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1 CONTENTS. GENERAL INDEX. TRADES DIRECTORY- COUNTRY COMMERCIAL DIRECTORY- COUNTRY ALPHABETICAL - PASTORAL - JUSTICES OF THE PEACE - a. PAGE. A-A B-B- le PAOR Aborigines' Protection Board Admiralty Jurisdiction 0 PAGN Department of Home Affairs (Fed.) Department of Military Board PAGE Justices of the Pesos - - INDICES - Agent-General for the State in Eng- Department of Prisons Labour and Industry Department 0 land Department of Trade and Customs Land Appeal Court 0 ALMANAC - Agricultural Colleges _ 0 (Federal) Lands Titles Branch 0 Agricultural Department 0 Distilleries and Sugar Refineries Law Institute 0, Alphabetical Directory - Department Legal DirectorySee Trades section MUNICIPAL Architect, Government 0 District Court Judges 0 for Barristers, Solicitors, Official Art Gallery 0 District Registrars 0 Assignees, also Minister for Jus- AssignessOfficial _ tie().- Associate and Clerks of Arraigns 0 Ecclesiastical Legislative Assembly CITY STREETS DIRECTORY Associations Education Department Legislative AssemblyOfficers of Asylums Department Educational Legislative Council - -. Attorney-General 0 Electoral Office (Commonwealth) Legislative CouncilOfficers of SUBURBAN DIRECTORY Audit Department Electoral Office (State) 0 Libraries Australian Museum 0 Electric Telegraphs Lunacy Department -- Lunette AsylumsSee Institutions 0 ALPHABETICAL DIRECTORY Bankruptcy Department 0 Banks..- Barracks and Ordnance Department MUSICAL AND SPORTING CLUBS AND ASSOCIATIONS ECCLESIASTICAL - EDUCATIONAL - EUROPEAN TRADES LIST GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY NAVAL AND MILITARYCOMMONWEALTH STAMP DUTIES WHARFAGE AND TONNAGE RATES FIRMS WITH FIXED PAY-DAYS CENSUS INTEREST CALCULATOR. - i.- - -; $ -. (Federal).. Barristers 0 Barristers' Admission Board,. 0 Berthing Rates, eto. t Board of Health Board for Opening TendersPub:lc Works Botanic Gardens 0 Bureau of Statistics. Engineers, Military 0 English and Continental Manufacturers Equity--Master 0 European Manufacturers Executive Council (State) Executive Council (Federal) Experimental Farms 0 Explosives Department Federal Government Federal High Court Finance and TradeTreas. and Sec. Fire Brigades Firms' Pay-days Fisheries Department Cadet Office. Cemeteries 000 Forestry Branch 0 Census Free Public Library 0 Central Police Court 0 Friendly Societies Certificated Conveyancers 0 Chief Secretary City Streets Directory - Civil Departments, Claims to Grants of Land Clerka of Petty Sessions ( Clubs 00 Coal Fields and Coal Mines 0 Coast Hospital Collages, Commissioners for Affidavits 0 Commonwealth Offices Commonwealth i A milt Office Commonwealth Invalid and old Age Pensions, Maternity Bonus Commonwealth Ministry Commonwealth Parliament 0 Commonwealth Prices Board Commonwealth Senate Commonwealth Weather Bureau Consuls 0 Conveyancers 0 Coroner's Court 0 General Post Office (Federal) Geological Branch. 0 Governmental and Parliamentary Government Ambulance Corps Government Asylums 0 overnmen t Printing Office Government Savings Bank. 00 Government Statistician Governor-General of time Commonwealth Harbour Rates, etc. _ Harbour Trust 00 Health Board. Health and Medical Department High Commissioner for Australia in Great Britain High Court of Australia Hospitals. 0 House of Representatives (Members) - Master in Equity 0 Master in Lunacy 0 Medical Practitioners Metropolitan Board of Water Supply and Sewerage 0 Metropolitan Meat Industry Board Military Administration (Board) e Military Forces 0 MinesSecretary for 0 Minister for Justice 0 Ministerfor Education. 00 Mitchell Library 0 MunicipalSee commencement of City Streets and of.respeotive Suburbs Museum.. 0 Musical Societies National Art Gallery Naval Department (Commonwealth) Navigation Department _ Notaries Public Observatory 0 Official Assignees Officers of Legislative Council and Assembly Officers of the Senate Officers of the House of Representa- tives Officers administering '. the Governments of the Australasian States f Ordnance Department 0 Parliamentary Parliamentary Draftsmen 0. Parliamentary Library-. Parliamentary Repor ting aff St. HANSARD Pastoral Directory - Court of Industrial Arbitration 0 Immigration and Tourist Bureau Patents and Trade-marks ffice O - Crown Prosecutors 00 Imperial Government Establish- Solicitor Crown ments Patent Attorneys. Paymaster of Expeditionary. Forces. 0. Curator's Depart. (Supreme Court) 0 Imperial Pensions Pay Days -.$ Customs (Federal) Incorporated Law Institute 0 Pharmacy Board. Industrial Court 0 Police Inspector-General. 0 Industrial Registrar 0 Postmaster-General Deeds BranchRegistrar-General _ 0 Infantry. 0 Prisons Department, 0 Defence Department (Federal) Inspector-General of Police Prothonotary. 00 Dental Board 0 Institutes 0 Public Instruction 00 Departments (0,vernment)See respective names Department of Agriculture 0 Institutions u0 Interest Calculator Invalid and Old Age Pension Public Library 0 Public Service Board 0 Public Trust Office.

2 VI PAGE Public WorksBoard for Opening Tenders. Railways Registrar-General 0 Returned Soldiers' Employment Bureau Royal Australian Navy (N.S.W. Division Royal Military College of Australia Royal Mint 0 Secretary of Finance and Trade Secretary for Lands 0 Secretary for Mines 0 Secretary for Public Works 0 Shipping Masters 0 SocietiesMiscellaneous Solicitors _ Solicitors Admission Boar 0 Sporting Associations Stamp Duties. 0 State Timber Yard and Banding Works 0 State Brick and EimelWorks 0 GENERAL INDEX PAGE State Children's Department 0 State Fisheries State Hospitals and Asylums for the Infirm. State Labour Branch. 0 State Penitentiary (Long Bay) 0 State Trawling Industry State War Council Stock and Brands Branch 0 Stores Supply Department 00 Streets (City) Directory - Suburban clerks of Petty Sessions. 0 Suburban Directory - Sugar Refineries Department _ Supreme Court 0 Sydney District Court 0 Sydney Harbour Trust 0) Sydney Mint Sydney Technical College Taxation Department Technical Education Technological Museum Tender BoardPublic Works 00. PAGE TheatresSee Places of Amusement 0 Tonnage Rates, etc. Trade and FinanceTreasurer and Secretary Trade and Customs (Federal) Trade Unions Registrar Trades Directory Tramways Treasurer and Secretary for Finance and Trade Treasury Trigonometrical Survey of the Colony 0 War Railway Council. Water Conservation and Irrigation Commission, 0 Water Police Court 0 Weights and Measures Western Land Board 0 Wharfage, Harbour, Transhipment, Tonnage and Berthing Rates Abattoirs, Glebe Island, Balmain Abattoirs (New), llotnebush Bay Abattoirs rd, Pyrstiont Abattoirs rd, Rozelle Abbey at, Rand wick Abbotsford st, Kensington Abbotsford par, Abbotsford Abbotsford rd, Homebush Abbott ri, Artarmou, Willoughby Abbott st, Granville Abbott at, North Sydney _ Abbott at, Rand wick Alleckett aye, A attach' A'Beckett et, Granville Abercorn at, Bexley _ Abercrombie lane Abercrombie street Abercrombie at, Redfern Abergeldie street, Petersham, Abernethy et, Middle Harbour, Manly Abigail at, Hunter's Hill Aboukir et, Rockdale Abuklea rd, Eastwood. Abuklea rd, Epping Acacia Avenue, Punchbowl Acacia st,oatley Access rd, Sans Sone!, Rockdale Acklatal Way, Waterloo Acton st, Burwood Acton at, Hurlstone Park Ada ave,wahroonga Ada lane Ada lane; Erekineville Ada at, Concord Ada at, Erskineville Ada at, Hurstville Ada et, Oatley, Kogarall Ada at (Neutral Bay), North Sydney Ada st,parramatta Ada at, Randwiok Ada Villas terrace, Erskinoville Adam at, Campsie Adam at, Granville Adam et, Turramurra Adderley at Silverwater, Auburn Adderley et, Lidcombe Adderton rd, Dundee. Addison see, Concern Addison ave, Roseville Addison rd, Marriekville Addison rd, Manly Addison at, Balmain Addison at, Kensington. Addleston Rowe, Aferrylands Adelaide "par, Woollahra Adelaide place Adelaide place, Surry Hills Adelaide rd, Meadowbank. Adelaide at Adelaide st, Woollahra Adolphus lane, Balmain Adolphus at, Saturnia Adolphus et, Naremburn Ady st, Hunter's Hill Aeolus aye, Hyde Afona at, Auburn Agar at Agar at east Agar et, Marrickville Agincourt rd, Eastwood Agues at, Bankstown Agnes at, Strnthfield Agnes Cottages (see Rainford st) Agnes terrace (see Rainford at) Likens rd, Pennant Hills Ainsworth at, Leichhardt Aird at, Parrautatta Albany rd, Petersham II STREETS INDEX. CITY AND SUBURBS. 0 PAtiC Albany at, North Sydney GGE PA Albany at, St. Leonardo, Lane Cove 00 Albany at, St. Leonards, Willoughby 0 Albemarle ave (Rose Bay), Woollahra Albemarle at, Marrickville Albemarle at, Newtown Albert avenue, Chatswood 0 Albert crescent, Croydon 0 0 Albert lane, Leloithardt 0 Albert parade, Ashfleld Albert parade, Guildford Albert rd, Auburn Albert rd (Croydon park), O'bury Albert rd, Homebush Albert rd, Strathfield _ Albert square, Paddington Albert street.. Albert at, Banksia Albert at, (East Hills). Albert at, Bexley 0 Albert at, Botany 0 Albert st (Belmore), Canterbury 0 Albert at, Drummoyne 0 Albert at, Erskineville 0 Albert at, Forest Lodge Adoert at, Gladesville Albert et, Granville Albert at, Greenwich Albert at East, Guildford. Albert at, Hornsby. Albert at, Leichhardt 0 Albert at, Lidcombe- 0 Albert at, Marrickville Albert at, Newtown 00 Albert et, Paddington 00 o 0 Albert at, Parrametta Albert at, Randwiek Albert at, Redfern Albert et, Rozelle 0 Albert at (off Regent at,) Ryde 0 Albert at, St. Peters 00 Albert at, Strethfleld... 0 Albert st, Waverley 0 HO Albert at, Woollahra Alberta at 0 Alberto at, Leichhardt. 0 0 Albion lane, Annandale Albion lane, Surry Hills 0 Albion place 0 Albion et.. Albion at, Annandale 0 Albion at, Leichhardt 0 00 Albion at, Marrickville. Albion at, Paddington Albion st,parramatta Albion at, Pennant Hills. Albion at, Randwick Albion at, Rozelle. 0 Albion at, Waverley 0 Albuera rd. Epping 0 0 Albyn rd, Strathfleld ' 0 Albyn at, Bexley - 0 Aldersou st, Redfern - Alexander aye, Mosman _ Alexander lane Alexander at. Alexander at, Alexandria Alexander at, Arncliffe Alexander at, Balmain 0 0 Alexander st,coogee A lexander at, Manly 0 Alexander at, North Sydney Alexander at, Paddington Alexander at, Penshurst Alexander at, Willoughby 0 Alexandra par (Waitara), Hornsby Alextintira par, Rockdale Alexandra rd, Glebe _ PAG R Alexandra at, Concord. Alexandra et, Drummoyne Alexandra at, Hunter's Hill 0 Alexandra at, Weatmead Alexandria avenue. ICAstwood 0 Alexandria at, Arnoliffe Alfred rd, Forest Lodge Alfred at, Annandale Alfred at, Burwood 0 Alfred at, Canterbury Alfred at, Circular Quay S Alfred at, Clarke's Pt., Woolwich Alfred et, Granville Alfred st,leichhardt 0 Alfred at, Marriekville Alfred at, Mascot Alfred at, North Sydney Alfred at, Merrylands, Prospect Alfred at, Parramatta Alfred at, Rozelle 0 Alfred at, St. Peters 00 Alfred at, Sans Souci Alfred at, Waverley 0 Alfreda at, Coogee. Algernon at, ()alley Alice aye, Newtown Alice at, Auburn Alice at, North Bondi Alice at, Drummoyno Alice at (Lakernba), Cointerbury Alice at, Granville Alice at, Newtown Alice at, Oatley Alice at, Parramatta. Alice at, Rozel le 0 Alice at, Sans Bond -. Alloe et, Turramurra 0 A Reborn) at (Aslitleld), Canterbury Allan's avenue, Marriokville Allan at, Concord Allan at, North Sydney Allen lane (see Allen at) Allen's rd, Alexandria Allen's rd, North Ryde _ Allen avenue, Delmore Allen at (app. Stanley at) Allen at, Arnoliffe Allen at, Canterbury.en at, Glebe Allen at, Granville Allett at, Lelahliartit 0 Allen at, Lidcombe Allen at, Pyrmont Allen at, Waverley Alleyne avenue, Scatorth, Manly Alleyne at, Willoughby Allison rd, Guildford Allison rd, Randwick Allister at, Neutral Bay 0 Allum lane, Glebe Allum at, Bankstown Alma avenue, Marrickville Alma lane, Darlington Alma lane, South Randwick Alma road, South Randwiolc. Alma rd, Eastwood 0 Alma at, AshIleld - Alma at, Darliugton Alma at, East Hills Alma at, Hurstville Alma at, North Sydney Alma at, Paddington.. Alma at, Parrantatta Alma at, Pymble Alma at east, Pyrmont Alma at west, Pyrmont., h Almon' at, Mosman._,_, Alpha rd, Longueville 0 -

3 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. c Mai PASTORAL. Mai Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. MAITLAND(continued) Fenwhi: F., Miller's Purest 0 Fenwlek Win., Wentworth East, via Val'send Fisher C. U., Favona, Seaham Fisher D. A., Bendolba _ Fisher L. B., Brandon, Seaham Fisher W., Summer, Bendolba Fitzgerald P. J. (Exors. of), Sunville, ungog D Flannery Jas., Mill Hills, Clarence Town Flannery W. J., Glentliorne, Glen William Forbes Alfred A. Quarrabolong ( Ford Bros., St. Leonards, Glen William 0 Ford David, Clarence Town Ford George, Woodside, Glen William 0 Forstor Mrs. J., Bandon Grove Foster V. N., Arlington, Mt. Vincent Fraser Donald, Wallarobba Fraser Hugh, Wallarobba Fulton I. IL, Underbank Punier Eva, Carrabolla, Upper Patterson Gardner George, Mount Douglas, Billdale Garland S. & A., Aliyu brook Gain J. S., Main Creek, Dungog 0 Gehrig A., Wallarobba Gehrig George, Wallaroblet Gennon Hy., Major's Creek, Alison Giggins Motto Farm, Raymund Terraee Gillespie M. Vacy Gillespie S. T., William Town Gollan Conn (Exors. late), Upper Stanhope, Branxton 0 00 Gorton E. A. & C. J. A., Glen William Gorton George, Mount Gorton, Glen William 0 Gorton J. A., Bonfield, Glen William Gorton IV., Glen Martin, Clarence Town Graham Bros., Clifden, Woodville Graham R. F., Bellevue, Largs Green W. C., The Swamps, Farley. 0 Grey G., Buck's Creek, Elmsford Haggarty V., Bolibarra, Large, Haggarty W. H., Underbank _ Hall George, Uderra, Pokolbin Hall IL C. Wallambba Hancock ms. Allvnbrook Hancock G. W ' Woodville Hordes John, Irrawang, Raymond Terrace Harley John, Glenthorne, Allynbrook Hawkins Albert E., Ayrfield, East Greta Hayes P. jr Branxton 0 Hector IL J. C., Mulbring Henning & DampreY. VacY Bellwood IL Underbank Hicks A. E. W., Cape Vale, Glen William. Hicks Wm., Glen Allyn, Vacy ill John P., Dockyard Hill Michael, Almvick, Miller's Forest 0 Hinton W. T., Underbank. 0 Hipwell Samuel, Spring Mt:, West Maitland Holmes F. & Sons, ' Wallarobim Holmes J. B. and Sons, The Wilderness, Allandale Holmes L. S., Oakondale, Glenoak Holmes NV. A., Oakendale, Glonoak Hooke C. A. and T. IL, Mira Gully, Duagog. Hooke E. G., Rocky Hill, Dungog 0 Hooke F. A. (Exors.), Dingadoe, Dungog 0 S. _ - 0 A Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. Ilooke H., Crook's Park, Dungog Hooke J. G., Rocky, Diingog 0 Hopson Bros., Ecelcston Hopson C. E., Eceleston Hopson Sly., Brea, Eceleston Hopson John, Grove Cottage, Eeeleston Horn John, Vacy Hudson Henry, East Gresford 0 Hudson Mrs. E. M. West Maitland Hyland T., East Gresford [ones Wm., Dagworth, Iieddon P.O. Irwin Thos., Tellegra, Bandon Grove Jaques A. L, Ourim bah Jarrett Mrs. F., Eccleston Jarrett H. L., Eccleston Johnson Mrs. M. A., Lyndhurst Vale, Brookfield Joliffe., Carrabolla 0 Solitre Oliver, Itudworth, Carrabolla 0 Jones W. T., Kelburn, Gresford jupp Wm. and T., Bingleburra, Gresford Keegan Hugh, Raymond Terrace Kelly J. and J., Clifford, Oresford ( Kelly J. B., Lower Mangrove. Kelshear E., Inglewood Carrabolla Kingston S. S., Blundon l'ark, Bandon Grove 0 Kingston William S., Yarrow, Bandon Grove Yiiight I Cedar Brush Landers It., Hanley's Ck., Duagog ( 0 Lavis Ernest G., Junction Farm, William Town Lawrence him. H., Carrabolla 0 Lawrence G. II., Lostock Lawrence It., (Exors). Orange Grove, Lostock Lawrie & Sons, Leconfleld, Branxton Lawrie A. G. and Sons, Bonuington, Allynbrook 0 Lawrie Annie, Clarence Town Lawrie James, Halfon, Allynbrook Locke Mary J., Chad's Ck., Halton Leak Thos., Allyn brook 0 Leake W. J Dungog _ 0 Loan John, Byralee, Dungog Lean Richard, Tarcoola, Dungog 0 Lean Robt., Horseshoe, Dungog _ Lean William, Fig Tree, Dangog Lee L. T. P Mt. Divers, Weston( Legoe Bros., Burniere, Trevailyn Leonard Alex., Morpeth Lewes F. W. M., Fern Hill, Dalwood 0 Lewis William, Oblong Lindeman A. If. and E. B., Gresford Lindeman Ltd., Pokolbin. 0 Longbottom W., Stony Pinch, Chichester 0 Love J., Cessnock Lowe W. A., Clarence Town Lowry G., East Bank, Dungog 0 Lowry W., Dungog _ McCloy Win., Cardoness. Vacy Lyall Robert, Clarence Town McDonald A. S. Underbank McDonald Andrew, Oakland, Toulon() 0 McDonald H. C., Barabba, Ellabong McDonald J., Heatherbrao, Bendolb, 0 McDonald Nell, Braeside, Bendolba McDonald W. J., Rothbury McEnearnoy J. T., Buchanan 0 Maadyen Allan. Hillside, Vacy 0 McFarlane F., (Exors. lute), Inglebrae, Morpeth _ McKeown M., Cooper's Flat, Vacy McMullen Wm., Laguna McNamara M., Branxton 0 McPherson A.; Glenavon, Hinton Mackay G. A., Melbee, Dungog. 00 Mackay NV. IL, West Maitland. 00 S. A ( MO ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. Mai PASTORAL, Mai c Owner, Station and Post Town. H. Mackay J. K., Bringleburra, Ores. ford Marquet Philip, Lyndhurst Vale, Brookfield Marriott W. J., Dagworth, West Maitland Marshall P., East Maitland Maurer J., Sandy Creek, Wallarobba Maurer J. C., Sandy Ck., Wallarobba Merchant J., Mt. Pleasant, Killdale Merchant Jas., Hilldale ann W., Ash Island Miners Geo. P., Belgrave, Eccleston Mooney E., Stanhope, Branxton Moore W. E. Wollombi Moore Wm., filar., Glonmore, Under. bank. hfoxey H. J., 'NVIlliant Town. Moxey Wm., William Town bloylan M. J., Glen William Moylan Thomas, Pine Brush, Brookfield Murphy Elizabeth, dosforiti, West Maitland Murphy Peter, Glenalbyri, Vacy Nicholls T. & J. W., Bishop's Bridge Nichols Francis, Bishop's Bridge Niland John A Oaklands, Tarm Ninnis A. S., Allyn Brook Nivison A. A. W., Tillimby, Paterson O'Connor Anne, Cessnock O'Donnell Bros., West Maitland Osland R. & A., Brawcton Osmond Alfred, Sugarloaf, Dungog Osmond C. W., Cox's Creek, Dungog Osmond J. R., Sugarloaf, Dungog Parish Hilldale Park Alex., Livinsbrook, Gresford Partridge W., Radfordslea, Branxton Payne Win., Payne's Crossing, N Voliambi Pearse John J., Tressingfleld, Woodville Pearso T. H., Prospect, Hinton ) Pearson James T., Clarence Town Peattie John, Dunmore, Largs Pemberton T., NVyong Pepper Alt. E., Hollow Tree, Raymond Terrace Pepper R. J., Motto Farm, Raymond Terrace Poppleton H. E., Alison Powell C., Orange Grove, Woodville Powell Joseph, Trovallyn Priestly( George, Gostwyck, Paterson Rafter., Dingle Dale, Wollornbi Ralston IL CI., Ralston, Hinton Randall W. F., Greeford Rapson Samuel, Mt. Pleasant, Undorbank Reid F. W., Raymond Terrace Reynolds Frank, Toad, Paterson Reynolds S., Paterson Reynolds S. P., Ceder Idris, Vacy Reynolds Walter, Trevallyn, Paterson Richardson James, Lostock. Richardson James, Bingleburra, Oresford Richardson John, Leigh, Raymond Terrace ltobards S. T., Clarence TOWII Robson Geo., Thalaba, Dungog Russell George J., William Town Russell R. D., Coulston, Bungwahl 0 Ryan Mrs. M., Tabbet Creek, Dungog Sansom Joseph, Oakfield, Saltash Saxby E. J., Spring Hill, Gresford Saxby.., Salisbury Saxby W. H. and S. S., The Cedars, Dungog Scott NV. C., Rosobank, Hinton Scott Walter C., Wallalong, Hinton C. 0 0 ( S. A Owner, Station and Post Town.,. C. S. A. Searles Bros., Charles Vale, Vacy 00 Shelton A., Mt. Oliver, Bandon Grove _ Shelton E., Mt. Olive, Bandon Grove 0 Shelton IL, Mt. Olive, Bandon Grovo 000 Shelton Henry. Upper Chiche qter 0 Sherwood W. T., Branxton Short S. M., The Cedars, Mt. Vincent Simmons Allan, Quart Pot Creek, Underbank Slack Robert W., Wollombi 0 00 Sivyer IL X., Allynbrook. : Si vyer R., Halton, Allynbrook _ 0 Smith A. G., Oakembile, Glenoak Smith Edwin, Munnl, Dungog 0 SWU, II. A., Bandon Grove 0 Smith J. A Money Bong, Paterson 0 Smith John, Ourlinbah 0 Smith John, Whitfield, Allynbrook 0 Smith John T., Long Bight, St'kton 0 Smith M., Bona Vista, Paterson 0 Smith S. V., Wingadee, Bandon Grove Smith S. NV., Stockton 0 Smith Thomas, Norwood, Gresford Smith W. J., Bendollat 0 Spark E. IV., West Maitland Sparke E. W. and. AI., West Maitland 0 Sparke II. E.,Favona, Seaharn Stanton F., Chichester Sternbeek C. G., Murray's Run, Laguna 000 Stembeek H. T., Murray's Run, Enfield _ Stoddart F. NV., Palmdale, Ourimball 0 Storck A., Glenoak 0 Storey S. B., Trevallyn 0 Sutton Hy., Hollowtreo, Raymond Torraco 0 Taylor & McDonald, Buchanan 0 00 Taylor Mrs. M., Wallarobba 0 Taylor R Tuggerall. 0 Thalberg Samuel, Clovedon, Gresford 0 0 Thomas Bros., Laguna _ Thomas IV., Greta son Thomas 0.,junr., Brauxton 0 Thompson A. A., Laguna. Thursby G..c: W. C., Congswal, Ellalong _ 00 Tighe H. A., Bandon Grove Tighe V. J., Bandon Grove.. 00 Tucher HR. Alt Bank, Vacy 0 Tucker W. ' C., litisbano Grove. Paterson. 0 Turnbull H. A, field 0 0 Unicomb S., Eskdale, Seaham 00 Upton Thos., Bob's Farm, Anna Bay Vile A., West Maitland 00 Vile James, Gostorth, NV. Maitland 0 Vile It. R., Gosforth, W. Maltiand 0 Vogell A. J. C., Mount Douglas, Paterson Wade R. W., Mt. 0 er, Bandon Grove. 0 0 Walker A., East Gresiord 0 Walker J., Slain Ck., Dungog 0 00 Waller G. S. & Son, NVallarobba Watson C. M., Lostock -: (g() Watson Joseph, Vacy 00 Walz J., West Maitland 0 0 Weakley A. E., Tarro : 0 0 West Sarah Ann, Long Bight, Stockton _ White Bros., Kilkee, Allyn Brook 0 0 White D., Allyn Brook 00 Wilco Henry, Dungog O V 0 Wilson A. II, Strathisla,Lostock _ 0 Wilson F. P., Ivy Bank, Lostock Windom Archibald, Kinross, Raymood Terrace 00 Windeyer Richard, Tomago ss Woodbury W. B., Wyong Woodhouse Charles, Tackbear, Vacy yndham O., Wollong, Mt. Vincent - W Ii ; WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M OUR PROCESS OF EMBALMING PRESERVES THE DEAD FOR ANY TIME AT NOMINAL COST

4 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FASHION'S FAIREST FAVOURS. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL THINGS NEEDFUL AND NICE. 0c Men PASTORAL. Mer Mer PASTORAL. Met c MENINDIE. MENINDIE PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Chairman : William Dawes, Toper, Broken. Secretary :. L. Hosier, Esq. Stock Inspector: G. B. JOHNSTON, Broken. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Andrews E., Pandora, Quondong Andrews H. G., Myalla, Broken 00 Andrews John, Quartz Reef, Broken Andrews Mrs. P. M., Huonville, Broken 0 0 Bach L. E., Willaball, Menindle 0 0 Baker Edward, Harcourt, Tartna Pt. 0 0 Bartholomanes C., Burta Vale, Cockburn 00 0 Bell L., Cuthero, Menindie 0 Bennett 0. Farmeote, enlndie ltd Bennett V. A., Winona, Menindie Billings O., Sleeps Well, W actinide Road 0 0 Boyd J., Court Maroon, Poonoarie 0 Bromley F. E., Three Gums, MonInd le 0 0 Brougham J. W., Poolamacca, Broken Cameron J. C., Corona, Tarrawingee Cameron I'. F., Rochdale, Menindle 0 00 Carne T. W. ThackarIngit 0 0 Carter A. Kinchoga, Broken Caskey Robert, Byrnedale, Menindle 00 Cornwell & Sons, Vanditroo, Ilndcen 00 Crossing A., Burta. Broken Hill 00 Crossing O. R., StIvei ton Curran P., Mullengar, roomed Dawes W., Toper Station, Broken 00 Dempster J. A, Jouline, Tarrawingeo 000 Dunne John, Net ley, enindie 0 00 Edwards D., Menindie 0 0 Elder Smith & Co Broken Hill 0 Farrar H. E LangawIrra Sturt's Meadows, Broken ' 0 0 Galloway Bros., Alma, MenIndie 00 ( illett A., Cockburn 0 Hamilton F. It., Mt. Gipps. Broken Hill :. 0 )000 Hammett John, Wycot, Tartna Point 0 Hardingliam C., Sunny Dale, Wentworth Road 0' 00 Hart A. E., Lorloona, 0 Harvey F. It. & C. A., letford, Wilcatinia Road Harvey T. W., Pine Point, Went. worth Road 00 Herring James, Gum Park, Taira- Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Lord J. V., Pinnacles, Silverdale 0 Lord W. G., Mootwingie, Eurlowrie 0 Maiden Win., Maidenville, Speculation Lake, Mfenindle Medlicott Mrs. C., Mullah Cullah, Menitidie Mellowslilp W., Wilcannla Road 0 Miller A. W., Matra, Broken Hill 0 Miller Geo., Redan, Broken Hill 0 0 Moyle W., Pincally, Broken 0 intooroo Pastoral Co., Ltd., Op. hare, Cockburn 00 0 McClure IV., Westwood Downs, Men. India. 00 McFadden and Vona, Rowena, via Euriowle 0 McIntyre L., Qulnyamble, Terrawingee McLeod M. It., Boothin g le, Menindle 0 0 Owen M. B., Wanda, MenIndle 0 0 Packer H. T., Log Hut. Menindle Page W Sons, Green VuLt. Pooneitrie Parker IV. F., Buckalow, Broken Parker G. ''. and W., Purnamoola, Broken Hill. 00 Parker Geo. T. and Sons, Tordown, Tartna Pt. 00 Pedroia J. & J., Speculation Lake, Menindie Power Mrs. J., Haythorpe, Menindie ( ltanken R. B., Tolarno, Menindle., 00)) Raven Charles It., Raven Dale, Bulimic) 0 00 Rommel t Mrs. J., Dousandel, W- amnia Road 00 Itenalson John, LangItioon, Broken. 00 Ric en., Pandora k, itienindlo. Scobie W. IL, Matinee, Menindie 0 Shaw W. A. J., Oakville, Tanawingee (I Smith G., Eekabone, Wilcannia ltd. 00 Smith II. M., Heatherbloom, Poencede 0 0 Smith IL, Hum '. non', worth ltd Smith, Cooksfleld, Stephens' CIE. 0 0 Smith W. E., Langwell, Wentworth rd Spragg W. J. and Co., Acacia Vale Limestone Siding Tainish G., Scarsdale, rio tliondong 000 Torrington T. IV., Gum Vale, South Broken Treloar L. Topar, Broken 0 00 Troloar Richard, Mount Westwood, Tarrawingee Turley G., Stephens' Creek 0 Vigar Joseph, Charlemont, Quondon 0 00 Owner, Station and Post Town. II. Bowman E. and K., Rotherwood, Cassilis Bowman A. It. and F., Grampian Hills, Bunnan Braggett W. and Foley W., Hogs. dore, Cassilis. Braggett W. J., Cassilis Brumley James, Argyle, Burman Bramma W. It. (Exors. late), Cavan, Merriwa Brindley Park Pastoral Co., Merriwa 00 Brody 0., Tenella Merriwa Buchanan C. E., Baerand Busby Alex., Cassilis, Cassilis 0 Byers Robert, Reedy Creek, Ulan Carnell Joseph, Ural arby Road Cohen Woatherley, Markey 0 Collaroy Co., Ltd., Collaroy, Merriwa Collins J. B., Thornhurst, Arlington Collins L. E., Rosedale, Merriwa Collins W.., Glen Doon, Cassius Collins W. J., Clairville, Arlington Collins W. T., ingwood, Merriwa 0 Collins W. T. C., Ilulkes, Merrivra Cornish Sarah, Binalong, Cassills Coppard J. C., Ivanhoe, CassIlls Cornish II. J., Spring Creek, Coolah Cornish Isaac, Blair Athol, Coolah Costigan Mrs. Hannah, Templemore, Merriwa Crockett M. It. P., aeratni Cronin James, Oakland, Idaville CullIngrab Co., Cullingrab, liforriwa Dean Mrs.., Booyarnurm, Coolah Dray Henry, Silver Hill, Cassilts Dray James L., Collaroy, Cassills Dray J. T. E., Bull Vale, Cussin g Eager B. G., Silverwood, Kar's Springs Eager E. S. W., Castleburn,.' Burman Egan Anne, Bow Glen, MerrIwa Egan P. B., Letty Brook, Merriwa Ell John T., Eden Vale, Merriwa Exley A., Warung, Cassilis Exley Mrs. Sarah, Warung, Cassilis Fennell J. G., Greville Ville, Merriwa Fitzgerald Alf., Sandy Hollow, Cassilis Fitzgerald IL M. (Exors. late), Cass!. Fitzgerald James, Mountain Valley, Cassius Gibbons A. W., CassIlls Gibbons Alexander (Exors of), Glencoe, Collaroy Onion W., Mount Norris, Coolah Gleeson J. J., Hillsborough, Merdwa C. S , A Owner, Station and Post Town. Lawler Bros., Tara Hall, Marilee Leant c., Fa irl ight, Kar's Springs Leard J. B Meaduligilah, Dale's Ck. Leggett A. J., Inglewood, Scone Lennox Jas. (Exors. of), Summer Hill, Gassin g Lennox.T. L., nn isfail, Turin Lennox L., Coomealla, Weiler Road Lennox T. L., Borambil Loughrey Jane, Ulan Lovegrove A., Hampton, Cassllis Marshland A. E., Sunny Park, Kees Springs Marshall W. J., Marshlands, Bunnan Mead John, Bow Forest, Morriwa Mead (Exors. of J.), Peggy, Morriwa Meldrum F. II erriwa. Morton P. II., Oban, Coolah Munro II. IL, Gundebrl, Mordwa Murray F., Elan Dale, Bow. McDonald D., Ardgowan, Turin. McLean Pastoral Co., Turco Vale, Cassius.. Mc Lean G., Itidge lands, Cassilis 0cIdastor A., Kensington, Uarbry McMaster F. D., Dalkelth, CassIlis McNaught M. C., Fairview, Merriwa McNamara J. r., Brighton Park, Merriwa. MacNamara James, Springfield, Boro McNamara M., Springfield, Boro McRae Allan, Oran bourne, Mordwa McRae D., Mountain Station, Morriwa Nebauer Charles, blerrlwa Neely John, Kurrajong Park, Catollis Novell A. G., Deridgree, Wollar Ne%ell By Claralar, Wolter H. - Novell. R., Glenlyn, Weller ; ; Novell J. V., Crowie, Wollar Novell No., Rossmoyne, Turin Nixon W., High Park, Merriwa. Noble Isaac, Hampshire, Mordwa Noble W. G., North Court, Idaville O'Brien T. E., Green Arm, Morriwa Palmer W., Kar's Springs, via Scone Palmer E. M., Lycullen, Dale's Creek Pickett W. J., Turill, Cassilis Piper W. A., Marin). Pittman W. A., Glencoe, Merriwa Potts Edward, Aludale, Merriwa Price H. B. L., Woodlands, Blerdwa Price J. N., funr., Flight Springs, Mordwa Quinn D. (Exors. of), Glenquinn, Willy Wally, Cassilis Rawlinson A. S., Coopa Gulga, Cassius C. S A winger! 000 Warren J. D., Armin, Menindie Gleason Thomas, Rose Hill, Ifferriwa 0 0 Rawlinson Ernest, Valentine, Cassilis 0 Heron and Winter, Mt. Darling, Warren John R., Whurlie, Menindie 00 Goodworth W. B., Glenburnie, Kar's Rawlinson Mrs. AL A., Cassills 0 Broken Hill White 0 Tindara, Tarrawingec 000 Springs Rawlinson W. E., C,00lah 0 Hickman C., Coultra, Cockburn 0 Williams J. S., Heydon Downs, Hall P., Spring Hill, Merriwa 0 0 Robison C., Tomb-obi', Turell 00 0 Hindle IL, Quarry I, Wilcannla rd ( Wileannta Road., 00 Haynes P.M., Apple Tree Flat, TurIll 00 Roach James, Mt. Erin, Idaville 00 Hogan W. J., Needlebush, Thacka. Williams W. IL, Broken Hill 000 Head J. W., Donga, Cassilis 0 0 Saunders A. W. V., Kees Springs, tinge 00 Hensley James, Hillside, Cassilis Scone Hole, J. L., Albe ma rle, Menindie Higgins John, Collieblne, Coolah 00 Saunders George, Willy Wally _ Holmes E., Sampall, Tarrawingee 0 Houlahan T. J. Cassilis 00 Saunders John, San Salvador, Bar's Homer T., Appolymi Valley, S- ' verton. Si MERRIWA. Holder E. and C., Spring Valley, Springs 000 Dale's Creek Saunders T., Rose Head', Kar's Hughes Hugh, Eureka, via Quo ndong MERRIWA PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD, Houlahan Thomas, dassins Springs Ingram D., Aston, Pooncarlo CASSILIS Hopkins E. J., Green Dale, Turill Scott C. B., Mount Everest, Merdwa Jackson A.., Mundt Mundt, Silver. Hordern and 'Woods, Cassills Scully T. F., Bow Vale, Mordwa 0 ton 0 Chairman : Matthew E. Maher, Collaroy, Merriwa. Howard T. J., Glasston, Willow Tree Scully E. J., Coolah 0 J efferys George, alunka, Quondong 0 Secretary : Simon J. Scully Esq. Horton W. H., Bobadeen, Mudge Jennings & McQueen, Pine Ridge, Inspector : W. LOWE. 0 0 Schlemer A. J., Coolah Bridge Howell F. J., Ivy Dell, Merriwa 0 Shannon Bros., Idavtlle, filerriwa 00 via Tarrawingeo Howell Thos., Forest Home, Merriwa 0 Sherwood Jas. (Oxley), Merriwa 0 Kitimat' Bros., Black Hill, Broken Adnum it; Martin, Wollar Road SO 00 Hunt Wm., Brooklyn, Merrlwa Slued. J. Lowlands, Ttirill. 00 Hill 0 Ashton George, Green Hills, Cassino 0 Irwin Jas., Mountain View, Coolah Stevenson J, Rockdale, undella 0 Kidman, Kapunda, S.A. 0 Bell A. H. and J., Hall's Ck., Bunnan 0 Jones Bros., Ganderble, Blerriwa 00 Stott George 0. Latnlash, Uarbry Langford Bros., Kay Tank, Broken Bell George, junr., Arraglin, Bunnan 0 ' Jones A. M., The Folly, Leadville 0 Road 0 Hill Bettingten Tetragong, Merriwa Jones Thomas, Muswellbrook Trnhey Jas., Talb.,t Park, Cassino Larkins Jas. W., Pandora, Lake Bishop J., Wont ten, Kennedy T. J., Boballa,?denim). 0 Train Bros., Mang,n, Ceasing 00 MenIndie 00 Black Jas. A., Dunkell, Merri wa. 0 0 Krone L., Victoria Park, Merrlwa 00 Treacy Mrs. A., Su. tide, IdavIlle 000 Larkins M., Pannamaroo, Menindie 0 Blake., CassIlis Latnbort L., Merrlwa.00 Tuckey. Sunny D. CassIlis Lawless j. T., Louth Park, Merriwa 0 Walters W., Maize-m., E. Maitland WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. MORTUARY CHAPEL: GEORGE ST., CITY. 'PHONE CITY 0 OUR EQUIPMENT ENABLES US TO MEET THE DESIRES OF ALL DENOMINATIONS AND ALL CLASSES 0

5 ANTHONY HORDERNS FOR THE WORLD'S COMMODITIES. c Mil PASTORAL. Mol Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. MERRIWA(continued) Atkinson H. G., The Downs, Meran- Weber Bros., White Rock, Burman 00 burn White John, Glenbrook, Turin 0 Attenborough J., Never Despair, Whitby John C., Spring Ridge, Ida. Meranburn 0 villa 0 Attenborough J. T. G., Currawang, Whitby Robert, Dorkwood, CastIlls Canowindra 0 Witney John E., Sunnyside, Merrlwa 0 0 Attwell Geo., Littlewood, Peak Wicks A. S., Hall Rock, Ilerriwa. 0 Aubrey James, Mount Aubrey 000 Wicks F. E., Rock Hall, Herrin% I 0 00 Aubrey Jas. F., lopefield. Trewilga 0 0 Wicks N., Red Bank, Merriwa 0 0 Austin D W., Blathery Ck., Drip. stone. Austin J. A., Colombia, North Wellington. 0 Baker F. S., Ferndale, Car go Road MILPARINKA. S Balcombe H. A: A., Coradgery, Parkes LPARINKA PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Balcombe A., Cranbury 0 0 Balcombe Thos.,Warwick, Cranbury Chairman : S. M. Daskein, Esq. Ball James, Therileld, Molong 0 Secretary : F. W. Chambers, Esq. almer R. H., N'anger Valley, Murga 00 Stock Inspector : F. J. MADDEN. Barber A. E., &arose, Parkes 0 0 Barber C. J., Myralee, Aleetown 00 Barber G. If., bunko, Baldry A.M.L. and F. Co., Ltd., Wonnamint Barber James, Sunnyside, Trewilga $ 0 0 and Nundora, Eurlowle A M.L. and F. Co., Ltd., Mount Arrowsmith, Milparinka 0 0 Armstrong S. D., Onepah Bartlett and Morrison, Mount Blurt Blore George, Coolly, Milparinka Connors Chris, Allan's Tank 0 00 Cromarty W., Onetree Halfpenny Thos Horton Creek 0 0 Hawkes Daskeln, Morden 00 Kershaw J. Canino 0000 Kitimat' ; Held, Yantara and Connulpie Downs 0 Kidtnan S., Oaklands and Otient 0 Kid man Sidney, Mount Poole 0000 McClure A., Bonnier 0 Macdonald A. C., Olive Downs 00 0 McDonald James, Tarlta, MllparInka 00 0 Morrison Bros., WIlcannia 0 Mount Wood Pastoral Co., Mount Wood 0 00 Naughton Win., Vendome 0 0 Shaw Bros., Yancannia, Wileannia Smith H. J., Milring, MilparInka 0 Thomson Bros., Warratta Thomson A., Mount Sturt 000 Barber John, Daisy Park, Baldry.. Barber W., Croydon, Baldry Barker F. Onngal, Stuart Town Barnes, Joseph, Peak Hill Barnett C. W., Cam bourne, Peak / Barnett W. J., Lynwood, Stuntop Barter A. E., Cumnock Bassett A. J., Nyrang creek, Canowindra assett T. A., Oakleigh, Canowindra Bassett W Pine Lodge, Lockwood Baxter R, Cliffdale, Peake Hill Bayliss W., Yeronga, Peak Hill Bayly A. J., Parkes' Rd., Wellin gton Bayly E. P., Windermere, Trewilga Beadle IT. E., The Shades, Molong Bear Walter, Wangilla, Manildra Bell Andrew, Oakview, Driostone Bell.., Canowindra Bell T., Peak Bennett H. J., Rose Glen,. olong Bentley W. J., Sunbury Farm, Canewind m Berney Mrs. Jane, KlICIam, Eurimbla Bestwiek Redfern, Currajong, 0. es() Suntop : () Betar II., Mumbll Betts H. C., Vale Head, Molotiu MOLONG.. 0 Bevan and Taylor, Adavale, Parkes 00 IOLONG PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Black William, Cumnock 0 0 Blackburn G. E., Arthurville Chairman : Richard Hunt, Esq., belle, Obley. Blackburn John, ltoseltill, Parkes 0 Secretary : H. F. Chapman, Esq. Blackburn Matthew, Avondale, Stock Inspector : E. G. FINCH, Molong. Parkes 0 Blackwood A. S., Garra Bloomfield 0. A., Ringwood, Enrimbla 0 Bloomfield W. H., Belgrove, Copper Hill 0 0 A'Beckett W. C., Whitwell, Welling- 0 Agostinelli John, Trajerie, Eugowra 0 Alexander Joseph, Moloug 0 Aileen' B. C., Cheeseman's Creek 00 Blunden Mrs. R., Dripstone 00 Allen William, ThIldale, Mumbii 00 Blunt C., Time hermitage, I mek now 0 Alt/tofer Henry, Burrel, Dripstone Boothia James, Jumper's Hill, Cargo 0 Anderson Charles, Mountain Home, oa oiman Job, (larra Meranbum 00 Bohringer Conrad, Bowan Park Anderson G E., Springfield, via Boles Alex. (Exors. late), Pine HMI Wellington Cheeseman's Creek 0 Anderson James, Wattle Valley, Eugowm Angus H. and R., Moranburn 00 Bolton H., Toolee, Murga Boothinan F. (., Sunnybank, Canowindra Archer Thos. (Exors.), Reedy Creek, Bootle F. W. C., Meru, Molong Murga Rewire). F. J., Bellevue, Yeoval 0 Archer Wm., Rosedale, Murga lowboy G. H., Buckinbah, Cum- Arthur II. E., Curra, Parkes 0 nock 0 Arthur Hugh, Talbra, Trundle. 0 0 Bowman IV. C., Derowle and Arthur J. H. Curraweena, Trundle 00 Gorinbla, Oran ge 0 Armstrong C. R., Cudal Bracken Mrs. B. IVellbang,Wellington 00 0 Armstrong II. Z., Nandellyan Pond, Brady Mrs. C., Warree, Stuart Town 00 Belgravia 0 0 Brady Michael, Marysville, Stuart Astil W. T., Kurryjong, Yallundry Town WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M 00 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR AUSTRALIAN MANUFACTURES. Mol PASTORAL. Mol 0 Owner, Station and Post Town, C. S. A. Owner, Stat ion and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Brady T. J., It iverstone and Warrce, Cox IV. L. and G. L., Cundumbul, Stuart Town Neurea 00 0 Brady Terence, Columbine, Stuart Craven I,. & J., Glen Int rst, Lockwood 0 0 To wn,,, C Crawford John, Belmont, Alectown 0 Bransgrove H. W., Clinton Street, Creel Mrs. Mary, Karee. Parkes 00 Orange Crockett Maxwell K., Sunny Side, Brazier Bros., Newbryg an, Bucher- Dripstone 00 0 cents Crockett IV., The Oaks, Copper Br II. T., Mascotte, Farnham 0 Crow W. II., Laurel Farm, Ettgowra Breen Dennis, lnnesfall, Eugowra 0 Cudden Archibald, Baker's Swamp 0 0 Breen Timothy, Brittas, Canowindra Cudden James, Baker's Swamp 00 Bridle E. E., Mount, Peak Curtin William, Rock Retreat, Brien Mrs. C., Ilelleview. Neuron 0 0 Amaroo 00 Brien Jas. I., Blathery Ck., Neuron 0 0 Davey F., Taweni, Peak Brion John A., Dalkeith, Neurea Davey John R. Mangara, Alectown 00 0 Brien Thomas G. yernfleld, Neuron Davis C., Meranburn ' 0 Brooks J. A., I% ilga Vale, Garra ' Davis Frederick, thimble II 0 Brown Julia A., Estrourt, Parkes Davis John, Wollombine, Cargo 0 Brown II. M., Pine Grove, Lockwood 0 Davis W. G., Avenell, Cargo 0 Brown W. J., Mascot, via Parkes 0 0 Delaney J. J. and T. Gumble 0 0 Bruce Robert, Myrangle, Cuunnock 0 00 Delaney John DIoura Ck., Eugowra 0 Bruce Sage, Loombalt, via Cumnock Delaney IV. D., Kurrajong, Brummell Wm., Pine Farm, Arthur- Wellington villa Bengal, Con., Newborn, Boomoy. 0 Bucldand II. F., Glenmore, G tunblo 0 Denney Mrs. M. J., Bexley, thimble 0 Burdekin V. B., Karroo!, Dripstone 000 Dickey Bros., South Molong, Cane- Burgess W., Lord's Gap, Molong 0 0 windra Burridge J. D., Pine Grove Cudal _ Dietrich Albert, Rose Vale, Parkes 0 Busby William B., Waverton, Cargo Donnelly J. J., (wen's Glen, Peak Butler Stephen, The Gap, Molong 0 Byrnes John, Peabody, Molong 0 Dohline itillly P. j., Balmoral, Yearn! 0 Byrnes Peter, Belvale, Burdett 00 Donnelly William, Riverview, Baldry 00 Cahill W. J., Ctunnoek 0 00 Douglas IL. A., Bumberry Caldwell George, Inglewood, olong Doust David, Avondale, Burdett 0 0 Caldwell W., Argyle, Copper Hill Doyle G. F., Cardington, Molong 0 0 Campbell Bros. Burrendong 00 0 Draper E. A., Harris Park. Alectown 0 Campbell C. S.:Oak, Burdett 0 0 Dumosny Honnan,Ruby Vale, Parkes Cannon Bros. Tomingley, Dunn Bros., Urania, Canowindra Canomodine Mal., Canowindra Dunn Christopher, Guoambin, Murga 00 0 Carey Bros., Oakleigh, Mingo Dunn Ernest J., Oak IN's, Murga 0 Carey Ilros., ii, llywood, Trundle 0 Dunn Mrs. '., Iguana Hill, Molong 0-0 CantrIll William, Hillside, Borenore 0 0 Duffield C. G., Burrell Ck., Dripstone Carey Catherine, Racecourse Farm, Dutfiehl D., Stockyard Ck., Stuart Cargo 0 Town 0 Carman II.; T., Dundoo, Cuda Dwyer Bros., Glencoe, Canowindra 0 0 Carman W. J., Bow Sion, Murga Dwyer M., Parkes 0 Carpenter R. II., Dilga. Cunutock 0 0 Dyer Walter, German's Hill 0 0 Carr Charles, The Meadows, Obley Bade John, Bade Vale, Boomey 000 Carroll B. W. Berkeley, Manildra Eangelecsktou Major, Woologolong, Cum- Carroll Itedbank, Molong Carroll II. J., Woolgarlo, Manildra 0 00 Eason.Tohn, Hazeldean, via Tomin- Cashel Susan Willowvale, Wellington 0 0 gley - 0 Chalker IV. II Wellington 0 &totits m Mrs. C., Limo s Lake,. Chappell William, Ettrimbla Mcdong 0 Charlton W. D., Broadmeadow, Eggleston G.,. Rusitwood, Cumnock Yeoval. 0 Eggloston John (Emirs.), Cumnock 00 Cheney W. Redbank,kani ldra 0 0 Elliott David, Oakleluli, Aleetowit Chesterfield F. W., Gumble P.O. 0 Elliott It. L., Dolby, Dilga, Childs W. C., lieatherville, Ettgowra 0 Elliott Win., Burin, Alectown 0 Chown A., Mumbll Springs, Welling- Ellis J., May Villa, Amaroo 0 ton 0 00 Evans D., Currawong, Amoco 0 00 Evans Henry, Willow Farm, Murga Churchill Mrs. F. E., Mullungeen, 0 Evers Edwin, Peabody, Moloag Molong. 0 0 Evers Willlam, Peabody, Iolong Churchill F. E., Brymedura, Manildra 0 0 Farr S Rose. Copper Hill Clarke Peter, Coobaug Ck., Parkes 0 Farrell E Molong Ck., Molong Clarke Samuel, Gregra Farm, Gregra -0 Field A. T., Edinboro, Cargo Clatwortity J., Beechmore, Parkes Finelt Alfred, Cerra Vale, Wellington Coady W. J., Woodlands, Canowindra 0 Finch C. E., Spring Valley, Widmer Collins Mrs. A., peobody, Molong 00 0 Finch G. II., Boomeyera, Molong Collins John C., Peak. 0 Cook Daniel, Ilerry Gullet', durra Ck. Fisher James, Pride of Oak, Cane- 0 windra Coombes J., Upton, Boomey Fisher W. J., Oakleigh Cargo Cosier Arthur, Curnt Ck., Wellington Ford Charles R., Fairview, Cudal 0 0 Cosier Charles, Pleasant View, Curia Ford G., Nurseling Farm, Amaroo 0 0 Creek. Ford Saunas, Cudal 0 'Cosier II. L., Foxlei git, Curra Creek 0 '0 Cosier James, Curs Creek, Wellington 00 Cosler Lydia, Clara Creek, Wellington 0 Cosier P. It Curra Creek, Wellington 0 0 Coniston Mark, Bruie Plains, Trundle 0 Ford W. H., Fairview, Cudal Frecklington Thomas, Rosedale, FrPo ga ireicye As 0 Wa.rpaini,Suntop 0 Fuller Alfred E., Neuron Estate, Courts E. J. C., Bagdad, Cargo 0 Dripstone 0 0 Cousins C. J., Royston, Stuart Town 0 Gallagher Neil, Killarney, Cargo 0 THE LARGEST FIRM OF UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE 00 0 i! f It! ;II

6 ANTHONY HORDERNS'THE SHOP FOR THE MASSES. c Mol PASTORAL. Mol Owner, Station and Post Town.. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. II. C. S. A. LONG(contioned) Gatenhy H. A. (Hombre), Jile. Blackheath 0 Gavin E., Ruhydale, Molong :0 0 Gavin G., Killenbutta, Molong 0 0 ( Gavin K. A., Elingrove, Cutial Gavin R. H., Killenbutta, Molong 0 I Gersbach Richard, Woodbank, Cudal 0 0 Giblin L. E., Woo, Meranhum 0 Gibson F. W., Reedy Rona, Trundle Gibson Mrs. M. A., Yeoval 0 00 Gilchrist, Watt and Co Genanagle, 0 Parkes (D. A. Doyle, Mgr.) 0 (Masson J. K. (Hiawatha), orange 0 0 (Hasson J. IL, Oainboola, Molong 00 0 Masson John (Glengarilf), Illayney 0 Glasson IL, Yullundry, Cumnock 00 Glasson R. W., Koolabali, German's 0 Hill (Hasson S. S., Lannecorrie, Cargo 0 Glasson W. R., Brigalow, Cumnock 00 0 Godfrey P., Glenmoro, Parkes 0 0 Goodacre John, The Pines, Cano- 0 0 windra 0 Goodacre H. Lr, W., Canowindra Goodsell Bros., Arrow', Grenfell 0 00 Gosper S. : A., Underwood, Moran. 0 burn dosper A. G., senr., Wallawarrie, Meranburn, ( (loam A. J., Montareena, Meranburn 0 Gosper C., Claremount, Ieranburn 0 0 Gospor Reuben J., Homsey Wood, Meranburn 00 0 Grady D., Roseberry, Trundle Grangden H., Burdett Grant A. II., Oakleigh, Canowindra 00 Grant A. J., Braganza, Canowindra Grant Mrs. E.T., Canowindra Grant Geo. J., (hone, Canowindra 00 Grant Thomas, Tito Falls, Canowindra 0 0 Greenhalgh George, Pine Grove, 0 0 Digo writ 000 Greenhalgli, Kinkara, Eugowra 0 Greening Joseph, Rockland, Medina 00 Grimes Mrs. Lucy, Bald Hills, Stuart Town 00 Grimmett A., Mount.' Album, Alec. town 00 Crimson F. D., lielleview, Yallundry 0 Haggerty. J., Hillwood, Bowan Pk. 0 Hall Anthony, (basing, Parkes Hammond W. J., Wilga Vale, Parkes 0 0 Hands W., Rosewood, Peak ;. Hannelly Michael, Ettchareena 00 Hansford Mrs. E. L., Fairview, Mumbil 0 Harris Bridget, Harrisville, Suntop Harris Sohn, Rose Lynne, Suntop Harris Peter, Curra Vale, Suntop 0 00 Harvey G. S., Apsley Estate, Wellington Haynes A. J., Ilom Plains, Parkes 0 Haynes W. G., Wandillyan, Molong Hearne W., Spring Vale, Boomey Hebden G. H., Erambio, Molong 0 Helm John, nor., Coobang, Parkes Hendry Mrs. B., Brier Angle, Cargo Herbert B. (Exrs.), Fairfield, Eugowra. Higgins Eliza, Ballot. Box, Yeoval 00 Higgins James, Oaklee, Cudal 0 Hinton John ff., Minna Murra, Yeovil Hodges B., Close Water, Baldry 0 Hodges E., Tuckwell's Creek, Baldry 0 0 Hodges W. S., Avondale, McPhail Hogan. J., Gowan Green, Altulibil 0 Holden Samuel, Paling Yards, Bowen Park Holt G. B.., Narragoon, Molong 0 Hood Mrs. E., Tantalion, Belgravia 0 Hopper G. II., Cumnock WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD Horton F. T., Banat/dew, Boorney Iforton T. J., Pine Dill, Kerr's Ck, Hubbard F. F., Mt. Pleasant, Stone Creek }Nuke- H. (Est. of), Mona, Dr! pstone Hughes J. Storing Vaht, Baldry. Hull James, Buddalt View, Peak Hill Hunt Bros Ohellu, c/o. It. Hunt, Georue-st., Parramalta Hurford W., Canowindra. Hyland Wm., Marraville, Pine Cliff Irvine Bros., Lowery, Cudal Irvine Andrew, Glen brook, Tongong Jarrett 0. J., Trundle Jefferies G. R., Shaw's Plains, Parkes Jefferies.Tolin, Musk Butch, Parkes Jelbart James. Penryn, rewilga Jelbart John, St. Buryens, Alectown Job Arthur, Fairview, Yeoval Job Geo. K, Westwood, Yeovil!. Job IL, Goodwood, Yeoval Job W. T Blenwood, Yeoval Johnson Bros., Yeoval Johnston J.. J., Wrangle, Cum- Dock Johnston D., Silverdene, Baldry Johnston G. E., Riverview, Parkes Johnston Ii, W., Rock Lynn, Cumnoek Johnston James, Dilga, eta Cumnocit Jones Arthur, The Kurrajongs, Lockwood Jones D. A., Moilmse, Molong Jones I). M., Wollombean, Cranbury Jones II. G., Norwood, Mumbil Joyce Thomas, Thornville, Cargo Rater N. W., Nyrang, Cheesman's Creek. Kearins Phillin, Ilford, Nikes Kearney Mrs. E., Bowen Park. Keenane Bros., Cheesman's Creek, Orange Keenan Bros., The Bridge, Orange Kelly Patrick, Lilydaln, Slanildra Kenny Jas., Catombal Creek, Cumflock Kerin M. J., Dilga Creek, Peak Hill Kerin T., Belmore, Obley King Y. F., Cudal King William, Borenore Kinsela G. H., Oreetigmve, Manildra KInsela H. G., Onslow,'Guyra 0 Kinsela W. J., Myocum, Manildra Korsell F. G., Samna. l'eak Lamrock W. L. G., Hillbury, Medina Lane L. A., Gienora, Orange Lane S. N., Karroo, Widmer Lang J. B Mountain View, Stuart Town., Langdon A. J Hillside, Pine Cliffe Langdon D. J., Woodlands, Pine Cliff. Langdon H. J., Bocoble Cap, Pine Clue Lavender W., senr., Glen View, Wellington Lawson A. H., Farnbam Lawson L. It., Roslyn, Farnham. Lawson L. R., Oakwood, Farnham Leary Claude L. Brookvale, Cumnock Leary Thomas, Mathitin g, Yeoval 0 Leo C. H., Lams Lake, Molong ;. Ice B. (Exors.), Hope Vale, Bugowra Leo F. H., Wongalee, Cumnock Leo, Claremont, Molong Lemmon Charles, Amaroo Lemmon W., Ferndale, Amaroo Linder Wm, F., Euchabil, via Parkes Lindsay Jas., Barcom Glen, Cranbury Lindsay James, Cora Lynn, Parkes Livermore T. j., Rosovale, Cargo Livingstone H. &., Cave Creek, German's Hill NO HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE CITY 0. ANTHONY HORDERNVTHE SHOP FOR THE CLASSES. Mol PASTORAL, Aro]. c Owner, Station and Post Town. Logue B. J., Manildra Long Michael, Gum Ridge, Medina Loomes P. 0., Nyrang Creek, Canowindra Loomes Wm., Loomsville, Cranbury Lyons Geo., Maroombalt, Euchareena Lyonsi rt eia Jaities, Man toml telm, Euelta- Macken & Moore, Cundumbal Madden I'. J., Forbes Rd., Borenore Maddison.., Manildra. Maher D. B., Reedy Creek, Murga Mallon Mrs.., German's Hill Manehee Frank, Taiga, Trewilga Manchester G., Dilledeering, Manildra Slanting A; Noble, Bald Hills, Stuart Town Marriott II. N., litthherstone, Parkes Marsh Annie, farshdale, Eugowra Marsh A. E., Glenleigh, Goolagong Martin Bros., Woodland, Arthurville 0 Martin Enoch, Curra Ck., Wellington. Mart in Wesley, Manlidra Matthew A. W.& S. E., Bondgeree, Cant mind ra Matthews A. T., Bell River, Belgrave Matthews Mrs.. A., The Farm, Peak Hill Mauler S. N., Mount Top, Eucluireen May L., Warraberry Farm, Parkes Mayne Bros., Spring Ck., Cargo Meehan Easteriield. Wellington Meehan P. J., Red Hill, Dripstono Holiday Michael (Exors), Prairie Vale, Goolagong Melville W., Glenara, Trundle Meurant Ferdinand, Front ignite, Cundumbul Middleton Bros., lierridale, Cargo 0 Iegel D..T., nos/wale, Alectown Mega J. W., Cobwebb, Alectown Miller S. A., Moolixway, Manildra Miller Arthur S., Woodville, Yooval er C. J., The Rock. Manildra Stiller C. D., Fit I rview. Wellington Miller F. B. A., Killeigh, Yeoval Ier J. A., Greenvale, Bournewood Miller J. W Yeoval Miller N. S., Pinegrove, Cumnock Miller It., Goodrich, Yeoval Miller R., Church, Cumnock Slilittat e A. T., Barradeen. l'ea k 0 Mills Mrs. Ellen, Boduldura, Stuart Town. ills Henry, Farnham Morris G Sunset, Bournew ood Iorris J. D., Bournewood Morris James, Yullundry Moss William, View, Coradgery road, Parkes Mnstyn Samuel, Cooper's Creek, Euchareena Mulligan J., Gil Gies, Canowindra Mulligan T., Pine, Canowindra Mulligan W. E., Kia Ora, Peak Hill Munro John, St klieg, Yeoval Munro Robert, Glenwood, Cumnock Munro W., Catombal, Cumnock 0 Murray Adam, Notherbar, Wellington Murray B., Merge Murray George. Al lad, Matditi ra Murray J. S., Hawthorne, Lanildra Murray Percy W., Ellhank, Calm- rirtitt ira w. t.,..a p p y.. Valley, Manildra Mintroreaky William, Yarran Grove, Cum- Mutton A., Charier-tient, Molong tyles S. L., Canowindra McCarron Hugh, Fern Hill, Peak Hill McClintock N\ in Wi gan lid.,parkes ' McCormick J., Avondale, Store Ck. C. S. ' S :? 00 ( 0 : A ( ( ) Owner, Station and Post Town. H. McCormick W., Store Creek McCulloch David, Tralliee, Parkes 0 MeCuteheon A. II., Sunnyview, German's McDonald Bros., Borenoro McDonald Alex., Belmont, Lockwood McGinley D., Mock Valley, Amaroo McGrath J. L., Burrow Lea, Parkes McIntyre A. J., Fairview, Alectowit ellityre John, Tyrone Park, Alectown McIntyre John J., Peak Downs, Peak, McKeown W. Warata), Peak ekcown W., Jun., Peak Hill McLean A. S., Pine View, ephail Ielstan D. F., Mountain View, Baldry McMahon E. D., Atnaroo Mefahon Thomas, Amaroo McMurray C. I., Cheesman's Creek McNab James, Aliwood, Borenoro IffeNickle A. J., Etilinore, Ettgowra 0 Merlierson A., Kenilworth, Peak Hill Nash A. C., Hillview, Toogong Nash J. A., Cawdor, Parkes Nash J. E., Oakburn, Cranbury Nash J. 0., Willow Bank, Eug.owra Nash It. II., Macquarie Fields, Toagotte. Neville Thomas, berthile, Wellington Nesbitt T., Herridale, Cumnoek Newbi gging Mrs. E., Rocky Lea, Peak Newhigging John, Glencoe, Parkes Newhiggins. Mrs. It., Brooklands, Parkns Newton William, Mount Lamble, vig Orange.' Noonan J., Cargo ltd Orange Norris John, Coffey Hill, Cargo 0.s Bros., Ilarrendine, Orange Oaths C. F., Burgoon, Cumnock O'Brien W. & C., Fairholine, Suntop 0 O'Brien Daniel, Towen, Cumnoelc O'Brien J. T., grot o, Wellington O'nonnell Sirs. A., The Reeds, Iolong O'Donoglitte John, Mountain View, Cumnock. O ff ner C. S., View, Manildra (Miner Charles, The Hermitage, Wellington Offner. A., Grace Hill. Dripstone O'Keefe Jeremiah, Sandy Ck., folong O'Leary J., Woodbourno, Peak Hill O'Neill Charles, Yarrangalt, furirt O'Shea Thomas,Glenwood,German's Hill O'Sullivan Daniel, Banmore, Boreno 0 Owens Mrs. M. A., Glen Owen, Baker's Swamp Paddison C. H, River View, Baldry Paddison G. W., Yarran Grove, Man. ildra Paddison J. E., Ferndale, Baldry Palmer W. M. Limestone, Parkes. Parnell it Barnes, Ermington, Eugowra.. Parr Wm., Clevelan d, urga Parslow E. " H., Elmhurst, Molong Parslow H.A. ( Exors. late), Hill View Molong Parslow J J., Bridgewater. Molong Parslow John, Hiliview, Cudal Parslow J. T. ( Exors.), senr., Home ill the West, Molong Parslow. T, Molong Patterson Mrs. C. M., Inglewood, Tremilga ( Patterson B.,Glenaldon, Dilga Patterson I'. I., Glenaldon, Dilga C. S ' THE LARGEST FIRM OF CARRIAGE AND DRAG PROPRIETORS SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR A ( !!

7 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR SHOPPING BY POST. c Mol PASTORAL. Mol Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. LONG(continued) Smith L. Mac., Borce Caboune, Payten L. It., and T. B., Mount Borenore Pleasant, Green(late and Alfalfa, Smith L. It., Shepherd's Creek, Eu- Canowindra 0 chareena 0 0 Peacock ; Petersen, Murnbil Snook James, Smithfield, Murga Peacock T. F. (Est.), Reedy Flat, Snook J. P., Nangar, urga _ 0 Mumbil. 0 0 Stanford C., Brentwood, Peak Pearce Arthur, Sunrise, Mu rga _ Stanford T.., Church Hill, Tre- Pearson., Glencoe, via Wellington 0 wilga _ 00 0 Penson F. W., PonsonvIlle, anildra 0 Stanger W. P., Nericia, Canowindra 00 0 Peters Emanuel, Glenroy, Store Creek 00 Starr G. R., Lesalle, Mumbil _ Peterson G. E., Gliewong, Grew% Steele I'.., Free House, Alectown Phi!pat J. '., Dalkietit, Ettehareetta 00 Strahorn IL C., Killaloolalt, Dubbo -- 0 Pickford G. E., Bournewood 00 0 Strahorn Hugh (Exors). Derowle, PieWont John, ournewooll 00 Obley 0 Pickford S., Sterling, Bournewood 0 Strahorn John (Exors. late), Wandoo Plowman S., Emu Vale, Parkes 00 Wandong, Obley _ 000 Pocknall W. J., Hayslope Farm, Straughan Robt., Pine Grove, Gregra 0 0 Cudal 0 0 Sullivan A. A. Copper Hill 0 0 Proctor G. F., Baringle, Eugowra 00 Sullivan C., Pine Grot e, Parkes 00 0 Quoin Thomas, Dripstono Sullivan George, Mani, Baldry _ : Quinn Irs.., Alimtlale, Parkes 00 0 Sullivan IL, Euroka, Farnham 0 0 Quirk J. Redbank, Burrendong 0 Sullivan T. J., Mt. View, Kerr's Ck. 00 Quirk J. N., Chance Farm, Boomery Sullivan W. C., Farnham Quirk Peter, Monte Christ, Store Ck. 00 0or 0. E., Black Willow, liar- Radnedge. J., Copper Hill, graves Molong 0 Strausbra A. NV., Rosehill, Bogart Regan W., Columbine, Cargo. Gate. Reid A. C., Killiwottlin, Cumnoek Swindle P. &, Huburn Vale, Cuda 0 Reid NV. L., Davy's Plain, Cudal 0 Tanswell Win., llogan Rd., Parkes 000 Reidy F. T., Wellbang, Wellington Taylor Bros., Goonoo, Wellington 0 0 Reilly Samuel, Killarney, Cumnock Taylor Bros., Harvey Pk., Wellington 0 Reilly William, Sunshine, Cumnock Taylor C. Orsley, Cudal 0 Reinhard NV. G., Oddfield, Wellington 0 00 Taylor Ed., Sunnyside, Cudal 0 Reynolds S P, Burrawong, Cumnock 000 Taylor F. Cumnock Black Richard, Ianildra. 0 Taylor J., Mogriguy, Dubbo 00 Rice Albert, arstlen, Canowindra 0 0 Thatcher T. L., Hill Street, Orange 0 Rice S. Mogong, Canowindra Terry G. A., Bowra, Dilga 0 0 Rice Thomas, Waterford, Peak Hill 0 Therkell George, Montclair, Cudal 0 Rich D. A., Rozelayne, Wellington 0 0 Thomas Mrs. H. Canangles, Cargo 0 0 Rich Philip, Bloomsdale, Wellington Thompson Emanuel, Cronga Peak, Euchareena Richards '. II. (Estate of), Pannara, Cargo Thompson John, Glen Luna, Store Ridge V. P., Iaroola, olong Creek 0 Ritter J. II., Yoorooga, Ohio y. Thornberry F., Black Mount, Bowan Rittmeester B. J., Mingelo Park, Park 0 Mingelo Ruble Ann, Germ.. Rue James (Exors. late), Fair View, Canowindra Ryan E., Fairfield, Cu 'mock Thomberry S. (Exors. late), Bell. view, Bowan Park Tierney W. and P., Park Farm, Cumnock Townsend W. II., Glenarey,Eugowra Ryan Michael, Fenteliii, Molong II 00 lraves J., airview, Toogong 0 00 Iedlow, Canowindra 00 Troves NV. II., Lockwood, Canowlndra 0 Trebeck E. P., Bourlmbla, owan Ryan William, Mount Cole, Camwindra. Park 0 0 Trelford J., *rang Ck., Canowinara Sampson I. G., Glencoe, Peak Hill. 0 Tremain W. S., Roselawn, Suntop 0 ' 0. Sanderson J'. F., Burrell, Alecto% n 0 0 Treinaln Bros., Camelford Park, Schutt 0., Goonahra, Alectown 0 Dripstono Scott Bros. (tllenbrook), Grenfell. 00 Trento in W., j unr., Bildern on, Scott J. T., Mt. Esk, German's Hill 0 Molong. Scott James, \Sleuth, Range, Cargo Trent:tin W. II., Creek. View, Molong 00 Seale John, Box Grove, Bowan Park 0 Treweeke George, Nebraska, Can- Seale Thomas, Bowan Park 00 duntble 0 Shapland William, Flitton, Amaroo Tannin) P. l'., Wollner, Wellington 000 Sharpless Thomas, anildra 0 0 Trounce NV. H., Wollner, Wellington 0 0 Shean Mrs. Wm., Rockdale, fanildra Sherringhant j. G., Happy Valley, Cumnock,. 0 Trudgett Hannah, aenr., Gam Flat, Euchareena Tuft Mrs. Johanna, Oakland, Neuron 0 0 Simmons C. H., Nikes Rd., Well- Tyler E. J., Horseshoe Camp, Euington. gowra 0 Simmons. J., Tohnoi, Peak. 0 Unger A.., Rocky View, Alectown 0 0 Sinclair. (Est.), Mt. Venture, Ungen A. P., Stoney Hill, Alectown 0 Dt ipstone _ Unger G. W., The Walls, Alectown 0 0 Sloane J. M., Greengrot e, Manildra 0 Vaughan Michael, Washpen, Obley 0 00 Sloane Samuel, En ehareena Veech et Co., Oakleigh, Wellington Sloane Thomas, Woodbark, Cult- Veech Bernard, senr., Mountain (limbo! 000 View, Wellington. Small F. J., Rose Hill, Cumnock 00 Verge Sidney, Boomey, Molong 00. Smith B. F. C., Bowan Downs, Orange 0 Wallace J. A., Ferndale, Cadia 00 Smith Cecil M., Merridong, Borenore Ward & Ryan, Thnble,.Yeoval Smith Mrs. Janet, Wellington _ 0 0 Ward Edwin, ilopetoun, Parkes Smith J. B., Lockwood 0 00 Ward W. H., Mimosa, Parkes WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTIOtt 0.. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE QUINTESSENCE OF QUALITY. Mor PASTORAL. Mor a Owner, Station and Post Town. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A- Watt E., Boomey 00 Bennett Jane, Fairview, Binneguy 00 0 Vatt James, Fairy ount. Baldry. Berry y., "Ctniktott, Milbank 00. Watts E. and W. J., Cloverdale, Beynon J. E., Cal tla, Gravesend Bowan Park Bird A. W., Valetta, Millie 0 Watts Alfred, Mountain View, Alec- Boland Matthew, Narba, Morel) _ town Boland Thomas J., Strathmore, Moree 0 00 Webb F. A., Gteen Cove, Cudal 0 Boughton Samuel, KerrIsdale, foree 0 00 Webb F. A., Stirling Chase, Cudal : 0 Bowen It. B., Boomerang, Berrigal Welsh A. A., Wlliandra, Ettgowm Creek. 0 Wensley G. A., Canford, Lockwood 0 Boydell J. F., Weetalt, More 0 (00 Westcott F. T., Lynton, Alectown Hi 0 0 Boydell NV. P., Wentua, Avondale., Westcott J., Bridgewater, Parkes 0 Bradford G., Hautemont, Berrigal Westman A., Felton, Canowindra 0 0 Cre k e Weston Mrs. F. E., Googodery, Brannna A. C., Newport, Marco :0 0 Cumnoek 0 00 Brazier C. E., Olendilla, Millie 0 Whalebone F., Baker's Swamp 0 0 Brien Geo., Happy Valley, 'Upp er Wheeldon H. H., Oak Vail, Murga Horton Whitehead Charles H., Berl, Boomey 000 Brien Lowanna, Upper Horton 0 Whitehead C., Grannale, Boomey 0 Britton T. G., Talana, oree 00 Whitmee Bros., Boxland nod Fair- Brown A. Annie, Malvern, Gravesend field, Burdett _ Brown John, Homedale Talmoi 00 Whitmill Bros., Wombin, Parkes Brown R. E., Mungindi 0 0 Whitmill J. L., Wombin, Parkes 0 0 Brown Robt., Cecil Plains, Moree 0 0 Whittaker J., Pacific Valley, Yeoval 0 Brown NV. B Manbln, Moree 0 Williams John, Curra Ck., Welling- Bryans R., Coreenabri, Garah 000 ton. 0 Bucknell A. %V., fookoo, Garth _ Williams William, eranburn _ Bucknell F. W., Birrah, Morse. 0 0 Willmott C. E Athlone, Trundle Bucknell H. NV., Crinolyn, Bullarali 0 Willmott jas., Woodstock, Peak Hill 00 Bucknell N. C., Alice Downs, Moree 00 Wilson A. J., Campsie, Canowindra 0 Bucknell T. F.,Baroona, Talmoi 0 Wilson S. R., rtfurrumbong, Welling- Bucknell NV. It., Wongwie, ungindi 00 Bull Walter, Tarbert, Nloree 0 00 Wise. Olive, Glettroy, Suntop Burey T., Broadwater, Monte Wood Mrs. J., Sunnyside, Molong 0 0 Burke George, Hawthorne, Garah 00 Woodhouse C. L., Rosebank, Obley 0 00 Burke NV. M., Yuronga, Boom' Woodhouse George J., The Wattles, Burling G. A., Plantation, Boomi Baldry 0 Butler R. D., Dindierna, Mungindi Woods Henry, Parkes 000 Byrnes B. J., Wyrillah, Millie Wren C., Golden Glen, Toogong 0 Caine Edward, Devonshire Valley, Mrs. F., Canbury ^. 00 Upper Horton _ 0 Wright W. H., Nanami, Eugowra 0 Cameron A. S., Inverness, Bingara, Wykes G. B., Devon, Bournewood 00 Cameron Alexander, Glencoe, Canada 0 0 Wylces G. NV., Glen View, Bourne- Cameron II. F Royal Villa, More wood 0 Cameron (Et.), 't.), Royal Villa, Dloree 0 Wykes G. W., senr., Bournewood 0 Campbell II. 0. and Co., Gunyauna, Wykes H. J., Norwood Farm, Garai' 0 00 Bournewood 00 Campbell A. G. A., Alawa,Gravesend 0 Wykes Harry, Coolah, Bournewood 00 0 Campbell A. J., firidool, Moree. Wykes James, Bournewood Campbell D., Butnbaiar, ungindi 0 0 Wykes J. T., Rosebud, Bouniewood 0 Campbell D. A. NV. J., Springwood, Wykes T., Hillview, Bournewood 0 Gravesend 0 Wykes W. E., Bournewood 0 0 Campbell W., Burwooll, Binneguy 00 Wykes W. R., Corlea, Bournewood 0 Cannons J. G., Eden Valley, Bemgal Wythes. It., Roekdale, Canowindra 0 0 Creek 0 Young.T. F., Southerwood, Cumnock 0 Capel A., Derra Dena Bingara 0 Zola John, cannelville, Wellington 00 Capel D. G., The Oaks, ' Co bbadalt Capel (Exors. late), Rocky Creek, Cobbedalt 0 0 Carrigan J. '. & S ms. A veymore, MOREE. Boomi Carrigan Alex.., ng, PalaraBoomi MOREE PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Carrigan All Newhaven, &tuna Chairman : I. E. Cory, Esq., Moree. Carrigan ivy A., (.onnut 00 0 Secretary : I. T. Crane, Esq, Herber Street, Monte. Carter C. F., Wea Barraba 0 0 Stock Inspector : H. A. FLOOD. Carter E. J., The Furnace, Ba maim 0 Carver B. T., Garai', Morse 0 :0 00 Charters D. Melton, Gurley Siding 0 0 Adams E. L., Balnabeen, Collarenebri 00 Chishohn H. NV., Wilga, Moree 0 Adams H. P., Guildford, Boomi 0 0 Chisholm J. A., Gravesend _ Alexander Bros., ona, Boomi 0 0 Christy NV. J. : I., Carl ingford, Marco 00 Alexander D. H., Parrymoor, Millie 00 Clayton T. j. U., Clifton, Caroda 00 Alexander Janice, Sunbury, Moree 0 00 Clyne G Warrenook, oree 0 Alexander Sarah A., Barra, Bootni 00 Coleman Bros., Burrandoon, Bullaralt 0 0 Allen D. fci., Corenda, Boomi _ 00 Coleman. l'., erilba, Builaralt 0 Allen E. E., Konowna, Boomi 0 0 Comerford E. I., Monte - 00 Allison Hugh (Estate), Kunopia, Conroy A. S., Dunroy, Marco 0 0 Boomi ' 0 Cook NV. E., West, Berrigal _ 00 0 Allison W., Lochvale, Mungindi : Cooper A. L., Wailna, Bo rra, 0 A.M.L. and Finance Co., Ltd., More Cooper A. P., Trovellyn,arraba 00 t Amdell T. C., Edendale, Gurley ( Cooper J.. (Est.), Bangate, Poka- Barney Andrew, Barnato, Garah 0 taroo 0 0 I. Batt A. T., Birrabinawah, Pokataroo 0 Corns E. T., Kamilarol, Dolgelly 0 0 Beeson W., Roseberry Park, Caroda 00 0 Corlis John, Laurel Vale, Dolgelly 0 0 JORMASTERS BY APPOINTMENT TO MANY GOVERNORS AND ADMIRALS, THE HIGH COURT, &C 00 0

8 ANTHONY HOIIDERNS' FOR EATABLES AND WEARABLES. Owner, Station and Post Town. It C. S. A. MOREE (eontlimet Cory E. J., The Downs, Terry-hie-k Cory B., Wonga, Gurley Cory G., Torry-hle-hie, Moree _ 00 0 Cory J. E., Terry-hie-e, Moree. 00 Cousins G. M., Chesney Wold, Millie 00 Coward H. K., Camilarol, Mungindl Crane J. T., hfacroon, More Crowley C.., Wilco, Motto 0 00 Crowley K. F., Terry-hle-hle 0 0 Crowley NV. IL, Barraha 00 Crowley W.J., Novena, Terry-hie-o Cunningham jas., Moomin Plains, Rowena.. 0 Correll A. E., flonidle, Boomi 0 Curren C., Mafeking, Barraba 0 0 Daley Mrs.Ann, Springfield, Binneguy 0 Daley J. T., Redbank, Gravesend 0 0 Davis G.H. (Estate late), Curragundi Bullarah Dawson A., Lyndon Bullarah. 0 0 Dawson D. (Estate of), Rosedale, Moree Dawson J. T., Woodlands, Mungindi 0 00 Dewar James, Carreunga, More 0 00 flight If. B., Bywanna, Moree 0 Doran C. V., Etilmdra. Bullarah 00 Doran Mrs. B. T., Tara, More 0 Doran John, Ardblair, Morce 0 Doran Patrick, Noonall Vale, Garalt. 0 Dorm Time. J. Tara, Garish _ -- Doran Walter, Byre, ' Garali 0 Dowe C. P., Pori, Terry-hie-e Doyle B. It., Mertoun, More 0 00 Doyle eery IL,Curraweena, hforee 0 0: Doyle J. IL, Cooma, Moree 0 Doyle John, Willow Bank, Mungindi 00 0 Doyle M., Werrina, Mungindl Doyle W. G., Kelvin Grove, Mutigindi 0 Draper C., Come), Moree Drinan Itingabelli, Teny-hie.hie 00 0 Duff Win., Ningle, Bellata Dolt Win. S., Retreat, Beliata 0 00 Duncan C., Rose View, Dolgelly Dunean.Tatne s. Glenn ra, Above 0 Dunlop W., Welbondongali, More Dunlop Win., Welliondon gah, oree, - 00 Eather R., Wondbine. Moree 00 0 Bather Mrs. May, Willow Glen, Boom( Eckfotd L. F., Glenroy, Millie E-liford It. V., Gienroy. Millie Eckford Robert. F. X (Estate), Gleuroy, Millio 0 00 Enright C., Mungindi Ezzy A., ), Ioree 0 Fenwick P. B., Trefusis, Kunopla Fingleton James. Ogilvie. Gurley Fingleton Win., Tyrone,Tycannah 0 Fitzgerald A.., Killala, Boomi. 00 Forbes Alex., The Point, Binneguy Francis W. J., Kelso, Talmol 00 Franciseos D. nimbi), Boomi Gahm Solin,':.'angara,UPper Horton 0 Gall G. (t. F., Bundoonithidi, Moree 00 Gall Samuel Sons, Clifton. Ioree 0( all C. B. H., Dandarogo, Mungindi 00 Gall Edward, Gwydirfleld, More 00 0.Gall J. B., Welfare, Moree Gall W Gall Wm. J. (Estate of), Tycannall, Moree...Garland R. C. T., Bundah imillio 0 00 Garvey It. B., Ashby, Mooree Gelsie M., Myelin, Garish 0 -Gibbons It., Blair Athol, More 0 Gill A. W., Brooklyn, Gravesend 0 0 Glennie Bros Vermilion, Moree 000 -thermic F. A., Korainba, Moree Goddard NV. D., Meeleebee, Garish Goldthorpe C., Rosewood, Upper Horton -Goodwin A. S.,Wilga,.' Bingara 0 Goodwin Louisa, Garrambeel,Bingara Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Goodwin It. Bingara Govett I. P., Guirangandi, Barraba : Grace A. J., Con-Val, Bellata 0 Grace IL J., Florida North, Moree Grace T. W., Elsieville, Bellata _ ( 0 Grace William, Florida, Millie Greer Arthur, Belmont, hforee., 00 0 Oral A. B., Hazelvale. Caroda 0 Groth A. W., Glonall, Rocky Creek 00 Gunthorpe George, Mika, Morse Gunthorpo Harry, Yamba, Moree Si 0 Halloran H. B., Coondara, Barraba 0 liaise Mrs. E Kit Ora, Gurley Hamilton C. S., Dromana, Bullarah 0 0 Hamilton J., Morven, Gurley 0 00 Hann B. J., Courallie Park, Terryhie-hie ( Hann F., Albion Grove, Terry-hle-hie Hannigan M. J., ' Knvil, Alungindi 0 : Harden W. S., Turrawali, Mungindl 0 Harding Chas. G., Ingalah, Talmo'. () Hardlng J. B., Morialta, Bullarali 0 0 Hardy E. It., Springfield, Upper Horton 0 0 Harris W One go. Bowe Hays A. I. T., Llangollen, Barraba 0 Holmes A. M., Bullornana, Moree Honnery NV. T. J., Bravo, Gravesend 0 0 Houston J., North Benarba, Morn 0 0 Howieson S., Windsor Vale, Bingen% 0 0' Hughes J. M., Bunnar, More() 0 00( Hume F. R., The Valley, Bullarall Humphries E. G., Water Vale, Moree 0 Ffutellen T. J., Nobby, Rocky Creek 0 Jackson Hugh, Careunga : 0 0 jakins A. E., Woodstock, Boonii 0 Jokin g B. F., Oakliain Park, Quail 00 Jakins It. E., Clonard, Mungindi 00 jamfeson Mrs. Agnes, Rosebrook, Maroc 0 0 johnson Thos., Ladysmith, Barraba Johnston A. A., Cardinurra, Mogil MU. Johnston A. T., Time Glen, Builarali Johnston lien therdale, arraba Johnston E. W., Four D., Billlarall Jones T. and A., Wongabindi, lamallawa. :Tones Reece, Caltunalliwa 0 Surd Bros., Chantress, Moree 0 Surd It. It. and E., Terry-hie-hie Jurd D. (Estate of), Lueksall, Moree Jur(tE., Box Openin g, Morse 0.Turd E. J., Carwee, Moree Jiird Geo. ( E st. of), Blairnioree, Mons. jurd M. A., Milroy, Moree Joni R. R The Glen, Berrigal Katon W. K., Pine Valley, Terry-hiehie Cl Keen C. S., Pipiriki, Dolgelly Keen Ernest H., Breente, Boom! Keen H. A., Duckentield, Dolgolly Keen W. S., Toronto, Dolgelly Keen Win., Meroo, More Keene C. B., Gurney,t Single, Moree Kelly E., Elowrie, Caroda Kelly P. G., Wilderness, Up. Horton 0 Kelinan.'. it F., Tantaranna, Moree 0 Kemp F. B., Rockdale, Moree Kemp P. H., Rosedale, Millie $0 Kendall R. G., Wondall, More Kendall AV. C. C Windella,Mungindi Keys.T. E., Bellevue, Millie Killen T. Y., Minna, Boomi _ King C. J., Alma, Rowena King Grace E Euluurie, Caroda King John, Inglewood, Avondale King, M V., Kingston, Moree Klog R. l'., Emulonnie, liarraba King, W. C Eulow rie, Barraba Kirkby W., Moree 0 Kneller John, Buffington, Gurley : :0 0: ii ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR A HOUSEWIFE'S HARVEST. c Mor PASTORAL. Mor Mor PASTORAL. MOr c. MACKENZIE & CARTER P.O. Box No, 0. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Lanagan L. 0., Cleveland, Upper Horton. 0 Lawler W. B., Glonleigh, Mogil Mogil 00 Layton R. D., Naroola, Boom( 0 Ledingharn Chas. IL, Eastwood, Mungindi 0 0 Ledingham G. junr., Laidlaw, Moro 0 Ledingliam Geo. NV., Wallon, Moree 0 Ledingliam W. A., Inverness, Wallon 0 Leo B. DI., Richmond, Moreo 0 0 Lillyman H., Corrah, Millie 0 Locke NV IL, Bunardo, Benarbo 00 Lomax W. B. Retreat, lifungindi 000 Longworth 'Son, Bondi, Moro) 0 0 Lord F. A., Yuendoo, Gravesend 00 Mace W., Roydon, Mono _ 00 Mack A. J. G., Pallal, Bingara Mack A. P. T., Pallal, Bingam _ 0 Mack F. A., The Plain, Caroda _ 00 0 Maidens John, Chain of Ponds, Binneguy Maidens Sophia, Nagobie, Inverell Maidens T. G., The Ranch, Gravesend 0 0 Maidens NV. T., Glen Royal, Yagobte Maidens Walter, Inverell Malone J., Bendygleete, foree 0 0 Manchee A. & L., Binneguy, Mores Marsden W. iinwonga, ree 0 0 Mason F. W., Mount Terrace, Rocky Creek '. 0 ) 0 00 Matehett Mrs. A., Nortl icoeo, ' Boma i 0 00 Matthews Mrs. Ellen, Fairview, Ashley. 0 Mawhinney H. A., The Prairie, Ashley Moppin F. I., Kelvin, Gurley Moynink J. E., Blambolah, Bullarah Mitchell F. J., Troy, Bullarall MiteiTell John, Castletop, Caroda Mitchell Joseph, Heslington, Terry hie-hie 0 Mitchell T. NV., Rocky Glen, Terryhic-hie 0 Mitchell W. It., Boonal West, Moue Moloney Mrs. C.., Merryeuniintimulaii, Gurley Mooney Joseph,.o, Ashley, _ 00 Moore Bros., Moorlands Moree Moore P. J., Tullaboobri, More Moore T. F., Whelan, Moro 0 00 Moore NV. D., Miroobel, Moro 0 00 Morgan L. It., Karraba, (Mal/ Morris P., Sunnyside, Bingen% Morrison Mrs. Ann J., Miltonville, Garah 0 0 Morrison Frank, Stratliguyle, More Morrison G. A. Douravale, Garth 000 Morse F. O., Talmoi 0 Moses L. IV., Woorang, Moreo 0 0 Muir Andrew, Rosewood, Engem 0 AUCTIONEERS. STOCK, STATION and TRUCKING AGENTS, MOREE. Telephone Nos. & Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Moulcahey Mrs. E., Rosovale, Gra% esend. 0 0 Munro A. G. F., Weebollabolla, foree 00 Munro D. C., Tareclarol, More. 00. Munro It. F., Wheeler, Moree 0 0 Munro W. IL, Boren, Moree 0 00 :0 Murphy Edward, Athlone, Boomi _ 00- Murphy Frank, Thorndale, Moree 0 0 Murphy James, Glanville, alungindi 0 Murphy M. J., Bulgeroi, Moree Murray H. It., Wrallie, bloree 0 McClymont S. C., Maxwelton, Afore c)onald J., Munich) Bungle, Moree McDonald John, Glencoe, Bullarali McDonnell Mrs. E. C., (Exors.), Bronto, Avondale 00- MeDonall Bros., Ulundi:Irene, Upper Horton.. McDoliall C. E., Doorall, Upper Ilorton 0 McDouall Mrs C. () S., Ulumbarella, Upper Horton. 0 eionall F. C., Robehill, Gurley 0 McDouall R. G. H., Dunbeacon, mellupoilicer luiff "eft. 0 r *C eek McIntosh L. W. Willowlee, Moree ( 0 McIntosh Wm.:Woodland, Dolgelly 0 AleKeachie J., C ṛ 0 ' nubadello, Moreo 0 0 clienzio D., Kineora, Ashley ( 0 0 McLaughlin Wm., Clyde, Garish l 0 Navin X. H. (Est.), Gordon, Garish 0 Newland NV. J., Kunopia, Boom( Now Zealand and Australian Land Co., Ltd., Alidkin, Moree New South Wales Land & Agency Co., Ltd., Welbon, Mopplu 0 O'Brien J. P., Yarrowa, Upper Horton 00 O'Brien P., Porn Dale Uppor Horton 0 O'Brien P. J., Hilton, Dforee 00- ' Ogilvie W. F., Keytalt, Moree O'Neil A. D. Kirribilli, Bullarah ' 0 O'Neill Mrs. Ellen, Barcona,Bulgerol. 0 0 O'Neill J. L., IlemIngford, Bulgerol O'Neill IV. M., Oakleigh, Bulgemi 0 Onus Bros. & Gill, Gravesend Station Gravesend : Onus Mrs. A. C., Stan ley, Mungindi Onus T. C. C., NVilgabali, More., 0 Orchin P. V., Kanowna, Avondale 0 O'Sullivan J. D., Matta, Terry-hie- ie h O'Sullivan S. D. (Est.), Ellenvale, Mom 0 Pacoy F. It., Fraukfleld, Rocky Creek _ Pacey H., The Brigalows, Bullarall 00 0 Paine Goo. M., Bunaba, Moree 00 Park Adam, Boundary Creek, Caroda 00?. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: OEOROE ST.,CITY. 'PHONE CITY PACK AND DESPATCH PORCELAIN WREATHS AND CROSSES TOANY PA-IT IF AUSTRALIA

9 , ANTHONY HORDERNS'ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. -.0c Mor PASTORAL Mou Owner, Station and Post Town. H. MOREE(continued) Parry It. 0., Heathfieid, BeBata Parsons H. W., moor, Upper Horton Feick W. F., f inn'', Caroda Perry H. W., Itiverstone, Barraba 0. Pit man H.., Waverley, foree 0 Pitman Mrs. L. B., Windmill, Mores 0 Pitman, Oakvale, Mores Pitman W. R., Canada, Mores Price D. W., Innesfall, Gurley 0 Proctor II., Abetiora, ungindi Proctor Clara Springfield, Mungindi Proctor F. NV., Aberdoar, Mungindi ( 'Quelch E. A., Darthula, Rocky Ck. 00 Rafferty P. J Garrawildi, Pokatarco 0 00 Read Bros., Kooroogamma, Moree 0 00 :Reardon Bros., Clylie, Avondale 0 0 Reardon IV. T., Wynola, Garai' 0 0 Regan E. H., Cleon, Terry-hie-hie 0 Regan E. L., Liondale, Terry-hie-hie Reid Bros., Ltd., May, Bulgeroi. Reid S. L. Carossa, Mores 0 0 Richards. and Sons, Ltd., Boonal-.doon, Mores itol 'ertson J. A., Telleraga, Moree 0 0 Robinson Mrs. F. M., Day Dawn, Mungindi Robinson W. J., Fernhill, Boggabri Rolls Mrs. A., Woodvale, Rowena Ryan Patk. (Est.), Claremont, Boom! 0 C. S. A /awers Wilson, Mount Lindsay, Boggabri 0 0 : Scott A. J., Gleumore, Mores 0 Scott ilarold, Trafalgar, Pokittaroo 0 Scott J. T. NV., Challieum, Mores 0 0 Scott W. R., KlIdonan, More 0 00 Scriven Thomas (Estate of), Cleveland, Mungindi Scriven T', New Farm, Mungindl Sharp J., Allandale, Upper Horton Sharp R. D., aryvale, Terry-hie-e 00 0 Shaw F. M., Tallawanta, Garali 0 0 Shaw GO., Pimpampa, Millie Shaw John, Tallawanta, Moree Simpson Henry,Violet View,Barraba Simpson James, Trevallyn, Barraba :sites S. J., Kamilaroi, West II k 'Sims T., Kamilaroi, Millie 0 00 Sinclair Bros., Collyniongle, Pokat aro() Skipper George, Mountain View, Gravesend Smallwood C., Mungindi 0 00 Smith Chas., Neavo, Rowena 0 'Smith Eric, Highland Plain, Mores 0 Smith G. S., Budgeree, Garai' 0 00 Smith Jas. (Exors. late), Oakvale, Upper Horton 00 'Soiling Fritz. P., Evi Erlwah, Mores.Spence Mrs. S., Speedwell, Horton Road, Gobbadah 0 Stafford Bros., Mungyen, Narrabri Stafford A. It., Mungyen, Avondale : Steiger A. A., Elan Glen, Upper Horton Stephen H. W. Burraweeda, Ioree 00 Stirton Bros., Belara ng, Morse Strang J. IV., Iurilla, Garai' ti Strang R. F. G., Collareen, Garah 0 Strong Wm., Lynwortil. Moree Sturgess H., Merriwee, Ashley 0 Sullivan A., The Refuge, B Sullivan E., Castle Villa, Boom' 0 0 Sullivan J., Klan, Mores Sullivan W. (Est. of), Millwood, Mores Symes J. G., Culisden, Morse : Tattam Juo., Roscommon, ungindl : 000 Thompson A. NV., Gingham, Mores 0 0 Thompson F. W. D., Plantation, Builarah Timmins Wm. (Est.), Lowlands, Bullarali Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Timmins W. E., Marshlands, Talmol 0 Todd William, ClingaAMoree 0 Tomlinson A., Ontario, Bellata,. 0 Tomlinson A. E., Gurley Siding 0 Tomlinson Edward, Myall Plain, Terry-hle-hie Tomlinson J. E., Kelvington, oorni 0 0 Tompkins J'as., Spon Kop, Gurley 0 Tosswell C. S. Beiwick, Mungindi 0 Traynor, E. Shave 0 Troutman E., Lark Hill, Horton Tufrey J IValiroonga, Uiiriila 000 e Turnbull D. E., Euraba, Boom', 0 0 Turnbull W. F., Baronga, Boomi Turner W. J., Toreador, Gurley 00 Vaughan Robert, Dunznore, Mores 0 Wail J. (Trustees), A ppletrees, Narrabri Wallis Cat!aline. Kurnifong, Boom i Wallis Joseph, Kurrajong, Boomi Walsh J. J., Moomin, Rowena Warby G. A., Booreeyamma, Hun gindi Watt Co., (tallial, Morce 00 Weaver D., Bomuchledl, Gurley 0 00 Webb II. J., l'okataroo Welsh John, Swanley, Bullarah : 0( Welsh Thos., sour., Bexley, Builarali 0 0 Weston C.., Coolanxon, Bellata 0 Wetherall Thomas, Dura, Wallon ( 0 Wetherell J. IV., Kandlaroi North, Millie 00 Wet lured It., Kandla n. Millie : Whalley P. T., fenandool, Moree Whitehorn E., Rio Grand, ungindi 0 0 Wicks Alfred, Westwood, Mores 00 0 Williams Bros., Cwinteq, Morse 0 00 Williams F. and It. T., Carroll, Mores 0 00 Williams George E., Tyreel, Mores Williams Gomez, Boxhill, Garah 0 : Williams Joan, Brynaman, Garai' 0 0 Williams K. G., "Sadowa," Caroda 0 Williams Luther, Wattonbrl, Garai' : 0 Willmott John S., Kelso, Mores 0 Wilson Bros., Pluinthorpe, Barraba '0 ' r Wilson D. Weeweelanga, Mores 0000 Wilson John, Terry-hie-hie 0 00 Wilson K., Brigalow, Barraba 0 Wilson Mrs. R. E., Terry-hie-hie 0 Winter Alfred, Barrakee, Mores 00 0 Winter Peter, Broxbuni, (iamb Winter W. (Exors. of), Inglew«)( Forest, oree 0 00 Wiseman C. A., Fairfield, Mores 0 :0 Woods Geo., Nolla, Mores 0 0 Woods NI., Wilga Downs, Ashley 0 Woods Mrs. Sarah, The Glen, Ashley Woods Win., Wood Park, Ashley 0 0 '0 '0 Woods Wm., junr., Kinnimo East, Wallon Woolfe Carodit 0 Wright C. H. A: Sons Ltd., Krule,Millie 0 00 Wright G. E., Wathagar, Moree 0 : Yates Wm. T., Delvin, Garai' 00 Young Charles,Teviotdale, ungindi 0 00 MOULAMEIN. MOULAMEIN PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Chairman : Robert McConnell, Barham. Secretary : W. C. Sainsbury. Moulamein. Stock Inspector JOHN WM. CHANTER, Barham. Abbott Alfred, Malian Adams Bros., Bonn. Rochester Alexander Archibald, The Gums, Moulmein 0 Alexander R. N., Barham : 00 Amor Walter, Moreland, Moulatnein Armstrong Thos. (Exors. of), Noorong, Moulmein NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. Mou Owner, Station and Post Town. H. Ayre T. B., Lake Whymoul, Barham Bailie H. A., Emu Park, Balranald Bailliere Mrs. I., Woorooma West, Moulameln (E. S. Bailliere, Mgr.) Banks A. S., RI versle t, hell oh Barlow F. A., Lota, ooroorban Baulell F. H, Erindale, Swan, (M. J. McNamara, Mgr.) Beatton A., Cochrane Creek, Denili- (pin Beresford T., Pike Pike, Moulamein Best Bros. : Moseborough, Allandale, Wakool (J. F. Best, Mgr.) Bland C. E., Wakoola, Denillquin Blossage G., Behnore, Rangemore Board W. V., Murray View, Barham Borrelli Bros., Box, Swan Botcher C. L., Fairview, Barham Broolithead S., Saxilhy Park, Plangil Brown Jno.., Condoulpe P.O. Buchanan A, Rosebank, via Deniliquin,. 'Cameron H. B.! Mona Park, Barham Campbell Charles (Exors.), Murray Downs, Swanhill (J.P. McDonough, Manager) 0 -Carmichael Chas., Millicent, Balranald -Carmichael. G., Willow Vale, al- Chra: nmaeirds A. H.,, via. Deniliquin 0 Chalmers Mrs. E. E., ltangen'ore. Deniliquin Chambers J. H., The Wilderness, Barham Chisholm It., Beresford, Swan Bill Coates Josiah, Murrim Valley, Bal. ranald 'Connell Denis, Condoulpe Connor S. and NV., North Dale, oulamein 'Connor Thomas, Sandridge Park, oulamein C senor Thos., j mi r., affre, Balranald.Coy M. Pine s, Wakool Crossing CreswCk A. T., Kin, William-., elhounie Creswick IL F., Ijewah, Swan Cromie A. L., ooleylme Coin he J.Sl., Toolev e.g.'g., ).. ' Daly Philip, Newhaven, Denlliquin Daley T. E., Rangernore, Deniliquin Davies '. 0., Iallan Dean Abraham, Redbank, Barham Doherty J. G., allon Doherty James T., Dun beg, Mellool Doherty William, Oberon, fellool Eagle Arthur, Eyrie, Barham Eagle E. B., Grasmere. Denffiquin Eagle t. J., Barham E. S. and A. Bank (A. B. Briggs, Mgr.), Yanga, Balranald Faulks G. E., Mona!), Barham Faullcs J. E Cropwell, Deniliqu in Faulks P. IV., Ierringinnie, Denill- (juin Finlay W. C., Booroorangie, Swanhill Fleteher R. J., Pine Milt, Iallan Flight James, Itotherwood, Range. more P.O. Franz A. A., Glenbar. Iallan Frantz P. R., Nemur Park, foulamein Fraser and Sons, Nyang, Moulamein (S. Fraser, June, Igr.) 0 'Garden Frank B., Edward Park, DenIliquiu.Gerrard John, Atbara, Barham Clenrock l'ropty. Ltd Swan Bill,..Graban F. NV., Lynwood, Condoulpe - PASTORAL. -Mou Ic C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. N. C. S. A. Graban F. IV., junr., Lynwood, Condoulpe. --- Gra y A. G., SwanhIll ) 0 0 Griffiths "S: Turner, Tolley bile 0 : 00 : GrImison NV. J., Monken Grange, Balranald 0 0 Gunn. E. Itangemore, Deniliquin 0 0 Hardiman Mrs. M. A., Mellool 00 Mare G., Rosebank, Dentliquin ;. -- : 0 Harrison T., Avondale, oulamein Hawthorne G. M., Wheoo, Kerang, Vie. Hayes D. A. Avondale, Barham Hendry J., Quondong Park, Malian 0 : lientiry Margaret, Bridgewater, Vic :0 0 _ 0 Hickey W. A., Kin Ora, Balranald Hillerman ''. A., Lake Farm, Bal. ranaid Ilintison G. S., Newlands, Swan ( : 00 Holmes W. It., Glencoe Swanhill 0 Hickey T. E., Revenue Park, Toolebtio 0 00 Horridge., Riverside, NV Cohuna, Vic. 00 Hudson Andrew Glenview, Barham. 0 0 Hudson John ' IV., Pine Grange, Lower Edwards Jackson David, Staniland, foulamein 00 Jackson J. T., North Dean, foula Jaffrey Bros., Cabool Lodge, fallan 0 0 Joni hnositri on J. W., St. Elmo, matlan 0 0 Jones H. S., Emu Vale, fallan 0 _ :0i00 Keats H. F. C., Cobramunga, Goon Crossing Keats '. G., Gonn, Kerang, Barham 0 0 Kelly James, Swan 0 Lansell I I'. (. Birldn, gr.), Clmli Sing. oula mein 00 Limon. T., Pinedale, 0)( ( ( 0 w Locklutit., Tooley, Wood Wood, Swan Lockhart John, Wakool Lockhart Joseph, Goodnight, Tolleybue - ' Long & Son, Barham (W. J. Long, 0 :: Igr.) 0 00 Long E. J., Eagle Vale, Barham 0(0 0 Lout t it John C., Koraleigh, Nyalt Luke A., enjery, Swan Hill 00 Iaeauley f., oulamein 0 :,t) ()0 - achire.. (G. Huntley, gr.), rchelery, rig Hay., 0 0 :0 addy ''. A: J, Pine Point, Malan 00 Malone J., Moorookyle, Barham 0 :0 Mapleback Sirs. 0., ferrau Park, 00 Barham 0 Iartin A: Sons, Newholni, It (Inge- 00 moo.. 0 Martin T.., La Rose. Bolinda,Vie. 0 Mothers A. NV., Florence 0 Vale, Barham '(. Melillo' I igotion 000 Co., NIellool, SWIIII, (O. R. Johnson, Mgr.) : 0a Mertz Henry, Pine Lodge,foulamein :t: : 0, Mertz Martin River Whew, Moulamein 0 0 Miller A., Eureka, Barham 00 ( 0 Moolpa Pastoral Co., Moolpa, Nfoulamein (0. T. Hamilton, Mgr.) 0 : Morgan IV., Sunbury Pk. Barham 00 0 ) Morton G. W., seimnsmr Pk., Ioula- 0 mein. 0 Murdoch A., Rita Park, Barham : Murphy D. E., Loom', alranald 0 0 : Mellean & Co. ( eeitii, Mgr.), Whidouran, Deniliquin 0 McCann Bros., roorangle, Lake 00 0 Chaim. Vie McConnell Robt., Bohnont, Barham McConnell T. It., Cochrane Creek, ( Deniliquin ' ecrite X. L. P., foorong, Barham 00( : McGowan W. G., Kerang COFFILL COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M WE ARRANGE FOR INTERMENTS IN ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA OR ABROAD

