CONVOCATION SIMON. UNIVERSllY -~ FRASER. Friday, June 6, 1986 and Saturday, June 7, 1986

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1 CONVOCATION Friday, June 6, 1986 and Saturday, June 7, 1986 SIMON -~ FRASER UNIVERSllY


3 WELCOME On behalf of the Simon Fraser University community I am pleased to welcome you to our 21 st annual Convocation. W.M. Hamilton, Chancellor BOARD OF GOVERNORS The Honourable W.M. Hamilton Chancellor Dr. W.G. Saywell President and Vice-Chancellor MS.A. Bain Mr. G. Basham Dr. J.L. Berggren Dr. M.L. Bowman Mr. G. Colwill Mr. K.J. Conway Mr. D.J. Hudson Mr. B. Lund Dr. J.C. Madden Mr. F.H. Moonen Chairman Ms. H.J. Newcombe Mr. J. Segal Mr. I. Falconer This program is prepared more than a week before Convocation and therefore may not be complete.

4 ORDER OF PROCESSION The Procession will be led by pipers of The Simon Fraser University Pipe Band GRADUANDS FACULTY SENATE BOARD OF GOVERNORS DISTINGUISHED GUESTS CHANCELLOR'S PARTY The platform party consists of members of faculty, senators, the Board of Governors and distinguished guests, 2

5 o CANADA o Canada! Our home and native land! True patriot love in all our sons command. With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The true North strong and free! From far and wide, 0 Canada, we stand on guard for thee. God keep our land glorious and free! o Canada, we stand on guard for thee, o Canada, we stand on guard for thee. GOD SAVE THE QUEEN God save our gracious Queen Long live our noble Queen God save the Queen. Send her victorious Happy and glorious Long to reign over us God save the Queen. Music for the Ceremony will played by The Simon Fraser University Pipe Band and by the Prince of Wales Secondary School Concert Band 3



8 SATURDAY, JUNE 7, :30 p.m. a CANADA INVOCATION The Reverend Walt Johanson CHANCELLOR'S REMARKS PRESIDENT'S ADDRESS CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREES The Chancellor THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF LAWS HONORIS CAUSA Muriel Helena Duckworth The degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred on John Gustav Bene at a Ceremony on March 27, 1986 CONVOCATION ADDRESS Margaret Catley-Carlson CONFERRING OF DEGREES BY FACULTY The Chancellor (See page 49) THE GORDON M. SHRUM GOLD MEDAL Michael Hoechsmann GOD SAVE THE QUEEN Reception in the James Douglas Room 6

9 T ACADEMIC DRESS HE REGALIA worn by those participating in the graduation ceremonies today has a colorful history. Regalia originated in the monasteries of the Middle Ages. At that time teachers at the universities were men of religion and wore the habit of their Order while teaching. With the passage of time their garments came to identify their university. In Europe it was not until the 19th century that laymen were commonly found teaching in universities. In 1858, for example, British law made it no longer mandatory for university dons to be in holy orders. University teachers nevertheless continued to wear clerical garb, with modifications in cut and design, as academic dress. Regalia colors were often those of the university patron or of the city in which the university was located. Simon Fraser regalia combines the red and royal blue of the Clan Fraser and the University motto "nous sommes prets" (we are ready) is a modification of the Clan motto "je suis pret". The hood was originally part of the monk's habit and was sometimes used as a carryall for small items such as food while the wearer was travelling. In time the hood was disconnected from the gown, became variegated in color, and was used to identify scholars and degrees from a designated university. Hoods in Canada and Europe are unique in design and color combination to each degree and each university. The mortarboard worn by our Bachelors and Masters was worn by high church dignitaries in the 16th century and consisted of little more than a cap with a squared crown raised above the cap. By the 18th century the crown was frankly a cloth-covered board but now was worn by deans and rectors of the universities. In the 19th century the knob on top was replaced by a tassel and the cap became required head covering for university students. Because of the square shape, the cap reminded students of the square board used by masons for holding mortar and the headgear was dubbed "mortarboard" - college slang of the day. Doctoral hats were patterned after the Florentine hats that were the mode in Italy in the time of the Medici. These hats were purchased by students in the color of their university and were worn after the Bachelor degree had been completed and the students were continuing with advanced studies, 7

10 Chancellor SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY REGALIA Red silk gown, gold lame facing - with gold tassel. President Blue silk gown, silver lame facing - with silver tassel. Doctor of Laws (Honorary Degree) Red silk gown, blue facing - black velvet Cambridge bonnet black velvet Cambridge bonnet blue velvet Cambridge bonnet. Hood: Blue bengaline, full gold lining. Doctor of Philosophy Red silk gown, blue velvet Cambridge bonnet. Hood: Blue bengaline with full silver lining. Master Blue bengaline gown, blue mortarboard. Hoods: Master of Arts Master of Arts () Master of Arts () Master of Arts (Education) Master of Arts - Teaching of French Master of Master of Education Master of Natural Resources Management Master of Pest Management Master of Science Master of Science (Education) Master of Science (Kinesiology) Master of Science (Faculty of Applied Sciences) Bachelor Blue bengaline gown, blue mortarboard. Hoods: Bachelor of Applied Science Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts (Faculty of Applied Sciences) Bachelor of Bachelor of Education Bachelor of General Studies Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science (Faculty of Applied Sciences) Bachelor of Science (Kinesiology) 8 Red with wide blue border Red with wide green border and royal blue cording Red with wide green border and medium brown cording Red with wide white border Red with wide blue border and pale blue cording Red with wide blue border and grey cording Red with wide white border and royal blue cording Red with wide green border and gold cording Red with wide gold border and light green cording Red with wide gold border Red with wide white border and gold cording Red with wide fawn border Red with wide fawn border and white cording Red with narrow maroon border and gold cording Red with narrow blue border Red with narrow green border and royal blue cording Red with narrow grey border Red with narrow white border Red with narrow green border Red with narrow gold border Red with narrow green border and gold cording Red with narrow fawn border

11 UNIVERSITY HISTORY The University Coat of Arms was granted to the University in 1965 by the Lord Lyon King of Arms. The heraldic description of the Flag is: "Quarterly; 1 st and 4th, Azure, three fraises Argent 2nd and 3rd, Argent, three antique crows Gules, in chief Gules an open book proper, binding and fore-edges, Or, between two crosslets fitchee of the last." The Coat of Arms was derived from that of the Clan Fraser. The name Fraser is said to have come from the French word ''fraises'', meaning strawberries, hence the Shield and Flag each include the strawberry flower motif. The mace was commissioned by the University architects, Erickson Massey, and was presented to the University at the opening ceremonies on September 9, The mace is sixty-one inches long and weighs twenty-three pounds. Pieces of cut and polished jade, which were taken from the University's jade boulder in the reflecting pool, were set in silver by its designer, Haida artist, Bill Reid. The mace is crowned by a silver stag's head, derived from the coat-of-arms of Lord Lovat, head of the Clan Fraser. The Fraser tradition was to fasten sprigs of yew in their bonnets before entering battle. The mace was therefore carved from two hundred year old yew, gathered on Burnaby Mountain by a resident in the 1940s. Lord Lovat presented the University with a claymore, or great sword, on September 9, The claymore was first used by a Fraser at the Battle of Culloden Moor in It was also used by a Fraser at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham in The claymore is approximately 36 inches long and weighs two pounds. The Flag was dedicated and flown for the first time at the Convocation ceremonies in June, SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING SCIENCE This year's Convocation marks the first time the degree of Bachelor of Applied Science has been awarded. This demanding program began in September 1983 with students entering first and second years of the program. Students choosing this field have focussed on advanced technology industries combining a solid background in science with intensive engineering courses in electronics and computing. Since the program's inception, our charter Engineering Science graduands have completed a minimum of eight months working in outside industry as part of their studies. They have also completed a thesis based on an industrially applied undergraduate project. 9

12 FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 19862:30 p.m. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION) Dean's Medal: Grant, Ian Leslie Project: A Model for Forecasting Leased Single Line Rotary Dial T elephone Set Disbursements. Au, Ka Shing Project: Opinion Survey of Line Equipment Engineering Departments to Measure Staff Services at the British Columbia Telephone Company. Baldwin, Beverley Vance Project: Microcomputer Based Information Systems for the High Schools of School District 41 - Burnaby: A Feasibility Study. Bourke, Colleen Frances Project: Public Policy and Electronic Manufacturing in British Columbia. Brown, Cameron Reid Project: A Market and Financial Feasibility Study Respecting a Tribal Council's Proposed Purchase of a Fish Processing Freezing Plant. Burnham, Darrell John Project: Strategic Information Systems Analysis of a Human Service Agency. Chan, David Yin Project: The 1973 OPEC Oil Crisis and its Effect on the Riskiness of Oil Stocks. Chaplin, Marilyn Anne Project: Application of a Strategic Planning Model to a Corporate Relocation Organization. Clark, Carolyn May Project: Feasibility Study: Child Day Care for Royal Columbia Hospital Staff. Deelman, Hayo Egbert Project: Restructuring Strategies of a B.C. Manufacturing Company During a Recession: A Case Study. Dobbie, Hugh Project: Business Plan for Advenco Consultants Ltd. Practical Automated Detailing System (P.A.D.S.) Donaldson, David Forrest Project: Sales Forecasting: The need for organizational commitment. Fletcher, Sheila Elsie Project: The Effect of Interruption in Post Secondary Education on Academic Success. Granger, Earl Byron Project: Analysis of Selected Factors Affecting Coastal Logging Costs in British Columbia. Hamilton, Avora Jean Project: Investigation of the Value of Conducting Post Implementation Audits of Management Information Systems: A Test Case. Harwood, Peter De Lotbiniere Project: Marketing Strategy for the Vancouver Waldorf School. Herschmiiler, Donald Wayne Project: A Study of the Application of Computer Systems to a Large Consulting Engineering Organization. 10

13 Huot, Janine Project: Marketing Issues for the Development of a Program of Graduate Studies by the Faculty of Engineering at Simon Fraser University. Johnson, Albert Leander Project: A Study of Contextual Factors Which Influence the Performance of Task Groups. Klassen, Carol Elizabeth Project: Case Studies of Canadian High Technology Companies - Sydney Development Corporation and MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. Kreutzer, Sharon Gail Project: The Utilization of Consumer Input Into Specific Policy Issues At An Outpatient Paediatric Rehabilitation Centre. Leask, Ian Cameron McLeod Project: Effects of British Columbia's Employment Standard's Legislation on Management Decisions Surrounding Dismissal for Just Cause. Lindemere, Kenneth Gordon Project: Development and Analysis of Four Sales Forecasting Models for an Industrial Distributor. La, Lester Kin Lun Project: Work Measurement of Low-Quantity, Non-Repetitive and Multivariable Products in a Telecommunications Manufacturing Industry. Martin, Jane Alison Project: A Feasibility Study of Wine Bars in British Columbia. McArthur, Mary Francis Project: Evaluation of Demand Models for Forecasting Employment Needs. Melville, William Loxam Project: A Strategy for Distance Education for Simon Fraser University Faculty of. Moore, Allan Spencer Project: An investigation of the Linear Decision Rule (LDR) model and an application of Linear Programming to a Cement Plant. Piper, Stuart Project: Evaluation of Potential for a Business providing Assistance for Private Real Estate Transactions. Polak, Donald George Project: Analysis of Selected Factors Affecting Coastal Logging Costs in British Columbia. Pridmore, Robert Bruce Project: Development of a Marketing and Financial Strategy for Two Related Food Producing Companies. Proulx, Richard Alphonse Project: Changes in the Organization Structure of a Rapidly Growing Consulting Engineering Firm. Reedel, Rodney Frederick Project: Productivity Factors in Computer Systems Development. Richard, Paul Laurent Project: Implementation of Computer-Aided Drafting. Roberge, Dennis Reynold Project: An Investigation of Canada's Industrial Fan Market to Determine the Economic Feasibility of Market Entry. Robertson, Gail Antoinette Project: Cost Effectiveness of an Adult Day Care Program. Sanderson, Ian Project: Development of a Strategic Plan for a Small Engineering Organization. Shebib, Robert Allan Project: An Effectiveness Evaluation of a Community College Social Service Training Program. 11

14 Stark, Robert Lee Project: Development of a Contributions Forecasting Model for Campus Crusade for Christ of Canada. Swann, Richard Blair Project: A Test of the Market Efficiency of the Vancouver Stock Exchange. Thorne, Michael Harold Project: Organizational Role Stress and the Purchasing Professional. Thurber, Sharon Eleanor Project: A study of Success Factors of Small Business Use of Microcomputers. Todd, James Edward Project: Forward Integration by Major Forest Companies into Secondary Lumber Manufacturing. Turner, Patrick Cecil Project: A Marketing Strategy for Instant Coffee. Van Bodegom, Peter Adrian Project: Case Studies of Canadian High Technology Companies - Sydney Development Corporation and MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. Watson, Howard William Project: Organizational Buying Behaviour Associated with a Change of Outside Auditors. Williams, Wakeley Macdonald Project: Recommendation of a Collective Bargaining Structure for the Greater Vancouver Regional District Municipal Employers. Wood, Robert Henry Project: Development of a Forecasting Model for a Region of the Bay Department Stores. FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Dean's Medal: Kennedy, Susan Joanne Akbar, Nasim Alexander, Kenneth William Alibhai, Zainab Allison, Jill Winifred Amlani, Arif Asquin, Arnice Catherine Atagi, Gene Masaru Atherley, Richard Au, Fanny Man Vee Au, Hon Sun Audley, Carol Lynn Austin, David Lloyd Ayala, Joachim Bernardo Baastad, Geir Bailey, Stewart William Bains, Joginder Singh Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor Honors Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor 12

15 Baker, Randy John Bakos, Robert Winston Balen, Jeffrey Ross Ballard, Clint Banaschek, Daniel Robert Basran, Ranjit Singh Bawa, Naseem Beketa, Marilyn Rose Bella, Randy Robert Bennett, Bernard Stanley Berenbaum, Michael Fred Bergeron, Carol Violet Bickford, Howard David Bielby, Trevor Scott Bleakley, Douglas Thomas Boeder, Hans Joachim Boerma, Richard Allan Bondy, James Stephen Booker, Carole Booth, David Arthur Boreen, Michael Noel Braun, Karl Jacob Bring, Joginder Joe Brown, Joan Vvonne Burgess, Dale Robert Burgess, Susan Marie Butler, Randall Brian Bywater, Christopher Steven Cairns, John Robert Carlyle, Elaine Sylvia Chan, Boey Kiang Chan, Dickson Chan, Joseph Ka Lam Chan, Ka Tsun Chan, Lai Ha Lyann Chan, Lai Ping Julyanna Chan, Rosy Chan, Wesley Chong Cheah, Jeffrey Sin Lai Cheal, Brent Michael Chen, Ermoh Chen, Sebastian Fu Kiong Cheung, Irene VI Chick, Annie Chin, Lana Laie Chinfoot, Wendy Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor (1st Class) Joint Honors Joint Honors Minor Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor Minor Philosophy Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor 13

16 Chiu, Tung Chou, Trevor Chan T. Chow, Chiu Lun Chow, Dennis Chow, Iris Yen Chow, Kwong Yuen Chu, James Siu Soon Chui, Lai Ying Chun, Kam To Chung Jr., Larry Chan Cokeng, Alice Yao Coleman, Susan Kathleen Cox, Mary Ann Elizabeth Crema, Kathryn Marie Crema, Lawrence Ernest Cullen, Gerald George Culos, Deborah Rosalyn Culver, Charlotte Ester Wall Currie, Scott Gregory Dale, Caroline Dale, Russell John Davison, Samuel James Dawson, Ian William Denfeld, Stefanie Despot, Scott Craig Dibnah, Kenneth Richard Ding, Cecilia Dipaolo, Robert Dobi, Joseph David Doman, Ronnie Davinder Donovan, Reginald Keith Dorman, Steven Charles Dowd, Shaun Michael Ebrahim, Moez Noorali Ein, Grace Ho Man Ellman, Ian Harold Engman, David Lee Eurchuk, Brock Cleveland Faulkner, Sonya Hedwig Danneberg Fekete, Anne Marie Felix, Norman De-Sousa Findler, Jeffrey William Floritto, Karen Elaine Fodor, Anita Denise Fong, Kwok Leung Kevin Ford, John Douglas Fung, Clara Mong Yin Honors Minor Joint Major Joint Major Business Adminstration Joint Honors Joint Honors Minor Minor Minor (1 st Class) Joint Honors Joint Honors Minor Minor Honors Minor Business Adminstration 14

