Commercial Building Permits Yearly Total/Square Footage by Land Use

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1 Yearly /Square Footage by Land Use Last 10 years: Source: City of Overland Park Commercial Building Permit Activity - Full Permits Issued - January 1 to December 31 in a Given Year North of North of Office 17,153 71,087 88,240 Office 0 6,517 6,517 Retail 69, , ,324 Retail 55, , ,564 Industrial 0 122, ,194 Industrial 0 1,864 1,864 Other 8, ,371 Other , , ,129 55, , , North of North of Office 0 9,800 9,800 Office 0 5,140 5,140 Retail 2,000 9,660 11,660 Retail 36,051 47,698 83,749 Industrial Industrial Other 0 25,018 25,018 Other 12, ,443 2,000 44,478 46,478 48,494 53, , North of North of Office 101, , ,228 Office 8,785 2,999 11,784 Retail 5,178 31,235 36,413 Retail 146, , ,838 Industrial Industrial Other 351,233 56, ,467 Other 54,568 45, , , , , , , , North of North of Office 15,729 3,022 18,751 Office 33,510 33,433 66,943 Retail 22,221 63,248 85,469 Retail 83, , ,901 Industrial Industrial 42,900 21,600 64,500 Other 149,867 73, ,704 Other 242, , , , , , , ,879 1,013, North of North of Office 60, , ,581 Office 1, , ,904 Retail 42, , ,966 Retail 171,235 37, ,581 Industrial 0 103, ,075 Industrial 6,000 50,875 56,875 Other 129, , ,744 Other 21, , , , ,598 1,138, , ,683 1,143,748 NOTE: Square footage for mixed-use developments only includes retail and/or office uses. The category of "Other" includes hotels, assisted living facilities, hospitals, recreation facilities, and public/ semi-public uses.

2 Last 10 years: Santa Fe Dr Phoenix Building N 33,320 DFD W 95th St Barnes and Noble N 39,960 CP W 95th St Oak Park Mall Signature Entry N 4,805 CP W 107th St Vestibule addition N 80 CP W 75th St Sonic Drive-in N 1,482 CP Indian Creek Pkwy SG Holdings addition N 682 CP W 75th St Johnson County Animal Clinic addition N 400 C Mission Rd CVS Pharmacy N 14,838 CP W 109th St Roe Corporate Center S 9,300 CP-O 7590 W 119th St Oliver's Hair Salon Addition S 416 CP W 135th St Backwoods S 9,000 CP W 151st St National Tire and Battery S 8,064 CP Metcalf Ave Corbin Park Building H S 15,480 CP W 135th St Verizon S 3,550 CP W 135th St Corbin Park Lot 10 S 17,831 CP W 143rd St 143rd St Office Complex S 27,000 CP-O Metcalf Ave Forest Creek Building B S 8,928 CP-O 6675 W 135th St Jared the Galleria of Jewelry S 6,054 CP W 135th St Overland Pointe Market Lot 14 S 7,170 CP W 151st St Equity Bank S 7,157 CP-O Oakmont St Commerce Bank S 3,835 CP-O 5808 W 110th St Children's Mercy South S 640 SUP 7235 W 162nd Terr Once Construction S 4,000 BP Antioch Rd Wincrest S 4,440 CP-O Antioch Rd Storage Mart Building A, B, C, D, E, F, G S 110,194 BP Antioch Rd Wincrest S 4,440 CP-O 6821 W 135th St Barnes and Noble S 59,113 CP W 162nd Ter Once Construction S 8,000 BP 7140 W 121st St Southridge Car Wash S 4,900 CP W 135th St Corbin Park Building A2 S 23,840 CP W 135th St Corbin Park Building A3 S 40,400 CP W 135th St Corbin Park Building A1 S 45,823 CP Metcalf Ave Bank of Kansas City S 5,987 CP-O 531,129

