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1 Salem Hospital Foundation P.O. Box Salem, Oregon Gifts to the Salem Hospital Foundation October 1 through December 31, 2014 Alsever Scholarship Dr. Nancy and Rod Boutin Cancer In honor of Bill Aiello Karen Aiello In memory of Earline Martin Anders Charlene Hamblet In honor of Helen Ayers and Jack Ayers James and Shirley Lomax In memory of Ernest Bickerdike Cathy Bickerdike In memory of Shirley Mae Bier Lee Bier In memory of Wally Bonesteele Alicia Bonesteele In memory of Leon Boushá Ann Benson In honor of Dr. Nancy Boutin Leonard Held and Marilynn Hausser In memory of Leo Buchheit Marge Buchheit In memory of Steve Captain Dennis Donaldson

2 In memory of Betty Carlson Mount and Janet Brice In memory of Dad Judy Stanley In memory of Richard Daniel Edward and Linda Krick In honor of Cristina & Danielle Dunning & Patricia Dunning Dennis M. Dunning In memory of Dominga Durant Christina Morales In memory of J.D. Hall Teri Hall In memory of Ralph Hammack Mrs. Bettye Hammack In memory of Delbert LeRoy Johnson Sherryll and William Hoar In memory of Jane Kleinman Jean Celia In memory of Albert Klingman Julie Rector In memory of Kitty Lellie Jean Celia In memory of Larry Lovell Bernadette Lovell In memory of Alyssa Malchow Friends of Alyssa Malchow Tammy Kramer Amy Musgrove Michael and Jeanne Stevenson In memory of Tami Martin Jackson Muller and Kimberly Mai

3 In memory of Cody McFarland American Legion - Post 10 In memory of John McMillan Carolyn C. McMillan In memory of Mom Jim and Karen Elkins In memory of Karen Munger and Maryjane Munger Mrs. Bettie Munger-Johnson In memory of Lorraine Nelke Charles P. Nelke In honor of JoAnn Pittman Malinda Kyle In honor of Salem Hospital's Radiation Technicians Ardis A. Christensen In memory of Carl Ritter Jessica Ritter and Cecilia James-Ritter In memory of Mary E. "Bette" Schneider and Sharon J. Schneider Doug and Sheryl Dawson In honor of Jon Shipley Lane and Lucy Shipley In memory of Susan Rothermel Smith Robert and Janice Rothermel In memory of Ashlee Marie Stone James Stone In memory of Matt Styer Sue Martin In memory of Lon Thomas Billie Thomas In memory of Allen D. Van Anda James Van Anda In memory of James Williamson Marilyn Whygle

4 In memory of Michiko Wong Daniel Wong In memory of Chet Wywialowski Jill Corcoran In honor of the many cancer victims and families Doug and Crystal Buchheit General gifts for Cancer Duane and Cathy Ackerson Akie's Sandblasting & Painting JoAnn Aldrich Erica Alvarez Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Amerio Carolyn and Gary Anderson Anders and Ruth Andersson Benjamin and Paula Arthur Laura Aspinwall Dr. & Mrs. Thomas and Brada Bailey Marion Baker Ron and Noreen Barclay Rachel Barnes Opal Barr Dr. and Mrs. Martin Bassett Dr. G. Donald Beardsley Frances C. Berg Nola and Holt Bertelson Bruce and Monna Bigler Blanchet Catholic School Connie Bonn Sabrina Borup Boys & Girls Club of Salem, Marion and Polk Counties, Inc. Jim and Kay Brandon Diane Branson Dwane Brenneman Clara Bricher JoAnna Bricker Robert and Sharon Brown Timothy Brown Margaret Brundidge Jeanne Buswell E. Maxine Byers Denise Campbell Anthony Carbaugh Rachel Carnahan

