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1 President s Report Texas Lutheran University

2 PRESIDENT S REPORT A Message from the President... 1 Live to Inspire: Jaynellen Stokes New Scholarships Alumni Giving Report on Giving... 5 MISSION TLU prepares undergraduates academically, spiritually, and socially in a residential community of faith and learning for service and leadership. ABOUT TLU Texas Lutheran University is a private, undergraduate university of the liberal arts, sciences and professional studies, affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. All faiths are welcome. Founded in 1891 in Brenham, Texas, TLU moved to Seguin in Enrollment at TLU is approximately 1,300 undergraduate students. The high quality education that TLU provides its students has been recognized repeatedly in U.S. News & World Report s annual ranking of America s best colleges. TLU was recently ranked No. 2 in the 2016 U.S. News rankings for Best Colleges in the West.

3 A message from the President This fall we welcomed a near-record freshmen class, up 28% over the the previous year. The combination of innovative change with our long-held commitment to student success is gaining traction, and the goal of reaching an enrollment of 1500 is within reach. Strategic planning at colleges and universities often is a wasted exercise. A glossy report is produced and introduced with great fanfare, but the content usually is quickly forgotten. The plan gathers dust, and five years later the process repeats itself. Happily, that has not been the case at Texas Lutheran University. Six years ago the Board of Regents adopted Boldly Investing in Lives of Purpose, articulating a vision and goals for TLU. Looking back, many these goals have been met. Specifically, the faculty has implemented a new and innovative general education curriculum; student research opportunities have greatly expanded; retention and graduation rates have increased; a new residence hall, Centennial Hall, has improved the experience for first-year students; the percentage of students living on campus has increased; new academic programs have been added in fields of growing demand accountancy, nursing, and athletic training; the athletic complex, including Bulldog Stadium, has raised enthusiasm, activity and pride for students and alumni; planning and fundraising for the Caroline M. Weston Center for the Performing Arts is underway; TLU marketing is raising the University s visibility and sharpening our message to prospective students. These were goals identified in the strategic plan, but there has been much more change that could not have been foreseen six years ago. Despite the change, TLU has kept the promise to Boldly Invest in TLU s future as a residential, faith-based, undergraduate, liberal arts and sciences university. That has not been easy in the post-financial crisis environment. We could have lowered our expectations and played it safe, or chased a different strategy that would have changed the fundamental character and values of Texas Lutheran. Instead, we have stayed true to the strategic plan s vow to bet the ranch on our vital mission. That strategy, with its accompanying risks, is paying off. This fall we welcomed a near-record freshmen class, up 28% over the previous year. The combination of innovative change with our long-held commitment to student success is gaining traction, and the goal of reaching an enrollment of 1500 is within reach. Thank you for your support and for your faith in TLU s ability to achieve great goals. Sincerely, Stuart Dorsey President president s report 1

4 Live To Inspire: JAYNELLEN STOKES 13 opportunities for young girls to enhance their education, build confidence, learn sex education, develop study skills, learn good health practices, and how to be leaders. Peace Corps Benin also works with community leaders to promote girls education and encourage parents in the community to not only allow their daughters to attend school, but to be active participants in their daughters educations. Although Stokes and her colleagues are devoted to the education and development of young Beninese women, they often have to find solutions for the cultural challenges the girls encounter every day. Jaynellen Stokes 13 is a former rural community health advisor for Peace Corps Benin and is beginning her third year of service in the country s largest city Cotonou at the Peace Corps Bureau. For the majority of Americans, receiving an education is part of growing up. But for adolescent girls in the western African nation of Benin, going to school is often just a dream. Jaynellen Stokes 13 is working to change that. Stokes, a philosophy major, began her Peace Corps service in June 2013 as a rural community health advisor. After living and working in a rural village in central Benin for the past two years, she is beginning her third year of service in the country's largest city Cotonou at the Peace Corps Bureau. In March 2015, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, in collaboration with the Peace Corps, launched the Let Girls Learn initiative a program designed to increase funding and improve programming activities focused on increasing young girls access to educational opportunities. A key part of the program is encouraging and supporting community-led solutions to reduce barriers that prevent young girls from completing their education. Benin was chosen as one of 11 pilot countries in Africa. As I worked with young women who visited the health center, I discovered how essential girls education is to improving women s standing in life and the lives of their families, Stokes said. Peace Corps Benin, and more specifically the Let Girls Learn initiative, focuses on creating activities, clubs, camps, scholarship programs, and internships providing In general in Benin, teen pregnancy and sexual harassment at school from male teachers and male students are two major challenges Beninese girls face, Stokes said. These problems stem from the economic hardships that surround them and living in a society that has yet to value a girl s education equal to her boy counterpart. Most of the girls work in the fields with their family, help their mothers cook dinner, wash clothes, fetch water, clean the house, and care for their younger siblings. This gives them less opportunity to study after school or participate in clubs, enticing them to drop out of school, find a husband, and become pregnant. Of course, it is much more complicated than this. But most girls I know, even from a young age, know what the future holds for them and they re never encouraged to dream of something different. Continued on page president s report

5 New Scholarships Open Doors, Provide Opportunities For Students Every year, scholarship recipients have the chance to meet and thank the donors who support their education. The 2015 Scholarship Luncheon, one of the largest gatherings in many years, added 12 new scholarships totaling $388,000. Not only does the luncheon unveil new scholarships, it connects students and their families with donors, alumni, and members of the Board of Regents and the Texas Lutheran University Corporation Board. Nursing and psychology double major Kassandra Esquibel shared a personal message of gratitude at the event. Her TLU education was possible through scholarships. A college education is one of the best ways to improve someone s future, but that doesn t mean it is easy to pay for, Esquibel said. TLU and the generosity of donors have given me a life I dreamed of for so long. I m very close to becoming a registered nurse with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I will accomplish my dreams and it is all because of your support. Left to right: Lisa Coker, Dr. Wilfred O. Dietrich, Dr. Stuart Dorsey, TLU Regent Patricia Dietrich, and Larry Dietrich. TLU and the generosity of donors have given me a life I dreamed of for so long. I m very close to becoming a registered nurse with my Bachelor of Science in Nursing. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I will accomplish my dreams and it is all because of your support. Kassandra Esquibel Left to right: Dr. Stuart Dorsey, Mildred Babcock, Sandra Babcock, Arthur Babcock, and Michelle Dorsey. New Scholarships Added Effective January 31, 2015: Jeffery Alan Babcock Scholarship for students with a passion for law, political science, and history. Class of 1963 Scholarship for any deserving student. Dr. Mark O. Gilbertson Scholarship for philosophy majors. The Harleys Music Scholarship for students studying music. Edmund Perry Kuempel Scholarship for any deserving student. Richard K. Laut Scholarship for students participating in choir. Alfred Victor Treybig Scholarship for nursing students. Anita Stroebel Wuensche Scholarship for nursing students. St. John Lutheran Church, Lindenau Scholarship for any deserving student. Ann Saegert and William Adams Scholarship for students from central Texas wanting to study abroad or in Washington, DC or New York City. Richard & Almita Kollatschny and Ellis & Adela Ueckert Scholarship for senior students majoring in education. Drs. Wilfred and Bobbie Morrow Dietrich Scholarship for students majoring in communication studies studies, English, or dramatic media president s report 3

6 Live to Inspire: Jaynellen Stokes 13 continued from page 2 Peace Corps Benin also reaches out to young boys and men through trainings called Safe Schools for teachers and community leaders in hopes of decreasing sexual harassment. Camps for young boys focus on sex education, study skills, good health practices, leadership, and their role as men in gender equality, women s empowerment, and sexual harassment. Although it might be difficult for everyone to live and work in a country like Benin, Stokes said understanding our roles as global citizens is the first step in alleviating these issues. Understanding the problems facing other peoples and nations is crucial to bettering the world in which we live, Stokes said. There aren t a lot of hands-on opportunities for people unless of course someone wants to work abroad in development. However, donating to organizations that work to promote girls education is important because without funding, the projects would not be implemented. At Texas Lutheran University, Stokes participated in several study abroad programs. And while studying abroad has cache on a student s resume, she said the knowledge and life skills she gained during her study abroad experiences at TLU directly contributed to how she easily integrated into Beninese culture. The summer after my freshman year, I went to Paris on a cultural study abroad and in the summer of 2011, I explored the Czech Republic with Professor Terry Price and six other TLU students, Stokes said. In the fall semester of my junior year, I studied French language and culture in Paris. I was able to look at problems from different perspectives. I discovered that different ways of doing the same thing doesn t necessarily mean they are better or worse. I gained problem solving skills, communication skills, and what I like to call my street smarts. I became a global citizen more aware of how my actions, lifestyle, and pure existence not only affect my life and the lives of those close to me, but the lives of people everywhere GIVING TOP 10 ALUMNI CLASS YEARS Class Year BY DONOR COUNT Donors Giving% % % % % % % % % % % % BY PERCENTAGE OF PARTICIPATION Class Year Donors Giving% % % % % % % % % % % Editor s note: Jaynellen Stokes received TLU academic scholarships during her fall and spring semester terms. During summer study abroad, when the TLU academic scholarships were not applicable, she received the TLU Study Abroad Scholarship. To make a contribution to TLU, go to and click Give Now, or call president s report


8 TOTAL GIVING BY SOURCE Individuals Alumni... $1,031, Friends... $1,279, Foundations... $1,002, Corporations/Businesses/Organizations... $628, Religious Organizations... $103, Estates Bequests...$665, Trusts... $30, Total...$4,742, % GIVING BY SOURCE Friends 27% Religious Organizations 2% Foundations 21% Trusts 1% Alumni 22% Estates Bequests 14% Corp/Bus/Org 13% FIVE-YEAR GIVING TOTALS as of May 31, 2015 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 Annual Giving Unrestricted (cash) $1,392, $1,240, $768, $867, $773, Designated Annual Giving (cash)** 525, , ,116, ,097, ,309, Endowment (cash) 1,854, ,260, ,840, ,499, ,441, Capital (cash) 172, , , , ,217, Other (unrestricted gifts) 417, Total FYTD Cash Giving $3,944, $3,850, $4,653, $6,204, $4,742, **This report does NOT include pledges TOTAL TLU POOLED ENDOWMENT (in millions) $90 $80 $70 $60 $50 $40 $30 $20 $10 $70 $65 $73 $81 $80 Total TLU Pooled Endowment (in millions) $0 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY president s report

9 FISCAL YEAR 2015 RESULTS Financial Position ASSETS FY14 FY15 Cash and cash equivalents $1,215,574 $6,692,126 Restricted Cash 1,972 3,071 Receivables 5,516,656 7,175,396 Investments, mineral rights and beneficial interests 100,016,458 97,566,118 Other assets 2,375,639 2,389,311 Property, plant and equipment, net 52,109,506 53,921,062 Total Assets $161,235,805 $167,747,084 LIABILITIES FY14 FY15 Accounts Payable $1,709,540 $635,603 Payroll related liabilities 2,368,178 2,463,917 Liabilities related to split-interest agreements 2,613,947 2,713,227 Advances from U.S. Government for student loans 2,819,152 2,910,026 Other liabilities 2,922,380 2,978,681 Line of credit operating 750,000 Line of credit stadium project 3,435,000 Bonds and notes payable, net of discount 26,880,000 25,720,000 Total Liabilities $43,498,197 $37,421,454 Total Net Assets $117,737,608 $130,325,630 TOTAL TLU NET ASSETS (in millions) Total TLU Net Assets (in millions) $140 $130 $120 $100 $110 $104 $112 $118 $80 $60 $40 $20 $0 FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY president s report 7

10 TOTAL DEFERRED GIFTS UNDER MANAGEMENT as of May 31, 2015 FY14 FY15 Third-party trusts $11,232,452 $11,180,736 Charitable gift annuities 1,315,308 1,063,781 Pooled funds 46,235 41,901 Life insurance cash value 792, ,060 Total Deferred Gift Assets $13,386,421 $13,160,479 Statement of Activities REVENUES, GAINS AND OTHER SUPPORT FY14 FY15 Net tuition and fees $14,733,383 $14,220,666 Investment return 9,892,254 18,521,147 Contributions 5,067,670 6,233,494 Government and private grants 1,877,133 2,146,275 Auxillary enterprises 6,471,891 6,847,274 Other revenues and gains/(losses) 2,460,280 $1,177,283 Total Revenues $40,502,611 $49,146,139 EXPENSES FY14 FY15 Instruction $10,145,041 $11,341,486 Academic support 2,652,249 2,806,047 Public service 567, ,558 Research 35,940 43,897 Student services 6,140,431 6,438,930 Institutional support 8,671,975 8,939,268 Development and fundraising 1,431,918 1,250,093 Auxillary enterprises 4,975,993 5,192,838 Total Expenses $34,621,105 $36,558,117 Change in Net Assets $5,881,506 $12,588,022 TLU FY15 REVENUES TLU FY15 EXPENSES Government and Private Grants 4% Contributions 13% Auxiliary Enterprises 14% Investment Return 38% Other Revenues & Gains/(losses) 2% Net Tuition and Fees 29% Development and Fundraising 3% Institutional Support 25% Auxiliary Enterprises 14% Student Services 18% Instruction 31% Academic Support 8% Research 0% Public Service 1% president s report

11 Giving Levels TLU giving club names are significant attributes of the University. Donor gifts and placement in respective clubs exemplify the significant impact gifts make to TLU. For more information, visit ANNUAL GIVING CLUBS: LIFETIME GIVING CLUBS: CONTRIBUTOR: $1 $99 LUCKY S CLUB: $100 $249 BLACK AND GOLD CLUB $250 $499 TORCH CLUB $500 $999 VICTORY BELL CLUB: $1,000 $1,499 RISING PRESIDENT'S ASSOCIATES TLU and President Dorsey are looking to enhance the philanthropic involvement of alumni who have graduated within the last 10 years by creating the Rising President's Associates program. This next generation of donors can have a significant impact on the university now, even without making a large gift. Rising PAs are encouraged to consider providing support through installments to spread their contribution out over time instead of a lump sum. Similar to our current President's Associates program, which asks alumni to give $1,500 or more per year, the Rising PA program asks alumni to show their support by giving between $250 and $1,499 annually. BLACK AND GOLD CLUB $250 $499 TORCH CLUB $500 $1,499 PRESIDENT S ASSOCIATES The designation President s Associate defines a place of high honor at TLU. President s Associates are donors who provide annual gifts to the university of $1,500 or more. PRESIDENT S ASSOCIATES FELLOW: $1,500 $4,999 PRESIDENT S ASSOCIATES LEADER: $5,000 $9,999 PRESIDENT S ASSOCIATES AMBASSADOR: $10,000 $24,999 PRESIDENT S ASSOCIATES TRUSTEE: $25,000 $99,000 PRESIDENT S ASSOCIATES BENEFACTOR: $100,000+ CORPORATE PARTNERS Corporate Partners make yearly generous generous and impactful gifts of $2,500- $20,000 to The Texas Lutheran Fund. These annual gifts are used exclusively to provide scholarships to students with financial need, or to a defined program of direct support to students. CORPORATE FELLOW $2,500 $4,999 CORPORATE LEADER $5,000 $9,999 CORPORATE AMBASSADOR $10,000 $14,999 CORPORATE TRUSTEE $15,000 Plus 1891 SOCIETY The 1891 society honors donors who have contributed $25,000 or more to Texas Lutheran over the course of their their lifetimes. All recognition will be with the explicit consent of the donor. This is a cumulative giving society. ADVOCATES CIRCLE: $25,000 $99,999 CENTENNIAL CIRCLE: $100,000 $249,999 PRESIDENTS CIRCLE: $250,000 $499,999 REGENTS CIRCLE: $500,000 $999,999 FOUNDERS CIRCLE: $1,000,000 O.G. BECK SOCIETY The O.G. Beck Society recognizes those friends and alumni of Texas Lutheran University who have included TLU in their estate plans president s report 9

