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1 c o n n e c t i o n C o n t e n t s Message from the President Welcome, Jeffrey Reznick Leadership Mentoring Program..3 Third Habits Conference Scholarship Winners Leveraging Resources and Securing the Future Financials THE AMERICAN OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY FOUNDATION VOL. 14, NO. 1 Special Edition a n n u a l r e p o r t Building for the future defined our work in 2006 Dear Colleagues, The Foundation made significant progress during the past year pursuing our vision of a society that supports social justice and the rights of all people to participate in occupations that are both meaningful and contribute to health. We work every day through the AOTF Institute for the Study of Occupation and Health to fulfill this vision and increase its relevance for the healthcare marketplace of the future. Collaboration with our professional partners, AOTA and NBCOT, is at the very core of the Foundation s commitment to assure that our collective priorities are in sync, avoiding duplication of effort and guaranteeing responsible and effective stewardship over the Foundation s resources. Here are just a few of our highlights: AOTF partnered with AOTA to launch a Leadership Mentoring Program for occupational therapy faculty to stimulate leadership within the academic community. This is a most pressing professional priority as faculty vacancies surge and our senior academic leaders prepare for retirement. AOTF/AOTA Leadership Fellowships provided 18 occupational therapy faculty members an opportunity to participate in this unique mentoring program. It will prepare them for increasing levels of responsibility within their academic communities, be they junior faculty members working towards tenure; program chairs or faculty seeking increased administrative roles; or assistant deans pursuing dean status. The AOTF and AOTA governing Boards approved the creation of a new interagency Research Advisory Panel. Each organization will appoint up to five panel members to collaboratively guide the profession s research agenda to advance science and promote research of the highest quality in occupational therapy. At the request of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists, AOTF generated recommendations for an Ad Hoc Group report concerning a national emergency preparedness plan for occupational therapy. This plan includes strategies to coordinate efforts of non-governmental organizations, national and local governmental agencies, other health and rehabilitation professionals, and community volunteers. AOTF instituted a new online scholarship application through the AOTF Web site for 55 scholarships to be awarded in May This online format facilitated both the application and review process and has resulted in a significant increase in scholarship applications. AOTF expanded the capacity of the Doctoral Network to support individuals engaged in doctoral education by moving the DocNet listserv to the AOTA listserv software. In addition, the DocNet is planning to increase mentoring and exchange of ideas in 2007 by sponsoring a series of online discussions titled Strategies for Success. AOTF will join forces with AOTA and NBCOT to host the second annual reception for new practitioners and recent graduates to learn about volunteer leadership opportunities with the organizations. The reception will be held at the AOTA annual conference in St. Louis. Continued on page 2

2 AOTF connection Published by the American Occupational Therapy Foundation 4720 Montgomery Lane Bethesda, MD ext (fax) TDD President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Directors Non-Voting Members Honorary Life Members Invited Participant Legal Counsel Editor Helene G. Ross Board of Directors Ruth Ann Watkins Sharon Ryan Reatha Clark King William H. Farland Cynthia F. Epstein Ann P. Grady Donald Lang Phyllis Bauer Madachy Diana L. Ramsay Jane Davis Rourk Nancy Talbot Martha Kirkland AOTF Executive Director Penelope A. Moyers AOTA President-Elect Jean Deitz Chair, Research Advisory Council Elizabeth B. Devereaux Maralynne Mitcham Fred Sammons Nancy V. Snyder Lyla M. Spelbring Carlotta Welles Fred Somers AOTA Executive Director Professional Counsel Auditors Investment Advisor Financial Advisor Executive Director Director of Information Resources Director of the Institute for the Study of Occupation and Health Donald A. Gillies Holland & Knight Chicago, IL Marcus S. Owens Caplin & Drysdale Washington, DC Bond Beebe A Professional Corporation Certified Public Accountants Bethesda, MD Stephen A. Wilburn Morgan Stanley Pasadena, CA Patrick J. McGinn, CPA Chartered Gaithersburg, MD AOTF Directors Martha Kirkland Mindy A. Hecker Jeffrey S. Reznick I wish I could fully convey my optimism and excitement about the future of occupational therapy and the Foundation. Each year, I am pleased to report AOTF s continuing efforts to generate knowledge and advance our science, encourage occupational therapy leaders, fund education, and focus on the future of the profession. But more importantly, I want to express the appreciation of the AOTF Board of Directors for the personal investment of our many colleagues in the work of the Foundation. Our progress would not be possible without your support and continued partnership with us as we build for the future was a banner year for AOTF in every way. And with your continuing support we look forward to ever greater success in the years ahead. Ruth Ann Watkins, President Jeffrey Reznick Welcomed as Director of AOTF Institute On March 12, Dr. Jeffrey S. Reznick assumed the position of Director of the AOTF Institute for the Study of Occupation and Health. His appointment will support the Foundation's work in promoting human occupation as fundamental to health and one's participation in the meaningful roles