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1 GENERAL INDEX. CITY STREETS DIRECTORY SUBURBAN DIRECTORY - - ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY TRADES DIRECTORY. - COUNTRY COMMERCIAL. DIRECTORY- ' MUSICAL AND SPORTING CLUBS AND ASSOCIATIONS GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY NAVAL AND MILITARY COMMON VEALTH. WHARFAGE AND TONNAGE RATES. - FIRMS WITH FIXED PAY-DAYS - INTEREST CALCULATOR PAGE'. xlix.-11. Aborigines' Protection Board.. PA( Admiralty Jurisdiction 2348 Agent-General for the State in England Agricultural Colleges Agricultural nepartment _ 2344 Alphabetical 121.3ctory Architect, Government Art Gallery 2343 Assignees Official 2216 Associates and Clerks of Arraigns Associations 2024 Asylums Department 2339 Attorney-General Audit Bet,artment 2338 Australian Museum 2313 Bankruptcy Department Tanks 2031 'Barracks and Ordnance Department (Federal) 'Barristers Barristers' Admission Board Berthing Rates, etc. _ Board of Health Board for Opening Tenders Pulgic Works :Botanic Gardens 2345 Bureau of Statistics 2339 'Cadet Office 'Cemeteries.. ; 2061 Census Central Police Court Certificated Conveyancers 2077 Chief Secretary City Streets Directory Civil Departments 2338 Claims to Grants of Land 2350 Clerks of Petty Sessions 2340 'Clubs 2000 Coal Fields and Coal Mines Coast Hospital 2339 'Colleges 2125 Commissioners for Affidavits Commonwealth Offices 2331 'Commonwealth Audit Office Commonwealth Invalid War, and old Age Pensions, Maternity Bonus 2335 Conimonwealth Ministry 2330 Commonwealth Parliament 2330 Commonwealth Senate _ 2329 Commonwealth Weather Bureau 'Consuls 2070 Conveyancers 2077 Coroner's Court., 'Court of Industrial Arbitration Crown Prosecutors Crown Solicitor Curator's Depart. (Supreme Court) 2347 Customs (Federal) Deeds Branch Registrar-General _ 2347 Defence Department (Federal) Dental Board Departments (Government)--See respective names 'Department of Agriculture 2341 Department of Horne Affairs (Fed.) 2330 Department of Military Board Department of Prisons Department of Trade and Customs (Federal) _ 2331 Distilleries and Sugar Refineriee Department 2331 District Court Judges 2348 District Registrars 2252 Ecclesiastical Education Department.. Educational Electoral Office (Commonwealth) Electoral Office (State).. Electric Telegraphs Engineers, Billitary Equity Master in Executive Council (State).. Executive Council (Federal).. Experimental Farms Explosives Department.. I' AG It ' Federal Government.. ' 2330 Federal High Court 2330 Finance and Trade Treas. and Sec Fire Brigades Firms' Pay-days _ Fisheries Department 2339 Forestry Branch Free Public: Library _ Friendly Societies 2339 General Post Office (Federal) Geological Branch 2343 Governmental and Parliamentary Government Ambulance Corps Government Asylums Government Printing Office 2342 Government Savings Bank Government Statistician Governor-General of the Commonwealth Harbour Bates, etc Harbour Trust Health Board 2339 Health and Medical Department High Connnissioner for Australia in Great Britain High Court of Australia Hospitals 2141 House of Representatives (Members) 2339 Immigration and Tourist Bureau Imperial Government Establishments Imperial Pensions 2311 Incorporated Law Institute Industrial Court.... '2318 Industrial Registrar 2349 Infantry Inspector-General of Police 2338 Institutes 2162 Institutions Interest Calculator 2350 Invalid, War and Old Age Pension Justices of the Peace Labour and Industry Department Land Appeal Court 2350 Lands Titles Branch Law Institute 2349 Legal Directory See Trades section for Barristers, Solicitors, Official Assignees, also Minister for Justice Legislative Assembly Legislative Assembly Officers of Legislative Council Legislative.Councli Officers of Libraries, 2180 Lunacy Department Lunatic Asylums See Institutions 2162 Master in Equity.. Master in Lunacy.. PAU It Medical Practitioners Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage Metropolitan Meat Industry Board Military Administration ( Board) Military Forces Mines Secretary for.. '2343 Minister for Justice 2346 Ministerfor Education Mitchell Library Municipal See commencement of City Streets and of respective Suburbs Museum.. Musical Societies National Art Gallery 2343 Naval Department (Commonwealth) 2835 Navigation Department Notaries Public Observatory Official Assignees Officers of Legislative Council and Assembly _ 2337 Officers of the Senate Officers of the House of Representatives Officers administering the Governments of the Australasian States 2330 Ordnance Department Parliamentary 2329 Parliamentary Draftsmen Parliamentary Library Parliamentary Reporting Staff HANSARD 2337 Pastoral Directory Patents and Trade-marks Office Patent Attorneys 2220 Paymaster of Fapeditionary Forces :932 Pay Days Pharmacy Board 2341 Police Inspector-General 2318 Postmaster-General 2331 Prisons Department Prothonotary Public Instruction Public Library 2343 Public Service Board.. 7:349 Publin Trust Office 2348 Public Watering Places _ 1760 Public Works Board for Opening Tenders Railways Registrar-General Repatriation Department 2338 Returned Soldiers' Employment Bureau 2238 Royal Australian Navy (N.S.W. Division) Royal Military College of Australia 2350 Royal Mint 2337 Secretary of Finance and Trade Secretary for Lands Secretary for Mines Secretary for Public Works 2345 Shipping 'Masters 2342 Societies Miscellaneous 2205 Solicitors 2200 Solicitors' Admission Board Sporting Associations.... '2310 Stamp Duties 2331 Stato Timber Yard and Building. Works 2340 State Brick and Ltme Works

2 vi GENERAL INDEX PAM: PACK PAG State Children's Department Sydney District Court Trades Directory State Fisheries Sydney Harbour Trust Tramways State Hospitals and Asylums for the Infirm Sydney Mint Treasurer nr.d Secretary for Finance State Labour Branch 2349 Sydney Technical College and Trade State Penitentiary (Long Bay) Taxation Department Treasury State Trawling Industry Technical Education Trigonometrical Survey of the State Wheat Board Technological Museum Colony State Wool Committee Tender Board Public Works Stock and Brands Branch Theatres See Places of Amusement 2232 Water Conservation and Irrigation Stores Supply Department Tonnage Rates, etc Commission 9344 Streets (City) Directory Trade and Finance Suburban Clerks of Petty Sessions. Treasurer and 2349 Weights and Measures Suburban Directory Secretary Western Land Board Sugar Refineries Department Trade and Customs (Federal) _ 2331 Wharfage, Harbour, Transhipment,,Supreme Court Trade Unions Registrar 2359 Tonnage and Berthing Rates PACK Abattpirs, Glebe island, Balmain 197 Abattoirs (New), Homebush Bay Abattoirs rd,.pyrruout.. 1 Abattoirs rd, Roadie Abbey at, Hunter's Abbey $t, Raudwiek 641 Abbotsford at, Kensington 641 Abbotsfonl per, Abbotsford 300 Abbotsford rd, Hoeuebush Abbott rd, A rtartnon, Willoughby Abbott st, Coogee 011 Abbott at, Granville 353 Abbott et, North Sydney A'Beekett a ye, Ashfield A'Beckett at, Granville.., 353 Aberoorn at, Bexley 230 Abercrombie lane...3 Abercrombie street.. I, Redfern ' 682 Abergeldie street, Petersham Abernethy at, Middle Harbour, Manly 441 Abigail at, Hunter's tilll Aboriginal are, La Permute 041 Aboukir st, Rockdale 700 Abuklea ri, Eastwood Abuklea rd, Epping Acacia Avenue, Punchbowl 221 Acacia st,oatley 377 Access rd, Sans &mei, Rockdale 7011 Acton at, Durwood 240 Acton st, Hurlstone Park 258 Ada aye, 1Yeliromiga Ada lane, Erskineville- Ada Place Ada et, Belmore Ada st, Concord.... Ada st, ErsIdneville STREETS INDEX , Ada at, Hurstville 230 Ada st, Oatley, Kogaralt 388 Ada at (Neutral Bay), North Sydney 533 Ada st,parrainatta Ada at, Randwick 641 Adam st, Crunpsie Ada Villas terrace, Erskineville Adah at, Granville Adam at, Granville Adams st, Turranturm Adderley at, Silverwater, Auburn Adderley at, Lidcombe Adderton rd,.dundas 315 Addington ave, Hyde Addison are, Concord et 22 Addison a ye, Roseville 724 Addison rd,marrickville Addisonvd, Manly Addison et, Balmain Addison at, Kensington 041 Addleston Rowe, Merrylands.. 62 Adelaide par, Woollahra Adelaide place 1 Adelaide rd, Meadowbauk 728 Adelaide at... 2 Adelaide et, Behnore 269 Adelaide at, Woollahra Adeline st. Itydaltnere. 329 Adolphus laue, Balmain Adolphus st, Balm:tin Adolphus et, Naremburn Ady st, Hunter's FUll Aeolla at, Randwick Aeolus a ye, Hyde Afona at, Auburn Agaret'east.. 2,Agar st, Marrlekville Agincourt rd, Eastwood Agnea st, Strathfleld 751 Agnes:cottages, Burry Hills 2.Agnes terrace, Surry Hills...2 Ancona rd, Pennant Hills.. _603 Ainsworth at, Leichltardt 409 Aird st, Parramatta Allan 14, North Sydney. 634 Albany rd, Petersham Albany at, North Sydney. 634 Albany at, St. Leonards, Lane Cove 493 'Albany at, St. Leonard% Albemarle aye (Rose Bay), 840 Albemarle et, Marrickville 458 CITY AND SUBURBS, Albemarle at, Nevtown Albert avenue, Chat:mood Albert crescent, Croydon.. Albert lane Leichhardt Albert parade, Ashfield Albert parade, Guildford.. Albert rd, Auburn Albett ml (Croydon park), O'bury Albert rd, Homebush Albert rd, Strattifield Albert square, Paddington.. Albert street.. Albert at, liaakela Albert at (East Hills) Albert at, Bexley.. Albert at, Botany Albert et (Belmore), Canterbury Albert at, Drummoyne. Albert at, Erskineville- Albert st, Forest Lodge.. Albert st, Gladesville Albert st, Granville.. Albert at, Greenwich.. Albert st, Guildforl Albert at, west, Guildford Albert st, Hornsby.. Albert at, Leichhardt Albert at, Liticombe Albert at, Marrickville Albert at, Newtown.. Albert at. Paddington Albert at, Parramatta Albert Et, Raudwick Albert at, Redfern.. Albert at, Roselle.. Albert st Ryde Albert at, St. Peters.. Albert at, Strathfleld.... PACK u _ a _ _ _ 246. PACK Alfred at, Clarke's Pt., Woolwich Alfred at, Granville Alfred st, Leichlierdt.. _ 410 Alfred at, Marrickville.. _ 468 Alfred at, Mascot.... :. 488 Alfred et, North Sydney.., 534 Alfred et, Merrylands.. _ Alfred at, Pnrramatta.... _ 691 Alfred et, Roselle Alfred et, St. Peters.. _ 743 Alfred at, Sane Send... _ 707 Alfrain at, Coogeo.... _ 612 Algernon st, Oatley Alice a ye, Newtown.... _ 513 Alice st, Auburn..... ler Alice at, North Bondi...., Alice at, Drummoyne Alice at (Lakembal, Canterbury _ 269 Alice at, Granville Alice at, Newtown Alice at, Parramatta.... _ 591 Alice at, Itandwick Alice at, Ronne.... _ 198 Alice at, Hyde Alice at, Sans Soul Alice at, 'I Immure Alice et, Wavorley Alison rd, Randwick Allan alr411110, Manly Allan's avenue, Marrlekville Allan at, Concord.. 28t1 Allen's rd, Alexandria Allen's rd, North Hyde.. _ 728 Allen avenue, Belmore Allen at, Arueliffe....,,,, 707 Allen at, Canterbury.... _ 259 Allen at, Glebe _ :. 338 Allen at, Granville Allen at, Lelehhardt Albert at, Waverley Albert at, Woollahra Allen at, Lidcombe.. _ 430 Alberta at.. 2 Allen at, Pyrmout Alberto at, Leichh ardt Allen at, Waterloo 772 Albion lane, Annandale Allen at, Waverley 783 Albion lane, Eurry Hills 2 Alleyne avenue, Seafortb, Manly _ 446 Albion place.. 2 Alleyne at, Willoughby 813 Albion at... 2 Albion at, South Ashfield 259 Albion st, Annandale Allison rd, Guildford Albion at, Leichbardt Allister at, Neutral Bay Albion at, Lidcombe Annul place,,glebe _ 336 Albion st, Marrickville. 458 Allum at, Bankstown,, 221 Albion se, Paddington Alma avenue, Marrickville 458 Albion st,parramatta Alma lane, Darlington Albion at, Pennant Hills. 003 Mule lane, South liandwick. 643 Albion at, Itandwick A Iron' road, South Rand w ick 643 AAlbion bbyu ner t atett; d ul.lcoxe: pe ipl y ion g Alma rd, Eastwood Albion at, Waverley Alma at, Ashfield Alma at, Darlington Albyn rd, Strathfield Alma at, East Hills 222 Alma at, Hurstville 888 Albyn at, Rockdale.. Alma at, North Sydney Alderson at, Redfern.. Alma at, Paddington.. _ 509 Alexander avea, 311:darṅ.0i:a u: Alma at, Parramatta Alexander lane Alma at, Pymblc 638, 2 Alma at east, Pyrmont. Alexander sett Alexandria Alma at west, Pyrmont Amleexxaan uddeerr 1194i 3 Almora at, Mosman Alexander at, Coogee Alpha rd, Longueville Alpha rd, Willoughby, Alexander at. North Sydney 534 Alexander at, Paddington 85:39 Alphin at, Lidcotnbe Alston st, Bexley _ 230 Ailxa tlexantider sat: Alt at; Aehfleld _ 161 Willoughby Alt at, Haberfield Alexandra par (Wattara), Hornsby Alt at, Waverley _ 783 AA li eee aa n tdi er ar arptda: r AG, ',lite bo ff d I Alton aye, Concord _ 288 Alton at, Woollabra _ 840 Alexander Altona at, Abbotsford Alexandra att Concord Alviston et, Strathfield 754 Alexandra at, Drummoyne Ambrose at, Hunter's Hill Alexandra at, Hunter's Hill 371 Amelia at, Mascot Alexandria avenue, Eastwood Amelia st, Waterloo Alexandria at, Arneliffe 701 Amhurst st,guildford Alexandria at, Westmead 628 Amhurst at, North Sydney Alfred rd, Forest Lodge 330 Amos lane.. Alfred at, Annandale Amos et, May's 11( Alfred at. Broute. _ 783 Amy rd, Peakhuret _ 377 Alfred at, Burwood 246 Amy at, Arneliffe 707 Alfred at, Canterbury, Amy st, ample,.259 Alfred st, Circular Quay.. 2 Amy at, Erskineville -380

3 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR STATION SUPPLIES. 774 Bri WATERLOO. Dow Ilona. street continued- 42 Maneer Ernest, fruiterer 211 West Charles Raglan sore! 243 Wiggins William T. 48 Madigan Stanley 245 Brazier Mrs. Annie L., carrier 50 Semple John 247 Shales George 52 Withers thrifty 240 Dalton Michael 54 Casey Martin 253 Clark Joseph E4s-elk Waller 265 Johnson George MI Vickery Herman 157 Alexaittler Frederick 60 Leslie 261 Olean Jaines,riarpenter 62 Smith William 263 Hock Valentine III Shying Mrs. 265 Glassington Henry, " /Cora 66 Challis Mrs. :Margaret 207 Canninglunti Christopher, 68 Harvey Mrs. Mary 269 D'Arcy Stanley, "Boot& Doon" 70 Gray John 271 Crozier James, "Blairowrie" 74 O'Connell John lianler street 76 Hall Henry 273 hinny FA wank 78 Batton Mrs. Mary 275 Wright Thomas IL 80 McDonald John 277 Kingsley I forom 82 Wasson James 278 MeBeatty Robert J. 414 Ellison Alexander 281 larking Arthur Wellinglom street 283 Rawan Sid 102 Hewitt William J. 285 Itaytoti Walter 100 Levy Lewis 287!flimsier Richard 110 Treffery Robert 289 Grammitt Mrs. Maul mat 112 Morris Ales. Mary 301 Mead Ali s. Aka», confectioner 111 Boners Mrs, Alma Elizabeth street Walsby George 316 Lawrence Loafs, hairdresser 118 Laws William J. Cullen John 124 Matson George Thomas C. F. S. Co.operalive Pt serving Co., 123 Walker William H. Ltd. 128 Cowie John Thomas :333 Ildtvards Freclerirk, "Mena" 130 Crongh Robert 336 Want Alfred 11. Dawson John 337 Armstrong Mary 132 Hilburn Alfred Gibson, Battle and Co., Ltd., iron 134 Burgess Mrs. Catherine awl brass founders (foundry dept.) 130 Stewart Charles Ideal Boot dr Shoe Co Jobastrerf 351 Williams George, sole and heel West aide fe-maker Reineieb street (Redfern)fo John Wed Botany road Byrne Moe Brisbane Lane 3.5 McFarlane Mrs- Lucy Relliek to fretting:on street 7 James Albert Gartrell, White, Ltd. (stables) 9 Mettle/von Alexander 1 Carter John II Denningsen Mrs. Mande 3 Sullivan Michael 15 Lawes Sydney Bruce Street 17 Smith Mrs. Elide hose Swamp to Mistral, street 19 Amos 22 Sbninett Francis Nettleton Ernest 20 Peters Mrs. Henrietta 23 FarInden Albert IS Williams Arthur Waillialey A dilly 16 Faster Thomas II. 27 Thompson Willi= 14 Illissell John SteWart Robot 12 Wheeler Thomas 31 stoneman Mrs. Jane Brun swiek Street Ojr aa Clarke Charles Beaumont to Morehead street 35 Gill Godfrey Dawson Daniel 41 Flynn Thomas Raglan street Byrne's Lane 43 Rain Michael.12 Mang to Cooper street Gray's lone 45 Kelly Arthur Donley Mrs. Lucy 47 Olson John Oaths Place 49 Jones Robert Oft 62 flay/an street hi Carlow Mrs. Annie Smith Thomas, carter 53 Adby Mrs. Eva Natural Food Co., bakels (('dory) 59 Keenan Robert, carrier Chester Lane SI Brophy James air login/on arcane 63 Kelleher Peter 65 Noniron William Clarendon Street 67 Mark Mrs. Annie Beam:tout to Morehead sired 09 Phillpot Ernest Walker street 71 Donovan Patrick Mangan John 75 Poupart Sidney, vrot proprietor Arkinstall Mrs, Sarah J. 77 \lark William 5 Parrish Ales. Ellen 79 James William Portland street 81 Lane Wits Amde Cooper Street 85 Palmer Frederick 87 Hunts Arthur, cab proprietor Phillip to John street 2 Tealt Mrs. Grace Sarah 89 Mlles Arthur 4 Ware George henry 93 ladlin g Mrs. Ake 6 Manalz John 95 Creely Luke Well foglott short Pnekeridge Sydney J. 83 Parsons Samuel 95 Hughes Albert 10 Nanearrow Mrs. Jane 97 Brown Thomas 22 Foy William 99 Motive:um Christopher C. 10 Palmer Alfrod 101 Streeter Charles R. 18 Batty George. 103 Hughes Joseph 20 Renshaw William 105 Kavanagh Bernard 22 Maidment Sydney lit Piattler Joseph, plumber 24 Cook Mrs. Mary 113 Sanders Mrs. Christina 20 ()teary Mrs. Olga 115 O'Brien, Mrs. Margaret 28 Fish Francis 119 Atye0 Mts. Rose Ann 30 Blakeney Ambrose 121 Wilson William 32 Rudd William 0t7-123 Levy Reg. 31 Norden Henry 126 FAige James 343 Cronin's Joseph 127 Elliott Mrs. Mary 86 Wiggins Arthur 129 Addison Alexander 38 Hunt Alfred George 131 Fitzpatrick Michael 41) %Yeoman Charles John street Crescent street Ufi liatorte street Grant and Cocks (Wunderlich Ltd.), fibrous piaster maim faet urers South fdde Australian Glass Manufacturers Co., Limited Head Office for :LSAT, Dowling street, Waterloo. 'fake Crowtost. tram. 'Phone Redfern 817 (3 lines). Cressy Street South Side Dunning Ore is i.e to Rothschild avenue Rent snore arenue Parke Davis and Co manufacturing chemists, laboratory Crewe Place South Side Rothschild avenue to halaseny avenue Penn rase aventie Wrigley WIllhan Jr., Co. Pty., Ltd., chewing gum numufacturers, C. IL Light, manager Banta-eft arrant Dalmony Avenue (Rosebery) Gartleaer", rod f en Epsom road Madden Mrs. Melon Tweedrnottlh avenue 0 Barns Dunes 13 Sallkeld Percy- 15 Kal John G. L. 17 Moir James 19 Holmes Charles Parrott et parade 21 Callaghan Patrick Marsden Thomas 14 Launton Ilannerintrit Crescent 8 CahIll Mrs. Edith 4 Abraham Hyman Juan Tweethrunilh Milne 8 Quick Leslie 14 Hamlin Walter w. Harmon parade Methodist Church Rowberp gait Rapes road Morley avenue-0..1re idnee Danks Street Pointe to Morehead street Friend George Chapple Robert Cahill Airs. Ilose Mallett George The Newman Alanufactiabig Co. Peters Bros.. Ltd., padilook Wan! dittoes Ltd., paddock Young Greet McMahen James & Co., stables Morehead steer' Butler & Norman, hot*: merchants Norman fiernanh" VI 'let Ilona" Armstrong Norman. " Rose Cottage Avery Dempsey, I lacksiniths Sheet Metal Workers, Ltd. Douglas Street /10"40111 street to lane 2 Gasket! Joseph 4 Jenkins William F. Carey,Inliit 8 Holden Thomas 10 Bowman George 1 Williams Mrs. Margaret 3 White George 5 Drury Mrs. Elizabeth 7 Owen Airs. Jane Dowling Street Off Crescent street The Fear Sevens Manufacturing Co. ZOLLNER Ltd., Galvanisers, Tin and Galvanised Ironvzorkers, Tinsmiths, Black Iron Workers, Pump Makers, Brass, Copper. Zino & Le n1 Workers, Gutter mind Ridge Makers. Patent Galvattlerd Steel Pipe Makers and General Manufacturers. Now and Second head Machinery Merchants, Euebniers, Oxy-acetylene Welders,. Hydnutlic Dredging Plants a speciality. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY OEM 51'61 GEORGE ST.. C'DOWN 'PHONE L2848 ANTHONY HORDERNSL-SPOT CASH MERCHANTS. Dun WATERLOO. Eli CliegwIddett John; T., sheet metal Australian Glass Mann-, INtenc:enieirt ine.flo io; l ei Thomas 32 banks Thomas, 3.. P facturers Co. Limited' Head Office for N.S.W., Dowling! street, Waterloo, W. J. Smith. general ma»ager ; Ii. T. Hagen, J.P. accountant. 'Phone Redfern 897 (3 lines). Take Crown-st. tram. Cables and Telegrams " Carboy" Sydney A.B.411.5lit and Bentley's Codes. 1Vateon David, "Raleigh " bath's. street Morrap street Duty Janie3 Ganieti, A: Whiten*, stonemasons Flanagan John Welch William," Kooyong Renshaw Phillip Booth Henry W., "Inglewood" Dundas Street Lachlan street to Joyaton avenue Alt look, market gardener Dunning avenue latsisord strict to Gardeners road Alorgan David, foitildry Epsons "oral Crossley P. and CO., Bradford Dye Works Peace DI MIL contractor Booth Miss Minnie Cressy Greet Thompson Harry, carrier Tluntipson L. and II., carrier Carter Albert. carrier Flood Jetties C. Clarke Thomas, sawmills Spi aim John, contractor Wien, itreet goiorsit arenue Ilayes road Harconrt Itarade Tweettntoulh arrow 2 Gerard William Si. 4 Ellis Benjamin Woodhonse RatclitTe Victor 10 Battaliatv Sydney 12 ShIpway Andrew 14 Jones George Henry 16 Dalton Clarence 147 Gale Alfred John 20 Hudson Thomas.22 Mobbs Stanley 24 Hefter A tiro! F. 26 Shirley Edwin 28 Gale Thomas 30 Whittaker 32 Keeling Ernest 31 Freddy Monet riaoria street Johnston Charles Collins Miss Catherine Currey Henry T. Whitlock Jolla Egan Mrs. Bridget Tattersall William, carrier Cleary Patrick Fantails John, plumber Booth Mrs. Lena Tattersall William (stables) 'Tuttiett John, carrier Foster Ernest Patviey Prank A. Spillane Mrs, Catherine Wing Mrs. Annie Queen street Gibbs John, milk vendor Morley avenue Southern Glass Mann factoring Co. llapes toad Harcourt parade Elizabeth Street East aide Phillip sired to *lapin astute 2 Mason William IL, hatcher 4 Ly nch Joseph, hairdresser McIntosh Sydney itycle 8 Purcell James 10 Figgett D'Arcy J. 12 Anderson Robert, poulterer 14 Woolven Claude 10 Richardson Thomas Ii. 20 Cliegwidden Frederick E. 28 Bennett Thomas 30 Lenten Charles, 3.11., hoettunker 32 Henn Edward '84 Ivory Slung, ham soul beef shop 36 Choy A., grocer 38 Bermingham James, fruiterer 40 Gordon Arthur O. 42 Thump Alexander 44 Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth, dressmaker Is Lenten Charles Joseph 48 Carlin Mrs. Mary An& 50 Shore John 52 Lees Ilarcourt W. 54 Hecht Mrs.?dela 56 McCarty Martin 58 White Mrs. Robert 60 McDonnell Thomas, plumber 62 Anderson Airs. Edith 64 Fogarty Johuus, greengrocer 66 Hawes Charles J., picture-framer 63 McCarty Roland 70 Watt Thomas It. 72 Do gil Mrs, Theresal 74 Earle Mrs. Florence 16 ileitis Frederick 741 Scotland Mrs. Agnes 80 Rtelintalson Sarah Government Savings Bank of N,S.SV 82 Drinks Mrs. Amelia IL 81 liennings Mrs.11113tibeth 80 Hilliard Henry J., J.P., grocer 88 Browne Mrs. Teresa 90 Miniter John 92 Wills William 94 More Walter 16 Hackney Alexander, boutmaker 98 Sitilivalt 101 ward 102 George hotel Motthow Ryan Wellingtou sired Xenia it "eel Waterloo Municipal Chambers F, C. Pretyamn, town clerk 132 Townsend Charles 131 Watkins William 136 Johnson Frank, CM Collier Walter 110 Blaok Mrs, Ellett 112 lkin Joseph 144 Bird Mrs. Catherine 146 Illackley Thomas W. 148 liar Charles Wilson Norman 154 Reilly Harry 156 Tomf.loseph 158 Davis Roy A McIntosh Hugh 62 Griffin Clement 164 AlcLean Walter 166 Polley Gordon 168 Mater Danes McElroy st reef Powell street Monter sr reel 262 The Royton Embossing Co. 264 Day Thounts 266 Rawson William, "Sydenham 268 Teagne Mrs. Sarah J. 270 Griffiths Charles J. 972 Taylor James It Constable John, "Feralea " 270 Shanahan William Flynn Arthur E. 280 Smith George 286 Hillier Edward 283 Lambert Charles Waterloo Steam Canister Works Weekes.1. J., Ltd., maven wheel fury Lee and Bland, farriers 302 Shaw Mrs, Lilly, fruiterer Lestono Arthur, hainlresser Boarke street 310 Nathan Edward 312 Mulligan Daniel 316 Johnston Robert 313 Thomp ron William 320 Kerlin William 322 AlcIarlane Duncan 324 Hood Mrg. Annie 320 Oliver John ' 328 Smith Charles, "Fiona" 330 Jones Albert 332 Ilannery James 334 blood Harold 336 Morando Walter 338 O'Brien Joint 340 laid Heaton Peyton William L. 344 Hayek Alles AILIIie, fruiterer 341 Burke Richard 314 Fitzgerald avilliant James 352 Lanigan Mrs. Bridget 364 Tye William 356 Busch Michael 358 Peat Edward 860 Rowe William E. 352 Anseamitelilr7laTi n 'Ire" 361 Norris Arthur 360 SI lintel Reginald 368 Bergen Arthur 370 Bergen John 372 Rutland Mrs, Mary 374 Roberts Frederick 376 McGrath Mrs. Breezy McGrath John. carrler 178 Leittoti Mrs, Mary 384 Swanson Dante] 386 Kearns Thomas 388 QM an Daniel Josaph 390 Heffernnn Patrick 3'12 Collbtot P nave Edward 391i Smatters George 398 Attain A rata 100 Harbour James 102 McCormack Leslie 104 Singles Francis 406 Wilkins George 408 Balker Arthur 412 McKenna Neil, horsetralitar 1 Henry Airs. IL, pawnbroker 36 Ka rl ales rovt1 li I 1. in oar tt Il ereramer fec 7 Steele George It, butcher 9 Tanner W ham and beef shop II Fa Mills ro D fish Atop 13 McInerney J uamnes, hootmaker 15 Sacker Michael. draper 17 Sioniderson John 19 Hall Alexander 21 MA man Henry 21 Gast Sirs. Syktir 26 Lenton Charles, J.P. 27 Bottamley Thomas 20 Fogarty Mrs. Margaret 31 Noonan Miss N., gmcer Raglan street 33 Mount lesehltrn hotel Thou. O'Connor. 35 Rolily Beamed 37 Wallace Edmund 39 Zillaimi NOrtimil 41 Davies Robert Raglan lane Lenten parade Waterloo Post am/ Telegraph Office! Commonwealth Sitatigt Bank 55 Passmore William grocer 57 Andertmi Mrs. Elizabeth 59 Shore Prederick 61 Hutton Ernest, painter 63 Hearey Alfred fie Spencer Sirs. Annie 67 Godfrey Harry 69 Beaumont Ales. Lilian 71 Carlin Bynum! 73 Mattson Miss Ern, ironmonger wanls John, newsagent 77 McCormiek Joseph C., watchmaker 79 Owen Robert, hairdresser 81 KIllaelt 6tapt ermilirosi.nat a! unie, greengrocer Allen street Weekes 3. 3., Ltd., sawmills St timber yards Brooks William & Co., Ltd., printera, factory Bourke street 167 Flyini Edward, hotelier 169 Welsh William ' 171 Ilammond Arthur 176 Lime William S. 177 Pert Italiert 179 Taylor Puny 181 Hoot Hubert 139 Rafferty Michael, cab proprietor - Paterson Sauna"! 185 Seeger Leak, grocer WE ARRANGE FOR INTERMENTS IN ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA OR ABROAD

4 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FURNITURE AND FAMILY DRAPERY. 776 Eps WATERLOO. Geo Elisabeth street continued- 189 Beckenham Mrs. Elizabeth 191 Sweeney lward 393 T,nekbead William 195 Marnin Richard 197 Evans William, cab proprietor 199 Ford Alfred 201 Jones Harold 203 News John 205 News John Joseph 207 Sargent Henry -209 Jones John 211 ;McManus John Edward 115 Hinson Alfred McLaughlin John, van proprietor 217 Threader Henry 119 Edmonds Stanley Merton street 223 Donohoe Thos., grocer 227 O'Brien William 129 Heffernan Luke P., jr. 231 A Ilport Arthur 233 Morrissey Denis 235 Fraser Arthur 237 Allen John 145 Peat Charles B., cab proprietor 147 Grounds Alfred 253 Devlin John J. 255 Dalin Alfred W. 257 Money William Anscombe James, J.P., "Wi'theft" English's lane Of 79 Raglan street A d by Albert Epsom Road Botany road to eastern boundary '2 O'Connor Mrs. Kate 4 Kelly Mrs. Ellen Talty Patrick 8 Ryan Bertram 12 Cole George J. 34 Monk John 16 Whitten Thomas 18 Killian' Joseph 10 Maddock Thomas 22 Moen John 24 O'Connor Thomas Joseph 16 Hancock William John -28 Field Miss Tressie 30 O'Hara Thomas 32 Rowlands Frederick L. 34 Chaplin Robert 36 Holman All red C. 38 Wing Henry T. 40 O'Grady James.42 Morgan David 44 Rice William Dunning arenue ;di Edwards James Henry.69 Lee John 64 Cope William G. 68 Orme William 76 Gribble John 78 Taylor Arthur Dunning avenue Bradshaw Alfred Mentmore avenue.ryan Mrs. Honor IL, dairy keeper Rothschild avenue Byrne Hugh, dairykeeper Gardener's Road From Botany road to Kensington boundary Thatcher D. and Sons, Ltd., timber merchants 14 Thomas Henry M. The MI rdans 22 De Armen Z., borsetrainer 2.4 Gretchen Mrs. Mary Kenny Mrs. Sophia 28 Stephen Mrs. M. E., ",Copland Villa" 28 Spence A. A., "Bronte" Dunning avenue 32 Rosebery Model and Industrial Suburb Office LussIch P. J. 34 Bryan Leopold G.. "Renfrew" 36 Eller, William, "Lourdes " 94 Yerbury Sydney 46 Gardner Arthur 48 Wellsmore Thomas H. 50 Conway Andrew _52 Tight John.58 Moss William 60 Powell Ralph 66 Wines James 08 Gamble Jossph, "Glenheather" 70 Linegar Joseph F. 72 Hereford Harry Primrose avenue 82 Kelly Mi.s Pearl, " Lachlan" 86 Brown William E., "Jealous" 90 Mendel Fred srick G. 94 Sehuback Mrs. Amy 06 Dummett Claude 98 Wells George 14 Welfare Henry 101 Buttner John 108 Robinson William E. 108 Paul George 110 Robinson Henry J. W. 12 Reid James Jordan 14 Brown Denis 116 Ilogden Mrs. Jane A. 20 Salkeld Leslie George Dalmeny Avenue 129 Clarkson Fred, C., "Bonnie Boon" 30 Long Frank 132 Briggs John A. 136 Sheeley Thomas, J.P. Grandemange Joseph Charles George Street Boundary to Bourke street 2 Mitumo James 4 Woods Frederick 6 Jones Mrs. Agnes 8 Beate Mrs. Sarah 10 Prdwse Mrs. Margaret Moon street 12 Walsh Thomas 14 Power Mrs. Elizabeth 10 Sinalbolt Joseph 18 Ottery Miss Mary, dressmaker 20 McNamara Mrs. Elizabeth 22 Turner Alexander 24 Bradshaw John 26 Stewart William 28 Wiseity Erederick W. 30 Moore Edward 32 Burt Albert 34 Simpson William G. 38 Silveira Goulette J., contractor 2" Cody Mrs. Polly Raglan street 42 Leman Mrs., greengrocer 426 McFarlane Mrs. Maria 44 Carter Charles 46 Fitz George 41 Cusack Mrs. Ethel 50 Bailey Henry 52 Gaskell Mrs. Eliza 54 Tonkin Mrs. Mamie 58 Young John 58 Tippett Thomas, contractor 64 O'Brien John 80 Pople William 68 Feather Mrs. Maggie 70 'Purple James 76 Pople Frank 78 Ryan James 80 Baird William 82 Wright John Edward 84 Milder Mrs. Priscilla 86 Hanna Mrs. Mary 88 Lauendet Mrs. Ada 90 Morton David 92 Crowe John Charles,lrocer 91 Templeton William 96 Douglas Thomas Wellington street 100 Duke ol Wellington hotel Her. bert 102 Pearce Edward 101 Garbutt Joseph 106 Calton Thomas 108 Hardie Harry 110 Young Henry 112 Munro Mrs. Eva 114 Lee Thomas 116 BoyleJamea 118 Lee William 120 Crane Henry 122 Baker John 124 Morrison William 128 Solomon Mrs. Sarah 128 Citroen Charles 130 Rogers William 132 Merrigan Michael 134 O'Neill Daniel 136 Milligan John Smith street WOOD, COFFILL 'it COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE': 138 Sewell Francis 190 Pox Oswald J. 142 Anderson William J. 144 Hourigan Mrs. Elsie 146 Gilbert Miss Ina, dressmaker 148 Navin William 159 Clausen Alfred Weeks James, greengrocer John street 152 Gilbert William, carrier 154 Foley James 156 Weeks James 158 Rogers Samuel 160 Mansour Joseph 162 Kearns Michael 164 Smith Arthur 66 Montgomery Hugh 171 Day Phillip George 72 Player Richard 174 Richings James 176 Gozgan Arthur 178 Gorman James 180 Peters Alfred 182 Lemon Alfred 184 Lemon Mrs. Martha McEvoy street United Nail Mal Manufacturing Co,, Ltd. A items street 3 Willdridge Richard, stationer 5 Corney James 7 Pride Frederick 9 Brown Peirce 11 Shea Mrs. Frances 13 Boland Mrs. Julie 15 Nicholson Herbert Walsh Mrs. Bridget, grocer 17 Lewis John 19 Wood Albert James 21 Harris Henry J. 23 Hutton Joon 29 Anderson John 31 Smyth William 33 Beckett Robert 35 Poison Albert Hucker Alfred Peter 39 Winspear William Thomas 41 Taylor Mrs. Charlotte 411 Allen George, greengrocer Raglan stneet 43 Neighbour Mrs. Maggie 45 Daniels Joseph 47 Yin John 49 Fanning J a Harkins James 51 Burton Mark 53 Bunting George B., J.P. 55 Bunting Henry 57 Burton Alfred Off-59 Smith George 61 Turner William It. 63 O'Driscoll Timothy 61 Wilson Henry L. / Bird William 69 Surman Alfred 71 Potter JRIDCS 73 'Purple James, carrier 75 Mobley Charles W. 77 Mobley John 79 Steel Edward Henry 81 McKenna John 83 Wilson Allan 85 Cummings Arthur Leslie 87 Bermingham Mrs. J., green;rocer Wellington street 89 O'Malley Miss Harriett 91 Goldfinch Ricluird, furniture =nut. 95 Clifford Herbert General Parcel Delivery, stables 97 Kerr James A., butcher 99 Brown Mrs. Harriett 101 Page Albert 103 Ross Arthursrfarold 105 Mercer Frederick 107 Cannon Mrs, Adeline 109 S..aley Walter 111 Ainiey James 113 Boyle Leonard 116 Robson William George 117 Burns Frederick 119 Hodder Robert 121 Jonem Harry.John street 185 Harden George 137 Clark George 139 Nettleton William Ernest 81-0 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TEAS, TOYS, TOOLS AND TOGGERY. Gib WATERLOO. Kel Lemon Ernest 143 Walker Alexander 147 Mobberley Sydney 149 Harris Frederick C. Off Flint Frederick, milk vendor Harrison Percival 151 Harrison Percy, jour. 155 Appleton Bobo' t, dealer Wynne Herbert Francis McEvoy street Allen street Australasian Scale Co., Ltd., factory S.M.O. Electric Light sub station, No. 75 Gibson Street Wellington street to Kellick street Jones Bros., hatters' machinists and engineers Gray's Lane Of Byrne's lane 1 Lelbrook Alfred 3 Allen Mrs. Alice 5 Mansfield Mrs. Ethel 9 Henderson Mrs. Susan 11 Power Robert 33 Mitchell John Green Street Raglan to Wellington street 2 Deeley Henry 4 Young George 6 HergreareWilliata 8 Small Norman 1 Barker Charles 3 Wilkiu 5 Liddle Ralph 7 Williams Mrs. Mary 9 McConville Thomas 11 O'Connor James 15 Burnett John 17 McNeil Andrew 19 Watkins' Willinna 21 Addis Charles Cryen Albert, cab proprietor 23 Locke Joseph 25 Freeman Oliver Jones John Si Rower' Thomas Hansard Street Botany road to Joyn ton avenue 2 Harrison George Henry 4 Reid Matthew 6 Shnons Arthur 8 Williamson W. 10 Culbert Henry 12 Godfrey Eric 14 Matthews William W. 16 Dreelin John 18 Elliott George 20 Mulheron Hugh 22 Wood Thomas 24 Mason Walter 26 Godfrey Edwin 30 Kearns Daniel," Mia Casa 36 Louis FnInk Panes road 38 Kilham Mrs. Catherine 40 Louis Frank, livery stables McKinnon & Phelps, coach builders Andrews Robert Todd Lorne Card & Edwards, carriers 59 Slav Mark $7 Bellamy Arthur Albert 55 Matthews Henry 53 Louis James 51 Howell George 49 Lethe Joseph 47 Ronan Patrick Paul's road 45 Ahrens William 43 Wing Mrs. Elizabeth 41 Preston Mrs. Ellen 39 Schmidt Mrs. Kate 37 Donohoe Thomas 31 Shearer John 29 Trigg Mrs. Ann Sarah Edmunds Edmond 23 Wing Henry 111 Lang John 19 O'Oallahati John 17 Sheehan Petrick 15 Duncan Daniel, carrier 9 Harrison Aubrey 7 Pope Joseph 5 Maher Mrs. Mary, dairy S Russo George Botany road Harcourt Parade ( Hosebery) South Side Botany road to Boundary The Durduns Dunning avenue Gibbons John Collins George Turner Ralph Oxley Edward B. Montane Thomas Harper Charles 03 Thompson Mrs. Elizabeth 65 Landenberger Miss Matilda Primrose avenue Corbett James P. 69 Riddle Walter It. 73 Auld Matthew 75 Flanagan William Gould Leslie II., dental surgeon Dahneny a r II Ire 95 Dalton James 97 Dalton John 108 Walker John Dun mui,sy avenue.1tentmllre. arentl t! Rothschild WWI Ile Primrose a yes. us Rosebery Park Dalmeny amen us Hayes Road Botany road to Dalmeny arouse 1tilliams William, ink manufacturer Dunning arenus Mentmnre am'. ode Rothschild avenue Primrose avenue Rosebery avenue Hunter Street 271 Bowle street to Elizabeth street 2 Miller John W. 3 White Francis J. 5 Hill George 7 Gorman Mrs. Mary 0 Simmonds Leslie 11 Quilts' John 13 Robertson MN IrClell 0, 15 Glenn James A. James Street Gt1' Botany road Thompson Frederick Quinlan Mrs. Mary Leonard John Hoe John, cabinetmaker John Street Botany road to MU street Technical Education Department, tanning and leather dressing classes &easy street 2 Nettleton Albert Charles 4 Taylor John It. Cooper street 8 Harrington Alt., grocer 86 White John 10 Smith Edward If. George street 10 Free William 12 Sadler Alfred David 14 Smith John Iii Glennon George 18 Anderson George W. 20 Allen John 22 Fitzpatrick Frederick '24 Hiles Timms 28 Brown Mrs. Nu 30 Doclauzel Lewis 32 Tolman Charles John 34 Quong George 36 Sadler William Patrick 40 Harvey Henry T. 42 Brown Mrs. Annie 44 Devir Mrs. Sarah 40 Dawson Joseph 48 McGrigor Robert 50 Walton Robert It. 52 Peat Mrs. Ellen 54 Hoolan John 58 Bond Francis E. 58 Norman Arthur Botany road to Mead street 1 James Harry: 3 Smith William 5 Dye Willie/It 7 Ceissman John Alfred 9 Kavanagh Timothy 11 Quinn NVilliam 13 Mori is William 15 Withers Mrs. Yummy 17 Brown Daniel 19 Redmond John 21 Sing Arthur 23 Hancock James Botany street 27 Emanuel Joseph, butcher 29 Williams Herbert 33 Lee Miss Olive 35 Newbury James Alfred 37 Williamson Frederick 39 Beller Charles 41 Andrews Arthur 43 Baragry Patrick 45 Fraser Sirs. Olive 47 Cooper Frederick 49 Wheatley John H. F. 51 Bunyan Guise, farriers Nettleton William, carrier ; stablea 53 Barry William 65 Franklin Joseph 57 Henry Louis 59 Hayward William 01 Martin 3Iary Ann Matinix Patrick 03 Fairbrothor Mrs. Edith A. 05 Smithers George 67 Hopson Fretlerielc A. 69 Teesdale Albert 0., grocer George street Oa Anderson George 71 Free Thomas 73 Brown Mrs. M. Joynton Avenue Thendas street to Epsom road Victoria Park Race Club Whitchurst Stephen.1. P., dalry Tilford sireet _Williams William, horsetrainer Elizabeth street Royal South Sydney Hospital A. El. Austin, J. P., Secretary, Hansard street Chester lane Kelliok Street Pitt to Morehead street 1 FisherWilliam 3 Kelm Francis O. 5 Donkin Joshua 7 Siddons Samuel 9 Harley Henry 11 Fitinamore John II signwriter 13 Fletcher Laurence J. 15 Flynn Timothy, J.P. 17 Hawkins George Gibson street 19 Liversidge Fredk. 21 Lillis Thomas, cab proprietor 23 Steele Atlee Lillis Mrs. Bridget." Chime" Myers George," Moira " 27 Hansen Ctto Mainwaring Thomas Elizabeth street 56 Jenks George Josiah 57 Cameron Mrs. Harriet Brisbane lane 59 Cottell Enoch 63 Kavanagh George 65 Mulberon Patrick, 67 Higham Alfred It. 69 Fulton David 71 Evans Charles 73 Mulley Miss Elizabeth 75 O'Brien John 77 Prows' Thomas Forrcll Wl4.1fink 82 Perry James 87 Stewart George Mount Carmel Convent School: Mount Carmel Carmel It. C. Church Collins Rev. Monsignor Joseph Sisters of Mercy Elizabeth street CONDUCT UPWARDS OF ONE-THIRD OF THE TOTAL INTERMENTS IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA

5 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELLERY. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL SPORTING REQUISITES. 778 Ken WATERLOO. Dior Mor WATE RLOO. Por 779 Kensington Street McEvoy Street Mentmore Avermo Renick to McEvoy street Botany road to Elizabeth street Ep$0111 l'ord 10 Ilare91111,00r0de Botany street 2 Melton.Edwin 4 Lynch William 6 Lynch Joseph, tailor 8 Bonner George 10 Warren Arthur Wilkins Henry 12 Wainwright Jostph 14 Climpson Joseph, bootmaker 18 Allen William J. 22 Jarvis Ernest Glasheen Mrs. Margaret George street 30 Hines Mrs. Edith 32 Saddler Mrs. Margaret 34 Clancy Robert 36 Jamieson J11111C4 38 Marshall John 40 Bacon Harry 406 Fagan Christopher 42 Sant Harold 44 Smith Albert Mead street 7 Chong George 9 Mark Sing, cabinetmaker Hop Chong 1 Ross Charles 3 /dili gent Stanley 5 McGuirk Mrs. Aim 7 Kelly James 9 Burns Albert 11 Harvey Alexander 13 Lipscombe Frederick 15 Bussey Harold 17 Ryan Ethelbert Bruce 19 Heaves' Frederick 21 Crawford Mrs. Ethel -23 Ewington Charles H. E. 25 Hayek William 27 Lockerkip John Buckingham Walter. -31 Laing Clifford Lachlan Street Bourke to Dowling street Myth and Platt (Australia) Ltd. Rowe Ernest B.. Hogan John, livery stables Stapleton Mrs. Catherine Perrott James, "Cassandra" Amelia street Southan W. M., pickle sauce factory 103 Thornton Mrs. James 105 Flegg William, bottle merchant 117 Burton Henry 11'.. confectioner 119 Buckley John. Dobson Franks, Ltd. Bangor Steel works Nettlefold Francis G., " St. Clair" Lonton Parade OjT 41 Elizabeth street 1 Kenny James.3 Korhey Mrs Annie 5 Mangan Mrs. II. 7 Foley James 0 Mitchell John 11 Perry Mrs. Edith 13 Olson Christopher John 1 15 Fitzgerald Mrs. Johanna 17 McDonnell Mrs. Henrietta 19 Griffiths Thomas George.31 Matta Mrs. Annie 23 McGuire Mrs. Jessie 25 Solomon Isaac A. 27 Mahon Patrick 29 Quinn Peter 31 3loate Herbert E. 33 Magnire Mrs. Annie 35 Ahearn James Herbert 37 Ellison James, cab proprietor.39 McGuire John -41 Slater Mrs. Elizabeth J. 43 McFarlane ceell 49 McGuire Charles V. -47 Pike Joseph M. 49 \Vest Thomas 51 Blackmer Mrs. Edith 53 Simpson Mrs. Christina 55 Kearns Francis 37 Thomas Charles G..59 Thompson Mrs. Mary CI Reside John 2 Emrich= Gustave T. 4 Sole Mrs. Kathleen 0 Perry John T. 8 Ellwood Mrs. Annie, dressmaker 10 Freeman Mrs. Margaret 12 Roseman Harry 22 Setterfleld Mrs. Jane 24 Taylor Samuel 26 Pearson William 28 Devenney Mrs. Sarah 30 Davis Mrs. Kathleen. 32 Little Mrs. Mary A.. 34 Harrison Thomas 36 Duffy Martin D. 38 Phillips Mrs. Mary A. 40 Delaney Mrs. Terese 42 Thompson Alexander 44 Murray Daniel 46 Argent Charles E. 48 Willmett William B. 511 Mangan Mrs." Margaret 52 Rot erts Mrs. Edith 54 Hathaway Edwin 56 'Cantwell Mrs. Catherine P. McEvoy Street Bourke street to Elizabeth street 62 Banks Miss Margaret, grocer 60 Ryan Clive 58 Porter George 56 Finlayson Angus 64 Parker Walker 52 Senile John H. Mary Street Boundary to Wellington street 2 Shanahan John 4 Eves Stephen 6 Armytage Ventry 8 Lennox Mrs. Mary Ann 10 Purse George 12 Carmody Pdtriek 14 Dale Leonard 16 31aBurney Frederick 18 Wickes Colin Rouse,' Ambrose 22 Keane James 24 A nnesley George 26 Williams Mrs. Alma 28 Garland Victor Raglan street 30 Smith Frank C. 32 De Voss Henry 31 Williams Joseph 36 Sullivan Sidney, dray proprietor 38 Mulheron 42 Fahey Patrick 44 Wynne Mrs. Bridget 46 Goldstein Oswald T. R. 48 Rudd Thomas 50 Broom Albert Wellington street 1 Dewick Arthur cab ploprietor Raglan street Ii Chamberlain William 3 Cowle Henry 3a Loveridge William.H. 5 Earnshaw Robert T. 9 MI Samuel G. 11 Jones Mrs. Maud Mead Street John street to McEvoy street 1 Jones Joseph 3 Heffernan Michael 5 Roach James 7 Bowyer George 9 Burgess William 13 Tully John B. 15 McClelland Mrs. Louisa 17 Howe Henry, carpenter 19 Bryant William 21 Zither Joseph 23 Norton Sydney Robertson William E. Davis Joseph B., carrier THE, LEADING EMBALMERS WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. Noyes Bros. (Sydney) Ltd., gyps board and roofing factory Smith Brothers, case factory Shines Ltd., varnish manufacturers (factory) Cressy street Queen street.vorley arraue /MVPS Mad Flood Frank, carrier Cressy street Queen street Morley avenue Mayes road Merton Street Woolwash lagoon to swamp Portman street Elizabeth street 3 Miller Edward 5 Short Mrs. Eliza 7 Green Horace 9 Nettleton Mrs. Maria 13 Newcombe Percy 15 Doyle Thomas TiVord street Whitbread Noel Moon Street ttg George street Morehead Street Phillip to Powell street 2 Sanders George, butcher 4 Lloyd Mrs. Hannah 6 Skeleev James, frniterer 8 Arbuckle Mrs. Maria 10 Ewington Charles 12 Horne Eenest 14 Hewson Frank B. 16 Pattrick Mrs. Harriette 18 James Mrs. Elizsbeth 20 Derley William G. 22 Parsell George 24 Raul= Thomas, cab proprietor 28 Fitzgerald Thomas 30 Shinn Harry 32 Re3molds 34 Cosgrove Denis 36 Brown Frederick R. 38 Bailey Harold 40 Kelly John W. 42 Ward John Robert 41 Hume James flanks street Mceroy street Love J. R. Co. Ltd. (factory) Clarendon street 1 Maddocks Miss Mary, grocer 3 Collins Mrs. Alice 5 Garvey John 7 Johnson William 9 Ryder Henry 11 31cFarlane James 13 Kayrooz Tonna 15 Rowe William 17 Reid John 19 Gallagher Thomas J. 21 Arentz Francis C. 23 Mitchell James 25 McNamara Thomas 27 Hardy Joseph, oosch painter 29 Burns Mrs. Elizabeth 31 Mansfield Frederick 33 Ilibbit Charles 36 Garvey James 37 Hayes Patrick 39 McNamara Edward T. 41 Collins Mrs. Hannah 43 Cuthbertson William 45 avestott James 47 Pastors Joseph 49 Power Michael 51 Shanahan William John Campbell David 55 Ralph Mrs. Annie 57 Beezley Thomas Arthur 59 Clarke Paul 61 Redmond Henry 63 Toney Mrs. Minnie E. 65 Holohan Mrs. Alice. 67 Bournes Mrs. Ellen 69 Smith John 71 Klein Phillip Brunswick street Wellington street 73 Kemp William Edna street MeEvoy street. 'PHONE 9226 CITY Morley avenue LID Hu ghes Archibald 37 Mancer Mrs: Mary, fruiterer Botany road to Dalmenp avenue 121 Absalom Sydney Raglan street 123 Sharkey Thomas Murray Street 41 Dsvies Mrs. Millie M, grocer; 127 Stew! Norman, farrier Dowling street to Bowe street Davies Walter IL Walker street 19 Pfiefer George 43 Day Albert 129 ifueker 17 Nattily Charles Alfred Joseph 45 Hobson John 131 Hacker Nathaniel, hum 15 Walker Patrick 47 Hunns Herbert 13 Austin Henry 133 Hacker Nathaniel, sear. 49 Hourigan Miss Mary 135 Williams Henry C. 11 O'Brien Michael 51 Flood Frederick J. 137 Cattlin Harry Off Tracey Patrick 53 Robinson John J. ' 7 Dansou William 189 Potter William 57 Athwart Va!entine A. 5 Lawton Mrs. Marion 141 Bolton George 59 Lyons James C. 3 Nickels Frederick 143 Price Mrs. Frances 61 Hetherington James Alfred 145 Sinnott William 1 Gilchrist William 63 Carruthers Archibald V. Thomas John 147 Hardy Frederick 05 Walker William 149 Carrie Edward Amelia street 67 Wheatley Henry, fuel merchant: 151 Latimer James, french polisher Thisted Mrs. Elizabeth J. 71 Eugene Louis 155 Grosvenor Itotel E, Mulcahy 75 Willingale Hugh Walker William, tailor Morehead street 77 Newman James 157 Rollinson James 79 Wagg Robert 2 Aimee Phillip 161 Mother George 796 Hoyle 4 Buckley Cornelios Maguire C. It. tts Co., wicker workers 81 Carroll Thomas Taylor street Young street 83 WOOleS Miss Ruth L.. Amelia street Union Gelatine Mills 85 Standen John Langley Henry, hat mills Paul's Lane 87 Carruthers Samuel Off More J. Murray, iron and steel mer- 15 Pitt street 89 Harrington John 16 Bothwell William A. chant 91 Bartlett Charles 17 Stoneman Mrs. Margaret Peters Bros., Ltd., coachbuilders Ill Firmstone Arthur, grocer 176 Russell Robert Brunner Charles, boxinaker ll'ellinglon street 18 Rees Mrs. Margaret Permasite Maturfacturing Co. Pty. Ltd. 95 Anderson James 19 Smith Elizabeth Mrs. 97 Palmer Edward Paul's road Pitt Street 90 Diamond George Phillip to Renick street 101 Horton Clyde (see Dunning avenoe) 2-4 Bielanore WIlliatu, newsagent 103 Be Naugle Bernard Philip Street 6 Saville Mrs. Jessie 105 Campbell William George to Young street Mary street 8 Abbott Mrs. Mary H. Reeve street 1 Lane Robert 10 Stuart James 107 Lock %Vallee() 3 Whitbread Harry 12 Underwood John, bootmaker 109 Dabnor Reuben 5 Barlow Henry McDonald Mrs. B. A. 111 Madden J oseph 7 Stewart. William 14 Battersea Sydney 113 Lyno Ernest 9 Mountain Mrs. Eliza Ann Butchard George Ill Unwin Leslie E.. 13 Wells Thomas 18 McKeahnie Francis 117 Wright Albert 15 Barnes Thomas 20 Archinal Christian II. John street 17 Robinson James If. 22 Skinner William G. 197 Maher James 19 Wilson Mrs. Esther 21 Fuller Ernest E. 193 Warlock John George 21 West Walter 26 Wilkes Frederick A. 23 Keating John 28 Sutton John R. McEvoy street 25 Ryan Augustine 30 Williamson 3Ira. Mary Beard, Watson Ltd., furniture store 27 Ralph Mary 32 Hutchinson Wiltiam 29 Peckham Joseph Raglan street Portland Street Lanigan Mrs. Annie 34 McAteer Mrs. Annie 31 Mountain Herbert R. 30 Wagg Herbert Brunswick to Clarendon street Pitt street 38 Jeffery George 2 Me yers Mrs. Margaret 33 Hatch Charles 40 Brown Arthur 4 Watson James 35 Olerenthaw Frederick C. 42 Hetherington Mrs. Icily 6 Hawthorne Thomas 37 Penrose Mrs. Margaret, nurse Off-44 O'Brien Mrs. Margaret 39 Tibbey James !Tidwell Mrs. Lillian Portman Street Douglas street 46 Gray Frederick William Bourke street to Wooliv«sh water reserve 43 Shepherd Ernest 44 Blair Mrs. Margaret 45 Wallace James 58 Nugent Michael 2 Mark Emmett, senr., grocer 47 Dyinant Walter 60 \Venire John 4 Odium Thomas 49 Carroll Thomas Wawn Bros. and Co., grocery 6 Walker Amos 51 Roach Mrs. Sarah manufacturers 8 Evers John 53 Jacques Mrs. Violet Wellington street 10 Finegan Joseph 55 Wardell Robert 68 Johnson Mrs. Catherine, grocer 12 Leftley Herbert 57 Ryan Patrick Joseph 68a Welder Ernest 14 Symons Henry 59 McKeirnan John 70 Tolman Mrs. Julia 10 Ackermann Henry Union street 72 Lynch William 18 Mullaney Andrew GI Griffith Arthur H. 74 Smith Clarence! 22 Banks ' 1tiehard 63 Smith William A. 76 Sharpe Edgar 24 Cusack Timms 65 Rice Joseph 0/1-78 Sennett Mrs. Phyllis 28 Richards Henry Walter, "Coomber" 07 Clarke Mrs. Margaret 80 Ryan James 30 Strachan Samuel 69 Davison Arthur 82 Hushes William Henry 34 Flatters Joseph 11 Rowley Alfred 81 Bail;2s Albert 30 Pearce William Henry 73 Rice James 80 Sannaers Henry C. 38 Melvin Balfour 75 Devlin Arthur, J.P. 88 Tisdell 42 Barclay 44 Malley Mrs. Jane 77 Fisher Leslie 46 O'Neill Mrs. Bridget 79 Armstrong Mrs. Kate 1 Slough Frederick, sear, grocer 48 Wright Thomas 81 Billiard Henry Brooks Mrs. 50 Main Harold. 83 Rebinson Robert 3 Giles Mrs. Leah 52 Lititern A. E. 85 Ashley George 7 Slough Mrs.lrene, fruiterer 0 I Darns Jack 87 Colo James 9 Burt Mrs. Florence Curtis William IL, carrier 1311 Morel' Joseph 11 Solomon Joseph, general dealer 56 Kolster William T. Off-89 Walker Alfred George 0ff-11 Brown Willintu 58 Hornell John. 91 Firmstone Henry A., fuel merchant 13 Smith Isaac 60 Goundrie Nat. C., jun. O9'-97 Douglas John 15 Hughes Mrs. Jane, confectioner Wend Mrs. Fanny Nur, lane Merton street 101 Satchel' George 17 Newman Mrs. Sarah 62 Mellor Fred 103 Harvey Clement Off Pago Mrs. Mary 64 Leahy Mrs. BEdget 105 Praey Charles Olson Leah 66 Flood John 107 Stone Dirs. Ellen 23 Norton Charles H. 88 McAuliffe Joseph lon Baron Mrs. Elizabeth Off English William 70 McKlernan Patrick 111 Lane James 25 Fuller William 72 Duggan Charles Frederick Elizabeth street Beauniont avenue 27 Hillyer Harry John 74 Gallagher Valentine' 113 Sims David 29 Johnston Mrs. Ellen 76 Harris Walter Ernest 115 McKenzie William 31 Penrose Charles 80 Bergen J. seph E. 117 Floyd Thomas 33 Lane Simon Zetland Glass Ilottle Works, Lts1.1 OUR ASSISTANTS ARE CHOSEN WITH CARE AND TRAINED WITH EXACTITUDE

6 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR MOTORISTS' WANTS "7-80 Pow WATERLOO. AND MOTOR GOODS. Portman street tontineed- 7 Wylie William 12 Martin William ' 9 Bennett James 1 Mather Mrs. Lucy A. 11 Roberts Charles 3 Monaghan Matthew 13 Thompson Percy 5 Oath Elizabeth 15 O'Connor Thomas 7 Durranee Francis J. 17 Kilgour Ernest 9 Judge Francis 19 Stanton Arthur J. 11 Hannah George 21 Finn Michael J.," Below" 13 Young Charles 23 Freckelton Sydney F. 15 Lum Charles 27 McGee James 17 Taylor L. W. 29 Line Mrs. Eva 19 Johnson Mrs. Caroline Haddon William 21 Neilson Mrs. Margaret 31 Wood Albert E. Durbin George, horse trainer 23 Pickard Williem :26 Coleman Albert 41 Wal: 27 Boyd Robert 63 O'Snllivon-.29 Date James Samuel 73 Sutherland Joseph M. 31 Deakes Joshua 77 Booth George A. 33 McIntosh Sydney Queen Street.35 Hart ney Christopher Botany road to Rothschild avenue 37 Lean William Raglan Street 39 Cadden Robert Elisabeth Street to Botany road 41 Bullock Mrs. Esther 1 Canna James 43 Jarman Samuel T. 3 Heathcote George 45 Hayes John Gray Bros. Ltd., carriers ( stables ) 47 Lindsay Henry James 7 Hyman Jatnes Joseph 49 lipsh alahomet 9 Green Mrs. Jane 51 Crawley Mrs. Fanny 11 Risley Edwin 53 11:ngham Mrs. Marion 15 Donnellan Michael 55 King Reuben 17 Mobbs Mrs. Ada J. 57 Rayner Mrs. Ann 21 Gribble Mrs. Annie Merton street 23 Gosling David GI Duggan Charles P. 25 Kennedy John.63 Cameron Alfred E. Surrey street 65 Webster Arthur 27 Luby Mrs. Isabella 67 Boyle George 29 J801[1011 William E. Lumsden James 31 Sloss Robert 71 Blanchard Sydney 33 Arundale John J. :73 Thompson Mrs. Agnes 3n Carroll Gerald.75 Miller Claude 37 Fahey James Hogan Edward J., horse trainer 39 Jones Richard 41 Ross Mrs. Louisa Powell Street ( ) 43 Robertson Mrs. Nellie 0/1 262 Elizabeth street 45 Jones Mrs. Mary Ann Holdsworth Macpherson and Co., 47 Connolly Thomas Ltd., marble and slate works 49 Barlow Mrs. Mary Morehead street 51 Ryan John Bantu. James and Sons Ltd., soap 53 St. George Mrs. Lila, confectioner and soda crystal umfrs. Haien street Young street. 57 Rigney Mrs. Annie 59 Yager Henry Mures Luke Pty. LW., construct- 61 Wesson Arthur ional engineers 63 Cornett Charles :Primrose Avenue ( ) 65 SIIIIPS011 Alfred R. Wawa Bros. and Co. (stables) Gardener road to Crewe glare Tweedmonth avenue 69 Quash' James Harcourt parade 71 Lumsden Mrs. Mary.t'itt street Rosebery Park Mancer Joseph, greengrocer Hayes road Morley.4 renne 73 Lathain Arthur, butcher 75 Daly John Princess Avenue 77 O'Brien Dennis Victoria Street to Queen street 774 Locke Joseph, fuel merchant 2 Doyle Edward English's lane 4 Baker William 79 Robson Mrs. Louisa M. 6 McDonald William 85 Woodward Walter 10 Wilson John 87 King John 12 Argall Alfred E., carpenter 89 Fairfield Miss Eliza 36 King John 91 Batten Mrs. Mary Ann 18 Morris John E. 93 Mellor Thomas 20 Muguhe Mrs. Mary 95 O'Connor Timothy 22 Campbell Robert 97 Rossbridge Thomas 14 McGee Denis 99 Williams Mrs. Ann, grocer 26 Driscoll Mrs. Hannah Morris Mrs. Esther.28 O'Dwyer Mrs. Ellen Mary street.30 Ftott Thomas 105 Glasby Edward, grocer.32 Russell Michael George street 34 Hudson Miss Eliza Cooper street.36 Parsons Walter 109 Radford Charles :38 Dnrbin George, horse trainer 111 Falvey Daniel J. 40 Hailing William 113 Reeves Charles 42 Chaplin Frederick 115 Morris Francis L. 44 Neylon John 117 Runacres Charles 46 Randall Edward 119 Casey Eugene 48 Hudson Thomas, van proprietor 121 Lemon larederlek.52 Shardlow Thomas 123 Bunting Mrs. Elizabeth, confectioner 58 Clark Thomas Botany street 60 McIntosh Frederick 125 Davis Charles behnond, grocer 62 Molynenx Walter 127 Dickenson Henry IL, bootmaker 414 Carter George 129 McGrath Mrs. Bridget.68 Hooworth Enoch Thompson 131 Caimento S., fish merchant 68 Simpson Robert.74 Cesar Augustus 2 Crocker Wil lam W. 4 White Frank 1 Condon Frederick J. 6 Johnston Edwin 3 White Denis 8 Dillon Mrs. Catherine, nurse 5 Myers Mrs. Elizabeth I 10 Felton William WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 CECHE STREET. Rot 14 Walden Mrs. Mary Ann 16 Connolly John J., J.P. 18 Barnett Ernest 20 Wells Thomas 22 Need Thomas 24 Bailey Herbert C. 26 Austett Amos, J.P. 28 Davis James Walter 30 Law Sydney J. 32 Ballantyne James 34 Cornish Thomas 36 Hardwicke Leslie 38 Watson David 40 Cahill James A. 42 Cahill Phillip 44 Bramston 46 Kell Donald 48 Grove Frank 60 Arbuckle John 52 Ambler James 54 Casey Michael 58 Johnston Arthur Methodist Church 564 Durrance John 58 Wheeler Moses 60 Douglas William 62 Paranthoiene Bedeman C. Craw place Gt Neilson John W. Pitt street 60 Brighting Charles Green street 68 Connors Patrick 70 Wood James 72 Wiles Charles 74 Harvey Mrs. Catherine 76 Dan George 78 Partridge William R. 80 Peters Robert 82 Rowland Percival 81 Baldwin Richard 86 Sullivan Mrs. Mary 88 Whitney George 90 Morrison Percival N Russell John Mary street 944 Lenton George F. George street 96 Allen George, greengrocer 98 Brox I) Mrs. Alice 10'1 Harken Patrick 102 Hall Isaac 104 Rivers William J. 106 Levy Lewis Cooper street 1,12 Bunting Mrs. Caroline Anne T14 Pike William, painter 116 Cox Herbert 118 Brabston Daniel 120 Power John 122 Curtis William 124 Cahill William 126 Riley Mrs. Sarah Ann Botany street 134 Bellew' Leo, oyster saloon 138 Hubbard George, dyer Reeve Street Pitt to 1Vest street 3 MoManus Alexander 5 Bartlett Charles 7 Jones William' 9 Keenan James 11 Devote Andrew 13 Gent George 15 Bitten Richard 2 Paxton Joseph S., J.P. 4 Brown William Alfred 6 Watson Thomas 8 Hobson Mrs. Myra 10 Smith Mrs. Lillian 12 Brown William Rosebery Avenue Epsom road to park Rothschild Avenue Epsom road to Harcourt parade Gilmour Sydney C., carrier Cressy street Queen street Morley anerfue Ilayes road 'PHONE 9227 MTV ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. Smi WATERLOO. We! 781 JAMES STEDM kn HEN- DERSON'S SWEETS Ltd., Manufacturing and Export Confectioners and Chocolatiers. Offices and Works, " Sweetacres " Rose bery. Tel. Mascot 167, 346 and 323. "HENDERSON'S SWEETS" (James Stedman, Ifenderson's Sweets, Ltd.) Manufacturing and Export Confectioners and Chocolatiers. Offices and Works "Sweetacres" Rosebery. Tel. Mascot 167,346 and 323. Nestle and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Ifilk Co., distributing branch. Crewe place Coates Rev. W. E., (C. of E.) Stone Henry Baird Henry Alfred Moore Thomas H. Byrne John.7. :Round Joseph Morley orenne Ilayes road Hayes Danish Smith Street Gem* to West street 10 McDonald Kenneth 12 Hooper John 14 Kiely James 16 Butcher M. at Georgina Valentine George :3 Sackley Mrs. Mary Wheatley Mrs. Jane 7 West Albert 9 Dawson William 11 Gash John 13 Watts James 15 Goodwin Henry V. 17 Dunn Mrs. Margaret 19 Howard John Charles 21 Williamson Thomas 23 Crewes Henry J. Surrey Street 27 Raglan street to lane 1 Watson Mrs. Annie la Parrott Charles 2 Arundle Mrs. Edith 3 Rose Alfred James 4 Hayward Mrs. Frances Brown Arthur F. ft Glass Miss Margaret 11 Rogan t o enry John Ringstad William Harold Taylor Street Murray street to swamp Hay Robert Maclaren Frederick J. Stanton John.Moore William, horse trainer Wheeler Albert The Durdans.11arconrt parade to Gardiner': road. Sly Walter Tweedmouth atentle Tweedmonth avenue Australian Gas Light Co. (gas station) Tilford Street Merlon street to Joynlon avenue Hoare Sydney, carpenter Anscomhe Brothers, dairy-keepers 1 Mooney 14(1Wwaersdt aide 3 Stock Mrs. Jane 5 Hamilton Andrew, cab proprietor 7 Hanna Robert, cab proprietor 9 Coen Mrs. Bridget 31 McGuire Robert 13 Hefferman Michael 15 Heffernan Luke. senr. 17 Quinn Mrs. Bridget, dairykeeper 27 McGrath George 29 Riordan Martin J. 31 Busch Robert 33 Strata Wesley 35 Blanchard Roy 37 Mahoney William 39 Crawford Samuel 41 Teaken William 43 Bergen Walter PSIoallalliptlaVW1 ;nm u Tweedmouth Avenue (Rosebery) Praia Bomulary to Gunning amine 83 Brock William J. 81 Sheridan John Dalmeny Avenue 77 Merchant Alfred 73 Byes W O'Leary Denis 69 Wright Albert 67 Mite James Joseph 65 Prism Richard GI Connell Arthur Emms Frederick 55 'Aycock Kenneth 53 Shannon Patrick 47 Byrne Thomas E. Primrose areaue 37 Bray Harold 33 Hall George J. 31 Ifilleoat Eric 27 Flory Frederick 21 Budin Leslie Harold 70 Rolls Charles 66 Moir Peter 64 51aeoustra A. C. 62 Burrows Miss Ethel Dalmeny avenue 60 O'Connor Alfred 58 Lewis W. IL. insurance agent 56 Cartwright Mrs. Emma Jane 54 Barker George 52 McKay Charles Richard 50 Shnson James J. F. 48 Hill Joseph 42 Linklater Mrs. Grace 38 Perham Samuel 36 Butler Henry Primrose arena(' 31 Sussmilch William 32 Hawke Sarre! 30 Newell James E. 28 Wilson William Richard 26 Matz Paul 24 'Brangwin Albert Ernest 22 Hanson Bernard F. 16 Neilsen George Charles 10 Walsh Mrs. Maria Union Stieet BOUndary to Raglan street 1 McIutosh Sebastian, tailor 3 Harper Francis 5 Argent Stephen 7 Slough George, 9 Lakin Mrs. Annie Raglan street Vessey Street Off Union street 1 Brooks Jowl 3 Hancock Walter J. Atkinson William John 7 Brown Thomas 9 Beers Art'aur 11 Gallagher William, rabbit dealer 13 Hetherington William. 2 Carlaw Mist Hannah M. Victoria Street Botany road to Dunning avenue Burroughs, Wellcome & Co., chemical works 1 Carpenter Mrs. Margaret 2 Johnston John J. 3 Clark Headley 4 Fleming Mrs. Alice Walker Street Phillip to Wellington street Clarendon street 2 lierland 'William, grocer 4 Keshan Norman 8 Murray Mrs. L. M. 10 Willis Robert 12 Ward Henry C. 14 Taylor Mrs. Annie 16 Bourke Ernest J. 18 Channel' Ernest 20 Sloss William 22 Smith Arthur 24 Smith Mrs. Adelaide 26 Conlon Robert 28 Taylor Frederick It. 30 Huegill George E. 32 Rogan Robert 34 litherington George 36 King Harry M 38 Longdon William 40 Malouf Wm. Mary K. 42 McMahon Michael 44 McCawley Edward 46 Input Patrick 48 Cohen George 60 Shimmin Elite Ti. 52 Webber Joseph 54 Smith Mrs. Jessie 56 Prophitt Robert 58 Kelly Thomas 60 McGuire Bernard 02 Price Ray 04 Baker Leslie A. 66 Parle Patt lck 68 McDermott William 70 Whitworth William, grocer Bru»swick lane Clarendon street 1 Byrnes Thomas, cab proprietor 3 Hall Frederick 5 Knowles George 7 Hayward Thomas 9 Hodgson George 11 Wakely William 13 Godfrey Frank 15 Mansfield Stables, 17 Robinson Mrs. Matilda 19 Maule Gearge 191 Graham George 21 Vincent James 23 Thompson Robert 25 Roberts Tobias 27 Hatarithan Joseph 29 Enstace William J., plumber 31 Whelan Peter 33 Ernst Harry 35 Moloney James 37 McDonald Albert 39 Wall Michael 41 Clark Patrick 43 Jones John Herbert 45 Baxter Mrs. Mettle 47 O'Dowil Thos. 49 Hanks Kenneth Beale Si Steel Mrs. Rose 53 Kingsley Richard 55 Fortune Alfred Coletnatt William 59 Helms Francis 61 Davies Mrs. Gertrude 63 Gray Thomas 65 Ellis John 67 Walton Samuel J. 69 Beverley George 71 Hyman Louis Brunswick street Wellington Street Morehead street to Botany road 1 Vessel! Frederick 3 Eastwood Arthur 5 Goodwin George 7 Brown Raymond 9 Edpley Percy A. 11 Connolly Mrs. Ellen 13 Scott Mrs. Alice 15 Ryder Solomon Cotter Richard 17 Atkins Richard G. 19 Smith Lionel A. 21 Nesbitt Mrs. Gladys 23 Addiss Arthur 25 Mangan Michael 27 Leahy Thomas Walker street 29 Wilson George 31 Cottell Leslie 33 Dawson Mrs. Julia 35 Cohen Arthur 37 Turton Jones 39 Todd Miss Rebecca, grocer Beaumont street Elizabethstreet Wellington lane 41 McAleer James 43 Cliffbrd John If. _ THE LEADING EMBALMERS-WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. 'PHONE 9226.CITY

7 POST YOUR ORDERS TO ANTHONY HORDERNS LSATISFACTION 'GUARANTEED) 782 Alb WAVE RLEY. Alb _. ll'ellington street continued- 12 Trimmer Alfred 116 Baker Ernest C. 45 Haining David 14 Tranehitella,Joseph 1181 Groeock Stephen 47 Smith Casper 16 Smith David -Locke Charles B. 49 Schimel Janice 18o Clarke Percy 118 Johnston Jolla 51 Nimmo John 16b Ellis Sydney 120 Evans John 153 Wilson Ernest C. 18 Noonan Thomas Botany street 55 Lomas William 20 Braiding George 122 Gee Richard 57 Doody William J. 22 Hilder Frederick 124 Barium Herbert 59 Ashton William 30 Gartell White Ltd., bakers 126 Townsend John F. 61 Kelly Frederick Poole Clarence 128 Tucker Cecil 63 Perry Albert Brisbane lane 130 Lyons Mrs. Mary Ann 65 Pullen Ernest 32 Curtis Mrs. Elizsbeth 132 Rolfe Miss Rachel 67 Milligan Joseph 34 Hastings Harry 134 Lillis John J. H. 69 Stephens George, leather, & lace man. South Sydney Tar Paving Co. 136 Watson Thomas 71 Green Sydne y M., greengrocer $8 Keleher Timothy Botany road Por.t. lane 40 Coglan Mrs. CstherIne 73 Floyd Miss Mary A. Mirabelli street West Street 75 Hopwood Mrs. Harriet "St. Michael," Syrian lielkit Wellington to Reeve street 77 Strong John Church 1 Nealon William 79 Itigney Alfred 70 Neilson Andrew 3 Newell Mrs. Lucy Pitt street Green street 72 Wilson Hugh B. 5 Bartlett Edward Gibson street 7 Taylor William 83 Maitland Sydney G. 74 Gash Mrs. Gahm Inc 9 Leigh John 85 Wright Frederick 76 Gibson Miss Emily 87 Haycraft George H. 78 Sagmund Rudolph 17 Sullivan John 89 Sinclair Charles 80 Poultan Harry, photographer 18 Blackwell Mrs. Lily 91 Mitchell Mrs. 'Mary 82 Wilson Henry B. 93 Bloomfield Henry M. Off-84i Sainsbury George Young Street 95 Richards Mrs Alice 84 Lasham Mrs. Lottio Off Philip street to Powell Preet 97 Hayes Mrs. Dout Off-itees Mrs. Margaret Thinks street 99 Cronin Walter Cridland Frank, carriers Ltd., atablest 86 Hutton 1Villiam Pita] III 101 Ellis Mrs. Ruth 88 Heaney Mrs. Annie Thomas C., " Cooperuook Dixon Roland 1C. 90 Lillie George Harris Albert E., carrier 103 Smith Alexander 90i Gross William, brass moulder Sommer. William, carrrier 105 Berkeley James 92 Durrant Ernest Page Robert A.. "Warta:di" 107 Lee Peter, fruiterer Off- 92a Corrigan Mrs. Margaret Thompson William, "Wattle" Mary reel 91 Connelly Mrs. Bertha Electrical Light (Sub) Station, 109 Sanderson James R. I 96 Moseley John Mcl.'voy George street Pitt street Powell street 113 Slater Arthur of Denmark hotel Thomas 115 Mulligan Hugh Blanchileld Sydney Steam Carpet, Beating and 100 Waltman Richard, small goods Watson James, carrier ; stables Cleaning Co. Ltd. 102 Stephenson Joseph, plumber Dunks street Cooper street 104 Williams Mrs. Kate Nettleton, Son & Co., furniture fact. 117 McMullen Miss Mary A., grocer 106 Nettleton John 125 Cane Thomas 121 Ryan Edward 108 Hansen Hannibal P. 127 Garforth Richard 123 Donohoe Michael West street Wormald Bros. Ltd., factory Botany street Gray Bros., Ltd., carriers (stables) Gordon It. 11. & 00., Ltd., store 128 Oxley Ifrs. Maria 110n Stephens James Matthews Richard T., carrier 131 Young Harry, farrier 110 Haynes Mrs. Elsie Graham Reber t George street Cassidy John, carrier ( stables ) 4 Milder Mrs. Sarah O'Malley & Brown, drapers Toohey Frank, farrier Off 6 Greenup John T. 112 Pike George, leather dealer McEvoy street 8 Langinead Francis 114 Russell Mrs. Isabella, smallgoods Power Richard 10 Clift Charles Cooper street Powell street Watson's Bay, see Vaucluse WAVE R LEY. BoUNDED on the north by Lighthouse reserve, South I Boundary street ; on the west by Mill Hill road am) Head; on the east by the Pacific Ocean; on the south by I Reserve. Divided into four wards, viz., Bondi, Waverley, Nelson and Lawson. Incorporated Area-2,170 acres. Population-35,000. Miles of streets-63. Assessed annual value 362,010. Number of houses-7,1c0 Improved capital value E6.813,011 Unimproved capital value E1,756,613. Conrad! Chambers Bondi road. Total income 56,209 Office hours Every day (excepting Saturday), 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. ; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 12 noon. MAYOR H. W. F. Rogers DiseuTv TOWN CLERK- AI,DERMEN... J. S. MackInnon Bondi Ward : avelson Ward : HEAlail INsrEcrolt Wm. R. \Vest C. Kavenagh Rupert O'Brien 1). C. McCallum J. Fitzpatrick. David Hunter T. II. Jones REGISTRAR OV BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS- Warerlep Ward : LawsonWard : Mrs. Orr, 27 Waverley Street 11. W. F. Rogers J. J.Lynch SEGRETARY WAVERLEY CEMETERY N. W. Jackaman C. W. Richards G. B. Philip j. C. Pepper L. W. Beagley TOWN CLERK ENGINEER L. W. Beagley G. E. Minns, C.E. Electoral Registrar A. J. Searl, Oxford street, Bondi Junction. Albert Street Virgil to St. Thomas street 3 Browett Edward, "Lorraine" Joyce Andrew 7 Merritt Capbtin Frederick W. ' Scott John, "Tennyson" ' Davis Charles, "Rainbow" Stacey Clifford, "Clovelly" Albion Street Leichhardt to Wallace street Watson Thomas W. Swain Ernest J., "Veronique" Bull Edwin T., "Elsinore" Ivanhoe terrace- 2 Robinson Edward 4 Pietzker Mrs. Elizabeth S Woistenhohne William WOOD COFFILL AND ''COMPANY LTD. 'BRANCHES skil SUBURBS. 8 O'Brien Mrs. Johanna 10 Weeks Stanley 12 Scott William 14 Campbell Johnston S. 16 Douglas Alfred E. 20 Bracken Andrew J., physician and surgeon, "Ardniachree" St. Catherine's Clergy Daughters' School Macpherson street SEE.ALPHABETICAL SECTION ANTHONY HORDERNS' SUBURBAN -DELIVERIES GIVE YOU SERVICE.. Alf WAVERLEY. Ard 783 Guthrie Edgar, "Sutulyside" Loney John, "Belvedere" Moeller Arthur, "Lipari" Bertram William dlawtree Frank, "Stokemy" Fox Edward, " Murmur " Sharp Richard;bootmaker itoss George IL Worthington Harold R., "Craigielea " Fern street 1 Napier William J.. confec. Sc neweitgl Public Telephone Bureau Griffin George, bootruaker 5.7 llaininey C. W., chemist 9 Berman Davis Diblasl Carnelo Kelly Eva G. Cable lane 11 Peel John, tailor 13 Chesty,' Thomas J., confectionery III Campbell Archibald, estate agent 17 Hanle Miss H., millinery 21 Glossop Miss B., Juvenile outfitter.23 Tomlin Edward G., fish shop.25 Porter Alfred 27 Oats Sydney V. Prod Matron, Girls' Hospital Goodwin Albert A. E., dentist Hollander 11. L., dentist., "Teirell" Alexander David, "Presteigne" Gilles J,, dentist, "Antrim" Nettleton Miss, private hospital Prersly Mrs. Annie," Loxley" l'ressly Henry T., dentist Gill James Seidl George, "Ancona" Alcock Miss R., "Arizona" Donovan H. C., physician and surgeon Bohrunann Dr. Rudolph Pine street Alfred Street (Bronte) Birrell to Hewlett street Cossins Mrs Gattenhof Vincent 6 Evans Henry 8 West Mrs. J. P., teacher of elocution Condy Herbert 0. Condv Arthur James Edgeil George, 'Tferne" Wild Mrs. S.," Roslyn" Marshall Francis, ''Sturdee" 26 Green Sydney E. 28 Bladder Henry, "Seattle" 30 Flutter Charles J. 32 Raymond Austin, "Moore" 34 McNamee James, "Ellisville" 36 Knight Mrs. Agnes, " Wrexall" Darling street 40 Cheesman Wolter J., " Devonia.42 Becker Mrs. Florence 44 Martin George, "Burenda".46 Lusty William J., "Esinaville" 48 Harrison Henry, "Itavenewood" 50 Shortie/id William.52 White Herbert W. Read street Hewlett street 7 Duncan William Belgrare street 6 Phillips Llewellsil.3 Farrell John," Comboyne.1 Worrier Harold, " Consdale" Alice street Carrington road to Albion street Alice street (North Bondi) Off Ilardy Street Denham William Shaw Psrcy Currie Robert. bootmaker Tait Mrs. Isabella, "Edenliolme" Tait Irving Masters Alfred 'Tyler Arthur Morris Richard Andrews William l'ole James 11., "Oliteo" Allen Street (ir Cowper street N.S.W. Fresh Food and Ice Co., Ltd. (Waverley Depot) Itobert Dresser, manager Alt street Birrell sheet to Victoria street 2 Scanlon Mrs. M., "Bungaree" 4 Churellward William F. 6 Botte Alfonso, "Camden" 8 Clime Mrs, T. 10 Unwin Francis 12 Thornborough John B. 14 Hayes Frederick 16 Wean' Oswald 18 Slater Lawrence J. 20 Sandhurst William," Edith Cottage', 22 Cattier Williern,"Wynola" 24 Mullerhausen V. F., "Mavis" 26 Trenberth Alfred J. 28 Surplice Mrs. Julia F., "Albion" 30 Surplice Francis M., "Austral" Hadley Albert, "Uyeino" Cawood William, "Pitunstad" Oiliffe Lionel, " Charlton" Connor Robert II., "Woolwich" Bryan William G., "Vermont" Gardner Edwin II. Nathan Ernest, "Connecticut" McCulloch Peter "La Dolmen" Gobert Stafford Ware Goldstein.1 osepli, "Dorothea" 52 Bait Joseph, " lolituthe' 54 Park James, "Maseotte" 56 Hinton Alfred, "Olivette" Colli s:eft street 62 Cummins James 64 Fitzpatrick JOIlleS, "Dunavon" EG llidhirmgtieid Norman 68 Chanter henry IL," Werribee" 70 Gossage 72 Mitchell Rolled. Alex., "Cavanint" 74 Jones Walter, ' lhuirston" 76 Nicholle George F., "Erbil:tier" 78 Chapman Mrs. A. 80 Salkeld IVilliam, "Dummies" 82 Thomson Robert F., "St. Albans 84 Young A. W., "Kelvie" 86 'Cense John T. Victoria street l'idoria street Ilex " Nimrod" Thomas Brice, "Weeper!" Davies Thomas, " Brewongle Allison Nurse B., Brewongle" MeMair George, "Itutherglen " l'orter James, "Valeria" Barker Mrs. Edith E., " Amitroo Paterson Arthur G. " Marmite " Law Thomas.T., "Genoa" lie Vicar David, "Airtyo" Welch Charles, "Aflame" Galley Albert, " Wyong" Harrison Reginald, " Lidsrlitle" enth5crt street Everitt Alfred, "Myee " Groves George, " Wilga Hatfield Mrs. Robert Paritment Thomas 37 O'Connor James J. 35 Chalcroft Mrs. Isabella, " Ronaleigh " 33 Cumming J. IL, "Glen Rtive 31 Coventry George, "Thuries" 29 Saville Richard Stewart Archie, ''Elba" Paterson Arthur A.," Hethorn " Greig David, " &Wrong 21 Keast lire. A. 10 Goldthorpe Reginald 17 Bontller Henry IL 15 Pettitt 13 Roberts John E. 11 Lawson John V. 0 Vincent Charles Phythian Henry 5 Moore Mrs. Richard 3 Murray Francis Truscott William 'ffirrell street' Andrews Avenue (Bondi) Off Glen street Lewis Wilfred ii,, " Glendyne" Frankland Andrew J., "Seaview" Blezard John," Bayview 1 Whelan William, "Sandhurst" 3 Household Newt, "Lyndhurst" 5 Trail' William, "Edna" 7 Maguire Edward Anglesea Street (Bondi) Bondi road to Orr street 100 Sfeliendrick Tom, "Sutlieriands" 96 Black Bernard 94 Levy Arthur 92 51cElroy Charles, plumber," Thelma 90 Dalby George W. 88 Foley Edward, "Daffodil" SO Larkin Mrs. Elizabeth 84 Flemington Catherine, "Dianthus" 82 Ling Cornelius 80 Thomas William 78 Benton Harold If. A., " Mascotte 76 Woolley lire. Elizabeth, "Mendell way" 74 Ryan James, "Glen Isla" 72 Elliott George, "Canberra" 70 Lovell John, "Holiner" 68 Parker John, " Barodit 64 Walsh John 62 Burton John H. 60 Lee Clarence E. 58 Mallard James 56 Bell William 54 Bell Carlyle 52 Richarthon Mrs. Emily, "Colwyn" 50 Dow Mrs. Amanda, "Ileatherdene" 44 O'Farrell Patrick 36 Giles John A., "Elsinore" 34 Bauder Charles F., " Trescoll 30 Barnes John 28 Banks Mrs. A. B. 26 McAndrew David, "Lorelei" 1 Richardson Miehaci G. 2 'Taylor Harry West,side 75 Patrick Mrs. II. E. L., "Larissa " 73 Garter' Mrs. Freda A., " Roseneath" Lee Leslie Phillips Miss L. B. 59 Bloom Ills. IC. 67 Skinner Mrs. II. 59 Farr Thomas IC,"131aeavon" 51 Watson Harvey, "Candorris" 49 Bolton lire. Helena, "Kivolitha" 47 Snowdon Mrs. S., "Tillyfrid" 45 Sherwood Henry 43 Condon James 41 Phillips Albert, " Roslyn 30 Lees Beal D., "Coralyn" 39 McDonald Joint W., "Kenilworth" 35 Wilson John 2391 OS 'ntillotrilintorhaniirlaii, "Franklca" 27 Yates Arthur W. 25 Falconer William It. 23 Pike Janies IC. Worpell Henry, " Eldon Cottage" 17 Holmes Frank l5 Bourke William H., "Lossiebank" May William F. 3 Lloyd George 1 Bailer IleuryJ. Ann Street Gray street to Alley street Arden Street Macpherson to Boundary street Little Coogcc Public School Thomas Stafford Lee Martin, " Seagry Scott street Booth Herbert, "Ruskin" Read Sydney W. Harwood Arthur L., "Clarence" Greig Frederick S., "Roslyn" Bastick John P., "Lerma" Pearce Leonard Amery hire. Marion, "Rosemead" Dawson Charles, "Itoselind" Fordham Alexander Kavanagh Ralph, "Derwent" Boundary street Rudder Percy A., "Curzon" Bresnan Edward 1 Sawle Frederick, "Ivy Cottage' Richardson George II. 9 Fogarty Mrs. B. 11 Beirne Edward IS Selleok Christopher IC, 15 Anderson Maims, "Tyrone" 17 Morris George A. 19 Totterdell Charles J., "Branksea" 21 Sala John OUR ESTABLISHMENT is SELF-CONTAINED WE MANUFACTURE AND REPAIR OUR VEHICLES

8 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. ON THE HISTOPtr. SLOPE OF BRICKFIELO HILL. 784 Am WAYERLEY. 'Be! Ben WA V ER LEY. Bir 785 Arden street continued- 23 Apps Mrs. Margaret 25 Armitage Harold, "Fernleigh" 27 Clearly Alfred," Woodstock" 35 Kennedy James 37 Addison Mrs. Caroline Lambert William H. Day John Wyborn Walter, "Waleare" Pullin Charles S., "Roma" Daly Peter, " Loretto " Lennon \Valiant l'orea street Arnold Street Of Bourke street Rice George Beveridge Mrs. S. A. Davis Walter, " Dawn Menton Roy, " Gudalla Cook Walter, " Kia-Ora " Ashley Street (Bondi) Of Birrell street at ocean Teudt Sydney C, "Rocklea" Knight M,ss Wray Robert W. Bland Henry. consulting engineer Emptage Herbert. 'Weimer" Willcox William Mills Alfred Avenue (The) Of 133 Birrell street Gilkes Mrs. A., "Wychazel" Nix George, "Zsin'e" Lloyd Gem go, "Ban ksia" 81 Anderson Edward, "Kyarra " 29 Woolwich Edward," Nora 27 Smith Edward, "Fieldhousc" 25 Stanley Percy 23 Adams Arthur 21 Barker Frederick, " Navua " 19 Jewell William 17 Bull James, "Cork)" 15 Rech Charles 13 Munro Donald, "Amamo" 11 Barber James. "Carlton" 9 Darby Mrs. Emily 7 Palmer Henry 5 White Mrs., "Alia-Sfia " 3 Barry Petrick, " Havilah 1 Young Mrs. R., " Avoca " Barclay Street Leichhardt to Carlton street 2 Charlton Walter J. 4 Cralb James A. 6 Mackie James 8 Kennedy James 10 Watt William A. 12 Ackling Daniel, "Corralyn" 14 ekes William J. 10 Mato Oscar J.P. 18 Wright William, "Ocean View" 20 Scully Mrs. Lily 22 Campbell Alfred, "Kainan Afant" 24 Loose Frederick W. Martin George, "Nirvana" Goodger Mrs. Matilda, "Shiloh)" Dorman Alfred G., "Devon" Canton street 5 Seidel John 9 Glass Sydney 0, 7 Gilmore John S., "Mikado" 5 Kitching Herbert 3 Shoosmith Cyril B., "Alameda" 1 hail Henry, "To Kianga" Bityview Street (Bronte) or Hewlett street Bond's Refreshment Rooms Hodgson James G.." Sunny Corner" Charlton Rev. Canott, W.A. (O. of E.) 4 Wotton Frederick 3 Lamb Rev. Wiltiant (Baptist) 2 Inwood Arthur J., "denallit" Beaumont Street (North Bondi) Of UM South Head road. Bore James, "Myra" Chantler 0. L. 0'13rIen Frank Stark James Watts Harold F. Wells Mayor W. Brown George Chapple David Rowlands George,." Rockville Hanna John, "Mt. Pleasant', Nichol s Mrs. J., "Le Sas' OW South Lead road Parrett Arthur G. Kingston Arthur G. 1 Richardson Algernon 3 Lang Frederick E. 5 Mitchell James C. 7 Martin James 9 Bennett Edward 11 Gambling William 13 Truine George R.," Conithard" 15 Stewart William 17 Bowden Frank, "Wycombe" 19 Johnson Milton V., 'gluing" 21 Clarke Benjamin 23 McElroy Charles A. 25 Sorensen Victor: 31 Smith Charles, "Bronte" 33 Saunders Alfred 39 Bates Reginald, "Hylton Brig" 41 Bond John 45 Jeffrey Mrs. A. 13. Murray street 51 Eaves William H. 53 Terry Reginald 55 Gannon Mrs. Julia 57 Boyd Mrs. Agnes 63 Burrow Frederick 65 Bfarmont James, "Halm!' 67 Lapthorne James 69 Wood Henry William," Glenorie" 73 Paine Reginald Dempsey Timothy, " Menangle Alfred street Ben Eden Street Bondi road to Paul street 1 Barnett John, " Aberlatly " Short Walter 47 Morris Rev. E. B. 51 Bill George T., M.A., "Glennivou" 53 Walcott Frederick It. 55 Morgan Mrs. Caroline 57 Mai Mrs, H. Birrell street Beulah Street (North Bondi) 011 Lancaster street Marshall Matthew J., "Buena Vista" Allen Mrs. A. Matthews George IL, "Tettenhall" Neale George, "1311aray" Birrell Street Itutheets street to Ocean 22 Woolley William, "Lent" 24 Carter Thomas 24 Rowe Thomas. " St. Wenn" 28 Harrison John Malialan James 32 Koster Charles 34 Saville Herbert, "Claremont" 36 Fitzsimmons Arthur 36 Hunter John 10 McClymont John 42 Buxton Herbert, "KlIdallon" 42 Betts Charles 44 McCaughey Lindsay, " Avoca' Duncombe Alatthitts, butcher Denison street Lotrson street 48 Wood Thomas 50 Wibel Leo 52 Harris Herbert 54 Donau' Edmund, "St. Mervyn" 174 Rode Albert V. 176 Cahill Miss 1311en 178 Salmon Fanny, "Mascot" 180 Golly Arthur Cowper street 182 Walker Frank B.. "Wyo Villa" 184 Power John J., "Hazelwood" 186 Dunn Thomas 31., "Chariesville" 188 Tobin \V. ',:rant A., "Marlow" 190 Masters.alatin I.. "Farisville " 192 McCormaek Mrs. H. 0. S. 0.,"Stirling" 194 King Arthur S., "Verolea" 196 Deckhouse Sirs. Annie L., "Rarawai" 2i4 Wilson George 2013 Owens William, "Warrowie" Botany street 208 SicTagne Neil, "Clonleigh" '210 Jewson Walter E. 212 Blason Sydney; " V alentia 214 Tracey James 210 Monaghan Thomas 218 Daly Cecil '220 Coleus Stanley It., "Wanganui" 222 Preece hire. Marion 224 Cashman Wi "Tarawera" Lyons and Partington MIRAN, nurses 226 Corven John, "Cassandra)" 224 Brain Humbert, "Mifo l" 230 Power William J.," Akaroa " 232 Jones Thomas C. "Oamartt" 231 Dudley AI's. Entay 236 Fyfe Jolla', "Otago" Cahill Mrs, John A. 13., "St. Elmo" ear /In t/toy real 56 Simpson Weston St. Mary's Church and School 58 Ellis Mrs. Lorna, "Fairfield" 131c1Ceown Rev. Robert (C. of It.), St. Wilson Thomas O., "Castanea" Savage Harry M.,"Simeville" Bloomer E. 7 Hancock Henry 60 Renshaw Albert, "Fernieiglx" Mary's Rectory Wilkins Arthur 11,"Balgowan" Cowper Harold, "Aloha" James John 9 Nicholls William 62 Staples John Park arenre, Hodges William R., "Ellerslle" Breen Mrs. Isabella, "Rostrevor" Sehattsiel Frederick. "Ostentle" 11 Pryce Hugh 64 Brown Leslie," ilamptou Waverley Park Park parade Avenue (North Bondi) Delaney Charles, sergt., "Arakoon" Britain= Mrs. Evelyn, " Cerinya"- 15 Gardiner James 66 Jones Lindsay Alexander William Stevens Arthur, "Prestelitne" 17 Coopman Mrs. John 68 Elliot Colin 240 Spencer Charles, "Elderthorpe" Petrie Charles, " Ivy Cottage Hidden George, "Upton" 19 Battle Charles Newland street 242 Timmins Fred Of Old South Head road, Bondi.Vorth McGuinne,s Henry, " Bath Newett Steven S. Barnett Avenue. flopetoun ',Mas- 244 Parker Mrs. M. Jones Albert V. Aronson Andrew Rood street to Bon Ac Ord Acetate Miller Harry Gray Charles E., "Avoca" i() Davidson Mrs. Rose 246 Gibson Thomas, "Lambton" Mummery F. L. 4 Blois Mrs. Edmund, "Truth)" Malty Harry Beakley Thomas 72 Rathbone Joint 218 McLeod John, "Inverness" Hutchinson George Nenstadt Jacob, "Neta" Hardy Bert Houston Samuel Bowe Mrs. Mary E. Bennett street Spring George, "Blanchville" 8 Haig John S., "Dula" Matthews Robert, "Lorna" Kerr William, "Milton" 76 Stephan Edward Bondi- Moss Louis, "Doreen" 12 Warton Claude F., "nelnia" Pate Ames, "Lolonia" Ellis Henry, "Como" 78 Barton iferbert,."asitley" 250 McCarthy Joseph J. McGuire Patrick, "3fosman Cottage" 14 Wynn Edward, " (Havering" Ragasin Mark, "Lombard" Carrington Otto, "Norwood 3(.1 Haigh Albert E. 254 Warner Harold Jackson Thomas, "Garfield" 16 Watts Horace W., "Avondale" Mandell Raphael Bennett Street (Bondi) 82 Conlon John, "Athol" 266 Loughin John Fieldhouse Mrs. J., "Lincoln" 260 Gray Alfred 13.. "Westralia" Hunt Frederick, "Johnston" 18 Garland James jobson Annie, "Leona" Bondi road to flirty!! stred 86 Happen John It. 264 Souter David Ileney,"Borollia" Basilan Henry, drainer, "Kia-Ora" Spicer Henry Browne Mrs. J. W. Fox Alex. R., "Avondale" Hourigan James II. Avoca Street (Bondi) Philip street to Bondi road 46 Buck Richard, "Newington 44 Walker Philip 1)., "Hampton" 42 Hoffmann Herbert (L, "Alton " 40 Waters Harry 38 Forrester' Miss Frances, "Stanton" 36 Davies Mrs. V. N. 34 Wilson EsImmid."Liston" 32 Page William, "Cogiston" 30 Hibberd Percy H. 28 May Mrs. 26 Barratt Mrs. Ellen M., "Drayton" 24 Cameron Mrs. Hugh, "Castleton" 22 Stockhant Arthur, "Clifton" 29 Moore Ernest F. 18 Alpert Sirs. R., "Harrington" 16 Bayley Harold W., "Huristone" 69 Oliver Albert, "Ellora" 167 Donovan Jaws "Kamaia" 65 Fogwell William, "Fatima" 63 Coleman John. A., " Claribal" 61 Sager William, " Griselda " 20 Walsh Mrs. Mary 22 James Walter 24 Franklin Ernest B., "Dunbar 20 Roche Slialtael J. 28 Balleff Miss E. J. Kovsache Thomas, "Elsinore" 32 Gandry George L. 34 Lee Mrs. Percy. "Verona" 36 Robin Thomas G., "Simla" 38 flatten Bertram, "Calton" 40 Bedingfeld Mrs. T. W., "Melrose" 12 Henderson George IMICS Adam D.. "Lasswado" 39 Smith Eli C. 37 Polyblank Henry G.," Roslyn'' 35 Stackpool Matthew 33 Walters Carl, " Coldstream 31 Pringle James M., "Langton" 25 Pringle Andrew 11., " Greenknowe" 23 Macdonald Walter A. 21 Lucas Edgar, "Acte" 19 Kendall Benjamin 17 James Hugh, "Ivanhoe" 15 Simla Alfred 13 Hodgkinson Mrs. J. W. 11 Jacobson Joseph, "Athol" 9 Carlton Richard," Dorrisville " 7 Perrin Mrs. Ruth 3 Frazer Reginald 1 Roberts Mrs. Louisa P. Bede Street (North Bondi), Lancaster to Russell street Gray Archibald Belgrave Street. Dickson street to Alfred street 2 GrIbble \Valiant, "Lorraine" 4 McDowell William. " illouara" 6 Beavers Richard, "Kinkora" 10 Minkle Leslie L. 12 Gastrin George, "Castro" Parton Mrs. Florence A. 16 Brogan James, "Sfyandetta" 18 Harper Walter," Seagry " 20 Gilchrist Ernest J., "tuna" 22 Ware Henry. "Alburr 24 Boots Frank T. Cox George Clarence, "Bromley"' 32 Day James A. 31 Skinner Henry 36 Golding Mrs. Edith 38 Heighway Mrs. Clara Weller William E..Kenyon street 43 Barlow Francis 42 Miller Matthew 44 Eaton Harold G. 46 Halley Thomas P. 48 Melville Harry 50 Cathcart Mrs. Rita 52 Carrington Mrs. 2 Nettelbeck Louis, "Queentou" 4 Foxlee Jack 6 Brookings Charles 8 Johnson Charles 10 Stark William D., "Roslyn" 12 Clark Leo 14 Gosney Sydney 16 Milne Gordon, "1.1twolit" King street 18 Oltidgey Mrs. Matilda 20 Kelly James 22 Gondol( Augustus 21 Phillips Albert B. 28 Dickson Thontas II.," Braeleigh" 30 Service Mrs. Kate," Greti " Stephen street 32 Ryan Daniel H., " Hiawatha " Paton John A. 36 Smith Arthur, "Nockaroo" Ford Harry V., "Balgaliti" East Richard. "Sialtora" Swell street Ricketts Horace, "Kitslawn" Carr George W., "Cointlyn" Fennell William 0," San Remo" Dorrian Alexander Laforest Herbert, "Taratm" 1 De Castro, Albert Caplan Maurice 88 Woods Joseph, "Yarmouth" Parkfoot terrace- %) Watson H. R. 92 Jenkins Edwin 94 O'Shea William 96 Wonnald Mrs. Catherine 98 Treanor Mrs. Eleanor 100 Hood William Rattray street 106 Jones William 1' 8 McDonald John Arthur 110 D William G. 112 Reece Mrs. E. A. 114 Todd James 116 Donnell Joseph 118 Pettitt P., milk vendor Mackenzie street 120 Oliver John H. 122 Pettitt Percy 124 Brown Mrs. James 126 Mulfoni William 128 Bradley Mrs. Minnie 130 Ward Mrs, Clara It. 132 Allen James 134 saunders Allen 130 O'Connor Arthur 138 Taylor Sydney Brisbane street 140 Woods Miss White James 144 Midlane Miss Dorothy 2d8 Wyatt Mrs. L. P., "Hula" '270 Partridge Miss Ada S., " Fairholm " Ocean street 271 Isaacs Sydney, " Altonia " 274 Begot Miss A. 276 Itow Ihuomnas 278 Rose Thomas Si., "CcOritto" 280 Brooks Thomas," Brook u Talbot John J., "Ascot ale" iralson street 236 Rutherford William J., "Wensley" 286 Parry William James, J.P. 281 Lindsell Fred, W. Farrell John, jun., " Wivenhoe" Bryant Charles Williams Ernest. "Brankshohne" Goldsmith George, "Itutherglen" Jackaman street Mason Edmund, J.P., " llobart Miller Henry J. 310 Bryant A., "Gundaroo" 312 Stubbs Mrs. M. J. Tasman street Dingle George A. grocer 116 Thomas George, t! Pacific " 318 Morley Charles, " Allendale 320 Pickersghl William, " Gracemere " 322 Anderson James, "Bolisburg" 324 Taylor James. "Pretoria" Goldman H. M. Gibson David, "Etinte" 59 Walker Beujamin, " Corinna" Barraeluff Avenue (Bondi) 54 Lids Harry 3 McIntosh Edwin, 'Carlton 146 Walker Nell, "Chelmar" Willoughby John, "tratalear" 07 OW Welter LanirOck Offline to Francis street $0 Thompson \Valiant 5 Brown James, "1Vallaroo" 148 Hynes Frederick A. Tracey Herbert, "Kurt acca" U 0456s Tidwin H.,"Itunic" Tyke Robert. 68 Stinson Cecil A. 7 Byrnes Cherles,"St. Kilda" 150 Hartman Adam, "Miowera" Martin Allan 31., "Loch Lomond' 53 Richmond John Kearins Harold G. 66 Howling Mrs. Alice 9 Coghlan Mrs. T., "Tarengo" 152 Doherty Benjamin," Nambour" Tattutratna street 51 Heamden Mrs. B., "Beulah" 49 McLoughlin James, "Milton" 47 Renton! Charles 45 Miller William 43 Adams George, "Sefton" 41 Mullins John, "Medic" 32 Johnson Frederick E., " Orton& " 37 Norton Heavy," Taralga" 85 Casey Martin, "Norma" 33 Marshall Ernest F. W.," Alimom" Small L. AL Melly Mrs. A. K. Long William S., "Kenmore" Simpson Iltomas H., "Rawhiti" Gould Leslie H. Lisle Sydney, "Henley" MeOloy William, "Boongana' 15 Gill Mrs. Florence 13 Wilson Albert C., "Lauder" 11 Hunter John 08 Kennedy Mrs. Edith 70 Hodge William J. Afarrott J01111, " Carittya" 74 Armstrong William, "Broomielaw 70 Shields Arthur, "Kareela" 78 Fairweather Roy J. 80 O'Donnell H. A. J. 82 Bellamy George 84 Moore Mrs. Si. 86 Bugg Robert; " Kymbsla " 17 Board Charles T., "Branxholme" 12 McLean John F. 21 Travers Colonel R. J. A. 23 Yates William 11., J.P., " Kingsgate ' 29 Meagher lion. Itichd. D., M.I..C. 35 Carrigan Nurse E. It., "Walwera" East Cad], 'Minnesota" Holden Henry H., " Vermont" 43 Beaumont Albert E., "Hadspen" 45 Bernard George C., "Wendover" 144 Munro Mrs. W. H. 156 Tiopett Arthur J., "Tar dim)" 168 Miller Richard, "Aliment" 160 hardy Mrs, A. 162 Pendred 164 Padden Henry, "Petone" 166 LeCi George IL, "St. Kilda" 118 Doyle Cecil C. ' "Eleanor" 170 Noble James, "Florence" 172 Nell B. W.,."111enwooll" Rawson street Ireland Alfred, "Wei g le - la" Venison street All street 3 Surplice Percy H., " Isurline Hicks George Moir James, "Rose Lea" Hull Charles F., "Wage" Laurence Francis E., "Noma" 26 WOOD, COFFILL COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEOROE ST., CITY. 'PHONE 9228 CITY OUR DEPOTS ARE REPLETE WITH THE MOST ELEGANT AND COSTLY VEHICLES IN AUSTRALIA

9 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR LADIES' KID AND FABRIC GLOVES. 786 Ma, W A VER LEY. Bon Birrell street continued Lloyd Evan, "Glen Ayr" Stark Arthur G., " Wynella" Colbert John T "Darto" Don Max Newland street 27 Lewis John, "Colyton" 29 Allan Arthur, "IliIston" 31 Drysdale John 33 Ambrose Joseph E., " Winton" 35 Walsh James, "Vero ea" 37 Sims William. " Windsor" 739 Beard Conrad 41 Robe: ts William D., "Latona " Stanley street Leila terrace- 43 Lincoln Georg H. 45 Butt Mrs. Marla 47 Lewis Mrs. Alice B. Berranioey terrace- 49 Rowe Thomas H., grocer 51 Poole James D. 53 Longstaffe Arthur 55 Dunn William 67 Hall Reginald 119 Thompson Mrs. Mary J. 61 Ozanne Mrs. Carolina A. 63 Bastick T Fitzgerald street 71 Fitzsimmons Mrs. lima 73 Beazley George T. 75 Millard Archibald 77 Murray Frederick S., "Kelvin" 79 O'Neill Virgil J. 83 Ward Alfred It. 85 Sharpe Richard W. 87 Eldridge Mrs. Eunice 95 Batten John 97 Mair 99 Douglas Arthur, " Claremouut " 101 Arnold Clarence 103 Smith Mrs. M. 107 Watkins Miss IL A. Bourke street hatielhs street 109 Henrie Mrs. Anne 1 1 l Hyland Francis 113 Coates Mrs. Sarah Cane William T., greengrocer Blenheim street anew). street 111 Mosley Mrs. R. IL, " Watsonia" 113 Ireland George W. 115 Compton Mrs. Clara 117 Hassett Thomaa 119 Coldthorp Mrs. T.. "Wynna" 121 Flemmington Mrs. Catherine 123 Woodrow Alfred H. 125 Molloy Laurence F. 127 Riley Rev. 11. M. (Cong.) 129 Inman George S., " Wanganui" 131 Anderson Robert A.. "Warrawee" 133 Firth Mrs. Jane, " Wisteria" The arcane Carrington street Buchanan Mrs. Mary Barnes Captain George Field Sydney J. Eagle Ritchie, "St. 13atbans" Wadsworth Josephi O'Loan Frank, "Laura" 149 MaeDonnell Mrs. Annie, "Moya 151 Burnet Albert E, "Carinya" 153 Brentnall Frank, " Norah Lea'? Christian Brothers' College 157 Kerr Major George L. "Wilberforce" 159 Byrne Dominick., " Ballangarry 161 Kellerman Emile M. 163 McCrae Mrs. A. 165 Dawes Robert 167 Egan James It., J.P.." Alma " 169 Kennedy Samuel Exonia 171 Robey Bertram Henrietta street St. Gabriel's Church of England Col. lege and Kindergarten for Girls Lanolce arcane Robinson Michael J., "Montana" 193 Swarbrick Henry II. 196 Smart Ernest W., "Elmo" Rivers Francis E., "St. Anne's" Bondi Zimmerman Carl A., "St. Helena" 205 Wilson Mrs. S. J., "Warrana" 207 Turnbull Alexander 111., "Sion Nid" 209 Jones Mrs., " A karana" Dickson street 213 Cook William P. 215 Mnemeikan Percy A. 217 Murphy Mrs. Elizabeth 219 Philip Gecege B., J.P.," Greythorpe " 221 Knowles Mrs. G.. " Miowera" 223 James Semi. W., J.P., " Fairlee" '225 Tennant Sirs. W., "Carthona" 227 Faithful' Mrs. Mary 229 Cartledge Harry, "Bayswater" Brown Charles F., " Laverock" Westcott Henry " Towrodgi" Dare Francis, "The Pines' Kenyon street Butler Mrs. Amy, "Orvieto" 259 Morris William 261 Middleton George, "Aldoma" 263 Seim/linker George 265 Waterhouse David, "Morton" 267 Samuels Louis 269 King James 271 Davidson E. R. 273 Guthrie Fred. C., "Milton" Munro Mrs. J. Willey Mrs. Eleanor, "Glen Ella" O'Grady Mrs. Jane Johnson Albert K 285 Whitelaw Gavin, "Lianelly" 287 Bonynge Thomas, J.P., " Ardmore 289 Hester Geor ge H., "Oceana " Alfred street 291 Knighton Charles Dunlop 11. D. Ashley street Cross street Blair Street (North Bondi) 0.S. IL road to Military road Moore William F. Galan/ Rowland Barrie John, "Glen Ayr" Lloyd Sydney, "Allanville" Jackson James Walker John S. Sykei George W. dandily Clifford Knight John II., "Widmer" Blake Street (North Bondi) Off Old South Head road Copner Joseph Sayers George, " Avon Carter Edwin Williams Samuel T. Giles Walter," Brotusgrave" Pocock Harry Pocock William T. Lair I Walter Webb George Knight Mrs, Elizabeth, " Emoh-rno Tudehope James, " Studleigh Blenheim S:reet Barren to Cuthbert street 4 Fenton Charles L. J. 0 Mite Louis II., carrier Leahy John, livery stables 42 Clark Charles, "Wanstead" 48 Settle Henry 50 Loscombe John Smith Frelerick J., " Orsova Fermi Mrs. Helen, "Orontes" 1 Sutton Alfred, "Dovedale" 3 Easton William 5 Morrison Richard 7 Keane Henry 9 Sylvester Thomas II. 11 McKee Patrick 13 Kemp Robert 33 Richardson Frank, dairyman 35 Quinn Wilson, contractor, "Maryville" 37 Ball Miss Susan 39 Vindin Edward J. 41 Pryer) Samuel 43 Cather Robert P. 45 Cooper Alexander Bon Accord Avenue Ohl South Head road to Barnett avenue Wynne Watkin, 11 Satchel' Charles W., " Briar Cottage" 7 Wellerd Harry, " Lynwood" 5 Robson William 3 Ritchie Mrs. Harriet, "Kiltolawn" 1 Noble Mrs. Elizabeth, "'Vocal" 2 Putland George H., Hastings" 4 Knapman Mrs. Mary, "Heavitree" Brinsmead George IL, "Devanint" 8 Shepplierd Charlie E., "St. Clair" Smith Robert Bondi Road Old South Head road to Bondi beads 2 Schwarze August II, "Bedard" 4 Klein Frederick, " TIMM" 6 Waters George J., "Alpha" Ben Eden street 8 Wuns S. (laundry) 10 Bell G. L., physician and surgeon 12 Curtis Mrs. Arthur, "Lincolnshire" Hindle John 18 Taylor Henry 20 Asser Miss Marion, "Homer House" 22 Ryan Joseph, "Pomare" Warerley crescent 24 Corrigan Frank 28 Fairweather Thonms 30 Adams Victor A., St. Mark's Crescent, Gminniar School, "Molora" 32 Tayler Mrs. A. 11. C., " Werribee" 34 Jack Walker, " Lara " 36 Smith John, "Lerida" - 38 Slider Alexander 40 Gifford Thomas., "Coree" 42 Cork Captain 44 Davis Mrs. Rebecca, " Vindex " 46 Dempsey Mrs.." Carlyle 4a Wilt n Frank 50 Ceram) Archibald," Brietta" 52 Bourke Ernest 1%, " Espino 54 Dodson John S., "Kitonga 56 Haggerty Samuel, " Broom" 58 Neville F. T. C, dentist 60 Kearney 31 is, 11.," Bantle " 62 McKenzie Mrs. Ada 64 Charles Franc's (Cox and Charles) motor garage Paul street 60 Morton Arthur, grocer 68 Morton Charles, confectioner 70 Russia' Mrs. $1. 72 Dunning James 74 Deets& Carl 76 Gregory Louis 78 Gillies Mrs. M., "St. Elmo" 80 Ogg Sirs, IL L. 82 Crane John B. 84 Morris James, " Rosiyil" 86 Noakes Miss E. 88 Schwartz Mrs..T. 90 Ireland George W., newsagent 92 Baker Richard, "St. Oswald 94 Baxter William 03 Coghlan Mrs. T. 10 ) Bannister Neville C. 02 Wainwright Edward C. IV., "Bingara" 04 Goldsmid Lamed, "Gladstone" 06 Hill Harman J., " Arbroath" Flood sheet (Bondi) 122 Johnston 11 ugh, "Liff (7 TI1011/AS H., painter Weir E. L., dentist Purves Allan, physician and surgeon Dowling Miss Bertha T. Anglesea street Guest Mrs. Louisa 138 Bondi-Waverley School of Arts 158 Grey F. P. J., chemist Penkiril street 160 Par. ons Adin, dentist, "Branxton" 162 Millard Mrs. " Livingstone" Lyon Bros., motor garage 166 Birchill William E., Rothsay Sorrento terrace 168 Bondi Carrying Co. 170 Jenainga Hugh, "Glendenning" 172 Bremner Miss Sophia, dressmaker 174 Bateman Sirs. A., "Kingsdonne" 76 Haynes Cecil, hairdresser Iloickley Mrs. Mary 180 Melly Mrs. Annie, confe:tloner 182 Ed wards Edgar A.. estate agents 184 Hicks Thos. It., milk vendor Ocean street The Commercial Banking Co. of Sydney, Ltd.-1L E. J. Lloyd, mgr. 188 Wilson & Mum, newsagents 190 Haley Z. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE ST., C'DOWN 'PHONE L ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE WHITE SEWING MACHINE. Boo W A. v ERLE Y. Bot Walsh P., house, land & estate agent 194 Government Savings Milk of N.S.W. 1 Bondi branch ) 200 Bremner II. D., produce store 202 Swift Frank B. 204 Rush Miss J., confectioner 200 Townsend William G., furniture 208 McLeod Mrs. S J. 210 Martin A. H., grocer 212 Saville William IL, hootinaker 214 Zander David, small goods 216 Pennington Miss F. confectioner 218 Terrey Frederick Ii., jeweller Sisters of 81. Joseph Convent Wellington street 236 Poidesen Leslie," Mannington" Cahill Slre. Edith Spaull Ilar*y B., " Ilona Smith Philip D., dental surgeon Lee Mrs. Annie E., " Doveridge" McDonald Sirs. F. D., " Ashnourne" Stenning George S., J.P., "Kambala Henderson street 250 Hughes Edward, "Ihunilton" 252 Payne Mrs. E. F, "Cudgewa 254 Sterling Franklin," Fernlea." 200 Richards Mrs Solomon Imperial avenue 262 Herman Sydney, "Gladwyn" 204 Smith Mrs. A. E., "Stokeston" 266 Stinson liorace D. 208 Egspuler Robert, "Braidwood" Castletield street 280 Tolhurst David, greengrocer 288 Darroch James, bootmaker 290 Cooper Walter, tearooms 292 O'allgreieniti s Bros., house, land and estate 294 Veiled Michael 200 Hedner George A., butchet 298 Torrall Ernest IL, confectionery 300 Mullaney James V., grocer Denham street 304 O'Donnell Arthur G. " Derwent 306 Earngey Thomas, "Tamar Ooppleaon A bat A., " Roseville" 310 Thorpe Frederick 1:.,"Cottaoe" Rhodes Bryan '' Tasma 324 Walton John T., "Orontes" 326 McMillen Jamea Hyntree" 328 Grimley George 330 Douglas Thomas W., "Gadara" 332 Moore Frederick Edward street Hilliard!Ivory (7, Broderick Robert Duncan John Francis street Duncan Sirs. Margaret, G nri' Wood George S., "The Gunyalt" House hotel J. T. Mellor Sir Thomas Mitchell road Lockwood Mrs. E., refreshi.ent rooms Pacific Mansions- 1 Antietam James 2 Rosenbloom Louis 3 Melee Mrs. Sarah 4 Rosenbloom Leon 5 Rose John 6 Phillips Mrs. E. Majestic Mansions- 1 Calm Frederick W. 2 McLeod James G. 3 Plackett Frank 4 Hansen Love 6 Williamson John el Price James B ' Garlick Brothers, motor garage Oceanic ansione- 1 Plackett Frank, dentist 2 Webberley James A. H. 3 Fossey Mrs. Stella H. Dimond John, mixe 1 business Bray Harold, estate agent Hasler') J., chemist ('Cone flats Mears Mrs. Mills H. E. Howell Price F. It. Bruce A. L. Paton James Wilson Mrs. Sarah, mixed business Solomon IL J. Ghost It. H. land and estate agent Tozzi L., hairworker Peluse Mrs. G. fruiterer Ian street South. side 1 Skelton James, "Carbeau" 3 Biady William T., " St.!tellers" 5 Peirson Mrs. 1.1., "Castleton" Warerley crescent Traverley street 15 Lena Mrs. Ann 17 Hunter James 11 Millington Herbert 21 Phegan Herbert 23 Foster Mrs. S. 25 Hall-Johnson Mrs. Olive V. 27 Fincliam Charles 1'. 29 Barker Reg. H. 31 Ada Nurse Bell Norge 33 Ryan Miss 16 Byron Mrs. Caroline 37 Haffenden Mrs. It. L. 39 Bennett Miss E. M. 41 Molloy John C. Paul street Warerley park Park parade (Bondi) Council Chambers L. W. Beagley, town clerk 51 Alexander Leonard W., "Glen-Else" 53 Mackenzie A Mier J,," Chantilly -55 Lee Mrs. A. E. 57 Webber William, "Lorraine" 59 Edwards Frank, ''Pengwern" 01 Cummins Mrs. Maude, "Ithysgog" 63 Green William G. "Ty-Isa" 65 Bootltby George, plunther 67 Rilett George, ham end bief shop 69 Garvan John, dyer and cleaner 71 Towsey Henry, confeetionei 73 Zarkin Nathan, produce store Bennett street 75 Bussellilros., grocer 77 Page John, fruiterer Ti) Lovell John IL, bootinaker 81 Howie Charles IL, tobacconist 83 Smith & Son, pastrycook 85 (3 riftlin William fruiterer 87 Fowler and Fowler, estate agents 89 Groves french eleaner 91 Spencer Madame Adele, millier 93 Daley Charles S., confectioner 95 Swivel! William, carpenter 97 Glint!' William, stationer 99 McEwan Alfred C., butcher Cox S. IL, draper 103 Parker and Allen, chemists 105 Hannan Miss 31., costumier roadby Oscar F. 100 Edwards Mrs. Ethel I., boot shop Murray Denis J., ironmonger 115 Hamilton Jatnes, confectioner 117 Murphy Miss J. 119 Newport Albert E., butcher 121 Neale Ilarry C., grocer 123 Byalls' Ltd., pastrycooks 125 Simpson Frederick, grocer Ocean street 127 Bondi Post and Telegraph Orlice- Walter Daniels, postmaster Graham John, ironmonger 133 McKnight I. A. and Co.. tailors 135a Browne Mrs. G., draper. 137 Bailey Mrs. S. A., stationer 139 Plowright Sydney, boottnaker 141 Moscott Sirs. Jane, confectioner Jacono Gaetano, fruiterer 147 Venables Mrs. Claudine, tea rooms mason ut Vel 151 McEwan Alfred C., butcher 163 Hayman Sirs. Si. A., confectioner 155 Stan ger James It., grocer 157 O'Brien Frederick, bootmaker 159 Noad Sydney, hairdresaer 161 G emitter:mu George, grocer 163 Leslie William N., confectioner Kavanagh Arthur 165 Brewers Pharmacy 107 Dummer tt; Co., estate agents 169 Morris Leo A., provisioti dealer 171 Remits Arthur, bootmaker 173 Gilmore Mrs. K. E., ladies' outfitter 175 Sterling MISS Medici 177 Webking Roy F., plumber 179 Flannery Mrs. M., produce merchant 181 SlelIonald John, fruiterer 183 Clarke Alfred, stationer Bondi Picture Theatre A MCA steedi Gretves Capt. William A. B., J.P. grazier, "Braylesford relives liorace II. M.," Brayleaford' finperlat avenue Sutton Ri,,hard L.. "Westelle" Mackenzie F. A., J.P., grazier, "Geerloch" Boonara avenue "Alverna Florists" Ryan C. AL, fruiterer Hedger and Robertson, butchers Tollott F., grocer Rudder Mrs. C. J., draper Toomey Cu', hairdresser Trott Mies F., confectionery Pharmacy and Dentistry Luber Cecil A. De»hatt, street Royal hotel T. E. West Brim:tut Edmund C., "Portsmouth" Plummer William, "Southsea" Lewis L., "Havant" Tyler Char'es F., "Einsworth" Lilley Frederick it., "U'llorilley" Long William S., "Brighton" Woodward Nils. Emily Rednell Flats- 1 Newell Mrs. Slargaret 2 Ford Mrs. M. J. 3 Burt Mrs. W. L. Londe r Iss DIcLinn Sirs. Mary, "Glenbanna" Glen street Watt Dr. George, "Roddymoor" Gibbons Claude H., " Pontypool St. Juli,i) Charles, J.P., " Araluen" Clay Alfred, "Ilawsoil" Mercer Harold, "Nu.liiirst" Phillips Jacob Mills Charles, "Formby" Becker Oscar E., "Wrexham" Mitchell Douglas It., Parnell airs. " Lavoni" FreDdeurdieleky street Butler Cohen David, "Iluglienden" Husband Mrs. Mary sandridge tr,wr Howell Gilbert, "Ocean View" Phillips Mrs. T. G., " Ocenninore McKinnon William G., "Emoll" Robinson Sirs. A., "Zana" Parker JI11111, 11011SO ageut Birnie Miss G. Ferrer alias 31 confectioner Wilson Frederick, tea rooms Earngev Thomas W., confectioner Tramway terminus Itondi Leach Bondi Surf Bathers' Life Saving Club Sonenfciti Samuel, "The Kiosk" Municipal Surf Sheds Public Telephone Boonara Avenue (Bondi) Send( road to Fehrretty avenue Botany Place Botany to Paul street Botany Street 'Herrn to Warerley street 58 Walker Williumim, " Summerville" Ludlow Sirs. V. E., "Oomoobalt" Bnitlon Walter J., "Richmond" Asprey Mrs. Alicia. " clapham" Joseph Nathan, "Merton" Stinson Isidore, " Cnilislo " James street Cor(mna it Mlle 36 Woodhouse Rev..f. I shill.), 'Leger' 30 Rossbach Mrs., "Lester" Botany place 34 King Miss Letitia Ellis, "Marsden" 32 Hipsley Edwin C. 30 Child Albert E., "Ibrox" '28 O'Grady Sties 31., "Slyalla" 16 O'Grady Stanley, "Glenelg" 14 Gough George W. 12 MactIlen Mrs. A. 10 Wigram Mrs. U. E., "jeanita" 8 Ludlow Mrs. D., "Harbour View" Mrs..1. 1,. 6 O'Connor Miss Florence 4 Elliott Mrs. M. Daley street 61 Elisdon Alberets,t" W seiadneibrinn 59 0 Rourke John Heating Mrs. E., " Desmond" Benjamin Harry Gurley John, "Ituapelm" Porter street THE LEADING FIRM OF FUNERAL DIRECTORS IN THE COMMONWEALTH

10 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR SAFETY RAZORS AND STROPS. 788 Bou WAVER LEY. Bro Botany street continued Wells George, laundry 49 Johnson George, "Sprazo" 47 Criddle Walter," Fern Cottage" Bannister Francis W., "Ingleside King Mrs. Emily F., "Emerson" Playfair Edmund, J.P., " Kioto" Australian Gaslight Co Waverley branch A. T. Pye, inspector Llandaff street Congregational Church Ira verley street Bondi road Boundary Street Arden to St. Thomas street 2 Swan Mrs. Ivy 4 Whatley Arthur 6 Le Cornu Alfred C. 8 Johnson John 10 Imdbrooke Albert E., carpenter 12 Morrison John, " Fermoy Ringh Frank A., "Woodside" 32 Ryan John 34 Bell Robert Clif i on street 74 Barbour James A. 176 Worrell George, "Terol" 78 Heath Charles 1 80 Bradshaw Mrs. A. ; 82 Murphy Michael Jay Thomas, "Kooralli" Brassie Street (North Bondi) 011 Gilgandra road Thomson Arthur, "Macleay" Theodore Peter, "Warwick' Whiling James, "St. Clair" Donnelly William H., "Helitesville" Brown Charles IL, "Ewell" Plummer Harold, "Glenora" Youn g Mrs. W. J., "Toolangi" Richardson William "Tynemouth" Ayling John, "Helga" Jenkins Robert C., 'Florinda" Brabner Austin Amess, "Rosemont" Megernon Hugh. "Inverleigh" Jones James T., "Carlton" East Edward H., "Romolo" Lyon Hugh M., "Epsom" Brae Street Lugar to Evans street 2 Wood George. grocer 4 Ratcliffe John 6 Parker Charles 8 Mayne George 10 Hinge Richard 12 Monsen Robert 14 Russell Robert 16 O'Brien Kenneth 18 Campbell John 20 Scales Richard 22 Greer Walter 22 Schonberg Louis, "Sonoma" 24 Moss Alfred, "Preston" 26 Perrott Frederick W., "Chatham" 24 Coulter David. "Beresford" 30 Salmon Mrs. N., "Lyndale" 32 Lynch Albert E. 31 Boker Alfred, "Melrose" 36 Slater Alfred, "Wickham" 38 Green Leslie 40 Williams John, "Cambridge" 42 Way Alfred. "Stanley" 44 Rice William J., "St. Kilda" 46 Long Albert H., "Cissarena" 48 Downer John,"Taringa" Birrell ereet Paton Arthur T., " Eastville" O'Brien Michael Joseph, "Bluing" Dermond P., "Kiwi" Hannwe II James, "Hula" Butterley William. "Linda" Hines Charles IL, J.P., " Eileen" Shakespeare terrace- 17 Duff Robert 19 Ross Hector G. 21 Perrin Mrs. Isabella," Kooringa 23 Fraser Mrs. Elizabeth J.," Wendover" 25 Gallagher Charles 27 McInerney William H., "Marlon" 29 Gray Robert L. Makepeace Walter 35 Bidden Edward ANTHONY HORDERNS'-STATIONERY, BOOKS AND TYPEWRITERS. Bur WA VERLEY. Oha 789 Perry Mrs. E..1., "Coonaluir" Proctor Charles G., "Glenvue" Martin Ernest J.. " Eastney Rowan Mrs Elizabeth, "Oceana" Slinn Percy K, &ahem" Parker Archibald IL, "Eastcotte" Lambert Edwin J., constable,"eldont" Mackie Alexander, "Glen-brae" Lesser Francis, " Billapalap McKeown James M., "IVangoola" Logan John, "Shakespeare" Clarke Patrick.1., "Leilaville" Deans Charles, " Ulintia " Barclay Mrs. Adelaide, "Otway" Dolling Francis P., " Doris" Batley Henry J.," Croundla " -Jones Miss Alice B., " Toronto" Riley Mrs. Harriett Barge street (North Bondi) Old South Head to roust!, street Busby Parade St. Thomas to Clifton street -34 Fellows John 32 Johnson Walter L., "Clifton" 20 Worral Richard 20 Worral Joseph 26 Dart Richard, " Bombala" 24 O'Connell Jeremiah, " Contest" 19 O'Connor Charles IL, "Eileen" Pearton William G. O'Neil Edward W., "Islaville" Hill William," Carlton Cottage" Owens Henry, " Garthowen Carrington Road Pine street, Randtrick. to /4,701 street, 188 Carroll Mrs. NIV.,7iNNelinnieville" Va 186 Glover William 11."Rosemont" 184 Denning William G.. "Rositia" Ryan Mrs. M., " Minore" Carroll Francis, "Glenalla" 182 Paton Mrs. 0., '`."illow-brae" 180 Cable William H., "Ainerina" 178 Carroll James, J.P., " Westella" 176 Wolff Solomon, "Farleigh" 174 Sands Robert, " Kainilaroi " 164 Gillespie Mrs. J., "Claremont" 162 Gale W. F.. J.P., F.R.A.S.,"Corunna" 11;0 Young Arthur L. 158 Smith Percy W., " Glewoy" 156 Edmonds Mrs. Kate, " Tanabe" 154 Brown Charles 152 Tighe Thomas M., " ()rite " Hughes Isaac W., "Ortona" Geoghegan Janice, "Moyratit" Phillips Joseph, "Blakeney Naghten Henry, "Marsden" Hobbs James W., "Bigina" Edgar Charles, "Howarth" 105 Halls MrS.Blallelle Stanford John 101 MacKenzie John J. 99i McSweeney Henr y " Bridge " 99 Garry Thomas J.," Kia Ora 97 Tighe Herbert G., "Mascotte" 95 Bohan Mary, "Avoca 93 Smythe William. contractor Post, Telegraph et Money Order Office E. J. Collier, J.P., postmaster 91 Dawson William 89 Redd Alfred L., wine depot Orford hotel John Keene 85 Edwards If. T., tobacconist 83 Barton Mrs. Grace, grocer Charing Cross hotel-0. M. McPhee Cowper street Victoria street 77 Eugene Mrs* Theresa, grocer 67 Maher Mrs. Louisa 65 McCiosky Miss Maria It. C. Male School Christian Brothers St. Clare's Convent Mother Antony Watters, lady superior Church street street 3 Bray Joseph, "Maryville" 1 Snook William hi. Carter Street Oft Gibson street Kelly John, "Woodall St. Thomas street Ocean 24 Burns Robert 37 Casey Frank A. 22 Hughes C. It. Cantley Mrs. Laura, "'Windsor" Harrison Alfred, " Ethelville (For South ride see Randtrick) 32 Lyons Mrs. Elizabeth, "Lugar House" Salvation Army Hall 20 Graves William A.. "Surada" Stokes P. B., auctioneer, "Devon" Raper Edward, "Deepdene" 34 Astridge George If.. Barton Robert 28 Nicholl Ernest, "Gawler" Fitzjames Frank, "St. Elmo" Elton Henry AI., " Cobalt " Bourke Street Btrrell street to Victoria street 4 Portion John C., "Viola" 6 Candy David R. 10 Miller Mrs. Clara Muller Miltou, motor garage 12 Baglin Thomas," Bickley " 14 Jessep William 16 Pickering Ernest 18 Stapleton W. 20 Short William, "Alma" 26 Hannell Austin 28 Woolley Mrs. Emily 30 Robertson Mrs. Ellen 36 Butler William 38 Robbins George 40 Madden Wilfred 42 Dm Jersey Charles Cuthbert street 44 Selby Arthur, "Mimosa" 46 Stone Lonis,"Caloola" 48 Bolden Robert F.," Eltham 50 Bolden Eugene L., "Fontenoy" itayne captain Rouen, "Park View" 54 Cullen William J. 56 Chapman Thomas, "Hazeldene" 58 McBride James, "Coroghy" 60 Cayzer Alfred be Ville Mrs. Hannah." Etruria De Ville Thomas C., "Queenscliff " ' Arnold street Victoria street 36 Scott H. G. 38 Ruin Peter, " Ferndale," 40 Misson Albert A. 42 Philips Jeffrey Haroing Frederick Hughes William 1 Silburn henry, "Aliceville" 3 Burnside Miss A., "Valhalla" I Dare Herbert A., " Waroonga 7 Webster Wallace 9 Fonda Peter Brae terrace- 11 Morrison Alexander 13 James Charles 15 Faro George 17 Harrison Ernest, "Elsomid" Brighton Boulegarde (North Bondi) Military road to Ocean Bolgraff John, "Brogliton" Bolgraff Charles, "The Dunes" be Lanney Edward A. Martin Frederick, "Rose Cottage" Davis 'James Emden & Waugh, storekeepers Hall Thomas W. Williato4 John, "Saltaire" Jacobs Leslie Police Station G William George WilliamsMrs. Plaut William Thompson Edward A., "Canberra" Maxwell JaIllaS Prescatt Henry Smiles Mrs. A., general store Flack Oswald Roberts William S. Brown Cecil L. Border Mrs. Ellen Bateman Frederick Liddy Arthur J., J.P. Liddy Mrs. A. J. liudgen Reginald Howard Sydney Evans Mrs. Jessie Visseber Mrs. Lily Taylor Arthur, "Ilandsworth" Brisbane Street Cowper to Birrell street Price Arthur, "Avoca" 45 Beltield Mrs. Edith. 47 Macfarlane Thomas, "Warilda" Hansmi Sydney.1. Pitt Herbert, "Bertliong" Brisbane sires: continued- 57 Jenkins Richard, " Alma Cottage" 59 Johnson Mrs. Mary, "Tamer" 61 Cartwright Edward, "Tempo" 63 Wear Mrs. T. 65 Lane Samuel, "St. Elmo" 67 Thompson Henry I., "Fiona" 69 Amos Alfred. "Fernlea" 71 Timbrell Frederick, "Oaklea" Birrell street Bronte Road (Bronte) Nelson Bay rd. to Macpherson st. Bronte Baths W. Bond Holland Harold G., "ItIouera" Dunbar Andrew G., 'Weenier" Wicks Percy H., "Waitangi" Latrobe Mrs. Emily, ''Tantrum'' Parker Mrs.,"Papanni" Buil et Mrs. M., "Nethercott" Curran Edward, "Bronte Cliffs" Trussell Mrs. It., refreshment rooms Jones Miss I., refreshment rooms Doran Mrs. A., refreshment rooms Mackenzie Robert Pacific street Cropper James, "Cantata" Cruickshanks Alex., "Merrilees" Bronte Street (Bronte) Dickson to Murray street Glading Mrs. Sarah, "Ghoul Eyre" Dalby James If. Facs Peter Canning William Stig Otto Rutherford Mrs. Susan, "The Demme" South aide 3 Sutcliffe William 7 Criimnins John 9 Mending James 11 Adams William James. "Bon Accord" 13 Garratiy John, "Wilga" Walsh Albert Edward, "Mayfield" Longdon George, "Rose Cottage" Garnitty Joseph', "Dovedale" 16 Rocknall Rev. E.. "Santulli" 14 Clancy George, "Wyona" 22 Chalmers Mrs. Edith, "Deepdene" 8 Dutton Frank, "Myrniong" 6 Sankey Williain, "Albury" 4 Snow William, "Carlyle" t1. 2 Murray Mrs. Catherine, "Strathmore" 1 Webb Frederick, "Winona" 3 Griffin John, "Canberra" 5 Lyons Thomas, "Rowena" 7 Green Mrs. Mary 13 Johnson Arthur, "Mostyn" 15 Sleeintin Mrs. F., "Cantrell" 17 Needham William, "Beckley" Cable Lane Off No. 7.1Ibim street Cable George Lusty Charles Lusty Arthur E., wroppingville" Smith Benjamin B., varnish maker Duncan John J. "E igarville" Geoghegan.1..1., livery stables Lomax Walter, "Mayville" Tighe Thomas Poinfrett Frailk Campbell Street (yr Victoria street 17 Curry Richard 15 Mitchell Donald, "Iv)' Cottage" 13 Norm Frederick al Shaw George Vallis Mrs. T. J. Al g ie , "COrilki" Adams Henry, "Anerley" Howard Thomas, 'Qum by" Mullen John it.,.t.p., "Strathearron" Magner James, "Deo" Cuffe Mrs. M. Flack Mrs. Marion, " Strathmeston " Giles Henry J. 118 Short Ernest E., motor garage 114 Short George E. Short Joseph 108 Ozanne Thomas 106 Gloss Frederick 104 Nugent Joseph 102 Nichods Francis 160 Richardson Richard 98 Foster Robert W., "Walhalla" 96 Verne Paul Leichh«rdt street Victoria street 91 Higgins C Browne Michael 90 Redmond James, builder 88 Smith Fred Gillen John, "Caloola" Hussain Harold S.. cab proprietor Fire Brigade Station Francis J. Smith, station officer Turner George Neville James 72 McLaughlin Thomas, coaelipainter Bermingham James, " Wyoble" 66 Hyslop William C., J.P."Coolah" 64 T. ainor Mrs. L.. " Myola Jones Thomas, " Ilyola Kearins l'atrick, "Kildary" 7,o Campbell L. McD. Davis Mrs. Phoebe, " %Arita" Wharton Robert, '"ritisbe" Buxton Edward, "Pomona" Mackey Robert, "Medusa" Searl George, " Leander" Elms George, " Malin Slins Percy "Cynthia" Hall William, "Athena" Salisbury street 20 Christian Brothers' College Rev. P. A. Conlon, principal Brett John. "Omagh" Kearney Petri*, "Rosegreen" Shell Mrs. Ellen J., "Maldon" Harding William J., "Strathmore" Thorefielli Charles," linalover " Landerberger Charles C. Boulton Joint P., "'Duna" Burrell street Buttery James F. IL, "Metnenda" Willis John E. Anderson Victor Cary Street Waverley street to Ebley street Llandar street 23 Ryan John 21 Letters Francis 19 Kean Arthur 13 Clarke Mrs. Rebecca, " Fiona " 11 Clarkson Joseph 9 Burnside H. A., "Itonta" 7a Burnside IL A., manufacturing chemist 7 Lette Charles 5 Watkins Mrs. Amelia 3 Watkins Charles," Lochinvar " Cohen Mrs. Y. Collis William 1 Palfreyinan William, "Gordon" Castlefield Street (Bondi) Bondi road to Edward street 1 Flanagan William, "Itothsay 3 Helier William 0., " Roslyn 5 Stephenson John 7 Wickham George 9 James Arthur E., "Wordenville" 13 Harley Mrs. Ada M., "Dudley" 17 Martin Rupert 0., "Glatnis" 19 Griffiths J., "Aiello" 21 Robey Wilhitu in, "Taktipuila" 23 Sandell George, Cheltenham 25 Stevenson Vetoin g, J.P. 27 Hall Frank L., "IlakIno" Etheredge Robert.1., "Eramoso" Victoria street Breinner Henry D. Cockburn George. "Wyben" Turner Alfred, "Itchuca'' Turner Reg. Miller Street Etheredge George. "Yethohne" Cuthbert street 10 Zarkin Maurice, "Yeoville" Hart Leslie M., "Tralee" Massey Albert E., "Willesden" Turner Alfred Illeodore,"Ileetorville" Wilson Frederick H.. "Wembly" 41 Bolden Francis T., "rekapo" 39 Pearce Edward Carlisle Street (Bondi) Cooper Henry, "Harrow" 37 Cornwell Walter Off Belfries street Vaughan Richard 35 Collins Mrs. Agnes Le Coutner Mrs. Marion, "Clan-Yetis" Harradlne Ernest NV., "Trine" 33 Inglis Robert H. Schrader Walter E.," Durban" Chaleyer Street (North Bondi Willott Miss E., "Radnor" Melrose terrace Dilworth &meld', "Gulligal" 31 Corolla Charles D. filiapeott Charlotte 11., "Maritana" Dark', road John street Off Old South Head read Butterley Stephen Silra street 133 Allen Charles Brown Alfred It. 27 B Ivan Charles, LI'llt011" 25 Jessep Henry, "Monaville 2 Hughes Victor It., "Compton" Brown Street (Bronte) Randall Charles W., "Lines" 131 Bulbert Thomas Harkness Harold L., " Bonnie Dom 129 Alderton Mrs. Annie Allen Aaiun' G., " Iliglifield" 21 Cookson Richard, "Bert ozerie" 4 Davis Joseph Off Gipps street Carlton Street 127 Iveney Ernest II. Hill Mrs. C. A., " The Bungalow 17 Johnson Mr,. Elizabeth 15 Riding L. EL 11 Gibson Richard, " Kembla" 9 Spurway Frederick 7 Evans Harry If. 3 Birschel Carl, " Wupperthal" Birrell street WOOD, COFF11.1. I COMPANY LTD. 6 Price Mrs. H. G.. "Calstock' 8 Binh!' James, " Saltash 10 Condon John, "Millbrook" 12 Brown Walter H.,..Cawsand" 14 Condon Arthur 16 Myers Phillip, "Cremyll" 18 Coulter Arthur C. " Ortona " 20 Griffith. Mrs. Julia, "Oceanic" Kinnear William," Lauriston Skinner Ernest G. Davie Williatn, "Senforth" Rouse Norman, "Normac" Fludholz Clamor, "Datchett" Parle Richard, "Leadick" Gibson street HEAD OFFICE: SIO CEOROE STREET. 'PHONE 9229 CTT Mcl1/4erson to r(10/0 street 1 Gardiner Ernest 3 Paszeh William 5 Dorman JallICS North McPherson James, "Itosslinn" 4 Bruce George, "Nonnalubrep" 121 Mounstephen Arthur J. 119 Hynes Dennis 117 Ford Mrs. E. A. 115 Fitzgerald Patrick 113 McGrath l'atriek J. 111 Barrett Thomas, "Margerite" 109 Nicholson William 107 Curran William G. Garrett hfrs. 11 "The Bungalow" Brouggy George, "Levens ". Peasch Frederick, " Lynwood" Stephenson Harry F., " Lydon Brown Edward, Lytton Williams James S., " Ifo.nedale" Holman Willlatn THE MOST COMPETENT AND LEAST COSTLY FUNERAL DIRECTORS IN AUSTRALASIA

