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1 III INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC TECHNICAL CONFERENCE June 2018, Janów Lubelski, Poland INNOVATIONS IN GEODESY, CARTOGRAPHY, REAL ESTATE MANAGEMENT AND SURFACE WATER PROTECTION CONFERENCE PROGRAMME Accommodation 15:00 18:00 Registration of participants Supper Breakfast JUNE 06, 2018: WEDNESDAY JUNE 07, 2018: THURDAY Registration of participants, posters installation Conference opening: Karol Noga The Chairman of the Conference Krzysztof Jóźwiakowski Head of the Department of Environmental Engineering and Geodesy Speeches by the invited guests ST PLENARY SESSION CHAIRMANS OF THE SESSION: Robert Krzyżek, Elżbieta Jasioska Common Studies of National Geodetic System in Latvia and Lithuania Armands Celms Latvia University of Agriculture Using UAV photogrammetry for the creation of digital terrain models Robert Fencik, Buco Michal Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Evaluation of land property status Ľubica Hudecová, Veronika Haskova Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Proposals for Classification of Degraded Territories in Context of Land Degradation Velta Parsova, Armands Celms, Vivita Pukite Latvia University of Agriculture Quantification of changes in shape and parcel dimensions in the land consolidation process Robert Geisse, Ľubica Hudecová Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Discussion Coffee break

2 2 ND POSTER SESSION CHAIRMANS OF THE SESSION: Marek Banaś, Leszek Dawid Statistical analysis of selected spatial structure factors village land selected for consolidation and exchange of land Monika Balawejder, Marek Banaś, Katarzyna Matkowska The State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław Rebust estimation methods with application to flatness inspection of an engineering object Marek Banaś, Katarzyna Matkowska, Monika Balawejder The State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław Certification of forests in Ukraine Halyna Berezhnytska Methods of determination of town agglomerations borders Oleg Bida Directions of improvement of the land policy concerning formation of land relations development Oleksandr Bochko A comparison of some interpolation techniques for determining spatial distribution of nitrogen compounds in groundwater Urszula Bronowicka-Mielniczuk, Radomir Obroślak, Jacek Mielniczuk, Wojciech Przystupa Perspectives on offshore wind farms development in chosen countries of European Union Leszek Dawid Koszalin University of Technology The culture-forming role of public spaces in cities Małgorzata Denis Requirements in the field of thermal energy set for newly designed production and warehouse buildings, as an element of preservation of the principles of sustainable development in real estate management Mariusz Górak Use of SRL technique in determination of earth s tidal parameters Marcin Jagoda, Miłosława Rutkowska, Katarzyna Kraszewska, Czesław Suchocki Koszalin University of Technology The importance of identity in process of shaping new urban space in Warsaw, Praga Północ Ewa Jarecka - Bidzioska Measurement of a real condition of a rail track curve with Magnetic Measuring Square Arkadiusz Kampczyk Data integration in the 4D model construction for selected fortification objects Magdalena Kidoo Disbursement of local governments for infrastructure development in terms of compliance with the domains of sustainable development a comparative analysis of the selected area Katarzyna Kocur-Bera University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn Some aspects of improvement of the state control for use and protection of lands in Ukraine Pavlo Kolodiy Functioning of the information space of the state land resources management of Ukraine Alexandra Kostyshin Research on the methodology of surveying works applied to flood zones modeling Paweł Kotlarz Actualization economic evaluation of lands in Ukraine Oleksandra Kovalyshyn, Svitlana Malakhova, Zoriana Ryzhok Possibilities of energetic use of hydrotechnical constructions on the Włodawka river Alina Kowalczyk-Juśko, Andrzej Mazur, Antoni Grzywna Analysis of GNSS RTK height measurement with increased accuracy Robert Krzyżek, Jacek Kudrys Prioritization of land consolidation interventions in villages of central Poland. The example of the commune of Poświętne