3 Mission Rd Ranch Mart South Garden Center N 4,175 CP Quivira Rd AT&T Retail Building N 3,522 CP Antioch Rd Walgreens N 14,820 CP W 95th St Cheddar's Casual Café N 7,918 CP Antioch Rd Cherokee South Retail Building N 9,727 CP W 87th St Sallas Automotive Addition N 765 C Nall Ave CVS Pharmacy N 12,900 CP Quivira Rd Sonic Drive-In N 1,728 CP W 135th St Corbin Park Building B3 S 4,651 CP W 135th St Corbin Park Building B1 S 6,846 CP W 135th St Corbin Park Building B2 S 12,672 CP W 135th St Corbin Park Building C2 S 18,796 CP W 135th St Corbin Park Building F1 - Sports Authority S 46,505 CP Metcalf Ave Sonic Drive-In S 1,820 CP W 119th St BDY Office S 1,864 BP 6541 W 135th St Corbin Park Building F2 S 13,345 CP Metcalf Ave Property Valuation Services S 6,517 CP-O 7720 W 151st St Dunkin' Donuts S 658 CP-2J 8901 W 135th St Ritz Charles Plaza Building D S 14,173 CP Metcalf Ave Elite Squad Tennis S 2,543 CP-2 185,945

4 Metcalf Ave Dunkin' Donuts N 2,000 DFD 7560 W 135th St Double Take Salon S 8,000 MXD 7301 W 135th St Freddy's Frozen Custard S 3,780 CP W 135th St Tad's Tropical Sno S 268 CP W 110th St Healthsouth MidAmerica Rehab Addition S 17,018 SUP Antioch Rd Kiddi Kollege S 9,800 CP-O Metcalf Ave Arby's Restaurant S 2,812 CP W 135th St Burger King S 2,800 CP-2 46, Elmhurst Dr Montessori Kidz Preschool N 745 C Metcalf Ave Jack In The Box N 2,756 CP Metcalf Ave Conoco 7 Eleven N 3,510 C W 105th St Village at Mission Farms * N 12,443 MXD Metcalf Ave Wright Career College N 15,000 CP Metcalf Ave Wright Career College N 14,040 CP W 119th St Sheridan's Addition S 979 CP Metcalf Ave Dry Clean Super Center S 5,855 CP College Blvd The Renaissance Office Building S 5,000 CP-O W 135th St Stonepost Ranch Restaurant Building S 5,040 CP W 135th St Stonepost Ranch Building C S 8,640 CP W 135th St Logan's Roadhouse S 6,505 CP W 135th St Ritz Charles Building E S 6,465 CP Metcalf Ave Applebee's Addition S 620 CP W 151st St Absolute Interiors Accessory Building S 864 IP-1J Metcalf Ave Green Lantern Car Wash S 13,294 CP Blue Valley Pkwy Costco Addition S 300 CP College Blvd Head and Neck Surgery Addition S 140 CP-O 102,196

5 W 95th St HyVee #1 N 78,620 CP Woodson St Indian Woods Middle School N 16,565 R W 89th St Kansas Gas OP Service Center N 13,713 M Santa Fe Dr Lorax Design Group N 5,178 DFD 7501 W 69th St Milburn Country Club N 32,955 R Quivira Rd Overland Park Regional Tower & Renovation N 288,000 CP-O 9901 W 87th St QuikTrip #239R N 5,720 CP W 95th St Staples #1953 N 15,500 CP W 95th St Starbucks Ranchmart South N 1,800 CP Lamar Ave Black & Veatch World Headquarters S 12,500 CP-O 8625 College Blvd Haris Engineering Headquarters S 10,820 CP-O 7580 W 135th St Holiday Inn Express S 52,734 MXD Metcalf Ave McDonald's Restaurant S 3,775 CP W 135th St Primrose School S 11,810 CP W 151st St QuikTrip #203 S 5,720 CP Blue Valley Pkwy Solera Salon S 6,530 CP Nall Ave Teva/Nall Corporate Center S 154,268 CP-O 7575 W 150th St Tide Dry Cleaner S 3,400 CP Pflumm Rd Wolf Creek Art Studio S 3,500 RURJ 723,108