17 Gadhia, Divyesh Galinski, James Craig Garrard, Jeffrey Vernon Gee, Frank Gill, Sarbjit Kaur Ginn, Shuet Hung Giraud, Dennis Dovaston Byng Gordon, James Barry Grams, Denise Gray, Jason Cameron Anthony Gulamhusein, Alnoor Gulka, Leanne Marie Hagon, Laraine Harris, Laura Ellen Harris, Shelley Marie Hastings, Warren Anthony Hawrysh, Brian Mark Hayes, Kathleen Susan Heinrich, Erik Hemmerling, Jennifer Lynn Henderson, Hazen Edgar Herle, Karen Louise Hill, John Charles Ho, Daniel Ho, Tat Sang Hoffard, David Benjamin Hogan, Nancy Louise Hoiby, Grete Hoskin, Douglas Arthur Howes, Leslie Dawn Hsu, Angela Yu Ming Huber, Cheryl Mary Lynn Huberman, Daniel Samson Hudson, Robert William Humphreys, Andrew Stewart Hutcheson, Shelley Fee James, Trevor Mark Jiwani, Hussein Madatali Johnson, Douglas Bruce Jong, Tracey Marie Jung, Larry Kam, Daisy Wai Ching Kamensek, Diana Marie Minor Philosophy Joint Major Joint Major Honors Minor Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Honors Joint Honors Joint Honor Minor Co-op Education Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor Joint Major Joint Major Economies Co-op Education Minor Business Administratiuon Honors 15

18 Kan, Daisy Siu-Yu Karim, Amin Didar Mawji Kassam, Nahid Nina Kato, Ian Brent Kayser, Stanley David Kelley, Christopher Mark Keong, Poh Yong Khoo, Swee Leng Christina Killer, Kurt Kilner, Joanne Mary Kirkwood, John Campbell Kitaura, Kelly Russell Hiromu Klyne, Gregory Martin Knight, Michael John Ko, Miu Yuk Kosowick, Evangeline May Yin Kramer, Shelly Lynn Krieger, Brian Todd Kullman, David George Kwan, Elaine Ngnook Ling Kwok, Chih Chiang Kwok, lu Ming William Lai, Andrew Hon Pun Lai, Hang Fong Lai, Yee Fan Lam, Jeffrey To Keung Lam, Maria Chui Lin Lam, Oi Wah Lam, Pak Yip Lutheran Lam, Yuen Chun Alvina Landberg, Gregory Evar Lang, Stanley Larson, Keith Trevor Laser, Debra Ann Angela Lau, Patrick Pak Keung Lau, Shiu Ming Eric Laven, Kenneth Reginal Law, Anita Yuen Mei Lawrence, Vincent Minor Co-op Education Minor Business Adminstration Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Minor (1 st Class) Joint Honors Joint Honors Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Joint Major Joint Major Honors Honors Minor Minor Minor Honors Joint Major Joint Major Minor Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major 16

19 Lee, Benson Lee, Boon Heng Lee, Rosemary Lee, Steven Kai Wah Leier, Gary Alexander Leong, Timothy Leung, Chun Kuen Leung, Connie Siu Yuk Leung, James Koo-Kwok Leung, Nancy Yuk Fung Lim, Nancy Lee-Ling Lim, Stephen Chiap-Ngee Livingston, Brenda May Lo, Chiu Lo, Daniel Tak Fat La, Nyen Khing Loconte, Antonio Low, Eilu Low, Kwene-Heng Low, Wendy Lowe, Gregory Allen Luk, Emily Cheng-Chie Luk, Hung Ki Stephen Lum, Teresa Lun, Shun Oi Monica Luther, Douglas Bevan Lyster, Susan Marlene MacDonald, Ronald Gregory MacKinnon, Brent Lochlin Maeda, Therese Teruyo Mak, Sui Ying Man, Lumen Leung-Yan Marchese, Antonio Mark, Gordon Gin Gee Martin, John Derek Martinuik, Lome Michael Mayne, Derek Forrest Mazerolle, Kevin Thomas McCabe, Margaret Ann McCann, Maureen Annette McCumber, Shaun Harold McEwen, Gregory Allen Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Minor Honors Minor Minor Joint Major Econom!cs Joint Major Business AdministrRtion Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major JOint Major BUSiness Administration JOint Major JOint Major Minor 17

20 McFarlane, Robert Gordon McGregor, Donald Samuel McGuigan, James Joseph McLaughlin, Douglas Hart McMaster, Jeff Scott Merali, Shaheen Mercer, Neil Ian William Meyer, Melanie Miller, Jodi Elan Milligan, Terrence Peter Mohamed, Shabin Mok, Keith Mankei Molby, Pia Morelli, Jasmine Kay Moretto, Teresa Morrison, Sandra Lynn Mozaffarian, Kimanh Thi Mui, Yee-Tung Muir, Beverly Joan Murray, Paul Nat, Manjeet Singh Nelson, David Martin Neraal, Anders Ney, Susan Gay Ng, Kenny Ng, Kin Che Ng, Kwok Biu Ng, Lay Yian Ng, Patsy Pui Sai Ng, Ronald Yee Wah Ng, Wai Hung Simon Noble, Robert Maxwell O'Reilly, Kevin Michael Owen, Louise Annette Palser, Victoria Elaine Pang, Shun Man Patrick Pankratz, John Charles Pappas, Randal James Parchomchuk, Glenn Michael Parker, David Parks, Christopher Allan Payne, Stuart David Pennington, Bruce Cordell Minor Minor Honors Minor Joint Maior Joint Maior Minor (1st Class) Honors Honors (1 st Class) Honors Joint Major Joint Major Minor Sociology Honors Joint Major Joint Major Honors Joint Honors Joint Honors Minor Minor Busienss Administration Minor Minor Kinesiology 18

21 Peters, Arthur David Petrollini, Luigi Antonio Philip, Griffin Picco, Walter Luigi Pillai, Vijaya Kumar Pivarnyik, Paul Michael Poelzer, Angeline Marion Poon, Chi Wai Popat, Karim Popoff, Marty Alexander Posten, Lorelle Ida Marie Powell, Lloyd William Quan, Si Kwon Quist, Brenda May Quon, Paul Pak Tat Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor Minor Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor Minor Racine, Tod Wilfrid Rajabzadeh Heshejin, Behnam Rajan, Shahzad Kamrudin Kurji Ramsay, Anthony Aloysuis Stewa Ratanshi, Ashif Nizar Ratner, Warren Grant Reddy, Ravindra Salla Redl, Linda Ann Reekie, Leslie Joan Reeves, David James Richardson, Peter Ward Robitaille, Judith Louise Yvonne Ronneseth, Joanne Anita Rupprecht, Gerold Heinrich Stepha Russell, James Keith Joint Major Ecomonics Joint Maior (1 st Class) Joint Honors Joint Honors Minor Minor Sagert, Herbert William Sahlstrom, Cindy Ann Saldat, John Miller Sam, Andrew Yuey Chew Saunders, Lynn Anne Scali, Andre Schad, Angelina Marie Schill, Loreen Gail Schippkus, Sabina Senghera, Kulvinder Co-op Education Minor Minor Minor Minor Ecnomics 19

22 Senkler, David Harold Gordon Sennett, Albert Shannon, Gregory Paul Shimizu, Andrew Hiroto Shockey, Kevin Ward Shum, Brenda Tsui To Simonetti, Luciano Antony Sinclair, Eric Kent Siu, Angelina Slatten, Mark Stephen Siessor, Karen Elizabeth Smiley, Stephen Malcolm Smith, Gregory Lewis Sniezek, Lynne Elizabeth So, Siu-Wah Soo, Lai Peng Soo, Leslie Sang Speed, Karen Denise Stacey, Robert Blair Steenblok, Alice Gertrude Stefanini, Katharine Bailey Striha, Donald Francis Stromquist, Janet Lee Styles, Michelle Louise Such, Lionel Joseph Tam, Kin Chee Daniel Tan, Thomas Kok Kiong Taylor, Brant Barry Paynton Taylor, David George Teng, Albert Teng, Jee Hiem Tham, Hock Aun Thiam, Mary Thiara, Ajit Singh Thiessen, Lynne Maureen Tong, Sik Wing Tove, Norman Kwong Tracey, Donald Neil Tracey, Francine Margaret Tsang, Yuk Leung Honors Minor Minor Joint Major Joint Maior Joint Major Joint Major Minor Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Joint Major Joint Major Political Science Minor Co-op Education Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Joint Major Minor Minor 20

23 Tse, David Chuen Hing Tucker, Carolyn Vallance, Lloyd Richard Van Dyke, Peter Ulbe Vandenbos, Joyce Irene Vandonkelaar, Wendy Verjee, Rizwan Mansoorali Von Pander, Patrick Rupert Walberg, Susan Elizabeth Waldren, Lyle Allen Walker, Scott Bradford Wang, Chian Pin Watson, lain MacFarlane Webb, Scott Allan Weismiller, Norman David Weseen, Robert Bryan Wiens, Edward James Wilkie, John Murray Wilson, Raymond Scott Wong, Allen Wong, Betty Azalea Wong, Cynthia Marie Wong, Eugene Don Wong, Hoi Yuen Wong, Jean Hang Wong, June Fung-Yau Wong, Madrina Chin Ching Wong, Silvia So Wai Wong, Wai Ming Raymond Woodcock, Christine Worrow, Michael David Wu, Elenor Vee Ling Wyper, Scott Gordon Yau, William Koon Hei Young, John Stewart Yu, William Yunker, Robert Joseph John Zehr, Ronald Albert Zeller, Peter Robert Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Joint Major Joint Major Minor Minor Sociology Joint Major Joint Major Minor Minor Minor Co-op Education 21

24 SATURDAY, JUNE 7,19869:45 a.m. THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (FACUL TV OF APPLIED SCIENCES) Samarajiwa, Rohan Ainsley Thesis: Property Rights and the Provision of News and Market-Information: Policy Issues Affecting News Agencies and Online Databases. THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (FACULTY OF SCIENCE) Amat, Mireille Anik Thesis: Physiology of iodine uptake and distribution in Laminaria saccharina (Phaeophyta). Beharry, Seelochan Thesis: Nucleotide-facilitated Release of Inorganic Phosphate and Hydrolysed Adenosine Triphosophate from Beef Heart Mitochondrial Adenosine Triphosphatase. Cameron, Jereld Lane Thesis: Reproduction, development, processes of feeding and notes on the early life history of the commercial sea cucumber Parastichopus californicus (Stimpson). Chun, Chong Suh TheSIS: Densities and Summability. Hoang, Peter Phung Minh Thesis: Synthesis, Electrochemical Characterization and Applications of Electron-Transfer Polymers. Johnston, Blair David Thesis: New synthetic approaches to selected insect pheromones. Kay, Daniel John Thesis: Unstable Modes, Zero Modes, and Phase Transitions In QCD. Liang, Septimus Hsien-Chai Thesis: Chemisorption arid Thermal Decomposition of Alcohols on Magnesiuim Oxide and Tungsten Oxide - A Study by Solid-State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectgroscopy. Liu, Chian Thesis: Ultrathin Metallic Films of Mn, AgMn and VMn Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy. Loveys, James Gordon Thesis: Certain Weakly minimal theories. Melakeberhan, Haddish Chemistry Mathematics and Statistics Chemistry Chemistry Physics Chemistry Physics Mathematics and Statistics Thesis: The influence of Meloidogyne incognita (Nematoda, Meloidogynldae) on the Physiology and Yield of Phaseolus vulgaris. Scott, Cynthia Diane Thesis: Biology and management of Wild bee and domesticated honey bee pollinators for tree fruit pollination. Steiner, Thomas Walter Thesis: Time-resolved Photoluminescence Studies of Exciton Phenomena in Si, CdSe, ZnSe and GaAs on a Sub-nanosecond Time Scale. Thewalt, Jenifer Louise Thesis: Deuterium NMR Studies of Model Membranes Containing 1-AIkanol Anesthetics or (l -Tocopherol. Thistlewood, Howard Michael Andrew Thesis: The bionomics and monitoring 01 Campyfomma verbasci (Meyer) on apple In the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia 22 Biololgical Sciences PhYSICS Chemistry

25 Toivonen, Peter Martin Albert Thesis: The Development of a Photophysiological Assessment System for White Spruce (Picaa glauca (Moench.) Voss.) Seedlings and Micropropagated Plantlets. Treleaven, Walter Dale Thesis: An NMR Investigation of the Organization and Dynamics of Cholesteryl Esters in Lipoproteins and Membranes. Tyers, Kenneth George Thesis: Synthesis and Structural Studies of Transition Metal Alkyne and Diazene Compounds. van Frankenhuyzen, Kees Thesis: The effects of acidification on the transformation of detrital energy by the shredding caddisfly, Clistoronia magnifica (Banks) (Limnephilidae). Wessel, Silvia Annelise Thesis: Photovoltaic Cells Employing Polycrystalline and Single Crystal Cadmium Selenide/Polysulfide Liquid Junctions. Chemistry Chemistry Physics THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS (COMMUNICATION) (FACUL TV OF APPLIED SCIENCES) Balke, Thomas Foster Fredette Thesis: The Audience Relation: An Analysis of Educational Radio Broadcasting in Bolivia. Charbonneau, Diane Thesis: Communicalion Within the Sociology of Art: Duvignaud's and Hauser's Interpretation. Correa, Celia Thesis: Images of Technology: A Historical Content AnalYSis of Agricultural Advertisements in Canada From Davidson, Robert Extended Essays: 1) La revolution par I'ordinateur et la pensee inslrumenlaliste. 2) La revolution par I'ordinateur et la tradition ecrite. Devor, Holly Joy Thesis: Gender Blending: When Two is Not Enough. Lyle, Joanne Marie Thesis: The Social Historical Development of the Aesthetic Avant-Garde In Contemporary Cultural Production. Marshall, Philip David Thesis: Videomusic: The Incorporation of Popular Music into the T elevisual. Onufrijchuk, Roman Fedorovych Thesis: From Fetish to Fashion: and Instrumental Aesthetics. Smith, Richard Keith Thesis: Federal Government Advertising in Canada. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS UNDER SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS (FACUL TV OF APPLIED SCIENCES) Wilson, Douglas Pardoe Thesis: Linear Models of Language Processing. Linguistics and Systems 23

26 THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT (FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCES) Greig, Karen Frances Project: An Experimental Evaluation of the Effect of Dams on Downstream Invertebrates. Guthrie, Ian Campbell Project: Effect of Density-Dependent Marine Growth on the Economically Optimal Lake Enrichment Strategy for British Columbia Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus Nerka). Knight, Nancy Louise Project: Growth of Juvenile Chinook Salmon Acclimated to Cycling and Constant Temperatures: Application to an Environmental Impact Assessment. Maurer, April Louise Project: Wildlife Viewing in Southwestern British Columbia. May, Nicholas Peter Brian Project: A Guide for the Potential Micro Hydro Developer: Micro Hydro in British Columbia. Michaels, Sarah Oster Project: Collecting rent from the natural gas industry: An evaluation 01 British Columbia Petroleum Corporation. Ritchie, David Christie Project: Reintroduction of Mountain Goats to Bullmoose Mountain: Requirements for a Successful Transplant. Ryall, Paul James Project: Effect of Smolt Size and Marine Growth Rates on Adult Sockeye Salmon Returns and Possible Implications for the Cost/Benefit of Lake Enrichment: The Great Central Lake Case. Segard, Sylvain Yves Project: Preventative Landslide Hazard Management - The Rubble Creek Slide, British Columbia. Sherwood, Deborah Ellen Project: International Equity in Canada-United States Transboundary Water Use. Thomson, Barbara Lee Project: Management Indicator Habitats: A Product Guide and the Riparian Zone. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE (FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCES) Dean's Medal: Fu, Wai Chede Ada Thesis: Parallel Matroid Algorithms. Chilka, Pradeep Thesis: PERT: A Pipelined Engine for Ray Tracing Graphics. Franklin, Paul Wickham Thesis: Optimal Rectangle Covers for Convex Rectilinear Polygons. Gaudet, Severin Joseph Thesis: A Parallel Architecture for Ray Tracing. Gudaitis, John Jonas Thesis: Evaluation of Some Distributed Function Architectures for Array Processing Data Manipulation. 24

