ff4,4,jhht.?j)ktf?,mi Vol. XI. No HONOLULU, TERRITORY OP HAWAII, THURSDAY, AUGUST PllIOB 5 Oentb. Speaks HIS MIND

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1 Yrupn 8n -- "-r- r " fr," ; T? WWflSBEl y r1 MJWK J a - - H ""! -,T-? TpTr --r jyyr You Fay wan ha whch soeone else does no wan A A vlxx AX-- XlOA 1 A 1 Fro Francsco Peru-- : Aug 8 X Alaeda Aug 8 For 8an Francsco EXPERENCE! Pekng Aug 11 X sn of uch value o a roan afer le qr Bpcn all of hs aval- For Vcor! Aorangl 27 ( Aug T able cash n obanng V Fro Vcora 5 f-- Mlowcra Aug 30 THE BEST WANT EXCHANGE S THE BULLETN "WANT COLUMN," Alaeda, Aug 13 - Evenng Bullen ff4,4,jhh?j)kf?,m Vol X No 2218 HONOLULU, TERRTORY OP HAWA, THURSDAY, AUGUST PllOB 5 Oenb H 1(01 WAS MB Whle Sprng o Nave Hawaans a Hanae, MAHKOA Kaua CHARGE) DELEATE RECTLY SAD HE DD NOT GET A CENT HAWA HOME RULE BOLTER WAS LOUDLY APPLAUDED n he repor of he rp of Delcgao Wlcox and Senaor Kalauokalan o Knll, publshed n ho Hoe ulo, s conaned he followng praagraph o he eeng n Hanalel: On Thursday, July 24, ho leaders wen o Hunalcl Upon her appear anco here, he people as a whole wero unng for he n order ha hey gh hoar her srrng addresses on behalf of ho Hoe ulo pary Tho Hoe lulc papers havo been full of hs rp o Kaua, and have coe forh sayng ha Wlcoxs rp fo Nawlllwll o Hanalel and fro hu nhc around o Makawcll and Wnlea was ono connuous ruph al arch Ths s only ono sde o ho sory The oher sde has jus coe o Honolulu n varous leers addressed o varous persons, soe of heso beng o leaders of he Hu Kuokoa Fro hese would see as f Wlcox uh no have as uch o a ruphal arch as he had expeced n fac, he was aken down several pegs Hanalel, fro ho lo of he organzaon of he Hoe ulo pary n ho slands, has ever been a perfec hobed of Hoo Rulels, he Hawaan leaders here beng aong ho sronges fghers of ho sland of Kaua on he sde o he nave pary Where wo years ago confdence n o ably of Wlcox o furher he neress of he Hawaans a Washngon coulj no bo shaken n Hanalel, sees oday o sand a such a low arl: ha alos ho whole of ho Delegaes suppor fro ha placo wll be whdrawn n he cong elecon n" place of recevng unhndered he plauds of he people a Hanalel, as he Hoe ulo papers would havo ho naves beleve, Wlcox was asked soe very ebarrassng quesons by he very en who a he las elecon he couned wh reason aong bs os arden supporers Aong hese was Mahlkoa, known fo one cldo o he Garden sle o he oher, and a an who wll bo heard fro n he cong elecon Ho asked abou he 11, for ho flro clas, he land bll and oher easures whch he Delegao o pu hrough he Congress of he Uned Saes Wha had becoo of nl hese aers Tho people had spen soehng llko J1M00 on h hu no one cen had he succeeded n geng for he counry How was hs? Why was? Mahlkoa hen charged b legao Wlcox wh o he busness of he people a Washngon, nnd ho was cheered o he echo by he naves who bad gahered o bear wha Wlcox and hs followers had o say Mahlkoa wll undoubedly afflllao hself wh ho ul Kuokoa and wll work wh a wll agans Wllco n he cong capagn Connually, repors are cong n fro he oher slands of he dssasfacon of he naves wh Wlcox and hs work n Washngon, and would as f he wero gong o havo a very hard fgh n he cong capagn The seaer Walalealo arrved fro Hawa pors hs ornng a 0:40 oclock wh 3,650 bags H A Co sugar, 26 head of cale and 2 craes of poulry Purser Sharra repors ho followng pgar lef a Kona and Kau pors, ready for shpen: A Co,,000 bags; S Co, SCO bags; K S Co, 900 bags; no sugar a Honokaa and Kukulhaele Tho schooner Marha Nelson arrved a Punaluu yeserday wh A50000 fee of luber and soe general fregh for ho A Co Por Sree olmolow STEAMER BANALE BEN6 PREPARED LAYSAN WLL TAKE LAUNCH TOW-AO- E PURPOSES W DU3EN- - DERQ WLL BE PAS8EN- - QER TO SL Tho seaer Hanalel, whch has been charered by Hackfcld & Co o go o Laysan sland wh a load of provsons and ncdenally o look ou for heovcrduo bark Ceylon, s a presen lyng a ho Pacfc Mall wharf, where she s beng fed up for he rp The Hanalel has been lyng n he How for que a whle and as a consequence Bhe has o be furnshed wh boas and oher fxures Dcsldcs hs, her an deck forward has bad ho bulwarks lned wh boards, as hs deck wll be used o accoodae a load of coal, ob ho seaer wll havo o carry, que an exra largo aoun of hs n order o leave enough o las her for he long rp s expeced ha he Hanalel wll bo ready for ho voyage oorrow, and sho wll probably pu o sea durng he laer par of he afernoon Capan Moshcr of ho Kc Au Hon wll have charge of he vessel on hs rp s expeced ha ho Hanalel wll be away fro hree o four weeks wll probably ake her abou four daya o ake he rp beween hs por and Laysan on ho way ou and flvo days cong back Tho Hanalel wll ake wh her a sea launch fro ho seaer Mauna Loa Ths wll be used o ow barges wh guano fro he shore of he sland ou o he vessel, as ho Hanalel wll brng back wh her abou 900 ons of ferlzer W Dusonbcrg of Hackfcld & Co wll go o Laysan n ho Hanalel H wll nko ho rp osly for pleasure and wll ake wh h a vared assoren of spears and rfles, as he expecs o have soo good spor wh ho largo sea urles whch- - frequen ho shores of he lonely sland MNS WANT UND There were a large nuber of Poruguese n Luslan hall las, rgh o lsen o arguens n favor o concered acon beng aken by he Poruguese colony oward eoralzng boh Congress and he Terroral Legslaure o exend o he ho prvlege of purchasng n fee sple he leases o Punchbowl lands when hey expre en years hence Aong he speakers were Consul A de Souza Canavarro, Frank Andrade J F Durao, J M Vvas, M Coscllo and ohers ado addresses ;acn speaker was receved wh apolause and uch enhusas was shown Consul Canavarro spoke several es, urgng he Poruguese o ac as a un n ho suppor of he oveen He sad aong oher hngs ha he people neresed had en years durng whch o preparo her enso for presenaon o he proper auhores Nowhsandng hs fac, he oveen Bhould be sared a once for n ls success lay he savng o ho Poruguese o housands o dollrs whch hey had pu no ho propoy J F Durao urged edl acon Losses by he Poruguese n hl pas had been due o dlaory accs The speaker showed ha he salslvjhus far gahered ndcaed approxae! $1,500,000 Whch he Poruguese had pu on ho propery n axes, payen! of leases, proveens by ho erecon of resdences, layng ou gardens, ana work of ho knd EXENSON COMPLETED Tho exenson of he Rapd Trans Cos lne ou Kng sree o ly he rac was fnshed day before yeserday and cars were run over he new racks for he frs lo yescruay Eveyhlng wen well and ho cars are now runnng regularly Ths exenson s a grea boon o he people lvng ou n he drecon of he McCully rac and farher on, of who here are now a very grea any The bes ho arke affords a ho os reasonable prces Tho Palace Grll eals and servce can be bea Faly dnners n prvae roos a specaly Palace Crlll Behel sree MPERAL CGAR STORE DSTRBUTORS Monoluul Aknson On Couny " a n favor of couny and uncpal governen or he Terrory because beleve o he ulae desny of any Sae or Terrory under he Sar Spangled Banner s corn-lo- g o Hawa as surely as annexaon cae and do no hcslao o say ha beleve he Republcan pary wll go forh no he fray durng he cong Speaks klnson sad: " a no n favor of couny and uncpal governen because beleve any sae or errory s aborve capagn wh a plank n s plafor whou hu 1 a n favor o havng pledgng le pary o couny and uncpal governen" "When say hs do no ean ha coe abou hrough he edu of he as soon aa possble clpal governen, naurally wan o Ths s wha A L C Aknson, ho he aer shall be rushed hrough Republcan pary and n hs conncc rllln-- Vnff nlpnnw l f WQ J n en " MV, v uhnn WllOl W J UVU, - CQroful Consderaon - - Ole lon gh say ha bcllevo hs asked hs ornng for a saeen as onh s no suffcen lor uo prepara- - sae couny and uncpal govern-- o hs poson n ho aer of couny! "on of a bll, nor are en who havej en wll be he eans of organzng and uncpal governen never had any experence wh couny our pary as never was before The s well known by all hose who and uncpal governen f and naural endency of hs for of gov-knoof Mr Aknsons career n col-- l proper persons no whose hands o enen s oward close pary organ!-leg- o ha ono of he subjecs he ade n gve he work zalon and ho Republcans wll be he specaly of was nuble corporaons have gven a lo or suay o puu- - He foresaw he e when Hawa us He corporaons nnd flaer yself ha becoe a par of ho Uned 8aes of 1 know soehng abou heyo Aerca and for ha reason appled would no consder yself copeen o hself o wha he beleved o bo he! prepare u bll or anyhng of he knd un of every Sae or Terrory of he on ho subjec of couny and uncpal Uned Saes and of ho Uned Saes governen for Hawa No, we us self Ths akes h ore co- - havo en who know he sybe fro oeen han he grea ulorly of he A o Z en who have gone hrough people hero who speak on he subjec, ho ll as were and havo proved o Snce annexaon, Mr Aknson haslhc people her ably o hold olcc suded Hawa and s needs akng, under a couny or uncpaly especal neres n ho aer slncn "1 would be n favor o payng ou who s he colored chapon ddlewegh of be exaned, Tho capan Ausrala, enoned sad ha be Snow concedes weny hough pounds hs an had a o scar fro a Harrs and even " knfo hen expecs o gve wound on,onc of hs ars as he laer a few lessons w far ns ho could roebcr, n he anly on he lef ar Harrs s a good jtjgher Should hs prove and o be so, Oo s probably a person aong any Snow one of he hoes bales he has should, wh hs excess" baggage gve U, S Cossoner Edwn S GU Hon- - ofen was he beaen or lock;,l n and wness dd no see any arks of ho veeran skppers bf hs por ever J been up agans The laer s hs ornng resued ho prelnary, he cabn? (J How any dajs were you ou a a very well known Ausrala fgher exanaon o Tnnbara, cabn boy o A canno ell bow ofen was he e of he bucke of waer ncl A SKEPTCAL ATTORNEY and has a record of wnnng a long he d schooner Fred J abou S or 25 es ha hd boy coplaned of beng beaen rjy he capan, A (Afer wness had ndulged n a The offcal Japanese nerpreer, There wll be oher prelnares den? srng of bales Wood for he urder of Capan J, J Jacobscn, aser of ha vessel, upon 1 never saw h wh Hlcks, saeen of he cabn boys dues) Jaes Hnkuole, was busy elsewhere whch wll be announced laer on ho hgh eas on July 30 las W bu was old by he boy he had been The frs hree days ou he capan hs ornng and so could no be presen n he Polce Cour Beng ner- boxng school, whle Kalnsky s do- Weday s ranng a Blly Woods Breckons, U S Dsrc Aorney, represens he Uned Saes The prson- ou preer for boh he upper and lower ng held by he baud was good was abou he ffh day Q How work dd hcj Bay ho vva beaen, ou a Cup McKlnlcy Jackson s ranng n he fre deparen er has no aorney J D Avery s acng as senographer plan was ade? o gve he forer frs choce, has of- gynasu Wcday wll go (J When was wh an axe, or he cjpeas hand, or he nex e a co- cours and ho laer havng nvarably Frs Mao Mejer gave wha? no he hs evdence A Defendan ade Tho wness evaded hs queson a coplan on en caused all anner of rouble n rng weghng 150 pounds and Kalsky 06 yeserday afernoon, and Second Mae h) dd nearly all oht4 bu he hrd day (Wness here delvered Judge Wlcoxs cour and hs forenoon wll fgh hev u 155 pounds Nelson hs ornng Claude More a,kc( l) kae, 0vl,n0l of anoher speech on he dues of he he Judgo enoned he fac ha he salor also esfed (J Lucca ner-- UU, M prced hs evdence, whch was gven, h,,u, L c, cabn boy, sayng he capan ade had been o see he Execuve abou GOSPEL MEETNGS,ng n,up a, h bcn of no 8hlp clean he roos of he frs and havng he aer of nerpreers n TCncn llnrnlnn xlfvol T T n1n1a TnnHHSn n,,! llṇ, rullln second ao whch whb hs no hs duy) sarlghened ou The prose had, -- fnlnr w - l " UnpUH W1S HUUUl U1B " o ho Terroral cours, onvejed "l been gven ha he Execuve would The Gospel en ha was locaed on ho urnlla f subsance of he proceedngs n an un asked for clean wase, whch he cap- - fff recoend a separae nerpreer for Kluau sree has been oved o School Q derone o he prsoner, an declned o allow h was Pror o ha hrd day ou dd he Polco sree, Cour Ewa of For ou- - besdes nerpreng Japanese evdence o he cour sde of he cabn when aw ho can he defendan coplan ha he had One of ho aorneys a saunch The frs servce