6 W 95th St Houlihan's Restaurant N 5,980 CP Quivira Rd Academy Sports N 77,723 CP Roe Ave Freddy's Frozen Custard N 3,414 CP W 95th St Quivira Place - Retail B & C N 16,400 CP Indian Creek Pkwy Fox Hill Office N 5,285 CP Metcalf Ave Wendy's N 3,224 CP Antioch Ave Commerce Bank N 6,960 CP Antioch Rd Care Spot N 3,500 CP W 95th St Auto Zone N 7,360 CP W 95th St Ross Dress For Less N 25,000 CP Indian Creek Pkwy Heartland Rehabilitation Hospital N 54,568 SUP Metcalf Ave Apex Endodontics S 2,999 MXD th St Freshmarket S 24,593 MXD th St REI at Prairiefire S 23,270 MXD th St Trail Point Plaza S 4,711 CP th St Prairiefire Building 26 S 9,187 MXD th St Museum of Prairiefire S 41,433 MXD th St Prairiefire Building 25 S 77,385 MXD th St Corbin Park Building E2-4 S 51,020 CP th St HyVee Gas Station & Coffee Shop S 4,514 CP Metcalf Ave Tires Plus S 8,770 CP College Blvd Pot Belly Sandwich Shop S 2,134 CP-O 5501 W 135th St Prairiefire Building 23 S 15,377 MXD 5601 W 135th St Prairiefire Building S 17,496 MXD 6721 W 135th St Corner Bakery Café S 8,000 CP W 135th St Scheels Sporting Goods S 201,724 CP W 135th St Mazuma Credit Union S 49,218 MXD 6401 W 135th St Corbin Park Building F3 S 25,500 CP Nall Ave Pinstripes S 40,678 MXD College Blvd Johnson County Wastewater S 2,586 SUP 7200 W 121st St Frida's Outdoor Patio S 1,200 CP Nall Ave Holiday Inn Hotel Addition S 1,575 SUP 822,784

7 Nall Ave Top Golf N 64,232 SUP W 95th St McDonald's N 5,496 CP Metcalf Ave Glenwood Commons Retail N 16,205 CP W 75th St Starbucks N 520 CP Metcalf Ave Vince Building #3 N 15,729 CP-O 7600 Antioch Rd MainSt Assisted Living Facility N 85,635 SUP Rosewood St Villa St Joseph Addition S 12,599 R W 135th St Ted's Café Escondido S 7,980 CP W 119th St The Container Store S 25,283 CP W 159th St Blue Valley High School Field S 2,018 RN-1J 6501 W 135th St Corbin Park Building F4 S 16,040 CP College Blvd Panera Bread S 4,290 CP College Blvd Freddy's Frozen Custard S 3,655 CP W 150th St Albright Family Chiropractic S 3,022 CP W 135th St Ya-Ya's Eurobistro S 6,000 CP W 163rd St Blue Valley Middle School S 1,055 R th St Pleasant Ridge Middle School S 1,055 R Switzer Rd Blue Valley Northwest Major Mech S 1,170 R W 151st St Islamic Center of Johnson County S 21,405 R W 159th St Grace Church Addition S 26,235 R Nieman Rd Christ Lutheran Church Addition S 8,300 R-1 327,924