5 Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Cary Deborah Castro Gina Cave-Mersch Ralph and Jean Chapin Stephen and Marcia Chapter M. Lucille Clark Ray and Doris Clark Kathy Cole Daniel Coleman Liz and Gregory Colwell Cassie Cooke Rebecca Cool Maria Cordova Angela Coughran Dr. E. John Dahlberg Jr. Margaret Dallas Alice B. Davey John and Dianne Davidson Carole Davison Raul Delatorre Cynthia and Gregory Dennis John Detwiler Dolores Devaney Walter Dilley The Doctors' Clinic Barbara Donovan Elizabeth and Marion Dotson Joan Doyle Bonnie and Joe Driggers Gladus Dwire Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Dzidek Lorraine Ellis Stanley and Therese Emmert Alison Eshleman Diana Evans Family Focus Eye Care LLC Kathy Fleck Ellen Fletcher Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary Aerie 2081 Albert and Deanna Fuller Mr. and Mrs. Harlal Gahlla William and Patricia Galligan Geraldine Gillam Benjamin Gonzalez E. Maureeen Gruchalla Shari Gwyn Kathleen Haak

6 Franklin D. Hahn John and Julia Hall Wayne Halle Nancy Hampton Patricia Handrich Carol Hannibal Mr. Wayne Hartmann Kirk Heald Sue Hendrick Frances Hernandez Laurie and Randall Hickman Mark and Laura Hildebrandt Dennis and Linda Holm John and Arthalene Hopkins Toni Horton Charles and Jo Howard Laurence Hunt Cathryn Ingalls Callie Jacobsen Dr. Linda and Mr. Ron Johnson Douglas and Jane Kay Kenneth and Christine Keyte Lisa King Kay Knott Ty and Joan Kuhns Malinda Kyle Cheryl LaBronte Jean Lacy-Tang Maria Del Carmen Madriz Kelsey Madsen William and Jean Marshall John Martin Marvin and Ardis Martin Max and BJ Martin Marjorie Mason Dawn Maxwell Lucy McKibbin Virginia McNally Maribel Mendez Lisa Mertz Donald and Mildred Mickey Clara Miller Dyanne Miller Matthew Miller Janice Mills Colleen Mohr Lou V. Moore

7 Mrs. Betty Morgan Lea Ann Morrow Ida Moser Lena Myers Melvin and Jackie Neill Catherine Norris Gary O'Brien Richard and Wilma Jean O'Donnell Obsolete Fleet Chevys Rustico Ortiz Kenneth Palke Gary and Nadine Palmateer Mrs. Thena Palnick-Bamber Mary Paret Michelle Patterson Connie Pelton Dale Penegor Cynthia Persson Robert and Shirley Peschka Jodi Phillips Lorene Phillips Melvin and Donna Potts Carolyn Preston Mr. and Mrs. John Priollaud Shirley Radke Drs. Nancy Reyes-Molyneux and Terry Molyneux Sandra Reynolds Marian Rhoads Risk Management Resources, Inc. Jerry and Julie Rodgers Becky Ruppert Frieda Ryan-Anzur Mary Salinas Patricia Saukko Lynette Schieman Nancy Schimmel Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Schlimgen Gail Schofield Mark Schrunk Darin Schultz Florene Sealey Michael Searle Dawnie Shannon Claude and Eileen Shinn Jon Shipley John Shoemaker Christa Shuptrine

8 Carlos and Vickie Simpson Gladys Sinanan Angela Smith Beverly and Jimmie Smith Mary J. Smith Karlene Sprayberry Kail Spreadborough Fred and Deb Steketee Bette and David Stewart Kathleen and David Stewart John and Ann Studer Elmer L. Swales Gary and Nancy Swanson Anna Temme Ms. Janet Templar Romona Thornburgh Lorri Ann Thornton Greg and Mary Tibbot Charlien Tice Arlene To Valley Recycling and Disposal, Inc. Elizabeth VanLeeuwen Victor and Virginia Vargas Gladys Vasquez Ramirez Judy Vaughan Pam Vukovich Barbara Wade Amy Ward Sarah Watkins Glynice Watson Kathy A. Way Shelley Weise John E. Welborn II and Oregon Cascade Plumbing & Heating West Salem High School Titans Girls Volleyball Team Carrie Whitlock M. Diane Wilke Mike and Terrill Williams Dr. and Mrs. Ted & Eileen Williamson Daniel Wong Samson Yang Dr. Anda Yangson Caroline Zaworski