11 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FURNITURE STANDS IN ITS OWN CLASS. 790 Oha WAVER LEY. Cow Chuleges street continued Perry James E., "Tab-lee" Vine William, "St. Kilda" NiC11138 Carl, "Moira Chambers Avenue (Bondi) Hall street to Lain rock avenue Hamilton William; " Moos " Shankland Robert, "Liege" Gibson Arthur, "Stratlialbyn Eames James U, J.1'., "Coraleigh" Beeche Mrs. Eliz Meth A., "Monowni. 12 Bradford Sydney 14 Brake Alexander Wilson William," Lemnos Peckham Harry Voss Mrs. Maude, "Stratum Clark William Mark Robert, "Mellen" Gionesk Albert, "Grianache" Gilkes Walter Clifton Street Chesterfield parade to Boundary street GOMM, place- Chapple George, " Mavis" Ross Alfred, "Celtic" Ravens John II "Cionalg" 2 Jenkins Joseph 4 Enunerton William, " Rosedale 6 King Henry, "Burrendon g," 8 Mooney Peter E., " Bulimba " 10 Shaw John, " Tallewang 12 Gordon Simon, "Teralie" Council Street Dailey street to Corona avenue 2 Envenagli Charles B. "Glen Brae' 4 Barr Alexander, "Glenrowan" 6 Tellechy Mrs 1, 8 Bamber Dermott G., "Kooringa" 10 Langan Alfred J., "Manama" ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES REIGN SUPREME. Cox W VER L EY. Our James Charles E., cabinetmaker 101 Gillett Mrs711. J. Hodge Frederick, " Bon-Slur" 90 Daily C., general store 103 Wiber James IL, "San Antonio" a Phillips William 'I'. 92 Stanton 11., butcher 105 Quinton Ernest W., J.P., dental sun. 94 Rudd Bruno, hairdresser 107 Carrington Michael Jackman Robert W., J.P.,"Ilocklily" 96 Bohemia Joe, bootmaker 109 Houghton Frederick, " Killiney" McKenzie Arthur It. 100 Vipond Mrs. Catherine, "Stanley" 111 Stirling %Villtain J., "Dargle Meikle William, " Ocean View" 102 Lewis Alexander 113 Muller Patrick," Ternplemore" McInnes Mrs. Janet. "Shelton" 104 Clark Mrs. Robert, "Truro Cottage" 113 Aylieff Mrs 31., laundry, "Beaufort" Maunder "William, Welsh" 106 Burrell John, " hinisvole" 23 Howarth John White Mrs. F., "Salathiel" 108 Lewis Eugene E. W., " Bramleighy " Birrell street Sylvanus H.,"1 lie Pines" 110 Murray Angus G.," Airmount" 125 Lew Gee Charles, fruiterer Sams Mrs. Emily, "Lancaster" 112 Dagger Arthur E. 169 Green L. L.. optician Younghtisband Ebenezer, "Mee'' 114 Worstead Frederick, "Airlee" 171 Lomax & Thomas Misses, conical's Spencer Robert IL," Loloma " 116 Waverley Motor and Engineering 173 Taylor Beery, dairy Ranger Jams, "Lorna" Works--A, H. Witt, proprietor 175 Maher Thomas Fitzgerald John, "Carlyle" Porter street 179 Skinner Beery," St. Helier" Yeend James, " Ifeatlicote" Stuntz Miss Elizabeth, "Trelawney" Croker Archibald, "Leura" 12 King William E., " tit. Kilda Strickland Alexander, painter 181 Chainbers Miss E., confectioner Curlew's Street (North Bondi) Maslyn Frederick, "Fernside" Dowse Albert J., " Merrawe" 14 Grogan Vincent, "Springfield 'Feu! Michael F., plumber 185 Richardson Mrs. Mary E. Ohl South Bead road to Bondi Beach Watson Jose ph C. B. Robinson Charles, "Elsme McDonald Ewen, "Glen Doon" Irellinotou 'greet Smith George P., " Afton Gough George Davis Frederick A.. "Claremont" Ellis Percy Batchen Mrs., "Aviemore" Saywell Mrs. M. Sallery Frank IV., Merri" O'Neill Nurse, "Noelfcls" Cox John Mitchell Stuart It., " Roma Wylie Mrs. Rose Goods! Ernest, ''Itositta" Stephenson Mrs. E. C., "Bowna" Mediae Herbert, "Manuka" Leggo William Lovett Mrs. Mary E. " Natal " Chesterfield Parade Arden to St. Thomas street Sanderson 5 yell 10 Manch Mbri Catherine, "Clifton" 12 Uhr Charles I. K.. " Thurso" Campbell Thomas D., " Lecholme " Filson Mrs. Catherine, "Hollywood" Stark George Bayley Robert E.,"Glenburnie" Platt William, "Bothwell" Dodd Thomas, "Gleniris" Masters James, "Almont" Riley Mrs. A. Brissington Charles E. Newman Frederick J.," Elderslie" 60!Anther Michael, "Stanhope 62 Holmes Albert, "Merville' 04 Clarke Alfred, " rube" 66 Quinton Arthur, ''Lilian'' 68 Gray Richard, "Yatna"' 70 Thomson Mrs. Emily, "Calthowie" 72 Dillon Noel, "Yongala" 74 Nixon Thomas W., Terowie" 76 Harry George 73 Bright Richard 80 Nichols Ernest W., "Eingsclere" Macpherson Herbert A. CU/ton street Dawson Henry E. Melville William, "Darwin" Sharpe Percy, "Darn" Jukes Thomas, "Klitliville" 43 Emslie Thomas, "Daydawe 45 Harris Winter G., " Roslyn 49 Bowman Mrs. Sophia, "Elgware" 51 Richardson John Craig Daniel, "Moony" Parrett William, "Mascotte" Church Street Carrington road to Cowper street 'Bt. Clare's (TLC.) Girls' School 7 Reardon Michael, "Lyttonville" 9 Hyland James, "Ruskinville" 11 Bothamley Louis," Gowrle" 13 Orldfollows' Hall Short street Watt Mrs. Alice Cummings John Lyon Miss Barium Dant Albert Cowper street Hol ten Alfred J. Marks Joseph, "Nemesia" Scorse Frederick, "Pine Hill" Bridgen Albert G., Ltnarina Gordon place Scott at Boundary st Clyde Street (North Bondi) Off Hardy street Stubbs Charles W., "Hillroe" Gentle Arthur G.," Silverton " Branford Reginald W." Knighton Collingwood Street Macpherson st. to Trafalgar st. Watkin John It. Consett Avenue (Bondi) Ilan street to Anus rock avenue Robertson Douglas E., "Phylissa" Elderton Frederick, " Alpha " Misted!hairy, " Oombi" Brown Alfred, F. Griffin F. J., "Emoh" 3 Cox ,"Carthona Millington Walter, " Dollar Gunn Neil Ithenben Mrs. Anne, "Erieville" Moclair Mrs. E. Skinner Ernest H. Moss trio Joseph, " Benito/a McKay Charles M., "Retail" Dryden Samuel, "Kill 'rimy" Baillan Louis, "Clareen" Dines Mrs. C.,' Edgecumbe" Simes Charles, "Lester Love Clement," Kintore" Corona Avenue Botany street to Waverley park 1 Angles Victor, "Chester" 3 Fatzeus Alfred, "Cheviot" 6 Cleary A. F., "Cintre 7 Verily Mrs. Clara, "Clyde" 9 Johns Mrs Grace, nurse," Coburg 11 Hayes Alfred, "Colorado" 13 Bent Arthur P., "Columbia " 15 Hinds Mrs. Julia, "Comoro" 17 Collins Samuel IL, "Cordova 19 Deckhouse M., "Corunna" 21 Fahey Mrs. Mary, "Cremona" 23 O'Connor George," Dakota" 25 Cheeseman Antler, "Dartmoor" McGee Peter, "Delagoa" 27 McEvoy John, "Denver" 29 Turner William B., "Dingwall 31 Waters Mrs. N., "Doncaster" 35 Perry Alfred S., "Dui ban" 37 Heppell Frederick W., " Eddystone 39 Argent Harold, "Elba" 41 Crockett Mrs. L., "Elsinore" 45 Prescctt -James, "Falkirk" 45 Ryan Mrs. T., "Fashoda" 47 Parish Arthur J., "Florida" 49 Stabb Charles B., "Fontenoy" 61 Munro William," Gateshead 53 Diddams Ernest G., " Geneva" 55 Ford George,'"Grennock" 57 Baker John." Lodore 59 Trainor Mrs. Eliza J., "Inglewood" 01 Murphy Mrs. Andrew, "Lytton" 63 Barber John S.. " Neponi 65 Burnet Mrs. Elizabeth, " Kairowa 67 Warmoll Charles, "Taiga!" Horneman William. "Thelma" 71 Coniton Sydney J tOn Street (Bondi) 16 Burns William IL, " Claremont" 18 Brown Mrs. K. M. 20 Wartime!' 'Harold, "Adaville" 20 Chambers Walter J. 22 Wanton Herbert W.," Yorkville 24 Morgan Mrs. Martha," Miclere 26 Slade Bertrand, "Einchrito" 28 Emery Syduey J., " Thuloo 110 Cornock Thomas, " Oph 32 Slallinson Jmepli 34 Madigan Morgan P., "Glenone" 36 Mitchell Miss M. G., "Kondula" 38 Murphy Mrs. Florence, " 40 Sharp Leslie 42 Taylor Henry, "Kanimbla" 1 Vial Mrs. L. J., Br oigalbar 3 lieesch Ernest G., "licylitarpe.' 3 Slingsby Arthur, Bukkulla 7 &Heat,n James 9 Clealeslia Wordsworth, "Walworth" 11 Foley Mrs. Margaret, "Messner 13 Gibbs. Mrs. Mary," Malvern 15 Flemming Mrs, Julia M., " Te Roma" 17 Hi gginbotham Madame. "frevise 21 Drew Chili It's 3I., "Osterley" William G.,' Tiverton" 25 Holdgate Arthur, "Mane 27 Newell Widiam.1., " Waratini 29 Grier William A, 'Leysdown" Cowper Street Oxford to Victoria it. /a Gardeitu corner Pattinson Co., Ltd., chemists Hardie & Gorman Proprietary Ltd., houss, land and estate agents Charles K. Collins, manager 4 Patterson C. Is. us ii Co.. plumbers 41 Teo Gardens hotel M. Levi' 6 McDonald a.. Co., 11011F,0 ageats 8 Hughes!Helier I %V., plumber 10 Segal.1., poulterer 12 Madden Mrs. 5., bo 'thinker 14 Smith W., tobacconist 14a Gliding susudivitt, signwriers 16 Freeman Bros., oyster saloon 18 Rose Bros., boot repairers 20 Davie Robert A, confect.oner 22 Graham Joseph, "Penryn" 24 Elley Arthur '1'..t. Sons, furniture warehouse 20 Porte). Hirt y I., bookseller 28 Coastal Farmers' Co-operative Society (TIO Waverley Branch Henry Vaughan, local manager Grey street Stone Walter, produce dealer 38 Austin Arthur, tobacconist 90 Lees Elizabeth, sinallgoods 42 Sewell Mrs. A. E., confectioner Airy street 44 Lloyd lire. E., grocer Beale's buildings -- 4q Moxon George J., J.P., van proprietor 48 Barwick Mrs. Emma, confectioner Murra y Mrs: M., laundry 54 Norman W., provision dealer 56 Bostock Mrs. Annie, costitinteris 58 'MacLeod Margaret, confectioner 60 Watts Arthur B., butcher Allen if reel Butler J., produce merchant The Strand- Public Telephone l'olice Station-Constable Leslie GilVill Fountain John 189 Brown William V., "Dalkeith" Birrell street Waverley Superior Public School Champion Miss 11.," Boronia " Whitton V. Brown, head 'nester :Them' Joseph," Canna" 193 Jessop Alfred Kelliek James, "Browallia" 195 Duggan Nuisc Catherine, "Florence" Laity Mrs. H. E., "Coleus" Off Robinson Frederick Kernels Ernest, " Big:Ionia" Pointer James Bali Poulter Fred Horace, "dianthus" Doewra Henry 11., "Ouplien" 199 Kimberley Albert Williams Leslie," Lobelia" 209 Harkness Frederick A. Waverley Ironworks F. Harkness Church street 100 Hassell John," Liely " raptor's lane 192 McLeod Arthur J. 211 Brilinain Co-op. Society (IVav'y beeln 191 Owen Mrs. C. W. R. 213 Pendleton Miss Kate, confectioner 196 Disltago Domenick Haler= Miss, dressmaker 199 Cliff George Dunn 0..1., coaclibuilder 202 Thompson William II. 221 Denning Mrs. Sarah J., " Moresby" 204 Sun Brass Foundry 223 Bruce Mrs. C. 206 Mackellar Duncan 225 Walsh Mrs. Julia, "Feldwicke" 208 Macintosh Alexander," Drumbute" 227 Ley William II. 216 Wilson Herbert 223 Reif William 218 Pmter Mrs, Fewings Frederick J., builder 220 Williams Peter 235 Vaughan Edward J., bootniaker 222 Young William R., "Zenobla" Victoria street 224 Steles Frank, "Stoonhall" 226 Casey Mrs. Maud Cox Avenue (Bondi) 228 Baldwin Edwin L. Holt street to Latts..ock avenue 230 Kimpton Miss Edith, - grocer Short street 3 Daven port William G. yaobe _ riniei Dairy I. i Co-op. Co., depot 5 Cronk Robert 7 Clarke Cyril ` Johnson Edward, "Findlay" 9 Gleeson Francis MeLoughlan H., "Ilinemoe 11 Spratt William, "Orizaba" Bergin Thomas, "Monne" 13 Farrell Mrs. A. Caller 1Villtinn W., " Moira" 15 Terry William A., 'Fascot" Leggett Walter, "Sind" 17 Bailey Francis Victoria street 19 Sellick Francis C. 21 Cutler Cecil 23 Boyd James H, "Thera" 25 Douglass Percy J., "Delarra" oxford street 27 Lewis Frank H. E. S. and A. Bank, Limited Donald 29 Robins Stanley McDonald, J.P., manager 31 Daly James Bank Chambers 33 Nutt William, "Shirley" Pox A. Stanley, surgeon dontist 35 Pollard Fred. W. Speer Miss Mar garet, ironmonger 37 Carty John Sbrochi John, tobacconist 39 Good Arthur J. Mangle and Butler, fish shop Symonds Jack, "Ilinemoa" Spring street 41 Cullen Mrs. S. J., "Glenalvon llors'llo Vincent, fruiterers Gaul(' Sydney H., " Thurles" -3 Moran and Cato, LtAl., grocers Purcell James, "Ascot" 5 McDonnell Frederick C., drapers, etc. Koch Franz, "Edna" 7 Sonenfeld Samuel, pawnbroker Eubler John C., baker 2 Hoare Alfred Oa Asprey The Misses, ladies' outfitters Lawler Gerald, " Montero." 11 Martin F. and Co., dyers 6 McTavish Archfiend, " Roma 13 Zaferpulos C., confectioner 8 Warr David P., "Omar" 15 Ward Mrs. Marlin E. chemist 10 Campbell Norman, Widgee" 17 Friendship Mrs..1., ;iraper 12 Symonds Mrs. Nance 19 Preece H. A., bootmaker 14 Chambers Ezekiel J. 21 lingers and O'Connor, smallgoods 16 Simpson Albert E. 23 Whittord Bertram H., tailor 18 Henderson Cyril 25 Merrifield Albert R. hairdresser 20 Lewis Percy A. 27 Bettie Charles IV., 1:utcher 24 Frazer William 29 Marini Bross fruiterers Costigo Mrs. B. 31 Morrison Harold P., confectioner Arnim] Leon, "A daville" 33 Brown Albert, butcher Jones Thomas, "Zealandia" Ebley street 32 Bullock Leonard, " Lendor" Brisbane street Hart Reginald, " Berelvere" Star Pictures Cross Street 77 Corbett Benj, dentist, " Labrena Bis's'ell Darling street Lovett James. plumber 81 Bradley William G. Thomas Alfred \V., " Rocklands" Hartley Mrs. Elizabeth 83 Fazackerley James H. Ashton J. Howard, "Coverack" McLeod Bruce 85 Douglas John Johnson Mrs. Ellen, " Colton Crisis R. II.. dentist Catell John, " Venezia Moore Henry, " " Justice Mrs. Madeline, " Cazila " 3IcGowen Allan Wooiley Reginald B., " Gwent' " Bather Thomas E., "Carlisle" Saunders, quarry Grady Alfred Svhia street. Howell Ralph," Hazelnell Hines Michael Rollins John Desprez L. T., "Darlot" Iniray Frederick J., "Byron" sharman Joseph Charlwood Walter, "Jimmy" Hollingworth John, "Harcourt" Rosenfeld Ernest, "Gladstone" ShatTer A. D., "The!raven" Partridge Daniel, "Kilmoran" Smith Miss A. E., "The Dingle" Jame? "Colinville" Twining Guseav Tallarook flats Houghton Douglas Noonan John Knoseles Francis Schraeder Miss Phyllis Muller Mrs. A. M.," Weisbaden Gould street Bray Harold, estate agent Haswell Frederick, grocer Coelli Miss Ilelen Baronia Plats Dix Thomas Russell E. Kean James Clarke Itoss Pretoria parade! Plummer Robert, grocer Comm' Thomas, general store Folkes Henry A. Clarke Justus J.," Carole Barrie Alexander F.," Lynton" Hadfield Charles A., "Kinkora" Willetts James II. sophia street Knox William Gjedsted Elvyn Pekes William, "Marie" Milberg B., "Dinette Nock William Eslick Mrs. Elizabeth, "Elwynn" Place Lcslio Williams Albert E.," Morvah " Morton Arthur G., "Le Grande" Bray Harold," Braddon" Wilson James, "Argyll" Saunders A., "Verona" Lesk Alfred Latta David Clark Street (North Bondi) og Watson street 74 Sullivan Mrs. Annie, cleaner, etc. Old South Head rood to Ocean 78 Patterson Alfred 1 Boileau Charles W, " Allendale" 80 McIver Albert Braokenbury Arthur," Wentworth" 3 New port Percy, "Allynbrook" 82 Burrows Henry 87 Macintosh Alexander Brook, Sirs. II. B., "Kent" Boss Mrs. E. " Eillkerra" McLaren John, "Neotsfield 5 Monaelum Mrs. CL, "Berowra" 84 Corey John 59 Peters Whiten' 14 Pepper Walter E.," Stalportnus" Gould street Crompton Oswald, "Seeforth" 7 Cleary Reginald, "Bowraville" 86 Roberts Bros., window.blind makers 91 Casey Mrs. Alice H. Lesberg Arthur, "Meringue Pretoria parade Steer John C., "Poonarree" 11 Yamoosky Max, "Kelso" Roberts Henry R. R. WOODS COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS, SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION' AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND CONTRACTORS WE SERVE ALL WITH EQUITY AID ECONOMY

12 ANTHONY HORDERNS' ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. 792 Out WAVERLEY. Den Cuthbert Street Blen.helnz street to De street Buchan Robert, "Navua" Roy William, "Noumea" Newcombe Francis L. Harrison Leonard, "Moruya" L) Schubert; Eugene, "Wanrua" Stevens Cyril, "RieIca" Evans John, "Winne" Pryce Samuel Moto Rudolph, " Mini" Bourke street Embank terrace- 8 Hegarty T S J. 5 Madigan Michael 4 Board Mrs, Matilda 3 Scott George It, 2 Benham Themes 1 Moor Alexander Fitzgerald street Stanley street Newland abed Horne James, "Teaneck" Hall John," Combo" Xi street Denison street Anderson Frank, "Lanarkfield" Gorton Cecil IL, "Brenda " Nicholls Claude L., "Milroy" Kingsley. Thomas, "0 winia Noonan James, "Oringi" Lamptell George. "Calton" Eifel William, "Thornton" Bourke street Green George, "Trelliston" Ledwidge John, "Trafalgar" Armstrong George, "Atua" Mewse Thomas, "Suva" Mitchell William J., "Grenfell" Donohoe Thomas, " Wynola" Kent Arthur J., "Myiora" Colitis CCCil Dailey Street Botany to Paul street 1 Dobell William," St. Elmo" 3 Wunderlich Ernest, "St. Omer" 7 11c Kenny Miss Esmond" ' 13 Mune Alfred, J.P., surgeon dentist, "Kinellan" Council street 25 Colman George, " Ililitop" 27 Rice William,"Oakleigh" Paul street Darling Street (Brent()) Off Alfred street, at foot of Reid street Strong Janms, "Melia" Alen Rev. David (Pres.) Sutherland Hugh HI., "BindaWalla" Broad William IL, "Caloole" McGill Geoffrey Pearce Reginald 3.,_"Wahgunyah" Percy Thomas' "Joffre" Stapleton Charles Reid William, "Beach Hill Cottage" Porter John G., "Balmoral" Banton William, "Wahroona" Dellview Street (Bondi) Of Fletcher street Tamarama bay Kemp Felix J., Milton Inunerry Thompson William IL, "Ozone" Waxen Henry IL, "Ocean View" O Hamiltml Robert 8 Brown William 7 Walsh eo Carli4le sired 6 Bishop Thomas, "Cliftonville" 5 Murray John T. 4 Fletcher James 3 Johnson John T., "Rayville" 4 Johnston Athol Denham street (Bondi) 'Retcher street to Edward street Crouch H. J., contractor 3 Hainsworth James E., "Ashbounte" 5 Page Mrs. "Layton" 7 Harlow Mrs. Mary 9 Chamberlain Herbert, "Waratah" 11 Hellyer Norman ' 51orden" 13 Mealy Edward C., "St. Albans" 15 Morris Henry T., "Leona" 17 Fanning Thome., "Moira" Bondi road WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. 25 Foster Robert 11.,...WOodstock" 27 O'Meara J., "Myee" 29 GIbb William E., " Stirling" 31 O'Brien Rupert, "Lyndon" 33 Cutler harry 0., " Wyneella " 35 Joseph Henry, " Atakora 37 Bloxham J.P., " Rutherglen" 39 Blaxland Mrs. May," Arbroath " 41 Evans WillIam, " Queen's Gate" 43 Corbett William F., "The Sfooringa" Edward street Laurie Francis E., "Forest Knoll" Bondi road 52 Naylor John Patterson Alfred W., "Prinwoue" Hood Mrs. J.." Cooyal 58 Hunter David, " Forfar" Wallbank Miss, "Coolah" Ziems Charles J., "Ursine" Bennett Gordon, "Uralla" Fisher James, "Carrathool" Burney George, "Thirroul" Denison Breet Upper Oxford to Victoria street Motor Works byon Bros. 6 Fitzsimmons Mrs. Emily 8 Eyre Mrs. Ellen 10 Taylor William, blacksmith Spring street Rockvale terrace- 14 Donnellan James J. 16 Hanle John 18 Miller William 22 Hynes Patrick, contractor Forint Thomas; sen., contractor 28 Lazarus Samuel L. 80 Baby Charles II, " Oceola" 32 Fisher Freleriolc, " Woodleigh 36 Cooper Mrs. Mary E., " Aberdour " 38 Pekes James G. 40 Pokes James J. 42 Wright Mrs. Winifred 44 Kennedy Mrs. K. 90 Wright John 48 Hawthorn Arthur IL., grocer Ebley lased 50 Bavirovich Antonio 52 McAlister John 54 Young Mrs. Annie 56 Ryan Mrs. May 58 McLeod Maxwell A. 60 Hodson John J. 62 Lord Edmund 64 Adams Hugh Francis 66 Olsen Anton 68 Stockbridge Frank 70 Stockbridge Jonathan Edward terrace- 72 Booth James IL 74 Hawthorn Mrs. Julia 76 Reedy Norman 78 Reedy John 80 McKenzie Reginald 82 Greham Mrs. Mary, general store 84 Morris Stanley 86 Dempsey James 13;groser 88 Lacey Mrs. Sarah DO Keenan Patrick M. 92 Bell William Edward 94 Moran William 96 Hewitt Cyril 98 Bushel Harry 100 Penfold George 102 Chester Mr,. Alice, "Denison" 104 Kicky Walter Brindle Charles 108 Bowden William 110 Lomas Charles 112 Webster Thomas 114 Hall Herold 116 Pooley Archie 118 Medley Percy 120 McFarlane Charles 122 Dear Harold F. 124 Hourigen John 126 King Harry N. 128 Bull Neil Birrell street Jacobs Alliet t,"ormiston" Howarth Ralph, "Maryville" 136 Cahill M. P. 38 Baker Alan ' Morris David E., "Edna" Newland 'Charles, "Willaudra" Stanton 0,. "Birrenong" Crawley DORIS, "Tarlington" Smith llorace Kisky Alexander, "Naroo" Eydd David, "Cal Jaya" Alford Henry Thorbeck Thomas Johnson George E., "Elystan" 1'brcoo Frederick, "Corm Lynn" Butler Cecil Murphy John A., "Mayfield" Hollowa y William Walton Isaac, "Colorado" Freeman Alfred Cuthbert street Terry Fred.. "Englo" CUR Itoy, " Bona Redhouse Ambrose, "Elrington" O'Sullivan Eugene, "Nellie" lioness Thomas, "Mogador" Cassidy William, "Anton" Kidney Edwin G. Churchill Herbert C., "Toowoomba Bartle Mrs. Lucy, " Berridale Sheen Walter, "Brocklesbury" Harrison Edward U.," \Vanilla 7 Ihyall W. 0. and Co., bakers 9 Hatter Mrs. E., "Ourimbalt" 11 Power William, " Ruby 13.Tones Clement F. :15 Butcher Elizabeth 17 James Frederick Isabella terrace- 19 McCarthy John 21 Reid George 23 Finnie Latmtt James 25 Egan Dallied P. 27 Taylor Thomas C., carrier 20 Thompson Mrs. Lydia j Gordon terrace- 31 Clifton Clarence S. 33 Keen Walter 35 Young Mrs. Sarah J. 37 Fordimm Miss Agnes 39 Young Charles 91 Fogel ty Herbert' Charles terrace- 43 Seller John 45 Peters Mrs. Mary 47 Morris Mrs. Ada 49 Mulholland Ernest 51 Conduit Owen 53 Potter William 55 Keefe Mrs. Katherine 57 Woods Joseph 59 Hayward Harold J. 61 Nyman John, "Mats" 63 Nyman Frederick, " Oberon 65 Parkhill Arthur Memel Memorial Pros, Chorale Ebley street 71 Douglas James W. 73 Lauder John E. 77 McMahon Michael J. 81 Merritt Ernest 83 Rowell Nicholas," lombire 85 Wallace John, "San Antonio" 87 Donovan Mrs, Mary 89 Lee John 91 Whitlock Joshua L. 93 Manning Frank, " 95 Weldon Walter T., J.P., Rees terrace- 87 Butt Edward 99 Wilsoe Harold 101 Welfare Thomas 103 Pearson Ernest 105 Moran Mrs. Jane 107 Meeney Patrick 109 Anderson Miss Mary lii Gleeson Joseph 115 Bowman Whet L. 115 Anderson Mrs. Margaret 117 Luker George 110 Thompson Archibeld 125 Rodney John. "Nevada" 127 Brennan Mrs. A. Hough street 129 Condon Thomas C., "Inveiell" 131 Breen Patrick "Mount Eagle" 133 Gee James 135 Daley Francis, " Drumlish 137 Coombes Frank W., "Langwell' Bfrrell street Daley Frank P., grocer Platt Richard, fruiterer 141 James Henry 143 Wisdom Alfred," Auburn" HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY _ NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, DRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. Der WAVE It LEY. Ebl Holman Thotnee E. 147 Fielder Albert,"Museotte" 149 Napier Henry, "Thelma 151 Butez M r s, Catherine 155 Havers William 157 Winters John 159 Mallen Leo., "0-Tc-flea" 165 Kell Samuel 167 Howard Leo 169 Word James," Dioville" 171 Dillon Reginald 173 MacLart y Archlbalil 173 Gilliam George 177 Fortey John U, general store 179 Findlay James, "Morrow" 181 Warburton Albert 183 Oliver John 185 Bradley Frederick W., "Eunice" 167 Barker Leslie 189 Ward Samuel, "Louisa" 191 O'Connell Denis, "Morrieville" 193-Lightfoot Richard A. 197 Mitchell William G.. " Winsley " 199 Lowe Albert W., " Clova " 201 Le/tin Ralph 203 Figures Fred W.," Cara" 205 Kennedy Mrs. M. 207 (sonimt Arthur 209 Oster weld Richard." Magdeburg" Seddon Charles, "Kuratala" lifaddigan Claude McDonald Wallace, "Keela" Fishwick Mre. 14."Euson" Bridge Mrs. Edith, "Norfolk McPherson Alexander Roy Alfred, "Belmont" Fieitwick Keginald 227 Law Mrs. E., "Claremont" 229 Healy Arthur Derby street ;North Bondi) Old South Head roan' to Ocean Ihtteress G.orge and Cart.. streets Rollinson Joseph, "Rosagulla" Ball Albert, "Bay View" Chard A. H. G.,' Mooltan" Murch Percy 0., 'Oberon" Diamond Bay Road (North Bondi) Old South Head road to Ocean Scholes John 11. Woods Mrs. Ethel, "Westor" Ilav William J. Feltner George Tiley W Kenna Joseph L, "Karmool" Adont D. Itowhans John Parkes Harry, "Allendale" Reid Frederick Gallitgli sr Michael Barton Wslter Hislop John Dickson Street Birrell to Murray street Belgrare street Ileapy Joseph A. Bull Charles, "Towrello" Dean Alfred, "Kyowall" McHugh Frederick W.,"Glencae" Read street Bewlett street Poole II.trry, "Langlee Cottage" Bronte street McMahon James Baines Maurice Tomlin Stanley Murray' ireet Coombes Charles Hyland Henry Young Alexander Dexter Thomas C, "Clarence" Kelly Mts. E., "Fernlea" Creen Frank, "Langlee" Donald Place Off Barren street Carr Henry, "Elgin Cottage" Willis Miss Elizabeth, "Portadown" Dover Road (North Bondi) Off ON South Head road Farrar Francis J., "Nooringa" Conningliatn James, "St. Mungo Tregenza Hugh A., "Pendeen" Sollivan I Sliced Albert E. "Kingston" Cootc lird. M., "13 nvdolt" Telephone Exchange Entwistle Fred, " Accrington Drew John, ' Kanawha" Baker Horace A., "Brewood" Dudley Street (Bondi) Bondi road to Fl-tch er street Wright Mrs. E. A.." Douglas" Neems Charles, "Brussels" Harris Stanley, "Belgium" Hopkins William, "Mooltan" Warren Mrs., "Highbury" Manning Mrs. E., 'Wodonga" Ilettiamin Mark, "Rnsaville" Taylor William, "Linthorpe" Downes William, "Liision" Hopkins Mrs. E., "Toolonn" Reeve Herbert, "Emby" Templeton John, "Washington" Manton James, "Mt. Vernon" Warren John S. Freeman James V., "Item sgate" Cuss Frederick. "Hygeirt" Jones Albert II., "Kolak" Wilson Frederick, "Elora" Stanger James lt., grocer 1 Bailey Frederick B. 3 Tatham James, "Verona" 5 Kendall Henry S. 7 Moore Robert E.," Leura " 9 Dunn Charles J. 13 Jacobs Frank W. 15 Whitman Walter, "Eerie" 17 Saltine Mrs. M. lo Carter Walter P. "Iona" 21 Bastway Miss F., "Ocean View" 23 Murphy John, "Lindon" 25 Moss Frederick, "St. Shoo" 27 Hombre!! Mrs. M., "Wimborne" 29 Stubbs Mrs. Elizabeth,.Braybrooke" 31 Shea W., "Cornwall" 33 Birch Herbert A., "Marathon" Mrs Henrietta Thompson Artidtr, "To Where" Welbourne Mrs. Lucy, "Me,rimac" Stuart Mrs. Gilmour Ormond, "Mavis" Jacobs Edward, "Leeson" Primrose Henry Dixson William 11., "Mamma" Smith William, "Crania" Ebley Street 08 Mill Bill?vitt Denison street Ebleg terrace- 4 Worth Charles T. 6 Ferry :lames P. 8 Moloney John P., sanitary drainer 10 Hodgetts Mrs. Constance 1 24 liiingioi v grtllallf irsesi Deborah 16 Light Sydney 18 Livermore Mrs. 20 Giles John, "Maude" 22 Callaway Thomas, "Jessie" 24 Ilolloway Mrs. Margaret, "noble" Simpsen George, " Linda 23 Barnett Charles G. ' "Milford" 30 Lawrence Frederick, " Thelme " 32 Midge Horace B., "Croyland" 34 Moxhant Mrs. L. Si,, "Clermont" 36 Crowe Frank A. 40 Hatfield Richard, "Rapaki" Newland street Lachlan terrace- 42 Valle John 44 Menzies William F. 46 Flynn William J. 48 McMelion James 50 Sinclair Arthur 50a Darby Mrs. Evelyn 52 Meaditam Hilton 54 Jones Miss Jane, "Rosebud Villa" 56 Hickey Mrs. Mary 60 Rice Mrs. Lil ian. " Queenton 02 Bell David, "Burchfield" 64 Sewell bliss Frances 70 Murray Richard, us/matter contractor 72 Rumford Francis M., "Myola" 74 Peacock Nicholas, "Estrada" 70 Mend s1 Abraham 78 Aldrich Frank 0.," Loongana " 82 Roberts Jack C. 81 Richardson Robert Cowper street H6 Mason Charles 88 Sydney United Friendly Societies' Dispensary, Waverley branch An n street 90 Parker Alfred 92 Fletcher Joseph 94 Judd Francis 96 Ityan Arthur P. 98 Hampton Edward, "Myee" 100 Ross William If. T., "Locksley" 102 Mason Ilet bert, "Eisenbcr" 104 Levvy 5lies Frances 106 Beet-shank Oswald 104 Casey Sirs. A., Orita" 110 Corbett Herbert, " Hazeldene" 118 Alcock William 120 Lovett Ilitrdld G. Wavcriey Baptist Church Cary street 124 Ohlson George R., "Corinth" Elley Alfred welter, "Colorado" 128 Wilson Andrew. "Cardigan" 13) Weeks Thomas H., " Mulford" 132 Maher Matthew, "Beaufort" 134 Flynn Miss M., "Baroda" 136 II iddlestone John, "Gladstone" 138 Cellaghan William P., "Billion" 140 Garrett Albert E., "Athens" 192 McKay Mrs. Alice," Astoria 144 McKay Reginald, "Arnhem" 14e O'Donnell Mrs, E. 148 Beveridge Robert li.,"altona" 150 Elley Albert, "Algoa" 152 Wilcox John, "Alberta" 154 Smith Gilbert, "Albany" 156 Shepherd David J., "Chelmsford 158 Bowes Dennis 160 Bridgwood Mrs. Julia, " Kaiora" 162 Grant Alfred, "Amwa" 164 Dyson Sydney G. 166 Cletnesha Harry G. 168 Newson Charles E. 170 Bollington George 172 Matthews; Sydney J. 174 Thomas Reginald Neilson Mary Witt Ilemy W. J., " Aeolus" Cobb Cyril, "Circe" Little John, "Scylla" Denism street Jennings William, butcher 3 Edmond, Minnie 5 Light Alfred 7 Bertram Harry 9 Alexander Jacob Agnes terrace ii Matthews Frederick Godfrey Michael 15 Nicholls Theophilus Alma terrace- 17 Heidenreich Frederick 19 Foster Mrs. Mabel 21 Johnson Mrs. Alice 23 Williamson Henry, grocer Lawson street 25 Farrelly Brother's., produce merchants Newland street 51 McWilliams Mts. Mary. " Craigielea" 53 Clancy Thomus, "Eden" '55 Thornton Mrs. Ann, ' Althorn" 57 Pitt Harold L., "Elton" 59 Rigby Thomas, " Merlyn" 61 Bet-doll Patrick Fletcher Herbert so "Roadside" Centeunial Park Skating Rink &W ray street 77 Farley Charles 79 Hill Mrs. B.,"Penshurst" Mackenzie street O'Sullivan John IL. "One" Aldridge Arthur, "Horde" \Vaverley Brennan Thomas, billiards The Grand hold Ben Craven Brisbane strea Couper street 91 McCue John 93 Tate Reginald L., "Killen" 95 Thomas Charles J. 97 Judkins George 99 Byrne Mrs. Eliza 101 Connors Arthur 103 Summerville Mrs, H. M. 105 Allen John 107 Lynch Thotnas, "Kendall" lt.9 Wood Walter, " Gordon" THE LARGEST FIRM OF UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE

13 t ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE MAN ON THE LAND: 794 Edm AVERLFX. Fla Bliley street continued- 111 Coghlan William, "Warwick" 113 Mixon Frederick, "Whalley Range" 115 Little Ellen, " Woloowiu" 117 Haven Frank, "Shirley" 123 Talky Francis II., " Banbury" 125 Barnes Christopher C., "Ravenswood' ' 127 Matthews Walter, "Inverness" 129 Iliginhothan Percy, "Tolago" 131 Townsend Roland, "Stmtheden" 133 Curran James, "Melvin" 135 Cheese Percy P., ' Waterford 137 Harper Charles, "Wodonga" Edmund Street Victoria to John street 2 Catley James 4 Pollock Lewis 6 Connelly Michael," Tacoma" 8 Mounstephen Richard, "Carlton' 19 Graham Walter, "Bolwarra" Evans Mrs. B. M. E. 12 Fowler Iteginald 16 Evans Percy W. IS Nicholson Donald 20 Higgs John It. 22 Scan Ion John 24 Solution Mary 26 Collins Michael, senr. 25 Hutchison Thomas, "Norma" 30 Fowler Mrs. E., "Ashley" :it Lomax Albert 34 31ildwater Edgar 36 Stephens John Stacey Eli 40 Wright Henry 42 Judge James, cab proprietor Pierce Charles W., "Telopea" 0 Coleman Henry. "Roslyn" 11 Beaziey Edward 13 Wright Walker 15 Lewis Joseph D. 17 Burge Robert W. 19 Coleman Thomas Fowler Mrs. Agnes, "Rawson" 25 Ward Mrs. T., " Maryville" 27 Moxon William A. 29 Lest Mrs. Jessie 33 Cox Daniel, " Elsmore 35 Garfortli Wilfred, "OwensvIlle" Edward Street (Bondi) Wellington street to Bondi road Johnson William, "Gosport" Batson John, "Cobham" Clare John H., "Greenwich Cottage" Carroll Mrs. Annie, "Orient Cottage" Moore street Dean Albert Roberts George W., "Lincoln" James Mrs. L. W.. "Roma" Board Edward," Bitterest Webeck Mrs. Teresa Roberts R. Im perial avenue Richardson Horace H., "Corm Lynn" Webb Charles R., "Taipo" McCoy Richard, "Hobart" Harper George, " Devonport" McIntyre Peter, "Kengelo" 31cCourt Robert Castlefleld street Bsrry Mrs. Elizabeth, "Hinton" Brien Robert, " Divernagh" Cathcart Mrs. Rita, "Mowhan" Denham street Hewitt Ernest 'I'. "Austral" Wilkinson Mrs. A., "Comely Rank" Hill James, "Hillston" samnels Myers Flynn John P., "Uralla" Lamb Robert J. Rowley Harold, "Glenalva" Kenyon Edwin B., "Sheppey" Cocks Mrs. Sarah J., "Shiplake Stevenson Mrs. E., "The Bays" Bowkett William, "Concord" Gellert Samuel Bondi road Pentecost F. W., contractor Yetman Win. Henry, " Milford Gayleard George,,"nic Surf" Richards Charles 1V., "Lyndon" Adams Mrs. 0., "Smeaton" McDonnell Douglas Smith William, 'Cadonia" Kerslake William R., "Katoomba" Haub Christopher, "Welly) n" Moore Reginald, "Minuet" Brennan Thomas McInnes Mrs. Mary, "Minerva" Agn w Edward V. Colyer L., "Barham" Denham street Eliza Street (North Bondi) Off Ohl South Head road Morrison Malcolm.. Smith William Seidl Frederick, " Unity Cottage" Jones William Parkes Percy F.," Frisco" Perm Charles "Milroy" Clarke John, "Heather Brae" Ethel Street (North Bondi) Palmer street to Ocean Harrison Seth Evans Street Gam/ yne to Macpherson street Carter Leslie S. Lyneham Vivian Paton William G. 2 McLaughlin Mrs. Ada, "Yanko.' FIeldhouse Mrs.," Elsinore" Violet street 17 Comans Miss Si., Nerang " 15 Kavenagh Corneli us W., "Marwiu" 13 Burch Henry S. 11 Callinan Patrick " Vitiate" 9 French Fred 7 Bird James, "Daphne" 5 Arthur Evelyn, "St. Alicia" 3 Williams George 1 Ebsworth Maurice Marplon:son street Macpherson street Kende!: Frederic:. R., "Lawrence" McArthur Alfred 6 Chapplo George "Worfield" 10 nankin John 12 Johnson Mrs. A. E., "Wonbourne" 14 Gibbs Martin, "/Ihnley 16 Hunter David, "Goldthorpe" 18 Reynolds John A., "Tettonliall" 20 Stewart Robert W., " Wightwick" 22 Henderson Arthur J., '"frysall" 24 Ward Mrs. J. W., "Godsall" Rose street 26 Geddes Mrs. Elfrida "Roseleali" 30 Goldman Mrs."Redo Villa" Brae street 32 Hollingworth Edwin, "Edgecumb" 34 De Green Bernard, "The Wigwam" 36 Boyle 'I'. W., "Denbigh" 38 Weir Henry, professor of singing 40 Byrne Mrs. Selina "Lipson" 42 Holesgreve Wm. S., "Summer Hill" 41 Cadwallader William IL, "Briguna" 46 Merrick Mrs. W. 48 Corbett Caleb Gardyne street Ewell Street Bennett to Ocean street 1 Neale Harry 0., "Sunuybrae" 3 Stonehouse William L., "Hillcrost" 5 Folkes Calman, "Craiglea" 7 Norton Sydney, "Rosalie" 9 Lawton David J., "Ivanhoe" 11 Debnam Joseph W., "Merton" 13 Gimblett George IL, " Yarra 15 Geniis Robert, "Iona" 17 Bentley Arthur, "Staffa", 18 Donaldson Muir 10 Jones Herbert O'Connor John M. Catley James Brown George 4 Chapplo Edwin 2 Robertson Mrs. W. Farrellys Avenue (Bondi ) Off Fletcher street Eastbury Mrs. Ebling F. Abrams Harry, "Ladywond Fern Street Wallace street to Varna street Stewart James, "Kandayu" 4 Marcus Juliet', "K.yralt" 6 Hitrdwiek E. 8 Ahearn David 10 Ramsay John R. 12 Martin Edgar 16 Brook Oliver H. Varna street Fig Tree Street (North Bondi) og Blake street Firth Street Matisherson to Lelchhartit street 3 Conolly Mrs. E. G., " Bon Accord 6 Turton F. W. 11., "Ellesile" Fitzgevald Lane Off Fitzgerald street Hopkins Edward Leahy William Fitzgerald Street Birrell to Cuthbert street 2 Collins Cornelius 4 Pass William 6 Griffiths Frederick 0. 8 Hill James 10 Quail, Mrs. A. 12 Short William 14 Hooper Mrs. Esther 10 Iblo William 18 Somertield Arthur 20 Howlers Antonio 22 BradyJa11109, "Inglewood" 24 Kemp John 20 McPherson James 28 Gill Joseph. 32 Fox Charles Ernest, "Claraville" 34 Thompson James Thomas Francis J., "Eitham" 36 Johnson Mrs. Eliza 36 Thomas Francis Turner Bert., "Florenceville" Pickering John, "Lake View" Clubbe Havelock F.," Melrose" King Charles, "Norwood Wilson Henry, "Park View" 3 Fetter Edward 5 Phillips Mrs. M. A. 7 O'Sullivan John 9 Perry Albert 11 Teely Miss Margaret 19 Fewtrell Mrs. F. 21 Elms Charles W. 23 Martins Philip 25 Stanford Fred, 29 Field Francis E. Ruby rote- 31 McKwell- 33 Wright Joseph A. 36 Cohen Lewis, "Glen Iris" 37 Bennett Charles, " Awaba 39 Minahan James F., "Lochiel" 41 Rimini Joseph," Montrose" 43 Waugh Henry, "Balmoral" 46 Sharp Robert, 'Tenalba" 51 Sullivan Mrs. Jane 55 Feel Mrs. Ellen 59 Donohoe Thomas, " Derralynu"' 61 Stokes Henry J. Fleteher's Avenue (Bondi), og south end ol Denham street Fletcher Miss Fletcher Mrs. D., "Fairlight" Laohaume Madame, "The Lynn" Fry S.," Glen Lodge" Stone Miss M., " The Lynn" Simpson Mrs Hilda M., "Eastbourne Mealey Michael," Aurora Fletcher Frank, Douglas Fletcher Harry, "Wonoona" Roberts Charles H., "Glen Ayr"' Ashton Julian R., artist Jones Thoma s "The Glen" ' Moore John, "Elouera " Miller Henry, "Carislya " Randall Alfred, " Lucille" Perry William, " Osmond Keene John "Manton" Prentice Robert " Wandella " WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE ST., C'DOWN 'PHONE L2848 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR POULTRY KEEPERS' REQUISITES. Pie NV AVE 11 LE Y. Gil 795 Fletcher Street (Bondi) Denham street to Ocean 2 Turner II. E. 4 Taylor Mrs. J., "Pembroke" 6 Symons Sydney D. T., "Mervue" Glen street Gruner Ellio. Tanratiga Heard rd!le), t. ' J., " Thelma" Reilly James F., "Eltham" Gibson S. J., "Wynclia" Babilinski Joseph F., decorator Eekersley J01111, "Preston" Wright Thomas " Aston Kerr William, "St. ' Alin's-on-Sea Matthews John, "Lorraine" Hynes Patrick F., "Liguori" Dudley street Howloads avenue Hoffmann Mrs,, "Ormond" Davis Henry L., "Norwood" Doherty' Mrs. 31." Hallam Thomas Joseph. Beard Arthur, "Dude" Hann Joseph, "Conway" Stokes Albert E.," Sandhurst " Stokes Edward. ' Rathntr" tint Cecil It. " By the Sea Hamilton Alexander, "New Jersey Evans Nurse," CIISCIVICS" Iris Herbert, "Eitlyoll" Wilkins Robert E.," Tufts" Henderson Thomas, "Karol" Jay Charles, "Benumaris" Stemma Kingsley, "Olive Home " 'fantail %Tr.. Eleanor," Kin Ore Isieekes John G. Levy William, '"raomina" Caton Welter N., " Darset " Bedford William 0., "St. Dale" Rembert Mrs. J., "Borenia" Denton George II., " Bay view " Sitra street Barber Mrs. E. C., "The Beaches" Deltriew street Flood Street (Bondi) ) Bondi road to Old South Head road 96 Hopkinson Mrs. 11. E., " Ambleslde 44 Barnett Benjemin. "Cranbury" 42 Leslie Hugh, grazier," Waratah" 40 Baynes Mrs., " Arizona " 38 Macanlay Benjamin. "Ben Venue" 36 Dowding William, "Grosmont" Burke James, "Glendalough" 26 Sykes James, " navensthorpo" 24 Baxter James, "Oakendenn" 20 Alderton George," Moans" 18 O'Donnell George, " Walroa" 12 Brett Mrs. Seysnoer,"Kiarema" Watkins street 6 Hill Charles William. " Eunice' 1 Bull William, "Roslyn" Pye Mrs. Pauline, "13ondl House" 55 Pettit C., dentist 53 Blackett Alexander 51 Gerber Edward W. T. 49 Eftles Alfred E., "Sefton" 47 Coghill Mrs. Elsie 45:Minelsin Alfred H. 43 Kessler Samuel, "Walma" 41 Hollander Charles F., " Myee" 39 Bloom J. Emanuel, "Trowbridge" 37 Mankey Thomas P., " Caprella ' 35 Reid Robert D., A.I.I.A. Woodstock street 33 Williams Mrs. Ellen J. 31 Cox J. Frank, J.P., "Mmr.ara" 29 Allen John Douglas, "Allendale", 27 Collins Daniel, " Beckley" 25 Goverslirs, Matilda." Etizell" 23 Lane 3 ohn C., "Wand:Indian" 21 Marriott Richard H., "Eversley" 19 Robes tson Allan," Huon y ille " Kenilworth street 15 Bonhomie T. Le Gay," Kenilworth" 11 Conrad William H., "Cardigan" 9 Franklin Edwin J. 7 Conway Joseph C., " Oswald Barnett avenue 3 Burnett F.,trick J., " Milton " Dargin Mrs. W., "Ravensbourne" Bennett Charles, "Bellvue" Francis Street (Bondi) Bondi road to Old South Head road Ryan Robert, "Ciiletila" Penman Mr.. 'I'. Wilson Mrs. Jessie, "Roslyn" Marks George W," Boon" Jones William 11, '"I'ainar" Percival A whew, "Hiawatha" Haub Mrs. A. E., "Glendon" New ton.tabret t Bert. C., "Alnwick" Fleming Mrs., "%Valli" O'Rourke James, "BrIngali" Chayes Mrs. Sarah. "Miriamville" Mellalien Samuel, "Flo Villa" Lucius street Beale Mrs. E. A., "And" Spencer John, "Lorraine" Noonan John, "Normanton" Int per Georee D., " [Hyoid" Burrows William H., 'Gallipoli" Evesson Mrs. Annie, "Vermin" Barraclull avenue Wellington etreet Old South Head road Standish William, "Rhodesia" Pettinger Marmaduke E., "Sonoma' Train Leslie, "Denver" Webb Arthur, "Minitel" Cooper Clive A., "Rosemead," Alderson James, "Tisnaru" Lucius street Cooper Frank W., "0 tintbrae" Millington Joseph F., "Gingamona" Nicoll William, "Cambridge" Payer Joseph Mallory John, "Wendy" Keleher James B. Jenson Peter, signwriter, "Croydon" McEvo y James Watseka" Birdsall Albert, ' "Opawa" Fleming William Har-itut George II. Furse Mrs. 31., "Viola" Maguire Henry F., "Corris" Anderson L. 'Bingarra" Malone Patrick T., "Glen Eden" IS,elyhilittildTtin.1 41rs.v.3.1a,rflai reiț av, Hulls Herbert W., "Coo-ae" Wellington sired Blaney Joseph, "Como Ferretti Percival J. Old South Head road Frederick street (North Bondi) Murra.ale road to O'Donnell street Cross Edward W., "Ypres" Carthew Henry, "Laura" Galvin John Gardyno Street (Bronte) Nelson Bay road to Macpherson street. Buncombe Mrs. Mary J., "Terimba" McCallum Daniel C., " Villette" Whitelmn John, "3forningside" Hegarty William, "Steephill" Woods William, "Utowenna Parkhill Frederick W.. "Bonne" Staley William G., "Beltants" Macpherson street McCarthy Francis, "St. Leans" Campbell Samuel, civil engineer Carroll James F. "Sonoma",Velson day road North Side Robinson John, "Kingelown" Campbell John, J.P., "Comrlo" Upton John, "Wynberg" Farnsworth S unite' T., "Wy vent" Turner Alfred, "Dorthel" George Street (North Bondi) Old South Head road to Military road Milt Charles Comm') Austin W., "Northaw" Kg mm. John,"Belleview" Stachle Emil 11. George Street (Bondi) Wellington to Sophia street Sparks Thomas J., "Palmyra" Sell( Cleve, "The Gunyah" Maudley Albert J., "Devout" Stevens James, "Atatni" Smith Harold, "Toronto" Donut(' James, "Ellinora" Beetle Reginald, "Cawarra" Baglin Mrs. Emily L., "Nymplifield" Davis John Evans Sydney G. Willi Janice Fox Mrs. Hannah Stranger John F. "Foxton" Ryder Alfred, "Margate" ' Ormiston William, "Hillside" Ironmon ger John, "Seaview" Small William, "3fa3'ville" Ro gers Walter, "Bleagate" Sherwin Ellie, 1Weeroona" Younkens Clement, "Booralla" Nimenski Albert, "Le Chalet" Wilson James B., "Vieta" llhmmchmamn%villains, "Somerset" Lister William, "Loehley" Stone Arthur A., "Peri-lea" Crocker George M., "Beverley" Fletcher Harold B.. "Lulworth" Pinks James, "Netherwood" Wright William, "The Bungalow" Trainor.John P., "Aston" Davis John, "La Bolieme" Merlin Max, "Westralla" Carter Ernest Ii., "Cromer" Smith Thomas, "Laurencevilile" Pardon George W., "Nada" Willi 411IS II. Hunter William, "Inverness" Gibson Street Henrietta to Murray street Reddy 3licintel J., "Waterford" Rosewood John L., "Mettiven" McDonald Francis S " Kinker& " Somers Frank Proctor Herbert, "Ileninera" Davidson Hercules I.. "Mulgoa" Brown at re4 Wignall William A., "Tuko" Bird Alan, "Aorna" Guest Benjamin A., "Bankvale" Robinson Leslie Hall Percy It., "Sunnyvale" Baxter James, "Springvale" Leston Frederick, "Lourdes". Henrietta street Murray street Ratcliffe Alfred 11. Stokes William "Rhona" Ford Lionel, "Either,'" Drown street Ellis James F., "Arranmore" McCabe Mrs. 31. A. I ill Charles J.. Tynetiale" WhItehair William,J'., "Melrose" Gilbert Street (North Bondi) Borer mold to Lancaster street Brown James Cameron, "Deveron" McGovern Thomas J., "Enniskillen" Long Robert, 'Armitlitle" Isom Percy J., 'Lexden" Nolan Francis J., "Cavan" Hall James Gilgandra Road (North Bondi) 0# Old South Head road Archer George Cook Francis Caster Chivies Da y J. Morris, "Ithell" Moto Anthony, "Gladwyn" Boll George L., "Tullamore" McDarmott.Tatnes G., "Kelvin" Munro Mrs. E., "Reinuera" Elliston 11,1ward, "Lorraine" Hendon Robert, "Daffodil" Sutton Mrs. Alice J., "Deloralne" Goldthorpe Harold, "Waleroy" Rankin John, "Kelwyn" Hasleden Arthur. "Myole" Lewis Albert, "Arduli" IMPORTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF UNDERTAKERS' SUPPLIES, PORCELAIN WREATHS, CROSSES, &C.

14 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TOP QUALITY AT BOTTOM PRICE. 796 Gip WAVERLEY. Hal (lilga road (North Bondi) colitis nett Stewart IIRrold C., "Uralla" Johnson Mrs., Fanny "Bangoroo" Rolfe Henry T., "Orara" Haigh Thomas, "San Jose" 1 eaver Charles G., "Simla" Dowell Arthur, "Dorthur" Barter John F., "Kerslea" Clegg Vin-ent,"Sandhurst" Curtiss Edward, "Nancyville" Gale Charles J., "61 icleay" Regan Rex G., "Parkes" Eaton W. C., "Maronnic," WIWI' Oscar S., "Wool'm" Denny John S., "Swanky" Thomas It Iss, "Mortonne" Mathewson Mrs. E., "Crmston" Bugby Cromwell, "Monica" Bright 3Irs. Mark+, "Maida" O'Neill Arthur E., 'Euroa" Harding Alec., "finwalt" Wright Henry, "Manic Doom" Barbury James, "Erskine" Snowden Mrs. A., "Alisa" Kahies George, "Aida" McNamara James, "ClaAco" Moon Henry, "Ednanille ' Maher Thomas, "Reliant" Blanton Frederick F., "Dalkara" C..aptnan A lbert, F'., "Mons" Brassie street Sewell Frank, "Eswyn" Lees Sydney, "Leeltoline" Muir Captain Sydney, "Nyiere" Muir Miss T. P Kindergarten School Fraser Mrs. W. 11., "Waverton" Selby John, "Woodbine" McKenzie Sydney, "Dalkeith" Greenwood Arthur, "Kames" aviblick street Gipps Street Henrietta stswg to irelson Bay road Pita Walter K, "Ileythrop' O'Connor Daniel, "Auldano" Miller William, "Cooyong" Kemp Mrs. Agnes Hunt William, 'Hamilton" Cullen Stuart M., "Wongabinda" Pryor John Wilson Robert "Glengariff " Hill Frank, "Wandella" Manning Miss E., "Coniston" Beard Richard, " Wyella " Nelson Bay road Henrietta street 2 Bryant Joseph, "Loretto" 4 Ware Jonathan, "Maelsyalra" 6 Bassetti Angelo, "Nareen" 8 Cummins Raymond T., " Dared" 10 Ford Mrs. IL, "Wallace" 12 O'Halloran Mrs. It. E., "Doondi" 14 Smith John, "Wainme" 16 Ilickey Frederick, "Lourdes" 18 Tarryer George, "Rave d'or" Brown street 20 Pugh Joseph F., " Ralston" 22 Holesgrovo Leslie," Nirvana " 24 Stewart Mrs. Emma, " Grantham 26 Hurt Charles W., "Faeroe" Blunt Richard. " Winston " Glen Street (Bondi) Est side Fletcher street to Bond: road 2 Turner Mrs. M., "Pialba 4 Cowie William G Hooter Mrs. L. Wilding Mrs. Martha L., grocer 6 Meagher John Joseph, "Meta" 12 Edgar Alfred 14 Chapman J. G. S: Son, contractors, "Nawoorah" 16 Edwards Francis Fuller Aubrey, " Ourimba " 20 Philips Mrs. A., "Japhil" 27 Letmard Mrs. H., "Bayswater" 21 Oakum,' Mrs., " Chatham" 19 Chap* Henry E.' 17 Beckman Albert 15 Farquhar John, "Tyrone" 13 Coleman Mrs. Ada," Olenore " 31 Mitchell Barnett."Wolverhampton" 0 Tertey James, "Birmingham" Green William G., St. Scans" 7 Stanley Mrs. Emma, "St. Helens" 5 Press Frank, "Inelga" 3 Thompson Mrs. B. M., "Namol" 1 Garner William S., " Moho Gordon Place Macpherson street to Clifton street Beer Frank Kilpatrick Thomas, "Bohnont" Ralph John Morrow Mrs. E. Shanahan Henry E., "Nanda" Mittelman Miss Ellie, "Boliville" Garvin David Cleary Thomas Gould Street (North Bondi) West aide Hall street to Matilda street eurletois street Mutton Thomas, "Polruan" Marshall John Theodore Peter, "Homedale" Free Ernest IL, "Blink Bannio" Walls James, "Seaview" Bray's Motor Garage Curlerris street Tollerton Sydney, "St. Rowan" Myers Herbert M., "Norwood Dunnett Ephraim H., "Chermside" Dargaville Gerald, "Aotea-Roa" Gowrie Avenue Meer/eft Crescent to Paul street Gibson Arthur, "Soissons " Clarkson Joseph, " Reborn' " Nay Richard," Kaloolait Phillips Arthur A., " Reebert Sterling Frank J., " Franklyn Wearns Thomas H.," Elouera Vincent John H. Watts Herbert, "31intisa McCredie Herbert 0., "Deimos" Perry George," Mnyville " Armstrong Louis, " Linke" Cohen Merris Mallet John IL, Trebor " Wright Horace H., "Northwiek MaFadyen George Thomson Charles, "Leskenvilles" Herman Victor, " Haroldene " Paul street Hoolahan James, " Molina " Kennelly. William E. Marks Albert N., " Ilford " VOUS Lewis, " Old Gowrie" Rowlands Arthur F., "Gowrien Conway Thomas P. Price Charles, "Sydna " Evans Robert S., " Cluny Collins Stanley, "Levax" McGarvey W. J., convey.," Messines " Wilson Williams, "St. Kelvins" Stevenson Waller, " Waitaka" Stelb William W., "Roslyn" Waterley crescent Gray Street Of Couper street Richardson J. B. anti Co., shopfitters Glading J., signwriter 18 Chapman Robert 20 Beirne James 22 limey Patrick 24 Breen Joseph 26 Fairley George T. 1 Howe William J'. 3 Robinson William J. 5 Love Charles S. 7 McDonald John 9 Bright William, "Orient" Ann street Grove Street (Bondi) Off Watson street 1 McNeil Mrs. Florence "Mu:taro" Bowen Sydney 5 Sergeant Harry, "The Creel" 'Mawr 7 Clone Mts. M.. "Kosciusko" 9 Dewley Esau, " Yarrangobilly " 11 Springie William 12 Whitehead William T., "Tumut" 10 Bilson Mrs. Eva. " Talbingo 8 Stafford, Francis "Klandra" 8 Anderson William J., "Adamtnby" 4 Fitzell Samuel It., "Jindabyne" 2 Wright Thomas, "Benidele" Hall Street (Bondi), Old South Head road to Bondi Beach Webber John," tailor " Griffin Frederick, draper Lovell J. H., boot repairer Pope William W., fruiterer SfillSOil J., Ltd., butchers Gould street 25 Alexander Harry 27 Soper Aubrey 11., "Jamberoo" 29 Welch Mrs. Lydia, "Jesmond" 31 Vick Mrs. Marie, "Clovelly" 33 Fell Mrs. Cecilia 85 Best Charles 37 Campbell John H., "St, Brelades" Wilson J, "Waratair Flats Hogan Herbert W. Horne Miss, costundere Ralph John Benjamin Edgar," Ardrossan" Flats Solomou H. 3IeKerrow John.17 Platt Mrs. Mary, "Haleoyne" 49 Fernandez Albert, "Hazeldene" Pirchan Emil, "Fortrose" 63 Hattno Oswald, "Denton" 55 Crowe John, "Coo-co Flats" 55a Wild Mrs. M. 57 Sara Mrs. Aubrey 50 Clark Oswald 59a Rowe Raytnond 61a Millard Richard Sheehy Thomas W., "Lotoinol" Bennett Arthur S., "Linton" RAuben Phillip, "Akarana" 71 Johnson Peter, "Runnymede" 77 Bradley William, "Chester" 70 Peisloy Charles B., "Kinross" Rose 0. E., grocer O'Brien street Smyth William J., "Tyrone" 85 Anderson Mrs. Mar y A., %fa Ora" 87 Thomas Frederick W., fru;terer 89 James T. M., grocer Sophia street Webb George P., "Gunjulle" East James, "Mahone" Spring John Wood Samuel, "Penwood" Baker Mrs. Elizabeth, "Tomota"' Turnbull Norman, "Vyora" Rounsevill Frank, "Linton" Bryant H. Spencer, "Huwyn" Owens Mrs. Annie E., "Matlock Perkins Mrs. Clara "Clarence" Harris Sydney, "Richmond" ll'ellinglon street Loughlin James, "Orara" Sims-son street Old South Head road Bondi road Keene John and Somestate agents Montgomery Miss V., costumier* Rose Bros., boot repairer Rembert H. J., grocer 10 Levings Andrew, furniture mart Newlin E., sinallgoods Silver Leonard, fruiterer Jaques avenue Stephens Henry, "Arawa" State James, "Ellerslie".30 Kenna Ernest Dubert Mrs. Antoinette 34 King Frederick, "Stratheona" King William John. "Rockynook" Anderson Charles H., "Hawthorn"- Rich Charles, "Heatherbray" Commit avenue Killingbeek Mrs. Janet W. Wilson Mrs. Minnie Curran John J., J.P., "Carisbrooke"' Rattrav Joseph. "A none" Cohen Mrs. S., "Longford" Chambers avenue Mansions- - Smith William F. H. MoNaughton Alfred Waters Mrs. Jane McKentuty John Dutch Mrs. 31. Cook -Edward Smith Arthur, "Moira" 4 EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY AT ANTHONY HORDERNS'. Har WAVERLEY. Rig 797 Glolhill Frederick, "Kalungan" Cl Davis Miss Sylvia 68 Rudd Charles J., "Hastings" 70 Doig Reginald. "Walton" 74 Solomon Maurice, "Carlton" Harris Edward A., "Whitford" Cox avenue O'Brien street McCarthy John, "Brooklyn" Ferguson Hugh,"A Hier" Stone Charles F., "Ronolva" Crichton Mrs. Amelia Redman Horace, "Raymont" Harrison John. "JessevIlle" Wells Mrs. IL J., "New jells" Wellington street Teller Mrs. Mary, "Epernay" Morgan Mrs. Martha English John, "Valpre" Grant Mrs. A., "Haifa" Whithain James," Verbena". Heed Mrs. B. De Vere,"Shamrock" Simpson street Hardy Street Macpherson street to Teal alga,' street Allen William Hampton Edward W.. "Nirvana" Macpherson street Stanton Stanley W. Robinson Leonard Dare Herbert A. Stevenson Joseph Hardy Street (North Bondi) Murriverie road to Alice street, Green Harold Main Laurence.1. IL Duncan Albert W. Diszells Mrs. Mary Jeffeott, "Lone Pine" Stokes Milei H. C., "Emocieti" Itimmer Daniel, "Southport" Hastings Parade (North Bondi).itilitary road to Ocean Kirby Joseph, "13rackley" Hopkins Henry S., "Mingaletta" Gordon William Is. Newton J01111, "I301/ Ton" Jenkins George, "Oceanic" Platt I ienry, "Grandview" MeNieol Mrs. Mary, "Olympia" Krenfter James, "Myreeba" Toole.Tolin Dicks Charles W., "The Breakers" Gibbons William R. Potter William R., "To Wharre McIntosh John, "Monte Carlo" Palanque Peter, "Montmartre" Wallangton William J., "Thea" Davison John," Tilbury Buckley Timothy, "Toronto" Itogers Mrs. Kate Henderson Street (Bondi) Bondi road to Wellington street 1 Dunning Thomas, Bondi laundry 7 Shorter Arthur A., "Salford" 2 Lynch Virgil 4 Garland Wilfred C., "'Careen" 6 Cody Thomas, "Canberra" 8 Goudio Sydney." Tome" 10 Bengley Frank, "Meryla" 12 Young Mrs. E. M., "Wakool" 14 Gleaney Thomas, "Orara" 16 Fletcher Robert, " Mem" 18 Kelly Harry E., "Titles" Garland Alfred J., "Natti" Myers Sydney, " Tario " Henrietta Street Leichhardt to Merril street Gipps street Gibson street 66 Carter James M. C., "SlIverlolgh" 64 Brown Willient G., "IVoodlawn" 62 Meredith John P., "The Bungalow" Thomas Ernest A., "Bennie" Goldman Joseph F., "Kyarra" 60 Beat Mrs. " Kyarra " WeatherIll Robert C. Bliton George, "Dunoon" Carberry Mrs. S., " Morvern" Laviliter Edward Carberry Sidney, "Derwent" Bergin James, "Koorong" Hands Frederick, "Wanella" Whitlock William, "Drumart" McMahen William, "Taioon" Nutt Walter, "Walwa" Langlee arenne Dirrell street 137 Baxter Henry 135 Phelan Richard, " Clobrey 133 l'oett Mrs. Margaret, "Ostend" 131 House William, "Newmarket" 120 Mercer Thomas, "Antwerp" 127 Richmond John, "linzeldenn" 125 Marlborough William, " Vaidavil 123 Line Mrs. Mary. 110 White Miss B. 115 Whisker Robert, "Cram" Welsh Mrs. Elizabeth, "Bona Vista" 111 Harken James, "Airthrey " 109 Satehell Francis II., "ICennington " 107 Jones Alfred Victoria street Drintin Mrs. Anna 31., " Wyeta " Braden Alexander 93 Cannon Manes, dairyman 87 Clark Percy J., "Alton" Craig dirs. Matilda, "Kam!'" Wald Arthur, "Wakool" Gardner Wilfred, "Koolee" Nightingale Mrs. Catherine Fry Arthur W.," Tolga Gibson Joseph, "'Para" Mnitnix Lot,,Arowa" Myers Leslie, carrier ' "Wilga" Cottleher Norman, "ellsa" 63 Stephenson Cyril," Vandine 61 Harvey Abeilnego 59 O'Sullivan Edwin, "Clythle" 67 Burnett John, Oahore " 65 Batten William J., constable 53 Holmes Charles T. ' "Tawhiti" 51 Mitchell Andrew, "Wynne" 40 Nixon Mrs. Isabella," Wonga" Pearcy Thomas, " Makura Moore James R., "Ortutna'. Yates Arthur "31abeno" Doherty William, "Ortago" Ross Mrs. S. 1.1.,"Maranui' Ireland Alexander K., " Orate " Foster William, "Benalla" Garnet Charles, "Worrigal" 011ey John J., "Banksia' Small Mrs. Elizabeth,, " Narara " Fairall Edward, "Warn" Crowe Patrick Salisbury street 21 Boyd Leslie 19 Tinker Joseph 17 Colleton David 15 Johnson Henry G., " Wyreela" 13 Vallender Harry 11 Martin Edward D. 0 Hall Mrs. C. E. 7 Anderson. John, "Victoria".5 Fielder Frederick, "Valpre" 3 Sweeney Edward 1 Pisani Joseph E. Birrell street Henry Street Victoria to John street 2 May Mrs. G. Si. 4 Jones Mrs. M 6 Redmond James, "Ammer Salmon William G., "Grenfell" 20 Keys Edward 22 Lusty Charles 28 Donohoe Frank 30 Bralley Thomas F., "Brandon" 32 Farrell Robert, "liege 34 Faulkiner Charles F., "Denver" 36 Lusty Frank. "Yarrawee" 38 Henry Mrs. M., "Rocklands" 44 Rowe George 46 Clare Mrs Kerr Ernest J. 3 Manley Mrs. C. It. 5 Buchanan Hugh 7 Hinton Fred A. 9 Schofield George J. 11 Dormer William D. 13 Windle l'erey A., " Haroltlitte " 15 Hassey Themes 17 Tost William 19 Wadley Robert," Wahroonga 23 Schmidt Ilenry J. Longford terrace- 29 Lipman Albert 31 Synott James 33 Owens Sydney A., "Garstang 35 Cocks Percy 37 Smith Ernest Hewlett Street ( Bronte ) Dickson street to ocean Bolton George If., "Glenrock" Name Frederick II., "Derwent" Norwood William Fretstone David Williams Thomas r, e,d, Gs it or ile g., Baker MissAill Bowyer William J., "Glennyr" Willi/tins Thomas, "Ozone" Shields Richard, "Paciflque" summon James, " (kerma Moore Harry M., "Australee" Crawford Charles," Iona Nicholls.Tolin W. B.," Yowie" Willoughby Adam L., "Nereid" McKenzie Hugh, "Clio" Alf red street Sinclair Frederick 82 McKee Samuel 80 Me3Illien Angus 78 McQuade Henry, dairy 76 Clark Walter J, 7.1 Riley William T., " Ituberar 72 Watt James 70 Farmilo George N., "Fen Spray" 61 Ryan William P. Williams Oliver, J.P., "Brighton" Elliott Mrs. M. E., "Mt. Rambla" 56 Etherington William C., " Grenfell" 54 O'Brien Timothy 52 O'Brien Timothy, juur. 48 Brown MisirsulCrraatyenree, 40 Cullen George A 38 Clavering Mrs Elsie, "Corunna" 36 Park Mrs Dully Mrs. Catherine 28 Cook Albert 18 Ryan James 10 Lillie Walter 12 Purnell John 10 IP, itior3ne Waiter 2 Allen Charles A. Dickson street Charlton Kenneth, "Villette" Martin Frederick Page John. " Penzance Cooper William F.,"Athene" Knight Archibald W., " Kelling Mills Douglas Smith Bertie H. Oliallinor William McDonald Tfuhoma assil tr. et GilfIllitin Robert rr e Wilmott Mrs. Margaret 21 Dighy A. E., " Wilga " 19 Haslant Charles 17 Ladd Albert E." Glen Isla" Treharne Frederick, "Clough House" Rfilepley Harold 7 Hudson Augustus C. Reid John, "Mount Teviot" Gilmore Mrs. Mary, "Edinglassle" Dickson street High Street Of Leichhardt street Auburn terrace- 1 Bernherg Mrs. Edith 3 Judge William 5 Rugless Alfred J. 7 Rugless William T. 9 Ross 3furdo 11 Diamond Michael 17 Bone Edward 0. 2 Smith Mrs. Ellen GIe 4 ntrorciik)pte;; rroagr ick 6 Miller John 8 Fifett Charles D. 10 Henley Ernest 12 White Nelson 14 Scott Ernest A. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. MORTUARY CHAPEL: 810 REORGE ST., CITY 'PHONE 9228 CITY PORCELAIN WREATHS AND CROSSES. WE IMPORT AND HOLD THE FINEST KSSORTMENT IN AUSTRALIA

15 ANTHONY HOADERNS' FOR READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHING.' ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR MEN'S BOOTS AND MERCERY. 798 Hou WAVE RLEY. Kin Lam WAVERLEY. Lei 799 High street cont 20 Batty Mrs. Mary 22 Elsom John C. 24 Whitlock %Vatter Rose terrace- 26 Potts Mrs. Alfred 28 Keats Frank 3) Burnett John 32 Abrahams Hyman Hough Street Denison street to Mill Hill road 25 Jones Arthur,' Metalline" ltitciiie ri vorge Stewart Mrs. Rose 17 Tuck Miss Isabel C., "Grantmere" Skinner Mrs. Mary 13 Hourigan John. 15 Hourigan C. W., carrier McGuinueR5 Robert Rail vies' terrare- 1 Angles Elizabeth 2 Wood Peter 3 Tobin Martin 4 Coleman Edward Mill Hill road Mortimer Ernest Hunter street (North Bondi) Military road to ojean Robertson John Garratty Joseph Imperial Avenue (Bondi) West Side Bondi road to Edward street Davy William T., "Arden:Us" Schradler James F. Williams John Henry, "Elouera" Ford Alexander II., "Louvain" Martin Richard A., "Namur" Buckleton George, "BaIdoon" Beasley Lawrence W., "Ovingdean" O'Brien Desmond, "Kingsley" Chardon William J., "Ostend" Beddie Peter, "Bannockburn" Edgar Mrs. S. J., "Bilge Vynor Henry W, "Fernsido" Jamieson Sirs. F. L., " Stiverdene " Ferry John, "Meenaduff" Thorn Thomas, "Nenagh" Sliced Thomas. George Maurice W., J.P., mouth" Roberts Evan, "Cwom Avon" Rogerson William, "Hazel Glen" Meyer S., "0 Inberra" Maxwell Shirley G., "Kaienga" Wis.:Atwell Ernest IV. P., "Gotta" Barber Mrs. W. H., "Towerall" Miller street Boynton Arthur, "Syracuse" Cox Frederick, "Shalimar" Benjamin Victor, "Bralgn" Thompson Henry J., " Gnal-Loa Irvine Alex.," Dalkeith" Mitchell Leslie R., "Mygunyah" Coleman S., "Hawaii' Houghton Joseph, "Potosi" Pritchett William, "Thelma Isabella Street Birrell street to Cuthbert street 2 Minahan Thomas 3, 4 Nissen George 4 Nilson Anielo 8 Murphy John, " Clareville" 12 Haigh Ernest 24 Cato Robert 26 Rogers Cyril 30 newton Clark 32 Williams 'missed A., "Ortona" 34 Tattersall Walter 1 Hamilton Archibald 7 Lincoln George 17 Ashford Thomas 23 McGuinness Joseph 25 Hamilton John 27 Duggan Miss Minnie 29 Connolly Peter 31 Evans Mrs. Esther 33 Mews Arthur 37 Young Mrs. J. 39 Whitey Ernest W. Cuthbert street Bourne- COFFILL AND COMPANY (SEE WOOD, Jackaman street (Bondi) Birrell street to Philip street 23 Rose John," Brompton House" 21 Little Thomas C., " Bridport " 19 Spring Reginald 17 Ashley Harry 15 Crouch George 13 Reed Willhim C. 11 Black Herbert IT., "Breeside" 9 Leo William, "Calcott" 7 Hanson Oliver,"lionnt" 5 Hymen William, "Amor" 3 Talent Richard," Kin Ora " 1 Tomkinson Arthur 4 Bowman Edward J.," Arlene" 6 Davis St iarr, " Subiaco" 8 Heiser Abraham, "Mordialloc" 10 Stevenson Thomas," Hilston" 12 Johnson John IV.. "Hilcot" 14 Dunn Thonnts. "Thelma 10 Steinthal Cecil P., "Kinkora" 18 Whiffle Arthur, "Langside" 20 Wickerson Sydney H., " Glenesk " McLeod James D., "Suva" James Street Of Botany street Wilcock Richard W., "Radford" Binnie John, "Pomona" Anderson William, "Petrel" B imbed( Joseph," Ripley Wood Louis, " Adler " Charlestoti George 11.. "Alison Jones Lionel, "Airlie" Mortimer John IL, "Aidyth" Cruse Mrs. A., "Cynthia" Cupitt Miss L., "Escott" Gardner Henry B., "Comrle" Harris Mrs. Margaret.1., " Averie" Radford George, "Dorette" Lipson avenue Jaques Avenue (Bondi) Hall street to Lantrock avenue Allan Mrs. Lilian, " Minneapolis" Gowenloch Thomas, "Glen Ayr" Ileavener Hugh, 'Casein" Balham Flats Cohen John Stephens Hobert C. Shrives Mrs. H., " Bayn Flats" Satnuels Mrs, F. A. Cheers George French Miss M. E., teacher of piano Te Arolia Flats Evans Charles Anita David Hughes Dr. Gorman Wallace Robert Lockwool Walter Jensen Avenue (North Bondi) Between Clark and Tower streets Stubbs' South Head Quarries Glikes Walter John Street Carrington road to Henry street Cliff James Smith Mrs. Edith ASha and street Paterson Mrs. A., "Kilossera" Browne Mrs. C.. " Minnieville" Murphy James A., "Binfleld" Keiran Street 011" Newland street Morrison A., bootmaker Crosby Richard, "Hilda" Lynch John 3., " Lourdes Huntsman Mrs. L., "Tumut" Barber Herbert G., "Florence" McDougall William, "Phyllis" Warinun Vincent. "Mayville" Log, n George," Zemin ' Tierney Patrick, "Donovan" Richardson Sidney, " Hebb Hudson Henry, "Kia-Ora" Ailingham A. J., "Mascotto" Bird \Mem "Aranmore Kellick Sirs. Ilaymniql Bennett George. "Galway," James Charles, "Clifden" Semonds Mrs. Bessie Butters Charles H. Brown Mrs. A., "Orem" Mason-Molinari Alfred, "Innisfail" Dunn Joseph, "Ulmarra" Edwards William, " Iluka " Fleming George, "Yamba Kenilworth Street Flood street to Paul street 2 We'cli Mrs. IL P. 4 BrendemuM Mrs. Sarah, "Gunyah" 8 Regst Alexander, "Si, Cuthbert" 10 Saunders William IL, "Ivanhoe" 12 Stone Robert 14 Cavell Miss Agnes, "Thanct" 16 Ashdown Walter, " Eddington" 16 Lewis Llewellyn," Denby " 20 Lloyd, Elizabeth, "Duke Domus" 22 Brackley Thomas," Windermere" 24 Levy Mrs. Julia 30 Kennedy Thomas J." Thornyford 32 Murphy Joseph, " Hamra 34 Stanley Arthur" Kia Ore" 36 S (18 Chas.,"Guilunre" 39 Saville Mrs. G., "Mur-Itai 40 Furness John S., "Minoru" 1 Bow's Mrs. Kate 3 Rostron Mrs. Winfred,"Withington" 5 Wills Miss Si. 7 Gale Miss Annie, " Duntroon " 0 Schuberg Oscar, "Thema" 11 Cather William J. " Maudville" 13 Diver-Tuck Mrs. Arthur 15 Hodge Onslow Geo. 17 McNamara Mrs. W., "Dudley" 19 Lilly John. "Belleview" 21 Durrant William J., "Ronhilda" 23 McGregor Mrs. Annie 25 Rosenfield Falk, " Cardrona" 23 Coleman Thomas F. 33 Elliott John G " Pialligo" 35,Tackson John 37 Mackenzie A. 0. IC, " Makeny " 39 Levy John P., " Otwsy 41 Read Mrs. L, "Coo-co" 43 Siinahan Daniel 45 Harcourt George, "Melrose" 47 Seaby Charles, "Avoca" 49 Connolly Joseph, " Stoneleigh" 51 Muchleston Samuel R. "Kentville' Kent Street Leiehhardt to Carlton street 5 Webb Joseph, "Athol) " 7 Brown Mrs..lene, "Venice" 9 Thomas John, "Pomp3I" 11 Kennelly Bob Tt. "Mabelville" Chappy Henry W. Lewis Ernest, "Amethyst" Doyle Charles, "Edentrillick" Manktelow Sydney, "Ilinemoa" OlddIns Ernest W. Mendelson Arthur, "Tumut" Kenyon Street MOW, to Belgrave street Gallant Bernard P. Kimberley Street2(North Bondi) Peel street to _Ocean Conk McLean Thomas King Street (Bondi) Bennett to Ocean street 13 Landregan John, " Pyue Cottage" 11 Driscoll Alfred, "Afton" 9 Lee Heel:laid, "Longthorpe " 7 Ashford Albert 5 Wright Mrs. Elizabeth 3 Urquhart George Ewart Albert, "Winella" Lissom James L. Harris Cyril J. "Itothsay" 'Jenkins Arthur, "Beltana" Geach William, "Bellervie" West John," Ascot " McLeod Itoderick, " Tabun " 16 Allen Walter Frederick - Newman Frederick, "Inverness" Crofts Harold, "Whitwell" COFFILL AND COMPANY). 'PHONE 9226 CITY Lamrock Avenue (Bondi) Bondi road to O'Brien road Renfrew Court- 1 McKay Mrs Annie 2 Berge Ernest A. 3 MartIn Roland G. Bondi Court- 1 Collings Eric H. 2 Middleton Mrs, 3 Levy Phineas 4 Bult Julius Magee J. 6 Wilkinson George 3 O'Neill Thomas, "Somme" 6 Underhill Robert, "Glenshera" 7 Gilchrist Alexander, "Kenworth" Jaques avenue Christian's Flats- 1 McDonald Alexander 3 Allingham Mrs. Olive 4 Denali Alfred J, 5 Marshall Mrs. May 11 Trenerry Herbert S.,"Bergalia" 13 Wilson George F., "Mascotte" 15 Cameron James, "Youlia" 17 Butler Captain Edward, "Melinda" 19 Fuller Sidney II., "Salop" Cons. ft avenue Monaco IWOsYmonds 2 Garner Francis C, 3 Luber Cecil 4 Scott 5 Turner Horace. 6 Moon Clifton W. 23 Simonds P., J.P.,"Aditir" 25 Hickey Patrick, " lethal' " 27 Green Henry, "Horbury" 29 Wilson Mrs. J. A.," ltoseneath" 31 Bennett Mrs. F., "The Poplars" Chambers' avenue 33 Murphy Charles T., "Clinton" 35 Watts Charles, "Sumner" Dunne John, "Vasmar" McFnilyen James," Kia-Ora" Butcher Joseph, "Belaire" Bell Alexander, "Yatnba" Howarth Wilford G., "Warrego" Matthews Robert," Fyvte". Anderson Philip II., "!Joker 51 Hobbs George, " Coldstream " 63 Christian Richard 1 Schwartz M., "Angle Flats" 2 Welman 3 Searle 4 Heavener 11. T. E. Mating William J. Gainsford Sydney It.," Sylvania" Caddow Mrs, 61. E.. "Royville" Goldring tfarry,"manildra." 63 Marahall William Cox avenue Koch Franz, "Edna" Blow Percy J., "Dawn" Baker Albert IL, "31yall" Barret William Kilgour John, "Ilindell" O'Brien street Rammed off avenue Hayes and Lithgow butchers Kelly John, "Enniskillen" Atkinson James, " \Tinsley" Garrick William M., "Iolantho" Wainwright Harold J. Stiles Robert E.," \Valhalla " Stephens'John A., "Anembo" Nicholson Mrs. A. Oliver George E,"Wendren" Rhodes M., "Kildare" Drinkwater Thomas, "Roma" Penney William," Melrose Critter Lazar, "Carlyon" McKenzie Wm. S., "Ravenscraig" Devine James 11.,"Warrawee" Rennel1Frank, 'Beulah" Senior Albert J., "Dehnni" Goodman James, "Gamins:Se" Greenshields Mrs. Jane, "Yalta)." Rickard's avenue Hughes Eileen, "Coolalle" Perini Victor," Lutiote Gibbons Reg. E., " Luliote Davies Eric, "Casselseye" Boyd Mrs S. A. Sawyer John P., " Leumenh" Perks All rd S. "Brecon" Skellett Alfred J. Witham Lieut, A. H., "Lo Chalet" McLellan Miss E. S., "Lo Chateau" Clarke Harry Lancaster Street (North Bondi) Old &Huh Head road to Ocean Kelsey Chit/its E., "The Pines" Ones.: street Beislah stret( Military ro,d Ocean Boyle Harry B. 0 wens " I I onora Ayliffe William, " Garland Corrigan John, " Hillerest Me too ieff Sirs. A., "Wilmount" Ward- Wildridge Samuel, "Thelassa" Bede street Ocean Langlee Avenue Henrietta to Hirrell street Pearlman Mrs. Rose, "Ada Villa" Boulton William J., "lone Potter William, "Maseotte" Dawes Walter J.," Purfleet" Smith Mrs. Mary, Essendene 11 Routled ge Oliver, "Lemnos" Sea Heti, 51 reel New Edward J., "Ta-Ula" McLennan Mrs. 1). Connery Michael, "Linwood" Carleton Ernest, "Thornton Heath Parfett James, "Eastbourne" Spedding Thomas, "Thalassa" Rose Heigh D., " Kilravock " Loftus Augustus K., Dukerrv 2 Allanson James," Carinya 6 Cregun Miss Bridget, " Ponsonby" 8 Henson Mrs. Mary, " Malmo " 10 Carroll Leslie T., " Comile Bank" 12 Boily Charles S., "Alma" 14 Craddock William, " Taunton" 16 Bailey Wm. F. L., J.P.."Iteawiltua" 18 Rive Albert IL, "lohtuthe" Lamb Arthur E.," Wondaiga 22 :McKinney Miss I.eigh William F., "Bristol' Newell Arthur J., " Valatuai" Lee William, " Montt Lawson Street &ley to Birrell street 2 Rogers Will atn, " Beltana " 4 Harris William Thomas, " Belled ve 6 Curran James, "Carlow" 8 Browett Lester 10 Beach Richard E., "Islington" 12 South Mrs. Sinsati 14 Jeffries Sidney, "Killarney" 16 Gilbert Richard 18 Vial Sydney T. 20 Macintosh James 21 Bryson IN illiam, " Kia-ora " 24 Beakley William 26 Humbly Cecil 0, 28 Smith Arthur T. 32 Smith Francis J.," Brightsitle" 34 Clack James O., "Kiora" 36 l'arsons Henr y J., " Ethel" 38 Clarke Sirs, Jeanette, "Orvieto" 40 McGinn Mrs. Rose, "Salerno" 42 Latty Gilbert 44 Cleveson Leopold 46 Taylor James F. 52 Stuart Mrs. Euphemia 56 Porter Charles W., "Wyolah" Smith Alexander J.," Collies" I Baker Willirun, " Mowbray 3 O'Keefe Patrick 5 Bradley ;WM H. 7 Davies William 9 Sutherland Alexander it Knight William D, "Kin Ora" 13 Bowman Mrs. Mary 15 Livermore George 17 Cooper Cyril. " Surry House 19 Ferguson Joseph 21 White James 23 Duke Anthony 25 Hooker Percy, '"fillington" 27 Knight Joseph, "Stanleigh 29 Hynes John 31 Young William J. 33 Mimes Allred 35 Crowe William 37 McCallum Henry u. 43 Berkley William II. 45 Monaghan John J. 450 Heaton James Edward 47 Kirkman Walter 49 Martin Arthur 61 Palmer Mrs. Agnes 53 Hudson Mrs. Mary 67 Lapraik Mrs. Helen 59 Wilmot James 61 Rowe Ernest 63 Mortimer Mrs. Senn Leichhardt Street Charing Cross to Varna street Victoria street 2 Murphy James 11., chemist Australian Biotic of Commerce Ltd. 6 Newno1rk 11., tailor 8 liowes Alfred, tobacconist 10 Cross James II., confectioner Lenn Henry E., grocer and iroreger 141 Vary Charles, bout/tucker 10 Smith Frederick, greengrocer 18 Oliver A. S: Son, butoliers 20 Porter George A., billiard saloon 201 Coil Miss Mary 22 Denning Mrs. H., boot warehouse 21 Smith George 241 Giusti, en Slice M.,draper 26 Waverley Provision Store 28 Abraham Bertram, o.terer 30 Provsov Isaac, fruiterer 34 Horton Nurse," St. Hinters " 36 Pearson Fred, Bartleigh" 38 Richards Mrs. S. 40 Argent Alfred, carrier 42 Short Wm. G., "Botany View House" 44 Jobson Mrs. C., "Avenel" 48 Kindland Charles, fish shop 50 Mills S., plumber 52 Rushton Mrs. E., confectioner 54 Hester William, newsagent 56 Scott Mrs. M. 58 Short Albert G., hairdresser 60 Hum/ less George, baker 02 itugless Percy R. 64 Byrne Mrs. Johanna 69 Deakin James, butcher 68 Payne William, artist 70 Giaquinto Bros., fruiterers 72 Gunimerson G., grocer 71 Goldwater Mrs. Louisa, draper 76 Bennett Fred., confectioner 80 Cousins Alexander, produce merchant Bronto Picture Palace 92 Bunyan John 91 Bunyan Mrs. Susan High street 96 Lyons Sirs. 0., " Rosstellan" 98 Hoffman Henry Robert, "Mimosa" Prospect street 100 Simpson William II., :LP. Corbett Sydney, piano teacher Henrietta street Nelson's Flay road Lugar Brae Methodist Church 118 Chew Walter 118 Hanson Matthew, "Lugar Brute" 120 Tapp Mrs. Si. 122 Lovenberry Mrs. Bessie Simmonds Christopher, "NW" Morgan Mrs. H. D., general store McPherson street Kent street Barclay street Varna street 1 Robin Hood hotel Henry P. Johnson 3 Stephens Edgar L. 5 Turner Alfred I., bookseller 7 Fowler Miss Florence, butcher Hatterstey Frank, blacksmith 17 Barber Edwin H., watchmaker 19 Hayton A. J., confectioner 27 Bailey Thomas, "Lyndhurst" 29 Batley Thomas, fancy goods 39 Short George and Sons, motor garage 41 Bolt Henry, furniture dealer 43 Laws Miss, knitting, etc. 45 Bolt Bros., laundry 47 Harding John J., milk vendor 49 Mullen George, carrier St Hoppinson Mrs. dressmaker 53 Cattier Alexander 55 Sendai' Francis 0. S., plumber 57 Fischer Fre brick 69 Hesse Ernest.1. AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS WE RANK AMONGST THE LARGEST IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE

16 ,EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE AT ANTHONY HORDERNS.' ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR REPAIRS TO MAGNETOS & STORAGE BATTERIES 00 Lip WAVE RLEY. Mac Man WAVERLEY. Mil 801 Letchhard I street continued- 61 Winter Harold 63 Collins John & Sons, bootmakers 65 Downer Edward G., small goods _shop 67 Brennan Mrs. A. confectioner 69 Lord F., tinsmitl; 71 mating Mrs. Jane, confectioner 71a Atkins M., smallgoods Off Brailey Henry P. &alley John Bingham John, "Mortdale" Blumenthal Joseph 73 Illin gworth Arthur W.. butcher 75 Walsh Thomas, grocer 77 Climpeon A. A., hairdresser Public Telephone Box Albion street Robbins Walter F. W., painter Tamar terrace- 87 Ashton Joshua 89 Fleming Patrick 91 Dawson William 93 Henry John J. 95 McDonald Thomas 97 MeDiartnid William 99 Ishmael Edward 101 Martyn Jamas 103 Harding William 4 Josephson James N,, " Ilighfield " 2 Brimblecombe, H. J., "Ayrshire" Cary street 1 Neep Joseph A. 3 Tate Ralph 5 Donald Thomas S. 7 Shaw-Boyd Henry A., " Wilga " 9 Spratt James S., "Rosny ii Field Lancelot F. 13 Johnson 37rs.Emma,"Wynola" 15 Hearn/len Mrs. Louise, " Kaloola " 17 Waller Henry A. "Aston 19 Meyers Charles 13., " Kithira " 21 Whinier Richard 23 Sykes George, "Kiora" 25 Handley William, 'Tenelba" 27 Morris John W., " Noveba" 29 Gittoes Mrs. A., "Iona" 31 McOme Finlay 33 Pulford Walter G. 35 Marsland " Rumsey 37 Ambrose Donald 39 Davies William, "Tranby" 49 Faul It. F. 53 Knight Albert 55 Hews Joseph J. Worthington Rupert.1., "Strabane' 30 Graham John 32 Podmore Samuel If. Lawson terrace- 34 Kling John 36 Bowers Charles 38 Bourke Sydney 40 Marks Arthur 42 Deacon John 44 King Mrs. Charlotte Centennial terrace- 46 Casten( Albert V., " Peteo" 48, Dodd Herbert 10 Pennon George L. 52 Green Mrs. Elizabeth 54 French Mrs. Mary 56 Seidel Charles Lanark terrace Langton Thomas Elsie terrace- 62 Desmond Miss Jane es Brodie Edward R. 66 Osborne Arthur C. 1 Mealley Mrs. Catherine 3 Doman Catherine Ti Connolly Mrs. Mary, nurse 7 Eagles Burton Packwood George, "Avon" Wilkinson Deane Ryan Walter Warr James L. Napthali Mrs Annie De-Vere Mrs. Eliz ibetli, " Ayr " Down William Byrne Alexander ',ebb John, "Penlee" Whitehouse Stanley Plim Owen.1. Virgil street 140 Thomas William 142 Keys Charles 144 O'Sullivan John 146 Taylor John 148 Morris Richard 150 Smith Percy G. 152 Groundwater Robert A. 154 Wright Charles, butcher 156 Pearce H. A. 158 Whitty Robert, " Opawa " 160 Furness Mrs. A. Curran Edward, bootmaker St. Thomas street Rutledge Reginald R., "Mount Eden" llardyne street Wilson Leonard, "Froxmer" 3 Caloy Mrs Gillett Mrs. Priscilla 7 Lillie Horace, " Corium 9 Eastman Arthur, " Glastonbury II Riedel George 13 Miner John 6., " Tarella 15 Nelson Arthur M., "Brooklyn" 17 Clarke John, "Meroo" 19 Williams Mrs. 0. A., "Wilbur" 21 Mettler Thomas AL 23 Hawn Spelieer 25 Hudson Frederick, " Gaulside " 27 Brialy Mrs. Norali,"Konyong" Clark William A.., " Rakinra Marne Street (North Bondi) Off Tower street Heath Walter Martin's Avenue (Bondi) Simpson to Ocean street Walton George II., " Flinders" Steiry Arthur, "Clyburn" Matilda Street (North Bondi) Old South Head road to Bondi Beach O'Toole Mrs. M. P. 9 Hamper Douglas 105 Bashford Herbert, upholsterer Lucius Street 11 Davis Cathetine Cameron George N. Diamond Mrs. Susan, "Minna-brae" 54 Cliscott A. 107 Duffy Thomas, "Niss-avah" From Francis street to Sir 7'homas Mitchell Victoria terrace- Fethereton Thomas W. McLean Hugh L., "Dollard" 56 O'Kelly J. 109 Corry George road 13 Aldridge Mrs. Catherine Walker William J. "Seacliffa" Hall Mrs, S. Albion terrace 111 Harney George, "Henley" 11Ia Milord James, J.P. 113 Pullin Henry, "Garfield" 115 Jamieson D. R., P.M.. JP, " Rorna " 117 Smith Mrs. Shaw," Kelverdele " &argon Daniel, "La Vicomte" 123 Wallace Mrs. Mary. " Ventnor " 125 Speed Charles, "Cintra" 127 Fancily Peter J., "Hawthorne" 129 Hanson Herbert McPherson street 137 Madden Mrs. Rhoda. Clyde laundry Churchill Stanley, "Elsara 343 White Stephen, "Ormonde" 145 Sean l G. H., "Radcliffe" Seal H. F., "Radcliffe" 147 Searl Alfred j "Southville" 151 Quirk Thomas, ',Messina" 153 Harden, Mrs. Hannah J. Proora Mrs. Minnie Varna street Lipson Avenue Off James street Corke Harold, "Laira" Applegate John G., "Saltratn" Norris Mrs. Annie, "Tamar" Maxwell Mrs. Grace."Penlee" Farr Frederick, "Erith" Hubbard John, "Ughilda" Postlethwaite James, "Pamela" Heise Arthur, "Alcott" Ormsby Gerald," Cytha" Liverpool Street (North Bondi) og Old South Head road Spilsted Ernest, "Poston" Mackintosh James, "Strathspey" Condor Harty, "Strathdearn" Crook Robert. "Haldane" Tyrer Walter, "Wondilla" Stark Thomas, "Maryville" Payne Herbert, "Illinois" Preston Henry, "Kentucky" White Charles, "Missouri" Tait Mrs. Albin. "Bonede" Giddins Harry 0., "Braemar" Meizer John. "Greaten" McDougall Charles, "Corrigeen" Stevens R., "Noreen" Payne Percy G.. "Erdington" Moran Thomas J., "Cooroora" McInnes John. "Linden", Price Frank, "Orroroo", Hooper Mrs. J. "Etrctat" Llandaff Street Botany to Cary street 20 Reale Thomas W., C.E., J.P. 18 Turner Mrs. Susan, "Braila" 16 Lawrence Mrs. S., "Milgarra" McGowan Mrs. 11. "Yurrundi" Mater Misercordim Servant Girls Home I Gars James, " Dornoch" 6 Grieve Robert II., "Langtoft " Lugar Street McPherson street to Nelson's Bay road Iliac street 24 Macaulay Rev. John, M.A. (Pres.) Schweger Pius, "Perth's Cochran Mrs. M. A. Meyer Percy 18 Dance John E. 16 Myers Mrs Helen 14 Heady Thomas Brae street 12 Walker Charles E., "Novato" 10 Williams Sidney A. 10 Smith Miss 11 A. 8 Moorcroft William 6 Gordon Benjamin, "Nientone" 4 Millen Langdale 2 Fahy Michael, "Springvale" Kraegen Miss M. Monte Harold A. Mike:ivy Joseph 15 Perram Edwin J.. '!Terryville" 13 Ramsay Henry, "Plockton" 11 JallFell Hubert 9 Gilmore William, "Veronica" 7 Ross David. "Roslyn" 5 Moon Mrs. Mnrcella, "Anomie" 3 Coutts Lawrence, "Shantalla" I Brown William N., "Birdwell" Nelson's Bay road Lynch's Avenue York road to Denison street Seabrook. 'Bolton" Clarke William, "Helton" Norris Sydney, "Cork)" Forbes Walter, "Trent" McDonnell Street (North Bondi) Old South Head road to Ocean Addison Ralph Addison Henry Addison John Addison Joseph Wilcox John Mackenzie Street Ebley to Birrell street 2 Looney Henry G. Landerrille terrace Rich Mrs. Alice 6 Heil John G. 8 tarter James 10 Gieeson Hampton 12 Strachan James 14 Madden John 16 Holdsworth James 18 Taylor William 20 Perry George 22 Sinclair William Sinclair A. 24 Shatten Charles 20 Hain William, "Brightside" 28 Hindu John 15 Smith Robert C. 17 Padden Mrs. Margaret 19 J01103 Mrs. A. 21 Padrazinni George 23 Batter lire Jennie A. 26 Maloney Edwin and William, carrion 29 Walkerdon John Calderwood Stephen 33 Appleby Arthur J., "Sterling" 35 Capher Robert, "Milford" 37 Bray Joseph A. 39 Cook John 41 Hall William J., carrier 43 Roberts Ernest 45 Bray William 47 Blunde'l Sydney Gloucester terrace- 49 Noonan Charles, "Glenbrook" 51 Loonies James J. 53 Hartman Morris 55 Harte Herbert H. 57 Lawson William 59 Higginbotham Arthur Cl Ferran Christopher Sonny Brae terrace- 63 Stanford William IL 65 Lusty Frederick 87 Lewis Charles 69 Martin Jack Birrell street Macpherson Street Albion street to Ocean 2 Smyth Miss, "St. Clair" 4 Scholcs Wm. G. "Avoca Retreat" Stevenson Robert, "Brae " Pollock John. "Kent" Lawler Edward, "G teammate" Light Leslie A., "Glenview" Hassell Harold R., "Glengath" Cookson Reginald G., "Elysian" Smith Joepli heichhardt street Seidel John, bootmaker Coridek.lames, "Lucia". Murphy Johmm, " Viola" Martell Charles, "Irene" 30 Alexander Mrs. Henry," Druid villa " Canning W. & Eons, bootmakers Ravens A. and Sons, butchers Lugar street Hoffman Bros.. grocers 42 Butler Granville, greengrocer 44 Wood Miss S. J., confectioner 44a5kinner Frederick A 46 Kent Patrick 48 Tighe Clarence, "Arden" 50 Chestier Arthur E.," Parkhurst" 56 Read Charles O. Woolley Arthur, "Scrrell" 62 Walsh George, "Pacific View" Evans street 82 Hall Tasso B., "Sea View" 84 Smith Arthur "Matilda" 86 Robins Arthur 88 Harry Mrs. Emily, "Newlyn" 90 Ashworth James Ireland David, "'Interest " Fern Mrs. Helen Bronte road Ocean Fairweather Robert J., " Fairholme" Watson Alexander G., "Fairlielme " Leverrier Frank H., bar'ster,"lorette".5 O'Neil Mrs.. Elizabeth, "Tara" 7 Dickson John.9 Charlesworth Joseph, "Gleneairn" 13 Kuseer Gustave 15 Geddes Francis G.," Alma" O'Brien Michael, "Elba" 19 McDonuall Miss Mary Doyle James," Clarence" Harvey George, dairyman 51 Monkhouse Mn'. Clara 53 Sharp Arthur Rollason Frederick 57 PlIkington Ralph E. Leichhardt street 59 Grant Thomas P., " Invery " 431 Lane E. A. 63 Pople Malcolm 415 Most Eugene Carlton street Arden street Rowan John, builder 779 McLeod George 83 Wills Edward Coles H., carpenter 85 Williams Flittlk 87Thompson and Partridge, quarry 115 Keyes William Arthur 317 Foster Mrs. Ellen, "Melrose" Gibson John C. Maria H, fruiterer 127 Ashworth Alfred, Etherington Fred., junr. Etherington Frederick, "Silvia" Cobham Mrs. E. M., "Aticre" 143 Curran Mrs. Ellen, contect.onery 145 Harry J., monumental mason St. Thomas street O'Neil's Quarry Michaelson's Quarry Backhouse's Quarry Waverley Council's Quarry Burge's Quarry Collins Claude, "Plelair" Ridley William H., "Caerhayes" Skelton Alfred Barely street Bronte road Ocean Manning Street Cuthbert street to Victoria street 2 Edgar George 4 Field Mrs. Mary JIIIIP Fanning Mrs. Clare, "Willandra" 8 Lowe Samuel, "Ifewksbitra " 10 Dwyer James 14 Canvin Frederick F., " Neridah" 16 O'Brien Miss J., dressmaker 18 Strong David," Wedeineyer " 20 Munro Hugh," Kelvin" 22 McCann Stephen, "Hazel" 24 Binnie James G., " Maranui" Hopkinson Mrs. If. Neal Mrs. Emma Butler Miss Jennings Henry J. Schofield Walter, "The Nest" Blair street Spicer Frederick B. Newton Mrs. Christina 13. May George, "Roma" Aikins William E., "Hawaii" Ellis George IL, "Mosterton" Martin L. P., "Wov Woy" Moroney John V., "Carinya" Davis Thomas, "Killarney:: Sophia street Pretoria parade Campbell Joseph Stubbs Stanley Manley Alfred G., "Austinmer" Simpson John Dieppe Georges Angus Jones Gilbert Blair street Saunders Arthur, carrier Ross Jordan Lloyd Herbert B. Blakers Alf red II. Watkfus Richard, "Burcombe" Sophia street Lawrence Claude Judd Thotnas Henke Jacob Crawsliew Mrs. IL Frew Alexander Newton Edward J., " Kathmar Halls Mrs. K. Fielder Mrs, Helen Bennett Leonard,"13raohruo" Gould street Charter Ellis Benn Arthur L, "Laurette" Beck George Military Road (North Bondi) Peel street to Ramsgate auenue Rogers Walter Murphy Stephen, poultry fanner Military Station (Ben Buckler) Howes George Miller Street Bondi Cmtlefield street to Imperial avenue Peace Mrs Clarice Kelleher William, " Lestan Elliott N lon j onhitiirsg. Wagner Edward "Gunyall" Millard Captain W. Gillis Richard G., "Tarrawanna" Berry Mrs. Mary Hovey George Pentecost Fred, W. hunter William A. Detores Edward Hail John. "Josmond" 136wron John, "Periling's" Mill Hill Road Upper 0.rford to!lough street Houston Re y. Robert L. (0. of E.) 2 McKay Miss Mary, "Irene" 4 Shears John Matchett Mrs. D. W. 8 Maealpine Regineld 10 Veiteh Mrs. Mary, "Elsie" 12 Kelsey William, " Ceylon 14 Burt Mrs. Madeline, dressmaker Bell Miss. ibessmaker St. Barnabas' (0. of 13.) St. Barimbas' (C. of E.) Sunday School 26 Britain Mrs. Lillian, "St. Elmo" 28 Creber.Tolin, " Natant " 30 Cobb William S " St. Omer" 32 McLennan Colin. " Wynne" 34 Knuckey Mr..1. IL, "Learn" 36 Martin Frederick NV., ".Roeeniont " 38 Doyle Alfred E. 40 Tierney James 42 Cathcart Thomas. laundry 44 Salmon Ed Will Edward terra-c- 46 Phillips Peter 48 Alford Percy 60 Roper Stanley!.T. 52 Carter John 60 Urquhart Alexamier 62 Greatorex Joseph h4 Sioorecraft Edward G. 66 Andrews David 68 Sinclair John W. 70 West Ernest J. Ebley street 84 Smallshaw Mts. Sarah E. Steinbeck Miss Caroline A. 88 Carter William 90 Clarke James P.. "'lowers Villa 02 Pepperill Mrs, Ada 94 Obee George Cambridge terrace- 96 Anderson John 98 Dwan Jam s 100 Smith Raphael A. 102 Horne Walter H. 104 Swanston Arthur 106 Asbury Alfred 108 Galloway Mrs. IL Green Leslie 110 Gibbons Michael 112 Hargraves Mrs. Alice 114 Underwood Mrs. Mary E. 116 Saunders George, "Kanhnbla" 120 Ranger Mrs Janet 122 FrIeld Peter, "Tara" 128 Johnston Miss Jane, "Ohinewai" 1 O'Hara Mrs. M. 3 Davies Daniel 5 Darling William H. 7 Byrnes M., "Wansbeck" 9 De-Lange Mrs. Catherine E.,"G unyah" 11 McCarthy John, "Ara Glen," carrier 19 Rogers John 21 Faust William 23 McGovern Patrick, " Hillyille" 25 Walsh, Charles, "Shirley" 27 Sigle Charles 29 Coleman Frank 31 Croydon James 33 Hutton George AV. N., "Iolanthe" 87 Bright John II., "(Matra" 39 Baxter John 41 Edmiston Miss Annie 43 Hearne Edwald J. 45 Roach Edward 47 Edwards Mrs. Rose 49 Webb Alfred G. 53 Phillips Mrs. A. E. 55 Hilton James 67 Green James W. 59 Williams Miss Jessie 13., " Seaford " 61 Hill Joseph L., 63 Lamb Mrs. Sarah, "Brighton" 65 Park James, grocer 67 Mamma William 69 Ainsworth Albert J. 71 Cole Charles Chelmsford terrace- 73 Boyden Miss Annie 75 Bryce Andrew P. 77 Dods Robert C. 79 Death Edward G. WOOD, efiffill 81, COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET, 'PHONE 9227 CIT1 OUR FUNERAL EQUIPMENT IS UNEXCELLED BY THAT OF ANY FIRM IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE

17 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR PAINTS AND WALLPAPERS. ANTHONY HORDERNS' RELIABLE TRADERS FOR TOWN OR COUNTRY. 802 Moo WAVE RLEY, New Nib WAVERLEY O'Br 803 Mill Hill road continued- 81 Pemberton James $3 fleoll Cyril 85 Jessep Frederick, "Lyden Cottage" 87 CodeloBartolomeo,"MyallHOuse" 89 SteWrack Hymn Victoria terrace-. 91 Cooke Mrs. Gertrude 93 Finnie Mrs. Annie 95 Wilson Samuel WIidle Thomas M. 97 Dottrel! John II. 99 Hueson Thomas, "Milroy 101 Bennett Thomas, "Bennetsciale" 103 Goodsell Sydney 105 Hayter James 187 Jeffries Mrs. E. 109 Wheeler Daniel, "Verona" 113 Shaffer Mrs. Queen 115 Jones William, Hough street Moore Street (Bondi) Henderson street to Edscard street 44 McDowell James, "Derrach Roy" 41 Smith John, "St. Elmo" 40 Wright Miss G.," Ploriana" 38 Wylie John, "Fairlight" 34 Clark James, "Gowrie" Goodt11 Miss A., "Bungalow" 30 spring W. E. 28 Albert:nigh William J "Aeolus" 24 Travis William," Byron" Stewart Andrew B. 22 Browne-Covington Mrs. F. 20 Nicholson A., solicitor, " Canawalla" Puttinsou Mrs. Ellen Cross Charles,"Itelrose" Fleming Horace Ryan Mrs. Mary Hopwood William, "Strathloven" sturanda fiats Pollock Robert Hollingworth James Murray Street Nelson Bay road to Belgrave street Murray Frederick S., "Windermere" Davis James A. Perkins William Henry, "Myarlie" Anderson Victor W. Allsop William, " Morella" Stokes Thomas, "Elliston Gibson street Scott John 0., "Bay View" Dickson street McFarlane Charles Barnes David J. "Menzies" Cleveland William, "Bristol" Walker Frederick, "Ely" Thomas Leonard Bronte street Collier Henry J. Hewlett street Read street Belgrare street Wendt William Jones Richard E. Bax Frederick, "La Boheme" Clarke Charles, " Kinver " Bush William Barks Ernest, " Rosa " White Kily, "Wynn" Russell Albert, 'Argenta" Mnrren George W., "Dunroy' Mac:Mahon Frank McHugh Matthew "Aston" Dooley James, "Brinleen" Homan Charles W., "Bunnyside" Williams Thomas, "Glen Roy" Haslam Wilfred Mulligan Charles Sheard James Fick William H. Mullett street Read strect Belgrave street Murriverie Road (North Bondi) Of South Head road Settings John C. Land Timothy, dairyman Clark William, "Araquippa" Neath Walter H., "Glyn-hatod" Hart Mrs. Ray Reina street Nancy street Hardy street Hughes Arthur F. Smith Mrs. E. Davidson Christopher V. Lnphidge Edgar P., "The Laythes" Willis Walter R., "Olenavon" Tenagh Peter, "Glenrock" Good Arthur, "Rocky Nook" South Head road Kennedy John Nicoll John."Kunote" Bryant Arthur G. L., "Roma" Parrett Frank, "Lavinia' Glynn Mrs. Margaret, "Glengariff" Long Henry J., "Gallagh" Poynting John F., "Aniymas" Palmer Ernest H., "Oakleigh" Black Nurse L., "Erin" Connell Walter IL, "Bradmel" Ross David, "Roselinle" Rowe Oswald. "Rarawal" Rogers L. S, "Koreela" Owens James, "Oakenshaw" Brown Richard A., "Gulourie" Park W. R., builder, "Ainslie" Nesmith Gavan,'Florelle' Birch Charles J., "I linwatlia" McCann William, "Corinthie" Grant William,"Senfield" Stoltz Karl O., "Iwin" Jenkins William, "Mayfield" lather William, "Braemar" Cookham Walter S., "Fairholme" Harrison Vincent, "Forestville" Plowman George, poultry farm Frederick street Thompson Percy Thomas George James Henry, "Woodstock"i Noakes Alfred T., "Raymond" Watroa amine Raw Herbert, "Shirley" Shanty Arthur A. A. Norburn B. J. ' Military road Hughes John Wilson Siren Rowe Herbert, "Shirley" Shauley Arthur, "Carshalton" Norburn Brothers, painters Rogers Frederick, "Gilrog" Rogers Walter, "Vivian' Nancy Street (North Bondi) Of Murriverie road Jesson Edgar G., "Silversands" Cox I. R. Peterson Ernest, "Nnuvour" Baker Ernest J. Withers Harold Warton Charles Chinchin Lionel Lucas John Ford George McNally Walter Saunderson William Sutton Rowland Phillips James Webb Thomas A. Harradine Frederick Nelson Bay (Bronte) Off itronte road Bond NV. 11., refreshment room Drente Baths W. II. Bond Eastern Suburbs Swimming Club Bronte Park Bronte Municipal Surf Sheds Fahey Edward Nelson Bay Road (Bronte) Leichhardt street to Brow road Atoek V. Forrest Keith O'Callaghan Michael, "Ream" Plunkett Henry J.," Jesmond " Robinson Arthur E.. " Berowra " Clarkson Hubert, "Durham" Corrigan Dominic," Roscommon" Bugles.; George A. Hawksley George, "Stretton' Webb Henry, "The Pines" Gipps street Murray street Levy David, "Tr-n(111011e" Petersen Miss IS. " Blighswood " Poulter John Arnett 0. Berthold George, " Perth" Pritchard Edward,"Dunedin ombe" Stewart William John, "Wye Newman Frederick A., "Brixton Olnyton William H., "Euston," Thompson John E. Bryant George H. Hewlett Stanley C., " Timken " Stafford Mrs. Maria Gittoes Frank W. "Gloucester" Ebs worth Edward ' 51.,"Bronte House" Noblet Mrs. Constance Boston Junes, "Bob Roy" Quinn Leslie Brown Denis Davison Sydney, refreshments Drente Park Surf Sheds Edward Fahey, manager Tram Terminus south side 1 Cullen-Ward Mrs. M.. "Woodstock" 3 Cross Miss Ada, "Ivanhoe" 5 Robinsoa Joseph It., "revert!" 9 Saunders Cecil L., "Barangall" 13 Steel Samuel, "Glendaxrah" Wood Albert, "Wolnroi" Wearne W. E., J.P., ALLA., " Montrose" 19 Smith Reginald H. 21 Wachner Joseph, "Braeside " Lugar street Byrne Mrs, E., "Rickvella " 27 Cohen Aaron T., "Ilawkecliffe" 29 Petersen L., "Arawa " Treacy Mrs. Alice, " Tavimil " Henderson Miss Mary," " Wansbeok Hamblin Sydney J., "Devine" Brans street FitZpatrirk Potor Finn Mrs. A. "Lourdes" Hegarty Leslie, "Opal Evans A.. "Brighton" Kappie William Rockymount " Graham Mrs. Mabel McInerney Patrick F. Stedenfeld H., "Chelsea" Gilmon Lance Negus George Small Mrs. A. E. Wilson Mrs. E. H. Quick Mrs. Nellie Power Gower A., "Manono". Kepet John New Street (Bondi) Old South Head road to Orr street 15 Hartley James, " Ortona " 13 Scott JRIIICA, " I3udgong " 11 Hoptroff Albert E., "Roehampton 9 Bray Samuel," Sea View" 7 Roberts Henry," \Venni 5 Beaumont Frederick, "Niacroom"- 3 Dobbs Frederick W., "Kesby" 26 Caswell W. G. P., "Tenalba" 24 Ground Pori Brodie Riclutrd First floor Mulligan NV. II, 10 Chatterton Stanley Second floor- 22 Mahmead Malan Weymark Albert 12 Moyee Arthur 13 Devlin Lancelot S. Ground floor- 1 Solomon Ernest 2 Clark George Campbell David First floor- 4 Smith Osborne 6 Davis Gerald 6 Hendry William 7 Dalziel Mrs. Anna T. 20 McGarry James 18 Stanley George A. 14 Buxton Mrs. E., "Yandoo" 12 Enderby Arthur 8 /Witmer Geo. E. 0 Bridges Alfred," Attain Rye" 4 Watkins Alfred C., "Hereford.' 2 Saleh Mrs. A. Newland Street 97 Upper Oxford street to Victoria street 2 Young George 4 Warren Miss Rennie Gerrard Mrs. Bose Spring street WOOD, CtIFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE sr., C'DOWN 'PHONE L2848 Oxford terrace- Mactiell Mrs. 0, 10 Davis John 12 Reed lire. Emily 14 Itendall Victor 16 Barker James JIMICS.20 Hugh. s Bert Wirth Henry C., "Milton" 24 Stephenson Abbot.28 Willis W., paluter.30 Brennan Frank, J.P., "Glenora" 34 O'Connell lire. Susan 36 13nrgeis Walter H. C..38 Benton Edward 40 Gill Mrs. Elizabeth Gelby Mrs. Agnes 40 Ward Henry!.48 O'Oormell James J. 110 Matched. Sydney 52 Elliott J. Ebley street 64 Pitt William T. "Alroy" 56 Dillon Charles 58 Dail Albert, "DorrIeville" 90 Young Thomas H., "Beechworth " 62 Tomlin Lewis A., "Parndon " 31c5falion Patrick.86 Shaw Harry, "Tant" 70 Hawkins Williain 72 eastern Dryden 76 Taylor Mrs. Agnes," Adelong " 78 13ryell Charles. "Oswesty" Jacks John, "Selatyn" 80 Gotten Donald, "Duntroon" 82 Adamson George, "Rosemond" 84 Fletcher Reginald 86 Mull Robert, "Aston' 88 Campbell Walter 90 Lee Arthur G., "!hurdle " Walter street 112 Hancock Arthur, "Thelma" Soloinotis LOVER, "Ohara" 96 Cross Winifred." Miran ".99 Heliir Stephen A. 100 Don M. It tailor 102 Hamilton :flounder J.."Carinya" 104 Ryan Clive, "Clayton" 106 Clayton Reuben, "Ciirlyle" 103 Gardiner Senator Albert, "IVaringali" Birrell street 120 Thomas Mesac, "Fashoda" 122 Latty Ilenry,"3111ton" Meacham Percy 124 Bedkober Ca el F. 128 Blair Mrs Esther," Harp Tree" 128 Clarke James 130 Kitchen Sydney 134 Spring Athol L. 131 Osborne Henry G. 138 Smith Harry 140 McKee James G.," Glenorcby" 144 Clifft Richard J., "Nowm" 146 Rowley William S. 148 Parry John H., "Glentea" Cuthbert strett Public Telephone Box 150 Marshall Horace," Gracieville " Egan Mrs, Jean 154 Davis Arthur, "Millthorpe" 156 King Robert A.," Albany" 158 Stapleton William Kift Ernest W. 160 Grindrod Albert E., "Itingeni" Evans Leslie IV.," " Nicholls Arthur, " Ellerslie " Crocker Frederick, " Tantimai" Ross Charles F., "Balnagowan" Pickup Charles McGrath William S. Gossage John, " Mile End" Crow Robert A. Morris William," Coleus() 1 Clancy Thomas,fuel tit. produce merch Spring street 7 Gospel Hall Adams James W. Saxon terrace- 9 Hambletou George 11 Samuels Albert E. 13 Boyce Mrs. Ada Di Precious Robert 17 South John L, ' Montrose" 19 Henderson Mrs. Fanny, nurse, 21 Afowll Mrs. Sophia 23 Byrnes Mrs. Mary 25 Browne Mrs. E. 27 Drew Albert V., " Hastings " IVest John Thomas, T.P., "Chez None" 31 Johnson Mrs. C. Ebley street Keiran street Richton-Potters E., "Waligunyalt" Kihninster Mrs. S., "Gort" Freeman Charles Klass Samuel, "Klikee" Finkelstein Maurice, "Goondi" McSweeney Itobert,"Mundoo" Sky William '1'. 70 Shuttle John, "Hillcrest" 81 Taylor Alfred J., " Jolla" g3 Itichenbaum Maurice, "Staffa" Jacobs John 87 Dwyer Herbert," Yarra 89 Moxon Mrs. Alice, " Plynistock " 91 Powell Edward, "Plyinton" 93 WOOd Albert E., "Mr ryln" 95 Mills Miss Ella, "Merinda" 97 Darcy Charles, "Maimion" 99 Geraghty Ernest " Ivanhoe 101 Vette!' Ileginald, "Kenilworth" 103 Simmons Charles 105 De Souza Thomas Birrell street 107 Duncan Watson C., "Leith 109 Drew Henry, "Kastor" III Maitland Henry A, "Juno" 113 Rowe John J., " Duda" 115 Shaw Mrs. Annie, " ilhein " 117 Shaw Frederick, "Geona" 119 Burge George, "Fiona" 121 Maher Philip J.," Emma" 123 Frauds Allan K., "Daphne" 125 Roberts Valentine, " Colter 127 Sawdy 129 Bones Albert. "Arline " 131 Campbell Leslie, "Quest" 133 Ladd Albert, "Bristol" 135 Toinalin Alban J., "Tottenham" 137 Lynch Joseph J., "Beltatia" 139 Mills George C. 111 Kemp Albert," Darenth 143 McKee Cla nde, "Winulta" 145 Rowe William," Mascot " 199 Deane George, "Alma" 151 Willis Mrs. '1'. 163 Smith George, "Lorraine" 155 Greven Ea nest, " Alsace" Cuthbert street 157 Strettles Thomas, " Craignish" 159 May John, " 31erriwee " 161 Amos Richard, " Thelerndory " 183 Kelly James Bernard, " Cooinda" 165 Martin Edwin Thomas, yaw," 167 Usher Arthur F., " Canberra " 169 Chisholm George "Itosalynd". 171 Hoffman 1.esile, G., " Comieroy 173 Rounsville Frederick, "Kelburnie " 175 Jessep Arthur, " Hazehleatle 177 Jessep Mrs. Louisa, "Oolinton9 181 Abbott John, " Homeditle " Victo-ia street Niblick Street (North Bondi) Gilgandra street to Warner's «venue Stokes Gerard A., " 011a "' Mee Cyril J., " Raymond." Jackson Edward P.," Clarendon" Hews " Mirrool" Greenwell Darid, " Montana " Wright Miss Mary E., " Merellyn ". Northeote Street (North Bondi) Old South Head road to Gilbert street Tag Oscar F., "Newton" Flanagan Beaumont Arthur A., " Annesley " Bullock Samuel, "Newbury" Parkes Edward 0. Burfield V. L.." Heywood " Meadoweroft Mrs. Emma O'Brien Street (Bondi) Old South Head road to Roscoe street St. Anne's Church (B.C.) St. Anne's Parochial School (R.C.) Dorrill Charles, "Nether/hold Cottage" Bander Alfred, "Olornantagli" Btwkitt George W., " Harlten" Deem Albert V., "KM Ora" Robson James Munro Stanley, growr IVellington street Mooney Austin "Glenorie" Edgerton Alfred, "Glenbrae" James William A., "Alwyn" Barnard Benjalnin, " Latonia Booth David E. Hammer Ferdinand A., "Clarkville" Feeney Albert Y., "Dalsybrook" Brock John. "Maryville" Wallace John Young Mrs. Sophia J. Jansen Theolore, "Curfew" McAlpine William, " Newhaven liarracl al avenue 84 Widener' Thomas J. P. Bamford Frederick W. 80 Stevens Samuel 78 Campbell James, " Feriae!'" 76 Carr Mrs. E. I. 74 Henley Francis E. 72 Ranch John 70 Woodhill Regina/d, j, N 68 McDonald Alexander 08 Nicholls Sidney It. 64 Merrier Frank, "Yetholme" 62 Planner Harry, "Huntingdon" 60 Price William B..58 Dolton Hadley 56 Vatise Cecil W., "Chiswick " 54 Francis James 62 Tooter Maurice 50 Cothran L, 48 Lavender John J. 46 Somerville James 44 Dickey George 42 Penrose Herbert 40 Stevens Norman B., "Bundanoon" 38 Pnlmer John 36 Archer Edward, "Shirle y" 34 McKenzie Frederick, 'Or-estes" 32 Taylor Oscar 30 Murphy William P. 28 Fitzpatrick Cecil W., "Atherton" 26 Keene George 24 Shield Louis, "Blithe " 22 Bird Mrs. A J., "Malvern" 20 Grundy Arthur, "Oakdene" 18 Seppesen Carl, "Thelma" 16 Zeidenberg Barnett, " AliWal" COZ avenue Hall stree 2 Charles William Adams John R. P. 0 Dunne Frederick J. 8 Davis John 10 McDonnell Brian P., "Warrego" Norris Alfred Williams Griffith 11. Ryan William C., fruiterer Barnett Z., ham 111/1/ beet shop Brandon Sydney, ( draper ) Malone Mrs. " Bizava ' Roscoe street Jamieson Walter, "Itutherglen" Berry Harry, "Glenrock" Wilkins Oswald Parkes Martin White George, "Kangaroo" Hall Norman Welsted Harold Charrett Albert ` Cole Mrs. Gardner Hu roll Wellington street Owens Sydney, " Fernleigh " Hoffman Frederick B., "Baycrost" Atkinson Percy D., "Briars" Sarra nilhilg tleuriitnry, t "Arcadia" Lawson John,"Mudgeo" Kerr John S. Pope George C.," Minneliaha " Theobald George, "Ardlui" - Melville Mrs. (1 wei.doline, "Kama" NieBeath Robert Duguld John D., "Dalvenio" Beale Lionel 0., " Novar " Avery Henry 0., "Winchester" Frankton] Frederick, "Farnborough" Wutke Walter. "Yardling" Watson Ernest, "Scarborough" Moore Edward, "Fig Tree Cottage" Cochrane George, "Ponsonby" Hall street Keller John J., grocer OUR MORTUARY CHAPELS ARE AT OUR CLIENTS' SERVICE FREE L`F CHARGE