8 Metcalf Ave Overland Park Volvo & Mazda N 28,000 DFD 7401 Johnson Dr Shawnee Mission North High School Secure Entry N 169 R W 85th St Shawnee Mission West High School Secure Entry N 240 R Metcalf Ave Vince Building #3 N 21,218 CP-O 7501 W 69th St Milburn Country Club Tennis Courts N 19,116 R Metcalf Ave Overland Park Fiat N 156 DFD 6801 W 91st St Storage Mart N 42,900 BP 9001 Santa Fe Dr Capitol Federal N 1,425 CP W 71st St SMSD Center for Academic Achievement N 131,000 R Santa Fe Dr Multi-Use Building N 9,600 DFD 9545 Antioch Rd Hy-Vee Convenience Store N 7,437 CP Mission Rd Village Church N 25,062 R W 80th St Nexus IT Addition N 768 DFD W 95th St Multi-Tenant Building at Oak Park Mall N 6,860 DP W 95th St Trailwood Elementary School N 67,000 R Metcalf Ave Avenue 80 Multi-Use Building ** N 17,119 DFD Roe Ave Roe Express Car Wash N 4,889 CP Metcalf Ave Vince Vestibule Expansion N 1,015 CP-O Roe Ave E Café N 4,400 CP Shawnee Mission Pkwy QuikTrip N 12,936 CP Roe Ave Roe Park (Recreation Center) N 914 R rd St Noah's Life Event Center S 8,900 MXD rd St Overland Trail Elementary/Middle S 7,840 R nd Ter Burge Fence Paint Booth S 364 IP-1J th St White Theatre Mezzanine S 488 R th St Candlewood Suites S 55,516 BP Pflumm Rd Autumn Leaves Memory Care S 36,296 R W 135th St Slim Chickens S 2,945 CP W 135th St Centra Care S 5,332 CP Knox St Indian Valley Elementary School Kitchen S 397 R W 135th St Casey's General Store S 19,374 CP W 135th St Skin Cancer and Dermatology S 25,154 BP Antioch Rd Overland Park Fire and Police Station S 23,589 CP-O 8300 College Blvd 8300 College Blvd S 2,711 CP-O 6901 W 121st St Advanced Dermatologic Surgery S 236 CP-O 7365 W 162nd Ter Mick White Office S 456 CP3-J 6405 W 135th St Corbin Park Lot 3 S 9,987 CP W 162nd St Time Warner Cable Expansion S 1,017 CP3-J 9300 W 178th St Blue Valley Elementary S 86,485 R W 135th St Corbin Park Building 7 S 16,494 CP W 179th St Overland Park Arboretum S 850 R Metcalf Ave IFLY S 4,967 CP W 143rd St Blue Valley Rec Center S 69,400 R Pflumm Rd Scooter's Coffee S 1,140 CP W 127th St Contractor's Garage IV S 21,600 MP-1

9 7921 W 160th St Bluhawk Marketplace 1F & 1G S 36,600 CP Metcalf Ave Redrock Canyon Grill S 6,952 CP W 159th St Bluhawk Marketplace 1C S 12,000 CP Antioch Rd Bluhawk Marketplace 1A S 7,988 CP Blue Valley Pkwy Lukas Liquor S 46,390 CP Metcalf Ave Johnson County Lift Station S 508 SUP Indian Creek Pkwy City Place Assisted Living S 98,903 SUP 1,013,103

