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1 LSE Digest 1 August July 2017

2 Contents Report of the Chair of the Court of Governors 3 Report of the Interim Director of the School 4 Welcome from the Director 5 Financial Review and Report of the Directors 6 Directors of the School and members of Council 27 Compendium of Information for Honours 29 Honorary Fellows and Graduates 30 Retiring Academic Office Holders 30 Obituary 31 Staff on the LSE payroll as at 1st January Academic Departments 32 Research Centres and Institutes 47 Central Administration 52 Degrees Awarded in July Degrees Awarded in Autumn PhD Awards 140 Scholarships and Prizes 143 LSE Digest I 1 I

3 I 2 I LSE Digest 16-17

4 Report of the Chair of the Court of Governors It is a very great privilege to be joining LSE as Chair of Court and Council and to be part of this globally leading institution for the social sciences. I am grateful for the warm welcome I have received and look forward to being part of the next phase of the School s development and continuing success. Our goal from the School s inception has been for the betterment of society. Our research, our staff and our alumni have successfully contributed to this mission in so many ways over the years. The demand for what we do seems, if anything, to be intensifying. There are profound challenges to the wellbeing of societies across the world. In this annual report you will see that the School is continuing to play its part in developing the people, knowledge and policies to meet these growing challenges and to add to our overall societal impact. This is a particularly interesting time for UK higher education and we face a number of challenges. As a truly international institution, with such large proportions of staff and students from the EU, we are affected by the uncertainty associated with the Brexit negotiations, the international security situation and government policy on immigration. As you will see from this report, colleagues at LSE use every opportunity to ensure policy makers and politicians understand the benefits of a strong HE sector to the economic and social success of our country. We are also experiencing a change in the regulatory environment and a balancing of the way our performance is measured. Student experience is now assessed as formally as the quality and impact of our research. We are all disappointed that our National Student Survey results are not at the level to which we aspire. These results have shown the complexity of the task of delivering excellence in both teaching and research. We are now addressing this challenge with urgency. It is important that LSE is seen as globally leading not only in our research but also in terms of the learning experiences we provide for our students. and we are deeply grateful to them for the support they give us in so many different ways. They act as powerful advocates for the School and many also provide financial support that has enabled us to do things that would not otherwise have been possible. We value the relationships that we have with our alumni and donors and work hard to meet our shared goals. I should like to thank everyone who has contributed to our achievements this year, particularly Professor Julia Black who acted as Interim Director and the members of the SMC that she led. But thanks are due right across the School. Whether working as academics, professional service staff or students everyone makes a difference to our overall success. Thank you. At the end of every academic year there are people to whom we must say good bye, and new people to welcome. I would like to thank the lay members of Council whose terms of office come to an end this year: Alan Elias who acted as Interim Chair, Virginia Beardshaw, Tina Fahm, Harriet Spicer and the outgoing Students Union General Secretary Busayo Twins. New members to Council this year are Alastair Da Costa, Nigel Hugill, Ruth Kosmin and Mahatir Pasha. In addition Ali Nikpay now takes up the role of Vice Chair alongside Susan Liautaud. It is a particular pleasure to welcome Dame Minouche Shafik, who joined us in September as the new School Director. I know she has received a warm welcome and I am very much looking forward to working with her and to supporting her in the delivery of this next phase in the history of the LSE. We are very fortunate to have such a strong team to address the challenges we face and to build on our successes for the betterment of societies across the world. Dame Shirley Pearce Chair of Court and Council Since arriving at LSE earlier this year I have had the great pleasure to meet many of our alumni and benefactors and I have been struck by the warmth and respect for LSE that they all describe. We are fortunate to have such a strong worldwide network of alumni LSE Digest I 3 I

5 Report of the Interm Director It has been a real honour and privilege to have been able to lead the School over the last year. LSE is an extraordinary institution. I am delighted to have served as Interim Director, whilst simultaneously carrying on with my work as Pro-Director Research. My primary goal has been to continue to implement the School s strategy, building on our significant strengths and addressing areas where we need to improve, alongside managing the rapidly changing political context, as the implications of the EU Referendum have begun to emerge and the Higher Education and Research Act has been passed. The external environment has certainly been challenging in LSE academics were the first to call the election result and predict a hung Parliament. Following that, we have continued to push our priorities and shape the debate on issues that are of central concern to LSE and the Higher Education sector as a whole, namely the rights of EU citizens and their families to reside in the UK, enabling international students to continue to come to the UK and to LSE, and to maintain access to research funding and collaborations through EU research funding programmes. We have also continued to both respond to and shape the changes in the regulatory landscape. The School Management Committee was disappointed that LSE was awarded Bronze in the recent Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) exercise. However, this has only strengthened our commitment to enhance our students educational experience and speed up the implementation of our Education Strategy. LSE LIFE is now well embedded after just one year. Departments are focusing on delivering on their own educational plans. Last term, the Academic Board agreed that the School can proceed with significant changes to our systems of assessment, including allowing in-year resits (already provided for by the Law Department for several decades), and a review of all of our programmes. We are developing a digital Student Hub to improve our students ability to navigate our complex online systems. There is still much work to be done, and we will be focusing fully on implementing these changes next academic year. Much else has been achieved this year. A new Department of Health Policy will open in September and the Institute of Public Affairs will transform into the School of Public Policy in September 2018, in order to promote the School s profile in this area and enable us to compete directly with schools of public policy across the world. We have completed an analysis of data to benchmark our Professional Services activities against the Russell Group through the Cubane programme. We will be using this information to improve the way we operate. We were awarded 32 million from HEFCE for the Centre Buildings, building on the 64 million which the Atlantic Foundation had donated to the International Inequalities Institute, and our academic and research staff continue to be successful in raising research grants. We have also continued our focus on staff engagement, and the Staff Survey Working Group has overseen a number of initiatives to improve the working environment and culture at the School. These include a greater emphasis on recognising and celebrating success, more opportunities for career development (including job shadowing and mentoring), and a refocusing on equity and diversity, including the creation of a network of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity Advisers. I am personally delighted to have witnessed the flying of the Rainbow Flag above the School for the first time too, in celebration of Pride We will be continuing this important work in these areas next year. During my period as Interim Director over this last year, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the wonderfully talented and committed people who are here. Whilst we will undoubtedly need to make changes to adjust to the challenges we face, I am sure that the School will continue to go from strength to strength. On behalf of the School, it is my pleasure to warmly welcome Dame Minouche Shafik as the next Director of LSE. Previously the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, Minouche is already very familiar with the School as one of our alumnae and has spent time here, prior to her start in September 2017, deepening her understanding of the School s immediate and more long-term objectives. Both I and the School Management Committee very much look forward to working with her and sharing in the successes and challenges of what lies ahead for our wonderful and very special institution. Professor Julia Black Interim Director I 4 I LSE Digest 16-17

6 Welcome from the Director I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to lead LSE. The School s long tradition of bringing the best of social science research and teaching to bear on the problems of the day is needed now more than ever. LSE is a unique institution that combines intellectual excellence and global reach. I wish to pay tribute to Professor Julia Black for her excellent leadership of the School over the last 12 months. Julia has worked tirelessly and resolutely to take the School s case to Government, including successfully influencing a series of significant improvements to the Higher Education and Research Bill. Julia and the School Management Committee have progressed many important internal changes, including the new School of Public Policy to be launched in 2018, the continuing transformation of LSE s estate and the important decision to diversify how the School assesses students in order to improve the student experience. I am looking forward to working with the School Management Committee, and LSE s student and staff communities to guide the School through what will be a time of challenge and opportunity in the higher education sector. Key priorities Prior to formally starting as Director of LSE, I have been spending time meeting with and listening to members of LSE s diverse community. It is clear to me that the School has many strengths, as an intellectual pioneer, with a clear social purpose, comprising truly talented staff and students from around the world. I will aim to build on these excellent qualities and address areas where the School needs to improve, with a special emphasis on teaching and the student experience in the year ahead. I also want to launch a consultation in the coming year to pose the big questions about the future of the School, to lay the groundwork for a new strategy. Accelerating the implementation of the School s Education Strategy will be front and centre of my agenda for , and I will be working with Professor Paul Kelly, Pro-Director Education, and the School Management Committee to drive this forward. Much progress has been made since the Strategy was launched in 2015, underpinned by an investment of 10.5 million over three years, to enhance the student experience. The allocation of a Bronze TEF award was disappointing for the School and means we must redouble our efforts to significantly improve the learning experience for our students. I am determined to ensure that our world-leading status in research is matched by the quality of our student experience and that there is parity of esteem between teaching and research. External environment The School will continue to work with Government on the design of TEF and closely engage with the Department for Education on their plans to launch the next stage of TEF developments, including specifications for how subject-level TEF will work in practice and the recent announcements to pilot new TEF metrics. Following the triggering of Article 50, Brexit continues to provoke debate and understandable anxiety for an institution as internationally connected as we are. The School Management Committee has been overseeing our response and coordinating its support and analysis through a Steering Group comprising representatives from our academic departments and professional service teams. We recently launched a new Brexit-focused website, with the latest news, information, and commentary, to help LSE staff and students navigate some of the complexity that the UK s departure from the EU brings. We have also been presenting our case to Government to protect the School s continued access to research funding and international partnerships, and to ensure that we remain a destination for Europe s and indeed the world s best students and academics. I am honoured to be leading LSE through these challenging yet exciting times and look forward to working with the whole LSE community to make it even greater. Dame Minouche Shafik Director, LSE LSE Digest I 5 I

7 Financial Review and Report of the Directors School Mission and Strategy The LSE s Council adopted the LSE Strategy 2020 in December Our strategy orients the School to the next stage in its continuing development and sets out specific areas of focus for our activity as we seek to keep advancing the quality of our teaching and research whilst retaining the vitality and public impact of the work carried out by our students and staff. The School approaches this strategy aware of significant challenges facing the institution and the wider education sector. These include: Educational performance and experience inconsistent with our high aspirations and impressive performance in research. Sharp decline in the proportion of the School budget provided direct from UK government funding, with direct grants falling from nearly 80 per cent to less than 10 per cent and our consequent transformation into a universityfunded mainly by student fees. Intensified competition from both UK and international universities (and research and educational provision in other organisations), many of which have improved performance and are continuing to innovate in technology, educational programmes and their global reach. In approaching the development and delivery of our strategy the School has had to make a number of strategic choices. The School Management Committee and Council are committed to: Building a core faculty committed to both education and research. Focussing on social science and closely related fields that contribute knowledge to understanding and changing society, collaborating with but not seeking to expand into other major dimensions of academic work. Strengthening face-to-face education and the intellectual community at our central London campus and developing thriving educational, research, and public engagement at this campus; this may be complemented by programmes overseas or benefit from technological innovation. In pursuing our strategy we will continue to focus on our six key strategic themes: 1 We will substantially improve the quality of our educational programmes including the overall student experience, and develop opportunities for the brightest students regardless of their background. 2 We will strengthen our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion and take relevant action throughout the institution. 3 We will continually improve faculty quality, research performance and intellectual innovation and enhance the quality of our Professional Services staff. 4 We will lead (and continue to be recognised in leading) in innovative, international interdisciplinary, and issue-oriented social science. 5 We will enhance and diversify our revenue streams. 6 We will secure an estate and other facilities commensurate with our standing and aspirations. Through the leadership of the School Management Committee (SMC), academic departments and professional services have integrated these aims into their own strategic and operational plans and the Council receives a regular update from the Director on our progress in meeting these aims. The goal of this strategy is clear: to enable LSE to thrive and to show in the future the brilliance it has exhibited in the past, to achieve the highest intellectual quality, and to contribute to society. Strategic review of the Financial Statements The These financial statements show the School making great progress in growing, strengthening and diversifying its revenues, a key element of the Strategy 2020: revenues continue to grow faster than our core costs and are increasingly diversified with more than a quarter of overall income last year derived from sources other than degree programme teaching and research grants. The overall Surplus Before Other Gains And Losses of 35.4 million represents a margin on income of 10.0 I 6 I LSE Digest 16-17

8 Financial Review and Report of the Directors Table 1 Unrestricted earnings before interest payable, tax, depreciation and amortisation Table 2 Summary financial data Unrestricted Restricted or Change funds designated Total Total m m m m m % Operating income % Donations and endowments (20.0) (68%) Total income % Operating expenses (292.6) (8.9) (301.5) (283.4) (18.1) 7% Earnings before interest, tax, (5.7) (10%) depreciation and Amortisation (EBITDA) USS past service deficit provision (3.9) % Depreciation (12.9) - (12.9) (11.2) (1.7) 15% Interest and other finance costs (8.9) - (8.9) (8.7) (0.2) 2% Operating surplus before % other gains and losses Gains on investments % Change in the fair value of hedging (10.8) % financial instruments Comprehensive income for the year % Balance sheet Fixed assets % Endowment assests and investments % Net current assests (liabilities) 1.0 (16.6) % Creditors over one year (187.1) (187.0) (0.1) 0% Pensions provisions (33.7) (38.8) 5.1 (13%) Net assests % Building and infrastructure investment % Liquidity Cash and cash equivalents % Investments % Loans (145.7) (147.5) 1.8 1% Net funds % Unrestricted/EBITDA as percentage of income 13.5% 9.8% LSE Digest I 7 I

9 Financial Review and Report of the Directors per cent, and Unrestricted Earnings before Interest payable, Taxation, Depreciation and Amortisation which is our preferred measure of annual financial performance of 45.6 million was equivalent to a margin of 13.5 per cent. The School s governing body, Council, has adopted a preliminary target of 10 per cent of revenue for this measure to meet our interest and capital repayments, fund further capital investment and allow sufficient flexibility to support innovation and investment. These results show the strength of our underlying operating model and confirm the importance we place on adherence to our Financial Plan. During the current period of significant change and uncertainty in the sector, it remains critical to our future that we have the flexibility in our finances to respond with agility to sudden and unwelcome challenges without sacrificing the commitment to teaching and research that lie at the heart of our mission. Centres ( 4.6 million); the first phase of an ambitious programme to improve the student experience ( 11.0 million over three years); and to continue the significant investment to expand and upgrade our academic buildings ( 33.5 million gross). At the end of Academic Board and Council approved the creation of a new Department of Health Policy and a School of Public Policy from The new Department of Health Policy will consolidate and grow the School s existing work in this area we already run one of the largest cohorts of health-related post-graduate programmes in the world, with six masters programmes and host four health-related research Centres. The ambitious agenda for this new department includes developing its global partnerships and consolidating its role as a leading academic player in the field to address the public health and health care challenges of the 21st century. During the past year the School has been able to invest in an important set of developments: establishing and operating a series of new interdisciplinary Institutes and Table 2 Summary financial data continued... Student numbers Undergraduate 4,949 4,853 Postgraduate taught 4,732 4,212 Postgraduate research Full time student numbers 10,129 9,548 Part time Others (visiting, executive) 1,221 1,099 Part-time and other 1,756 1,599 London Summer Schools and Executive Summer Schools 6,597 6,015 Beijing and Cape Town Schools University of London International Programme LSE programmes 19,191 19,901 Other programmes 6,930 6,388 Staff numbers (FTE) Average full-time equivalent staff numbers 2,289 2,234 Average pay per full-time equivalent 63,415 61,298 Staff costs as a percentage of income before donations 50.7% 54.9% Research grant and HEFCE funding per academic 86,360 87,080 I 8 I LSE Digest 16-17

10 Financial Review and Report of the Directors Scope The financial statements comprise the results of the School, consolidated with the results of its subsidiaries. Our subsidiaries operations are vacation letting of student accommodation, consultancy services, exploitation of intellectual property, the operation of executive education programmes, and overseas fundraising. For commercial, legal and taxation reasons these activities are channelled through limited companies which, where appropriate, transfer their profits to the School through an annual payment of Gift Aid. In addition, the School is a partner in the TRIUM Executive MBA programme with New York University and HEC in Paris. The School s share of this programme is incorporated on a proportional basis. The LSE Students Union is a separately constituted body over which the School does not exert significant influence and so is not consolidated in these financial statements. Income Table 3 Income and expenditure analysis Change m m m % Tuition fees % Funding Council grants % Research grants % Other income % Investment income, % Total income before endowments and donations % Donations and endowments (20.0) (67.8%) Total income % LSE Digest I 9 I

11 Financial Review and Report of the Directors Support from the government for research continues to decline: our research funding from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE), the Quality Related (QR) grant fell, in real terms, despite our being ranked near the top for research quality and impact in the most recent Research Excellence Framework (REF). HEFCE s teaching grant makes a negligible contribution to teaching income other than providing some support for our sector-leading Access and Widening Participation activities and for students with disabilities. Research grant income, like QR income, is under growing pressure and Funding Councils are increasingly asking institutions such as LSE to contribute to the costs of the research which they exist to fund. For us, this means subsidising research from auxiliary income. Tuition fee income grew by 12.5 per cent to million through a combination of increased full-time student numbers and price increases on postgraduate and overseas courses. We want to ensure we continue to have the flexibility to invest in research and education opportunities as they emerge, irrespective of the external environment. We believe diversification of income sources is key to this and over 15 per cent of our fee income comes from summer schools and the expanding executive education masters programme. The importance of this to the School cannot be exaggerated and we believe we are well placed intellectually and geographically to expand in this area further. provides the School s operating budget for Any significant investments and associated returns are assessed and tested against the Plan and where appropriate examined on a standalone basis before a final decision is made. This ensures that our decisions contribute to the financial sustainability of the School. As part of this financial planning process, a range of financial and non-financial key performance indicators are tracked and reviewed regularly by the School Management Committee and Council. With these processes and assurances, Council is satisfied that the School is operating in a financially sustainable manner and remains a going concern. Students, education and tuition fees Undergraduates The School received nearly 18,000 applications for fulltime undergraduate study in the academic year We made offers to 21 per cent of applicants and enrolled 9 per cent as new undergraduate students. We have an average of 11.4 applications per place for undergraduate study, a level that has remained strong in recent years. Postgraduate At the postgraduate level, we enrolled 4,492 students, a 13.1 per cent increase on , two-thirds of whom were from outside the UK and EU. Average demand was a little higher than last year at just over five applicants per place. Ensuring financial sustainability The School s ambition is to continue as a world leader in research and teaching in the social sciences, so the generation of sustainable surpluses is essential to give us the flexibility to invest in the academic innovation that this ambition requires. Each year, the School Management Committee and Council approve a 10-year Financial Plan that quantifies the Strategic and Operational Plans for the School using a set of prudent assumptions. The financial results portrayed in the Plan are measured against a range of targets and metrics and tested against the School s Strategic Risk Register to ensure we have a reasonable expectation of delivering a sustainable longterm position. The first year of the 2017 Plan also I 10 I LSE Digest 16-17

12 Financial Review and Report of the Directors Full time students Applications per place LSE Digest I 11 I

13 Financial Review and Report of the Directors Support for learning Scholarships and bursaries In the School spent 18.9 million on bursaries for undergraduates and postgraduates to enable them to study at the School. In particular, UK and EU undergraduates can qualify for bursaries up to the value of 4,000 per year for each year of study. For UK undergraduates, the School is also supporting its commitment under the Access Agreement to widen participation. In addition to all this, in we piloted a scheme to offer residential bursaries at our halls. To do so, the School is successfully investing through bursaries and extensive programmes for raising aspiration, supporting attainment, and preparing students for higher education, resulting in increasing numbers of students meeting widening participation criteria, obtaining offers and taking up places at LSE. In the total amount reported to the Office of Fair Access for this overall programme of funding and support was 4.6 million. The School has two flagship funding schemes for doctoral students our own LSE PhD Studentship scheme which supported 236 fully funded students across four years of study and the Economic and Social Research Council Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) scheme with a further 143. In addition, PhD students are funded by philanthropic support and other Research Councils, and some institutes and departments provide scholarships. All these awards provide a maintenance grant and pay a fee. They are awarded on academic merit and research potential and are highly competitive. Across all these schemes 60 per cent of the total number of doctoral students enrolled at the School had full funding. Additionally, the School set aside other funds to support conference attendance and support for the writing up period available to all PhD students. In the result of the bid to become an ESRC Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) was announced, and LSE was granted single institution status. The DTP will replace the DTC, with a further six cohorts to be funded. Support for learning New Education Strategy The School s performance in the National Student Survey has been very disappointing but is being tackled as a priority through the Education Strategy that was launched at the start of The work implementing the new Education Strategy commenced in earnest during and will accelerate significantly during under the leadership of our new Director, who has made it her priority. LSE LIFE opened in September This 3.8 million investment, in the refurbished ground floor of the Library, provides academic, personal and professional development resources for all our students. During its first year, 8,039 LSE students have used the centre; we have run over 300 workshops per term achieving 92 per cent Good or Excellent ratings by students; and 29 collaborative events with academic departments have been run, aimed at developing engagement beyond the classroom. During , as part of the Education Strategy, the Pro-Director s Vision Fund supported a range of innovations to support programme-level enhancements to student learning and experience covering curriculum diversification, developing an educational toolkit around Brexit related issues, teaching innovation around interdisciplinary research-led teaching; collaboration with industry partners, including Aviva and JP Morgan. Work is underway to benchmark our undergraduate programmes against key features of peer programmes in other institutions. The outcomes will form part of the data set informing effective review and redesign of current programmes during , and support decision-making about the School s programme portfolio and our undergraduate offer more generally. Implementation of the LSE Education Strategy is academically led through the development of departmental education strategies. In tandem, our professional service teams have been tasked by the Director with delivering a series of actions targeted to materially improve student feedback from the National Student Survey (NSS). This work will include the introduction of in-year resits, a review of the academic year dates, academic support standard, and a digital app to enable our students to access essential information in a personalised way and engage with academics, service providers and each other. Alongside this programme of academic change, our 2017 Financial Plan incorporates 12.6 million for the refurbishment of the infrastructure of the School s existing teaching rooms. I 12 I LSE Digest 16-17

14 Financial Review and Report of the Directors Employment locations six months after graduation for graduates After LSE A degree from LSE is widely recognised globally and our graduates go on to pursue successful careers in a wide variety of sectors across the world. Employers value an LSE education because of the intellectual rigour of our programmes and the breadth of our students experiences: students develop a range of analytical and communication skills in the classroom, which can be complemented by team work and organisational and creative skills gained from extracurricular activities. Students can also acquire foreign languages and IT skills, and work/volunteer experience. Of those who graduated in 2015/16, 86.8 per cent progressed on to employment or study within six months. Of those in full-time work, 96.1 per cent (ranked third in the UK) were classed as being in highlyskilled employment. 2015/16 graduates found work in 116 different countries. The median salary of those working full-time in the UK was 29,000 (ranked second in the UK). A new national data set for UK-domiciled graduates reveals that LSE alumni are amongst the top earners by median salary in their respective subject areas at one, three and five years after completing their Bachelor s degrees. Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) grants The School s primary sources of direct public funding are HEFCE grants and Research Council funding for research projects. HEFCE funding comprises three elements, quality-related research funding (QR), teaching funding and knowledge exchange funding, titled Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF). HEFCE funding for teaching is largely confined to HEFCE initiatives to mitigate the impact of fees on the diversity and access of students to higher education and the higher costs of delivering teaching in central London. The School s research block grant (QR) was flat in cash terms, at 18.6 million in Of course, this represents a real terms cut which is disappointing given the inflationary pressures on pay and non-pay costs we face and does not easily reconcile with our outstanding success in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework (REF), where LSE was placed at or close to the top in the rankings of research quality. We received 3.1m in in HEIF funding to support Knowledge Exchange. This money is supporting and developing a broad range of knowledge-based interactions between universities and the wider world, which will result in economic and social benefit to the UK. The School welcomes the Funding Council s ongoing commitment to this funding stream. LSE Digest I 13 I

15 Financial Review and Report of the Directors Most significantly, in November 2016 we were awarded a 32 million grant, through the Higher Education Funding Council for England s UK Research Partnership Investment Fund (UKRPIF), which provides funding for capital projects that can attract significant investment from private partners. We are in discussion with HEFCE regarding the profile of payments and expect receipts to commence in This funding will make a very important contribution to the redevelopment of the Centre Buildings which will house the International Inequality Institute. Research grants and contracts Our continued strategy to grow our grants portfolio has seen a steady growth in research funding for Research income was in excess of 32 million, an increase of 2 per cent on that of , and represents 9 per cent of the School s total income. The mix of funding from different sponsor types remains fairly constant across the two years, with just over threequarters of income continuing to come from the UK Research Councils, UK Government, and the EU. The School continues to do extremely well under the Horizon 2020 and other European Commission programmes: 16 new awards commenced during with a book value of 12.4 million particularly welcome in a year when there have been widely-reported concerns that the result of the Brexit referendum would lead to an immediate reduction in EC funding. It is particularly noteworthy that we have received awards with a value of 10.6 million from the European Research Council (among the most prestigious research funding available, supporting the highest quality research), up from 7.9 million last year. Other successes have been 4.2 million from the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) to fund the Centre for Public Authority and International Development (CPAID), whose research focuses on how societies are governed in impoverished and unstable places in Africa and 2.6 million from the Department for International Development (DfID) to support the Conflict Research Programme. Council remains concerned over the potential implications of the current Brexit negotiations, the increasing focus of domestic funding on grand challenges, and the increasing pressures on the sustainability of external research funding. The School continues to prepare for REF2021, with key processes and systems being developed and implemented during Further details of the REF rules around the eligible staff and research outputs are expected by the end of Michaelmas Term Other Income The School derives significant value from its academic reputation and resources, through additional activities such as consultancy activities which are operated through LSE Enterprise Limited and the International Growth Centre. Our residences and catering services provide a range of affordable accommodation to students, house a large proportion of our summer school students and operate as a hotel business during the rest of our vacation periods. They operate on a longterm breakeven basis after making a significant contribution to the School for the capital invested. Other Services Rendered income in includes a one-off receipt related to a Rights of Light agreement with the developer of a nearby building. As well as attracting staff and students, these activities make an invaluable contribution to the financial health of the School, contributing over a fifth of the School s income. Residence and catering With over 4,000 bed spaces in 12 halls of residence and University of London halls, the School can offer a guaranteed place to all first-year undergraduate students and accommodate 41 per cent of all full-time students. Unlike the numerous commercial providers of student accommodation in London, we can offer 31- week contracts to undergraduate students making our residences far more affordable. We can do this by generating income from operating many of our halls on a commercial basis during vacation periods. The offer of affordable accommodation to our students is central to our recruitment strategy and, through a partnership with Urbanest, we provided 484 additional beds at Westminster Bridge from September We aim to add more places in the coming years through a combination of partnership agreements and, where affordable, developing our own halls. LSE Enterprise Limited The School is keen to apply the social science expertise of LSE academics to researching and resolving issues across as wide a range of policy, social and business areas as possible, and where appropriate to do this on I 14 I LSE Digest 16-17

16 Financial Review and Report of the Directors Table 4 Analysis of other income Change m m m % Residences and catering % University of London International Programmes (0.1) (1%) LSE Enterprise Ltd % Other services rendered and other activities % % a commercial basis. LSE Enterprise Limited (LSEE) will pay the School a Gift Aid payment of 2.1 million representing a 1.2 million contribution to the School s general funds and 0.9 million earmarked for further investment in academic research. Summer School Now in its thirtieth year, the Summer School Programme is the largest in Europe and the third biggest programme of its kind globally with only Berkeley and Harvard having a larger student cohort. This year we welcomed 6,334 individual students representing 122 different nationalities to the three sessions run in June, July and August. The programme offered 94 courses together with a developed social programme alongside a wide variety of other events and ensures that our campus, Student Union and halls of residence and catering outlets remain intensively used during the summer. The Summer School allows LSE to extend its teaching far beyond the limited number of degree programme places and financially it provides the School with the means to attract and retain key faculty. The programme provides a significant annual return which enables the School to invest in teaching, research, and campus redevelopment. Executive Programme This open enrolment one week intensive Executive Programme is aimed at professionals and is now in its ninth year. It attracted 263 students to its June session and for the first time will offer an additional stream in October 2017 which is likely to attract a further 100 students over five courses. International Programme Under a collaboration agreement, the School participates in the University of London International Programme, which sees our academic material taught under the University of London badge to over 20,000 students around the globe annually. This study leads to the award of a University of London degree via distance learning. The School plays a key role in the academic direction, examination and quality assurance processes of the programmes in which it is involved. While recruitment to the programme has been falling in recent years, there is an ambitious plan in place to reinvigorate and revitalise the programme through the appointment of more LSE academics to provide content and ownership of the courses and a scheme for raising the academic quality and tuition fees over the next five years. Online certificate courses A pilot project has been developed by our summer schools team to launch three online courses in finance, management, and business/ir taught by some of our pre-eminent faculty. These are a suite of interactive and highly supportive online courses designed to offer, to a global audience, relevant and meaningful skills across a range of areas where LSE has an international reputation. The first cohort enrolled on these programmes in October 2017, with further programmes starting later in To date recruitment to all three courses is very encouraging. Investment income, cash and treasury management Investment income comprises investment returns from the School s working capital, bond holdings and endowment investments. Our treasury and investment strategy provides for different investment approaches depending on the level of risk and timescales associated with the use of the funds we hold. As a consequence we have five distinct investment and treasury strategies: (i) working capital held in sterling and other currencies LSE Digest I 15 I

17 Financial Review and Report of the Directors where we have future liabilities; (ii) working capital held in managed corporate bond funds; (iii) a bond portfolio with maturities to match our capital programme; (iv) a long-term Growth Portfolio invested in a portfolio of equities that includes actively managed funds and; (v) the Financial Economic Review (FER) portfolio which contains only passively managed investments. Where necessary these funds are unitised to allow both endowment and School funds to be held in the same underlying investment while maintaining a separation of funds. Table 5 summarises these holdings and the returns achieved during The School adopts a total return approach to the investment of its long-term funds, so a significant proportion of returns are unrealised and reported as Gain on Investments in the Statement of Comprehensive Income and Expenditure. In the case of the bonds in our capital development portfolio, which will be held to maturity, they are not reported at their market value at the balance sheet date: if they were we would have disclosed an unrealised gain of 0.6 million. We target a return of 4.0 per cent plus RPI and our investment performance continues to deliver excellent results despite significant market volatility during In the year, the unit price of the Growth Portfolio investment appreciated 17.9 per cent (against a benchmark of 16.0 per cent) and, when combined with the Gift Matching portfolio which is designed for funds which are required within a shorter time horizon achieved a 14.5 per cent return. The FER portfolio returned 13.2 per cent (against a benchmark of 13.0 per cent). Over the last five years, the Growth Portfolio has returned 11.3 per cent per annum, and FER returned 8.9 per cent. All returns are quoted net of fees. Table 5 Summary of investment returns and treasury management School general and Endowment designated funds funds m m m m Investment income Gain on investments Return Investments Cash and cash equivalents Other receivables Held as: Cash and working capital Capital Projects Portfolio Gift Matching Portfolio Growth Portfolio FER Portfolio LSE Portfolio Accrued income Donations awaiting investment Philanthropic support received in The presentation of philanthropic gifts in a university s financial statements can be difficult to follow because the Higher Education SORP only allows gifts and donations with restricted uses to be recorded in Endowment reserves. Gifts and donations with flexibility in how they can be used have to be recorded as part of I 16 I LSE Digest 16-17

18 Financial Review and Report of the Directors the School s General Reserves, even though we will internally have designated them for specific purposes. As a matter of policy, we would seek to work with potential philanthropists to ensure that their support could be used strategically to support the School s priorities. Note 6 to the financial statements draws together the impact of philanthropy on the figures showing a contribution of 9.5 million from the following donors: Table 6 Summary of gifts and donations received in m The Sequoia Trust 6.0 Accounted for as deferred income (4.0) The Sequoia Trust )(Marshall Institute of 2.0 Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa 1.4 Annual Fund 0.9 Named Scholarships 0.6 Lee Family MSc Scholarship Fund 0.5 Prof Saw Swee Hock SE Asia Centre 0.4 Stelios Scholarships 0.3 Kuwait Endowed Professorship of Economics 0.2 Others Socially Responsible Investment and Procurement Council approved the School s Socially Responsible Investment Policy in November 2015 and delegated its implementation to the Investment Committee. The objectives of the Policy are to comply with the UN Principles for Responsible Investment and, consistent with the School s objectives and its legal obligations, to avoid as far as possible investment in activities specified in the Policy. The School is aware that these obligations include investing its funds to achieve the best possible expected long-term return within the agreed risk parameters. Consistent with the Council s statutory fiduciary responsibilities as charity trustees, the School will specifically: Avoid direct investments in tobacco manufacture, indiscriminate armaments and in companies whose business focuses significantly on the extraction of thermal coal or tar sands. Seek to reduce, as far as possible, investments placed indirectly through investment funds in these companies. Explore opportunities to collaborate with other universities to encourage fund managers to develop new socially responsible investment products. Work to ensure that all the fund managers used for indirect equity investment support the six UN Principles of Responsible Investment. In addition to representing our desire to avoid supporting industries which do direct harm through indiscriminate arms and tobacco manufacture, this represents a positive commitment to support the transition to the low-carbon economy. We are proud of our rigorous and innovative academic contributions on climate change and the environment, and also of our high environmental standards on campus, and it is right that our investment policy reflects this work. The detail of our investment approach and invested assets held are set out later in this report. During the coming year we plan to vigorously pursue the key elements of this policy. Procurement The School continues to look for savings and value for money opportunities to make the most effective use of its resources. Central to our approach to procurement is the use of competitive tendering and consortium framework agreements and carefully developed and reviewed specifications for goods and services. In addition, our process also places emphasis on nonfinancial aspects of procurement, with suppliers evaluated on their approach and policies on: environmental sustainability; equality, diversity and inclusion; modern slavery; health and safety; information security; and ensuring compliance with the School s commitment to pay at least the London Living wage. Our sustainable procurement goal is to procure goods and services in ways that maximise efficiency and effectiveness, while minimising social, environmental and other costs. The total expenditure in that was susceptible to procurement through a competitive process was 96.5 million, of which 93.0 per cent was either tendered or procured via available framework LSE Digest I 17 I

19 Financial Review and Report of the Directors agreements, with contracts awarded on our approved terms and conditions whenever possible. The remaining 7.0 per cent was procured by either a quotation process or, if under 8,000, a single source purchase. The procurement team delivered savings of over 5.4 million (annual savings based on comparison with average tendered, or incumbent supplier charge). The School recognises its responsibility to deal fairly with its suppliers and works to pay all approved invoices in accordance with the agreed terms of payment, which are available on the School s website. At the year-end, the amount due to trade creditors was equivalent to 14 days of purchases. Nothing was due to be paid under the Late Payments of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act Expenditure Total operating expenses increased by 3.0 per cent which is significantly lower than the growth in income of 10 per cent (measured by total income). However disaggregating this into its pay and non-pay elements reveals the total pay costs that the School faced rose rather faster. Table 7 Summary of expenditure Change m m m % Staff costs % Net movement in pensions provisions (5.7) 3.9 (9.6) (246.2%) Other operating expenses % Operating expenses % Depreciation % Interest and other finance costs % Total expenditure before other gains and losses % Staff costs An academic institution s most valuable resource is its staff the salary and related costs to sustain them in were million (before deducting the movement in the provision for the funding deficits on the USS and SAUL pension schemes of 5.7 million) and these costs as a proportion of income fell by 0.7 percentage points to 51.0 per cent. In line with our Financial Plan targets, year-on-year staff costs increased by 7.7 per cent reflecting a net of 55 additional full time equivalent staff members (accounting for 2.5 percentage points of the increase) and 4.5 per cent relating to a combination of the annual pay award, automatic pay increments, discretionary pay awards, the impact of the changes in the USS and SAUL pension schemes and employment taxes. The average all-in cost (pay, national insurance, pension contribution, apprenticeship levy) of an employee at LSE rose by 5.2 per cent to 74,614 per annum. Faculty pay budgets are under significant pressure. The fall in sterling following the referendum and election have made our academic salaries look uncompetitive when compared to those on offer in Europe and the US. In addition, our budgets have had to absorb higher costs of funding the deficit recovery plans in our pension schemes, and these costs are likely to rise further if Gilt yields remain at the current historically low levels. We have also had to absorb additional employment taxes following the increase in National Insurance contributions in 2016 and the recent 0.5 per cent Apprenticeship Levy. Pension schemes LSE staff are eligible to join the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) or the Superannuation Arrangements of the University of London (SAUL), depending on the grade of their post and the restrictions imposed by USS. At 31 March 2017 triennial valuations for both schemes were made. We expect these valuations to show an increase in the schemes deficits. Consultation exercises are now underway to decide how best to address this latest increase in the deficit. At the time of writing they are at an early stage. However, it is looking possible that we may see further changes to either benefits, contribution rates or both. The School remains committed to the provision of I 18 I LSE Digest 16-17

20 Financial Review and Report of the Directors attractive, robust and cost-effective pension arrangements for all its staff, and will work constructively with all stakeholders to ensure that the School s pension contributions are used in the most effective manner possible. In drawing up our Financial Plan, we have made a prudent provision for an increase in contribution cost. As the School is contributing to a deficit repayment plan for both schemes, the estimated present value of our commitment to enhanced future contributions is required, to be recognised in the financial statements. Based on our estimates of future pay costs and a suitable discount factor (see note 18), these provisions are 33.2 million and 0.4 million as at 31 July 2017 for USS and SAUL respectively. This is not the same as the School s share of the total scheme deficit which, as it is not separately identifiable, does not require recognition nor does it represent the cost of exiting either scheme a so-called Section 75 charge. This figure is significantly higher. Equity and Diversity LSE is committed to building a diverse, equitable and truly inclusive university. Through the implementation of transparent policies, practices, and procedures, the School has due regard to our duties under the Equality Act 2010, and to the protected characteristics detailed in the Act. The School seeks to fulfil this commitment by ensuring that our policies, training, and development reflect the principles laid down in this statement, as well as our obligations under the law. The School is committed to embedding and mainstreaming equity, diversity, and inclusion. This includes communicating and monitoring policies, procedures and practices, to ensure that all are inclusive and equitable, that the record of the School is understood and evaluated effectively, that information is published and made available, that good practice is shared, that complaints are taken seriously and action is taken, and new initiatives are proposed and implemented to foster equitable treatment for all at LSE. In June 2017, an extraordinary meeting of the Academic Staff Reward Committee was held to look specifically at pay equity for academic, research and teaching staff in general, though with a particular focus on gender pay. The same principles were applied when looking at all these staff groups. Out of the 108 staff I 19 I LSE Digest whose salary was amended on the ground of pay equity, 103 (95 per cent) of the changes were for academic staff. The remaining five (5 per cent) of changes were for research staff. There were no changes for teaching only staff. 22 per cent of women s pay was amended and 10 per cent of men s pay was amended on the grounds of pay equity. All changes to pay were effective from 1 August The School s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion policy statement applies to all students, staff, applicants and visitors. The principles of non-discrimination and equity also apply to the way in which staff and students should treat each other, visitors, contractors, service providers, suppliers, former staff and students and any other persons associated with the functions of the School. Other operating expenses Other operating expenses, which includes expenditure on academic departments, institutes, subsidiary company activities, student accommodation, bursaries and premises costs, have increased in total by 5.2 million 4.5 per cent from last year (Table 7). Spending on Academic departments and other academic activities increased as the new Institutes and Centres reached scale, residences spending increased in line with growth in business, particularly from summer schools and vacation letting. Spending in some other areas fell or increased at a slower rate: for example, less was spent on smaller estates projects than in , as attention was focused on the School s two large capital projects. Interest payable Interest payable comprises interest payments on the School s borrowings, interest rate swaps and a charge based on the agreed future contributions relating to pension scheme past service deficits. The small downward movement in three-month Libor during resulted in a small increase in swap costs which was only partially offset by a reduction in the cost of our variable rate borrowings. Balance Sheet We are pleased to report continued strength in the School s consolidated balance sheet. Our strategy is to ensure that the balance sheet remains strong to ensure we remain an attractive partner for long-term funding, be it from those offering philanthropic partnership, government grants or financial investors. LSE Digest I 19 I

21 Financial Review and Report of the Directors Table 8 Summary Group Balance Sheet Change /- % m m m Intangible assets (0.1) (8%) Tangible assets % Investments % Investments in Joint Venture Total non-current assets % Stock (6%) Trade and other receivables % Cash and cash equivalents % Total current assets % Creditors: falling due within 1 year (107.3) (97.8) (9.4) 10% Net current assets (liabilities) 1.1 (16.7) 17.7 (106%) Total assets less current liabilities % Creditors: falling due after 1 year (187.1) (187.0) (0.2) 0% Pension provisions (33.7) (38.8) 5.1 (13%) Net Assets % Expendable endowments % Permanent endowments % Endowment reserves % Restricted reserve % General reserve % Total Reserves % Funding Strategy The School s strategy is to fund capital development on a portfolio rather than a building-by-building basis, using cash flow and cash reserves to leverage external grants and donations and periodically raise cash through long-term debt as required. Over the past five years we have generated million in operating cash (an annual average of 12.4 per cent of income). Investing in a world-class estate Our Estates strategy is ambitious and designed to provide a high-quality physical environment for our students and faculty, facilitating ground-breaking research, supporting recruitment and retention, creating connections physically and intellectually and enabling innovative and interactive teaching. Off-campus, the School is working to increase the provision of accommodation for our students as we know this is an important part of the LSE experience and a critical factor in attracting the diversity of students that gives the School its unique character. Unlike many Russell Group universities, LSE did not inherit many of its physical assets; instead the School has had to finance development of the estate through operating cash generation, borrowing, philanthropic support and capital grants. The School continues to deliver a significant programme of estates development and equipment procurement. During we spent in total 33.5 million (gross): Centre Buildings redevelopment 22.5 million, due to complete in 2019; Marshall Building 10.4 million, due to complete in 2021; and 0.4 million on other building projects and equipment. We had planned to complete the purchase of the Nuffield building before the end of but this was delayed until early October 2017, so it does not I 20 I LSE Digest 16-17

22 Financial Review and Report of the Directors appear on this year s balance sheet. The location of this property, on the south side of Lincoln s Inn Fields, between the Marshall Building and our Economics building at 32 Lincoln s Inn Fields make this an acquisition of strategic importance and allows us to consolidate our campus around that part of Lincoln s Inn Fields. We do not gain vacant possession until 2021 and that will allow us time to develop robust and sustainable plans for its use and to secure donations and other support to fund the development. Our current forward 10-year plan for capital investment on the Houghton Street/Lincoln s Inn Fields campus totals 406 million, which would be an 80 per cent increase in current net assets, representing our commitment to deliver high quality educational and research facilities. In addition to this we are developing plans to ensure we can provide our students with secure, affordable and high-quality residential accommodation. We are keen to develop effective partnerships with third parties to leverage our financial capacity to deliver these ambitious plans. Whatever the eventual mix of funding, it will require disciplined and prudent financial planning alongside the careful stewardship of School cash reserves to leverage donations and external grants. The introduction of FRS 102 in permitted a rebasing of property or classes of property to their market value on 1 August After careful consideration, the Finance Committee concluded that while the market value of the School s estate is significantly higher than book value, this would not provide the reader with any better understanding of the School or its finances, so we will continue to report our fixed assets at historic cost. Had that approach been taken we estimate that the value of the School s freehold and leasehold property would have been approximately 1.1 billion. The option to adopt a revaluation policy remains available and it will be considered periodically in future. Table 9 Cumulative 15 year campus investment programme Cash The generation of cash to meet current and future obligations as they fall due is critical to any well-run organisation. Without it, however strong the academic reputation or the quality of its infrastructure, the School will not be financially sustainable and will lack the flexibility to invest in faculty, initiatives and infrastructure. Our strategy is to make our cash balances work hard before they are required to fund our capital plans and we therefore have relatively low levels of current assets. Taxation The School is an exempt charity within the meaning of the Charities Act 2011 and recognised as a charity by HM Revenue and Customs. Commercial trading activities undertaken by the School are operated through its subsidiary companies and attract VAT where applicable. Indirect tax (VAT) and payroll taxes (PAYE and National insurance contributions) collected and paid amounted to 13 million and 51 million respectively. We received 51 million from HEFCE, Research Councils, and government departments during , so we are a net contributor to HM Treasury. LSE Digest I 21 I

23 Financial Review and Report of the Directors Risk Understanding our risks The School s mission of discovering, advancing and disseminating knowledge to address major socioeconomic challenges across the globe will always carry certain risks. Effective risk management helps to achieve these strategic objectives, while protecting the School s values, reputation, and sustainability. Risk management processes The School Management Committee (SMC) monitors and reviews emerging and changing risks throughout the year. Its processes are reviewed by Audit Committee, and a termly report is made to Council. The Strategic Risk Register acts as the main tool for the evaluation of risk. The management of each strategic risk is formally assessed by the risk owner at least once each term and reviewed by the SMC, which ensures that the risks are being actively managed, with the appropriate strategies in place. The Strategic Risk Register aligns with the School Strategic Plan Each Strategic Risk (SR) is graded with a level of risk tolerance. Once tolerance has been defined, SMC evaluates what action needs to be taken to address the risk. The School s approach is to minimise its exposure to reputational, compliance and financial risk while accepting and encouraging an increased degree of risk in pursuit of its mission and objectives. It recognises that its tolerance for risk varies according to the activity undertaken. Professional service area risk registers ensure key operational risks are identified and managed at the appropriate level within the organisation. High-profile operational risks are monitored by SMC in the central Operational Risk Register. Internal Audit undertakes reviews of key areas throughout the year which are reported to the School s Audit Committee. Academic risks are monitored through the School s Annual Monitoring exercise. All major projects have individual risk registers and risk assessment is incorporated into planning and decisionmaking processes. Risk assessment training and awareness is promoted through the management structure by the Risk Manager. Strategic Risks Teaching Excellence Framework / Brexit The School s award of a Bronze rating in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) has provided stark evidence of the changing regulatory environment in which LSE now operates. While the TEF panel recognised that rigorous academic standards and independent critical analysis are an essential part of undergraduate education at LSE, more work needs to be done. The School is mindful that such regulatory indicators, as well as student dissatisfaction with teaching quality and educational experience expressed in the National Student Survey (NSS), may affect the long-term perception of the value of a School degree in terms of employability and relevance. I 22 I LSE Digest 16-17

24 Financial Review and Report of the Directors With an Education Strategy devoting an additional 11million over three years, the School has pledged significant investment to address issues raised by the TEF and the NSS. LSE continues to boast an exceptional graduate record, as evidenced by students high attainment and outstanding performance in highlyskilled job markets, which remain outside the TEF metrics. The School will look forward to working with the Government in reviewing and revising the TEF in the near future. The fallout from the vote to leave the European Union ( Brexit ) continues to present both risks and opportunities to the School s strategic aims. Now that Article 50 has been invoked, and negotiations between the British Government and the European Union are underway, the reality of what Brexit means is beginning to take shape. The Government s aims in key areas of the negotiations are still unclear, however, as is the extent to which they will be achievable. With its potential to restrict the freedom of movement of EU students and staff, not to mention the impact on access to funding and legislative structures, there is no doubt that Brexit could change the entire environment in which the School operates. The persistence of uncertainty will doubtless bring short and medium-term challenges, but it is clear that the School will need to take a strategic view of the threats and opportunities in order to generate positive longer-term outcomes. The Senior Management Committee (SMC) continues to coordinate work across the full range of the School s activities, considering the implications for the future of developments in student and staff recruitment and retention, current applications being developed and awards held for EU funded research projects, capital projects underway and short-term philanthropic giving. In this context, the School s Strategic Risk Register explores the following risks to its business model: SR1: That fewer high-quality students choose LSE because of educational factors. SR2: That fewer high-quality students choose LSE because of competitive and related factors. SR3: That the School lacks consistency in innovating and monitoring the academic portfolio. The international profile of its student body means that the School monitors issues such as the UK visa and immigration policy, and the way political language around immigration might foment a hostile environment to foreign staff and students particularly following Brexit as external factors which may deter some students from applying to study in the UK. An over-reliance on key markets may also make the School vulnerable to developments by global competitors, or geo-political events. Other internal factors, such as established structures for programme allocation, may affect the School s income from student fees. SR4: That the School fails to generate enough revenue from other activities to support academic excellence or innovation. SR5: That the School is unable to offset increases in costs with sufficient revenue growth to keep up with better-funded competitors, further loss of public funding, and spiralling costs (eg, pensions). The School is aware of the increasingly strong competition for its ancillary programmes, both in the UK and abroad, and the emergence of private providers remains an issue that will need to be monitored carefully in the coming years. The drive to diversify revenue away from the student fees has also led to an increased focus on philanthropic development. School employees participate in two pension schemes, USS and SAUL. While some steps have been taken by trustees to improve the long-term sustainability of these schemes, concerns remain about their long-term sustainability. In terms of Brexit, the respective Project Boards for the Centre Buildings Redevelopment and Marshall Building projects continue to closely monitor closely the potential and real implications on budgeted costs and other related risks. SR6: That the School s research quality, reputation and impact decline. SR7: That the School fails to maintain the academic quality of faculty. The School continues to face serious competition to recruit and retain its best faculty. The challenge remains to ensure that an effective reward policy is developed to attract new talent and retain existing faculty while ensuring long-term affordability. The establishment of the REF Strategy Committee as a standing committee of LSE Digest I 23 I

25 Financial Review and Report of the Directors the School allows long-term planning and control of research issues, while the School continues with its rigorous approach to research mentoring and appraisal. The continuing work on support and incentives for externally funded research also mitigates these risks. In terms of the impact of Brexit on research, the UK Government has guaranteed to underwrite existing funding from Horizon 2020, which might otherwise have been jeopardised in the exit process. The need for a Strategic Research fund to address shortfalls in the funding of research has been noted by Council, with the development of detailed proposals to be undertaken by Finance Committee. The School will aim to increase grant applications to UK research councils, as well as increase efforts to gain funding from foundations and other philanthropic sources. The Russell Group has already identified that its overall priority is to secure full associated country status for the UK participation in EU programmes. Eleven non-eu states, including Iceland and Norway, participate in Horizon 2020 on the same basis as the Member States, and funding under the programme is available globally. The School will continue to monitor the impact of the impending Brexit on staff recruitment, both in terms of any likely visa changes and the effects of the tone of the debate on immigration. Irrespective of the funding environment, a serious risk to the School is a talent drain of research staff. Any strategy for research must address this risk at its core, as the loss of key staff would both reduce the School and enhance the profiles of competitors. Public benefit As noted elsewhere in these statements the School has the status of a company limited by guarantee and an exempt charity under the terms of the Charities Act The members of Council are the trustees of the Charity. The School s objectives are set out in our Memorandum and Articles of Association, the public benefit objectives include providing liberal and quality education, to promote and assist research, and the advancement of learning in the branches of knowledge dealt with by the School. Since its foundation, LSE has sought to apply teaching and research to improve society, and that goal remains unchanged today. The following narrative explains how the School has delivered public benefit during the year. In setting and reviewing the School s objectives and activities the Council has had due regard to the guidance on public benefit published by the Charity Commission. Public Events The School s location in central London and close links with Westminster, Whitehall and the City help to maintain our reputation as the place where the world comes to debate. Everyone is welcome to attend LSE s public events, where some of the most influential figures in the social sciences and public life can be heard. In LSE s Public Events programme hosted over 230 lectures, debates, exhibitions and concerts. Speakers included President of Columbia Manuel Santos, prominent neuroscientist Baroness Susan Greenfield, World Bank President Dr Jim Yong Kim, former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thonrning- Schmidt and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. In order to maximise the opportunity for those outside London and overseas to benefit from the programme, many were also made available online by video or podcast, with debate being sustained through social networking and syndication via sites such as Twitter, Facebook, RSS, Atom, itunesu, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. In , there were over 12 million views of the School s rich media offerings via video and audio podcast. Volunteering The School has a strong tradition of social awareness and engaging with the wider community. LSE supports such efforts through its dedicated Volunteer Centre. In , the Centre saw a huge amount of interest from students who wanted to get involved in volunteering and our research shows that almost 40 per cent of them do during their time at LSE, rising to 50 per cent amongst our undergraduates. LSE students complete a range of roles including mentoring, campaigning, fundraising, marketing, research and many more. Students who volunteer say that they have wider groups of friends, feel part of LSE and the community, more confident in themselves and have skills that employers will value. 70 per cent say that volunteering improves the LSE experience. The Volunteer Centre works with over 400 organisations promoting almost 1,000 opportunities to students. In the past year over 100 organisations were welcomed onto campus for volunteering fairs, panels and other events. We are proud to be making a difference, both I 24 I LSE Digest 16-17