27 Hwang, Enoch Oi-Kee Thesis: Experimental Analysis of Broadcasting Algorithms to Perform Set Operations. Kloster, Stephen Clair Thesis: ELFS: Language from SOL. Li, Brenda Yuk-Yee Thesis: Graph Theoretic Controlled Rounding. Ling, Daniel Kwai-Wah Thesis: Polling and Receiving in Graphs. Ling, Franky Siu Ming Thesis: Byzantine Agreement and Network Failures. Pellicano, Paul Natale Ede Thesis: Detection of Specularities in Color Images Using Local Operators. Popowich, Fred Paul Thesis: Unrestricted Gapping Grammars: Theory, Implementations, and Applications. Pun, Philip Sau-Tak Thesis: Distributed Algorithms for Cycle Finding and Matching. Slawson, Federick John Thesis: Polygon Partitioning for Electron Beam Lithography of Integrated Circuits. Sy, Carrie Thesis: Efficient Schedulers in Multiversion Database Systems. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE (KINESIOLOGY) (FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCE) Anderson, Nicholas Robert Thesis: An Ultrasound Based Adiposity Assessment System. Brownlie, Leonard William Thesis: Aerodynamic and Thermal Characteristics of Running Apparel. Cooper, David Gow Thesis: Three Dimensional Reconstruction of Bone Shapes for Computer Aided Design of Prostheses Sockets. Hamilton, Cynthia Louise Thesis: The Effect of acute and chronic exercise on 59Fe2 + -absorption in previously sedentary iron-deficient Male Blood Donors. Leyland, Anthony James Thesis: Implementation of Historl Dependent Properties in a Model of Human Skeletal Muscle. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS (EDUCATION) Dean's Medal: Cassidy, Phyllis Mary Joan (FACULTY OF EDUCATION) Thesis: The Effects of Type of Inference on Children's Ability to Perform Inferential Reasoning Tasks. Instructional Arad, Ofer Samuel Computers in Mathematics Thesis: The Electronic Spreadsheet as a Tool for Solving Word Problems. 25

28 Bodner, Carine Lynn Thesis: Expectations and Academic Sell Concept. Chang, Jeffrey Chung-Han Chen, Sun-I Thesis: EHects of a Relaxation Curriculum on Members of a Grade Two Class. Thesis: Argumentative Discourse Structure In Chinese and Writing: A Comparative Analysis. Christie, Lynda Ann Thesis: The Development and Evaluation of a Workshop to Assist Nursing Students to Prepare for the Registration Examination. Crawford, John Alex Thesis: Continuing Education Needs of Nurses Employed in Small Hospitals in British Columbia. Dhaliwal, Baljett Thesis: Sikhs in the Vancouver Region: A Descriptive Study of Certain Sikhs' Views of Education since Curriculum and Instruction Instructional Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum and Instruction Post-Secondary: Nursing Education Fahey, Susan Jane Herren Thesis: Discourse Matrix Analysis: Empirical Research of a Sample Pedagogy. Fedorak, Sandra Ann Thesis: The Development of a Self-directed Advocacy Program for the Older Adult And the EHect of the Program On Internal Locus of Control. Higginbottom, Susan Hazel Louise Thesis: The Development of Probability Concepts in Elementary School Children (K-7). Kong, Rosa Sau Fong Thesis: Learning as a Foreign Language in Trujillo, Peru. McLean, Marion Jane Thesis: The Relationship Between Self-EHicacy and Biofeedback Training Outcome in an Anxious Population. Merkel, Raymond Howard Thesis: Visions of the Way: A Study of the Traditional System of Education of the Indians of North America. Morgan, Jeffrey Alan Multicultural Education Writing Instruction Educational Gerontology Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum and Instruction Instructional Educational Research Philosophy of Education Thesis: Education As the Development of Rationality: Paul Hirst's Educational Theory. Motzer, Donna Valerie Thesis: Verb Tense Continuity and Alternation: Native Speakers' Use of Past and Historic Present in Oral, Film-Based Narratives. Norris, Steven Lloyd Curriculum and Instruction Instructional Thesis: Self-Instruction Process Education For High School Students. Pace, Margaret Sheila TheSIS: Porter, Phyllis Marie An Investigation of the Spelling Strategies of Grade One Students. Thesis: Stress Inoculation Training With Schizophrenic Boarding Home Residents: A Pilot Study. Rowe, Jean Daniels Curriculum and Instruction Human Relations in Education Mathematics Education Project: The Hard Math Project: A Case Study in Teaching Primary Mathematics as a Second Language. Salloum, Kirk Jacob Thesis: Private Funding for Elementary and Second Public Education in British Columbia For 1983/84. Swenson, Patricia Louise Thesis: Family Portrayal In Two Elementary Reading Series: Canadian Versus Textbook Realities. Thomas, Doreen Patricia Thesis: Editonal Criticism of Sunship Earth. Woudzia, John Bradley Thesis: Student Perceptions and Program Organization In Secondary Level Alternative Education. Administrative Leadership Ins1ructional Curriculum and Instruction Instructional 26

29 THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF EDUCATION (FACUL TV OF EDUCATION) Anderson, Laurie Hamilton Administrative Leadership Project: Unusually Effective Principals: Their Norms and Values. Baldwin, Carroll Anne Administrative Leadership Project: Writing Defensible Policies for Elementary Schools: An Assessment. Baldwin, Thomas George Administrative Leadership Project: Junior Secondary School Program Delivery at Three Rural Schools in District #60: Diffficuities and Alternatives. Baumann, Frank John Administrative Leadership Project: Educative Leadership. Benndorf, Ella Lena Curriculum and Instruction Project: German-Canadians: Contributions and Portrayal in Selected Social Studies Textbooks and Supplementary Materials Used in British Columbia Schools. Bennetts, Robert James Administrative Leadership Project: The Involvement of Parents and Teachers in Decision Making In Schools. Camden, Grace Marion Curriculum and Instruction Project: Problem-Based Learning: A Means to Improve Health Science Education. Cassidy, Wanda Edna Maureen Legal Education in the Schools Project: Teaching Law in the Secondary School Curriculum: The Case for a Concept Approach. Cheesman, Wayne Charles Administrative Leadership Project: Decentralizing Secondary Education: An Analysis of a School District Decision: Rationale, Purpose, and Consequences. Collins, Winnifred Curriculum and Instruction Project: Children and Their Perceptions of an Environment. Conner, Brian Thomas Administrative Leadership Project: British Columbia School District Trustees: A Demographic Description with Correlations for District Size and Attitudes to District Funding. Dean, Marcia Joan Curriculum and Instruction Project: A Framework For In-Service Education to Promote a Multicultural Classroom. Enns, Keith Arthur Curriculum and Instruction Project: Peer Observation of/and Effective Instruction in Logo. Erwin, Leigh Alfred Administrative Leadership Project: The Contribution Made to Elementary School Self Assessment by Parent and Teacher Surveys of Climate Perceptions. Haglund, Susan Inga Curriculum and Instruction Project: A Psychometric Analysis of Level II Dental Auxiliary Certification Examinations. Hannah, John Administative Leadership Project: An Evaluation of School-Based Management in British Columbia Schools. Hermary, Olive Mary Curriculum and Instruction Project: The Predictive Validity of the Langley Kindergarten Screening Program. Hough, Christopher Robert Instructional Project: Handsworth Survey of Graduates: Student Ratings of Features of a Flexibly Scheduled High School. Joyce, Richard William Administrative Leadership Project: Classroom Management in the Context of the School as a Formal Organization. Kahle, Roy Michael Curriculum and Instruction Project: Equal Access to Educational Services in Canada and the United States: Constitutional and Legal Perspectives. 27

30 Kennedy, Samuel Rowling Project: A Case Study of Teacher Efforts to Influence Educational Decisions in Burnaby. Kieran, Jane Ellen Project: An Evaluation of California Resource Specialist Programs By Participating Staff. Leroux, Pierre Arthur Project: Using a Daily In-service Model to Implement an Elementary French as a Second Language Program. Macklin, Nigel Eyre Project: A Descriptive Analysis of Dacum as a System for Curriculum Design in Post Secondary Education. Magri, Lori June Project: Self-Directed Learning: A Teacher's Handbook. McLeod, Barbara Anne Administrative Leadership Curriculum and Instruction Administrative Leadership Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum and Instruction Program Planning and Implementation Project: A Case Study of a School-based In-service Training Program in Teaching for Thinking: Design Implementation and Analysis. Moodie, Penelope Maureen Kennedy Project: Development of a Modern Educational Dance For Secondary School. Morgan, Barrie John Project: The Perceptions Of Parents And Teachers As To The Role Of The Principal In The Development Of A Positive School Climate. Munro, Michael James Project: Initiative in the Social Studies Curriculum. Murray, Cameron Hartridge Curriculum and Instruction Administrative Leadership Educational Leadership Curriculum and Instruction Project: A Framework For The Development of an Integrated Interdisciplinary Environmental Education Programme at the Secondary School Level in British Columbia. Nardella, Emanuela Project: Empathic Responding: The Development and Implementation of an Individual Program for the Child Educator. Parkinson, David Ritchie Project: Evaluating Students In An Enriched MathematiCS 8 Program. Porter, David Alexander Pu, Xin Jian Project: The Design and Implementation of Computer-Based Writing Centres at the Elementary School Level. Project: as a Foreign Language in China. Quinn, Murray Bruce Human Relations in Education Administrative Leadership Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum and Instruction Prolect: The Development of a Modified Science 10 Chemistry Curriculum. Reid, William Malcolm Administrative Leadership Project: Where Are They Now? A Follow-Up of Former Students of the Fort SI. John Alternate School. Rubis, Robert John Curriculum and Instruction Project: Microtechnology In Their School Library Considerations For Teacher-Librarians. Simeoni, Gino Nello Prolect: The Place of Vocationalism In Education: An Historical Overview of the Arguments. Tansley, Gordon Albert Project An Examination of the British Columbia Secondary School Accreditation Criteria in Relationship to Effective School Research. Thom, Brian Edwin Project: InstrUctional Development Programs at Cariboo College: A Case Study. Trenouth, Frank Edward Project The Identification of the Major Characteristics of Future Studies and an Assessment of Their Implications for CurriculUm Development and Implementation in Secondary School Social Studies. 28 CUrriculum and Instruction Administrative Leadership Curriculum and Instruction Curriculum and Instruction

31 Upex, Joyce Project: Racism and Education in British Columbia. Multi-cultural Education Uzelac, Mary Veronica Teacher Education Project: Training Teachers for the Public Schools of British Columbia Wahl, Jennifer Teacher Education Project: The Development of a Checklist of Descriptors of Teacher Behaviours and Demonstrated Teacher Attitudes for Evaluating Student Teacher Effectiveness. Wood, Marilyn Florence Administrative Leadership Project: Reasons Prompting School Trustees to Seek or Not Seek Re- Election. Wright, Brian Wayne Administrative Leadership Project: Effective Secondary School Climate - Definition and Measurement. Youngberg, Dennis Arthur Administrative Leadership Project: The Impact of Rural Secondary Schools - A Follow Up Study in School District No. 60 (Peace River North). Zola, Deborah Melanie Language Arts Project: The Sorcerer's Apprentice: A Curriculum Instructional Package in Story Drama. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF PEST MANAGEMENT Carlson, Jodi Ann Professional Paper: Clark, Kerry James Professional Paper: Cusson, Michel Professional Paper: (FACULTY OF SCIENCE) Botrytis cinerea Pers. on Conifer Seedlings in British Columbia Container Nurseries - a Review. Mites (Acari) Associated with the Honey Bee, Apis mellitera (Hymenoptera: Apidae) with Emphasis on British Columbia. 'Edge Effects' in Infestation Patterns of Insects on Crops: A Review and a Field Study with Special Reference to the Tuber Flea Beetle (Epitrix tuberis Gent.) Duckitt, Gerald Stanford Professional Paper: Bacillus thuringiensis var. israejensis: The Bacterium, Its Use in Black Fly Control and Effects on Nontarget Organisms. Gray, David Richard Professional Paper: Harper, Paula Ann Professional Paper: James, Peter John Professional Paper: Jongejan, Keith Professional Paper: Lee, Choon Hui Professional Paper: Levesque, Andre Professional Paper: Ambrosia beetles in Vancouver Island dryland sort: their damage and proposed control, Vole Damage to Conifer Trees on Texada Island, British Columbia. Repellents for Insect Ectoparasites of Sheep. Some Aspects of Pest Management in Interior Landscapes. The Persistence, Breakdown and Movement in Soil of the Herbicide Triclopyr (3,5,6-trichloro-2- pyridyloxyacetic acid) and its Ethyleneglycolbutylether Ester. A Field Study on Some Effects of Glyphosate on Fusarium spp: Its Impact on Root Colonization of Weeds, on Propagule Levels in the Soil, and on Crop Emergence. 29

32 MacKenzie, John Reginald Professional Paper: Improved Insect Pest Management for Crisp Head Lettuce Grown in S.W. British Columbia. MacLauchlan, Lorraine Emily Professional Paper: Distribution of arsenic and associated fungal invaders in MSMA-treated lodgepole pines, and their relationship to mortality of the mountain pine beetle, Dendroctonus ponderosae Hopkins. Millen, Donald Bruce Professional Paper: A strategy for personal and community protection against the vectors of malaria in Papua New Guinea with emphasis on the evaluation of bednets impregnated with permethrin. Milligan, Bruce Douglas Professional Paper: Integrated Management of German Cockroaches in Rental Housing. Murray, Alan Campbell Professional Paper: Scott, Lynn Ann Professional Paper: Tessier, Michel Professional Paper: Tourigny, Guy Professional Paper: Tricker, Karen Joan Professional Paper: The Integrated Management of Root Pests of Strawberry in the Pacific Northwest. The Biology and Control of European Canker of Apples caused by Nee/ria galligena Bres. Toxicity of Carbaryl and Dimethoate to the Pea Aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum (Homoptera:Aphididae), and its Associated Parasite, Aphidius smithi (Hymenoptera:Aphidiidae). A general dynamic and styochastic discrete-event simulation model of the foraging behaviour of true fruit flies (Tephritidae), with special reference to the apple maggot, Rhagoletis pomonella (Walsh). Swimmers' Itch in British Columbia. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE (FACUL TV OF SCIENCE) Dean's Medal: Murray, Daniel Bruce Physics Thesis: A Model Interacting Fermi Gas and the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect. Abbott, Jeremy Charles Thesis: Feeding, aggression and growth in juvenile Steelhead Trout, (Salmo gairdneri). Acuna-Johnson, Adriana Patricia Chemistry Thesis: A Study of Side-Chain Thiasterol Inhibitors of A 24 -Sterol methyltransferase in Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Boniface, Catherine Thesis: Vegetation Succession on Mid-channel Bars of the Fraser River, British Columbia. Bradford, Michael James Thesis: The use of otolith daily growth increments to estimate the size and growth of juvenile chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha). Choudhury, Askar Hassan Mathematics and Statistics Thesis: Regression Analysis Procedures with Higher Order Moving Average Errors. Cohen, Michael Benjamin Thesis: Biology and Ecology of Ephedrus californicus Baker (Hymenoptera:Aphidiidae). 30

33 Coleman, Ronald Murray Thesis: Parental Investment Theory: Tests in Bluegill Sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus: Centrarchidae). Colwell, David Bryan Thesis: Shift Invariant Markov Measures. Croal, James Purcell Cleveland Thesis: Testing for Normality in Linear Regression and Autoregressive Time Series Models. Donati, leo Arthur Maria Thesis: A genetic analysis of the right arm of linkage group IV of Caenorhabditis elegans, with emphasis on the sd/2 region. Donnelly, Wayne Arden Mathematics and Statistics Mathematics and Statistics Biological SCiences Thesis: The adaptive significance of stream colouration: parr mark patterns and crypsis in coho salmon (Oncorhynchus kisutch). Furnell, Allen Douglas Thesis: Taxonomic revision of the Aedes (Ochlerotatus) punctor subgroup based on specimens collected in British Columbia. Gillis, Daniel Joseph Thesis: Physiological and ultrastructural aspects of late vitellogenesis and ovulation in Pacific herring (Clupea harengus pallas;), Hermary, Michael Emile Thesis: Rigidity of Graphs. Jackie, Gary Melvin Thesis: Calorimetric Studies of Silver Intercalated Titanium Oisulphide Keisker, Dagmar Gabriele Thesis: Nest tree selection by primary cavity-nesting birds in south-central British Columbia. Kim, Hyun-Sook Thesis: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Perturbed Lotka-Volterra Competition Models. lee, Philip Christopher Thesis: Reproductive and Growth Patterns of Temperate-Evolved Honey Bees (Apis melli/era L.). leung, Siu-Keung Thesis: Muonium Diffusion in Ice. Ng, Kwok-Wah Patrick Thesis: On Path Decompositions of Complete Graphs Ohanjanian, Isabel Arpenik Thesis: Effects of a man-made Dyke on the reproductive behavior and nesting success of Red-necked Grebes. Parker, David Bernard Thesis: The Effects of Low ph on Salmonld Embryogenesis and Vitellogenesis Phoon, Micky Kwok-Kit Thesis: Reactions of Organocuprates with (1' -Epoxyalkynes and (l -AIleyyl Esters. Pun nett, Elizabeth TheSIS: The feasibility of honey bee (Apis mel/dera L.) package and nucleus production in the Fraser Valley area of southwestern British Columbia, Canada Rudd, Jeffrey Macleod Thesis: Ferromagnetic Resonance in Nickel at Low Temperatures Sanghera, Sukhpal Singh Thesis: Theoretical Study of the Nonlinear Cubic-QUintic Schrodinger Equation Shu, Youn Yuen Thesis: 1,3-0ipolar Cycloaddition of an Isoxaline N-Oxide to Olefins Sichingabula, Henry Mweempwa Thesis: Character and Causes of Ctlannel Changes on Squamlsh River. Southwestern British Columbia Wainman, Newton Ward TheSIS Forest of the Last 12,000 Years Based on Plant Macrofossil AnalySIS of Lake Sediment In Southwestern B.C. Mathematics and Statistics Physics Mathematics and Statistics Biological SCiences Chemistry Mathematics and Statistics Biological SCiences Biological SCiences Chemistry Biological SCiences Physics PhYSICS Chemistry 31

