on Acoustic nstruments (alt country) $18/$22 Nov 1112: 93XRT welcomes Sonny Landreth (blues/rock) $27/$3o Nay 13, 5 pm and 8 pm: Suzanne Vega (folk rock) $30$60 Nov 15: Freedy Johnston with Alison Scott $18/$20 Nov 16: Sweetback Sisters (country/rockabilly) $1O/$14 Nov 17: Eric Lindell (R&B/rock) $18/$2o Nov 18: Charlie MusseLwhite (blues) $2O/$25 Nov 23: Dolly Varden and Phil Angotti Band (indie rock) $12/$15 Nov 26: Leo Nocentetli's "The Meters Experience" (funk) $20/$25 Nov 27: Tommy Castro Band (blues) $15/$20 Nov 29: Breathe Owl Breathwith Little Wings (folk/indie rock) $12/$1s Nov 30: Edie Carey $12/$15 Dec 1: Stew and the Negro Problem SEEGO, PAGE 61 t :?

38 WWWPJONEERLOCALCOM l!!!! J!!!!! rk! ', li l o' talrn'flul rçc nr oiprr vtri'cii lft fl 2 B WWWPONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAV OCTOBER 20, 2011 DC DJC THURSDAY, OCTOBER J J 271 GO CONTNUED FROM PAGE 258 (rock) $24$40 Dec 2: Brandi Canile $36$56 Dec 3, 7 pm: Webb Wilder Unplugged (roots rock) $12/$15 Dec Kinky Friedman (country! rock) $22/$32/$42 Dec jeffrey Foucault (folk) $12/$15/$22 Dec 9: Leo Kottke (folk) $30$60 Dec 11, 7 pm: JD Souther (coun try) $22f$25 Dec 15: Tab Benoit (blues) $24/$28 Dec 16: Lii' Ed & the Blues mperials (blues) $12/15 Dec 17: Emerson Hart of Tonic (pop/ rock) $181$22 Dec 18, 7 pm: Robin and Linda Wilhams and Their Fine Group (folk) $25$40 Ye Okie Town nn, 18 W Busse Ave Mount Prospect wwwyeotdetowninnnet Oct 28, 9 pm1 am: Project Atlantis CD release show (prog metal) Guest bands include Xanadu (Rush tribute) and Broken Arrow (Neil Young ; tribute) Halloween costumes encouraged ART GALLERES Brickton Art Center, 306 Busse Highway, Park Ridge (847) wwwbrick tonartcenterorg Through Nov il: "The Nature Project," featuring photography, ceramics, sculptures, drawings, paintings and mixed media by Oakton Community College students and faculty Doubletree by Hilton Hotel, 9599 Skokie Blvd, Skokie Through Dec 31: Simply Chicago Art presents "Journey," photographs by Viral joshi and paintings by Meredith Dytch, Wendy Segal and Joseph Taylor Oakton Community Cot lege, Koehnline Museum of Art, 1600 E Golf Road, Des Plaines (847) wwwoaktonedu/museum Gallery hours: 10 am6 pm MondayFriday; 11 am4 pm Saturdays Through Oct 28: "Call and Response: From Artemisia to Frida," a juried exhibit featuring works by nearly 70 women artists, sponsored by the Women's ànd Gender Studies Program at Oakton Skokie Art Guild Members Only Fall Exhibit will be on display Oct 23Dec at the Skokie Public Library, 5215 Oakton St An opening reception will be held from 46 pm Oct 30 For information, visit wwwskokieartguldorg AUDTONS & OPPORTUNTES Crafters are sought for the Christmas in Park Ridge Bóutique, sponsored by The Center of Concern, to be held Nov 1213 at St Andrew's Lutheran Church, Park Ridge Space rental is $20480, plus 10% of sales Call (8L7) (evenings) AppliÇation deadline is Nov 4 Messiah Lutheran Church in Park Ridge seeks crafters for its sixth annual Harvest Arts & Crafts Festival, to be held from 9 am3 pm Nov 12 Applications available at wwwmessiahparkridgeorg, or contact Carol Hrodey at messiahfestival2011@yahoo corn or (847) for more information RENEFTS "Bridges from Baghdad to Chicago," a concert featur ng raqi folk music, wilt be presented at 7:30 pm Nov 12 at Loyola University's Mundelein Auditorium, 1020 W Sheridan Road, Chicago $15; $10 for students Proceeds will benefit raqi students who have been granted tuition waivers to study at DePaul and Loyola University, under the auspices of the raqi Student Project For tickets, call Margaret Sents at (847) or visit www iraqidepaulorg ROOKS & POETRY Barnes & Noble, 55 Old Orchard Center, Skokie (847) Nov 12, 25 pm: Minnesota author jenifer LeClair will sign copies of DangerSector, the second book in her awardwinning Windjammer Mystery Series set on the coast of Maine Lincoinwood Public Library, 4000 W Pratt Ave (847) wwwlincolnwoodli braryorg Oct 26, 1011 arn: Kenneth N Green will discuss and sign his book, 'm From Division Street CHLD'S PLAY Chicago Kids Company will present "Sleeping Beauty" at 10:30 arn Oct 28, Nov 14, 89, 11, 1415 and 1718 and i pm Nov 12 at the Stahl Family Theater inside St Patrick High School, 5900 W Belmont Ave, Chicago $10 Call (773) or visit wwwchicagokidsconipany corn Children's musician Ralph Covert presents "Ralph's World" at noon and 2:30 pm Nov 13 at Temple Beth srael, 3601 W Dempster, Skokie $15 per person Visit www tbiskokieorg or call (847) YSTERY PLAY Jessica Moen of Elmwood Park (from left), Elizabeth Dallmeyer of Park Ridge, Emily Justino of Chicago, Rick Goldman of Highland Park, Mark Brewer of Mount Prospect, Neat Goldman of Highland Park, Julie Mitre of Chicago, and Manny Schenk of Glenview appear in the james Downing Theatre's "Rehearsal for Murder," a modern whodunit The production is codirected by Dave Downing and Ron Denham of Park Ridge Performances are 7:30 pm Fridays and Saturdays, and 1:30 pm Sundays through Oct 30 at the theater, in the lower level of John Waidron Arts Center of Edison Park United Methodist Church, 6740 N Oliphant Ave, Chicago Tickets are $20 for adults, $15 for senior citizens and students For reservations, call (221) or to jamesdowningtheatre@gmailcom Tickets can be ordered online with a credit card at jamesdowningtheatretouchpadcom COMEDY Mayne Stage, 1328 W Morse Ave in Rogers Park, Chicago wwwmaynestage corn (773) Mayne Stage Comedy Series Oct 20, 8 pm; Oct 2122, 8 pm and 10:30 pm: Kevin Mc Donald and Scott Thompson present "Two Kids One Hall" $22$29 Dec 9, 8 pm and 10:30 pm: The Sklar Brothers $20$25 North Shore Center for the Performing Arts, 9501 Skokie Blvd, Skokie www northshorecenterorg (847) Oct 21, 8 pm: The Morning Show Comedians, featuring WGN Morning News personalities Pat Tomasub, Ana Belaval and Mike Toomey Tickets: $42$38 Nov 15, 8 pm: Joan Rivers $68$75 DANCE Happy Twirlers Dance Club provides round and square dancing at 7:30 pm the second Saturday of the month, through May 2012, at mmanuel Lutheran Church, Thacker and Lee streets, Des Plaines $6 per person For information, call (847) or (773) Leikarririgen "Heimhug" Norwegian folk dancers will celebrate the group's 86th anniversary from noon4 pm Oct 30 at the Park Ridge Country Club, 636 N Prospect Ave The afternoon will begin with a social hour, followed by a performance by Leikarringen, dinner and dancing $38 per person; $15 for children 12 and under For reservations, call (847) or kronmoßl5@ gmailcom Line dancing for all ages is held from 710 pm every Tuesday at the White Eagle Banquet Hall, 6839 N Milwaukee Ave, NUes Beginner lessons are at 7:30 pm and new dance or review at 8 pm Admission: $7; $5 for ages 17 and under For information, call (847) or at somedaydd@ attnet FLM Block Cinema, in the PickLaudati Auditorium at the Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, 40 Arts Circle Drive, Evanston (847) www btockmuseumnorthwestern edu/blockcinema Admission is $6; $4 for students with O and senior citizens, or as noted below All films shown at7 pm, unless noted otherwise Recent Films from Eastern and Central Europe series Oct 28: "My Joy" Documentary filmmaker Sergei Loznitsa's narrative debut is a journey into the dark side of Russia past and present New Documentaries series Oct 27: "Where Soldiers Come From," a portrait of a group of young men from northern Michigan who aré thrust into the harsh reality oftheafghan war Lincolnwood Pubik Library, 4000 W Pratt Ave (847) www lincolnwoodlibraryorg Friday Films shown weekly at i pm Oct 21: "Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives?' Twilight Saga Tuesdays, featuring the first three installments of"the Twilight Saga," will be screened in local theaters including the Village Crossing 18 with MAX, 7000 Carpenter Road, Skokie; Gardens 713, 175 Old Orchard Shopping Center, Skokìe; and Evanston 18, 1715 Maple Ave, Evanston Films will be shown at 7:30 pm and include "Twilight" on Nov 1; "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" on Nov 8; and "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" on Nov 15 Tickets are available at the theater box office and online at www FathomEventscom "West Side Story" 50th anniversary event, a screening of the Academy Awardwinning film, will be presented at 7 pm Nov 9 at local theaters, including RandhurSt Village 12, 200 Randhurst Village Drive, Mount Prospect, and Evanston 18, 1715 Maple Ave, Evanston Tickets are available at the theater box offices and online at wwwfathomeventscom SNGLES ComboSingles, open to singles 21plus For info rmation about the group and SEE GO, PAGE 29B 055' açtor got his start at Piven Theatre BY MYRNA PETLCK Contributor James Vincent Meredith has entered politics n the latest career turn for the busy Oak Park actor, Meredith plays Alderman Ross in the new STARZ series, "Boss' which premieres at 9 pm Central Time on Friday, Oct 21 Meredith's character, "Kind of butts heads with the Mayor [played by Kelsey Grainmer]' the actor said " think he sees a better future for Chicago without this particular mayor in office He occupies himself most of the time with trying to jigine out a way to get this guy out" Although he was originally hired for only three episodes, Meredith has beea given a continuing role in the series, which has already been renewed for a second season Early start The new '%derman" grew up in Evanston, where his parents stifi live "That's where learned how to act," he said Meredith first got "the bug" from his seventh and eighth grade drama teacher at Martin Luther King Jt Laboratory School He continued developing his skills at Evanston's Piven Theatre Workshop Meredith studied with both founders, Joyce and Byrne Piven "t was pretty demanding timewise7 he recalled " was glad that my parents were cool and supportive?' After graduating from Evanston Township High School in 1989, Meredith attended the University of 111 nuls at UrbanaChampaign " tried to pretend that theater wasn't very important to me and that maybe 'd do something that was more like a regular person, so majored in prelaw," he reported "That was a mistake because dropped out after a couple of years" Meredith did stay downstate for a while, acting at Station Theatre By the time he returned to Chicago in 1994, he was determined "to do 'this' didn't know what 'this' was just knew it had something to do with acting, whether that was camera or theater?' Like many other aspiring actors, Meredith did his share of waiting tables and working at coffee shops Then, in 1995, he landed his first professional actingjob with Child's Play Touring Theatre Meredith stayedwith the companyfor three years Thatjob gave Meredith an opportunity to home his improvisational skills "'ll be the first to tell you that 'm not a great improviser' he laughingly noted "n fact, run in James Vincent Meredith (standing, center), and Ron Oj Parson (right), play aldermen in "Boss" on STARZ The attor on the left is an unidentified extra i CHUCK HODESsuNTMES MENA 'BOSS' Señes premiere on STARZ 9 pm Friday, Oct 21 James Vincent Meredith fear from those places" n 1998, Meredith was hired as a teaching artist in the Chicago Public Schools with Whirlwind (now called Reading in Motion) "They taught basic skills through the arts," he said "That's where met my wife?' Meredith was doing some stage work, but it wasn't until 2000, when he was cast in "A Raisin in the Sun" at the Goodman Theatre, that he left his 'Whirlwindjob and joined Actors' Equit3 "1 was a nervous wreck," he admitted " was acting on the biggest stage 've ever acted Karen Aldridge (from left), Stephanie Childers, James Vincent Meredith and BrendanMarshallRashid in Steppenwolf Theatre Company's production of "Clybourne Park,"running through Nov 13 PHOTO av MCHAEL RROSLOW on before?' He was also a bit intimidated by performing alongside such costars as Harry Lennix After that, Meredith did a couple of shows with Journeyman Theatre Company and "King Lear" at Piven, where he's now an ensemble member Although all three shows were great experiences for Meredith, they didn't pay much Classical interlude A small role in "Julius Caesar" at Chicago Shakespeare Theater opened the door to roles at that theater, which paid considerably better "Barbara Gaines directed me in most of the shows that did there," Meredith said "She really was patient with me because, at the time, was still learning about ciassical theater" Meredith's fust performance with Steppenwoif Theatre Company was in "The Pain and the tch" in 2005 He has appeared in a number STLL AT HOME N EVANSTON We asked actor and Evanston nafive James Vincent Meredith to share a few of his favorite things to see and do in his hometown "1 used to love Carmen's pizza," Meredith said lle put that in the pasttense because most often when he visits Evanston these days he eats at his alltime favorite food place his parents' home, where Meredith grew up Of course, he doesn't like to go emptyhanded so he might stop at Bennison's Bakery to pick up dessert for them "My parents have been going there as (ong as can remember," he said, noting they would buy birthday cakes there as well as cakes for picnics and family gatherings Another place Meredith might visit when he's back home and hungry is Gigio's Pizza on Davis Street "They have awesome slices," he said Occasionally, he'll dine at Cozy Noodles & Rice, which ìs also on Davis lt's not all about food, though "f go out to Evanston to visit my parents, usually my second stop is Piven," said Meredith, wh_o credits the Theatre Workshop with giving him his acting start "Either peek in on a class or peek into the office because remember a lot ofthose guys from years past" : Myrna Petlicki of shows there since, including "The Hot L Baltimore," "The Thmpest" "Superior Donuts" (also on Broadway), and "The Bluest Eye," among others, andjoined the company's ensemble in 2007 "Steppenwoif was a place where 'd always dreamed of working," he admitted Through Nov 13, Meredith is appearing in Steppenwoif's "Clyboume Park" Meredith's list ofcredits includes shows with About Face Theatre, Writers' Theatre, Drury Lane Theatre in Oakbrook, Michigan Shakespeare Festival and First Stage in Milwaukee Prior to "Boss;' his TV credits include "Prison Break," "ER," "The Beast," "Law and Order SVJ," "Detroit l87," and "Chicago Code?' " feel really blessed to have so many opportunities to continue to work at doing something that really enjoy doing," Meredith said "Every day kind ofpinch myself feel like lucked into a pretty good gig?'

39 : Complimentary w_c J1URSDY,QUOBER2O,2Ql1 1,WWWPQNEERL0CAL,QM 29W Festival celebrates creativity in digital arts BY KUZMA When it comes to careers, the annual ARTimationFestìva ofthe linois nstitute ofart Schaumbut s a moving uplifting event Just ask Dan Tifihn3 of Schaumbui a recent graduate of the Tnstitut who understands and appredates the value ofhavinghis work seen at the fest This pastyeai he has gone from being a student to a graduate of the school, and has advanced from working as an intern to becoming a newlyhired "creative" for Chicagobased DailyPlanet Producions Ltd Tiny was on a winning team for lastyear's festival, a group project in motion graphics thatwas noticed byprofessionals inthe fleidhe now works in Each year thejuried show includes 2D, 3D, video, web, motion and game arts from students and recent graduates ofthe nstitute So Tiffany, who's still eligiblei has submitted five pieces for this year's festival " put in as many aspossible," he said, 9ncluding two separate edits ofa demo reel and a short hn" Thirtytwo students willbe represented at this year's event, with 48 pieces put up on the big screen for bothjudging and erjoyment by all in attendance The festival takes place Oct 26 at the AMC South Banington There will be shows in the theater every houi 5 to 8 pm Each includes animation and digital video/motion graphics in a wide range ofstyles The festival isfreeandopentothepublic Before and after the shows, visitors will be able to check out work from students inthe Web Design & nteractive Media and Game Art & Design programs ofthe nstthite that will be on displayin the theater lobby t's a showcase ofthe best in student work in the categories of digital mmmaking animation, and visual effects For Tiffany, the digital arts weren't something he was very aware of until his high school years 'Td been doing art all along since was little," he Contributor said "drawing or painting, and enjoy traditional art But there is a limited market for it" So he looked for new opportunities to use his talent 'When was in high school, the computer wasjust coming into the classroom, and my senior year took Photoshop, plus the movie, 'The Ma tzix' came out, which really sparked my interest (in how it was made):' he said Encouraging talents like Tiffany's is whatartimation is all about The Festival chaii Jeremy Schulz, explained that the school is delighted to students this Jdnd of positive Frank Romano On Christmas Eve Dan Tiffany Btoom ARTP4ATON 12, DGTAL ARTS FESTVAL llinois nstitute omit Schaumburg, at AMC South Barrington 30, 175 Studio Drive, South Barrington 58 pm Wednesday, Oct 26, Shows on the hour, starting 5 pm tickets available at the theáter box office starting at 4 pm exposure to public and professional opinion "Participating in ajuried show gives our students realworld experience and gives our community a chance to see the kind of talent we have right here in the Northwest suburbs," he said Formoieifòrmation on t/ze1l'wl nstilztteofart&haumbwg and it pan'ntorganisetion, theart instilutes, see wwwartinstieutesedu Amanda Suchorski Picky Taste G O CONTNUED FROM PAGE 268 upcoming events, call (847) or (847) , or visit wwwcombosingles org Bowling league at 6 pm Oct 23 and 30, Nov 13 and 27 and Dec 11 at Brunswick Zone, 824 E Rand Road, Mount Prospect $20 for members, $25 for nonmembers, for bowling and shoes Spares Singles Sunday Evening Club holds ballroom dances from 7:3010:30 pm the first and third Sundays of each month at the American Legion Hall, 9757 Pacific Ave, Franklin Park Admission is $8 for members; $9 guests Nov 6: Music by The Music Men Nov 20: Music by Chuck and Friends TOURS & OUTNGS The Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park, located along the east side of McCormick Boulevard, between Dempster on the north to Touhy on the south, offers free, docentled public tours featuring a different section of the twomile long park each month Tours last approximately an hour and feature discussions of the sculptures, their creating artist, types of materials used and techniques employed as well as the artists' concepts for the various pieces The park is handicapped accessible but the tours require walking between the scutp tures, so people who have difficulty are encouraged to bring a wheelchair and someone to push it For informa tion, visit wwwsculpturepark org or call (847) Upcoming tours include Oct 23, 1 pm: Section 1V WORt(SHOPS & CLASSES Skokie Art Guild offers figure drawing workshops from 9 amnoon Saturdays at the Devonshire CulturaL Center, 4400 Greenwood, Skokie Live models; no instructor Fee per session is $20; $12 for members Visit www skokieartguildorg ET CETERA Ethical Humanist Society Second Saturday Coffeehouse, 7574 N Lincoln Ave (at Howard), Skokie (847) wwwethicalhumanorg/coffeehouse Nov 12, 8 pm: "A Prairie State Companion," written and directed by Evanston's Ken PCTURE YOURSELF N PORT WASHNGTON LKE A SEASWE GETAWAY JUST UP THE ROAD Memorable dining, fun boutiques, walking tours, two lighthouses Lakeside Farmers Market Saturdays Ghost Walk Oct29, 30 ininutes north of Milwaukee pn Lake Michigan visitpártwashingtoncom or call for calendar & attractions Find us on Facebook at wwwfacebookcom/ PortWashingtonTourism Novak, with songs, stories, satire and sketches All acoustic, any genre open mic precedes feature $8 includes refreshments North Shore Center for the PerformingArts, 9501 Skokie Blvd, Skokie (847) wwwnorthshorecenter org Nov 4, 8 pm: "Handicap This!", a stage show that raises awareness about people born with severe physical handicaps $25 MUSEU4S llinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, 9603 Woods Drive, Skokie (847) wwwilholocaustmuseumorg Admission: $12; $8 for students and senior citizens; $6 for children ages 511 Special exhibitions are free with museum admission Through Jan 15, 2012: "The Art of Gaman: Arts and Crafts from the Japanese American nternment Camps, " Oct 23, 1:30 pm: Following a screening of the PBS documentary "Time of Fear," Bill Yoshino, Midwest Director of the Japanese American Citizens League, will moderate a discussion with former internees Chiye Tomhiro and Kiyo Yoshimura Free with museum admission A GFT OF LAUT1R Jay Worthington (front) and Cenny Mihlfried appear in "Cloud 9," Caryl Churchill's genderbending farce that considers issues of stiffuppertipped British colonials and oppressed natives in 19th century Africa, sexual mores and more Show times are 7:30 pm Thursday Saturday; 2:30 pm Sundays, through Dec 4 at the Gift Theatre, 4802 N Milwaukee, Chicago No performances on Nov 18 or 24 Tickets: $25$30 Call (773) or visit www,thegifttheatre org CHCAGO CHLDREN'S THEATRE j mrl! BASED 0N1 THE BOOK BY MARGARET WSE BROWN ORGNAL LLUSTRATONS BY CLEMENT FBiRD BOOK, LYRCS AND MUSC BY CHAD HENRY DRECTED BY DAVD KERSNAR October 7 December 23 Pajama Parties Selling Fastl J,,rov U, Dec9 &i6 (7:oopn) TCKETS START AT ONLY $26 :r

40 _ßt: MDJJAJOi31OMWWW rroc QÇ fl]oìdo,yaoanlh ia 308 WWW PONEERLOCAL CUM THURSDAY, OCTOBER DC DC THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM f 318 _ Awardwinning country stars at Viper Alley BY DAN PEARSON Contributor Rising stars on the country scene, the JaneDear Girls, the musical duo of Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett, released their selftitled debut album on Warner Bros Records in February and plan to shine on stage at Viper Alley Oct 27 "Basically, we will play a lot of songs from the album and then we have some cover tunes that we love," said Leverett "We like to make il; a fun show for everyone' said Brown One ofthe cover songs will be their version of "Footloose7 which is not featured in the new movie, but can be heard on the movies' deluxe soundtrack album No tractors The name of the group is not a feminist spiri on the company brand name of John Deere THE JANEDEAR GRLS ViperAUey,275 Parkway Drive, Lincotnshire 8 pm Oct 27 $22 for dining area, $15 standing room A preshow meetandgreet ticket is $50 and premium booth seating for 8 is $320 (847) or visit wwwviperalteycom "No sir, we do love tractors but that is why we spelled it DEAR," said Leverett, who grew up in Amarillo, Tex This 11track album includes their hits 'Wildflower," cowritten by Brown, and "Shotgun Girl," cowritten by Leverett, which each have their own entertaining music videos 'Wildflower" was the highest charting country single for a debut artist last yeat 'k Susie Brown and Danelle Leverett are the Janeoear Girls, one of country music's up and coming bands " wrote that about two years ago," said Brown, who hails from Alpine, Utah " had a flower in my hair that day That is where the title came from, from a hair accessori which is kind of funny t was about my 111e growing up was an outdoors girl and loved being out in the garden, climbing trees añd running through the grass," she said Brown, a former backup singer for Trisha Yearwood, was given her first violin at the age of4byher mother "t was super tiny, about the size of a shoebox The one play now is a little bigger," she said "My mother was very much into music and she wanted each of her kids to play an instrument We had a family band for a while and have been in blue grass bands since was about 8' The JaneDear Girls are currently nominated for a Country Music Award in the category for Best Single by a Debut Artist for "Wildflower" The award show airs live on Fox on Dec 5 Earlier this year, The JaneDear Girls were nominated for a couple of American Country Music awards for which they filmed a humorous music video promo to drum up votes " don't know how we placed in terms ofvotes, but pretty sure we had the best video," said Brown Leverett was planning to be a career athlete until she broke her left wrist while pole vaulting in high school During the healing process she learned to play the guitar " didn't have anything better to do, so started writing songs," said Leverett " was raised on Beatles, then went to Green Day and Nirvana and Jewel, and then found Keith Urban and fell in love with country music My musical roots are really diverse and think you can hear that in some of the songs on the album" The Nashvillebased duo met there about six and a halfyears ago when a mutual friend invited Leverett to see Brown play fiddle They made plans to go swimming, but instead ended up writing their first song together Another song, "Sugai" from the debut album was recently heard in the background of the 'While J Revise The World" episode of "Desperate Housewives' TV time The JaneDear Girls will make their debut appearance in a network TV series on "Hart of Dixie" next month "We are playing 'Shotgun Girl' live for a bunch of pirates for the Thanksgiving episode," said Leverett " love vintage style and both of those ladies were big influences for me," said Brown The JaneDear Girls opened for Jason Aldean and Brad Paisley this summer, but now they are headliners They both remember the lean years fueled by pots of taco soup, though "So now, we arejust taking it day by day," said Brown 'We feel we are so close to getting to the next level and we just want to put out great music and songs that the fans can relate to and latch onto," said Leverett TV Weekly will provide many of your favorite features in a new TV magazine! WEEKLY FAVORiTES Localized TV 'istings for your area with an easytouse cable conversion chart 86 Local & Cable Channels TV Buzz & Trivia AZ Movie Guide Daily Best Bets Sports Extras Horoscope, Crosswords & More! PONEER 'RESS You R LOCAL SOURCE a

41 , (i LL L i L L i Li lii i i J L i Ll L i Li il ii i i, L l i L i 1,111 1 L i 32B WWWPONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 DC H ROSCO PES For the week ofoctober 26 November 1 ARES (March 21 to April 19) The pitterpatter of au those Sheep feet means that you're out and about, rushing to get more done That's fine, but stow down by the weekend so you can heed some important advice TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) You're in charge of your own destiny these days, and, no doubt, you'll have that Butt'seye of yours right on target But don't forget to make time for family events GEMN (May 21 to June 20) Be prepared for a power struggle that you don't want Look to the helpful folks around you for advice on how to avoid it without losing the important gains you've made CANCER (June 21 to July 22) Congratulations You're about to claim your hardearned reward for your patience and persistence Now, go out and enjoy some fun and games with friends and family LEO (uty 23 to August 22) The Big Cat might find it difficult to shake off that listless feeling But be patient By week's end, your spirits will perk up and you'll be your perfectly purring self again VRGO (August 23 to September 22) A problem with a coworker could prove to be a blessthg in disguise when a superior steps in to investigate and discovers a situation that could prove helpful to you LBRA (September 23 to October 22) This is a favorable time to move ahead with your plans Some setbacks are expected, but they're only temporary Pick up the pace again and stay with it SCORPO (October 23 to November 21) Your creativity is recognized and rewarded So go ahead and claim what you've earned Meanwhile, that irksome and mysterious situation soon will be resolved SAGTTARUS (November 22 to December 21) A new associate brings ideas that the wise Sagittarian quickly will realize can benefit both of you Meanwhile, someone from the workplace makes an emotional request CAPRCORN (December 22 to January f9) t might be a good idea to ease up on that hectic pace and spend more time studying things you'll need to know when more opportunities come later in November AQUARUS (January 20 to February 18) A relatively quiet time is now giving way to a period of high activity Face it with the anticipation that it will bring you some welldeserved boons and benefits PSCES (February 19 to March 20) Go with the flow, or make waves? lt's up to you Either way, you'll get noticed However, make up your own mind Don't let anyone tell you what choices to make BORN THS WEEK: You like to examine everything before you agree to accept what you're told Your need for truth keeps all those around you honest (t) 2011 King Features Synd, nc The Nutrient Shoppe 4142 W Dempster, Skokie, L (Just East of Keeler) Hours 10 7 Daily, Closed Saturday, Sunday 105 Phòne wwwthenutrientshoppenet Complete Line ofkosher Supplements, Organic Food, Sports Supplements, and Herbal Teas fwe don 't have it we 'il get it Freeda j Nutri Solgar t Vitamins t Supreme Vitamins ii Brand i t 20% OFFj20% OFF20% OFF2O% OFF2O% ÒFF J J 1k J 1!;1ï,;;2;7;2;; Solaray ÄÉVT ÏÍ5 Liquid i : Products Mill Gluteñ Free Eoníeopathic Extracts u ti Buy i Get i :: foodsfor t Tübes 20% off:2o% OFF:: Free u 5% OFF $79 J J 11J J Gf N/i OPENNG SUNDAY OCTOBER 23RD & 30TH lo TO 5 2í% 1F UR 1ST VST ACROSS 60 Mindy of 110 Urban Act lke a The Facts transport peatock ol Uta lfl ustona OHad 62e need kltions? Believer 11$ Fashonab'y lo Played the C66 hit) nostalgic trumpet 63 Sens 120 Ready tot 16 Holbrook or colleagues dinner Unden 66 Refuse 123 Poetc 19 Stadum 6$ Cob, CT prepositon 20 Marathon 66 Kot of the 124 AN 21 Not very comics often 69 Observo 22 Geologe 70 "ONE OF A divison KiND' 23 'REQURES 75 Numbers MNOR man? 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26" Doubtilro' Ç93 flm) 29 Skunk n "Bambl' 31 Tali story? 32 Mdv Griffith serios 33 Yoko 35 Supper scrap 36 Mssssppi senator 37 Exchange 38 Start the claw 39 Helcopter part 41 Tiny colonst TAGSALE LNES 42 Brownng's 89 Preises bedtime? 91 Guitarist 43 ran's Duane Abolbassan 93 Scolded Sadr 95 Author 44 German LeShan port 97 Arafat's grp 46Prongs 100 Born 47 Optical 101 Middling devce mark 49 Hspanic 102 Nerd money 108 Sovet so Watch cooperative keepers? lo9trrn the turf 51 n an 111 Geno engagind Francis role manner 112throat 52 Wrathful 113 Enthusasm 53 Celtc 114 Rock's 59 Tennis Butterfly legend 115 Heron's 61 Barnyard horno critter lllmorntisld 67 Dictator governess 86 Fal blooms 118 Slope lltexas 9MA landmark offerings 72 Powerful 120 Normandy people sito 73 Pablum 121 Mozart's ' variety Mene 74 MythiCal Nachtmuslk' monsters 122 Forest 75 Gullet beauty l6lurkish title 124 hut the 77 Cilrtton architect Cabinet 125 Drvers' member tics, eg 81 Exclude 126 Say please 82 Drillng site? 127 Poseidon's 83 Pool person domain 85 Downto 128 Ayo earth affair? opponent 87 Command 129 Actress at a corner Susan UivaiaU la Answers: nside today's classffièd section agu ärme sendflo thid chanta cìbutións online isit iimènìoriäm RYANPARKE fi :ieral lome "Ourfamily serving yoursfor over 75 years" Suburban (847) Chicago (773) S Northwest Hwy Park Ridge wwwryanparkecom Express Condolences Sign the online Guest Book Uq9 all (opt For local community Death Notices visit pioneertocalcom ::ln General nformation Concerning The Death Notice Page, A paid death notice may be ordered to appear in the Pioneer Press when funeral arrangements are made, and must be submitted in writing nformation about charges for death notices may be obtained from area funeral directors or by calling (847) A 24hour fax service is offered at (847) or death notices may be cmailed to deathnotices@pioneerlocalcom s An in memoriam or card of thanks may be placed using the same information above s The deadlíne for placing a death notice, in memoriam or card of thanks, is Monday at 5:00 pm Photos must me submitted by Monday at 2:00pm s Holiday deadline is 2:00 pm on the holiday for notices to appear in the following weeks publication, notices with photo by 12 noon s The death notice department is staffed from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm daily A death notice, in memoriam or a card of thanks may be submitted in person from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday at the Pioneer Press, 3701 W Lake Ave, Glenview, L s Family and friends may visit our website and sign a guest book al wwwchicagolandobitscom SUN MEDtA atfiolic emeteries D lock in today's affordable prices u the choices made are your own interestfree, low monthly payments complete package plans available a variety of burial options foryon, peace ofmind flow andfrn'your loved oízes, peace ofmind iter Naiu Address Cenicteiy of interest City/State/Zip Telcphone ' ' Best Time to Contact Addrcv Personal irlfi?rrnation including eniailaddress will be kept corßdena!aud used on/yfor respa,rding to inquirier Catholic Cemeteries 1400 South Wolf Road Hillside, llinois Espafiol wwwcatholiccemeterieschicagoorg rroia ø114 1 il Thursday, October 20, Poneer Press (DCj 33 Péath Nóflces n tini nc n)r, in (,ii r Deibel, Thomas C Age 69, lifeiong resident of Skokie Beloved husband of Barbara, flee Garland Klein; Proud father of Richard (Diane) Deibel, Cathy (Tim) smiel and David (Joanne) Klein; Loving grandfather of Brandon, Kayla and Blake smiel; Dearest brother of Saralee Stark and Leslie (John) Jamieson; Best friend to many Longtime Mason, Shriner, Kentucky Colonel, Boy Scout Leader and stainedglass artisan Memorial Service Saturday, Octob'er 29, 2011, at :3 pm, at Central United Methodist Church, 8237 Kenton Ave, Skokie n lieu of flowers, contributions in Tom's memory may be made to the Willow Station Dachshund Rescue, c/o Saraannalise Marlin, 717 Sherwood Terrace, Champaign, L Funeral info: or wwwhabenfuneralcom ru:tr,iiioio,ticreujo,y Sigit Çuest BooQat wvcfiutagoíandituoin Miller, Margery E (nee Frohman) Age 90, of Skokie, died October 11, 2011 Beloved wife of the late Jack; Dear mother of Richard and the late James (Joan); Loving grandmother; Fond sister of Howard Frohman Services are private lnurnment, Acacia Park Cemetery, Chicago Funeral info: or wwwhabenfunemlcom Sign Çuest Boo&at u'wwcicago1anéofiitscom Wolf, Florence Ann Demirsky (nee Jorbin) December 7, 1924 November 6, 2010 A Dedication Service will be held at gravesite in the Court of David, Evergreen Cemetery 3401 West 87th Street in Evergreen Park, L at 10:30 am on Sunday, October 23, 2011 Directions to gravesite: Enter the Cemetery south entrance Proceed down the main road past the office and turn left at first road before Whitehead Mausoleum Go down to next road and turn right The Court of David Section begins on the left; go a little more than half way down the section (just past a clump of trees) For additionai information, please contact Susan Allan f You may send a death notice to or call more informafion PÒÑEER PRESS YOUR l00a Sot SCE ;il Li7 iri : L C i

42 O 34 Pioneer Press (DC) Thursday, October 20, 2011 CLASSFEDS CONTNUE ON THE NEXT PAGE 4 PoinER Piss i Thursday, October 20, Pioneer Press (DC) 35 Place an SELL YOUR STUFF! FLLA VACANCY' RENTAN APARTMENT! PONEER PRESS i_ ',, ',ì altoday! PLACE YOUR RECRUiTMENT AD 24 HOURS A DAY, 7 DAYS A WEEK! aree t ; Ê4 i ON 1N E d pioneeriocalcom/monster 2'/, CALL OQ èêro (1 FAX J o B S PioneerLoeatcomfmonster Post your resume, get career advice, lind job fairs and morel PONEERPRESS &monser PLACE YOUR CLASSFED AO 24 HOURS A DAY 7 DAYS A WEEK, CALL 2'/ AUTO Toørivecom Search for a new or used car and view the latest reviews, videos and photo galleries at tocijivecom STOP N k Mon,Fri 8:3Oam5:OOnm 3701 West lake Ave, Glenview, L 6O26 REAL ESTATE searchchicagocom/homes Find homes for sale, real estate info and the most rentai listings at ítr, FAX SEARCHHXCAG '"o'",,, homes nd the Young Will Lead: P;inagernent Skills fi?r oen l's :fld!1iilennias By: Macom Fleschner n today's informationdriven workplace, where age and expetience often take a backseat to speed and innovation, companies with multigenerational workforces increasingly look to younger talent for their management skills Yet youthful managers often encounter resistance from seasoned team members who don't always appreciate seeing younger colleagues promoted into leadership positions Lynne Lancaster, author of The Mfactor: How the Millennial Generation is Rocking the Workplace, calls this reshuffling of corporate priorities an "inversion of the knowledge pyramid," one that requires a delicate corporate balance among multigenerational employees "Given the rate that new information is being created," she says, "someone right out of school may know more in some areas than people who have been with a company for a while" The challenge, says Lancaster, is to gather, mine and utilize all that new information "without disrespecting the wisdom that's already there" Why Perceptions Matter n such an atmosphere, Lancaster says, intergenerational confusion and conflict are all but inevitable Younger managers who come into supervisory positions eager to make an immediate impact may wind up coming across as arrogant and disrespectful, she says For instance, "A younger boss might say, We're going to toss out this software we've been using because it's inefficient and there are newer, better ones available,'" she explains "Then some on the team might react by saying, 'What do you mean, "toss out?" Do you have any idea how much time and money we spent developing that software, or t how much that s going to cost us', That's just one way that resentment can build up quickly" Know Your Management 101 Generational management expert and Rainmaker Thinking CEO Bruce Tulgan agrees that younger managers supervising older team members must ride a fine line between humility and authority DRVERS CLASS A CDL LMTED TME OFFER! First 25 Qualified Online Applications RECEVE si_00 CASH! Cash at interview Local & OTR You Decide! Benefits, Bonuses, nsurance & Morel wwwprodriverleasingcom But he says that the best way for those managers to head off potential conflicts is by starting out in what he calls "intensíve learning mode" This means adopting best practices that apply to new managers of all ages, including: Understanding the expectations that have been set by upperlevel management Researching the personality, strengths, weaknesses and work history of each team member Conducting an introductory team meeting where you state your intentions, explain that you're eager to learn, and invite team members to ask you questions Meet oneonone with each team member to find out what they do and how you can help Tulgan acknowledges that following these steps will not guarantee that young managers will avoid conflicts But by establishing a pattern of professional conduct and setting priorities early on, young managers can demonstrate the kind of maturity and leadership that's likely to win over team members of all age brackets Why Experience Matters University of Pennsylvania professor and author of Managing the Older Worker: How to Prepare for the New Organizational Order Peter Cappelli says that with new workforce management, younger managers tend to make a variety of mistakes with older workers, whether by micromanaging, undermanaging or improperly asserting authority Since experienced employees tend to know what they're doing, Cappelli says, newlyminted managers should tap into that experience by actively engaging with older team members "The model like to use is the relationship between lieutenants and sergeants in the army," says Cappelli "Lieutenants are typically the youngest officers, and they are assigned to 'manage' older and more experienced sergeants" n this scenario, it's more like apartnershipthe lieutenants are in charge of finaldecisions and manage the relationships with authorities above But they consult with sergeants on almost everything before making decisions The result means that managers help retain top employees BAGG'S RSTORANTE italano Adoption Wanted Communty Events Disclaimer of Debts Found Happy Ads Lost Personals Prayers and Novenas dùnifevênts ck out EVANSHRE Prebytodan Church Pancake Broakfast 4555 Church st Skokio Oct22nci 8:3Oam 11:30am Adults $6 Kds $3 For Moro nfo To PLACE A CLASSFED AD, CALL Employment Wanted' Featured Jobs Health Care Help Wanted Full Help Wanted Part Staffing Servces Temporary Services Transportation Nurse PractlHoner Loca' companies are seeking people with all levels of experience lar Nurse Pracklioners These employers will never know wiro you are, what skills you have and your desire to work tor one these companies, uns you let them know who you are MONSTER MATCH CAN NELP CREATE YOUR PROFLE NOW BY PHONE OR WEB FREE Cati Today Sunday, or any dayll UeejobCode O2 or Ploneorcom/Monater No Reaumo Uoededt Our automated oyotem creetes one tor youfree With en 8minute phone call or use our convenient online turm Monster Match can match you with employers that are hiringhowl This FREE service s available 24 hours a day7days e week end s prasented by Sun Times Media Don't Watt, Do t Todayl CALL TODAY START TOMORROW mmediate Openinos REGSTRATON AGENTS Avg $251HR NO EXPERENcE NO PROBLEM O'Hare Suburbs Ppccf Hotet Job Fuir Thursday 10/07 Part Tme ist & 2nd shill Seasonal DriveroFullTime 3rd shift WarehouseParlTime st shift wurehousefor more nfo on the lob fuir A to apply online, pinoso vsit hit p'j/peupodgreatjobnatyou must appiy online tirai MYSTERY SHOPPERS Make up to $150/day Shoppers needed to ludge retel & dining est Enp not req HèlPWañtédFuilTiiiiè inteliigant Medicot Oblectn s seeking CD Software Developer tor Northbrook office to analyze /maintaln/onhanc&support propdetai' EMA application basad on probiarrilprocoss computing Must have legal authority to work permanenliy in US Submit reoume to ddonshue@lmooniinecom Visit wwweimocom for more nf onna/on Secretary needed for Skokie low of/ice Must have good computer skiiis and knowledge of Engilsh Fax resume to Service Scireduter! Routing! Dtspptchar Prot Addison, L FrrelEqaipmt Sold co seeks: Set up nemico culis nterlace w chanto organlze/ assemble rouies nfo po tsr dnvem, familiar with camposa directions, mapquost, Word' light Excel, data entry, troubleshoot, Local caod,datau apply mbpers@yahoocom HelpWàñtèd FûlTimé' STATE FARM NSURANCE Ucorisod, Exp Setos Reps $50,000 Position Vetee Bonuses & Benefits Also CSRa Will train Toil Free: Ext 9 Fax Resumes: School Bus Drivera Wanted tor routen end charters, Franklin Park end Skokie locations enperlenced or will train, homemakers and retirees woicnma, FND MORE LOCAL JOBS AT PONEER1OCALCOMAONER HOSPTALS CUNCAL STES ClassroomBased JobOriented License Certification Train ng s Dialysis Technologist e Surgical Technologist s MR Technologist Radiology f XRay Technologist s Cardiovascular Sonographer s General OBGYN Vascular Ultrasound ElectroneuroDiagnostic (END/EEG) Technologist s Advanced Pharmacy Tech Medical Assisting s Advance Billing and Coding Specialist s ESLEnglish As A Second Language EKG Cardiology Stress Tech s CAN/Patient CareTech 20 N WACKER, CHCAGO WWWMCCOLLEGEEDU MDWESTERN CAREER COLLEGE Formerly Citi College of Allied Health md the Ckof Your Drethns You've never searched for cars like this before todíivecom search for new and used cars Visit ToDrivecom BROUGHTTO YOU BY SUN'\ MEDA hhz Wednesday October 26, :30 pm 8:30 pm MDAMERCA CLUB 200 E Randolph St Chicago, L Members $60 NonMembers $85 For a really special evening, purchase a table and invite guests to join youl Table of 10 $600 ñrïùaia rds' ta i ët'p:t!öpl tribute to Chicago's finest in the Staffing Community Greater Chicago A Special ntere,t Chesr,r et the Suclery to, Human Reto,,rce Narugement AFHLATy o nocesy roe HUMret BSO,chvNArrEMsrn We invite you to join us at SMA of Greater Chicago's 8th Annual Dinner Event, where we will be "Celebrating Success " Join us as we bring together more than 200 staffing and recruiting professionals for an enjoyable evening of great food, filends and fun to celebrato Chicago's finest in the staffing community We are excited to continue the tradition of presenting our 2011 Staffing Professional of the Year Award, a prostigious accolade presented only by SMA of Greater Chicago As we continue our mission to give back to our local communìt once again, wo are hosting a silent auction where all the proceeds will benefit the House of the Good Shepherd So come join us and let's all Celebrato the Success that you and our ndustry have accomplished and network amongst the best To register for the event and for more nformation, please visít wwwsmagcorg