12 1891 SOCIETY Founders Circle $1,000,000+ Jesse (Schultz) 38 and Jack Brown Phil 77 and Susan Dunne The Greehey Family Lorene Haddow Jack and Katie Jackson Alice Kolwes A. L. and Lillie Krause Ed and Evelyn Kruse Arthur and Shirley Lindenbaum Barbara (Frenzel) Mueller 62 Lee Mueller, Jr. 58 Hilmar and Annie Tschoepe Helen Weiss 40 Grainger Weston Regents Circle $500,000 $999,999 Glynn 76 and Karen (Burns) Bloomquist 73 Carla Blumberg 71 Roland 29 and Jane (Weinert) Blumberg 36 Martin 27 and Maurine Bogisch Burton and Miriam Grossman Weimar 34 and Paula Hein Harold Johnson 40 George and Ruth Kieffer Robert and Karin Oliver Claudette (Freeman) Pfennig-High 57 H.W. Pfennig 51 Melvin 53 and Dorothy Pohlmeyer William and Lillian Pratho Robert Schmidt 30 Ida (Kriegal) 20 and Max Suehs Graham and Elizabeth Weston Presidents Circle $250,000 $499,999 Loran and Lois Anderson Tom and Nancy Ayres Kay Blumberg Sidney and Claryce Bohls Esther Brittain Esther Carrico Lena Coleman-Wilson and Frank Wilson Raymond and Agnes Glazener Otis 36 and Elizabeth (Pfluger) Graf 45 William and Mary Hathaway Robert 79 and Leslie Haugen Roger and Dot Hemminghaus Bob and Shirley Herres Edna Herthal Cynthia Hinze 77 and Robert Scott Harvey Janota 57 Peter and Mary Kleven Erwin Kollmann 21 Harvey and Ella Kramer Evelyn A. Kruse Howard and Verlin Kruse Charles Shelley Mayfield Karen (Roitsch) Mueller 63 Chuck and Jo Murphy Pearl White Nagel Herman 53 and Doris Ohlenbusch James Bell Pyland Edward and Florence Rickenberg Marvin 53 and Doris (Lorenz) Rinn 54 Russ 80 and Dacia (Elder) Rinn 81 Luther and Ruth Sappenfield Dick and Joanna Snow Bud and Marylyn Wallin Victor Weiss 48 Ed and Linda Whitacre Donald Williams 56 Meta Nemke Willis Centennial Circle $100,000 $249,999 Bill Adams and Ann Saegert Harold 34 and Ethel Baenziger Maxine Baenziger James and Donna Baros George 44 and Joyce Baur Thomas Carl Bell Alvin 30 and Ruth Bohls Luther and Georgie Brandes Wallace 38 and Wilma (Menn) Braun 38 Alvin and Marion Brekken Jerry and Brook Broesche W. J. and Lela Budwine Martin and Virginia Burns Robert and Mary Cade Ruth (Lentz) Cavitt 24 Dan 81 and Sue (Kramer) Church 83 Larry and Joan Crowell Thecla (Mueller) 26 and C. D. Dallmeyer Ed 57 and Diana Dentler Hilmar 37 and Cora Dittmar Peggy Elton Susan Evers 74 and Allen Pierce Robert and Elmira Finken Harold 54 and Charlene (Wehe) Foerster 57 Richard and Elsie Frank Larry 60 and Mary Lee (Lieke) Franklin 59 Charles 77 and Doris Franks James Frost 83 and Susie Adams Noel 61 and Susan (Boemecke) Giesecke 61 John and Leila Goddard Matthew Gorman Tim 77 and Melinda (Mang) Grady 77 Richard and Wilma Grant Karl and Sharon Gronberg Jim and Joanna Hammond Robert 50 and Florence (Matthys) Haugen 50 Alvin Heiligmann Irene Herthal Harold Hildebrandt Donna (Rinn) 87 and Gene Hunt Cathy Johnson Curt Johnson Leif and Anne Johnson Betty Jean (Koepp) Jones 46 Charles and Paula Kaplan Mark 82 and Lily Knaier David Knutson Earl 51 and Eleanor (Pfennig) Koester 51 Bruce 68 and Fran (Sonntag) Latour 69 Richard 74 and Lorraine (Bosart) Laut 76 Ida (Sprain) 16 and Walter Loeffler Helen (Isaacson) 35 and Marcus Mauritz Carolyn (Thane) McClusky 82 John McClusky 83 and Stacey Ward J. C. and Helen McElhany Nora (Priesmeyer) Mehrens 14 Robin Melvin 79 and Charles Studor Robert and Eleanor Mikulin Luella Egg Milner Jon and Sandra Moline Rus Norman Bill 59 and Faye (Beyer) Petmecky 61 Edwin 22 and Minnie Pietsch Ronny 62 and Janice (Tieken) Pinckard 63 Harold 51 and Jo Emily (Winkel) Prochnow 51 Harvey and Bernice Renger Craig Rinn 82 Phillip 77 and Lisa Rinn Gary 76 and Patricia Riske Luther 39 and Dorothy (Anderson) Sagebiel 39 Ed and Irene Sagebiel Michael Sagebiel 65 Allan 55 and Erline (Hohmann) Sager 56 Ellen Sager David 89 and Carol (Klages) Sather 89 Will 53 and Mary Sauermilch Margarete Schuette 43 Scott Shackelford 38 Charlotte (Woods) 63 and Bob Smith Willie 60 and Esther (Streng) Staats 60 Alvin 58 and Mallie Stanchos Martin 26 and Mildred Steger Evelyn Fiedler Streng William and Oriet Thompson Marlene Timmerman Theodor and Marlene Timmerman Walter and Bernice Ulbricht Vernie Walker Luella (Amundson) 19 and W. A. Wegner Carolyn (Pfluger) 43 and Kermit Westerholm Rudolph 23 and Marie (Duelberg) Willmann 37 Lee and Fay Wright Olga Zesch Advocates Circle $25,000 $99,999 Callie Adix Fred Adix, Jr. 42 Marjorie Adix Carl 71 and Monica Albers Charles Albers Emmett 58 and Dorothy (Seggern) Albrecht 54 Dorothy (Spies) Allen 47 Maidie Alpert Steve 77 and Cathy (Staph) Anderson 76 Charles and Nelda Andrews Lisa (Van Antwerp) 86 and Max Antwerp-Rangel Mike 89 and Leslie Appling Jack W. Arlitt William 39 and Billye Ayers Dexter and Mildred Babcock president s report

13 Heinie and Frieda Bade Richard Baker and Marjorie Wilke-Baker Olga Balderach Kenneth 56 and Margaret Barnes Ed and Barbara Barsachs Richard and Nelda Barton Dot (Dollinger) 45 and Bernie Baumbach Earl and Lovie Beard Esther (Hansen) 79 and Norm Beck Bob and Judy Beglau Lillian Bennett Herman Berg Fred Biery 70 Marcia Biery Herman 40 and Joyce Billnitzer Tim 76 and Whitney Bischoff Robert 57 and Linda (Reimer) Blevins 81 Myrtle (Vassberg) Blevins 59 Rodney 71 and Cora Nell Blumberg Herbert and Leona Boening Harold 53 and Sherline Bogisch Carl 63 and Vancie Bohls Elton and Leta Bohmann Carl and Carolyn Bradow Lee 46 and Laura (Sammann) Brandes 44 Franklin Brehmer 36 Nancy (Ellis) 73 and Patton Breland Robert 76 and Claudia Briell Dolph and Janey Briscoe George 61 and Claudia (Zorn) Brookover 61 Dorothy Ann Brown 45 Henry 68 and Marjorie Brune Frank 70 and Gaelyn (Willms) Burk 70 Vida (Abrameit) Burnett 57 Charles Butt Brett 88 and Laura Carleton Nancy (Gibson) 71 and Fred Carney Gail (Sager) 66 and Charles Chambers Donald and Denise Chandler Annette Citzler 72 Betsy (Brown) 72 and Bert Clardy McCormick Clifton Scott and Rachel Clingman Troy 82 and Laurie (Weishaar) Cook 82 Ralph 53 and Diane Cook John Cores Lawrence and Barbara Cornelius Raymond 77 and Monica Coselli Ranee Cress Robert and Angel Croll Brian Dahl Herman and Laura Dannhaus G. P. 50 and Dot (Wienecke) Day 51 William Derrick 62 Wilfred O. Dietrich Frances Dikeman 26 Delmer 39 and Rose Dolton 39 Benton 53 and Mary Donegan John 43 and Idalen Donegan 43 Mary Louise Donegan Stuart and Michelle Dorsey Martha (Wahlberg) 53 and Robert Eastwood Sandy and Orpha Edgar Clarence 46 and Faye Ehler Myrtle Ehrig Eric Eidbo 77 Peggy Elton Armine Ernst 36 Stephanie (Lochte) 67 and Richard Ertel Marilyn (Lundstrom) 69 and John Evans Howard and Gladys Ezell Mark 79 and Jennifer Falkenberg Lorence and Florine Feller Wayne 64 and Mary Feller Lester 66 and Roxanne Frantzen DeLois Garrett 65 Verner Gembler Emily (Piercy) George 72 Kennith Gerner 64 John Gesick Frank 59 and Elaine (Kern) Giesber 59 Noel 61 and Susan (Boemecke) Giesecke 61 Paul Gilliland 52 Shirley (Hilbert) Gilliland 51 Otto and Margret Goedecke Juanita Goldnapp A. G. and Peggy Gustafson Earl 69 and Brenda (Stewart) Hagn 69 Leah Hagn 36 Fred 60 and Carol (Roeder) Hamilton 60 Timothy 87 and Carol Hammer Arlynn 72 and Nancy (Lillick) Hartfiel 72 Frances (Duderstadt) Hartmann 38 Kurt Hartmann, Sr. 31 William and Mary Hathaway David and Mary Heidtke Carl Hein 35 Ron and Karen Herrmann Edmund 33 and Clara Heye Jim 70 and Sandra Hine Miriam (Thompson) 66 and David Hussey Loanne Ibele 56 Ida Riebe Michael Clarence Isbel Wilfred 65 and Mary Jacob Gene 52 and Rose (Engelmann) Janke 53 Ruby Jaroszewski Ernest 36 and Ann Johnson Gerald Johnson 61 M. G. and Lillie Johnson Kathryn Kaplan 85 James and Frances Keay Kelly 81 and Angela Kensing Jeep 64 and Babs (Buck) Kiel 66 Alex Klattenhoff 43 Peter and Mary Kleven Gordon and Joyce Knaier Luther 54 and Elizabeth (Pfennig) Knebel 56 Charlie 51 and Jackie (Doerfler) Koehler 52 Gary 76 and Katherine (Haverlah) Kolkhorst 78 Ray 61 and Dorothy Kraemer Fred and Peggy Kramer Bob and Kathleen Krueger Paul and Barbara Kruse Edmund 64 and Roberta (Blumberg) Kuempel 66 Paul 76 and Paula (Schuster) Kummer 76 Weldon Kuretsch 62 Bertha Lammert John 53 and Kathryn Langhoff Carl 60 and Ann Langner Gary Larsen Jon and Stefani Lee Jim 62 and Anna (Becker) Lindemann 62 Arthur and Shirley Lindenbaum Raynel (Dollarhide) 93 and Nick Lockard Joan (Graf) 79 and Stephen Lockwood Craig 83 and Karen (Luedtke) Loest 84 Verne 62 and Nancy Lundquist Richard 66 and Peggy Manske Sharon (Shafer) Marsh 65 Millard Martin John and Nancy Masterson Red and Charline McCombs Joe and Jennifer McKinney Betty McOmie Julia (Klattenhoff) Mellenbruch 35 Berta (Schorlemer) Menn 47 Hubert Menn, Jr. 40 Connie (Riedesel) 74 and Stanley Meyer Joann (Helwig) Meyer 51 Bill Michaels Tim 81 and Jennifer (Brandenburg) Mickan 80 John 73 and Vladimira Miller Leonardo 62 and Guadalupe Molina Ed 66 and Janet Monson William and Pauline Morrison Paul 62 and Betty (Scheffer) Moyer 63 Winnie Mae (Kuempel) Murchison 52 Ronald Naumann 56 David 71 and Carolyn (Jackson) Newman 70 Bill Noak 54 Luther 59 and Elin (Wilber) Oelke 60 Charles and Rhoda Oestreich Bob and Madaline Oetting Lenora Ohlenbusch 63 Marvin and Marge Ohlenbusch Robert and Karin Oliver Erna Orth Dan Ortman 78 Opie Otterstad Elsie Owen Elliott 65 and Kathy (Doerfler) Pancoast 65 Dorothy Pfennig Jon 64 and Glena Pfennig Werner 36 and Elvira (Fritsche) Pfluger 36 Gladys Pfluger 46 John Pfluger 57 Williemae Pfluger John and Elsie Pierce Holle 59 and Carol (Torgerson) Plaehn 59 Gerhard Poehlmann 31 Melvin 53 and Dorothy Pohlmeyer John 85 and Melody Pruser Gus and Laura Quebe Dick and Sara Rathgeber Bill 39 and Doris (Wied) Reader 40 Preston and Lynda Reeves Russ and Gloria Reider Beatrice (Franke) Richter 41 Kent 69 and Terry (Morck) Richter 72 Barbara Ringen Ray 74 and Martha (Mohr) Rinn 74 Arthur 42 and Dorothy Rode Gary and Sally Roesler Ben and Gayle Rollert president s report 11

14 Patricia (McIntyre) Saegert 64 Carolyn Sagebiel 69 Dennis 65 and Kathy Sagebiel Ralph 38 and Mary Sagebiel Albert Sager Harold Sager 62 Laura Sanford Steve 73 and Jacquelyn (Devins) Sather 73 Wayne and Nancy Sather E. C. Schaefer Fred and Mignon Schiege Sanford Schmid and Mannie Fritsch-Schmid Milton 60 and Betty Schmidt Gene and Chris Schobel B. B. Schraub Fredlein 35 and Marie (Serger) Schroeder 35 Ivan 55 and Ida Marie (Wolf) Schultz 55 Tom 74 and Elizabeth Sedlacek Walter 58 and Beverly Seidenschwarz Carolyn Self-Sager Paul and Marie Smith Russel and Ginny Smith Thomas 52 and Allene Smith William 52 and Lova Sneckner Robert and Wilda Sommer Louis 61 and Toots Spreen 60 Keith and Helene Stadtmueller Harlan and Dian Stai Marvin and Raynelle Stautzenberger Lynn Stavinoha 86 Albert and Shirley Steinfath Cotton 63 and Lou Ann (Birdwell) Stephens 62 Michael and Donna Stone Eldon and Roberta Sund Lloyd 73 and Jan Swiggum Thomas Taylor Werner Teggemann 35 Jack and Kathryn Tennison Bob 77 and Kim (Spaeth) Thonhoff 77 Ken 48 and Charlene (Nelle) Tiemann 51 Elmer 33 and Erline (Hagn) Timmerman 37 Stanford and Ardyce Tostengard Casper 47 and Helen (Schroeder) Traeger 47 Helen (Schroeder) Traeger 47 Glen 67 and Peggy (Logan) Treibs 67 Henry Treptow 49 Marilyn Treptow Hilmar and Annie Tschoepe Keith 60 and Annette (Kollatschny) Ueckert 63 Tim 58 and Sylvia (Weiss) Van Antwerp 61 Jerome and Virginia Vetter Marie (Pfennig) 43 and George Vogel Karen Vogel 78 Dwight 71 and Joanne (Meyer) Vorpahl 73 James Wacker B.J. Hageman and Lil Wacker-Hageman Ralph and Margaret Weiser Bob 85 and Lisa (Serr) Wells 86 Stephen 71 and Elizabeth Wendel Lewis and Terry Westerman Jeannie (Sonntag) White 70 Frank and Maureen Wilkens Vangie (Gebert) 54 and Maurice Williams Mark 79 and Maryellen Williamson Preston and Mary Wilson Patty Wisian-Neilson 71 Carl 48 and Leonora (Stoll) Wolf 47 Karl 70 and Mardi Woodling Bob Woodling Anita (Stroebel) Wuensche 58 Dorothea (Kraushaar) 33 and Harvey Wuest Bobby and Susan Wuest Kathryn Yandell Arnold Zamzow Melvin Zamzow Ruby Zorn PRESIDENT S ASSOCIATES Benefactor $100,000+ Mathew Gorman The Greehey Family Ed and Evelyn Kruse Robert and Karin Oliver Grainger Weston Trustee $25,000 $99,999 Bill Adams and Ann Saegert Carla Blumberg 71 and Barb Neubert Donald and Denise Chandler Dan 81 and Sue (Kramer) Church 83 Ranee Cress Wilfred O. Dietrich Faye Ehler Harold 54 and Charlene (Wehe) Foerster 57 Larry 60 and Mary Lee (Lieke) Franklin 59 Cynthia Hinze 77 and Robert Scott Jim 62 and Anna (Becker) Lindemann 62 Tim 81 and Jennifer (Brandenburg) Mickan 80 Lee 58 and Karen (Roitsch) Mueller 63 Jo Murphy Herman 53 and Doris Ohlenbusch David 89 and Carol (Klages) Sather 89 William 52 and Lova Sneckner Keith 60 and Annette (Kollatschny) Ueckert 63 Ambassador $10,000 $24,999 Mike 89 and Leslie Appling Tom and Nancy Ayres Edwin 89 and Carla Barsachs Glynn 76 and Karen (Burns) Bloomquist 73 Carolyn Bradow Paul Collinson-Streng 75 Charles 77 and Doris Franks Kennith Gerner 64 Larry Gohmert 77 Robert 79 and Leslie Haugen Roger and Dot Hemminghaus Marie (Schweikert) Hoyer 48 Howard and Verlin Kruse Bruce 68 and Fran (Sonntag) Latour 69 Richard 66 and Peggy Manske Eddie 60 and Diane Marburger Sharon (Shafer) Marsh 65 Penny (Pierce) 76 and Robert Neese John Pfluger 57 Ronny 62 and Janice (Tieken) Pinckard 63 Kent 69 and Terry (Morck) Richter 72 Doris (Lorenz) Rinn 54 Gary 76 and Patricia Riske Margarete Schuette 43 Charlotte (Woods) 63 and Bob Smith Alvin 58 and Mallie Stanchos Michael and Donna Stone Carol Timmons Carolyn (Pfluger) Westerholm 43 Mark 79 and Maryellen Williamson Anita (Stroebel) Wuensche 58 Leader $5,000 $9,999 Mildred Babcock Esther (Hansen) 79 and Norm Beck Alvin and Marion Brekken Christopher and Julene Claus Ray 77 and Monica Coselli Stuart and Michelle Dorsey Jay Etheredge 63 Edward Gesick Jr. Frank 59 and Elaine (Kern) Giesber 59 Jean (Adix) Gohmert 48 Ilene (Baker) Gohmert-Leck 79 and Michael Leck Timothy 77 and Melinda (Mang) Grady 77 Karl and Sharon Gronberg Randy 79 and Amy Hairr Pamela Humphrey 77 Terryl Johnson 78 Gary 76 and Katherine (Haverlah) Kolkhorst 78 John and Michelle Kuempel John 53 and Kathryn Langhoff Carl 60 and Ann Langner Richard 74 and Lorraine (Bosart) Laut 76 Carolyn (Thane) McClusky 82 David 71 and Carolyn (Jackson) Newman 70 David 85 and Jo (Babcock) Oestreich 83 Marvin and Marge Ohlenbusch Maurice Olson 67 Danny and Cynthia Padron Susan Evers 74 and Allen Pierce D. W. 75 and Kathy (Shelby) Rutledge 83 Barbara Springer Dwain 78 and Bene (Stith) Thomas 80 Dwight 71 and Joanne (Meyer) Vorpahl 73 Lewis and Terry Westerman Fellow $1,500 $4,999 John and Ruth Agather Emmett 58 and Dorothy (Seggern) Albrecht 54 Steve 77 and Cathy (Staph) Anderson 76 Lisa 86 and Max Antwerp-Rangel Bill 39 and Billye Ayers Christine Babcock Robert Babcock 75 Jeff 78 and Sandra Babcock Randall 76 and Nancy (Albers) Baden 76 David Baenziger Richard Baker and Marjorie Wilke-Baker president s report