34 THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE UNDER SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS (FACULTY OF SCIENCE) McBride, Anita Margarit Thesis: Studies of Electric Conduction and Convection in Organic Solutions of Low Dielectric Constant. Physics FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCES THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS Bach, Kathleen Marie Bannister, Jacqueline Annette Basi, Reveena Kaur Boutilier, Stewart Benjamin Bouwman, Hendrikus Wilhelmus Brousseau, Bradley Steven Bunio, Darlene Kim Carter, Heather Lynn Cawkell, Joel William Cheung, Annie Wai Man Choy, Pui Ha Corcoran, Kathleen Anne Croll, Sandra Elizabeth Curtis, Wayne Dos Remedios, Bonnie Michael Elnaji, Adnan Fabio, Tiziana Fong, Judy Yuet Tuen Foote, Gregory Brent Gelblum, Maralyn Susan Gerow, Pamela Lynn Gouge, Barbara Joan Grat, Diane Margaret Hagan, Karen Patricia Hill, Margaret Rose Hillhouse, Douglas Ross Minor Minor Canadian Studies Minor Minor Joint Major Political Science Joint Major Canadian Studies Minor Music Co-op Education Minor Sociology Minor Minor Minor Minor 32

35 Hingston, Cathrene Anne Hort, Patricia Lee Hsiung, Chun Wun Cynthia Johnson, Stacy Lynn Joseph, Alka Karlinski, Janina Kehler, Patricia Lynn King, Christopher Lam, Tung Chew Francis Leach, Markus Peter Lee, Rachael April Leong, Janice Diane Lui, Oi Mui Amy MacDougall, Jyl Amanda Mah, Peter Makihara, Catherine Takako McDougall, Daniel William Meiklejohn, Richard Hugh Menon, Ramesh Moller, Harald Monsma, Melanie Clair Nakamura, Diane Miki Northey, Craig William Andrew Orser, Richard Linton Pengelly, Marian Corinne Pooni, Jagrup Kaur Rao, Arwin Wolfgang Samoil, George Eugene Sealy, David Hannington Shek, Lai Ha Shillington, Joanna Marie Skikavich, Moira Monica Skinner, David Neil Sussel, Robyn Debra Taylor, Kimberly Maarit Tsang, Chi Yung Dennis Turner, Rea Marie Valkama, Paul Eric Van Gelderen, Leah Elizabeth Van Soest, Linda Marie Minor Minor Honors Minor Minor Political Science Minor Sociology (1st Class) Honors Minor Sociology Minor Women's Studies Honors Minor Honors Minor Sociology 33

36 Van Wouw, Neil Douglas Van as, Earl Cornelius Verheul, Gordon Airie Verheol Whyte, Karen Sandra Williamson, Suzy Maria Wong, Wai Ping Minor Minor Film Minor Sociology Minor Kinesiology Minor THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF APPLIED SCIENCE (ENGINEERING SCIENCE) Ewert, Kevin Larry Frass, Mark Raymond Johnston, Shannon Bradford Schebel, Dean David Voth, Carl Albert Woo, Ming Chui Concentration Elect. & Concentration Computer Engineering Concentration Computer Engineering Concentration Elect. & Concentration Elect. & Concentration Elect. & THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Dean's Medal: Wilby, James Bruce Andruschak, Susan Winnifred Ao leong, Tai In Iny Badock, John Paul Bathmaker, Jonathan George Beaton, Richard James Bruneau, Glenn David Buker, Judith Danielle Chan, Darcelle Mary-Jeanne Chan, Eddy Kai Yiu Chan, Siu Ying Bernard Chan, Wai Keung Gary Cheng, Tak Fung Cheung, Kwok-Choi Keith Chiu, But Choi Chiu, Kwong Hung Choi, Chan-Suk (1 st Class) Honors Minor Co-op Education Minor Mathematics Minor Co-op Education Management & Systems Science Management & Systems Science 34

37 Chow, Karen Sue Choy, Po Chun Valerie Chu, Michael John Chua, Siow Chay Chung, Kit Ming Cranna, Janice Elizabeth Cuthbert, Ronald Duyker, Eric Fisher, lona Kathryn Floer, Douglas Eugene Fung, Shi Ming Galt, Teresa Gayle Grigoleit, Mark Ted Gudmundson, John Gordon Haydamack, Randal Lee Ho, Rick Chi Kwong Ho, Wan Cheung Samuel Jackson, Karen Elizabeth Johnston, David Lea Jones, Keith Jonvik, Susan Annamaria Kennedy, Douglas Allen Kinna, Timo Sakari Krebs, Lisa Roseanne Kurnia, Chalib Kwan, Chan Yin Kwan, Chuk Hong Kwok, Wai Shing Andrew Lam, Po Chiu Lau, Kai Hung Lau, Pei Yao Jasmine Lee, David Mathematics Co-op Education Minor French Management & Systems Science Minor Minor Co-op Education Minor Kinesiology Honors Digital and System Design Co-op Education Minor (1 st Class) Honors Management & Systems Science Honors Digital and System Design Co-op Education Minor Co-op Education Co-op Education Honors Minor 35

38 Lee, Wing To Leung, Eddie Tat-Cheung Leung, Vue Wang Lewis, Randall James Li, Yui Keung Main, William Robin Man, Hang Chee Henry Martin, Katherine Adrianne Mcintire, Christopher Shelly McKie, David John Merks, Eduardus Antonius Montgomery, Blair Robert Mott, Nigel Edward Moy, Wai-Ling Linda Ogilvy, Ronald John Pallot, Dennis Adam P. Parlby, Diane Elizabeth Poon, Lai Keng Rainbow, Randall Frank Rousseau, Rene Paul Roy, Glenn Alan Sadafi, Ramin Schuurman, William Adrian Shum, Kwok Chu Andy Siu, John Smith, Glen Ferguson So, Wai-Kei Staples, Shawn Tyler Minor Co-op Education Minor Co-op Education Honors Co-op Education (1st Class) Honors Minor Business Admir.istration Co-op Education Minor Co-op Education Co-op Education Co-op Education Co-op Education Minor Co-op Education Mathematics Minor Education Studies Management & Systems Science Minor Co-op Education 36

39 Sun, Kay Cheung Paul Sun, Yuen Yee Yvonne Tam, Kay-Hang Tam, Maria Wai-Yu Tam, Stella Shuet Wah Tam, Wing Wang Tan, Bian Kheng Tasker, Jill Hulda Tseun, Kamvy Lee Tso, Lap Kee Victor Tupper, Sidney Victor Hibbert Honors Co-op Education Van Spronssen, Robertus Arnoldus Visram, Naina Huseinali Pirbha Vitalis, Eugene Arnold Vogt, Lome William Minor Co-op Education Co-op Education Wall, Friedbert Webster, Carolyn Ann Willox, Brent Alexander Wong, Denny Wong, Emily Yuk-Ming Wong, Kam Ying Wilson Wong, Peter Lop Keung Wong, Susan So-Sheung Wong Too Yuen, Kiem Kion Woo, Kwok Kuen Danny Co-op Education Co-op Education Mathematics Yan, Wut Kuen Yong, Thuan Ing Yuen, Alfred Kam Ming Honors 37

40 THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE (KINESIOLOGY) Adamus, Nelda Helen Andolfatto, Gary Barnes, Tracy Margaret Barnetson, Alexander Buchheim, Martin David Buis, James Benedict Cameron, Gavin Lorch Charge, Thomas Dickinson Cooper, Dawn Irene Davy, Kathryn Anne Douglas, Walter John Egan, David Stephen Fleming, Heather Jane Franco, Debbie Genesis, Debra Rose Gesy, Margot Liane Hanna, Vicki Lynn Hatalcik, Karen Marie Hurley, Michael David Jang, Maisie Johnson, Patrick George Edward Kennedy, Daniel James Lang, Barbara Jeanne MacCulioch, Alison Fiona Maier, Brigitte Renate Massier, Robert Blair Munro, Judith Theresa Ng, Yuen Kay Patten, Robert Michael Rempel, Wolfgang Rogers, Marie Marcelle Diane Schleicher, George Hans Strong, Lisa Lee Tailing, Douglas Norma Verlaan, Paul Michael Walter, Patrick Benjamin White, Matthew David Yee, Deborah Sloan Kinesiology Honors Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Co-op Education Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Co op Education Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Kinesiology KineSiology Kinesiology Kinesiology Minor Archaeology Kinesiology Honors Kinesiology Minor Chemistry Honors Kinesiology Kinesiology 38

41 FACULTY OF EDUCATION THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF EDUCATION Dean's Medal: Krul, Jane Addy, Ruth Mary Aerts, Gilles Marie Claude Ahern, Patrick Alden Alma, Anna Maria Clarentia Anderson, Helen Anne Anderson, Lori Loluise Anglin, Sharon Lynn Collinge Archie, Trudeen Cameron Argast, Susan Joanne Atkins, Kathleen Ladell Balzer, Jacob Frederick Bancroft, Suzanne Marie Bates, Annette Mollie Ben Jaafar, Leila Khadouja Byer, Judy Lorraine Caley, William John Comerford, Donna Anne Marie Copeland, Emily Curr, Deborah Ellen Cutler, Herky Desrochers, Rosemarie Anne Dicarlo, Teresa Minor Environmental Education Minor Minor Minor Minor French Minor Minor Environmental Education Minor Minor Minor Minor learning Disabilities Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Environmental Education Minor Minor Kinesiology Minor Minor Minor Minor French Minor Kinesiology Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Environmental Education Minor French 39

42 Dodd, Michael Edward Doerksen, Victor Ernest Dunbar, Judy Ann Dyck, Catherine Marie Dyck, Wendy Darlene Emmerson, Darlene Jeannette, Shelley Margaret Erickson, Maria Ester Felton, Rodney James Fischer-Credo, Mattias Christian Fraser, Beverley Griffin, Shelley Denise Grubb, Marilyn Joan Grundle, Natalia Bernice Heavenor, Anna Maria Hessami, Iren Hildebrand, Curtis Mark Hildreth, Frederick Lewis: Mich Holmen, Diane Evelyn Hunter, Elizabeth Jean Huva, Elaine Louise Johnston, Julie Irene Ladds, Patricia Irene Lalani, Parviz Lazin, Sharlene Veronica Minor Minor Minor Environmental Education Minor Minor Minor Elementary Phys Ed Minor Minor Minor Kinesiology Minor Minor Elementary Phys Ed Minor Spanish Minor French Minor Environmental Education Minor Minor Minor Learning Disabilites Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor French Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor French 40

43 Le Cavalier, Heather Dawn Lenardon, Laurie Anne Marie Livingstone, Carol Louie, Irene Elizabeth MacBean, Elizabeth Ann MacPherson, Bruce Douglas McCully, Bonnie Diane McDonnell, Thomas Martin McGovern, Catherine Anne McLean, Colin Campbell Minshull, Irma Napoletano, Alfonso Neumann, Gillian Mary Newcomb, Beverley Joyce O'Brien, Kathleen Fern Parsons, Jean Pollock, Shannon Louise Priest, Duane Anne Raycraft, Kelli Jane Rice, Constance Felicidad Robinson, Lori Ellen Sale, Steven William Sartorello, Helen Lorraine Schuler, Chantal Schulting, Pauline Mathilda Sheane, Michael Andrew Minor Minor Minor Minor Anthropology Minor Minor Minor Minor Kinesiology Minor Minor Minor Minor Elementary Phys Ed Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Environmental Education Minor Minro Minor French Minor Minor French Minor Minor 41

44 Siller, Jacqueline Lorraine Steel, Susan Margaret Tee, Mary Siew Lan Thomson, Janine Alison Tompson, Mary Margaret Frances Turner, Patricia Louise Van Dyke, Jacqueline Henriette Vivian Margaret Anne Walry, Suzanne Helene Wardrop, Barbara Gail Wilkerson, Edwin John Williams, Alexis Lee Wills, Kathryn Wilson, Edward Charles Woodcock, Patricia Anne Yeuledt, Shannon Alayne Young, James Henry Minor Minor Minor Minor Kinesiology Minor Elementary Phys Ed Minor Minor Sociology Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor French Minor Elementary Phys Ed Minor Kinesiology Minor Canadian Studies Minor Minor Minor Minor Elementary Phys Ed Minor Environmental Education Minor Environmental Education Minor Minor Kinesiology FACUL TV OF SCIENCE THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Dean's Medal: St. Amand, Janet Lynn Aebi, Christopher Andrew Anderson, James Barclay Baker, Louise Yvonne Baker, Nathan Edward Banfield, David Karl Biro, Andrew John Brand, Thomas Richard Brochu, Lynn Brown, Kevin Arnold (t st Class) Honors Bio-Chemistry Minor Chemistry Honors Bio-Chemistry Minor Honors Bio-Chemistry Minor Kinesiology Chemistry Chemistry 42

45 Cadiente, Harold Campbell, Todd Andrew Casoria, Simone Chau, Kenneth Ho Kwong Chow, Erica Chu, Vincent Colbow, Kevin Michael Connors, Teresa Anne Cunningham, Suzane Vivi D'Angelo, Mario Donald, Delmar William Dotevall, Eva Karin Dubreuil, James William Eng, Hugh Ung Finlayson, Scott Andrew Fleming, Mark Alexander Gervais, John David Gill, Ajit Pal Gopaul, Vedwater Sashi Henderson, Frederick William Hermon, Brian Thomas Ho, Jian Hole, Maureen Elizabeth Hollis, Mardi Jean Houtman, Robert Hubeli, Richard John Ikeda, Cheryl Ellen lu, Sio lec Jack Jenkins, Eric Morgan Jiwa, Karima Johnsen, Robert Craig Johnson, Glen Franklin Jones, Christopher Allan Junkin, Michael Douglas Kan, Lisa Karran, Patricia Kathlene Kennedy, Aaron Lee Khoshkhassal, Marina Kilde, Ingrid Lillian Kooner, Sheila Physics Physics Minor Mathematics Physics Minor Mathematics Minor (1 st Class) Honors Chemical Physics Bio-Chemistry Mathematics Minor Minor Bio-Physics Honors Chemistry Minor Nuclear Science Mathematics Minor (1 st Class) Honors Mathematics & Computing Bio-Chemistry Chemistry Mathematics Mathematics (1 st Class) Honors Biological SCiences Physics (1st Class) Honors Mathematics & Computing Co-op Education (1 st Class) Honors Mathematics Minor Co-op Education Mathematics Management & Systems Science Physics Mathematics Bio-Chemistry Minor 43

46 Lam, Mee Kuk Lapsley, Roderick McLeod Lee Too, Marcel Leung, Shu Tong Timothy Leung, Stephen Wing Hay Li, Edmond Pak-Man Lo, Yuk Shi Lock, Rodney Lawrence Loizides, Christis Mahood, Bruce Colin Mak, Ronald King Pak Makaroff, Sylvia Jean Mallette, Patrick Phillip Mallinson, Steven Michael McGee, Josephine Andreta McGraw, Randy William McKim, Kim Stewart Merchant, Kurbanali Haiderali K_ Merkens, Markus Mitchell, Laurie Kathleen Mok, Kar Che David Morris, Gerald Douglas Murray, Katherine Alice Newn, Shirley Ng, Karan Po-Ling Ng, Peter Ng, Shun Chiang Nikl, Libor Nissen, Mark Kenneth Park, Catriona Claire Partlow, Eric Stewart Patterson, Roberta Anne Pauls, Douglas Victor Perkins, Keith Leslie Peters, Kenneth William Porter, Terence Michael Prokopich, Russel George Quan, Gregory Allan Radford, Craig Douglas Rainbow, Rob Archibald Rickson, Christine Elizabeth Riskie, Troy Kaoru Robinson, Kevin Charles Russo, Nicholas Mathematics Mathematics Bio-Chemistry Mathematics (1 st Class) Honors Mathematics & Computing Bio-Chemistry Minor Mathematics Minor Mathematics Co-op Education Mathematics Bio-Chemistry Management & Systems Science Mathematics Minor Bio-Chemistry Physics Co-op Education Physics (1 st Class) Honors Co-op Education Bio-Chemistry Honors Chemical Physics Minor Kinesiology Mathematics Mathematics Minor Honors Physics Bio-Chemistry Honors Mathematical Physics (1 st Class) Honors Chemistry Co-op Education Chemistry - Chemistry Minor Nuclear Science Minor Chemistry Co-op Education Bio-Chemistry Physics 44