43 J " i ' Plurñb'ers t' t C C C' uaiqinqiq tesosìdo1o tibiu 36 Pioneer Press (DC) Thursday, October 20,2011 r n Answers to Super Crossword DOD o OD1fl o DZDD A D D A R fljø DO O'D 000 D ::ç'dfl A Dfl 13ofl OD 013U13c1 flou U o o OD ffl o D ØD00 o U130flUflDDD o fi Qn o 0flD;D o LQ o flfl D o fl DOD O O D _g,i DD0D 113J?1il o ifl 013D 13flflflØ13: RflOflfl DflDD o fl o D 0 C L!J! 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Were gol both wailng for you w one great opportunity with an industryleadng company Kelly Seivices la hiring tempocoy drivers wilh experience tar FedEx Grounds, a smallpackaga ground delivery company serving business and residential customers across North America You could be hired mmediately i! Y moot these requirernents: 21 years or older Clean driving record Pass drug screen, background checks, and physical Slrong cuslamer service skills Minimum cl six months expert ence driving likesized commercial vehicle within the last three yearn One year commercial driving eapenence strongly preterrod Aa a Kolly employee you'll recalve weekly electronic pay, a soro ce bonus plan, benotit options, and moro, li you've got the dirne, wo want to hoar horn you Don't miss out Apply todayt For mmediate consideraion, apply n person with resumo TuesdaySaturday 1AM2PM Narthbrook, L 2945 Shermer Road Nsrthbrook, L on resume: MWSThPtompdrivernet or1 Fac resumo: (630) Wllooling, L Kindly send resumo via MWSTAP@tempdrtvernot OR Fax resume: (630) SUN'\MEDA An Equal Opportunity Employer FND MORE LOCAL JOBS AT P1ONEERLOCALCOM/AONSTER Account Executive Automotive Rasi; Fuelon la gísw autsarolixo advertising revenas a assitned terrilary by developing atol )ntreasa narlcelshata and new accoua) censore utilizing all arotablu print and digilal plodscts Sanlives Media etats 8s8phigl Fuqcllanq Organise, devo)sp and iniplerstslralegieslo nice) territory sales goals Set) new astan)im accounts to armano thu aveoll terdlery volase and maintain qualityservice to existing accosnls Maintain ralalixashlp with a)) active dualersaccoun)s, their agencies and best plxspnds to assigned lelritaly mplement the many complexities ot selling, scheduling and utilisa competilive opportunities in the nartrslplace and develop arr aanreness at aurkeling toads Coardianlu administrative dalles necossaty la eassro proper ad placenant and billing, Utilise correliive oppodunilies in to marketplace and develop sa awareness at marketing trends and successus ut citer newspaper anirpets s Caninunisate releven) marketing, circulasse and readership dala to accosnts n a salt toactisn loreto) Oltrertasksand duties as assigned Ouatlffcallsn; Edixre//on Retatedcsllgedgrprelerred(edvossty, nrarkeliag, cornaiunicalians) Eryanlenca Minimum nl two yeats ut successvi BtaB newspaper sales experience n newspaper prelerred Experience can be a combinatisn st educalion and employnicnt Sacoenstul track oard nnatos and costurnersorvlco nan establshed client baso andabilityla praspecitarand devalop new business Shills a Octal) olleated aith an aulgalsg personatily with stuong lntelpersneal and coninsulcatlen skills lndepthlniewledga et ba sales cycle Ability lo compreheadaird adiculata market research in slarpla, caspio understand terres la presentalion totoral lllghlyrnotivated, connpo)ilivn porsonalily, wilbotrong doslreto succeed s Must possess traospsrtalisn on sales calls with prost at valid drivers' ticssse and auto insurance Abllilytawerk inahlghpressared environment, roectingall deadlines s Ploticiency in Microsoft 01f icn The aboie slaleieenls ace inlended lo describe hn generafnalure and level o! week lreingperfnmred Theyarenolinmendedlo te censlwedanan exhaoslivo usi of all!espoirsibi/ili5, dutins and skills required ofpersonnel so classified ftesunewith cover lefter sheutd be etoalled, malleitor tandtalhe tolletoing address: Sun4lmes Media Atti: Hantas ResourcesMverlislng Account Execuf ion Aotorneblle 350 N Orleans, los Chicago, L Fax: (312) Entail address: hrtyssntinrcscnnì FleasensteAuntEnncufive CuecidivoAids lo)hosobject lino Nu phene calls penso Sunlnics Media s an Equal Oppodunily Employer Drivers Class A CDL LMTED TME OFFER! First 25 Online Qualified Applications RECEVE $100 CASH! Cash at interview Local & OR You Decide! Benefits, Bonuses, nsurance & More! wwwprodriverleasingcom AtAUiance Pipeline, we like to celebrate each other's successes Whether we're exceeding productivity targets or setting another industry safety record, we make the time toacknowledge our accomplishments f youd like to advance your career in a fun environment that believes in balancing business and pleasure, we look forward to hearing from you Health and Safety Advisor Eden Prairie, Minnesota For details and how to apply, visit attiancepipelinecom/careers h ii li i i i i ' ' w LUC,E pipeline or FindYour Future atalistate Our Call Center inwoodridge, L is seeking the following: EntryLevel Phone Sales Specia'ists Job Code #W Our EntryLevel Sales Specialists rare licensed represcncativps and are responsible ror irntciactng and successfully closing sates opportunieles as well as supporcing marketing campaigrts Conoces oro made through nbound and/or outbound calls in a way that enables the contact center to meet its customer satisction and business performance goats 435 rhoe8r $500 bonus paid after 6 ntotths or emp)oymentç if htred with an actiye ilgenetal LinePiopetty and Casuaioy Licenset We offer highly competiamo loase salaries incenthe plane, 401K, pendan, utitlon reimbursement & other gencroos benefic Please niait our websiee & submit your resume to: wwwallstatejobs Allstate Youre in good hands Discover for yourselfwhyallsteto is a great place to world F4o phono calls, please Notice of Apprenticeship Opportunity Tre work of tte Ceasetuceioa Lobster inciudon, bat in nut limited io: roadwork reaideetisi And commercial consteuctioa, endergrooaci pipclsyiap, planing concrete Luborora petfonre physically dcmnndinp ankn, in oli weather conditions thai require srrcagth, endnrsoce sd agility, Loberos arc rrqeìrcd to werk st heights und in confond apuccs The Ctricogoland Laborers flisttict Cosacli Tromeiag orn Apprentice ttttp Food is ebb touceept for placernoot alt potential opyrcetiecs hint ars opossnrod by a Usine costzscror You isust first steers a icirer omupoesotutrip (you most poroexn a heder ofiaeeeetatriro) from a Coetrochni Osee you liana thin &tocumrsl, yea can cali thctcoieing Cearert or l88e5to5funt) (3p6 The Tninieg Facility io located at 1200 Old Gary Avenoe,Casot Stoesm, ltinole 60t88 All apdiesads mirrored the Csllssln mlnlmceinuatincaiea: TcnlhOrsde Edissilse toen lcsutlun l8>rro ed ee i'dwfooae ecqaired i'hlrieally ablew t'ertkvnr ke urrt 0lire brete Areadín,andcrsrarelinor%riria5sretoromuaicariiivalil,rt u coxal caablc rho sççoicust to perfxnr the raskrotihe CmrlreLiox trait Laturm in#ufç ersswrsadcnmychcnd theeahjm rustici suotein t'xdlsh iraly, inrebred iartn,crion ltcliabtcjicracrd uunspirniiunh umcst Vrlid»drer'eUccnrc 7_ hllcd subrrsr,cc tethr0asll lcr required 8 cqallyctigihlerorrnklnthc ilniredsirie Lbxunxnn requiredad clare c,(a&arlon: honk Cenifleace Scciul ScendO C'ird l_ 'ald Odrern hiceaso 4 thgh Soturat dlplooa000nratoclsl fllh &reoì roarod'rc scnlsiau coa1uclioa s,(tcnth pode s lmlcrothjlcsrsomlrip Omar trino rrsnuaccorc,n cs,mper kisihca! etaedbysuhcsircd çcrrsrn The cicicagoland LuborercioiesTruiniag and Ap1rrenricv Fund k se Equsl Opporoasiey Empinycr Applications see pissa without regard to age,ses,ureligkro,cecc,coterornarionsi origin No coceprioaoorsntcstìlotioirn colli be runde sar nay squired docensenlsrion Chicagoland Laborers' Training & Apprentice Fund Li i i i i i i ì w l Adult Care, Provder Adult Care, Wanted Child Care, Provider Child Care, Wanted AdültCé,:Providè; Caregtver nvaliabie Come & Go or 24/7 vein Besijirtce, All Loc's No Fees EngSpkn flonded/neur * COMFORT KEEPERS * Exp Caregivers, CNAs Live in, Come & Go Screonod eondod nsured (847) For employment call: Uven Caregivur Team, Carealver roam 12), 17 yro eaperience, seak lsen posilion CNA, First Aid colt, Exc tiet Call tas in or come & go, Pottah lady wth experience, references & own tranaportetlon Speak Englab & talian Cati Ml EST'198O LVÈÑELDERCÀRE LoOKtNG FOR A NANNY PosmoN ron MY wonderful NANNY Available Mon, Tuo & Wed Call Oiaa or Kaela ANd Business for Sale Business insurance Business Opportunity Dlstributorshlps Financial Services Franchise Loans Work at ilomo Property Tas Redaction Esperto Prod 01 payng ho highest property tanes n the counlry? Moot Lane County Hamos oro overassessed by ovar $40,000,001 Goldenlakohomeacom can holpl Mast townships dnadllnas aro approaching er possed Go to wwwg oldenlakahomeacom for a askrare reviow with 100% rnoneytrsck goonastee The Jamos Altrad Group Paya caah tar owaertiaaacvd mortgogns, notas end dnods at trust Protesslonat service end last clos ng Call tallfree FND MORE' LOCAL JOBS AT PlOt1EERLOCALCOM/?ONSTER l i j h h, Air Conditioners Antiques, ColectlbleS Appliances Arts, Crafts, Hobbles Auctions Building Material Business Equipment Clothing, Furs Electronics, Accessores Estate Sales Exercise Equipment Farm and Gardening Farm Equipment Firewood Flea Markets Food, Produce Furniture Giveaways Horses Jewelry lawn, Garden Equipment Machinery, Tools Medical Equipment Misc Merchandise Musical instruments Office Furniture Resale Shops Snow Removal Equipment Sporting Goods Swap, Trade Swimming Pools, Supplies Tickets Wanted to Buy Keearore Washer & Dryer Top load washer, heavy duty 70 sertes gas dryer Eutn la escollnat condition with manuals $100 each Call: Sewers Crattera retiring, ait sawng, fabrica, teces, brother emb cards, stablzers, too much to mentton, Dish Network Lowest nationwide price $1999 a month NVESTORPARTNER WAkiTED: FREE H0O/Cinemax/ For tumkev ntemel BaslnossCal Walt at or check out onlertowinitniacom Slarn FREE Blockbuster FREE ltoovr and install, Nest day nstall (New phone number) WANTED HOME STEREO Equip A Records, 33o15a78s Will pickup Cash skot(te ESTATESALE, 4220 W Jarvta Saturday October 22 lltamopm Art, lurnituro, }rouoewaroa & clothing AitiUd,,Çòiécttb!ès 1iìhi i iiìiii 1Lh n Estatè Saie li A Regal Estate Sate Hghland Perle 40 Hemlock (Across Northbrook Ct, Skokie Blvd to Lake Cook W to Ridge Rïht to Lawrence Lott to tioueaj Sal, 1O3pm Sun, 113par Contemp home, LB, DR, FR, ottico, 40R turn, 25 listed arr S sculptures, collections, cnica, crystal, purses jewelry; tena, hsoseheld & morel wwweatatosatosnet "A SUCCESSFUL SALE" 'When You Want The Best PHYLLS REFMAN Trio House Sales BALDERDASH VETERANS ES TATE SALE Proceeds besah Route 66 Veterans Thrttt Store tems danated from North Shore Estates & Churches Sale held dswatswn Waukegan, 115 North Genesoa St Thera evoaing Spar 9pm; Frl & Sat OamSpm and Sunday Oam4pm Lota 01 vartatyl Pay Parking Meters MSet 85prn 25 centooo mmabalderdashcollecllen,com Peg 9V Barbara's Absolut Estate Sates Oct2e &21,9am4pm Oct 22, 9aml2pm 73 Bildtepath Undenhurat Beautttei furnlluro, Mlltar 0F clock, retrad Ltadro, curio cablflats, fooaball & air hockey floor modale, furl kuchen, beautiful sale full house & baaement ( low eatatesaleanet c BARRNGTON HLLS Church Rlt Frday, Ocober 21st end Saturday October 22nd SamOpm Furnture, Chna, Porcelan, pantings ceramcs, pottery and mucit more ELMHLRSTESTATESALE 208 South Grace Ave FR 10/21 & SAT to/22 loam4pm Nice furniture, vinlage glassware, tías serviceware, china, books, lawn chsir, snowblower, end morel See pica at Sandyleaasalescom For Estate Sale Services: Nyce Things Estate Sales (Serving the North Shore) Carol Etátö;Saisi; Qycl ori ckiign Antique Bead Liquidation! Beautiful African and European Beads, vory, Amber and much more Friday, Oct 21st 93, Saturday Oct 22ad Robinwood Lane, Riverwoods, L For directions phone wwweyeondesignus J íil lli L il il J ;EstáteSales:: Elmburst Estere Sale Frl & Set & to 3 bolh days 361 South St (S of St Charleo bet Fair 8 Poplar) mpressive collections el vintage & antique dolls, glassware a kitchen collectibles Unena, Mß oady Care Bears, Christmas, cooturno )owolry,books a se muck moro Hause a full & ita aligoodi See pix & detals: wvewrecollectioas ltdcom ESTATE SALE th Aae, Kenoshs, W dctobor 20, 21 & 22, 9am3pm Entre household, vintage & collectibles, safe TEMS FROM A to Z SKOtcE Estate Sale 4840 Foster (S of Gell, Wast ot Skekle Bind) Fa a Set, 93, See eotatesalesnet for into Cash only La Grange, 528 Sunset, Friday Saturday October 21stnod, 9am3pm Costume Jewelry, mahogany bedroom set, dning set, antique books, too much to lst Gna NEW TRER SALES 1612 Wesley, vanaton Sat #s 9:30 Sun 10123, 113 Arta A Cratta homo 2 Steinway planos, modem furniture, books, ar, etc Seo eatateaaleanel Cor lato NEW TRER SALES Estate SalesAnlqs, Art, SO's Designer Pum our speclaleycharrticso, Glennup available, Walter NORRDGE 8309 W Maple St Friday 10(21Sunday 1e123, loam 4pm Table & chars, dressers, BR sets, ktchen teems, household tems, lots of msc liorna, North Shore Estate Sales & Appraisals Accredited memeber nl rho nlemalisnal Society et Appraisals Sales, appraisals, house clnaaup TA3 RVERSDE 19$ Noritewood, Friday & Salurday, Oam2pm Csmprete contents of beaulitel Riverside home Everything mua gol Cell 7e for nto Rver Forest Conducted Movng Sate, by MX T up, 1440 Bonne Orne Many anttquea + collectbles, Frl Oct 2tst, 9a3pm Sat Oct 22, 9smlpm Go to wwwestatesslesrsot( oatatesalea!219048aepx TRO'S TRADTONAL HGHLAND PARK SAT 22 OCT 1AM5:OOPM + OCT 23 SEPT 124PM 1440 SHERDAN RO, HtG4LAND PARK From Sl'ertdan Rd & St Jabas, go SE on Sheridan Rd tobsese on l'js ad et nlrool 00 Cal park on Sheridan Rd Park on od of Foreul er Wavedv only 6 do est blk dcvwys Sat 10:30AM Sun9's 1:30AM Come atisp 4 lull floors at this hiutnnc Tudor (also tot sale) Brembach groad pions; Fa S Dec Art; carpets ned e 1880's Mehala; aatq lighting; moelle ciks; n & toottion lewelny; vintage wine; various US coins; luir bnd bns; stamps: Tebletop incld: Gortram, Kiag Chartes 8, let Rsyat Danish alert tlatwr, silver ksllowt 5ev sets china soro; cnyut stomwr & soro pos: loads of lineas Fear acid: Spanish Revival: dia sel; library, cas & sola tbls; settee & ed clins Mahog, sec bnes, butlet, triplo pert din lbl, tilttop Sheraton stylo brtntst b; pr uhr S walnul library ehm; ng mirrors: Lloyd Flanders wickt Chinese bedan nel; 6 Esrnes Aluminum gip clins: Kiltinger, mc cotton tbl; 1950's mach oak Western turn, Full hitch & allie; eiatg palio turn; bosta; tools, Mach moro hare We'll see this lovely unie For store lntormation: wwwlorlrelfmencom LOR REFMAN TRO LMTED Catate Sales of Dstncton TO PLACE A CLASSFED AD, CALL Lì, i li il i ii i Li ii1i i i» Estàte Sâied OAKBROO( Farm House Estate Solo 3213 York Rd Frs, Oct 2tsl, 92 Sot, Oct 22nd, 911:30/12:002pm Numbom el 6:30am (Parking only at back lot of Christ Church at 31st and York) Furniture; All Rooms ncluding ll<ea Chair end Otlsman Many Antiques, Sola Bad1 Wnckor Porch Household with Knamoro French Doors Retsgomtor, 13 pece Ravemwaro Rack Set, Books, Edward Baos Malae Shoro, Wallacu Hulling and Olher Prinls Accenls: 100's of Horse and Bird Theme Decor Otherl990Jshrs Deere 165 Riding Mower plus 1997 Mercury Tracer 76K o be sold on silent bid POttY PETERS ESTATE SALES e or (see plea at estataaalesnet) ùitbrél4' DNNG ROOM SET, oalç large chna cabnet 64 nch table & 2 extensions table pads, 6 chars, askng 700 or beat offer Call Magnavox Wood Console Auto Record Player Changer + AMFM Rado; Clothes Wardrobe, Wood, Sldng Doors; Room Humdfier, Console, WALL UNT 3 PECE Mmer n Black, also (4) FR end tables; Orlentat Cabinet & Stapees' (2) 1V Stands, Lamps, (4 Chars, more Ml RDER LAWN MOWER, 2007 Cub Cadet SLT 1550, great condton, Movng Oak Brook area Askng $999 Dan FAGRCS a SEWNG SALE Fubries: dress S upholstery; linings; dosigner psnema; scissors; Scheins; specialty sowing machines 10/21: 104; Gaga, Winnetks Cash only Pearlbike lop round table 5tin Louver storm door, 36x80,5 la 2 saswblowers, Schreins Air Dyne oscercise blkecall SNOWBLOWER, Toro, 2 etage, imp engne, 32 tech path, far condtttoe SlSOlobo Zion area Stiri'Góòds; EXERCSE BKE, Gold's Gym Power Spn 230R, excellent condllon $loojor best otter àiteøtdbíç:j Antque Buyer anted le buy antiques and estste iewaly (Gold, pistinem & silver) Antiques, porcelain groups, etc Silvurwero 6 silver obiects Bronza statues vory ligurinos arrd groups Art class Also paislings Cull t BUY OLD Trains Uonel Amaneas Flyer Old barbie bells, G Jons, and Old Toys t pay cash Call íthfck qthl5out :i','' : aniédv!rrtagee)roworithll and Flrecrecer Packs PaldCalTòlFFee 5Lkfii1i TO PACE YOUR GARAGE SAE AD, CALL ,j ii Thursday, October 20, Poneer Press (DC) 37 1USNESS&'SERVCED'ÍRER Additìoh FALCONE CONCRETE No lob too bg or small Driveways, Patos, Stairs, Morel Free Est Vince AppiihèReair APPLE APPLANCE & REFRG & AC REPAR Cieánin l $ GRACE CLEANNG Hard Working Polsh Crew HOME DELGHT, NC Cleaning Service Detail Oriented, Affordable, 15 Yes Exp lesißorcdecl Exc Rets MANCA CLEANNG SERVCE We will clean youroloce, Home or Apt Any time, Aay place Qyears osp Rotereaces available One on One Computer Traning for Senors in Roliremeet S Asiuted Uving Homes in LaGrange a LaGrange Pk, Call CbnstructiîRémôdeiiñg i NEHAUS CONSTRUCTON General Coneractora 29 Vra WJR REMODEUNG Lie/Bonded Storni Rapalrs All Const recton Roofng No Job too 0er Smell Free Quotes KG'S WALL WORKS RepairlAll Phases ot Drywall cell AN EXP'D ELECTRCAN Looking for sido worn No job too big or small FREE OST M Vse/MC/Ames Li?i,:i A1 FENCE NC New,6 RepairAll Types lolo BRECKENHDGE FENCE Chain, Link & Wood Fences nstallaton & Repairs BEST PRCES FiX Ul FENCE NC END OF SEASOt SALE Got Ready For W1NTER WeSnowplowTool Free Estmates rd ALPNE FREWOOD 100% Guaranteed D 8n4 FC delivered Si S Back Guarantee Fantastc Frewood Kils Dried 2 year old seasoned tirdwd Oak Maple S Cherry or Mised, )rree tacking & Delivery Buy the Wood That s Guaranteed to Burel $ Cats Dogs Misc Pets American Bulldog Pups, 3 males, tomae, asking $600 Ctrsrnpion bloodline, call ter into or casa_du,perroueeman corn y Cano Corso Pups Y 3 months, nec,tt weeks lo wo vet anita, ears clipped, tails 5480,lisspatlerl8Wyahoocom,773 docked O dow clswa Sìro os prem ssu $700 Call Cano Corso Pupo, CCF, psrenta on situ, black tut (t blue), aoci ternperamaol, $ , LL l) 1li DANEL'S FLOORNG Co Sanding Repairs Finiohing nstallation Good reference nsured Free Estimates 20 Years Exp GarageDoòr Opené'r FOREST DOOR CO Garage Doors S Openers Salas Servce nstallaton e A/B GUÌTER CLEANNG a WNDOW CLEANNG Free Estimates nsured cox & SONS GUTTERS LNSTALLED iàndrepalred, Siding Sofft Fascia Roof Repairs Painting 25 Yr Fami Business CLEANEDAND SCREENED: Puss, WaahlngToøl BestPdcea n TOast GUTTERS CLEANED OFFDUTY FREMEN MKE: or Handynan A HANDYMAN Mr FiXER ALL REPARS Elec, Pescata & Water Hr Chenets JAY iiaûiir RED'S HAUUNG SERVCE Complete Cesa out Service Family owned tsr oven 50 ysars 8474es Al FRTZ & SON PANTNG nkiest Free Eat, Wallpaper Al Norlírohsre Construction Custom Painting S Decorating Extorter and nterior AFFORDABLE EXT PANTNG 5 Yr Guarantee Call NCK KASAL Panting & Decorating lnlonor Exterior Painting a Wallpspeang Wall Washing FREE ESTMATES Call Steve (830) JANE THE WALL DOCTOR Repairs Skim Costing Drpvall Plaster Free Est ibê:icehsed AFFORDABLE REPARS By Retired Plumber Fully nsured Uc O Cell M cheap cane corso puppyo for salo Labrsdoodles pu des $400$000, oray gudo grey bey and lo trainod dogs, $1 S & up Cairn, no blacks st sham they r ready to go shed blond, red, blk, choc Osar, u can call ma at (708) or Mchip, del aysil (708) ay this is the beat deal around nr heso kind of dogs Nautil Puppies Ready for loving homes Shots end Dewormed, 5 temslea 4 males $750 please call Visas Puppies Both, A(C Champion English Bulldog Bloodlines, Field S Straw, Rich Healh cnirtisliod,akc registered,worrriing Coloang, See the Best, $S000BO, English Bulldogs, AKC registered, boro 6/20/1 1 male and tamale, vol checked, Srdoo or Cowden, L Liäeriáed; :j Biarti Pluñibin Meet tre Pallier & On Team Award Winning Service at reasonable prices 40 gel water heater $659 All types of lurnbingldrain repairs 24 Hour mergency Servce Office Colt L Lic # o'deiirig: A1 PAM PLASTERNG, NC CELNG S WAtt REPARS SKM COATNG, PANTNG alpamcona A1 PAM REMODEliNG NC BAThROOM KTCOrf N BASEMENT ATTC alpamcorn Rpàfng GRYZK ROOFNG, NC Residential Specialist for50 yns Licensed Bonded nsured nstall tile and stone All repairs $209 regroal shower special so yeas eaperienco Robert MR GROUT REPAR CAULK BATHROOM REMODELS TLE/MARBLE NSTALLS EUROPEAN CRAFTSMAN Residovhsl S Commercisi Fully nsured Free Estimates Qualily Work Tree norming e Tree removal Slump Grindivg Firewood 8 Mulch Avail 10% ott wll, obs over tflfrsOall 64756i645l?iii;tiv i NEHAUS CONSTRUCTON Cenera Contractors 29 Vra i EDMAR, NC TuckpointingMasonry 8r)ckwork/Tuckpointing almlkwaycom MKE'S WNDOW CLEANNG PoweíWash ' Gutter CleanLog Free Est lo PAU A HE[PWAHTD AD t THE classfeds, CAL Vizula Puppies 9wks, AcC Champion Bloodlines, Field S Show, Rieti Colonng, See the Best, $1, TO PEACE YOUR GARAGE SALE AD, CALL iii i Li 1 Li iiii Lit

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BURR RDGE 1462 Gerywood (N of Plainfield, E of County Liria Rd Fn & Sat, aarn4pm 5,000 a house, Baker sofa Baker display cabinets, 1930's Armoire, Rollo desk, Franck desk, black fox sos (4648L) tow blue, Swarovaki, Lalique, bakelite, books, patio set Chicqgo 3803 N OdeS Fnday & Satuday October 21 & 22, 9amSpm Household, clothing, faya end much rnoml Something for everyone? CHCAGO 5253 N MELVNA ES TATE SALE SATURDAY OCT 22 SUNDAY OCT 23 9AM TO 4PfA ALL FURNTURE AND OThER TEMS EVERTHNG MUST GOlf t EERFELD 1451 Ambleside Dr OctZTth, llern7prn Holiday Boutique! Join us next Thurs, Startyour Holiday Shoppng with a tun festive group of Artisans Feaurtng gfts and worts of art inctuding pantings, jewelry, Moeaics, photography, ouganle and eonfriendly purses and soaps, fabulous Millinery andincredble toffee Somethng For Everyone! Mart your calanders See You There! Deerfïeld, 90g Knallwood OCT 21 23, 105 Ruga, antg, eiv(ewelry, kitthablelthuira,dmaser, babbi, art,dothea, inens,kitthen stuff,houae plants, sink ESTATE SALE PARt< RDGE: 1200 N HumUs, Home and studio of talented tacot artisti Lots of treasures heed Artwork net Arriar, ndian, Asian, fiara?, nudes, mare Antq wardrobe; area rugo, Mission china cabjbutfet, stain glass bkcase; twin canopy bed; 1g banal table, small tedies name brand clothing; old someros silk scarves; art books, making frames & fmrnlng; easel, eçyipment S stands; kifctranware; thins; crystal, wrought iron tounger bam? & garage items sad ota more CASH & V1aaMC over SSO 1004 by Regal Home(athy Petricca QáràSaes EVANSTON 1809 South Blvd (Dodge and Oskton) Sat Oct 22nd, loam3pm Baby gear, clothes and toys Everything Must Gol Don't Miss OnU Saturday October 22 OarnSpm Pif A Bag S Fail Feat v at Se lot Matthew's Center for Health Park Ridge, 1601 N Weslern Ave Friday October 21st, 93pni Grnnny's Allic Sale, Something for Everyanel Great Bargainall FOREST PARK 1015 South Mar engo St Sat Oct 22nd garn2pm Ktchen tems, gallien tools, housewares tumilure and many misc tems kverythlng Must Gol GLENCOE 271 South Ave, Between Sheridan & Green Bay, Fri 10/21 Sun 10/23 9am2 Nice things we had are fun with, Angel collection, glass bottle collection, dishes same as Etwa in Grecelandl Select fumiahin, Bricabroc, clothes, trench theirs Glenview 1530 Longvailey Road, Friday and Saturday 10/22, Sam 2pm MuttiFsrniiy Sale! Something t'or overyonoi Ali pro seeds wlu go to iocai charities Glenview FnUap only Garage Sale 1233 Pleasant Loire loam2pm Girls clothes up to 5x16, winter boots, lkea toton bed, Cielo & Barrel kitchen chairs, mens sulla size 44 reg, mens dress pants, kitchen llama, 3/4 n glass table tsp Everything must gol HAB O' EGHTS 4405 N Opel Ave, Saturday 10/22 and Sunday 10/23 9am 3pm Make en orar ea(e! Moving! Everythng must go! Highland Park, 1151 Thom Tree n FndaySaturday October 21sf 22nd, 9am4pm and Sunday October 23rd, 9am2pm Misc, Something for everyonel Highland Park 1990 McCraren Rd Mens Clothing sample Suie Shrts, Sweaters Suits Outerwear Saiurday, October22nd, loam3pm Hinedale 125 E 50th Str Satur day, October 22nd, 7lpm The Grls Garage Saie! Fumhure, Mens Clothes, Great Finds! HSDALE United Mitthodist Woman Fail RESALE Fri Oct 21st, 8:3Oam1:OOpm end Sat Oct 22nd, $5 Bargain Bag sale 830am11:3Oam, (CASH ONLY) Hpastes United Methodist Church 55th and Gerficid St Large selecton of gently used clothing foraii egea and high end designer Neme Housewares, linens, toys, sporta equipmenl, fumlturo,jewery coliecfibiea, boots, crafts end holday items Proseada benefit local and global missions For mors info Cali Lake Foresi MultiFamily Garage Sa(e 890 N Northmoor Rd (off Sheridan Pd) FriSat 10/2122, 9am4pm SOin Milaxhislil TV, old torahs & quise, collectibles, artwork, frames old dolls & tatto, linens, household misc Tpd ç9ç q1111 GaragèSäe LAKE FOREST1O4O Buena Rd Sat and Sun, Oct OZndlZ3rd, 9am 4pm Tons of baby giri clothes, newborn4t, costume jewelry, homo decor & many more Lake Forest Garage Sale 251 Kirnbetty Lane Fumitum, baby items, men/woman clothes and ahoos household gpads, elettronica end moro Set & Sun &16 LAKE FOREST Graenbay Rd South of Wastleigh Thurs 38prn, Frl 104pm and Sat 93pm Call for Address No Baby/kids items, no clothing Household, sorne yard and garden items end decor Ali in goød usable condtion ncludng Orlantal and accent rugs, many alzas, set of 6 Baker ahleldback dinng chars queen sofa bed large rustic Armoire, 1930etiSa sirioboard, 4 counter stools, Rattan dnette set w/matchlng couch & end tables Meple youth bed, pair of Heremi ampa, maple cheater drawers, tebta titrons dinnerware, exercse bail, medi cine bait, vintage quilts and wicker rocher bono china, wodgewood and Quimper cups and saucers Brown Jordan patto fuso, 16 inc(r Electric Chainsaw, waedwacker/trlmmer, 5ft ladder & misc turn odds and onda Lake Forest Movng Saie 675 Greorivlew thresat Oct O22, 9arnSpm iabutous 60 year accu mutation, everything antque! Victorian, deco, contemporary furnture 1920's phonographs, paintings, collectibles, patio furniture, much more, priced to sell Maltose Park 821 N Roberta gamspm Lots of Misc ToolS, dar Parta, Roller blades, tons cf clothes, lamps, Lots of Glassware & dish cela Morton Grove 9317 N Oleander Ave Friday! Saturday , 94pm Tools, fiahlrrg, 40 yrs worth of accumulation? Somethng for everyonell All priced o seul Northbrook 1940 Walnut Cr Mayng Salol Sal, 10122, 811 Sun, 10123, 912 Pum, Habit!! itchen terno, Dryer, Tools, radio saw Mini Fudge, Leaf Blowers S Much Morel? WLMETTE 534 iox Ava Saturday, Ott 22, 9am3pm Mena, Womeno XXL clothng, shoes, purseu, escorted houaehold items, tools costume jewelry & MUC( MORS You've never searched for cars like this before Garagé S&e K :RO75yomat clon Lane, Saturday October 22, 9am 3pm, jewelry, furniture, clothing, seasonal decorations, kllchenware and other misc tems OAK PARK Dressers (1 vintage), sngle beds, side chairs, kitchen stuff, love n aood condition 510 North Euclid FR 10/21 & SAT 10/22 830am230pm Don't msal OAK PARK STUFF FOR SALE Anhiqoes, Collectibles, Fun Stuff and more Funds honesta Hephclbah Home n Oak Park Salurda (10122) from 8 AM lo 12 PM 42 Greenfisld St n Oak Park PARK RDGE GARAGE SALEt 916 S Semnary Ave Friday 10/21 loam4pm & SsturdaylW22, ldarnlpm A LARGEVARETY OF TEMS! River Forest 530 Clinton Pl Salurday October 22, Oamlprn Vintage furniture & tems sporting goods, trampolino, bicycle, household, clothing, & moreno chortal RVER FOREST Furniture Garage SALE Bedroom Set, Dressers, Child's Desk Chairs Tables, Toys, S MUCH torel f310 Keystone, RiverForesf Bamlpm RVERW000S 2801 Orange Brace Rd Sun Oct 23rd, 12pm 3pm Kds items, adult clothes, computar, housewares, books, Va, bikes, iswnmower etc Wadsworth, Rummage, Winchester Rd ThursSat October l3ttlslh, ßarnSpm WHEELNG 715 Lakeside Cirais Dr, Frl 10121Sat 10/22, Oam2pm Dressers, coffee tables, 2 dinette sets, entertainment senor clothes, shoes household items k mors veiythlng mua? gol WLMErFE 1230 Glen Donnng Ad, Saturday 10/22 only, 9:00am 12:00pm Pun Sale? Jewelry to Junquel Clothing lo collectibles? No Early Smis W1LMETE Broadway and isabelis Sat 8am3pm 3 Fsm Hugo Saie Fora, paintings, ruge, some old and new, records, books, alec Everything from toots to globes Tons of msc llama iovgsale WNNEKA 984 Pine Tree Lane Friday, Saturday and Sundsy, October 21, 22, 23, ßam4pm Downsizing Sale! Furniture, sound system items, exercise equpment, clothes, morel ZON 2916 Eachol (in alley), Friday, Salurday & Sunday, 9sm5prs Whole house sale Everythng must gol ZON ESTATE AND MOVNG SAE FrdaySunday, October 21 ui23rd, loa4p Too much lo list el Camero collection 2608 Ehm GraéSaj: LAKE COUNTY NEWSSUN PoER Piuss Address Thuïsday 678 Plum Tree Rd 5253 N MELVNA 3803 N Odell roo 89 im'er ours Sa 10)22 & Sun 10(23 9am 5pm jbaker20o0@aolcom Halloween, Christmas docas' scuba equiprnent;table linens; booca; piclure frnes;rosesbaskeis; silver 1451 Ambleside Dr rernnants;35 mm cameras;undeiwater camera 909 Kiìolwood houningqgyro composs;40 loch file csblnoln;russiari ortifactsmuch much mare 9323 Lincofnwood Drive 271 South Ave 1530 Longvalley Rd ii:i 4405 N Opal Ave i 55th and Gar(ield St 635 Ridge Road 675 Greenview Place 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm 928 Oakwood Ave i Oam to 4pm 1040 Buena Rd 9am to 4pm 9am to 4pm 89 limber Court Li' 510 North Euclid l6o1 N WESTERN AVE 9am to 3pm i 200 N Hamlin 9am to 4pm 9am to 4pm 9am to 4pm 830 Clinton P i 840 Ash Street 9am to 4pm 9am to 4pm 715 Lakeside Circle Dr Broadway and sabella 984 Pine Tree Lane 8am to 4pm 8am to 4pm oj!lii 2608 EHm "r 2916 Eschol Find the ckt of Your Dreams Visit ToDrivecom GaráeSàtékY 11am to 7pm Friday Barn to 4pm 9am to 5pm loam to 5pm 9am to 2pm Barn to 4pm 8:30am to 2:30pm 8:30am to 2:30pm 8am to 2pm loam to 4pm 9am to 5pm Gàra Sàle, Saturday' 9am to 4pm 9am to 5pm 9am to 5pm 8am to i pm 9am to 4pm Barn to 2pm 8am to 3pm loam to 4pm 9am to 5pm $argt Salé, garage Sale Guide loam to 5pm 8am to 4pm 9am to 3pm 9am to 2pm 9am to 3pm 8:30am to i :3Opm 8:30am to i i :3Oam 9am to 4pm to Sunday 9am to 4pm loam lo 4pm 9am to 3pm 9am to 3pm loam to 4pm 9am to 5pm loam to 4pm 9am to 5pm 1iv,e0com BROUGHTTOYOU BY SUNEDA Apartments, Unfurifished Apartments, Furnished Condos, Townhomes Homes Duplex Rooms Housing to Share Mobile Homes Retirement Rentals CoOp Housing Sleeping Rooms Housekeeping Rooms Finder Service Apartments Hotels Vacation, Resort Rentals OutofState Rentals Garages Farms, Farmland Commercial, ndustrial Storage, Warehouses Desk Space Offices Stores Rentai Services Rentai Misc Wanted to Rent Chicago: Narragansett & rvn Park Bright & sunny spartmen 4 rooms, 2 BR, hardwood floors, livng room, $925 Deluxe i BR, living room, & dlnfng room, st floor, $800 Ali aro hasted, laundry and appliances available for ail Security deposit regal red for ail Call OES PLANES i Odino $750; 2 Bdmr $900, lncldu heat, laundry & parking mmediate Occp GRE prop SKOKiE 4921 Cram Studio $745; 20R $1010 Available Now Close totransportatlon and stores l'les and Water ncluded, To seo cali Sonada SKOKS HLES CENTER RD Lovely UR's $875 Avalable Now Larger modern ktchens & baths Storage, laundry & parking Heat included Anne Ml Co'okÇountyChgbS W Bryn Mawr Beauliful newly remodeled apartmons, mua be seenl New buchens, nnwly tiled balks New wall o wall carpeting end hardwood floors, etc Heslod mmediata occupancy See lodayll One Bedroom $795 To clew Apt Coli Lubo Hallmark & Johnaon gsa NC Top Fir, CRC Plug, Hdwd Boors, Laundry Avail show: Wkdya eliot 6PM SatiSuni fo 4PM Call: es N Lncoln Rare opportunity lo rent newly remodelad upta at below markel conta, Mus? be sess Now kitchens, newly lad balho, now wohl to well carpoting and hardwood floors, etc Healed mmediate occupancy See todayl Studio $600 To vew Apt, Call Lubo Hallmark 8 Johnson Chslhsm 8356 Soulh Wabash, Very cloan 1 bedrooms $650/ month plus socunly 7737d31656 CHCAGO 3 bdrm, 2 be vint ego apt, w/ Luke views, gos F', sun room, hardwood floors $1900/mo, ron? nst böe?, waler & wili Perkung avail Close to Evsnston& CTS, Avail mmed :cok,coù Chicago, 483f W West End, st tr, 3 bedroom apt Newly rovovafed, balcony & enclonodback porch $850/mo 7l364097l i Apattrnents,Unfürn'th CookCoú,itV Suburb BELLWOOD 2BR, iba n 2 lst, newly decorated, no pela, $800 + utilities i month ran & security Cali 70g DES PLANES large BR, heat ncluded, 2 blocks from metro, ovallabla November 1 $790/mo Elmwood Park 2BR, gardon apt, $815mo heat & Water no, laundry & parkng facilities avail Socunty deposit req'd No pals EVANSTON AUSTN Delightful 20R on Ridge Ave near S Francia Hospital cenital e/u, nd heal hot wr resumed prkng, modont kit w ow end disposal Avail now, $1150 Charlie, Evanslon Available Now 2BR BA Garden Apt, Near Trans, No Smok ng or Pets All Utils nd $1050/mo + Socunly òep Cell EVANSTON Luxurious 4 ig BR's, 2 full balks, intercom, 2 window NCs, celng fans, laundry on atte, heat nc Phil FOREST PARK Pleasant Garden apt 2 bedrosm, near CTA, parking available No Pets $7501Mo Call Glonvlew 1,2,3 Sds LUXURY RESDENCES Valley Lo Towers l 1910 Chestnut Ave Cali ( x200 Mon Frl 9:30 5pm wwwvsiieyiotowerscorn Hsrwood Heights i 5Ff apt for ren?, healed, brand new lcor, ropalnied, appliances & AC heat & electric ncudad Cell HARW000 HEiGHTS large iba very clean & quiet buildng, heal & applances included, no pets, $780 + security Maywood 2BR, $775/mo Newly Decor New Hrdwd Frs, Celing lana, aiove, parking, Near school, Heat not included MELROSE PARK 2BR, heat indudoti, car parting, appliances nciudad, no potslsmoidng MORTON GROVE lmmod 0cc 2BR, 2BA, eluv bldg i hoofed lndr pilig sp All epplcs inr w/d n uni No pets allowed Near train slaton, 2 vrlesse $1450$ :opporunies All real estate advertised n thlu newspaper s subject to tire Federal Far Housng Act, whch makes lt lilugal to advertise any preference, tlmltatlsn, sr dncrlmlnatlon hated on race, color, religon, see, handicap, famlial status or national origin n two sale, rental or fnancng of houolng n addllton the llinos Human flights Act prohlbhia discrmnatien based on ago, ancestry, marital ulalas, Sessel orentalsa or unfavorable mlitary dscharge Tiria paper will not knoitlagly accept any ec/vertlslng for roel estate which la n violation of the low All persona are hereby nformed that all dwelllngu advertisait are available on an equal opportunty baule, r you believe you have boon discrimnated aganst n cannerlion with tiro salo, rental or financing of housing, Cell: West City and Suburbs: HOPE Fair Housng Centsr Soslh City and Suburba: South Suburban Housng Center HarSh City end Suburbs: nterfaith Hauslng Center ofthe Northam Suburbs ApartmentUnfúrn'd Càok'Caunty Subùrbàn Norrldge CumbedandLawraeco, 2BR 1A, 2nd floor, encollent cand Slove & fridge land No Pela Security dep Oak Part 2011 Apt, Parking, Host included Close to schools end shoppinat $9251mo + 1mo Socuri ty Dopoall Call SKOKE 1, 2, 3 br, 2 bis 5240 W Galla UnN eloy, prk, wr & ehg mc, indie ad, hrdwd fire lbr($945 2 br/$ SKOKE: 4692fl Grove Outstanding Building Spacious 5 Room 2 Bedroom Ligh?, airy/remodeled, ceilings fans, Garage avail Heat included Janitor on premises, close o Devonshire Park Call Gabby or Hallmark & Johnson SKOKE Great 3 bedroom in 3 fa with new kitchen and bath Quiet building No smoking: no pats FREE washer and dryer in besemen, garage parking avail $1250 er month Call Highland Park2 bedroom, let (loor sp!, all electrc, close to town end train no pots, $920 a month Colt dl :CondosTownhònie, CoòkduñtySubúthàri HLES BA iba, Condo, Touhy Milwaukee Area, Call or LLNOS CLASSFED ADVERTSNG NETWORK ADOPTON V A Baby m a Blossing: V High School and college sweethearts, we're a young married couple (30 & 31) excited to adopt our 1' child, Nicole s a teacher and Kirk s a finance exec We'll honor your decsion and keep you n our hearts always emal: nicolekirkadopt gmalicom Wobsite: Resourcem/nlcoieandkirk2,pdf Call Nicole at AUTO DONATONS DONATE VEHCLE RECEVE $1000 GROCERY COUPONS NATONAL ANMAL WELFARE FOUNDATON SUPPORT NO KLL SHELTERS, HELP HOMELESS PETS FREE TOWNG, TAX DEDUCTABLE, NONRUNNERS ACCEPTED, AUTOMOBLES WANTED DONATE YOUR CAR, TRUCK or SUV to the Childhood Leukema Foundation today Tax Deductible FREE towing and fast, easy process Call or visit wwwmycarfordonatlonorg BOATS The Boat Dock We Buy & Consign Used Boats? Springfield, L wwwtheboatdock,com CAMPERS/RVS Colman's Country Campers We Buy & Consign Used Campers and RV's Springfield, L «CondOToWnhornes Cóok Cotnt' SubUrbán Park Ridge, 8/slot Cost 2BR Condo, 2BA, large mester Bl, includea heal, NC & ndoor parking, $1200/mo Cell /cONtE Old Orchard Woods 2bdrm, 21m 101k Fr lacing east Stainless Steel Appliances and Granite Counter topa, n uni? washer end shyer, $1750/mon All Utilitiea included auceol electric Call CHCAGO 3 BR, 1 BA House for rent Ashbum aree $1250, sec dep required Section 8 oh No boron? Barbara Chicago, 4 bedroom, 2 bath (newly remodeled), fully carpeted, 107 W Garfield, Section 8 welcome, $925 Madison Gros' CòokCóúntSubiibän LEMONT large 3BR 258A, attache gamge, finished basemen?, large acre lot, tunead, qpiet street, $ utile & OC Nor?lrbroek 3 brian 15 batr Ranch an 1 acre Dial 28 bee? AC, Heal & Apss, 2cardetGsr Pots OK $t800fmon NORThFELD: 3BR, 2BA ranch, New kil, i C gar, big?ncd yd W/deck, Now Trier, pela ok $1725 (847) PARK RDGE 30R, isba, 2?plca, new kitchen w/granile, i car gar, 1627 S Greenwood, $17001 mo mo sec Avail 11/ Suburbs, RENT TO OWN1 Buy with No closing costs and get help whr your credit Call or vini? wwwnhbecom Highland Park 3 br, 2 be Arndt Omit Hrdwd id LB, rplc,?(n bamt w/ ofc, roc wei bar, heats 2 door garq, yarda, Metro $2200 Oawd or ::, Rom,s, jc;cóuny ChgN uw9mcgaw YMCA EVANSTON Rooms lar Men w/mald service, daily & weekly raten; $131 & up includes une o? facilillas: call the Y for availability toas Grove eat 214 CoàkCòúnty,Súbtán Store Your Special Car Healed, secure Month or Annual Pla Starago CHCAGO 5151 N Hartem OFFCE SPACE FOR RENT * $250 Moyo in Feo No security Depost and 2 Months Freeilltl 600iaOOSq,'L* Must Sealtl' Great Locallon *Reay to Move n honsite Parkino aught, Brtqht Spaces *Exceiionl Foot TroTtin *leafirtg ncluded, Call Bruce TO PLACE A CLASSFED AD, CALL CAREEREDUCATON WORK ON JET ENGNES Train for hands on Aviation Maintenance Career, FAA approved program Financal aid if qualified Housing available, CALL Aviation nstitute of Maintenance CONDOS FOR SALE BRAND NEW CONDO FORECLOSURE Southwest Florda Coast! 38R/2BA, Only $139900! (Smlar unit sold for $325K) Stanless, granite, storage, covered parking, close to golf 5 mnutes downtown & Guilt Specal Final weekend for specal incentives Call now (_877) BBS7601 EDUCATON ALLED HEALTH career training Attend college 100% online, Job placement assistance Computer available Financial Aid if qualified SCHEV certified, Call wwwcenturaonlinecom EMPLOYMENT JOHN DEERE Horicon Works is Hring Permanent Full Time Positons for Electrcan $2226, & Machne Maintenance $2105 Journeyman Card 8 Exp n industral setting Req For more info vsit httpa://jobcenferof wtsconsin,com/ or to apply complete onlne applicaton at wwwjohndeere, obs EOE Tlb9'd& f6& ÓO'f1T : Officès L V:: CóÖkCáúnti Suburban Skokie tat mo reel S 2nd mo reel $2, LU Offices for Rent NrTouhy & Edens 3001f 400?tBOOftl2rkltl Mey combine, no entras, nightly cleanup Cell 84T :LakeCoùnty Highland Parr, Office Space, approximately 1200 square feet, 2nd floor, $1000/month negottabo Call REACH OUTTO MORE QUALFED LOCAL CANDDATES N CHCAGOLAUD WTH MONSTER, CALL cook:cóntysubutha HEALTH DD YOU USE THE OSTEOPOROSS DRUG FOSAMAX (Alendronate)'? f you experienced femur fracture (upper leg), you may be entitled to compensaton Attorney Charles Johnson S727 HELP WANTED DRVERS Driver Students 18 Days from Start to Finish! Earn your CDL A No outofpocket tuition cost Step up to a New Career with FFE recrutt@ffexnet, Company Drivers enjoy consstent miles, great equipment, paid vacaton Offering NEW pay packagel Excellent Bonuses? NOW HRNG for various positons, Teams and PartTime, CALL TODAY Small Fleet Owners: Lease your trucks to CRST MALONE Cmii and see how you can savait Llabiiity/Cargo nsurancepad Fuel Dscount Program to 550 per gallon 100% Fuel Surcharge Paid Rate per mte averagng over $2 per loaded mile 75% paid Weekly $1000 SGNON Dedicated Drivers Neodedl 5 State Region Weekly Home Tme, Great Pay and Benefit packagel Cali TODAY Or Vsit onlne wwwdrivejtccom Get Back to Basics Success Solid Mlos Good Pay & New Equipment Great Benefits & Hometlme, Variety of Flatbed Runs CDLA, 6mo OTR Contact Scott Todayi or cwelch@westernexpcom FND MORE LOCAL JOBS AT PONEERL&ALCOMVON51ER CàókCòünti;Sùburbán SKOKE OFFCE SPACE 2 ROOM OFFCE SUTE Available November 1 C $600/Mo N THE 4240 DEMPSTER BLDG ncludes: All Utilities i Air Conditioning e Large Common Reception Area s Large FREE Parking Area CALL FOR APPONTMENT Wilfred Jacobson & Co (847) Drvers Pay ncreasel Regional Truck Drivers start at 425 cpm w/14 years experence Only 412 Months Experience? Paid Refresher Course Avalable Cali BBB , or visit AVERlTTcareerscom Find the C4 of Your Dreams todíivecom search for new end used cars You've never searched for cars like this before Visit ToD rivecom BROUGHTTOYOU BY Equal Opportunity Employer Driver $1000 SGNON for Experienced Company Drivers! At FFE Transportaton we've got Great Miles, Pay, & Recession Proof Refrigerated Frelghtl Contact us Today! recruit@ffexnet Driver Weekly Hometimel Part 8, Fulltime Daily or Weekiy Pay Steady Miles Means MORE MONEY Excellent Benefits? CDLA, 3 months recent experience required wwwdriveknlghtcom HELP WANTED SALES WANTED: LFE AGENTS Earn $500 a Day Great Agent Benefits *Commlsstons Pad Daily Llberal Underwrting Leads, Leads, Leads LFE NSURANCE LCENSE REQURED Cali LEGAL SERVCES NEED A LAWYER REFERRAL? Free Attorney Referral Service llinos Lawyer Fnder Courtesy of the llnois State Bar Association The llinois Classified Advertising Network (CAN) provides Pioneer Press and the Doings with advertising of a national appeal To advertise in this section, please call CAN directly at (21 7) 24)1700 Both Pioneer Press and the Doings recommend discretion when responding Please refer questions and comments directly to CAN SUN MEDA 3c n:h' _;,;,,,i,,,,,,,, '