15 Dot (Dollinger) 45 and Bernie Baumbach Laura Beck 95 Fred Biery 70 Judy (Wilson) 63 and Ron Biffle Herman Billnitzer 40 Jennifer Biry 97 Tim 76 and Whitney Bischoff Nathan 96 and Liza Blom Rodney 71 and Cora Nell Blumberg Harold 53 and Sherline Bogisch Karen Bogisch 88 Georgia (Voges) Braulick 53 Richard 64 and Charlsie (Belicek) Bremer 64 George 61 and Claudia (Zorn) Brookover 61 Dorothy Ann Brown 45 Henry 68 and Marjorie Brune Frank 70 and Gaelyn (Willms) Burk 70 Vida (Abrameit) Burnett 58 Eric Busboom 83 Miles and Cherri Buttery Brett 88 and Laura Carleton Peggy (Ludwig) Carmody 51 Nancy (Gibson) 71 and Fred Carney Mark and Ryan Chambers Annette Citzler 72 Walle and Shaaron Conoly Troy 82 and Laurie (Weishaar) Cook 82 Sally Cook Loren 76 and Cathy Cordes Robert and Angel Croll Steven and Betty Crowell Stephanie (Dove) 01 and Anthony Cudjoe Brian Dahl G. P. 50 and Dot (Wienecke) Day 51 Jacob 02 and Rachel (Criswell) Dell 02 Jennifer (Brewer) 71 and Rick Ehlers Mark 91 and Kristen (Gronberg) Etheredge 92 Mark 79 and Jennifer Falkenberg Robert and Elmira Finken David and Kathy Gallagher Geoffrey and Ronda Garrett Noel 61 and Susan (Boemecke) Giesecke 61 Shirley (Hilbert) Gilliland 51 Christopher Gohmert 11 Naveen Gollapally Joel Gronberg 12 Patricia (Hairr) 79 and Mark Groves Brenda (Stewart) Hagn 69 Amy Hall 89 Fred 60 and Carol (Roeder) Hamilton 60 Arlynn 72 and Nancy (Lillick) Hartfiel 72 Frances (Duderstadt) Hartmann 38 Douglas 77 and Heidi (Kubala) Haverlah 78 Jay and Kay Heizer Fred 57 and Ann (Rousculp) Hightower 59 Ryan 04 and Kathryn Hindt Jim 70 and Sandra Hine Andrew 87 and Debbie Huang Sharon (Feuerbacher) Huegele 63 Dane 83 and Katarina Hunt Loanne Ibele 56 Wilfred 65 and Mary Jacob Charles Oswalt and Catherine Johnson Charles and Paula Kaplan Kathryn Kaplan 85 Karen (Jones) 89 and Tony Kegg Marty (Martinson) 78 and Don Keil Edward 73 and Paula Kern Charles 81 and Mariann (Baker) Kitzman 81 Luther 54 and Elizabeth (Pfennig) Knebel 56 Charles 51 and Jacquelyn (Doerfler) Koehler 52 Steve 73 and Barbara (Freudenberg) Koehler 72 Earl 51 and Eleanor (Pfennig) Koester 51 Ray 61 and Dorothy Kraemer Paul and Barbara Kruse Gary Larsen Jon and Stefani Lee S. R. and Bethel Lester Bradley 92 and Trina (Beardsley) Lindemann 91 Ronald Landess and Nancy Little-Landess Joan (Graf) 79 and Stephen Lockwood Craig 83 and Karen (Luedtke) Loest 84 Verne 62 and Nancy Lundquist Bob and Maryellen Madsen John and Nancy Masterson John McClusky 83 and Stacey Ward Charlie 59 and Sandra McMahon William and Janet Meddaugh Julia (Klattenhoff) Mellenbruch 35 Joann (Helwig) Meyer 51 Connie (Riedesel) 74 and Stanley Meyer Harry 75 and Linda (Turner) Miller 85 John 73 and Vladimira Miller Walter 52 and Mary (Wietstruck) Miller 59 Leonardo 62 and Guadalupe Molina Jon and Sandra Moline Luis 08 and Adriana (Cervantes) Moreno 09 Paul 62 and Betty (Scheffer) Moyer 63 Andrew 94 and Amy Nelson Luther 59 and Elin (Wilber) Oelke 60 Charles and Rhoda Oestreich Lenora Ohlenbusch 63 Dorothy (Schuette) 66 and George Ohlendorf Terri (Reik) 92 and Tom Oliver James 65 and Kathryn (Doerfler) Pancoast 65 Wes 78 and Karen (Holman) Peoples 78 Bill 59 and Faye (Beyer) Petmecky 61 Claudette (Freeman) Pfennig-High 57 Paul and Jan Quello Ronald 85 and Kristi (Gold) Quiros 85 Betty (Schweikert) 47 and Fred Rathjen Emilie (Gaskamp) 74 and George Rickstrew Ray 74 and Martha (Mohr) Rinn 74 Russ 80 and Dacia (Elder) Rinn 81 Xavier and Raenell Rodriguez Gary and Sally Roesler Jairo 99 and Andrea Romero Marvin and Barbara Rush James 00 and Brandy Saenz Luther P. Sagebiel 39 Pat 68 and Missy Sagebiel Wayne and Nancy Sather Milton 60 and Betty Schmidt Ronald 69 and Belinda (Becker) Schmidt 69 I. D. 55 and Ida (Wolf) Schultz 55 Eric Schulze, Sr. 55 Michael 74 and Michelle Sedlacek Tom 74 and Liz Sedlacek Phil and Nancy Seidenberger Paul and Marie Smith Russel Smith Simmie (Hartmann) 58 and Wayne Smith Louis 61 and Mary Ann Spreen David 61 and Anna (Teggeman) Stock 63 Marvin Strey 62 Robin Melvin 79 and Charles Studor Dianna (Pfeifer) 65 and William Sturm Eldon and Roberta Sund Bonnie (Ueckert) Thurmond 51 Richard and Judith Torgerson Jeffrey and Onisa Treibs Kermit 71 and Evelyne Tschiedel Ronald and Faye Utecht Tim 58 and Sylvia (Weiss) Van Antwerp 61 Karen Vogel 78 Marie (Pfennig) Vogel 43 Mark 76 and Elizabeth Weischwill Bob 85 and Lisa (Serr) Wells 86 Stephen 71 and Elizabeth Wendel Graham and Elizabeth Weston Robert Neilson and Patty Wisian-Neilson 71 Shelley Woitena 03 Gordon and Lisa Wood Thomas 83 and Patty Woods Arthur 61 and Eleanor Woytek Phil and Leyla Wuest Susan (Williams) 68 and Bobby Wuest Fernando Yarrito 72 A. J. and Malissa Zimmerhanzel ANNUAL GIVING CLUBS Victory Bell Club $1,000 $1,499 Linda (Stolle) 69 and Glen Adams Carl 71 and Monica Albers Dorothy (Spies) Allen 47 Frank 63 and Sharon Arnold Alan and Susan Bauch Ginny (Thompson) 60 and John Beaver Robert 57 and Linda (Reimer) Blevins 81 Steven Bohnert 77 Kenneth and Terri Boothe Dorothea (Haugen) Borchers 40 Doyle and Joan Borchers Jerry and Brook Broesche Leon Buck 59 Jeff and Sharen Carley C. P. and Patricia Christenson Atlan and Verlene Citzler Scott and Rachel Clingman Alan and Debbie Cottrell Erno 50 and Sue Dahl Edward Davila Mel and Nora Dixon Wil and Gloria Drash Mark 99 and Tonya Dunham Bjorn and Shari Dybdahl Eric and Gladys Eckhardt Eric Eidbo 77 Mark and Sarah Eidson James Frost Calvin 55 and Donna (Kuhlmann) Goerdel 57 Julie Grinde president s report 13

16 Scott Hale 11 *** Arlyn 56 and Millie Hausmann Chad 91 and Laura (Naumann) Heller 90 Donnie 76 and Shelley (Daniel) Janicek 75 Myron and Terrie Jordahl Jeep 64 and Babs (Buck) Kiel 66 Jay and Johnnida Kiel Phillip and Karen Kramer Gina Kutach Herbert 62 and Barbara (Eckhardt) Lammert 63 Richard 80 and Linda (Terry) Lehman 81 Michael 69 and Angelika Mattern Stephen and Sandra McCreary, Jr. Jon McDowell Red 48 and Marilyn (Frank) Miller 51 Craig 99 and Marcie (Hannemann) Moehnke 01 Morris 61 and Barbara (Tarpley) Orsak 59 Per 80 and Susan Oscarsson Don 62 and Carolyn Pfennig Casey 84 and Diana (David) Pinckard 85 Holle 59 and Carol (Torgerson) Plaehn 59 Craig 71 and Pamela Sagebiel Bobby 73 and Molly Sagebiel Linda Sanders Mary Ann (Kotara-McDonald) Schirmer 87 Fredlein and Susan Schroeder Susan (Schaefer) Schultz 71 Walter 58 and Beverly Seidenschwarz Lori Shutter 80 and Mike Abney Willie 60 and Esther (Streng) Staats 60 Mark 74 and Cheryl Stavinoha Randall 80 and Bonnie (Johnson) Thoma 80 Robert 88 and Suzette Tijerina Don 51 and Elinor (Wehe) Vlasak 52 Bill and Robin Walker Rueben 68 and Mary (Goodman) Walter 69 Wayne and Mary Walther David 73 and Carol (Burns) Welsch 72 Donald and Nancy West Daesene (Graf) Willmann 62 Mary Lou (Kollatschny) 67 and Roger Winkelmann Kirby 66 and Stella (Peterson) Woehst 66 Kengo 63 and Janet Yasumatsu Torch Club $500 $999 Reza Abbasian Andy 73 and Jill Adsit Javier Alanis Nathan 81 and Sharon (Crowell) Anderson 82 Philip 78 and Mary Anderson Mike 67 and Dianne Appling David 82 and Cindy (Stewart) Baldner 82 Dudley 64 and Mary (Herber) Banner 64 George Bartels 74 Melvin and Jeanette Beckmann Bob and Judy Beglau David and Linda Behnke Tony 97 and Jessica (Mueller) Benevento 97 Royce 62 and Janis Berger Ron 56 and Alberta (Hartman) Birk 58 Jennings Boothe 13 *** Todd 91 and Jenny Braulick Beth Bronk Greg and Michelle Burnett Carmen Cernosek 86 Richard and Amalie Cernosek Margo (Mueller) 63 and Maurice Champagne Charles and Paula Chapin James 82 and Diane Cline Lael Cordes-Pitts 74 and Larry Pitts Nicholas 94 and Anne Costas Mollie (Wettstein) 97 and Jeff Cullinane Charles 65 and Carol (Moehring) DeHaven 76 Dawn (Johnson) 80 and Richard Denne Marvin and Mary Dettloff Bethany Dietrich 11 *** Larry and Patricia Dietrich Christy (Pitts) 93 and Michael Dobry Dee-Ann Dobson 82 Charles and Carroll Dolezal Mary Louise Donegan John Doyal David 74 and Patty (Rabel) Ehler 75 Sam 99 and Amber Ehrlich Carolyn (Larson) Ekenstam 66 Jared and Susan Flayer Timothy 74 and Cynthia Georg Phillip Ghutzman Mark and Pat Gilbertson Debra Gummelt-Pieniazek 89 and Jack Pieniazek Peter 88 and Kristen Gunderson Katherine Haden Chris 96 and Amy Hall Demetrius Hardeman 05 *** LaVerne (Muehlhause) 48 and Chester Haschke Carl 67 and Karen Haveman Jon 81 and Sandy Heidtke William 68 and Marie Heins Lawrence and Nellene Hester Scott Hiller Terry 78 and Linda (Ludwig) Holmes 78 Richard 59 and Marie Holt Donald Hormuth 65 and Shirley (Kasper) Kearns-Hormuth 66 Jimmie 93 and Judith (Mycue) Johnson 64 David 57 and Christabel (Bertelsen) Jorgenson 58 Don 65 and Marian (Bullock) Josephson 66 Kay (Woytek) 71 and Michael Kardos Susan (Gunderson) 86 and Philip Kazen Chris Keller 79 Brett 92 and Rachel (Mahler) Kraemer 91 Ken 69 and Diane Kramer Max and Margie Kretschmar Brian and Laurel Larsen Patricia (Willmann) 60 and Jack Linden Ernest 74 and Karen Loeffler Evelyn (Mayer) 47 and Donald Luckemeyer Harold 62 and Peggy Mathis Kevin and Fonda Mathis Debra (Tolle) 79 and Michael Mattke Donna Mayer John and Irene McCullagh Alex McIntosh Buddy 75 and Joanne (Reinhart) Meyer 75 Bervin Mirtsching 72 Whitney (Daum) 98 and Bristol Myers Marie 04 and Pat Paiz *** Carlos and Diane Pena Mike 71 and Marj (Fischer) Peters 71 Pete 53 and Wilma (Kaiser) Peterson 52 Oscar 59 and Patsy Peterson Jim and Gerry Rackley Billie (Lutz) Reardon 63 Robert Reardon 63 and Janet Lenz Stephen Redd 71 Preston and Lynda Reeves Kevin 00 and Stephanie Richardson John Roalson 90 and Paula Maddox Roalson 90 Deborah Roberts Rick and Dacia Roberts Elias 53 and Dorothy (Anderson) Rode 54 Lanelle Rudolph 75 and Richard Albon Harold Sager 62 Marilyn (Dallmeyer) Sager 63 Ramon and Rachel Salazar Timothy 75 and Celeste Salge Kenneth and Felicia Sargent Harry Schmidt Carl 72 and Cristol (Nixon) Schoessow 73 Bob 60 and Ann Schorlemer John Schraub 60 Dale 73 and Karen (Hamilton) Schultz 73 Brandon 03 and Jennifer (Grover) Sehlke 04 *** Michael and Susan Skains Kenneth and Carole Smith Dan 78 and Debbie (Krause) Squires 79 Grace Stasny Albert and Shirley Steinfath Tommy 05 and Tina Stolhandske *** Jane (Wolters) 67 and David Stover Brian 82 and Karen Stueber Brian 84 and B. J. Swenson Dennis Tealer 78 Barbara (Hilgers) 63 and Paul Tezel David 80 and Cindy (Oertli) Thomas 80 Bob 77 and Kim (Spaeth) Thonhoff 77 John 88 and Tracy Traeger Larry and Meg Tuttle Walter 73 and Mona Ulbricht Lana Urbanek Frank 75 and Cynthia Valdez 75 Randi Von Ellefson 75 David Vorpahl 63 John and Anne Walker Richard 61 and Sue Weddige David 75 and Vicki (Wiley) Wehmeyer 79 Kevin 00 and Nette (Lueker) Werling 98 Brian 82 and Cynthia (Harms) Wheeless 82 Donald 60 and Sharon White Vangie (Gebert) 54 and Maurice Williams Gary and Terri Woodmancy Kyle Wych *** Rising PAs president s report