47 Schittecatte, Olivier Schnee, Cindy Robin Scribner, John Robert Sioh, Maureen Kim Lian Stepan, Jan Suttie, Charles David Rae Tam, Simon Sen Khin Thacker, James Dean Townsend, Robert David Tung, Bill Tat-Choi Vanderweyde, Marlene Patricia Wagner, David Gustav Walter, Phillip Carl Walter, Veronica Valerie Weick, Edward John Wheeler, Louise Aileen Wieczorke, John Marian Peter Willcox, Michael Alan Willis, Leslie Gordon Wong, Chiu Hea Anne Wong, Nancy Edna Wu, Kwok Chu Wu, Loong Cheong Paul Wynne, Andrew Donald Yip, Lesley Donald Zaharia, Brent Robert Zemp, Helen Zilahi-Balogh, Riella Management & Systems Science Mathematics (1 st Class) Honors Mathematics Mathematics Bio-Chemistry Minor Kinesiology (1 st Class) Honors Mathematics (1st Class) Honors Bio-Chemistry Minor Chemistry Bio-Chemistry Minor Mathematics Mathematics (1 st Class) Honors Mathematics & Computing Management & Systems Science Minor Kinesiology Co-op Education FACULTY OF ARTS THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF GENERAL STUDIES Aitken, David Kenneth Norma Akbar, Hena Alain, Philip Joseph Alexander, Nancy Sylvia Anderman, George Robert Archibald, Kathleen Elizabeth Athans, David Michael Austin, Victor Thomas Babcook, Beverley May Baxter, James Melvin Bedard, Rita Simone Marie Bennett, Ane Marie Gjerulff Bird, Jean Catherine Minor Environmental Education Minor Minor Minor Sociology Minor Canadian Studies Minor 45

48 Blokland, Alberta Abeltje Branson, Raymond William Bright, John Brown, Janice Gay Bruns, Tammy Lynne Buchan, Heather Bueckert, Linda Karen ButtkllS, Susan Elizabeth Chapman, Bonny Lillian Cheng, Cecil Benito Dyogi Chien, John Wing-Kong Chow, Ivan Kim Tone Choy, Ping Clayton, Georgette Margaret Cove, Marilyn Rosemary Danielson, Dorothy Louise Downey, Mary Theresa Duley, Katherine Lee Dunham, Janet Lyn Nossaman Elliot, James Blake Entin, Martha Evans, Mary-Anne Ferguson, Thomas Michael Finberg, Victor Roderick Fiorido, Vivian Marie-Angela Forsyth, Mary Gertrude Geggie, Donna Jom Georgas, Constantine Gill, Glen Hugh Gill, Sardool Singh Go, Olivia Emilie Goosen, Dennis Charles Grant Gamble, Cheryl Lynn Hager, Robert Lynn Hanson, Irene Ann Harkness, Margaret Diane C. Herbert, John James Hiebert, Carol Lenora Hilchey, Irene Ruth Howard, Harry Michael Huffman, Coe, Susan Elizabeth Imre, Mimi Jenkins, Barbara Lee Johnson, Catherine Jean Johnson, Kathleen Margaret Minor Minor Sociology Minor Kinesiology Minor Minor Minor Women's Studies Minor Learning Disabil~ies Minor Minor Minor Education Studiees Minor Minor Physics Minor Minor Environmental Education Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Education Studies 46

49 Johnston, Patricia Mary Jones, Heather Elizabeth Kantz, Linda Elaine Keery, Janet Charlotte Kennelly, Brian Donald Kerr, Douglas William Kitade, Carol Anne Koo, Suk Fan Susan Kuhlmann, Eleanor Gail Lamoureux, Marie Cecile Lim, Chong Lee Loutit, Nancy Elizabeth Lucas, Thomas George Lutz, Valerie Ann Mabbs, Ellen Joan MacLeod, Cheryl Jacqueline Maki, Arvida Marilyn Shirley Manouchehri, Sharon Ivy Marshall, Catherine Marianne Maximick, Lorna Anne McCune, Sandra Ann McDonald, Daniel Hugh Charles McEown, Linda Ann McLaughlin, Gary Anthony McQuat, Jane Isabell Wray McWilliams, Bruce William Metcalfe, Michael Patrick Michaud, Gisele Miller, David Lawrence Molle, Robert Michael Mont, Roderick Earl Morash, Doreen Ann Moscrop, Barbara Lynne Moss, Raymond Douglas Muttitt, Linda Kathleen Nelson, Lois Marie Nickerson, Elizabeth Marjorie Nolan, Francis Walter Nymshi-Kaheen, Aleh Ogden, Russel David Pannu, Gurdeep Kaur Pao, Helen Payne, Frances Evans Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Kinesiology Minor Minor Education Studies Minor Sociology Minor French Minor Minor Minor Minor Theatre Minor Minor Minor Kinesiology Minor Kinesiology Minor Minor Environmental Education Minor Sociology Minor Minor Minor Minor Environmental Education 47

50 Penner, Violet Sarah Peters, Ronald Anthony Pitts, Charles Kristian Pringle, Marie Diane Rainey, Grace Ryan Richards, Barbara Richardson, Gloria Joy Robertson, Lynn Darlene Rothenbush, Dan Mark Rowe, Heidi Elizabeth Rupprecht, Hans-Christian Georg Saunders, Teresa Evelyn Sax, Toby Ellen Schiml, Norman Mark Shea, Richard Norman Short, Jenny Chun-Yu Short, Lawrence Donald Siemens, Marion Rose Sigvaldason, Susan Ann Slipiec, Yvonne Emilie Tabin Smith, Jennifer Mary Smith, Sandra Joan Tabor, Carol Ann Thomas, Christina Elizabeth Thomas, Norma Jean Thompson, Daniel Bruce Minor Minor Minor Minor Physics Minor Minor Elementary Phys Ed Minor Environmental Education Minor Environmental Education Minor Minor Minor Minor Minor Environmental Education Violet, Ruth May Waugh, Ronald Malcom Weitzel, Constance Marie Werth, Agnes May Whitmore, Alison Vanessa Wight, Maryann Amelia Wilcox, Donald Robert Wilson, Barbara Louise Withers, Jess Jackman Wong, Norman Worthing, Kelly Reagan Zee, Rita Mary Magdalen Ziemer, Loraine Denise Minor Minor Zuyderhoff, Rudolph 48

51 SATURDAY, JUNE 7,19862:30 p.m. THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (FACUL TV OF ARTS) Dean's Medal: Moretti, Marlene Marie Thesis: Processing Positive and Negative Stimuli in Depression. Bodvarsson, Orn Bodvar Thesis: The of Employee Monitoring: A Sequential Measurement Approach. Chaudhury, Mohammed Mahtabuddin Thesis: On Testing the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model. Conaty, Gerald Thomas Thesis: Middle and Late Archaic Hunter-Gatherer Mobility Strategies in Western Kentucky. Davis, Ronald Brian Thesis: The Functional Analysis and Treatment of Bulimia. Gibson, William Arnold Thesis: Money, Debt and Taxation in a Model of Government Finance. Gilbert, Mervyn Vorum Thesis: Preventive Social Problem Solving with Children: Evaluation and Prediction of Outcome. Hak, Gordon Hugh Thesis: On the Fringes: Capital and Labour in the Forest Economies of the Port Alberni and Prince George Districts, British Columbia, Joy, Lesley Ann Thesis: The Relationship of Abuse in Childhood to Maternal Maltreatment of Children. Khan, Mohiuddin Muhammad Moosa Thesis: Active Portfolio Management and the Gains from International Portfolio Diversification. Kim, Yooman Thesis: Theory of Internationally Diversified Production Under Uncertainty: The Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuations on Growth of Direct Foreign Investment, Return, Stability and Risk. Newman, Frances Thesis: Adolescent Ego Development in Non-Standard Females: Unfortunate Life Events and Current Functioning. Ng-Yin-Ping, Ignace Thesis: Transaction Costs, Labor Market Institutions and Strikes. Petrie, Bruce Fraser Thesis: Failure to Replicate an Environmental Effect of Morphine Hydrochloride Consumption: A Possible Psychopharmacogenetic Link. Rea, Cornelius Patrick Thesis: Developmental Aspects of the Spacing Effect. Spencer, John Wesley Thesis: Emotional Responses of Pregnant Women Undergoing Chorionic Villus Sampling of Amniocentesis. Spurling, Brian Eyton Thesis: Archaeological Resource Management in Western Canada: A POlicy Science Approach. Turbeville, Daniel Eugene III Thesis: Cities of Kindling: Geographical Implications Of The Urban Fire Hazard On The Pacific Northwest Coast Frontier, Archaeology Archaeology 49

52 THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS (FACULTY OF ARTS) Arnason, Barbara Joy Thesis: The Shadow of Despair: The Tradition and the Exception in Seventeenth-and Eighteenth-Century Interpretation of Ecclesiastes (and Juvenal's Satire X). Barker, Carol Ann Thesis: Variations in Abdominal Electrical Potentials in Bulimic and Normal Human Subjects. Beach, Barbara Jean Thesis: Body Image Disturbances in the Treatment of Bulimia. Camp, Catherine Eileen Thesis: Energy Efficiency and Agricultural Production: A Case Study of Lettuce Farms In The Greater Vancouver Census Division. Cheung, Andrew Mun Keung Project: An Examination of Non-Market Risk in Portfolio Analysis. Coppola, Antonio Bruno Extended Essays: 1) The Role of Information in Bargaining Theory. 2) New Reforms for Canadian Competition Policy. Cruise, Eleanor Edith Thesis: The Effects of Acculturation and Attitudes toward Inter-group Relations on Well-being and Assertiveness in a Coast Salish Group. Druce, Donald Joseph Prolect: Incorporation Energy and Flood Control Objectives in the Operations Planning of a Hydroelectric Complex Under Uncertainty. Fisher, Patricia Mary Thesis: A Micro-Level Analysis of Change Over Time in Personal Project Systems. Fleming, Lorraine Joan Thesis: Scale Variation in Tactual Maps: Implications for Improved Mobility. Gardiner, Dwight Gordon Linguistics Thesis: Propositional Configurations and their Expression in Shuswap Salish. Godfrey-Smith, Dorothy Irena Archaeology Thesis: X-Ray Fluorescence Characterization of the Obsidian Flows from the Mount Edziza Volcanic Complex of British Columbia, Canada. Hatten, Robert Allan Project: An Analysis of Canadian Air Transport Demand. Houle, Ruth Vaughan Thesis: Girls Have Their Nature, the Same as Bull-Dogs Have The Expression of Feminism in E. Nesbit's Bastable Tnology. Jackson, Anne Elizabeth Thesis: Faulkner and Mourning: The Human Heart in Conflict with Itself. Jo, Yukiko Political Science Thesis: Japan's Postware Rearmament and Reactions of East Asian States. Kamath, Kiran French linguistics Thesis: Les Emprunts du fran(fais aux langues indiennes de l'lnde (178-20e siecle) (Loan-words in French from the Indian languages of India (17th - 20th century). Kim, Hyung-Soo Linguistics Thesis: The Catalytic Influence of Syneresis as Revealed by Theoretical AnalYSIS of Epenthesis and its Diverse Reflexes in Romance Languages. Lee, Steven Bernie Thesis: Methods of Payment: An Application to the Hairdressing Industry in Vancouver. 50

53 Lees, Elizabeth Anne Thesis: Problems of Pacification: Veterans' Groups in Vancouver, Loh, Choon Cheong Project: Forecasting the Canadian Short-Term Nominal Interest Rate. MacKenzie, Kenneth W, Thesis: Freeway Planning and Protests in Vancouver MacKinnon, Joanne Louise Thesis: EffectsofTwo Rates of Horizontal Rocking on Infant Respiration. Maia, Jorge Humberto De Carvalho Project: An Analysis of Brazilian Trade Policy and Resultant Anti-Export Biases. Marcellus, Catherine Mary Jocelyn Thesis: The Heracles: Myth Becoming Man. McLachlan, Ian Patrick Project: The of Seabed Mining Under the UNCLOS Arrangements. McNally, William James Project: Quality, Quantity and Deregulation in the Canadian Air Transport Industry. Muckle, Robert James Thesis: Archaeological Considerations of Bivalve Shell Taphonomy. Ndaba, Doris Extended Essays: 1) The Development of the Air Transportation Industry in British Columbia, ) Hagerstrand's Time-Space Model. An Assessment. Neill, Ross Owen Project: Six and Twelve Month Forecasts of the British Columbia Unemployment Rate Using Leading Indicators in Transfer Function Models. Newman, Timothy John Thesis: The Use of Arthurian Quest Motifs in the Science Fiction and Fantasy of Ursula K. Le Guin: A Study of The Left Hand of Darkness and A Wizard of Earthsea. Patterson, Serena Joan Thesis: Adolescent Boys: Implications For A Defense Model of Delinquency. Pelham, Judith Mary Thesis: Modal Logic and Generalized Inclusion Frames. Phillips, Grahame Douglas Extended Essays: 1) Shklovsky's Concept of Defamiliarisation: Two Critical Approaches. 2) The Sense of Space in Paradise Lost: Three Sources. Plesner, Karen Project: Consumer Energy Usage: Literature Review and Causal Model of the Effects of Demographic and Household Characteristics on Energy Usage Change. Porges, Richard James Project: A Comparison of Classification Techniques for Models of Binary Choice. Roberts, Donald Charles Thesis: Madness and Culture: A Study of Madness in the Works of Woolf, Chekhov and Fitzgerald. Roberts, Nancy Laurie Extended Essays: 1) The Author as Reader: The Role of the Narrators in The Blitheda/e Romance and The Sacred Fount. 2) Making It Real: Turning Fact into Fiction In the World of Barbara Pym. Rodd, Valerie Eve Thesis: Dickens and the Romantic ViSion of Childhood. Archaeology Philosophy 51

54 Rohling, Thomas Andrew Extended Essays: 1) Human Capital vs Screening: An Empirical Analysis. 2) Indexation and Inflation: An Empirical Analysis. Sakai, Masaki Thesis: The Estimation of the SI. Louis Equation for the Canadian Economy. Sharma, Shalendra Thesis: Agrarian Structure and Social Change: A Case Study of Bihar, India. Snow, Rhonda Darlene Thesis: The Relation of Young Children's Facial Expressivity to Peer Rankings of their Likeability. Toth, Jean Laura Thesis: The Relationship Between Hardiness and Transformational Coping Processes. Trevelyan, Simon Thesis: Development and Assessment of a Tactile Mobility Map For The Visually Impaired. Turner, Jean Project: A Study OfThe Decline Of Banks From The Thirteenth To Seventeenth Centuries. Wadhwani, Sangeeta Rani Project: Vertical and Quasi Vertical Integration: Transaction Cost Models and Their Application to the British Columbia Salmon Industry. Wright, Christopher Stephen Thesis: The Retail Market as an Open Access Commons: The Role of Transaction Costs. Zaskow, Cara Astrid Thesis: Effects of Manipulated Facial Expressions on Subjective and Physiological Indices of Emotion. Sociology THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS (CRIMINOLOGY) (FACUL TV OF ARTS) Chong, Mick Yoke Loon Thesis: Conflict, Law and Social Control: A Descriptive Study of the Relationship Between Chinese and the Legal System in British Columbia, Collins, Othniel Oneill Thesis: The Impact of the Rule of Law on the Operational Procedures and Policy-Making of the National Parole Board. de Beer, Beth Marjory Thesis: Fear of Victimization Among the Elderly: An Exploratory Analysis of the Interactions Among Fear of Victimization, Neighborhood Integration, Activity and Social Support. Henderson, Laurie Ann Thesis: Public Sector Paralegals in British Columbia: An Analysis of the Difference Between Paralegals and Lawyers in the Provision of Summary Advice. Mohammadhossein, Nosratollah Thesis: A Theoretical Report on Sociological and Legal Aspects of Drinking and Driving. Mosher, Clayton James Thesis: The 20th Century Marihuana Phenomenon in Canada. Weafer, Linda Mary Frances Thesis: The Development and Implementation of Community-Based Justice Programs for Native and Northern Communities. The Justice of the Peace Program in the Yukon Territory. 52