and activities that comprise everyday life. Jeff holds a PhD in history from Emory University and is an accomplished researcher and writer for both scholarly and popular audiences. His peer-reviewed scholarship is closely aligned with the history and future of occupational therapy. It addresses the social values that drive rehabilitation generally and, in particular, the rehabilitation of veterans with disabilities and their reintegration into civilian society. Jeff holds an adjunct appointment in Jeffrey S. Reznick, Photo courtesy of the National Museum of Health and Medicine the Department of Community Health and Family Practice at Howard University College of Medicine. He also serves on the Disability Workgroup of the National Association of County and City Health Officials. Jeff comes to AOTF from the National Museum of Health and Medicine of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology in Washington, DC. As senior curator, he led the museum in scholarly research related to the past, present, and future of rehabilitation. He also served as executive director and senior research fellow of the Orthotic and Prosthetic Assistance Fund, the official philanthropy of the US orthotics and prosthetics community. In preparation for her retirement later this spring, Nedra Gillette, Interim Director of the Institute, is orienting Jeff to the structure and programs of the Institute, which she helped to conceptualize. It is truly exciting that our vision for an Institute for the Study of Occupation and Health will be realized this year, Nedra reflected with enthusiasm Jeff brings the skills, energy, and knowledge and leadership so necessary to make the AOTF vision a reality. AOTF Connection Special Edition 2006 Annual Report Spring

3 AOTA/AOTF Leadership Mentoring Program Begun AOTA and AOTF are pleased to announce the 18 participants selected for the AOTA/AOTF Leadership Mentoring Program led by Dr. Wendy Coster of Boston University. Each of these aspiring leaders brings a rich background of experience in academic leadership and a clearly articulated commitment to pursue increasing levels of leadership responsibility. Participants received a fellowship in the amount of $2,500 to support them in a unique series of mentoring circles over nine months. The program began with an in-person meeting in January Grace T. Baranek, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA Associate Professor, Division of Occupational Science, Department of Allied Health Sciences, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Katherine A. Dimitropoulou, PhD, OTR/L Assistant Professor, Division of Occupational Therapy, Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus Wendy Hildenbrand, MPH, OTR/L, FAOTA Clinical Instructor, Therapy Education, School of Allied Health, University of Kansas Janet M. Powell, PhD, OTR/L Assistant Professor, Division of Occupational Therapy, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington Patricia Bowyer, EdD, OTR/L, BCN Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Occupational Therapy, College of Applied Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago Brent Braveman, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA Clinical Associate Professor, Therapy, College of Applied Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago Peggy L. Denton, PhD, OTR, FAOTA Chair, Health Professions Department, Associate Professor and Program Director, Occupational Therapy Program, University of Wisconsin La Crosse Marcia L. Finlayson, PhD, OTR, OT(C) Associate Professor, Therapy, College of Applied Health Sciences, University of Illinois at Chicago Sharon Flinn, PhD, OTR/L, CHT, CVE Assistant Professor, Division of Occupational Therapy, Ohio State University Elizabeth B. Francis- Connolly, PhD, OTR Head, Professor, School of Health Sciences, Eastern Michigan University Glenn Goodman, PhD, OTR/L Associate Professor, Director, Occupational Therapy Program, Cleveland State University Kristie P. Koenig, PhD, OTR/L Assistant Professor, Therapy, College of Health Professions, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Linda D. Musselman, PhD, OTR, FAOTA Associate Professor and Chairperson, Department of Occupational Therapy, University of Central Arkansas Jaime Phillip Muñoz, PhD, OTR, FAOTA Assistant Professor, Therapy, Rangos School of Health Sciences, Duquesne University Cindee Quake-Rapp, PhD, OTR Professor, Department of Occupational Therapy, Western Michigan University, Lynne Richard, MA, OT Assistant Professor, Therapy, Kean University Pamela Richardson, PhD, OTR/L Associate Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator, Therapy, San José State University C. Douglas Simmons, PhD, OTR/L Assistant Professor, Therapy, University of New Hampshire AOTF Receives Bequest from Norton Estate is the recipient of a planned gift from AOTF Yvonne Norton, MA, OTR/L, FAOTA, who left a bequest of $50,000. The Foundation will work with Virginia Maddox Powell, Ms. Norton s personal representative, to create a memorial that will advance the scientific basis for therapy. Yvonne Norton was a student at the University of Southern California and was a protégé of A. Jean Ayres, who taught her the importance of physiological processes and gave her an understanding of neuroscience and human functioning. If you are interested in making a planned gift to AOTF, please contact Martha Kirkland at the Foundation s address or AOTF Connection Special Edition 2006 Annual Report Spring