17 Black and Gold Club $250 $499 Michael and Kathy Aguirre Heath Anders 90 and Tess Coody John 61 and Jayne (Reed) Appling 61 Barbara (Zamzow) 70 and James Badgett Randall 86 and Elaine (Wolter) Bennett 89 Dianne (Graf) 65 and Arthur Berman Daniel and Yolanda Berry Glen 79 and Carol (Lundstedt) Bockhorn 79 James 66 and Barbara (Magnuson) Bohls 67 Don 59 and Helena (Almquist) Borgstedte 59 Ronald and Jo Ann Bowes Douglas Boyer 83 Adam 06 and Suzanne (Walker) Braaten 06 *** Charlie 78 and Karen Britsch Peggy Brockenbush 72 Ryan Brown 10 *** Louis 60 and Darlene Bruns Buster 73 and Mary (Hounsell) Cage 73 Allen Cain 13 *** Mitch Carleton Taylor (Callaghan) Carleton 97 James Carlson Thomas 78 and Linda Cate Daryl Chester 85 Tim 94 and Becca (Lester) Clark 95 Vera (Zingleman) 60 and Richard Clement Marsha Collier 75 Derrick Collins and Bunmi Adeeko Collins Sylvia Coulter Delores (Nielsen) 59 and Bob Crane Gene 63 and Janet (Sandberg) Davenport 64 Sandra (Bohmann) 63 and Gilbert Debner Leroy 65 and Linda DeHaven John Dellis Stephen 87 and Gail Dentler Ramona (Burhans) 81 and Michael DiMarco Elsie (Schmidt) 51 and Marvin Domel Emmett 48 and Geri Donegan Luther and LaNell Dube Wallace 51 and Correen (Ellebracht) Dube 63 Ross 62 and Mary (McKenzie) Earley 65 Stanley 65 and Janis Eckermann Deb Ehler 73 and Jim Brainard Kenneth 77 and Debbie (Hahn) Eilers 76 Stephanie (Lochte) 67 and Richard Ertel Evelyn (Fielder) Streng Jill (Mueller) 88 and Rodney Finke Don and Virginia Fisher Robert Frost, III 69 Gene 59 and Doris (Lenz) Fuchs 56 Robert 38 and Vernette (Kaufman) Fuchs 39 Stephen 01 and Jessica (Cavazos) Gaidusek 00 Joel 81 and Julia Gendron Michael 97 and Eva Giesecke Charles Goebel Christopher 97 and Jennifer (Sagebiel) Gold 96 Jennifer (Sigsbee) 96 and Arthur Gonzales Max and Marilyn Green Lawrence Gregory Maretta Grindeland Donna (Mrazek) 78 and Aubrey Haines *** Rising PAs Ernest and Kathy Hartman Kevin Haverlah Willard Hebbe Robert Hebert, III Ronald 61 and Karen (Boenig) Heinemeyer 63 Debby Hernandez 93 Joseph Hiddemen, III Eve (Harter) 84 and Bob Hiner Marshall Hoel 11 *** Al 62 and Patty (Mitchell) Hoerig 65 Judith (Dykes) 92 and Tobin Hoffmann Kerry and Lora Holmes Michael and Sharron Holmes Sheryl Hummel 72 Miriam (Thompson) Hussey 66 Michelle Hutchings Middleton Eugene 52 and Rose (Engelmann) Janke 53 Thomas 69 and Kay Keagy Regina (Barton) 86 and Armin Keilers Donald Lipke and Catherine Kellner Bud and Alice Kirkendall Robert 72 and Jackie Kloppenburg Garland 61 and Dotty (Smith) Kneten 62 Hilmer 54 and Laura (Eckhardt) Krause 57 Katherine Graeber-Kubelka 65 and Stanley Kubelka Larry 74 and Jackie Kunkel Kenneth Kunz 58 Weldon Kuretsch 62 Laurie (Langhoff) 85 and Christopher Kurtz Kenneth 64 and Jacqueline Land Nancy (Heiden) Langlas 66 Brady and Janet Larsen Timothy 73 and Marti Larson Billy 60 and Nancy Larson Timothy and Valerie Laubach Sara (Nellermoe) 92 and Andy Lawrence Kenneth 63 and Marilyn Lindgren Lois (Koehler) Luedtke 59 Bradford and Vicky Martin Casandra (Schauer) 04 and Matthew Matheson *** Al Mattfeld 75 Ginger (Dentler) McGill 70 Joshua 05 and Mellena (Arnold) McKenna 08 *** Susan (Lewis) 83 and Peter McManus Becky (Schneider) 97 and Michael Merrill Jean-Pierre Metereau and Rebecca Bell-Metereau Gloria (Gingrich) Muehlbrad 53 Paul 85 and Darletta Muehlbrad Deloria Nanze-Davis 75 and Lonnie Davis Dwight and Donna Neitch John and Barbara Nellermoe Judy (Jackman) 66 and Tommy Nelson Bonnie (Mustarde) 81 and Jimmy Newkirk Ralph 63 and Carla Nordstrom Mary O Rourke Sarah (Cooper) Owen 60 James Parker Pete 58 and Kay (Mountain) Pederson 58 Diane Rotto-Percelay 83 and Stephen Percelay Carolyn (Hartmann) Petersen 62 Kenneth Peterson 80 Patricia Pfluger Forrest and Tammra Pickens Forrest Pierdolla 82 Mike 75 and Evelyn (Hatton) Potter 75 Terry and Kay Price Janice (Peterson) 68 and Nathern Priddy Glenn 81 and Claudine Prochnow Bill Regner Roy 69 and Mary (Cronkhite) Reichenbach 74 Kirk and Rebecca Richard Chris and Erma Richter Rod 77 and Sherry (Powell) Rinell 79 Susan Rinn Roberto Rivera 04 *** Evan Roberts Terence and Cynthia Rogan Graham and Ruth Rogeness Wayne Rohne 51 Kimberly Rose Rene and Lori Sanchez Mark Sassman Will 53 and Mary Sauermilch Bob 64 and Karen (Steubing) Schlortt 67 Dutch 69 and Cathy (Hartung) Schonenberg 70 Orlando 52 and Marcella Schraub Alvin 78 and Cathy Schuerg Denise Schulz 99 Keith 86 and Betsy Schulze Gloria (Henze) 61 and Carl Schwartz Bob 84 and Patricia Sehlke Hulda (Knipling) Sellingsloh 37 Bill Senter and Carlene Coover Carol Skogman 70 Tommy and Jo Nell Snider Bradley Snowden 14 *** Howard Solomon Jo Ann (Salge) 59 and Bill Spearman Keith and Helene Stadtmueller David 03 and Joni Stahl Martha (Nemky) 76 and David Steele Freddie 75 and Kay (Burns) Steinkamp 77 Cary Stephens Joe 68 and Diane Stock Sarah Story Robert and Lois Stueber Nolan 64 ad Sandra (Zimmerman) Sucher 64 Rebecca Swenson 06 *** Linda Thomas 68 Richard and Linda Townsend Joseph 79 and Brenda (Freels) Trial 79 Jesus and Cecilia Trinidad Leslie Van Leeuwen Patrick and Tanya Vatuna Jerome and Virginia Vetter Mando 79 and Sharon (Eastwood) Villalpando 81 B. J. Hageman and Lillian Wacker-Hageman Michelle (Krejci) 98 and Colin Wallis Thomas Washington Johnny Westerholm James 85 and Kathleen (Dornak) Wheaton 87 Robert 61 and Sara White Keith 69 and Eileen (Schneider) Whited 69 Kenneth Wieding 56 Niel and Beth Wiegand Michelle Williams 10 *** Casey and Barbette Wills Hal 77 and Carol (Pangman) Wolff 80 Glenn and Regina Yockey Paul 72 and Lynn (Schudy) Ziese president s report 15

18 Lucky s Club $100 $249 Donald and Valorie Adams Eleanor Adix Jeff 86 and Leah (Mercer) Adix 88 Joshua 06 and Katie (Haverlah) Adkinson 06 Randy and Beverly Albers Leslie 58 and Emily Albrecht Dana Allen 82 and David Mullen Mason Alves 03 and James Kelley Robert and Melanie Ambs Victor 78 and Patty Andersen Anna (Prinz) Anderson 60 Barbara Anderson Charles 68 and Patricia Anderson David Anderson 91 Harold 64 and Louise (Lockrem) Anderson 65 Ken 90 and Kelly Anderson Robert 91 and Katherine (Readel) Anderson 92 Ryan 10 and Jessica (Mann) Anderson 11 Arthur Annweiler, Jr. 70 Mark and Christine Armstrong John Bade 80 and Robin McCullough-Bade Marty 79 and Tammye Baecker Roger Baenziger 61 Steven and Kathy Balazs Donald and Diana Ballard Jack and Rhonda Balsley Jeffrey Balter 84 David and Danna Bandy Arne Bang Jeannie Baquero-Kuenzel William and Sherry Barr Myrtle (Backhaus) 51 and Arlon Bartels Carolyn (Frisch) 80 and Kenneth Barth Janet Bassett Angela Bathe 08 Larry 82 and and Suzanne Bathe Philip Bauch 13 Sydney 50 and Dorothy Bauer Tim 97 and Jennifer (Christy) Bauerkemper 00 Morris and Katherine Baxter R. J. Henning and Mary Bayless-Henning Bethany (Humble) 01 and Chase Bearden Robin Beauregard Luther Bebley David 91 and Keli Beck Brian and Tammy Behr Miriam (Hamilton) 76 and Peter Bellis Russell and Barbara Bentley John and Patricia Bentz Ralph 71 and Beverly Berdine David F., II and Joy Berthold Marie Jo Billnitzer 66 Roy and Eloise Bippert Bill 74 and Frances Bippert Harry and Martha Bischoff Chris 74 and Patricia (Glennon) Bischoff 74 Vance Blackfox 99 Bradford and Janet Blezinger Greg and Brenda Blezinger Kermit 60 and Juanita Blezinger Paul and Marie Blom Robert 52 and Dona Blomstedt Ida Mae Bockeloh Melvin 71 and Donna (Bronstad) Boelter 69 Douglas 66 and Sandy Boening Annyce (Kaulfus) 60 and Jesse Bohls Kent and Joan Bohls Fritz 63 and Wanda Bohne Klaus and Colleen Bohrmann James 73 and Deborah Boldt James 67 and Charlene Bolten Gene Bonorden 60 David Borth 04 Anne (Dunford) Boyd 66 Danny Bracher 86 Nathan 76 and Francoise Bracher Marsha (Dreyer) Bradley 80 Donald and Kathryn Brady Ron and Rebecca Brakke Carolyn Brandt 64 John 64 and Rosalin (Hicks) Braulick 64 Allison Breda 09 Tom 79 and Millie Brewer Carl and Joyce Bridges Charles 59 and Patricia Brinkmeyer Stuart Brown Virgil 76 and Ina Brown Denise (Sylvester) 87 and Kevin Brumley David Bruns 00 and Sara Elder 00 Donna (Rilling) 72 and Michael Bruns Johnny 63 and Sandra Bryan Jimmy Bosshamer and Mary Anna Buffaloe Bosshamer Irene (Holm) Bulgerin 41 Bernard 59 and Sallie Burk Alice (Meschke) 64 and Leon Burris Nancy Burris Dennis 69 and Chatelle Bush Britney Caka Christopher Caldwell John and Kathryn Cameron David and Bessie Cantu Eric and Marge Carlson Cathy Carr Sandra (Winter) 64 and Stan Caulkins Patricia Chamberlain Marguerite Chandler Stephanie (Stevenson) 02 and Jason Chandler Marilena (Spill) Chappelle 49 Doretta Checote 75 Ruth Christiansen Gregory and Anne Clark Ronald and Nancy Cochran Andy Batey and Carla Collins-Batey Martha (Johnson) 57 and James Condry David 76 and Paula Connor Bob and Jo Conrad Charles 06 and Madilyn (Caran) Cook 09 Ralph 53 and Diane Cook Tommy 79 and Karen Cook Billy 01 and Monica Cooper John and Geraldine Cooper Mary (Wolf) Copenhaver 57 Laurie (Flachmeier) 79 and John Corbelli Kerry and Viviene Crooks Barney, III and Lanita Cruz Sean 88 and Kimberly Curtis Kirk Czarnecka David and Robin Czarnek Keith Dash Frederick 77 and Ruby Davis John Davis 93 Lorne and Jean Davis Mary (Heldt) 64 and Paul Davis Jenna Davisson 10 Louis and Rachel Dawkins Daniel 74 and Cecilia De La Garza Miguel 96 and Wendy (Curry) De La Garza 97 Henry and Lisa DeBord Matthew Delgado Ashley (Bathe) 08 and Mark Dellagiacoma Ed 57 and Diana Dentler Timothy and Elizabeth Dentler Ruben and Janice DeVelasco Susan (Marsh) 84 and Jere Dial Anthony and Karla Dichmann Bill and Kathy Dickey Peter 93 and Stephanie (Bruns) Diers 94 Jody (Solmky) Dixon 53 Beverly Dobesh 85 Parker and Sharon Dobson Wilbert 45 and Jeanette Doerr Vernell (Straube) 57 and Werger Dohmann Lisa (Larson) 81 and Thomas Donahue Jane Donegan 75 Isabel Dore 12 Rex Downing William 58 and Betty Dressen Elaine Drobny 74 and Dave Kerr John 75 and Pam (Root) Dunham 75 Joe and Cyndy Dunlap Taylor Dunlap 13 Gregory 82 and Terrie (Faktor) Dunn 81 Charles 61 and Jolane (Wilkinson) Edwards 61 David 81 and Paula Ehler Dorothy Ehler Elwood and Sue Eichler Fred 66 and Linda Ekenstam Eileen (Sager) 57 and Earl Eliason Marcus 69 and Joanne Engelhardt Lucien 70 and Edla (Oehlert) Epperson 67 Rodger and Margaret Ericson Sheryl (Johnson) 82 and Harry Evans Marilyn (Lundstrom) 69 and John Evans Allyson (Brookover) 94 and Todd Evans Ralph 68 and Sandy Falkenberg Douglas and Laura Faseler Michael Faterkowski 06 Brian 82 and Robin (Schneider) Fawcett 84 Judy Feller 75 Suzanne (Junge) 07 and Tommy-dale Fey Dedrick 02 and Taryn Fields William Fiermonte 81 Paul 73 and Pamela (Lemaster) Finley 74 Norb and Geanie Firnhaber Clarence 48 and Esterleen (Miller) Fischer 47 Judy (Stolz) 71 and Gary Fogelsonger Gene and Mona Fogt Bruce and Terri Foley Alta (Pape) 61 and Edwin Forshage Carol Fortini Larry 77 and Sylvia (Cooper) Foster 63 Harry and Jo Ann Foster president s report