26 Financial Review and Report of the Directors to the students and to those reached by their volunteering. Library LSE Library is one of the largest social sciences libraries in Europe, with designated status as the British Library of Political and Economic Science from Arts Council England. It is open to members of the public who need to use its collections. We curate three exhibitions each year, which in included Glad to be Gay: the struggle for legal equality to mark the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offence Act 1967 which decriminalised homosexuality. The September 2017 exhibition was titled Journeys to independence: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. These exhibitions are open to the public, free of charge, and are accompanied by a public event and lecture series. Over the past year the Library public event programme was attended by over 1,200 people, and included film screenings, panel discussion and book launches. We have developed an education and outreach programme to build on existing work with schools and community groups. Learning activities have included facilitated archival research and A-level course work support and research skills workshops for students undertaking an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) or GCSE courses. Subjects covered in school visits include, History of Feminism, art workshops inspired by the Women s Library collection of suffrage banners, and introductions to the heritage collections such as the Women s Library, the Booth and LGBT archives. This year we worked in partnership with Digital Drama and the community of Endell Street, London which utilised the collections to create an immersive dramatic performance, Deeds not Words which was seen by over 250 people over eight performances. In the past year the Library has provided enriching learning experiences for over 500 secondary school students and 200 adult learners and continues to support LSE s Widening Participation programmes, facilitating access, visits and training for primary and secondary students interested in pursuing higher education. Research The School prides itself on a policy of engagement and the provision of research which seeks to address the burning issues of the day and influence public policy. The work of many of our research centres and academic departments has direct relevance to our charitable aims and the delivery of public benefit. A few examples include the following: The prevention and relief of poverty: the International Growth Centre, Asia Research Centre, the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, the Centre for Economic Performance, and the Department of International Development. The advancement of health or the saving of lives: LSE Health and Social Care, and the Centre for the study of Human Rights. The advancement of citizenship or community development: LSE Cities, the Spatial Economics Research Centre, the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, the Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship, and the International Inequalities Institute. The advancement of human rights, conflict resolution or reconciliation or the promotion of religious or racial harmony or equality and diversity: the Centre for the study of Human Rights; Diplomacy and Strategy (IDEAS); the Department of International Relations, the Department of Government, the Gender Institute, the Crisis States Research Centre, the Middle East Research Centre, and the Centre for Women, Peace and Security. The advancement of environmental protection or improvement: Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and Environment, Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy, Department of Geography and the Environment. The relief of those in need, by reason of youth, age, ill health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage: the Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, LSE Health and Social Care, the Department of International Development, the International Growth Centre, the Centre for Economic Performance, and the Suntory and Toyota International Centre for Economics and Related Disciplines. Research that has hit the headlines in the past year includes: A study by Dr Luna Glucksberg has highlighted the importance of the family office in protecting and preserving the wealth of London s elite families. Research by Dr Alice Goisis shows that, in contrast to 40 years ago, children born to older mothers today are more likely to perform better in cognitive ability tests than those born to younger mothers. LSE Digest I 25 I

27 Financial Review and Report of the Directors An LSE study showed half of airline pilots have reported that fatigue is not taken seriously by airlines, in the first large-scale survey of pilots perceptions of safety within the European aviation industry. An LSE study by Dr Joan Costa-Font suggests that our 21st century, globalised lifestyles are fuelling the rise of obesity. Research by Dr Chia-Huei Wu, Assistant Professor of Management, suggests that by playing sport in a team you will not only gain the health benefits of exercise, you may also be happier. An analysis of electricity consumption data by Dr Tom Kirchmaier shows how economic activity in England and Wales has slumped since the Brexit vote. A study by Dr Valeria Cetorelli and colleagues has provided evidence that the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) killed or kidnapped an estimated 9,900 members of the Yazidi religious minority over the course of a few days in August 2014 (margin of error: 7,000-13,900). The English Football League has adopted a fairer format for penalty shootouts, based on research by Professor Ignacio Palacios Huerta, from the Department of Management. Poorer children have worse cognitive, social-behavioural and health outcomes because they are poor, and not just because poverty is correlated with other household and parental characteristics, according to a new report by Kerris Cooper and Kitty Stewart from CASE. Two LSE academics developed the only polling model to correctly predict a hung Parliament in the UK general election, where other pollsters and forecasters were predicting a Conservative majority. Three quarters of British people would maintain or increase EU citizen voting rights, according to findings from a survey produced by Professor Michael Bruter and Dr Sarah Harrison. A paper from LSE s Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) analyses the Britain Alone policy and predicts a 2.3 per cent loss of welfare compared with staying in the EU. According to a study by the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth, a research centre based at the LSE, higher skill levels among London s workforce explains about two-thirds of the productivity gap between the capital and the rest of the country. LSE IQ, a new research-based LSE podcast, has achieved approximately 8,000 downloads per episode and focussed on issues such as high executive pay, Brexit and the war on drugs. Employment The School promotes equality of opportunity for staff from all social, cultural and economic backgrounds and ensures freedom from discrimination on the basis of disability, gender, race, age, religion or belief, or sexual orientation, or personal circumstances. Equality and diversity are integral to the School priorities and objectives. The School supports inter-faith and intercultural dialogue and understanding and engage all students in playing a full and active role in wider engagement with society. The School s policy of employment with regard to disabled persons is to consider positively any registered disabled person who may apply for a post and provide similar opportunities for training, career development and promotion as for other members of staff. Directors The directors of the Company are listed on the next page. Independent Auditors The Company s current external independent auditors are PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP. Disclosure of information to auditors At the date of making this report each of the company s directors, as set out on page 66, confirms the following: So far as each director is aware, there is no relevant audit information of which the company s auditors are unaware; and He or she has taken all the steps that he or she ought to have taken as a director to make himself or herself aware of any relevant audit information and to establish that the company s auditors are aware of that information. The Strategic Report and Report of the Directors was approved by Council on 21 November 2017 Dame Minouche Shafik Director I 26 I LSE Digest 16-17

28 Directors of the School and Members of Council During the year and up to the date of signing of the financial statements were: Dame Shirley Pearce Chair of the Court and Council and Nominations and Remuneration Committees (from 1 January 2017) Mr Alan Elias Acting Chair of the Court and Council and Remuneration Committee (until 31 December 2016) Dr Susan Liautaud Vice Chair of the Court Chair of the Ethics Policy Committee Mr Ali Nikpay Lay Governor Vice Chair of the Court (from 1 August 2017) Professor Craig Calhoun Director of the School (until 31 August 2016) Professor Julia Black Interim Director of the School (from 1 September 2016 to 31 August 2017) Dame Nemat (Minouche) Shafik Director of the School (from 1 September 2017) Professor Jason Alexander Academic member Ms Virginia Beardshaw CBE Lay governor (until 31 July 2017) Acting Chair of Nominations Committee (until 31 July 2017) Mr Alastair Da Costa Lay governor (from 1 August 2017) Ms Tina Fahm Lay governor and Chair of the Audit Committee (until 31 July 2017) Mr Chris Fairley Student member (from 9 December 2016) Mr John Hughes Lay governor Chair of the Audit Committee (from 1 August 2017) Professor Simona Iammarino Academic member Professor Emily Jackson Vice Chair of Academic Board (from 1 September 2016) Dr Ruth Kosmin Lay governor (from 1 August 2017) Mr Roger Mountford Lay governor, Chair of the Finance Committee and of the Health and Safety Committee Mr Syed Mahatir Sakib Pasha General Secretary of the Students Union (from 3 July 2017) Professor Terhi Rantanen Academic member Ms Harriet Spicer Lay governor (until 31 July 2017) Ms Elisabeth Stheeman Lay governor Vice Chair of the Finance Committee Ms Busayo Twins General Secretary of the Students Union (until 2 July 2017) Professor David Webb Pro-Director (Planning and Resources) and Chief Financial Officer (until 31 August 2016) Ms Hateema Zia Student member (until 8 December 2016) Members of the Council during the period who were not Directors of the School Professor Martin Loughlin Vice Chair of Academic Board (until 31 August 2016) Mr Andrew Webb School Secretary Mr Nigel Hugill Chair of Estates Committee Lay governor (from 1 August 2016) LSE Digest I 27 I

29 Compendium of Information for This compendium of information provides a comprehensive historical record of Honours conferred on LSE Alumni, Governors and Honorary Fellows; new Honorary Fellows/Graduates; changes to academic office holders; deaths of members of the LSE (notified); degrees; scholarships and prizes awarded during the Academic Year. Any queries or suggestions for improving this document and/or factual errors may be notified to Jane Pugh Secretary s Division tel: I 28 I LSE Digest 16-17

30 Honours LSE staff, alumni and governors were among those receiving awards this year. Companion Honour Professor Lord Nicholas Stern Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath Sir Thomas Scholar KCB Diploma Economics, 1991; MSc Economics, 1992 Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire Dame Theresa Marteau BSc Social Psychology, 1975 Companion of the Order of St Michael and St George Professor Christine Chinkin CMG Commander of the Order of the British Empire Professor Ricky Burdett CBE Professor Paul Cheshire CBE Professor John Hardman Moore CBE Dr John Hughes CBE Professor Nicola Lacey CBE Companion of the Order of Bath Matthew Coats CB BSc Social Policy and Administration, 1989 British Empire Medal Ingrid Posen BEM BSc International Relations, 1966 Gillian Vine BEM BA Sociology, 1957 Caroline Ward BEM Diploma Social Policy & Administration, 1960 Order of the British Empire Sarah Brennan OBE MSc Voluntary Sector Organisation, 1992 David Evans OBE MPhil Gender Institute, 2004 Roma Hooper OBE MSc Social Policy and Administration, 2001 Professor Emily Jackson OBE Joan Lawton OBE CSSA 1955, 1957 Harinder Singh Pattar OBE BSc International History, 1975 Philippa Todd OBE MSc Stats and Maths, 1982 Professor John Van Reenen OBE Gerald Edwin Yates OBE 1960 Member of the Order of the British Empire William Allan MBE LLM, 1983 LSE Digest I 29 I

31 Honours (cont.) John Beresford MBE MSc Industrial Relations, 1970 Tricia Dodd MBE Occasional Student, 1979 Dr Richard Taylor MBE PhD Government 1977 Andrew Webb MBE School Secretary Honorary Fellows and Graduates In 2016 the School conferred an Honorary Degree on: Justice Anthony McLeod Kennedy In 2017 the School elected the following as Honorary Fellows Anne Lapping CBE Arif Naqvi Retiring Academic Office Holders Christopher Noke Professor Ronny Razin Chair of the School Board of Examiners Chair of the Research Degree Sub-Committee I 30 I LSE Digest 16-17

32 Obituary 2017 Professor Sir Anthony B Atkinson, Honorary Fellow, Centennial Professor; Emeritus Professor in Statistics Died 1 January 2017 Arthur Frederick Earle, LSE Governor Died 12 January 2017 Dr David Rockefeller, Honorary Fellow Died 20 March 2017 Professor George Jones, Honorary Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Government Died 14 April 2017 Professor William J Beamol, Honorary Fellow Died 4 May 2017 Sir Gordon Brunton, Honorary Fellow Died 30 May 2017 LSE Digest I 31 I

33 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Academic Departments Accounting Ahmed Abdalla LSE Fellow Justin Adams Administrator Per Ahblom Assistant Professor Hami Amiraslani LSE Fellow Dr Vasiliki Athanasakou Assistant Professor Becky Baker MPhil/PhD Programme Manager Dr Bala Balachandran Guest Teacher Martina Bedatsova Occasional Research Assistant Prof Alnoor Bhimani Professor Jose Carabias Palmeiro Assistant Professor Dr Stefano Cascino Assistant Professor Dr Yasmine Chahed Lecturer Chris Constantinou AC100 Centre T and L Support Manager Dr Maria Correia Associate Professor Salah Ud Din Student Information Centre Assistant Dr Pascal Frantz Lecturer Dr Tsan Fung Guest Teacher Dr Martin Giraudeau Assistant Professor Yvonne Guthrie Departmental Manager Muhammed Iqbal MSc AOI Programme Manager Khamid Irgashev Guest Teacher Prof Bjorn Jorgensen Professor Saipriya Kamath Assistant Professor Pauline Khng Occasional Senior Research Officer Dr Liisa Kurunmaki Associate Professor Dr Xi Li Associate Professor Sandra Ma BSc Programme Manager Prof Richard Macve Guest Teacher Imran Malik Guest Teacher Dr Nadia Matringe LSE Fellow Dr Andrea Mennicken Associate Professor Prof Peter Miller Professor of Management Accounting Dr Julia Morley Lecturer Danting Ni Occasional Research Assistant Christopher Noke Associate Professor Dr Tommaso Palermo Lecturer Dr Kavita Patel Project Manager Joel Pearce Occasional Research Assistant Prof Peter Pope Professor of Accounting Prof Michael Power Professor Dorothy Richards MSc Programme Manager Dr Ana Simpson Assistant Professor Prof Ane Tamayo Professor Dorothy Toh LSE Fellow David Twardowski LSE Fellow Prof Wim Van Der Stede Professor Liz Venning Student Information Centre Assistant Dr Marcus Witzky LSE Fellow Anthropology Dr Catherine Allerton Associate Professor Prof Rita Astuti Professor Dr Mukulika Banerjee Associate Professor Prof Laura Bear Professor Dr Eona Bell Occasional Research Officer Dr Fenella Cannell Associate Professor Dee Chanter Research Team Coordinator Adam Crowther Seligman Library Assistant Ryan Davey Postdoctoral Fellow Ivan Deschenaux Moodle/VLE Editor Gregory Deshoulliere Occasional Research Officer Dr Agustin Diz Pineiro LSE Fellow Dr Brendan Donegan Gemma Edom Seligman Library Assistant Prof Matthew Engelke Professor Dr Tobias Eule Research Fellow Katharine Fletcher Moodle/VLE Editor Dr Alice Forbess Researcher Co-Investigator Prof Katherine Gardner Professor Prof David Graeber Professor Dr Ana Gutierrez Garza Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Jason Hickel Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Tom Hinrichsen Administrator Yan Hinrichsen Departmental Manager Geoffrey Hughes LSE Fellow Prof Deborah James Professor Alex Jones Seligman Library Assistant Dr Anni Kajanus Research Fellow Dr Nick Long Assistant Professor Dr Mary Montgomery LSE Fellow Prof Martha Mundy Guest Teacher Fuad Musallam Moodle/VLE Editor Prof Jonathan Parry Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Mathijs Pelkmans Associate Professor Dr Andrea Pia LSE Fellow Dr Michael Scott Associate Professor Dr Mitchell Sedgwick Guest Teacher Dr Alpa Shah Associate Professor Dr Fang-Long Shih Occasional Research Officer Prof Charles Stafford Professor Dr Hans Steinmuller Assistant Professor Dr Alice Tilche Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Renata Todd Administration & Communications Officer Dr Anna Tuckett Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Harry Walker Associate Professor Dr Gisa Weszkalnys Associate Professor Dr Matt Wilde Postdoctoral Fellow Economic History Dr Olivier Accominotti Associate Professor Yasin Arslantas Graduate Teaching Assistant I 32 I LSE Digest 16-17

34 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Maria Bach Guest Teacher Dr Gerben Bakker Associate Professor Mattia Bertazzini Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Anne Booth Guest Teacher Dr David Chilosi LSE Fellow Dr Jordan Claridge LSE Fellow Dr Neil Cummins Associate Professor Prof Kent Deng Professor Priscilla Frost Administrator Dr Leigh Gardner Associate Professor Eilish Gregory Project Support Assistant Prof Janet Hunter Professor Dr Karolina Hutkova Guest Teacher Dr Alejandra Irigoin Associate Professor Helena Ivins Administrative Officer Youngook Jang Guest Teacher Tracy Keefe Postgraduate & Special Projects Admin Niall Kishtainy Guest Teacher Leonard Kukic Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Tim Leunig Associate Professor Loraine Long Administrative Officer Dr Debin Ma Associate Professor Dr Chris Minns Professor Prof Mary Morgan Albert O. Hirschman Chair Dr Kate Osborne Research Assistant David Pavon Prado Marie Curie Research Fellow Pacharaporn Phanomvan-Na-Ayudhya Guest Teacher Natacha Postel-Vinay Assistant Professor Prof Albrecht Ritschl Professor Prof Juan Roses Vendoiro Professor Prof Tirthankar Roy Professor Dr Eric Schneider Assistant Professor Prof Max-Stephan Schulze Professor Peter Sims LSE Fellow Joao Sousa Da Cunha Graduate Teaching Assistant Jennie Stayner Departmental Manager Roger Vicquery Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Oliver Volckart Professor Dr Patrick Wallis Professor Dr Helen Yaffe LSE Fellow Franz Zobl Graduate Teaching Assistant Economics Deborah Adams Department Administrator Karun Adusumilli Occasional Research Assistant Andrea Alati Graduate Teaching Assistant Pablo Anton Arnal Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Nava Ashraf Professor and Research Director Dr Esteban Aucejo Lecturer Prof Oriana Bandiera Chair in Economics Dr David Baqaee Assistant Professor Andres Barrios-Fernandez LSE Fellow Sir Charles Bean Professor Dr Gianluca Benigno Associate Professor Prof Timothy Besley School Professor Marcus Biermann Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Mohan Bijapur Departmental MSc Tutor Lukas Bolte Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Darryl Bourke Graduate Admissions Administrator Giulia Bovini Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Margaret Bray Reader in Economics Albert Brue-Perez Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Gharad Bryan Lecturer Prof Robin Burgess Chair in Economics Sarah Burton Undergraduate Programme Manager Carlo Cabrera LSE Fellow Yong Cai Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Francesco Caselli Norman Sosnow Chair Laura Castillo Martinez LSE Fellow Nicolas Chanut Graduate Teaching Assistant Manav Chaudhary Graduate Teaching Assistant Svetlana Chekmasova Graduate Teaching Assistant Liviu Cioboata Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Frank Cowell Professor of Economics John Curtis Department Manager (Operations) Nikola Dacic Graduate Teaching Assistant Tiloka De Silva Teaching Fellow Prof Wouter Den Haan Professor Dr Swati Dhingra Lecturer Giorgio Di Paolo Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Jeremiah Dittmar Assistant Professor Hao Dong LSE Fellow Dr Christopher Dougherty Associate Professor Michel Dummar Azulai LSE Fellow Laura Dunkley Departmental & Graduate Admissions Asst. Dita Eckardt LSE Fellow Karl Ek Teaching Fellow Dr Andrew Ellis Lecturer Miguel Espinosa Farfan LSE Fellow Dr Erik Eyster Professor Martina Fazio Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Leonardo Felli Professor Dr Greg Fischer Lecturer Prof Alessandro Gavazza Professor Dr Matthew Gentry Lecturer Alkis Georgiadis Harris Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Maitreesh Ghatak Professor of Economics William Glaeser Graduate Teaching Assistant Saloni Goel Graduate Teaching Assistant Miriam Grossmanova ICEF Project Manager Jiajia Gu LSE Fellow Maximilian Guennewig Graduate Teaching Assistant Malka Guillot Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Vassilis Hajivassiliou Associate Professor (Reader) Prof John Hardman Moore Professor of Economics Thomas Hasenzagl Guest Teacher Prof Javier Hidalgo Professor LSE Digest I 33 I

35 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Tillman Hoenig Graduate Teaching Assistant Christopher Howard Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Ethan Ilzetzki Lecturer in Economics Rustam Jamilov Guest Teacher Stephen Jenner Exams & Assessment Administrator Dr Keyu Jin Associate Professor Diego Jordan Sierra Graduate Teaching Assistant Dana Kassem LSE Fellow Taraq Khan Graduate Teaching Assistant Seyed Khatib Shahidi LSE Fellow Lord Mervyn King School Professor Prof Henrik Kleven Professor Charlotte Knights Dept Manager (Planning & Resources) Dr Tatiana Komarova Lecturer in Economics Sevim Kosem LSE Fellow Kasia Krajniewska Guest Teacher Bryan Kwan Graduate Teaching Assistant Hal La Thangue Guest Teacher Dr Camille Landais Professor Dr Jonathan Leape Associate Professor Jay Lee LSE Fellow Seohyun Lee Guest Teacher Prof Gilat Levy Professor Dr Matthew Levy Lecturer Dr Stephen Machin Professor Prof Alan Manning Professor of Economics Karol Mazur Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Guy Michaels Associate Professor Clement Minaudier LSE Fellow Dibya Mishra Graduate Teaching Assistant Shubhra Mitra Graduate Admissions Manager Dr Francesco Nava Lecturer Dr Rachel Ngai Associate Professor (Reader) Jennifer O'Connell MSc Programmes Manager Tom O'Keeffe LSE Fellow Ali Orazgani Guest Teacher Dr Taisuke Otsu Professor Prof Gianmarco Ottaviano Professor Prof Gerard Padro-I-Miquel Professor Lisa Panigrahi Graduate Teaching Assistant Filip Papic Graduate Teaching Assistant Ankit Parasrampuria Graduate Teaching Assistant Sang Hyun Park Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Martin Pesendorfer Professor Prof Michele Piccione Professor Prof Steve Pischke Professor Prof Chris Pissarides Regius Professor Simon Pitt Graduate Teaching Assistant Davide Porcellacchia Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Ricardo Quineche Uribe Grad Teaching Assist Shan Rana LSE Fellow Prof Ronny Razin Professor Prof Ricardo Reis Professor Prof Peter Robinson Tooke Prof of Economic Science and Stats Claudia Robles-Garcia Graduate Teaching Assistant Rebecca Rose Occasional Research Assistant Viola Salvestrini Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Thomas Sampson Lecturer Francesco Sannino LSE Fellow Justine Schafer Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Marcia Schafgans Associate Professor Prof Mark Schankerman Professor of Economics Claudio Schilter LSE Fellow Dr Pasquale Schiraldi Lecturer Alessandro Sforza LSE Fellow Dr Judith Shapiro Undergraduate Tutor Dr Kevin Sheedy Assistant Professor Xuezhu Shi Graduate Teaching Assistant Gary Simpson Department Office Coordinator Adi Soenarjo Guest Teacher Roberto Sormani LSE Fellow Dr Johannes Spinnewijn Associate Professor Manuel Staab Graduate Teaching Assistant Profld Nicholas Stern IG Patel Chair Dr Daniel Sturm Professor Yalan Su Graduate Teaching Assistant Tiancheng Sun LSE Fellow Prof John Sutton Sir John Hicks Chair Prof Balazs Szentes Professor Emma Taverner PA to Head of Department Prof Silvana Tenreyro Professor Kostas Tokis LSE Fellow Daria Turekova Department Office Administrator Lindsey Uniat Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Kalliopi Vacharopoulou Dept. Website & Social Media Editor Maria Ventura Graduate Teaching Assistant Diego Vilchez Neira Graduate Teaching Assistant Viet Vu Graduate Teaching Assistant Maxim Waller Guest Teacher Mark Wilbor PhD Programme Manager Alice Williams Departmental Moodle Editor Lisa Windsteiger LSE Fellow Prof Alwyn Young Professor of Economics Luke Zhang Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Shengxing Zhang Assistant Professor Tianle Zhang Graduate Teaching Assistant European Institute Sabina Allam-Patel MSc Programmes Manager Prof Nick Barr Professor Prof Iain Begg Professorial Research Fellow Dr Zerrin Biner Arroyo-Kalin Occasional Research Assistant Antigoni Boulougari Events, Marketing & Comms Manager Dr Rebecca Bryant Associate Professorial Research Fellow Ludwig Campbell Institute Manager I 34 I LSE Digest 16-17

36 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Eray Cayli Occasional Research Assistant Sarah Ciaglia Moodle Editor Carlos Cortes Gomez Occasional Research Assistant Dr Steve Coulter LSE Fellow Prof Paul De Grauwe John Paulson Chair Dr Spyros Economides Associate Professor Prof Kevin Featherstone Eleftherios Venizelos Chair Dr Pasquale Foresti LSE Fellow Prof Simon Glendinning Professor Dr Sara Hagemann Associate Professor Dr Robert Hancke Associate Professor Prof Sara Hobolt Sutherland Chair in European Institution Dr Julian Hoerner LSE Fellow Dr Abby Innes Assistant Professor Dr Jennifer Jackson Preece Associate Professor Dr Mareike Kleine Associate Professor Dr Jan Komarek Associate Professor Dr Vassilis Monastiriotis Associate Professor Dr Esra Ozyurek Baer Associate Professor Prof Paul Preston Professorial Research Fellow Jenny Robottom MPhil/PHD Programme Manager Dr Waltraud Schelkle Associate Professor Asmaa Soliman Occasional Research Assistant Umit Sonmez Contemporary Turkish Studies, Prog Mgr. Dr Jonathan White Professor of Politics Paula Zoido-Oses Graduate Teaching Assistant Finance Prof Ashwini Agrawal Assistant Professor Shahnaz Ahsan Executive MSc Programme Manager Prof Ulf Axelson Professor Janet Bacastow Associate Programme Director Dr Chiara Banti Guest Teacher Vicky Batley MSc Administrator Dr Elisabetta Bertero Lecturer in Finance Beth Bloomer Graduate Intern Lorenz Bretscher LSE Fellow Prof Mike Burkart Professor Rhys Cadman Head of Admissions Agnese Carella Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Georgy Chabakauri Associate Professor Dr James Clark Course Tutor Brenda Clarkson-Williams Administrator Mary Comben Student Services Manager Dr Vicente Cunat Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Jon Danielsson Associate Professor (Reader) Prof Amil Dasgupta Professor Bernardo De Oliveira Guerra Ricca Graduate Teaching Assistant Andreea-Octavia Englezu Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Daniel Ferreira Professor Dr Margarida Soares Figueiredo Soares Guest Teacher Sylvain Friederich Guest Teacher Estrella Frutos Casarrubios Associate Programme Director Dr Juanita Gonzalez Uribe Assistant Professor Jesus Gorrin Leon Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Moqi Groen-Xu Assistant Professor James Guo Graduate Teaching Assistant Jasper Heeks Admissions Officer Yukiko Higashi Associate Programme Director Michael Horne MSc Finance Part Time Student Assistant Zhongchen Hu Graduate Teaching Assistant Muneaki Iwadate Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Dirk Jenter Associate Professor Dr Christian Julliard Associate Professor Vitaliy Komar Student Information Centre Assistant Dr Peter Kondor Associate Professor Alexander Koriath Guest Teacher Lukas Kremens LSE Fellow Dr Lucius Li LSE Fellow Dr Paula Lopes Lopes Cocco Assistant Professorial Lecturer Dr Dong Lou Associate Professor Dr Igor Makarov Associate Professor Prof Ian Martin Professor Joseph Meegan Digital and Print Production Officer Daniel Metzger Guest Teacher Dr Liz Mincin MSc Administrator Dr Kyle Moore LSE Fellow Francesco Nicolai Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Yves Nosbusch Guest Teacher Dr Martin Oehmke Associate Professor Catherine O'Riordan MSc Administrator and Projects Officer Dimitris Papadimitriou Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Daniel Paravisini Paravisini Maggi Professor Daniel Parekh-Hill MSc Finance Part Time Student Assistant Prof Richard Payne Guest Teacher Pedro Peixoto Teixeira Occasional Research Assistant Alberto Pellicioli Graduate Teaching Assistant Catherine Perry MSc Programme Manager Prof Christopher Polk Professor Michael Punz LSE Fellow Dr Rohit Rahi Associate Professor Osmana Raie Depart Mngr & Director Ops & Strat Dev Simona Risteska Graduate Teaching Assistant Domingos Romualdo Senior Lecturer in Practice Gosia Ryduchowska Graduate Teaching Assistant Petar Sabtchevsky Graduate Teaching Assistant Una Savic Graduate Teaching Assistant LSE Digest I 35 I

37 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Shoaib Sheikh MSc Finance Part Time Student Assistant Brenda Sherwin Administrative Assistant Dr Andrea Tamoni Assistant Professor Mesut Tastan LSE Fellow Karamfil Todorov Graduate Teaching Assistant Simon Tuck Finance and Projects Officer Jay Uppal Graduate Intern Prof Dimitri Vayanos Professor Dr Andrea Vedolin Assistant Professor Dr Michela Verardo Associate Professor Mungo Wilson Guest Teacher Prof Kathy Yuan Professor Yue Yuan Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Hongda Zhong Assistant Professor Dr Jean-Pierre Zigrand Associate Professor Gender Institute Dr Afaf Jabiri Almala LSE Fellow Jacob Breslow LSE Fellow Ilana Eloit Graduate Teaching Assistant Nadia Erlam Graduate Intern Jacqueline Gibbs Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Clare Hemmings Professor Dr Marsha Henry Associate Professor Alex Hyde Occasional Research Fellow Hazel Johnstone Departmental Manager Aura Lehtonen Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Sumi Madhok Associate Professor Dr Anouk Patel-Campillo Assistant Professor Prof Diane Perrons Professor Dr Ania Plomien Assistant Professor Dr Leticia Ines Alexand Sabsay Assistant Professor Prof Wendy Sigle Professor Emma Spruce Graduate Teaching Assistant Kate Steward MSc Manager Dr Sadie Wearing Lecturer in Gender, Culture & Media Geography and Environment Dr Gabriel Ahlfeldt Associate Professor Laura Antona Graduate Teaching Assistant David Arnold Occasional Research Assistant Andrea Ascani LSE Fellow Prof Giles Atkinson Professor Kate Baker Guest Teacher Clare Barnes LSE Fellow Matt Birkinshaw Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Felipe Carozzi Assistant Professor Dr Ryan Centner Assistant Professor Prof Sylvia Chant Professor Ying Chen Project Support Assistant Prof Paul Cheshire Professor Sam Colegate Departmental Manager Sebastiano Comotti Project Support Assistant Prof Riccardo Crescenzi Professor Muna Dajani Graduate Teaching Assistant Katherine Dawson Graduate Teaching Assistant Mark De Jong Guest Teacher Marco Di-Cataldo Project Support Assistant Prof Simon Dietz Professor Amanda Gaddes Graduate Programmes Co-ordinator Dr Roberto Ganau Occasional Research Officer Prof Steve Gibbons Professor Ashley Gorst Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Ben Groom Associate Professor Prof Vernon Henderson School Professor Dr Christian Hilber Professor Dr Nancy Holman Associate Professor Prof Simona Iammarino Professor Dr Alexander Jaax LSE Fellow Mark Jenkin Graduate Programmes Co-ordinator Harriett Johnson Graduate Programmes Co-ordinator Prof Gareth Jones Professor Kelly Kay Assistant Professor Dr Karly Kuralbayeva LSE Fellow Dr Neil Lee Associate Professor Dr Murray Low Associate Professor Dr Alan Mace Assistant Professor Martina Manara Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Michael Mason Associate Professor Dr Claire Mercer Associate Professor John Mille Guest Teacher Catherine Mitchell Communications & Events Officer Taneesha Mohan Guest Teacher Ulises Moreno-Tabarez Graduate Teaching Assistant Carwyn Morris Graduate Teaching Assistant Alessandra Mossa Project Support Officer Prof Susana Mourato Professor Janan Mousa Graduate Teaching Assistant David Nguyen Project Support Assistant Do-Young Oh Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Kirstie O'Neill LSE Fellow Prof Henry Overman Professor Dr Charles Palmer Associate Professor Dr Richard Perkins Associate Professor Nathalie Picarelli Graduate Teaching Assistant Luigi Pisanelli Deputy Department Manager Paula Prenzel Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Julie Ren LSE Fellow Prof Andres Rodriguez-Pose Professor Dr Sefi Roth Assistant Professor Megan Ryburn LSE Fellow Dr Romola Sanyal Assistant Professor Matthew Sharp Project Support Assistant Dr Hyun Shin Associate Professor Dr Olmo Silva Professor I 36 I LSE Digest 16-17

38 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Thomas Smith Guest Teacher John Spittles Undergraduate Administrator Prof Michael Storper Prof of Economic Geography Prof Christine Whitehead Guest Teacher Meredith Whitten Moodle Project Support Dr Austin Zeiderman Assistant Professor Yao Zhao Project Support Assistant Government Sebastian Barfort Research Officer Sara Correia Bettencourt Da Camara Correia Graduate Teaching Assistant Jann Boeddeling Occasional Research Assistant Prof Sumantra Bose Professor Stuart Brown Editor/Researcher Prof Michael Bruter Professor Mark Bryceland MSc Programme Administrator Dr John Chalcraft Professor Alexandra Cirone LSE Fellow Flavia De-Mattos-Donadelli LSE Fellow Prof Torun Dewan Professor Karen Dickenson Finance Officer Dr Vesselin Dimitrov Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Roch Dunin-Wasowicz Managing Editor, LSE BrexitVote Blog Prof Patrick Dunleavy Professor of Pol Science & Public Policy Alena Eis Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Katrin Flikschuh Professor Marco Giani LSE Fellow Dr Nisida Gjoksi LSE Fellow Katerina Glyniadaki Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Sarah Goff LSE Fellow Dr Hanan Haber LSE Fellow Dr Dominik Hangartner Associate Professor Sarah Harrison Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Dr Steffen Hertog Associate Professor Dr Mark Hill LSE Fellow Prof Simon Hix Professor David Hope Guest Teacher Dr Jonathan Hopkin Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Rafael Hortala-Vallve Associate Professor Prof James Hughes Professor Dr John Hutchinson Associate Professor (Reader) Federica Izzo Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Ryan Jablonski Assistant Professor Dr Leigh Jenco Professor Prodam Tessa Jowell Professor in Practice Dr Bill Kissane Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Brian Klaas LSE Fellow Dr Mathias Koenig-Archibugi Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Denisa Kostovicova Associate Professor Prof Chandran Kukathas Chair in Political Theory Dr Frederick Laker Guest Teacher Dr Valentino Larcinese Professor Thomas Leeper Associate Professor Dr Chun Lin Associate Professor Prof Christian List Prof. of Political Science & Philosophy Prof Martin Lodge Professor Hjalte Lokdam Graduate Teaching Assistant Marta Lorimer Graduate Teaching Assistant Alexandru Marcoci LSE Fellow Nicola Mastrorocco LSE Fellow Dr Omar Mcdoom Assistant Professor Dr Brett Meyer LSE Fellow Dr Paul Mitchell Associate Professor Nawal Mustafa Graduate Teaching Assistant Konstantinos Myrodias Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Edward Page Webb Professor of Public Policy Dr Francesco Panizza Professor Tom Paskhalis Occasional Research Assistant Seeta Persaud Managing Editor Prof Anne Phillips Graham Wallis Chair in Political Science Artemis Photiadou Managing Edtr, British Politics & Policy Diana Popescu LSE Fellow Elena Pupaza Graduate Teaching Assistant Emma Rees Communications and Events Manager Dr Stephanie Rickard Associate Professor Laura Robbins-Wright LSE Fellow James Robins Website and Digital Media Manager Catherine Robinson Deputy Department Manager Paola Romero Occasional Research Assistant Lucia Rubinelli LSE Fellow Prof Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey Professor Livia Schubiger Assistant Professor Carla Seesunkur Undergrad Programme Mgr & Student Advisor Sue Sharkey Office Manager Serena Sharma LSE Fellow Desiree Shayer Shayer-Mcleod Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof John Sidel Sir Patrick Gillam Chair Prof David Soskice School Professor Dr Kai Spiekermann Associate Professor Dr Jill Stuart Dissertation Support Supervisor Rosamund Taylor Managing Editor, LSE BrexitVote Blog Carol Thanki Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Mark Thatcher Professor Dr Eiko Thielemann Associate Professor Jennifer Thomson Assistant Editor Wang Ting Guest Teacher Prof Tony Travers Director of British Government at LSE Dr Janne Tukiainen Associate Professorial Research Fellow LSE Digest I 37 I

39 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Dr Laura Valentini Associate Professor Helena Vieira Managing Editor LSE for Business Blog Dr Joachim Wehner Associate Professor Anahi Wiedenbrug Graduate Teaching Assistant Shelly Wilkley Departmental Manager Marc Winrow Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Stephane Wolton Assistant Professor Dr David Woodruff Associate Professor James Yarde Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Lea Ypi Professor International Development Prof Tim Allen Professor Pritish Behuria LSE Fellow Allison Lee Benson Hernandez Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Mayling Birney Assistant Professor Prof Catherine Boone Professor of Comparative Politics Prof Teddy Brett Professor Peter Campbell Departmental Manager Dr Benjamin Chemouni LSE Fellow Prof Tim Dyson Professor of Population Studies Dr Vesna Dzelilovic Associate Professorial Research Fellow Regina Enjuto Martinez Teaching Fellow Prof Jean-Paul Faguet Professor Dr Tasha Fairfield Assistant Professor Prof Timothy Forsyth Professor Dr Geoff Goodwin LSE Fellow Dr Stuart Gordon Assistant Professor Prof Duncan Green Professor of Practice Dr Elliott Green Associate Professor Dr Lloyd Gruber Assistant Professor Prof Kathy Hochstetler Professor Susan Hoult PhD Programme Manager Prof Jude Howell Professor Prof Naila Kabeer Professor Prof Mary Kaldor Professorial Research Fellow Dr Sohini Kar Assistant Professor Prof David Keen Chair in Complex Emergencies Dr Anna Macdonald LSE Fellow Jazmin Macias Macias-Arteaga Occasional Research Assistant Dr Shirin Madon Associate Professor Dr Laura Mann Assistant Professor Dr Kate Meagher Associate Professor Prof Thandika Mkandawire Chair in African Development Studies Dr Philipa Mladovsky Assistant Professor Dr Joana Naritomi Assistant Professor Dru Nelson Deputy Department Manager Gonzalo Nunez Chaim Research Officer Ryan O'Byrne Guest Teacher Dipa Patel Communication & Events Officer Dr Georgina Pearson LSE Fellow Prof James Putzel Professor Dr Henry Radice Research Fellow Dr Iavor Rangelov Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Roxane Ray MSc Course Administrator Dr Tayyab Safdar LSE Fellow Arthur Seibold Occasional Research Assistant Dr Sandra Sequeira Associate Professor Prof Ken Shadlen Professor Dr Mahvish Shami Assistant Professor Rachelle Soriano Occasional Research Assistant Dr Geoffrey Swenson LSE Fellow Dr Rim Turkmani Research Fellow Dr Rajesh Venugopal Assistant Professor Prof Robert Wade Professor of Politics Dr Diana Weinhold Associate Professor International History Philip Abraham Guest Teacher Dr Roham Alvandi Associate Professor Prof Nigel Ashton Professor Prof Marc Baer Professor Aurelie Basha Basha I Novosejt LSE Fellow Dr Antony Best Associate Professor Mathew Betts Executive Committee Officer Nayna Bhatti Postgrad & Research Programme Manager Dr Bill Booth Guest Teacher Dr Robert Brier LSE Fellow David Broder Graduate Teaching Assistant Susana Carvalho Web Resource Editor Prof Steve Casey Professor Phoebe Chow Guest Teacher Pedro Correa Martin-Arroyo Graduate Teaching Assistant Alexandre Dab Graduate Teaching Assistant Milada Fomina MSc Programmes Administrator Dr Marvin Fried Guest Teacher Demetra Frini Departmental Manager Dr Edlira Gjonca Project Administrative Officer Anton Harder Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Tanya Harmer Associate Professor Prof Janet Hartley Professor Dr Timothy Hochstrasser Associate Professor Dr Eleanor Janega Guest Teacher Dr Heather Jones Associate Professor Prof Matthew Jones Professor Dr Paul Keenan Assistant Professor Dr Natalia Kibita LSE Fellow Will King Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Joanna Lewis Associate Professor Dr Nicholas Ludlow Professor Dr Konstantina Maragkou Guest Teacher I 38 I LSE Digest 16-17

40 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Dr Andrea Mason LSE Fellow in International History Pete Millwood Guest Teacher Jacquie Minter Undergrad Prog Admin & Main Off Manager Dr Sophia Moesch Guest Teacher Dr David Motadel Assistant Professor Dr Jeppe Mulich LSE Fellow Dr Paul Mulvey Guest Teacher Sabrina Parker Occasional Research Assistant Chris Parkes Guest Teacher Emma Peplow Guest Teacher Tobias Pester Occasional Research Assistant Dr Ronald Po Assistant Professor Prof Anita Prazmowska Professor Dr Svetozar Rajak Associate Professor Dr Padraic Scanlan Assistant Professor Dr Kirsten Schulze Associate Professor Dr Taylor Sherman Associate Professor Max Skjonsberg Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Gagandeep Sood Assistant Professor Dr Kristina Spohr Associate Professor Prof David Stevenson Stevenson Prof of International History Dr Paul Stock Associate Professor Daniel Strieff LSE Fellow in International History Dr Orsolya Szakaly Guest Teacher Eline Van Ommen Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Vladislav Zubok Professor International Relations Dr Kirsten Ainley Assistant Professor Noor Albazzaz Project Support Assistant Prof Christopher Alden Professor Ilari Aula Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Tarak Barkawi Reader Dr Martin Bayly Research Officer Dr Federica Bicchi Associate Professor Kevin Blachford Project Support Assistant Alex Bocse LSE Fellow Prof Chris Brown Guest Teacher Prof William Callahan Professor Alison Carter Secretary Prof Jeffrey Chwieroth Professor Prof Christopher Coker Professor Dr Katerina Dalacoura Associate Professor Andrew Delatolla Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Janina Dill Assistant Professor Prof Toby Dodge Kuwait Professor Whit Doig Project Support Assistant Pilar Elizalde Occasional Research Assistant Dr Robert Falkner Associate Professor Maria Fotou Graduate Teaching Assistant Kentaro Fujikawa Graduate Teaching Assistant Rachel George Project Support Assistant Prof Fawaz Gerges Professor Dr Julia Gray Assistant Professor Dr Jurgen Haacke Associate Professor Martin Hearson LSE Fellow Benjamin Ho Graduate Teaching Assistant Mark Hoffman Assistant Professor Prof Christopher Hughes Professor Dr Scott Jerbi D.Davies of Llandinan Research Fellow Irena Kalhousova Project Support Assistant Sidharth Kaushal Graduate Teaching Assistant Adnan Khan BSc IR Programme Administrator Arthur Kilgore Guest Teacher Martina Langer Secretary Dr Tomila Lankina Professor Dr George Lawson Associate Professor Nyssa Lee-Woolf Departmental Manager Prof Margot Light Guest Teacher Uzma Lone Research Programme Administrator Tatiana Lujan Ruiz Project Support Assistant Dr Nivedita Manchanda LSE Fellow Dr Renad Mansour Guest Teacher Dr Mary Martin Senior Research Fellow Aaron Mckeil Occasional Research Assistant Dr Jens Meierhenrich Associate Professor Dr Covadonga Meseguer Associate Professor Kate Millar Assistant Professor Romy Mokogwu Administrator/PA to HoD Pedro Moraya Barros Project Support Assistant Dr James Morrison Assistant Professor Prof Iver Neumann Montague Burton Chair Andreas Nohr Occasional Research Assistant Ioannis Papagaryfallou Occasional Research Assist. Hilary Parker Departmental Manager Evelyn Pauls Project Support Assistant Dr Christopher Rossdale LSE Fellow Dr Ulrich Sedelmeier Associate Professor Prof Karen Smith Professor Till Spanke Graduate Teaching Assistant Dimitrios Stroikos Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr James Strong LSE Fellow Katerina Tertytchnaya Occasional Research Assistant Gabrielle To Research Programme Administrator Prof Peter Trubowitz Head of Dept Dr Caroline Varin Occasional Research Assistant Vuk Vuksanovic Occasional Research Assistant William Wang Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Peter Wilson Associate Professor Sophie Wise Events and CIS Administrator Dr Stephen Woolcock Associate Professor Jaylia Yan Occasional Research Assistant Joanne Yao Graduate Teaching Assistant Nanxi You Research Support Assistant Asad Zaidi Occasional Research Assistant Dr Shuxiu Zhang LSE Fellow LSE Digest I 39 I

41 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Law ola Amodu Guest Teacher Dr Louise Arimatsu Guest Teacher Laura Ashworth-Cape Occasional Research Assistant Eduardo Baistrocchi Associate Professor Prof Robert Baldwin Professor of Law Nigel Banerjee Guest Teacher Bradley Barlow Communications Officer Anne Barron Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Chaloka Beyani Associate Professor Antony Blackburn-Starza Guest Teacher Dr Michael Blackwell Assistant Professor Dr Jacco Bomhoff Associate Professor Dr Jo Braithwaite Associate Professor Prof Michael Bridge Cassel Professor of Commercial Law Jacob Bronsther Graduate Teaching Assistant Gosia Brown Executive LLM Programme Administrator David Byrne Occasional Research Assistant Giuseppe Capillo Administrative Assistant Harriet Carter Department Manager (Ops & Personnel) Prof Damian Chalmers Professor Daniel Chen Occasional Research Assistant Kobe Chow Occasional Research Assistant Dr Daniel Clarry LSE Fellow Clement Comis Occasional Research Assistant Lewina Coote Finance Officer Dr Gillian Cope Research Assistant Robert Craig Guest Teacher Louise Crush Occasional Research Assistant Dr Tatiana Cutts Assistant Professor Alexander Damianos Occasional Research Assistant Dr Floris De Witte Associate Professor Dr Niamh Dunne Assistant Professor Prof Neil Duxbury Professor Michele Finck LSE Fellow Jonathan Fisher Guest Teacher Dr Tatiana Flessas Associate Professor Prof Conor Gearty Professor Dr Rob George Guest Teacher Dr Carsten Gerner Beuerle Associate Professor Alison Grant Executive Officer Dr Veerle Heyvaert Associate Professor (Reader) Prof Jeremy Horder Chair in Criminal Law Dr Devika Hovell Associate Professor Dr Stephen Humphreys Associate Professor Dr Pablo Ibanez Colomo Associate Professor Prof Emily Jackson Chair Lee Jackson Web Development Officer Andriani Kalintiri LSE Fellow Prof David Kershaw Chair in Law Dr Jan Kleinheisterkamp Associate Professor Insa Koch Assistant Professor Leslie Kosmin Guest Teacher Prof Niki Lacey School Professor Karl Laird Guest Teacher Prof Andrew Lang Professor Dr Kate Leader Graduate Teaching Assistant Sarah Lee Service Delivery Mngr. Undergrad Prog. Stephanie Milagros Limaco Blas Occasional Research Assistant Anna Lisowska Undergraduate Programme Administrator Prof Michael Lobban Professor Prof Martin Loughlin Professor of Public Law Dr Orla Lynskey Assistant Professor Dr Paul Macmahon Assistant Professor Marta Magistrelli Occasional Research Assistant Yana Marinova Occasional Research Assistant Heikki Marjosola Assistant Professor Prof Susan Marks Professor of International Law Dr Julie Mccandless Assistant Professor Dr Emmanuel Melissaris Associate Professor Grainne Mellon Guest Teacher Laura Menachemson Guest Teacher Dr Eva Micheler Associate Professor Dr Kai Moller Associate Professor Prof Niamh Moloney Professor Philip Morrison Occasional Research Assistant Sroyon Mukherjee Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Linda Mulcahy Professor Dr Jo Murkens Associate Professor Prof Andrew Murray Professor Callum Musto Graduate Teaching Assistant Dagmar Myslinska Assistant Editor Rebecca Newman Postgraduate Programmes Administrator Dr Hillary Nye LSE Fellow Dr Patrick O'Brien LSE Fellow Kencho Ongdi Administrative Assistant (Receptionist) Aleksandra Orzel Project Assistant Dr Philipp Paech Assistant Professor Sarah Paterson Associate Professor Prof Jill Peay Chair in Law Joshua Phang Occasional Research Assistant Dr Federico Picinali Associate Professor Prof Thomas Poole Professor Prof Alain Pottage Professor Dr Peter Ramsay Professor Dr Meredith Rossner Assistant Professor Dr Solene Rowan Associate Professor Matthew Rowley Department Manager Dr Ian Roxan Associate Professor Dr Nicholas Sage Assistant Professor Michele Sahrle Service Delivery Mgr. (Postgrad Prog.) Dr Margot Salomon Associate Professor I 40 I LSE Digest 16-17

42 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Dr Astrid Sanders Assistant Professor Edmund-Philipp Schuster Associate Professor Dr Andrew Scott Associate Professor Prof Gerry Simpson Professor Julia Slupska Project Assistant Jess Smith Occasional Research Assistant Dr Joseph Spooner Assistant Professor Ryan Stones Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Igor Stramignoni Assistant Professor Dr Andrew Summers Assistant Professor Dr Shiva Thambisetty Ramakrishna Associate Professor Chris Thomas Assistant Professor Mandy Tinnams Health & Safety Co-ord./ Estates Officer Sarah Trotter Guest Teacher Dr Emmanuel Vogiakis Associate Professor Dr Charlie Webb Associate Professor Mary Wells Postgraduate Programmes Administrator Dr Mike Wilkinson Associate Professor Karen Williams LLM Exams & Assessment Administrator Lucy Wright Executive LLM Programme Manager Aaron Wu Moodle Editor Rachel Yarham Doctoral Programme Administrator Elena Zaccaria Guest Teacher Management Ray Afzal Project Support Assistant Dr Rachel Alexander Research Officer Dr Ricardo Alonso Maranon Associate Professor Dr Tamara Ansons Behavioural Research Lab Manager Prof Sarah Ashwin Professor Dr Alberto Asquer Guest Teacher Prof Chrisanthi Avgerou Professor Dr Yally Avrahampour Assistant Professor Alex Banks Office Co-ordinator Prof Harry Barkema Professor of Management Sharon Barnes Academic Planning Manager Prof Michael Barzelay Professor Dr Simon Bastow LSE Fellow eo Beattie Research Programme Administrator Kelly Benson Faculty Affairs Manager Dr Daniel Beunza Assistant Professor Prof Gwyn Bevan Professor Dr Uta Bindl Assistant Professor Jordi Blanes I Vidal Associate Professor Dr Jonathan Booth Assistant Professor Dimitris Boucas Guest Teacher Henrietta Burr MSc MISDI & Man Sciences Administrator Esther Canonico Martin LSE Fellow in Management Laura Canter Programme Coordinator Prof Amitav Chakravarti Professor of Marketing Charlie Chen LSE Fellow Stephanie Cloots Corporate Relations Manager Becky Coggins Programme Manager Clara Cook MSc Programmes Manager Dr Antonio Cordella Associate Professor Dr Tony Cornford Associate Professor Prof Jackie Coyle-Shapiro Chair in Organisational Behaviour Mike Cushman Guest Teacher Chiara De Poli Research Officer Thomas Decker Research Assistant Laura Delfitto Head of Marketing and External Relations Prof David De-Meza Chair in Management Dr Jane Dickson Research Officer Situ Diwan Undergraduate Programme Administrator Dr Eddy Donnelly Guest Teacher Phoebe Dunster Programme Coordinator Gemma Edmenson MSc HRO Programme Administrator Prof Saul Estrin Professor Dr Barbara Fasolo Associate Professor Dr Valentina Ferretti LSE Fellow Charlie Fiddy Undergraduate Programme Manager Stella Filsinger Research Assistant Kate Forman Head of Programme Delivery Prof Carola Frege Professor Prof Luis Garicano Professor of Management & Economics Dr Andri Georgiadou Guest Teacher Chloe Gilzean Office Co-ordinator aura Gnata Postgraduate Programme Administrator Pedro Goncalves-Sequeira-Alves Guest Teacher Liz Griffith Marketing, Analytics & Comms Manager Sebastian Hager Research Assistant Rachel Harris Programme Manager Joanne Hay Departmental Manager Monika Hockenhull Programme Administrator Vahan Hovhannisyan Guest Teacher Der-Wei Huang Occasional Research Assistant Jonathan Hucker Alumni Relations Coordinator Imran Iqbal Head of Research Operations David Jarrett Guest Teacher Dr Brittany Jones Director of Studies Cleo Jones Programme Administrator Prof Jannis Kallinikos Professor Dr Satoshi Kanazawa Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Heather Kappes Assistant Professor Ruth Kaufman Guest Teacher Faisal Khan Digital Marketing Officer Rob Kirkland Programme Mgr, MSC HR & Organisations Ewa Kochanowska Occasional Research Assistant LSE Digest I 41 I

