November-December Additions

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1 November-December Additions 000 s K11s Sherlock Holmes on the stage : Kabatchnik, Amnon, The Scarecrow Press, Inc., s H465z Language after Heidegger : Ziarek, Krzysztof, Indiana University Press, M179m Mind, matter & nature : Madden, James D., The Catholic University of America Press, 200 s E36e Essential figures in the Bible : Eisenberg, Ronald L., Jason Aronson, C454t The Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes : Chan, Yiu Sing Lucas, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., C182l The last pagans of Rome : Cameron, Alan, Oxford University Press, H249c Classical mythology : Hansen, William, Oxford University Press, E64b The basic beliefs of Judaism : Epstein, Lawrence J., Jason Aronson, 300 s P271s v.1 The structure of social action : Parsons, Talcott, The Free Press, P271s v.2 The structure of social action : Parsons, Talcott, The Free Press, P858d Postmodernism and social inquiry : Dickens, David R., ed., The Guilford Press, D963s Emile Durkheim: selected writings : Giddens, Anthony, ed., Cambridge University Press, 1972.

2 B496m 3rd ed. Media and society : Berger, Arthur Asa, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., M211c Chronology of Americans and the environment : Magoc, Chris J., ABC-CLIO, W864v Zl A vindication of the rights of woman : Wollstonecraft, Mary, W.W. Norton & Company, H682l Zf Leviathan : Hobbes, Thomas, W.W. Norton & Company, L814 Zs The selected political writings of John Locke : Sigmund, Paul E. ed., W.W. Norton & Company, P147n Paine and Jefferson in the age of revolutions : Newman, Simon P., ed., University of Virginia Press, M684t Thirst : Mithen, Steven, Harvard University Press, P174d 2014 The death penalty in the United States : Palmer, Louis J., McFarland & Company, Inc., C338w 2nd ed What causes war? : Cashman, Greg, Rowman & Littlefield, T455p Police psychology : Thomas, David J., Praeger, J17a Analyzing criminal minds : Jacobs, Don, Praeger, S875u U.S. Environmentalism since 1945: Stoll, Steven, Palgrave Macmillan, N583m Mafia culture and the power of symbols, rituals, and myth : Nicaso, Antonio, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, M474d Do the crime, do the time : Mays, G. Larry, Praeger, E96b 2013 Experiencing Dewey : Breault, Donna Adair, ed., Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, S964f Sustainability at Universities - opportunities, challenges and trends : Filho, Walter Leal, ed., Peter Lang, s O98p The Oxford handbook of food history : Pilcher, Jeffrey M., ed., Oxford University Press, 2012.

3 700 s M397s Superheroes! : Maslon, Laurence, Crown Archetype, S827e Experiencing jazz : Stephans, Michael, The Scarecrow Press, Inc., E19r Ecocinema theory and practice : Rust, Stephen, ed., Routledge, T253f Teaching film : Fischer, Lucy, ed., The Modern Language Association of America, s L776 Zk Literary research and the British eighteenth century : Keeran, Peggy, The Scarecrow Press, Inc., S942d Successful strategies for teaching undergraduate research : Deyrup, Marta, ed., The Scarecrow Press, Inc., W956g Writing Medieval women's lives : Goldy, Charlotte Newman, ed., Palgrave, O48d Dog songs : Oliver, Mary, The Penguin Press, R728h Holy heathen rhapsody : Rogers, Pattiann, Penguin Group, A512 Zc American sports fiction : Cocchiarale, Michael, ed., Salem Press, C957 Zd Robinson Crusoe : Defoe, Daniel, Norton & Company, D314m Zr Moll Flanders : Defoe, Daniel, W.W. Norton & Company, S977g Zr Gulliver's Travels : Swift, Jonathan, W.W.Norton & Company, B965e Zc Evelina : Burney, Frances, W.W. Norton & Company, B942p Zw The Pilgrim's Progress : Bunyan, John, W.W. Norton & Company, s D632s Six months in 1945: Dobbs, Michael, Alfred A. Knopf, G493h How the Jews defeated Hitler : Ginsberg, Benjamin, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.,

4 R988s Samuel Stouffer and the GI Survey : Ryan, Joseph W., University of Tennessee Press, C861m 5th ed. The course of Irish history : Moody, T.W.,ed., Roberts Rinehart Publishers, L795t The Tudors: Loades, David, Bloomsbury, P594p The pursuit of the Nazi mind : Pick, Daniel, Oxford University Press, H249s The Silk Road : Hansen, Valerie, Oxford University Press, W322c c.2 China in the 21st century : Wasserstrom, Jeffrey N., Oxford University Press, H355s The Sioux : Hassrick, Royal B., University of Oklahoma Press, N94a The American Presidents, Washington to Tyler : Nowlan, Robert A., McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, C774d The day Lincoln was almost shot : Cooling, Benjamin Franklin, The Scarecrow Press, Inc., C778w We have the war upon us : Cooper, William J., Alfred A. Knopf, S866s The second Red Scare and the unmaking of the New Deal left : Storrs, Landon R.Y., Princeton University Press, R781y Theodore Roosevelt and the American political tradition : Yarbrough, Jean M., University Press of Kansas, H889w When the news went live: Dallas 1963 : Huffaker, Bob, Taylor Trade Publishing, H638c The Civil War and the West: Higham, Carol L., Praeger, S971i v.1 The Indianizationof Lewis and Clark : Swagerty, William R., The Arthur H. Clark Company, S971i v.2 The Indianizationof Lewis and Clark: Swagerty, William R., The Arthur H. Clark Company, W931d Dust Bowl : Worster, Donald, Oxford University Press, 2004.

5 Reference Collection R 100 O98h 2nd ed. The Oxford companion to philosophy : Honderich, Ted, ed., Oxford University Press, R A825h Handbook of Japanese mythology : Ashkenazi, Michael, Oxford University Press, R O98b The Oxford handbook of women and gender in Medieval Europe : Bennett, Judith M., ed., Oxford University Press, R E56a v.1 Encyclopedia of environmental issues : Allin, Craig W., ed., Salem Press, R E56a v.2 Encyclopedia of environmental issues : Allin, Craig W., ed., Salem Press, R E56a v.3 Encyclopedia of environmental issues : Allin, Craig W., ed., Salem Press, R E56a v.4 Encyclopedia of environmental issues : Allin, Craig W., ed., Salem Press, R F534h v.1 Historical Dictionary of contemporary American theater : Fisher, James, The Scarecrow Press, Inc., R F534h v.2 Historical Dictionary of contemporary American theater : Fisher, James, The Scarecrow Press, Inc., R V666w Vietnam War: Willbanks, James H., ed., ABC-CLIO, Teacher's Resource Center CURR M623t DVD-ROM Teaching sport concepts and skills : Mitchell, Stephen A., Human Kinetics, EDRM 372 G662b 2014 Beginnings and beyond : Gordon, Ann Miles, Wadsworth, 2014.

6 Video Collection DVD P924s 35 min. DVD U55i Prejudice: more than black and white Films Media Group, Understanding prejudice Insight Media, DVD S678c 45 min Sociology of sports Insight Media, DVD B615c 53 min Biomechanics Insight Media, DVD P974c 44 min. Psychology of sport Insight Media, 2011.