9 Care Management Patient Assistance Epic Systems Corporation Ricky Giesler Tina Morris Annetta Odom Darlene Padilla Shannon Priem Ted and Erika Raschkes Sherwood Park Nursing & Rehab Joan Weber Tom Wilson and Kristen Larson Carter Employee Nursing Scholarship Janie Axness Kim Barton Karen Hartman Kristie Lawrence Hattie Lowrie Marlaine Magee Francesca Marsh Lindy Mongenel Becky and Brian Ramos Clara Graham Cancer Endowment Kathi Baldwin Dr. Nancy and Rod Boutin Cristina Garcia Melody Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Mumper Gayle Rodriguez Lynette Schieman Sena Smiley Karlene Sprayberry Tracey Stephens Nancy Unck Desiree Wood Caroline Zaworski

10 Clinical Excellence Amy Brase Zennia Ceniza Barbara Grisham Miranda Hennan Paul and Antje Howard Catherine King Rick Lenhardt Kristen and Rick Myers Svetlana Novakovskaya Leland Rathbun Jerry and Cheryl Wolfe Sarah Wolfe Clinical Laboratory William and Mary Dettwyler 5NW Clothing Closet Shyla McDade Community Health Education Center Linda Barcenas Viswesh Bhat Geraldine Bliven Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Carey Zennia Ceniza Tiela Clark DA Intergroup NW Nenita Gatlin Theresa and Bill Haskins Sharon Heuer Vilaiphone Hillyer Sherryll and William Hoar Cammy Holbrook Patricia Holt Greta Horn Sheila Huff Marcelo and Kristi Jacobo Lori James-Nielsen and David Nielsen Glee Johnson Kristin Jordan Kellie Liudahl Tim and Lauri Mankins

11 Jerold Martin Lawrence Molinar Mary Musick Lindsay and Sherri Partridge Portland General Electric Co. Mary Ellen Ramseyer Salem First Baptist Church Donna Scott Gina Sheffield Joanne Spink Amy Stokes Marcene Thomas Amy Thomison Debbie and Don Turner Sharon Wright demarrais Nursing Scholarship Kim Barton Rose Collins Kimberly Strand Diabetes JoAnn Aldrich Katie Bach Sandra Birchall Toi Clemetson Cozy Grantom Amanda Kujala Gerri and Brock Pratt Toni Salchenberg Rita and Ed Sather Melissa Tescher Lorri Ann Thornton Elaine Marckx Nursing Scholarship Gene and Norine Pierson Emergency Department In memory of Dr. Charles Johnson Paul Gehlar

12 General gifts for Emergency Department Jennie Aguilar Diane Branson Steven Buck Ali-Andrea Johnson Michael and Carla Soukup Ray and Pat Straughan Keith Wyatt Employee Recognition Craig A. Cline Angela Coughran Nancy Dunn Nathan Hammond Haag Nursing Scholarship Doris Haag-Cupp Heart In memory of Dennis Deetz Janice Basl Judy Grimes Dale and Wanda Keim Sharon Kerber Sharon Lewis Mr. and Mrs. S. Rose Susan Sutton Stayton Moose Lodge #2639 In memory of Mamie Lew Mrs. Virginia A. Hledik In honor of Lana Radosta James Radosta In honor of Tammy Whelchel Gary and Phyllis Whelchel

13 General gifts for Heart Pat Abeene Jerry and Saranelle Allen Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Amerio Wallace Atkinson III Janet Ballinger Dr. G. Donald Beardsley Mary and Todd Bedell Dr. and Mrs. Richard Brust Richard and Phyllis Burson Reynaldo and Irene Cantu Frank and Barbara Christensen Patrick and Elizabeth Dadey Michael Davis John Detwiler Arthur and Kris Ebelmesser Stanley and Therese Emmert Andres Estrada Steve and Linda Gallier Pete and Shirlene Gonzalez Mrs. Dessel Graves Karen Gray Kathleen Hainsworth Laurie and Randall Hickman Karen Houle Wayne and Caroline Hurlbutt Loyd and Anne Kaufman Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Kay Sr. Ida Klatt John and Lori Lassen Susan K. Litchfield Marvin and Ardis Martin Marjorie Mason Dorine McTeague Donald and Mildred Mickey Dennis and Helen Moyes Hugh B. Nelson Darrel Palmer Benjamin Paule Dale Peterson William and Jean Quinn Lana Radosta Khen Reang Lanny and Juanita Robson Ronald Ronkainen William Royal Loretta Sample

