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2 >,.a " V IV u V> c v E :J u " V> -r: I- IV.a --...J O"l O"l V> v -> c :::J N ARMS Of THE UNIVERSITY The principal elements incorporated in the Arms of the University are the blue of the sea, the gold of the sand and the red of the IlIawarra flame tree. The open book often used for educational institutions has also been included. The blazon is: "Azure an open book proper bound gold on a chief wavy or three cinquefoils gules."


4 ORGAN MUSI MR. PETER KNEESHAW, l Tel, LMus Organist, hrist hurch St. Laurence, Sydney, President, The Organ Society of Sydney. Before the Procession enters Fantasia and Fugue in G Minor. BWV Gaudeamus J.S. Bach.. S. ampbell As the Procession Enters Spanish Trumpet Tune Anonymous As the hancellor Enters Trumpet Voluntary Jeremiah larke As the Recession takes place Toccata N. hoveaux The organ used in today's Graduation eremony is a Yamaha E75, by kind courtesy of Richard and Val Smith of Jurjens of Wol/ongong.

5 ORDER OF PROEEDINGS THE PROESSION AND OPENING The ongregation is requested to stand as the procession, including the Graduands, the Academic Staff, the ouncil and the hancellor, enters the Hall. THE UNIVERSITY SINGERS onductor: David Vance, BA NSW., BMus Syd., LMusA., Music Development Officer. o Waly Waly Somerset Folk Song Ladybird Zoltan Kodaly The hancellor, The Hon. Mr. Justice R.M. Hope,.M.G., will open the proceedings. ONFERRING OF DEGREES AND AWARDING OF DIPLOMAS andidates will be admitted to degrees and awarded diplomas by the hancellor. The ongregation may applaud after each graduate is presented to the hancellor. OASIONAL ADDRESS The Honourable Sir Richard Kirby, LLB Syd., former President, ommonwealth onciliation and Arbitration ommission, will deliver the occasional address. THE THANKS The Vice-hancellor, Dr. K.R. McKinnon, will move the vote of thanks. ONLUSION The hancellor will close the proceedings. The ongregation is requested to stand as the procession retires.

6 Bachelor of Arts Presented by the hairman of (he Faculty of Social Sciences Ksana Natalenko, MStudEd lan Alfred Nettleton Lynne Newman Arnold Olbrich hristine O'Reilly Peter F rederick Osborne Shaun Harold Palmer Nicki Papadimitriou Rhonda Dawn Payne Richard Thomas Pearson Margaret onstance Reid Anna Helena Repetylo Janice Ricci Jennifer Margaret Robbins Vicki Michele Roe olin George Rogers Marie Rossi Bruce John Rowles Lesley Anne Rutty Peter Noel Joseph Ryall Yvonne Ryan Paulette Sansey Salvatore Sanzone Graeme Douglas Sharp Wanda Jane Shipton Kerry Anne Sloane Karen Janelle Smith Mark Richard Smith David Anthony Solomon William Duncan Menzies Speirs Sandra Kaye Stanley Debbie Ann Stewart Susan Margaret Stuckey Alexandra Helen Sty lis Nick Theodosiadis, BSc Joseph Trunecke Laurelle Marjorie Tynan John Tzanis Nadia Verrucci Ri ta atherine Viselli Olena Anne V udmask a La is Ruth Walker Maria Therese Wasson arolyn Jane White Janet Edith Mary Whitehead Shirley Rose Wyver Michael Elliot Young Isabel Zardain Maria Zedi Bachelor of Arts - Presented by the hairman of the Faculty of Humanities. Katherine Nobbs, BA ( lass 11, Oivision 1) Terry William O'Toole, BA - ( lass 11, Dil/ision 1) Enrichetta Antonia Parolin, BA DipEd - ( lass 11, Dil/ision 1) hristine Frances Simpson, BA ( lass 11, Division 1) Garrielle Patricia Smith, BA ( lass I) (The Australian Psychological Society Prize in Psychology) Dianne Sylvia Snow ( lass I) Rosemary Joan Stone, BA. ( lass 11, Division 1) Jan Maree TaltY ( lass I) Gary Vaughan, BA ( lass I) Gerhard Franz Wenzel, BA ( lass 11, Division 1) Jean Marguerite Wilson, BA - ( lass 11, Division 2)