4 Third Habits Conference Energizes Participants convened an interdisciplinary AOTF research conference entitled Habit and Rehabilitation: Promoting Participation in late January 2007 at the Asilomar Conference Center in Pacific Grove, California. This gathering marked the third in a series of AOTF conferences funded by the National Institutes of Health to study the relationship between habits and health. The habits conference series represents one of the Foundation s most significant commitments to innovation and the development of knowledge. More than 80 scholars from anthropology, social geography, neuroscience, psychology, education, occupational science, occupational therapy, human development, sociology, and gerontology participated in the conference. As a commitment to nurture future scholarship, the senior scientists who offered keynote presentations invited their protégés to contribute to the conference dialogue. Participants in the third habits conference traveled from Canada, Australia, Habits III protégé Jessica Kramer, UIC, proudly stands before her research poster at the conference. Jessica is also a 2006 AOTF Dissertation Research Grant recipient. Israel, Japan, and Sweden. Their interests spanned habits of good health, habits concerning the neural underpinnings of behavior, habits of social systems both positive and negative, and habits of families as they influence child development. Participants attended formal presentations of papers, poster sessions and roundtables. Dr. Florence Clark opened the meeting as keynote speaker. She presented a scholarly synthesis of the concepts of habit as found in the current literature. As a participant and speaker in each of the previous conferences, Dr. Clark s vision set the stage for building on existing knowledge to advance greater understanding about habits. She established important links between theoretical perspectives as represented by the contributing disciplines, and their clinical uses across rehabilitation. Dr. Elizabeth Townsend closed the conference with a synthesis of the five-day proceedings. In so doing, she engaged the theme of social justice to demonstrate the relevance of the presentations in this important regard. Enthusiasm toward Dr. Townsend s presentation and the overall value of this conference inspired the next habits conference planning committee to form on-the-spot. Plans are now underway for the fourth conference to be held early winter Proceedings of Habits III will be published as a supplement to the fall 2007 issue of OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health. Occupational Therapy Loses Devoted Colleague Dr. Helen Hopkins (known by her many friends as Hoppy) died recently at her home after visiting with her friend Helen Smith in Boston and celebrating her 86th birthday. Former AOTA President, Mary Evert, described Hoppy as a great mentor with a delightful sense of humor a thoughtful woman who gave her whole life to the profession. AOTF was the beneficiary of more than a decade of Dr. Hopkins s leadership. The profession will long remember her conscientious advocacy for students as chairperson of the Foundation s Scholarship Committee for 12 years. It is for this service that AOTF is honoring Helen Hopkins with the Leadership Commendation at the AOTA Conference in The commendation will be bestowed posthumously. The occasion will be all the more meaningful as we acknowledge that Hoppy knew about her commendation and had planned to attend the conference in-person to receive it. Helen Hopkins was a founding faculty member of the Department of Occupational Therapy at Temple University, active at local, national, and international levels, and a former AOTA treasurer. She was named an AOTA Fellow and Helen Hopkins later received AOTA s highest service award, The Award of Merit. Promoting excellence in education was at the core of Hoppy s professional life. She may be best remembered as co-editor of four editions of Willard and Spackman s Occupational Therapy. Remembrance by Moya Kinnealy, Dr. Hopkins close friend and colleague and Martha Kirkland. AOTF Connection Special Edition 2006 Annual Report Spring

5 2006 Winners of the AOTF Dissertation Research Grants The following doctoral candidates each received a $5000 AOTF Dissertation Research Grant in 2006 to aid in the completion of their research. Sarah Austin, MS, OTR/L University of Illinois at Chicago Hierarchies of Abilities and Activity Demands in Assessments Associated with the Cognitive Disabilities Model: A Validity Study Jessica Kramer, MS, OTR/L University of Illinois at Chicago Understanding Disabled Children s Competence and Value for Everyday Activities Dory Marken, MS, OT/L, FAOTA University of Kentucky Attitudes and Beliefs of Grandmothers Raising Grandchildren in their Provision of Nutrition Edward McAnanama, MSc, MEd, OT Reg.(Ont), OTR University of Toronto Investigating Metamemory Mechanisms in Schizophrenia by Manipulating Events at Memory Retrieval Eynat Shevil, MS, OTR/L University of Illinois at Chicago Developing and Pilot Testing a Cognitive Intervention Program for Persons with Multiple Sclerosis The AOTF Mission Through the use of fiscal and human resources, AOTF expands and refines the body of knowledge of occupational therapy and promotes understanding of the value of occupation in the interest of the public good. Board Honors Departing AOTF Senior Staff At their November 2006 meeting, the AOTF Board of Directors issued a resolution honoring each of the two retiring senior staff members of AOTF. Nedra Gillette was honored for her years of service nurturing the development of the profession s theoretical underpinnings, its body of knowledge, and dissemination of knowledge to advance practice and education. In her honor, the Board created The Nedra Phelps Gillette Early Career Award in Science to recognize outstanding contributions of emerging scientists in occupational therapy. The historical book collection of the Wilma L. West Library is now named the Mary S. Binderman Historical Collection in order to honor Mary s integrity, professionalism and her work to empower our profession with knowledge. Mary has been the driving force behind the WLW Library for