10 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR BENEFICIAL BUSINESS. c Mou PASTORAL. Mud Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. MUDGEE. MO ULAMEIN(continned) McIntyre D., Yal Val, Wakool MUDGEE PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Crossing, Balranald 0 0 McKenzie A. G., Melness, Malian 00 Chairman : A. Macdonald, Esq., Eurudgeree. McKenzie F. W., Umeena, Gonn,0 Secretary : T. J. Lovejoy, Esq., Mudge. McKenzia T. Everslee, Booroorbran 0.0 Stock Inspector: F. W. WHYTE. McKenzie ' John M. Cadet, (II. McLaughlin, Mgr.), Barham Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. McKenzie J. W., Dt/C, Moula mein (. I). mi, 0 Abernethy Wm., Woodlands, Mudgeo McKenzie K. M. S., Corringarra 00 Adams John, Oulgong. 0 0 McKinnon N. S. (Emus. late), Adams W. J., Worratree, Windeyer 0 Crai glo Main, Moulmein (C. S. Adams G., Eden, Illrriwa 0 McKinnon, Mgr.) 0 AUsop Dolly, Sally's Flat -- 0 McMahon M., Benburb, Barham 00 Ashe R. C. (Mgr.), Bogie, ltylstone Neild George, Oldham Park, Bal. Ash r. C. (MK Bo gle, Rylstono maid 0 Atolieson W. H., Breakfast Rd., Nesbitt John, Roseville, Swan Hill 0 Rylstone 0 Nisbet William G., Booroorban 0 Atkinson Arthur, Cudgegong 0 Atkinson E., Galambine 0 North Wakool Co. (W. L. Arm- strong, gr.), Deniliquin 00 Atkinson J. R. Galambine, Mudgee 0 '0 Atkinson W. le., Grattal 0 O'Connor J. J. & Son, Glencoe, Auld Andrew, Blue Springs, Gulgong 0 Koranic. 0 Austin H., Homo Rule 0 Old Frank, Mascotte,Uwan Hill 0 Babbago E. J., Yeronga, Cooyal Parkham James, Het Loo, Barham 0 Babbage T. W., Cooyal 0 Payne J. F. W. (G. G. Carr, Mgr.), Bagnall Hy., Spring Flat 0 Mooloomoon, Moulamein Baker Andrew, junr., C,00yal Peavey Tohn, Riverview, Nyab Baker Sohn, Mongarlowo, Gulgong 0 Perrignon G.,Cralgiedale, Moulamein 0 Peterson J., Neediewood, Wakool Baker W. H., Cooyal Ballard Thomas, Birriwa. Phyland John, Lake Vale, Balranald 000 Barker Emma, Eurunderce 0 0 Pickering Edward,Thistiobank, Swan Hill Barton Edward, Combo, NVollar Barton Haslem E., Hill View, Wollar 0 Poole H. E., Itestdown, Barham 0 0 Bates G. E., Applotreo Fiat 00 Powell Mrs. 0., Woorooma, Moulameim 0 Batton A. G., Luo 0 Prior J., Moolbong. Moulamein Batten Sohn, Hawkin's Crook, Luo Batten Little Plain, Luo 0 Richardson H. W., Wendource, Balranald Robb William, Lyle Pk., Moulamein Scott It. T., Paoli, Swanhill atm 00 0 Shanahan Jas., Glen Vale, Barham Sinclair H., Heatherbell Tooleybuo Smith Bros., Spring Ridge, Moultsmein (James Smith, Mgr.). Smith et Gilmour, Merman Downs, Barham Smith Alex., Ardleigh, Neimur, Moulamein 0 Batten William, Glonangle, Lue Bayliss J. F., Moreton Bay, Craboon Betimes Thomas, Boamosileld, Craboon Bennett Chas., Black Springs, Luo 0 Best William, Upper Moron Birchall SA: Son, Bruce's Creek, Grattai Birchall A., Cooyal 00 Birtlos F. L. Upper Meroo 0 '0 0 Bisley B y., Northam, Itylstone Blackman C. E., Cassillis ltd. = Smyth Mrs. Minnie, Deniliquin 0 Blackman It. H., Comaroo, Cooyal 0 Spinks John, Glen Alvie, Wakool, 0 Blackman I. R., Cook's Gap Stevenson Mrs. M. A., Woorooma, Bond W. D. F., Kuriong, Hargreaves t.i East Denillquin (A. A. Stevenson, Bones William, Snake's Creek, Eu- Mgr.) runderee 0 Storm E. A., Riverside, Barham BossleyJ.T., The Lookout, Rylstono 0 0 Storin J. N., Long Point, Barham 0 ottrill C., Alrly Thomas Bros., Lytton. Barham 0 Bowles P. II., Kingwood, Glen Alice 00 0 Thompson A., Alice Vale, Teal Pt. Bowman Bros., Craboon Thompson R. W., Clontarf, Barham 0 Bowman E. M., Wargundy, Craboon Toll G., Blythwood, Barham Boyd G. M., Grottal 0 00 Toll Hughle H., Barham Brennan Michael, Blrriwa 0 Brennan '. M., Windeyer - 0 Vanston.0., Marron Vale, Barham 0 0 Brennan W., Windeyer. 0 Vinecombe George, Meadow Park, Brodie F., Green Gully, Sofala Barham 00 0 Brown George, Glencoe, Rylstone VInocombo T., Horseshoe Bend, Brown F. J., Mayfield, Ryistone Barham Brown W. L., Mt. Brae, Rylstone Bruce W., Collingwood. 0 0 Vinecombo T. H., Colenso Pk., Barham ' 0 Buckland J. A., Pine Ridge, Gulgong 0 0 Buckley J. M., Glonalla, Gulgong Webb Bros., Arundel, Balranald 00 0 Bull F. 0., Hillside, Leadville Widdis Bros. and Davis, Ctmninyonk SwanhIll (A. S. McKenzie, Mgr.) Wilkins It. T., Redbank,.Mallan Wood A.., Tooranio, Moulamein 0 00 Bullock A. B., Bathurst 00 0 Bullock W. T., Bathurst Burrows R., Craboon 0 0 Butler Annie, Buckaroo 0 00 Butler Thomas, Gulgong 00 Wood George T. Spring Plain, HU- Butler T H., Buckaroo, 0 lerman's P.O., Balranald 0 Byrnes J. E., Broombee 0 Wragge T. (Exors. late), Tuna, Den- Cadell George, Mudge() illquin (W. Macauloy, Mgr.) 000 Cafe G. D., Spring H, Ilford 00 Yates John, Land's End, Barham 0 0 Campbell Bros., Burrendong 0 00 WOOD, COFF ILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE ST., CITY. 'PHONE CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR A SURETY OF SATISFACTION., Mud PASTORAL. Mud c CROSSING AND COX R. H. CROSSING, C. B. HEATH. Auctioneers, Stock and Property Salesmen, MUDGEE, N.S.W. STOCK AND PROPERTY LISTS ON APPLICATION. Regular Sales held at Mudgee Corporation Yards. Telephone. 'Owner, Station and l'ost Town. H. Campbell A., Corowa, Hargraves Campbell B. L. Avoca, Gulgong Campbell Elizal;ctil, Slapdash Campbell J., Willorann Campbell R. J., Trilby, Gulgong Carlisle H. E. Murragamba, U lan Carr Jane, Ulan Carr W., Ulan. Carr IV., Carwolla, Gulgong Carroll James, Wollar. Carroll Thomas, Sally's Flat Carter E. C., Taloolle, Ityistone Carter E. J., Spring Dale, Lue Carty Patrick, Avisford Caughey. Bombe ra, Mudgee ) Chapman Elizab eth, IV. Pyramid Charlton IV., Burrendong Clarke D., Luc Clarke F. A., Woodside, Itylstono Clarke A., Barri, Los _ Clarke P.., Fairview, Luc Clarke W. J., Baroona, Luo Cliff., The.alge, iiirriwa.. Codner J B., Burrendong Cole Eliza Round (lilt Cole Harrison, Round Hill, Turondale Colley Joseph, Dun Dim, Hargreaves Colley Thomas C., Dun Dun, liar- Cogilre inasyteshos., i'allawa ng. 0 Collinson Geo., Craboon Connell James, Cudgegong _ Conran Patrick, Ilford Cooper IL F. Riversford, Rylstono Cooper Mary, ' Upper Moron 0orliss NV. C., Randanora, Caporteo Cosier Annie, Ilford Cover David, Collingwood Cox Bros., Rawdon, Rystone Cox Alien SI. ICalmla bah, Aludgee Cox B. F., Cullonbone, ' Mudgeo _ Cox D., Gunnagawali, Mudgce Cox., Wyatt. Burrunall, Slutlgee Cox Thos. IL, Yourio, Airlie, Caportee Cox V. D., Burrundulla, Mudgeo _ ('ox Will. K., Bellanball, Windeyer Vox William, Bocoble, Gulganueo _ Cox William, Hillside, Korrabeo _ Croak() Catherine, Pyramul Croak It., Upper Pyramid Croft II. A., Bellambi, Gulgong it ()room G. J., Beryl, Gulgong Croome James, Beryl Cross Allred, Beryl, Gulgong Crossing It. Henry, Atonal:, Mudge() Currie Martin, Yokohama, Rylstono Cuthol Robert, Beryl Daniels Geo., Bylong Davis A. C., Running Stream, Caperteo-- C S A : Owner, Station and Post Town. H. Davis A., Gulgong -- Davis C. F., Black Mount, Gulgong Davis Charles, Rockleigh, Itylstono Davis George, Stubbo Creek, Gulgong Davis Henry, Oakleigh, Grattla 0 Davis J. J., Barney's Reef, Gulgong 0 Davis John, Ginglii, Itylstone _ 0 Davis W. E., Tryallion, Rylstono Dawson IL P., Sofala Denison II. R., Gulgong Denman B.., Craboon Devoy : McGrath, Calnblil, Le ad- 'ale Dowoy Augustine, Growie, Itylstone Dewey Henry, Growlo, Rylstone _ Dieldo G. II., Maroc) Donlon James, Glendon, Lime -- Donlon Patrick, Barn, Limo _ Donoghue 0, Glen Alice Dowd S.., Tallowang. Doyle L. 0., Oulgong, Drakeford William, Tarnbaroora Drew Mrs. IL. Homo Rule Dunn Andrew, Dunvillo, Rylstono. Dunn A. A., Marlyan, Itylstono Dunn A. F., Rothsay, Ityistono 0 Dunn P. AL Sons, Budden, Itylstono Eames W., Eastwood, Olinda Edwards E. II., Morrendoo Edwards N. E., Triamblo, End Egan IV., Spring Crook, Wollar Endicott John, Merrendeo Endicott J. H., Morrendoo. Evans joint, Cudgegong _ Evans Robot t, Cudgegong Evens A. E., IVIndoyer Evens G. T., Upper Pyramul Farr Mrs., Box, liarbry Farrar W. A., Brymalr, Rylstone Farrar Ernest, Melrose, Ryistono Farrar John Farrar Sidney, llylstone Farrar T. IL, Itylstono. Mirror J. (Exora ), Brogan's Creek Farrel' W., Brogan's Creek Farrell y Hugh, Clandulla Plurally T., Clandulla Fop:..., Burma Fitzgerald P. J., Sally's Flat Fitzsimmons Isaac, Upper Meroo Fletcher II. J., Long Creek Fletcher S. B., Long Creek Foster I. F., Gulgong Fox Patrick, Upper Ateroo Frawley Martin, Clare Hill, Sofala Frost J. T., Rylstone Gaffney 0, Cooyal Gaffney M., Loloma, Gallagher O. j., Airlio, Capertee Gallagher Patk., Stony Creek, Cooyal C. S GOO : CONDUCT UPWARDS OF ONE-THIRD OF THE TOTAL INTERMENTS IN THE. METROPOLITAN AREA A ) :

11 ANTHONY HORDERHS' FOR A LOT FOR A LITTLE. o Mud PASTORAL. Mud Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. MUDGEE--(continued)- Keeeh P., Rylstone. Gately W. T., Dabee, Rylstone 0 00 Keech T. IL, Camboon, Rylstone 0 Gawthorne P. H., Mt. Fronte 0 Keech Win., Drayton, Ityistone ( 0 Gettens James, Bylong 0 KeIghtley H., Pyramul - 0 Giles F. IL, Rosedale, Crudine 0 Kelly W. J., Enfield, Mudgee 0 Giles NV. E., Crudine 0 0 Kent James, Speinfield, Gulgong 0 0 Glass IL M., Mayfield, Gulgong -- - Keogh Thos., Pleasant Hill, Lime Glasson D. H., Slapdash, Gulgoug 0 Killen E., Terawinga, lioniebush 0 Glazier L., Springfield, Gulgong - 0 King John F., Clandulla, Rylstone Gleeson Margaret, Cooyal _ - Kirkland A. Rylstone Glow H. J., Breakfast Creek, Rylstone 0 Lawrence F., Avisford 0 0 Golden A. J., Ierrendee Lawson A. James, Merrendee 0 00 :0 Golden G. J., ColUngwood, BlUdgee Lawson W., Merendee 0 Goniman Bros., Stuart Town Learmont A., Crudine Goniman G. J. L., Glengarry, Stuart Lee C. &W. T., Burrendong Town Lee C. W., Gulitong 00 Gorrie A. E. Long Creek, Windeyer 0 Lee II. C., Puggoon Graham., Box Corner, Bill End Lee W. T., Stuart Town Graystone C. T., (Alight, Rylstoue 0 Lees Naomi, Cope's Creek, Gulgong 0 0 Green Samuel, Orattai ' "' Leighton D., Birriwa : - Griffin James, Cooyal Leven Bros., Upper Meroo 0 0 Griffin John, Gulgong Lincoln Charles, Bin iwa 00 Griffin T., Cooyal Lincoln Elizabeth, Tallowang, Gulgong 0 0 Grimellaw Jas., Slapdash, Gulgong 00 Lloyd John, Kilgoola, Rylstone Grimshaw J. R., Craboon 0 Lloyd I, Ferndale, Ryistone Gudgeon C. W, Craboon _ 0 00 Lloyd T. H., Itylstone 0 00 Gudgeon, J. H., Gul gong 0 Longton F. H., Hill End Iola Gudgeon It. M., Gulgong 0 0 Lowe A. 0., Wilbert ree 0 Gudgeon W., Gulgong 0 Lowe C. M., Yamble Gudgeon W. J. T., Gulgong 00 0 Lowe E. J., Iiirriwa, Gulgong 00 0 Hall Henry, Harley, Crudine - - Lowe E. P.,The Peak,Eurunderree 0 Halpin A., Kildare, Rylstone Lowe H. A., Cape' tee 0 IlanlIng E, Callingral, Merriwa Lowe R. NV., Gooree, Mudge() Harding Jesse, Tabrabucca, Cudge- Lowe S. E. (Exors), Owenilla, ludgee - - gong Lund Anders, Tallewang, Gulgong _ 00 0 Hardy John, Airly Lund Annie, Puggoon, Cluistong Hardy P., Myrtle Grove, Capone() Lund Robert, Tallewang, Gulgong - - Harris A. F., Wonga Wongli, Ilford -- Lynch S. J., Oak View, Leadville 0 00 Harris G. F. Woodlands, Ilford Macdonald A., Eurudgeree, Mudge() 0 00 Harris R. S.,arragan Maethinald Amy, Kern* bee Harris Samuel, Ilford 0 Macfarlane., Hill End Harris T. A. Holbrook, Korrabee 0 Macfarlane J. B., (lien Alice 0 Harris V Woodlands, Ilford Machattle S. A., Bathurst Harris NV. R., Tara, Ilford 0 Malone J. E., Appletree Flat Hawkins W. J., Were, Grattal Maloney., Gulgoura, Lue : Hensley Thos., Cliffdale, Uarbry anstiekl Sydney. Bylong 0 00 Hill John, Gulgong - - Mara Margaret, Spring Flat, Wollar 0 00 Hobbins Martin, Old ' Castle,. Lead ville 000 Marskill'E. Wollar - 0 Holland Jane,Reedy Creek,Rylstone Martin E. K., Ben Buckley, Mudge 00 Hollow It. C., Canadian Martin E. NV., Sunnyside, DIeroo - - lloneysett C., Talliwang : Martin J. J., Wollar - 0 Home I. J.Leadville Martin P., eryl _ - 0, Horton NV., H., Bobadeen, Iudgeo 0 0 Martin It., Beryl, Gulgong Howard D.. Hiawatha, Capertce 0 0 Mason F., Tea Tree Flat, Rylstono 0 Hundspeth W., McDonald's Creek, Mason G. N., Wolla r 00 Mudge() Mason J. D., Budgee 0 0 Mindy G., June, Windeyer - - Mattick NV., Gundowda, Kargreaves undy James, WIndeyer May H., Ellersile, ludgee Mindy John, Windeyer Mead Catherine, Wolter 0 - Hundy NV. F., Lllyvale, WindeYer - :- Mead Wollar Ingram F. E., Overone, Bylong 0 Dicers Mrs. David, Taliewaug Isbister David, Gulgong - 0 Beers NV., Euninderce 0 -, Jackson Elizabeth, Stubbo, Gulgong ' Merrett I). W., Itylstone Jackson G. NV. J., Gulgong Jackson J. NV., Marloo, Rylstone Millett W. NV., Eurunderee T 0 0 Mills A. J., Mt. Frome 0, Jackson Selwyn, Rylstono Mills NV. It., 'Sludge 0-00 Jackson T. J. Clearview, Gulgong '. 00 Milne J. T., - Jackson N'. (i., Silent Dale, Gulgong 0 0 Milton,V Murden, Stony Creek 0 James G. F., (Mittel : Milton II. J., Cudgegong James G., Bylong 0 00 Milton, T. P., llama, Luo - 0 ' James G., Merrendee 0 Miskie Alice J., Sunny Hill, Lue 00 - James W. C., Merryvale, Grata( 0 0 Moir IV. H., Ulan -- 0 Jamieson D., Itylstone Moore D. J., Tara, Ilford - - 0' Jamieson M. E Rylstone Moore Thos The Willow, Ilford 0 Jenkins E. J., Melrose, Leadville 0 Morgan W., Taliewang Jennings James, Toolamanang Morrison A., Willow Glen, Rylstone. 0 Jervis NV. E., Warranjee, Rylstone Morrison J.E.,Nullo Mount,Rylstone - 00 Jones Arthur M., Cox's Ck., Itylstone Jones J. H., Oakey Vale, Alrly Morrison W. J., Olinda - 00 Moss Wm., Warrangee, Rylstone 0 Jones W. It., Foniside, Rylstone Moss W. A. Warrangee, Itylstone Keech Arthur, Rylstone 00 Mulholland A., Rylstone Keech E., Rylstone 00 Mulholland C., Itylstone Keech Joseph, Owen ha, Capertee 00 Mulholland P. NV., Woodvale 0. THE LEADING UNDERTAKEASWOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD; 'PHONE G CITY' ANTHONY HORDERNS'THE ECONOMIST'S DELIGHT. Mud PASTORAL. Mud c Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Murphy II. l'., Bengali!, Mudge() _ 0 Pitt Chas. E., Mullamuddy - - Murphy, Beaudesert, Mudge _ 0 l'itt H. A., Rosehill, Cudgegong 00 McAndrew E., Rosebud, Glen Alice l'itt W. T., McDonald's creek McAndrew George, Glen Alice, 0 Pitt William, Umbrella, Upper McAndrew JI., Carina, Glen Alice Meroo, Glen Alice ) -, McAndrew W., (, -ii Alice 0 0 Pope James, Stuart Town McCallum Donald, Erudgere _ 0 Powell Thomas, Rock Valley, Lue 0 McCormack T Pyramul ( 0 Prentice G. H., Bristowe, Lite - - ) McDonald A. NV., II iliview, Rylstone - -, 0 Price Henry, Pyramid 0 McDonald D., ltylstone Price J.j., l'yramul ( ) 00 McDonald Hugh, Brynialr, Itylstone - 0 ( Price J. J., Crudine 0 0 McDonald F. H., Rockleigh, Ilford 0 0 Priddis Hugh, Two Milo Flat egrat li J. & NV., Lawson's Creek 00 Prince Charles, Appletree Flat 0 Men rat It A. Me rrendee _ Probert P. W., Limo - - McGrath J. F., Cooyal ( 0 Pye A Budge 0 0 McGrath IV., Glen Alice - - Italian G. (Est.), Cooyal ( 0 ) 0 cilree A., Bylong 00 Re 0 Wa her, inc 0 MeIlree. W., Bylstone _ 00 Rayner A., McDonald's Creek, McKenzie K., Alpha, Tambaroora Mudge. 0 McLachlan. J Itylstone : :0 Rayner, A rtlitir, Windeyer 0 McLachlan L., Glenshiel, Rylstone Rayner elms., lambong, Mudge() McLean J. It., Merendee Rayner II. A. Hargraves _ McLean John, Ryistone - ' McLeod J. N., Burbin, Itylstone ( :00 Rayner John, Bon) Me - - _0 Rayner M. J., Queen's Pinch, Mud- McManus F. C., Rocky Glen, Ilford McManus James, Two Mile flat 00 0 Rayner, Mullainuddy 0 :McManus Lily, Two Mile Flat Rayner %V. J., Limestone McNamara M. J., Two Mile Flat. : 0 Read James, Windeyer McPherson K. E. Itylstone ( 0. ( Read William, Merrendee 00 (.'M:tiny A. J., Ilford Readford E. J., Ilford 0 McQuiggin IV., Craiginore, Rylstono 0 00 Reeves A. J., Grattal : ( Neve!' a: Clarke. It ylstone 0 )) Reeves Geo., Greenview, Grata( 0 Neve II E. F. Appletr, e Flat '. - - : 00 Reid Jas., East Triamble - -- Novell J. E., 'Flatlands, Clandulla 0 0 Reid Robert, Hargreaves. 0 Newcombe Henry, Bin iwa _ Newcombe J. W., Hargraves - - l'0 '0 Reid Wm., Triamble 0 0 Rhodes G. IL, Gulgainrce i;) ( Newman A. 0. A: G., Collingwood Rhodes '. R., Unlearnt-ye 0 (.Newman A. 0., Mudgee Riches William C., Spring Gap, Nicholls. M., Grattal, Mudgee 0 Itylstone Nicholls James, Long Creek - - Manx Paul, Bylong Nicholson A., The Nile, Glen Alice Ring urice, Upper Pyramul - - Niven Jetties, Spring Ridge Nivon It., Spring Ridge Ring Richard, Jonathan's Flat, : Pyramul Oakes P., Crudine _ 0 00 Ring Timothy, Pyramu 0 '00 Oakley James, Bara,Lue '. Rivas G., Avondale, Warby 0 0 O'Connell Bros., Goodiman, Gul- Roberts J.., Cook's Gap gong 00 0 Roberts John, Appletree Flat, Mudge 00 O'Connor Martin, Green Hills, Robinson A: Toohey, Ilargreaves _.- - ) Tucklan Rohr L. E., Plat/Meng (I 0 00 O'Hare E., Windeyer Rohr S. II., Southwood, Mudge() ' are John, Campbell's Creek :: Romans J. N., NVollar - O'Hare Martin, Vu indeyer Rope A. IL, Mt. From - O'Hare Martin (Exors. late), Camp- Roth Adam, Mount Pleasant bell's Creek Roth Frecik., Fel rview, Mudgea _ 0 0 O'Hare '. J., Windeyer : 0 Roth Henry, McDonald's Creek _ 0 Oliver David, Capertee Roth Louis, Wilbertree, Mudge _ Oliver Jas., Refire, Running Stream Roth Villiain, Renville. Oliver Stephen, Spring Hill, Running Rouse Bros., Binganbil, Gulgong Stream 00 _ ' ii :0 Rouse G.., Mudge - Old field J. W., Stony Pinch Molise S, Koompartne _ 0 Old field James C., Stony Pinch - - Rowbotlinni J., Home Rule Oldtield P. II., Stony Pinch Rowland J. J Crudine _ - - Page Edwin, Lynwood, Mudge : - - Rowland N., Crudine - Page Samuel, Tainbo, Itylstone Rush C. J., Two Mile Flat - Parkins 0 T., Hillview, Guntawang Rush Chas., Piainbong,Two Mile Flat Pay George, Capertee 0 Rush George, Two Mile Flat Pedron F., ferrendee - ) 0 - :: Russell Peter, Green Golly, Capertee Perrani A. IL. Cudgegong 00 Ryan J. J., Sally's Flat... - Perram C. G.(Exors.), Cudgegong - 0 Ryan M., Sally's Flat Perram G. IL, Cudgegong 0 0 Sampson E. A., Olinda, Rylstone Perm' W. H., Stony Pinch Sampson F., Pyrainui _ - Phelan N. J., Round Swamp Sanderson E. C., Ityistone - - Phillips Edward, Bunamago, Avisford - _ - 0 : Saxelby A., Bylong Pickett It., Forest - 0 View, tile - 0 Schienier J. F., Coolall Bridge Pike J. R., Stony Pineli Schienier NV. J., Rosemount, Uarby Pile William, Upper Meroo Scott NV. G., Guigong _ - Pilley Edward, Hargreaves - - Seaman Ed., Borga, Hargreaves Piney James, Amberdale, Hargreaves Seaman E. C., Hargreaves Pilley Patrick, Hargreaves Seaman Thos., Hill End _ Piney Susannah, -- - Wandong, 00 Har- Sok N., Craboon greaves _ Sels N. P., Barney's Iteef Pilley NV., Hargreaves _ Sharpe Joseph, Sally's Flat Piper W. Albert, Uarbry Sharpe Thos., Sally's Flat OUR ASSISTANTS ARE CHOSEN WITH CARE AND TRAINED WITH EXACTITUDE

12 ANTHONY HORDERNS'IT ISN'T A SHOP, IT'S AN INSTITUTION. c Mud PASTORAL. Nar Owner, Station and l'ost Town. H. C. S.. MUDGEE(continued) Shaw E. A., Barragau Sheehan Michael, llotobolar - 0 Sheehan P. S., Botobolar _ 0 Sheridan A. F., Dunedoo 0 0 Sheridan C., Glen Lee, Rylstone 0 Sheridan M. W., Green Hills 000 Sheridan Thomas, Eastwood, Lue 0 Sibley J., Hargraves 0 Sibley James, Hargraves 0 Silbev W., J., Hargraves 0 Sills P. W., Buckaroo : Simpson Bros., ',Macre, Kerrabee Single J. D. (Exrs.), Mudge Singleton Henry, Green Gully, Upper Memo. 00 Skinner.T. T.,,Stony Pinch Siapp I. E., Clandulla. _ Slattery James, Sofitla _ 0 Slattery Patk., Green Valley, Sally's Fiat. Smith It. F., Waringit;, Lead;. ille -- 0 Smith It. IL, Fairview, Avisford Smith S. P., Leadville 0 Smith T. J., Burrendong Somedield W., Gullymg Somerfield Estate, Birrina., _ Spears N. J., Gulgong,. Spratford D., Puggoon. Stacy A.., Cossington, Leadv Ille Stapleton F., Plambong _ Stapleton M. F., Plambong., $00 Starr Annie L., Burringban, Birriwa Stewart Geo., llinnawee, Mudge 0 0 Stott C. A., C.Inadian Lead_ 0 Stott, Conrad, Taliewang Stott John, Narragundi, Gulgong 0 Sullivan D., Mullitimiddy, Mudge(' 0 Sato!' C. E., Hargreaves 0 0 Stator II. K., Echo, Hargreaves Stator P. W., Katella, Stuart Town Suitor It. B., Burrendong _ 0 Suttor T. 0.,Triamble, End 0 0 Suttor Wal.., Warrengunyah,lford Sweeney Myles, Gulgong _ 0 Swords Herbert, Cook's Gap Swords J. C., Ulan - Swords AL., Cook's Gap Swords T. H., Cook's Gap Taylor T. W., Bellevue, Rylstone 0 Thomas. amos, Gulgong Thompson A. W. and A. E., Widden, Muswelibrook Thompson Bros., Woodlawn, Rylstone Thompson T. H., Mull, Mt. Itylstone linda e P. W., Wymere, Ityistone 0 Todd J. T., Guntawang Tonikins Geo. Doors-st. Mudge 00 Tomkins H.., Burrundulla 00 Tomlinson Hubert, Sally's Flat. Toolley William, Tambaroora Towel's John, Long Creek Tralll G. W., Rylstone 0 Troup IL, Home Rule Turvoy Henry, Morrendeo _ 00 Turvey James, Rose Hill, Ryistone 0 Tuxford W., Ilarbry 0 Vitnell J. M., Mudge 0 Wall John, Botobolar 0 Walsh Thos., Springfield, Gulgong 0 Wentherley Joseph, Ilford 0 Webb Mrs. S. W., MerrendOe Webb NV. C., Malbouna, Morrendoe Webb W. C., The Crown, Capertee 00 Weis Nicholas, Roxana, Craboon 0 Weis Philip, Roxana, Craboon 0 Weis, Uarbry 0 Welsh Michael, Stony Creek 0 White Hunter, Havilaii Whittaker B., Collingwood, Mudge Whittaker Eliza, Coliingwood. ( Whittaker James, Grattai A '0 ' Owner, Station and l'ost Town.. C. S. A. Whittaker V. J. L., Hill End 0 Williams A. W., Windeyer 0 ' Williams J. F., Canadian Williams John, Home Rule 00 Willis Frederick, Glenelg, Rylstone 00 Willis F. W. E., Glenei g, Itylstolie 00 Willis Jas., Roselea, Itylstone 0 Wilson Chas., Stony Creek 0 Wilson Charles, Tallawang 00 0 Wilson H. C., Wyaldra Park, Cassilis road. 0 0 Wilton Bros.,McDonald's Creek 00 insper Mrs. C., Crudine 0 Winter Ernest, Olinda Wisboy A., Bara Lue 0 Writer T. S., Bogle Angle, Rylstone 00 Yorke R. S., Unborn 0 MURRURUNDI. (SEE UPPER HUNTER.) NARRABRI. NARRABRI PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Chairman : Robert Shield!, Esq., Edgerol. Secretary : D. I. Bridge, Narrabri. Stock Inspector : C. M. B. WHITE. -- Abbott C. C., Pretoria, Culgoori Alexander M. A. and E., Sunnyaide, Narrabri 0 Alexander T. A., Mayfield, Wee Wao 0 0 Anderson J. A., Jews' Lagoon, Millie Andrews L., Wentworth, Narrabri 0 A.Ek. M. Co., Boolearrul, Wee Wan Baker W., Wee Wart it 0 Baker NV. G., Glettkeith, Bann Rae 00 Belle E. IL, Lilydale, Narrabri 0 Balfe W., Rosewood, Narrabri 0. Barker C. and A., Yarral Farm, Narrabri 0 : Bartusch M., Bow Hill, Baan Bart 0 Bell Alexander, IklIview, Narrabri 0 00 Blair W.., tliencitirn, Narrabri Blaxland A. C. Barraba 0 Bowen A. A., Wee Waa Bowen Catherine, Buddha Grove, Baan Baa Brady NV. J., Bell View, Narrabri 0 0 Brake S. B., Woodville, Narrabri Brayshaw IL. Behnont, Bellata 0 Brennan L., Tile Brae, Wee Wan 0 Brien John, Glettarvan, Wee Vaa. 00 Brown It., Yarran Clump, Narrabri Buchanan A., Moonbill, Narrabrl 0 00 Buchanan W. F., Killarney, Narrabri Butler J. (Exors.), Milburn, Narrabri Cain William, AlervIlle, Narrabri _ 0 Cameron D. (Est. of), Aberfeldie, Millie 0 0 Cameron James, Hazel Park, Millie 0 Cameron Robert, Pidgee Pidgee, Millie 00 0 Campbell E., Narrabri West Caralake G. A., Rosewood, harrabn Carson J. Meth, Glencree, Culgoora Charters D., Kilgowla, Woolabra 0 Charters R. W., Bald, Narrabri 0 Coliyer A. B., Emden, Narrabri Cousins A. M., Aloomba, Narrabri 00 Cousins G.., Chesney N'old, Millie 00 Cmmsie J. R., Narrabri 0 Cranial R. C., Moorara, Narrabri 0 0 Croaker 't Sons, Belbowrie, Edgerol 0 Cross Fredk., Homoville, Narrabri 00 0 Cuell V. 0., Count., Narrabri West 0 0 Cummings P. M., Wild Willows Narrabri Darcy T. V., II ighlow, Narrabri 0 Davls F., Riverview, Narrabri. 0 0 ANTHONY HORDERNS'A PARADISE OF ECONOMY, Nar PASTORAL. Nar 0 A. M. COUSINS, Auctioneer, Stock and Property Salesman, NARRABRI. Telephone. Agent for Roy W. Sandford Ltd. Motor Cars, Urguhartite Rabbit Decoy Buyers Driven in my own Motor Car to inspect. A.S. & P. Code No. used. Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town.. H. C. S. A. Dawson S., Foggy lk. ih, Narrabri Howard T. A., Tremayne, Bollata Drinan '0 W. J., Wilga, Bellata 00 0 Ifulbert A. J., Narrabri 0 Bruce H. II., Tile Springs, Boggabri 0 Kelliher C., Cousdale, Merall North 000 Duncombe J. C. (Estate of), Fair- Kenitt P., Avondale, lloggabri view, Bellata 0. 0 Keys John, Keysdale, Narrabri _ Durrant W. H., HeatlIcliffe, Hoggabri King Thomas, Trevalyn, Bann Ban Bather Thos. and Sons, Rosewood, Kingston T. J., Pine View, Bean Baa Baan Ban 0 Kingston E. J., Bann Brut Eather I vu AL, Bolion, Baan Ban Knight A., Carbene Siding Bather R. V., Henriendi, Bann Ban 00 0 Knight J..T., Rosetta, Wee Wee Lather T. C., Horseshoe, Boggabri : 0 0 Knight T., Warrenbri, Wee Was 0 Eckford A. E., Kia-Ora, Beliata ' Knowles F. 'P., Airills, Narrabri _ Eckford E. J. A, See-it-Out, Bellata Laird J. A., Willowdale, Iloggabri 0 0 Eckford II., Little Bumble, Bel- Laird. W., Warrialidool, Boggabri iata Laird W. (Est. of), Willowdale. Eckford J. P., rie Minna, (;diata lioggabri Eckford J Nr., Malaraway, Bellata 0 Laird W. B., Roslyn, Boggabri Erratt G. L., 0 0 Boggabri 0 Lambert E. B., Aloplain, Namtbri Fenn J., Oakley, Boggabri 000 Lehltue.Tno., Llano, Nam,' bri Firth J. T., Wattle Glen, Gurley '0 Lehane John, Jam., Pandora, Nat.- Fitzgerald Bros., (tenth( Land, Na y- ntbri. Fleming B., Doreen, Wee Wan Fleming J. l'., Doreen, Wee Wait Fleming T. J., Clydeville, Baan Bait Florance E., Longsight, Bean Batt Frater A. D., Merillula, Narrabri Fritter John, Cheviot Hills, Narrabri Frater N. IL., Cheviot Hills, Narrabri Frater V.., dd, Narraltri Fritter Waiter, Glengower, Narrala i Gall C. E., Dandaraga, Mungundi Gett Alexander, Glenville, Narrabri Gillhana J. T., Thomfield, Boggabri Goldsbrough, Mort and Co., Bunna Hanna, Millie Coolly er J., Pine Tree, Baan Bart _ 0 Grace NV. G., Boggy Creek, Bellata Graham Charles, Oakburn, Wee Wan Grant Daniel, Bibla, Nanabri Gray John, Glencoe, Wee Wan Grayson S., Alyall Park, Narrabri Grayson Thos., WIlga Ridge, Narrabri Guest Laban, Trenton View, Bean Baa Guest H., Clinton, Bean Baa _ Guest Leo., Trenton Lodge, Bann Ban Guest V., Wilga Park, Bann Ban Gunter A. H., Is arrabri Haire C., Gionolg, Narrabri Haire P., Menton, Turrawan Hall A. W., Glenifler, oggabri Harney J., Coburn, Wee Wart Hayti T. G., Tibbereenall, Narrabri W. _. /login S. B., BrIglow Ck., Wee Watt Holmes W. B., Middle Creek, Beggabri Holt 0. IL, Oakland, Kilgowla Ifouguet J., Glentlarra, Narrabri Maunder T. IL, Beilata 0 Maxwell W. M., Mountain. View, 00 ( Narrabri 0)) ( ( rahrl Loveleo T., Dunraven, Narrabri Mackay It. W., Myall Vale Malone Bros., Bendont, Narrabri Maunder E., Arlington, Bann Baa Maunder J. C. W. Narrabri May L. B., Alayfield;larrabrl Melbourne J.., Mountain Valley, Narrabri Menary D., undywan, Wee Waa Meppen A. B., Woodville, Narrabri Aleppen A. T., Aloema, Narrabri _ Moppet' A. W., New Farm, Bellata Aleppen B., Spring vale, Narrabri Aleppen F. J., Otikvale. Gurley Meppen G. E., Mayfield, Gurley Aleppen J. B., Forest Vale, Gurley 0 Illeppen W. H., Gleneden, Gurley 0 Milner Alfred, Broadwater, Narrabri Mitchell C. E. ( Exors. of), Wee \Van Monahan W. IL, Narrabri West Morrish John, Ironbarks, Narrabri 0 Moss T. B., Mulgate, /Narrabri McClintock W., limbo', Cul goorn MeCtunst ie A. C., Eden vale, :car ( " ( r l a ar ai 0 00 AleCutcheon W. T., Ciainalat ha, Narrabri. L. it: Son, Molic'en,We 0.. McDougall McFarlane Bros., Wit 'ma,.a.firrabri 0 McGill T. A. d: Co., Molle, Narrabri 0 McKenzie M. AL, 00 Baan Baa 00 0 McLeod Y. S., Bann Ban 0 AlcAltilion J. P., Glenn:thick, Nar- 0 rabri 0 Megullin Irwin, Auburn, Wee Waa 0 t. hi r, WOOD, COFFILL COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: OEOROE STREET. 'PHONE CITY WE OWN THE EQUIPAGES AND HORSES OF MOST DEPARTED GOVERNORS

13 o Nar ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, SIO - 00 PASTORAL. Os. MORATH AUCTIONEER, STOCK Established Years. Nar topriiiiirraisi: NARRABRI N.S.W. Both Codes Used. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. NARRABRI -(continued) Melbiberts It. F., ()learnt, Narrabri Nelson J. IL, Gionmore, Baan Ban N.Zt. A. Co., Ltd., Edgard, Narrabri Oakden M., Warianna, Millie. O'Brien Thos., Ennisvale, Narrabri O'Donnell J. & F., Roma, Narrabrl Page George, Hillcrest, Turrawan Palmer W., Pine View, Narrabri Park A. J., Narrabri Parker C. A., Green Hills, Bean Baa Patterson R., Oakville, Narrabri Phillips T. Beaconsfield, Wee Waa Philp A. E., Eularlo, Bellata Picton T. E., Thawa, Narrabri Pike A. R., Glen Isle, Narrabrl Pike H. J., Narrabrl Porter A. C., Violet Downs, Narrabri Ralph W. L., Alstonville, Narrabri W. Reid Bros., Ltd., Mascotte, Narrabil Reltt:r. E., Taylor's Plain, lloggabri Renaud A., Glenelg, Boggabri Robins S., Fern Lea, Narrabrl Robinson. '., Green Hills, Narrabri Roden IL, Cumberdeen, Wee Wee Rood Fry J., TherrIbrl, Boggabri 0 Russ E. B. C., Bobbiwaa, Narrabrl Russell F. M., Cleveland, Bog abri Ryan Jas., Green Hills, Narra rl Ryan IV. J., Bundewa, Wee Wan Samuels T. W., Buddalt, Narrabrl Settler E. P., Hollymount, NarrabrI Saunders M. J., Narmbrl Schwager A. L., Altona, Wee Waa Schwager J. L., Cardonnis, Wee Waa Scott Bros. and McFarlane, Wallah, Narrabri Shanley J. IL, Rock Dale, Bellata Shanley W. J., Glencoe, Boggabrl Shaw 0. 0., Pimpatnpa, Millie Shepherd D., Lyn burn. Iloggabri Sims H., Kamilarol, Millie Small Jno., Fairfield, fillie Small Peter (Exors.), Fairfield, Millie Smith Mrs. B., Wave, Narrabri Smith G., Kildare, Wee Wee Smith W. B., Womemh, Wee Wee Smith W. H., Warenilla, Narrabri Smith IL, Kiaom, Narrabrl Speering P., Belah Park, Turrawan Stafford A. R., Doblkin, Bellata Stair A. E., Camilla, Baan Baa Stanford H., Lyne Boggabri Stoltenberg B. Bear., Mt. Pleasant, Narrabri Stoltenberg B. junr., Mount Pleasant, Narrabrl : Telephones & Narrabrl. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Terbutt Hy., Spring Vale, Narrabri 0 Tenant It., Milton Vale, Narrabri Thomson C. E. C., Caloola, Baan Baa Thompson D. and A., Gulp reena, 0 Wee Waa 00 0 Thompson L., Woodlands, Wee Waa Thompson S. A., Pandennts, Wee Wan Tickle W. J. Woodville, Bann Batt 0 Todd f. A., WlInna, ' Culgoora 0 Tout W., Oakville, Ed geroi, TrIndall A. J., Wee Wait, 0 TrNn indall v W. E., Carbeen Vale, Wee 00 G Tucker R. C., Merlin, :Varmint 0 ) Turner J. T., Willow Glen, Wee Wan 0 Turner 0. and W.., Waterloo Creek, Gurley Underwood Thomas,.* Wire Lagoon, Narrabri Vincent A. H., Rose Vale, \-arrabil 0 0 Vincent R. C., Sugarloaf, Narrabri. Wall Charles, Stony Creek, Narrabri 00 Wall E. J., Woolongabba, Narrabri 00 Wall J. B IS arrabri Wall J. NV. (Exors.), Appletrees, Narrabri 00 Wall T. P., Applestone, Narrabri ' Wall W. J.j/, Narrabri 0 Watson janet, Spring Plains, Millie Wheeler E. J., Peak Hill, Baan Baa 0 00 Wheeler Henry, Hazeldean, Bean Baa Whiteman A. T., Minoru, Narrabri 0 Whiteman J. V., Springvale, Nar- 0 mkt 0 0 Williams Joe,, Belgravia, Wee Waa 00 Wilson Alex., Brusilly Park, Wee Wait 00 Wilson W. It., Hazelwood, Wee Waa 0 Wilson W., Rosehill, Wee Wan 00 0 WItney IL, The Ranch, Barraba 00 0 Wood William, Wood Park, More 0 Wright. ' Holland Clump, Narrabrl 0 0 Yeomans G. B Barcena, Narrabri NARRANDERA NARRANDERA PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. 0 Chairman : Austin W. Austin, Esq., Narrandera. Secretary : H. S. Robinson, Esq. 0 Stock Inspector : J. L. FAULKINER. 0 Adams IL D., Hillside, Narrandera 00 Alexander S. M., Farm, Leeton 0 Andrew Hugh, Berrembed, Grong Grong.. 0 Ashcroft NV. C., equarriedde, Narrandera Nar Owner, Station and Post Town. H. Asbm A. W. & Son, The Folly, Rome Creek Aston A. C., Arcadia, Greenvale, Austin A. NV. NV., irrool, Narandera Austin II. L., Fairlie Grange, Argoon, Jerilderie Baillie T. (Estate), Beneremba, via Hay Baker J. T., Barellan Baldwin. H., Square Nob, Narrandera Barber A., Rockleigh, Barellan. Barran NV Rockleigh, Colin) noble Bartley G. A., Allambl, Narrandera Basset T., Mount Ida, Whitton Bate T. T., Boma Vale, Grong Grong Baxter J. J. R., Conapaira, Whitton Beaumont IL and T., HuddlesIleld, Darlington Point Beaumont T. M., Sandy Barellan Beeby G. (Exors.), Narrandera Beecher H. C., Narrandera 0 Bell It., Studleigh, Boree Creek Bolton A., Yatico Park, Narrandern Bornholt N., Barcena, Narrandera Bourke Mrs. M., Oak Hills, Nat.- randera Brideake Mrs. Isabella, Federal Park, Grong Grong. 0 Britt George, Brookiey, Darlington Point Britt T. W., Combintilla Britt M. IL, Darlington Point BrownloWT. H., Highlands, Ardlethan Bryce C., Pine Lodge, Moombooldool Bull H. J., Currajong, Narrandera Bull J. L., Mal wa, a wide ra Bullivant Bros., Gillenball, Kars random. 0 Button Joseph, Home View, Mt. Crystal no Byford II. U., Chiswick Park, Bataan Campbell,)'., Glenroy, Whitton Carroll H. LongPark, Lockhart Carroll J.., Narrandera. Cattuniek James, Rosewood, Dion Chant A. (Ex'o're. late), Chanticleer, Morundah Chauncey Mrs. C. S., Karoona, Colinmottle Clarke Wm. Euroley, Narrandera Corrigan John, ' limit's, C' hie Cox M. C., lioness, Brobendah Cruickshank W., Cocopara, Whitton Cuddy Charles, Kelling, Ardlethan Dalgleish E., Worago, Corobitnilla Daigleislt W., Lorraine, Corobitnilla Davenport W. H., Bocce Ck. Davies T. C., Parkside, Brobenall _ Davies T., Prospect, Brobenali. Davis D. F., Glen Nevis, Boree Ck. Davis E. J., Silverwoods, Darlington Point D avis T. N., Lundle, Boree 'dreek Department of Agriculture Experiment Farm, Yanco. Devlin G. It., Warilba, Narandera Disher R.. Darlington P oint. Donovan J. et ' T., Moc.itee Ponds, ' Vie. Dunlop E., iallee Vale, ecom Dunn F. it Sons, Mumbledool, Barellan Dyo J., Woodlands, Narrandera Eckley Bros., Clyde Farm, (Thie Egan James, D'ton Point Ellis E. J, Hazelwood, Greenvale 0 Elwin G., Harriswood, Colinroobie Elwin It. J., Yamba, Colinrooble, Evans. C., Coleslea, Yanco Siding ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. PASTORAL, Nar c C. S. A. Owner, Station t.nd Post Town, H. C. S. A. Fainnan M., Ballamore, Barelian 0 g Findlay A., Cookoothatna, Darllug- 0 ton Point 0000 Firman W., Moonilsoddool ' Fitzpatrick R., Berrigo, Narrandera IF,0 greasrttayl PE,. cf uorrolbl ICHrteneak, A.rd lethan Forsyth N. D., Peckham, Colinmoble 0 FoNs tehrittomnrs. B. A., Hulong. Farn.: ) 0 0 Foster J. T., Melrose Farm, Yanco Foy Bros., Quondong Park, Barellan : Foy S., Garoolgan, Barellan 0 : 0 Fraser Mrs. C., Darlington Point ( Fraser D., Eulo, Darlington Point 00 Fraser D. B. J., Dal lington Point (fee Geo., Indiana, Grong Groin( 0 Gemmel! A. & E., Ardlethan Grant, FP0Bytolries&.Byny.a.a 0 0, Thorpe, Barellan Grant F. G. Alabama, Colittrooble 0 0 Grogan F. P., Adavale, Home Creek 00 Guest R. (Exors.), Grong Grong Gullifor E. Springfield, Barelian 0 0 Gulliver J.; Little Valley, Barelian Hamlin Robert, Killarney, Boree Ck Hand E., Pine Grove, Kamarall Harley John, Boree Creek 00 Harris 0. J., Windemere, Narrandera Harrison NV. H., The Willows, 0 Kamm,'. 0 Hawley William, Aferoof Creek, 0 Whitton Hawthorne Agnes, ific Y. Coolamon : ). Heard W. Elbury, liarellan 0 : Heath George, Kitt Ora, Ardlet/ian 0 0 0() Heath J., Quantity, Artilethan 0 00, Heaton J. P., timbooldool 0 Nei& J. H., Bonnie Doon, Leeton Herbert Richard, Oakley, Jackson's 00 C0 Waterholes Hopwood Bros., Clyde, Boree Ck - 0 Hopwood U. S., Rosevale, Na ran ( Hodpewood nl R., Wilga, Narrandera Horsfall J. S., Kerarbury, Darlington Point Hubble NV. E., Grassmere, Grong Grong Hudson A. ' A., Mt. it. Bunganbil, Kamaralt 0 0 Hunter A. E., Rose Vale, Beckon). 0 Jacob S., Bingar, Whitton 0 00 Jego J. & F., Narandera ' 0 0 Jolley H., Clear Swamp, Coroblmilla Jolles., Grong Grong 0 0 Jones S. : Glenmore, Corobimilla 00 Sines NVillialti, Greenvale 0 P.O. 0 0 Keegan J. V., Leonia Refined y J., Woodland s, Grong 0 (Zr,,, o. 000 Kenny P. J., Iddio Park, Colinroobie, Narrandera 0 0 Killen, Ekin & Co., Narialt, Ardlothan 00 0 Killen NV. IV., ferribee, Barellan 0 0 Kite T., Mt. Elliott, Whitton 0 0 Kitto R. C., South Yalgogrin, 0 Ardlethan. 0 0 Knoble IV., Darlington Point,, ' Kook F. N., Nareem, Darlington P. 0 0 Kook H., The Avenue, Darlington 0 Point. 0 Kook J. E.,.Nfoodlands, Darlington ' Point 0 0 Kook NV. IL, Moorefield, Darlington 00 Point 00 0 Muen ster ills., Warr!, Anllethan 0 Lander H., Ercildoune, Darlington Point 0 00 Lander H. L., Loumea, Darlington Point 0 0, WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. ' SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION OUR ESTABLISHMENT is SELF-CONTAINED; WE MANUFACTURE AND REPAIR OUR VEHICLES.

14 ) 'NTHOmY HORDERNS' FOR ECONOMY AND COMFORT IN SUZIllik_ ANTHONY HORDERNS'-RELIABLE TRADERS FOR TOWN OR COUNTRY. c Nar PASTORAL. Nar Nep PASTORAL. Pic, Owner, Station and Post Town. II. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. NARRANDERA-(continued)- 0 Lander J.,.Ringwood, Darlington 0 Point Lander J. A. Langloh, Darlington Point ' ; 0 Lander L., Myola, Darlington Point. - 0 Newman Mrs. A., Mt. Chrystal _ Nolon J. G., Hilicrost, Colinrooblo Norton J., Glenfyne, Gellenbah 0'eara P., North Berrembed,Grong Grong 0 O'Neill A., Auburn Lodge, Darlington Point Panowitz john, Buffalo Pk.,Whitt on Pearce C. F., arandera Pearson John, Oaklands, Narrandora Peckett Mrs.., Darllngton Point Peebles. A., Pine Dale, force Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and l'ost Town. It C. S. A. Whillans A. Milton, Mount Crystal 0 0 ) Whitty M. Ballandry, Whitton Williams F. D.,t Sons, Egremont, Yanco. 0 Williams, Wyandra, Yanco.. 0 Phillips D. I., Wiseman's Ferry _ 0 0. Playfair A. D., Randwick _ 0-00 Potts NV. H., Hawkosbury Agricultural College, Richmond Pringle A. T., Phimpton Pye C. W., Abbotsbury, Cecil Hills 0.Pye George, Windsor _ - 0. Pyo J. J., Schofield's Siding, Riverstone Reynolds P., Richmond 0 Richards B. and Sons, ItIverstone 0 ' Robinson If. 0., jainistown _ - 00 Wilson James, Ballergall, Grillith Lane, McDonald Wilson T. I., Hope Vale, D'hui Pt. Anderson, Kan- 0 garoo Plain, Narrandera Wood E. Jz J. Erin Vale, Narrandera 0 00 Lane, McDonald A-. Anderson,Cluldel Wragge C. S.:Gum Ck., Benoremball 0 0 Na manila ra Young Wm., Glenshiel, Yanco Siding 0 00 Larkin E., Newhaven, Darlington 0 Zimmerli A., Hillside, Colinrooble, Point. Narrandera 0 00 Lawless P. P.:Sunshine, Grong Grong - 00 Creek. 0 0 Rose Geo., IVebb's Creek Lean E., Llahrook, Narrandera 0 Popper W..;Curr a jong, Colinroobie Rouse Edwin S., Rouse Hill _ 0 Learmonth 0. P., Antlettian Pope E. C., Euronga, Ardlethan Itimisey Alfred, Riverstone (. Leighton G., Durriss Park, Darling- Putland W. J., Golden Gate, Mount Ryan M. J., St. Mary's,, 0 ton Point 0 Crystal NEPEAN and HAWKESBURY. Stockmann C. F., Penrith _ Lenehan W., Brewarrinna, Grong Gaiter `I: J., Avondale, Narramh.ra Tanner Bros., Liverpool _ 0 Grong Rawlins C. It. a: Co., Uroley, Nar- NEPEAN AND HAWKESBURY PASTURES Tate Robert, Richmond Litchfield R. J. A: J. F., Bowing, Barellm. Litchfle Id A.., Omuta Litchfield II. E., Eck's Corner, Earnarch... Litchfield 0. 0., North Beiiembed, Grong Prong Longmire J., Hopfield P. 0. Low A. D. Coonoor, Lockhart McCaughey John, r Ya rabeo Park, Morundah McCaughey Sir Semi., North Yanco, Yam Siding 0 McCracken A.(Exor.),Bucldngbong, Narrandora McGaw J. (Trustees), Kooba, Whitton. - _ 0 McGrath H. V., North Borrembed, Grong Grong _ McGrath R.E., Killarney,Darlington Point - McGrath W. E., Ossory, Darlington Point., McInnes A.,Gum Swamp, via Morundab McInnes D. Griffith McKenzie A., Victoria Valle y, N'dera McLean Jas., Auchle Loathe, Darlington Point. McLean John, Greenvale, Bowe Ck. McLennan P., Forest Lodge, Corobimilla McMahon D., Garoolgan, Yanco Siding Mel'han W. C., Olen Barr. 'landfall McPherson A., Strontian, Narrandera McRae. A., Narandcra McRae IL, Kelvin Grove, Uroley. Macdonald A. F Narandera Madigan T. F., Brobenah Maher P., Hillview, Grong Grong Mattison E., Beckom Mann B. C. G., Plumstead, Narrande ra Manning H. H., Billaidi, Grong Grong 00 :Marsh N. (Exors. of), Greenvale Marshall A. J., Scrubby Range, Whitton _ Marshall II.P.,Jes.sie Park, Kamarah 0 0 Meyer P.., Wilga Park,.Grong ( rong. 0 Mickelson.T.,Mount Elliott, Whit- 000 lcigson Est. (Trustees), Narrandera Niles It., Faithful, Boree Creek Miller It. A., Karringa, Barelian 0 (K F. (Trustees), Namandera - - Milthorpo Mrs. M., Somerset, Nar- random... Miners Thomas, Dry Lake, Uroloy Morley 0. A., Aurora, Darlington Pt. Mues II. C., Maydale, Grong Grong Mintz Bros., llama, Narraudera randera Itayment lime., Scottsdale, liarellan RIM A.., Wolseley Park, Wagga Ridges J., The Willows, Colinroobie Roach W., Edenhope, Narrandora Robertson J. D., Glencoe; Grong Orong Robinson A., Floodvale, Whitton Robinson T., Llewellyn, Barelian Robinson W., Terambula, via Whitton Rogers Bros., Back Brewarranna, Narrandora R0ing C. W., Sunnyslde, Ard iethan Ross D', Uri Park, Darlington Pt. Ross-Soden Bros., New Park, Morondab Ryan Roger. ur rajong, Brobenali Salmon J. J. A B. A., Ballitale - Salley T., Kinkora, Narrandera Scott A. J.., Boree Creek Sewell J. A: Sons, Narrandera Shannon Wm., Sunnyside,rongGrong Sides F. E., Bundidjarie, Narrandcra Simpson It. Crankhill, Yanco Smith F.S.j., Alton, Darlington Point Smith P. S., Ringwood, Barellan Smith P. I., Yaralla, Ardlethan Smith W. P. Maryvale, Mt. Crystal a Spitler J.. Exors. of), Mormidali Stanbridge a: Waugh, Whitton Stewart J. Sons, Bygoo, Ardiethan PROTECTION, BOARD. Office, corner High and Station Streets, Penrith Chairman : IL.. Baynes, Fernhill Mulgoa. Secretary : NV. H. Wrench, Esq. Stock Inspector : C. NV. DARGIN. Angus John II. S Booty 0 0 Baker E. C., Rouse Hill Baker Thomas, Chatsworth, Rooty Hill 0 (0 Bigg Frederick.T., ernon, MCV Liverpool _ 0 Brooke Archie, Mulgoa ) 0 00 Brown.T. J Peneith _ Brown W. J., Ebenezer 0 fluffier Daniel, St. Mary's - 00 Buntire H. A., If oxton Park Cameron Alex., Penrith ( Charley Philip, Behnont Park, North Richmond. Cleary D. F Penrith Colless J. W., Hum Plains 0 0 Cox William, Badger's Creek - Crawford Bros., Hill End, Booty Hill - Dale S. B., St. Mary's Fleming W. F., Central Mt., Mc Donald - Garrad Oliver, Windsor 0 Giles If. A., arrington 0. 0 Green Mrs. L. A., Lower Portland - - ( Omer., Training Farm, Schoy-villo 0 - Hannabus A. C., Windsor - Hardie J. It., Ric lintond 0-0 Horan Bros., Richmond - 00 Hoskisson Bros., Clifton, Windsor - 0 Irwin D., Slinky ille North - 0 I( ery R., Bin cktown 0 Johnston J. H Vermont, l'itt Town - Jurd James, St. Albans 0 0 Kiss G. G., Cly desdale, Marsden Pk. 000 Lack Henry, Pe n itil - Lamb P. A., Roo ty 0 - Lawson J., Bradley st, Randwick 0 Peale W. II., Wilberforce Terry Georgo A., Box Hill, Rouse Hill 000' Thompson Andrew, St. Mary's Thompson Mrs. S., Littioliam, St Mary's. 0. Thompson G. M., St. Albans. 0 - Thomson J. A., Pitt Town. - Turnbull Wm Freeman's Roach Vanstme W., St. Mary's 0 Vicary Frank, Luddenhain 00. Vicary Mrs. M. A., Camden 00. Walker If, D., St. Mary's - 0 Walters J., Windsor - 0. Wheatley W. H., Goulburn ( Willinington Bros., Luddenham 0 00 Witts A. G., ulgoa 0 0 Woodland C., Peurith 0 - PICTON. PICTON PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Chairman: R.. Antill, Esq., LP., Jarvisfield, Picton. Secretary : G. Bradbury, Esq., Bargo Rd., Picton. Stock Inspector : E. A. HAMILTON, Moss Wale. Arnold C. J., Camden 0 -. Stewart ct Campbell, Carrolslea, Ashcroft James, Picton Coroblinilla - 0 Barker T. C., Alorryland, Bringelly - Stewart F. J., Fairfield, Ardiethan 0 0 Barron G. E., Nitta River, Burra-. Stivens S.E.,Bleak House, Brobenalt gorang. 0 Sutcliffe, W. W., Corobimilla : ( 00 Bateup A., Picton 0 Sweating IL C. (Exrs.), Combindlia Baxter T. II., Picton 0 0 Taylor J. J. & Co., Narandera 0 00 Bennett A. L., Spring Hill Taylor Wm., Kinloch, Darlington Pt..* Bennett A. L., The Oaks 0 0 Teasdale G D. Kenrick, Greenvale 00 Billat Mrs., Camden 0 0 Tepper II. L., Alindalay. Narrandent Boardman T. W., Camden Terry P. AT. (., Narrandera. 0 Brooks Chas., Crawford Park, Picton 0 00 Thompson Bros., Murrill Creek, Butler C. and Sons, Camden 00. Ardlothan Butchers T. J., Camden Thompson G., &Wan, Cootamundra 0 0 Byrne II., aldren 0. Lethbridge Thompson John, Ifillerest, Barellan J. - K., Tregear, St. Mary's 0 - Camden Park Estate, Ienangle 0 ThomsonWindella, Maddrell C. C., St. Mary's II. C. o robiin: Carlon B. & A. B., Burragorang 0 0 Magrath W. T., Emu Plains Carlon F., Mittagong - 0 Triggs A. B., Ballandry, Whitton Mayne I. C., Denham Court, Ingle- Carlon M. J., Burragoning - 0. burn Tubbo Estate Co. Propy. Limited, - 00 Cranfield C. Springfield, Camden ( Tubbo Whitton 0 Moore W., Morley rd, Hoincbusli. - Cross E., Narellan Morehead Arthur, Park Hill, Booty Tuohy P., Mount Tuohy, Whitton Wade Mrs. Alice, Uroley, Narrandera Wade II. B., Floddon Field, Yanco Wallace A. A., Allawah, Barellan Warby A. B., Kopi, Barellan Warby II. A., Billenbali, Narrandera Watts A. A; Son, Uroley, Narrandera Watts W. F., Hillview, Nauandera Webb J. T., Restdomi, Ardlethan Weir W. J., Narrandera 0 Weston. E., Newgate, Whitton Whelan E., Rosevale, Jackson's Waterholes _ Morehead John. Luddenham 00 McIntosh Bros., Cobbitty. 0-0 McIntyre Wm., Jam, stown - MeNlinn Bros., CIibbitty Ouvrier J. H., Itiverstone - Parker Amos, Penrith. 0 0 _ 00 Pearce A. C. H., Rouse Hill. Pearce Alice R. Kellyville 0 Pearce A; Gregg, Liverpool 00 Percival W., Richmond - 00 Perry John NV., Smithfield 000 Davies E. A., Camden Dengate F., Camden 0 Dennett E., Picton 0 Dobson B. W., I leton 0 0. Donohue C. M., Burragorang Donohue Joseph Burragorang Donohue Thos., j unr., Burmgorang Douet Bros. Camden Downes F. NV. A., Brownlow Hill Dunn Charles H. It., 'rho oaks. Dunn 0. L., Camden 0 Eagk's E. A. Wilton 00 0 Eagles J. H., Pictou 0. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. MORTUARY CHAPEL: OEDROE ST., CITY. 'PHONE CITY OUR DEPOTS ARE REPLETE WITH THE MOST ELEGANT AND COSTLY VEHICLES IN AUSTRALIA

15 II IL ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TOOLS OF ALL TRADES. c Pic PASTORAL. Pil Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Fl CTON(continued) PILLIGA. Egan Mrs. G. W.,Upper Burragorang 0 PILLIGA PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Fairloy E., Abbotsford, Pcton Chairman : W. R. Holcombe, Esq., Weetawaa, Wee Waa. Feld Joseph, Silverstone, Burragorang 'A Secretary : Leslie Phelps, Esq., Pilliga. Feld Martin, Fairview, Burragorang.FInn James, Menangle Stock inspector: ALEXANDER HESSIN. Flynn Mrs. J., Burragorang Gilmour T. IL, Moto's Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Gibbs NV. IL,Narellatt Goodfellow F., Burragorang Goodfellow J., Burragorang Hanger Bros., Picton Hanger Geo., Spring Creek, Picton Honi g A. L., Wilton Harvey J. W., Picton. Ilayter Jess, Werombi Hewitt J. M., The Oaks Hilder Bros, Douglas Park Boltz Mrs., Marsden, Cobbitty liordern A. Wilton Hutson R T., The Oaks Baldwin A. B: Balmoral, Buren unction 000 Baldwin A., Burren Junction 0 0 Balmer N. R., Sandhurst., Cubberoo 0 Beck A. F., Newbank, Coonatnble :00 Boland C. A., Kyra, Bugllbone 0 0 Bowen A. A., Wylgarnere, Morals North 0 Bradshaw Agnes, Sarsileld, Cubberoc 0 0 Brayshaw C. E., Noreen, Burren Jun Briggs D. B., Wyalla, Bugilbone 0 Bullen F. It., Dunmore, Come-by- Chance Inglis T. M., Glemnore 00 Burns Patrick, Fairfield, Mingo _ Jenkins Bros., Mt. Hunter Burns T., Myola, ferall North Jones James W., Burragorang. Cadden H., Cadonia, itglibmie N0 00 Keating Mrs. A. E., Picton 0 Cameron D. W., Glenarden, Millie 00 Cameron Ethel, Currali, Millie 00 0 Lakeman J., Butcher's Creek 0 Campbell Miss E. A., Daffodils, Lakeman John, Brownlow Hill 0 Borodino Larkin A. IL, Picton 0 Campbell T., Borodino, Pilliga 0 0 loonies E., Glenmore. 0 Campbell W., Wagga, Borodino 0 0 Lyons F. C., Bargo 00 Cape! C., Fairview, Buren Junction Maher Mrs. E., Douglas Park 00 Capel Charles, Gorian, Buren junct. 0 0 Maher Peter, Douglas Park 0 0 Carlow W. IL, Merry View, Borodino 00 Mater Die Home Narellan 00 Carolan P., Delkeith, Burren Jun Maxwell N. J., Burragorang Chapman Bros., The Pampas, Cryon 0 McIntosh Bros., Denbigh, Cobbitty 0 00 Colloss A., Come-by-Chance P.O McKinnon D., Montpieler, Picton 00 Colless Harold E., Bellevue, Come- 'ml Mrs., Cox s Itiver ( by-chance Moore J. P. st: E., Burragorang Colless W. A., Gleneda, '' Come-by- Moore Son, Glemnore 0 Chance. 0 Moore A. B., Narellan Constable Chas., Glendo n, urren' ' B ' Moore A. V., Glenntore Junction 0 Moore A. V., The Oaks 0 0 Constable James, Errington T.P.O., 0 0 Moore C. G. The Oaks 0 Crossing Henry, Keelendi, Pilliga 0 00 Moore J. E.,Burragorang ' Crossing H. L. M. Iteelendi, Pilliga 0 Moore John E., Ellensville, Glenmore 0 Crulkshank L. G., Bulgarrie,WeeWan 0 00 Moore T., Narellan enliven S. Terridge He, Barradine 0 New N., Picton 0 Cummings P., Leonia, Cubberoo 0 Nicolson L., Mahlon Cunningham T. A., Ericton, Burren O'Brien P. M., Glenhill P.O. O'Leary st, T., Burragorang O'Reilly P., Cox's River Peek W. J., Melon Porter Bros., Camden S Junction T.P.O. Currey E. R., Glenroy, PIlliga 0 0 Currey T. W., Carmel, Borodino Dalton Annie, Rose Ridge P.O., Millie 0 S : Dangar T. V., Kimaculla, ligilbone 0 0 ( Dawson F. W. Meng), Wee Watt 0 Pritchard James Camden 00 Dempsey S., Nerritb, Burren Jun Quigg M., Burragorang Hight 0, Denevoli, Pilliga 0 Quigg Mrs. M., Burrogorang 0 0 Drew NV., Woodlands, Pilliga 00 0 Ray Bros., Picton Duncan W. Fairview, Burren Jun. 0 Reilly F., Burragorang 00 Dimeombe Mrs. A.., liazeldean, Iteilly P., Burragorang Wee Watt 0 Rideout A., Brownlow Hill 00 Evans C. J., Evansdale, Come-by- Rofe J. T., Mount Hunter : Chance : Ryder J., Douglas Park Evans Claude, Garthowen, Come- Rote W., Menangle 0 00 by-chance Shiel E. A., Maidon Sidel M. A., Ialdon St. Mary's Towers, Douglas Park Smith A., Wilton Smith T. G. Burrattorang Stafford A.:The Oaks,roWnlow Hill Evans H. IL, Roseleigh, Pilliga Evans Lucy M., Clyde, Come-by- Chance Everett W. L., Pilliga.0 Everingliam IL, Coondarra, Millie 0 0 Ferguson John, Myall Plain, Pilliga 0 0 Field A. W., Bentwood, Pilliga OS 0 Wary A. E., Westwood, Cobbitty 0 0 Fleming Bros., Doreen, Wee Waa 00 Wallace Mrs., Brownlow Hill 00 Forest John, Merrylands, Borodino Ck. 0 0 Worley G. F., Plebs's 0 Glass J., Nforefield, tigilbone T.P.O Watson S., Brownlow Hill 0 Gordon George, Brantwood, Billeroy 0 Wedlock A., Picton 0 Gordon S. C., Epping, Come-by-Chance 0 Wolloms F., Cox's River : 00 Gordon W. G., Norwood, Billeroy Wonson Mrs. C. H., Wilton Grace Geo., Flemington, Bugilbone 0 00 Guilfoyle Peter, Eton Vale, Eton Wonson E., Wilton 0 00 Gwydir John, Yarral Yarral, Bulyorol 0 00 Vonson H. K., Condle Park, Wilton 0 Hamilton Chas., Moorish, Wee Wan ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FARMING IMPLEMENTS. Pil PASTORAL. Por Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Hamilton Jas., Kelvin Grove, Car. been, Wee Waa 0 Hardy E. A., Womb, Pilliga Hardy 0. J., Glenroan, Buren Jun. 0 Harris C. C., Whitewoods, Bugilbone Harris W., Northam, Btlleroy 0 Head Win., Springfield, Borodino HeIrriang G. L., Wondahree, Old Burren 0 : Holcombe E. C., l Cast ebar, Burren Junction Holcombe E. A. A., Evermore, Wee Wan Holcombe Fredk., Koibong, Fillip Holcombe IL A., Clifton, Pilliga.: Holcornbe John F., Linwood, Bugilbone Siding Holcombe V. J., NVidgee, Burren Junction, P.T.O. Holcombe W. Memnon., Pilliga Holcon. Nowley, Burren Jun. Holcombe W. W. R., Weetawaa, Month North Thigilbono Holland It. F., Rosewood, Bugilbone I" : 0 Sovil 0. A., Rothbury, Burren Joe, Houlahan Wm. Plain View, Burren 00 Sherwood R. F., Walint.a, Billemy.. Hunt Daniel, Elmo re P.O., Millie. Si t il:0.:. C. A., Burrell Junction Hunt James, Sunnyside P.O., Milne 0 00 Slacksmith A. E., Loelimor, Buren Irwin NV. Killara. Singlkon 00 "net i"n Jeffrey Mward NV., Omeo, Burrell Slacksm ith Jaes, m Wyndella, Bugil- Junction.. Jones F. J., yall l'ark, PtIliga Jones H. W., Clematis, Burren Jun. 0 Jones J. F., Plain View, Buren Jnc. Jones Jos., Coollball Downs, Pilliga Jones Walter G., Bullerawa, Pilliga Kehther C., Consdale, Wee Wao Kilfovle l'eter, Shamrock. Cubberoo Knight Andrew,Carbeen, Wee Wan Knight Thos., Warrenbri, Metall, N. Lawler W. B. Glencoe, Cryon T.P.O. 0 Loder A. M. ' Purliwa, Morals North Long F. A., ' Cubberoo, Cubberoo Long Fred., Beragoon, Cubberoo Longworth Thomas W., junr., Eurimbla, Bulyerol. Ludlow Stephen, Nincoola P.O. TleConnouglity Mrs., Elston, Borodine McGrath F. J., Burren Junction McKenzie Bros., Glenbuntie, Burren Junction McNIalion M., West Nowley, Burren Junction.. cialion Cryon T.'.0. " McMillan Mrs., Weetawa, Wee Waft McMillan A. G., Bungle Gully, Come-by-chance Matthews H., Avon Downs, Burrell Junction.. 0 Maxwell Wm. P., Belmont, Nowley Maxwell William M., Mountain View, Narrabri. Menary A. A. Belarah, Wee Waa. Mitchell NV. J., Erinmoor, Merah d. 0 Mitchell W. T. Gunnedrall, Wee Wan Moloney D., Woodlands, Rowena Morris E., Town, Bugilbone Moxhant C. Midge, Pilliga Mulckey Michael, Burren Junction Murphy M. J., Bulyerol 0 Murphy T. D., Beranglii, Burren Junction.. Newain C. NV., Ashby, Borodino. (Mullane P., luta., Forest Vale, Mingo. O'Mullane Patk., Merlbone, Bugilbone T.P.O. 0 O'Neill M. J. Waterford, Bugilbone O'Rourke C. ' P., Dundee, Bugilbone Parks H. R., Bugilbone, Bugilbone Parsons A. H., Stansbury, Pilliga 00 Payne F. T., Kialla, Cubberoo T.P.O. Perk' G. R., Coolga, Wee Waa Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Phelps Jas. N., Glen Eden, Bulyerol 0 0 Phelps L. A., Yathella, Mingo Phelps V. N Loellinvor, Pilliga 0 Phelps William, Pilllga.. 0 Powell Bros., Drildool, Cubbaroo : 00 Purdy W. A., Virility, Borodino 0 Quinn G. A. P., Deenderrah, Cryon Radford P. Wraybutne, Rulford Peter, Barraba, Buren Jun. : 0 : Reardon W., Old Drillilool, Cublieroo Richards G. T., NI isnile, (arisen 0 Robinson IL IL, Wraybourne, Woo 0 Wait 0 Russell Mrs. D. A., Gilbone, Bugilbone 0 00 Siding Russell Win., Iona, Cubberoo T.P.O. 0 0 O Ryan Con., Sumntertield, Cryon (00 Ryan '., Cashel, Pilliga - Seccombe II. G. T., Bugilbone Seccombo Leslie M. T., Evershain, Slacksmith John, Rothesaye, Buren Junction. Slacksmith. '., lirtunard, Cubbemo Slacksmith S., Sunnyside, Wee Wan Smith Charles, Nearo, Rowena P.O. Smith Geo. E., Gnomery, Burren Junction.' Sowd.ri M. J., Tuligal, Borodino Sp mg W. B., Petlands, BurrenJnc. Strickland James, Burren Junction Sullivan P., Maude Vale, Burren Junction Taylor A. C., Itossmore, Burrell Junction. Taylor NIrs. Emuuily, Dinby, Coonamble Tames II. E., Eveleigh, Coonamble Teys D. G., Cubberoo Toys G. A., Forest Lodge, Mends N. Thompson Gavin Milo, Wee Woo Thompson Mrs. J. A., Milchomi, 000 Mingo. 0.0 Thompson John, Meerall North - Tumor 0., Adelong, Bugiliione Walker It., Pilliga Watson W. 0., Wynwood, SlillIc Watts W. Wamba, Pilliga 0 0 Wilkins F., Iyall Lodge, PIlliga Wilkins George, Ottklxiunie, Pilliga ( Williamson V., Minna Bunna, Millie 0 00 Wilson D., Gnomery, Burren Junction 0 Wilson W. H., Larnak, Pilliga Worrell Errenbri, Bar- ratline Worrell J. and D., Borodino Adams John, Gleuiffer Ainsworth W. J., Taylor's Arm Ainsworth A. M., Macksville Afford G., Gleniffer Allan J. R., Bona Vista, Comboyne Anderson D. and B., Smithtown _ PORT MACQUARIE. PORT MACQUARIE PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD, KEMPSEY. Chairman : J. Campbell, Esq., East Kempsoy 0 Secretary : F. Apployard, Esq.,.P., Kempsey Stock Inspector : E. KEARNEY : _0 : , 0 O WOOD, COFFILL -COMPANY LTD, LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M THE LEADING FIRM OF FUNERAL DIRECTORS IN THE COMMONWEALTH

16 if ANTHONY HORDERNVONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. c Por PASTORAL. Por Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. PORT MACQUARIE(continued). Colwell John, Beachwood 00 Anderson W. J..t D. IL, Gladstone 0 Connell D. junr., Fernmonnt 0 Anderson C. A., Gladstone. Connors John, Taylor's Arm 0 Anderson P. J., 'Holman) River, Glad- Cook E., Tinag ) g 0 stone. 00 Cooke R. H., Urtmga 0 00 Anderson W. IL, Gladstone 00 Coombes A. E., Upper Hastings Anderson Wm. J., Upper Belmore Coombes Albert, Hastin gs River 0 River. Cooper Daniel, Tanban, Frederickton 0 0 Andrews E. D., Wauchope Andrews. W Wattehope _ Attscombe A. W., Gleniffer 0 Cooper E. C., Myola, Bulgong, Wingham Cooper S., Brecksville Argent Robert, Argent'sHill 0 Cooper W., Bowraville 0 ( Atkins D. E., Pine Creek, Bellingen '. Cardwell A. J., Benin& $ 0 0 Auliffe Edgar, /sambneca Heads 0 Cosboy J. L. Frederickton Avery Arthur, Timagog $0 Cowan David, Tarn 0 Bailey W. E., Mi ssabotti 00 Craig W. T., Raleigh 0 Bain Allan, Wauchope 0 Croad John, Clybucca Baker A. S., Heron's Crook, Kew Crossinghant R. W.., Pelican Island 0 Ball Charles B. Kinchela Crossman H., Bollbrook Ball Mrs. Ann, Kinchela Creek 000 Crotty Jas., Clareflold, Greenhill 0 Ballard M. J., Argent's Hill 0 0 Dalaforce. K., Kempsey Ballard R. L., Upper Nambucca 0 00 Daley J. Sharebrook, Bellingen 00 Bannerman A. G.,. Sherwood D'Arcy if. Telegraph Point. 0 Bannon J. M. Belmar River 0 Davidson ' Robert, Port Macquarie 0 Barnett A., Kempsey 00 Davis D. H., Bellbrook 0-00 Barr Geo., BollIngen Davis (I. E., Tom's Gully, Uralgurm - 0 Barrie Mary A., Crescent Head, East Davis John, Boonanghl, Sherwood - 0 Kempsey 0 Davy B., Warneton. - Beacom W. H., Bellingen 0 Debreceny L., Comboyne, via Kendal 0 - Beattie T. A., Itawdon Island Delaforce Fred., Blackman's Point - 0 Bennett John, Fennuount : 0 Denney F.Bowravllle 00-0 Bennett W. E., Bellinger'. 0 DenIng E. A., Kempsey - 0 Blair James, Senn, Port Macquarie Dew GeorgeComm - Blair Robert, Brecksville Dow Thos. Benbrook - 0 Booth John, Thnagog Dobson E., A., Hyde's Ck., ellingen 0 - Bosanquet L., Cotnboyne Doopel Frederick, Bollingen - coo Bosanqult S., Brightly, Comboyne 0 Donaldson James W., Gleniffer 0-00 Boulton A. T. Macksville Donkin., Comboyne 0-0 Braithwalta If. J., Fernmount, Daman Alex., Frederickton 0 - Brady P. Kinchela Creek 0 00 Doust Reuben, Bellinger' - Bragg William, Lower Nambucca Dowling Bros., Williwarrin 0-0 Bransdon G., Ballengarra 0 00 Dowle R. M., Gleniffer. - Bransdon Wm., Port Macquarie Downes Sohn, Rawdon Island 0-0 Bransdon H., Rolland's Plains Drysdale D Upper Nambucca - 0 Briggs T. H., North Dorrig ) Ducat Bros., Sherwood 0 Brown J. L., Comboyno Duck Charles, Comboyne 0 Bruce J. A., Bellingen Duck G., Comboyne Bryce 0., Urunga 0 Duck S. W., Comboyne 0 Buchanan F. W., Valle, Macksville ^ 00 Dyer J. A., Bowrav Me Buchanan J. H., Valle, Deep Creek Dyson James H., Sherwood Buchanan P. C., Vella 0 0 Dyson Robert, Sherwood 0 Burgess J., BonvIlle,. Eakin Andrew, Gladstone 0 0 Butler A. B., Kathie, Port Macquarie Eakin M Belmar, Gladstone 0 Butterfield C. W., Dondingaiong Egan John, Belmore River Cain H., Dick's Mount, Pt. Macquarie 0 Egan M.., Gladstone Campbell E. J., Holland's Plains St Emma J. S., Nulla Nulla Creek, Bell- Campbell 0. W., Hickey's Creek brook 0 Campbell Jas., East Kempsey. 0 0 Everson E., Kinchola Creek Carroll James, Taylor's Ann 0 Funchal' R. E., Bowraville - 00 Carroll Mary, Taylor's Arm 00 Farrawell George, Telegraph Point 0 Casey M., Hyde's Creek Farrell C. W., Greenhill Cavanagh Chas., Willawarrin 0 Faviell H. B., Bonville 00 Cavanagh Peter (Execs.), Ravrdon Fisher Thomas, Skillion Flat 0 Island 0 Foster Mary A., Telegraph Point 0 0 Chapman William, Willawarrin. 0 $ Fowler A. J. and W., Rawdon Island 0 Charley Major Philip, I'. Macquarle 0 Christian A. G. C., Utunga Christian F. N., Urunga Christian Henry, Clybucca. Christian Jane, South West Rocks 0 Christian.T. L., Urunga Churchhill J., Long Flat H. It Freeman T. W. H., Hyde's Creek., Freeman T. II., Rawdon Island Freeman S. J., Rawdon Island Geddes A. M., Taylot's Arm Gamack Ames, Holland's Plains Garrett W. H., Rawdon Island Gill F., Smithtown Clancy M., Smithtown' 0. D., E. Kempsey 0 0 Clarke L. M., Sherwood 0 00 Gills J., Thane Creek, Byabarra 0 Clarke. R., Sherwood Glyde Mary Ann, Bellingen 0 Clarke John, West Kompsey Gordon C. A. W., Bellingen Clarke Mary A., Maria Ck., Kompsoy 0 Gordon O. W., The Glen, Raleigh 0 Clarke W. J., Sherwood. 000 Gould R., Clybucca 0 00 Gowing C. F., Sherwood Gowing. E., Dondingalong. 00 Grace Frank, Bowraville 0 0 Grace W. G. A Nambeeca River Clarke W. H., Urunga Graham and Black, Raleigh 0 00 Cleaver F. T., arkwood, D Mellinger River 0 Clegg J., Sandhurst Vale, Fredericton 0 Clegg Joint, Nur., Eungal Creek 0 WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE CITY NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. Por PASTORAL. Por a Owner. Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and l'ost Town. H. C. S. A. Graham A., Bowraville 0 Lea E. T., Snarebrook. Grafton C. P., Gladstom 0 0 Lean J. W., Thom 0 Greer C. P., Fornmount 0 0 Lean Thomas,Thora, Bellinger River 0 Gurney J., Beechwood 0 Leo H. W. T., Gladstone 0 Hall P., Port Macquarie 0 Lonelier' V. S., Dondingalong 0 00 Halliday C., Smithtown Lewis Geo., Pappinbarra,eachwood Manly H., Brierfield, Bellingen 00 Lindsay G., Port acquarie 0 Harman Jog., Moss Vale, Long Flat Lindsay L. G., Ellettborough Marriott E. E., Telegraph Point Lindsay NV. C., Ellenborough ' Marriott G., Rawdon Island Lockton Charles, Blackman's Point 0 0 Harwood E., jerseyville 0 Lockton John, Port Macquarie Harwood W. E., Yarrabandinni, Lyon Bros., Ellenborougn 0 Froderickton - 0 Lyon B. T. E., Renton Hay J. T., Gleniffer - Lyon Jas., Boonoo, Ellenborough 0 0 Healey J., Port Macquarie 000 Mackay Hugh A., Holland's Plains 00 Hebbiewhite G., Bowraville - 0 Mackay Amos, Bowraville _ 0 Henderson 0, Raleigh - Ainflerin in Donald, Gannon's Creek Henderson.0., Holland's Plains 0 0 Mainey Mrs. T., Turner's Flat Henry and Dyson, Willawarrin 0 - : Mann NV. E., Coif's Harbour '0 Henry Jas., Skillion Flat - Marks NV., Dorrigo Henry Joseph W., Willawarrin - 0 Meehan T. S., 'Michela 0 Herbert C. C., Port Macquarie - newton It., Bellingen Herbert G. L, D icks Mount - er NV. B., Kia-ora, Knlin g 00 Hewens L, Beechwood - Moody E. II. II., Bellingen 00 Hibbard John, junr., Hopetown, Moore Arthur It., Port Macquarie 00 Port Macquarie Moran A., Bowraville.. 0 Hibbard William, Kempsey Muscio A. W., Ennis. 0 Hickey D. M., Creme, Bellingen It. - Muscle. Wesley, Cotnheyrie _. 0 0 Mill G. S. C. A., Ketripsey - 0 Myles Thos., ilytie's Creek. Hill George, Glenlffer - 0 McCarthy A. T., Toorooka 0 Mill J. IL, Port Macquarie McCarthy John, Macksville 0 0 Hill John II., Port acq mule McDon 'Id Wm., Bellinger'. 0 Hillard George, Clybucce - )0 McDougall R. S., Fernmount 0 Hillier NV., Hickey's Creek. - McFadyen D., Glen' (Ter 0 Hodgson. II., Delmore It. 0 - McFadyen J. R., junr., Gleniffer 00 Hoffman John, Bowraville. - McFadyen R. B., Gleniffer 0 0 Hollis Jos., Boggy Creek, Varies. -. McIhvain A., Eungal Creek 0 Mope F. S., Jour., Toorooka - 00 Mcllwain IL B.. Eungal Mope F. S., 'roorooka Mcfnherney It., Blackman 's Point Hooper W. II., Maria River 0 00 Mclnhornoy Mrs. IL, Port Macquarie 00 Host.. B., Bonville. ^ McIntyre. P., Port Macquarie Hubbard C. T., Bellingen. McIver D. B., Willi Willi, Moparrabah 0 00 Hughes hydia, Kempsey ) : 00 BEcIveesThomas G. W., NV Willi, Kneen Oscar. Sin inglawn, Bowraville 00 Moparrabah 0k Irvine Alf., Warrimbi 0 McIver Mrs. Jessie., West KompSoy Jeffery Albert, Timageg 00 McKay Alex., owraville Jeffery Tno., Smithtown 0 00 MoLenanIThos., IVauchope., 000 Johns James, Bowraville 0 eaornan 'I'. A. J., BellIngen 00 Johnson Charles, Taylor's Arm 0 0 IcLennan Thomas, Wauchopo 000 Johnston Bros., Gleniffer 0 McMullen N., Snarebrook, Bellinger) 0 00 Johnston A. B., Hickey's breek 0 0 McMullen P., Snarebrook, Bellingen ' Johnston It. II., Figtree, Clybucca 0 0 McPherson E. C., Bowraville 0 - Johnston W., Collombatti McPhillips AL, Comore 0. 0 Johnston NVinifred, Hyde's Creek McWhirter NV. G., Beechwood 00 Jones John, Comboyne Nash John, facksville :. 0 (0 Jones S. C., Hyde's Creek, Bellingen 00 Nelson F. G., Skillet) Flat Jordan F.., Bellingen Noakes William, Green Vale, Yarras 0 Jordan G. II., Thom Nobes W., Frederickton 0 Joyce Ben., Gioniffer Noble J. IL, Cedar Vale, Bellingen 0 0 $ Judd Wm., Pelican Island Nolan Michael, Pelican Island 00 Kemp A. A., Kernpsey 0 0 Noonan E. P., Kompsey 0 Kemp R. A. II., Christmas Creek, Northeott C. V., Bellingen 0 00 Kentpsey 00 Motley john, West Kompsey 0 Kemp W. E., Sherwood 0-00 Motley Jas., Hickey's Creek 0 Keough N., Gleniffer 0 00 Motley William, Gladstone 00 0 Kesby Edward, Timagog O'Brien J. J., Pine Ck.', Snarebrook 0 Kesby George, Hickey's Creek 0 00 O'Connell James, Jerseyville Killmore G. II., Taylor's Arm 0 O'Dell 0, Kinchela Kirton. H., Comboyno O'Neill John, Uralgurra 0 0 Knauer Knauer, Ketnpsey 00 O'Neill P. J., NV. Kempsey Knauer J. S. W., Rocks O'Sullivan C., Pee Deo, Bellbrook Knauer Peter, Frederlektown 00 O'Sullivan Peter, Comboyne 0.0 Knauer Wm., Piper's Creek, via Parish F. NV., Mungay Creek Kempsey Parish S. NV., fungay Creek 00 Lamph Philip, Bowraville Passlow Thomas, Suarobrook _ 0 Landers Jas., Willawarrin 000 Paterson Bros., Krambach, Landers John, sour., Towel Creek, Paull A., Woollier Comara Peterkin Alex., Taylor's Arm 0 0 Larkin Mrs. I. M., Gleniffer 0 Plummer George, Prince Albert Latimer It., Cotnboyno Street, losman 00 Lavender A., Bellingen 0 Plummer II. IV., Smithtown Lavender W., Bellingen 00 Plummer jamos, Clybucca 00 Lawrence NV. J., Hickey's Creek Plummer R., Seven Oaks, Smithtown 00 THE MOST COMPETENT AND LEAST COSTLY FUNERAL DIRECTORS IN AUSTRALASIA

17 Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. PORT MA C Q UARIE(continued) Pomman C., Nulla Nulla. Bell brook Powick Henry, Hickey's Creek Powick W. O., Uralgurm 00 Price A. and J., Summer Island 00 Prior E. V., Taylor's Arm 0 Provost R., Taylor's Arm 0 0 Rafferty Bros., Kinchela Creek Raymond A.M., Bellingen Raymond.., Bellingen 0 Regan John, Ralei gh. :0 Reid Edward, Ballengarra Reilly Jas. W. Smithtown 0 Reilly J. F., Gladstone Roach John, Beechwood 0 Robinson John, Summer Island 0 Rogers C. J., Stuart's Point IC) Rose J.., Bellingen 0 Ross A. J., Raleigh Rossiter James, Belibrook. 0 0 Rowe Cambium Belmore It. 0 Rowe Constantine, Kempsey Rudder Louis, Kertipsey. 0 Rudder M. 0., Rowland's Plains 0 Ryan J. A., Behnore River Ryan Mary, Bohnore River,Gladstone Ryan. j., W. Kerlipsey 0 Salmond Mrs. Mary, Sherwood. Saul J. E., Bellimbopina 0 0 $ Saul J. IL, Bellimbopina 0 0 Saul R. E., Smithtown Saul NV. P., Frederickton 0 Saunders It.. Smithtown 0 Savins F. II., Central Raleigh.. 0 Schmidt William, Nulla Nulia, Bellbrook Schmidt I., Dorrigo. Scott E. M., Elsinore, Belibr ook. 00 Scott E. U., Burraga, Bellbrook &comb A., DondIngaiong Secomb Jane, Sherwood &comb P. IL, Ennis Second) Thomas, Dondingaiong Seeomb William, West Kempsey 0 Second, NV, E., Sherwood Shophard NV. A., Dorrigo Shirnvay Helen J., GlenifTer 0 Smith A., Taylor's Arm Smith C. S., Kenipsey Smith Robert, Skillion Flat ( Smith Walter, Sherwood Smyth P., Yarraval, Warnoton Steele W. J., Valle, Nambucca Suters A. D., Wauchopo Siders Edwin, Rosewood, Beechwood Suters Henry, Watichope Sutherland A. C., West Kempsey 0 Sutherland Chas., Smithtown Sutherland 0., junr., Skillion Flat 0 Swan. 0., Comboyno Swarbrick John, Fernmount Sydenhant Charles, Kinchela Sykes 0. A., Comara Tarrant E. S., Beechwood Taylor Mrs. A. M., Yarras Teague Charles, Frederickton ' Teague Robert, Frederickton Thomas John, Eungal Thompson A. V., U. Rolland's Plains Thurgood Walter, Upper Belmore R. Toose J. C., Mistral Ave, Mo(iman 0 Toose W. C., Comoro Trees W. G., West Kempsey Tyne Edward, Pee Dee, Bellbrook Tyson Francis, Fernmount Uren W. IL, West Kempsey 0 Vale C. E., Fernmount Verge A., Hampden Hall, E. Kemp. ' Verge German, Gladstone c,0 00 Verge it Farrell, Gladstone 0 0 Wall W. J., bfacksville _ Wallace M., facksville Wallis GI. NV., Ellenborough ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR STATION SUPPLIES. c Por PASTORAL. Por Owner, Station and Post Town.. C. S. A. Wallis John, Pappinbarra, Beech. wood 0 Ward John 0., Sherwood Warlters Henry, Rolland's Plains Warwick J.., Comboyne Warwick Mrs. Mary, Cannon's Creek 0 Webster. J., West Kempsey Welsh D. Lower Taylor's Arm Welsh Elliza, Lower Taylor's Arm : Welsh It. B., Lower Taylor's Arm Whalen John, Eungal 0 Wheelahan C., Mungay Creek Wheoldon II. T., Gladstone White C., Woodlawn, Taylor's Arm White Argent's Hill 0 Wilkinson J., Rolland's Plains Wilson It. W., Rolland's Plains Wittig C. H., Willawarrin Woods William, Lower Taylor's Arm Woods W. H., Upper Cram 0. Woodlands D., Beechwood ; Wright Sarah, East Kempsey 0 Young dz, Raleigh Young A.., Frederickton. PORT STEPHENS. PORT STEPHENS PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Chairman : James Stitt, Esq., Athelstane, Secretary : John Munro, Esq., Gloucester. Stock Inspector : A. E. 0RE, Gloucester. Abbott Bros., Treagolden. Wingham Abbott A., Bootowa, Wingliam Abbott Geo. A., Rant Station, Dungog 0 0 Abbott H. A., Gloucester Abbott T. Kolodong Abbott W. II., Limestone, Dungog Allan Hendry, Oxley Island Allan W. E., Kimbriki. or Anderson L., Combo, Forster Andrews Ewen, Thornlea Andress A. C. F., Woodside 0 Andrews. Ii. W., Woodside Andrews J., Woodside 0 Andrews, Redbank, Pampoolah 0 Andrews Thos., Waukivory, Gloucester Andrews W. S. Somerset Woodside '" 00 Anthony Chas., Mambo, Cooperuook Atkins William, Mitchell's Island Avery.T. E., Cross Creek, Lansdowne Banks Mrs.. J., Gloucester Bakowell Bros., Erskineville. Barnes Reuben, Stroud Barry Emma, Greenhills, farkwell Beaton Angus, Back Ck., Barrington Beaton D. C., Barrington IleatAm Donald, Barrington Beattie A., Burr(' Ck., Kiinbriki : Betts Win., Morralell, Wingliant Ilidner Joseph, Krambach. 'Miler Wm., lang's Ck., Krambadi Bignell A. Barrington. Bird I. T.,,Vingltant Blanch Chas., Wartkivory, Gloucester Blanch D. V., Rosedale, Wherrol Flat Moodie A., Nabiac 0 Boorer D., Loch Avon, Gloucester Borhant E. H., Gloucester Bourke David, Upper Myall Bowen A. Y., Stroud Bowers A. J., Nabiac. 0 Bradley II. W. B., Sherwood, Moorland ii Brassington Ponteland, Gloucesier 0 Breckenridge J. W., Burnside, Fail. ford Brims D., Khaturnba, Knorit Flat Brimstone W., Taree ^ : $ :0 0 0 ^ ANTHONY HORDERNS'SPOT CASH MERCHANTS. Pot PASTORAL. Por Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town.. C. S. A. Brisbane., Knorrit Flat Dunlop Robert, Kendall 0 Broomfield G. & A. C., Dingo Creek Dykes J. W., Coopernook Brown Edward, Kurrajong, Wingham Easton George, Brown's Creek 0 Brown James, Bolin 0 0 Easton J. P., Gloucester 0 Butler B. B., Gati gat, E. Maitland 00 0 Easton It. M., Bundook Bulley George, Hannan' Vale 0 Easton Robert, Gloucester 0 0 Burley John, Bulliac, Gloucester 0 Easton NV., Dyer's Crossing 00 Burley William, Bowman River 0 Easton NV. P., Dry Creek, Krambach 0 0 Butler frs. W., Oaks, Bulladelah Edwards Mrs. F. E., Gloucester Byron M. S., Bindera, Barrington P0 0 Estell joseph, Wingliam 0 Calvin A. N Comboyne Evans Win Kendall 0 Cameron C., Woodside (0 Everett John, Myrtle Vale, Bar. Cameron Donald, Wang Wauk ringt on Cameron J. H., t. George '?,veringhain S. E., oorland Campbell A. G., Lower yall 0 Fnatriey FE bwetalsi i,ipibunirnes". Creek. Campbell A., Clatencetown 0 Washrool Campbell Jas., Suntmer Hill, Dingo. H., 0 Creek Farley George, Bugg's Creek, Glou- Campbell Hector, Waslipool Strand caster 00f) Campbell R., Mt. George 0 0 F0g James, Coolongolook 0 Carey E., Tinonee Ferries C. It. and J. P. Knorret Flat Carey G. R., Bunyali, Krambach IS 0 Fitzgerald R. L., Black Camp, CareyJohn, Tinonee 0 ' Dungoir Carey Robert, Killabakh, Niingliam 0 Flannery..t: W., Booral Carle Phillip, Dawson's River, Cundle- Flannery W., Heatherdean, Booral 0 00 town 0 0 Flemming H. S., \\Ingham., 0 Carlton Thomas, Dungog 00 Flemming John, Whighain 00 Carruthers & McInnes, Lorne 0 Flett F. NV., Tama Est Ate : Carter G., Nabiac. 0 Flott Taree Estate, Tare Carter H. C Quirindi 0 Flott. NV., Taree l it) 0 00 Channe.,T., Waukivory, Gloucester Fotheringitain A J., Taree Chapman J. S., Kendall 0 Fotheringliam W. J., Oxley Island Chisholm K., Barrington French H., senr., Coolongolook 0 Christensen C., Catta I, Coopernook French M., Coolongolook Clerke G. T., Tinonee, Taree. 0 Gallagher John J. Kramback 0 00 Cochrane Elizabeth, Wentworth Ks- Gallagher L. P %, Krambach 0 tate, Wingliam 0 Galla glier.thms., Kr/unlatch Cochrane John T., Marlee Gen R., Stratford Cook Mrs. E. A., Hilton Lee, Germon I. & NV., Gloucester 00 Telegherry OD Gannon Thomas, Avon, Dungog 0 Cooper G. 0., Norwood, Woodside Gibson John J., Ashlea, Wingliam 0 Cooper NV. L. S., Ida Lakes Gibson W., East Bank, Dingo Creek ^ Cooper NV S. Wyoming Gill W. and A., Jones' Island. Cornish. E., Barrington Gill William, Jones' Island. Corrigan Wm., Lower Wallamba G I llogly F., Trafford _ Cowan James, Orange Grove, Oxley Gillogly, Rock Hill, Nabiac. - Island Gillogly J.., Meilen 0-00 Cowan Jas., Fire Fly Creek, Kram- (Beeson Wm., Taliford - bach Godwin L. J., Yarric, Ihingwahl - Cox Chas. Crawford Rlver Gooslyer C., 0 undaine, Boom! - 0. Cox Ernest. ' Marlee, Wingitam 00 Gore Bros., Kimberki. - Cox M. L. Wherrol Flat Gorton C., Wash pool - Cox W. S., Oxley Island, Cundle- Gorton George, Glonholm, Telegherry - 0 Gorton j. A., Stroud - Co xriki T. B., Kimb 0 0 Gorton I. L, Telegherry - 0 Creagh P.M., Bowman River 0 Gorton It. J., Briton Court, Stroud - Crittenden G. U., Lansdowne $0 Gorton S., Teleglterry 0-00 Crittenden J. U., Lansdowne Graham Bros., Can Gat, Wingltam - 'Crittenden T., Central Lansdowne., Grant James, Barrington. - Croker NV. IL, Hill End, Nabiac 0 Graves John, Stroud 0-00 Croll A., Bungwald 0 Green B., Lansdowne 00 Cross G., Dingo Ck Woodside Rd.. Green Mrs. 0., Stroud 0 -. Cross G.., Cross Villa, Lansdowne Green Samuel, Marlee Creek 0 - CMOS Win., Wherrol Flat 0 Gregory A. H., Coomba, Forster - 0 Cross W. C., The Springs, Marlee 0 Gresham E. A., Avondale, Strathford Crowther H. S., Avondale, Qteirindi 0 Grey Peter, Rose Hill, Girvau 0 - Danger It. It., Quirindl 0 Griffin A. E., Stratford, - Cunnin g E. U. yall 0 Hampton Thomas, Girvan 0 - Daunt Jessie N., Stroud Hampton NV. G., Ward's River - 0 Davies NV. C. NVattle Grove, Marie. Hanney Ames, Kiliabakh - Dearth G. Lrichbooya, Gloucester Hordes E. If., Lansdowne - Deards Sidney, Stratford Harris Geo., St. Clair, Dyer's Siding 0 - Dearnley A. IL, Taree Harris.., Stratford - 0 De Buchel C. Belgrove, John's River 0 Harris W. A., Spring Vale, Gloucester - Dennett H., Gloucester 0 Heagnev II., Cedar Party - 0 Dimond C. M., Stratlicedar. 0 Helm Wm., Ivory Bar, Krambach. 0 - Donki n Bros., Rye Hill, Wingliam 0 0 Henderson W., Burnside, Gloucester - 0 Doyle., Upper Lansdowne Henry William, Moorland 0-0 Drury Bros., Central Lansdowne 0 'Jerkin It., Din go Creek - 0 Drury No Oxley Island, Pampoolah 0 Hicks George, Hillside, Claroval. - Drury IV.., Upper Lansdowne li iggius. It., Carney's, Barrington Dun Elizabeth, Bungwahl 0 Higgins T. L., Gloucester River 0 Dun Thos., Coomba, Forster 00 Hile Peter, East Bungah, Krambach - WOOD COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND CONTRACTORS WE SERVE ALL WITH EQUITY AND ECONOMY