7 Diploma in Education Presented by the hairman of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Aoslyn Joy Atkins, BSc David Patrick Joseph Bateman, BA Angel ina Grazia Belsito, BA Elaine Deborah Bennett, BSc Gabrielle Ange la Blattman, BA Kerrianne Brennan, BMath Paul WilJiam Bunyan, BSc Mary arevic, BA Deborah Joan arrick, BA Joan Dorothy athcart. BA Levinia rooks, BA Kim Draisma, BA Robyn Anne Drysdale. BA Macq. Anne Me ridith Ellerington, BA N.S.W. Bel inda Ann Everitt, BMath Lynda Ann Frankcombe, BA Sergio Michael Giason, BMath Gerald Russell Greene, BA John Douglas Guppy, BA NyrelJe Margaret Hagenaar, BA John Hagger. BA Louise Hanlon, BMath Liliane Heininger, BA Paul Hypatidis. BMath Vasio Karamitsios, BMath Kathryn Anne Lawrence, BA Alexander Iowa Lee, BSc Alan Joseph Lowis, BSc Michael Bradley Martin, BA Deana Anita Mazuran, BA Lex Stephen Metcalfe, BA BSc MichelJe New, BA Jonathan Freeman Nott, BA Kim Kathleen O'Grady, BA Pong Hon Poon, BSocSc hinese H.K. Nicki Papadimitriou, BA Roberta Ann Rentz, BA Br idget Roberts, BA David John Robson, BA Olga Seitardis, BA David Sherley, BMath Julie Maureen Short, BA Megan Sixsmith, BA Maria Tsoukalas, BA Paul Van Ryan, BA Martin Witliam Whitcher, BA Master of Studies in Education Presented by the hairman of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Louis hristian Belcourt Jan Black, BA DipEd Robert Lloyd Gatlagher, BSc(Tech) N.S.W., BA atherine Henniker, BA Maureen Margaret Ronczka, BA lan olin Willis, Bom DipEd N 'cle(n.s.w.) Master of Education - Presented by the hairman of the Department of Education. Aobert Maxwell Aitken, BEd Owen Kenneth Davies, BA N.E., MStudEd Presentation of Doctor of Philosophy The hairman of the Department of Education will present Dr. Kevin Patrick Moffat to the hancellor.

8 onferral in Absentia Those whose names appear in the programme but who are unable to be present at the ceremony will be admitted to the degrees and awarded the diplomas for which they have qualified. B V.-. " --' QJ l'i V u l'i c '" c - QJ E - :l u ".-.- '" '".c QJ.- c ::J I- > - N