19 Steve and Gina Fought Jesus and Virginia Franco Bob Frank Lester 66 and Roxanne Frantzen M. L. Friedrich 48 Albert 70 and Diane Friend Sylvia (Spill) Frisch 56 Jonathan 68 and Sharon Fritz Frank Froehlich Joseph 72 and Nancy (Nemky) Froelich 73 John and Eugenia Frye Jordan Fucilla 11 George Fuller 66 Jo Fuller Sue (McCreery) 65 and Bill Funk Richard and Barbara Galland Richard and Wanda Gangluff Geraldo and Dolores Garcia Rene Garcia 95 and Jason Stewart Joan (Sherman) 87 and Mark Garza Lynn Gates Joyce (Bortz) 53 and William Gay Sandra Geisler 85 Violet (Vassberg) 60 and Franz Geisz William and Joan Gentry Kevin 88 and Shelley Giesecke Nathan Gigee 12 Aubrey Glover 70 Violet Glover Marvin Gohlke 42 Cathy (Sturm) 89 and Marc Gonzalez Robert 62 and Judy Goodhart Beth (Haynes) 83 and Ned Gossett Marianne (Putman) 72 and Mitch Gould William 57 and Margaret Graeber Anna Graeter Dennis and Karolyn Graf Barry and Jo Frances Greenlaw Kathy Guajardo Bruce 69 and Ann Gullberg Harold and Shirley Gunderson Norman and Gwen Gunderson Paul 66 and LaVonne (Sandquist) Gysan 67 Dale and Randie Haake Joyce (Hoffmann) Hagedorn 59 Iona (Discher) Hagens 51 James 80 and Robin Hall Dan and Jennifer Hallford Kelsey Hallford 12 Melvin and Hattie Hammer Marc 92 and Jerilyn Hander Marsha (Robinson) Hansen 74 Richard Hansen Daryl Hardman George Hardy Sam 57 and Judy (Kern) Harper 58 Charles 63 and Victoria Harris Roger 61 and Sandra Harris Bradley 09 and Jill Harrison James Hartley Ronald and Joanne Haseley Roger 62 and Karen Hauge Randall and Barbara Haynes Edward 88 and Elaine Hazen Janelle Hebbe 66 Joan (Schaller) 62 and Tony Heger Marilyn Heiden 69 Robert 57 and Nancy Hein Tod 80 and Donna Heldridge Ernestine (Segerstrom) Heller 58 Ruth (Scurlock) Hemann 64 James 58 and Sharon Hennig Nelson and Julie Hensley David Henson 80 Daniel Hermann 04 Joseph Hernandez 06 April (Austin) 74 and Francis Herzig James 85 and Heather (Marquardt) Herzog 85 Karen (McCann) 61 and Roger Hett Clarence and Kathy Hewell Larry and Janet Hill Nichel Hilman Matthew 12 and Angela (Aufderhaar) Hisey 10 Carl Hoagland 64 and Joan Bray Barbara (Friedrich) 88 and Don Hodde Kay (Koertge) Hodge 57 Malcolm Hoffman 50 David 60 and Kay (Scheel) Hohlt 69 Albert 53 and Velma (Miller) Holck 56 David 61 Holmstrom Elizabeth Holschuh 11 Fred 57 and Nancy Holtkamp Robin 81 and Fontaine Hood Linda Hook Albert Hoppe Gary and Christine Hopper Lillie (Niemann) Horky 57 Rebecca (Morris) 79 and William Hornyak Stanley 53 and Elizabeth Horwood Shannon Hrncir 03 and Laura Cauley 02 Suzanne Huber 87 Jacqueline Hues 69 Andrew and Deanne Hume Gregg and Kimberly Hummel Laura Hunsicker-Wang 96 and David Wang Donna (Rinn) 87 and Gene Hunt Marvin 50 and Trudie (Strey) Huth 51 Steven Ingebritson 78 Charles 74 and Melinda Ingersoll Michelle (Remington) 96 and Erwin Ivery Rachel (Luckemeyer) 83 and Mark Jackson Chase Janecek 13 Ronnie and Becky Janecek Erv and Maurine Janssen Linda Janszen 00 Leo and Brenda Janysek Jerry and Barbara Jaroszewski Mike 61 and Norma (Beamer) Jenson 65 Todd Jermstad Michael and Marilyn Johnson Rhonda Johnson Tim and Nancy Johnson Sue (Peterson) 77 and Greg Johnston Andrea (Fling) 95 and Rodney Jones Betty (Ranzau) 56 and Jack Jones Roy and Katherine Jordan Robert 67 and Mira (Surber) Jubela 68 Trey and Kimberly Kalinowski Paul 72 and Elaine (Wuebbens) Kalkwarf 73 Robert Kane 86 Herb Karnau 59 Royce 60 and Elva (Meiners) Keilers 62 Timothy Kelly 84 Frances (Boldt) Keseling 51 Helen (Weber) Kethan 53 Andrew 97 and Alison (Mersiovsky) Kieschnick 97 Patricia (Koepp) 61 and Evin King Sara King Alyson (Krippner) Kirchner 99 Eileen (Bode) 68 and James Kitchens Earl and Jan Klattenhofff Marie (Wahlberg) Kleckley 45 Edward 53 and Barbara Kleid Norval 63 and Susan Kneten Marvin 57 and Janet (Billo) Koenig 57 Orline (Kuck) Kolm 56 Wilfred Konrad Kathleen (Rystad) 75 and Gary Koran Julian Kosh, Jr. John and Julie Kouremetis Sharon Krag 69 Mary (Kunde) 55 and William Krause Bill and Janet Krejci Jeanie (Kleinecke) Kueker 60 and Jack Warren Max and Gretchen Kuempel Gordon 72 and Wendy Kuenemann Robert 73 and Sheila Kuhlman William Kuhn Kevin Kunde Jennifer Kurtz 99 Johnny and Carey Lacina Phillip and Ann Laird Dave 60 and Barb LaMaster Sherrill (Janke) 76 and Norman Lambert William 71 and Marian Lampert Don and Karen Lamprecht Edward 72 and Sheri Land Leland and Lutche Landes JoAnn (Spaeth) 56 and Kelton Lange Randall 89 and Ginger Langehennig Jim 69 and Mary (Pettyjohn) Ledbetter 71 Jiyun Lee Carline (Hansen) Lehnhoff 53 Robert 74 and Glenda Lehnhoff Wes and Wendy Lemberg Nyle (Kalich) Leshikar 63 Karen Clark 02 and Edward Lette Karron (Moorman) Lewis 69 Larry 80 and Elaine (Crowell) Lindstrom 80 M Rhea (Graham) 04 and Jason Lochte Linda (Vostad) 73 and Jeff Logan Alex Longoria 12 Roger Lopez Dennis 75 and Janet (Hartley) Lorch 75 Mark 80 and Leslie (Flachmeier) Love 81 Myrtle (Hildebrandt) 52 and Henry Lucke Jerre Lugeanbeal Steven 95 and Shannon Lutz William 02 and Kimberley Lyons Julia Magee 84 Douglas Maher Susan Malde 74 and Michael Zoradi John and Tonya Mallory Donald and Randee Malmsten Virginia Marek president s report 17

20 Susi (Mollenhauer) 80 and Robert Markgraf Valerie Marrou Eldon Marsh 76 Christopher and Kelly Martin Eloy Martinez 02 Raquel Martinez Ann (Heslin) 85 and Bubba Massey George and Claire Matecko George 58 and Lucy (Herber) Mathesen 59 Mari Matott 05 and Christen Kettler Mallory Matthews 08 Charles 56 and Shirley (Steger) Matthys 57 George 74 and Deborah (Miller) Matthys 79 Louise (Dobroth) Matzner 60 Reuemetsi Mawande 94 John Maxwell 89 and Kris Plaehn 84 Wendy Mayes-Beasly 02 and Paul Beasly Anthony Mays, Jr. 53 Grant and Cheryl McCarson Lois McClusky Amy (Citzler) 96 and Justin McCord Vernon 51 and Dolores McDonald Walter McFadden Kenneth 77 and Jo (Meschke) McGill 80 Eleanor (Loeffler) McIntyre 44 Kevin and Monica McJunkin Kendra McKernan Barry and Sharon McKinney Christina Meadows Ruth (Hobbs) Mecum 52 Christopher Medina 02 Nicholas Mehigan 12 Diana (Riedel) 60 and J. R. Melanson Linda (Schaal) Mercer 63 John 71 and Barbara Merriwether Patricia (Zinke) Metting 67 Lynnette (Bergen) Miller 63 Doy 78 and Karen (Koenig) Mims 79 Gary 76 and Debra (Mrazek) Minzenmeyer 76 G. T. Mitchell, Jr. Leon and Monika Miura Kenneth Moerbe Elizabeth (Wolff) Mohr 37 Lisa Molina 90 Judy Moltz 59 Joseph 77 and Estela Monteleone Taryn Montgomery 04 and Christoph Schmidt Heather Morgan Melissa Moss 91 and Sam Leone Becky (Camp) 95 and Jon Mostyn Kayla Moyer 95 Emory 44 and Wanda Muehlbrad Arlen 55 and Barbara (Egg) Mueller 59 Emily Mueller Kurt Mueller 77 Winnie (Kuempel) Murchison 52 Steve 77 and Karen (Otterness) Mzyk 78 Abby (Cochran) Nader 06 Bill and Kim Nance Donald and Joyce Nellermoe Charles 75 and Sue Neskorik Gary and Stephanie Newberg Nancy (Morrison) 65 and Henry Niehaus Gail Norris 64 Herbert Nunley Gaylon and Kathy Oehlke Zelda (Pargmann) 62 and Frederick Oelrich Earline (Kotzebue) Oertli 58 Nathan 72 and Debra Sue Oestreich Donald and Ardyce Ofsdahl Margaret Ogden-Howe Dennis and Carol Ohrtman Carlin and Jane Okerberg Michael Orr 71 Mark 76 and Geri Padellford Paul and Cheryl Padilla Jeanne (Mitchell) 78 and Gene Palmer Joel 96 and Sonja Pancoast Jack 69 and Susan Park Leslie (Schlather) 94 and Bill Parkan Ray and Betty Parker Terry and Lynn Parrott Frances Patlan Elaine (Koivu) 58 and Jim Patterson Irvin Patterson Leon and Karen Patterson Paul and Miriam Pedersen Roy Perez Lisa (Langner) 61 and Calvin Perrine John and Karen Persyn Kevin 84 and Martha (Heldridge) Petermann 84 Lori (Hughes) 94 and Steven Peters Marlo and Dorothy Petersen Ronald 73 and Rachel (Timmer) Petersen 73 Bill 78 and Joanna Peterson Jean Petrick 66 Judy Pfeil Jon 64 and Glena Pfennig Gladys Pfluger 46 Heather Pfluger Kenneth Pfluger 67 and Kay Planting Luther Pfluger 47 Robert 70 and Lynn Pfullmann Vander Phelps 74 Robert and Leah Phillips Dale Pitts 64 Becky (Halliburton) 61 and John Pollard Alva Powell 49 Jessica Powell 05 Leon 70 and Mary Prause Townes Pressler and Penny Patterson John 82 and Cheryl (Meckel) Pritchett 82 Dennis 81 and Angela Pullin Anthony and Julie Purser Thu (Tran) 86 and Ken Quach Robert 77 and Donna (Stutrud) Raetzsch 77 Tommy 78 and Beth (Bischoff) Raetzsch 79 Gerri (Thane) 52 and Eugene Rall Madge (James) Rashell 80 Becca (Reinhardt) 99 and Kaarle Rautio Ruth (Kronke) 61 and Joseph Reeves Ross and Renee Rehfeld Shirley Reich 83 Debra (Lee) 88 and Darren Reiley Amy (Wieding) 98 and Wesley Reiley John 69 and Becky Reinhart Vicky (Hallemann) Reinke 66 Michael 82 and Larrilyn Reissig Leo Reitan Jack Reynolds Frances (Marth) Richburg 60 William and Margaret Richmond Christine (Doerr) Richter 72 Clyde and Margie Ricks Timothy and Corlis Riedesel Tim Riepe 03 Mike and Annet Riley Phillip 77 and Lisa Rinn Becky (Bechter) Rippel 41 Catherine (Jacobi) 77 and Dan Roark Karol Roark 81 Alyssa Robbins 11 Jacob Robbins 07 Lance and Karyn Robbins Stephanie Robbins Paul Rode 47 Doug 88 and Dorothy Rosa Rebecca Rose 93 Billy 92 and Rebecca (Rayne) Rose 92 Lawrence Rothenberg Cece (Everett) 82 and Guy Rozas Calvin 52 and Nadine Rueter Rodney 66 and Janice (Hartwig) Ruppel 67 Joan Russell Patsy Rutherford Ronda (Tonn) 92 and John Saead Grace (Solmky) Saegert 41 Jim 66 and Judy Sagebiel Myrtis (Jacob) Sagebiel 50 Carol (Nagel) 65 and Obert Sagebiel Sarah (Chandler) 01 and Jonathan Salvato Armando Sanchez Lorene (Gerlach) 63 and Buddy Sanford Aaron Sansom 10 Linda (Normann) Satre 63 Stan and Nancy Schaefer Elizabeth (Hausmann) Schaer 87 Lawrence and Joy Schaffer Steven and Suzanne Scheel Ronald and JoAnn Schimcek Jonell (Britsch) Schmitt 48 David and Cynthia Schneider Myron 60 and M Liss (Spaeth) Schneider 58 Lee and Susie Schnelle Dana (Larson) 73 and Todd Scholer Curtiss 71 and Marian Schonenberg Daniel Schorlemer 43 Barbara (Scurlock) 64 and Lee Schroeder Henry 61 and Frances Schulte Gordon 68 and Shirley Schultz James Schulz 65 Elizabeth Schuman 81 Brenda Schumann Ted 59 and Rheba (Meyer) Schwarz 58 Nicholas 05 and Sheryl Sears Curtis 73 and Janice Seiffert Laurie (Dunn) 86 and Mark Sekula Jeff Selig Robert 70 and Marsha Shearer Glenn 84 and Laura Shook Vernell (Sultemeier) 62 and Charles Shuey Brian Shult 69 Donald 67 and Eileen Shult Richard Shutt Alvin Siltmann president s report

21 Diane (Timmerman) 75 and Ray Simecek Barbara (Hudson) 68 and Frank Simmons Everett 66 and Anna (Swenson) Simmons 69 Nancy Simpson Jennifer (Guzman) 98 and Robert Skeen Scott Slade and Darlene Holland Tom and Cindy Smallen Lee and Janet Smith Patrick 71 and Jennifer Smith Irene Snyder Erwin and Margaret Soell John 54 and Mary Sommer Thomas 86 and Monica Sommers Mario and Rosa Linda Soto Tim and Kay Spence Scott and June Spidell Mike and Carol Spillum Michael 72 and Gail Spinelli Michael Stautzenberger 72 Dale 76 and Karen (Mackenzie) Stein 77 Derward and Maureen Stevens Ann Stewart 97 David Stickley 74 Bud and Analyn Stokes Carlton 64 and Sandra Stolle Howard and Julia Stridde Gary 71 and Jeanne Stroebel Diana Strom 09 Joyce Stromberg 68 Sharon (Holm) 67 and Charles Suessmuth Bill and Starla Sweda Hiram 88 and Jana (Chafin) Tavarez 90 Katherine Tavey 09 Donald 66 and Marilyn Taylor Janet (Markmann) 74 and Bob Thaxton Thomas Weisz 73 Robert and Melanie Thompson Ray 75 and Deborah Tiemann David and Angela Tietz Victoria Tijerina 13 Priscilla Torres Stephen Tostengard 76 Glen 67 and Peggy (Logan) Treibs 67 Richard Trenk Elaine Tucker 04 Travis Turner 10 Mark 78 and Tracey Twenhafel Jeanine (Blackorby) 64 and Spitzie Ullrich Jeremy 09 and Amanda (Schnelle) Ullrich 09 Randy and Marilyn Ullrich Clarence Urban Joyce (Krueger) 63 and Charles Urban Sarah Usry 12 Rod 84 and Jennifer Van Wyngarden Andy and Rosemary Vasquez Edlyn and Sandra Vatthauer Charlie and Patsy Verm Lisabeth (Mohr) 68 and Ronald Verstuyft Raymon and Viriginia Villarreal Kenny 64 and Linda (Bowman) Voges 63 Don 67 and Brenda (Meeks) Vogler 70 Terri (Call) 69 and Louis Von Woglom John 79 and Elizabeth (Vie) Waak 81 Harry and LeAnn Wagner Sharon (Dittmar) Wagner 67 Lois (Hartmann) 79 and James Wagoner Kayleigh (Babin) 10 and Dustin Walcik John 01 and Carolyn (Dahse) Wallace 02 John and Penny Wallace Germaine and Jeffrey Walsh John Waples Kathleen Ward Allen and Hildegard Warner Marilyn (Flachmeier) Warner 56 Mark 71 and Laverne Weber Jennifer (Safarik) 04 and Kirk Webster Jerry 74 and Terry (Collins) Weers 76 Louis 54 and Jerry Anne Wehman Thomas 68 and Gwen (Glover) Wehr 66 Oscar 54 and BJ (Nieman) Weigang 53 Janice (Vlasak) Weinman 85 Gary and Susan Weishaar Joel 83 and Angela Wells Wayne 70 and Shirley Wendell Anna (Bambuch) 58 and Harlan Wensel Ronald Wensel 58 Kevin 96 and April (Wallingford) Wenzel 99 Michael 97 and Janis (Clutter) Wenzel 98 Sophie (Rode) Werchan 55 Joshua Werland 07 Terry and Vernetta Westbrook Carl Westergard 99 Duane and Karen Westerman Doris (Franke) 57 and Norman Whitaker Ben 58 and Mackie White LeLaine (Bollmeyer) Whiteman 60 Willis 66 and Debbie Wilk Clay and Kalynne Wilkerson Don and Carolyn Williams Mark and Linda Williams Linda Wilson Shirley Wilson Anne Windmeyer Lorie (Schilling) 86 and Brent Winkler Debra (Robinson) 88 and Marc Wissman Kevin Witham 82 Nanci (Aarlie) 79 and Ken Witten Glenn 69 and Patricia (Wolf) Woelfel 70 Esther Wolber 76 Jerry (Sagebiel) 59 and Robert Wolfe Karl 70 and Mardi Woodling Lisa (Burkhardt) 79 and Jeffrey Worley Kathryn Yandell Kenneth 77 and Donna Yanowski Patsy (Grimm) 76 and Arthur Yanta Jason York Vance 70 and Jennie (Hayes) Youens 72 Billy 63 and Ann Zacharias Louis and Katherine Zbinden Harold 51 and Ruth (Knebel) Zimmermann 55 Contributor $1 $99 A Judy Adams 85 Tyler 08 and Emmalee (Drummond) Adams 10 Linda Ainsworth Katherine Albin 15 Palmer and Kimberly Alderman Lance Aldridge 04 William Alexander Marcus 08 and Allison (Seams) Alsup 08 Andrea Alvarez Antonio Alvarez 04 Elizabeth (Vorpahl) 05 and Marc Alves Robert and Carol Alyea Patricia Amende Laura Ameser Jarvis 92 and Jan (Wetjen) Anderson 91 Rosalie (Letterman) Anderson 41 Daniel Angerstein 70 Joe and Joyce (Spillmann) Armstrong 53 Shirley Arnold Judith Arotta Alyssa Arroyo Lauree Aschen 85 and Ken Barnes Carmen Astran 89 Kimberly Atchley 11 Gay (Henze) Atkinson 61 W. H. Attaway Carol Averyt B Arthur Babcock 15 Becky Bachschmid 74 Sam 62 and Wina (Rockman) Baethge 65 Levi Bagwell Gary and Shawna Bagwell Alvin and Jeannette Bahlmann Rita Bahr Alvin and Elizabeth Bailey Richard and Annabelle Bailey Susan Bailey Emmet 73 and Judy Baker Lisa (Adams) 85 and Robert Baker Kelly (Manley) 00 and Greg Baldwin Bryce and Ann Bales Roy Balter 60 Norma Banda 78 James and Katherine Bandy Sophia (Ahladis) 94 and Tom Barnard Zane and Charlotte Barnes Jerry and Jane Barnes Lee Anne Barnes Bubba Barnett 72 Diana Barrera Patsy (Wilhelm) 62 and David Barrett Josephine (Lambrecht) Bartels 50 Lawrence and Kathy Barthold Richard and Ann Bartholomew Marlene (Branner) Bartlett 67 Lillian (Booth) 78 and Paul Bass Cynthia (Scrogin) Bauer 59 Michele Bauman 92 Marvin 70 and Laura Baumann Clara Beauchamp Larry 74 and Jodie Beck Elizabeth Beck-Dietert 12 Claus and Rebecca Beckenbach Alfred Becker 58 Richard 78 and Alison Beckham Mary (Gustafson) 61 and Jim Bedrich Jeanne (Voges) 44 and Harry Behal Ann (Williams) Beicker president s report 19