wll be held Sunday Republcanade hs reark by way aa run up been physcally o Mrs Jacobsen, wfe of ho urdered he boy abused? evenng, Augus 10, begnnng of a 7:3) and slku,u"uu,;u "r A on he back One of he salors known Defendan old o ha he had answerng oclock wha Judgo Wlcox had wh a sone servce, followed hv j "" """ ha Wness poned o he an woan cy ; been, dally frghened by he capan sad: "Perhaps he Execuve wll preachng a 8 no oclock who g00( on he prsoner she burs ou weepng llp, A wnenneuear-urokc- n collr and gave hough no h sruck On he hrd day have any nfluence wh os he nex cordal nvaon s gven o nae Depuy Marshal Handy escored her o as Thlg ou defendan dd no ell e anyhng Legslaure" he publc o aend heseseres of eengs, f,or, lhe ubuu beng beaen he Marshalls offce, whence sho re urned o ho vessel QQf J(jur owu Q knowle(,ke Uu you Afer he bucke of waer ncl know of any There was nohng oher case where he cup-- den, how any days before he nex S, S ALAMEDA, AUGUST 13, The ug Fearless was aken on he n he evdence of, defendan cruelly? oplal? arne ralway yeserday o Nex express have her seaer o Coas ho ocers and salors whch devaed A, Abou wo days fro her saeens on ho logbook Defendan beaen by afer ha ho boo scraped Whle she was ou of rouble J(e and a he shps nques plan abou ho vh, g arose, Express closes 10 a day o salng cosson he ug Rover dd her busness, akng he Edward May o sea, wn,, M,r? Tha was ho aer saw yself Wells, Fargo & Co, Express A draac feaure of Second Mae was A As Nelsons evdence was hs saed before had no seen a 7 oclock n ho evenng The yeserday afernoon Today he Fearless s agan dong busness on he old denflca-lo- n capan old of he clohng worn by he capan when assassnaed was soe he capan beang he boy o go and ge new TEL MAN 109 ho boy, bu Mcro wase was soe rouble, beween e and brng he lap Before he Masonc Teple, l wh AsrlMM sand She ook he Curs o sea hs brough wha ulaed fro beng cu away ornng of ho kllng he lup saw posvely he Menenosr Brvc afernoon a abou 1 oclock capan fro s wearers corpse, ye Mr GU he cu hero nssed on he srke he boy on he back drec saw nnuunrlnr n pahnh h grab h by he suspenders ade by ho urderers knfe was ", K and srke h was sandng by he shown n he rouser and shrs r urcchuu su n- - nuuu uuuu GU, a noon re:?ss, answers o hs quesons ook a foreas and saw hs n he afer par Cossoner of he shp As was here and suvv SPECAL CLEARANCE SALE bound over Nelson, Forune, More, week he srkng he boy dd no say nny Kcrrlen, Bar and Sauel n Oo wen on o say ha wha he Bunbau, hlug o e $500 ball each o appear before ho ean by cruel reaen was abou dd no hea OFha - ho capan hay anyhng dd no Only Uned Saes Dsrc a ho Noveber er as wnesses, n defaul of when defendan dd wha he was old a sall lne Wo have Cour hear he capan ell ho chef ae no by ho capan he would be ordered u nearly all szes yours s o abuse he ho) The frs rouble ball o be deaned n Oahu prson do over agan LADES SLPPERS hero s a grea chanco o was Q where he Uned Saes wll pay he Dd he defendan ell you ho blj abou he bucke of waer, and wo buy es or slppers uch lesa days one dollar day hroughou her been beaen, und how any es? afer was he rouble abou he han half her value They a deenon wo lap The only rouble snce, hese A Abou wo or hree es o old e he was beaen by he capan roubles was he rouble on he and OXD were ade by ho bes facores and aro laes syles, bu TES day of he kllng, CROOKED TESTMONY wh hs fss do no know on wha aro odds and ends, nnd no a p Fro he e you saled up o par of hs body ho was beaen, copleo lne Tha won affec you, however, as you wan ho ornng of he kllng were ho n OF ALLEGED ACCOMPLCE Q Dd he boy ell ou ho frs sances of he lap and ha of he e on wha par of he bodyvhe was only ono sze All good value Y, Oo, cook of he Fred J, Wood and waer bucke he only coplans?" a her regular prce Regular prce of beaen? he goods offered ranges fro A charged by he shps coroners Jury Anoher coplan was ha ho $450 o A Only ho frs e was $600 Nolo when our specal prces below: wh beng an accoplce of Tanbara, capan and lls wfe would chase h ho brough a bucke of waer for h was on he sand os of ho ornng abou he cabn,, akng h clean capan, nnd he capan old h Lades Oxford Tes, Lous Heel spos and hs exanaon connues here and here, ofen soopng blf was dry and o go and ge clean waer, and was luu be sruck h, down (wness afernoon lls saeens wero conradcory n fanasc degree He unswer-c- ben o ho floor and Specal a $2,00 and S300 fel abou wh hs bands o llusrae) d 6es o e he capan sruck h dencal quesons a shor nervals n several dlffenu nnd uerly be- - o flud new places o clean The boy on he shoulder uy he shoulder sruck on ha accoun There was Lous Heel rreconclable ways, llclow are saples acuse 1 saw he door open nnd close Slppers nohng else Every day he defend and hough hen and hnk now of hs ovdenco: ha he only place Grevances of Defendan an would ell h ha ho capan Specal a S 50 and $2,00 boy could havo was no sasfed been suck was ho shoulder Oo was quesoned as Oo, sworn: The defendan coplan-- o Wness sad a lllo laer whou o wheher ha had o hree or four es ha he had reservaon ha, a he bucke of wa alked wh ho defendan afer OXD TES hs been beaen by he capan When we er occason, ho capan sruck he arres A frs ho answered no; frs lef Porland ho capan reaed boy on ho shoulder wh hs fs once bu hen sul ho had edu asked defendan and coon sense heels n ho hs boy very kndly, bu subsequenly he boy coplaned of beng beaen was sruck on he shoulder bu ha ho The defendan dd no enon ha ho boa cong ashore, wh ho offcers of ho law how ho had cu Specal $1,50, $2,00 and $2,50 hs hub, was sruck onco The boy slep n he Thuro was n whlo an n hu boa, who ho sad know ho Japanese lower nnd wuess n he upper bunk o langoago pcy well, and hs an old The es coplaned of were ornng, lunch hour and evenng, Q Would he capan bea h or was he cruely lonllucd o hs work? hs s he place of hs brh lls con- - eluson has been ha Hawa us have couny and, uncpal govern-- 1 en f s ho expecaon of he people o lve n prospery Connung bs earks la answer o he quesons of he reporer, Mr A The Alleged Accoplce Capan HS MND TESTFES ABOUT ho galley Defendan dd no exhb any urks of blows ou hs body Planly overnen as uch as 120,000 o pay a cosson o prepare a prospecus o place before he people The shareholders as were n a couny, uncpal should be reaed jus as nendng shareholders n a Bgar or oher cor poraon There us bo a prospecus and hs us be prepared by en o undoubed ably; oherwse, wll be useless o ry o nroduce he new syse, "When speak o couny and un ones o wn ou n he end for nde- - penden pares never sck ogeher whereas he Republcan pary s faous for he coalon of s varous branches hroughou he Saes anl Terrores of ho Uned Saes" Mr Aknson rearked jokngly a he loncluslon of hs ncvlew ha gh be well o ry ho syse of couny and uncpal governen o Hllo frs f found o work n good shape here, could be red on Hono- 0OO0O0 O O O O O " - lulu OOOO"0 Jacobsens Murder (Connued on Pago 8) T MAY BSAME SKPPER BELEVES HE MAN KNOWS WOODS COOK OVE8 A DESCRPTON THAT TAL LE8 WTH MAN NOW HELD WTNESS N THE MUR " DER CASE A and horoughly rellar blc aser of a local vessel n apeak-nhs ornng o he ragedy on board ho Fred J Wood, sad ha he probably knew ho Japanese cook, 8 Oo who was on he Wood when he urder of ho capan occurred The descrpon of he an gven by hs capan alles as far as can be found ou bo far, and f should be found ha hs s ho nae an as he capan knows, he followng facs of hs prevous lfe wll prove of neres Ths Jnpancse who he capan knew vvnb a cook and was naed 8 Oo He was on board he Tllllc Sar- - buck on a rp sho ado fro hs por o New York abou sx years ago and on hs occvlon developed soo ugly ras, very slar o hoso n ho caso of ho rred J Wood Whle he Sarbuck was roundng ho Horn, he refused o do ceran work and here was an neresng en couner beween h and he ae of he vessel Snce ha e, he vsed Honolulu wo or hree es On one of hese occasons he was on a schooner fro Ausrala A ha lo he behaved n such an ugly anner durng ho voyage ha ho capan, upon reachng hs por, dscharged h Ths an a one lo sayed n hs cy for que a whle, durng whch pe rod ho aced as a sor of runner for a Japanese boardng house nnd shp png fr cobned He s known o he a good cook when he feels llko, bu o have a vcous eper a es The descrpon of ho an as gven by hs capan alles wh he cook of ho Wood n several parculars Hs nae s 8 Oo and he was descrbed as beng a sall, socklly bul fellow wh decdedly slanng eyes and wearng a sal ousache All hese pons ally Besdes hese, here s ono pon whch would esablsh hs deny beyond a doub whcrrhe can MANUFACTURERS 10ST d Fne Prelnares ULYSSES Weday-Kask- y HARRS SNOW o Bg 11 THEAUSTRALAN MDDLEWEGHT CHAMPON TO FQHT TWENTY POUNDS LGHTER THAN H8 Honolulu s o have a bg flslc carnval on he ngh of he 18h ns, a he Orpheu and preparaons for he grea even arc now n full swng The varous boxers who are o lake par arc now n ranng and arc workng wh a wll n order ha hey ay be enabled o gve Honolulu spors he worh of her oney The bg even of he evenng wll be he d cones (Marqus o Qucensbcry rules) beween Jack Wcday nnd Phl Kalsky, he Lap McKlnlcy fgher Boh heso en arc hard, subborn fghers and wll undoubedly pu up a fne ach Kalsky has boxed a nuber of es n he cy bu he has never ye been ached agans a an who could gve h uch of a fgh s conceded by all who know boh en ha Weday olerably" busy One of he bes o ho prelnares wll be a four round go beween wll keep h "prey "Spder" Jackson chapon o he frs deparen, and Jack Edwards who or soe e pas has been lookng around for young Decker Ths ach wll be for he lghwegh chaponshp of Hawa, Anoher prosng prelnary wll be hf ach beween Ulysses Harrs, he "elecrc" fan an and chapon colored boxer o Honolulu, and Gran Snow, a recen arrval fro Ausrala 8TM!ET M Exhbon GRANT ANTAGONST SHOE CO, LTD MATCHE 0 v Ol s MMW,x - e 8M:d,- M 1, kosl-- s awkobrj

2 r TO LEASE Wo offer for a shor or long lease a very reasonable raes, he FNE STORE n he WAVERLY BLOCK on DeBel sree, forerly occuped by he Honolulu Pan Co Henry Waerhouse For and Tel Man 313 O COMPANY Merchan Ss Honolulu MASONC TEMPLE AEEKLY CALENDAR MONDAY Hawaan Saed TU3SUAY Le Projjres Second Degree WUDNUSDAV Pacfc Frs Degree TMUHSDAV Rolse Crox Regular, Posponed HDAV Hawaan Frs Degree SATUHDAY All vsng qebcrs of he order are cordally nved o a end eengs of local lodges HARMONY LODGE, NO 3, 0 O F HMa every Monday evenng a 7: SO o Harony Hall Kng sree E L CUTTNG, N O B K HENDKY becreary All vsng brohers very cordally (Br4 OAHU LODGE, No 1, K of P Mees every Frday evenng a Har-rao- y Hall, Kng Bree, a 7:30 Me-Mof Mysc Lodge, No 2, and vs-e- a brohers cordally nved V W DUNN, CO ED C ALDBCH, K of R & B WM MKNLEY LODGE No 8, K of P Mees every Saurday evenng a 7:30 oclock n Harony Hall, Kng sree Vsng bohes cordally n led o aend C M V STER, CC B S GREGORY, KRS HONOLULU LODGE 616, B P O E, Mr THOMAS PRME wll conduc a QUESTON MEETNG Thursday, Aug 7h, 1902, 8 p, a ABON HALL (back of Opera House) Mebers eeng Tuesday, 7:15 p A cordal welcoe exended o all Lbrary open Frday, 3 o 4 oclock MAHY D HENDRCKS, Presden Aloha Branch, T S Look a Ths f you don buy hese los youll ss, because you wll ss doublng W M CAMPBELL a hs offce on preses or y specal agen, W M Mlnon, wh Honolulu nvesen Co, Judd Bldg E W Qunn, odern plubng Paronage o Owners, Archecs and Buldc solced 1168 Unon S, Phone, Man 394 New England Bakery ANNEX AT THE Merchans Far New England Bakery Annex a ho Merchans Far havo he cxcluslvo salo for Sof Drnks, ce Crea, Soda, Sandwches, ce Crea and Waer ces, Cakes, Pes, Ec Vsors enn be suppled wh lgh refreshens whou leavng he buldng sle, beween Man Ewa Sde TUB HONOLULU Booh n Buldngs, CY COMPANYS ANNEX AT THE Merchans Far WLL MAKE CY N PUBLC such as Sck Candy, Peanu, Cocoa nu Candy, Chocolae, Crea Drops Hand-adand Goods whch wll be sold ho Ths dsplay wll neres To younger cleen Mxed Candy n 60c boxes; every ffh box conans V n Bllvcr; and xed candy n 1 boxes, ecry enh box conans J5 n gold Handsoe rngs, souvenr spoons and Jewelry gven away as presens n ev cry box; see affdav on fle a