18 ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM,' 804 Oce WAVEILLEY. Old Ons \VAVERLEY. Oxf 806 O'Brien street continued-.,j 101 Fay Mrs. K., "Juliette" Goldstein Isidore, "Walichower" Queo W., "The Rest" 49 Nicholls Sirs. Michael Lithgow Charles E., butcher 51 Gregg John 47 Duncan John, " Hazehlean 103 Frazer Donald,"Derwent" Popplewell Joseph, "Fairlight" Dalby John, "Rosemond" Cash 211. E., outfitter 53 McGlone Mrs. Annie 45 Peeks Horace IL, "Greta" 105 McCauley Charles E. Moore Mrs. Annie, "Uralla" Speck Henry Phillips 1'. W. 55 Rogers Joseph 43 Morton Mrs. Ellen, "Canowle 107 Dellicore William Barnes Arthur,"Annville" Wilkinson Mrs Lily North Bondi Post Office 57 Berryman John 41 Johnson Charles, "Lilliesmere' 111 Spence William. "Smell " Norman Nurso. private hospital Chandler Cecil," Mandeville" Public Telephone Ewell street 113 Monte Mrs. Annie Spedding John E., "Lincoln" Brock Francis," Ivy Cottage 59 Usher Ernst. W., dentist Roscoe street 61 Stone Walter,.1.1'. 39 Thomas Mesca IV. 0, "Aralia " 115 Astle Frank Williams W. IL, "Roseview" Thompson Harry, " Walt Clutlyall Lewis Brothers, cone/thunders Ocean Street North (Bondi) 37 Crabtree James, "Limanora" 117 Sutherland Mrs. Ada. " Burnie Blair street Curleteis street Addison John "Clovelly " 35 Baldwin Wallace 119 Littlewood Arthur H., " Zeehan McDonnell street Hoyles Mrs. Adeline E., "Muir" 67 Gourley Thomas, dyer and cleaner 33 Callaway Arthur H., "Teutonia" Paul street Walsh John J.. "Clermont" South Head General Cemetery 69 White Mrs. Edith, milliner 71 Cruikshank Go mge, "Bsyview" Bond( road to Martin's avenue 31 Southward Mts. Marjorie, "Kuala" Carruthers Hon. Sir Joseph H., Crump Mrs. Mary, "Hecklington" Gibson Arthur V. 73 Harwood Peter 60 Russe'l Samuel H. 29 Webster Mrs. Wallace, "Iris" K.O.M.G., AUX., " Ijighbury " Nurse Benjamin, "Bristol" Clarke street 75 Jackson Alfred E., billiard saloon 58 Nicol Jettie s. " Otaio " 27 Simpson Charles, " Prahren" Norton James A., "Alnora" Matilda street lvariser's arena,. 77.Tames Edward F. 56 Steuerwald William," Thornbro" 25 Fitzgerald Mrs. Siargaret,"Winton" 11.7 Sheehy Christopher.1. Military reserve Saul Henry J., Alterable" 79 Lloyd Miss Francis 51 Wilton Mrs, Lucretia,"Milduns" Stephen street 129 Whitbread Sirs. Georgina, "Goodring- Philip William, "Kyeena" Pliegatt G. W., furniture tiealer 62 Hughes Herbert IS, "The Nest" 23 MacCarthy Hugh, " Yandilla " ton" Onslow Street (North Bondi) 83 Carter Sirs. Jane, milliner 50 Kell y Nurss 21 Rogers Henry W. F., " Dalkeith 131 Hooper Mrs. T. Patterson Matthew, "Brighton" or Old South Head road 85 Paterson Chas, F. & Co., plumbers. St. Matthew's Church of England 19 Child John, Tauroa" 133 Bounds James, "Barnelenth" Gilgandra road Fraser Henry, "Muni" 87Carter Ernest E., cycle dealer Dunstan Rev. Charles C. (C. of E.), 17 Clark Walter S., " East View" Bon Accord avenue Welch John Si., "Erpingliam" Bressy " 3esmond Buck Richard, printer "The Rectory" 15 Mitchell John, "Veletta" 135 Elliott Walter H. Anderson Elwyn, "Glatiwyn" Crakanthorpe Spencer " A thy 89 Pirellis,' Emil, artist 48 Southlan Mrs. A. 13 Delaney Colin J. Brockwell Arthur If. Kettlebantl Charles E., "Homeleigh" Wright Jamss, "Almatlele" 91 Watson Mrs. Mary I. 94 Whitworth James W. 11 Clark Mrs. Janet, "Arcadia" 93 Gardner Francis E., watchmaker 46 Stoneham Abraham A., "St. Arnaud" 9 Rhodes Miss 139 Neates Alfred G., J.P., "Raymond" Headland John P., "Kiewn" Masterton Alexander, McK. "The 141 Ileard Huebert," Mimosa Brooker C. A., butcher Bungalow Harris Brothem, boot importers 42 Coronet John, " Elsmere" es street 143 Asser Sydney Wilson J., general store Carver John F., " Burn-Brae" 38 Cohen Mrs. Sarah, "Rama 7 Kingman Charles Newland stied 145 Cooperans George 36 Lamer Edward N.," Wahroonga". 5 Graham Charles, "Abyllos" Murriverie road Owen street Morrow George A., Senga 147 Cunningham John G. Batchelor Arthur E., " Mauildra " 99 Government Savings Bank Kelly Robert. T., "Glen Ella" 3 Downey Patrick, " Norwood" 119 Starkey Mrs. Lizzie Morrison Thomas J. Thorogood Arthur V., "Peelwood" Ilenwood,TosephW colonial winedepot 24 Storm Edwin 1 Ogilvy Mrs. Margaret," Clinton" 157 Licence Arthur. "West View" Owen street Robinson Henry G., "Montague" Walton Stinlio, photographers Dens James, " Kyalla" Bondi road 159 Porter Clement, "Glenora" Easton Lockhart Craig William, "Orsova Anderson Percy 161 Moriarty James, "Nellora" Slack Albert A. 107 Saunders James, "Montana" O'Donnell Street (North Bondi 163 Pepper Newton, "Loughneagh" Searle Herbert, " Elvo 8 Rees Enoch, "Ccfnpark " Frederick stied to Wairoa avenue 177 Hawkins Edward, " Telopea" Gordon Charles Parkes Fred W., "Malvern" 2 Mullis William, "Weimer" Rogers Harry 51eN ight Thomas Carnegie Thomas Knott William E. " Wilga " Martin's avenue O'Dowd Street 179 Charlton Arthur Is William street Scott Albert E. Longford Richard, "Ripple" Og Victoria street 181 Harrison Mrs. Margaret Paten P. T., baker Tyrer Fred. W., " Fazeley Sargermt Mrs. Susan 183 Caine William C., "Bungaree" The Avenue Davy Herbert, "Merrylea" 55 Colquhoun John, "Gowrie" Lawloy Mrs. Louisa 185 Winstatiley Percy 53 Lane Miss I. K.,"Glen Rook" Farrar Mrs. Emily." Ethanja Cooper Frederick A., "Mayville" Ellis Samuel John 187 Ilarvey Luther 61 Morrow John, "Milton" Coutts John J., "Kin Ora" Blair Joh ns," Dulford Iggleden Edward R. 189 Hill George A. 49 Wunderleiss John Moore Verner, "Lorna Boone" Paul Alexander, " " Whelan John, "Avoca" 191 Grace Harry, "Wonbobble" 47 Humbert Mrs. Mary Holloway William T., "Sunnyside" 193 Shearman Mrs, Ada Chaleyer street thinly Alma.7. Davis Samuel M., "Valerie" 45 Young William, "Romily" Brogan Mrs. Ellen, Dorisville" 195 Wilson Mrs. A., "Moy" Cummins James, "Troyville" 43 Lammon Mrs. Elizabeth Lawrence Mrs., " Invieta" Kong John, "Almym" 197 McNamara J. Smith William Dunn Sydney V. 39 NowIll Harrison, "Larchmont" 199 A.squith Walter Clarke Sydney 37 Brown John Old South Head Road Moore Robert, "Killarney" 201 Long John L. Leeson Percy N. 35 Wilson Mrs. Charles A.," Richmond" Cowper.0. (Bondi Junction) to Lighthouse 203 Brown Charles J., "Aldine" (Saslow street (Rose Bay) 33 Jones Mrs. 1 Pattinson and Co. Ltd., chemists 205 Davidson William R. Salter, Glen Luna" Ormond Street (Bondi) 20 Dick Hon. William T., M.L.C. 3 La Brousse Mrs. C., confectioner 207 Thompson Miss Mwy Julian Percival O., "Walnut" Francis street to Sir 7'hossuis Mitchell road 25 Martin Foster, J.P., 5 Kinsela Charles, undertaker 209 Carroll Miss Mary, general store Rees D., butcher 17 Smithers Charles 0., "Fernmont" 7 Wineaton Abraham, tailor O'Brien Mrs. Francis, "The Ravine' 211 Sargent Mrs. Gertrude Liverpool street Beaumont street 15 O'Connell Hugh, "Ivanhoe" 9 Hay Robert, tobacconist 215 Cook George, greengrocer Pocock William T., "Ashby" Orr Street Funeral Directors 13 HavensteineMrs. Amelia, "Doongalla" 11 Post, Telegraph and M.O. Office, Join 217 Barris Mrs. Margaret Hourigan ff. and Son, asphalters 11 Loutitt Mrs., "Dismiss" Fountain, postmaster Old South Head road to Anylesea street 223 Wigzell Syrron, consulting optician Rose Bay Ice Works Carriage and f rag Proprietors 9 Burns Arthur."Neath" 13 Eastern Suburbs TaxlCab Co. (The) 225 Winders Luke, general store Bourhis Alain, "Kismet '2 Peaty Rev. R. (C. of E.) 7 Ahearn Miss Ellen Pudney E. B., provision merchant 227 Menzies Mrs. Sarah 4 Levy Isaac "Sayonara" Dover road 5 O'Meagher Percy If. Cash Butchering Co. 229 Forms Mrs., "Ilighbury Cottage" 6 Nattier' Mrs. N. Local Agent : 3 Biagney Mrs. Catherine E., "Pacific Bull Williams S. Taylor Frederick A, "Isleornsay 231 Baxendale Mrs. Mary Arm 8 Gardiner Alfred E., "Orontes" View" /lade B. J. Stevens George T., "Matilda" HARRY WILKIE 1 Lane Herbert WS,.7.P., " Barman" 15 Lemoine Mdme, dyer and cleaner Flood street Strickland street 'Phone-530 Way. Marlin's avenue O'Neill Miss, milliner (Bondi) Blake street Judge John, "Gunyalt" Coronation 233 Reeves William (North Bondi) 19 Wiseman Edward, "Torquay" Sutton's Motor Garage 17 Sic Anna Alan 235 Suche Richard F. Campbell G., carrier 19 Junction Motor Service station 15 Stanton William 237 Keyvar Samuel S. Norton Richard S. "Clifton 21 Andrews Herbert 13 Miller Charles 239 Bowman John Waverley Street Brown Mrs. Eke, 'Vol-Here" 11 Baker Phillip 241 Wyburd Mrs. IL, "Llanthas" Starr Gordon W. S., physician and Guise Sidney, 9 Dunn Allchael, "Khan" 243 Reardon John S., "Dilkusha" surgeon, "Glen Ayr" Scott James," Kamerunga " 7 McLennan Archibeld,"Yabtree" 245 Jones Miss Nellie Robert street latta street Seaton D. II., "Eastcourt" 6 France, "Miramar" Pine avenue Norton Herbert L., " Pembroke Foggon Charles A., Derragon " 3 Stannous Richard Lamrook Leslie J., M.D., "Eurangai ' New street Gmson Mrs. Elizabeth, " Chingford " 1 Elder Henry A. "lindol" Burge S. Bruce, medical practitioner Stapleton Charles, "Woodbine" ' 11111crest " Corbett Amos, " Kardinya Kelly William, " Wallet Owen Street (North Bondi) Penkivil street Francis street Hipsley 1'. L., M.D. Ch.M., "Marath Morris Fergus, " Carntra" on" Smith Wolter J., "Quinton" 55 Borgesson Frank E. Lilley James C., " Noeline" off Old South Head road 57 Armstrong Mrs. A., "Redcar" Brown Arthur F.. "Senga" Nos theote street Smallwood George Crichton Dudley D., "Glencee" 59 Thornton Henry Willis Mrs. Lewis Collins William W. Borthwick Leslie, "Langleas" 61 Goodwin Arthur A., dental surgeon Roberts Frederick," Mayfoni " bynn Mrs. G. 63 Felton Austin S. Hall Henry, "Iona" O'Neill JoReph D., " Nellholut Foxall William E., "San George" 65 Israel Bert Lancaster street Oxford S:reet (Upper) Leister Albert F., "Braemar" 67 Venables Nurse Barracht if William B., "Finsbury" Milt Hill road to Cowper street, Bondi Bondi road Holland Charles, Cottesloe" Garrett Harry B., "The Bungalow " Junction 69 Hunter James, physician and surgeon Wilson Harold, "To Kohanga" Barr:whiff Joseph T jam, "Hillside" Steffeus Mrs. C. Pearce Frederick, 'Gowan Brae" 71 Campbell William, " Oroya " George street Russell street (South Head) 2.6 Bithlells Motor Garage Collins Mark, "Warialda" 73 Ross William, "Alvarado " BarracluffJoseph,J.P., ostrich farmer 75 The Manhatton Flats Williams Miss Elizabeth A Dairy Farmers' Co-operative Milk Palmer street 77 Trate Mrs. K., "San Louis O'Brien street Clark Henry V., "51arong" Co., Ltd. Waverloy Branch 79 Herd Mrs. S. Turner Mrs. Martha, " Waverffitle" Denison road Bevan William 81 Cassidy Mrs. Jessie, "Mentone" Derby street Rush's Family Intel Arch. \Venban Joseph Kn Ocean Street South (Bondi) Birrelt street to Bondi road 62 Thompson Mrs. Mary J., "Grasmere" 60 Eastway Ernest 58 Nelson Edward, "Ashby" 56 Abrahams.Joseph, "Edgerol 04 Batton Harold.7., "Tecoma" 52 Maguire Thomas H. 60 Poxon Mrs. Mary 48 O'Connor Maurice. "Talnui" 46 Vanner Joseph, "Brighton" 44 Webber Jacob, "Tarlac" 43 Levy Reuben, "Avondale" 40 Quinn thigh, "Whealbah 38 Newbold Wm. A., " Windermere 36 Horne George 34 Levy Henry, "Sherburn" 32 Anderson George A., " Hatbern" 30 Lewis Reginald, " Rosedale" 28 Neal George W. 26 Kearney Matthew. " Riverslea " 94 Murphy Mrs. M. E. 22 McNab Mrs. Catherine L.,"Roxburgh" Oberg John F., "A warm" 20 Sullivan John, "Canimbule" 16 White Ernest, "Kandlori" 83 Cahill A. C., physician and surgeon Vine Charles Cele; Mrs. A. L., general store 27 Morphew Harry, tobacconist 14 Ireland Miss W. B., "Merton" 85 Jagelman Joseph J., solr., "A mwatte" Pankhurst Charles, "Alberta" Stone Quarries Clark and Hanson 29 Mitekellar Arthur, chemist 12 Andrews Charles, "Elora" 87 Phillips W. H. M., eyespecialist Mamma Bay road 31 Carlenent Miss Janet, herbalist 10 Marsh Willoughby M.,J.P.,"Manoora" 89 Roberts William A., 'Clinton" Ball s'reet Bed well IL, Bootmaker 33 Wright Bros. (Carriers) 8 Walker Thomas, "Coolga" Dl Wilson William Fryer Leslie T. Coles Mrs. olive, " Hilton " 35 McCarthy P., tailor 6 Wade George H., "Karimbit " 93 Greevy John B. McInnes Mrs. Bailey David 37 Bolden Brothsrs 4 Mildwater Christopher. "Creel" 95 Russell A. Norton, "Lochleigh" Williams Benjemin Cooper Frank, " Ivanhoe" 3 Cole Jollis Henry, produce merchants 2 Lyon Athol J., "Myatt" 97 Moss Alexander Grant James, "Strathspey" Green Jausies. " The Cabin" 45 Parkinson 51 r'..l essie Bondi road 99 Dollimore Claude Briggs Arthur, "Gordon" Williams Arthur E., "Sian Cottage" 47 Bernard 51 rs. Jean Head Office : George St., Sydney. 'Phone 9226 City. 109 Prattlers, Ltd., dry cleaners Ill Gray Percy L., florist 113 Johns Ernest, I shoe Store) 115 D'Artnond Mrs. Pauline 117 Yuma K. 119 Briggs Alfred, hairdresser 121 Star Engineering Coy. 12Ia Burton Frederick J. bootmaker 123 Curran Brothers, estate agents 125 Walker A rthur E. 127 Gill Henry T., butcher 129 Day Ltsmard M., newsagent 133 Vincent Nicholas, tailor Maria G. and Co, fruiterers 199 Simmons Frank, watchmaker 141 1Villeock James, boot importer 143 Barnard Misses, pastrycooks 145 West John T., ( draper 147 Martin Charles T., dining rooms 149 Crawshaw A. & Sons, confectioners 151 Samoa Joseph 157 hart Mrs. Lillie, confectioner 159 Cluck & Slontasomery, pastrycooks 101 Hughes John T., tea merchant 163 Vented Bros., oyster saloon 105 Booth Alfred l'., ham mid beef shop Campbell John,.1.1%, draper ltopol Suu crey hotel II. T.Ititeliard 173 Sargent's, Lt. I., past rycooks You ttger II. J. T., dentist WOOD, COFFILL St, COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 car TO PERMIT OF THE ATTENDANCE OF ABSENT FRIENDS WE EMBALM AT NOMINAL COST

19 ANTHONY HORDERNS' BIGGEST STORE IN AUSTRALIA. 806 Pac WAVERLEY. Por Odford (Upper) street continued- Book Mrs. Ethel M., "Faker 11 Smith Wilfrid, "St. Helliers 173 Commonwealth Returning Officer, Regan Mrs. A. J. 9 Samuel.latues..1.P., "Core Lynn Wentworth Division W. N.Rouse MeVernon Mrs. Ruby 7 Fisher John, " San Thane" 176 Baxter Charles R., confectioner 75 Johnson Herbert A. 5 Butterfield Ralph A., "San Jose" 177 Simmons Mick, Ltd., tobacconist 77 Holden Charles IL, "Omrah" 3 Hill John 1715 Lopez Brothers, fruiterers 79 Bleakley Daniel II. 181 Ellisdon A. A. & Sons, stationers 81 McDermott Joseph, "Orizaba" Philip Street (Bondi) Dunrich Bros., i1011s,! 'Ma hind agents A licia street Off Tamarama street Cowper street 83 Ryall Walter CL, " Krawarre" 2 Hayes Arthur 85 Price Louis H, "Melia" Pacific Street (Hronte) 4 Northmore 'Moines, "As gyle " fir01116 road 6 Breen Oswald, " Dronin' Peel Street (North Bondi) Weals: Mrs. IL, "Ocean View" 8 Carson John Russell to Palmer Street Freeman Albert If. 10 Mitchell James " Tuneurry " Day William E. 12 Craner Mrs. Annie, "Myall" littn +wrley street Doyle Edward 14 Poulter Alfred, "Tithonus" Kirkwood Alm Walker Peter IC Mortimer Henry Bye Ebenezer Fisher Cyril Avoca street Palmer Street (North Bondi) Ingham Joseph 18 Macintosh William! OH South Head road to Ocean Kirkwood Joins W. 20 Hinchcliffe James F., "Le Grande" 0"r g eele James Scholes Ernest, 22 Bvsouth Percy H. Harrison T. IL, poultry farmer Higgins James 24 Fullerton James A. 26 Holdaway Frederick C. S., "Comrie" Jackson Walter.1. Penkivil Street (Bondi) Gillen' William G., "Mayville" 28 Severin Otto E. Bondi road to 0 d South Head road 30 Maxwell Henry, "Wonderland" Park Avenue 32 Terme Miss Elizabeth, " Shandon" Of Birrell street 64 Gutless, F. H. H., J.P., physician and 34 Browne Denis Miller Mrs. Elizabeth, "Atherton" surgeon 38 Thurman William G. Crieve Charles IL" Avondale 62 Mitchell Robert J., "Locksley" 38 'reale Frederick Astbury James Paul, " Hinemoa" 00 Ross Mrs. Hugh, "Osmund" 40 Shepherd Frederick,"Claloug" Lang Die. Lavinia, " Theela" 58 Gallagher Miss Mary, "[Harm)" Tamarama street Holahan William.1., "Maeleity" 56 Henriques George 11.. " Eurela McIntyre Patrick W., "Carrhurst" 64 Morphew Mrs. Lydia H., "Hollywood" 52 Hurley Mrs. P. J. Tamaranta street Park Parade 60 Poste Frederick, J.P., " Clantield 55 Ayton Harry Bondi road to Birrell street 48 Eury W. R. " Ramsay " 53 Moran Leonard Henning Henry, " Raton Bury E., "Ramsey ' 51 Healy John 2 Yard William 46 Lawson Mrs. Catherine 49 Gleeson John J. 3 liowse Ernest 44 Boon Thomas S. 47 McCathie James 4 Cook Hugh C., builder, "Gala Hill 42 Aylmer Mrs. E. S. 45 Woodgate Edward G. nosier John M., "Drusilla" 90 Dunban Reuben, "Cranleigh" 43 Wallace David, grocer 6 Quail Mrs. Jessie 38 Knowles Mrs. M. 7'arman street 7 Cummins Thomas T., 36 Cox Mrs. Esther. " Fairholm 41 Angell Albert It., "Bendel' 8 Golledgo Mefferd, "Beverley" 31 Woo iford Frederick 39 King Mrs. M., "Awaba" Power Charles 32 Marrack Miss Esther R., "Croft" 37 Titterington Frederick -20 Hartley William 30 Hogan Daniel 35 Drew Edward Humphrey Miss E. 28 Woodhouse William J. 33 Colina Harold E., "Tannic" Mason Walter, "Kebbaty" 28 Coulson Mrs. Ida, "Ornralt" 31 Richardson Thomas IV., "Durban" Parker Mrs. A. E. 24 Gillett Mrs. J. IV., " Suva" 29 Moss Genres M., dyer Wootton Mrs. Norman. "Ma motto 22 Millingen Joseph, " Creswick " 27 Sylvester William, "Wanganui.23 Ellis Mrs. Alice, " Lindisfarne 20 Thompson Joint 25 Cairns John 24 Hesse Walter IL," Berne Berm 18 Piper David 23 Norris Roy, "Arawatte" 25 Swyny Henry G., "Canberra" 16 Hope Cornelius, "Brantley" 21 Priestley Jack 26 Kennedy James, Elsieville 14 Davis Thomas E.," Malvern 19 Alting George 17 Kearney Patrick Mart l's avenue 17 Leach Dudley II., "Levuka" 28 Hogan Samuel IL 12 Fowler Miss, Ill troo school, "Merton 16 Howes Edward J., "Napier" 29 Ryan John A., Wallawa " 8 Cowles William W., " towage 13 Feldman Hyman, "Penguin" SO Wynne Ernest. "Remine" 8 Murray Robert, "Edgecliff " 11 Gardner Mrs., music teacher 81 Steinberg Harris, "Alvernie" 4 Brants Reuben IS., "Athens Jackantan street 32 Bennett John 2 Lee Alfred, "Glen Roona" 7 Boyden James, " Melrose" 33 Cutyton John R. out South Heal road Small Henry W., " Corinda" 3 Baxter William, " Alpha 35 Davis M. 38 Kemp Arthur 81 Gray Frederick, " 1 aratall 1 Kane Mrs. S. 37 Midler George 79 Johnson Mrs. F. Pine Avenue 38 Sampson George R. 77 Harrington Miss Esther 0141 South Head road to Iraverley street 39 Douglas James 75 Bray Sunittel P. 40 Sturrock Mrs. E., private hospital 73 Garvin Ernest A. Rogers Mrs. Agnes, " Alloa" Paul Street (Bondi) 71 Apted Mrs J. C., " Uttoxeter" McPherson Alex., junr., "Kitt Ora" 69 Davidson A braham, J.P. Stevens Sydney, "Banksia" South!lead rood to, Corona arenas Davis Alas. Roy Druitt Mrs. Elizabeth, "Iona" Keen John," Ben Ellen" 67 Mortis Henry D., J.P. " Melrose" Delves Mrs. K. M. Bowes K., "Boronia" 65 Abisteil Ernest It., " Latham " Carroll Edward II. Knapp Alexander, " svaratah" 63 31eliitinon John Hay Robert, "Qtrumbi" Biran Mrs. Mary 61 Gale Charles "Caloola " Thomdlke Charles J., "Avoca" Elsworth Harry A. 69 Thomas John S., " liblanat " Thompson Sirs. Si., "Mentone" Woodstock street 67 Sid ginil Archibald,.1. P., "Arundel Bennett Miss May Porter Street Richards Miss Ellen, " Arundel" Botany to Cowper street Young Arthur A. 55 Weirter Frederick W. f1011di road 53 Kidd Ronald G "lionesta" 22 Teefy Dellif; 61 Houston William,J.P., Trnegold Mts. Jane 1 Burls Robert 49 Davidson Frederick, "Itolyitt 25 Potter Mrs. Lily 3 Dunn Wallace, 'Alma" 47 Mawr E. A., 're Where" 28 McIntyre Allan R. Easton Mrs. It. W., " Mona " 45 Forbes 611,s 30 Brightwell George 7 Wadsworth Miss Sarah, " Norma" 43 (talland Isidore L. IFateon's terrace- 9 Smith Charles, " Leone 41 Sherwin Mrs. 31ine," Jocelyn 36 'Morrison Edward H. Ben Eden street 11'a rerlep crescent 39 Kinsela (Merles, "Kooba" 38 Timmins Mrs. E izabeth 11 Lowe Matthew II., "Courallie" 37 Sanders John St., J.P., barrister, 40 Nett Raymond H. 13 Walsh Andrew 33 Shanahan Andrew G. 42 McDermott Mrs. Mary Lascelles Cornwall," Claremont 31 Robyns Penrhyti II., "linnwood" 44 Nott Hercules P.. Wood Thomas W. Cocks John C. Bondi road 29 Wallach Mrs. H."Mornin gton Lodge" West aisle Bailee street 27 Oakley William A., architect 1 Scott Frederick, " Allendale" 55 N RII J. M. 21 Willi thus John 3 Brauer Henry S cDonald 3Ialcohn F., " A Wane 23 Henderson Robert II., "Teridgerie" 5 Fingleton James, "La Rose" 59 Crawford Mrs. A., "Sutton Bralles" 21 Donohoe James 7 Johnston Milieu! L.,"Gaba Tepe" 61 Beget George C., " Ulleswater" 19 Read Roy 9 Dine George Ernest, "Egerton" Bradley Nurse 17 Powell Mrs. Septimus, " Ulverstone 11 O'Brien Thomas I'. Kiley Francis "Brond'ord" 13 Klppax Arthur P. H.," Montrose 13 Bennett Arthur E., "Lytton' WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD, BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS, SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION THE.HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. Pre WA YERLEY. Ric 807 Pretoria Parade (NorthlBondi) Bondi trans terminus across Bona beach to Military road Hall street Bishop Miss, tea rooms Davis F., Austen & Co., real estate agents Alldis and Co., Ltd., estate agents libido Mrs., tea rooms Eames James H., J.P., chemist Hoskin R. H., newsagent O'Connell Harry, billiard Balloon Mooney Nurse, A.T.K.A. E.8. and A. Bank Ltd. Prospect Street Leichhardt street to Victoria street 29 Warren Leopold S., "Thom" 27 McKenzie Malcolm 2.5 Richardson Thomas 39 Roberts Robert," Mona 21 Andrews William 17 Tyson William A. 15 Bundock Henry Lemcke Frederick W., builder Brighton terrace- 7 Haines Miss Annie 5 McEvoy Mrs. Bridget, " Kelmour" 3 Myers Fleury, " Neapalia " Harrison Mrs. O. J. Ward Henry Sheehan Daniel Ramsgate Avenue (North Bondi) Military road to Ocean Douglas Daniel Insley Mrs. R. Anderson's baths and refresh. rooms Reynolds James Knight William Darmston Henry, "Elsfield" Crockett George A., "Alsace" Leehleitner Texas, "Zamia" Murray James, Kitchener" Wooton Ernest Fox A. W., "Glenwood" Trethowan.Hon. Arthur K., ILL.O., "Achi-Imba" south side Meade John, "Tiselton" North Bondi Life-saving Club Dudley Walter Young Arthur II., "Canopus" Weekes Walter, "The Lawns" White Thomas Anderson Joseph, "Fiona" Fallon Mrs. Byrnes James Devine Thomas Doherty William Rattray Street Birrell to Miley street Rawson Street (Centennial Park Estatel Birrell street to Lynch avenue 2 Wilson George 4 Hardcastie Herbert R. 6 Boland John, "Gosforth" 8 Turner Henry J., " Grantham " 10 Grove P. 12 Fleming William J., " Raeburn 14 Hayes Mrs. B. A., "Rowena" 16 Moran Alfred, "Mayville" 18 Cook Stanley 20 Brady Thomas 22 Ellis Miss E., store 24 Hogan William 26 Lacey Albert E.,constable."Weroons" 28 Cotten William, "Glenroy" 30 Rater David.1. "Tendon" 32 Uayleard John A., "Willievill" 34 Small Norman 38 Munio Henry 42 Chivers William 44 Lacey Harrington "Clifton" 48 Cameron Mrs. 48 Marguarrit Albert G. 50 Burroughs William, "Denville" 52 Humphrey Francis 64 Walters Alfred, " Abronia " 56 Tanner Albert 58 Whitbread Arthur, "Overdale" CO Campbell Arthur L. B., "Chilean" 82 Crichlow James 64 Murph y Michael, "Brierfield" Cook Mr.. Louisa, "IR. John's" Nay Henry Chapman Alexander E., "Arrant" 74 Ifepenstall Herbert J. Clarke Frederick W., J.P., "Lechlade" 80 Ingram James, "Erin" Hotline!) Max Logensent Mrs. Margaret 84 Gosschalk Morris 1 Clarke Robert 3 Sergeant Clarence 5 Harper Henry 7 Carpenter Charles It., "Mima" 0 Maloney Mrs. Bridget, "Spion Kop" 11 Brady Thomas 13 Stacker Cyril, "Alma" 15 Weston Leslie, "Beulah" 17 Walsh Thomas IV., "Critiglee" 19 31iIton Clarence 21 Tidey Percy MeDonagh Thomas, "Clarendon" 25 Murphy Wiilialll J., "Keriki" 27 Parkes George 29 O'Halloran Timothy, " Pirathon 81 Knowles Walter, "Milton 33 Huxley Andrew It., "Kingsley" 35 Owen Alfred Ernest, "Villa Rosa" 37 Taylor James 30 Malone Walter, "Thelma" 91 Quinn Jellies, "Esker 43 French Robert, "Shirley" 45 Smith Harold 47 Jarrett Frederick, " Lynwood" Golding Reginald Dethlen Leopold 0.," Killarney" Daniels George Thompsott Charles 1 homes Charles Hodgson Alfred, "Quambi" 65 Doyle Joseph 67 Murphy Herbert 69 Merrill Alfred 71 Heidenreich Charles F..71 Hughes Frederick 73 Boyd Ernest, "Itdenholine" 75 Robinson Francis, "Wyben" 77 Talbot William 79 Baker George A. 81 Casey Walter Read Street Dickson to Allred street 5 Macintosh NOT G radiant William, "Killaloe" 9 Wolstenliolme James 11 Hanrahan John 13 Heavener Mrs. It. Gittoes Thomas, "Alethea" 17 Day Richard B. 19 Bolton Mrs. Lucy 21 Purdon William II. 23 Shine Patrick 25 5furphie Andrew I). 27 Byrne Albert 41 Gleeson Martin Murray sttyet Collins John 49 Canning William A., bootmaker 61 McInerney Thomas William Campbell A. J. Smith Robert 63 Bashford Harry 51., "Linfieid" Terry liwart, " Dundee" 73 Hurley Mrs. Edith 76 Eyre Richard, "Woodview" 79 Samuels Oswald IV. 81 Court Mrs. M. 83 Welch Joseph F., "Xfadelinevillo" 85 Birrell Thomas 87 Lambert Mrs. I. 91 Petersen 51rs. Minnie 95 Lawson Amelia Nellernan Mrs. Lucy 97 Threlfo Archibald L., "Florence" 2 Allen Frederick 4 Whelan Ifenry If., " Kelvin " ti Parker Mrs. Amy 8 West II, Whistler Frederick, " Avoca" 16 Nenearrow Thomas," Lyra" 13 Burke Patrick, "Hasa" '21 3Imston William W. 28 Tierney Michael Joseph 30 Fleming William D. 32 Boyd Frank 34 Taylor Mrs. George If. 36 Hennessy :lames 38 MoKechie Mrs. C. A O'Brien Martin, grocer 44 Haigh John 440 McArthur Peter H. Murray street 46 Stephan 1' ter C. 48 Harris Norman 50 Clark Sydney 52 Ralph Thomas 54 Gail Mrs. Ifury E. 56 Renville Alfred 68 Goodie Alexander, " Ferniea" Co Smith William 62 Norton William G. 01 Stuart Boyd Stuart B. D. 60 Bailey Edward If. 08 Neilson Mrs. M. 70 Hickey Sire. A. 72 Greaves Robert C. "Eton" 78 Wilson Joe, " FranIrston ' " 80 IlIrrell Ernest Percival, "Victoria.' 82 Bawdy John 03 Stewart David 92 Johnson Thomas L. 94 Dawson Frank T. Alfred street Reins Street (North Bondi) 11 Of Mu, rityrie road Carver William It., "Ilomerton" Hughes Ernest M., "IVilliamville" Evans William H., "Canberra" Monn Ernest It., "Aggra" IVensor George T., "Westifock" Bart Carl Munro Henry E. Thompson Clarence K.. "Ashburton' Benjamin linrry,"ardwick"f Court. Rice Charles A. Ambury George B., "Fielding" You William, jr.."olivia" Edmunds Walter. "Balbriggan". Paterson John, "St. Louis" Rickard Avenue (Bondi) Latnrock avenue to Barraelutf avenue- 2 Guest George 4 Auchterlonio Andrew, "Kismet" 6 Sherwin George R., "Glenmore" 8 Fauokner William, "Glenroy"!I 10 Davey Harold, "Glenora" 12 Ward Philip, "Glenisla" 14 Greenlee. Archie, "Gletfayr" 18 Findlay John, "Glengarry" 18 Hushes Mrs. 20 Calder John A., "Arkstone" 22 Beauchamp Henry C., "Nymbee' ; 24 Hawk George C.. "Florence" 26 Doble William, "Creighton" 28 Judd Herold, "Tarleton" 30 Sutcliffe William C. 32 Wilby Robert G. 34 Hooper 316ses E. and G., "ClAverton" 36 Meddlers)) Sydney S., "Wodonga" 38 Goldstein Louis, "Arawatta" Barracluti avenue Rowlands Else, "Kentliohno" 3 Davidson Percy A., " 5faidsthne" 6 Scott Mrs..lessie 7 Hills Stanley IV, "Kingswear" 9 Palmer John A., "'Parana" 11 Teesmer Mfrs.1. "Braemar" 13 Lowry John 15 Nixon MN. Lilian 17 Wylie, Mrs. Elinor, "Louisville" 19 Gilellan 21 Crichton William 23 Farmer William 25 Wilkieson Victor Thorpe jamos, "Narelle" Rutherford E, "Carlow" Robertson Vernon Craven David, "Hilton" Lightfoot Thomas II., "Sunnyside" 35 Hummel Peter 37 Brown Mrs, Alice A atbrey A rtis or E. THE LARREST FIRM OF CARRIAGE AND DRAG PROPRIETORS SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR

20 ANTHONY HORDERNS' ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL SYDNEY. S08 Rob WAVERLEY. Sim Sir WAVERLEY Tam 809 Rickard are continued Peake Kenneth "OhaBice" Halm Oswald, "Osrene" Jones Thomas S., "Amberley" Seddon Frank, "Garthowen" Wallett Joseph, "Berris" Roden William, "Chanoriva" Blundell Ernest G., "Lyorni" jarrnt ocl avenue Roberts Street (North Bend i) Off ON South Head road Maloney Miss E. M. Valentine John R., ' Valmont" Pettit Thomas Craige John, carrier, " Ermelo" Crowden Mrs. S., "Killarney" Pollard Richard, "Adaville" Berg Albert Webb Charles, "Bessonia" lioncyman Frederick Chaney Albert Edward, "'Moravian" Dawnton George, "Floral Cottage" Cox James Roscoe Street (Bondi) Sophia street to beach Sophia street Hagan James." Leumeall " Michell Joel," Myee" Paterson William, "Roscoe" Wynn Ernest, "Ruthville" South William, "Ultra" -- Bird Miss L. B., " Dawn " Sharman John," Mika" Job Walter J., "Avenel" Chin James McCoy James, "Glenmore" Pittman Alfred, "ffloncester" -Close \V. E., "Glenloth" Colin Richard, "Melrose" Abrahams Charles Phillips William J., "Mayfield" Symonds Reuben, ',St Elmo" Riley Mrs. Ellen, "Mentone" Cato Mrs. Rose Butt Alfred, "Loongana" Rutledge Mrs. A., 'llaroda" Melross Robert.1., " Merrilees" Abrahams Alfred" Myola " 'Wood Arthur L.," Nlyall" Ryan Mrs. A. lilasliki Philip ItIcOann Patrick, " Mimosa ". Wild Samuel Radford James, " Moonbi" Maddocks Mrs. Anna," Mammy' " :Hammond Richard," Hartford" Coils John It., " Marton " Ryan Frank, "Memphis" Hyland Charles, "Poonaree" Potts frs. Sydne y H., "Thistle" O'Neill Mrs. Daisy G., " Heather " Morgan George," Barunga " Stanborough Alfred II., "Nome" Gould street Powell Albert, "Carinda " Turner John, "Noose" Mellor Plats- Fallnek Harold Ryan Miss Mildred Pretoria ;swede Sophia street Corbett William Dolling Xelrsli, "Keria" Levy S, " Mamma Levy, "Kantimura" Grace John, "Newena" Broady Joseph Moran Edward, "Camaro" Dish Prank," Timaru" Edell.= flats Greenwald lirs. Rose Oleeson Francis O'Brien street Sweeney Mrs. A. F. Walker Alexander A., "Ledgerton" Ball Harold, " Hawthorn Edwards Mrs. Ada, "Allowrie" Bryan Mrs. E. Massie Thomss F., "The Cliffords" Mackensie Mrs. A. G.. "Wilton" Gould street WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. Hose Street Off Evans street Elderton William, " Vine Villa " Cooper George James Sidney Hobson William, " Mia Casa May William Howland Avenue (Bondi) Fletcher to Wilya street Samuels Otto F, "Moolort" McNeill James Wheatley William Smith John, "Turramurra" Menton James. " Allaweh Williams Mrs Catherine Tooth Iledley," Waroo" Donnelly Chas. J., " Valetta" Mackie George, "Moonya" Lewis John Stanley Sydney IL, 'Coolangatta" Holmes Samuel, "Careenyah" Couldwell William H., "Mortara" Russell Street (North Bondi) Old South road to Military road Mabbett George Schlitztens Adolf Arbor William St. Thomas Street Boundary to Gardyne street Hall William F. Smyth Allen Gray William Evans Emanuel.1. Walsh Arthur Leighton Walter, "San Mates" Rblont Henry It. 38 Cooper Mrs. Alice 40 Ainsworth Mrs. Beryl 42 Flood Thomas Macpherson Arta Morris Mrs. Emily, tea rooms Webb William Walker William Doyle and Jukes, monumental masons Ross & Bowman, monumental works Waverley Cemetery Franklin John H., caretaker Boundary sit eel Gardyne street Whitehall Frederick," Pasadena" Nag's Henry. "Leroy Skinner Sydney 0., " Warrington Albert street Carr Alexander, " Clamant" McCartney Rdwar " Bay View" Macpherson street 31 Tipper William 0., "Osterley" 33 Ilinwood Alfred E., "Milford Kennaway John Parkhill Robert and Son 35 Schmidt Norman Chesterfield raracle flusby parade 57 Hay John McK., "Summer Hill".59 Cab Mrs. E., "Oeta" 61 Latter Francis R. Tunes George, " Lincoln " 63 Jones Mrs. Amy, "Donnington" Boundary street Salisbury Street Carrington road to Henrietta street 4 Head Henry M. 8 Sullivan James 8 Mitchell Robert 10 Nicholson Henry J. 12 Pascoe William 14 Howarth IVilliam 16 Mallett Mrs. L. 18 Wiseman Mrs. Sarah 20 Tighe Edward 22 O'Grady Frederick J., "Inglenook" 24 Crawford Alexander 26 Larbalestier Norman, " Emit " Rynns Robert 30 Yearwood Arthur W. 32 Murphy Mrs. Frances 34 Howarth Walter Fitzpatrick Henry, "Newry" Cummins Herbert 17 Lynch Frederick IFiley street de Kantzow Charles A. Lan gwell Hugh, J.P., " Laval" Chisholm Sydney A. White Daniel, " Reclaim" White Henry "Rowena" Saunders Mrs. Joseptilne," Monica"' Ryan Thomas, "Narina Rose Mark, " Brozelma " Seddon Mrs. A., " Vaeuna " Consens Joseph E., "Latoua" Peake Hugh A. Sandridge Street (Bondi) Bondi road to Fletcher street Isaacs Alexander, " St. Margaret's" Hind Victor C., "Lauriston" Ashton Beale T., "Buena Vista" Stafford E. Westcott Fred Stafford James Greig John E., "Cabanas" Bay st reet Taylor Robnt, "The Arches" Simonds James A. Goldsmith Michael. "nomad" Mercer Henry 0., "Rosocot" Read Mrs. Annie," La Mascotte" Marshall Mrs. Mary Craig Regineld!Vilna street Powell William, "Louisa" Kopke Caroline, "May" Began Thomas Scott Street Arden to Clifton street Hill Wm. II., "Alma" Dersch Henry, "Gertrueda" Coker William, "Hinton" Hay William, " Strathallan" Parker Joseph Glenny Thotnns, gardener Bates Robert Fitzpatrick John MCFAII03 Peter Rochford John G. Seaview Street Orr Lan glee avenue Burke Arthur 14, "Girrang" Colebrook William, "Goondaree " Zimmerman William, "Dirrawee" Simmons Charles," Harare" Jackson Herbert \V., "Wooroona" Graham John F., "Roorooba" Nugent Arthur, "Kurreeki" Carroll Joseph, "Gurroll " Hughes Horace V., "Illawa" Thompson Arthur," Eden Linton Percy Short Street Church to Cowper street 3 James Charles 1 Osborn William Silva Street (Bondi) Fletcher street to Tamarama Bay Carlisle street Scott Charles W. Blackett John, "Buena Vista" Lloyd Mrs. A. limit Joseph, "Solitude" Holt Charles, "Sylamere" Bellamy William Carlisle street Simpson Street (Bondi). Afartins avenue to Matilda street Dickson John MeHlvenny James, " Tascot" Illuett Mrs. Mary, 'Edgorie" Hogg Miss Mary, "Chance" Francis street Coffey William, " Hohnside " Anderson Leslie, 'Cramer" Bray William, "Overton" Goodall Frederick, "Andover" Eagle Ernest, Bonny Dorm" Scyssin John J.." Avondale" Deland George, "Raymond" Young James Hourigan Alfred, "St. Hillier" Lewis Richard " Laura " O'Brien street Richardson Sydney, " Anne Ville" Richardson Francome IL, "Martha Villa" Montgomery James, "Auckland" Hutchinson Miss Georgina, ; GR HEAD OFFICE: 8/0 OEOROE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY Baal Smith Duncan, " Bellevue" Hall street Blyth Francis, "Hobartville" McClelland Mrs. Margaret Dengate Ernest W., "Woodville" Johnston James H., "Dalton Cottage" Bird Mrs. E., Hockwall Wood Samuel 0.," hiighcllffo" Rees James S., " Abertaife" Lonergau John," Mired The Flats Lack Arthur H. Coulson Mrs. E. Cole John Dunne William Birdin John Dunbar Mrs. L., "Jessamine Nell William, " Rosena Blair Joseph Miller Mrs 16.," Lyne Reels" Ropt Frederick T.," Ridgwell " Curiae* street Blair J., grocer Whyte Mrs. Constance Wright William A. Crutehley Sidney T.. " Ettacot Nurse William. "Clifton" Hail street Holmes Albert, "Lawson" Waring Mrs. E., "Sharavligue" Bryant Henry," Glenhohne" Gooeit Charles, "Lynette" Stephens Arthur J. O'Brien street O'Connor James. " kilismore" Dean Harold, "The Glen" Horan Edward, "Inglewood" Rubinstein Isaac Ellsmore Oswald P. McFarlane William j. McManus James C.. "Arthurville" Dawson Mrs. Bessie Reeves James Francis street Sir Thomas Mitchell Road (Bondi) From ocean to Lantroek avenue Mackinnon Mrs. Ella Baker Samuel Thornton James Brown John J.," Bingara Vincent Archibald, "Iladdington" &Wok Isaac Wells Sirs. K. H. Lennon James T. Lantrock avenue Harradine Bohert;W.," Caloola " O'Brien Thomas Ormond, solicitor Bondi road Bondi baths Heuri Demlin Pasfleld William H. Pisani Charles McNeill Mrs. Una Burke Thomas Clatworthy Frederick J. Duncan Alfred D. Conroy ti Westcott Frederick, "Grovemount " Starr Miss Esme, "Valkyrie" Curt!' John, " CUE Cottage" Ituta-Cohen Woolf, "Myala" McLean Mrr. L. Bondi road Myers Roy, "Alpha Amourin Louis A., "Omega Sherwood Mrs. Elizabeth A.," Frankston " Chapman Mrs. " Charlestown" Hoban James B. Cole John," Washington Parker Walker, " Mears Jamieson Mrs. E. M., "Roslyn" Foley Griffin Tabrett Mrs. F. E., " Willesborough" Tabretts' Beach Motor Garage. Forsyth Mrs. R. H. Jones Mrs. B., "Maki!'" Hughes Christopher G. Merrin John G., j.p., "Barton" Knaggs Samuel T., M.D., 3.1'. Turner James, "Kingston" Lucius stret Meekings Joseph, "Menai " Stone A. It.,.1.1'., " Ormond street Beacom Mrs. Cather:ne Sophia Street (North Bondi) Hail street to Military road The Bondi Sand-Lime Brick Co. Ltd. Gardiner William N. Mitchell William J. Bowles George Gowenlock Thomas, "Gladwyn" Roscoe street Dixon Harry, "Ormuz" Croney 'Beltana" Dadds Mrs. Bertha V. Cm-Zelda itr,et Williams Harry, "Waradgery" Fitzgerald John, "Maryville" AfcCrossin John A., "Athos" Skene Miss Mary, "BnIgity" Glas gow Alfred, "Royston" Grady Edward, "Estelle" Seymour Richard, "Bsronia" Spring Street Denison to Cowper street 2 Metcalfe Mrs. Elizabeth 8 'Studien Thomas Dimness Mrs. Elizabeth, " Fernlea Hunter Hugh, "Rocklea " 34 Matron Michael N1tlevelilaer ryilit 42 Kelly Mrs. Matilda Costoldi l'eter, "Agatha" Prender,rast Mrs. Selina A. Ferguson Walter, "'aide" A.darnson James A. Thompson Wharton, "Mervin" Flynn John A'ettland street 88 Gerard Mrs. nostrils 90 Corcoran Francis 92 Ryan James Patrick Its Lovett's Hall 5 Killingworth Seth 7.9 Gauld Samuel 23 Stone's furniture van yard 25 Dwyer Thomas J. 29 Bardon 'Moines, boot factory 31 Matthews Roy 33 Nash Mrs. D. Stella terrdee- 35 Taylor Arthur 37 Jesse]) William T., "Valhalla" 39 Giles II. G. 41 Owens John 43 Gray John 45 Drayton Albert 451 Ffeetion Mrs. E. Off Fleming Horace 47 Tresoder Mrs. Eugenio C. 49 Ward Henry 51 Jacobs Mrs. Mary, "angle" 53 Williams Miami, "Weerang", Newland street Victoria terrace- 55 Ward Charles 57 Leader Mrs. Louise 59 Mellen) James 61 Jacobs Harry 63 Cohen Harry 85 Wheland Alfred 67 Oates John 71 Keough and Hayward, blacksmiths 73 Sanlopolos Nicholas 75 Brennan Mrs. Marlon 75a Douglas John 77 Davies Cherie; F. 79 Dearling William Ma MoLninalt Daniel 83 Harding Henry, "Shannon" 85 Renton J., "Jersey" 91 Peacock Lionel B., motor garage 93 Eastern Suburbs Motor Garage Azer Mrs. Mary J. 97 Payne Foltvard, "Alderley:'. 99 Marlow Mary, "Everton. 101 Hill Victor 103 Ryall W. G. and Co., bakery Cowper street Stanley Street Barrel! to Cuthbert street 34 White Miss Annie Bowdren Thomas P., " Leila" 30 White Frederick 8., "To Am" 28 Scarf!' George, "Wyralla" 28 Montgomery Maxwell, " Woodlands" 24 Boyd William, "Myra" 22 O'Grady James. "Vera" 20 Montgonvry George 16 Duffy Anthony J., "Karelia" 14 Duke Charles Sineaton Thomas. " Breeze ' 10 Bourke Thomas W. 8 Preachy George," Kyamba " 6 Primly Charles, "Rosemount" 4 Topping Alfred "Ivanhoe' 2 Keys Androw,"Elleralie" Birrell street Birrell street 1 Cunningham George IL, "Namoi" 3 Stephan Edwin A., "J indabyne" 5 Moan) George," A vend" 7 Hall Clarence Edgar, "Oroya" 9 Bacon Bernard I., 'Kadina" 11 Fox Mrs. Elizabeth, " Inverie" Fox George It. H. 15 Smith Arthur, " Athol" 17 Hardie Alexander, "Mora" 19 Moore Mrs. S., "Hewer,'" 21 Clark Alfred George, "Lochiel" 23 Tuko Mrs. H. 25 Madigan George 27 Evans Alexander Stephen Street (Bondi) Bennett to Ocean street 2 Hopkinson Leslie 4 Wagner Ernest, "Lynwood" Lewis Mrs. Maude 8 Lattohlin Archibald 10 Sutherland Hugh J., "Teleran 12 Stead Attica 14 Browne Cecil j., "Wellington" 16 Myers Maurice, "Ronlle" Phillips Edgar, "Rifba " Soak! side Fowler Louis, "Glen Isla" Watkins Alfred, "Tingara" Fiske James Swan Mrs. Catherine, "San Rosa" linking Adolphus, "Arnim!'" McCloskey Charles, "Gavan" Hooper Joseph, "Olonmel " Higgins Mrs. Annie, " Womerah Strickland Street (North Bondi) Off Old South Head road, between DotW road and Blake street O'Regan Rev. It. J. ( R.C.) St. Columbus Church & School (R.0.) Tamarama Street (Bondi) Birrell to Fletcher street Buckley Mrs. George, "Yarmouth" Belbin Harry, "Alice" Chapman Hume H., "Mons Vale" 3liddieton Alfred, ".May" Ogilvie William H umphrey Harry, "Norbury" Young Frederick Murphy Mrs. Mary Naylor Edward Watson Andrew J., "Rouen" Wright Frederick,"Itattilea" Charlton Mrs. E., "Roellampton" Nash William, "Ramsgate" Campbell Henry, "Redeliffe" Forger George Alderson Leslie G., "Itosslyn" Clarke Donald, "Itanaldo" Peters Mrs. Annie, "Rabaul" Eaton Harold G., "Iteiss" Dean Leonard Crowe Ernest Hosking Leslie Bennett. Bernard, "Roseville" De Arnie Michael, " Raymond" Donworth Robert Booth George, "The Lees" Brown Alfred Bevans Arthur R., "Vida" 8 Isaac's Oscar, "Brackley" INTERMENTS ARRANGED FOR IN ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA OR ABROAD ON SHORT NOTICE

21 1 1 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, 810 Tas WAVER LEY. Wal Tamaratna street (Bondi) cont. HazIewood Alfred J., "May Cottage" Fuliwoodtydney, "Richmond" Bricknell Gordon French William H., "Tamar" Foley William, "Dement" Epson James lickendry Ernest 24 Wyllie'. Alfred, "Euralut" 26 Allen William, "Boronga" 28 Cathcart. Itoy,"Kunopia" 30 Stephen Mrs. Etnelle."Werrina" 32 Confoy Mrs. Josephine,"Wirrab" 34 Triton Philip, "Lerna" Philip street 36 Shute George, "Morxhoim" 38 Trichon Edward, "Drente" 90 Chapman Joseph W., "Yea" 42 Manning Robert D., "Dorelle" Tasman Street (Bondi), Birrell street to Philip street 2 Makepiece William 4 Hartley Thomas F., "Isaberle" 6 McNair Mrs. J., "Lemnos" 8 Jones John R., "Wyee" 10 Charles Robert, "Oakenden" 12 Tilden Mrs. Bridget 14 Williams John, "Vuna" 18 Pickering Thomas, painter 20 Kerry Is nrse eiest side 1 Ellis Charles, "Galicia" 3 Young James A. Gain-John 7 Mitchell Robert Alex, " Geneva " 9 Bitty/ley Frederick 11 Arnold George W. 13 Dadd William F. 15 Armstrong Kenneth, "Glenelg" 17 Dickerson Albert E. 19 Watson Thomas J., "Goolagong" 21 Britton Theodore J. B. 23 Garrett William, " Kyneton" 25 Walker George 25 Harvey James 27 Weddington John Nasman Henry 31 Bawden Edward T., "Glenora" 33 Patterson William J. 35 Bergin Alfred 37 Paris Thomas 39 Larcombe Henry 41 WilippS J11/ Field Edwin J. 45 Tacker Ernest Tower Street (North Bondi) Between Young street and Jensen avenue Graham Patrick Cavilling!' John Walker Norman, " WhittiMouse" Marne street Trafalgar Street Oy' St. Thomas street Watkins John R. O'Neill Con Upper Oxford street See Oxford street (Upper) Varna Street Fern street to Arden street Duclos William S., "Bristol" Cousins Alfred, produce store Leichhardt street Need Jesse,."Lyttleton Cottage" 12 Arnold Abraham, "Mariana" 14 Need William J. Lenny William, "Glenroy" 18 Pike George, "Sylvania" 20 Cole Arthur, 'Alma" 22 Hayward George, "Jessie" Carlton street Canty Fre crick P. Bosworth Walter Wright William A. Seller John, "Esma" Wright Paul, "Artuley!' Bear Henry Arden street (For, see Randwick) Victoria Street York road to Henrietta street Pearsall John, "Iona" Law Charles, "Canberra" Munro Lloyd G. Hepher Herbert W., "Alpha" Fyffe Maxwell, "Eurobodalla " Denison street Pepper Joseph O. Brennan Thomas, " Dallington" Lynch John J. "Claremont" Alt street Haynes Edwin C., "Clarada" Pedder William A., "Muirton" Taylor Edward W. Burke J. E., J.P.. "Helvetia" Power Thomas J., "Woorak" Newfand area Vincent Paul," Kellar" Rogers Douglas Nicholls Donald, "Arran" Etherington Mrs. "Bellevue" Andrews Alexnnde r White William, "Park Royal" Churchill James F., "Bendemeer" Manning street Morlce James K., "Bon-Accord" Wright William 0. Blakey Charles H.. "Tarbrax" Murphy Miss Margaret Thomas E (ward W., "Ernme" Campbell William J., "Yahwulpa" Stoneham Ephriem Collins John H., "Culigny" Bourke street Fitzgerald Nurse M.,"Lourdes" Davis Arthur. "Cromilia" Brown Captain T McGill, "Archie" Johnson Leonard E., "Clyde" Quinn James J., " Granmore Woodland Arthur, " Penrose " Bartrop Walter, Vence " Of Brown William, J.P. Elisabeth terrace- 10 Lusty Thomas F. 12 Foul& William 14 Pierce Michael 16 Ward William 18 Parnell Henry 20 Eamshaw Thomas 52 Shoveller Sydney 26 Nicholls John 28 Langford Edward J. 34 Cosgrove Patrick Cowper street Carrington road Presbyterian School Hall "Grahame Memorial" Presbyterian Church I1ev..1. Sincaulay Moorabbep 40 Chivers Miss Esther A. 42 O'Connor Mrs. E Murray Miss E. 46 Dunkley George Canybell street Victoria terrace- 08 MeGlinchey Avenel 70 Hanford Ernest B. 72 Hanson Norman 74 Fry Charles 78 Kennedy William J. Louisa terrace- 80 Johnson William A. 82 Kelly Ernest 82 Day Michael 84 Judge William 86 McIntyre Alexander 90 Rice William J. 94 Crowley Charles B., J.P., " Dalrye ll'ilep street Cowell Edward J. Sends Clarence L. 104 Proudfoot Christopher, "Bankfoot" 100 Flynn Lieut. W. IL, " " Ilenrietta street 1 Keenen Mrs. 3 Wolgas Alexander Henry street 5 Bell James Hind Charles Kennedy Miss C. 19 Hummerston Edward Edmund street Cornwell Ralph, farrier Carrington road leichhardt street Kennedy Very Rev. Father P. B. Piper Rev. Father Roger B. C. Tyrol! Rev. Father J. P. 49 Sellick Bertram Milan terrace- 61 Eveston Mrs. Catherine 53 Lecky James 55 McGill Robert W. 57 Park Mrs. Maria, " Roskilde " 59 Gray Mrs. Mary 61 Edington Charles, "Sunnyside" Green Alfred, "Venetia" 65 Nicholson Nurse, " Eastgate" Henrietta street View Street Off Victoria street 2 Mulready WIlliam'A. 4 Bromley Sydney, "Sivol" 6 Farrow William Thomas 8 Cameron Neil A. 10 Coward Arthur 12 Butler William 14 Doherty John 16 Bell Robert 18 Walsh John 20 Sidney John Violet Street Of Evans street Bond Arthur, " Linfield" Smith William H., " Gin g er " Mackie John Harvey James Edwards Thomas E. Michell /Ridley, "Harcourt" Pritchard William Green Henry 11. GuiggInto Angelo Dawns George Reavley Rev. Matthew (Meth.) Skyrnie Louis, "Moira" Hattersley Francis Gibbins Henry J. Henderson Alexander, "Aston" Freeman Thomas C.," Arden" Jones Edward, "Innesfall" Bose Mrs. E., "Tunica" Virgil Street Vi) Macpherson street Wittick John, ' Tasma Pilley George E., "Daylesford" Shaw John II. Stacey Robert W. Mitchell Frank Blake Thomas W., " Belvidere " Bertolitti Arnold, " Wonga Falkingletin Herbert, "ChaddesleY' Price Robert Vandamme Francis Carroll Michael, "Tyree Albert street Harry Harold, "Harrogate" Lethbrid ge Gladstone, "Carlita" Young Henry, "Moness" Barr Harold, " Petersfleld " Missen George, " Arcadia" Oliver Ernest If., "Lantana Waircia Avenue (North Bondi) Murrirerie road to O'Donnell street Broatch Alfred J. Wallace Street Of Albion street 2 Watson John, "Strum. Hope,William Waterton Charles E.,"Ethel" 8 McElwee' James A., "Hope" Nihill Mrs. Mary, "Thornevale" 14 Lever Charles, plumber 5 Harvey Robert, dairy 1 Potter Benjamin, gardener Walter Street Newland to Rattray street 2 Hooper Joseph H. 4 Mend Michael 6 Murphy Edward, "Melrose" 8 Bolton Mrs. Jane 10 Sparshot John, "Oakvale" 12 Kay Francis, "Milthorpe" 115 Sawle George, "Alma' 18 Ledger Misses 31., and A., "Iona" 22 Blight Leslie 22 Ellis Charles IL, "Akroydon" 24 Buxton Clarence, "Shoalhaven" 25 Fernihough Harold. " Montrose" 23 Miller Mrs. Mary, "St. Aubyn" WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE ST., C'DOWN 'PHONE L2848 ENTRANCES IN GEORGE, PITT AND GOULBURN STREETS. War WAVERLI Y. Wel White Henry 19 Taylor Mrs. Elizabeth, "Aston" 17 Lang James 15 Johnson John 13 Austin Samuel A. 11 Reeves John 9 Hoxbie Thomas, "Kanowie" 7 Austin Mrs. Julia, " Bundaleer" 5 Franklin James, "Glen Ayr" Warner's Avenue (North Bondi) Old south Bead road to Blair street Edmunds Mrs. Alice Clarke Edmund L., "Edgeroi" Wright Albert, "Ivanhoe" Clinnick Edward H. Totheringleun John Robertson James Stealing Geor ge, "Shawlield" Hayward Charles W., "Sunnyside" Nelson Charles Shedden William, "Dunedin Black Thomns, "'Tyne " Job Walter If. Barker Alfred F., " Warilda" Askham Charle s, "Orontes" McGowan James Watkins Street (Bondi) Flood street to Anglesea street 3 Spudding Edward, "Ingrid" 5 Price Miss Elizaheth, ''Jacinta" 7 Emery T110 11aS, "Kuraid" 9 O'Brien John 11 Emery George, "Mareeo" 13 Mills Reginald 15 Noonan Mrs. J. IL 17 Baker William, "Poppea" 2 Fenton Geo. J., " Orthonia " 4 Henderson Miss Rob'na 6 Dickson Mrs. Kate, "Quinta" 8 Watkinson Ben, "Render 10 Humphries Walter E., " Satilla " 12 Ratite Mrs. Kathleen, "Thalia', 14 Fenton Mrs. W., "Uldra" 16 Carrondus Arthur. "Valetta" 18 Carrie 3. M., W ingah" 20 Hinds Mrs.. "Xenatlio" Waruken Henry, "Yacona" 24 Coughlan Arthur, "Zulette" 26 Sherin Clifford, "Andric," 28 Marks Mrs. Z. 30 Dobson Joseph, "Camilla" 32 Holdsworth James It. 34 O'Gara Miss, "Embla' 36 Robens Stephen 0., " Fantee" 38 Carlisle Arthur W.. "Mum" 40 Miller Albert " Hortense" Watson Street (Bondi) Bondi road to Birrell street 2 Hukins Miss Maria 4 Rankin Emil 6 Fitzpatrick Rev. Father Michael(R.O.) Coullon street 8 Slee Henry J.. loftier, "Oda" 10 Brown Benjamin, "'Ma Williams Harold," Edgecutnbe" 18 Edwards Charles,"Taunton Done" 20 Ross Wallace D. G., "Windsor" 22 Gardener Mrs. G. A. ' "Windyer" 24 Reynolds James J. "Lanark" Butcher Mrs. Matilda, "Lanark" Grove if reel 34 Morgan Arthur, "Winifred" 36 ',Wyman Walter H. "Bombala" 38 Shute Mrs. Ellen F. 40 McPhail Francis L., "Ponds" Dixson Mrs. S. A., "Kelso" Robinson Mrs. L., 'Arden" 48 Lever Ernest 50 Webb Samuel W "Delve lere" Pekes Charles E., "Alma" Palms Charles White Charles Kirwin Thomas, "St. Helens" 58 Miles George Porter Samuel W. Shaw Mrs. S., "Grassmere" Monk George L. ' "M Ile' Radcliffe Ernest J., "Erica" Hunt Ernest A. Gorrell Herbert," Spy 11111" 74 Cole Isaac Joint. "Sormwill" Laing John, " Warn i Grange Bowrey Thomas Quote!, Charles W., " Hopewell" 1 Hukins John, carrier Sheldon James," Wyaldra" Ellis Henry F., "Marulan" 11 Ratcliffe George 13 Davis Mrs. Clara 17 Dicey Mrs. Emily, " Camberwell" 19 loon Bertram 21 Jeffries Isaac 23 Pardon John 27 Stacey James," Waltganyalt " 29 Smith Charles It. J. 31 Thompson George 33 Hargreaves Mrs. George H., "Tara" 35 Stern John, "Pathfinder" 37 Seliachtel Hubert, "Lesbos" 41 Warburton Thomas W., contractor, 45 Collins Mrs, Lena Godkin Samuel J., " Carnlough" Phillippe William, "Ashlea" Dobson Alfred E. S., " Elsmore" 55 Patterson J oseph It. 57 Dixon James 59 Knauer Alfred 61 Peaker Charles, " Pearl" 63 Chester Albert W., " Tuggerah" 65 Harper William 67 McPherson Mrs. Louisa, "Microns" 63 Morrow David, constable 71 Hicks'Oharies 73 Pribble Alfred 8, s.corowa" 75 Fleming John, "Brighton" 77 King James, "Linire" 81 Pidgeon William, "Glenelia" 83 Pool James, Ethel Cottage" 85 Byrnes Michael, "Priory Cottage" 87 Thrift George 89 Devereaux John J. 91 Warton Samuel W., "Manildra" Waverley Crescent Old South Head rem" to Paul street 2 Jobson Mrs. W. "St. Ettienne" Bondi road 4 Temple David, "Ilazeldean" 6 Colts Mrs. Marla 31., " Willawong" 8 Lopez Antonio, "Corallie" 10 Fitzpatrick M. E., "Canto" 12 Lawrence Mrs. Louise, "Hawthorne" 14 Deckhouse John 16 Wessell Henry S. 18 Burton Charles J., "Kirkconnel" 20 Hill Miss Fraser, "Saukville" Davies Ernest, "Lucknow" 22 Thompson James 24 Allsop,Herbert,"Otway" 26 Denman George 28 Duncan John, "Gamboola " 30 Rae George. " Inverurle " 32 Broad Robert M., "Glen Ayr" 1 Langley Arthur 3 Moore Mrs. Minnie 11 Bennett William, J.P. (Queensland) 15 Berman Jacob, "Garda" 17 Stevenson Mrs. Laura F. 19 l'yke Mrs. Matilda, "Kinkora" Bondi road 20 Wilson Claude I. 31 Fleeton Charles, "Alameda" 33 Pherson John, Ascot" Kiwis Leonard C. 35 Hodges Nicholas 37 Dibble David, "Athole" Iroodsfock street 61 Jenner Mrs. F. W., "Ca Ira 63 Tayler Elizabeth, "Lavin" 05 Clayton Mrs. E., "s'emora" 67 Carter Albert, If. "Wardiana" 09 Stewart Miss, "Burtleight" 71 Northcote Charles, "Calala" Paul street Waverley Road (See Old South Head road and Oxford street, Warerley) Waverley Street Old South Head to Bondi road 1 The Waverley Bowling and Recreation Club, Ltd. 3 Graham George F., ",Ilford" 7-9 Croaker Mrs. E. 11., "Dunottae' 11 Poulton Thomas C. 13 Douglas Mrs. Elizabeth, "Abbotshall" Carey street 15 McShane James E., " Como" 17 lane Ernest 19 Varley George 11,j.P.,"Federal Villa" 21 Sherwood Mrs. Eva 23 Tucker Stephen, "Eton" 27 Orr Sirs. It., registrar births, deaths and marria ges, " Yerrambah" 29 Rogers James, "Cyrene" 31 Scanlan Edward G. 33 Spurway Mrs. E., " Ilebewill " 35 Barge Henry J., "Waitangi" 3T Clarke James "Wootileigh" 39 Donovan William C, Jr,., "Shenley" Botany street Crichton James, "Haslingden" Bondi road 2 Pugh Mrs. A. M. 4 O'Donnell Miss J., costittniere 6 Lopez Joseph 8 Hughes William 10 Lopez Vincent 12 Blattner) Mrs. L.. "folatithe" 14 Coulter Miss Emily, "Cynthia" 16 O'Dea Robert 18 Taylor henry, "Yuelina" DJ Doyle Mrs. N. S. 22 Crichton Ernest E. Pine avenue 32 Morr's George 34 Lupton Ernest E., "Woodstock" 36 Motley Denis," Nineveh 46 Gleeson Henry Fricke, "Kuranda" 48 Thomas Mrs. It., "Bangor" 50 Selig Joseph. "Winton' Dawkins William IL, "Tinian" Wellington Street (Bondi) East side Bondi road to Matilda street Denniston Dr. W. C. Ingham Rev. John (Meth.) Bondi Methodist Church Moore street Bolus George A., schoolmaster Superior Public School Gardner At thur L., J.P. (Queensland) Robinson Joseph G., "La Siaseotte " Blould Alfred, "Cooreel" 13 Roth Henry 15 Ferris Mrs. Laura, "Killarney" Long William, "Devonia" 23 Sapsford Wilfred, " Mundole " Winter Sydney H. 27 Bernier Sirs. C. J., "Nelson Cottage" Edward street Matthews IVIlliam It., "Lorraine" Curtiss E. Plunkett William Barry William P., "Canberra" Walton Thomas F. Davies Charles," Clifton" 'toggles!) Harold J., "Mayolee" Dawkins Albers E.," Slayolee Francis street 49 Osborne Henry, "KittOra " 51 Mullins Mrs. Margaret, "Waratoth" Butler Frederick 53 Clark J., "Derwent" 55 Patterson George 57 McCann Mrs. E. 59 Begin' Alfred J., "Penang" 61 Morris Joseph, "Sontabaya" 63 Shannon William J. 65 Long William 67 Mentiplay Mrs. Winifred 69 Wilkinson Mrs. Agnes 71 Butler Arthur L. 73 Waring Francis J. 75 Crompton John, "Arden" 77 Lynch Leslie," Ashbourne" O'Brien street Ross John C. McPherson A. D. S. "Kerry" Dixon Frederick, "Kilare" Maddocks Thomas James Mrs. Mary Scott Mrs. C. I:Mulford Frederick C. Roberts Oeorge Dewick George Oliver George E., "Daphne" Tindall Harold Rangeley John, "Werneth" Cmhb Harry, "Bridport" HaU dreel Collins W. H. SPECIALISE IN WEDDING CARRIAGES AND WE HORSE THEM SUPERBLY, INSPECTION INVITED

22 VISIT ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. 812 Wil WAVERLEY. You Abb WILLOUGHBY. All 813 Well street (Bondi) continued- Bromelow Thomas, "Hi!West" Hickson John, "Ilealaugh" Powell William L., "Brixton Saunders Arthur W., "Josie" Roscoe street Medley Mrs. N. L. Murtie J., "Shalimar" Corin Arthur, "SheHorst" Myers Norman, "Esme" Horton J. H. Sparks Albert Ourkwis sired Reid Victor Watkins Richard Black Mrs. S. Slack Joseph S. St. Patrick R. C. Church St. Joseph's Convent 10 Burge Stanley H., "Virginia" 12 Bobbie Leonard H., "Georgia" 14 Tiernan Richard 18 Ford Iobn, "Bonnie Boon" 20 Botterill WI liam F.., "Easthorpe" 22 King Henry," Rothelstone " 26 Bell Rev. M. (Pres ), "Ashwood" Carse Samuel, " Grata" N.S.W. Benevolent Society 72 Quy Charles " Otenig " 74 Bednett 176 Dineen Mrs., "Waltman 78 Proctor Mrs. Julia, "Akamma" 80 Moriarty Herbert Francis street 134 Payne George," Marlton" 25 Mitchell James 18 Head William J., "Violet Cottage Be Saxe Leopold Tracey Joseph Saunders James Grubb Herbert, "Straloch" Gay Henry W., "Cromer" Thomas George O'Keefe Frederick, "Bradford" 12 Bo y le Mrs. Mary O'Brien street MeAulliffe John F. Alia John Morcombe F. W. Rice Joseph. "Olivette" Ebeling Frederick W., "Eastbnry" Smith Mrs. Mary," Edithville " Tierman Lawrence E. Edwards Henry P. Fraser Mrs. E. Howard Sydney Hall street Stowe Ssunuel Coles Frederick H. Bourke William M., "Avoca" Powell Christopher, "Mermora" Bowness William, "Bilstmr" Reynolds J W., "Beulah" Cooper Alfred McCartney Edgar L., "Blaenavon" Hawdon Francis Larkins James Prluirme Carlton B. Hansel Francis Barrie Edaard, "Durlutm" Mueller Arthur, " Leura 11 Palmer IVilliam ii., " Wentworth Curlewis street Wiley Street Victoria to Salisbury road 130 Hill Frank 58 Donovan Daniel, "Loughgall" 56 Wilson James 51 Russell Wm. Alfred, "Violet Cottage" 50 Hayes Mrs. M. dairykeeper 48 Lynch Anthony J. 46 Hawkins David 44 Rheuben Mrs. Charlotte Kent terrace 42 Parker Mrs. E. 40 Scott Walter 38 Hazlett Robert A., "Clantilew" 36 Klein Hermann. " Bayment " 34 MeGulgen Loughlin 30 Meyer Harry, " Bendigo " 28 Chastising William IL, "Donolly " 22 Hickey Frederick 20 Smith Percy W. 18 Fisher Albert J. 14 'Walters Samnel,"(Ilenroy" 12 Ladner Mrs. Annie, "Eatonford" 10 Garnett Mrs. H. A. 84 Hayden Percy 8 Farmer Arthur, "Delahth" 6 Green John. "Holbeach" 4 Cask Mrs. Clara, "Coolah" 2 Meggitt James, "Avoca" Candy James S. 47 Mulford Edwin 45 Russell Richard, "Roslyn" Shaw W. F. 35 Hicks Mrs. A. AL, " Eurotais " Burnett Mrs. Fanny, "Carinya" 29 Bracewell Fredk. H., pianoforte tuner 27 Watkins James A., "Macedon" 25 Stockini Mrs. Maria 23 Boon Samuel 21 Killen Martin 19 Montava Leslie P. 17 Campbell Charles W., "Raineourt" 15 Adams Mrs. Annie Patten Walter Egan Thomas \Yea Thomas 5 Shoesmith Mrs. Susan 3 O'Leary Arthur Hess Edward C. Wilga street (Bondi) Sandridge street to Ocean Healey D., "Eastview" Sandridge circa Mitchell Robert, "The Bungalow" Bennett Frank 0., "Kirkulla" French Frank E., "Lucre" Music Alexander Hodge Robert, "Ellimatta" Sandridye street Hunter Mrs AL Easy Walter William Street (North Bondi) oir Old South Head road Gorman Breffney R., "Daphne" Bowden Frank W. Halliwell John \V., "Amarm" Williams Benjamin Le Comu Charles P. Parkes Edward C. Abbey Andrew Jeffries Harold, "Keating" King John Stirgiss & Toomey, dairymen Regan James, "Takapuna" Parker William Markham Francis B., "Mile End" Parker Henry McGuinness French; Woodstock Lane (Bondi) Qtf Paul street 1 Mayo John 2 Lakernan Mrs. A. 3 Smith Edward Woodstock Street (Bondi) Paul street 10 Flood street 2 Harrin gtou P. 4 Athol V., "Stenhurst" 6 Packer William 8 Morris Mrs. Mary 10 Simo Mrs. Sarah 12 Humphries John, "13aroona" 14 Ranger Mrs. Mary 16 Lstmond Mrs. A., "Melsa" 20 Hand Hugh V., grocer 22 Dutton Thomas 21 Hillman John H. 26 Garratt James, "Strauss" 28 McCabe Thomas 30 Stanton Clarence L. W. 32 Hope William 36 Corben Alfred, "Nebroc" 38 Mercer Francis McG. 42 Brien Fre lerick, " Halkirk " 44 Wickerson Sydney II., "Winifred" 46 Monahan John, "Kanimbla" 48 George Harold 50 Porter Stanley Smith side 5 Thomas William IL, " Dunbar" 7 Wilson Mrs. Mary, "Colenso" 9 Fields Thomas, "Dardan" 11 Wilson Herbert, "Tekapo " 114 Ilemmons Josiah 13 Carter William. "Salkeld" 15 Simpson William 17 Garland Arthur 19 Higgins John R., "Rosemont" 21 Wilson Robert A. 23 Plant James 25 Price Alfred, 'Cathay" 27 Maddest Mrs. Elizabeth, " Jerula " 29 Wolrldge Herbert E. R. 31 Strakes Mrs. E., "St. Hoban" Morris Nurse (A.T.N.A.) 33 Price John 85 Fergusson John A. 37 Brooke Charles J., "Glenroy" Flood street York Road York road (Bandwiek) to Barley road Mathewson Mrs. Je:sie, "Harfleld" Plinun Owen Slade Hans Poole Alfred, "Exeter" Roberts John /buskin Jsunes IV. Ralston Stanley Bock Charles, "Halifax" Corsellis Perey Ii., "Akroydon" Sharron Mrs.. 'Jesmond" Carter Mrs. Eliza Queen's park Barley road Young Street (North Bondi)1 09 Old South Head road, between Clark and Stanley streets Von Dembleaux George Ashcroft A. G. Williams Mrs. 'A. Herds Mrs. C. Tapir' John, "Mllby" Turner Charles II., "Crawley" Wills Bros., monumental sculptors Webb Mrs. Mary, "Roma" MacLennan William S. VVENTWORTHVILLE, see Prospect and Sherwood WEST BOTANY, see Rockdale WEST KOGARAH, see Bexley WESTMEAD, see Prospect and Sherwood WHITE BAY, see Balmain Abbott Road (Artarmon) Jersey road to Barton street -Powys Mrs. E. S. Foskett Henry A., "Te Where" McMillan road Butcher Robert F.. "Dubbo" Hogarth Mrs. Alice M. Milgrim Mrs. Ethel Adolphus Street (Naremburn) Slade street to Wilson street Watts Miss Julia, "Dardanelles" Merrick W. J. Confoy Timothy, "Eastbourne" Heinke Ilebry Keegan Mrs., "Woniora" Pbillipson Loiris Allies William Bartlett John Spackman James Johnson-Elm/ark Mrs. A. Albany Street (St. Leonardo) Lane Com road to boundary Turner Wiliam J. _Baird Mrs. A. Medina Henry L.. "The Humpf" Beveridge William Carmichael Albert \linty Edward J., Yeti/ohne" Moreau Matthew IL McGee James, "Leigh" Sword James, "Kent" Perkes Alfred; "Essex" Oxley street Carlon Patrick, "Devonia" Whalley G. W., "Bethel Green" Watt John J., carrier Burrows W. J., " Mascotte ". O'Brien Frederick, "Linda" Norris Mrs. Blanche, "Rosalind" McIntyre Archibald, J.P., builder Sword James, senr., "Airlie" 'Pemberton James, ' Alberta" Yates Thomas, "Coos'!" Leggett Harry, "Alma" Leone Gus lieowarth George T. Thomas William II. Roden James Ellison Martin, "Darwoon" Hedges William, "Ontario" O'Keefe John, "Doris" Camphell Mrs. P.M. Wall William, " Rita" O'Brien John, "Thelma" WILI-OUGHBY INCLUDING CHATS WOOD, ARTARA1ON, NAREMBURN, GORE HILL, AND PART OF ST. LEON ARDS. (Incorporated November 22nd, 1885.) BonNnEn on the south by North Sydney ; on the 'wed by the main arm of Sugar Loaf Bay, Sailor's Bay, Long Bay the centre of Lane Cove Road to Mowbray Road and and Middle Harbour to North Sydney at Gordon Road in Lane Cove River ; on the north by Blue Gum Creek and Berry Estate. the shire of Kusring-gal to Middle Harbour ; on the east by Improved Capital Vahre,.C4,121,592 Area about 9 square miles. Unimproved capital value 1,313,962 Miles of streets about 130 General Rate-4d. in the E. Number of dwellings-5,620. Population-28,100. 'Town Hall awl Council Chambers Victoria Avenue, Chatswood. Council meets the first and third Mondays in every month. Office hours : 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. ; Saturdays, 9.30 a.m. to 12 noon ; Mondays, 7 to 9 p.m. MAYOR F. C. Petrie TOWN CLERK G. A. Bailey ALDERMEN- ENCINEER Robert Aitken 41Ardtwood East Ward Middle Harbour Ward INsencTort OF NUISANCES, INSPECTOR ON DAIRIES, AND F. 0. Petrie IL. T. Forsyth, J.P. BANGER OF ROADS AND RESEILVEs - W. Cleland, junr., J.P. J. Knight Smith, J.P. Joseph Naylor E. G. Hattersley, J.P. J. W. C110 HEALTH INSPECTOR M. F. Hughes Okalst000d West Ward- Naremburn Ward CARETAKER ANU POUNDICEEPEN,-11. Cooper s. Smith, junr. W. L. M. Fry E. J. Parks J. Thomson VALUATOR P. It. Cook St. L. L. R. Holtermann E. W. 0. Town AUDITOR C. A. Walker, F.O.P.A. SOLlerrons Ash and Maclean Akers :UM Lovering Mrs. John Orley street Cheat Thomas Doyle Joseph, "Darlington" Willoughby Arthur Willoughby Mrs. A. M., " Lawson " Albert Avenue (Ohatswood) Stanley street to Lane Core road Jacques street Robinson street Donovan itichard J. Holden Win Begg Percy, "Dunston" Mosley Hector \V. C. Dinning Christopher Hayes Thomas, "Lythaln" Hercules street Wilhhstgs harry C., "Roslyn" McMahon Michael, J.P., "Pericles" Elsmore Alfred, " Tooronga" Welker Frank, J.P., "Kooindalt" ' Neralah street Uhr William A., " Balelutha Kabat Mrs. Emily, "St. Hilda" Noonan Joseph St. Clair, "Linden" McKay Mrs. Emma M., "Laurels" Archer street Baty Edward Henry Claude street Cooper E. IL, "Crecy" Friend Mrs. E., " Melrose" Coker William Jerrold Charles. "Leetrwin" Devonshire street a'ingah street.twigg Percy Hadfield Mrs. J. E., "Lilac" Heed airs. Isabella, "Avon" Bowles Alexander street Harrison E V. ict r C. Savage Patrick. "Cloonlara" Phillips John W. Bruce William W., ':Kingsley" Orchard road Chatsorood park Meldrum Robert m. Napthall Mrs. A. W. Creighton Oliver, "Ross" Northern Suburbs Ice Works Jackson Bros. Lam bertiolaliiltireirsy c"ssing Brown Frederick Hall George W., "Violet" Evans Ralph Muncaster Anthony, "Rusland" Lane Core road Ilerettlell street Petrie F. C., solicitor, " Nundah" Neridah street Cheflins Mrs. A. M. Wall Edusgton Taylor Alvin Murphy Charles J. Archer strect Spring street Kruse Harry Masters Cliver,"Tarrytown" Humbly Arthur II., "Oulton" Gamey Mrs. Rosetta A., "Glenalva" Moore Mrs. A., "Bromlei" Benson Mrs. Kate Anderson street Johnson Oscar Murray Ilenry Byrne Bernard Courtney James Reynolds Mrs. C. Richards George, "Homer" Hollingberry Wnt., " Jersey Cottage" Sweetman J., "Adelaide Cottage" Vides, street '- McClelland Richard, teacher of sing. Carden John 11. Orchard road Butcher Mrs. Lucy, "Invermay" Dalton street Clemesha Samuel Todd Mrs. AL C. Rail trap crossing Webster A. J., " Wybadenne" Park William S., J.P. Burke John 1). Mortlock William H. McConaghy James A., "Bibury" Fletcher Anthony Lane ('ace road Alexander Street St. Leonard's station Alleyne Street Victoria avenue to Short street Ellis Bart, "Higherwalton" Brown Alfred, 'Ymnba" sloro Thomas J "Doreen" Holman John Holmes William Owen Edward, " Garthowen" Wilson George IL, "Canberra" Wilson Leslie." Collaroy Mann ereet Stephenson Arthur Johnston Joseph B., "Rockleigh" Aitken David H., "Loch Getty" Smith street Forbes Mrs. A. B. Wilke Harold J. Short street Schatc Harold Noden Miss E. Mann street Geering S. W., J.P.," Tarouga" WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD, LIVERY DEPT., OEOROE sr., C'DOWN 440Ni L2848 OUR DRAGS ARE THE DELIGHT OF PLEASURE PARTIES AND WILL CARRY TWO HUNDRED

23 ANTHONY HORDERNS' THE PEOPLE'S MARKET. 814 Alp WILLOUGHBY. Art ANTHONY HORDERNS' THE POPULAR STORE. Ash WILLOUGHBY. Bea 815 Wilton Frederick, "Tatton" French Oscar, " Mitcheldean' Dilling Walter Alleytte street continued Anglo Street (Chatswood) Bennett John Whiddon Arthur Gleeson Mrs. M. Hedges Neville, "Wendover" Dyer Sydney, " Mantura" Of Fuller's road Pike F. K, nvermsy " Smith street Dennis T. J., " Tram" Bates James McLachlan William A., " Hillerest " McClemens Mrs. M. L., "Glencairn" Chad Thomas Williatns Captain Hugh Gregory H. B., "Lint" Lee Richard, "Illilview" Lowers Mrs. Marla B., "ClontIbret" Nicholson street Ross Alexader Butler Mrs. Alice Jenninge Harry," Bristol Lalschere 11. 'I'. Brownrigg M. W. P., "Lingdale" Sullivan Mrs. Edith, "Etheldene" Turner Charles S. Somerville Daniel Thomas James, "Sofala" Stephenson J. E., "Nateby," Brownrigg C. B., J.P. Vaughan Innes J., "Milton" Cotton William Bradley Sherbrooke. milk vendor Sinclair Thomas, "Eynesbury" Holmes William E. Cook Mrs. Isabella Roorke Arthur, "Mascotte" Bruce Hogan E. H., " St. Clare" Pease Sidney J. Smith street Short street Alpha Road Edinburgh to Sailor's Bay road Calvert Herbert Doyle V. A. Marshall Robert Magna,' Leslie Simpson T. "Almatiene" Beaty E. A., "Ashley" Brauer Rudolph Wakely Ernest W. S. -Green John Duncan Foulkes Albert E., "Heston" Lee Leslie, " Wingrove Dwyer Henry, "Abbey Court" Grundy Thomas, pltunber Austiss William J., plasterer Delahunty Mrs. Margaret Nall Roland 0., "Rolscot" Duncan Harry, "Narbetliong" Massie John F. Parkin Rev. L. C. (Cong.), Wedgwood Bentsen Bernard Baker Herbert F. Witrd JRIllef; Green William 11., "Wahroonga" Monhroy road Ann Street Price Robert Grieve Mrs. Julia A. Corson William T. Emeny Lyster S. J., "Warritnoo" Thine!' Arthur W., "Dovedaie" linburgh road to McClelland street Rose street Ashley street Piddington E. L., "Ramona" Keenan Robert Woodhall Arthur '1%, "hfarama" IVisittIn gton Herbert F. Lawrence William F. Gravenor W. J., "Ronevarg" Young Mrs. E., "St. Kilda" Luke John Cook Alexander A. Breeze David Whitehead Edward King William, "Boronin" Bright Charles, greengrocer Hayes John L. Starr Edward French's road Kearns Mrs. Brown John Turney 'Mrs. Hannah, "Seiwynville" Sullivan Mrs. S. Shanks John Sheen William Smith Herbert I., "Toyota" Sailors' Bay road Rae Hubert Auld Mrs. E., "Zapata" Coomber Charles II., florist Roadknight Thomas, 'Warntwee" Mottbray road Hawley E., "Scale Villa" Pearce John, taxi-cab proprietor Fraser Gordon Leithead William, hints Anderson Street (Chatswood) Albert avenue to Ashley street Steele Willi= Savage Arthur Brett Albert Benstock Henry If., "Cherster JohnsoeAlexander Victoria avenue Fisher Charles Jackson J. A. Onishe K. Wilson William, "Bonnyrigg" Pammeuter Nurse, private hospital Presbyterian Church Seymour Mrs. Elizabeth, "Merthyr" Gibbons A. L., "Patonga" Wheeler William," Doris" Corotona Girls' School and Kindergarten Principal, Miss E. Bedford Congregational Church Daisy street Joyner James, " Wyanata T4 lip street Hart Edwin.1., " Goo rie Violet street Ashley rtreet Wiatams Sampson B., "Gwenville" Youll William, bu Ider, " Hinton" Price John " Rutile glen Jackson Herbert W., "Cambuslang" Curtis tt. 'trodden, carriers Victoria avenue Brown street Joseph L. S. Johnson A., pante-, "Tarraganda " Croaker 0. K. Weetch Leonard, "Oakhurst" Ross John Robert street Broomham Bros., tannery Broomioun Robert, "St. Marys Broomioun Mrs. Agnes Bannatyne Robort, nurseryman Taylor Cliarle4 W. Broomham Frederick Budnick Arthur, " Piccamhilli" Huxley Richard Barnes Reginald It., "Astoria" Lawrence Thomas Holmes William Cock Mrs. Jane Labrel street Wynne Arthur 111) no Edward Gilchrist Mrs. Marie Ashby George McCormack Itroomloun 0., senr. Ciders' Harry Anthony Street Johnson street to Albert avenue Graves Edward Apex Street (Naremburn) Off Central street Donaldson Leslie S., "Ashton" London James McCrow William Allen David C. Archer Street (Chatswood) Mowbray road to Boundary street Morris Mrs. M. E. " Galosh Miller Mrs. M., "Inve rness" McPherson Alexander, "Nattily" Waterhouse John, M.A., "Cairtileith" Galwey Garnet S, "Gunyah" Stapledon Norman, "Renfrew" Johnson street Spore Joseph " AVOCA" Smedley Arnold H., "Fairlight" Mullion Henry J., "Ferndale" Ferguson James, "Claremont" Griffin George A., "Ennisvale" Stapp Louis, "Loretto" Kane Daniel Blackwell Ernest V. Heron Miss Annette. "Mascotte" Hyde J. It., "Moscato" Woodland Mrs. AL, "Lincoln" Mayo Charles, "Arrawatta" Allen J. J.," Lismore" Lumsden Charles IL Richards N. Phelps, "Tolarno" Albert are,? us Jones George, "Castlemalii" I.X.L. laundry George Jones Easton 'Pitman W. Fairelough Mrs. Jolly James E., "Avon" Victoria amine On Stares William, "Montana" Crowley Thomas, "Polperro" Magrath Toni A. Cooper Harold E. Waratah street William street Benson Mrs. A. Gibb Charles W. King H. M., "The Nook" Boundary street Rhoades Frederick, "Bereen" Narita Mrs. E. A.. " KIrtling Young Edwin G.,"Raithby' Bartlett Edmund," lifilme,u1s". Dawes E. G., "Lawrenny" Johnson street Maguire Alfred, J.P., "Bear Bong" Smith Sydney, jun. iekey William Maitland G.E. H. "Ormsby Lodge" Nordin Mrs. Mabel S.. "Rarotonga" Love Clifton J., "Dunalrd" Belt Mrs. Robert, "Murweh" liven Mrs. Mary, "Ivan"' Rothery Albert 0. "31 Irene" Vaughan Joseph,J.I'., "Kensington Albert avenue Paterson Miss E. J., "Moyne" Buckle Robert V.," Wilton" Beattie John, " Ender " Leahy Mrs. Rosetta Lucas Mrs. Minnie, "Eastwell" Wright 'Arthur Landers James Scotford Herbert K, "Errol" Doddrell Joseph, "Confer" Kelly Miss AL, "Argyle" Easom Joseph J., Victoria avenue Beattie Mrs. A., " Belvedere" Flynn J. P., "Glen Hum" "Our Lady of Dolours" School and Church (MC.) Barry Rev. IV. (11.C.) Kirk street Soutter John L., "The Briars" Callan Edward H. Daisy street Tulip street Wilson S. R. "Apsley Villa" Violet street Ryan Martin J., J.P., " Avoca " Connell Mrs. R.. "'Within" Doyle Richard T., "Main" Jones Augustus Hurst George J., "Hillside" Ashley street Gowlug Raymond B. Black John, "Kalloe Waratah street Witham street Thomas David Brooks Mrs. Lydia Dykes John A. Stephenson Arthur R. Bound try street Armstrong Street Off Willoughby road Loughland John Artarmon Road (Artarmon) Elizabeth street to Pyr1 street Allworth Ernest F. Bell John S., "Green Bank" Makinson Thomas Harden road Whiddon Frederick K. Lindsay Stanley I'. ' Laird Herman H., "Vallima" Gillies R L., "itakatioa" Scott William 13. Brown John Pyr1 street Ashley Street (Chatswood) lane Coy e road to High street Railway bridge Gibson avenue Chalmers Cyril R., '"Lynwood" Harris Charles, " Ednor Barwick Joseph, "Giontworth" Moorley A. G., "Eilenhohne" 'Thompson Richard, " Wilga" Paine Albert J.," Brundall Brooke Horace N., "Carita" Orkney Capt. It. Archer street Norrie Mrs. Hannah, "Mizpah" Robinson Frederick S., "Loraine" Hawley A. 0., " Dunclutlia" Feather Willimni, " Meryla " Carpenter Arthur Ed., "Brighton herall Walter, "St. Lawrence" Spearman street McCall W. J., " Woolway" Briggs Douglas A., "Evandale" Pretty Thonnut W., "Emma" Kerte William A. R., "Nestor" Porges Joseph P.," Ardmore" Bonfield Mrs. A., "Annwora" Annum E. H., " Rathluba" Darling street Macguarie street Railway bridge Anderson street Byrne Richard, " Broughton Lockwood Fred, W. Allsep William Felton Frederick Hordem Mrs. B., "The Rest",Monatt Peter, "Rose Dale" Thompson Guy, "Glendon" Mason Mrs. A., "To Whore" Archer street Kilponen 011i, "Suomi Schwartzkopf Miss A., "Eversleigh" Meikle D. H., " Ashley " Maud Joseph M. "Rodondo" Fitzhardinge End, ' solicitor, "Loonies" Beckett Ernest Burchett Ernest F., architect Spearman street Younger Thomas B. Darling street Braver W. It.. jun., "St. Aidans" Brookes Miss M. C., "hlindaribba" Knowles Mrs. B. E., "Cambooya" Macquarie street Atchison Street (St. Leonards) Willoughby road to Christie street Chard 'Walter II., "Radstock" Duig Peter, "G:enroy " Campbell Alex. A., J.P., plumber, Boylan William B. hfehlahon John Costa Avangelo Mitchell street Rowley Mrs. Isabel Milwain Robert H. Banks Francis 0., "Domani" Stevenson Alexander C., "Ohio" Moore Edward Thompson Charles, "Estelle" Casoy Mrs. M., "St. Eden" McKelvey Samuel South aide Gardyne George Newey Ernest 11. Balfour George Grant John Gallagher Denis, "Rose Isle" Kelly Norman, " Gilmore" Clayton Ernest, "Leers" Gosper Ephraitn, carrier Rance Richard J. T., "Bendigo" McIntyre Thomas 0. Oxley street Brook Samuel Wares Charles, " Stratton." Lantos Herbert H. Leo George William." Rathdrum " Whatman Waiter, "Arklow" Butcher George S., "Tastna" Jones James, "Flora" Allen George W.," Malabar" Evennett Walter," Westwood" Hai gh George, " Wilton " Wills Charles, "Glenview" Walsh, James V., "Bitterest" Ritchie Colin T., "Leash) Bras" Turner Brown Georg' Adatnson Walter E. Waugh Walter R. Kirby Williatn Baden Powell Street (Artarmon) Off Lane Core road hfoore Wallace J. Tooiney Patrick Neville Percy St. J "Moyfin" McAlpine George A., "Alwin" Paterson Moulton Mrs. H. Mann Philip A. Girvan David Cliff Arthur II. Vail Edwin Dyson Christopher Baldry Street (Chatewood) Victoria avenue to Nicholson street James William Harmer George T,atittra Miss Evelyn, "Farringdon" Evans John J. 11., Parsons William Robinton George 3. Leaver Thomas, "Kineora " Chappel George D., "St. Hilda" Anstiss William J., "Lidsdale" Ramsay Oriel C. Baldry Mrs. Jane 31. "Buckendoon" Nicholson stret Baringa Road (Northbridge) Of Mulgarra street Wainwright Miss E., " Tilimby " &niter Robert Lindsay Algernon S. Law Alfred - Dawson Cuthbert, "Parrawarry" Strathallen avenue Mulhollatid William, "Shalimar" Broadhurst Thomas Soutar Kenneth Hanoi rold Hayes Miss M.. " Rossgarbery " Carroll John," Baringa Strathal ten avenue tattoo Oliver, " Oorra-Lynn Baron Joseph B. Fitzgerald W., J.P., solicitor Baroona Road (Northbridge) Of Mulgarra street Stralhallen avenue Curgenven A. Steed Murk, "Dobroyd" Friend Capt. John, "Rocombe" Metcalfe J.," Olievin " Palmer Charles Eden 11. S. Itockett D. Dickison Alfred Sisterton W. Strothullen avenue Skeit George "Earl's" Taylor Cita. W. Johnston Harry G. Figus George Barton Road (Artarmon) Of Ileserre rtrul Taylor F. \V., "Radcliffe" Baker Charles Pyper Andrew Felton Lewis 31. Stratford Harold F. Wren Alan W. Rorie Frank Wood Charles B., "La Bois" Laing Joint Cox Nadir, "Olengarriffe" Dolphin Charles, "St. Hollers" Queen Johunm W. Campbell Peter, "Loclinagar" Beaconsfield Road (Chatswood) Off Motrbrap road west Oullen.Ward ltex. " Glenoreliy" Mason.1. N. barrister," Shortlands" Ennis Miss Ii., " indwe " Hall J. G. Lucas I'. II. Cox Reginald, "Cooeetong" B. and it. Fertilisers Grimwood L. It.,"Rangatira" Danaher David Carter Arthur G. "Weghill" Parker Samuel. " Aleda" Bowman Mrs. Charlotte, "Itienzie" Whiffen Roy. "Tolland" Duck Mrs. Elizabeth Widman Harold, "Bronte" Anderson Spencer. "Nona" Hattersley It. G., J.P. Aird Edwin J., "Trelawny" Short Albert Riley William Kemp Henage, "Waratali" Hattersley William," Kojinup" Clark Ernest, "Kelso" Tindale road. Ward Edward, "Penzance" Booker Frederick, "Albion " Kay G. W., "Mill rtield" Styles Percival S., "Aston" Macintosh street Munkman Benbow Hair John S., "Liyudn" Lawes Edward J., "Tiverton" Nicholson street Beauchamp Avenue (Chatswood) Lean Richard," Tarndale" Pearson Thomas, "Ebley" Carlos street 'tendon Mrs. A. Rose street to Darling street Stewart Rev. W. (Methodist) Aitken Robert, "Evora' Elphinstone D. Bruce William, "MerrivaIe " Cooke ItichrtWrdeel side Anderson Waiter, "Parkhurst" Daisy street Nolan Charles, "Glutidalough " Owner Joshua, 3.1'. Norton John J., "Sofaln" Bird Arthur Walker Albert A. Roonie J. J. "Tintaidra " St. Catherine's Convent School Jackson Fled F. Orley street Levis William K. Hamilton G. B. Perry Miss ' Sophie, "Tintaldra" O'Shea Mrs. J. A.," Elysee " Illdebrandt Mrs. Florence. 'Arawa! Hook Emanuel, "Eastgate" Bugden Mrs. S., "Brixton" Booker Mrs. E. F. ll'ilson street Malvern avenue Hutton Alwyn E., "Jathyn" Weedon road OUR RANGE OF COMMERCIAL BUGGIES IS THE LARGEST AND BEST HORSED IN AUSTRALIA THE LEADING UNDERTAKERS WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. 'PHONE 9226 CITY

24 ANTHONY HORDERNS' MAIL ORDER SERVICE WILL HELP YOU. ANTHONY HORDERNS' AUSTRALIA'S MAMMOTH STORE. 816 Bea WILLOUGHBY. Bro Bro WILLOUGH BY. Oen 817 BeemohaMp Parade (Chatawood) Tully John M., "Donde" 00 Spearman street to Darling street Hamilton Edward F. Chums Thom* II., "Wilberforce" Bose Elijah, "Mayville" Burro Road (Artarmon) Campbell Street (Gore Hill) Toyer Clarence H., "Girrahween" End Richard Matthews Frederick A., "Wilton" Cooney road to Railway station 0,0' Lane Co pe road Watt Harold, "Woodlawn" Freeman Sydney 0., "Correa" Bashford A. H., "Glen-Lea" Harrison Mrs. A, 1). Royer R. Bdnunda Henry, "Avoca" Naasoar 31 lehael Harris Walter White street Byrnes John McDowell Frank."Brooweemi" Matthews Alfred B., "Terrigal" Burge Charles Garrett Charles W., "Bundarraga" Tully Mrs. S..M., "Loretto". Brown John William Hunt William McKinley Archibald Shewring George French street Gadd Matthew P. Franck Mitchell G. Smith Oliver T., "lpiturgootia" Biddle Albert A., "Rye Villa" Parrott William Darling street Howard Reginald A. Wright Thomas, "Airedale" Armstrong P. Fitzpatrick MN. Lydia ifasilng Thonms J. MoKeachle Alex., J,P., "Almy" [Lindley wipy worrof r00di, yorrairooso.. Bressington Percy, "Midges" Felswick IL, "High vie w'' Keeler Albert J "Becchol me" Nolan Walter, "Wodonga" Cock Mrs., "Rho" Walker Andrew, "Drum" Hongolong Street (Naremburn) Harvey James, "Athol" Harwood Charles A. Wood Enoch Leslie TileillOS Williams W. J., "diem Noire" Immeden Samuel G. Owen William, "Ituthsca," Spears Albert Cooper William J. Willey George 00 Willoughby road Cluck J. K. "Glenagle" Watts Henry G. Hart Mrs. Florence Barden road Snow Misses F. M. & A., "Ei-Nathan" McKim' MODICA D. McLaughlin Mrs. M., "Onlsac" i()asot}o.drni Carlos Street (Artarmoti) Ritanaington street eia rold Off dee:moo road Teuton Mrs. J. T. Cullum Alexander Seabrook Cord Roy Wergoeun G. J.," OnInsborough Brand Street (Artarmon) - Nivea Mrs. Lillian East Side Hardin Clifford Bogard. John Simmons Charles G. From Elisabeth street to Hampden road Canning A. E., "Carmenderte" Pendergast Mr., "Rosebank" Dewey Mrs. Si,, in ittonier Davenport George 'I% 31111er Nev11, "hareem" Bits r Robert Chapman John. "Rea Don" Baden Powell street Darling Street Collins Albert E. Breen John Lynch Major 'themes J., 'Kilkenny' Patrick Samuel J., "?dream" Keary Arther Kidd Mrs. Martha, "Italloween" Bedford Street (Willoughby) High street to Warroar Gartrcli A. Willington R. A., "Berkley" Finley Robert Johnstone Murray road Swanson William E., "Giuliani" Kearney Richard T. Rowntree Leslie C.," Illawoug" Clark William J. Hudson Miss E. I,. South aide Sullivan Mrs. Rose Crawford Miss E., "Obe/la" Flanagan Ernest, painter McAdam Benjamin 11:16azinisble James 11., "Hendon" O'Brien Alfred 11. Gray Herbert WardroP Keene Frederick "Gbrilwall Willoughby road Karnaghans, "Victoria" Ashton William 3fountford Harvey W. Swallow George McKay William, carpenter Tuck Arthur C., "Tlwoona" Lieber Mrs. Fri...slake. "Moores" Holden Samuel Butcher Robert W. Boyden H., Harrison Albert 1"Pool000" Holmes Henry T. Sheebridge Robert S. Temple-Smith John R., "Westbury" Marriott Chad vs, "Wybarrinit" McShane Philip J. Meld James Newton Robert D, "Clarebrook" Collins Mrs. C., "Monello' d" Clarke Samuel F., "Lyndon" Conners Joseph, Haapai " West aide Worth William Fox Henry, "Kin urn" J01111S011 TIA011111S, "Doredeve" Lugton Thomas, In:mil-Roo" talus Reginald. Crolt" Sherlock Oliver Elford Thomas, "Canton" Williams Mrs, Caroline, "Allison" Parker Henry, "Shirley" Prior 31IsS E. E. Jordan Edward," Los Altos' Coady Thomas P., "Loonies" Holman Clarence Murphy Thomas Smyth Charlea 0. D., "31erylo" Bt. Bran Chords (C. of B.) Russell NV. S., "Wharekoa" Broomisain W. G., "Sunny Brae" Kessler Stanley R., "Richmond" Piper William, "Illawarra" Cambridge ridgesrltroad (Artarmon) Studds It, O., "Montrose" Ballard T. II. Flegg Sidney Brook Street (Naretaburn) Perkins Rev. A, G. (C. of E.) Of Elizabeth street Barbour Leighton, "Aratnia" Keys Walter A. From Money street Durgin Fred., "L.A.L." Vince Leonard V. Smyth Arthur, 1.1'.,"31eryttla " Carruthers Wiliam G Bor/athe Street Dyer Alfred, "Ciyro" Miss Peter J01111, " Camera Searle 10.N. off introusby Coutts George road Poll Frederick Johnson Edward Murray E., paean., " IthodavIlle Darling Cecil S. " Ciiirnica; Aloe Chnrles Ilellycr Frederick Buller road Betts Charles II., "Loretto" Kimberley Corbett 0., "Eastwood" Cunningham TI Noise Joseph Warrant road Price Sidney Rudd Edwin clerk Frederick Comma' Arthur Carroll William Palmer street TrIgione Sept hams G., "3100tWair Widman Charles Carlotta Street (Gore Hill) North Se Vincent James Woodhouse F. IL Hyams Louis Wilkinson 21. E.,"Falivottel' Watson Charles W., "Alba" Fagan John on to rue Cute rood Meares]. Harry, "Ilawkeabory" Lee John, "Stalmar" 'Woods William Mutton Frank J. Bruce Charles 11. lingo Ws. Emily, "Keera" Ferguson Mrs. Catherine, "Sher- Nixon Mrs. Mary, "TI-Coey" Cambridge Street (Willoughby) Essex W. J.. contractor Parr J. E., Jr., "Brighton" McLeod William wood" While street Iltgb street Allan Jamerli Greeley P.," Karelia" Botts Farley Charles McC,ormick Mrs. Mary Oa Mid Olt street Summers Albert V. Wilson J. T. Walker Claud, "Rockleigh" Welker Arthur, "Walkarle" Rico Edward Stratton James Orlasmons Joseph Sweeney John Grace Arthur Petersen Christian Slin David Raper Richard Brown Street (Chatswood) Small Joseph A.. Dark Mrs. Mary Warrant road Boundary Street (Chatawood) Helmick Alexander Gordon road to Anderson street Artschutz Erie Phillip & WInsdale, grocers Item/ Francis J., Forsyth Percy Bilson Bega Road (Northbridge) Oft' Lane Cove road Dick Miss Elizabeth M. Johnson Homy E. Halstead. Mrs. Thos., "Atmore Olt Woonona road Abell William II, Henry Garnet EP. Miller Dunes, "Gun yoll" Riddle John F. Bracken George Railway line Warrane road Railway tine Archer street Pante Welcome Smyth Robert S., "Brixton Hollingsworth William Boggis David, "Craig- Gallon Clyde Campton charics Nugent (:. Mark street Bellatabi Street (Northbridge) Hendon Cyril II. Bohan Patrick Spronts IVEILam, Tangaville" O'Reilly Edward Burrows Off Saline. Ray road Campion Mrs. F. E. Frizzle Mrs. Mary J. Evans Thomas Nicholls Amos, gardener 13eatson William Wickham. Mrs. A. E. Outred Benjamin Anderson street Scott Oinrcnce,"Rokeby Townond G "Northbridge" Bull Norman Aylward Percival S. Spent August, "Roden" Hollingsworth Themas Cole II. J. Mellott. avenue Hawkless Robert Hopkins Patrick Johnson Mrs. Alice, "Wooden." Butler Charles Burgess L. H. Tozer C. J., physlcbut and surgeon Hellarsep strict Woodcock William Wardle Mrs. Mary Crawford J. C. Benton Avenue (Artarmon) Spearman street McGregor Alexander Bryson Street (Chatswood) Can Street (Chatswood) Robert street to Boller read Thomson Jeeeph Anderson e! "Bundegnor off Lane COO road Hartley Henley V., "To Marc" Centennial evertor to de Villiers avenue FrOWIll Butler Miss V. 31., "Ainslie" Dale Geoffrey Barnes Mrs, Emily Nicholls Thomas Lucas Clyde T. Cowan Meredith Ent side Cireuttt H. 0..."Briglatm" John Rlehens Frederick L. G. Wimple Charles Gibbs Albert E, Harper Richard Stewart Nell Wear/ rood Hammond Leonard, "Louber Stneal Frederick 0. Stanwix Mrs. Eilzabeth Stewar l'fratieis G. Shelley Ronald G. Reid Andrew Yabsley Venter Harwood Frederick," Dorlsylile" Magee Terrace, "Penge" Gilbert Frederick Lo ho ougs e HILeoribochroti Centennial Avenue (Chatswood) Barry Richard A. Ojj Lane COIT road Donnelly road Jferrenburn avenue Bertram Street (Chatswood) Took, Stanley Rhodes street Slede street Daniels G. W. Parker John, a Kneel' Mowbray road to Victoria annul Campbell Moe K 31., "Italy Sim Kneoves Mrs. Louisa Cole Vernon Frazer Alexander Griddle George Muir Henry," Muirdene" Church of England Girls' School J. Tanner Robert Miss ElkIngton, principal. Buller Road (Artarmon) Darling street Blakesley Street (Cha$ewood) Bowline Chas., "Kihilla" Rose Edward Cameron Avenue (Artarmonl WyldoBrowite J. II., Benson area at to Jersey road East aide Bid Robert H., "Bardoll" Vandine David From Harden road to Railway station Hordern E. Carr, "Ohisiellarst" East. aide McNamara Th Victoria avenue to Nicholson street Rowe Frank Nicholls T. W.," futaibookit" SOlith aide Dardanelles road Fen:nowt nernne Broughton Road (Artarmon) McDou gall Mrs. Garden James Leslie Frank Hornsby Percy Gough Henry A. Kimble Oliver G. Barton Mrs. A., "Itownhams" Potter Mrs. IL J.," Loom" Hodges T. H., "Turlinjah" Kendall. A. A. K. Morgan Albert Knight Leonard Ilhaupden Bowl to Lane floe rbail W. Francis street Downer Aubrey 31,, "Hazeimere" Gould Arthur, "Llatigothlon" Barnes Leslie ' Hildebrand Adrian Thompson tangled. P. Thompson Miss E., "Coombor" Jacobs Jesse Solomots Perm. 31. Neal James P. Thorne George Bruce Ernest A. "Compere" Tennant Mrs. E., "Braeside" Skelton B. D. "Avenel Squire IL IL, school teacher Macquarie street Jones Albert Thentas Mrs. M.," Paisley Burrell Alexander 13rownhill David J.1,1'. (N.S.W, and gland), "Nalowing" Bayliss Mrs. Mary (Auld John A. Grin. James L., "Kloro" Dunbar Oltarles S. A., "Lothian" Broughton road Jr:ribs, sic',,.t Cheater Alfred C. Stelubeak George W. Drill Mall, ISIS Area Gilbert Charles NV. Hay Horace C., "Hum." Newport W J., "Fernshaw" 3lattliews John Mitchell Rayner Proctor Martin B. Leleit.Jories John. "Toonlatrro" Biackmore George Black Mrs. E. A., "To Kainga" Sefton Mrs. Fanny D., "Tama" Simmons Andrew C., "OadebrIdge" Edwards G. J " Tueltain Blanche Ernest T., "Foothill" Ring Edward street Stockwell Leslie, "Stirling" Mutton Frank J. Westbrook W., scum., "Aberfeldie" Robertson Donald 0. Color street Loyshon Mrs. Jane Brown David Bowen B. J.. architect, "Tyrone" Sweetlend Mrs. A. J., "Wetilan" Wombwell Ram, " Northampton Stevenson Mrs. Jane E., "Montrose" Walker Mrs. Mary H," Glandwr " Crabhe J. W., "St. :Helloes" Paine Mrs. Stella Nat'l:ship Edward, "Alverstone" Harris MN- Janet, "MYola" Jersey road Parr, "Bonnie Nook" Rogers Tom, "Straletta" Nicholson street Horsley 'Merles J., S.F. Potterer Miss E. - De Vine Arthur E.," elarelea" l'ooto Whihirini, dalrykeeper Lovell Mrs. Elizabeth, "Layffeld" Kitchener road Hazolton Stanley, "Weetaia" Holainy Walter Bowen Street (Chatswood) Buchan Mrs. Dora Ryan William A., "Yarravrongn" Of No...brag road west Robertson Robert Sonde Archlimid J., "hl Bodo" Dawson William, "The Wattles" Central Street (Naremburn) Meehan William B. West aide Harry Williain, "Wrillowa" Northmore Waite-, " Foote Gill Norman, "Toowong Willoughby rand to flatland road Bean George. "Roxeth " Sheerhi A.. "Dun. Angus" Coote Aaron Buller road Freeman Walter Chadwick EdWard,"Kinlock" Ross Walter Thorburn Sidney, "(auburn" Cammeray Road (Willoughby) \Vested/tint Arthur, " Itcshittli J. Broughton road San/niers Enos P. Cunningham Mrs. B. Carr Stanley, "Lynwood" thynt Patrick Butcher Samuel, J.11. " Bralndah Willis He'iTric,a'rClidofe iknlsfabaisi" Cooper William E., "Brunswick" Jersey road Green Sydney Sheaves George. "Avoca 9 7 Hamilton F.,"Burrundee" WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 510 OEM ST., CITY. 'PHONE 9226 CITY ALL OUR ASSISTANTS ARE QUALIFIED, AND MANY HAVE SERVED US OVER 20 YEARS I 1 hi

25 sss TELEPHONE YOUR ORDERS TO ANTHONY HORDERNS'. 818 Cev WILLOUGHBY. Ohu Central street (Naretnburn) continued Hamilton Lancelot Adams Henry T.. "St. Louis " MoNaughton R., "Urmston" Lake Ernest S. Wilson Mrs. Dorothy Market street Blackburn William, "Tyrone" Taylor Miss S., dressmaker Oddrellows' James Thomas, J.P., "Sebastopol" Kennedy James Waterhouse Henry, contractor Garland road Devlin Miss E. M., "Arawatta" Stewart Andrew Tipper Harold Donald Vernon G. Orams It., " Oramston Apex street Garland road Cevu Avenue Off Iligh street Williams Percy E., J.P., "Cranford' Robins Walter W. Bray Frank Bailey George A. Wootten F. Apperley George Garvin 311ss J. Chaleyer Street (Willoughby) Off Neville street Gardiner Frederick T. Reid James L. Campbell Mrs. S. Warrane road Dunn Vaidie H. Mills John B., "Stonington " Butler William Loneon Fred N., "Ainslie" Turner W., "Bungaloh" Cuiverwell John W., "Royston" Irarrane road Chand08 Street (St. Leonards) St.Leonards station to Willoughby road Mason Albert Murphy M s. B, Enniskillen" 3facNaught Alexander Cherry William, " Burnham " Love Percival Adams Alfred H., "Brooksby Villas" Gowan Harry Rees David "Eltham" Babbitts Aifre 1, "Antrim" Patten James Dan Thomas, "Longford" Murphy George, "Hadleigh" King Frederick Blinkhoist Herbert, "Awanni" Skcwes Roy, "Norwood" Davidson 0. J., "Warren" St. Ignatius' School Mitchell street JOIICS Alfred. "Collaroy" Henwood Frederick, "La Vista" Wright David, "Arrino" Lund Arthur, "Nord,'" Ray Mrs. Margaret, "Eivine" Faddy Frederick 0. Beavan Herbert G. Pendlebury John, " Daintily Lee Walter. "Allure" Bunton William W. Warne Roy E., "Hawthorne" Carruthers Mrs. Vera, "Hurlstone" Dawes Edward Hollis Walter Greenwood William E. Linden Charles IL "Mona " Crittenden John Levens Frank, "Irwell" Hoy Patrick Joseph, " Helena Paterson James Saillard \Vinton' Hedges Frederick Pounce Reginald, " Doorecn Welch John, "Glencoe" Orley street Fox James, "Alyth " "Creswiek" Raybould Waiter J. "Almond Bank" Wilson Mrs. M.," Kilburn" (Staley Henry, "Hinton" Vincent Thomas Dennes F. L., "Royston" McGovick A.,,"Lily Vale" 3011/IA011 William, "St. Austell" Kennedy Patrick, boottnaker Ruston Alfred, grocer Smith David A. Willoughby road Hulbert Ernest E., "Viola" Latnpe Mrs. Christie street Baseiey Constantine B., "Cerra Lyne" Brewer 0. J., 'Eastbourne" Mitchell George A., "Dunoon" Richards Edward Lund Richard, "Lemma Ville" Plunkett street Sweeney Miss Mary, "Wilbertroy" Ward Mrs. J. E. Seventh Day Adventists' Church Kayler-Thomson William Evans John "Rosecourt" Rodgers Joshua, "Loyola" Doswell Ernest J. Mitchell street Murphy Joteph J., " Neeron " 3lutchins John It. Ross Roderick I). Robinson Ernest Therm hwalte Frank F. Stapleton Miss M., grocer Darnall street Goulding Henry E., plumber Whitford Daniel, "Bathurst Villa" Waters Percy it. G. J.. "Ramsay" Chamberlain Herbert B. Farley F.. "Torquay" Peters Mrs. M. Madden Miss C. J., grocer Oxley street Gannon John D. Hodges Arnold Wolk Mrs. Margaret." Montrose" Williamson William, "Fairfield" Mottram Alfred W. Kidd Robert, "Beulah" Rose Frank, 'Jim Nook" Maftin street Peirce Walter, painter Bruce Charles J., plumber Shepherd W. J., J P., fuel merchant McGrath Mrs. Annie M., dressrnaker Calliope Hall For remainder of Chandos streel,see North Sydney) Chapman Avenue (Chatswood) off Orchard road Chapman G. A.." Lauriston Oxenbouid Frederick J. Todd Mrs. Clifford Chatswood Avenue (Chatswood) O. l'icioria avenue DOW/IIRII Sydney G. Danaher John V. Dorhauer Rudolph. "Minnaville" Bridger Mrs. Margaret, "Northeote" Whid Ion Sydney Dorman H. E.. Henry Bruce K. Elsey Herbert J. G., "Ebenezer" Heath William G. Walsh Stephen P., "Waft" Martin John G. Martin Mrs. H., " Carwhitter " Engert Mrs.& Blinkhom John, "Fairy Bower" Markham Charles, "Olive Cottage" Roberts Thomas G. Macquarie street Chelmsford Avenue (Willoughby) Off Ligon's road Mathieson George Dale Ernest McMillan Duncan C. Chiltern Road French's to Motebray road Judge Al t ert J. Harrison William, "Branksome" McNeill Malcolm, "Augury" Fowler Cyril, ' Lochinvar " Carroll Mrs. Mary A. Poulton Douglas Springett Mrs. E. A. V. Gilchrist Wallace Newton William O., "Einpara " Waldron Francis, "Wanganui" Gates Charl es, Bon Accord" Ewington George Hunt Mrs. Elizabeth M. J., "binsworth" Tillet Ion W. V., electrical engineer Walker Joseph, "Ilemsley" Bennett James, "Milford " Broomilam Morcombe Stanley Not rie James Wise William Begg Sidney Warner Sidney Harman W. H. "Otto " Vernon Mrs. Annie Mowbray road Keech C. A., "Kitsilano" Warner John, j.p., "Wi n ton ia" Brilliant Olias, D. Smitli James McKenzie John Crowther, "Waina" Bailey Arthur, "Tattpo" Mills Mrs. Annie, "Warrenheip" Caiburn Mr.. E. Gates Lloyd Ware Mrs. 3faggie Earl Oliver C. G. Baguet, G. W., "Milton Hodges Erie Armee Frank M., " Newstead" Saville Joseph:, "Gilmore" Harding Hutton Sydney E., J.P., "Pirongia" Purcell Cecil Gorhatn Arnold J., "Rotorua" Springett W., "Willow". Stephenson John, " Ahnora " Grace A. IL, solicitor, " Warrego" Clark II cal y Richard Corrigan (We've C., "Glenroy" Wheeler Sydney W. French's road Christie Street (St. Leonards) Lane Core road to Northcote street T110111aS tt Spriggs, produce mere/its. Macfarlane Thomas, "Makura" 'lodges S. J., carter Hardwick Cyril C., "Roseleigh" Clarke Varley B., "Woodleigh" Rodgers James Wakefield Samuel, "Buenos Ayres" Organ Humphrey G. Chando. street Smith Gordon T. Daniels George Bezer Leslie, "Ickle Lass" Caddy William': E. Nilsson L. It., hairdresser..inutter Frank, "Fermanagh" Nilsson 1, R. 'Lawton Joseph, "Down" Hancock 3. E., "Antrim" Chanties street Nosworthy Mrs. 3I. A., nurse Murray Robert, "Tynmoutli" Duckworth George, 'Tiverton" Evans David, "Tavlstock" Akins John, "Torquay" Kennedy james, "Jesmond" Northcote street Church Street Pen Murat to Stanley street Turnbull Harold E., "San Bias" Thomson Roy, "Tarrawatta" Sydney street Keefe Henry, "Editor" Priestley Charles W., " Malvern " Mustard William, "Bonnington" Swaine Herbert Edge Harry T. Beaumont Willie:1i Squire F. W. Stanley street Stewart C. A. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT GEORGE ST., C'DOWN 'PHONE L2848 CITY 9440, L1802, NORTH 013, REDFERN.234, FOR ANTHONY HORDERNS'. Cla WILLOUGHBY. Dal 819 Rhodes Charles Turner F. J., " Dilkhusha Crabbe's Avenue (ChatswoOd) Sydney street Basher Herbert Toms Arthur S. Lovcday Mrs. A. hi., "Dawn" Bower J. Fs "Durham " Keen F. NV. Wells John A.," Nerelle" O'Connor Alfred, "Smada" Taylor Cecil It. Cliff Avenue (Northbridge) Woodland Reginald Newland Rupert Findlay Daniel S. Bushell T. Douglas Frederick C. Furnidge Norman Cobar Street (Willoughby) Of Eduard street Wilson Francis Willis Darcy J. Tilbury Augustus C. Lefebvre j. A., "Mulgoa" Nicol John Thompson T. J., "Wyndhans" Nilsson Mrs. H. A. Boyd William, "Florene" Roberts William, "Wyoming" Stanley street Clarke Henry Clauwillicsm Street Richards Austin Jaques Co Ponsharst street South William J. Williams William 1). Popplet on Roy Hinckley Horace Tierney Francis W. "Roseville" Wilson Albert O. Whybrow Mrs. Willia m Edward Podmore P., M.A. Sydney street White George, "Papanui" Gruber Andreas Berg Mrs. H, " Bernadotte" Mundy Mrs. C. H. "Appleshaw" Bell James, "Landshoro" Brennan James, " Windsor" Noran F. W., "Dunedin" Smith Edward, " Kia-Ont Cameron Mrs. Gallantyn Mrs. Victoria Cook A. E., "Aberfeldy" Murray Mrs. Mary, " Dunkeld Sydney street Holmes Rev. T. B. (Meth.) Methodist Church Clarendon Street (Gore Hill) Off lrestbottrne street Page Mrs. E.. "Si oira" Lee Thomas, "Bridosholm" Jamieson John ollingwortit Mrs. C. Nelson Mrs. Charlotte Cranfield Charles, " fouriston Laverack E. "Elford" O'Shea John J. Kitney James, " Catforti " Cave George A. Warren T., "Valetta Lodge" Claude Street (Chatswood) Mowbray road to Albert avenue Ling Arthur.1. Smith A. J., " Araluen " Wills Thomas Banger Raymond Roach Jose ph, "'Maryville" Burrows George Barden Joseph Thomas Johnson street Weldon Mrs. Lucy McMorlatel Alexander S.." Glen Ayr" Dengate Harold L., "Kaintlaror Heinrich Hugo A., "Irene" Jackson Robert T. Albert avenue Clegg Street (Gore Hill) Off Herbert street Watt Mrs. Sarah A. Daley Thomas Rowlands Thomas Campbell David Campton George Cleland Road (Xrtarmon) Off Hampden road Barclay Simon J. Solomons Lewis Reedie Norman J. Griffiths Williant,"Castie Douglas" Hayes George F. Martin A. J.." Roseleigh " Strachan Andrew Pettlet William Goddard Mrs. Emily Kelly Thomas A., " Bethungra" Jacobs Arthur F. Hardeastie W. Mitchell William G. Harrison Ernest E. Fillinghiun Donohoe Michael, "Brooklyn" Atkins Nurse Collins James Turk George Wilmot Oscar Dumbrell P. E. Hideout Walter R. Hill James Years E 'gar Ridley Maxwell Edkins Sidney J. Coolgardie Street i(willoughby) Off Edward street 2 Norton Frederick 6 Leone William 10 Graham William J., "Watillia" 12 Hail Clarence 14 Child Mrs. E. IL 16 Baytthant Alfred 18 Hammy MI's. A. F. Swalwell Mrs. W. 22 Croaker Oswald 24 Dowman George 26 Laughlin: Dick A. '28 McDougall Joseph, J.P. 30 Huntington Arthur 34 O'Keefe Constantine, piano tuner 36 Martin Samuel 1 Mitchell Alfred J. 3 Hodge MN. A. It. 5 Sandy Walter 7 Moore billies, L. 9 Kane Edivard A. 11 Evans Albert V. 13 O'Neill John 15 Rorke Ray E. "lolantlie" 17 Stephens Willi am H. 111 Babbage Henry 21 Taylor Thomas 23 McKenzie Charles NV., "Airdrie" 25 Rogers Daniel 27 Turner Henry L. 29 Rats:11ff Ernest H. 31 Coles Henry N. 33 Lance John ff. 35 Johnson W. H. 37 Dooltan Jack G. 39 Dempster James. "Glett-Esk" 41 Wilson Mrs. Julia Cooney Road (Artarmon) Artarmon road ot Barra road Wall David lommiteroft Bert Blucher Reginald Coree Road (Artarmon) Elizabeth street to Multansa road Train Robert,' Plympton " K sefft Gerard, "Cromdale" Taylor W. B. zi.." Bittern Keen Henry, "Leamington" Wheateroft W. G., " ivy acne " Donnelly George, "Loch Lomond" Drayton Albert Miles Robert H., "Canberra" Corona Avenue (Chatswood) Off Lane Core road Garrett John H., " (Antra" Off High street to Dora street Frendin Carl Bannister Frederick W. Finley John Kittson Samuel Stephens II erbert J. Baird W. A., "Bliftlenhatti" Crescent, The (Chatswood) tlfr Anglo Aire( t Barnett Pei cival E. II., J.P. Wilson Henry.1. Chilcott Clifton J. S. Ross Herbert Tessa street Crick Street (Ohatswood) Off Victoria avenue Griffith B., "Botubo" Crick Mrs. Sarah, "Wynoake" Day George, jun. Day G., "Elamite' 31cElhone John, J.P., "Evestalt" Cook Arthur B. Mewl T110111aS W., "Nyanza Mashman Mrs. E. F., "Middleton" Hawkesley J., " Pulheth" Dixon '1'. (I., "Lorraine" Carroll Frederick L. Cook Bros., builders and contractors Daisy Street (Chatswood) Archer street to railway line Morris P. It. Benton MN..1. L., " Sant-Dario Fillingham G. G., "Karoola" Matheson Alexim :er Baker Mrs. Paterson, "Yarrawongs" Lonsdale Alfred L., "Echlin" O'Dwyer James Eul nutud, " Roslyn" Matthews Ir., " Hillerest " Soutter Charles S. "Glenrock" Anderson ;treet Scheel' A., "Lorelli" I Lewis Miss E. 1. Paige C. E.. dent 1 surgeon Cohen Augustus Dwyer George is, "Ellen Vaunin" Boardman Josiah G. Peate W. Harcourt, J.P. Hopper Frederick 1C., "Wyanbith" O'Connor John O'Connor Robert Dalkeith Street (Northbridge) Maro9ba road Boult Captain Edward Dalley's Road Qtr Willoughby road Calder Captain John Grant Geurge, "Anodes" Cahill John, "Bracal ha" Ryan Martin. "Clifton" Irving Oliver, "Kenilworth" Hobbs David R., "Pitt Town" A ger Arthur Creed Mrs. E., " A mond" Brett Herbert, "lotus" Crawford Colin Hay Willians R. Court Sydney, "Wyong" Flegg Walter M. Northcote street Tremayne Thomas J. Verco Joint James Henry F. Ssrtlicele street McMillan Archibald Edgar Mrs. Elizabeth.Wetiderburn Mrs. Archibald W. Sheehy Thomas Farmer Edward J. Mugridge Albert V., "Fernfea" Rutter David T. Riddle Charles Toomey Mrs. Elizabeth O'Grady John, carter, ' Cola" Goodwin Robert 69NOUCT UPWARDS OF ONE-THIRD OF THE TOTAL INTERMENTS IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA

26 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FASHION'S FAIREST FAVOURS. 820 Dal WILL(UGH B Y. Don ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL THINGS NEEDFUL AND NICE. Dor WILLOUG RBY. En i 821 Dalley's road continued Ismay John IV. Ewingt on Edward, "Calweera" Edmund Street (Chatswood) Alinicy Charles Clow Henry.4. Vithery Daniel H. Davidson IV. G., "Oor-11 ewe" Rose street to Nicholson street Barlow Mrs. Lydia Holmes Samuel, "A.voca" Trevor Mrs. Mary Baltimore P. J., "A hien" Watt David, "Portsmouth" Shealy Arthur, "St. Abbots" Lullaby Alfred S. Finch Lachlan, "Atlangowan" McLellan Williem Dalrymple Avenue (Chatswood) Lloyd F., "Bitterest" Ramsden Leslie H. Strachan Alexander Westatott Mark K. Off Jlowbray road west Brooke Gustavus, "Brookvale" line Frederick, "Dundonald" Blanche Louis Kline Miss BL. "Sun Etlia" Oliowne Mrs. A., "Moon' Brook street Blacktnore Charles J. D., "Wundeen" ardiner George G., "Melville" Brooks Richard B., "Manta" O'Neil Matthew J. SkeltonSlichion Miss A., "Croft" Delvdney George, "Ifiverston" Maybury Alfred J. Fitzliardinge It. A. E., "Sinclair" Johnson Weer Dora Street Harrison Henry, "Marathon" Johnston Mrs. Mary II., 'Glengarry" Rogers Aldred T. Richmond Tole," Kentia" Vaughan Kelson "Courtfield " Continuation of Crabbes A route Bugden W. A., tanner, " Oorralimi Percival 'William, "Abberley" Fairbrother Arthur Cavill Alfred," Thelniftville" Vaughan Hubert " Courttield From Penehurst street to Crabbe's acne. Barnes Edward, "Alandale" Nicholson street Andrea Augustus, "Leslieville" Miter Allan IL, B.A., LL.B., J.P. Oliver William C. Left Charles G. Smith Thomas, "Viola" Bagwell street Carter A., dentist, "The Oaks" Jardine Dewitt', "Matt" Robinson Herbert W. Smith George Phipps Arthur, motor garage Weir Cochrane NV. Sims George, "BellaVista" :Miller Arthur E. Pearl avenue Jolley Frank, "Audley" Almelo-ay read Cleeson Mrs. M., "Glenceell" James George W. Bramble Miss E. K. Heath Thomas Dalton Street (Chatswood) Wilson John West Miss Narcissa E., "Orenla" Small Francis, "Merindalt" Of Victoria avenue Fuller It. J., "Vernal-Lea" Dirou John Clarke William Edward Street (Willoughby) Prior Albert, "Holbeach" Spencer Allied H., "Jesmond" Johnstone Cecil Heavy street Continuation of Penshurst street Robins Sidney Besnard Jullus R., "Carwoola" Sessly MIT, A. Smith Frederick Crawley William, plumber Taylor George Stawt Herbert S. McMahon Michael J. 'McFarlane James, "Cowan Brae" Eddy Road (Chatswood) Penkivil street Mrd John B. Smith NV. E., "Valhalla"!Chadwick Charles E. 00 Lane Core road Wilson Alfred NV. Fernance Leslie, "Magnolia" Pattinson Matthew G., "Glencarn" Sin l Edward Ruthven Herbert, "Pearl Villa" Markcrow James, "Malvern" Howard H. T., surveyor, "Lincoln" McGratie J. A., "Aboukir" Green Morris J., "Toolintba" Hodges Henry A., "Laura" Green well 0. 0., solicitor, "Trafalgar" White Matthew. dakykeeper Julian street 'Gibson Henry Osborn Bros.. fuel and produce Sault Sydney, "Ascot" Johnson street Cobb:ton Mrs. A. Lawrence Thomas Walsh Mrs. Lucretia Bartlett II. L., plumber Broadfoot W. L., "Wyandra" ROM% Herbert, 'Hamm" Milton John Hutton William Boddie street Gorman street Quinlan Mrs. Annie, "GlenIsla" Dardanelles Road (Chatswood) McCooey James B., "Arlington" Rale Andrew Tomkins henry Hush Joseph Thomson Andrew Retford W. T. Stapleton Robert C. Beckenham Percy. "Hulmo" Off Centennial avenue Davis Street (Chatswood) Kennedy Hugh D. Dowel Street (Chatswood) Toogood Samuel R. Galvin James, "Glenalvin" Of Fuller's road Vincent Robrrt C., " Mita Nicholson street to Ashley street Firkin Caleb Allen Herbert S. Hinder Stanley 1'. McNamara Mrs. T. Coltman Thoinits,"Lynevilla" Coombs William It. Polley Mrs. E. J. Schofield lire. M. McGrath Cecil A., "Bundoorli" Hall Jack Bolton Catkin Pierre A. Ward Francis T. Travers Robert Bartlett Edmund, jour., "Belmont" Jaeger Carl, "Glonrock" Goldman Claude Ryan's road Bartlett Carl Turner Frank L. Bryson Stanley A. Miller Mrs. Dickson Avenue (Gore Hill) Walterus Strealiorn..ehonnte. "Caraloon" Coolgardie street Hunter H. A. Suters Lane Core road to Waltham street Brown Miss C. E. Cogan Frank, builder Cobar street Wyalong street Wilder Arthur Hume Thomas G. Reid Newton Sewell Peter S. Hodge William Downey Duncan F. Crocker Janus E. Edgar Street (Chatswood) Fleming James B. Brown Rev. C. P. (0. of IL), Wood street Ileserve road Fuller's road to Centennial avenue Wilson J. B., "Elletta" Matthias Thomas Hole Reginald T. Wright Frank S. Itickwood Alfred Young Hugh, "Conniston" Lucknow street Darling Street (Chatswood) McLeod Donald Band David 0..Crompton Mrs. J. G., "Morley" Boyall Charles, "Rodney" Dawson Charles H. "Talvera" White George, "Batheaston" Ashley street Brown C. E. C., "The Pines" lsmay Josiah Boundary street to Nicholson street Dawson Street (Naremburn) Vickery Frank iddlemase George Silence William Savage, " Ringora " Market to West street English Mrs. Ellen Illackadder Thomas Barr James W. Ryan's road Luke William, "Hasselby Mahoney George E. Street 0..1., "Woodlawn" Bingham Norman C. Chounding Roy N., "Haere Mai" Martin Douglas Ferneyhough Budd Holden Rev. J. W., (Methodist) Gibson Kenneth G. Elizabeth Street (Artarmon) 00' Jlowbray road Blanchard Mrs. Janet, "Bitterest" Patton William J. Quinton Harold W. Bellhouso Albert, "Glomora" Wi/liam street Iforkison Burrows Ernost..1.1'. Clark James, "Stantliorpe" Brewster Albert F., "Ferneourt" Harris Frederick J., "Erith" Allan James, dairy Kenny T. Levy Samuel L., "Corra.T.ynn" II. Cambridge street Forbes Athol Price Mrs. Louisa Knox Mrs. A. Porter W. G. "Astoria" McGregor J. 5:," W Munro Donald A. Harding William, " Scarness " Saunders Leonard McLeod Norman l'riee II. J., "bi llnitine" Murphy M. II, Fogarty Mrs. F. II. Ashley strot. Alison Cecil McGuire John Carroll J. B., "Thalia" Sutton Frederick Carter Mrs. Maude, "Myelin" Beaver William Jackson Harold N., "Ylo" Ashley street Sneddon Richard Verge Sydney Allard F. J., JP.,.P. "Raithby" Melville William, "Davaar" Phillips William.1. Fr street Bevan Henry Hannigan James P., "Homewood" Lloyd Thomas Drake Street (Artarmon) Lindsay David Tooley Ernest W. Blanche Jo(1: nr Rose Francis W. McIntyre Victor 09 Elizabeth street to Railway Kelly James Crantiold T. IL. "Penicnik" Hartshorn II. C., "Corio" Schack A. R. "Unley" Taylor A. G., "Scotscraig" Dan George, "Valetta" Lark Ronald 13. Mottama road Manson James Armour John A.," Thelma" Cranfield W. C., "Varuna" Matthews George S. Benison Percy Simons Captain Gerard Fleming John Binnie Hill Mrs. Annie Perk James Kent Mrs. Mary E. Andretve William Barlow Josepli Myers Frank Cochrane John K Meer Charles A., " fitment" Gregory George, "Kin Ora" Butcher Charles _Lewis Clifford H. Edinburgh Road Raleigh street Mike George, ' licelefechan " Carroll John J. Buckle It. V. McKinnon Arthur A. Rattray Miss S., "Atheistane" Prom High street to Sagarloa f point Drake street Hawkins street Procter Benjamin Nicholson Mrs. Ellen Methodist Church Ardill Roy G. Lloyd Chrlee, "Cevu" Brand street Barber Reginald Clarendon street -Gilmore Mrs. E. II. Stumm Ernest, C. nay A. F. W.. "Kenilworth" Day Street (Chatswood) McDonald It, Church Augustus Railway Clabburn Walter Beck W., lannitry McNah Jame.. "Keria" Lane Core road to Railway street Lowe Joseph Geddes Samuel R. Pym James Edward Sedgwick Charles Wearne street Clarke Henry W., "llellevlow" Cook hiss M. E. Bray Percy Plater George. licensed plumber IVatkin Samuel, "Chisellturst" Mitchell!Helmut, 'Shell Cove" Taylor Archibald Billington Leslie J. higher Mrs. Margaret, "Fernielgh" Nicholson it reef Wheeler Jas. J.,.P., "Ilfracombe" Rafterry Mrs. E. Bushnell Frank D., "Roscommon" Alpha road Willis George, gardener Railway street Wilford William, "Kent Cottage" Bliss William Millen Robert Willis G. E., carpenter Thompson Albert H. Wibley Bertram Petrie Robert H. "Abbotsford" Land Richard Cook P. R. tt, Cd., real estate agents Ashky street de Witt Edward J. Kirby Rich trd, "Somerset" Goss Henry H. "Sonoma" Windsor street Feather J. NV., "StoneleIgh" Kemsley William Railway ' Sefton Robert, " Windsor" Ellis Street (Chatswood) Kavanagh Denis, "Ange" De Villiers Avenue (Chatswood) Reserve road 'Dulwich Road (Chatswood) Warner S., dairy 011 Lane Core road Vaughan Mrs. E. OH Dardanelles road Paton Frank off A tiglo street Beauchamp Parade Rich William Adams James W., "Woodlea" Weldon A. H., "Larundal" Cochrane Ernest Keegan It. E.. " Branxhohne Crispe A. S., "KM Ora" Musgrave D. C., "Iona" Bignell Edwin E. Savage Thomas If annaford Rowe T110/1111ti James," Creawitit Donnelly Road (Naremburn) McClelland Miss E I., "Remyl" Bower George B., "Glen View" Fuller Sande Costello R. W.," Easteeld Lipscomb Richard, " Thelma Ann street Taylor J. Burns, "Myelin" Vale Robert W. Willoughby road to Brook street Fathers Walter Eastwood Mrs. E. H. L. Brown Allan, "Murna" Armstrong A. H., " Wodencroft " Lea Charter J. Cliff J. IV., dentist IVilliam street Boundarp steer! King John A. The Presbytery (R.C.) Hill Mrs F. Darvall Street (St. Leonardo) Mitchell George W., "Neith" McKim T. J., builder Eaton Street Palmer Roy J. Off High street Tweed Mrs. Margaret, "The Nook" Sutton Reginald Huggins Mrs. Mary A., "Linden" Collies William Alderton Miss Edith, 'Tainui" og Chandosstreet Gill Stephen Symington Edward Tasker William First avenue Thompson Capt. T. It.," Hendon' Crothers Charles Carpenter Thomas Devonshire Street (Ohatswood) Cunneen James Border Thomas S.F., "Greenacre" Williams Mrs. M. J., "Cantray" Usher Archibald Of Albert avenue Springett Frederick, "Brixton" &cond avenue Bendy Mrs. Florence, "Begs" Wells Mrs. Hannah PrIddle William Quirk Philip, bricklayer, "Tynwald" Haynes William, "Warrumbungle Meddows Francis W., "Douglas" Anderson Samuel, "Inverness" Reid Victor McIntyre Leslie, "Ambo" Eric Street (Artarmon) Werne Alec Richardson G. A., " St. Omer" Rundell Sydney, "St. Austell" Tyrrell Henry Reed Walter 011 Lane Core road Gordon Herbert, " Orielton" hazel Henry B., "Dormayis" Brown John A. Brown Irvin, 'Ourimbah" Archbold Oswald 3., "Myspoc" Ives Jonathan 04 "Towerip" Martin Miss Frances Stanton-Cook G., "St. Kilda" Hooper Edward R, "Bognor" Jones Griffith Third avenue Hogarth Basil C. Heath Sydney Culliford Sydney H., "Milton" Wardle Henry, "Cottesioe" Osborne Samuel A. Morrell Paul James Summer C. Love Robert Joseph, "Eadepha " House Herbert S. Fnrnell Everard, "Gerthowea" Kelly Henry W. Morris John Parker Alfred, milk vendor Banks Simon, gardener, "Meroo" Watt David, "Whitby" Baker W. C., "Acton" Downie Leonard Stanford John J. Hawkins lire. C. 'I'. Juleff James E., "Woy Woy" Mares William, "Balderstone" Brook street Saunders Henry Jones James Dietrich Mrs. IL, "Orlin Bryn" Barlow Charles," Hill Grove" Cook Henry Henry at reel Leddy William Green Thomas J., "Glen Bunn" Cook Frauds B., "Seaforth Johnston Samuel Cranun Arthur C. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE ST., CITY, 'PHONE 9226 CITY SUPPLY PRIVATE CARRIAGES, LANDAUS AND BROUGHAMS, WITH LIVERIED SERVANTS AT CALL