45 : 1 r 40 Poneer Press (OC) Thursday, October 20,2011 SEAPC WHAT YOU CAN Trends, prices, neighborhood info Editor Kay Severinsen's views The latest real estate news What your neighbors paid E HO'LES WTH ALOCAL EDGE WAT YOU CAN RN y An amazing agent A happy house A cool condo An awesome apartment LoM o WAT YOU CAN DO Calculate your mortgage Sell your house Compare buying to renting Get decorating advke ÄLESTÀT Houses Townhomes Condos, Lofts Duplex Open Houses Mobile Homes Manufactiuèd Homes Apartment Buildings COp Apartments Senior Housing Commercial, ndustrial Farms, Farmland Homes Built to Order Vacant Property Vacation Property ncome Property nvestment Property Lots Real Estate Auctions Real Estate Wanted Real Estate Misc OutOfTown Real Est OutOfTown, Commercial Lakes, Resort Property Mortgages, Loans Homeowners nsurance Real Estate Seminars Real Estate Services Judicial Sales Legai GenvewJMtProspect Area, 225 Graylynn Close to Two Metra trato tines, 90 & 294 Nnarby Low Taxes, Lovely Largo Lot, Chica90 Bungalow Styla, Spacious Rooms Full asemont Garage, Plastor Walls Hardwood Floors, New Mechanicals, mmaculate Moveln Ready www225raylynncosr 77a Msvewithmagia@ ginailcom Listed by Maggie Finegas of Keller Williams PARK RDGE Boardwalk P, 28R, 2BA, master suifa BR wípvt balcony & frplc, 2nd balcony wlbuilt in gnll oli Oat S morblo kitchen w/top of tre line cabinets 2nd frplc seo through LRAitchen, formst DR, fab views, post w/lindor ground pkng, $3f0K Owner Cook CoUnty Suburban SKOKE 4927 W Btrchwood, Open Houao Sunday 10/23, 12:303:30, 2BR Cape Cod, large backyard, very wolf kept Goldlrno Realty Souk Village Owner financing, 2 bedroom i bath, $925/month ncludes lot rent Call To PLACE YOUR GARAGE SALE AD, CALL Thursday, October 20, 2011 Pioneer Press (DC) 41 Uüdicai SáieRéal Est JÜdiciä,SàiésRea Est UudiciaSalèReaíEst; CookCounty Suburban credit bid ut the dale or by any fraction thereof of the amount paid Residential Properly Municipality hn clbse of lh&auclion; The balonce, including ke Judicial salo feo N OCTAVA AVENUE, HAR WOOD NLES CENTER ROAD, SKOKE,, estute:commonlv Known an 4728 osate: Commonly known ea 7708 mortgagee, judgment creditor, or by the purchaner not lo exceed Relief Fund, which in calculated on other tienor acquiring the residential $300, in certified funds, io due within twentyfour (24( hours No lee S fnr each $1,000 nr fraction there Municipality Relief Fund, which io No The real osate The real 05151e 5 im residential real estala at the rute nl for Abandoned Residential Property HEGHTS, L Properly ndos L Property ndex No, 1028 rest estate whose nghts n end o AUCTON thu residential real estate arose prior o the aula The oabjecl property quiring ke reaidenlial real estate chsser not o endued $300, in certi at the rate st S for each StOOD or locos: 25% down of the righenl bid lerma: 25% down nl 1ko highest bid uhull be paid by the mortgagee ocnl of the amount peid by the pur celculuted on residential real estate ra improved wilh a residence Sale proved with a residence Oele Hlton Orrington Hotel 1710 Orrngton Av, is subject fo general real estate focea, special asaesairranta, or special or by any mortgagee, ludgment (24) hours, No fee shall be paid by by the purchaser not to esceod auction: The balance, inclsding hn auction: The balance, including ke pursuant o its credit bid at he sale bind funda, is duo within twentyfour lractisn thereof of the amounl paid by cerlilied funds at ho cloue of hn by cortilied funda al the close of the Evanston, L fanes levied against said rest ostato creditor, or other liunor acquiring the msrlgogee acquiring the rouidentist real estafe parsuant lo ita in twnntyaur (24) hours No fee Residenliol Properly Municipality Residential Property Mavicrpalily $300, in certrlind funds, ra dun with Judicial sale fee for Abandoned Judicial sale loe for Abanqoned Saturday, October 22,2011 and is uttered for sale without any tha residential real estate whose 0/ 12:00pm representation as to quality or nghls n and to hn renidenhiat real credit bid at the salo or by wry shall be paid by hn mortgagee adquiring hn renidenlial real enlate residential teal estate al hn tala nf residonlrab real 00151e al hn rate of Relief Fund, which is calculated an Relief Fand, which io calculated on Opas Hauaa: Sunday, qaantity of lilla end without recourse estala arose prior to the sale The mortgagee, judgmenl creditor, nr to Plaintitf und in AS S condition nublecl properly a subject to goneral real oatate lanes, special assess real estate whose eghts rs and to or by any mortgagee, udgrnent nl of hn amosnt paid by the purnf of hn amount paid by ho pur other hinnor ucquiring the residential pursssnt o ils credit bid al the salo S for euch $1 000 or fraction there $1 tor each S 000 or fraction horo October 16th between 14ptsì The sala is further subiect to conhrmation by hn cost lt ke sale is mesta, or special taxes levied the residential rest estate arose pa credilsr, or slher tenor acquieng chaser Cot O exceed $300, in certichaser not O OeCned $300, in certi & 2 hours before auction 7831 Klbourn Av, Skokie set aside for any reason, the Purchaser at the sale shalt bu entitled lured tor sale wittlout any represen is subiect to general real estate an righta in and O the residential real (24) hours No fee shall be paid by (24) hours, No lee shall be paid by against said rust estate and in nlnr to hn sale The subject propurty the residential real estate whose lied tundo, rs due within twentyfour find funds, is dun wrlhin lwont\rloar Nominal Opening Bld: $10,000 only to e return of the deposit paid talios as to qaslily or quantity st tille es, opecist asseusmeets, or special estate arose prior to the sale Thu thu mortgagee scquinng the residentist real natale pursuant to ils donlisl real 05101e pursuant lo ils the msrlgagen acquiring hn resi The Purchaser shell have no feriher and Without recourse o Psintilt and tunes levied agaiosf said real esste oublect proporty in asbledt O goneral real estate fanes, specmel assess credit bid al hn sale or by any credit bid al 11m sain or by any recouroe egoiust the Morlga9or, fha in AS 1S condilisn The salo is furthur eubiecf to contirmotion by the representation as fo qsality or monts, nr speciel laues lovred mortgagee, (udqmenl creditor, or mortgagee, judgrneol credilor, or und is ollered tor salo without any Mortgagee or the Mortgsgee o attorney Upon payment in full of the cowl f ke sale s set anido for any quantity nl tills and vilhsuf recourse egainat said real estate and is oflured for sale without any represen real eu/ate whose oghla io and lo real calate whose nghfs in and t other tinner acquinng ke reaidenf ial olhvr kennt acquinng the residonlial amoent bid, the purchaser will recoma a Certiticate al Sale that will shall be entitled only n a retsm nl Thu sale is lutiher oubledt O conlirtalion us to quality nr quoelily of tille the residential real enlate arson pn hn residonlial real ealate arose pa reason, the Purchaser al the sale lo Plarolill and in AS 1S condition entitle the purchaser to a deed o 1ko deposit paid The Purchaser malion by the court f hn sale io and wilhssl recoutan o Plaistrtf and or to ho aale The subiudt preperty or to the sale The subject property lre real estate alter confirrnalion of shall have no tardier recourse set soldo tor any reason, hn Purclisser at the oste shall bu entitled thur sabioct to confirmation by the en, special saneosments, or special os, spucial anunusmenta, nr special in AS S condition The salo is fur io aublecl o general real nolsle tas is aubiedt to general real eatalo las the nate The property wilt NOT be against the Mortgagor, the opon for nspection sod plaintif Mortgagee or thu Mortyagne's altorney Upon payment in lull 01 tre Tle Purchaser shall have no rather reason, hn Purchaser al hn sale and a altered for sale wilhoul any and is otfered lar salo withoul any only fo a return nf the deposit paid coat f he sale is set salde st any laceo evivd against said real esste lasos levied against said real ealals makes no representation en to the conditinn of ba properly Pronpeclive biddem ere edreonished o ceive e Certiticate nl 551e that will Mortgagee or the Mortgagee n allot the deposit paid The Purchaser qasnlily nf tillo and without recourse qusnlily nl title and withoul recourse amount hid, the purchaser will re recourse against the Mortga9or, the nait be entitled only o a return of reprnonnlstrsn as lo quality or representalien 55 lo qsalily or check the 0054 tile to verity all marmatins t this properly is a condo the rest Ostato aller conlirmakon of amount bid, thu purchaoer Will re against the Mortgagor, the The sale is further sabiect to conlir The sole is lurther subject lo conf ir entitle the psrchaner to a deed o cuy Upon payment in full nl hn shall have no farther recsuron o Plainlilf sed in AS S csndilios, lo Plainlihf and n AS 1S candilion minium unit, thu purchaser el the the salo Tra properly will NOT be celve a Cerlilicale nf Sse that will Mortgagee or the Mortysgee's allotney Upon payment in full of hre sel aside for any reason, the Pur sel salde st sny reason, lre Purmaliorr by the cost l the nain is malion by the court l the salo is 2001 Bennett AV, Evanston un at the oreclossre sale, olher open far nspection and plarnlitl enhle the purchaser o a deed lo Nnminaf Opening Bid: $50,000 han e mortgagae, shall pay he saaeonmonts and the legst fees re condition of the property Prsspec the sale The prsperly will 1401 be ceive a Certificate of Sala that will only s a return of thu deposit paid only la s rolum et the deposil paid makes no represenlation as lo the the real estate alter coehrnnatioo of umsunt bid, the purchaser will rechaser al hn Oslo shall be entitled chaser at the sale shall be Onlilled uired by The Condominium Propirty Act 765 LCS 605/9igfll) add check the court rle o venly all retar makes no representation an lo the thu real ostato aller confirmation nl recourse egainat hn Morlgs9or, the recourse against he Msrlga9or, the live bidders are admonished n open fur inspection and plaintiff enhle hn purchaser to a deed to The Purchaser shall have no srltrer The Purchaser shall have no farther (g)14) t this property is a condominium unit which is part of a cornrniniurn unit, the psrctioser nf the lino bidders are admonished to open tot nspedlion and plsrnlilt nuy Upon paymenl is lull of the Coy, Upon payment in full of the mellon l thin properly a a condo condition of hn property Prospec the solo The properly will NOT be Mortgagee sr the Mortgagee s alter Morlgsgee or the Mortgagee a allotmon intereol community, the purchaser of ke unit al hs foreclosure than a mortgagee, ahall psy the asmation lt this prsperly is a condo condition of the prsperty Prospecdoive O Certilicale of Sale that will corvo a Cortilicale of Sale that will Seil ut the foreclosure aste, other check the court tilo to venly all inlor mekoa no represenlatinn as to the amosot bid, the parchaonr will re amount bid, hn purchaser will re nate other ban a mortgagee shall nessmenta and tre legal tees rega/red by Tro Condsmrnisrn Prop unit el thu foreclosure sale, other check the court file to verily all nf or ke real nslate aller conlirrrratisn al the real estate after conlirrostrna of miniurn unit, the purchaser nl the live bidders are udmoniahed lo enhilo the purchaser te a deed to enhlo the purchaser lo a deed lo pay the assessments required b The Condominium Property Ac erly Act 765 LCS 60S/9(g)(1) and than a mortgagee uhall psy hn assesamnnts and dro legal leen reminiarn unit, the putchasor of the open tor inspection and plaintilt open lar inapeclisn and plsinlilt matins, l bis property is s condo the aelo The properly will NOT be ke sale Thu properly will NOT be 765 LCS 605/85(gl) F VOli (g)(4) ti this property in s condominium unit which is part of u cornquired by The Condominium Prop unit al the lereclosure sale, other makes no repreoenlatisn na n ho mnkos no reprosentalron as lo the ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT mon interest community, the purchoeur of the unit al the foreclosure (g)(t), l this properly is a condosonarnents and the legst fees relive bidders are admnoiohed lo live biddnra are sdmnnislrod to erc Act, 765 LCS 005/9(g)() und than u mortgagee, shall pay the sa condition nl 1ko property, Proaoec condition of the properly Prospoc 1067 Shermer Rd, O REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF sale other than a mortgagee shall minium unit which rs part nl a cornmss inlereot cnrnmsnity, thu puroily Ad, 765 LCS 605/9191(1) and maliov b this property is a cavilomarino this property rs a condoquired by Tho Condominium Prep check the court filo lo eerily all mlor check the court filo lo vonty all rotor Northbrook AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N pay the asueunrnenla required b Nominal Opening Bid: $25,000 ACCORDANCE WTH SECTtON The Condominium Prepurty Ac chsaar nl hn unit ut the foreclosure (g)(4) l this property is a condomioìurn so/ which is par ot a dom unit at the loreclnsare sale, other soil al the lnredloouro san, other minium unir, the purchaaer of hn minium soil, the purchaser of hre' 6985x221 3x9071x24L Cl OF THE LLNOS 765 LCS 605/tB5(q) F YOU sala Other thon s mortgagee shall MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME pay the us005smenls reqsired b mon inlereut community, the purchaser of hn unit at the fotecloosre nensmenlu ond the legai lees reseasmenla and hre legai fees re than a mortgagee, shall pay hn as than s mortgagee, shall pay the aa LAWS Far nformatise, contad OWNER1, YOU HAVE THE RGHT The Condsminium Properly Ac, Abbey Resort Plaintitln attorney: The Sale Clerk, TO REMAN N POSSESSON 765 LCS 605/t85(q1( F YOU sala other lhsn a mortgagee shall qsired by The Condominium Properly Act, 765 LCS 005/9(g)() and errs Act, 705 LCS 605/919)11) and qairod by The Condominium Prop 269 Fontana Bled, CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC F DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME pay the assessments reqeired b Fontana, W 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT The Condominium Properly Ac (g)(4( l this properly is a condominium uni which is part of a corsminium uni which is part of a com (g((4) f this properly is e condo Nominal Opening Bid: $1,000 ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON TO REMAN N POSSESSON 765 LCS 605/18 5(011 F YOU L 60527, (630) between Cl OF THE LLNOS FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME mon interest community, the purchaser at hn unit at the sreclosaro chaser of hn uni at hn foreclasuro mon isteres community, tro pur the hours nl i and 3 PM only arid MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT ask for the sales department LAW For information, contncl ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON TO REMAN N POSSESSON sale slher lias a mortgagee shall salo 01h01 lias a mortgagee shall Please retor o tilo number 1408 Plaintill's uttorney: The Sale Clerk, (C OF THE LLNOS FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF pay the assessments requited b pay ke assessments required b THE JUDCAL SALES CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N The Condominium Property Ac The Condominium Property Ac, CORPORATON One South 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE LAW For inlormatron, contad ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON 765 LCS 605/e5(q1l F YOU 765 LCS 605/18 5(rtl) YOU Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicaqo, ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, Plaintifs 0110mev: The Sale Cloth, (01 OF THE LLNOS ABE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME 1L (312) 236SALE (ku L 60527, (630) 7g49876 between CODLS S ASSOCATES, P0 MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT OWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGHT can also visit The Judicial Sales the hours of and 3 PM only und 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE LAW For information, conlact TO REMAN 1N POSSESSON TO REMAN N POSSESSON ask tor tre salua department ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, Plainlill's attorney: Thu Sale Clerk, FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF L 60527, (630) between AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N wwwjennlngsrenitylnccom fl HARW000 HEGHTS N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUN SKOKE r DEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON DEUTSCHE BANK NATONAL TRUST COMPANY AS TRUSTEE FOR THE HOLDERS OF OSAMP TRUST 2004AR MORTGAGE Corporation al wwwljeccom for a 7 day nlutuo report al peodins sales CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 1SWO3O NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L ( Attorno File No: i ARDC Attorney Code Cose l 08 CH NOTE: Pursuant to thu Fair Oeb Collection Practices Aol, you are advisod that Plaietilt'a attorney la deemed to be a debt collector attempting lo collect a debt and sny inlormation obtained wilt be used for that purpose O/20,l0/27, N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COliNri DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON BAC HOME LOANS SERVCNG, LP FKA COUNTRYWDE HOME Plusse refer to tile number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South CODLS & ASSoCATEs, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAG FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON fle hours nf snd 3 PM only sed ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON ask tor the sales department ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, (Ct OF THE LLNOS (C) OF THE LLNOS Wacker Dnve, 24th Floor, Chicaqo, Please ruler to filo number 1409 L 60527, (630) between MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE L (312) 236SALE You THE JUDCAL SALES hn hosts of 1 and 3 PM only and LAW For inlormalian, conlacl LAW For inlorrrralion, conladt can atoo visit Thu Judicial Sales CORPORATON One Ssulh ask for the sales department Plainlilt's 5115mev: The Sale Clerk, Plalntilf'a altomey: Tre Salo Clerk, Corporarion at wvmjoccom for a 7 Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicago, Please retor to file number 1409 CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC CODLS S ASSOCATES, P0 day status report el pending sales L ) 236SALE Yes 06391, THE JUDCAL SALES 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE t5w030 NORTH FRONTAGE CODLS A ASSOCATES, P C con siso Visit Tho Judicial Sales CORPORATON One 5051k ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, NORTH FRONTAGE Corporutins at wewliuccom br a 7 Wacker Once, 24th Floor, Chicago, L 60527, (630) between L 00527, (630( between ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, dan status report of pending sales L (312) 235SALE You the hours of 1 and 3 PM only and the hours nl 1 and 3 PM only and L ( Attorno CJDLS & ASSOCATES, PC cas also visit The Judicial Sales ask for the sales department oak for ke sales departmenl File No: ARDC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE Corporulron al Www11sccom for st Please refer o filo number 1409 Please refer to file number 1401' Attorney Code ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, don statua report of pending nains 16213, THE JUDCAL SALES THE JUDCAL SALES Case l oa CH NOTE: Pursuant o the Fair Debt Collection Filo No: ARDC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE L ( Attorno CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC CORPORATON One South CORPORATON Onu South Practicas Ad, OU aro adorned 1h Atlornuy Codo ROAD, SUTE OU BURR RDGE, Plaintrlrs utlorney is deemed to be Case 09 CH NOTE: Pur L (630) ACerve Wacker Dnvo, 24th Floor, Chicago, L (312) 236SALE You can also visit The Judicial Sales Corperaliav ah wwwtlsccom for a 7 day statua report nl needing sales 000LS & ASSOCATES, P0 u debt collector attempting o collect suant lo lto Fair Debt Collection File No : ARDC e dsbt sed any inlnrmolisn obtained Practices Act, you are advised that Altomey Code will be used for that purpose Plsintilt's sllomey is deemed to be Case C 09 CH NOTE: Pursuant lo the Fart Debt Collecliss 15W030 NORTh FRONTAGE s debt colleclsr attempting to collect 10/20,10/27,1 113/11 # a debt end any inlormation obtained Practices Ad, you are advised haf ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, will be used for tha psrposo Plainlill's allorney ra deemed to be L ( Atlorne a debt collector allemptieg o collect File No' li ARDC 10/2010/2711/2/11 # Wacknr Dnve 24l1r Floor, Chicago, L (312) 236SALE Yku can atoo visit The Judicial Sales Corporalion al www1occom for a 7 dan aturas report nl pending sales, CODLS A ASSOCATES, P C 5W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L (6301 7g49876 Allome Filo Na : AFDC Allomey Codo Caso il 09 CH NOTE: Parosant to ha Fair Oeb Collechion Practices Ad, Ou are advised haf Plaintifs ullomey is deemed ta ho a debl cslleclor allemphing o coled a debt aod any irrlormahion obtained will be used for tha purpose Pub,10!13,10!20,10!27! BUFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNr( DEPAkTMENT CHAN CERY DVSON THE BANK OF NEW YORK MEL LON FKA THE BANK OF NEW PASSTHROUGH CERTFCATES, LOANS SERVCNG LP MORTON GROVE Plaintitf, N THE CRCUT COURT OF SERES 2004AR a debt and any information oblarned Attorney Code COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COU4 Plaintitt, will be seed lot tha purpose Cane l 09 CH NOTE: Pur RARES POP, MORTGAGE ELEC TV DEPARTMENT CHANCERY SKOKE Osant lo he Fair Debt Cohechan LNDA ARAUJO NORBERTO RONC REGSTRATON SYS DVSON N THE CRCUT COURT OF 10t201O/2?,11/3/11 # Practices Act, you are advised hal ARAUJO, GEORGE AGULERA TEMO NC, COUNTRYWDE BAC HOME LOANS SERVCNG, COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUN Plainlill's allsrney re deemed to be HOM LOANS, NC DBA AMOR LP FKA COUNTRYWDE HOME TV DEPARTMENT CHANCERY HARW000 HEGHTS a debt collector allempling to collect Delendanl CA'S WHOLESALE LENDER, LOANS SERVCNG, LP DVSON N THE CRCUT COURT OF O debt and any inlorrnalion obtained 98 CH N SKOKE BOULE Plainlill, BAC HOME LOANS SERVCNG, COOK COUNTY, LLNOiS COUNwill be used for 1h01 purp N NEWCASTLE AVENUE HARW000 HEGHTS L VARO CONDOMNUM ASSOCA LP F/K/A COUNTRYWDE HOME TV DEPARTMENT CHANCERY NOTCE OF SALE UBLC NO TaN PiOlet PEKALSK NKJA PETER E LOANS SERVCNG, LP DVSON 10/20,10/27,1 1/3/i 1 # Defendant PEKALSK N/JA POTR E Plainlihl, BAC HOME LOANS SERVCNG, TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure 09 CH PEKALSK, YOLANDA RVERA LP FKA COUNTRYWDE HOME SKO KlO and Sale entered n the above <0Kb BLVD UNT 0304 NKA YOLANDA THERRY, WEB liovany A ZAMOONNO, MARA LOANS SERVCNG LP N THE CRCUT COURT OF SKOKE, L STER BANK, NA, PORTFOLO ZAMBONNO, MORTGAGE ELEC Plainlilt, COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COliNcauso on Jane 30, 2008, an asset of The Judicial Sales CorporaFion, NOTCE OF SALE PUGLC NO RECOVERY ASSOCATES, LLC TRONC REGSTRATON SYS TV DEPARTMENT CHANCERY will at 10:30 AM orinovomber 17, TCE S HEREBY GVEN that purasset to a Judgment nl Foreclosure 09 CH BANK, FSB F/K/A COUNTRYWDE RUSSO, MORTGAGE ELEC Plainlilt, Delendant TEMS, NC, COUNTRYWDE l'alo B FlUSSO, PHLOMENA DVSON ONEWEST BANK FSB 26f t al thu Tiro Judicial Soies Corparaban, Oso South Wacker Devo and Sale entered in the abane 9312 LUNA AVENUE MORTON BANK, NA TRONC REGSTRATON SYScause on May 17, 20t0, an agon of GROVE, L Delendsnt TEMO, NC, BANK OF AMERCA, OHAMMED T SULTAN, YORK, AS TRUSTEE FOR THE 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 60606, sell al public ascllsn to the hghest The Judicial Soleo Corporation, will NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO 09 CH ' NA SUCCESSOR BY MERGER SHHATH JAHAN, MORTGAGE CERTFCATEHOLOERS CWALT, biddnr, as set forth below, the foltowing described rest enlate: Corn el 1030 AM on t'lovumbur 14, TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant to a Judgmont of Foreclosure L F/K/A COUNTRYWDE BANK, SYSTEMS, NC, ONEWEST BANK TRUST 2006liCO MORTGAGE 9727 N TRPP AVENUE 51(01(10, TO COUNTRYWDE BANK, NA ELECTRONC REGSTRATON NC, ALTERNATVE LOAN 201 al the Thu Judiclat Salen Corporatiun, One South Wacker Drive snd Salo entered in the above NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO FSB, CTFNANCAL SERVCES, FSB, UNKNOWN OWNERS AND PASSTHROUGH CERTFmsniy knows as 4322 N NEWCAS LE AVENUE, HARW k Floor CHCAGO, L, 60606, cause on Jurie 18, 2010, un agent TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pur NC NONRECORD CLAMANTS CATES, SERES 20061CB; HEGHTS, L Property ndue sell al public auction to the highost nf lire Jsdicial Sales Corporation, suant o a Judgment nl Foreclosure Detundavl Detendirnl Plainrf, No Ttlo real estate bidder, as set forth below, thu fol will al 10:30 AM on November 17, and Sols entered iv thu shove 09 CH CH vs is improved with a residence Sale nwieg described real estate: Cornmonlv known as 8440 SKO<E poralion, One Soulh Wacker Deve Tra Judicial Sales Corporalmov, will HARWOOJ HEGHTS, L (010E, L ELECTRONC REGSTRATON al the The Judicial Soles Cor causo on July 22, 2010, an agent el 4726 N OCTAVA AVENUE 7708 HLES CENTER ROAD EDVNAS,OCONS: MORTGAGE terms: 25% down of the highest bld by curt/led funds at lbs close of the OLVO, UNT #304, SKOKE, L 24th Fner CHCAGO, L, 60606, at 1030 AM on November f6, NOTCE OF SALE PUDLC NO NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO SYSTEMS, NC: UNKNOWN auction: The balance, ncluding the Property ndex No D21 nell at public asclion o the highest 2011, 51 ke Tre Judicial Sales Cotporation, One South Wacker Drive suant to a Judgmenl 5f Foreclosure suant to a Judgmenl of Foreclosure EDVNAS JOCONS, F ANY:" TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pur TCE S HEREBY GVEN trat pur HERS AND LEGATEES OF Judicial sala tee for Abandoned Tho real estala is biddsr, es sel forth bslaw, thu telawing dencnbed leal notate: Cam 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 60606, and Salo nnlered iv hn above and Sale enrered in trio above UNKNOWN OWNERS AND NON Residential Property Msnlclpstity improved wit_p condo/townhouse Relief Fund, which is calculated ori shale turma: 2561, Sown nl rre flignsal bid by certified lands nl ke NUE, MORTON GROVE, L bidder, as sel look below, ho fol sgsnl of Tre Judicial Sales Carpo agent of The Judicial Sales Corpo Detendants, monly known so 9312 LUNA AVE soll ut public auction o the highest cause on Februory 24, 2010 an cause on February 3, 2010, an RECORD CLAMANTS; residential real estate at thu rata of clone of hn auction; The balance, Prnperly odes No f 0lE lowing deocribed teal esste: CommoaN known as 9727 N TRPP bur 14, 2011, ut hn Trs Jadicrol ber 3, 2011 at hn The Judicial NOTCE OF SALE rallan, mill at 10,30 AM on Navumration, will at 1030 AM on Novem 09 CH $1 far each $1,000 orfrsctioir thereat et thu amount paid by ho purchaser eel to ooceed $300, rr certi Abandoned Residential Properly is improved with a residence, Sale AVEÑUE, SKOKE, L Prop Sales Csrporalisn, One South Sales Corporation, One Soulh PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY 01V ncluding the Judicial sale lee tor and The real enlate fled funds, la dun within twentyf oar Municipality Relief Fund, which lo tormo: 25% dawn st the highest bid erty ndex No The Wsckor Driva 24th Floor CHCA Wacker Osso 211h Floor CHCA EN that pursuant lo a Judgmenl of (24) hours No feo aboli be paid b calculated on residenliel real estate by certilied snds al hre close ut ba real estala is improved with a roarrenco Salo terres: 25% doren of o the brigheol bidder, sa set forth n the highest bidder, na sel tsrhh abono entitled cause on Augsel 24, GO, L, 80006, oel st public auchisv GO L, 60606, sell al public auction Foreclosure end Salo entered in lre' the morlgsgoe acquiring the rosdentin rest estate pur005nt to al the rete of S for each $1,000 or ssdline: Thu balance, inclsding the Judicial sale lee or Abandoned lre highest bid by centred funds st below, he lollawinq rlescebud real below, the follnwinq deucnbed real 2010 lolercounly Judicial Sales ts