43 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Kari Koskinen Course Support Assistant Dr Hyun-Jung Lee Assistant Professor Prof Roger Levy Guest Teacher Dr Chunyun Li Assistant Professor Dr Jonathan Liebenau Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Eleni Lioliou Guest Teacher Dr Connson Locke Senior Lecturer in Practice Dr Juan Lopez-Cotarelo Senior Lecturer in Practice Rocco Macchiavello Associate Professor Dr Kristof Madarasz Associate Professor Abhijit Mandal Guest Teacher Prof David Marsden Chair in Industrial Relations Asta Medisauskaite Guest Teacher Dr Alicia Mejia Mejia-Salazar Guest Teacher Iana Messetchkova Project Support Assistant Dr Nadia Millington Senior Lectureship in Practice - SIE Kat Mishina Project Support Assistant Prof Om Narasimhan Professor Eva Ntaliopoulou Project Support Assistant Keith O'Brien Guest Teacher Nenna Opara Head of Faculty Affairs Catherine Osley Finance and Operations Manager Laurence O'Toole Guest Teacher Prof Ignacio Palacios-Huerta Professor of Management Revi Panidha Guest Teacher Prof Sandy Pepper Professor in Practice Lucy Porter Communications and Events Manager Dr Roser Pujadas Pujadas Comas D Argemir LSE Fellow Dr Veronica Rappoport-Redondo Associate Professor Dr Tara Reich Assistant Professor Prof Diane Reyniers Professor Dr Shasa Riza Assistant Professor Enrico Rossi Guest Teacher Prof Yona Rubinstein Professor Mateo Salazar Rodriguez Occasional Research Assistant Diogo Baptista Salgado Baptista Guest Teacher Abhivyakti Saxena Occasional Research Assistant Carlo Schwarz Occasional Research Assistant Constanze Schwarz Project Support Assistant Dr Susan Scott Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Emma Soane Assistant Professor Dr Carsten Sorensen Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Lourdes Sosa Gonzalez Associate Professor Prof Richard Steinberg Professor Gavin Symonds TRIUM Manager (Ops & Prog Delivery) Dr Ela Taylor Assistant Professor Juliane Thieme Project Support Assistant Ashley Thomas Programme Manager (MiM, CEMS & Exchange) Dr Catherine Thomas Associate Professor (Reader) Meng Tian Guest Teacher Charlie Tickle MSc Electives Portfolio Administrator Alina Vasile Graduate Intern Dr William Venters Assistant Professor Prof Naufel Vilcassim Professor Jean-Michel Villot MSc Management Programme Administrator Constanze Vorrath Research Assistant Fabian Waldinger Associate Professor Julia Way Marketing Officer Maxine Westley-Lowe Programme Coordinator (MSc Mgmnt & Exch) Dr Edgar Whitley Associate Professor Prof Leslie Willcocks Chair in Information Systems Prof Paul Willman Chair in Human Resources Management Max Winston MG205 Support Assistant Dr Jamie Woodcock LSE Fellow Dr Chia-Huei Wu Assistant Professor Hao Xu Occasional Research Officer Katsuhhiko Yoshikawa Occasional Research Assist Hamieda Zakir Alumni Relations Manager Cherry Zheng LSE Fellow TRIUM Olivia Chambers TRIUM Registry Administrator Hrilina Lock Head of Trium Recruitment & Admissions Shona Macfarlane Head of Operations & Programme Delivery Maryane Mwaniki Head of Alumni Relations & Careers Elizabeth O'Neill TRIUM Executive Director Lucy Underhill TRIUM Registry Administrator Georgina Whitham Recruitment & Admissions Administrator Mathematics Dr Peter Allen Associate Professor Abdulla Al-Othman Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Martin Anthony Professor Dr Aistis Atminas Guest Teacher Kate Barker Departmental Manager Dr Sally Barton Guest Teacher Rebecca Batey MSc Programme Manager Dr Tugkan Batu Assistant Professor Dr Julia Boettcher Associate Professor Prof Graham Brightwell Professor of Mathematics Philip Chan Guest Teacher Dr Nicholas Cron Guest Teacher Dr Christoph Czichowsky Associate Professor Dr Albina Danilova Associate Professor Dr Paul Duetting Assistant Professor Jackie Everid Undergraduate Programmes Manager Enfale Farooq Departmental Administrator Dr Sam Fendrich Guest Teacher I 42 I LSE Digest 16-17

44 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Dr Pavel Gapeev Associate Professor Prof Olivier Gossner Professor of Mathematics Yang Guo Graduate Teaching Assistant Philip Johnson Guest Teacher Dr Eleni Katirtzoglou Guest Teacher Dr Ioannis Kouletsis Assistant Professorial Lecturer Siri Kouletsis Guest Teacher Mikey Kusnetsov Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Andy Lewis-Pye Associate Professor Aaron Lin Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Arthur Lloyd-Philipps Guest Teacher Dr Arne Lokka Associate Professor Dr Xue Lu LSE Fellow Rebecca Lumb Research, Comms & Events Manger Dr Amal Merhi Guest Teacher Prof Adam Ostoja-Ostaszewski Professor Dr Katerina Papadaki Associate Professor Jose Pasos Solis Graduate Teaching Assistant Cheng Qian Graduate Teaching Assistant Daniel Quiroz Graduate Teaching Assistant Barnaby Roberts Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Johannes Ruf Assistant Professor Niccolo Salvatori Guest Teacher Dr Amol Sasane Professor Dr Robert Simon Associate Professor Prof Jozef Skokan Professor Prof Gregory Sorkin Chair in Management Science & Maths Dr Konrad Swanepoel Associate Professor Prof Jan Van Den Heuvel Professor Dr Laszlo Vegh Associate Professor Dr Luitgard Veraart Associate Professor Prof Bernhard Von Stengel Professor Weiguan Wang MA212 LaTeX Editor Dr James Ward Assistant Professorial Lecturer Dr Tony Whelan Guest Teacher Nicola Wittur Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Giacomo Zambelli Associate Professor (Reader) Prof Mihail Zervos Chair Georgios Zouros Guest Teacher Media and Communications Dr Nick Anstead Assistant Professor Dr Shakuntala Banaji Associate Professor Prof Charlie Beckett Director of POLIS Cath Bennett Departmental Manager Dr Alicia Blum-Ross Research Officer Dr Bart Cammaerts Associate Professor Prof Lilie Chouliaraki Chair Prof Nick Couldry Professor of Media, Comms & Soc. Theory James Deeley Departmental Research Manager Dr Jelena Dzakula Research Assistant Michael Etheridge Programmes Manager (Regs. & Assessment) Dr Seeta Gangadharan Assistant Professor Nicole Garnier Programmes Manager (Teaching Delivery) Dr Myria Georgiou Associate Professor Emma Goodman Research Officer Dr Leslie Haddon Senior Research Fellow Dr Ellen Helsper Associate Professor anning Huang Moodle Editor Cesar Jimenez Martinez Web Editor Nora Kroeger Research Assistant Sharif Labo Research Officer Winifred Li Web Editor Prof Sonia Livingstone Professor Prof Robin Mansell Professor Dr Samuel Mejias Research Officer Dr Bingchun Meng Associate Professor Dr Wallis Motta Guarneros LSE Fellow Dr Shani Orgad Associate Professor Svenja Ottovordemgentschenfelde Occasional Research Assistant Dr Jean-Christophe Plantin Assistant Professor Dr Alison Powell Assistant Professor Miriam Rahali Research Assistant Prof Terhi Rantanen Professor Corinne Schweizer LSE Fellow Dr Julian Sefton-Green Principal Research Fellow Dr Mariya Stoilova Research Officer Tijana Stolic Moodle Editor Dr Lukasz Szulc Marie Curie Research Fellow Dr Damian Tambini Associate Professor Lwam Tesfay Departmental Administrator Dr Wendy Willems Assistant Professor Jun Yu Research Assistant Dr Rafal Zaborowski LSE Fellow Julia Ziemer Polis and Events Manager Methodology Dr Akile Ahmet Guest Teacher Prof Ken Benoit Professor Dr Vikas Chandra Guest Teacher Jenny Chanfreau Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Flora Cornish Associate Professor Dr David Hendry Assistant Professor Esther Heyhoe Graduate Teaching Administrator Prof Jon Jackson Professor Dr Alasdair Jones Assistant Professor Dr Ellie Knott LSE Fellow Dr Ben Lauderdale Associate Professor Dr Efthalia Magioglou Guest Teacher David Marshall Guest Teacher Dr Akitaka Matsuo Research Officer Dr Cathy Nicholson Guest Teacher Adam Obeng Occasional Research Assistant Dr Monica Poletti Guest Teacher Krisztian Posch Graduate Teaching Assistant LSE Digest I 43 I

45 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Nelson Ruiz-Guarin Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Tamara Shengelia Guest Teacher Esther Sidley Research and Comms. Administrator Dr Indraneel Sircar LSE Fellow Koen Slootmaeckers Guest Teacher Dr Jen Tarr Assistant Professor Dr Chana Teeger Assistant Professor Gillian Urquhart Departmental Manager Dr Haiyan Wang Research Officer Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method Prof Jason Alexander Professor Dr Jonathan Birch Assistant Professor Prof Luc Bovens Professor of Philosophy Prof Richard Bradley Professor Dr Campbell Brown Assistant Professor Dr Susanne Burri Assistant Professor Andrew Buskell LSE Fellow Dr Peter Dennis LSE Fellow Dr Heather Dyke LSE Fellow Prof Roman Frigg Professor Lewis Humphreys Student Graduate Intern Jurgis Karpus Guest Teacher Andrea Ledwig Graduate Programmes Manager Dr Anna Mahtani Assistant Professor Christopher Marshall Graduate Teaching Assistant Becky Matthams Department Manager Silvia Milano Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Marie Milofsky Guest Teacher Prof Michael Otsuka Professor Prof Miklos Redei Professor Dr Bryan Roberts Associate Professor Ewan Rodgers Marketing & Comms Manager Thomas Rowe Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Johanna Thoma Assistant Professor Jane Von Rabenau Occasional Research Assistant Dr Alex Voorhoeve Professor Dr Ioannis Votsis LSE Fellow Adam White Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof John Worrall Prof of Philosophy of Science Psychological and Behavioural Science Amna Amer Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Frederic Basso Assistant Professor Tommaso Batistoni Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Martin Bauer Professor Prof Catherine Campbell Professor of Social Psychology Jacqueline Crane Sevice Delivery Manager, Grad Programmes Dr Marta Entradas Das Fontes Entradas Marie Curie Fellow Prof Paul Dolan Professor of Behavioural Science Dr Marina Everri Marie Curie Research Fellow Terri-Ann Fairclough Research Degree Prog Officer & Evt Coord Dr Bradley Franks Associate Professor Dr Matteo M Galizzi Assistant Professor Dr Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo Assistant Professor Dr Alex Gillespie Associate Professor Dr Ilka Gleibs Assistant Professor Julie Hald Research Assistant Brett Heasman Graduate Teaching Assistant Champa Heidbrink Department Manager Nikki Heinze Occasional Research Assistant Maxi Heitmayer Occasional Research Assistant Therese Holmqvist Exec MSc Prog Mngr & Behaviour Hub Mngr Dr Caroline Howarth Associate Professor Prof Sandra Jovchelovitch Professor Kate Laffan Occasional Research Officer Prof Saadi Lahlou Chair in Social Psychology Dr Emily Le Roux-Rutledge Guest Teacher Luke Mcguire Graduate Teaching Assistant Ajit Menon Guest Teacher Michael Muthukrishna Assistant Professor Dr Anam Parand Research Officer Megan Patterson Research Assistant Dr Tom Reader Associate Professor Dr Jennifer Sheehy-Skeffington Assistant Professor Dr Jan Stockdale Snr Lecturer in Social Psychology Dr Morgan Tear Research Officer Dr Chris Tennant Guest Teacher Dimitris Thomopoulos Administrative Support Officer Severine Toussaert Assistant Professor Dr Jana Uher Marie Curie Research Fellow Jackie Van Dael Occasional Research Assistant Ly Voo Multimedia Editor/Technician Social Policy Liz Bailey LSE Fellow Antonella Bancalari Valderrama Occasional Research Assistant Dr Kieron Barclay Research Fellow Dr Mrigesh Bhatia Lecturer in Health Policy Prof Jennifer Brown Seminar and Communications Convener Dr Tania Burchardt Associate Professor Aifsha Butt MSc & PhD Programme Administrator Dr Leonidas Cheliotis Associate Professor Dr Ernestina Coast Associate Professor Dr Joan Costa-Font Associate Professor Dr Konstantina Davaki International Health Policy Student Plac Prof Hartley Dean Professor Jeffrey Demarco Guest Teacher Dr Giorgio Di Gessa LSE Fellow Dr Sonia Exley Assistant Professor I 44 I LSE Digest 16-17

46 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Stephanie Finney MSc Programme Manager (Global Health) Angela Fitzgerald Programme Administrator Dr Timo Fleckenstein Associate Professor Ginevra Floridi Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Arjan Gjonca Associate Professor Dr Alice Goisis Research Fellow Clare Gorman MSc Programme and Dept Administrator Dr Christopher Grollman Project Support Assistant Prof Emily Grundy Professor Prof Anthony Hall Professor Sarah Helias Research Student Admin/Dept Web Editor Amanda Henwood Occasional Research Assistant Dr Moshi Herman LSE Fellow Dr Timothy Hildebrandt Assistant Professor Prof John Hills Professor of Social Policy Gareth Hopkin LSE Fellow Dr Armine Ishkanian Associate Professor Prof Stephen Jenkins Professor Rosie Jones Undergraduate Programme Manager Dianne Josephs Programme Administrator Dr Panos Kanavos Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Katy Keenan Research Officer Prof Martin Knapp Professor Dr Dario Krpan LSE Fellow Dr Sunil Kumar Lecturer in Social Policy & Development Dr Mylene Lagarde Assistant Professor Professor Julian LeGrand Dr Tiziana Leone Assistant Professor Prof David Lewis Professor Dr Tracy Lin LSE Fellow Dr Grace Lordan Associate Professor Klara Lorenz Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Stephen Mangen Associate Professor Prof Alistair Mcguire Chair in Health Economics Mhairi Mckenzie Occasional Research Assistant Mansoor Mir Guest Teacher Prof Elias Mossialos Chair in Health Policy Prof Eileen Munro Professor Prof Michael Murphy Professor of Demography Prof Mikko Myrskyla Professorial Research Fellow Huseyin Naci Assistant Professor Prof Tim Newburn Chair in Social Policy and Criminology Jessica Ng Occasional Research Assistant Anne Okello Programme Administrator Dr Adam Oliver Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Berkay Ozcan Assistant Professor Dr Irene Papanicolas Assistant Professor Dr Justin Parkhurst Associate Professor Dr Alpa Parmar Occasional Research Assistant Sarah Machado Pauperio Ribeirinho Machado LSE Fellow Dr Coretta Phillips Associate Professor Prof Lucinda Platt Professor of Social Policy & Sociology Prof Anne Power Professor Damian Roberts Departmental Manager Stephen Roberts LSE Fellow Sion Rossello Roig LSE Fellow Robyn Rowe Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Caroline Rudisill Associate Professor Maria Schlegel Events and Communications Officer Dr Hakan Seckinelgin Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Amanda Sheely Assistant Professor Dr Michael Shiner Associate Professor Dr Isabel Shutes Assistant Professor Dr Matthew Skellern LSE Fellow Dr Craig Stewart Teaching Operations Manager Dr Kitty Stewart Associate Professor Kate Summers Graduate Teaching Assistant Stefano Testoni Occasional Research Officer Dr Marco Tosi Research Officer Thijs Van Den Broek Research Officer Sarah Walker Occasional Research Assistant Dr Clare Wenham Assistant Professor Prof Anne West Professor Dr Carolina Zuccotti Occasional Research Officer Sociology Dr Fabien Accominotti Assistant Professor Dr Suki Ali Associate Professor Dr Robin Archer Associate Professor (Reader) Riad Azar BJS Assistant Dawn Bailey Journal Manager Kalynka Bellman MSc MPhil/PhD Programme Manager & Events Prof Chetan Bhatt Professor of Sociology Prof Richard Burdett Professor Paz Concha-Mendez Moodle Administrator Dr Ayca Cubukcu Assistant Professor Afua Danquah MSc Programme Manager Prof Nigel Dodd Professor Rebecca Elliott Assistant Professor ouise Fisher Departmental Manager Dr Janet Foster Associate Professor Dr Sam Friedman Associate Professor Dr Carrie Friese Associate Professor Miha Fugina Graduate Teaching Assistant Ioanna Gouseti Course Tutor Dr Suzi Hall Associate Professor Dr Ursula Henz Associate Professor Billy Holzberg Graduate Teaching Assistant Nazia Hussein LSE Fellow Prof Bridget Hutter Professor Dr Kay Inckle Course Convenor Daniel James Graduate Teaching Assistant Belinda John-Baptiste Graduate Teaching Assistant LSE Digest I 45 I

47 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Anna Johnston MSc Programme Manager, Cities Programme Angelos Kissas Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Monika Krause Assistant Professor Louisa Lawrence Service Delivery Manager (Operations) Sian Lewin Graduate Teaching Assistant Clara Lyons Undergraduate Programme Manager Dr David Madden Assistant Professor Bronwen Manby Guest Teacher Anna Matczak Graduate Teaching Assistant Daniel Mcarthur Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Pat Mcgovern Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Lisa Mckenzie LSE Fellow Dr Michael Mcquarrie Associate Professor Magdalena Mikulak Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Claire Moon Associate Professor Dr Nathalie Nuyts Research Assistant Sandra Obradovic Occasional Research Assistant Cassian Osborne-Carey Graduate Teaching Assistant Liene Ozolina-Fitzgerald Course Tutor Prof Mike Savage Martin White Chair Dr Don Slater Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Attila Szanto Research Manager Prof Charis Thompson Professor Prof Fran Tonkiss Professor Prof Judy Wajcman Anthony Giddens Chair Dr Leon Wansleben Assistant Professor Statistics Dr James Abdey Assistant Professorial Lecturer Dr Beatrice Acciaio Associate Professor Andreas Anastasiou Postdoctoral Research Officer (EPSRC) Dr Matteo Barigozzi Associate Professor Prof Pauline Barrieu Professor Dr Erik Baurdoux Associate Professor Dr Wicher Bergsma Associate Professor (Reader) Dr Roxana Bratu Guest Teacher Dr Luciano Campi Associate Professor Dr Umut Cetin Professor Dr Yining Chen Assistant Professor Dr Angelos Dassios Professor Najla Elhezzani Guest Teacher Steven Ellis Undergraduate Administrator Phoenix Feng Graduate Teaching Assistant Prof Piotr Fryzlewicz Professor Zhaoxing Gao Research Officer Dr Sara Geneletti Inchauste Assistant Professor Stella Hadjiantoni Guest Teacher Dr Anastasia Kakou Guest Teacher Dr Kostas Kalogeropoulos Associate Professor Prof Kostas Kardaras Professor Myrsini Katsikatsou Research Fellow Dr Tobias Kley Research Officer Meena Kotecha Guest Teacher Dr Jouni Kuha Associate Professor Dr Clifford Lam Associate Professor Shiju Liu Graduate Teaching Assistant Hye Young Maeng Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Milt Mavrakakis-Vassilakis Guest Teacher Sarah Mcmanus MSc Programme Administrator Dr Gelly Mitrodima LSE Fellow Prof Irini Moustaki Professor Imelda Noble Andolfo Departmental Manager Manuel Pedraza Ramirez Graduate Teaching Assistant Alice Pignatelli Di Cerchi Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Xinghao Qiao Assistant Professor Yan Qu Graduate Teaching Assistant Ragvir Sabharwal Graduate Teaching Assistant Karsten Shaw Guest Teacher Prof Christopher Skinner Professor Prof Lenny Smith Professor Penny Smith Events and Communication Officer Prof Fiona Steele Professor Dr George Tzougas LSE Fellow Prof Milan Vojnovic Professor in Data Science Dr Hao Xing Associate Professor Pratibha Yadav Guest Teacher Prof Qiwei Yao Professor Yajing Zhu Graduate Teaching Assistant Centennial Professors Prof Philippe Aghion Economics Sir Tony Atkinson Economics Prof Per Krusell Economics Prof Torsten Persson Economics Prof Kimberle Crenshaw Gender Studies Prof Mary Evans Gender Studies Prof Torben Iversen Government Prof Hobart Peyton Young Mathematics Prof Peter Bearman Methodology Prof Anton Hemerijck Social Policy Prof Woody Powell Sociology Emeritus Professors & Teachers Prof Stephan Feuchtwang Anthropology (Teacher) Dudley Baines Economic History (Teacher) Prof David Jones Geography & Environment (Emeritus Professor) Prof Trevor Hartley Law (Emeritus Professor) Prof Robert Reiner Law (Teacher) Prof Peter Abell Management (Teacher) Prof Larry Phillips Management (Teacher) Prof Jonathan Rosenhead Management (Teacher) Dr Steve Smithson Management (Teacher) I 46 I LSE Digest 16-17

48 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Research Centres and Institutes Canada Blanch Centre Susana Grau-De-Miguel Office Manager - Canada Blanch Centre Centre for Analysis of Risk & Regulation Dr Jeremy Brice Research Officer (CARR/FSA) Dr Lydie Cabane Research Officer (TransCrisis) Irene Ferrandiz Merino Occasional Research Assistant Dr Alex Griffiths Research Officer Centre for Analysis for Social Exclusion Dr Tammy Campbell Research Officer Cheryl Conner PA/Administrator Dr Eleni Karagiannaki Research Fellow Dr Abigail Mcknight Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Polina Obolenskaya Research Officer Dr Polly Vizard Associate Professorial Research Fellow Lin Yang Research Officer Centre for Analysis of Time Series Jill Beattie Centre Administrator Hailiang Du Munich Re Programme Research Officer Lyn Grove CATS Centre Manager Dr Ralph Rayner Professorial Research Fellow Dr Erica Thompson Research Officer Edward Wheatcroft Research Officer Prof Henry Wynn Professorial Research Fellow Centre for Economic Performance Michael Amior Occasional Research Officer Andrea Ariu Occasional Research Fellow Nathalie Baker Project Support Assistant Jan Bakker Project Support Assistant Aniket Baksy Project Support Assistant Clare Balboni Occasional Research Assistant Anita Bardhan-Roy Information Manager Clement Bellet Research Officer Antonin Bergeaud Occasional Research Assistant Sandra Bernick Occasional Research Officer Filippo Boeri Occasional Research Assistant Iwona Borowik Occasional Research Officer Dr Novella Bottini Occasional Research Officer Pawel Bukowski Research Economist Jo Cantlay Events Co-ordinator Chiara Cavaglia Research Economist Luca Citino Project Support Assistant Dr Andrew Clark Professorial Research Fellow Benjamin Clayton Occasional Research Officer Linda Cleavely Assistant to the Director Nikhil Datta Occasional Research Assistant Helen Durrant Research & Publications Administrator Dennis Egger Occasional Research Assistant Hugo Esteves-Vilares Project Support Assistant Andrew Eyles Research Assistant Dr Daisy Fancourt Occasional Research Officer Sarah Fleche Research Officer Simon Franklin Research Economist Giulia Giupponi Occasional Research Assistant Nik Grimm Occasional Research Assistant Halin Han Project Support Assistant Gabriel Heller Sahlgren Project Support Assistant Ivelina Hristova Occasional Research Officer Hanwei Huang Occasional Research Assistant Claudia Hupkau Research Economist Ria Ivandic Occasional Research Assistant Dr Thomas Kirchmaier Occasional Principal Research Fellow Hilke Kracke Project Support Assistant Christian Krekel Research Officer Sebastien Laffitte Occasional Research Assistant Keith Lai Project Support Assistant Monica Langella Research Officer Prof Richard Layard Director of Wellbeing Programme Yan Liang Occasional Research Assistant Juliana Lindell Project Support Assistant Quinn Markwith Project Support Assistant Dr Ralf Martin Occasional Senior Research Fellow Ethan Mccormac Project Support Assistant Sandra Mcnally Occasional Senior Research Fellow Amartya Menon Occasional Research Assistant Maria Molina Domene Research Officer Niall Murphy Project Support Assistant Kieu Nguyen Occasional Research Assistant Victoria Nolte Project Support Assistant Harriet Ogborn Executive Assistant Simone Pedemonte Project Support Assistant Dr Nick Powdthavee Associate Professorial Research Fellow Egle Pugaciauskaite Project Support Assistant Lars Radscheidt Project Support Assistant Nigel Rogers Research Centres Manager Veronika Rogers-Thomas Project Support Assistant Isabelle Roland Economist Research Assistant Jenifer Ruiz-Valenzuela Research Economist Dr David Rundle Occasional Research Officer Maria Sanchez Vidal Research Economist Matteo Sandi Research Economist Vincenzo Scrutinio Occasional Research Assistant LSE Digest I 47 I

49 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Daniela Scur Research Assistant Stefania Simion Occasional Research Assistant Anna Valero Sivropoulos-Valero Research Officer Jean-Christophe Spiliotis-Saquet Occasional Research Assistant Carlo Tanghetti Project Support Assistant Florian Trouvain Occasional Research Assistant Clementine Van Effenterre Occasional Research Assistant Guglielmo Ventura Research Assistant Rui Vieira Marques Da Costa Occasional Research Assistant Ingrid Von Schiller Project Support Assistant Nele Warrinnier Occasional Research Assistant Mary Yacoob Finance and Personnel Co-ordinator Centre for Macroeconomics Thomas Drechsel Occasional Research Assistant Piero Fortino Occasional Research Assistant Martin Hannon Administrative Assistant Garrick Hileman Occasional Research Assistant Federico Rossi Research Officer Filip Rozsypal Research Officer Coralie Simmons Centre Manager CPNSS Mehrun Absar Administrative Assistant Jeremy Clarke Research Fellow Prof Koen Decancq Professorial Research Fellow Laura O'Keefe Centre Manager Dr Fiora Salis Marie Curie Research Fellow Crisis States Centre Miss Wendy Foulds Programme Manager Justice and Security Financial Markets Group Liz Bunting Centre Manager Simeon Djankov Occasional Professorial Research Fellow Grantham Research Institute Dr Alina Averchenkova Principal Research Fellow Climate Policy Samuela Bassi Statkraft Policy Fellow Bianca Caramento Occasional Research Assistant Dr Maria Carvalho Policy Analyst Nicolas Cerkez Occasional Research Assistant Abbie Clare Research Officer (Enviro & Development) Prof Declan Conway Professorial Research Fellow Dr Florence Crick Research Officer Patrick Curran Policy Analyst & Research Advisor Jana Davidova Occasional Research Assistant Dr Antoine Dechezlepretre Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Baran Doda Research Officer Chris Duffy Head of Engagement Damien Dussaux Research Officer-Trade & Climate Change Dr Shaikh Eskander Research Officer Prof Sam Fankhauser Professorial Research Fellow Dr Roger Fouquet Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Kate Gannon Research Officer Greer Gosnell Research Officer Joel Hankinson Occasional Research Assistant Prof Cameron Hepburn Professorial Research Fellow Daniel Heyen Occasional Research Officer Eva Lee Executive Assistant Sini Matikainen Policy Analyst Dr Daire Mccoy Research Officer Jo Miller Institute Administrator Dr Antony Millner Associate Professorial Research Fellow Michal Nachmany Research Officer Isabella Neuweg Policy Analyst & Research Advisor Joanna Pardoe Research Officer (UMFULA) Ginny Pavey Institute Manager Prodam Judith Rees Professorial Research Fellow and Vice Chair Stuart Rodgers Institute Administrator stelle Rouhaud Research Project Manager Dr Misato Sato Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Dr Joana Setzer Research Officer Merlin Sibley Website & Digital Communication Manager Christian Siderius Research Officer (UMFULA) Dr Dave Stainforth Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Swenja Surminski Senior Research Fellow Dr Luca Taschini Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Alessandro Tavoni Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Ling Teh Research Officer Dr Maria Waldinger Research Officer Bob Ward Policy & Communications Director Hellenic Observatory Michael Cottakis Occasional Research Assistant Ismini Demades Hellenic Observatory, Snr Manager Ioanna Kontogeorgou Hellenic Observatory Events Coordinator I 48 I LSE Digest 16-17

50 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Polly Liouta Hellenic Observatory Events Coordinator Dr Anna Tsiftsoglou Post-Doctoral Research Fellow IGA: Firoz Lalji Centre for Africa Ingrina Carson Programme Officer Bianca Moiceanu Graduate Intern Syerramia Ohene Events and Communications Officer Ger Purcell Programme Manager IGA: Latin America and Caribbean Centre Dr Alexandra Abello Colak Research Fellow Dr Asa Cusack Editor, Latin America at LSE Blog Karen Harris Centre Administrator Prof Jenny Pearce Professorial Research Fellow IGA: LSE IDEAS Lindsay Aqui Managing Editor of Cold War History Tom Bailey Strategy Project Assistant Joseph Barnsley Communications Officer Bastiaan Bouwman Managing Editor of Cold War History Adrianna Collins Alumni/Events Coordinator Sir Robert Cooper Senior Dahrendorf Fellow Indira Endaya Administrator South East Asia Programme Mireia Franch Franch-Campos Administrator Louise Ingledow Manager of Dahrendorf Forum Dr Emilia Knight Centre Manager Jimmy Lou Events Assistant Aleksandra Milonova Dahrendorf Comm. & Events Assitant Dr Timothy Oliver Dahrendorf PD Fellow (EU-N.USA Craig Smith Executive Programme Manager Dr Luca Tardelli Course Tutor IGA: Middle East Centre Aisha Al-Sarihi Research Officer Valeria Cetorelli Research Officer Dr Filippo Dionigi Research Fellow Dr Fatima El Issawi Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Courtney Freer Research Officer Aula Hariri Research Officer Ginny Hill Occasional Research Officer Dr Zeynep Kaya Research Fellow Robert Lowe Deputy Director of Middle East Centre Chelsea Milsom Projects Coordinator Aitemad Muhanna-Matar Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Haneen Naamneh Occasional Research Assistant Emma Pearson Communications Co-ordinator Chris Ruckteschler Research Project Support Assistant Sandra Sfeir Administrator Ian Sinclair Administrator Ribale Sleiman-Haidar MEC Communications Manager IGA: Saw Swee Hock Southeast Asia Centre Allison Mcclelland Occasional Research Assistant Le Vo Centre Manager IGA: South Asia Centre Timothy Aldcroft Administrator Sonali Campion South LSE Blog Editor Dr Nilanjan Sarkar Development Manager IGA: US Centre Gokhan Ciflikli Occasional Research Assistant Sophie Donszelmann Centre Assistant Stephanie Frey Centre Manager Chris Gilson Editor and Research Assistant Dr Nicholas Kitchen Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Chris Mcnulty Project Support Assistant Barnaby Perkes Graduate Intern - Project Assistant IGA: Women, Peace & Security Prof Christine Chinkin Director Woman Peace & Security Zoe Gillard Centre Manager Woman Peace & Security Lisa Gormley Research Officer Kelsey Kamitomo VAW HEIF 5 Project Officer Paul Kirby Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Lucia Mazzuca Occasional Research Officer Yael Nevo Administrator Hannah Wright Occasional Research Assistant Dr Punam Yadav Occasional Research Fellow Indian Observatory Dr Ruth Kattumuri Principal Research Fellow Kevin Shields Programmes Assistant Shantanu Singh Occasional Research Assistant Institute of Global Affairs Prof Erik Berglof Director of the IGA Geri Miric Executive Assistant LSE Digest I 49 I

51 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Piroska Nagyne Mohacsi Programme Director Keith Tritton Interim Institute Manager Institute of Public Affairs Asmaa Akhtar Communications, Events & Alumni Officer Dr Babken Babajanian Associate Professorial Lecturer Michelle Batten MPA Programme Manager Andrew Brennen Executive Programmes Development Manager Shreya Desai Executive Programmes Co-ordinator Jessica Frankland MPA Programme Coordinator Meredith Kozak MPA Student Careers Assistant Jessica Leonard Executive Programmes Manager Zoe Paxman Marketing & Curricular Support Officer Yiting Shen Alumni Records Administrator Paul Sullivan Institute Manager Dr John Wright Occ. Associate. Prof. Research Fellow Lynette York MPA Student Adv. Life Coach & Admin Mgr. International Growth Centre Claudia Andresco Hub Co-ordinator Bruce Berghmans Research Programme Coordinator Hugh Cole Country Programme Director Mike Cole Chief Financial Officer Trish Connell IGC Contracts Assistant Leonie Dressel Economist for the Country Programme Michael Gomez Finance Administrator Jamie Green Senior Communications Officer Ryan Guillot Senior MEL Officer Fatima Ibrahim Finance Administrator Amanda Jinhage Policy Economist Kevin Kan IGC Hub Administrator Dr Adnan Khan Research & Policy Director Sarah Logan IGC Economist-London Sarah Lyness Evaluation & Communications Director Elizabeth Mirhady Contracts Manager Claudia Niruban Finance Systems Supervisor Elisabetta Pilati Senior Events Officer Jeanett Rosbak Hub Co-ordinator Zak Rosentzveig Database Officer and Analyst Ella Spencer Head of Monitoring Evaluation & Learning Jennifer Stevenson Impact Officer Dr Julia Tobias Policy Economist Jo Underwood Chief Administration Officer Shahid Vaziralli IGC Hub Economist (Research Programme) Dominic Wolsey Senior MEL Officer Emilie Yam Research Communications Manager Jade Zhao Hub Co-ordinator International Inequalities Institute Billie Elmqvist Thuren Graduate Intern Luna Glucksberg Research Officer Neil Johnson KEI & Communications Officer Dr Aaron Reeves Associate Professorial Research Fellow Liza Ryan Institute Manager Verity Treadwell Executive Assistant Rana Zincir Celal Deputy Director (Administration) AFP LSE Cities Muhammad Adeel Research Officer Nicole Badstuber Occasional Research Assistant Mariana Barreto Spratley Executive and Administrative Assistant Dr John Bingham-Hall Occasional Research Officer Harry Blain Occasional Research Assistant Emily Cruz UA Outreach Manager Sarah Davis Management Accounts Coordinator Dr Helia Faria Da Costa E Silva Research Officer - Economist Dr Nuno Miguel Ferreira Da Cruz Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Dr Graham Floater Works Package Leader Peter Griffiths Managing Editor Megan Groth Urban Age Publication Coordinator Catarina Heeckt Projects Manager Andrew Hoolachan Occasional Research Assistant Laurence Horstman Executive MSc Programme Administrator Adam Kaasa Director, Theatrum Mundi Julia King Occasional Research Officer Corina Kwami Occasional Research Assistant Jenny Mcarthur Occasional Research Assistant Mel Nowicki Occasional Research Assistant Dr Jim Osborne Executive MSc Programme Manager Alexandra Peca Amaral Gomes Research Officer Elisabetta Pietrostefani Theatrum Mundi Projects Coordinator Dr Philipp Rode Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Andrea Rota Web Developer and Operations Manager Prof Richard Sennett Professor Andrew Sherwood Centre Manager Dr Savvas Verdis Senior Research Fellow Tim White Occasional Research Assistant Dr Savvas Verdis Senior Research Fellow I 50 I LSE Digest 16-17

52 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 LSE Health and Social Care PSSRU Aris Angelis Research Officer Alessandra Ferrario Research Officer Hala Hourani Project Coordinator Anthony Kelly Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Kreling Global Health Initiative Manager Samantha Lattof Occasional Research Assistant Kelly Lee Occasional Research Assistant Dr Laia Maynou-Pujolras Research Officer Chantal Morel Research Officer Dr Zlatko Nikoloski Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Nishali Patel Occasional Research Assistant Dr Maria Raikou Occasional Research Fellow Sebastian Salas Research Officer Maximilian Salcher Research Officer Manjari Shankar Occasional Research Assistant Dr Victoria Simpkin Research Officer Sara Tharakan Occasional Research Assistant Milena Vasileva Centre Manager Erica Visintin Research Assistant Dr Anwen Zhang Research Officer LSE Housing & Communities Alice Belotti Research Officer Laura Lane Research Officer Jessica Rowan PA/Administrative Assistant LSE Human Rights Heidi El-Megrisi Centre Manager Andrey Kuvshinov Research Officer Sara Ulfsparre MSc Human Rights Administrator LSE London Fanny Blanc Research Assistant Ms Kathleen Scanlon Bradley Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Marshall Institute for Philanthropy and Social Entrepreneurship Amelia Bradley Operations and Programmes Officer Stephan Chambers Director of Marshall Institute Gauri Chandra Occasional Research Assistant Shotaro Nakamura Research Assistant Pernille Norregaard Assistant to Research Director Dr Jonathan Roberts Programme Development Lead Kimberley Sarnoff Research Assistant Nicholas Swanson Research Assistant Rev Jim Walters Senior Lecturer in Practice Wiebke Wenzel Institute Manager Bayo Adelaja Research Assistant Annette Bauer Research Fellow Prof Jennifer Beecham Professorial Research Fellow Eva Bonin Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Nicola Brimblecombe Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Bernard Casey Principal Research Fellow Zoe Cheung Occasional Research Assistant Dr Michael Clark Associate Professorial Research Fellow Adelina Comas-Herrera Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Dr Eva Cyhlarova Occasional Senior Research Fellow Jacqueline Damant Research Officer Dr Francesco D'Amico Research Officer Margaret Dangoor Research Involvement Manager Janice Dickson Project Support Assistant Josie Dixon Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Dr Sara Evans Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Jose Luis Fernandez Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Julien Forder Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Emily Freeman Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Georgiana Ghetie-Doncu Occasional Research Assistant Dr Alan Glanz Principal Research Fellow Catherine Henderson Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Bo Hu Research Officer Valentina Iemmi Research Fellow Rajendra Kadel Marie Curie Research Officer Maria Karagiannidou Occasional Research Assistant Dr Derek King Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Linyu Kong Occasional Research Assistant Daniel Lombard Research Officer Juliette Malley Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Dr Joanna Marczak Research Officer David Mcdaid Associate Professorial Research Fellow Anji Mehta PSSRU, SSCR Finance & Impact Mgr A-La Park Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Margaret Perkins Research Officer Dr Linda Pickard Associate Professorial Research Fellow Dr Sanna-Leea Read Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Amritpal Rehill Research Officer Dr Wagner Silva-Ribeiro Research Officer Tom Snell Research Officer LSE Digest I 51 I

53 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Madeleine Stevens Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Dr Michela Tinelli Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Marija Trachtenberg Research Officer Lisa Trigg Assistant Professorial Research Fellow Prof Gerald Wistow Occasional Professorial Research Fellow Raphael Wittenberg Associate Professorial Research Fellow Tia Xia Occasional Research Assistant Dr Valentina Zigante Research Officer Spatial Economics Research Centre Neeraj Baruah Geographic Information Specialist Sebastian Kriticos Research Assistant Ted Pinchbeck Research Economist STICERD Jane Dickson Centres Manager (STICERD/CASE) Fernando Fernandez Bazan PODER Fellow Jack Fisher Research Assistant Rhoda Frith Communications & Administration Officer Alix Myczkowski Project Support Assistant Emith Nunez Pinto Research Project Support Assistant Yusuf Osman IT Support Officer Kerrie Quirk Executive Officer Michael Rose Information Systems Administrator Yannick Schindler Research Assistant Angela Swain Grants Admin & Director's Sec. Nic Warner Information Technology Manager Alex Zachernuk Research Project Support Assistant Systemic Risk Centre Prof Ronald Anderson Research Fellow Christoph Aymanns Research Officer Lerby Ergun Research Officer Laura Laget Events Coordinator and Office Assistant Dr Ann Law Centre Manager Dr Katja Neugebauer Research Officer Alper Odabasioglu Research Fellow Ann-Katrin Reuel Occasional Research Assistant Dr Andreas Uthemann Research Officer Rupert Von Eisenhart-Goodwin Strategy Advisor Yiying Zhong Research Officer What Works Centre Mr Sevrin Waights Research Economist Central Administration Academic Partnerships Office Dr Delphine Benezet International Summer School Admin Ellie Cittern Academic Partnership Support Officer Fiona Conlan Deputy Head of Academic Partnerships Mark Maloney Head of Academic Partnerships Dr Brendan Smith Head of LSE China Office Academic Registrar s Division Catherine Baldwin Director of Recruitment & Admissions Sofia Jamal Graduate Intern Max Palmer-O'Connor Executive Assistant Mark Thomson Academic Registrar Corinne Turner GA Comms & Customer Services Manager ARD: Financial Support Office Rose Harris Deputy Manager, Financial Support Office Sue Plater Financial Support Manager Kavita Sidhu Senior Assistant - Financial Support Catherine Todd Deputy Manager, Financial Support Office ARD: Graduate Admissions Indra Appleby Technical Manager Rob Appleton Technical Specialist Alex Austin Graduate Admissions Administrator Simon Beattie Head of Admissions Khaleda Begum Graduate Admissions Administrator Dr Julia Biggane Graduate Admissions Selector Charles Braham Senior Graduate Admissions Administrator Yvonne Brewster Graduate Admissions Selector Sabina Chowdhury Graduate Admissions Administrator Margaret Couling Graduate Admissions Selector Ruairi Cullen Graduate Admissions Assistant Sophia Douglas Graduate Admissions Administrator Tom Ireland Graduate Admissions Administrator Judith Josiah Graduate Admissions Administrator Beckie King Senior Graduate Admissions Administrator Adelaide Lee-Warner Graduate Selector Chris Levens Graduate Admissions Assistant Gemma Longmire Senior Graduate Admissions Administrator I 52 I LSE Digest 16-17

54 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Philip Louvros Graduate Admissions Administrator Loris Lysiotis Graduate Admissions Administrator Dr Simona Manea Graduate Admissions Selector Surinder Notay Graduate Admissions Selector Vali Pappa Senior Graduate Admissions Administrator Charlotte Pearson Graduate Admissions Premium Service Mgr. Bryan Pilkington Deputy Graduate Admissions Manager Benjamin Platt Graduate Admissions Assistant Daniel Przybylski Senior Graduate Admissions Administrator Mark Seager Graduate Admissions Administrator Kate Smith-Crallan Graduate Selector Janice Stranaghan Graduate Admissions Selector Abel Tao Office Manager Ayesha Trott Graduate Admissions Assistant ARD: Registry Farnaz Ayrom-Walsh Examinations Manager Andrea Boyle Senior Registration & Examinations Admin Peter Chiazzese Registry Assistant Ashley Cootes Senior Registry Administrator Anna Izdebska Senior Registry Administrator Samantha Jordan Registry Assistant Patricia Lawrence Registry Assistant Christopher Llewellyn Senior Registry Administrator Chiara Milani Visa Comp & Change of Circumstances Mger Daniel Peel Senior Registry Administrator Sharan Purewal Senior Registry Administrator Salvatore Ridino Registry Administrator Susan Schreeche-Powell Senior Registry Administrator (Exams) Caroline Thurtle Examinations Manager Administrator (Exams) ARD: Student Recruitment Office Katherine Ajibade Video Diarist Will Breare-Hall Student Recruitment & Study Abroad Mgr. James Brown Student Recruitment Officer Alice Else Student Recruitment Officer Zack Flagel Video Diarist Yohei Guy Student Recruitment Officer Gar Hui Student Rec. & Study Abroad Coordinator Kelly Johnson Student Recruitment Office Assistant Shakila Khan Student Recruitment Assistant (UK) Hannah Lawrence Marketing Coordinator Sarah Mullen Student Recruitment Coordinator Dan Newby Student Recruitment Officer Alex Selway Video Diarist Alison Taylor Market Intelligence Officer Amy Tijou Student Rec & Study Abroad Coordinator Philip Wood Marketing Officer Beth Lucy Yarwood Smith Marketing Coordinator (CRM) Yea Won Youn Video Diarist ARD: Student Service Centre Hannah Bannister Head of Student Services Laura Blenkiron Senior Int. Student Visa Adviser Cheryl Edwardes Deputy Head of Student Services Centre Nicola Foster Results & Graduation Manager Carl Goodwin Operations Officer Dr Giovanni Graglia Assistant to the HoSS & GC Dean Lydia Halls Communications & Orientation Officer Chris Hunt Communications & Operations Manager Nicola Hunt Advice Manager Martin Johnson Assessment Regulations Manager Stacey Kurn Senior Registration and Exams Admin Bethan Ovens International Student Visa Advice Manage Astrid Soiza Assessment Regs. & Complaints Officer ARD: Student Wellbeing Service Sidratul Alom DWS Administrator Claire Barnes Counsellor Sebastian Boo Adviser to Neurodiverse Students Michael Bryant Counsellor Heidi Gilhooly Locum Counsellor Paul Glynn Counselling Service Manager Ohemaa Nkansa-Dwamena CBT Counsellor Sally Reynolds Disability Adviser Adam Sandelson Head of Student Wellbeing Andrew Shorrock Counsellor Sarah Slater Disability & Wellbeing Service Manager Monika Smolar Counsellor ARD: Sytems and Business Processes Christopher Abraham ARD Systems Support Officer Edward Burls ARD Systems Developer Mark Devlin Management Information Officer Andy Kaufman Systems Developer Elena Lo IT Systems & Student Information Manager Dominic Millns Student Record System Support Officer Robert Mintrum ARD Systems Developer Mike Page Head of Systems & Business Processes ARD: Teaching Quality Assurance & Review Bettina Baumann Management Information & Surveys Manager Prof Stephen Drinkwater External Examiner Prof Erika Harris External Examiner Casey Hawkins Communications Manager LSE Digest I 53 I

55 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Dr Gina Heathcote External Examiner Thomas Hewlett Head of TQARO Dermot Hodson External Examiner Prof Michael Keith External Examiner Dr Hill Kulu External Examiner Janine Olding T&QA & Timetables Officer Prof Riccardo Peccei External Examiner Dr Pieter Serneels External Examiner Prof Roger Strange External Examiner Dr Ayse Zarakol External Examiner ARD: Timetables Kevin Cave Timetables Assistant Tom Kennedy Deputy Timetables Manager Caroline Medhurst Timetables Assistant Linda Taylor Timetables Manager ARD: Undergraduate Admissions Tom Bahlstrand Nilsson UG Admissions Assessor & Administrator Hollie Brown UG Admissions & Access Specialist Claire Churchill Undergraduate and Admissions Specialist Lily Fogden UG Admissions Assessor & Adminstrator Andrea Henrichfreise Undergraduate Admissions Officer Alexander Ingold Undergraduate Admissions Manager Carolyne Jewell UG Admissions Assessor & Administrator Liz King UG Admissions and Access Specialist Natalie Lacey Snr UG Admission Assessor & Admin Dr Sarah Mak UG Admissions & Access Specialist Deb Nicholls UG Admissions and Access Specialist Katie Poulter UG Admissions Assessor & Administrator Adrian Roye Senior UG Admissions Assessor & Administ Benjamin Sharpe UG Admissions Assessor & Administrator Lorna Stevenson UG Admissions & Access Specialist Ben Weston UG Admissions Assessor & Administrator ARD: Widening Participation Suad Abdi Student Ambassador Aysha Abdul Khader Student Ambassador Joshua Adjaho Student Ambassador Toluwa Agboola Student Ambassador Nusrat Alam Student Ambassador Angela Aldridge LSE Choice Teacher Rebecca Allcroft Student Ambassador Miles Allen Student Ambassador Dimitris Angeletos LSE Choice Teacher Ellen Collins Austin Data and Policy Analyst Raahim Aziz Student Ambassador Kasha Babla Student Ambassador Mike Bates LSE Choice Teacher Ieuan Bennett Student Ambassador Zoe Bennett Student Ambassador Diane Bindman LSE Choice Teacher Bojan Bogomirovic Student Ambassador John Butler LSE Choice Sociology Teacher Aoife Byrne Student Ambassador Zhiyao Cao Student Ambassador Sihana Cara Student Ambassador Joey Chee Student Ambassador Jonathan Chesterman LSE Choice Teacher Charlotte Chiew Student Ambassador Russell Child LSE Choice Teacher Jamila Choudhury Student Ambassador Fraser Clark Student Ambassador Sarah Comiskey Student Ambassador Georgina Connah Student Ambassador Thauri Dattadeen Student Ambassador Gillian Doyle LSE Choice Teacher Andy Edwards LSE Choice Teacher Mokhtar Elbanhawi Student Ambassador Rachael Ellens Student Ambassador Di Fan Student Ambassador Amrita Farook Student Ambassador Saaber Fatehi Student Ambassador Claudia Gallo Student Ambassador Pavandeep Gill LSE Choice Teacher Rory Gillis Student Ambassador Natasha Glendening Student Ambassador Kyungu Gordon-Walker LSE Choice Teacher Florian Griesmeyer Student Ambassador Louis Helsby Student Ambassador Rosie Hodgart Widening Participation Coordinator Ikram Hussain Student Ambassador Mayowa Igbalajobi Student Ambassador Alma Ionescu Student Ambassador Saira Iqbal Student Ambassador Katya Ivanova Widening Participation Coordinator Syajila Jamel Student Ambassador Shamal Joshi Student Ambassador Jessica Jourja Student Ambassador Sakshi Kabra Student Ambassador Jasveen Kaur Student Ambassador Tayyibah Khalid Student Ambassador Faisal Khan Student Ambassador Sarina Kiayani Student Ambassador Manuela Kiehl Student Ambassador Dom Krajewski Student Ambassador Trishna Kurian Student Ambassador Grace Lai Student Ambassador Kateryna Law LSE Choice Teacher Rebekah Lee Student Ambassador Bingxing Liu Student Ambassador Alex Lu Wei Han Student Ambassador I 54 I LSE Digest 16-17

56 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Hamid Majeed Student Ambassador George Marlow Student Ambassador Harriet Mcphail Student Ambassador Hayat Mohamed Student Ambassador Rahma Mohamed Student Ambassador Zahrah Mohammad Student Ambassador Sophia Mousoulides Widening Participation Co-ordinator William Mullinger Student Ambassador Yasmin Muneer Student Ambassador Samuel Muturi Student Ambassador Eleanor Myers Student Ambassador Chad Ndebele Student Ambassador Megan Ng Student Ambassador Hanif Osman Student Ambassador Preetbir Pasricha Student Ambassador Dr Vas Pavlika LSE Choice Teacher Rosie Pethica Widening Participation Officer Amelie Pierre Student Ambassador Naomi Potter Student Ambassador Will Priest Student Ambassador Dimple Purshottam-Bhimji Widening Participation Officer Amarpal Rai Student Ambassador Gabor Ratkovics Student Ambassador Danyaal Rawat Student Ambassador Caitlan Read Student Ambassador Charis Richards Student Ambassador Peter Richards LSE Choice Teacher Jasmine Roberts Student Ambassador Jessie Rossington Student Ambassador Aidan Ryan LSE Choice Teacher Paul Sammon LSE Choice Teacher Farheen Samnakay Student Ambassador Vinay Samtani Student Ambassador Becky Saxby Widening Participation Coordinator Noah Schneiders Student Ambassador Alisha Shaparia Student Ambassador Emma Shi Student Ambassador Ashvinnie Sivakaran Student Ambassador Andrea Solis Olivares Student Ambassador Chantel Soza Student Ambassador Clare Stansfield LSE Choice Teacher Melissa Stokes Student Ambassador Nazia Taznim Student Ambassador Megha Thakker Student Ambassador Anna Trocme Latter Widening Participation Coordinator Sam Twombley LSE Choice Teacher Kirsty Wadsley Head of Widening Participation Hamza Wahid Student Ambassador Olivia Williams Student Ambassador Wendy Willson LSE Choice Teacher Laura Wright Student Ambassador Quentin Wu Student Ambassador Chloe Yau Student Ambassador Akosua Yeboah Student Ambassador Marvin Yee Student Ambassador Tim Yip Heung Win Student Ambassador Michael Zhan Student Ambassador Weinan Zhou Student Ambassador ARD: Student Marketing & Recruitment Office Gibson Student Recruitment Assistant (Intl) Directorate and Support Team Prof Julia Black Pro-Director (Research) & Interim Director ( to ) Prof Craig Calhoun, Director (until ) Kieran Devlin Administrative Assistant Selina Hannaford Head of Directorate Office Clair Harrison Executive Assistant Prof Paul Kelly Pro-Director (Teaching and Learning) Alana Lythgoe Executive Officer Prof Eric Neumayer Pro-Director (Faculty Devt) Megan Plews Receptionist Prof David Webb Pro-Director (Planning & Resources) CFO Andy Wilson Executive Officer Marlene Worrell Executive Assistant Dr Andrew Young Chief Operating Officer Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Paroj Banerjee Research and Communications Assistant Isabella Chan Equity Diversity & Inclusion Manager Dr Alex Free Research and Communications Officer Joy Whyte Inclusion Development Officer Estates Division Estates: Administration Jas Amole Financial Controller Gabi Bingelyte Project Manager Mandy Crane Office Manager Mandy Hooker Head of Admin+PA to Director of Estates Susan Parsons Facilities Management Team Secretary Hitesh Patel Helpdesk Technician Julian Robinson Director of Estates Mohamed Taibi Office Receptionist Apprentice Jennifer Williams Financial Administrator Estates: Capital Development Sarah Beck Principal Project Manager Martyn Fisher Assistant Director Capital Development LSE Digest I 55 I