3 Przemysław Leo, Karol Noga Сomprehensive assessment of land of human settlements, as the basic condition for their effective usage Oksana Lobanova, Tatyana Kushniruk State Agrarian and Engineering University in Podillia Open data applied in multitemporary spatial analysis Krystyna Michałowska Transformation of the multipurpose (2D) cadastre into the multi-dimensional (3D) cadastre in Poland Monika Mika Integration of TLS and photogrammetric data based on selected object Węgrzce Fortress Kornelia Moskal GIS technology and 3D models as a tool helpful in assessing development of flood-endangered land to make arrangements of municipal planning documents Maria Mrówczyoska, Anna Bazan-Krzywoszaoska University of Zielona Góra 3 RD PLENARY SESSION CHAIRMANS OF THE SESSION: Monika Mika, Paweł Kotlarz Selected technical and legal aspects of the delimitation of real estate Paweł Hanus Wizualizacja lokali w katastrze a normy PN-ISO 9836:1997 i PN-ISO 9836: Marcin Karabin Analiza procedury ustalania przebiegu granic działek ewidencyjnych Robert Łuczyoski Problem areas of aging population of rural communes spatial analysis of values of selected demographic indices Joanna Jaroszewicz Evaluation of the quality of spatial data collected in the land and building register Agnieszka Pęska-Siwik Discussion Dinner 4 th PLENARY SESSION CHAIRMANS OF THE SESSION: Paweł Hanus, Grzegorz Oleniacz Discussion The realities of introducing the smart city idea on the Krakow real estate market Elżbieta Jasioska, Edward Preweda Estates prices and values register as a data source in appraisal process Jacek Zyga Lublin University of Technology Statistical analysis of local real estate market Katarzyna Matkowska, Monika Balawejder, Marek Banaś The State Higher School of Technology and Economics in Jarosław Detriments in benefits from property related to location and exploitation of transmission infrastructure Krzysztof Butryn The use of modern geodetic techniques to assess the amount of soil material deposited on the bottom of a dry erosive-denudation valley Andrzej Mazur, Radomir Obroślak, Kamil Nieścioruk Free time (hotel DUO Janów SPA**** attractions ) :00 BBQ dinner in the open air

4 Breakfast JUNE 08, 2018: FRIDAY 5 th PLENARY SESSION CHAIRMANS OF THE SESSION: Karol Noga, Justyna Wójcik-Leo Kierunki rozwoju systemu gospodarki nieruchomościami w warunkach globalizacji Ryszard Źróbek University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn The role of cartographic sources in the revalorisation and planning of modern Zamośd Wojciech Przegon, prof. UR A comprehensive arrangement of rural areas as a tool for realizing the spatial management Jacek Pijanowski A new way of management of rural space in Poland Franciszek Woch 1, Jacek Pijanowski 2 1 Institute of Soil Science and Plant Cultivation in Puławy, 2 Restrictions in the development of rural areas resulting from defective structure of cadastral parcels Maciej Delnicki, Anna Bielska, Agnieszka Turek User engagement in designing and testing products of the projects Georeferenced statistical data in the state s information system Agnieszka Nowakowska, Magdalena Pączek-Borowska Central Statistical Office Discussion Coffee break (checking out of the rooms, folding luggage to the storage room next to the hotel reception) 6 th PLENARY SESSION CHAIRMANS OF THE SESSION: Tomasz Świętoo, Katarzyna Matkowska Peculiarities of performance of technical inventory for real estate objects Associate Professor Galuna Nesterenko Marking areas exposed to periodical excessive moistness in agricultural land using spatial analysis Tomasz Oberski Koszalin University of Technology Czekanowski s method applied in cluster analysis based on plot patchwork arrays Grzegorz Oleniacz 1, Przemysław Leo 2 1 Rzeszow University of Technology, 2 Real estate cadastre in Poland in the system approach Wojciech Pachelski 1, Monika Mika 2 1 Military University of Technology, 2 Innovative way of receiving, processing and displaying geospatial information in the land viewer advantages of satellites software interface Maryna Pіdlypna, Pavlo Kolodiy The phenomenon of suburbanization and urban-sprawl based on the study of the real estate market in the city of Lublin Patrycja Pochwatka Ecological impact of Rozdil state mining and chemical enterprise Sirka on water resources Volodymyr Pohrebennyk, Elvira Dzhumelia Lviv Polytechnic National University Development of the agricultural land market through the land consolidation Associate professor Andriy Popov Kharkiv National Agrarian University named after V.V. Dokuchayev Analysis of land disposal using network analysis algorithms Paweł Postek Geodetic and legal aspects of recording data on structures permanently attached to buildings Anna Przewięźlikowska Development of land market resources in recreation areas Stepan Radomski, Natalia Shpik, Roman Stupen Reasoning distance between marks of the boundary land parcel during cadastre surveying Valery Riabchii, Vladyslav Riabchii