46 42 JïdidSàleRéa Est Corpomtion wilt bn Thursday, November at the hour of 11 am n their office at 120 West Madison Street, Suite 718A, Chica 00, llinos, self at public auction to The highest bidder for cash, us sot forth below, the following described mortqaqed real estate: PtN: cio53o5013oooo Conrnronty known as 1024 Beechwood Road, Buffalo Grove, L The rflorl9aged real catate s nrproved with a single family resiriesce f the aubjecf mortgaged real estate la a unit of a corrimos intereat community, the purchaser of the unit other than a nrortgagee shall pay the assessments required by asbnectiofl (p1) of Section 185 of the Condominium Property Act, 'Sate terms: 10% down by certified fundo, balance, by certified funds, within 24 hsura No refunds The property will NOT be open for inqpection For inforrnatioi Call the Salsa Clerc et Plaintiff's Attorney The Wirbicki Law Group, 33 Went Monroe Street, Chicano, llinois W09561 NTCRCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Selling Officer, (312) 4441 f PublOtt3,10120, MORTON GROVE N ThE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNtY, tllnos COUNr OEPARTMENT CHANCERY Dt VSON BANK OF AMERCA NA Plaistiff, OHEOROHTA SMON, BANK OF AMERCA, N A Defendant 09 CH EMERSON STREET MOR TON GROVE, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant fo a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered n the above osuna on Augunt 17, 2011, un agent of The Judicial Salea Corpocotton, will st 10:30 AM on Hoversber 21, 2011, at fre The Judicial Salan Corporation, One South Wacker Orine 24fb Floor CHCA GO L, 60806, aell S public auclisn to the highest bidder, as set forth below, the tsllowrng deacnbed real estafe: Commonly known as 5633 EMERSON STREET, MORTON GROVE, L Properly ndex No The rest estafe is improved with a residence Sole terms: 25% down of the highest bid by certified funds at the doso of the auction; The balance, including the Judicial aule tee for Abandoned Residential Properly Municipality Relief Fund, which lu calculated on realdenfiaf real estafe at the rate of $1 for each $1 000 or fraction thereof of the amount paid by the purctcaoer not to exceed $300, in certi Fred funds, s due within twentyfour (24) hours No fee shall be paid b the mortgagee acquiring the res v denlial rest estate pursuant to fa credit bld at the aale or by any mortgagee, judgment creditor, or other fienor acquiring the resldentlsl real estate whose nghts n and to the residential real estala arose pcior to the sale The sublect properly s aublect to general real estate taxea, xpecral assessments, or apecial taxes levied againsf said rest estate end s offmed for asta without any representation as to quality or quantity of lilla and without recourse to Plaintiff and in AS 1S condition Tha aale s further subject to confirmsbnn by fha court f fire sate ta eat asida for any reason, the Purchaser al tlo sale xhalt be unwed only fo a return of fha deposif paid The Purchaser shall have rio further recourse against the Mortgaor, the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee a ollarnay Upon payment n full of the amount bid, ba parchaaer Will recalva a Cerfificale of Sala that will ensue the purchaser lo a deed to ba real estate after confirmation of tha sala The property will NOT be open for napeclion and plaintiff makes no represenlafion us lo fha condition of the property Proapeclieu bidders are admonished to check hn court fila to venfy all n ormullan lt this property s a condominium unit, the purchaser of the unit at the fsrecloaure sale, other than a mortgagee shall pay the ascasements and the legal tues reqaired by The Condominiam Properly Act 765 LOS 6O5J9g1(l) and (g)4) ú tria property la a condominium unit which la part of a corn mon interest community, the purchaser of the unit al the foreclosure aale other than u mortgagee shall pay the assessments required b The Condominium Properly Ac 765 LCS (ql) F VOti ARE TlE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER}, YOU HAVE THE RGHT To REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON N ACCOROANCE WTH SECTÒN Júdicial SaeRea Est! 15i701(Cf OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For ntormalion contact Plaintiffs 5110mev: mo dala Clerc, 000LS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) between fha hours of i and 3 PM only and ask for the aales department Please refer to fila number ThE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Dnve, 24th Roor Chicano, L (312) 23&ALE '(ou can sno vlait The Judicial Sales Corporation al www,t(nccorn for a 7 day alalua report of pendinq salas, CODLS S ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L ( Affame File No: ARDO Attorney Code Cuse fi 09 CH NOTE: Pursuant to ba Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you ara advised that Plaintiffs attorney is deemed lo be a debt collector sitempting to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose Pub10/1310O,10/27/11 # BUFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUN 1Y DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON PNC MORTGAGE A DVSON OF PNC BANK NATÓNAL ASSOCA TON Plainlitt, SAM TES OUK, VLLA VERDE RESDENTAL ASSOCATON, VLlA VERDE CONDOMNUM ASSOCATON, VLLA VERDE UMBRELLA ASSOCATON, UN KNOWN OWNERS AND NONRECORD CLAMANTS Defendant 10 CH VLLA VERDE UNT OUF FALO GROVE, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant lo a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sala entered n the above cause on September 26, 2011, an agent of The Judicial Sales Corporation, will at 10:30 AM on F4overnber 29, 2011, al the The Judicial Salas Corporation, One South Wecker Orive 24th Floor CHCA GO L, 60606, sal al public auction lo the highest bidder, na set forth below, the following duacnbed reel estate: Commonly known ea 3 VL LA VERDE UNT #309, BUFFALO GROVE, L Properly ndas No Tre real eatata is improved wilh a residence Sala ferma: 25% down of the higheat bid by certified funda al the close of the auction; The balance, ncluding the Judicial sale fee for Abandoned Residenfial Property Municipality Relief Fund, which is calculated on residential real estate al the rata of $1 for each 51,000 or fraction thereof of the amount paid by the purchaser not o exceed $300, in certified funds, s due with n twentyfour (24) hours No feo ahall be paid by the mortgagee acquiring the residential real estate pursuant lo ls credit bid et the sale or by uny mortgagee, judgment creditor, or other henar acqulnng the residential rest eateta whose rights n and lo the residential real estate arose prior to the sale The eubject property s subject lo generat real estate loues, special ameosmenls, or special toses levied against said real estate and la offared for sale wilhoul any representalion sa lo quality or quenlity of hle and wìttcout recourse lo Plaintiff and n AS ls condition The sale la furthur subject to confirmation by tre court the aale is sal aside for any ruanos, tre Purchaser al the salo shell be entitled only lo a return of the deposil paid The Purchaser shall truce cro further recourse against the Mortgagor1 the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee a ellornay Upen payment in jul of the amount bld, the purchaser nell recalva a Certificate of Sale that will entitle the purchaser to a deed to the real estate after confrmation of the sale The property will NOT be open tor nopection and plalnhtf makes no representation as to the condition of the properly Prospecbue bidders uro admonished fo check the court file to venfy all nh ormellon f hia property is u condominium unit, the purchaser of the unit at the foreclosure sale, other than a mortgagee ahall pay he unseasmenfa and the legal fees roqulred by The Condominium Property Act 765 LCS 605/9(g)(l) and (g)(4) this property la e condomnum unit which lu part of a cammon nterest community, the purchaser of the unit al the foreclosure aale other then e mortgagee shall pay the asseasmenta requred b The Condominum Properly Ac 765 LCS (q1) F voti ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME Thursday, October 20,2011 OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTh SECTON Cl OF TlE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For information, confact Plulnlitt'u allomev: The Sala Clerc, COOLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAG ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) between the traum of i and 3 PM only and ask for the sales deportment Pleaaa retar to file number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicano, L (312) 235SALE You can also Visit The Judical Sales Corporation at www11sccom for u 7 day aloten report st øendinq salen 000LS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUFrE 100 BURR RDGE, L ( Allome File No: AROC Altorriey Code Caso fi 10 CH NOTE: Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collecfion Practices Act, you ere advised that Plaintiff's altsmey n deemed to be a debl collector aempling to collect a debt und any inlsrrnalion obtained will be used for that purpose Z0,1O7,11l3/11 # LNCOLi4W000 N THE CRCUT COURT OF 0001< COUNTY LLNOS COUNTY OEPAhTMENT CHAN CERY DVSON PNC BANK, NATONAL ASSOCA TON: Plaintiff, SSAR E CASTELLANOS; LOURDES CASTELLANOS; lin KNOWN HERS ANO LEGATEES OF LOURDES CASTELLANOS, F ANY; UNKNOWN OWNERS ANO NONRECORO CLAM ANTS; Oetendsnla, loch PUBLC NOTCE is hereby given hal pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure entered in the above enhlad canne on Apn 29, 2011, nfercounly Judicial Salua Corporalion will on Tuesday, November22, 20f 1, al the hour of i am in their office ut 120 Weal Madison Sireel, Suite 718A, Chicaqo, llinois, salt to the highest bldderlor cash, the f allowing descnbed properlq PN Commonly known sa 3824 WEST JARLAT{ STREET, LNCOLNW000, L The improvement on the property conuiats of a cingle family residence f the subject mortgaged real estafe s e unit of a common interest community, hn purchaser st the unit other than a mortgagee abati pay lhe assessments requred by subsection (gi) of Seclion 185 of the Condominium Property Act Sala tanna: 25% down by certified funda, balance wilhln 24 boum by certified funds No retundo tre properly will NOT be open for nspection Upon payment n full of the amoant bld the purchaser will receive a Cerrcate of Sate which will entitle the purchaser lo a Deed to the premises after confirmaton of the sala For nformation: Visit our webero at hftpi/aemceettyplercecom Bebesen 3 pm and 5 pin only Pierce & Assocates, Plainliffa Attomeys, i North Dearborn Slreet, Chicago, llinola TelNo (312) Refer to Re Number NTERCOUN1Y JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON SellinctOfficer, (312) ( O,0,l0t27,11/3/11 # bi s m s P 00 im d $4 of e fo M ca a MORTON GROVE N ThE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNlY DEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON US BANK NATONAL ASSOCAliON AS SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE TO BANK OF AMERCA, NA AS SUCCESSOR BY MERGER TO LASALLE BANK NA AS TRUST EE FOR MERRLL LA'NCH FRST FRANKLN MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST, MORTGAGE LOAN ASSETBACKED CERTFCATES, SERES 20071, Plulnrf, ARY A EFTURK, TAMER ERTURK, UNKNOWN OWNERS AND NONRECORD CLAMANTS Defendant 10 CH WARREN STREET Morton Grove L NOTÓE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that puruuant lo e Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered n the above cause on June 7, 2010, an agent of The Judicial Sales Corporeflon, will ut 10:30 AM on November 14, et the The Judicial Salen Corporalion, One South Wacker Onve Jùdicà,SaeReá :Est 4th Roar CHCAGO, L, 60606, all al public auction to the trighasl drier, as net forth belaw the folwing described real estajo: Cornonly known ea 5500 WARREN TREET, Morion Grove, L roperly ndex No Vol 0120 The reel enlate n proved with a sngle family rasience The judgment emsant was 31,46283 Sela harms: 25% down the trlghesl bid by certified funda t the close of he auclinn; The balsca ncluding the Judicial sale fee r Abandoned Residential Property umcipalily Reflet Fund, which la lculnted on residential real enlate t the rafe of S for each 51,000 or rection thereof of ba amsasl paid the purchaser sat to exceed 00, in certified fundo, is due withtwentytour (24) hoara No lee hall be paid by the mortgagee soairing the residential resi estate amount to ils credit bld at the aale r by any murlgugee, jsdgmpnl redilar, or other henar acqainng he residenfiaf real estala whose ghta in and lo the residential real stete arose prior to the usia The abject properly ía sub(ucl lo gonert real estate taxes, special assessenta, or special tases levied gaina sold real estate and la ofred for sale without any represen lari as to quality or quantity of title nd withoul recourse to Plaintiff and AS 1S condilion The sate la furer subject to confirmafion by ba un Upon payment n full of the mount bld, he purchaner wilt recalva a Certiricafa of Sale that wilt afille ba purchuner to u deed to he real estafe eher confirmation of he sale The property will NOT be pen for inspeclion and plaintiff makes no represuntahion an o he condition of the properly Proopecfive bidders are admonished to heck the coart fila lo verify all informalion this property is a condominium unit, tre purchaser of hn ail el the forecluoure sale, othar han a mortgagee shall pay the aseusmenla and trs leat tesa required by Thu Condaminrum Propoily Act, 765 LCS 605ln(g)(i) and,g)(4) t this properly is e condominium unit which io part of a cammon interest community, the purchaser of the unit el ba foreclosure aale other than a mortgagee shall pay he ansesarnenta required by Tre Condominium Properly Aol 765 LCS 606/185(o1) F you ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER), YOU HAVE TfE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON 1Si701(Cf OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For intonnation, contact Ptalntift'a atlomey: JOHNSON, BLUMBERG & ASSOCATES, L LC, 230 W Monme Street, Suite #1125, Chcago, L 60606, (312) Ml9710 Please retar lo file number ThE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicaso, L (312) 236 SALEVou can elm visit The Judiclot Soleo corporation st wtjscc am tor a 7 day statue report of pending salea JOHNSON, BLUMGERG & ASSOCATES, LLC 230 W Monroe Street, Saite #1125 Chicago, L (312) $ Altomey File No: Attorney Code Case # O CH 6247 NOTE: Pursuanf to the Fair Cub Collection Practices Aol, you am advised that Pleinhift'a attomey s deemed o be a debt colleclor alfenipfing to collect a debt und sny information obtained will be uned for that purpose ( !20,10127,1113!11 $ SKOKtE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUN1Y LLNOS COliN 'ty DEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON BANK OF AMERCA, NA Plaintiff, V ANWANT MARROUG A/ti/A ANWANT D, MARROUG HULL COURT CONDOMNUM ASOC ATON WEBSTER BANK, NA Defendant 10 CH W HULL STREET UNT #30 SKOKE, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pureusnl o e Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered in the above cause on September , an agent of The Judicial Sa(aa Corporation, will at 10:30 AM on November 23, 2011, at the The Judicial Sales Corporation One South Wacker Drive 24th Floor CHCA 130 L, 60606, sell et public auction lo the highest bidder, ea sot forth below, the following described real estate: Commonly known us 4817 w HULL STREET UNt' #3B, SKOtiE L Property fndex No 1082i80531O14 The reel estate la mproved with a condo/townhnuue Sale termo: 25% down of the highest bld by certified funda el hn cinco of hé aucton' The balance ncluding the Judicla) sale fee for Abendoned Realdantial Property Municipality Relief Fund which in calculated on resldenlia( real estufe el the rote of $1 for each $1,000 or fraction fhereof of the emounl paid by the purchaser not to exceed $300, n certified funda, la due within twentyfour (24) hours No fee shall be paid by the mortgagee acquiring ha residential real ealate pursuant o its credit bld at the aale or by any mortgagee, judgmenf creditor or other llenar acquìring hn residential mal estafe whose aghts n and to the residenlia real estate arose prior lo the aale The subject property la subject lo genersl real estate laxes, special assessments, or special hases levlud against sold real estate and is offered for sale withush any reprosentation ax to quality or quantity of tille und wilhsat recnurse to Plaintiff and n AS S condition The saleta turther sublet to confirmation by the court lithe sale is set salde for any reanon, ba Purchaser al he aale shall be entilled only to a return of the deposil pakt The Purchaser shall have no further recourse against lbs Mortgagor ba Mortgagee or the Martgsgeeis altarnay Upon payment in lull of the amount bid, thu parchasur will recalve a Certificate of Sate that will entitle the purchaser to a deed to the real estala after confirnialion of ba sate The property will NOT be open for nspection and plalntllf makes no rspreseirtation ea fo ha condition of the property Proapeclive bidders are admonished o check thu court fila to venfy all marmallos this property is a condominium uni, the purchaaar of ba uni al the foreclosure sale, olhsr lhan a mortgagee, shall pay the assesaments and the 1050! fees required by The Condominium Properl' Act, 765 LCS 60519jg)(i) und (g)(4) f bis properly io u condominium unit which is part of a comman interest community, the purchaser of the axil al the foreclosure sale other than e mortgagee shall pay the 055esamanlo required b Tre Condominium Properly Ac 765 LCS (q1) F YOd ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER YOU HAVE TRE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For nformation, confect Plainliffe alturrrey: The Sale Clerk, COOLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAG ROAD, SUfrE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) between the hours of t end 3 PM only and cok tar the selea department Please refer o file number ThE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Drive, 24lh Floor, Chlcaqo, L (312) 236SALE You can also Visit The Judicial Salea Corporation al wwwtjaccom tor a 7 day statua report of oendinn salea CODLlO & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L (630) Affame File No: ARDO Attorney Code Cesa fi 10 CH NOTE: Purouest fo hre Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you ara advised that Plainlitt's attorney s deemed to be a debt collector attempting lo collect a debt end any tnformalisn obtained will be used for tha purpose ( /20,10127,11/3/l1 # NORRtDGE N 111E CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUN'Y LLNOS COUN V? DEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON BANK OF AMERCA, NA Plainliff, XÑTRONY D'AVANZO, BANK F AMERCA, NA Defendant 10 CH N CUMBERLAND AVENUE NORRDGE L NOTCE 01v SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuanl lo u Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered n the abase causa on September , an agent of The Judicial Se(es Corporufos, will ah 10:30 AM on November 14, 2011, at hn The Judical Salee Corporation One South Wecker Drive 24th Floor CHCA GO L, 60606, sell at public auction o the highest bidder as set forth below, lre followng duscribad real aatale: Commonly known au 5015 N CUMBERLAND AVENUE, NORADGE, L Properly ndea No The mat estala lu mproved with a single family residence Sala terms: 25% down of the highest bld by certifad funds et the clona of the auction' The balance, ncluding ba isdiciaj sale fee for Abandoned Resdental Properly Manlcipelily Relief Fund which fa calculated on resldantlaj real estafe et fha rete of 5f for each $1,000 or frochion fheraaf of the amass paid by the purchaser not to exceed $300, n certified funda, la due within twentyfour (24) baum No fee shell be paid by he mortgagee acquiring ba residential real eatale pursuant lo to credit bld el ba sale or by any marl gegee, judgment credilor or olher honor acquiring he residential real estafe whone nghls n end ta the residenlia real estate erase prior to tra sala The subject property is subject to general real estate lasas, special snsensrnenls, or special leseo lenled against said real estate and lo oleren far sale wilhsut any copra' sentetion ao o quality or quantity of ttle and without recourse le Plainhiff and n AS 1S condition Thesale in farther sabjecl lo confirmation by he court t the sala n set aside fur any reason, the Purchaser at the sale shall be entitled only to e relum of the depsail paid The Purchaser shall have no further racauma againal the Mortgngnr1 the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee s chlornay Upon payment in lull of hn amount bid, he purchaser will recome a Certificate of Sale 1h01 will entitle the purchaser lo o dead lo the real estate after contirmalion of the sale The property will NOT be open tor nspection and ploinfift makes cro raoresentetioo as lo the condilion of (tre property Pronpuctine bidders ere admonished lo check hn court fila lo venly alt nformallan f hia property la a condominium uni, ba purchaser of the unit al he foreclosure sale, other then a mortgagee shall pay the usssssmsnto ant the fees required by The Condominium Proparty Act, 765 LCS 605/Ojg)(1) end (g)j4) lt bis properly s a condominium unit which s part of a cammon nfureat communily, ba purchaser of tha unit al the foreclosure sala other than e murtgegoe shall pay hn assessments required b The Condominium Property Ac 765 tcs 605/185(n1) F you ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO flealh N PORSESSON POR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF ThE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For ntormalion, contact Plalnlift's ethomey: The Sala Clerk, COOLS & ASSOCATES, P C 15W030 NORTH FRONTAG ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) between he hours of i and 3 PM only and ask for ba sales department Please refer ta file number 14O 06309, ThE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicano, L (312) 236SALE You can also visit The Judical Setes Csrporslion al wwwtjsccom tor a 7 day status report of pending sales CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L (630) Attorno File No: ARDO Ahtomey Code Cose # 10 CH NOTE: Purosant to the Far Osb Collecton Practicas Act, you era advised that Plaintiff's alfomey la deemed o be a debt colleclsr attempting to collect adebt end any nformation obtained will be used for that purpose ( lZ0,10t27,11/3/11 # UNCOLN WOOD N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNV( LLNOS COliN t' DEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON THE BANK OF NEW YORK AS SUCCESSOR TO JPMORGAN CHASE BANK NA AS TRUSTEE FOR THE HOLDERS OF STRUC TURED ASSET MORTGAGE N VESTMENTS l TRUST 2006AR? MORTGAGE PASSTHROUGh CERTFCATE, SERES 2006AR7 Plainfiff, frtha LOZANO, MORTGAGE ELECTRONC REGSTRATON SYSTEMS NC BANK OF AMER CA, NA S)JCCSSOR BY MERO ER TO COUNTRYWDE BANK, F50 F/K/A COUNTRYWDE BANK, NA Detatrdanh 10 CH N KEDVALE AVENUE LNCOLNW000 L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that purusant ho a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sala entered n the above cause on Seplomber i, 2010, an agent of The Judiciel Sales Coiporelias, wll el 10:30 AM on November 17, 2011, al hn The Judicial Sales Corparaflos One South Wacker Ossa 24l Floor CHCA GO L, 60606, sell eh public suction he ba hlgheal bdder, ea sal forth below, the follswing described real Júdie$àeReá! Estv aolate: Commonly known us 6716 N KEDVALE AVENUE, LNCOLNW000, L Properly fndeo Na The real salata is improved with a realdence Sela tanna: 25% down of ba highesh bld by certified funds el ba claco of the auction; The balanca ncluding the Judicial sein tea for Abandoned Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund, whch la celculuhed on residential real asate et the mb of $1 for each $1,000 or frnclion hereof of ha emounh peld by the purchaser no o oncead $300, n certified fundo, le due with n twentysur (24) hours No lea shall be paid by the mortgagee acquiring the residential real entele pursuant ha ils credit bid al the sale or by any morlgapee, jsdgnronh creditor, or olher henar scquinng the renidentisl real estate whose righla in and to the residential real eahale arose prior ta hn sala The subject properly lo subject o ganarel real estate lasas, special assessmanta, or special loses levied sgelnst said real estate und le offared far sale without any represenhalion an le quality or quantity of tille and without recourse ho Plaintilf and in AS 1S condition The sale is tsrthor subject ho confirmation by the court t the sale la sal asida far any reaunn, the Purchaser al he sate shell be entitled only lo e return at hn deposit paid The Purchaser abeti hava sa further recourse against ba Mortgagor the Mortgagee or ba Mortgagee1a elf ornay Upan payrneat in lull of the emount bld, hn purchaser wilt roceleo a Certificate of Sale tha will entitle ba purchaser to e dead o the real eshale after confirmation of the sale The properly will NOT be open fer inspection end plainlitt makes na reprasunlalian so to the condition cl the properly Prespeclive bidders are admonished lo check the court fila ho verily all nlormallos this properly la a condominium unit, tre purchaser st hn Unit at ba foreclosure sala, other ban a mortgagee shalt psy the sasussnienla and the ls$al leus requlred by The Condominium Properly Aol 765 LCS 6o5/gjg)(i) end (g)(4) u) bis properly io a condominium unit which lo part oh a cammon nheraal community, the purchaser of hn unit at the foreclosure sala other than a mortgagee shall pay he aasnsomenls required b The Condominium Property Ac 765 LCS 605l18Sjqi) F voti ARE TRE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTbN Cl OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For nformation costad Plaintiff's altomey: The dale Clerk, CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) between the boum at i and 3 PM only and ask far hn sales department, Pieuse rater la file number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacher Dnve, 24th Floor Chcana, L (312) 236bALE You can also visit The Judicial Sales Carparulian al wwwtjsccom tar u 7 doy aslas repart of pandino sales CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L (630) Ahlome Fila No: AROC Altomny Code Case P 10 C NOTE: Pursuant la hn Fair Debt Collection P,achces Act, you are advised that PlslniWs attorney s deemed o be a debt colleclor attempting o collect adebl end any nformation obtaned will be ueect for 1h01 purpose ( ,10t27,PJ/l1 # SKOK E N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNt_l' DEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON FFTh ThRD MORTGAGE COM PANY Plunfilt, _lc BOTCHWAY SHONAH CHANCELLOR A/K/A SHONAH W CHANCELLOR, UNKNOWN OWNERS AND NONRECORD CLAMANTS Dafundanl 10 CH LOREL AVENUE SKOKE, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant to n Jsdgment of Foreclosure and Sala enfered n hn above cause on Auauat , so agent of The Jcdlcial ee5 Carporallen, will at 10:30 AM on Dacember 2, 2011, et the The Judicial Salee Corpamlion One South Wacker Drive 24th Floor CHCA GO, L, 60606, sell at public asctlon o the highaut bidder, aa 55f forth below, thb followina described real estela:commonly finown us 9436 LOREL AVENUE, SKOKE li Properly ndes No lb The real enlute is criproved with a rasidnnce Sain terms: 25% down uf the highest hirt by certified funds al the close of the eschen; The balance, iscisdins lhs Judicial sale tea fnr Abosrisseci Residential Properly Municipality Relief Fund, which lo calcolatori no residential real estala at the rats ai si for each $1,000 or fraction lhcreof of the amoanl paid by hn purchaser not to eacued $300, in certifled funda, is due wilhin wenlytaur (24) honra No fee aboli be paid by the mortgegne acquiring hn residential real estate pursusnl o ils credit hirt ah hn nain or by any mortgagee, jsdgmenh credilsr, sr other lienor acquiring the renidsnlinl real natale whose aghta n and ta the residential real salate arose pn or o he sale The nabject prspniiy la subject lo genuml real eslule anea, npsciul enseaurnenls, or special taxes levied against asid real eslals and is offered for sale without uny represenluhion as to quality nr quantity of lilla and without recoures ho Plaintiff und in AS 1W condition The sale s turther subject to cnnlirmallan by hn court t the aale is set anide for any reason, hn Purchaser at hn sein aboli be estiilsd only ta a telson of he deposit puid The Purcheser shall have no srther recourse agamnsh the Mortga9sr, lbs Mortgages or the Marlpagse s allo' ney Upon payment in lull nf hn amount bld, the purchaser will re calve a Certilicala of Sala lra will entitle hn purchaser o u dxcii la the real assta aller contirmalisn xl the sala The property Will NOT be open for lnnpectìon snot plainuill makao no representalion un lo the condition of hn properly Pruopec live biddarn are admonished n check the court hile to venfy all slurmotion f hm proporly is s cnndn minium unit, the purchaser el the unit al the torecinsure sala, elhsr ban a mortgagee shall pay hn seseasments 55cl ba legal fees required by The Condominium Pray ertv Act 765 LCS 605/9j9)(l) und (gr4) l this property is a cssrismnium uflil which la port et u curemon inlscesh community, ha purchaser of ha uni al hn nrecloosre sale other hen e mortgages shsll pay the sasasamanlo required by ihre Condominum Prspsrlv Ad, 765 LCS 605/185(q1) F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON Cl OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW Far nformation csnlocl Plaintiffs attamen: The dais CnA, CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 5WO3O NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUFrE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) bolinean the hours of 1 end 3 PM only und ask for the salsa deparinrant Please rater o tile number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Ssalh Wacker Driva, 24th Floor, Chicags, L (312) 236SALE Y5u can also vial The Judicial Sales Corporation et wwwljsccom 1er a 7 day slalua report of pending sales, CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15WGSO NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L (630) Alferne File No: ARDC Allomay Cade Case # 10 CH NOTE: Pursuant o ba Far Debt Celiscliun Predices Ach, flou ara advrssd hol Plaintiff's atlomey la deemed s be a debt cslleclar uìlemptirrg lo collect a debt and any inlornrahiorr sblaiflsd will ha used tor that purpose 3/27,11/3J11 $ MORTON GROVE N ThE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNfl' LLNOS COUlA TV DEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON BANK OF AMERCA NA SUC CESSOR BY MERGbR Tò BAC HOME LOANS SERVCNG, LP FKA COUNTRYWDE HOME LOANS SERVCNG LP Plaintiff, V MARA NOA YPANTO /uka MA RA N YPANTO, TRAFALGAR SQUARE TOWNHOME CONDO MNUM ASSOCATON MUA TRALFALGAR SOUARE TOWlA HOME CONDOMNUM, TRAFALGAR SOUARE CONDO MNUM ASSOCATON Del endanl 10 CH WASHNGTON COURT MORTON GROVE, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN hut pursuant O O Judgmenh oh Farecissam and Sale entered n the abse cause on Augual 20, 201f, 5ii agenl of The Judical Soleu COW5 g i'ákion, will el 10:30 AM on Oncrirober 1, 2011, at the The Judicial Salsa Corporulion One Soulh Wacker Driva 24th Floor CHCA GO L 60606, nell at public auction to the higheal bidder, ea sel forth below, hn tallnwing described reel eslala:commonlv known ea 6122 WASHNGTON COURT, MORTON GROVE, L Property ndes No 1O203O , Property ndes No ( ; Oli underlying) The real estale la improved with e condollnwnhouna Sala lesna: 25% down of the highest bld by carlitied tunda et the clase of the suchen' The balance, ncluding ba Judicla) sole lea for Abandoned Reuldanhiat Properly Municipality Relief Fund which is cnlcslalnd on residential real estala el hn rata of $1 tar noch $1,000 or tmclion thereof oh he amosnl paid by the purchaser nah ha exceed $300, n certified funds, s due within twantylour (24) hours No lue shell be paid by ba mortgsgea acquiring hn residential reel estate pursuant o ils credit bld ab hn sale or by sny mortgagee, )udgmenh credilor or other henar acqsinng the realdanhiet real enlate whose nghls in und o ba resdenlia real esfole arose prior ta the san The subject property is subjoch o general real escale 10x00, special oaaeaamnnla, or special lanco bylad against said real estebe and lu offnred for sale wilhout any reproaentallon so to quality or quanlijy oh hills and without recourse to Plainlilt and n "AS 1W conditiontha sale s turther subject la confirmahion by the court t hn sole io sel asida for any reason, the Purchaser al hn sots shall be enhlad only to a return of hn deposit paid Tra Purchaser aboli have no turther recourse aganst he Mortgagor the Mortgagee or the Mortgagee's ollorrrey Upon payment in hull cl ba amount bid, the purchaser will racelen s Certificate xl Sale that will estibia hn purchaser lo o deed o the real eatahe aller confirmahisn al the sais The properly will NOT be open 1er respecten and pluintitt makea no representation sa to hn condition of the properly Prospeclive bidders are udmonished o check he court tile lo verify sil latnrmalion f hm properly is e condominium uni, hn purchaser of hn unit ah the lorecissara sale, other ban e mortgagee shall pay hn easesnmenln und ba legal nes reqsired by The Condominium Propoily Act, 765 LCS flos/ojg)jl) und (g)(4) b bis property s a condominium unit which is part of a common inlereal cqmmuoihy, hn purchaser at hn uni al the tareclooura sale other ban a mortgugea shall pay the assessments required b The Condominium Properly Ac 765 LCS 605/185(q1) F voli ARE ThE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER), YOU HAVE ThE RGHT TO REMAuN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON Cl OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For information, conlach Plainlift's ellorpev: The Sale Clerk, COOLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAG ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) between hn hours of 1 and 3 PM only end ask for the solas department Please refer le tile numbsr 14O THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Soulh Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicano, L (312) 236SALE You can elao viol The Jadiclol Sales Corporelles ah wwwhjsccsm for a 7 day aslan repart oh osndinq soles COOLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L ( Alsma File No: ARDO Alhorney Code Csoe fi 10 CH NOTE: Pursuant ho the Fair Debt Collechisn Practices Act, yeuare advised hol Plainhilt'a attorney is deemed lo be a debt collector allempling ho collect a cub und any nformation obtained will be sssd for 1h51 purpose (201O/27,11/3/11 # SKOKtE N ThE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUN TV OEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON GM/C MORTGAGE, LLC Pisinlill, AHR HRUSTC, SMETA H RUSTC Defendant 10 CH LACROSSE AVENUE SKOKE, L NOTiCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuon lo a Judgment of Foreclosure und Solo sntured in hn ahana caaae on August 23, 2011 an agsnl el The Judicial Salas Corporation, will al 10:30 AM on Novem ber 29, 2011, al ba The Judicial Salas Corparahion, One South Wecker Driva 241h Floor CHCA GO L, 60606, sal al public auction O the highesh bidder, as sah forth below, the following described real estala: Commonly known as LACROSSE AVENUE, SKOKE, L Properly ndus No , Properly ndex No The real sase s mpreved with a residence Sale lerma: 25% down of ba highesh bid by cartitind funds ut the close oh the auction; The balance, ncluding hn Judicial sale tee tor Abandoned Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund, which is calculalad on realctsntlal real entele ah the rata al $1 for each $1,006 or fraction hereof of hn amount pad by hn purchaner not lo exceed $300, n certitied bonds, is due wilhin lwenhyfosr (24) hours No fee shall be paid by the msrtgagee scquinng hn residentist real natale pursuant ho ils cred bld ah lice sale or by eny mortgagee, jsdgnrent crodilor or other lienor acquiring the resldsnlisl real estafe whose nghls in, und lo lbs residenhiol real estala arana piior ho hn sale The subject properly a subject o genursl res estala laoes, special assaasmenla, or special loses levied againsh said real estate and is olfered for sale without any repreannlalion as la quality or quantity of tille and without recourse ha Plainhlt and in AS 1W condition The sale is further subject te conf irmalins by the court t he sale s sah aside for env resonn, hn Purchaser al hn sale shall be enlilled esly o a return of the deposit paid The Purchoonr shall have no further recourse against hn Mortga9er, ba Mortgagee or he Mortgagee s alarnel, Upon paymenl in tall of ba amsunh bid, hn purchaser will recuino s Cerhificale al Sale tha wilt enhle hn purchaser to a rissd o the real eslala aller conlirnialien of the sale The propurly will NOT lie open far nspection end plainliff makna no represonlatlan as ho lbs condition ob the property Prospoclive bidders are admonished te check the court tile le verily all mermolion this property is a condominium uni, hn purchaser of hn uni et the foreclosure sala, other lion a mortgagee, shall pay ba auaesamenla und hn legal fesa required by The Condominium Properly Act, 765 LCS 6O5/9(gj(1) and (g)(4) l trio property s a condominium uni which s part of a cammon internal community, the purchaser oh hn uni ah the foreclosure sale other ban a mortgagee shall pay the assaasmesha requlwd b The Condomnium Prspurty Ac 765 LCS 605/185(q1) F YOU ARE TRE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTÒN Cl OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For nformation contact Plaintiff's ellorney: The gale Clerk, CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAG ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) 7949a76 between fha hours eh and 3 PM only and ask fer ba salsa doparlmenl Please reler o file number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Onu Soulh Wecker Orlen, 24th Floor Chicano, L 6O6O64650 (312) 236bALE '(au con also viol The Judicial Sales Corporstion eh wwwhjsccom for a 7 day slstuu report of pendinir sales, COOLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE too BURR RDGE, L ( Atame File Na: ARDO Allomay Code, Case O O CH NOTE: Purausnh lo hn Fair Dabh Collection Practicea Ad, O5 are edvioed tha Plainlill's dsney s deemed ho be a debl cohechar allempling ho collect a debh end any islsrmahien obtained will be used fur tha purpose /20,10/27,11/3/11 # UNCOLN WOOD N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COliN TV DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON FEDERAL NATONAL MORT GAGE ASSOCATON Pluintith, A'ÑH TAt NGUYEN, TAMMY LAM, JPMORGAN CHASE SANK NA Oelendanl 10 CH WEST TOUHY AVENUE Lincslnwoed, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN 1h51 pursuant O a Jurtgnrsnl ob Foraclasure and Sale enhured n ba abone causo an September, 2011, en agent el The Judicial Salua Corporallen, will al 10:30 AM on Oocember 2, 2011, at the The Judicial Sebo Corpsrelion, One Soulh JúthòàSaes9eFEst Wacker Drue 241h Floor CHCA GO L, 60606, sell al public osclen ho hire hlghesl bidder as sel forth below, the lollowing described real esfole: Commonly known as 3846 WEST TOUFY AVENUE, Lincolnwood, L Properly ndes No W The real estate la mproved wlih a single family residence The judgmenl amount was $340,17486 Sale herma: 25% down al he highest bid by cerlihiad funda ah the clone of the auchion; The balance, ncluding ba Judicial sala ben for Abandoned Residential Properly Municipality Relief Fend, which is calculaled an rasidunliel real eulale ah ba rata eh st lar each $1 000 or frachion theres of he amsunl paid by hn purchaser no la exceed $300, n certilied funds, is due within lwenty'lour (24) hours No lee ahall be paid by the mortgagee ecqairing hn residenlial real esste pursuant to ils credit bid al ba sale or by uny mortgagee, judgment creditor, or other beoni acquinng the residueliol real asate whnse nghla in and te hn realdenhial real exhala arose prior fo the sale The sublecl properly is nabicol te gsneral real estate lasen, special assessments, or special tuneo levied againnf sad real calate end is offered br sale wiltrsul any repreoenlalion so ho quality or quanfily el lilla end wilhsut recourse to Plaintiff sed in AS 1S condihian The sale is hurther nabjool to conlirmallen by the court Uoon payment n full of the omounh bld, the purchaser will receive a Certihicate of Sale bel will enhle the purchaser ho a deed ho hn real nohale sler confirorehion oh the sale The property will NOT be open far nopeclion end ploinlilt makes no representalion as ho ba conduirìen al ba propoily Prospective bidders ere admenished la check ba court tile lo verity all infornlahion f hia prsperty io o condominium uni, or a uni which s par of a common inlerest community, hn purchnaner oh the unit st hn horncleuure sale, olhsr han a mnrtgsgea, ahalt pay ba asseasmenfa and the legal tees required by Thu Condominium Prop arty Ad, 765 LCS 605/9(g)(l( end (g)(4) n accordance with 735 LCS 5/tSl5O7(cj(l)lht) and (h2), 765 LCS 6OSslqj(S), and 765 LCS 605/18Slq1J, ysu are hereby notifred hat hn purchaser al hn properhy, olber than a morlgsgoe, shall pay hn essuasmunla and bogal ena required by subsections (g)l1) and (gj(4) of anchos 9 und ha saunasmenla required by uubsochisn (g1) al sachan 185 of the llinois Condomnium Prenerhy Ach 11 YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR HOMEOWN ERl, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN OR DER OF POSSESSON, N AC CORDANCE WTH SECTON 15 l7otlc) OF TlE LLNOS MORT GAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For lnlomrstlon, conhact Plaintiff's allorany: Anthony Porto, FREEDMAN ANSELMO LNDBERG LLC, 1807 W DEHL ROAD SUTE 333, NA PERVLLE, L 60563, (866) For bidding nshruclions, call hours prior lo sala Please rolar lo hile nsmber C THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Snuth Wacker Drive, 241h Floor, Chicano, L (312) 236SALE You can also visil The Judicial Salira Corporation st wwwhjsccom lar a 7 dan report at pending noies FREEDMAN ANSELMO LND BERG LLC 1807 W DEHL ROAD, SUTE 333 NAPERVLLE, L Attorney File No: C AROC Atorney Code Case 10 CH NOTE: Pursuanl ta ba Fair Debt Cohechos Pmclices Ad, flos are adviand that Plainhill's allomey lu danmed o be a debt colleclor etlempling lo celled a debt und eny nlannalien obloined will be used for 1h01 purpose /20,10/27,11/3/l # SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNtY LLNOS CO2l TV DEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON PLAZABANti, Plainlill, S'ÀDlK GUN0000U, GAZAL GUN0000U MUA GAZEL GUNOOGOU CTBANK, FSB UN KNOWN O/NERS ANO NON RECORD CLAMANTS Defendant 10 CH N KEELER Skokin L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN 1h01 par suant to a Jsdamnnl of Foreclonare und 551e entered n the above causa on Asgust 30, 201f, an agent of The Judicial Salen Corporalion, will al 10:30 AM on December 1, 2011, ah he The Judicial Soles Corporation, One Soulh Wacker Odno 241h Flaur CHCA GO, L, 60606, sell al public auction J u'diciasatesreà, Est: to hn highnst bidder; au ant forth below, the following descnbsd real estate: Commonly irnown es 7909 N tieeler Skokie, L Property ndes ho lb The real estola la mproved wilh e single family residonce The judgment amount was $1,652,27660 Sale ferma: 25% down of ba highest bid by certified fundo ah hn cinse of hn osclen; The balance, including the Judicial sale lee for Abandoned Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund, which in calculated on residential cool asate al hn ruhe of $1 for each $1,000 or brochan thereoh oh the amounh paid by hn purchaser not te enceud $300, in certified funds, is dun within twentyfour (24) hours No lee shall be paid by the mortgagee noqairirrg lhe residential real notate pursuant o ls credit bid el hn sale or by any mortgagee, jsdgmenl creditor, sr albur lienor acquiring the rnsldnnlial real nuble whose rights in and lo ba renidential real estate arose prior lo the sale The subjech property io subject lo general real enlate tases, npecisl esoessmenlo, or special tases levind agalnal said real eslale and is oftoreri for sais wilhoah any reprimenhatinn as o quality er quantity oh bitte and withaul recourse lo Plaintiff and in AS 1S condition The sale la furler aubjncl ta cenfirnrolisn by hn court Upnn paymnnh n lull of the amount bid, the purchaner will receive a Certificate at Sale that will enhile the purchaser to a med o hn real calas aller confirmation et hn salo The praperly will NOT be open tor inspection and plaintiff makes no reprenenlohion es to hn conclihion of ba prnpnrny Prospeclive bidders ere admonished ho check hn caur file o venly all marmalien f bis properly n a condominium unit, ihe purchaser of ba unit al he fsrnclsoure suie, other ban a mortgagse, shall psy hn annnsmmsnls and the legal seo reqaired by The Cnndominlum Prepsry Act, 765 LCS 605/9(9)(1) und (gj(4) t bis prnperoy is a condominium unit which is part ob a cornmon rnlereut community, he purchaser of the uni at the loreclsourn sale other than a mortgagee shall pay the asansamenta required b The Condominium Property Ac 765 LCS (ri1) F YOU ARE ThE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER1, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTh SECTON Cl OF TRE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For nformation conlacl Plainhift's altomey: MARTN & KARCAZES LTD, 161 North Clark Sren Sulla 550, CHCAGO, L ( THE JUO CAL ALES CORPORATON One Soshh Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicaqa, L (312) 236 SALE'Vau can also malt The Judiclub Sales Corporation at wwwjscc om lar o 7 day stalus report of oendinri sales MARTN & KARCAZES, LTD 161 North Clark Streal Suite 550 CHCAGO, L 6060f (312) Atorne Cede Case U 10 CH 4367 NOTE: Purssanl ho the Fair Debt Coliocfion Prnctices Act, you ere advised 1h51 Plainlill's atlomey is coursed lo bn o dnbl collector altempting te collncl a debt end any inlermalien obtained will be sued for that purr000e (20,ll/27, # MORTON GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUN TY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON CTMORTGAGE, NC SUCCES SOR BY MERGER TO ABN AMRO MORTGAGE GROUP, NC Plaintiff, LYÑKNOWN HERS AND LEGATEES OF PETER J MANHAROT, EDENS PONT CON DOMNUM ASSOCATON, DS COVER BANK, UNKNOWN OWN ERS ANO NONRECORD CLAM 'NTS ANDREW OELER AS N DLOPENDENT EXECUTOR, ELZA BET' MANHARDT, ROSEMARE DEER JOSEPH M MANHARDT, JOHN t)azalewsk Defer dsnl 10 C L%400iN AVENUE UNT MORTON GROVE, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant n e Judgment of Foreclosure and Sole enlured in lbu above cause on August 22, 2011, an agent of The Jiirlicis Salsa Corpo ration, will at 10:30 AM on Noeomber 28, 2011, el hn The indian Salea Coiporalion, One Soalh Wacker Orivo 24th Fluor CHCA GO L, 60606, sol ah public auction te doe trighesl bidder, as sal orth below, hn hollowing descnbed real esste: Commonly known as 5510 Jùdicla:SaéèReàEst LNCOLN AVE4UE UNT #505, MORTON GROVE, L Pro erty ndes No The real ealale la mproved with e conde/mwnhsuae Sole terms: 25% down al ba hlghasl bid by cerlifiud funda eh the clama of hn auclion; The balance, including he Judicial sale fee for Abandoned Residential Proparty' Municipality Relief Fund which io calculated on rnshdunlisl mal esfole at the ma of $1 for each $1,000 or brachinn lhnreof of ba ornssnl psid by the purchasor nel to exceed $300, in certilind funds, s due within twenyfour (24) hours Nu lee shall tin paid by the morlgacree acquirina the enidential real eafate pursuanilo ils credit bid al he sale or by any mortgagee, judgment credilor, or other lrnnor acquiring hn residential real osate whoon nghts in and o the residenlia real calata arase prior he hn sale The subject properly is subject o general real estala losca, special asnossmenls, or special losem levled against said real estala and is stlered ber mulo wilhoul any reponsenlution as O quality or quantity of tille and wilbush recourse ho Plainlill and in AS 1S condition The salomo hurthor subjecl ta conhirrnslisn by the court, l he sala is sel anido for any reason, hn Purchaser al he sate shall be enlilled only to a relum al fha deposit paid The Purchaser shall have no further recourse againal hn Mortgagor, he Mortgagee or hn Mortgagee's albornay Upon paymonl in lull nl hn amount bid, hn purchaser Will recnmvn a Cnrtihiceln al Sala tha will entitle the purchaser ho a deed o hn real estate sler confrrrrrulion of hn sale The property will NOT be open tor inspection and plainhith makns no represenlalion as ho lbs condilron el the property Proopeclive bidders ara admonished o dhnck hn court file lo venty all intermalien f bis property is a condominium unit, hn purchaser al he unit at the foractossre sala, elher than a mortgagee, aboli pay hhe asmessmenls and the legal been required by The Condominium Property Ach, 765 LCS 6O5/9(g)(1) and (g))4) l this proparly is a condominium uni which is part st a cammnn interest community, hn purchaser oh the unit al hn lorecbesure sain other than a mortgagee aboli pay the asmesumenla requirud b The Condominium Properly Ac, 765 LCS 6O5/18S(c1) F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER 01' POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WThf SECTON (Cl OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For lnlomrafion conlach Plaint/f's attorney: The oe Clerk, CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) between ha hours of and 3 PM only end ask for hn sales department Pleaue rater lo file nember ThE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Drive, 24th Flaor, Chicano, L (312) 236SALE You con also visit The Judicial Sales Carporolion ut wwwhluccom for a 7 day statua ripar of oendinut sales COOLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L ( Alsma File No: ARDC Attorney Code Casn O CH NOTE: Purssanl lo hn Fair Deb Cohechen Praclices Act, you are advised hal Pluieliti's attorney is deemed to be a dnbl calleclor altempling ho collect e debt and any information obtained will be sued for lra purpose /20,10127,11!3/1i # MORTON GRO VE N THE CRCUT COURT OP COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COliN TY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON CTMORTGAGE, NC, Plainhiff, PETER E NALZARO, EMELTA JUANNALZARO, HARRS NA UNKNOWN OWNERS ANO NON RECORD CLAMANTS Delendant 10 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN 1h01 purausril o n Judgment el Farecloauro and Sale enlaced in hn above cause an Augash 24, 201f, en agent oh The udiciul Sales Corporation, will al 10:30 AM on November 29, 201 1, et ba Tha Judicial Sales Corporatisn, One Souln Wacker Drive 24th Floor CHCA GO, L, 60606, sell al public auctisn la the highest bidder es sel forth below, hn following denonbod res esste: Commonly known sa 5633 LEE STREET, Merlos Grane, L Property ndex No 1020 Thursday, October 20, 2011 Judkiàl',SalesRea Est 'The real embate is mproved wilh a aingle tamily rasidenca The jurigmonl ornass was $308,58160 Sale temis: 25% down 01 hn highesh bid by certitied funds ah hn cloue of the auction; The balanon ncluding he Judicial sale fee for Abandoned Residenhial Property Municipality Rntiab Fsnd, which is calculahnd on residential real estala al hn rata ob $1 for each $1,000 or fraction heraof of ba amount paid by he purchaser nsl lo ancend $300, in certitud funds, is dun within twentyfour (24) hours No bee shall be paid by hre mortgagee ncquiring hn residential real embale pursuant lo ils credil bid at the sale or by any mortgagee, judgment credulsr, or other henni acqainng hn remidenfial real estate whore eghto in and te ba residential real natale arcan prïsr o the sale The subjoch prnperly lu ssbiech o gineral real estate hases, special asacasmerits, or special 100es levied against maid real entele and is attired tor sale wilhnul any representalion us lo quality or quantity al fille and wilhnml recourse o Pminlill snd n AS 1W conddion The sole is fur her subjecl o canhirnrration by hn court Upen paymenl in lull of the ornounl bid, bbc purchauer will receive a Certificate of Sale hal will enhle the purchaser o a dnec ho ho real nabab alter conlinnalion oh hn sale The properly will NOT be open ' fer inapectiun and plainhill makes no represenlolien as to the condition of hn property Praspeclive bidders ore admonished lo chuck fha court tile ho eunly all intermation lt hm properly is a condominium unit, the purchaser oh the unit al hn ornclosmre sale, other than a mortgagee, shall pay hn osaeasmenln and hn legal fees required by The Condominium Properly Act, 765 LCS 60519(gjjl( and (g)(4) t hhin propnrly is a condominium unit which s part el a cammon interest community, hn parchaser ol hn axil ah he foreclosure sale olhnr thun a mortgagee shall pay the usonsamenla required b The Condominium Property Ac 765 LCS 605/t85(nl) F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW Fer inlormatren, contas Piminlill's attorney: HAUSELMAN RAPPN & OLSWANG, LTD, 39 Soulh LeSalle Street Suite f105 CHCAGO L 60603, 1312) Picoso mer to tile number THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Soulh Wacker Dnne, 24th Floor, Chicago, L (312) 236 SALE'Yoa can also visit The Jandal Soles Corporation at wwwhlmcc em 1er a 7 dmy statua report of sendinir sales HAUSELMAN 4APPR & OLSWANG, LTD 39 Soulh LaSalle Street Saite 1105 CHCAGO, L ( Attorney Fila No: Attorney Coda 4452 Casa fi 10 CH NOTE: Pursuant lo ba Fair Debt Collodion Prscticeu Ach, you am edwmed that Pleinhill's affame)' io deemed lo be a debt calleclor olhnmpling ro collect a debt and any nformation obtained will be used for tha purpose t !20,10/27,lilO/11 # SKOKE N TO CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUN1Y, LLNOS COUN T? DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON US BANK, NATONAL ASSOCA TON AS TRUSTEE, SUCÓESSORNNTEREST TO WACHOVA BANK, NA FOR MERLY KNOWN AS FRST UNON NATONAL BANN AS TRUSTEE FOl PARK PLACE SECURTES NC ASSETBACKED PASS THROUGH CERTFCATES SERlES 2004Wi/dPi Pluintilt, JddiôiaSèsRea Est bidder, as sah forth below, tió following described real natale: Cornmonly known as 5055 W MADl SON STREET UNT fi 205, E, L Properly ndex No , Property ndus No ( anderly ing), The real esste s improved with a condo/townhouse Sate lerma: 25% dswn of the highest bid by certified lands al hn close ob hn aachen; The balance, including the Judicial sain lee tor Abandoned Reardeollal Property Municipalily Rebel Fund, which in calculated an residential real noble at hn mn el S far esch S 000 or frsction thereob of hn omsant paid by hn purchaser sol O exceed $300, in certilied funds, is due within twentyfour (24) hours Na ten shall be paid by the mortgagee ucqainng he reardentin real enlate pursuant la ils cran bid al lbs salo or by any mortgagee, judgment creditor sr olher henar ecqsinng the renidenhial real estala whose eghts in and o the residantial real nulala arose prior lo the sale The sublet properly in subject o general real esluln laires, upecial ausemsmenis, or special laxes tsvied ugaïnml said real natals and is oleron cr sale without any repreuenlahion um O quality or quantity oh hills and withost recourse ta Plointrft and in AS S" condulion The man is torther subject o conf irmotion by thu court l the sala is sol aside lar any mason, hn Purchaser et the aala shall be enlilled only o s return of he deposit psid The Purchaser shuhl have na turlhnr recoarse against hn Mortga9or, ba Mnrtgagsn nr hn Mortgagee s chorany Upon paymenl in ull el the amount bid, hn purchaser wl recene a Cerhticale nl Sale hal will entitle the psrchoner lo a deed o the real estate after confirmation xl ba sola The property will NOT be open for inspection and plainhilt mmkes no rsprnmnnlalion as la hn condition ob hn property prospectino bidders oro admonished o check the court file o nenty all islormallan bis property is a condominium uni, the purchoser of hn unit at hn fureclosure sale, olher ban a rnsrlgagee shall pay he assemamnnta and the ngal tees re quired by The Cnndominusrn Propcrn Act, 765 LCS 60519(g)() and (g)(4) t this property is a condominium unit which is port of a common inlereal community, hn purchaser nl he unit al ba nreclssure sale altier ban a mortgagee shall pay lre asansamenis required b The Condominium Properly Ac, 765 hcs 605/aSjn1) F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON Cl OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For inlor'mahion, contad Plainhuft's allorney: The Sale Clerk, CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAG ROAD SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) betwoen the hours el 1 and 3 PM only and amk bur he sales departrnnnh Please refer o tilo number 14lO THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Soulh Wacker Dava, 24th Floor, Chicano L (312) 236SALE You can almo visit The Judicial Saleu Carporntinn ah wwwljsccom ber e 7 dan 5151x5 report oh oenduna sates, COOLS & ASSOCATES PC 1SWO3O NORTh FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L ( Atlerne File No: AROC Allnrnny Code Case 10 CH NOTE Pursuant to hn Fair Deb Collection Pmctucns Act, you are adyixod 1h51 Plaunhuff's attorney is deemed o be a debt colleclur allemphing lo collect a debl and sny intuornahuon ablaused will be oued ter tha purpose ( Pub1W13,10/20,10t27/11 * Judicial Sáee'aEst enhilled cause on August 15, 2011, nhurcounly Judicial Sabea Corporslion will on Thursday, November ir 2011 s ba hour ob 1 1 am in their office el 120 Wast Madison Stona, Suite7l8A, Chicago, llinois, sell lo the highest bidder lar cash, he following desonbed properly: PN Commonly known as 3384 WEST DEVON AVENUE, LNCOLNW000, L The umpronement on the properly consists oh a sinole family resideride l hn subject mortgaged real enlate is a unit st a commsn interest commanuly, hn purchaser al hn unit other ban a mortgagee shall psy hn asaesmmenls required by nubmectien (g1) al Section 185 ob he Condominium Property Act Sale lesso 25% down by certified tands, balance wilbin 24 hours by cerlilued lands No retundo ''ya property will NOT be open for inopodlron Upon payment in full al he ammunt bid, hn purchsuer will receive a Certilicale of Sala which will enhile hn purchaser lo a Deed o ba premimea obhnrconlirrnahion ob tre sale For inlorrnstion: Visit our wnbsite at hllpdlsoroiceolypinrcecem Betwens 3 pm and 5 pm only Pierce & Asmociatno, Plaini's Al smeys, 1 North Dearborn Street, Chicago, llinois TelNo (312) 47655OG Refer to Rie Humber NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Selling Officer, (312) 444t 122 ( Pub10113,10lZ0,1O!27111 # NORRDGE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUN1'i DEPARTMENT CHAN CEtY DVSON WELLS FARGO BANK, NA, AS TRUSTEE FOR OPTON ONE MORTGAGE LOAN TRUST CP1, ASSETBACKED CERTF CATES, SERES 2007CP Plaintrll, vs ANTHONY WAGNER, CHRSTNE OLVO CURRENT SPOUSE, F ANY, OF ANThONY WAGNER, CURRENT SPOUSE, F ANY OF CHRSTNE OLVO, ROBERT D BEAULEU, ANTHONY LASUSA, CAPTAL ONE BANK husa), NA, PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF LL NOS, UNKNOWN OWNERS, GENERALLY, AND NONF1ECORO CLAMANTS Defendants, 10 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY CV EN that pursasnh lo a Judgment ot Foroclonure and Sala entered in hn above nnhuhlnd cause on Augush 1, ntercounly Judicial Sales Corporahuon will an Wedneuday, Novumber 2, 20ff al the heur al 11 am in hheir office el 120 Weal Madison Slreet, Suite 718A, Chicago, llunsia, sell al public asdluon ho hn hugheat bidder tor cash, as sel horlb belsw, hn hollowing descnbed mmrlqaqed real estate: PPi Commonly ksown am 4039 North Overkill Avenue, Norridge, L 6070G The morigaged real estate is improved wrlh o single bamily residsncef hn subject mortgaged real estate is a uni st a common interest community, ba purchaser at hn unit albur ban a mortgagee shall psy hn amseammenla required by uubsedlimn (gf) ob Sedhion 185 of the Condominium Properly AcL Sale terms: 10% down by certified bends, balance, by certitied funds, wilbur 24 hours No rotunda The properly will NOT be opon bar inspndlunn For information call Mr David C Klsuver al Pluinlit'a Ahlomey, Klsevar & Flal, LLC, 65 East Wacker Placo, Chicago, llinois NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Sehlunq 011icer (312) Pub:101GjO/13,WZO!l1 $ SKO NE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNr LLNOS COUN Tri DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST 00M PANY AMERCAS AS TRUSTEE FOR RAL Plaintiff, imlr FEJZC, ADMR FEJZC, MORTGAGE ELECTRONC REG STRATON SYSTEMS NC, HOMECOMNGS FNANCAL, LLO F/K/A HOMECOMNGS FNAN CAL NETWORK, NC) Dnlendanl 10 CH NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN hat pursuant to e Juogmont ob Fomctoauro and Sale entered n hn abono caume on Augual 9, 2011, an aqenl oh The Judicial Sales Corporation, J'diciaSáléRè&Est JÜdicial SalesReal Est JûdiáiàSaùReaEst Judic ial SâeRéa(;E LhNCOLN WOOD OONG WOO( SHN Mc/A DONG N THE CRCUT COURT OF SHN A/lOA DONG W SHN, EUN SlN PilCA EUN JDO SHN MAD SON PLACE CONDOMNdM AS COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNTY DEPATMENT CHAN CERY DVSON SAXON MORTGAGE SERVCES, SOCATON, CTMORTGA3E, NC SUCCESSOR BY MERGER NC TO CTFNANCAL MORTGAGE Plainlill, COMPANY, NC, UNKNOWN na NCHOLAS LAZARS AKA NCHO OWNERS ANO NONRECORO LAS P LAZARuS ANA NCOLAS P CLAMANTS LAZARS; MORTGAGE ELEC Delendant TRONC REGSTRATON SYS 10 CH TEME, NC AS NOMNEE FOR 5055 W MADSON STREET UNT FOR TAYLÓR BEAN & WHTAKil (01(16, L ER MORTGAáE CORP; DEVON NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO SQUARE HOMEOWNERS ASSO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that par daton; UNKNOWN HERS AND auss o a Jadgmeel xl Foreclusure LEGATEES OF NCHOLAS P and Sale entered in the abone LAZARS, F ANY, UNKNOWN cause on Apn 2a, 2011, an agon OWNERS AND NON RECORD of Ths Judicial Salsa Csrporalion, CLAMANTS; will al ho30 AM on November 3, Del nsdanls, a hn The Judicial Sales Cnr O CH 4122 poriron, One Soulir Wacker Orine PUBLC NOTCE is hereby given 2411r Flsmr CHCAGO, L, 6060e, lira parouant to a Jmdqmeel ob sell al public auctiss o trs triqhesl Foreclmsuro entered in the above Pioneer Press (DC) 43,nn\,,,t1 n,, Pioneer Press (DC)

47 rç:ç '", '!!! O H jli Judi SáesRè Est, will at 10:30 AM on Noveñthor 14, at the The Judicial Sales Corporation One South Wacker Drive 24th Floor CHCAGO, L, 60605, sell at public auction lo the hghest bidcter, as set toith below, the tolowng describan real estate: Cornmanly known as 9405 LEAMNOTON STREET S1ÇOKE L Property nderdlo The real ostato s improved with a residence, Salo terms: 25% down of the highest bid by certified funds et the close at the auction; The balance, including ba Judicial asia tea tot Abandonad Residential Property Municipality Rouet Fund, which is calsuiated on residential rest astuto at tre rato st $1 tor each $1,060 er traction thereot of the amount paid by the purchaser not to exceed $300, in certitied tundo is due within twentyfour (24) hours No tee shall be paid by the mortgagee acquiring ba residestral real ostato pureuont to its credit bid at the aula or by any mortgagee, judmunt creditor, or olhur honor acquiriny the residential teal estate Whose nghts in and to the residential rest notato arose prior to the sale Tre Sublect Droperty s sublect to general real ostato tases, special assessments, or special laxos levied against asid rosi estate and is ottorod for sala without any roprasentation as to quality or quantityot title and without recourue to Plalnlitt and n AS ls condition The sale is turthar sublect lo contirmalien by the court lt the aale s sul asida tor any reason, the Purclisser at the sala shall be outilied only to a return st the deposit paid Tre Purchaser uhoil hava no tuithor rocoarso against the Mortganor, the Mortgagee or the Mortgagse s atlornay Unen payment is tall ot the amount bid, the purchaser will recalve a Cortiticste ot Sole that wiil entitle the purchsser te a deed to hn real estala aliar contirnralisn st ke saio The property will NOT bo apeo for inspection sod pisintitt makes no reprusoetation as to ba condition ot the property PrespectiSa bidders ara admenished to check hn court tilo to venty ail olormation lt ths preperty lo o condominium unit, ba purchaser of the Unit at the foreclosure asia, other than a msrtgsgao, shall pay the asneosniuritu and tha loqsl teas requlred by Tha Condominium Proparty Act, 765 tcs 605/9(g)(1) and (g)(4) t this property s a condonorrium unit which s part st s cornmen isterool community, the purclisser et the unit al the foreclosure nate other than a mortgagee shall psy the assessments roquirod b Tire Coorisminium Property Ac 765 LCS 605/t05(l) F VOti ARE ThE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECflON (C OF ThE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW, For intorrnstion contact Pluiirlitt's attorney: The gae Clerk, COOLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAG ROAD SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, l 60527, (630) between the hours of and 3 PM esly and ask for the saies department Please retar to tilo oumbor t ThE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wecker Dnvo 24th Floor, Chicaqo, L (312) 236SALE '(ou can also visu ma Judical Saies Carporstlsrt at wwwtjsccom tsr a 7 dsy status report at øendinq saies CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L ( Attorno File No: ARDC Altsmey Cede Caso h 10 CH 00fl91 NOTE: Pursuant to the Fair Dubt Collection Practicas Act, yes are advisad that Plaintitt's altemny is deemed to be a debt collecter attempting ta cailoct a debt and any ntonnation oblained will be used tar that purpose f Pub:10/6,1O/13,10/20/l1 # MORTON GRO VE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNT' DEPARTMENT, CHAN GERY DVSON OMAC MORTGAGE, LLC, Plainlitt V RCHARD J TESCHKY, Datendant 10 CH Luna Avenue Morion Grove, L NOTCE OF FORECLOSURE SALE Fìshersnrt Shapiretila ft (l is sdvised that nterested parties consult wills their own allomays buiste bidding al msrtgugo foreclosure sales) PUBLC NOTCE a hereby givon that pursuant to a Judgment of Foroclosura onterod ori August 10, 2011, Nolisa Really Services, nc, JtidòaSàiesLRéal;Est; as Selling Otricial ill at 12:30 pm on November 14, 2011, at 205 W Randolph Street Suite 1020, Chcago, llioola, sell at public auction to iba highest bidder toi cash, as sot tsrth bolow, the following decoribad real propurly: Commonly known as 7823 Luna Avenue, Morton Grove, L Permanent ndex No: Thu mortgsgurl real estate s mproved willi a dwelling Tho properf5 will NOT ho open tor lnnpeclion The )udgmsnl amount was $409,07331 Salo terms tor nonparties: 10% of succeostut bid immediately at cencluoion of auction, balance by 12:30 pm the anal buai0005 dey, both by cashiar's chocks; and no refunds Thu sale shall be subject to general real estate laxes, special taxas, special assessments, special taxes levied, and superior liens, f any Thu propaily s offered ao s, with no espress or implied warraetieo and wilheut any ropresentslion as to the quality at tille er recourse to Plaintilt Prospectrno bidders are edmoniahed to review the court tile to venty all n satiation For nformation: Salo Clerk, Fisher and Shapiro, Attorney h 42168, 2121 Wauhegan Road, Suite 301, Bannockburn, llinois 60015, (847) , between 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm weekdays only Pub:10!6,10/13,1020/11 # HARW000 HEtGHTS N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNr, LLNOS COUN TV DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON FFTH THRD MORTGAGE COM PANY Plalntìtt, va PHLLP MCCABE SHRLEY KUSSY: THE CLOC TOWER PONTE OF HARWOOD HEGHTS CONDOMNUM; UNKNOWN OWNERS AND NON RECORD CLAMANTS; Detanrtanlu 11CH14839 PUBLC NOTCE is hereby given that puissant to a Judornent of Foreclosure enlered n the above entitled couse os August 15, 2011, ntercounty Judicial Sales Corporatien will on Wednesday Novumbar 23, 2011, at the hoar o) ii am is their ottica at 120 West Madison Streal, Suite 718A, Chicago, lllluois, sell ta hn highost bidder tsr cash, ba tollowinq duscnbed prsporty: PN Comrnnnly knows as 4811 NORTH OLCO1T AVENUE, UNT 416, HARWOOD HEGHTS, L The mprovement on the property consista ot a coodamlnlum residance The purchaser of the unit other lias a rnsrtgagoo shall pay ba asseusmeeta and the leqal tees required by subdivisions (9)11) and )g))4) st Section 9 et the Cendominum Property Act Salo terms: 25% down by cerfitiad tends balance within 24 hours, by certitied tenda No refunds The property will NOT be open tor inspoclian Upon paymeat in full at the amount bid the purchaser will receive a Cerliticatn o, Sala which will entitle ba purchaser te a Dead to the premises alter csntirmalion at the sale For loformalion: Visit our weboile at hllp'j/oaiviceattyplercecom Be waan 3 pm and 5 pm only Pierce & A500ciatea, Plsiutift's Attnmuys, 1 Narlti Doarbom Street, Chicago, llinois TeNs, (312) Retar to File Number NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Sollin Otticer, (312) /20,10!27,11f3111 # BUFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUN TV DEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON GMAC MORTGAGE, LLC Pisishitt, NORTON WLLAM NEDOSS WA/A NORTON W NEDOSS MlA NORTON NEDOSS, GAL SANDRA N000SS P1K/A GAL NEDOSS NK/A GAL S NEDOSS, NORTON WLLAM NEDOSS, AS TRUSTEE UT/A DATED 08)24/07 M(/A THE NEDOSS FAMLY TRUST, UNKNOWN BENEFCA RES DF NORTON WLLAM NEDOSS, UT/A DATED 08/24(07 NK/A THE NEDOSS FAMLY TRUST GAL SANDRA NEÛOSS, AS T)USTEE Uíf/A DATED 088)4(07 A/K/A THE NEDOSS FAMLY TRUST, UNKNOWN BEN EFCARES OF THE NEDOSS FAMLY TRUST DATED 8/24/07, UNKNOWN OWNERS AND NONECDRD CLAMANTS Detsndsnt 11 CH WEDNER COURT BUFFALO GROVE, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO! r'!!!,!!hl!1,,,,, r!!!!!,h!!!hh,l,! j!!,!!iü! Uhr! j!!!!,lli!! li_il4 l!!,1h1j Ali, JlU!!!!j!! 'i!4! LÑti J ulul!!kì!,!!! l! H JüdicialSálesRéa E TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant to a Judgment at Foreclosure and Sale entered n the above cause an Auguot 29, 2011, an agent et The Judiclat Sales Corporation, will at 1030 AM os December, 2011, at the The Judicial Sales Corporaton Cou South Wacker Drive 241), Floor CHCA GO, L, 60606, sell at public auctian lo the highest bidder, au sot forth below, the following doacnbed tasi eolafe: Commsnly known as 2 WEDNER COURT, BUFFALO GROVE, L Property ndex No Thu real estate s improved wilh a residence, Sale farms: 25% down at the highest bid by certitied funds at the cinse et the auclion; The balance, ncluding the Judicial sala tao for Abandoned Roaidential Properly Municipality Rouet Fund, which io calculated on residential rest estate al tro rate of $1 for each $1 000 or traction thereof of fha amount paid by the purchaser not to exceed $300, in certitied tundo, s due within twentytour (24) hours No tea shall be paid by the mortgagee acquiring the rosictuntial ros astuto pursuant to ita credit bld at fha sale or by any mortgagee, Judgment credilor, or other honor acquirisg ba resdental rest estate whose nghts in and to the residential teal estate arase prior to fha sala The subject properly s sublect to general real estate taxes, special assessments, or special tasas levied ogainst said rosi astuta and is alterad for asia withouf uny representation as to quslily or quantity of tilla and wìlhsut racourso to Plainlilt earl is 'AS ls condilion Tho sale o further subject to cuntirmalien by the court t ba sale io sat asida for any reason, the Purchaser et the sale shall be entitled only to a return of ba deposit paid The Purchasar abol have no further recourse against the Mortgaoor, ba Mortgagee sr the Msrtgaqee s attornuy Upon payment in lull of the amount bid, tho purchaser will receive a Certiflcate ai Sala that Will estille the perchonar s e deed to the rest astute after confirmation of the sale Tre properly will NOT be open for inspection and plaintiff makes no representation so to the condition of the property Proopectine bidders are admonished to check the cuart file to verity all lof ormalien, t this property is a condominium unit, tle purchaser nl the coil at the foreclosure sale, other than a mortgagee, nfiall puy ba assusomenls and ba legul tees requitad by The Condammism Proparty Act 765 LCS 605/9(g))1) sari )g)(4) t) this property o a condominium unit which la port at a coatmas nlarest community, the parchaser of ba unit at the foreclosure sale other ban a mortgagee shall pay the asaossments required b The Condominium Propsits Ac, 765 LCS 605/185)q1) F YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON Cl OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For informatise contact Plaintiff's attomay: The aale Cleric, COOLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAG ROAD, SUFE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) batwues the hours of i and 3 PM only end ask for the sales doparlment Please refer to tile number 14O THE JUDCtAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wecker Drive, 24th Floor, Chicaqo, L (312) 235SALE You cas also visit The Judicial Sales Corporabon al wwwtloccom far a 7 day slaluo report et pandinq sales CODLS 6 ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L (030) Attnrne File No: ARDC Attomay Corle Casa f 11 CH NOTE: Pnrsuant o the Fair Dab Collection Practices Act, you aro advised haf Plalntilt'a attorney la deemed lo be a debt collector attempting to coiled a debt and any intormalion obtained Will be usad for that purpose /20,10/27,1113! SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNTY OEPAhTMENT CHAN CERY DVSON BANKUHTED; Plsluliff, va LOS MAYDEN ANA LOS EVANS; CURRENT SPOUSE F ANY OF LOS MAYOEN ANA LOS EVANS; UNKNOWN OWNERS, GENER ALLY AND NONRECORD CLAM ANTS; Delendants, 11 CH 4369 NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY CV J,udiciàlSalèsReal Est EN that pursuant to e Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered n the above entitled cause on August 4, 2011 nlercaunty Judicial Sales Corporation will on Monday, November et the hour of a,m n their office at 120 West Madison Street, Suìte 7l8A, Chicago, llinois, sell at public auction to 111e highest biddor for cash, as sel forth below, the following daucnbed rnortqaqed rest estala: PtN ls Commonly known as 4816 JaMs Avenue, Skokie L The mortgaged real enlate la improved wilh o singlo family resiclence, lt the subjecímortgaged real asate in s unit of a common nterest community, the purchaser et the unit albar than a mortgagee shall pay ke assoosmeets required by subsection lyl) of Section 185 st the Condominium Property Act, Sale termo: 10% down by certified tundu, balance, by certified tands, within 24 hours No retundo The property will NOT ho open tor innpactloo For intsrnrotion cali Mr David C Kluevet at Plainlill's Attorney, Kluever & Platt, LLC,, 65 East Wacker Place, Chicago, lliïnsio NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Sellinrs Otticer, (312) PubiO/13,1O)20,10/27/11 # UNCOLN WOOD N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUN TV OEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON GUDANCE RESDENTAL LLC Pluinlitf, SHAHEEOUN ANSAR, JALAUDDN ANSAR ANA J ANSAR ANA JALALUDDN ANSAR, AFZAL ANSAR, ARSHAD ANSAR, SHAHDA ANSAR, NARGS ANSAR, VL LAGE OF MORTON GROVE, CTBANK (SOUTH DAKOTA) NA Detendant 11 CH WEST CHASE AVENUE LNCOLNW000, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN lira pursuant to a Judgment of Foreclosure und Sole enlered in ba above causa on August 17, 2011, an agent of The Judicial Sales Corpotalion, will at 10:30 AM on Nonember 21, 2011, at ke Tire Judicial Sales Corporation One South Wacker Driva 24th Floor CHCA GO, L, 60606, sel at public auction to the highest bidder, as set forth below, the following described real estate: Commonly known as 4838 WEST CHASE AVENUE, LNCOLNW000, L Property ndex No The real estate is improved wihh a brick single larnily bossa; detached 2 car garage Sale leans: 25% down ot the highest bid by certified funds al ke close of the auction' The balance, ncluding the Judicial sale tee for Abondoned Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund, which is calculated en residential real notate at the rate of $1 for each 51,000 or traction thereof of the amount paid by the purchaser aol to eaceed $300, in certified funds, is due within twentyfour (24) hours No tea shall be post by the mortgagee acquiring he resideetiat real estala pursaunt lo ita credit bid at the sate or by any mortgagee, judgment creditor, sr other lianor acquiring the residanlist real aslala whosa nghls n and to the residuofiat root asate arose prior to the sale The osbjact property s subjadt to general real estala faxes, special a050ssmants, or special sues levled against said res asate and s ottered for sale without any reprosentation as to quality or quantity of tille aed without recourse to Plaintilt and n AS 1S condition The sale s farther subjadl o centirmation by the court Upes psyment in full at the amount bid, thu purchaser will receive a Certhticale ni Sola that will entitle the purchaser to a deed to the real estate atlur confirmation of the sola ma property will NOT be open for inspection and plaintilt makes no repre000talion es o lire condilion of ba properly Prespaclive bidders are admonished to check the court tile o vanty all starmallos, f this properly is a condominium unit, the purchaser of the unii at hn foreclosure sale, other than a mortgagee, shall psy the oss050nrents end he lega) fees requirad by The Condominium Proparty Act 765 LCS E05/9)g)(1) and (g)(4j bis properly is s condominium unit which is part of a cornmon inlerest community, the purchaser of the unit at the foreclosure salo othur thon a mortgagee shall pay the ausnssrssuls required b The Condominium Property Ac 765 LCS 605h185(ql) F YOÜ ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGHT JúdiciáSaésea:Est TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON Cl OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For information: Visit our wabsile at sa,viceattypiercecom between the boum of 3 and 5 pm PERCE & ASSOCATES, Plulntitf'e Attorneys, One North Dearborn Street Suite 1300 CHCAGO, L Tel No ( Please rater o fia number PA103220S, THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Ono Soulh Wacker Drive, 241k Floor, Chicano, L (312) 236SALE V'su can also visit The Judicial Salas Corporahinn al Www11sccOm for a 7 day status report of pendieq sales PERCE & ASSOCATES One North Onurbom 51mal Saile 1300 CHCAGO, L Attarney Fila No: PA Attorney Code Casa li CH Pubio/13,l0/20,10/27! MORTON GROVE N ThE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUN TV DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON FFTH THRD MORTGAGE COM PANY Pisintitf, MNA G PARRENAS, JONATHAN V PARRENAS Oefonduol li CH PARKSDE AVENUE MOR TON GROVE, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuon o a Judgment ei Foreclosure and Saie enthred in the aboya cause on Auaust 17, 2011, ari agent oftho Judicial Sales Corporation, will al 10:30 AM en November 21, 2011, at the The Judicial Solas Corporahion, One South Wacker Onve 24th Floor CHCA GO, L, 60606, seil at public auction to the highest bidder, us sal forth below, the following described real eslule:commonly known as 8129 PARKSDE AVENUE, MORTON GROVE, L Properly ndes No g The real esiste is improved wilh a one story singlo family home Sala terms: 25 1, down xl hn highest bid by carliked funds at the close ot the suclion; The balance, including the Judicial sale tee for Abandoned Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund, which s calculated on residsnliat real estate at the raie of $1 tsr each $1,000 or traction thareof of the amount paid by ha perchaser not to eaceed $300, in certified funds, io due within twentyfour (24) hours No tee airat be paid by tire mortgagee acquiring lire residential real estate pursuant o its credit bid al the saie or by any mortgagee, judgment cradilor, or other lienor acquiring the renidential real estate whose nghls in and lo ha residenlia real estate arose prior o lire sale The subject prspertyis sublacl o general real eutale tases, special ossesaments, or special taxes layled against said resi eslale and s offered for sala without any reprosentation as to quality er quanlily of lilie and wilhoul recourse lo Plaintiff and in AS 1S condilion The sala is further subject o canlirmation by the court Upon payment in full of lire amount bid, the purchusar will receive a Certificato al Sale that Will entitle the purchauer o s deed o the teal asiate after confirmotion of the salo The prnparly will NOT be open for inspectios and ploinliff mokas no representation as la the condition et the property Prospeclive bidders aro admonished o check lire court file lo vonty all informalion lt bis property is a condominiurn unit, the purchaser et the unit at lire foreclosure asia, other tirati a mortgagee, shall pay the asoesomenla and the legal tees raquired by The Candsminism Proparty Act 765 LCS 005/9(g)(l) and (g)j4) il this properly la s condominium unit which s part of a cornmon nterest community, the purchaser al ba unit al tirs foreclosure sale other thon a mortgagee shall pay lire assessments required b The Condominium Property Ac 765 LCS ,5(o1) F VOL ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER1, YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON Cl OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For istormalion: Visit our websila at serviceatlypiurcecsm between the hours of 3 and S pm PERCE & ASSOCATES, Plalnlilt'a Attsrneya, Ose North Dearborn Sireul Suifa 1300 CHCAGO, L Tel No ( Flesso rater lo lie number PAl , THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Osa Soulh Wacker Onve, 24th Flsor, Chicaqo, L (312) 236SALE You can aloe visit Thsi Judicial Sales Corporation at wwwtlsccom for a 7 day alase report of pending saies PERCE & ASSOCATES One North Dearborn Street Seite 1300 CHCAGO, L Atlomay File No: PA Attorney Code, Case li t CH Pubio/13,10/20,1027/1 # SKOKtE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNTY DEPATMENT CHAN CERY DVSON FRST NATONAL BANK OF BROOKFELD, A FEDERALLY CHARTERED NATONAL BANK; Plaintiff, yo JAMES A HUBBARD, AN ND VD UAL' REBECCA A HUBBARD, AN NO(/OUAL; WELLS FARGO F NANCAL LLNOS, NC, AN O WA CORPORATON; UNKNOWN OWNERS ANO NONRECORD CLAMANTS; Deleadants, 11 CH 1053 NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NOTCE rs hereby given hal pursuant to a Jadgrnenl of Foreclosure cohered in ba above entitled cause on Auguol l, 2011 nlercounty Judicial Saies Corporalisa will on Tuesday, November 15, 201 1, al the hour of i am, in their otfico at 120 Wast Madison Sleet, Suite 7leA, Chicago, llinois, nell lo the highest biddur tor cash, the foltowing descnbed mnrlgagert rest estala: Commonly known as 8227 Uncoln Avenue, Skokie, L PN t02l405oss0000 The improvement on the property consists of a single family residance l tira subject mnrrguged real osiate is a unit of a common mierest community, the purchaser of he unit olher than a mortgagee shall psy the assessments required by subsection ml) of Section 185 at the Condominium Property Act Sale ternis: Gidders musi prasanl, al the lime at salo, a cashier's or certilied chock for 10% of the ssccesoful bid smoss Tire balance of ke successful bid shall be paid within 24 hours, by similar funds The property will NOT be opes for inspection For intormatian call Mr Robert L Ouwidiuk al Plainlitl's Attorney, The Collins Law Firm, PC, 1770 North Park Sireet, Napereille, llinois NTERCOUNTY JUDCAL SALES CORPORAT1ON Seilinti Officer, (312) Pub,t0/13,10/20,l0/27/l1 # SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUNTY DEPATNENT CHAN CERY DVSON FEDERAL NATONAL MORT GAGE ASSOCATON; Pioinlitf, va, ALBERTA BARAK ANA ALSERTA BARAK; MOStfE BARAK; MORTGAGE ELECTRONC REG STRATON SYSTEMS, NC AS NOMNEE FOR HLB MORT GAGE; OPTMA OLD ORCHARD WOODS ELM CONDOMNUM ASSOCATON; UNKNOWN OWN ERS AND NONRECORO CLAM ANTS; Oaf endants, l CH PUBLC NOTCE is hereby given that psrsunnl to a Judgment of Foreclossre saluted in the above enhlad causa on August 9, 2011, ntercounly Judicial Sales Corporalion will on Monday, November t4, 201 1, at lire hour of t am io heir ottica at 120 West Madison Street, Sure 7t8A, Chicaga, lilinais, sell lo the highest bidder tor cash, the following descnbod properly: PN l lo6, t 182, Commonly known as 9715 WOODS DRVE CHT 903, SKOKE, L The mprovement an the property consists of a condominium residance The purchaser of the unit albor ban a morlysgee shall pay tira assessments end lire legal fees required by subdivisions )g)(l) sad )gx4) of Section 9 of the Condorninum Proparty Act Sola terms: 25% dswa by certitind funds, balance wilhin 24 hours, by certilierl funds No refunds The property will NOT be open fsr mnspeclion Upon puymont n full of the Smoss bid, the parchusor will receive a Certif calo of Sale which will enhlo lire purchaser lo a Deed o tira premises afler conlirsrslion of the noie For inlornialisn: Visil our websile at htlp:/isewicestypierce cam Betwuen 3 pm sad 5 pm only Pierce & Associates, Pioinlitf's Altomeys, t North 005rbom Sired, Chicdgo, llinois TO,No (312) Refer to Rie Numbar NTERCOUN1Y JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON Sailing Officer, (312) Pab10113,10/20,10127/11 # BuFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTr', LLNOS COUN TV DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DVSON TCF NATONAL BANK Plaintiff, LEONARD LVTS, EBULON F NANCAL GROUP, BUFFALO RDGE CONDOMNUM ASSOCA TON, UNTED STATES OF AMERCA, NTERNAL REVENUE SERVCE, UNKNOWN OWNERS ANO NONRECORD CLAMANTS Defendant CH TRACE DRVE, UNT 103 Battalo Grove, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursass o a Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale enlured in lira above daune on July 13, 2011, an agent st The Judicial Salas Corporation, will al 10:30 AM on Novombar 21, el the The Judicial Sales Corporalion, One Soulh Wacker Deve 241k Floor CHCAGO L, 60606, sell at public auclios s the highest bidder, as set torth below, the loilowing deocobed leal eotale:commonly known so 639 TRACE DRVE, UNT 103, Sutiolo Grove, L Property ndex No lOSS The real aslute is improved with u condominiam The judgment amount was $97,21566 Sale termo: 25% down of lre higheol bid by certified tundo at he close of the saction; The baianca including the Judicial sale tea for Abandoned Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund, which is calculated on residential real astute al the ralo at $1 tor each $1,000 or traction tremol at the amoanl paid by the purchaser not o encend $300, in certifind funds, is due withis twenty'tour (24) hoers Ho ce shall be paid by the mortgagne acquiring ke residential res estala pursuant to its ciechi bid at lire sale or by any mortgagee, iudgman creditor, or other honor acquiring lire reoidenhial real estate whose rights in and lo tire residential rea essta arose peor to fha sale The subject properly io subject to guner al real estora laxes, special assess menlo, or opecial tunes levied against said real estala and is of (erad for salo wilhout any represen talion as lo quality or quantity of tille end without recourse o Plaintitt and n AS 18) condition The sale is farther subject to confirmation by 111e court Upon payment in full 01 lre amount bid, he purchaser will receive a Certificate of Sale thai will antille lire purchaser to a deed o the real estala aller confirmation of tire sale Where a sala st real estate la made lo satisfy a lien post lo that of he United Slates, the Uniled Stales shall hava one year from ba date of sale wilhis which n redeem, escept that wilh respect lo s lien arising under ho internal revenue laws tra penod shall be 120 days or 111e period ailowublo for redemplisn under State law, whichever is losgar, and in any casa in which, under the provisions of seclion 505 of ba Housing Act st 1950, as amended (12 USC 1701k), and subsection (d) of section 372Cl cl 1i11e38 of the United Stales Coda, ba oglrt to redeem does riot arise, there shall be no right et redemplise The property will NOT be open tor inspeclioo and plolnhiff makes no represenlation so o the condition of the property Prospediva bidders ere admonished o check the court file o venty sil iniormallan f this property is a condominium unit, the purchaser et ba unit at the torecloasra sala, other tiran a mortgagee, shall pay lira assesomonts and lire legal tees requirnd by The Condominiam Property Act 765 LCS 605/9jg)(l) and )gx4) f this property is purl el a common inlurest community, the purchaser of lire unit at the bredaaura saie, olher than a mortgsgeo, shsii puy thu ass050menls required by Tha Condominium Properly Act 755 LCS 605/l8SjQ1) F Voli ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON Cl OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For information, contact Plaintiff's utlomey: DAVD T CO HEN, DAVD T, COHEN & ASSO ClAES, WEST 159TH STREET ORLANO PARK, L [lobi THE JUL11 CAL ALES CORPORATON One Snulh Wacker Deve, 24lh Floor, Chicaqa, L SALE"Vou can also visit Thci Jadiciel Salas Corporation at wwwtjscc orn for a 7 day status raped of pending soles DAVD T COHEN & ASSOCATES WEST 159TH STREET ORLANO PARK, L (708) t Altorney Code, Caso # t 1 CH NOTE: Pursuant lo lire Fair Deb Collection Pradlices Act, you ara advised that Plainlitf's stlomey io deemed to be a debt collector attempting ta collect s dobl and any inlormation obtained wiil be used for that purpose PubiO/13lOt2g,l0(27/ i # HARW000 HEGHTS N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUN r' OEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON PROVDENT FUNDNG ASSOC ATES, LP Plainlilt, JADWGA JUREK JOZEF JUREN CLOCK TOWER PONTE O HARW000 HEGHTS CONDO MNUM Deiendant l CH N OLCOF AVE, UNT 405 Haiwsod Heiehts, L NOTCE O SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursant to s Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale entered in the above cause on July 26, 201, on agent of The Judicial Salea Corporahion, will ut 1030 AM on November 21, st he The Judicial Salas Corporalion, One South Wacker Deve 24th Floor CHCAGO, L 60606, sell al public suction lo the highest bidder, os set lorth below, lire f 01 lowing duocnbod real estate: Cornmanly known au 481 N OLCOTT AVE, UNT 405, Harwood Heights, L Prsperty ndes No Vol 0136 The real estala io improved wilh a condominium The udgmenl amounl was $260,66943 Sale terms: 25% down ot fha highust bid by certified funds at the close of thu auction; The balanco including ke Judicial sale tea for Abandoned Residential Properly Municipality Relief Fund, which io caicuisled on residential real estala al ba rate ol $1 tor each $1,000 or fraction thereof of the amount paid by lire purchoser no lo asceed $300, in cortitied tends, is due Williin twentyfour (24) hours No fee shell be paid by ke mortgagee adquiring fa residential real astuta pumuonl ta ils credit bid al lira sala or by any mortgagee, judgment credilor, or other hanoi acqsiriog ba residenliul real estate whose righls in and o ke residenlisi real eslala arose peor lo lire sale The subiact property is aubiers lo general rasi estale tases, special assessmeato, or opocial laxes hewed agoinel said real aslalo and is atferoci for saie without any represen 15h00 55 lo quality or quantity ol tille and wilhoul recourse s Plainlilt and in AS 1S cosdilise The sale io fur her subject o contirmatioo by lira court Upen payment in full at lire smoani bid, ke purchaser will racavia a Certilicote el Sala lira Will enlitlo ba purchaser to a dead la tiro real estate utter confirnialion ol the sala The property will NOT be open tsr inspection and plaintitt makes no repraseslalion sa le ba condilion of ke property Praspelive bidders ara admonished to check ba court fila to venty all marmalien l his properly is a condominium uni, the purchaser et lira unit al lire foreclosure sala, other ran a msrlgsgoa, oholl pay the asseusmenlo and ke legst fees raquired by The Condominium Proparty Act 76,5 LCS 60S19(g)(lj and (g)(4) hio property io a condominium unit which is part of a cammon ioteresl community, the purchaser et ba unit at the foreclosure saie olirer ban a mortgagee shall pay tira assessments required by The Condominium Properly Act 765 LCS 605/l85)ql) F voti ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, 114 ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For information, contact Plaintift's allemav: JOHNSON GLUMBERG & ASSOCATES, LLd, 230 W Monroe Street, Suite #1125, Chicago, L 60606, (312) , Please rater to file camber l8046 THE JUDCtAL SALES CORPORATON Ono South Wacker Drive, 24th Roor, Chicago, L ) 236 SALE loe can sino visit The Judicisl Salas Corporation al wwwtjsoc orn tor a 7 dey ofatuo redort of pending sales, JOHt4SOH BLUMEERG & ASSOCATES, LLd 230 W Monroe Street Suite ht 125 Chicago, L (312) Attorney File No: i Allornay Thursday, October 20,2011 Pioneer Press (DC) 45 JudiciaJSáesRéáEsL Ju:dicial SátesRéa Est; JUdöiàSateSRea Est 44 Pioneer Press (DC) Thursday, October 20, 2011

