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1 ACCELERATED REVEW PROCESS -C Office of the City Engineer Los Angeles, California To the Honorable Council Of the City of Los Angeles October 4, 2016 Honorable Members: C. D. No. 5 SUBJECT: Offer to Dedicate easement for storm drain on property lying on the northwest side of High Ridge Drive, west of High Ridge Place. - Right of Way No RECOMMENDATONS: A. That the petitioner s offer to dedicate the easement for storm drain purposes lying on the northwest side of High Ridge Drive, west of High Ridge Place substantially as shown hatched on the attached Exhibit B, be accepted. B. That the Board of Public Works be authorized to acquire the dedication. C. D. That a copy of the Council action on this project be forwarded to the Real Estate Division of the Bureau of Engineering for processing. That the notification of the time and place of the City Council meeting to consider this matter be sent to: Hugo Abrego 8700 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood, CA Avraham Ossadon 9502 Highridge Place Los Angeles, CA FSCAL MPACT STATEMENT: A fee of $3, was paid for processing this report pursuant to Sections 7.3 and of the Administrative Code. No additional City Funds are needed. TRANSMTTALS: Application dated July 20, 2016 from Hugo Abrego, agent. Exhibit B, location map.

2 Council 2 C.D. No. 5 DSCUSSON: The petitioner, Avraham Ossadon, is offering to dedicate the storm drain easement lying on the northwest side of High Ridge Drive, west of High Ridge Place, over the properties substantially shown hatched on the attached Exhibit B. The dedication is being offered, in order that the storm drain being constructed can be accepted as part of the public storm drain system. The storm drain facilities are being constructed in a manner satisfactory to the City Engineer and have been suitably guaranteed by B-Permit No. BR The investigation fees required under Sections 7.3 and of the Administrative Code have been paid by the petitioner. ENVRONMENTAL DETERMNATON: The Bureau of Engineering has determined that this project is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act of 1970, pursuant to the categorical exemptions included in the City of Los Angeles Guidelines under Article, Class 5(19). Respectfully submitted James Lantry, Engineer of Surveys Survey Division Bureau of Engineering dedrpt_10013 cc: West Los Angeles District

3 s LSfiENPi PROPOSED EASEMENT S x a & LOT 28 M.B EASEMENT TO LOT 27 FOR STORM DRAN PURPOSES s V -Zt&iAL) t* 6-0 «S* fe; $ X X LEGAL DESCRPTON: PORTON OF LOT 28. AS RECORDED N MAP BOOK NO. 671 PAGES 39 THROUGH 42 CTY Cf LOS ANGELES, CA THueT CLENT! LOT 27 M.B (NOT A PART) MOST SOUTHERLY CORNER OF LOT 23 M.B PONT OF BEGNNNG $ & r ( 'OuNN, t 2l i rf A?Qy A&v i, ft? EXHBT B '&g W 9802 * HUH woce PL, BEVERLY HUB, CA o asms: AV 0S8AD0H 18-tOW SAD No * 20* * Exp * l«d%'--- o fift, ME.. M7 *. momoh «Wv X^ClV V * rf?s 5 C.W. TT Mwr hkia CAUPMA ran TEL (ate) «a»-c*7i mx pw) «OF CAL' WjniiMM-jBa mua^ta C.DL flf «rr ^, t*. to i SV«**Kl«.10S32_»iBT 8J1W0 (0) a V.

4 Highway Dedication - Bureau of Engineering Applicanl nformation Full Name: Address: City State Application for Dedication of Easement Case Reference Number Hugo Abrego 8700 Santa Monica Blvd West Hollywood CA Zip Phone Fax Ownei nformation Full Name: Avraham Ossadon Address: 9502 Highridge Place City Los Angeles State CA Zip Phone Fax Property!nf yrmation Job Address: 9502 Highridge P Building Permit Application No. RWNo Tract TR Block Lot 28 Arb. Project nformation (if applicable) Project Title Project Engineer (if City project) Project Engineer Title (if City project) Work Order or.d.o. (if City project) B-Permit Number (if applicable) BR Dedication of an easement varying in width ghwydedsurveycontrol.cfrn?action=view_case&fr am es=2&ref_no= &cfid=362493&cftoken=780e bcfb2-d256ae

5 Work Description Highway Dedication - Bureau of Engineering for storm drain purposes (see Exhibits A, B Dedication nformation The Area to be dedicated is for: NO Street NO Alley NO Sidewalk NO Sanitary Sewer YES Storm Drain NO Other Explain The area dedicated is located at: Engineering District Planning District Council District Number District Map Number Thomas Guide Page and Grid WEST LOS ANGELES WEST COASTAL PLANNNG DSTRCT B D2 Description of Dedication Reason for Dedication Dedication of easement Storm Drain (Varies) Voluntary Dedication for BR The dedication is required by NO R3 - Hwy Dedication NO CPC NO ZA YES DOT NO Hillside Ordinance YES Other Planning Number Planning Number Explain Voluntary BOE Counter Comments Survey Comments Real Estate 1 om <eni ty.orghwydedsurveycontrd.cfm?action=view_case&frames=2&ref_no= &cfid=362493&cftoken=780e bcfb2-d256ae