the past twenty years; Mary modernized the library and kept the collection accessible and relevant. Changes for the Wilma L. West Library Mary S. Binderman, MLS, retired in October 2006 knowing that the library is in the capable hands of Mindy A. Hecker, MBA, MLS. Mindy has served as Reference Librarian for two years and prior to receiving her MLS, was the AOTA Membership Director for 14 years. Ellen Solomon, MLS, joined the AOTF staff in January as Reference Librarian. Ellen worked in several hospital libraries and previously was a medical technologist. Mary continues as a consultant to the library and will index and catalogue new materials for OT SEARCH. Devastated Botten Family and Friends Create an Enduring Legacy Friends and family were shaken when Linda Renee Botten and her husband Steven died in a motorcycle accident on February 18, 2007 near their home in Ventura County, California. Linda s family, friends, and colleagues quickly moved to establish The Linda Botten Memorial Scholarship Fund to commemorate her prestigious career as an occupational therapist. Linda graduated from the occupational therapy program at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and soon developed an aptitude for private practice and hand therapy. In 2000, Linda and Steven moved from their home in Bozeman, Montana to California and established a successful hand therapy practice that flourished and grew to five locations throughout Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Linda was a devoted and encouraging mother and grandmother, active in many meaningful occupations. Linda and Steve will be remembered as avid travelers and lovers of the outdoors who placed supreme value on family and friendship. Contributions may be directed to The Linda Botten Memorial Scholarship Fund, c/o AOTF, 4720 Montgomery Lane, PO Box 31220, Bethesda MD, AOTF Connection Special Edition 2006 Annual Report Spring

6 AOTF 2006 SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS Congratulations to the 37 deserving occupational therapy students who received AOTF scholarships in The two largest awards of $5,000 each represent the continuing generosity of our valued corporate partner, North Coast Medical. State occupational therapy associations funded twenty-two of these scholarships through partnerships with AOTF. In 2006, AOTF introduced three endowed scholarships. The first of these was established by Ilse Renee Achter before her death for students who reflect her ideals of working with under-served populations. Ethel Beard Burstein funded two scholarships as an expression of her gratitude to her mentors Helen Willard and Clare Spackman, These educators, clinicians, and humanitarians profoundly influenced Ms. Burstein s occupational therapy education and career. North Coast Medical Scholarship - $5,000 each Kristen Luebrecht The Ohio State University Columbus, OH Stephen Hrezik Alvernia College Reading, PA Kappa Delta Phi Scholarship $2,000 each Jody Crane Loma Linda University Loma Linda, CA Kimberly Peters University of Florida Gainesville, FL Naida Ackley Memorial Scholarship - $2,000 David Dietz Midwestern University Downers Grove, IL Ethel Beard Burstein Scholarship $1,200 each Dana Gais University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA Jenny Holtslander Belmont University Nashville, TN Renee Achter Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Paula Querido-Kahn Tufts University Medford, MA Diane Blicksilver Aja Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Kathryn Cargile Medical College of Georgia Augusta, GA Mary K. Minglin Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Sandra Piechocki University of Southern Maine, Lewiston-Auburn College Lewiston, ME Edith Weingarten Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Phuong Nguyen Colorado State University Fort Collins, CO Willard and Spackman Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Cydney Klc University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT Janice McGraw Memorial Scholarship - $1,000 Suzanne Kamel University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC Assembly of Student Delegates Scholarship - $450 Anne Osberger Washington University St. Louis, MO Carlotta Welles Scholarship - $500 Karen Singleton Cabarrus College of Health Sciences Concord, NC 2006 AOTF/STATE ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIPS Florence Wood Arkansas Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship - $500 Alana Dickey University of Central Arkansas Conway, AR District of Columbia Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship - $500 Konah Kpoto Howard University Washington, DC LOTA Scholarship of the Louisiana Occupational Therapy Association - $500 Jenna Pastor Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Baton Rouge, LA Karen Jacobs Scholarship of the Massachusetts Association for Occupational Therapy - $500 Kathleen Callaghan Tufts University Medford, MA Michigan Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship - $500 Kimberly Weeks Western Michigan University Kalamazoo, MI AOTF Connection Special Edition 2006 Annual Report Spring