27 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE WORLD'S COMMODITIES. 822 Eni WILLOUGHBY. Gar ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR AUSTRALIAN MANUFACTURES, Erie Street (Northbridge) Lindsay James, "Cadzow" Fuller's Road (Chatswood) Gib WI LLOUG H I3Y. Flar 823 Oft Sailors' Hay rood Rowe Et helbert 011 Lane Cove road to Lane Cove river Rainbird A., "Itoxwell" WiHulett John P. St. Paul's Church of England Larsen John View street WillIngton Aubrey Carver C. D., " Marco" O'Connor Gabriel S " Emoh Rue" Codrington Miss " Telkowarra' Jack William Jackson Albert G. "Caloola" Simpson John, "Villa May" Doddrell Francis P., " Pendry Figgis James, "Greylands" Parkhill Gerson Knox Mrs. Marie S. Ryan John J. fiver, Edward F. Weissell Charles, "Carn-Brac" Turnbull A. 1?. "Stock" Evans William Iddles Walter J., "Lynwood" Evans Frederick Scott Arthur Leonard Benjamin A., phys surg. Baxter Frederick W. sparkes Frederick Cheat Henry J., "Native Rose" King Cardigan 'Erskine Street (Chalswood) 011 Johnson street Drew John J. Eureka Street (Northbridge) Gll Sailors' Bay road Matthews Ernest Whettou It. N. Fern Court Avenue (Chatswood) Qtr Bohadary street Newland P. J.,.T.P.. "Terra Nova" William sireet Webster David, "Kure" Werner William Fletcher Itobert Whitehead Edgar Watford Bert Findlay Avenue (Chatswood) 011 Lane Core road Finley Garnet, builder, " Berwen" Rand Frederick, "Yeomen" Hankins IL H. Stitt James, "Branksome" McDougall Mrs. S. A.," Branksome" Molesworth E. W., J.1'., "A therstone " Luke Charles, " A Mello " Tress H. L., solicitor, " Birralee " Blackwell Ernest Suttor Bruce, "Walmarle" Baker William H. Cameron Henry L., Harden Crichton Capt. William J., 'Kalyptoe' Goff Frederick C., " Kingsley" Austin Charles," Montata" Pitt Howard L. Anderson H. W., "The Shrubbery" 'further Arthur J., "The Cedars" (Mallen IL A. a'beckett Mrs. Mary E. Davies David, "Navarre" Ashburner Horace B. First Avenue (Willoughby) OP. inblirgh ParsonsM nee Arthur L. Woods Stanley Hurlstone Semite! Wideombe Forsyth Street High street to Sydney street Meddern Rev.M.( eth.), "Flowerdele" Methodist Hall Grunt Fred. Brien J. A., masseur Warburton Fred, Moore Alfred, builder Pens/,,,rot street Steel Henry L. Lambert Frederick M. Forsyth W. IL, "Wallaree" New street Francis Street (Artarmon) Hampden road to Buller road Buckingham Thomas, "Avondale" Huxley Mrs. Jane Nicholson Mrs. A. R. Benson Harold W., "Laburnum" Baker Alfred E. Wicht C. G., " Ranelagh " Oliver Miss S. M. Hicks Mrs. M. Parkhill Miss.T. Buller road Boyd Charles E. Ruschpler 11.C. Wilkes Sidney H. Wilson William, "Boronia" Fahey Thomas, "Roselea" Robeit street McIntosh Horne James Jones W. A., "Gunyalt " Iltelsou Harry Hatch Willism II. Buller road French's Road WitIonyhby to Alpha road Brandon Leslie S. "Coeey Height," Elwell Miss G. C., "Redd:olds" Prentice W. P., " Hincreet Barrett Alfred W., artist Littlewood John, "Hop-Bush" Motley Frank IL, groper Chiltern road Duncan Vi1iiii mm, Stemming.1. S., "Seymour" Burrell MUMMA, "Ardinore" Young William, "Roseneath" No. /borough road Williams George Waldron Mrs. Annie, poultry farmer High Guscott Albert K. "Aubrey" Donnelly William," The Pities" Welsh Alexander B. Ahult../tto Jones Leslie Keegan Arthur Alpha road Denton 0., butcher Hambly Mark, storekeeper Cheekley E. R., greenerover Ferran John H., "Bens," Talloh street Hancock Herbert Hayes James 31., "Avis Cottage" Buckman Edwin. "Maryville" McKay Miss M. E. Methodist Church Salisbury street Best Thomas Ross Thome+ W. Smith Sidney, "Greta" McCarthy Joseph, "Delora" Marlborough dred T.Ivingstone John Tibbey Percy II. Clough Jamee Grant. 'Walter F. Mali street Reynolds Mrs. Hem ietta Bendel! *Jesse W. Browne Henry. "Mantle." Alpha road French Street (Artarmon) Kitchener road to Broughton road Ellis Mrs. L. MS Richaidson Mrs. S. C., "Glenorie" APen Albert G. Stewart. henr y G., "Grose Lodge" Treeve Norman Greek Arthur MacKenzie Miss Flora Gunn Miss Hilda AL, teacher of piano. Gunn Thomas," Habery Neilly Allan, "Nirvana" Anglo street :McAllister Frauds W., "Retella" Magratit.51 vs. ii., "Brembleton" Bailey Harold Beau MI' Quailey John It o "Cos-ee" Sfuston Stanley.1., " o'er " Lambert Russell McLean A., " Ellerslie" Parsonage C. E., "St. 'Margaret's "- Davis street Fitzsimons Andrew, "Colin Noel" Knowles Mrs. Matilda, "Remora" Lund George Wilsoe.1. W.. "Albite." Youn g Hugh, "Henley" Davis Edward. J.1'., " noseyeare" Barrow William F., "Nettoi" Buckmaster Joseph H. Boylan Sirs. M.. grocer Greville street Pearse A. Is., " Braemar" %Veldon 0,11)011MO, "Albion" Margrle Henry W.," Yak-Ka " Jenkine Mrs. Marla Duff William Lane Cove river James street Pennefather Gerald Jenkins etreet Ryan James E. Allison John It. Roberts Mrs. H. E. Neely David. " lihandala Edgar street Sertitton Miss If., "Eldora" Foster Mr s. Grace, "Saskatoon" Campbell Dou glas St. Clair, Kooroui Heath Robert, 'Ingleside" Rosner Sirs. Marie E. Sneath Mrs. II. M., "Draytoa" Spears F., "St. Clair'' OP Purnell Frederick W. Ett wen's Charles L. Johnson E. F. "Monde" Sladdison G. E., "Miele" Hartrick Frank S. Park avenue NorrisCharles E.,"Severley" Millingen Mrs. Annie Pentecost William J., "Bradford!' Hynes Frederick A., "l'oryburn" Allen J. C. J., "Rothesay" Sims Percival Jacobsmi IL. "Sfayreve" sylria Sr l it Owens John D. Ahern Augustus Clark Walter W. II. Mathieson John. Titterton H. Sf.. "Fairview" Unwind street Tricker.T. C.. "Goulburn Grange" Whitby Herbert. dairyman Fuller Mrs. Isabella, "Bellevue" Mucus James It., "Dilkhusha" Lane Cove river Galvina Road Northbridge). 011 StrathIllan avenue Norlwrt J., "Norma" Garland Road (Naremburn) Off Willoughby road Priestley Fraud,. A. Harry Philip Anderson William, "Bridgeton" Jones John H., "Mangville" Taylor Percy, "Elm" lamerton It. H. C., "Argyle" Central street Boyle Thomas Chalmers Wm. SL,.1.1'.. "Monreith" Quinn Mrs. A. Menzies Andrew M. Whatman John W. King street Ryan John 'Cooper Frederick C. Warren Renee!. G., "Calanthe" Fairbairn Robert Saunders Thomas Phillipson Jack, "Mona" Charters Claude Horn Stanley "Hadstock" elephant William A. Reid Robert G.0"Kia-Ora" Brennan John J. Ryan M. Campbell John, "Blinbaan" 'Crowley H., "Carrig" Gobetti Louis N. I verman Arthur J., "Caradon" Keating Fred. W. Gibbes Street Short street to Victoria avenue Johnston Bros., tannery Green Charles, "Runcton" 'Campbell Robert Smith street ^Stephenson mid Son, tannery Stephenson Frederick, " The Orange" Johnson Carl Onion Tannery Edward Owen Victoria avenue 'Chaffer Welter, tannery Bailey G., tannery Smith street ^Turner Oswald F. :Murrell William Montserrat Otto Wittmann Joseph Mann street Brennan Austin Bray Slim-on, florist l'ietoria avenue Gibson Avenue (Chatswood) Oft. Ashley street Foote James E., "Redburn",Glenmore Street (Naremburn) Boapolong t ate to Willoughby road Cromack J. A. Bryce Mrs. Jessie I. Smith Albert E., "Stanley" Peeling Cecil A. S. Wilson Mrs. J., "Flfeshire" Abrahams Arthur C., "Seyall" Cromaek W. Massey A. H., "Carnelia" Moon brie street.norris Joseph, tailor Carter Benjamin J., "Ilford" Denning William, "Waltham".Stitekle Walter, " Vent nor" lieekinsale Mr.. James, "Guernsey" Carder William Congregat ional Church Qua (molly road Lowe George, boot maker Way Edward F., " Palma" Tremble George. "Now England" Whitt Ingham Mrs. L., "Rugby" Northcote streetr Willoughby road Ilongoloao it rest ealphy William F., "Arcadia" Manktolow Thomas, "Kent" State Electoral OMee Reeve William J., "Campsie" 'Thomee James G., "Ashtnn" Greethead Mrs. Bessie, "Shirley" Hoskin Arthur, " St. Elmo Burgess Mrs. A Clayton Alfred S., "Narellan" Cilliamong reed Goodchap Road (Chatswood) Jlowbray ro id west to Eddy road West aide Demerit' Mrs. Marie A. Wray Rennie Beckham George Cook W S., "Avon Bank" Logan Rev. George, "Tile Manse" Sutherland street Spanswiek Louis II.," Kuranda" Dalrymple-Hay It. T., " Dunragit " Dinham Harry C., "Booyong " Gordon Avenue (Chatswood) 011 Lune Cove road Wiiiiitel9 Misses II, & J. E.,"Coolinda" Cheeebrough Mrs. Fanny Stephenson William P., ' Fern Hawkins William S. Johnson Edgar Reynolds James J. Houston William Hood Willie it, "Rose Cottage" Cannon William J. Rowlee Percival U. Gorman Street Off Willoughby road Fisher Walter, painter (leaps.= Mrs. Mary Gaff James, storeman O'Connell James Thompson Mrs. M. E. It slum Mrs..1 elm Malone Patrick Smith Wilfred, dealer Grandview Street (Naremburn) 011. Park road Leslie Thomas IL, "Heston" Kirby William, "Faversham" Kirby William, junior Brown William Watt James Riddle Charlee Craickshank Robert Greville Street (Chatswood) vir Fuller's road G Milford Hugh John, "The 0 1r n" Painter Henry Paller's road Brennan Mat'llew (Sedge Jaime Cohen C. J. Christopher Alfred Evans F. A. Bend Mrs. liarriett Homer,, dairyman Hampden Road (Artarmon ) Mowbray road to Ilamprkn road south Fall Richard 8., "Earls Court" Sloan Hanibal,"Achray" Richardson Mrs. Jane, "Tysone" Morris Nurse SI, L. Vance Nurse E. Itothwell Mrs. C.," Itotheey " Evauts.10111I M., "Se111011" VSO Denis, " Kywong O'Sullivan Mrs. E. F., "Dalmorton" Paltrier street Street Herbert C. Coulter Joseph. Donohoe, "Glen Eight" Gannon Mrs. U., "Heather Brae" Page J. G. 5.," Ardath" Mitchell A. G., " EglInton Whitmore William E., "Boronia" Anderson G. W...1.P.," Windsor" Pepper Herbert Cork Alfred E. Miller Frank, "Naomi" Jackson Alfred J. Dwyer Mrs. H. C. Alford Miss L. P., draper be Claire Claude. "lona" Smith Charier., "Strathearne" Grant Mrs. Hannah Pram Mrs. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE ST., C'DOWN 'PHONE L2848 ROIMIS reti Greentree (Undo.), grocer Greenfield A. E. Greentree Herbert J., greengrocer Francis street Mansell John B., newsagent Jones Albert, dentist Dunbar & Co., real e,tiate agents Parton IVIlliam, butcher Fulton A. S., ham and beef shop Sherlock Madame, costioniere McGovern.1. F., dentist Stain w., hairdresst-r Robinson George, butcher 31c1Cell Thomas, estate agent Dunn Miss E., draper Musson G. F. W., chemist Broughtrin street Hall James, general store Post and Telegraph office Commonwealth Bank of Australia Renwick Miss Clare, dressmaker Hand Arthur, bootmaker Hayes.1 li., confectioner Russell Miss M., static. er Government Savings Bank of N.S.W Spargo T., painter and ironmonger Priestley G. 11., g eengrooer Harrower Francis S., hant and beef 'Nasky L. M., grocer Military Area ()nicer a. Barnes Al pert E.. " rrithlee" Jersey road lisciae llillan road East Robinson Ernest Jardine Mrs. Amy, "Aorangi" Vince Reuben, laundry Taylor Percy, "Larcom".Tones Walter, " Kia-Ore" Davidson Richard Lees Leonard, " Warrawee" Black Adam Wedlock Bert, " Merlin Piper Alfred, "Barwon" Schofield Robert S. Fall Arthur C., "Bournville" Knight George A., grocer Brand street Artarmon Iteilway Station Hampden Road South (Artarmon) Continuation ol Hampden road Cleland street Partridge Albert G., "Argyle" Mudge Bert, "Lyncembe" Gidlev Mrs. W. senr., " Kareela Smith Godden Reginald D., "Valinia" Haig James - Sutton George Reid Thomas J. McMillan road (heaves Frederick, "Brompton" Mitchell Frank A., "Nardee" Claxton C. W.," Retlaw Smith Harry, "Clomnel" Oates Frederick, "The Mount" Shorthand J. B., "Elsinore" Barton street Cleland park Lorlard Cyril, "Mina" Mohnen Arthur Whittam Mathew I). Page Frank, "Carlotta" Munday Charles It., "Carlotta" Boyle Mrs. E. It., "Lynton" Gibson Robert, "Massy" 'Soddy A. S., "Willochra" Harden Avenue (Northbridge) off SEitial:r's ts ray road Morrie Mrs. Sarah Odd Sydney II. Livingstone George O'Connor Wallace Asprev K. Reason John C. And's Janice, "Ilkley" Quaken Alexander, "Senforth" Brown Mrs. E. S., "EditlivIlle" SVilsoui Thomne, "Merton" Graham Archibald S. Hall Mrs. Susan S. Parker Hubert SI, Greenfield Magnum 0. Timms le.1., clerk Greenfield Victor HALF A CENTURY OF EXPERIENCE HAS PERFECTED OUR METHODS AND EARNED OUR REPUTATION

28 ANTHONY HORDERNS' THE SHOP FOR THE MASSES. :824 Hal* WILLOUGH BY. Hig Horne Wilfred, "Killarney" Harden Road ( Artarmon Artarmon road to Barra road ; Ward J. W.," Warrego" Leggo Ernest A.. "Carlyle" Barling Mrs. E., "Bonnivale" Pearce. Mrs. S.. "Sayonara " Lawson A. A., "Rostram" Goodwin Alfred C., "Audley" Burro road Fitzsimons T. M. Parker It. H. J., "Maroubra" Harris Street eir Willoughby road McAdams Mrs. Susan Koltze Charles Conway Arthur Johnson Philip James Norton William J. Carmichael Mrs N. A. Carmichael David, "Hillerest" Currie Michael J. King Herbert Franks Owen Nicholas Thomas Freeborn Thomas F. Ewington George, "Rnekley" Geer John A. Ewington William Havilah Street (Chatswood) Victoria avenue to Nicholson strut French Percy, music teacher Fortnum' Abraham, "Ellatletie" Davis Frederick Cooke Mn'. A. Atkinson R. 0., "Tareela" Longworth Walter E, "Bayou" Burgess F. W., "La-Fayette" Mackie John W. Bingham Edward A. Walters Alfred C., "Ivanhoe" Bonfield Peter P., "1101leell" Mc Leen SIN. Emily C., "Woniora" TItmnins W. P., "Thaua" Albertson Hans Peter, "Kyalla" Frankel Ernest, "heath" Lindner Rudolph Grant net'. W. J. (Presity.) Nossiter I torn' in Toomby Frederiek 0. Broad Mrs. M. Brown William R. Burrows Charles W., "Bit rrangall" Hawkins Street (Artarmon) Elisabeth street to Railway lino KIIOX Joseph Thomson Beaumont L, "Darns" Steel A. G., "Eiger" Butler Ralph Bull Charles F., "Lucania" Partridge Arthur Burch Isaac J., "Minion" Drosten Ilenry J., "Carinya" Adcock Ernest W., "Moulin Haat" Ferris Rupert L., "1Vyrallah" MacWhIrter Mrs. E. S. Lidhohn Walter Christie John; "Belle-Vue" Rail mu y Help Street (Chatswood ) Lane Core road to Rail fray street Wilshire Mts. Edith B. Tout Frank Smith (leorge Parks Edmund.1., J.1'., "Rhonda" Mitchell Slic)ittel, "flointestiale" West Ildwanl P., "Ifirnant Jamieson Mrs. A. King A. P. 0, "DteYlat't Harriett Al K. & G., "Crompton" Kershaw If., "Braldwood" Trumpet- C. T., ' Auckland" Webb Miss A. II., "Louvlana" Railway street Herbert Street (Gore Hill) 011 Lane Core road Bell Robert Jennings Ambrose, "Anoint" Parnell C. E., "Roma Butcher Richard, plumber Lanceley E. It., J. 1'., "!Witham" North Sydney Brick and Tile Corn patty, Ltd, oil e Westhourne egret North Sydney Brick and Tile Corn patty. Ltd., No. 2 yard %Vilson's brickworks 0.0 Gray Mrs. 0/f Mead F. H. J. Thistle Alexander Bearman George McFarlane George Lamrock Jaws W. Day Sidney N. Proverb W. G. Hall George Rickwood Arthur Presbyterian S boil Hall McKenzie Alexander Bowtell John Murray Samuel Brown John T. Hercules Street (Chatswood) Alowbray road to Victoria avenue Brissemlen Harold, "Babinda" MeEncroe Pierce, "Ile. goontly Brown Miss Frances, "Neygoondy" Gray W Ilium Dixon G. H. H., "Bowenfels" Hutchinson Arthur Phillips Mrs. A., " Rothesay " Edmonds Mrs. Amy E., "Erin' Coleman Frederick.1., " Minutia" Johnson street Pearson Joseph. "Hillcre t" Woolley Alfred T. Campbell Robert, "Burlang" Stantomeook Walter, ' Granthatn" Valkenhurg F, "Coori Sullivan William Price Lewis Lincoln T. F., "Waverley" Meldrum Mrs. Ellen, "Gladstone" Leafe T , Albers Mrs. S., " Helansbarg " Albert avenue Booth Mrs. Catherine, "Mandalay" Seccombe Henry. "Corrella" Bow Percy E., `Wirringulla Stott Herbert, "Woodcote" Victoria avenue Neridah if ewe Goodwin Norman E. Cunningham John \V. Aston Richard, "Rower Tombs "Gymea" Johnson street Hamilton A. O., "Tauandra" ()miry Simon, "Stone liall" Ross Ebenezer Maclean Mrs. Jonathan," Ralahine" Beatty James D., printer, "Wandecutt McCorquodale Norman,"Buddawong GrayAlex.mtler," Mitered " Rothery Albert. " Perth Albert arenne (Mops Edwin, "Ascot Scott Mrs 13 A.. " Ityit ton " Woolnough Horace, "Fast view Buzaeott Mrs. H. A.. " East view' Rin g Mrs..lane Walsh Mrs. Mary A. Victoria arenne High Street Sailor Say road to Smith street Stephen Frank Manson W., "Rose A nlen" Phillips Charles 'I'. Prench's mad Lan gford George, " Valky re" Helsel' John Taylor Norman J. Marlin 3frs. Emma Hilton.101m S. AllIston Thomas, " Potchefstroom I Harris William, " A m i tten " Goddard Mrs. Emily," Iona" Montgomery Jilli1C3 Small James J. Smith Alfred Williams Robert Moteltray road Foglin Carl, "Stockholme" Knox John C. Hill Ralph Wylie Isaac, "Gregra" Turner Mrs. C. K, "Minoru" Coen avenue Edinburgh roads Nelson Frank, " Iddesleigh Andrews Woolford Frank Evans Frank Sherlock William Warner F. J.,"Kasannt" Warner Edward D. Berg Bruce Cyril Nance William T., "Ontley" Jones Thomas.1., "Briary Villa" Smith G. A., "Bray Villa" Bowles Ivor, " Berkeley" Robert street Staniford Edward Sutton Noble John Ribbons Samuel C. Leslie Freder%ek Heade Mrs. A. Finlay Frank J. Rannard Walter, "Palmyra" Mete/laid street McLoughlin Daniel F., "Carlton" Watts Fret M " Bwoft Redford street Creighton 1 lerbert, "Chat ham" Allsopp E, carpenter, " Atherton Fuller Stanton, "Iluon" Layton Charles, "Corra-Lynit" Fawcett William S. l'arnbridue street Johnstone Alfred Montgomery R., "Belmont" Blears Charles, "Rosedene" Whitlock Ebenezer A. Forsyth.1. \V.," Henley Villa Lockrey John E. Curt s E.1., 'Lyle" Laveriek Frederick Russell John R. Layton David, "HUH tie" Thomas Reginald Mama. J. ii., " Montaboar Blyton J:1111eS. boot maker Minty Mrs. Florence Nolan Harr y, Inez" 3i:welt:int William, storekeeper- Victoria avenue James Eustace, dairyman Stevenson Mrs. E., 'llatley Schick John, "Orlando" Evening Frederick, "Genoa" 31 it 'hell Robert "Isle worth" Forsyth Walter Sidney, " Dilston' Bailey James A., "Uriarra Chapman W. " Westoe" Bailey Herbert A., "Claremont" Mann street Lye JailleS Thompson George Drain C., "Ilex" Mallard A. Jones Frederick Hinkley Edward J., " Baninyong Hinkley George, " Rosebank Gentler Arthur Boyd Albert Sm ith street Harvey Francis 0., "Wytma" Nhort met Forsyth, Pizzey J: Gates Ltd.,tann'ry S ephenson Athol W., tannery Challis Bros. ' tannery Wilson Bros., tannery Gearing S., tannery Victoria a cenne Jfellahon street (leering Gerald. Doyle Mrs. Selina Geary William Osbiston Frank llorne Wilf red. "Killarney" Kinealey William T. Forsyth Charted WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' THE SHOP FOR THE CLASSES. Ho]. WILLOUGHBY. Joh 825 Patrick streot Crabbe's avenue Taylor Alfred, "Overdale" Gore Thomas A. Baines William, "Clyde" Whiteman James, "Mandel)" Rannard Edwin, "Boronia" Horsley Alfred, gardener, "Kainga" Horsley William L., gardener Forsyth street Forsyth W. F., tanner Rest' stall street Forsyth Frederick A., "Gwalia" Ashley Samuel Pickering John A., poultry farmer Clemson James S. O'Brien Mrs. Constance, "Devon" West Charles 'Ward Joseph Lane John Stratton Mrs. E. Waldron Thomas E., "St. Kilda" Challis Frederick J., "Kerala" Laurel street McIsaac John, "Garfield" Gates Thomas NV.," Oakville Oakville road O'Connor Bernard,"Florenee Cottage' Brown Ilarold D. Hughes Frederick IL, "Sefton" Ilemsley Walter, "Undoona" Shaw Easteco, "Guernsey" Harris, ".Nooroona" Mowbray road Eaton 4 French's road Carr Robert It: own Charles Carr Albert V. Holland Street (Chatswood) Off Mowbray road to Johnson street Reynolds Archibald Bloomfield Miss Davies David L., "Llewfred" Hay Leslie. "Arbroath" Moore L. W., "Abbotsford" Holcombe Harcourt., "Merribe" Campbell Mrs. H. a., "Keir" Phillips J. B., "Craignish" Adnam C. H. F., "Tan-yBryn" Lauder James Webb Stephen, 'Tirearm" Alcorn Mrs. Annie, " Oulmba " bealby Cl. R. Swatte Ernest A., "Essiedene" Evenneft Frederick C., "Ivanhoe" Eames Ilenry It. Ferries Charles Bottelev Charles F. Farr Edward D. Wingrove George, "Bretton" Highfield P. G., "Brookstono" Loden Thomas A., "Wilton" Hutton Mrs. A., "Argyle" Johnson street Hopetoun Avenue (Chatswood) Off Orchard road to railway Lindsay W. C. Norris J. H., "BowenleIgh" Dengate Henry, "Caltneley" Dettgate Archibald, "Calmsley" Sharp Howrad L. Foskett W. O., " Stellholm Hotham Parade (Gore Hill) Off Lane Cove road Milne Hugh C. MeMasters A. J.," York " Cook Francis Cheney George W.,"Knaresbrough" Bowen, Robert, "Durham" Butcher Bros. & Co., Ltd., office Forrester Charles, "Arendal " Dunn Herbert Dick John Powell John Premium John Ralph A. W. McLean Alexander, "Tulloona Hunt McLeod Mitchell Martin A. Benton William Elliott, Sydney M. Johnson Frederick Rogers William II. Cleary George Cromble John, "Boyton" Godden Charles, "Denison" Talbot Edward E. work s. Butcher Brothers & Co., Ltd., brick- Williamson Alfred J. Kellaway Percy Held Wahlemer Sluman Harry Kellaway John, "Warren" Massey James V. Vinceitt Victor Morrisoy Ernest, "Lilern" Fleming Donald Hothara Street (Chatswood) Off Wyvern avenue Gray Alexander Jaekes %V., E., "Morven" Hudson Avenue Irdlonultby road. lint Arthur, "Dawlish" McGee Herbert, "Brookong" Butcher Chas. W., "Bungalow", South aide Conybeare Alfred H., "Rosana" Robinson T. G., "Baloomba" Burns Harry Smith Captain Norman E. MeNaught Alexander Milwaine Peter Ilyland Eustace, " Linea's% " Larsen Lawrence, "Melrose" Lawson A. Corlde Ernest Harman Mrs. Rhoda, "Kent" Ivy Street (Chatswood) OH Pearl avenue Cottee Herbert W. Horner James Street (Chatswood) og. Puller's road Harker George, D.Sc. Graves Freterick Guest Henry K. Monticone Charles A. Brown George W F.,' s'i d Oekete " Hurd Ernest J. 0. Maggie John, "Moravian" Blau Percival J. Se her Hairby Robinson Maxwell J., " Fernleigh Dowling John A. 'Cooley Charles Owen Mrs. Frances Jaques Street (Cluttswood) Victoria avenue to Stanley street Mashman Bros., Ltd.,Victoria Pottery Hogan William Albert arenas. Tier James "Elimatta " Day William J.. "Esher" Crawley Arthur Meatkle William Alexander L. H. Rudolph William, builder Parker James Seek Elber P. Itosfeldt llogan James, "Manchester" Egenton Maurice W. Thotnpson Mrs. Isabella Meade Mrs. Emma J.. "Kelvedon" Jellies George McKenzie Charles J. "Edina" Mestiman Misses S. St B., dressmakers Barrett Patrick, " Borambil Jenkins Street (Chatswood) From Fuller's road to Centennial arenas Dawe Joseph Francis J. B. Sutton Mrs, Elizabeth Kennedy Patrick J. Moy Janus Walker Frederick O. Pearson William Sugden Herbert If. Donshea Reginald L. Muiritead John L. Hughes Ernest E. Park A. A. Jersey Road (Artarmon) Off Hampden road Moleswell F. H., "Dodom NlelMils A. S. J.P. "Wyandra" Evenett Percival J. Perkins ltev. Alfred G. (C. of E) Salenger Ernest H., "Gwemar" Brooker F. B. "Normington" Andrews John J., "Audiey" Taussig Mrs, Amy P., "Villa Prag" Hill Frederick, "Irene" Nichols James F., "Mayer" Thomson John, "Montrose" Cowie William, "Lugar-Brae" Freeman Mrs. M. Smith Arthur C,. "Elfern" Smith Albert C., "Nostaw" McLean Miss C.,"Ellerslie" Buller road Curtis Arthur E., "Rebecca" Heal Mrs. S.," llorfleld" Cooke Augustus R. Vickery Frank, "Hayford" Hampden road Clittworthy Herbert, physician and surgeon, "Chatham" Clatworthy Frank, architect, "Chatham" Clatwortity Chas. IL, phys. & sting. Joiuiieout Bernard 0., b u I Id er's Yarroma' Abbot road Reserve road King John Bartlett Mrs. Annie, "Loma" Bartlett Nurse Muriel, A.T.N.A. Bayley Marshall, "Esdor" Banks Thomas W., "Circassia" Bayliss Rudolph "Hiawatha" Coombes William, "Kyalmi" Miller George It., "Girvan" Johnson Street (Chatswood) Sydney street to Orchard road Crozier Mrs. E., " Mayfield Webb Robert,." Newburzt " Smith William K. Stanley street Robinson street Hercules street Witts Alfred G. Herbert George. "Vadiema" Anthony street Green E. S., architect MacKenzie John, "Itushohne" Neridah street Cunningham J. E., "The Anchorage" Burns Miss M., nurse, "Drysdale" Archer street Price Eric, "Telowra" Claude street 13oughton Oliver H.," Moorings" Deronshire sire'! Gordon (harks, "Iona" Edwards Frederick Clark J. E., "Alta" McLaughlin Irvine. "Brooklyn" Didn't' Mrs. Sarah A., "Araluen" Todd John L., "Greenville" Williams Miss E., "Yarritwonga" Bradley J. W.. "Stanfield" Orchard road Leighton George. ' Irene" Loveday Richard. "Viola" Findiater Clarem Laughton Sirs. James Stanley street ('mar ford David M. Osbiston O. A., "Inglebrook" Miller Alfred J., " Parkesbourn, Pearch Tom Caltierwood Stanley C. O'Sullivan Roger J. Holland sired THE SIMPLEST OR THE STATELIEST FUNERAL CONDUCTED To THE SATISFACTION OF ALL CLIENTS

29 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR SHOPPING BY POST. 826 Jul WILLOUGHBY. Lan Johnson street (Chatswood) continued Hayes James, 'Thelma" Murdoch Douglas B. Hopson Alan B. Gilman Hugh R. Colley Frederick, "Oooma" Northern Suburbs Co-operative Brick Co., Ltd. Broughton road ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE QUINTESSENCE OF QUALITY, Lau WI L LOUG H BY, Mac 827 Hammond J. T. Wheeler Arthur ('. McClelland Street Jackson Arthur, "Norwood" McGorrin Mrs. If. M., "Warwick" Wilkinson Thomas L. Hammond Bros., butchers 10don Tom, "Ivanhoe" Off High street Hinkley Alfred. " Rose Vale" Jones Percy 0., "Leumeah" Baden Powell strict Eric street- Moriarty road Giles Alonzo, "Tyee'' Hercules street Halstead John, "Mena" Rimmington street Moore R. E., produce merchant Crowley Mrs. Ann Bond Stanley A., "Worano" A rta mon- Lambert Spencer Forsyth Thomas T., J.P. Waters Ernest, "Thurlow" Al 'entice Mrs. E. 0. Tye Percy A.. "Benlah" Marsh J., milk vendor Myers Evans O'Dwyer Edmund, " Ifillbyrne" Mitchener Augustus F. Parker sa. and G. W., fruiterers Ellwood Errol G. Waddington Joseph J. Henderson Mix. A. B., "Ross-Shire" Ewen Edward S., "Merton" Halo Mrs. A., " Wilga" Hammond Hiss Si., nurse, `Ruslibrook' Belford John, "Clinton" Ann street Holland Charles limes Matthew, tanner, " Pendleton" Neridoh street Kew Alfred G. Palmer street Hammond Jos., senr. Lauder William Hese Albert E., "littpliz" Holcombe Mrs. Eleanor E., "Retina" Lovett l'ercy, estats agent Bramley William & Son, store Sutherland road Finlay Laurence Gardiner Stanley Maimgron Carl W. Miller Mrs.Charlotte M., "Loranthe" Chandler Christopher, "Alma" Howe Mrs. H. L, "Hamurana Forsythe Percy Archer street Claude street Bertram it IVarrane road South aide Oorn Gustaf, "Olsthorpe " Peacock Mrs. E. McCrea,"Strombor Smythe Henry a. Virfiloughby Recreation Grounds McGee Lawrence Watson Walter, "Strathmore" Mowbray road White Peter Canning W. J., " Mia Min " Rees Mrs. N., "Merlyn" Hodges A. 3. Mackie Mrs. A., "Owerville" Chappie J. P. A., "Newton-Abbott" Chatncood- Eddy road Salamon C, gardener, "Rnbiana'' Miller Miss A.," Owerville " Harris A. H. A., "Inverna" Dew William. "Durslay" Smith Edward H. 0., " Vedra Leafe Lindsay. J. Dawes Hector A., "Alstee' White street Lance Miss N., confectioner Centennial arenne Oneer road Penshurst street Wing Lee, gardener Watson Frederick Hammond Abner Chatswood Public School H. B. Wishart George Warrane road Devonshire street Campbell Donald Alexander Nathan Daniel, plumber, "Manoah" Currey Charles, tobacconist Squire, headmaster Fire Station Geo. \Vistula, in charge Harrison James Benjamin Grintmond Mrs. William Twigg Claude, "Elwin" Reid H. M., storekeeper Barrett Leonard "Tara" O'Connor Arthur E., "Cloverdale" Williams Leslie Brodie Herbert, "Gordon" Bryson street Jones Harold Gillies John H. Saunders Thomas Carter Henry, "Baronia" Gregor Frank Harris Harold L., "Elouera" Clone T. P. Werner Rolf Seymour William F., "St. Elmo" Haylon Sidney G. Levy H. W, "Roslin " French street Towle Bros., bootmakers Wilson A. E., saddler High street Off Ilyde George French John Dolan l'atrick and Son, veterinary. Crispe Mrs. E. A. Erskine street Reid David, "Eltryni" surgeons Hale Benjamin Nixey William G. Macintosh Street (Chatswood) 7'ryon street Orchard road Piper Mrs. Russell William E. Park John Ryland Mark Lane Core road to Anderson street Julian Street (Willoughby) Border Mrs. A. T. klenjal in A,.1., J.P., " Ne Alba Lone Pine Avenue (Chatswood) Kooringa Road (Chatswood) Nelson street Benjamin E. OD Pearl ((Mlle Finehant Mrs. Sandi A., "Garthowen" Willoughby road to Edward street.09 Vittoria avenue Homan E., saddler Vessor Robert, "Decima Muscats stret Itatloay line limiter Charles - Smith Frederick W.," Kingwood " Read Clarence, physician and surgeon Gilbert Rupert L. Hunter Charles A. Ashton Miss Link! M. Moore Frank Russell Cornelius Fuller's road Carroll Vincent A. Anderson street Clinch Leslie St. Helen's Prisate Hospital Nurse Minty Mrs. Florence Brown Frederick, "Rose Villa" Purser Muir Butt Frederick Emily M. Atkinson Farrant Harry Webber Brothers, motor garage Cleary Edward 3. Railway street -Railway line Clark James N. Evans John, "Waratah" Cook Sydney Campbell Harry, farrier Stephens Miss Katherine S., "Po- Anthony Richard Zilltnan.Tolin L., "Imbermere" McGuire Wentworth Campbell II., " Valencia" Price Herbert B. thyrhyd" Montgomery Albert Harper (1. S., "Braemar" Gordon avenue Douglas Henry," Noonbah Collett Edgar U. Anderson street Datson William J. Stephenson Frederick, "Purley" Collins Theophilus, "Farham" Riley A. E., coach and motor works Demeral A. B. C. Ramsay Mrs. Alice Cahill William F. Boutfior Mrs. Catherine, "Ruseneath" Lucknow Street (Willoughbv) McMahon Street Edward street Gee George, "Farnham" Henri(' J., professor of music oll Edward street Penshtsrst to High street Stringer Reginald, "Naomi" Chatswood Bowling Club and Recrea- Faulks George H., " Magdala " - Stevens Alfred E. tion Ground Stevens William W. Lamb's Road (Gore Hill) Brown Mrs. Ada Senior.Mrs. Maud Chatswood Croquet Club Swift Edley S. Ogilvie Mrs. Agnes, "Fairholme" Bibbey John W. Off Punch street McGillivray Robert A. Richardson Mrs. Matilda, "Coo-ee Watt George, J.P., "Buena Vista" Brimley Arthur Kitchener F. Edward street Woods Mrs. Flora, "Woks!'" Adams Mrs. R. IL. " Roslyn Foster Bruce Clarke Fredetick Scully James, junr. Ellis street Tuttlebee Mrs. Mary, "Kyeburn" Adams Phil Kalgoorlie Hreet Clegg street Norris John H., jun. Mashman Henry, "Killarney" Smith Robert P., " Osten" McMillan Road (Artarmon) Knight George Of Mowbray road Minett Charles J., "Rime Crook Walter F. Gilbert Clarence R. Carroll John Linklater Fred Jones Rupert L. Adam it. 11., "Nornell" de Fouesnell R "France" Keary Street Mowbray road to Laurel street King Street (Naremburn) Market street to Garland road Bourke James King Edward Street (Chatswood) Boundary road to William street. Stephenson Edwin H. Grosche Karl Cayzer O. Lees H..1., "Logan Brae" Cox William, "Karoona" Thornber Laurence It. Kiola Road (Northbridge) Off Bellambi street Baron Harold W. Craig J., "Maureen" 'Kirk Street (Chatswood) Off Archer street North aide Price If. L. Iffichin gs T. W., J.P., "Bristowe" Rodgers Mrs. M. A., "Dromoro" Hogarth it, J.P. Williams Henry D, J.P., "Emoh Eno" Kitohener Road (Artarmon) Off Buller road Saylo William, "Earls Court" Butler Ralph C., "Kingsley" Wirroll William, "Mayotte" Farley James, storekeeper Purtield J. Crowell John Lane Cove Road North Sydney to Gordon Oxley steed Brooks John Ferguson Thomas Cunneen 1'. Sr Co., butchers Seward James W. Riggs Mrs. K., confectioner Holland William, "Highelere" Murray Peter O'Connor John, "Lillington" Harvey John, "Burradoo " Dunlop Roy, S.F., estate agent Albany street Mitchell street Galin A.," Omapere " Eddy Rev. W. J., "Farrington" Hopkins K J.," Lullingworth " McFarlane Thomas Christie street St. Leonard's hotel Michael Skehan Hutton J. dr Co., produce merchants Lew Mrs. H.. tobacconist Cook Edwin S., grocer Brown J. H., stationmaster St. Leonard's Railway Station Reserve road Gore hill Gore Cemetery F. Crowe, sexton Weetbourne street Whiting Geo. It., " Valetta " (N. Syd.) Lanceloy Edward D, "Kia-Ora" Leal M rs. J., general store Ridgway Ell Grant Mrs. M. A. Camebell street Brooks J. Barnett W. J., contractor, "Thelma" Gold A. N., blacksmith Carlotta street Haylen Thomas Dickson siren tle Brown Robert Cuddey Ernest Coe Archer R. Whilin g street Henry Mrs. Edith A. Hodgson Frank, saddler Russell M., grocer llothaut Parade Albert avenue Withers George C., confectioner Willoughby Fire Station Chappell J. J., officer in charge- Gartrell W. H., baker Thomas street Wright Alfred Wright Mrs. G., confectioner Spence S. A., newsagent Sharland A. W., billiard saloon Victoria avenue Hopkins John J. Armstrong George Wilson George. conclibuilder Brown street Help street Stuart Mrs. L. E., "Merrimu" District registrar of births, marriages' and deaths Webber Edwin hi. McIntosh street Hopson William B., draper Henry Miss K., "Linden" 13rindley Abram Howland Mrs. M., "Cora Lynn" Day street Railway street Wray Josepli,"El Hogar" Gray W. J. D. Davidson E. J., "Monmouth" Kelly Mrs. R.," Ellesmere" Wilson street Tayier John, "Bonnie Boon" Brennan Mrs. Ada Westcott Asher E. McAvoy John, "Scarborough" Ashley street Howes Frederick McCauley Mrs. E. M. Clark Alfred T. William street Tidex William J "Alrlie" Boundary street (Chatswood) strtarmon hotel Thomas David Laney, Hutcheson Actium, stonemason Heggarty Patrick, Daniels G. W. eft Co, carriers Stone N. A., produce merchant Pearce C., blacksmith WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTICII: Whiting R. T., " Aola " Adams Isidore. "Moriac" Mahony John. " Moskeigh " Boris Herbert Waring II. J., dentist" J illamatong" View street '(endall Frederick C. Lamrock Mrs. V. R. Turner Horace, "Khartoum" Meldrum Mrs. E. Wevern avenue Orr John, "Strathaven" Swarbriek G.. "Krahnhoini" Findlay avenue Finlay George Beresford Arthur If. Moulder Mrs. M. M. Bergsm Hies A. H, "Wooden" Hurts A., grocery Corona avenue Laurel Street Sydney street to High street Wallace street Dobbin Mrs. C. A. Green It ichard Colley William M. Mabel street Black II. R. Cuthbertson William Colwell Cyril McConnon Harold J. Bently Mrs. A., "0 wendoline" Dixon Henry S. Ward street Narborough William P. Castle Thomas Penehurst street Gorman Thomas, "Oakty" Huggins Frederick Ward A. C., painter Saunders Ernest E. Gillis W. Rulin g Joseph Martin John H., "Lahreena" Entry street Boris Thomas C. "Woodleigh" High MI street Shakespeare William F. Wyly Leslie A. Hurley John, "Eiveston" - Clark George J. Willey Harry Jones Charles, " Carinya' MeCarrow J. T. Maurer Charles C., "Poneke" Livingstone Neil Mabel Street go. Mowbray road Roberts Ward P. E., "Coin Lodge" Stacey Henry, plumber Halstead Alfred Walker Frank Gregory Miss Aimee, "Winchester" Wright Charles E., "Leicester" Robertson Andrew Russell Henry J. Challis George Flintoff Frank Burgess Frederick C. Medcalf Percy Caton Nurse, "Rossett" Scott Archibald, "Dover" Brennan Philip B. Cranston Henry V. Kintoch William J. Reid Stephen Hampden road to Abbott road Hall James Edwards Charles, "Toora" Steel John B. Verey Ernest, "Titralga" Artartnon Public School (infants) Macquarie Streot (Chatswood) Victoria avenue to Boundary street East ride Ede Alfred, architect Gostelow George H., "Cant" Barnes Francis W. "Combedown" Bailey Capt. Reghtald, "Corleston" Newton Miss E, 'Trabor" Ashley street Rothery Montague C. Murray Charles O'Connor Pyc Arthur McMurray James Q. St. Barnab is' C. of M. ) William street Pillinger Mrs. F. E. MacKenzie Miss C. B., "Nooroong" Buckingham Captain It. E. Graham John, " Clitheroe" Boundary street Whiffet! Edward, "Eynsford" Hall William, "Ophir" BrayRitilock F. H., "Fernstoe" McBurney Street (Naremburn), Sliewring George 01 Brook street Hutcheson Henry Onunundson John Paliett William, "Bryn-Mawr" Vigor John, "Withdean" Scott Miss Mabel, "Iona" Adams William A. "Zomba" Lawrence David Roberts 1), J. C4atstmo,1 avenue Halsted Mrs. A. Nicholson aired Payne George Seboltz A. L. Hall James Chapman Walter J., "Oatley" Ashley street Goatley P. J., "The Bungalow" Brees Leslie,..Alanda,c" Isaacs Oscar L. Waugh Roy, "Wahroonga" Ploughman Sitters James, "Cheviot" Crowe Miotes H. C. and M. Orr John, "Araluen" Bradley Mrs. NV. E., "Asco" Hancock.1. IL, "Parkwoosi" Hall William H., "Handy!'" McGrath James Prows Andrew, "Kurrageen" First avenue AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND CONTRACTORS WE SERVE ALL WITH EQUITY AND ECONOMY

30 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR EATABLES AND WEARABLES. 428 Mal WILLOUGHBY. Mit Macquarie street (('hatatrood) Spooner William H., "Lismore" Tanner Kenard. "Faerholitt" William street Elston Arthur R. Smith Arthur J. "Luton" Webb Walter Ifopwood Dakin Thomas A., 'Brooklands" Boundary street Malacoota Road (Northbridge) Off IV ationa road Abrahams Ohartley Brown George IL, "The Moorings" Malvern Avenue (Chatswood) Archer street to Varnish street Kline John, " Elinahra Illanksby Mrs. Beatrice, "Ithaca" Stroll/tell John G. Flower John W. C. Clarkson George, "St. Albans" Coates lienry-osonr, indent agent Nfot.eod Mrs. D. H. K elf Joseph, " itothesay " Green William Ban ton Mrs. J. Asser N.," Reason" Sheldon Benjamin, "Estyn" Crook George Mann Street High street to Gibbes street.alleyne street Whately George S. "Kesoly" Olson Laurance Giles Charles J., "Te.Aroha" Willings Wallace, "Lomita" Mark Street (Naremburn) Off Brook street Brown Abraham J. O'Shea William Alassinghani Edward Smith James Webb Ernest Market Street (Naremburn) off Central street Stephenson John T. McLean John, "Barblestone" Merlin Chambers Mrs. O. M. Ward Arthur Thompson Maxwell Bayley M. H. Spearpoint Mrs. J. Taylor Mrs. L. Lewis Tasman Glover Mrs. Wear Bartholomew Regan Thomas Wear John A. Hummerston Broomham Ernest Liddy Michael St. Joseph's I1.0. School Punch James Anderson Oscar Morrison William Horne Sydney, "Amataangulu" Marlborough Road Went side Mowbray road to French's road Bromley William Lindsay McCauley Rae John Mills Ernest, " Cotswold " Bellett Alfred, "Budgeree" 'Fiver William J. Skates Mrs., Martha," Spurrbanks" Turret' Thomas D., "Roslyn" Podmore Mrs. J. Podmore Harry B. Wilmot Arthur J., "Gartmore" Etheridge George J., "Bonhill" French's road Montgomery Geo. H., "Rockleigh" Of Page Ernest B. Eut side Mowbray road Bell Mrs. Inez, " Bungalow" Wood Mrs. E. E. Walters John P.. " Brooklyn " Higginbotham Sydney Thompson Keyte IL Harris Fred. Bundock Waldron J' Gilbert H. Ashman Reginald E. Gerlach Ernest Milord Horace V. Hughes Mrs M. Crichton A. D., J.P., "Fiona" Harland Alfrol Power James, dairyman Budnick John, "Monowai" Sempill Miss Ellen French's road Galpin James Off Oliver Ralph Marooba Road (Northbridge) off Bellantbi street Jocelyn Leonard Itediting B. P., " Yarruuga " Martin Street (St. Leonards) off (Undo, street Keith William, "Natter Watson Leonard, "Kimpton" Moore William, "Ludliam" Freeman Charles H. Phillips Walter, "Everton" Trafford Herbert Mallard Mrs. Edith Matthews W. J., " Wylyam" Morris Sidney John, "Netta " New Selby, 'Plnegrove" Dumbrell Ernest W., Toronto Gardiner Mrs. E. K.," Iris" Robertson Thomas Lawton Leonard B., "Strathlea" Mahood William Young John, " Melroy" Molloy Mrs. L. Brewster Harold H., " Wilton Willington Mrs. C., "Chatham" Roe Arthur R., "Ingleburn" Forsyth Mrs. Amy, "Eustonia" Sykes Henry J., "Belgravia" Goodwill Charles Brodie Reginald llodgkinson John Partridge Capt. It. L., " Inv!" Gardner William Baxter Samuel H., "Majola" Melnotte Avenue (Chatswood) Boundary road to William shut Horsley Charles J. Hayes George Mercy E., Granville 'Crisp Herbert L. Edwards William J., " Glenora" AlcIlroy Thomas D., "Allumbee" Stanley Frederic H. J., "Gwelo" Pike William A. Dunn William 11.,"Metrose" Hill A. J. Wilkes F. A., "Coogee" Hardman Mrs. K. M., "Zoehan" Colvin George, "Gingkiu" Hawkins Mrs. C. A., "Wallingford" Weber Edmund P. Carroll John E. Merrenburn Avenue (Naremburn) Willoughby 'road to brook street Mathieson Atollibald, "Don Bryan" Britton John, "Bowning" Sherin Rev. M. (R.0.), "Oarille" Marsh Rev. Wm. (Cong.) Archibald Howard, " Gaefron " Fox Albert E., "The Guilyali" Crockford Alfred W.," itatton " Curry William, "Lornbar" Nicholls George W. Sheldon James, "Rosdon" Yates Amos, "Valetta" Dubtla Alfred Ebert Augustine, "Gwenowen" Rix Alfred Buddle William, "Braemar" Pontey William F., "Grantham" Brook street Willoughby road Walker Mrs. Mary, "Noel" Rose Richard "Surrey" Edmondson Henry G. /toss William B. Seinnidt Fred. R. Hyde John Neate Joins J. Cook Samuel A. Cook Clarence M. Moran James Kirkpatrick Ohm E., "St. Loonardt " Work Mrs. Blanche, "Greylands" Flaxman John B., "Verona" Brook street Milner Street (Artarmon) Reserve road to Lane Cove road Catts Mrs. Amy Giffen James Birch James L., "Bushey" Victersen I,. L., " Essleville " Reid Daniel, "Clovelly" Asprey George P., " Prospero " Fielding James, Moorings Court William E. Brown Airs. Maggie, " Ekibin" McDonald Percy Anderson Kenneth Butler Joseph D.," Rose Leigh" Braes!' Thomas, "ISIaroubra" Cody Thomas, "Hiliview" Johnson Martin Whelan Mrs. Dutton George Tod hunter Athol V., "Nawarrals" Moyan Victor A. O'Brien George, "Irene" Carr Edward 0., "Intan" Gibb Alex. D., "Relowas" Mitclsolletiodfrey P. Herrett Stephen J., "Windsor" Miles Philip, "Richmond" Mitchell Street (St. Leonard.) Off Lane Cove road Conlon Mrs. John Afehison street Chandos street Cowan Mrs. James M., grocer Godwin Henry Allen Alfred, Kamilarot Blow John, "Thelma" Boyce John, "Albany" Roberts John, "Sonoma" Blundell Walter Jarman John, "Innisfail" Neve Frederick Trevena Allan Handley Mrs. Emma James Reginald, "Edna" Hill Frederick Washer George Farley John Blagdon Mrs. C. M., "Vilette"' Caldwell Cyril L. Grundy Thomas G. Irving Mrs. Florence, " Myra " Smith Ernest Bowen William, "Cararra" Ross street Fitzgibbons Francis B., "Winifred" Campton 8. T., " Warwick " Smoothey Sidney, J.P., plumber Macklin Herb., plumber, 'Yeppoon''" Carter Frank, slater MacDougall Miss Clint Cavanagh William 8., " Aubrey " Carter William, " Finehley" Hedge Horace Cuthbert Joseph Day George Bowtell Alfred. "Iris Johnston Robert, "Lorne" Wray Frederick Kelsey James Clark Percy L. Barrett William Jackson Sydney WOOD, COFFILL 81, COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET, 'PHONE 9227 CITIY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR A HOUSEWIFE'S HARVEST. Moo WILLOUGHBY. Mut t-5t9 Smith Edward S., "Texas" Lowndes Benjamin Turner Andrew Robertson Bennell Thomas Simpson Miss Amity, storekeeper Bogan Harold McLean W "Retaliate Moonbria Street (Naromburn) From Glenmore street to Northcote street Stevens William 0., "Rosebank" Reid William Bishop Arthur H. Lister H., "Malmo" Curry Mrs. Edith A. Wilkinson William, "Janus" Kearney Francis," Kiango" Gumley Francis A., "Ivanhoe" Windsor Harry L., "Mandurama" Gillies Alex. M. Matters W. 0. Harding John T., " Clapham Stewart John, "Leonardville" Chisholm John, "Carriginartin" Isles Mrs. Northcote street Moriarty Road (Chatswood) Lane Core road to aoodchap street Lowry William J. Morris Edgar G. Loplastrier Louis Whitton street Goodeha p street Hammond George "Aston" Gersbach Louis Hill Miss Annie Townley \Vilna/is May Charles Dew Itenben,"Lealui" Preston Frank Wanes' Joseph Hensby Mrs. Lucy Johnson James, " Thelma " Giblin Mrs. N. F., "Vuna",Ooodchap street Mowbray Road Alpha to Lane Cove road O'Donnell John, "Clime/mut" Morris Sydney,' ',Tambour' Hills Edward It. "O'Kanagan" Saunders Henry d. Reinuera street Williems James, "'Conley" Lott Frederick J. Rae William Alpha road High street Thornthwalte Ernest J., "Marsha" Becker Richard Jones Frank Smith Edwin C. Hartley Mrs. Elizabeth E. Hickman Thos. C., "Broeside" Denton Charles, " Charleroi Miley George Chiltern road Southwood George. "Romtidene" Barnes William, "Wahroonga" Kuhn John Monett Robert lt. Pardey Herbert J. Keary street Boden William, "Califs" Fowler Thomas W., " Liege" Roberts Miss S., " Hillcrest " Roseby B. It., phys. and surgeon Public School Geor ge Lyell, head master Penshurst street Hainsworth George Ward street Allerton Mrs. Agnes, "Hillside " Fry William.b. Wallace street Porter Alexander Hunt John. 0.. "Ravenswood" Scott Miss Lucinda Boylan Mrs. M. F., "Floradys" Mabel street Knehing Charles B., "Mascotte" Whitfield Miss C. Finch Mrs. I., "Keera" Cha(strood- Sydney street St. Stephen's Church Bt. Stephen's Rectory Rev. A. A. Yates, rector Hall Herbert D., J.P.," Resold!'" Broadfoot James, "Aviemore" Rutter Hobart, " Maplethorpe Barber Ernest B., veterinary surgeon Stanley street ; Snelling John G., "Cawarra" Young \V. It., "Oaktield" Holland street Cadwallader D., " Werribeen Stewart William Treloar Mrs. A. hi.," Lorraine" Hercules street Magrin Leon IL, "Wildenborg" l'age Norman Bertram street Booby Hon. George S., M.L.A. A rel.jr street Watt Thos. B., "Normanhurat" McLean Joseph E., "Goodwick" Claude street Bridge Sydney, " Woodlands Palfrey Frank, "Alameda" Devonshire street Phipps Arthur, "Clearvlow" 1Vatkins R. G., J.P., "Werra Warns" Lego John It., "Trevenna" Fulmer Frederick 0., 'Corinda". ilorsburgh Harold IC. Gullet Fernand "Pozieres" Symington John Cleland W., jun., J.P., " Loretto McIntyre D., " Glendurroch" Ben:instil Darrell A. Starkey William A.,' Walteela" Green Mrs. E. J., "Nerida" Jardine Walter Loden Mrs. E. M. Goldrick Humphries C. Everingliain George 1). Orchard road Railway crossing Bavin Mrs. E. Alvin Lancelot " The School" Parker Robert "Tama" Barton Harold, "Colenso" Cooper William, "Strathieven" Daly James C., "Carrignline" Renatera street Alpha road Bridger George W. Hale Mrs. Elizabeth S. Temple Edwin G. Artis Edmund W. High street. Marley Robert, "Windsor" Mason Leonard Williams Harold Marlborough road Sharp Robert., "Jarowa" Gilbert Brinley J. Hill Charles John Bttettel Harry B. Bullock 0. E.,"Fernleigh" Browne James Henry N., "Doletta" Chiltern road Burton James Chrisford Miss Mary Middleton John P., J.P. Cavanough S. H.," Kelvingrove" Swain A. H., " Allowah" Tarplee W. F., " Koeevong " Willoughby Picture Theatre Willoughby road Penshurst street KnIlands C. J., bootmaker Luce Frederick, "Albury" Wilson Mrs. J. G. Byrnes Mrs. G. F. Griffiths Mrs. H., "Marlow" Sharpe Warnsey, -"Euroa" Donohue Martin 11. Kalgoorlie street Gallagher John V. "Yetholine" Riley Mrs. E., "Dultalla" Swan E. H. "Mayflower" Sporn G. F., "Olivetto" Sydney street Jelsan Algernon B, " Sarnia" Chat:wood-- Ashton J. L., "Nlarda" Rayment Mrs. E. Coffee Frank, J.P. "Iroquois" Wakelin F. R., " Kairoa " Easton Walter, "Carmen Bott Harold. "Woniora" Martin, Mrs. G. F., "Clonard" Nordin Ermt W., "Carlisle" Whittet Albert E. Shields Harry Drew William F. Cunningham David Roy, "Osterley" Heisham John SVongala" Stafford street MacKellar G. 8., solicitor, "Ardachy" Palmer G. A., "Highgate ' Muttanta road Napier A. S., " Bango " Cook Samuel B. McCracken II. E.," llradalt " Dunlop Mrs. Laura Birkett Alfred, " Catanthe " Fuller William I). Heard William Wheateroft W. G. Dutf David Pring Mrs. F. A., confectioner Patton Mrs. E,, "May Cottage" Lethbridge Harry, "Werringtou" Elizabeth street Jones Albert, "Koloona" Willis Charles, "Koloona" Railway MIS( ng Waters Ernest Page William Barrow James Hampden road Chatswood Waterworks Mowbray Road West (Chatswood) From Lane Cove road (Chatswood) to Lane Cove river Toms Rev. J. II. (Cong.), " Chalfont" Gregg Frank Davis Mrs. G. F., "Nadi" Bowen street Jordon 0. K. " Bethune Maddox Sydney Goodehap street Ellis Henry N., "iolantlie" Beddome Clusrles B. Graham J. It. N. Cambridge Henry Gardener Mrs. AL Beaconsfield road Wright Arthur Deity Stanley Johnson John S. Alexander Alfred IL, "Wainont" Glass George Dalrymple avenue Molloy Patrick, J.P. Cross Frank MoLeain Donald Leman Frederick W. Heap Fred Shaw Alfred, dairyman Single Joins H. Jenkins George, fruitgrower Kong Slug A: Co., market gardener Soutar Wallace, "Kennel Vale' Richards Reuben, engineer Rtchnnis William Chicago Cornflour and Starch Mills Whitton F. Constantine Black John Muttama Road (Artarmon) Off Mowbray road to Elizabeth street Jones Robert W., "Bangor" Rutter Gus Fenton A. S.," Devonport " Mittens' Thomas J. Mingonle Antony I. Coree road Bothwell 'Walter J., "Craig Athol" Calmody Paul Jones David W., "Parkinsugh" East Miss,, private id school Bight Geoffrey C., "Werrne" Wall Arthur Nicholson Norman Getters Josiah W. Boyd Hugh POSSESS AN EQUIPMENT SECOND TO NONE IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE

31 ANTHONY HORDERNS' ONLY UNI iersal PROVIDERS. 830 Nar WILLOUGHBY. Oak _Mamma road continued Oollyer Alfred, "Hothfield" Snelling Thomas, "Alpha" Montgomery James, ".Nombl" finudden William, "St. Mervyn's" Williams, "Killarney" ' Kirby Walter, "Loswallyn" Kean William Morton Edward E., "St. Leonard" Westbrook Cyril L. Lee George," Carlene " Stevenson 0. D. "Bennleigh" Elizabeth street Narani Crescent (Northbridge) sjf woonon. road Killingsworth W illiam J. Osborne John F. Nee Street (Chatswood) Orchard to ilowbray road Starkey Mrs. Elizabeth, "Lanark" Cates Ls. A., "Hgliam Dengate F. L., "Cathrow" Costello Thomas Ashley Arthur Collins Miss C., "Roslyn" Sack Edward W., "Fernoch" Clark Frank Nelson Street (Chatswood) or Lane Cove road to Orchard road Eldridge Daniel 1/. Dutflold George 11. Bertram Robert Railway Woodvine Joseph Orchard road Ilundock Mrs. Louise Kenny Mrs. Kate Nix Norman Perkins Alfred, "Breeielli" Gamble John Finn Mrs. P. Brazier Harold Railway Neridah Street (Ohatswood) Hercules street to Victoria avenue.d'apice Louis V. Bring James 0. Clarke William II. Mutton H. IL, "Glentose" Lyons John Snow James, "Himalaya" Young H. A. "Carinya" Hartigan T. J. "Dalcassia" Bradley David, "Beechwood" Layton E. E. S., J.P., "North-Basle" Johnson street Houghton Mrs. Ii. V., "IVairona" Callaghan John AL. " Hiawatha" Albert avenue Bogen Robert Ryan J. D., "Akarana" Lang William H. Kernaglian Mrs. M. E. Dunn Jamee Poulton James E., "Aston" Mair John, "Lorna Doono" Charles Mrs. E. "Corona" Bond, "Thelma" Montgomery Charles F., "Iona" Paisley A. S., "3faru" Rain Henry. Johnson street Johns II. R., " Gweunap" Pritchard Mrs. IL, " Barret" Bastian Miss E., "Takapuna" Miles Miss L. D., "St. Helens" Lilja L. C., draughtsman, " Nyara" Smith 11. Y., "Nye ra " Carroll E., "Tap)" Albert avenue Harley Jones Rev. It. (C. of E.) Hall Ernest P., "Waller George Robert S. Victoria avenue Trengust Alphonse H. Neville Street of Victoria avenue Worthington Frederick, "Bendigo" Gibson Richard Holwell William, "Avon Bank" Paine Charles W. Butler Reginald, "Enidhohne" Leggett Walter, "Gnerie" Ohaleyer tired Fraser Hugh, "Ilazeldean" Casey D. A., "Harberton" Petersen Peter Payens John Gardiner James G. Harder Carpenter Norman Lee Charles Hamilton Daniel James Richard IL New Street 08 Forsyth street Murdoch John, "Ronfont" Dunstan Stanley, "Lilliohne Richardson John, builder Davey H. Carter Walter L., "Chareth" Nix Ashley E. Lester Samuel, "Oakville" Nicholson Street (Chatswood) Archer street to Macquarie street Trevene George It. Haydon William Begg James Blakesley street Macintosh Mrs. J. Wakfer Mrs. II., "Jersey" Rogers Tom Baldry street Booker Robert Henry Norman Mrs. Margaret Cooper Reginald, "flakier" Dimond W. E., "Loura" Sprouster Samuel Golder R. Pottinger Clarence Holding Mrs. Boatrioe, "Villa Maria Macquarie strut Boys Edward F., "Lueknow" Holmes Francis H., "Wingdee" Sheridan Denis Dowel street Robinson Mrs. 0. Mann Harold Shayler L. F., "Leafield" Duncombe Purves Dixon Henry I'. Brennen William Macquarie street Northeote Street (Naremburn) Off Christie street to Willoughby road Collins Sidney Brown Arthur Matheson Andrew, "Strathdene" Keinsley Edward J., "Waratah Flegg Matthew James Collis Edmund T., "Timaru" O'Brien M., "The Camp" Trost Henry J. Richards Charles, "Sellhelm" Pryor Fredk. E., painter Forster Thomas Wall Henry E., "St. Elmo" Gaffney Mrs. Susan Harper 13., "Native Rose" Stephenson Josiah W. Davey Gwynne Sullivan Thomas NV. Elliott William Oliver William IT, Tutty William, "Bagshot" Thompson Win. J., "Ruahine" McMahon Augustine L. Scheibel Thomas A. Gorman Sutherland Dalley's road Piper Herbert P. Barnett Mrs. Amelia Pooley Mrs. M., grocer Thew Th , "St Louie" Wood James, "Barambah" Williams Joseph W., "Lilwal" Sykes Charles J. King F. NV. B., "Brooklana" Harland John II., "Whitby" Kippax Richard, "Paxie" Manning Alfred F "Coo-ee" Knight Rupert, "Sunny-Brae" Pura Ephraim,' Spinoza" George Arthur F., "Barrarston" Walker Herbert, "Melsonby" 3fullins Arthur, "Kandri" Facer Albert IL, "Viola" Whalley George J. Bucknall Francis H., "Albertville" Leach Charles, "Lulworth" Johnson Richard H., "Glen husks" Berney Israel, "Chester Mason Mrs. Emily M., "Fairview Vale" Willoughby road Kelly Edgar, "Carlisle" Pensilebury William T., "Belle Isle" Plunket street Mitchell street Kesusley Allies H. McMurdo William M. S., "Trevallyn" Dalley's road Holley William J., "Carwoola" Bongolong street Roberts Mrs. Margaret Davi James Wardell Thomas Genet William Thompson Wallace, "Namol" Hammy William McCarthy Arthur G. Spicer Edward It., "3faritana" Moonbria street Crawford Mrs. A. E. 3feinnes Courtney George W., "Willou" Nebett George Tweeddale NV. II. J., J.P., "Gwydir" Cotton Miss M., "Nita" Brooks William, "Hoverer Jonkers Albert J., "Medina" Quatmong street Massey Hilton H. J., "Tronlen" Gillespie Alexander, "Maryville" Lucid Esmond, "Maranni" Johnston Mrs. S. Graham W., drainer Owen David, "Blandvilla" Breekenbury Arthur E., "Vavau" Boyd William, "Natal" Gardner William P. T., "Monterey" Trevallion James Merrick Petrick Ofennwre street Willoughby road Oakville Road Penshurst to High street Broomham Leslie J. Bryson John Knowles William, bootmaker Scott W. J. Keary. street Spring John, grocer Broomhem George Matter William Elson W. S., painter Wainwright II. F., "Clapham" Geoghan William J. Walley Henry G., "Ericville" Robinson NV., "Renville" Emerson Mrs. M., "Segwun" Hensley Eustace Cann George A., grocer Waldron John NV., fuel merchant Harris William Preston George, "Alysham" Fitzsimmons Fredk. MeTackett Thomas W., "Karol.'" Hopy W. IL, carrier Keary street Preston Mrs E. L., "Killarney" Millen!' Leslie Clapham L. C., "Nerissa" Hoddinott John W. Cann U. A., Hill Grove" WOOD, COFFILL di, COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE ST. C'DOWN 'PHONE L2848 NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. Ohi WI I, LOUGH BY. Pen 831, Oliver Mad (Ohatswood) or Lose move road Orchard Road (Ohatswood) Mowbray road to Victoria avenue Wilson Thomas Cathcart Saumel J., s'erenquilla" Gaffey Ed ward, " Cambridge Cottage" Pentony Ernest Mitchell James, "Gknock" Nelson street Capper C. 0. J.1'., "Winslow" Bedwell Andrew P., "Dalkelth" Hopetoun avenue Cameron Young G. J., "The Rosen" Chapman avenue Chatswood Park Albert avenue Butcher Mrs. Lucy Meldrum Robert, baker Waghorn H. Cook William, "May Cottage" Victoria area me East aide Massey Arthur Ginger Mrs. Henrietta Mulhall Thomas Bassetti Hans S., "Lyncroft Howard Mrs. M., "Chatswood House" Ma street Millar Peter Catupbsli, "Aventine Wylie Robert L., " Craigielea" Muir James, "St. Andrews" Cane A. E. Shortland Herbert, "Davide/long Bull Mrs. J., "Kurrageen" Booker George Davies Mrs. E. J. Williams George Johnson street Deckhouse Clive A.!Rowan Leslie A., "Park View" Smith G. W., 11 Leonora" Fisher Arthur T. Harnett 11. H.. " Cummeen Warskitt William If. Heden Mrs. Eliza. "Combo" Albert avenite Anderson Phillip, "Medina" Eastwood Willi un Fox Mrs. K. Harris Robert E. Bowman Arthur Crowley James Fisher Charles A. Britten Joseph, "Melba" Rutherford Archibald McGaw James Victoria avenue Oxley Street (St. Leonardo) Lane Cove road to Ross street Woods William E. "Clifton" Donnelly John Baxter T. C., carrier Ness George, carrier Albany street Brookes Samuel, mixed business Atchison ttreet Chandos street Jones John," Hartley" Dewlsurst Joseph Clarke Thomas " Ett Glare" Gosper Reginald, carrier McKay Angus, " Wendell Hepburn Augustine 1'. Ilyndes George, "Marlin" Since John Hall Reginald A. Goodwin Walter J. Hurst Alfred, "Ituardeass" Eagleton William, "Calomera" Isaacs David Senior H., "Redland" Flegg A. J., " Cram " Ross Alexander, "Clovelley" Adainson Mrs. Kate Albany street Atchison street Chandos street Callanan William J. Hawton Thomas, "Iona" Crawford Robert Coomber Arthur "Wolobral" Golding If. E., "Fe Where" Bowl Henry It. Davies James Farthing Samuel Ranson Henry Mart in Frederick, "Rothwell" Irvine Robert, "Ituthill" Barclay Thomas Wm. ' "Glengarry" Hilton William, "Frankenberg Acheson Reginald E., music teacher Gray Robert NV., "lielibron" Donaldson Mrs. Catherine, "Fiddle" Coekbain Chris. M. Sommer Karl Palmer Street (Artarmon) Qff Lane rove road Price E. J., " Coral Villa" Itelbelt Mrs. Jessie, "Tally Ho" Black J. F., "Glen Alvon' Hawke R.. "Hazeibrook" Edwards George S. Gilmour Welter G. Campbell Mrs. Marlon II. Ituwald Reginald, "Kytina" Grant NV. A., "Bridge" Small Cecil Mitchell George F. A., "Daltral" Chancellor II. IV., "Lynton" Palmer Street (Naromburn) Continuation ol Donnelly road North stde Greg-oh John Little Ernest G. Lockington Arthur,"Ellimeek" Paradise Avenue (Chatswood) Spearman street to Darling street (hirer John H., builder Hamilton Gordon Trainor Daniel Dreyer George If. Williams Cyril L. liaynes Martin Edgar G. Koneeny V incent J. Williams Herbert C. T. Downes Stanley S. Brownisill Vincent A. Park Avenue (Ohatswood) Off Fuller's road Fielding Albert Fitzgerald Arthur Goinme Walter D. W ebb Aaron Potts Durbin II. Whining Henry Symington Robert 1.1.,"St. Laws ence" Hawkins Frederick J. Blunt Norman C., "Wood-Lyn" Lucas Miss Blanche K., "Ottani" Payne Herbert, "Arcadia" Match James, "Ault-more" Park Road (Naromburn) 09' Willoughby road Pearson Harry Off Watt Jame.. jeer. Nicheon Richard ;Voters street MaeDerniott II. A., "Coolabah" Harkness Charles, "Glonarill" Holly Willisun J., dairy McCormack Lawrence Alcorn Joists R. Station street Naremburn Park Mawen Georgie Dickson William T. J.P.,"StirlIng" Barnes George, "Elbar" Cassidy Alfred. "Dorisville BrittlilT Joseph BrittilIT Joseph, junior Lewis Thomas Smith Mrs. H. Station street Lee John Thomas Parkes Road (Artarmon) Hampden avenue Cleland street Court John, "Lorraine" Jarmtt Mrs. Catherine Webber O'Brien Smith Charles If. Patrick street Penshurst street to High street North.side Higgins Charles T., olyrood" Ritchie John Albert It. Jolmmm S. Challis II. J., "Atlitam" Jones Mrs. A. V. Gillard Herbert E. Power Clarence It. Wright John Abotoiney William Lawrence W. E. Roberts Bernard If., "Wylde Greee" Cook Mrs. Elizabeth Mosey Walter Beringer C. J. W. Munro William Hodgson Allan H. Pearl Avenue (Chatswood) (/// Goodehap road North oside Dyer Rev. Eldred (Meth.) Ford Edward Bradford Bert Ellis Mrs. 1'. W. H. Bishop Charles Penkivil Street otr Willoughby road Ford William J. Dawes Alfred Bailey Albert E. Penshurst street T Wuablsbliatitiorsrg. e0. E.. "Horton" Whit cher Benjamin W. Salter William Horn! Olaf, 'Viking" Graham James W. D'Arcy Frank C. Smith John H. Bennett James S. Kalgoorlie street LA1111(1111 William J. Ranyard Mrs. Lavine Cheat William, "Clareville" Brain George W. Merkle Mrs. A. Cock Joseph C. Ley Alexander Edward street Godson Miss H. J., "Riversdale" McDougall Frank ilicl., "Salem" Ayton George NV., "Kura" Sandow John IL, "Willimari" Grim Alfred Challis 'Healey Miller Thomas Penshurst Street Boundary road to Penkivil street Challis Herbert, "Hoorilda" Muston William, "Ponshurst" Allen George Dargan Frederick L. Day Brothers, grocers Victoria a.. nue Cunningham Niles M. A., boots & shoes Pearce F. S., plumber Morris T., ham end beef shop Willoughby Hall Hotel Willoughby Jos. Knight Smith, J.P. for Canada end West Australia McMahon street Stewart Alexander P., "Garth" Dora street Patrick street Steel J. E., grocer, etc. Dollen L., greengrocer McDonnell Mrs. Mary, milliner Bullock Alfred J. 0., cabinetmaker Kilgour Miss D., dressmaker OUR VEHICLES ARE THE MOST ELEGANT AND BEST HORSED IN AUSTRALIA

32 ANTHONY HONER& FOR BENEFICIAL BUSINESS. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR A SURETY OF SATISFACTION. 832 Plu WILL()UGIIBY. Rem Res WILLOUGHBY. Ros 333 Penshurst street continued Fixes Edward," Kis-Ora Ring Arthur Pithkitbley Robert Grimes '1'. A. Monklev Joseph Davis E. T., "Clermiston" Post A: Telegraph Office Mrs. Simpson James Sharp James Rogerson Robert H., "Whitehaven" Heitz Phillip T. Boman Eugene A., "Ida" Alice Ramsay, postmistress Jolo.son William Afotrhrog road Dun net Mrs..1. S. McKeown Pierce, " Ventnor" Marks Oswald, electrical contractor Commonwealth Bank of Australia Edgington.Tounes Holmes Gerald Collins Alexander, "Stella Ville" Robinson Street (Chatswood) Wilson Jack M. Wilcox Cornelius, "Rangiora" Simpson Mrs. M. E., 'The Bungalow" Edge Mrs. Lydia J. Moore Frederick," Uhnarra " Robertson Mrs. William Wood Norman A. Piggott Levi McKinney Elliott, accountant Brown Robert Forsyth street ' Tierney Mrs. M., "Fe Kit'" Ferguson John K. Cliallinor Edward W. Smith Joseph Knight, Wind sor' Lena J. E., storekeeper Groves Harry Thomas W. C. F. Robertson Charles K. Government Savings Bank of New Campbell William 'Wright Gordon E. Smallhorn Samuel, " Bay View" Fry Erie M., "Rayburn" South Wales if. Q. Lena, agent Pyrl Road (Artarmon) Bloomfield Lindsay, "Lsvella" Rosewall street Webster Mrs. Catherine, confectioner A rtarown road to Barra road Bloomfield Clement, "Wideview" Lacey Walter C., "ErIna" Mowbray road Mitchell Francis E. Leafe John, "Tama" Woodward Thomas, "Omega" Glass Miss Marna, "Amberley" Player Sydney IL, "Nara" Trevitt Ethyl!), " The Cedars" Wrstbrook Wm.,11111., " Lorna Boone" Simpson William, "Llnyard" Troy Reginald T., "Avona" Trevitt Edwin G. byes Mrs. Phoebe M. Free George R., "Stornaway" Cragg -Walter Sparks Percy F. Montague Charles, "Wyandra" Wharf N. J., "The Manse" McCurtayne A. J. Quiamong Street (Naremburn) Howes Arthur 0 reenwood Ed ward oir Wit/ono/4 road Reserve Road (Gore Hill) Conolly Ernest Oapeness George S., Tyrone" Henley Henry, "Cawdor" Of Lane Cove Laurel street Olenmore street Griffiths Joseph, "Laiirelbank " Buchiumaim A nilrew,"newstead" Oakville mad Sharpies John T., Leafe George Smet George Saunders Sol. Pall or Robert, 'St. Elmo" Anderson Pete e, "Kalmar" Morris Mrs. L. A., "Hillside" Non), cote street Hughes Alfred Leafe Ernest, storekeeper Arowbray road Stewart Jackson Miller Duncan C. Hodgson Donald Dixon Charles P., "Newark" Hunter John." Tituaru " Evans Aib. rt Clucas Ernest E. Ireland Marmailuke." Whitby " Penkivil street Julian street Barry Michael,L,"Slvol" Pearson Charles, "WarlIda" James Edward, "Orama" Scully Joseph, "Phillis" McGuire Mrs. Mary, "3fedeola" Nicholas Ralph Holey-Smith Robert Roberta Albert E., "Lewis" Cornfield &unapt Lilier William J. Newsham Alfred H., "Tasma" Victoria avenue Walker Mrs. Florence, confectioner Windon A., ham and beef shop Wittman Arthur, fruiterer Brown H., boot shop thullow TI R, newsagent Riles F. S. butcher siudney street Jenkins J. T.. plumber Murray Matthew P. Crittle William Carter %V. A., "Innisfail" Farrell Mrs. Nellie Scriber L. A. Blagg James F. - Eberhard Albert E., "Solihull" Bevan Harry G. &arch street Congregational Church Chambers J. It., "Permit Hill George Frost Mrs. Teresa, grocer coin wattam arrest Forsyth R. T., J.P., real estate agent Cook Alfred Holmgreen Mrs. Claris, " Carinyn " Forsyth street Wilson Edwin, storekeeper Ryan William," Unita " Kwoug Ming, Chinese gardens Martin W. J.. Nellieville" Martin Joseph P. Battaillard Max A. Collies William, blacksmith Laurel street Leafe John Leafe Cecil, "Leona" Hughes George, "Talbot" Huggett David, " Eivira" Gumming John, "Ben-my-Ohree" Webb Mrs. E. Thompson W. H., "Wilver" Bevan William, stationer Ackling Thomas greengrocer Jones John, butcher Hannaford J.. produce merchant Haunaford Mrs. H. A., grocer Paterson Thomas Best William K., "Cariedale" De Lacy Hugo, " Annievale" Stator Mrs. Fanny. "Tetuan" Neale Charles G. Martin Wilfred Donnelly Mrs. M. J. Eldireng Hermann Dengate Albert It. Ferguson John Ryder Jack, "Australia" Penkivil street Plunket Street (St. Leonards) Off Chandos street. Leffler Ambrose A. Ripley Frederick A. Harper William H. Keep John, "Kilburn Burrell C. A., builder, "Branksea" Winter 8., "Ventura" Cawley Arthur liayes William H. Lang Ernest, "Einnim" Jones John byneh Richard, " Minna" Price Ernest, "Noddle" Harper Alfred J., "Bronson" Doswell Harold O'Sullivan Denis L. %% idmann Carl M., "Avoca" Pettey James E. Wares G. S. Ta ist Fred J. Northcote street Madden Thomas, "Sunny Side Clark Albert Baseley Constantino C., "Argyle" Parsons S., "Eden" B trues Th 0111aR Pincombe Mrs. Jane "Torrington' Plncombe S. P. Smith Mrs. Elizabeth Collins Albert A. ' "Carthona" Woolcott V. B., "Flavinius" Northcote street Portland Street Lane Cove rout to Referee road Probate Street (Narembarn) Off Slade street thantler W. II. Holum Joseph Robinson Thomas.1. Watts Richard, bricklayer Watson William Cuneen Patrick Byrne James Burnett Mrs. Isabella Irving Thomas Veraisoll Peter Mears Mrs. Samuel, "Beechworth" Punch Street (Gore Hill) Off Thrbert 8.reet Saunders Norman Watt D. Kitchener Miss Josephine Sheehan Thomas' Pyalla Street (Northbridge) 09 Sailors' Bay road 01(1 F. W. Old William Railway Street (Chatswood) Lane Core road to Victoria avenue Dal wood Albert E.," Midrest " Day street Grimes Mrs. N. J.," Narbethong" Matthews Mrs. M. Miles Mrs. E. R., "Merthyr" Mackintosh street Armstrong A., "Eulo" Dude Walter J., "Younlong" Watts W. IL, "Glenisla" Bells street Forsyth J. E., D.D.S., dental surgeon Goddard Samuel (1., J.P., 'Wunulla' Geddes Mrs. W. B., "Cyrene" Brown street Morgan William D., "Douglas" Woolley Miss Ruby, costumiers McLean A. M., house agent East 'side Valle Motor Engineering Co. Taylor Rupert G. Raleigh Street (Artarmon) Of Elisabeth street Pike P.. engineer Crisp IL J.," Corot" Bolton 55 ilioughby Ite;inahl Walls W. F. Dowling Patrick Haslem Miss C., "Quirindl" Arnold Iferman Rawson Street (Gore Hill) Olf Westbourne street Steel Harold B., "Henrietta" Terr y Henry %V. Partridge 'Vincent, "St. Otway" Richards Frederick V., "Earlswood" McLellan(' William Kelly Mrs. Emma Lehrle Mrs. Annie, " LehrlevIlle" Coyne James Senior Mrs. Lena Westnidge George, "Mascotte" Hillier Leonard "Loretto" Westwood B. S., "Hamilton" Philpott Frederick G. Giles Frederick G., "Alias" Arill11 Gifford D. Husby %Villiatu Dryden Hawkins Beale T. Colby Fletcher G. Remaera Street (sir Edinburgh road. Gent, Daniel Reid Alfred E. Harris Mrs. Louisa Scollick Ernest A. The Royal North Shore Hospital of Sydney Arthur C. Russell, sec. 'Rochester Roland C., "Oxley" Hampton Warren S. Bell John, " Clifton " Batty Robert, " Oakleigh " Shoosmith Mrs. Caroline" Erthorne " Biffilulpla E. A., "The Eyrie" Westboorne at eel Forbes William Off Ford William Leslie John Cudworth John, "Facit" Morris William Motrison John, "Killarney O'Rourke Mrs. Elizabeth, 'Moravian' Evsns William Johnson Joseph R., "Bootle" Delaney Michael Birtles Frank Oates Walter, "Ferndale" Staunton E. Lafferty Frederick, "Clifton" Race George E., sour., " Hilltop" Manning James Westhourne street Taylor Albert, "Koria" Kitney Robert," Faversham" Sawyer James Carter Henry Madden F. M., " Wilga " Howlett Kemsley Albert Avery William Dark Henry G. _Kemp Johu Kemp Thomas North Sydney Brick and Tile Co., Ltd. Pendlebury Mrs. W. Carlotta street Diekson avenue Whiting street Bollard George, " Telopea " Bartm road Henderson John Smith Alfred H. Hamilton Thomas Milner street Mildly William Fru-rand Wisest It. Jersey road Rhodes Avenue (Naremburn) Willoughby road Cu Brook street Carden Edward, " Doreen Woodhead Joseph A., "Penshurst" Patton Mrs. Sarah _Brown Turphery A. G., "Retford" Paterson John, 'Lonaton" Vale Mrs. M., Harris Harry, "Arline" Boadley Miss A. nurse, "Lynnville" Simpson Mrs. K. Walsh George J. Smales Mrs. M., "Braidwood" Hartley Arthur, "Camden" Keata S. C., "Lossie-Brao" Salisbury Henry Hall Frederick J. Sliced Albert J., "Chiltern " Seddon William, "Coma" McLean John, "Waroo" Quinn Jack McMillan John, "Glace Wilder James E. Robertson A. J., " Narene " From Brook street Jackson James A.. Clancy John, "Killasser" Hearne Albert L., "Terewhiti Barber William May Mrs. K S. Keinsley Norman, "Melrose" Spencer Frank A., "Heathfield" Grogan Harry It. Anderson John Mar. Phelps IL D. ST.," Rhodesia Pearce Mrs. H. IL Pearce Rev. Lewis (C. of B.) Acres Mrs M. A. Quinn Timothy Ley James, "Gaerlock" Endall Walter F. Butler Mrs. Annie, "Studley" Aitken James H. Phillips Frederick Wakefield, "Normanhurst" Pyne Joseph If. McBride Hugh R. "St. Halo" Stevenson George, "Gowanbrao" Willoughby road Richmond Avenue 09 Ryan street Herber Stanley, "Rosewell" Muneaster William D. Bridgwater Edgar 0., "Ashton" Rimmington Street (Artarmon) Lane Core road to Broughton road Cowper Alfred D., J.P. Massey Claude Perry Alan A., "Tregaer" Woolnongh Charles Oakleigh " Wiseman Alfred, "Glenburn" Stennett Mrs. E. T. Scott Miss Sarah S., "Brighton" Karey Thomas B. F. Bentley Christopher It. Meetly William J. Robert Street (Artarmon) OB Francis street Rice Leslie T., "Iledingham" Camper Arthur, "lialstead" Whale John Morrison Mrs. A. M. E. Smith William It. P., "Mercia" Lewis 0. J., "Lampits" Haughton T. I. "Lampits" Moroney Cecil F., "Valencia" Moffitt Mrs. Sydney V.," Wamba Carter Arthur IL, "Gwydir" Sonter James, "Ityeilale" Poll Arthur A., cab proprietor Watson Herbert, "KIngledoors" Gutteridge John Letson Mrs. Leonora Thomas George H. Benton avenue Brand John Walley Henry C. Blakey-Joseph Goodman Arthur, "Kent" Dick Roger Shaw Grayfleld, "Essex" McKinnon Mrs. M. Harris Samuel, J.P. Goodwin William H. Lawler William D., " Dalston " Smith Harold L., "Leyton" Bramley Sydney Robert Street (Willoughby) of Bigh street Percival Ernest W. Broomham A. F., "Sissileigh" Kinealy J. V.," Merold Villa" Dorrington George S., " Doreen " Lane Arthur W. Sibthorpo George B. Ann street Johnson street to Victoria arenas Seymour James, "Cawarrle" Dunn Richard A., "Winbalt" White Charles.1., "Kooringa" McKinnon Miss Catherine Newell Frenk G.," Yathong" Jane o Geargei "Kia-0:4" Knight Anthony C., " ICeira" Graham William, 'Taro" Black Mrs. M. G., " Glen limes" Elsworth Frederick, "Glints" Gordon Hugh, " Flora Valley Nicholson Percy N., "Waituna" liamilton.smith Charles E., "Bushey".-11b.r1 areas,. Robb William, "Kaloola" Curtis J. W., laundry Mansfield James Maze John, sergeant of police Ashley Thomas Locke Albert V. Jeans H. F., "Sunnyside" Hollebon George H., gardener Doust Arthur L., "Wallawa" Hurst George, "Strathmore" Hamilton James Manaley John. "Betifordleigh Burton S. J.P. "Coronga" French drs. Elizabeth, 'Itawlilti" Canvin Miss H. E., "Lynista" Rudd Mrs. E. E. Antill Arthur J. Downes John, "Ingle-Nook" McNiven Horace, "Nirvana" Wilkinson Thos. H., J.P., "13uddong" Albert avenue Dwyer Miss M., "Claredale" Boyd Hugh, "Utah" Kebblewhite Alfred J., "Winton" Molr Frank, "Kelso" Dubois Paul Hasson It. F., "Trelawney" Law Henry, "Fernleigh" Burne Henry Rohan Street (Naremburn) Willoughby root to (Bellmore street Ward Phillip 11., "Loreto" Knowler Thomas M. O'Leary Mrs. S. K. Essilown Rowland IL,' Higham" Linder Edward," Gay Iliug" Mitchell Al s. Mary Smith ' Quondong " Rose Street (ChatswoOd) Archer street to Spearman street Colvin Robert J. Clapham Edwin, "Kooyong" Nash George "Kalola'. Gilmour G. J., " Arteeta Christian Mrs. Leila Bull Ilarold B. Maher l'.j., school teacher, "Mayville Cowdery Charles Flynn Robert Spearman street Smith side St. Lawrence Private Hospital Miss A. Griffiths, matron Rosewall Street Penshurst street to High street Murdock Alfred, "Chan" Bourne Thomas Jennings Percy Blade!' Robert, "Highbury" Warne Albert Brady James Carstairs Mrs. J01185 John ' Barlow Edward Sullivan Miss Ellen Kane William A., "Everest" Mills Harry Knight Bert McDonald George T., "Elsitnille" WOOD COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9229 CITY ECONOMY AND EFFICIENCY ARE OUR WATCHWORDS, HONESTY OF SERVICE OUR DESIRE

33 ' ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR A LOT FOR A LITTLE. 834 Ros WILLOUGHBY. Smi Rosetta,' Streit continued Bennett Fortunattis. "Aytoh" Rea Edward, "Deopearr" oaten Charles H.. "Milrede Hanlen Thomas C. Ross Street (St. Loonards) off Mitchell street Gardiner W. E. Harney George C., "Nambour" Anderson Charles, laundry Royal Street (Chatswood) Oil Victoria avenue Wilson Walter Wallace George A., "Maigamulen" Sanders John Hinkley Frank, carrier Allen Stanley Jolly James Allen Norman Lachare Henry, "Richmond" Dick Reginald L., " Glenalau ()beim P. F. Doust David Cameron Dunes') Kerr A. A., "Erelldouno" Clasper J. IL. E., "Urwin" Horton Ernest W., "Sussex" Lynch James Gibbs R. W., "Lamberhurst" Ede Alfred B. Sails Albert E. Burgess William Trunlev George It. Allen Thomas C., "(Bimini)" Ryan Road Of Willoughby road Anderson and Stephen's stables Scott's street Foster It. H., dairyman, " Opawa ". Richmond avenue Dowling Walter H. Anderson Alexander Grose Cecil Webster Harold Gribble Mrs. Emilie Griffiths William J. Donnell Sydney A. Tout Albert J. Rourke Horace J. Phillips Robert W. Britten Arthur, "Lcellana" Wadley Edward L., "Klppen" Edward street Howard William P. Coma& William McDougall Alexander Cooney W. J., "Walingoot" Thew Elvert Barnett George P. "Culwulla" Henault Frederick Sailors' Bay Road High street to Middle Harbour - Ferrier Archibald J., "Iforbury" Clafton Joseph Berry, "Ossott" Haines Charles McFadden Edward Pyalla street Bailey Cecil A., "Moama" Spargo S. A. Taylor John P. Mulgarra street Nye Charles \V. Davison Frederick Strathallen avenue Gunpah street Namot road Woonotta road Poole Mitred If., estate agent Poole Mrs. B., mixed business Middle Harbour Park Whitehouse A..1., " The Hermitage" Green Mrs. Sadie B. Ridley G. W., painter, "Carlton" Fisher Frederick, carpenter, 'Maluale Ward Arthur I'. North Sydney G- ammar School Sports Ground Alpha road ( gorthbridge) Bennell Percy Pouting Basil T. grocer Eric street harden avenue Kilpatrick Harold H. Whyte Thomas B. Cratnpton Hercules W. Middleton Arthur Griffiths George Galwey Leonard Woolridge Mrs. Sarah A. Linter George Johnson Charles A.," Alpha'' Ide Henry Taylor Mrs. Forsythe Leonard E. Potter Bryce H. Townsend Harry H. Bellambt streel Koroka st Bligh street Tanks sireet Woonona road Adams Frank, picnic grounds Salisbury Road Off French's road Byrnes William Pratt Edward, briekmaker Bezear George W., "Ryan" Glow R. W., dairyman Kayser F. M., house decorator Tierney Mrs. John Montgomery G. J. Davis J., " Morton" Montgomery George 11. (low William Kneaves Robert H. Smith Michael W., "Klerkadorp" Reece Rowland Fund Stanley Gallen Maurice Berry George Ernest, "Tamar" Moss William (Boyer TnotnasIff. Brown Alexander, " Dardanelles" Kahle Colin. "Dangowan" Williams Miss Elsie Mitchell Herbert P., "Warburro" Roberts George L., Strebor" SInavin George, " Fontaineblen " Campbell Mrs. Hannah Allen C. J., bricklayer Hunter Richard Mena Rose Frank Stephenson Mrs. E. Saville Street (Gore Hill) Westbonrne street to Fondant! street Steel T., "Islaford" Fife Robert Spencer Walter H. Richards P. N., "Shirley" Johnstone Charles," Thelma Howlett Harry 11. McDonald Alexander Edwards James," Willow Brink Morris Martin," KiaOra" linen Martin O'Grady William, carter Partridge T. 0. Cox A. H. Mason James Bamford Reginald It., "GIenhohne" Griffiths A. F.," Mayfield" Merrick John Bergman Frank E., "Cara" Gammio Allan natural(' Robert Hardwick Albert V. Cooper William, "Kyanga Gunther It. Tudor Mrs. Lily Coward W. J. Saywell Street (Chatsweed) Devonshire street to Tryon street Bodley George E. Dean Alfred," Toorak" Stronach Capt. John, "Braohend" MeMonnies1Villiatn 1),"Edgecombel Homy Mrs. K., "Esmond" Paton Charles Vickery J. H. " Tasma " Oex W. H., "%Vega/Hid " Wyllie Mrs. Janet, "Eureka" Crawshaw Percy Naughton Leonard, "Ophir" Stewart Thomas, "Oronto" Bushell Marshall It. NorIli side Melvin Peter, "Melrose" Blakemore Mrs. T. S., "Moseley" Kirk Vincent, "Warwick" Naylor Joseph, " Blakeaston " Fitzhardinge Mrs. W., " Oarga " Carr jabez, "Mansfield" Vaux Cuthbert, "Canonbury" Doherty David, "Lorna" ' Scott's Street of Ryan road Hartwell William Moffatt Richard Bowyer William Richards Daniel Yule. William Second Avenue 0,9 Elinburah roa Bugden Sidney. Ryland Henry P. Dewson Humphrey Short Fred. J. Rowlison Richard M. Bradshaw Alfred E. Short Street Hiyh street to (Ham street White George Horsley John, tannery Dodson Charles II. Johnston Joseph IL, tannery Slade Street (Narembnrn) Willoughby road to Wilson street Gascook George Chignon E. J., "Rawson" Einersen Neils, " Keith" Cameron Albert Underwood SeptImus Probate street Fleming John, "Dimwit." Wallace James P. Beer, "Sedgley" Lang James, " Trebor Jones George Saul HorPort H., "Omani" Conon Joseph E., J.P., "Bardoe" Bennett Mrs. IL," Devon" Redford Henry, " Mores" Adolphus street Riley Roger B. Lemon William H., "Guy" Ward Albert, "Glensloy" Turnbull William McDonald F. J., "Netalio" Prior Edward Gifford Robert,"Caloola" Troubridge Albert Eyre Edward E., "Alliston" Brook street From Brook street Bruce William, "BmesIde " Caulfield James, "Cooyal" Donaldson Walter, "Valencia" Huggett Jams, senr.. "The Camp' Huggett Kuring-gai " Miller George Parsons Clement Eaton George, builder, "Althorns" Chantrill W. It., bricklayer, Clapham Miss Clara Chambers W. Clark, dentist Pysden Thomas D. Walsh Thomas, "Oakleigh" White William, "Luuriston" Murphy Michael Shlels Septimus. "Lynwood" Haylen Edward, "Maim" Brown Ray Bowles Albert J., "Burndaie" McGarry John, "Della Strada" Ryan Mrs. E. A., "Ruporta" Atkins Mrs. James, "Mira" Willoughby road Smith Street (Artarmon) 011 Arlartnon road. Witiddon Arthur S. Martin Miss 0. S. Dymant ' Alfred B. Connack Gordon V WOOD ) COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE ST., C'DOWN 'PHONE L284a! ANTHONY HORDERNS' THE ECONOMIST'S DELIGHT. Smi WILLOUGHBY. Syl 835 Callaghan / Leonard Cornelius Burch William Duff Leslie Davidson Walter V. Smith Street NI end of High street Riddle Mark G. "Glenrock" Forsyth J. B. tannery _Peterson Willi am Johnston John, tanner, "Moor Wood" Alkyne street.gates H., " Cambridge " Frauds V. D., "Lyndhurst" Holmes Frederick G., "Nithsdale" Cook William J. Spearman Street (Chatswood) From Boundary street to Rose street Hamilton David J. Murray Adam J. Croft Alwyn Lanceley Herbert G., "Canema" lanyard Ralph Henderson Robert D. Henderson A. T. William street Waratah street Bishop Arthur C., "Rawene" :Porter Basil Wallis F. H., builder Ashley street Rose street East aide Paradise avenue Berman Frederick T. Love Horace, J.F., "3111-Ho-An" Spring Street (ChatswOod) e99 Albert avenue to Victoria avenue.jarrett Oscar Gilberthorp George Barnes Everard W. Osborne Arthur Hutchinson Joseph Keartis Joseph, Barnsley Benjamin G. Griggs W. 1). Maxwell William n J. lively James. Victoria avenue Harrison Thomas E. Hinsdale George, "Kinross" Burgess Kenneth J., "Ajana" lecic ear Charles Lyons Maurice.1., "Welland" -Gibbins Mrs. J. M. Werner Mrs. Ann _Brown Nurse Graham Mrs. Lillian Canning W. J., farrier Stafford Street (Artarmon) 09 Mottbray MacKeller G. S., solicitor, " Ardachy" Palmer Frederick Stanley Street (Chatswood) Mottbray road to Victoria avenue Holman James,"Kirkton" Starkey Mrs. H. A., "Loubank". Rum D. Gerald, "Casita" -Griffiths B. B., "Wanganui" Drallin Mrs. Clara Miller Mrs. J., "Ardyno" Miller J. A., "Ardyno" Lambert J. A., "Rotorua" Jenkins, Leslie James Wilkins John P., "Elwildene " Mashman F. H., " Kennington " Baker William Duncan Stewart, "Rohtimay" Burrows H. I., "Reveille" Itathmen Johnson street Flint A. W. Ellice, J.P.. "Sherbourne" Septimus street 'Watson Harold F. Brewer Charles T. Parkinson John J. (lark A. Langon, architect Huxtable E. W. Challand J., jun. Potts Edward Albert, builder Portway William Melly mon t Gordon Wilson Henry J. layard Mrs. Mary, "Argyle" Rhynehart Arthur Hour= Frederick, "Claremont" Johnson street Lazarus Frederick II. Moore M. J. 1). Wiggan Francis J., "EltvIlle" Lochart Adam, 'lislidalll Cottage" Mrs Mrs. L., " Devon" Miller William H. Clanwilliam street Church strut Ileatherington Mrs. L., " Geosylda Station Street (Naremburn) Dalley'a road to Gulley Narembum Park Park road Mann Robert A. Chtullelgh John G. Pemberton Jas. F. Orr William 5. Carew Denis, "Alva" Howard J. A., "Rockwell" Bartlett John Luray Henry, "Byeble" Burnett Albert, "Cralgton" Park road Mason Austin Monk Thomas Flphlek 1Villient G. Hemmings Mrs. Jeesie, "Tottenham" Maldes Thomas S., "Clyde Cottage" Cook Harry Jones Henry H. Nelson Robert B., "Albion" McLaren A. Nelson George A. Stephen Street (Chtstswood) 011 Sydney street Doutty Mrs. Ada I'. Hutchins Frederick Grieve John l'artrklge Mrs. Sarah Holden Thomas L. Richards William G. Colelough John Rayment Mrs. Louisa Strathallen Avenue(North bridge) Off Sailors' Ray road Raninya road Gardiner Arthur, "Nevada" Humphery Mrs. E. K., "Nyleta" Baroona road Sutherland Road (Chatsweod) Lane Cote road to (kodchap street South bide Laity Thomas J. Minty Mrs. Sarah, "Winsford" Campbell Mrs. W. D. "Glengarry" Kelso James, "Meadcourt" Brade Mrs. J. 0., "Gower Bras" Young Frederick It. Jones J, L., S.P., "Haraldene" whibourne Ed wal d A. Whitton road Goodchap street Wade Abdul Hibbs Miss S. 0. T., "Yuroki" Issington Nurse HodgkInson George S. White Walter D.,.1 "Narara" Whitton road Murdoch It. R., "Innisfree" Sydney Street (Artarmon) Off Motvliray road Walker Henry P., "Brodieville" Molloy William W., "Glenorie" Somerville Alfred ' Munro Mrs. Elizabeth Sydney Street Penshurst street to.ilotebray road Ferguson & Bishop, bakers Ferguson J. K. Kempton,T. C.. curter Bode Henry Myers Mrs. Mary., "Peak Hill" Moore F. S., solicitor, "Ifulgrave" Lamb Charles Lyons James Atkinson Frederick James, "Avoca' ltyng James P., "Tainui" Evans Albert K., "Glenne Boyd William, "Bitterest" Church street Saunders Mrs. Henrietta Austin Rev. T. S. (Moth.) Meikle George Wilson Charles, "Lithgow" ClanivilliaM street Whitehead Henry, "'raffia" Barton E. B., "Cardross" Sunski Boris Willis William Carter Ernest Sydney Johnson Miss Emily, " Rockford " Burrows Alexander, "Mourilyan" Connor Dr. F. G., V1111(1118", Cottell William, "Walworth" Dowling Neville, "Ashford" Faravelli J., storekeeper Johnson street Hempton John. "Ratlivrarren" Reid Mrs. M. C., "Sunnyelde" Leal Alfred, poultry farmer Cox Frederick Tong On, market gardener Honking Stanley N., "111euera" Murray David, " Arihathi" Clarke Reginald If., 'Wandsworth" Stephens street Phillips A. 3., "Exeter" Phillips Bros., refiners o.sol rdp. A A. J., " Lpisifteny" Smith tana., Newton Christopher, "Kiwi" Bayley Walter Titokerman Stanley P. Fox Artintr C., "Kent" Reeves It., "Gambler" Barrowmen T., "Compton" Brooks James W. Fletcher Herbert Henry Mrs. E. F. Harvey Francis 0., "Laurel Villa" Tewsley Mn. s C., "Dellmar" Church street Obern George. currier Edmondson John G. Egan Thomas, "Coo-eo" Ctatavilliam street Forsyth street 'met Mrs. Robert Leet Miss A., " Ifosdale" Leta Mrs. Elizabeth Rudd Norman Lutherborrow Williams George, " Breese " Fay John Osborne George \V., "Spalding" Laurel street Corrigan it. It. Davie Charles A. Hedges Mrs. Alice Finlay Frederick, "Glanavon" Richards George W., builder Lewington A. J., "Lorne" Gordon R.11., J.P., " Middleton" Todd William, J.P., "Bush Park" Sylvia Street (Chatswood) Of Fuller's road McClung Noss Reginald as Winston Frederick Jacques street Leo Mrs. E. F., "Loeholme" Teague Ernest OUR PROCESS OF EMBALMING PRESERVES THE DEAD FOR ANY TIME AT NOMINAL COST

34 ANTHONY HORDERNS' IT ISN'T A SHOP, IT'S AN INSTITUTION. 336 Tal WILLOTJGHBY. Vic Talus Street (Naremburn) OH Waters road Butler Thomas Kemsley Harold Scotland J. C. Kemsley Frederick Tessa Street (Chatswood)-- East side Off View street MeNicoll Thomas Bethune William Campbell Daniel Bradshaw Thomas M. Jackson James Shalom Leslie B. Allum Robert Third Avenue Of Edinburgh road Shecan Ernest L. Edgecumbe Henry H. Heath Samuel E. Graycon James Thomas Street (Chatswood) Lane Cove road to railway line Wilkie William, " Minola" Langford James A., "Leyton" Austin G. L. Boyle Mrs. E. B. McKenzie Miss B.,' Rranxton" Miller William, "Truro" Burling Percy G., "Sunrising" Radford W. J., " Oraigard Miller George Nutman James A, " Aston" Sinclair Mrs. Elliott Mrs. C. J., "Maida Vale" Montgomery Miss J., "Probes" Debenham H., chimney sweep Cook Daniel Wilkes William Huntington Oswald Thompson Aveune (Artarmen) 0// Barton road Clay George E. Parkinson Mrs. Muriel Tatford Tindall Road (Artarmom Artarmon road to Stafford street Wiliam Paul Turner F. W., "Trentiock" Bryant Arthur J., " Arteeva" Illingworth John E., "Arabian" Harris Herbert, " Cerium" McIntyre John. "Wades's" Warner Vernon G. Heinle Roland T. Young Oswald G. Fraser William Probin James H. Pascoe Clifford C. Anchor Edward A., "Lilbourne" Cameron Donald Chisholm, "Kenyan" Chandler Stephen Bruce Alexander, "Tullyearnett" Marsden Albert K. Maddock Henry A., "Cleavedon" Edmondson Mrs. It Reeve Frank Collins Robert Rogers Henry Hill John Barnett William Cobrey Paulin Thomas K. Dole Andrew J. Moffitt Herbert Tingha Street (Ohatswood) Of Alberl avenue Bears Ross D., "Leusebla" Cane Henry J., "Melrose" Currey Henry, carpenter, " Gleuallen" Beams M. J. Cook William J. Berne J. J.. letter-carrier Brain W. H., carpenter Tryon Street (Ohatswood) 0.9- Johnson street Peden J. 13., barrister, " Illawambra Dessaix Peter H. Taylor Mrs. Barbara Cummings J. L., J.P. &sprat street Angus Mrs. Lucy A., " Braeside " Kibler F. E. Burns John, builder Dotty Leonard S. Felstead Sydney Strudwiek Thomas A., J.P., " Isis" Mann Mrs. M. 0.," Beulah" Hartigan Mrs. E., "Balmoral" Priestley L. G., " ICOR " Neck Mrs. H., "Palatka" Green.1. R., " Closeburn Smedley Harry A. Layton Sirs. S., "Durrow" Tulip Street (Chatswood) South side Andeeson street to Archer street Ford William, "Wickliffe" Shaw George M., "Avoca" Dymock Lindsay, " Linsfol Townsend A. E., " Kapai Oakes Frank Fraser G. W., "Rostrevor" Butler T., " Hurstmonceaux" McIntyre Alexander, J.P., "Egerton Archer street Ogg Mrs. E. E., "Truro" Goble W., " " Trevor Robert J. Knight Mrs. E. H. Lcaney W. A. F., "Roma" Caddy Aubrey Kitching Harold, "Cram" Campbell E. A., "Iris" Doyle Richard T., "Loreto" Small Percy R., "Bernina" Kennard William, "Thera" Vautin Mrs. H. A. Paul Martin T.. "Edna" Archer street Tulloh Street Of French's road Ward Wilfred H. Tibboy Edwin E., "Glendower" Stephens Sydney Cuddington William, "Ahoy" Doalman Charles Savage Stuart, "Coniston" Andrew Peter Rowden Howard W. Waldron Mrs. Ellen E. Andrews Harry \V. Montgomery Robert Wright James E. Cox Frederick H. Smith "Gordon" Matters William Blyth W. G., "Treddennock" Broad Benjamin Day Henry G., "Denby" East aide Glennon Edward J., "Stella" Watt J. T. Clarke William J. Best Elmer G. Boston Charles, "Nelugadacht" Cooper Ceti! Parish Mrs. Emily, "Kentuekey" James Samuel Ellis Arthur, "Doralba" Peters Alexander Stuart, J.P. Richards Charles Tester George Carter W. H. Tapfleld Mrs. M. L., "Hillside" Tunics Street (Northbridge) Off Sailors' Ray road Holloway Edward G., "Violetta" Moffatt Henry Burgin P. 3, Blogg Thomas P. Tyneside Avenue (Chatswood) 09 McClelland street East ride Ryan Thomas Cunningham John Victor Street (Chatswood) Victoria avenue to Johnson street Carrie Miss A. F., dressmaker Edwards J., painter Smith Mrs. Harry, "Coomaisie" Horne James IL, "Glenelg" Wood J. B., "Delta" Harris Albert G. Forbes Miss Grant, teacher of daneg, Bushell Charles E., "Corynia" Selby Horace Berry Thomas Newell John C. Ross Frederick Albert avenue Forster William T. Shopp)ieni F. C., "Singapore" 3fawson Bertram If. Stanwell Frederick Park W. R., "Athol" Hill Mrs. Annie, "Rye Cottage" Barker David E., "Kanimbla" McQuade Peter, "Rubinia" - Walsh George Parrish Benjamin E. Goldsmith Miss I.," Colllebrook" Adams Christopher Fisher Walter, ea e ey " Jackson George () McCulley John, "Tathra" Ward Edward Fogart y Frank Hilicoat William J. Kendall John Albert avenue Rule Francis, "Venecia" Jackson Charles IL, "Bemnore" Wyatt Mrs. Margaret, "Roxinerc" Etherangton Joseph N. Harris George, "Airile" Fraser George R. Hardy Ebenezer, "St. Kilda" Victoria Avenue (Ohatswood) Lane Cow road to High street Arcadia Picture Theatre Blood Mrs. A. C., confectioner Lang Mrs. S. A., "Taunton" Orr James Hall G. W., printer Pliegan Mrs. A., pieture framer Robinson & Downey, confectioners Victoria Hall Bennett J. H., stationer Farley Miss L., dressmeker Husband Miss Amelia, L.L.0.1f.,, music teacher Carter John S. Son, hairdressers Holterman St. L. L. IL, "Bohlen" Humphreys Thomas, estate agent Iltimphreye Mrs. 3I., confectioner Patterson Samuel, bootmaker Chatswood Joinery Works Robertson H. C. N.S.W. Fresh Food and Tee Co. Ohatswood Post and Telegraph Office Postmaster, H. If. Torr Commonwealth Bunk of Australia Chatswood Railway Station Stationmaster, Titos Watts Dalton street Duff Hugh & Co., estate agents Kerslake Mrs. Jane Folkard Edgar A., stationer Orchard road Price H. C.. chemist Davidson E. J., teacher of violin Donnellan Miss I., teacher of music Moran & Cato Ltd., grocers s.4 Hinwood N. J., jeweller Boyles Alexander, hairdresser Harper & Itayner, boot importers WOOD, COFFILL a COMPANY LTD. MORTUARY CHAPEL: 810 BEORIE ST., CITY. 'PNONE T: ANTHONY HORDERNS' A PARADISE OF ECONOMY. Vie WILLOUGHBY Vio 337 s WOOD OW" OMPASI LIMITED. Funeral Directors Cerriage and Drag Proprietors Local Agent : F. M. ROMAN 'Phone J 1065 Head Office : GEORGE ST., SYDNEY. 'Phone City Homan F. M., builder and joiner Cam:well William, greengrocer Whitchell anti 00., drapers Goisby I?. G., dentist Victor street Waters Win. G., produce merchant Horne James H. furniture dealer Maiidson F. W., lioottnaker Burrell Samos, J.P., watchmaker Bray Shneon,nurseryman THE Minuon Printing Works Lynch Mrs. IC., draper Snow Mrs. Jennie, boot importer Pirie George, provision store Hill Ernest, hairdresser Hughes H. & Son., music sellers Kiernan Robert, confectioner Williams John, butcher Fitzgerald J., fruiterer Russell H. J., storekeeper Anderson street Curtis Mrs. I., fruiterer Morgan A. W. bootmaker Hogarth It., draper Hart Mrs. A. L. D., confectioner Finlayson Mrs. K. M., draper Johnston George, tobacconist Box Miss E. L., greengrocer Wessick John T., carrier Cameron J. P. confectioner Robinson Miss ' F., milliner Butterworth C. photographer Simpson B., chemist Poincare Marcel, dyer Beattie & Curtis, carriers Pettit Mrs. G., dressmaker Davis & Co., estate agents Bartlett H. L., plumber Burrows & Wright, painters Brady Bros., grocers Spring street Knibb Arthur, furniture dealer Hurst Mrs. A. ht., confectioner Chamberlain 3Iiss S. A., confectioner Grimmond William, grocer Veil ner Harry, tobacconist Akers Mrs. Ellen, ham and beef shop Archer street Lauret E. A., mechanician Whittlesey William, "Chester" Tomlinson Mrs., costumiere Rees John, "Myrtle Villa" Nowell F. B. "Loretto" &Aram street Neville Herbert W., "Pentland" Paradiee W. M. " Arden " Martin Albert B., "Clifton" Neridah street Hoban H. Waddell, dental surgeon O'Neill Miss N., nurse, "The Bungalow" Jeffrey Erie, medical practitioner, "Olenleitit" Havilah street Aston Mrs. R. 0. Olver W. It., M.D., Ch.M., medical practitioner Hercules street Callaghan Mrs. Esther Watling Robert O'Keefe C., "Yarmouth Cottage" Dorhauer Edward, "Tregva" Lever Fred, butcher Crookes Miss Rose, grocer Byrnes Joseph, boottnaker Clovers Mrs. A. M., fruiterer Robinson street Fulton Mrs. 3L N. Lee II. T., "Coolnoo" Boyce Edwin Simms Mrs. Christian Minns Percy Jacque., street Petchell Henry Bullock Arthur P., "Rendes!'" Stanley street Newton Vincent, "Toowong" Redding Leslie J. "Normaleigh" Gossip James, " Avondale Bonfield Frederick Pettit George J. "Wolivote" Jolly James P., "Strathallau" Kooringa road Harris John If., "Einem" Penshurst street Cook Phillip It., " Norwich Groom T. C., " Clivescroft " Firth Capt. W. T. C.," Valhalla" Thomson John, " Garth Kennard Mrs. Elizabeth, "Stalitelm' Stephenson Arthur, "Milton" Johnson Mrs. Evelyn, " Osterley " Doyle Ambrose Knight, " Flodden " Bennett A. H.," Mallen 'ruffed' William II., " Wilba Scully James, " Hillside Chaffer W., "Valley View" High street Neville street Sinclair Mrs. Rose A. Andrews Harold, " Theiton " Sprowles Henry, "Inverictell" Andrews Harvey, "Claremont Olimo Lewis, " Deriwyn Ellis John T., " Ithyl Warrane road Pearce Thomas, Wood A., billiard saloon Smith Frank, bootmaker Pask L., greengrocer McGrath 3L & Co. mfg. veterinary chemists Webb A., cycle mechanic Smythe Francis, tailor Purcell Neil, butcher Kennedi J., butcher McDonald H., greengrocer Moore Miss V. milliner Benjamin A. J., Ltd., general store Benjamin A. J., J.P. Heave Bevan W., dental surgeon Starkey William A., dental surgeon Park W. EL, jun., J.P., chemist Methodist Church Ross Thomas, small goods Uyeda K., laundry Lambert Levi Miller H. C. & Co., estate agents Chatewood and Willoughby United Friendly Societies' Dispensary Miss Peck, dispenser Pattison H. G., storekeeper Watkin MeAvoy Jz Co., estate agents Kline J. Sr Co., real estate agents Railway street--railway line Wordsworth Ric/lard 0// Sirl Brothers, livery stables. Funeral Directors. Railway hotel J. A. Doyle Commercial Banking Coy. of Sydney, Ltd A. I. Graham, manager Government Savings Bank of N.S.W. N. H. G. Elliot, manager Maclean J. M., surgeon, "Knighton" Lee S. Douglas, dental surgeon Fitzmanrice Landsdowne, news agent. Voss Mrs. R.. E., boarding house.4 nderson street Allen.Toseph, grocer Scott J. W., butcher Fisher A. IL, baker. Ferguson & Bishop, paetrycooke Willoughby Town Hall and Counoit Challibeni George A. Bailey, town clerk Willoughby and Chatswood Starr- Bowkett Building Sudety Willoughby School of Arts Jackson Cyril, tailor Locks-or F.. plumber Dreadnought Picture Theatre Archer street Stevens William W., butcher Swathin g W., greengrocer Down Thomas, grocer Beck Daniel Thistle Laundry W. Hay Church of Christ Gates G. A.. florist Iveridah street Simpson Bert Atherton Mrs. Harriet," Willsdene " Ilavilah street Kearns P. J., " The Maze" Hill William B., "Fornleigh" Ittakesly street Cooke Norman, "Burro" Baldry street Sweetinan Horace, fruiterer Berne Henry, grocer Bell Alfred J., "Cracials" Cook Sydney, "Myrtle Cottage " Palmer Charles Burgess John Cnalswood avenue Wray J. If., "Montserrat" Baker Mrs. Sarah J. James George. "Austral Lowe Mrs. Kate Jracqu a rie at reel Mo gford Henry Archer Albert C. Crick 'tree: Hughes Frederick, "Wimmera" Prangnell Frank Crick Joseph Crawley William, jun., "Westralia" Bray Ernest,.1., ham and beef shop Reynolds Archie, butcher Royal street Ilutchineon Walter, confectioner Bembrick & Parker, grocers Penshurst it rest High street Schutte Adolphus Gibbes street View Street (Chatswood) East side oir Fuller's road to Lane Cove road Walker Rev. E. (C. of E.) Loutit Percy 31., "Iloscobel" Irving S. IL. " Tyoolera Bettor I. B., "Tamalpais" Dixon Pend VIII W., "Elphin" Charles Mrs. It. P. Davey Mrs. George, "Clevedont' 3fanoll Francis, "Addiscombe" Stelfox Frank, "Saxon" Taylor A. W., "Gionroy" Clarke Mrs. I. " The Hillside Reber& 0. W., " Trevallyn " Lane Cove road Jackson Franklyn, "Melton" Tessa stre..t Lune Cove road Violet Street (Ohatswood) South aide Anderson street to Archer street Grieve Mrs. G. J., " Ohileote" Broadbent James E., "Linden" Itidley Alfred F. Greaves William S., "Mascott" Kittson Herbert J. Purdy Capt. Richard, "Servia" Hunter Welter Cameron Mrs. Flora, "Wal made": Tearle Arthur IL, "Wynne" Cumberland B. C.. "Nyora" Anstead Mrs. B. IC," Rugby" Higgins J. A., "Pendervitle" OUR EQUIPMENT ENABLES US TO MEET VIE DESIRES OF ALL DENOMINATIONS AND All CLASSES

35 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. S38 Wal WILLOUGH BY. Violet street (Chalswood) eon tin ned- North aide Keith Mrs. Harriet Butler Joseph James " Kia-Ora" Hilton II ugh, "Woodlands" Hardie P. C., "Glenorie" :McAllen Lewis U. Turner Fred, "Oakhurst" 'Tai1by William T., "Ardwick" Charlick Herbert F. Bighorn Mrs. L., "Miowera" Spencer T. W., "Marama" Midge George A. Archer street Wallace Street Mowbray road to Laurel street Burke Patrick Christenson Mrs. R. Dean August, "Yvonne" Butler Geo., "Inglewood" Smith David, "Glenferrie" Rigg Ernest A., "Glenarvon" Smith Rev. Matthew (C. of E.) Rankin Mrs. Jane Peterson \V. B. Miller Stanley W. Basham Elijah Kinsella Mrs. Mary J. liedley Mrs. Ethel Nicholas Itiebard Vaughan Oswald Payne Roy Perrett Arthur L. Worth William Miller W., "Loretto" Johnstone John R. II. Perry Stephen H. Christie Boum, carrier, "Canberra" Gnome Reuben Shields Thomas Shields Miss Enunle Lambert John H. Walter Street (Willoughby) Off Willoughby rood, Mauer John Jones James.Greenaway George R. Laing Oliver Cock Morris C. D. WIgg Charles Patton 0. Mills, "Bohann" Hunter William, "Wellwood" Merry Robert, "Deanside" Bulger Thomas Perry Albert Johnson Mrs. 0. W. Bell James Bell William Wilks Frank J. Coodman Daniel Archer Thomas Arkey G. '1'. Tanner William James Waltham Street (Gore Hill) Frederick street to Dickson av,nue Morgan Daniel Popie Fred, "Strathmore" Parton William, "Native Rose" Simpson William, "Fairview Campton George A. Dickson avenue Manly George, " The Cottage" Farrant John H. Cochrane Frank \V. Hodges 0. Baker John Dickson avenue Waratah Street (Chatswood) From Speartnan street to railway Howie Charles E. Gilbert Alfred N. "Worwillalt" Arneman Gerhard% " Broughton" Clinch J. W., "Welby" Mulligan Mrs. A. M., "Arawatta" Archer street Lumsden G. R., "Cambewarra" Bloom Charles, "The Briars" Durant R. J., "Oakhurst" Cuddy Frederick Harker Mrs P. M.," Thor»yeroft Thomas William G. Railway Ward Street Mowbray road to Laurel street Beringer Albert C., "Tox teth" Stratham Mrs. Ellen, "Ardglen" McEwan Robert P. Bailey Henr y B. Mackenzie Roderick Bessell-Browne Hubert Beven George Powe John T. Corlett George H., "Port-E-Caeo" Gallagher John Cntwley George "Efiledene" Hart John T., "Alimbloup" Canning Percy Smith George J., "Eldtvold" Allerton Bert English George, "Braldwood" Morris John. "Lin Fail" McDonald H. R., builder Smoothy William It. Imlay Robert, "Huntly" Hayes R.. "Artnell" Iforne Arthur, "Ferenze'' Keen Harold Warrane Road (Willoughby) Robert street to Vittoria avenue McClelland street Holland William Bedford street Norris Charles Farnsworth Henry Johnson George Fry Charles Mager street Moody Richard IV., senr. Anderson Andrew Peter Victoria avenue Waters Road (Naremburn) Park road to Dalley's road MiteDennott Henry Laght Allan, "St. Ives" Dann Edward Nolan Donis Junction street Kelly Miss Johanna, "Lisnigry O// Moffat Thomas Costou Charles Bayley John A. Miles Henry Johnson J. Dalley's road Kent Mrs. Susan Moon Arthur H., "Htlicrest" Beach Charles J. Wearne Street (Chatswood) Mackintosh to Dap street Thompson Mrs. E., " Errowin Weedon Road (Artarmon) Artarmon road Johnson, "Nelgar" Johnson James It., "Ingalara" Collins Alfred G., solicitor, "San Antonio" Anted Edward P. Humphreys Arthur G. William Charles Fist side Stainer Herbert L. Gough Herbert IS. Bonanty Frederick Roberts Robert West Parade (Chatswood) Off Anglo street Rowland Percy P. HInwood Samuel Campbell Robert A. Hastings Warren K Whi West Street (Naremburn) Off Dawson street Waterhouse Charles H. Waterhouse Albert T. Hollebone Mrs. A. Brazier A. G., painter Brazier A. T., "Glen Side" Kirby Henry Westbourno Street (Gore Hill) Lane Cove road to Herbert street Clarendon street Saville street Reserve road Senior Mrs. L. M. Wharf Road (Naremburn) B rook to!vest street Kearney Mrs. Sarah, "Killeevy" Kearney C. B., solicitor Percival Henry, Hein:cot" Bucknall Walter, "Saitwell" O'Connor John Bucknall James, son. Buckman James W. Francis John W. Clare William J. Nicholson Charles \V. Simonds Henry Wallace J. Watkinson Edward, "Norms" McDonald William, "Elva" Pin khardt Gus Fay Charles E., "Avonglen" Hutton William Nicholson Joteph Holum James Brook John White street (Artarmon) 09* Broughton road Thorburn Mrs. L.. " Boro Norman Rev. Philip (Fresh.) Cruickshanks Miss M.,cuWwest side Sailer 0 Wood It. Whiting Street (Gore Hill) Lane Cove road to Reserve road Connell Andrew Delaney Mrs. Mary, "Woodbine" Kirb y Frederick, 'Kent Cottage' Kirby Herbert S. Parkes Herbert, "Sturdee" Lockery John E. Facer Leonard, "Carita" Spurrett Charles E., "Myola" Elliott Robert V., "Victor" Hoot:than Richard," Fermanagh" Furniss William Wettin gs William N. Danvers Charles Kendall L. F. R., "Waleroi" Bartlett Charles Chien Alfred Barnes Frank Clarendon street Sanger Famuel Wilson Leonard Bence Ernest E. Boyd Daniel Hancock Richard Jacka Richard Reserve road Watt Mrs. Ethel Lean Louis Baker Mrs. K. Doherty Thomas, "Maudville" Watson Mrs. H., "Bowen Lodge" Goodsell Charles Pearce John S."Arethuest" Bebe:them Arthar J., "Normanville" Bishop Jesse Flarey William, grocer Clarendon street Nurthen Ernest W. Beasley Georee, tanner. Reimer Christopher, " Bellinger Bean Mrs. L., " Tuggeralt Jones J. It, WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., ()FORCE sr., C'DOWN 'PHONE L2848 : 1 ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. Whi WILLOUGHBY. Wyv 839 Avery Samuel Curzon James, "Daisy Bank" Tatham Charles, " Mia-Casa " Gordon John, "Glen Lyell" Maher William A., "Renton" Cannon Edmund W. Campbell William Felton Joseph J., "Greenwich" Woods Mrs. A. M., greengrocer Whitton Road (Chatswood) A/or/arty road to Centennial avenue Loane Kenneth 0. Starkey Charles T., "Krishna" Bourke Petrick, "Gttyra" Sutherland road Ash G. IV., solicitor," The Kraal" Reid W. H., "Maiala" William Street (Chatswood) Lane Cove road to King Edward street McIntosh Mrs. U., "Glemnold" Archer street Melnotte avenue Spearman street Gray Charles, "Maranui" Duggan Frederick J. Bragg Frederick 0., "Alma" Green Bertie I). Tayler James B. Darling street Ferncond a Mine Allan Mrs. Adeline Caldwell Richard Macquarie street King Edward street Vineburg Price Mrs. James, "Tredegarville" Sharpe Hugh, "Gowen.Brne O'Connor P. F. Vigars John," Almeria" Vereo Merton C., "Roma" Jones William D.," Oriel" Archer street Shortus Marcus, J.P.," Keeimbla Bamford Mrs. U. A. "Grace Dieu" Taylonr Henry, "Saann" Monk William II. Barrin g W. D. ' "Stymie" Harrison Paul C., "Talopia" Jones H. Cortis Spearman street Turton F. W., J.P., conveyancer Thomson Mrs. Alice. "Sunnyside" Keating T. P., " Coatham Payne James, "Amboyua" Porter Charles," Seven Oaks" Flynn Harold J., "Morttya" Bray Charles J. Baldry C. V. N., "St. Fillans" Rich Hand I S. Darling street Ferneourt avenue Le Claire George Wood C. Bedford, "Chemin" Hudson T. P., "Anembo" Macquarie street Willoughby Parade ri deatlff ux ill/ "ad Montgomery Frederick W. Freeman Herbert II. Heron Edward J. Graham William J. Foskett Henry Willoughby Road Chandos street to Mowbray road Dalton Thomas, "Wheatleigh" McDonald Chimes, "Bantus" Donnelly road St. Joseph's Convent Merrenburn avenue Church of England Butcher Albert, "Piastre" Pringle John, " Yorkiey " Solomon Walter S. Grew Thomas Letitia Ernest E. Rhodes avenue Parker James, fish shop Bridgman Mrs. W. II., hairdresser Stephenson Miss C., draper Bridgman Mrs. E. D., costumier. Lowe George, bootmaker Lawton J. W., " Ovalau " Crawley George A., plumber Wardell Mrs. S., refreshment room Page Nurse, private hospital Merlin G. B., greengrocer White Richard J., ham and beef shop Beaumont W. J., grocer Slade street Central street Potter Charles Barnett Leopold Dorph John F., " Whitemend Davies Mrs. J., certificated midwife Schmidt Herman, "Ciligni" Bridge Hector Dickson Sydney Fielder James B. Conroy Mrs. Mary Caldwell William Sheaves W. Marron E. J. Vary Norman L. McGeorge Llewellyn Knight Claude E. Studdert Claude W., "Shasta" Kemp Mrs. Frances, "San Soso" Mahoney Mrs. /d., "Yosemite" Carden Mrs. Helen Montgomery George T. Buseley Harold McCallum Nurse I., "Iona" Watsot: Joseph Smith James J., "Glen Ayr" Sharp Charles, "Waratah" Garland road Harris Edwin, "Lyttelton" Northery Joseph T., "Cathreomay" Carter Victor R. Hall T. W. Amos W. J., "Stanley Villa" Trench's road Reeks George tt, Co., real estate agts Redgrave Mrs. Emily, ham and beef Gilbert F. W., chemist Hari* street Bishop Edward II. Hooter Edward Homer Mrs. E., nurse Cunninghame Charles, "Deloraine" Muir Robert Don Beebe!' L., "Weldon" Smith Peter H., "Banff Ville" McLachlan Robert, Crichton Mrs. Rachel Burchell Frederick A., plumber Hudson avenue Mowbray road Doyle Joseph Norrie Haronan ld,,%tyrseic and surgeon read Naremburn Public School J, A. Broome, headmaster O'Neill Henry, "Woodlands" Dongelong street Fender Mrs. C. Hordern Nurse V. A., "Lava" Sinclair J. Stuart, vet. surgeon Ryan James '1'. Miles Mrs. Eleanor Knuth Albert E. Theumq H ugh Roberts Albert V., "Chelton" Ostrrick Nurse A. Parker Bridger, produce merchants Erleman Mrs. B., ham and beef shop Swain Mrs. E., stationer Chapman Henry W., draper New Stanley, dentist Bayley Mrs. V. E., greengrocer McNamee Francis, chemist Bohan street Baxter A: }lege, grocers Walsh henry J., newsagent Bailey Walter J., confectioner Owen Patrick, butcher Harris Frederick H., fruiterer Huggett James It., bootmaker James Thomas, butcher Taylor B. E., grocer Quin:none street Young George NV. Scott Walter 1'. Waterhouse George Langworthy Philip Park road Walter st,ed Rpan road Armstrong street Willoughby parade Swaneott Charles, "Avillon" Tufts Mrs. Thomas It.. Tufts 1'. 11., "Count egany" 0 r/flan street Evans Mrs. Elizabeth, "Ohara" Cotton John J., bootmaker Thomas S. F. Rayner Frederick Glennan Mrs, Susan Dorinise street Gray Clement, chemist Schutt Mrs. Stella, draper Quiggin T. E., newsagent Small Alfred, gra lignmer Holbertson W. G. Eric, carpenter Corrigan IL. It. tt. Co., real est. agts Reeks G. & Co., auctioneers Wills WIII:am, limper Dennett Tom, hairdresser Vercoo John, bootmaker Kearne y Mem Ellen, refreshment room Hollingworth Edgar IL, butcher Julian street Wilson Mrs. M., grocer Campton Mrs. A. M., greengroces Hunter Charles. grocer Okawa T. II., Japanese laundry Pent.ivil street Robertson Mrs. M., "Inveresk" Kenyon John Frost Henry J., "Enka" Ford Joseph, "Itawhitl" Martin Sydney Mottles Edward J. Hay James Bentley Percy, confectioner Wilson Street (Chatswood) Off A uttermost street Ringland James Windsor Street Oil Edinburgh road Dim:neck G., "Burnham" Wood Street (Chatswood) Ort. Davis street OH Sullivan Mrs. Grace Norquay Mrs..T. E., dairy Parsonage Griflith McGrath Mrs. Michael Robert son S inch: hr Woonona Road 011 Sailors' Bay road Chambers Mrs. Mabel E. Wyalon g Street (Willoughby) tyl Edward street Cooper William E. Harrison Robert Soldier Macgregor Moir Arthur Hughes Francis S. Evans George McDonald Henry, "Ophir" Johnston Reginald Gomm Mrs. E. F. Dight Mrs. M. A. Hensel: It upert Palmer T. E., "Iorana" Town E. W. 0., "'Gnomon" Perry ltichar.1 Anderson It M., "Alta Vista" Sparkes John George, rho Pioneer" liandeock Kenneth G "Creme" Brabant J. II., "Ontralt" Kirby Mrs. L. Bose Man Wyvern Avenue (Chatswood) 0.(1' Lane rove road North'side Scott Mrs. 11. H., J."Whinstone" heol" Lamy Mrs. M., "T Tunks Erie, "Werburton" Iredale Frank, "Mon Reale" GRIM:tit It. A., "Fernstowe " Rygate Phillip W., "Glenavon" Dutistan Mrs. James, "Kenhollow" Fitzliariltilite James F., solicitor Peate Victor II, Gray Alexander WOLLSTONECRAFT, See North Sydney. THE LARGEST FIRM OF UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE

36 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ECONOMY AND COMFORT IN SHOPPING. 840 Ade WOOLLAHRA. Aus ANTHONY HORDERNS' RELIABLE TRADERS FOR TOWN OR COUNTRY. Bal WOOLLAHR A. Bel bit/ WOOLLAH RA BOUNDED on the north by Port Jackson and %%inclose ; I Jackson ; on the south by Jersey road, from Oxford on the east by Old South Head road ; on the west by Port I street to Ocean street, New South Bead road to J. P. Bradley Thos. Fairweather, J.P. F. 0. Millin W. F. Latimer, J.P., M.L.A. A. F. Pritchard L. W. Robinson Bentley's Bridge, Rusheutters' Bay. Miles of streets-56. Number of houses-4,900. Incorporated Revenue-442,794 Area about 1,901 acres. Unimproved capital value-42,738,788 Population About 21,000 Council Chambers Intersection Ocean street and Jersey road. Hours of attendance-31 11days to Fridays inclusive, from 9 a.m. to I p.m., and from 2 to 4 p.m.; Saturdays. from 9 a.m. till 12 o'clock. Council meets 2nd anti 4th Mondays in each month. MAYOR W. F. Latimer, M.L.A. ALDERMEN Off Adelaide street 85 Burling David 87 Bethune Mrs. W. "Three" 89 Green Joseph. " C iloola " 1)1 McKeelinie, Leonard 93 Redmond William A., "Momma" 95 Neal H. 1)7 Bitching Harry 99 Nathan Edward 101 Lewis Edward Evan, "Amaroo" 103 Marshall John Edward, " AVonga" 105 Dickson Mrs., "Bogong" 107 McCann Hugh Joseph, "Taringa" 109 Graham Miss Helen, "Bolialle" McCulloch William J., J.I'. 311 Telford Mrs. Emily Adelaide Street TOWN CLERK Charles A. Vivian, J.P. DEPOT.' TOWN CLERK J. C. Lough, T.P. George Dyson,J.P. CASIIIEII R. Ferran G. 8. Grimley, J.P. ACCOUNTANT A. Thompson. J. Galbraith SANITARY INse garott T. J. Lawson J. ii. Fazackerley ASSISTANT SANITARY Ism. Heron E. C. Corrigan.. John Magney ENOINEHR Marcus Hoskins F. Harper Somcrroits Dowling, Tayler & McDonald Telephone 15 Edgeeliffe. Aubrey Mottle, J.P., C. I'S. Electoral Registrar. Walter William Everett, Registrar Births, Marriages, mid Deaths. Adelaide Parade 30 O'Malley Edward, "Arlington" Duncan Misi Susan 38 Watt James 10 McConville Thomas, " Corra Linn 42 Fitzsimons Leopold, "Waratah" 44 Bourne George, "Elma" 48 Kelly John, "Calvering 50 Jacklin James, "Viva" 52 Moller James E.. "Wondelt" 54 Francis Frederick J., "Tasma" 56 Boyden Mrs. Lilian Rdpeelitf road ])'Aran, Fred L., grocer A ustralia dreet 58 Tatham Robert Edwin, "Arran" 60 Napier Charles 62 Gray Mrs. Ellen. "Clyde" 04 Matchett Samuel Konneeks Albert Stooke-Edwia, " AVRO " Mount Oliveto Convent and School Campbell J. L., K.C., barrister King Kelso, J. T., "Quambi" Alton Street Queen street to Weldon lane Eagleton Miss Elizabeth Peaker lane Bryce Mrs. Hannah WilACJIIMrs.lintherine."Alton House,' Tingle Frederick Burden Frederick, "Clover Cottage" Nicholas Albert Victor!Droves Edgar 66 Morrison A. U. L," Elgin" Oolemaii Jartlefi 68 Latimer Mrs. Alfred Wilkins Mrs. Elsie South!lead road to View street 70 White Miss Bessie Cassidy Thomas 1 Frost Miss Rebecca, " Sevenoaks" 74 Butler Frederick W., "Garton" Brown Thomas 3 Hayes J. A., "Urbino" 5 Connolly 7 Bath Charles, " Wyallah" 9 Collin S.." Acacia " 31 Field Mrs. A. E. 13 Case Richard N. View street 76 Grimley G. 8., J.P., builder,"bobiwah Albemarle Avenue (Rose Bay) Neweaslle sheet to Old South Bead road 2 Barber Mrs. Christina. "Latillan" Peaker lane Costello James, "Maryville" Smith Martin Frederick 31 Mahan Thomas, "Ivy Cottage" Grafton street Barber Miss Eva M., nurse Hillier Frederick, "Auburn" Church of the Holy Cross (B.C.) 4 Morgan E. L., medical practitioner Taff Patrick 15 Kelley Albert L.," Melville" 10 O'Brien James 17 Cotton Ernest 12 Kirwan Martin E. Annandale Street (Darling 39 (Wen= Sidney 14 Grahame George Point) 21 Gihnour Mrs. Mary," SLA ubytt" 16 Le Brun, Mrs. Inez Off Parting Point road Edgeeliff road 18 Lloyd Mrs. Schuman Paul, "Ivanhoe" 2.1 Illnehelloe Albert, "Fendalton" 57 Clinton Patrick, "lioghtke" Chandler Reuben H., "Searboro" 22 Fraser George G., "Maranoa" 59 Gillibrand John, "Wyrallah" 24 John AVIlliam 01 Hopson Charles Sheehy Daniel, "Avoca" 26 Kelly W. C. 3., "Mott Haven" 0:1 Cook William George, "Moorview" Weihen A. Wallace Robertshaw William C., "Bent Leigh 65 Fitzgerald Francis Baker William J.,"Redlynn Abbey " 28 McDonald Alexander, "Tarporley" 69 Shaw Mrs. Fanny 30 Quinn Mrs. Arthur Street Australia street Double Bay 71 Chandler Samuel James, "Tarte Sinclair Mrs. B., music teacher Oil Bellevue road 73 Sharpe Mrs. A. 0., "Burrowa" Tucker Mrs., "Hazel" Marshall Edward 45 Corderoy A. It.," Ellalong " Speed Henry Theodore, "Leith" New Arthur, "Wynolla" 77 Mackay Murdock, "Bargo" Gordon Harry, "Lorne" 79 Sparkes Edward Davin T. A., "Marlowe" Australia Street 81 Lawrie Mrs. Emily Harris Fred. "Leversedge" Flits quarry to Bathurst s:reet S3 Mathews John, "Midge*" Barkell Thomas, "Adelphi" 85 Collins Francis 11 McInnes Donald, "Coreena" 93 Watts Thomas George 9 Siddens Arthur 81 Littlejohn Walter View street 7 I tontine!' John W., "Glenburnie". Adelaide street 2,Andrews Herbert, "Mayville" 5 Craven Mrs, A. L.. " Levenshuline" 57 lemon James 4 Fraser Donald 3 Lloyd Benjamin, "Strathdoon" 55 Tully F. 6 Wilson Miss Ai. 1 Evans C. B. 53 Thomas Frank 12 Hoek Mrs.:. Newcastle street Guagnet Henry, "Aida" 14 Buxton Miss Martha Burley Frank, "Ivor" 16 Dunne Mrs. Ellen Albert Street Richards V., "Burnie" 38 Herber Miss Mary Ocean street to Edgeeltrf road 47 Wilson Fred 22 Murray Herbert J. Dods IL S., "Fenton" 46 Kenny S. M. 24 Buxton John, "Tauranga" St. Joseph's Church (RC.) 43 Scott Arthur. "Iona" 28 Gould John L., " Itorstrevor " Gould Hon. Sir A. J., K.B. V.D. 41 Dunn Miss Kathleen, "Athol" Grattan street 30 Krahe Cecil, "Harrow" 28 Gregg Beaufort 1 Rogers Mrs. George H. 37 Shield Henry George, "Cratz" SO Miles Joseph 2 Afant Mrs. W. H. 36 Goldstein Joseph, "Rome 3'2 Green I., "Hawthorn" 3 Stephen Miss, "St. Kitts" 33 Wallace John 31 Finlay James C., "Ultimo" 4 Caterer George Edgar 31 Mayes John," Alverna " WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD, HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 CITY Marshall Alfred 27 Cole William 25 McMahon Win, Francis 23 O'Sullivan Capt. John Kennedy 21 Ledger Mrs. AlIlliP. " Mona" 19 Russell George Edward 15 Ryan Patrick, " Minwera " 13 Be :Cores Ernest, J., "Brenda" 11 Norris George II. ea Petersen George 9 Squires John 7a Singletou James 7 Cusack James 5 Lording Alexander, " Westbourne ' 3 AfeCallunt James, " Gwencot" 1 Thompson David, "Waratah" North aide 32 Smith Richard Ernest, "Nancy Lee" SO Lewis C. J. 28 Trivett William 26 Ratcliffe A. II., " Killarney " 24 Rattle George themes, "Mayville" 22 Johnson Albert, "Ethel" 20 Adams Daniel C., "Violet" 18 Richardson Fredk. W., - Cawdor" 16 Bryce William 14 Price John 0., "Rockville" 12 Blackett Bert 10 Ganey Stephen Balfour Road (Rose Bay) O'Sullivan road to New South Head road Griffiths William Hiscox Fred. Win., "Itesmaimi" O'Sullivan Mrs. Mary Ryan Joseph, "Cairns" Ryan Patrick, "Warrego" Batten William, "Glen Ledi" Derriman Albert E. Sewell Charles, "Grafton" Westphal Mrs. Elsie, "Ronmoyne" Ph miner road Brennan Mrs. Catherine Garland John, " Eastbourne" Jude Page, "Balla" Hatfield Frederick, "Carinya " Singer It. C., "Dumfries" Noake Mrs. Oakes Hon. C. W., ALLA., " Qum- Song" Kemp Ernest, "Home" Waddell Roy j., "I ririkl" Marshall James, "Cranborune" Bowden Francis, "Gleninore" Harris William, "Roselea" Norman John, "Franklin" Murdoch John, "Bong Bong" Osborne Edgar, "Eldorado" Entwistle William, "Sandgate" Hawkins Mrs. S. A., "Manora" Ring J. B., "Wyrallell" Leslie Harry, "Florida" Clint Alfred, "Lesbor" Johnstone Ralph, "Redding" Jones Clifford D., "Balfour" Evans Miss S., "Ate Blume low' Plummer road Kerry C. II., 'Thisbe" Bfaeintosh Harold V., "Lainora"..., - Banksia Road (Bellevue Hill) Op Beneloni roal Mulcahy Mrs. Ellen Kerr Wilson James, '"I'ara" Bathurst Street Ediniclilr road to Lower Bathurst street 1 Coleman Thomas J., "Brightside" 3 Malcolm Airs. Caroline L., "Edge- 6 Churches George "Enrico" 7 Thackeray JosepU 9 Ward Thomas Henry 11 Reid W.. 13 Macdonald Mrs. Mary, corsetiere 15 E ley Charles, "cooloo" 17 Hillier William Oliver," Little" Austra lia street 19 Morris J. C., "Catillumarra" View street 2 Geering David, "Una" 4 Cowley A. B., "Omit" 6 Morgan Mrs. Margaret H., "Ilo" Presbyterian Sunday School 8 Hall Ernest W., "Lea" 10 Edgeeliffe Hall Telephone Bureau Harkness Walter S., house agent View street Bay Street (Double Bay) East side Marine parade to New South Head road 111//iam street 07 Baldwin Miss 85 Pomeroy Louis F., "Windsor" 113 Oates George 61 Phelps F. C., boot repairer 59 Winton John, "Poona" 57 Ray Mrs.Elizabeth, general store Cross street 55 Turner Charles T. B meta no F! lix, "Suevic" Bickley Frederick 411 Richards Mrs., Zara, "Beechworth" 47 Swan Richard The Retreat 45 Kelly Wm. Joseph, "Highbury" Guns Tree lane 43 Dale Percy, fuel merchant. 39 Galbraith J. & 8., motor garage 115 McGuiness John, "Wattara' 33 Robinson Ernest 31 King Percy 29 Maher Mrs. Lydia, grocer 27 Collins J. D., butcher 25 Jenkins William, "Larne Cottage" Galbraith Samuel, stables 19 Bayl.y Frederick W., milk vendor 17 Board Edwin A., "thotherstone" 15 Malone Mrs, Mary 13 Wade Mrs. D. 9 Montgomery E., boot repairer Beaumont Samuel 7 Police Station 5 Faulkner Mrs. Harriet 3 Martin Alfred, "Braolossie" New South Head road Reserve trillium street Allen Misr Lena," Dement " Cross street Gnilthyle avenue 36 Nixon Mrs., "Caradoe" 31 Agar Charles A.. " Hill View" 32 Rogan John, "Myrtle Cottage" 30 Kelly James 26 Royal Oak hotel Henry Mortimer South street Cooper street Galbraith I. & S., motor garage 22 Griffiths E. J., greengrocer 20 Galbraith Samuel 18 Garrett James, "Talavera" 16 Woolf Samuel 14 McDougall Richard, "Dunolly" 12 McGuinneso Miss Sf.,"Kinvarra" $ Messer Robert, "Eninore" 8 Lees Charles 2 Letcitford Miss F. Beach Road (Rushoutters' Bay) New South Bead road to Yaranalsee road Petersen AL. boat proprietor (sheds) Messenger Charles A., boat propr. Goddard W. D., boat proprietor Busch James, boat proprietor (sheds) Nichols J., boat propr. (sheds) Commonwealth Naval Depot Farmer's Baths 91 Ellen Currie 90 Blextand S. till stalin g Silas V.. Diana" 88 Kaye Frederick 87 Weidenhofer Afro.Mathleen,"Verona" Wilk', E. F.. "Verona" 85 Cantor Isidore Mae Keller Harry Lamont. "Alarit" 83 Davies William,.hum" 82 AleSweeney Mrs. Justin 80 Wirtlt George 79 Baldlek Stephen 'P., "Rushworth" 78 Carter Jobs, 77 Folkard A' Alma.1enry, "'remora" Farmer Mrs. Agnes "Loomberah" Lewis Aliss D., "Reaulleu" Cooper Miss Isabel, "Kinaird" 72 Duffy Mrs. Isabella, "Sunny Bank" 49 Abel George 48 Norman E. W. 47 Murnin 1, G. 46 Ridgeway Mills A. W. 45 Mitchell Misses Crooke Maurice 44 Lehn W Rose II, C. 42 Gordon Mrs. NMI Isaacs, S. 41 Strang Mrs. Jean Rowley A. E. 40 McMaster A. C. 39 McKay Ephraim 38 Illowor F. K. 36 Wedetneyu William Marks G. G. Dunlop W. 1'. "Loftus" Loitus road 32 King James Joseph, " Kinkora" King Sydney, motor garage 28 Collies Neal, "Minno" 27 Ilutton Arthur 26 Vipond Ben H., "Mum" 25 Clark Gerald, "Kitting" Walsh Mrs. S. W., "Mating" 24 Monak Flats Allan Walter Scott Mrs. P. G. Christorani Mrs. Ilona lane 18 Johnson John T.. "Sunderland" 17 Levain.Gaston, "Saint Oudule" 16 Lewin John, "Althea" 15 Young Captain Hamilton 14 Horsfield John G. Knight JaOnsiticsi,th'i'S'irx3evord" i Fitz-Stubbs Alias Clarice, "Nurney" Bowes A. L., "Maylea" i'ests3 Ers. w. Keil viicankla 2 Oswald Mrs. 3 Pointing Mrs. 4 Pascoe Charles 5 Loosen G. 6 Thompson Asher Beach Street (Doable Bay) Of William street Robertson Mrs. Ellen Monkhouse Ernest, "Lansdowne" Bellevue Road (Bellevue Hill) Victoria to New South Bead road Mendell James Scott, "Bildern!" ilowitt William H. Navin Walt er, " Lissedell" Spring Reginald. "Overdone" Buller street Vanderwood Miss Emily, kinder. garten school, "Ferrerlea" Sky Waiter John, "Kimbriki" Edson F. M., "Lincoln", Ayres Henry Walsh William, "Rewire" Ripon Nathaniel, "Lamhton" Riddell street Wynne Mrs. Florence Priest Bros., grocers 31 Loudon F. E. 33 Johnson M. Grieve Mrs. Margaret "St. Andrews" Whetton W. Osborne Mrs., "Killarney" Collingwood sirs. Simian, "Malden" Smith W. E., " Warroo" McDonald M. H., "Clovelly" Looker Emanuel, "Liles" Harvey Mrs. Agnes, "Bellinger Use" Kelso James E.. "canberra" api Nyman George, "Del-Monte" Rivers street Martin John, "Kelvin Grove" Boston street Mackenzie Angus, "Umber's" Fairweather street Kin g Harold, "Altirita" Whitfen Arthur, "(arlton" March street--llandtala road Bo:kora ret (Doi ble Bay) Sharland Capt. It. A., "Ettrimbule" Johnston O'Connor V. Mrs, D E. II., "Milton". "Kurrajong" ' Berwick Robert, "Burrawong" Best French G., "Olendelonge Yu mini rood THE LARGEST FIRM or CARRIAGE AND DRAG PROPRIETORS SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR

37 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TOOLS OF ALL TRADES. 842 Bel WOOLLAII RA. Bue Bulkara Road (Bellevue Hill) ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FARMING IMPLEMENTS. Bul WOOLLAHRA. Ora 84$ Cummins Edward, "Edandora" Clare Terrace Off Fairfax road ' Cummins Francis C., "Carmaroo" Off William street Bellevue road continued- - Deane William " Karkoif" Connolly J. V., "Arden" Cox Bernard, "Gem Cottage" 1 Tamplin James Steel Arthur, "Olney" Jackson Samuel, "Ruby" 2 Bolton Mrs. M. Mills Frank. "Ennishillen" Ferguson Rev. E. A. (Pres.) Smith C. J., "Airdrie" Gardiner John L., "Woodbine" Clarke Arthur," To Arai' 3.4 Adams Mrs. Emily Land H. S., "Kangareobie" Holmes, "Malign" Rutledge Percy, "Cooinda" McArthur Mrs. Ida, "Samoa" Coghlan Charles Healey, "Devi:inner)" 5 Sedley Henry Ashe Alfred 0., " Nasova " Watson Herbert II., ".Nostaw" Christian Nurse, "Kilburn" Treloar Thomas, "Avalon" Gould 6 NVittrien Albert, jun. Rantbarla Hats- Cameron Murray D. S., "Palma" Skidmore Harold, "Myall" O'Keefe Thomas I,., "Wyolit" Wells Donald, "Federal" 7 Graham Mrs. 1 Perdriau Mrs. Tychille Mrs. Amy, "The Bungalow" Frost Mrs., "Esperance" Sweeney D., "Melon" 8 Wittrien Albert 2 Blau Oscar Marks Maurice, "Wetherdcen" Cooper Albert II., "St. Antlionys" Morris Herbert, "La Fayette" Jarman Mrs., "Hindover" Brig A. H., "Ivanhoe" Carlotta Road (Double Bay) Collins' Avenue (Rose Bay) Close J. C., "Storinont" og Kiora road Millican J., "Coonioo" Walsh Mrs. Charlotte. -St. Kitts" Masters Mrs., "Quambi" Off N.S. Head road Reed Alexander Crab!. "Ctalgice" Sparrow W. G., "Anglia" Felton "Wagra" Billiton Edgar, "Strathend" North' side Hancock Mrs. 5. J., "Clifford" Buist II er bert W., "%Veroonn" Green, "Cosey Corner" Douglass Sidney J., "Mount Beulah" 1 Den ar )(mules, "Carlotta" Hurstwalte Fred., "Camillus" Rodgers Mrs. M. A., "Clifford" Can Thomas Peter, "Basra" 3 Douglas W. J. Viz Valentine, "St. Urban" Connell Mrs. H., "!mane" Goldstein Mrs. Mary, "Joraljoy" Manning Mrs. NI. A., "Karoola Glendon road Tregarthen Mrs., " Kylemore" Deane David, "Glendromach" Franker Edward, "Karoola" Lamb Olisries S., "Broughty" 5 Rickards Alns. C. L.. "Glendon" Cardelia, "Brixton" Gibson Mrs. Jenny M., "Ebiana" Tuck John. "Ilemvoch" Ironsidc Fred. IL, "Birralee" Webb Mrs. Caroline, "Caverley" 7 Rowe Richard, "Edenreigh" Scott J. W.. "Buceeinch" Fairfax road Batchelor Samuel T., 'Thara-Saina' Kulyoa road de Koenneritz Leon, "St. Cloud" Glendon road Pomfrett Edward A., "Edlamaree" I3oronia Road (Bellevue Hill) Commons Alfred, "Wendouree" Harkness E. K. Cook Lane South Side Harris Arnold, "Jab-Wee" Hurley H. J., 11 Williams Edward Otr 135 Grafton street Priest Bros., motor garage Loudon Archibald 0// O'Sullivan road to Latimer street Craig Charles H., "Wirruntrulla" 15 Moore Richard Reed Charles L. Hartley C., bootmaker \Vaguer F. F., "Florence" Mwm Bros., "Bello Sheila" Litidsay Henry Yates. Peter, "Milroy" egulean William, " Tinsels Rowlinson Thomas, "Kin" Arthur street Tinning J. F., "Ilinesnoa" Alderson Thoun,s, "Elsgwyn" Herschel, "Newhaven" Cohen Leopold Alfred, "Lynwood" Forster V., "Redcourt" Dezarnaulds Camillo, "Tiare" Stokes Mrs. Louisa, "Brook" Ebsworth Frank 0., "Rosalind" Grieve William S. "Waratah" Nolan John Spencer. J.P.." Monesk " Henriques Airs., "Enidor" Lion Alexde anr L., "Cheyne" Bellevue Park Road North aid (mt. 17elorla road Haycroft Mrs., "Fontenoy" d'argeayel Stanley, "Ben T.edi" Emanuel Moses, "Bleak Rouse" Sawyer Miss Emma, " Clandra" Royal! William, "Ravenswood" seheidel Aliss Lillian, "Tyrol" Astley John, "The Lawn" Benelong Crescent (Bellevue Rill) Off Birriga road Farquhar, "Tile Meuse" Johnson William T. "Clarens" O'Brien James Joseph ' "Mandamals" Cohen William, "Kalatti" Tan:sey Mrs. Anne, "Ithehns" Myers F. H., "Ballinasnona Kerbin g IL, "Benelong" Kerr John Walter, "Blair Athol" Saywell T. S., "Dalhousie.' Paton jr. N., "Ritani" chureh George, "Ben-Macree". Curette Samuel Burch Arthur, "Michigan" Allen Louis, "Missouri" Magnery Mrs. T., "Tooma" Baxter W. J., "Drumtochty" Lkinberis Plats Beach Ernest Beer Henry E., "Yurunga" Firth Mrs. Amy, "Glen Doon" Marks James Surtleet, 'St. Andrews' ennett Avenue (Darling Point) Thornton street to Hampton avenue Mason II. IL, "Callon" Off Bennett James, "Avoca" Hollingdale Mr s. P., "Llano" BeresfOrd Road (R nae Bay) 0// New South Head road Lees Robert, "Leehohn" aos. Elizabeth, "Illetwairn" Wright Mrs. Ann M., "Wee Mee" Howes Cyril D.. "Chiltern" Finlaygon William, "Kara" Swinden JOIllet; FfallelS, "Rotorua" Freeman Willies/1, "Clodach" Cox Mrs. Archie, "Medway" Cowper Mrs. C. I... "Cnatsbury" rooky IL W., "Velem)" Sim Ihivid.1., "Dinner Birriga Road (Bellevue Hill 011 Victoria road Legge Percy, "Ayr" Clark L. J., "Renal Moana" Bellamy J. IL, "'White House" Fisher Leslie, "Bettina" Californian Flats Macdonald Lieut. Mitcham William, "Quambone" Lewes Mrs. Henrietta, "Raleigh" Dean A., "Sheldon" McGrath Martin, "Monk Ileseiton" Davenport Percival, medical Keck.rallsistecs jala,int ncolnituo" Bourke Mrs. Blanche, "St. Lealsohn" Watts A. E. W., "Rayrenar" Lovett Henry J., "Kuranda" Benclong road Griffith Harold, 'Aisles" Switzer Harry, "Valexia" Irwin John, "Beverley"!Bellevue Flats- 1 Spooner Mrs. 2 Andrews W. H. 3 Volluge Ernest 4 Vaughan Mrs. 5 Solomon Bandarra road Vivian A. F., "Stratlidene" Dryden, "Ophir" Dale Arthur, "Seaton" Lewis Henry, "Kin Ore Pottle Mrs. E. B., "Boum Billie" Phillips Nat., "Philmer" Fryer, "Lnfra" Smith C. B., ''Viral" Vox Mrs. A. S., "Illawong" Oliver Cecil A., "Bathurst" corrighan Ambrose, Vs s Archa" skinner Geor ge IL, " Medway" Robertson F. G., medical 'inlet. Randle JOI1114; "POillt Breeze" Park David P.. "Thabsenelm" Nolan Miehael, " Kasessigra" Cramp Karl R., "Villa Victoria" Itanksitt road Greenwood Alfred James Burfitt C. A., medical practitioner Bussell 1'. 11. Ralston James, "Wahroonga" Norman Mrs. C. W., "Mimosa" Chapman It. E., "Worak" Geddes Colin, "Thurso" Simmonds George, "Esperance" Rolfe John F., "Fonjoilea" Steele Finlay, "Currawong" McGirr E, "Charleville" Robinson Charles, "Grandvue" Pickup Charles, "Lugarno" Walker Horace G. F., solicitor Berk Albert Clyde, "Aloha" Buckley Albert, "Vailelere" Reynolds John, "Beulah" Gallagher Skinner Ernest, "l'aranaki" Blaxland Road (Bellevue Hill) 011 Itundarra road Wiles W. II.,"Abrol" Johnston Charles, "Hastings" Meilealf Mrs. E. A., "Pleiades" Gillespie Francis R., "Ittyenswood" Johannes Mrs. Annie, "Nook" Watson R. R., "Chez-Nous" Truinan Gilles, "Minna" Cruden James, "Invertay" Clark Cecil, "Salvia" Skoglund Claude, "Napoli" Beattie, "Wacoobar" Satchel( E. W., "Aviemore" Ritchie John, "Dee Side" Davies Alfred, "Wring" Marlette Chas. E., "The Moorings" Lloyd Mrs. H., "Wynola" Richards R. W., "Pembroke" Stone W. G., "Thelsey" Boylson Frederick, "Benvio" Mizon Frederick, "Warrafred" Keeble A. T., "Veiny" Farman Ernest, "Bctalje" :Dowries.; Mrs. Priscilla Ballour road Bowring "Iteremoana" Maxwell Miss Dia, "Verenice" Terry Miss Rita, "Eastwood" Rouxel Mrs. Jules, "Wincanton" Bowden Street 01/ Wallis street Barons James E. Is. Bell James A. Heapy William Francis Samuel 'Ilion/as, "Carlo" Moseley Arthur Omnibus terrace 1 Fazackerley John Edward 2 Brown Harold 3 Doran Mrs.. 4 Gronow Mrs. 6 Smith E. J. O Louis If. 7 Teefy Mrs. Annie $ Rogers Mis. Ada Branch Road (Darling Point) Darling Point road to Doable bay Marathon avenue Aferivale George M., "A nnery " Grendale Sharp Miss 2 Adams G. E. Elizabeth place Lipscomb Thomas, surgeon Britannia Lane (yr Bush street Levee Niro E. Buckhurst Avenue (Point Piper Off 1$ Muhl, road Joske Alexander II., "Quorn" Wright, "Halloween" Friend 0. E., "Cheam" Beaulort Flats Frazer IL H. Wallace Brooks lion. Rich Mrs. Ada, "Ashik" Francesca Flats- Flexman Mrs. Raba Salmon W. Stephens Charles T., "Leven" Brown J. IL, "Ablerdale" Davies Elias WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. M.L.C. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS, SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION Drury G. It., "Whare-Ora" Millen F. C., "The Mount" Buller Street Off Bellevue road Tournay-Hinde Ernest," Brixton" Stainer MTS., "Burwash" Dalby William, "Kuvara" Jefferson Mrs., "Taravitka" Feeney 1'. Donato Bartels) Walsh Mrs. Annie Ferguson George.N1 Warren lien y Fleming Arelrbahl, " Bell Vale" Callahor II. M., "Natalie" Bundarra Road (Bellevue Hill) 011 Dirriga road Mariam: road Connor Mrs. Sophia, "St. Antonym" Blarland Mad Harris Barron, "Bundarra House" Dupraaz Isms! Bower W. 31, "Karoola" Little Mrs. Nellie, "Grayholme" Allen W. B. Read Clarence, "Talatall" Edtnonds Neville "Oakland" Powell Frederick, "Waroong" Ritchie John. "Weeroona" Burke Peter, "Ebagoolah" Handley John, "Jamberoo" Harrison A. "Sturdee" Chard Athol, "The Gunya" Allen Douglas, "Braeside" Rottman John, "Ingleside" Bruton S. H., "Itedleat" Smith Mrs. Emma, "Bunda" Evans C. W., "Tulagi" Macdonald Clive, "Tekoa" Lillyman L. I., "Surfleer Wardlaw W. It., "Aiadore" Lawson Thomas J., "Lincloree Pollard Frederick, "Shanklin" Hammond C. A., "Tarrangower" Benelong road Murray Arthur, "Avondale" McCurdy Daniel. "Manitoboa" Lee C. H., "Moira" Carlisle Street (Rose Bay) or Dover road Scots Pree yterian Chureli McLean " &wawa" Crosson Mrs. E., "The Briars" Giles E. B., J1'., "Lyndon" Barker Frederiok J., "Hillside" Jackett Francis 1'., "S' Breoek" Sackett Joseph E., "Drultville" Peters George Keys Herbert C., "Oban" Nfarryatt W..1. FL. "Glentryle Isaacs Mrs. Mary Ann, '"Pariee" Meyer 'Sidney S.. "Emilia" Child Mrs. Edit hi, "Kelvin" Hamilton street Dewley Charle s." Fairview Gibson Stephen, "Breeden" Williams A. E., "St. Johns" 19 Hastens Mrs. A. 21 Ward Miss J. 23 Fothers Major N. D. 27 Kennedy Mrs. Agnes 29 Stewart Mrs. Emily 31 Mackenzie Marcus Stackpool Risdon James E., "Braeside" Lyne Lady, "Carlotta" Rabbitts E., "Kelvin" Levek Mrs. Sarah, "Athger" Cozens Edmund, "Trevallyn" Michel Donald, "Stanleigh" Hemingway G. Riordan Mrs. Marion, "Kedron" Block William Storey Colvin, medical practitioner Harkness Walter, "Lillianfels" Betts Boyden Lyle, "Kew" Crawford Wm. Charles, "Palo-Alto" Benjamin Edgar, "Warialdir Lascelles Clive, "Bullecourt" Tomkinson Thomas, "Minnesota" Carroll Lane Junction street 1 Simmons Mrs. Beatrice Carthona Avenue (Darling Point) 011 Darling Point road Collins Mrs. Gwetidoline Dickson MN. E. S., "Beach Manor" Hughes Arthur E., "Carthona" Castra Place (Double Bay) Oil Pearce st Off William st Bauhinia Flats Paterson Lieut. Halliday McKillop L. 1' trebled Henry F.. " Wiltshire" Arpante E. R., "Garlieston" Pearce Henry, "Otnratt" Cecil Road (Rose Bay) 0// Dudley road Chamberlain Avenue (Rose Bay) OD Dudley road Bindoff Henry W., "Casa-Mia" Beck R. W. Cecil Road Brady Edric II., "Walbes" Cannery Dudley road Wakelin Herbert, "Lewiston" Cluiterman David F., "Rode" Robinson Mises, "Afelrose" Eager Hogan Mrs. E. Chester Street Off Edgecliff road Ashwin Ernest Ivor, "Huston" (*iambus "strooklve" (holding Norman, "Tregulla" Canilffe John It., " Blink Bonny Dingwell Mrs., "Wonga" Allan! Edward T., "Rose Cottage" Duckworth A., J.1'.,," Trenthasn: Salcomhe Flats- 1 Martin Mrs. 2 Nash Mrs. B. A. Kellor Noonan Tobin James Cooper Street (Double Bay) Lower Ocean street to Bay street 19 Davis David, "Gienbrook " 17 Scot-Skirving It., medical pract. Lloyd Mrs. B. B., "Compton" 11 Ilealey Henry, "Hatfield' 9 Hamilton Joseph, "Missouri" 7 King Mrs. K. 5 Mackay Mrs. Annie, " Clifton 3 Hubbard Rohort," Lochiel" Mort Mrs. Laidley, "Lymington" Ferguson Rev. John (Pres.) 20 Brown Miss Dowling IS Maiming Alfred E. ' 'Hilton" DS Hickson Mrs. S, "Aforvern" Ilea rldta str,ot 14 Jackson Frank, "Collunbia" Woof Richard, "Venice" Carlton Mrs. "Dalmeny" Josses Mrs."Tolarno" Wilkins Mrs. G. L., "Watford" Court Road Mora road to Manning road 26 Garisman Mrs. Frederica 24 Clark Mrs. 22 Lavery Misses, "GOV/111 Dale" 23 Williams Robert, "St, Momma" 21 Rainsford Gerald 19 MeGavin Dal. 17 MeNab Walter 15 Murphy Mrs. Bridget 13 Foster George II Daley Francis, "Mallet" 9 Mulligan 7 Raliaias Sydney Hitch. "Paermo" 5 Steamy Lawrence It., " Kingston 3 Brown Airs. C.. "Cestria" I Couunins T. Courtenay Road (Rose Bay) OP Mitchell road 'roving Carl, "Epirus" Goyie Arlmu. " lion saildit" Warren-Jenkins, the Misses 'Mysotis' Cooper John W., "Cooperneuk" Douglas Albert, "Dundarave" Napthall Albert, "Kamerunga" Oranbrook Road (Rose Bay) New South heal road to Victoria root Elliott Dr. Nicholas P., ST.EX.& Hinder Septimus, dental surgeon Glass.1.. Wong,'" Dettmann W. A., "Elysian" Wilkinson Frederick ii., " Enwoola" Batchelor S. H., "Finchley" Brasiski David, "Jarlbar" Campbell A. W., M.D., '' W011endoon" Brearley E. A., phys and surgeon Rut he Frederlek. "Atidenbrooke" Grant Mrs., "Stirling" Linden airs. Erie, "lisealroy" Hall G. R. P., phys'n, "Myanong" Bollenlingen A., "C'arthowen" Conte II. E.. " Burnam" Wilson David, barrister "Vandooya's Macrae Mark, "Inverinate" JOBMASTERS BY APPOINTMENT TO MANY GOVERNORS an ADMIRALS. THE HIGH COURT. &D.

38 ANTHONY HORDERNS' PAY CARRIAGE ON FAMILY DRAPERY IN N.S.W. ANTHONY HORDERNS' MAIL ORDER SERVICE WILL HELP YOU. Edg Oro WOOLL A HRA, Dud Dum WOOLLAHRA. Cross Street (Double Bay) North side Lower Ocean street to New South Head road Moncrieff Robert, "Locksley" Griffin Erie, "Darbert" Huntley Mrs. Earl, "Mariola" Mailer Percy, "Althea" Marshall IL O., solicitor." Darenth" Allan Mrs. Harriett, "Fulmar" Bay street Griffin J. B.. " Edna " Jones Arthur Edward, "Brunswick".51 Oates Mrs. A.," Aston " 49 Oates Joseph, "Eton" 45 Bowes James T., "Beauty" 27 Young Frank, "Beath" 25 Dickinson henry 23 Williams Ernest 21 White Paul 10 Macintosh Francis TraIlwaal arenue 17 Davie Sylvania, "Sunnyside" Squires George. "3Iasootte" 13 Double Bay Mission Hall Presbyterian Church Glazebrook Henry," Estherville" 9 Clarke Mrs., "Womerah" 7 Finn Charles, "Violet Cottage" Pelham street S Young William 3 McLachlan Mrs. D., mixed business 72 Robinson Leo Whitby, solicitor 70 Cutler Sidney 68 Symonds Mrs. Catherine, "Cons".66 Todd Edwani Thomas, " Heatheote".04 Kennelly Mrs. Jane, "Musa" 62 Wallace Albert Edward 60 Mason William, "Sparta" 58 McGreel Thomas M. 50 Forder N. 54 Eynon Henry -50 Glazebrook William, greengrocer 44 Joss Mrs. AL, "Belturbet" 42 Nelson Gordon 40 Mortimer K A. C., "Worragee " 38 Martin Mrs. Alexander Pencils Mrs. Mabel, "Derwin" Bap street 34 Stott Claude C. 32 Medley Mrs. F. 30 Edwards W Pepper Harold 26 Fieteffi r Thomas, " WIIC 24 Bult Mrs. Annette, "Avis" 22 Jolly Frank Joseph," St. Clair" 20 Coogan Roger 18 Graham Donald, "Dalkeith" 16 Usher J. 14 Smith James, "Adelaide" 12 O'Connell Samuel, "Kilehurn" 12 Thomas Norman 10 Prendergast K. F. Pitt John, "N Misdate" 6 Griffiths Mrs. C. Cecil," Woonona" 4 James William, " Recolte ' 2 liessey George C., "Eceleston" Darling Point Road (Darling Point) New South Head road to Darling point Ran elayli gardens Redbank Flats 3 Newman Miss Thomas Richard, " Myoora Barnet Mrs. Mary S. ' Kay Ashton Morley, "Ranelugh" 11 Lloyd Mrs. A. H. 13 Waters Ina A.. "Yootha" 19 Meyer E., "Mamma" Tele Reba Flats- 21 O'Hare Daniel Walker 'Mrs. J. Herrman Mrs. 35 Hunter John, J.P., "Lask" 37 Macpherson William T., "Iffintrulm".39 Pontressina Flats- ' Wade Mrs. It. B. Francis Mrs. J Milroy Rats Smith V. W.. Holmes Misses 43.Emanuel Alfred H.," Levarynga ", 45 Mills Arthur Edward, M.D. Marshall Mrs. G., "Dromore" 47 Dickson David P., "Ifolinwood" 49 Harvey His honor Judge J. M. 51 Chalmers James Lea Tile Rev. Cmon Edward H. (C. of E.) St. Mark's road 55 Maxwell Mrs. E. D., "Disley" 57 Cox Sir Owen, K.B.E., J.P. St. Mark's Church of England Greenoaks avenue 59 Paul Mrs. Monson 0// Smith John R. 63 Beith William 07 Stuart William 09 Lyons Claude H., "Lorne" 71 Purees Thomas P.,' Itoskear" 73 Brsdley Walter, "Trevemm" 75 Tredegar House- 1 Marks A. A. 2 O'Connor Mrs. 3 WISO M. 4 Teppema P. E., Netherlands Consul 5 Macadam Mrs. 0 Morrice Mrs. Branch road Eastbourne road Saunders Alfred. "Greville Mount" Alcock Thomas, "Torrington" 97 Weyland Ernest G. Ifordern Sir Samuel, Kt., "Bab-. worth House" Mitchell road Ethan, avenue Sutherland crescent See Jou,!iUrara" 115 Elthara Rats- MacInnes Mrs. Angus Kirkeoldie Mrs. David Harris S. M. Bruce Mrs. Baxter Garcia J. C. 127 Lewis Mrs, Emma Park William 31 Keen Stanley H., "Karrithle' 133 Goodall Henry 135 Bennett Frank, "Lyndhurst" 137 Devereux Joseph William 130 Carr G. 11., "Dayton" 141 Somes Mrs. Bridget 1., " Glengeary" 143 Browne F. G., "Lynton Done" 145 Conley 1Villlatu George, "Hpalli" Atham avenue 147 Harris George, barrister," Prudhoe" Carthona avenue 153 Corner William S., "Braeside" 155 Macintosh Jatnes, J.P., "Chant" Lindsay avenue A.J.C. Soldiers and Sailors' Home "Canonbury" 4 Newman Luscombe, "Manthend" 6 Moxlmtn IL C., dentist, "Mulder"- 8 Witherby Mrs. A. M., "Wellesley" Russell Miss B. M. 10 Bedwell Arthur.1., "Kama" 12 Barton the Right [{on. Sir Elinund, 14 Campbell Miss Barbara 16 Basser Adolf 18 natal. Shand A. B., K.C. 2 Curtis Oscar 20 Ritchie Harold John, med. pract. 22 Marsh If. S., pity. and surgeon 24 Coxon Frank, "Vasa" 26 Reeves Herbert, "Fersen" 28 Rouse John Joseph, J.P., " Kardinia Mona road 30 Stevens Humphries Owen Loftus road Annandate street 32 McWilliam II. R. Yaranabbe road 34 Smart Mrs. A. A. 36 Canny Joseph P., J.P.. "0 oringa" 38 Blaxland Walter, M.R.C.S. 42 'Untold Mrs. Minnie 44 Crawford Mrs. Rhoda, "Venzgylin" 46 Smith Teesdale 48 Norris John 50 Plunkett MISS M., "IYollerang" 50 Acheson Mrs. M. L P., Wollerang" 50 Hart John, "Cleveland" ()omens crescent 58 Layeeek Mrs. Lydia 60 Campbell Murray 62 Gunther Cyril 6l4"Yerenbah" 64 Murnin Cecil 66 Ross Charles IL, "Winslow 68 Resell Edmund "Swifts " Thornton street Taranabbe road 70 Hi ggins Erne st Henry. "Arnpryor" Orchard It. B., R. Davis Lane off Grosvenor street Dawson Lane Davis lane to Oration street Dorhauer Place Off James street 1 Moseley David 2 Croxson James Edward 3 Rouse Harry 4 de Grout Mrs. 5 Higgins Michael Double Bay (See New South Head road) Dover Road (Rose Bay) East side Neu/South Head to Old South Head road 2 Matheson Mrs. A. Barkley.Truinbuie. 4-Levey Athol M., "Wisley" 6 Marshall Thomas S., "Toxteth" Ian street 10 Lock Frank, "Avora" 12 Wilson Mr,, Alice Louisa' "Lu-In" 10 Kersworth Preparatory School Carlisle street 20 Thompson Robert V., "Norbert 22 Bengard Frederick 24 Jamieson Mrs. Anne, "Devon" 26 Frost Charles 30 Grimes Mrs. Margaret 32 Ellwood Miss Bessie Downman Arthur V., "Carlton" 46 Darby James W. 48 Cheetham Herbert, "Mayville" 50 Tompidns Percy L., "Hastings" 52 Maadyen Donald, "Hexham" 54 Rossiter Miss M. McDougal Allan."Amelamtr" Cameron Ronald Stability Percy, "Berowra Medlicott Alfred Richard 3a Williams Arthur, "Latona" Vale Maurice 7 Gelato Henry T., "Nirvana" 11 Gartner A. C. 13 Stephens Fred. G. N., med. praet. 15 Elliott James, "Overdale" 17 Fallon 3lichnel," Claverton" 10 Jones W. M., solicitor Jones Miss Mary 21 Morrison Edwin, "Aurora" 23 O'Kane W. J., dentist 31 Cameron S. C. 33 Pain Oscar 35 Hurley Joseph 37 Hughes IL, dentist, "Tynward" 39 Melville Mrs. Ethel M., "Rutland" 43 Stacey John 45 Davies Miss Ivy 47 Lamb Mrs. Christiana, "Brundah" 47a Walters Gerard 49 Berry Mrs. Annie 51 Munday Mrs. Marian 53 Scott Miss Annie 55 Marsh Mrs. Emma J., "Glenloch" 57 Woodger William George 59 Lloyd Mrs. Mildred 63 Ironside George 65 Michael Clifford, "Royalla" 67 Fryer Alfred R., "Melon" 69 Harvisou D. J., "Albury" Drumalbyn Road (Bellevue Hill) 011 Victoria road MoVernon Alexander."Kormanda" Bowker Dr. Cedric. M.D., Ch.M. McIntyre Professor It, CI. Oldham Marcus W., J.1'. Dudley Road (Rose Bay) Chamberlain avenue to Old South Rd. rd. Dixon Walter, "Canberra" Laurence Mrs Susan, "Glen Lomond" Psuckman Mrs. E., "Rockleigh" Miller IL, "Tarwin" Norris Charles Edward, "Yarronga" Finlay Ernest P., "Gika Gika" Miller Francis Chas., 'Mount Royal' Gray Mrs: H. D., "Craigleigh" Blight Stanley, "Brent Knoll" Cary Harold 11., "Carloya" llobbs John. Cudmoro T. C., "Caithness" Kerr Peter Warwick. Alexis Stanley. Pooley Ernest, "Panama" Cohen Albert, "Devon" Mills Arthur 31., "Artal" Alderson Lieut., "Risdon" Mitchell road Dumaresque Road (Rose Bay) Og N road to Bose bay Rico Hubert, physician Campbell Mrs. Donald Ellison Mrs. John, "Cluny" Dwyer Lane Off James street Eastbourne Road, (Darling Point Of Darling Point road Elizabeth place 'Willis Mrs. Annie E., " Glendelough " ifolroyd Eustace Macpherson Mrs. D. A. Weigall Mrs. 0. E., "Elthatn Cottage" Eater Mrs. Jean, "Eastbourne" Noyes Edward, "Porthamel" Stuart A. L., "Medstead" Ebsworth Road (Rose Bay) Of Sp neer street 9 Hollins Mrs. Mary Hannell Esmond IL 7 Cook Herbert 41 Ogilvie Alfred 5 Gray Albert, "Mayville" 4 Dingman Christ idler Thomas FUSSeil Mrs. Mary 2 Reynolds W. M. 1 Reynolds Edward Pike Frank, "Caloola" Pain H., "Witley" Davies Mrs. Alice, "Cloughey" Edgeoliff Road North site Old South Head to New South Head road 1 Hickey Michael J., grocer 3 O'Neill James 9 Hammer William, greengrocer Kendall street 11 Stewart M. Au B., grocers Duggan Mrs. P. J. 15 Williams Thomas 37 Swinburn R. N., butcher Carlaw William, mixed business 21 Pyke Louis. " Yeramball 23 Walcott Arthur. "Albury" 25 Simms Mrs. Emily, " Yarran " 27 Bellemey Mrs. Mary 29 White Arthur 291 Bulgin John 31 Fuller W. 33 Stewart Miss Bessie, " Iona" Yarwood lane 37 Williamson T., fuel depot 39 Hill Samuel, motor garage 41 Gray Mrs. B. B., confectioner 41 Hodges A., builder 43 Cooto Joseph Christie's Hall 45 Baker Frederick William 49 Maher Miss 51 Coady John, "Killarney" 53 Brown II. F. 55 Taylor David 63 Dolton Roy 67 Rogers 69 Garvin T., 5.1'. 71 Roberts Mrs. Emma L., "Ivanhoe" 75 Dolton Arthur," Hawthorn" 77 Jenkins George B., Gleu Luna" Fletcher John S., "Edgeeliffe" 83 Fletcher G. and Son. ironfounders -85 Fleming C. E. ' mixed business Adelaide street 117 Radmore George. 'Exeter" 119 Pitcher Charles H. 121 Mileham Mrs. Elizabeth," Listowel" 127 Wingate Robert," Guthrie" 129 Mite Francis, carrier 131 Burton Frederick, bootmaker 133 Bain James 135 Parker E. IL butcher 137 Armstrong William 139 Odgers William H. 141 Jones Albert- E., "Lacosta" 143 Wheeler 'Thanes B.," Meletia 145 Morrin Vincent 147 Walsh Mrs. W., "Urania 149 Beaumont William 161 Black Samuel, greengrocer 'St. Stephen's Church of Englani 153 Clark George A., "Richmond" 155 May William, "Portland" 157 Malone Mrs. Jane," Deviinport " 159 Gates Charles," Portsmouth" 161 Killeen 163 Doyle Alfred J.. grocer 165 Gardiner J. G., teacher of music 167 Anderson John 167i Gow Forbes, bootmaker 169 Cummins A. 171 Haugliton Alice 173 Thackeray Robert, general store 175 Grumson Frank 177 Blake Spencer, laundry 179 Barnfield Mrs. Rachel 181 Moulton William Bathurst street 183 Brown Albert, "Eureka" 185 Anderton James 187 Matcheit Charles 119 Grace Mrs. Ent 191 Edwards Arthur, '"I'arawera" Harbour Pletr lane Harkness street tlagney street 193 Hills Mrs. H., "Wynliolm" 195 Board Charles John, "Sslbridge" 197 Flattery Timothy J., "Savina" 199 Phelan Mrs. Kate, costumiere Robinson lane 201 Davies Reginald 203 Penhallgan Charles 205 Pike James Fredk., "Florencoville" Flans Conrad 207 Hallett Miss M., "Carmel" 209 Flues William D., "Penzance " 219 Abbot George, "Boyd" 226 McNeill' William," Dorisville" 227 Taylor Barry A. 231 Jackson Francis Alexander 223 Carter Ernest 239 Bell A. Martin Mrs: Charlotte Gandry Francis Fitzroy Wallis street 241 Rosalind Flats Rose John Howe William Dinney Mrs. Mary A. 245 Warminster Rats Eccles Stewart Itelfernan Murray 247 Featherston Patrick J. 219 Drayton A. J. W., "Ambroseville" 251 Hall Mrs. G. P. Chester street Stanley street 265 Behrstnann Mrs. Marian, "St. Clair" 267 James Joseph Thomas 269 litimaek R. It. 271 Henderson L faznar Paul 275 Neild Mrs..1. C., "Greycairn" 277 Murray 279 Foster William Henry 281 McMillan Sir William, K.O.M.G., J.P. 283 Bethune Francis J. Lower Forth street 283b Craig Brown, M.D., F.R.C.S. (Ed) Moon Mrs. M. S.," Hoonam" Egemont flats McDonald Misses Adams John Randal 291 Dunrobin fiats Kevin Mrs. J. Dyght Miss Plummer Reginald John Landsdowne fiats- 293 Webb Arthur Charles 297 Shard Chas., bank manager., "Ealing' 299 Ormsby Lister 301 McMenamin J. H., "Campden" 303 Maxwell Allan, dental surgeon 305 Yeomans Mrs. Allan 307 Munro Dr, A. Watson, "Cuicairn" 309 Lockyer Hedley Norman DarrA flats- 311 Forster F. B. Watson W. H. 313 Lamb Mrs. C. F., " Kilvington " Boslyndale avenue Wesche Mrs. Gordon Brennan Wm. F., solicitor, " Flo/quiet" Walker Hon, James Thos., "Wallaroy" Banksia flats Scond fiat Gee Mrs. Auburn Other Third fiat. Levic Fernand Fourth fiat Halloran E. S. Fifth flat- Tidswell Frank, physician 3: sturgeon Sixth flat Wilson Guy Jones Mrs. Edith,'"Winbalt" Edgeclill Merewether Mrs. Aug.. " Castlefield " Cape Henry Arnold, "Ilazeimere" Cape Edward Septinius,' Hazebnere" Allanthus College Saunders Miss Eva Florence Williams Mrs. Florence Harris J., physician and surgeon, "Lynwood" Fernbank Flats- 1 Webb Charles 2 Lamb Miss '3 Reid Curtis Victor 4 Leake Mrs. Helen. S Faulkner Mrs. 6 Smith John Ure Warwick Flats- 1 Lampnian Howard 3 Scott Thos. Richmond 4-5 Reading E. 6 Blau Julius Wormald.1. D. 8 Cape Henry 9 Carbould mrs. W. H. Mount Stewart Flats- 1 McCall Mrs. E. 2 Davenport C. Stanley 3 Lake F. W. 4 4 Brown J. Watson 5 Maxwell Mrs. Eliza 6 Hill Mrs. Alfred 1 7 Pfeiffer Mrs. Regina 8 Eckford Mrs. Jessie Hagen Richard C., "Leswell' 2 Knight Charles 2a Golder Mrs. Selina 4 Walker Mrs. lin g/ale lane Kidnzan's terrace Walsh James 8 Cooper Walter 10 Wright Wiltittm S. 12 Smith Sydney S. 14 Levy Remelt 16 Hanslow Archibald 18 Chambers Mrs. H. S. 20 Macfadyen Mrs. Elizabeth 22 Joyce Daniel G. 24 Alexander Cecil E. 26 Pringle Mrs. Elizabeth 28 Althouse John, " Martinville 30 Bernaseoni Ernest, "Ilermativille" 32 Kennedy Mrs. Annie 31 Woodger Richard A, "Haltle»e' 30 Calder Walter, "Avondale" 38 Cunningham Mrs. H. A., " Tarella 40 Scott.Tanies, '"Foorale" 42 Blunt Mrs. E., "'Peanut" 44 Dempsey Joseph. "Talloorna Ma sney lane 46 Douglas Norman. "Emilville" 48 Allison Mrs. Nellie 50 Donna Mrs. Ethel 52 Gibson Victor, "Francisville" 54 \Yardley ilayter W., " Ilonoraville" 50 Horne Mrs. Catherine 58 Ilolmes P. A., J. P., " Mauditoime,' 60 Barlow Hamilton," Highelere" Holy Cross Convent 78 Bourne Mrs. Maria 80 Bono Mrs. Frances, "Egmont" 82 Brown Joseph, "Orwell" 84 Buxton George 86 Douglas Mrs. Harriett 88 Wynne Athol J. 90 Humfrey Thomas S. 02 Decline Henry 94 Handy John J. Adelaide street 102 Morel Mrs. Alice 104 Parsons B. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE ST.. CITY. 'PHONE 9228 CITY SYDNEY'S LEADING FIRM OF EMBALMERS

39 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR STATION SUPPLIES. 846 Edw WOOLLAHRA ANTHONY HORDERNS' SPOT CASH MERCHANTS. Fai Fai WOOLLA URA. Gra 847 Edger17ff road continued- Nickless Osmond." Cambria " 106 Davis Sydney," Odessa " 108 Massey Charles," Iona" 110 Deeley Edwin 112 Hill Jeffrey 114 Elder Waiter Grieve, "Verulam" 116 Blakers A. H., grocer Junction street 124 Dennison Mrs. Martha, "Collaroy", 126 Ryan Mrs. R. 128 Beauchamp Mrs. Amy, " Greendale 134 Kelly James, milk vendor 136 Darby George T. Grosvenor street 140 Doyle A. J., "Ardfleld" 148 Couleher Albert 152 Young Thomas Albert, "Nownham" 154 Warren Alfred, "Mautiville" 156 Brenchley Alfred, milk vendor 158 Heath 'Percy 160 Hooper John 162 Whealey Henry W.," Bandon 164 MacKinnon Mrs. Sarah, "Inver may 160 Murray Robert 168 Frazer Walter G., Woy Way 170 Taylor Ernest 172 Terry John 174 Luck A. 176 Hooper William, "Brighteide" Rowe street Dudley terrace- 178 Joseph Lora., "Tara" 180 Jones Frederick 0., "Omer" 182 Stadler Lawrence, "Kent'. 181 Hayes Mrs. Margaret, "Elba" 186 Porter Richmond 188 Morrison David, "Tarcham" 190 Anderson Frederick 192 Armstrong George Saber Lane Vernon street 166 Hitherto Frederick 198 Kerr Patrick 200 Bailey 0. A. "Venttior" 202 McCredie Douglas James 204 Kffininater Clarence William 208 hanger Mrs. Emily 208 Sullivan Mrs. Jane, "Chester" 210 Monroe Mrs. Elizabeth 212 Watson Mrs. Isabel 214 Dennison Herbert 216 Smyth.Kirk Ivan, " Arnoldville" 218 Tranberg William,"Redruth" 220 Lesley W. A., "Wartle" 222 Stevens Frederick. "Holyromi " 224 Walker John William 226 Mackey William, "Corrine 228 MerrIe James 230 Thomas George E. 232 Griffiths William, " Sylvania" 234 Phillips Henry J. 230 Meant Mrs. 240 Winstanley Joseph 242 O'Hagan Francis G. 244 Marshall William 240 Larkin James 248 Hill Frank N. 260 Kilkeary Frank 252 A nable Samuel 254 Donnellan William, "Osborne" Lesswell street 256 Ryan Miss Catherine, grocer 260 Ommington Miss J. Anker Samuel 262 Hansel and Son, engineers 264 7'ranter Herbert, "Craiglea " 266 Hambling William H., "St. Clements 208 Snow George 270 Cohen Arthur 272 Askin Mrs. 274 Dickson Alexander Wallis street Wellington street 278 Leslie Peter, J.P. 280 Linney Mrs. Mary Ann 282 Wilson Prof..Tames T. Queen street Nelson street Forth street 294 Stokes Mrs. Ada G., "Hepworth" Wellington street Gilles Mrs. II. E., "f Inlvern" Bennett Charles W., "Anambah" Trelawneg street Braddon lion. H. Y. 111.L.0. J.P. Rutledge Miss Alice Cox Mrs. A. B., "Kilbride" Caro Mrs. Annie "Caldwell" WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. Rich It. C. Ellison, solicitor, "Ker grist" Allen Arthur W., "Sferrioola" Roietnont avenue Levy Septimus, "Hillside" Albert street (Edgeclille) Cape Alfred J., solicitor, "Karoola " Potts Walter, " Richmond " Edward Street Off Lower Bathurst street and Manning foal 2 Davidson 4 Parker Charles 0 Lomas Mrs. Margaret 8 Drewett Sidney 10 Robbins Mrs. Maud," Bayview" 12 Dunne Michael, "Bellevue" 14 Roser M., "Aberdare" 16 Higgins William 18 Patterson Joseph," Bohemia" 20 Slattery William 11., "Indarra" 22 O'Dea John, 'Stephanie" 24 Grant Robert, "The Rosiery" 26 Davis Mrs. 11., "Swansea" 28 Hilditch Alexander 30 Kimbel William, ",Thurgoona" 32 Crabtree 1ViAlitin A. 34 Wright Frederick, "13oyhan" 30 Kelso John James, "Ormond" 38 White Daniel.7., " Noel " 40 Collins Alfred Robert, "Oberon" 42 Lawson Mrs. 48 McKinnon Allan 50 Douglas WillIam, "Edithville" 52 Castrrty E. W. B. 64 5fonckton Wm. Henry, "Glenview" 25 Overell Reginald, "Marlow" 23 Ferguson John Bathurst Brett 21 Stephens Henry William 19 Russell Harold 17 Taylor William IL, "Roylston" 15 Pearson Fred James," MannreW11," 13 Ashworth Albert, " Preston " 11 Eyles Mrs. Theresa Lemon Ernest J.. " " 7 Miller Alexander Russell street 5 West John A., "Nostaw " 3 Rowlstone Henry W., "Torquay" 1 Riddell Alexander in Norwood Mrs. Elizabeth Place (Darling Point) Eastbourne road to Branch road Lyster Col. John Sanderson 'Penarth' Morehead Miss Priestley C. 51., "Hillend" Epping Road (Double Bay). Off Forest road 1 Davies Mrs. Annie 3 Ewing Frank, "The Mace" 5 Edwards J. IL 7 McLeod Joseph 9 Hook Mrs, E...Drunioak" 11 Wilson Mrs. 51.,"Kiminole" 1$ Fearnley McKenzie George 17 Jack treorge II., "Bellwell" 19 Hyde Joseph, "St. Maur" 21 Davis Benjamin 23 Oheetham Edward 25 Dickinson William J., " Mayville" 27 Ryan Mrs. Elizabeth 29 Stenhouse Vivian 31 Butcher Aubrey 33 Wright Mrs. 35 Wailes Mrs. Isabel 37 Morahan A. J., "Palorna" 39 Macintosh Mrs. 41 Ford Mrs. Jessie 43 Strike Mrs. Bessie 46 Cannon Herbert 47 Young James 49 Sandford Ernest 51 Meads Harry 63 Griffith Clarence 65 Russell Herbert B. 57 King Leslie 69 Worrell William 61 Chaplin Mrs. 65 Kendrich Alfred James 67 Bothatnley Walter 2 Peterson Mrs. Robina, "Avondale" 4 Ettershank James. "Lorraine" 6 Newcombe Charles 8 Yee Samuel 10 Corlet Gustave, "Cleethorpe" 12 Luby Mrs. M. 14 High= John 16 Schuback Sidney 18 Love Alexander 20 Thompson James, "Kawan" 22 Monerieff Laurence 24 Oberne Benjamin 26 Witney Miss Margaret 28 King Ellis G., "Devine" 30 Capron Thomas H. 32 Albion Arthur C., "Asta Villa"' 30 Fountain Rupert 38 Schubert Mrs. J. 40 Violet LOUIS, " Ross-shire 42 Dean Charles H. 44 Sayer Mrs..40 Hart Mrs. Dora 48 Hughes Alfred," Girrahween "- 50 Anderson Martin 52 Richardson Henry 64 Tester Mrs. Elizabeth 56 Biggs Mrs. Ann, "Argyle" 88 Douglas James 00 Ives Jonathan 62 Morgan Sydney Iligham Charles 60 Cook Arthur 68 McAlister Charles, "Dorothyville 70 McIntyre Archibald, " Glenelsie " 72 Johnson W. G., "Maidenhythe" 74 Metcalfe W. J. 76 Harper William J., "Ynigibar" 78 Payne SVilliam, "Ngapelii" 80 Watson Alfred E. 82 Butler Frank 84 Lees Leslie Thomas 86 Solomon It. 5L 88 Hughes Frederick 90 Nash Thomas Etham Avenue (Darling Point) Sutherland crescent to Darling Point recut Sutherland crescent Mine!! Lieut.-Col. William Percival 8 Jones Joint A. S. "Nia Heymo" Meeks lion. A. W., M.L.C., J.P. Meeks Victor 4 Maas Edward 9 Hunter Alexander "Leetena" 41 Murray Cyril, "Kyoto" 39 Stephens Mrs. C. N., "Athol" 37 Chomley Mrs. Jessie, "Eidene" 31 Barnet Thomas." St. Vigeans " 20 Cairnes Mrs. Elizabeth 37 Martin George, "Singorit" 26 McLaughlin Arthur L., "Veneta' 23 Campbell C. IL, "Rencliffe" 21 Ranken George H., "Utowana" 17 Preston W. H. 16 Larkin Mrs. 1'. M. 13 King Roy M. 9 Weingarth John, "Linden" 7 Douglas D. P.," torn" 1 Coates Willis B., "Wilma" Fairfax Road (Bellevue Hill) Bellevue road to Ginahgulla road Liriclunden Garden Flats Flat No,! Jones Eric Lloyd Plat No.2 Stuart Professor Sir T. P. Anderson Harris R. W. S., "St. Kierans" Addison G. C., barrister, chief indus trial magistrate, "Wamba" Halligan M. B. "Whiburn" Afaughan David, "Nyrangic" Teem Clive R., "Orrong' Barnett Leopold, "Coniston" AfcCall-McCowan, Mrs., "Ardlui" French W. R. Russell,' Green Gables French Sir J. Russell, "Vange" Russell Henry, " Malittru " Selivyn.Stnith Major R., "Illawang" HEAD OFFICE: SIO SERIE STREET. 'PRONE 9226 CITY Fairweather Street Of Bellevue road Lewis Harold S., "Clermont" Howard Thomas, "Warildah" Collins John, "Kincora" Newland Mrs. Martha, "Verona" Weilland Herman, "The Ranch" Brinckley John, "Loch Lomond" Faraday Avenue-- 'Old South Head road to Newcastle street Doyle Stuart, "White Rose" 24 Velik Benjamin, "Heytesbury" 22 Woken Hubert, " Ormonde " 20 Baldwin Mrs. Mary A.," Euroma" 18 Johnson W. G., "Wyandra" 12 Tucker Mrs. Maude 30 Pope John Carrington, "Beresford" 8 Warton A. T. 6 Nichol Robert, "Rosemond" Fox N. S. A. Joyce William J. Allen Themes Richard Monaghan W. W. 7 Wilson Joseph T., "Roena" 5 Burke William 3 Boole Henry K," Mayday 3 Lloyd Richard T., "Willoy" Fletcher Street Kendall street to Phippard's quarry Pitunb W. H. "Clifton" 3 Ryan William 5 Farquhar William Norman 7.McGarvey Jack, "Glittirhyd" Cox Miss K.,-"Kaia" Jira John, "Mora" 11 Lumsden James," Derby Cottage" 13 Taw Mrs. A. " Nattai " 17 (Hazard Ambrose," Wood Green" Sykes James Yarwood lane Schimmield Harry," Annona Coulson Matthew,"Lyttleton" Evesson Charles Dawson Arthur Hargreaves Mrs. E., "Noblethorpe" L Saunders Thomas, "Strathmore" East James Fitzgerald James," 'Madrona Hills Miss Ii. S.," IIIIIview Forest John A., "Elysium" Simmonds Fred W. Collins Mrs. Elizabeth, "Tama" Charlesworth John, "Bellevue" Gale V. If. liyett Tom, "Ifehnath" Dickson Jack, "Glenlea" Bewley F. J. Clark George, "Edgarville" Blades Henry, "Edithville" Bracegiffile John, "Trine 2 Duthie John Candy William Arthur Dwyer Michael Eames William, grocer Forest Road (Double Bay) 09 Mora road 20 Plc Philip, "Roma" 24 Bradley Mrs. A., "Okareka" 22 Flanagan Austin 20 Fuller E. 18 Bower Walter 10 Davids L. E. 14 Hackney Thomas Payne 32 Allan Sidney Clarey Bert 8 Ryan Mrs. C. 6 Whaley Herbert 3 Brew George 3 Mossong Mrs. Eleanor 5 Hue James H., "Iiixhill" 7 Jones A. B. 9 Riley John 11 Aitken Arthur Berryman George Epping toad 15 Pognon Madame At.," France" 37 McKinnon MISS Kate, "Bradford" Forth Street Front Ocean street Presbyterian Church N.S.W. Fire Station 4 Woolley Joseph 6 Stone Arthur 8 Cosgrove John Public Sellool J. B. Byrne, headmaster Nelson street Edgectlfe road Alting Edward, "Rodney Cottage" Costello Thomas Kiltnineter lane Spray Edwin J., " Moron " Hezeldon Mrs. Blanche King E. "Rothsay" 7 Pelle William, motor garage 9 Harrison Mrs. William 11 Bourke Richard 13 Haynes Mrs. Elizabeth, grocer 17 Martin William Edward 19 Williamson Mrs. Lilian 21 Scantiebury Mrs. Claude 23 Read Walter F. 27 Seery James 29 Minton ThOlnag 31 Dawson Harold 33 Snell Frederick 33 Latimer W. F. (M.L.A.), office 35 Loseby Stanley 37 Churchill Robert Clifton 39 Howie Andrew 43 Gow Robert T. Fullerton Street Wellinyton to Trelawnep street Nathan A. H., "Adderton" Afauglian John No. 1 Flat McDonald F. T., "Meon-Stoke" No. 2 Flat McFarlane W. AL Halloran Mrs. C. It., "Cooyong" Williamson Percy L., solicitor, "Denholm" Davis Leslie D., "Finchley" Gales Lane Oil 52 Ocean street McMaster Hobert Levy Ralph Himlin Thomas Ginahgulla. Road (Bellevue Hill) l' Pat,* fax road Fairfax Lady, "Ginahgulla" Kelly 'I'. H., "Caerleon" Williams 0. M., "Trahlec" Knox Edward W.," Rona" Stephen Colin C., solicitor," Lianillo" Glendon Road (Double Bay) Carlotta street 2 Shore John 4 Edwards Mrs. Annie. "Coo-ee.Noo'' 6 Carter James 8 Israel Henry Victor 11 Light Harry 12 Buchanan Charles R., "Tairoa" 14 Davenport E. J. 16 Motile Mrs. 18 Powell W. E. 20 Itolfe J. J. 22 Timms F. J. 24 Fountain W. 26 White A. J. 32 Peirce Mrs. Lucy 34 Solomon Alfred L., "Celine" 36 Kidd Mrs. Alice 38 Curnow Mrs. 40 lerlezer Frederick 42 Grace George William 1 Lee W. H. 3 Poole George William 5 Greaten Richard 7 Tarrant Harry 9 Jackson Alfred B. 11 Comfits Cyril 13 Kelly Herbert 15 Pope George 19 Kent George 23 Robertson James '16 Paint John H. 27 Harford Mrs. Ellen 27 Itoyle Reginald 29 Macrae Finlay 31 Tay lor J. Glenrock Avenue (Darling Point) Off 80 New South Head?Wall Burnie John, "Gletirock Lodge" Ludowici Edward, phys., "Myralt" Bailey Miss M..t., girls' school Goomera Crescent (Darling Pt.) 0// Darling Point road Coonterah Plats Jude Mrs. A. B ivin Thomas R., ALL.A., barristerat-law Pritchard Arthur F. J. P., " Queenscliff e" Sandes F. P., surgeon - Grafton Street Nelson to Adelaide street 2 Bennett Edward, " Pimlico " 4 Brown Mrs. 6 Ebsworth Mrs. J. A., "Essendene" 8 Delaney 10 Coleman Joseph 12 Elliott James Joseph 14 Dobson William E. F. 16 Mort Arnot, "Armonk" 18 Thompson Alexander, "Lisburn 20 Read Mrs. A. 22 Mitchell Samuel R., "Gainehorough 26 Roberts Mrs. Asenath, " Lizeta " 28 Hawke George 30 Gaffney Arthur 32 Cunningham George, "Droxford" 34 Lewis Edward 36 Robertson Andrew Leswell street 38 Bailey Newson Harry 40 Pearce 42 Read Mrs. M., "Clovelly" 44 Moore Walter, "Glencar" 46 Jacobson Frederic 48 Rahn! Mrs. Jane 50 Sidaway Mrs. Emma, "Ponshuret" 52 Fitzpatrick lioumel, " Hastings " 56 Street Jasper J. 56 New Mrs. Mary 68 Ryan Daniel 60 Brown Mrs Sylvia, "Witirea" 02 Looney John P. 04 Moran Simon, "Carlton Villa" 66 Gream George 68 Jones A. 70 Smythe Leslie 72 Milimin Clement 74 Links C. W. 76 Bottrell John T. 78 Jones Mrs. B. 80 James Harry 82 Quinn James 84 Enright Michael, "Mama" fie McNeilly Oscar, "Astliver" 88 McCulloch It. C. 90 Clayton Thomas A. 92 Parkes W. F. 96 Britt Phillip 08 Duncan Mrs. Amelia 100 McCrolion Edward, "Brighton" 104 Robinson Mrs. 100 Sharman Herbert 108 Douglas Mrs. Ivy 110 Page Thomas 112 Cranitch Mrs. Margaret, grocer 114 Edwards W. A., butcher Vernon street 116 Thomas Albert E. 118 Scott John 120 GIbbons Archibald 122 Scott Cyril 124 Walker Alfred 1'. 126 Wirth George P. 128 Callinghain 130 Thorley Mrs. Annie 131 Gibney Andrew 134 Dwyer Jai-martens 136 Fitzgerald Michael G. 138 Brown William 140 Anderson William 39 Saint Charles, "Keith" 21 Sinclair John 142 Schofield J. A. SUPPLY PRIVATE CARRIAGES, LANDAUS AND BROUGHAMS, WITH LIVERIED SERVANTS AT CALL

40 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FURNITURE AND FAMILY DRAPERY. 848 Gra WOOL LAHRA. Gum Grefton street continued- 141 Don John 146 Moroney Mrs. M. A. 148 Matchett William 150 Shield!' John 152 Macdonald James 154 Mortimer Herbert 156 Whyrnark Elijah lb ice street 168 Tremaine Mrs. M., grooer Grafton terrace- 160 Clifton Sidney J. 162 Atkinson Mrs. Buie 104 Ranting Atrhur 166 Drinkwater Richard 188 O'Brien Mrs. Eliza 170 Armstrong Harry 172 Flynn Daniel.174 Blaney Joseph 176 Heath George W..180 Davidson Alexander Grosvenor street Dyson lane 182 Seymour Francis B. 184 Young James 186 Guirney William C. 190 Scales Frederick 102 Robinson Mrs. Maria 194 Costello Wilfred 190 Costello Michael James 198 O'Neill John Junction street 206 Judge William F. Electric Light sub-station 200a Craven Francis J., "Fernshaw" 202 Kirkbride Mrs. Hannah, "Gonzaga" 204 Moser Mrs. E., "Artiele" 200 Garvin Phillip 208 Jones Mrs. Charlotte M., "Booms. rang" 210 Binder Mrs. Ada M.. "Gloucester" 212 Vindin Edmund Keith 214 White 216 Stanley Mrs. E. A. 218 Hogan Francis 220 Costigatt Henry Adelaide etreet 1 Isles David 5 Harrison George M. Cramp Mrs. P. E. A., "Ithaca" 11 Fraser Hamilton 16 Berry Francis 17 Usher Dsniel 19 Teller Kenneth 21 Kay John F. 23 Hackett Edmund," Berowra " 25 Geese!' 27 Ryan Patrick," Abedyn" hesteell street 41 Brady Patrick L., "St. Idol" 43 Hamer Mrs. 0. G., " Mia Casa Trewenack W.11.,J.P., "The Towers 47 Looney Michael Joseph 49 Smart Leslie 51 Keoughlirs. Annie 63 Jones Mrs. A. 55 Bridges James Thomas }Varela/I terrace- 57 Medbury Alfred 59 Crampton E 61 Cook Armin F. 63 Robinson John B., "Batonga" 65 Lindsay Herbert 67 Floyd James 69 Johns John J. 71 Meads Harry L. 73 Higson Robert L. 75 Hall Gregory A. Notts terrace- 78 Dowling Patrick, "Brooklyn" Vernon street 81 Realph Francis 83 Shepherd Mrs. Annie 85 Tucker Ernest J. 85a Swiney Walter J., junior 85a Miner Edward A.," tiloydial" 87 Swiney Walter J., seu. 89 MoKeough John 91 Byrne Clarence W. 93 O'Loughlin Miss Margaret O'Loughlin Angus E. 95 O'Connor Thomas P. 97 Stroh George Smith Stanley 99 Rowe Urbane 101 Sinclair William Henry 101a Wright Clarence 103 Scott Ernest 105 Sims Mrs. Annie 107 Walsh William H. 109 Dalby John Bowe street 113 Russell Fred It. 115 Greene Henry 117 Greene Mrs. Henrietta 121 Williams Charles 123 Williams W. W., nurseryman 127 Elders Mrs. Ellen, grocer Grosvenor street Ada terrace- 120 Gray Bede S. 131 Graham J. J Fryer Ben., bootmaker and chiropodist Cook'e lane Junetion street Flannery M., fuel merchant 143 Ryan Edward 145 Cocksedge Charles, " Prestonville" 147 Tyrer Sydney J., "Kent" 149 McMillan J., greengrocer 163 Road), 8., architect 155 Shanks James 167 Pinkerton William J. 159 Hawker Robert N. 161 Pickett William A. 163 McGrath William 105 Garvan John 167 Erankland Robert John 109 Eggins Mrs. Mabel "Cadsdean" 171 Chippindall Edward 173 Selkhk George S. Adelaide street Grafton Street East Continuation of Grafton street 175 Reynolds Charles 177 Grant Mrs. A. 179 Williden Geo. S. 181 Gregory S. E., "Laura" 183 Hogsfiesh Mrs. Harriet, "Euterpe" 185 Knilamis Thomas Cecil 187 larackham George, " " 189 Jones Samuel 191 McCreanor Mrs. Annie 193 Longhurst Mrs. Martha 195 Bonney Miss Florence A.,"Heathlield" 197 Wakelleld Ray 199 Wills Ormond 01 Wallings Ernest, "Handle" MeGuiness Jetries Joseph, "Taluno" 205 Klein George.1., "Merryl" 07 Cook IVillitun 0.," Waratah" 209 Ireland George 211Wallnee Charles. 213 Smith Mrs. IL L. Eut side 226 Challis Robert J., "Melrose" 228 Sivinson John 230 McColgan Mrs. E., "Karma" 232 Howard John H. 234 Keogh Harry, "Caber" 236 Yook Mrs. Rose 238 Gill Mrs. Silva, 'Fernhill" 240 Blandford Henry, "Ascot" 242. Clark Peter, " Airmout " 244 Kidd Mrs. E. 240 Rogers John It., "Vermont" 248 Everett Mrs. Mary 252 Greavea Horace 264 Davis John George, "Baarmutha" 256 Winkle Matthew J. 258 Lynch Mrs. P. 260 Frost Charles 202 Romeo Mrs. Ethel 264 Cohen Percy M.." Durban" 266 Apted Mrs. 0. W., Fentleigh" 268 Barkess Thomas, "Nemeth)" 272 Pritchard Elizabeth, nurse Green Oaks Avenue (Darling Point) Off Darling Point road to Lower Ocean street Halt Fredk. W., physician and Burg., "Lodoro" tangtree H. 0., "Green Oaks" 12 Wincheombe Mrs. Anne affiephail Stnart,"Glenaros" Clamp John Burcham, "Easteliffe" Welt side Herz Max, physician and surgeon "Bimini" Hart It E,. "Ainwick House" Wright Ms Grace John C., MA., D.D., Archbishop of 8 dney and Primate, "Bishopscourt" Mayor Warren C., "Maroon" Grosvenor Street Old South Bead to Edgecliff road Methodist Church and School 3 Sutherland Mrs. George Sutherland Bros., carriers 5 Nicholas Joseph Brydie Roberti/ 9 Mills Herbert 11 Flancary Miss M., " Bess " 13 Bevis Joseph, "Weevil!'" 15 Reiland Mrs. Mary, "Roseneath" 17 Purcell Mrs. Laura. Grafton street 19 Allen Miss id., school for Ririe 21 Breen George, "Grosvenor Villa" 23 Mort William Joseph, "Bayview" 25 Solly Mrs. W. F. 27 Byrne Thomas," Fairview Cottage* 29 Truscott Thomas 31 Cosgrove Augustus, "Cosmyn" 33 Sneers Alexander J., "Spekefield" 35 Haywood John, "York Cottage" 37 Momney Albert B., "Melrose" 39 Colgan Miss Frances 41 Simeock Albert, "Montrose" 43 Darby George 45 Paul Mrs. H. J. 47 Armstrong Robert, " Pluseardine - 49 Ashton Mrs. Esther Shi pway E. 53 Hutchins Clarence 55 Sharp Thomas S. Edgecliffe road 2 Ryder Walter le. 4 Olive Mrs. DIIIIC9I1 William B. 8 Israel Mrs. F., "Cairns" 10 Ahradsen Mrs. Emily 12 Rogers J. W. 14 Gillies Mrs. 16 Scott William Findlay 20 Lawler William, junn, " Waitemata 22 Nichols Joseph W., "Waimea" 24 Elders Mrs. Ellen, grocer Grafton street 26 McDonald Robert 28 Wylie Alexander, "Olenbrook" 30 Waltham Frank 32 Ersenhardt Henry, "Woodville" 34 Pickles Samuel 36 McManis Mrs. Lucie 38 Crisp Edmund, "Selkirk" 40 Wanstall Vivian 42 Hubble Mrs. 44 Kerwick Michael V., " Glen Ayr 411 Younger Henry J. 50 Emanuel Abraham, dentist 52 Dobson Joseph W. 56 Miehelmore Mrs. Margaret 58 Clifton Edward Augustus Bulgin William Billgin Benjamin 60 Adams P. Davis lane 62 Johnsen Francis 04 Kerwick Thomas Grove (The) Off 153 Queen street Russell Mrs. H. C.," Lorne" de Burgh Thomas Mayor Oscar O'Brien Timothy Guilfoyle Avenue (Double Bay) Off 36 Bay street to Lower Ocean street Fogel Abraham, J.P., "Blink Bonnie' Smith Arthur, "Haydn" Deehan CliffordJ., "Emma" B,sith Thomas H., "rimmed" Peach Robert A., "Darel" Maefarlan A. I., "Darer Gum Tree Lane (Double Bay) Off 45 Bay street Langdon Claude 2 Byrne Mrs. Mary 3 Grant John Double Bay Pumping Station ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TEAS, TOYS, TOOLS AND TOGGERY. Ham WOOLL AH RA. Jer 849 Hamilton Street (Rose Bay) Carlisle street to Old South Head road Harris Miss B. 5. Reading Arthur E. Robinson Mrs. Annie Tamsett W. H. Shelley Hector It Buxton Isaac Spencer street Mayne Richard Liebmann The Misses M. & It. See George, "Rosedale" Herford Henry A. Rf dfern John Leach Thomas Gonsalves Henry McCormick Robert.1. Macpherson Harry, "Daphne" Dunn Thomas, "Omani" Collins Frederick A., "alay-ville" Wright Mrs. Annie H., "Royville" Breakwell Sidney A., "Boomerang" Carroll William, "Macbeth" hales L. Ilirst George, "Eurella" Hampden Avenne (Darlin g Point) Goontera crescent to Bennett street Maclardy J. D., St. Clair, "Chatsbury" Imbrium Frank, "Italia" Waddell George W., ).,"Kurnora Macfarlane Donald, "'reviot" Barrett William, "Nyolit" Wasson James, "Delories" Harbor View Park Oil Maguey street Chilton Matthew, -The Glen" Could Alfred Payne Joseph, "The Snug" Forbes John, "Mimes.," Burtenshaw Edward, "The Nook" Robinson John, nurseryman Harkness Street Off Edoectlf 7'0(1d 15 Johnston Gordon." Annandale" 13 Rust William, "Normanton" 11 llatiley Themes 7, )1bn" 9 Quinton Percy, "Corra Linn" 7 Brock Ernest John 5 McNamara John J., "Omrah" 3 II uffeln Arthur,' Mararoa 1 Fleming Aloeander, sell., builder "Lettra" 2 Cohen Leo, "Seven Oaks" 4 Sullivan Reg., LL.B., solicitor 6 Gray Mrs. Alexander, "Rainscourt" 8 Hope Henry, " Waratah" 10 Lang Edelbert," Glendale" 12 Fox Mrs. J., "Edgeeliffe" Hegarty Lane Of Vernon street Royal Brand Sheep Marking Oil Manufacturing Co: Henrietta Street (Double Bay) New South Head road to Cooper street Holt street Curtiss Mrs. Laura van Henekelum Miss Isabel, " Dreumalt " Vyner Miss Ethel T., "Fiddle" Milson Robt. for Queensland, "Brooklyn" Flower Mrs. Willoughby, "Bythorn" Bailey Edward, "Antrim" Bundock Arthur W., "Glenora" Holdsworth Street Queen *tree to Jersey road 1 Hutchison Albt. E., "Myrtle Cottage" Preen. Lane Donovan James T., livery stables 17 Forbes.John 21 Owen Robert Weldon lane 23 Alderton Richard Llojal 25 nu:cid Elwanl Miller Charles 29 (Wiley Mrs. Margaret 81 Jones William J. 33 Hashun Percy, motor garage 37 Flynn Mrs. Mary 37a Croghan John 39 Riley Miss E. 43 Jones Mrs. William II. 45 Wilson Mrs. S. 47 Fry Frank Morrell street 49 IVIlliam Mrs. C, "Merrygang" 51 Skeggs Charles 53 Elton Mrs. Mary Ann 57 O'Brien Mrs. Ellen 59 Miller Mrs. Elizabeth 63 Black Miles 65 Andrews Miss Marion 67 Hunter Mrs. Isabella 69 Durkan Mrs. Elizabeth 71 Miller Joseph 73 McKinnon Daniel McGIIRMIC John Percy, J.P. 75 Campbell George S., A.I.I.A., account. ant and auditor 77 Coleman Mrs. Sarah 79 Byrne Mrs. J. 85 Hendetson Mrs. A. II. 87 Shearwin Mrs. J., "Chatsworth Coleman Mrs. Eva H. 91 Denihy Miss 93 Harrison Alfred 95 Wlseuiuiuuu RICIlltril C. 97 Taylor Thomas, "Iona Peaker lane 4 Francis Mrs. Hilda 6 Boughton Mrs. S. 8 Stott Reginald 10 Wyburil Cecil Donnellan James 12a Brown John Arthur, cab proprietor 14 Mayne Sirs. Annie 16 Barlow Henry 18 Heard Charles 2) Richards Henry 22 Sheridan Mrs. Margaret 21 Smith Richard, milk vendor 26 Gallagher Thomas 28 Fowler Horace 32 Saul Miss Julia, thessmaker Reardon Frederick 34 May trilliain D., J.P. 36 Fox Charles Holdswotth Mrs. J. Whitehead Harold 40 lio:dsworth J. E., grocer Morrell street 42 Cornin Sirs. 44 McDonald Alfred 46 O'Brien Thomas 48 Ayers Mrs. 511 Payne Thomas 52 Ryan W., cab proprietor 54 Richardson Cnar,es 56 Laman John 58 Coleman IV. A. 60 Pratt, Abel E. 62 Snell William 61 lieu Jetties 66 Cliff William 68 Carter Leslie 70 Bridge Hornet/ 72 Cow 71 Iteekinsale Mrs. E. 76 Chivas 78 Ryan Mrs I Totterdell Willliam 82 Freeman Walter or William 86 Giles Reuben, steam laundry Jersey road Holt Street (Double Bay) North side Lower Ocean to Henrietta street NIshett J. H. Payne Mrs. Christina, "Netherton" Sachs Frederick, "Toowong" Coyle William T., " Woodbridge" Jacobs Keith, "Tressilyan" Ian Street (Rose Bay) off DOM. road - Simpson Mrs. Norman, "Mahon" White Cecil, "Whnbourne" Edwards Rev. John M.A., (Pres.), "The Manse" Day John E., "Peradeniya" Harrison Mrs. S., "Tashintly" O'Donnell Miss Ellen James Street cur 21 0.rford to Moneta' street 4 Weston Fred. Charles Malian,. place Victoria avenue 2 Renshaw Edward B. 4 Dowling Thomas NiX08 laminas 8 Rooney Mrs. L. I. 19 JOileS Charles 12 Wells Edgar 14 Everlee Alfred 18 Scott Alfred 20 Price Edward 22 Pentecost Frederick W., builder, Sze. 28 Faddy Walter Kane Jeni tet, umroretigineer Victoria a Veil is 1 Crock ford William 3 Thompson Mrs. Annie 5 Bermtt Fred, 7 McIntosh Thomas 11 Scantleburg airs. W. 13 Murray Mrs. Margaret 1 Nolan Philip 2 Fenwick Frank 3 Finn Osbert 4 Thorn Ernest Monett,* st Jersey Road 0.eford str.el to Ocean street 3 Batson Thomas Stenberg all's!. Annie Mannix Timothy fin tiler tvieet-t-sirs. c Mary 11 Barris Samuel 13 White Charles 15 Harris George 17 Courtney Mrs. E., residential eh amb'rs 19 Iltotton 21 Bowmen Edward F. 2:1 StON'elle William, 1. oardingliouse 25 Fraser Mrs. II. 27 Murphy Miss May 29 Graham Mrs. Staty 31 Clancy Andrew, wood depot :13 Clover John 35 Harris JIIIIICA 37 KeillIC Annie 39 Scott John 41 Sweetnain Rendolph 45 Curran Hugh 47 Jones Sydney O. 49 liaison.1. II., " Willesden ' 51 alontgotnery William 63 Davies William, newsagent 55 Grant Mrs. E. 57 Sulway Miss Elizebeth 50 Hamilton Miss Matilda, grocer 61 Dunn Michael 63 Dorliatier A., carrier 65 Lelliott James, produce and fuel flush street 67 Paskins William C., "Leafmore" 69 Russ Payne A. 71 Brown Sirs. S. 73 Brett Mrs. 75 Pierce Georgia 77 Williams Mrs. F. II. 70 Paris Mrs. 81.1estelitts Mrs. Lydia Fussell George 85 Frost Mrs. Amelia 85 Kelly Denis Slicluie 87 I:night Laurence 89 Mott George 01 Sigel Mrs. Gertrude 93 Holdsworth Silos Amy 95 Simmons Mrs. Ellen 57 Taylor Frederick 99 Tierney.Thomas,"Kingswood House 101 Duffy Ernest 103 Burgess C. II.," Maseotte 105 Dymock Henry John 107 Bringolf George Leon 109 Chalon G. B. Congregational Church Moncur street WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD, LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE ST., C'DOWN 'PHONE L2848 HALF-A-CENTURY OF EXPERIENCE HAS PERFECTED OUR METHODS AND EARNED OUR REPUTATION

41 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELLERY. 850 Job WOOLLAHRA. Lou Jersey road continued- 113 (kickball! Charles Herbert 115 Bennie Miss Clara, "Clifton Spicer lane Holdsworth stn et 117 Blakely Mrs. 11., newsagent & grocer 119 Gibson Nicholas 121 Pane James Frederick 123 Barrett Walter 125 Keegan William 127 Gleeson Denis.T. 129 Keegan Mrs. Winifred, "Carlisle" 1 31 Hawker James, "Brighton" 133 Sky Mr.. Ellen 135 Savage Robert Douglas, J.P. Trelawney street 137 McDonald Thomas, "Strathearn" John Street Old South Head road to Ocean street 4 Duffy Joseph 6 Wade Mrs. Lizzie 8 Galbraith George A. 10 Hewitt Mrs. 12 Lee Mrs. Ellen 14 Turner George II. 16 Statilbuck Mrs, NV ateman Claude F. IL 20 Durant Frederick W. 22 Henry Albert 24 Whittle Horace 23 Sutton John IV. 28 Lester Mrs. Adelaide 30 Mortimer George 32 Gaynor Miss Sarah 34 Curry Patrick 36 Compton Alfred 38 Cutinnins James 90 Rowland Miss 92 Johnston S. R. 42a Mullins Mrs., dressmaker hwyer's lane Moncur st--dorhatier lane 46 Evans Irwin 50 Itichuudson George 52 Middleton Herbert, "Riandra 54 Hind William 56 McCann Mrs. Catherine 118 Taylor William 60 Holman Mrs. Annie 62 Harvey Ildwerd 64 Shaw George 66 Bruce Charles E. 68 Harper James 70 Williams David.1, 72 Therry Miss Helena a, 76 Stephenson Percival W. 78 Ryan John 82 Dryland Albert IL 86 Richardson Walter J. 90 Fries Mrs. Annie Ocean street Dorhaner A., carrier 5 Duffy Mrs. Eliza 7 Thomson William Henry 9 Yearnshaw James 11 Biown William 13 Short William E. 15 Ainsworth C. A. 17 Biddulph Frank 19 Spencer Frederick 21 Nelson Frederick J. 23 Ouggen James 25 Huckstadt Vincent 27 Bull James 29 Bottle Mrs. A. 31 Johnson Mrs. Mary 33 Anderson Peter 35 Dengate William 37 Bolton William A. :19 Coombs Frederick 93 licileath Frederick Norman, painter Motionr street Dorhauer lane 49 Newton lire. Margaret Si Scott Frederick 53 Lonsdale Arthur 55 Bowden Arthur George 57 Johnson Frank 59 Bradshaw William 65 Crowe Francis 67 Wilkes Samuel 69 Murray David 71 Casten' Charles 75 Crowley john 77 Evans Henry 2 WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. 70 Cowley John 81 Singleton Mrs. Minnie 83 Maddock Mrs. K. 65 Tegel Mrs. Anna 87 Benzie Robert 89 Bindoff Herbert 01 MacKay Mks Mary 93 Driver Arthur 05 Hinchey James, "(acuity" 97 White Mrs. Ada 99 Bellhouse J. R. W. Junction S:reet Graf?on street to Hdgectitre road Carroll lane. 1 Belfield Albert 3 Jefreott Thomas If., " Linwood b Barrett Mrs. K. G., "Mscon" 7 McBride Mre, Elizabeth Emslie Robert William 11 Emslie Mrs. E., 'Mona" 15 Stanley William, "Player' 15 Argue Mrs. Eleanor, "Hilton" 17 Cronnin Mrs. 19 West Robert 0,, "Restorniel" 21 Greig Roy T. 23 Lennon Frank 25 Craword Ernest Alfred, "Pretoria" 27 Daniel Mrs. Amelia, "Kinrara" 2 Nicholas Zaeariali 4 Colo Mrs. Sydney, "ClaravIlle" 6 Summergreen Mrs. 8 Hopkins WC., "St. Helier" 10 Davies Harry V., " Calge 12 Allen Charles 14 Parsons Robert, 16 Duckett William 18 Hazelton Rupert 20 Faust Frederick 22 Man& Charles 24 Ironside Ernest, "Valetta " 26 Northcott 28 Parnell Mrs. Minnie Kambala Road (Bellevue Hill ) Ginahgulla rald to Bellevue road &obi Mrs. Robert, "Halcyon" Holman lion. Wm. A., M.L.A., "Taracha" Simpson It. C., "Welwyn" Clark II. J., "Clayton" Lanueek Mrs. Margaret, "Kama" Greet Hiwold, "Torpoint" Collins John, "Ghoom" Fletcher Win. S., "Galleon Cottage" Cardwell Isaac Boyle Norman D., medical pract "Carramar" Kendall Street OffEdgeclitle road Plumb W. If., blacksmith Childs Mrs. II., "Waiwere Fletcher street Kelly Mrs. Blanche Andrew's Leonard Brett Alfred E., "Ernest" Jacobs Charles, "urmuz" Wanstall Vivian Dale Frederick MeElevenny Donald William Cook Thomas, " Lochiel Sansom Mrs. Elizabeth Kent Road (Rose Bay) off New South Head road Iloj al Sydney Golf Club Goldfinch Duncan, ''Shove Donard" Lloyd Mrs. Blanche, 'Satnares" Mayoll Joseph, "Haling Cottage" Gore Ross, "Te Puke" Holdship George, "Belsize" Pascoe MIN. Nude Watts 0. A., "Selwyn" Mackenzie Thomas, "Ronnie ya" Webb Arthur Clement Kiora Road (Double Bay) Off Yew South head read Browne Walter T., laundry Griffiths Owen Ithys. motor garage Cummings William, "Leona" 3 Green Miss Eleanor 4 Cook Mrs. A. N. 5 'Moves Allan Joseph 6 Zap!' Ernest 7 Tuiloch Archibald 8 Loftus.T. Carlotta road Knox Street off New South Ilead road 1 Henderson Lewis, professor of violin 3 Ward Arthur, "Pomonna" 5 Morrison Mrs. 7 Martin Christopher J., "Monaro" 9 Wooley Richard 11 Wood Mrs, E. 13 l'icot William 1I. 15 Newman Ii. G. 17 Millar Horace, "Wabush" 19 Hardaker Mrs. A. 21 Holland Mrs. Ada 4 Johnson Alfred Charles O'Connor John 10 Ashby William, "Frankford" Chkholm Ernest ICulgoa Road (Bellevue Hill) oil' Balkan] road Melfardy Charles, "Iona" - mcilillivray Win. James, "Brakeflehl" Hughes II. V., "Yaralla" Opit Lesser, "Bellereve" McKinnon Gordon. architect Ormist on J. 31., "Undulla" Biden Arthur 0. L "The Bungalow" Tarrant Charles IL, J.P., "Awahuri" Latimer Road (Rose Bay) WSItIlimit?vat/ McFadden M. G., "Milroy" Wymark Frederick, "Eleanore Rod(' Mrs. IL, 'Mara Zion" Clark Capt. A. j., "Rive" Lennox Street (Bellevue Hill) 07 Riddell street 21 Smith Algernon B., "Stoke" 19 Inca Joseph Allene, "Swastika" 17 Morris Robert Ify., "Hulce Domani" 15 Michelman Mrs. L. 13 Cox Miss Emily 51., "To Anau" 11 McDowell W., "Vonita" 9 Brown William 7 Backhouse Thomas, J.P., "Rawson" 5 Roberts Frederick J., "Ahnaville" Gilroy Patrick, "Strathilon" 1 Thompson F. P., "St. Oswald" Hirer sheet Clark W. J., "Marlow" Fleming Alexander G., "Waringa" Saunders Mrs. Marion, "Thorpins" I lowat d. Thomas J., ' Osterley" Geolge Raymond, "elation!'" Cutler Cecil, "Selsey" Rickards j. E., " Kin Land " 12 Perrin Mrs. Ruth 10 Fisher Miss Ivy Jane 8 Mirls Joseph 6 Noble John, "Louglirea 4 Walter John 2 Wood George Ii, "Kenilworth" Leswell Street Oriord street to Edgeclill road Grafton street 24 Cramp John E. Lswell lane 2 Bunting Robert 4 Hamilton lire. E. A. 6 Tcrambs Mrs. A. 8 Cardwell Mrs. 10 Moston Alfred 12 Reeve Mrs. M. 14 Davies Walter F. 16 Brenneke Mts. Grafton street Lenra Road (Double Bay) Ktora road.2 Gatnoty Lucien 4 Seymour George 6 Hazelton Leonard HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9229 CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL SPORTING REQUISITES. Lin WOOLLAFIRA. Mon 851.Sandllands William 10 Hopkins William 12 Toop Jesse Rowney Sidney Head Thomas Lynch Walter, "Airlic" Tibbits Mrs. Rose, "Domo" Head George, "Runic" Matthews Harold, "Celtic" 13 Freshwater Joseph It, 15 Edwards William V. Lindsay Avenue (Darling Point) 011 Darling Point road Britz Peter, "Youbri" Davies J. L., ''Packolet" Loftus Road (Darling Point) Darling Point road to Bushcutters' bay Dalziell W. K., "St. ()alike" Davis Cecil L., "Wynne" Davis D. Roberts Reginald. Howe John, "Clindleigh" Lower Bathurst Street Bathurst to Edward street 14 Arthur John 16 Price Mrs. Emily, "%Ventura" 18 Mating J. V., 'A Moral" 20 Whitfield Mrs. Eleanor 22 Carr Ernest Edward, "Ellesmere" 24 Meerut Mrs. Louisa. "Sans Send 26 Kilburn Charles II. A.," ItheInfets " 28 Kennedy Mrs. Margaret, "Herndon" 30 Harland Walter, "Glenview" 32 Mullins T. 34 Southall Mrs. Cecilia 36 limn Mrs. Beatrice C.,"Windertnere 38 Waling Sidney 40 Fisher Mrs. Lily, "Wileot," 42 Ford Frank 44 Prow Mrs. Ella, "Royston" 46 Baillie Allan 10 Gillett Whlilmtnm, " Wawdin 21 Askin g Mrs. Martha 25 Favell John 27 Frederick James, "Almaville" 29 Donovan Joseph James, "Wakama" 31 Radcliffe Ms. V ioletta 33 Rowland Albert, Ii., "Corralynn" 35 Caff rey Thomas, "G rant he at'; 37 Wilson Mrs. E. A. 39 King William H., " liskulate" 41 Wading George 43 Robertson Leslie 45 Saint Herhert, A. Edward street Lower Forth Street off Nelson street Ednectiff road Cochrane Gerald, "Richmond" Neville Arthur John, "Glen Rhoda" Walter E. L., dairyman Tnicey William Miller Mrs. Maizie, "Onulyong" Stormont fiats Wise F. J. Hardy Mrs, E. Bee William Henry Hilton Flats- Morfoot Benjamin Rhodes Mrs. Ernest, "Braeelde" Robson Oliver, "Menotalt" O'Leary Fret Mahoney Mrs., "Maybank" Bowie William Ashworth Edward Rick Charles, "Roso Cottage" Wallis S. C., "Wootton Bassett". Lower Ocean Street (Double Bay) New South Head road to Marine parade Stead WI fred, "Alwyn" Watt Walter, J.P. ' " Knellerpore " 51 meet Deane T. H., "Athelstono" Cooper street Smith Frederick, "Kundabar" South street Guilfople artam, Rictide Mrs. Margaret, "Mimosa" Cross street Wenn) Sidney Public School William street Reserve Marine parade Faithful! Robert Lionel, med. pract. Harp lion. George. M.L.C. Norton W. Ir.," Ecclesbourno" Maddison Miss Minnie Meyer Mrs. Elliott, "Lantana" Buchaeutt Charles, "Waller' Connell Mrs. W. M., "Merrlbah" Jones Basil, dental surgeon, "Trefrlw" Rowe Capt. H. Ruskin, A.I.A. Built Harry W., J.I'. "St. Alines" Little Charies W,. "Brooksby" Loney C. A. Luxton, "ChevIthorne" Branch road Hughes Frank, "Emden" Sargeant Reginald, " Wardell" Hamilton William, " Wilger" firt.rhani terrace- 1 Barker Mts. 2 Tueksford Mrs. Emily 3 Daniels Charles, "Shelley" Brownlow Captain F. II. C., It A.N., "Mulonia" Reinhard Miss T.ily Messenger Charles Amos., "Brayton" Pridulle Frederick, "Moreton Cottage' Stanford Mrs. IL (I. Marine parade Maguey Street qtr moedur road 1 Pritchard Alfred 3 East well Alexander 5 Farquharson Nurse A. 7 Greatorex Charles A., " Yanko" 9 Davis Emanuel M., "Claverton" 11 Timothy Lieut.-Col., F. C " Felixholine " 2 Levy N. 4 Litinut %V illiam H, " Cloverville" 6 Duggan Patrick, " Dimwit 8 Ilueton William Manning Road (Double Bay) Ott' New South Head road 2 Vyner Mrs. Amy G. 4 Cornwell Mrs, Frederick James' 6 Jordan Miss 8 Bell Mts. E. t. 10 Lindsay NV. T. 12 Heed Mrs. Kate, "Kimo" Teonis Court, Double Bay Merewether Frederick, "Nide" 16 Carling IL C. H. 18 Milne Mac May 20 Higgins John E.," Pambula Court road 22 Stanford Mrs. M.," Enderley 24 Dunavey Peter 26 Ratiken Mrs, J. L. C., "Hilden" '28 110tirC Charles Forest road :1)) Alexander Charles Stuart 34 Harrison ' Marysville". 36 aillett George. "Stanton " $8 Farthing Mrs. Adelaide 40 Collins Mrs. Martha, "Argyll" 42 Prince C. 1). 44 Champion %Vatter 40 Moses Frank S., "Glenroy" 48 Dyer Miss, teacher of music Walshe Mrs. Harriett 10 Chapman.1. E., " Rothsay Manning Flats- 58:: Jasper W. J. Oa McClelland NV. J. f120 McKenzie Mrs. Marion 62 Reynolds ('luster 64 Martin Mrs. 64a Parry Mrs. 66a Trythall Mre, Annie 66 Westgartlt Mrs. Florence 66 Collins Mrs, 08s Condell Mrs. W. J. 70 Campbell 72 Harkness Raymond Vincent. 74 Roberts William E. 76 Tiekner George Douglas 78 Cleary John Si) Finnerty Miss Ada 82 McClelland Miss Isabel, "Carinya" 84 Fletcher If. J. 88 Major William E., "Glen lichen" 90 IlewItt Major Frank It, 92 Moore John M. Kidd J. F. 96 Young Mrs. H. 98 Wallace Francis 100 Flemin g Mrs. IL M. Moon George Shelton John, market gardener Davis C. If. hart II. B., "Bloomfield" Matthews Frank Miller James Davidson John llenry, "Klora" Finlayson James, "Stirlini" Percival Lacey, "Cooyoug" Coy Mrs. Jane,.'llyee" Mortimer Leslie E.,"Bellevue" Penny Clifton R. Ira/farce areace»1 Mackintosh Claude." Loch Lomond" Guinan llornington" 15 Kendall W. Allan Alexander, "Werra wong" Russell If. Y.." l'ine Hill Cooley P. G. MR., sung., "Wortley" McDonald Zither. "Bothwell" Raine Thomas, "Gil youg" Marathon Avenue (Darling Point) Off liralich road 1 Smith Erskine 2 Coxon Frank Morris 3 Miuldlent Ise Mrs. T., "Lyulster ' 4 Noble Frank Percy "Gill ar' Street Mrs. A. "Orme" March Street eft' B.dlerne road Jells Fred "'Dingus" (*.o'er Frank, "Snowball" Jells Ernest A., "Chez-Nous" Hudson George NV., "Glenna Marine Parade (Double Bay) Morgan John F. "Wistonville" Coleman Alfred ' helmet Albert," Litydule" Lower Ocean street Bap street Messenger Mrs. C., boatimilder (sheds) Burton Harry, " Santa Marla" Martin Edward Drewell Messenger Harry, 1)0110)1111.1er Mitchell Road (Darling Point) Off Darling Point road Mitchell Road (Rose Bay) Old South!lead road to Dudley road Mona Road (Darling Point) Darling Point road to New Smith Head road 5i.Tolinson " Timisfall 52 Corlette II. E., medical practitioner 50 Ridley Thomas.1.P., "Widmer 48 Warren M. s. "Itawiliti" 46 Bird Mrs. A. E., '"frebarthe 44 Carter Mrs. Elizabeth 42 Nott Mrs. Susan," Lynn 40 Smith Captain George, " Wybetila" 38 Campbell Mrs. It. 1a«Illminelltoeli Mrs. I., "G %veto" 36 Lloyd Miss K. "Doloill an 34 Gibiles A. E.. M.B., Ch. B. Lev y Mrs. Rebecca :12 Williams Dudley 10 Joseph J. II: 28 Carr Mrs. Essie 26 Walker Mrs. W Cohen Algeinon A., M.D., physician and surgeon, 'Cheyenne" 22 Kelsey Arthur, "Somerset " '20 Johnson William K., ' Winburn 16 Kerr Robert, J.P. for New South Wales and Queensland 10 Henderson John A. Barrington M. 14 Hamilton Mrs. D. S. "Wyralla" 12 Harvey Miss F. A., teacher of Matto 10 Green Rev. Herbert (Methodist) it Seton Mrs. Teresa 6 Weston Sohn, "Pat onge 4 Hayes Mrs. P. 2 de Greenlaw Charles THE SIMPLEST OR THE STATELIEST FUNERAL CONDUCTED To THE SATISFACTION FILL CLIENTS

42 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR MOTORISTS' WANTS 852 Mon WOOLLAHRA. Mona road (Darling Point) continued 97 Nicholas Harold 35 Taylor Mrs. Edith IL, " Wendover " 33 Cohen Leon Ti., "Burieigh" 31 O'Donnell Mrs. P. J. "Minim " 29 Rundle Charles, "Sbar row 23 Wood Miss Hilda, "Myrnong" 21 Thompson Henry A., "Waimea" 18 Lowenthal L., " 3Iemagong" 11 Kyle Mrs. Marian 9 Pearce Mrs. Mabel," Whiteville " 7 Abrahams Lewis. " Dalmuir" 6 Isaacs ()aeries G., "Tuikeroo" Campey Mrs. James 1 Todd Mrs. J., "Clemens" Moneur Street Old South Head road to Jersey road Wallis street 8 Giessen Thomas 5 Eason Mrs. Mary 7 Maley Miss Gertrude 9 Watts Mrs. K. A. 11 King J. B. 13 Comnbes E. J. 15 Gardyne Miss Margaret 17 Fraser Mrs. 19 Carroll John 21 Decreer Martini 23 Cairns Thomas 25 Foley Francis B. John street 27 Kerry Henry. greengrocer 29 Clifford Albert 31 Sulway Thomas 33 Ward Henry 35 Ingram John 37 Elliott John 39 Thomas Frank 41 Mendham Thomas Edwards Alexander 45 Field Mrs. A., mixed business 47 Robinson Clarence 40 French Mrs. J., mixed business 51 Webb Robert, greengrocr Queen street Peaker lane 61 Griffiths Mrs. 63 Donovan James T. 65 Crowfoot Joseph 67 Paterson John 69 Henry Mrs. 71 LliglIt Mrs. Eliza 73 Fairweather Themes 77 Rush Mrs. II. 79 Richardson Mrs. Clara 83 Prentice Miss Florence 85 Welr Mies Mary 87 Cox Mrs. 0. L. 89 }Unite Mrs. G.," Braokla " 91 Bergeest Herbert 93 Murrell A. IL mixed business 95 Rouse Mrs. 110;., mixed business Morrell street 97 Bromley Edwin S. 99 Seabrook Frederick, carrier 101 Quinlan P. L. 103 Ormsby Charles, J.P. 105 Congregational School Hall Glenroy Priv. School Miss Amy Dimilug Jersey road Wallis street 4 Underwood Edward 6 Perry Harry 8 Stockbridge James, asplailter 10 Strugnell John 12 Fisher Mrs. George 14 Pendleton Miss Kate, general store 16 Gendoll Mrs..1., Desperandum" 18 Chapman Mrs. 20 Richardson George F. Lyster David T ey Mrs. 28 Sparks George, grocer John street 32 Tooliey Oscar, "Itanfurly" 34 Lawler William 36 Crowley John, carrier 42 Gilbert Victor Reginald James street 46 Robinson Mrs. Elizabeth 48 StebbIngs Jabez 50 Lamond Mrs. A., laundry 52 Ahern Patrick 54 Wormier Walter I 56 Lawrence Mrs. Annie Queen street Smith street 58 Phillips Mrs. 60 Wootton Mrs. Kate Adam & Mant, motor garage 66 Webb Mrs. Mary Rush street 70 Smith A. F. 72 Steward Miss Alice 74 Lancaster William James 76 :fought!' Mrs. 78 Laing James 80 Naylor Miss It. 82 Douglas Mrs. Selina 84 Liptrot John 86 Nicholas Mrs. Charles 8s Ashworth Eibiek 90 Kenny George Congregational Church Morrell Street M smear street to Holdsworth street 2 Lynch Mrs. Thomas, dairykeeper 4 Williams Mrs. Mabel Spicer street 10 Stewart Miss M. grocer 12 Coleman Hubert ' 14 Gaywood Harry 16 Etheridge William 1 Thomas Harry 8 Wright Mrs. Sarah 5 Harvey Alfred J. 7 Paine Edward 9.Seabrook Thomas W. Spicer street Holdsworth street 11 Allman Frank 13 Richardson Albert 15 O'Neill William Morton Lane 09 &Mauer lane Nelson Street Edgeelitre to Oxford street Queen street Watson Frederick, "Midlturst" Brentnall Mrs. M. J., "Sherbounne " Sherman William, " Larissa Heichenlinch Mrs. Nellie, "Apinta" 23 Tinting Edward T., physician and surgeon "Glenhead" ' Wallis street ThOtlISOS Robert, "Tarcoola" Gow William 0., "Boonerie " Ridge Mrs. Gaden Mrs. R. D. Grafton street Marshall's terrace- 13 Dingle Eric Woodley 11 Penehey Wilfrid 9 White W.." Thia" 7 Freeman Charles T., "Ortolan," 5 Ferguson Oswald 3 Taylor Ernest William Forth street 38 Lachlan Jitmes 11, J.P. 36 Underwood Mrs. T. 34 Elliott Miss Mettle 32 Dixon Desmond 30 Wharton John 28 Senior Mrs. Ernest W. 20 Pettifer Miss May, profes. of music Doxsey Miss B., professor of music 24 Stocks Mrs. Amelia 22 Stegga Mrs. Anne, "Radford" Queen street 20 Mackey Michael D., J.P., "Arnmore" 18 Triekett Mrs. W. J: 16 Icard Mrs. Kate, "Aston" 14 Abbott Thomas H., J.P. 12 Ethered ge Thomas H., "hf yoora" 10 Costin Thomas "llawarden" 8 Gerber Mrs. Ellen Nelson lane 6 Doyle Miss A. Brooks Mrs. Amy F. King Fred. IL, solicitor, "Brougham" Wallis street Douglas Percy, "Osmund " Newcastle Street (Rose Bay) New South Head to Old South Head road West sido Tregenza Hugh, boot repairer 9 McDonald A. 3., surgeon dentist 11 Arnold If. It., dentist, AND MOTOR GOODS. New 11 Sanford Mrs. C. B. 13 Clouston Mrs. T. B. 17 Fallon William 3., 'Char Innes" Richmond road 19 Boyd Mrs. O. K., "Wynnum" 21 Oldham Pettrucco, Mrs. G., "Tintern" 25 Smith James, "Elopura" 27 Kennedy James Mills 11. G., painter 31 liordern Rev. F. H. (C, of E.) Bryndemere School 4z K tidergarten 39 Clark Carnegie, "Keith" Harris F., fruiterer 4 Millstone D., seedeman DebInson A. E., bakery 8 White Frederick, J.P., grocer Irliberforee avenue 12 Buchanan A., "Ravensworth" 14 Jackson Walter F., "linings" 16 Hughes Mrs. Ada 18 Murray Bertram, " Villa Rose" 20 Dwyer Mrs. 22 Levien Josepb C., "Colinville" 24 Pike J. W. 28 Moroney Edwin Albemarle arenue 30 Thomson E. C. 32 Leventhal Harold,"Allirondack" 34 du.bottlay William 36 Wallace Mrs. E. 38 Temple Harold G. 40 Stewan t Harold 12 Garrett Ralph Newton 48 Humphries Humphrey, "Invermay" 50 Hillhouse IV Whim, "Litstroda" 12 Taylor W. J., " Hazeibrook " Paraikto avenue 14 Burstal 10. S., "Thanet " 58 Win wood George, "Melrose" 60 Batligate Charms J. 64 Black George H., "Arlington" 06 Voss II. 1). 68 Coggins Thomas, "Beaufort " 70 Foot T. T., "One!" 72 Mansfield W. C., physician 74 Cook John Lionel 76 Goldie Charles J. D. ' The Kurrajongs' 78 Bailey Mrs. Bridget, "Carrigan" SO Kelly Mimi. Margery Church of England old South Head road Now South HeadRoad Ruelicutters' bridge to South Head road Beach road 2 Jensen & Harry, motor engineers 4 Parker The Misses Oswald street 8 Stuart Mrs. Emma 10 Barden Alfred, "Arcadia" 12 Pondrett Mrs. Teresa 14 Seghers Mrs. J. 18 Hall Mrs. Nora, " G lenora 20 Risky A. C., plumber 22 Baker Mrs. J. K. Mona terrace- 24 Martin 3. IL, physician and surgeon 26 Russell Miss Maude 28 Fenn Mrs. Harriett 30 Bendall W. G., J.P.,journalist Rey nettle W.Warrington,prof. of mushy Mona road McKay Roderick, plumber Darling Polin g road Govt. Savings Bank of N.S.W. L. llempton, manager 74 Ogilvie William, dentist 76 Wright Mrs., "Corryong" Walker Mrs. Georgina M., 'Corryong' 78 13owker Robert Steer, surgeon Glen rock avenue Knox Mies Fanny," Fiona Lower Ocean street (Double Bay) Royal Double Bay hotel George C. lintchinson Eversley Flats- ) Thompson Mrs son. 2 Violet Mrs. 3 Norton Miss 4 Goldsmith hire. 5 Evans hire. Christina 6 Adams 7 Elliott Mrs. 8 Thompson William C., dental surg. 9 Lees Miss ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. Nor WOOLLAHRA. Oce Prosser Mrs. E Gibson Mrs. 12 Halloran King's Edgeelifie Garage Scott E. A., "Biorah" Monterey Plats- ) Sheridan Mrs. J. Garvan 2 Ritchie Sydney 3 Warren S. 4 Rent :Mrs. E. A. 5 Maddrell Mrs. C. Branthall Flats Cameron Mrs. Jessie Kendall hire 112 A nerley Flats Frost laent, Garnoek Barrington Mrs. Dawson 114 Sheldon Dr. Stratford 116 Adams H. C., medical print itioner Henrietta street 118 De Green Mrs. Eva 120 Rockwell Flats McCoy Mrs. Id" Paterson A. B. 122 Gibbs Charles Henry Bay its eel 124 Gummerson G., grocery store 126 Guiliano Bros., fruiterers 128 Luciano F., hairdresser 130 Holdsworth W. II., ironmonger 132 Smith Joseph 134 Stobart Mrs. M. A., draper 130 Ferran M. J., chemist, 138 Wykes Maurice, ham and beef shop 140 Silver Bow 142 Faye Mrs. An gelina, fruiterer 146 Robertson William 148 Mahon Mrs. 152 Sadler P. G., music store 154 Keir James & Son, bootmakers 156 Mallett Doyle, butcher 158 Perkins Mrs. Katherine, grocer 100 Grundy C., electrician 102 Hayes Mrs. S. E. 108 Jordan Mrs. Ellen 170 Devils Lonis Edward 172 Perrins Harry 174 Galloway Mrs. 1010:r Street 178 Davies Mrs. M. 184 Saunders MTS. Millie, confectioner 104 Lawrence S., dressmaker 196 Davy F., ham and beef shop 198 Brown IL E., chemist 209 Foster E. G., newsagent 202 Jenkins, lire. Agnes Cross st reel 214 GlIkes W.. upholsterer Pearce IV. E., plumber 216 Palmer Hamilton, bootmaker 218 Young IV. 220 Jenkins James 220 Double Bay Lendin g Library 224 Shearst on Edward T., contractor 226 Wickham Mrs. K 234 Knight Mrs. William street Brunton J. Spencer. " Glaolswood Reed Leslie G., "Gladewood" McKay W. II. Fairfax Geoff rey, " Elaine Fairfax James Oswald, " Fairwater " Waters O. E. Armitage James R., J.P., 'Langwith Wolseley road (Rose Bay) Joske A., "Namuka" Russell.Jones Mrs. I. C., "Dnugrevie' Barnes Charles, "K Meilen" nose Bay Park. Rose Bay Pier Hegraty Capt. Geo., boat proprietor Smith Mrs Florence, refresh. rooms Pannier's Baths Royal Naval lien:retinue Crounde Royal Austra, Naval new entry depot Norland Nursery College rally Mrs. LRWS011 James M., "Strathmore" Laurence E. A., motor garage Stutchtmry Ii. S., estate agent Rose Buy 1 all Popplewell G. B., bootmaker Cramer' Bernard, fishmonger Podmore C. IL, fruiterer Mushy & Friend, estate agents Reuben & Son, tailors Teesdale J., confect toner Maitland Archibald E netysingent Gorman Peter, plumber Bay Isabel, estate agent Chambers Thomas Ellis, draper Post and Telegraph Office Rose Bay urniture Mart, Parker Leslie, M 'A madown' Church of Eng. School for Girls Piggott Constantine, 'Kit-lain Lodge' Blow Mark, "Coshen " Carr Mrs. J. K., "Ifiawat ha" Maelonurin Chas, physician,`balvaig' Duman's(' road lib(?wiwi Yenning Mrs. J. H. Dalkey Flats- 7'irioli arra rw Ofeti street (EdyecliTh Public Telephone Edgecliff c Post and Telegraph S Clice 291 Thine ;John D., estate agent 293 Kennedy Mrs. Agnes," 1tosleven " 205 Walter(' Oscar Watford Josepli 297 Holborow B iss L. L. 299 Bentley Mrs. 301 Burns Mrs. Ruby '303 Sterling C. 11., "lent's" Friarscroft Plats- ) Berkman Mrs. Stanley 2 Mailer Leslie Humb ratone Plat: Sharpe l'erey C., J.P. Cohen His Honor Judge John Gilchrist Sydney, " Clovernook" 311 Undercliffe Flints- ) Waddell Arthur 2 Wade William I). 3 Mort ItevO. Callon 4 Aaronson Frederick 313 Campbell Mrs. Rennin', "Linton" 315 Coe Miss 0. II.. "Shand at" 317 Emanuel Mrs. S. 319 Goldschmidt " Holehrook 321 Markel' Alex. 323 Andersen William," Overthorpe " 327 Thane 1'. T., physician and surgeon.11annitty road 335 Galbrai John 337 Fidler Fred. 341 Kellett Edward," llosbercon" 343 Bennett Mrs. Mary, "Glottal' 345 Edwards Outten, "NeOcen" 3.17 lamsbury Mrs. 319 (Indian 351 Dawkins Charles 353 Treloar It. II. 355 Leopold Esther. " Bordeaux 357 Halloran Harry R.. "Culerngie " 359 Osborne Mrs. J.," Eldorado" 361 Goldman A. E. A., ar'tect & estate ag't 363 Ackman Samuel, " Minna " Hyman Adolph 365 Seaton Miss Gentle. 367 Curetted It. J., motor garage 369 Colicroft, "lowland Attwater J. 373 Dickson A. 377 Sanders hi. G., fruiterer 370 Brown Waiter T., dyer and cleaner 381 Mart in William, grocer Kiora road Harkness E. K., builder Bellevue n.oad Smith James J., J.P., " Colebrook" GI elicaple Flats- ) Nathan L Gregory F. W. Thempson Mrs. Annie " Suckling Mrs. J. L., " Inneston" D'Apice A. W. M. Hawke': Cuthbert, J.P., " Tara Stewart Richard, '13allyowen" Brown Mrs. Campbell S., ' Grace Mrs. IOW M. "Glenanr" Ilaylyshiacarthur E. ' Lyn" 31tilline Hon. John Licw, J. I'., hi. IC " Killomitan" Preston angina, Lethbridge K. C.. "Dunlievell ' Lowe William, "Exton Hall" Miller George, "Kiehl" Wilshire E. II.,.1.1'., solicitor "Murillit" rictovia road (R9se Bap) Hughee iimt. Sir Thos.,.T.P., "Cranbroolc Cottage II Minima Satins Jansen lire. A. G., "A nester" Norrie hirs. S. A., " Endlisay Walker Miss C. Wilson II ice Daphne Bert James, JP. Itose Bay Flats Rogers W. R. Wilkes Mrs. Margaret, Granbrook road Idltelnell As pen; " Cruden" Itereslord road (Rose B(sy) Buchanan hire. Andre A', "Branstock" Levy lions. Daniel, H. L.A. irinfon Flats Salisbury road Hamilton-Brown Major II. Butler Mrs. E. E., "Scarborough" Ward William Edword, " St. Kilda" Tessert Mrs. Pauline Rigour road Daley J. J. Crass liarohl G. Mill Mrs. Margeret, " Portneen O'Sullivan road Brown Walter, " Helena Lawretice Henry Cox James P. G., "Awaya" Turnbull George, " Mayville loadman 17lionets hfeek, "Daljean" King G. C., solicitor." Valetta" lion Miss, kindergarten school Turnbull 111ram IL, "Marmion" Simpson David C., " Til whilly McDonald J. IV., "liakette" Rent road Royal Sydney Golf Club Ferguson Campbell,.1.1'., "Anallerin" Richardson It ichard Wilson Mrs. Ada Bunny Walker Clifton, medical practitioner, "ItoYiyin" Milts Thomas, produce merchant Newcastle street Griffith A rthur, grocer Bank of N.S.W..Alfred It. Fryer, nninnager Sayers F. R., plininivr Brooks Miss B. refresh nent rooms Paul Leopold, liairdresser ' SIMI. G., fruiterer Levy Samuel, bootmaker Burbler Ernest, butcher Deollt.ei,t1 I.:taii Clarke Wiihiinmun Arthur, "'rummer Crosby W. E.* Knowles E. Herrick, M.D. Kleemo Walter, "Bradford" White Cecil, barrister, "Wintbourne" Holliday hire. Mary, "Kinnard" Hall Tine Hon. David, ALL.A., "1111- Latilwhat'r's. '1) M., "Leighlin" Luker Dr. Donald, surgeon, " ',Africk Asil'Ant)edygeMcs. T. IV., "Fernieigh" Hopkins It. C. hjleasisi 111iing Freileriek Everingliam Garnsey Excel) \V. Coiconin Mrs. liennalt, "La Botta" Runcorn road. Mitchell Mrs., "Orathie" Veen Henry A., "hlascott" Norwich Road (Rose Bay) New Smelt Head road to Royal Golf Club Richmond road Grover Edgar, "Branglebar" Johnson Andrew. "Wyong " Laver Arthur.rbeime," Melville. William. "Lavalley" Benda Henry Ocean Street orfor:t street to New Smith!lead road 7 Monkton Mrs. IV., "Mabel Cottage" 11 Foster Sidney 13 Marriott-Woodhonse Mrs. 15 Fit z p a trick Mve. Meaner, " Ashley WOOD. COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS Alio CONTRACTORS WE SERVE ALL WITH EQUITY AND ECONOMY

43 POST YOUR ORDERS TO ANTHONY HORDERNS'-SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 854 Oce WOOLLAHRA. Old Ocean street coatinonl- 42 Smith G. F., stationer 17 Snead Henry, "Ardgowan" 44 Baker Harry, draper 19 Nicholas Mrs. Jessie, 'Stowell " 49 Scott James A., bootmaker 21 Gribben Col. Andrew Pitt, Palmer Mrs. 23 Macdougall Miss Margaret, "Ventoor Devonshire Cottages- 25 Withers Miss A. costunilero GO Jones Moses 27 Ward Mrs. 3l,npl, " rule" 92 Terrier William J.," Lyntl large 99 MoNab Miss Elizabeth, " BrUntel Oro" 51 Coded George," Linton Queen siren 60 Nathan Veneor 31 Hearn IV. P., f nil terer 68 Johnstone LA. accountant,"beulab" 33 McCallum J. 1. Plumber Alias R. "Remind" 35 Sewell Cornelius, cab proprietor Moreau Olson A. IL, chemist Tara fano 39 HotIgkInoti Ails., cost...oleo. 70 Plummer Leslie Art our 41 Dempsoy R. B., grocer 72 Moll/maid A. 43 Johnson Frank 74 Rutledge Dr. E. H. 45 Watson (lonion," Nonni.'" 76 Pateson Henry, "IiiirebiLli" 47 Blackpool Miss Atom 811 l'eoma»s Richard, solicilor 49 Mitchell Lionel ' Y Mohan!.1 olin, solicitor, 51 Davis James, "Brighton" "'Victor W Mrs. Jane, confectioner 80 Tooth Mrs. J. N.,,' Tudor" lord Wed 82 Gould Hubert Julia "Anglcsen" Wooilalan Presbyterian Church 84 Bergin Ml's T.," Orville" 55 Armstrong Alisi 14, "Tableo" 80 Halo-en John Lowrie, "Leta" 57 King Mrs. Agnes, "Vmilte" Woulalwa Connell Yards SD Minion, Mrs. A gilt,, Teerawaey street 61 Bowan MIS. Theresa, boarding es. tablishment, "Ilnollait" 88 Vivian Charles A.,1.1',,'Pendurvens 412 Coveny Albs% Constance Afars: Council Olituilbers-.0harien A. Vivian 65 Stahlito F. W., " Chiswick " J.P., ton n clerk Ironing/on street Jersey road 67 Anderson Join; 3., 'Klein" (Por west side from Jersey road, see ltmeloa Bats- Paddloulon) I Hodgson Percy Edward 2 Mackay Miss Annie Old South Read Road 3 ltowiey Miss 31,15' Graben) Al iss D. Prom Orford street, Boallt Janet iou, to 4 Wilson S. It. lionlh Howl 73 Gage Arm. Margaret, "Snarl" Banic of New South 1Vale. --Herbert. 75 Greed: auk Plats L. Barnes, manager 76 Meissen B. William Thomas IV. S., estate agent Mansell W. A. IL, artist M ethodist Sunday School r 77 OltsCh 3Irs,, "Wallnogra" Methodist 'Mardi Milton Oats Shinn Percy H., bootmokir 79 I Wilford Sydney 418 IV/Littera Charles, tat or Cape (.. S. 420 Robertson W., lobo ecuillst 81 Langle y hey. IV. L.." Denver" 424 Robison James, pointer 83 licinicf. F. A., 3.1'., ALD., "Dim. Minute" 424 7/ela pow street MI Saints Church of England 87 Comish Thomas, " Lli I hipbone '' Auctioneers, Estate nod Finance 89 CowlIshaw Roy Agents 4, ISIIT:111(1!S Ellett 1.11, LOMIS 93 Builinore If. 11, physleion,"calingim. Negoriatol. Voltages to, 'Phone 95 Cohen 8 anioei, ''Rosemont " V Albumin :Miss Florence 99 Leary Miss Chirp 920 Miller Soley, fruiterer 101 Moan Mrs. :clarion 428 Cole William,!dumber 103 Sayer Albert 439 Ireland Cl, NV., bookseller 105 Mc Ewan James 432 Lopez Albert, hitioirmiser 1(17 Dalpilget Jr In; 434 Shaw Mts. Ado, confectioner 109 Barnett MiSA M. 996 Woo61 IVIIIIIIIII, bootinaker WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD, LEE BROS., Ill Bit rillig Airs. Alm garet 138 Borrowilide John, newsagent Albert Weal 440 :Murphy T., greengrocer ends Al Its. draper gag:cliff 414 Scott Mrs. Agnes, florist Morse Miss Florence, "0 Helton" -lit Marworal Allis 14, babes' out litter Morse -Miss Elea nor, - Oriel toll " 448 Wright Bonnie, boatel:they Terry Airs. C. 6"Edgeelitiv House" 450 If olio Wiiiiam, fruiterer Edyeelqf roml 462 Ilic kson I. T., emir eolioner litigeelilf Post Onlee 454 Flannity IL. proiiiici I merchants D'eto South Head road (Y/1---Alitron James Oly111111C Pictore Show West tide Adelaide steed John steed 464 Grim t Waller, Ate] rose 4 Deakin John 460 Nelson If ; HS Ellen 6 Thompson ()anion. "Golden" Ciamot 'Ira. P., music teacher 8 McKay Bride, "Cathay" 470 Ifililer Joe, II 10 A dans IV ill' reit, teileher of music 472 Gkesno Ants Blanche 12 McNamee Airs,.1., "Glenwood" 474 Cousins Harold, "Kotula" 11 Macdonald Mks 3 1 argaret 470 It rinvin Tlionnts 18 AnIfilis Airs. Alice 475 North/a/nth Mrs. Mary L. 480 AfucCormack Miss Grace 508 Anita Alexander A., " Laura" 510 Ouniiffe C. FL, venction blind manufe. Cann Harry V., upholsterer 512 Parlitt William A. 614 Stewart JIOUPFI 616 Stanford Charles 518 Babington Mrs. st., costinniere 526 Braden Nurse Sala; A., "Icaslit" Private Hospital 530 Bowl.= Stainer, medical prectitioncr " Windermere 532 Harney lierbert. "Wilts(' 534 Too nsend Stephen Price, 'Vendetta' 536 AleCoffrey James, "Tommie 1Ceeit Mrs. Lydia, "Colima" 528 Rolroyd Mrs. Margaret. 540 Bowden Jame Goulding William 644 Smith Albert V. 540 Wilson William Sewell A48 NIP/ Arthur AI inogne John 652 SprIngott Charles IL, 651 Fletcher Mrs. Louise 550 I ley Mrs. Ilearlidla 568 Springer Ross Page, grocer 7 lactate lane 560 'Hodgson Ralph V., "Tower Cottage 570 Curtis George, physician owl Surgeon Btlyerlile rand Pringle J. Ai. mid A., huilders 574 IVoridger Arthur, bootmaker 1711 O'Grady Martin DelancY 578 Ileywood Airs. Lilian, "1,e Chalet" Maoris road 1,1311ceek 0. "Trelowney" II Ol'et1 NathitiMIL "Mount 'Allston, ICh by }Ivory F,'' Pine Cottage" Coles Henry... Pio HIV " MeR11/11110 ''Raraweera 11ollis 3Inniague, "Noyl" Turnbull George, " a Mitchell I ''Ibmgarvan legal Johns It., '' Roomy" Rayne. Sydney Austin Ramon.' A., "Slamira" Na'), Mrs. Moran ret 11., "Ncrugala" Roth.f..1. Lawless William, "Corona" Worling IVIlliam Nelson I II to Allison Carl lantbsia road Bra Idiom Thu ma4 Rogers Kerr Andrew, "Auld Heckle". Reid A. G., "Ards" Steiner Chun Drii Baur 3trs. Dora, "Illall-rtAlor" 'Peru Dewitt Mrs "Volt re' Wilkinson Fred, Augustin), "'fresco.' Smyth, "Iloollenc" lb:matt Alfred, " I n gley b" Brainier William. 3,1t, "gamin" Barlow G. 11. "Wyalla" Brown-', ".1rontii" Rohnon gooier Baker AI rs. i 'at 1 Is rine, "Calm)" Alio es Inv»; St snort A. 1). Pickle»! Mrs. Adelaide 11"elsh Alfred Deery Reginald, "Boodoeug" Bury FrelerIck T ''Si, Helena" Carter IthillS111. Stock Alfred George, "Invernmy" Martin Nero,,,,,,"Belmont" Macintosh Lindsay. "Yletoria" Conner Thomas. "Reknit." 'Allandale. Al lell me Alamo., "Carrington" Peyton Howe Alfred J. 3E01 illon B. O'Sullivan rood (Rose Bny) Newenstle it Afongan JOIM J., "Ghlgee" Heath II onry C., "Watcombe" Faraday avenue MUrphy Sirs..4 Martine, "TouraIne''. liber el v 482 Shlwell Leon illipttl ill'rei Coug. Church 484 Williams Thomas. Porker lans 986 0,111,01 John 488 Beni:unit, Morris 20 Middlemiss Anthony, motor garage 490 McMahon Andrew 0, 29.1 Petersen Miss linutta, "Unstiederg" 402 Itoborts John 24 Roston 3I re, Bushel, confectioner 424 Rielionlson Mrs. Eveilne, "Ileilsberg" Hunt Percy, "tin fl be'' 29 Bimini Frederick, Upholsterer 400 Fallon William Bayern George W., "Inverness" 98 Graben. James, boottanker Edwards Mrs. Elizabeth Smith William Gcurgit 90 Higgins Wiiilalll 00 Magill Joseph I t., "Marion" Sul RR George A. 22 Heffernan Allelmel, boot repairer 502 V. lison 1110mas IA. limerens tonstaii I confectioner 24 Mistral Fibrou s Plaster CelliO : Ins 04 linrcort u Mis. Eitel, Rowse B. T., grocer Bremner JIIIIIIIS E., produce and hid 506 Coo,,,,,;.1 n MOS Wilberforce avenue HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9227 OITV ANTHONY HORDERNS' SUBURBAN DELIVERIES GIVE YOU SERVICE. Osb WOOLLAII RA_ Oxt 855 Kirkwood Joseph; W. Yates G. A. I inelll :feu es, greengrocer Methodist Church Dower rand Book, The Al bars, "Rose Mlle" 12idot Louis Melvor Afrs. Ethel, "Alma." Tileker thrimas II. Phillip s T. W., grocer lhanillos street Pinishou WIDOW. droller But torishaw Edward George, 'Lynn' lleyilon Airs. Clara "Alon-Desir" l tfrenek Alls. Nancy, "St. Clare" Paterson Edward, "Wygnnynh" Jarvis Alfred, "Warrego" Beilingliam Wm. Ileiry, "Moura" Puildeplialtt Mired T., 'Willibioluti" Pettit Charles 3., "Norwood" Norman Al. A Son. grocers.8' John Walk!' 'Watson James Smithson John 75'.,'' Crosshill 21011one/ill Mks a., "Inverurlo",Johnson John, "ItOma" Parton JallICS "Ditlineny BlontgOinCry ' James, "EnnertIrde" Wills John Mitchell road (See ado 111werfey) Osborne Lane Otr nerd, Lock offin Ma ion A rmstrong II. P. 40.SUIlIvan Rend (Bellevue H111) VlsI,8oidh Brad road In Sew South Ihral raul Terrey James." Thermopyin; Jones O. P.. "ittloula" Langer C. W.. " Wantildvaie" Quirue II, C. Plowright A. (:. Itailin Louis Nimensk i Sainneymineszon" llesby Ilarolt1 Illchords It Moil ;11)1Lons Martin Aarons Joseph. " Hastings" Adamson Dart Brock Oswald, 'Springfield" -Comber Thomas, "Bay View" lionison W, Cowloy Mrs. "Col- Leal on" Dosonin Me'! Inutald E.. "Tuinaga" \Dahlberg Ernest Ninon Ca plain, "BrondiLli" Black Moues. "lionelien" CHOIR) Arthur, "Thetis" Grassick Garde,' Morrison James E., "celsewyed -lecke' I,, c, IV., "19clerons" Wyatt W. IV, Brown A. J. Beduin I tarry 'Tortoni G. Ryan Arthur I.."Arrongli" McGrath Alfred, " Yaranal" -Conrad Ftitlik, "KrIburn" Doncaster John, "Inglenook" Toiler :Hrs. A I lee, -Itamluois." It1. 11 loorge IS, I }ought v tarry, "A ritnitsan" BaBoar rood (Dose Bay) l tyson Eric Norman cl Mrs. A Imie d Frank, "Ilulta" Rosillei Albert Rich kende, "Belgruvia" Lattater road Rpm Philip,dairybout Plaranwe road Powell no 11remmil William. "Wentworth" Chterman Ii eine "Eenorn" Graham Sirs., "Bra clientlinalt" Kenyon Johil Weil wood Oswald Street (Rushcutto re' Say) Off syrie Bryan Head to Bench hind Art lett _Miss Gertrude, "Tlinnet" lap Plats- -% Claw Plat: Canter Emanuel, " Ilunksia" Al iss A. AI, "81.1donia" Fitzgerald lion..i. D., U. Oxford Street Jersey road to Ozv eiti n v A t:,,,,, 1 Dondl Light Brigade hat& -.Toseidi 'Murphy 478 Massmosittee P. NV., tobacounist litrieresilf(rs'. D., fruiterer 454 Martin Mahan' A. 8., chemist 488 Crimson Villiain, tobacconist 490 Warne James I), 492 Itedkober Leopold J., dent's' 400 Bullock Howard, surd., ALB., C A Inlqu,eoiiy Timothy 0 Bowler Samuel 8 Buckley Allss Essie 10 AlcheoLI Boo alit A., "Donne" 12 Rayner Mrs, Georgina 10 Colman.. Mrs, It M., dealer '20 Giles Mrs. Clan. 22 Wayman Miss 21 Bruce Robert James xi reel 26 Landers Allier( N. Landers Edwin C.. IP Norman Rex, bottle exchange 84 Flanagan Jams 30 Stimulus 31n.. Susan 38 Phillipson Airs. F.. boardinghouse 48 Wolfe Martin 50 Farrell Airs, Margaret 52 Keehn' Alm. It, 50 Prince of Wales fold Julie \Valliant jparg l irklorin A Juno,. (8!Spier Robert, clowlibnilder 112 Alagmer J., larder 04 Thompson Arthur fie Johnston Aim. It, 70 I/eighton Mrs. 3Iar 74 Ralston Mrs. 3. it Leoul 78 Way man Harry, J.P.,Indider lb Illy ton W ellr Rentossy 84 Ricketts John 80 Can:bridge ho51-3iat ikla Murray Wallis need OD.reagne Charles Ilerbert 92 Roberts hits. A. 84 Parker B. W. 86 Dye Airs, E. Al. 98 blasters Airs. B. 100 Scrivener Mrs, Lena Dnieilti t:sicanyllrs. l.iis Ponca,. si vs, t All., Ellis 106 Alclicawn John 100 Hammond William 110 Chimney Miss A., at'llst 112 Gooch Frederick 114 Oryille Al-xender 116 Al Donald AI m. McDonald T. G., solicit... liii 120 Schliemium lonoriq 129 Riling Arthur 128 Allison Cyril 130 Bailee/10m tire, Mum 132 Ilea py John 1.34 Price Mrs, Caroline 1411 Caller Frederick It., pa ttaromaker 142 Campbeil Altos M. G. Doran Beret 166 McGhee Hama " [Angles 118 1A`WIA IGO Drokelishire Jolt II W. 162 Solway Mrs 31., reshlonlial ehambers 109 Seymour Mrs. G., boardinghouse in Slits P. M. 108 Skelly IV, H. 172 Crampton Mrs. J. 174 Phillips William C.," Yore,',, RS Rite C. theirt, specialist 178a (Beery A., billiard rooin 180 Oosulitou ItIchard,"Glenwood" Pelson sired 202 Toronto Difinenlen, frolterer 204 Wileeter B. E., imt Sher 24 'Lassen. Broc., grocers 210 1,ock 11', It newsagent, : Frank. wine imrellanl 214 Higginbotham Itilwonl, letirdreoicr 216 Kenn Mkt: 9-confectioner 218 Whim Mrs. Kate. roofed loner 220 Watt As Co., electrical engineers 222 Alaskell Owen, ronfeet loner 224 Smith Al., stat loner 226 Simmers Ii. IL, umbrella maker 228 1!o110, SO4 fish shop 21:2,120 y11:lit iti iitgr kourrer groin A' 284 Calilil I,. A.. enured loner 2311!Cello AI rib 3., ladies' main ler 238 Sinaloa Mrs, C., Null and beef shop Ls:swell aresi 1Voollaln a Pictures 248 Whiti ley Brothers. printers 2426 'tidies Mrs. Alice, confectioner 218c Orr" C., fancy goods 250 Barka John, animator,.. Aloymore" _and I',nk his Al ro., 111/11r 9509 Alorrison Robert IV_ smallgoods 212 Vomits In IV. J., botcher 254 Ai ell rath Airs. Nellie, marvel loner 866 Soda Bros. estate ogents 258 NVollman R A., slid lomr 200 CiIiins N. B.. forint111t 162 Carter Waiter. undertaker Carter Ho Loon Io,,l burnt. 5, 11., tailor 2011 Sawyer llros., Ilahrivi '270 Alorrison A., hoolmaker 272 Dunn E. AI, grocer 27! Calcium; Harry, fruiterer 270 Ilmerton ,11notmalter 278 Swift & hen, furniture dealers 280 Stone A. IL, house& prop. agent 282 Hustings Mrs. 'Matilda, void ectioner Moore Joseph W., f tirolturc dealer 248 Singh 11,, tea merchant 2112 Jensen Al. It., Vuenelt inandry 2114 Staple It. II., saddler 200 Leverton George, doll fnetury 2814 I bushes If., 11, 11.5., dentist 208,e Collins 3 eneph, Itat renovator 200 I loth David, limper 1412 Economy Store 104 Collins J. T., clot Sandilunds Alex., upholsterer 308 Itanger.l. Sz Son, pluumern Ill) Co-opt :rot ii,rellionntesiiicereilig Society 1,i1 112 Levy I). 314 Forma A., children's outfitter 3111 Creswell lfa odd A V oiler It, 520 Braille Al rs. Eliot, poulterer 322 Travers Mrs. It, 321 Ibibron Hubert. IndrIrester 320 IitIlLI/G I, l'alat I: agent 8214 It Isselholi Jacob 220 'tomes Airs. Al. 0., sitillitier 3.12 Fltzumurice Willinni, general carrier 334 Pritee Bros., boot repairers Aienser As. Collins. billiard saloon Bondi Cash Stores '342 Lauder T., tobacconist 346 Singer gswing Machine Co., Ltd. 848 Hunter.fidin and Smi, Lb I., boot shop 352 Reynolds Airs. (1, dot NM 354 Cowan hilts L., milliner 350 If onsrhald Ilrot hers, Iruainongers 396a II orborph az Co. outfitters Ludwig IV., Mous.; : Vivian's, drapers Barpliee IV, II.,t Sims, ironmongery 370 Spiro C. E., cower Evesson 31Ichael, billiard saloon Bowe spree 871 Jame, poulterer 371 Luckey Alf reit, WI Lciat thews It, 71 A.11.C., falterers 78 Pepper thoma. droper 80 Freedman 1., hairdresser 384 Zimmerman Carl confectioner IRe Domed lo Supply Shires 883 Al,,,,,; Ii. 13,, cake sperialist Bra Cachid Alinioni, florist 392 I larger Henry O., bout Imparter /IPS E, eletioner 390 Ilellatni John, cinallgoolls ass Janie. Afarh, draper Brailneld W, S. 400 C their A., jelvelleu 4112 lils3lelt If. II., chemist 4(14 Cohen Al., fruiterer 4 on Graham J. II MI Sons, painters, dze. 408 PIR W., ithirthesser -ills Thomas it, IT, oldhan 408 (bolas IT B. 408a Oceanic Fish Slimily Co. POSSESS AN EQUIPMENT SECOND TO NONE IN THE BR/TISH EMPIRE

