3LGreenstone Gateway to the Ring of Fire

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1 Protective 3LGreenstone Gateway to the Ring of Fire Offer to Purchase TO: Mayor Beaulieu & Members of Council FROM: Stephen Mykulak, Director & Planning Services DATE: 23 November 2015 RE: Maria de Lourdes Silveira Maurinho Quadros Offer to Purchase 419 Aspen Drive, Nakina Ward Plan M-345 Lot 45 Roll No The Municipality has received a request to purchase the above noted property. The land was previously declared and listed as surplus to the requirements of the former Township of Nakina in 1983 and last advertised for sale in Aspen Drive, Nakina Ward is assessed at $2, by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation. The property was appraised in September The property dimensions are 60 x 110. The zoning is Residential 2 (R2) pursuant to the Township of Nakina Zoning By-law No.15/86 and the lands have been vacant since the registration of Plan M-345 in Ms. Quadros offer is in the amount of $2, and stated in the offer to purchase is that the property will be deemed with her property located at 417 Aspen Drive and a 30 x 50 (1500 square feet) garage will be built on the purchase property. The following facts must be considered as to whether a recommendation accept the offer; is made to 1. The offer is 35% below the assessed value. 2. The offer is 100% of the appraised value. The Protective & Planning Services Subcommittee reviewed the offer to purchase recommends that the offer of Carillion Canada Inc. be accepted. and

2 ' S. Mykulak, ector Protective & Planning Services ins I, Direcfor of Corporate Services

3 «JUNICIPALITY - I OF GREENSTONE ""*-:3%" I LA::Icrof}leq1vatt!o! uxchasel«uni<:epa1lsu3ds Date: V3, E3 Mayo: 8 Memberscf Council do Pmrectve & Planning Services Municépamy of Gteanstone 1800 Main Street, PO Box 79 Gammon, ON POTNG Ladies & Gen?emen: Re: MunicipaiAddrm: -Hgaépem Dr. T\3Cd<(rz:xLC! ~5 Wad: Leg;!De3c?y8on: Elorx ~ l3 1 $ E-13+ #5 (lot number, plan number. reference Wan} Ro!lNumber: 53 lg? OQQIQ Z2,: 231) I am interested in punmaséng the above pzopenyand the davesopmem plan for the sand is (please be speci?c): Myo?er for the propenyis: s,.e?s..2q.c.?...?..._ C'oa,Lrr < :r' g~;~f«:f Sunderaiarsdtut My aim is suz?edtomaadduiuncfappliumo taxes. Ni lagaueasrauarsshguxiszransae?anvsitbo myresaor-simzy. 23:17maoscxry survey eoswshun be my rssponsibiiify.?tance or!this om:tanputchsu dew not gmsrarvmthat my rsqulmd prismshgapp-ibca?ems (Mina: tmsanco. awning hyvkwamonelmmt, ci?cial pun armncmsmst, divertingixrhw, aha) wt? be appvoved. a Devalupumnte?m pmparrgshaltbaoongslwtedwtmm2 yaarso lhe9 s6lano!uxeb'ansadiunoi the wupextywiubu mturmdso munitiptl memmhip. - Various ounaitionarmybw plscw onmaaceoptsmoe of my on»: at the disua?nn ofcoum?. The pmvartyis Wrchasedonan asis,whembs"has&. An Fm alesarrpiicabia taxes. is payable upon submission0 mxsfarm. Wyawoffer '5 tended.wm Vn wiitbe mfuadad. nyeuw?hdrawyouta?n?ee adrnirotstmlionm is NOTMtmdod. - Abepnakoqunlta 10%nHi'vew?e:o!$3GD.0O(w!?c?:ovorEsgraa$av),wuu boteeeivadbythe?g Mm?psay upcn roceéptofthasignad AafaerrxémmPmdusa. a. Land Sale transacaionsaresuigeqha sddxbnsi mics and guideiinesvm?chate oui?nsd ivzthe?&-j Muraidpaav fg:eians:om's GoodStandhg wow. 5?sraby acknovnssxigethat Ihave been o?erod andiorzuecaivsdanoopyoi the General Land sate _ BY i3w fin7ew.d. Lag: {signature cf propossd purchaser) Namemieaseprint): Anna MaiIingAddress: -H1\ {\\1 5m H " r" H Quwgms Harm. dtlolu~des i~=\af 7~\;J_(i.\ (_fgif ;T{ir i3rnc. % > f"-9 Vhlba? NQXC? Daylimé Phona Number: 7 ma?: {»C3 *5:Picgsa wan«.: :orr"ias;::<>rci«ar\c» J 9 ~ 3% $868 M QNW +0 (am us SQqC %33~ Nwem Vb "PS Br2dtaPa:~u,,, %re:?ckr:3 N 7 (3 $01013? L W TPani.»_,L -cu. 9 N

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5 V MPAC - Municipal Connect (2.6.0) Page 1 of 1 ' 7".. r Quick seam Ro lnumber V I I?» (mpar ::::::::m l~<1un C. FAL EURPQRATIDN D Bag}; -1?)AI:'v5anceI; IE) Cu2tI:IrrII2I.Ier3- Ma;:I\/'1e'\Iver?} RE';3C1r I3 13 Lggcuui «i,'2.>- Home E? < _. :'3&rPrDfEt>:=.? Help E LIc:erIce. Agreern. (:7) Feedback General Property Details * ~ We I 5B : PLAN M345 LOT Vacant Resldential Land Not GREENSTONE On Water MUNICIPALITY WASPEN DR 60.0 Feet Feet Square Feet _ Y - Year Round Road Access Unspeci?ed/Not Applicable VL - E» VACANT LAND Exempt N - No Support /19/2015

6 MPAC - Municipal Connect (2.6.0) Page 1 of 1 Quick Search Roil Number V MLINIC FRDPERTY AEEEEEMENT CURPDRATIUN L 1:!Ea~::ir.C3< E Licence Axgreem? Help $7 Feedback General Property Details DO PLAN M345 LOT Single-Famiiy Detached (Not On Water) QUADROS MARIA DE LOURDES SILVEIRA MOURINHO 17 ASPEN DR Feet Feet Square Feet Y A Year Round Road Access Separate Or Private Driveway RU - RESIDENTIALUNIT R - T - P - Residential Taxable: Full Engiish-Pubiic /19/2015


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