7 Mary Eileen Dixey Scholarship of the New Hampshire Occupational Therapy Association - $2,000 Debra Gray New Hampshire Community Technical College Claremont, NH New York State Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship - $1,000 each Lauren Selsky New York University New York, NY Alison Walsh New York Institute of Technology Old Westbury, NY North Carolina Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship- $300 each Marisha Gooden Cabarrus College of Health Sciences Concord, NC Vivian Nguyen University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC Ohio Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship - $1,000 Gwendolyn Boyce The Ohio State University Columbus, OH Denea Butts Medical University of Ohio Toledo, OH Occupational Therapy Association of Oregon Scholarship - $1,100 Sally Stauffer Pacific University Forest Grove, OR Reba M. Sebelist Scholarship of the Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association $500 Lana Gealy University of Pittsburgh Pittsburgh, PA Chris Ebbers Scholarship of the South Carolina Occupational Therapy Association - $750 Keri Bledsoe Medical University of South Carolina Charleston, SC Texas Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship $2,000 each Frank Marfo Austin Community College Austin, TX Anima Mupier University of Texas Medical Branch Galveston, TX Utah Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship - $350 Rebecca Taylor University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT West Virginia Occupational Therapy Association The Charlotte Prudich Scholarship - $600 Cheryl Woody West Virginia University Morgantown, WV The Elizabeth B. Devereaux Scholarship - $150 Barbara Hildebrand West Virginia University Morgantown, WV Wisconsin Occupational Therapy Association Scholarship - $1,000 each Megan Nankee University of Wisconsin Madison WI Christy Scharping Concordia University Mequon, WI Penny Kyler to lead Doctoral Network At its upcoming meeting and reception in St. Louis, the leadership of the Doctoral Network (DocNet) will pass from Christine Peters, PhD, OTR to Penny Kyler, MA, OTR, FAOTA. For nearly a decade Chris led the DocNet as it provided mentoring, networking opportunities, and resources for emerging and established occupational therapy scholars. Penny Kyler is currently a Public Health Analyst for the Genetic Services Branch of the Department of Health and Human Services. She is working toward her ScD at Towson University. Penny sees the DocNet as a peer-mentoring forum and incubator for developing evidence-based occupational therapy practice. She hopes to move the group forward by connecting the various nodes in occupational therapy research. I would like to do this by developing linkages among our current researchers and new researchers or researchers to be. As an example, resources for grants, research topics and current evidence as developed by both federal and non-governmental sources will be shared on the DocNet listserv. AOTF Connection Special Edition 2006 Annual Report Spring

8 Leveraging Resources and Securing the Future relies on tax-deductible donations from AOTF individuals and corporate partners, as well as grants from public and private sources to support its programs on behalf of the profession. AOTF is especially appreciative of the contributions it receives annually from the nearly 36,000 AOTA members who each contribute 2% of their membership dues to support the Foundation s operations. The strengths, talents, knowledge, and experience of volunteers and the AOTF staff allow us to gain the maximum benefit from every dollar. The 2006 AOTF Annual Report highlights the year s accomplishments and provides a public record of our assets and expenditures to promote occupational therapy research, education and practice. The Board of Directors and staff thank those who generously supported AOTF during the 2006 fiscal year. Taxdeductible donations and in-kind gifts enable AOTF to develop science, support education, advance practice, and disseminate information about occupation, participation and health. CORPORATE, PERSONAL, AND ORGA- NIZATIONAL CONTRIBUTORS October 1, 2005 September 30, 2006 Sponsor $10,000 and above Anonymous Donor BCS Financial Services Corporation Estate of Mildred Dyer North Coast Medical, Inc Estate of Yvonne Norton Fred Sammons Estate of Helen P. White Partner $1,000 to $10,000 BB&T Bette Bonder Ellen S. Cohn Elizabeth B. Devereaux Cynthia F. Epstein Susan Fitzpatrick Amy Gerney Ann P. Grady Ida Miriam Stern Memorial Fund Marsh Affinity Group Services Mass. Assn. for Occupational Therapy Kenneth Ottenbacher Retirement Research Foundation Jane Davis Rourk Nancy Vespar Snyder South Carolina Occupational Therapy Assn. Nancy Holt Talbot Ruth Ann Watkins West Virginia Occupational Therapy Assn. Stephen Wilburn G. Gordon Williamson Estate of Phyllis Zucker $500 to $999 Raoult Bettina Cross Country Staffing William Farland Hanna Gruen Susan J. Harris Kappa Chapter - Pi Theta Epsilon Mary C. Lawlor Aimee J. Luebben Deane B. McCraith Maralynne Mitcham Nancy Prendergast Anita Slominski Lyla Mae Spelbring $250 to $499 Administration & Management SIS Karen Barney M. Carolyn Baum Shirley Blanchard Tara Casimano Florence Cromwell Mary V. Donohue Erika Elizabeth Erich Shereen Debra Farber Carol Gwin Tana L. Hadlock Carol Haertlein Sells Barbara Hanft Marilyn Hennessy Satoru Izutsu J.R. and Martha Kirkland Donald F. Lang Dorothy M. Lesch Lela Augustine Llorens Virgil Mathiowetz N. Judge and Reatha Clark King Family Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation Christy Le Ann Nelson Marilyn M. Noriega John R. Patro Carole C. Pauw Diana L. Ramsay Sophia Rydin James Sack Sarah Snyder Sharon A. Stoffel Ruth Brunyate Wiemer Carol Hideman Wiley Stephanie Dapice Wong $100 to $249 Beatriz Colon Abreu Katie C. Alexander Marian C. Arbesman Tina Woolf August Austill s Rehabilitation Services, Inc. Eunice W. Badoux Diana Jean Baldwin Lois Barber Dawn Lee Barnier Marlene Marie Basiago Marcia Gevelinger Bastian Michelle F. Baun John J. Bazyk Jane Bear-Lehman Marjory Ann Becker-Lewin Kathy L. Bennett Fredlyn S. Berger Carol Sue Bernardo Andrea M. Bilics Shirley R. Blabey Erna Blanche Robert C. Blicksilver Sharon F. Brandenburger- Shasby Estelle B. Breines Deborah Buchanan Regina Michael Campbell Jane D. Case-Smith Cordelia Chan Rina A. Chawla Florence Arcuri Clark Comprehensive Therapeutics Wendy Coster Elizabeth Blesedell Crepeau Nancy J. Currie Gretchen Dahl Reeves Mary Andree Darnall Jayne L. Dederichs Georgia Ann Degangi Jean Louise Deitz