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1 38. ZAGREB SALON - LIST OF ACCEPTED PHOTOS Country Name Surname Image title Section Award Argentina Raul Villalba Residents of Dark City B Argentina Raul Villalba Streets of tango C Argentina Raul Villalba Tango in the streets C Argentina Raul Villalba Olivia D Argentina Raul Villalba The maiden of the wood D Australia Edwin Mangabat Fires at Dawn A Australia Edwin Mangabat Bay of Fires A Australia Edwin Mangabat Marina Bay Sands B Australia Mario Mirabile Solitude A Australia Mario Mirabile Strike B Australia Mario Mirabile Todays special C Australia Mario Mirabile JP D Australia Vicki Moritz Admiring the view A Australia Vicki Moritz Docklands hats A Australia Vicki Moritz Paris street singers C Australia Adrian Whear Red Umbrella A Australia Adrian Whear A stormy Princes pier A Australia Adrian Whear Trapped in a Webb B Australia Adrian Whear Post modern Degraves B Australia Adrian Whear Ghost in the machine B Australia Adrian Whear Brunswick Tales C Australia Adrian Whear Southbank Stories C Australia Adrian Whear How high? C Australia Adrian Whear Inside out C PSA Bronze medal Australia Adrian Whear Smoking man D Austria Patrick Bittermann Nebulous C Austria Patrick Bittermann Spring Cleaning C Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein Pudong 1 A Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein Hochsitz B Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein Upstairs B Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein Fifth Avenue New York C Austria Sepp Dieter Kohlwein Sunny D Austria HELMUT MAUTHNER AKT1 B Austria HELMUT MAUTHNER SELFI D Austria HELMUT MAUTHNER HANDWERKER D Austria Gerhard Moderitz MedUni Campus A Austria Franz Pacher Dr. Zutraeger A Austria Franz Pacher Dr. Solotaenzerin-80 A Austria Franz Pacher Dr. weisse-stiege B Austria Franz Pacher Dr. alter-violinist C Austria Franz Pacher Dr. der-schlaefer C Austria Franz Pacher Dr. Angelique-IRF1 D Austria Johann Schrittwieser By die Hydrant C Austria Johann Schrittwieser from the tribe of Musi 01 D Austria Johann Schrittwieser Rubymania D Austria Johann Schrittwieser Sajira 05 D Bangladesh SOHEL PARVEZ HAQUE Dark Room Partners B Bangladesh SOHEL PARVEZ HAQUE Smoke for relief B Bangladesh SOHEL PARVEZ HAQUE The Journey C Bangladesh SOHEL PARVEZ HAQUE Life on a Journey C Bangladesh SOHEL PARVEZ HAQUE Rush Hour C Bangladesh SOHEL PARVEZ HAQUE Curious D Bangladesh SOHEL PARVEZ HAQUE Flirty D Belgium Livinus Bleyen Herding Horses A FIAP Honorable mention Belgium Livinus Bleyen Kirkjufell Falls A Belgium Livinus Bleyen Mercedes Benz Museum B Belgium Livinus Bleyen Stokksnes Black Beach B Belgium Livinus Bleyen Under The Bridge B Belgium Livinus Bleyen Winter Roundup B Belgium Livinus Bleyen Beijing Night Train C Belgium Livinus Bleyen Burano At Night C Belgium Livinus Bleyen Mongolian Horseman D Belgium Claude SIMON Very old Bushman mama B Belgium Claude SIMON Himba Selen D Belgium Claude SIMON Luna in black D Belgium Luc Stalmans Aphrodite Melaina A Belgium Luc Stalmans Dwain II A Belgium Luc Stalmans Madame Bouvary II A Belgium Luc Stalmans Bella Donna B Belgium Luc Stalmans Donna Sensitiva B

2 Belgium Luc Stalmans Geometrical Bodies II B Belgium Luc Stalmans Mystery Queen B Belgium Luc Stalmans And Now The End is Near C Belgium Luc Stalmans Going to My Home Town C Belgium Luc Stalmans In a Solid Fluidium D Belgium Luc Stalmans Incognito II D Belgium Luc Stalmans Lady MacBeth D Belgium Luc Stalmans The Threat D Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Kascelan Stoker 3 B Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Kascelan Sepet 70 B Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Kascelan Street of musicians 2 C Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Kascelan Portrait 14 D Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Prole Red light in the fog A Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Prole As before B Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Prole Wire labyrinth B Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Prole Man with shadow C Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Prole Shadow play 33 C Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Prole Eternal companion C Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Prole Cumurana 5 D Bosnia and Herzegovina Dragan Prole Day labourer D Bulgaria Teodora Dimitrova Dive into the Silence A Bulgaria Teodora Dimitrova Grounded A Salon Gold medal Bulgaria Teodora Dimitrova The Flow A Bulgaria Teodora Dimitrova To Bury a Passion A Bulgaria Teodora Dimitrova Eternity B Bulgaria Teodora Dimitrova Powerless B Bulgaria Teodora Dimitrova What Lives Inside B Bulgaria Teodora Dimitrova Dara D Bulgaria Teodora Dimitrova In Yellow D Bulgaria Teodora Dimitrova Kalina D FIAP Honorable mention Bulgaria Teodora Dimitrova Simona D FIAP Gold medal Canada Phillip Kwan Iron Worker 7 BW B China Jinhui Bi Carry A China Jinhui Bi Jiangnan-Winter solstice C China Jinhui Bi In the snow C China Jiajun Chai India36 A China Jiajun Chai Indian4 A China Jiajun Chai Cuba again12 C China Xinxin Chen Xiapu15 B China Xinxin Chen In the rain12 C China Kunping Chen Egret- Eagerly hope A China Kunping Chen Egret-looking down 1 B China Kunping Chen Morning B China Kunping Chen Bridge 2 B China Kunping Chen Shaolin zen and martial arts4 B China Shaohua Chen Blue town C China Shaohua Chen Three cats C China Jungang Cheng Aerial stunts A China Jungang Cheng Grandpa telling stories B China Zuyu Dai Walk alone A China Zuyu Dai Doubtful eyes B China Zuyu Dai Reincarnation B China Zhentong Gao Spirit B China Xinghang Huang Inundated A China Ming Li Streetscape in Zagreb 2 A China Ming Li City mirror 3 B China Ming Li Orthodox Jew C China Ming Li Streetscape in Dhaka 7 C China Ming Li Vegetable market 4 C China Ming Li Size up 2 D China Jianping Li Crazy fleeing cattle A China Jianping Li Foggy B China Jianping Li Elf in deep valley B China Jianping Li Memory of ancient street C China Jianping Li Years in the lane C China Jianping Li Street artist D China Jianping Li Potter D China Chuanzhong Li Dream back to Loulan A China Jidong Li Concerned A China Jidong Li Go out to sea B China Jidong Li Return B China Jidong Li Search B China Jidong Li Iron man C