57 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Nicholas Garwolinski Project Manager Ken Kinsella Director of Capital Development Anthony Lobo Senior Project Manager Emma Lovegrove Principal Project Manager Barbara Moldawa Assistant Project Manager Phillip Newsham Senior Project Manager Tony Rossiter Senior Project Manager Emeline Sztrakos Carbon Reduction Manager Estates: Facilities Management Richard Allen Team Leader Chris Allister Head of Facilities Allan Blair Director - Facilities Management Richard Burgos Post Room Assistant Stephen Butter Head Groundsperson Derek Chin General Service Porter Edina Dudas Deputy Senior Facilities Manager Jossette Edwards Leigh Cleaning and Environment Manager Jodie Everid Facilities Assistant Trevor Fullerton General Porter Michael Gaid Account Executive Ben Gladstone Post Room Supervisor Kim Goodayle Building Services Manager Chris Hamlin General Service Porter Amy Hickson Venue Co-ordinator Antonio Higuita Salas Porter Ossie Husbands Post Room Assistant Kidd Kidd General Service Porter Richmond Larbi Facilities Assistant Desroy Mcpherson General Service Porter Pawel Opaska Post Room Operative Daniel Print Account Executive Juan Ruiz De Ocenda General Porter Dave Tyndall Post Room Assistant Rachel Ward Conferences and Events Manager Ben Waters Deputy Head Grounds Person Brian Williams Room Bookings Executive Estates: FM Maintenance Steven Anstiss Electrical Supervisor Paul Atkinson Store Person Vhonaci Barrett Assistant Maintenance Technician Alan Beacon Deputy Head of Maintenance Gary Beaumont Senior Maintenance Technician Kalil Berzangi Maintenance Technician Wayne Bowen JIB Approved Shift Electrician Malcolm Callender Senior Supervisor David Cheong Maintenance Technician (Painter and Decorator) Steve Clogg Maintenance Technician Peter Fennelly Head Storekeeper Paul Franklin Head of Maintenance Tony Hough Maintenance Technician Steven Jessup JIB Approved Shift Electrician Leon Kelly Apprentice Painter Jerell Kirnon Plumbing Apprentice Jimmy Maslen Senior Maintenance Technician Duberley Maya Murillo General Porter Supervisor Cline Mcintosh Electrical Installation Apprentice John Meads Carpenter Robert Meecham Senior Maintenance Technician/ Controls Mo Miah Senior Maintenance Technician/Fitter Karl Myles Electrician Felix Nelson Helpdesk Technician David Ogwok Maintenance Technician Jaime Rojas-Campana Assistant Maintenance Tech./Electrical Ross Ruscoe Senior Maintenance Technician/Fitter Jasinder Sidhu Helpdesk Manager Joshua Sloman Sportsground Apprentice Daniel Smith Maintenance Technician Will Tappin Senior Maint. Tech/Shift Electrician Jon Taylor Senior Maintenance Technician Tom Taylor Senior Maintenance Technician Georgi Velev Maintenance Assistant Sam Venables Senior Maintenance Technician Alan Wade Senior Controls Engineer Andrew Worthy Senior Maintenance Technician Tony Wyer Senior Maintenance Technician/Painter Estates: FM Peacock Theatre Camelia Sarah Abidi Peacock Theatre & Events Assistant Afnan Alam Peacock Theatre & Events Assistant. Riana Barrow Peacock Theatre Assistant Georgios Chatzichristos Peacock Theatre Assistant Yuhua Chen Peacock Theatre Assistant Tallulah Eyres Peacock Theatre Assistant Rebecca Ferrier Peacock Theatre Assistant Sam Gaid Peacock Theatre Manager Katy Gladwinfield Peacock Theatre Assistant Maxine Sibihwana Higenyi-Mugoya Peacock Theatre Assistant Amaru-Leonce Kaffee Peacock Theatre & Events Assistant Sepi Moshiri Theatre & Commercial Events Assistant Penny Nakou Peacock Theatre Assistant Mona Ramadhan Peacock Theatre Assistant Emmanouil Rammos Peacock Theatre Assistant Estates: FM Security Miss Terezia Abraham Receptionist Jerry Addo-Gamson Night Security Divine Ajah Day Security Officer Cliff Alcaraz Day Security Officer Peter Anastasi Day Security Team Leader Daniel Beckley Day Security Officer Barbara Bialek Day Security Officer Tansel Cetindal Deputy Security Team Leader-Day I 56 I LSE Digest 16-17

58 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Ousman Cham Day Security Officer Kenneth Chukwueke Day Security Officer Joseph Djagbo Day Security Officer Bruno Dos Santos Silva Porter SAR Gladwyn Ellens Day Security Officer Becky Erhabor Day Security Usman Ghani Day Security Raj Gopaul Day Security Irene Huls Day Security Gottlieb Isliker Night Security Deputy Team Leader Raji Issa Day Security Officer Abdul Jatta Day Security Officer Spencer Javangwe Deputy Security Operations Manager Yanli Ji Receptionist Shaun Jordan Day Security Stephen Kasolo Day Security Brendan Kelly Day Security Officer Roohullah Khan Security Team Leader (NAB) Fei Li Security Officer John Linehan Day Security Officer Timothy Linehan Day Security Gary Magee Day Security Team Leader Max Makanka-Mbenza-Bitolo Day Security Officer Ian Marston Day Security Team Leader Rhazid Mendez Night Security Rashul Mohideen Night Security Deputy Team Leader Richard Mulcahy Security Operations Manager Roisin Mulcahy Lost Property/Central Badging Officer Stan Neil Day Security Officer Christian Noungang Kouoh Night Security Kennedy Ntambi Day Security Team Leader Godwin Ogbeide Day Security Officer Frankie Okunnu Day Security Team Leader Toyin Olomoofe Day Security Officer Sylwia Parsons Receptionist Michael Pollard Night Security Tanzeem Qureshi Day Security Officer Sarbaraj Rai Day Security Officer Byron Richards Day Security Doron Russell Day Security Officer Saidu Sanu Day Security Officer Shailendra Sapkota Day Security Officer Graham Shillabeer Deputy Head of Security Faruk Ssekabira Night Security Surya Sunwar Day Security Deputy Team Leader Veronika Szadvari Receptionist William Teah Night Security Team Leader Paul Thornbury Head of Security Charles Umearokwu Night Security Aleksandar Urosevic Day Security Officer Boban Velickovski Technical Systems Manager Natalia Waslowicz Day Security Officer Anna Zieba Deputy Team Leader Estates: FM Sustainability Belinda Chellingworth Sustainability Officer (Waste & Proc.) Jonathan Emmett Sustainability Projects Officer Dan Reeves Residences Sustainability Officer Elena Rivilla-Lutterkort Sustainability Officer (Waste & Proc.) Estates: Property and Space Management Christopher Anderson Systems Manager Nancy Baltouna Graduate Intern Matthew Boyd Assistant Estates Surveyor Sandy Carter Technical Assistant Christina Donovan Assistant Space Planning Manager Richard Jenden Director of Property & Space Strategy Francesca Ruscoe Moves and Logistics Manager Amisha Varghese Assistant Space Planning Manager Finance Division Keith Adams Systems Accountant Vaiva Bajoriene Payroll Administrator Laura Bayfield Deputy Head of Accounts Payable Margaret Benjamin Fees Advisor Roshni Bhudia Finance Officer Malcolm Bird Income and Credit Manager Mike Black Head of Financial Operations Louise Brown Accounts Payable Clerk Dom Burchnall Payroll Adviser Valliny Cardoso Cashier Noeline Coeur-De-Lion Fees Advisor Dee Cordwell Purchasing Assistant Karen Cross Accounts Payable Clerk Pete Crowe Senior Procurement Advisor Ali Dezyanian Deputy Systems Accountant Isi Dossouhon Deputy Cashier Sarah Ekunwe-Ike Accounts Payable Clerk Victoria Ellah Financial Planning Analyst Adrian Ellis Assistant Cashier Mike Ferguson Director of Finance Division Ellen Fraser Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Rudy Ghosh Tax Specialist Laura Gilbert Financial Planning & Analysis Mgr Matt Grierson Credit Controller Sarah Hadland Deputy Head of Purchasing Ben Hancock Head of Payroll Sejal Harsiyani Cashier Krystyna Henderson Financial Planning and Analysis Manager Michael Herlihy Financial Systems Support Officer Glen Humbles Head Of Purchasing Concha Hutchins Accounts Payable Clerk LSE Digest I 57 I

59 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Teresa Kok Shun Assistant Financial Controller Alex Kpadeh Payroll Administrator Chris Mcdermott Financial Accountant Alexander Nokes Fees Analyst Sally Oates Deputy Head of Accounts Payable Mark Papworth Residences Purchasing Assistant Steve Parsons Tax Manager Javeria Parvez Finance Officer Nirasha Perera Accounts Assistant/Cashier Sue Perry Payroll Administrator Naomi Richardson Head of Financial Planning & Analysis Glenn Ruane Head of Fees Income Credit Cntrl & Cash Linda Sclanders Customer Support Manager Norbert Severin Deputy Head of Payroll Stuart Sharkey Head of Purchase Ledger Claudette Small Catering Accounts Manager Craig Smith Finance Administrator Ky Tao Financial Accountant Chuwie Teape Fees Advisor Yannis Tsolkas Financial Planning & Analysis Manager Renata Urbanczyk Senior Finance Officer Sherry Vaid Chief Cashier Ashley Wang Financial Controller Sara Whyte Office Manager Carly Wilkinson Fees Advisor Neisha Wong Accounts Administrator Irin Wu Financial Accountant Governance, Legal and Policy Division Stephanie Allison Ethics Manager Sarah Anou Admin & Projects Assistant Dan Bennett Risk Manager Melanie Boucher Head of Health & Safety Sue Donnelly LSE Archivist Ray Donovan-Hill Secretary to the Academic Board Marta Gajewska Exec. Asst. to the School Secretary Kevin Haynes Head of Legal Team Robin Hoggard Head of Risk and Compliance Unit Caroline Hong Legal Officer Rachel Knight Head of Governance Eoin Mac Hale Head of Overseas Compliance (IGC) Rachael Maguire Records Manager Veronique Mizgailo Business Continuity Manager Joan Poole Assistant Governance Officer Jane Pugh Governance Officer Mike Smith Governance Officer Lisa Von Schlippe Health & Safety Advisor Andrew Webb School Secretary Human Resources Heather Anderson HR Adviser Emma Bennett HR Adviser Meeta Bhatt HR Adviser Rhys Clarke HR Administrator Jessica Cleary HR Adviser Inga Crouch HR Adviser Juan Du-Plessis HR Operations Coordinator Hannah Goddard HR Partner Louise Handley Head of Employee Relations Fran Hannan HR Partner Seema Haria HR Manager, Reward & Contribution Becky Harris Senior HR Adviser Rachel Hope HR Manager, Information & Systems Jo Hunt HR Partner Laura Jenkins HR Adviser Riyad Joomun Pensions Administrator Chetna Joshi HR Analyst Rachel Knight HR Adviser, Analysis and Planning Raj Lakhani Senior HR Policy Adviser Kylie Lawrence HR Administrator Nicola Littlewood HR Manager Amy Mamawag HR Receptionist Ciar Mckenna-Charley HR Adviser (Immigration Compliance) El Michael HR Consultant, Policy Development Sharon Moore HR Manager, Pensions & Benefits Lisa Morrow Senior HR Partner Shoyeb Osbourne HR Adviser Porcia Ossei HR Partner Natalie Pancheri HR Policy Adviser Sarah Pedder HR Manager Mike Peters HR Manager, Pensions Administration Rob Reder HR Analyst Indi Seehra HR Director Dan Smith Senior HR Analyst - Info & Systems Katy Suckling Organisational Learning Consultant Christina Tagliarini HR Adviser Neelam Talewar Head of HR Operations Ben Townend Senior HR Adviser Chris Watt Head of Organisational Learning Robin Willens HR Administrator Information Management and Technology Chandra Bhandari Project Support Assistant Nicholas Deyes Director of Info,Management & Technology Alysha Kassam Project Support Assistant Eunice Tse Student Training Advisor IMT: Academic Support Team 1 Arion Deol Senior Support Specialist Shaun Digpal Support Officer I 58 I LSE Digest 16-17

60 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Ian Harvey Support Officer Alvin James Support Specialist Dave Kelly Support Officer Henry Kyemba Support Officer David Morris Academic Support Manager IMT: Academic Support Team 2 Francis Ade-Oguns Support Officer Angela Aubertin Academic Support Manager Taj Chowdhury Support Officer Karon James Senior Support Specialist Linton Monerville Support Officer Kafayat Mustapha Support Officer Kuldip Purewal Support Specialist IMT: Applications John Harris Head of Applications & Info. Services Neil Prockter HPC Systems Support Analyst IMT: Architecture Michael D'Urso Applications Architect IMT: AV and Teaching Spaces Miss Mohammed Ahad Teaching Spaces Assistant Bashir Ali Teaching Spaces Assistant Michael Betts Support Specialist Mubarak Bux Teaching Spaces Support Officer George Desmond Teaching Spaces Support Officer Chris Head Teaching Spaces Support Officer Maria Lavrentyeva Help Desk Advisor Dan Roberts AV and Teaching Spaces Manager Johanna Spitz Teaching Spaces Assistant Vicky Sun Teaching Spaces Assistant Priyesh Varshani Teaching Spaces Support Officer IMT: BI and Integration Services Steve Earley Business Intelligence & Integration Mgr Jennifer Falls Application Analyst Susanne Weber Systems Analyst IMT: Central Reprographics Simon Hill Reprographics Manager Azura Wicaksono Helpdesk Assistant IMT: Communications Jessica Akinwumi-Reid Communications Manager Laurent-Oliver Liote Communications Officer IMT: Copy Shop Bridget Cummings Supervisor Dr David Khabaz Photocopying Assistant IMT: Customer Services Mr Hamish Beath IT Help Desk Adviser Jasmine Dudman IT Help Desk Adviser Ali Issa IT Help Desk Adviser Taejoon Kim Student Advisor Nicos Kyriacou Service Management Officer Sophie Mcgrath IT Help Desk Adviser Floriana Molone Head of Customer Services Yi Ng Laptop Surgery IT Advisor Hong Nguyen IT Help Desk Adviser Rahul Ravji Laptop Surgery IT Advisor Ling Ling Wei IT Help Desk Adviser Lola Wilkie IT Help Desk Adviser Yvonne Yip IT Help Desk Adviser IMT: Department Support Team Chris Andrews Support Specialist Haroun Boukhalfa Support Officer Sebastiaan Eldritch-Boersen Support Specialist Robin Ellis Support Officer Adam Gale Administrative Support Manager Colm O'Sullivan Support Officer Jaspal Sagoo Support Officer IMT: Enterprise Applications Services Roy Bhurtha Analyst Programmer Nigel Boeg Application Support Analyst Paul Farina Database Administrator Ali Lindsley Enterprise Applications Manager IMT: Enterprise Software Development Derek Alexander Senior Analyst Programmer Dr Caroline Hague Senior Analyst Programmer Lucy Jackson Support Person (Ent. Software Dev) Dieu Ly Application Analyst Francisca Sassetti Machado Nunes Sassetti Support Person (Enterprise Software Dev) Matthias Opitz Analyst Programmer Zulfikar Rashid Analyst Programmer Ron Riley E-Development Manager Chen Wang Senior Analyst Programmer IMT: Finance & Administration Agustin Cabrera Tilve Senior Administrator James Harvey Departmental Manager Louise Hatcher PA to Director of Info Management & Tech Marium Parvez Purchasing & Finance Officer Darren Winter Management Accountant IMT: High Performance Computing Gordon Finlayson HPC Service Coordinator IMT: Information Security Jia Fu Information Security Officer Dr Jethro Perkins Information Security Manager IMT: Infrastructure Stephanie Hellings Service Quality & TransitionMgr Chris Roberts Head of Infrastructure LSE Digest I 59 I

61 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 IMT: IT Training Sifat Ahmed Student Training Advisor Aastha Arora Student Training Advisor Jeni Brown Training Manager Rachel Dickenson IT Learning Designer Nina Keleher IT Training Administrator Faiyaz Khan Student Training Advisor Nikolai Maltcev Student Training Advisor Sue Morton Training Specialist Kartik Panwar Student Training Advisor Till Sander Student Training Advisor Nedelin Velikov IT Trainer IMT: Learning Technology & Innovation Esma Akkilic Research Assistant (Learning Analytics) Peter Bryant Head of Learning Technology & Innovation Athina Chatzigavriil Learning Technologist Geraldine Foley Assistant Learning Technologist Christopher Fryer Systems Administrator Sonja Grussendorf Learning Technologist Rose Heaney Learning Technologist Sarah Leach Learning Technologist Darren Moon Learning Technologist Shone Mousseiri Research Assistant Sarah Ney Assistant Learning Technologist Camila Olate Campos Research Assistant Milan Popovcic Assistant Learning Technologist Systems Kristian Roger Learning Technologist Irina Sacharow Photographer Dr Jane Secker Copyright & Digital Literacy Adviser Arthur Wadsworth Learning Technologist Emma Wilson Graduate Intern Ke Zou Research Assistant IMT: Network Data Hassan Al-Tahan Network Specialist Simon Baker Network Specialist Matt Bernstein Senior Network Specialist Jeff Fern Network Specialist Michael Koh Network Specialist Robert Mertling-Blake Network Specialist David Skeen Senior Network Specialist Martin Slade Network Specialist Ed Spick Networks Manager IMT: Network Voice John Simpson Network Engineer IMT: Programme Management Office Uma Banerjee Business Analyst Team Leader Sukhi Bath Project Support Assistant Fahmida Begum Project Support Assistant Georgia Bergson Junior Project Manager Alix Cork Business Change Agent Genein Cox-De Sousa Project Support Team Leader Gerta Karageorgi Business Analyst Rekha Lad Business Analyst Team Leader Aba Maison Project Manager Michael Maloney Senior Project Manager Jamie Moss Project Manager Johnny Novy Project Manager Joanna Shortt Project Manager Shola Tinubu Business Analyst Margaret Vartanian Head of Programme Management IMT: Service Management & Service Desk Ken Aganmwonyi IT Service Desk Analyst Umulkheyr Ayeh Service Desk Analyst Janet Ferguson Telecommunications Administrator Matthew Holt IT Help Desk Adviser Yoana Marinova Help Desk Advisor Liz Mcnaughton Service Desk Manager Pablo Mompart IT Help Desk Adviser Alex Taylor Service Desk Analyst Yvonne Ward Senior Service Desk Analyst IMT: Student and Open Spaces Support Anne Hewitt Laptop Surgery IT Advisor Daniel Lewis Support Officer Aneta Nastaj Laptop Surgery IT Advisor Ade Olayebo Student Support Manager Peter Pereira Support Officer David Young Student Support Specialist IMT: Systems Manjit Assi Systems Specialist Rick Barns Systems Specialist Michael Bragg Systems Specialist Paul Gee Senior Systems Specialist Yannis Lagogiannis Systems Specialist (Apple) Michael Mcfarlane Systems Specialist Daniel Simpson Systems Specialist Puneet Singh Systems Manager Selva Veerappan Systems Specialist Robert Zakrocki Systems Specialist IMT: Web Production Services Richard Meheux Production Manager Language Centre Cecile Alais Language Teacher (French) Yoko Aldous Guest Teacher Ines Alonso-Garcia Teaching & Learning Facilitator Dr Nesrin Alrefaai Guest Teacher Benvinda Alves Language Teacher (Portuguese) Michael Beaney Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP) I 60 I LSE Digest 16-17

62 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Stephanie Beltrando Language Teacher (French) Nadim Mahjoub Ben Mohamed Mahjoub Language Teacher (Arabic) Halim Benzine Language Teacher (French) Natasha Bershadski Language Teacher (Russian) Jerome Bertherat Language Teacher (French) Xiaolan Bi Guest Teacher Angelina Castellini Guest Teacher Charles Cheuk Guest Teacher Mercedes Coca Language Co-ordinator (Spanish) Pierre Dagonnot Language Teacher (French) Flavia D'Angelantonio Language Teacher (Italian) Paula De Santiago Guest Teacher Maria Auxiliadora Do Prado Course Administrator Florian Fischer Guest Teacher Catherine Gaitte Language Teacher (French) Patricia Gaudron Language Teacher (French) Anna Giuffria Language Teacher (Italian) Luay Hasan Language Teacher (Arabic) Doris Hermann-Ostrowski Language Teacher (Ger) Lourdes Hernandez Martin Lang Coord (Arabic) & Coord Span Project John Heyworth Language Centre Manager Michael Jacob Language Teacher Nobuko Leslie Language Teacher (Japanese) Dr Hong Lu Deputy Director - Confucius Institute Dr Roser Martinez-Sanchez Coordinating Language Teacher (Spanish) Helen Mayer Teaching and Learning Facilitator Michael Mcgarvey Language Co-ordinator (ELT) Craig Meegan Institute Manager Andrew Mitchell Coordinating Language Teacher Marcelle Morabo Language Teacher (French) Susanne Muller-Menckens Language Teacher (German) Florence Niclot Language Co-ordinator (French) Fang Pan Co-ordinating Language Teacher (Mandarin) James Pavitt Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP) Rafael Cruz Penas Cruz Co-ordinating Language Teacher (Spanish) Ester Pou Jutglar Guest Teacher Simon Roberts Co-ordinating Lang Teacher (EAP) Emmanuelle Rodet Course Administrator Dr Katya Rogatchevskaia Language Teacher (Russian) Martina Rohr Guest Teacher Emmanuelle Santoire Guest Teacher Christopher Sciberras Coordinating Language Teacher (EAP) Dr Lijing Shi Assistant Language Co-ordinator Francois Simon Assistant Language Co-ordinator (French) Allan Simpson Guest Teacher Dr Peter Skrandies Language Co-ordinator (Ger) Dr Olga Sobolev Language Co-ordinator (Russian) Jean Souvignet Language Co-ordinating Teacher Alison Standring Language Centre Deputy Director Sarah Taylor Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP) Sandrine Victor Guest Teacher Dr Angus Wrenn Co-ordinating Language Teacher (EAP) Dr Catherine Xiang Language Co-ordinator Mandarin Hongyi Xin Language Teacher (Mandarin) Yukie Yagioka Guest Teacher Dr Jerome Zhang Coordinating Business Chinese Teacher Library Library: Acquisitions Galina Alexander Library Assistant Rita Andreou Library Assistant Anne Bergeron Library Assistant - Acquisition Services Bernadette Divall Library Assistant Liz Galloway Library Assistant Jennifer Harding Library Assistant Simon Machell Assistant Librarian Kevin O'Donovan Acquisitions Manager Karen Paine Senior Library Assistant Mei Pang Senior Library Assistant Vilma Pikelyte Library Assistant (Teaching Support) Neill Roberts Senior Library Assistant Chantal Tucker Assistant Librarian (Acq Services) Paul Whitehouse Library Assistant Library: Administration Services Jane Appleton Administration Officer (People) Peta Ellis Administration Services Manager Sonia Mcgilchrist Administration Officer (Finance) Library: Collection Management Daniel Arduino Collections Assistant Monica Butler Reshelver George Carey Reshelver Neil Claridge Reshelver Sheila Coaseley Collections Assistant Luke Danes Collections Assistant Pauleen Fernandez Reshelver Clive Graham Library Assistant Dean Hinks Collections Assistant Jasmin Louis Reshelver Paul Mcfarlane Shelving Supervisor Mary Morris Reshelver Carlota Pasiliao Book Cleaner Dusan Pokrajac Library Assistant Gordon Read Collections Manager Claire Taplin Library Assistant (Technical Services) Ashley Ward Reshelver LSE Digest I 61 I

63 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Library: Content and Discovery Group Anna Grigson Head of Content and Discovery Library: Curation Fabiana Barticioti Assistant Archivist Indy Bhullar Curator Kate Higgins Assistant Archivist Gillian Murphy Curator Daniel Payne Curator Anna Towlson Senior Curator & Team Manager Nick White Assistant Archivist Library: Enquiry Services Richard Collings Reception Services Manager Andra Fry Academic Support Librarian Sarah Hayward Library Assistant, Enquiry Service Refhat Hussain Library Assistant Shaun Pitt Library Assistant Jorge Preciado-Rodriguez Library Assistant Ivan Teece Library Assistant Clive Wilson Enquiry Services Manager Library: Learning Support Services Maria Bell Learning Support Services Manager Sonia Gomes Pedro Areias Gomes Library Assistant Library: Central Services Kate Evans Library Assistant, Enquiry Services Sheila Gopaulen Departmental Manager Diarmaid Kelliher Library Assistant Martin Reid Deputy Director of Library Services Nicola Wright Director of Library Services Library: Metadata Services Rena Akhadova Library Assistant Marcin Boczkowski Library Assistant Emma Booth Senior Library Asst. Catalog/Metadata Robert Drinkwater Library Assistant Paul Flannery Senior Library Assistant Clare Hudson Assistant Librarian Solomon Hughes Assistant Librarian Peter Spring Asst. Librarian Discovery and Digital Helen Williams Metadata Manager Library: Online Services Trudy Gamblin Library System Officer Emma Wilson-Shaw Online Services and Systems Manager Library: Reader Services Barbara Anderson Library Assistant Alison Cummerson Library Assistant Angele David-Guillou Library Assistant Marius Dicomites Membership Supervisor Maggie Jamieson Library Assistant Emma Pizarro Library Assistant Gemma Read Library Assistant Joanne Taplin-Green Reader Services Manager Fran Ward Circulation Supervisor Library: Research Support Services Bea Caballero Library Assistant - ORCID Project Nathalie Cornee Research Info. Analyst & OA Officer Heather Dawson Academic Support Librarian Marzena Dybkowska Research Info. Analyst & OA Officer Dimity Flanagan Assistant Librarian Paul Horsler Academic Support Librarian Lucy Lambe Scholarly Communications Officer Ruth Orson Library Assistant (Research Services) Ellen Wilkinson Academic Support Librarian Library: Subscriptions Laura Allen Senior Library Assistant Bill Barker Assistant Librarian (Serials) Wendy Butcher Library Assistant Claire Delahunty Senior Library Assistant - Procurement Andrea Reid Subscriptions Services Manager Library:Digital Scholarship & Innovation Thomas Carter Digital Library Developer Beth Clark Head of Digital Scholarship & Innovation Nancy Graham Research Support Manager Laurence Horton Data Librarian Andy Jack Web Editor for the Library Neil Stewart Digital Library Manager Library: Service Assessment & Development Eva Jirjahlke User Experience Researcher Yvonne Olusoga Project Development Manager Jo Tate Service Assessment & Development Mgr LSE 100 Dr Christopher Blunt LSE Fellow Dr Maria Chen LSE Fellow Rosalind Coffey Guest Teacher Dr Helen Coverdale Guest Teacher Antonia Dawes LSE Fellow Dr Diego De Merich LSE Fellow Dr Rachel Faulkner-Gurstein Guest Teacher Dr Marina Franchi LSE Fellow Inez Freiin Von Weitershausen Guest Teacher Dr Athanasios Gkoutzioulis Guest Teacher Joanne Kalogeras Guest Teacher Anna Lal Course Administrator Jessica Livermore LSE 100 Course Manager I 62 I LSE Digest 16-17

64 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Natasha Marhia LSE Fellow Saliha Metinsoy Graduate Teaching Assistant Dr Fernando Morett Orozco Guest Teacher Maria Norris LSE Fellow Claire O'Donnell LSE Fellow Christina Ogunwumiju LSE 100 Assessment Manager Jose Olivas Osuna Occasional Research Officer Dr Marco Scalvini Guest Teacher Jessica Templeton Assoc. Prof. Lecturer & Dir. of LSE100 Dr Michiel Van Ingen Guest Teacher LSE Advancement Dzifa Acolatse Donations & Finance Administrator Shona Aitken Development Manager Yusra Al-Jubouri Data Entry Assistant Francis Allen Data Administrator Suze Anderson Senior Development Manager Leigh Archibald Office Manager/HR Information Officer Christina Bains LSE Annual Fund Tel Fundraiser Luke Barratt Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Amanda Bastos-Moreira Ethical Screening Officer David Berridge Annual Fund Calling Programme Manager Prerna Bhatt Data Entry Assistant Diane Bond Donor Relations Manager Emilia Brown Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundraiser) Scott Brown Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundraiser) Nicola Butler Leadership Giving Executive Gil Caldwell-Dunn Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundraiser) Reyes Castellano Casquete Constituency Communications Officer Martha Christie Fundraising Research Officer Meaghan Clohessy Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundraiser) Kendall Collett Events Officer Kimberley Corina Gift Acceptance Manager Sabrina D'Anjou Development Associate Kathryn Darling Business Partnerships Manager Jonny Digby LSE Annual Fund Telephone Fundraiser Christopher Doneley Devt Events Coordinator Elizabeth Donnelly Development Manager Elaine Dowarka Data Entry Assistant Linda Earl Development Assistant Florence Edwards Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundraiser) Sam Elliott Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundraiser) Dr Diane Fairney Technical Analyst Robert Fenton Events and Reunions Manager Jessica Fitzgerald Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Dr Sarah Flew Head of Foundation Partnerships Eugenia Fortis Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) David Fosu Due Diligence Research Assistant Henry Gent Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Chris Gibbins Prospect Research Officer Alex Gray LSE Annual Fund Telephone Supervisor Alleeya Hassim Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Viet Anh Hua Development Manager Angharad Hughes Development Manager Liz Jaggs Campaigns Comms & Marketing Officer Peggy Jean-Louis Business Partnerships Manager Anna Jurgis Executive Assistant to the Director Allison Kemmis-Price Senior Development Manager Chris Kendrick Head of Advancement Communications Louis Klineberg Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Urska Kovse Foundation Partnerships Officer Amy Kowalska LSE Annual Fund Telephone Supervisor Shyam Krishna Krishna Raja Gopalan Head of Systems and Data Oleg Kurochka Annual Fund Assistant (Telephone Fundr.) Camilla Langlands Global Alumni Prog Manager Harriet Lavin LSE Annual Fund Tel Supervisor Karen Lippoldt Deputy Dir. of Constituency Relations Owen Lowry Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Bhavna Malkani Donor Relations Manager Sveta Mardar International Alumni Executive Samira Mezroui Foundation Partnerships Manager Elizabeth Mills Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Randa Mohamed Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Vaios Papanagnou Digital Communications Officer Tara Petterson Annual Fund Assistant (Te Fundr.) Isobel Potter Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Zoe Povoas Head of Alumni Relations Edward Raichura-Brown Head of Prospect Research Chris Rajan Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Lauren Regester Student Engagement and Young Alumni Exec Mary Reynolds Deputy Director of Advancement (Dev.) Shontae Romain Annual Fund Manager Catriona Rutherford Alumni Relations Assistant Rohan Sankhla Fundraising Research Assistant Dasha Sessions Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Haris Shahzad Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Leilani Stacy Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Julian Szego Deputy Director of Advancement (Ops.) Manyun Tan Fundraising Research Assistant Taylor Tartt Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Anita Treso Donations & Finance Manager Lindsay Turner International Alumni Executive Nathalie Van Der Elst Annual Fund Coordinator Carsten Vogel Foundation Partnerships Manager Phoebe Ward LSE Annual Fund Tel Supervisor LSE Digest I 63 I

65 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Sara Watkins Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) Helena Way Development Associate Clare Wilkins Development Manager Derek Winterbottom Head of LSE Annual Fund Christopher Yates Director of Global Advancement Jarek Zaba Development Communications Officer Peihan Zhao Annual Fund Assistant (Tel Fundr.) LSE Careers Mr Lola Afolabi Student Helper Sukhneet Bhatia Student Helper Jennifer Blakesley Director of Careers Service Robert Cannings Employer Engagement Adviser Jo Carrington Careers Consultant Mia Certo CV Consultant Ardy Cheung Employer Enquiries and Data Coordinator Viki Chinn Careers Consultant Anne Clinton Careers Consultant Tony Colaco Student Helper David Coles Volunteer Co-ordinator Hannah Cottrell CV Consultant Matilda Crack Student Helper Ella Creamer Student Helper Victoria Dalton Student Helper Lizzie Darlington Careers Consultant Cillian Davis Student Helper Elisha El-Ahwal Student Helper Ruth Garland CV Consultant Shaun Harris Deputy Director of LSE Careers David Jonas Graduate Intern Sara Jones Employer Engagement Adviser Emma Joseph Student Experience & Operations Manager Sarah Kirkham Student Helper Shayna Main Careers Consultant Lucy Matthews Student Helper Cormac Mckernan Student Helper Andy Mcmullan Employer Engagement Adviser Bethan Munt Student Helper Tosin Murana Student Helper Michal Neusch Student Helper Stephanie Offei-Ntow Graduate Intern Joe Perry Student Helper Laura Reid Employer Events Coordinator Cornelia Reyes Acosta CV Consultant Catherine Reynolds Careers Consultant Ellie Riches Student Helper Louise Rudasingwa Student Helper Chloe Russell Part Time Jobs Assistant Zoe Saleh Data Coordinator Sandip Samra Marketing and Comms Co-ordinator Shivani Shah Employer Engagement Adviser Livi Shaw Trainee Careers Consultant Laura Silverman Careers Consultant Maddie Smith Careers Consultant Jennifer Steven Careers Consultant Laura Stewart Departmental Administrator/PA Aleksandra Stipanovich CV Consultant Molly Tarhuni Mezughi CV Consultant Craig Terron Student Helper Sarah Thomas Part Time Jobs Assistant Erin Towers Burns Student Helper Issy Were Student Helper Matthew Wildman Web and New Technologies Specialist Danny Wilkey Careers Consultant LSE Communications Dr Jonathan Adams Research Video Producer Urooj Akhtar Digital Programme Manager Camila Arias-Buritica Steward Krishna Aswani Senior Steward Barbara Aubin Public Affairs Assistant Shaneice Bailey Senior Steward Jo Bale Senior Media Relations Officer Katarzyna Banas Events Office Admin Assistant Kieran Booluck Managing Editor, LSE Impact Blog Andromeda Booth Head of Digital Alice Bryant Steward Celine Buckens Steward Terri Callanan Events Manager (International & UK) Peter Carrol Media Relations Officer Silvia Cervellino Graphic Designer Dearbhla Clarke Head of Corporate Marketing Robyn Connelly-Webster Events Office Assistant Enda Coyle Web Producer/Content Manager Sarah Coyle Head of Internal Communications Gemma Crean Senior Steward Bryan Darragh Graphic Designer Sherelle Davids Senior Steward Charlotte De Clercq Steward Rosemary Deller Managing Editor, LSE Review of Books Anna Diamond Steward Ailsa Drake Senior Designer Alfred Early Steward Candy Gibson Media Relations Officer Jack Glynn Senior Steward Maya Goodfellow Miliband Programme Assistant Avninder Grewal Video Production Coordinator Annette Haas Finance and Operations Manager Georgia Haigh Steward Claire Harrison Art Director, LSE Design Unit Jack Harvey Steward Suyin Haynes Senior Steward Claire Hooi Press and Events Assistant Yidan Hou Steward Jonathan Ing Senior Digital Designer Becky Jacobi Events Executive I 64 I LSE Digest 16-17

66 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Louise Jones Deputy Head of Events Eva Kandoul Steward Nicole Karunakaran Internal Communications Officer Ekaterina Khmaruk Steward Asia Lawrance Senior Steward Lily Lower Senior Steward Beth Loynes Senior Steward Dougie Loynes Steward Megan Marsh Office Coordinator/Asst. to the Director Ffion Meagher Steward Fiona Metcalfe Head of External Communications Amy Mollett Social Media Manager Mina Moshkeri Upton Senior Cartographer Liz Mosley Graphic Designer Jalal Movaghary-Pour Steward Nitesh Nagrath Senior Steward Danny O'Connor Head of Media Relations Nikhil Parmar Steward Kushal Patel Arts Assistant Nikeeta Phagura Senior Steward James Rattee Video Producer Hayley Reed Marketing Project Manager El Rennie Steward Alan Revel Head of Events Ciara Robinson Steward Leigh Rowland Steward Noita Sadler Public Affairs Manager Mariam Samadi Aliabadi Steward Jean Sarhadar Steward Amanda Saunders Head of Internal Communications Liz Searle Steward Tara Shrestha Carney Steward Sivakami Sivakumar Steward Nigel Stead LSE Photographer Polly Stewart Steward Jaime Streete Steward Adrian Thomas Director of Comms and Public Affairs Liz Trumble Design Unit Co-ordinator Sooraya Walker Social Media Engagement Officer Fiona Whiteman Corporate Publications Co-ordinator Tom Williams Rich Media Producer Lynne Wilson Picture Librarian Sue Windebank Senior Media Relations Officer Jessica Winterstein Deputy Head of Media Relations Imogen Withers Student Comms Manager Muhammed Yoosoof Senior Steward Liam Young Senior Steward Boya Zhao-Robinson Steward LSE Educational Strategy Unit Rebecca Doolan LSE Edu Strategy Unit Project Officer Jane Hindle Head of LSE Educational Strategy Unit Natalie Paris LSE Educational Strategy Unit Senior Administrator LSE LIFE Lydie Amon Senior Administrator Dr Sara Camacho Felix Learning Developer Ben Durant LSE LIFE Comms & Digital Manager Dr Helen Green Learning Developer Daniel Linehan LSE LIFE Centre Manager Dr Claudine Provencher Head of LSE Life Philip Rauber LSE LIFE Student Advisor Gemma Stansfield Learning Developer Jenny Stowar LSE LIFE Student Advisor Jack Winterton LSE LIFE Student Advisor LSE Nursery Stella Aguirre Nursery Officer Doris Buckle Chef Bedia Bulut Early Years Centre Administrator Janine Bye Deputy Manager Mirei Carlitos Senior Nursery Officer Mamou Diangana Nursery Assistant Mamselle Jackson Nursery Manager Madhuka Jayasena Nursery Officer Anthony Martin Nursery Officer Nacha Ndila Nursery Officer Olivia Parra Navarrete Nursery Assistant Raquel Ruales Nursery Assistant Dinise Sagwete Nursery Assistant Jackie Smith Nursery Officer Camila Villegas Robledo Nursery Assistant Tirsit Yimer Nursery Assistant PhD Academy Matthew Brack Research Degrees Deputy Manager Marcus Cerny PhD Academy Deputy Director Loraine Evans Research Degrees Officer Dr Sarabajaya Kumar Development Adviser Professor David Parkin External Examiner - PhD Academy Kirsty Rawlings PhD Academy Officer (ESRC) Planning Gary Barclay Planning Officer Tim Guha Planning Officer (MI) Chris Kennedy Administrative Assistant (Planning) Sarah Miller Senior Planning Officer LSE Digest I 65 I

67 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Evert Nivari Assistant Planning Officer Tim Olliver Assistant Planning Officer Wayne Tatlow Head of Planning Thomas Watson Planning Officer Research Division Ana Alvarez-Serra Grant Applications Manager Dr Tina Basi Knowledge Exchange Manager Peter Broekema Grant Applications Manager Amanda Burgess Systems Development Manager David Coombe Director, Research Division Marie Copperwaite Knowledge Exchange & Impact Awards Man Jon Deer Deputy Director, Research Division Jane Ellison Research Awards Manager Jo Hemmings Research Policy Manager Jennifer Ho Administrative Assistant Kerry Hocken Research Accountant Julia Howse Grant Applications Manager Dr Aygen Kurt Research Development Manager Martha Langan Administrative Assistant Francis Manu Research Awards Manager Dr Alessandra Marino Grant Applications Manager Dr Rachel Middlemass Research Impact Manager Yvonne Mifsud Research Awards Manager Horatio Mortimer Business Liaison Executive Davina Nauth Research Awards Manager Benjamin Nevius Senior Research Awards Manager Michael Oliver Grant Applications Manager Dorota Rejman Senior Research Awards Manager Vicky Turnbull Research Awards Manager Emily Wood Research Awards Manager Residences Elizabeth Battle Accommodation Assistant Adele Belanger-Mcmurdo Accommodation Assistant Poulami Bhattacharya Accommodation Assistant Anurag Chandrasekhar Residences Assistant Rachael Elliott Head of Residential Life Jessica Hurtado Receptionist Daniel Logan Accommodation Assistant Florian Neziri Accommodation Assistant Zahid Patel Residence Assistant Linh Pham Accommodation Assistant Andreea Rugeana Accommodation Assistant Ali Siddiqui Residential Assistant Residential & Catering Services Division Seema Adia Central Reservations Manager Alexey Alexeev Residences Ambassador Aga Basza Catering Supervisor Elena Chiozza Reservation Assistant Ashley Cory Project Support Analyst Samantha Da Costa Staff Accommodation Co-ordinator My Linh Dang Accommodation Assistant Giuliana De Angelis Reservations Supervisor Kornelia Deppe Lead Contributor (Web pages/resources) Celeste Francis Purchasing Assistant Hannah Kearns Residential Services Manager Joanna Kocialkowska Catering Supervisor Claire Lea Divisional Administrator Maddie Legemah Accommodation Assistant Megan Mcdowell Accommodation Assistant Josh Pearce Marketing Officer Ian Spencer Director of Residential Services Nina Syruckova Accommodation Assistant Katarzyna Szczesniak Weekend Supervisor (Part-time Ad-hoc) Alice To Food Development Manager Fiona Tomasi Business Development Manager Divija Vaddi Residences Ambassador Michael Warriner Systems Manager Troy White Residential Services Officer RCSD: Catering Services Moruf Abimbola Catering Assistant Stephen Adegoke Catering Assistant Ayoka Adeyemi General Assistant Karen Agate-Hilton Catering Manager Lateef Awotunde Catering Assistant Kasia Babisz Unit Manager John Barrett Residences Catering Manager Jacqui Beazley Head of Catering Services Joseph Borg Staff Dining Room & Functions Manager Paul Bright Assistant Chef Angelique Charalambous Secretary/Functions Co-ordinator Salvatore Coco Catering Assistant Jurgita Coj Catering Assistant Peter Coton Bar Manager Maria Cuevas Catering/Laundry Assistant Jean Degri Assistant Chef - Temp Hassan Fahlane Catering Assistant Alex Galgoczy Catering Assistant Barrington Gilbert Catering Assistant Giada Giuffrida Catering Assistant Diana Gondek Catering Assistant Mark Hawkins Unit Catering Manager Rob Hingston Chef Kasia Kempisty Catering Assistant Natalja Kijascenko Catering Assistant Ewelina Krzak Catering Supervisor Dariusz Kubas Catering Assistant Paola Lerma Catering Assistant I 66 I LSE Digest 16-17

68 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Romina Ligato Catering Assistant Margaret Maguire Catering Assistant Janice Mcintosh Administrator Justin Mcnally Senior Chef Nora Nadoban Bar Assistant Pierre Ninjoh Catering Assistant Magdalena Opaska Catering Assistant Teresa Ospina Catering/Laundry Assistant Lukasz Proszowski Catering Assistant Alina Ribokiene Catering Assistant Ewa Rolek Assistant Unit Manager Kajal Roy Catering Assistant Sara Saude Da Costa Catering Assistant Olga Savickiene Bar Assistant Marcin Siemion Catering Assistant John Smith Assistant Chef Manager John Stevenson Goods Inward Co-ordinator Stephen Swarbrick Unit Manager Barbara Sztaberek Catering Assistant David Tate Assistant Bar Manager Orlando Teran General Assistant Kevin Tuite Catering Assistant Jolanta Tukaj Catering Assistant Kay Winser Catering Assistant/Cashier Beata Wozniak Catering Assistant Malgorzata Zdanowicz Catering Assistant Bankside House Kanchana Ambagahawita Sub-Warden Michelle Amoakohene Receptionist Richard Anderson Service Manager Martina Armanni Residence Assistant Mattie Cox Residence Assistant Sebastian Diessner Sub-Warden Daniel Farrell Maintenance Assistant Jack Foley Bar Assistant Jose Goncalves Residence Assistant John Hemmings Senior Sub-Warden Darren Holmes Maintenance Engineer Patrick Igbanoi Accounts Assistant Saad Iqbal Iqbal Residence Assistant Fabio Osorio-Valencia Student Services Supervisor William Pinzon Reyes Residence Assistant Rahul Sharma Sub-Warden Neil Steventon Bar Manager Mia Symonds Bar Assistant Jackie Woodley Facilities Manager Daniela Yepes Velez Residence Assistant Ssu-Han Yu Sub-Warden Bankside House: Catering Olu Akinkunle Catering Assistant Berries Copeland Catering Assistant Levente Csaba Zsigmond Catering Assistant Matthew Davis Assistant Chef Sandria Francis Catering Assistant Hastings Maluza Catering Assistant Dave Merrills Catering Assistant Tamas Noll Catering Assistant Omo Oba Catering Assistant Lukas Ongami Catering Assistant Regina Osuoha Catering Assistant Kabba Sesay Assistant Chef Manager Folake Sobogun Catering Assistant Glenn Sparks Chef Manager Beverley Wright Assistant Chef Butlers Wharf Szilvia Duba Receptionist Xiaolin Zhu Sub-Warden Carr Saunders Hall Zachary Bacon Residences Assistant Scott Gilfillan Sub-Warden Agnieszka Milek Residences Assistant Minaxi Patel Front of House Manager James Pratt Residences Assistant Farhana Rahman Residence Assistant Harry White Residences Assistant Carr Saunders Hall: Catering Ebun Ademosu Catering Assistant Megan Anderson Catering Assistant Yelena Davtyan Catering Assistant Gladys Otuo-Serebour Catering Supervisor Alice Watson Catering Assistant George Wood-Greaves Catering Assistant Said Zibani Chef Manager Grosvenor House Roberto Del Monte Front of House Manager Zeena Elhassan Residences Assistant Lucas Gade Vacation Residence Assistant Elisabeth Gooby Residences Assistant Cora Lacatus Sub-Warden Barry Mcintosh Residence Assistant Jodie-Ann Mcintosh Receptionist George Vichos Sub-Warden Soraya Yamada Receptionist Yimin Zhao Sub-Warden High Holborn Terri Bone Catering Manager Elias Daoud Senior Maintenance Operative Nathan Freeborn Receptionist Bhokrj Gurung Residences Assistant Corey Jentry Sub-Warden Sarah Jons Service Manager Daniel Mogoi Maintenance Assistant Bally Nandra Facilities Manager Alex Nyon Maintenance Assistant Sophia Quazi Residences Assistant LSE Digest I 67 I

69 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 David Schafer Sub-Warden Brooke Scoles Sub-Warden Yen Wong Sub-Warden Northumberland House Federica De-Santi Residence Assistant Sevilay Erdogan Receptionist Michelle Hurtado Residence Assistant Davinder Ratra Front of House Manager Ziyan Wang Sub-Warden Ana Zemlicof Residence Assistant field Hall Sarah Bertrand Sub-Warden Selcuk Bulut Maintenance Person Elliot Emery Residence Assistant George Evangelou Residences Assistant Amber Mahal Residence Assistant Andrea Meckova Residence Assistant Valeria Onofrio Residences Assistant Rebecca Potton Residences Assistant Kat Selmoun Front of House Manager Edward Tan Sub-Warden Ibolya Trebert Receptionist field Hall: Catering Krithika Balasubramaniam Catering Assistant Selin Esen Catering Assistant Abiola Fadeyi Catering Assistant Craig Frampton Chef Manager Finn Maguire Catering Assistant Alberico Ricci Catering Assistant Stephane Vanthomme-Zuida Catering Assistant Rosebery Hall Stephane Bitty Conference Administrator Delyth Flynn Residence Assistant Angelo Garcia Gardener Rosa Gil Front of House Manager Ariel Giraldo Ramirez Residence Assistant Tony Jenan Maintenance Person Alan Mercieca Maintenance Person Philipp St Catherine General Maintenance Person Felix Vetter Sub-Warden Rosebery Hall: Catering Donna Amedee Assistant Chef Domingos Gomes Da Costa Catering Assistant Eyob Haile Catering Assistant Alan Mears Chef Manager Noreen Townsend Supervisor Summer School and Executive Programmes Elizabeth Aitken Director of Summer School, IEPU Beks Allcock Operations Coordinator Sam Astley Operations Manager Cleo Bowen Executive Programme Manager Russell Brooks Assistant Director: Commercial Operation Dr Garrett Brown External Examiner - Summer School Camara Clarke Summer School Programme Assistant Teri Dunn Methods Programme Manager Erika Gallacher Summer School Programme Assistant Prof George Gaskell Programme Director - Summer School Dr Nigel Guenole External Examiner - Summer School Rachel Higham Summer School Programme Coordinator Prof Richard Jackman Programme Director - Summer School Mark Jackson Head of Comms & Student Experience Calvin Lau Digital Marketing and Recruitment Exec Prof Gilad Livne External Examiner - Summer School Liz-Ann Mackle Marketing & Recruitment Manager Helen Mccall Summer School Programme Assistant Georgie Mehta Executive Assistant to the Director Dr Mario Mendez External Examiner - Summer School Dr Dalia Palombo Class Teacher Jessica Plumb Marketing and Recruitment Executive Tom Purser Office Manager Samantha Ryan SSEP Programme Assistant Prof Enrique Schroth External Examiner - Summer School Shikha Sharma Summer School Co-Deputy Manager Rosalind Vince Summer School Co-ordinator Simon Vollar Summer School Deputy Manager Teaching and Learning Centre Mark Baltovic Academic Developer Dr Erik Blair Academic Developer JDr ennifer Carr Academic Developer Chris Doughty Administrator David Faggiani TLC Administrator: TLC Director's Team Dr Claire Gordon Head of Teaching and Learning Centre Dr Colleen Mckenna Academic Developer Dr Neil Mclean Director of Academic & Professional Development Nicole Nathan Senior Administrator Luiza aglia Nascimento Locum Disability Adv. I 68 I LSE Digest 16-17

70 LSE Staff 1 January 2017 Dr Ellis Saxey Academic Developer Lee-Ann Sequeira Academic Developer Alice Speller Locum Disability Adviser Zoe Waterfield Locum Disability Adviser University of London International Programme Consolata Amode Strategic Projects Manager Bobbie Apps Programme Assistant Dr Katie Best Course Designer Dr Steve Bond Learning Technology Manager Dr Arup Daripa Course Designer John Ferra Administrative Manager Dr Norvald Instefjord Course Designer Shoshi Ish-Horowicz Learning Technologist Simon Jolly Examinations and Reporting Manager Dr John Kent Course Convenor Danny Leiwy Course Designer Dr Philippe Mueller Course Convenor Ike Ndu Course Moderator Qian Song Course Moderator Prof Nigel Spence Course Convenor Dr Cheng Yan Course Moderator Dr Kostas Zachariadis Course Convenor LSE Digest I 69 I