14 Rita and Ed Sather Erika Seiler Dolores Sheehan Pearl Smith Donald and Jacqueline Sommer David and Joy Sowle Joseph and Marilee Stauffer Mr. and Mrs. Royal Tarter Donna Thomas Gaida Valkovskis Sheila Vandegraaf Kathy A. Way Jessica Williams Marvin and Billie Woods Samson Yang Hospital Hospitality House Kerry Carpenter Jake and Melissa Davies Sarah Dawson Julie Douglas, PA-C Jeanette Edel Debra and Andy Harris Martin A. Morris, PhD Karen Moss Carolyn Preston Imaging In memory of Millie Shipley Jon Shipley General gifts for Imaging Christy Hooper Kelsey Madsen Jason Schulze Jon Shipley Marcia Wilson Intensive Care Unit In memory of Mary E. "Bette" Schneider and Sharon J. Schneider Doug and Sheryl Dawson

15 General gifts for ICU Mary Donahue Patricia Meier Leah Mitchell Kathy Tompkins Judy Manselle Nursing Education Marty and Tony Enriquez Donna Harris Laura McDonald Carlee and Robert Ross Misti Shilhanek Jennifer Winslow Kremen Nursing Scholarship Hattie B. Kremen Estate Laura Prince Nursing Scholarship Mildred Atkinson Veronica Nunez United Way of the Columbia-Willamette on behalf of Michael Prince Dana and Joe Wehrli Lifeline Services Geraldine Comerford Dawn Finberg Susan French Jessica Johnson Lisa Koontz Linda L. Vladyka Breast Wellness Fund Carlos and Vickie Simpson The Linda L. Vladyka Breast Wellness Foundation Lynda Fitzsimons Scholarship Theresa Gomez

16 Oncology Nursing Unit Jacquelynn Butler Shirree French Pauline Klemin Lisa Mertz Frieda Ryan-Anzur Jill Rydblom Amy Ward Andrea Ward Orthopedic Surgery Kimberly Boethin Harry and Jane Nakaue Mary Secor Elizabeth VanLeeuwen Pastoral Care In memory of Father Bill Steinberg Barbara Steinberg General gifts for Pastoral Care Coleen Elser Marcella Kraft Kristie Lawrence Greta Mauze Patricia Legate H.I.M. Scholarship Linda Dawson Dona Heinen Pediatric Rehabilitation Playground Sarah Barclay Norm and Elyse Gruber Phil and Julie Haworth Deni Hoover Robin and David Large Hattie Lowrie Jill Luke Patti Moore Martin A. Morris, PhD Roy Orr Cynthia Rettler Laurice Riddell

17 Ana Rivera-Ceja Leilani Slama Angela Taylor Anna Temme Cindy Wagner Kathrene Willcox Pediatrics, OB and NICU In honor of the Cernava Family Dr. and Mrs. Howard Cohen General gifts for Pediatrics, OB and NICU Nancy and Daniel Alt American Ballet Academy Jennifer Atkinson David Barlow and Shannan Murphy-Barlow Angela Bartus Andrea Bell Christina Booth Amy Brase Tiela Clark Julie Cox Rachel Croeni Debora Cutler Elizabeth Dean Denise Ehredt Fraternal Order of Eagles Ladies Auxiliary Aerie 2081 Cristina Garcia Michelle Gutierrez Kathy Hook Greta Horn Sarah and Casey Horn Ali-Andrea Johnson Patricia Joling Lisa and Bernard Ketchum Lisa King Dawn Maxwell Teresa McCarrell Kathryn Nielsen Holly Payne Nancy Rasmussen Ana Rivera-Ceja Jeanne Rutter Angela Smith Michael and Carla Soukup Matthew Tanner

18 Rebecca Tish Brenda Umulap Amy Ursprung Gladys Vasquez Ramirez Maria Villa Jason Whitton Psychiatric Medicine Jennifer Beaman Gail Birkey Kathleen Engleman Mary Rose Lawson Sandi Lovegrove Fletcher Moulton-Adelman Liz Norris Michael Polacek Rehabilitation In memory of Jerry Whipple Frances Jean Whipple General gifts for Rehabilitation Rebekah Alvey Jennifer Cotton Nathan Hammond Kirk Heald Diane Holley Jim and Kerstin Ilg Jessica Johnson Cathy Kosboth Karen Moss Steve and Christine Paysinger Martha Robertson Deborah Stuart Richard Proksch Pharmacy Education In memory of Dick Proksch Debra Proksch General gifts for Richard Proksch Pharmacy Education Anonymous Matthew Tanner