55 Williams, David Weiland Thesis: The Justice of Power: An Examination of Correctional Decision Making and Institutional Misconduct. Woytowich, Sandra Anne Thesis: Victims of Robbery: A Report on a Winnipeg Survey. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS UNDER SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS (FACULTY OF ARTS) Davis, Audrey Anne Thesis: Social Support, Personality, and Independent Living in the Elderly. Dolden, Paul Project: Veils: Studies in Textual Transformations. THE DEGREE OF MASTERS OF ARTS IN THE TEACHING OF FRENCH (FACULTY OF ARTS) Bailey, James Douglas Project: Software Programming for the Language Teacher, including a Sample Program. Erskine, John Cuthbert Project: Exploratory Ear Training Activities for Learners of French as a Second Language. Morlacci, Secondina Project: Communicative Activities Providing Transition Between Con'Lmlled Manipulation of Language Forms and Spontaneous Interaction. Nielson, Lucie Margarit Project: A Comparative Study of Interference Errors among - and German-Speaking Students of French Pavelich, Amy Corry Project: Addressing the Problem of Listening Comprehension in French as a Second Language. Theriault, Hugues Gerald Project: Le fran~ais apres la classe. Young, Gary Maxwell Project: Saint Pierre and Miquelon - A Cultural Module. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE UNDER SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS (FACULTY OF ARTS) Mallinson, Arthur Ian Thesis: Recording of Vestibulospinal Reflexes Using Caloric-Induced Electromyographic Responses in Limb Extensors. 53 Neurophysiology

56 FACULTY OF ARTS THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS Dean's Medal: Went, Donna Heather Adamoski, Robert Loren Aghaipour, Marjan Ainsley, James Akins, Leslie Dean L. Akins, Teresa Allan, Marilyn Patricia Allen, Early Daniel Alvernaz, Lesley Ann Deborah Anderson, Michele April Andersson, Ulla Marie Andrews, David Brian Collingwod Andruske, Cynthia Anema,lnge Ang, Pheck Choo Anthony, Robert Felton Arnold, Catherine Patricia Assman, John Kenneth Baerg, Diane Marie Baier, Wayne Douglas Bailey, Terry Richard Bakala, Craig Scott Glenn Bakerink, Ronda Ann Bannister, John Gartlan Barclay, Suzanne Elizabeth Barnes, James Arthur Baron-Goddard, Stacey Alena Barr, Jacqueline Margaret Barr, Shelley Kathleen Barron, Ramona Diane Batch, Beverly Anne Bates, Matthew Paul Bates, Paula Jean Baumann-Jenkins, Cheryl Ann Baun, Kismet Alexis Bean, Susan Meredith Beatty, Joseph Richard Beblo, Barbara Beck, Mary Lois Benamaisia, Stephen Tarikebi Berg, Helen Hinda Ruth (1 st Class) Honors Minor Women's Studies (1 st Class) Honors Minor Sociology Honors Fine & Performing Arts Frenctl Minor Spanish Anthropology/Sociology Minor Linguistics Linguistics Minor German Political Science Psych. Ling & Phul Anthropology/Sociology Minor Kinesiology Minor Minor Minor Dance Sociology Minor Political Science Anthropology/Sociology Linguistics Minor 54

57 Betkowski, Mark Anthony Beyak, Janet Anne Bhalloo, Shafik.Billing, Lynette Corinee Birckel, Gail Frances Birdi, Jai Paul Bisset, Nadine Ann Bondi, Enrico Boniface, Alan Arthur Boniface, Silvia Anne Marie Boulet, Sylvie Bradley, Carol Anne Braun, Linda Susan Bridge, Joan Mary Brooks, Dale Theodore Brown, Kevin DaVid Brown, Kim Tracey Brown, Lorna Doon Brueckert, Marianne Catherine Bruns, Richard Todd Buday, Grant Richard Burbidge, Suzanne Burrows, Sandra June Butcher, Brian Leigh Butler, Margot Leigh Butler, Thomas Woods Butterworth, Colleen Mary A. Cameron, Christine Elizabeth Cameron, Gregory Glen Cameron, William Norman Cannon, Douglas Reagh Carey, Naomi Paula Carlson, Dawn Marie Carpenetti, Antonio Vito Giusto Carson, Theresa Jane Carten, Paul Joseph Carter, Brigette Damoris Carter, John Jeffrey Carvalhal, Karen Andrea Casey, Martin Alan Chaichian, Cam ran Shapour Minor Minor Political Science Minor Sociology Minor Sociology Political Science Minor Minor Political Science Minor Sociology Minor Fine & Performing Arts Minor Minor Kinesiology Fine & Performing Arts Minor French Minor Minor Minor Minor Film Dance Minor Kinesiology Political Science 55

58 Chalioulias, Filitas Anyfantis Chambers, Barbara Chan, Christopher Wing-Kuen Chan, Hok Wang Kinny Chan, Nancy Chan, Po Hing Tom Chan, Tak On Chand, Gurdip Chang, Sophia Yin Yee Chang, Yuet-Ngor Jennifer Chen, Ting-Nam Cheng, Chung Yin Cheng, Doris Ching Yee Cheng, Katy Tsu Yueh Chew, Winnie Siew Choo Chicoine, Harriet Chisholm, Colin Alexander Chong, Roberto Chong, Wee Kee Chow, Lily Lucia Christenson, Dale Allan Wayne Christian, David John Christiansen, Karin Chui, Yin King Churchill, Greg Ronald Clarke, Wilma Daygre Cochrane, Diane Kelly Cockfield, Glenn Stuart Cole, Jennifer Margaret Collings, Diana Beatrice Compton, James Robert Congdon, Daniel Lorne Conway, Florentia Anne Corcoran, Stephen Anthony Cormier, Rachel Marguerite Mari Coupla.nd, Timothy Andrew Cox, Susan Margaret Crabtree, Mary Anne Craig, Alison Lee Craig, John Alan Craig, Larry Mitchell Cross, Patricia Marr Cruise, Reila Culhane, Dara Linguistics (1st Class) Honors Minor Sociology linguistics Anthropology/Sociology Minor Minor Minor Political Science Minor German Minor Minor Sociology Political Science Minor Anthropology / Sociology Political Science Minor Fine & Performing Arts Dance Minor Political Science Sociology Minor Political Science Sociology Minor Women's Studies Honors Archaeology Political Science Minor Minor (1 st Class) Honors Anthropology/Sociology 56

59 Cull, Cheryl Barbara Currie, Sharon, Heather Curry, Laura Jane Dahm, Wilhelm Edwin Dane, Katherine May Davies, Lesley Alwyne Davis, Edward Gregory Dechant, Bernadette Marie Delaney, Tim John Denike, Margaret Ann Dennis, Anna Desmarais, Armette Aurelie Devlin, Mamie Jane Dhami, Manjeet Kaur Dhanani, Munira Dharsee, Hanif Dhillon, Bhopoinder Pal Singh Diamond, Peter Kevin Dick, Sandra Lillian Dignan, Todd Gordon Dobereiner, Elizabeth Maria Donnelly, Mark Patrick Dorby, Kenneth Dorey, Diana Lee Dorrell, Morten Rayner Dowling, Donald Vincent Dryden, Beatrice Edna Noel Duggan, Lesagh Marion Duncan, Jennifer Mary Isabel Dundas, Karen Elizabeth Dunn, Rawnie Lynn Dykstra, Alice Fine & Performing Arts Minor Political Science Minor Political Science Minor Honors Minor Humanities French Minor Kinesiology Anthropology/Sociology Minor Sociology Minor Philosophy Anthropology/Sociology Anthropology/Sociology (1 st Class) Honors Minor Minor Political Science Minor Political Science Minor (1 st Class) Honors Sociology Minor Eberts, Nancy Louise Egan-Olsen, Suzan Mary Ellenwood, David Spensley Endo, Paul Erb, Richard Escudero, Maria Dolores Etches, Barbara Lynne Ewan, Heather Louise French Minor Minor Honors Minor Philosophy Political Science Honors Minor Fairhurst, Carol Diane Fantillo, Teresa Jill Archaeology 57

60 Farquhar, Grant Alexander Farrow, Patricia Fedorak, Charles John Ferguson, Marlene Jeanne Filippone, Joseph Vaughan Fisher, Bradley Lorne Fisher, Coralie Edna Fisher, Kimberly Gail Fishman, Jan Abraham Flagel, Janet Elizabeth Fletcher, Lynda Flock, Andrew John Flynn, Georgina Marie Fong, Ka-Shuen Peggy Fong, Kwan Yuk Rachel Foran, Kevin Thomas Edward Ford, Laura Marie Fornal, Linda Maria Fredrickson, Arvid Lee French, Charlotte Anne French, William Donald Raymond Friedman, Monika Marion Muntwiler Friesen, Barbara Jean Friesen, Kathryn Ruth Frost, Jane Elizabeth Fultner, Barbara Gaiesky, Roger Gallagher, Penelope Louise Gatzke, Tawny Mary Gault, Daniel Wesley Gavini, Maria Lourdes Dumenden Geider, Andrew Karl Gemino, Andrew Carlo Ghent-Hulet, Lisa Katherine Gibbons, Gordon Gibson, Jacqueline Mary Gibson, Wilma Jean Gil-Rodriguez, Miriam Elisa Glavin, James Ernest Golding, Glen William Gordon, Mark P:eter Gori, Adriana Virginia Gorman, William James Gould, Darlene Valerie Gow, Lori-Lee Edith PsychOlogy Minor Sociology Minor Archaeology (1st Class) Honors Minor Political Science (1 st Class) Honors Minor Anthropology (1st Class) Honors Sociology (1 st Class) Honors Joint Major Joint Major Political Science Minor Anthropology/Sociology Oance Russian French Minor Archaeology Minor Kinesiology Minor Honors Minor Anthropology/Sociology French Minor Fine & Performing Arts Minor Anthropology/Sociology Minor Minor Linguistics 58

61 Greenwell, Lorraine Hazel Gretsinger, Robert Henry Gruenefeld, Elizabeth Diana Gunn, Jean Gunn, Jenning Gygax, Silvia, Katharina French Minor German Hadley, Lynda Lois Hagen, Debra Ann Hait, Wesley John Halim, Fitra Wati Hall, Faye Ellen Hall, Gordon Richard Hamilton, Kelly Ruth Hanagata, John Hanniman, Louis Wayne Hanson, Curtis Vaughn Hanuse, Debra Mary Harling, Cydney Ann Harper, Janis Maura Helen Harrison, Lucy Jane Hartley, Terry Lee Harvey, Kathleen Ann Hasegawa, Yuri Paula Hausler, Barbara Ann Marjory Hayes, Bruce Edward Hayne, Daniel Stuart Haynes, Scott Veri Henderson, Randal Keith Hennessey, Patrick Herron, Lindsay Joan Heselgrave, Douglas Craig Hetherington, William Richard Hewstan, Corlyn Elaina Hildebrandt, Jeannette Joan Ho, Ellen Bik San Ho, Kang-Cheun Hobkirk, Adrian Frederick Codri Hockenhull, John Oliver Hodge, Catherine Theresa Hodgson, Barbara Janet Hoechsmann, Michael Hoiles, David Gerald Hoiles, William Douglas Hood, Michele Hooper, Michael David Hopkins, Jennifer Ann Hounanian, Lida Minor Anthropology/Sociology Minor Political Science French Minor Linguistics Fine & Performing Arts (1st Class) Honors Political Science Minor Spanish Linguistics Dance Fine & Performing Arts Minor Political Science Political Science Minor Minor Minor Educat;on Studies Ecnomics Fine & Perlorming Arts Anthropology Joint Major Latin American Studies Joint Major Spanish Minor Kinesiology Minor Archaeology Political Science Minor French 59

62 Howard, Stephen John Huggett, Alan Thomas Hume, Golly Poolmatee Hunter, Dale Ann Hutchinson, Jay Alan Hwang, Seong-II Michael Ingram, Mary Ellen Inkman, Marion Marie Irwin, Kathleen Marie Jacobs, Teresa May Janzen, Paul William H. Jean, Iris Elisabeth Frieda Jeffrey, Irwin Hunter Jensen, Sharon Ellen Frost Jetha, Shafraz Johal, SUkhjeven Sheila Johannessen, Bradley Richard Jolley, Donald Duncan Jones, Christopher Glen Jones, Joseph Bruce Jones, Lori-Ann Jordan, Randal Bradley Jordan, Susan Marie Joyce, David Alan Kalsi, Kamaljit Kaminsky, Donna Lesya Kanehara, Janet Kapil, Ragini Karall, Araceli Kasper, David Victori Kassam, Anisa Kearns, Frank Keery, Robert Scott Keller, Arno Armin Khng, Irene Khoo, Boon Wah Kidner, Dianne Gloria Kierans, Madeleine Margaret Kilgour, Ruth Ellen Killough, Richard Bryan Joint Maior Latin American Studies Joint Major Political Science Minor (1 st Class) Honors Minor Minor Political Science (1 st Class) Honors Anthropology/Sociology Philosophy Minor. Anthropology/Sociology Minor Minor Minor Kinesiology Fine & Performing Arts Minor Philosophy Minor Minor Anthropology//Sociology Minor Latin American Studies Minor Political Science Minor Minor Sociology Minor 60

63 King, James Michael Francis King, Steven Mark Kirby, Kim Leslie Kissinger, Alison Jane Kiyooka, Jan Fumiko Kok, Sew Thin Kosteckyj, George Kotush, Cynthia Anne Krakow, Nathan Kroeker, Robert George Kurz, Lesley Kwauk, Robert Yang-Ming Lacasse, Geoffrey David Lacey, Gregary Charles Lachance, Rita Marie Anne Lafave, Annette Margaret Lai, Soon Yuen Lam, Edwin Lam, Rick Cheong Shing Lamb, Elain Sommerville Lamothe, Lynn Elizabeth Langmaid, Bob Alan Late II, Susan Ruth Lau, Stephen Law, Andrea Helen Law, Kit Siu Law, Wai Hong Alvin Lawrence, Sharon Marie Layfield, Carol Ann Leblond, Philip John Lee, Gerry Lee, Gordon King Lee, Kerwin Kwan Kin Lee, Peter Todd Lee, Phillip Raymond Chung Lee, Sek Yee Lee, Wai Tak Loretta Lefrancois, Claude Rene Leier, Eileen Mary Leier, Mark James Leigh-Allen, Harry Frederick Mclnt Lemire, Michael Joseph Lepore, Benny Li, Kim Ho Li, Sing Pun Dennis Lieuson, Rossano Lightbody, Catherine Dal-Marie Minor Political Science Minor Political Science French Minor Linguistics Dance Minor Anthropology/Sociology Honors Minor Archaeology Minor Minor Political Science Minor Kinesiology Minor Kinesiology Cnminology Minor Psych, Ling & Phil Minor Sociology French Honors Minor Political Science Minor Pyschology Minor 61

64 Lim, Edmundo Go Lim, Huey Sheng Ling, Louisa Little, Sharon Margaret Lo, Pak Wah Lochhead, James Morgan Logan, John Alfred Logevall, Fredric Bengt Johan Loncaric, Josephine Mary Low, Grant Ho Quon Lowe, Anthony Thomas Lowery, Kathleen Ann Lowry, Lucia Lu, John Ludgate, Catherine Anne Lum, Kenneth Lutsenko, Janice Lynn Ma, Genevieve Lai Vi Macaulay, Alexander Charles MacDonald, Colleen Patricia MacDonald, Diane Cheryl Machesney, Stuart Taft Mah, Charles Albert Mah, Kevin Man, Albert Kang-Shing Mange, Joclyne Barbara Manifold, Margaret Joyce Maraun, Michael Donald Markin, John Marklund, Loren Jean Marsall, Janice Lynn Martelli, Dale Robert Marusyk, Maryna Rose Maunder, Trevor Craig Maxwell, David Bruce S. Maye, Corine Alexandria McAleese, Kevin Edward McAuley, Fiona Jean McCafferty, Daniel McCallum, Patricia Kathleen McCarthy, Lisa Ellen McDonald, Allison Lee Minor Political Science Minor Minor Political Science Minor Political Science Minor Minor Linguistics Political Science Minor Minor Archaeology Minor French Minor Minor French Minor Minor Minor Philosophy Archaeology Minor Archaeology Linguistics (1 st Class) Honors Minor Fine & Performing Arts Minor Visual Arts 62