44 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. 856 Pea WOOLLAHRA. Ric Oxford street continued- 410 McIlrath's Limited, grocers 412 Gummerson George, grocer 414 AlIdis & Co., Ltd., property agents Aildis chambers Hollander H. L., dentist 414 Gillis J., dentist Armstrong IL, residential agency 416 Clemesha Herold, chemist Grosvenor street Peaker Lane 20 Ocean to Monett,* street Alton street 2 Smith George 4 Higgins James 36 Walsh Miss Mary, stationer 38 Masonic Hall 40 Benton Thomas, watchmaker 42 Denton E. W.. carrier 44 Church Extension Association, con-. ducted by the Sisters of tlae Church (OE.) 44 Long William 40 Cameron Alexander, plumber 48 Etherington Mrs, T., stationer 50 Benton Mrs. Emma 52 Callaway Leslie A. 54 Moran Edward 56 Dargin Miss E. M. 58 Fludder George. 9 Smith Edward AL, artist 13 Leonard John, boottnaker 17 King John Batty Edward T. 21 Mackins George 23 Bubb Miss Minnie. costnmiere 25 Olsen Mrs. Leah A., costumiers, 29 Norman William 31 Robinson Mrs. Mary A. S. 33 Cousins William 35 Poulton Osbert V. 37 Quarternutin M., tea merchant 39 McKenzie Mrs. Margaret ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. Rid WOOLLAHRA. Sho 857 Popplewell George Spooner Cyril Northcott Julian," Chalfont " Macpherson Thomns, "Ileauly " O'Neill William, "Marini" Parish Joseph J.," Loddington " Harper F. 'Liddell Street (Bellevue Hill.) off Bellevue road Nicholls Jam. 0., "Ooranderk" Haneox William John Hartley Sirs. Emily, "I lalcyon Nathan Edward B.," Coollarang smtiir w inium as 0 Lynnwood Frew ltobert, "Leonta" Dixon Miss Gertrude, num, Tier Bernard Terry Charles G., "Benvenuc" Downey James R., "jesmond Dena" Pearce Samuel, "Elsatn" Sansom Joseph, "Tylon" Roslyndale Avenue Off Edgecliff road 2 Fenner Frank, " liasington 4 Pritchard Chaplin, "Creston" 10 Bennett Ronald W., "Chelsea" 12 Gentle We t ter G.,"Morven" 14 Sear W. G. L., "Rawhit Alpha terrace- 13 Gillman Mrs. Blanche 15 Stables John 21 ()Arland Williatn J. 23 Graham Josiah 25 Oronan James 27 Barrie William 29 Cullen Walter 31 Clark It, W. 33 Fitzpatrick Edward 35 Griltams Robert 37 Thompson Richard 39 Neenan John 43 Goodfellow Edward 45 Clancy Andrew 47 Black Robert J., produce merchant Russell Street Edward to Mayne!, street 41 Elder William 13,, Royal Laundry 6 McNeill T. 00 Harrison S. IC. 43 Queen's hotel John Carrick HOITISOD Joseph, t.' W., "lielthorn" 16 Carrick Arthur James 8 Menham James 02 Wright Mrs. A. es Tierney William Matthews William A., " Lichfield " 18 Saber Mrs. Rebecca, " Westerley" I Wolk IC. Holds worth street 64 Harrison 14., confectioner 47 Kane j. Louis Mark 20 Conant& Alexander,'" Wonga " 3 Brasil! 'I homes, " Papua Spicer street 66 Morphew Miss little, costumier 49 Newton George 'McDonald Simon 22 Mackay Mrs. Mary K. 5 Brady It. L. N., "Winffiedatie" Pearce Street (Double Bay) wr William street 4 Bond Norman T. H. 6 Danielson Ernest 10 Pearce Sidney, "Frontinae" Monro J. T. 1 Vinson Thomas G. 7 Chamberlain Charles, "Happilu" 9 Bowen William A. E., Beachley /bOrlaill William 15 Nash Samuel 17 Price Arthur 19 Mason Charles, "Sfaxton" 21 Mathieson F. R. 23 Surridge Arthur 25 Finnegan J. W., "Benue" 27 McCoy Robert, "Roseville" 29 Walker Richard 31 Ball Read George, "DillIngton" 35. Worboys Walter, " Odsee" Pelham Street (Double Bay) East side Oji el'os4 street 1 Coltman John 3 Frawley Mrs. Margaret 7 Karr Mrs. Mary Ann 9 Whyte Mrs. Minnie," Alma Cottage" 11 Wibsion Mrs. Sarah Anne 13 Manley Mrs. Mary 2 Glazebrook George, " Bellevue" 4 Merriman Mrs., "Edgeclifie" fi Hartley. Miss Elizabeth 8 Bird Schomberg Mrs. Pickering Lane Kihninster lane to Nelson street Mockford Jessie 3 Garrett Thomas 11 Simpson 9 Kett W. It, 4 Patterson Eliston 7 Cottier Harry 12 Moriarty William Whitehouse Charles Tynan Christopher Plummer Road (Rose Bay) 0// O'Sullivan road Powell Road (Rose Bay) Off O'Sullivan road Porter Charles, "Llandilo" Queen Street Oxford street to Edflecliff road Bullock Howard, physician & surgeon 68 Dorhauer Otto, builder 70 Dorhauer Christian & Sons, builders 72 Wildman E. B., grocer 74 Driver 76 Hearse D.. tobacconist 8 Bell & Wright, butchers Hall street 80 School of Arts & Institute 82 Chadwick lf., tailor 84 Wilding Emma, fruiterer 86 Bryant Mrs. A. b., stationer 88 lfewson It., fruiterer 92 Collins Noranne IL. upholsterer 04 Bonney Askin, fruiterer 96 Brooks isabel A., milk vendor 98 Coleman E. 100 Friend J. C., coinectioner 102 Tegel IC. A., grocer 104 Wild Frank B., draper 106 McCristal James B., butcher. 108 Westbrook Alfred II., ironmonger 110 Horner Edward 112 Government Savings Bank of IN.S.11% Moncur lane 110 Ackland hotel Annio Roles Moncur street 18 Bulgin William, chemist Macdonald W. 11. (ex'ors of late) Ironmongers 20 Mason 124 Smith W. E., grocer 126 Williams Owen & Sons plumbers 20a Ch a ill W illiam F., fruiterer ' 128 Gordon Bernard, draper Spicer street 130 Schofield E. C., chemist 132 Churchill.1 F., butcher 134 Marks F., fishmonger 136 Jeffrey Bros., fruiterers 138 Williams J Woes, moblico011hit 140 Moors C. B., mercery 142 Jeffrey Bros., confectioners 144 Leonard Percy, ham and beef sltop 146 Morphew Frank, tailor 148 liner F., watchmaker 150 Parsons William G., newsagent Itoldsworth street 152 Kearney Patrick 156 Cairo Robert, "Radford" 168 Sanyille Mrs., "Elladale" 100 York George 102 Churchill J. F., butcher Alton street 104 'Vaughan John 160 Earnell William 168 School Hall Congregational Church Ocean street 170 Orions' Reginald McAlpine Stanley 174 Firth Frmak. motor painter 176 Compton Mrs,. 178 White Joseph B., "Apia" 19i Scott William D 61 Handley John 53 McKy'e 55 Taylor S. J., fishmonger Victoria avenue 59 Davis Mrs. Helen 61 Hogan Miss E. 63 McMinn Edward 05 O'Farrell Mrs. Annie 60 Hanley Mrs. E. 71 Gleeson Thomas 73 Thlyman Itobert 75 Collins 1'. J. 77 Burton Walter 70 Bruton John 81 McNamara John 83 Coghlan John 85 Ilorne James, produce merchant. 87 Coombes Edward 89 Thomas Frederick, contractor 91 Lane TI Elder If. B., "Bonnie Doon" 95 Mention Mrs. Elizabeth 99 Post and Telegraph (Alec Motion. street McGee lines., grocers 105 1Vatson John 0., bootanaker 107 Plarkinson Mrs. A., confectioner 109 Dorlanotar Mrs. M., " Lorelei Dorhaner lane 111 Hall Slice Stanley 113 Strawbel Felix 115 Alston Alexander 117 Collins P. J., surgeon, "St. Kevins 119 Scholefield Edgar C., " Woodlands" 121 Smith S01) , "Shorwell" 123 Sloane Mrs. 'F. O., "Glenstrae Off-1236 Harcourt Francis 125 titaness Robert, "Tanana 127 Dewlatarst Harold, "Womboin" 129 Drewett Alias Eutilly. " lillora Drewett Miss A. C., " Ellora" 131 Abbott Mrs. H. l'., "Euhelon." 133 Shawl AI lows, "Spencer Lodge" 135 Morris A. C., surgeon dentist OCP(01 street Kilminner lane 139 Stafford Herbert, ".0eta " 141 Adam Arthur li. 143 Reynolds Mrs. O., " Iviett 145 'McAlpine Miss IL, "Sittratlion 147 Jowitt William Moore Mrs. Mary, "Roslyn" Waimea arenur Carty Mrs. Mary, "Sferlow" 153 Clark 'F. W. The Grove 155 Somerville Mts. A. AL, "Libya" 157 lrvins Sirs. Pelson lane 159 Jones L. Richard 161 Terry Mrs Charles, "hurdles" Ne street Rawson Road (Rose Bay) 2 Rush Walter and Co., estate agents 182 Renwick Herbert J. "Myrtle" Of New South Head l'01111 Foley Miss Griffith Rev. A. J. (bong.) - 4 Henderson Mrs. Lily Hargrave Arthur A., civil enginee-: 184 Muston Mats- 6 Broderick Martin, "Sfylora" "Energlyn" ratersoo Miss 14 Mitchell's Boarding Establishment Hopkins 2 Molony Mrs. J. 20 McDermott Mrs. Annie Breckenridge Charles 1'. 186 Sharpe Mrs. A. E. 82 Morris William 188 Braggett lidwerd, " Arnold" Minter Mrs. Clifford. "Malta na" 24 Vandy Imo; 190 Wall Mrs. Florence Richmond Road (Rose Bay) 20 Lester John 192 Jones R. II., ophthalmic surgeon IVOrtriCh roall to Newcastle street 28 Cunningham Mrs. Margaret 124 Bluett Miss S., "Halton Parish James, " Barron' " 30 Paddington, Waverly and Woollahra Bluett A. R., solicitor Larsen N. A., "Nitnesel Starr Bowkett 190 Fox Herbert Perry Antonio, "Hobart" 82 Browne P. L, hairdresser 198 Moore William J., "Benshant" Tobias John It., " The Anchorage 94 Scott Miss Emma, dressmaker Nelson street Hodges WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE ST., C'DOWN 'PHONE L2849. Shipley Rev. Edwin (0.E 1. 'Glenview 'Singleton H. L., "Myne.11olane' Symonds S. ".rhompson Mrs. Agnes, "Victory" Jackson William II. "Erza" BCSSiCh :Joseph, ''Afplia Rivers Street (Bellevue Hill) Off 11 the road Potter 11. S. Chessell Alfred William, "Belle-Vue" Muldowney John, "Dornoch" Rushton Claude. "Mimosa" 21 Nolan William, "Wanstead" Caswell William, "Ullndl" Vivian street south 35 Petersen Alfred 13 Gilbert Mrs. E. M. 11 Appleby John LenlIOX street Fretwell Mrs. Ade, "CtalwIlla" Jenkins Mrs. II. Ilium 3. Slathers.Tolan T., " Crest Gray Alfred. " Lyenhurst Munn The Misses MeAlary Mrs. D. N., "Ayrshire" Miller Mrs. A. W., "Roma-Volonna" 13enning James It. S. Bradley Je,m,eeec P.." Olonleigh" Stewart Alexander, "Milton" Foster Robert, "Essex" lismhurger Harry, " liremham" Weedon Chas. P., "Laura.mont" Everinghem T. W. I'lelon street Gough Mrs. Bessie, "Kosciusko" Denning John Vivian Mrs. Clara Stoney Mrs. Eliza, "Birrillee" Robinson Lane 0,0'201 Etlyeeltff road Newcomb Leonard Rose Bay (see Now South Head Road) Rosemont Avenue Trelaseney street to Edgeeltg road 1 Marks R Read Mrs. Vera, "Moynoe" 5 Dowling Laidley 9 Brandon Spitler. surgeon 11 Bloom John 12 Richards Sirs. K. 13 Austin K. T. 15 Anderson Robert 0, 17 Bridge Lionel, "Weeroona" Jacobs E. L., "Anglowood" Storey D. A. Roslyn Street (Bellevue Hill) (V Bellevue road llanranan Peter,"Itolynt" Heywood William V., "Ennerdale" 1 Wallis Tom C., "Leura" 3 McDowell David 5 Powys ltev. Ii. N. (C. of E) 9 Kemp Charles, " 11111view 11 Batche lor Herbert 0., "Glenview 13 Kidd John Francis 15 Brooks George 17 Spour Richard lu Wallis Arthur,"Walletagie" 21 Baker Edmund, "Hadley" 23 Beecroft Herbert, " Seaming 25 Ettstman Mrs. It. C., "St Lawrence" 27 Palmer George G., " Argyle" 29 Thompson James 31 Vincent Louis Rowe Lane WI Version street Scott Sydney, "Myrtle Cottage" Rowe Street Od SwIt's Ilead to Rdpecliff road Adams A. H., carpenter Grosvenor lallf 1 West Milton 3 O'Keefe Mrs. Mary Cad a allader W. 11., produce store 5 Robinson Arthur 7 Haywood Walter 0 Warren Albert. 11 Elliott Sirs. Clara Grulton street 13 Willis 15 Freer Thomas 17 Willinans Mrs. M., "Ophir" 19 Brewne James, " Ono-all" 21 Dututinghtun Mrs, A. 23 Kahn John 25 Stapleton John 27 Bailey Joseph, " Grantham 29 Butcher 31 Crompton William IL," Florence Gold M., grocer Davis lane 39 Pollard A., "'hackles!'" 41 Spalding Ov.'en 43 Muir Mrs. H. IL, "Cinfra" Sapiodl terrace- 2 Jones Henry 0. 4 Rash L. J. 0 Madden George 8 Duggan Francis 10 Mischke Ernest Grafton street Saywell lane 12 Groves nank, " Highgate" 14 Foster George E. Saler strett Dudlep lane Rush Street Jersey road to Monett,' street Fern terrace- 4 Whitfield Walter 0 Mulcahy Mrs. Mary 8 Hendrickson Mrs. A. 10 Bergeest Otto J. 12 Graham William 14 Lynch David 10 Knight Harry 18 Kemp Sydney 5 Flool John, Watratall" 9 Reyes Patrick 11 Sealy Fletcher 7 Doidge James, "Arnwatta 9 Kilminster S. 2 Olsen H. 4 Ryan Miss Elizabeth, "Cienahrook" 6 Riddell Alexander 12 Dolan Michael, "Bosnia" Saber Street Vernon to Rowe street I Colenum Sirs. Maria 3 Strantzen Mrs. Edith," Selby Villa 5 Evans Birkaneyer Henry Alexander 9 Wade John 11 Datvies Frederick."LauravIllo" 13 Mitchell Charles," Belmore" 17 Stone George 19 Keogh Patrick, "Sunnyside" 21 Neil William.1., "Rosebud" 23 Jeffries Mr's. C. 2 Buckman Mrs. Ida Sirs. Louisa 8 Brom Mrs. 10 Nicholson 12 Lewis Joseph Sittreus, " ICuhuel he" 14 Cutler Frederick L. 16 Johnson Albert T., "Rosalie" 18 King Charles '20 Baker Mrs. Annie, "Mel= St. Mark's Road (Darling Point) Phillips A. E., " Caine Reading Claude "Yo-Merry" 0// D. S., Octagon" 011 Littlejohn Albert, "The Knoll" Kelty Mrs. Isabel, "Point Clair" Taylor Fred "St.. Aubin" Salisbury Road trose Bay) New South Head rd. to Bereslord rd Meagher Albert P., "Locksley" Gololinch Mrs. En z. H., "Lyndhurst " Lloyd Mrs, If. Saundersno "Areley" Stirling The Si ISF114 II. & it.,"itoslyn" IleazIeWood Walter C. "Coolatbalt" Moller C. Si., "Sapphire" Jolley Fred., "Penrith" Bartlett liarry, "Namol" Pearce Arthur, "Porno". Thorne Introld, "Enraba" Flood William, "The Arches" Sleadham Alfred, "Nallsworth" Bits Plots Abrahams Mrs. Leah Bagley Ernest.1., "Brockley" Jessop Charles H. Copp IV. IL, "Natant" Sergeant Francis C., "Oban" Welntz Leonhard, "Bungalow" Short Street 011 Pletcher street 1 Beasley Albert 3 O'Connor Mrs. 5 Ward Stephen," folanthe" 7 Percy WWI= " Devon Cottage" 9 Dent Mrs. Elizabeth 11 liftetzela Arthur It. 13 Orighton Andrew, "Thelma" McDonald Charles, "13ruce" 15 Campbell Charles 17 hell Alexander, "Oswestry" OUR VEHICLES ARE THE MOST ELEGANT AND BEST HORSED IN AUSTRALIA

45 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR LADIES' KID AND FABRIC GLOVES. 858 Sma WOOLLAHRA. Tre Short street continued Went side Flemming 3atites, "Winchelsee" Dean Mrs. Selmerer Reginald Brody Mrs. Patrielc Dennington, "Glenview" Tuck\vell Norman, " Florenceville " Alters A., "l,liiliilvl lie" McIntyre Duncan, "311Iton Cottage" Windier Keith, "Hillside" Small Street 0,1 Fletcher street Shuttlewort Ii William Platt Miss Elsie, "Elsie Cottage" Lunnon de Plater, It C. Everson John, " Violet Cottage Simmons Burke Patrick, "Glenview" Smer Baden, " Twickenham" Carter Mrs. Annie 'iii ft Frank Connors Francis.T. White Charles, "Itokeby" blesorley Mrs. I. Nicholls Young William Christiansen Ed w., " N Cottage" 31urray James II., " Ellesmere".Terome Thomas James, "Daylesford Pattison Mrs., "Glenwood" Kreger Dyke William, " Edgecliffe Cottage" South Street (Double Bay) Bay to Ocean street 37 Deehan Mrs. James J., "Lincoln" 20 Jenkins Phillip A. 25 Hubbard Mrs. Macy, "Correlli" 23 Anderson Dr. buries, " Lesden" 21 Franks Mrs. Isabella, "Gordon" 10 Gunn S. B. 17 Griffiths lire. Elsie, " Chopin" 15 Truths A.. " Mozart 13 Jackson William 11 Mason M. 9 Stevens Mrs. Jane, "Netherhy" 7 Corrong Hata- Bignall 3f ossop William 5 Roberts John T., "Wyangali" Davis Philip Ti.," TeC0111/1" 1 UIRZCIWOOk James, " Woodville" Bay street King Walter, "Arnold" Chard William H., "Thaekley" Spencer Street (Rose Bay) 011 Hamilton street Ellis William H. G., "Collinville" Lopper Adolph, "Glyn". Nordstrom Mrs. A. Pettit Mrs. Mary Perry Alred, "Chelsea" Forster Win. Henry, "Upperdale" Smith Percy, "Sunnybrtle" NMI/We Henry Compton Herbert S., "Coomera" Stuart Henry O., "Wentworth" Kelly Charles, "Itoniford" West Mts. Annie, "Winchellea" O'Reilly Matthew Robinson George, "Ivanhoe" Smith William S., "Klicoam",Tackett R., "Belfast" Wilcox William, "Lozells" ingrose Ernest F., "Avoca" Payne Mrs. Mary, "Brindeyare" Spicer Lane Jersey road to Spicer street 9 Toyne George M., " Gladwyn 7 Campbell William 3 Heaton Iterate) 1 Forrest Mrs. - Spicer Street Queen street to Spicer lane la Jones 5 Foul Thomas P. 7 Durbidge Herbert 0 Keogh Bernard 11 Swan Arthur 13 Amery Robert 13a Tidyman Charles 17 Bell James Edward 21 Rorke Mrs. Emma 23 Eagleton J. A., bootmaker 25 Bryce Mrs. Mary 27 Long Hugh 29 Conti Samuel Morrell street 33 Baty bfrs. Mary 1 Rogers William J. 2 Milton Charles 3 Marshall George Thomas 4 O'Donnell John Waite Mrs. IC. A. 6 Carey John 14 East Springford 16 Agnew Miss 18 Scott Mrs. Sarah 22 Wilson Ernest J., "Blakemere" 24 Wootton Alfred 26 Lamer William 28 Alison') Mrs. L. 30 Staples Mrs. Edith 32 Richardson T E1, "Maseotte" 34 Henry Mrs. 36 Haynes Richard 38 Dunn Mrs. Annie Morrell street 40 Ryan P., confectioner 42 Scott Job 46 Darken Mrs. Ellen Stafford Street (Double Bay) Of Beach street Barnes George, motor launch proptr. Munro Mrs. S. Messenger Mrs. A., motor launches Barnes William J.P. Davies Edward Dunning John Victor Motor Company, Limited Messenger Henry H. Messenger Walter Bolton Harry, carrier Sutherland Crescent (Darling Point) li'lham avenue to Darling Point road 4 Solomon David 5 Gibson j. A. D. 6 McLeod Charles Toohey Phillip, "PhIllida Cottage" Johnson Val, Devonia" Munro Miss Elizabeth. Tara Street 7're/tar:ley to Ocean street 4 Bond bin). Caroline, "Brooklyn Bourke Joseph, cab proprietor 3 Extence James, cab prop., "Siltou 2 MIMI John, "Stinnyside" 1 Fletcher William," Toxteth" The Retreat (Double Bay) Of Bay street (Double Bay) Merchant George Peters Frederick J. C., " Kotobuki Rowe John," Lacoolie" MacArthur George W., " Brighton " Smedley Herbert, "Streatham" O'f.oughlon John, "Weimer" White John, "Chilman" Stuckey Adolph', "Gowrie 11renchley Miss, "Linwood" Wheaton George, " Woodbine Thornton Street (Darling Point). Darling Point to Thranabbe road Skinner T. "Pendarvis" Johnson N. A. Tillock James T., J.P., "Longwood" Mordent Lobby's, "Mount Hope" Hordern Mrs. Antliony,"Itetford Hall" Mordent Anthony Tivoli Avenue (Rose Bay) Of Yoe South Mead road Halloran Aubrey, "Isipingo" Baxter D. II., "Ermington" Trahleo Road (Bellevue Hill) qtr Fairfax road Palm, J01111 J.," Chester" Transvaal Avenue (Double Bay) Ote Cross street (Double bay) 2 White Frank 4 Lepper Nelson, "Malapolo" 6 Ball Edward 8 Tate Robert 10 Richards Edwin 12 Moore Henry 14 Marellionni Cesare, plumber 16 Barrel' Frederick I Langtry Matthew, "Grey Friars' 8 John Niehaus," Mafeking 5 Sinclair Ernest 7 Martin William 9 McCully Robert 11 Musgrove J., "Kimberley" 13 Fell Norman ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE WHITE SEWING MACHINE. Ver WOOLLAHRA Wal 859 Vernon Street East aids Old South Head to Rdgecl(ff road Rowe lane 1 Willson Edwin, "Alma" 3 Power M. J. 5 Kentwell Albert Victor, "Vernon" 7 Lack S. W., "Willatimun" 9 Burns James 11 Craig William J. 13 Douglas Mrs. W. 15 Wool ven Claude, "Menotti" 17 James William 19 McMahon Mrs. Catherine, "Perth" 21 Burke Arthur Grafton street 23 Dunn Thomas 25 Naughton Edgar C..27 Smith Mrs. Agnes 29 Clement Mrs. Margaret SI Blee William Thee Mrs. W., feather dyer 33 McQuillan Charles A. 35 Watson John -37 McCook Mrs. Susan Saber street 30 Goulding Miss M. C es ;lames 43 Knight Thomas. "Waterview" 95 Seivers Albert William 47 Barnes E. L., " Fernview" 99 Potter Walter R., "Glenview" 51 Croft, Mrs. Edyeclif road 2 Jeboult, If. Summerhayes Rvans James," Elizabeth Cottage 4 Brenuan Charles 6 Andrews Colin Hunter 8 Turnbull A rchibal.1 A. 10 Ainsworth Leonard 12 Dayis James 'I'. 14 McMillan E., fruiterer Grartatt street 'is Robinson Duncan. 18 Humbley :Mrs. Marion Victoria Avenue gin,n U Alto strett 21 Taylor Francis la Seery Matthew 17 l'oonilis George 15 Hoffman William Knight Harold William, grocer drones street 11 Martin Walter J., "Iona" 7 Phillips Edward 3 Williams Frederick Darker-Charles, "LaurencevIlle" Faneourt T. M.," Blenheim Petry Williain, ''isle worth" Long Robert, "Creel" Wat soil It "Creel" scat Mrs. Mary, "Huntingdon" Robinson Phillip J., "Cruel" Thomas Albert E., milk vendor James street 16 I3rown John A. Jefferson John bf.,"kyneton" Horsley Lester, "Coolabah" Bellevue Park road flirriga road Menlo Flats Blake Mrs. If. S. Want Mrs. L. Bradley Mrs., "Sydne.v" Zions Reuben,."Romaii-Enak" Stephen A. Const tt, "Llandudno" Bellevue Iiill_ Goldswortli Alf. T., solicitor,"oamira" Meares It. H. Warry Arthur John, '' Thaxted Knox. Thomas F., J.1'., ''Learn." "Cranbrook" School Junior llouse F. Gale, resident master, Wyaga' Brunton Walter T., ''Ifityrith Fairfax Mrs. Harold, "Meriden" Stephen Sir Henry, " lioniton 31uston A., "Duneh at ta" n Drury I G'railinkhfluila "ad Glover "Qu aabar" m Girls' Boarding Seitool.Miss 1. McPhee, 13.A., principal Garland Hon.John, 11.L.C.,"Cairnton" Littlejohn A. N., solicitor," Walhalla" Angus Professor S., "Knock-Bann" Morris P. A, 'Kanacea" 31c Fallyen Roderick, "Yoortuni" Falkiner F. B. S., R. Denison , "Etnnina" Jaquet J. 11., "Rochefort " Vickery E. F.. " Kellwood Bank " Biggs Mrs. Ada, "biliford Hall" Maguey John, -Ypres" NV neelihan John Morri+, Clyro" A bralintns A. S., "Beamparts" 3110 in Rivers sired Partridge William, "Retina Vista" Macken Hugh, "Coolant/tate" Donnelly Thomas, "Waimate" Carter Itegin,id,"Gynnet" Taylor Mrs. felon, "Tabbingo" Iluxtable Henry, "Duntreon" A rnott George, 1.1'., eoltina" Harris Mark, "Glen Ayr" Mulch Sidney, " Lowana" Dingle!) A. NV., "Renfrew" bioran Herbert, medical pract 'Honer Borroughs Albert Edward, J.P. Carmichael Capt. A. Campbell, M.L.A lattig,ey George," Ascalon Brown Mrs. Thomas, "Itillside" 'Meagher Martin,.1.P., Easteliffe" Stanger James It Beide," V low Court." Stevenson Arthur D.. "Mount View'.' Black Miss K., "Vaelna" Bastiau William It.," ICanimblit Rut ledge Miss Bessie, ''Ca r woola Dal yeen J., "Grand View" Southeett Ernest V., "Bellevue" Joseph Mrs., "Langham" Clulow Mrs. May, "ljneoln" Taylor John, "Ventnor" Rayner E. J., "Gauze" 'arlyie Frank John, "Wynola" 32 13ulgin Jack CutuntIngs Mrs. Mary Ann 28a Parsonage John 28 James hiss, grocer Parsonage Arthur " Wambega " 26 Loudon Robert O'Dell _ 24 Allen Mrs. 22 Mackenzie John, " Cabar-Feldh 20 Howard Felix If., " Goodwood " 18 Haig Thomas 14 Make Charles W., " Glenroek " 12 Clare Mrs. E., " Essendon" 10 Cowling James Edward 8 Morgan William T. 6 Turkington John, " bough Neagh" 4 Llewellyn John, "Stonehall" 2 Bannister Eli, "EdgeclIffe" DJbson Charles. 'Clifton" Bathurst street 1 Hutchinson 'I'. NV. 3 Parsonage Mrs. :Ellen 5 Harkness W. E. Forest A, "Portsea" Itoff Arthur, "Alpha" McCallum Robert, "Beta" 11-ooke Mrs. 31,1-ian, "Gamma" 'Allison George Wallace, "Delta" 9 Sisley Norman W. Blackman Arthur, "Lochnbar" it Lein Mrs. Eliza, "Itoilin" II Firkin Ronald 17 Simpson William H. 19 Willetts TO A lair William Samuel, " Esk " 23 Guthrie Atiamim, "Lorn" 25 Well William G., "Flodden"' 27 Newman John 29 Lecky George 31 Petrie David, " 1)andee" 33 Palmer Charles :17 Cournatte John Patrick 39 Iltirplie Wil lain, "Aberdeen" 41 Gray Will limit J. S., "Edinburgh' Vivian Street (Bellevue Hill) Rivers to March street Philip A. 0., solicitor Gilbert Henry, "Thermopylae" Levin Miss, "Coolah" Roslyn street Weekes It., "Omar" Vivian Street South, Bellevue Hill Off 11il,lell st,eet Long Mrs. A gne "Narrolla It" Wilkiii:on C.11., "Kingara" Williamson James, "St. Elmo" W II iainm o.101 n nit' Thompson II. W., 'Mara" Fortey 11..1,, "Lyric" Cleary Frank, "Walleritiga" Evans W. 1)., "Maidstone" Murphy Mrs. Catherine, "Bandon" Dundee Mrs. Annie, "Brundah" Trelawney Street. Victoria Road (Rose Bay) Mooney Mrs. Hannah, "Gymple" Parsonage Thomas, "St. Albans" Battersby Robert, "Wybenia" Jersey road to Edgeclit! road Roberts F., "Adelong" Toolley Patrick, "Shelton" Nett South Head to Old South!lead toadi Bailey 1'. S., butcher O'Keefe ii. II., "Myrtleniount" Dunn Arthur Win., "Glenora." Woollahra Municipal Yard Loudon Bros., estate agent s Paton.1aanes W., "Nahrool" Paul John, "Grosvenor" Cabmen's Shelter ; tel. 329 Edgy:110f* Cranbrook C. of E. School F., T. Bellevue road Bellerne Park road Bridgman C, "Gunyith O'Reilly John F., "Tharwa" Ocean street Perkins, principal Kirkpatrick.1.,nrchit ect,'logan Brae' Clark It., "Paubride" Bloomfield Mrs. A., "Uritawai" Chambers Hubert C., "Lanark White Mrs. S. A.," Aston Arrowstnith Herbert, " Bowness Munro Mrs., "Killiecrannie" Simmons It. II., "Fernbank" Sehute Arthur, "Whetley" Bents College James Bee, M.A., Wallaroy Road (Double Bay) 10 Calvert William Floyd Arthur, "Gleneig" Kenna Miss M., "Oliffside" Knight Norton, "Akaroa" 31.S.C., principal 8 Kernagium William, "Cave 11111" (Wallaroy crescent to Lower Forth d.). Waddock William P., "Carmel" Purdy Mrs. J. S., "Aberfeldy" Marks Herbert.1., phys and surg. Cranbrook road (Bellevue 6 P itterson G. T. Hayes Wyndham j., "Wyndville" Leibius G. Hugo, "Dovedalo" Carson Duncan, "Elystan" Loweock Harry, " Wintbabbie 4 Wright Laurence, "Laurette' ll'illara Flats-- Leveson Benjamin, "Minna" Formosa Flats Edyeeliff road Lodge J. G., "Wyddiall" Patterson bin). AI try, "Laurent" 1. Coles A. Phipps leveson Han y, "Leura" Donovan Thomas Rosemount avenue Drumalbyn road - 2 Bean Frank "Kyla" 2 3Iaelay A. N. Cowell Waley Captain Rickards Mrs. Harry, "Rainworth" Greeswell Samuel S., "Wednesbury" Roberts Reginald, "St. Mato" (fillsoi rth Head road 3 Gluck G. A. Vickery Mrs. Mary, "Thelma" 4 Ritchie Miss Bradley George, "Windsor" Jones Gordon P., "Rotfa" Rolland Mrs, JeS310 McIntosh lion. Hugh D., :ILLS'. View Slreet 5 Beattie 31rs. Highland F. A., "Maisonette" Lorimore Alec, "Glen Askham" Coffey Frank, barrister. "Ferndale" Xing Joint L., S.bI., "St, Romans" It SwInson A. G. Stocks Harry, Claremont," blortimer Lieut.-Commander, Coffey Alfred, artist, " Ferndale" Myers Mrs. Helen, ' Itocky Park" Adelavie to II,sthurst eel 7 31hfilleton Harold Shelmerdlne George "Waranni" Tara street Ocean street Sinito :4, A., St. ii, stirgem, "Banool" 51 Clifton Fro etc, "Cremona." Cromth Fred Richmond McDonald. Mrs. John, "Lenten" Metcalfe W. C., solleitor,"oak Lodge" Kershaw J. C.. "Borrown" 52 Thompson Mrs, Mabel DaskIna Frank, "TIngtra" Etham avenue Tickle Ernest W., "Fixhy" Rayner C. E., "Thyme" 13ennett Bert le lralloroy 1"lats- 1 Case W. Allen Alfred W., "Warrego" Fullerton street Dolmans A. L. A., "Cliff INV.. 48 Parra!' Mrs. Antonia, "Longsight 2 Campbell Mrs. J. A. Leveson John Craiyierar Flats- Gillespie Mrs., "Upton Grey" -Forrest harry, "Braintree" 46 Andrews Freak., "Windsor Cottage" Williams Wm. James, "Gartilowen" 1 Waugh Telford F. Hughes M. O'Gorman. surg.,'quirang" Lee Ronald, "Klevedon" 41 Herbert Willinin J., n Fulham" 3 Trouton bliss Mary 4 Edwards Joseph Allehin Frank, "Ferndale" 2 Rouse Mrs. R. Chenhall William, phys, and sung. Wynne Herbert " Kuranda" 42 Block MN. Margaret Foster Mrs. NV. F., "Gundaroo" Linty Samuel, " 'spittle 3 Robertson Mrs. Edyeci(0. road Thaekerav Charles. "Garthowen" 40 Kidney (;eorize Tubb George E., "Braxted" 38 Qualm" Patrick Godsall Dr. It. S., :16 Finn John Scraggy John Charles WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9229 OITY ECONOMY AND EFFICIENCY ARE OUR WATCHWORDS, HONESTY OF SERVICE OUR DESIRE

46 ' ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR SAFETY RAZORS AND STROPS. air. wai WOOLLAIIRA Wol Waimea Avenue 09 (wen street 1 Rubinson Sidney West William nonm R. 14., 9 Illachan Mrs Jessie 11 Sloan- William - 2 Justin William C. 4 Harris Reginald II \tardy ban E. 8 Cameron A 10 Studley Herbert 12 Parsons John Yin wobt Prank N., ' Wal men House WEdiarOy Crescent (Double Bay) 0// Manning road tringworth Ilarold, "Tooraille" Pell W. Scott, "Yarrawunga" Skillman Mrs. Vera, "craignmpre" Jones Mrs. Morgan, "Oxley" IVItuleyer Dr, J. C..hell Capt. W 1111ani, "Thanes /1111" Maim Mrs. J. 11, "Hero Hntch'' Alsop 0, 11., "Barley" Bowmen nits- 1 Cowley 311ss L. E, 2 Williams Kenneth 8tewart 3 Hepburn 31rs. Lily 4 Lister William 5 Dowling Miss Ruth Ii Howe Mrs. Lawson 7 Brown-Gavin Miss Wallis Street Oxford street to Edgeelill road 2 {lecke] Charles 4 Price Min brances," Polder' 6 Rush Waiter IL, " Liao beds 8 Codrington Dr. J. F., physician and surgeon, "Roseneath" 10 Robertson Daniel 12 Rush Claude Leslie, "Kenrio" 14 (Indira), Mrs. Mae 16 Dimmock Laurence 18 Jennings Mrs. Nary 20 Stadion-1416c Gordon 22 Johnson William, bootmaker Moneta. street Phoenix hotel Charles N. Dawkins Dorhanet lane 28 Meson Alfred, [Moral Contractor 30 Hynes Jollies, contractor 34 Hynes John 26 Brown Mrs. Margaret 38 Le Petit Mrs. 40 Lambeth Charles 42 llama Edmuntl, cab proprietor 46 Maingay Charles 48 Sutton William J. 50 Cullen Mrs. Benjamin 59 31cFarlane Mrs. Annie 54 Evcsson Thomas, "Carloya" 511 Lee Horace Henry 58 Fitzgerald William Edward 50 Thomas James P., " Lyon Cottage" Burst Arthur Bowden street 61 Narthey.1. R.. grocer G6 Candy David IL 68 Hennessey Joseph 70 Hertzimuser Wililmn Sandermaa Charles rs Palmer Lena 76 Ryan Martin 78 Hands Arthur 80 Mlaea Shin 82 Lowther Frederick E. 84 Crew Mrs. Alice 811Alitekenzio Mrs,.7, T., 'Bela Raba SR Munk Mrs. D..t., "Kenilworth Lodge" 90 Johnson Mrs. WhittIngdale Ocean street 92 Sontar Alexander.1., " Coreen Soutar William, "Cureen 102 Spear Mrs C. E. Spear Iblwanl 1., solicitor 104 Loelmtt J Keyes Esther 108 Brownlee Hugh Weed's avenue Price Walter Arthur, "Ruby 110 Booker John 112 Clarke Charles W. 114 tiollinge Mrs. Violet 116 Macdonald A, :Velma street 120 Blakency James J. Villa" S,Outb side Ocean street Area Officer GUI Batt. Senior Cadets idegites Hugh, " Langley" 109 Howard Mrs. W 11, "Sydealmnin" III Henry Ivan, "A nice' Nelson sirsel A irey Mks May, "Maroomba" 115 Matthews J. Wallis lane 117 Brady Mrs. 1B, J., "Kellty" 119 Boyd Mrs. 31. N., '' Laurel Bank 121 Parker F. C. 123 Black Mrs. Ida fohson William, joiner," llessbrook" 127 Beadle Arthur 129 Plan kett James 131 Eld Mrs. Anna Fisher?ant Edueeliffe road Weldon Lane Off Alton street Hutch loses R. Wellington Street Edyeeltre road to Ocean street Sobion BrIgadier-General Broomfield R. C.. -Bellingham" Rotor Henry Edward, J.P. Digby-Smith C. 15 " Walloon McLachlan Alex. J. sollcitor.'elstona Pockley Dr. Guy,"Myrnong" Chisholm Miss Jessie Chiswick lane Owen Ills Honor Judge Langen "DlIbitur" Wentworth Place Wentiroi th road Itntherfonl Dr. A, U,, 31.D surgeon Wentworth Street Of Wrolseley road Carslaw Professor IL "CoowOng" Tarrant Mee, A. 15., "Innismagh" Stephen T. K., "Ardenbraught" Massie Thigh, "CoddIngton" Acocka William George, "Wanda" Manning Henry E., "Trugartinni" Finn General Harry, 0.B., 'Ashmore' Osborne Mrs. Stewart Rater Norman, medical practttioner Little Robert, "Caresthorn" Mitchell Mrs. Walter, "Waima" Danger Neville, solicitor, " Liskeard McCormick Str Alexander, M.D., surgeon, "E Hillery" Mundt Mrs. Itiebant, " Linlithgow Bolger Edward, " Aughavannah" Wilberforce Avenue (Rose Bay) Newcastle street to Old S'outh Read road West aide 1 Phillips W. Al.," BobiWIt 3 Hancock Joseph, "bloonbil" Daley Mrs. Norah 7 Saunders Miss Winifred 9 Vine William N.," Belvidere" II Wileken Indolph," Linderhof 13 Kendall Thomas 15 Tiurum Jobn 0., "Gilmour 17 Covell Edmund, S.F., "Minh)" Rose Bay Plublic School 21 Carroll Mrs. Mary," Hazoldene" 23 Lynch 25 Tango Mrs. Harriett 27 Keane J. 11 "Hendon" 29 Gibson Mrs. M. 3, 31 Smith L. II. Gordon, " Chatsworth'. 33 Hart A, M. 85 Campbell Arthur Charles,"Montreet 87 Grant James N., "Mtnore" 89 Coniefield William A., "Olettorie' 41 Fisher A. IV. Rouse Benjamin Thos., "St. Day" 2 McNamee 3f. A. 2a V!ant John 4 Roberts II. R., 1-Franchauo" 6 Pollee stat 10 Lawrence Edgar A., "Coolga" 12 Wills John J., "RathIln" 16 /Munro F. 18 Walker Mrs. Samuel 20 1Vallls fl, IC, 22 Jenkin James 24 Kersey RHINO, " Mariana 20 Buckley Miss Myrtle, "Michigan" 28 Lamb Mrs, J., "'Se Tarata 313 Rosenbloom 113 man, " Oorowa" 32 Flynn Patrick 0., "St. Claire" 34 Robb Thomas J. 36 Clarke Etbelhea, "Catideigh" 38 Ed Is Mrs. W, I., "Jamison" Walton Madame M. J. 90 Reis Roland F., "Koringa" 12 Pery Hon. E. A. T.. J.P., I Llmeriek"' 44 Lohab Martin, S.F., Mount Erin King "Partona" Mutton 1 E., "Kelvin" 50 Hynes II. MI Quin Ed word T., " Many n " Go Vonng John J., "Larderd t12 Elllett Stilton, "Cambria" 64 nonwhite William G., "Kinnard" 66 McColl George,"Loonpann" 611 Smyth Mrs. /1, "Avemlell" 70 Dawkins Henry, "Macquarie" William Street (Double Bay) New South Head road to Ocean stier: Pearce street 48 Huntley Mrs. Stafford 45 Spicer W. IC M., "Ayrtou" 49 West Francis, "Perste" 42 Gurney C. A.," Ashbourne 40 Walker Mrs., "Hounslow" 26 Lamb Edwanl A., "St. Owens' 21 Beckhouse Oscar, arehiteot,"watme" Beach alreer 20 King Mrs. G. B.11, "Banksia " Shea flier Frank J.," Woodlands Shepherd Cyril, physician Asbton Hon. James, 5f.L.0 " Tuella Kennedy Wiilintn M., "Time Nest" Off Clare terrace 53 Sanders Be Saxe Ram P "Rhyne" 47 Watson Thomas, " Callexten 41 McDonald Robert," Lowlands Todd R. H., barrister," Parrs" 35 Nash Mrs. A. 33 BlaXIMUI Gregory G., "Oariton" 31 Ahearn Miss Sarah, "Pine Cottage" 29 Gamo Mrs. Helen 25 Rhoades Walter James." Howthorne 2$ Oates fl come, "Bradford" 21 Tarrant Miss It. G. 19 Long George 16 GOdurt Frank 18 Vine Aliss Alice 11 Holland Elizabeth Howling Herbert, grocer Bay street Coombes Richard, "Clialffint" Davies Hanhory, barrister,"ketimore" O'Brien Erie N., "Airlle" Pabiie School Robert James Taylor, headmaster Lower Ocean Street Weiseley Crescent (Point Piper) Oft irolselep road Step Georges, Jr.,. "bfetblelgh" Gale Harry, "5Iethlelgh" Johnson Frank, "Lemma" Duffy, "Tartana" Wolseley Road (Point Piper) Neer SIPA Heart road 2 Graham B. R. 4 Oltinnery John E.," The Anchorage" 6 SI, therland W. McDonald, "Patonga" 8 Catterall F. G. 10 Paul John, "Danmark" 12 Oliammtnen Oswald, Yerenern 10 Moon, George 18 Da Costa Miss C. 22 Ziotknwskl P. S. W,, physician 21 Rennie George R., 11,1)., surgeon 26 Hugon William Albin-tea, " Harting" 28 Furness Albert Edward 30 Stewart Collin 32 Ullites Shiclair,physiciati, "Oonlabsh" {Weigel' Flats- 4 SWVeils hire. 1'11:1 11)ufiriLS Ir George, MLA. Plogetcd W. j. "Columbia" Wilson 311es Lilian 46 Lees Ebenezer J., "Muulong" Kerr Captain Peter, "Munlong" Broughton Mrs. B., " 3Imtiong WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE fit, C'DOWN 'Mu L28413 ANTHONY HORDERNS' STATIONERY, BOOKS AO TYPEWRITERS. Woo WOOLLAIIRA.. Yar 01. Curtis NV. I., barrister, "Wittier)" 50 Varner NV. If 56 navies L. J., "Kilbronne 59 Brebany Thomas 69 Damnworth WiMini, "Rockleigh 62 Piper H. C., "Cliff Towers" 64 nibs Sir Thos. A., "Graythwalte" 60 llmunil Alf re.1, "Richmond" GB Douglass W. 0.,!LP.," Elstree " 70 Croft T. G. IL, "Notrella" 72 Melville A. 0. McMurtdo 3Irs. E. J. C., "Ilnueuide " Craig Jaalea IL, " Arran Place" Fairfax E. W., ALB., M.R.C.S. Wpotir.» th greet Young W. I. "VVIdteab»ey" 7 Goblsoild Ernest A.. "Birralee" 9 Woodburn Mrs. W. I. 11 Hodgson Cortis, M.D., "Egmont" 13 Casey Win. D. (Jib for Queensland) 15 Severn A. Moutgomerle,"Alpmlington" Wentworth Mat 19 Teece Rio/tar/1, J.P., "'Inc. Lunge" 23 Cannily Mrs. N. L, " Westwood 27 Davies Arthur IL, " Ornig.y.mor at Palley Arthur,.1.1'. ' "Mont Dame Kennett 3110 Mary 0., "Mont Loan.," tryimmin road 33 Haswell Professor W. A. McCallum M. L "Hakgala " Wood's Avenue Off Wallis street 18 Durham Mrs. Ella 17 Clark Mrs. Margaret 16 Tbompson George W. 15 bowman Charles R. 14 Thonzley Mrs. Ella 13 ODX0/1. Wallace M. 12 Lewis 'Thomas 11 King Henry James 10 Lainpson Eugene 9 Tilley John, " Learn " 8 Bashford Mrs. Annie 7 Hughes Albert Percy West aide Clay Mrs. Harriett, 'Letimealt" 1 Aldlima Arthur 2 lianralum 3 Wallace Mrs. Sadie 4 Blue Walter 5 Middleton 0 Reed Mrs. Alice 8 Ileathfield Private Hospital Wunul/a Road (Rosa Bay) ' 09 New South Head road 1 Nokias M., "Rose Bay Lodge" Ililler Samuel Sun, boat proprietors Wright Clarence 1).,'' Lanniiildo" Boyd G. G., "Lomb" Bushy T, NV. F., "Brinawa" Motor twist ChM of N.S IV., Ltd. Stewart Miss Nellie Dawson A. IV., "Walkora Aloann" Elliott Dr. J., surgeon, "Labelle" Holland Leslie, "Niteltevo" Leefson Morris, "Wttnulia" Crime John William, J.P., -115diritubla" S%'i Ilium muss Ilarry 11., ''Turd hut'' AlcMorren W A., "Stornoway" Wallis A. E., "Broadly/von" Wtsbey Samuel If., "3forna C'tgo" Donald Ilajor, "11eiewai" McMurray Mrs. Evelitte, "nodule" CITRIMala Austin, 11.11,11. Marshall 11., surgeon, "NI-No-Van" James A. (t. F., barrister, " Altmin Parra ta.10111)."141.1r10" Longworth Thos., "Woo nature I louse' Wynne Road (Rose Bay) From ll'olsrlep to New South Bead road Robinson E. J., "Lotoma" Paul Oscar, dental sturgeon White It. D., "Wamboln" Gibb IVihlia.55 Roxburgh.1. N.. "Muth Foster C. E., "Rawhitl" Whetton Mrs. Helen, "Capri" Gritton Thurber t 11..1'V/ongent" 31auson John IV.," Itjsttihlim" Massie It. L.. "Rat lulin" Voting Charles, "Ratillin" Manning John, "Am" Sands Mrs. Joseph, "Manono" Itabbett Lleut,-Col. R. L. It. 'Sante' I Baba rdson, Mrs..). S., "St. netters WOOLWICH, see Hunter s Hill YARRA BEACH, see Randwick ZETLAND, see Waterloo W All Kinds of Office Filing Devices Edwards Dr., "Plas.Tsa" Mann L. F., "Britwell" Green 3Irs. Ii eat h. "It oscrana" Morrell J. IL, "Glen Retreat" 3IcCallum PTOUSSOr, "Bryn-II-Mor" Cocksholt Harold, barrister, "St. Aubyn" Heynolds S. 1 1., "Flultworth" Yamba Road (Bellevue Hill) Bellevue to liolkara road Johnstone A.,"Olettartney" 3Inegrath 3bn-1ms, "Bective" Levy I. B,, "Meanie Yaranabbe Road (Darling Point) Partin!, Point road to Darling Point solomon l ien ben J.,' Cooeyanna" Lirlit Her IC. F., " Newstend Hollander Mrs., "Newstead" "Reatormel" Flats La no Osten111 G., " Waligunyalm" Spier Mrs. IL J., "Lilian( els" Annuitant, street Stuart Will lam, "Glenhorst" McSweeney 31rs..T.," IlIlleote Lang Mts. W. 1f. limos Reginald, "Beanc/iffe" Sitlenger Mrs. IC,," Gladys Hons." "Ilavanah" Flats Beach road 5IcCabe Mrs. A., " Venom" Paterson IL S., "Craiginore" Bright W. Weiberie "Belford Cottage' Fraser George, " action' budge" Jackson Fred J.. 1.1'., "Yeranabbe" Rain William IV., "Bowness" Shalto Thomas A., " Sideup lamas John, "Ryton" Wilcox Mrs. C. 51 "Oklnya" Wilcox Murray. "Yeti/lunge" Juilute George A., "Cisollerton" Arthur T. J. R., "Edmonton" Darling Coin: road ' Hordern Anthony, motor garage Balthasar J., "Burundian Mururoa street Darling Point road iii AT JOHN SANDS' System Dept. 374 George Street, Sydney Our Sectional Method SAVES SPACE and will enable you to Expand your System as your Business Grows. OUR PROCESS OF EMBALMINO PRESERVES 'THE DEAD FOR ANY TIME AT NOMINAL COST

47 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FURNITURE STANDS IN ITS OWN CLASS. 862 Aal ALPHABETIC.L. Abe ALPHABETICAL. A. tt A. Linc Alellwraith, 34:Each:um Abbott Alex., 39 Leichhordt st, Glebe Abbott, Lance, 48 Francis st and Co. Propy., Ltd., agent,,, New- Abbott Arthur, 8 Albert par, Ashfield Abbott 3IN. Istura, 38 Neville st, SI'ville castle Abbott, Arthur, Stephen st, Hornsby Abbott Leslie, Hatt's ave, Belmore Aanensen J.. 5 Park rd, St. Peters Abbott, Arthur, Wilfred st, Lidcombe Abbott Leslie, Oxford st, 31ortdale Aaron s Alfred S8 Palace st Petersham Abbott Arthur, 5 St. Mover ave. N. SO. Abbott Leslie, A ilibone st, Stli. Ashileld Aaron Mrs. Annie, 73 Abercrombie st Abbott Arthur S., 121 Park rive, Asitheld Abbott :Mrs. 31,, O'Connell st, I'Matta Aaron ll.1. shire engineer, Gwydir Abbott Auburn, 195 Dartbrook rd, A'b'n Abbot t Mrs. I. A., Wimbledon st, Five Shire Council. Bingara A bla tt Auburn. Parrainiatta rd, Auburn Dock Aarons' Exchange Hotel Co., Ltd.-Rupert Abbott Benj., 104 Blue's P. rd, N. Syd. Abbott 3Iacartney, Commissioner for C. Chate, mgr., 1 Gresham st Abbott C., Connemarra tut, Bexley A.arons Albert, Affidavits, Culwulla ebbs., 07 Castle- Lismore hot!!, 315 Pitt st Abbott 31rs. C., Mort's rd, alortdale reagh sts p.e., Lane Cove rd, P'murta Aaroes Mrs. C., 67 Northumberland ave, Abbott C., 32 Napier st, Paddington Abbott Mat Mary H. 8 Pitt st, Wat'loo Stanmore Abbott C. NV., 344 Church st, Parramatta Abbott Mrs. N., Mt Sutherland st. Pad'n Aarons Emanuel. 64 Barcom ave Abbott Chas. H., 21 O'Connell st, N'town Abbott Os. A., Court House hold, Albury Anions Ezra, 01 Foveaux st Abbott Charles T., grazier, Stroud, Abbott P. P.. 31.P., solicitor, Ohm limes Anrons Horace, 5 Cleveland st, Redfern Abbott Christopher C., farmer, Gero gery Abbott PereY. S00 Welker st, N. Sydney Aarons Joseph, warehouse, 18 Barrack sr Abbott Chris. G. farmer, Junee Abbott Mrs. It., 76 Burton st Aarons Joseph, O'Sullivan rd, Bellevue Abbot t Clifton, Airlborough rd, Flemln Abbott lie ginald. 73 Weston rd, Pozen Hall Abbott David, 551 Crown st Abbott Reuben C,. farmer, Goolmangar Aarons Joseph, 5 Way st, Marrickville Abbott Mrs. E., 173 Commonwealth st, Aotatt rum rt, Kuring-gai CILISO rd Aarons P. P., 41'0ordon st, Paddington Abbott Lady a, Kuring-gal Chase a ye, Turraniurra Aarons Mrs. R., :16 Paddington st. Pad'n Timonium Abbott Robert A., farmer, Narromine Aurons Samuel. Banks ni, Undereliffe Abbott Mrs. E., 22 Pitt et, Redfern Abbott Robt. IL, 36 Botany st, ICwick Aarons Mrs, Sylvia, 70 Abercrombie st Abbott K 11,Hampsteadrd, Flemington Abbott Robert J., Villiers st, Kensington Aaronson Eredk., :31 1 N.S.II.rd, Db1.111ty Abbott E..1., 35 It onwick st. Leichhardt Abbott Roll. P., grazier, Blandford A badve Albert E. boot shop, Alf 10,1 t Edgar J.. Cove st, Vanchise Abbott Robert S., farmer, Delungra George st Abbot t Edwin, Nelson al, Gordon Abbott Hoy. :Marsden sr, Parramatta Abattoirs Post & elettrapil 011icc, Parr- Abbott Edwin V., "anthurst," Carlotta Almon s.. soap inanuf., isathurst matte al. lideombe ave., Gordon Abbot t Samuel T., 3 t Rut liven st, It'wlek Abberfield George, farmer, Kelvin 1bl'ott, sits. Ellen, :12 Napkr st. 1 'a (Pt 011 bl ad t S t a nley 31., 227 Ernest st, N. Syd. Abberfleld George, farmer, Manilla Abbot t Ernest, Graham rd. La kenilla Abbott T. IL, J3'., 14 Nelson st, W 'aura Abberton Andrew, 16 Palace st, 1"sloun Abbott Mrs.F.,dressmaker, 124 Oxford st Abbott Photons, 16 Junction rd, Surn,11111 Abberton Francis, farmer, Muswelibrook Abbott Mrs. F., 314 Belmont rd, Coogee Abbott Thomas D., farmer, Wynlong Abberton John S., fanner, Young Abbott 31rs. F Botany al, Bory :1,bbott Thos. G., dairy farmer, Argent's A Walton Al., contractor, canowindra Abbott, Frank, Wollace ave. Hurl. Park Abberton Mrs. 3E, 46 Rose et, Darlington Abbott 1,'rank, 56 It Achill et. Redfern Abbott Thos. W., farmer, Luddenham Abberton Thomas, blacksmith, Fig Tree Abbott G., 72 Northumberland st, Ault Abbott Thos. J., grazier, Kloodong Abbeshouse A., 41 Union et Paddin gton Abbott G., Parramatta rd, Auburn Abbott. 'Mos. K., grazier, Blandford Abbey Af Abbey, electrical constructors, Abbot t G. E., farmer, Left on Abbott Thomas \V., farmer, Krambach 22 7 George st Abbott G. H., surgeon, see. Med. Board of Abbott Thos. NV. grazier, Stroud AbbeyW. A; Co., bootmkrs, 313 George st sssstsw,, 185 macqnarie st ; p.r., Abbot t W., mgr. ;1. B. of C., Ltd., Coota- Abbeys Ltd., bootmakers, 222 Pitt st "cooringe," 69 Liverpool rd, Sit in mundra Abbey Andrew, William st, Nth. Bondi fuer 't Abbott W. A., Oxford ave, Bankst own Abbey George, grazier, Bevendale Abbott George, Bay View rd, Five Dock' Abbott Walter, 23 Railway rd, St. Peters Abbey 311chael, grazier, Wheeo Abbott I korge, Beat rice st, 1.1demobe Abbott \Vilna in, carrier, Alst on vine Abbey Otto, Kitchener st, Ontley Abbott George, 82 Alice st, Newtown Abbott, William, farmer, Ingleburn Abbey Peter, 21 Greville st. Rand wick ' Abbot t George, Chelmsford a ye, W y llie Abbott NVilliatn, 76 enompson st Abbey R., 194 Boundary st, Paddington Abbott Geo., 94 Yelverton st, St. Peters Abbott Wm, 235 Rowntreo st Balmaln Abbey William, Kitdiener st, Clancy, Abbott Geo. A., grazier, Dungog Abbot t William, A teslo rd, Campsie Abbiss Alfred J., Meet at, Parramatta Abbott Geo. A. fanner, Kolodong. A 'Mott, William, Nu illiain sts Canterbury Abbot George 219 Edgecliffo rd, W'labra Abbott George IL, Oxford at, Epping Abbott. William, Barney at, Dmm ' ruoyne Abbotsford Manufacturing Co. Ab-, Abbott G. IL, 03 Commie rd, Stantnore Abbot t Wm.. ofi Garden St., 3fitseot botsford, Five Dock ' Abbott George J., 7 Talfourd at. CIIP1)! Abbott William, 114 Denison at, N'town Abbotsford Pollee Oiliet, I; rcat North at ' Abbot t, Mrs. II., Gale st. Woolwich Abbot t Wm., 99 Ernest at, Nth. Sydney Abbotsford. Abbott II. A. J. (Laird tt; Abbott), expert Abbott William, 223 Church st, Par'matta Abbotsford l'ost, 0 Ilice, Great North rd,, shorthand writer, 163 Phillip at Abbott Win at, Patramatta Abbotsford Abbott. II. P., solleitor, 62 Bunter at. Abbot t Wm. As, HI Campbell st, New'to'n Abbotsholme College J. ritsinauriee, Abbott Mrs. II. P., 131 Queen at. \\Mimi Abbott Wm. E., grazier, Wingen Gordon and Kellam Abbott, Harry, Imdereliffe at. 'Amt. Bay Abbott ton 1 ni. G., Broadway, Punchbowl Abbott and Allen, solicitors, 29 castle. Abbott. Henry, Waratuth at, Canterbury Abbott Wm. 11., gauzier, Dungog reagit st Abbott Henry, Melbourne at., Manly Abbott Win. 11., farmer, Nablec Abbott's Baggage Agency, 51 Sussex st Abbott Henry, 17 Burton at., Randwick Abbott William J., 106 Da rglem at, Glebe Abbott A; Co., auctioneers, Gloucester! Abbott Henry, 484 Darling st, Rozello A.B.C. Garage, 150 Enmore rd, Emnore Abbott D.,1; Ca. ailetioneers. Dungog Abbott Henry J., Wentworth rd, Parsley A. at. Md., Ill'ail office 228 l'itt st Abbotts' Fancy Goods Store, 604 Geo. at.i Bay f elms-, camperdown Abbott, Kerr and Co., land and estate, Abbott Henry N., grazier, Scone Abdollah M., grazier, Bundttra agents, 3 Castlereagh at!abbott Herbert A., grazier, Gloucester Maly Henry, Second a ye, LIdemnbe Abbott L. urt Son, carriers, Relby lane ' Abbott Herbert A.,. farmer, WIngliam A'Beckett A. M., grazier, Coonamble Abbott's Magic Novelty Co., 437a Pitt st Abbott Hugh G., 31 Beach st Coogee A' neeket t.1.. foreman of works. II andit'n and 004 George at, Abbot t Mrs. 3., :353 Dowlin g at. A Becket 1.1., farmer, liogan Abbott P. I'. AL O'Donnell, (tate solieit ors,, Abbott Mrs..T.,.6 Henson at, Sum. Hill A'Beckett J. T., Olen Innes farmer, Tullamore Abbot t 3. F., Peneral lintel, Ilungal A Beckett Mrs. B. 1,:,, 96 Hoiden at, Abbott (1; Son, pottery, Bay View rd, Abbott J. S., Oxford rd, Homebush A shalt' Five Dock A Idea James, 145 Mitchell rd, A'dria alleekett Mrs. M. E., FittillaY Abbott, Tout dt Bakombe, solicitors, Abbott James A., 118 Lord at., Newtown A'Becket t Wm. C., ave. C'w.d 07 Castlereagh at grazier, W. Wellingt'n Abbott James A., Tennyson rd, Ten'yson.511(1.,. ons. butchers, 27)1 Anzac par Abbott Mrs. A. 288 Palmer at. Abbott James IL orchardist, Itiverell Soul It Kensin gto n Abbott A. E., solicit or, 14 Moore street Abbott James J., Hall ' at, Auburn Abel Mrs. A,, 21 Stanton al, ilabertield Abbott Mrs. A. E., 85 Margaret st, Pet'm 'Abbott John, 21 Denham et Abel Mrs. A. M., Holdsworth a Abbott Professor A. j., psychologist, 110. Abbott. Jolla 47 Park ave. Neut. Bay ye, St. Leonards Bathurst St, Abbott. John, 181 Newland at., Waveriey Abel A W.. 08 Villiers st, Rockdale Abbott A. W., Belmont at, Alexandria, Abbott John E., poultry farmer, Mount Abel David, Essex st, Epping Abbott Albert, 40 Daphne at, Botany, Druitt Abel David, 118 Palace st, Petersham Abbott, Albert, 00 Underwood at, Peal on ;Abbott Joseph, farmer, Tare A 1st Ernest NV., 126 Bridge at, trialoyne Abbott Albert B., builder, Lithgow Abbott Kenneth, Napoleon st, Sand'ham Abel Frank C., dairy farmer, Bexhill Abbott Albert M., farmer, Delungra. Abbott Mrs. L., 3 Ballast Pt.. rd, BeInmin Abel Garnet, grazier, TomIngley WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. MORTUARY CHAPEL: 810 OEOROE ST., CITY. 'PHONE 9228 CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES REIGN SUPREME. Abe ALPHABETICAL. A ck Abel George, 40 Beach td,ruslicutters B. Abikinir S. If., draper, etc., Alltury Abrahams P. S., 22 ICellett st Abel Mrs. IL, 81 Victoria at, Lewisham Abin gt on , oyst er saloott, Singlet 1)11 Annuitants l'erev, ' A VI % II itrat.villo Abel Henry 31. (31arkwald, Son and Abel); Able John M.. Dowling at., Reusing: on Abrahams Philip, 102 ;lames at. L'hardt, 64 Harrington at 1 p.r. 104 West at, lintel t Arthur P., 8 Byrnes st, ltozelle Abrahams It St Sturt 0. s. Randwick North Sydney. 'rd North Aboriginies' (1 Mission, 264 Pitt at Abrahams It. 0., 87 Dalhousie at, IPtleiti. Abe Henry, Biel:ants at, Auburn ' Aborigines Protection Board, 5 Rich- Abrahams Samuel W., farmer, Lute Abe John, store, A berms ill I mond terrace Abrahams tiyil. E ount st. Coogee Abe Julius, 3 Merlin st, Nth. Sydney, A bototnes'a. B. fishmon ger, Broken III 11 Abrahams Thomas, Shepherd at, Hyde Abe Louis, 44 Alexander at, Manly Abond Alwalt. D., 57 Darley r(1, Irwick Abralitatt,31,.si,Provor,79 Renwick st, L'hardt Abe 31art in, 403 Hobnail H iii B Abotid E. D., 183 Elizabeth at, Redfern Abraham s Vivian W., dent ist, 55-i Ot min. Abe M artin, 10 Queen at.,p, Paddington About Ell, 14 Barry at, Itandwick Abe Oswald, 446 Glenniore rd, Edgeelitf Abousa timbre Mrs. A. 14!1 Elizabeth st, Abrahamson Joseph, fanner, Young Abe Itobert, 6 Foss st, Forest Lode Redfern Abram Eloge, Mallon rd, Beecrort Abe Itobsrt C B 345 Liverpool at Abra John, farmer, Attunge Abram Wm..T., farmer, Boorowa Abe St f inky, Cambridge st, \ u ii A bra Win. J., grazier, tipper Horton Abrams Brooms and Brushes Ltd., 82 Abs t', Abrah a m Ii., I 7; P.irrattiat tni rd. A ii'd alif Pit,t, at, and.tohn sat., Glebe Thos., see. Hospital, Wellson Al,' Mrs. N'iolet, 408 Bourke at Abraham B., 23 Leiehlutalt at.. Waverley Abrams Frederick, Henry at, Five Dock Abe William baker, Wallsend ' Abraham Charles, King st, Mascot Abrams Harry, l' srellv's a y e Bondi Abe William, 100 Pittwater rut, NlanlY Abraham Claude, kin g at.,mascot Abrams ilylittui./12. High at, Waverley Abe a 'relay, :1 Caroline 'it, Redfern Abraham Mrs. E. A., 31 East Crescent at, A brains Joseph. 1 tt.r.t Be.tell, La, Perouse Abe! Alfred A Miller at. N. S ydne y North Sydney Abrams 'owls G., J.P., inanurrs' agent, Abe I.T. NV., 05 Percival rd, Stanmore, A brallant G., Intiteiet. looma 82 Pitt st ; ar., 48 Wigramrd, Glebe Abe I Mrs. B. E., East, at, Granvill f, Abraham Geo. A., South par, Catopsie Abrams Mrs. Margaret, 107 Campbell at Abe 1 Sydney, ISO Rownt ref, at. lialmain! Abraham Harry D., Fifth 11,V1., Neut. ll'y Abrams S. 11 s,1.1' Miller a ve. A'lleld Abe 1 William, Well St, Sherwood Abraham lienry. II irraween rd. Girraw'n Abrew Alfred, 39 Alexander at, 3fanly Ala, I Win. If., Bette ni, Northbriao, Abraham I nunry J., builder, Charlestown Al rook Ilarry, oll 27 Greenbrook st, Aberactrinbie Copper Mites. Ltd., 91 Pitt Abraham 3liss 1. SI., ;t5 itettent st. Kinn' 31arrickville I Abraham Jas., 34 Bebridgo m at, Carlton Abrook John, Hillereit at, alarrickville Abercrombie Shire Conneil A. Smiler,, Abraham Nortnan, fruiterer, N (1W1/11, Igv.brute Antonio, 26 I; resift*, at, nandwick shirt, clerk, It ocklev Abraham Miss it., 23 Regent, at. Redfern Absalom Bros., tin works, ltobinson at, Abercrombie E. W., 18 Palmer st, Ii'm'n, Abraham R., 43 Todman a ye, lien'ton Abercrombie Hugh, 67 High at., N. Syd., Abraham Thos., fanner, Millthorpo Absailloaustc,oltnibrose, 132 Victoria at, A'dria Abercrombie Jas., Burwood rd, Concord, Abraham Thomas, l'ar gn al, Gina ween Absalom Arthur J., Rolfe at, Mascot Abercrombie John, Moreton st, Lakomba ; Abraham NV., 161 Wyndham at, A'dritt Absalom Henry E., }Aida st, Belmore Abercrombie Ralph, Point rd, Woolwich I Abrahams J. M. A: Co., 141'11. store, et c., Absalom John, Maloney at, Mascot Abererombie Win.Flemin g st, W orcraft, Coolah Absalom Robert, Coward at, Mascot Abercromby Ralph, agent, 380 George at Abrahams and Williams, dealers, 75 Absalom S., 121 Phillip at, Waterloo 'Aberdare,S; Aberdare Ext ended Coal. Cleveland at., Redfern Abseil E. It.I.P., Rodborough aye, Mines Csausnock : Abrahams A., manager City Loan Office, Nortlt Sydney Aberdare Central A; Abernethy CoaI 60 Elizabeth st Accident Underwriters' Association to Mines, Cessnock Abrahams A. C., Glemnore st, Nar'burn N.S.W. F. NV. Wilson secretary, Abrahams A. S. Victoria rd, Bellevue II. 56 Pitt at ABERDEEN LIN 51 of Steamers to Abrahams Abraham, 20 Cowper st, It'w'k Accumulators IA(1., electrical appliance Durban, Cape Town, and London Abrahams Alfred M. (Sydne y Drapery manufacturers, Spring at Dalgety and Co., Ltd., Agents, Co.) Morwillumball Aceglay Mark, 16 Bourke at O'Connell at, Sydney A; Newcastle..1bralla In's, chemist, 59 Royal arcade.aceglav Nicholas, Ruth at, ifoiroyd Aberdeen 11'.. Ilailloden al. Five Does Abrahams Alfred, Roscoe st, Bondi Aoni, A(1111;911 Alfred, 18 It o ss st Fo n, st, b odge nti ins II, t obacconist, et c,, 5 31/III- ACIICS011 Andrew, iludsott st, Iturstville Abortoyie Cash Butchery, 4 George st W (mane place Acheson John. First ANT, Canipsle Aberline Alfred W., Middle st, Sth Wwick Abrahams Barnett, 24 Marion at Acheson Joseph, 27 Francis F,It, L'llardt Ali ber no A. J., draper, Wes t Wyalong, Sbraliams Barr y, 4 Cove at., Ilainiain Acheson Joseph, 218 Norton it, L'itardt ABERMAIN COLLIERY COY., Abrahams Beni., Livingstone rd, Lidc be. L. F., " Wollerang," LTD., (Isaac Chapman, General Abrahams C.,.1ittlacoot t rd. Nortlitoblge A c h eds oanr I 1 tigr sl.' o [in t Manager, W. Bridgman, Act:ng Abrahams C. E., 45 Glebe Pt. rd, Glebe Acheson It. E. Oxley at., St Leonards Secretary), 4 O'Connell at, Sydney. Abrahams (diaries, 2:1 Oxford St Acheson W., contractor, l'amwortli Tels.. City 0111 and Colliery, A brallaini Charles. ItOscoe at. Bondi ACI Mrs. J., 5 Wood at, Ashfleld Abermain, via West Maitland Abrahams Chas., I Petersham rd 31'N1111. Aelturelt 1). II. skill bu yer, Quirindi Abrahams Charles, Oxford at, Burwood Achurch G., :18 ' Gardiner's rd, Daceyville Abernethy Coal Mine, Cessnoek Abernethy J. 31., sch. teach., Alit on sill" Abernethy C. W., physician and surgeon, li) Sohnston st, Annandale Abernethy Mrs. Eliza, 36 Erskine at W Abernethy James, farmer, lingerie Abernethy James H., fanner, Berry Abernethy John. store. etc., Freshwater A bernethy K. J., auc tioneer, Cmonoett Abernethy Mrs. L., Prospect st, Granville Abernethy R., 5 Addison st, Balmain Abernethy Robert. fanner, Cambewarra Abernet hy T., 194 Johnston st, An'dale Abernethy '1%, Prospect, st. Granville Aberneth y \Vila 234 Nelson at, Ati'dale Abernethy Walter, fanner, Perranora Abernethy Wm. F., dairyman, Urbenvle Abernethy William T., farmer, Meroo Abeshouse A., 141 Oxford st Ablati Ems St..T., little at., Mostilan Abi gn II Arthur, Holkhato ave, It wick Abigail Claud J., 12 Harrow rd, Stanmore Abigail Clyde J., 35 Harrow rd, S'inore Abrahams 3Irs. Clara. 29 Pyrolont st A church George, 116 Wilson st, Redfern Ac hurch Mrs. L. A., 65 H ermann s t, Abraltaihs D., 9 McCauley st, A'dritt A brahams David, dealer, 47:3 Elizabeth st, Koga mall Abrahams E A., 60 Morris at., Soto. D ill A ekaray Wm., II Philitot I. at, 3I'ville Abrahams E. W., 111 Holt ave. Neut. B's' Ackerley Charles, sliare farmer, Kyoglo Abrahams 11., general s'ore, Braidwood Ackerman A., fruiterer, Canbelego Abrahams Mrs. F. C., 25 Phillips at, Emnore Abrahams Frank, 32 Cralgend at Abrahams II. S.,.1.1'., m gr. S. Richards Co to,, Lta, Narrandera sontoants 4 i 1 Ilan is, 55 Lansdowne at Abrahams Henry, 342 Bourke at,1braltains Henry, 46 Belvoir at. Abrahams Henry, 100 Lennox st, N'town Ackerman Mrs. C., 10 Day at., Lelettliardt.Sekerman Items!, 9 Watson at., l'ttdd'tt Ackerman John, 3 oubert st, I hunt Ackerman N., 169 Hawthorne par, 11)11). Ackerman 3frs. S. B., 45 Belvoir Ackerman Val., barrister, 182 Phillip at ; p.r., Joubert at, Hunter's Ilill Ackermann H., 16 Portman at, W't'loo Ackermann J., 12 Caledonia st, Padd'ton Ackers,Srtitur E., Victoria at, Epping Ackland and Platt, cycle manufacturers` Abrahams Henr y, 165 Wlson at., N't own Abrahams Ilyant, 1 Cooper lane Abrahams lisson tom., 4 Dannelly a y e, 222a Castlereagh at RoseberN Abrahams Hymn, 1 C hurch st, Pion on Abrahams 3.. Chamberlain rd. East Dills Abrahams James, 53 Bourke at, ltedfern Abrahams John, 11 Francis at, Litutore Ackland Henry Aekland Alfred, Brooklyn st, Tempe Ackland Edwin.1., Ross at (Iladesville Ackland II. J., 5 Moore at. Ackland I hurry, Anglo nil, Campsie 7 Arbutus at, Mosman Abigail E. It, solicitor, 77 casticroagh Abrahams Joseph, 50 Ocean at, S. Bondi Ackland Hubert j., 35 Harris at, Rozelle at; p.r., 05 Penkivil at., Bondi Abrahams Joseph, 12 Telopea at, ItedPrn Ackland James. 33 Relby at., Newt'wn Abigail F. B., 60 Northumberland aye, Abrahams L. S., harrister, 6.1, EliZabutli at Ackland Mrs. 3E, ink. hosp., Cumnock Stanmore _Abrahams Mrs. Leah, Salisbury rd, Rose Ackland Mrs. M. 0., 51 Hereford st, 61 be Abigail F. J., 00 Hampton Court rd, Bay Ackland Peter, farmer, Ganmain Ackland It. E., s Hudson at.. Is.wIshato Carlton Abrahams Lewis, 7 Mona rd, Darling Pt. Abigail Frank IL. 8 Wolli Cr'k r(i, it'dale Abigail James W., solicitor and cornmissioner for affidavits for Newtown Abrahams Louis,agent, itawson place Abrahams Loui s. 41 NV:trend' ave. IC w'k Abrahams 31., 11 Toxteth road, Glebe Achland It, 3, 11 Rovaist rd. Mosintut Ackland Robert, 29 learricr at, itoektia It, Aratiel IS. irottnionget s, I Iss. I i hi End District, Elizabeth street. Abrahams 31., 137 Abercrombie at, It'f'n, Ackland Thos. D., Duke at, (Sluttish, Branches :14 Australia at, Newtown; l Abraluims Mrs. M. M., 159 Nelson st, Ackland W., Minter at, Canterbury 120 Itedfern at, Redfern ; pr. "Glen Annandale Ackland Walter It., Canary al, Lakemba Carron," Stanton rd., off Spit nil,' Abrahams Maliotned, 6 Adel:tide pi Ackling Arthur, Kant st, 8th. Randwick Mostitatt. Tel. Y1092. Abrahams Mark, Oxford at, Burwood Ackling Daniel, 12 Barclay at, NVaverley A bi gell William. 52 Neville at, ll'u ille Abrahams Mark, 8 Ivy at, Itetlfern Ackling Miss E., 60 University st,c'down A bikhair It.,,v co ti rapers, Albers' ' Abrahams Morris, 31 J.eichhardt at, Glebe A ekle nil Geo.. 19 Blenheim at, Enfield Abikhair.1., draper, Albury I' \ braltams N. II., Glas sutere al, Umiak' letting James. 0 Burwood nil, Enfield OUR EQUIPMENT ENABLES US TO MEET THE DESIRES OF ALL DENOMINATIONS AND ALL CLASSEi

48 I ANTHONY HORDERNS' ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. 864 Ack ALPHABET-id-AL. Ada Ackling Thomas, Penshurst st, Will'by Ackman Cecil, 56 Cook st, Randwick Ackman Saila, 363 N.S.11. rd, Edgecliff Asks 11 Peter, hairdresser, 173 Harris et Ackroyd Mrs.-C. E., Boomerang st, Wiled Akroyd Bros., plumbers, 130 Norton 81, Lechhardt, Ackroyd A. W. Gs architect. Newcastle Ackroyd Alfred, Bayview at, Bexley Ackroyd Mrs. Emma. st. Ryde Ackroyd G. E., 123 Flood at, L'hardt Ackroyd Henry R., 32 Knight at, Arnefe Ackrovd Wm. 30 Rainbow at, S. Rtwick Adana A. J., 9 Davis at, Petersham Acland Mrs. Ann F., Broadford st, Bexl'y Acme Bodstend Co., Ltd, McEvoy at, Alexandria Acme Chair A; Cabinet Co., 2 to 14 Palmer at, Balmain Acme Dry Cleaning Works, 598 Rocky Pont rd; Rockdale Acme Egg Co. (The), 86 Wentworth ave Acma Emus Co., 12 Cunningham st Acme Motor Engineering Works, 336 Bridge 4. Drunimoyne Acme Motor Garage Ilerisht, Stocker 590 Rock y Pt. rd, Rockdale Acme Oil Engine Co., engineers, N'eastle Acme Produce Co. (The), hams and bacon 80 Wentworth are Acme Studios, 119 Entnore rd, Enmore Acocks Daniel, Baretnma rd, La keralta Acocks IV. G., see. The Public TrustOtlice of N.S.W., 67 Castlereagh at. Acocks W. G., "Wanda," Wentworth at, Point Piper Acott Mrs. J., 30 Northumberland ave, Stanmore Acott Wm., 69 Abercrombie at, Redfern Acourt Albert P., farmer, Dubbo a'court Holmes, physician, 209 Macquarie st, Acourt John R., farmer, Baltimore Acourt Edward, Smith at, Botany Acres Mrs. G., 137 Spencer rd, Neut. Bay Acres Mrs. M. A., Rhodes are, Naremb'n Acres Wm. 49 Victoria rd, Marrickville Acret Fredk. J., farmer, Forbes Acret john, 21 Young at., Bedlam Aeroyd WhIlatn, Ilaria to, East Hills Active Manufacturing Co., clothing manufacturers, 533 George at Acton D. B., mon. IMMO., Litligow and Atudgee Acton Denis, grocer, 230 Liverpool st Acton Airs. Wien. 735 Darling st,!fuze& Acton John Hopewell sr. Pad'ton Acton R., 24 Princes st, Nth, Sydney Acton William, 109 Hargrave at, Padlon Acton - Dawson Mrs. F., Gitlioi at. Wollstonecraft Actors' Association of Australasia, 29 Elizabeth at Ada Joseph, :332 Bridge at, Drummoyne Ada Joseph, 181 Glebe Point rd, Globe Ada Nurse, 31 Bondi rd, \Vaverley Ada Win. L.; 2 Henry st. Drummoyne Adair Alex., 42 Falcon at, Crow's Nest Adair Hugh, 11 Princes at, Nth. Sydney Adair James, 60 Charles st, Leichhardt, Adair John, 6 Alfred at, Annandale Adair John, "Kelvin," Mason rive, Adam J. Sheddon, J.P,. Lane Cove rd, Adams A lfred A., 17 Cairo at, N. Syd. Turramurra Adams airs. Annie, ell Bobbin rd, Pymble Adam James, J.P., Pennant Hills rd, Adams Mrs. Annie A.,39 Eden at, Arnc'ha Normanhurst Adams Alfred S., dairyman, Hexham Adam James D.,- teamster, Grmmain Adams Ambrose R., grazier, Yarrowyck Adam James S., Dunmore at, Croydon Pk Adams Andrew, farmer, Scone Adam.John, 189 Victoria at, Ashlield Adams Andrew 3., 18 alley at, N. Syd. Adam John, Alma at, Parramatta Adams Mrs. Annie, 15 Wiley at, Way'ley Adam L. 31., 78 Amherst at, N. Sydney Adams Arthur, grazier, Hillston Adam Mrs. M., 49 Darling at, Balmain Adams Arthur, 94 Crown at Adam Malcolm, farmer, Oaklands Adams Arthur, Campbell at, Balmain Adam Mrs., 50 Mount at, Coogoe Ada in P. E.., Adams Arth.,,55 Spruson st, Neut. Bay Piliwess at, Bexley Adams Arthur, 220 Oxford at, Padton Adam Peter, Houlson at, May's Attains Arthur E., Bayswater rd Adam Mrs. Priscilla, 19 Ellen sr, Rozel e Adams Arthur G., Joseph at, Lidcombe Adam Mrs. R., 12 Broughton at, D'inoyne Mania Art. 11,, 9 erstwhile rd, C'morne Adam It. H., George's River rd, Blown Adams Arthur J., farmer, Brierfleld Adam R. 11., Kalgoorlie at, Willoughby Adams Arthur J., 23 Avoca at. Bondi Adam Robert A., farmer, Coreen Adam Walter, Hardy at. Ashfleld Adam William, 16.ital IL It, Al.' Ille Adam William J., Proildence rd, Ityde Adam Willoughby F., Ill Wharf road, Balm:tin Adams Bacon,!minters, etc., Goulburn Adams (1.', Brett, fishmongers, Newcastle AMMIS Bros., butehers, Tumbarumba Adams' CafC Wm. J. Adams, Pitt tit, and George at Adams, Cooper Admits, A WILT V 11.1N- Nrit, AI bury Adams and Co., 121 Pitt at Adams Misses E. A; A., 112 Paddington at, Paddington Adams E. A: Sons, wheelwright, Dangar Village Adams H. A; Co., ten brokers, 18 Bridge at Adam Henry A. k, tions, 1,1)1., viaductmakers, 10 Marsden at, Cainperilown Adams Investment Co_ Ltd., 12 O'Connell at Adams Montague S.,S; Adams, public accountants, 350 George st Adams Press (The) printers, 176 Castle.. reagh at Adams a'. Rowell, I'1'031191/ rd. Croydon Adams T. J. and Co., machinery nnd, metal dealers, 751 Harris at Adams A; Trail, fruit merchants, ('it y Markets Adams W. J (Vickers Ltd.), steel manufacturers 173 Clarence at Adams and Williams, grocers, 5 Charlotte st, Adams W. A; Co., Id,, incliants, N' castle ADAMS WILLIAM & COMPANY LIMITED, Mechanical Engineers, Manufacturers of Engineers' Supplies and Asbestos Goods, and Machinery Importers, 173 and 175 Clarence at, corner of King at. Telephones 0180, 9181, 9182 City Adams William & Co. Ltd. Electrical Department, 171 Clarenre st, Sydney. Telephone City 911 Child mi/osiers and Suppliers of Electrical Accessories, 3lotors, Wires, and Cables, et e. Adams Arthur L., farmer, Afillthorpe Adams Arthur P., farmer, Urania Adams Arthur R. Charles at Parramla Adams Arthur S., fanner, Milithorpo A dame Audley, mine props., Emmaville Adams B. L., farmer, Ash Island Adams Bruce C., farmer, Boorowa Adams Mrs C., Edward at, Bondi Adams C. II 22a Kentville aye, All'dale Adams lir. F. C. S., physician, ThIbtO MMUS P. 71 ifoloorrow at., Croydon Adams F. L...1.1'.. 3 Belmont rd, 3fosm'n Cheltenham Adams Francis, 257 Young st, AnnamPle Adair John G., Mill at, Carlton Adams, Woolforo A; Co., CO:Wil builders. Adams Frank, skin buyer, Narromine Adair John W., wood carver, 146 George Aimee Ada as Frank, ton at, nth.. Ashfield st west Adams A. mishit/ yr, Hastings Shire Adams Frank, Staudford are, Concord Adair Mrs. Mary, 57 Liverpool at, Pad'n Council. Wattehops its Frank, Wattle st, 31ortdale Adair NV. S., 21 View zit, Woollahra Adams Mrs. A., grocer, 41 Judge at Adams Frank, Sailor's Bay rd, Northlige Adair John W. A.. 13 south :it., 31'ville Adams A., tailor, oturrurnisti Adams Frank, 45 Afacaulay rd, Stanmore Adalam Henry, 511 Crown at Adams A. G., 28 Market st, Drummovne Adams Frank, grazier, Wee Waa Adam Az Alma, mot or garage, 62 Alorivnr Adams A. IL, is 10 11)8 master, Warataii Adams Frank A., grazier, Wee Waa st, Wooliahra Adams A. 11., Rowe st Woollahra Adams Frank L., 13 Thorby ave. L'hardt Adam Mrs. A., Georges River rd, Mown Adams A. J., 314 Cleveland at. Adams Frank W., Ludgate at, Concord Adam Mrs. A., The Avenue, Granville Adams Adam, 138 Beach si, Coogee Mains Fred, 20 Weston at. Petersham Adam A. L., 3.1'. town clerk, shipping Adams Adam B., grazier, Gulargambone Adams 1 stalk Napoleon st, Mascot agent, etc., itaymond Yerrace Adams Adelaide, I lornsby at. Hornsby s """" ''"' - 7 Wharf rd, Balmain Adam Alex., Bay id, Five Doll: Adatns Alan C., farmer, Tabulam Adams G. E., cake expert head office, Adam Andrew, t hotter increlis Thunwe Adams Alban, 22 Andreas at, 1"shatn Olivia lane branches, City A. Subs Adam Arthur H., 141 Queen at, Irahrit Adams Albert, manuf. 11g., 416 George at Adams G. Adam Charles J., farmer, Daysdale 5, R., Ilassall at, Parramatta Adams Albert, Church at, l'ymble Adams George, 10 Kennedy at Adam David, Fowler's ave Merrylands A113111,4 Albert., 51 A 113)1 st. (' Adam Frederick, grazier, gcone ' Adams Albert E., Platform at, Lideombe Adam Gordon, dairy farmer, Rouchel Adams Alexander, 8 Mitchell at., Glebe Brook Adams Alfred, farmer, Quaker Hill Adam Henry D., farmer, Mummulguin Adams Alfred, Milton at, Burwood Adam Mrs. J. S., Kuring-gal-Chase are, 1 Adams Alfred, Chandos at, St. Leoaards Turramurra ladams Alfred A., farmer, Gravesend Adams c. J., chemist, Petits Ferry rd, DornsIty Adams s fancy goods, etc., T ainwth Adams C. W. Ts 11 Florence st, St. Pet. A dams Itailway hotel. Condobolin Adams ( evil F., A.I.A., A.A.P.A. etr., Goulbun r Adams Charles, 9 Ann at, Arnelitie Adams Charles, at, Lechilardt Adams Charles, 17 James at, N. Sydney Adams Chas. E., 30 Gerard st, Neut. Bay Adams Charles P., farmer. Bentley Adams Charles W. T., 11 Florence at., St. Peters Adams Chris.. Victor st, Clint swood Adams Clive S., dairyfarmer, Tarro Adams D. (3., 20 Australia at, Woollahra Adams David, farmer, Bringelly Adams D. S., 45 Shepherd at. Adams David, 150 Military rd, Neut. Bay Adams David, Cliff rd, Northwood AIll) ms E., post master, Ca nowindra Adams Miss E., Taylor at, Parratnatta Adams Mrs. E. A., nurss, 1)111)1)0 Adams E. Longuev rd, I.' rule Adams Mrs. E. F., 150 Non on it, Ashli'd Adanolit; E. 31, Pro,pe,3 st, Granville Adams Irs. E. IL, Loudon are, Babel% Adams Edward, 32, Cecil at, Ashfleld Adams Edward, 14 Cornwallis at, Itlern Adam, /Award cis 12,s Mount st. N.Syd. Adams Edwin,. 21 Waterloo st Adams M rs. E, 5 Hercules at, If. Adams 31rs, Eliza J., Middle at, South Randivick Allaiw Mrs, Emily, Burwood rd, B' wood Adams Mrs. Emily, 3 clare ter, Wahni Adams Mrs. Emma, 507 DJwling at Adams Ernest, stationmaster, COMO Adams Ernest J., farmer, Yaven Creek Adams I uston It., stn. mgr., Mullaley Adams George, 288 Annandale at, A'dale Adams George, farmer, Craboon Adams Ceorge 321Liverpoolrd,Ashfield Adains George, 19 William st, Aslifield Adams IfiTirgc, Princes st, Bexley Adams George, 43 Avoca st, Bondi Adanis Geo.,.T.It., Weldon-st., Burivood WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY 6.TD1 LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE ST C'DOWN 'PHONE L2848 NEW Ada ADAMS GEORGE (Estate of late), Tatter/31111'B Hotel, Marble Bar and Adams' Cafes ; Built Colliery and Coke Works, Ltd.; Palace Theatre W. J. Adams, Alanaging Trustee, Office, 259 Pitt st Adam George, off Lenartz at, Enfield Adams George, Glebe at, Ryde Adams George, St. Anne's at, Ryde Adams George, Boundary at, Sherwood Adams George A., 32 Smith at, AI'ville Adams George F. 4 Marsden st, C'down Adams Geo. IL, 30 ' Arthur at, L'hardt Adams Geo. 11., 87 Australia st, Newtown Adams Geo. II. D., Wold's-ave., ll'villo Adams Georg) Its, 723 Bourke-st. Adams Mrs. Ger., Fifth are, Neutral Bay Adams Mrs. 11.Salvia DAIS, BalllOSIONVII AMIIIIS 11. C. ' s;hysielati, 175 Macquarie st ; p.r.,116 N rd, Double Bay Adams 11. D., contrat tor, rmiticrit Adams Mrs. II. C., 20 Coronation ave.. Alarrickville Adains II. M. C., 112 l'atidington st, Pad Adams II. l'., blacksmith, Boomi Adams fl. C...1.1'. C. l's., i'ainworth Adams Harold A., ' farmer, Birriwa Adams I larold S., Shad fort I i st,loilzeinba Adams flurry, 5t5 Hampton Court ni, Carlton Adams Harry, Terry at., Hurstville Adams Harry. 24 mistral MI'. Muslin!' Adams Harry, Champion rd, Tennyson Adams Harry C., Woolcott at., N Sydney Adams Barry W., farmer, Aforongla Creek Adams II., tea inerch., 21b Jamieson at Adams Henry, farmer, llohnwood Atitine; Henry, Cleland st, Slascol, Adams Henry, 197 EVILIIS St, 1101(.11)' Adamlls Henry, 64 Northumberland live, St:inn/ore Adams Henry, farmer, Tcrranora Adams Henry, Bay View at, Tennyson Adams Henry, Campbell at,, Waverley Adams Henry J., farmer, Adams henry J., 39 Itobert-st,St. Peters Adams I Miry is, (ilea /)',tel, 433 Liverpool at, Adams II y. T.. Central st, Naremburn Adams Henry T. 712 Darling at, Rozelle Adams Hy. W. 3., Elizabeth st, P. Dock Adams Herbert, Yerriek rd, Lakentlia.Atianis Herb. c., 71 Stria at., S. lewlek Adams Herbert J., Addison rd, Adams Herbert 5, Brays rd, lb ort lake Adams Hugh F., 01 Denison st, Waverley Adams 1., MUM COVi! rd, chatswood Adams Isidore, manufg. jeweller, 613 Ileortte st Adams J., Dora at., Ti Ilrstvllic AulamllS J., 74 31ontssoin s rs. et., E. 1: og'11 Adams Miss J., 330 Norton at, L'hardt Adams C st. Nth. Sytinsy Adams J. 11., Fraser st, Lower It' (lick Adams J. IL, 1' m Adams J. W., farmer, Deniliquin Adams Mrs. J. S., 3.16 Bay st, Brightonle-Sands Adams James, farmer, Canowindra Adams James, 8 Eton at., Camperdown Adams JaIlle4, Stat ion at, Harris Park Adams Jatnes, 80 Francis st, Leichhardt Adams James, st, Lelehhardt Adams JIIMICS, 43 Spit rd, Mosul:in Adams James, 31 Bank at, North Sydney Adams Jas., 3:1 George at, Parr:math Adams Jas., oil Bobbin rd, Pymble Adams James, 108 Farr at, Rockdale Adams Jas. A., 01 Cremorne rd, Colonic Adams James P., 38 Windsor st, Pad'ton Adams James N., 49 Pine St. Randwick Adams Jaint.s W., 4i; iteytioni, st, b'oelo Adams James W., Winnie at., Burwood Adams Jaws W., Darling at., Clintswood Adams.Tames IV., 7 Newland at, Adams John, farmer, Gleniffer Adams John, farmer, Gulgong Adams John, fanner, Luddenliam Adams :foltn, school. teacher, Dora Creek Adams John, 46 Carlisle Et, As hfleld Adams John, 42 Clayton st, lialinain Adams 3 ohm 47 Colle ge at main Adams John, Parramatta rd, Burwood Adams John. 34 Dening at, D'inoyne Adams John, Junction rd, Hornsby Adams , Donald St, Hurstville PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. ALPHABETICAL. Ada 8 Adams John, Gloucester rd, Hurstville Adams.1.. Tamboarine Bay rd. Lomevile Adams John, The Spit, Mosman Adams J01111, Bobbimi rd, Pyinble Adams John A.,Northern ave,minkst'wn Adams John C., Torwood it, liogarali Adams John G., 147 Cardigan at, S'inore Adams John H., motor garage, Kirketon road Adams John H., Peel at, Belmont Adams John J., farmer, Tooraweenah Adams J. L. S., Dalkeith at, Sans Soucl Adams John AL, 104 'Lingers rd, Nent.B. Adams John Af., 28 Foucart st, Rezone Adams John N., farmer, QuIrindi Adams John It., farmer, Gulargambne Adams John It., Major at, Looses A dams John It., 280 Edgeeliffe rd, IV'hra Adams John R. P., 4 O'Brien st, Bondi Adams John T., farmer, 1:yogle Adams W., Deakin at, Auburn Adams John W., Nicholson st, ittinvood Adriiiis John W., 50 Styles at, L'hardt Adams,Tosepli, farmer, Clybucea Adams Joseph, Washington st, Bexley Attains Joseph, Bld g,. St. Gordon Adams Joseph B., Dudley at, Lidcombe Alhins Joseph ti budder. A lousy Mrs. C', Greenwich rd, G'wich kdanis Lealie. slink y al, Weat Uogaiali &dams Leslie C 23 Milton at, N. Asliti'd Adams 1,(1die 1 7., 294 Botany ril, Botany Adams I.ottis.1., farmer, Miranda Adams Airs. 31abel, 19 Union at. Adams 'Mrs. Al, 29 Frederick at, Ashfield Adams Martin, Gipps at., Concord Adams SI iss lb try, 101 Commonwealth st Adams Mrs. ISlary,201. Clevelandst, R'frn Adams Airs. Mary J., 153 Glebe Pr. rd, Clelw Adams Mrs. Mary, 15 Jane st, Balmain Adams Mrs. 3Iary, 39 lions eve, 3losman Ailanis Michael, 189 George at, west Adams Michael, 104 Einnore r,i. Einnore Adams Michael Mimosa at, Granville Adams Alichatd, 21 Vells st, Redfern Adams Michael J. farmer, Casino North Ati,tins M. A., 305 lileitinoot rd. l'addin gt fin Adams Airs. II. A., 60 Stewart/4,, 'Munn!) Adams Montague S., 64 Spolfottli St. N mit ra 1 Ila Adams N. C., town slosh, Tomtit Adams Patrick, 42 Paling at, ielelthardt Adams P., Kuring-gal-Chase rd, Vintirra Adams P., no rosvenor at, Woollahra Adams Pet cy, 11 Whilst rd, Balm:tin Pr rev, 25 Catherine -st., F. Lodge Adams Percy, 33 Broughton rd, ll'hush Adams Percy c., 21 noddle st, Ptulti'ton Adams Peter, Lucerne at, Belmore Adams Phil., Lticknow at, Willoughby Adams It., 31 Newman at, Newtown Adams it. A. C., solicitor, 7o Hunter st, Adam= It..5. C., slivitor, Camden Bankstown Adams It. C., Lavender at, Five Dock Attains strs. it. 11 Laile Core rd., 'ix owl Adams Beg., 57 Cooper at., Redfern Adams Richard M., farmer, Teat:Mehl Adams Richard W., farmer, 0 unnedalt Adams Robert, Calder rd, Itydalmere Adams Robert D., teamster, Dalmorton Adams ltobert IL, grazier, Morce Adams Robert S., farmer, Moatna Adams Robert S., farmer, Scaltam , S., h itci piwr aye, itaid,stown Adams Samuel. Napier at, Concord Adams S. F., confect loner, 'femora Adams S. II., Edinburgh rd, Mar'ville Adams Sid., Powell at, Bankstown Adams Sidney, 203 King at, Newtown Adams Silas, itoscrae a ye, Randwick Adams St ;inky If, Hi ghlands MI!, (lord Adams Stephen, fanner, lower Belford Attains T., ) lien chrit. metewei her Adams '17.. coarh props., :Canal's' Adams '1'. A., 11 Pareival-st, Leichhardt Adams 'I'. W., 12 Bryant at, Rockdale Adams Thomas jun., farmer, Cowra Adams l'homas, Sprin g st, Abbotsford Adams Thomas, 10 Louisa rd, Balmain Adams Thomas, 129a Australia at. Cani- Adams Thomas, 10 England ave, 31'v filo ((litmus Thos., Josephine st, Punchbowl Adams Capt. Thomas E., Henley at, Drummoyne Adams Thos. J., 12 Kitchener at.,coogeo Adams Thomas M., Farr at, Itockdiae Adams Victor A., Grammar School, 30 Bondi rd, Waverley Adams NV., 3 1,ylie st, Arncliffe Adams W. A., 4 Eton at, Camperdown Adams Mrs. W. E., 55 Allison rd, morn Adams W. F., Sunbeam ave, Burwood Adams W. G. IL, Ontario are, Roseville Adams. 11., St (III)' st, Itatissto.vti Adams IS'..J., blacksmith, 'Perry Hie Hie Adams IV. J. farmer, Deniliquin Adams \V. J., painter. West oni-latitl Adams IV. J., Eastern rti, l'urraniurra. Adams Water, 11. Little Cleveland st, Redfern Adams Waiter, Wells st, Thortileigh Adams Walter J., farmer, Tomaeo Adams Walter S., orchardist, Dural Adams Walter S., 17 Queen st, Alosman Adams William, builder, Barnsley Adams William, Jun., fannies, Iandra Atlaiiis Willi:MI, 211 Commonwealth e t, Adams Williain, 5 \Throng St. Adams Wa illiin, Nelso n at Aii'dalo Adams William, 13 Griffith at, Ashfield Adams William, Wilson's are, Belmont Adams William, 340 Railway par, Carlton Adams William, 68 Water it, Enfield Adams whit h.ochester at, I oush Adams William, \Void's ave, Adams William, 134 Railway par, Koseli Adams IVilliani, oil Herbert at,, Mortlake Adams NI'ln., ell Pennant rd, 1"In'ta Adams William, River Iii,Porratnatta Adams Wm., 520 Darling st. 1101)1111 Adams Wm., poultry fanner, IVindsor Adams Wm., Balfour st, Wollstonceraft Adams Wm. A., farmer, Tumbartunba Adams Wm. A., Wilt's/ley at, Naremburn Adams Wm. C., Lam. Cove rd. IVidirliga Adams William E., farmer, Kyogle idants Nt'lltiami.s. 15 William d s':11eld Atlania WM. G., poultry farmer, Colyton Adams WIll. G., farmer, Wollong,bar Adams Win. 11., 69 Ferry rd, Glebe Adams Wm. J., l'altersales Hotel, Marble Bar, and Adams' Cafes, 257 to 261 Pitt at, and George at Adams \V 'ilium 3, 23 Si it rt st Adams WM..11,, SI, Abbotsford Adams Wm. J., 11 Wont iii., Bronte Adams Wm. J. Peat's Ferry rd, ifornsby Adams Wm. 3., orchardist, Leeton Adams Wm. J., grazier, Tareutta Adams Win. J., grazier, Wintleyer Adams William J., 0 Grove st, At 'v (Ile Adams William J., Boulevards, St'lleld Adams \I 1111 tin J., :'.0S old Canterbury o f. Summer Adams Wm. '17., farmer, Dublio Adams Willi tin W., tanner. oillt hortat Adamson A; AlsKee, sawmills, Pennant lb this rd, Carlingford Adamson Alfred, fanner, Altillumblinhy Adamsaoditiniti i s g101.,1;ennant par., Carlingford Adamson stis. A., 141; Underwood lit, Adamson Anthem., Clissold par, Campsio Adamson Arthur, farmer, Osborne ' Adamson Bartlett, O'Sullivan rd, Belle-, ve Adamson Miss C. M., postmistress, Wharf rd, Ermington Adamson D E.,41 Tebbutt st,leichhardt Adamson Edmund, dairy farmer, Dungog Adamson e.ritest, Nornixii 5)., Adamson Francis J., nurseryman, Dartford rd, Thornleigh %dmon as..1 rs. G., (ray at.. 5'. Sydney, Adamson George, Wharf rd, Ermington kdamson George, Width! at., Punchbowl tdainson George, 82 Newland at, Waiely 'Adamson Geor ge. W., 70 Arthur at, N.Ssal Adamson Geo. W., 5 Darley at, Nth. Syd. Adamson Guy F. farmer, Narromine Adamson Henry, Anzac par, S. Keteton Adamson listiry, 22 Gordon al, A1( er)ert, 0 Phillip at, lialiii.1111 Perdown Adamson J. G., baker. Linwood Adams Thomas. II Lovas st. ("down Adamson j. Zis '26 Spit. rd. Alosinan Adams l'homas. Surrey at. Epping, Adamson J/IIIIPS, IS Richards a ve Adams Thomas, 97 Re gent at., Kogarali 'Adamson James, Oxford at, Burwood Adams Thomas, at, Lelehliardt ' Adamson James, Spring st, Waverley I THE LARGEST FIRM OF UNDERTAKERS A ND EMBALMERS IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE

49 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE MAN ON THE LAND. 866 Ada ALPHABETICAL. Agn Adamson ins. 1'., 24 llilson rd, C'inorne Addison Robert If., farmer, Mororo Adrian James, 10 John st Erskineville Adamson.1. M., hairdresser, springwood Addison Robert W., poultry farmer, Adrian John, 182 Union st, ErskinevIlle Adamson John, 212 Bulwarra rd Marsden Park Adrian John, 22 Park aye, Manly Adamson John, 46 Perry at, Mar'ville Addison S. IL, Unn io st, West Kogarah Adrian MN, Mar. Ivanhoe at 1Pville Adamson John, 102 Liverpool rd, A'field Addison T., Robertson at, Canterbury Adrian R. E., 3 Corso, Manly Adamson John, 25 Atchison st, N. S y d. Addison Thomas, 66 N. Steyne, Manly Adrian it i ehd. J. 4 Bellevue at, ArnelitTe Adamson John, Belmon' at,.11,yde Addison W., 13 Hathern at, Lelehhardt Adrian Relit. E., Lauderdale ' a vv. Manly Adamson John E., 10 Dalton rd. Mosman Addison wm,, Jun.. 10 b pson at. Limit Adrian Stephen, farmer, Grafton Adamson John R., farmer, Tocumwal Addison 11 m., 65 Railway at, 1"sham Adrian T. G., 16 Corso, Manly Adamson Mrs. K., Oxley, St. Leonardo Addison William, Yanco rd, Pyinble Adsett Alfred. Ale Eern at, catno,ie Adamson Miss Mary, 10 Hu ghes at Addis A. S., 23 Wellington st, Wat rloo Adsett John, 37 Hearn at, T,elehhardt. Adamson 1Irs. R.. milk vendor, Corrimal Addy Mrs. Susan, 605 Bourke at Adshead thas E., culvert islet! agent. 21 Adamson R., 11 Victoria t., N. Sydney Adelaide Free Stores and Bond-Dalgety Bond at Adamson Robert W., Foord ave, 11 'al- and Co., Ltd., propqrs, Dalgety rd Adshead Charles E., 10 Warringah rd, stone Park Ada lusen Sidney C., 23 E int ore at Adelaide wentworth,t; Brisbane avo Egg Co. (The), mtall Adslwad Mrs. S. R.. district agent wich Wood, Coftill and co., Ltd., under- Ad:1111S011..., Difi.k S;;111 I V, IN al V, Adelaide Milling Co., Ltd., Broken tikers 146 IhrlIn 1 B ihuuiin' Adamson 1'. H., 44 Selwyn at, Pad'ton ADELAIDE STE A.MSHIP CO., Adshead S. It., 340 Darling at, Balmain Adamson T. '1'., lo Durham at.,hill LTD., Brid ge at, sydney.- Adshead Sidney. Moreton at, Lakeinba Adamson 'rhos.. 31:irstlen rd, Ermington E. B. Wareham (.1.1'. ()1(1.), Ingr Adshead William, Burlington at., Kogarah Ada 111S011 Thos., 21 I:reenbank at :Wyllie Telephone City Adult Deaf A' Monk 80elety of s Adamson Thomas, 22 Ancrtun at, N. Syd. Adamson Thomas. 33 Rosalind it N,tiVil, Achlithle Tailoring Co L. (nick (Vil e ). Rawson plaee Nth. matiaeing ' Inert or, 427 George st Advanee Australia League-W. J. Mlles, sydney Adelson josima, Keith at, Itandwiek hon. sec., 4 Martin place Adamson l'homits G., farmer, Neminglia Adelstein IL; mercer, 626 Crown at Ai tin Comp any Ltd., I4 Martin place Adamson Thomas 1V., headmast er, Pub, Adeit, Louis, Belmont eve, \Vollst oneelt A(131 " 1 "wad (.., Ltd. le."11 (411"e)--- school, Botany rd, Waterloo Adeney Harold S., grazier, Bungowan'alt (lift on clke, art see., 22S Pitt st ; Al111111S011 MISS V. cafe, leorge at. Adey S., past ryvook, Built 1 I. SIIPOIY CO., CO0/1: O Adamsou W., general at ore, Bell:milli Adey Tom P., 15 Countess at, Mosman I A. et E. T radin g C o., S tat on i House. Adamson IV. E., Atchison at, St.I,eonards Adger.1. H., dermatologist, 320 ikorge at. Rawson!dime Adamson Watson (I., farmer, Tainworth Adh! Areil dd tore, Manilla AfIleck Charles, farmer, Cobargo mo nti m he, N, shin s, colitia A. itrow. Mrs. E. B., clothing manuf., Adamson William. 19 Euroka at, N. Syd. Ad by Albert IL, English's In ne,waterloo Mg,.1.P., shire clerk, Ilmidagni and 1'24 Oxford street Adcock Bertram, old Irian, 2b Castle- Adkin Arthur E., A viten st, Itandwick Meek John, gen. at ore, I:matron reagh at AtIlins A., station overseer, Denillquin Affieck John, motor garage, Nablac henry, Adcock Bert rant, Robert at, Greenwich ( e dared ho'vl Ariludale Ailleck Reginald, farmer, Harden Adcock Creswell B., Awn ba at, Ilosman Adkilis.1., hairdresser, Broken Ante& Rowe, Lytton awe, Wentwortlelle Adcock Mrs. E. A.. milliner, 1(at onelho Adkins J. 1'., manager 51urrumbldgee /Meek Wm., farmer, Murrumburrali Adcock E. S., 190 Church at, 1"inatta 14 Mart in pl ; pr., 37 Spencer rd, Atileck \V., J.P., Homebush rd, Adcock Edward S., Cowper at, 1"matta 31osmn a A 111 ick A tired V., 51 Clarence rd, Rockdle Adcock E. W., 1IawkIns at. Artarmon Adkins Miss, school, Bowral Millet: James. Beamisli at., campsie Adcock Vreilk.. 28 Wa Mtn. st. Adkins TII0S., Lane Cove rdl Turramurra Afilick Nicholas, farmer, Terranora Adcock It., :11 French st. liogarall Adkins W. A., 29 Wat kin at, Rockdale Mick William, farmer, Tweed Heads Adderton c. W,, 107 Albany rd, Porshin Adlam F. LT:. Co., auctioneers Bathurst Alford Arthur E., Russell st, Strathflold Addert on James, Priteltard st, Au burn AIam ll A photographer. 'ii hut After Care Association, 350 George at Addlcond Jos., 73 Cleveland st, Redfern Adlam Alfred, farmer, E glinton Agar Bros., motor launch ferry, Newport Addle Alexander, 8 Telopea at-, ltedfern Adlam Arthur, Anzac par., Sth.ltandw'k \ ga r --, photogritpher, 380 Ge orge st A(.1(11'1:ill A Walker it.. Ntli. Sydney A gar Charles Glebe Pt. rd. (ilebe A dlam Charles, 14 Bay st, Rockdale Addis Charles, 21 Green st, Waterloo Adlam George, Kit Owner T, 1 Agar C. A., 34 Bay at, Double Bay Addis Eber, Sold it sat., 131akelturst A(IIIIIII 11. W., bootmaker, 2 Clarke at A, gar Edward J., farmer, Moeyan Addis J. P., 31endowbank a ye, 31'd'hank Ad lam J. R., piano agent, "06 George " " g r'rank, Ewart st Dulwich Addis James, Parramatta rd, Ityde st west A gar Frank, Garnet, at, It Park Adds Mrs. Olive, 32 Hempel, at, Glebe Adiam Mrs. Mary. 114 SL Paul's at, It'wek Agar Frank, 37 Redfern st, Redfern Addis Oswald, 8 Kroombil at, P'sh ant Adhun T.. P. (J.P. for Queensland), Agar-Igoe James. Burns st, Campsie Addis 1V., J.P., Canterbury rd, Catelaity Chohnsfonl avo, Itoseville Agassiz Mrs. Amy, 39 Forbes at, Nowt'wn Ath'is William. Gregory at-. Illakehurst, 1Vitt. 3., IVaratali at.,gr ville Agassiz Ernest, 52 Kay's awe, Dol Addison B., Ltd, oil inerchls, 3 Spring at At.lem I Alfred, Brady at, Burwood Agassiz Mrs. J., 14 Glenview at, Pad'ton Addison Bros., woodturners, 693 Bal. Adler A., draper. 1Verris creek Agate Beni, George at. Mortdale main rd, Leichhardt Adler Arthur, Harriet at, Marrickville Agate E. E., 57 Junction rd, Sum. Hill Aga' e (leo., 123 Ito, Addison flirts' College, Rowley st, 11'w'oil t II Censer. Watervlew st, Carlton l't. rd, Amenity. Agate Ilo,es, 213 Meek's rd, 31 Addison A. G., manager National Bank of Adler Edward, farmer, Gidgenburg ar'ville Australasia 1,td. Newcastle Adler Mts. France4. Addison Mrs. A., 3 Afiattoirs rd, Rozello Adler Herbert, 551 lllowarrn rd, Addison Albert S., 0 Prosper at, Itozelle Adler Philip, 10 Cove et, Balmain Amnions st,13'in're Agatha Ilea', Mother, St. Columba. Convent Presentat ion Nuns, Berrig'n Addison Alex., 120 Cooper at, Waterloo Adler Wilhelm, Henry at, West Kogarali " THE AGE Addison Alfred, Wanstead aye, Underefe Adler William, Carlton par, ('tint on Addison Barton, Rangers' ttv, Mosman Adlide W., 436 Unwin's Bridge rd, St.Pet. AthilS011 Mrs. C., :17 Arden at., Waverley Adlington Mrs. E., 20 Gordon at., Pad'ton Addison C. (I., barrister, 167 Phillip at; Adlington IL, fruiterer, Wollongong TIte leading Daily Newspaper in the. Commonwealth of Australia. CERTIFIED CIRCULATION- 151,768 COPIES DAILY. N.S.W Office of "The Age," 1 Castlereagh st, Sydney A genherg Augustus, 29 Falls at, L'hardt pr,, 31adelint. at, Minter's Adman Herman, Sloane st, M'ville Addison E. IL L., 52 Birchgrove rd, AtIntark Fredlc, 110 Bowman at Balmain Admiral Leonard, 100 Dowling at., It'tent Addison 0. C., Fairfax rd, Bellevue Hill Admiralty House, Campbell st, N. Syd. Addison Mrs. G. W. F., Madeline et, Admiralty Wharf, Cowper Wharf Hunter's Admen. Walt er 11., 226 Bourke at Addison George, Hunter at, Parramatta Adnatn C. M. F., Holland at, Chatswood Addison (leo., It Toelle at, Rozello Adnant G. 11., it at.. m gr. New Zealand Addison II, J., 102 Foster at, Lilichlutnit Insurance Co., Ltd., Lisinore Addison Henry, McDonnell at., N. Bondi Adtiam Joseph W. C., "Buthiel Buddel," Ager C. A. A. 5 Haves Addison.T., J. P., 476 Crown at Morton at, Wollstonecraft Addison Mrs. J. F., 90 Glover at, Mosman Adness John, Hudson at, Addison James, 75 Styles at. L'hardt Adney Henry, 32 Cabramatta rd, Mom. Addison.Tolin, McDn onell at, Nth. Bondi Adney W..1., 74 Rasay m at, Ilabertleld Addison John, OS. II. rd. South Head Adnum Miss Daintrey cres, Itandwick Addison jos., McDonnell at, Waverley Adluilm S. V., livery stables. Narrabri Addison Joshua. Fourth ave, Campsie Adnum Walter G., grazier, Merriwa Addison Mrs Viet In 1.1 at. east. 13'wood Adolphson C Walker st. N. Sydney Addison L Madeline at, Hunter's Hill Adelfsen Herbert, 3 Gladstone at-, Addison Leonard, 4 Tavistoek at-, 1Pnien Adora D., Diamond Bay rd, Nth. Bondi Addison P., 9 Stapleton a ye, N. Sydney Adrian Chas., 310 Abercrombie at, ltlern Addison P. I...T.P., branch /11I.M, C0111. Adrian Charles K.. soleitor. llosford Banking Co. of Syd., Ltd., West Adrian E, Ivanhoe hotel, 27 Corso,Manly Agent C.. 21 Commercial rd, L'h at rd Agencies Ltd., importers and export era Commerce Bldgs, Ash at. Ager Arthur, Dalley's rd, Willoughby Nod. Bay Ager Chas., 260 Military rd, Neut. Bay Ager -1., dairyman. Grafton Ager Wm., apiarist, Whiteman Creek Aglitter Mrs, R., Calypso lane, Mosman A ggett. A., boarding house, Woy Woy Aggett Chris., 43 Wellington at., Rozelle A gget t H., farmer. let on Aggett S. J., Jun., produce store, G ostord Aggett IV. IL, 6 Kurraba rd, Nth. Syd. A geott. Mrs. E.. 4:1 Am.10:011e rd. Ai'ville Aggs Albert M., Ray st, Turramurra Ages.10,111,1 Mrs. w. 1Villiam E. S., IS The Ave, A'fleld owl ioto.o1.,,, orange Maitland Adrian F. G., S.M., 57 Grassinere rd, Aglio John j., 3 Rickard st, Arneliffe Addison Italph, McDonnell st, N. Bondi Neuf ral Bay Agnew A.. Nicol, wat chmakers, 67 Castle- Addison It. C.. mgr. Batik of N.S.W. Adrian Frail:. W., 8 Parriwi rd, Mosmn a neigh at. Braldwood Adrian Gordon T., Sydney rd, Manly Agnew Adam B., farmer, Numeralla WOOD, COFFILL A. COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE; 810 GEORGE ST., CITY. 'PHONE 9226 CITY ANTHONY MUMS' FOR POULTRY KEEPERS' REQUISITES. Agn Agnew Albert, 254 Belmore rd, Coogee Agnew Albert, 595 King fit, Newtown Agnew Alex., 413 Hardest Agnew Andrew, at 59 Pitt at, Agnew Andrew, 501 Alfred at, N, Sydney Agnew I). S., 145 Wigram rd., Glebe Agnew Daniel A., Wontora rd, Ilurstville Agnew David M.. 24 Egan at Newtown Agnew Edward, 7 Ferris at, Annandale Agnew Edward V., Edward at., BOIIII1 Agnew Mrs. Ellen, 7 Clare at, Itozelle Agnew Ernest, 4 Aubrey st,staninore A R.. 19 st. Ha% id's nub, ICtield Agnew 11., hairdresser, Cooma Agnew 'Miss II. E., Balmoral ave, Mosnen Agnew J., Abattoirs, Homebuell Bay Agnew J., jun., 64 Balmain rd, Leichll'ilt Agnew.1. E., Lansdowne at, Concord A WIlt'W , 61 isreillatt st, Annandale Agnew James, 129 Australia it 1,"tiown Agnew James. 3.3 Dudley at-, Coogee Agnew Mrs. Janet, Cecily at, L'Ilardt Agnew John, Oraceniere st, Concord Agnew Lewis L., grazier, Nyngan Agnew Mary, Cleveland hotel, 59 Buckingham at Agnew P. 31., Cook at., Lidcombo Agnew Percy 11., Bailey at, West mead Agnew Mrs. lt.. Warwick rtl, Merrylands Agnew Bold- 5 Phillip. t Parramatta Agnew Roy E., Chariot' c, st, Ashtleld Agnew Rupert R., grader, Warren Agnew Auiww 1Irs. S., Bla num% xland's Lanibton rd, Eastwo:d Agnew Wm. IL, 22 Raleigh st, Coogee A gnew Wm. J., Waratalt at, Bexley Agnew IV bison D., dairy-farmer, Dunoon Agostinelli John, farmer, Eugownt Agrati Jules, 42 Ivy at, Redfern Agricultural and Forestry Altiseum, 28 George at., North Agricultural Grounds-Henry M. Somer, secretary, Moore Park Ahearn \I n:. it., I:1 Junior st. Lelehliardt Ahearn D., 8 Fern at. Waverley Ahearn Francis 3., 29 Bond at-, Mosman Ahearn Miss Ellett. 7 Ocean at, N. Bondi Ahearn Frank, farmer, Derriwong Ahearn J., mar. South Coast Road Metal Co., Ltd., Shellharbour Ahearn.1., le:lel:sink it, imt torsi Ahearn Jas., 06 Holterman at, N. Sydney Ahearn Jas. IL, 35 Lenton par, Waterloo AlIVI/To JOIIII D., 1,11e19 ni, Iiiirwood Ahearn John T., farmer, Bungendore Ahearn I,., 7 Little Cleveland at, Redfern Ahearn Michael, 22 Randle at Ahearn P. II., 149 Regent, at, Redfern Ahearn 'rhos., farmer, Bungawalbyn Ahearn Th , 4 sainta I 86, St. el'ipts Ahearn W., 117 Abercrombie at, Redfern Ahearn W. A. II, Tambourine Bay rd Lontruev Ahearn William, 18 Rosser at, Rozelle Ahearn Win. J., grazier, Porter's Retreat Ahern Albert, 205 Darling at, Irmain Ahern Augustus, Fuller's rd, Chat swood Ahern D. L., Briektield at, l'arrantatt Ahern Edward J., farmer, Dungowan Ahern Eugene, 70 thigh at, Newtown Ahern 11., liogyabillo hotel, BoggabIlla Ahern Hercules, Patrick at, Hurstville Ahern J. F., soll eitor, 24 Moore at Ahern John, fartner Tembalcumbene Ahern John, Bentellong at, Granville Ahern Joseph, Anzac par, 5th. It'wick Ahern L., ladies' tailor, 136 Pitt at Ahern L., Houston rd, Sth. hen ton Alit tat Lance W., All mu at.. For. bodge Ahern M., dairyman, Mathoure Ahern B. J., 28 Pohling at-, Drimunoyne Ahern Oswald. 19 carnarvon at. Carlton Ahern P., 52 Moncur st, Woollahra Ahern Mrs. Susan, Dora at, Hurstville Ahern Thomas, cattle dealer, Jembaleumbene Ahern W., Reading rd, Brighton-le-Sands Ahern W. F., 30 Ashmore at, ErskinevIlle Altern W. M., 400 Illawarra rd, M'villo Ahern William, farmer, Tamworth Alt Garb, furniture manufr, 326 Botany rd, A lenandria Allier V., sand' I hi on rd. S/III4 Sonci Aldburg Frederick, 359 Dowling at Ahlbure Henry, 4 Walker at, Redfern Munn William G. 1'., farmer, Wantioo Altinelman F ewhIlyn at, Altradsen Mrs.E., 10 Grosvenor st,11"ita ALPHABETICAL. Ahrenfeld Mrs. B., 389 Liverpool st, Ahrens It NOW., butchers, Chinderali Ahrens Charles, blacksmith, LIMIT/11T Ahrens Charles,grazier, Walcha Ahrens Fred., 8 Herbert at., Newtown Ahrens Mrs. 1,, blacksmith, 5111ton Ahrens William, 45 Hansard at, Waterloo Ahron Peter, grazier, Iihancoban Ahronsen p ennon. gen. st (»e. Cundletwit Ahronson H., 47 Marshall at, Mar'ville Ali Wing A.. Co., store, t'ootna A icken (I., 48 Cairo St., North Sydney Aickin Miss F., artist, 81 Elizabeth at Aiken Miss A., dressmaker, 44 Castlereagh street Aiken Alex., FIOFIS at., Hurlstone Park Aiken Alfred, Melville at., Hyde Aiken Alfred E., 3 Princess at Brighton le-sands - Aiken mts. Anne, 34 Stanley!IVO. )10'4111'11 Aiken C. It., 212 James at, I,eichhardt Aiken Charles, Aiken's rd, Pennant s Aiken Mrs E., 46 Orange at lavr. IC wick Aiken Miss Elsie, teacher of music, 338 George at A Iken i...1., it chard at-, Thornleigh Aiken George, 14 English at, Camp'down Aiken t :Nage, Ca velelisti at. concord Aiken IL C., 1' ST, 86 Corso, 'Manly Aiken ilernert. I:eorge st, liornsoy Aiken Mrs. 3., Tennyson rd, Tennyson Aiken Imlay, Albert eres, Croydon Aiken J., physician, Mumillumball Aiken John, farmer, Lyndhurst A i ken John, Lennox at. Pa rramat t a Aiken John.T., farmer, Lansdowne Aiken Mrs. 31., 34 Wolseley rd 3losinan Aiken 1'. N., physician and surgeon " Lorne." 331 A nzat. par, Soul, 1(misingt on Aiken Sidney IL, Bangalla rd, Concord Atkin Silas, 24 English at, Camperdown Aiken ellotnas. Duni' rd. vette:nit Hots Aiken W..1., Pennant, Hills rd. Pen. 11 ills A iken IV..T., 2 11itrlitone ave, Sum Aiken 1V..1., 278 Old Canterbury rd, Summer Aiken' IV. W Windsor at. Padlon Aiken William, 11 4.ill,, V I Alke/I Will111111, Aiken's rd, Pennant 11111s Aiken William, S3 Salisbury rd. S'inore Alkins Rote rt., arcount ant, AlIntry A Mins E., Matilda at. N Bondi Ailonan A. It., Queenseliff, Manly Aikman Adam, :147 Darlin g at Balmain Aikman Alex., Kensington rd, lien'ton Alkman Alex. IL. 140 Addison rd. 1Ianly Aikitian Mrs. ii. E., 21 Myrtle at, N. Syd. A ikman Ernest, draper, 420 Elizabeth at All; Ilan Mrs ;:titler st, S. Sydney Minium John 8, -11 Brighton at, Enfield Alkinan Robert, 32 Massey at, N. Sydney Ailanthus School fot Girls, Edgeellfi rd, Edgecliff Aindt Otto IV., French's rd, Willoughby liney David, (11 rd, A'dria Aluge.Tolin C., 43 Wonlora rd, litirstyllle Ainge 31rs. Sybil, 296 Palmer at. Alnley Mrs. F., South at, Granville A inky J'111111S, Ill Georve at Wat erloo.1,11105' R. J., mereant Ile broker and mining agent, Forbes Ainley W..1., Riverside t!tep. Alnscough I., 22 Frampton ave, Wylie Ainscow.1. W. II., mgr. 11eArt hur Lnginverin g Co. (Sydney), I td., au'- p'gree A instey F. A. A:. Co., house furnishers, 281 Liverpool rd. Ash field Amsley F. A., 45 Ilolharrow at-, Croydon Ainsley John, 31 Morris at, Sumtner A Insley \V. A., optician, 232 MarrickvIlle rd, Marrickville Ainslie It., Belmont at, Merrylands Ainslie Win. J., 27 Durham at, lint Ainswortli C. AL Son, storekeepers, Alstonville AINSWORTH W., LTD., Speciality Drapers, 133-1:11 Liverpool street, Sydney. Telephone City 62:13 Ainsworth A., Webber, motor proprietors South Grafton Ainsworth A. J., 69 Mill Hill rd, Way'ley Ainsworth A. T., farmer, Woodburn 5th Ainsworth Arthur V., Weil ave. Enfield Ainsworth Mrs. B.. 40 St. Thomas at Waverley Ainsworth B. W., Arthur at, I" mat ta Ais 867 ZIONS' INDUSTRIAL ARBITRATION ACT TIME SHEETS or COMBINED TIME, PAY AND WAGES BOOKS (Copyright) for all Trades and Callings. These are the only ones which comply with the Act. Obtainable only from 1,. Zions, Industrial Act Expert. 14 Cast lereagli street, Sydney. When asking prices state class of business. Ainsworth Mrs. c., 11(1 West Butt-cu ny rd Arneliffe Ainsworth C. A., 15 John at., Woollahra Ainsworth C..1.. dent hat, South Grafton Ainsworth Chas., farmer, Frederickton Ainsworth 14, Musgrave at, It (15111th Ainsworth Mrs, E., :1:1 Wat kill st N't own Ainsworth F. P., 108 Thompson at, Drummuuuuiiiymii Ainsworth George, farmer, Kempsey Ainsworth George. \Va Ilace at, Coneord Ainsworth Geo. W., teamster, Urunga Ainswort It Mrs draper. ltallina Ainsworth Mrs..1, tooaceonist, Narrandera Ainswort Ii II. If., dent at, Keilipsey Ainsworth 11., 52 Junction rd, Sum. Ainsworth Harrison. chemist, 2 Walz it Rockdale Ainsworth 11111'1'1, lierbert at, It 'title Ainswort It Harry, farmer, Woodside A inswm t.1_ 592 Botany rd, ANitla Ainsworth J. W., Churelt at, Ainsworth James, Pickett at-, Auburn Al TO \with.1,1,111,'s, Loch st,c'unrsle,1 inswort it James. Atat t Itew si. I I iliut.. If. Ainsworth James, farmer, Kempsey Ainsworth James, Rosehill at, N. 1"Inatta Ainsworth John, 116 Denison rd, 1"shain Ainsworth john It., 28 Smith at, Itozelle Ainsworth Joseph, 22 \Vyltie at A ins wort 11,108e 1 h. oyster le,see, Ballitta Alas wort li L., 1 Vernon at., NN'oollaltra Ainsworth croydon rd. Hurstville A insworth It. S., lion. see., Golf Club II olbrook A Inswort 11 It. W. ha Naranderra Ainsworth It iehard, 16 O'Sullivan at, Ainswort It It Hui rd. Amy 84. Campsie Ainsworth Robert, fanner, Bolivia, Ainsworth Mrs. S., 28 Edgeware rd Enniore Ainsworth S..1.. Boulevard... St rallifield Ainsworth S. j., 3Iint aro ave, S. Str'field A titswort it \V., carrier, Nanibucea Heads it ittswt wilt 1V. B.. WIITTII.Wee AIIISWOTT.11 IV. II., 56 Comber st, Pad'ton Ainsworth W. ht.,.1.1'., auctioneer and estate agent, 4 Norton st, I,eichtiara ; p.m., 32 Norton at, I,eichhardt Ainsworth \V. It.. presidt.nt Shire Council, Sutherland Ainsworth \V. S., \Varatall at, Bexley Ainsworth \Vim, 16 Bruce at-, St:minor Ainsworth Win. J., farmer, 11acksville AIM Bros., tailors, 793 George st, A ird A.. tailor, Li:Amore Ai rd Edwin.1., Archer st. Chat swood Aird 31rs. Elizabeth,.15 Voting at., Irfern AIrd rs. Ella. nigh at, ItandwIck Aird Francis, 5111sop at, West 1Cogaralt Alrd Francis J., Tennyson rd, Tennyson Aird 1,rtalk., 1 hoists &nage at, 3I'vi In Aird George, 16 Garner's eve, 31'ekville Aird Janws, Greenwich rd, Greenwich At rd ;lames. St at ion st Pyinble A ird John II., De \.onshire at Chat swood Aird John F., 61a St. JOIIII'R rd, Glebe AIM. I'. J., Trafalgar a ye, Limilleld Aird Walter V Ita.ner al, l.i ichhardt, Airey 11rs. 11., (108 l'arramatta rd, A'lleld Al rev.1., farmer, Paterson Airey James, Balthnorest, Belmore Alrey Joseph, It Vernon at, Stratlifleld Airey Mrs. M. J., l'arramatta Park Aire' Miss IlfaY. 11:1 1Vallis at., W'alira A irey Samuel, :171) Botany rd, Botany Airey Thomas, 367 Sydenhant rd, 5I'vIlle Airy \Vatter. Gordo ', rd, tiordon Airey Walt en.t.. est at e a gent, 36 Moore at Airy Mrs. Nancy, 09 Smith at, Sum Aisbett Mrs. Annie, 74 City rd Ala t e., cordial mannu'r. Aisbett Thomas, farmer, l'ambar Springs A Isiah:twit, Samuel, 1 Argyle at A isenst adt Samuel, 2:1 1(ing at THE LARGEST FIRM or CAPRIADE AND DRAG PROPRIETORS SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR

50 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TOP QUALITY AT BOTTOM PRICE. 868 Ais ALPHABETICAL. Ale 1 Aistrope Geo., 05 Cornnna rd, S'rnore Aitken Wm., 48 Merton at, Rozelle ; Albert Francis M., Billyard ave stiteheson 3Irs. L., 4 Sir John Young's Att ken Willi fm, sitior st, :Hyde ; Albert John, BeamIsh st, Campsie crescent Aitken Win. A., 111 Campbell at, N'town Albert Madam 31., Bay it, Brighton-10- Aitchison Mrs. C., 12 Stirling st, Redfern Aitken Win. If., farmer, 13eckom Sands Aitchison D. le, 71 Trafalgar st, Medals Altkenhead James, 15 Turner at, B'main Albert, Madam lisle, 151 George 'it, west Aitchison Daniel,.LP., wheelwright, Alit:ennead It.. (Interest ave. Glades vine Albert S. stock and stn. agt., Peak Berridale Altkenhead Robert, Addington ay., Itydo Albert Tliomas, farmer, Grafton Aitchison David F., May st, Hornsby. Altkenhead W., 71 Hopetoun at, C'dowu Albert W. '1'., journalsit, 44 Castlereagh at Aitchison Frederick, 97 hlurray st Aitkenhead W., 28 Renwick it, D'inoyne Albert William, Milroy ave, Kensington Aitchison G. W., 8 Victoria square, Alleld A it kens Alfred, 43 ((burst OTIP 'it, Kogarili Albert William, like at, Leichhardt Aitchison J., 114 Annandale st, Au'dale A it kli Alex., Bostros. st, Peil,,11111'St Alberthsen R. S., Hunt's a ye, Eastwood Aitchison Alines, 46 Wells st..:ktintintille All kin I;..,j police magistrate, Ten- Alberti Antonio, High st, Mascot Aitchison Joseph, 16 Wells 'it, A ii'dale teriield Albertson A., 70 Westmoreland at, Aitchison Jas., Carysfort st, Hurstville Aitken Mrs. Lucy, 22 Underwood st, Pad. F. Lodge Aitchison Slis. M., itaeks :tee, vile Alt ken Hoy. Harriet st, SlarrickA ilk Albertson A., Bonds 01 1'ealdilir4 Aitchison S. J., Botany r(1, Mascot Althins Eti, II., 73 Holhorrow st, Croyd Albertson Frank W., grazier, Bendemere A it I4:111 Mot.1., st, Mascot Ajax Safe Co., 8 Alma at, Darlington Albertson II. 1'., Ba ylis!' at, elm tswood. Aitchison W., billiard saloon, Hamilton Ajax Wood ifantel Works, 211 Victoria: Albertson John, farmer, Ogunbil Aitellisoit W., istirdresser, Broadni'dows rd, Iliarrickville : Albertson Thos, Garnet, st, Hari. Park Alt ken Bros.. ltd., flour millers, ' 79 Attestor Mrs. M., 201 Millar at, N. Sydney Albertson Thomas A., farmer, Attunga Elizabeth st rest A ked John 3. C., sanitary inspector, ; Albertson Win., farmer, Dungowan A it ken Bros,. Ltd., millers and grain Murwillumball Albery C. E., Stammer & A. Bank merchants, Bulwarra rd Akisi A. W., librarian, School of Arts. Ltd. (branch), 330 Oxford st. Pion' A it ken tk Co., cstat e a gents, 111 Eliza- Murwillumbali Albion Motor Engineering Works, Tra-,. Aitken David L. and Barron, solicitors, 81 Elizabeth at Aitken It. L. & Co., pram. and baby carriage factory, 21 Buekland at Aitken Misses, 7 Wallace at, Ashfield Aitken T. & Sons, ironmongers, 273 Pitt at Aitken A. L., res. /Indira! officer, Sydney II ospital, :Macquarie st Aitken A., motor car proms Condobolin Aitken Adam, 188 Belmont sts A'dria Aitken Alexander, 69 Boundary at Aitken Alex., Evaline st, Campsie Aitken Andrew B., 21 Broadway, Glebe Aitken Archd., 38 Christie at, Glebe Aitken Arthur E., I I Fort fit VII )11! 11. Aitken Mrs. Bessie, Bury rd, Guilford, Aitken Mrs. C., O'Itiordan at, Alexandria Aitken Mrs. C., 155 Church at, Innatta Aitken Mrs. C. A., Ross at, Parramatta Aitken Charles, 132 Young at, Redfern Aitken Charles S., 50 Campbell at, Glebe Aitken Christina, grazier, Berrigan Aitken 1)..H., Alleyne at., Willoughby Aitken 1). J., mgr. _London Bank of Australia, LW., Lockhart Aitken D L., solicitor, 81 Elizabeth at Aitken David L., Ethel at, Burwood Aitken 11., Penshurst at, Pensiturst Aitken Edward s., Ki los st Auburn Aitken Miss F. (1., 17 Raglan st, Mosman Aitken G. 31., Hillerest ave. A shileld Aitken George, farmer, Lowesdale Mt ken George, Ross st, Parratnatta Aitken Harold, Robertson st, W. Knell Aitken Henry, 230 Belmont at, A'dria Aitken J., 496 King at, Newtown Aitken J. D. K., mgr. Avondale Press, Cooranbong Aitken James, grazier, Baldry Aitken James, serpentine par, Vancluse Aitken Jas. IL, Collingwood at, Manly Aitken James IL, Rhodes aye, Nar'burn Atken James P.4 Wellington st, Ronne Aitken James T., farmer, Temora Aitken James NV., Concord rd, Concord Aitken John, 267 Botany st, Re ndwick Aitken John A., solicitor, 6 Castlereagh at; p.r., 15 Alma at, Ashfleld Aitken John A, Victoria at, Kogarah Aked William t I us iilt Iu, South ;Mtn. Niger St Petersham willumbali Albion Vulcanising Works, 15 Hopewell Akehurst, G. R., hairdresser. Miele's. sf, -ps,liffsdos Akelmrst Geo.,11 Brook at, Nth. Sydney!Albion A. C., 32 Epping rd, Double Bay Akehurst Homy, Wattle at, Mondale :Albion CI., St. George's par, Hurstville Akehurst J. J., 33 billson at, N. Sydney! Albion George, 10 Stttrt st Akehurst Leslie 1'., farmer, Billinudgel Akohurst NV., 21 Nelson st, Annandale ALBION HOTEL i. G. ;Johnson Akeinirst W. C.. 211)1 ths st, Alexandria proprietor, Nov. ra. The leading Alien Mrs. Sarah, 476 Wattle fit Aker Percy, 123 Meeks rd, and residential hotel in the Akerman If. J., 176 Castlereagh at. district, (See advt. Nowra section:1 A kerma n II enry J. C., 22 Vicar st, Coogee Alterman hydliey A., Coolants it A wel,' Albion Stewart Company, manufacturers' Cool:mum ; agents and indentors, 11 blacquarits Alwroyd Roy, 201 Alfred st, N. Sydney ' place Akeroyd 'rhos. W. C., Cooper st, SCileill Albion Wharf, Day at Akers A., Short at, Woollithra I Albion William G., 19 Turner a ye, 11'fleld Akers Charles A., farmer, Kuniura lailliston Mrs. Mary E, Myrtle st Akers Mrs. Ellen, Victoria ave, Chatsw'd Albo-Brown W., 217 Lane Cove ml, Akers Francis, fanner, 1Cangaloon East Crow's Nest Akers Frank, Connelly at, Penshurst ; Al bon II. T., painter, Orange Akers leredk. W.. Seville st, Lon giieville 'Allan' Henry AL, Isler at, Gladesville Akan; 0. If., 53 Fanning at, Tempe i Athol' Leslie J., Walker st, hferrylands Akers George A., 40 Phillip at, Neutral B. A lime 1, (I ward. 72' Jarrett. st, L'hardt Akers Henry, farmer, bluilumbimby I Albone W., Griffin par, Lugano Akers Herbert C., Clyde st, Croydon l'k. lahlborough W. J., 28 Moore at, Bondi Akers Ilerirnt.1., 55 Park aye, Ash held Al lions Joseph, Belmore rd, Daimon on Akers John, Albany at, St. Loonards Albrecht, E. S., 12 Albany rd, Petessliam Akers Joseph F., farmer, Coorabell Creek Albrocht Alfred Wilson at., Afeseot Akers Stanley, selector, Dorrigo Albrechts Albert T., farmer Robertson Akers Sylvester J. farmer, Coorabell Ck. G. IL, vet. surgeon, Burnie% Akers Thomas, leopil excha nye hotel,, Allmry C. T. Brennan street, Leichardt Ourimistit Albury Mrs. ' J., 170 Princes at Akers Thomas, farmer, Federal ;Alliury hi., 110 Windsor at, Padd'n A kerst rom George, 17 Forsyth st, Glebe Albury Joseph J. H., Burdett st,ifornsby Akes N. It., tobacconist, 378 Pitt at ; A Hairy Mrs. Ruth, 12 Grafton st, Akhurst Edwin S., farmer, Bonshaw, Albury Thomas, farmer, Camden Akiiiirst Fred, 'Mawr contr., Wyong 4 Ake Charles, Bedford at, Willoughby Akhurst Frederirk, auctiotwer, Thirroul ; A lee Mrs. Eva, 15 Cardwell at, Balm Akimrst leredk. B., grazier, Gloucester :Alec Henry, Iteservolr rd, Pyinble Akhurst Fredk. W. J., farmer, Wyee! Ake John O., Bannockburn it. Pymble Akhunit 0.3'., 22 Orpiniston at, Ashfield Alchln Arthur, Union et, W. Kogarali Akhurst R. AL, Pennant Hills nil, T'leigh I A Man Cecil, 110 Si, James rd, 11 'wick Akhurst T., 51 Annandale at, Annandale ; A leilin G. J., lire.station, Annandale st, Akiiiirst W. E., Pennant Hills rd. Annandale Akin Owen, sanitary irspeet or, totyra, A HMI G., mail contractor, Narrandera Akins John, Christie at, St. Leonards Alchin Henry, butcher, Dalton Akins Roy, Tramway st, Mascot Alchin Ned, teamster, Crookwell AkrIgg Benjamin, dairy farmer, Exeter Alchin Reuben 11., farmer, Cumatigham, Aitken John L., surveyor, 6 Castlereagh Alain J. J., gen. store, elle nose Alchin S., mminikeeper, Lockhart street. Aland Wm, L., 30 Avona ave, Glebe' Alchin Thomas, farmer, Forbes Aitken John M., 9 Leichhardt at, Globe Allinson Mrs. A., 29 Durham at, Stimmore Alchin William, farmer, Dalton Aitken John M., 44 Bellevue at, N. Syd. Alanson A. G., headmaster Public School Aldan Wm. A., farmer, Narromine Alt ken Joseph, 19 Catherine St. For. Lod. Avoca at, Randwick ' Alcock Brothers, Limited, warehousemen Alt ken Jo.iron It.. Tennyson rd. ren'son Alanson Miss C. Copeland st, Beecroft : corner York and Barrack sts Aitken Matthew, Hampton at, Penshuret Allinson F. B., 68 Queen st, Auburn : Alcock Thomas M. and Son, jewellers and: Aitken 0. A., tailor. 61 Market st Albans John W., farmer, Whiporia watchmakers, 669 George at Aitken Peter D., farmer, Forbes Alaskan Fur Store, 105 Geor ge st west, Alcock Mrs. A, 1 Oaks at., N'th Syd'y Alt ken plonmer. Gmmedah Albers A. W., artists' rep, 11 Bond at I Alcoek Algernon S., farmer, Bemboka. Alt ken Robert, 9 Gordon st, Bright on Alberti Adolf, Rosedale rd, Gordon Alcoek Allen, Trongate it., Granville le-sands Albers Mrs. S. Hercules at, Chatswood Alceek Arthur, farmer, Candelo Aitken Robert. Archer st. Chat swood. Albert Club--2J. Algie, sec., 220 Pitt at! Alcock E. A., Beecroft rd, Beecroft Aitken R., 313 Marrickville rd, AI sert College of Mush!, 139 King it Alcock Edward IL, farmer, Candelo Aitken Robert, Storey at, S. Randwiels Albert J. and Son, music stores, 137! Alcock Edward L., farmer, Casino Aitken Stanley, 7 Brideewater at. Roz. King at!alcock bliss Emma, Angelo at, Burwood Aitken Sydney, Bassett at, Dalmorton Albert A. IL, Beechworth aye, Pymble! ock F.. J.P., s'orekeeper, ilocr:eca Aitken Thomas, Vieloria st, Homebush Albert Adam, farmer, Tyndale I Alcock Frank, Lentim II st, Kensington All ken Sew Farm 1.(1, Pennant, Hills Albert, Andrew W., farmer, Glen Innes A!cock G. F., 13 O'Connor st, Haberfield Albert, Arthur, se AI oany rd. 1"sieuti Alcock George, 31 Lenore at, Five Dock Albert A. If., submarine diver, 250 Pitt st Alcock George T., Grantham at, Burwood Albert Mrs. Blanche, Blenheim at, It'dWk! A!cock Mrs. If Itaysay st, Babe/110d Aitken Thomas IL, I Tenth st, ltandwiek Aitken W. C., 59 North st, Leiehhardt Aitken Wilfred, 60 Cam ph nilst, Glebe Aitken William, wine $hop, Gilgit!,Aitken Wm., 340 Catherine at, L'hardt Albert Mrs. E. A. 72 Mary st lalcock II. A., 100 O'Connor at.,, Albert Emil E., farmer, ' Afoombooldool I Alcock Harold, com. agent, Bega EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY AT ANTHONY HORDERNS'. Ale ALPHABETICAL. Ale 80 Alcock Hilda, matron Hosp., Dungog A1cock J., upholsterer, Glen Dines Alcock J. J., 300 Victoria rd, Alcock James, Old Prospect 03, WelevIlle Alcock John, Baltimore st, Belinore Aleoek John, 28 hiuddison at, Redfern Alcock Joseph II., dairy fanner, Candelo A Mock Mrs.M., 49 Frenclontin,s rd, Itwk Aicock Miss It., Albion st Waverleb' A Mock T., "Torrington," Darling Point Alcock Thomas, 5 Woodstock st, Botany Alcock Thomas, Botany rd, Mascot Alcock Thomas, 55 Pr ince at, biosman Aleock Victor, Beatrice at, Lideombe A!cock W.. boot maker, Glen Junes Alcock Walter, 77 Belmont rd, Mosman.Alcock Wm., orchardist., Gosford Alcock William, 118 Ebley at, Waverley Aleock Willi Lill '3., 270 sill go st, 1. ruminoyne Alcou d Thomas G., 66 Wendell st, I lab. Alcorn A., phys'n, 41 East Esplanade, Manly Alcorn Mrs. A., Holland st, Chatewood Alcorn Alex., teamster, Urbenville Alcorn Alf., 83 Pittwater rd, Manly Alcord Alfred G., farmer, Lismore Alcorn Andrew, grazier, Tabulam Alcorn Archibald, faremr, E. Kangaloon Alcorn E. E.. 21 etinter ave, toileirlield Alcorn Miss E., Wiley ave., Lakemba Alcorn E. S., grazier, Jerry's Plains Alcorn ii. W.. builder, Tarim Alcorn Herbert D., farmer, Newrybar Alcorn H. W., laundry, Taree Alcorn J. IL. Park nil, Nareniburn Alcorn Jas. C., dairy farmer, Knockrow Alcorn Joseph A., farmer, Lismore Alcorn Joseph S., farmer, Milton AlcorInvoMrs. oiir ini La., 24 Lower Bathurst at, Alcorn Leslie, Rosobery rd, Guildford Alcorn Mrs. M., Earl st. Mosinan Alcorn It, E., J.1'., farmer and president Shire council, K yogic Alcorn R. 0., 3.1'., physician, W. Nialt I'd Alcorn Robert E., grazier, ICyogle Alcorn S. A., 3.1'., medical pract., East htaltland Alcorn Walter W., farmer, Bangalow Alcorn William, 3.1'., Bowral Alcorn Wm. IL, fanner, Cambewarra Aldsorn iss.1., 64 Warren rd, Ma'vIlle Aidcorn Wesley S., farmer, Berry Alden Mrs. M. J., Ney at, Mascot Aldenhoven W., fine art gallery, 74 Hunter at Aldenhoven W., Alexander st, Coogee Alder & co., Blacksmiths, s eweastle Alder A T., 50 London at, Enmore Alder Alfred, 325 Addison rd, Maeville Alder Arthur B., 69 Brighton st, 1"sliain Alder Frank, 66 Tmlor at, Annandale Alder Henry R., 3/8 Brid ge st, D'inoyne Alder James, 118 Bowman st Alder Leslie (1., 31 Mai-quark rd, A'lera Alder Milton C. te) Woodcourt, at, Marrickville Alder Paul F., farmer,' Gidginbung Alder Percy, rd, Bankstown Aiderdice John and Co. Proprietary, Ltd, 11 Macquarie place Aidenlice C. J., 20 Beaconsfield rd, Sfos'n Alderdice Mrs. E. C., Johnson at, C'wood Aiderdice J., 141 Arthur st, Nth. Sydney Alderdin. M. L., Gordon rd, Aiderdice W. 0., 481 Alfred at, N. Sydney Alderman C. E., 765 Illawarra nil, M'ville Alderman C. W., boottnaker, Dublio Alderman Chas. NV., farmer, GlIgandra Alderman Edward, 27 Harrow rd, S'inore Alderman le., III Pigott 'it, 0111 Alderman F. J., hoot importer, Dubbo Alderman Sidney, 41 Brown st, Newtown Alderman W., 100 Moore at, Leichhardt Alders Angus, grazier, 1Vombeyan Caves Alders Win. E., grazier, Bannaby Alderson Bros., produce store, Lane Cove rd, Gore Aldarson (Fred) and Co. Ltd., leather brokers, 321 Pitt at Alderson J. D. and Son, leather merchants, off 071 Liverpool st Alderson's Limited, general Merchants, 255 Clarence at Alderson hirs. Alex., idolises and lingerie, SO Quern Viet oria Building Alderson C.. 3:11 Belmont st, AN! Ha Alderson Mrs. C., 231, Lawrence at., Alexandria Alderson Mrs. C., 70 Styles at, L'hardt Alderson Mrs. Emily, 52 Raglan st, Slos n Alderson Mrs. F., Campbelitown rd, Liverpool Alderson G., 8 Victoria at, Erskineville Alderson It. G., 11 Cabrantatta rd, Mos. Alderson ilestor T., Pyrniont st Alderson Henry Ward, builder, 100 Parramatta rd, Ashfield Alderson Mrs. J., Arden st, S. Coogeo Alderson J. B., architect, 79 Itaghin at and 261 bitlitary rd, Mom=. Alderson James, Francis at, Bondi Alderson James, Hewlett it, Granville Alderson James, 30 Walker st Rodferu Alderson John. 7 Sixt I, it (nanville Alderson John D., 4 Belmore at, Arneliffe Alderson L. S., Mintaro ave. ;AM Str field Alderson Leslie, 331 Botany rd. Botany Aldel son Lieut., Dudley rd, Ito..s Bay Alderson Leslie (1., Tainarama st., Bondi Alderson hiontague, 19 Taylor st Alderson N., 171 Morehead at, Meru Alderson Nurse, II Northumberland aye, Stamnore Alderson l'., 301 Belmont st, Alexandria Alderson it. N., 127 Raglan at, Mosman Alderson Ralph C., farmer, Crudine Alderson Reg., 38 Stanton rd, Haberfield Alderson bliss S., 36 London st, Elmore Alderson Thomas, J.P., 31 Womerali ave Alderson Thos., Bellevue rd, Bellevue Alderson W., canter, Neweast le Alderson W. hr., Warat ahust Alderson Wm. Ss Noble at, Hurst:N.111e Alderson Witt. S., 15 Lymerst rot st, St. Peters Alderton Mrs. A., 129 Carrington rd, Waver ley Alderton A. S., Starkey at, Hurl. Park Alderton A. W., farmer, Tainworth Alderton :Mrs. (1., Garnet st, Hurl. Park Alderton C. W., farmer, Tamworth Aiderton Charles W., farmer, Tamworth Alderton D. R., Gareet at, Hurlstono Pk. Aiderton Miss B., Ells 4, Chatswood Alderton Frank. 19 Rosemount aye, AideArtHolilifileoirdank G., 18 Wunda rd, Mos'n Alden on George, carrier, NVoy Woy Alderton George, 20 Flood at, Bondi Aiderton George, Webb st, Croydon Alderton George, Clarence st, Manly Alderton George T., Angelo at, Bunvood Aldorton Henry, 1 French at, North Syd'y Alden oe 3. Vi', 50 Arthur st, L'ilarilt Alderton Jams 4 Cyprian at, Mosinan Alderton John, farmer,' Windsor Alderton osear, boottinaker, cook's Hill Alderton R. Is, 23 Holdsworthst, Wins Alden on 11. S., manurs agent, A ewcast Alden on NV. II. O.. bootinaker, N'east to kidhani Arthur, 1 WOOII'S XI`, W'alira Aldham Harcourt, farmer, Bluff Rock A Idliain John II., 41 I fart st, Tempe Aldharn Wm. II., fanner, Bluff Rock A idingt on It. 1., 13 Askburner st, Manly Aldis A. E., artist, kit otnnott Altus James, selector, Acacia Creek Aldls W. 11., tea rooms, Katoomba Adolphsen E. 11., 71 Mort st, Balm:tin Aldous Alineil, carrier, Nowra Aldous Amos C., farmer, Cundletown Aldous D. J., Carrington a ye, Penshurstl Aldotis Arnold, wheelwright, &melee Aidous D. J., 143 Regent, at, Redfern A1(10114 le, fruiterer, Nownt Aldous II. 39 CH v rd. Darlington Aldred A., sec. II ospital, Cobar Aldred bins. A.. :12 i orniosa st, D'inoyne Aldred , Earl st, Mosinan Aldred Charles, Cllasold par, Campsie Aldred Charles, Percival at, W. Kogarah Aldred E. It., Hayward st, South Ken'ton Aldred Win., 7 IVudgong st, Mostnan Aldrich Ernest, Bonney at, San Sonel Aldrich Frank C., 78 Ebley at, Waverley Aldrich Henry, inspector of Fslittrios, Port Harkins! Aldrich Pelham, farmer, Wildes' Meadow ; Aldridge 31 iss A., 16 Little Darling st Paddington Aldridge Mrs. A., Bourke 01, Alexandria Aldrid ge At dm, bidey it. averiey Aliirldge Sirs, B, Grey st, Carlton Aldridge Mrs. C., 13 Mackenzie st, Way'y Aldridge E., 36 Bayberry it., N. Sydney Aldridge Mrs, Emily, Grey st Carlton Aldridge George, teamster, Lorne Aldridge H., Bitterest, a se, Aldrid ge 11., Beancilsolo si, slue Aldridge Henry J., farmer, Cobbora Aldrid ge.1:11111.s, Grey it, carlion Aldridge Jamas, George at, Mascot A Milt Ige.11 is.. na b, if L'or wall Wel, Broken Hill AIM little \V.. blacksinit Crookwell Aldridge BromiwitY, Aldridge Wm. E., dairyman, Acacia Gk.. Aldwincle Albert, Woolwich rd, \V' latch Aldwoll It Mrs., Marsden 01. Ryas Ai eirr Ceitm Newspaper, I3tauiiilt it,. ca mesh. Alessi() c. Midget st, Lakembit A lewood ('has., De Wit t, st, Bankstown Alewood S., 120 Belmont at, Alexandria A A. 1'1. tt. I Iii.. tivilifels. I nvm. 11 Alexander & Brodziak, costume manufacturers, 222 Clarence st Alexander Bros., boot polish manufacturers, 170 lett st Alexander Bros., dairymen, Parramatta ALEXANDER, BROWN & CO. (O. F. Alexander, II. I. Brown) Solicitors, Culwillia Chambers, 67 Cest lereagh. A, Sydney. Cable address, "Alexia " Sydney. Telephones Cit y 3019 Ittitt 6190, Alexander Henry and Co., clothing menu.. facturers, 352 Kent st Alexander J. W., Ltd., stevedores, 11 Macquarie place Alexander Misses It. & B., 84 Spencer rd, Mosman Alexander & Georgopoulos, boot shin parlour, 230(1 Pitt at Alexander N. and Co., storekeepers, Canterbury 01, Canterbury Alexander and Paterson, wine growers, 76a Pitt at Alexander and Soils, motor engineers, Parramatta rd, Homebush Alexander tt Stewart, dairymen, Liverpool rd, Enfield Alexander,Stua it 92/, Pitt st Al.xikiltiel. W. R. Son, auctioneers, Newcastle and Hamilton Alexander A., 01 Greenhills at, Enfield Alexander Mrs. A., 21 Avoes st, It' wick Alexander A. B., Centennial aye, It'wlck Alexander A. F., 6 South ave, P'sham Alexander A. Mon bray rd west, chat swami Alexander Albert, 13 Paternoster Row Alexander Albert:, 18 Marla st,, Wyllie Alexander Albert, 4 Junction rd, Sum. If Alexander Alec., 44 College at, Balmaht. Alexander Allred, 27 Maria at, ville Alexander Alfred E., farmer, Perko() A. exander Andrew, Lyons 01, Five Dock Alexander Andrew, Wharf rd, Cliadesville Alexander Andrew, 45 Nelson at, Rozelits Alexander Arch., grazier, Denillquin Alexander Arch., grazier, Moulamein Alexander bliss B, cost mniere, 107 Cast he ruts gti st, Alexander Mrs. Barbara, grocer and wino merchant, 16 Albemarle at, N'town Alexander Sirs. C., 55 Grove st, Balmain Alexander C. E., Mill rd, Liverpool Alexander I. S., 30 hiatining rd, Double Bay Alex:tinier C. W., solielt or, Hay Alexander C. W., 79 Glemnore rd, Pad'n Alexander Cecil 11., 24 Edgecliff rd,. Woollahra Alexander Chas. B., grazeir, Bulga Alexander Charles F., fanner, Kyogle Alexander Mrs. Chris., 135 Riley st Alexander Clive, 30 Crescent at, Manly Alexander is, II charlevot st, Alexander 11., 157 Slansfield at, Roselle, Alexander I). N, optician, 54 Oxford st p.r., "Presteigne," Albion at, Wavy Alexander David, Lord's rd, Mascot Alexander David, 3 I'earl at, Newtown Alexander David, hf Wain st, Itydo Alexander David A...1.P., 'A 1-ithit a," Park rd, West Mascot, Alexander David 11., grazier, Boomi Alexander 11., 254,51itchell rd, Alexandria WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTIOPL JOBMASTERS BY APPOINTMENT TO MANY GOVERNORS AND ADMIRALS, THE HIGH COURT, &c.