3 China Jidong Li Shop owner C China Jidong Li Kilns C China Jiuru Liang Three Miao sisters A China Xiaoxi Liao Group Photo 2 A China Xiaoxi Liao Brothers A China Xiaoxi Liao Dependency 2_BW B China Xiaoxi Liao Hot fighting B China Xiaoxi Liao Mother and Son_8_BW B China Xiaoxi Liao Sentimental Boy B China Xiaoxi Liao Sisters C China Xiaoxi Liao A Girl in the Sunset D Salon Honorable mention China Xiaoxi Liao Hope for-2 D China Xiaoxi Liao My Grandma D China Shihui Liu Court A China Shihui Liu Lotus pond A China Shihui Liu Parking lot A China Shihui Liu The path winds along C China Fengying Long Omo River Valley43 A China Fengying Long painting on face30 B FIAP Honorable mention China Fengying Long The African children62 B China Fengying Long Ethiopia girl2 D China Fengying Long Omo River Valley35 D China Fengying Long The African children82 D China Ping Lu Beauty send B China Ping Lu Catch a spring fog B China Ping Lu Kung fu dancing water2 B China Ping Lu Old Sisters C China Ping Lu MELANCHOLY2 D China Ping Lu The most beautiful labor D China YI WAN Glacial 4 A China YI WAN mudflat aquaculture-m B China YI WAN Aisle7 C China YI WAN Color bubbles 8 C China Yonghe Wang Longing B China Ming Wang Calling from distance A China Jianguo Wang Migrate A China Jianguo Wang Beauty - Sri Lanka D China Jianguo Wang Sunshine boy D China Hongshan Wang Feeding A China Hongshan Wang Old man D China Maogui Wang Oxygen inhalation A China Li Wang Confused D China Li Wang The leftover D China Li Wang Piety D PSA Bronze medal China Li Wang Who are you D China Nanhua Xie Busy in tea picking A China Xiaomei Xu Body guard A China Xiaomei Xu Lonely happyness A China Xiaomei Xu Daily B China Xiaomei Xu Old tribe woman B China Xiaomei Xu Girls D China Xiaomei Xu Smoking tribe woman D China Guanzhong Xu Spring Charm B China Guanzhong Xu Early Spring B China Guanzhong Xu Angel of the Road C China Guanzhong Xu Phantom of the morning C China Linsheng Xu Take off A China Linsheng Xu Brown Eared Pheasant A China Linsheng Xu Chrysolophus pictus A China Dewei Ye Air show A China Dewei Ye Between water and mountains B China Dewei Ye Meet C China Dewei Ye Soaring dragon in the fog C China Dewei Ye Summer street C China Du Yi Exquisite dream A China Du Yi Old dream A China Du Yi Lost B China Du Yi Inward B China Liangquan Yu Celebration8 B China Lianhua Zhang Notes of the Lake A China Lianhua Zhang Wetland landscape A China Lianhua Zhang Inky lake B China Tianming Zhang Overline bridge A

4 China Tianming Zhang Boldness stems from superb skill A China Tianming Zhang Pottery woman worker A China Tianming Zhang Dried fish B China Jiaxiang Zhang The door of light and shadow A China Yongjiang Zhang The vicissitudes of the old man D China Yongjiang Zhang Traces of time D China Ye Zhou Ferry in mist A China Ye Zhou Life B China Ye Zhou Happy fisherman B China Ling Zhu Dreamy angels A China Ling Zhu Camel bells ring A China Ling Zhu Rhythm of Badain Jaran Desert A China Ling Zhu Resound in the snow B China Ling Zhu Long journey B China Ling Zhu Sails in Oujiang River B Croatia Žaklina Antonijević Kontemplacija A Croatia Žaklina Antonijević Passing By C Croatia Žaklina Antonijević Džamonjina džamija C Croatia Žaklina Antonijević Kustos D Croatia Miroslav Arbutina Jugo A Croatia Miroslav Arbutina Tradicija A Croatia Miroslav Arbutina Samo za nju C Croatia Ljubica Babac I can see the Exit D Croatia Ljubica Babac My thoughts My story D PSA Honorable mention Croatia Ljubica Babac Red kind D Croatia Zlatko Balentić Behind the wall B Croatia Zlatko Balentić The bridge C Croatia Zlatko Balentić Before the rain D Croatia Zlatko Balentić Goran Koncar D Croatia Zlatko Balentić Old lady with a cat D Croatia Nika Balkic The Shoe Lace A Croatia Nika Balkic The star A Croatia Nika Balkic Water Dance A Croatia Nika Balkic Turning around C Croatia Nika Balkic Ara D Croatia Sanja Baljkas Moni Le Fleur & Chess A Croatia Sanja Baljkas The Decadent A Croatia Sanja Baljkas The Mystic A Croatia Sanja Baljkas Neo B Croatia Sanja Baljkas Passengers B Croatia Sanja Baljkas The Misery C Croatia Sanja Baljkas Happiness D Croatia Sanja Baljkas Lady M D Croatia Dejan Barić Desire A Croatia Dejan Barić Urban rain C Croatia Dejan Barić Mirna D Croatia Dejan Barić Deyan D Croatia Dejan Barić Dijana D Salon Bronze medal Croatia Bojan Bilas Sunlit A Croatia Davor Bolant Registracija B Croatia Višnja Bolf Zorom na jezeru A Croatia Višnja Bolf Kap po kap D Croatia Višnja Bolf Portret umjetnika D Croatia Damir Borčić Who Cares C Croatia Damir Borčić Rugby Player D Croatia Vlatka Bukovac First dance C Croatia Vlatka Bukovac Milk art Portrait D Croatia Vlatka Bukovac Ela D Croatia Vlatka Bukovac Woman portrait,cigarette D Croatia Vlatka Bukovac Cigarette D Croatia Clara Bunge Chameleon horse A Croatia Clara Bunge Curiosity A Croatia Clara Bunge Raincoats C Croatia Valentina Bunić Fly me to the Moon B Croatia Valentina Bunić Shadow B Croatia Valentina Bunić I am sad, so sad C Croatia Valentina Bunić Dog's Life C Croatia Valentina Bunić Absence D Croatia SILVIJA BUTKOVIĆ PRIČA O STROSSMAYERU C Croatia Dren Butković Light giants A Croatia Dren Butković Victory in the eyes D Croatia ZELJKO CAR Arhitecture A Croatia ZELJKO CAR Flight of birds B

5 Croatia Mary Crnković Pilaš Magic wood A Croatia Mary Crnković Pilaš The one that got away B Croatia Mary Crnković Pilaš Goal! C Croatia Mladen Culic Gold fever ( Zlatna groznica ) B Croatia Mladen Culic Vedran D Croatia Davor Curić Alone C Croatia Marko Čolić Metalna Kobra C Croatia Bartolomeo Diaz roof top A Croatia Bartolomeo Diaz južina B Croatia Bartolomeo Diaz some kids still use it C Croatia Bartolomeo Diaz following the light C FIAP Bronze medal Croatia Bartolomeo Diaz korak raskorak C Croatia Julija Domac My friend B Croatia Julija Domac Tango B Croatia VEDRANA DOMAZET BREATHING... A Croatia VEDRANA DOMAZET DANCING WITH MYSELF B Croatia VEDRANA DOMAZET PORTAL C Croatia VEDRANA DOMAZET TIME IS THE ENEMY D Croatia VEDRANA DOMAZET KAO MAMA D Croatia Slavko Drobnić Sunny and wet A Croatia Slavko Drobnić You can not run away from your shadowb Croatia Slavko Drobnić The last wash C Croatia Valerija Dujmovic In Venice C Croatia MORANA ĐEREK Stainless Still B Croatia MORANA ĐEREK Svakodnevica B Croatia MORANA ĐEREK Trideset i šest D Croatia Vesna Đukić Station C Croatia Eva Francuz Le Fleur D Croatia Tihomir Franov Ribič A Croatia Jakov Gaćina Kap Po Kap I tako Je Nastao Ovaj ČudesaA Croatia Filip Gal Lady way C Croatia Filip Gal Redhead gal D Croatia Filip Gal The Dream Boy D Croatia Filip Gal Fall D Croatia Jurica Galić Mars A FIAP Honorable mention Croatia Jurica Galić Crying B Salon Honorable mention Croatia Jurica Galić Hell B Croatia Jurica Galić Pythoness C Croatia Jurica Galić Preoccupation C Croatia Andro Galinović They are all watching me C Croatia Sinja Gerić Sattler Artist C Croatia Sinja Gerić Sattler No future look D Croatia Bruno Gjopar Vortex 1 A Croatia Bruno Gjopar Vortex 2 A Croatia Bruno Gjopar Confusion C Croatia Alemka Goleš Parovi B Croatia Alemka Goleš Kunu za psa C Croatia Jasmina Gorjanski At the end of travel A Croatia Jasmina Gorjanski Blizzard in the city I A PSA Gold medal Croatia Jasmina Gorjanski Tram in blizzard A Croatia Jasmina Gorjanski Winter in blue A Croatia Jasmina Gorjanski Girl and giants B Croatia Jasmina Gorjanski Misty morning B PSA Honorable mention Croatia Jasmina Gorjanski Step by step B Croatia Jasmina Gorjanski Winter in black B Croatia Jasmina Gorjanski Blizzard C Croatia Jasmina Gorjanski Winter day in red C Croatia Jasmina Gorjanski Winter Impression C Croatia Rino Gropuzzo In the wall B Croatia Rino Gropuzzo Sonia D Croatia Rino Gropuzzo Ruby D Croatia Cedomil Gros Spiral Fence A Croatia Cedomil Gros People Migration A Croatia Cedomil Gros Stooped by the Wind B Croatia Cedomil Gros Hurriedly C Croatia Cedomil Gros Drunkenness C Croatia Ivan Hećimović The Mimicry A Croatia Ivan Hećimović Gravity Free A Croatia Ivan Hećimović The Winter B Croatia Ivan Hećimović The Picture B Croatia Ivan Hećimović The Rider C Croatia Ivan Hećimović Where are we going C Croatia Fran Horvat Silent Sea A