65 McDonald, Ian Ross McDougall, Duane William McFarland, Arlene Beth McFarlane, Donald Bradley McGillivray, Scott Alexander McGuire, Glenna Marie Mcintyre, Deborah Kay Mcintyre, Jodi Lynn McKenna, Glenn Gerard Richard McKinlay, Joan Davida McKittrick, Herbert Gerald McLaren, Marian Martha McMillan, Carole Linda McRoberts, Dale Roger Mendes, Shawn Phillip Metcalf, David Kelly Miceli, Mario Midha, Anuradha Mitchell, Heather Anne Mitchell, Margaret Celesta Mitter, Nandita Miyake, Joanna Fusako Mochizuki, Gwen Eriko Mofford, Glen Alan Mohammed, Roshanara Chand Begum Moran, Simon Alfredo Mori, Miwako Mudd, Sandra Muglich, Stewart Leander Mui, Lai Fong Fanny Mulhall, Brent William Mulligan, Shelley Ann Mullins, Christine Roma Murchison, Daniel John Murdock, Jeffrey Robert. Murphy, Glen Craig Murphy, Robyn Allene Murray, John Lawrence Nairn, Patricia Ann Neilson, Cynthia Jane Neuhausler, Angela E.F. Ng, Pui Man Amy Nick, Robert Joseph Noguchi, Chikako Fine & Performing Arts (1st Class) Honors Minor Minor Kinesiology French Minor Minor Dance Minor Dance Minor Latin American Studies Anthropology/Sociology Minor Political Science (1st Class) Honors Minor Political Science Linguistics Minor Honors Minor Political Science (t st Class) Honors Minor Political Science Political Science Archaeology Minor Minor Minor Anthropology/Sociology French Minor Anthropology/Sociology Dance Archaeology Minor Anthropology / Solciology 63

66 Nonis, Donald Anthony Nygaard, Wendy Louise Olsen, Julia Helen Olson, Nina Marie Onufrijchuk, Irena Owen, Richard Bradley Page, Lance Warren Pang, Jacqueline Sook Chan Papou, Cheryl Dalane Paproski, Mary Marlene Paris, Faye Ann Park, Melinda Margaret Parker, Ann Judith Pastega, Giovanna Miranda Patterson, Ada Marlene Payne, Vanessa Lee Pearce, Stephen Geoffrey Peart, Patricia Rose Peck, Laurel Ann Frances Peck, Thomas William Penner, Deborah Lynn Perry, Richard Andrew Peterson, Robert Boyd Petrie, Matthew James Pheasant, Douglas Bruce Philips, Bruce Colin Phillips, Frances Marie Pietramala, Agostino Tino Pollard, Rogert Clifton Pomeroy, Bruce Ross Porth, Kerry Leanne Prescott, Carole Mary Price, Desmond Lee Prior, Donald Stuart Prodan, David Miles Purves, Marlow Alexandra Quackenbush, William George Raderecht, Caroline Frances Ragan, Randy Lee Rahim, Shirin Ramos, Oscar Brito Ramsay, Richard Robert Ratzlaff, Rudolf Rayvals, Luanne Marie Reid, Mary-Jane Reside, Mary Lou Richards, Bruce Allan Minor Anthropology (Sociology Philosophy Sociology Minor Minor (1 st Class) Honors Spanish Minor Minor French Minor Women's Studies Co-op Education Canadian Studies Minor Linguistics Minor Canadian Studies Minor Sociology Fine & Perlorming Arts Canadian Studies Political Science Oance Minor Archaeology Minor Political Science Honors Sociology (1st Class) Honors 64

67 Riggan, Robert Lindsey Riley, Louise Shannon Robb, Stephanie Anne Robbins, Sherry Dale Roberts, Dyhan Kathleen Roberts, Raymond Lloyd Roder, Gabriel Gustavo Rollins, Stephanie Ross, Myra Jacoba Ruckle, Charlotte Marie Byberg Sail, Gina Gurdev Sandberg, Joan Marie Sanford, Lois Eleanor Santos, Clara Saville, Gerald Victor Schein, Howard Walter Shoenberger, Heidi Schriber, Ellyn Laurie Schuetze, Mary Jane Adele Scott, David Allan Searles, Richard John Sears, Cindy Sebastien, Scott Merril Selormey, Frank Patrick Shector, Jeffrey Sheldon Sheen, Jo-Ann Georgina Shields, Catherine Mary Shishido, Tammy Lynn Kiyomi Sim, Jordan Paul Simone, Vito Simonson, Murray Daniel Sinclair, Kerri Louise Smart, Heather Gail Smith, Graham Leslie Smith, Gregory Dale Smith, Rodney Kennith Smythe, Anne Margaret So, Wai Leung Warren Somani, Ashif Somani, Mahmood Sommers, Jeffrey Douglas Sommers, Michael Scott Soroka, Kenneth Peter Minor Minor Fine & Performing Arts Minor Minor Spanish linguistics Minor Minor Environmental Education Minor Kinesiology linguistics Minor Minor Sociology Philosophy Political Science (1 st Class) Honors Minor Kinesiology Spanish Minor Minor Minor Minor linguistics Anthropology Linguistics Russian 65

68 Spear, Elizabeth Jane Spence, Rhonda Irene Spicer, Tony John Spindor, Rick Marcel Stankovic, Olga Steede, Michael Russell Hosfor Steiner, Beat Peter Steinson, Nancy Gail Stickle, Darwyn John Strang, Janet Marie Strauss, Derek Brian Stuible, Andrew Sutherland, Douglas John Swanson, Mark Gord Wyott Swinford, David John Tam, Albert Shui Wai Tam, Hunter Hin Tat Tan, Khim Khim Tan, Michael Meng Cheng Tan, Selena Frances Tang, Alex Wing Yiu Tang, Kwok Hung Tang, Sai Wa Tarrant, Robert John Tatarin, David Arthur Tatarin, Susan Debra Taylor, Judith May Teitz, Armin Herbert Tenger, Beat Terpening, Margaret Tammy Thompson, Donna-Lee Thompson, Karen Sylvia Thomson, Robert James Timmerman, Kenji Ting, Men Kiong Toews, Matthew Mark Tomlinson, David Edward Trepanier, David Michael Trepanier, Thomas George Joseph Trudel, Helene Elizabeth Tschritter, Rendal Wesley Tudhope, David Reid Turtan, Debora Rose Twissell, Allan Restall Political Science Minor Anthropology Minor Political Science Anthropology/Sociology Minor Political Science Minor Minor Minor Archaeology Minor Education Studies Minor Philosophy Anthropology/Sociology Minor Minor Minor Environmental Education Linguistics Minor Minor Minor Cnminology Minor Kinesiology Cnminology Minor Economnics Political Science 66

69 Upton, Ian William Urban, John Vahi, May-Liz Valliquelle, Sandra Ann Van Ginkel, Marilyn Audrey Van Os, Timothy Greig S. Van Snellenberg, Joanne Marie Vangolen, Suri Susanne Vaugeois, Marie Alma Veltri, Napoleone Vickery, Susan Jayne Vivian, William Carey Vrijmoed-Strang, Joanna Bernadina Wainwright, Kevin James Wakabayashi, Beth Sumire Wakaruk, Shauna Lee Walker, Mark Alan Wallace, Steven Douglas Walthers, Lisa Wambeke, Daniel Joseph Wan, Helen Wan, Hin Mui Ward, James Colin Wallie, Deanna-Lea Weber, Jacqueline Margaret Weeks, Sylvia Maria West-Johnson, David Lars Wickham-Foxwell, Leslie Ann Wight, Robert Daniel Williams, Maureen Ann Williams, Tina Nadine Williamson, Stanley George Williamson, Stanley George Wilson, Mark Charles Winkelmans, Jay Paul Winnichuk, Dwayne Edward Witheford, Judy Engel Wong, Donna May Wong, Eddy Kam Choi Wong, Siew Voon Wong, Stephen Wong, Wai Choong Adrian Wong, Yuet-King Wood, Christine Moira Wood, Colleen Heather Political Science Minor Sociology Minor Political Science Minor Minor Minor Sociology Archaeology Honors Spanish Minor French Honors Philosophy Minor Minor Kinesiology Minor Philosophy Political Science Minor Archaeology Linguistics Minor Fine & Performing Arts Minor Kinesiology French Minor Political Science Minor Sociology 67

70 Woppenkamp, Frederik Wotherspoon, David Kenneth Wright, Patricia Margaret Wylie, Teresa Morag Yam, Shuk Yi Yamamoto, Albert Moriya Yard, Lyla Yarmola, Laurie Ann Yee, James Yen, Wen-Ling Yeo, Rodney Lloyd Yip, Kok Leong Young, Martin Allan Yuen, Kar Ching Catherine Zaklan, Cindy Lou Marie Zilke, Karen Lisa Zimmer, Daniel Raymond Zimmerman, Bruria Zirnite, George Paul Jr. Ziviski, Margaret Anna Zupanich, Danny Fine & Performing Arts (1 st Class) Honors Minor Learning Oisabilities Archaeology Minor Sociology Minor Minor German Minor Russian 68

71 DIPLOMAS AND CERTIFICATES EXTENDED STUDIES DIPLOMA FACULTY OF APPLIED SCIENCES Dobell, Sara Robertson Onouye, Yoshimi Yu, Min Li FACULTY OF ARTS Allsopp, Claire Frances Botting, Peter Keith Chan, How Kong Clayton, Anne Marie Doherty, Michael Lawrence Mak, Magdalena Bik Man Porter, Anthony Edward Rodriguez-Melendez, James FACULTY OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Davis, Linda Jane FACULTY OF EDUCATION Buchanan, Sonja Lina Marie Chan, Kit Sum Doris Clarkson, Jerry Dennis Coleman, Janet Louise Cranna, Rosalie Evelyn Edwards, Stephen Joseph Findlater, Wilhelmina Gascoigne, Heather Gregory, Eleanor Elizabeth A. Grundy, Barbara Elizabeth Hatch, Roger Douglas Hilborn, Paul Robert Inkster, Lee Jean Virginie Jacob, Lilly Kirby, Lise Marie Aline Cecil Klaver, Gail Susan MacDonald, Michael Geoffrey Maier, Nancie Sheila Mian, Abdul Hafeez Pollock, Judith Margaret Stainton, Peter Charles Stanton, Richard Allen Stiebel, Cynthia Ann Thompson, Barry Edward Williaume, David Lee FACULTY OF SCIENCE Poonja, Aminmohamed Roberts, Ira Wayne Temple Clayton, Anne Marie EXTENDED STUDIES DIPLOMA IN CRIMINOLOGY 69

72 Frost, Catherine Lynn EXTENDED STUDIES DIPLOMA IN ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICOLOGY Bradley, Gretchen Lori Chansel, Shelley Ann Fribance, Anne Marie Gaudin-Riese, Judith Ann McDonnell, Tara Anne Mottet, Darja Ki Doris Muth, Alison Louise Patterson, lise Magdalene Shaw, Jennifer Zoe Unger, Mary Washburn, Janet Mildred Wilkins, John Lawrence Williams, Maureen Ann EXTENDED STUDIES DIPLOMA IN GERONTOLOGY Aceman, Ronda Hindy Regan, James Patrick Watson, Ann Agnes EXTENDED STUDIES DIPLOMA IN PUBLIC HISTORY CERTIFICATE IN BRITISH COLUMBIA STUDIES Nezil, Via May James, Trevor Stuart CERTIFICATE IN CRIMINOLOGY (GENERAL) CERTIFICATE IN FRENCH CANADIAN STUDIES Curtis, Wayne CERTIFICATE IN FRENCH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY Clavier, Glenn David Gerard Jordan, Randal Bradley Stewart, Ian Alexander 70

73 CERTIFICATE IN HEALTH AND AND FITNESS STUDIES Alden, Wendy May Aldersebaes, Inge Germain Barr, Margaret Rosemary Bergstrome, Constance Mary Bowie, Loretta Lee Carvalhal, Karen Andrea Chisholm, Janet Susan Cooper, Marianne Patricia Crook, Carol Lynne Curry, Jay Orin Leonard James Desmarais, Annette Aurelie Drysdale, Karen Leslie Leigh Ebert, Ingrid Emmerson, Darlene Jeannette Fletcher, Patti Ann Fong, Sandy Sue Heung Gook, Kathleen Edith Green, Margaret Anne Hawrelak, Shelly Alaine Haydock, Sarah Eleanor Wylie Henri, Janet Hoirch, Violet Maureen Hurley, Janine Rayma Hurley, Michael David Jones, Patricia Frances Kebert, Sharon Ella Kennedy, Daniel James Kilde, Ingrid Lillian Kilvert, Shelley Ann Kissinger, Helen Jean Koziski, Candace Merla La Chapelle, Cynthia Anne Lea, Carol Anne Lee, Gerry Lostracco, Linda Rose MacDonald, Edward William Marciniak, Christina McDonald, Daniel Hugh Charles Melody, Suzanne Marie Miller, Robb Max Montrose, David James Morris, Barbara Martha Newn, Shirley Nicholls, Judy Florence Noga, Gregory Paul Ogden, Russel David Oliver, Kimberly Ann Olsen, Julia Helen Oswald, Barbara Joan Payne, Stuart David Rattenbury, Patricia Jean Rezansoff, Corinna Grace Richards, Bruce Allan Roberts, Sian Menai Rogers, Marie Marcelle Diane Rooke, Heather Frances Ryniak, Susan Elaine Searle, Howard Gordon Shea, Shirley Rose Smith, Cheryl Virginia St. Jean, Tamantha Dawn Stankiewicz, David Henry Stankiewicz, Laurie Robin Stone, Kristin Alexandra Thompson, Elaine Anne Tinwell Timmerman, Kenji Neal Van Gelderen, Leah Elizabeth Vince, Susan Marie Wakabayashi, Beth Sumire Walji, Zahir B. Weich, Mary Ann Wexler, Eve Williamson, Suzy Maria Wong, Donna May Brown, Kevin David Etches, Barbara Lynne Farrow, Patricia Geider, Andrew Karl Kurz, Lesley Williamson, Fay Josephine CERTIFICATE IN PUBLIC HISTORY CERTIFICATE FOR SENIOR CITIZENS Andrew Violet Edith Becker, Yvonne Joan Kathleen Frost, Aleta Irene Mary Herbold, Peter Hendrik Johnston, John William Kleaman, Roy Theo Knight, Vivian Amanda Knirck, Irene Marie Potter, Violet Isabel Rose Reardon, Evelyn May Rudd, Matilda Ruskin, Sylvia 71

74 FACUL TV OF EDUCATION Recommended for Teaching Certificate Adams, Kimberly Ann Aerts, Gilles Marie C. Ahern, Patrick Alden Anastassiou, Eleftheria Anderson, Lori Louise Armstrong, Julia Louise Arnett, Wendy Alison Arnold, Nancy Elizabeth Ashton, Terril Asquith, Kim Barr, Shelley Kathleen Bartsch, Jennifer April Bauder, Sarah Rose Beaton, Diana Lynn Bellingham, Theresa Marie Ben Jaafar, Fathi Benzer, Jillian Marie Bespalko, Doris Bickert, Karen Elizabeth Black, Paul Cummings Bramhall, Peter Edward Brekkas, Kit Yvonne Brost, Janice Lynn Brown, Charlotte Marie Brown, Paul Edward Burton, Malerie Caley, William John Camparmo, Cathy Cannon, Kelly Dawn Carmichael, Sandy Lynn Carnochan, Dorothy Eileen Chernenkoff, Larissa Ann Cibulka, Lana Marie Comerford, Donna Anne Marie Corrado, Jay Anthony Cook, Linda Marie Cote, Esther Noella Curr, Deborah Ellen Cutler, Herky Cyr, Joseph Andre M. Datta, Sadhna Kumari Danielson, Cheryl Ann Danielson, Suzanne Marie Daoust, Pierrette Delviken, Evangelene Grace Demaere, Pierre Jean Claude Denhertog, Renee Derby, Dermot Patrick Nelson Desrochers, Rosernarie Ann Dhillon, Bhopinder Pal Singh Dodd, Michael Doerksen, Victor Ernst Doll, Marjorie Lorraine Duke, Donna Dee Dyck, Catherine Marie Dyck, Wendy Darlene Ediger, Mark William Edwards, Carolyn Rosina Egan-Olsen, Suzan Mary Elliott, Katherine Ann Embree, James Gordon Emmerson, Darlene Jeanette, Shelley Margaret Evans, Catherine Anne Ewan, Heather Louise Fader, Brian Arthur John Falias, Bernadette Marie Fehr, Lorrie Diane Felton, Rodney James Filipchuk, James Allen Forman, Elizabeth Anne Foster, Sherry Lee Ellen Franks, Lynn French, William Donald R. Furman, Wendy Gallagher, Pamela Ann Garneau, Wendy Lee Gault, Daniel Wesley Gauthier, Suzan Marie-Antonia Gelpke, Sarah Jane Gilker, Michael Leanard Giltrow, Michele Anne Goller, Tara Louise Goodall, Wendy Jane Gorby, Susan Christine Gosgnach, Silvana Grant,. Gertrude Greer, Kathleen Grace Greskiw, Kimberly Anne Grieve, Vicki Jeanne Groves, Deanna Lynne Grundle, Natalia Bernice Gryschuk, Esther Maria Guay, Marie Edith Hale, Daniel James Halsey, Elaine Juliet Hamilton, Kathryn Anne Hammer, Beverley Susan Harrison, Kim D. Hayter, Jacqueline Green Herd, Kerry Anne Hessami, Iren Hewko, Deborah Lynn Hiebert, Glenda Joy Hoeltgen, Susan Patricia Holoboff, Christopher Lawrence Holzner, Silvia Anne Marie Hood, Eileen Hootz, Teresa Horsley, David James Hughes, Marie Elizabeth Hughes, Montieth Gordon 72