18 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FURNITURE AND FAMILY DRAPERY. ] c For PAS ORAL. Por Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. PORT ST EPHE NS (conti n tie d ) McDonald Hugh, Moorland 0 Hill 0. S., Bungay, Wingliant 0 0 McDonnell John, Cundletown 0 Hinton C., Cedar Grove, Knorrit Flat 0 _McDonnell Chas., Central Lansdowne 0 McDougall L. A., Glen Allan, Harrington 0 McFadyen Angus, Terragong, Nablao 00 Hogg David, Coop rnook, Cooperno.,k 0 McGovern Peter, Stewart's River., 0 Hogan., Trailford 0 climes John, Jones' Island ogan Iii, WPr Waliiuul a.. McIntyre W. P. and A. A., Tel eglierry, Hogg John, John's River Stroud 0 0 Holden W. If Ste vart's h. McIntyre W. C., Teleglierry Holstein A., Fire Fly 0 McKay A. D., Purtlect, 'Farce Holstein George, junr., Two Creeks, McKay Angus, Purfleet, Taro Barrington GO McLaughlin J. st., Lorne 0 Holstein George, senr., Gordon, McLennan Alex., Cundletown Barrington 0 McLeod., Durness, lea Gardens.000 Hooke Ben., Sklbo, Gloucester McLeod W., Tinonee Hooke C. A. and T. M., Cobark, McPherson Alex., Dingo Creek 0 00 Rawden Vale McPherson Duncan, folio Iti:er, Hooke E. Guy, Weeloc, Dungog 0 0 No. Station 0 Hough Jacob, Viney Creek, Tea McPerson S., Burril Creek Gardens 0 McPherson. J. C., o o, Tinonee 00 Hurrell T. D. Comboyne McItaeltrs. F., Barrington 0 Irvine T. A., WombatIna, Dingo Ck. 0 eltae Robert, Gloucester 0 Hood George, Eulong, Knorrit Flat Road George, Jura., Fonaside, Knorrit Flat, Isaac A. E. Langley Vale 0 0 Mackay GI A,. Marlee, Dungog 0 Ivers C. IL, ' Avondale, John's River Malcolm R., Dumaresq Island, Cull- Johnson J. 0., Kama!, 0 0 dietown ( Johnson NV., Jack's Lane, Gloucester 00 Manse. A., Gangat, Gloucester 0 0 Johnbion D. IV., Big Run Creek, Margery IV. II., Johnson's Creek, Therrol Fiat 0 Teleglierry 0 Johnston S. G., Wherrol Flat Martin B. L., Krambach 0 Jones F. J., View, Tinonee Martin Mrs. J. J., "Crittnbach 0 Jones joim E., Bullao, Gloucester Martin James R., Monkeral 0 Keegan IL, Stratford lain W. J., Krambach. Keel Thomas, River View, Bunn- Martin W. N., Monkeral 0 delah. Motthewsou G. H. Gloucester Kerr John A.:Lorne, Kendall 0 Mehnouth Robt., Harleigh, Winghain Kohlboerk. F., Yappo, Wingliam 0 Merchant J., Gloucester 0 Lambert Ann, Stewart's River Middlebrook C., Newholine, Glou- Lambert John A. Jones' Island ( cester 00 Lambert W. J., The Bight, Wingliam iddlebrook O. W. St ratlicedar Landers P., Wilford, Barrington liddleton J. A, Glouce ster : 0 0 Latimore A., Bo, Kimbriki 0 Milligan John J., IVillangeo, Tinonee 00 Laurie A. D. CI., Gartmore, 'Torrington 0 0 Milliken James, Tailfoni Laurie A. K., Mackay's Creek, Bar- Mills Sarah, Booral rington 0 00 Mills William, Coolongolook GO Laurie A. It., Bonnie Doon, Bowdon Minns It., Iarleo 0 00 Vale 0 0 Mitcnell James, Gloucester 0 Lourio Andrew, Barrington 0 Monk J. NV., Burrill Ck., Kimbriki 0 0 Laurie G. D., CaerleonBarrington 0 Monk Wm. Waterloo, Fire Fly 00 Laurie II. (Estate late), ' Kia Ora, Mooney B. D., Chatham, lore() Gloucester 0 Moore George, Killawarra Laurie J. E. and J. R., Colman, Moore Isaac, Glen Ward, Rawden Vale Barrington ' 0 0 Moore James, sent. Killawarra 00 Laurie J. E., Ivergordon, Barrington Moore Robert J., KlIlawarra Laurie J. N., Kerripit, Rawdon Vale 0 00 Moore Thomas, 'Tobin 0 Laurie James It., Cattineal, Bar- Moore W. A., Marie 0 rington 0 0 Moy Thomas, Upper Lansdowne 0 Laurie Mrs. J. M., Maudville, Bar- loy W., Nabiae SO 0 rington Mud ford D., Meadow Bank, Mitchell's Laurie Mrs. M. M., Carlowrie, Bar- Island 0 rington 0 ludford IL 0., Oxley island 0 Laurie W. N., Airlie Mudford Janice, Th yme(). 0 Lorick Geo. E., Taree Mud ford W. J., Mitchell's Island Lewis Elisabeth, Happy.* Valley, Murray Archibald, Bo Bo Creek, Bobin 0 0 Tinonee. - Logan James, Oakvale, Nublac 0 Murray A. L., Kintbriki - Longworth J. t It., Camden Haven 0 00 Murray E. E.,Burrill Creek 0 - Looke Mrs. E. J., Korobaa, Woodsid o 0 Murray H. S. Bunyali, Krambach : - Lowe Bros., Booral House, Booral 00 Murray Isabella, Bunyalt - Lowrey John, Gundayne, Booral 0 Murray Jame-, Bunyall, Krainbach - 0 Lowrey Joseph, Stroud Murray J. A., Glen Gowrie, Bunyall, 0-0 Lynch Stephen, MI Mi, Krambach Murray James S., Burrill Creek - Lyndon A. J. Killabakh 0 Murray T. V., Bunyali, Krambach 00 - Lyon F. H., Walton, Marlee 0 Murray Walter, Dingo Ck., Wingham GO - Lyon Robert NV., Wherrol Flat McAndrew NV., Motto, Jones' Island McBride T., Fair View, Forster 0 MeBroom John, junr., Oaklands, Coopernook 0 McDermid John, Mount Pleasant, Wingliam McDonald Mrs. I., Moorland WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. 0 Murray William, Ferndale, Burrill Creek, Kundibakh Nelson J. J., Thumee Newby C. J'., Lansdowne Newman It., Coomba, Forster Newton A., Pelican, Coopernook Newton Mrs. S.., Big Swamp, Coopernook OS HEAD OFFICE: DEOROE STREET. 'PHONE CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TEAS, TOYS, TOOLS AND TOGGERY. Por PASTORAL. Por 0 Owner, Station and Post Town. Ii- C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Nicholas E. J., Booral Scott IV. C., Tigrali, Hinton ( Nicholls E. C., Briton Court, Stroud Shaw Alex., Ardshiel, Barrington Nixon J. G., Nablac S 0 Shaw N., Barrington Nixon John, Brush Grove, Nabiac 0 0 Shilling C. IV., Iarlee Nixon J. H., Glenthorno 0 Shoesmith T. NV., Jones Island O'Brien P., Wherrol Flat Shoesmith IV. II., Jones Island Ogden E. J., Killabakh, Cedar Party Singleton A. c., Tinouee Slade J., Gloucester Olse CrenePketer, Mitchell's Island 00 Slater James, Stroud Pat! Chas., Brush Point, Krainbach Smart G. II., Dingo Ck Wher:ol Flat ) Pal! C. F., Roseville, Avalon 0 Smith A. II., Central Lansdowne 0 Pair Francis, Belmont, Krambach 0 Smith Bros., Curdle Flat Pal! Henry, Rising Sun, Krambach 0 Smith Ethviti, Munn, Dungog 0 Puff Tlieo., Champion's Flat, Kram- Smith H. H., Smithfield, Kendall 0 00 Smith Jones A., Carrington, Karuah PakffikTelLo., junr., Belmont, Krambach 0 Somerville It.., Glen View, Kendall 0 0 Palmer A. W., Valley Creek, Bobin 0 Spooner W., Nablac 0 Parish Mrs. F., Barrington Startin J. IV., Dyer's Crossing : Parker J. II., i, Krambach Startin Thomas, Essington, Mulgrave 00 Parker It. J., Nabiac 0 00 Stevens George, Bobin Paterson D., Avalon Stitt James, Athelstane, Winghani 0 Paterson Henry, Waterloo, Krambach Stott S., Monkeral 0 Paterson Robert, Fire Fly 0 Summerville Frank, The Cedars, Paterson Thomas, Avalon 00 0 Wingliam 0 Paton Jas., Nowendoek, Knorrit Flat Summerville C., Knorrit Flat 0 00 Payne Mrs. M. A., The Willows, Upper Somerville W. F., Whighant : 0 Lansdowne 0 Taybr Alfred, Killaback Creek Pelloy C. H., Cedar Party 0 Taylor C. A., Roseville, Barrington Penfold George NV., Barrington Taylor James, Giouc.oter R. Penfold Joseph, Manchester, Bar- Taylor Job, Green Oaks, Killabakli rington Pimple Win Banyall, Krambach (( 0 Perram H. C., Mansfield, Barrington Templeton A., Oxley Island, Jones Perrett Alexander, Clare View, Island 0 Jones' Island - Terras L. J.., Dingo Creek Phillips Frederick, Lansdowne 0 - Thomas J. D., The Branch, Booral Platts R. B., Coolongolook - :0 Thomas W.., Tea Gardens 0 Power It., arkwell 0 - ( Thompson Richard, Myrtle Grove, Pile.: S., Pentreath, Stroud - Dingo Crook Itatley James, Claroval - 0 Thurling W. L., Karrack Flat 0 Red path John, Rye Hill, Wingliam - : Theme George and Sons, Monkeral 0 00 Belton NV. A., Monkerai - Titeume James, blonkerai 0 Reeves It., Wollomba, Cocumbar - Toms E., Sawyer's Ck., Wang Wank 0 Reichert W. P., Gloucester : - Townsend.., Kangaroo Street, Reid F. V., Olorivale, Raymond Manly Terrace 0 Teotter E. V.,t. Home, Comboyne Reid F. IV., Reldsdale, Raymond Turner Henry, Allandale, Wingliam 0 0 Terrace 0 Tyrie P., Lansdowne 00 Rolf W. T., Craven's Creek, Bar- Tyrie James, Midlothian, Teleghorry 0 rington Unger G. F., Upper Lansdowne Renwick J. G., Girvan, 0 Unger J. F., Dingo Ck., Wherrol Flat Richards Hy., Cedar Party, Wingham Unicomb NV., Big Swamp, Coopernook Richards Win., Wingliam ( Wade V. D Stroud 0 ( Richardson F. M. Kimbriki ti Walker J. E., Duckenfleld, Wingham 0 Richardson R., Tinonee Walker NV. E., Duckenfleid, Winghani Richardson T. E., Mount Vale, Wallace John, Bobin 0 Central Lansdowne Wallace R., Dingo Creek 0 Ridgway W. C., Morgrani, Gloucester 0 Wallace W.R., Dingo Creek, Wingliam Robinson F., Dingo Creek, Marlee 0 Wallis G. L., (.:nwood, Comboyne 00 Robinson George, Glen Marion, Wallis J. S., Lorne, Kendall Kuorrit Flat 0 Warren T., Lansdowne 0 Robinson George F., Vauldvory, Watson George, Upper Gloucester Gloucester - 0 Wear William, Boolainbayte Rose George, Rosebank, Coopernook - Webber IV. J., Lorne 0 Itos J. and IL, Berrie., Webeck William, Copeland 0 Ross Mrs. E., Barrington - Wells Thomas, Farce 0.) -- Ross J. A., Roseneath, Barrington - Weismantel A., Black Soil, Weis- Ross Mrs. J. R., Berrie Gloucester 0-0 mantels 00 Ross T. L., Borneo, Barrington - 0 Weismantel S., Ward's River 0 0 Roy C. A., Woodvale, Krainbach 0 - Weismantel V., junr., Brown's Creek, Royan P. L., Stewart's River Cl - 0 Krambach 0 Rumble NV., Taragle, Rawdon Vale 0-00 Weismantel Val., Brown's Creek, Russell IL D., Corey, Bungwahl 0 - Krambach Russell James, Allworth 0 - Wellard L., Gloucester Sawyer W. G. Coeumbark - 0 Weller H., River View, Nabiac 0 0 Saxby H. G., Rocky ' Glen, Rawdon Weller S. J., Glenwood, _Dyer's Vale - Crossing Sr, 0 Saxby Thos. II., Kundibakii 0 - Wenham D., Clareval OS 0 Scarr A. B., Stratford - Wenhani Wm., Mimosa, Clare,val Sclunierer G., Retreat, Gloucester - 0 West Bros., Morgrani, Gloucester gehmitzer Fred., Oxley Island - West John, Oak Avon, Gloucester 0 Schneider C., Mount View, Krambach - 0 Westley John, Gloucester It. 0 Schneider Francis, Firefly Creek - 0 NVIlatson A., junr., Thirlmere, Schneider George, Firefly Creek - Coopernook 0 THE LARGEST FIRM OF UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE

19 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELLERY. c Que PASTORAL. Que Que PASTORAL. Sin c Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. PORT STEPHENS(continued) White Bros., Terrell, Scone White George, Tea Gardens, Girvan White Thomas, (i Whitton A., John's River Williams W. J., Edmond Park, Stratford. 00 -s Maud A.,Tinonee. 0 Wilson II., Bindera, Gloucester Wilson J. L. Raglan, Dungog 0 Wilson R., dffiplacurripa, No. P.O. JO 00 Wood R. T., Craven Flat Wooster E. B., Nabiac 0 Wright Edwin, Fairview, Avalon Wright S. G., Silver Fern, Avalon ', nter W. & G. E., Tinonee Yarnold J. H., Killabakh 0 Young Robert, Wingham Zeninger G. A., liarbrook, Ten Gardens QUEANBEYAN. Q UEANBE VAN PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD Chairman : J. M. McIntosh, Qualm Wynn. Secretary : J. H. Ilincksman, Esq. Stock Inspector : A. H. NEVELL. Armstrong E. and J. C., Rose Hill, Gininderra Ashcroft IV. Ii., Iloskington Badgery J. A., Burnt, Queanboyan Baldwin Samuel, Rose Valley, Captain's Flat Bates Chas., Williamsdale 0 Beatty Henry, Urila, Burrs.' 0 Beatty James, Globe, Googongs 0 Beatty W., Red Hill, Queanbeyan 0 Binley Samuel, Roseview, Amungula Bingiey Thos., Woodfield, Amtingula Blewitt J. NV., Tallagandra, Gundaroo Blewitt T. II., Limestone, Burrs 0 Blttett W. P., Bundabella 0 Blundell Richard, sear., Bleak Hut, Queanbeyan Bolton Joseph, Rockwood, Hall Borellam G. A., Bungendore Brennan E., Tuggranong Brodeak P. R., Merino Vale, Bungendore Brown C., Cotter Junction Brown Jas., Bulga Creek, Queanbeyan Brown Job, Hohnwood, Hall Brown W..T., lfajuba Hill, Captain's Flat. Buckmaster C., Roseville, Ledgerton Cameron Anne, Wetar, Weetangara Cameron Isabella, linjura Cmpbell Fred., Red Hill, Tumnut Campbell J.., Caombil, ilillston Canning Thomas, Captain's Flat Carney Donis, Duck Flat, Tarago Carroll P., lillton, Gundaroo Cartwright J. R., Sutton Cartwright Jas., Donnelly's Creek, Sutton Cartwright NV. A., Woodbury, Sutton Cavanagh Thomas, Bungendore Chinnery John, Glonrock, Bungendore Collett Jatm s, T., (Mean beyan Colverwell M. S., Burbong, Qumbeyan Comm Ins John. Mionelago Cooper F. l'., Tarago Cooper Jas., Rose Cottage, Sutton Rd. Cotter Garrett, Michelago Cotter James, Nail Forest, llichelago S Crace E. G., Gungathleen, Gininderra Crawford Daniel, Boboyan Crawford George, Bobeyan 0 Cunningham B., Bungendore Cunningham James, Lanyon 00 ( A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Dainer T. G., Tarago. Daniel T., Bungendore 0 Darmody James, The Pines, Mullin% 0 00 Davis Mary, Captain's Flat Davis Thomas, Captain's Flat 00 De Sails George Fano, liichelago 0 Donnelly A. S., Douglas, Bungendore 0 Dottoghoe Lawrence, Captain's Flat 0 Do yle Ellen, ungendore 0 0 Duiltunty J. J., Quennbeyan Dunn James, Sutton 0 0 Dunn John, Folly's Hollow, Tharwa 0 0 Dyco L. R., Tillygrig, Gundaroo 00 Edmonds Mrs. J., Bungendore 0 0 Edtnonds W., Inglodow, Bungentlore 00 Falconer F. S., Franilda, Bungendore 0 Farrar Nina, Lambrigg, Tharwa. 0 0 Fitzgibbons John IL, Queanbeyan Flint Sidney J., Rock Valley, Tharwa 0 Fox David, Yarralumla 0 0 : Franklin J. M. E., Brindabella Fianklin Thos., Brimlabella Gabbett Annie, Brian wood, Jeir : : : ( 0 00 Gallagher Jas., Bywong Creek, Bungondore Gallagher Jas. C., Ilitrbong 0 Gallagher John, sour., Burbong 0 Gallagher John, Jour., Burbong 00 Gallagher Patk., Tuggritnong Gallagher S. F., Mayfield, Burbong Gallagher Thos., Burbong 0 Gallagher W. D., Ida Vale, JtIngendore Gibbs A. J., Williamsdale Gibbs E. T., Mount Campbell, Quean boyan ' 0 Gibson NN'. A., Captain's Flat 0 00 Ginn Gertrude, Canberra _ Ginn H. T., Cant erra Park, Ainslie 0 Gordon J. and F., Bungendore 0 0 Gordon NV. D., Ilungendore 0 0 Graham M., Mount Fairy, Tarago Grainger Geo. NV., Werriwa, Collector 0 0 Gregory John, Naas, Tharwa 0 0 Green George, Rock Valley, Tharwa 0 00 Griffith David, lloskintawn ; Gruber Christian, Gundaroo Hardy Chas., Mill House, Queanbeyan 00 Hardy Wm., Spring Valley, Uriarra Hannan William, lfajura 0 0 Harrison James, Beetmanor, llnnar Harrison 0. W., Captain's Flat 00 Hatch E. T., Milltost, Bungendore 0 Hatch William hull. 0 Ilibberson S. \., Glenwood, Hall 0 II ibberson Joseph, Coller Junct ion _ 00 Hopkins E. If., lloskinstown 0 Hyles F. W., Bungendore 00 0 Hyles J. It. E., Bungendore Hyles W. G., Bungendore 0 Johnson W., Woodbine, Bungeudore 00 Recife Joseph, Willininsdale. : Keir George, Bywong, Gundaroo Keir Jas. S., Glengarri, Gundaroo 0 0 Kelleher T., Rocky Crossing, Naas Kelly A. Win. and J., Spring Valley, : 0 Michelago. 0 0 Kelly John, Brookley, 'llichelago Kelly Tolut, Mt. Cassidy, lilcheingo Kelly Pat., The Willows, liieliel tgo Kelly Thomas J., Michelago 00 Korshaw J., Oakdale, Gundoroo ( Kilby J. K., The Falls, Hall 0 0 Lawler J. F., Pair Wkw, Michelago ( 0 00 Lawlor Jas., Rock Forest, Iichelago Lees G. A., Gundaroo 0 0 Lees J. A., 000 Gundaroo 0 Lees Jacob, Springdale, Gundaroo Lees Joseph, Everton, thindaroo 0000 Lee M. NV., Gudgenby llecawitty Sarah, Queanbeyan -- : McDonald A. J., Hill Station, Quean- beyan 0 McDonald Archibald, Royalla 0 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL SPORTING REQUISITES. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. McDonald Wm. C., Unarm a Sibley William, Gundaroo ' G McFarlane Jas., Captain's Flat _ 0 Smith F. E. and F. L., Deep Creek, McFarlane John F., Iolonglo. Williamsdale. licinnes Andrew, Kowen, Queanbeyan 000 : Smith C., Waterholes, Williamsdale 0 McInnes G. A., Antangula _ 0 Smith Ellis, Woodgrove, Hall McIntosh Walter, Majura 0 Smith Patrick, Tharwa 0 McKeachnie C. IL, Cupparimbalong 00 Southwell A: Rule, Woodburn, Hall hickeachnie C. H., Booroomba Southwell Jas., Heywood, Hall 0 McKeachnie Sarah A., Majura ( Southwell John, Carrington, Hall )) McKenzie D. A., Willianistiale 0 Southwell L. E., Cow Hollow, Hall 0 McLoughlin John, Woodside, Unarra 0 Southwell Richard, Brooklands, Hall 0 McMahon Andrew, Naas, Tharwa 0 0 Southwi S. J., The Springs, Hall 00 MeNamaya William, Walker's Flat, Southwell Thos., Wattle Vale, Hall Michelago Southwell William, Weetangara 0 IoTernan J. T. and W., Miming 0 0 Spooner Thomas, Captain's Flat licternan William, Ai ichelago Staunton John, t. Domain, Tharwa Maloney It. and It., Ainslie Strudwicke A. J., Captain's Flat 0 Maloney Michael, Congwarra, Tharwa Studdy A. J., Gerogery, Queanbeyan Muslin J. C., Carwoola, onglo. Sullivan David, Tuggranong : 0 0 lfaslin Jas. F., Canvoola, olongio 00 0 Swan Bros., Q 'lean Wynn ( 00 Massey Gerald, Gundaroo 00 Tiernan P., Freshford, Tharwa Miller Selwyn, Canberra 00 Tong Thos., Galway Creek, Tharwa Niillyn D Bywong, Bungendore 0 0 Tully D. T., The Springs, Captain's Flat Millyn Peter W., Bywong, via Bun- Wade A. P., Yarralumla, Box Yass gendore. 0 Walker C. F., Ledgerton 0 Moore T. C. &if.., Cotter Junction 0 0 Walker J. E., Fair Bank, Ledgerton Moore.Tas., Lagoon, Burrs 0 0 Wahnsley G. P., Gundaroo Moore Patrick, Jerrabomberra, Quean- Wahnsley It. A., Gundaroo beyan Walsh Catherine, Iloskinstown Moore Richard, Campbell St., Quean- 0 Walsh E. J IToskintoar) _ boyan 00 :0 0 Webb Geo. J., Fairlight, Uriarra _ Moore Richard, Jour Barra 0 ( : : Wells W. J., Well Vale, Queanboyan Morrison E., Royalla, Williamsdale Whitehead Flora, Wickerslack, Quean- Morrison Jas. P., Mt. Campbell, Royal's Morrison John, Tralee, Quoanbeyan Morrison M. P., Bulga Creek Murphy H.., Bun gendore Nash Michael, Pine Valley, Bungendore beyan 0 Whittaker S. II, Bynong, Sutton. Winter A., Buckingham, Bungendore 0 0 Wright L. G., Bywong, Gundaroo 0 00 SINGLETON. O'Keefe Margaret, Merrigan's Creek, 0 0 OldIrladg os. Naas. Creek. T harwa : 00 SINGLETON PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Oldileld W. W., Fairfield, Naas 00 Chairman: William 0. Roberts, Esq., Jerry's Plains. Osborne Henry, Currendooley, Bun- Secretary : J. C. MeLaughlan, Esq. gendore Osborne Jas. B:, owylie, Gundaroo Stock Inspector : G. It. FREEMAN, Singleton. - Osborne P., Willaroo, Tarago Alcorn E. S Jerry's Plains Osborne It. T., Foxiove, Bungendore Alcorn R. NV., Singleton 0 0 O'Sullivan Thomas, Captain's Flat 0 Alexander C. B., Bulga. 0 Paynter Wm., Juan, Burma, Ur% 00 Alexander D., Bulga 0 Peden Archd., Bumbalong, Collnton 000 Alexander Jane M., Bulga. 0 Peden Charles A., Well Station, Alexander Robert, Bulga 0 00 Alnallo Alexander NV., Bulga Powell F. A. Bungendore Alford A. W. rt F., Singleton 0 000, Powell Gussle, iltingendore 0 Allen Bros., Ravensworth ) Powell Nat (Exors. of), Turalla, Allen Reginald C., Bulga Bungondore. Anderson F. J. & J. Goorangoola 0 Ranger Jas. J., Lake George, Collector 0 00 Andrews Abel, Bridgman 0 Read George, Naas, Tharwa 0 Andrews Abraham, Bridgman 0 0 Read Hugh, Oak Hill, Sutton 0 Andrews G. A., lit. Olive 0 Read joseph, Wattle Grove, Sutton 0 Andrews Victor I., Mount Olive (0 Reardon E. Lumley, Sutton :0 Andrews NV. IL,. Olive Reid A.., Kentucky, Brindabolla 0 Andrews William, Glendon Brook Reid George, Prosper, Tallagandra 0 Archinnll S., Dawson s 0 Reid H. 0. A., Queanbeyan 0 0 Arthur. F., Glendonbrook. Reid Hugh, Tallagandra 0 0 Asimus Ada, Dawson's Hill Reid Jos., Spring Flat, Tallagandra 0 Asimus Albert, Glennie's Creek Reid Richard, Spring Flat, Gundaroo 0 Asimus C., Dawson's Hill 0 Roach John, Norongo, Captain's Flat :00 Asimus F Goorangoola 0 0 Roach John, sour., Captain's Flat Ayres Geo., Jerry's Plains 0 Robertson D. H. Queanboyan Ayton J. W., St. Clair Rochford Alex., Forest View, Jeir 00 Badior V., Scott's Flat 0 Rogerson G., Gleuoak, Gundaroo 0 Bailey A. and Son, Singleton. 0 Rolfe jas., edullicks, Hall 0 0 Bailey H. M., Glennie's Creek Rule Alfred, Allwomi. Hall 0 0 Bailey Sarah, Greenlands.. Rule William, Abington, Hall Baker Robert. Glennie's Creek 0 le Rutledge H. F., Clidleigh, Bungen- Ball C. E., Bowman's Creek. P 0 dote Ball J. A., Bowman's Creek L0 Ruwald 0 J., Murrumbateman 0 Balls Jas, E., Bridgeman Ryan Win., Sunnyside, Majura Beatty John, Gresford 0 Ryan Wm., Horse Park, Gininderra Beck James, Glennie's Creek. 0 Schofield J. W., Emtt Flat, Buugen- Becker John, Glendon Brook 0 0 dore Best S. G., Ilavensworth 0 [ WOOD, COFFILL it COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M IMPORTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF UNDERTAKERS SUPPLIES, PORCELAIN WREATHS, CROSSES, AC.

20 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR MOTORISTS WANTS AND MOTOR GOODS. c Sin PASTORAL. Sin Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. SINGLETON(contInued) Bionic C., Boo, Sydney Binnie Richard, George St., Sydney _ Blaoland A. D., Murinbin, Singleton Bourke Patk., Elderslie, Branxton Bower Bertram. Boehm. 0 Bower Ernest, Daweon's Bower F., Goorangoola Bower Peter, Rockmount, Goorangoola 0 Bowman A. It. and F., Archerfield, Singleton Boyce F. J., Mount Olive : 0 Boyce john, Glendonbrook Brady A. G., Gouldsville Brooker F. G., Gresford ( Brooker John, Merannie Brost John, Cherry Tree Farm, Goorangoola Brown David Terry's.' Plains Brown John, Wittingliam Brunner J. S., Mitchell's Flat urgmann George, Glendonbrook Bun:mann John, Glendon Brook Butler Richard, Broke Camden Park Estate, Ltd., St. Clair, Singleton. Campbell and Jones,. 0 Cann David, Junr., Singleton ' Capp Bros., Glendon Brook Capp Bros., St. Clair _ 0 Capp Bros., Westbrook 0 Carroll Jas., Rock Farm, Broke Chapman George, Howe's Valley Chapman George, Kithira Chapman Mrs. H. M., Howe's Valley Chapman Harold D., Howe's Valley 0 Chapman Norman, Howe's Valley Chapman It. G., Howe's Valley. Chileott Mrs. A. C., Chestnut, Singleton Christian W. East 'Maitland Clark A., ulga Clark W. E., Bulge Clarke J. A., Westbrook Clarke L.., Broke Clarke W. P Broke 0 Clond inning It., Muscle Creek, Muswelibrook Clift E. A., Oaklands, Lochhavar 0 Clydsdale J. M., Rouchell 0 Cody George, Payne's Crossing Colley SE,, Ravensworth Collard A. Newton, Lower ' Belford Collard William; LowerBelford ( Collins A., Lueernedale, Broke Cope Ann %, Glendon Brook. Corner F. A., West Maitland Corrigan Mrs. S. Gouldsville Cowley W. W., Glendonbrook 0 Crow W. C., Scott's Flat Cunneen R. D., Singleton 0 Danger rs. M. P., Whittingliam 0 0 Danger It. II., Neotsfield, Whittingham Dawes E. L., Fairview, Singleton Decent S. H., Singleton Dickinson Edward. Warkwortli Dlekenson W.., Bulga Dight Frank J. It., Singleton Dight Isabella, Armidale Dimmock James L., Glendonbrook ' 0 Dimmock W. H. H., Giondonbrook Dodds J. S., Bulga, Doyle C. W., Gouldsville Drake A. J., St. Clair Dries Mrs. A. D., Ilebden Dries Andrew, Ilcbden Dries Andrew W., Ravensworth 0 Dries John, Ravensworth Drinan F.& J., Glendon brook Rather A. N., Bulga 0 S. A. 0 0 : ( Owner, Station and Post Town. II. Esther Arthur A., Bulge Edwards W. H., Glennie's Creek Fairhall Ben., Belford Fairhall John, Scott's Flat Falkiner John Singleton Faulkner David, ClIfdale Fawcett T. A., Singleton Fenwick Bros., Miller's Forest Fitzgerald W..T., GouldsvIlle Fitzroy B., alendonbrook Frazer H., Jerry's Plains Fraser James, Putty Fraser Wifl., I filly 0 Frith Isaac, Warkwerth, ' Singleton Gardiner G. M. Carrow Brook Gardner G. W.:Mayfield, Camberwell Gardiner H. J. Singleton $ Gardiner Jonatlian, Gates J. M., Singleton Gown Bros., Ravenswortli Geary Mrs E. L., Singleton Gellin g B. II., Itavensworth George Henry. Bowman's Creek Gibbs G. IL, Putty, Glass Leslie, GouldsvIle 0 Graham Bros., Woodville Graham J. J., Spottiswood, Sedgefold Graham It. J. G., Sedgefield : Grainger Arthur, St. Clair, Singleton Greenhalgli J. Warkworth Gnffen Hannah, wer Lo Belford Gurr William, Branxton _ Haling Bros., Dunolly Hamilton Mrs. A., Glendonbrook Hamilton David, Bridgman Road Hancock J. J., Gresford. Moment A. II., Harrowby, liroke Harris B. G., Howe's Valle y Harris Mrs. M., Big Ridge, Singleton Harris IV.. (Boors. late), Howe's Valley Hassan Thos. Birdsgrove, Antlene Basset t M., Olondonbrook ' Hawkins II. J., Singleton Hawkins W. 0. Singleton Hayes John, Itock ' Viow, Bulge _ 0 Ilegerty J. F. Rockdale 0 Hennessy It., bomberoy Road, Howe's Valley Houston Robert, Gouldaville Hewitt Geo. IL Sunnyslde, Broke llicksmi NV. b. :Sin gleton Hobdon James B., Jerry's Plains Hobden T. E., Jerry's Plains Holmes T., Branton Holmwood Geo., Merannie, Singleton Holtz Johanna C. Mitchell's Flat Holtz P. Mitchelf's Flat Hope W. J., Bowman's Creek Houlahan Jas., Howe's Valley Houlahan S. T., Clearhills, Howe's Valley.. Houlalian Ilowe's Valle y Jackson IL, Howe's Valley Jackson Thomas, Greenfielfis Jarrett George, Carrow Brook Jones E. L., liambleton Jones Robert, Glendonbrook Jordan Michael, Giondonbrook Kantor H. J., Malson Dleu, Singleton Kermodo Thos., Greenlands Keys I. B., Denble, Singleton : Kline George, Rothbury Knight C. J., Glennie's Creek Knodler 0., Matson Dieu, Singleton Knodier Henry, Eyrie Bower, Singleton Knodler J. F., Sedgefleld Lmbert C., Matson Dieu Lambert., Liddell Lambkin Joseph, Singleton 0 Lane John, Belford Langdon J. C., Gouldsville C S. A _ ( 00 0 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. Sin PASTORAL. Sin Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. Langsford W. H., Dunolly Lawler W. & T., Ravens% orth Lawrence A. I., Inglewood, Merannle 0 Lawrence George, Merannle Lawrence Henry, Merannie _ 0 Lawrence Sarah, Dunolly Leonard A., Morpoth Leslie A., Broke Leslie George, Broke _ Lindeman A. H. Af E. B.. Lindsay Eileen, Moss Vale Leder E. G. A. Oakley 0 ( Loder Eric A., Whittingham Loder Hilda, Singleton ) Loder W..,Wylle's Flat, Singleton 0 Longworth NV., Dulwich Imwe A. E., Jerry's Plains 0 McAlpine Amelia T., Bulga McAlpin. 0., Bulga McDonald W. F., Wambo,Warkworth 0 McEwan J., Singleton McGregor Bros., Broke 0 kiefirogan Janies, Singleton McLean Alex., Singleton McMahon E. H., Chain of Ponds, Liddell 0 00 McMenamin James, Mt. Pleasant. Warkworth McNamara Wm., Rock Farm, Broke 0 MoTaggart P. A., Howe's Valley McTaggart W. E., Howe's Valley MeTaggart IV. E., Bulge Marshall Charles, sour., Singleton Marshall Samuel, Singleton Marshall William, Goorangoola -- Marshall W., junr., Goorangoola Martin T. and H., Glendonbrook Martin Henry, Glendonbrook Martin W., Martin 'ale, Westbrook Matheson, Headley Loder, Bulga Medlitirst J. A., Putty 0 Meissner O. II., Cotinda. Merrick J. It., Howe's Valley Merrick W. H. Putty Meyn.T. NV., Mitchell's Miller John, Glendon Brook 0 Moore E:., Glen Avon,' West. brook. ; Moore Albert, Glen Brook Moore Alexander, Broke Moore E. It., Bayswater, Ravensworth 0 Moore Edward, Glendonbrook Moore George, Vero Moore Wm., Glendon Brook Moore NVm. T., Kelso, Singleton Morrisey John, Whittinghom. 0 Moss J., Bloomfield, Bridgeman Pk. Moss It., Warkworth oxitam W. D., Church St., Parramatta. 0 Nicholls J. Comiarol, Sin gleton' Noble Charles F., Glennie's Creek 0 Noble Audley, Ginnie's Creek Noble Jas., Cross Creek, Glennie's Creek.. 0 Newland A.,. lios edale, Camberwell 0 Newland Patrick, Bridegman O'Bryan Mrs. A., Bell Isle, Glennie's Creek. O'Bryan James A., Brid geman 0 O'Bryan T. E., Mount Olive O'Connell James, Rothbury SO (Island Rudd, Bulford, Iiranxton 0 Pankhurst A. S., Mitchell's Flat Pankliurst F. J., Ellerslie, Singleton 0 Peck Ann, Glendonbrook Peters J., Glendonbrook Picton Chas., Yellow Rock, Broke,0 Plaithett Pastoral Co. Ltd., Jerry's Plains _ 00 Playford Singleton Price R. J., Kingwood, Singleton A $ ' I Owner, Station and Post Town. Prior Samuel, Singleton Ramsey NV. E., Warkworth, Singleton Redman William, Jerry's 'I Reynolds C. F., Bridgeman Road Reynolds W. J., Pike's Gully, Liddell Richards David, Bridgman Road Richards IV. A., Dawson's Itieliards Win., Dawson's Ritter Thos., Upper Fallbrook Roberts A. G., Glendon Brcok Roberts Arthur, Glendon Brook Roberts Geo., Jerry's Plains Roberts J. A., Jerry's Plains Roberts NV. G., Jerry's Plains Rogers D., Fordwieli Battler Peter, Goorangoola Schmierer IV. (Boors), DaWson's Schmierer Fred., Dawson's Schmierer NV., Dawson's Shearer D. P., Scott's Flat Shearer R.IV., Matson Dieu, Singleton Shearer NV. H., Jerry's Plains Shepherd James E., Clydesdale Sheppard John, Jerry's Plains Simpson E. H., Singleton Skinner Alex, L., Glendonbrook Skinner John H Belga Slattery Petit., Stanhope, Branxton Smith Geo. and 0. NV., Rosemount, Carrow Brook Smith Alfred, Sedgefield Smith E. J., Sod gefleld Soloman Herbert, Bolas Spinks Bros., Westbrook Spinks Robert, Singleton Stacey A. J., Scott's Flat Stacy A. L., Mundawoi, Singleton Stacy Percy, Scott's Flat Stapleton T., Glendon Brook Sternbeek A Broke Stern beck ount Hope, Singleton Stenibeck NV. NI., Laguna Sullivan I)., Bridgman Ittl. Sullivan I. Ravensworth, Singleton Sutton A. T., Singleton Sutton Jo), Redbank, Glennie's Cit. Sylvester Wm., Womb, Putty Tacon P., Mitchell's Flat Taylor A. It., Bran xton Taylor J. NV., ()Mimic's Creek Thomas A. E. & E., Branxton Thomas Alox, Bridgeman's Rd. Thomas Alfred, Glendon Brook Thomas Geo., Bianxton Thorley T. & NV., Broke Road Troy William, Ifebden Tudor IV. C., NVarkworth Tulloch Jas. A.,Woodville, Branoton Turner T. J. F., Glennie's Creek Vickers Bros., Lower Belford Vile 'Tames, GINuidding Vile W. G., Branoton Waddell MIL, Ben Venue, Singleton Waddell NV. IV. M., Singleton Wake T., Singleton, Wallace It. D., Antiene Ward It., Carrow Brook Welsh John, Glennie's Creek White Bros., Edinglassie, Bitumenbrook White Margaret, Singleton Wilkes It. J., Glennie's Creek Wilkinson F. T., Carrow Brook Wilkinson George, Carrow Brook Williams J. & Sons, Billga Williams J. I., Mt. Olive Wood A. H., Glendonbrook Woods William, Glendon Brook Wright Harry, Heatherlea, Singleton Zerk J.. C., Muswelibrook Zerk fly., Muswellbrook Ziems Charles, Clifton, Singleton WOOD, COFFILL A, COMPANY LID. HEAD OFFICE: OEDROE STREET. 'PHONE CITY PORCELAIN WREATHS AND CROSSES. WE IMPORT AND HGLD THE FINEST ASSORTMENT IN AUSTRAUA H. C ' 0 (0 0 $ 0 S. A ( 0 $

21 ANTHONY. HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, Telephone Stock and Property Salesmen Sox TAM WORTH. Auction Sales of Fat and Store Stook conducted at Tamworth Municipal Yards every Thursday HORSE SALES HELD QUARTERLY. Stook and Property Lists on application. Correspondence Invited Owner, Station and Post Town.. C. S. A. TAMWORTti. Barwlek A. G., Loomerah, Tamworth 0 :0 0 TAM WORTH PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Barwick A. IL., Willow Tree 0 0 Chairman : P. T. Payne, Esq., Wambramurra, Sandhi. Barwiek C. E., Willow Tree Secretary : W. Upjohn, Esq., Tamwort h. Barwick C. L., Willow Tree b Stock Inspector : W. ). DOWE, Tainworth. Barwick E. A., Willow Tree 0 0 Barwiek H. J., Warrah Creek, Willow Tree Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Barwick I. J., Willow Tree 0 Abberlield Geo., Rock View, Ran- Barwick J. W ('arella, Manilla 0 gad 00 Barwick T., Willow Tree 0 Abberileld Joseph, Wongan Creek, Bell A. A., Horsley, Manilla : Manilla 0 0 Bell George, Keepit, Manilla lti Abbott It. P., Dimberry, Curiewis Bell George, Warrah ( Aiwa Chas., Spring Creek, Attunga Bell J. W., Fairlea, Manilla 00 Aisbett Thomas, 'rumba Springs 0 Bell William, River View, Manilla 0 Albertson A. N., Upper Dungowan 0 0 Benham F. J., Willow Tree 0 Albertson F. T., Upper Dungowan Bennett I). H., Curkwis 00 Albertson John, Ogunbil, Dungowan 0 0 Berry Allen, Crow Mount, Upper Albertson W., sear., Dungowan Ii Alder-ton Chas. W. Winton Rd. 0 Berry Chas., Tawonga, Manilla Allen George, Manilla 00 Berry George, Tawonga, Manilla 0 0 Allison.T. M., Coomoo Cotonou, Berry J. G., Watson's Ck., Bendemeer 0 0 Quirindi Berry S., Warrabah, Upper Manilla Allnut R II. V., Tregantle, Quirindi NO 0 Best Wm. J., Frankfort, via thin- Allsop E. Rookwood Farm, Quirindi 0 Iled/d 0 0 Amos A. (Est.), O'Connell St., Bettison S.., Somerton 0 0 Sydney 0 Bielefeld C., Burl 0 0 Anderson J. J., The Range, Wool. Bielefeld C. M., Burl 00 brook : Bielefeld George, Rockdale, Duri Arndell A. S., Hilberne, Blandford. Bielefeld Henry, Curtain hula Arnold W., Spring Ridge, Quirindi. 0 Bielefeld J. F., Tamworth 0 0 Ashford Sarah, Sunnyside, Gun- Bielefeld W., Duri 0 00 nedah Never NV., Quipolly 0 Aust. Agrie. Co., Warrali, Willow Bignell Hy., Arlington, Manilla Tree 0 : Blank Chas., Spring Ridge,Quirindi Avant T. W., Willow Tree 0( Minnie Geo., Spring Ridge, Quirindi 0 00 Avert' W. C., Midgill, Curlewis 0 0 Black A. II., Mitchengowrie, Bog- Bacon Thos. Attunga Springs gabri Bailey Josiah, herrangle, Mulialey Black A. A., Allandale, Werris Ck. : Bailey L. J., Gunnedali MO 0 Black R., Jeralong, Boggabri 0 Baker A. J., Gunnedah 000 Blacker Daily, Varrantan Vale, Baker G. S., Tamworth 0 0 Quirindi 00 Baker R. G., Basin Creek, A rdglen Blacker J. P., Yarramau Baker Sarah, Gunnedah Blair Mary, Blair Athol, Bendemeer d 0 Baldwin Athol, Bruin'', Manilla Blair '. T., Blair Athol, Bendemeer Baldwin A., Wirindi, 000 Blair Violet, Watson's Creek, Ben- Baldwin Chas., Durham Court, demeer 0 Manilla Blanch Ambrose, Cariourie, Manilla 0 Baldwin Wynn, lamon Manilla 0 00 Blanch Annie, Manila 0 0 Balkh' Patk., Mt. Ripple, Attunga. 0 0 Blanch S., Oakey Valley, Manilla 0 0 Balkin T., Attunga 00 Blanch Wm., Orange Grove, Manilla Ballatitine John, Pine View, Moonbi 0 Blaxland J. P. M., Limbri Bamford R. T., Duel : 0 Blevin Benjamin, Westdain 00 Barnes D. S., Corella, Manilla $ 0 Boland George J., Merrimee, Manilla 0 0 Barnes E. A., Napier St., Tamworth 0 Boland T. E., New Mexico, Manilla Barnes Mrs. E. A., Tamworth Boman W., Rush's Ck., Manilla :0 0 Barnes J., Hotel Arcadia, Sydn y 00 Barham H. V., Felton, Woolomin Barnett. R., Quirindi 0 BorthIstie 0., Avondale, Gunnedali Bartlett Thos. B., Curlewis Bonnie E., Wallah:clan : Bartley D., Gunnedah 0 0 Bowden S. J., Temple Court, llreerat 0 ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. c Tam PASTORAL. Tam Tam PASTORAL. Tam c BROUGHTON & BLOMFIELD F. R. BROUGHTON] H. IIILOMFIELD Auctioneers, CAR YIN & COUSENS Ltd. Auctioneers, Stock and Property Salesmen, TAM WORTH, N.S.W. Established Years. TELEPHONESOffice I Private and. Horse Sales : Quarterly. Fat & Store Stock Sales : Weekly. Full Lists of Grazing Properties, Wheat and Dairy Farms sent on application. Large Stocks of Prime Tamworth grown Lucerne Seed always held. District Agents for COMMERCIAL UNION ASSURANCE COMPANY, LTD. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Bowman E. 0. T. k F. NV., Norman Burr Emily A., Swamp Oak 00 Vale, Upper Manilla Burton Wm:, At t unga 0 0.Bowman A. E., New Mexico, riit Bush E. II., Murrurundi 0 0. Bushell F. S., Werris Creek Bowman A. B., Towable, Mullaley. 0 Butler Bros., Swamp Oak, Nerninglia 0 Bowman A. S., Tantarang, Quirindi 0 0 Butt. 0., Hillside, Dud Bowman Edward, Upper Manilla 0 00( Cahill., Curlewis.; ;. Bowman J., Upper Manilla 0 Cahill W J Burl. 0 Bowman G. E., Upper Manilla 0 0 Cain D. A., Springdale, ' Dun l Bowman J. F Ogunbtl, Tamworth ) Cain T. (F,xors. of), Lynwooa, Bowra 0. P., The Prairies, Kelvin 0 0 Neminglia 0 0 Bowra T. J., Werris Creek 0 0 Cameron J. II., Upper Manilla 0 Boyd A. E., Winbury, Willow Tree Campbell A., Yarraman, Quirindi 0 0 Brady Mrs. A. M., Itusli's:Ck., Manilla 0 Campbell Jas. J., Dininegan, Bog- Brady E. G., liowri m gabri 0 Brady J. P., Kelvin Campbell If. K., Curralatbula Brady P. J., Annalee, Manilla Campbell Thos., Kelvin, Gunnedah 0 0 Brady M.., Rush's Ck., Manilla 0 Campion Jas., Pine Cliff, Curlewis 0 00 Braysliaw J. C., Hanging Rock 0 0 (lapel A. II., Barer ba, Barraba 0 Berry. C., Barraba 00 Capel G., Campo Santo, Barraba Medd E. C., ilimboora, Kelvin 00 Capp C. G. II., Keinball 0 0 Brett P. Brolga, Gunnedah Cantow C. E. Dungowan Bridge Bros., Quipolly 0 Carichael m B. Tint inhull - 0 Bridges. W., Quirindi 0 00 Carey G. T., lambri P.O. Bright Jas., St. Kilda, Dungowan 00 0 Carey J. J., Winton Bright L. A., Brighton, Dungowan SO 0 0 Carson D., Bomera, Tambar Springs ( Bright It. A., 'mind, Dungowan. 0 Carter D., Pillamore 0 Brines Jas., Halloran Park, Manilla 00 Carter II. C., Mooki Springs, Quir- Brines It. J., Ranger's Valley, At- hull t unga 00 0 Carter 0.., aanton, Upper Manilla Brines Thomas, Attunga Carter R. It., Warrali Creek, Willow Britton C. J., Woodlands, Gidley 0 Tree 0 Britton T.., Taniwort 00 Carter W., Black Plain, Barraba 0 0 rochurst W. J., Gomm. (Immo 00. Chad A. G., Melrose, Watson's Crk Brodbeck Christina, Carroll, Barraba Chad S. T., Ravenscroft 0 Brodbeck F., Tipperina, Barraba Chalky Bros., Nemin glia 0 Brodbeek G., Barraba 0 Chaffey H. A., Tintinhull 00 'Ft rodbeck Jacob, Millk Ck., Mamba Chalky S. 0., Mill View, Tintinhull 0.Brookes W. 0., Kelvin, Gunnedall. 0 Chalky T. A., Lottery Vale, Somerproim Sir William, Bart., Comilla- ton bri, Coonamble 00 0 Chalfey W. A., Knot ingal 0 Brown A. G., Attunga 00 Chaffoy NV. G., Nemingha 0 Brown G. H., Gimolindaddi, Bog- Chambers B., Velyaina, Boggabri 0 gabri Chapman Bros., Avondale, Crow Brown J. A. White House, Manilla Mountain, Upper Manilla, Brown J. S. N., ' Dungowan 0 Chapman A. E., Hall's Ck., Manilla 0 0 Brown Jas. Glen Lea, Currabubula 0 0 Chapman Ben., Rockdale, Manilla Brown Jas.., Warrombool, Kelvin Chapman IV., Manilla 0 0 Brown R. A., Gunnedali Cliarrington B. K., Abbot slea, Brown Richard, Somerton 0 Quirindi 0 Brown S. V, Dixie, Breeza on Chick II. A., Croydon, Manilla 0 0 Brown W. H., Barabba Rd., Bun- Chick W., Everton, Manilla 0 damn 00 0 Clare W. J., Wattle Flat,. 0 0 Bruce W. D., Stirling, Willow Tree. Clarks Ltd., Ghooleminadi, Bog- Bunn Robert, Woodville, Gunnedall 0 gabri 0 Burden J. E. A: E. S., Quipolly Cleary C. J., Evantiale, Tainworth 00 Burden George, Quirkily 0 Cleary W. A., Gidley, Tamworth 0 Burcinsn IL, Meadows, Bog gabri 0 0 Clegg C. J., senr., liyall Vale, Bog- Ilurindi Pastoral Co. Ltd., Barraba. 0 0 ea WI 0 Burns George, Gunnedali 00 Clift Bro., Breen, Breeza COFFILL AND COMPANY (SEE WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY) 'PHONE CITY AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS WE RANK AMONGST THE.LAROEST IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE

22 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR LADIES' KID AND FABRIC GLOVES. c Tam PASTORAL. Tam Mve LANDERS t CANTRELL Auctioneers, Stock and Station Agents, etc., Land and Estate Agents, Now Commodious Offices -PEEL STREET, TAWORTH RI (near Royal Hotel). TAMWORTH, N.S.W. Cahill's Stock & Station Code used, also the A.S.& P. Code No.. We know from so years' experience how to handle your Stock and- Property to achieve the best results by private sale, and respectfully solicit particulars of smne. Every man who sells or Buys Stock or wishes to sell or buy a Property will find it to his advantage to correspond with us. Monster Horse Sales held regularly in conjunction with Messrs. Win Inglis St Son, Sydney Stock Lists and Property Catalogues on application. AGENTS SUN INSURANCE:OFFICE. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. TAMWORT(continued) Currell Ed., Herbert Vale, Barraba 0 Clift J. B. & S. B., The p, Breeza 0 Curren H. F., Rockleigh, Barraba Clift E. A., Lochinvar 0 Cutmore G., Mt. Olive, Barraba 00 CHU Geo. (Exors.), East Maitland Daly Jas. (Est. of), Currabubula 0 Clift (ha, K., Bream Daly John (Est.), West Lyane, Clift George P., Loelliel, Curlewis Currabulaila 0 Clift Joseph, Loehinvar Daly M. J., Willow Vale, Currabilbula 0 0 Clift K. S., Werris Creek 0 Daly P. (Estate late), Currabubula Clift S. G.,- Werris Creek Dangnr It. R., Mumma, Quirindi 0 Clochesy Stephen, Kingscote Park, Darby Bros., Coolatibella, Quirindi Attunga Davidson A. S., Woolbrook 0 00 Clonan W..T., Burwood Davidson A. W., Limbil 0 Cobb K. M., Bando, nlialey Davidson D., Woolbrook. 00 Cochrane Robert, Danlo, Mullaley. 0 Davidson F. It., Dungowan Coddrington IV., Lilydale, Gulinedair Davidson W., Tam bar Springs Coleman., Eagle Vale, loonbi Davis Robert, Currububula 00 0 Coleman Thus., Mulla Creek. 000 Dawson E., Sliverleaf, Bendemeer 00 Collamy Co. Ltd., Colly Blue, Quir- Dawson Mary, Lime Springs nli h 0 00 Death L. J., Carroll (lap, Gunnedalr 0 Consort II. W. Dungowau 0 Delaney P., Gunnedall 0 Conlan J. J., Itoseneath, Quipolly Delve A. C., Goran Lake, Curlew's 0 Creek Derrick P. : J., Wallabadali Conlan J. IL, Rydalinere Dickinson W. R., Quirindi ) Condon 'Maurice, Dumb/van 0 0 Dignam John, Ogunbil, Dungowan Constable A. Colly Blue, Quirinal Dillon J. E., Dminadee Constable H., (Jolly Blue 00 Dilworth Jas. Boggabri Cooper Fred, Warn'''. Willow Tree 0 0 Dobson Cleo., \Vinton ltd., Winton. 0 Coote Chas. W., Fern, Upper Dobson J. (. L Spring Val., Winton 0 anilla Doe W. It., Rourvale, Curlewis 00 0 cote Geo., babe's Creek, Manilla 0 0 Donaldson A., New Hope, Winton. 0 Coots: John, Jour., Upper Manilla 0 0 Donaldson A. T., Currabubula 0 Cope & PhIllIps, Calida, Curlewis 0 Donaldson J. (Est, of), loggabri 0 Cornish S. J., Durl 0 00 Donaldson W. J., Gunnedah 0 Costello., sear., Manilla.' Donaldson Wm., East View, Dud Costello T. J., New Mexico, Mann; Donnelly P., Clontarf, Manilla 0 Costigan James J., Barran/ 0 0 Donoghue Jan/es, Bundella, Quirindi 0 0 ) Coultsm W., Glenroek, Manilla 00 Donoghue John, Tambar Springs 0 0 ) Coupland J. W., Tainworth 0 0 Donoghue John T., ambar Springs 0 ( Court Bros., Breeze Donoghue Patrick, Tainbar Springs 0 Courtney II. J Boggabri 0 Doolan A., Hall's Creek, Manilla 0 Cover William Willow Tree Doolan George, Quirindi 0 Coyne F.., Ingalba, ri,x Walcha 0 Doolan J, Quirindi 0 00 Craig John, Hammond Springs, Doolau Jas., Gleniurven, Attunga Quirindi Dot/Ian L., Lower Quipolly 0 0 Cramer J. V Eden hope, Gaspard Dorrington A. R., Dungowan, Crawford Catherine, Plliamore. 0 Dorlington G. J., Avondale, Limbri 0 0 Creevey Vincent, Mary Vale, Limbri 0 Douglas E., Kootingal 0 0 Crichton D. & S., Riverside, Nundle 0 0 Doulgas J., Kootingal Croaker F. J., Walliallow, Quiriudi. 0 Douglas James, Boggabri Croker W. J., Cowan Brae, Gaspard Dowdell W. G., Loomberali 00 Cropper William, 0 Down Mrs. E., Manilla 0. Crothers Mary A., Quirindi 0 Dowo Emily, wndt, Manilla 0 Cronin J., Willow Tree 0 0 Dowe G. L., Williwindi, Manilla 0 0 Crood B. B., Blaekville ' 00 0 Down IL V., Woronyall. Manilla 0 00 Crowell W. H., Dalkeith, Winton 0 0 Down Leslie L., Bell's Plains, Manilla Crowley Hy., Glen Riddle, Barmba 000 Do we It. H., Loomberair Crowley John, Upper Manilla 0 Down Thos., Tamworth 00 Crowther II.., Quirindi 00 Downes Dan (Exo-s.), Springfield, Cruise F. P., Wooloondn 0 Manilla 0 0 Carrell Charles, Barraba Downey G., West Tainworth 0. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD, HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE STREET, 'PHONE CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE WHITE SEWING MACHINE. Tam PASTORAL. Tam c Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. s. A. Doyle E. A. rt. B., Werriston, Werris Garske C.., The Springs, Barrabir 00 Creek (0 Garske Wm. E. (Estate of), Itose Doyle A. A., Werris Creek Doyle Mrs. C. E., Tamworth Doyle E. F., Purlewall, Werris Ck. Doyle F. IL, Willow Tree Doyle It. F., Werris Creek Doyle W. F., Aberley, m Wads Ck. Duff J. H., Alpines. Limbri Duff S. 0., Avoca, lhuubri Duneembe N. and E., Willow Tree Duncombe H. A., Warrah Duncombe L. and D., Warrah Duncombe M. and B., Willow Tree Dunn G. H., Neminglia, P.O , ilarralia Gaynor J. and A., Lilyfleld, Curlewls Geddes Bros., lloggabri 0 Geddes II., Inglewood, Manilla Geddes J., Green Oak, Manilla 0 Geddes J. A., Upper Manila Geddes NV. It., lis liden, George G. L., l'amhar Springs Gibbs II. and A., Wallamore Gill K.., Root Meal Gillespie Johanna, Currabubula (River John, IViielf., Golding B., Ca st le Mount S '0 0 Dutton A. P., Namoi Pk., Manila 0 0 Gel en Bros., Calala, Mulialey 0 Dyson Arthur, Tainbar springs Golan II. C., Washp ;el, Easey G., Caroona, Quirindi 0 Goland Geo., Basin C'k., Wallabada Easey W. II., Fairview, Yarraman. 00 Golledge A. E., Silver Springs, Wool. t Easterman A., Itoseneath, via Ben- brook 0 0 demeer 00 Gooda In Thos.,., Revigne, Tinn- Eastennan D. M., Spring Valley, iest/i 0 0 Manilla. 0 Gordon W. G., Dungowan Easterman., Hall's Ck., Manllla Gore T. H., Willow Tree 00 Rather Albert, Boggabri Gore T. J., Somerton 0 0 Bather T. C., Boggabri 0 0 Gowin g A. K., Winton 0 0 Eckert A. A: IV., Wood's Reef 0 Grady D., Willow Tree 0 0 Eckert C., Barran' 0 0 Graham C. J., Ben Venue, Tamworth Eckliert C. l'., Bob's Creek, Barmier 00 0 Graham henry, Wood's Reef, Eckert G., Barraba (00 (00 Barraba -- 0 Eekliert John, Bob's Creek, Barraba 00 Graham Robert, hurl 0 0 Edmunds George, Barraba 0 0 Grainger II. '., Tcrrigal 0 Egan C. J., Goonoo Gootioo 00 0 Grant W. & NV. T., Booloricooroo, Egan Patrick, Currabillinla 0 0 Carlo/ is 0 Egan Wm., Rosewood, Emerald Ill. Green Henry, Itloot fu gal 0 0 Ellis L. E., Manilla 00 Green Join', Swamp Oak Elisley J. R., Breeza, Curlewis 0 SO Green ltt., an/ 0 Emblem G. II. W., Bonnie Doon, Greer It.., Blandford ) Winton Road 00 reca ps Vistor E., Balmoral, - lirratt B. W., lloggabri 0 la ley Evans II. F., loggabri 0 Grey II. J., Welton Dale, Willow Evans W., Appleby 0 0 Tree 00 Fairhall W. J. C., Tamworth 0 Griffiths A. D. Leamia, Curiewis 00 Fallon W., Nundle Griffiths E., Ilambledon, Gunnedatt Farrell William, Castle Mount (Troth Jelin, spring Gully, Barra ha. 00 Farthing If., Greenland, Be/ live 0 Hagan James, Barraba ' 0 00 ranks A. E., Maroon, Tamworth.. Hagan IL, Ferns View, larralur Faulks It. J., Rosevale, Manilla 0 Hales John, Moor Creek 0 Ferguson Panton, Giumeilah 00 Haling C. C., Sunnyside Ferguson, Tambar Springs 00 0 Hall C. E., Willow True 00 Ferry D. J., Fernlea, Manilla 0 tall Edward, sun r., 'hawed Ii P.O. Ferry E. IL. Hazeldean, Attun ga 0 Hall Edward, Tan/worth Ferry George M., Hall's Ck., Manilla 0 liall Ellz., Ardglen 0 Ferry John, sync, Wendish, Manila 0 0 Hall II y., liraelleld, Willow Tree 0 0 Featherstone W., Ferndale, Ginnie- hall l Jam es Back Creek P.O dah 00 0 Hall Mary, ' Miller's nnek,willow Tree Fielder Hope, Tarnworth 0 0 Hall Phillip, 'l'amworth P.O. Fitzgerald J. B., Manilla Hall It. II., Tamworth P.O. Fitzgerald J. II., Manilla 0 0 hill l'hes., Kee pit, / 0 0 Fitzpatrick I., Willow Tree Hall 'I'. E., Glen bond', Manilla 0 Fletcher l'., Tainworth 0 Hall T. J., Moonbi P.O. 0 Fletcher Wm., Menedebri, Somerton 0 hall Win., l'arpolly, Manilla Fogarty John. Crawney, Nuiitdle 0 00 Hall W. G., Willow Tree 0 Follington C. S., Alvin, Attunga Hammond. G., Werris Creek Foot John, Quirinal -- Harding. A., Ounnedah ' 0 Foote Hy., Rosewood, Gunnedall 0 00 Hargrave George. Tamworth 0 Ford T., Koot ingal 0 00 Harkin Daniel, urruniunil Ford IV. J., Gum/Mall 00 Hartigan and Flood, Warren Tam, Foreman Robert, Emile/vile 00 worth. 0 0 Foster James, Eullela, Dungowan 00 0 Harlin W. Ferndale: Werris Ck. Francis D., Swamp Oak 00 Hartley F. J., Dun i 0 0 Frizell Jas., Goonoo : Hartley James, Loomberalt '0 00 Fry John G., Gherribri, Boggabrl 0 Hartley T. IL, West Tainworth 0 Fulljaines William, Taniwortli 000 Hathway H. \V., Winton 0 Fuliwood J. R., Rocky Glen, Beet l ye liansefield J. W., Tamwort 0 0 Furphy F. J., Curlew's Hicumuelleld.Tolui, Dud 0 00 Gale J. R., Gunnedah 0 Hawker H., Gutinedall Gallagher E., Claremont, Attunga ilaydon B., Bloomfield, Blandford. 0 0 'Gardiner A. E., Kelvin 0 0 Hayes I.,Water View, Durgowan (0 Gardiner Jas., Upper Mauna Ilayne I). C., 0 00 Gardiner James, Wongan Ck., Manilla Tlayne IV.., Tamworth 0 Gardiner IV., Fernbank, Manila 0 0 liayne M. A., Gunnedah 0 0 klarithain A. G. H., Gunnedall 0 Hazel James C., Limn' 0 0 OUR FUNERAL EQUIPMENT is UNEXCELLED BY THAT OF ANY FIRM IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE

23 ' ANTHONY HORDERNS FOR SAFETY RAZORS AND STROPS. ANTHONY HORDERNS'-STATIONERY, BOOKS AND TYPEWRITERS. o Tam PASTORAL. Tam Tam PASTORAL. Tani c Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and l'ost Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town.. C. S. A. TAMWORTII-(continued)- Kachel John. (Mantis 0 0 Melva S., Thornberry, Gmumumuedali 0 '0 Hazelwood Ahnsi, Watson's Creek la :) )0 Keech.T. 0., Tantworth Mercer Henry, Quirindi ( 0 Hazelwood Edward, Watson's Ck.. 0 Kelliher C. A., Kanowna, Mullaley 0 Meredith G. W., Willow Tree 0 Henderson W. G., (Est) Cit bubula - ) Kelly Bros Gunnetlah 0 Merritt C. J., Rywung, Swamp Oak McRae I). A., Dabbleda, Emerald Henry F. IV., Woo'brook. - Harden C., Lower Dungowan P.O. Harden F., Nulla, Dungowan Harden Wm., Swamp Oak, Dungum/. Heyman Jas. A., Back Creek, Numlie Heywood F. E., Manilla Heywood G. S., Bundarra Heywood J. R.,. Higgins George A., Gunned(' Higgins W. W., Quirindi R. A., Yarrantan, Quirindi Wm., Chaermarthen, Manilla 0 Hillis J. P., Cattle Creek, Willow Tree Hindmarsh llow 'Free Illacox Thos., allm Creek, Manilla Bond F. L., Gunnedah Mad W. G., Willowdene, Somerton Hoban B. J., Gammon Goonoo Ck. Hobson J. C., Gunnedah Boddie Bros., Tend, ArtIglen Hodges H. \V., Barraba Holmes F. E., Quirindi Holmes J. C. E. Willow Tree Holtnes W. H., Glas.ston, Willow Tree. Holt It. M., Willow Tree Hombsch E. W., Tamworth Horan J. C., Lynwood, Warrah Horan.., Woolbrook Homburg, E. H., Tamwortit Horesburgh Frank, Warrah Hoskinson E. S., Barraba Hoskin); A., Duri Iloakinson Thomas, Guilmdan Hough L. J., Goonoo (Mono Howard, Smith A- Lawrence, Willow Tree Howard B. J., Gunnedalt Bowan' T. J., Willr,w Tree Howarth Ell, Mt. View, Breeza _ ' Hubbard T. E. A. Gunnedali Hudson It.. Willam bi, Manilla Hughes Dr. S. W., Macquarie St., Sydney Humphries John, Boggabri Hunt S. J., Rocky N'lew, Moonbi Hurley I'. J., Quirindi Hussey David, St. Elmo, Willow Tree. Hussey R. J., Willow Tree. Hutton It, A., Qtdrind Hymn W. It., Gunnedalt Hide it. t F., Upper Manilla lngall Bros., Inglewood, Wallabadali Ingall Charles (Estate of), Tamworth Irwin II. G., Burleith, Mullaky Ison F. J., West Plain, Currahubula Jackson II. B., Black Plain, Barraba Jacobs John, Piallamore Jacobs W., Niangala James J. H., Dungowan James Percival, Barraba James R. J., Barraba James Thomas, Baraba James W. H., Werris Creek Jamieson Francis j. Niangala Johnson S. A. R., Pillamor e Johnson Thomas, 0Aunbil Johnston G. C., Goonoo Gomm Rd. Johnston W. J., Rushes Ck., Manilla Jones Thomas C., ton, lloggabri Jones Win., Forest Field, Moor Ck Jowett E., William St., Melb. Jurd Ebenezer, Wood's Reef, Barraba Jurd 0, Wood's Reef, Barraba ) ) ' : ' ) 0 0 : Kelly C. G., Piallamore Kelly T., Loom/torah Kelly Win., Ferntlae, Nundle Kelso Hugh, Quirindi Kelso It. J., Gaspard, Quiritidi Kennedy H. M., Tambar Springs Kennedy Patk., Lisdaleen, Kelvin 0 Kenniff.T., Clearmount, Carrol Gap Klinber C., Carolina. ) King A. (Exors. of), Wood's Reef ( King A. E. G., (Mown, Goonoo King A. V., Barraba King J. R., Loondswali, Dungowan King R. R., Wood's Reef, Barraint. King W., Wood's Reef. Barraba King W. L., Gunnedall Kingston R. A., Spring Ridge. Kirk W. E., Wonga Creek, Manilla. 0 Knaptnan F., Ballade, Curlew's Krause W.,Coocooboonah, Gunnedalt Lake H. S., Wood's Reef Langworthy W. T., Long View,. ',atrium J. E., Somerton. Leach Win., Pine Forest, Somerton Leaky Janice. Oakville Lee David, purl,. Leldreiter E. E., Bendemeer. Lennon Chas., Alln) Farm, a. Limon' E. Az F. J.,!Beaus, Le Quesne H. (L, Kootingal Lays K. L., Mullaley Li ills S. J., Barraba Lobsey Edward, Barraba, Lobsay J. T., Mt. Auburn, Walla- Wall Lockyer W., l's naicreek, Manilla Lonergan J. B Danglentali Loilergan John, Danglemith Lonergan W. D., Linibri Lord Bros., Yarrainati.. Lowcock Harry, Manly Lowcm'k E. T. L., Mill Ridge, Cur. lewis Lumley Ricini., Binalong, Boggabri Lye W. If ramrod!' Lyite., Willow Tree Lyne Wm. 0., Fig Tree, Moor Creek Lyons T. J., Nundlo Macvean J., Beattby, Quirindi Magill Sam., Pine Ridge, Moonbi Maher J. & D., Dungowan Ck. Maher D., Walcha Road alter Daniel, Dungowan Maher Jill/ICS, Upper Dungowan Maher S. F., Moonlit Maher John (Exors.) Woocbrook Maher M., At tunga Maher H., Dungowan Manning J., Curlew's Manuel James. Kootingal Manuel S. D., Tialnindle, Bat raba Markham E. (L. Taniworth Barr E. W., Piallaway Marshall A. J., Loomberall Marshall J., Willowtree Martin Mary, Willow Tree Mason W. F., Chain of Ponds, Bar. raba Q : 0 Maunder A. T., Gunnedah Maunder It. T., Wattle Farm, Dun. 0 Maunder T. II., Itothsay, Gunitedall - Maunder W. H., Dun i Maunder William, sear., Burl Mayger G.., Tambar Springs Mayne Mrs. A.., Black Springs, Goonoo Goonoo Meehan D. Boggabr! Mehl' Me' P. J"., Thontberry, Gunnedah L) :( ) ( ) , 00. 0) 0. 0( 0( 0: ) 0 0 0( ( Metcalf J., Niangala Mottam A. A., Quirindi Miller W. F., Midway, Quirindi Mills It. H., Ardglon Mitchell F. It., Barraba Mitchell W. II., Quirindi. Mitchellhill W. H., Retreat, QuirIndiCl Mint D. A., Block, Dun i 0 Mooney P., Winton Moore A., Gowrie, Goonoo (Mono. Morgan W., Gunnedah Morrice F. J., Ogunbil Morris A. E., D DIorris Thos.,!fall's Creek, ' Manila,. Morris W. J., Milroy, Curlewla Morrison John, Gunnedall ' Morse J. M., Manilla Morton It., Tambar Springs Morton R. R. G., 'rambar Springs Maxon H. J., Tantworth ' Moy W. C. Itushe's Creek, Manilla. Moylan John J., Mt. Erin, Barraba. Muggleton E. hi Dun i Mullins John, Fairy Ck., Swamp Oak Illtutro Bros., Quirindi Munro H. It., Keera, Bingara. 0 Munro Hugh (Trustees of), QuIrindi Murphy D., Murrurundi Murphy J., Blur., Undid. Murphy '. F., Simile, Limbri Murphy Thos., Swamp Oak, Limbri Murphy Thomas, Gaspard, Quirindl Murray W. 0., Bendemeer Macdonald H. it It., Wallabadall Mackay J. IL, Currainibula Mackay.T. K., Gunnedah Mackellar Bros., Gunnecialt. Mackenzie John, Glencoe, Boggabil McAdam R., Gunnedrli McCaffrey J. T., Tamwortli AleClelland Bros., Neminglia 0 McCormack J. J., Tainworth McCoy., Oralla, Nundle!WOW))) D. A., Emerald McCulloch Mrs. J., Goonoo Gomm McDonald D., Clydesville, Manilla. McDonald H., Inlet Farm, Manilla McDonald J. H. L., Wallabadah 0 McDonald '., The 'alley, Dungowan McDoald n S. J., Willow Tree McDonald Mrs. T., KlorI 0 McDonald T., Watson's Ck., Bendemeer McDougall A., Wallabadali. McFadden It., Glendon, Emerald Hill McFarlane T. H., Tamworth McGowan A. H., Tangaratta, Be g- Him McGregor A. MCII., Boggabri McGregor A. P., Boggabri.. McGregor J. F., Wilberol, Boggabil McIlveen A., Green Valley, Neminglia McIlveen. H., Neminglm McIlveen P. G., Dungowau Mellratli It. anilla. MeIlrick A. It., Brooklyn, Manilla McKeon Bridget', Attunga cceon D., Attunga - McKeon. F., Mt. View, Manilla McKerrow D., Attunga 0 Mcherrow K., Dial McKinney J., Moor Creek McLean Isabella, QuirIndi McLennan K. A., Gidley. McLennan W Gidley McNamara Frank, Iurroon McNeill J. ct G., Barrabri :".)) ) ( ( McNeil Barraba 00 McNeil Win. J., Fairview, Barraba 00' McPherson Bros., QuIrindi ) Hill 0 0 Nelson J., Iloggabri Newman II., Swamp Oak 0 0 Newman James W., Windmill!! - Newman P. J., Mulla Ck., Dungowan -. Newman Thomas C., Dungowan 00 ) Newnham Bros., Weroona, Gunne N.S.WL. WA. Co., Ltd., Goollil, Mullaley, Tamworth 0 N.Z. it A.L. Co. Walhalla, Ouirindi 0. Nicolas G. F. If, QuIrindi _ 0. Nicholls John, Penryn, oggabri 0) Nixon George, Upper Ianilla Nixon John, Upper Manila NortIn'y W., Vermont, lloggabri 0 00 Norton E. A., Tarawera, LImbri 000. NorvIll Bros., Wallabadalt 000. Korvin H. it J., Murrurtindi 00. NO D. 0., Quirindi 0. Nowiand D., Curlowla 0 ' O'Brien F. J., Willow Vale, Kelvin. 00 0' O'Brien J. II., Pine Ridge, Quirindi 000 O'Brien Jas., Lamb Valley, Keepit. - 00' O'Brien AI., Vonga Creek, Manilla. ' 0 00 O'Neill B. G., Woodlands Opherktick G., Glenrowan, via : Inlay Orchard D., Blac k Springs, rings, arraha 0. Orchard D., junr., arraba 0 00 Orman G., orest, Tam worth 0 0. O'Rourke J. N., Tambar Springs 0 0 O'Rourke L. A., Tainbar Springs. O'Rourke I.., Tambar Springs Oslx)rne A. W., Bendemeer. - O'Shea AL, Kelso. ll oggab ri -. Plumy Charles, Niangala Palmer George, u ngow a n Pankhurst A. (I., Taniwurth. Pant:burst A. J., Puri 0 l'ark Adam, Ghli Barra, Manilla., Partkorillex. (Estate of), Klori, Tam: worth Park Ernest, anilla 0 0 l'ark (. G., Mille, Bendemeer Park Mungo, Manilla 0 l'ark Robert, Glen Baru, Manilla Parkes W. C., Attunga _ 0 - Parsons Charles E., Gunnedall - 00 Partlin J. P., Puri 0 Part lin Patk., Woolomin 0' Partridge II. J., Box Tree, N langala - 0. Pattison Mrs. J., Underhill, Barraba : Payne F., Wambranitirra, Nandi - Pearce J. W., Angle Camp, Barraba Pound W. E., The Cedars, Curlew's. 00 Pearlman A., Boggabri, Boggabri _ Peek W. J., P.O., Willey _ Peel Itiver L. ik H. Co., Ltd., Gomm Goonoo. Pengelly J. C., Oak Villa, Yarraman 00 Pengelly J. H., Yarraman _ Pengelly.'. S., Blackville 000 :00' Penrose Win. T., Retreat, Boggabri Perfrement A. II., Currabubula Perfrement C. F. Currabubula Perfrement H..T., Currabtibula Perfrement J. F., LImbri 00 0 Porfrement J. T., junr., Limbri 00 Perfrement S. J., Currabubula Perkins B., Quirindi 0 Parrett G. A. E., Curralmbula 0 Parrett 0., Kelvin, Currabubula 0 0 Perrett Sidney, Gunnedalt Priming E.., Man illa P. O. Perry John, The WIlgas, Breen ) Perry Joseph, Killara, via Gunned/h Perry Thomas. Barraba : : 00 Peters C. H. W., Kootingal 0 0 ; : WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M, OUR MORTUARY CHAPELS ARE AT OUR CLIENTS' SERVICE FREE OF CHARGE

24 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FURNITURE STANDS IN ITS OWN CLASS. c Tam PASTORAL. Tam 'Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. TAMWORTH-(contInued)- Roworth Bros., Quirinal 0 Peters P. M., Kootinual Rowarth G. M., Quirinal Phelan J. J., Bona Vista, Attunga Roworth J. J. C., A raglan - Phelan T. J Prairie Vale, Attunga 000 Roworth Mary, Mt. View, Quipolly Philp Wm., Moonhi Roworth W. T., Quirinal 0 Pine John, Castle Mt Quirinal 0 Bumble S. 0., Merryowen, Bog- Pinkerton John, Kootin gal 0 gabri 0 0 Piper J. J., Moore Ch., Tamworth Russ '. (Exors. of), Qttintinhull Pittman Sidney, hull's Ck., Manilla 00 0 Russell Jas., Crescent Hill, Manilla. Pollock R. J., Castle Mt. Quirinal 0 Ryair J. P., Botigabri, Pollock S., Glengarry, rut Quinn& 0 0 Ryan J. T., Tri g Vale, Nundle. 0 Pont W. E., loomberah 00 Ryan P., Oakleigh, 0 Porter A. G., Manilla 0 Ryan Thos., Werris Creek IPorter A. W., Albann, Manilla Sam pson P. A., Gunnedalt Porter E. A., Manilla Sandberg A. B., Boggabri - Porter F. A., Kelvin 0 Samuel C. A Twines Springs Porter G. W., lunr., Quirinal 0-00 Saunders A. E., Willow Tree Porter J. H., Quirinal Saunders A. R., Ivanhoe, Barraba Porter Mrs. J. B. A., Quirinal Saunders F. W., Manila' Porter Mark A., Fairview, Manilla SO Saunders Frederick, Willow Tree porter R. D., Sunnyvale, QuIrindi. 0 Saunders S. E., Willow Tree Porter W. 'r., Sunny Cor Quirinal 0 0 Saunders. G., Deepnell, Willow 'Porter W., senr., Rose Hill, Quirinal Tree Vratten Mrs. Z. R., Werris Creek Saunders T. junr., Willow Tree 0 Presland It., Mount Vale, Burl 0 Sawers & WIl son, May Vale, Barraba 0!Prior S. F., Stratford, Gunnedah 0 0 Sawyer Thomas, Harkin% Trisk Anne, Nundle Rd. Scanlon J., Howarden, Manihia Prisk J. P., Woollomin 0 0 Scanlon John, Rocky Valley, Quir- Pritchard R. R., Gunnedalt inal. 0 Proctor & Robey, Tamworth 0 0 Scanlon Patric's, Castle Mountain Pryor Mrs. S. J:, ',Vinton 00 Scanlon T., Quirinal - Pullman George, Nemingha P.O. 0, Scanlon W. j., Rustic's Ck., Manila Pullman James, Moor Creek P.O. 0 Sehlop John, Boggabrl Pullman Thomas, Moor Creek Schipp Thos., Tainworth 'Quick Mrs. A., liallsville 0 00 Schmidt Chits Barraba Ck., Barraba Rackhavn & Shorten, Natalia 00 Schofield W., Woolomin Rackham H., Nundle 00 Schofield J. W., Nunale Radford B. P., Quirinal 0 Szhofield Mrs. Jane, Currabubula 0 Ramsay K. K., Milbank, Quipolly 00 0 &atonal(' John, Nutolle 0 Randall F. L. B., Dungowan ( 0 0 Schofield W., ()nippily 0 Ratelitie E. 0., Manilla 0 Scholes Edwin, Forest View, Attunga 0 Read L. B., Hillarove, Attunga Seholes R. S glottal Reading John, Duri 0 Scholz II. W., Illackfleld, Quirinal Reeves Jane A., Bannockburn, Gun- Scott Honora, Gall% Currablibula. nedah 0 Scott Jas., Aberfeldie, Currabubula 0 Read N., Carroll 0 Scott John S., Dungowan Takata' George, B.A. Pilot ReidsBros., Ltd., Willow Tree Reid A. A., Feirlie, Bendemeer Reid F. It., East Hill, Manilla Reid P. B., Springfield. Bendemeer - like J. F. GI., Tamworth Ridd F., Winton Riley & Pyrke. B.A. Point, Ring Thomas, Tarabah, Attunga 0 Ritchie It. F., Pilaus, Emerald Hill Rixon F., Dud. 0 'Rizzi Ruth, Glengarry, Walcim Rd. Roberts It., Hall's Creek, Manila Roberts G. R., Loomuerah Roberts John, Upper Manilla Roberts J. 0., Winfield, Manilla 0 Roberts R. A., Manilla Roberts S. G., Hall's Ck., Man lila Roberts T. W., Namoi River, :Manilla Roberts T. W. V., Hall's Ck. Manilla Roberts W. IL, Glen Prairie, Manila Robertson E. H., New Winton Rd. Robertson J. A., hear Loomberah. Robson A. S., Yellow Rock, Nundle Robson J. A., Woolbrook. Robson W. S., Nundle Rock C. W., Dungowan P.O..Rotld 'r. B., Tremayne, Manila Rodgers A., Eastcourt, Mittman Rodgers Gordon ( Estate late), Tamworth 0 Ronald Bros., Trinkey, Quirinal 0 Roser Amos, Dunton's Ck., min. Roes Angus, Spring Ck, Kootingal Rowe William, Piallawav Bowntree C. S., Quirinal SOO / ' 0 Sevil Mrs. & Sons, Glas,ton, Willow Tree, Bevil J. II., Glasston.. Bevil John, Mullaley, Gunnedah Sevill IV. H., Rocky Glen, Glasston Shaw W. B., Gunnedult Shaw William, WIlleroy, Boggabri. Shanahan A. D., Litobri Shanahan M. A., Umbra Shoobert J. D., Willow Tree Shoo bert W. O., Willow Tree Simmons Mrs. C., Currabubula Simmons P., Tamworth Sluts George, Emerald Hill.. Simshattser Louisa, Mamba Stinson R. J. P., fareduval, Sinison W. D., Wondobali, Curlew's Sinclair W. R., Mylora, Barraba Sippel A. H., Hillside, Dungowan Sippel F. F., Dungowan Sippel George, Dungowan Sisson Thomas, Moore Pk., Annidale Slack-Smith Bros., Tambar Springs Smith S. 0. & P. 0., Quirinal Smith A. B., Burl Smith Chas. J., Tambar Springs Smith Eleanor, Bendemeer Smith Frances, Currabubula Smith L. 0., Woolomin. Smith William, Farm, Tatnworth Snape J. E., Gunnedall Sneesby Robert. Winton P.O. Sneesby S. B., Waverley, Winton Sneesby Thomas R., Up. Manilla Spence A. E Attunga Spencer John, Natigarall, Barraba S. A ' , WOOD,, COFFILL COMPANY LTD, HEAD. OFFICE: DEORDE STREET. 'PHONE ' CITY ( ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES REIGN SUPREME. Tam PASTORAL. Tam c Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Sprague L., Dungowan, Tamworth 00 0 Walters S. Y., Burnside, Klett ma Squires R. A., Quirinal Ward John, lloggabri Squires V. W., Quirinal Warden G. W., Nundle Road 0. Squires W. T., Warralt Ridge, Quir- Warden R. II., Bowling Alley Pt. 0 0 inal 00 Warden 'I'. G., Hanging Rock, Koot- Squires Wm., Tamworth 0 0 t i St. Clair C. A., Glenbroek, Curru- Ware G. D., Attunga 0 00 bubula Ware G. W., Kootingal 0 00, Bt. Clair C. A.,.. l Roseda e; Curru- Ware J. T., Kootingal 0 (0. b bula. u Warner E. J., Bellevue, Boggabri Stairs Charles, Willow ' Tree 0 Warner J. W. E., Appleby 0, Standring Walter, Attunga Springs. Warner Jesse, Moor Creek 0 Stanger A. 0., Currabuhula 0 Watts C. E., Koala, rig Manilla 0 0 Starr J. T. B., Dungowan 0 - Watts Ellen, Somerton Stones F., Broadwater, Gunnedah Watts John, 'Wong Ck., Maniila Stowe Jae., Glen Idle, Manilla 0 Weakley I). E., Curntbubula 0 bidders M., Violet Villa, Barraba Weakley J. IL, Carroll , Skate Henry, Rose Farm, Dud 0 Weatherley Miss, & Mackenzie Mrs. Style W. J., Ogunbil, Dungowan H., Mortlake, Vic. 0 0 Swab George, Nundle 0 Webster Josephine, Sandhohne Swain A. S., Carroll 0 00 Webster R. It., Nundle 0, Swain Eliza, Back Creek, Nundle. 0 0 Welk A. G., Dungowan 00. Swain G.., Tanglewood, Moonier.' Wheeler G. S., Clarafield, Manilla 0 Swain Bros., Ranger's Valley, Quir- Wheeler Geo., Thirltnere, Quipolly. 0. inal 0. Wheeler P. J., Upper aa. Swain James A., Kilphysie, Carroll 0 0 0' Wheeler, Manilla. Swain T., G ltd White G. A., Narara, fanilla 0 00 Swain W. A., Namol Terrace, Carroll White H. C. (Exors. late), Mullaley ' Swan A. M., Oakvale, Woolomin White Mrs. Jane A., Barraba 0 0, Swan C. It., Woolomin 00 White John B., Braymount, Bog- Swan J. II., Advantage, Woolomin 0 0. Swan Mrs. M. A., Woolomin White William, Moor Creek - Sweeney Jas., Gowrie, Goonoo Goonoo Whitten A., Junr., Gaspard, Quirindl 0 ft Symonds Bros., Willow Tree 0 NN bitten Mrs. Charlotte, Quirindi 00. Symonds J G., Willow Tree Whitton Ed., Warral, Tamwortit Taggart Bros., The Glen, Quirinal. Whitten Henry, Quirindi Tait 0. B., Mullaley - 0 f! Whitten Henry E., GoonGonna() o.' 00. Tanner A. II., Quirinal Whitten Fredk., Gaspard, Quirindi. Taylor.. Ii. & M. L., Quirindi 0 00 Taylor 0.0., The Ranch, Barraba. Whitten John, Woodlands, Cork- Taylor H., Terrible Vale, Werris batman Ck Taylor James, Reno, Barraba Wilkinson Chas., Glencoe, Attunga Taylor L., Worral Wilkinson 0. S., Quirinal T Taylor William, Belfield, Nundie Williams C. G Barraba 0, Thom Jas. U., Wilgarvale, Manilla Willis K. S., Woodend, Ommedali 0 0. Thomas J. W., Limbri Thompson d. Melrose, Guunedah 0 0 Thompson J., Barraba Thompson S. L. & S. H., Mullaley 0 00 Willsallen T. L. & '. S., Guttnible, Gunnedali Wilson Bros. (C. P.), Plunithorpe, Mullane Thompson H. W. M Barraba Wilson A. D., Dungowan 0 0 T Thompson J. W., Manilla Wilson Alf Attutiga Thompson W. T., Beigrave, Curlew's Wilson D. V., Boggabri , Thomson W. J., Gunnedah 0 0 Wilson G. R., Long Arm, Barraba 0 00' Thornton R., Dungowan 0 Wilson II. T., Quirinal Thornton S., Ounnedali 0 Wilson J. IL, Woodton, Quirindi Thuell N. J., Devon, Duri 00 Wilson K The Brigalows, Barraba 0. Tlnsey & Schofield /*lune) Wilson S. J., Moonbi 0 Tongue G. E., Unique, Loomberali Wilson W. (Estate late), Mootibi 0 Toole J., Wheatlands, Manilla 0 00 WiLson W. J., Dori 00. Tout John, Bonnier' 0 0 Winter Adam, Barralia 0 0. Townsend W. R., Gunnedah Winter F.., Glenrock, Willow Tree. Turner H. 0., Tambar Springs Winter George, Borah Ck..Manilla 0 Turner John, Carroll Wiseman & Head, Gartiton en, Turner Margaret, Phoenix Park, Attunga Carroll - Wiseman J. & E. S., Attnuga. Turner The ' Folly, Taunbar Wq0l A. D., Manilla Springs Witenden E. S., Gunnedah Tydd J-, Bulga, Wren Witten A., Wood's Reef 0 00 Upperton T. W., Castlemount 0 Witten F., Barraba Upton Joshua, Willow Tree Woodburn J. L. F., dunnedait 0-0 Urquhart 0. Gunnedah Woodley 0. C., Woolomin. 0 Usfeller A., Wallabadah - 0 Woodley IV. A., Fern View, Nunale 0 Usfeller W., Wallabadali 0 Woods E. H., Kelvin Witless A. T., Northbrook, *Manilla. 0 0 Woods G. H., Dungowan 0 Vernon Arthur, Attunga 0 0 Woodward J. (Exors. of), Carroll Vickery J. S. (Treks, late).;bective Wollaston G. T., Somerton 0. Vine Albert J., Boggabri 0 0 Woolfe William, Attunga Vine J. M., Quirinal 0 Worboys W. & Sons, Tamworth Vozzey George, Dungewan - Worboys A. V., Goonoo, Goonoo Rd. 0 Walker William, Appleby 00 Wallangra Pastoral Co. Ltd., Boggabri 0 Walters B., Currububula. 00 Worboys W. A., Wallabadalt Wright J., Niangala Wright M., Barralia Wyndham E., Daruka, Tantworth TO PERMIT OF THE ATTENDANCE OF ABSENT FRIENDS WE EMBALM AT NOMINAL COST 0, 0 00' Mk I

25 ANTHONY HORDERNWONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. c Ten PASTORAL. Ten Owner, Station and Poet Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. it. C. S. A. TAMWORTH(continned) Braid John, Bryan's Gap, Barney Wyndham F. J., loonbi, Downs 00 'Wyndham Hilda, Tamworth 00.' Wyatt D., Quip Ily - 0 Brauer C. H., Daisy Farm, Tenter- field York James D., Quirindi Brennan Frank, Rockley, Emmarille 0 0 Young F. J. (Exrs.) Want, Cur'owls Brosnan John, Acacia' Creek, New Koreelalt 0 Brown E. C., Amosileld 0 Brown A. R., Steinbrook. 0 0 Brown F. E., Steinbrook 0 TENTERFIELD. 0 Mary E. Bolivia 0 0 'TENTERFIELD PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD Burke Win., Wattle ' Farm, Steinbrook Chairman : J. Donnelly, Bryan's Gap. Burrows Bros., Clifton Station 0 eo 0 secretary F. W. Hoskings, Esq., Tenterfield. Burton Charles W., Wilson's Down- Stock Inspector : M. J. ST. CLAIR, Glen Dines. fall Burton 0. C., Avondale, Mole River 0 Butler A. W., Black Swamp, Ten- Allsop Robert, Bookookoorara, Ten- Witold 000 torttold Butler John E., ' Black. Swamp, Armstrong Bros., Timbarra ( Tenterfield Arthur Jno., Hanover, Sunnyside 0 Butler Joseph H., Itivertree. Austin A., Leefield 00 Cadell C. K., Deepwater..-0 Bacon H. J., Irrigation Farm, Campbell A., Bryan's Gap Deepwater 0 Dampbell H. G., Bryan's Gap. 0 Macon E. C., Warwick 000 'Campbell T. E. Legume Bagster E. J., Mole River - Camden* McDonald, Inverell _ T) Bagger R. W., Torrington 0 Cavanagh Thos., Deepwater 0 atzley Samuel, Bolivia, Sandy Flat 0 00 Chisholm Mrs. Annie, Willara, Bon- Bailey C. H., Torrington 00 slum ' 0 0 Bailey Chas., Torrington, Tent Hill 0 00 Chorley F. A., ungulla g 0 Baker A. C., Ashford Charley H. J., Bungulla 00 Baker William, Sandy Ills Chorley, Bungulla Baldwin Mrs. E. H., Deepwater Chorlay Thonuts, Bungulla Matnberry Duncan, Wilson's Downfall Christianson Charles, G unyan, Bantberry Mary, Maryvale 0 0 Bonshaw Bamberry Samuel, Wylie Creek, Christie A. B. Tarban 0 0 Wilson's Downfall 0 SO 0 Clark Arthur, Tentertleld Marker A., Bungulla Clark H. H., Torrington 0 00 Barlow J. NV., Rockdale, Wilson's Clark Orchard, Amosileld Downfall Connolly J. S., Tentertleld ( Barlow T. F., Wylie's Creek, ' Wil- Coombes James, Sandy Flat. son's Downfall Cooper A. B., Deepwater 00 Darratt J. W. 0., Careen, Deepwater 0 Cooper H. E. S., Invent!' Drama J. T. E., Arranmoer, Deep- Cooper S. C., Mole Station 000 water Cossart James tt Son, Dungendon, Darratt Wm., Careen, Deepwater Queensland 0 Bates Henry, Woodlands, Tenter- Coventry J. V., Texas 0 00 field 0 Cowley A., Texas Dates P.. It., Tenterfield Cowley James, Deepwater 0 0 Beddow E. J., Wylio Ck., Wilson's Cox Mrs. Clara, Ashford Downfall 0 Cox Joseph, Main Camp, Deopwater 000 Dell J. G., Hilicrest, Beepwater 0 Cox J. It., Ashford 00 Bendall Chas. H., Sandy Flat 0 Cox (Estate), Matilda, E. Edgerton 0 0 Bendall Fred., Brookside, Bolivia 0 0 Cox Percy, Deepwator 0 'Bentley W. J., Bonshaw 0 Cox S. E., Ashford 00 Benton F. W., Sandy Flat Cox Samuel, Mountain View, Ashford 0 Bonita E. 0., Deepwater 00 0 Crawford Reg., Etninaville 00 Illaker J. C., Bungulla 0 Crisp Alf. J., New Koreelah, Acacia Body E. C. tt. Son, Strathbogio, Creek 0 Emmaville 000 Crisp Mrs. J., Koreelah llody Marion, Stratbogie h ' Croft E., Bonshaw Bonnar Chapman, Wilson's Down- Crome R. J., Wilson's Downfall 0 fall 0 Crome Rebecca, Wilson's Downfall 00.Bounar E. J., Boston Cliffs, Wilson's Cubis E., Mole River 0 Downfall 00 Curr Guy, Sandy Flat Monnar H. P., Oakvale, Wilson's Curvey William, Sandy Flat 0 Downfall 000 Cusack Wallangarra Bounar Ruth, Lincoln, Wilson's Cutts Bros. ' llonshaw Downfall Daly C. P., Acacia ' Creek lionnar W. T., Milford Farm, Wil-, Daly D. E., Acacia Creek son's Downfall 00 Daly Dennis, Acacia Creek 00 Boston William, Timbarra 0 Daly John, Avondale, Acacia Creek 00 Bott Conrad, Wilson's Downfall Davidson J. H., Deopwater 0 Bottrell H. T., Wilson's Downfall 0 Davidson It., New Koreelail, Acacia Bottrell Thos., Amosfield, Wilson's Creek 0 Downfall 0 Davidson R. R., Wongalee, Emma- Bowman Bros., Contrale, ionshaw 0 0 villa 0 Mowman Bros., Maidenhead, Tenter- Davis Labatt, Severn Farm, Ashford field Dean Bros., Miugoola 0 Doxwell J. G. (Este.), Clifton. 0 Deardon Fred., Daisy Mount,'Stein- Bradford G. F. Fern Dale, Acacia hrook Creek Dillon E. P.oWilson's Downfall 0 0 P.O. BOX 0. NEW PALACE 'EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. Ten PASTORAL. Ten' c S. & S. No, land A.S. & P. No. Codes PHONESOffices ; Residence:. LASS COY., AUCTIONEERS, Stock, Station, Property and General Commission Agents, STANTHORPE, QUEENSLAND. ORCHARD LANDS A SPECIALITY. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Dillon J. T., Wilson's Downfall 0 Gerke Bernhardt, Inglewood, Deep- Donaghey John, Tenterfleld 0 water Donaghey Mrs. M., Tenterfield 0 Geyer If. T. Pyer's Creek Donoghue J. J., Tenterflold 0 Gilbey G. W., Deepwater Donoghue P. I., Texas 00 0 Gillespie L., Acacia Creek 0 Donoghue I'. J., China Swamp, Glasser C. NV., Ashton' ' Tante Meld Gobbert W. j. S., Bonshaw Donohue James, Leetield, Clifton Golledge Frank, Mingoola 0 0 Donnelly H., senr., Bryan's Gap, 0 0 Gollodge Isaac, Mingoola Donnelly James, Bryan's Gap Donnelly Mick, Bengulla. Donnelly Michael, Bryan's dap Donovan W. T., Acacia Creek 0 Dowe S. H. Spring Hill, Tenterfleld Drury Mrs. E.; Scrub, Tenterfield Duddy Chas., Strathan Vale, Tent Hill Graham C. H., Bonshaw Gray J. C., Torrington Gray John, Sunnyside ' Grayson James, Koreolail. Greene Joseph Win., Bookoor, Wil- son's Downfall Griffiths W. T., Enunaville _ 00 0 Grogan Ioa, Tonterfleld 0 Duddy Thomas, Deopwater ' 000 Grogan W., Tenterfield 0 0 Dunman J. T. S., Ashford Dutton Mrs. C. B., Corredulla, Tentertield... Dutton C. W., Locherfels, Deepwater Dwyer James, senr. (Est. of), Sandy Flat Earls W. C. K., Brighton, Ashford Easterbrook W., Acacia Creek Milani A. A., Spring Dale, Maryland Elam C. W., Maryland Einam F. G., Maryland Elam Wm., Spring Hill, Maryland England John, Tonterfield English A. W., Sandy Flat Fagg Geo. F., Cullendore * Fagg T. W., Cullendoro _Fahey Pat., Nottingham Park, Ashford Farmer A., koralah Farrell Thomas, Sandy Hills Ferguson James, Tarban, Jennings Ferinback F., Wilson's Downfall Findlay tt Brady, Texas Finn John, Bryan's Gap Finn Michael, Bryan's Gap Finnerty Mrs. P., Bryan's Gap Finnerty P., Hillcrest, Tenterfield ' Fletcher T. C., White Swamp '= Fletcher ( Koreelall. Flint Robert. junr., Maryland. ' Flynn Jas., The Gulf, Enonaville - Fox J. C., Itivertree, Wilson's Downfall Fox '. C., Wylie Creek, Wilson's Downfall Fox Thomas, Wilson's Downfall. allagher James, Wilson s Downfall Gallagher Pat., Wylie Creek, Wilson's Downfall Geddes Alex., Old Koreelah Oerke Andrew, Ruby Vale, Deepwater Gross Chas., Eminaville Gunn R. N., Rivertree Gunn It. W., Maryland Haddock Louisa, Sunnyside Hadley Henry, limmaville. Hadley Joseph, Tent Hill Hadley R. A., Tent Hall Eaward, Sunnysldo Halluin Henry, Ryden, Bonshaw Hanlon S. A., lionshaw Hall= T. F., Bonshaw Hannon E. M., Wilson's Downfall. Hannon John, Wilson's Downfall Hardcastle G. I., Acacia Creek Harrigan M. J., Tenterfield Harriman Ern.; Wilson's Downfall Harvey Arthur, Woodenbong Harvey W. S. Stannum Heffernan Henry, Deopwater Herbert John, Bolivia Hickey John, Bungulla. Hill E. D. Tarban. Tenterfleld Hilton Elizabeth, Tent Hill Hilton Henry, Enonaville Hilton Jahn S., Lyon, Ashford Hilton William, junr., Marrickvilla, Entinaville Hineka B. J., Koreelah _ Hingston Wm., Tenterfleld Hodges George, Emmaville Hoffman S. L., Koreelah Hogan P., Emmaville Holly NV. A., Tenterfleld Holmes J. It. dz A. C., Brooklyn, Yetman. Horn Chris, Clifton Horn Thos,, Tarban Dorniman C. IV., Koreela ' h Hoskin John, Bonshaw Howard M., Tenterffeld. Howard Thomas, Tenterfleid Humphrey W., Bunnyside ( WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. ". BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS, SEE ALPHABETICACSECTION THE LARGEST FIRM OF CARRIAGE AND DRAG 'PROPRIETORS SOUTH OF THE ',MATH