48 JUthöaSaesRea, Est Codo Case # i CH HOTE Pusuant to the Fair Debt Coflection Practices Act, you are advised that PJaintjffs attorney is deemed to be a debt collectorattempting to cotlect a debt and any intorination obtained wl be used tor that purpose Pub10t13,10120, # BUFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNtY LLNOtS COUN 1r' OEPAHTMEÑT CHANCERY D VSON FEDERAL NATONAL MORT GAGE ASSOCAtiON Platritit, V LARRY SCHOENEMAN, LAURA SCHOENEMAN MUA LAURA JEAN SCHOENEMAN, MORT GAGE ELECTRONC REGSTRAlON SYSTEMS 14G AS NOM WEE FOR GB HOME EQUTY, LiC Defendant 11 CH ROSE COURT EAST RUFFA LO GROVE, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that pursuant to a Judyment ot Foreclosure and Sale entered in the above couse on August 10, 2011, an agent ofthn Judicial Sales Corporation, will at 10:30 AM on Novareber 14, 2011, at the The Judicial Salas Corporation Osa South Wuckar Drive 241}i Floor CHCA GO, L, 60606, sal at public auction to the trighnut bidder, as set torth below the tollowis3 described rest estate: Commonly known as 1319 ROSE COURT EAST, BUFFALO GROVE, L Proparty ndes No The real eotate la improved willi a trame and brick single family house; attschsd 2 car 9arugn Sale terms: 25% down of lra trighast bid by cerhliad tanda at the cloue ut the auction; The balance, including the Judicial : cale tee tsr Abandonnd Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund which is calculated on residentia' real estate at tra rate ot $1 tsr each $1,000 or traction thereat ot the amount paid by the purchaser not to exceed $300, in cerlitied tundo, io due within twentytour (24) hours No tee shalt be paid by the mortgagee acquiring the residential real estate purauanïto ils credit bid at the sala sr by any mortgagee, udgment creditor or other henar acciuidng the residential real estate whose rights in and to the residentis real esste arcue prior to the sabe The SLJb)CCt property is subject to general test estate tanes, upscial asnessmnnla, or special tassa leved againul uaid real enlate and is uttered tor sale wilhout any reprasentahiun es lo quality or quantity ot title and without recourse to Pluinhfl end in AS ls condition The aale is further aublect to confirmation by the court Upon payment n tull ot the an,sunt bid, the purchaser wilt recetan a Certificate ol Sala that will entitle the purchaser to a deed to the real estate utter contirrnation of _,the sala The property will NOT be open for inspection und plaintiff makes no representation as to the condihon ot thin property Pronpoclive bidders are admonshed to chech the court file to verity all intormatron t this property in s condominium unit, the purchaser of the unit at the toreclouure asia, other than a mortgagee, shall puy the esanusmenls sod the le5al lees reqaired by The Condominium Property Act 765 LCS 605/9(g)(1) and (g)14) d tria property is a condominium sort which s part st a coremon interest community, the purchaser of the unit at the foreclosure asta ether than a mortgagsa ahall pay the assessments required b ma Condomloium Property Ac 765 LCS (cil) tf YOU ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER), YOU HAVE ThE R1GHr TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS i MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For information: Visit our webuila st aerviceattypiercecom between the hours of 3 and 5 pm PERCE & ASSOCATES, Plulntittu Attorneys, One North Oesrbom Street Suite 1300 CHCAGO, L Tat No, (312) Pteaue refer to file number PA THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Driva, 24th Floor, Chicaqo, L (312) 236SALE '(ou can also visit The Judicial Sales Corporation at wwwttaccom for a 7 day ulalas report of pending sales PERCE & ASSOCATES One North Dearborn Street Sulle 1300 CH1CAGO, L f312) Attorney File No; PAl Attorney Code Case 4 11 CH Pub:1OJ6,10/13,10/20/11 # JudièaSáèReáEst SKOKE N ThE CRCUT COURT OF COO}Ç COUNTY, LLNOS COUN TY DEPARTMENT CHANCERY DtVStON WELLS FARDO BANK, NA Plaintiff, 'AHMAN SHAHOPOUR, PARVASH S MURA, AS TRUST EE UNDER ThE PARVASH S MURA LVNG TRUST DATED 105/01, UNKNOWN BENEFCA RES OF ThE PARVASH S MURA LVNG TRUST DATED 10/3/01 UNKNOWN OWNERS AND NÒNRECORD CLAMANTS Deteodant li CH BRUMMEL STREET SKOKE, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN hat pursuant to a Judgment st Forecloaure and Sale eotared in thu above sauna on Ssptumber 13, 2011, an agent ut The Judicial Salua Corporelies, will at 10:30 AM on November S, 2011, ut the The Judicial Salas Corporation, One South Wacker Drive 24th Floor CHCA GO, L, 60606, sell at public auction to the highest bidder, as oaf torth below, the tallowing descnbed real estate: Commonly known as 5258 BRUMMEL STREET, SKOKE, L Property ndas No , Property ndex No The real culata la improved wilh a single tamily realdefoe Sale ternis: 25% down st the higheut bld by certified tundo at the chose ot the auction; Tha buianca including the Judicial sale fee tor Abandoned Residential Property Municipality Relief Fund, which is calculated on residunhial real enlate ut the rete of $1 for each S 000 or fractinn thereof ut the amount paid by the purchaser not to exceed $300, n certified tunds, la due within twentytout (24) bourn No tee arait be paid by the mortgagee ocquinng the renideolisl real enlate pursuant to ita credit bid at the aale or by any mortgagee, )udgmeot creditor, or other hiunor acqsinog the residential real asate whose rights irr and to the reaidenhiat teat estate aroae prior lo the sale Thu subject property is aubject to general real ealare taxes, special aasenstireola, or special laxes levied agalont said real enlale and ta oftarad tar sale without any reprenentalion as to quality or quaotity of lile und wilhoul recourse lo Plaintiff and in AS ls concilian The aale is tar her subject lo cunlirmuhiun by lhu caur lt the sale is net aside tot any reason, he Purchaser at lhe aale shall be enhihled only to a return 01 the deposit paid The Purchaser shall have no turther recourse against the Mortgagor, the Mortgagee or the Martgagea'o atlornay Upon payment in lull of the amount bid, the parcliuoer will recalve a Cartiticafa ut Sate that will antille the parchaaer to a deed to the real eutale aller contireratiori at tha sale The property will NOT be open for inapection und plainull makes no repreaunlation au lo the condihion ot the property Prospeclive bidders are admonished to check the court file to varify sil infermytian t this properly is a condominium unit, the purchaser at the unit at the foreclosure sale, other than a mortgagee shall pay the assesoments and the legal teas required by The Condominium Proparty Act, 765 LCS 6050(g)(1) and (g)(4) f thin properly is a condominium soit which io part of a cornmon interest community, the purchaser of the unit at the foreclosure sale other than a mortgagee shall pay the asunsumenfs requited b The Condominium Properly Ac 76$ LCS 605/185(ct1) voti ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER), YOU HAVE ThE RGHT TO REMAN N POSSESSON FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, N ACCORDANCE WTH SECTON (C) OF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For tntornrution contact Plainlift's attorney: The dale Clerk, CODUS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) bafween the hours of and 3 PM only sod ask for the sales department Plaaae reler to tile number , THE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One South Wacker Drive, 24th Floor, Chlcaqo, L (312) 236SALE '(ou can aloe visit The Judicial Soleo Carporalise at vreiwtjaccorn tor al day statua report s! oundinrt salua CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 5W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L (630) Allume File No: ARDC Attorney Code :JudiáiaSaeReaESt: Casa li 11 CH 00li323 NOTE: Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you are advised tha PlaintifFs attorney is deemed lo be e debt colleefor utlamphing to collect a debt and any information oblalned will be used for that purpose Peb:10f6,10/13, # SKOKE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY LLNOS COUN TY DEPARTMEÑT CHANCERY DVSON BANK OF AMERCA NA, AS SUCCESSOR BY MRGER TO BAC HOME LOANS SERVCNG, LP Plainlif f, ANWAR A SAMAN, FARDA A SAMAN, MORTGAGE ELEC TRONC REGSTRATON SYS TEMS, NC Defendant 11 CH CRAWFORD AVENUE SKOKE, L NOTCE OF SALE PUBLC NO TCE S HEREBY GVEN that purauont to a Judgment uf Foreclouura and Sale eolered in the above cause on Seplareber 7, 2011, on agent of The Judicial Sales Corporstiun, will st 10:30 AM on Navember 8, 2011, at the The Judicial Salas Csrporslion, One Soulh Wacker Driva 24th Floor CHCA GO L, 60606, sal at public auction o ba highest bidder ea sat forth below, lra following described rest autale:comrnoolt known as 7532 CRAWFORD AVENUE, SKOKE, L Property ndex No The real estala lu improved with a single tamily residance Sale turma: 25% down of the highest bid by certified funda al the cloue of the auction; The balanca, including the Judicial sale tee for Abandoned f3auidential Properly Municipalily Relict Fund, which is calculated on residential real estate at the rate of $1 lot euch $1000 oi trsclion thereof st the smounl paid by the purchaser not to esceed $300, in certified tundo, is due with' in twentytour (24) hours flo fee shall be paid by the mortgagee ucquinng the reaidanliat real estate pursuant lo ils credit bid at the salo or by any mortgagee, )udgmenl creditor, or slhar raner scquldn tra residential real estate whoa nghta in and to the renidenlial rea ealule arase peor lo the sale Tht subject property la subject lo ganar al teal esste taxes, special assess manta, or special taxes leviei against sold real eutate and is of fared for sala wilhout any represen tation as to quality or quantity at ilk and without recourse tu Plainliff anr in AS 1S condition The sala is tut ther subject to continuation by the court the sale s set asde for ani reason, the Parchasen at the ask Shall be entitled only to a return o the dapuait paid Tha Purchase shall have no farther recourse against the Mortgagor he Mortgagee or the Mortgagee a attor ney Upon payment in lull of the amount bid, the purchaser will re calva o Cerliticate of Sale that wil enhle the purchaser to a deed t the real asiate after confirmation o the sale The property will NOT be open for ioapecliun and plaintif makes no rapresaotation sa to the condition of fha property Prospec tine bidders are admonished r check the court tile lo verity all blur malion lt thin property s a condo minium uni, the purchaser ut hr unit at the foreclosure sale, othe than a mortgagee, shall pay the an sesomenla end the legal fees ra quired by The Cunduminium Prop arty Act, 765 tcs 605/9(g))1) ear (g)j4) f this properly is a condo minium unit which is part at a corn mon nterest community, fha pur chaser of the unit at the foreclosure aale olher than a mortgagee shol p_ay the assessments required b Tre Condominium Properly Ac 765 LCS (ql) l VOL ARE THE MORTGAGOR (HOME OWNER), YOU HAVE THE RGH TO REMAN N POSSESSO FOR 30 DAYS AFTER ENTRY OF AN ORDER OF POSSESSON, i ACCORDANCE WtH SECTON G) DF THE LLNOS MORTGAGE FORECLOSURE LAW For nformation, cantos Plainhiff'o ahuman: The Sale Clerk CODLS s ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTH FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100, BURR RDGE, L 60527, (630) belweur the hours of and 3 PM only onc ask ton the sales department Please refer to lila number , ThE JUDCAL SALES CORPORATON One Soulh Wacker Dnve, 24th Floor, Chiceqo, L (312) 236SALE (su can alas vinit The Judicial Soleo Corporollus at wwwtjuccom for a 7 day statua report at pending sales CODLS & ASSOCATES, PC 15W030 NORTh FRONTAGE ROAD, SUTE 100 BURR RDGE, L (630) Attorney PübflcNotióeè; LEGAL fwce atoftbkthroatteanarsgçpedmmentcóarhrdedaru3o,2)1 f,tanlsactsde,uruizaol6e) ' o P&kFih COkC,8db#q#y reoio,dtçastdan1saytmfobntrg 'adhhbeffofriyksetcjebabeacetm tamfshasms,rehmaaftiehdarresfwhfec#yesmdapl3d, 20)1 Tontortctatht Presas Nwhtthpaiboohxt \ARPDJL1flufD RidBalasaMryl,20ty lsymues: 0h51 0peubTrea1tcalr Told Ratae 0çesd«axpeset s prodrTrsmtn0d Frnid0akeAe3O 20)1 RGLRGAPOA FU)) Fieìd0deceMayl20)D Rotenuts: Prapelylaus s barn 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Cscy; Uyaa, Skscsn; Unge fleiy, Wñl2 E8ee 21,109 OeeJ4000D D8SjloVi:aih; GbLb, laines; Rmata, layrsond, oulera Sltry Sleali, Aunic Sayrrisisfi, ClulstxeYourrp Bogst 18,998 s 23,914 Frll#051428, Pub: 1020l s U ,120 s 22,362 s 9,n6,: Pûbllc'Notíces,: malnlalired n accordance willi the provsons 01 sad Artcle and shall be used for the pur pose of enabling the Distnct to have n fa treasury at all time sufficient money to meet demanda thereon for espendifures for corporate purposes A petition may be tiled wilh fha Secretary ot the Board (the Secretaiy) within thrty (30) daya after the date at publicatior of this notce, signed by not lesa than 318 voters of the Dstnicf, sold number ot votera be ng equal to ten percent (10%) of the registered voters of the District, requesting that the proposition to moue sold bends as authorized by the provisons ot said Article 20 be submitted o fha voters of the Distdct t euch petition ta liad with the Secretary within thirty (30) days after the date of publication of flits notce, an election on fha propositon to ssue sad bonds shalt be held on the 20th day 01 March, 2012 The Circuit Court may declare that an emergency referendum should be held prior fo sad electon date pursuant to the provisions of Section 2A1 4 of the Election Coda at the Stato of llinois, us amended t no such petition s tiled within said thirty (30) day period, then the Dialect shall thereafter be authorized to ssue said bonda for the purpose hereinabove provided By order at the Board of Educetion ut School District Number 79, Cook County, llinos DATED this 12th day at Octeber, 2011 John Kovolcik Secretaly, Board of Education, School District Number 79, Cook County, llinois Michael Malusa President, Eloard of Education, School District Number 79, Cook County, llinois Pub: 1G20l ( NOTCE OF NTENTON OF SCHOOL DSTRCT NUMBER 68 COOK COUNTY, LLNOS TO SSUE NOTTO EXCEED $8,300,000 WORKNG CASH FUND BONDS PUBLC NOTCE s hereby given that on the 18th day at Ocober, 2011, the Board al Educelion (the BoarcP) al School Distrlct Number 68, Cook County, llinois (the Dlotrbct), adopted a resolution declaring blu ntention and determination to baue bonds n an aggregate amount not to exceed $8,300,000 lot the purpose of increasing the Working Cash Fund ot the Dstricf, and t s the intention ot the Board to uval) of the provisions at Article 20 of the School Code of the State of llinois, and all lawa amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto, and to moue said bonda for the purpose 01 ncreaning sad Workln Cash Fund Sad Working Cas Fund s to be maintained irr accordanco wilh the provialons 01 said Article and shall be used tar the purpose 01 enabling the District to have n ita treasury st all time sufliclent money to meet demands thereon for eapondilures torcorporate purposes A petillon may be tiled with the Socrefary of the Board (the Secretary) within thirty k30) days after the date of publicalon 01 ths notice, signed by not lasa than 1,184 voters at the Diatrict, sad number ot voters being equa) to ten per cent (10%) of the registered voters of the District, requesting that the proposition lo ssue said bonda as aulhorlzed by the provisions of said Article 20 be aubmilted fo the volera 01 ho Distrct, lt such petition la tiled wilh the Secretary within thirty (30) days utter the ciste at publication 01 this notice, sn election ori the proposition to issue asid bonds shall be held on the 20th day at March 2012 The Circuit Court may declare that an emeupency referendum should be held prior Thursday, October 20, 2011 pubucnòtices: to said electon dale pursuahl to the provisions of Secton 2A 1,4 of the Election Code of the State of llinois, as amended f no euch petition n filed withn sad thirty (30) day period, then the Disde) shall thereafter be authorized to ssue sad bonds lar the purpose hereinabove provided By order of the Board al Educolion al School District Number 68, Cook County, llinois DATED this 18th day at Ocober, 2011 Eleth Millard Secretary, Board of Education, School District Number 68, Cook County, llinois David Baller president, Board of Educaf ion, School District Number 68, Cook County, llinois Pub: # NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that purosant fo Section 4 01 the Seit SaMoa Storsge Facility Act, Stale al llinois, the undersigned, Public Storage/PS Orsngeco,rrc and will conduct sale(a) on October 28, 2011 at 11:30 AM on the premise where sad properly has been stored, and which are located at Public Sforsge/PS Orange Co nc 1950 Keley Court, Llbertyville, L the personal property described below, n the mutters of: 0008 Brian Wigman tools vehicle 0062D Christy Chellman boxee totes 0073 Rueben Carter boues totes 1082 Georgeanna Emerson books boxas 1128 Arulsaravana Jryara) boxes electronics 2120 Lorilee Kalman boxes bags totes 2254 Susan Kogan bones lurrriture 2256 Au Storág'Léa,: : StôragéLègal dte' Bacon boxes fumilura 2259 Patrick Hamelel boxes electronlos 2261 Patrck Hamelel oleo ronica Purchases Must Ba Made With Cash Only And Paid For At The Time Of Sale All Goods Are Sold As s And Must Be Removed At The Time Of Purchase, Safe la Subject To Adjournment (144249) Pub:10h13, 10120/11 NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that pursuant to Section 4 al the Salt Service Storage Facility Act, Slate 01 llinois, the undersigned PS Orangeco, nc, will conduct sale(a) by compelifive bidding on October 28, 2011 at 9:30 am on the premise where said property has been stored, and which are located at Public Sturage, PS Orange Co 4072 N Broadway, Chicago, llinois 60613, the personal property described below n the mollera al: A020 Clifton Davis furniture electroncs Purchases must be made with cash only and pulci for at the time at sale All goods are sold as la and muet be removed at the time of purchase Sale s subject to adjournment (1400B) Pub:10/13, 10/20111 RECU OUT TO MORE QUAUFED LOCAL CANDDATES N CHCAGOLAND Willi MONSTER, CALL NOTCE OF PUBLC SALE OF' PE35SONAL PROPERTY Notice is hereby given that the undersigned will sell, to satisly lien 01 the owner, at public sale by competitive bidding on November 9, 2011 at or after 10:00 AM at the Extra Space Starage faclity located at: 7540 McCormick Blvd Skokia, L The personal goods stored therein by the following may ncada, but are not limitad lo general household, furniture, boxes, clothes, and appliances i 128 Syble Faden 1122 Lus Mario GutierrezPicon Tools 1202 Haleez Ahmed Purchases must be mude with cash only and paid at the time 01 sale All goods are sold as s and must be removed al the time 01 purchase Extra Space Storage resumes the right to retuse any bid Sale s sobject to adjournment Pub:10/20, 10/27, 11/3/11 # LEGAL NOTiCE OF PUBLC MEE11NG The Village at Skohie Sustainable Environmental Advisory Commission will hold a meeting an Tuesday, October 25, 2011, et the Villaqe of Skokie, 5127 Oakton Street, Conterence Room A, Skolnie, llinois 60077, at 7:00 PM NEW The Village of Skokie Sustainable Environmental Advisory Commisolon, appointed by the Mayor, will covducl a meeting on Tuesday, October US, 201 1, in Conterence Room A ot Villoge Hall, 5127 Oakton Slreet, Skokie, llinois The meeting will commence at 7:00 PM The Commission will diacuss 2011 activities SPECAL AD: Available upon request for he disabled Call (847) or TOD (847) g nterested parties are nvited to attend this meeting This notice s for intorrnation purposes only Published n the Skokie Review on October 20, 2011 Scott Berman, Chairman Pub:10l20/11 # LEGAL NOTCE OF PUBLC HEARNG Skokie Plan Commission, Thursday, November 17, 201 1, Vitlage al Sleokle, 5127 Dakton Street, Steokie, llinois 60077, at 7:30 PM, to consider the tollowing: NEW ACTiON TAKEN F Zonng Map Amendment: 5550 Touhy Avenue Touhy Office Plaza, LLC, requests a zoning map amendment fo rezone 5550 Touhy Avenue from an Ml Ottico Assembly to a B3 Business district FOR YOUR NFORMATON: Paras and related documents are ovailablo at the Village's Community Development Department, Planning Division, (847) Monday through Fr? doy, from 8:30 AM lo 5:00 PM SPECAL AD: Available upon request for the disabled Coil (847) or TDD (847) tnlerentad parias are invited to attend 1h10 meeting This notice s for inlormatlon purposes only Published in the Skokie Review on October20, 2011 Paul Luke, Chairman Pub:10t20/11 # Pioneer Press (DC) osyour 47 Dreams to cjfiy,ecom search for new and used cars S'ME Judicia):SaiesRéàEst :: ' ' ' : : '" :, :?A ssúmédnanfe ' ;,Bd Notice :: Erle No: ARDC Atlornev Code Cane ti CH 005b09 NOTE: Pursuant to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you are advised that Plalntilf'o attorney s deemed to be a debt colleclar ullempting to collect a debt end eny information obtained wilt be used tar that purpose ': ASSUMED NAME Notice s hereby gven, pursuanl to An Act n relation to the use of an Assumed Business Name n the conduct or ransaction al Buelnees in the State, as amended, that e certification filed by the undersianed PARK RDGE RECREATiON AND PARK DSTRCT LEGAL NOTCE Sealed bds will be received by the Parte Rdge Recreaton and Park Dstrict, 2701 W Sibley Street, Park Ridge, llinois, tele for the phone NOTCE OFRUBLC HEARNG CONCERNNG ThE NTENT OF THE BOARD OF EDUCA DiON OF SCHOOL DSTRCT NUMBER 79, COOK COUNTY, LLNOS TO SELL $1,200,000 WORK NG CASH FUND BONDS Adoption Assumed Name Aucton Real Estate Pub:10(6,10/13,10!20111 # Bt Notice with the County Clerk of öook County File No on October 5, 2011 Under the Aseumed Name of JCSR Medical Billing with the business located at Box 1 83, Atiingtsn Heights, L The true name(s) and resdence address al the owner(s) te: Calherne JoneaEndres, 112 South School Street, Mounl Prospect, L Pub: 1012G 10/27, 11/ prinfing al the Brochure Series until Thursday, November at 11:00 ars al whlct time such bids will be publicly opened and announced n the Board Room at fha Admintsfrafive Offices of the building localed at 2701 W Sibley Street, Park Ridge, llinos SpecUications are available by callin MaryVynn Ryan, President Board at Park Commissioners Pub:10/20/11 # PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN tisa School District Number 79, Cook County, liiinoie (the 'Dsnicr), will hold a publc hearing ore the 01h day el November, 201 1, al 7:00 O'clock PM The hearing will be held al the Pennoyer Elementary School and District Building, 5200 North Cumberland Avenue, Norrldge, llinois The parpose of the hearing will be fo raceive public comments on he proposa to sell bonds of hn BUFFALO GROVE N THE CRCUT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, LLNOS COUNTY DEPARTMENT, CHAN CERY DVSON DRAPER AND KRAMER MORT GAGE CORPORATON, Plainlitf V LUDMLA MARTNENKO; VKTOR BATANOVSÇ A/K/A VCTOR BATANDVSK; US BANK NA TONAL ASSOCATON NO, Defendants 1 CH 6112 C/K/A 203 Cottonwood Roast Buftalo Grove, L NOTCE OF FORECLOSURE SALE Rsher and Shapiro tile li 1 l lit is advised that inlerealed parties conoult milk their own attorneys bebra bidding at mortgosa foreclosure sales) PUBLC NOTCE is hereby given that eursuont to e Judgment of Foreclosure enlered on August 29, 2011, Kelen Realty Services rre,, as Selling Official will at 12:30 em, on December 1, 201 1, at 205 W Rendelnh Street Sulle 1020, Chcago, lmais, sah at public aaction to thu highest bidder for cash as set forth 00lsw, the following duacolbedrealpmperty : Commonly snows aa 203 Cotton wood Road, Buffalo Grove, L 6000g, Permanent ndex ls: The rrnortasged real estate io mpreved with e dwellin9 The proper will NOT be open for nspection ene iutjqment amasad was $ 236 ot(tt, Sale terms fur nunpardeo: 10% of successful bid immediately at conclusion ot auclion balance by 12:30 pm the nevi business day, both by cashier's L checks; and no refunds, The aale shall be subject to general real esi tate faxes, special taxes, special usseramunls, special tases levied, i and superior liens, if any The property is offered es is, with no espress or mplied warranties and i wilfrual env representation as to the quality of filie or recourse ta Plain lift, Prospective bidders are adr msnished to review the court file to verity all nformation For information: Sale Clurk, Fisher e and Shapiro, Attorney l 42168, f 2121 Waukegan Road Sulle 301 e Bunnnckburn, llinois 60015, (847)' , between 1:00 pm and r 3:OOomweekdavsonlv e 10/2f0,10r27,11/3181 # t t il : :; ': : ' ';, Divorce Forec'osures Foundation Notices Judicial Sales Mechancs Liens Namo Change Probate Public Rearngs PubUc Notices Storage Legal Take Notices ASSUMED NAME Notice s hereby given, pursuant to 'An Act in relation to the use of an Assumed Business Neme n fha conduct or transacton of Business n the State, as amended, that a certiticalion was tiled by the undemlaned with the County Clerk al öook county File No D on October 4, 2011 Under the Assumed Nvrme at MB WELDNG SOLUTONS al 250 Alce, Wheeling, L The trae name(s) and residence address 01 the owner(s) s: My Nguyen 7910 N Cadwell Ave, #1, Nifes, fl /13,10120,10/27111 # NOTCE OF BDDNG Notce s hereby given that the Skokle Park Dlstticl s accepting bids for the preparation and restallatlon of Porto flooring produd n one multipurpose area end live bathrooms at the Deyoscure Cultural Center, 4400 Greenwood Avenue, Skokie, L 60076, Bid specifications are available at 9300 Weber Place, Skakie, L between the hours of 0:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, Bds v/ill be received until Thursday, November 10, 2011 et 10am, at which time the bids will be opened and publicly read All bida muet be submitted n a sealed envelope marked "Bld for Devonahlre Flooring" arid addressed to Mchelle Tuft, Skokle Park Dletrtot, 9300 Weber Place, Skokle, L The Board of Park Commissioners al the Skokle Park District, Cook County, llinois reserves the right to reject any or all bids or partions thereol Please direct questions to Mlchelle Tuft, Superintendent al Recreaton al mjluft@shohlepar kdlslriclorg or Pub:10!20/11 # District n the amount v $1 200,000 for the purpose ol increasing the working cash fund of the Disric By order of the Presidenl ot the Board al Education ol School Dislrict Number 79, Cook Caurity, llinois DATED the 12th day of Ocober, 2011 John ovacik Secrefary, Board of Education, School District Number 79 Cook County, llinola Pub: (157251) ASSUMED NAME Noflce is hereby green, pursuant to An Act n relation to the use al an Assumed Business Name lit the conduct or transaction al Business in the State, as amended, that a certillcatisn was filed by the undersloned with the County Clerk of ëook County File No on September 27, 2011 Under the Assumed Name al S carte Prnting at fìdge Ave, Palatine, L The true name(s) and residence address of the owner(s) s: Jennifer Fleck, 884 Coolidge Ave, Palaline, L Pub:10/6,10113,10120/11 # NOTCE OF PUBLC HEARt NG CONCERNNGTHE NTENT OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATON OF SCHOOL DSTRCT HUM BER 68, COOK COUNTY, LLNOS TO SELL NOT TO EXCEED $8,300,000 WORKNG CASH FUND BONDS PUBLC NOTCE S HEREBY GVEN that School Disrici Number 60, Cook County, liii noie (the Dlefdct), will hold o publio hearing on the 15th da ot November, 2011, at 7:30 o'clock PM The hearins will bo held in the Educafional ervicea Center, 9440 Kenton Avenue, ASSUMED NAME Nolise ta hereby given, pursuant to An Act in relation to the use al an Assumed Business Name n the conduct or transaction of Busness n the State, as amended, that a certification filed by the undersgned with the County Clerk of Cook County File No ort October 6, 2011 Under fha Assumad Nome of Paper Playground at 2741 N Hamlin Ave, Chcago L The true name(s) an resdence address of the owner(s) s: Brooke Glaser, 2741 N Hamlin Ave, Chcago, L l13,10/20,10l27111 # ASSUMED NAME Notice s hereby given, pursuant to 'An Act n relation to the use 01 an Assumed Business Name n the conduct or transaction of Busness n the Stale, as amended that a cerlltbcatlon was Vied by the undersianed with the County Clerk of took County File No Dl on Seplember 23, Under the Assumed Name of Balance & Bookkeepng Servces et 9821 N Huber Leu, Hiles, L The trae name(s) and resdence address 01 the owner(s) ta: Enkelelda Polo, 9821 N Huber Leu, Hiles, L 60714, Esmeralda Parsshevopoulos, 7206 W Grain, Hiles, L Pub:1D/6,10/13,l00/11 # Park Rdge Recreaton and Perk Dletrlct LEGAL NOTCE Sealed bids will be received by the Park Ridge Recreation and Park District, 2701 W Sibley Street, Park Ridge, llinois, telephone tor the supply and provision al staff and participant shirts and apparelfor the year 2012 untl Wednesday, November 9, at 1 1 :00 am, at which time such bids will be publicly opened and annosnced n the Board Room al the Adminlsfrative Olfices of the building located at 2701 Sbley Street, Park Ridge, llinois Specifications are available by calling Board of Park Commissioners Mary Wynn Ryan, President Pub:10f20/11 # Skokie, llinos The purpose ol the hearing will be to recales public comments on fha propos al lo sell bonds 01 the District in an amount not to exceed $8,300,000 for the purpose 01 ncreasing the working cash fund ofthe District By order of the President of the Board 01 Educaton of School District Number 68, Cook Cuanty, llinois DATED the 18th day of Ocober, 2011 Beth Millard Secretary, Board Dt Education, School District Number 68, Cook County, llinois Pub: 10/20/11 # ASSUMED NAME Notice is hereby given, pursuant O An Act n relaton to the use al an Assumed Business Name n tbo conducl or transaction al Business in the Slate,' as amended, hat a certification W55 Filed by the undemloned with he County Clerk of took County File No Dl i on October 13, 2011 Under the Assumed Name of PROWASH at 828 Mcntosh Ct, Apt 304, Prospect Heights L The tma name(s) and residence address al the owner(s) s; Dmylro Sakhnevych, 828 Mclnlosh C, Apt 304, Prospect Heights, L /20,10/27,11/3/11 # a f r e e s FND MORE i LOCAL JOBS, i AT :, i : POUE[RLOCALCOM?ON5TER f ASSUMED NAME Nolice s hereby given, pursuant to An Act n relation to he use of an Assumed Business Name n the conduct or transaction of Business in tha Stafe, as amendant, that a certificaton was filed by the undemloned with the County Clerk of Öook County Fle No Dl i on October 7, 2011 Under the Aseumed Name at BENEDCTS OLD FASHONED BARBER SHOP al 1938 E Touhy Ave, Dea Plaines, L The trae name(s) and residence address 01 the owner(s) la: Benedyko Hadamik, 4855 Elm St, Apt #2D, Skokie, L ,10127/11 # PUBLC NOTCE f you live in Hiles Township and have a child n grades K8 who is homeschooled or attenda a private school and you are coocerned about their educational growth and development please contact Nilen Township District lar Special Education, Tarin Kenddck, Executive Diractor PH: , 8701 Menard, Morton Grave, L Pub: 1G/20/11 # i:näméchàn Stale of llinois Caunlyol Cook n The Crcuit Cauri For Cook County, llinois n The Matter of the Petition öl Robert Wilder Eddy For ChangeofHame Case# 11 M Notce of Publcaton Publio Nofice le hereby given that ori November , being one of the return 'days n the Circuit Court al the County of Cook, will lilo my petition n said court praying for the change al my name from Robert Wilder Eddy lo hat of Robert Eddy Wilder, pursuant to the statute in such case made and provided Dated at Northbrook, llinos, October Signalune df Petítioner Robert Wilder Eddy Pub:10/20, 10/27, 11/ of "flur trearns tod lvecorn ej ej ASSUMED NAME Notce s hereby given, pursuant lo 'An Act n relation to the use al en Assumed Business Name n the condptct or transaction of Busness n the State,' as amended, that a certification was Vied by the unclersioned with the County Cleab of took County File No D on September 27, 2011 Under the Assumed Name al TAQUERA LOS JUANES at 914 Bode Rd, Schaumburg, L The trae name(s) and residence address 01 the Owner(s) s: Ariel Gomez Gil, 603 Orole, Dr, Streumwood, L 60107, Juan Gomez, 2363 Ds Dr, Schsumburg, L PUb1026,l0/13,10/20/11 # J'fl1R the 1í\ii,, NOTiCE 01 NTENTON OF SCHOOL DSTRCT NUMBER 79 COOK COUNTY, LLNOS ' TO SSUE $1,200,000 WORKNG CASH FUND BONDS PUBLC NOTCE is hereby gisen fhat on the 12th day 01 Octe ber 2011, the Board of Educelion (the 'Board") 01 School Dia 99cl Number 79, Cask County, llinois (the Dstricl), adopted O resolution declaring fs ntunilon and determination O l55ue bonds n the aogregate amount of $1 200,000 Tor the purpose o ncreasng the Working Cash Fund of the District, and it s the ntention of the Board fo avail of the provisions of Article 200f the School Code of the Stata of llinos, and all laws amendatoiy thereot and supplementary thereto, and to lasse sold bonds for the purpose of ncreasing said Worising Cash Fund Said Working Cash Fund s to be ASSUMED NAME Notice s hereby given, pursuant to 'An Act in relation to the use 01 an Assumed Business Name n the conduct or transaction al Business n the State, as amended, that a certification was filed by the urndersloned wìlh the County Cleric al aok County File No Dl i on September 29, Under the Assumed Name cl Bg Sky Dog Trainng at 8047 Kllpotrick Ave #203, Skokie, L Tte true name(e) end residence address of the owner(s) is: Montana C Hayes 8047 Kilpahick Ave, ff203, koke, L 60076, 10/13,10/20,10/27/11 #146716,,e,, L: i: Ji hi,, li L i i,,, ' i L,,,,, j_, u,, l, ' L Frand8alanceRayl,2010 F() FUND s 68,219 Fleçeilylmes ddleveass FrrdßslareaftplD8,20l1 UPECAL RECREA1OA FURO Fied8xluceMxpl,20t0 Flopeelyporas s 169,738 lilded 71 lofolßeseajes 169,995 Expenses: qitnnes s ,737 Frrd0dnuceApd30,201l $ 392,034, CAPT)L PROJECTS FUND FmdUalancnMayl,200 $7,751 tm s 248 Grad 150,000 00r 46,253 Ope00r9lrinofeosb _iav 292,499 &Perets=SS5nsss Li RaeiSdsrex1pe130,20t1 O RedBalaresAal,20l0 s 3,334,010 letones: 3,609,636 Lepases: 3,625,213 FtrdoabxeApefO2,20l O 3318,453 Norr02eMDlafh5f NeouETreatoros Rapati Futi Yea Ended Apelt 20, 2911 A&BRe&ke,$53936l'edHedmaLCeçdec2j6350JFlmeeEkctm,Co, ,Ñrreitas8uòthlogrrg bc ll,5050;92colnpesdce ; Varty$ei*es, 4,46592, Beck OndUle ; be lnos Blue OleRe M; sb Clue's Crsldmsx, 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P99cm) lvio Group, 8,93; Quaey Caluibrq, Ritmar 5,193 24; BeReit Uko Sutex 2,SUf14: Revntutm Dynucetar 2iii88; BuysUju5t 5,42900 llusos00oueeixplyianrl3 308,?5;uin'sCkb, 4,55752 Stalsre pecaev* 4,219,9Th Seer1bexrd, 2,75090;Sporls A Vo, 796O0Sloleb&shid Prodnuts, 3,13802; Ttin ,16562lla RsetulNereiYakffelon, 405,d353E $be lcs torah huh OSU4Mbslxolryshsglre 3,b2a99;TReL0hrateScledoGuOuo 6,7234TmaenCo 3,07&lilA1dtScreenFlhi2l745;Tressk4 )JJ435400;Trsensv'Chnr8aury,O6iX0; Trae Filch be, 2,67119; lk tirlerualurnd Sncw Carres , Vsloaled Sxsditts hic ; Oddesuer ddre 5,620Sf VS FsedSerskx, 8,42&44\Ttaoe of Noerfdge O,575;WeslStchan S, A Recroatm Usoacatar, , Ntoaly Ainsoanerts, l,16808, Wodes Fetal C '' : sohudu$2,50092est $ 183, Poneer Press (DC) Thursday, October 20, ,146 s 826,608 s 296, ,820 s 129,232 j s , s 1,964,155 s 025,110 1,296, ,883 s 1,1)3,119 $218, ,f ,868 s 300 s 453, ,150 $ 131,910 s 23, ,24) V41,1 $135,213 $26555 $3,328