6 Croatia Fran Horvat Thank you C Croatia Fran Horvat Marko D Croatia Amy Jažić cold shower A Croatia Amy Jažić where you are B Croatia Amy Jažić football star C Croatia Amy Jažić greting to the sun C Croatia Amy Jažić suprised C PSA Gold medal Croatia Amy Jažić emotions D Croatia Amy Jažić in the bar D Croatia Amy Jažić traces of life D Croatia Ognjen Karabegović Ljeto 2017 A Croatia Ognjen Karabegović Drugi život C Croatia Ognjen Karabegović Zima na kamenitim vratima C Croatia Ognjen Karabegović Djevojka sa lepezom D Croatia Ognjen Karabegović Portret dječaka D Croatia katarina karakaš spiroski Green vs Red A Croatia katarina karakaš spiroski Three Colors Blue A Croatia katarina karakaš spiroski People are strange when you're a strangc Croatia katarina karakaš spiroski Cubism D Croatia Božidar Kasal Graphics of Rice Terraces B Croatia Božidar Kasal India C Croatia Nataša Kašinec The Prayer 1 B Croatia Nataša Kašinec Dražen 1 D Croatia Nataša Kašinec A Christmas apple D Croatia Lorna Kijurko Liveliness B Croatia Lorna Kijurko Liveliness B Croatia Lorna Kijurko India C Croatia Lorna Kijurko Feria de Abril C Croatia Lorna Kijurko Marta, Zagreb D Croatia daniela klokočki femininity D Croatia daniela klokočki thought D Croatia daniela klokočki the boss D Croatia Biljana Knebl Black and White Exit B Croatia Biljana Knebl Sentinel C Croatia Vanda Kocur Lovrović Pripreme C Croatia Zoran Kolaric deus ex machina B Croatia Zoran Kolaric the trace of her light B Croatia Zoran Kolaric in the corner C Croatia Zoran Kolaric left or right C Croatia Zoran Kolaric street barber C Croatia Zoran Kolaric the sound of beauty D Croatia Ivan Kosić Nevera A Croatia Ivan Kosić Popeye A Croatia Ivan Kosić Grga Čvarak B Croatia Ivan Kosić Pred zimu B Croatia Ivan Kosić Bem ti život C Croatia Ivan Kosić Je li moglo drugačije C Croatia Ivan Kosić Nedjeljom u dva C Croatia Ivan Kosić Samo gledam C Croatia BORIS KOZJAK PROVIDNOST A Croatia Željko Krčadinac Fruit notes A Croatia Željko Krčadinac Abandoned C Croatia Zvonko Kucelin celebration-1 B Croatia Zvonko Kucelin lines-8 B Croatia Zvonko Kucelin one man-3 B Croatia Zvonko Kucelin rhythm-9 B Croatia Zvonko Kucelin celebration-2 C Croatia Zvonko Kucelin real life-2 C Croatia Zvonko Kucelin trade fair-31 C Croatia Zvonko Kucelin friends D Croatia Zvonko Kucelin glance-21 D Croatia Lidija Kuhar It is cold inside A Croatia Lidija Kuhar Into the light C Croatia Lidija Kuhar Others C Croatia Lidija Kuhar Work in progress C Croatia Lidija Kuhar Time Traveller D Croatia Samir Kurtagić Khan Khan A Croatia Samir Kurtagić Nada A Croatia Samir Kurtagić Prolaz A Croatia Samir Kurtagić Mistićno jutro B Croatia Samir Kurtagić Paralelni svijetovi B Croatia Samir Kurtagić U prolazu B Croatia Samir Kurtagić Bijelo jutro C Salon Silver medal

7 Croatia Samir Kurtagić Igra C Croatia Samir Kurtagić Magla C Croatia Samir Kurtagić U prolazu C PSA Honorable mention Croatia Samir Kurtagić Đokica D Croatia Samir Kurtagić Pogled D Salon Gold medal Croatia Samir Kurtagić Smiješak D Croatia Samir Kurtagić Život na zidu D Croatia Morena Kvaternik 21 gram B Croatia Morena Kvaternik Fetus B Croatia Morena Kvaternik Boy C Croatia Morena Kvaternik Old man C Croatia Rebeka Legović Ana B Croatia Zrinka Lovrić Listen the story D Croatia Josipa Madjar Put u nepoznato C Croatia Josipa Madjar Zaustavljeni u pokretu C Croatia Kristina Mađarević Field of heart C Croatia Anto Magzan Perač prozora B Croatia Anto Magzan Snijeg C Croatia Anto Magzan Ivan Midžić D Croatia Anto Magzan Goran Bare D Croatia Višnja Makek A silent night C Croatia Nino Marcutti Winter ride C Croatia Nino Marcutti Brooklyn winter C Croatia Bozo Marijancic Blue View A Croatia Aldo Marochini Os Z D Croatia Nenad Martić Self -Portrait B Croatia Nenad Martić A. G. Matoš C Croatia Nenad Martić Serve and protect C Croatia Nenad Martić Wolford C Croatia Nenad Martić Renata D Croatia Igor Matutinović Prolaznost A Croatia goran mehkek Luka A Croatia goran mehkek Kisa C Croatia Mirko Menalo Explorer C Croatia Ivana Miletic Ambis story III A Croatia Ivana Miletic Snail II B Croatia Ivana Miletic Cartoon boy C Croatia Ivana Miletic Octopus woman III D Croatia Dinko Neskusil Osamljen C Croatia Dinko Neskusil Bilder D Croatia Dinko Neskusil Sanja D Croatia Željko Novaković Passing by B Croatia Nenad Opačić Izgubljeni u crvenom A Croatia Nenad Opačić Miris lavande D Croatia Doriano Orbanić We are champions B Croatia Ivana Palešćak Autumn walk C Croatia Roberto Pavic misurina A Croatia Roberto Pavic uttakliev beach A Croatia Roberto Pavic vareid A PSA Honorable mention Croatia Roberto Pavic zaanse schans A Croatia Roberto Pavic istrian fantasy B Croatia Roberto Pavic mostar B Croatia Roberto Pavic praha IX B Croatia Roberto Pavic praha B Croatia Roberto Pavic charles bridge C Croatia Roberto Pavic tilt-shift budapest C Croatia Roberto Pavic zagreb C Salon Bronze medal Croatia Roberto Pavic attitude D Croatia Roberto Pavic in the train D FIAP Honorable mention Croatia Roberto Pavic old lady D Croatia Goran Pavletić Pogled s prozora A Croatia Goran Pavletić Izgubljen u geometriji C Croatia Goran Pavletić Rano jutro C Croatia Goran Pavletić Kontesa C Croatia Goran Pavletić Gospodin u Veneciji D Croatia Nikolina Petolas Waiting A PSA Bronze medal Croatia Nikolina Petolas Bag of Sunshine A Croatia Nikolina Petolas Woman on alley C Croatia Nikolina Petolas Man on Bridge C Croatia Ivana Planinić Best Friends C Croatia Ivana Planinić Final touch C Croatia Ivana Planinić The face D Croatia Željko Plašč Kišni čovjek B