26 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE MAN ON THE LAND. c 'Ten PASTORAL. Ten Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. TENTERFIELD(coatinued) McKenzie H., Ashford 0 Hurley Daniel, Acacia Creek 0 McKenzie J. R. Bonshaw 00 Hurley Jeremiah, Acacia Creek McKenzie Thos.., Min Min, Texas Hurtz C. S., j., Turban 0 McKenzie W. A., Ashford Hutchings Joseph., Tenternold 0 McLeod James, Bolivia 0 0 Hynes Riverton McMillan John, Tentertield Hynes S., Drake adsen L., Wilson's Downfall 00 Inglis John, Acacia Creek 00 Madsen IL, Wilson's Downfall Irwin James, Ashford. 00 aggs Chas., Texas. Jeffrey Mrs. A. L., Dorthala 00 0 Maher Dan. (Estate of), Timbarra Jeffrey Peter, ingoola, Tentedlaid Timbarra. Jeykill Bros., Eminaville 0 0 Mahoney Jeremiah, Acacia Creek 0 00 Jehnston J. 0., Tenterfield anser Goo., Black Swamp, Ten- Johnston J. V., Tenterneld _ tenfold _. Johnston M. U., Tenterflold M esmer Stephen, Bryan's Gap 00 Jones H. It., Wallangarra arsliall Win., Legume, 0 0 Jones It. A., Sandy Fiat artyn W. H., Tenterfield 00 Jurd J. W., Tenterfield 0 0 Matheson John, Tenterfield 00 Kearney Michael, Culiendore, May Chas., Beeeroft, Deepwater 0 Kearney Patrick, Cullendore 00 Meehan James, Emmaville 00 0 Kollin F., Springfield, Deepwater 0 eston Frank, Rivertree Kelly M., Bryan's Gap Kelly Thomas T., Deepwator Kermode Margaret, MeLeod's Tenterfleld Miller W. P., Bonshaw Morgan W., Emmeline Moore C. E., Ashford Morris Bros., Koreelals Key Albert, Tent Hill 00 0 Morris B. (Est. of), Rivertree 0 Key E. IL, Mingoola 0 Morris J. H. Rivertree _ 0 Kiernan F., Sandy Flat 00 Morris S., Yetman. 0 Kiernan F., Deopwater 0 Morrissey Bros., Wilson's Downfall Kiernan Frank, Four Mlle, Deep. Moylan Pat, Bungulla 0 water 00 Murphy J. Ss M., litingulla Kiernan M. F. Bolivia Murray B., Steinbmok Kiernan T. 0 Murray H. E., Texas ' 0 King Mrs. E. C., Peru, Bolivia 0 00 Mutch F. G., Legume King F., Bonshaw 0 0 Attach (I. L Now Ktreelali King IL, senr., Bonshaw. Dfutch Ruth, Legume., Kneipn George, Lieernan, Asltford 0 00 Neale Joseph, Texas Knight E., Wilson's Downfall 0 Nell & Nell, KillorneY 0 Knight J., Stattnnin ' Neville James, Texas 0 0 Knight Sid., Stannum _ 0 Now John, Ashford Knight Win., Wilsen's Downfall 0 Newley S. & J., Wilson's Downfall. 0 Koch John, Steinbrook, Tenterlield As'. ow el'., s Jar,., Wilson's Downfall 0 Koch John, jour., Steinbrook Nicholas A. J., Bonshaw 0 Koch Joseph, Black Swamp 00 Nichols J. C., Ashford 00 Konia W. I., Bonshaw 00 Niehols W. T., Ashford 0 Laird J. It, Acacia Creek O'Brien Denis, Ashford 0 Lamb Cuthbert, Acacia Creek 0 0 O'Brien E. E., Emniaville 00 Lamont Jas., Oakey Creek, Wil- O'Brien M., Bonshaw son's Downfall.. 00 O'Brien T. J., Eden, Bonslum. 0 Lamont William, Wilson's Downfall 0 0 O'Connor John, Bungulla Larkin P. J., Deepwater 0 O'Donolme I. A. Bons/law 00 0 Leo N. IL, Tenterneld 0 0 O'Donnell D.. At S. R., Rocky Leech J. A., Mole River 0 Creek, Emil:wine 0 Leech John, Leech's Gully 0 O'Hara W. T., Bolivia Lennon W., Texas 0 0 O'Hare Robt., Glen lnnes. 00 Lewin C. A., Bonshaw 00 Parker A., Bonshaw 0 Lillicrap C., Mole River. Tenterneld 00 Parker J. A., Bonshaw _ 0 00 Lillicrap It., Mingoola Parker Joseph, Emmavilic 00 Lockwood A. H., Deepwater Parry IL IL. Deopwater Lockwood Jas. IL, Deepttater Pasterfield F., Yemen Lockwood John Hy., Deepwator 00 Pasterfleld O., Yettnan 0 0 Lockwood R. J., Deepwater Pasterfleld W., Yetinan 0 Lomax J. IL, Tentertield Patterson W., Legume McAllister D. S., Wilson's Downfall " Patterson Mrs. Sarah, Happy Val- McAlister Donald, Wilson's Downfall - 0 ley, Eminaville. _ 00 0 McAllister It. C., Bermerton, Four Patterson Robert, Article Creek Mile, Tenterlield 0 Patterson R. J., Decimator, Bolivia 00 McClifty, D., Bolivia Payne Mrs., Toolome 0 McClifty Ed., Argyle, Bolivia 0 l'eltsch E. A., Bonsbaw 00 0 McCIlfty James, Sandy Flat 00 Perkins H., Deepwater McCosker A. S., Bonshaw 0 0 Perrin G. E., Bolivia. hicccsker C. E., Deepwater 0 Perrin If. W Bolivia 0 MeCosker 0. C. J., Clifton 0 Perry W., Emtnaville 0 McGowan A. H. L., Stannum Petrie J. If., Tenterfield 0 McCowen Geo., Deepwater 0 00 Petrie. T., Tenterfleld McDonald S., Mount Durnaresq, Petrie Jacob, Sandy Flat 0 onshaw. Petrie John, Tentertield 00 Mannish, Windeyer Cadell, Anna. Petrie W. F., Tenterfield dale (t, Deepwater, Deopwater 00 Petrie Wm., Five Mile Creek, Sandy McKenzie A. J., Kenilworth, Bon- Flat 0 shaw 0. niter G. F., Kit Ora, Ashford 0 0 McKenzie A. K., Kenilworth, Bon- Phifer 0. J. Ashford. 0 0 slum 000 Pillar Jas., Reedy ' Ck., Tenterneld. 0 0 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR POULTRY KEEPERS' REQUISITES. Ten PASTORAL. Ten c 'Telegraphic Addresses Hatton, Chinchilla. McDonald, Miles. Phones McDONALD & HATTEN, AUCTIONEERS, Stock, Station and General Commission Agents MILES AND CHINCHILLA, QUEENSLAND. f No. Chinchilla. t No. Miles i" A. F. R. McDonald Win. Hatton. Corresponding Agents in all States. Monthly Cattle Sales at each Centre. Clearing Sales as arranged. Registered with tho Brisbane Stock and Produce Agents' Association. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Pillar Thos., Bun gulla 00 Stomas' S. If. 0., Dundee Pit kin 0. F., Tentertield 00 Sionian W.. T., Dundee 0 00 Pitkin T., Black Swamp Smith A. A., Drake Potter A. J., Tent Hill 00 Smith Arthur, Cullendore. ( 0 Potter J. A.., Tent Hill 0 Smith C. W. J., Boorook 00 Potter It. ('. K Simons' 0 0 Smith Charles, Cu liendore 0 ( Purvis -Andrew. Maidenhead Smith IL C., 'Fatten, Tenterfleld 0 Ramsay Jas. (Estate of), Rocky Smith F. C., Callendore 0 0 Creek, Enunaville 0 Smith E. J., loech's (Intik Rebore Victor, Rivertree, Wilson's Iole River 000 Downfall 0 Smith George A., Bookookoorara Reid J. H Tentertleld _ 000 Smith G. P., Steinbrook 0 0 Reynolds T. G., Emmaville Smith Raymond, Tenterfleld Rhodes J., Sandy Dill 00 Smith R. Thos., Scrub, Tenterfleld 0 00 Robertson A Co., Wellington Vale, Smith Thonnor, Bom.ile View, Tor- Deepwafer rington. Robertson J. A., Bonshaw 0 00 Smith IV. If., Tenterfield Itolwrtson IL G. A., Wellington Vale Sommerlad P., Tenterfleld Romer H., Silent Grove, Torrington Stanford J., Tent Hill 0 0 Romer. Deepwater 00 Stapleton C. G., Texas 0 Rose J. W., Black Swamp 0 Stevenson F., Tenterfield OD 0 Rosington George P., Mona Vale, Steward G. E., Bobrea GO 00 Deepwater 0 Rummery Geo., Emmavillo 00 Stewart Alex Illiera Rush John, Bonshaw 0( Stonnbridge F. S, Wilson's Downfall 0 0 Russell Chris., Ashford Stombridge W Wilson's Downfall 0 Ryan George, Deepwater Rouen E. C., Black Swamp _ 0 0 Sa y Edward, Pine Tree, Emmarille Strachan F., Texas 00 Selliffman A., Bolivia Strahley Chas., Ashford 00 0 Seltiffman F., Green Swamp, Ten- Strahley H., Bonshaw 0 terfield Sullivan H. W., Tent Hill 0 0 Schroder M. C., Tarban, Jennings 00 Sullivan P. E., Stalinism 0 Schroeder T. M., Clifton 0 Sweeney J. P, Cullendore. _ Scott William, Airlie, Tenterfield Sweeney John, Steinbrock Sent A., Snake's Valley, Tenterfleld Taylor Richard, Bryan's Gap 0 Sharpe J. T., Bolivia 0 Teller A. & Sons, Tent Shaw A. J., Deepwater 00 0 Terry R., Ferndale, Tenterneld Shaw W. J Dee/water 0 00 Thompson J. C., Tabu lain Slashes F.,' Maryland 00 Thompson J., Ashford 0 0 Skey W. E., Torringten 0 0 Thompson W. G., Wilson's Down- Slade IL IV., Bestury, Tooloom 0 fall 0 0 WOOD, COFFILL IL COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE car INTERMENTS ARRANGED FOR IN ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA OR'ABROAD ON SHORT NOTICE

27 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TOP QUALITY AT BOTTOM PRICE. o Two PASTORAL. Two Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. TENTERFIELD(continued) Anthnelli F., Tuckerimba - Tindall A; Sou, Limited, Gunyan, Antoneill Giovanni, S'th Woodburn 0 Inglewood 0 00 Anton olli D., Biickendoon Townsend Violet, Ashford 00 Archinald Charles, Tintenbar Treadred J., Emmaville _ 0 0 Argue Robert, Mullumbimby Tredennlek. H., Tatban. 00 Armbruster W. F., Meerschaum Voss Fred., Sevens Farm, Ashford. 0 Vale. Vowel' It., Tentertield Armstrong Bros., Bexhill Walker R. L., Tonterfleld Armstrong Bras., Nashua Wallace N.., Acacia Creek Armstrong Hubert, Bexhill 0 ) Warner W. H., A berfeldie 00 0 ( Armstrong J. A., Rosehank. 0 Wartnaby John, Bungulla Annstmng J. E., Boat-harbour. Vi'aterson W., sera., Maryland Armstrong J., Cormiale Rd., Bexhill Watson A. H., Lochinvar, Deep- Armstrong James, lnverell water. Armstrong Jas. Henry, Dormughby?. Watson E., ' White Swamp, via Armstrong M. W.., Boat Harbour Acacia Creek 0 Armstrong S. C., Wvrallalt 0 Watson J. W., Woodenbong, Casino Armstrong Thomas, Tuncester Watson Joseph, River Urn, Deep' Armstrong T., Byron Bay 0 water, Armstrong T. W., Tvagorah Watt D. J., Tontertield. Armstrong W. J., Rosebank 0 Watts Alice., Ashford 0 0 Armstrong W. J., Bangalow Watts Jos. E., Fern Loege, Ashford 0 Arnett W. Bangalow. aa - Waugh W. H., Sminysido 00 Arnold Min, Lismore Webb Joseph T., Black Swamp 000 Arnold Minnie, S. Cudgera. 0 - Weber George, Texas 0 Arthur E. A., Dorroughby - Weekes William, Bonshaw Arthur Herbert, Dorroughby - Weliburn Thos., Stratheam, Ten- Arthur W. A., ullumblinby - terileld 0 Arthur W. M., Conidale - Wells G. II., Ashford,, 00 Ashlin Richard, Whean Whean - Wells Mrs. Susan, Stratlibogl e. 0 0 Atkin James, Tyagarah CO - Whalen Jane, Leefleld 0 0 Atkin Thos., Lismore. Whalan Thomas, Mole River 0 00 Ayling J. W., Channon White Bros., Bolivia Station, Bolivia Back W. A., Mullumblmby. White C. F., Windaroo, Wilson's Bailey II. S., Eureka Downfall 00 Bailey d ames, Tyalgtun Whittle A. G., Enunaville 00 0 Bailey W. I,. Byron Bay. Wilkins C. G., Enunnville 0 Baker F. S., Lim ' Inwood 0 Willgeose H. H., Bungulla 0 Baker G., Itirwil umbnit Williams R., Sunnysido, Ashford 00 Baker H. 0. H., Nobby's Creek 00 Williams Thos., Woodside 00 Baker Janice H., LImphiwood 0 00 Wilson William, Ashford 00 Baker John, Kilgin 00 Wood Joseph, Bolivia Baker William, Mullumblmby 0 Wotton William, Glen Rock, Bon- Baker Wm., Myocum Rd., MullumallaW.. 0 bimby 0 Young Edw., junr., WIsIte Swamp Bob e James, South iioo dburn Ball A. E., South Gundurimba Batnberry F. M. Crabbe's Creek Banks Edith, BallIna 0 TWEED-LISMORE. Banner J. W, Bllllnudgel 00 Banney ', J., North Arm, Tweed TWEED-LISMORE PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. River Chairman : T. J. Hayden, Goolmangar. Harbor It. A., Plerabeen 0 Secretary : Robert J. Spinks, Esq., Lismore. Barker R. M., Tyalgum.! 00 Barites J. G., North. Arm, Tweed. Stock Inspector : S. C. EDWARDS. River 0 Barnes C. M., Middle Ann Road, Adams A., Bangalow 0 Murwillumbalt.. Adams W. G., Woliongbar Barnes F. E., Corndalli Ainsworth James, North Creek ' 00 Barnes S., Nlmbin. 00 Akehurst H. A., Billinudgel Barnes S. T., Pilmlico Akers George S., Chillingham 0 Barratt Thos., Goolmangar 0 Akers H. T., Coorabel Creek - ashforth A., Mullumbimby 0 Alcorn L. & A., Newrybar - Basliforth., North Arm, Tweed Alcorn Herbert. Newrybar ' River - 0 Alcorn.0., Knoekrow - Barter George, Tvalition - Alcorn J. J., Newrybar 0 0 Bartlett Bros., Astonville - 0. Alcorn W. W., Bangalow so - Bartlett F. He Roils - Allan W. T., dginbil '. CO - 0 Bartlett M. L. J., The Channon - Allard E. G., Burring/tar - Bartlett S., junr., Eungella Allen D. J., Limner - Barton B., St. Helena, Bangalow Allen D., Turnbull:um - Bassett W. A., Mullumbimby. - Allen S. C. Niinbin - Bate 0, Federal - Alexander Edwin, Coral(' - 0 Bate n. N., Federal 0 Alexander Joseph, C,oraki 0-0 Bates W. J., Fedentl 0 Amos Bros., Konerigan - 0 Beacon It., Climes - 0 Amos J., Spring Grove, Nimbln. I - 0 Beard Samuel, Wardell 0-0 Beardon T. H., The Channon a - Anderson Mrs./ E., Riley's Rlley's Hill Beddoes G. E., Konorigan - Anderson John, Dumithali Beeching R. E., Nimbin - Anderson Thomas A., Burka Beggs W., Rous - Andrews Allek, Upper North Ann 0 Belt F., East Gundurimba Andrews E. C., Wyrallali 0 Bell T. G., Upper North Arm -. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS ST. 'PHONE m EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY AT ANTHONY 'HORDERNS'. Twe PASTORAL. Two c Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Bell \V. J., Gunclurimba Brown Samuel, Alstenville CO Bennett T. M., Brooklet Brown W. A., liirwlilutmmhssls Bergin J. J., Tyalgum 00 0 Brown W. 0., Munvillumbali 0 Bernie Johnston, Brookley 0 Bruce J. F., Brooklet Berry J. J., Rosobank Brom. J., Munvillumbah 0 Berry W., Knockrow 0 Bruggy, South Bundurimba 0 Best George R., Dungay Bryant A. H., Wollongbar Betteridge A. L., Nimbin Bryant E. B., Tweed River 0 Betterhige Arthur, Silt. Woodburn. 0 Bryant J. C., MoLean's Ridge Bignell G., Murwillumbith Bryant S E., Boat Harbour, rig Bloke W., Bangalow. Lismore 0 Bird J. IL, Duranbah Bryce J., Rous. Burke H. W., Numulgi Bryen A. '. A:. E. J Byron Bay Birmingham P., Oakland, Corakl Bryon Robert, Mullimbimby 00 Black William, Zara, Tweed River Buchanan Alexander, Berryville 00 Black Wm., Dmmon. Buchanan J. G., Byangum, Tweed Blackman Blanch, Nimble 00 River Blake M. N. IL, Wonting, Tregengle 0 Buchanan James, Murwillumball 0 Blakeney E. W., Stoker's Siding 0 ^ 00 Buchanan S. A., Nhnbin Blanch Bros., Glenora, Rolls Buchanan Thos., South Lismore Blanch B. G., Rous 0 ^ 0 Buck John, Zara, Tweed River 0 0 Blanch E. G., therscham Vale 00 Buckley J., Stoker's Siding 0 Blanch H. C., Tregeagle Buckley James, Federal 0 Blanch T., Carrabel Creek 0 Buckley Martin, Bangalow 0 0 Blaxland M. H., Tweed Heads 0 Buckley P., Byron Bay 0 Biewett J., Sea View, Brooklet fthekley Tim, Binna Berra 0 Blow A., lurwillumbah BuOiley Timothy, Alphadale 0 Blow Fanny, tirwillumbah 00 Budd A. E., Murwillumbah 00 Blow T., Tluterbar 0 Budd F. J., Murwillumbalt Board W. 0., Rosewood, Byangum 00 Bu gden, II. South Ounduriniba. Boland at Thomson, Woodburn 0 00 Bull Alfred, Lismore Boland T., Woodburn 0 Bulwinkel Bros., Alstonville Bolton R,,, Murwillumball 0 Bulwinkel C. L. Mina 0 Bones A. E., Burringbar 0 Bunter A. J., Vinna Burra Booker T. H., Wollongbar Bunter James, Bangalow Boorman C. H., Limpinwood 0 Burgess Hutton, 'Amnon! Boorman Percy, Numlnbah 00 Burgess J., Bintuawalbyn Boorman W. C., Newrybar 0 0 Burnett A. E., North Creek ' Bornholt N., nrwillumball 0 0 Burnett A. J., Brooklet Burton Thomas, Lismore Burnett Robert, Brooklet Bourke R., Dimoon Burns H. H., Bower James A., Mullumbimby Bu shell Janice, Cli nics 0 Bower William, hillumbimby 0 Butcher John, Burringhar Boxsell B. M., Murwillumbah Butler F. F., Swan Bay 0 0 Boxitell.L, Uki 00 Butt David, Boat harbour.. Boyd A. le Son, Conidale 0 Butt Joins, Dunon Boyd R. V., Climes Buttenshaw G., Billimidgel 00 Boyd T.., Dungay Ck., Condeng. Buttenshave W. F., Eungella 00 Boyd T. m., Dungay Creek 0 Byrne Janice T., Tuneester 0 Boyle L. A., Bangalow 0 Ill Byrne Patrick, Stott's Creek Boyle M., Goolmangar 0 00 Byrnes Arthur. Dungarahba Boyle N. Tyalgum 0 Byrnes A. F., Stoker's Siding Ithyter A.., Tweed Heads 0 Byrnes M. J., Uhl Bradbury Christ Ina, Boat Harbour. Byrnes T., South Woodburn Brady Peter, Burringbar 0 Crutch James, Burringbar - Braid James, Dunoon 0 Caffery Int. IL A., Bexhill 0 -, Brawn It. H., Tintenbar Caffery V., N - Bray F. Stoker's Siding Caisle y John, Dimoon 0-0 BreillatBros., Eungella 0 Callaghan David, Nashua - Brian W. (Exrs.), Dunoon Cameron Archibald, McLean's Ridges 0 - Bridger James, fullumbimby 0 00 Cameron Angus, Tumbulgum - Brid ger Robert, Burringbar Brims W. E., Uki. Cameron W. W The Channon - 0 Campbell Bros., Itirwillumbalt Broadhead B. H. Ban galow Campbell Charles, Piggabeen 00 Brook A., Murwillumbah Campbell Colin, Murwillumbah Broadrick S. N., Bungawalbyn Campbell.J. H., Tintenbar 0 Brooks T., Murwillumbah Brookes F., furwillumbah Brookes F. V., Zara Brown Bros., Palm Vale Campbell Thomas, Murwillumbali Campbell IV., 'Need Heads Campbell William, tirwillumball Cannane W. H., Itutliven 0 Brown Anthony, Nimbin 0 Capelin Bros., South Woodburn 0 Brown Anthony J., Wardell (Intern, Bryan, Murwillumball Brown A. D., Within Whian 0 Carberry James M., Limpinwood Brown A. E., Midgiubil 0 Carhill I,. F., Jiggi Road 0 Brown A. E., Limmore Carlson C. A., Tintenbar Brown A. J. T., Munvillumbah 0 Carr Donis, Booyong Brown E., Crystal Creek Carter Albert J., Zara 0 Brown E. 0., Goolmungar Canby J., Upper Burringbar 0 Brown E. P., Brooklet Casey Thos., Eden Vale, Swan Bay. 0 Brown Ernest H., Oki, Terragon Oashin Eugene, Mamba 0 Brown H.., Midginbil 0 CavacevIch M., Widen Whian Brown J. A., Ncrtls Woodburn Cavanagh F.., 'Nag/trait 0 Brown P. D., Mullumbimby Cawley E., ficolmangar WE SPECIALISE IN WEDDING CARRIAGES AND WE HORSE THEM SUPERBLY. INSPECTION INVITED 0 it

28 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR READY-TO-WEAR CLOTHING. c Twe PASTORAL. Twe Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. TWEED-LISMOREgcontinued) Cook Wm. j., Broadwater a Cawley J., Kerning Cooke Dixon, Aistonville. 0 Cawley Owen, Alstonville Cooke G. I., Lismore. Cants II. A., Pitlin Vale Cooke George Alstonville 0 - Ceaton William T., Mulltimbimby Cooke W. A ' Ethan' Chadwick W. T., MI!Mudge' 0 Cooney D., Tyalgutn 0 0 Charles S. B Bilambil. 0 Corcoran James, Woliongbar Charlton T. J., Itonorigan 0 0 Cork IL. J. Mullumblinby Chic Charles, Hsi/sore 0 Cornwall if., Cudgeon - ('life George, Woodlawn Cotten A., IL ismore. - Chilentt E.& Sons, Crystal Creek 0 0 Cottee George F., Lismore Chileott E., WM!towbar 00 Cottee Spencer., Tregeaglo Chilrott G. J., Combalum _ Couch James A., Ninibin 0 -, Chi!cat T. J., Mors. illumbrili Cowen A. J., Alidginbil 0 - ChiIcott W., North Arm, Mur- Cowen W. T., Billinutigel - willumbith Cox Charles, Clones - Chlieott W. H., Combolum 00 Cox Moss G. Elingella - 0- Childs Robert, Wyrallah Cox H. C., gtoker's Siding. - ) Chisholm H. Is., Cormbile Cox H. IL, (ti - 0 Chittick A., Rosebank 0 Cox E. J., Chilliti ghant - Chittick J., GommHaled' Cox.., Coffee S wami) - Chittick Hugh, Federal 00 Cox J. S., Burringbar - 00 Chittiek Thomas, Eureka Coxon Edward C. J. F., Lottville - Chittick W., Tregea gle Cram James, Tarragon - 00 Churchhill George, Ulmarra Crane Lucy, Blakelenok - Clark Alex., Contdale 0 Crane S. R., Wadeville - Clark Arthur, Conidale 0 Cranfleld W. J., Mena Bum - Clark David, Bexhill Crawley., North Tombillgtint - Clark II. H., Midkimbil 0 Gravigan C. H., Woodbnrn - Clark John, Nimbin 0 Cravittan W. B., Woodburn - 0 Clarke A. E., Murwilliiiithali Crawford Norman, Alstonville - Clarke Alexander, Clones. Crawford P., Alstonville -. 0 Clarke Henry, Town Hall Hotel, Crawford ICJ., Nimbln Road - lialmain. Crawford W. A., Alstonville - Clarke Hubert, Round Mountain Crawford W. H., Teven - Clarke John, urwillontbals. 0 Creagan J. S., Mullumbilisby - - Clarke Itollert, Clones 0 Crichton It. J., Billinudgei - Clarke W. J., Binna Burro. _ Crisis Bros., Jiggi - Cloven J. C., Thitenbar 0 0 Ctofton H., [bus Mill - Clavan W. H., Tintenbar. Cronin P. T., Boatharbour - ) Claydon II., Mans 0 Crooks, Mtirwillumbali ' 0-0, Clayton Wm. Edward, Cooper's Cro s.i George, Dolmen Road - Creek, Miillumblinbv crossinan James, yocitin, u- Clifford A. It., Meerschaum Vale lumblinby. ) Clifton! Chas. Geo., North Creek I 0 Crosthwalte J. S., Duranbah Clifford l'., Ilvanguni 0 Crowther F., 0 ) Clifford T., Eitham 0 Crozier Wm., Mullumbimby Clifford W. F., Meerschaum Vale 0 CrulekshanIcs W., Teven 0 Clifford W.., Byron Bay Cullen F. G., Nimbin Clissold 0. R., Nimbin 0 0 Comiskey James J Ballina Clothier Bros., Tyalgum Cupitt James E., Ballina Clothier Win., Condong 000 Curran James, Brillion, 0 Clugston R., S. Rosebank 0 Currie Donald, C/tannon Rd. Chigston Thomas, Nimbin Currie John, Pennon Cobb J. B., Burringbar. 0 Curry T. W., Lismore Cochrane T. A., Euringsdale 0 -- Curtis James A., Federal 00 Cochrane W. G., Mullumbimby 00 Curtis John, Knoekrow. Codrington A. H., Fedora! Cusbert 0 H., Channon 0 Coghlan E.G., Bangalow Doug George, Thingartibba Colefax A. J., Eungella 0 Daley 'Hugh, Alstonville Coles George, Bangalow Daley Jatnes, Dalwood, Roils 00 Coles Sydney, Bangalow Daley James, S. Gutelnrimba ( Collard A. G., Rous Mills 0 Daley P., Alstonville.s Collins E. T., The Channon 0 Daley T., Gundurimba 0) Collins J., Elsinore Daly Deni s, Federal 0 Collins P. H., Boor! 00 Daly G. P., Federal Collins It. G., Stoker's Sidin g. 0 Daly J., Lindendnle Commons A. H., Limpinwood 0 Daly J. E., Federal Conaghan B. W., Tweed Heads 00 Daly Richard, Tregeaele 0 Conaghan F. E., Murwillumbah 0 Darrough John, Morn illumbah 0 Condon James David, Nashua Davey A. E., Tweed Heads Conlon W., Cudgera, vie Burringbar DaveAW. H., ',Milan) 0 0 Connell S., Tyagarah. 0 0 Davidson G., Bexhill 0 Connolly Mary J., Eons Davis Henry, Jiggi 0 Connolly W., Deon Doon, UM Davis Irvine, Tregengle 00 Connor Elizabeth, Crystal Creek, Davis Robert, Federal. 0 0 Tweed River 0 Davis W. It. II., Beeehley, R0 Mill 0 Coknor Joseph, Murwillumbah 00 Davis W. J., Ito ii'. Connors James, UM_ Danes Aaron, Boat Harbour 0. Cook Alex., Alston villa. 0 Dawes Caleb, Rosobank Cook Edward S., Goenellabith 0 Dawes Richard, Maybrook, Elthani 0 Cook John, Nashua, Dawson Matthew, Myocum, - Cook It. (L, 0 Iambi:)y.. 0 WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS ST., 'PHONE Mt ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE NEWEST MEN'S MERCERY. Twe PASTORAL. Twe c Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. :an John, Limpinwood English 'Photo:is, Itosobank. Deane F. S., Tito Channon Evans,)., Uki et 0 Dee J. H., Rous. Everest George, Eungella - Deards A., Ukl, Timed River Everest William, Eungella. Deegan Joseph Goonellabah ( Everitt Harry, Mullumblinhy 0 Deeves Henry, Bexhill Ewing Robert, Booyong. Delaforee William, MeKocosHill 0 Eyears Geo., Coorabell Creel; Denny Bro=., Ninibln Rd.. Eyears argaret, Federal Si 0 Bei.IIMMX J.,. 0 leyears Robert, N 0 Devereux John, Billimudgel 0 Fahey Mrs. f., Toven Creek. 0 De very Thomas, Aistonville Faint Edwin, Goolitiangar. DI ggins John, Brooklet 0 Fairweather G. IV., Stoker's Siding, Dillon Samuel, Roos Mill Falls.T. J., Tim channon Dillon W. J., Alstonville Falls W. H. The Channon 0 Dinsey ;tames, Torn holgoto Fervent, Samuel, Condong. Dolan K., 0 Farrell W. II., Burrinabar 0 Donlon AI. j., Lismore 0 Feelkiner A.lusm, Pregengle ( 0 Dorman John, Burrin g bar Faulkner S., Trogeaglo 0 )0 m., Denten' Faellis J0, North I,Ismore Donogline Niary, Fava Bros Swan Bay 0 Donohoe John, i erschnum Vale. 00 Fernaco C. A., ollimildinby. 00 Dooley E., Burringbar Fernenee John, Dooley J. A Mullinnhimby Ferris A., Wyrallah ) 0 Dorrough S. Ao Bilembil Fieldin g A., Keening 0 Dongait W. H., Lismore 0 Fields John, lieerong 0 Must E. T., Chillingletm Fields.T. B. Dorroughby Dowling Joseph, ainbil Fields P. Keerong. 0 Draper 0. G., Tyalgum 0 Fields Peter, ' Keerong 0 0 DrInkwater A. J., Gundurimba Firth IT. G., Nimbin. 0 Driscoll Den, Wollongleir 0 Fisher F. J., Federal Drylie Mrs. A., Bilambil 0 Fisher F. T., South Woodburn Ducat J. E., Plckaheen Fislwr Jane, Mellon/bin/by Si Ducat M. I., Piggabeen Fitzgerald Jaws, Bilambil 0 Ducat L. S., Bilambil 0 Fitzgerald., Mellimbimby. Dudgeon C.., Denoon Road Fitzpatrick John, Thitenbar Dudgeon Lindsay, Goonellaball 0 Flelmery Itulit., Cki Dude ton T. h., Keerong Malley James, Swan Bay 0 Dudgeon W. IL, Bangalow 0 Flatley Michael, New Pity. 0 Burney James, Tintenbar 0 00 Fleming It. Jas., The Channon Bulky M., Tintenbar 0 Pletcher Alexander, Palm Vale Duffy James,. Fletcher G. IL, Dimoon Dunean James, Nenrilgi Fletcher j. F., Rose Hill Duncan Villiam, Elthant. 0 0 Heft G., Swan Bay Duncan William, Palm Vale -- nett Thos., New Italy 00 Deneorribe A. F., Alstonville. Flick W. A. ie. G. H., TYagen Poricombe W., Alstonville 0 Flick Henry, Dittman Road Duncombe W. C., Eitham 0 Flick W., Byron Bay Dunn A. J., Alstonville 0 Flood Patrick, Wardell 0 Dunn Annie M., Stoke's Siding Flood P. T., IVardell _ ( Donn It. 0., Channon 0 Flower F. G., Blinut Burro 0 Dunn W. S. Tuncester Flower F. H., Burringbar 00 Durrington C. H., Swan Bly Flower R. O Bangalow 0 0 Durrington H. C., Tumbulgum Flowers W. If., Billimidgel Dyason Bros., Reeron e Flynn Wm.., Gunderimba 0 Dyer William H., Condone 0 Ford F. C. The Channon Dynen James (Est.), Dimbible Creek Forrester., Stoker's Siding ' Dynan John Stoker's Siding Forrester W. B., Meerschamn Vale. 0 Eady R. If., Stoker's Siding Forster It., Piceabcen, Tweed Heads 00 Eady Reginald, Stoker's Siding 0 Forster T.., Nashua 0 Earea A. E. ellinbin Forster William, Dorroughby 0 Eastment A. ' E., Ilopkin's Creek 0 Foster Alfred, Roos Mill _ - Eastment C. It., Cormiale Foster C. H., Brooklet - Eat m G., Nimbin Foster F. E., Roils Mill - F.elrford H. S., Nintbin Foster Mrs. J. L., Burringbar _ - 0 :Dirtied F. J., Tweed Heads 0 Francis Charles L., Binna Berra - Edwards ilieliard, Boat Harbour - Frankliam W., Tyalgum - Edwards Thomas, Alstonville 0 Franks F. J., Mmmrwillmm,nbals 0 - Egan S., Clielmsford. 0 0 Fraser A., Dunoon. - Fielington Bros., Lila 0 Fraser A. C. S., Ferndale, Knockrow - 0 Film IV. F., Mulloinhiinhy Fraser W. A., Mitlitimbiniby - - 'Ellen. A., Winn Wian, Dunoon 0 Fray G., Tweed Heads - Ellis A. H., Alstonvillo. Fredericks H., Tintenhar Elliott W. P. de A. j., Alstonville Fredericks Jas., Nimbin Elliott A. W., Clunes 00 Fredericks William, Tintenbar, 0 Elliott Alex., Numulgi 0 Frederieksen J. C., Roos _ 0 00 Elliott G. J., Byron Bay. 00 Freeman Charles, Coorabell Creek_ 0 Elliott J. H., Murwillumbah French A. Bungalow Ellson Chas., Nimbiti 0 Frith R. de J H., 00 Elvory A. L., Alstonville (i ) Frith H., Ninbln 0 00 Elvery C. F., Alstonville Funnel! A. W., Channon Road Ely Albert, Crystal Creek Gaffney l'., Brooklet, Dilution Emery James, Eltham Engelmen G. J., Burringbar Gaggan W. W., Bexhill Galian., llooyong II 'OUR DRAGS ARE THE DELIGHT OF PLEASURE PARTIES AND WILL CARRY TWO HUNDRED, Is it

29 EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE AT ANTHONY HORDERNS' c Twe PASTORAL. Twe Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. Owner. Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. TWEED LISMORE(continued)- Gray Wiliam, Binna Burra : Gaharin artin; East Gundurintba. 0 Greber A. P. V., Tockerimba 0 Gall It., Nimbin,. Prober Christian, Rous Mill 0 Gallagher Albert E., Eureka 0 Groben Anthony, Bexhill Gallagher J. J., Eureka Groben Francis, Burringbar Gallen M., Federal 00 Greene lt Gambell W. 0 Dorroughby 0 Green John, Goolmangar Gamble W., Palm Vale Green C. G., Tweed Heads Gardiner Albert, Alstonville Green Lyndon, North Creek 0 Gardiner George, Billinudgel Green T. SV., Murwillumbali 0 Gardner Robert, Jiggi 0 Greenwood. A., Teven 0 Garrard S., Bootie Green W. R., Byron Bay Genner J., Mullumbimby Greenwood J. T., Tintenhar Geraghty T. P., Boat Harbour 00 0 Greenwood T., Lismore Gibson Alexander, Bilambil 0 Gregory. G., Numulgi 0 Gibson F. S., Boovong 0 Greer Isaac, Conidale : Gibson J. A., fidullumbimby 0 Grevett G., Billinudgel Gibson J. E. Palm Vale, Griffin J. S., Crystal Creek 0 0 Gratin T., Alstonville Gibson James, Byron Bay Griffiths 'sane, Bonnie Creek Gibson S. G., Bilambil Guarischl Bros. it Pim, S. Woods Gibson S. J., Alstonville 00 burn 0 Gibson Thomas, Mullumbimby 0 Guerin E., Bangalow (. Giles W. R., Tyalgum Guinea M. '.ovveed River Gill Catherine, Munvillumbah Guinea W. A., Eungella $ Gill G., Newrybar Guniley 0., Batigalow 0 Gillies Alexander, Gundurimba Guntley 0. 0., Federal Gillies Angus, Mullumbimby 0 Gwynne E. J., Niiiihin 0' Gillies D., Cud gera, Burringbar Gwynn John P., Nimbin $. 0 GIllies R. V., Cudgel% Creek Gwyntn, John, Chileott's Gress 0 ' Gilmore D. R., Uhl Iinekliett A. E., Bexhill Ginger E. E., Munvillumbalt 00 Haines H. W., Uki Gittoes E., Newrybar 0 Hall Bros., Rosebani ' Glenn James, Tintenbar 0 Hall Helen, Byanginn mud A. B., Byron Bay Hall J., Tregen.le Godfrey A., Palm Vale, Murwillum- Hall L., Munvillumball bah Hall IL, deinbil Gann Edgar, Buckendoon liambly A., Newrvhar Gollan :r. H., Woodburn Hambly J., Bexhill 0' Gallen 0. H., Woodburn 00 0 Hammond Wm., Eureka 00 Gollan Robert, Dungarruba 0 Hancock Charles P., Pimlico 0 Gotten Walter, Buckendoon Hamill= J., Cid Goodsell G. H., Tyagorali. 0 Hawn., South Woodburn Gooley John, Seuth Gundurimba 0 linnstoelt John, Brooklet Gordon J. C., Eithatn 0 Harder John, Bongalow Gordon N., Jiggi 0 Harding T., Keetorg 0 0 Gordon R., Nintbin Road Hardy W., Palm Vale, Twed River Gorton John, Coorabell Creek 0 Hard y William, Condong 0 Gough Edward, Wyrallan 0 Hardy William, Condon. Gould Jas., Martin Street, Manna Hargrave & Solomons,,{0m 0 00 Goulding V. E., Nimbln 0 Harnett H. S Georgics Goulding W. M., Tyalgum $ 0 Harrigan E. A., Murwillumbab $ Goulding W., Georgic% Harris Henry, Ellengowan 0 0:, Graham A. A. & G., Duran balt Harris W., htinvila 0 0. Graham H. H., Rosebank 0 Harris W. T., Ivy Mount - Graham J. H. Rouse Mill 00 Harry Bros., iirwillitinhall Graham J. J.:Roils Mill Harper C. H., Graham James, Knockrow ' Harston 0 B., Woliongbar Graham James, Chines 00 Hart John, : Graham T. C., Dungay Hartigan Denis, Murwillumbah Graham Mrs. V., Loftville 0 Harvey Mary, Mullumbimby () Graham W., Goolmangar ' Harvison A. H., xliill 0 Graham W., Channon 0 Bevil:tit John, Corndale $ 0. Grant A. R., Uki Hawkon C. R. G., Midgfillill 0 Grant H. A., Itiginbil. 0 Hawken J. L., Nimbin Grant W. A., Tyaigum Hawkins 0., Newrybar Graverson J., Tyalgum Hawkins Henry, /ooyong Gray Bros., Burringbar 0 Hawkins T., Goonengarry 0 : Gray Allen A., Burringbar 0 Hawkins W. N. Sewn/tar. Gray A. F., Eitham Hayden Thomas J., Goolinangar ' Gray C. B., Dunoon - Haynes H., tirwillumbah L.- D Gray Ernest, Byron Bay 0-0 Hayter Bros., Byron Bay Gray, Aistonville Hayter.T. J., Byron Bay 0 Gray J. J., Elthant. - 0 Ilayter H. G., Rosobank 0 0) Gray J. T., jiggi - 0 Hayter W., Newrybar 0 Gray G, Federal. 0-0 Heaslip B., Goolmangar : Gray N. C., Booyong - Hellyer Richard, Alstonville Gray P. E., Eltham _ Henderson Arch., thilumbimby e. Gray M. S., Eitham Henderson., Lennox Head, Ballina Gray R., TIntenbar _ Henderson J. T., ullumbintby 0 Gray T. A., Coorabell Creek _ Henson W., Nimhin 0 Gray W., Woodburn. 0 0 Hepburn W. B., Rosobank Gray W., Dorroughby 0 Herman A. V., Bexhill NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. Twe PASTORAL. Twe er Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. k. Heron Thomas., Dimoon Roan: Jervis L., Crabbe's Creek Hewitt T.., Unwire _ 0 Jenner and Tarletou, Manure 0 0- Ilibbard J. G., Tinnbulgum _ 0-0 Joann G., The Channon Hicks Bros., 'Amore _ 0 - Johanson F., Burringbar hicks C. J N imbin - Johnson A., Bangalow /Eels J. C., Boatharbour _ - Johnson B. B., Tyalgum Hicks W. H. E., Tunoester _ - Johnson H. E., Mullumblinby Biggins E. Hymn Bay - Johnson F. T., Condong 0 Higgins J. ' E. Jt W. Burringbar. - Johnson George, Byron Bay Hilan Villiant, BiRinulgel ( - Johnston E. Jt H., Limon) Bill James, Byron Bay _ - Jobnstone A. T., Alstonville Hill W., Ninnulgi - 0 Johnston A. W., The Channon Iiindmarsh A. W., Rosehank - Johnston C. W., Booyong Hines T. U., Zara _ - 00 Johnston D. A., Booyong 0 0 Hitcheock J., Wollongbar - 0 Johnston D. J., Diumon Hobbs A. S., Wyrallah 0 - Johnston Edward, Booyoug '. Hobbs John T., Cooraholl Creek _ 0 - Johnston Geo. E., liangelow 0 Horton M., Nimbin - Johnston J. C., Federal 00 Hodge W., Roils _ - Johnston J. II., Mullumblitiby. Hodgson E. 0., Cumbalum _ - Johnston J. It., Eureka. Hogan B., North 'IumbisIgunt - Johnston John, N Hogan D., Newrybar - Johnston N. V., Eureka 0 Hogg John, Tyalguin - Johnston T., Knockrow Bolden J. F., Clundurlinhalt 0 - Johnston 'I'. A., Nashua - Hollands Alf., Byron Bay - Johnston V. W., Bang/Dow 0 - ITollands I,., Byron Bay - Jones.., Crabbe's Creek : - 0, Holmes Henry, Nashua 0 0 Jones W. E., LIsmore 0-0 Bolt.F., Limpinwood, Murwils Jones W. H., Blilinudgel ' Jones William, Teven -. Hooper John, Cumbalum - Jordan Denis, Goonellabalt 0 - Hoskings IV. J., Climes - 0 Jorgenson Jorgen, Brooklet - 0. Hones '. J., Federal - Joubert A: Sons, Ltd., Chinderall Houlden G. H., Keemng 0 - Joyner Samuel, Byron Bay 0, Howard T., Burringball - 0 Julian John, Crabbe's Creek 0 Howarth E., Tweed Heads 0 - Jung L. T., Tretteagle Hughes Curtis Mel-, Cumbalinn 00-0 Jura IL, South Lismore Hughes Edward, Alstonville - 0 Jurd L. J. Teven Hughes James, Bungawalbyn - Kay W. le. E., Cawon gla _ 0 Hughes W., Alphadale - Kearney John, Tintenbar Hunt Coraki - Reach E. W., Dimoon. _ 0 0. Hunter J. R., Carndale - 0 Ketizlie Alexander, Roils Mill 0 Hunter W. J., Corndale - 0 Koevers A. W., Goolmangra - 0' Hurford F.., 'riven - Keevers A. W., Burringbar _ -. Hutchings. C., Stoker's Sl iding - Keevers H. J., Climes - Ingrain C., Crabbe's Creek - 00 Keevers J. T., Clinics. 0 - Inskip Fred., Uki, Tweed River _ - Kelleher B., Burringbar. - Instill) T. W., Murwillumbali $ Kelleher C., Dumb/ill 0 - ' Irby I'. A., Burringhar $ Kelly Bryan. Teven - Ireland Richard, Byron Bay 00 Kelly IL., Eungella. Ireland R. S., Mullambimby Kelly James, Ettuiella _ - Irvine Bros., The Chemins'.. 0 Kelly J. B., Idsmore. " - Irvine Edward, Pearce's Creek Kelly M. H., Burringbar - Irvine 0. J., Federal Kelly Morgan, Roils -, Irvine J., Federal Kelly Patrick, Ninibin - Irvine James A., UM Kempnich Geoixe, Munvillumbalt- - Irvine W. 0., Uki, Tweed River Kempilich W., Ballina - Jackson Bros., Konorigan Kendall G. A., Dorroughby _ - Jackson Andrew T., Round MouSt., 0 0 Kennedy D., Lismore - 00 Jackson E. L., Byron Bay 0 Kennedy D., Uralba - jaekson J. A., Coorabell Creek Kennedy B. A. W., Tyaganth - Jackson James, Lillian Rock 0 Kennedy.Toltn, Nimhitt - 0 Jackson John, Knockrow 0 Kennedy. Roils Mill - Jitekson Joseph, Pimlico Kennedy*. T. W., ' Chines - 0 Jackson W., Knoekrow Kenny James P., Tetragon - 00 James A. E. A., Gamiellabah 0 00 Kenyon It., Rous 0 - James D. R. Eureka 0 Kershaw F. C., Nimblit - James Frank, Jiggi. Keys Andrew, Federal - James Frank, Byron Bay 0 Keys Arthur W., Plecabeen _ - James S' K., Bexhill. 0 Keys G. T., Tyaloim - 00 James It., Tyalgunt. Keys Robert j. W., Piccabeen 0 - dames William, Nashau 0 Khan Muir, Cowangla - James William G., (onnellabalt Khan Chelmsfoni 0 -. Jamieson F. W. S., Eungella Kieley John, Burringbar 00 - Jamieson G. A Bangalow King A., liangalow. - 0 Jamieson George, Mullumbimby 0 King C. H., Byron Bay - Jarman R. DI., Dunoon 0 0 King C. \V. B., Conidale - 0. Jarrett G. H., Uki 0 King Florence R., Byron Bay - 0. Jarrett G. II., Ninibin 00 King George. Clionnon 0 Jarrett T. H., Dungay. 00 King G. E., Piggabeen ' Jarrett W. IL, Iyoeinn 0 0 King H. W., liki. Jarrett W. J., angalow King Isabella, UM Jarvis E., Dimoon King J. B., Dimblble, Jarvis Jas., urwillumbalt King J. J., Alstonville ' THE LEADING UNDERTAKERS WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. 'PHONE CITY OUR RANGE OF COMMERCIAL BUGGIES IS THE LARGEST AND BEST HORSED IN AUSTRALIA

30 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, Twe PASTORAL. Twe Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S A. TWEED-LISMORE--(continued)- Lindsay William.T., ittllumbimby. 0 King James, Coffee Camp - Little Arthur, Ros lank. - King P. T., BurrIngbar - Littleeltild II., Chileott's Grass King R., Federal ^ 0 Londsman Charles, Goonellehalt - King R. P., Woodburn ^ 0 Loadsman Charles J., Tregeagle 0 King T. H., Mullumblmby _ ^ bondsman Wm., Tregeagle - 00 King Thos., Cathcart St., LIsmore - 0 Locarnini Bros., Murwilltimbalt _ King T. C., Dunhible. 0 Loch E. V., Brooklet] - hinneally P., Eungella. 0-0 Loekton NV., Bexhill Kirby h. V., Murwillumbalt, 0 baler Arthur. Duranbah - 0 Kirby Nelson, Tyalgum 00 Loder'E. 0., Terranora - 0 Kirk James, IttlInnthimby. - Lofts F. Dunoon Road 0 -- Kirkland A., Booyong Lofts Luke W. (., McKee t» -- Kirkland A. A., lhooyong. - Longley W. G., Ukl -- Kirkland A. J., 'revel' Creek. 0 - Loosemore john, Chines -- Kirkland N'. A., Booyong. - I ovett T. 0., Meerschaum Vale -- Kirkland Hugh, Booyong Lowe Alexander, Tweed River Kirkland R. J., Booyong - Lowe Charles, Tinton bar.. -- Kirkland T. E., Tintenbar. I owe John, Tweed River - ' Kirkland Thomas. Booyong. - 'I/menthol L. S., N lni bin -- Cnight Bros., MurwIllumbali Lowrey George. 'bottom -- ) Knight A., Dormughby - _ Loxley Lewis R. L., Mdginbll Knight D., Rock Valley 0 - Lumley P. ft. C. T., Wardell -- 0 Kni ght G. H The Channou, ' 0 - Lumley Henry W., Wardell _- Kni ght Mrs. M. C. Murwillmnball - 0 Lund John Byangtun. _- Knight N. T., Wollon g bar - Lundberg John. Nitawillumhalt _- Knight Sant. A., The Channon - 0 Lynch Catherine. Empire Vale _- Knight 'P. D. nrwillutnball 0-0 Lynch Daniel, Uki 0 Knowles ''. i., flangalow - Lyons John, North Arm, Murwils Korn II., Crystal Creek. Murwil. Imhof' - 0!timbal' _ Kroll J. J., NImbin Kuhlineln F., Condong 0 Macgregor A. H., Mullmnhimby Macgregor C. H., Mullumblmby Macgregor John, Mullumbitnby Lolly H.., Thirringbalt 00 Macpherson Lyle, Ruthven Lambert Alexander, Listnore 00 Mneguire J., Roos 0 Lambert L. II. M., Rous _- Maher Pat., Brooklet 0 Lancaster W., Roos _- Malone '. 0. N.,. 0 Lane Albert, Wyrallah _- Malone Patrick, Swan Bay Lane H., South Groftcn, 0 _- Mann D., yormn Lang Henry. South Voodlawn _- 0 Mann M., Rosebank 0 Lange F. MidgIngil 0 _- 0 %well J. C., Boat Harbour Lan ge John W., MidgInbil _- 00 Marks E. C. J., North Tumbulgum 0 0 Langley J., Plimlleo 0 Marks Thomas, Rous Mill 0 Langley W., Rcek Valley 0 0 aroney Mick, Botta Mill Larkin Geo.., Mullumbimby Marsh S. O., BIllinud gel _-.Larkin S. W., Wardell 0 -- Matshall F. M., Murnillumbah _- Larson W. J., Duttoon Road _- Martin Alfred J., Federal _- Laves J. J., Binitharbour _- Martin Arthur, Cawongla _- Laverty S Mulltimbimby _- 00 Martin Charles. Knoekrow, _- Law David, Mulltimblinliy _- Mart in D. J., Dunblble - ( Law James, Wardell 0 _- 0 fartin G. F., ilosabank. _- Lawler W. J., Channon _- 0 Martin George B., Bongalow _- Lawrence George., Eureka _- 0 Martin Irvine, Tregengle 0 _- Wrelle0 J. IL, 0 _- Martin B Tuneester Lawrie John W., Binna Burro Martin John, Rosebank. Lawson George (Est. of), Murwil- Ittinbalt Laycock G., MidgInbil Martin John, Ballitia Martin R. T, Casino Road Matheson John, Wyrallah -- 0 laytant James A., Konorrigan _- Matthews Mrs. K., North Arm, Lerolbeatter F. Jiggi _- 0 Ilurwillumball. 00 Lean C., EttninAla 0 _- Matthews R. tosebank Leckenby J. W., Dorroughby _- axwell J. A., ' MullumbimbN Ice Mrs. B., Goolmangar _- 0 Maxwell It. J., Stoker's Siding Leo G. W., Eureka _- faxnell S., ckeo's Hill 00 Leeson H., Nimbin _- Have P., North Pumbulgum Leeson Robert, Bungawalbyn Menney J. F., Minna. 0 Leeson Walter, Dunoou 0 Menney Thos. NV., East Warael l 0. Leeson William, Wardell 0 fellare John, Woodburn Leslie J. B., Wyrallall 00 leston A. H., Woodburn 00 L'Estran ge l'eter, Coorabell Creek. 0 ihell A. C., Rock Valley Lever F. J., Chillitudiant 0 Mikkelsen Neil, Gundarlmba Rd.. Lew J. A., Whian Widen. gate., Nimbin Lewins H. A., Bymn Bay 0 Mil gate Thomas, Corytki Lewis D., Wollongbar Sillgato W., Rosebank 0 Lewis W. M., Rock Valley Millard J., Wyrallah _ Lickiss Charles, Woodburn 0 Sliller F.., Ballina Lillie John, Chindera. Stiller J. J., Stoker's Siding Itillarap John, UM 0 Miller M. J., Bifida,» 0 Iillierap W. P., Mullutnbintby Miller Otto. Crabbe's Creek 0 Lindsay A. W., Nashua Miller Thomas, Teven Creel. Lindsay John, ulintnhimby Miller W., Danbible Creek Lindsay William, Cumbalum Mills Bros., Byron Bay ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. Twe PASTORAL. Twe c Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Mills Bre F., Burrim.,balf, Byron Bay -.0 fcrlelland E. A., Nimbin - Mills C. Burrintrhar 0-00 McClelland James, Nimbin _ Mills George, Mullmnbimby - MeClelland R. T., Uki 0- Mill s H. J., Us, - McCollum J. H. di Son, Ilyangunt - - mills jamos, Burringbar McCollum W. j., Byangum () If Mlumac Si. P., Murwillumbalt 0 - echrtnick John, Isilambil inehenton C., Dunoon 0 ecormack Michael, South Wood. fissingitam NV. T., Dorrovgliby - burn Mitchell A. W., Tynlattm - 0 SfeCowan Alex., Slyomint 00- Mitchell A Mullumbhnby - 00 edlartnid Allan, Murwillumball Mitchell George E., Cawongla - McDermott E., Coorabell 0. Mitchell John, Jiggl 0 - McDonald A. J., Oxley 0 Mitchell Kenneth, Burringbar McDzṅald B. J., yocum, Byron Moffatt James, Billinuti gel 0 - B --. Moffitt A. N. C., Climes - 00 McDonald P. J 0 _- Moffitt A., 'Ilona Bum - McDonald P. H., nrwillumball _- Nfoffitt.T., Duranbah - MeDonald T., Altirwillumbah _- 0. Moffitt!argaret, Eltharn - McDonald Thomas, W yrallith 0 _-. offitt William, Ninthin Road - MoDonogh 0. & W. Wardell: 0 _- 0. MoncriefT James, Alid gin bit a - ceachran It.., Murwillumbalt - - Monement J. F. W., Zara - McFadden. Patrick. Mullumbiniby. _- Montgomery J. F., MuUumbimby - 0 Male J, Morwillombalt - ). Monti S Broads ater 00 - McGettlgan B., Byron Bay - 0)- Mooney T., Wollongbar - - McGettigatt James, Byron Bay _ 0 _- Moore John, Lismore ' - McGettigan John, Bangalow _ Moore P. J Byron Bay - egregor A ungella 0 - Aforandini F. A., New Italy - McCittarr. J., Tuncester. Morgan Aaron. Dungcratta - McGuire II. W., Murwillumbalt -- Morgan It., Billintidgel - 00 McHenry. St., Teven 00 _- Morris David, nlitintbimby - 00 Melnery E., Booyong 0 _- 0. Morris F. J., Boat Harbour - 0 McInnes A., Woodburn - 0. Morris. H., Roils Mill 0 McIntosh Robert, 'Leven Morris James, Comdale 0 - McIntyre Allan, Meerschaum Valo. _- Morris M. C., Thinoon - Mel vor Sic'. E. A., Tyalgunt - forrish H., Alstonville _ McKeever W., Cud gera _- 0. Morrison D. A., Federal 0 McKenzie C. E., Keerong 0 Morrison John C., Mullumblinby - McKenzie John, Mullumbimby 00- Morrison Wm., Tumbulgum. - McKenzie T., Nimbin Rood. 0. Morrow R..T., regeagle - ckeou gh Mrs.., Riley's Mill 0 Morrow NV. H., Booyong - McK ern w I. W., tillumbimby _ Mortimer George, Alphadale - :McKinnon Arch., Mullmnbimhy _ 00. Mortimer L. T., Eureka - McKinnon Dougold, Dunoon Mortimer S. 0. Eureka - McKinnon John, Coraki '0 fortinter T., liosebank _ - Morton E. W., Ninthln - 0 Mc Laren Bros., Coraki 0 - McLean A., Ooolmangar Moms H. L. Uki - McLean E., Knockrow Moses M. A., Clones - 0 McLean George, North Lismorc 0 Moss A. J. H., Wyrallait - 00 Mel can i., Gooltnangar 00 Moss.Tomas, Wyrallah - 0 e.lean K. Goolnum gar -- 0 hictt P. J., Bexhill. 0 - McLean labert, Goolnumgar. 0 _- Mountcastie F., Byron Bay 0 - McLennan H. E. Carwongle 0 _- Mulcahy D., Condong -.cod Ilf. bert% Dungay Creek 0 _- Mullion. Owen, Tyalfzum 0-00 Ic Loud W. J., Tumbni gnin _- - Mullett A: Ford, Channon '. - McLoughlin R., Roos Mill Mullett Edward, The Channon. - McMahon Richard, South Oundur- Motley.Tames, Corndale '. - hnba - Mond v r». M., Mullumbitnby ( McMinn Bros., Burringbar 0 Munro Alex., Steve King's Plains - McMullen A. k S., Pimlico... Munro George, - Montane J. C., Crabbe's Creek. - 0 McMullen Robert, Georgica cnamara Annie, Swan Bay 00 Murphy Bres., Coorgica - 00 McNamara P. J., Swan Bay 0 Murphy E. A., Eureka. McNamara M., Goolmangar Murphy Margaret, (oorabell Creek. - McNamara Thomas. Swan Bay 00 Murphy T., Palm Tale.' - 00 MeNeilly A., Zara 0 - Murray Walter, Georgic(' a 0-00 MoPaul John, Mullumbimby 0 0. Murphy W. L., Burringbar - 0 MePaul S. D., Booyong 0. Murray W., North Lismore - McPhail Nell, Mullumblmby Murray William, (iginbil '. - McPhee Donald, Gunditrimba 0 Musgrave C., Dorroughby - 0 McPherson Alex., Wyrallalt Myers Bros., Bangalow - 0 McPherson Annie., Swan Bay 00 McAdoo Margaret, Chinderalt 0 McPherson C., Bexhill McAndrew David, Riley's Hill. - MePherson Donald, Dutmon McAndrew G.A. A., Tregeagle - 00 Metter:am Hector, Corald 0 McAndrew J. A., Tyalginn McPherson J. W., Swan Bay 00. McAndrew W H furwillumb th - ) McPherson John. Nimbin McAuliffe Michael, Tregeagle 0-0 McPherson K., Wyrallait 0 MeBrien Bros., Coraki - - McPherson 0. H., Swan Bay 0 McCabe W. P., Uki - - McPherson William N Ituthven McCaughey E., Tuckurimba 0 - Met-Moen John, Newrybar McCaughey H.., Tuckerimba Cl - 00 MeQuInn T., Alstonville MeCatighey James, Tuckerimba MeSwan A. D., Tyagaralt M'Cauley Mrs. flf. A., North Tom- Nappet E. M., Booyong. bulgum - Nardi A., Nimbin - 0 WOOD COFFILL ar COMPANY LTD., HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE STREET.' 'PHONE CITY ALL OUR ASSISTANTS ARE QUALIFIED, AND MANY HAVE SERVED US OVER 0 YEARS

31 ANTHONY HORDERNS'ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. Twe PASTORAL. Twe Owner, Station and Post Town.. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. TWEED LHIMORE(eontinued) Paine, Ernest, Eitham Nash F. A., Munvillumbah Palmer II u g h, Piecalleen 0 Nelson Denriell, Mullumblotby Parker George H., Eureka Ness Alfred, Niurwillitinbalt Parker J. A., BIllinudgel Ness Wm. A., Murwilininbalt 0 C., Teven. Neville., Knochmw 0 Parmenter Bros., (loolamatigar ISeu berry It. G., Mullumbimby Parmenter and Rootes, Rosebank Newman O. C., Roes 0 Permitter C. T., Rosebank 0 Newport Isaac J., _ : Parmenter Elijah, Nimbin Newport J. W Tiatenbar ( Parmenter (. E., Coffee Camp Ne ton A. IL, Knoekrow w Parmenter J. W., Goolmatigar Newton ;reseal', Ban galow _ Parrish Bros., DIyocum 00 :Nicholls F. E., South Woodburn., 0 Parrish B., Tintenbar 0 Nicholson Robert, Nashau 0 Parrish J., Thitenbar Niestnan., Codeera _ 00 Parry Eduin, Webster's Creek Minn John, On' lmangar 00 Partridge Colin, Palm Vale 0 Ntion. D., Meerschaum Vale Partridge John, Wyrallah Nixon Arthur, South Oundurintim : ^ Partridgo S., Palm Vale Nixon James, South Gundarimba., 0 Patch Luke, Butigawalhin Noble J. (I., Bexhill Pat olt Mark. innr., Doon Deon, k Noble J. T., Newrybar. 0 Patel) Susan., Lismore 0 0.Nohle J. W., Goonellebah ^ 0 Paterson fleorge, Cliannon : Noble James, Bexhill Road 00 Paterson George, Channan _ 0 Noble James, Newrybar 0 Patten S. T., Eungelln, Noble James A., Bangalow 0 00 Payne Miranda, Tre gengle Noble R. B. Eureka 0 0 Payne B. C., Wardell 00 Noble R. G., Rochester Terrace, Payne P. J., (Inottellaball Normanby Hill, N. Brisbane _ 0 Payne ". E., Tregeagle 0 Noble. A., Alstonville 0 Payne Wardell Noble Thomas, Chines ^ Pearce bomas. Goonellahalt Nolan Bros., Stoker's Siding 0 0 Pearce W. A., Nfurwillumbah North J. 0,. Mu rwilluball m 0 Pearson Alfred, Dungny 0 Northrott C. W., Spring Grove, Pearson (. A., Chines 0 Casino.. Pearson Geerge, lionyong Northcott Muston ' St, Mos. Pearson James, linoyoutt 0 man Pederson F., The Packet Norton S. E., ismore Perkins Albert J., Rolm Mill 0 Norville Joseph, Tueed Heads 0 Perkins John, Bexhill, Uki 0 Nottingham IV., Nfurwilitimbah 0 Perkins 0. J., Roue Mill Nuge nt ohn, MunvIllumbalt J 0 0 Perry laws% Cumbalum 00 Oalrey H. B., Rock Valley 0 Perry W., Crabbe'e Creek 0 'O'Brien James, Lismore Pesten IL, Wyrallait 0' Brien John, Broad wate r leterie D., NI laden O' Orion Patrick, Bilambil 0 Petersen E. C. C Eungella O'Brien NN illtam, Meerschaum Vale Paterson Ellen, North ',ismer 0 O'Connor A, Tintenbar 0 Penult, Marco, Swan Bay 0 -O'Connor C. W., Billinudgel 0 Phelps E., Iltin gawaibin 00 O'Connor G. V., Billinudgel Phillips., Crystal Creek 0 0 O'Connor NI., NItinvilltunbalt Phillips W., NIttrwilitimbah 0 O'Connor Miehael, Swan Bay 00 Phipps A. E., BJ, 0 O'Dwyer Phil., Gundarimba.0 Picric,* J. T., Oxford Street, O'Farrell James, Coraki 0 Sydney 00 O'Farrell John, Green Forest 0 Piecoti D., Swan Bay 0 0 O'Keefe., Burringbar Pitt Annie, Billinmi gel 00 O'Keefe John, Goolmangar 0 Pimblott Robert, Lismore 'O'Keefe M., BurrIngbar Pinchin G. S., Nintbln 0 O'Keefe it. J., Burringbar 0 0 Pinehin It. A., Keereng Ii 00 O'Keefe T., DuranbaIt Pitt Charles, Munvillumbali 0 Olive J., Ilimgawaihyn - 0 Plim J. E., DorrIsdale 00 Oliver & Andrews, Ballina - 0 Plumb W. H., Condong Olhiy A. fl. W., Cawongla - 0 PoidevIn II. M Mullumblmby 0 0 0ey B., Georgiea - 0 Pollard John, Lismore ey It. S., North Lismore - Pollock J. A., I regeagle Hey A., Georgira - Pollock, Tyal guin O'Mara F., Brooklet - Poison F. C., itooyon g O'Meara Bros., Green Forest - Ponton A. 0., Alstonvillu O'Meara E. A., teederal - l'orter G. NV., Cmndale O'Meara F., Byanguin 0 Porter W. J., Riley's Hill O'Meara M., Bangalow - Powell It., Swan Bay 'O'Neill Bros., Alstonville - Powell F.., Tyagarah O'Neill P., Stott's Creek - 0 Powell W. A., Tyagarali 'Ord Joseph J., Tyalgum - Pratt F., Murwillumbah O'Reilly M., Stoker's Siding 0 -. ratt B. F., Alphadale 0 O'Reilly Phillip, Murwillumbah - Pratt H. F., Palm Vale.Organ G. E., Dunoon Rd, Lismore - 0 Pratt S. It. Swan Creek 0 00 Ormsby S. A., Murwillutnbalt - Paddle J.., Teven O'Rourke James, Murwillumball Priddie IL, Alstonville 0 Osborne G. E. M., CU:Innen Preston William, Brooklet Osborne Joseph, Rangel' 0 Priestley J., Roos Mill O'Sullivan D. NI., Dunoon Prindable Daniel, Bilambil 0 00 Ottery A. S., Goolmangar 0 0 Prior Alexander, Brooklet 00 Outterbridge A. F., Meerschaum Prior Edward, Brooklet 0 Vale 0 0 Prior G. T., Byron Bay WOOD! COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS ST. ' 'PHONE M NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, lirickfield HILL, SYDNEY. Two PASTORAL. Two a Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. I'ryee E. S., BillImitigel Rose (. C., total& Creek _ 0. Thigh A., Pah» Vale ( Rose G., Lindendale.. _ Purnell J. H.,'s arms Rose. B., l'u eed Heads 0 0 Pursey A. F., litingawalbyn. 0 Rose. C., McLean's Ridge Pursey Albert G., litingawalbyn. 0 Rose NV., Bangalow l'ursey Joseph, Butigawalbyn Ross A. W. C. The Clutimon l'ursey I'. A., BUngawalbyil 0 Ross David, &onion Road Quigan TI on u s, Cudgel' 00 Ross J..T., Ballina 0 Quinn F., Burringbar lbws James, Durum 0 quirk George, Rosebank ' 0 Ross. E., Tintenbar : 0 Quirk. Cudgen Winne Mrs. B.., South Listnore ( 00 Quirk Rim, Tuntioilguin Itushforth George, Alphadale Quirk John, Jr., Crystal Creek 0 0 RIMS A. E., Itosebano Quirk Robert, Stotes Creek. 0 Russell lims Murwillumbait Rablones K., Niurwillumbalt Rutledge J., Wyrallalt Ralph F., Woodlawn 0 Rutledge Sarah, Dolmen Ramsay SVllllauu, Bangalow Ryan W Tintnebar Rankin A. W., Dorrouoliby 0 Ityder James, Rosebank 0 Rankin F. J., Aistonvillo Sallaway George, Rous 0 Rankin S. A., Bangalow Salmon ''. II., South Nitirwillumball ( Rankin W. J., Bangalow. ( Salter NV. T., Outwit. 0 Rann Ilem y, Simbin 0 Sanders Thos., :guru 0 Rawanl A. A., Channon Sanotti Peter, Latville 00 Reward A. It., Dunoon Saul A. E. Alpha, Lismere Raward Cecil A., Dunoon Saunders Frank, A., Rock Valley Raward F. It., Channon 0 0 SavIns W. E., Nashua 0 Reading F., Ballealow. Saxon F. (., Mullumbimby Reardon Thomas, Swan Bay Sawtell E., Rosebank Iteddaelilf R. Wm., Mullumblinby. 0 Sawtell J. J., Tregeagle Iterhinclilf NV., ulluuuuutduuby 0 0 Searrabelott i Michael, Newrybar 0 Reed J., Nobby's Creek Regan Patrick, Murwillumbalt Reid Bros., lialmak w Reid James, Stott's Creek Reid William, Bangalow Reilly W. J., Mullumblinby Reynolds John, Murwillumbah Reynolds Patrick, NItirwillutnleth. Reynolds William,!Valmont Rice F. J. & A. E., Federal Rice II. W., Knockrow Rice James. Newrybar Richards Eleanor, Bangalow Richards George W., Dunbible Itiehard son W. Tumbulgum Riordan John, Wardell ' Riordan J. 0., Steve King's Plains. Riordan J. P Steve King's Plains Riordan NV., Wyrallall Rishworth F. A., Tregoagle Rishwortit. E Alphadale Risk Bros., Wyrallah Rixoti P., Nona Burn Roach Edwin, Cawongla Roatz O., Murwillumbalt Rentz G. A., Nobby's Creek Robb O. A., Nimbin Robbins John, Federal Roberts C., Uki Robinson A. C., Bilambil Robinson C. F., Bilambil Roberts Charles, Uki Robertson David, Ilvom Bay Robins, D. A., Empire Vale Robinson H Swan Bay It, hinatm J. J., South Woodburn Robinson. A., Rolls Itobinson II., Tueed Heads Robinson W., Alpharinle Itobitison W., Federal Robothain F. G., Goolmangar Robson C Wyrallah Robson Charles, Wyrallaii Roche E. B., Mur.willumbalt Roche John, Itiambil Roder Andrew, East Ounderlmba Rodger H., Crystal Creek Rohde H., Coorabell Rolls W. G., Niullumbimby.Ronan J. T., Mobil, ROSC A. W South Woodburn Rose C., Turnbulgum Rose Charles, Bangalow. Scarvell, Wollotittbar Schiebel Anton, Goolmangar 0 Schiebel J., JIggi Schmidt F. J., liangalow 0 Scott Thomas, Tyalgum 0 Seccombe NV. NI, Chelmsford See lobe W W., Woliongbar 0 0 Sexton John, Tumbulgunt - Sexton Patrick J., Listnora 0 Shaekell A. E., Burringbar 0 Shake!, E. J., Burringbar Shaekel T., Upper Barrington. ( 0 Shackell NV. B., Federal _ 0 Sharman T., Crystal Creek 0 Sharman W. G. B., Clones 0 Sharpe Fred., Climes Sharpe I. J., Murwillumbah Sharpe J. AL, Billinudgel Sharpe John, Ballina Shaw A., Alstonville Sheaffe W. A., Federal 0 Sheehan Ellen, (Ssraki ( 0 0 Shepherd A., Bungalow Shepherd W. W., l'intenbar _ Shepherd W., Tintenbar 0 00 Sherry John, Mullumbimby _ 0 Shipway E. A., 0 Shitmay J., Nittibin 0 0 Shipway Peter B., Binbint _ 0 Shoetnark W., Eitham 0 Shoobridge., Upper North Ann 0 Shoobridge W. G., Numinbah Creek 0 Slevwright, J. F., Keerong Road 00 Simes It. W., Dorroughby 0 Sims Jane, Lisniore Sims T. F.,.iggi 0 0 Simpson J. C., Limpinwood. 0 Skelton C. E., Keening 0 Skennar C. A., North Creek Skennar F., Jki Skennar Geo. A., Crane St., Ballina - 0 Skinner Benjamin, NIurwillumbah - Skinner IL, Condong 0 - Slade G. E., Jigs' Slade J Rous Slattery E., Bangalow 0-0 Slattery NI., North Creek, Ballina - 0 Slogrove G. W., Billinudgel 0-0 Smart E. T., Murwillumbah - 0 Smart P. C., Nthrwillumbalt., Smart W. E., Ballina Smith D. A. tt Son, Nfurwillumbah Smith '. & Son, Mum illumbah _. CONDUCT UPWARDS OF ONE-THIRD OF THE TOTAL INTERMENTS IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA i I,t.

32 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, o Twe PASTORAL. Two Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. TWEED-LISMORE (continued) weetnam., BfurwIllumbah Smith Lt Mudge, Tuntim[gum _ Swift A. E., Coorabell 0 Smith A. G. hi ginbil Synott J. B., Goolmangar 0 Smith Alfred, Milan Within Synott Hu gh, Wyraliall. Smith C., Crabbe's Creek Synott Michael, Goolmangar Smith E., Coffee Camp Synott Thomas, Keerong 0 Smith E., Nashua Taggett Mark, Crystal Creek Smith E., Roils Mill Tallish Peter, Dunoon 0 0 Smith E. A., 0ormangar _ Tandy C. B., Keerong 0 Smith Francis J., Murwillumbah Tarlinton A. E., Uki Smith G., Dorroughby. 0 Tarlinton Mrs. M. C., Billinudgel Smith H. L., loorball 0 Tarlinton P. W., Uki Smith James, Coraki 0 Tate C. E., Cormiale 00 Smith Jams, Jiggi Tate G. W., Eureka.. 0 Smith James S., Alstonville 0 Tate Thomas, Eungella Smith John, Fairholine, Bag Taylor Barry, South Woodburn 0 00 Smith It, II., Boat Harbour Taylor C., Eureka 0 Smith Seaman, Bitola Mara. Taylor James, Dungay Smith S., Goolmangar 0 Taylor P. J., Uki 0 Smith S., Billimidgel. 0 0 Taylor William, Nashua Smith Thomas Byron Bay Thomas David, Dorroughby Smith W. A., Chutes Thomas It. B., Opossum Creek Smith W. IL, Midgimbll 0 Thomas S. M., Tyagarail Smith William, Bexhill. 0 Thompson E. A., Corndale Sneatil., Vollongbar Thompson P. E., Buiringbar Snell W. F., South Woodburn. 0 0 Thompson Jno., Noble, Tyalgum 0 0 Snodgrass J. It., Rims 0 Thompson Michael, Booyong Somerville Andrew, Piggabeen Thomson & Co., Woodburn. Somerville I., Tuticester 0 Thomson G., North Arm Somerville john, Goolmangar Thomson W. A., Woodburn Somerville Thomas, Goolniatigar Thorburn Bros., Teven Creek 0 Sonthwell B. R. Brooklet. Thorburn Alex., Wollongbar Spence T., Wooillawn Thorpe It. G., Tumbulgum Speer Alexander, Bangalow Threlfo P. W., South Woodburn Speer Robert, Bangalow. 00 Threlfo W., Tuckurimba.. Spillage A. South Gundarlmba 0 Thurgate James, Dungarubina 0 Stairway It. W. Tyalgum 00 Titurgate John H., Nashua 00 Stacey B. J., Dunoon ' Tierney Mrs. M. J. Chinderah Staunton W., Bilambil 0 Timbs Diary A., Atstonville 00 Staines S. J., Teven, vio Bettina. Thnbs Samuel, Federal. Stanger F. H., Nimbin Timms A. V., Con idale Stead A Chelmsford. Timms C. B., Nashua 00 Steel S. C., Mumillumbali Timms Richard W., Nashua 0 F. W., Dunoon. Tindall Bros., Myocum Stewart C. K., North Creek. 0 Tindall James, Byron Bay - 0 Stewart Charles, Nimbin 0 Tindall R. A., Byron Bay 0 Stewart E., Tyalguin Todd L. J., Upper North Arm Stewart Hugh, dunes Torrens John, Billinudgel 0 Stewart Isaac, Booyoug. 00 Torrens T. B., Billinudgel 0 Stewart James A., Booyong 0 Towers E.., Mullumbinby 0 Stewart James C., Nimbin _. 0 Towner George, Roos Mill 0 Stewart Robert, mar., Keerong. Towns W. E., The Channon g Stewart Robert, Booyong. 00 To y T. G., Rosebank 0 Stewart W., Nashua Tree P. A., Eungella 0 Stewart W. J. Tyalgitin. Trimble A. E., Booyong 0 Stoddart H. J., Tyalguin 0 Trimble J. H., Booyong " 0 Stoker D., Alstonvllle 0 Trimble Samuel, Booyong Stoker James, Crabbe's Creek. Troy I'. W., Minion Road Stoker. A., Crahbe's Creek. 0 0 Trine N. W., Stoker's Siding. Stoker T., Mina., Trustrum John., South Woodburn Streckfuss H. G., Clilleott's Grass Trustrum W., South Woodburn 0 Strong Alex, Contdale Tuckermatt II. 0., Mullumbimby 0 Strong ILA., Widen Milan 0 Tulk Edward J., WYrallull MM. Strong Florence, Climes Tulk James, Wyrallalt A. Strong James, Mullumbimby ' Tulk Isabella, Wyralialt Strong John, Alstonville Tulk Levi, Wymlialt Strong William. UM Tully C. J., Murwillumbah Stuart J. A., Uki Turner Joseph S., Federal 0. Styles Fred., Nimbin 0 Turner William, Knockrow. 0 Suffolk George, Nimbin Tweed River Co-op. Co. Ltd., Mur- Suffolk H., Belittle willumbah _ Suffolk J., Ballina Twoltill A. E., Murwillumbalt Sums W. J., Burringbar 0 Twohill E., nrwillumball Summers Richard, Dimon 0 Upton P. E., Teven Creek 0 Sunderland Phcebe, Mullumbimby Vaughan.John, Byron Bay 0 Swain M. P., Tintenbar Vidler F. A., Zara 0 Swain W. J., Corndale 0 Yidler G. s., Bexhill 0 Swanson A. T. M., Chelmsford 0 0 Vidier George, Chileott's Grass 0. Sweeney WT.,The Channon Vidler W. G., Wyrallalt Sweetman George, Uki 0 Vidler W. J., Lismore 0 I. Sweetman George, hint., Uki Virtue Mrs. E., Federal ) Sweetnam H., Terragon 00 Virtue 0.0., Burringbar Sweetnam John, Murivillumbali 0 Virtue Robert, Bexhill WOOD, COFFILL it COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE ST., CITY. 'PHONE CITY ENTRANCES IN GEORGE, PITT AND GOULBURN STREETS. Two PASTORAL. Upp o Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Virtue Robert, Bangalow White 0. E., Alstonville -- 0 Witdecooper C. IL, Nimbin '0 White F. P alullumbimby 0 'Wagner C. L., Woodburn White S.., Billinudgel 0 0 Wagner G. D., South Woodburn Whitehead E. J., The Channon -- Waldron John B., Tweed River 00 Whitney Bros., Ninibin 00 _ 0 Walker A. E., Burringbar Whitney J. A., Nimbin -- Walker C. A., Billinudgel Whitten k Flinn, Federal -- 0 Walker D.., Eureka Whittall Percy, ullumblinby 0 'Walker George, Limpinwoad Whitt Ingham Aglle, Woodburn Walker J. A., Billintidgel Wiley Robert, Mullumbimby Walker J. H., Climes Wiley Robert Jaunt's, Bangalow Walker J. W. It., Round Mountain Wiley S., Federal 0 -- Walker Jos. A., Tyalgum 0 Wilkinson It., Zara 0 0 Walker., Limpinwood Williams C. E., Coorabell Creek 0 Walker Robert, Eureka Williams Chas., North (k., Ballina 0 Walker S., Mullumbiniby 0 Williams D. E., Bangalow Walker W. G., dillies 0 0 Williams E., Rosebank 0 -- Walker W. L., Gundurimba 0 0 Williams Eliza, Coraki 0 Walker W. J Climes Williams II. M., Woliongbar 0. 0 'Wallace H. W., Rock Valley Williams Ienr', Swan Bay 00 'Wallace T., The Channon 0 Williams Jesse, Wyrallalt -- Walls A., Knockrow 0 Wiii R. T., Nimbin Walls Andrew, Uhl 0 Williams T. L., Eltham Walls II. A., Hopping Dick Creek. Williams Vivian C., Lillian Rock Walls H. A., Burringbar 0 William W. E., Goolmangar 0 00 Walmsley C. J., Roue. 0 Williams W., South Gundurimbar, Wahnsley Edward, Itosebank. Williaina W. It., Swan Bay 0 0 Waltusloy G. W., Billimidgel. 0 Wills George, Byron Bay 0 Walmsley Mary, Condong. Wilson Bros., Stoker's Siding 0 Walmslev W. A., Eltham. Wilson A. A., urivillumbalt -- 0 Walsh Alfred, Stoker's Siditig Wilson J. J., Mullumbimby.. 0 Walsh Bros., Federal _. 0 Wilson John, Goolmangar 0 Walsh F., Teven Junction us 0 0 Wilson Joseph, Tregertiffe Walsh Joseph, Teven._.. a Wilson Oliver, Woodburn Walsh M. L., Crabbo'a Creek, Wilson Patrick, Dunoon 0 Walsh William, Bangalow 0 'iilson Robert, Federal Walsh W. Murwillumbah. Wiltshire George, Konorigan Walton Richard, Federal. 0 Windsor G., Bexhill 00 Ward C. W., Burrin gbar Winterton A. C. B., DunoOn Ward John, Wardell. 0 Winterton G. It., Burringbar 0 Wardrop It., furwillumbalt 0 Winton If lathatit.. 00 are H. A., Bangalow Wollonglmr Experi mental Fenn, Ware John, Broadwater Lismoro 0 Wareham F. V, Byron Bay Wood John, Bangalow Warley F. W., Rous 0 Woods J. A., Tuncester Warne A rthur H., Tweed Heads Woodrow S. G., Mullumbimby. 0 Warne E. Y., Banton 0 Wooldridge H. J., Federal Warne Henry, Teven 0 Worboys Harry H., Bexhill Warne Margaret, Ballina Worland Itobt., Crablat's Creek Waters A. J., Dumbible 0 Worthington Ernest, Tumbulguin 0 00 Watt Arthur, Alstonville Valierspoon P. J., Jiggi Watt C., Murwillumbalt Wotherspoon W. North Lismore Watt William, Nobby's Creek 0 Wraight A. f., dlilleott's Grass Watt John, Wollongbar Wright A., Elthant Watts Richard S., Alphadale Wright George, Eureka :. 0 'Watson E., Dunbible. Wright G. W., Murwillumbalt 0 0 Watson E. II., Nowrybar. Wright B., Eureka 0 Watson G. W., Nowrybar. Wright. J., Byron Bay - 'Watson Jane, Teven. 0 Wright Win., Nuinulgi Watson W., Murwillumbalt 0 0 Yates A., Nutnulgi 0 Watson William, Kerrong 0 Yeager E. 0., Comic( ' 00 0 'Way Elsie, Tval gum. 0 Yeager Ii. C., ullumbimby 0 0 Vebb A. T., Dunoon. 0 York It. If., Swan Bay 0 Webb II., Boat Harbour.. 0 Young J., Condong 0 'Webber Jas., Gundurimbalt Young J. T., Nana Burra Webber Jane A., Crabbe's Creek 0 Young William, Ukt Webber W. J., Channon Youngblutt C. Crystal Creek Webster George, Clones.. Zouelt It. E., Aimbin - Weeks A..T. Billinudgel Weir J. J., Climes Weir Robert H., Eureka UPPER HUNTER (THE). Weir W., Booyong 0. 0 Weir W. H., Eltham. 0 (LATE URRURUNDI). Weir William G., Nashua GO 0 MURRURUNDI PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Weis George, Rous Mill Chairman : Wmn. Cameron, Esq., Aberdeen. Wells Henry, Federal Secretary : C. R. Lukey. Scone. West A. E. 0., Widen Widen Stock Inspector: C. BROOKS, J.P., Scone. West A. J., Nimbin Whipps A., Green Forest, Corald 00 Abbott H. N., Flat Rock', Scone 0 0 Wnipps A. C., Mullumbimby Abbott R. P., Barshain, Blandford Whipps J. C., Coraki _ 0 Abbott W. E., furulla, Wingen 0 00 Whipps John, Alstonville 0 Adam F., Limestone, Itouchel 0. White Alfred, Tuncester _ 0 0 Adam N., Black Jack, Davies Creek 0, SUPPLY PRIVATE CARRIAGES, LANDAUS AND BROUGHAMS, WITH LIVERIED SERVANTS AT CALL

33 VISIT ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, o Upp PASTORAL. Upp Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. UPPE.R HUNTER (THE)(contitined)-- Carter R H., Roseville, Stewart's Adam Wm., Davies Ck., Itouchel. 0 0 Brook. 0 Adnum arten, Aberdeen Carter W. C., Stewart.'s Brook 0 Andel! A. S., Blandford Cron& Richard, Argyle, Stewart's Ashford A. C., Lemon Grove, Brook 0 0 Sparke's Creek 00 Caslick W. (Estate), River View, Ashford F., Wingen.. 0 loomin Flat Ashford. W. E., Mt. Kent, Challis W. it j. Park yllie 00 Sparke's Creek 0 Challis Charles, Uri Valley, Moonan Ashford S., Sparke's Creek 0 Flat Ashford W. G., Daffodil, Woodlands Clifford George, oonan Brook 0 ) Australian Chilling it Freezing Co Clifford Mrs. H. A., Moonan Brook Ltd., Aberdeen _ Collins J. T., Aberdeen Baker Mrs. G. M., Moonan Flat 0 00 Collins W., hat's Springs 0 Award Henry, Mt. Pleasant, Bland- Collison A. O., Glentlioni 00 ford 0 0 Collison A. H., loomin Flat Baker John, iioonan Flat Collisou Albert, Sempills Creek, Baker Mrs. Sarah, Moonan Brook 0 Moonan Flat. Baker Thomas, Moonan Brook 0 00 C00 J. R. 0., Stewart Brook 0 0 Baker W. R., Collingwood, Moonan Collison J. W., long Flat, Belltrees Flat Collison S. C., Camila, Stewart's Bakowell Bros., Ltd Scone 0 Brook 0 0 Ball F. J., Brushy Hill 0 0 Cone Samuel, Mill's Valley, Wool. Ball G., Karoo, Stewart's Brook oonia 0 Barwick A. S., Scone Cone T. A., Cretan, elltrees Barwick E. H., Middlebrook, Scone 0 Cone W. H., Kildarra, Stewart's Barwick F. NV., Sparke's Creek 00 Brook 0 Barwick Geo., Green Ck., Blandford 00 Cooper Geo., Mammoth Barwick J. J., Kierman's Creek, Corbett John, Scone via Scone 00 0 Cox it Co., Retreat. Muswellbrook Barwick James, Sparke's Creek 0 Crabb G. M., Roeklands, Aberdeen. (i 0 Berwick John, Sparke's Creek Crossing C. C., foonnif lint 0 Barwick 0. J., Owen's Gap 0 Crosby H. M., Hunter's Springs, Barwick Thos., Sparke's Creek 00 Moonan Flat 0 Barwick W. B., Scone Crostliwalte R. J., Aberdeen. Batterham H., Blandford Cumming A., Jun., Mible, Davis Batty Jl. W, Scone Creek 0 Beale A. B., Aberdeen ' Cumming A. W., Ronald Bell A. H.& J., Bundarraga, Bun- Cumming B., Davis Creek 0 0 nem Cumming Duncan, Coolgarra, Davis Ball R. Je A., Parkville 0 Creek, Michel 0 00 Bell Alfred, NVingen Cumming H. B., Hunter's, Boll Joseph, Stony Creek, WI:igen 0 00 Davis Creek Bell R. A., Owen's Gap Cundy W. F., Marino, Moonan Flat Benham S., Murrurundi Bird A., fooloy, Scone. 0 0 Cunningham Margaret, Hill Street, 0 Scone Bowman A. R. it F., Grampian ill, H Hangar R. H., Hulk's, Davis Creek. 0 Bom n a 0 Dangarfield Mrs. M. A., Home Dale, Bragg Arthur, Rossgolo, Aberdeen 00 Aberdeen ' Brayshaw W. H., Eiswood, Goody, 0 00 D'Arcy H. P., Iffooley, Scone Brecht Lucy, Dampton, Scone 0 Dartbrook Estate Co., Aberdeen 0 00 Bridge W. T., Stony Creek, Bell. Davidson J. W., Goody 0 0 trees 0 Davies A. L., Yarrandi, Scone Bromhead E. de J., Wingen 0 Davies Archibald, Parkville Brooker W. Studley, Davis Creek Davies (Estate late), Yarrandi, Brown A. J"., Parksille Scone. Brown William, Segenhoe, Scone Davies It. L., Yarrafidi. Scone 00 Bruce I., Timor, Blandford 0 Davies J. R. C., Old Poen Buen, Bush J. S., Mt. Pleasant, Mirror- Scone 00 undi 00 0 Day H., Blairmore, Aberdeen 0 Callinan Thomas, Blandford. 0 0 Dick C. L., Seitenhoe, Scone. Cameron A., Upper Rouchel Bight S. H., Koorltiga, Scone )imeron A. (Est.), Lower Rouchel Doyle James H., (overman, Scone Cameron D. Lower Rouchel 0 Eager E. S. W., The. Borne, Dart. Cameron D., Davis Creek, Aberdeen 0 brook, Scone Cameron Kenneth, Davis Creek _ Edmonds Isaac, Timor, Blandford, 0 0 Cameron Wm., Clencalm, Rouchel Edmonds Jas., Timor, Blandford 000 Campbell G. M. it A. J., Arden Edmonds Thomas, Timor, Bland. Hall, Scone 0 00 ford 0 0 Campbell E. E., Glamor, Moonan Everest 0., limckley, Dangarfields. 0 Flat 0 Fenton 0., Fernview, Blandford 0 Campbell. J., Brushy Hill 0 0 Fenton W., Timor. uk Blandford 0 Campbell J., Arden Hall, Scone 0 0 Fenwick Bros., Miller's Forest Campbell, W. N., Sector Bank, Fenwlek Edw., Scone 00 Gandy.. Fibbins D., Coal Creek, Iuswell- Carter J. F.,Rouchel brook 0 Carey J. P., -furriirundi Fibbins J., Coal Creek, Muswellbrook 0 0 Carter Edward, Bullara, Scone Finch Janice, Moonan Flat Carter F. L., Scone. 0 Finlay G. K.., Thorntliwaite, Carter H. R., Stewart's Brook 0 Scone. God 0 Carter J. W., Scone 0 Firth ".. J. Blair wrie, Go Scone 0 Carter John, Iona, Stewar t.. Brook Flaherty S.S., ' Jersey Park, Scone 0 0 Carter R. D., Woodrow, Rouchel 0 Flanagan J., Scone. _ 0 00 WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS Sr. 'PHONE M. THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. Upp PASTORAL. Upp 0 Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. Flanagan, H. E Bunnan 0 0 Logan W. I., Woodside, Aberdeen 0 Flanagan Patrick, Owen's Gap. 0 Long C. T., Dunwell, Scone 0 Fleming J. K., Keivinside, Aber. Long Mrs. H. J., May byn Vale, den 0 0 turnirmull Fleming Thos. H., Beesley, Aber- Lonwiale Itobt., Merry Vale, Boodle' 0 00 deen 0 McCabe T., Roucliel Broo:. 0 Flynn J. II., Castlereagh House, MeCalluni Iims., Gowrie, foonan 0 Fl it. 0 0 FuileirliJleaymes; S junr., Gloneoc, Scon.e. 000 McCall:tin Mrs. Isabella, Bell's Fuller J., Dry Creek, Parkvills lirot k, foonan Flat Gardner C. M. dr W.., Lemon MeClennand '', J., Chadsyllie, Grove, Rouebel Blandford 0 0 Garland J. A., Kemal, Bi Ilbrook cdonald Allan, N hissonsett,. Geary j. J., Mindaiibba, Moonan Blandford Fiat, St one 0 0 McDonald David, Carl yle, Hinman. 00 Goodman Thos., Sparke's Creek 0 clicoald Francis, Rouchel. 0 Gorman J., Scot's Flat, Blandford 00 McDonald J. A., Glendyne, Roucha Green Charles A., Goody 0 McDonald Margaret, DueskY, Greer W., Ferndale, Blandford 0 0 Bonnet) 0 00 Griffin A. E., Yorkville 0 0 lifev(iii eldrick F., Colly-Julti, Ronchel Hall Bros., Blainnore, Aberdeen McGoldrick :ldrick T. L., Rockneld, Roue!' Hall 0 Kilmanalian, Aberdeen 0 Brook Hall David, Cressfield, Parkville McGrath Mrs. Ann, Mooby, Scone 0 Hall George, Sluing Vale, Wingen 0 McGregor J. J., Mary Villa, Park- Hall L. C. (Est.), liry Ck., loi nail McLaughlin Pierce, Moonen Fiat 0,. T., Sendowra, Scow: 0 00 McInnes A., Ioonan Flat 0 Blarney J. P., Auverne, Belltrees eitityre Mrs. C. H., Bunnan. Heaney J. T. Red Bank, noodle'. 00 McLaughlin, J. J., Woolooma 00 0 Hayden B., Blomfield, Blandford McLaughlin M. M., Moonan Flat Ilaydon F. B., loonifleld, illandford 00 McLoughlin '. L., foonan Flat 0 Haty.inets A., Rosemount, via Scone 0 McLean Pastoral Co., Ridgelands, Bayne Ernest; Glen Oak, Moonali Muswellbrook 0 eluilln J. I., Bingeberry, suchel Bayne S., Kingsgrove, Bannan 0 00 emuilln W. G., Brooklyn, Rouchel Megarty D. G., Clydesdale, Belltrees enamara S. Glenelg, Goody Hibbs H. It. a! It. I Illandfoni 0 McPhee Donald, Fern Vale, Belltree 00 Hibbs A. B., Rocklev, Blandford McPhee Mrs. Jane, Brushy LIIII 0 Hibbs William, Rockley, Blandford 0 0 AlePhee John, Joon, Goody Hill A. J., Rouchel Springs McPhee Wm., Myrtle Vale, Rouchel Hindmarsh J. Rocky View, Itoucie l 0 Mackay J. J., Goody 0 Hogg., Leithiton Park, Scone. 0 Mackay W. H., Albano, Rouchel 0 00 Holmes Stanley, The Vale, Roneltel 0 Mackay W. H., Jun. Barrington 0 Hordern S., Brickfield Hill, Sydney 0 Manuel F. Do V., Wilga Park, Scone Hunt Daniel, Warlonds, Haydonton 0 Marshall G., loold, Scone 0 Hunt Mrs. K. (Exrs.), Murrunindl 0 Martin Angus, Mountain View, Timor 0 0 Hunt T. J., Morrunindi Ireland G. It., Crawney, Blandford. Ireland E., Wybong, tin Moe. welibrook Ivin Albert, WarataliSt., Ham ilton Jackson W. (Estate late), Moonan Flat James James E., Mistake Creel., foonan Brook James M. A., Moonan Brook James P. A., foonan Brook Jennings J., Ionia Foone, Scone Johnson Edward, Mount Vale, Moonan Brook Johnston Philip, Feroview, Moonan Brook Keene S. G., Eulaila, Scone Keene 'I'. (I. Weetab, Scone Kelly D., ' Fairfield, Scone Kennedy D. R. (Estate late), Glen- coe, Kennedy Donald, Mount View, Reindict Kennedy F. W., Kenals, Rotit hel. Kennedy Kenneth, Rock Hill, Aberdeen Lamb P. A., Rooty Hill.. Lambly Henry J., Glen Oak, R,Acliel Laird Claudius, Karl Springs Lee Mrs. E., Grassamullen, Sparke's Creek 0 Lee Mark, Jour., Avontinle, foonau Lee Mark, f'ark. senr., `. astie Springs, notian Brook Lettiee Joseph, Minoan Lettice S., Burman Martin John, Rockhold, Blandford. Meehan Thomas, Glenthorpe, Scone Miller 0., Wroxley, Brushy Hill Miller II., Spring Vale, Mucha Miller J. H., Coonawarra, Belitrees Miller John, Oak field, Moonan Flat Miller Percy, Kaira, Scone Miller Thomas, Elscraig, Rouchel Mills T. J., Green Creek, Woodford. Mitchell A. E., Woelooma Mitchell A.., Moonan Flat. Mitchell G. A., Moonan Flat Mitchell G. L. Glenfern, Belltrees Mitchell jas., Moonan Fiat. Mitchell John, Page's Creek, Moonon Flat Morrison A., ()medal Brook, foona Flat. Moylan J. F., Giundey Mullins '. (Fst.), Petwin Vale, Mogen Murphy o rprdhy Andrew, Ferndale, Bland- Murphy John, Gniftinore, Thom' Murphy., Whelan's.Creek, furrunindi Murphy T., Blandfonl Murray D. H., Glen Murray, Scone. Murray F. P., Middlebrook, Scale Nettle T. E., Oakleigh, Page's Creek Howling A., Hampton, Scone Howling A. G., Damptoo, Scone 0 Howling H. P., Ripley, Scone Nicholson L. M., Woodlands, Scone 'Shrum J. D., Stewart's Brook 0 Norvill Miss A. M., Bland ford Norvill J. W., Blandford HALF-A-CENTURY OF EXPERIENCE HAS PERFECTED OUR METHODS AND EARNED OUR REPUTATION ,

34 THE PICK OF THE WORLD'S CHOICEST COMMODITIES. c Upp PASTORAL. Ura Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. UPPER HUNTER (THE)(continued) Tinsey Thos. Green Ck., Blandford ( O'Brien P., Haywood, Blandford 0 0 Tay lichael, Dry Ck., Parkville O'Brien W. J., Scone Tripp Joseph, Muswelibrook 00 0 O'Donnell J. k F., Tyrconnell, W. Tuliock J. L., Leighton Park, Maitland 0 Scone 0 0 Page Mrs. B., Wakefield, Scone 0 00 Tyson G. ssgole, 'Aberdeen Palmer W., Kar's Springs Urquhart ' Kenneth, Moonan Brook 00 Parkins S. J., Mint, Crawney, Vine J. V., Welldone, Sparkes' Ck. Blandford. 0 Walsh Stephen, Boo Boo, Wingen 0 00 Partridge Mrs. M., Glencoe, Scone 0 00 Ward William, Patkville S Payne S. & F. M., Woombramurra, Waters John, Wingen 0 Nundie 0 0 Watson E. E., Lowlands, Blandford 0 Perkins J. J., Blandford 0 0 Watson E. H., Sunnyside, Timor 0 Perkins P., Wingen. 0 Watson H. L. J Timor, Blandford Pinkerton ). S. D., Grecii. Creek', Watson S. W., Pondi, Iandford 00 Blandford 0 Watson 'P. J., Moonlight, Timor Pinkerton James (Estate late), Watts C. W., Segenhoe, Scone Puddle Dock, loonan Flat 0 00 Watts John, Fernlawn. Aberdeen Pinkerton Matt., Allbourne, Bland- Watts Samuel, Rouchel 0 0 furd 0 0 Watts W., Stony Creek, Round l Pinkerton W. J., Gum Flat, Gundy 0 Wharton E. T., Benmore, Scone 0 Plummer George, Aberdeen Wharton Jas. (Est.), Hillgrove, Pryor W. Fairview, Aberdeen 0 Gundy Purcell T. A., Scott's Flat, Bland- Wharton John, corrigan's Creek, ford Gundy' 0 00 Quinn Mrs. A. A., Parkville 0 Wharton W., Happy Valley, Brushy Quinn. J., Owen's Gap 0 Hill Quinn Martin, Greylands, Owen's Wheellhan Mrs. Numb, Avoca, Gap SOO Murrurundi 0 Quinn Michael, Owen's Gap 00 0 White H. E. A. & V., Belltrees Quinn Thos. Owen's Gap White John H., Timor, Blandford Quinn W., Sophia ' Creek, Owen's Whord f ite It. W., Hatton Vale, Gap 0 00 Raincer Jacob, Half Moon, foonan Williams J., Malverne, :Woollen Flat 00 Flat WilUatns L., Moonan Flat 0 Ray W. E., Providence Vale, Williams Wm. (Exors. late), Moss Burman 0 Vale, loonen Flat 0 Riley A. C. W., Stewart's Brook 0 Williams W. A., Sogenhoe, Scone '' Riley John, Gundy 0 Wilson T. J., Walscott, Aberdeen Ring Thos., Tarrabah, Attunga -- Wilson W. A. (Estate of), Rosedale, Rose L. H., Delmore, Aberdeen 0 Murrurundi Ryan William., 0 0 Wilton H. A., Parkville 0 Satur Estate, Satur, Scone. Wood.T. A., Winger' ' 0 Schyt rumph II., Sunny Hills, Wood James, Wingen 0 Sparke's Creek. Woolley C. W. Middlebrook, Scone Schytrumpli Thomas, Dartbrook, Worrad 0, and ' L., Thompson's Ck., Woodlands Scone. 0 Scriven Mrs. S., Fairlight, Aber- Wright If. A., Bickimm, Blandford 0 deen $ Young W., Dry Creek, Parkville 0 Seaward W. T., iranee, Gundy 0 0 Shanahan J., Homewood, andford Sheriff Henry, Gundy _ Smith A. E., junr., Clevedon, Scone 0 Smith J. F., May Farm, Scone., URANA. Smith, Thomas, ount Hungerford, URANA PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Stewart Brook. 0 0 Stafford Reuben, Webbville Park, Chairman : R. D. Colley, Esq., Cossey Fatm, Urana. Segenhoe 0 Secretary : John Win. Stephens Bros., loonan Flat 00 Stock Inspector : D. E. E. COUCH. Stephens Mrs. M. E., Moonan Flat Sullivan. G., Rorsgole, Aberdeen 0 Adams A. P., Urana 0 Sullivan Mrs. Mary, Moab!, Scone Adams V., Crane 0 Sutherland K. Stewart's Brook?- ( Alexander John, Lockhart Swanson P., Blandf ord Anderson A., Lockhart _ 0 Taylor Miss E. M., Turanville, Scone 0 Anderson R. G., Corowa 0 Taylor Miss H. E.., Turariville, Ashwin Martha, Cooning Siding 0 Scone 0 Aust. Estate A: itg. Co., Brookong, Taylor John, Glenalbon, Morro- Uratia 00 0 rundi Belling Win., Pine Grove, Lock. Taylor Mary E., Turanville, Scone. 0 hart 0 Teague T. A., Moonan Brook Bende Catherine, Lockhart 0 0 Teys D. G., Temple Court, ur- Bender C. W., Lockhart 0 runindi Bonder F. W., Lockhart 0 Thompson W. : C., Scone 0 Bender 0.., Quandong, ilbru- Thompson William, Scone gag long 0 Thrift A. A., Hazeideen, Parkville Birkin Edward D., Bleak Plain, Thrift Eliza, Dry Creek, Parkville 0 0 Comiong Siding 0 Thrift S. It., Hazeldeen, Parkville 0 Blrkin William, Coonong 0 Tilse F. W., Aniaroo, Belltrees ilirkln Win., Jour., Fairview, Tindal It. f., Cliffdale, Parkvillo, Coonong Siding 00 Tinsey Mrs. C., Green Creek, Bland- Blight T. H., Utnugeline 0 00 ford Bloom C., Lockhart ( Tinsey D., Blandford Bond Thomas, Yarren, Lockhart 0 0 THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. Ura PASTORAL. Ura Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Bond W., Stonington, Lockhart 0 McCulloch F. (Exrs.), Orange Bourke I'. M., Urangelitie 0 0 Grove, Uratui 0 Brennan M., WIdgiewa 0 00 McDonald Bros., Lockhart 0 0 Itrowne D. L., Urangeline 0 fcdoneld D., Mount Ulva, Urana Browne It. S., Pleasant Hills 0 cgeoch W. & A., Belle Vim, Urana Browne W. S., Waverley, Pleasant ffsartc W. &., Urangeline Hills 0 feseite D. J., Top, Lockhart 0 Bull C. W., Prairie Park, Jorilderle. 0 McKenzie A., force Creek, Yuelba. ( Burrows Arthur, Bull Creek 0 McKinnon Bros., Widgiewa Cameron It., Urangeline 0 felaughlin James, Handley, Albury Cam J. E., Osborne P.O. 0 enarny E., force Creek 0 Carroll Bros., Urangeline. ( Nialtelly. K., Lockhart. 0 Carroll Maurice, Long Lock- Martin George, Coonong Siding hart 0 Maslin G. E., Burrangong, Urnna Cavanagh Pat., Lockhart 00 Matthews D., Lockhart 0 ' Chambers S. G., Lockhart.,. 0 Matthews W. W., Lockhart 0 ( Clapperton N. C., Brookong 00 Milthorpe C, W., Bulganam Cooper W. A., Veronica, Lockhart Moffatt Archibald, Borne Creek Crawford Archibald, Urangellne 000 ohonite Coy., Molionga Crawford John, Urangeline 0 Monet-lett' Jas., Corralong, Lock- Cully It. D., Urana hart Cully W. T. L., Fairfield, Urana Myers J., Pleasant Hills _ 0 Crichton G. F., Lockhart 0 N.Z. & A. Land Co., Bundure Dagger S., Uran geline. Obst ('. If. A., rownlow, Milbro- Davis Thos. If., The Pines, Lockhart long 0 0 Day Walter, Woodlea, Lockhart 00 O'Connell J. A., Lockhart 0 0 Ditchfield A. C., Yennig Creek 0 O'Connell M., Alice Park, Lockhart Ditchtleld W. E., Lockhart 0 O'Keefe A. S., Yamma, orundah., Ditchtield Wm. (Est.), Lockhart 0 0 0'falioney H., Mormulalt 0 Donovan H., Yulmna. 0 O'Neill M. L., Boree Creek 0 Douglas C Osborne 0 O'Neill W. l' Boree Creek Drummond, Boree Creek 0 0 Onne Frederick, Yuelba, Boree Ck. 0 Drummond B. S., Lockhart. IL 0 Parkinson F. N., Unite' 0 ) Edwards C. H., Willow Veit:, l'ertzel F., Rockview, Mhlbrmmlong 0 0 hforundah Pletsch A., Urantroline 0 0 Exton Luke, Yuluma 0 Pumpa J. C., Pleasant Hills Falkiner F. S. & Sons, Ltd., Wid- Rawson John, Milbrulong 00 giewa, Narrandera Feely P., Crane. Feeley P. D., Mahone Ferguson J. I., Urangellue Fraser Alex. rana Fraset D., Lockhart George Bros., Quandong, Lockhart Glith D. it W., Cocketgedoug, derie Gleeson D. L., Osborne Gleeson '. P., Urangeline (Beeson W. J., Osborne Goldsmith W. G., Lockhart Raiford E. Umna Hall John, ' Pleasant Hills Hallam John, Urangelitie Healey A., Templemore, Lockhart Heekendorf 0. H., Pine Top, Lockhart Hockondorf John, Pine Top, Lockhart Hehir Martin, Erindale, Osborne Heinrich II., Lockhart Hensley Bros., Osborne Hoffman C. B., Drysdale, Lockhart Holland WM., Oaklands Hopwood Joseph, force Creek. Inues Jas. (Exam. of), Sandside, WW/Iowa Siding Rawson John F., Milbrulong Rice W. J., Warragong, Pleasant Hills 0 Robertson James & Sons, Athol, Cooncnit Siding 0 Robinson Wm., Yultuna 0 Rowan W. M., Yetwo.' Downs, forundalt Rudd W'. H., orundali. 0 Ryan W. R., Yerong Creek. 0 Schirmer G. F., Lockhart Scott J. C., ()me% Vic. 0 Scott It. C., Widgiewa Siding 0 Sommens John, Uratigeline Sentmens P. G., Walbundrie Sharpies John, Lockhart Skene T. (Exors.), Urann, Tirana Slocum Arthur, Oak Hill, Galore Park, via Lockhart 0 0 Sly E., Lockhart Smallwood J. T., Silvery Park, Ietkchtioi trrties. 0 Smlti A Osborne Smith If. J., Lockhart Smith James., Urana 0 0 Smith William, Park Hill, Lockhart Teesdale A. S., Boree Creek, Yeuiba 0 Tonison P Lockhart 0 Jones George, Uningeline Terlick 0. C., Osborne. Jones John, PM rylin, Osborne Terry Edward, Oak-lands Jowett Thos. D., Redlands, Lockhart Keane Bros., Colombo Plains, Kirby Francis J., Pleasant Hills Kurd V. C., Lockhart Lane Denis, Osborne Lane D. J, Oali.lands Lane J. T., Oaklands. Lange A. H., Boree Creek Lawson P. J., Lockhart Lloyd John, Yerong Creek Lord J Yuluma Lynch E., Milbrolong McCaughey Sir Samuel, Coottog Siding, Urana ( Thatcher Thomas, Urana Thomas W. J., Pleasant Hills 0 Untngeline Coy., Uningeline Webster J., Oaklands,. 0 Weedon S. A., Lockhart Weedon William, Lockhart () 0 Westbiade C., Lockhart Westblade F. J., Lockhart White C. H., Rose Farm, orundah 00 Whitehead It. A., Butherwah, Urana 0 Williams Chas., Sprnydon, Urana Wilson H. L., Lockhart.. Wilson Robert, Bonnie Siding Wilson Thos., Borne Creek Wooden J. B., Yuluma I; WOOD COFFILL. COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: DEOROE STREET. 'PHONE CITY THE SIMPLEST OR THE STATELIEST FUNERAL CONDUCTED To THE SATISFACTION OF ALL CLIENTS.