71 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 I 70 I LSE Digest BA in Anthropology and Law Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Simon Peter Mina Sobhi Tawfic Nnenna Precious Chidumebi Anike-Nweze Juanita Aisha Arden Cheuk Him Chan Misha Chapman Aoife Clements Lily Eva Maree Collis Chih-Ning Liao Kalpana Mahendran Ololade Temilade Omisore Natasha Sarkaria Himaansu Koomarsingh Servansingh Nikki Hitesh Shah Sona Shah Gabriella Judith Steuer Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Ella Daisy Hood BA in Geography First Class Honours Ming Cai Chung Olivia Caitlin Crosbie Garner James Edward Ferguson Griffiths George Harrison Luca Morreale William Ruston Annette En Ying Wong Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Mohamed Omar Abdi Amelia Jane Bell Georgana Christodoulou Gabriella Elizabeth Ann Crowley Chloe Elizabeth Davis Thomas Dimech Kalina Dmitriew Rhys Gabriel Edwards-Prat Chantelle Lucy Flack Rakhee Haria Joshua Anthony Hayward Lydia Gi-Yeung Luk Conor James Mcnicholas William Arthur Mullinger Baochan Ou Joowon Park Alicia Lucy Richmond Louise Mae Rudasingwa Lavanya Satkunarajah Billie Selby Helen Starr Polly Elizabeth Stewart Leah Grace Strutt Smith Samuel Henry George Adrian White Eleanor Elisabeth Wills BA in History First Class Honours Andrei Gheorghe Balalau Catrina Annabel Louise Brooker Celine Isabelle Buckens Lily Chamberlain Samuel Combe Jonathan Jeevan Digby Samuel Thomas Eberlee Alfred Elms Luke Fidler Callum Edward Granger Caspar Richard Hobhouse Stephen Keeler Jacelyn Jiaxin Lin Alexander Littlewood James Lloyd William Henry Feeney Mitchell Fraser Morris Allan Rogers Jennifer Christina Stokell Wen-Yi Alexandra Tan Joshua Robert Philip Terry James Christopher Plumptre Townsend Alistair John Weir Second Class Honours (Upper Division) William Charles Ariss Nicholas Beaumont Megan Alicia Beddoe Khalid Bekhtaoui Andrew Bosworth-Daft Christopher Cadwallader Maximilian Hui Chen Lasse Byriel Christensen Alex Clarke Jack Alexander D'Arcy Ruth Davis Samuel Stephen Renowden Dunne Robert Funnell Joshua Wyatt Gain Gabriella Annunziata Maria Gee Pranav Goutam Charles Grainger Robert Hamilton Stubber Liam Joshua Harding Abigail Elise Harrison Alexander Philip Hawkins Niall Healy Jacob Findlay Hendry Gareth Nathaniel Horrocks Kyle Houston-Floyd Callum Howell Daniel Huggins Richard Ingilby Amy Eloise Isabella Kowalska Daniel Lenihan

72 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Nicholas Watson Arton Massey Christian Austin Mcgleughlin Hayat Mohamed Chloe Organ Jun Qi Jay Pan Manish Pandey Christy Lok-See Pang Darshan Patel Eleanor Peake Sameema Rahman Samar Rizvi Thomas Vaughn Roberts Amina Salmoun Philip Marcovich Sheppard Benjamin Smith Radhika Soni Benjamin Alexander Towler Aisha Vadher Nina Anna Webb Isobel Sarah Wilson James Mark Worringer BA in Social Anthropology First Class Honours Raffik Allington Poole Danielle Lesley Tullett Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Keeyaa Chaurey Adam Crowther Yizheng Fan Aiste Gaizauskaite Channon Amy Gray Hannah Ellen Kearsey Samara Ellen Rose Lynch Valerie Catrin Naschert Luke Noblet Georgia Poil Edmund Westley Stratford Roffe Victoire Tardy-Joubert Mateo Villanueva Brandt Lowri Williams BSc in Accounting and Finance First Class Honours Shrey Bansal Nur Amira Binti Helmi Nur Dalila Binti Kahar Nur Lily Liyana Binti Tamanuri Gilliam John Caldwell-Dunn Zhiyao Cao Casey Adam Chan Alicia Ka Wing Chiang Thanita Darakananda Youssef Ahmed Elsayed Younis Darwish Justin Zhen Hou Fong Vinay Gauba Maria-Catrinel Georgescu-Aladgem Neeraj Golani Zijin Guo Isabel Marie Gyger Sadia Hassan Rifat Khanom Aanchal Kohli Rishad Farad Lakdawala Hiu Ying Lam Timothy Yuan Xiang Lim Amrit Matharoo Osama Memon Patricia Shin Ying Ooi Roberta-Jade Ozuzu Minh Le Pham Phuong Anh Pham Anna Piatko Haris Shahzad Gabriel Einar Milton Sjostrom Anqi Tong Hon Yin Wong Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Selorm Afenu Ghulam Mustafa Ali Chelcie Prado Ambrosio Aman Amin Mohammad Azeem Joseph Barnwell Fionntan Eoin Beatty Daniel Berelowitz Jing Bi Adlin Fadhlina Binti Mohammad Hanafiah Charles Bullock Matthew Carson Diyar Ceylan Kyle Wei Ren Chan Michelle Yu Chieng Chan Irene Charalambous Connie Tsun Yuk Chau Shuting Chen Chian Jou Chuah Muhammad Raza Dattoo Ziad El-Toudmeri Ye Feng Nikita Galytskyy Liam Christopher Gibson Ali Husain Ali Ghuloom Haji James Adam Harrison Stanley Kang Shou Ho Imran Hussain Matthew David Hutchinson Jeong In Hwang Alina Ibragimova James Ikin LSE Digest I 71 I

73 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Mariam Kazmi Jesse Jordan Kendrick-Hill Deep Kiron Koneru Yu-Hua Kuo Wai Lun Lai Kwun Sang Lam Melanie Pearl Sew Kune Lam Kam Cheung Pui Wei Jaimie Lau Cynthia Pui Yee Low Sin Ling Ma Jieming Mao Sofia Mavronicola Ammar Millwala Gitika Mahendra Ojha Michael Bartholomew Uygongco Ongkauko Abhishek Ajaykumar Parasrampuria Nishita Pattni Jennifer Shalini Peter Marcin Lukasz Polak Lakshita Rampudaruth Danyaal Kasim Ibrahim Rawat Tahir Salih Ushma Mitesh Shah Mohammad Shoaib Sheikh Justin Ze Feng So Bjorn Stadel Chun Ping Penny Suen Mohammad Hammad Syed Katarzyna Aleksandra Szymanska Nicklaus Ze Chiang Tan Mahrukh Tariq Jia Qi Teo Nitchakarn Theingviboonwong Wan Sin Then Bame Gorata Thokwane Holly Turner-Flynn Eelis Aleksi Juhani Virtanen Wan Afiq Wan Burhanuddin An Wang Liam Raymond Westcott Ka Wai Wong Leyi Xian Yang Yang Dan Yue Yao Bowei Zhang Zheng Zhang Kangxin Zhao Yumin Zhao Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Dixie Amankwah Jean-Laurent Cadorel Anisa Chowdhury Muhammad Fahmi Bin Farid Anneka Ghedia Chengru Hu Chi Hang Ip Hin Hei Derek Kam Naomi Kilonda Yasmin Lakin Ka Kiu Victor Law Meredith Hoi Kiu Leung Shu Lynn Lim Paige Elizabeth Nicholson Pooja Maya Pabari Avisha Patel Geraldine Niroshini Philip Teerasak Potchapornkul Sarvesh Kumar Pugo Nikita Shemyakin Ching Cherie Tang Rupinder Kaur Thind Wan Muhammad Ariff Bin Wan Sahedi Anna Georgina Williams Amiera Binti Zulkarnain Degree Michael Paul Leathers BSc in Actuarial Science First Class Honours Mohamed Hidayat Al Rahman Juweena Appanah Ka Ngo Chan Joey Chee Yee Meng Cheng Wen Hui Chiew En Lun Choo Zi Yang Choon Hussain Galaria Wei Li Hoon Thashini Kathir Kamarajah Eunice Lee Jun Ming Lim Ming May Loh Shimin Lu Jimmy Conrad Lui Omolemo Monyatsi Danting Ni Xie Ong Kwang Ryeol Park Vigneesh Ravindra Rahul Dhanji Manji Ravji Amanda Siok Suan See Arpan Shah Jake Nicholas Smith Chantel Marie Madushi Soza Tristan Tang Jing Han Tee Wee Ern Teo Eugene Qi Jun Voon Fengyi Wang Isabella Wong I 72 I LSE Digest 16-17

74 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Ve Nie Wong Charlotte Sze Lok Yuen Yijin Zhao Kaifang Zhou Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Kavitha Appulingam Jonathan Chan Kai Wenn Chan Andre Wei Chen Beng Tat Cheong Chantal Hung Ka Cheung Gowtham Gunasekaran Prateek Jagadeesh Sakina Karmali Quinky Lau Mahnoor Mir Rosella Eve Sue Ting Ong Ago Otlhe Othusitse Wai Yin Sat Li Enn Wee Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Nyein Nyein Aung Mohamad Danial Ariff Bin Salim Sisi Feng Thato Gasha Feng Hao Muhammad Taha Khan Ga Yun Cynthia Lam Angelina Mylona Yi Jun Ng Tze Liz Toh Yuen Ting Wong Third Class Honours Wan Noorfatin Binti Wan Mohd Zani Qi Feng Ryan Loke Sau Ching Wong Jianyu Zhang BSc in Business Mathematics and Statistics First Class Honours Yingshi Chen Rebecca Ann Ferrier Jiaming Gong Caroline May Hamer Tara Haripaul Kinza Saeed Martin Verrall Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Ahmad Haris Bin Mohd Zukki Alice Castrucci Bashir Farukh Holly Furniss Adam Matthew Hayani Ching Yee Ho Alice Elizabeth Ilsley Kristia Karakatsani Dhilan Khatri Simon Metcalfe Shria Sangani Dhruv Bhavin Sheth Yaxsaana Sivanathan Muhammad Ishfaaq Naeem Summally Hinal Tanna Costas Vafeades Kuazhuo Zhang Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Hirina Sunil Bahirwani Jonathan Moshe Baruch Anubhav Chumun Manuel Demetriades Kencho Paldon Ongdi Dillan Patel Rama Kumar Manish Patel Third Class Honours Yanni Zhai BSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics First Class Honours Richard Adkins Jakub Drabik Yui Ling Rachel Fung Fergal Declan Hanks Kaman Lyu Kamila Nowakowicz Kelly Naiyao Qiu Fiona An Ting Tan Weida Xu BSc in Economic History First Class Honours Oliver Hinkin Andrew Lane Emilie Maret Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Dominic Robert Ascroft Sophia Barchenkova Sze Chai Chan Gemma Katherine Crean Eleonore Desvaux Eamon John Devaney-Dykes Cernyw Hesketh Evans Oluwatomisin John Fanimo Celia Usha Frankel Linda Kalaj Sneha Kumar Sabahat Mahmood LSE Digest I 73 I

75 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Olivia Moore Charlotte Murphy Danielle Phillips Nyree Scales Justin Seymour Sabrina Singh Chujan Sivathasan Kevin Steyer Jaroslav Ton Luke Andrew Trela Brenna Courtney Georgina Wilson Richard Yeboah Yvonne Man Ting Yip Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Hinna Awan Ahmed Sajjad Cheema BSc in Economic History with Economics First Class Honours James Ridley Ayre Myles Timothy Pittam Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Roeshan Anzsar Daniel Berschader Shanice Shiqi Khoo Ivy Chepkoech Langat Anna Makarova Aaiza Sadaf Murad Harris Parker Karamyar Raja Venus Sze Ning Tan Jiayang Wang Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Hafizullah Kadamzadeh Suhanya Suresh Colin Webster Colin Tweel BSc Economics First Class Honours Nisarg Omprakash Agrawal Alham Ahmad Hamza Omar Ahmed Ciaran Chhabinath Alli Louis Elie Ariss Ella Baggaley Simpson Sahil Bavisha Rahim Bayramli Oliver George Blowes Jagir Singh Chahal Kushal Chawda Yumin Chen Geeho Choi Chloe Jia Yi Chong Nadim Karim Choudhury Illia Dakal Saaber Karim Fatehi Chenxu Fu Amir Ali Ghomeshi Divya Goenka Cheryl Jin En Goh Jake Alexander Hallam Nina Jodie Harris Martin Federico Iglesias Geller Reichel Jenifer Ran Jiang Morgan Alan Jones Gela Karumidze Li Xin Kimberly Koh Yi Lin Koh Jasmin Kaur Kooner Arjun Krishna Meng Yang Lee Rachel Lin Lee Zhao Hong Terence Lee Kanrui Li Qiaoxi Li Ronghui Li Qingyang Liao Amelia Shaye Jin Lim Jian Ye Jarrod Lim Jiang Lim Chaoying Liu Harry Michael Long Yi Xian Low Daniel Adam Mackay Behn Elliot Mapus-Smith Bhavin Mistry Kai Ling Neo Shyue Jer Ng Pak Hong Marcus Ngan Wendi Niu Lucien Nzotarh Oluwasunkanmi Adeoluwa Ogundipe Lauri Kristian Ojala Oliver Paul Oldham Rupesh Chirag Parikh Charles Parry Alba Patozi Rebecca Rose Joseph Maxwell Royston-Bailey Yusuf Sabir Till Sander Aritra Sen Rahul Shah Zheng Yang Sng Henry John Sturges Chloe Wing Lam Tam Maria Hui Xin Tan Teng Yang Tang John Tze Wee Teo I 74 I LSE Digest 16-17

76 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Shirlyn Yih Pei Teo Samantha Tessa Tia Francesca Turner Hannah Tyndall Olivia Bethan Vaughan Jeremy Yun Loong Wang Yang Wang Yuqi Wang Daniel Whitton Jun Zhe Keith Woh Emily Li Min Wong Hei Yeung Wong Ka Long Galen Wong Alexander Samuel Wright Ruoxuan Wu Yihan Xue Steven Jixing Yang Brandon Wen Jie Yeo Tim Yip Heung Win Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Adam Ilyas Badat Christian Joseph Lako Benson Joshua Berman Luke Butcher Oleg Bystrov James Campin Chenyang Cao Charles Cazals Fiona Lok Yee Chan Jillian Ji Xuan Chan Wanlun Chen Weichen Chen Wing Tung Rani Cheng Charlotte Tung-Ling Chiew Hari Chitnavis Luke Oliver Clifford Aaron James Davies Aaron Dhandli Siyuan Du Sheng Yang Eer Eno Elezi Christopher Fairley Jawaad Faridi Anmol Gupta Dumisani Mmoloki Gwakuba Ateeq Hazari Rasmus Norre Høgh Alamin Hussain Armaan Karan Israni Yuki Ito James Jalali-Farhani Shamal Chand Joshi Alexandra Kambalina Marcel Miroslaw Kawinski Dawud Ahmad Khan Ho Yearn Kim Jee Hyo Kim Seokyung Kim Sathya Kongara Jay Kotecha Sanjuthan Krishnarajan Alvina Iris Wei Lin Kwok Ka Fung Lam Sam Robert Larlham Kin Tak Lau Jenny Candi Lee Ka Fung Kevin Lee Wei An Lee Maximilian James Alexander Legemah Jiaqi Li Rantao Li Xiaohan Li Xiaoyuan Li Ming Shan Thalya Lim Sheen Le Lim Dang Anh Duc Luong Douglas Andrew Mcneil Razeena Alnur Merali Moulik Nagesh Sharizman Nazri Chun Ting Ng Wei Lun Ng Kartik Panwar You Na Park Chiraag Manish Patel Kushal Patel George Payne Phuong Linh Pham Shakeeb Rahman Moritz Rakow Angus Peter Rea Roberta Rees-Butt Pornpatra Rojanapenkul Nur Amalina Binti Sanusi Kiertan Nitinchandra Saujani Mohammad Abdul Ali Shah Shivam Sharma Rahat Siddique Gulraj Singh Sidhu Mihika Milind Sohani Jeremy Jian Jun Soon Lanjia Su Sion James Thomas Ji Bin Daryl Tiong Marialena Vasileiadou Nicolas Vecchioli Xibei Wang Zihan Wang Jialin Weng James Whales Jakobi Lloyd Wilmott Ching Yin Wong LSE Digest I 75 I

77 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Kathryn Jia Ying Wong Tat Shun Dickson Wong Yuet Shan Wong Jung Woo Yang Jason Alexander Ying Yu Han Yong Tae-Hyun Yoo Yuwei Zhang Fong Wen Zhong Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Alexey Alexeev George Chrysanthos Attipa Mohammed Sulaman Azhar Ashika Chandarana Cheuk Wang Chow Khush Chudasama Hei Man Chun Christian Dominic Curnow Wey Hwang Do Di Fan Sahand Fouladiasl Nathan Jian Gu Sarthak Arun Gupta Aliya Yasmin Binti Hanafi Lorraine Shu Muen Hau Yimeng Huang Huy Le Cheuk Yee Lee Haohua Lin Maximilian Edward Medlock Stephen Lewis Metcalf Anastasia Mishchanenko Florian Neziri Rishi Vinai Patel Minh Ngoc Pham Jimmy Qi Binay Prasad Shrestha Hsiao Tung Tsang Sze Chun Tse Hoi-Ying Zoe Wong Jade Soh Peng Wong Third Class Honours Vinit Agrawal Kok Hong Lau Wang Yiu Ng Alex Powell Kyung Gi Park BSc in Economics and Economic History First Class Honours Satnam Singh Basra Ashwinder Moti Samita Sridhar Kamath Monal Vora Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Anurag Chandrasekhar Huey Min Victoria Cheah Huynh Son Do Kaixin Dong Pooja Hitesh Khatri Leonard Jinq Han Lim Daniel Mirza Chun Kwan Ng Ismail Patel Anbei Ruan Benjamin Savjani Stephanos Stylianou Nadia Taiwo Alexandre Louis Ross Trausch Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Vinela Jaso Ajit Mehta Janiel Nakrani Kwan Ho Fuson Tam Alasdair Thomson BSc in Environment and Development First Class Honours Ashley Lois Yi Chen Cooper Jed William James Hull Anais James James Robert Salt Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Zara Ashraf Angharad Rebecca Hopkinson Benjamin James Blake Kirrage Robert Lindberg Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Lea De Melo Oritsematosan Zikizibe Oyingtare Jemide BSc Environmental Policy with Economics First Class Honours Nathanael Johann Robert Didillon Alex Lantos Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Connor George Brooks Pierre Louis Jan Kelley Dupuis Shino Hirasaki Yuqiao Liu Gustave Otto Robert Loriot-Boserup Harrison Williams Hin Lok Fergus Wong BSc in Geography with Economics First Class Honours Dexter Robert Lee I 76 I LSE Digest 16-17

78 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Pierre-Louis Marc Lostis Yusuf Sohoye Pearl Yip Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Abdul Ali Zachary David Bacon George Arwel Bettsworth Sylvie Chen William Davison James Charles Forsyth Vivek Nandha Yee Kei Ng Frederick Rhodri Owen Kun Qian Ajay Akshay Shah Ravi Sud Patrick Van Breugel Aycan Yasar Anthony Kin Wun Yau Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Vivian George Ayaka Izumi Harry Robert Stuart Maxwell Max Thomas Roddick Chonghua Zhu Third Class Honours Honours Jaimien Tushar Dave BSc in Government First Class Honours Olli Severi Juhananpoika Castren Lydia Murphy Stephanie Mila Schiller Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Ahmed Aljaryan Joe Armitage Fathia Begum Kelly Esther Benguigui Jamie Paul Capp Callum John Crozier William Stanley Dodds Caitlin Mayan Indigo Hyde Worathon Jirayuwasuthorn Thomas Jackson Kelsey Anya Katherine Kemble Sally Diane Kershaw Ximena Miñan Vega Victoria Elizabeth Louise Murphy Joel Pearce Jackson John Beaumont Read Seth Roberts Holly Rebecca Anne Smith Daniel Robert J Spillman Greg Jonathan Sproston Craig Terron Benjamin James Thomas Jasmine Wenlock Andrew Steven Worthington Michael Zhan BSc in Government and Economics First Class Honours Yasmin Anwar Camron Aref-Adib Dylan Hoe Hian Ban Martina Bedatsova Yana Berahavaya Lukas Chalupka Jeffrey Johan Adlan Disney Anthony Jeremy Dwek Sumin Kwon Chiou Yih Lee Michelle Lim Quintus Peng Hon Lim Peter Edward Lyon Joshua Manby Mir Mohammad Clarissa Ngo Manfredi Patti Guillaume Paugam Suyash Raj Bhandari Vishnu Raj Kumar Liwei Zhao Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Obai Afifi Feras Qaisar Ashfaq Muhammad Danial Izzat Bin Bistamam Lewis James Brickle David Candlish Di Fang Ya Gan Fraser Hope Mehr Jasuja Nikita Kolomiets Maria Komarova Crystal Mui Yieng Koo Harry Matthew Dominic Macmillan Harlan Matthews Ilsina Nasyrova Jeremy Ocansey Muhammad Salman Varot Senapitak Wei Chieh Dexter Seow Bhimasena Singh Sin Heng Tang Phoebe Jessica Mary Ward Stephen Neil Wuttke-Henshall Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Hag Soo Kim Keisha Ong LSE Digest I 77 I

79 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 BSc in Government and History First Class Honours Gian-Luca Everett Irene Ferrandiz Merino Ryan Jamison Flack Jack Harry Glynn Jamil Alessandro Kowcun Ben Sayle Zeren Sun Sarah Jane Thomas Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Rohan Ahlawat Nina Francesca Byrd Florence Jean Edwards Hasan Elgohary Jack Charles Freeland Raveena Kaur Jawanda Dana Kamour Enxhi Koleci Olisaemeka Nebolisa Maduegbuna Hugh O'Shea Syed Mahatir Sakib Pasha Alisha Marie Smith Nargis Tailor Alys Denise Verrall Dean Robert Williams BSc in International Relations First Class Honours Megan Rose Anderson Edward Solomon Cowburn Baker Ana Feu Basilio Maya Husni Nazem Hammad Beth Mari Loynes Alen Maulitov Zhansulu Mynbayeva Andrew John Slinn Abigail Steadman Beth Warne Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Ibrahim Abed Alyssa P Alahakone Johanna Asplund Adèle Thérèse Bélanger-Mcmurdo Lewis James Bendall-Craft Viktoriya Berezhna Alice Francesca Bexson Thomas Benjamin Boley Alice Victoria Elizabeth Bryant Laine Abigail Caruzca Hei Sze Chan Hong Won Choi Isobel Margaret Clare My Linh Dang Ioana Roxana Dascalu Pablo De Miguel Kaene Disepo Caroline Elizabeth Tenorio Doddrell Lori Duka Mahmoud Moustafa Ibrahim Elbanhawi Elliot Emery Selin Esen Eleanor Flores Sarah Tosanwumi Foss Mandana Ghanadzadeh Almas Haidery Sing Yeung Ho Helena Panayiota Ingram Mallika Ramakrishnan Iyer Joshua George Kemp Lamisa Khan Tasnima Khatun Ha Rim Kim Kaixi Li Isabela Maniero Arailym Mazhit Leah Mccloskey-Gholikhany Nawal Wajahah Binti Mohammad Dzaki Connor Naylor Hui Yan Ng Thu Ha Nguyen Ketevan Papashvili Isobel Katharine Anne Potter Hayley Rabet Siddharth Shah Alisha Kaushik Shaparia Joel Douglas Simons Matej-Ennio Stankov Myfanwy Swart Joshua Theobald Han Bao Tran Le Jingyi Wang Louise Wihlborn Isabella Frances Laura Wilson Laura Elizabeth Wright Po Yan Samson Yeung Woo Seong Yoon Liam Patrick Young Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Dina Chuteneva Damien Andrea Kemfack BSc in International Relations and History First Class Honours Chetna Beriwala Pavel Bílek Kirstie Heather Brittain Ryan Crane Benjamin Eastman I 78 I LSE Digest 16-17

80 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 John James Milnes-Smith Zainab Moallin Dermot Neligan India Steele Amba Jain Tadaa Martha Van Bakel Jonida Xhauri Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Benjamin James Alford Naeem Amarsy Adriana Boloc Andrew Brook Rory Benedict Coutts Jessica Bridget Fitzgerald Lauren Rose Godfrey Rachel Pei Yi Lim Enyu Liu Kiona Shi Yi Loo Zwan Mahmod Alice Elizabeth Merritt Sophie Alice Miloszewski Ciara Shay Robinson Emma Caroline Schurman-Grenier Alina Wallace Young BSc in Management First Class Honours Sifat Ahmed Eli Baruch Marco Botero Vivas Daniel Bulkin Alexander Burgess Anna Buylakova Lin Cai Lok Yim Chow Raphaelle Marie De Beaumont Camille De Chanterac Maurice Doblinger Ferdinand Dwernicki Wan Yee Fok Daniela Verena Elke Fürst Marina Gual Andrea Guerini Rocco Nina Irene Suzon Guilloteau Theresa Hammer Louise Hougaard Hansen Konstantin Nikolaus Hemker Darren Demir Hilliard Keng Mun Ho Jemima Holzer Ekaterina Khmaruk Artur Lazoryk Cih Ern Lyza Lee Alexander Geng Wang Lim Muy Houng Lim Selena Lin Ting Yan Liu Lucia Llosa Bustamante Marcel Moritz Meggle Mads Moller Jorgensen Marc Revian Aurel Moller-Racke Serge Nader Edwin Wei Zheng Ong Claude Paret Karishma India Tiffany Pepper Shane Matthew Porter Alvaro Roque Tim Schmalle Paula Constanza Servideo Jun Rui Soh Zoe Teyssier Thu Ho To Benedict Alexander Tottman Max Philip Winston Camilla Zanardo Mingliang Zhang Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Maria-Eirini-Evangelia Anastasopoulou Harriet Arnone Nurul Nazurah Asaraf Nodira Ashurova Elyne Lital Atzmon Caleb Oluwaseyi Bakare Emma Vivienne Basselier Alexandra Bucaille Nga Hin Jessie Chan Anjali Anne Charbonnel Jia Jing Chin Jaeyoon Cho James Edward Clark Joseph Curtis Harry Peter Forman Albert Samuel Highmore Ei Phyu Htun Alexandra Tatiana Kaars Sijpesteijn Mohammad Aun Dara Khan Selin Nur Koc Christos Konteatis Priyesh Kotecha Maisie Jenny Kwong Bingqing Li Yunlu Li Alexander Lonskiy Chloe Luk Teodor Magureanu George Maxted Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Shafiek Mohamed Sol Yi Nam Kia Nejad Hai Dang Nguyen Trang Ha Nguyen LSE Digest I 79 I

81 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Tuan Truong Van Nguyen Kun Hee Park Rachel Jane Parry Akhil Patel Linh My Pham Valon Qamili Fatmir Qylafi Charles Renard Athar Sayeed Umer Shaikh Ali Rashid Sheikh Dong-June Shin Chung Hin Jeffrey Tam Yu Isabelle Tang Luke Benjamin Tarrant Yong Zhen Tham Jasmine Alexandria Thio David Unwin Hoi Tung Wai William Wright Yanxi Xie Huijun Zhou Valeriia Zinkova Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Ahsan Amir Priya Anand Choudhry Azizuddin Chi U Cheong Yucheng Fu Indrishka Navjit Grewal Florian Griesmeyer Jingyi Guo Jez Hibbert Bertie Hines Ahmed Javed Kar Chun Christopher Man Michael James Needham Wadi Michael Nseir Niket Obhan Nutthaphat Poolworaluk Aastha Rattha Third Class Honours Duang Kewkacha Da Eun Lim Christine Noumba Um Channatip Chanvipava BSc in Mathematics and Economics First Class Honours Ayushi Aggarwal Yizhen Bie James Daniel Conybear Connor Diver Zakaria El Hjouji Daniyal Faiz Amaima Fatima Henry William Frederick Goodfellow Jingyi Liu Ryan Manuel Matthew Thomas Measor Maria Mikhaylova Vincent Zhi Song Ong Ayush Shiv Oza Mayur Patel Ahnaf Al Rafi Sophia Anar Rodriguez Maria Sergeevna Sazonova-Prokouran Usama Shoaib Ying Xi Tan Stephen Vera-Cruz Nathan Wong Boyuan Xu Guoyun Zhao Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Miles David Allen Aastha Arora Kai Dominik Bronauer Steve Kar Kin Cheung Yiu Sing Choi Pratik Dhanak Mahad Saeed Hassan Rajeev Amit Janagal Kishan Khetani Francesca King Ajay Krishna Oh Hyun Kweon Maria Lavrentyeva Zhihan Li Khadija Shoaib Mamsa Riam Mistry Gentrit Osmani Matthew Mateusz Pandit Cyriac Parisot Serena Popat Zhi Qi Jennifer Gi Ying Sham Henry Siu Amritvir Singh Somal Dipesh Tailor Janet Talabi Saidev Tharmalingam Kristina Tugolukova Vinoshifen Vasikaran Simon Zvi Wdowinski Gar-Yin Wong George William Wood-Greaves Daniil Yatsenko Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Ayush Bhandari Meryem Cinpolat I 80 I LSE Digest 16-17

82 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Ritush Dalmia Motunrayo Davies Toby Foster Anar Kafkas Myung Hoon Kim Jason Tze Hin Lam Akash Mair Julie Miller Tze Lin Edwina Ong Ziying Wang Third Class Honours Somans Shukla Degree Keran Zhao BSc in Mathematics with Economics First Class Honours William Crawford Sian Eilis Edwards Alessandro Girelli Nitharshan Gnanalingam Tianyu Gong Kanstantsin Kulak Cheuk Man Christopher Lai Jun Rui Lee Matthew Victor Macfarlane Abdul Mumin Utsav Nanda Amiyesh Sahay Patrick Stewart Nikita Svistunov Sivamayaa Thanigasalam Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Andre Christopher George Brigly Gabriel Dante Costelloe Joseph Dean Jack Ross Freathy Zohaib Kapadia Stefan Kitic Matthew Lewis Yuxin Liu Sian Pierce Saloni Relan Daleep Singh Rupra Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Samuel Norman Borg Anrika Thinju Third Class Honours Eric Shoon Yew Lee Lan Minh Pham Degree Krishnavi Rajeswaran BSc in Philosophy and Economics First Class Honours Imaan Shakir Ahmad Eunjung Cho Joey Chong Maximilian Vinzenz Czernin Alexander Richard Gray Noor-Ul-Hussain Khawaja Aleksandra Kirienko Jake Ashley Lambert Elizabeth Macmillan-Scott Goytre Miles Preston Habibur Rahman Juliyan Ghandhi Somasundram Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Zoe Bennett Sze Wing Chan Sahnfun Chittmittrapap Mriga Chowdhary Mohamed Elmoussati Nikita Ganin Thomas Grieve Ottilie Hancock Ashley Syinyi Lee Dongying Li Kathleen Murty Suhaila Marianne Perera Adam Rajah Daniel Sahraee Yiran Shi Sven-Hendrik Siemss Oliver Timothy John Strong Amar Thanki Ramanan Thavendran Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Daniel Sawicki Cayford Yee Lee Ngai Himansu Rajenbhai Odedra Nurgul Shukeyeva hird Class Honours Wenxin Lu BSc in Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method First Class Honours Huanghui Deng Molly Elizabeth Farrow Elias Mead Alexander Jerzy Raubo Gösta Lars-Henrik Sträng Muhammad Yusuf Ziad Tayara Yuet Yan Eunice Tse Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Jagmaan Singh Bakshi LSE Digest I 81 I

83 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Robert Hayes Thomas Alexander Kersley Lili Kettlewell Ella Langham Darya Loika Sean Rice Dawid Rygielski Edmund Philip Smith BSc in Politics and Philosophy First Class Honours Nikita Batyukhnov Liam Bobby Gard-Storry Alexander William Kyle Lok See Ng Georgia Sideri-Papagianni Andreas-Johann Sorger Peter Robert Wilson Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Robert Barrett Dween Billbas Michael Andrew Czarnota Charles Daniels Rory Davis Hadil Dayri Joseph Emson Candy Yi Xin Gan Francesca Garcia Paula Grabosch Siôn Greaves Torin Daisy Greenhill Ciara Hogan Lydia Kathleen Hughes Michelle Elaine Chiu Jong Thomas George Kemp Ryan Lever Ting Kwong Steve Lo Ffion Amber Meagher Idile Mohamed Bethge Walauwe Tirzah Taryana Odayar Charles Henry Parker Ines-Sophie Paumier-Bianco Maria Pekarskaya Joachim Vera-Sanso BSc in Social Anthropology First Class Honours Danielle Marie Adourian Gemma Charlotte Edom Alexander Michael Spalding Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Elisha Lina El-Ahwal Alice Garnier Daniel Israel-Quinn Joshua Ben Lewis Georgie Lo-Riches Hannah Elizabeth Payne Elena Ware Zhila Lindelle White BSc in Social Policy Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Rachel Rebecca Ackred Nur Alia Binti Astaman Isabella Bicket Eleonora Sophie D'Arcangelo Zacharias Daniel Dourambeis Stella Erker Molly Farrance Jake Wayne Fryer Ona Maritta Kohonen Habisat Mohammed Hadi Ashley Ru Pak Deren Phillips Jessamyn Margaret Rossington Amy Lee Timms Lucy Francesca Whale Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Zafri Iskandar Bin Benjamin BSc in Social Policy and Criminology Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Madeline Price Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Pearl Maamle Narh-Acheampong BSc in Social Policy and Economics Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Chandra Jung Bhandari Amaru-Leonce Marek Kaffee Simonetta Rossi Johanna Christina Spitz Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Sarah Ameen Bandukda BSc in Social Policy and Sociology First Class Honours Ruth Anne Abraham Remya Nair Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Robyn Grace Gordon BSc in Social Policy with Government First Class Honours Zoe Oakley I 82 I LSE Digest 16-17

84 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Second Class Honours (Upper Division) James Thomas Bonner Chiara Cappellini Eirwyn Griffiths Conyers Adam Hinks Bethany Leah Kenny Natasha Lee Kimberly Kim Pin Lo Saskia Neibig Muhammed Emityaz Yoosoof Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Meghna Mohanka Mohammed-Kabir Oluwaseni Saraki BSc in Sociology First Class Honours April Lin Amanda Si Ying Ng Wei Sheng Alvin Ong Ailyn Sierpe Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Mayisha Reya Ahsan Georgina Sophie Bassett Hannah Billing Perdita Blinkhorn Caitlin Burridge Charlotte Ellen Celia Coombs Sopphira Dadral Ronda Emily Daniel Morgan Daniels Shahara Gani Georgia Mair Haigh Elin Kate Harding Maya Jane Hennelly Michelle Kimbler Karen Kiss Christine Yew Zhen Ling Alice Kimberley Anne Macdonald Amanda Jayne Mair Rebecca Mansell Lucy Elizabeth Matthews Maxine Mcewan Rosa Ka Yu Ng Christopher Donny Pawitra Arron David Thomas Pitchford Rebecca Alyson Potton Andreea Rugeana Jemma Savino Daria Sessions Elea Marie Sibold Alyssa Munyi Soon Long Chai Ella Sun Aisling Sweeney Brenda Tan Ye Ru Amber Rose Thiele-Saunders Wald Reyss Wheeler Azura Cantika Wicaksono BSc in Statistics with Finance First Class Honours Siti Nazihah Binti Raffiq Raveendran Michal Heydel Xinying Lu Nikolai Maltcev Levi Emanuel Meade Mingyang Ni Zheng Xun Phang Bogart Roy Leigh Yang Wong Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Jazlyn Anne Arrais Yimin Chuah Keanue Wei Chien Goh Gabriel Hamlyn Deepthi Pereira Alexander John Scott Huadong Yang Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Nikita Hamir Asher Qianchong Liao Ion Sioras Third Class Honours Qiu Jin LLB in Laws First Class Honours Khariya Kenny Ali Camila Arias-Buritica Lucie Clara Audibert Sihana Cara King Chi Chan Mohammed Ibrahim Chaudhary Tsz Ching Urania Chiu Luey Chi Chng Abigail Colwell Amber Edwards Oliver Thomas Heighton Sheriar Khan Shannon Knight Sarah Yan Ku Oi Yee Lam Harriet Josie Lavin Bianca Helen Lee Eunice Yuen Ying Lee Samuel William Ley Declan Ned Lok Hey Ng Jing Tao Qin Taybah Siddiqi Jaime Coleen Therese Streete LSE Digest I 83 I

85 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Yee Sun Tang Abigail Maria True Cristian Tsang Esohe April Uwadiae Hazel Anne Ting-Yi Wong Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Suad Yusuf Abdi Daniel Effiong Ette-Kamba Abia-Okon Farheen Ahmed Hana Yasmeen Alam Joseph Allison Gregory Jack Thomas Andrews Laura AntunaOrtega Philip Wang Yong-An Apfel Stefanos Argyros Ozlem Pinar Aziz Hosung Bae Taehyun Baek Mohammad Ali Bagash Prerna Bakshi Henry John Barnes Marie Katrine Bell Ryan Trevor Borley Joseph Caleb Briers Mohammed Nadeem Brora Kwan Ching Natalie Chan Rachel Yee Kiu Chan Shue Ting Naomi Chan Tiffanie Shek Wei Chan Wan-Ying Stephanie Chan Vin Chean Cheah Colin Chen Daniel Ziheng Chen Ho Yee Cheng Alison Hue Tung Chow Jian Hui Chow Nadia Farhath Chowdhury Sophia Cai Ying Choy Fong Ting Chu Zata Amani DatoAbdulRahman Maria Alejandra DiazNarvaez Joseph William George Donaghey Ayat El-Deen Khadija El-Leithy Shahnaz Anwar Farooqi Siham Abdel-Ghaffar Mohammad Freihat Catherine Gallagher Olivia Jade Gates Tess Grace Geraghty Neha Khan Ghauri Priscilla Louisa Chia Ching Goh Samantha Clare Man Xin Goh Zainab Sayeda Gulamhussein Charlotte Jane Hall Amanda Jin Juen Han Alleeya Hassim Joe William Homshaw Sophia Kaur Hoondle David Yidong Hu Patrick Alexander Hum Khalida Rasheed Inusah Natalia Ivanova Nurbazilah Jamaludin Chrisann Suzanne Jarrett William James Lyons Jay Aaron Jenman Daniel Llewellyn Blair Jeremy Maria Susan John Adam Richard Kania Aamir Ali Khan Saratu Margaret Kitchener Yi Ping Stephanie Koay Georgiana Kwok Cho Kiu Chloe Lai Hei Ting Haydn Lai On Ting Lau Sophie Lewendon Giulia LimaBianchi Xuan Rong Liow Haiyi Liu Vanessa Mun-Ka Lo Douglas Edward Ronald Loynes Nisha Majumdar Isabella Martinez-SistacOrozco Joshua James Mastin-Lee Sarah McGuinness Sanaa Mekki Roshan Prakash Melwani Vismay Hasmukhray Merja Zahrah Mohammad Yi Ki Cheryl Mok Temwani Melida Mwale Gabriel Reuben Navias Zoe Wai Ying Ng Kasopefoluwa Akinkunmi Oladeji Oluwamiseun Oyinkansola Olufemi-White Ejiroghene Otu Ting Hin Pang Thomas Robert Parish Min Ee Phang Irene Phil-Agbasi Imaan Pirmohamed Constance Ruth Prior Pranav Putcha Eloise Dawn Rennie Alessandra Maria Oledan Rodriguez Aakash Sardana Jean Haizal Saleh Sarhadar Marcos Sebares Saavan Shah Saba Fareen Shan Shivani Shenoy I 84 I LSE Digest 16-17

86 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Emma Yi Shi Rochelle Minushka Silva Marko Simeonov Oliver Simmonds Pik Wah Natalie So Scott Stoneman Cameron James Li Storah Elena Svabic Stephanie Wayne Tung Tai Jia Min Ryan Tan Kevin Weiyao Tan Zoe Ruiying Tan Sannah Tariq Elizabeth Wei Lin Teo Andreas Tsilimparis Erin Valentine Lauren Jade Tiong Vallender Gijs Jozef VanSetten Genevieve Marie Katherine Vaughan Nootan Vegad Sihong Wang Gabriele Sakine Watts Nicola Louise Willson Alison Yin Tung Wong Janis Chin Ching Wong Yu To Wong Ho Ting Timothy Wu De Quan Yiew Tin Yam Terry Yung Maciej Bogdan Zasada Hateema Zia Second Class Honours (Lower Division) Babongile Zibusiso Giles Bethule Zoe Cheuk Yan Liu Nina Markovic Ka Man Sin Harry Qiu Yu Third Class Honours Ying Kei Vivian Wong LLB in Laws (LSE and Columbia) First Class Honours Hui Zhen Gan Second Class Honours (Upper Division) Tin Wai Tiffany Chan Haozhou Qiu Diploma in Accounting and Finance Maelle Laura Manon Bombezin Jacques Guillaume Frédéric Mely Saïf Nouira Edith Marie Gaby Petesque Nicolas Laurent Bailly Geoffroy Marie Guillaume Aymeric Benoit Claude Bonnemaison Elizabeth Pataraporn Chatjaval Sacha El Baz Karol Andrzej Grzych Zeyu Huang Sarah Saskia Adine Rachel Katz Doohyeong Lee Hippolyte Gregory Lhussier Benjamin Paul Metadier Nadezhda Mihaleva Mihova Charles David Pelham-Lane Andrea Pezzullo William Frederick Roberts Sabrina Ching Ning Tiong Reda Awad Pragyapti Bhandari Chiara Cirilli Robert William Costelloe Khoudia Taree Gadio Evgeny Gerov Bastien Bryce Henrion Joana Kor Shivani Pramod Kulkarni Zakaria Lahlou Sofia Mazzini Tochukwu Brian Ogbogu Matteo Ongaro Minh Nhât Nguyên Pham Monica Alejandra Reyes Tamim Taher F Siyala Paul Ward Ward Xitong Zhou Executive Global MSc Management Mary Eleanor Davis Emilio Di Maggio Nicole Foster Robert Joseph Gray Peter Holdt Holsteen Rebecca Elizabeth Miller Fabio Norcini Elisabeth Prager Anand David Purushotham Andrew Savor Bernardo Uribe Ilan Ymar Luca Zurlo Mohammed Bin Turki Bin Abdulla Al Saud Farah Emara LSE Digest I 85 I

87 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Artur Fokin Andres Hammer Benaim Raunaque Hasnat Megan Kelley Wilson Shi Hao Lai Ashley Nicole Lucchese Ka Yee Ngai Ivan Peschl Heather Lynn Prendiville-Burgess Lais Sancho Brasil Armando Sandoval Alessio Scalas Marc Schweizer Sohini Sengupta Joseph Lee Shute Jorge Alfonso Sicilia Anton Zastavnyi Christian Franz Zwittnig Natia Loladze Venkat Mothkur Hosung Shin Executive LLM John James Lyon Hunter John Bernard Ludden Pinar Basdan Daphne Delaney Michael Donnelly Judith Anne Hull Jeinis Suryakant Patel Jennifer Shaw Roman Nikolaev Giuseppe Pinelli Executive Master of Public Administration Jack Campbell Monika Dhami Lukas Huber Maria Eugenia Angulo Christopher Stephen Brown Mariana Clemente Fabrega Patrice Marie S. Couchard Guillaume Cravero Javier Andres Cuellar Sanchez Lorena De La Canal Rioseco Oladipo Olakunle Delano Carolina Diaz Barcenas Virgilio Nogueira Diniz Alison Jane Frame Katharina Anna Frey Bossoni Timothy Hand Susanna Rose Henderson Darren Colyn Hughes Mouhamadou Madana Kane Samir Khan Juan Carlos Arturo Lombardo Muñoz Ledo Diana Helen Maclean Bronwyn Ellen Meyrick James O'Malley Scott David O'Ryan Oleg Osipenko Adam James Roberts Sebastian Rodriguez Perez Julia Valsky Audrey Emmanuelle Vergnes Patrick Charles Arthur Wattiau Edward Mervyn Wingfield Komlan Kuma Josia Amenyo Adjavon Marcel De Almeida Fukayama Urs Grob Elzbieta Marlena Kasianik Edward Francis Meinert Jr Aditi Namdeo Mohamed Al Moutasim Nuri Executive Master of Public Policy Nicholas Stewart Ayling Edward Oliver Richard Barker Gareth John Baynham-Hughes Nicola Jane Foster Ian Rory Ginsberg Rhiannon Juliet Harries Hazel Hobbs David Mark Knott Laura Kate Mountford Anna Jane Paige James William Robinson Jessica May Ayers Emily Alwena Bourne Emma Louise Ann Bourne Mark John Doran Ian Forber Angus Robert Keith Gray Philip Ridley Hall Katharine Ruth Hammond Tessa Charlotte Jones Nathan Phillips William John Reynolds Jason Mark Shepherd Jessica Louise Smith I 86 I LSE Digest 16-17

88 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Laura Gay Squire Matthew Vick Rosalind Wall Emily Ann Whitehead Master Laws Rajlakshmi Dutta Marion Terrizzano MPA Dual Degree (LSE and Columbia) Brett Louis Goldberg David Robert Lowe Christopher Kirk Westling Yunjie Liang MPA Dual Degree (LSE and Hertie) Nicolas David Gunkel Carla Hustedt Marie Christine Agosta Bárbara Buchbinder Pamela Jimenez Cardenas Anastasia Sikiaridi Dinorah Vargas Lopez MPA Dual Degree (LSE and NUS) Chao Zhu Vinay Kamal Justin Albert Matibag Muyot Romain Pierre Baptiste Racoussot MPA Dual Degree (LSE and Sciences Po) Lisa Lauton Louis Jean Joseph Métais MPA Dual Degree (LSE and Tokyo) Nathan Jean-Pierre Maximillien Rasquinet MPA in International Development Sarah Iype Kei Owada Sincheon Kang Laura Mercedes Querubin Borrero Angela Maria Quiroga Manrique MPA in Public and Economic Policy Judith Bayer Eliot Kevin Faron De Goer De Herve Erin Stringer Ferraris Hironori Fujita Rachel Rishika James Shi Lai Han Chul Lee Frances Rose Maclellan Jose Octavio Medina Guillermo Manuel Rodriguez Guzman Katie Rose Agustina Sena Jalil Amirah Kaca Sumarto Amalie Wisbech Heegaard Jamil Mustafa Barton Ashley Joanne Breckenridge Eduardo Humberto Canales Ojeda Zachary Wick Clemence Federica Foiadelli James David King Ashley Patricia Lau Giorgio Manenti Lusine Mehrabyan Nicolas Emilio Munoz Pavez Miguel Obando Forero Arjun Puri Zachary Fellegi Rosentzveig Mateo Salazar Rodriguez Engy Saleh Sandeep Singh Gabriela Lina Smarrelli Ao Sun Manuel Ureta Yasin Uzun Faisal Masood Younus Alexander Kassamali Zachernuk Yukie Hosoda Yitong Li Jonathan Melo Sarta Camila De Los Angeles Olate Campos Jose Manuel Otero LSE Digest I 87 I

89 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Si-Nae Sung Andrea Lucia Villarreal Ojeda MPA in Public and Social Policy Masahiko Saiki Nur Pinar Inal Meredith Lynn Kozak Yuichiro Ono Nadhya Jhuneth Saenz Sifuentes Cailyn Rose Torpie Diana Carolina Zambonino Fabara Juan Pablo Angulo Salazar Latoya Lovitta Francis Sun Young Park Silvana Omaira Rebaza Fernandez Shuyue Wang MPA in Public Policy and Management Antony Declercq Thaissa Ferreira De Sousa Min Jeong Kim Hannah Jennifer Mogul Kramer Mehreen Naseem Muhammad Afnan Alam Fachmy Muhammad Fajri Sebastian Gallego Jimenez Kerrie Lee Holmes Delia Gamuchirai Theresa Majongwe Alejandra Muciño Moreno Akash Kumar Nahar Kenilworth Yambem Olzhas Zholdasbayev MRes in Economics Nicolas Roger Chanut Tillman Hoenig Kangchul Jo Yusuke Kuroishi Derek Kanthareuben Pillay Chen Qiu Lukasz Pawel Rachel Bhargavi Sakthivel Viola Salvestrini Mengshan Xu Daniel Chandler Nicola Fontana Alkiviadis Georgiadis Harris Maximilian Gerhard Guennewig Thomas Joris Minten Nikita Singh Kohei Takeda Kezhou Xiao Hugo Filipe Esteves Vilares MRes in Finance (Route 1) Alberto Pellicioli MSc in Accounting and Finance Sameen Arif Jak Bukovinsky Ying Chen David Dörsam Tomáš Durajka Laura Stefanie Eggerschwiler Tarik-Timo Ghoniem Fiammetta Granchi Alexandre Philippe Hennequin Andrej Josipovic Eugenia Lara Armas Kevin Laubach Tong Li Kai Lin Alex Mikael Lindbom Xiaoning Liu Julie Margrethe Michelet Laura Marie Mönch Yixin Ni Christian Marius Paul Marc Petry Thibaut Pierre Marie Plominski Yu Qin Wenjie Ren Ioannis Spanopoulos Lauri Aleksanteri Tanskanen Dô Minh Long Trân Han-Ting Tseng Jinglin Wang Marcel Windus Zhixuan Xiang Jiating Zhang Shuya Zhang Minlu Zhou Xiangyu Zhu Robin Zick Shradha Agrawal Philipp Michael Aigner I 88 I LSE Digest 16-17

90 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Yiran Bai Uzeyir Bayramli Baohui Cai Xiaoting Cao Yuet Ning Chau Jeremiah Shu Ying Chew Helene Alexandra Comitis Yanhan Cui Andre Carl Johan Harads De Neergaard Alessandro De Trane Boyan Todorov Dinev Aljosha Ellmer Simone Ulla Valentina Friedrich Kulé Galma Martha Georgakopoulou Ishaan Ghai Glenn-Robin Stokke Gill Evan Joshua Gordon Chuchu He Jiong Huang Muhammad Radian Irdiansyah Adnane Jamal Indiana Putri Jusi Naiyana Kopayakkin Clement Lam Hanyuan Li Tzu-Chi Liao Hanyue Liu Xinyi Liu Chengji Ma Tatiana Moukattaf Ahmad Adib Bin Mukhtar Yueqi Na Francesco Namari Jawad Nazim Ming Sheng Ng Ekaterina Nikitina Borislav Vaskov Panov Karolina Pavlovic Mustafa Berkay Pekel Georgia Politidou Vassilis Prantsidis Lulu Qian Kinza Rehan Kamonchanok Sanganunt Adriano Sbroscia Shana Shwetangi Jacob Florentin Konrad Martin Steinbrecher Wi Lex Tan Laurita Veselovska Maximilian Maria Von Den Hoff Xiuzhu Wang Xuechen Wang Ying Kai Daniel Wee Qiuni Wen Bingchun Xu Jiali Xu Yutong Xuan Peiling Yang Wenjing Yang Hua Ying Carl Emil Zander Hengchang Zheng Mohammed Omran Mohammed Aboukaraa Surbhi Aggarwal Denitsa Velizarova Aleksieva Saif Ali Lucas Angibeau Norine Tanydia Arviana Femke Lilian Berge Teresa Bittencourt Ahmed Chaabane Nikolay Chichevatov Francesco Maria Chiocci Hyeon Ae Cho Axel Dammann Vinh Dang Demilson Fayika Frederick Francis Garvey Polina Krassimirova Georgieva Chih Quan Alvis Goh Shreya Gupta Kristina Gusarova Sungchul Han Jiaming Hu Amoli Jain Oodaye Joggesser Vladimir Kovrigin Pitchaya Kraikeratekong Nicola Lesica Kin Lok Leung Shuang Liu Zhuxin Liu Vineet Uday Mathradas Yun Mi Pierre Henri Philippe Montembaut Rohan Mukhija Woo Shik Noh Priyanka Pandey Dimitrios Emmanouil Papadoukakis Sunyoung Park Dumitru Pascal Hanah Sehatpour Lorenzo Sfrappa Eugenia Sugito Safdar Husain Syed Isadee Thiengsurindr Jaitej Walia Hao Wang Zijian Wang Kexi Wu LSE Digest I 89 I