19 S.A.N.E. Program Marie Christenson Scholarship In memory of Jess Gregory Mary and Terry Gregory In memory of Linda M. Visintainer, RN Carl Visintainer, JD General gifts for Scholarship Kara Bacon Kathi Baldwin Dr. and Mrs. Calvin Collins Bonnie and Joe Driggers Fran Franklin Susan French Jordan Gardner Carol Hannibal William Hansen and Betty McDonald Dan and Ruth Johnson Tasha Kiger Betty J. Kostenborder Danyelle Landry Barbara Merrifield Patricia Newton Dr. Gwendolyn Oran Dana Pearson Tia Rodriguez Toni Salchenberg Kate Switzer China Angela Taylor Terry and Carol Tegg Sandra Viegas Sara Wargnier Debbie Wiessner Sewell Family Scholarship Dr. and Mrs. Dan A. Sewell

20 SHAPES Amy Cummings Barbara Donovan Rebecca Hammond Eileen Radtke Beverly Schmidgall Where Need is Greatest In memory of Robert and Maureen Brown Theresa Wade In honor of Cristina & Danielle Dunning & Patricia Dunning Dennis M. Dunning In memory of Sybil Humphreys Vernon Humphreys In memory of Loretta Isom Marian Paulsen In memory of Dr. Chuck Johnson Dr. and Mrs. John E. Ross In honor of Gary Kaufman's Birthday Mr. and Mrs. Gabe Laudette In memory of Ken Lundeberg Mark and Cindy Mueller In memory of Clyde McMillan Kelly and Adam Deshon In honor of Martin Morris Mike and Jane Compton Barbara and Tom Halsey Ron and Ann Lyman Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sherman Sr. In memory of Louis Perkins Mark and Cindy Mueller In honor of Dr. Bud Pierce and staff John Jongeling

21 In honor of Salem Hospital Social Services Valorie Freeman In memory of Dr. Gordon Schumacher Margaret Drips In honor of Ken Sherman Jr. James and Jane Murch In memory of Dean Snodgrass Mary Lu Snodgrass In honor of Dr. Nicole VanDerHeyden Maria VanDerHeyden In memory of Jim Wiles Ron and Ann Lyman Mark and Cindy Mueller In memory of Florence Yesmant Barbara and Tom Halsey General gifts for Greatest Need John and Elsie Abendroth Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Kent Aldrich Adele Allison Jacqueline Alloway Nancy and Daniel Alt Rebekah Alvey Phillip Ames Larry Anderson Fransisco Anguiano Diaz Anonymous Elizabeth Asay Charles and Sally Austin Kara Bacon Marilyn Bacon Nancy Baldwin Richard and Karen Ball David Barlow and Shannan Murphy-Barlow Patricia Barnes Rachael Barnett Laurie Barr Hannah Bauer John and Anne Bauer Mr. and Mrs. Keith Bauer Dr. and Mrs. Howard Baumann

22 Bonnie Beach Kara Bean Susan Bearden Jerry and Barb Bellin Amelia Bennett Beverly Bennett Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Bennett Melissa Berry Sondra Biel Beulah Blake Kelly Blanco Vicky Bland Stacy Bliss Mary Blunt Florence Marie Bobleter Kathy Bonacker Dr. and Mrs. William Bonniksen Melissa Bradley The Brandaw Family Foundation Patricia Brandt Bob and Lori Brannigan Harjinder Brar William Brattain Lisa Brattin Denice Briles Carol Brown Valli and Merlyn Brunken Brenda Bublitz Brett Buchwach Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bulletset Brenda Burnett Brian Burns Cheryl and Glenn Busche Dr. and Mrs. Robert Buza Reynaldo and Irene Cantu Marjorie Carlson Michael L. Carney Trudee Carter Leslie Carver Alex and Ashley Casebeer Rashed Ceniza Dennis and Connie Chambers Todd Chandler Judy Chang Stephen and Marcia Chapter Dean Cheatham John and Doris Childers