35 ANTHONY HORDERNS'THE PEOPLE'S MARKET. o Wag PASTORAL. Wag Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. WAGGA. Casley 0., Winchindon Vale ( WAGGA WAGGA PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Chant A. r., Coolamon 0 Chant Sydney, Albion, Coolamon 0 Chairman : C. Condon, Esq., New Lorn, North Wagga. Secretary : Geo. Mitchell, Esq., Wagga. Chapman J., Coreenbob. Ladysmith 0 Chapman J. C., Ladysmith Stock Inspector: CHARLES LYNE, Wagga. Clark J. J., 'remora Clegg., Aibury Rd, Wagga 0 00 Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Clemson P. L., Rockdale, Tarcutta Allan W. H., Dubai, via Ganmain. 0 Cleverdon J. J., 00Iling. Siding 0 0 Alleyn W., Argyle, Iarrar 00 Condon C., Now Laun, Wagga Allison M.., Sebastopol, via Temora 0 Condon C., The Rock Altmann T., Coliongullie P.O. 0 0 Cooney P. J., Grogan P.O. 0 Altus A. R., Bannock, Coolamon 0 0 Coono"rlas., Mimosa, Pomona 0 Amos Alex., O'Connell Street, Cooper A. H. & A. E., Tareutta 0 Sydney 0 Copland. Wa gita 00 Anderson E., Merool Road, Temora 0 Corby Jo seph. Stockinbingal ' 0 Anderson T. S., Yerong Crook Cosgrove P., Eden Derry, Gann-min. 00 Anderson William, Ariali Park Cowled A. C., Gangoona, Illabo _ Angel A., Wyrilla, Uranquinty Cox A. J., Ti Ti Creek, Holbrook 0 Angel A J., Witgga Cox James, Coxville, Tarcutta 0 0 Angel. J., Spring ale, Lake Albert 0 0 Cox John P., Marrar Station Archer John, Arklow, Tarcutta 00 Cox Lawrence, Tolland, Wagon 0 Bahr F. W., Yerong Creek. Cox H. k ount Peter 00 Bailey W. E., Avondale, Tho Rock Crawford W. J., Junco Road, Pomona 0 0 Baker Wm., Coolamon 0 Crawley A. If., Junco Bakec.W., Llndfieid, 'remora ) Crichton IL, KlIburnie, The Rock Baldwin F. G., Sunnymeade, Temora 0 Crisp Bros., Springdale 0 Bank of W., Temora erouch G., Wagon 0 0 Barr NN Coolamon Cullen J. J., Yethella Bartlett E. T., Ganniain 0 Cullen 0. E., Springdale Bauer J. F., Milbruiong 0 Cummins W., Toole's Creek, Wagga 00 Bauleli Arthur, Cowabee, Coolamon 00 Curtis & Murphy, Coolamon 0 0 Baxter A., Trungly Road, 'remora 00 Dalhunty J. J., Illabo 0 0 Beaziey W., Albury Road Daly Bros., Yorong Creek Beck A. A., Inchiquin, Wagga 00 0 Dainschko G.. E., Pine Lodge, Beck W. J., Inchiquin, Wagga 0 0 Yerong Creek ' 0 Bell W. J., West Wyalong 0 Davey F. W., Arial' Park, 'remora. 0 Bender G. H., Pine Deane, - Davey G. F., Myall Falls, Allah Pk. lin] long Davey H. A., Arial' Park, 'remora Beveridge It., Pillagithila Davey John G., Quandong, Arial' Bicket John, Forest Hill Davey It. E. S., Clifton, Anal, Park Blaekbourne IL., Albury-rd., Wagga Davidson Bros., Yerong Creek Blackman NV. G., Moorong, Wagon. Davidson A., ibillenbong. The Rock Blackwood J., The Rock 0 Davidson H. T., The Rock 00 Biadwell F. G., Lad ysmith 0 Davidson W., Bulienbong, The Rock Bolger James, Tootool Davies D., fangoplah Bouffier J.., Alburv-rd., Wagga Davis B. J., Duilannan, Coota- Bourne Fred. T., Colinguillo 0 mundra _ 0 Boxsoll Jas. R., Woodfield, Junco Davis P. D R Boyd Mrs. S. S., Yorong Creek 0 D.ivls Thomas, Woodlands 0 Boyton James, Tooyal, Cooiamon 0 Dawson John, Grogan 0 BremerJohn, Moroni Road, Tomora 0 Da Little Wyatt, Nainoomia, 're- Breust Albert, Stony Pk., Coolamon 0 mora Breued H., Bectric, Coolamon Derrick W. C., Springdal o 0 Breust Henry, Arial/ Park 0 0 Delitseber L. A., Arial' Park 0 Witcher F. C. B., atebo 0 Melva George, Old Junee 0 00 Brown IL A., Providence, cia Wagga Dillon A., Baltimore, Junco 0 Brown Thos., Brownsdale, Tarcutta 0 Docker Bros., Aibury Road Brimskill A., Forest Hill, Wagga 0 00 Dolan J., Poole's Creek,, 00 lininskill A. S., Forest Hill, Wagga 0 Donaldson A. J., Sproule's Lagoon. 0 Brunskill T. A., Ladysmith Donaldson (. A., Pine Vale, Pomona 0 Byron J., Ganmain 0 Donaldson John, 'remora Bryson R. J., Forest Hill 00 Donaldson L., Woodbank, Pomona. Budd Mary, Piliagalnla Downie G. and Son, Coolamon 00 Iliinyan NN Urana Itoad, Wagga 0 Doyle B., Ladysmith. 0 Burnett John, LadyFrnith 0 0 Driscoll John, Yemng Creek 0 Burns W., Urana Road 00 Drummond William, June Road, Burrows W. P.,.Delet mg, Taroutta. 00 Temont 0 Burt Peter, Tarcutta 0 0 Duck William, Junco Burt W. C., Talimm, Tarcutta 0 Dunn )., Forest Lodge, Mimosa 0 Bushell A., Rock Point, Cookardina 00 0 Dunn It. J., Korrajong, Wagga Byrne M., Tara, Arial' Park 0 Dyce Walter P., Coolamon 0 Cameron Bros., Mundowey 0 Edis A. E Currawarra 0 Campbell It. B., Ladysmith 0 dis 0 Mirrool 0 Carberry E., Stock in bingo I 0 0 Eldershaw H., Old Junco Carlon Ann, Yarracundry 0 0 Ellwood P. F., Stockinbingal 0 Cam J. J., Kelvin. Milbrulong 0 Ely W., Kiblary, via Beckom _ 00 Cam T., Yerong Creek 0 Emery. Bros., Bute Park, Coota- Carroll L., Ganinain 0 0 nuindra 0 Carter H. M., Harefield 0 nover Coolamon Cartwright T. C., Glencoe, Temora Erskine Joseph, Cottee, Coolamon 0 Cartwright W. J., Teinora 00 Erskine George, Cottee, via Coolatnon 00 Casley Bros., P.O., Nth. Berry Jerry Erskine Robt., Cottee, via Coolamon 0.WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION Wag ANTHONY HORDERNS'THE POPULAR STORE. PASTORAL. Wag Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. Evans John, AslibrIdge, latong Field W. J. V., Rooftop 00 Finnan George, Arlah Park 0 Finnan Thomas, Arial) Park 0 Fisher C., Gionallen, Beckon) Fitzgerald E. A., rinagle, via Wagati 0 Fitzpatrick John, Itosebawn, Warree Warrel Fitzpatrick John, Tomora P.O. Fitzpatrick T., Warree Warral 0 Fitzpatrick Thomas, Erin Vale, Junco 0 Flanagan Matthew, Lak sinitli 00 0 Fletcher John 0., Wattoela, Wogga Flinn., Oakvieu, Tootonl Fogarty MIchael, Walladilly, Temora 0. Forck J. J., ChillIngton, Teniora Ford George, Bagdad, Gidginbong 0 0 Forge C., Touyal, Coohunon _ 0 French John, Temora 0 0 Fox George, Mangopiali Franker E. L., Giiiinbong 0 Former Coolanion Furrier F. W., Quandong, Coolamou 0 0 Furner L. C., Nth. Berry Berry Furnor 0., Green Banks, Coolamon 0 Fury J. J., Clifton Hill, Coolamon Gardner William, Beckom Geddes John, Yocum; Creek _ Gammon J. & W., Glenhope, Beckom 0 Gemmell R. A., Mirrool 0 0es William, Arialt Park 0 0 Gill John, Elloin Vannin 0 Goldsmith J. A., The Rock 0 Gollasch Fred. Pine Pk., brulong Goode E. A., itedcliffe, Mum 00 Goode 0.0., The Pines, Wagga Goode J., Enfield, Temom 0 Geode J. C., Springvale, Marrar Goode William, Gudgenbong P.O. Goodon J., Lake Albert Goodwin M., Ardlothan 00 Gordon George, Springdale, Temora 0 00 Graham A. J., Wigingobaremba 0 Graham Edward, Urana Road 0 Grant Bros. Boma 00 Grant SeiwOod, Beekom Gravolln J. R., Stockinbingal Green Bros., Springdale 0 Green J. & C., South Combaning Griffin James, Beckon.' Griffiths. G. G., Emu Point 00 Griffith, F. A., Yathelia, Wagga Griffiths J. W., Coolamon 0 0 Guinan 0. & M Ganmain 0 Guinan P., Mangain 0 Gunn Jessie, Braillour, Wagga Gut/trio B., Bectric, Coolamon 0 0 Guthrie James, Tara, Coolamon Guttler I'. A. G., Urana Rd., Wagga 0 Haeosier F., Springdale /Mousier G. H., Springdale Hamblin D. R., WOOdpark, main Hamblin Harry, ()amain. Hammond W..., Gansworth, Harefield Hancock A. J., Rosebud Farm, Cooiainon. 0 Hannon Robt., Summer lull, Junee 0 Hannah/in M., Malebo Hardiman M.., Wagga 0 Harper D., Sunshine Farm, Temora Harper R.., Ariali Park 0 Harrington II. J. W., View, via Beckom 0 Harris J. ''. Ivanhoe, via Conlamon 0 Harris W. J Rannocit, Coolamon 0 Harris NV. T., Quambi, Ariall Park Harrison G. H., Arial/ Park Hartwig. R., (lidginbong 0 Hay H. D., Brucedale. Hayes Allyms, Stockinbingal Owner, Station and Post Town. Hazel William, Marrar Hazelwood NV., Heekundorf John, Lockhart Hecker A., Temorn Heffernan M. J., Junco Heffernan I.,.Tunee Reefs Heffernan P bank, Junco Heileman NV. It., Junco Reefs Ileinghes H. J., Teinora Helm' E. NV., Jones' Flat, Tarcutta Henderson J., Deepwater Hennian Jan., Iklittambdoy Creak, Waffila Higinan J. Bannock, Coolanton Hignian Rich, Nth. Berry Jerry Hillam S. H., Wallacetorn Hand F., Hill Viow, Ariall Park. Hodge John, Boundary 'rgenin noria Hogan Margaret, Alhhry Road Hollum James, Coolamon Holmes 0. R., Wagga Howard 0, Kai Kai, 'remora Howard Jams, GarroJerry Houard Wnu., Cootamundra Hubbard Henry, Glenayr, Coolamon Hughes Bros., Woodside, Illabo FluieltIngs A., Valinna, Wagga Hutchings A.., Hutchings George F., Yorong Creek Ilett William, Yorong Crook Ingrain Thos., Borainbola, Tar. cotta Road Irons M., Wrong Creek Jarrlek F., angoplali P.O. Jarrick.A., The Rock Jeffries J. T., irrool, viu Tomora Jennings E. W., Berry Berry Jennings G. W., Haywood, North Berry Berry Johnston J. F., Coolamon Johnston J., Ohl Jimee Johnstone it., Millwood P.O. Jones it., Alhury Road, Wagga Kabiefeldt C., 'remora Kaints A. G. Gidgenbang Kalmns J. R., (lion View, Temora Kavanagh Mrs. Sebastopol Keith. H., Sebastopol Kelly Bros., Gannialn Kenn G. J., Arial) Park Keogh D., ()amain. Keough John, Marrar. Kilo John, P.O., Millwood King Ernest, West Wyalong King W. M., Summer Kingston Geo., French l'ark KIM-Ipso!! C., Wrong Creek KnightJ., Beekom Koch E. A., Rose Vale, 'remora Kohiliagen H., C., Unma Rd. Kohihagen J. E., Utanquinty Kook Young Road, 'femora Krause A. G., Iffilbrulong Krause IL, Al ilbrulong Krause J. A., Temom Kmuse J. A., sen., Temora Krebs F. J., Deep Creek, Tomora Kroker E. NV., Uranquinty Laity T. J., Yerong Creek Lampe V. T., West Wyaloug Lange A. C., Itsiumek Langton Walter, Gamnaln P.O. Lawrence (. L., Collengullie Leach T. H., Kildary Road, West Wyalong Lee and Palmer, Pulltop, Wagga Leitch Andrew, Berry Jerry, Wagga Le Lievro A. IL, hlaxton P.O. Le Lievra F. J., hfaxton P.O. Lindnes E., Coolamon Lintott Miss. A., Cuningdroo Livingstone A., UranquInty c H. C. S. A. 0 II ' ( AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS AND CONTRACTORS WE SERVE ALL WITH EQUITY AND ECONOMY

36 . ANTHONY HORDERNS'BIGGEST STORE IN AUSTRALIA. c Wag PASTORAL. Wag Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. WAGGA(continned Mulcahy James, Pine View, Stock- Lloyd & Son, lian gonlall 00 inbingal Lloyd John, Red 0 Mull:my V. P., Mimosa, Temora 0 Lloyd T., Wagga Muller IV. A., Dullah 0 Lockett J. and Y., Alburv Rd. 0 Mulnuiney P., Downside, Wagga 0 Long Ellison, Clarendon Park Murphy A. C., Hilltop 0 0 Lord F. C., Woodville, Junco 0 Murphy Daniel, Sebastopol Lord T. C., Mora, Junco, 0 Murphy F. NV., Uranguinty 0 Lord W. A.A., Junee 0 Murphy J.., Temora 00 Lucas G. W., Wattle 'Grove, Cooa- Murphy John, GADM/ I 0 0 n rray Benjamin, tiranquinty 0 0 Lucas T.'E., Fairfield, Coolamon Murray T. IV., Roslyn, Narrandera Lucas W. A., Millwood Road, Cools- Road. mon 0 Naestnith David, Daisy Hill, Temora 00 Lucas W. G., Oakleigh, Cool:talon Nash M. J., Oakloigh, Illabo Luck F. W., Bath Villa, Tareutta 0 Nelson A. D. L., hardwood, Temora Itigsdin Francis, Uranquinty Ness William, Iferridirk, Temora 0 Lupton Frank, littagong, Yerong Neve B. C., Tarcutta, ltd. 0 Creek Newell John T., Bollyford, Yerong. 00 ectrig Thos., Ilove Vale, Coolamon 0 Newman E., French Park 0 McCracken C. & Sons, Book Book 0 Nixon W. F., Livingston (hilly 0 MeCione It., Mirrool 00 Nixon O. A., Woodlands McDonald A. S., West Wyalong 0 00 Nugent P., Bloomfield, Waggn 0 McDonald A. T., Ardlethan O'Brien D. J., eralcion, Bockom McDonald IV. J., Coolamon. 00 O'Brien. J. Maryville, Gannodir 0 0 McDougall P. K., Talbot Street, O'Brien J. J., 'andamair Ballarat. O'Brien P., Coolamon egeallie John, Pulit:op 0 Obst J. 0., Blackwood, Ternora 0 McGefichle Thomas, Yarrargundry O'Connor Thos., Ruby Park. 0,fcGeoch A. Egan Creek, Yerong 00 O'Donnell James, Collenguilie 0 0 0, McGeo C. ' E., Little Springs, Wagga O'Keefe Denis,!Femora: 0 McGilvray Jas., Shophord's Siding 0 O'Meara J. T., Harefield 0 McKeown 0. M., Experiment Farm, Overs G., Temora - Bowmen 0 Palmer Bros. Pulltop, Wagga 0 00 McKenzie Mrs. M. H., Wagga 0 00 Palmer J. A., Coolamon McKinlay J. B. Linton. Temora Parmenter G. T., Cardamon :McKinnon C. and IL, Coolamon 0 Parmenter NV., Coolamon 0 McKinnon A. Junco Reefs 0 Parnell James, Cookardinia 0 ekinnon Chas., junr., Fairview, Parnell J. J., P.O., Cookardinia Jones.. Paton William, Tumblong 00 0 MeNickle,Tc Itri C., Han:field 0 Peeek C., The Rock 0 McPherson J. M., Mount Pleasant, Penfold John, Tricket Vale, Temora Pulltop Portzel F., P.O., fibrulong 0 0,AlcQueen NV. W., Mangoplail Potc. s T., Ariall Park 0 MacRae Ronald, Yarragandry 0 Phillips C. L., The Rock 0 0 McItorio P., Yerong Creek Phillis Frank E., Arlah Park 0 Macvean D. R., Albury ltd.. Polst E. IV, Albury Road, Wagga. 0 Macvean J.., Tarcutta : POIPO E. C., Euringa, A rdlethan Main Geo., Retreat, Illabo Porter J., 'Femora Main H., Retreat, Illabo Post Charles A Borambola, Wagga 0 Maloney John, purr., Toluale, Coola- Post It. L., Pullitop, Wagga 0 0 mon nn 0 Potter., Sandy Ck., Albury Road 0 Manglesdorf C., Chenerton, Temora Power S. IL, Forest Hill, Wagga Manning,J., Narrandora Rd, Wagga 0 Priest IV. II., Mimosa Park 00 Mending James, Stockinbingal Priestly Stockhibingal Manning T. W., Springdale 0 Quinn Bros., Currajong, Barzned- Martin J.., Landsdown, The Rock 0 0 man 0 Mate A., Toonga, Tarcutta 0 Rains S. J., Hoskins Street, Temora 0 00 Mate W. H., Tarcutta Replay Thos. illindry, Grogan 0 Matthews Finley, CollengirUble Raploy William, Young Road, Maudesloy Wm., The Rock, Tomora Maxvfell G. A., Milbrulong Ratcliffe Frederick J., Springwood, Maynard F., Wattle Park, 'Femora. 00 West Wyalong. 0 0 Ielklejohn It. G., The Rock 0 Reid Bruce, Hopedale, Junco Reefs 0 Menz L. F., Coolamon 000 Boynolds Thomas J., Temora Menzies D., Coolamon 0 Roberts J. T., Ala rrar 0 Miller It., Wagga Robins John, Coolarnon 0 Mills A., Allah Park Rodway J. 0. P., Oakabella, Bar- Mitchell John, Glencoe, Yarragundry 0 madman 0 Moikentin F. A., trench Park Rodway IV. L., Adair Park Ioneriolf Peter, P.O., Millwend 0 0 Rogers E., Glenbower, Ariall Park. 000 Moncrieff W. II., Rannock Ross It., Clifton Static n Monks Jos., O'Brion's Ck., Wagga 0 0 Rudd J. V. T. Waginoberembee Montague Annie, The Rock 00 0 Ruselien It. Gidinbong Moran John, Avonwood, Temora 0 00 Itutaerford IV., eryhr, West Wya-.Morris A., Arlah Park long 00 0 Morris R., Downside 0 Rutland Bros., Temora 0 Morton G. F., Stockinbingal Ryals C. A., Dudamnan, via Coota- Morton J. E., Stockinbingal 0 mundra Morton IV. Milbrulon g Ryan Patrick, Alfredtown, Wagga, 0 Mott W. J., Yerong Creek 0 Ryan IV. P., Sarsfield, brulong 0 Mowsar E. J., Hillside, Old Junee Ryder B. J., Deletroy, via Wagga Muir Henry, Hill End, Narburra P.O S 0 Salmon D. C., Glenvale, rift Wagga. 00 THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. Wag PASTORAL. Wal c Owner, Station and Post Town. Sanderson T., Temora Sanderson T. A., Myalls, Achill Park Schermer A., Combanning Schliebs C. J., Springdale H. ' C. S A Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. \Wallace M. C., Mimosa Road 00 Ward S. F., Gligal, Frampton Warren J. T., Victoria St., Tomora. 0 Warren It., Pine Flat, Narraburra 0 Schliebs B. A., Mirrool 0 0 Watson S. P., Ladysmith 0 00 Schlunke A. H., Gidgenbong 0 Wechert Borthold, Duck Creek, Schmidt A. 0., Gidgenbong Temora Schoemark A. J., Tarcutta. 00 Wells E., Scrubliville, Temora 0 Schoemark B., Tarcutta 0 0 Wells George, Arlah Park Schoemark E. A., Borambola 00 0 Wells John, Waterlob, Arial' Park. ) Schoemark It., Ladysmith 00 Wells S., Toulon) 0 Scholz G. It., Gidgenbong. S 00 Wendt F., Gldgenburg, Narraburra 0 ( Scholz J. C., Gidgenbong, Tomora Westman NV., Nlilbrulong 0 Schultz NV., Gidgenbong 0 0 White Elizabeth, Keajura, Tarcutta 0 Schwartz F., blidgenbong 0 White F. A., Old Junco 0 0 Scruhrn John, Temora 0 White Wm., Pullitop Scott Bros., Dimasson, Cootamundra Seeleiger George, Hills Park, Henty Senunbler F. IV., 'Femora Whitehead R. E., Berry Jerry, NVagga 0 0 Whyte J. J., Barellan 0 aineke A. C., Grogan. 0 Shepherd J. W Gobbagombalin 00 Wild S. M., All redtown 0 0 Sinapins Julius, blothul, Coolamon. 0 0 Wilesmith A., Old Junco 0 Sinclair Duncan, Temora 0 WilesmIth J., Yathella 0 Slinger William, Sobastopol Wilkinson R. 0., Tarcutta Road 0 Sly Samuel, French Park, via The Williamson Wm., Coolamon 0 Rock Willis Robert, Yorong Creek Smith A. B., Ladysmith 0 Wilson and Morrison, Matong 0 00 Smith Alick, Kycamba 0 Wilson A. A., Old June 00 0 Smith Mrs. S. A., Ladysmith, Wagga Wilson C. A., Pinnacle, Wagga 0 Smith J. NV., Bannedman 0 Wilson E. IV., Gn.gadoo Smyth Jas. & Sous, Fairfield, Yorong 0 Wilson George,Book Book 0 Snodgrass James, Albury Road Vilson 0. P., Big Springs P.O., Mangoplah 0 Wilson H. S., Lockhart Snodgrass W. It., UranquInty 0 0 Wilson Wm., Narrandora Road 0 Southwell Bros., Junco 0 0 Wilson N. E., The Springs, Wagga. 0 0 Spitta M., South Combanning Windt. A., Duck Creek 0 0 Staniforth H. NV., West Wyalong 0 00 Winkle).* J. II. & Son, Mimosa P.O. 0 Steinhardt 0., Temora 0 0 Witenden W. IL, StockInbIngal Stevenson R., Marrar Winterbottom J., Narrandera Rd. Stewart 0, Yeroug Creek 0 Wooden Ben., Marrar, Old Junco Stewart N., Cullengerel, Reetton Wooden William, Old Junee 0 Stewart Thos. G., Ulenavon 0 Woods A. It., Ganmain - 0 Stinson Anthony, North Burry Jerry 0 00 Woodward J., Bannedman 0 0 Stinson John, Ingle Brae, Coolamou 00 Worland T. IL Barmedman 0 0 Stinson S. S., Berry Jerry Wotton F. B., Barmedman Stockman H.., Temora Stoll M. A., Albury Road, Wagga Stone IV. F., Springwood, Uranquinty Storey Harry, Old Junee 0 Wyld B. T., Wagga Wagga WALGETT. Storey L. NV Old Junee 0 0 Stranger George, Illabo 0 WALGETT PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Taber Mrs. NV, It., Uranquinty Chairman : H. C. Kelly, J.P., Goangra, Walgett. Taylor H. H., Tootool 000 Secretary : C. W. Fonda. Taylor Robt. G., Pullitop Inspector! F. NV. ADAMS. Taylor T. IV., Pullitop, Wagga 0 0 Taylor NV., Old Junes 00 Agar J. E., Nothstby, Valgott 0 00 Terlich G. A., Milbrulong 0 Amos A. (Est.), Vowendalf, Waigott 0 Thomas J. N., Albury Road Atkinson E., Avon, Walgett 00 0 Thompson Bros., Tomora Atkinson T. E., Namol View, Wal- Thompson James, P.O., Matong 0 gott 0 00 Thompson John, Rosedale, Tootool S 0 00 Banks 0. IV., Strati' Clydo, Poko- Thompson T. IV., Albury Road, taroo 0 Wagga Barrett P., Mary Vale, Cryon 0 Tralger J. C., Temora 00 Boll and Rutledge, Books Booka, Trengrove J. NV., Hareflell,. Brewarrina Triplett Bros., Methul 00 Boll Bros., Flemington, Walgett Turner C.., Old Junco Ilinnie IV. NV., Springbank, Rowena 00 Turner George, Old Junee 0 Bishop E., Llangollen, Walgett Turner J., Oak Hill, Old Junee 0 00 Bolton T. H., Cumberdoon, Walgott Turner P. A., Coolamon 0 0 Bradlo A. (Est.), Bogara Lagoon, Turner Wm., Hill View, Old Junco. 0 Walgett.. Turvey G., Spring Farm, Albury Brayshaw J. le., Leconfleid, Walgott Road 0 Brodie &McKinnon, Murray Downs, Tyndall '. J.,.* P.O., Ariali *. Park.c 0 00 ('ryon.. 00 Witch W junr., Coolamon.. Broull A., Wilgaliar, Vincent NV. J., Tho Rock 00 Brown N. H., The Ginghet, Carinda ( Vogeler C., Young Road, Temora 0 Brim-non A., Eldorado, Cry on 0 Waite IV., Borambola 0 Brummell T., Rio Park, Rowan 0 Wakem James, Forest Hill Brummell IV., Myall, Rowona 0 0 Walker A.., Arlah Park Buchanan A., Durhambone, Point- Wallace and Hare, Wagga 0 00 taro 0 Wallace J. NV., Mimosa ltd., Temora Buchanan NV. F., Delmore 0 0 t. WOOD S COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE STREET, 'PHONE CITY POSSESS AN EQUIPMENT SECOND TO NONE IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE

37 ANTHONY HORDERNS'AUSTRALIA'S MAMMOTH STORE. c Wal PASTORAL. Wal Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. WALGETT(continued) Bureher H. N., Wathenon, Rowena Burke F., OmniIlle, Ccme-bv Chance Blake J. B., arylands, Wit!Kett Burke P., Sunny Plains, Walgett Burns.T. Pembrook, Walgett Burrell j.., Mayleigh, Rowena Burrell P. L., Minoru, Carinda Bush F., Horseshoo Lagoon, Walgett. Cameron L., forven Vale, Collarenebri 0 00 Campbell A., Nawosa, WaIgen 0 Campbell J., Glenrow, WitIgen Caton C. D. at Sons, Willow Glen, Carinda 00 Caton D. & Son, Killarney, Carinda Caton J., BaIlaree Vale, Carinda 0 Caton L. V., Bail:nee, Carinda 0 Chamberlain J. B., Wanouri, Walgett 0. " " Clancy It. W. (Est.), Earle Earle, WitIgen. 0. Clark L. K., Eurala, Walgat Clarke G. J., Glendalough, Walgott 00 Clarke. W., Wyabray, Boorootna. 0 Cochrane G., Roseville, Walgett Cochrane., Glendale, Walgett. Cochrane W. H. P., River Vale, Walgett 0 Chance Colless A., Lone lielar, come-by- 0 Colless, W., OakleIgh, Come-by- Chance Co!less W. H., Fairfield, Walgett Colwell C. E., New Prospect, Will. gen Cornish T., Womboin, Browarrina Cory J. E. A., Marlow, Rowena Cross C. A Marlow, Rowena 0 Cross J. E., Marlow, Rowena Cross T. F., Crossdale, Walgett Crowley C. B., Oreel, Wee Wart Daly J. W., Mullary, Bulyeroi _ 0 Dent F., Punch's Plains, Carinda 0 Dent T. (Est.), Wangrawal, gett Dent W. J., Wooroo, NValgett 0 Dickson W. & T. C., Salisbury, Brewarrina Dowling J. Cote Lea, Rowena _ Dubois F. A., Coringa, Rowena Duncan R. H. & Sons., Westella, Walgett Dwyer D. J., Wyanbali, Walgett 0 Dwyer J., Gaylong Vale, Walgett Edgar J., Pine Rependo, Carinda Edwards J., Pine View, Carinda Egan M. j., Gungaiman, Coon. 00 amble Ellis T., The Mole, Warren 0 00 Evans A. Come-by- J., Earndell, Chance Evans C. E., Hawthorn, Come-by. Evans J. W., Asitheld, Wal gett 0 Evans L. M. Clyde, Come-by- Chance Evans J. H., Cantina, NValgett Chance Evans N. C., ' Oarswood,. Walgett Evans V. P., Trilby Park, Walgett, Evans Mrs. W. A. L., Riede, Comeby-Chance 00 Evans W. G., Carbossy, NValgett Fagan J. O., Brewongle, Walgett Feeltan C. M., Dahomey, Coonamble Field and Moses Bros., Mercaclool, Walgett Flynn G. P., Newhaven, Carinda 0 Foster., Warragatt. Wal gett Fox Bros., Myalga, Avondale Fripp T. T., Beethoven, Rowena WOOD. COFFILL G. COMPANY LTD. A Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. Fuller E., Footscray, Walgett 0 Glasson Mrs. F. B., The Brigalows, Carinda. Gleeson J., Tt ioranding, Walgett Gow P. S., Meadow Plain, Walgett. 0 Grace F. H., Roslyn, Rowena Gray J. W., G, Walgett Greenaway II., Waverloy, Rowena. 0 Greenaway J., Branxton, Rowena. Guilfoyle D., Whitewood, Rowena. Gwydir J. L. Yarral Yarral, Rowena liannaford S. ' J., Baorkaville, Watson 000 Hannah A. P., Gidginbilla, Coon. amble Harcourt G. W.; Yanda, Carinda Hardy W. S., Oakleigh, Cnrliidn Heaney., Keveline, Carinda Higgins G., R. & F., 'Ungava, Carinda Hodgson 0, Martindale, Walgett Holcombe A. W., Koynng Cryon Hooley D. E. Lone Moor, Avondale ' 0 Hunter E. Z., Eurabalk Come-by. Chance Irwin W, Sefton Park, Walgett Jeffrey W. R., Iltion, Conic-by. Chance. 0 Johnstone J. It., Arvegh, Brewarrina Jones E. L., Rayleigh, Busilbono Keen S. A. Fairlands, Walgett Kelly & Bull, Ultunble, Walgett Kelly H. (I., Goangra, Walgett Kemp C. H., Frankston, Collarenebri 0 Kenna J., Ladysmith, Walgett _ Kenna M., Rosevilla, Walgett Kenna B. C., Clearview, Walgett 0 Kennedy Bros., Kensington, Comeby-Chance -- Kerr & Son, Merndall, Walgett King J. A., Albert Park, Rowena. 0 King M. L. Glendine, Rowena 0 King R. R., Kootnay, Cryon King NV., Ulumble Downs, Walgett 00 Kirby P. L., Marra, Pokataroo Larkin P., Aherfoyle, Walgett 0 Leigh S. II. E., Mayll Pk., Waigett. 0 Lillyman N. J., Coomalah, Cryon 00 Longworth T., Ibon, Pokataroo Mace G. L., Havelock, Witigett Mackay Bros., Brown, Walgett 0 Mackay J. K., Cryon Cryan Mackay W. II., Yarraldool, Cryon. 0 Manton C., River View, Boonton' 0 Manton J., Belah Park, Carinda 0 Marshall F. 0., Aloombalt, Cryon Marshall. C., Whaparilla, Cryon 0 Masman H., BraesIde, Avondale Meynink H. It., Minargo, Collarene. big 00 Mitchell A. J. S., flogewong, Walgett Mitchell Mrs. E. M., Briery, Walgett Mitchell G. H., Truro, Rowena Moloney D., Collytudula. Rowena Mooney M., Chili-wrack Cryon Moore Bros., Walma, Walgett 0 Moore W., Mourable, Walgett 0 Munro D.., Hadlagh, Carinda Munro G. J., faroubra, Calinda McConochle G. Girilamhone H., Ben Avon, 0 McCulloch Mrs. A. C., Mina, Come. by-chance McDonnell NV. H. Rosemore and Murndale, Avondale 0 MacKellar L. N., Tintarle, Rowena. McKenzie F., Bonnie Donn, Walgett McKenzie G., Mainlee, Avondale. McKenzie T. It., Kylebride, Avondale 0 McKenzie f., Meadow Plain, Canada McKenzie. J., St. Helena, Rowena 0 ea,ish A. W., Gidgeralk Quambone 0 A ( LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M THE HOME OF ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES. W a PASTORAL. Wal c Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. cleish J., l'illicawarrina, Quan Winter H., Never-Dry, Carinda bone Wititycombe C. J., Barwon Vale, _McLeod D. N., Inverness, Cryon 0 Walgett.clentts D., Narrawin, Girilum- Witts A. E., Trelawney, Pokataroo. bone 0 Wyatt W., Evanhoe, Waigett _ McNamara T., Carinda 00 0 Yeomans Bros., Gilgoin, Brewarrina McPherson A. H., errywinebone, Yeomans 0.., Ratty, firewarrina. Avondale Yeomans M. A., (finghett, McQuillen J., Newlands, Come-by- Bro. warrina Chance Young T. R., elar, Corinda Nixon E. F., Long View, Come- 000 by-chance Nyhan Bros., Mayfield, Walgett O'Brien J. P., Kincora Downs, \Val. get t O'Brien J. T., Tallwood, Come-by. Chance. O'Brien W. H., Elide Plains, Wal 0 0 sett O'Connell D. J. F., The Wilgas, Walgett 0 O'Neil.T. L., Hentingford, Bulyeroi. Wised '. H., Wobbo, Rowena O'Sullivan D. F., (Gentian'. Rowena Page P. J., Glengarry, Walgett 00 Parkins S. J., BellvIne, Gitilambono Peacock J., Combogolong, Walgett Veneer Bros., Lower Quambone, Carinda Phelps G. V., Wattle Plain, Cryon 0 Phelps. W. ' Newstead, Rowena,.. 0 Phelps J. N., Glen Eden, Rowena Phelps 0. H., Dreamland, Cryon Porter R., Warran Downs, Carinda. Priestley R. E., Oilwarney, Carinda 00 Priestley \V. P., Saltelen, Walgett 00 Puisford A. It., \Vincula, Walgett Pulsford ( It., Budda Budda, Clarinda Pulsford H. F., Neleroy, Walgett Reid A. C., Euroka, Walgett 0 Ridley G. E., Alawa, Walgett R 0' J., Loch Lomond, Coonamble 0 0 Rix L. S., Bleak house, Burren 0 Rolls T., Wilga, Rowena 0 Ross It. D., Clarenz, Walgett Ryan C., Stuninertiold, Cryon ons Ryan T., Barwon Glen, Walgett 0 Ryan W. H., Plain View, Cryon. 0 Schnieder J. P Ashantee, Walgett, 00 Scholefield W. B., Eulengo, Cryon 00 Shaw E., Glen Idyl, Rowena 0 Shaw, Bexley, Rowena 0 Shearer Mrs. H., Avondale, Buren. 0 Skinner A. S. P., Islay Watson 0- Skid burp J. T., oora, Coontunble, Smith C., Woodlands, Walgett Smith C., Nam, Rowena Smith. T. F., Tawonga, Watson. Speed T. (Est.), Weanbalk Cryon Strang IL W., Waroongn, Rowena 0 To Moot C., Brolga Plains, Girilambone Thompson O., Polly Brewan, sett 0 Tinunins IT., T,ansdown, Collarenebri 00 Timmins J., Scrubby Park, Collarenebr. 00 Vanstotte W. S. Comalah, Walgelt 0 \leech P. L., Land's End, Carinda 0 Walker It. O. Coolabah, Walgett 0 0 Wallace J. M., Claremont, Walgett. 0 Wellangra Pastoral Co., Tarn _ 0 Warman C. It. Roubaix, Warren Warner A. H., ' lloonarle, Cryon 0 Was A. B., Wyninebah, Carinda Weber C. L. Monte Carlo, Carinda. Weber Mrs. ' 0., Rosehill, Walgett 0 Weber It. A., Ccolail. %keit 0 Welsh C., WarrawIng, Clarinda 'Whiteman V., Wyanbone, Walgett. Williams D. C., Leeroy, Clarinda _ * WALGETT NORTH. WALGETT NORTH PASTURES PROTECTION Chairman : Robert Leslie, Esq., Gingle, Secretary C. W. Forde, Esq. Inspector : F. W. ADAMS. BOARD W'algett, Amos J. C., Burrenbah, Mogll 0 Must. E. &. Co., Invermay and Piangobla, Collarenebri 0 Australian M. L. and F. Co., Anglo. dool, New Angledool Australian Pastoral Co., Yerranbalk New Angledool Barden L. E. D Wee Warra,Walgett 0 0 Barton, Taylor and Co., Morendalk Walgett liarwon Pastoral Co., ogil Mogil linty D. T., Bukuilu, Collarenebri 000 Blucher E. A., Dumiendi, ( 00 Campbell IL, Bortunbil, Walgett 0 Campbell J. A. & Sons, Dungalear, Walgett Clark (L, Werrabilla, Collarenebri Clark C., Calmundi, Collarenebri 00 0 Clark H. '., Gatnalally, Collarenebri 00 Clode F. E Boman', Cumborah 00 Colless A. A. and V Heathfield, Walgett 0 Cook C., Wand, Cul/Thorn!' 00 0 Crossin g If. I., Eulorel, New Angledool, Cullen T. A., Gurley, Cumborah Cutler W. J., Blandtire, Collarenebrl Daly J. )., Long Swamp, Collarenebri 0 Bight & Read, Derritna, Collarenebrl 00 Dillon T., Briery Park, Brovarrina 0 Dodd H., Burrenbaa, Collarenebri 00 0 Donnelly B., Li ghtning Ridge 0 Dawdle F., Eurangie, Lightning Ridge.. 0 Doyle J. If Cambo dambn, fogil Dugan T., Loileep, Walgett 00 0 Duncan It. H. & Sons, Craigmore, Walgett 0 0 Earl E., Manchester, Collarenebri Elliott T. L., Clevelands, Walgett. 0 0 Fleming J. K. (Est.), (Galt, Walgeti Francisco J. J., Bando, Collarenebri. Gilchrist and Watt Bros., Llanillo, Walgett 0 00 Gordon J. S., Ontseley, Walgett Gordon J. S. Wilkie, Walgete Grant and Sliorriff, BairnkIne, al re fineb(ri 0 Grant and Siierriff,Woorawadian, Walgett 0 0 Grant & Sherriff, Geronga, Walgett Hall W., Woodstoek, Walgett 0 0 Heath F., Wimbledon, Walgett 0 Howlett T., Stony Crossing, Walgett 0 jackson Mrs. H., uttabun,walgett Jeffrey E. W., Boonewell,Collarenehrl Kennedy A. J., Weenya, Walgett. 0 Leake L., Mt. Brandon, Collarenebri 0 0 Lewis. C., Enroll, Colfarenabri, Livingstone D., Burrandown, Hun- Own., OUR VEHICLES ARE THE MOST ELEGANT AND BEST HORSED IN AUSTRALIA

38 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. c Wan PASTORAL. War Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. OWner, Station and Post Town.. C. S. A. NVALGETT NORTH(contEntied) Artnitruag G., sen., Emu Creek, Lyons P. C., Wombian, Coliarenebri ingara Mackay J. K. & AN'. H., liabnarey, Ashman Estate, '. Longview, Coolootal ' Now Angledool 000 Atkins IL, June, Moscow, Gravesend Marshall F. G., Coocoran, Walgett Atkins Mrs. I., Wmal View, Warialda 00 0 Mein NV.P., Boomoma, Boorooma 0 Aust. M. L. and F. Co., Ltd., Boga- Murray G.A. (Est.), Milrea, Walgett mildi, Ashley McMullen M., Briery, Booromna 00 0 Baldwin IV. F., Spring View, Wal- Newton E., Spring Vale, Comb:wall 0 0 langra. 0. N.Z. & A.L. Co., Bangate, Walgett 0 00 Barden 0. W., Wongn, Boggablila 0 00 N.Z. & A.L. Co., Goondooblide,Alogil 0 0 Barthtt Bros., Colane, Wallangra 00 O'Keefe T., Tootha, Walgett 0 Batchelor C., Ilingara Peel River Land and Mineral Co,. Batchelor E., llolly Mount, Bingara 0 0 Moorlands, Walgett 0 Batchelor Joseph, Mayfield. Bingara Potts It., Enterprise, Comborah 00 Batchelor Thos., Royal Oak, M- Powell P. V. C., Morello, Walgett 0 ( amba Prentice J., Weliwood, Lightning Belford M. A., Minoru,!Boma 00 0 Ridge Benson W. G., Alma Downs, Pyo C. NV., Dunumbral,Collarenebri 000 Warialda 000 Richmond & Scott, Gitts:le, Walgett 0 Berrie Geo. L.,.' Yamada, Warlaida 0 Roberts Mrs. E., Gleilogle, New Berrie Thomas, Springfield, Yagobie Angledool - 0 Besley B. C., Craddock, Graman Roberts E. J., The Springs, New Billsborough John, Bingara 0 Angledool Billsborough J. T., Bingara 00 Rowe A. E., Bonanza, Walgett 0 0 Bischoff J. D., Wndridge, Warialda 0 Sanderson A., Combndery, Walgett 0 :0 Bloomfield E. B liog gabilla Sinclair C., Moongulla Blunt A., Pallamallawa. 0 0 Stafford A. It., Burren Burrell, Mogil Boughton C., Waytnond, Palkun:;. Stewart J., Pikedale, Collarenebri 0 lawa. 00 Troweeke IV. H. & Sons, Eulalle, Bowd W. T., Killarney, Cholatai 0 Mogi' 0 Bowden C. J., Tuncooey, etia Turnbull IV. E., Buliali Balkh, Bre- Morse 0 $ warrina Bower Edgar, Pailamalkwa 00 0 Vanstone W Kai Warm, Walgett Bowm Thomas, Now Bobo, Yetman 0 Walton G. R., Minoru, Walgett 0 Brines Wm., Claremont, Gravesend 00 Willis J., Norma, Collarenebri Brodie James, Avoea, Warinida 0 Z Brodie T. B., More Brooks Thos., Glen Orton, Coolatai 0; Brooks Geo. W., Somerset, Coroda 0 0 WANAARING. Brown, Rockwell, Ingara ; Bull Bros., Cooringora, Bingara WANAARING PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Bull A. C., Booball, Warialda 0 Chairman : W. T. F. Stalky, Esq., Wanaaring. Bull A. NV. H., Bingara 00 Secretary : John D. Logan. Bull H. S., ltocky Springs, Coolatal 0 00 Stock Inspector : J. OVENS. Burling Allen, Warialde 0 Boota Pastoral do., White Cliffs 000 Byrne G., Youngerina 0 Carter AN'., Kulkyno Tank, Wanaaring Christian and Sons, Paragundy Crossing Bros., Waverly Downs, Walt:taring Evans L., Wanaaring 00 Goldsbrough Mort & Co., Ltd., Elsinore & Thurloo Downs, Wanaaring 0 Fidman & Anglis, Wannaring 0 0 Kidman Sydney, Tinapageo, Wanafiring Kidnian Sydney, Birawinna D0, Wannaring & Co NVillara and Talyealye, Wannaring 0000 Robinson & Vincent, Wanaaring Smith E. F., Wanaaring WARIALDA. WARIALDA PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Chairman : H. S. McMaster, Croppa, Warialda. Secretary : C. V. Wood, Esq., Warlaida. Burling William, Dryview, Warlaida Butler Ethel, Black Forest, Bingara Butler, Killara, Blegara 000 Butler James, jour., Hopewood, Bingara 0' Butler James, senr., Black Forest, Bingara 0 Butler Thos., lox Hill, Bingara 0T Butler Thomas, lianimbla,!dome 00 Byrnes John, Bingara Cadoll A. M. Myall Downs, Warialda 0 0- Callachor Ella, Yetman Callachor George, FlInton, Yetman 0. Callachor H. J., Emerald Vale. Yetman, 0 0 Callachor P. (Estate of), N.'etman 00 00) Callachor T. P., Yettnan Cameron John, Ena, Wallangra Campbell Bros., Beef wood, Moree Campbell A. G., Bald Rock, Gravesend Campbell D., Kyle, Warialda 0 0. Campbell M. S., Coolatai, Warialda. Campbell Murdoch, Glen Leo, Wallangra Campbell W. (i.,locil Awe, Dolungra Cape! Albert, Dorm Dena, Ilingara 0 Capel F. C., Oregon, Cobbadali 000 ) Stock Inspector : A. GITTINGS, Warialda. (lapel Henry W., Eulabil, arraba 0 0 Capel It., Gournama, Wartaida 0- Adams Ernest, Gravesend 00 0 Cape! IV. D., Warlalda T Adams Robert, Kionia, Morse 00 0 Canyon Jessie, Allandale, Warialda 00 0 Allen Jas Inglewood, Boggabillit 00 0 Carlyon John, Rose Hill, Warlaida 0 Allen Margaret A., Carbucky, Bogga- Carrigan J. P. & Sons, Avymoro, brna 00 Moro Allen IV. NV., Bedwell Downs, Yet. Carton Bertram, 'fluidal!, Warialda man Casey James, Brumby Park, Yetnum Armstrong G., Linton Vale 00 Casson Thomas, senr., Gravesend ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL. War PASTORAL. War c Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Cavanagh Einest, Pallamallawa Fraser Hugh D., Rocky Darn, Charters D., Hilltop, Bingara 0 0 Wallangra Charters Robt., Hill View, Bingara 00 Freer E. Yetman 0 Cheadle Chas., SprIngfield,Wallangra 0 Fr(:isidt John, Inventure, Mamba Clarke Andrew, Warialda 0 Gainey. A., Ilm h Park, Graves- Coggan J. G. S., Bogamildl 0 Cohan Charles, Gravesend 0 00 Gall A. C., Pallamallawa 0 0 Coleman Hugh, Mayfly, Wallangra 00 0 Gall E. H., Swan Hill, Pallamallawa 00 Coleman Thos., Lilleyvale, Bingara 0 Garland J. It., Bo o mon bah, Wit ria Ida 00 0 Collins C. (Estate of), Sunnyside, Bog- Garvey R. E., Ashby, Moro ( gabilla 0 00 Gelsio W. A., Myalla, Moree 00 Conway D. C., Yarran, Warialda 00 Geary John, Gulf Creek, Cobbada)l 0 Conway D. (Exom. of), Warialdn. 0 Gill Geo., Carlton, Pallamallawa 0 0 Conway james, Aramae, Warlaida 00 Gill J. E., Kelvin Grove, Elcombe Conway 0. 0., Kilbernie, Warialda 0 0 Gill J. T., Kurrajong, Gragin 0 Conway Leonard, Clonard, Warialda : Glaser John, Merrivale, Wurialtla 0 Conway Win., Kin Ora, Warialda Iennie Bros. Moree Cook Edward, Wilga, Morse : 0 Goldman William, Rocky Glen, Bar- Cook T., Avendalo tuba 0 Cook Thos., Turkey La goon, B'billa Goodsell E. J. H., Pallainallawa Coate E. J., Montana, Wallangra ( 00 0 Gragin Pastoral Co., Warlaida 0 0 Coppoek W. II., The Bend, Mork, Greacen j., Brighton, Gravesend 0 Cosgrove James, Toonda, Boggabilla 0 00 Griller.lolin, Mount. Home, Barraba 0 0 Cosh Stephen, In glewood, Rob Roy 00 roth C. F., Glen/non., Ilarralet Coulton A. T., Carlington, Graves Hagan Androw, Castlemaine, Bingara 0 0 end 0 Hagan B., Apple (treen. ilarraba 00 Coulton, Avondale, Gravesend Hagan E. C. Gulf Creel: Colliton W. Ii., MI% Gravesend 00 Hallman E. ' E., BIn gara Coventry J. B., Paisley, Texas 0 00 Hallam Airs., Lisgar, Wallangra Coward W. B., Coolatai 00 Hamilton (leo., Oakey Ck., Warialda 0 Crackwell Raymond, Willaroo, Moreo 00 0 Hamilton John, Murrgle, Warialda 00 Cross and Co., Arcadia, Wallangra 00 Hanig n F., Denham, Wallangra 0 Croudace R. AI., Triandbar, Delungra 0 ( 0 00 Hatiton Franck, Spring Hill, Bingara 00 Crowley A. J., Glenford, Cobbaciall Minton AL T., Bingara Crowley Arthur, Glen Arthur, Cob- Hardy W. It., Lonnwood, Warialda 0 badah Hargrave R. M., Borundah. Warialda 0 Crowley F. (Estate of), Gowrie, Cob- Harris Bros., Homebush, Wallangra )) 00 b:(h Harris A. J., Pallamalkwa Crowley John, Cobb:Wall Harris Tiles., Homebush, Wallangra Crowley Roy II., Du time, Cobbadah Harris AV. IL, Pallamallawa Cruickshank A., Popinguy, More() 0 0 Higtrarri: William, Westwo od, Co olatal Cruickshank J. AL, Olen Elg, More 00 0 Hart J. W., Bingara 0-0 Cupples T. A., Pallamallawa 0 Hartog A. 0., Middle Crossing, Bin- Clippies NV. T., Gwvder View, IkIlainallawa. 0 Hagratro: Edward, Bingara Curren Gee,, Blai r Athol, Barraba 00 Harto g Jcs eph, Phu) ) Athol, Bingara 0 Curren J. Flaggy Creek, Bingara 0 00.MN. F., liazehloan, Bin- Cutts Lance L., Boggabilla 0 00 Daley A. II., Bingarrt Heffernan James, Copeton, Warialda 0 Daley Catherine F., Gleness, Warialda 00 Heron Nicholas, Wen Idol, Waliangra 0 :0 00 Daley AV. R., illizeidaan, Wariaida 0 Hickey D. M. Gill Gill, Ashley 0 Dangar Bros., Yallaroi, Wariaida 00 0 Higgins D., dillside, Wallangra Denovan W. AV., Wallangra Higgins D., junr., Wallan gra 0 0 Dibbs L. B., Mamba 00 Higgins J., Honeysuckle, AVallangra 00 Diced G. NV., Yetman, NA'arlalibt 0 0 Hill I,. N., TerlIn gs, Ashley 0 Dight 0. AV., junr., Yetman, Hillier John, Bin gara alda More() Dillon Boilimra, Ḅ'oggabI lla Hobson G. L., Kira, Mores 0 00.hael, Nickaball, Bog gabilla Dillon Peter, Mundine, lloggabilla Dixon John, Thistle Park, Wartalda Donaldson A. j., Sylvania, Warlahla Donaldon Mrs. A. J., Runnymede, Warialda. Donaldson S., Millgalarr, NA;nriald. a' Dufty John, Wildgrove, Binuara 0 Duncan ;I. D., Glen Roy, Elcombe Duncombe j. T., C'obbadali Durkin C., AA'arialda Durkin D., Fairy View, Warlaida Durkin Mrs. AI., Coolatai Ellis J. E., Yelarbon, Warialda Elwyn. F., Tr.:anion, Yetman Erratt C. P., Duntalin, Warialda Evans R. F., Merriwa, Boggabilla : Hod ges II. AV., Barraba Holmes A. C., Orton Park, Yetman Holmes Chas Mullah', Boggabilla. Holmes J. R., Boggabilla lioness M. A. & C. AV., Gulf Creel: Honnery G.., Cutnble, Warialda Hopkins W. E., Ekombe. Houston Francis, Carbeen, C(mlootal Howleson AV. G., Mores Bowsoa G. L., Black lock, Bingara 0 Hunt George, Pine s, Warialda Hunt Norman, Mame Hunt IV. II., Glen Prairie, Warialda 0 Hussey.T. H., Agincourt, Warialda Ilyem NV. It., itybah, Gunnedah Irwin Mrs. B. A., elinore, Warialda 0 Irwin T., Warialda Jackson E., Homeland, oggabilla Faint Samuel, Barraba 0 Jackson o Vin., A Myall Plain, Boggabilla 0 Irenson E., Woodland Farm, Bingara 0 Jardine Cleo. T., Nymboida, Bogga- Ferguson K. A., Stirling, Boggabilla 0 $ Finlayson 0. AV., Inverell 0 Tardlno AV. It., Myall. Moree Fitzgerald 0. D., Krui Plains, Ashley 0 00 Jeffery John, Hazel Bank, Graves- Forbes A., The Point. Binnigry end Fraser ILA., Merit', Wallangra 0 00 Johnson Enos J. Clarinont, Bingara 0 0 WOOD, COFFILL, COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: OEOROE STREET. 'PHONE CITY. ECONOMY AND EFFICIENCY ARE OUR WATCHWORDS, HONESTY OF SERVICE OUR DESIRE

39 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR FASHION'S FAIREST FAVOURS. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL THINGS NEEDFUL AND NICE. o War PASTORAL. War War PASTORAL, War lc Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. WARIALDA(continited) Johnson John, Woodend, Magian Johnson W. E., Warialda 0 0 Jones ''. and A. Mono 0 00 Jones T. R., ' Coppyinurrumbilla,. /(tgabilla 0 0 Keen Estate, Ltd Dolgolly, foree Keen.., Poliderol, Moree _ 0 Kelly E., Caroda Kelly M. P., Blown 0 Kelly I'. G., Upper Horton 0 Kelly Richard, Cobmball, Cobbadah 0 Kelly T. B., Iyall Creek, Bingara ; Kalman A. L., Pallatnallawa Kalman Mrs. F., Caerleon, oree Kalman J. P., Moue :0 Kent Alfred, Iyall Valley, Warialda 0 Kerrigan.0., Warialda Railway 0 00 Kerrigan Wm. M., Stuntnervale, Bingara 00 Kimmorley A. W. H., Klaora, IVallangra 0 Kimntorley Mrs. E., Mountain Valley, Coolootni Kimmorley Wm., The Jungle, W a rialda. 0 King C. IL, Bar raba 00 King Mrs. G. E., Itulourie, Barraba 0 King G. W., Itagiellawk, BIngara King H. C., Bingara : King NV. IL Warialda Kirk W. A.,Altnerta, ' Warialda Kirkby W., Success, Mom 0 Kolna Alex., Glenview, Warialda Langworthy G., Gravesend : Lawson J. L., Cobbadalt 0 Lawson J. S., Marco 00 Lennon J. C., Delungra 0 Leverge J., Belar View, Mono. 0 Limberg Bros., Warialda 0 Loiter Frank, Mt. Mitchell, Warialda Lowe Bros., Balmain, Warialda 000 Lowe C. H., Wirrillah, Watt/Oda 0 Lowe J. A., altnitin, Warialda Love W. A., Morris Vale, Onunan Lucas A. A. It. Warialda Lucas James, Warialdit '. Lucas Mrs. Matilda, Warialda 0 Mace H. A. E., Fairview, Pallantall- Wit 00 Macey G., Prairie Park, Pattamallawa 0 0 Mack Bros., The Plain, Cardda 0 Mack A. J. G., Luton, Bingara Mack Austin, Pallal, Magian 0 Mackay Bros., Gungerwarlida, Wartalda 0 Maclean F. J.; Coolatal Magee N. S., Alawa, Moree 0 Maher Mrs. M., Warialda Maidens W. T., Yagoble, Warialda. 0 Maidens NV., Oak Park, Inverell 0 Makin J., Warlaida 0 Makin R. W., foree Makin W. A., Erindale, Coolatal 000 IaIllse Geo., Barraba Marshall D. F., Tackenbrl, Marco Marshall F. IL, Tralee, foreo Marshall W. L., Tralee, foree I Cl artyn J. E., Tatman - 0 fartyn W. C., Mt. Lindsay, Yetman Mason C. F., Blue Nobby, Cobbadah 0 Matthews J., Marco Matthews P., Pallamallawa : fell Chas., Fairview, Boggabilla 00 Mall J. W., Avington, Boggabilla 000 Miller C. and C. J., Green Mt., Bingara 0 Miller C. (Exrs.), Bell's Mountain Miller Frank, Tullooma, Marco er H. Bingara Miller William, Iola, Coolootai 0 Mitchell John, Freestone, Coolootai Mitchell J. J., Dolgelly 00 WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. A : ' Owner, Station and Post Town. H. Mitchell Louisa, Spring Valley, Wad. a a Moffett Albert E., Gravesend Nloilitt Grace, Gravesend Moore Bros., Morita, Marco Moore F. R., Hillstead, Mores Moore J. It., Moot-elands. More() Moore Robert, NVarlalda Moore W. H., Glendon, Warlaida Moore Walter, Warlaida Morris Richard, Mount Eva, Wallangra Morris William, Dora, Bingara Mott W. J., Milton, Warlaida Muir Andrew, Rosewood, Ilingara Muir (I, W., Carlisle, Bingara Muir Jas., junr., Wail Camp, Bingara Muir Robert, Horton Park, Bingara Munro A. S., Boonal, Yetman Munro Alfred S., Lignum, Yetinan. Munro H. It., Keera, Bingara Munro H. It., Oakhurst, Ioggabilla Munsie C. W., Trevallyn, Warialda. Muriel() If. J., Willungra, Warialda. Murray R., Stanbrook, Wallangra Myring W. E., Pallimallawa MeCiymont A., Dalkeith, Warlaida cclymont A. T., Nardoo, Tunconev 0 McClymont T. N., Wondllia, Wartalda McColl A. S., Banghoet, Bingara 00 McCosker B. A., Coolootai McCosker B. F., Boggabilla McCosker C., Burmall, Graman McCosker E. C., Witilangra McCosker Owen, Myall Valley, Waldalda MeCosker T. B., Duicalinah, Gramm/ : McCrohan John, Howell McCumstio E. G. Warialda McCusker J. RoCkvale, Warialda McCusker Alio. S., Barraba McDermott T. M urvey, Bingara McDonald J. H., Tuncooey, Moree McDonald W. J., Coolootal, Warialda McDouall Bros., Upper Horton McFarland C. J., Hybla, Pallamallawa McGee Charles, Warialda McGee G. II Warialda _ McGinty A. M, Eureka, Bundara McGinty Jas., Gulf Creek McGrath T. NV., Bingara _ McGregor Peter, Boggabilla McIntosh M. W., obinbry, Boggabilla 0 McMahon James, Shanad, Bingara. McManus E. J., Bingara McMaster Duncan, Glendon, Warialda McMaster S. (Est.), Croppa, Warlalda 0 McMaster R. h N.. A., Ibilah, Wart. fcahliiallan d Miss. C., Oregon, Wart. alda McMillan John Iloggabilla McNamara John, Riverside, Pallamallawa Neal Walter J., Upper Bingara Neal William J., Upper Bingara Newberry Bros., Warialda Newlands John, Ciontarf, Boggabilla Newnharn II. S., Delungra Nicholson Herbert., Paibunallawa Nicholson S. IL, Glenesk, Moree N.B.W. L. and A. Co., Ltd., Welbon, Moree O'Brien C., The Glen, NVarialda O'Brien F. J., Mt. View, Warialda O'Brien Jas., Barraba C. S I 0 00 A moo, , : 0, LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS Sr. 'PHONE Pi Owner, Station and Post Town.. O'Brien Mrs. J., Erin's View, Granum O'Brien John, The Mich, Warlaida O'Brien., Warialda O'Brien '. K,. arraba Road, Bingara Ogilvie G. P., Kyelalt, Warlaida Oldham John., Croydon, Paliamallawa. O'Neill Thos., Yagoble O'Neill Wm., Wattle Bank, Bingara Onus Bros. and Gill, Gravesend Park Adam, Boundary Ck., Caroda Parker E. It. B., Wariaida. Pal kin George, Somerton, Bingara. Parkin NV, J., ount Rodd, Bingara Parr A., Wallangra Patterson Jas., Pallaniallawit Perrett Bros., Stirling, cool:dal Perry 0. J., Cobbadalt PhalhI laps IV. 0., Fish Ponds, Wart- Phipps IL. P., Leecarrow, Wariaida Piedmont Pastoral Co., Colii;adalt Pigott E. M. S., Rob Roy Pike James, Glenview, Warialtla Proctor Benjamin, Moree Quinn George, Illimeguy Quinn S., Pallanutilawa Rattray T., Oregon, Bingara Reardon NV. It., Pretoria, Warialda Reardon NV. R., Springmount, Warlaida, Reece, ingara. Reeves J. T. and if. J., Eleom be. Gravesend Reynolds E. NV., Bunarra Ridley W. C., Bingara Riley Jacob, Oakey Ck., Warialda. Riley John, Oakwood, Warlalda Riley It., Aran, Warlaida Robinson Archibald, Boggabilla Rogers E. J., Sunnyside, BIngara Rogers.'., Bingara. Rogers Jns., Mount View, Iiingara Rogers W. G., mgr., Buckle, More. Rolfe E. A., Rope Vale, Graman Rolfe J. A., Mervin, Witrialda Rollings Thomas, BIngitra Rose Jane, Benwiek Warialde Ross Ilugh., Boobera, Bo ggabilla Ross J. K., Adersier, 'overall Ross, Warramilla, Inverell Hiss J. W., Glen Boss, Wallangra Ross Matilda, Bingara Ross IV., Ardersier, inverell Rourke John, Glenroy, Bingara Rouse C. H. Gravesend Ryan G. (Estate of), Warialda Ryan Geo., Mottrobte, Wariaida Ryan M. W. Rosevale, Boggabilla. Ryan P. F., Waterford, ' Boggabilla. Ryan Timothy, Littleton, Bogga- /Alla Saunders It. H., yall Downs, Bin- gara Schmidt J. F.,Yettnan. Schmidt John, oree Scott NV. G., Ottamildi, Gravesend. Scott NV. It., Kildonan, Moreo Scott NV. R., Brundstadt, Wariaida Shelton E. 0., Warrana, Marco Shelton J. It., Barowa, Marco Shelton Thomas, Bristol, Marco Sindin U.S., Hampden, Bingara Skelton G. It., Ottley, Coolatal Smith A. T., Stoneflold, Warialda Smith II. A., Outlay Vale, Warialda Smith James, Bingara Smith Ames, Elcombe ingara Smith R. J., SunnysIde, Bingara Spencer Bros., Barraba H. C. S : ' : A la Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. Stamm Estate, Bulkint, Warialda 0 Stein. E., Warialda 0 Stehr E. L., The Downs, Wariaida 0 Stevens E. j., Warlalda Stevens Geo., Sandy Crook, Wal. ingot 0 Stevens W. J., Pallamallawa Stevenson 0 A., Allandale, Wariakin 0 Stevenson NV. E. (Estate), Mona Valley, IVarlaida Stewart C.., Gold Plain, Warblida Stewart D. A., Allawah, Boggabilla Stewart J. A., Lay Orem, Warialda 0 Saeger II. E., Turkey Plains, Wart- :thin Strahla D. C., More Stabley I). M., Sandy Kowa, Inverall Stuartville Pastc. ral Co., BoggabIa Sutton Abe, Ohini, Warialda Sutton David, Boggabilla 0 Sutton J. A., Yetionn Sutton John, Bundibah, Yetman Sutton Wiliam A Bumble, Wotan 0 Tate D., Bondi, Warialda Talbot Robert, oxitill, Bingara Taylor Mrs. E., Fordend, Warialdit. Taylor R. F. J., Linden Downs, Warialda 0 Thomas NV. P., BoggabIlla Thompson A., Rock Lea, Yei an m Thompson J., Rockwood, Yetman. Thompson NV. F., Wytona, Mom_ Thompson W. II. Rock Lea, Yet num Thorley E..V., Booryana, Boggabilla. 0 Thorpe Mrs. H. H., Carlibrooke., Cobbadalt Thurburn A. If., Drumduan, Moreo Tomlinson NV., llonshaw Tomlinson NV. If., Bybilia, Yelarbon Trayherne A. E., Bingara 0 Trogaskls 0., Newstend, Boggabilla Turner A. C., Riverstend, Ilingara 0 Turner D. D., Bryan Ck, Bingara Turner Jas., Gorman Springs, Wartaida Turner 0. E., Bingara. Turner Richard, Ena, Warialda Turner IV. H., Glenview, Bingara ( Walker Ti. (Trustees), " Coolatal Warialda. 0 0 Wallangra Pastoral Co., Wallangra. Wallis James, Fern Lane, Warialda Walsh M., Carlo, Wallangra Walton L. D., Bingara Waters W. If., White Rock, Coolat at Watson Clive N., Eastwood, Wan. alda Wennie IV. E., eaufort, ingara Webster D. B., Backspear, Murat Welt Mrs. E. J., Warialda Weh James, Warialda Wellard If. A., Coolibar, Yettnan 0 Wells E. tt: J., Motiotain View, Witrialda Wells George, Hillside, Warialda Wells P., Ottontildi, Gravesend 0 Wells T. W., NVoodlawn, Warlaida.. Wells Walter, Gravesend Welsh Mrs.., Trinkey, Boggabilla Wetherall Bros., Glencoe, NVarlaida Wetherall IL, junr., Wiralialt, Warialda Wheatley G. If., Connecticut, Coolatal White Bros., Tucka Tucka, Yetman 0 Wilde F. A., Booraba, Warialda Wilkinson I. A., Pegler's Farm, Warialda OUR PROCESS OF EMBALMING PRESERVES THE DEAD FOR ANY TIME AT NOMINAL COST S : 00 : A : (

40 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE WORLD'S COMMODITIES. c Wen PASTORAL. Wil Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. WARIALDA(continued Wilkinson J R., Cedar Tree, Bingam Williams William S., Yeral, Bingara Wilson A. J. Gravesend Wiseman Graman Withers Hy., Glenroy, Bingara, Withers S. C., Bellevue, Bingara Woodhouse H. C., Bingara Woods J. K., \Vilna, Warialda. Woods J. M., Grail/tie, Moree Woods Mrs. Sarah, The Glen, Ashley 0 Woods W. D. Oak Lea, oree Wright Robert, Wilga, Mix ee Wright Mary, Hillside, Pallamallawa Young J. A. B., Iona, Bundarra Younie Colin, Middle Bend, Bingara WENT WORTH. NVENTWORTH PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Chairman : J. B. Armstrong, Esq., Lake Victoria Stn., Cal Lal. Secretary : W. B. Craig, junr., Esq. Stock Inspector : II. R. WHITE. Armstron g (Exors. of A.), Lake Victoria, Cal Lal. A.M.L. & F. Co., Tarcoola, Wentworth Anderson George, Behnore, Tarcena Bach J. E., Willaba, via 'Patina Pt. Baker E., Harcourt, Tartna Point, Wentworth 0 00 Baker F. J., Harooln, Tartna Point Barnes S. C., Carstalrs, Wontworth Barnes F. D., Lethero, Wentworth 0 Barnfield E. A., Tap), Wentworth. 0 Barrnelough L., Jamesville, Booncalm 0 Barritt C. H. Mallara, Wentworth Barritt Mrs. J., Mallam, Wentworth 0 Bath A., Garston, Wentworth 00 Bath J. H., Ringwood, Pooncaira 0 Bologna)) A., Wilpataria, Wentworth 0 Belismann J, C. C., Wentworth 0 00 Bock C., Wicklow, Pooncarie 0 Brown C. A. & C. L., Lamplough, Wentworth Brett Thos., Mt. Dispersion, Euston Buxton J. K., Mildum Byrnes S., Wamberra, Wentworth Cain A. & W. H., Wentworth Chaffey B. ' Moorna, Wentworth 0 Collins T., Coloraino, Wentworth Cooke F. W., Wentworth Crozier Arthur, Kulmino, Wontworth Crozier & Jeffery, Miura Cullinan M., Kolleen, Pooncalra Forbes R. D., Popltali, Wentworth. Forster., Wentworth Gavin James & McGregor, Reedy Point, Poonciiira Grace W. S., Wentworth Harris, Bingo, Wentworth Higgins John, Kulcurna, Cal Lai Bill Bros., Netherby. Wentworth Hippisley John, Tulnoy Point, Wentworth Hope R. E. H., Para, Woniworth 0 0 Jackson NV. T., Downham, Wentworth, 0 0 Lambert J. G., View Point, Pooncairn, McGregor John, Bellsgrove, Cal Lai McLeod Bros., Dunvegan, Went- S.. A : 000 : worth McLeod D., Oak Bank, Wentworth. 0 0 Marvell G., Quambi, Wentworth 0 WOK COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Maynard J., Allanvale, Wentworth 00 Nichols H. T., Hazeldell, Wentworth 0 0 Pollard John, Big Bend, Cal Lal Pollard W. J., Morna Mail, change Wentworth. 0 Reid George, Taratigra East,. Wentworth Richardson E. I'. M., Burtundy, Wentworth Ross NV., Thorn, Wentworth 0 Sayers Mrs. M., Pooneaira. &adding Bros., Wangumma, Cal Lal 0 Smith D. M. & C. B., Wingillie, via Wentworth. Smith Mrs. C. H., Wingillie. 0 Smith J. T., Balentherine, Wentworth. 0 Smith W. T., Warrakoo, Cal. Lal 0 Smythe Bros., Nampo, Cal Lai 00 Smyth D., Mom) Mail, change, Wentworth 0 Summers C., Lelmn, Duffle's Bend, Wentworth 0 Thomas Bros., Boundary Run, Tarcena.,. Thomson W.., Noola, Cal 'Lai 0 Tunkin T., Windamingle, Wentworth. 000 Wakefield Thomas, inda and Lunda, Pooncaira Watson W., Bengallw, Euston Watts S. A. J. & S. A., Wotan, Wentworth 0 Watts S., Endfield, Wentworth. Wheeldon L. G., Willow Point, Wentworth. Wlekett David, Mindook, Went- worth 0 0 Wilkinson D, Camborne, Noncalm.,, Williams Bros., Bellevue, Wentworth 0 Williams & Farman, Tona, Wentworth Withers A. It., Woodlands, Went- worth Withers J. H., junr., Doxgrove, Wentworth WILCANNIA. WILCANNIA PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Chairman: B. M. Williamson, Nuntherungle. Secretary : E. G. Dollman, Esq., Wileannia. Stock Inspector : J. G. JOHNSTON. Allison Thomas, Ingleby, White Cliffs Andrews J., Pumanilla, Wilcannia. arraelough C. E., Barradale Barraciough H. F Wilcannia Belismann Thos., Ellendalo Bennett J. II., Dromore, Ivanhoe Rand Brougham J. W., Gnalta, Wilennula Browne Bros., Cultowa, Wilcannin. Byrnes Bros., Culnaulin. MenIndie Byrnes Bros., Tiniinallogy, Men- Indio Road Clark Richard, Mile, Ivanhoe Rd. Coulter R. T., Moona, White Cliffs. Davies W. E., Hurtle, Wilcannia Dell NV. T., Plerri Point, Wilcannin Duncan & Bowman, Glonlyon, Wilcann ia..... Gaiter W., Quetta Park, White Cliffs $ : MORTUARY CHAPEL: GEORGE ST., CITY. 'PHONE CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR AUSTRALIAN * MANUFACTURES. Yas PASTORAL. Yas c Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. Galloway Bros., Iulga Vale and Armour Robt. A., Glenburnie, War- Coolantann, Ivanhoe Road giela Galloway Thos., Black Gate, Men- Armour T. A., Tangmangawa indie Road Armour Wm., Limestone, Bomting Glibey H., Mulcown, White Cliffs Armstrong Edmund, Mount Ailtni, Hindle A., Eno), White Cliffs 0 0 Murrombateman Hourigan W. J., Tulip, Paroo Rd., Armstrong Thos., Fern Hill, Mut- Howard Thomas, Wilcannie rumbateman Jackson & Son, White Cliffs 0 Arthur A. S., Blimion g Johnston Mrs. M., Copal, Paroo Rd Arthur James, Binniong Killen & CO., arrar, Wileannia 0 Baines Benj., Bellumunt Forest King C. E., Pine Ridge, Wilcannia Baird J. H., Birroon, Gunning Laidlaw & Cooper, Grassmere, via Baker William, Bellinont Forest Broken Hill Barber F. 0., Yass Junction Larkins J. W Goonalpa, Wilcannia Barber H. J., Cooratihgabee, Yass Leekio Robert, The Avenue, Wil- Barber S. J., Guildford cannia Bar boar C. It., l'ass McCallum & Morpliett, White Cliffs 000 Barbour G. IL, McClure I., Kayrunnera Yass Barlmur Lydia, Belle Vale, Vass McDonnell J., Netallie, Wileannia 0 Bartley L., Byalln, Grinning Winery, Polocara, Tlipa 00 Barton W., Hillside, Wheeo Mitselburg F., Coromandel, Wilcannia Bateup E. A., Oakley, Gunnin g. Bayley John, The Springs, thinning Monilla Pastoral Co., Palo) Road Beacham H., Bookham Morrison Bros., Lakeview, Wilcannia 00 Bengary Susan, Gunning Morrison Bros., Fairview, Wilcannia 00 Bensley H. NV. Crookwell fungovan James, Rmodale, Wilcrumb' Boresford H. T., Homewood, Dalton Best A. E., Silverdale, Bowning Murray H. T., Clifden, Tlipa Best J. T. (Exors. of), Tangnian- Nuntiningie Pastoral Co., Nunthunglo, garoo vie White Cliffs Best S. (Exors. of), Ingleside, Tang- Officer Proprietary Company, C, mangarno and S Kallara, Tlipa Best IV. F., Downing Officer J. R. St Co., Bilida, Wilcannia Beven John, Bevendale, Dalton 0 Bliss F., Yass Parker W., Wileannla 0000 Peter C. F., White Cliffs Blundell J., sem., Wee Jasper 0 Booth Joseph, Gundaroo Peter E. D., NVilte Cliffs : 0 00 Roberts J., White Cliffs Booth T., Belimount Forest 0 0 Booth T., Willow Grove, Gundaroo, Rogers Alex., Slamanon, Ivanhoe Road Bourke P.M., Yass Shillateer E. D., Ivanhoe Road Boulding John, Tangmangaroo" S Spinks Charles, Croydon butcher Horman, Gundaroo Sullivan J., Wilcannin Broderick D., thinnedall 000 Brown D. A., Bevandale Swift It., Yanda, White Cliffs 00 Brown F.,.Terrara, via Wilco Swift William, Oakvale, White Cliffs 000 Tareela Pastoral Co., Tarolla, White Brown H. W., Dalton Cliffs Brown Jabez, Forest Lodge, Dalton Teryanymin Pastoral Brown Spencer, Fairview, Bovenda le Co., Reilly, Bmv,n Stephen C., Greendale, Dalton Brown NV. N., Ferndale, Dalton Menindie Road ( ) Vigar J. & S., Nelin Garri Warwick R. A., Kalyanka, Wilmania 0 0 Weinteriga Pastoral Co., Wilcannia 0 0 Woodfield E., Bolaka Brown Wm., Emu Flat, Binalong Browno Edward (Trustees late). Emerald Hill, Binalong Buckinaster J. B., Chilton, Yass R'r. Buckinaster.T. II Hawthorn, H. C. S. A. 0 : o : ) ) Ledgerton Buckmaster William, Chilton, Yass 0 YASS. Burfield A., Illakeney Creek, Dalton 00 Burfield H., Dalton 00 YASS PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Bush A., Little Forest, Jerrawa 00 Chairman : Thos. (Hover, Bowning, Yass. Bush Alfred, Blakeney Ck., Dalton. ( Secretary : E. A. Hickey, Esq., Yass. Bush Alfred, Busligrove, Dalton. Stock Inspector : J. F. TURNER. Bush C. It., Blakeney Ck., Dalton Bush David, Dalton Abbey J. W., Abbey Ville, Beven- 0 Abdbueye Michael, Abbey Vale, Wheeo AN: : JEnnNer," Omiliniliktr ti Alchin Mat., Dalton Anderson Bros., Mt. Pleasant Ck., Binda. 0 Archer NV. C., Brooklyn, Yass 00 Armour Bros., Wattle Vale, Bookham. 0 Armour A., Greenfield, Yass 0 Armour Amide, Drummoyne, Yass 0 Armour E. E. (Exrs.), Wattle Vale. Bookham. 0 Armour John, Burleigh, Gunning A 0 Armour H. (Exors. of), Taboo, Bookhrun no: 00 Bush Edward, Bunnumbateman Bush Grace, Spring, Jermwa Bush G. A., Bough Yard, Jerrawa Bush Mrs. H., Dalton Bush Henry, Mount Olive, Jerrawn. Bush John, Broken Dam, Join Bush John, Mt. Olive, Jerrawa Bush Jos., Flackney Creek, Jerrawa Bush 0. H., Clare, Dalton Bush Reuben, Avondale, Jeir Bush S. J., Dalton Bush Thos., Wattle Grove, Jerrawa Bush T. J., Greendale, Dalton Bush Win. T., Little Creek, Dalton. Butt Bros., Kirkdole Butt C. H., Kirkdale Butt George, Bunnumbateman Butt Moses, Dalton Byrne Michael, Wood Pk., Cullarin. 0 ( 0 ' ' $ 0 OUR EQUIPMENT ENABLES US TO MEET THE DESIRES OF ALL DENOMINATIONS AND ALL CLASSES ) '

41 ' ANTHONY HORDERNS'THE SHOP FOR THE MASSES. c Yas PASTORAL. Yas Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. YASS(cont inued) Fisher P. E., Stony Point, Gunning. Carey John, Cave Valley, Wee Jasper ) 0 00 Foley Mary, Homeleigh, Razerback 0 Carnell Bros., Bodry Farm, Dalton. 0 Flanklin George (Exers. of), Oak. Carr M., Ithialong. 0 vale, Jeir 0 Carter James, Camoola, DirMiong 00 Fraser W., Stony Creek, Binda Chambers Bros., Oak Ran ge, lass 00 Friend Bros., Bendenine, Birralong Chapple J. D., Ashen, Gunning 00 0 Friend W. C., Dalton 0 Chisholm A. B. (Exors. of), nub Friend W. II., Binalong 0 burn 0 Frost J. H., Cullen 00 Clancy Martin, Merrill, Gunning 0 Frost S. j., Prospect, Wheeo Clancy P., Mount View, Gunning 0 Galvin John, lass River, lass 00 Clarke George It., D.T. Mail, lass 0 Gannon Michael, Cullarin 0 Coleman It. B., Gundaroo ) 0 00 Gannon T., Rose, Gunning 00 0 Coles C. A., Box, Goulburn 0 00 Garner G. J., Ilai grove, lass 0 Coles R., Springfield Farm, Gun- Garry J. J., Binalong 00 damo 0 Garry P. J., Ilinalong 00 Collett Jas., Mt. Pleasant, Gunning Gay T. and It., Grabben Gullen 0 Collins Ann, Rocky Point, Wheeo 0 Gay J., Wheeo 0 Collins John, Paddy's Ck., Bever'. George Alfred, Fern Cliff, Whew dale George G., Wheeo Collins Lydia, Cattle Camp, Wilco. 0 0 George Katherine, Jerrawn.. 0 Collins R., Hillside, Narrawa 0 George IL W., Wileeo 00 Collins Walter, Valley View, Wheeo 0 0 George Stephen, Waterfall, Crook- Collison James, Rice's Flat, Vass 00 well 0 Connell Bros., Bambolo, lass Glenn T. E., drabben Gullen 0 0 Cooke Bros., Happ y Valley, lass 0 00 Gionnon J. W., Wheeo Coves W. F., thinning Crocker Jos., Euralle, Yass Croker L., Bovandale Crossley Robt., Whitfield, Downing. Crossley Mrs. M. A., Downing Crossley Walter, lass Crossley William, Wargiela, lass Crow Jas. A., Cmokwell Crow W., Lode Vale, Gunning Cull Fred, Woodbine, Wheeo Cullen D. P., YRS Curl! W. W., lass Curr Mrs. M. A., lass Curriey H Wangilla Curtin M. P., Lade Vale, Gunning Daly C. C., Upper Pudtnan Daly Catherine, Upper Pudinan Daly T. C., Upper Portman Dargan Mrs. Alice, Binalon g Dugan L. J., The Elms, Binalong. Davidson J. M., Dinda Davis Andrew, Murrumville, lass., Davis A. E. Coolal le Davis E., Vass Davis Edwin. Binalong Davis P. J. Tangamangaroo 00 ( Giennon '. (Exors. of), Glenleigh, Whceo Glover Bros., Red Hill, Downing Goodwin Thos., Tangmangaroo Goodyer J. Downing Gondie A. It. II., Binalong Grace James, lass Grace Patrick, Cavan, lass Grace Thos., Cavan. Vass Granger Maria, Gunning Granger Wm., Pine Hills, Gunning. Grieves A., Yam Grieves Mrs. E. lass Grogan Palk., Downing Grogan Wm., junr., Downing Grosvenor Mrs. 0. A., Gunning Gruber Bros., lass Gruber J., Murrumbateman Gruber J, Wilsfleld, Gundaroo Gruber IV., Spring Grove, lass River ' Gurnett James, Myrtle Vale, Dow- 00 ning Hall C. C., Yeumburra, lass 0 Hall E. S., lass Hall Thomas F., Springfield, Jeir. 0 0 Davis G., lass Hall William, Dinalong. 0 Davis G. T., Mumimbateman 0 Hallam A. E. rabbet' Gullen Davis lass 0 00 Hallam Edward, ' Glenrock, Gunning Davis James, lass 0 0 Hallam J., Byrne Vila, Dalton Davis Mat, lass 0 Italian' Joseph W., Gunning Davis Samuel, Spring Flat, Jeir 0 Hallam P., Gunning 0 Davis T. L G., Wargiela, lass 00 Milian W., Dalton 00 Davis William, Sutton, lass Harvey G., Curran s Creek, Crook- Dawe Edward, Acacia Vale, Dalton 00 0 well 0 0 Dawe F., Dalton Hardman Downing 0 0 Dawe M., Fair View, Dalton 0 Hateley J. A., Jerrawa Ck., Gunning 0 Dawes Jim. II., Downing 0 Hateley W., Grass Flat, Gunning Delaney M., Upper Pudman 0 Hayes Horace T., lass. 0 0 Dowling Bros., Coolong. Dalton 000 liazell Jas., Chain of Ponds, 'Gunning 00 Dowling A., grove, Dalton Hazell Jas. E., Oak Hill, Gunning 0 Dowling C., Bloomfield, Dalton 0 00 Hazel'. H. T., Gunning. 00 Dowling E. D., Bloomfield, Dalton 0 00 Hazen T. C., Broadway, Dalto n 0 0 Dowling G. T., Douro,.lass ' 0 Hedy J., Bally Heafy, Binalong 0 Dowling John, Pearcefield, Dalton. 0 Heffernan M. J., Gunning 0 0 Duff Mrs. J., West Yeumburrah, Heffernan Win., Byalla, Gurruudah 00 lass 0 Hewitt C., Grabber' Gullen 0 0 Duffy Bros., Moorefield, Jermwa Hill Bros, Vass Eccles E., Bookliam 0 Iiibler E. It., The Gums, Gunning 0 Edwards Wm., Wee Jasper Hillier Henry, The Gap, Jorrawa Elliott Mrs. E. S., Fairfield, Gun- Hills Eliza, Stony Creek, Wheeo daroo 0 Hines E., Bevendale 0 Emery A. Crookwell 00 Hinds Mrs. E., Jerrawa. 0 Fallon Bridget, lass Hobby., Farm Point, Gurrundali 00 Fallon James F., Book/tam 0 Holgate Jas., Rockstone Vale, Dal- Farrell J. J., Binalong. 0 ton Filand Patrick, Cullarin 0 HollingsWor R., Derrengullen ANTHONY HORDERNS'THE SHOP FOR THE CLASSES. Yas PASTORAL, Yas c Owner, Station and Post Town, H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Post Town. H. C. S. A. Holmes Elizabeth, Narrawa 0 cfeeters Chas., Cattle Camp, Jeir 0 Rookaway J., Bytield, Gunning McGrath John J., Downing Horton J. J., Moss Vale, Wargiela,. cgrath Richard, Elniside, lass Horton James, Wargiola, lass 0 McGregor Ada E., Rosebank, War- Howard. N. C., Rose, Dalton 0 Klein 0 Howard R. E. G., Dalton McInerney Anne, Innisfall, Downing 0 Howell John, Wargiela, lass McIntosh A., Bifida 0 0 Hume A. H. (Exors. of), Gunnin g. 000 McNally Patrick, Downing liunie S. W., Euralle, lass 0 McReynolds E., lass liillawa Co., Hay. Mahoney C. W., Grabben Gulleii 0 Johnston John, Euramby, 'Gunning 0 00 Mackay T., ha gs Johnson Matthew, Coul Coul, Mackay W.., Wargiela 0 00 Gunning.. 0 Maddrell S. C., Vale Beder, Downing 0 0 Johnston Estate, Jct/. Station, Jell 00 Magennis and Julian Bros., Bega- Johnston D. & R. V., Yass long, Bookham 00 Jones Mrs. L. T., Lucerne Vale, agennis & Julian Bros., Bloom- Coolalie 000 field, lass Jordan W. J., Eimgrove, Jeir Halter Mrs. B., Dinalong 0 0 Kelly Mrs. A.., The Briars, (foul- Mahoney A. E., Narrawa 0 0 bum 0 00 Marks E. IL, Cmokwell. 0 Kelly John, ilither's Mt., Narrawa. 00 Marks J.., Crookwell 0 Kennedy Thomas, Crookwell 0 Martin R. J., Tangmangaroo 0 0 Kensit H., Narrawa 0 Martin S., Bevendale 0 Kerr A. and Sons, lass ( 00 Maryol Charles, Jeri 0 Kerr A. az Son, Binalong 0 00 Massey Gerald, Gundaroo Kiley Edward, Coolalle, lass 0 Masters Bros., Downing /a/lining() Bros. Downing 0 00 Matthews S. E., Dalton Lade John T. Lade Vale, Gunning. 0 Medway B. C., Bymck, Gunning 0 0 Lang Chas., Langley Park, Gunning Medway George, Garaway, Dalton. 0 0 Lanham H. T., Bellin, Gunning Medwry, II. IV. H., Gunning 0 0 Larkham Henry, New Grove, Vass Medway Jas., Spring Ck., Dalton :0 Lawliss H. G., Forest View, Gunning Ikhdway James A., (Gunning 0 Lawliss J. J., Dalton 0 0 Medway John R., Cunning 0 0 Lawrence C. lass 0 Medway It. H., Dalton 0 0 Lawrence G., lass Lawrence William, Sydenham, '. Medway William, Fairview, Dalton 0 'Vass Mehaffy John M., Binalong 0 Lawton Bros., Bellmount Forest 00 Merriman E. J., lass River 00 Lawton John, Bellmouut Forest 00 Merriman G. IV., Vass 0 0 Lawton William, Gunning Merriman Mary A., Jerrawa Lawton Wm., Jun r., Gunning Merriman IV. T., Jermwa Lawton Wm., Little Dale, Gunning 0 0 Millane James, John's Ck, Whew 0 0 Leahy D. & J., Keswick, Gunning Mills J. C., Denengullen 0 Leahy G. F., Crookwell Mitchell A. B., Binda. 0 Leary John, Yass River 00 0 Mitchell John, Erindale, Dalton 0 0 Leary Jeremiah, lass River Moorby James, Tangmangaroo Ledger Duncan Mullion, lass Mocre Michael, Goulburn 00 Ledger Samuel, Mullion, lass Lees David, Sawpit, Gully, Gundaroo 0 00 Moore Patrick, Dalton Morgan F., senr., Nelangio, Gunning 0 Lees Geo., Gundaroo 0 Morgan F. jun., Gunning 0 Lees J., Gundaroo 0 0 Morgan J. W., ' Downing 0 Lees Jacob T., Rock View, Gunning 0 Mulcahy Michael, Downing Lees William, Fern Hill, Gunning 0 Muller A. F. L., Allendale, Gunning 0 Leonard P. J., Cullen 0 0 Mulligan E., Downing Lightfoot E. IL, Gunning 0 Munday W. D., P.O., Jeir 0 0 Lindeman R. S., Wee Jasper Murphy NV. ;r., Downing Livingstone Bros., Narrangullen, lass Long, Byalla, Gunning Loonies Mrs. E. J., Downing. Loonies Edward, Gap Range, Downing Loughnan Jas., Loughville, Gullen. Loughman W., Grabber' (Julien Love J. ac J. A., Bookham, Downing Lowe Edward, Pineville, Crookwell Lucas C. A., Tallagandra Luck G. A., Gunning Luck S. J Gunning Lyell F. A. J., Gunning McAlister T., Micalong, Wee Jasper McAuliffe Jeremiah, Springfield, Jeir McAuliffe Thomas, Einniale, Jeir Macau A. H., lass Mellean L. It., Vass McCabe J. L., Ferndale, Gunning McCabe Winifred, Gunning McCann Winifred, Dalton McClung W., Murrumbateman McConaghy J. A., Gunning McCormack. (Exors. of). Wilco. McCormack T. J., Red Hill, Whom McFooters Bros., lass cfecters C., lk., Nash Mick, 'Vass Newman Aim, Legerton Newman E., Basin Creek, Gunning. Norris J. E., Milton Grove, Wheeo Noyes Geo., Spring Vale, Gundaroo Noylan Mrr. C., Micalory, ri t Tumut O'Brien B., Crookwell O'Brien Denis, Lost River, Crookwell O'Brien Denis, junr., Curran's Ck., Cmokwell O'Brien J. J., Crookwell O'Brien M., Wheeo O'Brien Palk., Grabber' Gullen O'Connor William. H stouhr Wiley J. B., Rocky Point, Dalton Olney Matilda, Dollutn, Dalton Oilley ltobt., Wattle Valley, Jerrawa Gilley W. E., Etherdale, Dalton O'Neill Albert, T., Rock View, Dalton O'Neill H. G., lass O'Neill John, Clareen, Wheeo O'Rourke P., Spion Kop, Jeir Pagett J. S., Bifida Page, IV. )., Digo,' Pateman D. C., urrumbateman. Paternal' W., Murrumbateman Paterson P. J., Roseneat It, Jerrawa ( ( 00 WOOD, COFFILL &.COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT:, - HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M THE LARGEST FIRM OF UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE

42 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR SHOPPING BY POST. c Yas PASTORAL. You Owner,enaeolsodeoetTown. (. YA.SS - (continued) Paterson V., Dalton Payne J., Bookhain Pearce A. N., Yellaugla, Gunning Plumb G., Gunning Potter d: Son, lass Prieo H., M, Bevendale Prior Mrs. E. A., Bowning. Privett Bros., Manton's Ck., Cooldi e ( Privett B. Downing n Puckett idward, Mundoomit, lass Puckett John, Niacin Valley, Yass. Pye W. J. F., Dalton Rattenberg Mrs. L., Wheeo 0 Reeves T. W., Reercsdale, Wheeo Reeves T. W., junr., Grabben Gullet' Regan Thomas, Fernleigh, Binalong Regan W., Bahraini, Binitiong Reid J. J., Balgaial, Binalong Reynolds '. J., Emu Flat, Binalong Richards John, Bowning Robertson E. G., (loondall Robertson E. T., Goondah Robertson Wm., Goondall.S Robinson John, Gunning Roche F. W. C., Cavan, Yass Roche L. lass Roche T. D., Merroo, Dalton Rodgers A. J. Lt. W., Narrawa Rodgers Bros., Narmwa Rodgers Alex., Fish River, Narmwa Rodgers George, Narrawa Rodgers John F., Hilltop, Narrawa. Rodgers Wm., Burrawinda, Narrawa Itoffer James, Jermwa Ross J. It. (Est. of), Yass Rottenbury Wnt., Mary Vale, Murnunbateman 0 Ru le.d., Jeri - Russell Mrs. C., Dalton Ruwald G. J., Woodlands, Gunning Ryan Jas., Wargilla Ryan John, Grace's Flat, Downing. Ryan John, Wargilla 0 Ryan J. P., Wargilla Ryrie W. D., Pine, thinning Savage 0.0., Laverstoek, Browning Savage D. V., Ya ng Sawyer Mrs. A., Rose Valley, Jer- C. S. A. Owner. %Mon and PUAG Town. H. C. S. A. Thorn rr., Dalton : 0 : Thorn T., Eltkney Creek, Dalton. Toohey D. J., River Lawn, Dalton 0. Toohey P., Mt. Pleasant, Dalton 0 : 0 Triggs A. B., Otterbourne, 'ra gs 0 Tully John, Byalla, Gunning 0. Tully Michael, Alton, Gunning 000 Tully Patrick, Byalia, thinning 0 00 Fit:line; E. H., Wooloowaree, Gun- 0 radon C.,.Bowning Turton J. F., Forint/tie, &timing Valiance G. H. E., Hiliview, Mut, rumbateman 0 0 Wade A. (Exors. late), Vass 0 Wade A. P., Douro, Yass Wade S. lass Wade WIlliam J., Allen Park, lass Walker G. A., Ledlerton 0 00 Wall Mrs. E. A., Bowning Walmsley B., Glencoe, Narrawa 00 0 Walmsley J., Yang River 0 0 Walmsley N., Milford, 'Vass River 0 0 Waters G., Gunning 0 0 Waters Geo., senr., Byalln, Dalton. 00 Waters George, junr., Byalla, Gunning 00 Waters Mrs. Hannah, Gunning 0 0 Waters Phillip, Jerrawa 0 0 Waters Robert, Oakey Range, Gunning Waters Thomas, Dalton Watson & Johnson, Gunning 00 Webb James, 'Punta Webster C. S., Binda Webster Mrs. B. A., Binds Webster Mrs. J., Binda. 0 Weeks B., Two Mile, Bowning Wells George, Gunning 0 Wheatley D., Wool Range, Gunning 0 0 Whilan H., Gaiong 0 White James, Byalla, Gunning White James, Yams 00 0 White John, Gundaroo 00 White John, Cmokwell White W. J. Gunning Whittaker A. J. ' Gunning Williams Thos., lass -- Wilson C. V., Hollywood, Narrawa 00 0 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE QUINTESSENCE OF QUALITY. You PASTORAL. You c owner,sualeasnammttewn. H. C. S. A. Owner, Elution and Poet Town. H. C. S. A. Aston A. H., Grenfell. 0 Carmody Patrick, Stony Creek, Aston A., Morongorell Burmwa 0 00 Aston Charles, Fox Lodge, Moran- gerell. 0 0 Billies Frank, P.O., Wombat 0 Baker John, Tyncona, Grenfell Rd., Young Balgowan L. & P.R., Dryborough, Reid's Flat 00 0 Banks C. H., Wheal Grace, Rye Pk. 0 Barnes. F., Benmore, Murrum hurrah Barnes James, Suffolk Vale, Bur- Barrett Samuel, Wilburton, Creek, Cowra Barrett H. E. Burrangong, Young. Barton Joseph, Little Plains, Frogmore Basham Mrs. C., Church Farm, Monteagle Basham W., Springfield, Monteagle Bassingtimite F. E., Wallandbeen Bates J., Emerald Hill, Rye Park Battyo E., Spring View, Wattamandra Bear John, :Cella Ck., Cowra Bear Jas., Morongle Creek, Cowra Beaumont G. E., Solforino, Young Bendalo John, Bandside, Mont. eagle Bergin Thos. J., Eltieville, Koorawatha Berry Abraham B., Reid's Flat Berry Jon., Rocky Creek, Frogmore Berry John W., Barnett, Frogmore Berry L. J. Mt. McDonald Best Bro t., ' Ingleside, Downing Bevan J. L., Oak Hill, Taylor's Flat Beveridge Thos. J., Euirn, Harden Birch J., remora Road, Young Blackwood James, Hentherbloom, Young Bolger A., Fontenoy, Wallendbeen. Bolton G. F., Spring Farm, Young. Bourke John, Murcumburrat Bowd Hector, Mt. Baker, Reid's Flat Bragg IV. P., Karoopa, Koorawatha Brogan Michael, Derrydnle, Young Comerford J. IC, Rockdale, Young Cooke H. P., Ardnaree, Young an 0 0 Cooke Stephen, Wodonga, Young 0 ' Cooney Jas., Reedy Creek, &men- 00 atigra 0 00 Corcoran H. 0 0 Wilson J. A. P., TIM -- Brown J. B., Hilly Hilly, Young ' J., Corcoran's Plains, Burrowa 0 0 Scares James, lass River Winter David, Ashen, Gunning 0 Brown James, Rosevale, Murrum- Corcoran J., Whareora, Burrowa 00 0 Seery 0, Narrawn -- Witte II. H., Wahroonga, Gunning. hurrah 00 0 Corcoran P., Pine, Frogmore 0 Seery Hugh, Narrawa Selmos Spencer, Red Ground, Wheeo Sexton M. S., lass Shannon A. J., Marilia, Downing Shaw Bros., along Shaw A. D., Cavan, lass Sheehy John, Tilgar, When Sholdriek Edith, Rose Vale, Yermwa Shepherd Mrs. H. E., Rosedale, Narrawa Shepherd W. M., Whew) Sheridan It., Collector Sieeman Samuel, lass River Smith A. G., Tangmangaroo Smith Ann, Beyond* Smith H. W., lass Smith M. C., Rom Hill, Bownlng Smith R.., Downing. Smith R. T., lass Southwell Noah, Dalton Stadtmiller J., Bowning Starr T., Eschol, Dalton Stone J. E., Rockdale, Dalton Stoneham Alfred, Downing Styles John, Winbum, )(ass Sullivan David, Downing Sullivan George, Ellisvale, Witeeo Sti Ivan M. J., Cullarin Thatcher J. T., The Book, Yass Thompson J. Greenfield Farm, Yass Thompson Robert, Good Hope, Yass ' Wright Bros., Downing 0 0 Young E. M., Gunning 0 am YOUNG. YOUNG PASTURES PROTECTION BOARD. Chairman : John Rutherford, Esq., Young. Secretary : A. Cameron, Esq., Burrowa St., Young. Stock Inspector : W. j. Smith, Young. Adams Wm., Sunnysido ) 0 A Meek John, Murrumburralt 0 /Week R., Jugiong Rd, Harden 0 Allan Ellen, Blencam, Koorawatha 0 Allsopp T. R., Beechwood, Rocky Ponds 0 Anderson Bros., Roseneath, Ttibbal 0 Andorson Jas. L., Weedailion, Young Anderson N. Ted Kan, Demondrille Anderson Mrs.., Sunnyside, Kingsvale 0 Apps S., Poverty Point, Wombat Armour Matthew, Elleniee, Wombat 0 0 Armour James, Hamidene, Rye Pk. Armour Thomas W., Box Hill, Tanginangaroo Armstrong 0. L., Frogniore Armstrong Wm., Allendale, Bttrrowa Brown Moses, Rose Vale, Young Browne Bros., Memagong, Young Brown Mrs. B.., Emerald H, Binalong Browne )., Ingle, Tumbleton, Wallendbeen Browne T. J., Emerald Hill, Blnalong Browning C. L., Murralong, Young. Bryant Susan, Cowra Buchanan J. W., Newington, Nubba Burnett H., Dryburgh, Reld's Flat Burns Annie A., Frogmore Bush C. T., Coppabello, Berrymangra Cahill Ed., Wombat Cahill P. J., Green Hills, Wombat Caldwell Bros., Thaddungre Caldwell Steel, Eurabba, Young Caldwell W. T., Moonbucca, Young Cameron J. : R., Glenmore, Cowra 'Cameron Hugh S., Woodside, near Cowra Campbell C., Serula, Cowra Campbell Win. J., Argyle Farm, Galong Cannon B., Neila Park, Morongla Cape A. B., Koornmin, Monteagle Carbury N. H., Lagoon Creek, Dudatiman : ' : Carter James, Kilklarnah, Young Carter Thomas, Wynwood. Harden. Cass James, Back Creek, Cowra Cass P junr., Crowher P.O.' Cass P., Meadow Bank, Koorawatha Cassells W. J., Littledale, Fmgmore Cassells Mrs. Bridget., Frogmore Castles Ii., Binalong Chambers G. T., Sunny Pt., Cowra. Chew Chas., Springfield, Stockinbingal Chew F. A., Stonoridge, Montengle. Chew Ily J, Rockdale, Koorawatha Chew Hy, Stoneridge, Montertgle Chew II. R. J., Danabilla, Bendick Moron.' Chew J. T., Menton Villa, Young Chew Kenneth, Avoca, Monteagle Chisholm tt Sons, East Bland, Young Chivas John, The Swamp, Cowra Chivers It. C., Yarra Bonita, C,owra Cliristot. P Morongla Rd., Cowra Cliudlei gh J. G., Glenbrook, Froginote Clarke W. H., Barmedman Clements James, Reld's Flat Clevertion C. J., Murrumburralt, Clot erdon Henry, Murrumburrali Cleverdon J. J., Rosedale, rublail Clod J. F., Wattle Vale, Young Coble A. D., Daisy Ck., urrowa Coddington Chas., Moulton Farm, Murrumburrali Coddington Charles, junr., Salopia, Tubbul Coddlngton II, remora Road, Young Coddington W. J., Granite View, Murrumburrall Coleman Bros., Bogendorra, remora 0 Collins Robt., Grass Ck., Narrow,' Commis R. J., Oakbumatrinedman Cordingley W. 0., Clover, remora Road, Young Craven Bros., Presteign, Young Cram Donald, Beehive Farm, Young Cramp Sam., Willawang, Marengo. Crichton C., Glainsnock, Young 0 Croak Daniel, Douglas Ck., Galong, Croker James, Cronulla, Rugby Croker Samuel, Stout*, Ridge, Frog. more. Croker Win.., Wattle Vale, Froginure Cronin Bros., Emu Chase, Grogan Cronin Jas. J., Verbena. Grogan Crowe James, Marengo Flats Crowe Thos. M.,0alt lands, via Blotbl Cullen J., Burrowa River, Cowra Cummings A., Numby, Iteld's Fiat Cummings Ed., Sunnyside, Burrotya Cummings F. A. J., Elm Wood, Reid's Flat Ciinuninsfs,T. L., Glenbour, Narrawa Cummings W., River View, etc Boornwa Cummins D., Willawang Creek, Marengo Cuniek A. M., Cherry Grove, Young Cunningham 'W. F., Windermere, Marengo 0 ( ( : ) WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: OEOROE STREET. 'PHONE CITY THE LARGEST FIRM OF CARRIAGE AND DRAG PROPRIETORS SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR

43 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR EATABLES AND WEARABLES. c You PASTORAL. You Ownnr. St.ntInn atnt Pont Town, H, C. S. A. 0.D.s, isimlou sod I'M Town. H. C. S. A. YOUNG(continued)- Faulks I., Eastwood, Cullinga 0 Cusack Mrs. B.,Dotiglas'Gap,Gitiong 0 Fisher M Bendick Morel! 0 Cusack Edward, Colons, Galong 00 Fisher William, Koorawatha. IS 0 Cusack John, Back Ck., Kingsvale. Fitzpatrick E. F., Wombat P.O. 0 Daly W. II Milgadara, Barwang 0 0 Flannery Dan, Golden Valley, Daman L. J., The Elms, Ilinalon g Burrowa Davidson D., Caliltrls, Temora ltd. 0 Flannery T. J., Spring Dale, Cowra. 0 0 Davidson D., Gcraldra. Stockin- Fogarty C., Phil's Ck., Froomore binge! 0 0 Fogarty P., Phil's Creek, Frogmoro. 0 Davidson F. G., Yooroonga, Stock- Foley Donis, Edgefern, Young 0 0 inbingal 0 Forbes John, Grogan, via Stoat& Davidson 0. D., Geralda, Stockin- bingal bliigal 0 Ford J. A., Orton Park, 'durum- Davidson 0. G., Congou, Coota- hurrah ' 0 0 mundrit 0 Forsyth L. P., Bonny View, Wal- Davidson H. C., Yeo Yoo, Coota- lendbeen. 0 mundra Davidson H,. Geraida, Stockinbiligal 0 0 Davidson Hector, Yooringe, Stockinbingal. 0 Davidson S. J, Yoriroonga, Stockinblitgal. 0 Davidson W. H., Yooroonga, Stockinbingal. 00 Davis II. It., North Court, WI& lendbeen. 0 Fowler Bros., Barwang, Young. Fowler John, Stanley, Young. Fowler K. A., Rosewood, Montengle Fowler Miss Mary, Eldorslie, Monteagl e Fowler '., Inglewood, Youn g Fowler S., Coolegona, Iontea gle Francis Amos, Red-hill, Cowra Francis Samuel, Pack Ck., Cowra Franks John It., Hendon, Murrumburralt 0 0 Davis Allan, Stockiniringal 0 00 Fritter A. A., Grogan, via Stockin- Davis John, Fern Hill, Marengo 00 bingal. 00 Davis Wm., Taylor's Flat, Frog- Fritter D. IL, ' Wombat more r Freebairn J., Whaka, Koorawatlia 0 Davison J. dr It. B., Illilawa, along OS Froudenstein Adolph II., Rook Davison It. W. B., Cunningham Plains Dawo J. W., It.oso Valley, Young Chile, Montengle Frost E. dr Co., Col Ta Fuller G. E., Wattle Flat, Rye Park S S J Dews Mrs. M. A., Wodonga, Young 0 0 Garry Bros., Garryowon, llinalong. 0 0 Dean Bros., Rona, West Wyalong 0 Garry J. A., Burramunda, Young 0 Dickson A., River View, via Garry J. J., Mylora, Binalong 00 0 Cowra S 00 0 Gay George, Glendale, Frokmore Donges Henry, Emu Hill, Young 0 Donkin G., Coppabella, Downing Donkin T. It., Mandamar, Barmed- Geeves S., Redbridge P.O. 0 man 00 Gemmel! Hugh, Forest Glen, Reid's Douglas John, Rom Hill, Rye Park Flat Gee W. C. (Exors, late), Rossi, Breakfast Creek. Burrowa 0 Dowling L. J. dr C. E., Hilirose, George A, enraes, re Wombat 00 Boorowa 00 0 Gibb David F., Berthong, Wallend- Dowling S. C., Argonne, Weedalion 0 been Downes Thos., Allowra, Frogmoro 0 Gibb J. A., Stirling, ivallenabe 0 Downey T. P., Oakley, Thuddungra 0 (Mb John F.; Rothesity, Wailful& Dromgold Margaret, Goba Creek, been 0 Burrowa. 00 Gibbes H. E., Nhill Estate, Young. Dromgold Wm., Bolter's Creek, Gibbons Mrs. S. B. B., Phill's Ck., urrowa 0 Rugby Drummond D., Springfield, Binalong 0 Giles W. M., Vine Lodge, Frogmoro Duftey J. F., Crowther Glasson Mrs. K. A., Whiel, Woodstock Duffey Jas., Waterfalls, Koora- Goonan Thos., Woodlands, Thudwalla dungm 0 Dunley E. J., Ewalle, Belowra 00 Gordon E. W. L., Tubbui 0 Dunlop A. J. B., Badgery, Cowra 0 Gordon J. E., Murrumburralt. Dunlop J. B., Goba Creek, Burrowa Gorham A. E., Daisy Farm, Rye Pk. 0 Dwyer Daniel, Brundall, Ilinalong Gorham A.. S., Greenwood, Dwyer It., Breakfast Ck., Burrowa Kenny's Creek, Rye Park 0 Dwyer T. J., Derrymoro, Murrum- Gorham Ellett, Kenny's Ck., Rye burrnh 00 Park 0 Dwyer William, Binalong Gorham H. J.,.' Grassy Ck., Ryo Park 00 0 Eastlake John, Fairflolds Wombat 0 Gorham Henry, Hilldrop, Rye Pk 0 Eaton C. E., Westmoune, Stockin- Gorham Jas., Hill View, Rugby 0 0 bingal.. 0 Gorham %V. E., Glen Allen, Bur- Edward S., High Hill, Rye *. Park rowa S 00 Elliott C., Maryanna, Mt. McDonald 0 0 Gown John (Exors. of), Nimby, English Thomas D., Balowra, East Murrumburrah 0 Marengo 00 0 Graham Neville, Woodford, Mur- Evans C. A., Ballyran, Frogmore rtunburrall 0 Evans W. W., Narrawa 0 Greig N. T., Heathflold, Burmwa 0 Fagan Bros., Sunny Ridge, Man- Oregson 0.0. K., Rocky Ponds 0 durama. Grinison D., Sunnyside, Frogmore 0 0 Fahey F. F., grove, Burrowa 000 Grogan F. J., Franktield. (Wong 0 Fairall V., senr., Fairview, Grounds II. A., Cowra Rd., Young 0 0 Oolong. Grounds W. J., Femhill, Marengo 0 Farrar R., Valle y of Springs, Cowra. 0 0 Ontber P. J., Gionroek, Marengo 0 0 Farrell Jas. Rocky Hut, Burrowrt 0 Hall. J II., Stockinbingal 0 0. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR A HOUSEWIFE'S HARVEST. You PASTORAL. You (r nrunr. Station null Prwt,T,nrn. Hall. A., Middle Station, Marengb Hall L., Oakton, Wombat HallInan D. & J., Balowrie, Contamundra Hancock Daniel, Rosemount, Bendick Morroll Hannott Henry, Linden Valley, Cunningham Harcombe George, junr., Dembary, Bendick Morrell 0 Harcombe J. A., Balowra, Marengo Hardiman J. and G., Illyria, Burrowa Hardiman J. A., Mt. Bernard, Rye Park Harris Bros., Bennett's Springs, Cowra Harris D. G., Spring Bank, Wallondbeen. Harris John, Hillroy, Young. Harris W A., Springfield, floulburn 0 Hart H., Zooradale, Cowra 0 Haley Jas., remora Road, Cootamundra Hayhurst J. Reefton P.O. Hazlett R. A., Hartwell, Nubba Healey Bros., Freshfields, Burrowa Healey Thomas, Glenview, Morongla Creek Home A., Iteld's Flat Hoffernan J. 0., Oakvale, Young Hennossy Patrick, Clear Dills, Stockinbingal Hennessy Wm., Stookinbingal Hennock Geo., Back Ck., Young Herblg J. E., SunnysIde, Thuddun- Hereward M., Ross More, Crowther Hereward P., Meadowville, urrowa Heydon Patrick, Binalong Hiekoy John, Burrowa Flats, Oolong Hickey M., Douglas Gap, Oolong Hills Wm. Jas., Fernhill, Young Hines A. P., Bellevue, Morongla Ck. Hines J. W., Wallendbeen Hines T. A., Hillvlow, Wallendbeen Road A., Bendlek Morrell Hobson T. and G., Cunningham Hobson Charles, Glenlea, Cunningham Hodgskiss J., Haywood, Kangiara Hoey John, Spring Hill, Wallend- been Hogan Johanna, Bala, Burrowa Holding P. A., Rose Valley, Bookham Holgato Jas., Hentlifield, Rye Park Holgate Wm., Vaudeville, Rya Park Holmes Thos., Altondale, Frogmoro Holt Ann, CurraJong Pt., Nubba Hooper T. F., Warrigal, Barmedman 0 Horne Edwd., Eastwood, Burrowa. Horton F. F., Horton Pk., Rugby Horton G. E., Oldmangunyah, Rugby 0 Horton Samos IL, Spring Dale, Rye Park. Houghton E., Mt. Eagle, forongla. Holliston John, Mount View, Monteagle. Hufton J. G., Glen Ayr, Harden Hughes S. C., River View, Burrowa Hughston Jas., Hughstonia P.O. Hume Bros., Tarengo, Burrowa 0 Hume A. H. (Exrs.), Ryo Park Hume C. L., Castiestoads, Burrowa Flume II. It. F., Everton, Ityo Park Hunter H., Glenrowan, King's Vale Hurloy M. J., Eillanear, Burrowa Ingold Jasper, Mayfield, Cullinga C. S WO Owsor, atlen and Post Town. H. Jamieson j., Nimby, Murrumburrall Jarred Samuel, The Willows, Barramunda 0 JasprIzza J. E. B., Ifeathcote, Morangorell. asprizza Wm., Fair View, Young Johnson Henry, Tower, Rugby :Tones Jas. P., Bramall, Frogmoro Jordan N. B., Clifton, Derby's Falls Joyce P. J. E., Park View, Young Joyce J. M., Menyval, Young Judge W. O., Young Koarins Bros., Templemore, Maiengo Keofe James, Cowra Road, Burrowa Keefe Michael, Hilltop, Culinary Kop f W., Klondyke, Rye Park Kelly Bros., Coringle, Ru gby Kelly Eliza, Frogmoto Rd, Burrowa Kelly F. V., Bola Wonga, Burrowit. Kelly John, hfonteaglo Kelly W. P., Glencoe Park, Barmedman Kendall B., Stilworth, urrumhurrah. Kensit Ily., Wood stock, Narrawa. Kerr IV., Grogan, Young Kerr Wilhittin, Glenoak, Grogan Kiley Patrick, Dora, Wallend been King Mrs. E., Mount Erin, Kings- vale King H. (Exors. late), Currowong, Kingsvale King Wm., Pleasant View, Kingsvalo Knight A. J. P., Grogan, Eitockinbingal. 0 Knight H. P., The Pines, Orenfell Kook J. L. & H. G., Temora Lamb dr Phillips, Tubbed Lamb Alice, Kilkee, Koorawatha Lane H. H., Lachlan St., Coma Lane W. J. F., Mt. Collins, Cowra Langfleld George, Rock Leigh, Morongia P.O. Langflold IL, Warranoake, COMA Langfield W. B., The Orange, Morongla. Langfield W., Newton, Morougla Ck. Lavello Mrs. Helena, Killarney, Mt. McDonald Malty D J. Trieste, Randwiek Leahy J. J., Higlifielcl Rd. Lludfleld Lehano Daniel, Balaba,Tiouldtingra Lemon Mrs. C. A., Fairview, Rdbridge.. Lempriere. B., Wadenhoe, Young Lenane Patk. (Est.), Erin Vale, Marengo Leroy Mrs. H., Itockview, Murrumburrall. Lester James E., Cootanittr;dra Little.T., Woodlands, Wallendbeen. Love j. A., Bookham 0 Lynch A., Lillybridge, liendlek Moroi! Lynch Mrs. B., The Gap, Iarengo Lynch John, Gionachrawn, Thudat LydounislgrJaas., Demondrills Lyons Wm., Wattle Vale, Burrowit. Macansh Mrs. (Trustees), Murrum- hurrah kfacansh Duncan, ;;Iyeo, hurrah Mackay Donald G., Wallendbeen Station, Wallendbeen 0 Mackay J. A. K., Wallandoon, Wallendbeen. Mackenzie Bros., Bitrrowa Street, Young C. S A. 0' 0, ma, 0' () 0, (woo '. WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD, BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTIONI JORMASTERS BY APPOINTMENT TO MANY GOVERNORS AND ADMIRALS, THE HIGH COURT,

44 H ANTHONY HORDERNS'ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. c You PASTORAL. You ' Owner, Rattan and Pest Wan. H. C. $. A. owner,,totton Poo. Tow,. H. C. S. A. YOUNG(continued) McNamara Mrs. Mary, Avondale, -Macpherson W. J. A., Gegullaiong, Ilannedman Burrows. 00 McRae P., Wombat, Magonnis & Jali an Bros., Bogaiong, Neville Catherine, Ballysteon, Reld's Gaiong Flat. 00.Maher Mrs. B., Coppabella, Bina- Neville D., Sunny View, Darby's long Falls Mahon John, Lanark, Morangorell. Maitland Mrs. E., armedman. 0 Newhatn George, Westwood, Morongla Creek 0 Maloney T. J., Marengo 0 Manyon John, Rugby 0 0 Nowlintn Jas. S., RIverviow, Reld's Flat 0 Maple-Brown A. R., GlenoIg, Goul- Newman W. J., Bland, Ilimbi P.O 0 0 burn 0 Newson A. J., Murrutnburralt Marina Carlo (Exors. late), Moppitty, Young 0 Nicholls \V. It., Strathallan, Watta- Maria Helena, Verona, Young 0 mandara,. 0 Illaroney J. Clifton, Cootamundra _ 00 Nichols Soptimus, Plain Farm, Burrowa 0 Misroney John, Lower Coolegonge Nicholson W. 0., Caringa, Burrowa Young Nixon David, Hazelwood, Reofton. fartens W. A., Arratnagong Martin Amos, Martindale, Young 0 0 Noakes Alfred, Back Forest, Frog. Martin J. D., Martindale, Young more 0 0 Martin T. H., hfartindalo, Young 00 0 Noakes James, Bovondalo P.O.. MayoIt David J., Moppitt y, Young Noakos John, Broken Dam, Rye Mi. 0 Noakes Thomas, Farm Hill, Rye Pk. 0 Medway Waiter, Potit's Creek, Narnswa. Mewburn John, Rugby, Rye Park fewburn Thos., Slivorwood, Rugby Newborn William, Tara, Rye Park. Middleton Mrs. M., Kalangan, Gaiong.. er Robt., Breen Val, Bimbi _Mills T. W. J., Three, Rye Park Mills W., Mt. Elliott, Rye Park Minot= Sylvester. Red Bridge P.O.... Mitchell John, B.eld's Flat Montgoinerlo Mrs. L., Winbin, Cowra Moorby Thos., Fernald, Rye Park. Morrow J. W., Allandalo, Callings_ 0 Morton S. D., Wisewood, Morangoroll.. :Mottle, Hamilton and Kiddie, JO Noakes Wm., Pudman Ck., Rye Pk. Norris J. E., Hilton Grove, Wheeo O'Connor Bros., Oakleigh, Marengo O'Connor & Sons, os/ell's Creek, Cowra O'Connor J. C., Hillside, Frogmoro, O'Connor Michael, Reedy Creek, Marengo O'Connor P., Malvern, Burrowa O'Connor Wm., Ilughstonia, P.O. O'Dea P., Mount View, Marengo O'Dwyer J., Ballyowon, Cowra O'Keefe D. (Exors. late), Pine Grove, Frogmore O'Keefe J., The Grange, Barmedman' ' " O'hfara Michael, Reedy Creek, Berretnangra, Bowning 00 Ronyer, Burrowa.. 0 O'Neil Bros., Hovoll's Creek, Frog. Murphy Denis, Pine Grove, Reid's more Flat 'Murphy P. J., Noila Ck., Cowra O'Neill James N., Golden Grove, Oolong 0 Murphy Patrick, Winderaltbeen, Tubbul 0 O'Neill J. T Cleveden, Galong. 00 O'Neill John, Fairleigh, Cowra 0 00 Murphy T., Collingwood, Murrumhurrah. 0 O'Neill W. A., Hillview, Cowra Osborne B. M., Redbank, Harden :McAlister Bros., Rockleigh, Thud-. Osborne J. K., Benangaroo, Jingong dungra Osborne 0. T., Bundrirbo, Jugiong..McCallum. M., Maxloy, Thuddungra_. ccaltnan John, Curraburrama, Young 0 McCarthy J., :hichfahon's Reef. fc. Coll A. 0., Hillcrest, Koora; watita McDonald E. M., Marengo McDonald G., Greondalo. Bland.McDonsld P., Burrowa :McDonald R., Grant's Part, Bland 0 McFarlane D. H., Toopang, Young 0 McFarlane J. H. Glensloy, Yowl.; 0 0 McGlynn Thos., hi ng, Ho Young 0 McGrath P., Cloarview, Iturrowa McGulness Bros., Pine Grove, Bigga 00 Maury Daniel, Rally Cally, Koorawatha.McKey H. J., Ferncliffe, /durum-- burro's. 0 McLaren Arthur, Middlefield:, Bendick hiorell 00 McLeod Bros., Alike, Canino 0 McMillan W. A., Somerset, via Young...McNamara J., Smithwo od, Barmcdman Packett J., Cullinga, Wallenb eon Parker John, Greenwood, Rugby Parkhant R. & J. Calabasli, Marengo Parish= W. R.,Porkville, ' Marengo 0 Pears Bros., Major's Creek, Morangaroll. Poarse John F., Boriadebba, Young Perceval J., Brook Farm, Rye Pk.Perreval R., Gionmore, Rugby Peterson J. & Son, Brilbarce, Grenfell. Pettitt & Williams, Canunbi, Stockinbingal. Phillips T., Springfield, It-dbridge Powderley W., Bloombury, via Young 0 Pring Geo., Cooyong, Crowther 0 Prosser. G., Springdale, Frogmore Prosser Thos. B., Strathfield, Frogmore 0 Quinn T. (Exors. (If), Oregon Road, Youn g 0 0 Quinn W. D., Clydesdale, Temora Rogan W. J., The Retreat, Morangorell 00 Reid Thomas, Woodstock. NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. You PASORAL. You ce $. II Um, nnel Prwt Town. H. C. S. A. Reynolds. & J., Taylor's Flat, Frogmore. 0 Reynolds 0., Stockinbingal 0 Reynolds F. W. Kin Ora, Bookhant Reynolds G., Reynolds' Dale, Burrowa Reynolds J., Rosebank, Binalong 0 Reynolds Mrs. M., Big Flat, Taylor's Flat Reynolds Mary, Milbank, Wallets& 0 been. 0 Ricketts Ann, Springville, Young., 0 Riley Bros., Emu Gully, Young 00 Roberts Bros., Compton, Froginore 0 0 Roberti; P. C., Mildara, Coot. mundra. Roberts James, Forest View, Frogmore 00 Roberts S. E., Tivertiin, Bawang Roberts Wm., Little Forest, Frogmore 00 Robertson Bros., ormedtan.n. Sta- Hon, B armodman 0 Robertson H. & C., Quamby, Young 0 Robertson C. V., Valrosa, Tangmangaroo, Bowning. Robinson,W., Spring Vale, Mont. eagle 00 Robinson W. M., Regent Park, Young 0 0 Roche P. J., Canalong, Bonetnangra, Bowling 00 Rose C. It., hferryvale, 0 Ross J. K., Garangula, Harden Ross J. It., Garangula, Harden Ross It. B., Garangula, Harden _ Ross T. F., Garangula, Harden 0 00 Ross W. F., Garangula, Harden Rowan Ellen, Rosovale, Bendick Morel! 0 Rowan Jas., Hilltop, Bendick Morell Russell Jas., Fairview, Frogmore 0 0 Rutherford G., Green Gully, Young 0 Ryan J.., Tallarook, Cowra 00 Ryan James, Ryan's Vine, Burrowa Ryan Mrs. E., Bendlck Morrell 0 Ryan Mary, Binalong 0 0 Ryan T., Trungley, Bannedman 0 0 Ryan Thos., Douglas, Galong Samuels A., Wombat Sargent W. L. Bellvillo, litighstonla 0 ' Savage Bros. Bolong, Froginore Scales Wm., ' Moppitty, Young 0 0 Scarvell E., Mundoonan, Wallend- Schapiro N., itumby, Refil's Flat Scott T. S., Wallendbeen 0 /Minnick G., Mylora, Murrumburrah Sharrock W. M., hfilwood, Young -0 0 Shaw David, Spring Creek, COUTa 0 Shea B., Woodstock, Gaiong 00 0 Shea James, Fatrviow, ()along 0 0 Shepherd D., Brnmalt Creek, Frogmoro 0 Shoard Henry, Pine Hill, Grogan r Short John, Mayfield, Frog more 00 0 Siegert F. A., Bonny View, Koonswatius impson G, W., Ipswich. mita ' 0 Slavin James, Red Roy, Rugby 0 Slooman S., Camblamurra, Yass 00 Sligar Alex., Mt. Darling, Fmgmore 0 Sligar James, Glen Rock, Rold's Flat. fillgar M. A., Pine Cliff, Frogmoro 00 Sloane Thomas G., Morilia, Young. Smith George, Itenvesdalo, Marengo Smith it. Devondale, Cowra 00 0 Smith Frogtnore Smith Joseph, Maryvale, Narrawa. 000 O wner.,tntionnnd VOWn.,. H. C. S. A. Smith Robert, Killarney, Cowra Smith ThOs., Moppitty Rd., Young 0 Smith Thos., Smithdale, Burmwa 0 0 Smith Thomas, Cocomingla, Cowris Smyth '. J., Box Ridge, Thuddimgra 00. Southwoll Jabez, Yellow Creek, Rye Park 0 Sod/swell John, Wattle Grove, Rye Park 0 G Sparkman A. (., Flixton Park, Wallendlieen Spicer C. M., Campbeillields, Bur- Town 00 Splror E. 0., Springfield, Burrowa JP 0 Spring Jessie, Pine Hill, Thudditogra " 00 Squire Phillip, The Knoll, Cowie 0 Steele William, Illackboy, Oolong Stevenson Titoism; (Exors. of), Nana Allen, Burma Stewart Bros., Cullngera, Reofton 0 Stewart., Avon Pk., Murrumhurrah ) Stewart Miles, Glenview, Alumni- hurrah. 0 Stewart R. E., Denteveagh, Marrutnburrall ) stoclanan W. A., Hopevalo, Bretton 0 0 Storks B., Linden s, Cunningham Sutherland Mrs. A., Bendick Morell 0 Sutherland A. A., Bondick Morel! 0 0 E Sutherland 0. H., Weedalion Sutherland F. A., Cannya, Young 0 00 Sutherland G. OliellIngton, Temora Sutherland I.., ' Bendick Moron 0. Sutherland Thomas, Killarney, Bendlck Morel! 0 00 Sweeney Robert IL, Cullinga, Wallendbeen.. SYssn alethja: C " Warrougong., Koons.- 0 Tansley J., Gowns P.O Tarrant Fit J., Happy Valley, Iteld's 0 Taylor Chas., Flat View, Monteagle 0 Taylor If., Bulloworrle, Young Taylor John R., Meadow Valley, 0 00 Talyteloi's rd PFaiatrtlrk, Meado:s: Reld's Flat.' 0 0 Terry Bros., Lagoona, Cunningham Terry 0. W., Kooringa, Young _ 0 Thackeray H. G., Wootoona, Young 0 Thompson G., The Oaks, Coonsmundra 0 0 Thompson J., Minato, Burrowa 0 00 Thompson Jos., Mt. Pleasant, Mtnanglo Creek, Cowra Thompson John, Back Creek, Cowra Thompson Louisa, Delmore, Young 0 Thompson R., Forbes Rd., Cowra 0 Thornbor Robert, Lugar, Young 0 Tiedniann J. J., Rose Farm, Thuddungra 0 0 Tierney L. R., Moorong, Young 0 Tout Fred. II., Warnbanumba, Young 0 Tout Jas., Rose Valley, Marengo Tout Samuel T., Springfield, Young 0 Trengrove It. E., Warrangong, Koorawatha Tully M. M. de C. J., Killanear, Burrosva. 0 Tunney J., Sprin g Park, Monti:ogle. Timmy '. Monteaglo 0 Twiggs Ernest., Mayfield, Cowra. 0 0 Ulph Benjamin, Hilton Park, Bendirk Morel( Vaughan Rockdale:, Gull ylima., : 00 Veness William, Snowdon Farm, Rye Park 0 Wall Pat., hiliong, Tubbul 0 WOOD,' COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE ST.,CITY. 'PHONE CITY PACK AND DESPATCH PORCELAIN WREATHS AND CROSSES TO ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA.

45 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR BENEFICIAL BUSINESS. c You PASTORAL. You Owsw,!Mallon and Pest Town. H. C. S. A. Owner, Station and Podt Town.. C. S. A. YOUNG (eontinusd ) 'Walsh J., Wattle Farm, Rugby 00 0 Williams Robert, Marengo P.O. 00 'Ward W.., Cunningham P.O. 0 0 Wilson & Hogan, Stockinbingal 0 Wass William, Mountain View, Wilson F. G., Sunnyside, Cunning- Mount McDonald 0 ham 'Waters Mrs. J., View Veda, Rye Wilson T. J., (Bonen, Marongia Park 0 Creek 'Watson E. V., Oreenbank, Young 0 Webb H., Bloomfield, Young 0 Weir D., Boreo Pk., Barmedman Woodward I. H., Cmgray, Banned- Wells G. T., Morangorell 00 man Welsh Bros., Ltd., Riveralca, Cowra Woodward T. AL, Curmwong, Bar- Wintenden Benjamin, Harefield, Stockinbingal 0 Wentworth Mrs.., Cntamundra 0 medman ' 0 West Mrs. M. A., Rosedale, Tubbul. Woods J. T., Linwood, Wallendbeen 000 West Thos., WarbIlia, Barmedman. Wornor Sarah A., Gladstone, Wombat 0 West T. C., Bellevue, Thuddungra. 00 Wright Mrs. E. H., Macclesfield, Whelan Bros., Fair Meadows, Galong 0, Burrow& 000 Whelan H., Burrowa Flats, along 0 Wright H., :North Millman, Bur- White W. T., Burmgong, Bridge, rowa 0 0 Young Wright Lee, Leeholme, Morongla Whitechurch O. E., Elton, via Young 0 Creek. 0 0 Wliittaker 0., Edlington, Cowra ' 0 0 Wright N., Clear Hills, Godfrey's Whittaker W. H., Elsie Vale, Oowra Creek 00 0 Whybrow Edward, Violet Vale, Murrumburrah. 0 Yeomans W., Arramagong East, 0 Whybrow Mrs. K., Ferule,' Redbridge 0 0 ZwireokunNgV. A., E, Iteef ton WOOD, COFFILLA COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS Si. 'PHONE M ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR A SURETY OF SATISFACTION. MUSICAL SOCIETIES, ETC. MIISICAL SOCIETIES, SPORTING CUBS AND ASSOCIATIONS, ETC, MUSICAL SOCIETIES. SEW SOUTH WALES CONSERVATORIUM OF Biusio.Director, Henri Verbrugghen; Registrar, A. Stanley Warwick. Royer, SYDNEY APOLLO MADRIGAL SOCIETY.Conductor, Alfred Hill ; Hon. See., E. W. Salter, Royal Chambers, Castlereagh St. irotal PHILHARMONIO SOCIETY OR YDNIY.-o seph Bradley, F0.0. Hue. Bac., Hon. Sec. ; H. W. Marrincr,, Hue. Bac., Conductor ; address, W. II. Paling & Co., Ltd., George at. SYDNEY AMATEUR ORCHESTRAL SOCIETY. Conductor, Alfred Hill, R.C.M. Secretary, James H. Merriman ; Assistant Secretary, P. V. Watson ; Hon. Treas., J. N. Breden, Town Hall TIM SYDNEY Moan SOCIETY.Conductor, W. Reginald Gooud ; Hon. Boo., W. D. Rankine; Practice Hall, Christ Church Hall, Pitt at SYDNEY MADRIGAL MUSH/ SOCIETY. Conductor, W. Arundel Orchard, Mus. Bac. ; Hon. Secretary, G. Crichton Smith, A.M.P. Chambers, Pitt st, Sydney ROCHDALE MUSICAL 00rETY--Conduetor, W. Reginald Gond ; Secretary, J. R. Grooves, Giulatono at, Bexley OTDNIII HARMONIC Ctionm, SOCIETY. Conductor, Willinm It. N. Bourne, c/o W. H. Paling & Co., Ltd., George at; Secretary, Harold B. Dotty, Erskine at, Sydney. SALMAIN DISTRICT CHORAL 'UNION Conductor, A. J. Walker, Durwood; S. H. P. Bums, Hon. Sec., Industry Dept., A.H.P. Soo. City WOMAN Melon SoOrIrrtConduetor A. II. Norman ; Secretary, E. A. Goulding, Spit Junction, Mosman ROCHDALE MUSICAL ElootErYConductor, John Mansfield, L.A.B. ; Secretary, F. II. Boone, Beaconsfield at Bexley. EAST WOOD MUSICAL SOCIETY.Conductor, Robert G. Moon, Hyde. CHATSWOO D MUSICAL SOCIETY.Condoctor, Arthur Champion ; Secretary, Eric (idlny, Cleland rd, Artarmon NORTH SYDNEY ORPHAN.Hon. Sec ). H. Glassford, Pitt at RAILWAY AND TRAMWAY MUSICAL 00RTY. See., It. Bedwell, Rail. way Institute. SYDNEY SYMPHONY 0CHLSTRA.Con doctor, Gustave Slapoffski ; Secretary, G. Plummer PETERSHAM CHORAL BOOIETY.Con. doctor, H. A. Norman MUSICAL ASSOCIATION OF N.S.W. Hon. Sea, G. de Aires Rego, Ash street, City. THE TEACHERS' COLLEGE GLEE CLUB. Conductor, S. A. Kenny, Training College, Blackfriars. UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY MUSICAL SOCIETY.Conductor, William As. prey ; Sec., J. C. Woodhouse, Syd. University. SOUTH SYDNEY ORPHEUS GLEE SOCIETY*, Conductor, J. E. F. Penman, Royal Mint,. ST. CECILIA LADIES' CHOM. Conductor, H. 0. Fleming ; address, W. H. Paling and Co., George at. RANDWICK DISTRIOT MUSICAL SOCIETY. Conductor, G. G. Park, "Wamtah," Arden at north, Coogeo ; Sec., H. M. Greenwood, The Rectory, Brook at, Y.M. face. GLEE CLUB.J. Cocks, Conductor, and Pitt at, Sydney. BANDS. BAND ASSOCIATION OF NEW SOUTH WALESG. A. Burgas, sec., "Koorawatha," Balfour at, Kogaralt. MANLY BAND.J. Scully, sec.; Pheloung, bandmaster. RontrzE BAND.-0. Sinclair, ; W. Partington, bandmaster. ST. GEORGE'S DISTRICT BAND.-. Peterson, see. ' L. Smith, bandmaster. DARLINGHURST CONCERT BANDM. J. Heraglity, sec. ; C. Skinner, bandmaster. EABTERN SUBURBS UNITED BAND.R. Herron., bandmaster H. Wodd, see. SYDNEY IRISH BAND.-. H. Hawkins, bandmaster and sec. MARRIORVILLE BANDj. H. Williams, sec.; J. H. Hawkins, bandmaster. METROPOLITAN BAND.-0. Carroll, soo.; J. Palmer, bandmaster. ANNIE DISTRICT BAND.R. Hoskin, sec. ; A. Long, bandmaster. RANDWHIC BAND.A. Manton, 0. ; B. Pardy, bandmaster. TRAMWAY BAND.J. Benson, sec.; G. 0. Shea, bandmaster. ROCHDALE BAND.A. Christian, see.; J. Walker, bandmaster. ARNOLIFFE BAND.W. Shuttleworth, sec. T. Sinclair, bandmaster /WESTVILLE BAND. W. Berry, soo., E. Parkes, bandmaster. ST. PETERS MUNICIPAL BAND. E. H. Russell, sec.; F. E. Mitchell, bandmaster. tiootr. as o DAN D W. G. Cooke, see. ; Purdy, handle.rter LEICHHARDT BAND. W. D. Atkins, sec.; J. Gilmore, bandmaster. LIDOOMBE BANDA. Wright, sec.; E. P. Kerry, bandmaster. PARRAMATTA BAND.A. E. Stanton, sec.; A. E. Taylor, bandmaster. LYCEUM BAND.A. Davey, sec.; J. J. Gilmour, bandmaster. SOUTH SYDNEY MODEL BAND.W. J. Johnson, sec.; T. Young,Ah antdhmruasteur: sse SYDNEY KILTIES' BAND. sec. ; A. Lovell, bandmaster. RAILWAY MILITARY BAND.R. Austin, see.; 0. Helm, bandmaster. ENMORE BAND.T. Buick, bandmaster. NEWTOWN BRASS BAND.-0. Bignall, sec. ; E. P. Kerry, bandmaster. WAVERLEY BAND.J. H. Barrie, Soc.; T. Mellor, bandmaster. SYDNEY BRASS BAND.A. Taylor, sec.; J. Huegln, bandmaster. WESTERN SUBURBS BAND. T. Woods, see.; C. F. Bowles, bandmaster. REDFERN CADET BAND.R. Smith, see.; O. Mapstone bandmaster. /WOMAN MUNICIPAL BAND. G. Berry, sac.; A. Lovell, bandmaster. SYDNEY BRASS BAND. A. Taylor, sec.; Huegill, bandmaster. STATE MILITARY BAND.D. 'I'. Board, sec., Pitt it, City ; W. Bentley, bandmaster. SYDNEY MARINE BAND.R. Stuart, sea; J. Devlin, bandmaster. SYDNEY KILTIKELF. Bruce, C. ; A. Lovell, bandmaster. WESTERN SUBURBS BAND.L. Brook, sec.;. Bowles, bandmaster. ST. PETERS BAND.E. Russell, UM SYDNEY PROFESSIONAL BAND.- ROWS at, Sydney. Mus. director, A. O'Brien ; treasurer, B. Smith ; hon. see, P. White. EASTERN SUBURBS CONCERT BAND. Bandmaster, A. B. O'Brien ; hon. see., J. J. Perryman, Belgrave at, Way -erley. DARLINGHURST CONCERT BAND. Wales, see.; 0. Skinner, bandmaster SOUTH SYDNEY MODEL BAND. W Johnson, sec.; T. Young, bandmaster RANDWICK BAND.A. Manton, NC. THE PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS' CLUB. Rowe at, Sydney. President Reg Guood ; sec. A. E. O'Brien. THE MUSICIANS' UNION OF AUSTRALIA. Formed to protect the interests and the art of the musician. The union is a Commonwealth organisation having branches and local secs. In each State. Headquarters, Rowe at, Sydney General see., A. E. O'Brien, J.P. SYDNEY PROFESSIONAL BAND.- Rowe st, Sydney. Musical Director, A. E. O'Brien ; sec., Peter White. WE ARRANGE FOR INTERMENTS IN ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA OR ABROAD.

46 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR A LOT FOR A LITTLE. SPORTING CLUBS, ETC. BILLIARDS. TEE AMATEUR BILLIARD ASSOCIATION OF NEW SOUTH WALES.E. A. Boyle, hon. see., Sports Club of N.S.W., Ltd., Hunter at, Sydney, N.S.W. THE AMATEUR BILLIARD ASSOCIATION OF Vicerolue.J. E. Barlow, hon. sec., Elizabeth at, Melbourne, Victoria. THE AMATEUR BILLIARD ASSOCIATION OF QUEFNSLAND. A. J. Sapsford, hon. sec., printer, Adelaide at, Brisbane. Queensland. THE AMATEUR BILLIARD ASSOCIATION OF NEW ZEALAND. Sour!! AUSTRALIA AMATEUR BILLIARD ASSOCIATION.G. F. Steinthal, hon. sec., Alfred Chambers, Currie street, Adelaide. The above Associations are affiliated with the Billiard Association Limited, the secretary to which is A. Stanley Thorn, of Buckingham at, Strand, London, W.C. N.S.W. SPORTS CLUB, LTD. F. G. Underwood, Bee., - Minter at AFFILIATED BODIES. N.S.W. AMATEUR ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION A. J. Crump, hon. see. N.S.W. AMATEUR BILLIARD ASSOCIATION. E. Boyle, hon. sec. N.S.W. AMATEUR SWIMMING Ann- CIATION.H. R. Kelly, hon. sec. N.B. W. AMATEUR SPORTING FEDERATION.I. Taylor, hon. sec. N.S.W. AMATEUR BOXING ASSOCIATION F. G. Underwood, sec. N.B.W. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OF GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS.E. Waddy, bon. see. NW. BRITISH FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION F. W. Booth, hon. sec. N.S.W. CYCLISTS' UNION.T. O'Halloran, hon. sec. N.S.W. FOOTBALL LEAGUE (AUSTRALIAN ItuLEs).J. E. Pilaw, hon. sec. N.S.W. HOCKEY ASSOCIATION.a. G. Davenport, hon. sec. N.S.W. LACROSSE ASSOCIATION.A. S. Deane, hon. sec. N.S.W. ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY.- 0. H. Williams, hon. see. N.S.W. ROWING ASSOCIATION.E. E. Keary, hon. sec. N.S.W. WALKING AND FIELD GAMES CLUILE. A. Austen, hon. sec., "Witstanden," Miltoy at, Kensington N.S.W. RUGBY FOOTBALL UNION.W. W. Hill, see.; head quarters, Bligh at N.B.W. SURF BATHING ASSOCIATION. Donald McIntyre, hon. sec. EAST iiydney A. A. CLUIL E. A. cl:mm lion. sec. EASTERN SUBURBS DISTRICT FOOTBALL CLUB. SYDNEY SWIMMING CLUILR. B., hon. see SYDNEY RIFLE CLUB.---George Garnsey, hon. sec. PARRAMATTA RIFLE CLUB. METROPOLITAN RUMAT' UNION.W. W. Hill, see ; head quarters, Bligh at. N.S.W. AtTro-CYoLE ASSOCIATION Roy Bradford, hon. see. PORT.TACKSON BAILING SKIFF CLUB. RANDWICK AND COOOEE SWIMMING Page, hon. sec. SOUTH SYDNEY HARRIERS.-0. Parke, hon. sec. SYDNEY CHESS CLUB.V. H. Spence, hon. sec. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. REDFERN BICYCLE CLUB. T. O'Halloran, hon. sec. SYDNEY DISTRICT FOOTBALL CLUB (AUS- TRALIAN RULES). CRICKET. NEW SOUTH WALES CRICKET ASSOCIATION. Frank Iredale, secretary, Bull's Chambers, Moore at. BALMAIN 0.0. W. C. Bull, hon. sec., "Ocean House," Moore st, City. Tel. City. CENTRAL CUMIIIIRLA ND C.C.A. W, Little, c/o " Cumberland Argus," Church at, Parramatta GORDON 0.C.D. A. Campbell Johnson. lion. sec., Chatawood. Tel. City, GLEBE C.C.V. E. Crook, lion. sec., Commonwealth Audit Office, Pitt at. NEWTOWN C. C.R. A. Crane, Bridge at, Erskineville PADDINGTON C.0.(. L. Boyle, hon. sec., Post Office Chambers, a Pitt at, Sydney. Tel. City. PETERstiAm C.C.E. A. l'aton, hon. see. Attorney-General's Department, Macquarie at. RAND WICK C Parkes, hon. ace., "Clovelly," Stewart at, Randwick REDFERN 0.0.o. a. McMillan, hon. 00, NO a Pittet,City. Tel. City, SYDNEY C.C.B. Marks, lion. see. Harbour Trust, I'itt at. ST. GEORGE 0.C.E. Russell, lion. sec., Hurst at, Hurstville. UNIVERSITY 0.0.R. Bardsley, hon. sec., The -University, Camperdown. WAVERLEY C.C.C. Shepherd, hon. sec., Eastern Extension Telegraph Co. WESTERN SUBURBS C.C.F. Martin, hon. sec., Kensington at, Summer Hill LEICIIIIARDT C.C.T. K. Blakeney, Charles at, Leichhardt. MARRICKVILLE S. Travis, hon. sec., Box 0 G.P.O., Sydney. Tel. City,. MOSMAN 0.C.E. H. PrIqr, hon. BCC., Union Assurance Society, O'Connell at, Sydney. Tel. City 0. MIDDLE HARBOUR 0.0.R. A. Oxlade, hon. sec., Hunter st, City. Tel. City. NORTII SYDNEY 0.0.IL. V. Millliett, hon. sec., New Zealand Ns. Co. Bldg, Pitt at NEW SOUTH WALES RUGBY UNION. (Affiliated to the Rugby Football Union, London.) Telephone City. Cable Address : "Rugby." Headquarters : Igh at, Sydney. W. W. Hill, secretary. AtmAiN F.O., st, nd, and rd -Grades.-. Grose, Mort at, Balinain CHATSWOOD SCHOOL OF ARTS F.C., nd and rd Grades.W. J. Delahunty, hon. sec., School of Arts, Chatswood. EASTERN SUBURBS P.O., st, nd, and rd Grades.T. Alston, hon. sec., Queen at, Woollahra. GLEBE P.C., st, nd, and rd Grades. LC. A. McCarthy, hon. see., Railway Audit Branch. MANLY P.O., st, nd and rd Grades. II. Austin, hon. sec., Stuart at, Manly NEWTOWN P.C., st, nd, and rd GradesIt. B. Hill, Pitt at NORTH SYDNEY P.C., st, nd, and rd Grades.H.. Mulhall, c/o Robt. Reld de Co. RANDWICK (Eastern Suburbs), nd and rd Grades.N, Barrio, Avoca street, Itandwick Boum SYDNEY P.C., st and nd Grades. E. A. Russell, hon. sec., c/o Turner and Henderson. Sr. GEORGE P.O., st, nd, and rd Grades.R. Freeman, hon. sec., 0 Castlereagli at UNIVERSITY OF SYDNEY F.C., st and nd Grades.E. A. Woodward, hon. sec., St. Andrew's College. WESTERN Simms P.O., st and nd Grades.C. Short, hon. soc., ( O'Connell at, Newtown. V.M.C.A., nd and rd Grades.G. Watson, hon. sec., Y.M.C.A., Pitt at. SUB-BRANCHES (AFFILIATED). CITY AND SUBURBAN R.F.U.E. E. Keary, hon. sec., The Treasury: Punta Sonoma A.A.A. (Metropolitan Area).F. M. Gordon, Education Department. GREAT PUBLIC SCHOOLS Marks, Sydney Grammar School, PREPARATORY Somas A.A.A.F. K. enamara, Prep. School, Randwick. NEW SOUTH WALES RUGBY FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Affiliated to the Northern Rugby Union. England. H. R. Miller, secretary. Phillip at, Sydney. Tel. City 0. Cable Address, "Rugleague." CLons CONNECTED WITH THE NEW SOUTH WALES RUGBY FOOTBALL LEAGUE. FIRST GRADE ANNANDALE F. (.It. Lennon, Nelson at, Annandale BALMAIN F.C.A. Latta, Rowntrce at Balmain EASTERN SUBURBS F.0.W. W. Webb, hon. sec., Oxford at, Paddington. GLEBE P.0.C. H. I. Upton, lion. see., c/o W. A. Davidson & Co., corner Blackfriars and Buckland sts, Sydney. NEWTOWN F.0.W. J. Chaseling, hon. sec., "Ilessle," Kay's arc, Btarrickvillo NORTH SYDNEY F.C.H. Odbert, sec., c/o Nicholson and Co., George at. SOUTH SYDNEY P.0.S. Geo. Ball, hon. sec., Mary at, Waterloo WESTERN SUBURBS F.0.E. McFayden, Byers st, Enfield. SECOND GRADE, Eight District Clubs and- RANDWIOK F.C.C. Griffin, hon. sec., Kurrawa ave. Randwick SYDNEY F.0.W. II. TBTUAgell, hon. BCC., Riley et, Sydney. MIRY Ilitts F.C.C. Purvis, hon. sec. Devonshire at, Surry Hills, TIIIRD GRADE. Eight District Clubs and SYDNEY F.0.(See Second Grade) LANDwrcK '.C.Same as nd Grade. REDFERN UNITED.W. Sheehy, Pitt at, Redfern ALEXANDRIAJ. L. Foster, Copeland at,, Alexandria WEST SYDNEYE. M. Price, Dalhousie at, Raberfleld AFFILIATED JUNIOR LEAGUES. BALMAINR. E. Savage, Curtis rd, B'inn EASTERN SunuRnsW. Kenny, Rush at, Woollahra. HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE CITP ANTHONY HORDERNS'-THE ECONOMIST'S DELIGHT. SPORTING CLUBS, ETC. GLDREIt. Edwards, Marriott at, Redfern NEWTowNP. J. Mullin, Wells at, Newtown. NORTH SYDNEYR. Ritchie, Emmett at, North Sydney. T. GEORGEC. P. Negus, "Kia Ora," Grantham at, West Kogarali. Boum SYDNEY-. Nelson, Baden Powell Hotel, Regent at, Redfern. "WESTERN DISTRICTSJ. Burns, Provincial at, Auburn. 'WESTERN SUBURBSC. J. Elliott, Heiden t, NEW SOUTH \VALES BOWLING ASSOCIATION. Castlereagh st, Sydney. T. W. Shadforth, secretary. Tel. City ASHFIELDW. McLaren, hon. sec. Tel. U, BALLINAE. W. Hare, hon. sec. BALMAINP. HInt, lion. BCC. Tel. W. BANGALowT. G. Mason, hon. sec. BATHURSTC. E. Davie, hon. sec. BERoitoFT--John Lawrie. Tel. Epping. BuitwoODR.. Josselyn, hon. sec. Tel. Burwood..CHATSIFOoD.-.Prenticedion. sec. CITYP. C. Butler, hon. ace. CORP.INAL. S. Blaknoy, hob see. DRuwitoYNE.J. Henley, liffn. see. DUB.-0. C. Jex, hon. see. GLADSTONE PARK.J. Jesson, hon. sec. QM') URN.P. J. Moyer, hon. sec. GRAFTON.W. Arnold, hon. Bee. HUNTER'S HILLA. E. Bassan, hon. sec. EATOOMBA.W. A. Crawford, hon. sec., Whitton at, Katoomba HURING-0.0Win. D.maidson, hon. me. LISMOREG. W. Ord. lion. sec. IAITLAND CENTRALR. E. Norman, hon. sec., Victoria st, West Maitland MA NL Y.F. Pontcy, hon. -sec. MARRICKVILLE. W. H. H. Hill, lion. See. MOSIIAN.S. W. Belt, hon. sec. Moss Vain.H. J. Lambeth, hon. sec. MUDGEE.E. Hume, lion. see. Nom! SYDNEY.A. B. Clarke, hon. sec. Bazeley, hon. sec. PARRAIIATTA.W. A. Kiniber, hon. sec. PETERSHAM.A. A. Watson, hon. BCC. RANDWICK.--W. AICNIVCII, hon. MC. REDFERN.A. J. Hanlgan, hon. sec. RYDE.It. F. Sutton, hon. sec. Sonyu ASIIFIELD.F. S. HeIghway, hon. See. Si'. GEORGE.M. McNamee, lion. see. STRATIIFIELD.J. Boyd, hon. sec. 'VICTORIA PAI0.G. A. Thorne, hon. see. WARRINGAILT. Nicholls, lion. see. WAVERLEY.G. II. Aiderton, hon. sec. WELLINGTON.- J. MeCourt, hon. see. WOLLONGONG.T. Kiernan, lion. see. WOONONA. E. Cameron lion' BCC. NEW SOUTH WALES LAWN TENNIS ASSOCIATION, LTD. T. W. Kerr, A.I.A.V., hon, see., c/o Bowler R: Kerr, Noyford House, Castlereagh at. APPIAN WAY. N. C. airker, ' Montrhm,' Boulevarde, Strathfield APSLEY PARK.D. J. Ryan, Victoria ave, Penshurst. MiLmoltat.It.. KidstoL, Crown Law Offices, Sydney BAREELA. II. G. J. Dent, hon. see., Hunter at. RFECROFT (B. Grode).H. M. North, Mallon road, hon. see., Beecroft IEECROET (C. Grade).Dr. A. C. Holt, lion. sec., Beeeroft BELLEVUE.MISS Wallach, Penkivil at, BEBd L VIIIDELRE.Dr. G. MeElhone, hon. sec, 0 Macquarie st, City. BUtouGROvE.W. J. Kessoll, hon. Bee., Attorney-General's Department. CALMELEY.H. Dengate, hon. sec., Hopetonn avenlie CAMARILLA.H. J. Goodman, hon. see., Elizabeth at, Sydney CASTLE P ARK.-0. M. Cranlield, Dunstaffnage at, Huristone Park CENTENNIAL PARK.-. M. Jefferson, hon. sec., Victoria rd, Bellevue Hill CORINTHIA N.T. Wheelwright, non. sec., Churci- at, Ashlield CROW'S NEST.W. J. Mcfalion, hon. sec., Alexander at, North Sydney CHATS WOOD. Donald McLeod. lion. sec. Thomas at, Chatswood. CROYDON.H. E. Pierce, hon. sec., Bay at, Croydon DRUMMOYNE.F. Barker, Thompson Id, Drummoyne. Dutwicn.n.L.W. R. Draper, hon. sec., McArthur par, Dulwich EASTERN SUBURIBLG. Stenvens, hon. see., c/o I: red. Sherington et Co., York street, Sydney FAIRLIGHT.W. Rodent, hon. sec., Bay street, Botany GLENWOODA. B. Sheldon, hon. sec., Toxteth st, Glebe Point. HABEILFIELit --C. Clancy, hon. Bee., 00 Cleveland street, Sydney IlAwTKoRtcH. P. Johns, Pitt at, Syd. HUNTER'S HILL (A., B. dt C. Grades). Hon. secs. : H. S. Lloyd, c/o A. B. S. White, Pitt at, Sydney, and E. It. Thiswell, 0 Clarence at, Sydney folantde.-. S. Denshiro, hon. sec., King at, Sydney KENLwortru.W. C Weston, hon. sec., "Kenilworth," Wyatt ave. Burwood KILLARA. S. J. Cimino'', hon. sec. KloWaR. C. Morgan, lion. s te., Govt. Savings Bank cf N.S.W., Moore at, KIISiyudNnoe-yoai.--It. Perie, hon. sec., Bank of Aust retsina (head office). i.lvern BILL METHODIST.II. Barker, lion. see., "Maghera," College street, macnrony,d.. I V. P. Dwyer, hon. sec., Public Works Department. MosmAN.II. Adams, Shadforth at, MouNIT sarnini:laide.--c. L Mullin, hon. see., O'Connell street, Sydney PETERSHAM.--II. S. St; Maori, hon. Sec., Palaee Ft, Petorshatn. RANDWICK.--MiSS I. Lorking, hon. see., Marne street, Randwiek. RANELAGILR B. Stewart, hon. see., 'Transvaal a ye, Double Bay RosemaNK.W. It. Nisbett, hon. are., City Stow y office, Town Hall, Sydney ROYAL SYDNEY GOLF CM/B.ROSH Gore, km. see., e/o it.s.o. Club, Bose Bay. ItoEELLE Eniontsr.-:. Magnusson hon. sec., Rose st, ST. JAMES PRESIII TEMA N Cu URCII.H 0. Walker, hon. see., "Victoria," Shaftesbury IWO, linrwocid STRATIIFIEI 0.A. II. limiting, lion see., Torrington rd, Stratlille Id. SUMMER BILL.J. Stewart, Kennedy, hon. sec., Old Canterbury rd SYDNEY.--W. A. Clark, lion. see., Spring st, Sydney. CONDUCT UPWARDS OF ONE-THIRD OF THE TOTAL INTERMENTS UNIVERSITY UNDERGRADUATES. V. Spier, hon. see., St. Paul's College, Darlington. UNIVERSITY."A" Ten. S. Utz, lion. see., Pitt at, Sydney ; "B" TeamDr. L. G. Teece, hon. see., Prince Alfred Hospital. UNIVERSITY LADIES..Mise Alice Newberry, hon. see., e Women's College. VALKYRIE.E.. Bennett, 0 Pitt at, Sydney. WARATAILW. E. Johnson, lion. see., Moore at, Sydney. WARRINGAILlion. sees. : C. Bristowe, Pitt at, Sydney, and J. 0. Reece, Bond at, Sydney. WAvERLEr.H. Dowson, hon. sec., 0 Denison at, Waverley - WESTERN Sunctuis.C. f. Harris, Castlereagh at, Sydney. WILLOUGHBY.E. U. McLean, "Ailing. ton," Devonshire at, Chatswood. PAWARRA.--L. D. Clout, hon. sec., 0 Terrace rd, Marrickville West. Y.M.C.A.The Hon. Sec. of Y.M.C.A. GOLF. AUSTRALIAN GOLF CLUILAlan H. Noble, secretary, Kensington. AUSTRALIAN GOLF UNION.Ross Gore, see., Rose Bay. CONCORD GOLF CLUILT Hon. See., Dis Concord. I,rya m rn E GOLF CLuitF. Cox, hon. Marlborough at, D rurnoyne. m RILLARA GOLF CLUILTlIC lion. See., G OLF CLUIL E. Duret, see., Manly. ragmat COUNCILW. A. Win- N:tKNW M deyi ll Y er,. hon. sec. and treas., O'Con- nfealll SYDNEY GOLF CLUD.Ross Gore, sec., Rose Bay SUBURBAN AND COUNTRY GOLF AS- SocIATIoN OF N.S.W.H. A. Clarke, hon. sec., Pitt at. N.S.W. AMATEUR SWIMMING ASSOCIATION. Headquarters : N.S.W. Sports Club, Ltd. H. It. Kelly, lion. sec. AFFILIATED SWIMMING CLUBS. BALMAIN.S. B. Dufty, hon. sec., Erek- BoinNIns.t' Sy G.dI ne.ya. Iderton, hon. sec., c/o Sports Club, Hunter at, Sydney, DRUMMOYNE.W. Salton, bon. see., Thornley at, Drummoyno. EASTERN SUBURNA.F. Dent, hon. BCC., Read at, Bronte, Waverley. EAST SYDNEY.B. Abotomey, "Averdale." Dover ril, Rose nay, FoRT ST. ScuooL.W. Roberts, hon. see., c/o School, Petersham, GLEBE S.P.S.G. MeGoogan, hon. sec., c/o School, Glebe. GIINNEDAILW. J. Tomlin's, lion BM, MANLYIf, Austin, hon. sec., Stuart Al oatiamni.- Y. G. It. Wilson, hon, sec., c/o Sheriff's Office, Sydney, NARRAIIRLG. EttVeS, I, Fee., Ntlebri NEWTOWN.A. Upham, hon. sec., Victor's rd, Marriekville. SYDNEY.P, S. Lees, lion. see., e/o Dept. of Piddle Instruction, Syd. NORTHEIIN DISTRICTS AS. A.W. Smith lion. Fre., BOX 00, Post Ofllee, New- P netlitig,t cii ooks A.A.A.II.. Gordon, lion. sec., Young at, Sydney. IN THE METROPOLITAN AREA

47 ANTHONY HORDERNS'-IT ISN'T A SHOP, IT'S AN INSTITUTION. SPORTING CLUBS. ETC. PYRMONTT. Rosevear, hon. see., Union at, Pyrmont, RANDWICA AND COOGEE.A. P. Spencer, hon. sec., c/o Sports Club, Hunter at, Sydney. RIGHABITs.-0. A. Golding and H. Grose, hon. NM, Broderick at, Bal. main and "Penzance," Mort fit, Balmain. Roan BAY.R. Benton, hon. sec., Queen it, Wooilahra. SOUTH SYDNEY.R. Tuck, hon. sec., Pitt at, Redfern. SYDNEY.R. B. Hill, hon. sec., 0/0 Sports Club, Hunter at, Sydney. SYDNEY SCHOOL R. G. Elwin, bon. sec., c/o School, Ultimo. SCHOOL BODIES. FORT STREET SCHOOLW. Roberts, hon. see., c/o the School. GLEBE.PG. McGoogan, hon. sec., c/o the School. PUBLIC SCHOOLS AMATEUR ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION.F. M. Gordon, hon. sec. Young at, Sydney. SYDNEY HIGH SCHOOLW. and R. S. Elwin, hon. secs., c/o the School, Ultimo. SURF BATHING ASSOCIATION OF NEW SOUTH WALES. Sports Club, Hunter Street. Donald McIntyre, hon. see. Affiliated Clubs to S.B.A. BONDI SURF-BATHERS' LIFE-SAVING CLUB.W. S. Thomas, hon. sec., Penkivil BRONTZ BAY LIFE-SAVING OLUn.H. Corbett, hon. soc., Ebley at, Way. BYRON BAY SURF AND LIFE-SAVING CLUD.W. Dunn, hon. sec., Box 0, P.O., Byron Bay. BULL! SURF LIFE-SAVING CLUB.W. F. Harmer, Police Station, Bull. CLovELLY LIFE-SAVING CLUB. I. J. Manson, hon. see., Brandon at, Clovelly CORRIMAL AMBULANCE AND LIFE-SAVING Cum.John Biggar, hon. sec., Main road, Corrimal. COOKS HILL SURF AND LIFE SAVING OLUB.E. S. Malcolm, "Bracey," Merowothor at, Morewether. COLLAROY SURF AND LIFE SAVING CLUB. --A. C. Greenwood, lion. sec., Collaroy Beach, via Manly. CODGER SURF AND LIFE-SAVING CLUB. B. J. O'Dowd, hon. sec., "Thyra," Belmoro rd, Coogee. CRONULLA SURF AND LIFE-SAVING CLUB. W. Edwards, hon. sec., Cronulla FRESHWATER SURF AND LIFE-SAVING CLUB.Alec. Mallinson, hon. sec., Cliff street, Manly. HELENSDUR0 AND STANWELL PARK LIFE-SAVING Atkinson, hon sec., "Femleigh," Helensburgh. KIAMA SURF AND LIFE-SAVING CLUB. A. W. Kingsbury, hon. sec., Mama. MANLY SURF CLUD.M. Matlow, hon. sec., "Rockley," Stuart at Manly. ALMOUBRA SURF CLUB. J. McKenzie, hon. sec., "Holland House." Marine. MANLY LIFE-SAVING CLUB.-. A. Miller hon. sec., Club House, South Steyne. Manly. MEREWETHER AMATEUR SWIMMING AND LIFE-SAVING CLUD. G. E. Herder, hon. sec., Mitchell at, Merowether. NORTH STEYNE LIFE-SAVING CLUB. H. H. Donkin, hon. sec., Lawrence stroot,_manly. NORTH BONDI SURF LIFE -SAVING CLUB. H. Young, hon. NC, George at, Sydney. NEWCASTLE SURF CLUB--S. Staton,hon. NEWPORT SURF-BATHING AND LIFE- SAVING CLun.Miss A. E. Lewis, hon. sec., c/o Scott's, Newport. NORTH NARRABEEN SURF AND LIFE- SAVING CLUBT. H. McFarlane, hon. sec., 0 Alfred at, North Sydney. NARRABEEN SURF AND LIFE-SAVING CLUB.A. Davidson, hon. sec., Stuart street, Narrabeen. DEE WHY LIFE-SAVING AND SURF CLUB G. Pritchard, hon. sec., Fish road, Deo Why. WOLLONGONG NORTH LIFE-SAVING AND SURF CLun.W. J. Cochran, hon. sec., Church at, Wollongong. REDHEAD SURF AND LIFE SAVING CLUB..Tohn W. Dodds, hon. sec., Cowlishaw at, Redhead, via Charleston, Newcastle ROYAL LIFE-SAVING SOCIETY. Goo. H. Williams, sec., N.S.W. Head Centre, No. Wynyard buildings, Carrington at, Sydney. STOCKTON SURF AND LIFE-SAVING CLUB. H. Leslie, hon. sec., Stockton. THIRROUL BURP LIFE-SAVING CLUB. C. Marr, acting hon. see., Thirroul. YAMDA SURF AND LIFE-SAVING CLUB. 0. I. Englobert, hon. Bee., Yamba. THE ROYAL LIFE SAVING SOCIETY. N.S.W. Head Centre : Wynyard Buildings, Carrington at, Wynyard Square. Geo. H. Williatus, secretary. NEW SOUTH WALES BOWING ASSOCIATION. Sports Club, Hunter st.e. E. Keary, hon. sec. ASSOCIATED CLUBS. RALMAIN R.C.--.T. Chidgey, hon. sec., Birchgrove rd, Balmain ENTERPRISE R.c.C. Anderson, hon. sec., "Wollalong," Theodore at, B'main GLEBE R.C.T. F. Lassen, hon. sec., Avenue rd, Glebe Point. LEIcititAaDr IL C.E. Renottf, 0 Feb. butt at, Leichhardt. MOSMAN It. C.J. W. Ferguson, c/o Iosnian Rowing Club. NORTH SimitE R.C.A. Thomson, actg. hon. sec., "I.:Mullen," Wycombe rd, Neutral Bay. Sr. IGNATIUS'.0.Rev. Father Healy, hon. sec., St. Ignatius' Col., Riverview SYDNEY It. C.A. Cayzer, Box G.P.O. II:cm:Rarer BOAT CLUD.-. R. Seri- Yeller, St. Paul's College, Darlington MOTOR YACHT CLUB OF N.S.W. Club House, Rose Bay. E. C. Griffith, hon. sec., Liverpool ate Sydney. ROYAL ItitINCE ALFRED YACHT CLUB. Moore at, E..T. Perkins, secretary ROYAL SYDNEY YACHT SQUADRON, Rirribilll Point, Neutral Bay. S. D. McLaren, secretary, Milson's Point THE AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF AUSTRALIA. Club House, Phillip at. Affiliated to tho Royal Automobile Club of England. PresidentS. Ifordern. Hon. Sec.J. H. Harris. Hon. Treas.A. J. Christie. NEW SOUTH WALES ATHLETIC LEAGUE. (Governing Body of Pedestrianism) Richard E. Oaten, sec., P.O. Chain hers, a Pitt at. THE LEADING UNDERTAKERSWOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. 'PHONE CITY' ANTHONY HORDERNS'-A PARADISE OF ECONOMY., ECCLESIASTICAL. Znirsiestiral. AUSTRALASIAN METHODIST CHURCH. President of the ConferenceRev. Wm. Pearson, Turramurra Secretary of the Conference Rev. W. Henry Howard, W.SPI'd Assistant SecretariesRevs. Geo. Laverty, Elioplin Thomas and J.W. DMus. Journal SecretaryRev. George IL Hewitt SYDNEY manner Central MissionRevs. S. J. Hoban, It. J. Williams, W. G. Taylor Sunday School DepartmentGen. secretary, Rev. Harold Wheen The lipworth Printing HouseRev. Paul Clipsham, manager THE METHODISTEditor, Rev. James E. Carruthers, D.D. Book StewardRev. W. II. Beale Property OfficeChurch Property Secretary, W. G. Willard. Custodian of Deeds, Rev. J. G. Taylor Foreign Mission (office, Castlereagh st)gen. Secretary Itev. J. G. Wheen ; Hon. Secs., Rev. George Brown, D.D. and Benjamin Hanks. Conference Foreign Missionary SecretaryRev. Geo. H. Hewitt Sustentation and Ifome Mission Society of N.S.W., office ' Castlereagh st General Secretary, Rev. J. G. Morris TaylorHome Mission Sec., Bev. W. H. Jones, Lindfield Newington College, StalimoreRov. C. J. Prescott, M.A. Durwood Ladies CollegeRev. L. H. Kelynack, B.A. Centenary Celebration FundSecretary, Rev. W. Wools- Rutledge South Sydney MissionRevs. Howard H. Nolan and Bernard Deane Leigh College, EnfoldRev. W. Bennett, I.A. (Principal) C. Maxwell Churchward, B.A. Tutor Bourke stltev. Harry Price William strev. V. 0. Bell Balmain, Montague street MissionRev.F. W. Hynes RozelleRev. M. Bembrick DrunnnoyneRev. G. C. Percival North SydneyRev. J. Colwell and Rev. J. Walker MosmanRev. J. E. Metcalfe StanmoreRevs. W. E. Brotnilow, D.D., and A. J. Burt LeichhardtRev. J0/ Bartligate WilloughbyRe ys. Silas Bembrick and W. C. Fullerton LindfieldRev. P. J. Stephen Gordon and HornsbyRevs. W. Pearson, H. S. Rowdon, George Brown, D.D., E. J. Rodd, Wm. Masson and A. Holiday, B.A., LL.B. AshfleldRevs. J. C. Hill, G. W. Furner, R. Allen and S. J. Gibson LowishamRevs. B. Hanks, W. G. Willard, Aaron Cooper, J. Hopkins and J. W. Moore BurwoodRev. Joseph Bryant StratlifieldRov. II. E. Andrews, J. G. Middleton, W. H. Rogers, NV. H. Williams, and G. Thompson AnnandaleRev. W. N. Lock BotanyRev. It. B. Bowes Humebush, AuburnRevs. E. E. Crosby, B.A. and Victor I. Smith Liverpool and GranvilleRev. W. Pettinger, A. S. J. Harding and Harry Allen ParramattaRovs. T. B. Holmes, Howard Flemming, B.A., C. Jones, P. S. Young and R. H. Rickard HydeRev. B. Lane, R. H. Doust WaverleyRevs. J. Woodheuse, E. C. Thomas, A. Parsons and John Penman PaddingtonRe y. Geo. Laverty GlebeRev. T. F. Potts NewtownReys. B. Dinning and Lewis Hurd RandwiekRovs. A. Stephen And J. W. Holden RockdaleRey. B. J. Meek. Tom Ellison, J. onalutn, nig J. A. Waddell and F. C. Boyer Hurstville, logarallrov. G. W. Payen, and S..aedade ManlyRev. II. C. Foreman, M.A. Tempo ParkRev. J. Ward Harrison NOTE.The above are the appointments for Sydney District only. BAPTIST UNION OF NEW SOUTH WALES. President Re y. D. Steed Vice-President--Mr. J.. Burnet TreasorerMr. W Ardill Gen. Sac.Jlev. W. Higlett, Ilabortleld Limo'sJ. II. Baker Arii laciliffroarkll A. A Cubis LitligowA. L. Leeder AslifieldL. Sale-Harrison Liverpool Auburn S. Sharp MacleanI. Hunter Ba iota inr. J. Middleton Iunly Sit polies IlarinednumE. H. Denning MarrickyilleE.S. Rogers BathurstL. II. Jaggers Millthorpe. Bathe linoleum MortdaleR. Maidment BexleyA. J. Parker o:tomsupplies BurwoodVacant NewcastleJ. Complin occo:rsra ilitk:in :: '. Phillips ther Newtown P G. Huntley Cncrdictor oov J. White New E nglanda. %( n SydneyD. Steed A D OrangeC. T. Way DrummoynoR. Melville ParramattaJ. E. Leech Dulwich HillW. C. Black PetershamB. Gawthorp DungogW. S. Cowling Pineeliff W. Colter bloombargonap. Goodman Plattsburg- GotilburnC.. Bryant StaninoreC. J. Tinsley GraftonF. Robinson Stroud- GranyilleS. A. McDonald Sydney : IlaborlieldW. Iliglett, Bathurst st-- HintonC. Plekering Burton st.w. Lamb HornsbyD. P. Mitchell Harris stt It. Coleman Inglebur n I. Latimer TainwortliH. Putiand lalington --G. M. Bull TemoraG. S. Cox Kingsgro yestipply ThalabaW. S. Cowling Kuril Kurri-A. Watkin-Smith Wa yerleyj. Douglas Mill KatoombaJ. Barker WellingtonF. J. Dunkloy LambtonC. Stark West.Wallsend A. 0. Fox LawrencR. G. Hockey WoononaJ. Dobbinson Leeton.G. P. Jones Baptist Minister unconnected with UnionW. George Counsell 'Wimbledon," Dninnore st, Bexley CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Archbishop of Sydney, Metropolitan of New 'South Wales. PrimateThe Must Rev. John Charles Wright, D.D. "Bishopscourt," Darling Point Dean of Sydney, with Archdlitconal JurisdictionThe Very Rev. A. E. Talbot, M.A. Archdeacon of CitindenVen.W. J. Mother, M.A.(Canon),V.G. Archdeacon of CumberlandVen. Gerard Addington D'Aroy- Irvine (Canon) Archdeacon of West SydneyVan. Francis Bettie Boyce (Canon) Archdeacon without Territorial JurisdictionVeil. William Martin, M.A. (Canon) CanonsVen. W. J. Glintlar, M.A., Rev. W. Hey-Sharp, M.A., Tit. Soc., Yen. F. B. Boyce, Rev. John Vaughan, Rev. IL An:Aldan, M.A., Rev. A. E. Bellingham, M.A., Ven. G. A. D'Aroy-Irvine, Ven. NV. Martin, M. A. Precentor and Principal of the Cathedral Choir SchoolRev, R. II. ',meth, M.A. Hon. Canons--Rev. G. II. Allnutt, Rev. IL 0. Beck, A.K.C., Rev. W. A. Charlton. Rev. IC. G. Oranswick, Rev. R. E. Goddard, M.A., Tn. Soc., itev. H. W. Mort, M.A. Examining ChaplainsRe y. G. A. Chambers, I.A., Rev. I). J. Davies, M.A., F.R.H.S., The Very Rev. A. E.. Talbot, M.A., Ven. G. A. D'Arey-lr yine, Rev. A. H. Gamsey, M.A., Th. &ha ChaplainsRev. B. H. IL Olaydon, Rev. W. L. Langley Rev. E. H. Lea. Chaplain for Lay ReadersRev. G. A. Chambers, M.A. Domestic ChaplainRev. T. Hillioum Taylor Organist--Joseph Massey. Su b-organist--e. J. Robinson OUR ASSISTANTS ARE CHOSEN WITH CARE AND TRAINED WITH EXACTITUDE

48 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. ECCLESIASTICAL. Chancellor-Senator the Hon. Sir A. J. Gould Official Secretary-Robert Atkins Vicar-General-The Ven. William James Gunther,.A.(Canon). Registrar-Robert Atkins Sydney Diocesan Registry, George at (old Deanery building), St. Paul's College, Sydney University-Warden, Rev. A. H. Garneey, M.A., &hot. The Home Mission Society-Organising Secretary, Rev. A. A. Yeates, M.A. Moore Theological College-Principal, Rev. D. J. Davies, Nt.A.,. F; Warden, Moore Col. Hostel, Rev. T. Quigley,M.A. The King's School, Parramattn-Rev. J. A. Mathison, M.A. Sydney Oltureit of England Grammar School, North Sydney- W. A. Purees, M.A. Clergy Daughters' School, Weverley-Principal, Miss E. M. Lenthell,.A. Sydney Church of England Grammar School for Girls, " Barham," Darlingburst-Principal, Miss Radium SYDNEY AND SUBURBS. Annandale.-R. Rook, Johnston at, Annandale Ashfleld-W. G. Hilliard, MA., Ashfleld Auburn-A. J. A. Fraser, Auburn, Balnutin North, St. John's-a. F. LI. Manning, Balinaln Balnutin, St. Mary's-S. G. Best, Balmain Balmain West, St. Thorn:Ia.-L, Parr, Balmain West Belmore and Mooreflelds-A. It. Shaw, Delmore Bankstown-W. It. Newton, L.TH., Bankstown Bexley, with Amain-H. T. Holliday, Bexley ; curate, G. P. Birk, Arneliffe Bishopthorpe-It. G. Oranswlok (Canon), St. John's rd, Glebe Point ; curate, 0. V. A. Abram, Glebe Point Bondi --0. IL Dunstan, Bondi Botany-W. T. Price, L.TIL, Botany Bur wood Heights, S t Paul's-H. Bryant,.A., Durwood Heights Campsie-A. Colvin, Commie Canterbury-R. Heffernan, Canterbury Cluttswood-G. H Cranswick, 'B.A., Cluttswood ; curate. M.A. Scales, Ohatswood Christ Church, Sydney-O. N. Statham, TH. L., Pitt st south, Sy.lney ; curate, J. Hope, Pitt et south, Sydney Christ Church. North Sydney -J. IL Maclean, North Sydney Coogee-W. Greenwood, Belmore rd, Ooogee ; curates, A. E. Morris, Long Bay ; W. V. Gurnett, Waverley Cook's River-P. J. Evans, L.Ttt. Clonco. d-st, Luke, Concord and Durwood, Rev. E. H. B. Maydon, St. Luke's Rectory, Concord, curates. Rev. A. H. Venn, Concord, F. 0. Phillip, M.A., Bondi, R. D. Peat, Concord Cremorne-C. E. Curtis. ILA., Cremonto Croydon-I. Best, Croydon ; curate. P. II. D. A Iderton, Croydon Darlinghurst-E. C. Beck, A.K.O. (Canon), Darlingliurat td curate, R. H. Bootle, Efizebeth Bay rd, Darlingburst Darling Point-E. H. Lea, Darling Point ; curate, S. 0, Wiseman, Woollahra Drummoyne -H. M. A. Pearce, L.Tu Drutnmoyne Dulwich Hill-G. A. Chambers, M.A. ; curates, F. H. Hordern, L.TIL. Dulwich Hill, and. W.A.Barder, B.A., Gladesville Eastwoml-H. NV. Mullens, Eastwood Enfield-A. 0. Mosley Entnore-It. Noake, B.A., Elmore Epping-0. M. Thotnas Erskineyille-J. N. Stephen, B.A., Erskineville rd, Erskineville Five Dock--(. Boardman, Five Dock Gladesville-R. N. Howard, sent., Gladesville filetunore Boad-J. Bidwell, L.TH., 0 Cascade st, Paddington Golden Grove, Darlington-T. Quigley, M.A., Rose at, Darlington Gordon-R. It. King, M.A., Gordon; citrate, IL C. Vindm Pymble Granville-A. E. J. Ross, M.A., Granville Haberfleld-W. Newmerch, Deakin avenue. Haberfleld Guildford and Holroyd-F. A. Reed, Guildford Holy Trinity, Sydney-J. Done, Lower Fort et, Miller's Point Hornsby-A. L. Wade, TIL L. Hunter's -E. Owen, RA., Hunter's Hurstville-Dixon Hudson, Hurstville Killara-L. Charlton, Killer& Kensington-A. It. Rook, Todumn avenue, Kensington Lane Cove-J. H. Willeoxson, TH.L., Greenwich Lideombe (formerly Rookwocti)-R. 0. Todd, Lidcombe Liverpool-H. J. Noble, Liverpool Liudfleld and Roseville-L. J. McDonald, B.A., TH. L., Lindfleld; curate, H. A. C. Rowsell, TH. L., Roseville WOOD, COFFILL a COMPANY LTD. Leichhardt--II. G. J. Howe, L.TH., Leiehltardt ; curate. N. H. Lloyd, Leleithardt Manly and Pittwater-A. G. Stoddart, Marrickville-Ven. W. Martin, M.A., MarrickvIlle ; curates, F. W. Tagwell, B.A., Marrickville, T. Hughes, Maeville Mill Hill-R. L. Houston, Mill Hill rd, Waverley Milson's Point-W. Newby Fraser, Milson's Point Mosman, S. Clement-C. T. L. Yarrington, M.A.,.)., Mosman curate, W. H. Croft, Mosinee Mosinee, S. Luke-F. W. Reeve, Mosman Naremburn-W. T. L. A. Pearce, B.A., Rhodes avenue, North Sydney Neutral Bay, S. Augustine-G. North Ash, M.A., Neutral Bay; Neutral Bay North, S. Peters-Rev. J. H. Chaseling, Neut. Bay Newtown-H. S. &Ole, :Newtown ; curate, C. C. Short, NowtOwn Paddington-S. G. Fielding, Oxford st, Paddington Parrantatta, St. John's-S. M. Johnstone, ILA., TH. L., Parramatte ; curate, It. C. Milner, M.A., B.Sc., Parramatta Parrnmatta Nort:, All Saints'-T. Hilhouse Taylor, Elizabeth at, Parramatta Pennant Hills and Ermington -J. Young, Carlingford. Petersham-R. IL Goddard, M.A., TH. See. (Canon), Petersham:. curate, W. A. Fleteher, Staninore Pyrmont-M. G ray, Pyrmont Randwick-W. J. Cakebreatl, B.A., Itandwiek ; curate, B. F. N. ()ash, B.A., RendwIck Redfern, S. Saviour's-A. R. Maclean, Young at, Redfern Rockdale-G. Mashman, Rockdale RCM Bay and Vaucluse-Von. G. A. D'Arcy-Irvine. Vaneluse road, Rose flay; ourate, H. J. G. Watson, TH. L., Watson's Bay Ityde-S. J. Kirkby, B.A., L.TII., Ryde Stratiffield and Homenush-II. J. Rose, A.K.O., Stmthfleld St. Andrew's Cathedral-The Very Rev. A. E. Talbot, M.A Dean ; R. B. Fred'', M.A., precentor: 0. H. W. Clark, - Clerk in Orders and Assistant Minister St. Barnanns', Sydney-W. A. Charlton (Canon), St. Barnabas George at 'West, Sydney ; curate, It. B. Robinson, L.TH. St. James'. Sydney-W. F. Wentworth-Sheilds, M.A., Phillip at; curates, P. W. G. GrevIlle, Sydney, and P. S. Moore, L.TL, Sydney St. Philip's, Sydney-A. E. Bellingham, M.A. (Canon), York-at thiey ; curate, J. F. Mamie, Cromer:le St. Paul's, Sydney-.Ven. F. B. Boyce, Cleveland st, Sydney ; curate, W. White, Cleveland at, Sydney St. Thomas', North Sydney-. Crotty, ILA., TIL L., North' Sydney ; curates, N. G. F. Cooke, TH.L., P.. Sharp, B.A., North Sydney St. George - H. R. A. Wilson, Kogarall Summer Hill-S. It. Langford Smith, Summer Hill Burry Hills, St. David's-It. B. S. Amen/end, Arthur at, Sorry Hills; curate, E. A. Parker Riley et, Sydney Sorry Hills, St. Michael's-F. It. Elder. B.A., Albion at, Burry lulls; curate, J. W. A. Watkinson, 0 Albion at, Sydney Surry Hills, SS. Simon and Jude-It. IL S. Ilarnmond, Arthur street, Burry Hills Sutherland-I, I). A rtnitage, On:mull/I Beach Turramurra-R. J. Cameron, Turratnurra Ultimo-D. J. Davies, M.A., F.R.H.S., Moore Theological Collage, New-town Wahroonga-. Taylor, B.A., Waltroonga ; curate, H.. Cocks, B.A., Wahroottga Waterloo-j. Howell Price, Waterloo Watson's Bay-Ven. G.A. D'Arey-lr yine, Vancluse rd, ROW Bay ; curate, II. J. G. Wlltson, T L., Watson's Bay Waverley-R. McKeown, Waverley Willoughby-C. B. Elwin, Chatswood ; curate, H. G. Chivern, Chatswood ; F. 0. Hall, Tit L, Artannon Woollahra and Edgeelilio-W. Langley ; curate, It. Shipley, L. TH., Woollahra Woolloomouloo-S. II. Denman, L. TB., Forbes at Woolwich-E. S. Lumsdaine, Woolwich NEW SOUTH WALES CHRISTIAN ENDEAVOUR UNION PITT STREET, SYDNEY. President, Rev. T. F. Potts ; President-Elect, Rev. It. J. Williams ; Vice-Presidents, Mr. J. B. Spencer, Rev. W. P. Phillips, Rev. H. S. Bowden ; Hon. General Secretary, Mr. J. S. Glarfield ; Hon. Financial Secretary, Mr. II. T. BowrIng ; Hon. Recording Secretary, Mr. H. McClelland; Her. Treasurer, Mr. Henry Bush ; "Roll Call," Mrs. E. R. Stupart. HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE CITY ON THE HISTORIC SLOPE OF ' BRICKFIELD HILL. ECCLESIASTICAL. CONGREGATIONAL UNION OF NEW SOUTH WALES. Dulwich -R. Jennings, Durham at Fullerton Memorial-Rev. A. S. 0. James, co. Chairman-Rev. W. L. Patison. Treasurer-Mr. C. B., S. C. James, York at, City Thistiethwayte. Registrar-Mr. A. C. Gill, M.A., LG. B, Glebe-Rev. G. It S. Reid, Avenue rd Secretary, Ministerial-Rev. J. Henwood Toms. Lay- Mr. E. L. Sutton Ilunter-Baiffie Memorial, Annandale-Rev. J. McDowell, 0 Johnston et, Annandale Congregational Union Office, Pitt street, Sydney. Hurstville-F. Barclay, The Manse Superintendent Home Missions-Rev. W. L. Matson Kensington-Vacant Kogarall-C. W. Willis, The Manse SYDNEY AND SUBURBS. Leielthardt--Rev. John Richardson, "Glenelg," O'Connor Alexandria -Pastor W. Frith Manly - Rev. J. Frederic at, Haberfleld Anioliffe-Rev. E. Hutchinson Sanders Marrickville-John Burgess, D.D., Warren rtl, Marna ville Auburn-Vacant Marriekville-Rev. F. Priest Mascot--Vacant Balmain--Rev. M. L. Johnson, Merman's Bay-Rev. A. H. Macneil Memorial, Waverley-Vacant B.A. Newtown-Ite y. W. A. Williatus, "Thoresby," Middleton at, Bankstown-Rev. G. Dunkley Narenist Al ibuiril: M.A. W. A. Marsh Stammer Bellevue-Vacant Newtown-Itev. J. J. Willings Paddington St. John's-J. Keith Miller, The Mimeo, Padd'ton Bourke street-rev. Charles Parrametta-Itev. C. Leese PenshurstRev. J. L G. Auld, B.A., Halstead aye, Penshurst Whyte, M.A. Petersham-Rev. W. T. Kellett Petersham-Rev. G. A. Gordon, B.A., West mt. Petersham Burwood - Rev. J. Dempsey, Pitt street-rev. N. J. Ca As, Randwick-0. H. Talbot, The Manse M.A. M.A. Redfern, St. Luke's-Geo, Lewis, Roberts' hotel, George and Campsie-Rev.S. B nnett Pyrmont - Rev. J. Buchan, Markets sts Sydney Chat-wood-Rev. L. O. Parkin, M.A. Scots Church-Rev. T. Tait, Nieholson at, Burwood M.A. Randwick-Rev.W. P. Graham, St. Stephen's-J. Ferguson, St. Stephen's Church, Phillip st Croydon and Epping-Rev. W. B.A. Stanntore-Rev. W 0. Forsyth, Nliddloton at,, Stanmore Mathison, B.A., and Rev. T. Redfern-Rev. E. L. Coulter Ultimo-Rev. John Muir Gordon Roberteon, B.A. Rockdale-Rev. A. Deans, B.A. Waverley-J. Macaulay, ALA., The Manse Lugar St Devonshire street-mission Roseville-Rev. Jos. Robertson, Woollahrit-Rev. J. A. Barber, Maguey st ' Dulwich Hill-Rev. A. E. West M.A. (actg.) Woolloomooloo-Re y. F. L. A. Schloeffel, "Dewsbury," Kensington rd, Kensington Gordon-Rev. P. R. Riley Stuntuore-Vacant Greenwich-Rev. W. Allen North Sydney-Rov. F. V. Principal of St. Anirew's College-Andrew Harper, D.D. Granville - Rev. W. B. Craw- Dowling, M.A. Principal of Ladies' College-John Marden, M.A LL.D., Cr'don Strateld-R lifl ev. G. Littleore m Principal of Scots College-Mr. Jas. Bee, M.A., M.Sc., Rose Bay Guilftrfrod rd-pastor E. C. Davies South Stratlitleld-Pastor It 0. Chaplain of. Prisons- Nomebush-Rev. W. O. Jones Davies Chaplain of Rookwood Cemetery- Hunter's Hill -Rev. R. 0. Sunier Hill -Rev. P. Watson Emeritus-James Lawrie, Frederick et, Ashfield Nrulebaum, B.A. Sutherland -Rev N. S. Robinson SYDNEY Nolen' PRESBYTERY. Hurlstone Park-Rev. S. Ben- Vancluse (Watson's Bay)- nett Vacant Beecroft-Thornlelgh -A. M. Ogilvie, Beecroft Elliot-a-Rev. A. P. Campbell, Waterloo-Mr. F. E. Pulsford Chats wood - Alex. McKinley B.A. Waverlay-liev. V. Hillcoat Epping -Rev. J. B. McKissock, "Llindisferne," Sutherland rd, Koganth-Re y. W. Touchell Willoughby-Rev. J. Williams Epping Lakemba-Rev. A. J. Griffith, (actg.) Eastwood, Ertnington-Rev. J. A. It. Perkins, B.A., Church at, M.A. Woollahra -Rev. It. B. Rey. Concord Leichhardt - Rev. C. Benson nolds, M.A., B.D. Barnett (actg.) Woollahm, Ocean street- Liticombe-Vacent Vacant Meade wban k-vacan t PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH OF NEW SOUTH WALES, OFFICERS GENERAL ASSEMBLY. The Right Rev. the Moderator-Rev. James GOwdle, The Manse, Boorowa Clerk-Dr. John Burgess, Warren rd, Marrickville Procurator-John Garland, M.A., LL.B., Phillip at, Sydney Law Agent-John Stinson, Castlereagh st, Sydney Offices of the Church- York at, Sydney Financial Secretary-Mr. W. Wood, Church Offices, York it,.)ditey SYDNEY PEEsurrEttv..Abbotsford-Home Mission Station Anteliffe-W. A., Anderson, Wollongo g rd. Ashtleld, Liverpool road-r. McGowan, The Manse, Ashfield Ashtleld, St. David's-Rev. Ang es King, Dalhousie at, Haberfleld Auburn-Vacant Balmain, Campbell street-rev. Geo. Cranston Batumi'', St. Paul's-Rev. T. bleviltle, M.A., The Manse, Rozelle Bexle-Rev. F. A. Da ling, "Keive," Selwyn at, Wolistonecraft Bankstown-Lakemba-Home Mission Station Botany-Rev. A.. Carter, The Manse, Botany Broken Hill-Rev. John Vaugh, The Manse, Bruken Hill Burwood, St. James's -R. Scott-West, The Manse Canipsie-Rev. J. T. Dudley, The Manse Chaliner's Church-Rev. D. P. Brandt, 0 Pitt st, Redfern Chinese Church, Campbell street, City-J, Young IVitl, Mary at, Sydney Croydon Park Vacant Double Bay-Vacant Druintnoyne-S, B. Reid, Cambridge at, Drummoyne Gosford-Woy Woy-Mr. Geo. McLean Hornsby- Rev. J. F. Blair, "Ditilelfoot," Dalai rol, Hornsby Lane Cove-Vacant Lindllold-Rev. J. II MeGoun, The ause Longueville-Rev. K. D. McDonald Miutly-Rev. A. SIMMS, B.A., The Manse Afosinan-Itev. D. '. McDonald, "Lanherne," Cross at Neutral Bay-R. II. Waugh, M.A Barry at, Neutral Bay North St. Leonarda -Rev. Alexander Clark, The Manse, Crow's Nest, North Sydney North Sydney, St. Peter's-Rev. A. J. Wade, The Manse Pymble-J. Gilmore, B.A., ":tiring-gal" Ryde-Meadowbank-Mr.J. R. Blanchard, Trafalgar at, Mediae Waltroonga-J. Kemp Bruce, The Manse, Wahroonga ROMAN cariiolio CHURCH. APosToLte De.x.Ea AVON. Apostolic Delegate, Most Rev. B. Cerretti, at, North Sydney Secretary, Very Rev. NV. J. Ormond, DD. ARCHDIOCESE DP SYDNEY. Archbishop-Most Rev. Michael Kelly, D.D. Diocesan Council-Rt. Rev. Monsignor I'. L. Coonan, P.P., V.O., Very Rev. J. P. Nloymigh, P.P., V.P., Ver y Rev. P. Byrne, P.P., Very Rev. T. O'Reilly, P.P., V.F., Rt. Rev. Mar. J. Collins, P.P., Archpriest, Very Rev. J. Furlong, P.P. Chancellor of the Archdlocese-Very Rev. J. Whyte St. Mary's Cathedral-His Grace the Archbishop, Rev. John O'Gorman, Adm., Revs. J. Meatty, P. J. Murphy, D. O'Sullivan, H. McGuire, W. Byrne, R. Darby and R. Peoples CITY MUMS& Sacred Heart-Rt, Rev. Monsignor DCIIIS F. Miran, D.D., P.P. Rev. F. Brennan, Rev. J. P. Rafferty St. Bede's, Pyrmont-Rev. J. Dalton St. Benedict's-Rev. T. Barry, Adm., Itev. G. B. Herlihy, and Rev. P. Tuoiney WE OWN THE EQUIPAGES AND HORSES OF MOST DEPARTED GOVERNORS 0 Edward