10 Indian Creek Pkwy Mission Farms Building G N 49,887 MXD 7900 Conser St InterUrban Lofts (Mixed-Use) * N 6,549 DFD Metcalf Ave Vince South Building Expansion N 707 CP-O W 79th St Frontage Road Properties N 7,800 CP W 107th St Foxhill Commercial Remodel/Addition N 760 CP W 71st St Milburn Country Club Pumphouse N 196 R Nall Ave Top Golf Linen Shed N 200 CP W 78th St Tomahawk Elementary School N 885 R Nall Ave University of Kansas Hospital N 122,507 CP-O 5800 W 107th St Shawnee Mission South High School Stadium N 6,200 R Metcalf Ave Promontory (Mixed-Use) * N 25,956 MXD 7512 W 80th St Nexus IT N 1,076 DFD 7300 W 80th St The Market Lofts (Mixed-Use) * N 5,911 DFD 8781 W 95th St Starbucks - Cherokee South N 1,985 CP Roe Ave Crushed Red N 3,149 CP Metcalf Ave Metcalf Self Storage S 103,075 BP 5700 W 112th St Nall Corporate Center II & Parking Garage S 287,846 CP-O 7840 W 165th St Bluhawk Medical Office Building S 75,000 CP-O Metcalf Ave JLW Investment OP, LLC S 12,762 CP-O 6650 W 110th St Quad Size Office Building S 78,423 CP-O 8000 College Blvd Coliseum Imaging S 729 CP-O 6800 W 115th St OPX Canopy S 849 BP 9800 W 135th St Life Church TV S 43,147 CP W 165th St Shawnee Mission Health Hospital S 25,000 CP-O Antioch Rd KOMA S 8,000 CP-O W 141st St Harmony Middle School Library S 911 R W 110th St Chase Suite Hotel S 1,800 SUP Hardy St City of Overland Park Salt Storage Facility S 10,504 MXD 8805 W 166th Ct Wilshire Ridge Amenity Center S 2,468 R Nieman Rd The Gables S 11,760 R W 135th St Hampton Inn and Suites Hotel S 70,700 SUP 9090 W 135th St Little Sunshine's Playhouse S 10,716 CP Pflumm Rd St. Thomas Aquinas S 10,750 R W 159th St First National Bank of Omaha S 6,913 CP Metcalf Ave Corbin Park Pad 13 S 8,868 CP W 135th St Corbin Park Dave & Busters S 40,100 CP W 135th St Raising Cane's Chicken S 3,985 CP W 151st St Discount Tire S 9,619 CP W 135th St Zaxby's S 3,847 CP W 160th St Cosentino's Market at Bluhawk S 66,370 CP W 135th St Scooter's Coffee S 1,970 CP W 135th St Maggiano's Little Italy S 8,486 CP-2 1,138,366

11 W 87th St West Park Shopping Center N 6,487 CP W 80th St The Vue (Mixed-Use) * N 10,617 DFD 8333 W 95th St Aldi Store #69 N 3,279 CP W 75th St Glenwood Hospital N 18,359 DFD 7342 Lowell Ave East Antioch Elementary Addition N 1,800 R Merriam Dr Midway Wholesale N 6,000 M Shawnee Mission Pkwy Scooter's Coffee Kiosk N 450 CP Grant St Sapling Grove Park Shelter N 1,807 R W 95th St Lowe's N 152,266 CP W 179th St Arboretum Greenhouse S 3,600 RUR-J 5100 W 110th St Roe Medical Centre S 155,974 CP-O Riley St Quiktrip #0240R S 15,046 CP Metcalf Ave Discount Tire S 9,184 CP Switzer Rd Blue Valley Northwest High School Performing Arts S 2,865 R W 110th St Overland One ** S 139,938 CP-O 5454 W 110th St Overland One ** S 196,722 CP-O Kenneth Rd Aubrey Vineyards S 570 RUR-J 6650 W 110th St Quad Six Canopy S 420 CP-O W 110th St Davita Dialysis S 8,322 CP-O W 110th St College Square Office, Lot 10 S 7,630 CP-O Antioch Rd Plaza South Office Building S 17,487 CP-O 8400 W 165th St Plaza South Office Building S 18,076 CP-O 8300 W 165th St Primrose at Bluhawk S 12,584 CP-O 8001 W 159th St Red Door Grill Patio S 534 CP W 151st St Prairie Elder Care S 4,527 R W 151st St Prairie Elder Care S 10,541 R King St Dunes at St. Andrew's Maintenance Building S 1,500 RP Foster St Condo Garages at Blue Valley Center S 50,875 BP W 137th St Colonial Village Assisted Living S 170,389 SUP Metcalf Ave Drury Inn & Suites Addition S 3,806 SUP 7851 W 119th St Holy Cross Lutheran Church Patio S 1,046 R W 159th St Blue Valley Hospital S 17,164 SUP Blue Valley Pkwy Kneaders S 4,276 CP W 151st St South Target Outlot S 4,500 CP W 143rd St Lionsgate Medical Building S 11,471 CP-O 7121 W 135th St Homes 2 Suites by Hilton S 68,710 SUP W 172nd St Terrybrook Farms Amenity Center S 2,340 R Switzer Rd Deanna Rose Workshop S 2,586 R-1 1,143,748 * Square footage for mixed-use developments only includes retail and/or office uses. ** Square footage for Overland One also includes parking garages.