Virginia A. Dickie Mark and Janine Dreibelbis Clara Louise Dubbs Cristina Renee Duyos Etelka Eickelbeck Judy Beck Ericksen Elaine Ewing-Fess Shirley Bellino Fentz Susan B. Fine Marcia Finlayson Sharon R. Flinn Lynn F. Foster Mary Elizabeth Foto Carol G. Fraley Adena Lee Frieman-Gerstle Edward L. Frye Functional Hand Therapy Alliance, Inc. Beverley Joan Gaines Margaret J. Geringer Merlene C. Gingher Coralie H. Glantz and Nancy Ruhman Terry Douglas Gosnell Debra Kim Haberman Bonnie J. Hacker Hand Rehab & PT Group LLP Carole Ann Hays Irene Louise Herden Sarah Hertfelder Ann T. Hight Jim Hinojosa Janet Matsue Hirata Helen L. Hopkins Ruth Anne Humphry Frances Yount Ingram Lynne Charlene Israel Shirley J. Jackson Beth Jacobs Essie Jacobs Karen S. Jacobs Phyllis Ashwell Jennings Jodi L. Johnson Margaret Jolly Leslie Ann Kane Kansas Occupational Therapy Assn. Frances Ann Kelley AOTF Connection Special Edition Spring

9 Gary Kielhofner Nancy Kilduski Grace An Knight Panelpha L. Kyler Ruth Miller Lamphiear Lynne Florence Leckie Annette J. Leier Amy I. Lind Susan W. Marcus Christine C. Marzo Elaine Anne McCarron Patrick H. McClain Patricia McGrann Valnere Underhill McLean Rosalie Johanna Miller Manoah Jeyachandran Mohanraj Penny F. Moyers Kimberly Grear Obst L. Diane Parham Karen Parker-Davis Heidi McHugh Pendleton Merna R. Pick Doris Pierce Hermine D. Plotnick Rebecca Lynn Pokluda Heidi Pokorski Alice Johnson Punwar Lynne Richard Susan C. Robertson Laurie Champagne Roundtree Jacquelyn K. Ryan Linda Savino Barbara Boyt Schell Patricia Gail Schmidt Michael Shaffer Pamela Shaffner Kathleen C. Shanfield Julie Shaperman Carol Siebert Karolyn Ann Snow Erica Beth Stern Perri Stern Gretchen Stone Jan Elizabeth Stube Susan Swinehart Martha Tamayo Yvonne Russell Teske Louise R. Thibodaux Juliann Thomas Bonnie Thornton Joyce R. Titus Jacqueline E. Trotman Michael E. Tufaro Karen A. Vance Nadine Vi Gardner Dawn Marie Voss Donna Lee Wagner Toni Marie Walski Joyce A. Wandel Martha W. Wilcockson Jane W. Willis Pauline R. Zangrillo Ruth Zemke Maxine Zinder $50 to $99 Christine Abbott Evelyne Aflalo Lynelle Agostini Andrea Rae Ailie Genevieve Anderson Suzanne M. Anderson Irma Arndt Dolores A. Arroyo Lisa Ann Arthaud Eric Asaba Ann Moodey Ashe Mary At Lee Brandt Betty Lynne Baer Diana M. Bailey Joyce E. Baldwin Florence R. Barna Brooke Deann Barry Penny Miller Bartzen Susan Sadlek Bazyk Lynette Beadles Ruth E. Benedict Pauline Bennett- Gannon Barbara L. Berlin Mindy L. Berry Mary Binderman Roxie Mona Black Janet Blair Alfred G. Blake Monette E. Blanchard Margaret C. Blodgett Marie-Louise F. Blount Fay B. Blumenthal Lucy Shaw Bosio Michael Bradley Glenda J. Brawley Patricia E. Brennan Diane Vargas Briggs Juanita Ann Bruns Karen Ann Buckley Harriett Smith Bynum Elizabeth Cada Valerie Napolitano Campbell Catherine Faith Candler Beverly Christine Carrasco Kimberly R. Charette Constance J. Charney Vicky A. Chegash Christine C. Chen Eric Chifunda Denise Chisholm Carrie A. Ciro Carol Maier Clerico Annette A. Close Helen Cohen Josephine Cohen Leon M. Cohn Leora Ellen Comis Shaun P. Conway Joanne L. Cook Albert E. Copolillo Karen Costello-Smith Rita Patricia Cottrell Betty Reichert Cox Patricia Crist Dan William Crouch Lisa E. Cyzner Harriett Ann Davidson Patricia Lynn Davies Vanessa Dazio Julie Lynn Dennis Lisa Deshaies Andrea Deyo Joan M. Diamond Maury Diaz Anne E. Dickerso Cathy Dolhi Paula Lynn Dorschied Joan Verona Dostal Liane Dumolt Gerri A. Duran Brandon L. Earnest Cheryl Lanae Ecker Jennifer B. Edwards Steven Richard Egidi Norma Kaplow Eigles Mary Margaret Evert Amy Claire Everton Lisa Ann Fagan Joanne E. Farrar Jean Marie Farrell- Holtan Judy Rae Feinberg Jean Denning Festa Geraldine Louise Finn Gloria Frolek Clark Regina Lynn Fultz Mary Gabriel Virginia W. Gajewski Manilal Gala Susan Lipton Garber Krista Michele Gass Michelle Marie Genest Virginia G. Gessert Grace E. Gilkeson Phyllis Ginsberg Mildred Gittinger Patricia Andrea Gmitter Judith S. Gonyea Marcia Lynn Goodman-Lavey Catherine Yanega Gordon Luella M. Grangaard Charles Wesley Gray Christina S. Griffin Lou Ann Griswold Deborah Sue Grossman Helen Byston Grothem Carol Joan Gryde Paula Jean Guarniero Cindy Lou Hahn Susan Lynn Haiman Toby Hamilton Sandra Hanebrink Teresa Marie Hanssens Cynthia Hughes Harris Troy Lawrence Haverkamp Virginia Polito Hazboun Penny Bell Helfrich Janice Lynn Hengel Tara Hengeveld Alexis Henry Pamela Henry Eunice M. Herman Kathy A. Hoffmann- Grotting Donna Hogan-Kelley Karen A. Holliman Kathryn Lee Hoover- Conder Sarah Hopkins Amy P. Hunt A. Joy Huss Ideal Pediatric Therapy Bonnie C. Inkel Esther Naomi Ishihara Agatha Mae Jackson Lucy H. Jacob Tracy Beth Jacobsen Lynn Elin Jaffe Peggy Ann Jensen Robin A. Jones Julie Greer Kagan Jean Kalscheur Bonnie Lynn Kennedy Peter John Kennelty Jean Marie Kenny Stephen Kern Alice H. Kim Judith Giencke Kimball Margaret Jeanne Klement Kimberly Anne Konerman Jane Koomar Susan Marie Koziatek Paula Kramer Wendy Krupnick Truby LaGarde Debra A. Lane Shelly Jerrine Lane Elizabeth Griffin Lannigan Elizabeth Ann Larson Rhonda J. Lee-Hicks Nancy Lepsic Gloria Levin Susan J. Lieber Deborah Lieberman Susan Lin Ann M. Lindberg Iris Joy Lippman Caren Listopadzki Lynn Ellen Losada Peggy A. Lounsbury Deborah Handberg Louwagie Jaclyn F. Low Janet Lee Lowinger Marie Moore Lyles Karen Macdonald M. Jeanne Madigan Zoe Mailloux Edith Mak Charlotte Maloney Ronni Marangoni Patricia Marin Karen Jean Marinovich Brenda Joan Marshall Joan W. Matheson Julie Matlock Herman May III Geraldine Elizabeth Mayer Claudia A. McInerney Mary Kay McJilton Janine Louise McKelvey Patricia M. McKenna Robin Mae Medeiros Helga M. Medican Rosalind Mestre Jaynee Fusako Meyer Karlyn L. Meyers Susan K. Meyers Marcia Leigh Miller Marlys M. Mitchell Amanda Carol Moore Deborah Lynn Morawski Deborah Ann Murphy- Fischer Carla S. Muskatallo Nancy McClure Naishtat Michael A. Nardone Michele M. Natalini Carol Duke Nathan Phyllis Morgan Nayak Ursula Jean Neal Jillian Rose Nelson Barbara E. Neuhaus Simone O Neill Philip A. Ogunleye Jane Ellen Olson Judy A. Olson Laurette Joan Olson Grace L. Parker Lorraine Pedretti Jean C. Pennucci Helen Yooko Pierce Lorna J. Pierre Gail E. Polkinghorne Ralph George Potter Jr. Nancy J. Powell Theresa Ann Powers Antje Price Cambria Lee Priebe Susan Quinn Christine Lou Raber Mary Alice Raley Susan B. Rapsis Cheryl Finkel Ratnoff Sharon Thomson Reitz Barbara Rider AOTF Connection Special Edition 2006 Annual Report Spring