booh, Candy Booh n alslo beween an buldngs, Walklkl sde F-O- -R R-E-- CORNER BERETANA and VCTO- RA STS, opp Thoas Square House wh fve bedroos and large osquo poof dnng roo Elecrc lghng and good, plubng Adrably sued for boardng house Casle & N-T RENT $50 PER MONTH Lansdale AGENTS; REAL ESTATE NSUR-ANC- NVEST-MENT Gangenwald Buldng Telephone Man 70 Honolulu Lodge No G10, B P O E, wll ee n her new hall, on Mller and Bereanla sees, every hruay Cabos Creosoe evenng By order of he E D L CONKLNO, Shngle Sans F M BROOKS, ER Secreary THEOSOPHCAL SOCETY WOOD PlBBERVATON Creosoe s he bes wood preserva ve known nsecs wll no aack creosoed wood, whch akes he sans especally valuable n Honolulu Creosoe sans are hn and are absorbed n ho wood, perng he ready evaporaon of any osure whch ay ge no he shngles ARTSTC EFFECT Tho superory of creosoe Balns over pan fro an arsc pon of vew s apparen a onco o all who have seen he DURABLTY and ECONOMY Creosoe sans arc ns durable as he bes pan and are abou ffy fer cen cheaper We have saples o show you and have all colors and shades of he sans LEWERS & COOKE, LTD For Sree WATCHES DURABLE and ACCURATE your oney n one year or less Prces Tbe Keysone Wach Case Co bed-roc- Fnes, cooles and healh Tuo Phladhls,U,SA Aercas es locaon n Honolulu, rgh on Larges Wach Facory and Kng S below Walklkl Turn, on lne nl u J For salo by of Rapd Trans, seven nues vkly The Prncpal Dealers Wach n sragh run o For S Wll buld Hawaan slands houses fro $700 up and guaranee reners for hs prce, $2500 Tools, Maerals and Fndngs used Call and see by Wachakers, Jewelers and kndred rades, go o JOS SCHWARTZ, Roo 303 Boson Buldng, over Henry May Co, For S, near Kng Money Loaned TO 8ALARED PEOPLE ON NOTE8 Roo 8, Aagoon Bldg, Merchan & Alakea 8U Offce hours 9 a o 4 p COTTON BROS, f CO ENGNEERS 1 GENERAL CONTRACT ks Pd soa lu lornllnl for l c onuclnp wok, Tel Man 245 ROOM S0C 808T0N BLK Honolulu LOCAL GENERAL Read "Wans" on page 8 Kona coffee o be good us be pure C J Day sells The 1EEUESS s he only wael proof pan ade The revsed vsng hours of he Queens Hospal appears on page 8 Ncely furnshed roos, Popular House, 1219 For S, J160 per week up The band wll gve a concer n ho Moana Hoel hs evenng a ho usual e Blank books of all sors, ledgers, ec anufacured by he Bullen Publsh ng Co Cabos crcsoc shngle sans nro sold by Lewcrs & Cooke Call and see saple shngles The weekly edon of be Evenng Bullen gves a coplee suary of he news of be day A fne house suable for boardng-hous- e s adversed for ren by Casle & Lnnsdalc Sec her ad "Corns and ngrowng nals success fully reaed whou pan Dr Bogle Oregon block Hoel sree, Edward Fcrrelra was yeserday af crnoon adjudged nrane by Judge Wll cox and ordered sen o ho nsane asylu Prncess KawananaKoa s que n her hoe n Walklkl She has been confned o her bed for hree or four da) s pas Tho Kaua brough news yeserday of ho deah of wo Chnese on Po Aua rce planaon by he exploson of gunpowder Thoas Pre wll hold a queson crll; n Arlon Hall ongh n connecon wh he heosophlcal work 1k s dong n he cy -sland Telegraph Copanys offce, lower For sree Mrs J M Whlnoy, presden of ho W C T U, wll address ho eachers of he suer school hs afernoon a 2 oclock on "School Savngs Banks" Teaches and ohers neresed arc especally nved Capan Whng wen o carl Har bor yeserday on a ll of nspecon, beng shown abou by Adral Merry On ho day before, ho was offcally presened o Governor Dole and he Uned Saes offcals here The ebers of he new dsrc Coee of ho Ffh Dsrc arc o ee for organzaon a 11 a, Frday, Augus S, SO!, n ho Ele buldng, Hoel sree, subjec o a call ssued by he Republcan Ccn ral coee Success n lfe, socal or busness lls lnclon, for an or woan, old or young n hese days of acvy depends largely on personal aracve ness Whou good eeh he os regular feaures wll no be beauful and he healh wll be poor "The Expers" are he odern denss Arlngon block Hoel sree off Unon The pavlon n whch was held he Merchans Far wll be offered a aucon, cher as a whole or n pars Ths course was decded on yeserday a a eeng of be coee of ho Merchans Assocaon whch had charge o he far Charan Hel, presened a fnancal saeen show ng receps and expendures The laer exceeds ho forer by a su whch s expeced o bo covered by ho receps fro ho sale of ho buldng All ho blls wee ordered pad and he acon of he charan n each n sance was rafed n ho Polce Cour yeserday afer noon Haraoo, a Japanese hoel propreor, was senenced o hree onhs prsonen a hard labor, for keep ng Nnkaoo, a laborer fro Walpa hu, under lock and Key for eleven days nnd akng away all hs oney Naka noo cae o own abou July 10 wh $10 o pay on a lease He wen o Haaroos hoel and was assgned o a roo wh four or fve ohers Nex ornng, one of ho en, an accoplce, coplaned of havng los 17 The hef was fxed on Nakaoo nnd he was locked up n a roo by hself, Durng he eleven days, all hs oney was aken an ay fro h, MOANA HOTEL CONCERT sc Tho hand wll play ho followng cclosu a a conce o be gven n ho Moana Hoel hs evenng, begnnng a 7:30 oclock: FAVT Overure, Don Juan Folonalse, n Mark Selecon, Muscal Hevewlvloro Vocal (a) Le Fon Mol Mozar Faus lb) Swee el Hao Mss J Kcllaa (e) Kuu Wchlwehl (d) Kokohl Mrs N Alapal PAT By Reques: (a) Zaona (b) Flo- - rodora Suar Msb Kelllaa and Mrs, Alapal By Reques; A Now Rage March Cunla Walz The Weddng of ho Wnds Hall By Reques: Tho Guldlug Sar Wrgh The Sar Spanglod Banner M Mchel lagrnvc, ho cosson cr general fro ho French Hepubnc o ho Worlds Far S Lous, who ar rved wh ho nochabenu pary, has seleced ho slo for ho French buld ng whch wll ba odeled afer ho Pe Tralnon a Versalles SX MONTHS N PRSON BflKB STEALNG BCYCLE W S WTHERS PLEADS VOLATON OF CONTRACT WTH PENAL-- TY N DEFENSE TO SCHUMAN Hon Sauel Parker cao hefora Judge Ocarunder rsco of Cour Balff Hopkns and accopaned by Geo A Davs, aorney Afer explanng hs absence fro he ral Jury he was excused, Judge Gear havng frs hreaened hs legal copanon wh a lno for advsng h nong- - ly Judge Gear senenced Sephen Lake, n nave boy, o prsonen for hree onhs for sealng a bcycle fro Ed, Deku The cour observed ha he larceny of bcycles seeed o deserve as severe punshen as ho W S Whers, answerng ho coplan of G Schan, saes he wll rely on he saue of frauds for defense He pleads n se-o- of $2500 ho agreed penaly ha planff should have o pay f he engaged n he sae lne of busness whn welve onhs afer sellng ou hs sables o defendan Deah of he defendan has been suggesed n he case of Muhanaka, charged wh robbery An opporuny s afforded for askng any queson n connecon wh heosophlcal eachngs n he eeng a The fnals n he png pong ourna Arlon hall hs evenng en of ho Elks was played off n he The ebers of he Elks lodge are hall a he corner of Bereanla and akng grea preparaons for her Mler srees las ngh n he pres socal sesson Saurday ngh They ence of a ery large nuber of cnbu are expeced o huo Bshop Resarlck Blass, aong he beng a boodly wh he repescnalon of he far sex Call-forn- Don forge Caarlnos of be l The fnal sruggle wns beween A L, Fru Marke when you wan C Aknson o he Elks and F Lowell fru and vegeables He always has who represened he ousders and who on hand a fresh supply of boh Calforna and sland frulls Telephone Man ndeed, here were any who fully ex plajed a os seady gao hroughou 378 peced ha Lou ell would wn he prze cup Tho wreless elegraph servce s now open for busness o Mahukona Boh en were n excellen for las and all pons on Hawa ngh nnd Maul and when hey sucd n, looked Telegras wll us f be receved a ho here would be u hard sruggle Lowell had no rouble n reurnng Aknsons very wlf verves and sen he back wh precson The resul was ha he won he Mrs: se, was a hs pon ha Aknson began o brace and wh sucl deernaon oo ha he won he se, Tbe hrd se wen o he sae source, n ho fourh se, Lowell na-j- a grea aep o pull up and l3 ho score He ough hard bu wu no go for Aknson hud hself copleely n hand and won ou, hus pov-lu- g hself absolue aser of n- - pns pong players of he cy Tle frs prze, a Hawaan wood cup, ouned n slver, wll go o Aknson whch fac s enenly sasfacory o be Elks The second plze, a par of plug pong lnk cuff u uns, wll go o Lowell These przp wll be presened n he socal sesson o be held Snufday eenlug The Bullen, 75 cens per onh News coes fro he leper seleen of a very excng gae of baseball on Saurday las n whch he Kalauaos won ho league cnaplon-sh- p n he frs baseball selcs ever played a he place The wnd up cao very near endng n a ro sees ha sx gaes had been played beween he Kalaupapas and Knlawaos, each havng won an equal nuber Saurdays gae wns o de cde he chaponshp and ho wnnng ea was o be guen u prze of $20 The gae was holy conesed and a he begnnng of he nnh nnng, be sore sood f o 9, wh darkness fas cong on Afer he Kalaupapas had had her urn u he ha whou scorng, he capan begun o coplan of he darkness The frs ball pched o he Ku)awaos resuled n he baer geng wo bases Tho capan of he Kalaupapas hen becae oe nss eu n hs deand ha he guu be raled on accoun of darkness, The upre, un fon Honolulu, refused o do hs unl hu end of he nnng Ho heeupon ordered hu gue o proceed Tho nfused o abde by hu decson and lef he feld, ho upre declarng he gae forfeed o he Kala-wao- by a score of 9 o 0 There were proses ha he ple would be obbed bu he suck o hs decson nnd would no gc an nch Ths beng he case ho oney was pad ocr o ho Kalawaos by Sup Mc- Vegh s undersood ha a new league s foon o bo fored u Henry 10 Hlghon, one of Snn Fran Cscos os pronen aorneys, s hero for a vs, Mr, Hlghon has been assocaed n nearly all of he larges legul bales on he Coas, und durng ho faous lly ho case, was senor counsel for Alce Kdyh llyhe Mrs Hlghon s accopanyng ho Judgo and ho fac ay le reled upon ha ho laer wll brng forh n San Fan-clsr- o n hs fuure speeches, he beaues of ho slunds and wll ako o hear ho neress o ho slands nnd expound he wh a vgor for whch he s so well known 0 s J M CEBMTED X &TTEfls Ths wonderful edclno has never been equalled ns a soach srengh-one- r and healh bulder s ho only ono o nko when your syse s weak and run down and you suffer fro dyspepsa, ndgeson, conspaon, flaulency, sour soach or headache Try wll surey do you good Bo Bre o ge ho genune wh our Prl vae De Sap over ho neck of he bole flostetters STOMACH - BTTERS why no ry HERPCDE THAT FALLNG OUT OF THE HAR, D- RUFF OTHER SCALP DSEASES ; ; ; ; T S THE DEAL HAR DRE88NG WE CAN HONE8TLY RECOMMEND T Hollsep Drug Copany T 8TREET OUR WNES ARE PURE OUR PRCES are RGHT TOKAY SHERRY PORT 75c per Gal, MLNU ZNFEL CHOCE TABLE CLARET, 50c per Gal HOFFSCHLAEGER Co, Ld The Poneer Wne & Lquor House NO 25 awanan ardware Co, Ld KNG ST, Near Behel 816 For 8ree, Honolulu, T H Agens For flavlland Ware Vcor Safe & Lock Co deal Ready Mxed Pans Pansy Soves proved Sone Fers And he Oeel Aeroor 4MX Our Soda Waers nro everywhere conceded o be he hghes qualy We sell 1e n 35c THE DOZEN Delvery freo anywhere n ho cy All orders proply aended o TELEPHONE BLUE 1871 HAWAAN SODA WATER WORKS when he days work s, done r PfS&f Porer Furnure Co, Frs-clas- s FURNTURE of all descrpons Upholserng Deparen unequalled n he Cy Now locaed n he FSHER For BLOCK, PORTER FURNTURE CO, LTD AST WNES MADE BY THE TALAN SWSS COLONY AT A8T1, 80N0MA COUNTY, CALNA THE LARQE3T VNEVARD N THE WORLD These wnes havo aken he gold edals and reeclved ho hghes awards a all he recen Worlds Exposons, and are now noed he world over for her pury and excellence o qualy Trado and fales suppled by ho followng Jobbers: CO, LTD WALTER8-WALDRO- GONSALVE8 & CO QOME3 & McTQHE JOS HARTMAN & CO 8, SHAW & CO CAMARA & CO NDANAPOLS PROGRESS BEER Fnes boled beer sold n Honolulu Pure and palaable Has all hu onc properes and he delghful flavor o he bes hops Faly Orders Solced Goes & McTghe 93 and 95 Kng 8L Phone Man 140 S SAK, BAMBOO FURNTURE PCTURE FRAME8 Nea and Handsoo Desgns Made o Order SC3 Bereanla S, Near Punchbowl Hoel MRS, A SCHOELLKOPF, TEACHER OF PANO FRENCH NTESPR-T- :r Honolulu, T H Sree, Oppose Adven Church, Gonsalves & Co, LMTED WHOLESALE GROCERS WNE MERCHANTS 25 Queen S, Honolulu H P H Burnee Agen o Gran Marrage Lcenses Noary Publc and Typewrer Real Esae, nsurance, Collecons Offce, 79 Merchan Sree, Honolulu das T Taylor CVL HYDRAULC 308 Judd Buldng, TeleDhone Man 294 ENGNEER M P BERTELMANS Carpener Shop 18 - MOVED To rear of old sand Enran r Kng sree Orden lef a eher n or offce a John Nos sor, K- - sree, wll receve prop aenon BULDNG MATERAL? Or ALL- - KNDB Dealers n Luber and Coal, Allen Queen RoblrHon Bree, Honolulu For a delcous, refreshng and healhful beverage here s nohng o equal PRMO LAGER Docors recoend Everybody should drnk Brewery Tel, MAN 341 Sree, opp Love WHTE ROCK lta WATER A fresh supply Buldng s on hand and for sale by your druggs or W C Peacock & Co LMTED DSTRBUTNG AGENTS CALNA FRUTS SOLANO CARQUNBZ MT HAMLTON PUT UP N CANS N THE ORCHARD Dasy Brand Cherres Can Be Bsa uneaper ana beer han pored fresh frus L F STERNEMANN Tel Blue 511 T ST, OPP CLUB STABLES CQYeeHop&Co Kahknn Hea Marke and Grocery FRUTS VEGETABLES srsanla Sree, Corner Alaka Phono Blue 7511 ALSO AT TUB FSHMARKET MEAT STALLS SANG CHAN MERCHANT TALOR fle Eglsh and Aercan floods TWO STORBS 65 Hoel sree, and Hosl near Nuujnu FO Bof! TEL-w- l 01 AH PAT & CO, 1258 For S above Orpheu MERCHANT TALORS AH PAT, exper cuer, lae forean D Tregloan Sus laes syles and "cd f Cleanng and reoalrlng A C WALL, DDS 0 E WALL, DDS DENTSTS Love Buldng Tor Bree Hours, 9 o 4 Telephone Man l r lhkslul0 rahk Wkfe WHBKj5nJr3aMBK8cM