51 ANTHONY HORDENNS' FOR READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHING Ale ALPHABETICAL. Ali Alexander Mrs. E., Wright st, HuratvIlle Alexander K. B., medical practitioner, Alexander Wm., farmer, Peak Hill Alexander Mrs. E., 28 Jersey rd, Padd'n Kurri Kurri Alexander Win. A., farmer, Clybucea. Alexander Mrs. l..86 Croydon av, Med Alexander Mrs. Kate, 26 Smith et, Alexander Win. G., farmer, Leeton Alexander E. A., dentist, Hamilton Manly Alexandra Central Methodist Mission Alexander Mrs. E. E., 77 Abercrombie st Alexander L, 36 Ramsay et, IFfield Home, Lindsa y at, Burwood Alexander E. H., :32 Wellesley st, Sum, 11. Alexander Miss 1, 110 Falcon 4, ('row's A lexandre Carl, farmer, Brooklyn Alexander E. L., 8 Silver at, Randwiek Nest Alexandre Joseph, 7 King at, N'tovm Alexander B. T., 90 Liverpool st, Pad 'tort Alexander L A.,.182 Albion street, Alexandria Cabinet Works, 136 Bet- Alexander 31rs. Edward, 53 Ben Boyd A nuandale any rd, Alexandria rd, Neutral Bay Alexander L. M., Jaques at, Ch'wood Alexandriti Art Furniture Co., McEvoy Alexander Erie L.,, farmer Codrington Alexander Leonard W. 51 Bondi rd, st, Alexandria Alexander Ernest., grazier, Narrabn Bondi Alexandria Glue and Oil Works, Alexander l e., :19 3loore st, Leichhardt... Alexander le.. saddler, Briefs:whin Alexander Loins, grazier, Oaldands O'Itioldan at Alexandria. Alexander le., Fairfield st. Idchlierdt Alexander Louis, 83 George at west Alexandria Goods Station, Garden at Alexander F., 488 Parramatta rd, P'shaln Alexander Mrs. M., 39 Raglan st, Alexandria Darlington Alexandria l'ost and Telegraph Offices, AleXttlIder Mrs. l antis-, 4.7 Artutir st. Alexander Frank I.. W11111/11 st, Or' v1111, Alexander Mrs. 31., Victoria st, Epping corner Henderson and Mitchell AlexanderFredk., 257Bourke st, Wat'loo Alexander Mrs. M. A., 91 Camden at, Alexander GI., 9 Elswick at, Leichhardt Newtown. A!seamier G. E., mgr. Aust. Bank of Alexander Miss M. B., teacher of sing - rds, Alexandria Alexandria Public School, 77 Mitchell rd, Alexandria Alexandria Town Hall, 73 Garden at, Alexandria Commerce. Ltd., NeWeastle jug, 38,s c..eorge at Alexander G. ii South ave. l''s AleXander MrS. M., 153 Ilrook st, gee C' Alexander G. S., 251 West at, N Sydney Alexander Mrs. Martha, milliner, 137 Alexandria and Waterloo Working Alexander G. M., Gordon rd, Gordon Men's Institute, 72 Botany rd, Liverpool st A le sander 4:eorge. I il Alexandria Ste 1, St Alexander Miss Mary, 9 Fairmount at, Ales AlexanderGeorge, Baxter rd, Mascot. Archer, Mary at, Hun. Hill Petersham Alexander George, 117 Dks., Alev Aubrey.1., Daleassia at, II'ville at- N'tow n (,exander Alexander Mitchell, Ael611 St, EMI - ' Alexander Georee, 12 I et 1 nedtern Aley Augustus, Station at, Pymble stone Park Alexander George 11., grazier, Boom! Mee E. 39 Ashburner at, Manly Alexander 31yer, King's rd, Brighton. Miss Alexander George J., farmer, Jamberoo le-sands Ales, Peter A., farmer, Trundle AlcNand '' r " 01""n me 'limtist, Alexander Mrs Alinie S Railwa y at, Cedon., solicitor, 67 Castle. " Alexander lirs. IL. 15 Manseeld et. Glebe reagil st. ; p.r., 3111ton }lets, 118 Alfonso A. 54 " Burlington.- at, ' ' N. Syd. Alfonso A. E., 6 Parrawan at, Neut. IL Alexander Mrs. II., 62 Junction at, N.Syd. Vi ctolia at. Alford A., blacksmith, lifurrurundi Alexander IL. Rock y rd. sans Soled Alexander. 0..,1, sec... Milk Suppliers' Alford Abraham, farmer, Gunnedah Alexander Mrs. II., 30 Macph erso n st, ssocia mn, A mina Alford Allen C., grazier, Oa khampton Waverley Alexander 31rs. P., 8 Montgomery ' t Alford Arthur W., grazier, Singleton Alexander H. A., 28 Gilpin St., Camp'd'wn! Kogerell Alford C. G., Tivoli at, Mosinan Alvxml ijer II, ( I.,, ii, W, (3., Alexander Percy, 44 Ramsay Et, Alford Frank A., grazier, Singleton!Mittel I laberfleld Alford Henry, Yangoora iii, Belinore Alexander If. J., ophthalmic opt Han, 93 Alexander It., 224 Enmore rd, lenneare Alford Henry, Denison at, Weverley York at mu,ti ;it. billsoe rd, Emilie: Alexander R., 7 Victoria at, is.811,11" Alford James, orchardist, Richmond Alexander 11.3., "Bainforth," Stephen Alexander sirs, B., 97 Bourke 4, Alford John, grazier, Holinwood at-, ltandwick It ed fern Alford John 10., J.P., Wallace at, Alexander II. II., Minnimbidgee 'ridge- Alexander It..1., 101 Weatbourne et, Hogs rah Hon Areas, Led on Petersham ' Alford John P., farmer, Gleniffer Alexander Harold, AVestbounie st, C'Iton Alexander Robert, farmer, Mulwala Alexander Ilan y. 25 Halt et, nouili Alford John R., fanner, Glen Oak Alexander Robert, fanner, Pericoe Alford Mrs. H., 391 Liverpool at A lextlilder 11 et / T 3' 382 LiverPool road Alexander Robert, fanner, Singleton Alford Miss L. P., Hampden road, Enfield Alexander It..1., orchardist, Ourimbah Alexander Henry L., grazier, Moira Art a nnon Alexander It. J., farmer, Stott's Creek Alford Percy, 48 Mill Hill rd, Walley Alexander 1. A., Coolongrd,Vaucluse ts'y Alexander R. M., 1S Francis at, C'Iton Alford Walter W.,37 St. Paul's at, 'tl'x""(ler Mrs. `T., ' 11411w" Y " vrt Alexander it. 3I., l'hoinas ave, l'ro yd dWick Alin:ander It. A lexander S, St. Georg e's par, 11urstellle M., fanner, Tichborne Alford William, Jersey at, Hornsby Alexand,r J.,k., Alexander A,sxacer S., Newington Maeville Alfred Mrs. E. M., Alfred at, Alex and er J. C., consg ultin gas en 'en 1 S., 156 Wilson st, N'tow n Alfred Harold, Esplanade, T'leigh Challis Ho se, 31artin place gineer. Alexander S., u 34 Little Arthur at, Nth. Alfred lire. L., Good St. C., j.1'., Crescent, Sydney Alit ill,'.., restaurant, Bingara Alexander Aleander x.1. J.D., si t (05 tilt h. 0.i s'ors e/ Alex inder S. A, 33 Leichhardt st, Alga r Walter, 149 Aust. at, C'down Alexander.1. S. mgr. Burns Philp am! Leichininit Alger Mrs. A. II., 106 Malakoff at, Co, 1.14P m erchandise dept Alexam S. Ii., al c foe, A field ' Bridge at Alexander S. 11., Berry's rd, St. L'rds Alexander J. S.,, Gordon Alexander S. 31., fanner, Lecton Alexander Jacob, 71 Morgan at. Alar'ville Ale" I'd " Samuel, fanner, Mama Alexander Jacob 9 Ebley at Waverley Alexander S. T., fanner, Wyalong W. Alexander Saunas, farmer, Eltham ' Alexander S. G., Forest rd, Arncliffe Alexander JaIlleS, grazier, Garah Alexander Thomas, insp. of slaughter Alexander James, grazier, Mores: houses, Gerringonss Alexander James, farmer; Walbundrle Alexander T., 73 Camden at, Newtown Alexander James 2 Park a ye IPtimyne Alexander Thos., farmer, Numeralla Alexander James 162 Cerringt on rd Alexander Thos., 51/ Croydon rd, C'don Marnekville :Alger C., 148 Wollengong rd, A'eliffe Alger Frederick J., 13 Ocean rd, Manly Alger Frederick J., 10 Egan street, Newtown Alger.1., Battle Boulevard, Seaforth Alger stydney, 231 Rose at, Darlington Algie Charles, 3.1'., 16 Forrest at, Ilaberfleld A Igle J., see. Albert Club, 220 Pitt at A lgie James, builder, Taree Itandwiek Alexander Thomas, lioga rah rd, Hog. Algie John, 9 Campbell at, Waverley Alexander.1 as., Sel M edi Dire rd, R ozelle Alexander W., Sunnyside st, Algie Joseph, Brabyn at, P'matta.Alexander.111S. A., all Lord's at, 31aseot Alexander W.11., 18 Hastings at, A lisle Leelie It., 25 MeQuarie ter, Alexander James W., llenry st, 1,1deom. Alexander W. E., shipping agent, Balmain Alexander John, 204 Botany rd, A'dria Newcastle Algie Mrs. M. C., commercial artist, Alexander John, 87 Ileighway aye, C'don Alexander W. M., Barton a ye, hurl. Alexander John, farmer, Lockhart 12 Oxford street stone Park Alexander ,mgr. mitten Aust. A lei:, Robert, Lincoln at, Behnore TI 0., 10 Castlereaell et Alexander W. R.,.T.P., Registrar A lgie Robert AV., Great Northern rd, II., D. Alexander John, dentist, 310 Parramatta M., Hamilton Ryde rd, Petersliam Alexander W. It., mgr. Commonwealth Algie Wm., sen., CH fforo at, T"guatta Alexander John, rd, Cremortie Batik of Australia, Tamworth Algie Win., jun., Pennant at, P'matta A lexandar John, A Imora st, 3loenian Alexander W. R., 56 Willoughby at, Alhambra Theatre Ltd. (The), 724 Alt:sander Sohn, 15 Harley rd, Manly, North Sydne y George at Alexander John, grazier, Wee Waa Alexander Walter, farmer, Coreen Alheit E II., 15 Holnisdale at, Mar- Alexander John E., 11 Stewart at, Glebe Alexander W. S., farmer, Oundurimba Ile Alexander John T. farmer, Kiruna Alexander Wm., baker, lian giara Mi nes All Alf., 200 Wollougong i d, A'eliffe Alexander John R,., 144 Bland at, Alexander Win., grazier, Bulge All Arthur, coachbuilder, Wollongong Ilaberfield Alexander Wm., fanner, Daysdale All Miss C., 14 Binnin g at, E'ville Alexander Joseph, 74 Castlereagh at Alexander Win,, 'I aldee at, Croydon All Malminet, grazier, Walcha Alexander Joseph E., farmer, Jerrara Alexander William, 6 St. Hillier's rd, Alison Miss. 11. h., 28 Ba yswater rd Alexander Joseph farmer, Molong Alison c evil, Dawson at, Nareinburn Alexander Joseph, '44 Chisholm at Alexander Wm., Allister at, Neut. Bay Alison E. M., mgr. Bank of Australia, Alexander at. Alexander William, Early at, P'matta arromine Croydon 'lim'pli A " Wvilinutffil Al( inder Will Barclay at, Wa y 'y Alison John, 80 Kepos st, Redfern WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 HORDE ST., CITY. 'PHONE 9228 CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR MEN'S BOOTS AND MERCERY. Ali ALPHABETICAL. All 871 Alison It. W., 3.1'., Dungog Alketnade Victor, 106 St. James rd, Itandwiek Alter.1., Victoria at, Long Bay Alltin Miss Lily, 11 Lumsden at, N.S. Alltin Thomas '17., dentist, Goulburn Allcin Itev. Thomas V. (C. of E.),. Lumsden at, North Sydney All:ins Frederick, 599 Ilarris street All Hallows (B.C.) Schools Halley at, Five Dock All Saints' Cemetery, Fennell at, Parramatta All Saints' Day School, Crystal at, Petersham All Saints' Vineyard (Waligunyali, Victoria) George Sutherland Smith and Sons, proprietors, 18 O'Connell st. Td. City 8102 Allabin linainiel E., farmer, Ilateinan's It Allan George E., farmer, Kimbriki Allan Waller A., Sinclair at. W'craft Allan George S., 43 Marion at, L'Iedt Allan Walter.1., farmer, 3finmi Allan Wllliilii, lion. seety. Nfechanies' Institute, Ts arralidera dairyman, Aberdeen minim Allanson Charles It., farmer, Rossmons Allaburton B., 16 James at, L'hardt Allan JallleS, Massey at, Koga rah Al Is look C. store, Tarago Allan John, selector, Barrington Allanson James, 2 Langlee a ye, IVay'y A Ilani G. T., 527 New Canterbury rd. Allan John, Daniel at, Botany Allard ( I ), Wa y and Hardie, Petersham ' Allan John, 1,11 Norton st, L'hardt arbitrators, public accountants, Allain.1., 28 Burton at Glebe Allan John, Iiirlow at, Ifar'ville auditors, t rade, a s; ignees, 1., Allan' James, 53 Upward at, L'hardt Allan John, 141 Old Canterbury rd, O'Conitell at Allamby W. II., farmer, Junee Petersham Allard Chas,, Wollongong rd, A'cliffe Aliens' Agency and Registry Oilier, Allan John. 7 Sadher's eres, P sham Allard E.. baker, Woy W03' Allan.Tolin A., physician, Katoomba Allard Edward G., fanner, Burringbar Newcastle Allan John A., farmer, Timbillica Allanl E. T., Chester it, Woollahra Allan Bros., tailors, 17a Pitt at Allan.Tolin J., seety. red. Masters' & Allan k Brown, bakers, Greta Allard. Francis, auctr., 12 Castle- Allan & Garland, general store, Home lenglirs.' Assn., 79 l'itt at reagh at. ; p.r., Darling at, C'wood Allan John le., 9 Nesbitt at, N. Syd. Role Allard George 41., 12 O'Connell at. Allan John N., gen. store, Narromine Allan & Son, fruiterers, Corrimal Allard Geo. Mason, le.c.p.a., J.r., Allan JohnsS., Si Brighton fit, Enfield Allan's Wharf, Union at, Balmain public accountant am! auditor, Allan Mrs. A., milliner, 36 Castle- Allan.Tolin IV., farmer, Port Nfacquaric and see. Institute of Bankers' of Allan Joseph, Carlotta at, Gore llill reagh at N.S.W., 14 Moore at. ; p.n. Allan Mrs. A., William st, Chatswood Allan.Toseph, 18 Hermann st, Keel'. "Inindarra," Woonona a ye Walt. Allan A. J., dentist, 229 Macquarie at Allan Joseph, Colbran at, Kogarah Bay roonga Allan Albert, Queen Victoria. at, West Allan Joseph, 19 1/2 Marion st, L'harilt Allard II. T., 435 Parrannitta rd, %Ilan L. J., piddle school, Bingara leogarah Leichbardt Allan Albert r. 13 Hermann at, Hog. Allan Capt, I. S., Evan's rd Allard Horace!lately, E.C.P.A., Allan Alex., stevedore, Dawe's I'oint.A11:111 Mrs. L., Jaques a ye, Bondi O'Connell st p.r., "Captia," Appian Way, Durwood Allan Alexander, farmer, Cundletown Allan Miss 31., typiste, 3 Castlereagh Allan Alex., Manning rd, Double Bay street Allard Thos. '1'., Lucknow nil, N. Hyde. Allan Alex., 18 Moore at, D'inoyne Allan Miss 111., 30 Eglinton rd, Glebe Allardice C., poultry farmer, Root)' H. Allan Alexander E., farmer, Moorland Allan Miss M., 2 Belmont rd, Wittman Allardice P., boots, shoes, Newcastle Allan Alexander J., fanner, Burrawang Allan Miss Madge, 111) Maeleay at Allardice J. K., Railway par, Eastw'd Allan Alex. P., Gladstone at, Bexley Allan Mrs. Mary, 46 Henson st, Sum- Allardice Stephen J., Linton eve, Hyde Allan Alex. R. 4 George at north mer Hill Allaris Charles S., Blaxland rd E'wood Allan Alfred, 317 ' Young at, Aledale Allan Maxwell S., D.D.S., singeon. Allars C. J., shirtmaker, Imperial Allan Alfred E., 3.1'., "Orthona," Condentist, 199 3facquarie street Arcade, 370 Pitt at Allan Miss N., costutniere, 112a Allan! C..1., 271 Norton at, L'hardt dor at, Burwood Allan Andrew, farmer, Fernmount King at Allan; henry G., Coranto at, Five D'k Allan Andrew, fanner, Midginbil Allan Percy, Mount at, Hunt. Hill A Ilatt Ilenry, 63 Palmer at, Balmain Allan Arthur E., grazier, Willow Tree Allan Percy C., station mgr., Balranald Allbon A. E., 148 Blue's Pt. rd, N. Allan Mrs. II., 4 Montague rd, Neu- Allan Philip, off 1 Hampton at, IVIn'n Sydney Allan R.' G., in charge Ret. Soldiers' Allbon A. II., 8 St..Taines' rd, It'w'Ic tral Bay Allan C. E., JP., Byron at, Campsie Settlement Branch, Kentucky Allbon Alfred, 67a l'ittwater rd, Manly lt, S., 49 Milson rd, Creinorne Allbon E, A. 3., 63 Birkley rd, Allan Charles, 51 St. David's road, Allan Reginald, 36 Duke at, liens'ton A Ilbon le., 330 Catherine at, L'hardt Ilaberfield Allan It, C., 63 Alexander at, N. Syd. Anima E. A., carrier, Coif's Harbour Allan Charles F., farmer, Jones' Island Allan Charles 1 0., Percival at, West Allan Meld. C., fanner, Langley Vale A Ilbutt Edmund, 5 Albert at, Redfern Allan Relit., fanner, Stele ee's Hill A Mutt Mrs. F., 151 James at, L'll'rdt. leogarah Allan Chas. M., chaff cutter, Dubbo Allan Robert, fanner, Wauehope Allbutt George, 52 Hay st, Leichharilt Allan Chas. S., 9 Campbell st, B'main Allan Robert, Bell at, Maroubra Allbutt Walter A., 75 Alexandra at, Allan D., store, Nana Glen Allan Robert S., farmer, Sapphire Druminoyne Allan David, farmer, Erina Allan Roy S., Ada at, Oatley Allchin Frank, Spencer at, Rose Bay Allan David, farmer, Walla Walla Allan S., dentist, 50 East Esplanade, Allcoelt It 11., 91 Station at, Tempe Allan David F., 192 Arden at south, Manly Ancor!) Benj. C., farmer, Cheeseman's Congee Allan Mrs. S., 13 Roseby at, 3Pville Creek Allan Duncan, farmer, Tumbulgum Allan S. E., ship broker & shipping Allcott George, 20 13arton at, Enfield Allen Mrs. E., 34 Woolcott at valuer, 14 Moore at Allden Cyril F., Emu at, Canterbury Allan bins. K. A., Boomerang st, 'Fur. Allan Sand., 25 Yasmar a ye, 1111eld Al lute 311-s. A., e Cook st, Ilandwiels ranilirra Allan Sidney, 12 Forest rd, Doub. Bay Allan Mrs. H. M., 7 Augusta rd, 11'nly Allan Stephen. 8f) Caroline at, It' fermi Allan Mc L., farmer, Inverell Allan S. J., 76 Belmont rd, Mosinan ALLDIS eft CO. LTD. Allan Edward, Burke at, Concord Allan Syd., 132 Trafalgar st, An'dale Allan Ernest, 59 Rowntree at, Allan S. S., 46a Holes ave, 3losinall All Ernest, Condamine at, Manly Allan Ernest E., farmer, Bannock Allan E. II., 19 Pittwater rd, Manly Allan Mrs. Esther, 57 Pittwater road, Manly Allan F. G., 103 Albert at, Wyllie Allan Mrs. F., 36 Lower Fort st Allan Fredk. 34 Lawson at, Pad'ton Allan O., 179 ' Parramatta rd, A'dale Allan Dr. George, Queens road, II'ville Allan Geo., M.D., 0.31., surgeon, 158 Smith at, Stuniner Allan George, 44 Princes street Allan George, 59 Fowler at, C'slown Allan George, 106 Victoria at, L'sham Allan George 1., farmer, Comboy ne Allan II. C., Agar at, Marrickville Allan H. If., 18 Elsmere at, lien'ton Allan Harry W., farmer, Koorawatha Allan fanner, liege Allan Hendry, farmer, Cundletown Allan 1Villiain, plumber, Poonearie Allan Henry, fanner, Home Rule Allan 11'111., Si Elliott at, Bah/lain. Allan Henry, general store, Windsor Allan WI lliuiiuu, 2 Little Nicholson at, Allan Balinain. Henry, A., dairyman, Dfullum- William, at, West Allan Herbert, 26 High at, Kogarah Allan Will lull I, Victoria rd, Pun bowl. Allan Hubert, auctioneer, 'farce Allan William A., 36 Glebe at, Glebe Allan Hugh A., farmer, Oxley Island Allan William II., farmer, Dubbo Allan.1., billiard sal'il, :179 Bourke at Allan Wm. S., Crown at, Epping Allan J., 3farion at, 13:m1o:town Allan Win, S., 20 Prosper st, Itoz'le Allan Mrs. J. '1'., Gilliver's a ye, Viltp Allan Willi:1111 W., grazier, Yetnian des Allan James, I Goddard st, Arneli fie Allan James, Diekson aye, Gore Hill Allan Mrs. Sarah A., Si Station at, Petersham Allan 'flionme E., farmer, Binalong Allan Thos. E., farmer, Kangiara Milieu Allan Thos., 79 Cambridge at, S'Inore Allan Thos. B., 18 Dock rd, Balmain Allan 'Phonies.1., fanner, 'Farce Allan Mrs. IV., 24.1 Arden at south, l'oogee Allan IV., 60 Douglas at, Redfern Allan W. A., brewer, Annidale. IV. A., Tambourine Bay rd, Leugueville Allan IV. M., tobacconist. 5fi Park at.\ Ilan W., 24 Beach road, Rush. Bay SYDNEY'S LEADING FIRM OF EMBALMERS A Hand E E., 12 Margaret at, Indium Allanson C. A., 155 Bridge st, Drum. Auctioneers, Real Estate A gents and \rebutters. Office and Salerooms BONDI JUNCTION. Tel. 33 Wa y. ; Brandi tallee, Ihindi Beach. Tel, Witv.4133 Alldis Rev. Canon John (C. of E.),. Houison at, May's Hill Alldis.1., schoolmaster, The Rock A Bilis Jeseph, 251.Alfred st, N. Syd. A lldis Samuel, Sutherland at, Auburn.11Idridge Joseph, fanner, Tyalguin.11111ritt Airs. C. E., 147 Belmore rd, ()logo. Alldritt Franeis K. N., David street, Clifton Gardens A Ildritt IV. F., Brook at, Coogee

52 ' EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE AT ANTHONY HORDERNS'. 872 All ALPHABETICAL. All - Alle Babour, 485 Crown st Allen Amos, Orange st, Hurstville 'Allen Edmund A., orchardist, Dural Allen & Allen, public accnts, $S Pitt st Allen Andrew, 48 Elswick st, L'hardt : Allen Edmund J., grazier, Berridale Allen & Allen, estate agts., 135 Pitt St Allen Archibald, Liege a, Five Dock Allen Edward, Waterloo rd, Bankstown ALLEN, ALLEN Sz HEMSLEY, Allen Archie, Regent st, Petersham 'Allen Edward, Griffiths st, Manly Solicitors and Notaries Public, Allen Arnold, Church st, Carlingford :Allen Edward, Palmer st, Parramatta Wigrani House, 19 Castlereagh Allen Arthur, carpenter, etc., Goulburn 'Allen Edward, 26 Regent st, Redfern st, Sydney. Tel. No. City Allen Arthur, 61 Phelps st Allen E., Unwin's Bridge rd, St. Pet and (See list of Allen Arthur, 14 Stanton rd, Wfield Allen Edward, Olareville ave,sandellam Solicitors.). Allen Arthur, 29 Birrell st, Wavley Allen Edward, 10 Parramatta rd, Allen, Bart & Son, fruit merchants, City Markets Allen Bros., brickworks, Cootainundra.Allen Bros., builders, 1Vest Kempsey Allen Bros., dairymen, Clarence Town Allen Bros., drapers, Cowra Allen Bros., gen. store, Shellbarbour Allen Bros., soap inanufrs., Oltiordan st, Alexandria Allen & Co., insurance brokers, 24 Bond st Allen & Co., imetioneers, Tweed heads Allen & Firth, butchers, liyogle Allen G. and Son, grocers, 163 Church st. Parramatla Land and Finance Co., Ltd., 4; Allen F., Stuart a ye, Normanhurst Bligh st Allen Mrs. F. 356 New Canterbury Allen B. M., prod. meld., Manildra rd, Petersham ' Allen Misses H. & A., 310 Norton st, Allen B. T., William st, Hornsby,Alle n MIS6 A., Burn's Bay road,. Leiehhardt!Allen 13. W., outfitter, Murwillumbah IMuuguuevi lie Allen Barney, corn. a gent, 132 P i tt st P. G., Pennant st, Parramatta Allen Barth., orchardist, Brooklyn :Allen F. It., off Woodland st, Bal- ALLEN & HANBURYS Allen Ben., 21 St. Andrew st, Allen Benjamin, 41 Yule st, P'sham Allen F. W., Forest rd, ArnelifTe (AUSTRALASIA) LTD. Allen Bernard, Church st, heichhardt 'Allen Mrs. F., 11 Raglan at, Manly Manufacturing Chemists A. J. ' Allen Bernard B., J.P., Kintore at, Allen Francis, farmer, Coolamon Firkins, mgr., 13 Market st Wahroonga [Allen Francis F., farmer, Gamnain Allen C., Mimosa rd, Bankstown Al leuu Francis W., 57 Albert st, 121i'dt Ilanburys (Australasia Ltd.), Allen Mrs. (2., Homebusli rd, Sefield A lien Frank, draper, Gold but rut surgical instrument depot, B.11.A. Allen C. II., mercantile broker, 34 : Allen Frank, Highgate st, Bexley Building, 32 Elizabeth st Pitt street Allen Frank, 125 l'itt st Redfern Allen Hector & Son, accountants, 16 Allen Rev. C. J. (C. of E.), Gulgong :Allen Frank G., farmer, Mullumbimby Spring st Allen C. J., Salisbury rd, Willoughby Allen Frank J., Garfield st, Five D'Ic Allen L. It. and Bros., fuel merchants, 46 1/2 Ada place Allen Misses, typists, 28 C'reagh st Allen Misses, 18 AS entworth st, Manly Allen C. l'., solicitor, 28 Castlereagh Allen Fred., engineer, Wyrallah. street Allen Frederick, Chalmers st, Belmore Allen C. S., see. Mt. Peerless Quartz Allen Fred k., 96 Cardigan of, C'down Gold M. Co., 7 O'Connell st ;Allen Frederick Sproule st, Lakemba Allen Philip It. and Co., Ltd., mer- Mil C. g., accountant, ) 7 Bridget Allen Mrs. red., Bardwell rd, 1I'man chants, 107 l'itt st Allen C. W., Isabella st, Parramatta Allen Fredk., Frazer st, Leichhardt Allen Richard and Sons Propty. Ltd., Allen Mrs. Cath., 13nrwood rd Concord Allen Frederick, 13 Gipps et, Padion warehousemen, 91a York et Allen Mrs. C., 84 Ba ptist st, Redfern :Allen Fredk., 71 Telopea st, Redfern Allen Samuel & Sons, Ltd., general Allen Cecil C., farmer, Glen William, 1 1Ien Fredk., Railway st, Baldish' merchants and indent ag nts, 22 Allen Cecil II., station manager, m ils. Allen I, redli., 2 Read st, Waverley e Carrington st Ivellbrook Allen Frederick A., farmer, Balladoran Allen & Schuberg, blacksmiths, Huila- Allen Charles, grazier, camphdi t owo. Allen Frolic. C., contr., Tumbanimba Allen Charles, Ba ot ny rd, Alexandria Allen Frolic. R., orchard ist, ichmond R Allen Charles, Homer st, Canterbury Allen Fred. T., stock and station agt., Allen Chas., Wharf road, Ermington Young Allen Chas., 46 Campbell st, Glebe Allen G., builder and undertaker, Allen Charles, Princess st, Granville. Warren Allen Charles, 46 Day st, Maeville Allen C. F., Lane Cove rd, Wahroonga Allen C., 18 Newington rd,?w y llie Allen C. E., baker, Villiauut st, Manly Allen Charles, ill Caroline et, Wfern Allen (l. IL, 182 ltocky Point rd, Allen k Young,,..., fruiterers, 61 Anzac par, Kensington Allen A., mgr. Aust. Fruit and Products Co., Ltd., Neweastle Allen Miss A. D., Dural rd, Pen't Allen Mrs. A., Beulah st, North Bondi Allen Mrs. A. E., Elizabeth st, Walt' romiga Allen A. E., 154 Dalhousie et, Wfield Allen A..1., farmer, Trundle Allen A. J., Bank et, Meadowbank Allen Mrs. A. L., 143 Forbes st Allen A. L., 401 Pa rrama t t a rd, Leichhardt Allen A. W., 113 Mitchell st, G lebe Allen Capt. A., 22 llopetoun ave, Vatieluse Allen Albert, baker, 45 Regent et, Kog. Allen Albert, 4 JerEey st, Enfield Allen Albert, 28 Amy st, Erskineville Allen Albert, Bellevue par, Hurstville Allen Albert G., French st, Artannon Allen A. G. II., 31 Gould are, Wyllie Allen Alexander, 67 Griffin st Allen Alex., 18 Johnston st, An'dale Allen Alexander, Hardie st, Mascot Allen Alex..T., Beulah st, S. R'wiek Allen Miss Alex. C., 3 Allen st, Glebe Allen Alfred, 3 Jennings et, Alex'rdia Allen Alfred, Chisholm road, Auburn.Allen Alfred, Waratah et. Bexley Allen Alfred. 119 Wardell rut,dulwich llill Allen Alf., 39 School par, Maeville Allen Alfred, Mitchell st, St. L'ards Allen Alfred J., farmer, Doyle's Creek Allen Alfred W., Spencer st, Rose B. Allen A. N., 13 Magic st, Mosman Allen' Mrs. A Military rd, Mos. Allen Mrs. Alice, 5 Maley rd, Manly Allen Almond, Linda st, Hornsby Allen Arthur G., Chaleyer st, North Summer Hill Bondi Allen Edward B., farmer, Kamarah Allen Arthur J., Barooga JJo11, Allen Edwd. 11., 23 George st, St. Pet. Barooga!Allen Mrs. E., 46 Hereford st, Glebe Allen A..1., 24 Station st, Petershain!Allen Mrs. E., 26 Hanks st, Ashfield Allen Arthur Wigram, notary public, Allen Mrs. E., Condor st, Burwood Wigram House, 19 Castlereagh Allen Mrs. Emily, 107 Rose st, D'ton st.; p.r., "Merrioola," Edgeeliffe : Allen Mies Emma, Lyons st, St'field rd, Edgecliffe Allen Ernest, Bunvood rd, Belmore Allen Asher, J.1'. Dudley st, R'ville ;Allen Ernest, Perouse rd, Randwick Allen Miss B., 172 ' Military rd, Annan!Allen Ernest. C., orchardist, Spencer Allen B. B., wool and produce Allen F., ref. rooms, 21 Rowe st manager Australian Mercantile; Allen F., 30 Richard st, Newtown Allen Charles, 133 Carrington road, ; Anditfe Waverley Allen (1. K., dentist, Lockhart Allen Charles, 12 Junction st, Vu' alira :Allen George, fanner, Brocklehurst Allen Charles A., 2 Hewlett st, Wav' y lallen G., Sir Joseph Banks st, Botany Allen Charles, E., J.P., Byron st, Allen George, Railway par, Burwood Canipsie Allen George, Gordon st, Marriekville Allen Mrs. C. F., 42 Glover st, Mos. :Allen George, 455 Illawarra rd, Wyllie AIICT) Charles F., fanner, Forbes - Al George., Bellevue of, Par'inatta Allen Charles F., 9 Warning st, Nth. Allen George, Elizabeth st, Parramatta Sydney Allen George, 42 Alison rd, Randwiek Allen Charles R., Ityedale rd, Hyde Allen Geo., 11 Fisher's res, Pet'sham Allen Charles W., Hudson st, II'ville Allen Geo., 19 Hornsey st, Rozelle Allen Chas. W., Sproule st, Lakemba!Allen George, 9 Silver st, St. Pters Allen Chris., Floss st, Hurlstone park : Allen Geo., 63 Clarendon rd, Stanmore Allen Chris., 5 Prince st, Rozelle Allen George, 41 1/2 George et, 11"Floo Allen Clarence, dairyman, Buckendoon Allen George, Penslitirst st, Wil'ghby Allen Cyril, 46 Shepherd st, Harlon Allen George, 96 Raglan st, Waterloo Allen Mrs. D., 7 Commonwealth par, Allen George A., 14 Moore Park road Man/y Allen George C., 41 Lamb st, L'hardt Allen D. C.. Apex st, Naremburn : Allen George E., farmer, Bannock Allen Daniel, grazier, Boomi Allen Gem E., Will ia ui st, Manly Allen D'Arcy, b rara st, Croydon Allen Geo. 11., 23 Gerard of, Non, Bay Allen Rev. David (Pres.), Darling st, : Allen Geo. L., 33 Beaufort st, Enfield Bronte, Allen George S., farmer, Numulgi Allen David, Princes et, Mondale!Allen (leo. S., 2 McDonaid st, Allen I). C., dairyman, Ravensworth I Allen George S., 228 Elizabeth st, Allen Dax L., grazier, Braidwood! West Croydon Allen Doug., Bundarra rd, Bellevue IL Allen George I I., teamster, Boolaroo Allen E., chemist, Ultnarra Allen Geo. W., Atchison st, St. L'ards Allen E. F., baker, Nowra 'Allen Gordon, SS Moonbie st, Sum. 11, Allen E. G., Sergt. of Police, Dubbo Allen II., baker, etc., Bernina Allen E. J., 13eamish st, Campsie Allen, 11. C., mgr. Bank of Australasia, Allen E. J., Wisdom st. Guildford : Forbes Allen Edgar W., 4 College et, WM0111 Allen Miss II. E., Bellevue st, Thorn- 1 'gl WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD, LIVERY DEPT, GEORGE ST., C'ElOWN 'PHONE L2848 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR REPAIRS TO MAGNETOS & STORAGE BATTERIES All ALPHABETICAL. All 873. Allen II. F., farmer, Trundle Allen John, 53 Hooper st, Itandwick Allen Rev. II. II., (Meth.), 173 George Allen John, Bristol rd, Somerset street, Redfern!Allen John, Bunnerong rd, S. R'wick Allen II. M., 229 Bridge st, D'moyne l Allen John, 237 Elizabeth st, W't'loo Allen H. T., 8 Mosman st, Mosman Allen John, 20 John st, Waterloo Allen IC 1V., 21 Botany st, Itandwick Allen John, 105 Ebley st, Waverley. Allen Harold, Robinson st, Croydon!Allen John C., Coleman st, Aferrylands Allen Mrs. If., Cross st, Double Bay 1 Allen John D., 29 Flood st, Bondi Allen IL, elocutionist, 334 George st i Allen John D., 59 Clarendon road, Allen Rev. Harry, Canley Yale Statimore Allen Harrison, Wisdom rd, Genwich!Allen John IL, Hampden awe, Neut. II. Allen Harry L., Larkin st, Roseville 1 Allen John 11., 153 N.S.H. rd, Pad. Allen Hector, 7 King st, Ashfleld Allen John J., Acton st, Hurl. Park Allen hector W., mgr. Union Bank of Allen John M., J.I'., 45 Wattle st, A. Ltd., 21 Oxford st 1 Ilaberfleld Allen Mrs. Helen, 25 Regent st lallen John S. '1'., South par, Campsie Allen Henry, farmer, 1Vyalong \Vest i Allen John T., farmer, Alpine Allen Henry, 73 Bowman st, D'inoyne' Allen John T., 111 Victoria st, A'dria Allen Henry, Uranus st, East Hills Allen John T., Miriam rd, Hyde Allen Henry, 20 Burrell st, E'ville :Allen Mrs. Joseph, 19 Albert parade, Allen Henry, West parade. Hyde ; Ashflehl Stanmore!Allen Joseph, Victoria a ye, Chatswood Allen Henry F., farmer, Forbes 'Allen Joseph, 42 Ainsworth it, L'hardt Allen Henry W., carrier, Lawson :Allen Joseph P., farmer, Candela Allen llerbert, solicitor, Wigram!Allen.1ns. R., 341 Military rd, Mosul. House, l9 Castlereagh st ; p.r., Allen Joshua, Robertson st, W. liog'll Allen Herbert, Campbelltown rd. L'pool; Allen.Tosiali, farmer, Dungog.Allen Herb. S., Edward st, Wirgliby Allen Mrs. li., Parramatta rd, 13 'wood Allen Hilton, grocer, 72 Cooper st 'Allen 1Irs. K., Seaview ave, Sum. Hill Allen Hugh, 88 Wentworth st, It'wick:Allen 11rs. K. C., Womerall awe, Tur-,111en Richard, Hickson road Allen Richard II., farmer, Beckons Allen Richard.1., farmer, Manilla. Allen Robert, farmer, Elsmore Allen Robert, farmer, Ingleburn Allen Robert, fanner, Inverell Allen Robert, 21 Chapman a Allen Robert C., Taylor st, l'en't Hills Allen Robert G., builder, Adaminaby Allen Robt. II., Cardinal of, Mosman Allen Mrs. Rose, 99 Arthur st, N. Syd. Allen Roy, Ce0111W(.11 St, Croydon Allen Ito 3.. Bank st, Meadowbank Allen Roy 11., mercer, Hamilton Allen Roy S., 57 Croydon rd, Cydott A 1 lett Royal, grazier, 11anilla Allen S., 8 Princess of, ltrigh.-le-sands Allen S., importer, 283 Clarence St Allen S., saddler, 302 Bourke st Allen Nit's. S. A., postnistr., Ellalong Allen S. E., fruit mercht., Barker at Allen S. E., Taylor St, Pennant Hills Allen Mrs. S. J., 130 Louisa road, Bulmuuimt Allen S..1., Holroyd rd, liolroyd A lien S Hoek.). Pt. rd, Irdale Allen S. It. 0., iron and steel merchants, 21 Bond st Allen Samuel, 3abez st, Marrickville Allen Samuel C'., 79 13ay rd, N. Syd. Allen Hugh (1., ophthalmic surgeon, immure Newcastle Allen K. 1., surveyor, 'farce Allen Sand..T., grazier, Campbelltown Allen Ira, Myall st, Galley ' Allen Miss L., 37 Lackey st, Sum. Hill Allen Sidney, Elizabeth st, Cordon s Allen 11 u-..1., 11en la st, Burw ood 'Allen M iss L. M., typist, 67 Castle- Allen Simon, 4S8,lone st.. Ilen S tanh.y llo yill st, Chatswood Allen J. D., J.P., postmaster, Shell- resell street Allen Stanley, 9, Walker a ye, IPlield harbour.!allen L. li., off River rd, East Hills ',,.len :-.. A., Realm st, Arncli tie Allen J. C. J., Fuller's rd, Chatswoodj Allen L. It., 40 St. Hillier's rd, Aub'n.. Allen St ii 11147' C., fanner, Nimbin Allen.1. P., mgr. Union Bank of Allen L. Richard, 445 Ilarris st Aust nil is, Lt d., Parkes Allen Miss Lena, 13ay st, Double Bay ' tilvns, EIp tig ni:11,'y S., Marion st, IPtown Allen Mrs..1. E. 270 Elswick st,'allen L. D., orchardist, Courangra Allyn S. l', J.P., Carlingfor:lshraomad, Leichhardt Allen Leslie, Church st, Carlingford Allen J. E.., Fidden's rd, Lindfleld Allen Leslie It., orchardist, Dural.\1 1: 1 1';1 i i.tat, ' 07eicaill'usitP, sei l ovelly i Allen.1. (estate er, K yogle i Allen Lewis, Wade street, lielinore of ), butch Allen Mrs..T..T., Armstrong st, A'field. Allen Ismis, lienelong eres, Bell. Hill Allen Allen Svdnev Sydney, J Queen Searle sit, st Gladesville Mai'ville Allen.1..T., J.P.,.t. Feller st, Chatswood. Allen Miss M., 19 Grosvenor st,.allen I.,,., grocer,. ', Adelong ' Allen Mrs..1. l'., Piper it, L'hanit, Woollahra Allen J. It., law stationer, 50 Eliz. st;m1,,o mr, \-., 8 Wills cres, Daceyville ALLEN T. C.. J.P., Itegktered Allen.1. It stock agt., etc., Coulbure licu,.mt., Attorney, Allen.1. It., 28 Lang st, Mosman. ' 11abel, 43 Cavendish of, P atent and Trade Alarlc Stilt nd Consulting. Alechanical En- Allen.1. S., 8 Montague rd, N eu. Ba v St',1,111m,r,, Equitable Buildni.,, i N 350 Allen.1. T., 455 New Cantt rbury /al, A ' "'" '' '''' wrwcilt "t lel'. George Street, Sy. ney. Telephone Dulwich Hill. Allen 111'S. 11., Mark st, Hunt. Hill City 1195 ; p.r., "1 illadulla" Allen.T. W., see. 'Flit' Graziers' Assn. All ' 9 ' Mr'. M.._ Allwrt Si,.J1,1611,-1'1 Flats, CaralmAla st, Kieribilli Pt. of N.S.W., 81 l'itt st 'Allen Mrs. 11aria, Lane Cove rd, Allen J. W., Springdale rd. Kithira 1 tirraintirra Tel North. Allen.1. W. 167 Walker i,t, Redfern Alleti Ibis May, Si Bayswater rd \Hen Thomas, fanner, Dapto Allen James, 3 Rose st, Auburn Allen Mrs. Italia, 57 Itavsweiter mini. ii,,,, Thomas, fanner, Singleton Allen ei, Carlingford rd, Car t ford." 1" II N 11,11111cY s roi "t 111, Allen Thomas, oas, fle/afic hotel, lielalie Allen James, Parlc rd, Hurstville Gla ' desville A ll e n Thomas, 7 Hargrave street Allen James,.1 (Ambler ave, Afar'ville Allen Norman, Royal st, Chatswood, Allen Thomas, 75 Grove of, Heinlein Allen James, Dural rd, Pennant Hills Alll'" :Corm" II, fanner, 'rabulam Allen Thomas. 'Wentworth rd, I3'wood. Allen Jas., 71 Sutherland st, St. let, AB,'" (1., '17 Alban Y rd. Petersham i Allen Capt. Thomas, Liege st, F. Dock Allen James, 13 0 Birrell st, Waverley ' Allen P., ref. rooms, Toronto \lien T S, Hunter st, Hornsby Allen James, Queen Victoria of, w est, Allen P. J., accountant, 681/4 Pitt st Allen Thomas, Lord's rd, Mascot. Hogarall Allen P. S., journalist, 56 I liz. st Aito, Thomas, 118 Alfred of, N. Syd. Allen James F., builder, kdaininaby ' Anon Patrick, farmer. Reitisdolc, Allen Thos., 15 Gordon st, Pad'ton Allen.11111CS IL, fanner, Kyogle Allen Patriek, Kogarali rd, Kogan)) i Allen Thomas, 198 Darling st, Itog.'le Allen James IL, fanner, Nahiac Allen Mis q Pearl, 22 Alma st, Dar'ton, Allen Thomas C., Royal st, Chatswood Allen Jas. W., 41 Ileyilott st, Mosinatt Allen Percy, 22 Cook ate, Ditee.rvi l l e Allen Thomas t., fanner, Cobargo Allen 11rs. Johan, 190 Smith it, Stun. Allen Perey F., 7 Elswieli of, L'hardt H\ Ilni Thomas J., fanner, Culcairn iner Allen Percy.1., Medaline st, Hunt. 11. Allen Thomas.1., Carlton par, Carlton Allen.Tolitt,.T.P., actin g shire elerk,i Allen peter F., 27 Adolphus st, Irmain Allen Thomas IC., 9 Mount it, Aslifield Terania Shin. Conned, Lisinore I Allen prosper m., fanner, Carroll Allen Thomas M., (16 Silver it, M'ville Allen John,.T.P., shire clerk, Gun- 1 A I Icn It.. dia l ler. Young!Allen Thos. It., Waterview St. Five Dlt. durimba Shire Council, Lismore I Al len Rev. it. ( \TOI L ), 5 Brighton of, Allen Thomas It.. Faraday so, W'alira Allen John, grazier, Lismore I Enfield, \ Ilen Thos. W., Lancelot st, Five Dock Allen John, farmer, NarraburraAllen Mrs. R. n6 Kingston st, II field Allen Tom, hairdresser, 43 Gotilburn st Allen John, farmer, Storkinbingal - F Allen It. A., George ' st, Liverpool [. Allen John, farmer, Walbundrie Allen It. ('., newsagent, Tainworth tliend;i:a/f[ jo,'e,t i"n ;,I;rel ' (1.ahl ic of S." Allen John, 47 Brougham at Allen It..1., saddler, liyogle Allen Miss V. E., artist, 28 Castle- Allen Jelm, 9 Corfu st Allen It. l'., solicitor, 28 Castlereagh reagh it Allen John, 128 1/2 Cathedral st st ; m y., "Selborne," 287 Walker. llen W. B., Butularra rd, Bell. Hilt Allen John, 518 Gloucester street st. North Sydney Bricks, At ilt: '.. II:oyce, I 1, acnstieldfit, who Allen John, 9 Harnett st Allen 1Z. W., m gr. R efractory., t rape', essnoei ( Allen John, 221 Victoria st, Alex'dria.k 1 len Ltdt.. It., SwittherLait.. i iodi. A Ilen IV. E., st ore, W yrallali Alln e John, Botany rd, Botany proprietor, Aiko Iv, II.,,' I Wno 1 CO tt e t Allen John, 87 English st, Cap m 'down 131whim:Ali : 'e. Alln W II., An nad n ale of, And 'ale,,,allen John, 6:1 th.hig.,. a, nrunonoyn, Allen Reginald C.,.1.1'., notary pub. Allen W. IL, 3facplierson id, Neut. 13. Gillen.Toliii, Cardigan st, Guildford ' lie, 1Vigrani House, 19 Castle- Allot W. If., Pennant Hills rd, Pen- Allen John, Platform st, Liticombe 1 reagli st ; p. r., "Doone," 24 Itos- ',ant Hills Allen John, 82 Calvert st, W y llie 1311 a Allen W..1., 61 Railway st, 1"sliam Allen.1olin 87 Marriekville rd, Mar- 1 Allen IL Croydon rd, C'don ' Allen W. It., Illosit ins are, Bankstown rickville ' ; Allen Reg., W., Reginald st, A b'ford A Hen W. V., selin st r., B rewarrina Allen John, Bestie of, Rockdale Allen Itielid.. music telir., Katt-minim Allen Wallace C. dentist, 408 Mar- Allen John. 11 entworth st, Irwield An Richard, 117 Harris street riekville rd, 11arrieliville ' WE ARRANGE FOR INTERMENTS IN ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA OR ABROAD

53 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR PAINTS AND WALLPAPERS. 874 All ALPHABETICAL. AU Allen Walter, John st, Lidconebe Allen Walter 13., farmer, Dubbo Allen Walter F., 16 King. st, Bondi Allen Walter II., farmer, Ganmain Allen W., 189 Norton st, Ashfleld Allen Wilfred, Dudley st, Coogee Allen W., Challis House, Martin place Allen William, farmer, Clarence Town Allen William, farmer Gregra Allen William, farmer, ManiIdra Allen William, farmer, Mumbil Allen Win., gen. store, Boggabilla Allen Wm., station manager, Gilgandra Allen William, 3 Bloomfield st Allen Wm., 53 Newton st, Alexandria Allen William, 9 Mitchell Et, Ar'cliffe Allen William, 7 King st, Ashfield Allen Wm., 10 Dartbroko rd, Auburn Allen Wm., 158 Short st, Babnain Allen Wm., It st, Drummoyne Allen Wm., 9 Francis st, Enmore Allen William, 211 Tamarama st, Bondi Allen William, Wentworth rd, B'w'd Allen William, Bibby st, Chiswick Allen William, 19 Reuss st, Lthardt Allen Wm., Merrylands rd, Whin& Allen William, 30 Andreas st, P'sham Allen William, Barley rd, Randwick Allen Wm., 3 Bent st, Stanmore Allen William, Bundarra a ye, Wali'ga Allen William, Hardy st, Waverley Allen William (1., dairyman, Addong Allen William II., farmer, Forbes Allen William II., 21 Cove st, Balmain Allen Wm. 11., Hopetoun st, Hurl. P. Allen William J., farmer, Meranburn Allen William J., farmer, Trundle Allen Wm. Croydon rd, Wyllie Allen William J., Wakeford rd, S'fleld Allen Wm. J., 16 McEvoy st, Waterloo Allen William T., 5 Nowninie Summer!till -Allenby Mrs. W., gen. store, Charlestown Allenden A., Blytheswood aye, T'murra Alter F., 69 Alexander st, Alexandria Alter Oscar. J., York et, Merrylands Aller Louis, 467 Riley st Allerdice W., undertaker, Carrington aye, Ilurstville Allerdice Win., Patrick et, Hurstville Allerding's, Ltd., chronometer and watchmakers, 24 Hunter et Allerding Frederick, The Crescent,. Vaucluse Allerding Henry It., 4 Gower st, Summer Hill Allers William, 156 George st west Allerton Mrs. A., Mowbray rd, Allerton Mrs. A. E., 25 Cecil st, Ashfleld Allerton Bert, Ward st, 'Welty Allerton Charles, King fit, Mascot Allerton Chas. It., King. et, Mascot Allerton Mrs. E., Cowper st, Campsie Allerton Leslie, Dreadnought street, La kemba Allerton II. A., Austral st, Penshurst :Merton Jas., 75 Muston at, Mostnan Allerton John,I., Powell et, II'bush Allerton Leslie, Flora st, Lakemba Allerton W., 25 Albert st, Strathfield Allerton W. A., Kemp fit, S. Celine Allerton W. II., Dreadnought street, Lakonba Allerton Walter, J.P., Kithira ave, Kithira. Allerton Wm., Letitia at. ()alley Alley k Gartner Cooperage, 5 Parsons st, Rozelle Alley & Prowse, store, Adelong Alley Mrs. A. 1., 400 Miller st, North Sydney Alley Mrs. A. M., Cha mberlain st, Granville Alley A. IL, Boulevarde, Stratlifield Alley Arthur, 10 The Avenue, St'field Al by Arthur U., Lane I'ove road, Turrainurra Alley Ernest, The titer it, Annandale Alley Frank W., 66 Campbell street, Balmain Alley George, Auburn road, Bankstown Alley George U., grazier, Sassafras Alley Miss Lilian, Kuring-gai-chase aye, Turrannirra Alley Reg. It., fanner, Beilga Alley '1'. U., J.P., Roseville aye, Roseville Alley V. F., Waratah st, Oatley Alley W. U., auctioneer, Araluen Alley Walter, teamster, 13oolaroo Alleyn Abram, farmer, North Wagga Alleyn William, farmer, Wagga Alleyn William J., 24 Avon st, Glebe Allez Harrison, farmer, 'Stoma, Allez Hilary, farmer, Trundle Allez Peter, farmer, Trundle Allgood James W., John st, Gordon,Allgood John, 362 Annandale st, An. nandale Alli.1 B., draper, Narrandera Alliance Assurance Co., Ltd. (Fire, Marine and Accident) Arch. D. Stobo, general mgr., 97 Pitt st Alliance Debating Assn., 244 Pitt at Alliance Fire Assurance Co., Ltd., Newcastle Alliance Hotels, Ltd., Park and Castlereagh sts Alliance Marine and General Assurance Co., Ltd. of London Arch. D. Stobo, gen. mgr., 97 Pitt at Affiliated S. J., Afona st, Auburn Allibon II., engineer in charge D. & It. Illy. Co., Deniliquin Allibone John, 43 Henson st, Sum. II. Alliman V. A., 57 Pitt st, Waterloo Allin George F., Crow's Nest rd, North Sydney Allin Mrs. Laura 596 King st, N'town Allingleam A., 256 ' New Canterbury rd, Petersham Allingliam A..T., Keiran st, Waverley Allingliam Chris., grazier, Ilillgrove Allingliam Mrs. F. Floss st, Ilurl. Phi. Allingliant F., 10 llopetoun ' et, S'more Allingliam Geo., dairyman, Wybong Allingliam Geo. B., farmer, Wyong Allingleam Ilerb., Grazier, Bendemeer Allingliam Mrs. 0., 11 "ramrod: aye, Bondi Allitigham Robert, farmer, Artnidale Allingham Robert, grazier, Ilillgrove Allingliam Rupert, Banks's st, Botany Allingleam T., attest'', ave, Bankstown Allingliam 'I'. E., Harris st, Mascot Allingliam T. E., N.S.II. rd, rcluse Allingliam William J., 3 Brougham at, Glebe Allinson & Ralph, grocers, etc., Mere. wet her Allinson George, Hirst st, Arneliffe Allinson IL, 2 Cliff ter, Forest L'dge Allinson Mrs. S., 592 Railway parade, Hurstville Allinson Thotnas, Forest rd, Hurstville Allis Maurice, Marion st, 13anIcstown Allis-Chalmers Co., mining, electrical machinery, etc., 034 Kent street Allis-Chalmers Co.. Air Brakes, 77 King at Allison A. G., SS Bellevue et, N. S. Allison A. S., 43n Smith st, Manly Allison Arch. M., farmer, Narraburra Allison Arthur, 193 Forest rd, A'cliffe Allison Nurse B., Alt et, Waverley Allison Chas., 24 Alew at, An'tbile Allinson D., electrician, Deniliquin Allison Mrs. E., 87 Berry st., N. Syd. Allison E. C., 152 Redfern at, Redfern Allison F., motor mechanic, Deniliquin Allison F., Peat's Ferry rd, Hornsby 'ill isoti :Mrs. E., Parade, Merrylands Allison Frank, William st, Ilonisby Allison Frolic., 6 Private ass., North Sydney All Fredk. G. 'P., farmer, Forbes Allison (1. I)., 19 Pacific st, Manly All Ceorge, farmer, Lavadia Allison George, 19 Hutton st, Manly Allison George, h. Church SE, Pairton Allison George M., fanner, Forbes Allister) II. 11., auctioneer, Wariabla Allison Hugh, East st, ArnclifTe 11 i's it lie's'. J. (Pres.), Tweed Ilea& Allison.1. agent, Govt. Savings 13anl: ' of N.S.W. Coraki Allison.1., prof. of dancing, Bathurst Allison.1. M., see., Caledonian Sory., WOOD. COFFILL & COMPANY LTD, HEAD OFFICE: 810 OEOROE ST,, CITY, Allison.1. W., chemist, Richmand Allison James, fanner, Kangaroo Creek Allison James, pastrycook, Kurri Allison Sergeant James, in charge Police Station, Hutchinson street, Granville Allison James, Warburton st, Irvine Allison James, 31 Glebe st, Pad'ton Allison J. B., 3 Heving-ton rd, Auburn Allison James M., grazier, Bundella Allison James AL, grazier, Quirindi Allison John, farmer, Dubho Allison John, farmer, Grafton South Allison John, Dean st, Enfield Allison John, Penshurst st, Pensh'nit Allison Mrs, L. E., 57 Henderson rd, A lexandria Allison Luke, 185 Regent st, Redfern Allison Mrs. M. A., 42 Liverpool rd, Summer Ilill Allison Mrs. M. J., 12 Wolseley road, Mostnan Allison 3Iargaret, general store, Wilson s Downfall Allison Matthew, Shelleote rd, 13't own Allison Matt. E., fanner, Sebastopol Allison Miss, librarian, Schol of Arts, Wa ra t ale Allison :Mrs. N., 48 Edgeeliff rd, Woollahra Allison Mrs. R., Ascot st, lien'ton Allison It. R.,.1.P., 99 Livingstone rd, Marrickville Allison Reg, G., orchardist, Kurrajong Allison Roy IL, 19 Cooper st, Redfern Allison Thomas, Victoria Hotel, White Cliffs Allison W. J., 8 George st, Rozelle Allison W. N., 12 Lincoln st, St'inore Allison William, farmer, 13roadwater Allison 'William, grazier, 3fungindi Allison William, Hillerest st, Wyllie Allison William, 14 Lennox st, N'town Allison William,L, 14 Bourke st Alliston George L., I Wuelgong st, 3fosnian Alliston Thomas, IIigh st, Willoughby Alliston Win., 1 Rosebery st, Mosman Abbitt H. T., farmer, Deniliquin Allitt Henry T., farmer, Pretty Pine Allitt John II., farmer, Culeairn Allitt W. A., Camperdown Farm, Deniliquin All Icimee Fredlc., 444 Harris st Allman A., watchmaker, Coraki Allman A. W., Beauchamp st, AVville Allman I). J.. 71 Bay st, Rockdale Allman E., Beauchamp st, Mar'ville Allman E. M., Ashley st, Chatswood Allman Frank, 11 Morrell st, W'alera Allman G. E., 7 Ridge st, N. Sydney Allman G. Faience, teacher of music, Ash st, off 338 George st, and 7 Ridge st, North Sydney Allman (..'eo. F., 29 Spencer rd, Mos. Allman.7.31., tailor, Orange Allman Mrs. If. 3f., 308 Wardell road, 3farrieliville Allman Perey, 680 Rocky Point ril, Kogarall Allman It. D., J.P., 299 Miller at, North Sydney Allman Thomas, 29 Wells st, 'Redfern Altmann Miss F., 97 Ocean at, W'alera Atheist.]: II. C., 28 Kay's ieve, D. II ill Allmark Mrs. L., Trongate st, Alltney Charles, Darvall st, St. Leona rds Alltney C. II., house, land and general agent, Cosford Alliney W. II., 513 Hutton st, Manly Alltney William, Stanton rd, 3losman Allmon Gordon, 44 Constitution rd, Petersham Allmon Marshall, 7 Oak st, Ashfield Allmon *W. It., 32 Horton st, 3I'ville Allmond F. II., 70 Canonbury grovt..s Dulwich Hill Allmond F. II., Forsythe at, S. ITen'ton Allner Michael, 39 Walker at, Redfern Miner W, J., 12 l'itt st, North Syd.! Allinett 11. I,. Park aye, Gordon,.111iiiitt Richard L., fanner, Quirindi, Altos Knitting Co., 90 Prince Albert Mosnian 'PHONE 9226 CITY 4 ANTHONY HORDERNS' RELIABLE TRADERS FOR TOWN OR COUNTRY. All ALPHABETICAL. Ama 875 Allott Joe, 21 Villter's st, Rockdale Allowalt Lawn Tennis Club, 24 Musgrave st, Mosman Alloy Smelters Ltd., reg. office, Parramatta rd, Hotnebusn Allport Miss A., Campbell st, P'matta Allport A., 231 Elizabeth st, Waterloo Allport Charles, farmer, Crookwell Allport C. E., Henry st, SO. It'wiel: Allport Gerald, Delange rd, Kissing Pt. Allport John 1)., farmer, Exeter Allpurt John S., 19 St. llillier's rd, Auburn Allport Miss IC., Rosehill st, P'rnatta Allport R. K., Larkin st, Berry's Bay Allport Robert.1., grazier, Fullerton Allport Roland, merchant, 6 Military rd, 3fostnan Allport Simon, 107 Wilson st, N'town Allpress A. L., accountant, Bank of N.S.W. (13ranch), 520 Rocky Pt. it Rockdale Allpress Mrs. C. L., 59 Ormond st, Ashfield Allpress James B., Ililda st, W'roonga Allpress John, Meredith st, Blown Allpress Percy 13., Ithaca rd Ali press Philip W., Concord nil, ("cord Allpress W. C., 13 Frenehman's rd, Itandwick Allsep Wm., Ashley st, Chatswood AllS NIF8. W., 54 Burnie street, Clovelly Allsop Bros., drapers, \Vest 3faitland Anson A. C., sec. Starr 130Wliett SOC., \Vest Maitland Aliso') A. E., Carrington rd, Irwiek Allsop Mrs. E., 45 Arthur at, N.Syd. Allsop Edgar, Llewellyn at, Oatley Allsop Francis.1., orchardist, Glenorie Allsop Fred., 192 Ernest st, Nth. Syd. Allsop II., 24 Waverley cres, Waverley Allsop.1., off Boundary st, Pen. Hills Alison James, builder, Berowra Aliso') John, farmer, Quirindi Aliso') John, 13 Botany st, Itandwiel; Alkop Michael, farmer, Scott's Flat Allsop Morris, 49 Rainbow st, South Itandwick Aliso') W., account., !hinter at Albion Wilfred, Brierley st. Mosinan Allsop Win., 71 Cleveland at, Irfern Allsop \William, Murray st, Waverly). Allsopp '1'. & Sons, millers, Murrumburrali Alison') Arthur, Loftus rd, Pen. Hills Allsopp Carlton The Point rd. W'wiell Al health) E., II ighm st, Willoughby A Ilsspp E. 1, 1 73 'Perouse Allsopp Franeis J., orchardist, Baulkham hills Allsopp Fred., 15 Robert st, P'sliatei Alison]) Frederick, Gordon rd, Eillara Alison') IL, hairdresser, Tionworth Allsopp 11., 280 Unwin's Bridge rd, St. Peters Allsopp.1..1., 44 Brown at, C'down Alison!).1. T., 45a Myrtle at, L'hardt Alison') J., New Farm rd, Pen. Hills Allsopp Sirs. L., 28 Spicer at, W'alira Allsopp Mrs. M., 50 Ormond at. Pad. Anson') Patrick, 32 Shepherd at Allsopp It., Peat's Ferry rd, Hornsby Allsopp S., Kingsland rd, Litleombe Allsopp 1 Lennox at, Mosinan Alison') Mrs. Sarah, Herbert st,3plakel Allsopp Thomas P., grazier, Ca long Allsopp W. J., tailor, Nimbin Allt C. R., Balmoral st, Waitara Allt William S., Robert st, St'fleld Allinn A. II., Russell ave. IA11,11144,1 Attune A..1., 51 Charlotte at, Ashfield A lucite Alfred.1. IL, 51 Charlotte st, Ashfleld Albin' Clare 1.,.7.1'., 24 Alt st, A'field Allimi Claude S., fanner, Dooralong Allietie Edward J., 507 Riley st Allum Ernest.1., farmer, 3tatong Attune Miss G., music teacher, 338 George, st Attune Ccorge, Liverpool nl, Inclistown Albin) Harry, Aiken's rd, Pen. Hills Attune L. IV., 60 Arthur st, Enfield Album Robert, Liverpool rd, 13'town Allum Robert, Tessa st, Chatswood Allwell E., hotel, Howell Mlwood Edmund, Cresey ave. N. Hyde Allwood Frederick T., fanner, Atanilla Allwood (leo., Russell st, Stralittield Allwood John J., fanner, Winton Allwood Mrs. M. A., 26 Hutchinson at Allworth W. l'. & Sons, stock and station agents, 2b Castlereagh st Allworth Cecil, 48 Bright at, Wyllie Allworth Mrs. Emily M., Lavender B. Allworth E. F., Artannon rd, Ar'mon Allworth Pl. IV., mgr. Bank of Australasia, Ballitia Allworth Reg., Parriwi rd, Afostnan Allworth S., Sutherland st, Mascot.\ Ilworth W.. captain, Fire Brigade, Henri Kurd Allworth IV. P., Beaconsfield parade, Lintifield Allworth Win., Parsley rd, Parsley Bay Allwright Mrs. M., Gould aye, NI'ville Ally Ernest, 34 Richard st, Newtown Almarde George, 134 George st, Irfern Allineroth Arthur, 11 Carnarvon st, Carlton Almond A., Denman st, Ilitrstville A linond Rev. I). F. (3fetle.), Mores. Almond E., 51 Bucknell st, Newtown Almond Erie J., Dreadnought street, Lakembie Almond Fredk., 7 Chester at, An'tlale Almond Fredk. S., farmer, Doyle's CI:. Almond Henry, Salisbury st, C'down Almond Henry, Merrylands nl, Almond llorace C., Wazier met, Arncliffe Almond.1., butcher, Narellan Almond.1. S., 166 Unwin's Bridge td, St. Peters Almond John, Bridge rd, Hornsby Almond John C., dairyman, Denman Almond Peter, 18 Day st, Mar'ville Almond Peter, 72 Avenue, SCfield Almond. IV., blacksmith, Taylor's Arm Aluiti.ol Walter, 16 Atchison st, N. S. Abe:. Hugh E., gen. store, Sandi lands Allele Mrs. It., 18 Avoca st, Bondi.\ Ipers throb!. Ritchie str, Granville Alpha Co. (The), Kaolin & Ochre, merchants, 19 Margaret street Alphen A., Coneincreial Hotel, Werris Creek Alphey.T. II. C., carter, Deniliimin Alphiek James T., Roinsey st, Hornsby Alpin Charles, 1 O'Connor st, 1I'lleld Alpin John, 114 Missenden rd, C'down Alpine Brick Co., Tinnbartunba Alqiiist Albert, 3:3 Ittithven st, Wwiel: Alroe Peter, 28 Kent street Alsalier Chas. S., Dawson st, Croydon Alsop II..1., painter, East 'Maitland Alsop C. Ii. T., Harrow ril, Auburn Alsop II. P., physician, Windsor.t lap James, general store, Windsor Alsop Mrs. K., 37 Falcon st, N. Sydney Alsop 0. IL, Wallaroy crescent Alsop i. It S Fred st, Lewisham,'e '. ' II) Dr. T. (1. F., (Awning Also') William II., Albert rd, Auburn Alston Soa p and Candle :Manufacturing Oh, lad., Abattoirs rd, Rozelle Alston Alex., 115 Queen st, Woollahra Alstell C., farmer, Castlereagh Alston John It., grimier, Tottenham Alston John It., Veret st, Hunt. Hill Alston Mar y I., fanner, Coreen Alston It. IV., builder, COMM'. Willialll. 26a High at Alstommvilln 1Voolseouring Fellmongering Co., West Narrabri Alt Christian, Cowper at, Parramatta Alt Erie, 29 Edgar st, Auburn Alt George, 21 Broughton st, Pairton Alt JallieS, 18 Victoria st, Paddington Alt John,.1.1S, IS Park p h, Ma r'vi Ile Alt John, 13 Albion st, Paddington Alterator T..1., store, Sparkes' Creel; Alterator Thos., grazier, ICar's Springs Althan Richard, Lucas road, Iturwood Althofer Geo. F., fanner, Wellington Althofer Henry, farmer, Dripstone Althofer II., Martin st, Lideombe Althofer N. C., farmer, Burrell Creek ALTHOUSE & GEIGER Next to Crystal Palace, 584 George at, Sydney. Sign and Banner Painters, Scenic Artists, Glass Silverers, Gilders find Embossers, House Painters, Paperhangers, and Honour Boards Supplied and Written. Competent men sent to the Country. 'I'd. City Althouse John, 28 Edgecliffe ml, Wool- Altholice ilserajohn It L., 8 Liverpool st, Pad. Alting Edward, Forth at, IVoollahra.1Iting George!, 54 Denham st, Bondi Ailing George, 39 Phillip st, Bondi Altman S., 17 Darlington rd, Dar'ton Altmann Ernest G., farmer, Biddon Altmann IVilliam, farmer, Collingullie Alton D., motor car prop., Armidale Annuli Beach Estates Ltd., 82 Pitt St Altus.Tolin A., farmer, Bannock Alvarez Mrs. A., IVarranchee st, Woolwich.1Ivarez Mrs. P., Bayswater road Alvarez Mrs. P., 46 Darlinglinrst rd Alvenia Florists. Bondi rd, Bondi Alvin Taylor, Ltd. Incorporating The T. 'I'. Electric Pitting Company, Atlas Oil Engine Co., and IC. IV. ignit it OP., 44; Wentworth aye! Alves :Mrs. I., A., 75 Sturt st, South liandwick Alvis Win., Conneniarra al, W. Nog. :\ lvos & Co., sawmills, Mallanganee A Isis Hugh E., farmer, 'Pabulum.SIvrin George, 586 Crown st.1iward Mr".. A., 16 t'aticpbell at, Sydney Al way Edward, dairy farmer, Dorriga Alway John, farmer, Dorrigo.\lwood It s..17 throw rd, Auburn Amallio II., 56 Myrtle st, St: re Amal gam:ito] Carpenters' and Joiners' ITnion--James (Iciest, see., 'I'railes ' Hall, Goulburn fit Amalgamated tioach, Railway and 1Vaggoti Makers' Society, Trades Hall, Goulburn.kinal trainated I 7ood Preserving, Union A. NV. I'arter,.T.P., secretary, 76, Trades Hall, Coulburn street Amalgamated Gas Producers' Proprie tary, Ltd., 350 (leorge St: Ilill EMI Ltd., 1 t Misni' at Amalgamated!tote! and Caterers' EM- Ployeps' 3fietind Benefit Association llenry Morton, see., Ocean House, Moore at Amalgamated Sheet Metal \Workers' Union---P. C. Ifaxwell, secretary, Trades Hall, Goirlburn street Amalgamated Soddy of Carpenters', 10 Rawson place Amalgamated Society of Engineers' (Com. Counein -- John 3fe(sillum, see., Trades lhall, (lonlinint street.1malgainated Society of Engineers (I)i,t Oct ) IVolstenholine, secty., Trades , Goulburn at :thealgainated Society. of Engineers T., secretary, C'obar.\inalgional.91. ociety Engineers lf. Carr, sec. Newcastle Ainalgainted s ociety of Engineers, Litligow Amalgamated S ciety of Engineers (Rozelle Bra lett), 114 Weston rd, ltozelle AMALGAMATED WIRELESS (AUSTRALASIA) LTD. Sole Agents and Livensees and Mainifacturers for Marconi and all 'Leading Systems, "Wireless House," 97 Clarence at, Sydney. Telephones, City 4254 and Cable Address: "Expanse," Sydney. CONDUCT UPWARDS OF ONE-THIRD OF THE TOTAL INTERMENTS IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA

54 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. 876 Ama ALPHABETICAL. And Amnlgamated Zinc Ltd., Broken Hill Amaral Mrs. A. off Condamine st, American Trading Co. of Manly Amaral A. J., Sydney rd, Manly Amaral F., off Condatnine at, Manly Amaroo Shire Council, Cumnock Amateur Fishermen's Association of N.S.W., Ltd., 240 Pitt at Ambery John, 3 Ilearn at, L'hardt Ambler Cyril, 46 Rainbow st, South, Randwick Ambler Ernest, 16 Terry at, St. Peters Ambler 11. W., Shaftesbury rd, Durwood Ambler James, 52 Raglan at, Waterloo Ambler John, 41 Railway rd, St. Pet. Ambler R. E., printer, 55 Erskine at A mbler Il out., 5 Duncan at, A rneli ffe Ambler Robert, 70 Rocky Pt. road, Ancliffe Ambler Tate IL, 56 Rocky Pt. rd, Arialiffe Ambler W., I; Rosemount a ye, Aslifield Ambler W..1., 233 Abercrombie at, Redfern Ambrose k Jenkins, grocers, 84a Addl. son road, Marrickville Ambrose A., 90, Atchison at, N. Syd, Ambrose A. G., municipal gas mgr., Bathurst Ambrose C. F., 118 Tmciangliam at Ambrose C. W., 38 Mary at, L'hardt Ambrose David, 39 Prospect at Ambrose Donald, 37 Llandaff at, Way. Ambrose Mrs F. P., 51 Ifurraba rd, Neutral Bay Ambrose Geo., farmer, St. Albans Ambrose Henry, farmer, Ulan AmbroSe Mrs. J., 714 Rocky Pt. rd, Kogarah Ambrose J. E., 33 Birrell at, Waverley Ambrose James, 163 Barcom eve Ambrose Mrs. Julia, 18 Prospect at Ambrose Mrs. M., 202 Commonwealth street Ambrose Mrs. Mary, 39 Wilson at, Newtown Ambrose Ski. R., Welbank at, Concord Ambrose T., 39 Pleasant are, E'ville Ambrose Thos., 11 Walter at, Pad'ton Ambrose Thos., 4 Repos st, 'Redfern Ambrose Thos., Waseley at, W. Keg. Ambrose IV, P., Duntroon at, Hurl. 1'. Ambrosoll E. II., 328 Catherine at, Leielffinnit Ambrosoli F., Herberton a ye, Hun. H. Ambrosoli F., Mort at, bower Irwin Ambrosoli Mrs. M., Church at, Hun. II. Ambrosoli MN. S., Terry rd, P'sham Ambury Mrs. A., 118 St. James' rd, Randwick Ambnry Ed., 28 Ibith yen st, Ambury Geo., Reins at, Nth. Bondi Amein Samurai, 27 Lords rd, L'hardt Antonio% Francisco, 5 Wilmot at AMERICAN AND AUSTRALIAN LINE. (Birt and Co., Limited agents), 4 ltridge.street, Sydney. Telephone; City 7944 (7 linel American Bag Store, 193 I'itt at, and branches American and Canadian Railways Burns, Philp and Co., Ltd., Agents, 5-11 Bridge at American Cash Register Co., N'eastle American Cleaning and Dyeing Co., 57 Regent at, Redfern American Commercial Art and Photo. graphic Studios, off 256 George at American Consnlatelateien N. Sabi- Yan, consul, Newcastle American Consulat egeneral Edard.1. Norton, Consul-clot. of United States of Amok:, ; Balford Shields, Vice - Consul, 14 Martin pl American Hairdressing College, 241 Pitt st American Lingerie Co., Ltd., 389a George at American Printer (The), 545 Geo. st American Shoe Co., 410 George at American Steam Laundry, 441 Oxford at, Paddimston Australia Importers, Exporters and General Commission 3ferchants, and Shipping Agents, Head Office, New York. Branches and Agencies, London, Paris, San Francisco, Tokio, Yokohama, Kobe, Shanghai, 3telbourne and Perth, etc. It. C. Wilson and W. G. Wilson, joint managers, Andrew lhos.' Bldgs., 40 King at, Sydney. Tel. City 4166 (5 lines). American Wall Bed Co., 380 Geo. at Amer F. M., Chiltern rd, Willoughby Amery Alfred, farmer, Ardlethan Amery Bernard, Addison a ye, Roseville Amery Fredk. M., farmer, Tootool Amery George G., farmer, Morundah Amery Mrs. Marion, Arden at, Wavy Amery P. Constitu t ion rd, Trbank Amery Robert, 13 Spicer st, Amery Thomas, 68 Styles at. h'hardt Ames Arthur II., 39 Darley rd, Ames Mrs. Edith, Essex at, Gordonz Ames F. W., 42 Victoria par, Manly Ames Mrs. I., 37 Edgewarc rd, Enmore Ames Ken., Great North rd, F. Dock Amesbury R. J., Trongatc st, Granville AMIGO INVERTED GAS BUR- NERS AND MANTLES, 5.11 ParLer Street, Sydney. The A tenni- Ilan Manufacturing and Importing Co. Ltd.; mid at. Melbourne and Brisbane. Sole Agents Amey Bros., grocers, 'Bathurst Amey Chas. 11., selector, Ungarie Amey Leslie, Princess at, Bexley Amidy Edwd., Collins at, Behnore Amice P., 2 Murray at, Waterloo Amiens Solomon, 68 Young at, A'dale Anties Benj., Borrodale rd, Kensington Andes Edward, carpenter, Cassilis Amies Edward, Grandview par, Epping Antics John, orchardist, St. John's Pk. Mu lea b., Harbonme at, Sth. Ken 'ton Andes Miss, 251. King at,, Newtown Amities Thomas, store, Merriwa Andes Wm., 14 Simpson at, Auburn Amis Wm., 52 Newman sat, Newtown AMMONIA CO. OF AUSTRALIA Shomfaettirers of Anhydrous ma Liquid Anittionla, and Sulphate. also Chloride of Ammonia. Equi, able Buildings, 1.0 George street. Sydney. Telephone, City 7360, Works, l'arramatta road, Clyde. AMOR LTD. Diesinkers, Engravers, Medallists and Metal Badge Makers, 24 Wentworth aye, Sydney. Bum. fleas Telephone, City Amor Fred., French at, Marrickyille Amor Fredk, J., farmer, Forbes Amor George, farmer, Koonorigan Amor Henry, Icing rd, Five Dock Amor James, Ann a lane, Burwood.1.mor It., Ferguson are, Punchbowl Amor Sydney, 108 Terry at, Amor T. E., 5 Birchgrove rd, B'main Amor Thomas, farmer, Channon Amor Thos.. Cross at, Five Dock,1mor Mrs. E., MeMillan are, S'gliam Amor IV..1., "Rhodesia," Mackay at Amor Wm., 202 Ewalt at, Dulw. Amora Misa Inez, 263 Oxford street, Paddington Amorie L., Mil ray a ye, Woll'cra ft Amory Mrs. E., 37 Bourke at, Waterloo Amor y Joseph.1., Oxford at, Epping.I/nory Beg., Parramatta rd, F. Dock Amos Bros., builders, Comboyne Amos A., poultry fanner. Cninnock THE LEADING UNDERTAKERS WOOD, COFTILL AND COMPANY LTD. Amos A., jun., 2 Gower st, Sum. Hill Amos Mrs. A., Campbell at, N. Syd. Antos Mrs. A., Russell st. Strathfield Amos Mrs. Alice, Chronic% st, St'field Antos Alexander, teamster, Mororo Amos Alfred, farmer, Ulmarra Amos Alfred, 69 Brisbane at, Waverley Amos Andrew, 44 Boulevard, L'sham Antos Angus, farmer, Ifarwood Island Amos A. C., farmer, Woodford Leigh Am" "Pewell, Queenseliffe, Manly Amos Edwin, fanner, Grafton Amos D., Rope! Oak hotel, -Tighe's H. Sums Mrs. Enz., 45 Foveaux at AMOS Ernest, farmer, Grafton South Antos Ernest IL, dairy farmer, Niinbin Amos Frank, farmer, South Woodburn Amos Fred. Gladstone par, Lindfield Amos Fredk., farmer, Whiteman Ck. Amos Howard J., farmer, 'Maclean Amos James II., farmer, Grafton S. Antos John, Brook at, Coogee Amos John J., farmer, Tabulan Amos Joseph, farmer, Moss Vale Atnos L. Ile D., grazier, 11[ogil Mogil Ainos Miss M. M., Dutrue vs% R'wick Amos Mrs. 3faud, 41 Palace at, Aumcrcic 31., 116 Prince at, 3fosman Amos Miss Nellie, music teacher, 038 George St Amos 0. G., 11 Kintore st. Dui. Hill Amos IL, Robertson at, IV. Kogarah Amos Reginald, farmer, Westville Amos Richard, 101 Newland at, Way. Amos Robert, farmer, Tyagarah Amos It. IL. Henry at, West. Kog'h. Amos Samuel, farmer, Woodford Dale Amos Samuel E., dairyman, Coraki Amos Stephen, 87 Botany at, Waterloo AMOS Thomas, farmer, Coutt's Crossing AMOS Thomas, Coney rd, Undercliffe AMOS W. J., Willoughby rd. W'ghby Amos Walter S., grazier, 3foulamein AMOS Willie, 18 Brunswick ave, Amott Frank, Coventry rd, Homebush Amour Harold J., Station at, Tempe Anumrin Alfred, 35 Willoughby rd, (roar 'a Nest Amourin Mrs. E., 2 William at. North Sydney Amourin L. A., Sir Thomas Mitchell nil, Bondi Anionrous Leonard, New ave, Concord Amphlett C. 11 Kensington at, Kog'h Amphlett E. A., Crow's Nest rd, North Sydney Amphlett Mrs. B. A., McLaren at, North Sydney Amphlett Ken, N., grazier, Esrom A mphlett John, Messiter at, Campsie Amphlett Richd Wigram rd, G'be Ample Gus, 74 O'Connell at, Newtown Amps Edward, fanner, Camira Creek Amsberg F., 165 Enmore rd, Emnore Ainsinek Mrs. E. C., 71 Shadforth at, 3fosman Amster Ray, 77 Stafford at, Pad'ton Amundsen Henry 1 Judge place Amy A. II., 63 Frederick at, It'dale Amy H., watchmaker, 112a King at Amy Martin, 7 Amelia st, Waterloo Amy Wm., 3 Albion at, Paddington Amy-11011er G. It., GS Villier's at, Rockdale Anable C. & G., builders, etc., Goulburn A nable S., 252 Edgecliffe rd, Anatomy Sfusentn (Sydney University), City rd, Camperdown Ancelon Douglas, elocutionist, Ash at, off 338 George at Atteelon II., Musgrave it, Mosman Anchan V. D., Ilassall it, Pal-Matta Anther A. C., 50 liay's are, Ilcil Ancher, E. A., Tindall rd, Artarmon Anel lsr Free Store,'. 215 Kent at Anchor Arthur, 87 Reserve at. An'dale Anchor Fence (The), 107 l'itt street; and Vaughan St, Lidcombe Anchor 11., dairyman. S. Broken Hill Ancient Order of Foresters' Society Rawson place Anderdown William J., 142 George at, Waterloo 'PHONE 9226 CITY ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. nd ALPHABETICAL. And 877 Anderina Mrs. C., 72 Ferris at, ANIale Anders John, 450 Darling st, 11'm'n Andersen Charles J. k Son, fish igts., 31 Botany st, Waterloo Andersen Eiler k, SODS, piano depot, 12 Flinders at & 3a Rainsford at Andersen & Frantzen, cabinetmakers, 19 Wellington at Andersen.Mrs. A., French embroidery, 157 King at Sndersen Etter, Grantham at, Irwood Andersen F. A. E., Agnes at, St'fleld Andersen J. E. R., Lockwood street, Merrylands Andersen Julius, dairy farmer, Karangi Andersen M. E., George st, Granville Andersen 0., 56 Princess st, Brightonle-Snias Andersen Otto, 30 Doting st, D'nusyne Andersen l'eter. 10 Dick at, Balm:tin Anderson Bros., motor engineer and garage, Grenfell Anderson Bros., dairymen, Gore at, Greenwich Anderson Charles k Co., Ltd., Federal hat mills and cap factory, corner Albion and Nichols at MENU & CO. LTD. Seedsmen and Plant Merchants Retail Establishment- 399 & 401 George Street Warehouse: HS KENT STREET Telephones 9H13, Clip. Anderson & Cotton, manufacturing jewellers, 228 Pitt at Anderson & Fairweather, grocers, 94 Oxford at, Paddington Anderson & Farrell, mach. agents, IV. Wynlong Anderson & Foreman, storekeeper, Forbes Anderson G. & Son, butchers, Harden Anderson Misses, 69 Shaw at, P'shani Anderson A., 22 King at, Newtown Anderson A., Carroll at, Kogarah Anderson A., 25 Marlborough. street, Leichhardt Anderson A., Centennial at, Wyllie Anderson Mrs. A., 35 Military rd, North Sydney Anderson Miss A. B., 84a D'hurst rd Anderson A. A., 74 Ferris at, An'dale Anderson A. B., Grazier, Berrigan Anderson A. C., Myrtle at, Ken'ton Anderson A.. C., 8 Bridgewater at, Itozelle Anderson Mrs. A. C., 95 Stanmore rd, Stanmore Anderson A. E., Club House Hotel, Mnrwillumbalt Anderson A. E., off St. Allsm's rd, Belmore Anderson Albert E., off St. Alban's rd, Belmore Anderson Right Rev. A. E. (C. of E.), Bishop of Riverina, Hay Anderson A. E. J., Platform st, Lidcombo Anderson Alex. F., Good st, Granville Anderson A. G., Sinclair at, Woreraft Anderson A. II., Collingwood are, Undereliffe Anderson A. J., 119 Park eve, A'fleld Anderson A..1., Mill at, Carlton Anderson A..I., 16 Cook axe, D'ville Anderson Miss A. L., Hopetoun aye, Vaucluse Anderson Mrs. A. M., 164 West st, North Sydney Anderson A, Warrane rd, Irghby Anderson Mrs. A. R., $88 Riley at Anderson A. S., stn. mgr., Balranald Anderson Rev, A, T., M.A. (Pres.), Hamilton Anderson Mrs. A. V., 77 Ryan at, Leichhardt Anderson A. IV., sausage and small. goods manufacturer, corner George & Bathurst at.. Branches Suburbs Andersdn A. W., Morrison rd, Orville Anderson A. W., Nicholls ave, Wfield Anderson A. IV., 86 Parraween at, Neutral Bay Anderson A. W., 17 Woodbury st, 3E:arid:vine Anderson A, IV., Fox Calley road, 1111DERSON-OROSS GO. Wahrocsiga Manufacturers of Perambulators Anderson Adam, Ifickson's lane, Bot'y and Go-carts, Side-car Bodies, and Anderson Adam, 2 Bent fit, N. Sydney all kinds Cane Furniture, 2 and 4 Anderson Attain, Buntlarra ave, W'lega Levey at, City. Telephone 359 Anderson Albert; mail cont. Binibi Anderson Albert, Burleigh Iluny'd Redfern. (See advt. opposite Perambulator Ifalcers.) Anderson Albert, 3 Iris at, Paddington Anderson Albert, farmer, Bannedinan Anderson.1. CO., storekprs., Nowra Anderson Albert, 2 Perrett st, Rezak Anderson.1. M. & C., mercantile -Anderson Albert, 52 Unwin's Bridge brokers, Newcastle rd, St. Peters Anderson & Lamont, plumbers, Wagga Anderson Aleck, Denning at, 3Pville Anderson's Baths, Itainsgate are, Nth. Anderson Albert IL, farmer, Dunedoo Bondi Anderson Alexander, farmer, Calarie Anderson, Lang & Indic, estate ants., Anderson Alexander, farmer, Cowra 12 Oxford St Anderson Alexander, grazier, Euroley Anderson & lfaelcintosh, estate agents, A nderson Alexander, farmer, Forbes Anderson Alfred D., farmer. Dintedoo Anderson A. E. First at., Ashfield Anderson Alfred II., May at, L'hardt Anderson Alfred.7., farmer, Beaumont Anderson Alfred J., carrier, Wee Waa Anderson A. J., 4 Mason at, C'down Anderson A. 0., Lancelot at, Five Dock Anderson Alfred T., 12 Daphne rd, Botany Anderson Mrs. Alice, 59 Stanley at Anderson Mrs. Alice, 23 Union st Anderson Mick, 18a High at Anderson Allan, sec., Chamber of Commerce, West Maitland Anderson Allen D., grazier, Mullaley Anderson A. 1.T., 33 Kitchener at, Coogee,thderson A. G., farmer, Redlands Anderson Andrew, fanner, Boat Harb. Anderson Andrew, fanner, Grenfell Anderson Andrew, farmer, 3feranburn Anderson Andrew, farmer, Orange Anderson Andrew, farmer, Young Anderson Andrew, grazier, Berridale Anderson Andrew, 37 East at Anderson Andw., 196 Annandale st, Annandale Anderson Capt. Andrew, 199 Beattie at, Bahnain Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson road, Anderson Anderson Anderson A., 47 Darling at, Balmain Andrew, Hunter at, 'Mown And., 114 Brook st, CA/ogee A., 04 Glebe l't. rd, Glebe A., Henson st, Marickville A taw., 55 Wilson at., N'town Andrew, 134 Blue's Point North Sydney Andrew, 5 Webb at, N. Syd, A. C., Liberty at, Belmore Andrew l'., 1,5 Terry it, St. l'eters Anderson Arch. jun., 93 Railway rd, St. Peters Anderson Arthur, 36 Daphne at, Bot'y Anderson A., a3 Raglan at, Dar`ton Anderson A., 54 Kay's are, Ihil Anderson A., Cohen st, Manly Anderson A.,808 Church at, Par'inatta Anderson A., Robertson place, V'eluse Anderson A. B., farmer, Smithtown Anderson Arthur C., orchardist, Cornleroy road Anderson Arthur.7.. High st, Carlton Anderson Arthur IV., E.T.A. N.S.W.,,LP., "Dtmarth,' Phrk ave, G'don Anderson Arthur. W., 15 Watson at, Nent ral Bay Anderson August, fartner, 'Paree Anderson August, grazier, Casino Anderson August, 184 Cmnberland at Anderson Aug., 15 Excelsior at, Isledt Anderson Axel, 23 Burton at, Glebe Anderson Axel, Lacemba at, Lakemba Anderson B., Byron rd, Guildford Anderson Ii., 78 Middle at, N. Sydney Anderson Mrs. B., :id.tunetion at, Nth. Sydney Anderson B. L., Wolseley at, IV. Keg. Anderson Benj Carrington rd, linildwick Anderson Nfrs. II Harris st Anderson Sirs. Bridget, Palmerston st, onisby Anderson C., 56 Ii hey at 114a Pitt street Anderson Alexander, 115 Devonshire at Anderson & ;Manama, "Western Age" Anderson Alexander, 9 Ennis at, Newspaper, Cobar Anderson Alex., 61 Reynolds street, Anderson,k Wiltshire, soltrs., Inverell Balmain :1inlerson Mrs. t'., 89 Hawthorne par, Anderson k Muldoon, store, Unina Anderson Alex., Kairuwa cii Wstville I materna(' Anderson & Murray, carriers, N'castle Anderson A1d., 43 Gray st, Hoorah Andprson C. A. II., Mount at, St 'field Anderson k.peterson, caldnetmakers siolersest Alex., 21 Cascade at, Dad'ton Anderson C. C., 22 Jeffry cres, D'ville Turtle's lane, Erslcineville A tulesson Alex., Arlington at, 1"sliam Anderson Miss C. E., 90 A iigel at, Anderson & Ross, butchers, port Mac- Anderson Alex., 13 Gilderthorpe arc, NowtoWa quarie Ranthshi'lc Anderson C. F., Weston at, East Bills Anderson S. & co., grain brokers, Anderson Alex., 101 Denison street, :\iiderson 1!. G., stn. mgr., llskanald. 105 Pitt Street Il ozeile Anderson C. II., Haigh at, Bexley Anderson's Tanneries, Ltd,, Aylesbury Anderson Alex., 14 Robert. st.ltoielle Anderson C. J., Macatiley are, Blown at', Botany Anderson Alex., Ryan ml, Willoughby Anderson C. J., 36 Merton at, Anderson W. if Ltd., seed mercht s., Anderson A hex. CL, farmer, Corowa Anderson C. P., Beatrice it, L'eembe 109 Pitt at Anderson Alex. J., grazier, Kingstown Anderson C. S., store, Cangai Anderson IV. J. & Co., printers, 182 Anderson Alex..1., 55 Burnie at, Anderson C. T.. 98 Farr at, Rockdale Elizabeth street (levelly Anderson C. W., Queen Victoria at, Anderson & \Voters, restaurant, 135 Anderson Alfred, 31 Hutchinson at 'West hogarali Miller at; North Sydney Anderson A. 30 Whaling rd, N. Syd. Anderson Carl, 19 McKenzie at, R'z'le Anderson A., sec. P. & A. As.sociatiod, Anderson Alfr ed, 18 Constitution rd, Anderson C. li., auctioneer, Casino Afanildra Petersham Anderson C., 60 Samuel at, St. Peters Anderson Misses, drapers, 176 Mill- Anderson Alfred C., Park rd,,thtlerson Carl, 47 Goulburn at tary rd, Monnan OUR ASSISTANTS ARE CHOSEN WITH -CARE AND TRAINED WITH EXACTITUDE

55 l I ANTHONY HORDERNS' BIGGEST STORE IN AUSTRALIA. 878 And ALPHABETICAL. And Anderson Chas., farmer, Austral Park Anderson Chas., farmer, Manildra Anderson Chas., farmer, Pimlico Anderson Charles, J.P., 207 Albion st Anderson Chas., Si Darlinghurst rd Anderson Charles, 14a High at Anderson Charles, 294 Jones at Anderson Charles, 441 Liverpool at Anderson Chas., 21 Wyndham at, Alexandria Anderson Charles, 16 Young st, An'dale Anderson Chas., 11 Union at, Arncliffe Anderson Charles, 14 Mason st, C'd'wn Anderson Chas., Onslow at, C'bury Anderson Dr. Charles, 23 South at, Double Bay Anderson Charles, Walker st, Five Dic. Anderson Chas., 55 Poster at, Ti hard Anderson Chas., 21 North at, Uttar& Anderson Chas., 102 Bank st, N. Syd. Anderson Chas, Baumann's rd, Peskin/ Anderson Chas, 122 Gibbes at, Wdale Anderson Chas., Christie at, St. Leon. A nderson Chas., 99 Percival rd, S'inore Anderson Chas., Ross st, St. Leonards Anderson Chas., Verdun st, W. Fog'h Anderson C. A., cattle dealer, Casino Anderson Chas. A., dairyman, Salt Ash Anderson Chas. A., farmer, Gladstone Anderson Chas. A., Spring at, A'clitre Anderson Chas. Es farmer, Temora Anderson C.. II., farmer, Rawsonville Anderson tints. IL, Hall at, Bondi Anderson Chas. I., 137 Murray street Anderson Chas. IV., farmer, Tintenbar Anderson I bas. W., King st, Mascot Anderson C., 1 Hopewell ave. Pad'ton Anderson Chris., Mutual st, Penshorst Anderson Chris., 4 Red Lion st, ltoz. Anderson Mrs. C., 20 Toxtellt rd, Glebe Anderson C. II., Oxford st, Epping AnIIITS011 Clive, 7 Toelle st, Rozelle Anderson Clive, Brunswick axe, STteld Anderson Colin, Nelson rd, Gordon Anderson Crawford, mercer, 58 Oxford at A nderson ( 31 Percy rd, Auburn Anderson D., P11110',,q )11 rd, A'aria Anderson D., 307 Addison rd, Anderson D., 15 Victoria at A'drist Anderson D. J., agent N.C.S.N. Co., Gladstone Anderson I), J., 177 Sydenham road, Marriekville Anderson D. M., South par, Campsfe Anderson D., Tennyson rd, Mortlake Anderson David, fanner, Oakwood Anderson David, George st east, TPw'd Anderson David C., 74 Dickson st, Newtown Anderson IL, fanner, Lower Southgate Anderson David M., J.P., Hamilton cres., Hyde Anderson Donald, selector, Bundarra Andenson Dudley M., poultry farmer, Walled!! Park Anderson E.*, dra ft sma n, Ocean House, 24 Moore street Anderson Mts. E., 1 Darlinghurst st Anderson Mrs. E., 109 Mackay at Ansh rson E., 119 Railway par, E'ville Anderson Mrs. E., 10 Belgrave st Manly Anderssm Miss E., 309 Channore rd, Pad.lingom Anderson Mrs. E., 62 Elizabeth at,: Wa t erhso Anderson Sirs. E. A., 22 Francis st, Carlton Ands rson E. C., watchmaker, Hillston Anderson E. J., 25 Henderson,road, ' Alexandria Anderson Mrs. E. J., 39 Park rd, Auburn Anderson Mrs. E. J., Shaftesbury road, Durwood Anderson Mrs. E. J., Macgregor st, Croydon Anderson Mrs, E. J., 21 Wetherill st, Foy( Ion Anderson E. J., 13 Morehead at, R'fern Anderson Mrs. E. 3., 116 Weston rd, Rozelle WOOD, COFF1LL & COMPANY LTD. Anderson Mrs. E., 15 Walker avenue, Edged ff Anderson Mrs. E. L., 459 Alfred at, North Sydney Anderson Mrs. E. M., Hampden ave, Neutral Bay Anderson Mrs. E. M., Pitt at, S'wood Anderson F. 0., Shaftesbury rd, Bur. wood Anderson E. W., builder, Bingara Anderson E., 4 Cardigan at, Auburn Anderson Edward, farmer, Crookwell Anderson Capt. Edward, 17% Taylor at Anderson Edward, 6 Barker st Anderson Edward, 183a Cumberland at Anderson Edward, 85 West Botany at, Arnehlie Anderson Edwd., Liberty at, Bebnore Anderson E. 287 Liverpool rd Anderson Edward, 109 Bridge rd, Glebe Anderson E., 14 Jarrett at, L'hardt Anderson Edward, 31 Avoca at, Bondi Anderson Edward, 114 Windsor rd, Petersham Anderson E. A., Chester at, Epping Anderson E. IV., Rocky Pt. rd, A'cliffe Anderson Edward IV., farmer, Walcha Anderson Mrs. E, Royal hotel, Tmnut Anderson Elof, Datt's ave, Meetly Anderson Elwyn, Old South Ilead rd, Bondi Anderson Eric, Addison rd, Anderson P..1., fanner, Ooorangoola Anderson Frank, Cuthbert at, Way'ley Anderson Frank F., 65 Francis street, Carlton Anderson F. W., 13 Rowe it, St. Pets Amh rson Fs tinsmith, Wallsend Anderson Frederic, Carlotta at, Greenwich..1n/lerson Even., fanner, Forbes Anderson Frederick, grazier, Forbes Andersmt Predk., Si Mort, at, Balmain Anderson Fredk., Welham at, Beecroft Anderson P., 179 Glenmore rd, E'cliffe Anderson F., Kensington rd, 1Cen'ton Anderson Frolic., 50 Codrington st,1 Redfern Anderson Fredk., 14 Rankin at, Rozelle! Anderson Froth., 190 Edgecliff rd, Wool la lira Anderson ',Fedi:. H., fanner, Bergalai Anderson Fredlc J., farmer, Gilgandra Anderson G., motor garage, Katoomba Anderson O., rugmaker, Astnidale! Anderti011 C., French's Forest rd, Manly Anderson Sirs. Cl. A., 57 King st,; Arnelitle Anderson G. A., 32 Ocean at, S. Bondi Anderson G. IL, stationer, Ariah Park j Anderson G. S., 15 Thornley at, L'II'dt j Anderson G. IV., J.P., Hampden rds Artarmon Anderson (1., carrier, Port Macquarie Anderson George,. farmer Aurville Anderson George, farmer, Bowraville.Snderson Geo., boottnaker, 'frown/vat j Anderson George. fruiterer, Wallsend Anderson George, hairdresser, InverelI Anderson George, 20 Belvoir at Anderson Geo., 89 Station at, A'cliffe Anderson Geo., 11 Terry at, Arncliffe Anderson George, Fowler's aye, G'ford Anderson George, 9 Boulevard, L'sham Anderson George, Dailey at, L'combe Anderson Geo., 112 Bligh at, Newtown Anderson George, 11 Centre at, It'fern Anderson George, 15 Junction rd, Summer Hill Anderson George, 69a John at, Anderson George A., farmer, Wardell Anderson George A., farmer, Coolamon Anderson Geo. E., farmer, Fingerpost Anderson George F., off Stephens rd, Botany Anderson Geo. II., Dent at, Botany Anderson George II., Sydney rd, G'sdle Anderson Geo. J., Koorinda a ye, Ken. sington Ansh rson Geo. L., farmer, Federal Anderson Geo. 11., fanner, Byron Bay Anderson George W., Mowle at, Westmead 1-Anderson (I. W., 18 John st, Waterloo Anderson Gs Campbelltown rd, L'pool Ands rson Gilbert, 5 Hargrave street Anderson 1:115, 3 Allen at Anderson Gus., 20 Liverpool at, Pad. Anderson 11., Commercial hotel, IVagga Anderson II., baker, Dapto Anderson II., Market at, Bankstown Anderson E. G., Railway par, L'lemba Anderson II., 6 Briage rd, Glebe Anderson Ern., 11 Service a ye, A'fleld l Anderson II., Eastern rd, Turranturra Anderson Ernest, 118 Underwood at, Anderson II. A., hairdresser, Lismore Pa dd i ngton Anderson II. A., Hornebush rd,: S'field Anderson K., 25 Schoo/ par, Mar'dlle : Anderson II. C., 103 Hawthorne par, Anderson P., 18 Kentville ave, An'dale Ilaberfield Andemon F., 21 Wolger rd, Mostnan Anderson II. E., coachbuilder, Wagga Anderson F. A. ThMtre Royal hotel, Anderson II. G., 275 Rocky Point rd. BrOhell I Fill Arnelifle Anderson P. A., 69 Malakoff street, Anderson 11. II., dental surgn., Cas:silis Marrickville Anderson II. II., Station at, Id'ville Anderson Mrs. P..1., tea rms., Wagga Anderson If..1., agent, 14 Castle-. Anderson F. W., sergeant of police, reagh st Gundag,ai Anderson If J., Tenterden st, Bot any Anderson Mrs. Fanny, St. Mark's rd, Anderson , Elizabeth at, L'pool Randwick A tols!rsott H. P., 43 Arthur st. N. Syd. :nderson Mrs. P., 51 Redan at, lrman Anderson H. M., J.P., physician, Anderson Fs priv. hosp., Wollongong Cootamundra Anderson Foster, 78 Buckingham st Anderson II. S., Kensington rd, Anderson F., 33 Montague at, B'main sington.1nderson Professor P., McBride ave, Anderson 11. T., Castlereagh st, L'poo1 Hunter's Anderson II. W., 259 Wein, Point Anderson Francis, 17 Bardwell rd, road, Glebe Nfosman Anderson II. W., Elfrida st, Anderson F., 63 Hutchinson at, St. l'et. Anderson lialwah, 104 Bank St. N. Syd. Anderson Hans, 15 Arden st, Waverhy Anderson I Ia cold IV., F.C.P.A., 93 York St ; p.r., "Shrubbery," Findlay a ye, Roseville Andesson II., motor garage. Wages Anderson Harry, 42 Wilton street Ands rson 11., Warialda st, IV. Kog'11 Anderson Hector, farmer. Bellingen Anderson Mrs. II., 29 Pacifle st, Manly A IltifTS011 If ems., grazier, Bathurst Anderson Henry, grazier, Laemalac Anderson Henry, 79 Boundary street :Sisters:on Henry, 13 Little West st Anderson If., 10 Wickham st, Anderson lb, Canterbury nil, C'hury Anderson II., 18 Gardener's rd, D'ville Anderson Ifenry, 25 Renwick street, Drummoyne Anderson II., 18 Parille par, Manly Anderson Henry, 197 West at, Syd. Ansh rson Henry C., J.P., Gillies at, I Vol Is t on eera ft Anderson Henry de B., Margaret st. Strathfleld :Anderson Henry G., farmer, Capertee Anderson Henry 31., 39 O'Connor at Anderson 11. IV., farmer, Tumbarumba Anderson II. W., Frogniore st, Mascot Anderson Hy. IV., Prospect at, NV. Kog'h Anderson Herbert, 94 Nelson at, Annandale Anderson If., 14 Ils nry st, L'hardr Anderson H. IC., 35 Alexander at, Manly Anderson H., 7 Hampden at, Pad'ton Anderson Hugh, Crcmulla Ft. Mille HEAD OFFICE: 810 CECHE STREET. 'PHONE 9227 WTY THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. And ALPHABETICAL. And S79 Antlerson 'Hugh S., fanner, Quirindi Anderson Isaac, tailor, 379a Elizabeth street Anderson J., tinsmith, Newcastle Anderson James S., 78 Silver st, Mar- Anderson J., 369 Alfred at, N. Anderson Mrs. J., 430 Miller at, North Sydney Anderson..f., 8 James at, Redfern Anderson J. A., dentist, Wee Wars Anderson.1. C., Gladstone hotel, Gladstone Anderson.T. D., 21a Alfred at, Mil. Pt. Anderson J. G., carpenter, 175 Blue's Point rd., North Sydney Anderson.T. J., 2 Gordon et, Brighton- e-n a 1 s lr J..1., 199 Parramatta nil, Haberfield Anderson J. M., 73 Kingselear rd. Alexandria Anderson J. 0., accountant, Forbes Anderson.1. 0., Harbourne st, South Kensington Anderson J. IL, physician and surgeon, 39 Norton at, Leichhardt.Anderson J. S., store, l'ort liembla Anderson.1. S., 18 Bower at, Manly Anderson Mrs..1. S., 29 31uston st, Mosman Anderson Mrs. J. T., Nelson rd, Gordon Anderson.1. T., 171 Arden at south, Coogee Anderson J. IV., storekeeper, Kempsey Anderson.1. IV., 16 Olive et, l'ad'ton Anderson James, contretr., Goolagong Anderson Jas., J.P., grazier, Bathurst Anderson Jas., 117 View at, Annandale Anderson James, 71 Glassop et, 13'main Anderson J., 105 Rowntree at, Innain Anderson James, farmer, lingowra Anderson James, grazier, Hay Anderson James, orchardist, Ingleburn Anderson James, grazier,?agee!' Anderson James, fanner, Trundle Anderson James, George's River ml, Bankstown Anderson James, Shenton aye, ;Ptown Anderson James, 322 Ifirrell at, Bondi Anderson James, Bondi rd, Bondi Anderson James, Duke at, Catnpsie Anderson Jatnes, First aye, Eastwood Anderson Jatnes, G'ore at, G'wich Anderson.Lftnes, 1 Beach at, Fog% Anderson James, Joseph at, Lideornbe Anderson James, Woodburn at, LIdeombe Anderson Jan/es, Napier at, Long Bay Anderson Jas., Victoria lane, Long Bay.Anderson Jas., 105 ;Meeks rd, M'ville Anderson Jas., 127 Bedford st, N'town Anderson James, 63 Botany rd. NS"Cloo Anderson James, 95 Pitt st, Waterloo :11)(lerson James, 185 Edgeeliff rd, Woollahra.Anderson.1. A. farmer, Bogan Gate Anderson Jas. A., farmer, Comlong Anderson J. B., orchardist, Cooratibong Anderson James D., farmer, Atte:1r Anderson James E., fanner, Nelligen.Ander:oottatn3.7ames i F., farmer, Commis Anderson James F., Clevedon at, Anderson James C., 9 lfossgiel st, Manly Anderson James (1., Stanton rd, M'man Anderson James X., farmer, Ardlethan.Anderson James L., farmer, Tubbul Anderson James 31., 91 Cal ramatta rd, Mosman Anderson James R., farmer, Lower Southgate Anderson Jatnes Ii., Tenterden at, Botany Anderson.1. R. J., farmer, Grenfell Anderson James S., 78 Silver At, Wrille Anderson Jaws IV., solicitor, Inverell Anderson Jerome, farmer, Leadville Anderson Johaiut A., farmer, Gerogery Anderson John, catpentcr, Itiverstone Anderson John, fanner, Belmont Anderson John, grazier, Binds Anderson John, fanner, Daroobalgic Anderson John, farmer, Duranbah Anderson John, fanner, Numulgi Anderson John, fanner, Smithfield Anderson John, fanner, Willow Tree Anderson Min, tailor, Mandurama Anderson John, 83 Albion at Anderson John, 33 Marlborough at Anderson John, 22 Yurong at Anderson John, 195 Nelson st, An'tlale Anderson.1., 11 Adolphus et, II'main Anderson John, 38 Bradford st, Irmain Niiderson John, 1 Johnston at, Balmain Anderson Mrs. J., 11 McQuade terrace, Balmai n Anderson John, 7 Rose street Anderson John, Queen Victoria at, Bexley Anderson John, 124 Pynnont Bridge rd, Camperdown Anderson John, Major Bay rd, C'eord Anderson John, 63 Bowman st, Drumtnoyne Anderson John, 131 Thong/son street, Drummoyne Anderson John, Eastwood ave, Epping Anderson.101m, Illaxeell at, Granville Anderson John, Greenwich rd, G'wich Anderson John, Carroll st, Kogarah Anderson John, O'Connell st, Kogarah Anderson John, 22 Excelsior at, 1211'dt Anderson John, Joseph at, Lideombe Anderson John, Amelia at, Mascot Anderson John, Crimea at, May's hill Anderson John, Watson et, Neut. Bay Anderson John, 13 Cairo at, N. Sydney Anderson John, 8 High at, Nth. Syd. Anderson John, Ross at, Parramattst Anderson John, Laycock's rd, rhurst Anderson John, 145 Barker st, South Rautlwieic Anderson John, 31 Caroline at, Anderson John, 173 Walker at, li!fern Anderson John, 23 Parsons at, Rozelle Anderson John, Kenyon's rd, Smithfield Anderson Capt. John, The Crescent, Vaucluse Anderson John, 29 George at, Waterloo Anderson John, 7 Henrietta at, Wav'y Anderson John, 96 Mill rd, Waverley Anderson J., 167 Edgecliff rd, II"altra Anderson John A. grazier, Elsinore Anderson John A. 16 ' McElhone Place Anderson.L A., 66 Gipps at, D'moyne Anderson.101m A., 7 Boyle at, Enfield Anderson John A., Coventry at, ll'inish And( rson.1. A., Alma, rd, 5th,. Wwick Anderson.1. IL, Rosa at, Caney Anderson J. D., 14 Edwin at, N. Syd. Anderson..1. E., Pine a ye, Five Dock Anderson John F., fanner, Curlewis Anderson John F., fanner, Trundle Anderson John G., 116 Lennox at, Newtown Anderson John II., J.P., 26 John at, Ashfield Anderson John II.,.1.P., 4 Taringa at, Ashfield Anderson John I., 27 Glover it, Mos. Anderson a, J., 67 Ocean at, W'altra Anderson John.1., grazier, IVoolbrook Anderson John L., grazier, Peak View Anderson.1. L.,87 Ross at, For. Lodge Anderson John M., Rhodes aye, Naremburn Anderson J. N., 3fanson rd, Str'field Anderson John N., Ifornsey rd, Flewington Anderson.1. 0, 13 Woodbury st,1 Ma rriehville Anocison.1. 0,, 18 thirds it, Rozelle Anderson John 12., grazier, Ilenty Anderson John IL, farmer,.tugiong Anderson John 'I'. fanner, Comboyne Anderson.1. W., farmer, ' Forbes Anderson Jos., 18 Wickliain st, A'cliffe Anderson Joseph, George st, Hornsby Anderson Jos. Stuart st, West. Fog. Anderson J., Ram ' sgate av, N. Bondi Anderson Joseph, S I. tg rree avenue, Lower Randwick Anderson Joseph b'., fanner, Thom Anderson :Julius, Railway a ye, E'wood Anderson Mrs. IC. 11., 21 Holt's ave, Mosman. HE LEADING EMBALMERS WOOD,. COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. Anderson Keith 0., David st, Croydon Anderson Kenneth, Milner at, Artarmon Anderson K., 30 Denison st, 3tanly Anderson Is, chemist, Wngga IVagga A islerstm L., Francis et, Anderson Mrs. L., 204 Oxford at, l'ad. Anderson L..1., S3 Shepherd st Anderson Laurence, 3 Corbel' street Anderson Lattrits, grazier, Forster Anderson L., 115 Queen if, Alex'dria Anderson Leslie, Simpson st, Bondi Anderson Mrs. Lewis, 12 Susan st, Auburn Anderson Leslie. 61 Gibbons at, irfern Anderson Leslie.1.; lustre/ism hotel, Vii.Andersuit L., watchmaker, Broadwater Anderson Is, 16 Banks a ye, Daceyville Anderson Miss M., Ilresinsaker, 110b Bathurst st Anderson M., Great Southern hotel, Coullairn Anderson Mrs. M., 264 Albany rd, Pet ershain Anderson Mrs. M., I 74 Ceorge at, Redfern Anderson Mrs. M., 115 Regent et, Redfern Anderson Mrs. M., 182 Redfern et, Redfern Anderson Mrs. 31., 760 Darling at, Rozelle Anderson Mrs. 3f. A., Cardigan at, Glebe Anderson Mrs. M. A., 31 Forbes e, Redfern Anderson Mrs. M. E., 13 Willoughby rd, Crow's Nest Anderson Mrs. M., 115 Deni son st, Waverley Anderson 3f. F., 13 Parramatta rd, Ilaberfleld Anderson M. T., mgr. Comet. Banking Co. of Sydney, Ltd., Kiama Anderson 31., Wattle at, Pumhbowl Anderson M., ns Underwood at, Pad. Anderson M. IL, 4 1Cing at, Balmain Anderson Miss Mary, 109 Denison at, Waverley Anderson Mrs. Mary A., Hall at, Bondi Anderson Matt.. hairdrs., Braidwood Anderson M. T., 297 Victoria road, Marrickville Anderson.Magnus, 19 [larval' at, ll'in'n Anderson M. Demnark st, 3Plands Anderson Mrs. hi., :13 Ferry rd, Glebe Anderson Miss IL, 5 Spit rd, Afostnan Anderson M., 50 Epping rd, Double B. Anderson M., 12 Raleigh at, Coogee Anderson Menelaus, Shell Cove rd, Neutral Bay Anderson Minert, 150 West at, N. Syd. Anderson Mrs., milliner, 7 The Strand Ansh rson Mrs, N., 44 Arthur street, Nortli Sydney Anderson N. P., Berry at, Mascot Anderson Neil, Byron /II, Guildford Anderson Noel, Calder rd, Rydalmere Anderson N., Lyminge rd, Croydon Pk Anderson N., orchardist, Deniondrille Anderson. Norman, 282 Bulwarra road Anderson N., 27 Church it, Mar'ville Anderson 0. A., 130 Cowles rd, Srman Anderson Oscar, Salisbury at, Botany Anderson Oscar, Market at, Naremburn Anderson Oscar, 152 Wilson at, 1Pfern Anderson G. W., 21 Queen at, It'wick Anderson G., Kenneth at, Longueville Anderson O., 25 East Esplanade, 3rly Anderson 0. J., 42 Cambridge at, Stantnore Anderson Otto, Stanley at, Concord Anderson P., 45 Kingsclear rd, A'dria Anderson P. 11., Lann.ock ave, Bondi Anderson Peres., 11 Mount at, Ashfield Anderson Percy, Ocean it North, Bondi A tiderson P., Ca lit erbury rd, Can Pinny Anderson Peter, fanner, Arcadia Anderson Peter, farmer, Condobolin Andersist Peter, fanner,.terseyville Anderson Peter, farmer, Mint o Anderson Toter, farmer, North Wages. Anderson Peter, 17 Macaulay at, Leichhardt 'PHONE 9226 CITY