22 David 61 and Shelly Beicker Donny 76 and Cathy Beicker Emily (Frey) 08 and Dustin Bell Kaitlin Bentley 13 Edith Benton Borgchild Berg Marland (Huhndorff) 60 and Charles Berghorn Charles Bergstrom 54 Thomas Bethan 04 Roger Betschler Kermit and Gloria Biermann Robin Bisha Beverly Blackman-Mounce 66 and John Mounce Rosemarie (Poehlmann) Blackwell 59 Anthony and Teresa Bland M. G. Blankenship Raymon 64 and Karen Bluhm Susan (Melacon) 90 and Fred Blumberg John 97 and Audrey Blumenthal Mary (Janssen) Bobo 38 Bruce and Carobeth Bockhorn Daniel Bodily Mary (Lieck) Boehl 56 Robert and Donna Boehle Steve and Esther Boehm Victor 76 and Marina Bolado Wendy (Tull) 88 and Brent Boning Misako Bonner Anne (Glaske) Boone 64 Alexander 88 and Kristine (Teuscher) Boshell 88 Rueben 62 and Linda Bosshard Patricia (Barr) Boudreaux 77 Dane 02 and Michelle Boyle Kevin 12 and Stephany (Corona) Boyle 11 Lois Bradshaw Suzie (Jandt) 99 and David Brady John 84 and Jeanne (Paisley) Brandenburg 84 Larry 62 and Gail (Dejarlais) Bremer 62 Aaron and Annette Brennan Daniel and Marilee Brinson Harriet (Jecker) Briseno 77 Carole Browdy 70 Amber Brown 08 Cheryl (Ward) Brown 82 and Gregory Brown Christine (Doerfler) 69 and Gene Brown Sharon (Arlitt) 71 and David Browne Joe and Sue Bruns Linda Buchman William Burges Beverly Burke Laura Burnett 98 Linda (Kail) 12 and Timothy Burow Doug 73 and Janet (Meiller) Burrell 73 Edith (Goldapp) 57 and John Burris Michael Burris 73 Peggy Butler C Tom and Diane Caddy Christi Cagney Libby (Dullnig) 72 and Gary Calhoun John and Beth Callaghan Ellen 83 and Paul Carlson Patricia (Dean) Carr 80 James and Jo Carroll David Carter Evelyn (Honig) Carter 45 James Carter, Jr. Afton and Rochelle Carter Michael and Olga Casey Patrick and Amy Casey Brianna (Yarborough) 04 and Joe Centeno Ayres 57 and Jo (Reinhard) Cermin 56 Valdamar 93 and Cheryl Cevallos Jeffrey 81 and Lora Chafin Nancy Chafin Terry and Peggy Chambliss Ervin 81 and Becky Chamness Kimberly (Wendel) 02 and Christopher Chanler Elizabeth Chapman 10 Dorothy (Wolf) Chesley 56 Lorraine Christensen 68 Kathryn Christenson Curt 70 and Cheryl Christiansen Paul and Sherry Clagett Allison Clark 14 Stephen and Johnana Clark Lynne Click 80 Allen 58 and Lila (Pfennig) Collins 59 Patrick Collins and Julieta Garza Romero Pearl Collins Tyler Collins 12 Vicki (Rakowitz) 90 and Dennis Collins Jim 69 and Pam Colvin Jim and Bernadine Cooper Rick Corbin 97 Antonio and Barbara Cordova Eduardo and Diana Cordova Conny Core Jeanelle Cornelius Gilbert 70 and Norma Cortez Marv 88 and Julita Cotton Gloimai Cowan 15 Judith (Olson) 61 and Anton Coy Jon and Lisa Cradit Aida Cragnolino Elaine Craig Ed and Sharon Craig Donna Crain Emerald Crayton 15 Leah Crenwelge 94 Mark 83 and Jane Creswell Susan Crews John and Kay Crockett Clayton 75 and Suzanne Cross Larry and Joan Crowell Virginia (Fritz) 63 and Keith Crunk Janice Cuccia 81 Alan and Marlene Cummins Betty (Matthies) 63 and Tim Curry Marvin Curtis Roger and Renee Cutcher D Laurence and Martha Dahl Cheri Daigle Eddie and Sandra Daminski Tiffany Daniels 04 Pam (Koepke) 69 and Phillip Danley Wendy (Rindelaub) 82 and John Daugherty Jack and Evangeline Davidson Cale Davis 92 Earl Davis Harold Davis 72 Linda (Simonsen) 76 and Kirby Davis Rose 90 and Chris Davis Rebecca Davis-Ohan 82 and Ken Ohan Erica De La Rosa 15 Katlyn DeBord 14 William and Nancy DeCamp Cecil (Boenig) 55 and Arthur Dechene Karin Deger Roger and Barbara Dennis Barry and Mary Dewlen Gene Dietert and Sharon Steinberg-Dietert Harry and Linda Dietz Steve 82 and Kim Ditta Earl Dittman Rachel (Barr) 05 and Chad Divin Lauren Dobson 06 Nathan 76 and Naomi (Cordes) Doerr 77 Steve 74 and Nancy (Persky) Doerr 75 Dee Dollar Lory Donatt 77 Chad 94 and Christina Donegan Charles and Kathryn Donohoe Carleton and Helen Donop Bobbye (Rusch) Dorow 71 Cordia Draper Richard and Suzanne Drawbaugh Kristin (Schluep) Draye 90 Lovey (Nauert) 55 and W. A. Driskell James Dubensky Suzette Duesterheft Larry and Sharon Duff Darren and LeeAnn Dunn Linda Dunn Nancy (Henry) 92 and Grey DuParc Sharon Durbin Dennis and Sherry Durst E Matthew Eadie Martha (Wahlberg) 53 and Bob Eastwood Herbert and Arline Eberhard Charlie Eckert 61 James and Dorothy Eckert Betty Edgemond Don 62 and Barbara (Brucks) Effenberger 61 Nathan Eggers 13 Jayne Eiben Walt and Mary Eidbo Kathleen Elbel Virginia Elkins Nanette (Johnson) 65 and Howard Ellis David and Barbara Ellwanger Kaleigh Emerson 08 Steve Emmert 87 Victoria Ender 14 Doris (Braun) 68 and Ted Engelhardt Laird 66 and Winnie (Grote) Engle 66 Curtis 70 and Kathryn (Knott) Enke 72 Jesus and Jeane Enriquez Kent 61 and Mary Ericson Rose (Sagebiel) 71 and Bill Ermel president s report

23 Stephanie Ernst 15 Rebeca Espinoza Lori (Hansen) 80 and Harvey Etter Bradford Eubanks 09 Kay Evans Kenneth and Virginia Evers Rosemary Everson John Ewing F Austin and Rebekah Falke John Fannin 15 Walter and Joan Farrier Patricia (Kaspar) 69 and Jerry Ferguson David 66 and Mary (Mercer) Fetter 67 Joan Finger Gary Fischbeck Donna (Pfennig) Fischer 90 Shirley Fischer Norma Fisher George and Patricia Fitch Virginia (Spill) Flathmann 60 Alex and Rossi Flores Sarah Flores 12 Kaaren (Halvorson) Florstedt 65 Judith Foil Kelly Follis Jean (Baker) 63 and Gary Forbord Ashlie (McEachern) Ford 08 Paul Foster Jim Fowler 04 Gregory and Beverly Fox Gil 68 and Beth Franke Carl 98 and Michelle (Gunn) Frantzen 99 Nick and Heidi Franzen Felicia Frazar Karla Frazier Lynda (Kridler) 88 and Stewart Frazier David 93 and Janie Frels Sharon (Ploetz) 78 and Chris Frels Jerry and Heather Frey Wayne 77 and Lee Ann Freytag Edgar and Esse Fricke Beth (Klepper) 83 and Alan Friedman Elmer 59 and Neva Friedrich Thomas 85 and Elizabeth (Schindehette) Friedrich 85 Bonita Friesenhahn Douglas and Kris Friesenhahn Barney and Bea Friesth Bob and Jo Froehlich Janet Fry Ramiro Fuentes Cody Fuller 09 G David Garber Lorie (Burke) 97 and Edward Garcia Maria Garcia William 06 and Elizabeth (Hanft) Garrett 06 Ruth Garrison A. P. Garza, Sr. Alison Gathman 15 Thora (Haugen) 44 and Philip George Scott George 02 Stephen and Shirley Germann Peggy Germer Annice Gibson Sammie and Ginger Gibson Richard Gillette David 86 and Sabrina Glazener Ronald and Lois Glazener Ronald and Patricia Glazener Robert Goertz Esther Gonzales Hermelinda Gonzalez 86 and Jim Louis Norma Gonzalez Gretchen Goodson Merrell and Marlyce Goolsby Zachary Gottleib 13 Alexandria Goyer 15 Christopher and Michelle Graf Mallory 08 and Micah Grau Sandra Gravitt M. W. Graybill Glenecia (Butler) 02 and Joshua Green Cecilia (Zarate) Gregg 98 Jerry Greiner 68 and Donna Dodgen Ken and Sheila Greinke Aleesa Griffin Robert and Lois Griffith Monica Gromek Pat and Linda Gubbels Matt Guenther 92 Alejandro 83 and Yolanda (Martinez) Guerra 85 Ricardo and San Juana Guerra Tom and Neala Gunderson Brenda Gundred H Elaine (Moehring) Haehnel 52 Pam Haehnel 84 Paul Haffly 79 Rebekah Hagens Morgan and Carrie Hallmark Myung Han 98 Carl 67 and Linda (Wehmeyer) Hansen 68 Sharon (Manlove) Harp 76 J.W. 62 and Mary Harpel Braxton and Jennifer Harris Ross 73 and Nancy (Ruppel) Harris 75 Tina Harris 97 Robert Harrison, Jr. 15 Mike 00 and Michelle (Clark) Hartfiel 00 Kayla Hartmann 13 Lee Ann (Schilling) 81 and Weldon Hartmann Rodricus and Malikah Harvey William and Renee Hassel Nan (Hix) 69 and Bill Hatcher Robert Hatcher, III 09 Robert Hatley 79 Kathryn Haueisen Callie Haug Darrell 75 and Gloria (Vlasak) Haug 77 David 10 and Kelli (Roberts) Haug 10 Elroy 69 and Rachel Haverlah Bruce and Lisa Hawkins William and Leslie Hawksbee Stanley and Marcia Hearn Bruce 71 and Dorothy (Moehring) Hedman 72 Clinton and Carolyn Heine Neal and Coleen Heinrich James Helander 69 Jim and Casi Helbig Sherry Heller Lester and Margurette Helmich Darlene (Ernst) 70 and Larry Henke Rodney and Judy Henningsen Darren Henrichs 04 Calvin 48 and Irene Henze John 80 and Sharon (Albert) Herbold 80 Joshua and Beth Hernandez James Herring Doris Hewell Randy Hibbetts Susan Higginbotham James and Robin Hill David Hilsberg 64 Jack and Monica Hinson Kristen Hinton 15 Clarence and Diane Hodde Florence (Berger) Hoff 51 Kenneth 58 and Peggy Hoffman Marty 65 and Beverly (Kiel) Hoffman 66 Frank and Billie Hoffmann Maxine (Weigang) 57 and Lambert Hollub Martha (Graumann) 64 and Arthur Holmberg Magdalene Holm-Roesler 68 and Charles Roesler Victoria Hoppes 12 Henry Horelica Charles and Barbara Horton Kathryn Hovland 14 Brad Howard 11 Jack 76 and Susan Howard 03 Marlin 00 and Christa Howze Jennifer (Giesber) 94 and Rory Hoxie Pat Huber 83 Darrell and Casandra Huck Karen (Brau) Huff 70 Robyn Huffman Bill and Suzi Hughson Samantha Huizar-Godoy Rita Hummingbird 73 Connie (Jones) Hunt 61 Michael Hunt John Hurst Andrea Hutchison Jeanette (Loya) Hux 62 I Pamela (Blaha) 79 and Wayne Iselt J Stanley 70 and Lou Ann Jackel Zachary Jacobs 15 Jamie Jahns 10 Marilyn (Frase) 72 and Gary Janke Shirley Janke Estelle (Pargmann) Janssen 61 Daniel and Laura Jenschke Melvin Jochec Allen 58 and Betty (Urban) Johannes 54 Barbara (Poehl) 70 and Rodger Johnson Carol Johnson Craig and Betty Johnson Jim 93 and Judith (Wendt) Johnson president s report 21