3 DVENNO DULLBT1N, nonoltlo, K T, THURSDAY AUOUST k SACHS1 MONDAY, AUGUST 4h A WEALTH OF PRETTY DRAPERES A lle drapery decorang abou ho house goes a long way oward akng aracve, aa every lady knows We are showng an excellen lno o handsoe aerals, any o whch are dsplayed n our show wndow The desgns and paerns are unusually prey and ho prces exceedngly low Call and see he ART DENM The newes Orenal effecs Many colors and prey desgns Excellen for ablo covers Wdh 3! nches Prce 30c per Yard DRAPERY CREPES For curan and drapery cf- - fecs Wdh 31 nches Prce 20c per Yard WHTE MADRAS EMBRODERY Prey for parlor curans, poreres, ec CO nches wde 50c and 60c per Yard COLORED MADRAS FRNGED Very dany for curans and draperes Wdh CO nches 60c and 65c per Yard NS5 New aracve desgns nnd colors, for draperes, ec Wdh 20 nches, P O Box ns Tl "xr:jsr&r wo Ojexaj THE OLDEST CH BE FRM N HONOLULU 15c MADRAS per Yard Colors, Yellow, Pnk and Oreen Wdh CO nches 40c and 50c per Yard WHTE and Excellen curan aeral CO nches wde 45c, 50c and 60c per Yard SWSS Full lno n all wdhs and prces Coe and see he all f only ou of curosy ACH DRY GOODS COMPANY, LTD EX YENTURA NEW NEVADAN GOODS Shrps, lb and 2 lb ns "Sea Gull" Fresh Grabs "Snow Flake" Asparagus, Toaoes, Corn and Salon Leon and Chocolae Sugar Wafers Fresh Turnps, Salnas and Garnes Poaoes Enchllados, Taales, Olves, Russan Sardnes, Anchoves, Holland Herrngs, Ec, Ec Salers Grocery FRE PROOF SAFES lurunncn: anoher large shpen jus arrved uawanjnb Theo H Daves SLKOLNES COLORED MADRAS CURTAN HERRNG-HALL-MARV- ECRU FRNGED OUR STOCK N OP SAFE COMPANYS SAFES s as coplee as can be found a any of he branch Manland offces Our delvered prces n Honolulu wll no exceed he ne expor prces charged n San Francsco 9 On M Hardware Vb UUj LU ONLY A FEW DAYS LONGER Deparen us close ou y sock No reasonable offer refused Unheard-o- f Bargans n all lnes gong for Alos Nohng Roeruber, hs record-breakn- g ealo wll only las for a few days longer Take Advanage of GOO KM, 1116 Nuuanu Sree 0O3vr:esO3sr M:ESKo3:A3srTe jlr s ro 3 V u Gnu Llnx CblM o4 Jpu Oeol el All Klls TH " Nuuaou AT fllffl Dr W, J Goodhue Made Peranen Resden FSHNG Physcan RESTRCTONS NOT TO BE RELAXED sree arke Buffe Pcklng of fsh n lo own o be absoluely prohbed ANOTHER BLAST AGANST WAK- - Fsh unsold a 7 p afer nspecon ay go no cold sorage, nnd flsl Mlwaukee Beer Kl DUCK RANCHES ADVERSE o be sold fro cold sorage only on order for edae consupon a socal delgh Boled The newes brew of he old brewery REPORT ON PROPOSED Paj en of nspecors by percenage he lrwry NEW CEMETERY FREO MLLER BREWNG CO, and hours of nspecon, ec, for he MluMW les of he proposed rules Dr Held gave hs vews on he aer and a coee conssng o! Hoffschlaeger Co, Ld Dr YV J (lonhe, a presen ho physcan nnd surgeon o leole planaon, Knunl, was apponed as res- apponed o confer wh h oday Moore, llo-sl- h and Sloggc was den phjslclau o he cper Seleen, Kng Peslence n Oren Sree, near Behel Moloknl, by he Hoard of Healh Dr Cofcrs repor on healh condl lons n he Oren was as follow s: July The apponen was derded upon 18, wo cases of cholera a Kauagawu; o a shor execuve sesson held be July 9, one deah fro cholera n fore he regular eeng Tokjo; wo cases o cholera a Naga w Presden Sloggc, edaely a-- saul, no deahs, July 1G, cholera epl H er he readng of nues n open, Snnngha onc new case or son, saed ha he e had arrved sallpox and weny-nn- e deahs fro S KS when a peuncn apponen of a Ml ha dsease; July 13, 215 ces of cholera n Aoyj July 20, seven cases ol resden phslclan n ho Leper Sele en should be ade cholera and fve deahs fro cholera n New Yok July 1C The Marcon Mr Dole a once oved ha he eporary cosson of Dr T T French and seven deahs a Hongkong, ono Telegraph Kobe; July 12 eleven cns of cholera Co of Aerca has begun acon agans ho Do Fores 8) se lo be cancelled and ha n peranen cosson be ssued o Dr V J Goodhue case, sxy-w- o cases of plague and deah fro sallpox nnd one ncv esablsh s prory n Aerca of ho essenal pars of he 6) se A represenave of he fr of E Rollns as resden phvslcan a he Leper Seleen, le was seconded by Mr scn-bcr- g pored ha desplo he precauons o Morse & lro, whch fnanced (he Mar- ffy-on- e deahs Dr Cofcr furher re- and carred unanously con Co, he Japanese healh auhores cholera sae ha no cobnaon Dr C Slogge, peslden; Fred was snrcadlne n JaSn and Honolulu of wreless sbes wll be effeced C Sh Dr V Mooro Aorney could no be oo en re h They General E Dole, D P senberg 1 n he aer cla ha ceran persons usln; of publc healh and safeguards o wreless elegraphy have nfrnged and E A Mo-Sl- h consued ho upon preven he enrance o ho dsease he undspued paens o ho eeng There vvero also n aendance: Dr J S U Pra, execuve ha copany o proec s exclusve, Marcon Co, and s he nenon o ocer; C Charlock, hsecrcary; J D rghs under he Marcon paens, McVegh, supernenden Leper Sele- HOW HE GOT EVEN whch conrols n ho Uned Saes, en; C HTrncy, cy sanlnry oftcor, and Dr Held of lo Fshery Resrcons The followng repor wus receved fro he coee on fshery regula ons: "Your coee apponed a he las regular eeng of no Hoard o confer wh Dr Cofcr of he Marne Hospal as o he advsably of repealng or odfjlng he Hoards regulaon prohbng he akng of flsb or any producs of he sea beween Sherdan sree and he reef on he WalkM sde, and Knlh srea and he reef on he Cv,a sde, ncludng Honolulu habor, beg respecfully o repor ha n consderaon of ho spread of cholcn n he Oren gen orally, he e s os nopporune for relaxng heso rules of ho Uorjnl ade n ho neres of publc healh and snfey, and jour colco beleve would be very unwse n presen o per akng producs of ho sea n he prohbed area, and hey furher ore bellevo he publc healh would be endangered by so dong, "Dr Cofcr fully concurs wh your coee n hs opnon" Mr senberg rased a dscusson by suggesng ha he reefs all he way o Daond Head should bo ncluded n he prohbory regulaon To have he lne drawn n he allraco of he sewer syse seeed arbrary Ths suggeson for fur-lcwas lr deferred consderaon, vvhllo he repor of coee was adoped Tha Walklkl Nusance Ofllccr Tracy repored n wrng on ho Walklkl nusance, hus: "On he aer of ho dch coplaned of by he resdens of he Ala Moana or leach Road beg leave o repor as follows: "The dch or srea s abou hry fee wde and exends fro he brldgn on he Reach road along he Ala Moana for abou 2000 fee o John Enan preses fors ho lower end of he llnalo srea and s affeced by ho de The nusance s a very offensve odor whch s os noceable n evenng when ho de s low "Afer n horough nvesgaon a sasfed ha whle he de ay brng n ore or loss vegeable aer whch would bo lef a low de, ha he an causes of ho nusance are n) foureen duck ranches wh her housands of ducks All ho ponds dran no hs srea nnd all wnso and sewage aer fro ho ranches s allowed o dlschage no ho waer and ho ducks keep he ud nnd flh consan ly srred up Besdes hs ho ducl dcsoy all he vegeaon n and on he waer and hus do away wh na ures purfers, "n y opnon ho reoval of all ho ducks and ranches would solve he dffculy" Afer soe dscusson, Mr Tracy was dreced o see Mr Enn, nfor h ha ho Board requred he reovnl of he nusance uud repor o ncxl eeng Varous Repors Tho lon3 delayed repor on ho ceeery a Palaa whch ceran peoners desred o esablsh was receved was agans he granng of a per and wns adoped Dr V, R Waughop sen n a leer Dcnson, Sh & Co presened ho Board wh a quany o ra cheese, a sure kller of he dreaded pes was acceped wh hanks Kepors of sanary offcers, ec, were gven o he reporers bu her readng deferred ll nex eeng Hle Flsharke Suggesons were read fro Sherff L A Andrews regardng he vendng of fsh a llo Brefly hey were: A arke for real and wholesale as a presen Wholesale arke exclusvely a Walakca All fsh o be nspeced and couned n wholesale arke, wh recounng afer nspecon on delvery o real sellers Wholesalng o ean dealng beween fsheren and realers a Shp-a- n Cuba, Poro Rco, Hawa and o " waned he nfluence of ho Con Phlppnes grcssan fro y dsrc n a ceran aer, sad a Mchgan an ns 120 Uroadway, aorney for he Mar- Bcs, nes, Slccd & Dcs or No ne was sory-ellna a Dero hoel con Co, sae ha hey arc n possesson of a vas aoun of echncal and ho oher uvenlng, "so hed roc down o Washngon o have an nervew scenfc aer bearng on wreless He was boardng a a prvae houso ranssson and arc ceran ha ho and had a roo off ho parlor wns Marcon sjsc wll legally sand asked o s down and wa whle a agans all ohers, nono of he hree colored an ook n y card, and as foregn s ses havng been paened ho aoor was lef ajar heard ho Congressan say as ho looked a y Leu Hodglns he Uned Saes n hs counry card " ; Governen exper, who recenly reurned fro Europe, whero he has llank? Hlank? hnk know h bceu s ho n lquor, Jaes? " don hnk so, sr "Docs ho look shabby? "Well, )ou ay call shabby "Sees o be hard up does ho? " hnk ho does, sr "Yes; ho s probably hero o srke o for a leas $10 Jaes, dd ou ell h ha was n?" "No, sr; old h d sco f ou vv ere "No, sr; old h d see f ou were "Thas rgh You ay reurn o h nnd say ha ou aru sorry o he fac ha lef for Dosnn hs ornng "Yes, Blr " And won bo bak for eu days "Yes, sr "And eanwhle our advlco o h s o drop n and seo ono of ho oher Represenaves fro y Sae "Yes, sr " wub duly urned down nnd ou," laughed he vc, "bu go oven nex day when encounered ho genlean on ho sree Ho red n dodgo e, bu walked up and slap ped h on ho back and sad: " Hello, old boy! had a lllo a er ha would hnvo pu $15,000 asb no your pocke, bu no fndng you a hoo yeserday urned over o epescnalve "Tho ou dd gasped y dear old frend, as he urned all sors of colors, and wo hnvo been as srangers slnco ha day THE JOKE Parck Eagan, Saes Mnser o Chll, ells he followng sory lllusrnlvo of ho lack of sense o hur whch characerzed ho la Charles Sewar larnell: "arncll, hough ho greaes leader of ho rsh race, was n any respecs uch lke an Englshan ook h a long e o sco a Joke reeber well when ho Old Land Leaguo was frs organzed n ho peral Hoel n Dunln Andrew J Kelo, a well known rshan, presded Afer he busness had been ransaced rosa and oved ha Mr Kelo leavo hh char and ha Mr Parnell ako wn second char, Now, Mr, Cnalran, sad, ovo a voe of hanks o ar Kelo for ho adrable anner n whch he dreced hs eeng larnell pu he oon, and n dong so sad: Genleen, need no say, n pung hs oon, ha ho nae of Kele has been a household word n reland for any years, Tho hurs of laugher whch greeed Paelas break sopped h Ho looked around confusedly, nnd sad, soo voco, o s a Real Pleasure o us o speak favorably of known s unversally o bo a good and sae reedy for burns and oher pans of he body s valuable no only for colds n wner, bu for varous suer coplans, nnd should bo n ever) faly Tho casualy whch deands ay coo unaware Chrsan Ad- enclosng a bll fro ho Makeo Sugar Co for he bural of a Japanese laborer klled by accden, ho