8 Croatia Željko Plašč Trojka B Croatia Željko Plašč Oprez, pada žbuka! C Croatia Igor Popovic Shadow Lamp A Croatia Igor Popovic Levels A Croatia Igor Popovic Perspectives A Croatia Igor Popovic Alien's Head B Croatia Igor Popovic Lost in a Honeycomb C Croatia Igor Popovic Under My Umbrella C Croatia Mirjana Porupski Dolac C Croatia Snježana Požar Zrinjevac u snijegu A Croatia Snježana Požar Stanica B Croatia Nediljko Prološčić through the window A Croatia Nediljko Prološčić fishing B Croatia Nediljko Prološčić friends B Croatia Nediljko Prološčić winter B Croatia Nediljko Prološčić forward back C Croatia Nediljko Prološčić transience C Croatia Nediljko Prološčić Emin D FIAP Honorable mention Croatia Nediljko Prološčić noir D Croatia Nediljko Prološčić the breeze in the hair D Croatia Neda Racki Day in white satin A PSA Silver medal Croatia Neda Racki Lullaby A Croatia Neda Racki Waiting man A Croatia Neda Racki Without fear B Croatia Neda Racki Nude C Croatia Neda Racki The barber C Croatia Neda Racki Trouble C Croatia Neda Racki Weight of life C Croatia Neda Racki Asja D Croatia Zvonko Radicanin Hypocrisy A Croatia Zvonko Radicanin Still Life A Croatia Zvonko Radicanin The Sound of Silence A Croatia Zvonko Radicanin Breath B Croatia Zvonko Radicanin Genesis B Croatia Zvonko Radicanin Hole in One B Croatia Zvonko Radicanin Donuts C Croatia Zvonko Radicanin Homage to Fan Ho C Salon Honorable mention Croatia Zvonko Radicanin Rainy Girls C Croatia Zvonko Radicanin Tough Job C Croatia Zvonko Radicanin Magical Eyes D Croatia Damir Rajle Mirisi Istre A Croatia Damir Rajle Orange and green A Croatia Damir Rajle Permanent vacation A Croatia Damir Rajle Dolazak plime B Croatia Damir Rajle Mirror wlkers C Croatia MARINO RAUNIĆ Bigfoot A Croatia MARINO RAUNIĆ Flow of time A Croatia MARINO RAUNIĆ Morning news C Croatia MARINO RAUNIĆ The tooth of wisdom D Croatia Zvonimir Rendeli Ponedjeljak A Croatia Zvonimir Rendeli Glacier A Croatia Zvonimir Rendeli Dvije zebre i zec B Croatia Lili Lea Rušnjak Hang C Croatia Lili Lea Rušnjak Lady smokes D Croatia Josip Smoljić Modern shapes B Croatia Josip Smoljić Roof B Croatia Josip Smoljić Dolac C Croatia Josip Smoljić Shadows C Croatia Josip Smoljić Small talks C Croatia Josip Smoljić Waiting for a train C Croatia Andrea Solar Mačak A Croatia Andrea Solar Keramika B Croatia Andrea Solar U luci B Croatia Andrea Solar Na gatovima Gangesa C Croatia Andrea Solar Prodavačica C Croatia Andrea Solar Stara škola D Croatia Mirjana Spajić Buturac Lazy sunday morning B Croatia Mirjana Spajić Buturac I believe in love D Croatia Ksenija Spanec Calm A Croatia Ksenija Spanec Surreal D Croatia Ilija Stanusic Detail A Croatia Ilija Stanusic Slavonia fields B Croatia Ilija Stanusic First snow C

9 Croatia Ilija Stanusic Pink umbrella C Croatia Danijela Stefanac Cinque Torri. A Croatia Danijela Stefanac In the lavender field. A Croatia Danijela Stefanac Stormy heights. B Croatia Josip Stevic Izbjeglica iz besmisla C Croatia Sandra Stoić Gemini A Croatia Sandra Stoić Morning climbing A FIAP Gold medal Croatia Sandra Stoić Purple and green A Croatia Karmen Stošić Sjećanja A Salon Honorable mention Croatia Nataša Šafar Separation B Croatia Nataša Šafar Winter C Croatia Vinko Šebrek bonaca u predvečerje, vlasinsko jezero, sa Croatia Vinko Šebrek subotnje popodne u zagrebu 2 C Croatia Darija Šesto A strawberry A Croatia Darija Šesto A tea time A Croatia Darija Šesto Two glasses A Croatia Darija Šesto nude 1 B Croatia Darija Šesto nude 3 B Croatia Darija Šesto Painter B Croatia Darija Šesto Lucija 2 D Croatia Ana Šesto Think Pink C Croatia Vladimir Šimunić Na crnom moru A Croatia Vladimir Šimunić Poplava A Croatia Vladimir Šimunić Na rubu B Croatia Vladimir Šimunić Full Metal Matej 1 D Croatia Vladimir Šimunić Full Metal Matej 2 D Croatia Vladimir Šimunić Vintage Photo studio II D Croatia Željko Šinka Attraction C Croatia Željko Šinka Concerned D Croatia Ivica Šitum Na Prozoru A Croatia Ivica Šitum Pogledi B Croatia Ivica Šitum Petra D Croatia Ivica Šitum Kraljeva Kći D Croatia Ivica Šitum Filip D Croatia Vesna Špoljar Music is Joy A Croatia Vesna Špoljar Dreams B Croatia Vesna Špoljar Spyral B Croatia Vlasta Štalekar Sky-line A Croatia Vlasta Štalekar Double chair A Croatia Vlasta Štalekar Celebrated football team C Croatia Vlasta Štalekar Celebration C Croatia Boris Štromar Lubenice u galaksiji A Croatia Boris Štromar Mars na Zemlji A Croatia Boris Štromar U prolazu C Croatia Boris Štromar Golubovi C Croatia Boris Štromar Vještica s Dubravkinog puta D Croatia Dražen Tirić Morocco bus A Croatia Dražen Tirić Futevôlei C Croatia Dražen Tirić Timur C Croatia Dražen Tirić Nicole M D Croatia Sandra Tomljenovic Little spider A Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic Step 5 B Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic Walker B Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic Hockey B Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic Run away C Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic Step 6 C Croatia Aleksandar Tomulic Life passes C FIAP Gold medal Croatia Domagoj Topić Slavonija 1 A Croatia Domagoj Topić Slavonija 3 A Croatia Domagoj Topić Na klupi C PSA Honorable mention Croatia Domagoj Topić U prolazu C Croatia Domagoj Topić Vespa C Croatia Pavao Toth For your eyes only A Croatia Pavao Toth Lonely walker C Croatia Davorka Trbojević Na Bundeku A Croatia Davorka Trbojević Ritam B Croatia Davorka Trbojević Prijatelji D Croatia Sandra Truntic Passage A Croatia Sandra Truntic Tranquillity A Croatia Tvrtko Ujević Ilica u kolovozu C Croatia Krunoslav Večenaj Podravina A Croatia Krunoslav Večenaj Nedjeljno jutro B Croatia Krunoslav Večenaj Pray for mercy B