49 Pioneer Press (DC) Thursday, October 20, 2011 NL THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM 25 / ; co QUER J i' 1iy ' 1' ',: START WTH YOUR HOMETOWN Monster and Pioneer Press have joined forces so you can discover a job that will let you rise to the top in the suburban Chicago area Your calling is calling MONSTER AND PONEER PRESS NOW WORK TOGETHER k L 2011 SLVERADO ALLSTAR EDTON % PLUS FOR MONTHS APR Financng for Qualified Buyers,000 CASH ALLOWANCE1 OR CHOOSE ALLSTAR EDTON DSCOUNT OF $1,495 PLUS TOTAL DOWN PAYMENTASSSTANCE OF $4,505 FORATOTALVALUE 0F $6, TRAVERSE fl% : JFOR, ' PLUS 60 MONTHS APR Ananclng for OuaHfled Buyers s,ooo CASH ALLOWANCE4 < f\ \ 3L %J8 / VORTEC53LVB 24 MPG H WY1 AliTO LOCK!NG REAR DFFERENTAL B4CUBC FEET 0F CARGO SPACE' LOWEST CDST OF OWNERSHP OF ANY FUWSZE PCKUP' 20NCH 1ALJMNUM WHEELS7 : PONEER PRESS Tn O n s 1 e r ' ' TO GUARANTEE OUR QUALTY, WE BACK T MLE/5YEAR POWERTRAN WARRANTY Whichever conies first Seo dealerfor limited warranty dtflalls CHEVYDEALEtCOM ONSTAR' STANDARD ON MOST MODELS Safely connocling you n ways you lever hiight possitilc AUTOMATC CRASH RESPONSE STOLEN VEHCLE ASSSTANCE VEHCLE DAGNOSTCS REMOTE DOOR UNLOCK SS1nLord 6 nwnll,s on ooi 2011,,iodc i Monthly payeront is $1607 for evo $1,000 fnanced Example down payment: 7% Some customers wll not qualify, Ho avallablowllh allier offers Excludes leases See dealer for details Take delivery by lo3f2 No available lt soste other offers Excludes leases Seo dealer for details Take dolvry by b/al/l 3 Based on Vincentrlc 2011 Model Level Aoalysls 4 Monthly payment s $1667 for every $1000 financed Example down payment: 12% Some customers will not qualify Notavallablo with other olers Excludes leases See dealer for detals Take delivery by 10131(11 5 EPAestmated FWO 6 Cargo and load capacty limited by weight and dstribution, 7 lse only GMapproved wlieolltre combinations See dealer for details 8 OnSkar acts as a link to existing emergency service providers Visit enstarcom for details and system OnStar, All rights reserved, 2011 General Motors 2 pioneerlocalcom/monster \

50 h ' : jj L hj Hi i 4 L hj,j,l LJ!L L i ' AL, L liti,j 26 'WWWPONEERLDCAL:COM jthursday,octobern2o:2o11 NL Gr Not exactly light òn his feet, novice dancer s score falls between Bono and 'Oh no!' BY RV LEAVTT ileavftt@pioneerlocalcom or me, the best part of dancing at a wedding is that's when the line at the bar gets shorter But the "Dancing 'With the Stars" television show is very popular (despite a 2011 cast only Kathy Griffin could love), and was egged on to do 'something baliroomish Dancing is a subject have avoided covering unless had to, such as when Northbrook made it ifiegal iii certain zoning districts 'm especially disinterested in ballroom dancing to the point of generally letting my partners lead so could avoid learning anything am not quite so ignorant anymore, after taking, for the purpose of this story, two hours of ballroom dance instruction from Sylvia Zawadzka At the tender age of 24, she's one of the parthers at Ballroom Dance Stadio in Northbrook's Sanders Court Shopping Center There's another one tucked into a mall in Vernon Hills One of the few dances acthally wanted to learn was the tango, because it tells a story :i like A man chases a woman, who runs away Then she thinks better of it, and runs off with him They charge around the dance floor, daring others to get in the way of their new, wacko relationship Toe nailed Zawadzka told me to take three steps toward her as she backed away, and then turn left and kinda whip into a facetoface Then you do the familiar promenade, which is pretty cool and dramatic (for a dance, anyway) ' ' The only problem was that she was wearing opentoed high heels, and weigh twice as much as she does f step on one of her pretty little feet, there goes her career ce SyLvia Zawadzka, coowner of Ballroom Dance Studio in Northbrook, works on Pioneer Press Columnist kv Leavitt's footwork during a lesson RYAN PAGELOWSUNTMES MEDA So as walked toward her, stepped to the left ofher right foot and the right of her left foot t was kind of like a cowboy who went to the dance hail immediately after jumping offhis horse A fat cowboy with an AARP card "Don't worry" she said 'Walk right at me 'll stay out of the way?' A minute later, stepped on her right foot She shrieked, then dissolved into cascades of laughter "'m fine, 'm fine, just pretending' That helped me relax So stepped on her left foot got her twice more, but had a lot of fun with the tango can't imagine Zawadzka did, but she wasn't limping or listing to one side at the end Weightloss plan She taught me the basics of eight other dances, from the box step to the hustle She smiled a lot give her points for that Not only is it hard dancing with a bearlike partner for two hours, but must have lost three pounds in sweat That can't be fun to watch This was majorleague, running off the nose, puddlesonthefloor perspiration wasn't sweating from nervousness Two hours of trotting around a dance hail is a lot ofexercise for nie ta what a triathlon must be for some people 'm guessing "Pretty good workout, hah?" asked Krystian Grabowski, the studio's priscipal owner He was dry as a bone But was working harder He and an advanced student were just standing around, moving one oftheir feet a few inches now and again, and discussing how that went suppose it must have er Pioneer Press Columnist kv teavitt practices his steps with Sylvia Zawadzka, coowner of Ballroom DanceStudlo in Northbrook, during his eventful lesson at the studio i RYAN PAGELOWSUNTMES MEDA Sylvia Zawadzka shows liv Leavitt which way to maneuver in a dance move during the Pioneer Press columnist's Lesson on the dance floor ofthe Northbook studio i RYAN PAGELOWSUN TMES MEDA meant somethingto them, but it looked like vogueing to me learned a box step and the basics of the foxtrot, waltz, rumba, swing, chacha, mambo and hustle E could keep them straight, but something was missing couldn't swing my hips not unless moved my whole body with them As soon as held Zawadzka, found could move, but couldn't move Zawadzka looked like a willow in the breeze looked Zawadzka recaps her lesson with Leavitt at the Northbrook dance studio where she is a coowner i RYAN PAGELOWSUNTME5 MEDA like a swamp oak n the swamp Graceless Lady She couldn't make me beautifizl, but Zawadzka had rendered me fit to dance a little without harming myself or others She said would probably need at least two lessons a week for six weeks or so to get it all straight Not gonna happen But at this point, can lead better than Chaz Bono? Do have more Grace than Nancy? No, andyes saw Chaz Bono on "Dancing with the Stars," and cannot quite dance a male part as well as he can, even though have many years' head slart on him saw Nancy Grace, too, and she can swing her hips a little better than can As for our comparative grace, can say this: 've been writing about crime since she was about 14 years old, but she's accused more innocent people of being guilty in one hour than have in 37 years She does wahr nice shiny dresses, however COMMUNTY CALENDAR Submissions for Community Calendar are required 14 days preceding the date of publicatian Send to: Ni/es Managing Editor, Pioneer Press, 3701 W LakeAve, GlenviewiL nformation may be faxed to (847) or emalled to mbottaripioneerlocalcom Center of Concern The Center of Concern, 1580 N Northwest High way, Suite 310, Park Ridge, (8i7) , calendar of events includes: Mondays, through Oct 31 Employment counseling, by appointment Saturday, Oct 22 Legal counseling, by appointment Saturday, Oct 29 Blood pressure and blood sugar testing, 10 amnoon (no appointment needed) Preparation of simple wills and durable powers of attorney for health care and property also is available by appointment AU services are offered at the Center of Concern offices at 1580 N Northwest Highway, # 310, in Park Ridge For services that require an appointment, call (87) weekdays, 9 am4:30 pm (The center is open only until noon on Fridays) The Center of Concern also offers hous ing counseling for seniors and others seeking affordable housing, programs designed to prevent homelessness, friendly visitors for the homebound, and volunteer opportunities in the office and in the field See www centerofconcernorg Center counselors also are available to help eligible residents apply for llinois Circuit Breaker propertytax relief grants and licenseplate discounts, llinois Cares Rx (prescriptiondrug assistance), the seniorcitizen realestate tax exemption and deferral, the seniorcitizen taxassessment freeze, and the longtimeoccupanthomeowner propertytax exemption Chamber Niles Chamber of Cornmerce & ndustry, (847) Oct 20: Breakfast Club Networking Event, regístration at 7:30 am, with teleconference from 89 am, am, BMO Harris Bank, 7077 W Dempster St, with Fran Tarkington, who is interviewing Jay Abraham, founder and CEO of Abraham Group, nc in Los Angeles, Calif One ofabraham's most successful strategies is to take marketing methods from a wide variety of industries and rework them for new businesses There is no charge to attend but register with the Niles Chamber of Commerce (847) or by debbie@nilescha m bercom Civic An Oktoberfest fundraiser for Maine Township ncumbents will be held Oct 20 at Lone Tree Manor, 7730 N Milwaukee Ave, Niles The evening begins at 5:30 pm followed by a German familystyle dinner at 6:30 A cash bar will also be available Political Commentator and WLS Radio (890AM) personality Dan Proft will be the guest speaker Proft is a former candidate for llinois governor The fundrai5ing event will be hosted by Carol A Teschky, supervisor; Gary K Warner, clerk; Tom Rueckert, assessor; Mary E Rohde, collector; Robert Provenzano, highway commissioner; and Trustees Walter Kazmierczak, Laura J M&rask, Susan Moylan Krey, and Peter Gialamas The evening will also feature entertainment by the German band, Die Musikmeisters Dinner features homemade mushroom soup, ham, roast beef, pork or chicken, brats, sauerkraut, potato dumplings and a large variety ofsalads and homemade desserts Tickets are $75 each Reservations are requested by Oct 11 Make checks payable to Maine Township ncumbents and return to PO Box 265, Des Plaines L Cali (847) State Rep Rosemary Mulligan, R65th, has opened her 65th District office at the following address: 1420 Renaissance Drive, Suite 306, Park Ridge L Her other contact information remains the same: Phone: (847) ; fax: (847) ; repmu( iigan usanet; website and ENews signup: The 65th District includes all or portions of Des Plaines, Park Ridge, Mount Prospect, Rosemont, Norridge, Harwood Heights, Wiles, Elk Grove Village, and the northwest corner of the 41st Ward of Chicago A representative from the Wiles Township Clerk's office will be available 9 am5 pm weekdays and evenings by appointment on the second and fourth Mondays of each month to accommodate residents with passport applications, voter registrations and temporary handicapped parking placards To schedule an appointment at Nues Township in Skokie, call (847) The Maine Township Neighborhood Watch meets at 7:30 pm on the first Wednesday of every month in the basement of Maine Town Hall, 1700 Ballard Road in Park Ridge Meetings address issues within the unincorporated area of the township and all residents are invited Reports from the Cook County Sheriff's Police, North Maine Fire Department, and the township's Code Enforcement Department are shared, and residents are invited to ask questions and report any concerns or problems in their neighborhood CLasses Wiles Township Government Computer Training Center will offer ntroduction to Computing; nternet Basics; and Beginner's Guide to Digital Photo Editing classes at the offices of Nues Township, 5255 Main St,Skokie Also, available will be nternet Basics and Beginner's Guide to Digital Photo Editing classes meet one day a week for five weeks, Oct 20 through Nov 17 These courses both require basic computing skills (PC) including familiarity with nternet and All township residents are weecome to signup for the Camputer Lab which meets one day a week for five weeks on Fridays from noon2 pm, Oct 21 through Dec 2 ndividual course fee is $75 for Niles Township residents, and $65 for outofdistrict applicants The Computer Lab fee is $30 per student Note: course fees include an instructional workbook Students must bring their own USB flash drive to save and transfer files needed for all classes All ages welcome A Certificate of Completion is awarded last day of class The first 12 students to register and pay will be enrolled for this session Any remaining students will be deferred to the next scheduled class J SEE CALENDAR, PAGE 28 / Love your pet love Pioneer Poess' Pets & Vets! A montidy feature devoted to our animal companions Look to Pioneer Press Classified for all the products and services you need and want for your favorite family member PONEER Piuss N J 'k Yearround sunroom Curvodeave soirium S29000 NL TUURSAY,'OCTOBER'202011' j 'WWWPTONEERLVCALTOM ''27 KEY TO THE CURE Get the shirt Shop the weekend Show your support JonSks Pifth Avenue n the fight against women's Cancers Got the shirt, designed by Elia Tahari available eaclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue this October Then shop October 20 to 23, when Saks Fifth Avenue will donate 2% of sales to The Auxilliary of NorthShore University Health System at Highland Park Hospital Special thanks to Jennifer Hudson the 2011 Ansbasador for ElF's Women's Cancer Research Fund and Saks Filth Avenue's Key To The Cure sahscom 'ss' \,r lwr_vcue_r_uthfsm M SakS will donato 2% ut Sales T hursdo a to sunday, Ootnbnr 25 te 23 up to ssoo coo, Visit saks cern/loto to Since 1966 we'vemanufactured and installed over 250,000 sunrooms SGflEET EUCLOSURES Blackpainted alumntirn screens provide maximum visibility and strength 3SEASON sunnoosis Features include black aluminum door handles with wood veneer accents and antitheft security bar ycannouno SUUROOM5 Doublepane ENERGY STAR rated insulated glass : s o LA R U ii S o Gurvedeave solarums with a gentle transition from the roof to the front panels \, Straightcave solariums with an adjustablepitch roof fit almost any application Bring n your prolect measurements for a &UC( QUOTZ or call now for a FREE nhome design consultation r LOWST PRCES OF THE SEASON ENDS OCTOBER 31, 2011 UPTO UPTO 1 kt' $4,tOC,OF o,'' '':' '' t t,' '' t uosfpmui3osyarlwlotwnta l%,quet'tmtdro4tntshtst t Me%tnn p3ocwdl5omeht«,rnk,,lf' SRnrcadmetuRw,oelucsodbewnb4vpiuFJtnewducioaitu,, J f hoedseordenke lpulbi nwmyby ocoliceu CSOlt FuSto Erdununs tnnodte es d,a t,dkjohm maydmy by tcslk*t OSSU Pille Endusrnst i'ioo,',':t ' cali our Chlcao office lar a FREE inhomo design consultatien 2846 HltchcockAva, Downers Grave, L Sea ail our products online at patloonccom facobookcom/patioenclosuros ' P'RESS uoaidod by EnR0SkUSAO45 EBrkd Rit, Sullo 64S,SaR Ldkti Olç ViBdlSEfatuplYekcd oedd, fora EÇtdSJ hnflaoynìwt tmtmuutyfiao 24to 13ZTiUsSO15O% racua'smbitto d5jtqewtois1aod f tepfdb 365 ckiys, y,resstdperosuttrocuttnodnes otter 0251 PttoEndwps etfbesdoatedsattenotvwybylomlo1 adeslvtmdtwit%(dcb 5OwrSSotma :J

51 ' J J i ii l ji i Jí' i L lì h J i i ELi 1E l j L iehi L E E i i Ei j ik 4' 28 f WWWP1ONEERLOCACOM j HURSDAY, OCTOER2O 2011 NL NL THtlRSDAY,0GT06ERí20ii2O11 WWWPlONEERtOCAL':QOM ' '29 i C ALENDAR CONTNUED FROM PAGE 27 Cati (847) The Joseph Rege nstein, Jr School of the Chicago Botanic Garden, 1000 Lake Cook Road, G(encoe, offers a variety of classes for the adults in the horticutture, garden design, nature studies and botanical arts by Garden staff and other experts For information or to register, visit wwwchicagobotanicorg/school or call (847) Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy nc, is now offering "ntroduction to Animal Assisted Therapy," dog training classes at various tocations, including 6042 W Oakton St, in Morton Grove The fee is $60 Contact Dorida King at dhking4 yahoocom or call (773) , for schedules and locations Clubs The Sweet Singers of Congregation Ezras srael which entertains at nursing homes, retirement facilities and charitable organizations, meets the first Wednesday of every month at 10 am in the Rosenberg Auditorium of Ezras srael, 7001 N Callfornia Ave, Chicago Those who exjoy singing are welcome to join Call the Ezras srael office at (778) Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7712 meet at 7 pm every second Wednesday of the month at the Post at 7680 Caldwetl Ave (next to Tam Tennis in NUes on Howard Street) The Post is open also on Fridays 7 pm until closing All veterans from Vietnam, GulfWar, Afghanistan Korea and World War are welcome Call Bernard Beverley, (847) , jamesbond54762@ yahoocom or call (847) The Korean Wai Veterans Association, Greater Chicago Chapter No 25, meets at 7 pm the fourth Wednesday of each month at the MontclareLeyden VFW Post, 6940 W Diversey Ave Call Joe Henmueller, (773) The Knights of Columbus (North American Martyrs Council, Niles), provides ways for members to help others in the community while trying to improve their family and spiritual lives Call Bob Galassi, (847) NUes Chapter Toastmasters meets at 7:15 pm the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month at the Morton Grove, 6140 Lincoln Ave Members learn how to feel comfortable and have selfconfidence talking to an audience Call (847) Community ON A MAP YOU'RE ALREADYFAMUAR WTH Now Monster and Pioneer Press work together so you can build your career, right here in suburban Chicago Your callingis callingfind it at pioneerlocalcom/monster MONSTER AND PONEER PRESS NOW WORK TOGETHER n honor of Adopt a Dog Month, Orphans ofthe Storm animal shelter will team up with Animal Medical Center to hold an adoption drive from 10 am to 4 pm Oct 22 at the center, 8343 Skokie Blvd, Skokie The event wifi feature a variety of dogs, and a few kittens and cats up for adoption, as well as the chance to meet the doctors, tour the facffity and the chance to watch a live surgery performed on the half hour all afternoon There will also be food, prizes and goody bags Call (847) or (847) Advocate Lutheran General Hospital will host a Health Careers Night from 68 pm Nov 9 in Grainger Atrium and Yacktman Children's Pavilion, 1775 W Dempster St, Park Ridge ndividuals of all ages considering health care careers are invited to attend this event to learn about health career choices, talk with various health care professionals and obtain information about educational requirements and salary ranges There is no charge to attend and advance registration is not required This is not a job fah but a chance to explore various career fields and ask questions of people who work in those careers Parking is available in the Center for Advanced Care garage at the southwest corner of Dempster Street and Luther Lane and the main parking garage in front of the hospital The parking fee in both garages is $2 for the first hour plus $1 for each additional hour Free parking and shuttle service to the hospital is available in the North surface lot of Dempster Street Call Jan Welter at (847) To explore employment opportunities visit wwwadvocatehealthcom/careers llinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center, 9603 Woods Drive, Skokie, (847) , www itholocaustmuseumorg Through Jan 15: The Art of Gaman Exhibit showcases arts and crafts made by Japanese Americans in US internment camps during World War ; free with museum admission Oct 23: Following a screening of the PBS documentary, "Time of Fear," Bitt Yoshino, Midwest director of the japanese American Citizens League, wilt moderate a discussion with former internees Chiye Tomhiro and Kiyo '(oshimura, 1:303:30 pm Free with museum admission Reservations recommended Windy City Rods and Restorations, 6143 W Howard St in NUes, hosts Classic Car Show 59 pm every Friday through midoctober See a wide variety of cassic and muscle cars while Listening to oldies music from "Monster Boom Box" Free admission for alt cars and spectators Food and ice cream is usually available Contact Anthony Fuentes, (630) ), or webmaster@windycityrrcom The Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County recently established a Battery Recycling Program for rechargeable and alkaline batteries, partnered with nterstate Batteries in Skokie to provide recycling at no cost to SWANCC communities Common household batteries are no longer accepted at llinois EPAsponsored household chemical waste events and facilities due to their benign nature and high recycling costs Batteries accepted in SWANCC's program: Alkaline (AA, AAA, C, D and gv) and rechargeable (NiCd, NMh, lithium ion, lithium polymer) Before dropping off rechargeable batteries, residents need to tape the contact points on each battery or place in an individual selflocking plastic baggie to avoid sparks Local dropoff sites include: Niles Public Services Department, 6849 Touhy Ave, (847) , 7 am4:30 pm Mondays through Fridays; NUes Village Hall, 1000 Civic Center Drive, (847) , 8 am5 pm, Mondays through Fridays; Park Ridge Public Works, 400 Busse Highway, (847) , 7 am4 pm, Mondays through Fridays Additional dropoff sites are posted at swanccorg/recycling/batteryrecyclinghtml The Solid Waste Agency of Northern Cook County has established a location for residents to drop off electronics on a weekly basis at no cost at the Glenview Transfer Station, 1151 N River Road, 911:30 am Saturdays Under the new Electronics Products Recycling and Reuse Act (5B2313), only the following items will be accepted: Computers PCs and laptops, scanners, computer monitors, mobile phones, peripheras mice, keyboards, zip drives, MP3 players, televisions, POAs printers, VHS players, fax machines, DVD players, video game consoles, and DVR/cable boxes Electronics from businesses, institutions or schools will not be accepted Visit swanccorg Any women interested in joining the Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care Threshold Singers can contact Kathy Huber at (847) Practices are held on two Thursdays each month starting at 6:45 pm in Park Ridge Threshold Singers are trained to sing in groups of two and three at the bédside of those who are sick ànd dying The songs are generally traditional or simple rounds» chants, lullabies and hymns that can be chosen to respond to musical taste and spiritual direction Singers go through patient care volunteer training, but there are no auditions; only requirements are a love of music and a desire to serve others Avenues Thrift Shoppe offers great prices and specials on gently used clothing for infants, children and adults, shoes, household items, books and small furniture On Wednesdays, seniors 60 years and older receive 10 percent off all regularly priced items The main shop is located at 7710 W Touhy Ave in Chicago, and the "boutique" shop at 7700 Touhy Ave features upscale clothing, outerwear, collectibles and finer merchandise Hours are 10 am5 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays and 18 pm Thursdays Donations are accepted 10 am3 pm Tuesdays through Saturdays only Donate only gently used clothing; broken or obsolete electronics cannot be accepted Purchases help adults with developmental disabilities Avenues to ndependence is a nonprofit organization based at 515 Busse Highway in Park Ridge that offers a variety of programs to enhance an individual's work, social, and daily livingskitls For information on donations or to volunteer, contact Michael Frustini, (773) Crafts/Arts A holiday boutique benefitting the Center of Concern in Park Ridge will take from 10 am to 5 pm Nov 12 and noon to 5 pm Nov 13 at St Andrews Lutheran Church, 260 N Northwest Highway, Park Ridge The boutique will feature a collection of handcrafted items such as doll clothes, notecards, candles, sweaters, floral arrangements, pet accessories, fine chocolates and gift baskets, as well as oneofakind silver, beaded and gemstone jewelry Pampered Chef, Avon and Tastefully Simply representatives will also be available Messiah Lutheran Church, 1605 Vernon Ave, Park Ridge, is having its annual Harvest Arts & Crafts Festival from 9 am to 3 pm Nov 12 They are looking for crafters at this time specializing in mostly handmade craft items, but will accept a limited number of retail items that may be pertinent to the holiday season Applications are accepted on a firstcome, firstserved basis according to available space nclude a picture or detailed description of craft with application, which may be accessed at wwwmessiahparkridgeorg Contact Carol Hrodey, messiahfestival2011@yahoocom or (847) The Expressive Arts and Life Enrichment Departments at Norwood Crossing are calling for artists in the community to participate in the annual Fall Art Show that will begin Nov 5'at Norwood Crossing, N Nina Ave in Chicago Art work can be submitted in any size or medium, must be ready to hang, and needs to be received and delivered by Oct 21 to the Front Desk of Norwood Crossing, where submission forms are available for the artist to complete Artwork will be available for viewing from lo am to 3 pm through December at Norwood Crossing A reception and resident fashion show will be held in çonjunction with the Nov 5 show opening, giving attendees the opportunity to interact with artists about their work Call Kaye Shaddock at (773) St John Brebeuf's Catholic Women's Club will sponsor its annual Holiday Craft Fair from 9 am3:30 pm Nov 13 in the May Parish Ministry Center, 8307 N Harlem Ave, Niles Crafters wishing to receive an application for the fair are asked to call Judi Stephens at (847) Crafters are needed for the annual Holiday Fair at Martin Luther Church, 6850 W Addison St, Chicago, which will be 10 am to 3 pm Oct 22 A table rental fee and a sample for the raffle are required Call (773) Food Drives n honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Caldwell Breast Center at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is hosting a food drive for the Maine Township Emergency Food Pantry Anyone who brings a canned good or nonperishable item to the breast center is eligible for the second annual " Can help" raffle for a variety of items ndividuals are invited to drop off their nonperishable items during October, November and December at the center, 1700 Luther Lane in Park Ridge All women who are in need of their yearly mammogram may call (847) to make an appointment Contact Carol Daltmeyer, nurse navigator, (847) for information about donations Fundraisers October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month Help the Adult Down Syndrome Center at Advocate Lutheran General celebrate by dining at Graziano's during October Graziano's wilt donate a portion of the n n ' COMPLETE Basic hstaliation* Purchase 7 at mo Series windows and we'll Add Marble SUis PLUS: CALL J6Wam1 w9' ad LowE Giss! Thai's Llhy ole4 38,000 ionq owwt iav chosm Pararnviin' flay & Bow Windows Ucenseff0007lBB month's proceeds to help the Adult Down Syndrome Center provide comprehensive medical and psychosocial services for teens and adults with Down syndrome To qualify, be sure to mention the Adult Down Syndrome Center to your server Graziano's is located at 5960 W Touhy Ave in Niles Contact Kristienne Hanna at (847) The "Angels Ball," Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care's signature fundraiser, will bring together past &) E: u U' Screeis C Sliding Patio Doors Cìll fikqow! iu; 1O Statewide Coverage Windows Siding Rooting nsulation '1 RQ41cUded' '1[ and future, celebrating the organization's 30 years of service to the community and honoring the newly formed Women's Board during the gala event on Oct 29 The event will take place from 6:30 pm to midnight in the Grand Ballroom of the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Rosemont Last year's Angels Ball honoree, the Rev John Cusick of the Archdiocese of Chicago, will be on hand to offer the in Day' ßase,on 7doubhhUflgoç51derwfndowsLq1tU lzoosq iflcho'e8c1 Outsida fl/a? Exfr SEE CALENDAR, PAGE 30 nstallation MostOrders,i$' llß7lllre llßr F?rFC,q11 Oflßr 7,O)OE rl/r uy Fctry LT'ñrctll Call Us Today For Your Free Estimate! OR VSif USAT i,wiparamounumpmvemntscom j: ii ;p>fr ' ;, 4L

52 oomag3sp il l,jh ii,, di ii: :1111 :11 i L i i ii, ow lljj:llllt::, Liii :1 : i J) :ill j dij : : LJ:il L: lu ll : : V, liv 1_ 'Û'_Oljl V'O 30 5WWP0910ROCRL0O5 ThUrSDAY OCTOBEr 20, 2011 NL OL THURSDaY OCTOvLY vwwpo9evrocalcorr CALENDAR j CONTNUED FONO PAGE 29 vocation Attend ses wir be trated to dinner, music and dancing tu the Gentlemen rl Leisure Bend, outstandjog nattier, client auction items and more The suent mill highlight the Roinbow ElospicoWomee's Board, led by chain, Sacho Rorni100r et Glenulow Other board members include, Cerio lnerowski of Chiurgo, Tira Maorie airo et 01500mw, lone Berg, lear Cellier, Thenesa Olson avd Leigh Sasrarof Park Ridge, BarBers Smith sed bue Heressy Trohets are $050 each Contant lackie Mathneus at (reothewogi RomnbewHosplceorg oc (Bu?) Our Lady of Raesoer Porish, 862u W Normal uue, Rilen, ic railing Entertair meet 2R12 Books et $25 The hobbs efter e uatiety of ualues, mainly twoforone dealu at many rortau tarts and eotablinhments DsoountScouertrauel, reo taurorts, ear rentait, mouia theaters, hotel discounts and more Precendr beesfit the paoish To order a book, cell lossphine Bas, (847) Like New Ruto Spa, One, ORSO Buree Highway, Park Ridge, has letreduced a special furdraisieg program that heesfits Advocate Lutherae Ocrerai Hospital) Adueoate Lutheran Esecrai Children's Hospital Anyone whs uisits Like Rem to haue their ser washed or detailed or buyo a Bitt cand tram ihe coerpery and also asks for ehe Lutherar General discourt will rebelde e price cutter the servios, with a Partien of the proceeds geieg spevilisally to benefit the Older Adult Seruiosu program of he hospital Call himen Madden, Lutheran Geceral Oavelopmeet 01 h0e, (047) W Steer Redaksuio et Like New Outs Spa, (047) aruirrt wwwikerswauturparom Oho fundraioirg program s feotursd on the home page with a link to amore detailed flyer cerlaioing the discount ard daration mairie This offer is not valid with er Outride wash ecly, or any ather promotion) program Health Oho gaine Commurity LOOKNG FOR A PLACE YOU CAN TRUST? T'S TME TO JON NORTHWEST COMMUNTY CREDT UNON' i yrati% Certif icaté $25OOniA: lo04%uroi2 noontliu 011,nio'ld500lthher3f2Clt Newly located in Morton Grove After 72 ymars serving the community 8930 Waukegan Rd Morton Grove, PL (847) youth Assistarsa F500datian, ard the Dreg Ertorcrment Administration are sponuaring Medioatisr Take Oavk Day from 10 amta 2 pm Got 29 Residents car safely dispose et aspired, unused en urwanted medicatiers, over the counter and prasoriptier, by dropping them uft ie their origirol esetamnors at the Park Ridge sr Riles Pslioa Stations Do rot renoue labels Personal intormatior (rame, address, dcctor) should be crossed eut, but informatiar about ths medicatian should be legible Remsuieg medicatices from sur home neducen availability for young psople, helps olieieste abose, ard keeps watar supply olear from impraperly diuposed drugs See www mevaf55m on covlaot your Poliva Department Oho UnivarslOy of Cirisago Kevlar Diabetes Center will hoot ileuleo for Kids, s free event an ohiidren with diabetes fose 9tO:30 am Nov Oat Kohl Childrar's Museum, 2100 Petrist Bled, Ulenvise The event is open to ohiidren with diabetes age 12 ara ysungar Parents, sihlings, Krandparerts and canegivers may attend NORTHWEST $20000 Saninge Account meets membership requirement for enyone who lives on works in MoRon Onuve, Nibs, Park Ridge, Des Pleines, Lincolewood or Skekia ALL ACCOUNTS FEDERALLY NSURED BY THE NATONAL CREDT UNON ADMNSTRATON TO AT LEAST $250,00000 'ynruel Parosnrogr Acid Cortase Daphre Ostie at daphnemprtllieccenet er 1323) e Advocate Lutheran Geerral Hespital is bestieg a frer COP (chronic obstrective pulmonery diseasel soreening from 10am toreen and 35 pm Rot 28 at Lutheran General Hespital's Wast End Grill 1775 Dempstar St, Park Ridge This will include bnealhing and eaygen levels testing as wall as COPO infcrmatisn sed medioatier aduioa To rrginter, sell 50DB323f 622 National ulularon oc Meesel llnesscook Covoty Nesth Suburban will hold RAM Belies: Fondamentais of Caring fer Toe, Saar Family and Roue Child with Mortal llness from 6:30R pmtuesdays, through Neu 15 at New Trier Rink Scheel, tkecthfieid vampas, 7 Happ Reed The ceunse iv tree To register, call (047) 71G2252 Gell Mill Hearing Aid Center, OBSH Nr Milwaukee Ave, ir offering free hearing evaluations All who Osma in will reosive e nsmprehsnslue avdiologioal evalvetion Call 1847) 29H334k Pediatric davalvpmentel screenings oflered ates cost LOHR Shesapeutico, 9436 Raark Rus, Menton Greve, provides spesialiaed eocvpatiocsl henspy servioes ad learning instruction pnegraers te ehildren wilh physioal, sovial, emotional, aol learning difnsultien Csnt5ct: nurid KaRren at BA7( en ( lASS R loba dialysis cilnio Fresenius Medicsl Cane Riles, 93RD N Milesukee uve, h as started a new eightlime program loe dielysis patiasts THe cte ssnuiue shows patients to nroeiun treatments le the clinic sleight, for eight hours, whilr sleeping or casting, usuell three timss a week n addition to hauiog their laya free ten other activities, patinnte alter repart heuing nr enterer fr and better diclesis results Medisentcertified Fresanies Medical Cana Riles is new anoepting new dialysis patierts Call (Rb7( k Senier Advocate of Advocate Lutheran Secscab Horpital otters frea bloodpressure screenings 10 ameeoc en the first Wednasday et nvarymenth at the hespital'n Patient Rsssvree Center, 8820 W Dnmpster St, Niles (sonsos Why pay high prîcesfor prescriptiòn medication There is a better alternative etterthanfvedjcrecom Compare these prices! frem the heopitall No appointment is 000tasary Cell ( C Historical Society The Riles Histcrissl Museum, 897g N Milwaukee Ave, in now open to the public on Saturdayo ron 50 am te 2pm Drop in, make errasgemerts fon atour, drop off artifacts and colnotiens, on lust somete violi Weekday heurs are 10:30 am, to 3pm Mondays and Wednesdays Call (0ru e Library Wiles Publis Library, GRAO W Oekton St, 1041) on onlire at aso Oileslibnarycng Registration is required fon moat programs unless indicated otherwise Book Buddies Stvdaols entering einhth grade in the fall end adults cas br000n Book Buddies Buddies rood andlsr listen Be childnnrr raed orce a week for an hovc The Wiles Public Library provides all maier:als and traininu The Hiles Public Library is open on Sundayr nsel T5 pm all yoac Desog SNroo,gth Qty Retail Primee BTD Pelases Amas aeara sa Oece 003e aaearn aseas/be a seso Ossa essoras 000ssO 55 $420 sas EMeasrOR iooeso ea sara sea caaaem aorsg ea sais Osa heisse Bosse aa oses ses Neseasae eosng es Na5e550 Sssneg a Goon sss Nsalaes aseng sa p13015 asma es Ossa Bas Slegalalr 10mg Sas Nplrlaa lsmcg sa orce Ose Sisee 155mo se RaNN 5es Osera 00mg 55e 5550 Bss estairpeeslasss essragsansaassbsasdtsmsarsgafrsmsarasssacspsasseeros atm e rss rs 5ls peso tos 5ko s galearses gslcsas 451g airenascar5c5dallassesaseso iosersasaadeoerocaarsssdorrar CALL NOW ToNFree: O8 Mention this code NS to receive $10 off yoer first order noes :i= medcation sot listed? Westaaka larga cc r Weekly, 000rsebons nom hn ChicsBO Chapter of SCORE, tire Service Corps OB Retinad Oreeutiuss, will be ad the Libreny do help small busicess owners and anyone rsosidrringstartrcg a small business SCORE ceunselots arr su000saful eaecutiues and businass suares Oho can help with amido variety st business issues Thess evprninnced businrsspespie viler private onehovn ses S0es of businoss coaching SCORE iva ronpnsfit association Bi volunteers Wsekly sessions arc hsld on altrnnasirg Tuesday averings on Wednesday manoirgs 550sïors are free but un oppeirrment is required Tonel upan eppvirtmscs online, elsit the rounocling pactas wwwsoonechicago erg) f there err questions, call k or inlo555eronhicagsorg Youth programs era dropin basis Bsbytima: 11am MordEs for habler age 2 end AnAm Certirveus yearround drepin program on ohildoen with an adult ncludes stories, sango, liegenpisys and extended plabtimo eflarward Riss & Shine Stonetime: 10am Thursdays, agra 2A eith eanngiuer; enisy sdsnies, songs sod osno Maine Township Maire Township's FSH (Friends rdeed Sense and Hrlp( is in erad of volunlrar deivens dx provide nas' doers tree transportation to medisal facili disc in and need Mains Township Aelunteeds may cierse hoe merk time tirso eloh to devote Requirements includo a Bumos driuers license aod pnssf of auto insuranor The prennam req vire a oesidants ir oecd be mobile, erbe able ta vsa a cere er walker FSH aiss asks that appointmrcts be sat three on mare days in savanes To become a colunsrer dnïuer vail Ed Okee, (Rb) Te schedole anide er fer mnfermaoion call PSH coerdirator Gloria Stopell, (847) , Ext 283 Parks Riles Park listrict will pretend Sysoktoberlest from DO am, te 3pm Gst 30es Pioneer Parb, Elanleer uve Chiidrer and leg Panade and Costume Contest will beat 1pm There will ha toad tras haydides, rtentarrmeet, kids' crelts, penny carnival, applebobbing, minioeil and more Cell ( , eat 8 Fall Specials at pioneer Perk MordaesFridays through BOL 28, Picrarn Pack i orunning its Fall Speouais: Monday r's"ronday leight Madrevu": W500 your favorite team lersey and receive 10 balling cago tokens fon the pciro of hun Teesday: "2 fori Tursdsys, punohese ono round al minigoil and mecer've cre fese BUH ora batsing sage toben and reorive eno flee Wcdnradae is "Woolly Wrdnrodvys": Play vraay minigolf $5 por person Thursday is's on Thursdays": One round of minigolf, one batting cage lober and seo large drink led topee prrvon Friday is "Family Fur Night": Every Friday evrnr'cg len $7 per prrser, receive one rouedot minigoll, hrer batting vagn tokens end dinner Pisreer Park is locuted et 7135 N Harlem Ave Cell 10A7) , EolO s est regis' tsr for Wiles Park District Toi Ciar505 Ohms tall Mady classes are avaulabla forite 5yesosido Classes r'noiude On My Own, Tots a Tumbillg, Oassy Tots &'lou, Toddler Tier, Parenlo Morning Away and odhers Oislt awe niiaspanksorg on all class irlonmation or sail ( Register st Ohr Howard Leisure Center MaineRuins Asseolation el Special fecrxaolor oflacs people wuh physical and mental shallunges, behavior add learoing dircrders, heering and visual impairments ad emotional disabilities al oppodlunity to elus ovenirtyel recrrayonactiuidies MOuSE serves Das Plaines, GolfMains, Liesoinwoed Monter Oneve, Wiles Park Ridge end Skokie To recel'oe a orascoal brochune, ones ollar suppord fon pseple with special cerdo by volunteer iog, coil ( Oiles Park District is offering pelucas piano les' sans 130AS mirutosl on beginning ard irtenmadiatr students Wsdnesdsys and Thunsdoys rd Howard Lsicoee Cenfrr, 6676W Ooeard St Lrs0000 will focus or the lurdamenteis eftechnique muvic theory sed good pnestioe hebils Coli ( h33 to nrseroe a leosor toit Maisr Sismo one nf the Golf Mame Park lubrico 01110es, Frldmad Rsrdeaaied Cecter, 0800 Krthy Lade ene kiosk south st Gall Osados WesOsre uvanve(, Clise: sr Dee Park, adobe corner of Dra ara Emerson Beads, Dro Plaines; on call RA7( ; wwwgmpdorg Oven the Rainbow Young ohildnrn will have lun isarning Ohr volons el the rainbow thrsvgh 000nien and nonio adose Park on FoidaHs for ages 3S yrars Thacksgivisg Turkey Shoot Wins tvrkoy in a br filled oneday boskrtboll shootout event ad Feldman fesreatier Center, Nov19; ale adult plus one child; led (;t kirdengantneec to eighth rally Saptembec Oameo graderu sr Fnidayu and Suadays at Balene & vren School Feldman This league OWls Child Calm Chuiddrsn at upland tending Mack Twain, Apollo nahst & Tap dors 3 onstevrlsor ochsols ir Dis yrano to adul Oogeing trict 63 sel sign up on child olosses year round Dea and cade Call tor detuhiss Feldmer Ponks gumba Pun and easy The Pairting Studio Ladininopiled workout clessee lo adults: 10 an2 legen in shapr Ongoing pm Mondays, Thurudays clauses al 7:15 pm lon and 79:30 pm Wednnsdays on Tueodays al Fuldmen days Feldman (hn weabs( Tiro Tods Open Gym Sislh through sighth' Psreltr may drop in ara grads Fall Oasbedbsll Lee gue svpervr'ne thnir DS yrarvid pail league begins in my Wedrosdao or Thurs' day feem S11:30 am, fera variety of gym names at Dee Pa rk Pnrsshool Thera arr still spots available lo smvold' roorsten prosohool (len A'yean'oldsl 011errA are monolog S days per mrsk( and anerncor ciesses (Mondays thnouoh Thvrsdaysl Uil classes are ad lee Park Tan Kwon Da Popular meltial arto debes tar ohil Aleo legos Als) and advlts strred Etondsys, Wodess 555 C010Noae, PAGE 33 and thät just how we treat tat The Pain Center at Holy Family Medical Center GET TO KNOW OUR PAN SPECALSTS AT A FREE EVENT ON NOVEMBER 3rd NEesscrxcaioaa Hmalsla Coco Join us for a short lecture on new techniques in pain management followed by oneonone, Q & A sessions with our pain specialists0 THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 3rd 6:30 8 PM MAN LOBBY AT HOLY FAMLY MEDCAL CENTER 100 SORTO 010ER ROAD Oho PLuNEU Raes d'oeuvres and mfrsshrmortu will be prooided Feee Valet Packieg aoailabs Call 877RESNFO (g777374n38( to regioter by November 2nd THE PAN CENTER ot Holy Family Medical Center 100 Nvlh River RoelEmm Eolos, L 0031G bsasseo'aehealsh,ss'g

53 j k L u j j k,l 1 ii h[iw 1iJ1 k iii J ft! J Ñ L H i i ii i k i ije L i Lb il ìh Ji i _il i il ;cr NJL THURSDAY OCTOBER WWWPONEERLOCALCOM 33 'A Classic grape harvest recipesfroin Toro, Spain are gaining popularity Patatas con casullas prepared by Chef Andrew Novak at Tapas 6tana in Northfleld i ROB HARTSUNTMES MEDA CÑshing on Toro'sfood and wine BY VERONCA HNKE Contributor Grape crush season is winding down now in Toro, Spain Thats a region in northern Spain that has been producing wine for hundreds ofyears, and it's a place close to the heart of Tom Kalomiris, sommelier/general manager at Park Avenue Wine Bar & Merchant in Barrington But only recently have those wines and the foods traditionally eaten with them gained popularity here in the US And Toro fans like Kalorniris couldn't be happier "They're absolutely incredible," Kalomiris said ofthe three wines the wine bar carries from Bodegas Numanthia, a Toro winery Steve Berry Park Avenue Wine Bar & Merchant owner! sommelier introduced Kalomiris to wines from Toro about two years ago "Thro wines were relatively obscure until recently," Kalomiris said "Now, this region is finally reaching our market Wmes from lesser known regions like Toro are getting some shelf space, and they rival the quality ofwines from more wellknown regions such as Burgundy, Napa or Bordeaux" Good food, too The foods that are part of Toro's annual grape crush season are as noteworthy as the wines with which they are often paired At Bodegas Fariña in Toro,patatas con costillas, a rich pork and potato stew spiced with pimenton, a local spice, is served to field workers t's an especially comforting dish, particularly during busier times like grape crush season "Patatas con costillas provides sticktoyourribs nourishment against the elements This is a great dish to enjoy for Sunday suppers, or any time," said Bodegas Fariña proprietor Manuel Fariña Visitors to Bodegas Fariña can make reservations for lunch to try the dish and tour the bodega For a closer option, Tapas Gitana in Northfield and Chicago will offer the stew as a special small plate along with other foods known to satisfr the stomachs ofhungry bodegas workers at grape crush time White with meats Tapas Gitana owner/executive chef Andy Novak said foods like pollo con chorizo (chicken with fullflavored sausage), pinxto de pollo (chicken skewers), orpatatas con costillas all pair well with Sangre de Toro, a white wine from Bodegas Thrres Sangre de Thro is known for aromas of apples and pineapples and hints of spices like fennel The wine complements patatas con costillas, which includes pronounced flavor from ingredients like cumin, smoked paprika and chorizo "The thing love about it is that it's such a simple dish but its spices give it a nice flavor t's unbelievable, the hominess of this dish," Novak said "But as soon as you put it in your mouth, the flavorjust blows up?' Dessert is, of course, also on the grape crush meal table Bodegas Fariña serves sweet cakes, bocaditos de angel or bollos ck almendra, made by nuns at a local convent, where the cakes can be purchased PONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, Chef Andrew Novak plates the patatas con costillas i ROB HARTSUN TMES MEDA Patatas con Costillas (FromBodegas Fariña, Toro, Spain) Fariüa's speciàt adobados marinade (recipe follows) 8 singte pork ribs (about 2 a4 pounds), cut in halfcrosswise, if desired 2 teaspoons owe oil i medium onion, coarsety chopped (1 cup) large jalapeño pepper, finety chopped (2 tablespoons) 3 doves garlic; sliced (i tablespoon) 6 medium boiling potatoes (about 2 '/ pounds), peeled and cut into bitesize pieces i 3nch link SpanishstyLe chorizo (i 3/u ounces), chopped (il3 cup) ibayteaf tablespoon cumin 3/4 teaspoon sweet paprika 2/4 teaspoon bittersweet smokéd paprika (Spanish pimenton agridulce) or hot smoked paprika (available at speciatty stores) Satt,totaste VB teaspoon freshlyground black pepper Twentyfour to 36 hours before coo k ing marinate ribs: Prepare adobados marinade Combine ribsand marinade in nonreactive 2quart bowl or casserote Cover and store in refrigerator until ready to cook; turning frequently to ensure the meat is evenly coated Heat i teaspoon olive oft in large deep skillet or Dutch oven over tow heat Add onion, pepper, garlic and bay leaf Còok, stirring occasionally, until vegetables are just beginning to brown, 57 minutes Once çooked, move to a bowl Remove ribs from Ñarinade and 'pat dry with papertáwels Discard marinade Acid the remaining i teaspoon oit and the ribs to the pan in which the vegetables were cooked and cook over medium heat until the ribs are browned on alt sides, about 10 minutes Add 2 cups water, cover and cook over mediumtow heat until tender, about 30 minutes " Add potatoes, chorizo, and previousty cooked blend of onion, pepper, garhc and bay leaf n small bowl, whisk together two cups water, cumin, sweet and smoked paprika, 1/L4 teaspoon salt, and black pepper Pour over ribs and potatoes f necessary, add up to one cup more water to barely cover the potatoes Cook until potatoes are tender, about 20 minutes Remove bay leaf and dmde meat and potatoes into soup plates Taste cooking liquid; add salt, if necessary Drizzle cooking liquid over meat and potatoes and serve Farìiía's special adobados marinade n measuring cup, whisk together i /2 cups water, i tablespoon sweet paprika, i teaspoon salt, and i teaspoon dried oregano leaves ; days and Saturdays alt year round Various rooms/gyms are available for rental for parties, meetings or ongoing activities Call (8L7) The Golf Maine Park District offers a selection of ENERGY STAR qualified cornpact fluorescent light bulbs for sale to the public from a Lights for Learning kiosk Proceeds from the sale of every bulb will directly fund the scholarship program sponsored by the district The scholarship program allows children the opportunity to attend camp when they may not have the resources to do so on their own The kiosk will also house the Lights for Learning teacher tool kits, designed for educators and organization Leaders, tò provide informational materials on the overall Lights for Learning Program ENERGY STAR Activity Books for children, as well as ENERGY STAR home energyconservation and electronics information, will also be available A recycling bin for used CFLs will also be available CFLs may be purchased at Feld man Park, 8800 Kathy Lane, Nues, 8:30 am1o:30 pm Call (847) The Golf Maine Park District offers the community an opportunity to recycle paper products A recognizable greenandyellow contamer supplied by Abitibi Bowaterwas dropped off in the FeLdman Park lot, 8800 Kathy Lane, near the corner of Western Avenue and Kathy Lane Products that can be recycled in this contamer include: newspapers, magazines, office paper (fax and copy), shopping catalogs, mail and envelopes, catalogs, folders, colored paper and shredded paper (bagged); no cardboard or phone books All money raised will fund the scholarship program, allowing children to attend summer camp and other programs Call (847) or go to wwwpaperretrievercom/ ReLigion Temple Judea Mizpah, 8610 Nites Center Road, Skokie, will offer its K'tonim PreSchool Program of Judaic Arts and Play, for children ages 2 and older Children will enjoy Judaic arts and crafts, stories, games, singing, and snacks with their parents and/or grandparents Sib'ings are welcone Children under 2 are free 1h classes will be heli two Sundays per month from 9:4511:15 am Schedule to be determined Tuition per semester will be $60 and $75, respectively, for members enrolling one oçtwo children; and $85 and $100, respectively, for nonmembers enrolling one or two children Call the temple office at (8i7) Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, 8201 N Karlov Ave, Skokie, will hold Adult Christian Education classes following 10 am Sunday services Classes will be held on a variety of topics A Fellowship Hour follows the 10 am service each week with "Bring a Friend to Church and Brunch" the first Sunday of each month Call the church at (847) Messiah Lutheran Church, 1605 Vernon Ave, Park Ridge, holds a Christian education hour at 9 am each Sunday, with worship service at 10:15 am During the hour, Sunday school is in church parsonage; children from preschoolsixth grade welcome Childcare services are available during worship Call (847) St John Brebeuf Adoration Chapel in the Parish Ministry Center, 8307 N Harlem Ave, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for spiritual devotion, prayers and meditation Call (847) EzraHabonim, the NUes Township Jewish Congregation, 4500 Oempster St, Skokie, offers ntroduction to Judaism and beginning adult Hebrew classes on Sundays and monthly Viddish Members and nonmembers are welcome Call (847) , or go to www ehntorg Reunions St John Brebeuf is look ng for all St John Brebeuf School alumni Alumni should contact Libby Ryder, (847) , or lryder sjbschoolorg, and submit their name, year graduated, address, phone number, maiden name (if applicable) and address, and may share a story or tell how St John Brebeuf made an impact on their life Maine Seniors The Maine Township MaineStreamers program offers a variety of opportunities for residents 55 and older Membership includes a free subscription to the MaineStreamers monthly newsletter, which details activities for the upcoming month Most activities are at Maine Town Hall, 1700 Ballard Road, Park Ridge, unless otherwise noted Contact the MaineStreaniers, (847) , or go to wwwmainetownshipcom Maine Township is asking for assistance in locating good, reliable handymen in the area f you know of someone and would like to submit a name, contact Therese Tully, (847) , Ext 260, and she will forward a form to complete Maine Township, in cooperation with the Cook County Sheriff's Office, is collecting used cell phones to be converted for emergency 911 use for seniors Donate phones at Maine r Town Hall Senior Center The Nues Senior Center offers membership to NUes residents age 55 and older, and their spouses Drop by the Niles Senior Center, 999 Civic Center Drive, Niles, or call (847) , for an application Visit www vnilescom, click on Departments and then Senior Registration required for most programs An AARP Safe Driver program will be offered from noon to 4 pm Nov 7 and 10 Both days must be attended to receive certification for insurance discount (check with insurance company) Cost is $12, AARP members; $14, nonmembers Checks are to be made payable to AARP This program is free for veterans and their spouses Welcome back the Die Lustigen Musikanten (Merry Musicians), a traditional German band that wilt play waltzes, polkas, marches, and a variety of German folk songs during the Oktoberfest from 11:30 am to 2 pm Oct 21 Vocals will u i 4 N U S U, %U'U U» r3 ;v U0 UX ': r ** U ØUU0 ' rl J Í! H 'U 1$ J:u i'cire, e' i u 'e *e' ; _e e: rna c il N Uki e'u'c :D : U &US 'S! CRC MC 'cc e e e Uk*0 ajipi el e i u,e u, e $ u 'eliuk iem CU i cje e u r,uà M im U tn #,_ '_ r [ fl ','tzr:, :t i:> 1 ' ' : S '_ t;, 1