aoun beng?s Ths ade he eeng aghas people laughng n?" e Egnh, wha n hunder nru hes and afer a volley of rearks was vocae voed o refer he bll o he Japanese The Evenng Bullen, 75 cens per Consul onh l ssbbsv OMlleC SL"Tl exanng he ers of ho varous 8 ses, brough wh h apparaus of he wo Geran syses Tho and he Slaby-A- o and ha of ho French, ho e PopofT All hree of heso syses, s claed, nfrnge on ho pens held by he Marcon Co n Aerca, nnd should any of he bo pu n operaon here, wheher by ho Governen or prlvao ndvduals, edae acon wll bo aken o en jon her use NEW PAPER THAT STRETCHES Cannjoharle N Y July n sae Senaor Jaes Arkcll, who for several onhs bus been serously a hs hoo here s slghly proved, bu hs condon sll causes grave anxey Mr Arkcll, hough very 111, s dally consuled regardng paper paen nnd paper-akn- g achnery lls laes nvenon, on whch hrco paens have Jus been ssued, s a paper ha resebles a Panaa ha n s weave and s called coon fnsh s clasc n every drecon The srech-abl- o paper, paened by Mr Arkcll a used for lnng sugar barrels, s clasc only ono way and now he dscovery has been udo of producng a paper srechablu fro lef o rgh and up and down Ths s regarded as hs greaes rlunphhls crownng acheveen on he lno o whch hs bes hough and effor have, been gven ul bs lfe n The Bullen, 75 cens per onh HONORED "Mon a," sad ho Marqus do Crolslc he oher day, "ho hoel keepers llfd s an unhappy ono f he does no look o ho lens lllo deal he whole hng goes wha ou call Ah, yes on ho blnk "Here s exaple of wha say: When bad ho Logcro hero was ono a dnner hero a whch Ch-co- y Depew was n gues old he chef o pu n ho enu soe dsh n honor of h, nnd forgo o look n he enu before wen o ho prner, "Wha do J on hnk ha becle o a chef had done? There " And ho arqus produced an old enu enrd, on whch aong ho "oupes," appeared ho followng: "Puree do Mnrrons New York Tes a la Dopow," Avod subsues, hero s bu ono Perry Pnln-Klllc- r, Davs Prce 25c and COc HGH ART PLUMBNG HHHHKlllPHH BATHS PLUMDNO ESTABLSHME NT neror Vew; Locaed a 165 Kng Sree, oppose Young Buldng Ths upodno plubng shop s he resul of n very rapdly ncreasng busness and vns ade necessary on accoun of ho craped quarers forerly occuped on Rchards sree To ako a dsplay of he large and fne sock o sanary plubng aerals he new shop was opened A full lne of ho world faed Douglas Closes s carred, whch aro pro vded wh cher hgh or low anks and aro as near noseless n her operaon ns closes can bo ade They aro consruced ho syphon prncple, whch akes a srong sucon ha horoughly washes ho bowl, Theso closes aro scld under n wren guaranee, and ars also guaraneed agans leakage, no chargo beng ade or repars People oday aro pavng uch aenon o sanaon and sanary plubng s one o he requses n every odern resdence, ho BATH 8H0P s he leader n sanary plubng and J ears of experence and a largo force of capablo worken enables Mr Hah o do work equal f no superor o any oher shop n ho slands A lno of rolled-r- enaeled Pah Tubs are on hand, as well as open lavaores Theso aro hghly Sanlar; Goods, and he connecons aro nck el, akng he arsc n appearance One of ho laes proved Wash Trays ay be seen on exhbon Theso goods aro nl conneced wh he cy waer ans and ay be seen n full operaon n ho soro The publc aro nved o call and ake n specon o heso goods Mr Bah wll call and gve fgures on work a any e He also gve all work nrused o h hs persaa supervson TELEPHONE MAN 61 ELECTRC only On 1rs krlle rvnlcrnl lanl and n nler M lne llehowc reler urele Our a! 1 absolue!) pur an 1 LGHTNG BUSNESS HOUSES Tho os econocal and os effcen lnp s ho now Adas Bagnall Enclosed Arc Lap They wll burn over eghy hours wh ono rng nnd burn whou fluerng or nose, gvng a sof nnd penerang lgh Caso s ade, of saped shee copper and, besdes beng weaherproof, s no affeced by sugar fues s herefore ho bes lap for planaon use Used for lghng he Merchans Far Rulldlng Send for caalogue wh full explanaon HAWAAN ELECTRC CO, KNG STREET, NEAR AlAKEA - - TEl MAN 390 ARE YOU PARTCULAR ABOUT HAVNG We r very parcular n wll s He lor al cookng jrnje l The lrll!u cru akewll lre ul roebl3l " c lu olfr url lo ale owf l le nrry o olcr elclu nl pure lanl ll oucare opro ll fcurcnl order a c v our Urd GOOD LARD METROPOLTAN MEAT CO, Ld, Telephone Man 45 The Prde of he Hoe A WHTE SEWNG MACHNE A Cobnaon of Ar and Uly Used by any n preference o ou akes of he sae prce s deon sralng s ers Bul o Sew Wsll and o Las Call and nspec he dn eren syles H Hackfeld & Co, Ld Hole Agens for he llawaln nlands The Bullen, 75cs per onh 3 Uk, ll ff: uwlwj kjbclurujhlnd u jfflfc-w- wuv J,u:U &u jv o u sv ubkfba- - W l JLUl AW

4 wynwv TyygjwyrHr Tv PPW r" f- - TW f" M-- f XjgprwW l-r- - Ban EVENNGBULLETN fnbllshed Every Day Excep Sunday, a 120 Kng Bree, Honolulu T, by he ULLHN PUBLSHNG CO, LM WALLACE n FARR1NGTON Edor Enered a he Posofllce a Honolulu as second-clas- s aer 3 SUBSCRPTON RATES Evenng Bullen Per onh, any w here n U SJ Per quarer, anywhere n U 3 20V Per year, anrw hero n U S 8C0 Per year, pospad, foregn 1100 Weekly Bullen Blx onh 50 Per year, any whore n U S 100 Per year, pospad, foregn 150 Telephone 256 Posofflre Box 718 THURSDAY AUdVST 7, 1902 Mae Mcjcr of he rcd J Wood s recevng hs proper share of faor-abl- e coen The an who holds Judge Ljnch a ars lengh under such rjlng crcusances as Mcjer had o deal wh s deservng of all ho good words ha can be gven A Republcan Legslaure wll be n guaanee of prospcrl whch no o ers, wheher fnancer or day laborer, can afford o overhrow Every an wo has no had enough of hard e wll voe for Wlcox and hs nonees A L C Aknson beleves n uncpal governen because ho s con vlnced ha Hawas progress wll bo bes served by adopng Aercan prncples n all phases of s publc adnsraon No Aercan can sue ccssfull) coba he praccal heores whch Mr Aknson expounds on hs facor bearng so drecly c sound Terroral developen Ever) deal of a polc al capagn can be classed as poran, bu he work he Dsrc Coees have be fore he oorrow sads well upn he degrees Dsrc Coee offcers, parcularly he chad an, can ake or ar he work of he pary As he drecng power of hs dsrc he charan o all nens and purposes has he fae of legslave raudl daes n he hollow of hs hand The charen o be naed oonow for he dsrcs of hs sland should, frs of all, be en of known execlu abll ly, and horoughly acquaned wh he vong populaon, pary song-hold- s and he weak pons as well They should be en who have he confdence of he lank and le and capable of buldng up a srong enhusasc uny aong he coeeen aud her leuenans LOCAL GOVBKfSMBNT 0PP0NBNT8 Aong he so called opponens of uncpal governen n he Republc an pary has developed an eleen who call heselves n opposon o ho coun) and uncpal plan because of her belef ha he queson should be subed o a voe of he people n ho several sland dsrcs How hese en can properly class he selves as opponens o he local governen senen n he pary s dffcul o undersand Ther audo has ore he appearance of a lsn deandng of ho plans and oves of uncpal governen advocaes Wh he excepon of he Hoo Rul crs, he Bullen has je o fnd an) sensble czens of he couny who endorse a progra whch forces local self gov enen upon nny dsrc or own of ho slands, "wlly or nllly" The rgh of local opon us necessarly be par and parcel of he local governen progra fro he ouse For he Legslaure o oulne a plan whch us perforce be follow eel by each ndvdual sland dsrc would he an aulray ac whch could no recclvo a geneal endorseen fro any pary or facon wh hones olles Such a course would ndeed defea ne ruo nen and purpobo of ho whole uncpal dea Wha s waned fro he Leglslauo s he charer whch wll auhozo he people o go forward, a fraework whch hey ay adop To copare our presen condon wh he Manland, he Legslaure should properly occupy ho poson of a charer co sson whose produc ay bo suded by he people and voed upon We have an oganlzed governen and he deand for odernzng 6r reorganz lng on a ore pogresslve and cope en bass s no o be quesoned To sasfy hs deand he Legslaure us ac; us esablsh ees and bounds, provde for necessary offcals, creae he achnery of governen hen reans for he people o say wheher hey wll pu hs achnery n oon Le no bo supposed ha he bon es advocaes of couny and uncpal governen are prepared o accep any uncpal or couny law whch any Legslaure ay frae Aercan forces n hs Terrory have by no eans los her reason nor aro hey ready o sand for any ncopeen TUB BVBNNG APH Washngon Sar The census sascs as o newspapers and her readers conans no ore srkng showng han ha of he arked growh of he evenng paper as copared wh ha publshed n he ornng Whereas n 1S90 here were wo evenng papers prned o every ornng paper, n 1900 here were hree evenng papers o one ornng n oher words, he evenng paper co prsed 60 3 per cen of he whole n 1S90 nnd en jours laer coprsed 75 per cen The afernoon newspaper s he pa per for he people who wan o read he news, boh ealy nnd lclwply prns frs ho greaer proporon a he fresh es reaches he average reader a an hour when he has e and nclnaon o peruse horoughly Newspaper rendng s a hnbll fored large!) by he occupaons of lfe f he whole day be flled wh deals of busness, he ndvdual ha n whch a convenon wns eleced o revse a consuon and hen o -- nb n o he people for rafcaon, n bu a shor space o devoe o keepng whch he laer was gnored Wheher, ulcr he crcusances, Va con- hself nfored as o he progress of he world Hu he grea ajory have suon s bndng s a gravo queson, a perod of res, and n he larges Jupdge Coolcy, deeed he hghes nuhorl) on consuonal law, nuber of cases hs perod occurs afer he hurry of he day s over specally clohed wh power for ha sa)s: No bod) of represenaves, unless A few decades ago he evenng paper purpose by he people when chowdng was regarded as he echo of he orn he, can rghfully ake defne acon upon aendens and revsons, lng Now he ornng paper s lu hey us sub he resuls of her echo of he shee of he prevous afernoon bespeaks a wholesoe con are copeen o exercse hj pones delberaons o he people who alone sderaon of he newspaper on he par of Boverelgn) n frang he fundaenal law for rafcaon or rejec- of s leaders for ho sascs o prove on hus ha here s a growng deand A nn) rae, he Deocras of Vrgna canno rase a howl abou our for he afernoon as agans ho ornng ndcaes ha he people governng he Phlppnes "vlhou he aro seekng no only earler publlra consen of he governed" They have Hon of he facs, bu ha hey wan o posed a for of govcnen on her Sae whou he consen of he people, read of he when here s n chance o nnd agalus he wshes of n large nuber dges he The afernoon paper wll undoubedly connue o ncrease n nubers and n ell dlaon nnd anee DEWEY "KLLED A FEW MEN Ralloe Sun Adral George Dewe), wnu on he easures erely because hese ens servce, susaned hs puaon ornng ures curry n nae Malcous nls of May 2, SlS cabled o he Nuvy Deparen ha "1 have e he (presenaon hns no doub rcncd nen) and Bunk bo followng shps," he presson n soe nds ha gvng a ls of Spansh vessels he had overy advocae of uncpal govern dsqualfed fur an) edae servce, en n hese slands s ndeed a "Job chnser," or "coruplonls," ou for c graf Tha such charges are ade docs no however, esablsh facs Canvass ho uncpal governen forces of he Republcan pary, bo Deocrac and even n poron of ho Hoe Rule organzaon, and wll bo found ha alos whou excepon he deand for acon by he nex Leg slaurc can res wh ho foregone concluson ha he people shall have he rgh o voe for he accepance or rejecon of he enac en When he opponens of uncpal governen ge down o nn ncual canvass of he pary senen hey wll fnd ha her objecons o pro grcsslvo pary acon and plan pla-fopledges nro based on suppos los of wha he uncpal wng of ho pary hopes o brng abou n fac, lcy wll fnd ha bo so called facons nro no separaed by such ab)ssal dsances as prejudced busy-bode- s ae consanly srvng o crene No progreslvo Aercan can be opposed o uncpal governen on prncple s he wn)s and eans ha furnsh ho cener of dlf- - feences f he voers are graned ho prvlege, whch should be claed by he as a rgh, of Anally passng upon legslave enacens of hs characer, he lno of cleavage wll cener n he ballo, where all good Aercans regser he rgh of ho ajory