23 Miriam Chipps Darroll Chowning Heidi Classen Harold and Nina Clayton Mr. and Mrs. Alejandro Collins Isabel M. Comstock Heidi Conklin William and Carolyn Conner Cassie Cooke Dr. Robert Cooper Pamela and Arturo Cortez John and Nancy Cox Mina Craig Delia Craigberry Aaron Crane Brenda Crawford Carla Damrill and Brian Cornick Betty J. Dato Thomas and Beverly Davis Ed Davis Jr. Sarah Dawson Gertie DeConinck Dr. J. Michael Deeney Elizabeth Degerstedt Catherine Dinsmore Ted Dodge Jeremiah Dodrill Ellen and John Donoghue Della and Jerry Dornon Elizabeth and Marion Dotson Georgea Dovich Joseph Duffy Mishele Dufour Joyce Dunaway Dan, Cecilia, and Matt Easdale Tara Edick Sally Edmiston John and Cathy Effmann Mark and Joyce Eklund Dennis and Jan Epping Mr. and Mrs. James Erdmann Dorothy Evans Melanie Evans David Farley R. Fauss Judith A. Ferguson Sharon Fetterley

24 Dianne Finn David and Nancy Fiskum Eric and Holly Fiskum Nathan Fitzpatrick Mr. and Mrs. Paul Flick Thomas Flores Gary Forner Forster Charitable Fund Charles and Janet Foster Dan and Susan Fowler Jennifer Fowler Jim Fox Susan Fox Fran Franklin Drs. John French and Lauren McNaughton Randy Friesen Roxanne Froeschle Victor B. Fryer Henry and Jui-Chih Fu Mr. and Mrs. Bob Furer Robert C. and Beatriz S. Gabler Nicole Gaines Dr. and Mrs. Donald Gaiser Theodore Gamma Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Gardner Dr. and Mrs. Cort Garrison Ilija and Nada Gavrilovic Barb and Paul Gehlar Community Enrichment Fund Robert Geisler Mary Gerlinger Dawn Gille Reverend Carl Gimpl Joel Glaser Mr. and Mrs. Tom Golden Larry and Bev Goodreau Kathy and Steve Gordon Wesley Grant Robert Grasing Jr. Fredrick Gray Jim and Chane Griggs Robert Gunn Tonya Gunn Michelle Gutierrez Mr. and Mrs. J. Wallace Gutzler Kathryn Haines Mrs. Beverly J. Hames David Hamilton

25 Ellen and Rick Hampton Patricia Handrich David Hanna Raymond and Wanda Hansen Robert Hari on behalf of the German Apostolic Christian Church Donna Harris Dana Hawkes Tamara Heinlein Mr. and Mrs. James Heltzel Joseph Hesting Louann Hettwer Tracy Hickson Noel and Elaine Higgins Dan Hill Sherryll and William Hoar Nellie Hobson Waldo Hockman Rich and Stacy Holsapple Christy Hooper Ross Hopkins Karen Houle Mr. and Mrs. Neil Howard Robert Howard William and Pamela Hubble John and Marilyn Hull Mr. and Mrs. S. Y. Husseini Irina Hyde Quenton and Brandy Ihne Sara Iodice Daniel and Myong Jackson Janet Jennings Carl and Jane Jensen Catherine Jensen Beth Jespersen James L. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Marty Johnson II Dolores Johnsrud Dennis and Vivian Johnston Herbert and Linda Jolliff Jeanette Jones Lisa Joyce Mr. and Mrs. William Juza Katherine Keene and Jack Munro Mr. and Mrs. David Kelley Debbie Kelly Sondra Kiggins Dorothy Kilmer

26 Jean Kimmel Dr. and Mrs. Donald Kipp Drs. Ryan and Michelle Kirkpatrick Patrick Kiselicka Joy Klaus Jeannette and Richard Knaggs Frank and Beverley Knox Drs. Laslo Kolta and Katie Tihanyi Hilda Kuhn June Lane Mrs. Billie Larson Brandy Lenhart Chris Lentz Paul Leonard Erika Liepnieks Steve T. Little Ovid and Virginia Long Mary Lopez Charlette Lumby James Mackelberg Mary Madarus Bill and Mary Mainwaring George and Beverly Mallette Norm and Chris Manselle Kathy Martin Bryn Martinez Roberta Matteucci Georgianne Mayer Blair and Sarah McCabe Kelsey McCann Donald and Delight McClain Angela McDougal Harmony McElwain Stephen McGavock Jamie McGilvray David and Nancy McKinnon Darlene McKinzie Michael and Margaretha McQuade James and Jane Mehlschau Patricia Meier Alfred Meiggs Caroline Milbank Mary Milbrath Justin and Kelsey Millar Jan and Dave Miller F. Alden Moberg Ali Moghaddampour