5 National Technical University Dnipro Polytechnic Comparative studies of accuracy of methods of geometric leveling "forward-backward" and "from the middle" Ivan Rii The concept of reconstruction of the agricultural road network in the aspect of the rural management works in the Bychawka Druga village Roman Rybicki, Maciej Tomas The use of local spatial information systems for verification property development investments site selection - case study in Krakow Monika Siejka Precise GNSS positioning without the use of the American NAVSTAR GPS system Zbigniew Siejka Ecological and economic mechanism of rational agricultural land use Oksana Skorupska Transformation processes assessment in land resources management Muroslava Smolyarchuk Institutional support of the mountain territories development in Ukraine: evaluation and improvement directions Svitlana Stanko The impact of the construction of the A4 motorway on the size of plot patchwork within the territory of the village of Czarna Sędziszowska a case study Żanna Stręk Contemporary 3D modeling and visualization methods on an example of a selected object Agnieszka Struś Methodology of comprehensive evaluation of resource potential of recreational territories Mykhailo Stupen 1, Nazar Stupen 2 1, 2 Lviv Polytechnic National University IT system aimed at automating of the data acquisition technology of the EGIB for the needs of the Integrated Real Estate Information System Tomasz Świętoo 1, Rafał Kraska 2, Monika Lipioska 2 1 Rzeszow University of Technology, 2 GEORES Sp. z o.o. Some aspects of determination of boundaries of sanitary protection zones Mykola Trehub, Yuliia Trehub National Technical University Dnipro Polytechnic Sustainable development of agricultural landscapes Vladyslav Tymoshevskyi, Tatyana Tymoshevska Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University Importance of environmental investments into the field of nature management Iryna Zhak th PLENARY SESSION CHAIRMANS OF THE SESSION: Edward Preweda, Monika Balawejder D reconstruction and online publication of Fort citadel 2 Kościuszko model Beata Hejmanowska 1, Ewa Głowienka 2, Agnieszka Struś 1, Kornelia Moskal 1, Sławomir Mikrut 1 1, 2 Kielce University of Technology Selected applications of low-ceiling photogrammetry Sławomir Mikrut 1, Żanna Stręk 2, Ewa Głowienka 3, Agnieszka Struś 1 1, 2, 3 Kielce University of Technology On proposed methods of integrating and visualizing continuous deformation measurements of engineering objects Krzysztof Karsznia Warsaw University Of Life Sciences SGGW Analysis of main components used for modelling changes in glacitectonically disturbed areas Maria Mrówczyoska University of Zielona Góra

6 Discussion Discussion 8 th PLENARY SESSION CHAIRMANS OF THE SESSION: Monika Siejka, Anna Przewięźlikowska Building regularity meters Tomasz Salata Koncepcja rejestracji podziemnych obiektów przestrzennych w nowoczesnym systemie katastralnym 3D Olga Matuk Military University of Technology The concept of estimating usable floor area of buildings based on cadastral data Piotr Benduch An analysis of usefulness of prewar unification maps in selected procedures determining the course of borders on the example of Matyniów district Aneta Mączyoska Closing ceremony Dinner