o rule Slnco Delegae Wlcox vsed lana-le- and oher counry dsrcs, be has had good reason o serously ask hself why he dd no rean n Wnsh ngon o see he llon dollar cla hrough s ho an of posve ac Hon who he people can see soe use for Wlcoxs cla ha ho fre clas bll faled because he was no here s pro!ng a booerang ha s plnlng ducks and drakes wh lls hopes for reurn o Washngon Hard es aro lulnglng a lo of en no poles hese clajs who have hhero been sasfed o le he oher fellow work Huvlng been a las waked up, s hoped hese en wll say whero hey belong n polcs s ho say a hoes and non workers who ofenes urn he balance of vcory or defea The png pong chaponshp cones now gves way o he png pong of polcs and uuless all sgns fall wll be he waes sruggle Hawa has seen n years VRGNAS CONSTTUTON (Toledo Blade On July 17 ho new consuon of Vrgna wenlno operaon s he fruon of one of he os exraordnary seres of polcal evens known o our hsory snce we becae a naon The convenon whch fraed hs docuen e on June 12, 1901, and reaned n sesson a lle ore han n year was called oo alaborae a consuonal plan o clllnne he nego voe, and ho an reason fo he prolonged debae was he desre u do hs n a anner whlu would sand he es of he Uned Saes Supree Cour, f u case should be aken up o ha rbunal fro Vrgna BOLSTER EVENNG BULLETN, HONOLULU H T, THURSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1902 NOT THE MAN Edor Evenng Bullen? do no wan o answcp Mr A ) Bolser councaon n jeserdays paper as he has nohng o do wh he rouble beween Mr Knulukou and yself, unless he ndls ha he s one of he dsurbers n our pary, as f ho oher lnj ha Mr, Kaujukou was urged by dlsu bers n our pary lr, Kaulukou s he proper one o answer y councaon hnk Mr A D Bolser s a dsurber n he Republcan pay Who else? ENOCH JOHNSON Honolulu, Aug 7, 1902 VS -- ra -- fss?s! -- ru s a s! y a Wheher he convenon succeeded n hs, only he acual es can Hel plne The exraordnary hn? abou he aer s ha he convenon re used o sub he new consuon o a voe of he people nsead of doln; lls, ho convenon forally proulgod he organc law had odeled, declarng o be of full force and effec There never has been a case before hs suaalned hs lepunlon for drecness as j wness before he Senae Phlppne Coee f eer were known, he fac ees o have been forgoen ha he Adral had arranged for he surrender of he cy of Manla abou he e he Spansh shps wcro sunk The (lovernor General of he cy re alzed hs doo wh sealed, "bu wh characersc: Caslllan prde le sug gesed ha a "few shos be fled" Th Adral hecupo uccooded he Governor and "klled a few en" sees, fro he Adrals recal, ha he servces of he "30,000 Flpnos who would edaely suroul Manla" were n no way needed, and save for he Governors punclllousuehs he ehcs of surrender Manla would have fallen whou a drop o blood sanng he land Then) fucs do no derac fro he agnude o he vkoy of Manla l)a ndeed, hey show ha he plan of he naval surprse, conceved uud carred ou by he Adral, was so coplee ha uerl) roued he valor of he Span-lard- s nn shore Regardng hs relaons wh Agul-naldhe Adral gves he Flpno full cred for hs oves, bu agan akes occason ephacally o deny he sory ha he recognzed h as Eu-Honny dgnary above plan "Don " SMALL NATONAL BANKS MUNCPAL OWNERSHP SAMPLES Phladelpha Telegraph By ho repor of he Coproller of New York Coercal he Currency appears ha he Ac A he lo of hu uncpal eleo of Congress auhorzng he esablsh Hon n Kansas Cy las sprng bcf en of sall naonal banks s sll beng ade avalable, n he sparse!) pares n he cjones ndorsed publc nhabed regons of he counryslnce ownershp and operaon of publc ull he passage of ha Ac, on March 14, les for was hough a ha lo 1900, here have been 702 naonal ha popular Benlen was prcpondc banks organzed, wh an aggregae ously n favor of ho heor) Sll, ou capal of 118,404,000, an exhb prov Tuesday las, when anoher popula ng ha he greaer nuber of hese voe wa aken on a drec proposon banks wero organzed wh ho n o ssuu bonds for he consrucon of u u of $25,000 capal Tho repo uncpal lghng plan, hero was a also ndcaes ha hese saller banks, subsanal ajory agans whle renderng especal servce o n all probably, Kansas Cy n her local counes, ore also of aced wsely n hs nsance She ha advanage o he enlro counry by he had soe exnerenco n granng ga suppor hey nre gvng o he crcula- and elecrc charers and has obvous ng edu n gcnenl use Durng he pas year ne Coproller saes ha here has been a reducon of he bonds held by he Treusury on depos as see ly for crculaon aounng o $9,05,700, und he crcu laon eelued by hese bonds has durng he sae perod fro 3J3,830e,8J o Ul 1,238,811 a declne n ho aoun of crculaon durng he year of J9CM372 furhc appears however, ha hs declne n crcula on s confned alos enrely o noes of he denonaon of $5, $10, nnd $20 Whle here has been a largo a render of $1 and 2 blls, hs has been offse by he ncreased crculaon aken ou by he saller banks, whch cal culaon s alos exclusvely conuneu o noes of he luwer denonaons, ONE-HAN- DRVNG New York Sun Bcycle Polcean Glllls found a new danger Wednesday ngh n Cer-r- Park Wes ho followed and nabbed a hulkng bg Trench uuoobllo, gassng along reendously The drver of ha gabollno gan "had hs ar aound a young woan and was leng he auo go for nl was worh" n he nae of all ho cnde eyed and d dees, who dales love n a gasolne van or any oher sol of auooble? To drve wh one hand, he oher less praccally eplo)-c- s a good hab when youh and oonlgh, wlgh or dlscrcecr darkness agreeably conclde, when he "gong" s good, he horse rusworhy, and he slegh or buggy convenen Bu who worhy of he would pracce hese endearens n he cab of a loco ove? Who would ake a gasolne FLOWER POTS Szes and shapes adoped by he Socey of Aercan Florss Sandard Pos fro 7 nch up havo Paen Excelsor Boo, whch nsures Perfoc Dranage A large nvoce Jus o hand ex S S "Nevadan" STARD FLOWER POTS BULB FERN PANS PANS FERN DSH LNERS SAUCERS, ETC, ETC PACFC HARDWARE CO, LTD T STREET, COLUMBUS BUGGY COS THE HGHEST GRADE ONLY THEY ARE THE WORLDS- - BEST Chas F Herrck Carrage Co, Led auooble wh s agreeable odor a boner of love? Auoobles are o bo coended so long as hey behave hcseles, and only when bad should hey be called- - devl wugons and hell cns Bu hey are no approprae sgh ecelves or charos of Cupd Besdes, wha s love for he occupans ay be deah for he passers-b- An auooble s no safe old Dobbn or nellgen Fly canno drve self Whle John nnd Jula ue coong, be sne he horned Devl, he orgnal chauffeur s seerng, blowng hs own horn oly eanwhle 01 recng "Love and Deah" ly profed by Once her uncpal bodes so ed up a gas corporavcn wh charer oblgaons ha when began o lose oney hrough sharp conellon couldn lawfully sell ou B plans and busness o s co pelor, or ralso bo prce o gns o u pon And ook Lonbs of agaon o brng he l nlclpal auhores o a full copro henslon of ho fac ha hey vvce drvng he copany no bankrupcy unnecessarly Then hey revsed he charer so ha he cheap gas capal ula gh urn over her bad nvesen o her oro prosperous copeorsand qu he gae Presuably, he exsng" lghng copancs aro aply equpped o do ho busness effcenly, cheaply and pofably-n- nd he people don care o run n dol n order o es a heory " s easy," rearks bo Phladel pha Press, "o s down and nguro (nl n large savng o a cy or vllage hy he owneshlp of one or ore puc ules, bu when coes o acual pracce os of lese deducons ao found o be sleadng Thee s a dsposon also (o ake he resuls acheved n one nsance as of general applcaon " The vllage of Madlsonl N J, for n sance has ade a success of ownng and operang a waer and lgh plan for welve years pas Bu ha fac has praccally no bearng on he que? Hon of wheher Kansas Cy or Kalv azoo would ake a success or a faj re of he hng There s Jus ns uch dfference n uncpales as n en One falls where anoher sn ceeds A srong pon n Madlsonr favor s he connued nonparsan HONOLULU CELEDRATED VEHCLES AWARDED GOLD MEDAL PARS EXPOSTON, 1900 shp of s a)o and governng b)l-rs- Bu how any srcly non pal-sauncpal governens nro hercj n ho Uned Saes oday? You can alos coun he on jour hands Ad how any ha have preserved her nonparsan characer hrough fve 01 en or ffeen years? Mndlson, wlu abou 3,000 popula Hon, appears o be he only one n evdence THAT HAWAAN NVESTGATON Washngon Tes n he closng hours of (he lae cesson of Congress ho Senae passed a csolulon povldlng for ho apponen of a coee o go o Hawa und nvesgae he condon of affars lce The csolulon was nroduced by Senaor Mchell, appears, a he nsance of Senaor Buron, and he pcsdlng offcer apponed hese wo genleen and soe ohers as he co ee Now all he ebers of ho coee, wh he excepon of ho Senaor fo knnsus, have declared her dsnclnaon o go, for dfferen reasons Mr Buron s he only one who persss He wll go, f nobody vse does s soewha puzzlng o undersand wha possble nforaon of especal value a coee could gaher ns o condons n he slands whch gh no jus as well be obaned by repor fro he Tcrloal and Uned Saes offcals hee Moreover, s bu u few onhs snce Gov c nor Dole an J ohe Hawaan offcals wcu here and enlghened Congess and he Hxecu- - lvc ns o he saus, polcal und ndusral, of hs one of our colonal possessons s o be supposed ha huy whheld uohlng of nccs, and ha he nfoulon whch hey dvulged was as full nnd exac as any ha could possbly be gleaned by any Scnaolal nvesgaor cjurlng a few weeks sojourn s no uncnsonable o assue ha hs s he vew eneraned by hoso Senaors who have sgnfed her unwllngness o go upon he proposed Junke would see, herefore, ha Senaor Buron gh also Jus us well rean a borne MM " A GOOD JOB Ono when Sr Charles lohn, governor of Vlcola, was ou drvng, hs coachan nearly cae no collson wh u wood culer, an rshan, lu n narrow lune osde Melbourne The rshan would no pull o he ddle of ho load, as he had he heaver load, and, hy ho rough rule of such hngs, was hus enled o keep here Tho ncensed governor hereupon pu hs head nu of he carrage wndow and shuned: "Do you know who a, an? a Sr Charles lloha, he governor of lcorla!" "Ye are, nre )o?" cspondcd ho ohe "Well, yeve go a bunderln folno blle, ould an, an d advse ye o shlck o " ankra The Frs Aercan Savngs and Trus Co OF HAWA, LTD CAPTAL, $250,00000 Presden Cecl Brown Vce Presden M P Robnson Casher W G Cooper Offce: Corner For and Rng Ss BANKERS, BoMbllnlcd n 1868 BANKNG DEPARTMENT Honolulu Transac busness n al deparen! j o UBBKng Collecons carefully aended o Exchange bough and Cosson Merchans sold Coercal and Travelers Leen or Cred ssued on The Bank o Call rorna ana N M Rohschld Sons :: Sugar Facors London Correspondens The Bank of Call fornla, Coercal Bankng Co ol AGENTS FOB Sydney, Ld, Lndon The Ewa Planaon Co Drafs and cable ransfers on Chna The Walalua Agrculural Co, Ld and Japan hrough he Hongkong A The Kohala Sugar Co Shangha Bankng Corporaon nn The Walca Suga Mll Co Charered Bank of nda, Ausrala and The Fulon ro vvo Vs S, Lous, Mo Chna The Sandard neres allowed on er dannl lo The Geo F Blak- - jcea Pups he followng rae per annu, vz: Wesons Cenrfugals seven aays- - noce, a Z per cn The Now England Lfe Three nsurance Co onhs, a 3 per eenl of Blx Boson onhs, a 3 2 per cen Twslv onhs, a 4 per The Aena Fre ns Co of Harford, cen Conn TRUST DEPARTMENT The Allance Assurance Co o London Ac as Trusees under orgage esaes (real and personal) Collec rens and dvdends ALEXER & BALDWNLd Valuable papers, Wlls, Bonds, receved, for ACCOUNTANT DEPARTMENT OFFlCERS Audors for Corporaons and Pn rae Frs P Baldwn Presden Book exaned end repored on J B Casle Frs Vce Presden Saeens of Affars prepared Trusees on Bankrup or nsolren J W M Alexander Second Vce Free P Cooke Treasurer Ksaes W O Sh Secreary OFFCE, 924 BETHEL 8TREET Qeo R, Carer Audor SAVNGS DEPARTMENT Deposs receved and neres a) lowed a per cen per annu, accordance wh Rules and Regula lons, copes of wblc ay be oban on applcaon NdUHANU DEPARTMENT AGENTS FRE, MARNE-LF- E, ACCDEN1 EMPLOYERS LABLTY N 8URANCE COMPANES nsurance Offce, 924 Behel Sres Claus Bpreckela W a rwlr Glaus Spreckels & Co BANKERS HONOLULU, : T H n Franclaeo Agen The rada Naonal Bank of San Francsco an Francsco Tae Nevada N ona Ban ol Ba Francsco London The Unon Bank o Lor don, Ld New York Aercan Exchange Na