75 Hunter, Elizabeth Jean Huva, Elaine Louise Jackson, Monica Una Jarrett, Susan Lorraine Johnson, Kelly Ann Jonsson, Ruth Pia Kammerer, Dorothy Kanopski, Patricia Kenyon, Layle Victoria King, James Michael F. Klaver, Deborah Kleiberg, Lynie Knelsen, Jacqueline Donna Koch, Barbara Ellen Kranenburg, Anna Maria Kronen, Magali Krul, Andrew Rodger Kurtenacker, Jeanette Theresa Lacko, Janice Kay Laczina, Kathleen Rose Lalani, Parviz Lazar, Joan Renee Lazin, Sharlene Veronica Lee, Marilyn Yok-Quon Lee, Wendy Diane Lefebvre, Carl Alexander R. Leonard, Sharon Ann Leroux, Laura Leskun, Theresa Marie Leslie, Anne Stuart Lloyd, Brenda Mary A. Long, Roberta Irene Loren, Sandra Gail Louie, Irene Elizabeth Lovik, Diane Marie Lunde, Robert Earl Lundell, Scott Arvid Luongo, Mario MacDonald, David Cameron MacDonald, Susan Elizabeth MacDonnell, Angus Joseph Mackie, Laurin Kenneth Mackie, Mathieson Grier Mann, Elizabeth Letitia Markowski, Stephen Marlyn, Sean Charles Marshall. Janet Vaughan Martel, Chantal Marie-Lynn May, Joyce Elizabeth L. McAteer, Paulette Michelle McDonnell, Thomas Martin McFarlane, Valerie Edna McGraw, Randy William McGuinness, Susie Patricia McLean, Colin Campbell McMichael, Carolyn Wendy McNaughton, Kathleen Marie McNeil, Brenda Marie McOuat, Jane Isabel Wray Merilees, June Mary Merk Elizabeth Florentina Merk~l, Lorraine Bennett Winni Metson, Julie Mikita, Kathryn Adele Millar, Patricia Mills, Terry Allan Mitchell, Janet Marie Mitchell, Wesley Kim Miton, Mamie Lee Moerman, James Peter Moon, Georganne Moor, Margaret Jane Mooring, Theresa Ann Morrison, Dolores Marie Louise Napoletano, Alfonso Neill, Avaleigh Daye Nelson, Shawn Aaron Niccoli, Anna Maria Nygaard, Wendy Louise Obadia, Michel O'Brien, Kathleen Fern O'Connell, Aileen Jeannette O'Connell, Sharon Maureen O'Malley, Bryan Michael Ouellette, Douglas Norman Packham, Penelope May Peacock, Laurelee Gail Pells, Nancy Laura Perry, Vicki Anne Perugini, David Alan Petiot, Chantal Martine Pollock, Shannon Louise Polukoshko, Diane Lynn Porter, Nancy Irene Poustie, Susan Elizabeth Raffel, Samueline Rose Ramsay, Lorna Louise Rechel, Clifford Harvey Reda, Rae-Anne Rego, Felesidade Maria Relick, Suzanna Stephanie Remmert, Katharina Rice, Curtis Richmond, Laura Jean Robinson, Lori Ellen Rodgers, Catherine Ann Rogers, Ronald Edward (Ted) Roggeveen, Paul Gregory Rogliano, Maria-Rosa Ross, Gavin Lester Roszmann, Glenn Frederick Rozema, Joanne Kathleen (SHAW) Rudd, Melody Star Rudland, Donald Philip Russell, Diane Ryckman, Mabel Suzanne Sadler, Tracey Marie Sale, Steven William 73

76 Sampson, Glenn Stuart Sampson, Judith Marlain Sanford, Lois Eleanor Sankovic, Katherine Jean Saunders, David Taylor Sawatzky, Brenda Sophia D. Schoen, Ruth Elizabeth Schuler, Chantal Schut, Janice Lynn Shea, Dale Alan Shea, Richard Norma Sipila, Christina Saima Smith, Diane Maria Smith, Marie Antoinette Smith, Robert Bliss Smithaniuk, Lianne Gay Speckman, Brian George Spori, Diana Beatrice Spyker, Bridget Ann Stam, Yvonne Steel, Susan Margaret Steffensen, Rose Shelene Stewart, Dawn Winnifred Strandberg, Judy Blanche Style, Caroline Anne Syens, Joanne Mae Szabo, Naomi Micaela Talbot, Susan Julie Tetrault, Aline Marie Thomas, Christina Elizabeth Thomson, Janine Alison Thompson, Elaine Anne Tinwell Thorburn, Francis Leo Tiwari, Samir R. Todoruk, Katherine Anne Karren Tosin, Gabriella Maria Turner, Elizabeth Anne Turtan, Debora Rose Tynan, Maureen Alice Tyrwhitt-Drake, Montague D. Urquhart, Janet Caroline Vaale, Sandra Lee Van Vloten, Christine Mary Walmsley, Sandra Lee Watt, Donna Kim Webb, Pamela Mary West, Cindie Mae Widsten, Gail Ann Wilkerson, Edwin John Wilson, Barbara Louise Wilson, Edward Charles Wiltshire, Sandra Lynn Wray, Deborah Jean Wright, Shannon Faith Yarmola, Joanne Holly Yarmola, Laurie Ann Yurkiw, Laurie Janice Zastawny, Anna Zavarise, Loretta Zisman, Alan Howard 74

77 SCHOLARSHIPS, AWARDS AND BURSARIES Our students have for many years benefitted from the scholarships, awards and bursaries which have been provided by the many generous and thoughtful supporters of Simon Fraser University. We are proud of our students and their achievements and appreciative of those who have demonstrated their generosity and support of higher education. SCHOLARSHIPS OFFERED BY: Agrogen Industries Corporation The Allied Chemical Canada Limited Scholarship in Chemical Sciences Arthur & Eva Bell Award in and Association of Professional Economists of B.C. The Elizabeth Bentley Eastern Star Scholarships Merit Award Alan Boag Linda Brideau Memorial B.C. Council of Garden Clubs British Columbia Forest Products Limited Entrance Scholarships British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority B.C. Old Age Pensioners Organization B.C. Packers Graduate Scholarship British Columbia Telephone Company Canada Cement Lafarge Limited C.G.A. Continuing Education CN-Terry Fox Research Fellowship in Kinesiology Centre for the Arts Chevron Canada Ltd. Cominco Ltd. Captain James Cook Graduate Scholarship Paul Cote Scholarship Paul Cote Scholarship in Engineering Creo Electronics Corporation Crown Zellerbach of Canada Culver and Company Dairy Industry Credit Union Isabel Dawson Memorial Scholarship Dean's Entrance Scholarship Bessie Diamond Scholarship in Ethnic Relations Jack Diamond Entrance Gordon L. Diewert Memorial Fund Scholar~hip Dow Chemical of Canada Ltd. Mona F. East Entrance Scholarship James H. Edwards Senior Eaton Foundation Scholarship Financial Executives Institute Thelma Finlayson Fellowship Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Graduate Scholarship Girl Guides of Canada Council Goel Memorial Scholarship Walter E. Heller Financial Corporation Bert Henry Memorial Scholarship Fund The Madge Hogarth Scholarship in Education Sidney Hogg Memorial Imperial Oil Higher Education Awards 75

78 India Club Industrial Relations Management Association of B.C. Institute of Chartered Accountants of B.C. (Desmond O'Brien Memorial Scholarship) The International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union - Undergraduate Scholarships The International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union - Entrance Scholarships lode Seaman Morley Scott Memorial The Japanese Canada Centennial Scholarship Lorne M. Kendall Memorial Scholarship in The Dr. H.B. King Memorial Scholarship in Education Leon J. Ladner Scholarship in Leon J. Koerner Labatt Breweries Jerry and Belle Lundie Memorial Scholarship MacDonald Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. William and Amelia McMahan H.R. MacMillan Family Fund Fellowships MacMillan Bloedel Limited MacMillan Bloedel Limited Special Scholarships for Dependents of Employees Patrick Duncan McTaggart-Cowan Award in Physical Sciences Microtel Pacific Research Ltd. Mobile Data International Inc. Gil Moser Scholarship Navy League of Canada Noranda Mines Ltd. Entrance Scholarship Sheila O'Connell Publication Scholarships and Prize J.T. Palmer Memorial The Piping Industry Journeymen Training and Industry Promotion Fund Queen Elizabeth II B.C. Centennial Scholarship The Retail Food and Drug Clerks Union, Local 1518 The Retail, Wholesale and Dept. Store Union, Local 517 The Rhodes Scholarship J. Newton Robinson Memorial Scholarship Rotary Club of Burnaby-Kingsway Endowment Scholarship Rotary Foundation Royal Canadian Legion (Mt. Pleasant Branch) Royal Canadian Legion (Pacific Command) Bursary-Scholarship Gordon M. Shrum Entrance Scholarships Simon Fraser University Entrance Scholarships Simon Fraser University Open Scholarships Society for the Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering Scholarship Society of Management Accountants of B.C. William and Ada Isabelle Steel John Stell Sykes Scholarship Thorne Riddell Service Scholarship Touche, Ross and Company Trans Mountain Oil Pipe Line Company Vancouver City Savings Credit Union Vancouver Stock Exchange The Vancouver Sun Scholarships for Carriers The Vancouver Sun Special Scholarship for Carriers Doreen Wilkinson Memorial Lorraine Wintrup Memorial Scholarship The Honorable W.o. Woodward University Memorial Xerox of Canada Limited Yorkshire Trust Company 76

79 PERMANENT BURSARY ENDOWMENT PLAN Belkin Packaging Ltd. Gretta Bowmar Memvrial Estate of Hans Christiansen Mark and Phae Collins (Vancouver Foundation) Ted Cohen Jack Diamond - Honorary Downsl Archambault Drop-in Centre Bursary David A. Freeman Ellen Mary Greenway John A. Hecht Stephen Hinchcliff Memorial A. Koch (Bella Koch Memorial) Dr. W. Koerner Mr. I.L. Kostman Mrs. Katherine Leshgold Samuel D. Leshgold Dr. A.A. Palmer Mr. & Mrs. N.L. Rothstein Shrum, Liddle & Hebenton M.M. Waterman In Memory of Mrs. M.M. Waterman Ben Wosk Mr. & Mrs. Ben Wosk 40th Wedding Anniversary Beatrice Lydia Zonta Memorial BURSARIES OFFERED BY: Alumni Association - Simon Fraser University Sheila Begg Bursary Endowment Fund May Bennett Bursary Endowment Fund The Birks Family Foundation The Honorable Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Branca British Columbia Forest Products Limited B.C. Floral Art Club B.C. Indian Arts & Welfare Society Memorial B.C. Sugar Refinery & Bursary Harvey and Dorothy Burt Endowment Fund A.E. Burton Memorial Bursary Emily Campbell Endowment Fund Canadian Arthritis and Rheumatism Society - Bursary Loans Carma Israel Endowment Fund Charles Chan Kent Golden Wedding Memorial Adaline May Clark Confratellanza Italo Canadese Permanent Bursary Endowment Fund Father Dell-Torre Bursary Fund Digman Bursary Education Faculty Bursary Fund Executive Women International Bursary Alex W. Fisher Lois M. Fisher Glacier National Life Assurance Company The Grand Lodge of Masons Hamber Foundation for Women Hospital Employees Union, Local 180 Independent Order of Oddfellows IDOE BurQuitlam Chapter Institute of Chartered Accountants Ralph Kerr Memorial Endowment Fund Kootenay Society of Handicapped Children 77

80 Harold Lauer Bnai Brith Foundation (Lion's Gate Lodge 1716) H.R. MacCarthy Graduate Bursary MacMillan Bloedel Limited Bursaries to Inter-Term (or Vacation Relief Employees) Bruce McKelvie Endowment Fund Marpole Lions Club Mensa Canada Society Molson Companies Municipal & Regional Employees Union National Council of Jewish Women of Canada Naval Officers' Association of British Columbia Bursary Loans Opsimath Club Bursary Pacific Coast Computer Fair Association Pacific Coast Fishermen's Mutual Marine Insurance Company Stephen Palmu P.E.O. Sisterhood of Continuing Education Program Pinkus and Chaia Huberman Foundation Bursary The Retail, Wholesale & Department Store Union, Local 70 The Retail, Wholesale & Department Store Union, Local 580 Rixon Rafter Fund Merrill C. Robinson Rotary Club of Vancouver Royal Arch Masonic Order Mrs. Rosalie Segal Bursary Endowment Fund Selma Shindler Bursaries Stanley Sievenpiper Bursary Endowment Fund Simon Fraser University Endowment Fund Simon Fraser University Foreign Student Emergency Bursary Fund Simon Fraser University Student Society (PUB) Harry and Dora Annie Smee Endowment Merle L. Smith Dorothy Sullivan Bursary Fund The Sun University Women's Club of Coquitlam University Women's Club of North Vancouver University Women's Club of Vancouver Vancouver Business & Professional Women's Club (Elizabedth Young Memorial) Vancouver City Savings Credit Union Vancouver Civic Employees Union Vancouver Elementary School Teacher's Association Vancouver Foundation Vancouver Horticultural Society Vancouver Lions Ladies Club Vancouver Municipal and Regional Employees Union Vancouver Section of the National Council of Jewish Women War Amputations Association of Canada, Vancouver Branch White Rock University Women's Club White Spot, Ltd. AWARDS, MEDALS AND PRIZES The Governor-General's Gold Medal The Gordon M. Shrum Gold Medal The Terry Fox Gold Medal Margaret Andrew Memorial Prize The Archaeometry Prize G.K. Bailey Award in Education B.C. Byrne Prize B.C. Psychological Association Gold Medal in Students Endowment Fund Prizes Dr. Maxwell A. Cameron Memorial Medals 78

81 Canadian Association of Geographers' Prize Bice Caple Awards Chemistry Book Award - Dr. E.J. Wells Digital Equipment of Canada Ltd. Dean's Medals of Excellence Dean of Science Award Gerontology Assoc. of B.C. Prize Alexander Fraser Award in Piping and Drumming French Consulate in Vancouver Rudi Haering Award in Physics Billy Jones Graduate Memorial Award Betty Lambert Memorial Prize Claude E. Lewis Awards in Education Cliff Lloyd Memorial Prize Stephen Mcintyre Book Prize in Master of Pest Management Endowment Prize C.D. Nelson Memorial Prize Eileen Purkiss Memorial Award Phillipa Polson Memorial Prize Progressive Conservative Party of B.C. Award Putnam Awards Ted Sinnot Memorial Award Robert L. Stanfield Book Prize in Political Science F.W. Sullivan Visual Arts Award Book Prize of the Ambassador of Switzerland to Canada Simon Fraser University Awards Simon Fraser University Pipers Award Winne Topping Memorial Prize Joan H. Walter Memorial Fund Webber Chemistry Co-Op Book Prizes ATHLETIC AWARDS Thomas Adair Wrestling Award C.G. "Chuck" Arnold Golf Award Athletes in Action Canada Bank of Nova Scotia Best Cleaners and Contractors Limited Bobby Bauer Memorial Award - Hockey B.C. Central Credit Union B.C. Hockey Benevolent Association B.C. Jockey Club Award B.C. Lions Football Club B.C. Television Broadcasting System Ltd. Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club Canadian National Railways Canadian Pacific Airlines Cariboo Trail Hotel Track and Field and Football Awards Chevron Canada Limited Alan Eyre Athletic Award Field Hockey Endowment Fund Football B.C. Skills Camp - Coaches Award Gray Beverage Company Ltd. Robert F. Harrison and Partners Rick Jones Memorial Scholarship Keg Restaurants Ltd. Labatt Breweries Ltd. L.J. Ladner Athletic Scholarship MacDonalds Restaurants of Western Canada Wm. McMahon Trophy in Football Molson Brewery B.C. Ltd. Royal Canadian Legion Branch #2 79