10 Croatia Krunoslav Večenaj Mojsije D Croatia Krunoslav Večenaj Stari majstor D Croatia Krunoslav Večenaj Počinak D Croatia Tomislav Veić LEDENI SELFIE B Croatia Tomislav Veić TIŠINA DELNIČKE ZIME C Croatia Tomislav Veić SVIJETLA VELEGRADA C Croatia Tomislav Veić DIZAJNIRANJE EMOCIJA D Croatia Tomislav Veić BRIGE I PROBLEMI D Croatia Monika Vodopija Rem-iza C Croatia Andrija Vrcan ŠKVADRA C Croatia Andrija Vrcan U PROLAZU C Croatia Andrija Vrcan SIMON D Croatia Andrija Vrcan ZAMIŠLJENA D Croatia Davorin Vujčić Krčka kompozicija B Croatia Zdenko Vukelić Searching for the Answer A Croatia Zdenko Vukelić Doors of Perception A Croatia Zdenko Vukelić Last night at my window,i Dreamt A Croatia Zdenko Vukelić In Delirium A Croatia Zdenko Vukelić At the End of the Road B FIAP Bronze medal Croatia Zdenko Vukelić Tired of Oneself B Croatia Zdenko Vukelić Hungry for Information C Croatia Zdenko Vukelić At sunset Everything is Possibile C Croatia Zdenko Vukelić Talking About C Croatia Zdenko Vukelić Look to the Light D Croatia Zdenko Vukelić Safe D PSA Gold medal Croatia Zdenko Vukelić Reminiscence D Croatia Zdenko Vukelić Reflection of Reality D Croatia Jerolim Vulić Crveni kišobran C Croatia Vesna Zednik Tonko D Croatia Mato Zeman Yellow Wave A Croatia Mato Zeman April Wind B Croatia Mato Zeman Late Spring B Croatia Mato Zeman Smile D Croatia Damir Zurub New life A Croatia Damir Zurub Underwater dream A Croatia Damir Zurub Underwater paradise A Salon Honorable mention Croatia Damir Zurub Ghosts of the past B Croatia Damir Zurub Oceanic whitetip shark B Cyprus Romos Kotsonis Body angles B Cyprus Romos Kotsonis Against the windblow C Cyprus Romos Kotsonis On the job D Cyprus Romos Kotsonis Burning eyes D Cyprus PAVLOS PAVLOU Street performance C Denmark Soren Skov Firefighter A Denmark Soren Skov Frosty mist A Denmark Soren Skov Goose step_ssk_1957 A Denmark Soren Skov No 67_SSK9339 B Denmark Soren Skov Squatter_SSK_1226 B Denmark Soren Skov barber shop_ssk_9366 C Denmark Soren Skov Holy man Nepal_SSK_8361 C Denmark Soren Skov lloyds bank C Denmark Soren Skov A man and his goldfish_ssk_0222 D Denmark Soren Skov Man in front of the house D Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz Foggy Walk A Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz Blue Hour A Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz Crosses B Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz Evening Runner B Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz Upstairs 4 B Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz Harmo Players C Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz Harmo Players C Denmark Ole Suszkiewicz Carnival Lady D England Michael J Duke Morning Break C England Barbara Jenkin Curled Shape B England Barbara Jenkin Ox Cart Fun C England Barbara Jenkin Victoria Beautiful D England Malcolm Jenkin Power Girl A England Malcolm Jenkin The Drum A England Malcolm Jenkin Abi Looking Up A England Malcolm Jenkin Mono Tree Frog on Tulip B England Malcolm Jenkin Miriam Subdued B England Malcolm Jenkin Cubic Dreamer B England Malcolm Jenkin Ragged Victorians C England Malcolm Jenkin Monaco 2 D

11 England Eileen Murray Bubbles and Ballet A England Eileen Murray The Final Farewell B England Eileen Murray Pip B England Eileen Murray Eden D FIAP Silver medal England Eileen Murray Pearls D England Eileen Murray Natasha in Red D England Eileen Murray Eastern Pomise D France Guy B. Samoyault Fleuret elite A France Guy B. Samoyault Bouffon D France Alexandre VAJAIANU LE RACKETTEUR C Germany Manfred Kluger primaballerina-3 A Germany Manfred Kluger autumn-2 A Germany Manfred Kluger a natural beauty-3 A Germany Manfred Kluger dreamy-3 D Germany Manfred Kluger autumn leaves-2 D Germany Manfred Kluger dark queen-1 D Germany Manfred Kluger rocker girl-1 D Germany Ernst Pini Black tree B Germany Ernst Pini Grain B Germany Ernst Pini Shepherdess D Germany Silvana Retter The phantomatic town A Germany Silvana Retter In my Secret Life A PSA Honorable mention Germany Silvana Retter The Final Prayer A Germany Silvana Retter Lady Bird B Germany Silvana Retter Reborn B PSA Gold medal Germany Silvana Retter Valley of Life B Germany Silvana Retter Children of the World C Germany Silvana Retter Don't take my friend C Germany Silvana Retter Missing the Family D Germany Silvana Retter The Guardian of the heaven's door D Germany Silvana Retter Under My Spell D Germany Peter Teuschel Blues mating mono B Germany Peter Teuschel Munich Monks rugby team C Germany Peter Teuschel Guitar player C Germany Peter Teuschel Hopeless D Germany Peter Teuschel Gray D Germany Peter Teuschel YES! D Greece Ioannis Sidiropoulos butterfly A Hong Kong S.A.R. H.W. CHAN Only a person A Hong Kong S.A.R. H.W. CHAN Gather to join A Hong Kong S.A.R. H.W. CHAN Miao girl_m2 B Hong Kong S.A.R. H.W. CHAN Shiofumi 19_Bw_Japan B Hong Kong S.A.R. H.W. CHAN Street with rain_1 C Hong Kong S.A.R. H.W. CHAN Shoe Shine C Hong Kong S.A.R. H.W. CHAN Waiting for roadside C Hong Kong S.A.R. H.W. CHAN Distressed D Hong Kong S.A.R. H.W. CHAN Worry looking D Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che Dive for the win 2 A Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che Egg hawker A Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che Happy kids A Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che Art of Polishing 3 B Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che Circle game B Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che Going home 5 B Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che My younger brother 2 B Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che All for you C Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che Burden of life 5 C Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che Stop crying C Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che Boy 1 D Hong Kong S.A.R. Arnaldo Puolo Che Cigar of the grandma D Hong Kong S.A.R. Wolfgang Lin The 8 A Hong Kong S.A.R. Wolfgang Lin Dragon Boat BW B Hong Kong S.A.R. Wolfgang Lin He Himself C Hong Kong S.A.R. Wolfgang Lin Pedestrians 3 C Hong Kong S.A.R. Wolfgang Lin In Sync C Hong Kong S.A.R. YANPING QIU Terraced Rays A Hong Kong S.A.R. YANPING QIU In A Moment B Hong Kong S.A.R. Edward Wong Repair01 A Hong Kong S.A.R. Edward Wong Rear Flash Dance_138 A Hong Kong S.A.R. Edward Wong Rear Flash Dance_117 B Hong Kong S.A.R. Edward Wong Rear Flash Dance_121 B Hong Kong S.A.R. Edward Wong CubaCar01 B PSA Honorable mention Hong Kong S.A.R. Edward Wong HavanaStreet05 C Hungary Peter Aczel Op-Art B