9 NOTES DEGREES ONFERRED AND DIPLOMAS AWARDED SINE THE 1982 GRADUATION EREMONIES. Doctor of Philosophy BIOLOGY Peter John Moran, BSc th December, 1982 ThesIs "The Effects of InduSlnal POliullOn on tile Larval Senlemenl. Development and SucceSSion of Manne Fouling ommunllles In Port Kembla Harbour." EDUATION Kevln Patnck Moflal, BA N.E., MA Syd., D,pEd N.S.W. TheSI$ "DeISion Making In the Secondary School. A Study 1 Teacher using the Repertory Grid." 29th October, 19B2 Ihe onstructs 1 the ELETRIAL AND OMPUTER ENGINEERING Zahld Hasan Oureshl, BScEng W.PiJk. Eng.... TheSIS: " OPtimal Input Design for Parameter Estimates of Parametf'r Systems" 25th February, 19B3 Linear and Distributed HISTORY Davld John Dlllon Smlth, MA D,pEd Syd. 1th December, 1982 ThesIs "The H,stonan as Moralist A Study 1 Edward Gibbon and the Oecllne and Fall of the Romiln Empire." Master of Arts - EONOMIS Dav,d Andrew PolIrd, BEcon DopEd N,E. 25th June, 1982 ThesIs, "A Partnership Model for Development: Australian Non Government OrganlS at,ons and Ihe Speial ase of Ihe ASia P"rtnersh.p lor Human De\lelopment" Master of Engineering - IVIL AND MINING ENGINEERING Martin Allan F,ndlate" BE NSW.I, T 13th August, 1982 ThesIs. 'Regional Flood Frequency Estimation USing Log Pearson Ty pe III Distribution Pa'amele,s for oastal NSW Streams." MEHANIAL ENGINEERING Oilvld John Goard, BE ThesIs "Optimum DeSign of Shalts to AS ," 25th June, 1982 Master of Sience - BIOLOGY Ga,y Stephen Holland, BSc ThesIs "Studies Of! the Tilxonomy and Biologically Active Negative p,gmented Maflne Bacte"iI." 29th October, 1982 Products of some Gram HEMISTRY Barkal All Khawa)a, M$cSmd, 131h A ugust, 1982 ThesIs. "Solvent Effects on the Thermodynami Functions of D,ssoc,allon of Anlllnes and Phenoles" Bachelor of Arts Gordon Alfred Bradbery Levlnla rooks Maureen Deldre Mary Gnffln John Edward Hagger Ravmond Johr, Stace......,. 29th October, th OtObe" th October, th October th October. 1982

10 Bachelor of Arts - John Anlonlo Gonzollel Random, BA ( lass I) L,hane He,mnger. 8A I lolss 11. D,v,s,on 2) Polul Stephen Qu,nn. BA O,pEd ( lass 11, D,w,s,on 2) 29th OctOber, th October, h October Bachelor of ommerce Stephen Douglas Barker Anthony John Woods Bachelor of ommerce th A ugust, 1982,, 29th Olober RU::hard John Ot laney. 8om - I lass 11. Drwrsron 1)... 13th A ugust Bachelor of Engineer ing John Wdham reasey Geo. ge Adly Mo. kos. Murs,d,k SolntOso _ th October th October th October Bachelor of Science Owen ornelius PolllY Bachelor of Science th October Phd,p Andrew Ha!ell, BSc (Honou.s loln 11. D,v,s,on 1) 29th October, 1982 S;ochelor of Mathematics IWoln Jones Trevor Grolham Maxled Diploma in Philosophy Eileen Theresa O'Sull,van, BA Diploma In Sociology John Paul Golllagher, 8A A.N.U Diploma in Education Keme Irene 8Ioomf,eld. 8Math M,cholel Leonard Entw'Slle. BMath N'gel A lexander Hamdton. BA Belf. Jonathon Deoln Thom pson, BSc Jdl Lorraone Wdhamson. 8A Diploma in Teaching (Primary) Juhe Ann Butterlleld Diploma in Teaching (Physical Education) rollq Jeffrey Hoqoln ,. 29th October, th August h June _ 25th JUIle, th June th June, th June th June th June th October th October Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (Health Education) Lynette Ruth Robonson.,......,.. 29th October, 1982 D'olnneJudnh Rager s..,...,... _. _. 29thOcl ober, 1982 Lynetle A hce Ann Ru sso ,,. 29th October, 1982 Ro byn Lee Thommeny IWlth Distonction).,..., th October, 19B2 Graduate Diploma in Educational Studies (School Administration) K,m Ma' Qolret Le-e -Sw,nson (with Dmlnction) Peter Kenneth LeeSw,nson (with Distinctron ).. _... 29th October _ th October, 1982

11 GRADUATION EREMONIES The following five Graduation eremonies are being held in 1983: Thursday; 12th May, 1.3 a.m. Thursday, 12th May, 2.3 p.m. Friday, 13th May, 1.3 a.m. Friday, 13th May, 2.3 p.m. Friday, 27th May, 1.3 a.m. Engineering, Mathematics and Metallurgy ommerce and Science Arts Arts (continued) and Education (Faculties Sector) School of Education (Institute of Advanced Education)