24 Joanna (Reeder) 99 and Josh Johnson Kate (Hallford) 05 and Dwight Johnson Kenneth and Avis Johnson Nadine (Roznovak) Johnson 58 Bob and April Jonas Colby Jones 67 Kerry Jones, Jr. 08 Sarah Jones Deborah (Krueger) 81 and Donald Jordan Bruce Jowell K Bruce and Collette Kaiser Joseph and Sharon Kane Paula Kanenberg 76 Mary Kansala Robert 73 and Janice Karre Xenia (Voigt) Katcsmorak 89 Richard and Joyce Keady Toni Keilers 15 Tasasha Kelly 01 Martha Kent Elizabeth Kepp Ryan Kiel 11 Marcia Kifer Matthew 99 and Jennifer Kindsvatter LaTasha King Mimi (Hertzberg) 86 and Kelly King Sharon Kite Wade 86 and Judy (Koenig) Klare 87 Kristen Klein Lovella Klein 87 Lucille (Gaebler) Klein 43 Timothy 89 and Debra Klucinec Lucas Kneitz 13 Kenneth and Barbara Kneupper Charles 66 and Sharon (Hill) Knibbe 66 Billy and Judy Knowles Elna (Feller) Knutson 47 Joanna (Johnson) 99 and Nicholas Koch Jamie Kocian Kerry 88 and Mary (Westerholm) Koehler 85 Stephanie Koenig-Kalisek 88 and Nick Kalisek Sam 60 and Sheila Koenning Amelia Koford Randy 70 and Eileen Kohlenberg Robin Kohler Kathryn (Janysek) 93 and Milton Kopecki Nicole (Beitscher) 00 and Clay Kornegay Calvin Kowalik Daniel 85 and Deann (Toncre) Koyn 86 Kyle and Jolene Kraft Kyle Kramm 09 Carole (Weishaupt) Krueger 75 Debra (Hunt) 79 and Larry Krueger Anne Kuempel Marilyn (Graeber) Kuhn 69 Julie Kutac 01 Annette Kvamme 99 Katharine Kyle 12 L Lisa Lagares Casey Lamar K. L. and Carol Lamar Chris and Sue Lamar president s report Laverne (Michaelis) 48 and James Lamp Barbara Lampmann Lynda Langley Jean Larose Brandon 10 and Chrystine (Cantu) Larrington 10 Lillian (Janssen) 51 and Ralph Lau Laurie Laubach 06 Faith (Kulow) Laughlin 66 Lacey (Willgren) 08 and Nathan Lavender Amy Lawson 07 Geraldine Lay Mary Lay Judy Leavell Carolyn (Lammert) 68 and William Lee Edward and Patsy Lee Harvey and Jan Lee Marion Lee Megan Lee 15 Tammy Lee Dave 91 and Kirsten Legore James Lehmann 91 Jo Ann (Burris) Lemmon 56 Carol Lenker Walter 41 and Melba Lentz Shaun and Janet Leone Julia Lesage Alan Lievens Duane 76 and Betty Lintner Kimberly Little-Brooks 82 and Ronald Brooks Julie Livingston Ashley (Foster) Loewe 10 Ashlynn (Cook) Long 15 Jessica Lopez 01 Ruben Lopez and Petra Arroyo Lisa Loranc 92 Nancy (Nelson) 81 and Dennis Low Ryan 02 and Sarah (Lonnevik) Loyd 02 Joshua Lozano 10 Lauren Ludwig 13 Kevin Luedecke 12 Mark and Deborah Luedecke Drew and Connie Lunde Todd Lutes 87 and Susan Petti John and Peggy Lynch Sean Lynch 14 Jonathan 09 and Lauren (Haug) Lys 09 M Pesha Mabrie Kayeley Mace Joe and Sylvia Machado Joyce (Agold) 67 and David Macon Marvel and Barbara Maddox Bill 60 and Barbara (O Hara) Maddox 65 Sally (Soechting) 73 and William Maierhofer Mark and Jody Mallett Jean (Riggers) 64 and Jon Malmin Austin Manning 11 Edgar Manrique Lillian Mantey Kay (Giese) 67 and John Marburger Danny Marek Amelia Marsh Luther and Cherrie Marshall Tanya (Wright) 91 and Charles Marshall Sharon (Schilling) 87 and Joseph Martella Lynesia Martin Joyce (Klotz) 72 and Allen Martinets Elizabeth Martinez Joshua Martinez 99 and Beverlee Degollado Robert and Rebecca Martinez Donald 68 and Maricel (Menn) Maschmeyer 71 Russell 69 and Linda Masters Barney 76 and Leah (Cordes) Matocha 76 Betty Ann Matthies Allyson Matthys 13 Sylvia (Steinbring) 52 and Robert Matthys Mardi Mayerhoff Lena Mayhorn Megan McBride 15 Deborah McCarley Theresa McCarthy Clyde 79 and Allyson McClurd Gregory McComish 88 Rene McCormick Brett 98 and Liz (Stone) McCown 00 Janice (Harless) 83 and Wayne McCurry Thomas and Ashley McDermott Adam McGuire 15 Francis McIlvaine Jeffrey and Darlene McKee Kathryn McKinley 14 Debra (Mayer) 79 and Joe McLerran Kara McMillan Felicia McPherson 07 Kylee McPherson 11 Cliff 71 and Lynn Meggers Bill and Nancy Meier Brittany Mellum-Schoen 03 and Brian Schoen Reinaldo Mendez, Jr. 15 Albert and Irene Menn Franklin and Evelyn Menn Roy and Laura Merz Lynn (Bates) 79 and Russell Messmore John and Linnea Michael Dwight Micklethwait David Miller David Miller 07 Kathleen Miller Sherome Miller 13 Bob Milligan Greg 84 and Keri (Anders) Mireault 83 Debbie Mireur Bill 79 and Carol (Stolle) Mitchell 78 Billy and Kelly Mitchell Bryce Moerbe 15 Gary and Susan Moffett Lois (Mathesen) 52 and Harold Moke Kathryn Moody 15 Christopher Moore Carlos Moreno Marvin Morgan Leland 61 and Betty (Kalscheuer) Morgans 61 George 69 and Vicky Moritz Claudia (Gonzales) Morquecho 14 Michael and Gayle Morris Sue (Christiansen) 65 and Terry Morrow Brandi Morse 15 Jonathan Morse 75 and Mary Sawyer-Morse Buzz and Beverlye Mueller David Mueller 71

25 N Scott and Hilary Naab John 93 and Teri Nash Billie (Nehrenz) 63 and Robert Navarro Karen Nelson Kerry and Sherry Nelson Scott 94 and Taffy Nelson Alanna (Gangemi) 08 and Ryan Nichols Frank and Betty Nichols Veronique Nicklas Irene (Aguirre) 79 and Steve Nieto Robert 78 and Cynthia Nixon Wayne Norden and Joni Weir Lester and Linda Norville Earnest 73 and Dorothy Norwood Warren and Kathy Nossaman Janette Nunley Mark and JayNee Nutting O Lynda (Marek) 94 and Kevin Oakes Andrew and Lynn O Connor Roger 79 and Patricia Odom Zachary Ojeda 14 Kenneth 12 and Alicia Olson Mary (Colwick) Orbeck 47 Kay (Bohls) 83 and Steve Orr Linda Osuji 10 Paul 04 and Marisol Overstreet Christopher 01 and Andrea (Franzen) Owen 02 P Zachery Pace Gerald and Faye Palacio Michael 91 and Kari Pancoast Joseph 07 and Danielle Panzarella Mildred (Pfluger) 36 and Ned Parker Mark Patterson Joe and ViAnn Patterson David Paulson 58 Holly (Voelzke) 86 and John Paulson D. A. Payson Courtney (Luebben) 96 and Steven Peeler Loree Pembleton Stephen Penaluna W. J. and Ira Dean Peoples Casey Perdomo 15 Jose and Jane Perez Laurie (Bogisch) Perryman 82 Pebble 76 and Robert Peters Eugene and Paula Peterson John and Judi Peterson Jean Pfluger Robert and Peggy Pfluger Williemae Pfluger Shanice Phillips 15 Cynthia (Schuetze) Pieniazek 86 Lynn and Glenda Pieper Pamela (Groth) 74 and Roger Pierce Barbara (Yon) 65 and Vincent Pistone Cynthia Plant Diane (Vollintine) 69 and Keith Pleasants Marie (Stern) 69 and Bill Plemons Karen Ploetz Linda Pochyla Ralph 60 and Jeanette Poehlmann Travis 90 and Margaret Poling Sherrod (Heyer) 60 and Glenn Portis Eilene (Bauch) 67 and Mike Power Bradley 02 and Lauren Pozzi Wallace Pressley 15 Charles 52 and Helen (Steinbring) Probst 52 Dennis Pryor and Roseanne Barry-Pryor Mary Pryor Q Patrick Quade Joseph Quinn R Nicole (Murphy) 96 and Eric Raamot Jennifer (Voges) 70 and Richard Raimondo Hemnauth and Fay Ramdass Tracey (Schneider) 90 and Ysmael Ramos Danielle Ranneft Bettye (Neumeyer) 47 and Alfred Raschke Kimberly Ray 09 Nagakrishna Reddy Jane (Jackson) Reed 87 Steffani Reed Donald and Doris Reik Joyce Rennert Veronica Reyes Kay (Anderson) Rhodes 63 Jennifer Richardson Sam and Edie Richardson Judith Richstsmeier Tobe Ricks Michael Riddell 96 Suellen (Deage) 62 and Bert Riemenschneider Michael and Susan Rinehart Ronald 68 and Cynthia (Heinemeier) Rinn 69 Kay Riske 03 Ferdyne (Klein) Rittimann 44 Sandra Roberts 14 Ronald and Barbara Robertson Elizabeth Robinson Irene Rode William Rodgers 75 Edward 03 and Jessica (Baggenstos) Rodriguez 04 Roy and Ida Rodriguez Randy and Annette Roecker Arlene (Gass) 59 and Don Rogers Charles 67 and Cathy (Griffith) Rohloff 67 Joseph and Laurel Roland John 79 and Virginia Roop David and Mary Ross Philip and Lori Ruge-Jones Mary (Behrend) Ruhland 62 Kathleen Ruvalcaba S Sarah Saatzer 08 Mary (Fischer) 60 and Herbert Saegert Carolyn (Fischer) Sagebiel 69 John 79 and Joni (Grotefend) Sager 80 Katherine (Larson) Sakewitz 44 Abigail Sanchez 04 Vivian Santillan 15 Brad Thompson and Angie Sauer Andy Savage Frank and Gaile Sawyer Sharon (Boyd) 87 and Douglas Schaefer Gene and Carol Schaffer Victor 68 and Marie (Bohne) Schaper 68 Patricia Scharf Judy (Vivroux) 63 and Fritz Scheffel Dayna (Hale) Schmidt 72 Elizabeth Schmidt 08 Krystal Schneider William and Janice Schoen Darrell and Billie Schrader Darryl 95 and Tracy (Acord) Schultz 95 Audra Schulz Carolyn (Frank) Schulze 64 Arlene (Janke) Schwarz 56 William and Bette Schweitzer Kathleen (Dye) 77 and Bill Schwertlich Rickie 87 and Richard Scott Bernard 62 and Betty (Crenwelge) Scrogin 64 Sonja Searle Ruth (Dahl) 67 and Daniel Sebesta Robert and Claribel Sebesta Roger Semmler 69 Justin 07 and Nyssa Seyfarth Kirstin (Brekken) 81 and Charles Shea Randy Shira 82 Fred and Kathryn Shussler John Shussler 12 William Shutt Eileen Silvia George and Alice Simcoe Shelley (Bage) 99 and Matthew Simmont Dale and Judi Sims Ylonda (Cuffie) 99 and Byron Singleton Robert and Janet Slade Richard and Olga Smith Ira Smith William Snider, II Jackie Snoga 06 Adam Sochacki 65 Gary and Mary Soop Allen 94 and Geraldine Spencer Randall 99 and Kimberly Spencer David 83 and Valerie Spott Carolyn (Weigelt) 66 and Donald Springer Sami Springfield Bill Squires Horace and Rachel Staph W. D. Stark Carrie Starks Harriet Stateler Gabriele Stauss 79 Onita (Ehlers) 58 and Victor Steinhauser Lavanche Stenvold Cynthia (Luedke) 82 and Thomas Stephens Frances Stephenson Lee and Laura Stephenson John 66 and Karen Stern Lois (Blase) 59 and Seth Stevens Hayden and Donna Stewart Jim and Virginia Stewart Kara Stewart Lindsey Stine Madge Storm president s report 23

26 Christie (Pogue) 93 and Toby Streicher Elton Strey, Jr. William and Janet Striepe Kirstin (Brown) 89 and Gary Stringer Emeline (Rode) Stubblefield 54 Karen Sturm 89 Stephen 92 and Lisa Sulak Todd 86 and Connie Sunday Kathy (Wehlmann) 71 and Larry Svetlik Stephen and Judith Swanson Ruth Swart 74 and Don Burrows T Peggy Talley Jim Taylor 77 James and Lynda Taylor John and Rhonda Taylor Sandra Taylor Ashley (Rutherford) 06 and Trevor Taylor Kazuki Teruya John 68 and Debra Tesch Karen (Gary) Thomasy 83 Alan and Bridget Thompson Michael and Anna Thurman John and Laurie Tieman Dennis and Esther Tiemann Kenneth 48 and Charlene (Nelle) Tiemann 51 Lara Tietz 92 Sandra (McCoy) 95 and Jay Tillis Curtis Timmermann Roy and Betty Tofte Brooke (Moehnke) 93 and Ian Toland Robert 64 and Sharon (Maudlin) Topfer 64 Josefina Torres Laura Torres 15 Lisa Torres 14 Andrew 07 and Megan (Minus) Traeger 06 Paul and Nancy Traeger Michael and Kristine Treacy Patti Treptow Yvonne Trevino Melissa (Wick) 05 and Thomas Trost Tammy Truesdale Eugene 49 and Joanne Tschoepe Kelvin Tschoepe Ann Turner Chance Turner 08 Justin Turner 14 Kenneth and Kimberly Turner Toi 15 and Michael Turner William Twickler U Lance and Kathleen Ullrich Laura (Raetzsch) Unnash 05 John and Barbara Upper Sam Urrate, Jr. 67 V Abelardo Valdez, Jr. Miguel and Francisca Valenzuela Ronald and Joan Van Beek Tina Van Booven Denise Van Winkle Faye Van Winkle Carmen Vasquez 78 Jose Vasquez-Levy 91 and Karla Suomala Noel and Nilda Vella Virginia Verm Kathryn Veselka 96 Clarence 60 and Betty Vetter Ricky and Deborah Viator Benjamin and Roselinda Villagomez Jennifer (Bauer) Vincent 04 Michael Vivroux Jim 55 and Inga Voelker Robert and Debbie Vogel Terese (Eilers) 03 and Michael Volkmann Debra von Minden 81 Anita VonFeldt James and Barbara Voss W Michelle Wagner 95 and Jerry Johnson Brian Wakefield Kathryn Walker Leah (Borgh) 92 and Jared Walker Darwin Wall Rachel Walsh Nathaniel Walton 09 Pat Watkins Clark and Terry Webb Carl 51 and Julia (Hartmann) Weden 53 Katie Weers Donna Wehe Alma (Hahn) Wehmeyer 44 Jack 60 and Bobbie (Menix) Weidemann 61 Beverly (Howitt) Weiher 53 Gilbert 47 and Patricia Weiss Michael 02 and Erica Weiss Johanna (Haffly) 85 and Skip Welch Kimberly Wellnitz 15 Elsie Wendel Jena Wendel 97 Kendra Wendel Bobby 75 and Sharon (Schneider) Wendt 74 Alice (Armke) 63 and Loren West Robert 76 and Cristabell West Gerald Westerbuhr Adam 07 and Sarah (Lydic) Westerfield 07 Mary (Thiele) Wheat 48 Robin White Jerry and Jolene Wickel Debbie Wiemken Virginia Wilcox Lanette Wild Carol Wilds Charles 60 and Ute (Arnold) Wilfong 60 Keslee (Nitschke) 09 and David Wilhite Kristin Wilkinson 08 Deborah (Esther) 79 and Gregory Wille Sandra Wille Anita Williams Thell Williams Catherine (Botsford) 78 and Jay Willmann James 65 and M liss (Morck) Willmann 65 Kay Willmann Lynette Willms 73 Rob and Kristen Wilmunen Barbara (Doyle) 68 and John Wilson Karen Wilson Preston and Mary Wilson Robert and Jennifer Wilson Thomas 39 and Patricia Winburn Zachary Winkelmann 13 Tom and Billie Wittenbach Clara (Schorlemmer) Wittig 52 Herbert and Patricia Wolff Kelsey Wolff 14 Stephanie Womack 04 Regan (Harris) 05 and Hugh Wooldridge Edward Workmon, Jr. Wren and Virginia Worley Emilie Wotipka 01 Anne Wright Constance Wright Edward Wunderlich 86 Ardene 60 and Burdine (Becker) Wuthrich 60 Y Kenneth and Donna Yocom Z Mark Zamora 04 Caitlin Zarr 15 Beth (Stanley) Zies 69 Janice (Rode) Zitelman president s report