91 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Giannis Zavros Yifan Zhang Anqi Zhong MSc in Accounting, Organisations and Institutions Michelle Fawaz Michelle Almaz Janine Bacher Luca Bertoloni James Henry Disney-May Yunhui Hao Lachlan Melville Kirwan Ginevra Madonia Muhammad Ardhika Nararya Natalegawa Thi Minh Anh Nguyên Natalia Katarzyna Stachowicz Marvin Wolfgang Süßle Peiying Tang Haoling Tong Yawen Zhang Amanda Acintya Kim Dora Suzanne Ardoin Anastasios Georgakopoulos Catharina Anna Knobloch Yuchuan Lai Danlei Li Thi Bao Khanh Nguyên Dunja Ristanovic Marianna Rogdaki Eirik Ruud Leonie Isabel Seyfried Yifei Song Jonathan Zhi Zhong Tan Dennis Roy West Yiran Wu Tianyu Xie Min Yan Ozan Can Junding Jiang Mitian Lai Christos Mitrelis Yi Ren Kamilya Salina Vaibhav Singh Xiaoyu Su Weronika Gabriela Tracz Qiyang Wang Sizhen Wang Qianwen Zhang Chenguang Zheng MSc Comparative Politics Nikolaos Theodoropoulos MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics Lukas Bolte Yong Cai Fernando Dyskant Ladowsky Xitong Hui Lauma Minna Kalns-Timans Ho Kan Kwan Junyi Liao Erxiao Mo Sabareesh Ramachandran Rui Sun Yu Yi Manav Chaudhary Aniruddha Ghosh Yang Lu Ko Munakata Victor Ray Mohamed Imthinan Saudulla Brett James Montague Wilkinson Max Christian Esser Tianyu Han Oliver Menken Haokun Sun Qiulan Tao Yan Zhu MSc in Econometrics and Mathematical Economics (2 Year Programme) Wenkui Liu Diego Tomas Jordan Sierra Dibya Deepta Mishra Shujie Wang MSc in Economics Dennis Leonardo Alvaro Polack Pablo Anton Arnal Pascale Bourquin Minsok Chae Xiaoyue Chen Ioan-Liviu Cioboata Tobias Willy Eilert Hallenberg I 90 I LSE Digest 16-17

92 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Raphaela Elisabeth Helga Hennigs Zhenxun Liu Lisa Panigrahi John Benson Shannon Yuanxia Zhang Anmol Agarwal Rasif Alakbarov Sujan Bandyopadhyay Vladislava Bar-Katz Emilio Borghesan Iria Camba Florez De Losada Julian Thomas Cann Zhi Xiong Chan Anatole Jacques Idrissa Cheysson Jia Wei Mark Choo Nikola Dacic Hugo Anthony Day Gabriela De Oliveira Fuschini Daniel Richard Diamond Lorenz Karl Friedrich Ekerdt Borislav Borvilov Gargov Aishwarya Ashutosh Gautam Vincent Gerez William Ben Glaeser Christopher Anthony Howard Hariharan Jayasankar Erika Minerva Karttinen Taraq Mohammad Abu Bakar Khan Carl Friedrich Kreuser Evgeniya Kudinova Siu Ming Edwin Kwok Jaepil Lee Youn Ho Lee Wouter Pieter Herm Jan Leenders Manfei Li Yingting Li Yuxiao Li Shuang Liang Amnit Kaur Litt Tom Martin Thuestad Lorentzen Jin Lu Karl Jonas Valter Lundstedt Tara William Mampilly Alice Maurizi Odhrain Timothy Mc Carthy Sean Frederick Metcalfe Armando Emanuel Kuno Näf Takashi Onoda Sang Hyun Park Aneesha Parvathaneni Maciej Rafal Pomykala Brisa Rejas Galindo Akanksha Saletore Justine Chiara Schäfer Xin Yi Justina Sim Surya Jivan Singh Amit Singhi Flávia Teixeira Motta Dmitry Vasilyev Maria Ventura Diego Franco Vilchez Neira Hoà Viêt Vu Liyun Wang Zijun Wang Prapon Wongsangaroonsri Wenhao Xie Hanzheng Xu Zongyan Yu Hulai Zhang Yasheng Zhang Ruomei Zhou Shumpei Abe David Akintokunbo Afikuyomi Michail Amourgianos Christian Uchenna Ani Lior Yisrael Bar-El Florina Baston Yuhang Cao Arianna Ceccacci Ziwei Dai Yiyi Dong Ece Özge Emeksìz Sven Isar Engels Canberk Erdinc Kevin John Ferriter Chak Chun Foo Kazuo Funayama Qian Geng Natavan Guliyeva James William Hurley Daniel John Lockwood Ingram Stephanie Hamin Kang Petra Koulia Laura Louisa Krämer Susanne Lan Kretschmann Von Ying Lee Qixin Li Tianyi Li Ziran Li Xiao Dong Liu Pawani Malhotra Prachi Mantri Alfonso Maselli Rohan Madhav Modwel Kin Wa Ng Tung Hoang Nguyen Kitin Pakdeesana Mingcong Pan Rupal Patel Manali Milind Phatak LSE Digest I 91 I

93 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Ricardo Quineche Uribe Yi Ren Matthew Ronald Rodger Alice Ivy Rossignol Aakash Sahai Miguel Angel Saldarriaga Noel Shuo Sun Zoe Marie Tavares Ester Vespasiani Lize Wan Ming Hon Wong Shulin Yang Zhenkun Yang Xuan Zhao Zhengnan Zhu MSc in Economics (2 Year Programme) Sobhana Atluri Aniket Baksy Shania Bhalotia Pao-Yu Chao Tsun-Han Chiang Saloni Goel Madhavi Jha Glen Sanpei Kurokawa Andrew William Morritt Priyanka Roychoudhury Mikhail Solodov Morten Nyborg Støstad Shreya Tandon Lindsey Uniat Yuxi Wang Tiernan Louise Evans Ayushi Gupta Chang He Yuan Hu Sierra Anne Michels-Slettvet Ankit Parasrampuria Simon Andrew Pitt Kavya Saxena Sanika Akshay Shah Shreya Subramaniam Rongbei Zhang Ruoqi Zhou Halin Han Colin James Merritt MSc in Economics and Management Lin Cai Zui Cheng Melissa Luki Andreany Ayrat Maksyutov Pasinee Panitnantanakul Phoom Pentrakul Maximiliane Maria Reger Edouard Mathieu Marie Simon John Jesubukunmi Aworinde Ludovica Chiacchierini Ngoc Hà Dô Nora Faivre Alex Pieter Rudolf Haenen Vedika Hegde Kristyna Hribalova Christian Kilin Sophocles Nicolaou Luisa-Alix Orsini Baroni Edoardo Pacenti Huangnan Shen Sumedha Singhal Ming Zhu Wang Karina Baalbaki Chenyan Du Oleksandra Lebedieva Tian Liu Lidan Wang Bingqing Zhu MSc in Finance (full-time) Jan-Niclas Baars Wei Liang Chang Muskan Chawla Daniel Maurice Moché Corchia Ferdinand Maximilian Christian Danner Mariam Faiz Yanwei Ge Samantha Halim Nicolai Alexander Haugland Chen He Niklas Ralph Hirsch Christoph Hochstein Djurre Hoogeveen Mingwei Hou Wenchang Huang Matthew Chung Hin Huen Mingze Li Jingyi Liu Junwan Liu Wenxin Liu Denis Mani Till Neuber Chen Niu Zuzanna Alicja Olczak I 92 I LSE Digest 16-17

94 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Sharim Saeed Anuria Singh Siqi Sun Thananya Thanachaisakul Marco Roberto Tinelli Vasileios Tzakos Marvin Matthias Wenserski Hao Yan Chenling Zhang Muhammad Umar Zubair Emelda A A Abbo Fajer Naser H S A Alrafai Benedikt Emanuel Burckhardt Ching Yang Chia Khadija Chraibi Pier Matteo Dalmasso Sachit Bankim Damani Kieran Matthew Dicken Timothy Peng Kai Er Mengyao Feng Manik Garg David Georgette Stefan John Greene Yinan Hu Karl Kontus Maximilian Julius Krome Krystal Geok Eng Lim Jingwen Liu Runxue Liu Siyang Luo Korn Maneewannakul Arya Mokhber Omeid Sam Naraghi-Shah Dorotheos Nikolaidis Florian Max Oberle Ashwath P T Konstantinos Papadis Lukas Vincent Planitzer Mario Re Michele Rexha Michael Gaudenzio Rossi Demosthenis Michael Taliadoros Akhil Jacob Thomas Yuan Tian Loula Van Den Broeck Mike Michael Vong Elisa Maria Wunderlich Yuanzheng Xie You You Er'An Yu Jinye Zhao Kaizhong Zheng Harsh Vardhan Aggarwal Malayanil Agrawal Isabella Antollini Alexis Leonidas Bachas Louis Bersin Boonyisa Boonthongrungtawee Suphasuta Chairattanamanokorn Gauri Garg Shrey Gupta Jingtian Hu Nicoletta Ioannou Sirakhun Kawatkul Na Woo Kim Nirpeksh Kumbhat Chung Shu Xylona Lam Shen Kirk Trevor Lim Diana Moldovan Iyanu Adeola Ola-Odudu Aliia Omarova Halimat Adeola Oyetola Gabriele Papievyte Amira Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani Florent Lionel Xavier Henri Soulhol Jonathan Fraser Strawson Chunhua Tao Jiachen Zhang MSc in Finance (part-time) Akhilesh Bansal Guillermo Calci Julien Loris Ercole Laura Garcia Hernandez Mohammad Faiq Javaid Elizaveta Rasskazova Shengjie Tao Nayni Zerzan Ying Zheng Rajesh Babu Tomasz Bulinski Clement Cordier Igino Corradi Blake Firth Nadezhda Gegova Gagan Khanna Inese Kronberga Jurij Wasja Lender Leonardo Abraham Ramirez Adasme Bappa Roy Falak Shaikhani Soumyadeep Sinharay Chao Sun Luiz Augusto Vitoria Regis Filho Kurt Zico Williams Michal Jakub Witczak Bing Zhang LSE Digest I 93 I

95 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Assiya Amerguzhina Andrius Cialka Andreas Dimopoulos Manetou Gueye Andrew William Hedley Duc Hoang Jamie Joseph Horvat Ojas Sachin Kulkarni Jingning Liu Diana Martey Oluwatosin Oluwadamilare Oke Keleenna Albert Onyeaka Mate Imre Pesti Shalini Rao Edward Thomas Searle Akhil Soni Abbas Walji Kuan Wang MSc in Finance and Economics Niko Czaplicki Reda Diouri Sara Maria Eberhart Isabella Andrea Mina Fandrych Piero Fortino Edgar Gridello Antoine Christian Cornelis Hubert Akihiro Kanafuji Hendrik Klaus Zheng Kong Xi Li Chen-Ting Lien Xiaofan Lu Yifeng Luo Andrew Thomas O'Donnell Huixuan Qu Lennart Peter Rehm Felix Mario Rieger Yinan Su Xiaohang Yu Jiawei Zhang Maria Vasiliki Alexandri Muhammad Tariq Bin Amru Alberto Coelho Pita Aymon Gerard Marie Joseph De Broglie Shuo Geng Bhumika Gupta Yang Jiao Bo-Il Kim Robert Miroslaw Kloszewski Ruiyang Li Yihua Lie Chang Song Low Rebecca Maria Mari Minghui Pan Maria Gracia Ramos Augusto Leonard Seeger Xin Tong Quentin Eric Marie Voileau Ping Hsuan Wang Shuo Wang Yongzhe Wang Jie Zhang Songlai Zhang Xinyang Zhang Pouya Behmaram Praful Bhatt Ruijun Guo Maxandre Hirt Hsin-Shih Huang Jiayi Ju Keru Liu Fergal Shane Mcgovern Zhuo Qi Louis Roy-Neau Onur Sefiloglu Zachary Stephenson Diana Vartumyan Zitai Wang Pei Qi Yap Caihong Yuan Tianjian Zhang MSc in Finance and Private Equity Karl-Martin Ahrend Arne Roland Buhs Martin Michel Jean Olivier Denais Francesco Di Fonzo Antonin Germain Gury-Coupier Tim Hofmann Mads Ellermann Holmbom Timo Huguet Yuhao Jiang Hanna Yousef Judeh Nicolas Klein Zhao Ming Edmond Phua Christoph Daniel Henry Jan Picker Lauriane Julie Requena Erminio Sergio James Elvio Robert Sproul Sjoerd Joop Van Dorp David Velásquez Velásquez Christopher Robin Vinter Florian Wedel Xizhe Zhang I 94 I LSE Digest 16-17

96 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Boya Zhao-Robinson Pingjie Zhu Pierre Robert Bricault Linting Cai Jean-Francois Laurent Casanova Bixuan Chen Stefan Cristian Daniel Dorin Loustan Droubi Alexander Gregor Grimus Thibault Alain Gérard Hoff Vinamra Kothari Dimitrios Laoudis Mengdie Li Zheng Hao Darrell Lua Guillermo Martinez-Bernal Marti Ilena Meçe Hristian Nikolaev Nedyalkov Xiaowei Pan Shaneel Rajesh Parekh Antoine Roger Picot Gaspard Antoine Paul-Marie Sautereau Han Syu Gregory Konstantin Tezhik Maxime Veysset Tianyu Zhang Jinglu Zhu Zhi Zong Andreea Marilena Aivanoae Ammon Devere Bunker Oleksandr Buriak Olga Bykova Weiyu Huang Anna Helene Agnes Kihm Anthony George Nelson Matteo Noseda Royce Jonathan Salim Siu Lam Michael Tang Joseph Poeyon Yang Zhiying Yu MSc in Financial Mathematics Georgia Beth Craven Milos Cukovic Matic Kozuh Thomas William Parry Bart Van Der Vlugt Chengyu Xing Jing Ye Mengying Yuan Elizabeth Rose Bullivant Chengyu Dai Lingjiao Feng Weiwei Gao Mingtang Mingtang Li Ziquan Shen Chenxiao Yang Yongxin Yang Linfei Hao Fangqin Liu Hui Tang Wenjing Xu Liwen Zhang Sili Zhuang Yanchen Zou MSc in Global Media and Communications (LSE and Fudan) Nolwenn De Gibon Andre De Vasconcelos Costa Lobato Beatrice Di Caro Mu Li Youwei Qiao Thomas Shipley Kendall Tyson Ye Zhang Yiran Zhang Yiwei Hu MSc in Global Media and Communications (LSE and USC) Casey Elizabeth Costello Sarah Mariam Jacob Theophile Lenoir Xue Qiu Shari Danielle Rochanne Sharpe-Stephens Melanie Broussalian Jingbo Dong Maria Vittoria Felli Jeanette Flores Pietro Greppi David Marshall Kiyotaka Hautefeuille Navdeep Heer Kate June Yiling Luo Sanchita Sivaraman Yifan Song Hyun Jin Suh Carissa Midori Tojo Andrea Villalobos Moreno Shutong Wang LSE Digest I 95 I

97 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Yu Wang Constance Wasserman Eilis Yazdani Yi-Tzu Lu MSc in Human Resources and Organisations (International Employment Relations and HR Management) Saransh Saket Tiku MSc in International Affairs (LSE and Peking University) Haengun Chung Yuk Yiu Tsang MSc in International and World History (LSE and Columbia) Jacqueline Aileen Burns Thalia Wells Ertman Nadia-Estelle Papit Fiat Emilie Henriette Aline Foyer Matthew Allen Frakes Matthew Joseph Gailani Chen Gong Marian Nathan Grau Monique Maria Anna Kil Brenna Lucina Mc Callick Kara Kameko Mcmahon Shriya Patnaik Clemens Stearns Poole Ashley Syed Arie Martijn Veenendaal Alexandra Anna Hedwig Fergen Blaze Lawson Joel Sabrina Rose Katz Madeline Frances Giroux Klimek Jennifer Yuan Pierson Madeline Xin Wahrman Kelly Elizabeth Wood Nicholas Alexander Hall MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology Luca Sara Karig MSc in Risk and Stochastics Bin Liu Gabriel Zak Madeira Calisto Amrish Patel Eleni Savva Jiaqi Tan Xinlin Xu Peixi Dan Yiwen Ding Yunyun Li Zhuoran Li Yiran Liao Xiaoteng Ren Yiyi Wang Peihao Zhang Lanqi Cheng Wenqian Cheng Binghan Hu Yuejin Li Yifan Qu Maria Shevchenko Thanachai Voraprasertsak Hei Chit Yuen Tianya Zhao MSc in Statistics Shuhui Liu Maximilian Michael Mandl Yijing Zhang Markus Olaf Bukovsky Lu Chen Nikolas Kuhlen Nambassa Tatiagna Nakatudde Eiman Adil Mohamed Osman Zara Louise Preston MSc in Statistics (Financial Statistics) Wenyu Cheng Qin Fang Xiao Huang Yili Peng Yu Fu Kartikeyan Balasundram Haoyu Huang I 96 I LSE Digest 16-17

98 Degrees Awarded in July 2017 Chia-Wei Lin Yunyuan Xu Zijun Yong Kun Zhu LSE Digest I 97 I

99 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Executive LLM Vivek Gambhir Dimosthenis Adamos Carla Cid Varela Madeira Shalinee Devi Jeerakun Executive MSc in Health Economics, Outcomes and Management in Cardiovascular Sciences Elena Arbelo Kerstin Bode Daniel Anthony Jones Paul Fraser Kantor Carsten Lennerz Marie-Isabel Kristin Murray Jochen Oliver Reinöhl Athar Ali Tajik Peter Whittaker Valerio Zaca Ahranyan Dharmajan Arnold Manish Barman Martin Brunninger Bridget Caffrey Armstrong Rodney De Palma Lutz Frankenstein Anna Kontsevaia David Messika-Zeitoun Theodore Mark Murphy Paul Nee Guido Ehrenfried Pieles Umberto Riva Mark Sopher Jurrien Ten Berg Konstantinos Tsitlakidis Christos Varounis Harshen Vassan Hrvoje Vrazic Antonios Mastrokostopoulos Executive MSc in Health Economics, Policy and Management Stefanie Michaela Goenner Corinne Gail Grainger Bradley Merriman Richard David Sear Ruben Casado Arroyo Kantha Ruby Dayaram Saskia Den Boon Raymond Andrew Glennie Muhammad Azid Ziya Gungah Sabine Sabina Heinz Jennifer Clare Jones Faraz Tahir Khan Anil Kumar Krishnaiah Holly Susanne Lang Khurram Nasir Olufolake Gbonjubola Olomojobi Ajit Parulekar Mansur Quraishi Tania Maria Rodrigues Eoin Martin Ryan Irfan Salim Tejani Min Zhang Sean Dulloo Executive MSc in Political Economy of Europe Glenn Calverley Igor Batog George Balch Collins Rui Pedro Duarte Vincent Gasparro Masroor Haidar Adrien Lucisano Sean Graham Paterson Arabella Emily Alexandra Sain-Ley-Berry-Gray Simon Bruce Oliver Worth Aleksandra Karolina Garlinska Master of Laws Calum Mark Ablett Laura Elizabeth Ashworth-Cape Victoria Barausova Charles George Bishop Anne-Sophie Elisabeth Buchs Michael Buhagiar Adrian Man Ho Chan Sohini Chatterjee Nathan Christopher Collins Emma Kate Cooney Scott James Cosgriff Louise Claudine Lesley Crush David Christopher Di Sante I 98 I LSE Digest 16-17

100 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Elizabeth Rose Donnelly Paul Richard Duncan Esther Mary Choong Dyer Matthias Edtmayer Annabel Charlotte Elliott Aymerick Guillaume Gilles Armel Fradin Maria Del Rosario Grima Algora Brynne Louise Guthrie Andrea Christina Häfeli Roger Manfred Hegglin Aiden John Hepworth Amy Hill Gabrielle Suzanne Holly Jacob Howell-Jones Elli Karaindrou Se Young Kim Yat Cheung Martin Kwan Hoi Hin Hugo Lai Harjeet Kaur Lall Jennifer Michelle Lanigan John Charles Larkin Giulia Malusa Alison Lara Lucy Martyn Puteri Eleni Binti Megat Osman Vadym Melnyk Philip Edward George Morrison Vikneswari Muthiah Kiu Kwan Maggie Ng Emma Nolie O'Brien Nadia O'Mara Robin Nicholas Pickard Morgane Pauline Praindhui-De Beys Julian Alexander Gawain Ranetunge Thomas Henry Hamilton Schlee Robert Wylie Schwieder Julian Siegmund Emily Charlotte Simcock Maria Sourvanou Luca Stecca Vandana Venkatesh Maximilian Voll Robert Huw Wilcox Thiago Wscieklica Kacper Jan Zajac Daniel John Zwi Mitchell Abbott Nelly Achille Haris Sultan Ahmed Reef R M R Al-Fahad Gertrude Amorkor Amarh Orestis Anastasiades Amy Elizabeth Angilley Theofani Apostolopoulou Francisca Arguinarena Villegas Elif Naz Arikan Ayushi Aurora Sagidolla Baimurat Maria Bazdani Cemre Bedir Maria Del Carmen Bedoya Valdez Natalia Margarita Bernal Garcia Lauriane Marie Jeanne Billette Jill Birnbaum Max-Niklas Blome Marie-Charlotte Rolande Jacqueline Bonamy Jarjarat Boonsiri Clara Rachel Browne Paige Deme Venessa Campbell Alvaro Carrasco Benavides Milena Casado De Oliveira Tzu-Fan Chang Qian Chen Hongwu Chen Khavi Shankara Chetty Wei Theng Chong Kobe Yuet-Chun Chow Danielle Wong Yi Chu Guillaume Umbert A Couvert Jiawei Dai Luis Alberto Darraidou Joao Maria De Carvalho Ventura Francois-Guillaume Louis M De Lichtervelde Karim Djedid Teodora Georgiana Dräjneanu Juan Camilo Duran Tellez Samuel Joseph Elliott Oliver Alexander Engel Amalia Escobar Restrepo Nelly Del Rocio Espinoza Campos Yixin Fang Nicola Maria Francesco Faraone Marilia Flourentzou Juan Felipe Garcia Jacobsen Angelina Golosova Nitsan Green Chaya Gupta Tania Sultana Hardcastle Rasmus Hedeager Ellen Herinckx Samara Jade Hiscock Fangkun Hu Chuyao Huang Antonio Invernizzi Laura Jaramillo Franco Yuemeng Jiao Zhuo Jie Arwen Elisabeth Joyce Anna Maria Kamara Konstantinia Kamperi Emma Karam-Leder Yasaman Kashani Akhavan LSE Digest I 99 I

101 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Hye Sung Kim Hee Jin Kim Nathalie Bugge Thestrup Kjelde Julie Anne Kofler Jonathan Ecob Kohler Mesut Korkmaz Zoltán Kormányos Herbert Norkplim Krapa Donald Johan K Krols Magdalena Kucko Christina Kufer Angela Lau Jin Yi Mark Lee Chloe Lepine Antoine Lessard Fangyi Li John David Morrow Lim Stephanie Milagros Limaco Blas Ge Liu Wai See Carmen Lo Shiyi Lu Alex Maculus Marta Magistrelli Yana Dancheva Marinova Rebecca Elizabeth Martin Alexander Jon Francis May Gary Mcarthur Michael David Mccagh Ricardo Valdemar Mego Paucar Maria Paz Mejia Londoño Lloyd Fan-Yi Meng Joanna Laure Metaxas Shahead Ghani Miah Martin Minkovski Ilaria Minucci James Alexander Mohajer Jonianto Monteiro Giulia Moratti Jane Ting Charlotte Ng Nutchaya Nirunpornphutta Francisco Javier Mario Emilio Nualart Vittini Cynthia Boyani Obare Maria Jose Oliveira Miranda De Sousa Leite Akim Benjamin Albert Ouint Georgia Papalamprou Chinmayee Pendse Ilektra Peraki Alexandra Perikleous Nusikarn Pichayasopon Quentin Pipieri Michael Polak Bradley James Raboin Matthieu Pierre Jean Rannou Duangrung Rattanaphirom Vanessa Joan Guarino Reid Shavit Rissin Marion Alexandra Segolene Rivasi Marco Rosato Carla Yuliana Sanchez Tabra Grongjaporn Saosaovaphak Noemie Schackmann Leon Thomas Scheicher Marius Christopher Scherb Anne-Louise Chantal Etienne Servais Annemarie Shea Edwin John Sheeran Tatiana Silva Lisboa Padrão Kamonpan Sinchaiwanitchakul Dave Singels Raina Singh Antonin Sobek Eline Souffriau Kenneth Lenox Sseguya Joseph Albert Steiner Isilsu Tenthof Van Noorden Vincent Claude Richard Yves-Marie Tessier Devyani Tewari Nicole Theodorou Pawitsarat Tiyapairat Joscha Torweihe Zhuo Hong Benedict Tse Daria Untova Sylvia Maria Van Der Laat Villalobos Nora Francesca Maria Van Meerwijk Henri-Simon Zenon Vande Vyver Romain Jean P Verbruggen Vincenzo Viglione Jessica Villafana Jaen Markos Volikas Mukami Wainaina Ge Wang Moritz Wargalla Camille Michele Martine Wattrelos Grace Patricia Webster Marie Elizabeth White Michal Jan Wolangiewicz Andrew Jason Wong Guillaume Christian Henri Wulfowicz Tamara Yavuz Felipe Zaldívar Kunstmann Huiran Zhang Zhe Zhang Lei Zhao Kun Zou Sulaiman M J M S B N Alqanaei Svetlana Tsvetanova Atanasova Mijail Josue Castillo Rivera Kasidech Chanchauchai Chih-Chien Chao Hye Won Chin Paul Marie Cyrille Chossegros I 100 I LSE Digest 16-17

102 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Clement Jean-Philippe Marc Comis Yuqiong Duan Can Eken Gabriela Alejandra Elizeche Santacruz Sanjana Gupta Kakha Kozhoridze Vincent Olivier Nicolas Florian Jean-Philippe Lafon Kanyawee Limsuwan Xiao Liu Jittisa Pongmorakot Lamia Ramadan Akhileshwari Reddy Chintam Tanya Tamara Robinson Nastasia Emeline Lidwina Roy-Pelat Luhan Shen Xiaohang Tong Melodie Carine Celine Videau Yazhou Zhou Heidy Antonella Zuzunaga Ferrigno MRes in Anthropology Jonathan Vincent Doherty Meghan Rose Donnelly Agathe Elise Faure Angela Giattino Ignacio Alonso Sandoval Marmolejo Nikita Rachel Simpson Imani Strong Samuel Rufus Wilby Jaskiran Kaur Bhogal Hannah Lucille Cottrell Arturo Manuel Gonzalez Rosas Pengyin Kong Thanakrit Tengprawat MRes in Finance (Route 1) Zhongchen Hu Yue Yuan Marco Pelosi Karamfil Todorov Andreea Octavia Englezu Muneaki Iwadate Francesco Nicolai Simona Risteska MRes in International Development Carolin Maria Dieterle Cristin Alexis Fergus Claudia Horn MRes in Political Science Iman Sherif Mohamed Dawood Antoine Desire Andre Louette Temitayo Onaoluwape Ogunye Ariel Ann Patterson Perkins Arduino Alessandro Tomasi Adams MSc in Anthropology and Development Marta Verani Abhinav Chugh Ashley Blair Davis Jorge Daniel Diaz Cardoso Olivia Grinker Blanca Hormaechea Huguet Jingyi Liu Nadezda Menshikova Maya Mc Kaye Monroe Sameea Sheikh Emma Fatimeh Lilian Tillfors Yasemin Ulusoy Yayi Zheng Michael Anthony Gallego Oleksiy Moskalenko Hongjing Zhao MSc in Applicable Mathematics Martin Antonov Lilla Beke Alexander John Branston Theo Alan Sarouk Chavannes Nicholas Galbraith Dje Bi Anges Magnus Hjortfors Irie Jerome Samuel Leon Leibovici Simon Rupert Löschnauer Qaphela Zikisa Mashalaba Drupad Parmar Robin Sebastian Voll Ying Wang Shor Peou Yeo Heather Nicole Zaccaro LSE Digest I 101 I

103 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Jing Bai John Breen Christian Hollreiser Guoxiang Huang Yixin Lin Xinyu Liu Lorenzo Loredan Ian Hunter Mauldin Tung Hoang Nguyen Julian Dirk Stefan Teichgraeber Noorin Lisha Ali Aarzoo Bedi Felix Xavier Soliman Marie Dujol Se Ho Lee Nilaxi Maken Parul Singla Yunmianmian Zhu MSc in African Development Marc Daniel Davies Nicholas Joachim Lyon Catherine Rebecca Macaulay Chelsea Elaine Madryga Munalula Katongo Ngenda Fadekemi Aminat Abiru Juliana Olatokunbo Adurayemi Balogun Hillary Barigye Avelino Euclides Da Silva Chimbulo Tom Jean-Louis Andre Dilly Giacomo Grison Zainab Ojonuyo Haruna Zahra Hdidou Erik Hoffmann Maudo Jallow Sujin Kim Tao Ni Albert Mcbell Ninepence Sarah Nyanjuki Njenga David Newton Njoroge Stefano William Theo Obata Adaobi Oni-Egboma Paula Akoth Owino Erica Thea Sofia Pellfolk Nydia Ponnan Nkosiyapha Abiathar Sibanda Rim Wazni Sharon Jebiwot Chesire Lawrence David Dunham Mbeugue Manel Fall Mariamawit Tadesse Gebru Jonáš Jelínek Aaliyah Ntulo Sekatawa MSc in Anthropology and Development Dominique Robert Dillabough-Lefebvre Maria Facio Lince Berrocal Maddy Pearson Silvia Pergetti Dalia Abu Yassien Kora Sabrina Isabell Discher Penelope Hanton Caitlin Goggin Hurley Chun Him Justin Lau Ololade Adedoyin Ogunsanya Thomas Williamson Parker Ryan Michael Penney Emily Ann Voss Adithya Prakash Wenru Zhang MSc in China in Comparative Perspective Tarek Amara Gregory Christopher Bruno Junyu Liu Lorenzo Piacentini Alistair Burlinson Yijun Cai Filippo Calzeroni Shuangqi Fu Sze Lam Hou Tianqi Hu Gergely Kádár Jingyou Lu Marcela Lukaj Yang Tang Joost Versteeg Shu Wa Wong Qian Xie Maner Zhao Alexander Edward Louis Breeden Xueyun Cai Maud Edith M Descamps Ya Gao Annabelle Juffs Idalaura Luisella Marcenaro Kunyu Wang Zhongyao Zhang Ruizhe Zhou I 102 I LSE Digest 16-17

104 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in City Design and Social Science Rachel Ellery Brain Rosemary Allison Havener Sylvia Hetty Mckelvie Ann Ayoola Aminat Oduwaiye Molly Mei Strauss Diego Ignacio Sebastian Uliarte Parada Sarah Elizabeth Barnes José César Mássimo Faria León Francisco Díaz-Bone Mariana Gallardo Morales Chung Yin Stephanie Lai Ravi Anand Loknath Ghadeer Mohamed Mansour Larissa Miranda Heinisch Yingke Ni Macarena Plaza Helguero Kelvin Yu Hur Quek Jennifer Sayer Oliver David Tovatt Jie You Weihan Zhu Bridget Akva Ackeifi MSc in Comparative Politics Axel Cecil William Dalman Gabriel Hubert Hedengren Duncan Charles Hosie Alanna Jayne Inserra Lewis Abraham Dagg Krashinsky Rune Wriedt Larsen Sanjukta Sen Kelsey Gustafson Suter Nour Turkmani Erica Ruth Belcher Zeineb Ben Yahmed Jennifer Chetwood Ka Sin Tracy Cheung Abiola Ifeoluwa Fasoranti William Taylor Gevertz Iona Catherine Rachel Hendry Da Eun Jung Taheea Rubaida Khan Isaac Snowden Lederman Yangjialei Li Jueying Lin Bianca Moiceanu András Molnár Sofia Patricia Munoz Gonzalez Anthony Richard Neil Nestor Raul Pedraza Sierra Pablo Sebastian Valdivieso Kastner Juan Ignacio Alarcón Santander Michal Tomasz Azarkiewicz Maria Antonia Caldas De Carli Farias George Martin Duarte Jr Wenrong Liu Haya Mostafa Natsheh Sophie Alice Russell Beatrice Rose Tapp MSc in Comparative Politics (Nationalism and Ethnic Politics) Sapandeep Singh Maini Yang Huang Mccauley Aubrey Pugh Hallelujah Lulie Wondimu MSc in Comparative Politics (Comparative Political Economy) Robert James Macquarie Molly Kwon Brossman Guilhem Patrick Marie Chevallereau Felipe Alfonso Gonzalez De Leon Jack Thomas Graham Joon Mo Hong Chao Jin Ralph Klöss-Schuster Hannah Norheim Jose Pedro Rosa Rodrigues Mantero Mijoo Shin Andrew Douglas Stinson Bei Zhong Nathan Kennan Xiangwen Ye MSc in Comparative Politics (Comparative Political Institutions) Greta Kimberley Gietz MSc in Comparative Politics (Democracy and Democratization) Hadeel Alsaidawi LSE Digest I 103 I

105 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 James Anthony Brown Amanda Beathe Elise Kirke Kyander King Fai Lam Karim Merhej Eleni Panagiotopoulou Dersu Ekim Tanca Joaquin Ugalde Silva Daniel Alexander Watson MSc in Comparative Politics (Nationalism and Ethnic Politics) Barbara Henryka Armstrong Mary Catherine Diduch MSc in Comparative Politics (Politics of the Developing World) Alexander Rustler MSc in Conflict Studies Rebecca Esther Berman Hope Brennan Dancy Aude Nora Darnal Antonia Lilly Emily Eser-Ruperti Jennifer Hodge Joshua Ebenezer Jesudason Anne Francoise Odile Lescure Yu Huang Matin Ling Emma Marie Merritt-Cuneo Josephine Adele Claire Moreau Bryan Theuri Mutiso Bjørnar Østby Tim Lewis Poppenborg Alexandre Marc Adrian Raymakers Tijana Recevic Valeria Scuto Leonardo Gode Julian Steinfeld Jessica Maria Walker Garcia Kilian Antonio Heinz Wirthwein Vega Sharon Lee Wu Viviana Annunziata Nicholas Patrick Astier-Ibrahim Kaja Thorsen Baarnes Alfrun Perla Baldursdóttir Maja Bayyoud Ann-Sophie Blank Joseph Francis Laurence Carroll Maggie Day Fosca D'Incau Carmen Gonzalez Del Rosal Helena May Isabel Green Marwa Hassan Noha Shehab Ahmed Mohamed Khalil Anan Khatib Sai Man Julian Kwong Crystal Chi Yan Lee Karen Juliette Lugo Londono Iglika Hristova Mancheva Karin Narita Sehr Saira Nawaz Maxime Dominique A Pierre Stephen Michael Reimer Paulina Salomon Fuentes Hanna J Schieve Kenneth Bejamin Schneider Victoria Tabea Seeck Sara Anne Sindija Leo Sugo Heesun Suh Melanie Elfie Andrea Thienard Zachary Elwood Torrey Kristina Zina-Joy Van Sant Jonathan Watkins Bernardo Ferreira Marinho Da Mata MSc in Criminal Justice Policy Lucy Elizabeth Bryant David Joseph Byrne Hannah Mary Pittaway Eleanor Katurani Janet De Emily Ann Evison Fiona Paule Madeleine Frattini Wai Yu Esther Hung Abigail Louise Monique Kossoff Vanessa Lyrio Boechat Alves Samantha Jayne Morris Yuhka Ohmoto Tess Jacqueline Thornley Celestine Georgina Fanny Maria Helena Von Schorlemer Sofia Ballesteros Rodriguez Elizabeth Wing Sze Leung MSc in Culture and Society James Andrew Stewart Deeley Lucy Helen Irving Rukhsana Jahangir Eva Katharina Klute I 104 I LSE Digest 16-17

106 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Aidan Paul Peppin Mary Katherine Browne Xiaoqian Cai Yineng Cai Lily Patricia Caruso Annabelle Ambre Rosa Iris Fain Qianying Fan Haoran Gui Ebba Hedvig Elisabet Henrekson Diana Silvia Juris Woo Young Lee Yaqi Lu Kehan Ma Jennifer Rae Pavlick Sigrid Jane Ramstad Yichen Shen Amira Song-Ngam Wenn Er Tan Joohyun Yang Xueyu Bai Ying Fang Maria Dimitra Flouraki Nina Rosa Nicolai MSc in Development Management Nina Brandner Yunqian Agnes Chew Michelle Downes Fauber Rebeca Granda Marcos Alix Stephanie Guibert Annis Khalil Saniee Ha-Na Sophie Schulz Alexandra Beth Stein Sumayyah Tasnim Khine Lynn Thu Yunus Kaae Adams Shakeel Ahmad Rayan Akill Nana Yaa Akyeamaa Akyeampong Elsi Milagros Alva Aliaga Jeromine Andolfatto Ximena Cristina Apestegui Guardia Alexandra Nicole Arnold Caryn Aybar Cespedes Daniela Fernanda Baeza Breinbauer Sayali Anil Borole Steven Joseph Burak Alejandra Carvajal Sanchez Lucia Belen Cirimello Terhas Clark Jordan Allis Craig Carolina Lucia De La Espriella Giannuzzi Harsh Rahul Desai Adanna Leona Ehirim Deqa Mohamed Farah Naima Freiin Von Ritter Zu Groenesteyn Shweta Miriam George Zoe Monique Kirsten Hagley Elizabeth Zumwalt Harmon Chen Hu Aubin Hubert Sylvain Huret Juan Gonzalo Jaramillo Mejia Ana Ysobelle Javier Daniel Honore Jensen Jin Kyung Jeong Minseo Ju Job Lakal Sharmeena Rizwana Lalloo Ekaterina Lvin Laetitia Marie F Mairlot Elsa Mireille Benazo Makouezi Gabriele Maneo Diana Maria Marin Dawid Daniela Martinez Moreno Georgina Daphne Anne Maynard Fergal Feichin Mcdonagh Daniel Abraham Meloen Yveta Melounová Yuko Morita Samaa Mufti Debora Neto Zampier Shaurya Patel Jeniffer Rosa Perez Pinillos Christine Meredith Stewart Pitson Kate Elizabeth Pledger Meredith Kaitlyn Radke Gracie Elizabeth Raver Marta Santoboni Cecilia Belem Saucedo Carranza Annika Schlingheider Saurabh Shah Jennifer Ashley Van Erden Bing Wang Morgan Lee Wills Loyce Beryl Witherspoon Wenwen Xie Marta Zgodzinska Shuchen Zhao Xingyi Zhou Beliz Ayhan Faiza Babar Juan Antonio Bazan Martinez Christian Ilunga-Matthiesen Phionah Kanyorobe Catalina Danae Lillo López Majeed Abdul Musah LSE Digest I 105 I

107 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Maria Isabel Neuhaus Rodriguez Larrain Luben Petkoff Chirinos Ranelle Paula Randee Pranidhi Sawhney MSc in Development Studies Giovanni Giordana Alexandra Karlsson Jannis König Tejas Panchal Thomas Joseph Ainscough Pollard Erika Akariguame Armengol Sloth Ebba Anna Maria Aberg Aly Hossam Ahmed Abouelenein Camilo Acosta Rivera Shazma Alam Jessye Sara Awinowicka Berkowitz-Werner Corina Baltag Martha Afandi Bande Paula Andrea Bautista Rodriguez Karina Blanco Ochoa Priscilla Sena Bretuo Magdalena Joanna Burtan Rishum Butt Scott Dylan Carpenter Elisa Anne Cascardi Paula Andrea Castaneda Verano Camila Helena Cea Moore Matthew Hei-Jing Cheung Robert Andrew Cole Mira Chloe Cole-Wijaya Shoumeli Das Amelia Louise Davy Kabeer Dawani Margaret Cullinan Dennis Gretta Wally Digbeu Mary Kathryn Kelley Dougherty Iman Kamariah Binti Armin Effendi Tin Hinane El Kadi Leo Frederick Fabbri Mark Alexander Futers Rosalind Ellie Grubin Kristen Michelle Hagemeister Estefanie Hechenberger Joseph Jacobus Human Natsuki Iida Georgy Istigechev Lavneeta Jalan Ruchi Junnarkar Emilie Marie Karlsson Raveena Kaur Rushda Arasta Khandker Helen Kirsch Annaliese Marie Koontz Michela Lampone Andrew James Lightner Marion Delphine Lugagne-Delpon Lily Mackow-Mcguire Svetlana Maratkanova Ferdinand Alexander Araneta Marcos Cristina Martinez Limon Sana Merrachi Yutaro Mochida Muna Mohamed Ipshita Mondal Devi Nair Abraham Diing Akoi Nyuon Octavian Porumboiu Pallavi Prabhakar Juan David Quiñones Vargas Eleanor Elizabeth Roberts Joachim Francois Roth Namitha Sadanand Takatoshi Sasaki Jacob Kyle Shaffer Alexander Edward Shapiro Sara Silverstein Tinnaphop Sinsomboonthong Traje Tulay Tanrikulu Mckenzie Lauren Templeton Eustace Ezechukwu Uzor Olivia Dominique Pierre Vandeputte Silje Marie Vatne Ishret Binte Wahid Leonie Willenbrink Ruth-Beulah Attah Tushaar Oneale Carvalho Siyuan Chen Aurora Cicillini Ivonald Evan Da Cruz Huan Deng Jude Chisom Erondu Eda Nazli Genç Yuanfan Hu Luiza Secco Margulis Alejandra Maria Marma-Gutierrez Enrica Sophie Clara Mertens Yiran Qian Samiullah Rahmanzai Jianing Ren Ana Carina Rodrigues De Oliveira Mary Elizabeth Smith Pallavi Tyagi Dorothea Eleftheria Vaitsi Clara Aida Watt I 106 I LSE Digest 16-17

108 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in Economic History Sathesh Alagappan Jacob Gordon Alchek Hugo Matthew James Bax Stephen Brown Jinzhao Du Andrew James Arrol Hunter Fulko Georg Lenz Ethan Noel Mc Cormac Niall James Murphy Victoria Lynn Nolte Olivia Podmore Sergey Puchkov Carlo Tanghetti Johannes Wimmer Matthew Alexander Beckford Stewart Mann Burns Jane Elizabeth Charlesworth Carl Christoffer Dharmaraj Diebitsch Peter Dyulgerov Ingvar Haraldsson Juan Jose Jimenez Reino Lei Lei Xinyue Lei Chang Liu Wanting Liu Ziang Liu Shiqiang Luo James Quinn Markwith Safya Ayesha Morshed Berend Cornelis Nix Sungsoo Park Milan Max Petit Jason Mehmet Sheets Shreman Shrestha David Robert Johannes Svanberg Hanfang Tan Robin Xi Wang Verbruggen Lu Wang Meng Wang Nathan Allen Williams Bingling Xu Yang Yu Ruomei Bai Mengzhen Chai Jia Dai Shaotong Gu Yangtao Jiang Nam Gyue Kang Sizenan Lai Han Lin Ashley Damian Marzimin Xinyi Ren Qixuan Sui Jinglin Wen Dongxu Xie Mobushra Naz Yaqub Yihan Zhao Qianrong Zhu MSc in Economic History (Research) Erik Jurijevic Golikov Thomas Paul Learmouth Ian Richard James Mclennan Alka Pillai Raman Ali Irfan Shaikh Felix Richard Mattern Runzhuo Zhai MSc in Economics and Philosophy William Kofi Glevey Nikolay Iliev Iliev Jan Mazza MSc in Economy, Risk and Society Andrew David Michelmore Adams Joseph Lloyd Butler Aqsa Fawzia Hussain Matea Miljevic Paulina Margarete Schenk Monika Aleksic Alberto Caballero Mejia Curran Boleslaw Eugene Cunningham Juxin Deng Stephanie Jane Eybers Xinle He Xintong Li Jingyi Liu Wenxin Qiao Philip Englyst Smedegaard Zuzanna Sojka Xin Tao Jeremy Jien Quan Wong Christina Dafni Xinyu Guo Doohong Kim Boyang Li Yanhao Ou LSE Digest I 107 I

109 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Jiaxin Sun Yue Wang Nan Wei Zijian Yu MSc in Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation Collin Edmonds Bernard Mattias Alessandro Carosella Alexandra Katharine Courage Seok Chin Goh Mary Isabel Angelica Hamilton Stephen Barry Hedges Jianyuan Sun Edward Yu Fan Yu Fan Tan Albbie-Akim Nana Kofi Apraku Amankona Ambia Begum Joel Aron Simon Festenstein Catherine Morgan Flood Tsz Ho Fu Michelle Amaka Gooden-Jones Andrew Lennard Ko-Hang Liao Claire Helen Matheson Catherine Teichman Schreck Alexander Andreas Tofalides Cara Anne Levy MSc in Environment and Development Shaiyra Devi James George Ferguson Carruthers Philipp Roland Geres Ferdinand Paul Gabriel Girke Linda Hölscher William Joseph Malachy Irwin Lisa Kristin Murken Alexandra Sophie Rodrigues Hayley Taryn Welsh Mahmoud Mazin Al-Shakarchi Pauline Lola Blanc Anya Bukshi Audrey Delaplagne Simon Jay Edscer Noam Chaim Elad Gerald Esono-Esono Suguitan Carlos Ignacio Essus Jiménez Gino Francisco Figueroa Moscoso Helen Finlay Erica Brittany Fleet Sareh Forouzesh Emma Grace French Mariana Granziera Kathryn Anne Klem Sangji Lee Victoria Louise Patricia Mears Leonie Lisa Meier Stacey Leigh Mills Sara Monti Louis Frederick Thomas Nunes Da Costa Josephina Okang Helena Maria O'Rourke-Potocki Mikkel Ellegaard Hove Pedersen Megan Fiona Redmond Nastasja Regis Christina Edith Elisabeth Rehnberg Aida Sekkat Nicole Theresa Simonelli Fernanda Sousa Gimenes Meghna Tewari Joel Darryl Thompson Zelie Helene Jeanne Lili Victor Yawei Wang Takashi Yukizawa Otshabile Bahetoleng Khairun Nisa Binti Mohamed Zabidi Stelio Christodoulou Lorene Marie-Paule Delhoume Ndeye Rose Diop Jaeyoung Huh Ruoxi Mu Maguelone Marie Malvina Thompson Yasushi Yoda Mylene Josephine Violetta Zambon Yun Zhou MSc in Environmental Economics and Climate Change Marius Malvina Bondy Giorgia Cecchinato Vincent Jie Lun Chung Gilles Eugene F Dufrasne Fabian Knödler-Thoma Goeun Lee Muireann Mageras Jozef Masseroli Samuel Clayton Ross Lorenzo Sileci Paul James Richard Smith Danielle Rebecca Standish Tobias Udsholt Shiyu Zheng I 108 I LSE Digest 16-17

110 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Filippo Amone Adnan Bazzi Emma Madeleine Bellevue Claydon James Dewey Davis Giacomo Falchetta Perry Francis Jackson Raphaela Andrea Kotsch Lucien, Maurice Lewertowski Blanche Yangyang Liu Swithin Yu-Tin Lui Liron Eli Mannie Nicole Marie Pavia Yiwen Qiu Nader Sobhani Achilleas Spais Ana Tepavac Kimberley Magdalena Pauline Todt Jue Wang Joy Anne Wildmann Rui Feng Beatrice Irullo Maria Foteini Kamizouli Marcelo Francisco Olivares Arenas Luciana Puebla Renteria Fernando Nathael Ramones Fernandez Tatiana Sachuk Aditya Singla Yuqing Wang Tianran Yang MSc in Environmental Policy and Regulation Jonathon George Broome Bianca Marie Caramento Hayden Wallace Dahmm Andrew John Hodel Brianne Christine Riehl Johanna Schwarz Georgina Louise Short Jeremy Khai Sung Farah Al Taher Rebecca Anastagi Felipe Ignacio Artigas Maritano Gustave Hardoin Marie Patrick Richard d'andlau Friederike Cornelia Simone Doebbe Chiara Feliziani Renatta Madeline Terrazas Fielden Nicole Julie Goddard Maria Jose Herrera Emmy Thais Lefort Zhuonan Liu Iain Edward Murray Lauren Clare Neilson Veronica Robledo Vallejo Samriddhi Sharma Juergen Stolzlechner Zhao Yao Nathaniel Tang Stefanie Danielle Tinti Isabella Maria Troconis Reed Patrick Albert Van Hook Andrea Katherine Qian Zhi Von Ting Cheung Ho Eduardo Felipe Ignacio Lizana Sánchez Louisa Sofie Spiekermann Ruonan Tang Eddy Enrique Velarde Melendez Delphine Francoise A Williot Yaxin Zhong MSc in EU Politics Huw Jeffrey Anslow Clara Alice Seligmann Benan Soydas Makoto Yamane MSc in EU Politics (Democracy and Representation in the European Union) Thibault Paul Jean Dufétel Otto Mikael Ilveskero Meredith Mckenzie Ratner Elisabeth Ann Laird Misachi Josef Ogawa Anna Sjoukje Van Oosterhout Takashi Negishi MSc in EU Politics (Integration and Forms of Governance in the European Union) Giulia Cosenza Samuel Clark Brown Beatrix Tilda Marie Vandooren Maria Belyak LSE Digest I 109 I

111 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in EU Politics (LSE and Sciences Po) (Integration and Forms of Governance in the European Union) Emilie Mary Naulot MSc in EU Politics (LSE and Sciences Po) (The International Relations of Europe) Alexandra Geraldine Foucaud Cecile Grillet MSc in EU Politics (Policy Making and Public Policy in the European Union) Elettra Di Massa Linda Krbcova MSc in EU Politics (Regional and Domestic Politics in Europe) Lamprini Bikou Scott Alister Brown Ana Mijanovic MSc in EU Politics (State and Economy within the European Union) Maude Valerie Metz Daphnee Solenne Papiasse Renate Ruta Apse MSc in EU Politics (The International Relations of Europe) Eleana Balabani Boris Ajeganov Martina Calleri Andrea Di Masi Nodin Elias Midtskog Ennals Simone Esposito Leon Samuel Izbicki Olli Johannes Jokinen Edvinas Notkus Alessandra Francesca P Pozzi Rocco Peter Johansen Qvist Edoardo Ravaioli Tommaso Maria Ruocco Anna-Maria Francesca Swiridoff Alexander Alfons Jacques Tempel Yu Wai Wong Tollak NYLÆNDE Bowitz Carlo De Giacomo Julia Simha Rose Ghrenassia Mariam Malik Hugo Thomas Stratton Duccio Maria Tenti Xyrah Ariana Wheatley Yuqing Xiong MSc in European Studies (Research) Meaghan Elizabeth Clohessy Jacqueline Noel Manuel Sebastian Markus Peter MSc in European Studies: Ideas and Identities Jasmin Cuppone Fareed Al'Derechi Roxanna Yasmin Azimy Helen Marie Beckner Ida Marie Bustnes Lorenzo Buti Reha Atakan Cetin Francesco Fici Alia Emine Kiran Chloe Audrey Lee Andrea Li Elena Maggi Magdalena Wanda Markiewicz Josep Mercadal Baquero Nikoletta Michaela Michael Noe Rene Morin Vikram Mukka Petar Murginski Bradley James Price Maria Sergeevna Scherbov Shai Shalgi Jabari White Ahmed Said Dizman Jovan Djordjevic Janna Mosinyan Yujing Wang I 110 I LSE Digest 16-17

112 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in Gender Nour H H A M Almazidi Caterina Isabella Giammarresi Elizabeth Ann Hughes Alanah Eugena Mortlock Alexa Anne Russo Josephine Felicie Sauvaire Xin-Ying Tai Kasey Jemma Robinson Sarah Rose Smiley Margaret Eleanor Travers Georgia Abbigail Gordon Williams Jie Yun Cara Yong MSc in Gender (Research) Rosslyn Elliott Steinmetz Rhodes Rohat Erdogan Lucia Pedrioli Bárbara Sepúlveda Hales Demet Sir MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation Morwenna Sian Byford Rebecca Phyliss Entringer Rachel Michal Guthartz Olivia Kerr-Wealleans Melissa Lynn Matlock Jennifer Anne Schulz Natalie Miroyan Apcar Meredith Sprosty Applegate Ava Tara Berry Harriet Boland Christen Louise Carpenter Anthe Katherine Crawley Josephine Claire Goldfinch Betts Ryoko Iwamoto Rebecca Ellen Kentfield Zaizhou Li Paola Rachel Millet Megan Marie Moore Alice Claire Eugenie Muller Anni Ni William Hyltje Nicholl Rachael Nicole Salisbury Emily Anne Schacter Kaushal Priya Sharma Esther Thiry Rebecca Kate Williamson Daniela Delizia Zara Rameesha Shahid Miki Tsusaka MSc in Gender, Media and Culture Meaghan Elizabeth Allen Lucille Hanna Amsallem Jessica Wing Yu Cheung Resham Nitin Parikh Esin D'Amery Olga Derzioti Elizabeth Ann Ferrari Mycah Renee Halstead Akansha Jha Xinyu Li Hasham Nasir Blen Asemrie Sahilu Jing Yuan Zhuoya Zhang Yuhui Zhu Jinke Li Yinan Li MSc in Gender, Policy and Inequalities Kenza Chahlouni Brahmi Chakravorty Elisa Chieregato Kate Jelly Natasha Hera Mcdonagh Collett Vasudha Agarwal Chloe Rachel Allen Sapana Chandra Anand Lynsey Elizabeth Chediak Laura Griffin Lamees Jaafari Wipawan Khoonthaweelapphol Karolina Kozmana Isabela Marin Carvajal Jake T Picker Camila Javiera Vega Pérez William Matthew Wigmore Devika Deonarine Ayari Honda Sarah Michelle Latshaw LSE Digest I 111 I