UUlfcl OlDK, Chcago Merchan Naonal Bank Par Cred Lyonnals arlln Dresdner Bank Hongkong and Yokohaa Hon song Shangha Bankng Corporaon New Zealand and Ausrala Banj of New Zealand Vcora and Vancouver Bank o! Brsh Norh Aerca Depos! receved Loans ade approved secury Coercal aa( rravelera Creds ssued Blls of fh change bough and sold Collecons Proply Accouned For Poeer Bnldg ad Loa Assocaon ASSETS, JUNE W, 1901, WO,041J7 Moaey loaned en approved secury A Savng Bank for onhly deposs Houses bul on he onhly nsall en plan Tweny-hr- d Seres of Sock s nov opened OFFCERS --J L P-- Meln dens A A Wlder, Vce Presden O B Gray Treasurer: a V Oea Secreary DRECTORS J L McLean A A, Wlder A V Oear C H On, J D Hol, A W Keeck J A Lv Jr J M Lle, B Boyd A V OEAR, Secreary oc ronrs: 2:so 1:30 p The Yokohaa LMTED Subscrbed Capal raw up capal Reserved Fud Yen 8,710,000 HEAD GFFCH, YOKOHAMA The Bank buvs and receves for lecon Blls of Exchange, ssues Drafs ana sellers or cred, and ransacs NTEaowb, On rxed Asuyua ror annu For 12 onhs 4 For onh For S onhs Branch o he-- Yokohaa Spece Bank New Republc Bd, lh Kng Sree HONOLULU Bruce Carwrgh General Manager o THE EQUTABLE LFE A83URANCE SOCETY Of he Uned Saes for he Hawaan elands OFFCE, Merchan 8ree Honolulu, KAAHUMANU STRET rrnr Fne job prnng a he Bullen offce N Agens, Brokers and Jobber W G rwn & Co LMTED AGENTS Wesern Sugar Refnery Copany ol San Francsco Baldwn Locoove Works a Phladelpha, Pa, U 8 A Newell Unversal Mll Co (Naonal Cane Shredder), New York, USA Ohland & Co Checal Ferle- - Alex Cross & 8onF hlgx grade Ferlzers for Cane and Coffee 8AVNGS DEP0ST8 receved anj neres allowed for yearly deposs a Reeds Sea Ppe Coverng ho rae of 4 2 per cen per annu AL80 OFFER SALE: Rules and regulaons furnshed upon applcaon Papers; Lucol and Lnseed Ol, Paracrne Pan Co P& B Pans and raw and boled ndurlne (a BSHOP & CO cold-wae- r pan), n whs and colore Fler Press Clohes, Ceen, Le and Brcks CASTLES COOKE, Ld Sugar Facors and -- Cosson Agens AGENTS for Hawaan Coercal & Sugar Co, lulku Sugar Co, Pala Plan-- alon Co, Nahlku Sugar Co Klhel Planaon Co Hawaan 8ugar Co, Kahulul Ralroad Co, W, G rwn & Co LMTED W Q rwn Presden and Manager Claus Sprockes Vce Presden w" M TJffard Second Vce Presden " " WMey JrTreas and Sec Qeo- - J- - Ro Audor Sugar Pncora - - Cosson Agena AGENTS OF THE Oceanc Seashp Co OF SAN FRANCSCO LFE ad FRE CAL nsurance - Agens AGENTS NEW ENGL MUTUAL LFE N- SURANCE CO OF BOSTON AETNA FRE NSURANCE COM-PAN- OF HARTD C Brewer & Co, Ld Queen Sree, Honolulu, T, H or-haw- Spece Bank Agrculural Co Ookala Sugar Plan Co, Onoea Sugar Co, Honou Sugar Co, Walluku Sugar Co, Makee Sugar Co Haleakala Ranch Co, Ten dooofw - uw u, Muu Yen 18,000,00( j rackes, Chas Brower & Cos Lne of Boson aan Packes LST OF OFFCERS: O M Rnnkn p,amn n Roberson, Manager: E r Blshon Treasurer and Secreary: Col W F "Sn Audl,J,: P Jone8 H- - Wa- - Geo R Carer, Drecors THE VON HAMMNG CO MPORTER8 COMMSSON MERCHANTS Queen Sree, Honolulu AGENTS The Lancashre nsurance Co, Tbo Balolse nsurance Co Unon Gas Engne Co Doesc Sewng Machne, Ec B, BERGERSEN,, fheoj Bewlns Muchne Agen, s su YOU SAY,?0o?" a 942 "hel sree, Coe n nnd pny sock on Hand Sandard, Doe c, Naonal, PNO PONG - Seasress, New Horn, TWO TABLES Household, Exper and Vlndex Call and sse Try and buy HONOLULU BOWLNG PARLOR The weekly edon of he Evenlnn Bullen s he larges and bes publshed n he Terrory Sxeen an weny paga a year vj 4

5 r H ffl?; JTfW "V-- --?f!rfw??w "7 ffvctt4 f$yf:&ffvgw Taj rff?,ww -- s - 1, TRANSCENDENT ARC LAMPS PROM 800 TO 1200 C Consues ordnary KEROSENE OL; he brghes, safes and cheapes lgh known o scence LAMPS RENTED by he onh, week or day, and for specal occasons Manles of all descrpons on hand Sole Agens for he Underwood Fre Exngushers suable for sores and resdences; a chld can handle he, and are always ready for acon EPWORTH ACETYLENE GAS GENERATORS, LAMPS, Ec Also agens for he COLUMBA TALKNG MACHNE For furher parculars nqulro of WASHNGTON LGHT CO, C W MACPARL, Manager SAFES We carry he larges sock n he cy and lead wh 400 sales durng he pas wo years Alber V Gear, Judd Buldng, B AT COST LNCOLN BLOCK, KNG STREET, NEAR ALAKEA Presden ENDRCK, Propreor THE HONOLULU NVESTMENT CO,, LTD Capal Sock, $100,00000 GENERAL NSURANCE, REAL ESTATE FNANCAL AGENTS Merchan Cree Sde X capng esaes Two persons for en days Three persons for en days Four persons for seven days Four persons for en days Ask for he cheerfully en on reques LEWS & CO LMTED LEADNG GROCERS 1060 T STREET 240 TWO TELEPHONES THE S&W LABEL s aracve, bu he real s ho qualy whn he cans f you have never used S & W goods, beer begn now We guar, aneo he oney, back f hey are no sasfacory Nohng could bo ore far han hs; don you hnk so? All knds of CHOCE FRUTS and vegeables pu up under hs label as wel as 8ALM0N, ETC OYSTERS, H May & Co, LMTED The Popular Grocery, Sore 22 TELEPHONES 24 HAWAAN ENGNEERNG Cr For and Ou n Sree Honolulu Fne Job Prnng a re Bullen of lce SAFE Before you buy exnneour sock ol 84 SAFES Ee May, Secreary HONOLULU, H T The C TYPEWRUER EXCHANGE Noe he choce we oler OLVER HAMMOND REM-SHOL- ES CHCAGO he four bes achnes n he arke TYPEWRTER SUPPLES for all ake of MACHNES See our wndow dsplay Wall, Nchols Co, LMTED Fred Harrson, CONTRACTOR BULDER Tel Man 193 Jobbng proply nd4 U BY AUTHORTY Pound-Maser- s Noce of Esrays Noce s hereby gven ha he anals descrbed below lave been pounded n Ue Governen Pound a Maklkl, Kona, sland o( Oahu, and unless he pound fees and daages are sooner sasfed wll be sold a he dae hereafer naed accordng o law: Augus 2, 1902 Black and whe are balel "OJ" on he lef hnd leg Augus 2, 1902 Mouso colored Jenny wh bnnd ha s no dsngush able Augus 2, 1902 Whe are branded -- O- on lef hnd leg Augus 2, 1902 Bay aro branded "Jr" on ho rgh hand sde of ho neck; four fee black Augus 2, 1912 Bay horso branded lljonsen HJornsJcrne ho Norwegan poe, draas and wrer, has copleed a new odern draa for Sara Bernhard Deedaona has been found Yeserday an adverseen n he coluns o he Bullen nofed all n he cy ha K S Brooks dog was loa Early hs ornng lle boy Huff appeared a he Brooks resdence wh Desdaona jn hs ars and was gladly welcoed by Sr Brooks Of lae Desdaona has no been very well and her aer, ever sold-ou- s for her welfare, spen any sleepless nghs n aendance on hs pe She hadjue begun o regan her foc-good healh and sprs when she dsappeared Knowng he quckes way was he bee way of geng Desdaona back, Sr Brooks pu a fve lne adverseen n he Bullen The nd cos seveny-fv- e cens bu he relef afforded Mr Brooks by he reurn of Desl-on- a s worh any es he oney Sr Brooks announces a lunu n he near fuure o celebrae he convalescence of Desdaona and her safe o he house The wo gypsy woen arresed yeserday on he charge of vagrancy by ellng forunes on he srees for oney, appeared n he Polce Cour hn forenoon, On recoendaon of he prosecuon, senence n her cases was suspended unl he 15h ns The wo gypses and all of he neln-ber- s of he pary who cae here by he Serra, have prosed o leavo ho counry on he 11h, her nenon beng o go o Souh Aerca, a counry whch hey beleve wll be ore congenal han Hawa was on nls proe o leave he counry ha he prosecuon recoended suspenson of senence n a alk wh he wo pyrsy woen ccrday afernoon ney ado he saeen ha hey never bad nended o rean n he counry They hud sply sopped off here o ge over h" dreadful seasckness whch hey had experenced on he rp fro Ausrala CRCKET EVENNG BULLETN, HONOLULU H T, THUnSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1902 SATLRDAV The crckeers have gven up he plan of plaln he sae eas whch hey plajed on Coronaon Day he Kngs and he "Queens" on hn cong Saurday, as would be nex o possble o ge he ogchc agan wh he sae personnel n her place, wo pcked eas, capaned by "Bob" Anderson and "Sonewall Jordan, wll play They wll probubly be coposed o en chosen lrou he followng: Jordans ea R A Jurdan, J Harvey, J Cockburn, D Glass, C W rsh, K Pcker, A Caon, A L Ahlo, S Beardore, E C Sh H S Ayrcs, J Anderson, Sr Caon Andersons ea Anderson, Hafeld, J ScGU, H Glass, J L Bre A T Mles W L Sanley, T Gll Sr Sloore, K Harrson Huv V Klca C von der Hyde, F Scy our " ASSUMPST " Leners & Cooke Ld have brough su agans Ln Fa, Yuen Kow, Bu Thng, Pang Chong and Sarah Savage for he recovery of $52044 alleged o be due for aerals furnshed o pu up a eneen buldng on he land of Sarah Savage, Kalawahlne Planff clas ha a bll of $59044 for aerals was run up by Ln la, Yuen Koo and Bu Thng on March 15, T and 19 of hs jear and, alhough repeaed deands had been ade for he payen of he sae, only $70 had been pad, leavng $52044 The planffs furher sae ha hey have a len on he eneen buldng and ha noce of he sae has been served on Sarah Savage, he owner of he land and Pang Chong, he lessee, boh of who have refused o sele he bll Slo-Sl- b & Slahuwuan for he planffs BODY The body of he lle nave grl who was drowned on Tuesday lav ousde of he Kallhl deenon ap, was found lae jeserday afernoon over n he drecon of Quaranne slund n abou he sae plae where Wclau, a nave, was downed oe onhs ago whle fshng appears ha he lle grl wen ou wh u nuber o frends on he afernoon of her deah, he nuon beng o cach crabs and nll fsh She gu away fo her playaes, venured ou oo far and was drowned, presuably on cong o a sudden anl deep depesslon Dlgen seach for he bedy was ade n every drecon bu was no unl jeserday afernoon ha was fnally found, HolE MllfMf The Uned Saes Marne Hospal Servce wll agan sar on cj of s sulphurous crusades, preparaons for ho erry war on las, vern, ec beng ado oday All salng vesscl leavng hs por wll have o bo ful gaed Ths wll, however no work any grea hardshp on he shppng, as he sugar season s pracvly ofer CONSTRUCTON CO, "T" on he lef fron leg, whlo spo ENGNEERS CONTRACTORS on he back, ane cu Two fore Roos Sangenwald Dldg fee black and wcrhlnd fee whe 508-5)- All four fee shod and he shppng unusually dull, Tel Man SO P O Box 537 The varous wharves wll also ge Tho above srayed anals wll be her share of he rusade and ho unhappy lodenlb whch nhab he wll sold on Saurday, Aug, 10, noon H HackfecU Co, Ld f no called for before he dae enoned sulphurous fues, The Pacfc Mall agan have o fee or persh fro lu K KEKEUNB wharf wll ge he frs doso as soon 221 C3 Qeaeral Cosson Agens oundaser u as oe Peru, wnch s duo o " ongh or oorrow, leaves he por The Evenng Bullen, 75 cens p;r onh LOCAL GENERAL Q, Bcrrcy, oney o loan, Horses bough, sold and exchanged V S Whers The place o ge pure Kona coffee s a C J Days grocery Prlo and Raner beer 10 cens a glass a ho Panheon Three ncely furnshed roos are offered for ren See To Le colun on page 8 Manlla Lager ouches he spo when J ou are hrsy Order n doren fo loveoy & Co For baby carrages and sewng achnes and soves and Baes, call on Hoffschlaegcr Co, Ld f you nrc parcular abou havng good lard, uso ha rendered by he Meropolan Slea Co Leu Newon gave n charng lle supper o a nuber of nae frends n he Unon Grll las ngh Represenave Julan Monsann reurns o hs hoe a Knpapala rnnl Kan, Hawa, by he Slaua Loa oorrow Telephone o he Hawaan Elecrc Co for descrpve bullen of he celebraed Alus-lagna- ll nrc lap for busness houses Judge Gear resued hearng he Jurj ral of Johnson Jr and ola for assaul hs ornng, anl Jurors nu engaged hereon were excused unl 2 p n Cell Drown l beng ked abou for he charanshp of he Terroral Convenon of he Repuhllan pary Senaor Purls of Kona has also been enoned The charan of he old Fourh Dsrc coee of he Republcan pary has ssued a call fur he new coee o ake place n Wavcrl) hall, Frday, Augus 8, u oclock, fee nl n New Today Slasuda, a Japanese, was arresed jeserday by Lcense nspecor Hch-elo- r on he charge of auconng of erchandse whou n lcense The nrcr was ade on Nuunu sree, near Kukul The case cae up n he Polce Cou oday bu was connued unl u laer dae The seaer Nevadan arrved n por early hs ornng fro Knhlul n whch por she dscharged fregh akng abou 1000 ons of Bgar back wh her She wll ake abou 3U0Q ons of sugar fro here She wll leave Honolulu for San Franc sc o on, Saurday a p, n Hh wll carry ull on he rp The przes for he hree head en n he Elks