27 CORPORATE PARTNERS Corporate Fellow $2,500 $4,999 Alamo Group Inc. Audimation Services, Inc. Frost Bank Guadalupe Regional Medical Center Corporate Leader $5,000 $9,999 Clay Corporation Drillmax, Inc The Koehler Company Corporate Ambassador $10,000 $14,999 BYK Additives, Inc. CMC Steel Texas KPMG, LLP Sather Financial Group, Inc. Corporate Trustee $15,000+ VARC Solutions Corporations, Foundations and Organizations $100,000 + Greehey Family Foundation Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest Nova Recovery, LLC Tyson Foods, Inc. Weston Ranch Foundation $50,000 + ExxonMobil Foundation $25,000 $49,000 Budwine Foundation Sneckner Family Charitable Foundation Thrivent Financial for Lutherans United Way of Central New Mexico Welch Foundation $10,000 $24, 999 BYK Additives, Inc. Celia Berwin Memorial Foundation CMC Steel Texas Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund KPMG Foundation KPMG, LLP Sather Financial Group, Inc. The O Kelley-Hemminghaus Foundation Valero Energy Company VARC Solutions $5,000 $9,999 Alamo Crane Service, Inc. Bristol-Meyers Squibb Foundation Circle of Honor Society Charitable Foundation, Inc. Clay Corporation Drillmax, Inc. National Christian Foundation Houston Schwab Charitable Fund The Koehler Company Women of ELCA $1,000 $4, Subs, LLC ACE Charitable Foundation Alamo Group, Inc. Alliance Data AT&T Foundation Audimation Services, Inc. BBVA Compass Foundation C T Electric Chester s Hamburger Co. Limited Chevron, Inc. Commercial Metals Company ConocoPhillips Custom Travel Ed Davila Plumbing, LLC Frost Bank Frost Bank Charitable Foundation Graves, Dougherty, Hearon & Moody Guadalupe Regional Medical Center IBM Corporation InFaith Community Foundation Joan and Herb Kelleher Foundation Kencon Constructors/Construction Managers, Ltd. Kinder Morgan Foundation Magic in the Sky, LLC Micro Distributing II, LTD. Minigrip, LLC Network for Good Newfield Exploration Company Noram Drilling Company Oehlke CPA, PLLC Padgett Stratemann & Co. LLP Pfluger Associates, L.P. PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP Procter & Gamble Company Project Control of Texas, Inc. RLR Group, L.L.C San Antonio CPA CE Foundation Shell Oil Company Foundation State Farm Insurance Company Textron Trane U.S., Inc. U. S. Trust United Technologies Corporation USAA Whiting-Turner Contracting Company Wuest s Inc. YourCause, LLC Up to $999 Albemarle Corporation American Legion Post No. 245 Andrew Koenig & Co., Inc. Angerstein Organ Works Ltd. Austin Community Foundation Baker Hughes Foundation Benevity, Inc. BKD Blue Bell Creameries, L.P. C & M Enterprises, Inc. Copperfield Automotive Court Street Coffee Shop Cross Mountain Retreat Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation DonateWell DoTopia Dow Chemical Company Duran Pools & Spas, Inc. First Commercial Bank FMC Technologies Frank s Trim Shop Gilbane, Inc. Gillette Air Conditioning, Inc. Hewlett-Packard Company Home Ideas Sewing Service Huitt-Zollars, Inc. Jester s Billiards John Marshall High School Class of 1974 Kappa Pi Gamma KBR, Inc. Keepers Interiors La Oficina Del Barrio Lyondell Chemical Company Marion Animal Hospital Microsoft Corporation MyCue & Brown CPA PC Oehler Wienecke, L.P. Pan American Golf Association PepsiCo Foundation, Inc. PNM Resources Foundation Rinn Tire Brokers Inc. Sally M. Kingsbury Sarcoma Research Foundation, Inc. Seguin Daily News Seguin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Seguin Study Club Seven Z Cattle Shanafelt Auto Company, Inc. Silicon Valley Community Foundation Sodexo, Inc. & Affiliates Subway Sweet Bites by Lizzie Alves LLC SWH Financial, Inc. Tesoro Companies, Inc. The Emmett G. Donegan Foundation Think Group Austin TLU Women s Club Tri-County A/C and Heating, Inc. Trillion Management Company Union Pacific Corporation Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Wagon Yard Apartments Walk By Faith, LLC Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Wyatt Arp Chrysler Dodge Jeep, Inc. Y4 Custom Homes, LLC president s report 25

28 Churches Amarillo Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Ander St. Peter s Lutheran Church of Ander Bellaire Faith Lutheran Church Brenham Salem Lutheran Church Brenham St. Paul s Evangelical Lutheran Church Carmine Martin Luther Lutheran Church Chicago Evangelical Lutheran Church in America Clifton Our Savior s Lutheran Church Columbus St. Paul Lutheran Church Cranfills Gap St. Olaf Lutheran Church Cuero St. Mark s Lutheran Church Dallas Oak Cliff Lutheran Church Fredericksburg Zion Lutheran Church Georgetown Christ Lutheran Church Gonzales First Lutheran Church Houston Advent Lutheran Church Houston Holy Cross Lutheran Church Houston Texas-Louisiana Gulf Coast Synod Houston Zion Lutheran Church Jourdanton St. John Lutheran Church Katy Living Word Lutheran Church Kenedy Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church Killeen Immanuel Lutheran Church La Vernia Immanuel Lutheran Church Longview First Lutheran Church Marble Falls St. Peter s Lutheran Church Maxwell Ebenezer Lutheran Church Meridian Faith Lutheran Church president s report New Braunfels Peace Lutheran Church Pearland New Life Lutheran Church Portland St. Stephen Lutheran Church Richland Hills Calvary Lutheran Church Round Rock Palm Valley Lutheran Church San Antonio Christ Lutheran Church of Alamo Heights San Antonio Triumphant Lutheran Church San Antonio Zion Lutheran Church-Helotes Seguin Emanuel s Lutheran Church Seguin Faith Lutheran Church Seguin Southwestern Texas Synod - ELCA Sugar Land St. Martin s Evangelical Lutheran Church Westerville St. Paul Lutheran Church Wichita Falls Faith Lutheran Church Wichita Falls Trinity Lutheran Church Yorktown St. Paul Lutheran Church O.G. Beck Society Kent Abernathy Michael and Kathy Aguirre Tom and Nancy Ayres James Baros Dot (Dollinger) 45 and Bernie Baumbach Joyce Baur Earl and Lovie Beard Bob and Judy Beglau Nancy Berry Karen (Fankhauser) Bethel Fred Biery 70 Marie Jo Billnitzer 66 Chris 74 and Patricia (Glennon) Bischoff 74 Tim 76 and Whitney Bischoff Robert 57 and Linda (Reimer) Blevins 81 Carla Blumberg 71 and Barb Neubert Rodney 71 and Cora Nell Blumberg Harold 53 and Sherline Bogisch James Boldt Timothy (Brady) Brady 67 Todd 91 and Jenny Braulick Patton, Jr. and Nancy (Ellis) Breland 73 George 61 and Claudia (Zorn) Brookover 61 Dorothy Ann Brown 45 Brett 88 and Laura Carleton Fred and Nancy (Gibson) Carney 71 Betsy (Brown) 72 and Bert Clardy Elaine Cordes Charles 65 and Carol (Moehring) DeHaven 76 Allyne Derrick Don 62 and Barbara (Brucks) Effenberger 61 Michael Ensrude Ralph Erchinger Stephanie (Lochte) 67 and Richard Ertel Walter and Joan Farrier Ella (Itz) Fetzer Harold 54 and Charlene (Wehe) Foerster 57 Larry 60 and Mary Lee (Lieke) Franklin 59 Lester 66 and Roxanne Frantzen Michael 97 and Eva Giesecke Noel 61 and Susan (Boemecke) Giesecke 61 Calvin 55 and Donna (Kuhlmann) Goerdel 57 Gregory Gunderson 83 Carol (Roeder) Hamilton 60 Fred Hamilton 60 Melvin and Hattie Hammer Peggy Hanna Charles 63 and Victoria Harris James Haueisen Kathryn Haueisen Florence (Matthys) Haugen 50 Arlyn 56 and Millie Hausmann Paula Hein Roger and Dot Hemminghaus Rolf Hermanson 87 Elizabeth Anne Hess 62 Della (Borchardt) Hicks 57 Jeanne (Meyer) Hooss 77 Donald Hormuth 65 and Shirley (Kasper) Kearns-Hormuth 66 Robbin Huff 73 John Hunsicker Gerald Johnson 61 Jo Johnson

29 Myron and Terrie Jordahl Jennifer Jordan Charles and Paula Kaplan Kelly Kensing 81 Jeep 64 and Babs (Buck) Kiel 66 Mark Knaier 82 Sam Knowles Earl 51 and Eleanor (Pfennig) Koester 51 Kevin and Elizabeth Murray-Kolb Ed and Evelyn Kruse Weldon Kuretsch 62 Pauline (Kurtz) Kurtz 83 R. Lang Richard 74 and Lorraine (Bosart) Laut 76 Sara (Nellermoe) 92 and Andy Lawrence Jon and Stefani Lee Carline (Hansen) Lehnhoff 53 Eric Lewis 97 Dawn (Wendel) Lindsey 84 Nellie Luckenbach Rodney 65 and Nancy (Egg) Maeker 66 Paul 92 and Rebecca (Wells) Marsh 91 Christian 74 and Chris (Howard) Matthy 74 Berta (Schorlemer) Menn 47 Hubert Menn, Jr. 40 Macy Meyer 83 Elizabeth (Wolff) Mohr 37 Jon and Sandra Moline Lee 58 and Karen (Roitsch) Mueller 63 Jo Murphy Carl Nelson Andrew 94 and Amy Nelson Gail Norris 64 Charles and Rhoda Oestreich Helen Oestreich Nathan 72 and Debra Sue Oestreich Lenora Ohlenbusch 63 Dorothy (Schuette) 66 and George Ohlendorf Linda Oliva 83 Dan Ortman 78 Pete 58 and Kay (Mountain) Pederson 58 Courtney (Luebben) 96 and Steven Peeler Claudette (Freeman) Pfennig-High 57 Ralph 52 and Lois Pfluger Douglas Ridge 87 Arthur Rode Wayne Rohne 51 Clarence 53 and Evelyn (Walter) Rose 55 Helen (Hartman) Rose 53 Luther Sagebiel 39 Michael Sagebiel 65 Allan 55 and Erline (Hohmann) Sager 56 John 79 and Joni (Grotefend) Sager 80 Will 53 and Mary Sauermilch Margarete Schuette 43 Eric Schulze, Sr. 55 Carolyn Self-Sager Charlotte (Woods) 63 and Bob Smith David 03 and Joni Stahl George and Isabel Start David 61 and Anna (Teggeman) Stock 63 Evelyn Streng Emely (Lundgren) Sundbeck 55 Michael Swanson 94 Barbara (Sonnet) Treptow 71 Marilyn Treptow LaVerne Turner H. W. Van Westen Michael Veit 82 Gene Vivroux 60 Karen Vogel 78 Marie (Pfennig) Vogel 43 Brian Walenta 86 Stephen 71 and Elizabeth Wendel Ruby Wiesner Thomas and Betty (Molde) Wilkens 87 Daesene (Graf) Willmann 62 Kirby 66 and Stella (Peterson) Woehst 66 Kathryn Yandell Fernando Yarrito 72 Beth (Stanley) Zies 69 Rinie Zimmermann Samuel Zumwalt Rosalie (Streng) Zunker 50 Vernon Zunker 50 Estates and Trusts Estate of William R. and Mary B. Hathaway Helmi Eve Woodard Test Trust Estate of Kay Blumberg Estate of Allyne Derrick Estate of Rinie Herbert Zimmerman Estate of Luther P. Sagebiel Estate of Evelyn Fiedler Streng Estate of Werner J. H. Teggemann Estate of Kathleen B. Rader Estate of The Rev. Carl O. Nelson Estate of Wilbert O. Miller Alwine Weidner Classen Trust Estate of Harvey Janota Estate of John A. Jackson Buttery Family Partnership, LTD Marburger Family Trust Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest Marjorie Tidwell Muratet Endowment Hilmar A. and Pearl Glenewinkel Lange Endowment Delton John Markwardt and Marie Bell Neese Markwardt Endowment Alvin and Ruth Bohls Endowment Alfred and Elizabeth Pfennig Endowment Theodore R. and Florence Warner Huey Endowment Chollet Family Endowment Hein Designated Endowment Clarence and Julia Albers Endowment John and Norma Barr Endowment Lee and Mary Bollmeyer Trust Ellis and Elsa Garlin Endowment Anne Dolores Johnson Endowment Leif Johnson Common Fund Esther L. Mueller Memorial Endowment Pietsch Endowment Vernita and Alvin Schulze Endowment Swenson Family Endowment Lloyd Roland Loven and Susie Louise Loven Endowment Fred and Marjorie Adix Endowment Ruth and Luther Sappenfield Endowment Oak Cliff Lutheran Church of Dallas Endowment The Hunsicker Family 2010 Scholarship Fund New Endowed Scholarships Class of 1963 Scholarship Jeffery Alan Babcock Scholarship Drs. Wilfred & Bobbie Morrow Dietrich Scholarship Dr. Mark Gilbertson Scholarship Harley s Music Scholarship Richard and Almita Kollatschny and Ellis and Adala Ueckert Scholarship Edmund Perry Kuempel Scholarship Richard K. Laut Scholarship Ann Saegert and William Adams Scholarship St. John Lutheran Church of Lindenau Scholarship Alfred Victor Treybig Living Trust Endowed Scholarship Anita Stroebel Wuensche Scholarship president s report 27

30 Board of Regents John Agather Glynn Bloomquist 76 Nancy (Ellis) Breland 73 Daniel Church 82 Christopher Claus Patricia Dietrich Stuart Dorsey Susan Evers 74 Charles Franks 77 Ilene (Baker) Gohmert-Leck 79 Joel Gronberg 12 Demetrius Hardeman 05 Andrew Huang 87 Verne Lundquist 62 Richard Manske 66 Corporation Board V. George Brookover 61 Jamie Bruning 92 Brett Carleton 88 Darren Dunn Kristen (Gronberg) Etheredge 92 Anna Geleske Susan (Boemecke) Giesecke 61 Melvin Hammer, Jr. Beth Hartfiel 99 Kevin Kanouse Matthew Kindsvatter 99 Jonathan Lys 09 Sharon (Schilling) Martella 87 Leah (Cordes) Matocha 76 Robin Melvin 79 Lee Mueller, Jr. 58 Jo Murphy Whitney (Daum) Myers 98 Barbara Nellermoe Kerry Nelson Jessica Noonan 01 Lenora Ohlenbusch 63 Elliott Pancoast 65 Bonnie Parker Carlos Peña Jonathan Price Terry ( Morck) Richter 72 Robert Moore Luis Moreno 08 Robert Oliver Wesley Peoples 78 * Russ Rinn 80 Steve Rode Xavier Rodriguez Jairo Romero 99 Ann Saegert Charlotte (Woods) Smith 63 Marie Smith Willie Staats 60 Richard Torgerson Lewis Westerman Mark Williamson 79 Michael Rinehart Susan Schnelle Vernell (Schilling) Shuey 62 Robert Thonhoff, Jr. 77 Ray Tiemann 75 Lawrence Tuttle Frank Gary Valdez 75 Stephanie Varnum Michelle (Krejci) Wallis 98 Hal Wolff 77 Karl Woodling 70 Development Board Carla Blumberg 71 Jim Lindemann 62 Rodney Blumberg 71 Harold Mathis, Jr. 62 Todd Braulick 91 Barbara Nellermoe Frank Burk 70 Paul Quello Laurie (Weishaar) Cook 82 Will Sauermilch 53 Stephanie (Lochte) Ertel 67 Belinda Schmidt 69 Gene Janke 52 Betty Schmidt Karen Kegg 89 Stephen Wendel 71 Bruce Latour 68 Tom Woods 83 Brad Lindemann 92 Development Board Lifetime Members Dorothy (Seggern) Albrecht 54 I. D. Schultz 55 Ralph Cook 53 Walter Ulbricht G. P. Day 50 Carl Weden 51 Fred Ekenstam 66 Bruce Latour 68 Alumni Board Jennifer (Christy) Bauerkemper 00 Josh Lozano 10 Kevin Boyle 12 Austin Manning 11 Carmen Cernosek 86 Eloy Martinez 02 Kimberly (Wendel) Chanler 02 Debra (Mrazek) Minzenmeyer 76 Rebecca (Lester) Clark 95 Christopher Owen 01 Nathan Eggers 13 Javier Rivera 04 Rick Fields 02 Catherine Roark 77 Liz (Hanft) Garrett 06 Tom Sedlacek 74 Will Garrett 06 Justin Seyfarth 07 Nathan Gigee 12 Brad Snowden 14 Robert Hatcher, III 09 Andrew Traeger 07 Sue (Peterson) Johnston 77 Sarah Usry 12 Kerry Jones, Jr. 08 Jena Wendel 97 Ryan Kiel 11 Max Westerman 11 Pat (Willmann) Linden 60 Hal Wolff 77 Melissa Longoria 14 Carol (Pangman) Wolff 80 We are so thankful for your support and, therefore, it is important to us that we accurately acknowledge your gift and list your name according to your wishes. If your information is missing or incorrect, please contact us at Thank you president s report