12 Hungary Peter Aczel Smoking Too Much D Hungary Peter Aczel Sign D Hungary Balazs Bartal Arc A Hungary Balazs Bartal Attractiveness A Hungary Balazs Bartal Hair A Hungary Balazs Bartal After bath B Hungary Balazs Bartal Janka B Hungary Balazs Bartal Pure girl B Hungary Balazs Bartal The girl B Hungary Balazs Bartal Smile D Hungary Balazs Bartal Smink D Hungary Balazs Bartal Timi D Hungary Gabriella Jerszi Snail A Hungary Gabriella Jerszi Drift of dust B Hungary Gabriella Jerszi Among the pylons C Hungary Gabriella Jerszi Pairs C Hungary Gabriella Jerszi Little girl from Kolto D Hungary Imre Kiss Gipsy family A Hungary Imre Kiss Hat B Hungary Imre Kiss In bus C PSA Honorable mention Hungary Imre Kiss In the city C Hungary Imre Kiss Gold D Hungary Imre Kiss Looking back D Hungary Zoltan Lokos Acrobats C Hungary Zoltan Lokos Turban D India ADIT AGARWALA SPIRAL STAIRS A India ADIT AGARWALA APPROACHING STORM B India ADIT AGARWALA DUTY IS BEAUTY C India ADIT AGARWALA LIFE ON STREET C India ADIT AGARWALA VAGABOND D India ADIT AGARWALA WITNESS D India Sunita Aich Colors in the wood A India Sunita Aich Dreams and beyond A India Sunita Aich Grandma in Color A India Sunita Aich Unuttered B India Sunita Aich Colors in Motion C India Sunita Aich Struggle of Life C Salon Honorable mention India Sunita Aich The teller D India Sunita Aich Unexpressive D India Dwaipayan Basu Who are you A India Dwaipayan Basu Hard start C India Dwaipayan Basu Subway C India Dwaipayan Basu Muddy D India Dwaipayan Basu Old Beauty D India Soumya Basu Inside Haveli B India Soumya Basu Morning Reader B India Soumya Basu City Cleaners C India Soumya Basu Altered Generation D India Saurabh Bhattacharyya Naga sadhu A India Saurabh Bhattacharyya Peaceful life B India Saurabh Bhattacharyya Village of Bengal B India Saurabh Bhattacharyya Baby in cage D India Saurabh Bhattacharyya Little girl 4 D India Sujit Das Decisive Moment A India Sujit Das Inside Smoke A India Sujit Das Winter morning A India Sujit Das Angry mood B India Sujit Das Leisure time B India Sujit Das Smoker in Morn B India Sujit Das Astonished C India Sujit Das Cooking time C India Sujit Das Different directions C India Sujit Das Good Morning C India Sujit Das Girl with the flower D India Sujit Das Monk in the Fog D India Ritankar Das In an alley C India Ritankar Das The Beauty D India Ritankar Das Yellow eye D India Arpita Das Life in dumpyard C India Arpita Das Waiting C India Arpita Das Old Man D India SUBRATA KUMAR DAS Affection B India SUBRATA KUMAR DAS In another world D

13 India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB DREAM GIRL A India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB SILENT BEAUTY A India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB WAITING WITH FLOWERS A India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB CURL B India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB DARING LADY B India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB FIRE UNCOVERED B PSA Honorable mention India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB THE MOMENT B India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB OLD TO NEW C India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB BEAUTY OF EYES D India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB INDIAN BEAUTY D India SIDDHARTHA RANJAN DEB WITHERING D India PINKU DEY ELEGANT A India PINKU DEY GIRL IN THE BLACK HAT A India PINKU DEY LOTUS A India PINKU DEY GEOMETRY B India PINKU DEY PORTRAIT 3 B India PINKU DEY COLOR & RHYTHM 01 C India PINKU DEY COLORFUL C India PINKU DEY ON LOOKER C India PINKU DEY HOPE IN EYE 1 D India PINKU DEY MOOD & IMOTION D India PINKU DEY RED CURVE D India Kaushik Dolui Different moods A India Kaushik Dolui Parallel lines II B India Kaushik Dolui Stand alone B India Kaushik Dolui Peaceful sleep C FIAP Honorable mention India Kaushik Dolui Less visible C India GOUTAM KUMAR DUTTA RED JUICE A India GOUTAM KUMAR DUTTA SOLITARY B India CHINMOY DUTTA Figure with Red Cloth A India CHINMOY DUTTA Table Top 10 A India CHINMOY DUTTA Figure Study 01 B India CHINMOY DUTTA Figure Study 21 B India CHINMOY DUTTA At Rest C India CHINMOY DUTTA Beauty in Red D India CHINMOY DUTTA Placid D India CHINMOY DUTTA Portrait 82 D India Biswamitra Ghosh Shimmer of hope A India Biswamitra Ghosh Lane Life C India Biswamitra Ghosh Market in Evening C India Biswamitra Ghosh Expression D India Biswamitra Ghosh Smoky Eyes D India Biswarup Ghosh Behind the scene C India Biswarup Ghosh Mass Prayer C India Debabrata Hore First Light A India Debabrata Hore Lady with the lamp A India Debabrata Hore Alone in the Fog B FIAP Honorable mention India Debabrata Hore Old Memories B India Debabrata Hore Decisive moment C India Debabrata Hore Window side 3 D India SUDIPTA MAULIK Leisure A India SUDIPTA MAULIK Fishermen with boat B India SUDIPTA MAULIK Sabar girl B India SUDIPTA MAULIK Cycle of life C India SUDIPTA MAULIK Best friends D India SUDIPTA MAULIK Bonding D India SUDIPTA MAULIK Impression D India SUDIPTA MAULIK Sabar boy with rat catchers D India Souvik Mondal Annoyed C India Souvik Mondal Trio D India Arijit Mukherjee Smoking Sadhu A India Arijit Mukherjee Two generations C India Arijit Mukherjee Vacation Blues D India Chandan Mukherjee Dancing in the fog A India Chandan Mukherjee MYSTERIOUS MIST A India Chandan Mukherjee Waiting in the wood A India Chandan Mukherjee WORKING WOMEN 2 A India Chandan Mukherjee RURAL LIFE B India Chandan Mukherjee FACE OF VILLAGE C India Chandan Mukherjee WAY TO HOME C India Chandan Mukherjee BEHIND THE STORY D India Swapan Mukherjee Sisters D India Swapan Mukherjee Suspicious D