56 ANTHONY HORDERNS' ONLY UNIVERSAL. PROVIDERS. 8q.1 And ALPHABETICAL. And Anderson Peter, Charles rd, Lidcombe Anderson Peter, Gardener's rd, Mascot Anderson Peter, Quiamong at, N'burn Anderson Peter, 132 Ilargrave st, Paddington Anderson Peter, 33 John st, W'ahra Anderson Peter C., Com'wealth lane Anderson Peter C., 15 Little Riley at Anderson P., 43 Anzac par, Kensington Anderson Phillip., Orchard rd, C'wood Anderson Rev. Philip C., 81 Yelverton at, St. Peters Anderson R., Beaconsfield - at South, Bankstown Anderson Mrs. It. ' Durwood rd, 13'wood Anderson It., 54 Plunkett at, D'moyne Anderson R., 47 Macaulay at, L'hardt Anderson It., 12 Elizabeth at, 11"t'loo Anderson R. A., 131 Birrell st, Way. Anderson It. F. G., Fletcher st, Canesie Anderson R. J.,. mgr. Bank of N.S.W., Inverell Anderson It..1.. mgr. T. H. Mate & Co,. Culcairn Anderson R..1., 44 Kingselear road, Alexandria Anderson R. J., 145 Burwood rd, En, field Anderson R. J., Water at, Wahroonga Anderson It. J., 15 Rosemont avenue,. Woollahra Anderson R. M., 31 Meeks rd, Wyllie Anderson 11. M., Wyalong at,.1virby Anderson R. N., 16 Milson rd, C'morne Anderson R. Outram, Ady at, 11. Hill Anderson Ralph, King st, Mascot Anderson R., 12 Thornley at, L'hardt Anderson Ray., Moreton st, Lakemba Anderson Reg., 36 Arthur at. R'dwick Anderson Richard, farmer, \Vagga Anderson Richard, 4 Church at, Stanmore Anderson Robert, farmer, Cowra Anderson Robert, farmer, 1Vagga Anderson Robert, farmer, Brocklesby Anderson Robert, 12a High at Anderson Robert, Monomeeth at, Berey Anderson 11., 36 Ifenley at, Irmoyne Anderson Robt., 31 Consett street, Dulwich Hill Anderson Robert, Eastwood eve, Ep'ng Anderson Robert, painter, Singleton Anderson Robert, 51 \Vest at, b'sham Anderson It., headmaster, 'pub. school, Johnston st, Annandale Anderson Robert, 9 Norfolk at, N'town Anderson Robt., 12 Edwin, at, N. Syd. Anderson Robert, 29 Comber st, Pad. Anderson Robert, 37 Merton at, Itozelle Anderson Robert C., farmer, Grafton Anderson Robert G., grazier; Corowa Anderson Robert J., Regent st, hyde Anderson ltobt. It., farmer, Bodangora Anderson Ross, 1 Napier st, Wkville Anderson Roy, farmer, Gilgandra Anderson S. 17 Hutton at, Manly Anderson S., Mary at, Mosman Anderson S., Donnelly rd, Naren mm Anderson S..1., Cronulla at, Anderson S. B., Great North road, Abbotsford A IlflerS011 S. J., 36a Wattle at, Wfleld Anderson S., 336 Bulwarra road Anderson S. L., 20 Hampden at, A 'field 'Anderson Samuel, farmer, Eungai Anderson Simon, 5 Keston eve, Mosm. Anderson Sophia, Crown hotel., 113 Regent at Anderson Samuel, 28 Myra rd. D. Hill Anderson Samuel A., farmer, Jamberoo Anderson Mrs. Sarah, 17a Dalgety Ter. Anderson S., 42 Tebbutt at, L'hardt Anderson S., 13aldry at, Chatswood Anderson Stan., 4 Hastings at, Anderson Stuart, Gibbs at, Croydon Anderson Stuart, Professor Sir Thomas, M.D., LL.D., l'rofessor of Physiology (Sydney,University), City rd, Camperdown Anderson Sydney, 29 Comber at, Pad. Anderson Syd. D., 17 Rawson at, Sans Souci Anderson S. T., Brook at, Naremburn Anderson Syd., Anzac par, S. Ken'ton Anderson T. A., 'Woodburn at, L'combe Anderson T. A:, Charles at, Liverpool Anderson T. C., 275 King at, N't.own Anderson T. E., 142 Morehead at, Redfern Anderson T. W., 227 Diarrickville rd, Marriekville Anderson T. J., 79 Kingsclear rd, Alexandria Anderson Theodore, High at, Carlton Anderson Thos., dairyman, Ourimbah Anderson Thomas, 73 Brougham at Anderson Thomas, 33 Dalgety ter. Anderson Thomas, 45 Merriman at Anderson T., 30 Todman eve, Ken'ton Anderson Thos., George's eve, L'combe Anderson Thos., 55 Birkley rd, Manly Anderson, Thomas, Wentworth rd, Strathfield Anderson Ts, 161 Weston' rd, Rozelle Anderson Thos., 1Volseley st, W. Kog. Anderson Thomas A., farmer, Eureka Anderson Thos. B., farmer, Fingerpost Anderson Thos. E. grazier, Forbes Anderson Thos. S., ' farmer, Yerong Ck. Anderson T., 50 Caledonia at, Pad'ton Anderson T. W., J.P., grazier, Bathurst Anderson Mrs. V., 54 Yule at, 1"sham Anderson V., 108 Comma rd, St'more Anderson V., 36 Lambs at,.l'hardt. Anderson Victor, Carter at, Wav'ley Anderson V. W., Murray at, Waverley Anderson W., bootmaker, 8a Bond at Anderson W., mgr. Union Bank of Australia, Ltd., Newcastle Anderson W., Itiverina hotel, Corowa Anderson W., postmaster, Wyong Anderson W., Beaufort Court, Forbes at Anderson W., 226 Mitchell rd, A'dria Anderson W., 14 Ashmore at, Anderson Mrs. W., 77 Dalhousie at, llaberfield Anderson Cant, W., local mgr. North Coast S.N. Co., Ltd., Grafton Anderson W., 75 Elizabeth at, Pad. Anderson Mrs. W., 38 Ifeeley at, Pad. Anderson W.. 68 GaVendish at, S'more Anderson W. A. E., Melrose at, Mosman Anderson Rev, W. A. S. (Pres.), 216 Wollongong rd, Arneliffe. Anderson W. C., 154 Crown street Anderson W. C., 59 Birchhgrove rd, Balmain Anderson W. C., 13 Morten at, N. N. Anderson W. C., 118 Baptist at, It'fern Anderson W. C., 193 Albany rd, Petersham Anderson W. E., boottnaker, 236 Elizabeth at Anderson W. F., hon. see., Farmers' and Settlers' Assn., Lockhart Anderson W. F., 316 Elizabeth at Anderson W. F., Shaftesbury rd, Burwood Anderson W. F., Burgoyne at, Gordon Anderson M. (1., grazier, An/lid:de Anderson W. G., Walton cres, Ab'ford Anderson W. G., Pennant at, P'matta Anderson W. 11., store, Baladotan Anderson W. H., 7 Charlotte at, A'field Anderson W. II., 76 Alt at, Ashfield Anderson W. II., 78 Boulevarde, Lewi. sham Anderson W. 11., Kenyons rd, Sm'field Anderson W. J., grazier, Berrigan Anderson W. J., Telegraph Hold:, Narrabri Anderson.1., 25 Llewellyn st, Balmain Anderson W. J., :3 Reynolds at, Irmain Anderson W. J., 6 Grove 8t, Bondi Anderson W. J., Rickard at, F. Dock Anderson W. J., Mitchell at, G'wich Anderson W. J., :37 Osborne rd, 3Fly Anderson W. J., Henson at, 3I'ville Anderson W. L., 171 Glebe Pt. -rd, Glebe Anderson 1V. 31., watchmaker, V. Building Anderson W. Y., night officer, Harden Anderson Cherry at, Turramurra Anderson W. IC., headmaster Superior public school, Regent at, Kog. Anderson W.. T., 28 Gladston at, Kog'11 Anderson W. W., Sydney manager The Eagle and Globe Steel Co., Ltd., 379 Kent at; p.r., "Parkhurst," Beauchamp eve, Chatswood Anderson Waldo, 318a Unwin's Bridge rd, St. Peters Anderson Walter, 20a Munn at Anderson Walter, Kangaroo et, Manly Anderson W. J., dairyman, Raleigh Anderson Walter J., 73 Kent at Anderson W. J., Beatnish at, Campsie Anderson W. N., farmer, Wadeville Anderson William. perambulator manufacturer, Delmore at, Burwood. Tel. U 4436 Anderson William, baker, Tweed Heads Anderson Wm., farmer, Altcar Anderson Win., farmer, Ariali Park Anderson Wm., fanner, Gladstone Anderson William, farmer, Nowra Anderson William, farmer, Wombat Anderson W., gen store,. Wyee Anderson William, 2 Bridge st Anderson William, 72 Cook rd Anderson William, 7 Moore at Anderson William, 29 Prospect st Anderson William, 33 Ridge at Anderson William, 55 Stanley at Anderson 1Villiam, 73 Victoria at Anderson Wm., 236 Trafalgar at, Annandale And, rson Win., 71 Fairview at, Anderson Win., 20 Tintern rd, Ashfield Anderson Wm., 4 Theodore at, B'main Anderson Wm., 4 Daphne rd, Botany Anderson Wm. Belmore at, Burwood Anderson W., ' 49 Roberts at, C'down Anderson W., Canterbury rd, Campsie Anderson 1Vm., Webb at, Croydon Anderson William, 98 Holborrow at, Croydon Anderson William, 323 New South Ilead iii, Edgeeliff Anderson Win., Lyons nil, Wimple Anderson William, William at, Gr'ville Anderson Wm., jun., Greenwich road, Greenwich Anderson William, 21 Whistler rd, Ma nly Anderson William, 9 Bonnie St, Wville Anderson Wm., Melrose at, Mascot Anderson W., Wellington at, Mascot Anderson Wm., Garland rd, Naremburn Anderson William, 64 Ben Boyd rd, Neutral Bay.5mierson William, 11 Bennett street, Neutral Bay Anderson William, 17 Ray/nand rd, Neutral Bay Anderson W., 59 Goodsell at, N'town Anderson Wm., 24 Richard at, N'town Anderson Wm., 97 High at, N. Syd. Anderson Wm., 30 Victoria at, N. S. Anderson Wm., 61 Brighton at, P'sham Anderson W., 109 Morehead at, R'fern Anderson Wm., Oil Bay at. Itoeloiale Anderson Wm., 26 Callan at, Rozelle Anderson Wm., 109 Denison at, RCM. Anderson Wm., Nelson at, Hyde Anderson Wm., 6 Aubrey at, Stanntore Anderson 1V., James at, Waverley Anderson Wm., Milsop al, West Nog. Anderson 1V., 140 Oration at, Anderson Wm. A.,' fanner. Broadwater Anderson W. A., farmer, 'Flue Rock E. Anderson W. F., grazier, Emerald Hills Anderson Win, (I., grazier, Metz Anderson Wm. C., fanner, Penrith - Anderson Wm. II., farmer, Kangaroo Valley Anderson Wm. IL, Edgar str, Auburn Anderson 1V. J., dairy farmer, Hexham Anderson Wm.7., fanner, Belford Anderson Wm..1., fanner, Grenfell Anderson V1'..1., Sunbeam ave, B'wood Anderson 1Vni. J., 6 Campbell st, Glebe Anderson Win, 0., farmer, Hinton Anderson William T., Vista st, Sans Saudi Anderson 1'. P., 68 Waratalt at, Ilaberfield Anderson.1. ii. & Co., engineers and general merchants, 228 Clarence et WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES All SUBURBS, SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. And ALPHABETICAL, And 881 SYDNEY'S LEADING FUNERAL DIRECTOR. Telephones L 2836; L2837; U 1025 ; U 4783 ; U 4116, etc. Our No. 2 Hearse..Geo. Andrews HEAD OFFICE 60 Australia St., Newtown Branches at ASHFIELD AND BURWOOD Our superior equipment includes the most superior Cadillac Motor Hearses and Limousines in Australasia. Andersson J. II., Act. Consul General Royal Swedish Consulate (nib' office), 228 Clarence at. Anderton Mrs. E., 57 Elizabeth at, Waterloo Anderton.1. L., gen. store, Waratah Anderton :Mrs. Nora, 23 Wilton at Anderton P., Westminster at, Bexley Anderton Thos., Vista st, Sans Souci Anderton W. M., gen. store, Coif's Harbour Anderton Wm., 4 Cook eve, Dae'ville Anderton Wm., George at, Liverpool Andonara C., ham and beef shop, 204 George street Andre A. L., Tavistock at, Wyllie "Andrea," manicurist, 158 I'itt at Andrea II. C., Queen's rd, Lindfleld Andreas E. P., "Leurella," betas Andreas II. P., 12 Asliburner at, Wly Andrees II., 38 Kingsclear rd, A'drla Andrei/ Ed. C., farmer, Currabubula Andreoli A., Darvall at, St. Leoliards Andreoli J., 77 Birchgrove rd, Andreoli Joseph, billiard saloon, 99 Castlereagh at Andresen Mrs. W., 72 Elliott at, Babnain ANDREW JOHN & CO. Banking and Commercial Stationers, Printers & Engravers, Litho. graphers, Account Book Manufacturers, Publishers, Electrotypers, Stereotypers and Illuminators, 21 Phillip at Andrew John & Co., chemists, Scone Andrew Adam. 185 Walker at, Redfern Andrew Alb. F., Seventh eve, Campsie Andrew Alfred, Scott at, Peakiturst Andrew Benj., Pine road, Auburn Andrew C. W., Cumberland rd, Wentworthville 29 Andrew Cecil II., Warbriek at, C'eord Andrew Chas., 12 Westbourne st, Drummoyne Andrew Chas., Merrylands rd, Holroyd Andrew C. C., Anderson rd, Concord Andrew David, 58 Carlisle at, Ashfield Andrew Mrs. E., 86 Henderson rd, Alexandria Andrew Mrs. E., 3 Edward at, Sum. mer Hill Andrew F. J., 18 Jesmond aye, P'sliarn Andrew George, 72 Duke at Andrew II. C., secty. G.U.I.O.O.F., Merriwa Andrew G. C'. It., Anderson at, Andrew Geo. F., Carlton par, Carlton Andrew Henry, 18 Hart at, Tempe Andrew Hubert G., Mabel at, II'ville Andrew Miss.1., Thompson at, Mostnan Andrew.1 G., Cattle:buy rd, C'hury Andrew James A., fanner, Collingullte Andrew John, Grosvenor rd, Wall'ga Andrew John, Warialda at, W. ICog. Andrew John M., Valley rd, Limilleld Andrew.1. P.. Australia at, Wstville Andrew Jos. T., 1306 Rocky Pt. rd, Sans Scold Andrew Mrs. L. ' Garfield at, W'lliville Andrew Peter, farmer, Boston Park Andrew l'eter. Ttilloh at, Willoughby Andrew T., 60 Regent at, Redfern Andrew Thos., 58 Carlisle at, Ashfield Andrew Wni., farmer, Kyogle Andrew Wm., 103 Cathedral street Andrew William, Caledonian at, Bexley Andrew William C., Gordon at, D'wood Andrewartha C., motor car proptr., Broken Hill Andrews Bros. Proprietary, Ltd., woollen warehousemen, 40 King at Andrews Bros., Monumental Masons, 95 to 101 Goulburn st, East at, Li d- combo, & Lord at, N'town Andrews & Co., Tie Mani., 75 York at Andrews and Co., drapers, 131 Norton at, Leichhardt Andrews & Co., grocers, Great Northern road, Gladesville Andrews & Co., gen. store, Walterswa n g Andrews Ernest & Co., hearse builders and undertakers, Australia at, Newtown Andrews & Georgan, fruiterers, Murninon!' Andrews and Manning, solicitors, Ocean House, 24 Moore at Andrews T. and Sons. monumental masons, 51 Australia at, Newtown and Railway par, Lideombe Andrews (William) Printing Co., Ltd., 236 Castlereagh at. Andrews A., tailor, Condobolin Andrewl4 A., 15 Commodore at, N'town Andrews Mrs. A., 128 Alfred at, N. S. Andrews A. B., Fitzroy at, Ab'ford Andrews A. E., see. Australian Club, corner 'Macquarie and Bent sts Andrews A..1., commission agent, Walla Walla.1/1111PWS A. P., 48 Somerset at, 3fosin. Andrews A. R., Iternley at, Laicemba Andrew's A. S.. 77 Wil.on at. Redfern Andrews A. S. IL, :MacArthur par, Dulwich Hill Andrews Albert, Lackey at, Granville ANDREWS A. GEO. Undertaker. 230 Liverpool rd, Ashfleld, 60 kastralia at, Newtown and Burwood. Tels , L2836 and L2837 (sec advt. above) Andrews A., 25 Pleasant ave, F.'ville Andrews Albert, Taylor st, Lideombe Andrews A. C., 30 Neilson a ye, Kog'il Andrews Albert H., teamster, Mulbring Andrews Albert E., 113 Frederick at, Ashfield Andrews A. G., stn. mgr., Adaminaby OUR ESTABLISHMENT is SELF-CONTAINED; WE MANUFACTURE AND REPAIR OUR VEHICLES

57 ENTRANCES IN GEORGE, PITT AND GOULBURN STREETS. Andrews Alex., Victoria at, Waverley Andrews Alex. M., farmer, W. Maitland Andrews Alf., 33 North par, Auburn Andrews Alfred E., farmer, Glenthorne Andrews Al!. J., farmer, Mangrove Ck. Andrews Alfred, 49 Station rd, A'burn Andrews Mrs. A., 18 Toxteth rd, Glebe Andrews A, G., farmer, Mount Olive Andrews Mrs. A. P., Parramatta rd, Ryde Andrews Allan, 60 Australia st, N'town Amlrews Miss Annie, Si Australia st, Newtown Andrews Mrs. A., 6 Dowling at, Irfern Andrews A., 368 Belmont at, A'dria. Andrews Arch., 132 Cowles rd, Mosin'n Andrews Arthur, 321 Pitt at Andrews Arthur, Brierley at, Mosman Andrews Arth., 72 Waratah st, Enfield Andrews Arthur C., farmer, Woodside Andrews Arthur, dairyman, Greenland Andrews Arthur, 41 John at, Waterloo Andrews A. H., St. Alban's ra, Irmore Andrews A. J., farmer, Brocklesby Andrews Arthur it., farmer, Wollombi Andrews Mrs. B., 356 Victoria at Andrews Benj., 9 Mirky at, N. Syd. Andrews Bruce, De Winton at, Hornsby Andrews C., (milt. Katoomba Andrews C. J., 95 Catherine at, L'h'dt Mairews Miss C. It., Lucas rd, B'woo0 Andrews Chas., 13 Marinea at, A'cliffe Andrews Charles, 12 Ocean at south, Bondi Andrea's Chas., 16 Cobar at, 1"shani Andrews Charles E., Rawson st, E'field Andrews Charles IL, farmer, Ballina Andrews Chas. W., 146 Victoria at Andrews C. 11., 0 Vernon at, Irahra Andrews David, 66 Mill Hill rd, Way. Andrews Don., teamster, Killingworth Andrews Miss E., 339 Bourke at Andrews Mrs. E., 316 Victoria street Andrews Mrs. E. A 220 Bulwarra rd Andrews Mrs. E. A., 24 Bishop at, Marrickville Andrews E..1., storekeeper, Penrith Andrews E. S., plumber, etc., liyogle Andrews Edwd., blacksmith, Scala in Andrews Edward, Farmer, Singleton Andrews Edward, 20 St. David's rd, liaberfleld Andrews Edw., Wallace at, :Wyllie Andrews Edw. J., 79 Bay at Glebe Andrews E. S., 113 Durwood at, E'ffeld ANDREWS EDWIN Original and Artistic Designer. (Estab. 1809), Monumental Mason (Lidcombe only). Opp. ltailway Station, Lidcombe. Tel. U7002; p.r. "Cabarita," Taylor and Mark sts ' (rear of works), Lideombe (see Advt. opposite) Andrews E. 1 The Avenue, Ashfield Andrews Edwin, 79 Queen at. Ashfield Andrews E., 21 Hevington rd, Auburn Andrews Edwin, 1 Park rd, Auburn Andrews Edwin B., farmer, Tumbalong Andrews Edwin D., "Taree," Gros. venor rd, Wahroonga Andrews Miss Ellen, 101 Paddington street, Paddington Andrews Emmet V., farmer, Acacia Ck, Andrews Ernest, Mescal at, Gr'ville Andrews Ernest, Butlers rd, Hurstville Andrews Ernest, Eltham at, L'sham Andrews E., 55 Stanmore rd, S'more Andrews Ernest C., farmer, Wyrallah Andrews F., sawmills, Kingswooa Andrews Miss F., Railway par, L'combe Andrews F., Victoria at, Long Bay Andrews Nurse F. A., masseuse, 32 Elizabeth at Andrews F. II., grazier, Warialda Andrews F. J., 46 Nelson at, An'dale Andrews F., 24 Ashmore at, Ers'ville Andrews Frank, Riverview rd, U'cliffe Andrews Fredk., Napoleon at, Mascot Andrews Fred. A., selector, Repton Andrews Fredk., 46 View at, Woollahra Andrews Fredk, E., 4 Rosmount aye, Ashfleld Andrews F. 0. Lucas rd, Burwood Andrews G., billiard slam, Cobar Andrews Mrs. G., 83 Railway, par, Ershineville Andrews G. A., wheelwright, Casino Andrews G. II., Broughton at, Ashfield Andrews G. M. Cardigan at, G'ford Andrews G. T., ' Prince of Wales hotel, Merewether Andrews G., 315 Annandale at, A'dale Andrews G., 230 Liverpool rd, A'field Andrews George, farmer, Penrith Andrews Geo., Fourth aye, Campsie Andrews George, 3 Eden are, Enfield Andrews Geo., 8 Jubilee at, Lewisham Andrews Geo., 173 Albany rd, 1"shatn Andrews Geo., 120 Church at, rituals Andrews George, Fennell st, rinatta Andrews Geo. A., dairyman, Bulga Andrews Geo. II., bank mgr., Tingha Andrews Mrs. 11. C., 5 Woolcott st Andrews Rev. II. E. (Meth.), Armidale Andrews II. J., Grey at, Carlton Andrews II..1., wholesale and retail produce merchant, Penrith Andrews Ilarold, monumental mason, East at, Lidcombe ' Andrews Harold, Victoria a ye, C'tsw'd Andrews Harold, 590 King at, N'town Andrews II. W., Tulloh at, Wirghby Andrews Harvey, Victoria a ye, C'wood Andrews henry, 221% Castlereagh st Andrews Henry, River at, Canterbury Andrews Henry, 1 Dening at, tritium Andrews Henry, Lyons road, D'moyne Andrews Henry, 15 Hercules st, Dulwich hill Andrews Henry, 27 Brougham at, Andrews Henry, East at, Granville Andrews Henry, 50 trooper at, Wwick Andrews 11., Harbourne at, S. Ken' ton Andrews II. M., Richards at, Mar'ville Andrews Harry lt Knight at, Andrews II., tobacconist, St. Mary's Andrews II. W., farmer, Yerong Creek Andrews II., 21 O.S.H. rd, Waverley Andrews Herb., 2 Adelaide at, Irtibra Andrews Herbert E., farmer, Grenfell Andrews II, B., 61 Station at, A'cliffe Andrews 11. IL, 123 Rowntree at, lia twain Andrews Irvine II., Church at, C'bury Andrews.1:, baker, Muswellbrook Andrew.1. A., baker, Cowra Andrews.1. J., blacksmith, Trangte Andrews J. T., gen. store, Merrygoen Andrews.1. V., farmer, Bowraville Andrews J. W., carrier, Gunnedah Andrews J., J.P., gen. store, Cessnoek Andrews James, farmer, Glennic's Clc. Andrews James, farmer, Merrygoen Andrews James, Campbell fit, A'dria Andrews James, Coward at, Mascot Andrews James, 56 Marlborough at, Leichhardt Andrews James, Valley 'rd, Lindfleld Andrews James, 73 Hutton at, Manly Indrews James, Cabarita rd, Mortlake Andrews Ja g, 2 Regent lane, Padlon Andrews James E., farmer, Tarr Andrews James.1., farmer, Gravesend Andrews James T., farmer, Coolah Andrews James T., 0 Park rd, St. I'. Andrews James W., Milton are, D'das Andrews John, grazier, Bourke Andrews Jobn, launch propr., GUMM- I/lath Bay Andrews John, 20 Golden Grove at, Darlington Andrews J., 109 Burwood rd, Enfield Andrews John, Moree at, Gordon Andrews John, 13 Pine at, Newtown Andrews John, Chepstow tit, Irwick Andrews John, 39 Ivy street, Redfern Andrews John, Forsyth at, S. Kens'ton Andrews John, 2 High at, Rozelle Andrews John H., Duke at, Campsie Andrews John.1., Jersey rd, Artarmon Andrews Fredk., grazier, St. Mary's Andrews Fredk., William at, C'bury Andrews John K., 44 Rawson at, Hub- Andrews Fredk., First a ye, Lidcombe erfield Andrews John R., farmer, Pampoolali Andrews Joseph, surveyor, Mongarlowe Andrews Jos., 9 Deakin ave, Ilab'field Andrews Joseph, Etela at, Delmore Andrews Joseph It., farmer, Wauchope Andrews Mrs. L., Broughton st, C cord Andrews L., 74 Prospect at, Ersk'ville Andrews L., 3 Deakin ave, HablIeld Andrews Mrs. I.., 590 King at, N'town Andrews 1., Kendall at, Woollahra Andrews Leslie, Itandwick at, It'wick Andrews Li. II., farmer, Gulargambone Andrews L. N., 8 Velverton st, St. l'eters Andrews M., 13 Cowper at, Waverley Andrews Miss, dressmaker, 107 Castlereagh at Andrews Mrs, M., Wentworth road, Strathfleld Andrews Mrs. M., Tavistock rd, Fm'ton Andrews Miss M., 05 Holdsworth at, Woollahra Andrews Mark, Bede at, Lidcombe Andrews Mich. R., Oxford at, Burwood Andrews M., Kitchener at, Coogee Andrews N.,.1.1'., music seller, Scone Andrews N. J., Watkin at, Ashfleld Andrews N. It., St. Alban s rd, 1.1 more Andrews Oliver. Taylor at, Lideombe Andrews P. C. II., Evaline at, Campsie Andrews P. II., Madman Pt. rd, Chiswick Andrew:4 Pat. 11., grazier, Mitta Mitta Andrews P. IV., farmer, Eingswood Andrews l'ercy, farmer, Wallendbcen Andrews Percy, Parr:tin:at:I rd, 13'wood Andrews Percy, 11 Boyle at, Enfield Andrews Percy, Verna st, Itandwtele Andrews Percy, 38 Mary at, St. Peters Andrews Percy A., Perry at, l'hardt Andrews Peter, 113 Dowling street Andrews It., 42 Caroline at, Redfern Andrews It. A., bedding manufacturer, 4 Raper at Andrews It. A., 14 Botany at, R'wick Andrews It. S., Crawford at, Lidcombe Andrews R. T. IL,Copeland rd, Beecroft Andrews 11. D., 92 Hordern at, N'town Andrea's Richard, farmer, Menangle Andrews Rohl., Reginald ave, Innore Andrews Robt., Hansard at, Waterloo Andrews Mrs. S., 184 George at, It'fern Andrews S. G., 6 Dudley at. M'ville Andrews S. J., Nixon eve, Ashfleld Andrews S. P., 13 Andreas st, P'sham Andrews Samuel, grazier, Coonamble Andrews Saint., 67 Wells at, Redfern Andrews Samuel, 10 Samuel at, St. Pet. Andrews Mrs. Sarah, 160 Edgeware rd, Newtowit Andrews Stephen, farmer, Mogriguy Andrews S ydney, farmer, Mangrove Cir. Andrews T. C., 18 Alexandra at, Drumninyne Andrews '1'..1., elect. engr., Junee Andrea's 'I'..1., undertaker and mannmason. 25 Entnore rd, Newtown, and Railway par, Lidcombe Andrews T..1., Tryon rd, Lindfleld Andrews T. J., 51 Carrington at, Summer Hill Andrews Thomas, chemist, 57 Glebe Point rd, Glebe Andrews Thos., farmer, St. Marys Andrews Thomas, grazier, Gloucester Andrews Thomas, D'Arcy aye, L'combe Andrews Thomas, 17 Westbourne at, Petersham Andrews Thomas C., farmer, Singleton Andrews T. I'., 4 High at, Ashfleld Andrews W., Aust. representative J. F. k II. Roberts, 109 York street Andrews W., sec. Tanners and Leather Dressers Union, Trades Hall, Goulburn at Andrews W., 43 Augustus at, Enmore Andrews W.,. 54 Renwick at, 1SPville Andrews W., 73 Renwick st, M'kville Andrews W., 21 Prospect st. Waverley Andrews W. C.. 09 Canonbury Grove, Dulwich Hill Andrews W. E., Burwood rd, 11'wood Andrews W. E., Josenh at, Lidcombe Andrews W. G., watchmaker, itirraba Andrews W. G., 08 Park rd, M'ville OUR DEPOTS ARE REPLETE WITH THE MOST ELEGANT AND COSTLY VEHICLES IN AUSTRALIA

58 VISIT ANTHONY HOROERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. 884 And ALPHABETICAL. Ani Ani ALPHABETICAL. Ant 885 Andrews W. II., Birriga rd, Bell y. Hill Andrews W. J. Church at, Canterbury Andrews W. J.,.P., 24 Harrington at, Marrickville Andrews W. J., Tennyson at, rinatta Andrews W..1. IL, Commercial hotel, Boggabri Andrews W. L., Moore at, Liverpool Andrews Miss AV. M., 24 Lay cock at, Neutral Bay Andrews W. R., Joseph at, Lidcombe Andrews Walter J., 22 Cook rd Andrews Walter.1., Wilson rd, A'cliffe Andrews Walter K., Queenseliffe, Arly Andrews W. J., grazier, Wileannla Andrews Wm., farmer, Binalong Andrews WnI., farmer, W'allendbeen Andrews William, 91 Buckingham at Andrews Wm., 188 Albion at, An'dale Andrews Win., Homer at, Canterbury Andrews Wro., Alice at, North Bondi Andrews Wm., 186 Union at, Indite Ainh ews Wm., 41 Harrington at,marrick vine Andrews Arm., Dawson at, Naremburn Andrews William, 27 Queen at, Nt'wn Andrews Wm., 11 Forbes at, Pad'ton Andrews Win., 290 New Canterbury. rd, Petersham.Andrews William, 74 Terry at, Rozelle Andrews Wm.., 63 King at, St. Peters Andrews William C., 209 Bridge at, finumnoyme Andrews Wm. E., 75 Kepos at, R'fern Andrews Wm. J., 8 Creek at, F. bodge Andrews Willie, teamster, Ourimbah Andriske Freak. A., fanner, Lockhart Andriske Henry A., farmer, Lockhart Andronico Bros., refreshment rooms, Muswellbrook Andronicus Bros., tea and coffee merchants, 107 George at north Andronicus C., 92 Behnore rd, Wwick 'Andrus Ed. J., Meryla at, Burwood Andy Wm., 177 Glebe Point rd, Glebe Anear J., 405 Glebe Pt. rd, Glebe Aney John It., Ideryla st, Burwood Alley Percy W., Minna at, Burwood Aney Mrs. Sarah, Meryla st, Burwood Anforth Joseph, painter, Springwood Angabunga River PlantatiOns Ltd., 10 Castlereagh at Angel G. & Co., rescnt, 591 George at Angel Albert, butcher, Uranquinty Angel Albert C., farmer, Nangus Angel Allen 0., Crane at, Homebush Angel Arthur, 18 Simmons at, Emnore Angel Chas., 11 Edward st, Carlton Angel E. IL, Cumberland rd, Auburn Angel Miss Emma. Crane at, Angel Harkness, grazier, Berrima Angel Henry, farmer, Wagga Angel Herbert J., farmer, W. Wyalong Angel J. IL, 45 Fotheringbam at, Marriekville Angel Jame's, Cream' rd, North Hyde Angel J. IL, Mackenzie at, Concord 1 Angel Perch's], poultry farmer, Mint I Angel Ridley A., Allibone at, Ashfiehl Angel Mrs. S. M., 37 Forbes at, N'town Angel Samuel, fanner, Wagga Angel Wm. J., 12 Loftus st, Did. Hill Angelena J., 40 Pleasant ave, Angelides George, 647 George at Angelinetta Arthur II. It., 257 Livingstone rd, Marriekville Angelinetta F., 52 harrow rd, S'inore Angelini dohn, 12 Alfred at, Rozede.Angell A. E., tailor, 82 King at Angell A. E., 41 Philip st, Bondi Angell A. V., 85 Lawson st, Patrgton Angell W. A., 19 Devonshire at, N. Syd. Angelo's Boot Factory, 1 Hosking Angelo E., boolmaker, 19 Castlereagh street Angelo E., Fifth ave. Catnpsie Angermunde Mrs. O s IS Linthorpe at, Newt own ANGIER CHEMICAL CO., LTD. Eassett and.1ohn son Ltd., Agents, 8 ' r ANGUS AND ROBERTSON LIMITED, Hew all Secoadlaaa BOOKSELLERS have the Largest Stock South of the Line of New anti Secondhand Books on all subjects. Booksellers 4- Publishers To the University of Sydney Librarians The Sydney Book Club Australia's Leading Circulating Library Catalogues and Tering of Subscription on application larg awl Naval Books Military Requisites Agents for War Office publications Libraries and Parcels of Books purchased for Cash or by way of exchange. Books, Pa mplilets, MSS., Autograph Letters, etc., referring to Australasia and Polynesia, a speciality. Correspondence invited from Trustees, Executors and A tt.orneys for Estates in any part of Australia having nny Of the above to dispose of. All purchases paid for promptly at highest prices. Telephones : 9071 and 9072 City CAS1LERE1GH STREET 233 Clarence at. Tel. City 6084 ri Angilley William, farmer, Werombi Angle II..L, 134 Pitt at, Redfern ss, SYDNEY. Angle Mrs. C., 3S Oberon at, R'wick Angeldis George, 119a Campbell at Angles Mrs. E., Princess at, Can'bury Angles Elizabeth, 1 Hough at, Way'ley Angles II., Strachan at, Sth. Ken'ton Angles James J., 31 Prince at, M'man Angles Victor, Barker at, Itandwiek Angles Victor, 1 Corona a ye, Way'lley Angles William V., Amy at, Campsie Anglican Sisters' Collegiate School, Deniliquin Anglin) Thos., 2a Arundel at, F. Ldge. Anglin 1,. J.P., tea merchant, 425 Abirrickville rd, Dulwich II ill Angliss W. and Co. N.S.W. Propty Ltd., meat exporters, 17 Castlereagh at Angliss IV, k Co., N.S.W. Propty. Ltd., freezing works, Condobolin and Parkes Anglo-American Candy Co. 739 George at, 287 Pitt at, and ' Manly Anglo-American Music Publishing Co., 16 George at Anglo-Australian Boring Co., Muswellbrook AnglmAlllerican Popcorn Co., Shepherd at, Darlington Anglo-American Popcorn Co., 39 Cunningham street Anglo Cigar Co., 443 Kent at Anglo-Saxon Trading. Corporation, 310 II vorge,angove IL, 296 Falcon at, Nth. Syd. :Ang,rove E. A., J.P., C.I'.S., Bombala Angus A: Conte, Ltd., jewellers and opticians George at 'Angus k Filer, plumbers, Wagga AmoN A.; Fine, grocers, 167 Mullens st, Bs boa in Angus listilway Carriage Company, Limited, 113 Pitt at Angus Railway Safe Running Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., 113 Pitt at Angus and Son, motor car carriage builders, Castlereagh at, and Sloane at, Newtown Angus & Tanner, Ltd., timber tnerehs., 164 Railway par, Kogarah, and North par, Auburn, and Cronulla Angus Alex. J., grimier, Oaklands Angus David, 10 Dudley at, Haberfleld Angus I). M., 2 Blairgowrie at, P'slem Angus Mrs. E., 7 Derwent at, Glebe Angus MN, 180 Crown at MMUS Mrs. Florence, 103 Stanley at Angus George, farmer, Meranburn Angus II. A., Sydney View par, Guildford Angus II, S., 11S lien Boyd rd, Neutral Bay Angus J., baker, Gunnedah Angus J. II. S.,.1.1'., Pres., Shire Illacktown Angus Jas., 7 Cameron at, Rockdale Angus John F., English at, Kogarab Angus.1. Fs 216 Railway par, Hog. Angus John 11. S., grazier, Booty Hill Angus John W., selector, hay Angus Mrs. L. A., Tryon at, C'wool Amigos Professor S., Victoria rd, Bellevue Hill Angus Thom., Hampden rd, F. Dock A ugus T., 78 Orange at, Lower Wwick Angu s Thos.. Paine st, W. Kogarah Angus W. D., sodillor, Parkes Angus William, 51 Ocean st, liogarah Angus Wm., Bishop's ave, Ilandwick Angus Wm. IL, 2 King at, Ashficld Angus W. H., 106 Norton at, Angwin II, D., 33 Kareela rd, C'morne Angwin It, T., mgr. Bank of N.S.W., Jerildene Animal Industry Branch M. II. Reynolds, controller, 117 Pitt at ANIMALS Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to (N.S.W.). Tele., City no91. G. B. Duff, secretary, 70 Post 011ive Chambers, 114a Pitt am meet, Sydney WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., GEORGE ST., C'DOWN 'PHONE L2848 AniAitti ('1., 1)avid at, Nth. Sydney Annetts Walter II., Clarke rd, Waitara APPRENTICE FORMS, For all Anivitti L., 4 Warringnh rd, Tfosman Amuuuet ta IV. T.. farmer. I tatvinan's Bay Trades and Businesses, 2/2 per set A like,. s., 26o EdgeelitT rd. Trabra Annevetti Miss, artist, 88, M pg at of 3, with full instructions. Save Ankerna A. Botany rd, Mascot Alining Mrs. Ellen. 95 Dowling at legal expenses by using these, which Ankel,. i.. 'slakai(liired J., 35 Greenhills at, Aiming I,., Inian's lane, Balman i comply absolutely with the requir- A tini mg George, bootmaker, Jumpy flo uts of both the Apprentices and Ankers Arthur, 3 Inimsden st, N. Syd. Aiming Ceorge, butcher. 210 Oxford at the Indut srial Arbitration Acts. Ob. Ankersmi Geo., Phillip st, Belmore Annin g L., jun., Gowrie a ye, 1"bawl tainable only froin L. %o dns, In- An/ezark A., n3 O'Connell at, N'town Arming Mrs. L. E., Albyn rd, S'field )1w:trial tot Expert, 14 Castle- Milts:irk A. C., :19 Starling st, L'Ii'dt Arming Mrs. M., 9 Macquarie at, A'ulale reagh at, Sydney.Anlezark A. E., Norwood rd, Auburn Aiming Mrs. IL, Susan st, (lordly Aillezi:. i ;(11;.ili Mm's. 11 Barg-rave lane, ADIOS E., butcher, Alanilla Annis IV. Cl., 4 Jersey am, Af'ville 'u maid' th.orge, Emil am, Canterbury Anlezark C. N. E., bootmalier, Bourse Annison IVIn. T., farm er, Parkes Antes Gorge, farmer, llodangorit Aniezark A., 113 Windsor rd s-140w') Oswald, filriller, %Mina,Intlies E., bootinaker, Newcastle reiershanl..1rignelil R., invester, 14 Martin place,intlies 1%, 2 Victoria at, Alexandria Aniczark 1/0.3. farmer, Gonalla Anquetil It., 130 litirraba rd, N. Bay Ilarry, 45 Caroline at, Redfern..AnIczark jas., Wallace aye, Hurt. pk, Anschall L. J., and Sons, boot factory, Mattes Mrs. I,. 531 M4; , W't'loo Ault zark Joseph, 7 Newman at, N'town Phillip at, Parramatta 'u mill h M rs. IV. 11., blouse specialist, Anlezark l'., 304 Falcon at, N. Syd. Anschau L. J. and Sons, tanners, 17n l'itt street Anlezark S., 45 Brown at Newt oat' ii t:rand use, Camellia Anthon Mrs. E. A., 163 Albany rd,.aniezark T.. 1.:otifrey at, Lakeinba.1nselian.Ilbert, farmer, Bringelly Petersham Annabel Bros., furniture remover, 68. All,ellall F. II., tan n er, 1Vindsor Million Jens 11., Queens st, litirwood Eninore rd, Enniore amid King at, Herbert Ii., C"'"I SI, "rville.ant honey Mrs. E. IV., 114 James at,. l'et ems Ansehati.1. A., postmaster, 135 Church Leiehliardt Annabel Alf, E., 28 Mary at, St. pet at, Parramat to.intlioney Sand., mail cont., Goodooga luslit:isclortdale d ave. Camellia.Antliony tiros., refresh., Woy Woy mlisst(;11:::::: i Gran at, P'Inatta Anthony Bros., Ltd., tanners, Smis! le' Annabel Ed., 40S Bridge rd,.inselian L..1., 36 George at. 1"inatta St. Peters Anschan Win., tanner, Plumpion 'Anschuitz Eric, Cambridge at,.1 nscomhe Bros., da rv- keepers, 'II ford at, Waterloo (:to., carpenters, Annabel Mrs. L. 11., 26 Iredale at Newtown.1nnaltel Perey, :1 Rowe st, St. Peters Annabel S., 54 Frederick at, St. Peters.Nnnabel S..1., 26 Frederick at, St. l'et. Annabel Victor, Kent at, Mascot Annabel IV. B., Gardener's nil, A'dria Annabel IV, IL, 25 Keith at, Dul. II. Annabel Wm. J., Lily at, Auburn Amiable J., 78 Rochford at, E'ville.Annable Jos., farmer, Bishop's Bridge Annakin Walter, 34 O'Hara at, Annakin Mrs. E., 26 Neville at, M'ville Annakin G., 24 Neville at, M'vi/le AnsetAni iillileiludin.,.1.1'., 1e 269 Elizabeth at, AnseloAi'lailt erlol o. T., Villiers' ave. 1"hurst Ansemnbe James, Park_ave, Mascot Anseonibe.185. A., Ingrain at, Koilon Annan A., manager Parsons Trading A combe.7., 362 Elizabeth at, Company, 340 ICent st, Sydney; p.r., "Lock Inch," Bennett st,' Ansell Bias WIll. A A., select or. Gleniffet " OS C'nwles 31"ma" Neutral Bay Ansel' Mrs. Annie, t'oventre rd, II bush Annan David, Auburn at, Sherwood Ausell Edwin, 17 Garnet st. Dul. Annan John, \Void's a ye, Ihirstvillez Ansell Ernest, Upper AVerille rd, Annan Mrs. M., Kern's ril, Lidcombe Ansell Fredlc., Carbarita rd, Annn ad ('use ase Factory, 111 Booth st,.atisell George, 71 Elizabeth at, 11 'fern A imandale,t iiau'il George, Royal al, Slit. Itandwielt _Annandale Ismnitry, :17 Pr ar :mis hit rd, Anseli 1114.A, M., 64 Susan at, C'down Anandale n Hobert S., Bridge hotel, 284 Bridge rd. Forest Lodge.1tusell William, 52 Joseph at, Ashfield,t mall 11., fanner, Nymogre Anshaw I'..1., grazier, Tainhar Springs Ansley Warwick, Dick at, Itandwick Annandale Livery Stables, 38 Wells at, Annandale Annandale Nursery Co., 326 Parramulatto road, Petersham.Annandale Police Stn., 130 Annandale at, Annandale Annandale Post and Telegraph Office-- Johnston at, Annandale Annandale Public Infants' School, 'I'ra. Ansvonilau manuf. agents, Newcastle Anscombe C. E., 153.Annandale at, Anthony A. G., fruiterer, Wyong.thtltony David, Ilannan at, S. It'wiels Anthony Edward, Ferndell at, Gr'ville Anthony Frank, 58 Alitchell at, Glebe Anthony George, store, Mandurama Anthony J., limit coach prop.. Walgett :Anthony J. 3., fanner, Darby's Falls Anthony Mrs. K. IV., 71 Alilson rd, Cremorne :Anthony Leonard, Vimiera rd, E'twood Anthony AL, fruiterer, 43 Park at Anthony AL, store, Ullattulla Anthony Mrs. Mary, 12 Holdsworth NeWtOWII.1nthony Mrs. N., Great North road, live Dock Anthony It., Julian st, IVillonghby.tittliony R. M., 15 Walter at, A'eliffe Anthony It farmer, Moorland Anthony S., draper, Casino Anthony, IAliss S., 4 Frederick st, Petersham Anthony S'. G'., fruiterer, 'remora.1ntliony S. G., off 1126 Bridge at, Driminioyne Anthony Samuel, Gale rd, S. Irwick Anthony \Vatter, 72 Cowper at, Glebe Anti-Tuberculosis Iiispensary, 183 Hay at Ant ill 4: Co., estate ants., 107 Pitt at, Antill J., Itobinson st, C'wood Ant ill Mrs. E.. Conway B'stown Anslow.1., 11 Annesley at, L'hardt Ant ill G. F.,.1.P., Com. Banking Co. Anslow.11fred, Charles at, Ityde of Sydney, Ltd., Cooma Anslow Paul, 107 Sydenham Allan II. C., jun., carrier, Ttnnbalong Anslow It., 133 Svdenhain mil, M'ville Ant ill Harley C., grazier, Byrock at, Annandale Ans.iii Geo. Hobert at, Stratlitleld Antill.1ohn, Water at, Lideombe Annandale Public School. Johnston st,: A tiliștatil o 11(e 1t)isrol,l;11. 1, 17 1) (1iloy ousisir t at, Itozelle AMIN John II., 144 Alt at, H b 'field Annandsle tantill Loftus C., 9 Federal avenue, Annandale Town Hall and Council:.Anson Pereival, 85 Albany rd, 1"shain Ashfield Chambers J. Golden Mushy, town I Inson Hobert, Salisbury st, trilown ANTILL P. S., Auctioneer, Stock clerk, Johnston at, Annandale I Anson Thomas, Booralee st, Botany Station, and Gerund Commission Atitutniui A dalindaievelharf, The Crescent,! Ansonia (lock Co.(New York), 56 A gent. Nyligan. (See islet. Nyngan section.) Atmandale D., 51 Charles at,.1mist.xinal NEr' l 'I rse. t A. at fr IC, Violet at, C'wood Annas Richard, farmer, Inveren Anstee Ed., 101 'frafalg.uur at, An'elale A ntill It. II., gen. store, Freshwater An John W., dairyman, Freeman's Anstee George, Conk st. Tempe Antill It. 11.,.1.P., coroner, Picton Beach Austin. F., 4- Stephen at, Paddington Antill It., agent, Gulargambone.Annear It., newsagent, etc., Comma Anstess Hobert, 15 Westbom ne st, Antilla C., Grantham at, AV. ICorsarah Annear Richard IL, 73 Point at: Pet ershant.amilla Airs. S., 892 Rocky Point rd, Amiens.1.. IS Princess st, Brighton- Ansless IVillie, 17 st, N'town Nog:trail le-s.110s '.Instey.Ilfred, 422 Victoria at.intique and Office Furniture Co., 38 Annen Mrs. C., 29 Mitchell at, Glebe Ansley Charles, farmer, Tregeagle Carrington at Annen George, 6 Phillip at, Glebe Ansf ty Mrs. Clara, 79 Park ave,.1miti septic Liquid Sheep Dip, 14.Immen Win., 62 St. John's rd, Glebe Ansley E..7., Ilot, I N eoth, O'Connell at Annersley Wm., 3 Al/strait:4 st, N'town Anstey II. IL, teacher, piddle school,.intiss Arthur W., 8 Claremont 6t, Atinesley George, 24 Mary at, IV'Cloo Itiverstone i Itozelle A lln esl ca' Mi ss.1., 47 I lmbert at, Dtil- :A nosy Mrs. S., 68 IC ell `-illgt on roa t1,1.1 i it Mail Mrs. Hilda, 227 Oxford at wieli Hill Stormier Hill 'At/they (1. D., boolinaher, Newcastle Ann( shy William, carpenter, Woonona, Anstiss Mrs. E d., 62 Shor t at. Irmain I Antoine Mrs. B., N'incenz at, Alosman Annett George, 99 Campbell at, Glebe Anstiss Edw., 6 craw ford rd, Brighton- 1 Antoine.101in.1., Plimsoll at, lichnore Arnica Mrs. I., 15 Cove at, Balmain, le.sands 1 Antone D., store, Bourke Armett s A., gen. store, Bateman's Bay Anstiss Jas., Harden a ve, Northbridge I Ant one Fro neis AV., farmer, Rosewood A n net t g Arnold J., bong at, SC field A 11 5tI SR Ti10111as, Viet oria at, Granville Anton y Jos. C., farmer, 'rumba nunbah Annetts Arthur, 11 Stanley at, It'd:de, Anstjss IV..1., Baldry at, Cl iatswood Antonelli 0., farmer, Woodburn.Annetts Milton at, North S3-d. : A list iss AV..1., 211 Falcon at, Crow's Antonia Ail., 33 Denison at, Arncliffe -Annet. I I, c., gen. store,.11oga i Nest.Atitonia C., 25 Monahan ave, Irdale THE LEADING FIRM OF FUNERAL DIRECTORS IN THE COMMONWEALTH \,

59 886 Ant ANTHONY HORDERNS'-THE PEOPLE'S MARKET. Antonio Alexander, 19 Ivy at, R'fern Antonio confectr., 124 Market at Anton bill l oredic., farmer, Tuckurimba Antonioni Luigi, farmer, New Italy Antony George, 14 Excelsior par, Mar- Helaine Antrim Mrs. Ellen, 106 Buckingham street Antrim Mrs. If., 177 Wardell rd, Dulwich Antrobus A., 13 Goodsell st, N'town Antrobus E. A., "Cariny'a," Manon rd, Beecroft Antrobus E. F., 47 Addison rd, Manly Antrobus G. F., 8 Wardell rd, Antrobus Henry, Penshurst at, 1"hurst Antwis Win, E., Ill Farr at, Ii dale Anyon-Sinith G. P., Benda at, Auburn Apitz Mrs. It., 13 Park at, Kogarah Aplett John, mail contr., Goodooga Aplett M., 38 Beaufort at, Enfield ATARI C..1., newsagent, Murrunituli Aplin Chas., 166 Liverpool rd, Ashfleld Aplin E. D., mgr. Bank of N.S.W., Coonabarabran Aplin Fred., Graham at, Lidromiw Ap Frisk, Woodburn rd, Aplin Mrs. b., 97 Victoria at, L'shain Aplin Norman, stovemaker, 160 (h.s.mge street west Aplin Mrs. S. L., 23 Sisters ties west, Drunimoyne Aplitt D., carpenter, Cobar ApInt John, Beaconsfield at, Auburn Apolony Joseph, 15 I/enison at, Roz. Apolony L. A., Brennan at, L'Ilardt Apostle S., fruiterer, rinnbarumba Apostol B., confectioner, 50 Market at Appel E., Clareville a ye, Sandringham Appleboom Philip, Denning at, ('gee Amwrely A. T., Allan MT, Delmore Apperley Clarence II., fanner, Bromic Appellee Geo., Cern live, Willoughliy Apperley James, Brighton at, Botany Apperley John, farmer, Nowra Apperley Wm., 2 Market at, IC 'tin Armed)" 11. W., J.P., gen. manager and sec., Aust. Mutual Provident Society, 87 Pitt at ; Ill., "Chip. stead," Water at, Wahroonga Appian Way Recreation Club-Appian Way, Harwood Apple Edmund, Kingsgrove rd, II 'villa Apple Leslie, 73 Mansfield at, Rozelle Apple Leslie, Wislwach at, Rozelle Applebaum Jacob, 107 William at Applebaum John, 75 Dailey rd, Rand. wick Applebee G. P., 29 Barwon Park rd, St. Peters Applebee Mrs. K., store, liendoora Applebee It. (1., Bruce ave, Gordon Applebee Richmond, 63 Edward at Appleby's Garage, Hire Aecessories Co., 9. Castlereagh at Appleby A. J., 33 Mackenzie at, Way. Appleby Mrs. C., 39 Barwon Park rd, St. Peters Appleby C. E., 528 Darling st, Rozelle Appleby Ernest A., farmer, Boggabrl Appleby Fred. W., Redman at, C'psie Appleby George 49% linion at Appleby Mrs. II., 131 Abercrombie at Appleby.1., bliwksmith, Broken Hill Appleby J. It., Old Kent road, Blown Appleby John R., Garden at, S. R'w'it Appleby John T., 11 Rivers at, Bellevue Hill Appleby John W., farmer, lloggabri Appleby Joseph, Platform at, Lidcombe Appleby L. W., artist photographer, 181 The Strand Appleby!Asmara, Ifeath at, Itandwiek Appleby Mrs. 11, A., 41 Roseby at, Marrickville Appleby Perms Glenfarne at, Bexley Appleby Mrs. IL, Smidniore at, Mar. ri 1k vii It. Appleby It. T., farmer, Argent's Hill Appleby Mrs. IL, 245 King at. St. Pet. Appleby Sidney, fanner, Baldry Appleby Mrs. h., 427 Cleveland at, Redfern Appleisarth Fred., liattgers ave. Irman ALPHABETICAL. Arc Applegate John G., Lipson aye, Wav'y Arbuckle John, 50 Raglan at, W't'loo Appleroth Herbert, Beaconsfield at, Arbuckle K. A., hon. sec. School of Bexley Arts, Iketon.1pp1eton Topple, motor garage, Arbuckle Mrs. M., 8 Morehead at, Pembroke at Waterloo Appleton A., see. Brass Band, I:111[i Arbuckle Mrs. Mary, 41 Francis at Korn Arbuckle It., 172 Wyndham at, Appleton Mrs. A., 19 Datellett at, Arch Alex. T., fanner, Annidale Balmai Arch Charles, 38 Glenview at, Pad. Appleton Al w, 271 Inirling at, Arch D., 53 Newington rd, Mar'kville Appleton C., Clareville a ye, S'gharn Archbold A., Gordon rd, Roseville Appleton C., 91 Roger's a ye, Haberfield Archbold A. E., Trafalgar ave, Appleton C., Millewa a ye, Wahroonga Archbold F. It., pres. Enna Shire Appleton Mrs. E. Trongate at, Gr'ville Council, Gosford Appleton Edward, ' 31 Denham it Archbold F. It., fruitgrower, Narant Appleton Esther D., farmer, Ilittagong Archbold Harold, Gordon rd, Roseville Appleton Geo. IL, Albert at, Hornsby Archbold Henry, orchardist, Corinth:di Appleton II. M.,.1.I'., 242 Wardell Archbold.1. D., Trafalgar a ye, It'ville rd, Dulwich Hill Archbold Ills, II.,41 Bay rd, N. Syd, Appleton Henry, 16 Bourne at, Irvine Archbold 0. J., Edinburgh rd, Appleton.1. P., 35 Union at, N'town Archbold It. C., Gordon rd, Roseville Appleton Janies, 7 Railway par, Mar- Archbold It. E., boat prop., Cowan riekville Archbold Sydney, Gordon rd, Roseville- Appleton Jas., 46 Ifordoch at, N. Bay Archbold V., Boundary at, Roseville Appleton Mrs. Lucy, Burwood rd, Archbold W. II., fuel merchant, \Vest Concord Wyalong Appleton Robert, 155 George st,w1'100 Archbold Wm., Tennyson ave, notirra APIdet on S. 11., 252 Wardell nl, Arclidall Mrs. II., Sisters Crescent wiell Hill East, Drunimoyne Appleton Thos., Brancourt rd, Arch,11eilieon 1 Chris., fanner, Cherry Tree Appleton W, IL, general store, Doree W II., gel '. store. Krambach Archdeacon Mrs. Mary. Byrne'y Applett Arthur It., fanner, Forbes Archdeacon _Norman, Byrne at, Botany Applett Henry, 16 Dudley at, IF field Archer A., Storey at, South Itandwick Applewaite J., 33 Wells at, N ewtown Archer A. E., Broughton rd, Appleyard /qrs. A., 99 Percival rd, Archer A. C., dentist, 154 Alfred at, Stantnere North Sydney. Appleyard F., accountant, lienipsey Archer A. T., 70 Thornley al, L'hardt A PPolish Y Meyer, 2:1 Iredale at, N'Cwn Arch A. IV., Penshurat it, Penshurst Alms A., school teacher, Corald lardor Albert C., Victoria a ye, C'wooil Apps Mrs. A., SIr Joseph Banks at, 1 Archer Alfred, 49 St. David's rd,. 13otany liabertield Apps Mrs. A., 363 Catherine street, Archer Miss B., Railway par, Irwood Leichliardt Archer B., Parratnatta rd, Homebush Apps A., oft Bathurst. at, Liverpool Archer C., grazier, Tumbarnintsi Apps Alfred, farmer, Pleton Archer C. 36 Rochford at, Erskineville Apps Arthur, 79 Cascade at, I'ad'ton Archer Charles, farmer, Forbes Apps. 1 -leveller, farmer, Yana Archer Charles, 88 Marlborough at Apps Charles, farmer, Parkesbourne Archer C. 226 Trafalgar at, Atedale Alms David, Botany rd, Mascot Archer Charles, 14 Little Albion at Apps Edwin, fanner, Maclean Archer Charles, Platform at, L'combe,1pps Eric, St. John's rd, Gordon Archer Charles E., J.P., agent, Cann- Apps (.1.. Ashley at, Hornsby windra Apps George IV., Tenterden 0, Botany Archer Chas..1., farmer, Burradoo 'Alms Mrs..1., 11 Elizabeth at, It'fern Archer ('. A., fanner, Wolseley Park Apps James, fanner, IVyalong Archer 1). E., butcher. Itnisligrove Apps James IV., fanner, Grafton Archer D. b., J.P., farmer, Brushgrove Apps John, fanner, Young Archer David, butcher, Lawrence Apps John, station mgr., Etingonia Archer Mrs. E., 97 Sutherland at, Pad. Apps Miss M., 132 Frederick at, Afield Archer E. G., Northwood rd, Northw'd Apps Mrs. M., 2:1 Arden at, Waverley Archer Mrs. E. B., 204 Commonwealth Apps Stephen, fanner, Young street Apps.Thonias, 162 Botany rd, Botany Archer Edward, leamater, Raleigh Arms W. C., blacksmith and hotel, Archer Edward, 36 O'Brien st, Bondi Breadalbane Archer Ell. L., farmer, Grafton Apps Walter.1., farmer, Multi Archer Miss E., 11 Curt at, Aslifield Apps William, dairy farmer, Picton.1relier Ernest L., orchardist, Dural Apps William, 12 Dover at, Botany Archer F., headmaster Trinity Gram- Apps Wm., 85 Cascade at, l'ad'toti mar School, 45 Boulevard, L'aliani Apps 11m. 1., farmer, Nebo' Archer I., II:lc:inky ave, Bankstown Apsey A. IV., Punchbowl rd, Enfield Atelier P. IL.1., 276 New Canterbury Apsley Shire, 11 'della rd, Petersham Apsley Mrs. E., 26 Fitzroy at, N. S. Archer F. If., 51 Gordon at, Brightonle-Sands Ansley Frederick, Belmore rd, 1"Ith'st Alit' II. D., diamond merchant, 289 Archer Fraiwis.1., Lucas rd, 11%mm' Pitt at Archer Frederick, selector, Cassilis Apted Mrs. C. W., 266 Grafton at, Archer Fredk., George at, Mortdale E., Woollahra Archer Fredk., 518 Miller at, N. Sc,), Apted Edw. P., \Version rd, Artarmen Archer F. It.. 72 Ewart at, Dad. Hill Aided James, Clissold par, Campsie Archer 0., 36 Bourke at, Redfern Apted Mrs..). C., 71 Penkivil at, B'ndi Archer Contd. G. G., acting C.P.S.. Apthorpe Sand., vomit r., Bishop's Irtige Albion Park Arabin Daniel E., fanner, Binalong Archer G. II., 46 Arthur at, L'hardt Anthill Alfred, :10 Louis at, Redfern Art'hu'r G. 11., 12 Woodward ave.. Araluen Itedbank G. Dredging Co. Stratlifield (N.L.), 14 Martin nlace Archer George, Junction rd, Hornsby Arandale Pat., farmer, Shannon Vale Arch er Geo., cirg tt dr rd, N. Amid:. P. L., 225 Elizabeth at west, Archer George, Milani) at, W. Kog. Croydon Archer 0. IV., farmer, Woodford Dale Aranty Phillip, Smith at, Mast Archer II., Shaftesbury' rd, Eastwood Arber William, Russell at, Nth. Bondi Archer II. J., Parramatta rd, II' bush Arblaster George, 35 Reuss at, II'main Archer Henr y, Alma at, Ilurstville Arblaster II., wellborer, Deniliquin Archer Herliert L., 25 Richards aye Arbon Sydney It., Surrey at, Eppin g Archer Mrs. J. A. IL, Julian at, Arbuckle F. J., 6 Florence at, St. Bosnian l'eters WGOD, COFFILL COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. ''PHONE 9227 CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS'-THE POPULAR STORE. Arc ALPHABETICAL. Arm 887 _ Archer.1. F., plumber, \Vet. %Vita.1rdill Roy G., Drake st,.1rtarnion.1iiel Ildlle., 1 Queen's aye Archer J. IV., 43 Prospect at, Er'ville Ardill Win., 85 Victoria at, I.'shani Ariel! John, PO Windsor at, l'ad'ton Archer.1olin, grazier, Tareutta Ardill Win. T., 31 Louisa at, Anhurn Ariell Mrs. W. IL. 2 Wells it, Balmain 1rcher John, 101 Old Canterbury ml, Arditto Angelo, 34 Albert rd, St'field Avis Thomas, 84 Itarion at, Leichhardt l'etershani.1rdleilian Options Ltd., 14 Iloore st Arlcell A; Douglas (Incorporated), in- A ' John \V., 46 Ili.,irge at, F:firlil Antonin,\,,I,, isaantukcr,fairfield (lent merchants, 127 l'ork at Archer Leslie, 1 Phillip at, Glebe.1rdouni Henry, Horbourne st, South Aiken Mrs. G., :liza at, Newtown Archer Miss M., 186 Beattie at, ll'inain Kensington Aiken IIrs. IC, 144 Crown at Archer IIrs. Marv, 23 1Vest a vii.1.rdonin Henry E., Ilarlmorne st, S. Arkey (1. T., Walter at, Willoughby Archer Norman 1V., grazier, Armidale Kensington Arkitis.1: Redmond, mercers, Mill- Archer Philip, selector, Ilinalarra.1rdoiliii Ilias ti.. thessmaker, 156 thorpe Archer It, IV., instils agent, Lisiliore li ing street Arkins A. C., convey'er, Ifuswidlliroolc Archer Robert, 3 Rose at, Annandale Ard i s; w in.,.1 1,-is'' at, ',Iv,. Dceic A ildfis A. IL, 57 Renwick st, I rinoyne Atelier Hobert, Venni live, %A l licill i'..1reinanil Henry, 95 Bellevue st, N..1rldns Henry, 41 Short at, Balmain Archer Samuel, supervising engineer, sydney-.1rhilis Joint, to.11ien st, A rialitre 1/.11%0., Bat horst.1reinit 1, red.., 6 Gibbons at..thbilin Atkins John, Kissing Pt. rd, Dundas Archer Sidney.1., farmer, Forbes Altiotta Max I i., Byrneat,.\ Mimi] Atkins Thomas, solicitor, 28 Ifoore' at A 11 11(. 1. Such. G., Miller at, North Syd.,srens Arra. A. K. E., r,yons rd, t)' livne Arun, Th,, I ts tic,nis t ry 01,,I.c,.1relier Thomas, grazier, IVa gisa Arens Gerard, Henry st, Five Dock Dulwich II in Atelier Thoniss, 9 1,1ora at, Arnel i ll-c Arentz I.* raneis C., 21 liirclii ad,t,..1rldnithill A. D., 2 I, isher at, 1"sliain Archer Thos., 108 Meek's, rd, NI'vi Ile 1Vaterloo Arkinstall Charles, 94 Ivy at, It'fern Archer Thos., Walter at, Willoughby.kretitz.1nlin, farmer, Parkes.1rld tiata II E., but tutu', allonym Archer W., Shaftesbury rd, EastNvood'Ascy.1. E., imisie teaeher, (*own' Arhl t e.tall 1."., 195 t o i m i ii: i rd, Ali'dale Arther 'IV.. 1., 01 1,1 " 'wvii.n, st M ' vino Arty Milton, 70 Wardell nl, It'viile.11. 1;1,1st:ill E., :110 Parrainatta road,.1reher NV. T., ancti.wpi., Wiiiiii,t.el: A i f..:1 m isses. 1,,,,,,, t s, c,, rd. h r y, h, Petersham Archer \Vatter C., grazier, Cavan Argall A. E., 12 Princess a ye, \\ ''t' Arhinstal (I. :139 Cleveland at, It'fern :1relier 'Viii., fanner, Ilurga..1.,,,ill \1. rt hur E., cor i niston avenue, Ark inata I (:. II., farmer, Inverell Archer \\*Minim farmer, \\*tillar Concord.1n:instal Geo., fanner, The Chantion Archer *William, 252 Crown st.1risall Frank, John at, Lideombe Aildnstal Geo. II., farmer, Inverell Archer WIlliani, 5 Rose st, An'dale!Argall George, Waratall at, Bexley.1rldnstal John, :346 Botany rd, Dot. \ " 1 ".1* W " h. 7 1) "' " il at. 11"j i"p ",': Argon 'rims., 29 Ilaibar i,t, C arltn o.1n:instal Il ya. S..1., :: Claren do n Archer \VIII.,.I 1'. il adwa Y, Par, (I w ( I! Ansall 11'illiain, 131 Redfern at, It'fern at, I 'n I (q.1,,(1 Archer \Vim, Cl y de at, Croydon Park. Atg.,. 1 1ia r,.0111,... t., csh,, ), t oo Au.hin,,iii w..1., Amy,,t, I.,,,,,,,sie Archer Win., 12 llopetomi 'it, Pall'uni Sliaavx at Arm,. Ni t s, 1:,., High at, t:rativiiic Archer \ 'iii., a:h.41mm at, Peakinirst i Argent Ifrs. A., Parkas e, Burwood Arid,' Mrs. Mary A., Daniel at, Gr'vnle Archer Wm., 237 Cleveland at, Redfern At. e:,.,, t.. 11., 1,.,,,,,t,.r, ilawraviiie Arkicss 0,, st; chandos st, Nth. Syd..1reller IVni. 'T., farmer, (Myra Argent.1Ibert E., fanner, Willwrforee Arkin an Ilia: J., IIiiiin's ave, Neut. B..1ither-Burton Ilrs..T. c., I Milim ril, Argent..11f.,.1(1 Leichliardt at, NVav'y Arhwr i ght.1. F., IVellbank al, ("lord (*reinorne.11-gent.1rtlinr, 11'inelleater rd, Clovelly.1rle Alex., 74 Paddington at, Prot.:an Archers A. IV., Percival at, S. R'wick Argent.1rthur, Farr st, Rockdale Arlidge Edward, 28 Ilarriott at, Wfern Archibald & Latter, a ccouldalti ''. 16 Argent A. D., fanner,.1rgent's Hill Arlidge George, 17 Noblis at Spring at Avg, fit (1, K., In Lon/ on pal', Arlington Mills Co., 295 Elizabeth at Archibald Mrs. C. E., 45 Burlington at, \Vaterloo and 2:12 Casthaasigh at North Sydney.\ rgent r. T., 11011,rrow at, c'ydon Arlington Joseph, 99 1'ille at, Icallam Ni". 1., 10 Arcadia 111, C',''e Argent. Frtilk. G., farmer, Iturropine Arlington IV., 94 Cameron at, Pad. Archibald F. A., seleetor, Nth. Dorrigo 'argent Harold, 39 Corona a ye, 1Vtiv'y.1rloni Wilfred, 10 Ocean at, W'altra Archibald Mrs. G., 31 Balker Street,.1rgent.1. E., accountant. is Bridge at.1rinand co., Potter & Birha Ltd., A'n li Argent. John, farmer,.arisent s Hill sole agenta 15 Grosvenor at Ai dill "' I ' l II.. McITH"" 11 a v", N'1 " 1".1igent John K. Dudley at, Roseville.1rmat ore Sand., 26 Lil y at, Enfield A rchibald 11, S.. F.C.1.A., accountant, Argent.101in T., 71 Glebe at. Glebe Annlinister C., outfitter, Ifullumllimby 16 Spring at.\114111i L. 11., farmer, Taylor 's A rinth.ilbrustur Nliss If. M., Henley at, Archibalt.1., 320 Edgeware rd., N town 1rgent S., 5!Tido!) al, Waterloo D O1'111. Archibah.1. G.,., Ilim.,iira i r,, ` 1-,.1rgent \V., 61 Ibuspiarie st, 1"inatta.1rinbuster 0., ref. rooms, 1Vollingbar Archibalt.101m, Fifth ave, (*mulish! 1rgent IV., MahhisMI at, OLOICSVille Alin/Mi st ee Otto R., fanner, Lisinore.1rchibal John.1., farmer, (Myra.\ rgi, rit \Vim It., fanner, Argent's Hill.1rinblitster Wm., farmer, Meerschaum A rchiliali.1. \V., 9 M., 11 : 1 at. Alihnrit.1rgentine Republic-M. Molinas, %ice- Vale Arellibill, N., 13 Blown at, l'ad'ion consul, Newcastle Ar chilial, R., oreli'dist, St. John's Plt..\ugh. Ilra'. Annie, I :: at, TI-1111,1' A r"".(7vol:`\t"'tat ra Han I r"" "" 387 Art.hibill, It. IL, fanner,. Mt. Russell 1rgles A. 11., Lane Cove rd, Lane Cove Artner George, 198 Wilson at, Newtown Areliihaili ca iisaiime l.1., \Villiai m rd. rgii.1., 53 Abercrombie st, Redfern Arintleld E., 41 Shepherd at, M.'ville.1rdsal Race Club, Jerilderie Artidield I.:..1., farmer, Bangalow Archibalt Thomas, Bestic if, Rockdale Argue Mrs. K., 15 Junction at, W'ahra joliti If., fanner, IVondview An hibal, W. C., 171 I.:Hz:Mut hi at Argue Brow_ 1.1hiti.1111 at, 5. timici.1rinit Oncenselitte, Manly Art \I'm- (armer, Edna Argue Hobert, farmer, Iftillimiliimby E.,.11 Charles at, 1"altain Archibal. 1Villiain, farmer, Wamberal Argue Itoy, 29 Hayes at, Neut. Bay A nti it. II. IV., med. practitioner, Arehibal, Wiii., 21) Sinip:on at,.1iill'il Argue IV. II., 17 Warwick at, S'inore lvybaluna rd, Hunt. Hill Archibal. Win., NIss a \ e, Dul. Hill Argoindian.1. A., haul: mgr., Armitage Miss E.. 12 Nitlisdale st Archinal.1.rtiiim, farmer, (loorangonla "Argils" Melbourne)--S..1 rmitage (I. S., clermiaton ave, Aribitial C. II., DI I'll t at, \Vaterloo Nieholls, 76 Pitt at Itoseville Archinal Chas., fanner, Tintenbar Argos Henry II., farmer, Boree Creek.1rinitage II. '1%, chief acemmtant Archinal Henry A., 10 'Tennyson at,.1rgas John 'I'. 11., farmer, Currawarna Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Enfield Argyle Bond and Free Stores-Dingle Ilead Ofilee, Pitt Moore els; A rch ilial IVIlliam. grazier, Eccleston and Co., Ltd., Argyle it "Patibrydo," 21 Hoyle tat, ArensIlii-sa itahi..1finie E., 3 Little's ave. Argyle Box Factory, Biotighton at Mosul:in (11elie 1rmitage Illil,, 25 Arden al, W'av'y Areus.las. A., 70 Prospect rd, Summer Hill Anse; 1)Irs. S. C., Itargaret 'at N Syd, Amos W. S., ingts Govt., Savings Bank Of N.S.W., Blayney Arday Joseph, 158 Cumberland at Arden I :cord., 699 K ink at, Tempe Arden George, Union at, W. liogarah Arden Jonathan, l'ergii,on a ye, 1"bowl Arden Thomas, 26 Gladstone at, Kog. Ardill Bert E.., Harris at, Granville Ardill C. E., aitt.tioneer, Gunning MAUI l'. J., Iferrylands rd, Wen'ville Ardill George E., J.P., 143 Commonwealth at; p.r., 59 Albemarle at, Newtown Ardill Geo. P., Marsden at, Sherwood Argyle Coop, Central Dairy Co., IA b, ---E. F. East, nirsr., Goullaini ".trgyle Liberal," Mr-i. L. 1,11martin. Crookwell Argyle Starr-Illowkett Ballot and Sale Society, Gotilborn.1rgyle StarrBowladt,.1rgyll Brick and nip (.0., park I'll, Enfield Argyrol' and Ovoferrin (Fassett and Johnson Ltd., agents), 233 Clarence at Aria Charles, 88 Elliott st, Balmain Aria Leo. I)., 'Menton at. Gladeaville Aria Leo, Meriton at, Gdadesville Ariansen N., I'rawford rd, Brightonle.Sands Armitage.1., 46 Denison st. Newtown Armitage.1. It., N.S.11. rd, Double Bay.1nnitage.I 29 Cambridge at, Itozelle Armitage Joshua,.10 venue nil, At'tn'n Armitage Ned, Charles it, Granville Armitage Samuel, farmer, Bland.1rmitage Thos., 15 Regent. at, Pad. Armitage Thos..7., farmer, Coninna.1rmitage 1V. 11., monumental mason, Muswellbrook.1niiitmse 1V. 11., 119 Cremona. rd, Cremorne Armitage Walter, 1 Cypriati it, II'man Annitage 11*m. A., farmer, (lirvan.1rinittead Mrs. Emily, 59 Botany at, Itandwick Ardill (I, D., Rawson at, Core Hill Arida Henry J.. 418a Elizabeth at.111mb:stead.1., New Canterbury* rd, Andill George L., Lord at, Ariel M. F., Collingwood at, Manly Ilurlstone park THE MOST COMPETENT AND LEAST COSTLY FUNERAL DIRECTORS IN AUSTRALASIA

60 ' ANTHONY HORDERNS' MAIL ORDER SERVICE WILL HELP YOU. 888 Arm ALPHABETICAL. Arm Armitstcad R., 207 Sutherland st, Pad. Armstrong Miss Amy, 413 Miller st, "Armour's Arcade," 98 Railway par, 1 North Sydney Koga rah 'Armstrong Andrew, J.P., land and par. Armour Mrs. A., 27 Greenhills st, liamentary agent, 63 Pitt st Enfield Armstrong Andrew (J.P., N.S.W., Armour Alex., grazier, Bookham S.A. and Q'land), 20 Bedsit at, Armour Alex., grazier, Cross roads Mostnan Armour Alex. station mgr. Barham Armstrong Andrew, farmer, Orange Armour Archllral d, farmer, ICellyville'Ann stro ng A. A., farmer, Marshall Mt. Armour Arch., 52 Addison rd, Manly Armstrong A., 401 Church st, 1"matta Armour Arch., 75 Stuart st, Manly Armstrong A., 1S Young at, Neut. Bay Armour Archibald, 50 Wood st, 3Tanly!Armstrong A., 27 Missenden rd, N'town Armour C., hairdresser, Camden Armstrong Bertram, 9 Belvoir at Armour C., Mountford at, Guildford Armstrong C., 33 Rochford st, E'ville Armour D., ref. rooms, Litligow Armstrong Mrs. C., 115 Alexander at, Armour Edw., 31 ti st, Gladesville North Sydney Armour Hector, Wyalong at. Will'by; Armstrong C. A., grazier. Oberon Armour.1., Tennyson rd, Bankstown.,1111 1stro n g C. A, 26 Macpherson at, Armour James, grazier, Rye Park Neutral Bay Armour John, farmer, Tweed Heads Armstrong C. auctioneer, Griffith Armour John, grazier, Bookham! Armstrong Miss C. M., McDonald at, Armour John, Beamish at, Camps's Paddington Armour John, 2 Harrison at, Weals! Armstrong Charles, grazier, Casino Armour John A., Dawson at, N'burn : Armstr o ng Chas.. 10:: Dean at, Ft."'" Armour Joseph, Cludinsrs at, Belmore Armstrong Charles, 26 Darghan at, Armour Matthew, grazier, Wombat Glebe Armour Robert, blacksmith, Daysdale Armstrong Charles. 1 Eiger at, Glebe Armour HAL, 22 Military rd, N. Syd, Armstrong C., S Glenview st, Pad 'ton Armour Robert W., fanner, Narellan l Arnistrong Chas. C., farmer, Frogmore Armour W., 201 Victoria at, Ashfield Armstrong Chas. J., farm, -, Narrabri Armour W. J., Bay View at, Tomy.! Armstrong Charles R., 87 Foveaux at son :Armstrong Chas. T., grazier, Dandaloo Armour William, farmer, Downing Armstrong Chris, fanner, Canowindra Armour W. 314 Railway istr, Carlton! Armstrong Chris., grazier, linglan Armour Wm., 40 Burffit at,!astra Armstrong Clarence, Turner st, By& Armour Wm. J., See at, Meadowb'h Armstrong 11., mgr. A. 13. of C. Ltd., Arnisby James, 91 Lawson at, Pad'ton Wickham Manson Nurse A. E., West Maitland Armstrong D. B., electrical engineer, Arms." t;csoge Tayi r at, ha ii emb 812o George st Artnstead 11f., 21 Renwick SE: Armstrong D. IL, 107 Trafalgar at, Drummoyne A tins mints Armstead Jas., Camplisll at, Clovelly Armstrong Daniel, farmer, Coolamon Annstead Svd men's out 3force Arnistrosg David, Sscond st, S. Ash. Armstead W. G., 23 Campbell at, Bal-: field main, Armstrong E., 34 The Avenue, O'down Armstead Wilfred, MeCourt at. Lab. Armstrong E., The Avenue. Hurstvillt eniba :Armstrong Mrs, E., :36 Pittwater rd, Armstead Win. J., 67 Palmer at,: Manly 13abna in Armstrong Mrs. E., 120 Illawarra rd, Armstein Joseph, livery at., 'St. Mary's' Martinville Armstrong & Boles, butchers, Bean 'Armstron g Miss K. 55 Ocean at, Tree Woollahra Armstrong Bros. & Rand, timber iner. Armstrong E. B., Wellbank at, C'eord chants, Tenterfield, Titoism 's, and Armstrong E. 11., Lindsay at, N. Bay Sandy Itills :Armstrong E. F., Osborne lane, Wool. Armstrong and Cullum, hairdressers, lahra Katoomba, Armstrong Mrs. E. II., 195 Ernest at, Armstrong and Lanirock, auctioneerss North Sydney Glen Innes Armstrong E..1., blacksmith, Clcn. Armstrong & Royse, Ltd., timber' resell w in inon and Torrington Armstrong E. T., 45 Fowler at, L'hardt Armstrong W. & Sons, veterinary aut..: Armstrong E., land agt., Brownsville geons, 400 King at, St. Peters Armstrong E., 167 Alice at, Newtown Armstrong Mrs. A., 57 Old South. Armstrong. Ills. Ellen, 11 Queen's Head rd, Waverley five, North Sydney Armstrong A. B.,.LP., 189 Lane Cove Armstrong Ern., Arthur at, rd, Crow's Nest!Armstrong E. W. G., farmer, Mullum. Armstrong Miss A. E., music teacher,! bimby 338 George at Armstrong F. C., rumba., Griffith Armstrong Mrs. A. E., 19 King. at.: Armstrong F. D., Byrnes at, West. Rockdale Kogarah Armstrong A. G., dental surgeon, 151 Armstrong F. H., 15 Weston rd, Hoz. Elizabeth at Armstrong F. J., Woodburn rd, Lid. Armstrong A. II., 24 Young at, N. Bay: combe Armstrong A. II., Edinburgh rd, Armstrong F. W., J.P., 28 Bayswater Willoughby st, Drumm/wile Armstrong A. II., 175 Smith St. Sum. Armstrong Fredk., farmer, Windsor mer Hill!Armstrong Fredk, C., farmer. Griffith Armstrong A. II. R., boots, Goulburn I Armstrong 0., 229 Annsndale street, Armstrong A. J., 10 Don at, Newtown I AIM:. wink Armstrong A..1., 56 Wilson st, Irfern Armstrong C., Leieester ave. St'field Armstrong- A. W., Messiter at, Campsie Armstrong G.. 24 Septimus at, E'ville Armstrong Albert A., Hillside cres, Armstrong G. IL, teacher, Pambula Epping Armstrong G. T., Chapel at, Belmore Armstrong Albert E., Imperial hotel, Armstrong George. physician and sun- George at, Redfern geon, 335 Macquarie at; p.r., Armstrong A. E., farmer, Nth. Wagga Cleveland at, Wahroonga Armstrong A., grazier, Naughton's Gap Armstrong Geo., farmer, Aberdeen Armstrosg Alex., 10 Miller at. Armstrong George. farmer. Ilingara Armstrong* Al(., farmer, Balldale Armstrong Geo., farmer. Dapto Armstrong Alfred, 2 Platt at, N. Syd. Armstrong George, farmer, Marsdens Armstrong A. E., stn. mgr., Barham Armstrong. Ceorgt. 14 Beaufort at Armstrong Miss Amy, 278 Bridge rut, Armstrong Geo., Lane Cove iii, Glebe wood WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. Armstrong Geo., John at, Lidcombe Armstrong. Geo., 132 Military rd, Neutral Bay Armstrong Ceo., 23 Mason at, N. Syd. Armstrong G., 66 Railway at, 1"sharn Armstrong George, :30 Carlton cres, Summer Hill Armstrong G., Cuthbert at, Waverley Armstrong George, Union at, W. Kog. Armstrong, Geo., 192 Edgeelitre rd, Woollahra Armstrong G. A., carrier, Greig's Flat Armstrong G. 1., builder, Tumbarumba, Armstrong. G. W., farmer, Myrtle Ck. Armstrong C. W., selector, Sports. man's Creek Armstrong II., 414 Oxford at, Bondi Junction Armstrong H., 263 Alfred at, N. Syd. Armstrong Mrs. 11., 66 William. at, Redfern Armstrong II., off Tennyson rd, T'sots Armstrong II. N., 10 Plunkett at, Drummoyne truistrong II. 0., off Warner st, Tennyson Armstron g Ilarry, 170 1:raftoti at, Woollahra Armstron g. lienry, blacksmith, 11'0n- /sari/on krinstrong Henry, farmer, Worigarbott Armstrong Henry, 4 Fitzroy place Armstrong II. C., Old Canterbury rd, Pstersham.krnistrong Henry II., Robey at, Mascot Armstrong II. Is, Godwin at, Bexley Armstrong. II. grazier, Million CI:. Armstrong Hi ght., C29 Clsbe at, C'is Armstrong limbo t, 111 IttttkiitIi at, Newtown Armstrong Hume, farmer, Berrigan :1rmstrong Miss 1., 66 Spotforth at, Neutral Bay Armstrong.1., coachbuilder, Grenfell Armstrong Mrs. J., 97 William at Armstrong.1. A., Railway Cl, Cli'w'd Armstrong.1. F., Billong, at, Neut. 13. Armstron g Jas., J.P., saddler, Nowra Armstrong.1. W., 11 liensington rd, Summer Hill Armstron g Jas., grazier, Blowering Armstrong James, grazier, Bungonia Angstrom; James, farmer, 3fogrigny Armstrong Jas., 26 Frederick at, Ashfield Armstrong Jas., 51 Phillip at, B'm'tt Armstrong Jas., Milton st. Cranville Armstrong James, 471 Alfred st, N. Sydney Armstron g.1. II., farmer, Dorroughby Armstron g Mrs. Jime, :Me Living- at 011I. rd, Marriekville Armstrong John, farmer, Deniliquin Armstrong- John, farmer, Lismore Armstrong John, farmer, Windsor Armstrong Johis grazier, Jindalee Armstrong- John,.1.P., 4 Gillies ave Haberfield Armstrong.1., 264 Arden at S., C'w,e Armstrong J., Villiers st, Coughtown Armstrong , 115 Albert at, Marriekville Armstrong John, :ti 1 Bourke at, War. emits, Armstron g. J. A., fanner, Rosebank Armstrong J. B., stn. mgr., Wentworth Armstrong John D., orchardist. Orange Armstrong. J. E., farmer, Boat Barb. Armstrong J. F., 25 Bayswater at, Drummovne Armstrong J. G., farmer, Kangaroo. Valley Armstrong John G., 61 Park rd. Aub'n Armstrong John (1 Annie at, Arbank Armstron g John II Wilton at.. Newt own Armstrong John I., farmer, Jilliby Armstrong John J., Chelmsford ave. Epping Armstrong J. IL S., Kogarall rd, Kog. Armstrong John IV., 42 Marion at, Leieliharilt Armstrong Joseph, Star hotel, 50. George at, Redfern BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION ANTHONY HORDERNS'-AUSTRALIA'S MAMMOTH STORE. Arm ALPHABETICAL. Amn 889 Armstrong J., poultry farmer, Canley Vale Armstrong J. A., farmer, Bexhill Armstrong, dos. 11., farmer, Yerong Ck. Armstrong.1. C., grazier, Murrum. batsman Armstrong K., 15 Tasman st, Bondi Armstrong Mrs. L., 139 Parramatta rd, Haberfield Armstrong Mrs. L., 25 Myrtle at, Leieltha nit Armstrong L. A., builder, etc., Turn. banimba Armstrong Mrs. Ts A., 184 Forest nil, Anicliffe Armstrong Hon. Judge L. F. M., 72 Helena St. Auburn Armstrong L. J., Kensington rd, Ken. sington Armstrong Louis, Cowrie ave. Wav'y Armstrong. Lucas.1., Rirttriew Ilingara Armstrong 31., 635 Rooky l't. rd, Nog. Armstrong. M. S., stn. mgr., Nyngan Armstrong :Mrs. 31., 237 Bourke at, litit cults, Armstrong- Mrs. 31. S., 12 Harcela rd, Cremorne Armstrong 31. W. S., farmer, Boat lit rbour Armstrong Max., 2 Ryan at, L'hardt Armstrong M. J., fanner, Brooklet Armstrong 31, C., farmer, dunes Armstrong. Miss Mand, 59 Mantel at Armstrong Norman, Banks at, Wel. Armstrong, Mrs. 0., Fitzroy at, M'ville Armstrong P., 29 Knight st, Anieliffe Armstrong S. IV., fanner, Boree Creek Annstrong Miss Sarah, 287 Cliche Point rd, Gkbe Armstrong Stan., 51 Boulevard, L'sham Armstrong T., teacher of bookkeeping, Newcastle Armstrong T., cattledealer, Tuncester Armstrong. T., tea rooms, W. Maitland Armstrong Mrs. T., 11 London at, Enmore Armstrong 'I'. F., carrier, Oberon Armstrong 'I', L.,52 Premier at, Kog. Armstrong '1'. II., 44 Boyce st, Glebe Armstrong T. N., baker, E. Maitland Armstrong Thomas,.1.I'., Albion Park Arnistroug Thos., fanner, Bangalow Armstrong Thos., fanner, Crookwell Armstrong Thos., grazier, Litsitore Armstrong Thos., mayor, \Viet:ham :1rinstrong Thos., Botany road, Mascot Armstrong l'hos., farmer, Orange Armstrong Thos.., 99 Itoshisrd st, Erskineville Armstrong Thomas C., fanner, Divers]] Armstrong. '1'. W., fanner, Richmond Armstrong '1'. W. 31., fanner, 31tillum. Minify Armstrong V. S., grazier, Deniliquin Armstrong W., Allen's rd, Alexandria Armstrong W., 40 Malcolm st, Wyllie Armstrong; IV., 10 Myrtle at, L'hardt Armstrong W., 100, Constitution rd, Petersham Armstrong W., 128 Cavendish at, Stanmore Armstrong IV. A., estate agents, 107 Pitt at Armstrong. W. A., 34 Andreas at, 1 ersham Armstrong P.,. Broughton rd, Artarmon Armstrong IS J., Henry at, S, Armstrong W. A., faehe st, Hyde Armstrong Patrick, llopetoun hotet,lartnsiron g IV. B., 14S ion at, Er. 410 I3ourke st shineville Armstrong R., stock agt., W. Wyalong Armstrong Win. C., 35 1Vmula rd, Armstrong It., sergeant of police, Oen- Mosnian iliquin.trrnstrong IV. D., 3.P., He Milhau rd. Armstrong Mrs. R., Lougueville rd, Ilunter's Lomeisville Armstrong W. II., 29 Rawson si, Armstrong It., 16 31tilahoff at 3Frille Auburn.Annstrong R., 62 Albany rd, 1"sliam rmstrong W. II., Crescent at, IFfield Armstrong It., 339 Renwick at, Irfern Srnistrong W. II., Woniora rd, It'ville Armstrong It., 47 Grosvenor at, Valfra.1onstrong W..1., Itairdr., Wellington Annstrong R. 13., chemist, 49h Castle- Armstrong W 31., 123 Catherine at, reagh at Leichha rill Armstrong IL D., chumist, etc., West Armstrong W. T., farmer, Bingara Ma it land Armstrong Walter, St. John's rd, Aub'n Art»strong It, E., 34 Stafford at, Stan. Arnistroog W. It., Waimea mtl, It'ville more Armstrong Warren, fanner, Bingara Arnistrois, It, IL, Is Kiss. Edward st,.krtustrong Will bun, Ilutchers' Arms noel:dale hotel. 205 Ilarris at Arms t rong B. st, Armstrong V.-, Empire /t tic!. N'eastle Neutral 113 t 1111,4 1,, 1);: W111., dairyman, Stratheden Arinstrmig bury rd, R. Petersham II., 119 New Arnisti Canter- sfig William, farmer, Mingelo.1rinsti,11g William, grazier, 'Boorowa Armstrong It. IL, 479 Bosky l't. ml, ArinsIrsiig Wm., grazier, Naughton's Rockdale (Sip Armstrong R. Is, 122 Sydenliam rd, Armstrong IVilliatn, poultry farmer, road, Marrieltville Wet herrn Park Armstrong It. S., 10 Forrest at, Haber. Armstrong- Wm., statimi ingr., Byrork field.srinstrong WM., 339 Botany rd, hot 'y Armstrong It. T., Water at, Walrga' Armstrong William, Stephens rd, Bot'y Armstrong R. IV., 294 Cleveland at Armstrong Wm., Arthur at, Carlton Armstrong ISm., illison rd, carlton Armstrong Ralph, Dudley st, L'combe Arnistions Ilolut., bontbuilder, Terara Armstrong Win., Notting rd, Armstrong Robt., 22 Lucy at, Ashfleld Lideonilis Armstrong. It., 7 Malakoff at, 3rville Armstrong William, 35 Yule at, P'sham Armstrong R. G., farmer, Mongery Armstrong William, Harley rd, R'wick Armstrong R. J., fanner, Cowra.thnstrong Wm., 39 Percy F4, 110Zelie Armstrong Hold. 3., 2 Queen at, En-,krinstrong W., Allillone st, S. Ashfield Armstrong Wm., Russell at, St'field Arnulatronrg Ii.T., dairy farmer, Armstrong 'WM, 74 BeignIVI. at, Way. McNnt-'s Armstrong It. T. IL, farmer, Numulgt Armstrong Woollahra Wm., 137 Edgeeliffe road, Annstrong It., hairdresser, Ntwea stle it.msnṯirl:eng Wm. 1., :de ity rd, IL AnnsAttryrtiusialvtirili feerick, 41 Charles st, Armstrong. IVm. G., medical practitioner, 26 Roslyn Gar dens.armstrong S., 352 New Canterbury rd,..1nristrong 'Wm, G., orchardist, Kelly- Pctsrsham Armstricfi 3 itguarsie S. 11., Et industrial court,.1rnistron g Wm. J., fanner, Eureka.1rnistrong 3., farmer, Grenfell Armstrong a S. J., Spring Garden Et, Arm strong Wm. J., farmer, Nashua Armstrong Wilson, 47 The Grove, Pad. Armstrong Mrs. S., Water st, Auburn Ann sworth Wni., fantod-, Edna A rifinl: t ro lt ifge S. CR.:, fritrunlilelerr,, Glivnounligrrai rbnobiai Annytage W. P. and Co., estate agents and Ins/trance broktrs, 11011SC, Martin place AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND CONTRACTORS WE SER Armytage E. II., 36 Emmett a, Ntls. Sydney Armytage G. E. M., Albert at, S'fleld Armytage II., San. inspector, Orange Annytage Rev. I. I). (C. of E.), Cal imbellit own Annytage Ventry, 6 Mary at, 11"Cloo Antall Miss E., Concord rd, C'cord Antall Harty 66 Windsor at, Pad'ton Arnaud Leon, 28 Cox ave. Bondi Aniatulon F., hairdresser, Narromine Arnberg J., Station st, Pymble Arneliffe F.S. Dispensary, Done at, Arncliffe Arneliffe P.O., Firth at, Arncliffe Arneliffe Public School, Rocky Pt. rd, Arncliffe Arncliffe Railway Station, Done at, A men fie Anicliffe School of Arts, 109 Wollongong. nul, Arneliffe Arncliffe West Public School (Infants), Loftus at, Arnclitre Arneliffe George, 25 Mount st Arndell Bros., blacksmiths, 13angalow Arndell A. A., J.P., 65 Macleay St Arndell A. IV., farmer, Mt. Vincent Arndell Alfred S., grazier, Temora. Arndell Arthur A., farmer, Cattai Anidell Reg. A., farmer, Stratheden Armiell Thomas, farmer, Guyra A11141(.11 T. C., grazier, Terry-hie-hie Arndt Charles, 56 George at, L'hardt Anicil.1. Is, store, Waterfall Arneil James, 30 Kensington at Arneil 'I'..1., Dungowan hotel, Dungowan Arneil Wm., S Beaufort at Arnett C. It., 26 Boulevard, L'sham Arnenian C. 11., tailor, 67 Castlereagh at Arnetnan Gerhard. Waratalt at, C'wood Arneson Win., Eccles at, Aslifteld Attica Edward Is, selector, Moruya :1rtiett Geo. S., dairy farmer, Booyong Arnett W., carrier, Jamberoo Arnett Win. F., farmer, Bangalow Artirdt IV. T., farmer, 13angalow Army & Co., bakers, Bailiffs Arney Mrs. Novak, 277 Liverpool at Arnheiin S. E., Gordon rd, Lindfleld Andel Mrs..losephine, 11 Butt at Arnold A. C. de C. k Co., solicitor, 24 Atoore at Arnold & Co. Propty Ltd., hydraulic and general engineers, Clialltis I heist., Martin place, and 16 O'Connor at Arnold k Co., land law experts, Grafton Arnold Edward Ltd., drapers, 11:1-115 Oxford st, corner Crown at Arnold Ephraim and Co., carriers, Mitchell st, liogarah Arnold & Murphy, butchers, 131cn Arnold.1. C. & Sons, fruiterers, Albury itmtuttlul & Riddett, butchers, Delmigra Arnold IV. E. & Co., importers and exporters, (12 l'itt street.1rnold it., builder, Delungra Arnold.1., Cr:thanes ave, Liverpool Arnold A., Anzac par, S. Itandwick Arnold A. C., physician, Newcastle Arnold.1. F., 718 Rocky l't. id, Rog. Arnold A. G. de L., solicitor, 24 Moore street Arnold Mrs. A. IT., 78a Edith at, Leichliardt Arnold A. II., 298 Unwin's Bridge rd, St. Peters Arnold Abraham, 12 Varna at, Wav'y Arnold.1..1,, off 62 MeEvoy st, ANIria Arnold A. S., 51 Palace at, Ashfleld Arnold Albany, Macquarie at, L'pool Arnold Albert, 55 Palace at, Asheld Arnold Albert. Luke eve, Burwood Arnold Alex K., farmer, Cowlong Arnold Alfred, Fore st, Canterbury Arliold Alfred, 109 Lawson st, rad. Arnold Mrs. Alice, Beaconsfield par, Li ildfluld Arnold Allen E farmer, Gloucester Arnold Arthur. saddler, Coonsmble Arnold Arthur, Kensington at, hog% i Arnold Arthur, Penshurst at, Penshurst E ALL WITH EQUITY. AND -ECONOMY

61 890 Amn TELEPHONE YOUR ORDERS TO ANTHONY HORDERNS'. Arnold A., 227 Abe 'rerombie at, tern Arnold Arthur 0., Webb at, Croydon Arnold Austin, Kithira a ye, Kithira Arnold B., plumber, 57 Fitzroy $t Arnold C., hairdresser, 88 Pitt g Arnold Mrs. C., Vaughan at, L'eombe Arnold C. A., 'LP., C.P.S., etc., Forbes Arnold Mrs. C. A., 29 South Steyne, Manly Arnold C. A., 61 Mount at, N. Syd. Arnold Miss C. E., 53 Bay rd, N. Syd. Arnold Mrs. C. F., 19 Broughton at, Glebe Arnold C. J., 132 Oxford st, Pad'ton Arnold Miss C. L., 684 Rocky Pt. rd, Kogara It Arnold C. W., 14 Ewenton at, B'main Arnold Charles, 19 Brown at, Pad'ton Arnold C., 33 Gloucester at, Itorkdak Arnold Chas. J., farmer, Picton Arnold (lair., 101 Birrell at, WeV'Y Arnold Daniel, 08 13a3 at, -Rockdale Arnold David, Weldon at, Burwood Arnold Mrs. E., Wonga at, C'bury Arnold Mrs. V.., 168 Botany rd, A'dria Arnold Mrs. E., 78a Alexander at, N. Sydney Arnold Miss E. A., 76a Edith st, heichliank Arnold E. D., auctioneer, Lockhart Arnold E. J., 171 St. John's rd, For. eat Lodge Arnold Edmund E., The Avenue, H'ville Arnold Edward, farmer, Paterson Arnold Edw., 44 Terry at, Arneliffe Arnold Mrs. E., 20 Sackville at, ll'xley Arnold Edw., 18 Gibbes at, Rockdale Arnold Mrs. F.,!Radon at, Lakemba Arnold F., watchmaker, Wellington Arnold F. M., grinder, Woodville Arnold I'. T., Fifth eve, Campsie ARNOLD F. MONUMENTAL SCULPTOR, 53 REGENT ST., SYDNEY. BRANCH WORKS: CHURCH ST., LIDOOMBE. STONE QUARRIES: PADDINGTON. TEL. 232 REDFERN. ES- TABLISHED MO. (See Advt. opp. Monumental Masons). Arnold F. J., 128 Baptist at, Irfern Arnold Frank, saddler, 226 Pitt at Arnold Fredk., Duff at, Arneliffe Arnold Fred., 22 Carlisle at, Ashfield Arnold Fred. A., The Avenue, II'ville Arnold 0., wholesale chemist, 18 Underwood at Arnold (1. II., baker, Temora Arnold George, blacksmith, Temora Arnold George, grazier, Ilibbenluke Arnold Geo., 49 Charlotte at, Ashfleld Arnold George, Clyde st, Granville Arnold Geo. W., 11 Tasman at, Bondi Arnold II., livery stables, Pt. Rembla Arnold Rev. II. (Meth.), Helensburgh Arnold H. A., 37 -Comber at, Pad'ton Arnold II. J., 40 Anderton at, Wyllie Arnold II. It., dentist, 11 Newcastle at, Rose Bay Arnold Harry, 90 Reservoir at Arnold harry E., Clyde st, Granville Arnold Henry, 24 South par, Auburn Arnold Henry, Byrnes at, West. Rog. Arnold Herbert, Vaughan at, L'combe Arnold H. T., Park at, Clovelly Arnold Herman, Raleigh at, Artarmon Arnold Herman, Forest rd, Penshurst Arnold Horace G., 2 Lion at, Ashfleld Arnold.1., 99 West Botany st, Arnold James, 11 York st, For. Lodge Arnold J. E., dentist, Maclean Arnold J. 0., farmer, Albury Arnold.1. H., produce mercht.. Broken Hill Mould.1. S., mgr. Bank of N.S.W., Koorawatha Arnold John, Yillowra at, Auburn Arnold John, Addison st, Kensington Arnold John, 91 Bayberry at, N. Syd. Arnold John, 10 Cornwallis at, Ii 'fern Arnold J. F., 1 Fredbert at, L'hardt ALPHABETICAL. Arnold John F., farmer, Berrigan Arnold J. II,, 64 St. John's rd, Glebe Arnold John K., Ave, Ilurl. Park Arnold John S., 102 Baptist at, R'fern Arnold Joseph, fanner, Menangle Arnold Miss L., Lane Cove rd, b. Cove Arnold Mrs. L., 193 Sydneham rd, Marriekville Arnold Miss L. J., boardinghouse, 137 Macquarie at Arnold Leslie, fruiterer, Paterson Arnold Mrs. M., 170 Morehead at, Redfern Arnold Owen J., 2 Toxtetlt rd, Glebe Arnold P. E., orchardist, Crookwell Arnold Mrs. R., Ewart at, Dul. Arnold Mrs. It., 33a Pittwater rd, Manly Arnold R., 17 Ibunsgate rd, S. Seuei Arnold R. A., "Berrille," Lours Arnold It. A., 9 McDougall at, N. Syd. Arnold Red., 53 Villiers at, Rockdale Arnold It., Ullathorne at, D'inoyne Arnold Robert, Melrose at, Mosman Arnold Robt., 97 Union at, Nth. Syd. Arnold Pupt., 44 Tebbutt at, L'Itardt Arnold Mrs. S. J. Targo rd, Girraween Arnold S. L., 101 Old Canterbury rd, Petersham Arnold S., 160 Dalhousie at, Ilab'fleld Arnold Mrs. S., 35 Gladstone st, Rog. Arnold '1'. W., 205 Henderson rd, A'dria Arnold Thomas, 'selector, Carrathool Arnold Valentine, 36 Frankl'n at, Glebe Arnold NY., draper, 655 King at, Newtown Arnold W., draper, Katoomba Arnold W., land law expert, Grafton Arnold W., tailor, Temora Arnold W., Floss st, Hurlstone Park Arnold W. J., poundkeeper, Mama Arnold W. T., hunter at, Parramatta Arnold Walt., 247 Johnston at, A'dale Arnold Walter J., 14 Gibbes at, R'dale Arnold Win., hotel, Spring Ridge Arnold William, fanner, Goolagong Arnold Wm., Rowley at, Brighton-le.S. Arnold Wm., 15 Margaret at, N'town Arnold Wm., 142 Station'st, Newtown Arnold W., 21 Dumbarton at, N. Syd. Arnold Wm., Aird st, Parramatta Arnold Wm. A., 112 William street Arnold Wm. II., 37 Sackville at, B'ley Arnold Wm. J., 596 Botany rd, Botany Arnold Wm. S., orchardist, Kurrajong Arnot A. J., Art WOOD,.COFFILL & COMPANY LTD, HEAD OFFICE: 810 GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE 9226 Cr/ Aus tralasian mgr. Babcock and Wilco, Ltd., Union House, 247 George street Arnot 11., 64 Water at, Enfield Arnot James F., J.P., 11 Francis at, Marrickville Arnot Joseph, Christie at, St. L'ards Arnot M., storekeeper, Hamilton Arnot W. T., 1 Leopold st, Ashfleld ARNOTT WILLIAM LIMITED Biscuit Manufacturers. Head Otlice and Factory, George street, Homebush. Telephones U 0201 and U 6021 to Arnott Wm., Ltd., biscuit mama., Newcastle Arnott A. M., 20 Whiting st, L'hardt Arnott Arthur C., orchardist, Ballow Arnott C., Nelson Bay road, 13ronte Arnott Clive, solicitor, 88 Pitt street Arnott Cyrus It., farmer, Gilgandra Arnott D., clunst., 122 Oxford at, Pad. Arnott David, Jaques ave, Bondi Arnott Frank, 3 Bradley's Head rd, Mosman Arnott G., baker, Newcastle Arnott G. A., baker, Carrington Arnott George, 30 Dening at, Arnott 0., J.P., Victoria rd, Bell Arnott II. It., Munderali at, Wah'ga Arnott Harris, 30 Oxford at, Pad'ton Arnott Herbert L., Beecroft rd, B'croft Arnott Mrs. J., 68 Sir John Young's ores Arnott Mrs. J., Dural st, Hornsby Arnott J. M., "Birnam Wood," Homebush rd, Strathfleld Arnott J. P., 211 Pittwater rd, Manly Arnott J. S., J.P., mgr., E., S. and A. Bank, Ltd. (branch), 333 Pitt St Arnott.1. S., J.P., Cecil at, Gordon, Arnott Jas., 94 Hubert at, Leichhardt Arnott Joh., 13 Pine at, Manly Arnott M., confectioner, Newcastle Arnott Neil, Boundary rd, Wahroonga; Arnott Percy S., Albyn rd, Strathfleld Arnott It. II., 10 Boussole rd, D'yville Arnott R. P., 142 Albany rd, P'sham Arnott Robt., 55 Kurraba rd, Neut. B. Arnott S. S., 14 Wright's rd, Irmoyne Arnott T., 48 Llewellyn at, Balmain Arnott IV. II. A., 381 Marrickville rd, Marrickville Arnott IV. S., police magistrate and coroner, Goulburn Arnott IV, E., Kingsland rd, S'field Arnott William, J.P. solicitor, cornmissioner for affidavits, 94 Pitt at; p.r., Dailey aye, Vaucluse Arnott William, 9 Glover at, Mosmau Arnott William, Braeside at, Wah'ga Arnsby J., 25 Ferrier at, Rockdale Artist*. Geo., 13 Richmond at, li'dalt Arnsby Mrs. M., Esk at, Marrickville Arnsby Wm., 64 Spring at, Arneliffe Aroin James, carrier, Lismore Aroney Bros., oyster saloon, 58 Erskine at Aroney Bros., oyster saloon, 783 George at Aroney & Co., refreshment rooms,. West Wyalong Aroney S. & M., restaurant, Campbell at Aroney E., confectioner, 56 I'ark at Aroney George, oyster saloon, Young Armies. N., oyster saloon, 9 Alfred st Aroney N., Orange Grove rd, L'pool Aroney N. J., ref. rooms, Tamworth: Armies. Nicholas, Tay at, Ken'ton Aroney Peter, 193 Thomas at Aronson and Co. Proprietary, Limited, wholesale jewellers, 56 York at Aronson Mrs. F. tea runs., 60 King at Aronson N., 42 ' Harriett at, Neu. Bay Arpante & Co., wine and spirit meta., 1 Dailey at Arpante E. R., Castro. place, I). Bay Arpante Edgar R., wine sal., 234 George street Arps Alfred, George at, Mortdale Arrabury Pastoral Co., Ltd., Hunter at Arrawatta Cheese Factory Thomas Bowling, propr. Inverell ' Arrigld Louis Peel at, Delmore "Arrow" (he) T ' Newspaper, 136. Castlereagh at Arrow Mrs. Ann, Cosmopolitan hotel,. Charles street, Erskineville Arrow Denis, grocer, Mount David Arrow George E., farmer, Sweetbriar Arrowstnith A. E., JattleS at, Wdale Arrowsmith C., 64 Auburn rd, Auburn Arrowsmith H. T., Bitterest aye,. Hurstville Arrowsmith G., 72 Garden at. A'dria Arrowsmith G. L. C., 72 White at,. Leichhardt Arrowsmith Geo., farmer, Barrington Arrowsmith II., Victoria rd, Bell. Bill Arrowsmith J., Royal Hotel, Penrith Arrowsmith J., 16 Newcombe st, Sans Sottei Arrowsmith Wm., farmer, Stroud Arscott J., Earl at, Granville Arscott Mrs. N. A., Dunstaffenage it, Ilurlstone Park Arseott IV. R., 22 Richmond eve,. Neutral Bay Arsenical Pyrites Syndicate J. II. Coyle, J.P., mine manager, Rye Park Art Ceiling Works, ott 84 Liverpool street, Paddington "Art in Australia," 24 Bond at Art Furnishin g. Co., 370 Military rd,_ Mostnan CITY 9440, L1802, NORTH 913, REDFERN 234, FOR ANTHONY HORDERNS'. ' Art ALPHABETICAL. Ash 891 Art 'Mantel Works, 1,-18 Trafalgar it, Arthur T. J. R., Yaranabbe rd, Dar- Ash Valve Co., 179 Elizabeth at Enalorc ling Point. Ash Alf., off Illawarni rd, Moorebank.Art :Memorial Co., 88 King street Arthur V.. dealer, Broken Hill Ash Miss Cartwright, 20 Afacleay at Artarmon Post Office, Hampden rd, Arthur W., 00 Gardener's rd, D yville Ash 1 CI Railway ergs, Banksia Artarmon Arthur M is. W., Point rd, Northwood Ash R ev I:. A. North, Sulsdsin ein of Artarmon Piiblie School (infants), Arthur W. E., agent, Limns N Ce" ie viina. st 4 McMillan rd, Artannon Arthur IV. 11., sec. School of Arts, Ash E. 0., baker, Alectown.Artarmon Railway Station, Hampden Dapto Ash Edmond, farmer, Barham rd, Artarmon. Arthur W. IL, 23 Samuel st, St. Pet. Ash Rev. G. North, ILA. (C. of E.), Arteens The, dancing teachers, 229 1/2 Arthur W..1., saddler, Orange 8 Waters rd, Neutral Bay King at, Newtown 'Arthur AV. T., farmer, Jerseyville :Ash Miss Gibbs 11., 83 Berry at, Arter James 11., Mitchell at, M'ville :ArtInar IV. A., farmer, Mullumbimby North Sydney Arter Richard, Frances rd, Putney krtlitir William, 40 Elliott at, Irmain Ash Goddard William, solicitor, 09a Arter Richard, Walker at, Putney Arthur Wm., 67 Renwick at, Innoyne l'itt at; p.r., Whitton rd, Clewood Arthur & Co. (Export), Ltd., ware Arthur Wm., 22 IVentworth at, II. G., storekeeper, Woy Woy bonsemen and indentors, 418 Arthur Wm. H., farmer, Bonbala Henry, baker, lielensburgh George st Arthur Wm. SI., farmer, 'Cormlale Ash Horace IJ. N., 162 Livingstone Arthur Thomas J. & Sons, joiner s, 53 Arthur R. C., farmer, W. Catithewarra rd, Marrickville - City rd, Darlington Arthurson Kenneth, officer-in-charge.1. S., plumber, Newcastle Arthur A., bee farmer, Gunning N.S.W. Fire Brigade Station,,-I\ssliti James It., insur. agt., Newcastle,Irtntir A., 10 Rawson place Marion at, Leichhardt John E., poultry farmer, St. Arthur A. P.. H ymnist' at, Campsie Artillery Barracks and Fortifications, John's Park A rt bur A 1 exa later, fa ruler, Dorroughby So ut h Ilead Joseph, st Bright Oil at, Arthur Alex., grazier, Parkes Arlingstall Itichard, Lilian al, C'psie A,11 NO1111;111, 529 Crown at Arthur A., Northwood rd, Northwood Art is E. IV., Mowbray rd, Willoughby 's di N. B., 16 Kalgoorlie at, L'hardt Arthur Alfred, 7 :111en st, ArinditTe Artis E. C.,.1.1'., 14 Park a ye, A'lleld 0, F., sec,.1. & II. Society and Arthur Alfred, Parkes at, Ryde Artis John C., 7 Anselm st. Enfield Progress At,S11., Got:ford Arthur Athol G., 1 Roach at, :Ventre Artis Mrs. K., 27 Boulevard, L'hardt ' sit ' Percy, dental surgeon, Kuring-gai Arthur A. IV., Franklin at, Sherwood Artis Mrs. L., 27 Lackey at, Sum. Arthur Charles II.. farmer, Corndale 'sit is It A., Chase ave, Turranturra postmaster, lioorawatlia Arthur Chas. It., 36 Illigh at, N'town Artis Win.. Prospect rd, Sinn. Hill '" Pcrey A., dental surgeon, 231 Arthur 'sirs. K., 22 Swanson at, wviile Artists' Gallery (The), 56 l'itt at Macquarie st Nrthilr E., St. Ann's Hill rd, Mlands. 111.istie Fun rishing Co, (The), 72 Reg. 3., poultry farmer, St. John's Park Arthur Miss Eliza, 201 Brougham at George at West :1sli Simon, dealer, :13 Erskine at. Arthur Miss E., 164a Bourke at Artlett,k; Ward, drapers, Lismore Ash Walter, William at, 13ankstown Arthur Mrs. E., 71 Redfern at, 1F fern Artlett A., Denman live, Punchbowl Ash Win., 135. Thompson at, D'inoyne Arthur Ern. A., farmer, Dorroughby.1rtlett. Mrs. A. IV., district registrar,.1sliard A. S. Hampden at. Hurl. Park Arthur Evelyn, 5 Evans at, Waverley 10 Glebe Point rd, Glebe Milord John: Ivy at, Canterbury Arthur Mrs. F., 163 Frazer at, D. Hill Artlett F. L., estate agent, 16 Glebe Ashbarry Ernest, 54 Marriott et, It'f'n Arthur P., St. Anne's Ilill rd, Inands Point road, Glebe Ashbee Chas., farmer, Badgery's Creek.Arthur P. A., tailor, West Maitland :\!ilea Mrs. F. L., 3 Macquarie st, Aslibroolc Geo., Lounden avu, ll'ileld Arthur G., mgr. Randwick Slotories, Ashburn E., carrier, Glen Innes Alison rd, Randwick Artlett Miss G., Oswald at, Rush. Bay Ashburn Wni. C., farmer, Dimbible Arthur (1., 171 Trafalgar at, An'dale Artup Andrew, Lisgar road, Hornsby 1sillairiter IL W., (t11.111! at, It111111WICK Arthur G. D., 172 Albany rtl, P'shain Adz P..1., 25 Bent at, Paddington Arthur Geo., Queen Victoria at, Wxley Arta James, Evaline at, Campsie Arthur Geo., 281' Botany at, Botany Artz Mrs, M., 26 Australia at, N'town,krthur Geo., 18 Alexandra rd, Glebe Arundale Mrs. E., Gladstone at, Parra- Arthur Geo., 32 Austral at, Rogairaihu malts Arthur George, Raymond at, L'conthe :\rundale.1..1., 13 liagran at, 11"Ploo Arthur Geo., Orange at, L. Itandwiek Anindale Mrs. Sf., Villiers at, 1"matta Arthur G. S., "Corio," Park rd, St. I,. Arundel A. E., Norman at, Carlton.Arthiireti l lilistrry, t ironmonger, 454 Eliza- Arundel Mrs 58 Toxteth rd, Glebe.:trundel G. E.. Fanlight at, F. Dock.Artliiir Miss II., 411 Slilitary rd, Mos. Arundel.1., 171 George at. Ersk'ville Arthur Henry, 9 Hayes rd, Neu t. Bay Arundel J., orchardist, Baulkham Hills Arthur Hugh, grazier, Trundle Arthur Ilugh, Victoria st, Lidcombe Arthur Mrs. I., 70 I'rince Albert at, Stumm.Artlitir.1., 14 Louver Bathurst st, Woollahra Arthur.1 S.., saddler, Parkes, Arthur.1. 'P., sec., School of Arts, West Maitland A rt hur Ja ynes, fanner, Binalong Arthur.1. F., grazier, Glendon Brook Arthur Jas, L., 147 Smith at, Sum men Art11111' John, Auburn rd, Auburn Arthur John, 52 Mona at, Auburn Arthur.7ohn, Edguhaihl rd, Botany Arthur John, 32 Reuss at, Leichhardt Arthur John, 7%lintaro ilve, 5th. Stlield Arthur John II., grazier, Trundle Arthur John J., Fifth ave. Canipsie Arthur John :1f., orchardist, Narrandera.1rthur Jos., 92 Henderson rd,.1fdria. rthtir Sirs. M. M., 17 Best at Arthur Miss N., Moseley st, St'lleld Arthur It., coach pro(u., Mt. Victoria Arthur Richard, 51.1)., surgeon, 211 Macquarie at ; p.r., 231 Military rd, :Ifosnian Arthur R. E., farmer, Nfathoura A rthur Richard. 117 Hereford st, For. Lodge Arthur!told., Durwood rd, Belmore Arthur Robert B., monumental mason, Victoria at, Lidcranhe Rold. E., 71 Water at, Enfield Arthur Miss S., St. Ann's rd, Atlantis Arthur S. It., jeweller, Listnore A rthii r Thomas, Australian hotel, SfarLet and Kent sts A: er II. II., Findlay a ye, ("wood Asliburner Mrs. IL, 208 Arden at south, Coogee Ashbury Mrs. C. P., Letitia at, Oatley Aslibury (:. C., post tutu'., Merewether Aslibury Wm., no Marion at, L'itardt Ashby Stuntin g, photographers, 183 l'itt at Ashby A. J., "Delegate Argus," Delegate Ashby Mrs. Agnes, 93 Carlton cres, Amuck/ Mrs. SI., Darley at, S. Souci Simmerlull Arundel S. A., orchardist, Batilkliain Ashby Mrs. C. A., 25 Goodsir at, lloz. Hills Ashby L. 11. II., farmer, Leeton Arundel! Bros., joinery worlts, 40-Slim Ashby Edwin, 97 Argyle mat, Par'inalta Parratnatta rd, A ' Ashby Miss Emma, Fennell st, 1"matta 6'., 112 Botany rd, Ardria Ashby G. C. W., 114a Pitt at A rit utlel 1 R., 09 1,airview at, Arnelitle Ashby George, Ann at, Willoughby Artindell Thos., 3 Henry at, L'hartlt Ashby IL D., 4 Pine at, Manly Arundell Thomas. 32 Fitzroy at, N't'wn Ashby II., 17 Jack:multi at, Bondi A rwont ('Imas., 207 William at Ashby Herbert, butcher, Peak Hill.1ryerehis 11., 17 Little Cleveland st, Ashby James, 46 Church it, Balmaln Redfern Ashby James, 20 Hampton at, Balmain Arymovitch II., 47 Cleveland st, R'fern Ashby Jas., 188 Evans at, Itozelle liumbang Tin Dredging Ltd., Ashby ;lames IV., 9 Gibbons rut, Atib'n Challls Ilouse, Martin place Ashby Joseph T., 6 Norman at, Itoz'le.,beslos Slate & Sheet Mfg. Co., I,td. Ashby It.. motor rm. propr., Peal: Hill (The), York and Wynyard sts.; Ashby It. T., grocer, 62 Fo yeaux at works, Camellia, Granville Ashby Tom, Pitt at, Granville Asbury Alfred, 106 Mill rd, Way..Ashby V., IS Spencer at, Sum. Bill Asbury W. G., mall contr., IVealsniga Ashby W., livery stables, Tomingley Ascher Clive, 18 Harbor at, Stoma!, Ashby IV. II., mercer, etc., Eugowra Asco Patent Door Control Co., 179 Ashby IV, II., tailor, Albury Elizabeth at.1shby IV..1,, 154 Anzac par, Ken'ton.1scoli.1. E., farmer, l'almer's Channel Ashby 1Villiam, Russell st, Strathaeld, Ascot Racing Club, 15 Castlereagh at,islihy William, 10 Knox at,, IS"labra Ascot Racing Club Grounds, Botany.ksheroft A., mgr. E..1. Austen, wool rd, Mascot hover, Trundle :1cott George, 112 Harley at, N'tmvo.1sheroft A. (I., l'oung at, Nth, Bondi 's ad II. titos, farmer, Parkes.Islicroft Bros., dairymen, 26 Oberon A.gill IV., carrier, Bogan Gate at, Itandwiek ASH AND COX, Auctioulee,s, Land Ashcroft E. J. & and Estate Auent, Valnators. Gos ford (See At Go:ford Section). Ash Fred., Ltd., hardware merchants, Newcastle Ash's Free & Bonded Stores, N'eastle Ash snd Maclean, solicitors, 99a It at.kli & Trimmer, emptily agents, 04 Elizabeth at acc'tits., Cowra ASHCROFT E. J., AND SONS AV holesa le and Refit il Butchers, Nlacquarie SI, Liverpool. Brandies Springwaal and Cabratuatta. Liu erpool 12, Springwood 2, rahrantal la 77. THE LARGEST FIRM OF UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE

Index to Inscriptions

Index to Inscriptions Index to Inscriptions Certain conventions have been used in the Index; surnames at the time of burial are capitalized, while maiden names are bracketed (but not capitalized except in the Headings). Numbers

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STAPLE FITZPAINE PARISH CHURCH BAPTISMS Surname Forename Baptism date Allen Oliver 25.09.1898 William & Sarah Bale Edgar 15.10.1899 Francis & Bale Francis 13.03.1898 Francis & George Banham Elsie 13.03.1898 Robert & Isabella Banham Hilda 22.04.1900 Robert & Isabella Barter

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Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z Surname Christian names Died Age Plot No. ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/ ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929

Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z Surname Christian names Died Age Plot No. ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/ ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929 Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/1921 44 98 ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929 44 98 ALLPRESS Laura Jane (wife of Jesse Allpress ) 04/11/1946 58 113 AMBRICK Ann (wife of John

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TOOP Family. Family Notices. (1951, June 26). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : ), p. 10.

TOOP Family. Family Notices. (1951, June 26). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : ), p. 10. (37524) COOM, Emma Sarah Ann b ; par Austin COOM & Emma DIXON; sp Alfred George TOOP (1864 - c1929), ch Gladys Mildred d 4-Mar-1955 (m GARD), Beatrice Amabel b 21-Mar-1891 307 d 16- Apr-1958 (m HANDFORD);

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St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery

St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery is located at the intersection of Ellery s Sideroad and Highway 93, just outside the village of Wyebridge where the former St. Andrew

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St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Index John Harris St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth. Graveyard Guide Project

St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Index John Harris St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth. Graveyard Guide Project St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Project FOLDER T ELSIE G. TALBOT 1899-1966 AGED67 FRANCIS J. TALBOT 1897 1979 AGED 82 DOUGLAS TALBOT (SON) 1925 1930 AGED 5 12/142 MARY JANE TARRANT

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Census for Watchfield April BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus?

Census for Watchfield April BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus? Census for Watchfield April 1901. BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus? Alfred Collins 46 West Lodge. Groom Domestic Annie Collins 40 Alfred Baxter 35 Farm Worker Annie

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Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 1801 Jun 25 STRICKLAND Matthew s.o. Joseph and Hannah Strickland (born 16.6.1801). 1802 Mar 29 NICHOLLS Armelle d.o.

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Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr:

Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan 1783. Married Helen Orr 1760. Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 2 i. Robert Dun, b. 4 Jun 1764. 3 ii. George Dun, b. 30 Dec 1768. 4 iii. Barclay Dun, b. 3 Mar 1771. 5 iv.

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SWINTON UNITARIAN BURIALS SWINTON UNITARIAN BURIALS These are the transcribes for Swinton unitarian church yard, formerly of Swinton hall road, Swinton, Salford. The original burial book was photographed by Lizzie Leek, a local

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NAME BORN DIED AGE MEMORIAL NOTES GC /11/ /01/1961 NAME BORN DIED AGE MEMORIAL NOTES GC 1 GC2 RUTH ELLEN HALL WILLIAM DAWSON 18/11/1946 04/01/1961 GC 59 71 In loving memory of Ruth Ellen beloved wife of William Dawson Hall. At rest November 18th 1946 aged

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References to 'Hotels' in Limerick City Trades Directories,

References to 'Hotels' in Limerick City Trades Directories, References to 's' in Limerick City Trades Directories, 1769-1891 1809 Blake s Holden 1 Blake's Broderick s Holden 2 Broderick's Colohy William s Holden 3 Royal Cunningham s Holden 3 Cunningham's Glenn

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Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill

Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill No. 39 is a two storey brick bald-faced shop and residence on a corner on the peninsula in Hunters Hill. The building is Heritage listed as a property of some significance.

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Marriages for All Saints Church, Curland, Somerset UK

Marriages for All Saints Church, Curland, Somerset UK 1847 2 nd March Dicks Reubin Full Age Bachelor Curland John Dicks Newton Harriet Full Age Spinster Curland Thomas Newton John Anna Mary Jewell? Butcher 1847 23 rd Sept James Full Age Bachelor Thatcher

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Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery. Grave Transcription

Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery. Grave Transcription Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery Grave Transcription This Document: Copyright 2011 Adam Keppel-Garner Grave Transcriptions Copyright Richard Munns 2002 2011 1 - Sarah Watling d.??/10/1879 aged 69 2 - David

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This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have

This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have This graph shows the timeline of all adults named on the stones. It gives an indication of who was alive at a given time and therefore who may have known each other. 1750 1760 1770 1780 1790 1800 1810

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Changes in Church Street, Coleraine: 1860 to c [PRONI: Griffith's Revisions [Val/12/B/30/9A-9M] Anderson.

Changes in Church Street, Coleraine: 1860 to c [PRONI: Griffith's Revisions [Val/12/B/30/9A-9M] Anderson. Description of Surname Property 1860s 1870s 1880s 1890s 1900 - c.1930 1901 ) 1 16 & 17 [1 & 2] Church 1 Both were listed as House, offices. 60.00 90.00 In these two properties had been Nos. 16 (Adam McKay)

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1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname

1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname 1881 Census ID Household ID House name First Name Surname Relation to Head Condition Sex Age Profession County of Birth 1 1 Rd Thomas Cooper Head M M 46 Ag Lab 2 1 Elizabeth Cooper Wife M F 37 3 1 Elizabeth

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Section C. Page 1. James F., Annie L., Elnora L.,

Section C. Page 1. James F., Annie L., Elnora L., Brooks Cress Alpheus H., 1810-1897 Martha L., 1820-1896 A. Bradley, 1846-1933 Eva M., 1855-1931 James F., 1861-1946 Annie L., 1862-1947 Elnora L., 1894-1981 Paul & Staples Staples: George P., Apr. 16,

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Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923

Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923 Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923 Abel, Harry William Thomas Abel, Margaret Albutt, Alfred Allum, William Allum, Clara Alice Barley, Harry Richard Barley, Lucy Barlow, William Edgar John Barlow, Ethel

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BLUNT Family. Agnes (nee HEADY); m(1) Qld. sp Timothy Stephens CURNOW ( ), ch Timothy Edwin; m(2) Qld.; sp Paul FRANCIS; d c1917.

BLUNT Family. Agnes (nee HEADY); m(1) Qld. sp Timothy Stephens CURNOW ( ), ch Timothy Edwin; m(2) Qld.; sp Paul FRANCIS; d c1917. (20422) BLUNT, Alice Mary par Edred Heady and Eleanor (nee SPINKS). (32871) BLUNT, Charles William b Roade, Northamptonshire, Eng.; par George and Emily Agnes (nee HEADY); d 18-Apr-1882 8 Brisbane, Qld.,

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25 YEARS ON THE QUEENSLAND COURT OF APPEAL 25 YEARS ON THE QUEENSLAND COURT OF APPEAL President Margaret McMurdo AC 1 I gratefully acknowledge the research provided by Brendon Copley, Research and Training Librarian, Supreme Court Library; the

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Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh. m unknown. Sleigh, Ralph. Sleigh, Ralph. 1/7/ of 9

Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh. m unknown. Sleigh, Ralph. Sleigh, Ralph. 1/7/ of 9 Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh Sleigh, Ralph m. 1708 unknown Sleigh, Francis Joseph 1709-1770 Sleigh, Edward 1710 1788 m. 1735 Nash - 1788 no issue Sleigh, Ralph 1735

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SPACE + QUALITY ALEXANDRIA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE BOURKE ROAD, ALEXANDRIA SPACE + QUALITY ALEXANDRIA INDUSTRIAL ESTATE 35 39 BOURKE ROAD, ALEXANDRIA OVERVIEW 2 Flexible spaces Alexandria Industrial Estate is a six hectare estate which enjoys one of the best locations in South

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PARKERSVILLE FRIENDS MEETING Printed 12/29/2009 BURIALS IN CEMETERY PVLBUR:3.XLS PARKERSVILLE FRIENDS MEETING Printed 12/29/2009 BURIALS IN CEMETERY Wm B Parker, Jr All known interments, sorted by Name Mid K-10 Allison Emma 7 1869 No Mid G-02 Bacon Priscilla No Mid G-01

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Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec

Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Keith McCallum 193 Wilson Avenue #310 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5M 4M8 1-Pierre Vibert-[3338] was born on 16 Oct 1814 in St. Mary, Jersey Island.

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Register Report for Celia Lefforge

Register Report for Celia Lefforge Generation 1 1. Celia Lefforge-1 was born on 23 May 1793 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. She died on 12 August 1854 in Noble Township, Rush Co., Indiana. Jene "Jesse" Winship son of Jabez Lathrop Winship

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CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY Kenmore and D istr ict H i s t o r i c a l S o c t y i e I n c A research project of KENMORE AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC Researched by Judy Magub OAM May 2015

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Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death

Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death Swindon World War II Civilian s 1939-1945 Surname Name Age at Adams William 23 Of 41 Station Road, Wotton Bassett 19 September 1940 Victoria Hospital Barnard Mary Ann 62 Wife of Emmanuel John Barnard 17

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POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson)

POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson) POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson) Carl Julius POULSON and Sarah JOHNSON Family History Carl Julius POULSON B 20 June 1860 Sweden

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BURNETT BURIALS Burial Date First Name Rel'n Male Rel Female Rel Surname Age Abode Notes

BURNETT BURIALS Burial Date First Name Rel'n Male Rel Female Rel Surname Age Abode Notes 26 Feb 1592/3 John CONMBE Junr. [BTs] 11 Jan 1595/6 Anne dau of Wylliam DAYSON? Rector [BTs] 25 Feb 1605/6 Mary wife of Powell DAY [BTs] 19 May 1611 Agnes wife of John CONMBE [BTs] 24 Oct 1611 Gillian?

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FIRST TENOR SECTION 1. STANLEY JONES Secretary c 1953 FIRST TENOR SECTION 1. STANLEY JONES Secretary 1946-52 1946- c 1953 2. DAVID JENKINS Treasurer 1946-51 1946-1951 3. WALTER BREEZE Long Service Member; Life Member 1946-1990 4. HAYDN THATCHER Long Service

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William Flint's Descendants. Helen E. Turner

William Flint's Descendants. Helen E. Turner William 's Descendants by Helen E. William - Unknown Martha Uwin - Unknown John 1728 - Unknown Eliza Fearnehough - Unknown William 1731 - Unknown Elizabeth 1738 - Unknown Martha 1742 - Unknown Hannah 1745

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The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe

The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe Research by Sheila Holmes Updated July 2014 Sheila Holmes The Battle Family from 1745 Samuel is the earliest known member of the Battle family. It is believed that Samuel

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Baptism Registers of Branscombe Methodists

Baptism Registers of Branscombe Methodists Baptism Registers of Branscombe Methodists Axminster Circuit 1842-1877 ( DRO 2399 D/1) Baptised Born Name Sex Father Mother 31.1. 1844 24.1.1844 Eliza F William Sarah Hammett Brown Brown 4.2.1844 11.1.1844

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MOSELEY SHOPS 1907 ADDRESS TYPE NAME. 140 Alcester Road (East Bank

MOSELEY SHOPS 1907 ADDRESS TYPE NAME. 140 Alcester Road (East Bank Alcester Road (East side) 108 Plumber Pache 108a Dyer Perth dye works 110 Tailor Bryden James Johnstone &Co 112 Fancy Repository The Cycle Co 114 Milliner Mrs Mattie Joahne 114a Fancy drapers Misses Lease

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Castle Rising Census 1841

Castle Rising Census 1841 Name Suggested Age Occupation Born in CountyIn 1851 Census?!837 Map? address m f Census? 1 1 Smith Thomas Cottage 29 45 Carpenter y x 24 x 2.. Ann Nurse 40 y x 3.. Mary 14 y x 4.. Thomas 12 y x 5.. Robert

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Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation

Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation Last_Name First_Name Birth Death Notation ALEXANDER Henry Staten 10/14/1921 3/23/1986 DT with ALEXANDER- Mama Shin; SSDI ALEXANDER Mama Shin 10/20/1924 DT with ALEXANDER- Henry Staten ALFORD Jociah B.

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Lives. Selected by Frank Prochaska OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. SUB Gfittingen O/} 2002 A 15338

Lives. Selected by Frank Prochaska OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS. SUB Gfittingen O/} 2002 A 15338 Lives Selected by Frank Prochaska SUB Gfittingen 214 878 716 O/} 2002 A 15338 OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS George III, King (1738-1820) WILLIAM HUNT i Charlotte Sophia, queen of George III (1744-1818) 35 FRANCIS

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ST JOHN S CHURCH WHITBOURNE - UPPER CHURCHYARD GRAVE REGISTER - April 2018 Click HERE for the Graveyard Plan ST JOHN S CHURCH WHITBOURNE - UPPER CHURCHYARD GRAVE REGISTER - April 2018 Click HERE for the Graveyard Plan Names given are for identification purposes only. In numerous cases plots are double, or may

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Family group sheets for Hugh Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth McGee

Family group sheets for Hugh Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth McGee Family group sheets for Hugh Fitzpatrick and Elizabeth McGee 29 Sep 2015 Page 1 Husband: Hugh Fitzpatrick #531 Born: abt1833 Wife: Elisabeth McGee #532 Born: abt1833 F Child 1: Alice Fitzpatrick #533 Born:

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F ID No. Friends of Dundee City Archives. Gilfillan Church Baptisms Surnames starting by. SurName FirstNames. Manager.

F ID No. Friends of Dundee City Archives. Gilfillan Church Baptisms Surnames starting by. SurName FirstNames. Manager. Friends of Dundee City Archives Gilfillan Church Baptisms 1864-1912 Surnames starting by Surname First Names Sex Date of Birth Where Born Date of Fathers Fathers Occupation Mothers Mothers Parish Baptism

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Descendants of Edward Swain

Descendants of Edward Swain Descendants of Edward Swain William Swain [64] Unknown Mary Swain [65] Mary Swain [80] c. 3 Jan 1707 St Mary's, Hitchin Charlotte Swain [10] c. 7 Mar 1781 St Mary's, Hitchin d. Dec Qtr 1862 Luton Reg Thomas

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Debenham Deaths in Australia

Debenham Deaths in Australia Debenham Deaths in Australia This index lists people with the surname Debenham, Debnam and some other variants whose deaths have been registered in Australia since the mid-19 th Century. There are no deaths

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J Surname Prenames Occupation Address Home Notes Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green

J Surname Prenames Occupation Address Home Notes Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green Friends of Dundee City Archives 1872 Dundee Directory Surnames starting by J Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green Jack Miss 57 Rosebank St of Rew & Jack Jack Mrs lodgings 1 Ford's

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GilbertMcBroom.txt 1 / 14

GilbertMcBroom.txt 1 / 14 GilbertMcBroom.txt 1 / 14 Descendants of Gilbert McBroom Generation No. 1 1. Gilbert1 McBroom was born Bef. 1762, and died Bef. 1860. He married Elizabeth Thomson. She was born Bef. 1762, and died Bef.

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Census of England & Wales April 1841 Isle Abbotts excluding total 110 Isle Abbotts on its own Population 303 Tithe Map of 1842 Bold Charles Adams

Census of England & Wales April 1841 Isle Abbotts excluding total 110 Isle Abbotts on its own Population 303 Tithe Map of 1842 Bold Charles Adams Census of England & Wales April 1841 The whole parish of Isle Abbotts (Record Office ref MC320) is reproduced below excluding the village of Stewley which then formed part of ecclesiastical parish of Isle

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BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS Edited by Robert Eccleshall and Graham Walker London and New York CONTENTS Contributors Preface Robert Walpole, First Earl of Orford 1 Stephen Taylor

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Wharton Cemetery, Middlefork Township, Worth Co., MO

Wharton Cemetery, Middlefork Township, Worth Co., MO Wharton Cemetery, Middlefork Township, Worth Co., MO Cemetery Transcriptions based on digital Photos taken by Ben Glick August 2001 Location: From Denver go West on the M Road about 3 miles, take CR 146

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WICKHAM MARKET TM WICKHAM MARKET TM 30192 55706 WW1-31 WW2-9 WW2 Civilians - 4 With acknowledgement to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission WW1 Casualties Awards Rank Number Service Unit Age Parish

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Pineview Cemetery Restoration Project

Pineview Cemetery Restoration Project Pineview Cemetery Restoration Project Plot Survey - performed November 17,2012 - Benjamin SECTION Row- Marker# LAST NAME FIRST MI BORN DIED COMMENTS Section One Row 1 01-01 Unidentified grave 01-02 01-03

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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Local Residents Ticket Draw

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Local Residents Ticket Draw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Local Residents Ticket Draw The local residents ticket draw for the Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band concert tickets took place in Croke Park on Friday, 8th

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Sheek Family Genealogy Notes 1850 USA Census

Sheek Family Genealogy Notes 1850 USA Census Sheek Family Genealogy Notes 1850 USA Census Mark B. Arslan 407 Highlands Lake Drive Cary, NC 27511-9167 Sheek Web Site: 31-Oct-2004 1850 Census of

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ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian.

ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian. ROLL OF HONOUR. Details and photographs taken from issues of The Cestrefeldian. John Joseph Dexter Wilson (1911-12), H. M. S. Hawke, October, 1914. Rifleman Norman Stanton Bryan Donkin (1905), Rifle Brigade,

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Descendants of Parker Howard

Descendants of Parker Howard Descendants of Parker Howard Generation 1 1. PARKER 1 HOWARD was born on 03 Aug 1794 in Dover, Dutchess Co., New York. He died on 01 Feb 1882 in Stephenson He married LOUISA BOOMER on 27 Mar 1819 in Henderson,

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PHOTO REQUIRED. E.E. Giles (photo courtesy xxx)

PHOTO REQUIRED. E.E. Giles (photo courtesy xxx) PHOTO REQUIRED E.E. Giles (photo courtesy xxx) Ernest Edward Giles (1865-1936) was born on 30 June 1865 to parents Francis and Frances (nee Soole) Giles at Woodland Bank, the family residence in Moncur

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CLEY-next-the- SEA TG

CLEY-next-the- SEA TG CLEY SEA TG 04855 43131 WW1 29 + 2* (non parochial) WW2 10 + 3* (non parochial) With acknowledgement to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission John Creamer BRETT Master Mercantile

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Descriptive List of Immigrants by the Chatham

Descriptive List of Immigrants by the Chatham ADAM Ann 27 Midlothian House Maid Wife of John C of E None ADAM John 28 Midlothian Miner C of E Read ANDERSON Jane 25 Roxburghshire Cook C of E None ANDERSON Margaret 18 Edinborough House Maid C of E None

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SUMMARY OF MEMORIAL INSCRIPTIONS RST dds may 2016 St Anne s Church Baslow page 1 of 6 R01 1 Hibberd Peter 3 1 1880 61 main 1819 R02 1 Simmons Ernest 6 5 1944 76 main 1868 R03 1 Brocklehurst Caroline 3 2 1775 75 main 1700 R04 1 Brocklehurst

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Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number = 3 rd issue (Weblink Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ)

Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number = 3 rd issue (Weblink Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ) Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number 103-3 = 3 rd issue (Weblink 103-3 Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ) Archibald LECKIE B 05 October 1854 Scotland D 29 November 1933 Dunedin New Zealand M

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1851 CENSUS. Relatn Ship. Emma F Hewett Wife Mar. 27 Sussex Merston. William H Hewett Son 1 Sussex Chidham. Sarah Lever Niece 4 Sussex Harting

1851 CENSUS. Relatn Ship. Emma F Hewett Wife Mar. 27 Sussex Merston. William H Hewett Son 1 Sussex Chidham. Sarah Lever Niece 4 Sussex Harting 1 William Hewett Head Mar. 34 Farmer of 280 acres employing 10 labourers Emma F Hewett Wife Mar. 27 Sussex Merston Mary Hewett Daur. 2 William H Hewett Son 1 Mary Lever Sister Mar. 42 Sussex Bosham Sarah

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Thomas b1703. William Elizabeth b1712 George b1720 m 1708 Dorothy Elizabeth b1634 Maria John b1721

Thomas b1703. William Elizabeth b1712 George b1720 m 1708 Dorothy Elizabeth b1634 Maria John b1721 1 The Marples Family Tree 1 Page 1 Richard Thomas b1621 Thomas b1670 m1670 Margaret? Same family Elizabeth b1673 nether end Jane b1615 Elizabeth b1677 GEORGE A Robert 1591-92??? Anna 1617-1617 m Jane Elizabeth

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D 7 Bright Gen Sir Robert Normandy Park H 6 Bright Lady Catherine Normandy Park H 6 Buckton

D 7 Bright Gen Sir Robert Normandy Park H 6 Bright Lady Catherine Normandy Park H 6 Buckton Adams Georgina Flexford 1929 82 G 8 Adams I M 19?? G 8 Adams W M 1951 77 G 8 Addington John Sylvester Branksome 1917 11 E 7 Alvensleben Baron Werner 1989 77 H/J 1 Alvensleben Constance 1963 H/J 1 Archer

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Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887

Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887 Friends of Dundee City Archives Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887 Surnames sorted by Letter T Surname First Names of Tait Francis 07/11/1868 05/04/1880 John Tait 12 Croft's Lane India 1531 Tait John 06/11/1870

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Name of Deceased File No. Book Folio

Name of Deceased File No. Book Folio 1902 Johnston, James 42 Jones, Polly 63 1903 Johnson, Eyjolfur 89 Johnson, Sigmundur 118 Johnson, Sigmundur (infant child 120 of) Jones, Edward 141 Johnston, James 150 1904 Janzen, Maria 178 1905 Jackson,

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION. BRANCH: Quinte. BRANCH ADDRESS: 54 Adolphustown Park Road. Jessup s Loyal Rangers, Secret Agent

CERTIFICATE APPLICATION. BRANCH: Quinte. BRANCH ADDRESS: 54 Adolphustown Park Road. Jessup s Loyal Rangers, Secret Agent 1 The United Empire Loyalists Associion of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Email: CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH: Quinte BRANCH ADDRESS:

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Local Residents Ticket Draws for the GAA All-Ireland Championship Finals 2016

Local Residents Ticket Draws for the GAA All-Ireland Championship Finals 2016 Local Residents Ticket Draws for the GAA All-Ireland Championship Finals 2016 On Monday, August 15th, the local resident ticket draws for the All-Ireland Championship Finals took place in Croke Park. The

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Descendants of Thomas Stonestreet

Descendants of Thomas Stonestreet Generation. THOMAS STONESTREET was born about 630 in Birchden in Withyham, Sussex, England. He died in Oct 706 in Newport Hundred, Charles, Maryland. He married Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Thomas Butler,

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Page 114 Chapter 19. The children of William D. Register and Elzie Mercer were:

Page 114 Chapter 19. The children of William D. Register and Elzie Mercer were: Page 114 Chapter 19 Chapter 18 Register Family The Register family migrated into Craven County after 1880 via Jones County, NC and earlier Duplin County, NC. Four Register brothers, William D., John Frank,

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