27 Harvey and Elizabeth Mohrenweiser Catherine Monroe Dr. William and Mrs. Elizabeth Monson Yvonne Montgomery Laura Moon Estate Judy Mouery Andrea and Johnny Moye Walt and Cindy Myers Ann Nathan Earlene Naylor Robert G. Neer Heather and Barry Nelson John Newell Jr. Michael Newton Nga and Phong Nguyen Jaime Nichols Audrey Nickodemus Barbara and John Nolen Mary C. Noonan Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ohmart Thomas Ohren Baurino Oingerang Devin Olson Kathleen and Michael Olson Susan Olson Margaret and Wilfred Opager Dr. and Mrs. Donald Orwick Char Overfield Keith Owen Kelly Owen Kenneth Page Mrs. Beverly Paprocki Francine Parker James Parr Marian Paulsen Dr. and Mrs. Gary Pederson Timothy and Deborah Pederson Madge Peinkofer Maria D. Perez Doug Perle Neil and Linda Peterson Pattie Peterson Heather Phelps Nancy Pifer Mary Pileggi Julie Pinkerton Lori and Robert J. Ponec, MD

28 Denise Potter Natalie Potter Melissa Potts Shannon Priem Becky and Brian Ramos Mary Ransome Jane Ray John and Irene Rector Hamilton and Fern Redman James Reiser David and Kay Rentchler Pamela Reznicsek Dawn Rhoads Heather Rideout Michelle Riley Betty Roberts Michelle Roberts Shanta Roberts Bruce Rodgers and Charity Canaday-Rodgers Lis Rodman James and Chris Roethlin Sharon Rojas Mark Roller Kathleen Rollins Wilma Rosenau Stephen and Anna Roth Becky Ruppert Carol Russell John and Martha Russell Isabelle Ryan Jovita Sandoval-Morgan Rita and Ed Sather Nancy Schimmel Deborah Schleufer Nickie Schmidt Daphne Schneider Miranda Schotthoefer Susan Schrank Carolyn Schreiber Sarah Schriver Drs. Edward Schultheiss and Linda Cunningham Darin Schultz Jason Schulze Dr. Beverly J. Schumacher Jeanine Scott Mary Secor Rick Sexton

29 Anna Shalashova Diana Sickles Tonja Siefarth Rebecca Silbernagel Christopher and Jeanne Silsby Patricia Simpson Marion Skog Laurie Smith Leticia Smith Stephen Smith Amanda Snyder Janice Sorensen Joanne Sorensen Rebecca Sparks Terryn Spragg Barbara St. Lawrence Deanna Stein Kenneth Stella Janet Sterba Dr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Stevens Cheryl Stoenner James Stone Dolores Stuckart Brian and Deborah Sund Rick Sunderland Angela Sutton Kate Switzer China Edward Tackett Walter and Mary Tegner Elizabeth Terramagra Karisa Thede Nikki Thomas Gladys Thommen Rebecca Tish Arlene To Ray Touchstone Robin Tourville Catherine Traeger Roy and Edith Tribe Donald Trotter Michelle Trumbly Ellen Truschan Hisashi and Hiroko Uchida Karen Van Cleave Kelly Veasman and Family Valentina Vittori-McKinley Andrew Walker

30 Jerry and Marjorie Walling Frank and Buena Washburn Sarah Watkins Reverend David Watson Timothy and Joanne Wavra Karin Weaver Thomas and Miriam Webb George Weikum Thomas Weimer Mark and Meg Weiss Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wells Robert Wheeler Donald and Christine Whitnell Jessica Williams Michael and Jannice Williamson Rebecca Wilson Jean Wimer Mary Winfrey Larry Witherell Rachel Wixson Michelle Wonderling Lisa Wood Rhonda Wood Sheila Woodward Richard Worth Alan Wynn Sue Xiong Kay M. Young Paz Younis Kelly and Pete Yunker Glenn and Mabel Yutzie Jared Zeh Hilary Zehr Robert and Leslie Zeigen Stephen and Eileen Zielinski Vascular Education Svetlana Novakovskaya