14 India ANIKET PAUL MOUMITA A India ANIKET PAUL STATUESQUE A India ANIKET PAUL EARTHBOUND B India ANIKET PAUL A SMOKE BREAK C India ANIKET PAUL MELANCHOLIA D India ANIKET PAUL POLOMI 02 D India ANIKET PAUL PORTRAIT 64 D India ASIT KUMAR RAY Morning tune-1 A India ASIT KUMAR RAY All in calm-1 B India ASIT KUMAR RAY Tumpa-1 D India Dipak Ray Inside Smoke A India Dipak Ray bridge on the river B India Dipak Ray Football in Fog B Salon Silver medal India Dipak Ray circle in motion C India Dipak Ray Returning Home C India Dipak Ray children in village D India Dipak Ray Colorful faces D India Subho Saha Fire-Death Extinguish C India Subho Saha Rest C India Subho Saha Titli D India SHUVASHIS SAHA Praying Monk A India PINAKI SARKAR Fun in the field C India PINAKI SARKAR Walking up C India PINAKI SARKAR Eyes D India Sayan Sarkar Touch me A Salon Bronze medal India Sayan Sarkar When Angel cries B India Sayan Sarkar Caring Hands C India Sayan Sarkar Get warm C India Sayan Sarkar The Empty Stairs C India Sayan Sarkar The Scavenger C India Sayan Sarkar Old Rural Woman D India Sayan Sarkar Unidentified D India ashok viswanathan shadow on the wall A India ashok viswanathan suveera 2 D India ashok viswanathan in the spotlight D Indonesia Pamela Alexis Callista Javran Playful Boys A Indonesia Pamela Alexis Callista Javran Scituato Lighthouse from the east A Indonesia Pamela Alexis Callista Javran Maine Lighthouse B Indonesia Pamela Alexis Callista Javran Permaqui Lighthouse B Indonesia Pamela Alexis Callista Javran Tatapan Kosong B Indonesia Pamela Alexis Callista Javran The Majestic Borobudur Temple B Ireland Gary Loughran Yellow A Ireland Gary Loughran Lone figure B Ireland Gary Loughran Metrobike B Ireland Gary Loughran Morning After C Ireland Gary Loughran Put the camera down C Ireland Gary Loughran Workers C Ireland Gary Loughran James In Snow D Ireland Aleksandar Sasic I vivid A Ireland Aleksandar Sasic Wonder mask B Ireland Aleksandar Sasic Nanning red D Israel LEONID GOLDIN Give back A Israel LEONID GOLDIN Ideal Figure A FIAP Bronze medal Israel LEONID GOLDIN Modern Men A Israel LEONID GOLDIN Pink rain A Israel LEONID GOLDIN Night duty B Israel LEONID GOLDIN TEXAS B Israel LEONID GOLDIN CHANEL C Israel LEONID GOLDIN In a month of sundays C Israel LEONID GOLDIN Roses for loved ones C Israel LEONID GOLDIN Women's Pain C Israel LEONID GOLDIN Girl and Hat D Israel LEONID GOLDIN Northerner D Italy Pierfrancesco Baroni Tatto maker A Italy Pierfrancesco Baroni Chess players C Italy Pierfrancesco Baroni White poodle C Italy Pierfrancesco Baroni Piazza Signorelli C Italy Pierfrancesco Baroni Fire department D Italy Pierfrancesco Baroni Man on the street D Italy Pierfrancesco Baroni Little girl with orange D Italy Alessio Conca Charm B Italy Eugenio Fieni Maramures 8.73 A Italy Eugenio Fieni Il piccolo carbonaio 2 D

15 Italy Eugenio Fieni Maramures 8.78 D Italy Andrea Maina Relaxed driving C Italy Silvestro Paletti The eyes of Paola A Italy Silvestro Paletti Rugby 9 B Italy Silvestro Paletti Jaguar C Italy Silvestro Paletti Lupo di mare D Italy Silvestro Paletti Vintage Anastasia Model D Italy Marzio Vizzoni BURMESE 8 D Italy Marzio Vizzoni YOUNG MONK D Luxembourg Harry Daemen Schwan am Niwwel A Luxembourg Harry Daemen Haifoss A Luxembourg Harry Daemen Waitsprong A Luxembourg Harry Daemen Stefans Hobby B Luxembourg Harry Daemen Heichsprong Tzur B Luxembourg Harry Daemen Weissenstein B Luxembourg Harry Daemen Adolphe Bridge C Luxembourg Harry Daemen Bob D Salon Silver medal Luxembourg Claude Goelff After the fire B Luxembourg Jean Jacques Grethen Cocarde d'or 5 A Luxembourg Jean Jacques Grethen in the air A Luxembourg Jean Jacques Grethen Las Bardenas A Luxembourg Paul Hilbert CFM56 aircraft engine B Luxembourg HUTTING JACQUES LA FORD B Luxembourg Nico Kohnen Black & Red 01 A Luxembourg Nico Kohnen Ballet-1 A Luxembourg Nico Kohnen Sascha Nude-2 B Luxembourg Nico Kohnen Arch-BIL B Luxembourg Nico Kohnen Arch-Phil B FIAP Gold medal Luxembourg Nico Kohnen Waiting C Salon Honorable mention Luxembourg Nico Kohnen She D Luxembourg Nico Kohnen Adela-2 D Luxembourg Nico Kohnen Hair D Macau S.A.R. Sherman Cheang Dinner Time A Macau S.A.R. Sherman Cheang Red Angel A Macau S.A.R. Sherman Cheang Playing Time A Macau S.A.R. Sherman Cheang Drying Pork B Macau S.A.R. Ka Chon Chiang Village Kitchen A Macau S.A.R. Ka Chon Chiang Red and Circle A Macau S.A.R. Ka Chon Chiang Dryadula phaetusa A Macau S.A.R. Ka Chon Chiang Left Blow B FIAP Honorable mention Macau S.A.R. Ka Chon Chiang Heavy Blow B Macau S.A.R. Ka Chon Chiang Cordwainer D Macau S.A.R. Ka Chon Chiang Make Up D Macau S.A.R. Ka Chon Chiang The Smoking Man 10 D Macau S.A.R. Ka Chon Chiang Smoking D Macedonia Viktor Nalevski Tree A Macedonia Viktor Nalevski Hooligans A Macedonia Viktor Nalevski Cobbler B Macedonia Viktor Nalevski Shapes and Shadows C Macedonia Viktor Nalevski Shadow Aspect D Myanmar THI HA MAUNG NUNS AND GOLDEN LIGHT A Myanmar THI HA MAUNG NIGHT BAZAAR ON STREET 2 A Myanmar THI HA MAUNG PREPARATION FOR NET 2 A Myanmar THI HA MAUNG PREPARATION FOR PADDY B Myanmar THI HA MAUNG THROUGH THE DUST 2 B Myanmar THI HA MAUNG TOGETHER SHAVING HEAD B Myanmar THI HA MAUNG TRAFFIC LINES AND PEOPLE C Myanmar THI HA MAUNG FORGETTING OF UMBRELLA C Myanmar THI HA MAUNG NOVICE AND SIMPLE SMILE D Salon Honorable mention Myanmar THI HA MAUNG THE LOOK OF OLD MAN D Myanmar THI HA MAUNG MY GRANDFATHER D Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT Landschap en fietser A Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT In de touwen A Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT Gecorrigeerde vlucht A Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT Groep kuifmakaken 2 A Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT Glooiend landschap B Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT Drie schapen B Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT Hallo D Netherlands Daniel LYBAERT Vrouwtje achter raam D Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Polarbearpet A Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Crossover A Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Weddingmarch A Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Lonelybiker B