54 34 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 NL NL THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM 35 w thai Fertily may not be something that you're thinking of when you get a positive cancer diagnosis Today there are many young cancer survivors who will, at some point, think about building a fami'y At Fertility Cenfers of linois we want to ensure that you will be able to have a child when you are ready We have developed a FastTrack Fertility Preservation Program in which we work with your oncologist to expedite the preservation of your eggs or embryos prior to cancer treatment Find out more at wwwfcionlinecom or call us at iva1 ui,cth1es edmegruff Rallowecip Safety Co1oriig Coitest! :' Ceektbe paperfor, your caice to il'rtiity CALENDAR be in English and German Lunch will be served prior to the show featuring chicken schnitzel, sauerkraut, potatoes, difl carrots, rye bread, and dessert Cost is $12, members; $17, nonmembers Donna Horowitz returns with an informative presentation on architect Louis SuLLivan, cared the Father of Modernism, and considered by many to be the creator of the modern skyscraper from 10:3011:30 am Oct 26 Admission is $550, members; $825, nonmembers Salsa and Merengue Workshop is 11 amnoon Oct 2O Learn the basic steps of the famous Latin dances the Salsa and the Merengue Fran Strain from Dancemates School of Dance wilt leading this workshop Cost is $6, members; $9, nonmernbers Nites Senior Center and the Niles Public Library are Looking for volunteers to assist seniors and lowincome residents in preparing 2011 taxes AARP Foundation Tax Aide volunteers will receive free tax training at the Wiles Senior Center in January and wilt help taxpayers at the Center as greeters and client facilitators/tax preparers beginning Feb 7 to April 12 Wiles Senior Center tax appointments are based on volunteer availability and generally are offered Monday through Friday mornings and afternoons Volunteers choose the day(s) and time(s) they are available Niles Public Library is also looking for volunteers for evening or weekend assistance For more information, contact MaryAnn Borucki at the Niles Senior Center (847) or Judy McNulty at the Wiles Library (847) 6636L31 Wiles Senior Center says "Thank you, Vets!" Wiles Senior Center is preparing for a Fall Veteran Display of Honor All members who served are invited to bring rn pictures, memorabilia, are offered every month RobertNerì of Robert's Flo rai Design Studio will show how to make decorative, tush arrangements, especial ' for Halloween, at 2 pm Oct 20 Suggested donation 15 2O and includes sup plies Learn how exercise can prevent and inhibit chronic diseases at 12:30 pm Oct 22 A vidual visit!o Chicago's most fascinat ing cemeteries will be given at 1 pm Oct 31 by Paula Fenza, an expert on cerneteries around the world medals, letters from home or from the front, etc, to be on display on the main floor of the center Generally, copies can be made of most things submitted so items will be safe Contact jaymi at the center, (847) The Sudoku Club meets from 11 ani12:15 pm on the second and fourth Mon days of the month Admission is free for members; $12 for six months for nonmem bers CONTNUED FROM PAGE 33 Seniors Mather'sMore Than a Cafe, 7134 W Higgins Ave, invites adults 55 and older to experience professionally taught, freetomoderate priced programs such as lifelong learning programs, fitness classes, free bloodpressure checks and health screenings, free consumer seminars, specialinterest workshops, special events and day trips Call (773) for more information, except where noted Chess Club for checkmate champs and new people who want to learn the rules and basic strategies Sessions are Wednesdays, at i pm jazzerdse Jazzercise is a fitness program that combines aerobic exercises with elements of jazz dance A series of dance routines is set to popular music white incorporating yoga, Pilates, cardiokickboxing, and other fitness styles The classes move incrementally through different intensity levels, so anyone is welcome to join Classes are held at 11 am Wednesdays, $535 Line Dancing is offered at il:i5 am on the first and third Tuesdays of each month Each class costs $325 A variety ofexercise classes fit for every level is available Try the gentlemoderate exercise class, 11:15 ani, Mondays and 10 am, Tuesdays that features a combination ofseated and standing exercises for a complete cardiovascular workout The moderatehigh energy class is at 11 am Thursdays and Fridays, giving more of a challenge with cardio, strengthening, stretching, and toning routines Each class costs $325 Computer Classes All classes are four weeks and meet once a week for two hours Begin with level one and advance through to level four Classes are regularly forming and Light refreshments wilt be served Suggested donation is $8 Author Jack Coombe will provide an inside took at the Golden Age of Radio (When Radio Was King) and what it meant to the country at 1 pm Nov 2; $8 Ralph jamelio, film historian will offer a discussion and viewing of "On the Waterfront," reported as one of the greatest films of au time, at i pm Nov 9 Suggested donation is $8 Golf Mill Shopping Center is hosting "Feats of Fitness," a mallwalking program Mondays through Saturdays, to enable seniors to walk within an enclosed environment The program is sponsored by Bethany Terrace, Golf Mill Shopping Center, Maine Township MaineStreamers and Partnersin Healthcare (North Shore Physicians Group) Health seminars and blood pressure screenings wilt be offered throughout the year every month on the second Wednesday Call the Golf Mill management office, (847) CJE SeniorLife is accepting applications for its Robineau f Residence, 7550 N Kostner Ave, in Skokie Robineau of fers a residential community composed of24 affordable units in a onestory building, in a warm, friendly setting designed to serve seniors, 62years and older, who may need a helping hand Staff is available onsite, 24 hours a day, in case of emergency Additional supportive services are available through CJE Applicants should qualify for subsidized housing under the provisions of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development's Section 8 program An additional monthly service fee is required Scholarships are available For an application and tour of Robineau, contact Dorothy Levant at (847) Super Seniors, a Jewish Seniors group for people older than 60, meets 34:30 prn the first and third Sundays at the North Shore University Health System Skokie Hospital, 9600 Gross Point Road, Skokie Topics include current events, books, jokes and srael Call (847) Support Mental health services provided by Catholic Charl ties Holbrook Counseling Center wilt be discussed by Department Director Linda ' Hoag at the St Dymphna Society meeting at 7 pm Nov 2 in the lowerlevel Jubilee Room at the north end of the Queen of All Saints school, 6230 N Lemont Ave, Chicago Operating 16 Archdiocesan sites, the center counsels adults with mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder as well as couples experiencing marital problems Hoag is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 40 years of counseling experience Call Jim and Shirley Weber at : Weight No More, a friendly weight loss support group, welcomes new members Discussions include weight loss tips, recipes, and helpful ideas to help participants reach their goals Fees are $5 monthly to defray the room rental costs, and small fines for weight gain Meetings take place from 9:1510:15 am Fridays at the Howard Leisure Center, 6676 Howard St, Niles (elevator accessible) Call (847) The Lutheran General Hospital Stroke Club for stroke survivors and their caregivers meets from 34:30 pm on the first Thursday of the month (except January and July) at the Outpatient Therapy Center, 9375 Church St, Des Plaines; use south entrance Contact Meg Potterfield, (847) Catholic Charities of'the Archdiocese of Chicago' invites those who have experienced the loss of a loved one to suicide to participate in its Loving Outreach to Survivors of Suicide (LOSS) meetings at its Northwest office, 1717 Rand Road, Des Plaines The minimum age for the monthly meetings or eightsession groups is 18yearsold f possible, call the LOSS office, (312) , for an initial intake before the first meeting or visit wwwcatholiccharitiesnet/loss Groups meet 79 pm on the second Sunday of each month and also on the second Wednesday of each month Families Anonymous is a support group for family members and friends who are concerned about and affected by the substance abuse or behavioral problems of a loved one Group 831 meets at 10 am every You don't live to work, you work to live, and now that Pioneer Press is working with Monster, you can find jobs that will let you balance your life f Friday at Carter Westminster Church, 4950 W Pratt Ave, Skokie, in the basement; enter from jarking lot in the rear Group 173 meets at 7:30 pm every Monday (except holidays) at First United Methodist Church, 418 W Touhy Ave, Park Ridge, in Parlor Room, south portion of main level; use entrance at rear (Grant Place), across from parking lot No dues or fees required First names only used at meetings to preserve individual anonymity This is a nonprofessional and nonreligious program Call (773) or visit wwwfamiliesanonymous org NorthShore Hospice will sponsor grief support groups Soul Mates is an ongoing support group for those who have experienced the death of a spouse or life partner This group meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month 6:308 pm at NorthShore University HealthSystem Home & Hospice Services office, 4901 Searle Parkway, Skokie Legacy is an ongoing support group for adults who have experienced the death ofa parent The group meets on the first and third Tuesday of the month 6:308 pm at NorthShore University HealthSystem Home & Hospice Services office, 4901 Searle Parkway, Skokie Handicap accessible and parking available To preregister for the programs, call Thom Dennis, (847) or dennis@northshoreorg Tops Club, nc (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), an international weightloss network of support groups, holds a local meeting weekly on Monday beginning at 5 pm at the Niles Park District Center, 6676 W Howard St, Wiles, on the lower level The building is handicap accessible TOPS has helped individuals live healthier lives since 1948 with a combination of sensible eating, regular exercise, and ongoing support to help members achieve and maintain their weightloss goals Women, men, teens and preteens committed to attaining and maintaining a healthy weight are all invited to join Visitors are welcome to visit their first TOPS meeting free of charge For more informa Your calling is callingfind it at pioneerlocaicom/monster PONEERPRESS ThOflSC pionce noca L comm o n ste r tion about this meeting call (847) or, to find another local chapter, visit wwwtopsorg or call MOMS Club of Northern Chicagoland holds weekly activities (such as playgroups, outings, museums, park dates) and monthly member meetings and Moms Night Out Call (773) or visit sitesgooglecom/site/momsclubofnorthernchicago or chìcagomomsclub gmailcom One Hope United, formerly Kids Hope United, is seeking foster, adoptive parents to provide homes for atrisk children Call (847) or visit www onehopeunitedorg The Maryville Crisis Nursery, 4015 N Oak Park Ave, Chicago, offers twicemonthly tours of the facility Tours are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 10 am and on the fourth Tuesday at 4 pm The Maryville Crisis Nursery is a safe haven for children, newborn to age 6, whose families are experiencing crises in their lives, such as: job/medicat issues, homelessness, domestic violence or other stressful situations The nursery cares for children for up to 72 hours while parents concentrate on resolving the problems that are the root cause ofthe stress There are no charges for services Children are cared for by professionals and skilled childcare volunteers The Maryville Crisis Nursery is available to those in need 24 hours a day, seven days a week The 24 hour help line number is (773) For additional information, call (773) The National Alliance on Mental llness, Cook County North Suburban, invites the public to attend its Family Support Group for families of individuals with a mental illness Program is free and meets 78:30 pm on the third Tuesday of every month at the Nesset Center, 1775 Ballard Road, north of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge Free parking Call (847) The (ocatops Club chapter meets at 5 pm Mondays at the Hiles Park District SEE CALENDAR, PAGE 37

55 , forthe cause that V_flDJ1AJOJ3lOJWWW JJLO ÚJUaOflOì'Afl1UU UL L 1_!! rl ii!!!!! u U liii! ur!r, J! l ] l JL!!!,!!J! NL THURSDAY OCTOBER 20, 2011 WWWPONEELOCALCOM WWWPONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 NL Mason MartinelLi peeks into a "Haunted House Sensory Box" to make sure the noodles aren't really worms CaulifLower, rice, noodles and grapes stand in for "brains, maggots, worms and eyeballs" BY BETH ENG ELMAN Mommy on a Shoestring Hoping for a little less candy and a little more sugarfree holiday fun? Try these acti'ities that are kid friendly and dentist approved DY HaLLoween Baggo Tailgaters and BBQ goers can vouch for this simple yet competitive gaine that appeals to both kids and adults For this modified version, use only one board, but you might want to consider making two boards if you plan to play with a large number ofguests Another tip? Use easy to remove stickers so you can instantly change the board into a Thanksgiving gaine in just a few short weeks You need: Foam board (2 x 3 feet) 2 yards of durable fabric (flannel or soft corduroy) Fabric glue Sharp scissors Halloween decorations (stickers, foam figures, glitter, clip art, etc) Beanbags Directions: Use sharp scissors to cut a large circle toward the top ofthe foam board (6inch diameter) Cover board with fabric, whichwill help prevent the beanbags from sliding offthe board during game play Cut a hole in the fabric that matches the hole in the board Decorate using spooky stickers and glitter 'lb play: Prop up board against a small table or box so that it is at a 30degree angle Players take turns tossing beanbags toward the Halloween Baggo board Scoring is as follows: Bag lands in the hole = 2 points Bag lands on the board = i point First player to get to 21 wins This game can also be played in tenias For more information visit: wwwp1aycorn holeorg PopsicLe Stick Puzzles This activity is almost as fun to make as it is to play t's also an easy craft to do with large groups of kids, making it the perfect activity for school Halloween parties You need: 6 or more Popsicle sticks (The more sticks you have, the more challenging the puzzle) Paint pens, crayons or markers Masking tape Directions: Tape the tops ofthe Popsicle sticks side by side with masking tape Have your kids draw and color Halloween images onto the taped sticks Carefully remove the tape and mix up the sticks The puzzle is now ready to be put back together For an added challenge: Have your kids create another image on the back ofthe Popsicle stick puzzle That way you have 2 puzzles in one, which is twice as fun and twice as hard! Haunted House Sensory Box t's your turn to gross out your kids with this haunted house that's filled with eyeballs, worms and maggots Youneed: Large box Felt or fabric Duct tape Scissors Maggots (cooked rice) Eyebalr (peeled grapes) Above, Popsicle sticks can be decorated to make a fun kids puzzle riioîos sy DAN LUEDERTSUNTMES MEDA Left, Emma MartinelLi shows Beth Engelman how to play a bean bag toss game For 1mwto videos anti more, visit pioneerlocalcorn/momrny Sugarfree Halloween: Sweet ideas without the tosth decay Worms (cold cookednoodles with a touch of olive oil) Brains (steamed cauliflower) Directions: Make the haunted houseby cutting a 4 to 6inch hole on each side of the box Cover each hole with fabric and a few pieces ofduct tape nside the box, place bowls of maggota, eyeballs, worms and brains Let the grossout begin Bow1iìg with Pumpkins This "oddball" game is a big hit in our house like to use a fake pumpkin to avoid any potential pumpkin expo 510m on our kitchen floor! Youneed: \ lo recycled 1liter soda bottles Water Orange food coloring Large pumpkin Directions: Fill plastic bottles with water and a few drops offood coloring Grab a pumpkin and you are ready to bowl part of : history The city of High wood is ready to make ptunpkin carv ing1history as host of thgreat Pumpkin Fest of 201L Every one is invited to the fourday festival that : through SaturdayBesuretojoinin as thé city attempts, to break the Gulaness World Record most jack ' oanterns lit in one t : location Plans call J 'fòr 32,000 pumpkins tollghup Highwood oüsaturday, which woald break the currént world record set in 2006 of 30,128 pumpkins in Boston, Mass; This yea, there's added cornpeuti9n as the city of Kéene, NH, plans to hold asimilar event to beat Boston's record Will High *od unseat Boston às the holder of the world record or will : Keanè sneak in and an upset? One thing isfor certain, it wiuibeloadsoffunso comeout and enjoy! Visit wwhighwood pumpkiíifestcom for more information i Operàtiòn, GÑtitude: Donath your candyto the troops : Avoid candy overt : loadby having your kids donate their Halloween goodies to Opexutipn Gratitude The organization is once again working with local dentists çommunity cen tors and schools to include donated Halloween candy in the care packageé they send overseas to our troops Operation Gratitude reports our troops love the candy, as it's a welcome reminder of home To learn more, including locations where you can drop off candy, visit www halloweencandybuy backcorn/index html CALENDAR CONTNUED FROM PAGE 35 Center, 6676 W Howard st, Nites, on the lower Level (handicap accessible) TOPS meetings are open to women, men and teens Cost is nominal Visitors are welcome to attend their first TOPS meeting free of charge CaR (847) ; to find another (ocal chapter, visit wwwtopsorg or call TOPS Headquarters at l The Depression and Bipolar Support AllianceGreater Chicago has free support groups for people with mood disorders and support groups for their families Meetings take place 6:308 pm on the first Monday of every month at Evanston Hospital, 2650 Ridge, Evanston, in Rooms G952 and 954 Call Elaine at (847) An Alzheimer's Caregivers support group, cosponsored by Advocate Medical roup and the Alzheimer's Association, is offered monthly at the Nesset Pavilion on the campus of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Meetings are 1:303 pm the third Thursday of each month in the lowerlevel conference room of Nesset Pavilion, 1775 Ballard Road, Park Ridge Meetings are free and no registration is required Contact Sandy Guarise, (847) The Neptune Society, the largest independent cremation company in the nation based in Des Plaines, is bringing comforting teddy bears to Chicago area children who are hurt, frightened or alone The Neptune Society Teddy Bear Program names a teddy bear in honor of every person whose death care is handled by Neptune on the oneyear anniversary of their death The teddy bears are then donated to organizations such as Rainbow Hospice in Park Ridge and local fire departments to be given to a child in need The Les Turner ALS Foundation Support Group meets 78:30 pm on the seçond Wednesday of every month at Temple Beth srael, 3601 w Dempster St, Skokie For directions, call (847) Those attending are asked to notify Claire Owen, director of patient services, (847) or cowen Lesturneralsorg Grandparents As Caregivers, a program sponsored by Children's Home+Aid, will offer grandparents an opportunity to meet other grandparents, share concerns and talk about interesting topics that will help them care for their grandchildren Meetings are 1011:30 am the first Wednesday of the month at Niles Public Library, 6960 Oakton St Free child care is available with 24hour notice Meetings are monthly Call Linda, (847) The Stroke Club of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital meets 34:30 pm the first Thursday of the month at the Outpatient Therapy Center, Church and Potter avenues, Des Plaines Call Megan Potterfield, (847) Holding Onto Hope Rainbow Hospice is a monthly daytime group for widowed people grieving the loss of a spouse t meets 12:30 pm the fourth Wednesday of the month at the Park Ridge NonProfit Center, 720 Garden St Registration is required Admission is $5 per session Call (847) Rainbow Hospice's Life Transitions Group is an ongoing support group for anyone who, as a general guideline, has been widowed for one to four years, meeting 78:30 pm the fourth Tuesday of the mcnth at the Park Ridge NonProfit Center, 720 Garden St, Park Ridge The fee is $5 per session Call (847) Good Mourning Program wilt meet 6:458 pm every third Monday of the month at Lutheran General Family Care Center, 9375 Church St, Des Plaines The program is a support group for children, teens and families who have lost a loved one through death Preliminary interview is required before registration To register, call Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care Bereavement Support, (847) Crohn's & Colitis Foundation support group meets 7:309:30 pm every third Thursday of the month at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital, 1775 Dempster St, Room 1063, Park Ridge The focus is to assist patients with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis, their families, significant others and friends in coping more effectively with the illness Call (847) Resurrection Medical Center sponsors a variety of free cancersupport groups for both patients and their family members All support groups are free and meet in the Cancer Conference Room (ground floor, Entrance C) Contact Carol Flanagan, (773) : The Cancer Support Group for cancer patients, families and friends meets monthly 78:30 pm every last Wednesday The Leukemia & Lymphoma Family Support Group for people with leukemia, lymphoma, myelodysplastic syndrome, multiple myaloma, Hodgkin's Disease and their families meets every first Wednesday of the month The Butterfly Club is a support group for children ages 6 to 13 whose parent or caretaker has been diagnosed with cancer The group meets every first Wednesday ofthe month Registration and parental consent are required The Us Too! Prostate Cancer Support Group meets every second Wednesday of the month The Teen Cancer Support Group is for teens ages 13 to 18 whose parent or caretaker has been diagnosed with cancer The group meets every third Wednesday of the month Registration and parental consent are required Multiple Sclerosis Support Group meets the last Saturthy of each month in the Resurction Rehabilitation Center of Chicago, first floor, Professional Building, Entrance C Call (773) Alzheimer's Support Group meets the second Tuesday ofthe month in the Health Management Classroom The session is free Call Health Management, (773) Afterglow Support Group for stroke survivors and their family and friends meets the second Wednesday of the month in the Resurrection Rehabilitation Center of Chicago, first floor, Professional Building, Entrance C Parkinson's Support Group meets the third Wednesday ofthe month 57 pm at Resurrection Rehabilitation Center of Chicago, first floor, Professional Building, Entrance C Call (773) Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is forming a support network for women SEE CALENDAR, PAGE 40

56 ';: 38 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY OCTOBER 20, 2011 NL rtt' R ro 1]EftHJ() YAGr1t1HT MOJJAOJ1flWONWWV 8 1L 1f$URSOAY, octoeer2o:2o11 WWWPlONFERLOCALCOM 39 ) Centralohe LMET1 iq Edison Park Lutheran Church 6626 N Oliphant Ave Chicago, L (Across parlcfrom Edison Pailc Metra) , wwwedisonparkchurchcom Saturday Worship 4:30 pm Evensong, Sunday Wohip 9:00 am Spirit Badge 10:30 am Contemporary Rev Dr Michael D Sparby, Sr Pastor Carote Edwards, Parish Deacon Ma«Haider, Worship Music Mchae Lyda, ChidremYoutNFamiy st Paul Lutheran Church ERFE North Shore Unitarian Church Deerfield, L Phone: wwwnsucorg Every Sunday at 9:15AM & 11:15AM RO Morton Grove Community Church F1E Willow Creek Community Church North Shore Campus 315 Waukegan Road Sunday Services: 9 & 1 1 am Promiseland (nfants Grade 5): 9&11 am, Elevate (Grades 6 8): 1 1 am mpact (Grades 9 12): 6 pm For more information visit wwwwillowcreeknorthshoreorg Central United Methodist Church 8237 Kenton, Ave, Skokie (847) wwwskokiecentralumcorg Worship: Sundays at i 0:30 AM st Timothy Lutheran Church 9000 Kildare Ave Skokie wwwsttimotfiyskokieorg Worship: Sundays at 10AM Temple Beth srael 3601 W Dempter St Skokie, L wwwtbiskokieorg Devar Emet Messianic Synagogue 7800 Miles Ave, Skokie wwwdevaremetorg Join us tar Shabbat Services at loam Community oljews who beoeve and teach thatyeshua (Jesus) isthe Promised Jewish Messiah EzraHabonim, the Nues Township Jewish Congregation You home for Jewish, Learning, Living and Loving 4500 Dempster St Skokie, L , Fax: wwwehntorg Weekly Shabbat Services Fñ 8PM & Sat 9:30AM Minyan MonThurs 7PM; Sat & Sun 6PM Monthly Shabbat dinners at 6:30PM Religious School Wed & Sat; Beth Hillel Congregation Bnai Emtmah 3220 Big Tree Lane, wwwbhcbeorg Kabbalat Shabbat Fridays 6:30 PM Shabbat Service Saturdays 9:15 AM Jr Congregation, Tot Shabbat, Torah Time 10:30 AM Followed by Kiddush Daily Minyan AM and PM Rabbi Allan Kensky Cantor Pavel Roytman Rabbi Michael Cohen, Ed Dir 5650 N Canfleld, 60631, (708) , wwwstpaulcanfledorg Street Level, Air Conditioned Sunday Worship 8:1 5 & i O:45AM Sunday Schoo' & Adu Bible 9:30AM Saturday Worship 6PM St Paul Lutheran Chñstian Day Schoo', Pto KGrade 8, SHARNG GOD, TOUCH}NG LiVES EVERYWHERE Fafth Lutheran Church (ELCA) PresbyterianChurch (USA) 6944 Austin Avenue (Lake and Austin) Morton Grove, L (847) wwwmgccpresbyterianorg Sunday Worship 1 0 AM Fellowship 11 AM Rev Lolly Dominski Handicapped Accessible ALL ARE WELCOME! Norwood Park Lutheran Church N Nina Ave Chicago, L Fax: Sunday Service loam Sunday School 9AM (September thru May) Rev Robert C Johnson, Pastor Congregation Bene Shalom 4435 Oakton, Skokie, (847) wwwbeneshalomorg No Service in July Shabhat Services resume in Auguest Please call for more information Rabbi Dr Douglas Goldhamer Asst Rabbi Shad Chen Cantoñal Soloist Chaene Brooks nterfaith Families Welcome All services voice & sign language CarterWestminster United Presbyterian Church 4950W PrattAve, Skokie wwwcwupcorg WE'RE GROWNG & MAKNG CAWGES!! 10 amtraditional Service with Choir 12 Noon CW Café & Praise & Celebration (Contemporary) Service 10 amsunday School (All Ages) & Adult Bible Studies (Adult Classes in English & Assyan) Cantor BenlaminWarschawski Rabbi Neil Bef, Emeritus KEHLLAT SHALOM An Egftaan Conservative Congregaon Lay Led Shabbat Service, 9:45AM 8610 Niles Center Rd, Skoe www,kehillatshalomom 6201 W Peterson Ave Chicago, L (773) Saturday Worship 5:30PM Sunday Worship 10:30AM Holy Communion Weekly Pastors:Barbara BerryBailey and Jeffery King st John Lutheran Church 7429 Milwaukee Ave, Nues wwwstjohnnulesorg Sunday Service 9:30AM Park idge Presbyterian Church West Crescent Avenue wwwparkridgepresbyorg Sunday Service: 10:00 AM Evanshire Presbyterian Church 4555 Church Street wwwevanshirepresbyteriancom Every Sunday at 11AM st Peter's United Church of Christ Oakton Street & Laramie Avenue wwwstpeteruccskokieorg Sunday Worship 1 DAM Sunday School 9AM (Sept thru May) Rev Richard Lanford Childcare Provided Fridays 7:309:30 pal Assyñan Fellowship Sunday Evenings 5:308:30 pm New Lyfe Youth Group (for Jr&Sr High Youth) 2nd Saturday Monthly 7:309:30 pmcw Can with Open Microphone: Bullar, Singing, Poey, Comedy CAl Positive Forms of Entertainment" SKOKE CENTRA TRADTONAL CONGREGATON Traditional Service Mixed Seating Services led by: Rabbi Dr Michael Gottesman Minyons: Mon & Thurs 8:00 AM Kabbala ShabbosSept to June at candle lighting time Saturday 9:00 AM Followed by Kiddush Sunday 6:30 AM Followed by breakfast Sanctuary handicapped accessible 4040 Main Street, Skokie, llinois To showcase your House ot orship here call 63O or worship@poneerocalcom Air Conditioned Sanctuary wwwwixcon/skokiecentravshu w

57 S li jjj,j U, j,j j Uij,j jl j jj L j,,, j ii j,jj j jjj j j jj j i J j! i Liji, j L j jjli i t 40 WWWPONEERLUCALCOM, TUURSDAY OCTOBER 20, 2011, NL lí (1Ç q Ç1( ( vsn?cljr :ì,1rq 'l'/r 1 9' L THURSDAt' OCTOBER 20, C ALENDAR CONTNUED FROM PAGE 37 Uving with breast cancer The Breast Cancer Networking Group will meet 23 pm the third Tue5day of each month The support group provides breastcancer survivors the opportunity to share information and experiences with other women The group witt be at Lutheran GeneraL's Center for Advanced Care, 1700 Luther n, Park Ridge, in the groundfloor conference room G10 CaL (847) 723 r Your PONEER Pmss YOUR LOCAL SOURCE 8130 Northwest Suburban nterstitial Cystitis/ PainfuL Bladder Syndrome Support Group of llinois meets at 7 pm the second Wednesday of each month in Advocate Lutheran GeneraL HospitaL, 1775 Dempster St, Park Ridge, Conference Room bzarnikow aolcom to be added to the list for meeting announcements An area Alzheimer's s support group for caregivers and family members of people with A(zheimer's Disease meets at 10:30 am every second Saturday at Central Baptist Village, the Commons Theater lounge, 4747 N Canfield Ave, Norridge New members are always welcome Call Jessi Lenth, group facilitator, (708) Queen ofall Saints hosts a weekly meeting for female survivors of sexual abuse The meetings are 78:30 pm Mondays in the Benedict Center Chapel source 6275 N lonia To participate in the confidential, 12step program, call Queen of All Saints Rectory, (773) AdditionaL meetings are 78:30 pm Fridays at st Juliana Parish Center, 7200 Osceola Ave Call Linda, (773) Teen Center The Niles Teen Center is hosting a Halloween Party from 10 pm to 12:30 am Oct 29 Come for a fright ful night of dancing and themed games at Golf Mill Mall after hours There will be a contest with prizes for Every week Pioneer Press delivers coverage of local news like no one else can Call (847) to subscribe or visit uoneer oca com YO,O,O,C24hW,dy the scariest, funniest and most creative costumes Chips, candy and soda will be for sale so bring extra money Admission to the dance is $5 Entry will only be allowed between 9:45 and 10:30 pm Open only to sixthgrade through 10thgrade students No weapons ofany kind are allowed ALL costumes must be appropriate No one is allowed to walk home Call (847) The Teen Center presents a "lights on Afterschool" Youth nformation Fair, Rally and Open House from 46:30 pm Oct 20 at the Teen Center located in Golf Mill Shopping Center, near entrance 6 The community has been invited to help rally support for safe, stimulating afterschool programs Organizations and businesses will have the opportunity to share programming directly with the kids and families Snacks and drinks, and game tournaments will be included Call (847) The Wiles Youth Council is a group ofteens from sixth through 12th grade who provide support and advice on Teen Center programming, develop Leadership skills and work to serve the Niles community They meet the first and third Thursday of every month at 5:30 pm Stop to check them out Call (847) The Teen Center is located at 373 Golf Mill Center in Niles The Teen Center is working with the Niles Senior Center to find teenagers willing to help senior citizens with leaf raking, snow shoveling and general yard work while earning money Complete the Niles Teen job Connection form available on the center Web site and return it to Mark at the center nformation will be shared with the director of the center and contacts will be made with residents in need of services Register your bike through the Niles Teen Center or Niles Police Department Every year the Niles Police Department accumulates a number of lost or stolen bikes ànd is forced to sel( them at an auction because their owners cannot be identified By registering your bike, you are issued a Village of Nues Police Department sticker and your bicycle's information is entered into a national database allowing the Police Department to reconnect you if it is ever lost or stolen Volunteers ndividuals who have a few hours to spare are urged to join the Avenues to ndependence Thrift Shoppe Team ofvolunteers Avenues is looking for friendly, hard working men and women to help staff at the Thrift Shoppe, 7710 W Touhy Ave in Chicago Volunteers are needed on a regular basis 10 am5 pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, or 18 pm Thursdays Volunteers receive a discount No experience is needed All proceeds from the Thrift Shoppe help Avenues continue valuable programs for adults with developmental disabilities Contact the store manager, Michael Frustini, (847) , Ext 771 The Men's and Women's Association of Advocate Lutheran General Hospital is looking for new members, The communitybased philanthropic and social organization raises funds for the hospital through a variety of events, including an annual golf outing, glove sale and concert The organization's donations have assisted the hospital in expanding programs, purchasing stateoftheart medical equipment, and pursuing research and education initiatives Yearly dues are $35 Call (847) Many individuals have found themselves laid off or unable to find employment Rainbow Hospice and Palliative Care would like to respond by helping prolessionals stay current with their job skills (or gain experience if recently graduated) by offering professional volunteer opportunities Possible opportunities include positions in medical records, human resources administration, community outreach, finance, marketing and admissions/custom' er service Volunteers must have a willingness to make use of their professional skills and a positive attitude allowing them to take on a great deal of responsibility Training and seminars for professional and personal development will be provided Contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (847) 685' 9900, Ext 3128, or rparrowrainbowhospiceorg Visit wwwjainbowhosplce org Lauman Spectacular Estate Auction #2 iïiday, October 22, :00 am (CST) Located atihe LAPORTE NATOHA GUARD ARMURY, 2391 WEST STATE ROAD 2 Watch forauction Signs! 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This s a continuation of the unbelievable Depression Glass Auction we have ever had the privilege to se!!, 750+ pieces of Depression Glass A Huge CocaCola collection Vintage Clothing Quilts Aunt Jemima & Mr Peanut Coileclibles Empheniera Spectacular Books Primilives Post Cards Jewelry and much morel To seo comploto listings & ' Mike Moidenhauor ever i 000 psturas go to N Lic # AU wwwaucionzipcom and wwwauctionzipcom D #5239 search tar Mflca: (219) 874V18 Ceh 219) iò,koo stgln Cân'roVDowntown Near Tqrmpco Ava & 175th Zonod 04cno Ovor 7u,eonrr n Curront Rones Must S, unda OùtáLJèfr;t Prevew: SaL 10/22, 9 AM 4 PM and Day of Sao B AM 1 PM 730 N YORK RD, ELMHURST, L Directions: l290, Exit York Rd North 1/3 Mi on ot :ir:copntertqps HpUOARVEPMAßLE srarues& thdjuto,lto Othcrk,,flo,ykOd kuho& b,u00,, W'nflo''db,V h,, ttnd,h n,,, neth,dthth mbdo T rn Mc Dj hok $2 fl,fjj,,d,to njjjjr kjv5 c,l, o, cc,l,pojjl br l5jujoo 15% tjonmc,1bon,, L*Q443l Fono flo J5 ' Doñ't Mlssj r1 Ecuipment ' S Lagrange Rd Odand Park, Complete Store! 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58 J ', 1' MY (1 Çfl1tflN Atfl'J rrnc nc çqpi vnciui 42 J WWWPONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 NL NL THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM j 43 olves to BY ALAN FERGUSON Contrthutor Niles West has a chance to play the spoiler in its season finale, especially if it can stay away from compounding its mistakes TheWolves (26, 04 CSL South) couldn't do that durixg a 42O loss at Glenbrook South Saturday afternoon "n order to get out of quicksand, you have to be patient," said coach Scott Baum "What happens is, they think, 'Here we go again? t's the wrong way to do it You have to come back the next play We did a better job (Saturday) than we have in the past Wejust have to put four quarters of football together" Niles West 'will try to accomplish that feat against Evanston (44, 13), which is seeking consecutive playoff berths for the first time since the late 1990s "They're a good football team:' Baum said The Wolves also have a chance to match their high BY DAN SHALN Contributor Nues North's football team was quickly forced to go from Plan B to Plan C in Friday night'à 397 loss at Deerfield Freshman quarterback Tony Granato left the game when he bruised his back on the first drive His status for the season finale against Maine West remained questionable Granato had been promoted to vaiuity a few weeks earlier, when junior Billy Voitik the original sthrting QB was lost for the season with, anhliu1 Granatoh absence forced receiver Mychael Henley to take over behind center for the Vikes (26, 13) Henley (2for9 passing, 68 yards, 3 interceptions; 15 carries, 45 yards, thuchdown) made some plays with his ann and feet despite having few reps at quarterback in the week leading up to the gaine With a 32man roster, and most kids playing both ways, preparing the secondstring offense likely is harder for Nues North than it might be CSL SOUTH Maine South 4O 8O GlenbrookSouth 4O 71 New Trier Evanston Waukegan NUes West O4 35 Last week's results New Trier 24, Evanston 7 Maine South 49, Waukegan O ; :G(enbrook South 42, Nues WestO ' est win total since 2004, and might need the kind of play they showed on their best drive Saturday Trailing 14O, and start ng from their own 6yard line, Niles West marched to the Glenbrook South 28 on 12 plays, but fumbled Nick Johnson had his team's iongest gain of the day (18 yards) during that drive, and finished with a teambest 56 yards on 13 carries for other teanis "Henley dici a great job," said North head coach Scott Smith "t's good to have a kid like him, who is athletic Since we were going to stay in the shotgun, we just stayed with him (at QB)" Much of Henley's job was spent handing the ball to senior running back Oshayne Brown (21 carries, 98 yards) Brown also ran the ball several times after taking the snap directly Smith admitted that oppomeats are making life harder and harder for Brown every week No reason to expect that to change Friday, when the Vikings close out the season against Maine West "Oshayne is a marked ]nan' Smith said "He's our meal ticket and everybody knows that Everybody schemes to slant to him and do things to stop him We have to do something (against Maine West) to give us a counter to Oshayne" One area where Granato's absence is felt most is on special teams, where he's taken over as the team's No 1 punter The Vikings had a few to finish u Top performer Luke Lenti, Maine Soùth The senior linebacker returned an interception for a TD and also had two sacks in one half play during the Hawks' 49O win over Waukegan This week's games GtenbrookSouth at Maine South, 7 pm Friday Evanston at Nues West, 7 pm Friday : Waukegan at Ñew Trier, 7:30 pm Friday The Wolves also fumbled a thirdquarter kickoff and were outgained yards 'We're looking at (Glenbrook South) as we have a chance to get better," Baum said 'We've got a lot of young kids playing We talk about fighting and competing, and a lot of things t's too easy to give up and do something else Every time you get a chance to go on a field and play football is a good deal?' Emergency forces Henle poor snaps and some short punts, which helped give the Warriors (53, 40) fine field position North turned the ball over six times in all, and often defended a short field Deerfield started scoring drives from the Niles North 9, 11, 12 and 24yard lines Whether backed up to its own goal line or not, North struggled defending Deerfield's option attack ',ll week, we preached (that stopping) option football is about responsibility, and you can't deviate from that' Smith said "f you are (assigned to the QB), you are the quarterback guy think we saw some times (Friday night) where we didn't do our assignments, and they broke us down a little bit" Junior Juvane Spence led the Nuns North defense with n tackles Junior Dan Fricanno had 10 stops, and senior Romeo Montin had nine tackles, including two for loss Deerfield led 26O at halftime and 39O before Henley got the Vildngs on the board with a 2yard dive into the end zone with 8:36 remaining The Vikings close out the on high n NUes West's Vaughñ MonrealBurner (52) and James Williams wrap up Glenbrook South's Alex Leet TRACY ALLENFOR SUNTMES MEWA to man Vikes' hel Niles North's Mychael Henley (11) searches for a way past Deerfield's Arthur Bess (40) and Brett Freedberg during the Warriors' CSL North victory i auzz ORRSUNTMES MEDA season at Maine West (O 8, 04), at 7:30 pm Friday Smith said his team continues to play hard and is looking to finish on a high note With a young squad, the future does look bright "One thing can proudly say is, since l've been here, our kids just don't lay down' Smith said "They fight and they battle, even if they are outmanned We're young and have a lot ofjuniors contributing We'll have another good week of practice, hopefully win our last genie and look to the offseason "Then we'll get ready for the following season, which ÍNÔRTH Highland Park 4O 53 Deerfield 4O 53 Glenbrook North Nues North 3 26 Máine'East Maine West O4 O8 ; Last week's results Deerfield 39, NUes North 7 : ; Maine East 27, Maine West 7 Highland Park 14, Glenbrook North 7 Topperlormer George Zèkharia, Maine East Senior quàrterback scored two TDs and led the Demons to their first win of the season Thisweek's games Deerfield at High'and!ark; 7 p;m Friday Nites North at Maine i West, 7:30 pm Friday Maine Eastat Glenbrook : North, 7 pm; Friday think can be a really good experience for these kids?' Maine East celebrates firstwin ofthe year Quarterback George Zakharia completed just 10f3 passes for three yards and was picked off once That's not why the seflor was Maine East's player of the game following the Blue Demons' 277 win over Maine West in Des Plaines Zakharia carried 17 times for 148 yards and a pair of touchdowns on 6 and 42 yard sprints to lift the Demons (17, 13) to their first victory of the year Maine East amassed 322 yards on the ground on 42 rushes, an average of 77 yards per attempt Mike Kuzebski rushed eight times for 78 yards and sprinted to a 45yard touchdown Javed Lukovic added a score and rushed for 74 yards on 11 attempts On defense, Zakharia shared team honors with Johnny Hidago with six solo tackles Federico Cabrales, Charlie Kappos and Zeeshan Daramjee contributed five apiece Hidago recorded fivh tacklesforlosses for minus30 yards Maine East senior George Zakharia ran for two touchdowns to carry the Blue Demons past Maine West i RYAN PAGEOWSUNTMES MEDA Blue Demons think sectional a strong possibility n some sports, coaches Even when the times haven't are likely to discourage trashtalking among teammates better As a team, we're a lot gone down, our places are But Maine East girls cross stronger than evet" country coach Mary McNeil The Blue Devils (122 points) doesn't seem to have a problem with it going on in her North Division and 11th in the ended up fifth in the sixteam camp, as long as it continues 12team combined standings to push her top runners to East will see many of the bigger and better things CSL schools at Saturday's Before Saturday's CSL Loyola Regional at Harms Meet at Glenbrook North, Woods Seven teams will advance from that event to the Maine East junior Lensia Sedeta delivered a message following week's Nes West to teammate Aahuti Patel Sectional " told her that was going " don't know (if we can to beat her (at conference), make sectional), but it's always our goal," McNeil said and did;' said Sedeta, who had passed Pate! for the first "Making sectional for us is time a few weeks earlier in a like making State" race in Peoria, though Patel Maine East's team score ended up finishing ahead of should receive a boost from her that day the varsity promotion of At conference, Sedeta ran a freshman Leslie Christiansen, 20:2922 and finished ninth in who won Saturday's frosh/ the North Division, two spots soph race (20:5221) ahead ofpatel (11th, 20:4020) f East doesn't qualify for Both runners earned aliconference (top 15) honors tel will be vying for the five sectional, Sedeta and Pa North and South teams run berths that go to top finishers together, but determine their from nonqualifying teams separate champions McNeil said she liked the Maine East boys challenge between Sedeta With multiple runners and Patel, and among other nursing niggling iijuries, the members of the squad Blue Demons (143 points) "Competition between ended up last in the North (Sedeta and Patel) is awesome Even our Nos 3, 4 and overall at Saturday's CSL Division and 11th out 12 teams 5 are running in a pack for the first time, which is really great," the coach said Even though she was passed by her friend and teammate, Pate! said the rivaines among the Blue Devils are good things "The competition is rising a lot, and as a team we've succeeded a lot," she said "The times have been going down Meet at Glenbrook North "We're a little banged up," Maine East head coach Chris Peters said "We've had guys in the trainer's room quite a bit this week Overall, don't think we put up our best selves out there Part of it is due to some minor injuries, which do affect them when they're out there running Maine East junior Lensia Sedeta crosses ninth during the CSL North Meet at Glenbrook North i JERRY DALEGEFOR SUNTMES MEDA Junior Saul Lopez, who was nursing a hip injury, was Maine East's best finisher, coming in 18th in the division (16:457) Junior Aayush Shah took 21st (17:0722) and junior Shwetang Patel was 27th (17:2184) One strong performance, according to Peters, was that of senior Andrew Quidayan, who "made a big step forward" With U time of 18:36 At Saturday's Loyola Regional, Peters said he plans to add sophomore Anthony Misiak to the varsity lineup Misiak was the top North Division finisher in the CSL Meet's sophomore race REGSTRATON WRESUNG Notn Dame Prep Event Coaches and competition WO5tiiflg clinic Who: Youth wrestlers and coaches and high school wrestlers and coaches Wrestlers n one room nd coaches n another When: Today, 5 pm Where: Maryville AcademyStein Center, 1150 N River Road, Des Plaines Main entrence located on Central Road (one block west et River Road) Cost Checks payable to Noten Dame Wrestling Wrestlers $15; USA Cards available for $35 at the door or online 5' wwwthematcom; Coaches proregistration $50; or at door $60; Asistnt Coaches: proregistration $25; or at the door $30 Note: Kendall Cross for mat wrestling (67:15 pm Orat), Reggie Wright and Tony Davis for feet (7:30 8:45 pm) 'ng stia a mp in CHUCK'S GUN SHOt' & PSTOL HANGE 43 lo S, ndiana Rverda1e L, Ph: huy Trade & SlP SAW, Rager B,,ett Glock, FOlD cords OP cases FREDDE BEAR SPORTS ØBUYNG USED GUNS jjnd GUN COLLECTONS Oak ParkAvelinley Paric L luft men Scza,c4 Smc '1 wtiegsc ntage S Moden Rrcrnis BoogM Sdd and Traded erokeeingof Estates Faimt' Owned Since 1964 Largo Setechoc et Rae Ogars Phone:

59 ii L L i1,, ll i j i il ilj J h J i,i i, i i i L ii j j i J i in i iii, i ii L U i i i i ' l LL L iihl L liii i iln i li i: ' : WWWPONEERLOCALCOM THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20; 2011 NL NL THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2011 WWWPONEERLOCALCOM 45' T; Markovitz, Georgevich honored for sp* rtsmanshi BY MKE CAMERON Contbutor Not a bad closing act NUes North senior Enea Markovitz ended her career in style with her first sectional victory and a valiant second round effort after earning the Sarah Pate Sportsmanship Award, a third straight team MVP achievement and firsttime allcsl honors n last weekend's Maine East Sectional, Markovitz snuffed her Taft opponent 6O, 61 for her 47th career win, second in Niles North girls tennis history She then took eight games from statequalifying Vicki Olejniczak of Glenbrook North in a hardfought, 36, 57 defeat Despite facing every team's best singles player, Markovitz finished her final season with a 129 record " am especially happy for Erica' said head coach John Amaro, whose eight seniors led his Vikings to an impressive 96 overall record this fall "That was a great match to end her career and a great testament to her that she can i htcagotand s Largest lndoofoutdóor «àt,d ', pt, ARCONDTONED COMORT FOOD COURT& PARKØJ& ' CASH STATON ':4545W DVSOLST,'1, l? rsejjer's Speca play her best tennis at a very high level!' NilesNorthtied head coach George Bmvos young Niles West squad for fifth place in the 10team sectional, behind Glenbrook North, Glenbrook South, Maine South and Maine East Predictably, the loaded Spartans and Titans ate up the eight qualifying spots, each advancing two singles players and two doubies teams to this weekend's 40th lesa State Meet hosted by Prospect The Vikings' top doubles team of seniors Maddy Neuhaus/Jolene Strauss advanced to the second round via a bye Maine South loaded up by shifting No i singles player Lauren Krone to doubles with Meghan Salgia and won 6O, 61 Neuhaus/ Strauss were tight partners for four years Amaro moved up Anna Marsalado to pair with senior classmate Karen Silverman They routed a Maine East duo 61, 62 Junior Rupal Desai also went 11 with a win over Lane and loss to Resürrection Desal unofficially led 3 GREAT FLEA MARKETS Every SAT & SUN 7 am, 4 pm AWi Piso WEDNESDAY! 7 am 2 pm 4350 W 129th St Ashiand Ave, THURSDAY 7 am 3 pm OUTDOORS ONLY 4200 SOUTH ASH!AND CH!CAGO Meirose Park Also FRDAY! B am 3 pm 4600WEST LAKE STREET NUes North's Erica Markovitz closed out her high school career Saturday with 47 autime wins, second most in team history i JOEL LERNERSUNTMES MEDA all area girls in dives, scrapes, bruises and fighting for every point "We wanted to get sixth place or better and get each team to the next round, so we were pleased to be able to do both7 said Amaro The Vikings placed fourth in both the CSL North meet and overall standings ahead of Maine East Aiding the cause KET On Jollel HoaD ai 5, Belinglireok 8 t) Every ; Sai & Sun 1 8am3pm ) Adia per car Sit $2 Sun $3 t) \ No Dogs Allowed, coe were junior Diane Maglague in singles and, in doubles, junior April Hernandez and seniors Sonali Patel, Ashley Thomas and Hannyl Choi NUes West Nues West got the better of North in headtohead action when junior Alexa Bits and sophomore Kristine Park eliminated Marsalado/Silvera r p, Wolff's UFlea Markets M up to 1,000 Vendors! So Outdoor at the Rosemont Allstate Arena 6920 N Mannheim Next to O'Hare Free Parking Open Sundays 6am3pni Paatne U 1775NRandRoad Open Saturdays U & Sundays Bam4pm U nfo & updates at f wolffscom U or m U man in the second round 6O, 6O Bits and Park were both singles players a year ago but meshed as a doubles pair the second half of this season They took third place with strong wins over Maine South and Evanston in the CSL South meet to help the Wolves to a fourthplace tie with Evanston n combined singles and doubles action, Park posted a 129 record The younger sister ofjunior boys standout David, Park was easily the team's most improved player and earned ailcsl honors Bits, an allconference selection last year, went a cornbined 1110 this season "They went through a trensitional period and struggled, but then excelled toward the end of the season Knistine was more aggressive and confident She comes from a tennis family that shows cornmitment to working on their game," said Bravos "Our top two doubles teams were very close Theypushed each other and made each other better!' The pushing was done by seniors and threeyear varsity veterans Vicki Georgevich andlexi Leftakes After a bye, they had the misfortunato of drawing topseeded Glenbrook North juniors Katrine Zhadovich/Anna Zelechonok and lost in straight sets Geor gevich also was a recipient of the Sarah Pate Sportsmanship Award Bravos moved senior cocaptain and thirdyear veteran Ricki Esses to singles for a better shot at advancement, but she ran into a redhot Axnila Omerovic of Maine East and could win only two games Freshman Malse Vujica notched a decisive G4, 6O win over her Resurrection opponent before drawing Maine East's budding stai; freshmen Jessica Tic, who prevailed 61, 62 Bravos will lose only three seniors Vujica and fellow freshman Katie Chelboun gained valuable experience in the top singles roles Also contributing this season were sophomores Andra Sabou and Emma Lazar and juniors Mary Mirza and YuJean Park Failed ED treatments elsewhere? to problems! lcp a localized treatment that works when conventhnal ED pills have failed or caused sideeffects 98% success ratel s Quick Dissolve Tablets faster and more effective than conventional ED pills Medical evaluation by a specialist A prescriptiob good for one year" Your first night is on usi O cmtth Chicago 21 Cillas in the US Co$of 1J olvés' Omar, Julien feel at home on track BY DAN SHALN Contributor verson was 20th (16:3126), senior Blake Helton took 21st (16:3409) and junior Justin Atwal crossed 24th (16:4657) The Wolves will compete in the Loyola Regional at 2:45 pm Saturday, at Harms Woods Seven teams advance to the following week's Nues West Sectional, where five qualify for the Class SA State Meet "i: think if we can be top five at regionals, 'm hoping to be top five at sectionals," Some folks complained the course at Saturdays CSL cross country meet was too slow But one feature made it just fine in the eyes of Niles West top two runners, seniors Neal Omar and Marc Daniel Julien The race combined runners from both the South and North divisions and concluded with a lap around the Glenbrook North track Grossman said Omar and Julien both were in good shape when they entered the stadium and turned on the jets once inside Omar finished second in the South with a time of 15:39 and Julien was fourth (15:4426) "'m happy they finished on the track and the boys are really excited they did," Niles West head coach Mike Grossman said "Neal and Marc are both halfmilers (in track) and they have speed fyou get them within 50 metens of someone and you're going to finish on the track, those are the boys you want to be scared of because they both can kick" Nues West (57 points) ended up third in the South and fourth overall Wolves junior Mas Hoshi came in 10th in the division (15:593), senior David "f we're not top five at sectionals, we have a really good chance to get at least two kids Downstate" The fiercely competitive Omar is chasing his second straight trip to State, while Julien is hoping to qualify for the first time "This is the part of the season you have to go all out, you can't regret anything," Omar said " think we have an outside chance to qualify (for State) as a team f we don't, want Marc and me to qualify individually qualifled last year, but it's going to be more difficult this year just have to work harder" Nues West girls The Wolves entered the conference meet as the No 5 team in the South But, thanks in large part to the return of some key runners, Nites North's Aren Sebbat sprints to the championship ofthe CSL North at Glenbrook North terry DALEGEFOR SUUTMES MEOA Nues West (103 points) ended up finishing third in the division and fifth in the CSL "Everybody raced today and they pulled it out and did a nice job," Nues West coach Anne Heselton said "We've been hearing this is a slow course, but we ran solid times Not as fast as we can go, but running these times on a slow course shows that the training is paying off" Junior Michelle Karp led the Wolves, coming in 14th in the South (19:3122) and earning allconference (top 15) honors Karp had battled injuries during the regular season and took some time off to heal She returned to action at the Pat Savage nvite on Oct 1, but finally appeared to be back in top form at conference "(Karp) looked more like her old self, which was great to see," Heselton said Also performing well for Nues West were: sophomore Taylor Genis (18th, 19:5964); junior Rachel Bender (19th, 20:0109); freshman Christine Mujica (25th, 20:3274); sophomore Gillian Flippo (27th, 20:5684); senior Annie Goudes (28th, 20:5778) and senior Jess Sutfin (29th, 21:1222) The Loyola Regional will begin at 2 pm Saturday at Harms Woods NUes West's Neat Omar wraps up his runnerup finish Saturday at the CSL cross country meet at Gtenbrook North JEnny DAUEGEFon SUNTMES MEDA Rangel kicks it into gear t C;ii flf: re íc: e't BY MATT HARNESS mharness@pioneertocatcom Carlitos Rangel, Nues North's No 4 cross country runner most of the season, suddenly kicked it into gear Saturday during the CSL Meet at Glenbrook North The Vikings senior ran with the lead pack on the windwhipped track, and finished fourth in 15:4074 to help Niles North place third overall and capture the CSL North championship "He was feeling light on his feet' said Niles North coach Dan Horyn "The kid is an extremely determined athlete, and think that contributed to his performance" Anon Sebhat paced the Vikings, notching a runnerup finish behind New Trier's Lelnnd Later, who beat the field by nearly 43 seconds Sebhat was a distant second in 15:3792, good enough to earn the CSL North crown n one of the closest conference races in memory, the Vikings totaled 69 points for third place New Trier won with 60 points, while Maine South came in second with 66 But Horyn wasn't celebrating "We're not all that excited," the coach said "We had a tough day, but Carlitos really saved it for us The goal was for Aron to run with Leland, but he got gapped and struggled with the wind But if we're going to pick a day to struggle, this is the day" Micah Beler followed Rangel in 15th (15:5622) Justin Suh (21st, 16:0932) and Randall Mortell (27th, 16:2578) rounded out Nues North's scoring Most of the same teams will run again in the Loyola Regional at Harms Woods Seven teams will advance to the Niles West Sectional, and five will qualify for the State Meet at Detweiller Park in Peoria "This was a great preview for the regional7 Horyn said " definitely feel like we learned something about these teams, and they learned something about us"

60 : Marist ' ' V 437 ocats THS WEEK MANE EAST Today GirLs tennis at State Meet, at Prospect Friday Gfrs swimming hosts Deerfield, 5:30 pm Football at G[enbrook North, 7 pm Girls tennis at State Meet, at Prospect Saturday Boys and girls cross country at Ctass 3A Loyola Regional, 10/10:45 am Girls tennis at State Meet, at Prospect Tuesday Girls volleyball at Class A Evanston Regional vs Glenbrook North, 5:30 pm NLES NORTH Today : Girls volleyball hosts Highland Park, 6 pm Girls tennis at State Meet, at Prospect Friday Girls swim at G(enbrook North, 5:30 pm Boys soccer hosts Class 3A regiona', 7 pm FootbaJ( at Maine West, 7:30 pm Girls tennis at State Meet, at Prospct Saturday Boys arid girls cross country at Loyola Regional, 10/10:30 am Girls tennis at State Meet, at Prospect Tuesday :' '' A fl rc v,rr)glfl Girls volleyball at Class AA New Trier Regional vs Leyden, 5:30 pm Boys soccer at C'ass 3A Evanston Sectional, 4:30 pm NES WEST Today Girls tennis at State Meet, at Prospect Friday Girls tennis at State Meet, at Prospect Girls swimming at Evanston, 5:30 pm Boys soccer at Class 3A Wiles North Regional Final, 7 pm Football hosts Evanston, 7 pm Saturday Girls tennis at State Meet, at Prospect Boys and girls cross country at HSA Loyola Regional, 10/10:45 pm Tuesday Boys soccer at Class 3A Evanston Sectional, 4:30 pm Girls volleyball hosts Class 444 regional vs Von Steuben, 6:30 pm orts PONEERLOCALCOM J THURSDAY, OCTOBER 20, i6 Win over St Pat may be enough for Do BY MKE BUDA Contributor Alter an O3 start with a young and inexperienced roster, the season looked bleak for Notre Dame But the Dons did not quit and are now just one win away from a potential playoff spot 'We've done a pretty good job ofadjusting" said receiver Connor Gavin 'We still feel like we haveù't hit the cornplete potential that we should be playing at, which hopefully happens on Friday and should We've done a great job ofbouncing back from being down O3, but it's tough to squeeze even one out against those three teams who have clearly shown that they are the top three of the better teams in the state in the past couple years?' Notre Dante (44, 33 ESCO) has strung together four wins in its last five gaines, including a 2721 victory ove) Manan on Friday Nick Pieruccini threw for 144 yards and two touchdowns on 10for22 passing The starling quarterback also sparked the rushing attack and ran for 108 yards on 14 attempts and a 55yard touchdown Gavin was on the receiving end of one of Pieruccini's touchdown passes, but was also ND's leading tackler on the night with 14 The team's other two scores came from a 14yard reception by Billy Hirsch and a 60yard runby Chris James, who finished the day with 82 yards on 11 carries With such a youthful lineup, the underclassmen have had to step up Sophomore defensive back Tom Simon did just that with a fourthquarter interception "Defensively, we played all right and offensively, we were able to move the ball a lot so it was a little bit closer than we wish it would have been, but we'll take a win in this conference any day," Gavin said "t's do or die for us from here on out, so we were happy and we took a lot of good things from the game to move forward next week?' Friday's opponent, St Patrick, is in a situation that is Notre Dame's Connor Gavin caught one touchdown pass on offense and recorded 14 tackles on defense during the Dons' upset of Manan that kept their playoff hopes alive i SHAUNA SULEFOR SUN'TMES MENA polar opposite to that of the Dons The Shamrocks began the season 30 and have imploded with five straight losses Their offense still poses a big threat to Notre Dame's playoff chances "lt would be good for us to control the football, to keep it in our hands and to keep it out of their offense's hands, because they've scored a lot of points," said head coach Mike [lennessey " know that we don't want to get into a track meet with them in that we're scoring one after the othei: We're going to have to play a very good defensive game and be sound up front?' The Dons' crucial matchup with St Patrick's will kickoff 7:30 pm Friday in NUes So far, 171 of the 256 playoff berths are wrapped up To grab one of the 85 remaining spots, the Dons must beat St Pat, then hold their breaths They have 38 playoffpoints based on wins by opponents and last year 39 served as the cutoff 'With it being potentially the last game and because we're playing against Pat's, it doesn't take a lot to get up for the game," Hennessey said "t'll be a packed house here, both sides will be up for grabs and it will be a very good high school football atmosphere?' Notre Dame exited the playoffs last season in the first round with a 470 loss to eventuai state champion Maine South Looking that far ahead to the playoffs is premature, Hennessey warned "Even thinking about being in is jumping the gun' said Hennessey "We're just going to wait and see and we're just happy that we're making the progruss that we're making right EAST SUBURBAN CAThOLC Nazareth JoUet Catholic Carmel Notre Dame Manan Catholic 35 3S St Patrick SLVìator 16 26' ' Benet Last week's results St Viator 28, Benet O Marist 64, Carmel 63 (2 01) ' Jollet Catholic 56,St Patrick7 Notre Dame 27, Manan Catholic 21 now fwe get in and wherever we're sent, we'll come ready Managing Editor: Rich Martin rmartin@lpioneerlocalcom Nazareth 44, Riverside Brookfie(d 6 Top performer an Woodworth, Marist junior QB threw for 452 yards and eight TDs in his team's 6463 doubleovertime win over Carmel This weks games St Patrick at Notre Dame, 7:30 pm Friday Benet at Carmel, 7:30 pm Friday St Viato'r 'at Ñazareth, 1 'pm Saturday jolietcathoticatmarist, 73O pm Friday Bloom at Manan Catholic, 6 pm Friday to play and take it one day at atime?' ',' î,, : :' ' L J / ' : cit S' e Thore is ç ' go to *i) enrer, enrer enter NL THURSDAY OCTOBER 20, 201? WWWPONEERLOCALCOM J 47 a and oorrer waj rts as easj as www: toneer oca coni ad contacr information jour credft card (nformaton 4ÇP Pioneer Press online classified ads are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week Sample ' ads will assist you from start to finlshtry placing one today from our secure site, and V V publish it online or in any Pioneer Press newspaper (private party advertisers only) y o u a L O C A L S O U R C E V / 4::::j; ì J:Ìçr ',, V 4, ' cg t21y; : l 4 :,;, ;:, ; V V : Ï, pe : nere!tct ' []L[ 1k : ' ' Vi Fror,m flal, Poufs Fe,, % Dow, APA Prngram R,t, Paln Fiez % Down APR p,oem Rate Punt Fe, % Down APR ALLSTAR HOME MORTGAGE, NC KENLw0RTH FNANCAL, NC UNrED BANC Gioup, l,ic ztlp://wwwkenllworlhfinancialcom hltp://www UnitedBancGroupcom 30yrfixed $ % Oyrflxed CaliforRates 3Oyrfixed $ % yr fixed $ % ARM Call for Rates 30 yr FHA $ % /1 ARM $ % øyrjumbo reti CailforRates l5yrfixed $ % /1 jumbo ARM 30O $ % yr fixed Call for Rates 511 ARM $ % 3224 Call Bob Betel and experience the "Alistar" differencel FHA and VA Approved Call us for Details For a special discount otter Text RATES to (B) 1780 Maple Street, Suite 22, Norikileld, L MB (B) Uno Oakbrook Terrace, Sullo 210, Oakbrook Terrace, L MB (A) 2100 Clearwater Drive, Suite A, Oak Brook, L CHARTER ONE BANK LBERTY BANK FOR SAVNGS UNTED HOME LOANS joshuaauannng@ciarteronobankcom ztp://wwwiberlybankccm littp://www UHLcanscoaz Marketleading rates on Jumbo & Conventional loans in Chicagoland 30 yr fixed $ % yr fixed $995 20% 4176 Constructiontopermanent financing ñ one rate, one closing 30 yr )umbo $ % yr fixed $995 20% 3588 Jumbo loan spclst for the North Shore, Free sameday preapproval 20 yr fixed $ % /1 ARM $995 20% 3068 Up to 90% CLTV Jumbo financing with no CALL FOR RATES 15 yr fixed $ % yr jumbo $995 20% /8% 01f contorming loan interest rate with Circle Gold Checking* Local community bank since 1898 with exceptional personal service (C) 1535 Howard Street, Evanston, L NMLS tj# (C) 7111 W FosterAvenue, Chicago, L (A) 3 Weslbroek Co,porale Coaler, Suite 1010, Westchester, L EVERGREEN BANK GROUP PARK RDGE COMMUNTY BANK AMLOANCOM oyrfixed $914 20% oyrlixed $ % üyrfixed $995 20% 4050 l5yrfixed $914 20% oyrfixed $ % 3984 l5yrfixed $995 20% /1 ARM $914 20% 3142 l5yrfixed $ % 3513 loyrfixed $995 20% /1 ARM $914 20% 3298 loyrfixed $ % /1 ARM $995 20% 3103 Hassle Free Local closing and funding Apply & Lock Rate 2417 View GFE 2417 Call Sat/Sun till 3:00 PST (C) 1515 W 22nd Street, Suite 125, Oak Brook, L (C) 626 Ta/col Rd, Park Ridge, L (A) 4121 Camino Je! Rio South, San Ciego, CA 92108,?MLS2G9O, M $' This week ' 30 yr fixed 5 yr fixed 5 yr ARM ',,, ", V Â $iß5qo0loanamgtiot'tf MORTGAGE RATES &, Loan Program Rate Monthly Payment ' ; i YrARM 364% $75388 Last wee , ' l5yrfixed 359% $1, NFOR!ATON AVALABLE 2417 an ARM 326% $7t900 " 3Oyríxod 437% $82333 Hare'swhattho 0M THE Last year : ' 362 m:at11rl b i i' w r mortgsgoloanusingtho 3oyrjumbo 490% $2,30866 Souco: Sunkralocom, formare nlormnhion visfi wwwbankroiocom, Bankmt national ovar ' ' " ' (ooyin0 programs al provalling interest ratos ages aro based on 100 largest nslitulions n hn lop O martels n tho United Stabs 'i ;', L r, ) ' : ;', ', V, Source Bankratecom,l :f? 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Ere, mord oltoagn dation io lie A1'R ltyoor down naymon s lea, litan 20% juliet loilk's valor, you will lin subject lo p rivaient «ingn$n liinuilflflç't, iii Phil latikrain, nc loen vol guninuii hr accuracy o! liv i niornuniton,pjanng obole «w ihn,vailabilìiy otrairs and tac, a tiri, able, Ail noten, fee, ZitA oiiicrlaf«cirrellon am soiijccl lo rlrrnrgn wiliowl nollon llnirknale, no «len, not Own otty Onncial insllotnuis Sanin or oli ii the conipanir nppetiiig in Otis able pay n ree lo appear i«liii nitie li Worin ttnkíiqi nival l$rgc «Octet «5 iit$4i7i cctn iegisiniion irla 'ciia hie atojen o rettile ioai,00a n pma«dc ruin litai urn «liiimm (noia haue,bown hr hn latrie rhino, W, moon trin nd thai ylni contad sour iend, «ilreatiy dninrrnlnr auhol ruon naybe,vniinbic lo bot«i'o A«P AR TillS TAULE CAL o JOt)D1T ON lni%ccutaces CALL h'/aubo'trecohkeg onenl pep,ralal,,,rni,, r J

61 Th T ffendtpji1í band is thfted to nw rsidenthì custorr XAN1Yervice not aiçak n nln ht Mí \,'\ 324 Alter 3 min1bsthonthv sevice chame for HD1VR service otes ìos1o fo nonths 4 2 Arrnmntof nd trfl y h s t'i i ', ' ' \ rnqnthjy $prce clwge for StärterXFTpì PTay is nd fo 140 VR ranges frons1'i95 S16 05 ependn on nri e $t D, ' t oullet the RegU)atpryeLoveye«and OthetplaecBrges eo to\va \ n ' subscnpboj) tequ;red to rcde otherleves ofervce, Not all pgranimthp wailable n a{ areas ntmet Actu3 pe4s ai o t 'p \ ct:' " acti vâti on ée iv aroemth,erdss7frnnth 'ti t* :, t m cas 7'flrr

Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds

Yarmouth County Registry of Deeds Record Type Volume Dates Indexes Reel Index 1A 1774-1792 18776 not at Archives Index 2 1785-1817 18776 not at Archives Index 3 1817-1832 18776 not at Archives Index 4 1832-1846 18776 not at Archives Index

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41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1:

41/2/9 Student Affairs Programs and Services General Correspondence, Box 1: Record Series Number The materials listed in this document are available for research at the University of Illinois Archives. For more information, email or search

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+ + Former Marshall s Junior Box Available in Large Regional Shopping District. + + Property is located in 385,000+ SF Chapel Ridge Shopping Center

+ + Former Marshall s Junior Box Available in Large Regional Shopping District. + + Property is located in 385,000+ SF Chapel Ridge Shopping Center CHAPEL RIDGE SHOPPING CENTER PREMIER RETAIL SPACE 34,813 SF freestanding concrete block/brick building available within the Chapel Ridge Shopping Center a Power Center located within the northeast submarket

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CHAPEL RIDGE SHOPPING CENTER & MAYSVILLE ROAD Fort Wayne, IN 46835 FOR LEASE CHAPEL RIDGE SHOPPING CENTER PREMIER RETAIL SPACE Freestanding, 2-tenant concrete block/brick building available within the Chapel Ridge Shopping Center a Power Center located within the northeast

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UNILODGE ON GAILEY FACTSHEET UNILODGE ON GAILEY FACTSHEET PROPERTY DETAILS Property Name UniLodge on Gailey Property Address 18 Gailey Road, St Lucia QLD 4067 Property Email Address Property Phone Number +61

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FOR SALE EXQUISITE FAMILY HOME. Bracken House, Cosher, Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford

FOR SALE EXQUISITE FAMILY HOME. Bracken House, Cosher, Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford FOR SALE BER B EXQUISITE FAMILY HOME REF 2760 Bracken House, Cosher, Kilmuckridge, Co Wexford Five Bedroomed Detached C. 284 SQM/ C. 3057 SQFT By Private Treaty A TRULY BESPOKE ARCHITECTURALLY DESIGNED

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City of Stockton Official Records in San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum (Feb. 11, 2010)

City of Stockton Official Records in San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum (Feb. 11, 2010) City of Stockton Official Records in San Joaquin County Historical Society and Museum (Feb. 11, 2010) Assessor s Office Assessment Lists 1857 Assessment Lists 1858 Assessment Lists 1860, 1861 Assessment

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TITLE DATA Excellence by Design. Document Types. Description


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OF PRAISE. Faithful Cross, O Tree of Beauty. Assembly, Unison Choir, Descant, Keyboard, and Flute. œ œ œ œ. tree limbs. ex and all ing and to

OF PRAISE. Faithful Cross, O Tree of Beauty. Assembly, Unison Choir, Descant, Keyboard, and Flute. œ œ œ œ. tree limbs. ex and all ing and to CHORAL HYMNS O RAISE ithful Cross, O Tree Beuty Delor Dufner, OSB lute Dcnt Melody Keyord 4 4 4 4 4 4 Assemly, Unison Choir, Dcnt, Keyord, lute Reverently (q = c. 96) ith ful Tree Cross Tree Cross Tree

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$11,175, /- Acres. Sevier County, TN. Thomas Krajewski Office: Cell: Fax:

$11,175, /- Acres. Sevier County, TN. Thomas Krajewski Office: Cell: Fax: sevierville@ multimuse@ development land 447 +/- Acres Sevier County, TN $11,175,000 National Land Realty 10101 Sherrill Blvd Knoxville, TN 37932 Thomas Krajewski Office: 855.384.5263

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Welcome to the Club About The Hunter Club Your NACS Show Benefits Your Year-Round Benefits Benefits-at-a-glance Hunter Club Annual Events Contact

Welcome to the Club About The Hunter Club Your NACS Show Benefits Your Year-Round Benefits Benefits-at-a-glance Hunter Club Annual Events Contact TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome to the Club About The Hunter Club Your NACS Show Benefits Your Year-Round Benefits Benefits-at-a-glance Hunter Club Annual Events Contact WELCOME TO THE CLUB NACS Hunter Club

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Consideration of a Redevelopment Area Designation for the Study Area

Consideration of a Redevelopment Area Designation for the Study Area attracts trespassers as has occurred through the past two decades. Absent redevelopment of the property, the abandoned buildings and the two dredge lakes will continue to be attractive nuisances that the

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NEW STANDARDS IN ADVERTISING. What California REALTORS Need to Know NEW STANDARDS IN ADVERTISING What California REALTORS Need to Know What We Will Cover Cha ges to busi ess advertisi g practices What is cha gi g a d he Types of advertisi g affected Exceptio s Samp es

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SAMPLE. j Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï. # # ? # #. Ï Ï Ï Ï ú Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. . ä j. ú ú. Ï ? # # Moderate, acoustic feel. Arr.

SAMPLE. j Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. j Ï Ï Ï. # # ? # #. Ï Ï Ï Ï ú Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï Ï. . ä j. ú ú. Ï ? # # Moderate, acoustic feel. Arr. Jesus, My Cross Have Taken #394 HNRY LYT LL MOOR rr by Thomas rassi # #? Moderate, acoustic feel 4 4 # # P? 5? 8 1 Je sus, 2 Let the ld 3 Man 4 o, then, 5 Soul, then earth trou kno lo i Thee o breast pa

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Developer Guidelines. Submission Date :59:51. Requested SORO NC Land Use Committee meeting date 08/08/2017. Planning case number

Developer Guidelines. Submission Date :59:51. Requested SORO NC Land Use Committee meeting date 08/08/2017. Planning case number Developer Guidelines Submission Date Requested SORO NC Land Use Committee meeting date Planning case number Project name Project address Information for Name Address Phone number Email Representative of

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Welcome to Exford Waters

Welcome to Exford Waters Your new residential community. Your escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Welcome to Exford Waters Exford Waters is a new residential community where you can enjoy a lifestyle built around

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Chapter. Subdivision Regulations Porter County Unified Development Ordinance. website Bradley E.

Chapter. Subdivision Regulations Porter County Unified Development Ordinance. website Bradley E. Subdivision Regulations Porter County Unified Development Ordinance 2007 Bradley E. Johnson, AICP website Conventional Subdivision (CV) 6.01 Conventional Subdivision Intent The Conventional

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Solar Open House Toolkit

Solar Open House Toolkit A Solar Open House is an informal meet and greet at a solar homeowner s home. It is an opportunity for homeowners who are considering going solar to see solar in person. They can ask questions about the

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[Type text] Location: Agia Sofia, Mykonos. Accommodation: Guests : 31 Bedrooms : 15 Bathrooms : 15. Distances:

[Type text] Location: Agia Sofia, Mykonos. Accommodation: Guests : 31 Bedrooms : 15 Bathrooms : 15. Distances: Agia Sofia, Mykonos [Type text] Location: Agia Sofia, Mykonos Mykonos Accommodation: Guests : 31 Bedrooms : 15 Bathrooms : 15 Distances: To Mykonos town : 4.0 km (2.5 miles) To Ornos beach : 3.7 km (2.3

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Design Development Presentation New North Richland Middle School // Birdville ISD

Design Development Presentation New North Richland Middle School // Birdville ISD Design Development Presentation New North Richland Middle School // Birdville ISD ARCHITECTURE // ENGINEERING // PLANNING // TECHNOLOGY // FACILITY CONSULTING 972-233-1323 // PBK.COM ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The

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AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities

AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities 2018 AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Jody Cranford AIA DC 800-818-0289 2018 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 10/20/17 ANNUAL PARTNERSHIPS Annual Partnerships offer sponsorship

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This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today's Market By Diane Keyes READ ONLINE

This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today's Market By Diane Keyes READ ONLINE This Sold House, Staging Your Home To Sell In Today's Market By Diane Keyes READ ONLINE Get 133 ways to sell your home, no matter the circumstance! No matter how you choose to put your home on the market,

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Lbi Oceanfront. Beautiful! Views Galore. Dine Overlooking the Dunes.

Lbi Oceanfront. Beautiful! Views Galore. Dine Overlooking the Dunes. Lbi Oceanfront. Beautiful! Views Galore. Dine Overlooking the Dunes. Summary Long Beach Island Oceanfront. Stunning ocean views with four levels of decks (2100 sqft) including a roof deck Description 5

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IRIS. vazanias & vattis E STAT E S LT D

IRIS. vazanias & vattis E STAT E S LT D IVY + IRIS vazanias & vattis E STAT E S LT D w w w. v v c r e a t i o n. c o m LIMASSOL Wr ap p e d around t he dinky cas t le, t he c ent ral o l d to w n r adiat es out i n a s quiggle of lanes w he

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Celebrating Campus Community. Housing Sign-Up Information

Celebrating Campus Community. Housing Sign-Up Information Celebrating Campus Community Housing Sign-Up Information 2017 2018 Office of Residence Life, 2 nd Floor Park Center 919-760-8633 Welcome to Housing Sign-up for the 2017 2018 academic

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Grow With Us! April Dates to Remember: Regional Affiliate of:

Grow With Us! April Dates to Remember: Regional Affiliate of: April 2018 Grow With Us! Visit our Website at: Regional Affiliate of: Kristi Evans Dates to Remember: Susan Williams

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RETAIL SPACE FOR LEASE Retail Space for Lease 420 S. Main St., Joplin, MO 64801 Newly renovated retail space on Main St. (Historic Route 66) National Register building near retail and restaurants in Downtown Joplin 50% tax abatement

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Large 3 bedroom condo in West Keystone

Large 3 bedroom condo in West Keystone Large 3 bedroom condo in West Keystone Summary 3 BR 2 Bath Condo - sleeps up to 8 Description 1638 Quicksilver - a SkyRun Keystone Property Welcome to 1638 Quicksilver! Our newest 3 bedroom in Quicksilver;

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CITY OF LOGAN, UTAH ANNEXATION CERTIFICATION CITY OF LOGAN, UTAH ANNEXATION CERTIFICATION TO: RE: Logan Municipal Council Thomas & Megan Maples, property contiguous to Logan City located at 973 West 22 South, College Ward, Utah 84321-6362 and is

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54 64 51 44 74 94 84 Pr Pla opo nt sed ing S (By truc Ot tur he e rs) 34 50 24 05 49 14 15 rp po P so al de nitn rts ( g tcu yb eru ehto )sr P F eto rutu tn lai oh e isu gn Fu Pot tu en re Ho tial us ing

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Request for Proposals for Designer Selection for New MnDOT Courtland Truck Station (Project 16-05) MnDOT Building Number 91456

Request for Proposals for Designer Selection for New MnDOT Courtland Truck Station (Project 16-05) MnDOT Building Number 91456 New MnDOT Courtland Truck Station (Project 16-5) MnDOT 91456 Request for Proposals for Designer Selection ADDENDUM NUMBER ONE DATED 25 April 216 Request for Proposals for Designer Selection for New MnDOT

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History of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce ; a rich history of helping the businesses and citizens of the town of Clayton, NC

History of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce ; a rich history of helping the businesses and citizens of the town of Clayton, NC History of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce 1951-2017; a rich history of helping the businesses and citizens of the town of Clayton, NC Founding Founded in 1951 as the Clayton Merchant s and Credit Association

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Huge 2 Bedroom Condo with Private Hot Tub - Quick Walk to the Slopes!

Huge 2 Bedroom Condo with Private Hot Tub - Quick Walk to the Slopes! Huge 2 Bedroom Condo with Private Hot Tub - Quick Walk to the Slopes! Summary 2 BR 2 Bath Condo - sleeps up to 9 Description 221 Cinnamon Ridge I - a SkyRun Keystone Property -- Walking distance to Mountain

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Luxury 5BR-4BA Oceanfront Condo With Spectacular Views, Jacuzzi, 3 Pools

Luxury 5BR-4BA Oceanfront Condo With Spectacular Views, Jacuzzi, 3 Pools Luxury 5BR-4BA Oceanfront Condo With Spectacular Views, Jacuzzi, 3 Pools Summary Direct Oceanfront Condo, 5 Bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, Sleeps 14 Description Direct ocean front corner/end condo on South Ocean

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Luxury 4 Bedroom Condo in River Run - 2 Minute Walk From the Gondola!

Luxury 4 Bedroom Condo in River Run - 2 Minute Walk From the Gondola! Luxury 4 Bedroom Condo in River Run - 2 Minute Walk From the Gondola! Summary 4 BR 4 Bath Condo - sleeps up to 10 Description 202 Mill Creek (72 River Run Road) - a SkyRun Keystone Property -- Sleeps up

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Building Local Networking Opportunities. Home Services

Building Local Networking Opportunities. Home Services Building Local Networking Opportunities Home Services GUIDE MEDIA KIT 2017 LOCAL MARKET DEMOGRAPHICS 1 How is it distributed?/who gets it? For more than half a century, the South Metro Denver REALTOR Association

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b e a u t i f u l l y c r a f t e d h o m e s

b e a u t i f u l l y c r a f t e d h o m e s b e a u t i f u l l y c r a f t e d h o m e s Dufferin House Site Number 17 Dufferin House Site Number 16 school House Site Number 15 CLARKE House Site Number 11 school House Site Number 14 school House

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ANU - KINLOCH LODGE FACTSHEET UNILODGE @ ANU - KINLOCH LODGE FACTSHEET PROPERTY DETAILS Property Name UniLodge @ ANU Kinloch Lodge Property Address 35 Childers Street, Acton ACT 2601 Property Email Address Property

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Representative Photo. Click Image For Online Property Map

Representative Photo. Click Image For Online Property Map Representative Photo O F F E R I N G M E M O R A N D U M Click Image For Online Property Map DISCLOSURE : All materials and information received or derived from Fortis Net Lease (hereinafter collectively

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MTAR Member News. Chili Contest & Veterans Salute-Great Fun! Inside this issue: MTAR Calendar, Affiliate Spotlight, Golden.

MTAR Member News. Chili Contest & Veterans Salute-Great Fun! Inside this issue: MTAR Calendar, Affiliate Spotlight, Golden. MTAR Member News November 19, 2018 Chili Contest & Veterans Salute-Great Fun! Inside this issue: MTAR Calendar, Affiliate Spotlight, Golden Rule Program 2 Education Calendar, The 3 CE Shop, RENE Designation

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Oxford/Ole Miss Area Rentals

Oxford/Ole Miss Area Rentals Oxford/Ole Miss Area Rentals The Oxford-Lafayette County Chamber of Commerce assumes no responsibility or liability for the facilities, contents therein, or items presented in this informational listing.

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ADVANTAGE PLUS WELCOME TO. Advantage Plus. Where You Can Unlock The Doors To Your Success.

ADVANTAGE PLUS WELCOME TO. Advantage Plus. Where You Can Unlock The Doors To Your Success. ADVANTAGE PLUS WELCOME TO Advantage Plus Where You Can Unlock The Doors To Your Success ADVANTAGE PLUS Our Mission Statement TO CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE WHERE REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS

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OFFICIAL RESULTS. Up-to-Date results summaries for... President of the United States 1 position per party. Republican. Democrat

OFFICIAL RESULTS. Up-to-Date results summaries for... President of the United States 1 position per party. Republican. Democrat Michigan March Presidential Primary Electi OFFICIAL RESULTS are now available! Current returns are with precincts and AVCBs reporting--. -- accounting for. the regised vos. Reload page for most recent

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GREENSBORO DRIVE 8251 8255 8281 8285 GREENSBORO DRIVE PROPERTY OVERVIEW EastBoro is comprised of four Class A office buildings prominently located on Greensboro Drive, immediately adjacent to The Boro. EastBoro I 8251

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CITY PLANNING COMMISSION . 927 CITY PLANNING COMMISSION 0th Street, Suite 300 SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA 9584 APPLICANT Paul Y. Fong, 2009 'S' Street, Sacramento, CA 9584 OWNER Philip Wong, 236 'X' Street, Sacramento, CA 9588 PLANS

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Baltimore County Public Schools Dogwood Elementary School Capacity Relief Study. Meeting 4 Option Analysis

Baltimore County Public Schools Dogwood Elementary School Capacity Relief Study. Meeting 4 Option Analysis ogwood lementary School Capacity elief Study eeting 4 Option nalysis evised: 03/19/2019 2018-19 Capacity, 2018-19 Official nrollment, Live ttend Counts, and Building Utilizations The following are school

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[Type text] Location: Houlakia, Mykonos. Accommodation: Distances: Guests : 14 Bedrooms : 7 Bathrooms : 7 Guests WC : 1

[Type text] Location: Houlakia, Mykonos. Accommodation: Distances: Guests : 14 Bedrooms : 7 Bathrooms : 7 Guests WC : 1 Houlakia, Mykonos [Type text] Did someone say party? Thought so! Villa Sunset is your best option, when it comes to holidays in cosmopolitan Mykonos! The villa can sleep 14 guests, but the large terrace

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Founded 2000 Midwest LEED for Homes Provider 501(c)3 non profit; mission:

Founded 2000 Midwest LEED for Homes Provider 501(c)3 non profit; mission: Founded 2000 Midwest LEED for Homes Provider 501(c)3 non profit; mission: To be a catalyst for market transformation of the built environment through education, third party verification, and partnership.

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Ninigret Depot Industrial Land

Ninigret Depot Industrial Land Ninigret Depot Industrial Land 545 Lodestone Way Tooele, Utah 84074 Kelsie Akiyama 801.578.5504 PROPERTY HIGHLIGHTS 2 PROPERTY HIGHLIGHTS Ninigret Depot currently has approximately

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Eric Blumenfeld Presents STREET. Philadelphia

Eric Blumenfeld Presents STREET. Philadelphia Eric Blumenfeld Presents NORTH Retail BROAD STREET Philadelphia READY FOR RETAIL Since 2000, the North Broad Street Corridor has had the highest young-adult population growth in Philadelphia,

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OLIVOS REAL de La Quinta

OLIVOS REAL de La Quinta OLIVOS REAL de La Quinta The Project Th e O l i vo s p ro j e ct s howcase s t h e u n iq ue Re al d e L a Q ui nt a v i s ion by m erg in g t he l ate st wo rd i n d e s i g n in to idyllic n at u ra

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Direct Oceanfront - North Myrtle Beach - Great Location!

Direct Oceanfront - North Myrtle Beach - Great Location! Direct Oceanfront - North Myrtle Beach - Great Location! Summary Directly on the ocean, steps from the beach! WaterPointe II - located in the desirable Windy Hill section of North Myrtle Beach. Rent directly

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NEW PRICE: 130-unit Apartment Complex. Well-maintained, convenient location close to retail and transportation

NEW PRICE: 130-unit Apartment Complex. Well-maintained, convenient location close to retail and transportation NEW PRICE: 130-unit Apartment Complex. Well-maintained, convenient location close to retail and transportation 4242 HARRISON AVE., ROCKFORD,, IL PROPERTY OVERVIEW Harrison View Apartments is a well-maintained,

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UW Seattle Approve Residence Hall, Single Student Apartment and Family Housing Rate Adjustments

UW Seattle Approve Residence Hall, Single Student Apartment and Family Housing Rate Adjustments VII. STANDING COMMITTEES F 6 B. Finance and Asset Management Committee UW Seattle Approve 2014-15 Residence Hall, Single Student Apartment and Family Housing Rate Adjustments RECOMMENDED ACTION It is the

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SPRING 2017 ROOM SELECTION SPRING 2017 ROOM April 25-27, 2017 Latour Room, NAZ GENERAL INFORMATION ELIGIBILITY/ REQUIREMENTS Residency Requirement: All unmarried, full-time students are required to reside in University housing during

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Villas A6 - Beachfront 3 BR 2 BA with Private Balcony

Villas A6 - Beachfront 3 BR 2 BA with Private Balcony Villas A6 Beachfront 3 BR 2 BA with Private Balcony Summary Fresh, airy colors of the sugar sands and the ocean wave blues. Relaxing is a breeze in this beautiful condo with everything you need for staying

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Flip Flop Spot Paradise! Beautifully Decorated 3BR2BA High Speed Internet

Flip Flop Spot Paradise! Beautifully Decorated 3BR2BA High Speed Internet Flip Flop Spot Paradise! Beautifully Decorated 3BR2BA High Speed Internet Summary Our condo has 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom With Ocean View. Located on west beach in Gulf Shores away from the crowded beaches

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Representative Photo. Click Image For Online Property Map

Representative Photo. Click Image For Online Property Map Representative Photo O F F E R I N G M E M O R A N D U M Click Image For Online Property Map DISCLOSURE : All materials and information received or derived from Fortis Net Lease (hereinafter collectively

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BIG CITY MEETS SMALL TOWN CHARM BIG CITY MEETS SMALL TOWN CHARM Gramercy Court is in the heart of Dunedin where big city meets small town charm! The pedestrian-friendly Dunedin earned The Walking Magazine s ranking of Best Walking Town

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The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them

The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them Doug Hopkins Free Special Report The 5 biggest house-flipping mistakes that will cost you serious time and money and how to avoid them Hi! Doug Hopkins here from the Property Wars TV show on The Discovery

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Moss Lane. Ballynahinch

Moss Lane. Ballynahinch Moss Lane Ballynahinch Introducing Moss Lane Ideally located just off the Belfast Road, Moss Lane is a select development of large semidetached and detached Georgian inspired homes complemented by their

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PARAGON TH Avenue, Long Island City, NY BLANCHARD ST Avenue, Long Island City, NY

PARAGON TH Avenue, Long Island City, NY BLANCHARD ST Avenue, Long Island City, NY PAR 210 0 49 TH Ave nu AGO e, L ong Isla nd C N ity, NY D R A H C N BLA ST nue, 2110 51 Ave ity, NY Long Island C Nex t D BRO oo r O K L to YN minut e s to m i d to wn THE POINT LIC is a new commercial

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UNILODGE ON SWANSTON FACTSHEET UNILODGE ON SWANSTON FACTSHEET PROPERTY DETAILS Property Name UniLodge on Swanston Property Address 339 Swanston Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 Property Email Address Property Phone

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Listing Sheet 184 Carter Field Road North Andover, MA

Listing Sheet 184 Carter Field Road North Andover, MA Listing Sheet 184 Carter Field Road North Andover, MA The Listing Sheet Contains Following Documents: Feature Sheet Seller s Statement of Property Condition Inclusions and Exclusions Utility Costs Form

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Find your home at FLC CAMPUS HOUSING.

Find your home at FLC CAMPUS HOUSING. Find your home at FLC CAMPUS HOUSING How to apply for Student Housing 2 Choosing your room and roommates 3 Family and Summer Housing 3 Living Learning Communities 4 Traditional

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Dare to be different. You could make your life a whole lot easier when you rent a stylishly furnished apartment or townhouse* at Forbes Place.

Dare to be different. You could make your life a whole lot easier when you rent a stylishly furnished apartment or townhouse* at Forbes Place. FORBES PLACE Dare to be different You could make your life a whole lot easier when you rent a stylishly furnished apartment or townhouse* at Forbes Place. Available exclusively at our Forbes Place development

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History of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce ; a rich history of helping the businesses and citizens of the town of Clayton, NC

History of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce ; a rich history of helping the businesses and citizens of the town of Clayton, NC History of the Clayton Chamber of Commerce 1951-2014; a rich history of helping the businesses and citizens of the town of Clayton, NC Founding Founded in 1951 as the Clayton Merchant s and Credit Association

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Ground Floor Plan A m (76'-9")

Ground Floor Plan A m (76'-9) Ground Floor Plan 1:100 @ A3 23.4 m (76'-9") 7 Brewery Square D1 1HX A1 Retail Unit No.7 ARA ft² m² Gross Internal Net Internal 6.4 m (21') Shop Front 6.11 m (20'-1") I..Z.A. Demise Brewery Square Context:

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FRENSHAM BOARDING SNAPSHOT.   FRENSHAM Everyone s a boarder... not everyone sleeps over FRENSHAM Range Road, PO Box 34 Mittagong NSW 2575 AUSTRALIA +61 2 4860 2000 frensham1913 FRENSHAM BOARDING

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Area. GABLES 411: Gables McKinney Ave. Where is the nearest post office? Where is the nearest grocery store? What is the nearest Metro/Train?

Area. GABLES 411: Gables McKinney Ave. Where is the nearest post office? Where is the nearest grocery store? What is the nearest Metro/Train? Area Where is the nearest post office? Downtown Dallas Post Office.5 miles from our community 400 North Ervay Street Dallas, Texas 75201 Oak Lawn Avenue Post Office 1.6 miles from our community 2825 Oak

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[Type text] Location: Kalafatis, Mykonos. Accommodation: Distances: Guests : 19 Bedrooms : 10 Bathrooms : 10

[Type text] Location: Kalafatis, Mykonos. Accommodation: Distances: Guests : 19 Bedrooms : 10 Bathrooms : 10 Kalafatis, Mykonos [Type text] Bathed in the world-famous Cycladic light and cooled by the Aegean breeze, the Kalafati Retreat offers the ideal location for relaxed holidays for families or large groups

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BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS! It s WOW time! This is your Official Guide to Entering the 2019 Parade of Homes TM in Lake and Sumter Counties!

BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS! It s WOW time! This is your Official Guide to Entering the 2019 Parade of Homes TM in Lake and Sumter Counties! BUILDERS AND DEVELOPERS! It s WOW time! This is your Official Guide to Entering the 2019 Parade of Homes TM in Lake and Sumter Counties! OFFICIAL PARADE ENTRY PACKET IMPORTANT DATES! TM 2019 PARADE OF

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Villas A7 - Beachfront 2 BR 2 BA with Private Balcony

Villas A7 - Beachfront 2 BR 2 BA with Private Balcony Villas A7 Beachfront 2 BR 2 BA with Private Balcony Summary Rich dark woods with dynamic use of colors throughout. Spectacular views of Clearwater Beach from north to south of the Gulf of Mexico lapping

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Finding an Apartment LESSON 4. Choosing an Apartment

Finding an Apartment LESSON 4. Choosing an Apartment Finding an Apartment LESSON 4 Someday you will be on your own with a full-time job and ready to live independently from your parents. Choosing an apartment is an exciting step in your life, but you must

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Meeting Architecture. Maarten Vanneste, CMM

Meeting Architecture. Maarten Vanneste, CMM Meeting Architecture Maarten Vanneste, CMM 1983, Turnhout 2 1981 2008 4 5 The key chapters 1. Current meeting industry 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Meeting objectives Meeting objectives support Meeting architect Degree

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THE CORSICA. Welcome to

THE CORSICA. Welcome to The CORSICA Welcome to THE CORSICA They say good things come in small packages, but let s face it: size counts. Especially when you have a growing family, and ever growing list of toys both the grown-up

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2005 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level

2005 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level 2005 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level September 2005 (available at Revised October 2011 Kevin Dhuyvetter, K-State Ag Economics, (785) 532-3527,

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2004 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level

2004 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level 2004 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level November 2004 (available at Revised October 2011 Kevin Dhuyvetter, K-State Ag Economics, (785) 532-3527,

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IT S IN THE DETAILS YOUR HOME, YOUR WAY. BUILDER OPTIONS w w w. t i t a n h o m e s l l c. c o m IT S IN DETAILS YOUR HOME, YOUR WAY. MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Each office is independently owned and operated. REALTOR Prices reflect base prices

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This trendy hotel aptly reflects the creativity and cultural richness that the Mother City houses. ACCOMMODATION

This trendy hotel aptly reflects the creativity and cultural richness that the Mother City houses. ACCOMMODATION The epitome of creativity, a vibrant atmosphere and state-of-the-art facilities merge at the Stock Exchange, an eclectic city hotel located in Cape Town s most up-and-coming region, Woodstock. The hotel

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2008 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level

2008 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level 2008 Kansas Land Values and Cash Rents at the County Level August 2008 (available at Revised October 2011 Kevin Dhuyvetter, K-State Ag Economics, (785) 532-3527,

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Waterfrontage: Multiple Ofrs Acptd: No Hopa AG - 2.5

Waterfrontage: Multiple Ofrs Acptd: No Hopa AG - 2.5 Residential Customer Report 500 Pulitzer Road, Fort Pierce, FL 34950 List Price: $479,000 MLS#: RX-10379797 St: Active Type: Single Family Detached List Price/SqFt: 177.8 Area: 7300 Geo Area: SL03 County:

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Atlanta Braves Season Ticket Holders 40% off

Atlanta Braves Season Ticket Holders 40% off Atlanta Braves Season Ticket Holders 40% off Save on some of the best beach destinations along the Gulf Coast, including resorts in: Florida Alabama The Beaches of South Walton Bella Vita Sanctuary at

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MTAR Member News. RPAC 6 to $99 Social TODAY, 5-7 PM at Fuzzy s! Inside this issue: MTAR Calendar, Affiliate Spotlight, Golden Rule Program

MTAR Member News. RPAC 6 to $99 Social TODAY, 5-7 PM at Fuzzy s! Inside this issue: MTAR Calendar, Affiliate Spotlight, Golden Rule Program MTAR Member News September 10, 2018 Inside this issue: MTAR Calendar, Affiliate Spotlight, Golden Rule Program Education Calendar, The CE Shop, SRES Designation class, NAR Safety August, 2018 Sales Report

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Year. Simply Dental PUD. Town of Fishers Planned Development Ordinance No v

Year. Simply Dental PUD. Town of Fishers Planned Development Ordinance No v Simply Dental PUD v. 02.03.14 Town of Fishers Planned Development Ordinance No. 010614 1.01 Declaration, Purpose and Intent, and Permitted Uses Declaration Ordinance No. 010614 (this Ordinance") Adopted:

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RESTAURANT IN NOB HILL- OWNER FINANCING Las Colinas RESTAURANT IN NOB HILL- OWNER FINANCING FOR SALE 4200 Central Ave SE Albuquerque, NM 87108 Coldwell Banker Commercial Las Colinas April Ager Real Estate Consultant 505-563-4658 Office 505-269-5771

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UNILODGE ON COBDEN FACTSHEET UNILODGE ON COBDEN FACTSHEET PROPERTY DETAILS Name Address Email Address Phone Number UniLodge on Cobden 2 Cobden Street, North Melbourne VIC 3051 +61 3 9349 2500 APARTMENT / ROOM

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UC WEEDEN LODGE FACTSHEET UNILODGE @ UC WEEDEN LODGE FACTSHEET PROPERTY DETAILS Property Name UniLodge @ UC Weeden Lodge Property Address 74 Chandler Street, Belconnen ACT 2617 Property Email Address Property

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