49 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ECONOMY AND COMFORT IN SHOPPING. ECCLESIASTICAL St. Francis, Haymarket-Rev. J. Af. Kelly, Adm., Rev. J. Cusack St. Patrick's - Rev. P. Piquet, S.M., F. Laurent, S.M., L. Careen/le, S.M. St. Peter's, Surry Hills-Revs. It. Coliender P.P., & R. Lonergao SUBURBAN CHURCHES. Annandale-Rev. E. Rolutn, Rev. W. Bonett Ashfield-The Vincentian Fathers : Superior, Very Rev. P. Cullen, C.hf., Rev. J. :f. Hanly, CM., I'. Lynch, CAL. I'. Donnelly, C.M. Auburn-Rev. R. Woulfe Balmain East, St. Augustine's-Rev. M. Roltan, P.P., Rev. E. J. O'Brien Bankstown, St. Felix-Rev. J. Egan Bondi, Holy Cross-Rev. '. O'Reilly, Rev. It. McEllipott Botany, St. Bernard's-Rev. P. Dowling, Rev. J. Foxall Catnperdown-Very Rev. J. Whyte, Rev. P. J. Donovan Canterbury-Rev. P. Kenny Chatswood-Rev. W. Barry Concord-Rev. T. Barlow, P.P. Drummoyne, St. Mark's-Rev. P. Klein, S.V.D. Enmore, St. Plus'-V. Rev. J. Furlong, P.P., Rev. P. Costelloe Enfield, St. Joseph's-Rev. J, P. Considine Epping. St. Mary's-Rev. P. J. Moore Forest Lodge-Rt, Rev. Monsignor P. L. Coonan. P.P., V.G. Revs.. Smith, Troy Golden Grove-Rev. J. I. /Merin Granville-Revs. T. Kenny, P. Galvin Haberfield-Rev. P. Baugh Hornsby-Revs. P. Nuety, T. Carrick Hurstville-Ilev. P. Briody Kogarah-Rev. S. J O'Driseoll, P.P. Lane Cove-Rev. J. Rohan Leichhardte--Revs. H. McDermott, D.D. P.P., P. Dempsey Lidcombe-Very Rev. P. McIntyre, ltev. 0. McNeeve, Rev. W. McDonald Manly - Attended from St. Patrick's College : Rev. T. Hayden, D.D., Rev. J. McDonald Maodonaidtown-Rev. '. Kerwiek Marrickville-The Passionist Fathers : Superior, Very Rev. Alphonsus Coon, C.P., Revs. C. jergor, CP., Peter O'Hare, C.P., P. P. McDonnell Maroubra-Rev. J. II. Morris Mosman-Rev. E. O'Brien, Rov. J. Sheridan Mount Carmel-Rt. Rev. Mgr. J. Collins, P.P., Revs. P. O'Donnell, T. O'Farrell Naremburn, St. Leonard's-Rev. M. Sherin, J. Breen Neutral Bay-Rev. F. McDermott Newtown-Rev. E. Donovan North Sydney-Very Rev. Ryan, S.J., Revs. E. Corish, S.J. J. Brennan, S.J., II. Eydes Lavender nay, St. Francis Xavier's-Revs. J. Roney, S.J., R. O'Dempsey Lewishain-Rovs. T. Phelan, P.P : J. Bowers, J. Roche Parraatta-Very m Rev. T. O'Reilly, ' P.P., V:F., Rev. T. O'Farrell Pensimrst, St. Declan's-Rev. M, O'Kelly Randwiek-Fathers of the Sacred Heart : Revs. P. Treaty], M.S.II., A. Perkins, ALS.H., P. Flemming, ALS.H., J. O'Connell, M.S.R. Redfern-Revs. R. O'Regan, P,P., P. Galavan Rockdale-Rev. J. P. Hyland, Rev. A. Mulvihill Rose Bay-Revs. M. Fitzpatrick, C. Musgrave Rozelle, St. Joseph's-Very Rev. J. P. Moynagh, P.P., V.F Rev. B. Mahoney Rydalmere-Rev. W. Stevens Ryde-Rev. E. Gen Stratlifield, St. Martha's-V. Rev P. Byrne, P.'. Tempe-Rev. P. A. Holland St. Aloyslus' College, Allison's Point-Very Rev. J. Forster, S.J. (Rector). St. Ignatius' College, Riverview-Very Rev. T. J. Outlet',.- Rector St. John's College, in the University of Sydney-Very Rev. M. J. O'Reilly, C.M., Rector, Rev. M. O'Farrell, O.M. St. Patrick's College, Manly-Revs. T. Hayden; D.D., P. - Sheehy, B. Brauer, H. Kaldeney, D.D T. 0 Hurley, D.D.,. Kavanagh, D.D., J. McDonald Villa Maria, Hunter's Hill-Rev. E. Talon, S.M., Y. L. Elgin& S.M., J. Maus, S.M. Wattemata-itev. T. G. Kelleher WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. Woollahra, Paddington, Waverley-Very Rev. P. B. Kennedy, 0.P.M., J. S. Joyce, 0.F.M. P. B. Lawlor, 0.F.BL, I. Larkin, 0.F.hf., Rev. F. heenantara. 0.F.M., Rev. AL Kelly, 0.F.M., Rev. It. Piper, 0.F.M., D. O'Callaghan, 0.F.M., Rev. J. Bartley, 0.P.M., AL Tyrrell, 0.F.hf., ). Foley, 0.F.M., A. Wogan, O.F.At. - GREAT SYNAGOGUE-Elizabeth street. Chief Minister-Rabbi Francis L. Cohen. Ministers-Rev. M. Einfehl and itev. A. D. Wolinski ['resident-g. G. Cohen, Esq. Vice-Prosident--Ernest L. Davis, Esq. Hon. Treasurer-Sanittel Cohen, Esq. Secretary-S. 'Frankel, 0 Castlereagh at - CENTRAL SYNAGOGUE-Dowling & Napier sts. Services held daily. President-W. It. Cohen lion. Treasurer-Elias Green T IIE SYDNEY MISSION TO SEAMEN. The Rawson Institute for Seamen, George street North Services:-Sunday, Morning Service at a.m.; Holy Communion at.; Evening at p.m. Daily, Evensong F.0. Sunday, Bible Class at.0. The Institute-Concerts every Tuesday and Thursday ; Saturday, a Special Social Evening. Other evenings, table and round games. The Institute 'semen daily from a.m. to p.m. Daily papers, weekly magazines, bagatelle boards, writing material, eta. Everything free to all seamen of all nationalities nod creeds. The Mission is maintained by voluntary contributions. Chaplains-Revs. Allan, F. Pain B, and H. C. Leplastrier Hon. Treasurer-Leonard A. H. Stephen, Esq. Hon. Secretary - F. J. Carrick, Esq. - - ASSOCIATED CHURCHES OF CHRIST.-Campbell street. Churches-, Members- 0. Sunday Schools-. Scholars -. Teachers -. Total -. Chapel e- 0. Evangelists-. Organising Secretary-W. Gale, qllenburn," Brook et, North Sydney Bible School Organ ising Evangelist-W. Gale, "Glenburn," Brook st, North Sydney Auburn-F. T. Saunders A uburn North-Supply Delmore, Mooed): st-preacher, A. F. Forbes. Broken Hill. Wolfram at-preacher, H. Tuck Broken, Railway Town Bangalow-Preacher, T. donna flungawalbyn-preacher, J. P. E. Walker Canley Vale-Preacher, G. II. Brown Chatswood-T. Bagley Eumore "Tabernacle," Metropolitan rd-preacher, A. E. Illingworth Erskineville, John st -Preacher, P. J. Pond Hamilton-Vacant Hornsby-Preacher, G. Rootes Hurstville-Preacher, H. G. Payne Inverell-Preacher,. J. Waters junee-proacher, Vacant Killabakh-Preacher, G. Burns Lilyville-Preacher, J. Garden. ismore, Conway st-preacher, W. Taylor Afarriekville, Illawarra rd-preacher, 0. Rush hfarrar-preacher, Vacant Merewether-Preacher, - Fretwell Morce-Preacher, Vacant hfosman, Cowles rd-preacher, Stuart Stevens Narrabri-Preaciter, Wariturst Tinonee-G. Burns North Sydney, Falcon st-preacher, Supply Paddington, Paddington st-preacher, W. Gsle Petersham, Cannon it-preacher, R. Arnott Rockdal.-Preacher W. T. Black Rookwood, Joseph st,-preacher, ' J. Clydesdale St. Peters, King st-preacher, Supply - Sydney, Campbell st, City Temple-Preacher H. G. Harward Sydney Chinese-Preacher, John Sing Taree-Preacher, G. E. Burns Tyalguin-Vacant Upper Atongogarle-Vacant Wegga-Preacher, A. Brown Wingliam-Preacher, G. Burns BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION ANTHONY HORDERNS'-RELIABLE TRADERS FOR TOWN OR COUNTRY. EDUCATIONAL. % TECHNICAL EDUCATION BRANCH, SYDNEY TECHNICAL COLLEGE AND BRANCH TECHNICAL COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS. Classes are held at the Technical College, Harris street, Ultimo. Branch Technical Schools are hi opetation in tho' following suburbs, viz., Ashfieid, Rahman, Chatswood, Double Bay, Ershineville, Granville, Kogarah, Leichhardt, North Sydney, Waverley ; and also iu the country towns, viz., Albury, Alatonville, Armidale, Barraba, Bathurst, Bellimbopinni, Berry, Molloy, Bowraville, Broken Hill, Brushgrove, Casino, Ceasnock, Clinics, Coledale, Coolamon, Cootamundra, Corowa, Corrimal, Cowra, Cundletown, Dapto, Dudley, Entonsville, Geurie, Gladstone, Glen Innes Gloucester, Goulburn, Grafton, Gresford, Greta, lielenaburgh, Inverell, Jerseyville, Junee, Kempsey, Kiamn, Kurri Kuni, Lawrence, Damon, Lithgew, Macksville, Maclean, Maitland West, hlandurama, Manilla, Alillthorpo, Moss Vale, Newcastle, Nowra, Palmer's Island, Paterson, Plattsburg, Raymond Terrace, Roes Mill, Singleton, Tamworth, Teruo, Temora, Thirroul, Ulmarra, Wagga Wagga, Welland West, Wellington, Winglenn, Wherrol Flat, Wollongong, Woonoua, and Young. - JAMES NANGLE, Superintendent of Technical Education. GEORGE HOOFER, Assistant Superintendent. A.. HIBBLE, Registrar Sydney Technical College. SYDNEY TECHNICAL COLLEGE. Department of Agriculture--Agriculture, Bee Culture, Horticulture, Veterinary Science. Department of Sheep and Wool' Training ---Wool-classing, Wool-sorting, Sheep-judging. Scientific Examination of Wool, Sheep-shearing and. Exporting. Department of Mechanical Engineering-Mechanical Drawing, Machine Design, Applied Mechanics, Heat MOWN Pattennnaking, Blacksmithing, Reliant/eking, Ironfounding, Fitting and Machining,. Motor Construction, Engineering Construction, 0 xyaertylene Welding, Cementation of SteeL. Department of Electrical Engineering-Electrieal Measurements, Dynamo-Electric Machinery, Electric Lighting, Electrical Mechanics and Fitters' Trade Course, Transmission of Power, Physics, Electric Wiring, Armature Winding and Telephoning Mechanics Course. Department of Sanitary Engineering- Architectural Sanitation, Sanitary Engineering, Sanitary and Prdetical Plumbing, Sanitary Law, Inspection. of Meat and Animals, Correspondence Class for Sanitary Inspectors. Sheet Copper Working aral Galvanised Iron Working. School Hygiene, Douse Drainiage, Correspondence Class for Drainers and Water Fitters. Department of Chemistry and Motallurgy-Organic and Inorganic Chemistry (practical and theoretical), Metallurgy, Practical Assaying. Department of Applied Mathematics and Trade 'Mathematics-Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, Technical Arithmetic. Departtnent of Architecture-Architecture, Building Construction, Bricklaying. Quantity Surveying, Slide Rule, Carpentry and Joinery, Cabinetmaking, Staireasing, Handralling, Machine Woodworking, Wood-turning, Elementary Carpentry (Planing, Chamfering, Mortising and Tenoning, Dovetailing, &c.), Wood Polishing, Rail Carriage Building, Masonry and Plastering, liouse-painting, Graining. Ticket Writing, Signwriting, Decoration, Modelling and Plaster Casting. Department of Art-Geometry Practical Plane, Solid and Descriptive. Model and Object Drawing, Freehand Drawing, Antique, Still Life, and Life (drawing and painting), Perspective, China and Glass Painting, Landscape Painting and Drawing, "Black and White," Flower Painting, Animal Painting, Pastel Painting, Plant Drawing, Blackboard Drawing and Design. Biology Department-Botany, Physiology, Zoology and Entomology. Department of Geology-Mineralogy and Metalliferous Mining, Ore Dressing, Surveying. Department of Domestic Science-Domestic Science, Cookery, Household Management, Laundry Work (starching and ironing). Department of Women's Handicrafts-Dressmakin g and Ladies' Tailoring, Millinery, Blousemaking, Corsetmaking, Lacemakin g, Art Needlework. Department of Printing and Lithography-Printing (composing). Printing (presswork), Photo-Engraving, Lit hography, Printing Correspondence Class, Book-binding. Separate Classes-Tnilor's Cutting, Shorthand, Penmanship, Bookkeeping, Elocution, French, Breadmaking, Pastry Cooking, Window Dressing, Leather Dressing and Tanning. (Classes meet at Ferry rd, off George street north). SCALE OF FEES (PAYABLE IN ADVANCE). Fees-One Term. No. of Lessons in the week for one Subject Settlers (per term). las. 0s, Juniors.. s. nd & rd Terms Taking the Course paid in Advance. viz., Terms. I I s. s. 0s. 0s Os. I s. s. s. 0s. s. The Junior Scale will be charged to students under years of age, in receipt of leas than 0s. (t fay shillings) per week. The above Scale applies to those Classes where no Fees arc specified in the College programme. Season tickets are issued to students not in any employment, or in receipt of wages :-Under years of age, quarter fares; years of age or over, half fares. Students are allowed to travel at half. fares on the railway to attend time Classes. The same aline.minn is allowed to students under the age of years travelling on the tramways to attend the Classes. The Three Terme, are as follow :-th February to th May ; th May to th August ; th August to th November. Classes in other subjects will be formed (if warrantable) on the application of a ROI:dent number of intending students, and payment of fees. Students are referred to the Calendar for more detailed information. The Classes are closed on Public Holidays. Several Scholarchips and Bursaries are awarded annually. The Reference Library, containing e. valuable collection of Technical Works, Is open for the use of Teachers and Students. from p.m. to.0, and.0 to 0 pan. daily ; Saturdays, a.m. to noon. Further particulars may also be obtained at the office of the Sydney Technical College, Harris-street, ilithno. OUR ESTABLISHMENT is SELF-CONTAINED: WE MANUFACTURE AND REPAIR OUR VEHICLES

50 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR TOOLS OF ALL TRADES. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FON FARMING IMPLEMENTS. 0 E DUCA'I'IONAL. EDUCATIONAL. SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES (PUBLIC). Croydon Superior-J. Burke, head- Hoinebush Public School, Homebush Parramatta North-G. Boland, head- Ultimo-S. G. Mitch:all, headmaster, Burton Lattice- Alies H. Pastille, Murray Abboteford-lienry st, Five Dock master, Young et, Croydon ems, Ifornebush master, Albert at, Parratnatta Wattle st at, Croysion Alexandria-.- William Messina!, head- Daceyville-Miss Mary W. Laird, head. Hornsby South-Thornleigh rd, South Parramatta District-H. Thomas, head- Vaucluse-John Hazelwood, headmaster, Ctinolen College-Rev. 0. W. Thatcher,. teacher, Australia rd, Daceyville master, Mitchell rd, Alexandria Hornsby master, Macquarie at, Parresnate OS. H. rd. Vancluse ALA., MD., principal, Hereford at, Darlinglitirst Superior-Edward Webster, Annandale Infants', Trafalgar st, A'tlitle Horusby-Peat's Ferry rd, Hornsby Peakimrst-S. Crane, teacher, Forest rd, Warrawee-Silae Shute, head teacher, Lane Glebe headmaster, 0 Liverpool Joinandele - Anderson, headmaster, at Hunter's -H. H. Small, master, Alex- Penkhurst Cove rd, Warrawee Oauuuuulot Ladies' College-Miss E. FIscher Johnston at, Annandale Darlington Practice-Waiter Vout, head andra st, Hunter's Pennant Hills - Castle Hill nil, Pennant Waterloo-George Wenholz, headmaster, Cripps, B.A., principal, Cleveland et,.arucliffe - W.H. Montgomery, headmaster, master, Dart ingt an nl, Darlington Hurlstone Agricultural High-Prospect Hills Botany rd, Waterloo Waltroonga Rocky Point rd, Articliffe Double Bay -T. Stafford, master, Lower rd, Summer Hill Peter:Ma tn-c. J. Kelly, headmaster, Cry- Waterloo nat./got, i Botany rti, Wat'loo Carey Miss Hilda, West leigh et, N. Syd Arneliffe West - Infants' - Loftus at, Ocean et, Double Bay Huretville - W. J. Cunningham, head- stal st, Pettesham Waverley Superior, Cowper et, Wit y'y Catholic Bible hull lit 0.), William it Anicliffe Drummoyne Superior-William Maltony, master, Forest rd, Hurstville Pitt Row - E. IL Norris, principal. Wentworthville-L. II. Witte, headmaster, Cavanough Miss Edith, 0 Botany rd. Artannon Public School (infants)- master, Thompson at, Drummoyne Hurstville South (infants), Maher t, Franklin st, Sherwood Fourth are, Wentworth/Ile Botany McMillan rd, Artannon Dulwich II II-Seaview et, Dulwich Hill Hurstville Plunkett Street-James Pearson, head- %Villiers' Street Superior, William at Chandler Mks, Great North rd, Ableford.Ashaeld-Walter McLaren, headmaster, Dulwich -Infants', Fairfowl et, Dul- Huretville West-ehnore rd, Dalmorton master, Bourke at Willoughby-George ',yell, master, Mow- Chat:mood Preparatory School, Mowbray Liverpool rd, Ashfleld wich Hill Kegworth Superior-Tebbat et, L'hardt Prospect-Henry Revell, principal, bray rd. Willoughby rd, Olettswood Auburn-fl. G. Hichardeon, headmaster, Dumbleton -Delmore r I, Dahnorton Kensington-Doncaster a ye, Kensington Western rd, Prospect Women's Colle ge, University Chelmsford Kindergarten, English at.,. Auburn rd, Auburn Duudas-W. L. Hepburn, teacher, Spur. Kogarah-Girls' and infinite' department, Pyrinont Superior, John st Woollahra- B.Byrne,headnetster, Forth Kogstrilli Auburn North -James, Headway et, Dundee Railway par, Kogaralt Randwick-A. G. Allinson, headmaster, at, Woollaltra Chippend the Miss F., Tudor st master, Parramatta rd, Auburn Earlwood -Homer a, Canterbury Kelvins)) Superior - W. T. Anderson, Avoca at, Rand wick Woolwich-Henry Thomas, helot master, Christ Church (C. of E.) -It G. Jacobs,. 0algowlah-Sydney rd, Manly Best Hills-E. II. Southwell, headmaster, principal, Regent at, Kogarah Randwiek South, Broad rd. th. Randwick Woolwich rd, Woolwich headmaster, Pitt at south Malinain Superior -Smith et, Roselle River rd, East H Ile Lakemba-M. Dunne, headmaster, Wiley'e Redfern-M. Dwyer, headmaster, Christian Bros. Boys' Parochial, Cathedral. Maintain-David Howell, master, birch. Eastern Suburbs Technical School, aye, Laketnba George at, Redfern at grove rd, Balmain La Perouse-E. G. Finches, Varna Beach Rockdale-C.. Broome, muter. Lord et, Christiatu lir. as. (R.C.), Thames st,balmaite Zalmain-John W. Benton, master, Nic- Leichhardt Superior-Marion at, L'Itartit Rockdale Christian Brothers, Training College holson at, Balinain Leichhardt West-Wharf rd, L'hardt Rose Bay-Percy Hall, headmaster, Maintain Superior (Boys) -John Walker, Lelehliardt and Petersluxm Trade, Wilberforce a ye, Rose Bay headmaster, Gladstone at, Balmain Batman rd, Leichhardt Roseville - Miss Pickering, mistress, Malinaln Superior (Girls) - Eaton et, Lewisham, West at, howl-hum Archbold rd, Roseville Batman Lideombe, John st, Lidcombe Hozelle-P. J. Nelligan, headmaster, (Banks Meadow-T. F. Ross, headmaster, Lily villa, Broad rd, South Randwiek Darling st, Roselle Stephen rd, Botany Hozelle Superior-Arthur W. Roberts, Lindlield, Gordon rd, Lindtield Bankstown-Liverpool rd, Bankstown Bankstown Central-R. A. Smith, head- Little Coogee-It. J. Taylor, headmaster, Arden at, Waverley master, Stanley at, Bankatown Liverpool Superior - George l'aradise, Banketown North James M. Boyle, master, Auburn rd, Bankstown Beecroft-Jetnes I. Forsyth, headmaster, Beecroft rd, Beecroft Belmore-Joseph Watts, Durwood rd, Delmore (Bexley-John S. Middenway, teacher, Forest rd, Bexley Blackfriars, Practice-S. B. Davison, prin. clpal, Bus:Aland at Illakehurst-Thomas Dunlop, headmaster, Kegarah rd, Slakellurst Mondi Superior-George A. Bolus, head. muter, Wellington at, Bondi IFlotany-John B. Doyle, master, Botany rd, Botany Rourke Street North- Bourke at Alourke Street month Superior-Edward Byrne, headmaster, Bourke at oys' High-John Waterhouse, M.A., headmaster, Mary Ann at Murwoo I-Commercial g verting Continuation, Condor at, Burwood Murvrood Superior-W. H. Teale, headmaster, Condor at, Burwood leamdenville - Edward I. Henry, headmaster, Laura at, Newtown Gamperdown-W. J. Links, headmaster, George at, Camperdown Camperdown Technical School for Cooking, etc., George it, Camperdown Campale-Jatnes J. Massey, headmaster, Enable et, Camp& Canterbury Superior-Mark Henry, headmaster, Church at, Canterbury Oarliugford-Church at, Carlingford ChatswJed-. B. Squires, teacher, Gordon rd, Chatswood. Cleveland Street Superior, Chalmers st Commonwealth Free Kindergarten, BettIngton st Concord, Burwood rd, Concord Concord West-Concord rd, Concord toogee--jam es H. S. Godfrsy, headmaster, Delmore rd, Coogee Crown Street Superior-Fredk. Clement, headmaster, Crown at Crow's Nest-John J. Hyndes, headmaster, Lane Cove rd, North Syd. Queen at. Woollahra Eastwood- gs L. TrIglone, teacher, Balaclava rd, Eastwoo I Eastwood-Blashrad rd, Eastwood Enfield-James Dunlop, master, George's River rd, Enfield Elmore-. J. Brown, headmaster, Starepoliten rd, Enmore Epping-John B. Sherlock, headmaster, Norfolk et, Epping Ermingtou-Henry Reid, teacher, Winbourne et, Ertnington Erskineville Superior - John Connolly, headmaster, Swanson at, Erskineville Erskineville Technical College, Railway par, Brekineville Five Dock-Fredk. T. Berman, master, Henry at, Five Dock Flemington-D. P. Foley, headmaster, Exeter rd, Flemington Forest Lodge-Rose at, Forest Lodge Forest Lodge (Girls), Bridge rd, Forest Lodge Fort Street Kindergarten-Miss Banks, teacher, Princes et Fort. Street High-A. J. Kilgonc, B.A., LLB., headum-ter, Parmmatta rd. Petersham Fort Street Primary for Buys and Girls- Princes at Gardener's Road-Samuel Long, headmaster, Botany rd, Waterloo Girls' High School-Castlereagh at Gladuville-W. A. Berry, muter, Great Northern rd, Gladesville Glebe - Thomas Herlihy, headmaster (boys), Derwent st, Forest Lodge Glebe School of Domestic Science, Weetmoreland st, Forest Lodge Glebe Ragged, Wentworth at, Glebe Gleumore Itoad-W.towantomheadmaster, Glemnore rd, Paddington Gordon. -Harry L. Fry, headmaster, Gordon rd, Gordon Granville Superior - W. Clarke, head teacher. William at, Granville Granville South-T. J. Dwyer, master, Woodville rd, Granville Granville North Superior-Patrick J. Benuett, headmaster, Prospect it, G'nville Grauville Technic. College-J. B. Brown, resident master, South at, Granville G raystanes - Arthur Lake, Principal, Merrylands rd, Went'ville Greenwich-John T. Lumen, teacher, Greenwich rd, Greenwich Guildford Public School-Edgar C. Friend, headmaster, Military road, South Guildford Haberfleld Infants, Bland at, Haberfleld Habertleld Public School - Bland at litiberfleld headmaster, Digge at, Liverpool Long Bay-Alexander Alkman, headmaster, Franklin at, Long Bay Longueville, Lougueville oh, Longueville Manly, Dstrley rd, Manly Marriokville Superior, Chapel at, M'ville Marrickville West-George A. Thorne, headmaster, Livingstone rd, Matraville "-M. Ryan, headmaster, Bunnerong rat, Botany Merrylauds-D. James, principal, Fowler's ave. Holroyd Sloorlicids, Moorfields rd, Canterbury Mortdale-A. S. G. Garden, headmaster, Alert's oh, Mortdale Mortlake-F. W. Bates, Bray's rd, Mortlake Mosman - G. Hattie, hen I master, Military rd, Human Moorman (Infants), Gouldebury at, Moamar Naremburn, Willoughby rd, Naremburn Neutral Bay - Arthur Cousins, headmaster, Ben Boyd rd, Neutral Bay Newtown Evening Continuation School, King st, Newtown Newtown Free Kindergarten, Rochester et, Camperdown Newtown Kindergarten-Miss E. Tynan, mistress, Australia at. Newtown Newtown Superior-J. J. Herlihy, King et, Newtown Newtown Technical College, King st, Newtown Ne stown North Practice-P. A. Kennedy, headmaster. 'High it, Newtown Normanhuret -Pennant Hills rd, Normanhurst North Sydney Boys' High, Falcon et, North Sydney North Sydney Superior, Burton at, N. Syd. North Sydney Superior-William C. Taylor, headmaster, Blue at, N. Syd North Sydney Technical College, Falcon at, North Sydney Orange Grove Suporior-D. Hensley, headmaster, Wharf rd, Leichhardt Paddington, Albion st, Paddington Paddington-G. W. Steinbeck, headmaster, Oxford at, Paddington headmaster, Smith st, Rozelle Roselle Superior (Girls)-Miss E. Fitzpatrick, principal, Weston rd, Rozelle Hydahnere- Edward Robertson, master, Victoria rat, Ityllahnere Hyde (North) - A. E. Crane, teacher, Cox's ml, North Hyde Hyde Superior-Walter Jerrie, master. Parkes et, Hyde St. George Technical-Montgomery et, Kogaralt St. Ives, Pittwater rd, St. Ives St. Peters, Church et, St. Peters Sandringham-Montague Wyatt, Reeky Point rd, Sandringham School of Industry, Shaw st, Petersham Startmore - 0. Snodgrass, headmaster, Cambridge at, 'Remora Strathfleld South - It. H. Henderson, master, Liverpool rd, Stratlifield Summer Hill Public School-Sidney 0. Byrnes, headmaster, Junction rd, Summer Hill Sorry Hills Technical and Continuation School, Crown at Sydney Grammar School -Herold N. P. Shaman B.A., headmaster, College at Sydney Technical College, Department of Public Instruction-Janice Naugle. superintendent, Harris at Sydney Training College for Teachers - Pro f. A. Mackie, M.A., principal, Buck. humid at SYDNEY UNIVERSITY - Sir William Cullen, K.C.M.G., Chsneellor Registrar, H. E. Barn', MA., City rd, Camperslown Teachers' Training College-I Glebe Point rd, Glebe Technical College-James Nangle, superintendent, Mary Ann at Technical High School, Mary Ann at Tempe-`. Davies, headmaster. Unwin's Bridge ml, Tempe Tempe Junior Technical Continuation, Unwin's Bridge rd, Tempe Thornleigh - James T. Martell, head- /nester, Pennemt Hard, Thortileigh Training School of Cookery, Upper Fort at Turramurra North - G. H. Daniel, headmaster, Kering-gal-Mese rd, Tlirrillrra SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES (PRIVATE). See also Schools (Public). Abbotshohne College-J. Fitz Maurice, principal, Gordon rti, Kithira Actinottle College - Mrs. A. L. Cooke, Harris at, IVilloughby Adams Miss E. B., Toxteth nil, Glebe Adams Miss, Arcadia rd, Glebe Adams Victor A., 0 Bondi rd, Way'ley Ailanthus College for Girls-Miss Saunders, N.S rd, Double Bay All Saints' (0. of E.) Crystal at, Petersham Allen Miss, Grosvenor at, Woollahra Arden Colle ge, Murdock at, Neutral Bay Amalfi: College-Lungs] on Trotter, Principal, Forest rd. Arneliffe Ascii= Girls College - Miss Bailey, N.S.H. rd, Woollahra Ashfleld College-Mrs F. L. Elkin, Frederick at, A Girls' Grimmer School - 0 Liverpool rd, Ashfleld Adroit College-Miss E. It. Keaye, principal, CententiM eve, Chatewood Australian Accountancy College-Albert E. Barton, F.C.P.A., F.I.A.V., director ; R. Davis Bogart, A.I.A.V. secretary, Pitt at Australian Woolelassing College, Rawson place Aylmer Mrs. E. S., Itirrell at, Bondi Baker Miss L., Carrington ave. Huretville Barker College-W. 0. Carter, Peat's Ferry rd, Hornsby Bedford School for Girls, Albert nt, ll'hush Beecroft College and Kindergarten, Bee. croft rd, Beecroft Belgrave College, Wolger at, Nieman realgrave Grammar School, Belgrave at, Manly Bethlehem Colleac (Sisters of Olistrity), [( at Aslifield Bexley Ladies' College-Rev. O. T. Fors. mitt, B.A., principal, Monomeeth at, Bexley Bloomfield Mrs. S. T, Orange et, Wwick Boyd Shorthand N.S.W. Ltd., and Business Col sege, Rawson place Boys' Parochial Christie!, Brothers, St. Mary's rd Brackley College-Mies E. h. Oranstone, Archer at, Ctrs tswooll Brigidine Conve t (Mount St. Brigid), Ileltnore ml, Randwick Brodie Miss F., Castlereaall at, Redfern Brodie Miss J 0 Warren rd, Marriakville Browne Miss Ethel,? Drynan et. Sum. Hill Bryndemere School and Kindergarten, Newcastle at, Rose Bay Buchanan Miss Ada, off Norton at, Leichardt Haddon Miss Ada, Ambrose at, Him. Hill (.0.) Albert rd, Homebush Christian Bros. (.), Thomas at, Utahans Christian Bros., High School, Boulevard,. Lewi-ham Christian Bros. (B.C.), Cameron at, Paddington hristian Bros., College (ILO.). 0 Carrington rd, Watverley Church of England Boarding and Day School, Dalton rd, Mosman Church of Engle nil Grammar School forirls - Miss Badhatn, Forbes at Church of Is:lighted Preparatory School- A. H. Yenned, St. A., principal, Shadforth it, Mum an Church of England School for Girls, Veret. at, Hunter's Hill Collis Mrs. M. E., Warren rd, SI'kville COIVin Miss Mary, Livingstone rd, Al' vino Commonwealth Free Kintlergarten Bettington Congregational School, Pitt at Concord (.0.) School, Pam/matte nl, Concord Convent of the Sacred Heart, Eliza-. both Bay ni Convent of Sisters of Mercy, Redfern st,. Redfern Coogee Boys' Preparatory, Allison rd, Itstndwiek Coogee Sehool, Brook at., Coogee Como It. C., Mount at, CSomee Cooke Misses, Cambridge at, Stanmore Dalrymple Primary, Shirley rd, Wolla'craft. Davis Miss Mary. Darling at, Balmain, Do La Salle Brothers (H.C.), Marlborough cut Dickson Airs. E. 0, Newcombe at, Padlots Dinning Miss W., 0 Terry at, St. Peters Dove Miss M., Webb's a ye, Ashfield Drummoyne Grammar - leers K irchner and arshall, Collin gw noul at, Drum- /novo! lidgeeliffe Preparatory School for Boys, N. S. H. rd Paddington Elkin MISS F., Frederick at, Ashfleld Halter Miss Sludge. N%'ileon'e a ye, Belmont ildinhope School for Girls-Miss F. V. llooke, principal, Burns rd, W'roonga Ellery MICA M., King at, Mascot Elliott Miss G., Prospectst,Erskineville Elphin atone Miss E., Boulevard, Dul-. wich Elphinstone Miss E, New Canterbury. rd, Dulwich Hill Elthem College -A.Stnith-Doug la as, I ritt elpal, Minis ni, Withroouga Epping Girls' Grammar School -Miss Oxfonl st, Epping. WOOD, COFFILL COMPANY LTD. MORTUARY CHAPEL: GEORGE ST., CITY. 'PHONE CITY OUR DEPOTS ARE REPLETE WITH THE MOST ELEGANT AND COSTLY VEHICLES IN AUSTRALIA ii

51 ANTHONY HORDERNW-ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. EDUCATIONAL. EDUCATIONAL. Fellow Memorial School (0. of E.)- Mountaln st Fidler Miss M., "Ravenswood," Henry at, Gordon Free Kindergarten School - Miss V. tlerality, pri noipal, - Dowling St 'Felwood College, Arthur et,burwood Garratt klissee K. E. it It, S., Elizabeth it emit, /infield Filenroy-SE Ise Amy Dimling, BM Molten st, Woolialint Glyndon Mrs. Xing, I George et, Id' vilie 'Goodwin klies Eva, Beaconsfield et, Bexley Gonslay Miss F., M.A., 0 Barton ave Haberlield Cray Mrs J. S i, Marrickville ni, AI Mlle Orialth Bin M., Meer/eerie st,parramattn Hanna' College - Miss A. Schofield, Dalhousie it, Haber MU Hampson's Actuarial Classes, Ltd Moore et Harper Mks E. C., Glebe Pt. al, Glebe Hartley Miss D. Trelawney rd, Eastwood "-kdoe a Collis, teacher, Parramatta nl, Durwood Mailington Missn, liannernonin st, N cut ral Bar Ilay es- WilliamsMiss, Grammer School, Oxford at, Epping liebrew-m. A. Cohen,.A headmaster, 0 Castlereagh at Hillview College-Mies K. Dann, principal, Fairlight at, Manly (Hirst Miss E. II., 0 Falcon et, N. Syriac.), lady Cro ss College -Rev. Bro. B. a Carroll, provincial superior, Grent Northern rd, Ryde Hooke ise, McLaren at, North Sydney Horsley Id Issea H. & kl., N. S. IL rd, %Voollahra S0 Min M., Liverpool rd. Asitneld Hunt Mrs.., Wardell rd, Dulwich Hill Hursley Private Selma], Weldon st, If wood liarlatone Agricultural High School, Prospect rd, Summer Entehloson Men/oriel Sohool Hall, Tox lath rd, Globe Knells Alias L Macquarie at, Parra:mitts International Correiponilenee Sonde, I Colonial), Ltd., 0-0 Jamieson at and Station House, Rawson place Isherwood John J., Junction rd, Washy Jamiesolt Miss AL, Cordon rd, Killara Jones Min. d., Cheltenham road, tlitoltenham fiensztt /,., Benton rd, Delmore Keneingtou Monastery, Kensington rd, Kensington Renslugton Convent,O.L.S, Kensington nl, Kensingtroi Kensington (.0.)-Kensington rd, Ken- Glutton Kersworth Preparatory-Miss Beatrice Burke, Ill Dover rd, Rose Bay Kithira Sellout fur Girls, and Kindergarten, Lonsley st, Kilian/ Kindergarten Training College, Liver. pool at Sines School -Canon J. A. Pattinson, M. A., headmaster, Villiers et, Permmatte. Coun. office, Ocean House, Moore at King's Norton Sulu/el-Mrs. A. K. Wilkinson, Hale rd, Moeman Logan Mks L., Moan St, Mosman London Gorrespondenee College, Bond at bingueville College, Poole at, Loreto couvent,s Carat/0a at, N. Sydney McBurney Miss Dorothy, Sydney rd, Manly McDonald di Arnold Musses, Ansley Girls' School, Stantnore rd, Petersham klumenainey Miss Ida. Point nl, Woolwich McNamee Frank K., Baltimore rd. lewlek Malvern Preparatory, Ernest at, ilunter's MARCONI SCHOOL OF RADIOTELEGRAPHY The only School In Austmlaaiu Licensed to Use the Marconi and Tele( mina Systeme. instruct Ion all Branches of Practical awl Theo' retied Radiotelegraphy, also Telegraph Operating for All Purposes, and 'radiotelephony. Headquarters nail School, Wireless I lone," Clarence at. Tdeplions City mid. Cable Addres s, "Expanse," Sydney Marie. Brothers' (lied. Harrington at Markt Brothers' High, I Harley at Morin Brothers', 0 Ridge et, North Syd. Marist Brothers', Pennant et, Parramatta Marist Brothers' ( C.) Collage, Wolse/ey at. West Koganth MARIST BROTHERS HIGH SCHOOL 0- Liverpool at, Darlington-at. Telephone, William 0. The best ventilated and best lighted school in tho State Marist Fathers' Juniorate-Glarlesville rd, itmacre lariat Sisters' Convent and High School Woolwich rd, Hunter's Hill Martin Telford S., - Castlereagh it Mathews Miss Nonni MA Alfred at, N. Syrl. Methodist Indies' College-Rev. L. H. Kelynack, principal, Park rd, B'wood METROPOLITAN BUSINESS COLLEGE LTD. ('f. Stanley Summorhayes mid J. A. Turner DIreerors).-For Instruction, or by Correspondence, in Shorthand, Accountancy Bookknin ng, Typewriting, Penmanship, Commercial Art (Lettering, Designing. Color-work, etc.) English, Mothernatin, Preparation for all Exams., Languages, Mee- Mullen! and Architectural Drawing and Quantity Surveying, Robson llonse, mu st ( doors from Liverpool at, near Snow's) Miles Min M., Cambridge at, Stanmore Knox College-Harry ChandlerM.A., Milliard and CO., Rawson place principal, Alfred et, NortSydney h ' liege rah (t.0), Reeky Pt. nil, Kogandi Kittson, principal, Macquarie rd, Auburn Lelehharrit (HO,), finny at, Leichhardt Leonn-Brighton College for Girls-Miss Alttriby, principal. Marl light it, Manly Iindfleld Chinese-Misses Muddy, B's.A. Russell ave. Lindfield Moult Miss Roza, Albert at, Mar' Mile Monte St. Angelo (.0.) Boarding School for Girls, Miller st. North Sydney Monte Oliveto Convent and School, Albert at, Woollaina Moore Theological College-a Davis, principal, St. Paul's nl, Comperdown Morgan Mrs. C. H., Nicholson at, "Inwood Mount Carmel (.0), Heflin st, Waterloo Mount St Bernard (lie.), Lane Cove rd. Pyinble Mount St. rigid, Delmore rd, Ranclwiek Mount St. Patrick's High (R. C.) Genies at, Paddington Mullen Miss H,, Harbour it, Homan Murphy Miss B.,0 Terry at, Roselle Murray Miss M. E., M.A., Lane Cove rd, IVairroonga Nautical Seboul-Capt, F. J. Bayldon, 0 PILL it Newington College-Rev, C. J. Prescott, M.A., headmaster, Maumee rd, rlekville Newman Miss Eunice, Duntroon st, Redstone Perk Newton Miss, Frenchman's rd, Randwick Newtown Free Kindergarten, Rochester at, Campenlown North Sydney Boys' High School, Falcon at, North Sydney North Sydne y Preparatory School for Boys, Walker et, North Sydney North Sydney Girls High School, Lane Cove rd, North Sydney O'Brien Milk K. $, MA,, Trafalgar et, Star/more Our Lady of Dolores (., Green wie b nl, Greenwich "Our Lady of Dolores" (Ito.), Avner at, Chatswood Our Lady Help of Christians (.0.), Oxford at, Epping Our Lady of Mercy's College and High School, Villiers at, Parramattn Our Letly of the Sacred limn Convent School, Kensington nl, Kensington Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Convent School (WC.), Ireton et, Lon g Day Park College-Mis ses E. M. and M. P. Moore, Collingwood et, Drummoyne Parrumatta C. of E. Graminar-Hunter at, Parramatte Parramatta High-W. L. AI kin, BA., headmaster, Western rd., Pinatta Parsons Mrs, F. W., El wilt at, Ilornebush Patrician Bros.' Sehoel, &Mgr et, Forest Lodge Pearson Flis. A., ltubsy at, Mascot Pelree Miss S., RI Australia at, Newtown Peter Chanel (WC.), Futuna at, Hunter's Bill Petersham Girls' Grammar Sehool-Miss Kathleen M. O'Brien, B.A., principal, Ter/fidget Street, Petersham adenk Feedenck, Alt et, Anfield Presbyterian Ladles' a/liege-john Marden, ALA., LL.D., priucipal, Boundary sicroydon, and Avon rd, Pynible Pryrie Miss N., Carrington a y e, Hurstville Purcell Ilion W. D., B.A., Lavender at, North Syducy Quin:Moue Girls Boarding School-Miss I. :McPhee, Principal, Victoria at, Belle% ue Itandwicl: (.)-Sisters of the Sacred Heart, Avoca at, itandwin Ranger's College and Kindergarten - Miss U, Bibbs, Spencer rd, Mesman Rennin College-Miss Short, Railway et, Petersham tiviere College - Mrs, in/roe-nihon% MA., II Queen at, Woollabra Robinson Mi ss K., Victor M at Rogers Miss C., Eliza fit, Newtown Rogers James N., Eliza at, Newtown Roman Catholic (Glrlej, Darlitighurstrd Roman Catholic, Marlborough at Roman Catholic, William st Roman Catholic, B Bland at, AshOeld Roman Catholic, Convent Domestic Training School of the Immaculate Gem ceptl Jane at, Bain/ail, Roman Catholic, Forest rd, Bexley Mcanan Catholic, Mount it, Coogee Roman Catholic, Parramatta it, Granville Roman Catholic, lieneington rd, Kensington Roman Catholic, Rainy it, Leichhartit Boman Catholic, Oxford it, Muldington Roman Catholic, Rooky Pt. rd. Kogareir Roman Catholic, Avoca Et, Ilandwick Roman Catholic, Station at, Tempe Roman Catholic (Male)-Christian Bros., Carrington rd. Waverley Roman Catholic Prluniry School, 'ferry at, Botany Roman Catholic Sisters of lerey-o.s. rd, Vancluse Rosehank (R.0.)-Slaters of the Good Samaritan, Harris rd, Five Dock Fleseby Miss G. A., BA., 0 Military rd, Neutral Bay flosevttleffiris'oollege-mi ss Davies, B.A., Victeria et, Roseville Roseville School for Girls, Gordon rd, Roseville Sacred Heart, Vaueluse ni, Vaucluse Sacred Heart ML.0.)-Itardwell nl, Mosm. Sacred Heart (MC.), Telegraph rd, Pyinin Sacred Heart Boys' School, Victoria it St. Milan's-kites J. Watt, Johnston it. Annandale St, Albans-Miss G. Galloway, Woolwich rd, Hunter's Hill St. Aslyodyti lciie y College-Upper Pitt at, RR] St. Andrew's Presbyterian College-Professor Andrew Harper, D. D.,prinoinl, klissetiden rd, (Momenlown St. Andrew's School (C. of E.), Henson at, Summer St. Anne's Parochial Sono/ (R.C.)-Slaters of St. Joseph, in charge, O'Brian at, Bondi St. Anima/due (R.C.)-Sisters, of the Good Samaritan, Whistler at, Manly St Anthony.0. School-Sisters of St. Joseph, Howard at, Canterbury St. Augustlne's Primary Girls' School, Jane at, Balm Mu St. lledel (R.C.), Pynnout at St. Bede's /gic -Sisters of the Good Samaritan, 0 Oxford at, Newtown St. Benedict's Boys (.0.), Al/amnia/blest St, Benedict's Girls (R.C.), Abercrombie at St. Bernard's (It.C.), Botany rrl, Mascot St. Brendau'a Day School (HO.), Cob hi Its at, Annandale St. Bridget's (.0,), Kent st St. Brighl's Iliawarra rd, St. BrIghl's RU. School, Vindiong et, MOsman St. Brigid's, ampullae') at, Marrinville St. Canices (t.0.)-sister Mary Clavier, Roslyn st St. Catherine's Clergy Daughters' School at, Waverley St. Catherine's Cosi ven t, Archer at, ('woes St. Charles' (RU.), Great Northern rd, St. It Clare's (R.C.) Girls' School-Churn at, Waverley St. Colombicille (MC.) -Sisters of Charity, 00 Duke at St. Columba ir.c.),elswiek st,leiehhardt Et. Dechure (.0 School, Victoria ave, Pensliuret St. Piano's (RM.), Ruseby at, L'hardt St. Francis (TIC.) GIG? School, 0 Albion st St. Francis Xavier's-Sisters of the Good Stmaritan, thilwarra rd St. Francis Xavier's (RC.), Mackenzie at, North Sydney St. Gabriel's (0. Kindergarten for Gide (Sisters of the Church), Blued et, Waverley St. George Girls' High School-Miss E. A. Cruise, Principal, Riley et, Hogarall St. HIldn'e Gremtuar School- Miss I. M. Ynniold, BA., principal, Bradley's Heat ni, Mosnian St. lguattus College-Rev. Thomas Geri lam rector, "Riverview," Line Cove St. Ignatius C et,st.l'eards St. Ras (it O.) - Sisters of the /rood Samaritan, St John's rd, Glebe St. James' (RC.), Woolley fit, Glen bt. John's M.G.), 0 Kent at St. Jolin's (C. of E.), Victoria at St. John's (C. of E.), St. John's rd, Glebe St. John's Day School, Broughton at, Nth. Sydney St. John's Parochial (C. of E.)- WIllimn Anderson, headmaster, Par- Ii rti St. John's (It.C.) -Rev. Al. O'Reilly, rector, Missenden rd. Catnperdown St. Jelin's (ISO.), Queen st, Auburn St. John's Church, Amy at, Campele St. Joseph's College-Rev. Bro. Borgia. director, Mary st, Hunter's It iii St. Joaen ire College, Forest rd, Inieliffe St. Joseph's School, Gordon st, Itozolle St. Joseph's Cob vent, Marley at, Roselle St. Joseph's Convent School, Mount st, North Sydney St. Joseph's High, Denison rti, Peterslunn St. Joseph's (ILO.), Queen at, Alexandria St. Joseph's Convent (it C.), Pun/matte at, Granville Jese l dr's, Calliope st, Guildford St. Joseph's (MO.), Mork it, Hunter's Hill St. Joseph's (lic.) Girls', Baltic st, N'town St. Joseph's Parochial (R.C.) Seliool-P. F. O'Reilly, headtenber, Redford at, He St Joseph's (.0.), Market at, Narentburn St. Joseph's (ta), Walt at, Rockdale St, Joseph's (.0.) School, Gorden et, Monello St Josepin-Sisters of Morey, Lindsay at, Nentrid Bay. St. Jude's Parochial School (C. of,), AVOCA at, liandwiek St. Klenui's (R.C.)-Sisters of Morey, Golden Grove at, Redfern St. Luke's School, Wharf ni, Concord St. Mark's Crescent Grammar - Victor A. MAIM, 0 Bondi ni, Waverley Si ),ink's lit a), lin/mere at, amoyna St. Martha's Training School for Girls, Renwick at, beleithardt St. klary's Parochial School - Christian Brothers, Cathedral at St.!Marv? lloys'-ehristin Brothers, Comer IA,!Inwood St, Mary's Boys School, Carlow at, N. St. Mary's Girls' and Infants' (HO.), Sisters of Charity, St. Mary's ni St. Mary's Porochial Selmer. St. Mary's nl St. Mary's High and Primitry-Sisters of Charity. George at, Liverpool St. Mary's College-Parminatta rd, Five Dock St. Allay's (RH.), Victoria rd, Rydalmere St. Mary's Parochial, Cathednd st t. Mary's (C, of E.)-Rev. It. McKeown, Birrell it, Waverley St. Mary's Star of the Sea, Cel/ingwood at, Manly St. Mary's of the Suburbe (R.C.), 0 Swanton st, HrakIneville St. Mary's School, Tennyson at, Mortlake St. Mary's Star of the Sea (Ra), 0. rd, Vaucluse St. fdialmers (R.C.), Croydon oh, Mile of HI College and St. Michael's (R.0, Clarendon rd, Simone St. Michael's College, Carrington rd, Ruud wick St Monicafa (Mahn() Church st. Inniatta St. Patrick's (.0.), Girls', Harrington it St. Patrick's (ItG), Pennant st, Monts St. Patrick's College (.0.)-Very Rev. T. Hayden, DIY., Prinelpal, Darloy rd, Manly St. Patrick's Young Isolics' College, Harrington et St. Patrick's Primary, SO0, PCt Parrainatla St. Paul's (C. of El, Cleveland at St. BIM's, Durwood rd, Durwood St. Paul's (C. of El-Rev. A Garnsey,. A., warden. City rd, Camperdown St. paurs (C. of E.), George it, Omitibury St. l'eter Clover (RC.)ardwell rd, Inman St. Peter's (ILO.) Convent, High Holborn at St. l'eter's, Devonehire at St. Peter's (), Station at, Tempe St. Peter's Preparatory Sono' -, L. Drummond, B.A., principal, G erard at, No Bay St. Philip's Parochial, Or/yawner it St. fin. ( (l. ), Edgeware rd, Newtown St. Saviour's (C. of E.), Youn g at, Redfern St. Stephen's-Miss E. 0' II hump», mistress, Misienden rd, Newtown St Stephen's Mum& lel, Edgeeliffe rd, St. T/' (C. of Ii), King at, En Intl St. Thomas (C. of H.), McLaren st, N. Syd. St. Thomas', Weston nil. Rezone St, Thorne' Superior Girls High School Thomas at, Lewisham St. Vincent de Paul (It.C.)-Itev. Richard altegen, Redfern at, Redfern St. Vincent's (Infalitnifir Victoria at St. Vincent's Ladies' College, 0 Victoriaet St. Vincent's Superior School, t initial at, Ash neld Sansont Mrs. (I., Cmiterintry rd, (Minpsle Santa Sabina (t.c.), Boulevard, S'Ileld School of industry, Shaw at, Petersham Soot, Oollege-Inmer Bee, A., principal, Victoria nl, Bellevue Hill, Rose Bay Seaver Miss V Lane Cove rd, N. Syd. Selfe Misses, Charlotte at, Slum. Hill Sheehan Mrs. M., Windsor et, Pad. Sisters of Charity (RH.), Gale et, Mortlake Sisters of the Church (U. of E.)-St. Grtbriel'A College for Girie, Birrell at, Woven:). Sisters of the Good Samaritan, Harris rd, Five Dock Sisters of St. Joseph-R.C. School, Mitt- Rondo/ rd, Camperdown Sisters of St. Joseph of Sacred Heart, GladesvIlle rd, Bunter's Sisters of Stloseph-Ladies High School, Redfern it, Redfern Sisters of St. Joseph, Mary at, LIderomhe Sisters of Mercy (R.C.), Redfern At, Itlern Sisters of Mercy (R.0), O.S.H. nil, Vicluse Sisters of Our buly of the Sacred Heart (Ha) Kensington rd, Kensington Slatver Miss A., Broughton nl, Irbush ci Starling Miss Itchy, NI irray it 0 Stock fell! MIRA M., Elizabeth Bay ni Stonier M iss A.., Rowley at,!inwood STOTT It HOARE'S BUSINESS COLLEGE (Estab. years). Shorthand, Typewrj tug, Bookkeeping, and all Commercial Subjeete. CorichIng for Public Exame Commercial AM Day, Evening, and Ponal Teitiou. Liverpool amid Ni thsdale ats, Hyde Park, City. I'M, 00 City WOOD. TOFFILL & COMPANY LTD. LIVERY DEPT., - HARRIS St 'PHONE M THE LEADING FIRM OF FUNERAL DIRECTORS IN THE COMMONWEALTH 0

52 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR STATION SUPPLIES. E DUCATIO NAL. Stott's Correspondence College, 0 Pitt at Stott and Underwood's Business College, 0 Pitt at &tilted H. Douglas, Wonga Wonga tit, Turramurra Sydney. Accountantoy CollegeFrederick SiveII, director, Ocean House, Moore at Sydney (C. of HI Grammar School, Blue at, North Sydney Sydney Church of EngIan I Girls' Grammar School, Bay rd, North Sydney Sydney Grammar School Darold N. P. Sloman, B.A., headmaster, College st Sydney Marine and General Engineers' CollegeF. E. Stowe, C.E., 0 Hunter street - Sydney School of Arts (evening classes), Pitt at Sydney School of Meohsnieal Drawing, Castlereagh at Tait J. C., Pennant Hills rd, CarlIngford Tempe (.0), Station at, Tempe Thomson Miss Rhoda, Westleigh. Neut. B. Tildesley & Evans Misses, - Mendes at, Ash field Treloar Mrs. A. If., Mowbray rd, C'wood Trinity Grammar School, The Boulevard, Lewisham Turner Miss Bertha, Redmyre rd,str'field University Coaching College, Spring at Wohroonua College Walter Treleaven, M.A, B.Sc., Waterst, Wahrootiga Walker Misses M., Rothesay aye, Hyde Watkins Hiss G., Campbell at, Parramatta Watt Mrs. A., Highgate at, Bexley Way Miss Isabel, Robert at, Strathfield Wearue Misses, Judge at, Randwiok Whittaker Miss A., Grosvenor ores Summer Hill Wight Miss R., Alexandre at, Hunter's. Hill Wildman & Pike, Misses, Belmont at,. Mormon Willandria CollegeMiss F. Bradford, Lane Cove rd. Turramurra Williams Miss, Douglas at, Stanmare Williamson H. 'F., Duntroon at, Hurlstone. Park Women's College, St. Paul's rd, O'down Wyclibury Preparatory School G. P Wooldridge, M.A., principal, Parr.- maths rd, Burwood Tee Mrs. E., Arthur at, Carlton Young Miss E., Illawarra rd, M'ville Zerseho's Business College, Ltd., Liverpool st ANTHONY HORDERNSLSPOT CASH MERCHANTS. - EUROPEAN MANUFACTURERS. EUROPEAN MANUFACTURERS. ADVERTISING AGENTS. WILLS W. M., Cannon st, London,.0. PEN MANUFACTURERS. LEONARDT D. AND CO., Patentees aud Manufacturers of Steel Pens of every description, Penholders,. Universal Pen Works, Birmingham. London address: Farringdon Avenue, Farrinxdon at, KO. AMERICAN PRODUCE IMPORTERS. EDWARDS RICHARD AND 00., Covent Garden Market, London, W.C. ENGINEERS. Henrietta at, PENCIL-CASE MAKERS. MORDAN S. AND 00., City road, London (also Silver Goods generally). Telegram, "Pencils, London." Highest award at Melbourne Exhibition,. dm Banda Ltd. Manufacturers of Counter Check. Books, Account Books, and all Classes of Commercial and Law Stationery. Aft Yeitapireeld and, Yithographie Piintem Manufacturers of all Classes of Tins, Metallic Show Plates, Cartons for Dry Goods, etc., etc. MEAL THOMAS AND SONS, Engineers, Millwrights and Steel Mill Manufacturers, Eagle Wharf road, Horton, London, N. INDIUM. MANUFACTURERS. WARNE WILLIAM AND CO., Gresham st, London Works, Tottenham, England(ka advt.) MUSICAL BOX MANUFACTURERS. IPAILLARD C. AND CO., Holborn Viaduct, London and 0 Broadway, New York(See advt.) SAFES. SKIDMORE FIREPROOF SAFESJohn Sands IAA agents, George at, Sydney(ka advt.) STATIONERS (WHOLESALE AND EXPORT), WIGGINS, TEAPE AND 00., LIMITED, Papermakers, Wholesale and Export Stationers, Government Contractors, no., Aldgate, Loudon. Sydney Ofitoe, Paling's buildings, Ash st, off George at a; George Street, Sydney. Factory : Druitt Street. PAPER MANUFACTURERS, WIGGINS, TRAPE AND CO., LIMITED, Papermakers, Wholesale and Export Stationers, and Government Contractors, - Aldgate, London, Sydney Office, Ash at, off George at TOBACCO POUCH MANUFACTURERS. WARNE WILLIAM AND CO., Gresham at, London Mills, Tottenham, England(See advt.) WOOD COFFILL 'COMPANY LTD. MEAD OFFICEs OEORE STREET: PHONE CITY l 'TNE MOST COMPETENT AND LEAST COSTLY FUNERAL DIRECTORS IN AUSTRALASIA

53 sp Name. State. Di visits!. Name. State. Division. Abbott, LieutCol. Percy Phipps. Anstey. Frank, Esq. Archibald, Hon. William Oliver, Min I- ster of State for Trade & Customs Atkinson, Llewelyn, Esq. Bamford, Hon. Frederick William, Minister of State for Home Affairs Best, Hon. Sir Robert Wallace K.C.M.G. Boyd, lion. James Arthur Brennan, Frank, Esq. Bluebell, Reginald John, Esq. Burns, George Mason, Esq. Darr, Ernest Shoobridge, Esq. atts, James Howard, Esq. Manlier, The lion. John Moore, Chairman of Committees hapman, lion. Austin )harlton, Matthew, Esq. ook, Right Hon. Joseph, P.C. Jorser, Edward Bernard Orts.set, Esq. :lanky', George. Esq. Fenton, James Edward, Esq. Fiulayson, William Fyfe, Esq. Fleming, William Montgonscrie,Esq. Forrest, Right. Hots. Sir John, P.O., G.0(. Foster, Hon. Richard Witty fowler, lion. James Mackinnon Hynn, Hon. Patrick McMahon, K.O., lreene, Walter Massy, Esq. iregory, lion. Henry. broom, Hon. Littleton Ernest 'amino's, Alfred John, Esq.!annals, Joseph Francis, Esq.. iiggn, Hon. William Guy iughes, Right Hon. William Mortis, P.O., Prime Minister and Attorney.General.. nine, lion. Sir Willis,,, Hill, K.O.M.G., K.O... 'men, Hon. Jens August, Minister of State for the Navy. 'ohnson, He. William Elliot :elly, Hon. William Henry N.S.W. Vie. S A. Tsts. Q. Vie. Vic. Vic. W.A. N.S.W. N.S.W. N.S.W. N.S.W. N.B.W. N.S.W. N.S.W. Q. S. A. Vic. Q. N.S.W. W.A. S. A. W.A. S. A. N.S.W. W.A. Q. M. Vic. Q. N.S.W. Vic. Tan. N.S.W. N.S.W. New England Bourke Hindmarsh Wilmot Herbert Kooyong lienty Batman Fremantle Illawarra Macquarie Cook Itiverina Edenfonaro Hunter Parramatta Wide Bay Boothby Maribyrnong Brisbane Robertson Swan Wakefield Perth Aligns Richmond Dampier Darl'g Downs liendigo Fawkner Capricornia \Vett Sydney Filmier, Bass ng Wentworth Livingston, John, Esq. Lynch, John, Esq. Melton, Hon. Hugh Efalsony, William G poege, Esq. Maloney, William, Esq. Manifold, Hon. James Chester Mathews, James, Esq. McDonald, Hon. Charles. McGrath, David Charles, Req.. McWilliams, Willia u James, Esq. Moloney, Parker John, Esq. - O'Malley, Hon. King Orchard,. Richard Beaumont, Esq..,Ozanne, Alfred Thomas, Esq. (on active service). Page, lion. James Palmer, Albert Clayton, Req. Patten, Robert, Esq... Pigott, Henry Robert Maguire, Seq. Poyistess, Hon. Alexander, Treasurer of the Commonwealth. Riley, Edward. Esq. Rodgers, Arthur Stani,laus, EN.. Ityrie, General Granville. do Lanne C.M.G. (on active service)., Salmon, lion. Charles Carty. Sampson, Sydney, I sq. Sharps', James Benjamin, Esq. Sinclair. Hugh. Esq.. Smith, Hon. Bruce, K.O. Smith, William Henry Laird, Eq.. Spence, lion. William Guthrie, Vice. President of the Federal Exeout. Council Stumm, Jacob, Esq. Thomas, Hon. Josiah Thomson. John. Usq. Tudor. Hon. Frank Owynne Watkins, lion. David. Watt, Hon. William Alexander Webster, lion. William, Postmaster. General,. West, John Edward, Esq. Wise, George Henry, Esq. Yates, George Edwin, E gg. S.A. N.S.W. W.A. N.S.W. Vic. Vie. Vie. Q. Vie, TtiH, Vic. TBS. N.S.W. Vie. Q. Vie. N.S.W. N.S.W. S.A. N.S. W. Vic. N.S.W. Vie. Vie. Q. Q N.S.IV. Ts. N.S.W. Q. N.S.W. N.S.W. Vie. N.S.IV. Vie. N.S.W. N.S.W. Vic. S.A. Barker Werriwa Kalgoorlie Dailey Melbourne Corangatnite Melb. Ports Kennedy Ballarat Franklin Insil Darwin Nepean Cori Maranon Helmer' Hume Calera Grey. South Sydney. Wannest North Sydney Grampians Winsmera Oxley Moreton Parkes Denison Darling Liffey Barrier Cowper Yarrn Newcastle Balaclava 0 wydir Nast Sydney Gippsland Adelaide

54 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELLERY. GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY. DEPARTMENTS IN NEW SOUTH WALES CONROLLED POSTMASTER-GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT. Poet Office, Money Order Office, and Electric Telegraphs BY THE COMMONWEALTH. GENERAL POST OFFICE. Postmaster-GeneralThe Hon. William Webster Deputy Postmaster-GeneralEdwiu James Young Chief ClerkF. WhyeaII Medical OfficerA. E. Perkins Superintendent of the Mail BranchA. J. Christie Aatietant SuperintendentsJ. A. Mitchell ; E. G. L. Croft AeortlIntant W. Hitto CashierJ. W. Rineidi Senior InspectorR. W. Arnett InspectorsF. P. Brewer, H. T. M. Williams. J.. Molloy, : IL Nash, W. IS. Totnkinson, W. A. Varley, W. Morris, M. O'Connor, 0. C. McGarry, T. G. Leece, F. V. Beck% F. Claremont, W. S. Stanton, W. Legg, W. Ii. McGregor, S. Morris, W. T. Keating. Senior ClerkN. Anderson Money Order Branch. Clerk in ChargeG. F. Riddett Office open from a.m. till pan. daily ; Saturdays, till noon Electric Telegraph Branch.. De Grubby ; assistant managers, M. Laird,. Rae Assistant Electrical EngineerR. N. Partington Controller of StoresR. Eagle Electrical EngineerA. A. Dircks Clerk in charge Receiving BranchG. T. Richards 'telephone ManagerV. E. Butler ; assistant manager, E.. A. Langsworth OUTPORTS. Newcastlelet Class Sub-Collector, vacant ; Clerks, th Clam Boarding Inspector, ; Examining Officers; rd Clete, ; th 0, ; st Class Lookers, ; nd Class Lockers, ; Customs Assistants, ; Engine Driver and Fitter, ; Coxswain, ; Boys on Launch, ; Searchers and Watchmen, ; Messenger,. Morpeth and Maitland-th Class Sub-Collector, H. M. Watchorn Eden and Tweed RiverActing Officers of Customs, Port Stephens, Clarence River, Richmond River, and WollongongActing Officers of Custom., Port Kerala, Macleay River, and Bellambi Acting Officers of Customs, Elaine, Nambucca River, Bellinger River, Crookhaven Heads, Port Macquarie, and Mantling RiverActing Officers of Customs, BORDER BRANCH. StationBroken Hill (on the South Australian border) Sub-Collector, ; Clerks, EXCISE BRANCH. Distilleries, Refineries, Breweries, kc.chief Inspector, VI: H. Barkley, J.P.; nd Class Inspector, J. C. Hamilton Ird Class Inspectors, T. V. Smith, A. S. Taylor ; th Class Inspeoters, ; Clerks, ; let Glass Lockers, ; nd Class Lookers, ; Customs Amsistants, NoteThe positions of Acting Officers of Customs are held by officers bolding other positions under time btate Government PATENTS, TRADE MARKS, COPYRIGHTS At DESIGNS-- SUB-OFFICE, Commonwealth Bank Bldg., Sydney. DEPARTMENT OF TRADE AND CUSTOMS. Officer in charge-. Colwell Minister of Trade and Customs for the CommonwealthThe Right Hon. William Morris Hughes, P.C., M.P.. SYDNEYCustoms House, Circular Quay THE MILITARY FORCES OF THE COMMONWEALTH. State Collector of Oustoms--William Henry Barkley, J.P. let Clan Collector and Sub-Collector, SydneyH. D. Brown, COUNCIL OF DEFENCE. J.P. Regular Members. let CIES InspectorsJ. Banks, J. Musgrave. Minister of State for Defence (President)Senator The Hon. nd Class InspectorsA. R. Barry, S. R. Dibbs G. F. Pearce rd Class InspectorA. Herders The TreasurerThe Honourable Alexander Poynton nd Class Supervisor (Warehouse Branelm)-0. G. Inspector-GeneralVammt th Class Supervisor (Warehouse Branch)--(. H. Tindale Director of Naval ForcesRear-Admiral W. R. Creawell, ' AccountantA. W. Atkins-on 0.M.0. 'CashierJ. E. Powell Chief of the General StaffColonel (temp. Brig-General) H. Paying OfficerW. E. Cooper J. Foster, R.E., P0. (temp.) Clerks in chargestatistical Branch, J. F. McGuinness; Consulting Military EngineerLieut. Colonel P. T. Owen, Correspondence and Records, W. J. Anderson ; Jerquer's Res. of Officers Room, W. ). Taylor First Naval MemberRear Admiral Sir William R. Creswell, Boarding Inspectors-nd Class; J. R. McManus; rd Class,; R.O.M.G., R.A.N. th Class, Second Naval MemberCaptain (Acting) W. H. C. S. Thrhig, Revenue Detective InspectorJ. T. T. Donohoe R.N. (retired) Clerks, : Examining Offieers-n Class, 0 ; th Class, 0; And such officers of the Citizen Forces and expert advisers as from time to time, for any meetings of the let Class Lockers, ; nd Glass Lookers, ; Customs Assistants, ; Shipping Patrol Officer, ; Caretaker, Council, are summoned by the President to that meeting. Senior Messenger, ; Messengers, Assistants, ; Secretary. Engine Driver and Fitter, ; Engine Drivers, ; The Permanent Head of the Department of Defence Coxswains, ; Foreman Searcher (in charge), Commander fi. A. Pethebridge, 0.L0. ; Administrator Foreman Searcher and Watchmen, ; Searchers and Northern Pacific (Acting)T. Trimble (retired Commonwealth Watchmen, ; Tyr ists, ; Hoye on Launch,. Forces) WOOD, COFFILL COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: OEORGE STRUT. 'PHONE OM ANTHONY HORIEliNS' FOR ALL SPORTING REGUISITES\ GOVERNMENTAL AND WAR RAILWAY COUNCIL. PresidentVacant Hon. Colonel N. G. Bell, Manager of the Commonwealth Railways Hon. Colonel J. Harper, Chief Commissioner for Government Railways and Trawmnys, N.S W. Hon. Colonel C. E. Norman, Chairman, Victorian Railway Commissioners Hon. Colonel 0. B. Evans, C.M.G Commissioner for Railways, Queensland Hon. Colonel A. B. Moncrieff, 0.LG., South Australian Railways Commissioner. Hon. Colonel J. T. Short, J.P., Commissioner for Railways, Western Australia. Hon. Colonel G. W. Smith, General Manager Tasmanian Government Railways Lieut. Colonel P. T. Owen, Reserve of Officers, Consulting Military Engineer, C.M. Forces Captain F. Ticket!, C.M.G., Director of Naval Reserves, Royal Australian Navy Secretary. Captsin (lion. Major) W. H. Osborne, V.D., Australian Engineers (acting) BOARD OF MILITARY ADMINISTRATION. Regular Members. Minister of State for Defence (President)Sonator The Hon. G. F. Pearce. Chief of the General Staff (First Military Member) Adjutant-General (Second Military Member)Lieut.-Colonel (temp.) T. H. Dodds, D.S.O. (temp.) Quartermaster-GeneralColonel J. Stanley, Retired List (temp.) Chief of Ordnance (Fourth Military Member) Lieut.-Col. H. W. Danger, 0.C., R.A.F.A. (temporarily performing Finatnicueties) tember_ Lieut. Col. T. J. Thomas (acting) Secretary. Captain (m. Major) W. H. Osborne, V.D. (temp.) DEPARTMENTS OF TIM MILITARY BOARD. Department of the Chief of the General Staff and Commonwealth Section Imperial General Staff. Chief of the General StaffCol. (temp. Brig.-General) H. J. Foster, R.E. P0. Commonwealth Representative on the Imperial General Staff (Dominion Section) at War Office,.LondonVacant Director of Military OperationsMajor E. H. Reynolds, R. A.G.A. (temp.) - Director of Military TrainingMajor E. F. Harrison, R.A.G. A. (temp.) Director of Army SignalsCaptain (Hon. Major) J. Ilesketh, IL of 0. (temp.) General Staff Officer, nd GradeMajor E. II. Reynolds, R.A.G.A. General Staff Officers, rd Grade (temp.)captain A. A. J. Brown, R. of 0. (Imp.)), (temp.), and Captain B. L. Please, 0. Sect., G.S. (temp.). Editor of C.M. JournalCaptain It. It. Garland, (Unattached List). Department of the Adjutant-General. Adjutant-GeneralCol. (temp. Brig.-General) V. C. M. Sellhelm, C.B. Director-General of Medical ServicesColonel W. H. Shopbard, A.A.M.C. (temp.). Military Secretary and Director of PersonnelColonel (tem.), T. H. Dodds, D.S.O. Stall CaptainCapt. (temp.) N. G. N. Browne (temp.) QuartermasterQuartermaster (lion. Lieut.) F. II. Trask. Director of Rifle Associations and Clubs Captain W. H. Osborne, Engineers. Chief Instructor of Physical Training. Hon. Major F. J. Alderson Inspectors of Rifle Ranges. Hon. Colonel J. H. A. Lee, Retired List, nd bill. Dist. Captain.T. H. R. King, Retired List, rd Mil. DisL Hon. Lieut. H. 0. Grover, nd Mil. Dist. Hon. Lieut. J. James, th Mil. Dist. Hon. Lieut. P. Bowden, th MI. Diet. Hon. Lieut. R. J. Fraser, st Mil. Diet. Hon. Lieut. L. M. Ord, st Mil. Dist. Hon. Lieut. P. B. Sanders, th Mil. Dist. Department of the Quartermaster-General. Quartermaster-GeneralColonel J. Stanley, retired list (tom) Director of Equipmentlion. Captain A. J. L. Wilson, Military Staff Clerks (temp.) Director of Ordinance Services Director of Supply and Transport, and Chief Instructor A.S.C. TrainingVacant Director of RemountsQuartormaster and Hon. Major W. S. L. Robertson. Inspector of EquipmentColonel J. S. Lyster, Retired List DEPARTMENT OF THE CHIEF OF ORDNANCE, Chief of OrdnanceLieut.-Col. H. W. Danger (temporarily performing duties). Director of Artillery Chief Instructor of Field ArtilleryLieut.-Col. H. W. Danger, 0.0., R.A.F.A. Instructor of Field Artillery Inspecting Ordnance OfficerMajor H. B. L. Gipps, R.A.G.A. Assistant to Inspecting Ordnance OfficerQuartermaster (Hon.-Lieut.) J. 0. Rubale Gunnery InstructorQuartermaster (Hon.-Lieut.) H. A. Homo. Assistant Director of EngineersLieut.-Col. G. F. Wilkinson, R.A.E. Director of WorksCaptain T. Murdoch, R.A.E. Inspector of Ordnance Machinery and Officer in Charge of Armament ArtificersHon. Major R. Harding. Assistants to the Inspector of Ordnance MachineryHon. Lieut. T. Henderson; Quartermaster (Hon.-Lieut.) J. F. Breakspear Military Stall Clerks. Officer in Charge of ArmamentHon. Captain A. J. Coghill. Inspector of Artillery Equipment--Colonel J. Stanley (Retired List). Department of the Finance Member. Finance MemberLieut.-Col. 'I'. J. Thomas (temp.). Department of the Inspector-General. Inspector-General- Staff Officer Inspector ROYAL MILITARY COLLE0 OF AUSTRALIA. CommandantC,olonel J.W. Parnell, CALG. R.A.H. Officer in charge of Administrationlion. f.iout.-cloi. T. J. Thomas, A. told I. Staff AdjutantCaptain T. B. W. James, R.A.G.A. QuartermasterQuartermaster and Hon. Lieut. 0. Hiscook, R.A.G.A. SCHOOL Or MUSKETRY. Comnrindant-- Cidef Instructor (temp.)quartermaster (Hon. Lieut.) W. J. Maclennan, A. At ND MILITARY DISTRICT. DISTRICT HEAD QUARTER STAFF. District CommandantColonel (temp. Brig.-General) G. Ramaciotti, V.D. (temp.) Assistant Adjutant-GeneralLieut.-Colonel A. P. Lusoombe. General Staff OfficerMajor P. G. Sadler Deputy-Assistant Quartermaster-GeneralMajor F. W. Page. S.C. Field Artilleryvacant C.O. Royal Australian Garrison ArtilleryColonel A. II. Sandford, R.A.0.A Ste Officer Engineer ServicesLt. Col. A. W. Warden, V.D. A.B. (temp.) Principal Medical OfficerColonel E. S. Stokes. Medical Officer in Charge of Permanent TroopsLieut. Col, J. C. Robertson, A.A.M.C. Principal Veterinary OfficerLieut.-Col. A. P. Gribben, V.D., A.A.V.C. Staff Officer, Veterinary ServicesVacant Chief ClerkMajor W. J. filmerbon, A. A, IS. r NsTRCOTIONAL STAFF. Lieut.-Colonel D. P. White, A.I.F. Major (Brig.-Lt.-Col.) It. C. Holtzman, D.S.O. Major I'. L. Murray. Major F. W. Page. Captain P. Smith. Captain J. 0. Brosnan. Captain T. P. Conway. Captain D. V. J. Blake, A.I.F. Captain It. Rayne. THE LARGEST FIRM OF UNDERTAKERS AND EMBALMERS IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE

55 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR MOTORISTS' WANTS AND MOTOR GOODS. 0 GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY. Lieut. V. P. IT. Stantke. Quartermaster and Hon. Lieut. J. IL Roach. Hon. Lieut. J. Bond. Hon. Lieut. G. T. Sadler. lion. Lieut. H. Naghten. Hon. Lieut. J. Castello. Hon. Major L. Molloy. Hon. Lieut. 0. F. C. F. Shipley. Hon. Lieut. T. F. Coleman. Hon. Lieut. T. H. Kennett. Hon. Lieut. C. A. Mayes. Hon. Lieut. \V. Smith. Hon. Lieut. W. J. Maclennan. ORDNANCE DEPARTMENT. Senior Ordnance Officer Major W. J. Brown. MILITARY DISTRICT PAY OFFICE. District PaymasterLt.-Col. R. P. Mine OFFICER SUPERVISING RIFLE CLUPS. Mr. T. D. &carbon. TII LIGHT HORSE (Now England Light Horse). HeadquartersArmidale. Commanding OfficerMajor T. N. Johnstone. AdjutantLieut. G. T. Sims. GTII LIGHT HORSE (Hunter River Lancers). HeadquartersWest Maitland. Commanding OfficerMajor F. H. Thrift. AdjutantCaptain W. J. S. Galles. TH LIGHT HORSE (Now South Wales Lancers) HeadquartersParramatta. Commanding OfficerMajor J. McMahon. AdjutantMajor R. C. Mackenzie. TH LIGHT HORSE (Now South Wales Mounted Rifles). HeadquartersSydney. Commanding OfficerCaptain NV. H. Pridham (temp.) AdjutantVacant. TH LIGHT HORSE (Austrillan Horse). Headquartersfloulburn. Conunanding OfficerMajor W. U. Alley. AdjutantCaptain F It. Wedd. TH (IllawarTa) LIGHT HORSE. Headquarters West Kogarah. Commanding OfficerMajor P. Connolly. AdjutantCaptain P. Careton. PHYSICAL TRAINING INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF Hon. Captain A. Cooke-Russell, A.T.F. Hon. Captain W.. Flynn. Hon. Lieut. H. T. Woolley. Hon. Lieut. C. H. Harvey (temp.) ROYAL AUSTRALIAN GARRISON ARTILLERY. Coloner A. H. Sandford (Commanding). Major A. It P. Cross (Chief Instructor, School of Gunnery). LioutenantsG. P. W. A. Meredith, J.. Russell, C..T. Brookes, G. C. Rowe, C. R. Sheldon, A. N. Stoyles. Warrant Officers. Murray (Armament Clerk), M. Molynoaux, P. Macfarlane (Instructors, School of Gunnery), J. McCarthy (Bandmaster), J. W. Hallett, W. Hammond. ROYAL AUSTRALIAN FIELD ARTILLERY. LieutenantH. Stokes, A.I.F. AUSTRALIAN GARRISON ARTILLERY, N.S.W. HeadquartersSouth Head. TH GARRISON ARTILLERY. Captain W. S. Forsyth, 0.0. Ta GARRISON ARTILLERY. Major E. W. Warren, 0.0. RD GARRISON ARTILLERY. (Newcastle). MajorG. R. Short, V.D., 0.0. TH GARRISON ARTILLERY. Lieutenant- FIELD ARTILLERY. th BRIGADE-th, th and th Btys. (Sydney). C. 0.Lfeut.-Col. R. W. Lonehan, V.D. Orderly OfficerLient. W. G. Conley. AdjutantHon. Lieut. T. H. Kennett. MajorW. L. Johnston. CaptainT. I. C. Williams LieutenantsH. S. Lucas, A. H. Granger, It. H. Blashld, V. W. Smith. TH BEIGADE.-th, th and th Btys (Sydney). 0.0.Major A. G. Norton-Knight (temp.). AdjutantLieut. H. Stokes, R.A.F.A. Captainvacant. LieutenantsS. J. Walker, G. H. Parker, E. S. Playfair, P. A. Henry, T. J. Roche, B. S. Gaynor, K. G. Beetington. McEvoy, I'. H. Von-der-Heyde. th BRIGADE-th, th and th lays. C.O.Lieut.-Col. It. H. S. Wells, V.D. Orderly Officerflout. R. W. Hors. AdjutantLt. E. N. Corderoy (actg.) LieutenantG. A. Wilkins (Young). LieutenantsG. Kiddie (Albury), N. K. Frew (Albury), E. Campbell (Young), S. A. Palazzi (Wagga), M. I. Hardiman (Wagga), W. H. V. Withers (Young). CORPS OF AUSTRALIAN ENGINEERS-ND MILITARY DISTRICT Engineer Staff, Victoria Barracks. Staff Officer for Engincers-ajor (Br.-Lt.-Col.) A. W. Warden, V.D. Staff Officer for WorksMajor R.. Harrison. Division OfficerLiont. II. T. Goadby. DatftsmanMr. J. J. Byrne Warrant OfficerC. Turner ROYAL AUSTRALIAN ENGINEERS. George's Head. Officer Commandhig- LieutenantE. A. B. Andrewartha (A.I.F.). CORPS OF AUSTRALIAN ENGINEERS nd Military District. ENGINEERS (FIELD CoMPANY). Captain- TH ENGINEERS (F. COMPANY) Major (Br.-Lt.-Col.)A. W. Warden, V.D (commanding). TH ENGINEERS (SIGNAL TRooP) nd Lieut.-0. V. 0. Marr TH ENGINEERS (SIGNAL TRooP) LieutenantW. If. Payne. TH ENGINEERS (SIGNAL COMPANY) Captain J. E. Fraser, V.D. (commanding). TH ENGINEERS (SIGNAL COMPANY) LieutenantR. L. Laxtan RD ENGINEERS (ELECTRIC COMPANY) MajorII, S. Thresher (commanding) TH ENGINEERS (SUBMARINE MINING COMPANY) LioutenautW. A. Iluxtable, V.D. TH INFANTRY. CommandingLieut.-Colonel G. A. Rourke, V.D. AdjutantLieut. J. IL Mathews. TH INFANTRY BRIGADE HeadquartersNewcastie. BrigadierColonel J, Paton, V. I). Brigade MajorCaptain It. Rayne. TH INFANTRY BRIGADE. HeadquartersNorth Sydney. ColonelVacant. Brigade Major- TH INFANTRY BRIGADE. HeadquartersSydney. Brigadier CommandingLieut. Col. A. E. Chapman, V.D. Brigade MajorMajor P. L. Murray. Orderly Officer Brigade Bandmaster TH INFANTRY BRIGADE. HeadquartersSydney. Brigadier CommandingColonel 0. R. Campbell, V.D. WOOD, COFFILL l& COMPANY LTD. Livoir DEPT., - HARRIS ST. 'PHONE mi ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR ALL ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES. GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY. 0TH INFANTRY BRIGADE. BrigadierLieut.-Colonel It. C. Simpson. Orderly OfficerLient. (p.) II. It. Cramniond. TH INFANTRY BRIGADE HeadquartersKogarah. Brigadier CommandingColonel G. K. Kirkland Brigade MajorCaptain J. C. Brosnan Orderly OfficerLieut. (p.) R. C. Kirkland. TH INFANTRY BRIGADE. HeadquartersSydney. BrigadierColonel (temp. Bri g.-general) G. Rainaciotti, V.D. Brigade MajorCaptain T. P. Conway. Orderly OfficerLieut. (p.) K. A. Ferguson. TH INFANTRY (Armitiale). CommandingCaptain C. C. Norton. AdjutantLieut. G. A. Creasman. TH INFANTRY (West Maitland). CommandingMajor B. Nash. ' AdjutantLieut. (pr.), A. T. Browne. TH INFANTRY (Waratall). CommandingCapt. A. J. Ragland (temp.). AdjutantLieut. H. L. Bull. TH INFANTRY (Newcastle). CommandingVacant. AdjutantLiaut. J. E. Stewart. TH INFANTRY (Mosman). CommandingLieut.-Col. J. E. Jackson. AdjutantLieut. J. Mortimer. TH INFANTRY (NORTH SYDNEY). CommandingLieut.-Col. G. A. Rourke, V.D. AdjutantLieut. (pr.) J. H. Matthews. TH (lialtlait-gal) INFANTRY (Hyde). CommandingLieut.-Colonel M. J. Jacob AdjutantCaptain W. J. Rogers. 0TH (Parramatta) INFANTRY (Parramatta). CommandingMajor G. A. Roberts. AdjutantLieut.. 0. Caswell T (Woollalita) INFANTRY (Paddington) CommandingLieut.-Col. J. W. Crocker, V.D. AdjutantLieut. D. G. foleswortli, A.T.F. Lieut. (temp.) 0 R. Beale (temp.). ND INFANTRY (Randivick). CommandingMajor I).. Staples AdjutantLieut. II. B. Naghten ril INFANTRY (East Sydney Regiment, Paddington). CommandingLieut.-Col. A. E. Chapman, V.D. AdjutantCapt. W. J. Bradley. TH (City of Sydney) INFANTRY (Sydney). CommandingMajor H. C. Manning (temp.) Adjutant--Lieut. J. G. fackee. TH INFANTRY (Paddington). CommandingMajor B. F. Parker AdjutantLieut. J. S. F. Barnet. TH INFANTRY (Australian Rifles) (Balmain). CommandingLieut.-Colonel S. B. Dowsett AdjutantLieut. It. C. Langker T (Leielthardt) INFANTRY (Haberfield). CommandingMajor F. Gallagher AdjutantLieut. A. E. Heath RD INFANTRY (Camperdown). CommandingLieut.-Colonel '. W. Fallon AdjutantCaptain T. J. McHugh TH INFANTRY (Erskineville). CommandingBrevet-Major A. J. Christie AdjutantCaptain G. Christie TH INFANTRY (farrickville). CommandingLieut.-Colonel A. Jobson, A.T.F.; Major It S. Godsall (temp.) AdjutantLieut. A. B. S. White ROTH INFANTRY (arrickville). CommandingMajor I. Chaseling. AdjutantLieut. It. J. J. Thame TH (Illawarra) INFANTRY (Kiarna). CommandingCaptain K. Ryan, V.). AdjutantLieut. F. P. Blakey TH INFANTRY (Kogaral). CommandingMajor T. Rook Adjutant Lieut. H. D. Rook 0TH INFANTRY (Aslifleid). CommandingCaptain F. Wilkin AdjutantLieut. 0. A. Olds, Ail'. ; Lieut. C. F. Haven (acting) 0TH INFANTRY (Stratlifleld). CommandingMajor A. E. Longhurst Adjutant--Lieut. A. Houstan T (Blue Mountains) INFANTRY (Richmond). CommandingLieut.-Colonel J. J. Paine, V.I). AdjutantLieut. A. F. Noway ND (Lachlan-libiequarle) INFANTRY (Orange). CommandingCaptain A. T. Pringle, V.D. AdjutantCaptain J. F. King RD (Werriwa) INFANTRY (Goulhunt). CommandingCaptain B. II. Paine, V.D. AdjutantCaptain R. A. Page (temp.) TH (Riverina) INFANTRY (Albury). CommandingCaptain W. Gee Adjutant--Lieut. G. N. Fuller SYDNEY UNIVERSITY SCOUTS (Glebe). CommandingCaptain. Mackinnon AdjutantLieut. D. L. Howell AUSTRALIAN ARMY SERVICE CORPS. Assistant Director of Supply and TransportMajor A. F. Tanks. th A.A.S.C. (Neweastio)Lieut. ''. IC. Gibson th A.A.S.C. (North Sydney)Lieut. A. It. Catley A.A.S.C. (East Sydney)Lieut. J. A. McGrath th A.A.S.C. (Sydney) th A.A.S.C. (West Sydney) th A.A.S.C. (Western Suburbs)Lient. II. J. B. Cook th A.A.S.C. (Arneliffe)Lient. J. W. G. Rankin th A.A.S.C. (Bathurst)Lieut. It. T. Prior th A.A.S.C. (Neweastic)-.eut I'. Land A.A.S.C. (Bathurst)-.eut. N. 0. S. Bloomfield AUSTRALIAN ARMY MEDICAL CORPS. Principal Medical OfficerColonel E. S. Stokes AdjutantMajor J. H. Maclean QuartermasterHon. Lieut. C. Gray Command Sanitary OfficerCaptain L. It Parker 0.0., No. Base Hospital (Randwick)Lieut-Colonel G. Lane fillins C. II. E. Lawes th A.AC. ( North Sydney)Capt. R. T. Farber th A.A.M.C. (East Sydney)Major C. H. E. Lawns th A.A.M.C. (Syd.)-,eut.-Col. A. B. Perkins, 00., V.D. th A.A.M.C. (West Sydney)Major J. AL aeleani th A.A0.(Western Suburbs)Capt. II. C. E. Donovan, A.T.F. th A.A.M.C. (Ashileid)Captain If. J. F. Nord th A.AC. (Goulburn)Captain W. A. H. Burkitt th A.A.M.C. (Newcastle)- 0th A.A0. (Itichmond)--Captain S. W. ITogg 0th A.A.M.C. (West Sydney)Captain A. W. Hobbs 0th A.A0 (Western Suburbs)Captain H. IL &blink ARMY NURSING SERVICE. Lady Superintendent (temp'y)miss Rose Creal. MatronMiss J. B. johnstone Nursing Sisters- VETERINARY DEPARTMENT. Principal Veterinary OfficerMajor A. P. Gribben, V.D.i.0.V.S. CHAPLAINS DEPARTMENT. Senior Chaplain (Anglican Denomination)The Rev. Dean A. E. Talbot. Senior Chaplain (R.C. Denomination)Most Rev. M. Kelly, D.D. IMPORTERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF UNDERTAKERS' SUPPLIES, PORCELAIN WREATHS, CROSSES, id. ml

56 ANTHONY HORDERNS' NEW PALACE EMPORIUM. GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY. Senior Chaplain (Presbyterian Donomination)Rev. J Ferguson Senior Chaphin (Methodist Denomination)Rev. 0. J. Prescott, N.A. (acting) Senior Chaplain (other Protestant Denominations)Rev. A. H. Austin, M.A., A.I.F. ; Rev. P. Watson (acting). N.S.W. SENIOR CADETS. Headquarters :Area A, Darling Harbour- Upper Fort St., Sydney. (Meer Commanding th Battalion Senior CadetsCaptain Thomas Hughes. BOYS' TRAINING SHIP, H.M.A.S. "TINGIRA." ConitnanderJohn F. Robins, R.N. (retd.) Chaplain--Rev. Geo. N. McDonnell, B.D. Head SchoolmasterArthur H. Hopkins Chief GunnerW. Chisholm, R.N. BoatswainM. Lockhart, R.N. CarpenterFt Ganution, R.A.N. Warrant StewardR. W. Collins, R.N. LieutenantHarold L. Quick, R.A.N. SurgeonArthur R. O. Todd, M.B., Ch.B., R.A.N. Assistant Paymaster in ChargeWellington T. Hogan, It.A.N GunnerThomas J. Gribble (T.), R.N. ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY (N.S.W. DIVISION.) ADMINISTRATIVE AND INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF. Sydney District Naval OfficerCaptain F. H. C. Brownlow, A.D.C., V.D., R.A.N. Sub-District Naval OfficerLieut. J. White, R.A.N. Assistants to District Naval Officer and Sub-District Naval OflicerChief Gunner P. Keane, W. 0, F. J. Willett, R.A.N., W. 0. C. Frolick, R.A.N. Naval Staff ClerksJ. It. Flynn, J. Medley, M. McKinley, Engineering ManagerJ. Payne DockmasterJohn Pratt Deputy Store MeerGeo. T. W. Lawes Naval Staff ClerksHerbt. E. Morgan, lucid. I. Donovan, Fred. Thomas. NAVAL RINDIRVES ( AND 0). In CommandOommander Fearnley Lieut.-CommandersS. W. Spain, C. II. Coggin'. JOHN SANDS LTD. LieutenantsB. Black,'C. H. Read, 0. Gillam, C. Bfurnin SurgeonsT. W. Francis, A. W. Welhan, F. G. W. Stephens, M.D., Ch.M., F.R.G.S. ChaplainsRev. Allan Pain, Rev. AL F. McAuliffe (Newcastle), Rev. Foster Haire (Newcastle), Rev. Fraud; L. A. Schlooffel, Rev. It. J. Williame, Rev Bernd. O'Farrell, Rev. P. 0. Gorman. BandmasterWarrant Officer J. Rollard ( COMMONWEALTH AUDIT OFFICE, Commonwealth Bank Buildings (th floor), Moore St. J. W. Israel, Auditor-General for the Commonwealth. John Robinson, Examiner In Charge, N.S.W. COMMONWEALTH ELECTORAL OFFICE. Custom House, Circular Quay. J. G. McLaren, Commonwealth Electoral Officer for the State of N.S.W. COMMONWEALTH, INVALID, WAR PENSIONS, AND OLD ACE PENSIONS AND MATERNITY BONUS. Commissioner of Pensions (Melbourne), Mr. J. R. Collins Assistant Commissioner of Pensions (Melb.), Mr. C. J. Corutty Deputy Commissioner of Pensions (Sydney), Mr. Wm. MoPherson ( Bligh it).. COMMONWEALTH OFFICES. Commonwealth Bank Building, Moore Street Federal Ministers' Rooms (th lloor)-0cial Room for Members of Federal Parliament. COMMONWEALTH WEATHER BUREAU. Flagstaff Hill, Upper Fort street. Divisional OfficerStewart Wilson Assistant D.0.David J. Mares Meteorological Observations, dm. COMMONWEALTH PRICES BOARD. University Chambers, Philip St. Val Ackerman, Commissioner George H. Latter, Secretary WOOD COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE ST., CITY. 'PHONE CITY ON THE HISTORIC 'SLOPE OF BRICKFIELD HILL: GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY, STATE OF NEW SOUTH WALES. COVERNOR. Governor His Excellency Sir Gerald Strickland, G.O.M.G. Private Seeretary-rigadier-General IL Finn, 0 - Aide-de-CampCaptain A. W. M. d'aplee. Official SecretaryHenry S. C. Budge ClerkE. Berry Hall PorterSamuel 0. Allen OrderliesConstables Swan and Spicer Caretaker-. Strachan EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. PreeidentHis Excellency the Governor. Vice-Presldent of Executive CouncilThe Honorable J. D. Fitzgerald, M.L.C. Pr ender and Colonial TreasurerThe Hon. William Arthur Holman, M.L.A. Colonial Seeretary.The Hon. George Warburton Fuller,... Attorney-GeneralThe Hon. David Robert Hail, M.L.A. Vice-President of the Executive Council, and Minister for Health and Local Government.The Hon. John Daniel Fitzgerald, M.L.C. Solicitor-General and Minister of JusticeThe Hon. John Garland, K.C. ' M.L.C. Secretary for Lands and Forests.The Hon. William George Ashford, M.L.A. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL OFFICE. Clerk of the Executive"CouncilH. C. Budge. I Secretary for Public Works and Minister for Eallways.i The Hon. Richard Thomas Ball, M.L.A... Secretary for Mines and Assistant Treausrer.The Hon., John Charles Lucas Fitzpatrick, M.L.A. Minister for Agriculture.The lion. William Colman, Grahame, M.L.A. Minister for Labour and Industry.The Hon. George, Stephenson Beeby, M.L.C. Minister for Public Instruction.The Hon. Augustus Georg'? Frederick James, M.L.A. Member of the Executive Council (without portfolio).the Hon. David Storey, M.L.A. PARLIAMENT OF NEW SOUTH WALES. Ashton The Honorable James Beeby The Hon. George Stephenson, Minister for Labour and Industry Beaton Tire Honorable Joseph Lievesly, L.R.C.S., Irel. Black The Honorable Reginald.Tames Brown The Honorable Alexander Browne The Honorable Joseph Alexander, LLB. Bryant The Honorable Francis Henry Burns The Honorable Colonel James Buzaeott The Honorable Nichols's James Carruthers The Honorable Sir Joseph H., LL D. Greed The Honorable John Mildred, M.R.U.S. Danger The Honorable Henry Carey Dick The Honorable William Thomas Doyle The Honorable Henry Martin, L.E.C.P., Lou., L.S.A. Lou., BLR.O.S.E. Harp The Honorable George Frederick Farleigh Time Honorable J0 -Gilson Farrar The Honorable Ernest Henry Fitzgerald The Hon. John Daniel, Vice-President of tiro Executive Council, Minister for Public Health and Local Government. FitzGerald The Honorable Robert George Hondas Flowers The Honorable Frederick, President of the Legislative Connell Fosbery The Honorable Edmund Walcott. 0G. Gannon The Honorable James Conley, K.O. Garland The Honourable John, K.C., Solicitor-General and Minister for Justice Gormly The Holionsble James Replier The Honorable John PORCELAIN WREATHS AND CRUM LEMSLATIVE COUNCIL. rd PARLIAMENT. FoURTII SESSION. President-m FREDERIOK FLOWERS. Chairman of CommitteesHON. B.. O'CloNort, LL.B. Hoyden The Houomble Louis Francis Hill The Honurable William Charles Holborow The Honorable Colonel William Hillier, Holden The Honorable Thomas Douglas Percy Hughes The Honorable Thomas Hunt The Honourable Alfred Edgar Hurley Time Honorable William Fergus Kater The Honorable Henry Edward Kavanagh The Honorable Edward John Mackay The Honorable Colonel James Alexander Kenneth, O.B. Blackener The Honorable Sir Charles Kinnaird, Kt., M.D., McCaughey The Honorable Sir Samuel, Kt. Bfeagber Tho Honorable John Meeks The Honorable Alfred Willie:r Moses The Honorable Henry Nash The Honorable John Brady, M.D. O'Clortor The Honorable Broughton Barnabas, LL.B. (Chairman of Committees) Roberts Tee Honorable Charles James, C.M.G. Robson The Honorable William Sluelair The Honorable Andrew Stull' The Honorable Fergus Jag Smith The Honorable James Joynton Taylor Tee Honorable Sir Allen Arthur, Kt. Travers The Honorable John Wetherspoon The Honorable John Trethowan The Honourable Arthur King White Tire Honorable James Cobb Wilson The Honorable James Winehcombe The Honorable Frederick alr WE IMPORT AND HOLD THE FINEST ASSORTMENT IN AUSTRALIA