16 Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Stormthreat B FIAP Silver medal Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Runner B Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Framed C Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Womantalk C Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Cottoncandy C Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Repair C FIAP Honorable mention Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Femalehat D FIAP Bronze medal Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Headscarf D Netherlands Marcel Van Balken Drawnold D Norway Walter N Dragland Policia M1 C Norway Torhild Hyllseth At Hvasser A Norway Torhild Hyllseth In Finnmark3 A Norway Torhild Hyllseth Into the old town C Norway Torhild Hyllseth Streetlife in Alicante C Norway Roald Synnevaag Nigardsbreen 4 A Norway Roald Synnevaag Liten seilbaat paa et stort hav A Norway Roald Synnevaag Gatemusikant i Malmo B Norway Roald Synnevaag Winter in Byparken C Poland Jacek Haratym Streamer of road A PSA Honorable mention Poland Jacek Haratym Reverie A Poland Jacek Haratym Lady M with Psilocybe A Poland Jacek Haratym Black dreams I B Poland Jacek Haratym Shape of desire B Salon Bronze medal Poland Tadeusz Mozalewski In coffee bar A Poland Tadeusz Mozalewski Across the street 2 C Poland Tadeusz Mozalewski Oh hard C FIAP Honorable mention Poland Tomasz Okoniewski bon appetit A Poland Tomasz Okoniewski come out in the wash A Salon Honorable mention Poland Tomasz Okoniewski Jasmina 1 A Poland Tomasz Okoniewski Adas dog A Poland Tomasz Okoniewski Alex pause B Poland Tomasz Okoniewski escape B Poland Tomasz Okoniewski a long way B Poland Tomasz Okoniewski two plans, two stories C Poland Tomasz Okoniewski duel of champions 2 C Poland Tomasz Okoniewski urban jumper C Poland Tomasz Okoniewski in city run 1 C Poland Tomasz Okoniewski little miss D Poland Tomasz Okoniewski passing time D Poland Tomasz Okoniewski Alex land III D Qatar Abdulla AL-Mushaifri With My Dreams A Qatar Abdulla AL-Mushaifri Golden Path A Qatar Abdulla AL-Mushaifri Lovely Story A Qatar Abdulla AL-Mushaifri Long Way B Salon Gold medal Qatar Abdulla AL-Mushaifri Take Me Home Bw B Qatar Abdulla AL-Mushaifri Hayder Museum B Qatar Abdulla AL-Mushaifri National Library C Qatar Abdulla AL-Mushaifri Bike Man C Qatar Abdulla AL-Mushaifri Shakur D Qatar Abdulla AL-Mushaifri Lal Khan D Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Dream world A Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Forever five A Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru The red hat A FIAP Honorable mention Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru The territory A Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Illusion B Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Monumental B Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru To the end B PSA Silver medal Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Into the light C Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Invisible C Salon Gold medal Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Autumn queen D Romania Cantemir Aron Mandru Moise 2 D Romania Lajos Nagy In the temple of Holy Sepulchre A Romania Lajos Nagy Puffin landing A Romania Lajos Nagy Recollection B Romania Lajos Nagy Colors in the rain C Romania Lajos Nagy Smile D PSA Honorable mention Romania Botond Nagy Feeding A Romania Botond Nagy Gift A Romania Botond Nagy Grate hunter A Romania Botond Nagy Bear mask B Romania Botond Nagy Neighbor B Romania Botond Nagy Wheeler B Romania Botond Nagy Sándor D PSA Silver medal

17 Romania Botond Nagy Window to lost World D Romania Botond Nagy Sekler beauty D Russia Viktor Kanunnikov White band A Russia Viktor Kanunnikov Dreaming B Russia Viktor Kanunnikov In the morning 6 B Russia Viktor Kanunnikov Smoking man 2 B Russia Viktor Kanunnikov Volodya B Russia Viktor Kanunnikov Bangladesh girl 10 D Russia Viktor Kanunnikov Moustache D Russia Alexey suloev Swan party A Russia Alexey suloev The plot for the western B Serbia Edo Iglic Clown 1 A Serbia Edo Iglic Enjoyment 6 B Serbia Edo Iglic Forgotten charity B Serbia Edo Iglic Walking on the rain C Serbia Edo Iglic Not a bogey C Serbia Edo Iglic Ancestors D Serbia Edo Iglic Shocked 1 D Serbia Vesna Mamula Caryatids B Serbia Vesna Mamula Light geometry B Serbia Vesna Mamula Hindu in Milan C Serbia Vojislav Vojo Pesterac Arena 319 B Serbia Vojislav Vojo Pesterac Sail H 3531 B Serbia Vojislav Vojo Pesterac Encounter 1320 C Serbia Vojislav Vojo Pesterac Fog 8643 C FIAP Silver medal Serbia Vojislav Vojo Pesterac Life goes on 5882 C Serbia Vojislav Vojo Pesterac Ana 317 D Serbia Vojislav Vojo Pesterac Fog-Nadja 8634 D Serbia Vojislav Vojo Pesterac Miso 064 D Serbia Istvan VIRAG Slavka Dakic 02 B Serbia Istvan VIRAG Vineyards 03 B Serbia Istvan VIRAG Street life 02 C PSA Silver medal Serbia Istvan VIRAG They passed on C Serbia Istvan VIRAG Look 07 D Serbia Istvan VIRAG Man with cigar D Salon Honorable mention Singapore Khaing Sandar Tin Belly Dancer 7 A Singapore Khaing Sandar Tin A Patriarch 1 D Slovenia Bostjan Banfi The Age of Innocence II A Slovenia Bostjan Banfi The house of cards II A Slovenia Bostjan Banfi The story of a tree A Slovenia Bostjan Banfi The Age of Innocence III B Slovenia Bostjan Banfi Make up C Slovenia Bostjan Banfi The bookstore C Slovenia Bostjan Banfi Innocence or sin II D Slovenia Igor Debevec Autumn mornings A Slovenia Igor Debevec Fisherman on the river V A Slovenia Igor Debevec Bar A Slovenia Igor Debevec Abandoned places II-9 B Slovenia Igor Debevec Acte Noir I B Salon Honorable mention Slovenia Igor Debevec Fashion street C Slovenia Igor Debevec Salsa C Slovenia Igor Debevec Ciao Bella D Slovenia Igor Debevec Wisdom D Slovenia Dejan Kokol Geometry A Slovenia Dejan Kokol Iron lady A Salon Silver medal Slovenia Dejan Kokol Pomurje plains 01 A Slovenia Dejan Kokol Towards light C Slovenia Dejan Kokol No hate speeech D Slovenia Dejan Kokol Yes I can D Slovenia Drago Metljak Faster A Slovenia Drago Metljak Far from the sun B Slovenia Drago Metljak Murat D PSA Honorable mention Slovenia Željko Pleše A morning walk in the mist B Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko Grandmothers companion A FIAP Silver medal Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko Reflecion of life 3 A Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko Renegade 1 A Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko Deep thoughts B Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko Time is running out B PSA Bronze medal Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko Acrobatic basketball 3 C Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko Endless love C Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko Peacelover C Slovenia Stefi Praprotnik Borko Big boss D Slovenia Gregor Radonjič Bicycle Man C

18 Slovenia Anton Tratnik prayer A Slovenia Anton Tratnik Sad memories B Slovenia Anton Tratnik Winter fairytale B South Africa Corlius Jooste Figure inside diagonals A South Africa Corlius Jooste Temple dove A South Africa Corlius Jooste Nude 1 B South Africa Corlius Jooste Johannesburg hairdresser C South Africa Corlius Jooste Cilliers D South Africa Corlius Jooste Lizette D South Korea Chun Woo Lee Dreaming sea A South Korea Chun Woo Lee Let's go eat A South Korea Chun Woo Lee A soulful craftsman B South Korea Chun Woo Lee A lover entering a tunnel C South Korea Chun Woo Lee Home route C South Korea Chun Woo Lee An elderly man on a journey D South Korea Namsun Lee Across C South Korea Shin Woo Ryu Palouse 13 A South Korea Shin Woo Ryu Desert 07 B South Korea Shin Woo Ryu Fog of Castle B Salon Honorable mention South Korea Shin Woo Ryu Transmission Line B South Korea Hanmo Yang Anchorage-1 A South Korea Hanmo Yang Anchorage-3 A South Korea Hanmo Yang Anchorage-4 B Spain Santiago CHOLIZ rugby 06 A Spain Santiago CHOLIZ yassmine 7 D Switzerland Urs Albrecht E293 A Switzerland Urs Albrecht Prag5 C Switzerland Urs Albrecht Camelman2 D Switzerland Urs Albrecht Nudelman2 D Taiwan Chin-Fa Tzeng Enjoyable dream life_taiwan Taichung OA Taiwan Chin-Fa Tzeng Tug of Life_Two trees appearing on the ba Taiwan Chin-Fa Tzeng Fence of Farmed Crab_Xiapu China A Taiwan Chin-Fa Tzeng Fishing boats pass through S Bay_Xiapu CB United States Gabriele Dellanave The depths of earth A United States Gabriele Dellanave Antarctica landscape B Vietnam Tuan Nguyen Tan Bicolor Soulful Eyes D Vietnam Tuan Nguyen Tan Old man D Wales Colin Price Friendship A Wales Colin Price My friend Victor B Wales Colin Price Sound of music B Wales Colin Price Breaking all the rules C Wales Colin Price Canalside walk C