10 Mary Lou Righellis Shirley A. Ritter Alyce K. Robertson Sandra L. Rogers Shawn Roll Barbara Winthrop Rose Eileen J. Rosenbaum Denise Anne Rotert Leslie Roundtree Kyle Glen Sarratt Kazuko Saruwatari Carol Rose Scheerer Janette King Schkade Gretchen Marie Schmalz Marta Schreiber Julia Marie Schuette Jeannette Louise Schwartz Sharan Schwartzberg Janie B. Scott Kathleen A. Self Barbara D. Sheiffer Marilyn Ruth Sidler Julia M. Smith Elinor Anne Spencer Karen Spencer Dianne L. Stall Elizabeth P. Stanton Susan Charlotte Steiner Margaret Rose Stevens Katherine Stewart Ronald Stone Helen I. Strom Kathleen G. Subasic Lorna Laakso Sulin Kari Jeanne Tanta Susan Rooder Tauber Tristen Teasdale Susan S. Thatcher Elizabeth Hill Thiers Jacquelyn M. Thompson Linda Tickle-Degnen Joan Marie Toglia Pamela Toto Debra Rae Trapp- Roehm Savitri Trivedi Catherine A. Trombly Patricia Burks Trossman Mary Ann Turner Yvonne J. Tweeten Janet Lee Valluzzi Brenda Kay Van Gronigen Catherine Benecke Varunok Rebecca G. Vaughn Jennifer Smith Vest Judith C. Vestal Abel Villarreal Barbara H. Wall Beryl Watson Patricia Waughtal Shirley Laia Werth Diane Marie Wetzel Shirley Lewis Wheatley Virginia K. White Margaret S. Wiener Mary Lee Wilde Mary-Margaret B. Windsor Cecilia Wirth Nancy Wolcott Mary Elizabeth Wolter Alma Woods Francesca Owen Woods Palmer Lee Wren Jr. Elizabeth June Yerxa Lawrence E. Zachow, Jr. Suzanne Marie Zaleski Sonia Zimmerman Marilyn C. Zurwaski $25 to $49 Carmen E. Aguirre Yasmin Zubeda Ahmad Joan M. Alfaro Kelly Michelle Alig Evelyn J. Alston Maria Irma Alvarado Joanne Leslie Ames Cynthia Gerow Andisio Marilyn Whiting Andrew Persis Appiagyei Melba Arnold Norman Alan Askinazi Eileen Auerbach Nancy J. Bagatell Cambia Bailey Kristy Kay Balogh Kris Barnekow Jane Barnes Mary Elizabeth Baron Gwen Marie Bartolacci Patricia Bascom Julie Bass Haugen Esther Bernice Bell Joan Ellen Bell Karen M. Benjamin Doris Elizabeth Bens Carol F. Berenbrok Susan Elizabeth Berger Svetlana Berkovich Laura Mae Bernemann Margaret U. Berrisford Michele Berro Wednesday D. Berthiaume Karen Marie Betzig- Lundberg Paula Jean Bjoralt Sarah Louise Blackinton Mary C. Blaesing Margaret N. Blair Tone F. Blechert Patrick James Bloom Elizabeth Alicia Boles Catherine Patricia Brady Cynthia Bernice Brandt Barbara Thoreson Brockevelt Caren Ellen Brown Catana Brown Lisa A. Brown Jacqueline K. Bryson Lisa L. Bucznski Brandon Joseph Bueche Patricia H. Buehler Anita Bundy Lise M. Busby Sharon Leslye Carter Patricia G. Ceresoli Larry Edward Cervelli Jacquelyn Linn Chamberlin Lorna Kay Christenson Margaret Christenson Wesley B. Christian David Dennis Clark Elinor Cohen Roxann Moore Coleman Deirdre Marie Conner Tiffany Katherina Cooper Alison Cope Milagros J. Cordero Karen L. Cozean Jennifer Marie Crandall Christine Leavens Cullenberg Mariana Leonora D Amico Carrie B. Dale Jeanenne M. Dallas Joanna De Santo Ann Deaton Ronna L. DeKoven Carmelle Dorothy Dely Louise Carol Demirjian Barbara Denn Rebecca Des Young Mary Beth Dillon Lisa Diane Dittbenner Carrie Donoghue Jean Dorrance Iva Dyckman Beth Reiman Edelstein Amelia Barbara Edwards Phyllis L. Ehrlich Sharon Joyce Elliott Barbara Elston Sandra Kay Evans Lee Ann Fallet Joan E. Farrell Bonnie Lynn Fellows Sherlyn Fenton Sarah W. Field Maureen Sharon Fischer Dalaine Barron Fletcher Barbara Fourt Elizabeth Francis- Connolly Miriam Freeling Susan French Kelli Ann Furton-Scully Susan Gans Eileen R. Garza Carol S. Gawlak Marian Gillard Kate Gillis Beth Ann Gist Melinda B. Glass Terry J. Gleason Susan Golubock Carol Ann Gordon Jessica Wynn Greenberg Kathleen Ann Gross Julie Kortum Groves Ms. Kathryn I. Gundersen Rosalie Carol Hafner Elizabeth G. Hall Kayleen Reutzel Hall Laura Meyer Hall Helene Kasavan Hamilton Mary M.K. Hampton Dorothy Sue Handley- More Anne Marie W. Hansen Gale Louise Haradon Zara M. Harris Joann Martha Hausser Deanne F. Heitzman Rodney D. Hemingway Lois M. Heying Terrence Hicks Christopher J. Hildeman Christina G. Hoagland Erin Lynn Hoeksema Megan Schuh Hollar Susan Packard Holmes Barbara Wallace Homlar Alexandra Hovak Niki Howard William J. Howard, III December Hughes Janet Thea Hutton Katherine Newton Inamura Georgette R Ireland Evelyn Rochelle Jaffe Anne Birge James Cindy L. Janssen Janet Jedlicka Cynthia Gayle Jones Lindsey O. Jones Alice Jordi Cheryl Josephs- Zaccaro Tara Coughlin Joyce Marylee Pontillas Juneau Lynna Kaplan Sue Kaplan Elaine M. Keane Carol Patterson Keck Nancy Carroll Keebler Marla Overton Kelly Alice Anne Kibele Renee Ertel Kieselbach Janet Louise King Sarah A. King Margaret Kirchman Sharleen Anne Kirkpatrick Margarita Cochran Klug Karoline Knezevich Susan Hirsch Knox Judi Kolada Ellen Kolodner Patricia A. Kolton Florence Kathleen Kotze Joseph Kramer Andrea Krauss Ellen Kremer Barbara Kresge Lois Roth Kurpiel Janet Verner Lambert Ellen Landers Nancy J. Landwehr Stephanie Laurelli Catherine Leavitt Susan Marie Leonard Diane Gould Levitus Jenny M. Lieberman Kathleen R. Lind David William Livingston Shane Michael Lopes Jacqueline S. Lorieo Kathryn M. Loukas Cynthia M. Lourie Gloria R. Lucker Luanne P. Lyman Nancy MacRae Kathleen Maginn Gretchen Makinson Susan Mann-Dolce Debra Lee Margolis Nancy Ann Marshall Kellie Jean Martini Nancy Ann Mattei Ann Maxham Jean M. May Wanda Mayberry Moira McBride Patricia Doreen McCarthy Ron John McCarthy Karen Marie McClive Martha McDaniel Eileen M. McFarland Signian McGeary Sarah D. Meinhardt Catherine E. Meriano Jean B. Meyer Nancy S. Miller AOTF Connection Special Edition 2006 Annual Report Spring