113 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in Global Health Victoria Adetola Adewole Antonia Celestine Bauer Wan Fung Chan Long Hin Cheung Roos Fenna De Bruijn Agata Ferretti Margaret Mallan Kramer Ruocheng Liu Henry Mccullagh Irodotos Michail Nikolaidis Ioannis Pantelidis-Pergantas Bhavesh Purushottam Patel Ashlyn Marie Pinto France Diane Alexandra Reech Lydia Rebecca Regan Maira Salmen Sara Raquel Segovia Barillas Fiona Cherie Sing Anna Alexandra Syntosi Andrea Mc Cally Taylor Sara Mariama Tharakan Konstantinos Davaris Jiyeon Kang Gabriela Marchena Mora Jing Ning Vishal Sharma Ali Sohail Sirin Thantaha Sundnes Kristian Marc Ulrich Hye Jeong Yang MSc in Global History Gayatri Bhaumik Marcel Maciej MSc in Global History (Erasmus Mundus) Juliana Cecilia Lindell Michaela Kerstin Summerer Sarah Castellanos Johannes Paul Horst Hilke Kracke Azra Muftic Lars Radscheidt Jan Philipp Wilhelm Fabio Fabrizio Bruni MSc in Global Management Olivia Grace Hotchkiss Wilson Chi Kuen Lau Muqeet Majed Marta Ribeiro De Almeida Pereira Oliveira Siyao Wu Omar Azlan Farouk Devesh Haresh Kirpalani Max Wilhelm Kölb Stefanie Lieberherr Kathleen Winifred Lotmore Abdulla Nasrullaev Rizky Nurakbarianti Julien Picard Oriana Andreina Randazzo Gopal Purandar Das Renfei Deng Jurg William Arnold Haller Tingke Hu Lingcong Peng Ehsan Rahmati Hironori Taketomi Daria Vasileva MSc in Global Management (CEMS MiM) Marlena Bueschl Emmanouela Gavala Ilgaz Baris Meydan Hubertus Reinprecht Laura Silva Constantine Tsavliris Saumya Agarwal Sheetal Kumar Agrawalla Catherine Hin Moy Ahkong Alexandra Amorosino Karen Rhea Aris Akriti Singh Arora Andrea Ga Wai Chu Rishi Dhawan Lilli Theresa Hey Raza Imran Ibrahim Raphael Jean Florent Judet Enguerran Alexis Adrian Licari Samantha Mehta Lara Maria Meyer Faizan Mohammed Nina Mohanty Yingrui Qian Maria Nina Sofia Skotchko I 112 I LSE Digest 16-17

114 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Yingjie Song Yanhuan Tang Adriana Tudela Longas Yue Wang Yuzhen Yang Weicong Zhao Zidan Deng Yuanli Peng Xunyue Wang MSc in Global Management (MBA Exchange) Pallavi Agarwal Arthur William Bastien Archaud Kartik Bhandari Victoria Margaretha Elisabeth Bubmann Judith Catharine Durkin Samuel Joseph Samyntas Stannah Umar Waqar Tertius Adrianus Quirinus Boukema Anuusha Pariyada Benjamin Jonathan Anderson Scott Aman Deep Singh Anindita Singh MSc in Global Politics Aliya Alikhanbayova Maximilian Fischbach Simon Paul Hayes Mirko Noa Heinzel Kara Rita Mazareas Stephan Mlczoch Julia Esther Okatz Sidsel Skovly Green Pedersen Emanuele Francesco Pirozzi Annabella Theodora Semple Sandra Smits Cazadira Fediva Tamzil Leopold Maria Traugott John Vlasto Robert Emilio Benson Matteo Busto Roy William Cobby Anne-Sophie Christiane F Deman Gaia Geraci Johannes Maurits Graaf Van Limburg Stirum Tiina Maija Haimi Lily Frances Hofstra Jonathan You Qing Loh Natalie Comeau Mc Clung Akinyi Rachel Vanessa Ochieng Mikhail Pronko Aqsa Kashif Qazi Marilena Rika Schmich Saniya Singh Theresa Stoll Julieca Samantha Wilson Yat Sing Wong Katerina Zeveleva Hendrik Zschoch Amanda Maria Anderberg Juliana Aneli Azenha Da Silva Jihyun Jeon Nathalia Reale Knoll MSc in Health Economics, Policy and Management Stefan Alexander Flury Zephan Marcus Andrew Trent Gavin Francis Fitzgerald Roland Foster Simon Timothy Greaves Diego Fernando Guarin Garcia Ariel Andres Jait Vincent Jun Ho Low Angeliki Vernadaki Tanya Wells Brown Khaole Hassan MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Financing Michael James Anderson Stella Roxanne Irene Sophie Danek Ashley Paige Miller Melody Zhang Qiu Joanna Sarah Taylor Sasha Landau Zegenhagen Sarah Averi Albala Diana Beatriz Samson Bayani Bayani Cait Mary Berry Blandine Candice Audrey Binachon Jane Jingyao Chen Chinedu Franklin Chikwendu Chigbo Macphilip Chikwendu Jonathan Alexander Cushing Stephanie Katherine Day Nevine Sameh Salaheldin Elnahass LSE Digest I 113 I

115 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Colin Patrick Flannelly Alexandre Gosselin-Tardif Razel Nikka Meneses Hao Nur Iqbal Kara Tyler Mccallum Kennedy Yu-Chen Lee Tichatyei Alison Mhazo Terryvelma Lumwaji Musoga Laura Kfukfu Ndzi Sin Yee Ng Rosemary Wangari Ng'Ang'A Adetayo Folarin Olabiran Nishali Kirit Patel Carmyn Christina Polk Maria Elizabeth Restuccio Mary Helen Ribeiro Pombo Rachel Lillian Rosen Stephanie Marie Rotolo Tabea Dorothee Schmidt-Ott Ryosuke Shimazu Iordanis Sidiropoulos Tadayuki Tanimura Roger Nicholas Welch Kalin Chan Werner Sabrina Wimmer Wing Sze Wince Wong Edward Chengchao Xie Nawal Ali Abobakr Ba Abbad Alisia Teshair Browne Salma Awad Mohamed Awad Elgamal Marisol Escudero Martinez Peter Albert Bheki Fakudze Theo Oliver Grace Zenzo Ncube Aji-Mallen Sanneh Aayush Solanki Babatunde Oluseyi Tikare MSc in Health, Population and Society Evan Lehto Galbraith Asuka Juliana Heltmann Leah Nandi Hocker Grace Eleanor Bennett Maria Francisca Crispi Galleguillos. Linyu Kong Nilsa Ariadna Moreno Ramos Helen Dione Rotonen Rachelle Augustine Soriano Nicole Catherine Sourry Bomonlu Adebayo Awujoola Adelaja Karolina Malgorzata Kujawa Dora Giselle Maradiaga Diaz Soraya Radhika Shri-Pathman Ling Zhou MSc in History of International Relations Martin Crevier Samuel James Pascoe Evans Knut Skaug Hesla Catherine Louise Kordel Cailean Francis Madden Saoirse Woodward Mckeon Fionntan O'Hara Ahmed Taher Hossen Peerbux Tom Francesco Pridham Jennita Sripunporn Teresita Consuelo Marion Filippa Cecile Margarita Von Boch Thomas Barry Yeldon Afra Mohammad Thani Bin Qatami Al Suwaidi Maariya Arub Ahmed Fawad Alizada Louis Daniel Bearn Carl Philip Brandgard Hugo Frederick Groome Bussell Timothy Edward Conley Olajide Jamil Omomayowa Gbadamosi Kai Iizuka Arbenita Lumi Christine Theresa Mangiaforte Rayan Tehmuras Modi Ludovica Muganu Keanu Gabriel Ross-Cabrera Shuo Tian Felicia Helena Marie Tidmarsh Cortes Pavel Yuriy Vanev Jingzhu Wang Di Wu Jiying Zhang Yayun Zheng Michael Ade-Kunle Yu An Seung Jin Choe Giorgia Gallarati Yuan Li Dominic Andrew Rickard Senxiao Shi Dunja Tanovic I 114 I LSE Digest 16-17

116 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in Human Geography and Urban Studies (Research) Sangeetha D/O Panearselvan MSc in Human Resources and Organisations (Human Resource Management/CIPD) Ambreen Athar Naomi Marie Bautista Eduard Blum Urmila Das Lok Ting Ho Maryane Mwaniki Daphne-My Linh-Charlotte Sibille Werada Somboonvechakarn Ziqiu Ye Theophilus Aboagye Sabahat Asadullah Xiaoran Bai Raagini Bhalla Georgia Bokari Marta Cristina Brett Ramos Sandani Muthuhari Michaela Chandrasekara Angelique Chegaray Yip Tung Choi Sarah Elena Connolly Lu Dai Iretiolu Abosede David Jean Miguel De Carvalho Leitao Wendy Colette Marie Deligny Shweta Desai Jasper Roland Even Rishika Ghosh Chenying Hao Tonje Hope Khadija Fatima Jaffery Nicha Kamnerdmanee Boyan Veselinov Kirov Motunrayo Temitayo Ladipo Charlotte Sophie Marie Larrouilh Jiaying Li Yuanzhen Li Xiaoxia Lin Xiaosheng Liu Zhen Liu Cheng-Ying Lu Ambika Luthra Areti Lykou Suzannah Louise Mellor Puneet Nagpal Naomi Atinuke Ojo Kiu Chung Pang Remo Johann Pientka Gergana Rumenova Popova Kriti Pradhan Tooba Saeed Rasha Ziad Said Jinji Shen Amanda Hope Sherry Wai Yee Melody Sit Marie Skagestad Laksameekanit Sukwat Ziwen Tang Max Richard Wagner Guohui Wang Wenqian Wang Jingjing Wei Michelle Joy Westwood Shihui Wu Xiang Yue Shiqi Zhao Xinxing Zhu Alicia Rosalie Ancona Alvaro Gomez Vivas Rui Guo Sanghyup Kim Jennifer Nana Yaa Mee Sergey Tabankov MSc in Human Resources and Organisations (International Employment Relations and Human Resource Management) Carolina Amaya Tobar Federica Barbieri Sophie Annabel Hordern Juliane Magdalena Hoss Hannah Crystel Lassaigh Leonidas Sichen Li David Qiang Peran Cari Buchanan Risk Hong Yan Ji Yoon Yun Raksha Paleyanda Aiyanna Soukaina Amira Ama Kakra Korakoa Anamoah Sarah Boog Agathe Cecile Apolline Collinet Wenjun Gong Arushi Gupta Xi Huang LSE Digest I 115 I

117 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Natalia Infante Chaves Valeriia Kats Corinna Mariateresa Ligorio Ayme Denisse Limaco Chahua Kyohei Miyoshi Giulia Montano Keding Qian Ida Margrete Lien Samuelsen Nikhil Shankar Jiaran Song Alessandro Valori Lea Jane Yvonne Vincenti Jingyi Wei Jie Xu Yue Yu Chenyi Zhao Alice Bennett Beverly Chinyere Geddes Aikaterini Gkizi-Chatziantoniou Lisong Liu Antigoni Samara Shreya MSc in Human Resources and Organisations (Organisational Behaviour) Christina Anker Shwetha Chandrashekhar Wuyu Chen Farnaz Chowdhry Daniela Mendez Goyzueta Kiran Suresh Mijar Shari Beth Naimer Nicole Wai Yin Ng Franziska Marie Poszler Yining She Janel Ariella Abrahami Anastasia Apostolidou Daniel Caceres Apolaya Holly Lynn Chase Aavanti Chopra Emayadue Omotayo Clark Lori Marlene Der-Khachadourian Navreet Dhanju Luka Gobeljic Yorck Christian Klaus Johannes Hesselbarth Jiayi Hong Nicole Hunter Mehreen Izhar Anusha Jain Fatima Mazhar Khan Cassandra Veronica Kienast Leher Kochhar Sadi Kurt Guodong Li Nadeen Sami Issa Nabulsi Rebecca Ost Alizeh Rabbani Angela Patricia Rincon Nieto Ulfet Ufuk Sami Maria Felicia Skarelid Amy Grace Tedder Yuen Ting Tina Ting Sirjandeep Kaur Ubha Taniya Verma Su Wen Jinshan Zhu Soravit Narksusook Natasha Nuo Sim MSc in Human Rights Taif Alkhudary Karolien Astrid Celie Janelle Kathleen Cronk Syme Priscilla Usubal De Leon Katerina Hilda Downward Mona El Kateb Jessica Ann Fell Alana Rose Foster Tali Leviant Nankin Jona Laurin Liu Reem Awny Mohamed Abuzaid Aysha Zaid Al-Fekaiki Aya Ashraf Mostafa Osman Allam Tiffany Marie Alves Elizabete Aunina Adrien Baur Honoria Newbury Berman Hannah Buckley Eloise Rochelle Chandler Olivia Anneliese Codd Judy Ann Counihan Tazeen Dhanani Elizabeth Violetta Edwards John Alexander Fisher Caroline Fofana Daphne Laura Giachero Naomi Flora Gillespie Alexandra Carina Grolimund Katharine Lynn Horgan Hira Hussain Katarina Elizabeth Hyatt Flutra Islami Jasmine Jackson Boryana Valkova Karakoleva I 116 I LSE Digest 16-17

118 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Rustam Kypshakbayev Carol Lambert Ileana Lazea Eldhy Lorena Lopez Calzada Sahar Nikita Mctough Merrin Alexandra Meltzer Muntaha Adiyat Nabi Michael Hiro Nishimura Pascale Genevieve Pean Leonardo Piani Isobel Beatrice Pyle Beth Catherine Rochford Adam Christopher Rosario Aran James Spivey Sara Sultan Hasna Syed Camilla Taddei Rachel Anne Waltman Emily Joan Banks Noor Victoria Barrage Julia Caligiorne Santos Cassady Diane Cohick Leonor Maria De Sa Machado Ribeiro Gomes Zohra Ebrahimi Lama Elsadig Elsharif Rory Pollack Mondshein Shahd Mohamad Salameh Satarieh Konstantina Theotokatou Tsanira Katerina Zeka Dombiova MSc in Inequalities and Social Science Veronica Avila Anthony Miro Born Ari Gabriel Decter-Frain Maren Stöber Bart Matthijs Van Bruggen Harry Cahal Anderson Sarah Brand Beatriz Macarena Casas Gonzalez Patricio Ignacio Caviedes Núñez Elisa Colaiacomo Fenella Georgia Craven Claudia Amparo Derbez Fernandez Maria Amelia Di George Janai Ashley Gilmore Clement Julien Gillian Fiona Orr Kaia Rose Smith Lisa Chia-Er Tam Kristyn Day Ulanday Lisa Muggeridge MSc in International Affairs (LSE and Peking University) Apolline Michele Victoria Marie Blandin Shan Jee Chua Carlotta Clivio Yun Jin Kweon Jun Jie Phang Wladimir Christophe Jean Wirth Meilin Zhou Federico Brembati Solene Oceane Marie Chataigne Hannah Louise Cotillon Florian Jean Olivier Croise Moritz Alexander Christian Glatthard Marie Claire Adele Godet Catalina Ana Gomez Marrero Mingzhou Ji Katrina Norma Ebbesen Laidlaw Chin Nyong Lee Clemence Louise Marie Lizé Matteo Panizzardi Nevzat Soylu Guorui Sun Shiyang Xin Akira Kitado Mark Sirapob Ruckthongsuk Xiaoli Zhou MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies William Barab Mariana Gutierrez Gaytan Michelle Mülhausen Alice Miranda Robinson Rebecca Roby George Henry Woodhams Heather Lynne Zimmerman Efua Kumea Asibon Anu Natasha Coors Atre Lolwa Mohamed Reda Mohamed Anwar Awad Megan Elisabeth Barlow Helene Berhane Sarah Margaret Bonoff Thomas George Brady Meriah Josie Breckenridge Shea Elizabeth Chuey Camilla Cimatti Laura Marguerite Clarke Sara Mary Vaccaro Cronin LSE Digest I 117 I

119 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Daniel John Falco Murray John Fallis Erica Amy Feigenbaum Louis Erskine Piotr Gawin Stephanie Giandonato Amy Elizabeth Gordon Harry George Goulding Lauren Elizabeth Harrison Jodie Christine Holton Mariam Zohreh Joshi Samuel James Kealey Marianela Lara Sorondo Isabella Nadine Leyh Jonas Lossau Erin Sarah Lurie Zubin Malhotra Victoria Anyango Malowa Lucy Pamela Merchant Rosaria Morelli Marissa Kim Nordentoft Jacqueline Muthoni Opira Joseph Parrott Isabel Mary Pearson Stella Peisch Prerna Rathi Maria Gabriel Rein Elisa Madeleine Marie Riquier Alaa B S Shelbaia Nikolina Anna Stålhand Angela Xue Qi Toh Pari Pinakin Trivedi Emma Louise Tuck Jessica Kay Devereux Watts Naomi Rebecca Welsh Nicholas James Woolgrove Jordan Alexandra De Lorenzo Adil Khan Tingting Sun MSc in International Health Policy Juan Salcines Gomez-Pardo Christoph Zielke Xue Chen Marion Catherine Escafit Natalie Maria Harrison Shino Kamihara Bregtje Welmoed Kamphuis Karrar Karrar Sangjune Kim Eleftherios Maniatis Serena Paula Haigh Xiaoling Ng Sonja Pierzchalski Anjali Yin Rajah Aranzazu Rodriguez Guerrero Merle Sophie Schrader Krupa Jayant Shah Coralie Mignon Simmons Katelyn Rene Smalley Dimitra Spyridoula Sotou Nikolaos Alexandros Vlantis Anna Von Hörsten Tian Xia Yousef Zayyan Zaidan Zawaneh Nitin Nischal Bhandari Pierre-Jean Francois Pintard MSc in International Health Policy (Health Economics) Cecily Clarissa Johanna-Sophie Josten Jonas Villinger Myrto Barmpouni Ziye Chen Georgia Victoria Colville Jing Hu Rufaro Michelle Kausi Disha Mitra Ying Sheng Phang Beatrice Retali Shivam S Shah Meng Yuan Sun Farah Toron Francisca Vargas Lopes Michael Gregory Woods Kyann Zhang Deepak Alexander Pablo Evaristo Bretos Azcona Aleksander Jerzy Janusz Nikolaos Lyris Jianyi Peng MSc in International Management Ines Arondel Mugica Gherardo Aimone Lodovico Bucalossi Heng Ji Renjun Jiang Steve Kammer Maria Cristina Lopez Fernandez Louis Raf G Louvrier Shalala Mammadova Rafael Sarim Ozdemir Tobias Michael Palm I 118 I LSE Digest 16-17

120 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Delphine Alice Ruaro Henrique Santos Drebes Martin Tobias Schlappa Adrian Schlesiger Meishan Chen Ayoosh Kumar Choudhary Yu-Jung Chu Xia Feng Lisa Liu Gioele Luca Panella Shrey Talwar Stephanie Eleonore Van Buchem Diane Ann Zachariah Yaoyao Zhang Harrison Mckinney Ivie MSc in International Migration and Public Policy Alice Catherine Laure Blukacz Barbara Paulina Borodziewicz Bethan Medi Evans Elisabeth Pipic Jan-Niklas Sievers Natasha Teed Butorac Kristina Monet De St Maurice Dalila Del Chiaro Rita Deliperi Miroslav Grkovic Andrianna Constantina Katsiouleris Inara Astrida Klaise Maria Eugenia Moreira Ceballos Chinhyong Park Gevorg Sahakyan Jack Wesley Saynor Xinyu Wang Wang Yuechen Hannah Mackenzie Brown Kwan Yee Queenie Cheng MSc in International Political Economy Eleanor Ruth Bell Yassin Amin Laghnimi Stefan Remigio Pagura Nicolas Pose Ferraro Ingeborg Cecilia Seeberg Vasundhara Bahadur Jonathan Henry Baltodano Weiland Isabel Borowski Yuwei Cai Xuanang Chen Mehmet Metehan Çiftçi Lucia Regina Darós Linde De Nie Berivan Dilan Chantelle Jade D'Souza Christoffer Lerche Frederiksen Michael Georg Ganslmeier Matthias Ludwig Ganter Victor Alexander Grotowski Adrien Thierry Hartemann Thomas Carl Hickey Montijn Huisman Andrew Donald Hunter Kentaro Ide Tristan Samuel Jennings William Alexander Westerveld Jensen Hildur Margrét Jóhannsdóttir Katja Joris Knudsen Ping Jun Lim Kuo Wei Lou Wenqin Lu Amir Reza Malekzadeh Cherine Marie Leila Matar Alexander Maciey Nowakowski Chloe Francesca Retief Johanna Jessica Marianne Roussel Austin John Scharff Johannes Schneider Cristina Marie Stief Filippo Totta Antoine Adrien Victor Vallas Alessandro Venieri Lukas Wellner Patricia-May Wyllie Angelique Marie V Wynants Xinnan Yao Longwen Zhao Mohammed Majid A Z Al-Kuwari Rodion Kaplounov Ruta Krisciunaite Hanna Leykun Xingyu Ma Maria Andrea Mendizabal Nava Wilhelm Mjaaland Erastus Njuki Ndugire Masayu Octora Sharon Tema Peresezkaja Shahenshah Yaqut Mengchen Yu LSE Digest I 119 I

121 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in International Political Economy (LSE and Sciences Po) Matthias Koster Louisa Nora Mammeri Florian Münch Christian Philipp Von Drehle Esra Eruysal Uygur Simon Fellermeyer Nathaniel Mickael Zigi Kukurudz Benedicte Dominique Louise Marie Leger Mareike Magdalena Müller Sheilah Grace Atieno Olang Fabian Alexander Scheifele MSc in International Political Economy (Research) Nathan Beeri Armando Marozzi Nicola Nones Callum Alexander Adams-Carr Mohamed Badr Mohamed Al-Hinai Claire Elizabeth Atmore Carlos Fernandez De Arroyabe Arranz Hanlun Li Tara Lohmann Oliver Douglas Waverley White MSc in International Relations Reuben Samuel Werner Ackerman Francisco Mariano Ambrogi Shyamli Badgaiyan Luey Chun Chng Alice Clara Engelhard Daniel David Fitter Flamur Krasniqi Zein Mansour Ahmad Lozi Maija Saimi Johanna Lyytinen Michal Milner Johan Theil Nielsen Sara Perlangeli Ameya Pratap Rajendra Singh Nathan Lewis Thompson Lee Elliot Williamson Seifu Al-Midhadi Pratinav Anil Ramon Armengol Marti Alexandre Matthew Barker Simon Blaas Kirtbir Kaur Chahal Hoàng Phuong Thao Châu Kevin Leigh Dawid Nehal Mohamed Medhat Mostafa Elaasar Daniel Niall El-Gamry Marina Mourad Elgawly Aymeric Pascal Jordan Faure Maria Del Carmen Fernandez Fernandez Marta Ferretti Gabriel Foy-Sutherland Fayola Kathleen Jessie Fraser Lindsay Ann Getschel Shu Li Goh Grant Ross Goldberg Pauline Laetitia Grosdemange Christoffer Stromme Gundersen Tyler Cameron Janzen Kastle Cheers Jones Gawon Kim Clara Julia Bergamote Lafon Man Wai Lam Chien Tjin Kenneth Lee Irene Lopez Gonzalez Clara Martinez Meena Masood Rosalind Caroline Fiona Mcgregor Daniel Molenaars Jakob Muratov Eileen Bao-Lee Ng Anne Marie Osborne Roger Pallarés Sastre Franseza Tamsin Pardoe Sinmyung Park Anna Leonie Reese Sofie Helene Roxanne Röhrig Ingvild Elisabeth Rygg Hannah Pearl Sanderson Viktoria Laura Katharina Seifert Jodie Leigh Spencer Helen Inga Stankiewicz Von Ernst Noshin Suleman Caroline Wu Tan Yonas Mebrahtu Tekeste Tom Thonet Greta Sophia Tumbrink Aatish Kumar Verma Mirwais Wakil Yang Wang James Anton Finbar Watson Gregoire Louis Zammit Cholpon Abdyraeva Malick Ba Rediat Tizazu Bayeh Nathanael Samuel Chouraqui I 120 I LSE Digest 16-17

122 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Ali Youssoupha Diop Gianandrea Gaetani Dell'Aquila D'Aragona Leonard Maximilian Holzer Nora Plamenova Hristova Mohammad Hamza Iftikhar Su In Jeong Asuka Kado Nour Kobayter Helayhel Zosia Anne Krajewska Ann Mette Sander Nielsen Jeong Yun Park Jung Hyang Park Verushka Arun Patel Masayuki Shimura Sofia Volkova Artem V Zagorodnov MSc in International Relations (LSE and Sciences Po) Josephine Lucie Sultane Lasquier Ingrid Charlotte Edeline Munch Olivia Cannelle Nantermoz-Benoit-Gonin Ádám Köves Mitchell Franklin Levine Brendon William Bowdridge MSc in International Relations (Research) Marija Antanaviciute Ivoslav Petrov Ganchev Yang Han Andrew Player Cristobal Benjamin Bywaters Collado Bilge Ceylan Wing Sum Lee Ryan Ramsay Reed MSc in International Relations Theory Thi Hong Ha Nguyen Ida Rosa Sprengers Saher Alhusayan Mary Renwick Anderson Sean Linh Binder Loic Azzedine Geoffroy Bisson Astrid Marie De Geyer D'Orth Leah Janet Aline De Haan Elis Orri Gudbjartsson Till Kellerhoff David Martin Santidrian Lujain Medhat Mohamed Ezzat Meligy Lucas Edouard Miailhes Christina Miliou Theocharaki Assel Mukashkaliyeva Yuanfuyi Yang Hale Ceren Zeytinoglu Pallavi Menon Pulkit Mohan Mengbing Xu MSc in International Strategy and Diplomacy Kenneth Andrew Dabkowski Immanuel Cedrik Lecaros Forbes Abigail Lauren Howell Leah Christine Marchuk Audrey Stauffer Raquel Vazquez Llorente Alvise Argenton Joao Francisco Campos Da Silva Pereira Ibtissam El Hajjar John David Herndon Ajay Jayarajan Anastasios Kentarchos Sana Knaneh Andrew James Leung Octavio Lopes Tanvir Malik Mukhtar John Michael Mullins Gela Pochkhua Baron Vladd Christopher Von Ruttley-Wolf Swati Sawhney Natalie Emma Sheehan Shweta Shrinivas Bhandary Laura Mary Stafford Ravi Prakash Suchak Karen Marlovy Sultanik Simhon Samantha Joy Thompson Geoffrey David Wessel Simon James Williamson Justin Lance Wilson Jun Cheng Victor Yeo Therese Anna Cecilia Carlborg LSE Digest I 121 I

123 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in Law and Accounting Luca Giacalone Zeeshan Humayun Jesse Johannes Petäjä Yifan Wang Ruobing Zhang Nikolay Gergov Yiqian Gong Selim Arda Gurata Maxim Iliouchtchenko Jiayi Li Mingyu Li Christina Mühr Sang Soo Oh Chi Thi Anh Phùng Lucas Gunther Rachner Veselin Veselinov Rankov Helen Yvonne Rooney Zuyin Shi Yeuk Ting Emily Sze Yilun Wang Tian Xie Zi Qi Yang Yitong Zhang Nan Zheng Yik Ling Chan Ho Yee Chan Ying Nga Chang Shuang Liu Chengruizhi Ma Omar Mohamad Bey El Assaad El Merheb Zebin Peng Shiqi Su Yuqi Sun Siyu Yao Jamie Yu MSc in Law, Anthropology and Society Lola Emilie Godeau Mujina Kaindama Chi Hin Wilfred Ng Michael Patrick Foran Argjela Mani Angela Jane Cannon Glenn Antony Hernandez MSc in Local Economic Development David James Arnold Keren Ben Zeev Ritika Mary Cherian Jinyu Lin Manoj Paudel Camilla Sacchetto Sania Haider Shikoh Han Wang Jen-Hsuan Yu Tahsina Akbar Adaora Ngozi Pearl Esther Aligbe Siri Beate Arntzen Kotaro Asai Anam Bashir Lara Berton Mathilde Lucie Fanny Jessica Bourgneuf Andrea Castaño Ramírez Alex Maxime Julien Chunet Marine Marie-Astrid Michele D'Elloy De Bonninghen Joshua Findlay Drake Yichao Guo Zidong Han Ayaka Isayama Évamé Judith Koumaglo Jonathan Yiu Kok Lo Charles Johnathon Mccurdy Gaelle Miollan Murad Famil Oglu Mustafayev Nicolas Mauricio Oviedo Davila Ingrid Paola Panameno Aleena Waheed Qazi Alishba Rasheed Andres Rodriguez Caceres Saniya Soltybayeva Anežka Svobodová Diana Cristina Tello Medina Eleana Toliou Yuezhu Zhai Noura Hashem Abdelsamie Elgazzar Xiaoying Wang MSc in Management Lorenzo Milani Alexander Tsyurupa Chemsi Bennis Philippe Wilhelm Maria Lebrecht Von Klitzing I 122 I LSE Digest 16-17

124 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in Management (CEMS) Rodrigo Ferrari Marie-Luise Penter Lisa Maria Peyer Reda Vardaraj Shetty Sijia Xu Marco Bizzarri Ningxin Chi Leah Renee Tremblay Adams Matteo Francesco Turba Clara Norah Louisa Villain Harsh Gupta MSc in Management (MIM) Jinal Shah MSc in Management and Strategy Mohammed Ahmed Abdullah Harshita Agarwal Subashni Balasubramanian Shahan Bin Osman Javier Curros Parrado Paul Marc-Antoine Fargues Luca Guccione Lingxin Guo Yidou Guo Xinyu Han Rong He Boka Huangfu Sofia Kiliari Sarah Lbaz Arthur Marie Xavier Claude Le Pargneux Ilene Fedora Limantoro Robin Marchione Jay Milan Mehta Jie Meng Jonathan Lin Mo Yuguang Niu Nikolaos Sakellaridis Veerangana Sharma Katharina Berg Skomedal Foivos Skouros Adina Charlotte Steinman Valentina Suligoj I-Ya Thavalvanichkul Jiayun Wang Shang Wang Walid Wajih Wehbe Yajun Xu Lewei Yin Shiwen Zhang Christian Karl-Heinz Böhm Xinyun Cai Alessia Cavalli Kevin Shuaizuo Chen Yumiao Dai Chaowen Deng Yafang Dong Serge Francis Alvaro Garcia Fiorio Stuti Garg Zeyi Huang Suguru Iwaya Felix Karl Xiang Li Xueyi Li Zhao Li Saanya Malhotra Stephan Markus Michaeli Elizaveta Pchelkina Doncho Petev Penev Mathieu Pidoux Elise Adele Pouille Antoine Yiyou Qian Lea-Helena Ramsler Punchika Sakulsupich Sisira Sripongpankul Desiree Yan Yan Tan Yichen Yan Qing Yang Tianyun Yang Jiaping Zeng Zhenyu Zhuo Abhishek Agarwal Kloe Angelopoulou Nataliya Belova Daniela Gomez Pimpollo Mejia Maria Fernanda Gonzalez Trujillo Tiffany Lake-Häuser Yiming Liu Zheyu Liu Constantinos Los John Ralph Moroni Asfar Rashid Paul Raphael Jacques Rispal Hengy Linus Harry August Willems Norman Samuel Wooding LSE Digest I 123 I

125 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in Management Science (Decision Sciences) Omar Amr Mohamed Reda Barakat Rafael Caballero Saldivar Yang Cao Laura Carolina Cardona Mesa Zhiying Chen Karin Eberhard Simon David Gsponer Jacob Lloyd Hackman Nathan Christophe Joubert Ruoyi Li Kevin Mc Crossan Jonathan McGee Aida Nadzirah Binti Mohamed Zain Daniel Montes Naranjo Mei Ouyang Anjida Sripongworakul Matthias Stottmeier Cheng Wei Tan Chalantorn Thadtanone Pantila Tripopnakkul Rebecca Martha Van Roy Riccardo Volpato Zufan Yang Virgil John Cariño Banta Meizi Chen Gabriella Csányi Filippa Nikoletta Dalamagka Ruel Mark Dsouza Jiayi Geng Jiayu He Jingyi Huang Dimitrios Krikonis Sang Eun Lee Xueying Li Jingdi Liu Qian Liu Harinirina Rakouth Prithvi Shashikant Ville-Matti Topias Tarvonen Moritz Tegel Jiefan Wang Ziwei Wang Xing Wei Samuel Kam Fai Wong Naitian Zhang Ming Zhao Jing Zhou Ying Cai You Li Xiaoxuan Wang Shiqi Yu Panagiotis Zacharakis MSc in Management Science (Operational Research) Alan Michael Brett Shannon Lee Dunphy Carolina Andrea Espinoza Díaz Daniela Estevinho Nunes Phuc Hung Hoang Emmanuel Udoh John Harrison Yoke Siong Kho Jan-Rasmus Künnen Andrew Chelton Kwok Jiayu Yan Jingyan Chai Kelvin Kiu Wai Chan Chun Kit Cheung Jiaxin He Yu Xin Huan Shutong Jia Hao Li Huan Ren Chirag Suresh Sawalka Damla Tezcan Xin Wang Ning Xu Chunyi Yan Ruofei Zhang Carlos Alberto Alarcon Mendez Caleb Asiedu Asare Yun-Tieh Chen Xinyue Dai Zengyi Fu Fanglin Guo Bojie Huang Fan Jiang Renyue Lian Youri Moskovic Yasmeen Naseer Xixi Xu Zhijie Xu Sirui Zhu MSc in Management, Information Systems and Digital Innovation Osama Yasir Mohammed Al-Muqbel Sophie Anastasia Alter Anette Gjerde Andersen Conrad Niclas Johannes Bethge I 124 I LSE Digest 16-17

126 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Darcey Adele Calleja-Jones Sarah Virginie Amoin Clavel Simon Andreas Draxinger Oreste Giacche' Curtis Meloy Goldsby Jerome Bernard Greutmann Hans Philipp Kiesslich Ioannis Lagogiannis Yunjing Li Brett John Mennella Marie Misund Bringslid Amalee Salameh Nsour Viacheslav Oganezov Eleonora Porazzi Benedikt Reinke Mariah Lauren Rydge Stefanie Siewerth Boyue Tan Davranbek Tashbayev Aziza Tasmagambetova Odilo Dario Maria Von Ins Xue Wang Marina Alvarez Carillo De Albornoz Qixiu Cai Yu Fai Cheng Vivian Fei Man Chong Quentin Philippe Andre D'Estienne Du Bourguet Eemil Jalmari Ekdahl Siqi Fan Mame Adjoa Serwaa Frimpong Kaiyuan Fu Sun Yiu Fung Micol Fusi Alexandra Rossenova Gencheva Juan Camilo Giraldo Mora Anna Fredrika Gyllang Amina Zehra Hassanaly Jonah Lester Huang Pajaramond Kesprayura Adhikhar Naidu Kotte Jae-Yong Lee Jimin Li Lizhou Li Yifan Li Guenole Yannick Maillet Adil Manji Triparna Mukherjee Yong Hee Park Jessica Anna Peters Daniel Hernan Quevedo Seguel Maria Vittoria Santarelli Ogi Sefraldy Soham Shah Shuai Shao Ruchi Rajendra Sherikar Maxime Alain Xavier Soulier Wan-Chen Tsai Heloise Aude Umwali Mudenge Valentin Cyrus Pierre Vassort Jiaxi Wang Mingzhen Wang Yinglei Wang Joshua Houston Wiebe Dongyi Xiong Mingyi Xu Kar Yee Yip Jiyoo Yoo Mingjie Yu Katerina Zabrovskaya Jiahao Zhang Xiaobo Zhang Jianze Zheng Stephanie Zummo-Soucy Donghui Han Oksana Hyryak Viêt Linh Nguyên Ololade Olusade Onabowale Jiao Peng Sanjana Rathi Ying Sha Pui Ka Christy Tse MSc in Management, Organisations and Governance Sebastian James Bowler Jacqueline-Marie Louise De Buchet Olimpia Franzan Eugenie Lea Marie Girardeau Natalia Irmeli Molina Harno Vedika Murarka William Sayer Lisa-Franziska Ursula Steffen Olubukola Zainab Sule Thi Mai Hoa Vu Arriana Yiallourides Philbert Zhiyi Zhang Samantha Pacita Guevarra Acuna Feyisola Ibironke Adekogbe Neha Ahmed Dina Abdullah A Alsharif Oscar Y C Arrowsmith Adam Boukaïba Louis Arnaud Capucin Camillieri Menaka Chakritthakul Chih-Yao Chang Llara Dhandia Aastha Dhawan LSE Digest I 125 I

127 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 David Sebastian Dieker Assal Fassa Bowen Feng Junyi Fu Amanda Christie Gunawan Constance Josephine Therese Herrmann Konstantin Hristov Daniella Izakowicz Yiyang Jiang Jiayi Li Eryu Liang Elisa Mairinger Griselda Isabel Meyer Herrero Mariana Morais E Almeida Mohamad Naamani Henry Alexander Nordström Jacob Junior Ofosu-Koree Anuoluwakiitan Oluwamayowa Okoya-Thomas Christian Frederic Plump Xiao Qin Srujay Pulimamidi Reddy Ignacio Miguel Rodríguez Landeta Dominika Justyna Sadowska Jay Chetan Sampat Syed Shaaraf Ali Shah Lily Carroll Simmons Divya Singhvi Hannah Louise Skingle Alexander Solodovnikov Neil Andrew Strickland Igor Sukhorukov Tanyakan Tarinayarngkun Viola Elisabeth Träm Carola Valente Panayiotis Votsis Ting Sam Wee Alvina Wong Mohiuddin Ahmed Egle Buitvydaite Daniella Naomi Fattal Hazem Reda Hazem Hashem Lucca Francois Gilbert Lamoine Terrence Paul O'Toole Yingshi Ouyang Abimbola Kudirat Salvador Hazuki Yamagata Huiqizi Zhou MSc in Media and Communications Oliver Richard James Boulton Micha Onekka Cooper Matthew Raubenheimer De Klerk Yara Haidar Farran Fatma Matin Khan Michael Knöller Samantha Jane Lawyer Rosario Lebrija Rassvetaieff Xinyu Lyu Pirita Susanna Nakkalajarvi Eleanor Alissa Peters Yuka Sen Yumiko Yokokawa Qisi Zhang Yawen Zhu Munirah A Sh Sh A Al Faresi Xue Ao Tazkiah Faizaan Baaquie Marina Sherif Mourad Barsoum Christel Bayle Paul Edward Vardoulakis Brown Hoi Yee Chau Sophie Claire Chauvet Yuezhu Cheng Ling To Jonathan Chow Stephen Carleton Coomber Loredana Madalina Coroian Alix De Ladoucette Siya Vitthal Deshmukh Erin Lindsay Dodds Anqi Fan Lu Fang Halle Jennifer Fogel Paula Maria Gomez Carrillo Ching Ip Huanlin Jia Yu Jiang Wangmuge Jin Ya Jin Kelly Margaret Johnson Fiona Josephine Koch Maria Kornienko Ming Wai Juliet Lee Zhe Li Yunchao Liao Chang Liu Yu Liu Francesca Mancini Min Mao Luxia Pan Jesse Alexander Patrick Sai Qi Lucie Emilie Marie Roblot Kate Rebecca Roselli Alisya Binti Rozhan Jillian Meredith Russo Sean Paul Ryan Sachu Sanil Oshin Sharma I 126 I LSE Digest 16-17

128 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Sina Solati Christine Elizabeth Sweeney Rou Jin Tan Xiaowei Tan Cindy Shan-Ting Tang Florentina-Alina Vasile Camille Villafane Seda Liu Wang Qianwei Wang Ting Ting Wang Yan Wang Yanyu Wei Riley Clifford Wilson Yuanye Xia Han Xiao Jo Yeh Jiale Yuan Yi Yuan Chengyun Zhang Dan Zhang Xiaohuizi Zhou Anshika Arora Yang Chen Da-In Chung Rebecca Lane Davis Zhihong Jiang Meghna Mitra Ramya Nair Hangqin Pan Yawen Rao Yawen Tan Tai Ming Tsui Huicong Wang Yafen Xu Zhen Xue Huimin Zhang Yu Zhu MSc in Media and Communications (Data and Society) Emily Lindsay Brown Maria Clara Aguirre Hernando Sophie Marie Bergeret Xin Chen Rachelle Helen Del Aguila Saptarishi Dutta Sophie Alice Grindrod Gineke Helberg Tingying Huang Kye Hoan Lee Mengran Li Anastasiia Lozhkina Jordan Ashley Maahs Morgane Albine Orianne Terres Sarah Villeneuve Yaxin Zhang Yuchen Zhang Li Zhao Zhiyao Zhu Ke Zou Victoria Grace Elizabeth Gies Yuka Kobayashi Huiqian Lin Kseniya Zinchenko MSc in Media and Communications (Media and Communication Governance) Charles Pascal Francis Crowe Shu-Yu Lin Michael Jaffee Moss Freyja-Josephine Berendsen Bibo Deng Weiling Guan Muyang Long Francisca Marianela Miranda Ramos Laurene Athenais Michele Yvette Montfort Lingling Shou Oxana Sophia Spenser Esther Wolffowitz Vargas Yiwei Zhang Yuan Zhou Weilin Wang Tong Zhao Endi Zhu MSc in Media and Communications (Research) Jacopo Villanacci Yiwa Yang Xiufeng Jia Louis Bertrand Jean Martin MSc in Media, Communication and Development Chhavi Doonga Julia Leigh Gladnick Johan Patrick Hermansson Terry Muthahhari LSE Digest I 127 I

129 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Ambika Tandon Juan Sebastian Bastidas Escobar Georgina Kate Berriman Debora Irene Christine Xiaozheng Dai Safaa O. M. Halahla Camille Akissi Dior Houphouet-Boigny Yuwei Hu Seema Omar Moh'D Huneidi Linet Angaya Juma Delphine Konda Kaarmanbek Kuluev Han Sang Lee Nancy Aluoch Ounga Seungchul Park Marie Elise Julienne Reverchon Michael Thomas Rizzo Christina Michelle Russell Justice Novati Rutenge Estefania Santos Betancur Jessica Anne Sykes Tessa Lynn Venizelos Yuanzhen Zhao Abdulmuttalip Erdogan Jean Matthieu Michel Lévy Yuli Li Yi-Ting Lien Muhammad Hassan Miraj Mariko Nakamoto MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology Zehra Ahmed Severine Capra-Pautet Lorena Carrasco Rick Wilhelmus Hendrikus Maria Heijmans Friederike Lilian Maria Horlacher Sai Gayathri Kalvapalle Emilie Landmark Komnaes Katherine Sarah Loven Veronica Maria Poplawski Lea Margareta Rüsch Maren Scheer Andrew Stewart Qian Wang Ngoi Ying Priscilla Wong Mariya Ali Afroditi Stefania Argyropoulou Lydia Benedictovna Borgsteijn Sarah Bou Habib Queenie Ke Yee Chen Nga Man Choi Cheng You Chua Ching Brenda Chung Claudio D'Angelo Ria Dayal Vandita Yogesh Dhariyal Surabhi Dixit Ginevra Teresa Fontes Williams SICHAO Ge Manya Grover Daria Gunchenko Abdul Hakim Arben Islami Anupriya Jain Shen Jing Julienne Ko Lam Erika Amalie Arnesen Laugerud Hiu Tong Li Sijia Liu Divyangna Anurag Madan Teodora Mechetiuc Christine Solem Pedersen Amanda Nicole Piccolino Grace Rahhal Gaurav Singh Romi Sinnigen Kaitlyn Emily Sitniewski Heyshya Marion Sri Chandrasekara Tal Harel Stern Eleanor Mary Sweeney Warunthorn Thiemsak Sallyann Tingle Swarna Suresh Tyagi Savanna Nicole Wilson Chung Man Wong Ruiheng Xu Lilian Yaprakova Angela Brillianeina Yin Yanwen Lucy Zhong Murjanatu Abdu Abubakar Kam Hung Chan Khadiga Ahmed A A A Elmawardy Tushita Gupta Peter Haines Wen Min Lee Linghan Lu Nicolai Tangen Ananya Trehan Anxiang Yang Tianhui Zuo MSc in Philosophy and Public Policy Kristoffer Berg I 128 I LSE Digest 16-17

130 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Previn Bharat Desai Michael John Kevin Fenelon Rodrigo Gordillo Cerrutti Elias Kühn-Von Burgsdorff Jacob Clayton Metz Benedict Peter Street Thomas Morton Garibaldi Winter Jose Pablo Abreu Sacramento Adhip Bimal Amin Aishath Azka Anees Ben Frederick Cook Alexandra Ellen Hansen Ian Gregory Hower Lok Yi Chloe Lam Joshua John Mannix Shunsuke Nagayasu Lane Aaron Perry Maria Valentina Ramirez Montoya Christina Elisabeth Norgård Rud Katherine Hattie Stair Channing Elizabeth Walbridge Yunfei Wang Heng Ying Divanshu Sethi MSc in Philosophy of Science David Peter Wallis Freeborn Nicholas David Makins Jeffrey Craig Stanley Weaver Brian Nareg Anthony Jabarian Ashley Lynn Kiemen Silvia Onorato Marian Amelia Daniel Jiesi Luo Ananya Manchanda Rong Qian MSc in Philosophy of the Social Sciences Soomin Kang Olivia Rose Klineberg Sophie Catherine Legros Nathaniel Fisher Sussman Ksenija Terzic Emanuel Thaler Roberto Zambiasi Odyssefs Evangelos Kaloidas Joseph Neale Knight Yige Li Alexey Michael Sitko Francesco Maria Solinas Gates Peabody Torrey Hubert Michal Walczynski Wai Chun Yoong Hao Yu Yadi Zhang Tessa Maurine Abrahams Khac Dung Pham Juan Esteban Reyes Martinez MSc in Political Economy of Europe Ruby Alice Vadasz Budd Arnolds EizenŠmits Niklas Knust Laurenz August Mathei Greta Thea-Stefanie Schmülling Gareth Lewis Shelton Dustin Johannes Voss Pauline Aymonier Katarzyna Izabela Banas Joseph Bergmueller James Kenelm Bigley Quentin Damien Billard Eloise Nathalie Bodin Bassam Chekrane Quentin Yolande D De Streel Pascal Gunter Dick Max Philip Dirk Elena Sophie Cecilia Charlotte Fabritius Georgios Nikolaos Giannakopoulos James Hugo Nicholas Goodfellow Perrine Margot Guerin Alberto Guidi Eivind Friis Hamre Mohamed Umar Hanif Weidong Hong Cameron Mahdi Karami Benjamin Pierre Kerbart Jan Kevin Kraft Elisenda Lamana Garcia Jacques Bruno Joachim Le Chevallier Arthur Kevin Khanh-Binh Le The Darinka Milo Lipovac Tobias Mac-Lean Fernando Martin Espejo Job Molenaar Sena Ozkilic Vasileios Alexandros Papakonstantinou Charles Michael Porter Amanda Pumpuni LSE Digest I 129 I

131 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Georgia Johanna Florence Reidiess Jonas Julius Roleder Anders SÆTRA Lauren Marie Elizabeth Santini Martin Richard Sartorius Leonie Moana Elisa Seiler Stefan Spasic Lukas Spielberger Vasileios Spyrakos-Patronas Pietro Trevisan Volta Kajetan Wladyslaw Trzcinski Jordan Antoine Vankeirsbilck Pauline Prune Weil Laerke Marie Trap Wolf Darya Yelova Yifan Zhang Kentaro Aihara Man Kit Cheng Celia Andrea Güeto Melo Magdalena Matylda Lemanska Pietro Morandini Aya Okada Edouard Louis Marie Peillon Stefan Wolf Stärtzel Belkis Gokce Ucar MSc in Political Economy of Europe (LSE and Sciences Po) Etienne Paul Berges Jeanne Benedicte Michele Bernard Anouk Claire Clemence Canet Victor Pierre-Marie Fernand Fabre Martin Garrigue Salvatore Berger Marko Ceperkovic Emma Cervantes Damien Jean Robert Dotter Baptiste Fassin Paul Gioia Augustine Mathilde Simone Jouenne Vasiliki Niki Kladi Mathilde Marie Monique Andrea Pradeau Pierre Guy Marcel Quenehen Margaux Christine Philippine Sauvaget Margaux Charlotte Vincent Diana Muravyova MSc in Political Economy of Late Development Camille Shin Wu Madeline Suzanne Byers Fawad Hassan Ali Said Issa Agustin Alberto Iturralde Rodriguez Pragya Kc Jazmin Macias Arteaga Giulio Saverio Morucci Natalia Anna Rajewska Ziqing Zhu Stian Amadeus Antonsen Yichao Gao Jingnan Jiang Silja Kaufmann Payal Shailendra Patel MSc in Political Science and Political Economy Robert Iulian Baron Hanzhi Deng Michael Andre Gomes Vieira Julian Georg Grassinger Ohad Simon Gutman Patrick Marcel Kessel Ana Ximena Lopez Arzate Victoria Grace Claudia Metzger Synne Kristensen Midtbø Exequiel Rauld Saade Julius Reineke Simonas Algirdas Spurga Elisa Maria Wirsching Axiang Ann Louise Bandolik Svetlana Bilalova Yuesong Cao Darin Duch Fan Feng Wenjia Ji Jin Wook Jung Andreas Als Langholz Matthew Eugene Lyons Ashvinder Singh Pramjit Singh Linzi Qi Xiaochang Xu Xinwei Xu Guoshu Yang I 130 I LSE Digest 16-17

132 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Marc Ruben Claude Chulathep Fungsa Roberta Giammaria Celeste Diana Gomez Romero Charles Patrick Lasswell Yucheng Wu Yuanhang Wu MSc in Political Sociology Johan Gøtzsche-Astrup Josephine Siew Hui Seah Ariel Calderon Gonzalez Agnes Laure Chauvet Lauren Elizabeth Davis Idil Galip Deborah Malina Stefka Hermanns Robin Denis Didier Jolissaint Jonne Bartus Kamphorst Irene Lucini Serrano De Haro Kate Susan O'Connor Farfan Jesus Manuel Ontiveros Montero Andrew Cameron Robinson Petar Terziev Molly Ann Wheeler Bebe William-Daniels Tae Kyeong Yun Jiahui Dai Victor Hugo Donoso Herrera MSc in Political Theory Thomas James Bailey Afiqah Binti Zainal Kai Yui Samuel Chan Henrik Martin Dahlquist Sam Jan E De Paepe Constantine Alexis Maurice Fraser Matthew Hugh Kestell Aleksi Matias Korpela David Caedmon Lawrence Patrick Mayer Hayley Sothinathan Samuel Alessandro Stevenson Aishah Binte Abdul Karim Gagandeep Kaur Aujla Samuel Louis Bickler Steven Michael Brander Adrian Cheung Jenna Christine Corcoran Allison Lee Groseclose Yi-Hsuan Huang Yiwen Huang Begüm Içelliler Muhammad-Umair Iftikhar Lilia Kähm Burcu Kolçak Charalampos Koromvokis Bohdana Kurylo Braulio Lopez Ochoa Mijares Raj Majithia Liam Dominic Marchant Rebecca Sophie Marwege Fionnuala Katherine Mcredmond Sosha Franka Van Rijnberk Jiangyixue Zhan Shengchi Zhang William Tyler Duffield Connan Jose Roy Olmos Moss Brian Daniel Mounce MSc in Politics and Communication Luca Bertuzzi Kylie Lea Courtney Meredith Paige Epstein Fabian Lucca Ferrari Juan Floreal Graña Michelle Renee Hill Cerian Christine Jenkins Enrique Lopez Alonso Valerie Brigitte Marouche Ella Maria Mueller-Baum Marianne Busola Olaleye Durgesh Hari Prabu Louise Scharff Thommessen Sasha Mireille Viviani Tugcenur Yilmaz Hana Lily Al-Izzi Kyunghye Baek Saachi Bhatia Jared Scott Caplan Nicolas Paul Jacques Godeau Ariella Lytal Gordon Tina Krell Johanna G Mateo Diska Putri Pamungkas Min-Seo Park Maria Teo Bee See Linn Elisabeth Wiman Deanie Wong Franziska Sabine Zimmerer LSE Digest I 131 I