57 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR LADIES' KID AND FABRIC GLOVES. GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY LESISLATIVE ASSEMBLY. TWENTY-THIRD PARLIAMENTFOURTH SESSION, clerk of the Legislative AssomblyW. S. Mowle Second Clerk AssistantH. L. Harnett clerk AssistantS. G. Boyden anti Clerk of Select CommitteesW. S. Christie Abbott M., Req. (Upper Hunter) Hoskins Tom J., Esq. (Dulwich Hill) Arkins James (ley Dailey (Castlereagh) Hoyle Henry Clemeet (Surry Hills) Arthur Richard, Esq., M.D. (Middle Harbour) Hunt John Charles, Esq. (Camden) Ashford The Hon. William George, Esq. (Liverpool Plains) James The Hon. Augustus George Frederic, Req. (Goulburn) Bevan W. R. Esq. (St. George), temporary Chairman of Reared'', William, Esq. (Ceettnock) Committees Keegan Thomas, Req. (The (Ilebe) Ball The Hon. Richard Thomas, Esq. (Corowa). I tine Herbert William (Armidale) Black George, Lsq. (The Name') Lang J. T., Esq. (Granville) Bogen W. J., q. (Wave Wagga) Latimer William Fleming, Esq. (Woollithra) Briner George Stuart. Esq. (Raleigh) Lee The Hon. Charles Alfred (Tenterfield) Brown The Hon P Lachlan) Levy Daniel, Esq. (Darlintthurst) Brown William, Esq. (Durham) McDonald George Roy William, Esq. (hlinima) Bream!! Albert Esq. (Parramatta) McGarry Patrick, Req. (The Murrumbidgee) Burgess George Arthur Esq. ( Burrangong) McGirr John Joseph Gregory, Req. (Yass) Cann George, Esq. (Canterbury) McGowan The Hon. James Sinclair Taylor (Redfern) Oarmielutel The Hon. Ambrose Campbell (Leichhardt) Meagher The Hon. Richard Denis (Speaker) (Phillip) (Many P. A., bog. (Tainworth) Mercer James Ballantine, Esq. (Rozelle) Cochran John Patriek, E,,q. (Darling Harbour) Millard William. Esq (Begs) Cooks Arthur Alfred Clement, Esq. (St. Leonardo) Miller Gustave Thome Carlisle, Esq. (Menem)) Cohen John Jacob, Esq. (Petersham) Minalian Patrick Joseph..;,q. (Delmore) Colquhoun P. B., Esq (Moeman), temporary Chairman of Morrishm Jaime John, Esq. (King) Committees Merton Henry Douglas, Esq. (He/dings and Macleay) Crane J. T., Req. (Gwydir) Morton Mark Fairies. Esq. (Aliowrie) Crawford Thema. Simpson, Esq. (Marrickville) Nesbitt G., Esq. (Hastings and Maeleay) Cusack John Joseph, Esq. (Albury) Nicholson Major Charles Edward, V.D. (Maitland) Dooley Janice, Esq. thartley) Nicholson John Barnes, Esq. (Wollongong) Dunn William Frazer, Req. (Mudgee) Onslow Colonel James Willion Macarthur (Bondi) purack E., Esq. (Bathurst), temporlry Chairman Of Com- Osborne John Percy, Esq. (Paddington), temporary Chairman - Maces of Committees ledge Alfred (Kehl/fah) Page Frederick Joseph Req. (Botany) Retell John (Walleye!) Perry The Hon. John (Byron) Pallid James, H.q. (Singleton) Price Itiollard Atkinson, Elm (Gloucester) Fern Charles Stuart, Req. (Caber) Robson William Eillett Vette)), Req. (Ashfield) Fingleton J., Esq. (Waverley) Geode Robert, Esq. (The Murray) Pitspetriek The Hon. John ()Merles Lucas, Esq. (Orange) Storey The Hon. David, Esq. (Randwick )_ Fuller The lion. George Warburton (NI oliondlily) Storey John, Esq. (Balmain), Temperer/ Chairman of Committees Gardiner Arthur Rowland, Esq. (Newcastle) Oral! Alexander, Esq, (Drummoynd Stuart-Robertson Robert James, Esq (Camperdown) Grahame William Oilman, Esq. (Wickham) Thomas!toilet Johns, Esq. (Gough) Griffith Arthur Hill (Annandale) Thompson W Es q. Ryde) Grimm A. IL, Esq. (Ashburnham) Thrower Thomas Henry, Esq. (The Macquarie), Chairman of Brinsley, Esq. (The Hawkesbury) Conunitteee Hall Tim Hon. Oavid Robert (Rumors) Toombs Captain Samuel, Esq. (Ifurstville) Haynes John (Willoughby) Weddell The Hon. Thomas (Lyndhurst) Manley Thomas, Esq. (Durwood) Wade The Hon. Charles Gregory, K.O. (Gordon) Hickey Simon Esq., (Alexandria) Wright.T. (Willyania) Rollie Robert, ' Esq. (Newtown) Zuill William Arthur (Clarence) Mohnen The Hon. William Arthur (Cootatnundra) OFFICERS OF THE LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL AND ASSEMBLY. LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL. Clerk of tin, ParliatnentsW L. S. Cooper Clerk Aestetant C. II. H. Calvert U _eh lor or 0 t ime us ae k Rod lid Find ClerkW. Jib. Clapin Second ClerkW. K. Charlton. Third ClerkD. A. Campbell PARLIAMENTARY LIBRARY. LibrarianPravels Walsh Assistants Pi rst, Ernest E. Wahlberg ; Second, J. J. Quinn, B.A. LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY. Acting Clerk of the Legislative AssemblyW. S. Mow!. Acting Clerk Assietant--Sydney G. Boydell Acting Second Clerk AssistantH. L. Harnett Serjoant-at-Anne and Clerk of Select CommItteesW. S. OltrIst le First Clerk and Clerk of ItecordsJ. AL Webb Acting Clerk of Printing BranchW. It. MeCourt Acting Clerk-in-Charge of Printed PapersW. Leslie Moore ClerksF. B. Langley, S. It- AfeClowen, V. S. Willis r IMPERIAL GOVERNMENT ESTAILISHMENT. ROYAL MINTSYDNEY BRANCH. Macquarie street. Deputy AfaeterE. von Arniteltn,.0. SaperintendentD. J. K. Colley AssayerH. B. ( ritton Registrar and AcconntantJ. H. Campbell Senior ClerksA. J.O. Christie and J. O'D. H nelleo, B.A. LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL AND ASSEMBLY. StewardS. C. Young PARLIAMENTARY REPORTING STAFF (if ANSA.RD). Shorthand Writers John B. Doing (Principal) A. II Cookburn IL Downey R. Asher R. R O. Carrington. G. M. Baker A. IL Kay F. W. Lyne J. Ramsay H. Dougaerty. W. Hine " HANNAR0 " ClerkP. J. Gandon T ists- J. Tracey Miss IL S. Garran Mrs. V. E. Smallwood PARLIAMENTARY SPA DING COMMITTEE OF PUBLIC WORKS. SecretaryArthur Blenkill ClerksA. Hurley and H Miller TypistMiss S. Afahony COFFILL AND COMPANY (sie WOOD, COFFILL AND COMPANY) "HONE CITY ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE WHITE SEWING MACHINE. GOVERNMENTAL AND P AR LIAMENTARY. PREMIER. The Premier is charged with the departmental business connected with the two Houses of Parliament, Including the official publication of tho debates and correspondence with the President of the Legislative Council and the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. He corresponds with the Commonwealth and other Governments, and with the Foreign Consuls. The following Departments are under his supervision and control, viz., the New South Wales Agency General in London, The Department of Immigration, Governments of Now South Wales and Victoria, London, so far as the former state Is concerned, and the Immigration and Tourist Bureau. PREMIER'S DEPARTMENT, Macquarie Street. PremierThe Honorable NV. A. Holman, M.L.A., Colonial Treasurer SecretaryC. H. Hay Publicity OfficerE. F. H. Harpur Chief ClerkF. C. G. 'fresnlett, B.A. First ClerkF. W. Jones Clerk and AceountantW. J. Swan, LL.B. ClerksW. H. B.Taggart, It. Acton, W. J. Hanley (accounts), R. S. Coates, H. S. Quinlin, A. A. Fowlee, Frances A. Harnett, S. Mayeamps, E. I'. Cohen, W. Edwin Finney, S. J. Gilbert STATE GOVERNMENT HOUSE. Official Secretary to His Excellency the Budge. ClerkE. Berry. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL. ClerkH. S. C. Budge AGENT-GENERAL'S OFFICE. - Cannon Street, London, EX. Consulting and Inspecting EngineerW. Shelishear, M.I.O.E. Agent-General--Sir T. Coghlan, Kt (Acting). SecretaryT. 0. White. Clerk in Charge, General OfficeH. Gordon. DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION, GOVERNMENTS OF NEW SOUTH WALES AND VICTORIA, Melbourne Place, Strand, London. Assistant SuperintendentE. Itayment, IMMIGRATION AND TOURIST BUREAU. Challis House, Martin Place, Sydney. SuperintendentF. C. Clovers Assistant SuperintendentE. H. Palmer Tourist OfficerG. '. Neill Immigration and Land Settlement OfficerA. S. Davies. AccountantF. J. Docker. Sub-AccountantPercy Cox Sub-editor of PublicationsO. R. Hogue Assistant Immigration OfficerH. S. Lamble. STATE WAR. COUNCIL. Challis House, Martin Place, (Basement) SecretaryFred. C. Govers RETURNED SOLDIERS' EMPLOYMENT BUREAU. RegistrarF. G. C. Hanslow SecretaryFred, C. Govern CHIEF SECRETARY'S OFFICE AND OFFICE OF MINISTER OF PUBLIC HEALTH. OfficeBridge and Macquarie streets And the Departments and Business under their Supervision and Control. The Chief Secretary is charged with The Public Seal, Registration of Commissions under the Public Seal, Appointment of Magistrates, Business Relating to Ecclesiastical Establiehments, Issue of CIVIL DEPARTMENTS, Racecourse Licenses and Licensee for Public Entertainments, Department of Audit, Police Department, Departmental Business connected with Lord Howe Island, Meat Supply for Imperial Uses, Weighta and Measures, Board of Fire Commissioners of New South Wales, Aboriginete Protection Board, Registry of Friendly Societies and Trade Unions, Electoral Office, Bureau of Statistics, Fisheries and all matters of business no& expressly assigned and confided to any other Minister The Chief Secretary corresponds with The Returning Officers of Electoral Districts, Mends of several Churches, and also, as occasion may arise, with other Public Officers and Public Bodies T he Minister of Public Health Is charged with The issue of Licensee for Private Hospitalo, Medical Establishments (including the o (Deers appointed for the purposes of vaccination and the Medical Board), Institutions for the Care and Treatment of Inebriates, Institutions for the Care and Treatment of the Insane, Metropolitan and Country Hospitals, Charitable Institutions aided from the consolidated revenue, Exhumation of Bodies for the purposes of Re-Interment, Baby Clinics, Office of the Director-General of Public Health (including Government Aeylmns, Coast, Dettlatone, David Berry. Lady Edam) and Strickland Hospitals, Waterfall Sanatorium, Bureau of Aficroblology, and Advisory, Committee under the Pure Food Act), Master in Lunacy's Office, Dental Board, Metropolitan Meat Industry Board Colonial SecretaryHon. George Warburton, M.L.A. Minister of Public Healthlion. John Daniel Fitzgerahl,ALL.O. Under-Secretary and Chief Electoral OfficerEdward Burns. Harkness, J.P. Chief ClerkSydney Fotheringham, J.P. AccountantR, IT. Beardetnere. ArchitectP. BarneL Senior (Berke If. W. Johnson, H. Deering. Senior Clerk (Fisheries Brancil)J. A. Brodie Principal Electoral RegistrarS. J. PInnington. DENTAL BOARD, Richmond Terrace, Delimit'. PresidentMajor Donald Smith, Esq,, J.P. Board MembersAlfred Burns, D. D.S., E. It. Magnus, D.D.S., It. Fairfax Reading, L D.S. (Eng.), J. J. Kelly, M.D., Dr. Palmer, AL A. Noble, Esq., A. W. Cleary, FAq, Acting RegistrarL. McIntosh METROPOLITAN MEAT INDUSTRY BOA RI) Members of the Board- ChairmanG. H. S. King. The fon. Frederick Flowers, M. L.C. ; Percy Ifordern, J.P. SecretaryC. AL Afoesch. DEPARTMENT OF AUDIT. OfflooCeetlereagh House, coi tier Castleiertgb and Hunter ets Auditor-GeneralFrederick Albert Cogitinn. Chief Inspector of Public AccountsJ. MoKern. Senior Inspectors of AccountsR. If. Reilly, If. E. Notting, J. S. Campbell. F. A. Baylis, T. It. B. Moppett, L. J. Pooley. Inspeetors of Public AccountsJobn G. Bisect, J. C. Gray, N. Black, J. A. Davis, A. C. K. MacKenzie, A. Creagli, P. \V. Smith. Examiner. in ChargeA. G. McShane,.W. H. Smith, R. H. Ellis, F. Gribben. Officer in charge Correspondence and Records BranchG.0. INSPECTOR-GENERAL OF POLICE- OfficePhillip and Hunter streets. Inepecthr-General of Police -James Mitchell, J.P. eereterv David It. McCall, J.P Chief Clerk--S. A. Maddocke Accountant A. E. James Record ClerkG. Ii. Anderson AS FUNERAL DIRECTORS WE RANK AMONGST THE LARGEST IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE

58 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR SAFETY RAZORS AND STROPS. GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY. SuperintendentsJohn Tait, Jr., and James Spence Superintendent of TrafficAlfred Edward,J.P. Divisional InspectorsM. Brooks, IL Baxter, T. Kelly, A. Branston, D. Stephen, mo. Fullerton, G. Brown, Chas. Gumley, W. P Barman, J. C. Smith, W. II. Carson, T. 'McDonald, William J.Jones, It. H. Barry, C. W. Homes. Inspectors (Traffic Branch)W. B. Spence and F. N. Brack Criminal Investigation Branch InspectorJohn Walker Finger Print BranchSergeant J. A. Fowler Inspector in Charge of Water PoliceJ. J. Wallace District Inspector under Licensing Act Inspector Matthews, Central Police Station Police DepotSuperintendent A. A. Sykes, Inspector It W. Mills Depot StoresInspector Charles Smith WEIGHTS AND MEASURES. Office--0 Pitt st Chief Inspector of Weights and Measures, and Inspector of Colliery Weighing Appliances under the Coal Mines Regulations Act of 0 Alfred Edward, J.P. LUNACY DEPARTMENT. Offloe- Richmond Terrace, Domain Inspector-Genentl cif Insane Erie Sinclair, M.D., J.P. MASTER IN LUNACY. Mee Chancery Square. Master in LunacyH. P. Owen Deputy Master anti Chief ClarkF. E. Barraclough First Clerk-0. H. Bennett Legal OfficerA. J. Coates AccountantE. 0. F. howling Sub-Accountant (Revenue)W. F. O'Brien Property ManagerA. E. Hellyer DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC HEALTH, N.S.W Offices, 0 Macquarie Street north. THE BOARD OF HEALTH. PresidentIt. T. Piston, F.R.C.S. (Edin.), L.R.C.P. (Edln.), M.D. (Brux.). MembersHon. C. K. blackener, M.D., M.L.O., Edmund Fosbery, M.L.C., 00., Joseph Foreman, E. J. Flynn, Professor Sir Thomas Anderson Stuart, M.D., LL.D., A. F. Robinson, the President Chamber of Commerce, the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Cecil Purser, M.B. ; SRCrotary, T. If. Neely Senior Medical Officer of Public HealthW. 0. Armstrong, M.D., D.P.II. Assistant Medical OfficersF. M. Suckling,., D.P.IL, A. T. Clutpple, M.B. Mealcal Officer of Health, Metropolitan Combined Districts.. S. Purdy. Medical Officer of Heath, Hunter River Combined Districts Robert Dick, M.B., D.P.H. INSPECTORIAL STAFF. Chief Veterinary InspectorVacant. Assistant Veterinary InspectorR. O. Bell, M.E.C.V Dairy InspoctorsT. V. Blomfield, E. P. Foster, A. Siddime W. A. Mackie,. Yee, J. G. Docking, S. 0. Flood, J. El. Lyons, W. G. Johnston, J. Lacey, It. Faunce, F.. Madden, F. J. Page, V. M. Novell. Sanitary InspectorsE. Cresswick, K. B. Kenway, T. W. Curry, L. M. Jackson, H. W Wormald, J. Abberton, B. E. Day. Inspector State Hospitals and AsylumsA. Lake. CLERICAL STAFF. AccountantE. Thomthwalte. Chief Clerk.T. T. Potter. CierksH, I. Tompkins, J.. Renshaw, C. E. Alexander, F. L. Carroll, I. V. Boyle, W. J. Gordon, O. J. Watt, E. C. Curran, J. Fitz,. Willeoek, L. F. Sparks, J. E. Pattie, G. N. Thomson MEDICAL DEPARTMENT. Director-General of Public HealthR, T. Paton, F.R.0 L.R.O.P. (Mu.), M.D. (Brux.). SecretaryT. H. Neely. Government Medical Officer, SydneyA. A. Palmer, M.B., Ch.M. Second Government Medical Officer, SydneyA. 0. Cahill, M.B. Ch.M. Visiting Medical Officer, Public Institutions, ParrarnattaW, S. Brown, M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.S.A. (Lend.). GOVERNMENT LABORATORY. Government AnalystT. Cooksey, Ph.D., B.Sc. (Lomb.). Second Government AnalystW. B. Doherty, F.C.S. Senior Assistant Analyst--S. G. Walton, F.C.S. Assistant Analystif. B. Taylor. COAST HOSPITAL. Medical SuperintendentR. J. Millard, M.B., Ch.M. House SurgeonsD. Wallace, MB.; J. A. James; M.D., Ch.M. ; F. bf. Farber, M.D. ; T. J. Friuli, M.B. Senior Assistant Superintendont--R. Goldrick. DispenserM. F. FitzGibbon. MatronAlice Watson. There are also some Government Medical Officers and Vaccinators appointed in the chief towns of the State, who ere paid fees for services rendered. State Hospital and Asylum, LiverpoolSenior Medical Superintendent, vacant ; Honorary Consulting Physician, Walter Hull, M.D., S.E., L.R.C.P.L. ; Hon. Oplithatmic Surgeon, Obas. 'I emple Smith, Id B., Ch.B., F.R.O.S., Edin., D.O., Oxon. ; Matron, Mrs. L. Le Jenne; Manager, It, J. Brown State Hospital and Asylum, LicicombeMeefical Superintendent. R. A. Fox, M.D. ; Junior Medical Officer (Resident), W. A. McDonald, M.D., Syd. ; Hon. Surgeon,. B. Nash, M.D., bt.r.o.b., Eng., Pet L.C. ; Hon. Dermatologist, Charles Ayres, M.B., Ch.M.; Hon Ophthalmic Surgeons, A. Wallace Welhon, M.D., B.S. ; Hon. Neurologist, Andrew Davidson, M.D. ; Hon, Assistant Surgeon, W. C. Grey, MB., M.S. ; Manager, T. W. Hamner ; Matron, Miss. Sherwood. State Hospital and Asylum, Newington Manager, W. Megarvey ; Junior Medical Officer (resident), E. R. Morris, M.D., Bite. Surg. Univ. Melbourne ; Visiting Medical OfficersHon. Neurologist, Andrew Davidson, M.D. ; Hon. Ophthalmia Surgeon, G. A. Pockley, M.B. ; Hon. Surgeons, 0. MaoLaurin, M.D., F.R.O.S., Edin., W. A. B. Sharp, M.B., Mast. Surg. 0 Univ. Sydney, and F.R.C.S. Edin. 0. (Hon. Gynaecologist); Matron, Letitia Harden George Street Asylum, ParramattaMatron, H. Peake. Macquarie Street Asylum, ParramattaMatron, H. Crimes Cottage Homes for Aged Couples, ParmmattaAttenciant in Charge, W. Warren Waterfall SanatoriumMedical Superintendent, H. W Palmer, M.D., Ch.M. ; Manager, C. facdermott Junior Medical Officer (resident), Henri Victor David Beret, M.B. Honorary Consulting Physician, S. H. bfacculloch, M.D., Ch.M.; Honorary Physician, C. Purser M.D., Ch.M. Matron, Miss. Katherine Walsh Hon. Ear, Throat and Nosr surgeon to Liverpool, Lidcombe and Newington AsylumsRichard Arthur, M.D., M.L.A. ELECTORAL OFFICE. Chief Secretary's Department, Phillip street. Chief Electoral OfficerE. B Harkness Principal Electoral RegistrarS. J. Pinnington Registrar Metropolitan ElectoratesR. C. Scott BUREAU OF STATISTICS AND REGISTRY OF FRIENDLY SOCIETIES AND TRADE UNIONS. Bureau of Statistics Office, and Registry of Friendly Societies and Trade Unions, - Young et. Government Statistician and Registrar of Friendly Societies and Trade Unions.T. B. Trivett, F.R.A.S., F.S.S. Chief AssistantH. A. Smith, F. CompilersT. Waltes, It. t. Mitchell, S. M. Cook, G. C. Goodman, J. J. Kelly, A. L. \liter,. \V. Whealey, I'. 0. Drake, A. J. Doyle, J. A. Boden, W. C., J. A. Byrne, G. L. Ardill, Miss M. C. Ryan, F. C. Jackson, I'. B. l'earson, A. M. Cass, Miss E. W. Parsons, J. AleEllione, B. Makin, ANTHONY HOBRERIS'STATIONERY BOOKS AND TYPEWRITES_ GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY. InspectorsB. P. McEvoy, J. J. Rynn. ExaminerJ. A. McGrath. ClerksW. F. Tarplee, H. L. Clough, A. W. S. Creber. J. H. Kenny, F. H. Jones, P. J. Carroll, J.. T. White, W. Currie, J. A. Farley, W. A. L. Mend. Shorthand Writers and TypistsMiss A. L. G. Charlton, Miss E. D. Jenkins. MessengersR. Nelson, K. A. Wells. Cleaner and AttendantK. A. Winking STATE FISHERIES. OfficeChief Secretary's Office (Bridge St.) Senior ClerkJ. A. Brodie 'ClerksW. C. Boesser, W. Barbour, G. E. Biddies, A. E. Sims, F. J. Smythe, F. f. Gilchrist Shorthand Writers and Typists-iss N. Cournane, liss H. J. Longworth 'Surveyor and DraughtsmanA. W. Wood. DraftsmenD. Isherwood, R. D. Andrews InspectorsJ. B Grano (Supervising Inspector), T. Smith, S. W. Hockey, W. N. G. Hincksman, F. T. Newton, W. McBride, E. J. Paton, E. C. Smaller', G. A. Edwards, W. Barclay, P. J. Erwin, J. G. Latta,. Bennett, G. Glading, F. C. Aldrich, S. H. Foster, E. H. Curtis, R. J. Barclay, H. Aldrich, E. Aitken, J. F. Connolly, W. Beetham, NV. W Wakeimm, W. L. Butters, J. Maloney, A. S. V. Latta, C. E Tideewell, E. Barclay, W. Beetham, E. Fanning (Fish Inspector), F. W. Smithers (Fish Inspector) AttendantA.. Hastings STATE TRAWLING INDUSTRY. Head Office : General ManagerDavid G. Stead, F.L.S. ( Loud.), Corr. Mein. Am. Fish. Soc. Accountant and Assistant ManagerF. J. Herlihy, D.E.C. Assistant AccountantR. M. F. Dunban. SecretaryGilbert W. Bates. Typiste and Shorthand WriterAlison Beveridge. Clerks-. L. Graham, C. A. Crockett, T. R. P. Howard, N. B. Lloyd, It. C. fenser, E. J. Brazier, Josephine A. King. Refrigerating EngineerE. W. Dibley, Ani.Soc.Ref. Eng. Central Distributing Depot : Officer-in-ChargeC. N. fillets Fish OverseerOscar Meyer State Trawlers " Brolga "Skipper. Cole " Kornaga "Skipper A. B. lima " Gunundael "Skipper J. Forder Officers-in-Charge State Fish Depots. No., C. Allsopp ; No., Mary Dempsey ; No., Jean Cole ; No., A. P. Summergreene ; No., B. Allan. Head Net-BraiderJeannie Cale. FIRE BRIGADES. Metropolitan and Suburban. Under the control of the Board of Fire Commissioners of New South Wales, upon which the Fire Brigades Act, 0, has devolved responsibilities of all Fire Brigade Boards in the State. Board of Fire Commissioners of Now South WalesOffice, Castlereagh st, Sydney. Mem/wsPepresentative of the Government : lion. Ernest Henry Farrar, M.L.C., president ; Representative of the Insurance Companies : If. P. Franelim Representative of the City and Suburban Municipal Councils, Alderman William Taylor,.'. ; Representative of the Country Mu delimit! Council., Alden/Ian It. Sheperd, J.P. ; Representative if the Volunteer Fire Brigades : J. F. Beswiek ; Secretary : H.. Webb, J.P. Chief Clerk and Accountant : L. A. Wickham ; Examiner : C. 0. Anderson ; Clerks :. II. Lynch, J. Ferguson F. Geary, V. C. Reynolds, W. A. Hobbs, W. Osborne, -G. E. Crispin. F. Wilson. L. 0. Watt, It. H. Sadler, E. Itoulston. J. W. Cooper, Aichin, W. E. Rhodes, F. Graham, II. 0. Brown, N. II incheliffe, W. Wiggins. lessenger: G. Denham ; Typists : Miss S. Byren, I. Merry. Clerk of WorksW.McNiven. Workshops DepartmentPrincipal Mechanic : E. Stoneham, J.P.; Assistant Mechanic : it. King ; and Staff of. Electrical DepartmentPrincipal Electrician : E.Smith, J.P Assistant Electrician : C. Broadhurst; and Staff of. Stores DepertmentSturekeeper : J. E. Peters ; Assistant, A. L. Stark. New South Wales Fire BrigadesThe Permanent Brigade numbers 0 of all ranks, and the Volunteer Brigade. A very complete Fire Alarm System is in operation in City and Suburbs, and is being constantly extended. Up to the present Street Fire Alarms, conn.eted to various Fire Stations, have been installed. No. Headquarters-- Castlereagh Street, Sydney. Chief Officer : A. G. Sparks ; Deputy Chief Officer : F. Jackson ; District Officer : G. Grimmond ; Officer in Charge of Salvage : G. Cox, and men. Plant--I Steam Fire Engine, Petrol Motor Engines, Petrol Motor Salvage Waggon, Electric Motor Ladder (ft.), Supply Waggon, Van, and a large quantly of hose, sealing ladders, gear, tools, and other applinnees kept ready for use. From the Station 0 Imes telephone exchange communicate with other Fire Stations, Police Statione, Theatres, Hospitals, Wharves, etc., and also with a number of private firms having direct lines for fire alarm purposee. No., George Street West. George Street West. Fourth 0icer,.Tohn F. Ford ; District Officer, C. G. Digby ; Sub-Station Officer, J. Bowden and 0 men ; Plant,- Petrol Motor Engine, Motor Ladder (0 Let), Buggy, Cart, Horse, etc. No., Circular QuayGeorge Street North and Barton Street. Third Officer, Sydney Watson ; Station Officer, J. Creek, and men. Plant- Motor Ladder (0ft.), Steam Fire Engines, Petrol Motor Engine, Heroes. etc. No., DarlingliurstViemria Street and Darlinghurst Road, Station Officer, A. Wickham, and men. PlantI Petrol Motor Engine, Curzicle Ladders, Horse, etc. No., NewtownAustralia Street. Station Officer, Arthur G. Reeves, and? men. Plant- Petrol Motor Engine, I set Curricie Ladders, Horde, eta. No. 0, North SydneyWalker Street. Station Officer, F. Macloughlin, and d men. Plant- Hose Carriage, sot Curriele Ladders, Horses, etc. No., Staninore--Staninore Road. District Officer, T. G. Cutts. Sub-Station Officer. C D Richardson A: men. Plant- Motor Fire Engine, Steam Fire Engine, Hose Carriage, I set Curriele Ladders, Van, I Cart, Buggy, Horses, etc. No., AlexandriaMitchell Road. Station Officer, F. Howard, and men 'lant- Steam Fire Engines, Horses, etc. No. 0, WoollahmForth Street. Station Officer, W. Whitnall and men. PlantI Steam Fire Engine, set Curriele Ladders, Horses, etc. No., RedfernGeorge Street. Station Officer, II. T. Dawes, and men. Plant- Motor Fire Engine, set Curriele Ladders, Hem, etc No., Paddington- Oxford Street. District Officer W. T. Corkin ; Sub-Station Officer, F. J. Smith, and men. Pient- Stearn Fire Engine, Hose Carriage, set, Curriele Ladders, Horses, etc. No., BalmainDarling Street. Station Officer, J. Sortie, and men. Plant- Petrol Motor Fire Engine, set Curricie Ladders, Horse, etc. No., WateritioElixabeth Bourke Streets. Station Officer, P. Robinson, and men. Plant- Steam Fire En gine, Horses, etc. No., AslifieldVietorla Road. Station Officer, S. Fletcher, Permanent Men and Volunteers. Plant- Turbine Engine, set Curricle Ladders, Horses, etc. No., BurwoodBurwood Road. Station Officer, W. Shaw and museum. Plant- Motor Hose Carriage with Portable Ladders, set Cordele Ladders. No., DrummoyneLyons Road. Station Officer, Rolland F. Nichols, and men. Plant- Manual Fire Engine, Horses, etc. No., GlebeSt. John's Road. Station Officer, Francis A. Tuck, and men. Plant- Steam Fire Engine, set Curricle Ladders, Horses, etc. No., Granville Good Street. Station Officer, D. O'Toole, and men. Plant- Stumm Fire Engine, Homs. WOOD, COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE STREET, 'PHONE CITY OUR FUNERAL EDUIPMENT is UNEXCELLED BY THAT OF ANY FIRM IN THE BRITISH EMPIRE,

59 I!! ANTHONY HORDERNS' FURNITURE STANDS IN ITS OWN CLASS. GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY. No., Kogaraii-Konsington and Gray Streets. District Officer T. Nance Station Officer, W. T. Bartle and men. Plant-i Turbine Engine, set Curriele Ladders, Hose Carriage, Horses, etc. No., letchhardt-marion Street and Ba!main Road. Station Officer, K. Artiturson, and men. Plant- Steam Fire Engine, sot CUMCIO Ladders, Homes, etc. No., Manly-Sydney Road. Stat Ion Officer, II. C. Benson, and men. Plant- Motor Fire Engine, with Ladders, etc. No., Parramatta-Church Street, Sub-Station Officer, F. Bathie and men. Plant- Turbine Engine, set Malicia Ladders, Horses, etc. No., MarrlekvIlle-MarrIckville Road. Station Officer J. Garrett, and men. Plant- Petrol Motor Fire Engine, with Portable Ladders, etc. No., Waverley-Carringten Road. Sub-Station Officer, F. Smith and men. Plant- Motor Hose Carriage, set Curriele Ladders, etc. No., Crow's Nest-Shirley Road and Sinclair Street. District Officer, B. H. Lister: Station Officer, Hannan, and Et men. Plant- Petrol Motor Engine, set Clarkin Ladders, Cart, Bo ggy, Horses, etc. No.. Gordon-Gordon Road. st Class Fireman J. Mallard in charge and permanent men. Plant-Motor Turbine, etc. No., Pynnent-Pyrment and Gipps Streets. Station Officer, C. Riddell, and men. Plant- Patrol Motor Engine and Portable Ladders. No., Randwick-The Avenue. Station Officer and men. Plant- Motor Hose Carriage, set Caddo Ladders, etc. No., Ryde-Great North Road st Class Fireman L. Morris, and man. Plant-Motor Fire Engine, etc. No., Strathfield-Redmyre road-(proposed Station.) No., Auburn-Harrow Road. District Officer, If. Skelton, Permanent Men, and Volunteer. Plant- Turbine Fire Engine, Carr, sulky, Horses, etc. No., York Street North-City. Station Officer, 0. Pickering, and men. Plant- Petrol Motor Fire Engi No. 0, Rom/Ho-Darling Street. Station Officer, J. Gerard, and men. Plant- Steam Fire Engine, Horses eta. No. 0, liornsby-peat's Ferry Road. Sub-Station Officer A. Mining and men. Plant- Motor Fire Engine, etc. No., Neutral Bay Yeo and Barry Streets, North Sydney. Station Officer, A. Murray, and men. Plant- Steam Fire Engine, Manual Engine, Horses, etc. VOLUNTEER FIRE BRIGADES No,, Arnclide-Forest Road. st Class Fireman F. Gall in charge and men. riant,-- Manual Engine, Horses, Hose Reel, etc. No., BexIcy-Forest Road. nd Class Fireman J. Collins and MPH. Plant- hose Carriage, Horses, etc. No., Botany-Banksia Street. st Class Fireman J. Cook in charge, and men. Plant- Turbine Engine, Horses, Hose Reel, etc. No., Campsie-Beamish Street. st Class Fireman A. McLellan in charge, and permanent loan, 0 volunteers Firemen. Pinnt- Hose Carriage. horse, etc. No., Canterbury-Geor ge and Church Streets. nd Class Coachman M. L. Ph Illpot In charge, and men. Plant - Manual Engine, Horses, etc. No., Concord-Burwood Road, Mortlake. First-class Fireman A. Jamieson in charge, Permanent nom, and Volunteers. Plant- HOSe Carriage, Horses, etc. No.. Eastwood-West Parade. Engine-keeper Franks and 0 men. Plant- Hand Hose Cart, etc. No., Enfield-Liverpool Rd. and Edward St. First-class Fireman P. Venesa in charge, Permanent Mall and, Volunteers. Plant-.- Manual Fire Engine, Horses, etc. No., Five Dock-Garfield Street. First-class Fireman A. Holmes in charge, Permanent man and Volunteers. Plant- Manual Engine, Horses, etc. No., Guildford-Gulidford Road. Captain Rust, and men. 'lart- Hose Reel, etc. No., Hunter's Hill-Great North Road. Captain Phillips, and men. Plant- hose Reel, etc. No. 0, Hurstville-McMahon Street. Station Officer J. Jones in charge, Permanent men and Volunteers. Plant- Manual Engine, Horses, etc. No. 0, Lane Cove-Lane Cove Road and Longueville Road. First-class Fireman J. Mont in charge, and man. Plant-Motor Hose, Carriage, etc. No., Matraville-Bunucrong Road, South Randwick. Captain Dive, and men. Plant- Hose Carriage, Horse, etc. No., Mortdaie-Mort's Road. First-class Fireman Murphy In charge, and men. Plant- Manual Engine, Horses, etc. No., losinan-myali gah Road. Second-class Fireman Field, Permanent and ( Volunteers. Plant- Manual Engine, horses, etc. No. 0, Mascot-Coward Street. First-class Fireman R. Buckley in charge and. men. Plant- Turbine Fire Engine, Horses, etc. No, Rockdale-Rocky Point Road. First-class Fireman W. McFarlane Iii charge, Permanent num and Vounteers. Plant- Manual Engine, Hose Reel, Horses, Hose Cart, etc. No. 0, Lidcombe-Church Street First-class Fireman Holmes In charge, and men. Plant- Turbine Engine, Hose Reel, horses, etc. No., St. Peters-King Street. First-class Fireman P. Henry in charge, Permanent Man and Volunteers. Plant- Manual Engine, Horses, etc. No., Turratnurra-Gordon Road. Captain N. Puive, and men. Plant- Hose Reel. No. 0, Vaticluse-South head Road. Sub-station Officer W. Davenport and Permanent men. Plant- Motor Hose Carriage, etc. No. $, Willoughby-Lane Cove Road. First-class Fireman Chapple in charge, and men. Plant- Manual Engine, Horses, etc. No. 0, Willoughby East-Laurel Street. First-class Fireman G. Wishart in charge, and men. Plant- Hose Reel, etc. No., Freshwater-Charles Street. Captain A. Stirling and Volunteers. Plant-Hose Reel, etc. No., Beecroft-Beecroft Road and Railway Parade. Firstclass Fireman E. Bridgewater in charge, Permanent man and 0 Volunteers. Motor Hose Carriage, etc. No. 0, Bankstown-Liverpool Road. Captain Palmer, and Volunteers. Plant-Hose Carriage and Horse. No., Annandale-Annandale Street. Station Officer G. Alchin and Permanent. men. Plant-Motor Hose Carriage, etc. ABORIGINES' PROTEGTION BOARD. Ofilce-Phillip and Hunter streets. Members-James Mitchel, Esq (Chairman), E. B Harkness, Esq., J.P., it. T Paton, Esq., M.D., James Dawson, Esq., M. A., Hugh Ross, Esq., R. Scoble, Esq., M.L.A., W. Millard, Esq.,.A cretlry-a. C. Pottitt ' t ks -Mel IL Mullin s, A. 0. Rice (temp.), and C. H. Quinlan (temp.) Inspectors-H. L. Swindiehurst, R. T. Donaldson Home Finder-Miss A. Lowe TREASURER AND SECRETARY FOR FINANCE AND TRADE. And the Deportmen. s under hie supervision and control. Treasury : Stamp Duties ; Land and Income Tax Department ; Gold Receivers ; Gold and Escort ; Government Printer's Department ; Explosives Department ; Shipping Masters ; Navigation Department ; Railways and Tramways ; Resumed Properties ; Sydney Harbour Trust ; Stores Supply Department. TREASURY. Macquarie street north, corner of Bridge street. Premier, Colonial Treasurer and Collector of Inland Revenue -Hon. W. A. Holman Under-Secretary for Finance and Trade-I. W. Rothman, 0 Chief Cie:lc-James Burt,.P. Account Branch. Comptroller of accounts-a. P. Pearson. ANTHONY HORDERNS' FAMOUS LOW PRICES REIGN SUPREME. GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY. 0 Assistant Comptroller of Accounts-A. Lynch. Clerks-R. J. Colvin, C. S. Trouton, W. E. Huggins, R. P. Walker, H MacPherson, C. B. Read, S. F. Davies, D. B. Newman, C. Jewell, Daniel Enright, H. T. Thompson, T. H. Robinson, W. ii. P. McPherson, T. J. D. Kelly, B. J. H. Bailey, S. C. Spunvay, L. C. B. Smith, J. H. Murray, NV. ii. Mogrldge, C. A. N. Pollard, T. H. B. N'I'llesmith. Revenue Branch. Reoeiver-.T. Robson. Assistant Receiver-P. H. Galloway. Senior Clerk-O. H. Carter. Cashier-F. H. Burt. Clerks-W. Napier, F. H. Stonier, E. G. Hayes, 0. Easton, A. E. Devine, R. S. B. Atwill, F. Howard, T. A. M. Guilliford, R. L. Quirk, F. 0. Crossman, A.. K. Hurcombe, J. J. Taylor, A. H. Douglass, T. H. Bosward, IL F. Pike, F. P. J. Maguire, L. II. Callaghan, F. R. O'Grady, J. E. L. Figgis, R. H. Wilshire, S. A. Byrne, T. M. Howland, H. W. J. Gilmour, A. R. Hills, C. W. Englivad Pay Branch. Paymaster-H. B. Brewer. Assistant Paymaster-V. Horniman. Clerks-It. Cleland, R. Cannon, II. G. Pratt, E. E. J. Keary, G. Walsh, R. A. Dwyer, D. Murray, It. A. Dunworth, P. Dowling, A. P. Busby, W. S. Taylor, 0. J. Brandreth. Banking Clerk-G. Schauer. Pundit, Stack. Registrar of Stock-0. B. F. Robberds, J.P. Clerk-J. G. Lee. Examining Branch. Examiner-C. McHern, Clerks-W. Paige, George Harwood, J. F. Comyn, G. F. Cullen, S. R. C. Bowies, B. C. Wright, T. N. It. Sloane. Correspondence and Record Branch. Clerk in Charge of Correspondence and Records-G. A. Heath. Clerks-R. L. C. Calver, Robinson, C. It. Chapman, L. P. Brennand, W. J. CoW, II. A. Coyle, H. B. Perripor, A. T. Treble, E. E. C. Lawless, F. J. Kenny, J. II. Fleming. Shorthand Writers-Miss E. A. Doyle, Miss M. B. Griffiths, Miss A. I. Young. Messengers-S. Merchant, P. H. Buts Cleaners-P. 0. Irish, Rachel Wilkie, M. A. Clarke, E. Whalley, N. Dickerson, K. Lewis, and M. M. Kean. IMPERIAL PENSIONS OFFICE (TREASURY). Lower George street (old naval depot). Paymaster-H. M. Comae. Clerk-0. O. Smith. PHARMACY BO %RD. Richmond Terrace. President-F. P. J. Gray, Esq. Registrar-A. Forster. PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY. Richmond Terrace, Domain. President-Andrew Wadsworth, Esq., J.P. Secretary-A. Forster. STAMP DUTIES OFFICH. Phillip street. Commissioner-R. N. Johnson Accountant-F. W. Walther Entry and Issue Clerk-J. George Clerks-W. R. Forsyth, C. W. Rations, C. W. Swalee, I. El. Mutton, W. J. Har e. L. Brown, S. W. Miller, Foreman of Stampers-II. F. Thonithwaits DEPARTMENT OF TAXATION. Offices, George Street North, Circular Quay, Sydney. Commissioners of Taxation- J. W. Holliman W. H. Whiddon Secretary and Chief Clerk-W. Ilindmarril Chief Assessor-S. J. McMahon GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE. Phillip street north. Government Printer and Inspector of Stamps-W. A. CI alliok, LP. Ilepavintendent-Willlam Feather Chief Clerk-Lewis Frederick Garnett Aceountant-Alfred J. Kent, IP. Clerk in ahem. of Advertising Bratioh-G. W. Gnsitam Storekeeper-R. Rix Offieer in charge, No. Branch, Liverpool st-f. Walsh Officer in charge, No. Branolt, Liverpool st-d. II. Paisley EXPLOSIVES DEPARTMENT. George street north. Superintendent-V. W. Williams Chief Clerk and Accountant-A. E. Clarke. Clerks-It. A. Crockett, G.. Faulks, B. A. McGrath. Senior Analyst and Inspector-N. II. Case. Analyst and luspeoter--. A. Oresswick Offieer-in-Charge Public Magazines, Middle Harbour-O. I. McCarthy Assistant Officer-in-Charge Public, Magazines, Middle Harbour- E. Newton Officer-In-charge Public Magazines, Newcastle-T. E. J. James SHIPPING MASTERS. SYDNKT. Office-Corner York and Ohmmeter Streets. Shipping Master-W. IL Mason Deputy Shipping Master and Accountant-R. Selwyn-Smith Cuhier-N. Jones Olarke-M. Owen, G. Kensey, J. J. Dirou,. Pickering, H. T. B. Reynolds. NICVMASTIA. Shipping Master-R. It. McIntosh. DEPARTMENT OF NAVIGATION No. 0 Jetty, Circular Quay. Superintendent-Captlin Fergus Cumming, Deputy Supbrintendent (Newertstle)--Captain Newton, J.P. Secretary--John S. D'Arey, B.A.,.T.C. Aosountant-Herbert J. Gibson Snminer in Navigation, Seatnatinhip, and Pilotage-Ospt. Thbmaa M. Thompson Chief Engineer Surveyor and Examiner-W. Mare First Assistant Engineer Surveyor-J. Fairwenther,., Assistant Engineer Surveyors-D. Mitchell and D. Laarson Chief Shipwright Surveyor-P. S. Newton Assistant Shipwright Surveyors-H. J. urlace, M. Halliday Shipping Inspectors and Surveyors-J. H. Veitch, Alex. Sangster and J. IL Morris Muster Pilot Station at Watson's Buy-Senior Pilot John L. Sweet Sea Pilots-John Anderson, F. Leslie, Wm. S. Murray, A. McRae It. Mann, W. H. Roberts, L. It. Lucas, A. Fell, W. Troup, J. Ferguson. Senior Harbour Pilot-It. W. Warner!Whom- Pilots-W. H. Beale, W. A. Bennett, and 0. W. Lulls- RAILWAYS AND TRAMWAYS. Corner Bridge and Phillip streets. Chief Commissioner-James Fraser Deputy Chief Commissioner-Edmund Milne Assistant Commissioner-John Henry Cann Assistant Commissioner-Henry Fox Seeretary to the 0ie! Commissioner- James El. Spurway Bridge st Assistant Secretary to the Chief Commirssioner-W. J. Morris, Bridge st Solicitor for Itallwaya-John S. Cargill, Belmont Chambers, Castlereagh at. Medical Officer-Dr. Taylor, Cl Hunter st chief Accountant's Branch (S Pitt st). Chief Accountant--Itichard Bourke. Traits A uditor's Branch (00 Plit at, Sydney). Traffic Auditor-W. II. Denneen WOODS COFFILL COMPANY LTD. LIVERY SEPT., - HARRIS ST. 'PHONE M, UR MORTUARY CHAPELS ARE AT OUR CLIENTS' SERVICE FREE OF CHARGE

60 ANTHONY HORDERNV-ONLY UNIVERSAL PROVIDERS. NEW PALACE EMPORIUM, BRICKFIELD HILL, SYDNEY. 00 GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY. 0 Stores Branch (Eveleigh). 'Comptroller of Stores-H. Mortimore Trafic Branch. :Superintendent of the Lines 0. A. Hodgson (Bridge it) Goods Manager-II. Fox (acting) (Martin place) Stationmaster-Joseph Doig (Sydney) Stationmaster-Frank Hall (Darling Harbour) Permanent Way Branch. Engineer-in-Chief for Existing Lines-R. Kendall Locomotive Branch. Chtet Mechanical Engineer-K. E. Lucy (Eveleigh). 'Out-door Locomotive Superintendents-F. Bracey (Sydney), E. A. Loughrey (Goulburn), C. II. Stanger (Esk Bank), Ernest Taylor (Newcastle) Electrical Branch. Electrical Engineer-O. W. Brain ( Hunter it) Signalling Branch. :Signal Engineer-0. B. Bytes (Sydney Station) Estate and Property Branch and Refreshment Rooms. :Estate Agent--P. S. hunt (Belmont chambers, Castlereagh st, Sydney) Advertising Manager-John Murray, Exchange Corner, Pitt et. Free Branch (Tramways). 'Traffic Superintendent-E. J. Doran (Lincoln Inn Omnibus, Elizabeth it, Sydney) Permanent Way Branch (Tramways). aintenence Engineer-George R. Cowdery ( Hunter It) SYDNEY HARBOUR TRUST. Offices-alronlar Quay (foot of Pitt street). President Lance dlommiseloners-t. W. Keel*, IL Inst. C.E, J.P., H. D. Walsh, M. Inst., 0,J.P. Administrative Branch. :Secretary-Harold F. Norris.Assistant Secretary -E. W. Austin.(thief Clerk-D. B. O. eheridan 'Clerk in Charge of Oorrespondence-Fred. E. Cass *Clerk in Charge of Re!ord-T. M. Oaavin, J.P. 'Clerk-in-Charge of Bonds and Contracts-Geo. Christie, LL.B. Engitfrering Branch. Ingincer-in-ciblef -II. D. Welt, B.A.I., B.A., M. Inst. C.E. Assistant Engineers - W. Adams (principal assistant engineer), P. N. Christie (superintendent of dredges), A. J. Debenhaw (assistant engineer) Chief Mftsman-T. 0. Groom Harbour Easter's Branch. Ifarbonr Master-Commander A. T. Pritchard, R.N.R..Assistant Hs rbour Masters-Captain J. R. Ferrier. J.P., Captain J. Raglan Brodie, R.N.R., Captain C. I'. Hildebrand. Survey Branch. -Chief Surveyor -S. E. Perdriau, L.S. Surveyor-T. M. Stephen, L.S. 'Chief Draftsman -P. de L. Maitland Treasurer and Accountant-J. B. Watson 'Collector of Wharfage and Tonnage Rates-W. T. It. Fowler..Property Clerk-J. A. Mansell STORES SUPPLY DEPARTMENT. Offices and Stores, Nos. and Yoneg street *Secretary and Executive Member-A. Betoken's:n inspector-ii. G. Farnsworth. Accountant-Edward Hungerford Examiner-L. F. &eller 'Bonds and Contracts Clerk-. AL Mason 'Clerk in Charge of Correspondence-IL E. KriteJlt 'GOVERNMENT SAVINGS BANK OF NEW SOUTH WALES Moore Street. President - II. A. Warden, J.P. Commissioners -Wm. li. O'Malley-Wood, J.P., H. D. Hall, J.P. 'Banks Solicitor-G. W. Cooks Secretary-J. H. Davies Accountant-IL Bisidon Moore et Branch-R. I'. linden, Manager..Moore at Branch-R. Brooks, Accountant. MINISTER FOR EDUCATION, EDUCATION DEPARTMENT.. And the Departments under his supervision and control. Office-Bridee street. Teachers' Training Colle ge; High Schools, Public. PEI/VI/0BI, Half-time House-to-house, and Subsidised Schools ; Technical Colleges and Teohnological Museums ; Sydney University; Sydney Grammar School ; Gosford Home for Boys ; Industrial School for Girls, Parramatta ; State Children's Relief Branch ; Observatory ; Public Library of New South \Velem, including the Mitchell Library National Art Gallery of New South Wales ; Australian Museum ; Coneervatorium of Music. Minister for Public Instruction-The Bon. A. CI. F. James, M.L.A. Under-Secretary and Director of Education-P. Board, M.A. Chief Inspector-J. Dawson, M.A. Assistant Chief Inspector-H. D. MoLelland, B.A. Publicity Officer-Lewis Deer Principal Senior Inspector-L. E. Lawford. M.A Inspector of Secondary Sehools-W. J. Elliott, M; Assistant Inepector of Secondary Schools, S. H. Luker, M.A. Accountant-A. E. Bassan Chief Clerk-W. E. Bethel (also Inspector under Section, N.O. and.0. Act) Inspector of Continuation Schools - S. H. Smith Cashier-W.0. Aiderdice Architect for Public Schools- R. M. S. Wells Examiners-J. D. St. Clair Maolardy, M.A., K. R. Cramp, M.A. Medical Officers on Staff-Dr. C. Savill Willis, Principal Medical Officer.; Dr. C. P. Stewart, School Medical Officer stationed in Metropolitan Area ; Dr. C.. Fallon, School Medical Officer ; Dr. J. E. Webb, School Medical Officer and Ophthalmic Surgeon on Staff of Travelling Hospital ; Dr. W. P. Qualle, Travelling Ophthalmia Surgeon; Dr. Baron Brooke, School Medical Officer ; Dr. L. 0. S. Poidevin, School Medical Officer ; Dr. Sibyl C. Bevan, School Medical Officer and Lecturer in Hygiene Dr. Mary ii. Edelsten, School Medical Officer ; Dr. Annie Robertson, School Alt.dical Officer ; Dr in Coghlan. School Medical Officer ; Dr. Gram Vale. School Medical Officer Dr. Iowa Weir, School Medical Officer. Dental Staff-Dr. Gordon C. Barkley (attached to Travelling Hospital) ; Dr. Wm. Caples, Mr. Leo S. Day, Mr. L. flowing, Mr. F. Hamilton, Mr. J. Kempthorne, Mr. L. Pudney (attached to Travelling Dental Clinic) ; Mr. H. S. Boys, Mr. G. T. Chauvel, Mr. P. H. Foster, Mr. Thos. Hall, Mr. 0.'. Hunt, Mr. C. B. Matthews (attached to Metropolitan School Dental Clinic). Training College for Teaohers-Principal, A. Mackie, M.A. Vice-Principal, P. It. Cole, M.A., Ph.D. Senior Inspectors of Schools-W. Beavis, L. Blunter, NV. Cornish, C. J. W. Friend, W. Nolan, H. Parkinson, W. G. Thomas, T. Walker, S. Wright. DA. Inepectors of Schools-G. Back, NV. E. Black, G. Blumer. M.A., E. Campling, II. Clemens, G. T. C.otterill, O. Dart. A. J. Dennis, M.A., J. Finney, B.A., D. E. Fraser. Y. If. Grim e, ILA., R. Henderson, L. Henry, NV. E. James, M.A., NV. M. Kennedy, J. Lynch, M.A. F NV. Mannell, B.A., A. MeLachlen, A. Noble, Reay,. Riley, M.A A. Smith, B.A., J. B. Tette". M.A., E. G. Wilson. Assistant Inepectore of Schools-J. W. Dunlop, B.A W. G Harvey, B.A., D. J. Hayes, B.A., G. James, B.A., J. McDowell, M.A., B. J. Price, B.A. Superintendent of Music-Theodore Tearne, Mus. Bac., Oxon. Superintendent of Drawing-J. R. Branch Assistant Superintendent of Drawing-N. Anderson Superintendent of Drill-J. Reddish Lecturer in Hygiene -Dr. Sib y l Bevan Superintendent of School Agriculture-J. Halsted Superintendent of Manual Training-J. R. Gardiner TECHNICAL EDUCATION BRANCH Office-Sydney Technical College, Harris street, Ultimo. Superintendent of Technical Education-J, Wangle Assistant Superintendent- Ow. Hooper Registrar-A. E. Ribble TKCLINOIMOICAI. MUSICUM (HARRIS STRICHT, Uurfifo). Curator-R. T. Baker, F.L.S. THE GOSFORD FARM HOME FOR BOYS. Superintendent-F. A. Stayner Assistant Superintendent-H. C. Wood INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, PARRAMATTA. Superintendent-A. Thompson Matron-Miss E. M. Thomas. STATE CHILDREN RELIEF BRANCH. Education Buildings, Bridge Street, Sydney. Administering Children's Protection Act, Infant Protection Act, Neglected Children and Juvenile Often lore' Act, State Children Relief Act, and School Attendance. President-A. W. Green Chief Clerk-J. V. Connolly. Chief Inspector-H. L. Iaxted. Accountant-J. S. Creagli. OBSERVATORY. Flagstaff Hill, Upper Fort street. Latitude, deg. min. um Longitude, deg. min. sec. Height above main sea level, feet The time-ball is dropped daily (Sundays excepted) at p.m. Sydney standard time, h. Otnin. Osec. Greenwich mean Ibis Gorsrumsat Astronomer-W. Ernest Cooke, M.A., F.R.A.S. Astronomical Assistant-W. E. Raymond, F.R.A.S. Meohanielan-W. I. Masters PUBLIC) LIBRARY OF NEW SOUTH WALES. Macquarie street and Bunt street. Trustees-J. A. Dowling (President), D. Levy, B.A., LL.B Sir. Wm. Cullen, M.A., W. Wood, Professor W. J, Woodhouse, M.A., Hon. J. D. Fitzgerald, ALL.C. ; W. J. Jeffery, Hon. J. AL Creed, M.R.C.S.E., J. C. L. Fitzpatrick, C. II. Lloyd, W. F. Gale, F.R.A.S., Professor R. D. Watt, B.S.C., Professor G. A. Wood, M.A., T. D. Mutch, lion. It. D. Meagher, M.L.A. Prinelpal Librarian-W. H. Ifould Librarian, Mitchell Library-H. Wright, F.R.A.S. 'int Assistant Librarian-G. H. Gifford THE MITCHELL LIBRARY. Macquarie street Open to visitors. Hours a.m. to -0 0 Saturdays ; Ticket holders, a.m. to pan.-h ugh Wright, librarian NATIONAL ART GALLERY OF N.S.W. Trustees-Sir James It. Fairfax (President), John Sulman F.R.I.B.A. (Vice-President), Henry Gorman (Vice-President), W. Lister Lister, J. St. Vincent Welch, Thomas Marshall, Hon. Sir Joseph H. Carruthers, K.00., M.L.C., Edward W. Knox, Hon. C. G. Wade, K.C., ALLA.,. F. Archibald, P. II. Morton, l ion. J. D. Fitzgerald, M.L.C., John Lane Mullins (and the Minister for Education for the time being). Director and Secrotary-G. V. F. Mann. AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM. College street Curator-R. Etheridge, jun.,. P. Assistant Curator-C. Hedlay Secretary-S. Sinclair DEPARTMENT OF MINES. SECRETARY FOR MINES, And the Departments under hi:supervision and control. Offices-Bridge street. Is charged with the administretion of the Act relating to Mining on Crown and Private Lands (the" Alining Act, 0 "), and all business relating to mining generally Geological and Mining Survey,; the examination of Coal Fields ; State Coal Mines Act, ; the inspection and regulation of Collieries and Mines the Prospecting Vote; Miners' Accident Relief Act, 0, and Amending Acts. MINES, ETC. Secretary for Mines itud Aseistant Treasurer-Hon. J. C. L Fitzpatrick, X L.A. Acting Under-Secretary and Warden-R. II. Carnbage, (thief Clerk, Registrar Warden-E.. Ray Aocountaut-E. C. Primrose Clerk in Charge of Lease Branch-W. It. Collis Clerk in Charge of Legal Matters-A. F. B. Hull Clerk in Charge of Correspondence-J. A. B. Fry Clerk in Charge of Inquiry Branch-E. A. H. Stephen Clerk in Charge of Records-Arthur Taylor Chief Mining Surveyor-john Thomas, Chief Draftsman-J. H. Mayes. Examiner-. A. James. Mining Surveyors-I. T. Gray, E. Thomas, R. Burns,M. K. nucleon Chief Inspector of Mines and Superintendent of Drills-J. B. Jaquet, A.R.S.M., F.G.S. Inspectors of Mines-David Milne, IL Hooke, J. Carthow, J 0. James, Smith, J. It. Godfrey, NV. C. V. Farrier aud T. R. S. F. ()Mehl Secretary to Prospecting Board-W. P. Geary Secretary to Miners' Accident Relief Board-J. Bianksby, J.P. STATE COAL MINES. General Superintendent-A. A. Atkinson, J.P. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY BRANCH. Mines Office-Bridge St Mining Museum-George st north Government Geologist-J.. Canoe, F.G.S. Geological Surveyors-E, C. Andrews, B.A., L. F. Harper, F.G.S. Palesontologist and Librarian-W. S. Dun Astor and Mineralogist-G. W. Card, A.R.S.M., F.G.S. Assayer and Analyst-J. C.. Mingayo, F0., F.O.B. COAL MINES BRANCH. Offices-Mines Department, Bridge street Chief Inspector of Coal Mines--Vacant Inspectors of Collieries-Wm. Humble, T. L. Bates, J. T. Tennant, J. P. Hindmarsh aud J. G. Hutton Clerk Coal Fields Office, Newcastle-W. N. Itueliton. Secretary of Board for appointing Examiners (Coal Mines Ad) -A. Sideway (acting). GOVERNMENT AMBULANCE CORPS. Office-Department of Athlete. Secretary-A. Sidaleay (acting) THE MINISTER OF AORICULTURE. Offices, Bridge st. Is charged with the administration of the Vine and Vegetation. Diseases and Fruit l'emts Act., ; Fruit Cases Act, ; Fertilizers' Act, 0 ; WIIII Adulteration Act,. 0; Trustees of Showgrounds Enabling Act, 0; Apiaries Act, ; Gntin Elevator Act, ; Wine Adulteration Amendment Act, ; Dairy Industry Act, ; administratiun of all matters relating to Agriculture, including the Agricultural College and Experiment and Demonstration Farms and Stations Farmers' Experiment Plots; Pastures Protection Acts, except matters relating to wire netting and fencing Commons ; Stock Ant 0 ; Stock Diseases (Tick) Act, 0 ; Botanic Gardens, Sydney, and Centennial Park and Domain ; Nursery Gardens, Campbolitown ; Irrigation Farms ; and Supe.rvision of Dairies for Instructional purposes. Minister of Agriculture-lion. W. C. Grahame, M.L.A. Under-Secretary-George Wier Assistant Under-Secretary-A. Saliva), Accountant and Examiner- H. N Ellis, J.I'. Bub-Accountant-Lachlan MacDonald First am k fin Charge of Correepondence)-F Ihtrris Clerk in Charge of Recerds-. A. C. Wainwright Chief Inspector-H. Ross Sheep and Wool Expert and Instructor-W. J. 0. II. Mathews Assistant Sheep and Wool Expert-A. E. Shierlaw Officer in Charge Exports and Imports-W. H. I'. Cherry' WOOD, T COFFILL & COMPANY LTD. HEAD OFFICE: GEORGE STREET. 'PHONE CITY TO PERMIT OF THE ATTENDANCE OF ABSENT FRIENDS WE EMBALM AT NOMINAL COST

61 ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR THE MAN ON THE LAND.' 0 GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY. CliemiatF. B. Guthrie. F.O.B. EntomologistW. W. Froggatt Consultin g Botanist and Director Botanic Gardens, etc.-.. Maiden, F.L.S., etc. 'Tobaoco ExpertO. J. Tregenna BiologistG. F. Darnell-Smith Plant BreederJ. T. Pridhant Dairy ExpertM. A. O'Callaghan Inspector of Dairy Factory AccountsW. B. Hickey. Fruit Expert and IrrigationistW. J. Allen Assistant Fruit ExpertJ. G. R. Bryant Poultry ExpertJ. Hadlington Herd MasterJ. A. Robertson Demonstrator in ApicultureR. G. Worry Editor AGRICULTURAL GAZETTEP. G. Gilder Works OverseerA. Brooks Commercial Commissioner in the EastJ. B. Stator, A.MO.E, SecretaryII. L. Ellis STOOK AND BRANDS BRANCH. Chief Inspector of Stock and Registrar of BrandsS. T. D. Symons, M0.V.S. Chief Clerk and Deputy Registrar of BrandrP.. Byrne Veterinary SurgeonsM. Henry, M.R.C.V.S. ; A. Massey, M.R.C.V.S.; 0. L. O'Gorinan,.tO.V.S. ; and H. A. H. MacLaurin, M.R.C.V.S. Tort InspectorR. Bucknell HAWKESBURY AcHHOULTURAt COLLEGE (RICHMOND). PrincipalH. W. Potts, le.g.s.,f.l.s. Science MatC. T. Musson, F.L.S. ffiegistrari. S. F. Adams WAGGA WAGGA EXPERIMENT FARM ManagerG. M. McKeown RegistrarM. L. Myers. BATHURST EXPERIMENT FARM. ManagerR. W Peacock RegistrarH. T. Hartigan WOLLONGBAR EXPERIMENT FARM, ManagerA. H. Haywood.RegistrarM. Simmons (acting) GRAFTON EXPERIMENT FARM. ManagerG. Marks ItegistrarW. T. Z. Smith riclia BORE EXPERIMENT FARM. Croliardist-in-Charge J. J. Hammond COWRA FA RM. ManagerM.. Reynolds NYNGAN DEMONSTRATION FARM. 'Manager H. J. Kelly BERRY EXPERIMENT FARM. ManagerJ. G. McMillan How Lona VITIcuuruitAt. STATION. 'SuperintendentH. G. White GLEN INNKS EXPERIMENT FARM. ManagerR. H. Genus RegistrarVacant YANCO IRRIGATION FARM. ManagerF. G. Monday RegistrarM. Laseron (acting) DUltAL DEMONSTRATION ORCHARD. 'Orchardist-in-ChargeE. L. Archer NABARA YITICULTURAI, NURSERY.!SuperintendentD. Jenkins COONAM BLit DEMONSTRATION FARM ManagerA. H. E. McDonald TEMORA DEMONSTRATION FARM. ManagerA. II. MacDougall OONDOBOLIN DEMONSTRATION FARM..ManagerE. Kennedy (acting) 'FRANCO: EXPERIMENT FARM. ManagerR. W. Colwell Nolan BANGAROO HORtig BREEDING FARM. ManagerC. J. Sanderson, M.R.C.V.S. Emu PLAINS IRRIGATION FARM. Foreman-in-ChargeJ. W. Chapman Hivoor, VITICULTURAL NURSERY. Orchardist-in-ChargeJ. B. Jounce LEETON TOBACCO FARM. Foreman -in-chargeil Hogbin FOREST VALE DEMONSTRATION AND SHARE FARMS. ManagerM. Smyth WOODLANDS WHEAT AREA. ManagerG. Williams STATE WHEAT BOARD. Bent Street Officer-in-ChargeE. Harris FORESTRY, Bridge street Chief CommissionerR. D. Hay SecretaryW. Watson Chief InspectorW. P. Pope InspectorsT. II. Wilshire, J.. Parry Surveyor and DraftsmanO. Ditnelow Chief ClerkE. W. Sailer BOTANIC GARDENS. DirectorJ. II. Maiden, 0.,,'., F.L.S. Superintendent B. N. Ward F. Clarke, A. D'Arcey, L. E. Preddy STATE NURSERY, OAMPBELLTOWN. SuperintendentW. Hardie INNER DOMAIN. OverseerVacant A. Brindle), Cum DOMAIN. OverseerW. Grant CENTENNIAL PARK. Officer-in-ChargeJ.. Maiden, I.S.O., J.P., F.L.S. Overseer - J. Dawes Head GardonerJ. M. Nichol WATER CONSERVATION AND IRRIGATION COMMISSION. Perpetual Trustee Chambers, Hunter et, Sydney. Is charged with the administration of the following Acts : Irrigation Act,, which deals with the construction, control, and management of works of water conservation, irrigation and water supply, and with the constitution, administration and management of irrigation areas, also the resumption and the disposal of land for irrigation areas; Water Act,, in so far as it relates to the sinking and control of artesian wells, granting of water rights, etc., ate.; Hay Irrigation Act, 0; Wentworth -Irrigation Act ; Balranald Irrigation Act, 0; Crown Lands Consolidation Act,, as regards the disposal of lands (under the Crown Lands Acts) within irrigation areas. Commissioners ()The Minister for Agriculture and Irrigation (Chairman), H. H. Dare,.nst. 0.E. (Commissioner), W. Neville Sendall (Resident Commissioner, Murrumbidgee Irrigation Areas). Principal Assistant EngineerF. M. Smith Engineer for BoringIt. F. Jenkins Chief Survey DraftsnutnJ. E. Slade Engineer-In-Charge of Surveys and River GaugingH. Shute Designing EngineerW. Renshaw Assistant EngineerP. E. Bailey SecretaryG.. Hyatt AccountantL. I. Lillyman Chief Clerk-. G. Bevan Buying OfficerA. E. Lewis Business Manager Murrumbldgee Irrigation AreasF. S. DIgby Designing Engineer, LeetonF. H. Brewster Resident Engineer, GriffithR. B. Higginson Resident Engineee, BurrinjuckD. F. Campbell ANTHONY HORDERNS' FOR POULTRY KEEPERS' REQUISITES. GOVERNMENTAL AND PARLIAMENTARY. 0 PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENT. Bridge and Phillip ste, Sydney. Is charged with the construction of railways and tramways. and works and buildings connected therewith ; the construction of water supply works in Sydney and Newcastle and suburbs, and in country towns ; the construction of sewerage and drainage works in Sydney and Newcastle and suburbs, and in country towns ; the erection, repair and maintenance of public buildings the dredging and improvement of harbours and rivers, excepting such works as are vested in the Sydney Harbour Trust Commissioners ; the construction and repair of wharves, basin's and breakwaters, except such works as are vested in the Sydney Harbour Trust Commissioners ; the construction and maintenance of docks and engineering establishments ; the erection and repair of lighthouses and signal stations ; the construction of land drainage works ; the omstruction and maintenance of flood prevention works ; the formation and maintenance of road, other than those vested in shire or municipal wuamils; the construction and maintenance of national bridges and bridges outside municipalities in the western di% blot) the ntauagement of national ferries and ferries outside municipalities in the western division ; the management of public watering other than those under the control of municipal or shire councils ; the resumption of land for public purposes ; the conduct and management of industrial unclrtakings ; building construction industrial undertaking; aroubra Quarry industrial undertaking ; State Brickworks, Homebusit Bay ; State Brickworks, Botany ; State metal quarries, Klima; State Monier Pipe and Reinforced Concrete Works ; State Motor Garage State Power Station ; Uhr's Point ; State Timber Yards and Building Workshops and the administration of the following Acts and the regulations made thereunder, namely The Public Works Act,, and all Acts authorising the carrying out of Public Works; the Metropolitan Water and Sewtrage Acts, 0- ; the Hunter District. Witter Supply and Sewerage Acts, 0-0; the country towns Water and Sewerage Acts, 0-0 ; provisions of the Water Act, relating to Drainage and Flood Prevention; the Public Watering Places Act, 00 (except such sections as are adtninistered by municipal and shire councils), and certain Acts dealing with main and perish roads, bridges, tolls, etc. Minister for Public Works and Minister for RallwaysHon. R. T. Ball, M.L.A. Director-General of Public WorksJoseph Davis Assistant Director-Gonaral of Public WorksPercy Allan HEADS OF BRANCHES. Chief Engineer, Railway and Tramway ConstructionWm. Hutchinson Chief Engineer, also President Hunter District Water and Sewerage BoardA. E. Cutler Chief Engineer, Water Supply and SewerageE. N. de Burgh Chief Engineer, Metropolitan Railway ConstructionJ. J. C. Bradfield Chief Engineer, National and Local Governmommt Works It. E. Jones Chief Engineer, Ilarbours and DrainageT. E. Burrows Government Architect--George McRae Chief Electrical EngineerWm. Corin AccountantT. It. Steel Engineer in Charge, Railway and Tramway SurveysT. Kennedy Chief C erkwm Selkirk Officer in Charge, Bonds and ContractsR. G. Alintan Chief Survey DraftsnianJ Marshall Superintendent of StoresG. W. Jenkins RAILWAY AND TRAMWAY CONSTRUCTION Deputy Chief EngineerJ. M Stamen Inspecting Engineers.T. D. Simpson, F. E. Wickham, II. F. T. Bode Itcsalent EngineersG. V atocatta, W. S. Thom, W. It Beaver Designing EngineerJ. W, Roberts Supervising Engineer, Craniways- W. Conyers WATER SUPPLY AND SEWERAGE. Principal Assistant EngineerA. Peak() Inspecting Engineer-. A. Bloinfleld Designing EngincerIt. S. Littlejohn Inspecting EngineerC. W. King District Works Engineer and Manager Broken HillM. MacTaggart Resident EngineersH. Fleming, W. Smith, C. Simons. Mechanical EngineerJ. 0. Grant ACCOUNTS. ExaminerJas. Forsythe PaymasterII. Milford Bookkeeper- -A. G. A. Flower CashierD. If. Macmullan RAILWAY AND *TRAMWAY SURVEYS. Supervising SurveyorsJ. J. Jamieson, C. A. Edwardes Draftsnutit--(. J. Beckett CLERICAL. Secretary to MinieterT.. Cooper Clerk in Charge, Records and PostA. A. Cooper Secretary and Accountant, NewcastleJ. I'. Wylie BONDS AND CONTRACTS. Legal ClerkF. Connolly SURVEY DRAFTING DraftsmanD. It. Aldcrton Assistant SuperintendentU. ST RES. B. Peterson Timber ExpertP. J. Drew TESTING AND INSPECTING. SuperintendentB..T. Smart Mechanical EngineerW. T. Smith NORTON GRIFFITH'S CONTPACT Chief AccountantJ. Spexco Official AssistantC. W. 0. Tyo ExaminerA. J. Fleming GOVERNMENT DOCKYARD, NEWCASTLE. Manager-0. Colley Designing EngineerII. Goldsmith Assistant Works ManagerE. (I. Stokes Secretary and AccountantA. M. Stlepewich Chief ClerkT. II. Tennant WATER SUPPLY SEWERAGE CONSTRUCTIOt. Resident Engineers-. Fleming, Wm. Smith, C. Simons NIETROPOLITAN RAILWAY CONSTRUCTION. Principal Designing EngineerA. I). T. Forster Resident EngineerW. F. Burrow NATIONAL AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT WORKS. Metropolitan EngineerE. N. Allman Assistant to Chief EngineerR. D. l'itzgerald Assistant Local Government EngineerJ. S. Monism' DNigning EngineerS. Mimes Assistant Engineer, National \YorkG. W J. Downey District Engineer, WollongongIt. Vowel' District Works Officers- Archer, II T. Evans, II Newell HARBOURS AND DRINAGL, Inspecting EngineerG. II Halligan Designing En gineerjas Elder Officer in Charge, Dredge ServiceT. F. Rosebach Engineer, Dredge ServiceIL Borland VALUATION. Assistant Land ValuerG. II. Legge ARCHITECTURAL. First-clase AssietantsE. L. Drew, W. Mitchell, A. J. Purdue First-class Assietants (in charge of Drafting Office)G. McL, Blair, S. Herbret, J. Barr, E. I). Fitzgerald ELECTRICAL. Assistant EngineersIf. 0. Carter, A. Diamond ACCOUNTS. ExaminerJ. Forsyth PaymasterII. Milford BookkeeperA. G. A. Flower CashierD.. McMullan WOOD COFFILL AND COMPANY LTD. BRANCHES ALL SUBURBS. SEE ALPHABETICAL SECTION THE LARGEST FIRM OF CARRIAGE AND DRAG PROPRIETORS SOUTH OF THE EQUATOR

Changes in Church Street, Coleraine: 1860 to c [PRONI: Griffith's Revisions [Val/12/B/30/9A-9M] Anderson.

Changes in Church Street, Coleraine: 1860 to c [PRONI: Griffith's Revisions [Val/12/B/30/9A-9M] Anderson. Description of Surname Property 1860s 1870s 1880s 1890s 1900 - c.1930 1901 ) 1 16 & 17 [1 & 2] Church 1 Both were listed as House, offices. 60.00 90.00 In these two properties had been Nos. 16 (Adam McKay)

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St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery

St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery is located at the intersection of Ellery s Sideroad and Highway 93, just outside the village of Wyebridge where the former St. Andrew

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Index to Inscriptions

Index to Inscriptions Index to Inscriptions Certain conventions have been used in the Index; surnames at the time of burial are capitalized, while maiden names are bracketed (but not capitalized except in the Headings). Numbers

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LANDLORD TELEPHONE PROPERTY ADDRESS. Park Place Apartments Bell Ridge Rd. James Abbott 423-794-0769 & 202-5148 Ronald Anderson 423-913-1273 Beaver Hollow Apartments 423-926-5806 800 Swadley Rd. Park Place Apartments 423-926-5090 1319 Bell Ridge Rd. Black Hawk Management 423-753-7461

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CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY Kenmore and D istr ict H i s t o r i c a l S o c t y i e I n c A research project of KENMORE AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC Researched by Judy Magub OAM May 2015

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Descendants of Thomas Stonestreet

Descendants of Thomas Stonestreet Generation. THOMAS STONESTREET was born about 630 in Birchden in Withyham, Sussex, England. He died in Oct 706 in Newport Hundred, Charles, Maryland. He married Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Thomas Butler,

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Proposed Stop Changes Route 1

Proposed Stop Changes Route 1 Proposed Stop Changes Route 1 Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc. 5-3 Proposed Stops Route 1 Inbound 1 Southgate Mall 1 2 South & Grant 1 3 Garfield & Dearborn 1 4 Brooks & Fairview 3 5 South &

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Local Residents Ticket Draws for the GAA All-Ireland Championship Finals 2016

Local Residents Ticket Draws for the GAA All-Ireland Championship Finals 2016 Local Residents Ticket Draws for the GAA All-Ireland Championship Finals 2016 On Monday, August 15th, the local resident ticket draws for the All-Ireland Championship Finals took place in Croke Park. The

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Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death

Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death Swindon World War II Civilian s 1939-1945 Surname Name Age at Adams William 23 Of 41 Station Road, Wotton Bassett 19 September 1940 Victoria Hospital Barnard Mary Ann 62 Wife of Emmanuel John Barnard 17

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Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill

Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill No. 39 is a two storey brick bald-faced shop and residence on a corner on the peninsula in Hunters Hill. The building is Heritage listed as a property of some significance.

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? Craig, Neville B., corresponding president, fresident, society of ; president, ; vice-presi-

? Craig, Neville B., corresponding president, fresident, society of ; president, ; vice-presi- OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, AND TRUSTEES OF THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA 1834-1938 1 Addison, Dr. William, councillor', Allison, Rev. Dr. James, ternforary chairman, 1879; temporary f 1 879-8

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25 YEARS ON THE QUEENSLAND COURT OF APPEAL 25 YEARS ON THE QUEENSLAND COURT OF APPEAL President Margaret McMurdo AC 1 I gratefully acknowledge the research provided by Brendon Copley, Research and Training Librarian, Supreme Court Library; the

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A B C D E CANTON SCHOOL OF ARTS & SCIENCES STREET BUS BUS STOP AM TIME PM TIME 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 A B C D E CANTON SCHOOL OF ARTS & SCIENCES 2017-2018

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Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923

Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923 Register of Electors, Romsley, 1923 Abel, Harry William Thomas Abel, Margaret Albutt, Alfred Allum, William Allum, Clara Alice Barley, Harry Richard Barley, Lucy Barlow, William Edgar John Barlow, Ethel

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Town of Whitby Official Heritage Register - Inventory of Properties Designated Under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act

Town of Whitby Official Heritage Register - Inventory of Properties Designated Under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act 21 Albert Street 1847 Brooklin Pioneer Cemetery Part V (Brooklin Heritage PIN 26675-0185, LOT 147, PLAN H-50052; LOT 148 PLAN H-50052; PART LOT 189, PLAN 4-50052; PART 1 OF PLAN 40-R17943; PART BLOCK A,

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Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery. Grave Transcription

Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery. Grave Transcription Benwick St. Mary s Cemetery Grave Transcription This Document: Copyright 2011 Adam Keppel-Garner Grave Transcriptions Copyright Richard Munns 2002 2011 1 - Sarah Watling d.??/10/1879 aged 69 2 - David

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Debenham Deaths in Australia

Debenham Deaths in Australia Debenham Deaths in Australia This index lists people with the surname Debenham, Debnam and some other variants whose deaths have been registered in Australia since the mid-19 th Century. There are no deaths

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Chester le Street ASC Spring Open Meet (Under ASA Laws & ASA Technical Rules) Saturday 23 rd & Sunday 24 th April Licensed Meet - No.

Chester le Street ASC Spring Open Meet (Under ASA Laws & ASA Technical Rules) Saturday 23 rd & Sunday 24 th April Licensed Meet - No. EVENT 52 Mens Open 100m Butterfly 1. James Keyworth 17 Chester Le S 1:03.43 29.99 2. William Morris 13 Tynemouth 1:05.24 29.91 3. Aidan Brown 13 Bo Stockton 1:05.42 30.61 4. Christopher Heppell 16 Chester

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H. Howard Bonner (Leading Personalities of Western Australia, 1950, p.326)

H. Howard Bonner (Leading Personalities of Western Australia, 1950, p.326) H. Howard Bonner (Leading Personalities of Western Australia, 1950, p.326) Herman Howard Hickman Bonner (1904-1975) was born 18 April 1904 at Newcastle, NSW the son of Thomas Hickman and Georgina Jefferies.

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Wright County, Missouri

Wright County, Missouri Wright County, Missouri WRIGHT COUNTY OFFICIALS 1877 to 1936 1877: Sheriff, William L Murrell 1878: Swamp Land Commissioner, J M Copley County Attorney, John T Pope Road Commissioner, Thomas Ridgeway 1879:

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Tilehurst War Memorial

Tilehurst War Memorial Tilehurst War Memorial The Memorial is in the form of a Cross of Sacrifice located in Tilehurst Triangle. The Tilehurst Royal British Legion take great pride in the memorial. Tilehurst had been incorporated

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Index Index2 Index3 Names Name2 Name3 Title Edition Publisher Year B CLOUTEN, Keith

Index Index2 Index3 Names Name2 Name3 Title Edition Publisher Year B CLOUTEN, Keith Index Index2 Index3 Names Name2 Name3 Title Edition Publisher Year B4.283 22 01 CLOUTEN, Keith 1967 H. Reid's mistake : the story of Lake Macquarie from its discovery until1890 B4.283 22 02 Pictorial history

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Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh. m unknown. Sleigh, Ralph. Sleigh, Ralph. 1/7/ of 9

Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh. m unknown. Sleigh, Ralph. Sleigh, Ralph. 1/7/ of 9 Clirehugh Family Genealogy COPYRIGHT Susan J. Dorey Edward Sleigh Sleigh, Ralph m. 1708 unknown Sleigh, Francis Joseph 1709-1770 Sleigh, Edward 1710 1788 m. 1735 Nash - 1788 no issue Sleigh, Ralph 1735

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Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887

Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887 Friends of Dundee City Archives Hawkhill School 1869 to 1887 Surnames sorted by Letter T Surname First Names of Tait Francis 07/11/1868 05/04/1880 John Tait 12 Croft's Lane India 1531 Tait John 06/11/1870

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Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON

Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON First Generation 1. Henry Thompson WILSON, son of John B. WILSON and Sarah "Sallie" CAFFEY, was born on 28 Sep 1823 in North Carolina, died on 22 Jul 1910 in Henderson Co, TN, USA, and was buried in Antioch

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Marrickville Metro to City Gresham St via Redfern

Marrickville Metro to City Gresham St via Redfern Marrickville Metro to City Gresham St via Redfern How to use this timetable This timetable provides a snap shot of service information in 24-hour time (e.g. 5am = 05:00, 5pm = 17:00). Information contained

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HOUSE NAME OWNER OCCUPIER COMMENTS CLUNBURY HOUSES AND OCCUPIERS 1896 Hall Hall James Percival Morris Harry Jones Harry Jones was the Farm Bailliff Mill House Mill House Mrs Mary Pardoe Hubert Abbott and Dr Danby Browne, as lodger, the

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References to 'Hotels' in Limerick City Trades Directories,

References to 'Hotels' in Limerick City Trades Directories, References to 's' in Limerick City Trades Directories, 1769-1891 1809 Blake s Holden 1 Blake's Broderick s Holden 2 Broderick's Colohy William s Holden 3 Royal Cunningham s Holden 3 Cunningham's Glenn

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FIRST TENOR SECTION 1. STANLEY JONES Secretary c 1953 FIRST TENOR SECTION 1. STANLEY JONES Secretary 1946-52 1946- c 1953 2. DAVID JENKINS Treasurer 1946-51 1946-1951 3. WALTER BREEZE Long Service Member; Life Member 1946-1990 4. HAYDN THATCHER Long Service

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GIBBONS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt - Wellington Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGibbonsYoung)

GIBBONS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt - Wellington Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGibbonsYoung) GIBBONS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt - Wellington Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGibbonsYoung) GIBBONS and YOUNG Family History Harry Clifton GIBBONS B 1860 Spalding Lincolnshire

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Issue. Contents: Key Stats: June 2017

Issue. Contents: Key Stats: June 2017 Welcome to the third issue of the Tenants Union of NSW s Rent Tracker. With Rent Tracker, we bring multiple sources of information together to give tenants, journalists, researchers and decision-makers

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Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec

Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Keith McCallum 193 Wilson Avenue #310 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5M 4M8 1-Pierre Vibert-[3338] was born on 16 Oct 1814 in St. Mary, Jersey Island.

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Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number = 3 rd issue (Weblink Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ)

Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number = 3 rd issue (Weblink Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ) Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number 103-3 = 3 rd issue (Weblink 103-3 Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ) Archibald LECKIE B 05 October 1854 Scotland D 29 November 1933 Dunedin New Zealand M

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BLUNT Family. Agnes (nee HEADY); m(1) Qld. sp Timothy Stephens CURNOW ( ), ch Timothy Edwin; m(2) Qld.; sp Paul FRANCIS; d c1917.

BLUNT Family. Agnes (nee HEADY); m(1) Qld. sp Timothy Stephens CURNOW ( ), ch Timothy Edwin; m(2) Qld.; sp Paul FRANCIS; d c1917. (20422) BLUNT, Alice Mary par Edred Heady and Eleanor (nee SPINKS). (32871) BLUNT, Charles William b Roade, Northamptonshire, Eng.; par George and Emily Agnes (nee HEADY); d 18-Apr-1882 8 Brisbane, Qld.,

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Concord Presbyterian Church Built a d 1855 Compiled by the Colonel Henry Bouquet Chapter N S D A R

Concord Presbyterian Church Built a d 1855 Compiled by the Colonel Henry Bouquet Chapter N S D A R Concord Presbyterian Church Built a d 8 Compiled by the Colonel Henry Bouquet Chapter N S D A R Cora B Barto, Born Jan,907 Died May 0,907 Alice K Cress 89-90 Geo A Cress 87-99 Eugene C Cress 90-90 Wm Bartol

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TOOP Family. Family Notices. (1951, June 26). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : ), p. 10.

TOOP Family. Family Notices. (1951, June 26). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : ), p. 10. (37524) COOM, Emma Sarah Ann b ; par Austin COOM & Emma DIXON; sp Alfred George TOOP (1864 - c1929), ch Gladys Mildred d 4-Mar-1955 (m GARD), Beatrice Amabel b 21-Mar-1891 307 d 16- Apr-1958 (m HANDFORD);

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FAIRMOUNT HILL: Fairmount Street through #64, Newton Street from #39 to end.

FAIRMOUNT HILL: Fairmount Street through #64, Newton Street from #39 to end. MARLBOROUGH SURVEY OF mstoric, ARCHITECTURAL, AND CULTURAL RESOURCES: RESOURCES POTENTIALLY ELIGffiLE FOR THE NATIONAL REGISTER OF mstoric PLACES NOTE: Only thirteen historic resources in Marlborough are

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HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA LTD HEALTH INFORMATION MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION OF AUSTRALIA LTD Minutes of the 45 th Annual General Meeting of the Health Information Management Association of Australia Ltd, held on Wednesday, 27 th October,

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Surname Other names Father Mother Date Comments

Surname Other names Father Mother Date Comments [Sison] Ann Wm Elizabeth 25/04/1711 Ainsworth Dorothy Wild Dorothy 12/04/1741 Ainsworth Elizabeth Wild Dorothy 01/11/1738 Ainsworth John Thomas Ann 14/09/1723 Ainsworth Thomas Thomas Ann 20/03/1725/6 Alcock

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Great Holland All Saints baptisms

Great Holland All Saints baptisms ARNOLD John Samuel Alice 03 May 1801 5 ARNOLD John Samuel Alice 18 Jul 1802 6 ARNOLD James Robert Ann 31 Oct 1802 6 ARNOLD Ann Robert Ann 30 Sep 1804 7 ARNOLD John Samuel Alice 07 Apr 1805 A twin. 7 ARNOLD

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Section C. Page 1. James F., Annie L., Elnora L.,

Section C. Page 1. James F., Annie L., Elnora L., Brooks Cress Alpheus H., 1810-1897 Martha L., 1820-1896 A. Bradley, 1846-1933 Eva M., 1855-1931 James F., 1861-1946 Annie L., 1862-1947 Elnora L., 1894-1981 Paul & Staples Staples: George P., Apr. 16,

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Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr:

Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan 1783. Married Helen Orr 1760. Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 2 i. Robert Dun, b. 4 Jun 1764. 3 ii. George Dun, b. 30 Dec 1768. 4 iii. Barclay Dun, b. 3 Mar 1771. 5 iv.

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Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z Surname Christian names Died Age Plot No. ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/ ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929

Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z Surname Christian names Died Age Plot No. ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/ ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929 Old Cemetery Meadow Road Upwood A to Z ALLPRESS Henry 16/10/1921 44 98 ALLPRESS Lilian (widow) 30/04/1929 44 98 ALLPRESS Laura Jane (wife of Jesse Allpress ) 04/11/1946 58 113 AMBRICK Ann (wife of John

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Descriptive List of Immigrants by the Chatham

Descriptive List of Immigrants by the Chatham ADAM Ann 27 Midlothian House Maid Wife of John C of E None ADAM John 28 Midlothian Miner C of E Read ANDERSON Jane 25 Roxburghshire Cook C of E None ANDERSON Margaret 18 Edinborough House Maid C of E None

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Cranston Benefit Street Arsenal Post *Alfred M. Bennett* GAR

Cranston Benefit Street Arsenal Post *Alfred M. Bennett* GAR RANK DATE CAMP 7 COMMANDER S RESIDENCE PLACE OF BIVOUAC 1st 1909 *Alfred M. Bennett* GAR Cranston Post 4 1910 *Alfred M. Bennett* GAR Cranston Post 4 2nd 1911 G. Leon Lewis Cranston 3rd 1912 Frank N. Luther

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The High School of Dundee

The High School of Dundee Friends of City Archives The High of Selected Admission Records - Boys 1880 to 1904 Surnames starting by Fairlie Walter J. 11 Lymington Mrs. Fairlie 3, Melrose Terrace 1888 Miss Ross F Fairweather Alexander

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Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c.

Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c. 1) Nutbrown, John [1643c.-1698] Stephenson, Elizabeth [1645c.-1709] (? 1.1) Nutbrown, Joseph [1671-xxxx] 1.2) Nutbrown, John [1672-xxxx] 1.3) Nutbrown, William [1674-xxxx] 1.4) Nutbrown,

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION. BRANCH: Quinte. BRANCH ADDRESS: 54 Adolphustown Park Road. Jessup s Loyal Rangers, Secret Agent

CERTIFICATE APPLICATION. BRANCH: Quinte. BRANCH ADDRESS: 54 Adolphustown Park Road. Jessup s Loyal Rangers, Secret Agent 1 The United Empire Loyalists Associion of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Email: CERTIFICATE APPLICATION BRANCH: Quinte BRANCH ADDRESS:

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SHL. Southern Highlands Line. How to use this timetable. Real-time planning. Explanation of definitions and symbols. Accessible services.

SHL. Southern Highlands Line. How to use this timetable. Real-time planning. Explanation of definitions and symbols. Accessible services. Southern Highlands Line How to use this timetable This timetable provides a snap shot of service information in 24-hour time (e.g. 5am = 05:00, 5pm = 17:00). Information contained in this timetable is

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Monroe County Library. Tom Hambright Monroe County Historianc2001

Monroe County Library. Tom Hambright Monroe County Historianc2001 Monroe County Library Tom Hambright Monroe County Historianc2001 Key West Salt Works Key West Population 1840 Freemen 76 Slaves 97 1860 Freemen 160 Slaves 451 1870 Blacks 989 1910 Blacks 5,515 Freemen

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ORDINANCE - TOWN OF ASHLAND ADDRESS NUMBERING SYSTEM 8/20/07 ORDINANCE - TOWN OF ASHLAND ADDRESS NUMBERING SYSTEM 8/20/07 Pursuant to RSA 231:133-a, the Ashland Board of Selectmen hereby establishes the following address numbering system: Section I. Purpose. The

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GOSS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGossHulbertCollett)

GOSS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGossHulbertCollett) GOSS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGossHulbertCollett) GOSS and HULBERT and COLLETT Family History William George GOSS B 17 June 1863 Exeter Devon

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CHESTER DISTRICT, SC EQUITY INDEX CHESTER DISTRICT, SC EQUITY INDEX This index lists only the names of the major parties. Equity Court files frequently, but not always, contain specific family information. Equity bills for partitions and

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Lower Norfolk County Time Line by Donald W. Moore, CG

Lower Norfolk County Time Line by Donald W. Moore, CG Lower Norfolk Time Line 1607 first landing of Jamestown colonist at Cape Henry 1 1635 Adam Thoroughgood patent 2 1636 New Norfolk 3 1637 Lower and Upper Norfolk 4 first Lower Norfolk court 5 1639 first

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CLEY-next-the- SEA TG

CLEY-next-the- SEA TG CLEY SEA TG 04855 43131 WW1 29 + 2* (non parochial) WW2 10 + 3* (non parochial) With acknowledgement to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission John Creamer BRETT Master Mercantile

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QUEEN STREET WW1 Roll of Honour

QUEEN STREET WW1 Roll of Honour QUEEN STREET WW1 Roll of Honour Queen Street was possibly Cheltenham's most unfortunate street during the First World War. The community lost a signifcant number of men varying in age from just 17 to 49.

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Descendants of Alexander Dargie Margaret Dargie

Descendants of Alexander Dargie Margaret Dargie Descendants of John McIntosh Alexander McIntosh David McIntosh Agnes McIntosh Andrew McIntosh Alexander McIntosh Jane McIntosh b. 9 May 1831 Agnes Henderson Ellen Dargie Mary Henderson David Henderson

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WICKHAM MARKET TM WICKHAM MARKET TM 30192 55706 WW1-31 WW2-9 WW2 Civilians - 4 With acknowledgement to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission WW1 Casualties Awards Rank Number Service Unit Age Parish

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The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe

The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe Research by Sheila Holmes Updated July 2014 Sheila Holmes The Battle Family from 1745 Samuel is the earliest known member of the Battle family. It is believed that Samuel

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#THECITY# #DOANDSEE# Make your trip start at home

#THECITY# #DOANDSEE# Make your trip start at home #THECITY# #DOANDSEE# #EATING# #BARSANDNIGHTLIFE# #CAFES# #SHOPPING# #SLEEPING# Green 1 Queen reet 2 Ardee Brunswick North Arran Quay Thomas Rd Smithfield Oliver Bond Meath reet Meath Place 3 Grangegorman

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Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Local Residents Ticket Draw

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Local Residents Ticket Draw Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Local Residents Ticket Draw The local residents ticket draw for the Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band concert tickets took place in Croke Park on Friday, 8th

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Map of Alabama's 5th District (Mo Brooks - R)

Map of Alabama's 5th District (Mo Brooks - R) Map of Alabama's 5th District (Mo Brooks - R) LIHTC Properties in LIHTC Source: Alabama's 5th District (Mo LIHTC Brooks - R) Through 2015 Satellit e Placed APPLEGATE 162 ROSE DR FLORENCE AL 35630 1993

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PHOTO REQUIRED. E.E. Giles (photo courtesy xxx)

PHOTO REQUIRED. E.E. Giles (photo courtesy xxx) PHOTO REQUIRED E.E. Giles (photo courtesy xxx) Ernest Edward Giles (1865-1936) was born on 30 June 1865 to parents Francis and Frances (nee Soole) Giles at Woodland Bank, the family residence in Moncur

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HOUSING INFORMATION Type of Units: 1 BR # of Units: 5 HOUSING INFORMATION. HOUSING INFORMATION Type of Units: 1, 3(1) BR # of Units: 13

HOUSING INFORMATION Type of Units: 1 BR # of Units: 5 HOUSING INFORMATION. HOUSING INFORMATION Type of Units: 1, 3(1) BR # of Units: 13 BUNCOMBE COUNTY BUNCOMBE COUNTY 280 MERRIMON 280 Merrimon Avenue Phone: 828-575-2323 58 BROADWAY 58 Broadway Phone: 828-575-2323 ALTAMONT APARTMENTS 72 N Market

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J Surname Prenames Occupation Address Home Notes Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green

J Surname Prenames Occupation Address Home Notes Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green Friends of Dundee City Archives 1872 Dundee Directory Surnames starting by J Jack John jun shipowner Freerton Grove, 57 Magdalen Green Jack Miss 57 Rosebank St of Rew & Jack Jack Mrs lodgings 1 Ford's

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LIHTC Properties in Alabama's 5th District. Through ) Source: HUD LIHTC

LIHTC Properties in Alabama's 5th District. Through ) Source: HUD LIHTC LIHTC Properties in Alabama's 5th District LIHTC (Mo(1997 Brooks to - R) Through 2016 2016) Source: HUD LIHTC Placed FIELDCREST 111 FIELDCREST LEXINGTON AL 35648 1988 Insufficient Data 1988 New Construction

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Cally Estate Lodges in Censuses and Valuation Rolls

Cally Estate Lodges in Censuses and Valuation Rolls Cally Estate Lodges in Censuses and Valuation Rolls There are six lodges on the Cally Estate which, until the 1940's, remained part of the Cally Estate as indicated in the following valuation rolls : 1859

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Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 1801 Jun 25 STRICKLAND Matthew s.o. Joseph and Hannah Strickland (born 16.6.1801). 1802 Mar 29 NICHOLLS Armelle d.o.

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GilbertMcBroom.txt 1 / 14

GilbertMcBroom.txt 1 / 14 GilbertMcBroom.txt 1 / 14 Descendants of Gilbert McBroom Generation No. 1 1. Gilbert1 McBroom was born Bef. 1762, and died Bef. 1860. He married Elizabeth Thomson. She was born Bef. 1762, and died Bef.

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Thomas N Crowder s Descendants

Thomas N Crowder s Descendants Thomas N Crowder s Descendants Generation No. 1 1. Thomas N 2 Crowder (Hamilton 1 ) was born June 14, 1842, and died June 7, 1926 and is buried in Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Hueytown, He married (1) Jame

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Polling Places Participating in the Special Election for 18th Congressional District March 13, 2018 Mt Lebanon - Whitehall Municipality Ward District

Polling Places Participating in the Special Election for 18th Congressional District March 13, 2018 Mt Lebanon - Whitehall Municipality Ward District MT LEBANON 01 01 THOMAS JEFFERSON MIDDLE SCHOOL 11 MOFFETT ST PITTSBURGH 15243 MT LEBANON 01 02 LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2 RALSTON PL PITTSBURGH 15216 MT LEBANON 01 03 LINCOLN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 2 RALSTON

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Aaron Gorton. Percy Palmer. William Tanner. Charles Appleby Walter Smith Fred Vernon William Maynard

Aaron Gorton. Percy Palmer. William Tanner. Charles Appleby Walter Smith Fred Vernon William Maynard Lest We Forget 1914 1915 1916 1917 Aaron Gorton Percy Palmer William Tanner Charles Appleby Walter Smith Fred Vernon William Maynard 1917 continued William Gorton Arthur Breadman James Appleby 1918 Ernest

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CoreLogic RP Data Property Market Indicator Summary All data to week ending 30 August 2015

CoreLogic RP Data Property Market Indicator Summary All data to week ending 30 August 2015 Final week of winter returns high auction volumes and a strong clearance rate For the last week of winter, the preliminary auction clearance rate was 75.4 per cent, with 2,583 auctions held across Australia

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Campbell s College Wall of Fame: Old Syllabus Qualifying Scheme ICSA Prize Winners. Pallister prize Business Strategy & Planning C Tennant

Campbell s College Wall of Fame: Old Syllabus Qualifying Scheme ICSA Prize Winners. Pallister prize Business Strategy & Planning C Tennant Campbell s College Wall of Fame: Old Syllabus Qualifying Scheme ICSA Prize Winners November 2010 prize winner Pallister prize Business Strategy & Planning C Tennant June 2010 prize winners Pallister prize

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State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009

State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 New South Wales State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 Status information Currency of version Current version for

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Oak Park Historic Landmarks Updated July 2, 2013

Oak Park Historic Landmarks Updated July 2, 2013 1 428 FOREST AVENUE FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT HOME & STUDIO Architect: Frank Lloyd Wright 1889, Shingle Designated: 1996 Interior, and Improvements 951 CHICAGO AVENUE FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT HOME & STUDIO Architect:

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COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations Warning

COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations Warning 702431 AUSTRALIAN ARCHITECTURE Tasmanian colonial architecture COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969 Warning This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of

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Strong Descendant Report Page 1

Strong Descendant Report Page 1 Strong Descendant Report Page 1 Every effort has been made to exclude all living relatives from this report. Please contact me for more information about your section of our family. Do you have photos

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Harbour City Poems. Sydney in Verse Edited by Martin Langford PUNCHER & WATTMANN

Harbour City Poems. Sydney in Verse Edited by Martin Langford PUNCHER & WATTMANN Harbour City Poems Sydney in Verse 1788-2008 Edited by Martin Langford PUNCHER & WATTMANN Contents Preface 13 Botany Bay 17 Darwin, Erasmus (1731-1802) The Visit of Hope to Sydney Cove, near Botany Bay

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State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009

State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 Page 1 of 56 State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 [2009-364] Status Information Currency of version Current version for 6 January 2012 to date (accessed 6 February 2012

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Name Name Date Notes. ALLEN Mary 31/12/1738 Widow. AYLSBURY Philip 13/7/1800 A stranger

Name Name Date Notes. ALLEN Mary 31/12/1738 Widow. AYLSBURY Philip 13/7/1800 A stranger Name Name Date Notes ALLEN Mary 31/12/1738 Widow AYLSBURY Philip 13/7/1800 A stranger Name Name Date Notes Notes BAILEY James 27/4/1748 s/o Elizabeth Traveller BAKER Sarah 5/5/1715 Brenzett Widow BAKER

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Legend CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY U. Miles Potential EJ Area. County Boundary I-90 US-20 I-90 NY-60 I-90 I-90 I-90 I-90 US-20 I-90 I-90

Legend CHAUTAUQUA COUNTY U. Miles Potential EJ Area. County Boundary I-90 US-20 I-90 NY-60 I-90 I-90 I-90 I-90 US-20 I-90 I-90 Potential Environmental Justice Areas in Chautauqua County, New York Click on any outlined in blue for a detailed map NY-60 NY-6 0 U S-6 2 S-62 U US-62 NY-60 US-62 0 2 4 6 8 10 SCALE: 1:300,000 Potential

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Washington, DC: Database of Building Permits for Squares 1017 to 1019S,

Washington, DC: Database of Building Permits for Squares 1017 to 1019S, SQUARES 1017 1019S page of 10 Washington, DC: Database of Building Permits for Squares 1017 to 1019S, 77 1945 The following is a summary of many of the building permits issued to construct buildings during

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Australian Building Analysis

Australian Building Analysis 702675 Australian Building Analysis cement & concrete COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA Copyright Regulations 1969 Warning This material has been reproduced and communicated to you by or on behalf of the University

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2013 GHJA Junior Equitation Standings

2013 GHJA Junior Equitation Standings 2013 GHJA Junior Equitation Standings updated 11/5/13 1st Caleigh Cianci 66.5 2nd Lexi Ruppel 56 3rd Kristina Hodge 55 4th Ashley Scott Armstrong 51 5th Samantha Barton 50 6th Noelle Johnson 48 7th Allison

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BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY OF BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS Edited by Robert Eccleshall and Graham Walker London and New York CONTENTS Contributors Preface Robert Walpole, First Earl of Orford 1 Stephen Taylor

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LIST OF ALFORDS IN THE 1870 CENSUS OF W EST VIRGINIA LIST OF "ALFORDS" IN THE 1870 CENSUS OF W EST VIRGINIA Arranged by county, township, page and dwelling. Column headings not meant to line up exactly over the data but rather to give position relationship

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NAME BORN DIED AGE MEMORIAL NOTES GC /11/ /01/1961 NAME BORN DIED AGE MEMORIAL NOTES GC 1 GC2 RUTH ELLEN HALL WILLIAM DAWSON 18/11/1946 04/01/1961 GC 59 71 In loving memory of Ruth Ellen beloved wife of William Dawson Hall. At rest November 18th 1946 aged

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Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory

Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory Fort Wayne City Directory 1858-59 Elliott, Willis, barber, north side Main between Clinton and Calhoun. Elliott, Willis, barber, north side Jefferson between Griffith and Fulton. Fisher, Geo. W., plasterer,

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Register Report for Celia Lefforge

Register Report for Celia Lefforge Generation 1 1. Celia Lefforge-1 was born on 23 May 1793 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. She died on 12 August 1854 in Noble Township, Rush Co., Indiana. Jene "Jesse" Winship son of Jabez Lathrop Winship

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Dropout Rate. Garinger High School NSAs. Shannon Park Oak Forest. Milton Rd. Shamrock Dr. Hickory Grove Rd. Eastland / Wilora Lake

Dropout Rate. Garinger High School NSAs. Shannon Park Oak Forest. Milton Rd. Shamrock Dr. Hickory Grove Rd. Eastland / Wilora Lake Colony Rd Garinger High School NSAs W Sugar Creek Rd Sugaw Creek / Ritch Ave NTryon St Old Concord Rd Rocky River Rd Back Creek Church Rd NorrisAv Hampshire Hills Plaza RdExt N Brevard St E30ThSt E36ThSt

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