11 Rita B. Miller Jessica Michelle Montemagri Patricia Mahoney Moorhead Maryalice H. Morgan Gloria J. Morin Letha Joyce Mosley Jean Moxley Gant Elaine F. Mullin Jerry D. Mullin Liann Sayuri Nakada Mary E. Neimy New Mexico Occupational Therapy Assn. Nancy E. Nichols Shante Nichols- Lockwood Kathryn Nieman Jacalyn A. Nierman Linda Baker Nobles Cheryl Kanow Noda Ann Hamilton Nolen Wendy Louise Nordquist Elaine Margaret Nosal Judith M. O Donnell Ellen Marie Obenberger Sandra Oleson Karin Opacich Emilie H. Packer Alicia Padilla Diana Partain Joanna Grace Patton Kathy Ann Paul Elaine M. Penny Laurie Peruzzi Myrna L. Phillips-Jones Jean E. Polichino Ellyn Pollard Martha R. Powell Barbara Prater Ruth S. Ramsey Emily I. Raphael Ric Rasco Kathlyn Reed Cynthia Lee Reid Bradley Joseph Richenburg Gail Zehner Richert Janet Riehbrandt Donna J. Rigano Frances Rizzo Cynthia A. Robbins Frances Roberto Christine Marie Roberts Duane Alan Roberts Mary Melissa Robinson Terrie A. Roney Mildred Ruth Ross Judie Jayne Rowell Jacqueline Royce Elizabeth Russel Carol Ryder Joyce Sabari Eddy Sadowsky Marcelle Ann Salamy Phyllis Barrett Samara Grace Marie Sanchez Martha Jean Sanders Carol Sarafconn Barbara G. Sarbaugh Michelle M. Savrann Richard James Scalise Julia Gormley Schade Holly Marie Schlangen Maureen Schmitt Catherine M. Schneider Kathleen Barker Schwartz Xylpha Whitley Schwehm Andrea Scott Roche Karen Diasio Serrett Suryakumar Shah Barbara Harriet Shoestock Linda Lee Silver Joan Elizabeth Simmons Debrah L. Simmons- White Fong Siu-Lai Brooke C. Smallwood Helen Dorothy Smith Susanne M. Smith-Roley Renee Andrine Soderlund Marti Southam Jeanne L. Sowers Kathryn Splinter-Watkins Ruby E. Stollmack Patricia Stutz- Tanenbaum Janice Lynn Susi Kathleen A. Swift Chelsea J. Szklany Nora Louise Tallent Marbea Tiernan Tammaro Rebecca Ellen Thatcher-Lord Lucia Thomas Rita M. Thomas Caryl Anne Thompson Patricia S. Thompson Helen Imogene Tilson Elizabeth Mary Torcivia Barbara Jean Tourtellott Marian Townsend Bessie Trastelis Diane Zermeno Ugartechea Lynne Umbarger Geraldine Uy-Eichhorn Nancy Lynne Van Slyke Nelson Vazquez Marion Viar Renee Louise Villere Judith Lynn Von Buchler Nancy Vowels Thelma Gay Wakefield Paula Kristin Waldrop Birgitte Watanabe Lanae Irene Weber Miriam Paula Wedemeyer Carol Wentz Alice Rae White Patricia Lee Wilbarger Grace Lee Williams Kristin Ann Winston Irene Agnes Wittkoski Lois J. Wivagg Jennifer Womack Diana V. Woods Jerry Anne Yancey Indira Ann Ycong Polan Gennifer Young Karen A. Young Susan Beth Young Tracy L. Young Susan Zekert Alison Hazel Zilioli Eve Zucker-Strauss Stewardship and Accountability Fiscal Year 2006 AOTF closed the fiscal year on September 30, Net assets at the close of FY were $10,270,118 as compared with $10,143,590 the prior year. The increase in net assets is attributable to realized and unrealized gains on marketable securities held in the Foundation s investment portfolio, as well as in split interest/irrevocable trusts managed by other institutions on behalf of AOTF. Revenue for the year was $1,227,940 including $107,517 from AOTA 2% transfers representing AOTA members contributions. Programmatic and operating expenses were $925,776. Total gains on marketable securities were $226,656 resulting in an increase in net assets for FY of $126,528. In FY , the Foundation incurred expenses in the following programmatic categories. Program Expenses Research $ 95,141 Education 252,898 Scholarships 63,150 Support Services 411,189 Administration and general 324,347 Marketing and development 190,240 It is our intention to recognize all fiscal year 2006 donors of $25 and over in this listing. If we have inadvertently omitted your name or placed you in an incorrect giving category, please call AOTF at , ext ,587 TOTAL $ 925,776 We invite you to join the Foundation s family of donors. You may make a donation using the secure contribution form available through the AOTF Web site at or you may contact AOTF directly at , ext AOTF Connection Special Edition 2006 Annual Report Spring

12 ASSETS CURRENT ASSETS Cash and cash equivalents $ 395,444 $ 463,274 Contributions receivable 4,808 36,000 Pamphlets and pins 931 1,536 Other receivables and prepaid expenses 68,973 63, , ,445 MARKETABLE SECURITIES Corporate bonds 212, ,523 Common stocks 1,572,662 1,295,975 1,784,974 1,549,498 SPLIT-INTEREST GIFTS Pooled income fund 77,653 89,727 Charitable remainder unitrust 1,005, ,824 Charitable remainder trusts 6,908,588 6,966,406 7,992,076 8,005,957 FIXED ASSETS Net of accumulated depreciation of $85,435 and $82,131 3,169 2,610 OTHER ASSETS Contributions receivable 1,500 4,554 Cash surrender value of life insurance ( net of related policy loans of $192,224 and $163,241 ) 18,242 16,526 22,911 21,080 TOTAL ASSETS $ 10,270,118 $ 10,143,590 LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS LIABILITIES Accounts payable and accrued expenses 33,995 30,088 Due to affiliate ,334 Liability under unitrust agreement 235, ,912 Liability for future interest in pooled income fund 17,543 19,918 Deferred compensation 196, ,137 Line of credit 70, , , ,265 NET ASSETS Temporarily restricted 1,504,807 1,388,495 Permanently restricted 8,430,914 8,263,792 Unrestricted (220,232) (238,962) 9,715,489 9,413,325 TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS $ 10,270,118 $ 10,143,590 Copies of the complete audit report prepared by Bond Beebe Certified Public Accountants may be obtained by writing to AOTF at 4720 Montgomery Lane, P.O. Box 31220, Bethesda, Maryland AOTF Connection Special Edition 2006 Annual Report Spring