133 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in Politics and Government in the European Union Caroline Barbara Mangold MSc in Population and Development Johanna Helen Cramer Ursula Maria Gazeley Amanda Danson Brown Davide Buffagni Thomas Edward David Cassidy Hannah El Mufti Tianjun Hang Amelia Zara Hussein Samantha Justine Jorgensen Rita Mary Mcintyre Xiaoshuang Han Maitreya Thakur Tiara Azarine Utami Utomo MSc in Psychology of Economic Life Sarah Lina Crom Camille Girard Prerna Gupta Sofia Mutinelli Jennifer Jane Reinhard Robin Schimmelpfennig Dorottya Sváb Cynthia Patricia Cano Walde Samantha Lee Dittman Maya Regina Gotthelf Cassie Lea Herlihy Hyun Suh Kim Olivia Helena Kjessler Sara Lin Levy Diana Raphaela Stimmler Elena Valentinova Valkova Maria Zimbron Alva Aasiyah Alero Abdulsalam MSc in Public Administration and Government (LSE and Peking University) Alexander Craig Benson Fay Tian Ge Ying Yu Chuyan Tan Nicholas Edward Waln MSc in Public Administration and Government (LSE and Peking University) (Comparative Public Policy and Administration) Filippo Armani Tara Babovic Francesco Stefani MSc in Public Administration and Government (LSE and Peking University) (Public Management) Shuhanya Deng MSc in Public Management and Governance Ashley Marie Boccuzzi Paul Jacques Bernard Marie-Joseph Boisseau Peer-Benedikt Vincent Bussiek Gabriela Georgieva Maria Josefina Gimenez Nina Gita Harnischfeger Paulina Lopez Ramos Matthew Patrick Mcdowell Antine Milia Julie Elizabeth Miller Victoria Oliveira Anne-Lise Stephan Darinka Giovanna Vasquez Jordan Scott Dean Winnard Paul Amos Victor Daniel Arita Jose Carlos Chavez Alzamora Diego Enrique Espinoza Chavarri Ciro Guilherme Moraes Dos Reis Gladys Kudzaishe Hlatywayo Jonathan Chee Chung Lee Leong Ting Jeffrey Lee Nigar Nuriyeva Andres O'Farrell Karin Rammerstorfer Irshad Ali Sodhar I 132 I LSE Digest 16-17

134 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Hong Tie David Sebastiaan Van Boven Chun Sin Joscelin Yeung MSc in Public Policy and Administration Richard Donald Evans Kenneth John Menz Inna Krasimirova Yordanova Hassan Omari Alexander Burke Zuzana Dancikova Guy Robert Dominy Volha Hrytskevich Emma Jones-Phillipson Anna Kebadze Simon Matthew Knott Jodie Levy Zilin Li Janet Athene O'Neil Mills Endri Mykaj Oliver Thomas Phillips Beatriz Ramírez Fuentes Ratasit Ratanasittiroj Perry James Scott Chen Sun Esteban Torre Amandla Ann-Marie Sarah Uzoka-Jarrett Florian Wilbrink Fan Yang Ni Zeng Kwan Yu Fu Yue Wang MSc in Public Policy and Administration (Comparative Public Policy and Administration) Zad El Hage Sleiman Georgia Goldsworthy Eleonora Gloria Umbertina Kist Matthew Simon Lesh Chima Matthew Amadi Adam Michael Berman Amanda Elizabeth Bernardo Eri Egawa Celina Gaitan Maldonado Victoria Elizabeth Inchley Jim Otieno Kaketch Alexis Julien Kevin Moreno Bhaskar Pant Xiaoyu Gong MSc in Public Policy and Administration (Public Management) Sandra An-Ling Soon Ketevan Babiashvili Guoli Chu Sang Eun Lee Julian David Parra Benitez Tongtong Xu MSc in Quantitative Economic History Xizi Luo MSc in Real Estate Economics and Finance Louise Alice Karine Bernard Dan Cao Leonardo Thomas Cerutti Tianjing Liu Samantha Ann Mojabi Naohito Sato Yao Zhao Sitara Bhundia Xuanpu Chen Yinghui Chen Jingxuan Chu Xu Gan Diya Rohit Gera Jiayu Gu Yaqi Guo Qingyu Huang Matej Král' Keyang Li Enyu Liu Ningning Ma Gopal Singh Mann Runan Qian Jiaqi Ren Yongrong Tan Yuen Meng Wong Julian Yip Jiong Zhang Heran Zhao Alexandre Edouard Bonvin Peijian Hong Shukun Huang LSE Digest I 133 I

135 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Wei Jiang Pasil Kantapichan Bowen Li Xuefei Li Luca Marending Oumie Njie Hengda Qian Terence Khye Jynn Tan Zhengyang Xie Huidong Xu Chongren Zhang Fan Zhang Nianzeng Zhang Yeping Zheng MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies Braden Scott Bernards Oliver Daniel Bolderson Elizabeth Louise Crump Kimberly Allison Engelstad Anne-Kristin Kruse Oliver Thomas Norman Ayanda Collins Paul Charles Daniel Cukierman Victoria Rachael Hughes Leah Samantha Lazer Osamu Moriya Xiaofei Pan Célia Solange Quénard Sophie Dipti Sarkar Hidemine Takeuchi Shaoyang Xu Juncheng Yang Maria Chichagova Ayako Fujimoto Farrah Shaheen Hussain Athanasios Mesochoritis Patricia Mijares Chavez Mustafa Baba Shehu Mario Rodolfo Tavera Palomino Yining Yu MSc in Regulation Gregory Thomas Edward King Armin Angermeyer Carlos Antonio Baldeon Miranda Bartosz Jan Dzwierzynski Pablo Muñoz Vicuña Jennifer Sofia Ranniste María Virginia Rivas Sánchez Gonzalo Alberto Pereira Vicencio MSc in Regulation (Environmental Regulation) Johanna Maria Forsgren MSc in Regulation (Financial and Commercial Regulation) Kashif Ghani Francesca Romana Iappelli Cynthia Charlotte Yung MSc in Regulation (Government and Law) Alexandre De Sousa Carvalho Gouveia Camilo Lledo Veloso MSc in Regulation (Utilities Regulation) Einav Hadas Tamir Jaime Vazquez Bracho Torres MSc in Risk and Finance Lu Bai Yingshan Cai Giulia Calcabrini Junlin Chen Ye Chen Qing Feng Xueying Fu Zhiyuan Huang Yumeng Jia Yifan Li Nathaniel Chun Wei Loo Qinning Lou Ruqi Luo Qiao Peng Alexandr Petrov Ke Sheng Daniel Kari Snorrason Nikola Tsakkistou Kewei Wu Jing Xie Xue Yao Yilin Zhu I 134 I LSE Digest 16-17

136 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Chengji Cai Jen-Chun Chang Artem Chubarov Niklas Johannes Grimm Dongxian Guo Jonathan Till Korntheuer Ruiming Li Ziyang Lin Xuewei Ma Madeleine Isabelle Andrea Moor Larsson Xin Pei Anlin Wu Hao Xu Yi Xu Sheng Yang Kai Yin Ya Yin Jin Zhang Nicolina Gabriel Emil Isayev Ruixin Li Nan Lyu Tran Thao Ngoc Nguyen Richard Alan Palkhiwala Bassam Ali Ebrahim Mohamed Salman Maria Spathari Yue Tang MSc in Social and Cultural Psychology Jose Federico Corona Silva Letizia Cottafavi Holly Draper Carmen Sarah Lienen Diego Maldonado Elizondo Adam Moy Elisavet Panagiotou Syeda Shahzada Naqvi Zahra Shah Mariam Akopova Siran Chen Andres Felipe Corredor Arbelaez Antonio Dinis Valentim Nike Dixon Elena Grüning Maximilian Amatus Crispinus Heitmayer Ankita Kohirkar Myeongshin Lee Fong Yi Leong Alexandria Lynn Lepech Wenyue Lu Laura Marie Fawcett Mccullagh Martina Micaletto Alexandre Pierre Stanislas Mickiewicz Guillermo Jose Sardi Garcia Alexandra Lee Susskind Yasemin Ulusahin Wiebke-Viktoria Warkentin Mariochukwu Dylis Washington-Ihieme Maya Mamish Jyotsna Nandakumar Hui Xi Qinwan Zhang MSc in Social and Public Communication Jae Sun Chae Antone Christianson-Galina Ahava-Shaffra Eurel Gray-Read Samir Howard Nadori Karen Irina Schiliuk Feiyang Wang Mengxiao Zhou Maria Isabel Alvarez Hormazabal Narisa Bhanji Patrizia Hvirvelkaer Brunetti Qi Chen Fadi Dada Yuan Feng Qinqin Huang Yara Patricia Hurtado Sanchez Baaba Gyakyewa Jackson Hae Jung Lee Laura Tuulia Lehtonen Chen Liang Thuy Duong Nguyen Xinyi Pan Pia Javiera Rubio Molina Jimena Alejandra Sanchez Christine Sant Wenyi Song Qingyue Sun Aida Valdes Fernandez Ana Esther Vergara Cespedes Jing Wan Yuwei Wang Jiayu Wu Yisi Yang Jingjing Yu Xingwen Zhao Zhuo Zhuang Sebastian James Button Xianhan Du Yuan Gu Maimuna Hadjer Irmal LSE Digest I 135 I

137 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Jing Lu Shu Zhu MSc in Social Anthropology Sarica Robyn Balsari-Palsule Ashley Julia Britts Calen Joshua Cole Lucian Frederick George Anna Jane Johnston Annaliese Irene Milano Zachary Raphael Stevens Julia Alexandra Stewart Emmanuele Allamani Mattia Donno Yash Pramod Lad Ka Yu Lau Taekyoung Lee Xishi Lin Rebeca Esperanza Marcos Roca Filippo Mazzocchi Eleonora Privitera Zewei Rong Henry Georges Siqueira Angelo Marcelo Vasco Wenjing Wang Zi Wang Kunyu Xiang Yingwen Zhang Katalin Zsiga Rishuai Chen Chen Cui Erin Kathryn Glenny Fanchen Kong Bo Li Taiyi Li Yaoze Liu Yi Lu Luyan Ma Lai Song Fan Yang Pei Yin Ke Zhang Yang Zhou Yun Zhu Yi Zou MSc in Social Anthropology (Religion in the Contemporary World) Katherine Olufunmilayo Ajibade Margot Raissa Chiara Davier Timothy Charles Murray Olivia Cheng Wei Porter Priyanka Dass Saharia Chihiro Takagi MSc in Social Policy (European and Comparative Social Policy) Victoria Gilbert Evangeline Alice Atkinson Omar Gawad Aapo Johannes Antero Hiilamo Edward Joseph Hyde Aude Gwenn Pascale Marville Paul Roger Frederic Montjotin Paulina Andrea Parra Carrasco Elmar Georg Stracke Ruth Hannah Verma Ezgi Cestepe Palma Perniola Lily Emerson Rothenberg MSc in Social Policy (Research) Aveek Bhattacharya Anton Jarrod Kristiyana Kalcheva Eleanor May Benton Zoe Carre Annie Catherine Field Sumrin Kalia Jiaxin Liu Jack Stephen Lovell Matthew Li Yew Walsham Miguel Angel Lattz Lara Sarah Joanna Young MSc in Social Policy (Social Policy and Planning) Amy Patricia Gandon Sarah-Jane Marie Gay Pamela Gongora Salazar Paula Kelly Maria Joy Mullens-Burgess Kerem Ekim Osborne Dikerdem Mira Katarina Philips Ignas Rubikas I 136 I LSE Digest 16-17

138 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Alan David Strickland Judith Anne Tovey Laura Kathryn Ann Alice Louise Barker Polly Francesca Bass Ruth Elizabeth Breidenbach-Roe Grace Louisa Brown Oliver Charles Brown Shadi Caroline Danechi Emily Sarah Gallup Sharanya Gautam Lior Gilo Weiyi Guo Kei Ting Katie Hung Klaus Klebinder Kejia Li Dhruvee Masters Zoe Melissa Sarah Molyneux Hannah Elizabeth Nelson Yidi Peng Charlotte Barbara Schnögl Mayowa Oluwabusola Maria O Sofekun Hoi Ying Courtney Suen Hei Man Wong Ho Kiu Ingrid Wong Xi Yang Isabelle Vitzthum Foss Jie Guo Ching Lin Camille Brianna May Eun Suh Shin Xiayuan Sun Yifei Yang MSc in Social Policy and Development Dominic Thomas Farrell Rebecca Suzanne Franco Nadia Tariq Ali Luiza Alves Bandeira Astrid Major Aune Muhammad Jahanzeb Awan Mariscia Althea Charles Mohammad Asif Mukhtar Chishti Deborah Emily Cohen Emiel Johannes Coltof Victor Camilo Enriquez Zutta Hildegard Kunigunde Michaela Folger Silvia Lucia Forero Castañeda Maria Fernanda Gomez Carvajal Sanjana Vijay Haribhakti Sandhya Iyer Teresa Elena Lezcano Cadwallader Lin Lin Jhon Edinson Lugo Pinto Eva Katherina Matos Millan Kristian Patrasio Max Stefan Polwin Siobhan Kweiba Adwoa Sam Aparna Shankar Min Ji Song Anupam Kumar Suman Jovan Tojagic Teresa Undurraga Alessandri Saurabh Vaity Zengzheng Xie Magali Yance Mushan Zhang Lidong Zhou Fernanda Alano Gomes Joseph Thiyagarajan Anthonysamy Kumar Sankar Das Raphaella De Almeida Bandeira Citlalli Celeste Gonzalez Camacho Natalia Cecilia Jimenez Esguerra Osien Kuumar Nosheen Malik Shumaila Sikandar Jose Ronald Martin Soto Florian MSc in Social Policy and Development: Non-Governmental Organisations Aishwarrya Balaji Ridhwana Shameema Lalloo Karen Yin Yung Lam Anaam Babar Iqbal Afridi Victoria Ali Mohamad Basma Salma Chaudhry Ngoc Diep Dang Stefanie Anne Cook Evans Maria Chiara Fabbrini Rodrigo Gil Quintana Kiran Kumar Sveva Morgigni Miski Hassan Haji Omar Mona Sadik Ramadhan Vishesha Singh Laura Vicinanza Chuanqi Wei Helen Demlew Siyu Huang Nikita Moyra Montlake Ethar Yassin Saif Shaibany Monique Viscaino Tavares LSE Digest I 137 I

139 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 MSc in Social Research Methods Victoria Donnaloja Joshua Feldman Valerie Lisa Marie Hase Frederik Larsen Orsola Torrisi Carlos Domingo Carrillo Mora Carlos Eduardo Cortes Gomez Yutong Duan Yutao Huang Rebekah Viola Kulidzan Nicos Moushouttas Georgia Pontikou Justus Maximilian Karl Rathmann Kun Yu Alona Ignatieva Erdenechimeg Ulziisuren MSc in Sociology Laura Marie Alessandra Daïeff Emma Glassey Kavya Ajit Menon Sophia Schneidewind Jonathan Tienxhi Yong Ivana Yunjen Chen Brittany Alexandria Correia Rachel Whitney Keynton Michael Spencer Kovich Jin Li Sijia Lu Mena Franziska Lüsse Jessica Alice Parker Humphreys Nicolas Alfredo Pérez Alfaro Xiaoyu Qi Lorenzo Giuseppe Zaffaroni Vincent Chu Janel Lurline Forsythe MSc in Sociology (Contemporary Social Thought) Danielle Gail Cutts Michelle Kirszner Laurent Robert Lucien Afresne Kai Philipp Dieter Kyle Thomas Moore MSc in Sociology (Research) Yani Liu Shishuo Qu Zhuo Wang MSc in Statistics (Financial Statistics) (Research) Jun Ge Qi Si Yue Song Kexin Yu Jieru Ding Zuben Jin Shone Mousseiri Xin Zhang Maria Christina Anagnostopoulou Ning Ding Jiayong Wang Han Yan Wentao Yu Yong Zhong MSc in Statistics (Research) Katherine Beynon Sahoko Ishida Zhi Li Srshti Putcha Jiahui Chen Jingyu Guan Chee Lum Benjamin Low Feliu Serra Burriel Jialu Shi Jing Yang Xintian Yu MSc in Theory and History of International Relations Marion Annie Marguerite Drevet Charlotte Rachel Eaton Indigo Sarah Ellis Noah James Gordon Courtney Harrison Jones Lloyd Mitchell Metters Ross Stephanie Ann Sorenson I 138 I LSE Digest 16-17

140 Degrees Awarded in Autumn 2017 Jacob Thaler Clara Cullen Irene Diaz De Aguilar Hidalgo Ruben Diaz-Ropero Herbert Marina Garcia Mansilla Miles Elliot Guest Hanzhang Jiao Marta Kochetkova Antoine Jacques Marie Poitrinal D Hauterives Laurie-Anne Anais Charlotte Riera Michael Rupert Barry Wallace Ziyu Wang Aziz Emilbek Uulu Abhijit Korde Naphon Ratanaphon Peter Brennen Reynolds Biya Sidhu Siyu Wu Xiqin Xia MSc in Urban Policy (LSE and Sciences Po) Gabriela Neves De Lima Valentine Lise Cornelie Thomas Julien Jaques Francois Vincelot Sacha Valentin Dalis Alice Marie Duthuille Marie Francoise Soline Fricaudet Adele Iris Mathilde Juste Estelle Genevieve Ginette Martenot Maria Trullén Malaret MSc in Urbanisation and Development Katy Elizabeth Brown Izaak Bunschoten-Binet Janetta Michelle Deppa Elizaveta Sergeevna Losseva Alphonse Waifung Tam Aram Kamali Monica Laucas Rashee Mehra Maria Karla Abigail Pangilinan Barnaby George Barrington Powell Yueh Taur Anita Sin Vaishnavi Thirumala Gowri Shankar Gabriel R Torres Sijiao Xie Akshi Sanjay Shah Ploypailin Tinkan Xiaoyi Xu Yuming Yang Xinqian Zou LSE Digest I 139 I

141 PhD Awards Accounting Robert John Charnock Dorothy Toh Anthropology Natalia Buitron Arias Hsiao-Chiao Chiu Susannah Erin Crockford Agustin Diz Katharine Cordelia Fletcher Fuad Marco Devecchi Musallam Philip James Proudfoot Martyn James Wemyss Magdalena Man Kun Wong Economic History Pinar Ceylan James Dowey Vincent Geloso John Antony Gent Edward Mitchell Kerby Sumiyo Nishizaki Esther Sahle Gustavo Velasco Meng Wu Economics Pedro Miguel Gonçalves Alves Florian Michael Blum Shiyu Bo Oriol Carreras Baquer Sergio De Ferra Anders Jensen Yu-Hsiang Lei Yatang Lin Stephan Ernst Maurer Munir David Squires Luke Nicholas Taylor Guo Xu Giulia Zane European Institute Madalina Dobrescu Katya Dineva Ivanova Giulia Pastorella Gregor Fabio Wolkenstein Christopher Wratil Finance Hoyong Choi Michael Punz Seyed Esmaeil Seyedan Luana Zaccaria Cheng Zhang Gender Studies Jacob Lee Breslow Geography & Environment Susanne Andrea Frick Greer Kathryn Gosnell Martin Heger Alexander Jaax Tucker Jordan Landesman Paolo Lucchino Piero Francesco Montebruno Bondi Michal Nachmany Thomas Bligaard Nielsen Edward William Pinchbeck Marcelo Rocha De Lima Sindra Devi Sharma Christopher Andrew Suckling Xavier Yves Bertrand Vollenweider Lin Yang Government Carolyn Elizabeth Armstrong Jack Edward Blumenau Gustavo Xavier Bonifaz Moreno Anita Emilia Brkanic Flavia Maria De-Mattos-Donadelli Pinar Dinç Jens Peter Kongsmark Flanding Luisa Feline Freier De Ferrari Mollie Fay Gerver Julio Antonio Gonzalez David Thomas Hope Jakob Anton Heiner Huber Corey Raymond Jentry Yasmine Laveille Suhjin Lee Elise Must Ju Hyun Nam Anastasiia Ivanovna Nosova Christopher Ulrich Sampson Fabrizio Alfredo Scrollini Mendez Oyvind Soraas Skorge Wang Leung Ting I 140 I LSE Digest 16-17

142 PhD Awards International Development Giulia Ferrari Sheila Wanjiru Kamunyori Gauthier Maxime Arnaud Marchais Naomi Ruth Pendle International History Oliver Samuel Elliott Anton Harder Cornelis Heere Paul Norman Horsler Vishnu Juwono Serkan Kececi Jin Li Lim Corina Mavrodin Yu Suzuki International Relations David Brenner Maria Fotou Inez Hermenegild Eugenia Katharina Freiin Von Weitershausen Scott Tyler Hamilton Martin Christopher Hearson Corina Lacatus Lukas Andreas Linsi Minako Morita-Jaeger Ioannis Papagaryfallou Maddalena Procopio Daniel Dominik Schade Dimitrios Stroikos Neal Suleimanova Jillian Anne Terry Ningkang Wang Yuan Yao Law Samuel Ignacio Tschorne Venegas Simon Richard Witney Henrietta Ruth Boveney Zeffert Management Florian Otto Sebastian Allwein Jonathan Jeremiah Ashong-Lamptey Almudena Canibano Zhuoqiong Chen Nofie Iman Vidya Kemal Nadine Oeser Hsiao-Hui Tai Katsuhhiko Yoshikawa Mathematics Thomas John Bates Matthew Osmund Jenssen Pongphat Taptagaporn Junwei Xu Media and Communications Grigori Asmolov Jessica Baines Nicholas Peter Benequista Keren Natalie Darmon Ruth Garland Cesar Antonio Jimenez Martinez Daniel Frederik Knapp Methodology Yew Yoong Ding Ioanna Gouseti Cohen Rashaad Simpson Philosophy Simon James Beard Maria Goreti Faria Da Costa E Silva Katherine Elizabeth Furman Mantas Radzvilas Stuart Peter Theobald Adam Paul White Psychological and Behavioural Science Apurv Chauhan Emily Gabrielle Le Roux-Rutledge Jane Elizabeth Roberts Social Policy Helen Athanasiou Elizabeth Cookingham Bailey Rikki John Dean Ismini Drakou Alessandra Ferrario Else Marie Knudsen Clare Elizabeth Menozzi Elena Maria Nicod Gallmann Christina Marie Novinskey Robyn Rebecca Rowe Sarah Mary Watters LSE Digest I 141 I

143 PhD Awards Sociology Bruno Barboza Muniz Michelle Lynn Cullen Susanna Claire Finlay-Smits Sian Helen Lewin Isabell Christina Loeschner Reuben Message Philipp Rode Judy Safira Van Der Graaf Statistics Rafal Baranowski Wenqian Cheng Ali Habibnia Qilin Hu Na Huang Tayfun Terzi Edward Dennis James Wheatcroft I 142 I LSE Digest 16-17

144 Scholarships and Prizes Scholarships Adeline and Karl Goeltz Scholarships Maximilian Guennewig Lukas Kremens Alan and Christina Macdonald Scholarship Tarek Amara Alan Elias Scholarship Rhys Mccarthy Alf Waddington Scholarship Jessy Parker Humphreys Ambassador E.O. Kolade Scholarship Kenneth Sseguya American Friends of LSE Scholarship Kirsten Raschko Anne Bohm Scholarship Terhas Clark Beavers' Scholarship Zoe Ram Betty MacQuitty Scholarship Amy De Man Bottriell Scholarship Suad Abdi Alleeya Hassim Jake Lambert Nicholas Massey Paige Nicholson Thomas Parish Joseph Simmonds Bethany Sandland Eleanor Westwood-Poole Elizabeth Mills James Tanner Lydia Cawthorne-Luff Mia Pillinger CAF Development Bank of Latin America Scholarship Fayola Fraser Carsten Stoehr MSc Scholarship in Government David O'Sullivan Charles J Mauro Scholarship Lily Caruso Emily Voss Christina and Alan MacDonald Graduate Scholarship Tarek Amara Citi PhD Scholarship Luting Li CV Starr Scholarship Chen Hu David Goldstone Scholarship Akshay Petta Desmond G Wiltshaw Scholarship Fund Michelle Gooden-Jones Dev Cropper Memorial Award Tim Yip Heung Win Diana Lee Wong Pui Yue Scholarship Wai Chun Yoong Emirates PhD Support for Middle East Studies Andrew Delatolla Moritz Schmoll Harry Pettit EY Scholarship Avelino Chimbulo Rita Natacha Ferreira De Assuncao Mendes Firoz and Najma Lalji Foundation Scholarship Jordan Craig Francesca Swirski Postgraduate Scholarship Mateusz Miller Francesca Swirski Undergraduate Scholarship Jieni Wu Golden Scholarship Shukri Muhomed Hateema Zia Nancy Jones Goldman Sachs Simon Morris Scholarship Afrah Khan Fahin Khan Karvin Luong Shadman Moin Giles Bethule Liam Gard-Storry Jackson Read Mohammad Shah Edward Bond Justin Cho LSE Digest I 143 I

145 Scholarships and Prizes Olivia Williams Rowena Mccaughan HighSpen Scholarship Temi Mwale Hogan LovellsLaw Bursary Haejin Hong ICAP Undergraduate Scholarship Mohammad Sumun James Jeal Scholarship Dane Jones John C Phelan General Course Scholarship Lorena Paz Mendoza Aeshna Sarkar Sangeeth Selvaraju Upasana Sharma John J Kerr Jr Scholarship Katharine Horgan Judge Rosalyn Higgins Scholarship Martin Clark Kadas Scholarship Antoni Otalega Renato Pecovic Tamara Strabel Martina Bedatsova Kristina Durcakova Aljosa Markovic Bartosz Kubiak Erik Dome Khattar Scholarship Agnes Chew Zheng Hao Darrell Lua Cheng Wei Tan Lalji LSE Programme for African Leadership (PfAL) Scholarship Martha Afandi Bande Priscilla Bretuo Sharon Jebiwott Chesire Linet Angaya Juma Abraham Diing Akoi Nyuon Jacqueline Opira Justice Novati Rutenge Lee Family Scholarship Xin Tong Mingcong Pan LSE Middle East Centre Emirates Master's Scholarship Maya Mamish Nour Turkmani Faisal Alkhatib LSE Stelios Scholarship Abiodun Adeyemi Lukas Kuprys Sotirios Paraskevopoulos Sifat Ahmed Alexander Burgess Cristina Campo Irene Charalambous Alamin Hussain Kaman Liang Angelina Mylona Shane Porter Gabriel Sjostrom Fathia Begum Marchant Foundation LLM Scholarship Akhileshwari Reddy Chintam Margaret Basu Fund Shaurya Patel Middle East Centre Emirates PhD Scholarship Andrew Delatolla Moritz Scholl Harry Pettit MSc Social Policy Scholarship Victoria Gilbert Nehru Shanker Patel Scholarship Joselene Katayama New Futures Fund Scholarship Chen Hu Jana Blahova Callum Costello Punte-A Hosseini Kyle Kothari David Lyria Shukri Muhomed Shagaana Sivakumar James Slater William Stein Oak Watson George West Laurie Woods Ethan Wroe Meryem Cinpolat Chrisann Jarrett Muhammad Tayara I 144 I LSE Digest 16-17

146 Scholarships and Prizes Nootan Vegad Emmanuel Nwokorie Georgia Cooper-Dervan Haejin Hong Sana Riaz Soo Hyun Oh Tarlach Russell Olam International Graduate Scholarship Nkosiyapha Sibanda Oram-Stott-Schlusche Scholarship Braden Bernards the Torch Scholarship Toby Antons-Jones Camilla Yahaya Pauline Aviges Graham Scholarship for African Women Lakshita Rampudaruth Peter Bence Scholarship Jennifer Cutcliffe PwC Lord Benson Award Josias Senu Linda Kalaj Randa Mohamed Rankin Frost Scholarship Muhummed Yusef Abdullah Cassidy Raph Appadoo Scholarship Katharine Horgan Richard Karl Goeltz Scholarship William Matcham Robert and Dilys Rawson Scholarship Zung Nguyen Vu S C Tsiang Scholarship Thomas Drechsel Sabine Scholarship Sohini Chatterjee Sally Codrington Scholarship Madeleine Woodward Santander Scholarship Ali Said Issa Philip Morrison Oussama Kardi Olivia Kerr-Wealleans Maria Isabel Alvarez Singapore LSE Trust Undergraduate Scholarship Regine Qin Wen Law Aiysh Sheikh Reichel Jenifer Gerald Lai Brenda Tan Beverley Leung Sir Siegmund Warburg Scholarship Shahd Sataria Stanislaw Karbownicki Undergraduate Scholarship Wojciech Zych Stonex Eastern EU Scholarship Szabolcs Perniczki Bozsing Stuart Lewis Scholarship Bingxing Liu Azra Kemal The Beacon Scholarship at LSE Darryl Ursin The Filiberto and Maria Fuentenebro Memorial Scholarship Sumati Semavoine-Jain The Jusoor and LSE Scholars at Risk Scholarship Saher Alhusayan The Lee Scholarship Hanzhang Jiao Yangjialei Li Zhe Zhang The Leverhulme Trust Scholarship George Maier Imani Strong Joel Suss Emma Taylor Sandhya Fuchs Kristina Kolbe Fabian Mushövel Nora Ratzmann The Standard Bank Derek Cooper Africa Scholarship Hillary Barigye Zainab Haruna Albert Ninepence LSE Digest I 145 I

147 Scholarships and Prizes UK Undergraduate Scholarship Daniel Jeremy Nina Webb UniCredit and Universities Masters in Research Economics Scholarship Viola Salvestrini Van Almsick PfAL Scholarship Job Lakal Wamford Scholarship Yi Wan Winton Sir Arthur Lyon Bowley PhD Scholarship Yi Wan Woo Family Scholarship Zach Han Yuming Yang Prizes Alfred Gell Research Proposal Prize Nikita Simpson Allyn Young Prize outstanding performance in micro economics in the 2nd year (EC201) joint winner Wen Yang Lior Tye Allyn Young Prize outstanding performance in micro economics in the 2nd year (EC202) joint winner Dilys Yeo Bo Wei Ooi Altorfer-Ong Prize best mark achieved in EH240 Jake Hallam Andrea Mannu Prize Rodrigo Gordillo Cerrutti Andrea Mannu Prize UG Yuet Tse Anthony G. Hopwood Prize joint winner Marvin Süßle Janine Bacher Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize 2nd Prize Kewei Wu Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall Student Performance in MSc Finance (Full-time): 1st Prize Ferdinand Danner Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall Student Performance in MSc Finance (Full-time): 2nd Prize Junwan Liu Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall Student Performance in MSc Finance (Part-time): 1st Prize Laura Garcia Hernandez Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall Student Performance in MSc Finance (Part-time): 2nd Prize Ying Zheng Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall Student Performance in MSc Finance and Economics: 1st Prize Xiaofan Lu Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall Student Performance in MSc Finance and Economics: 2nd Prize Sara Eberhart Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall Student Performance in MSc Finance and Private Equity: 1st Prize Florian Wedel Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize for best overall Student Performance in MSc Finance and Private Equity: 2nd Prize Arne Buhs Atkinson Prize for best overall performance in the MSc in Inequalities and Social Science. Anthony Born Baines Prize: for the best mark achieved EH101 Maxmillian Puchta Basset Memorial Prize Jack Glynn Antoine Faure-Grimaud Prize 1st Prize Giulia Calcabrini I 146 I LSE Digest 16-17

148 Scholarships and Prizes Bassett Memorial Prize for 3rd year best performance in an Organisational Behaviour and Employment Relations joint winner Tim Schmalle Typhaine Christiaen Betty Scharf Prize for best dissertation in Gender & Religion Rachel Guthartz Blackstone Chambers Prize in Commercial Law Philip Morrison Blackstone Chambers Prize for best performance in Human Rights Amber Edwards Blackstone Chambers Prize Law and Institutions of the EU Hannah Hinzmann Blackstone Chambers Prize in Public International Law Charles Bishop Bloch and Parry Prize for the best Religion in the Contemporary World dissertation Katherine Ajibade Bowley Prize for the Best 3rd Year UG Project in Applied Statistics (ST312) joint winner Alexander Scott Gabriel Hamlyn Kristia Karakatsani Brian Abel-Smith Prize best dissertation joint winner Ashley Miller Melody Qiu Holly Lang Zephan Trent Cecily Josten Maira Salmen Valerio Zaca Maria Crispi Galleguillos Tian Xia Brian Abel-Smith Prize best dissertation in the Executive MSc in Behavioural Science joint winner Joseph Wiggins Milla Piirto Anna Meadows Brian Abel-Smith Prize best overall performance joint winner Zephan Trent Paul Kantor Christoph Zielke Fiona Sing Leah Hocker Cecily Josten Melody Qiu British Journal of Industrial Relations Prize for best overall performance on the MSc HRO programme (IER and HRM stream) joint winner Hong Yan Sichen Li Charles Mostyn Lloyd Prize Amy Gandon Charltons Prize best overall performance Jie Nai Christie Exhibition Prize Jack Lovell Cities Prize for outstanding contribution Ravi Anand Loknath Client Earth bestdissertation Prize in MSc Environmental Economics and Climate Change Malvina Bondy Clifford Chance Prize for best performance in Property II Usman Malik Coral Bell Prize for the best degree performance overall by a third year BSc IR student Ana Feu Basilio CS MacTaggart Prize for performance in the first year joint winner Sze Ong Edward Chai Wai Koh CS MacTaggart Prize for performance in the second year joint winner Hee Yik Woo Benjamin Lim Tarek Chaaraoui LSE Digest I 147 I

149 Scholarships and Prizes CS MacTaggart Prize for performance in the third year joint winner Wei Li Hoon Ka Ngo Chan Kamila Nowakowicz Cyril Offord Prize William Crawford David Piachaud Prize for conspicuous achievement joint winner Amy Timms Eleonora D'Arcangelo Jake Fryer Dechert Prize Introduction to the Legal System Sam Ottley Dechert Prize Property I Konrad Stilin Delia Ashworth Prize Sarah-Jane Gay Department of Government dissertation Prize Joel Pearce Jack Glynn Peter Wilson Departmental Introduction to Econometrics Prize best performance by an Economics Dept student in Introduction to Econometrics (EC220) Wen Yang Lionel Tye Departmental Principles of Econometrics Prize best performance by an Economics Department student in Principles of Econometrics (EC221) Bo Wei Ooi Economics Examiners UG Prize First year Edward Chai Economics Examiners UG Prize Second year Bo Wei Ooi Ely Devons Prize for outstanding performance in the MSc Econometrics and Mathematical Economics Programme Xitong Hui Emeritus Professors' Prize joint winner Laura Eggerschwiler Julie Michelet Fiammetta Granchi Executive Global Master's in Management best dissertation prize or Capstone Prize Marc Schweizer Elisabeth Prager Executive Global Master's in Management best overall performance Prize Luca Zurlo Elisabeth Prager Farr Prize for best performance in Final Examinations for a BSc Student in the Departments of Mathematics or Statistics Charlotte Yuen Fei Xiaotong prize for the best China in Comparative Perspective dissertation Junyu Liu Foundation on Automation and Human Development Prize for best overall performance on the MSc HRO programme (HRM/CIPD stream) Ambreen Athar Foundation on Automation and Human Development Prize for best overall performance on the MSc HRO programme Daniela Mendez Goyzueta Fred Halliday Dissertation Prize Thi Hong Ha Nguyen Geoffrey Stern Prize for the best IR100 Concepts of International Society examination performance by a first year BSc IR student joint winner Sarah Broder Borisova Connor Stevens Chloe Wong George and Hilda Ormsby best dissertation in Department Prize joint winner Fernanda Sousa Gimenes Shiyu Zheng George and Hilda Ormsby Prize for best dissertation joint winner Yusuf Sohoye Ming Cai Chung George and Hilda Ormsby Prize for best overall performance in BA Geography James Griffiths I 148 I LSE Digest 16-17

150 Scholarships and Prizes George and Hilda Ormsby Prize for best overall performance in BSc Geography with Economics joint winner Pierre-Louis Lostis Pearl Yip George and Hilda Ormsby Prize for best overall performance in BSc Environment and Development and BSc Environmental Policy with Economics. Jed Hull George W. Jones Prize best performance by a graduating MPA student joint winner Masahiko Saiki Eliot Faron De Goer De Herve Guillermo Rodriguez Guzman Winner of the Global Master`s in Management (CEMS MIM) best overall examination performance Prize Marlena Bueschl Winner of the Global Master`s in Management (MBA Exchange) best overall examination performance Prize Samuel Stannah Winner of the Global Master`s in Management best overall examination performance Prize Muqeet Majed Gonner Prize Outstanding merit in the final year of BSc Economics joint winner Qingyang Liao Maria Hui Xin Tan Goodwin Prize for the best examination performance by a second year BSc IR student Meredydd Rix Gordon Smith Prize best dissertation Beatrix Vandooren H.C. Edey Prize top performance in BSc Accounting and Finance Rifat Khanom Harold Laski Prize for overall outstanding performance Temitayo Ogunye Harold Laski Scholarship Joshua Hardman Haya Freedman Prize best dissertation on the MSc Applicable Mathematics Programme Martin Antonov Head of Department's Prize Camron Aref-Adib Herbert Smith Freehills Prize best performance in Part I Rui Low Herbert Smith Freehills Prize for the best performance in MSc Law and Accounting Yifan Wang Himmelweit Award best performance in their degree Sofia Mutinelli Elisavet Panagiotou Katherine Loven Feiyang Wang Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance in 1st year joint winner Sara Steiner Iryna Kurinna Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best 3rd Year Sociological Dissertation joint winner Wei Sheng Ong April Lin Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall dissertation on the Masters Programmes in Sociology Sophia Schneidewind Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance in 2nd year Cormack Jackson Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance in 3rd year joint winner Azura Wicaksono Georgia Haigh Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance on the Masters Programmes in Sociology Paulina Schenk Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance with, MSc City Design and Social Science Sylvia Mckelvie LSE Digest I 149 I

151 Scholarships and Prizes Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance with, MSc Culture and Society Lucy Irving Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance with, MSc Economy Risk and Society Paulina Schenk Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance with, MSc Human Rights Jessica Fell Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance with, MSc Immigration and Public Policy Bethan Evans Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance with, MSc Inequalities and Social Science Ari Decter-Frain Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance with, MSc Political Sociology Johan Gøtzsche-Astrup Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance with, MSc Sociology (Contemporary Social Thought) Danielle Cutts Hobhouse Memorial Prize for best overall performance with, MSc Sociology Jonathan Tienxhi Hogan Lovells Prize Obligations & Property I Fai Ming Edward Mak Hogan Lovells Prize in Law of Business Associations joint winner Yee Sun Tang Declan Ng Chin Ter Chang HSBC Global Asset Management best dissertation Prize Yao Zhao Hughes Parry Prize Contract Law / Law of Obligations Chun Yau Hunt Prize for the best dissertation marks in the MSc in Economic History (Research) Ian Mclennan Huw Wheldon Prize outstanding performance in final year exams joint winner William Crawford Zi Yang Choon Charlotte Yuen Iain and Louise Crawford Prize joint winner Sofia Corti Wei Koh IMA Prize for outstanding performance in the Final Year of an Institute of Mathematics and its Applications approved course Zakaria El Hjouji Wei Li Hoon Imre Lakatos Prize David Freeborn Investment Property Forum best dissertation Prize Tianjing Liu Iris Forrester Prize Catherine Kordel Knut Hesla J.R.(Bob) Gould Prize best performance by an Economics Department student in Economics B (EC102) Aaron Luke Jane Lewis Prize for best dissertation Deren Phillips James Joll Prize joint winner Thomas Roberts Nina Webb Janet Beveridge Award Prize for outstanding achievement Remya Nair Jean la Fontaine Prize for an outstanding first class degree joint winner Alexander Spalding Raffik Poole John Griffith Prize Public Law joint winner Shun Him Yau Louis Flood I 150 I LSE Digest 16-17

152 Scholarships and Prizes John Hicks Prize for outstanding performance in the MSc Economics Programme Pablo Anton Arnal Joseph Abraham Prize for outstanding achievement on the MSc Financial Mathematics Programme joint winner Matic Kozuh Bart Van Der Vlugt Laura Devine Prize best performance in Human Rights Nadia O Mara Lauterpacht and Higgins Prize Public International Law Scott Cosgriff Lauterpacht and Higgins Prize for best performance in Public International Law LL278 Ruihan Liu Law Department Prize dissertation best overall performance LL299 Christian Tsang Lawyers Alumni Prize for best overall mark on LLM Vikneswari Muthiah Lecturer's Prize best performance in LL305 Jurisprudence Samuel Ley Leonard Woolf Prize for best overall performance Jasmin Cuppone Lillian Knowles Prize for a First Year candidate: for the best set of marks achieved by a candidate studying Economic History Matilde Durazzano Lillian Knowles Prize for a Finalist: for the best set of marks achieved in a candidate s final year of study Emilie Maret Linklaters LLP Prize for best performance in Commercial Contracts Rui Low Lloyd Gruber Prize best MPA Policy Paper joint winner Erin Ferraris Zachary Rosentzveig Shi Lai Loch Exhibition Prize Anton Jarrod Sumrin Kalia Ridhwana Lalloo Judith Tovey Kerem Osborne Dikerdem Sarah Young Lucy Mair Prize for the best Anthropology and Development dissertation Silvia Pergetti Martin Wight dissertation Prize Andrew Player Master's in Management Prize best dissertation Lisa Maria Peyer Maurice Freedman Prize for the best Social Anthropology dissertation Emmanuele Allamani Mayling Birney Prize best overall performance Yunqian Agnes Chew Medlicott Prize joint winner Di Wu Fionntan O'Hara Michael Donelan Prize Nathan Thompson Michael Oakeshott Prize best dissertation Jabari White Michael Sallnow Prize the best AN398 extended essay Alexander Spalding Gemma Edom Microsoft Research Prize in Data and Society Zhiyao Zhu Mike Redmayne Prize best performance in Law of Evidence Wilson Tang Morris Finer Memorial Prize Family Law Priscilla Goh MSc Comparative Politics Prize best dissertation Sapandeep Maini LSE Digest I 151 I

153 Scholarships and Prizes MSc Comparative Politics Prize best overall performance joint winner Kelsey Suter Sapandeep Maini MSc Conflict Studies Prize best dissertation Tijana Recevic MSc Conflict Studies Prize best overall performance Jennifer Hodge MSc Environment and Development Prize best dissertation Fernanda Sousa Gimenes MSc Environment and Development Prize best overall performance Lisa Murken MSc Environmental Economics and Climate Change Prize best dissertation Shiyu Zheng MSc Environmental Economics and Climate Change Prize best overall performance Shiyu Zheng MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation Prize best overall performance Georgina Short MSc Environmental Policy and Regulation Prize best dissertation joint winner Jonathon Broome Stefanie Tinti MSc Gender Globalisation and Development best overall performance Melissa Matlock MSc Gender Media and Culture best overall performance Resham Nitin Parikh MSc Gender Policy and Inequalities best overall performance Elisa Chieregato MSc Gender Research best overall performance Rosslyn Steinmetz MSc Gender best overall performance Alexa Russo MSc Global Politics Prize best dissertation joint winner Cazadira Tamzil Mirko Heinzel MSc Global Politics Prize best overall performance joint winner Mirko Heinzel Maximilian Fischbach MSc Local Economic Development Prize best dissertation Camilla Sacchetto MSc Local Economic Development Prize best overall performance David Arnold MSc Management, Organisations and Governance degree best dissertation joint winner Viola Tram Llara Dhandia MSc Political Science and Political Economy Prize best dissertation Elisa Wirsching MSc Political Science and Political Economy Prize best overall performance Hanzhi Deng MSc Political Theory Proxime Accessit Award excellent performance Constantine Fraser MSc Political Theory Prize excellent dissertation joint winner Henrik Dahlquist Samuel Bickler MSc Political Theory Prize best overall performance joint winner David Lawrence Aleksi Korpela MSc Public Administration and Government Prize best overall performance Alexander Fay MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance Prize best dissertation Samantha Mojabi I 152 I LSE Digest 16-17

154 Scholarships and Prizes MSc Real Estate Economics and Finance Prize best overall performance Yao Zhao MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies Prize best dissertation Elizabeth Crump MSc Regional and Urban Planning Studies Prize best overall performance Gabriela Neves De Lima MSc Urbanisation and Development Prize best dissertation joint winner Janetta Deppa Elizaveta Losseva MSc Urbanisation and Development Prize best overall performance Katy Brown Nicola Lacey Prize Criminal Law Hui Yi Seow Old Square Chambers Prize Labour Law best performance Emma Bullen Otto Kahn Freund Prize in Labour, Family, Conflict of Laws, Comparative, European Law Vadym Melnyk Paul Taylor Prize best overall performance Thibault Dufetel Peter Loizos Prize for the best AN298 ethnographic report Rebekah Lee Peter Self Prize MSc Public Policy and Administration best dissertation joint winner Matthew Lesh Matthew Walker Peter Self Prize MSc Public Policy and Admin best overall performance Matthew Lesh Philip Noel-Baker Prize for best dissertation BSc IR Year Three student Pablo De Miguel Philip Windsor Prize joint winner Gregoire Zammit Tyler Janzen Maija Lyytinen Premchand Prize Outstanding performance in the 3rd year paper in Monetary Economics (EC321) Maria Hui Xin Tan Prize (1st) for outstanding performance in 1st year of BSc Finance joint winner Siqi Xue Damian Virchow Prize (2nd) for outstanding performance in 1st year of BSc Finance joint winner Felix Oblin Daniel Thompson Prize for best 1st year performance in Accounting, Finance and Operations Management on the BSc Management Thierry Monin Prize for best 1st year performance in Economics on the BSc Management Thierry Monin Prize for best 1st year performance in Mathematics and Statistics on the BSc Management Dmitry Buyanovsky Prize for best 1st year performance in Organisational Behaviour on the BSc Management Mohammad Amanullah Katerina Mishina Prize for best 2nd year performance in MG205 on the BSc Management Nina Guilloteau Prize for best 2nd year performance in MG207 on the BSc Management Typhaine Christiaen Prize for best 2nd year performance in MG212 on the BSc Management Maria Shterenlikht Prize for best 2nd year performance in MG213 on the BSc Management joint winner Olivia Doyhambehere Danyi Chen LSE Digest I 153 I

155 Scholarships and Prizes Prize for best 2nd year performance in MG214 on the BSc Management Typhaine Christiaen Prize for best 3rd year performance in MG301 on the BSc Management Danirla Furst Prize for best dissertation Martin Garrigue Sean Paterson Prize for best extended essay on the MSc Economics and Management degree Oleksandra Lebedieva Prize for best overall performance on the MSc Economics and Management degree joint winner Maximiliane Reger Melissa Luki Andreany Prize for best dissertation on the MSc Public Management and Governance degree joint winner Gabriela Georgieva Paulina Lopez Ramos Prize for best overall MSc performance Juan Graña Prize for best overall performance on the MSc Management, Organisations and Governance degree Sebastian Bowler Prize for best dissertation joint winner Yunjing Li Stefanie Siewerth Prize for best dissertation Heather Zimmerman Nicholas Lyon Juan Graña Johanna Cramer Khine Lynn Thu Helen Kirsch Prize for best overall performance Sophie Alter Prize for best overall performance on the BSc Management Max Winston Prize for best overall 1st year performance on the BSc Management Thierry Monin Prize for best overall 2nd year performance on the BSc Management Typhaine Christiaen Prize for best dissertation in the MSc Social Research Methods Joshua Feldman Prize for best overall performance in the MSc Social Research Methods Joshua Feldman Prize for best overall performance on the MSc Management Science (Decision Sciences) programme in Jonathan McGee Prize for best overall performance on the MSc Management Science (Operational Research) programme in Carolina Espinoza Diaz Prize for best overall performance Catherine Macaulay Alice Robinson Giovanni Giordana Ursula Gazeley Ruby Budd Glenn Calverley Prize for excellence in MSc Global Media and Communications Sanaya Chandar Prize for excellence in MSc Media and Communication Governance Michael Moss Prize for excellence in MSc Media and Communications Yuka Sen Prize for excellence in MSc Media Communications and Development Ambika Tandon Prize for excellence in MSc Politics and Communications Fabian Ferrari Prize for the best EH390 dissertation Emilie Maret I 154 I LSE Digest 16-17

156 Scholarships and Prizes Prize for the best MPA dissertation joint winner Eliot Faron De Goer De Herve Gabriela Smarrelli Prize for best student for MSc International Management programme Martin Schlappa Prize for best student for MSc Management and Strategy programme Harshita Agarwal Pump Court Prize for best performace in Taxation Segolene Lapeyre Pump Court Tax Chambers Prize Taxation joint winner Aiden Hepworth Thomas Schlee Rajendra Bhansali Prize for best overall performance by an MSc Risk and Stochastics Student Gabriel Madeira Calisto Richard Hofstadter dissertation Prize joint winner Matthew Frakes Sabrina Katz Rishi Madlani Award top mark in Macroeconomic Principles paper (EC210) for an UG student Grace Sum Royal Statistical Society Prize for the best graduate from an accredited MSc course Yili Peng Silverstone Prize Yara Farran Sir John Hicks Prize for outstanding performance in the MRes in Economics Chen Qui Slaughter & May Prize best overall degree performance Sarah Ku Slaughter & May Prize best performance in Part I Ruihan Liu Slaughter & May Prize best performance in Part II Sarah Ku St James s Place Academy Prize joint winner Michelle Almaz Lachlan Kirwan Stanley De Smith Prize Public Law Kacper Zajac Stan Cohen Memorial Prize Jessica Fell Stevenson Prize joint winner Lilith Chamberlain Fraser Morris Caspar Hobhouse Sweet & Maxwell prize best performance King Chan Titmuss Prize for best dissertation Hannah Pittaway Aishwarrya Balaji Kristiyana Kalcheva Pamela Gongora Salazar Victoria Gilbert Rebecca Franco Titmuss Prize for best overall performance Paula Kelly Lucy Bryant Karen Lam Dominic Farrell Victoria Gilbert Aveek Bhattacharya Valentin Ribet Prize in Corporate Crime Yat Cheung Martin Kwan W.T. Baxter Prize top performance in BSc Accounting and Finance Gabriel Sjostrom William Robson Award (MSc Regulation) for best student Gregory King Winton Prize for academic excellence in statistics and financial applications Zi Yang Choon Ka Ngo Chan LSE Digest I 155 I

157 Scholarships and Prizes Winton Prize for academic excellence in MSc Statistics/MSc Statistics (Financial Statistics) Qin Fang Winton Prize for best dissertation in MSc Statistics (Research)/MSc Statistics (Financial Statistics)(Research) Sahoko Ishida Wolf Theiss Prize in Corporate and Securities Law Morgane Praindhui-De Beys Wynne-Roberts Prize best performance in 1st year mathematics courses by a student in the Department of Mathematics Ning Cui Wynne-Roberts Prize best performance in 2nd year mathematics courses by a student in the Department of Mathematics joint prize Weimin Wang Tarek Chaaraoui I 156 I LSE Digest 16-17

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