png pong ournaen re now on vew n he soa wndow- - ol V Foser, he Jewell r on Hoel shee, nearly oppose he Yung buldng k, The frs plz- - a kou cup ouned n slver s n os beauful ple- - o workanshp, showng Sr Foser o bo a user of he ar of nufcw-n- g Jewelry and of cobnng ulslc ouches whch gn so far n pepurlng nrlclch of he knd The cup s very kj polshed and n n l he op s a slver band The 11,1 s ouned wh cossnl pn,! pong rackes wh u ball beween, hn whole beng n slver On one sde s a slver png pong ne wh an euuelel Hawaan above-- On ho oher sde s u shlehl nlh he words " P O K Open Tournaen, 1902 The handles are hoars usks se n slver On he pedesal s he nscrpon "Won by A L C Aknson" The second prze s u par of gold lnk sleeve buons nude up of png pong rackes wh a ball on each Ths falls o he lo of,f Lowell who plajed Aknson las ngh The hrd prlre s u gold pn n he slupc of a png pong ru ke suroun ed by a lver hall Ths wll be plajed for hs afernoon l, all hose, en who, dnng he ournaen, plujel agans Aknson WED ME Three or four Chnaen arrved n he polce Balon a abou U,!U oclock hs ornng and lad n ) uphln agans unknown nave The l) clues hey hud of he fellow were1 n sraw hu and u fleeng glance sees ha u abou 8 oclock hh He was good on hs fee and he Chnaen were uublu o cah h alhough hey pcked up hu hu whch had fulleu fro hs head n h- - flgh ll ll NOTES Jues ScKee by hs ufrnejb, Hach & Slllla, has enered a deurrer as one of he defendans n he foreclosue su of he Queens Hospal agans he Walklkl Land c Loan Assocaon anl ohers He del lares he hu nohng o do wh he case, nnd ha he bll s no sgned b) n) uluuev for he planff The Queen llos plal l) Knney Ballon A: ScCluu-h- n eners n Jonder n deue, uj lug wll prove s ouplalu o be rue, ceran and nufllclen Hach & Slllla d lloluson A: Wlder fur planff have fllul a deand o ad saeens of (as n he bll fur ucounlug of George W Su fur- - lane vs Huber Caon Geo, Purls has led hs bond ou appeal, wh D, Sluoachlc- - us surd) n he aer of J S SlcChesney ugans he Walklkl Land & Loan Assocaon e al U WE DO SELLS Mclnerny Shoe Sore NOT KNOW YOU you ay say, bu we know every one when coes o sellng furnure on he nsallen plan We wll furnsh your house coplee, or n par, on he payen of a sall aoun down and an agreeen o pay weekly or onhly payens unl he furnure s all pad for HSOME BEDROOM SETS of 7 peces for $22,50 Coe and see our sock Coyne Furnure Go LMTED PROGRESS BLOCK, T STREET GOLDEN RULE BAZAARS NEW BOOK LST "f Were Kng, by Jusn SlcCarhy "Tho Dark o no Sloon," by 8 Crocke "Tho Masery of ho Pacfc," by A Colquhoun "Dorohy Vornon of Hnddon Hall," by Chas Majors (auhor of "When Knghhood Was n Flower") "Tho llazed Tral," by S U Whlo "Nono nu ho llrave," by Scars "Tho Kenlons" by W D Howells "Tho Srollers" by V S shn "Tho Slaglc Wheel," by John Srange Wner "Tho Hounds of ho Daskervlllcs," by Conan Doyle "Tho Woan Who Dared," by Lynch "A ouso Pary," eded ly Paul Leceser Ford The abovo aro only a "SAMPLE LOT" of wha ay be found on our shelves 156 Hoel Sree ornng whle, he Chnaen n a pol shop ou llllha sree Jus below Kln-Hn- l were eulng her breakfas, he nave enered he flou loo and go away wh sevvuv-lv- e cens n lunge sees ha nnnhe Chlnun was ndulgng n nap n he fron loo The nave hud evldelj leonnouer-e- d he suaon fur hs wax he place scrpons OUR EXCLUSVE BUS no vvllcn he sole NESS n epvlug one of he pockes of We a par of rouseu of he sall ehuge repar glasses proply and o oe of he cons fell he floor las FACTORY ON THE PREM8ES Ths alared he Chnaen n he back roo a he) pled no he fron pn of le shop Jus n e o sue he nave dsappear ou of he rou door A N SAND, Manufacurng Opcan we are Specalss n Lenses for he Eyes Fng glasses and fllng oculss pre Boson Buldng, For Sree Over May 4 Co LOTS SALE n Knplolnn Park Addon and n Kallhl DAVD DAYTON 117 MERCHAN STREET Publc Typewrng by Mss Ella Dayon 1ofcMr llllu; bus publshed n llrllu, bonk n wbll be anans ha he bllll of hnm e! ho ll uberuldhls lre d nlk-l- le drferuce heueu he rcmllo; fu he ably of he bullll o luuu dae leuselrs o he rkllsn n whlel hey lve k sjh hn bus sn resfully jnfeeed cule wh vll f (; hun belks poduck leeby faal anal uberculoss, nnnw THS Lades French WELT SOLE LACE BOOT s nohng less han a beauy ll bears al ho arks o arsocracy f 11 has all ho up o dae feaures and 1 J helps even prey fee o look beer jj PaenKd!!! " $500 H n U CAN BE LOADED N DAYLGHT "Al Vsa" caeras ake he daylgh loadng fl carrdges ho regular szes, so ha any dealer ran supply jou no aer n wha par of ho world you and our "Al Vsa" ay be enjoyng lfe ogeher Call for llusraed caalogues ellng abou "AL VSTA" CAMERAS GO AT Phoo Supply Go Por Sree AWAY! Ans do, f gven he Anollno reaen Greaes success aends use ot hs nowly dscovered an exernaor f he pess uso once hey never do agan la he panry Anollno s nvaluable as s no a poson bu has he desred resul Honolulu Drug Sore AQENT8, Moor Carrage and Machne COMPANY REPAR BULD ALL KNDS OP : ; MACHNERY Baf Work o AU Knd Typewrer, fhonographs, Kc, Ec, Repared UNON ftufft U Phone Blue 721 P O box l J W SCHOENNQ, Marner The Evenfna Bullen, 7S- een r, n onh J H FSHER A Copany, Bnken Sock and Bond AQENTS FRE ASSOCATON, of Ph WESTERN A88URANCE CO, efl rono Offces SUrgenwald Bde, chan SrccL Tel Mala MC HONOLULU f! STOCK EXCHANOB loouu, AUGUST 7, ueue nr ClBljf nnc wr juv Pafj V Dl lau MERCANTLE C, BrwrkC6fpaflr,,l,,oac NS S4chDGCo,LM 6000 bd evrf 10,1 Mll SUGAR f PUnfan O 3ooo,ooc 4 HwaMnArlcuralCo OOO Hawaan an o,ff,fo rs Hawaan Surar Co HonoBO Suar Co TSoeo HonokaSur Co Haku SoarCo 900,000 Kahuln Planaon Co, 00,000 Xlhl Plan Co,L4,,e, 1040 lrahlg Suar Co,, 160,000 Coloa Suar Co,, )OCOOO McBr)rda5uCo,U, 00,000 1,600,000 On ob) a SucarCo Ookala Surar Plan Co yw000 Oaa S11 Co LJ aa wfouoj OlaaSuCoLJ p up 1 SOOOOC Olowalu Copany SO Paauhau Su Plan Co Sooooor Pacfc Suar Mll, Pala PlanalonCo, v (,0,00c f pkeo S gr Co 5, 5S PlonwrMlll Co fjo000 TO ValaluaAen Co 4,500,000 4U WalukuSuearCo,, f WalnanaloSuffar Co J, ljf Walna Mll Co JOOOl MSCELLANEOUS Wllf Sah!f r Sea N Co nawa an cnc Co Hon Rarl T Ac L Co JOOOUO 10,OQO Muual elephone) Co JOO-- Oahu Rv & L Co nouns Hawaan Gov re r cen HloRRCo rerew Hon Hnld Trans Ewa Planan 6 per cen wau kcllo per c Oahu Planaon 6pc!:;- - Olaa Planaon 6 p c Walaua Afcul 6p c Kahuku 6 per en POSSESSON ll he course of an objec lesson on he "Ca" n n Phladelpha publlf school lu her ryng o -- fnd ou, wha her pupls rcnnl)erl of n prevous lesson, nskol hs queson: "Wha hoy rnn ell e o wha fa ly h l lelunks?" Wha hoy can ell c o wha faa- - lly he ca helos" Afer cuoslonlnk egh or en boys k- - nns KvlK up n despar, when v n l was rased "Wl?" nuked ho eacher " hnk he ca belongs o he faa lly ha ovvs," was he dnuve pupls answer Phladelpha Tes Weekly edon of he Bullen, 11 year Kalsead & Co, Ld Sock and Bond Brokers MONEY ADVANCED ON SUGAB 6CCURTB8 921 For Sree TEL MAN US Fred, L Waldron BROKER COMMSSON MERCHANT P O Box 553: Tel Blue 711: Boo, SprackOa EuldlLf The Bullen, 75 cens per onh Woans Exchange has reoved o he Arlngon Block, Hoel Sru, n he sore forerly occuped by, H W Foser sjrorww! y E W JORDAN has JuB receved ex "ALAMEDA" a lull lno o he celebraed WB corses Also a bljv choce n ho "PNG PONG" GAME J Coe enrly and suve y belnjj dunpponed 3 No 10 Sore For Sree 3 lhwa jfca,, ku

6 r EVENNG BULLETN, HONOLULU T, THUHSDAY, AUGUST 7, 1902 ewaw4rwrvm fx3 wswrajaa RATES WANT AD8 g DO YOU WANT ANYTHNG? EVERYDAY WANTS BUSNESS DRECTORY -- Ad n hs colun wt be nered f o, conul hee coluns a: f you wan eployes or f you Per lne, one nerlon 15o 8 wan eployen Per lne, wo nseron! 25o j? f you wan lodgng or boardng, Per lne, one week 30o j or have he o le f ye Per lne, wo weeks 40c wan o ren roos adverse Per lne, one onh oo g HAWAS GREATEST n OPPORTUNTY he Bullen Wan Coluns LARGE RETURNS ON SMALL NVESTMENTS nw o cneapee adversng p Adverse any wan you have ever offered he people of Honolulu and adverse your busness N)eWA,-AfWM- JOfSVffJra! WANTS STUATONS WANT12D RENT Houso on slopes of Punchbowl, four bed roos; osquo proof; elecrc lghs, barn and enans quarers Address O Y, lullelu offce 2117-l- RENT Mos desrable coage n l, 6 roos, furnure for salu as a whole or n par Second coago souh of Lunalllo opp lackfcld S w RENT Sx roo coage, servans quarers and nce grounds S near 1ensacola Honolulu nvesen Co, Ld, Judd lldg 2116 RENT Half of a furnshed coage, suable for lgh housekeepng, osquo proof 430 Lunalllo, 4h house auka fro Pensacola and Rapd Trans RENT Fve roo coage on Souh S; $17 per onh, Honolulu nvesen Co, Ld, Judd lldg 2110 f NEARLY new odern C roo coage wh bah, elecrc lghs Apply 1100 Ea S 2211-l l- A MARRED couple wh no faly have a ncely furnshed roo for ulu-gl- e genlean Apply a Globo Baery, For S, above Vnejard 2207-l- TO LET Ary osquo proof sue, furnshed; board f desred 144 Ber eanla Ave near For 2207 f RENT Roo 308 Judd buldng Apply roo f L L HA ST $15 house, 5 r and bah, F J Russell, Magoon bldg 2198 l TO LET Coages, all odern proveens; $10 o $20 Apply o A G Cunha, 2d bouse above Moron Church 2202-l- RENT Two elegan sues c roos, suable for offce or lvng Meropole bldg, Alakea S Apply Honolulu nvesen Co, Ld, Judd bldg 2201 f TO LET Roos Nos 11 and 12, re Buldng, forerly occuped by Vlckerya Ar Exhb Apply o E F Bshop, a C Brewer & Cos f JO LET Rooy baa ab, wh eher ho or cold waer ana all odern proveens, all a Slen Bar-be- r Shop 2019 f TO LET Furnshed roos a Mrs MrConnepB Garden lno?0k5-- f ROOM BOARD HELEN8 COURT Mos cenrally locaed osquo proof roos n own; $250 and up per week; Adas lane Mrs J Duggan, Prop, POUND FOUND nsurance agans he break-se- e of plae glass a The Honolulu nvesen Co f LOST LOST A Maklkl bay horse, wh scar on hroa Reward H, P Roh 221G-2- LOST Many housands of dollars hrough neglecng o have sock suffcenly nsured Honolulu nvesen Co represen four of he sronges Are nsurance copanes 2051 RELCS OF BARBARSM A urder had been coed n one of our Souhern Saes, says Andrew Sledd n he July Alanc On a ngh ran, reurnng o he capal of ha Sae, were a arshal and several depues Word hal gone before ha hese offcers had n charge a negro Bspeced of belug ho urderer, nnd a four saons n less han fory les, as any obs were gahered o ee ou suary vgeuucu o ho erely suspeced block Forunaely, he negro was no on he aln Had ho been, hs llfo wen- - no worh l askng, and he would lavu been os forunae o fnd a speedy end on he neaes ree canno be supposed ha heso obs were coposed of frends and knsen of he urdered an Probably no one quarer of he evor heard of h prevous o ho urder, and fewer know h They were no "orderly bodes of lendng czens," nor of ho class n whch one would usually fnd ho upholders of he law; bu hey wero coarse and beasly and drunk, ad wh he errble blood lus ha wld beass know, and hunng a huan prey Tnko anoher nnancc Tho burnng of Sa Hose ook placo on a Sab hnh day Ono of our enerprsng ralroads ran wo specal rans o ho scene And wo ralnloads of en and boys, crowdng fro cowcacher o he ops of ho coaches, wero fond o go o see he ndescrlbablo and sckenng orure and wrhng of a fellow-hua- n beng And Bouvcnlrs of such senes are sgh knee caps and fnger bones and bloody cars s he pures savagery Mss Louse ogen Culney, he Bos-o- n poe, has been lecurng n reland on "Ralegh and Spenser n Mnser" She has enoned he fac ha ourss ay no longer vs he house a Youghal n whch Spenser found Ralegh Sr Henry Blake, once n Brsh offcal a Hong Kong, now occupes ho house and vsors are excluded TO CURE A COLD N ONE DAY Take Laxave Uroo Qunne Tables All druggss refund he oney f falls o cure K W Oroves sgnaure s on each box S rens Bshop Blenk of oro Rlco wll Jon Archbshop Chapello n Washngon o see Presden Roosevel and consul Should he Pope llvo ll 1903 he wll celebrae hs daond Jublee us a Bshop, bs golden Jublee as a Cud - wh h as o church quesons ha naland hs slver Jublee as a Pop?, have arsen n Poro Rlco V SHORT STORY and perhaps havo anoher sroke, nnd hen when ha cae round he would wre o Aun Crnlgend, and her would be anoher of he bg old rows and Else and would bo sen back o he horrd, desolae old houes n l Norh, and Llsles chances would bo gone forever" " s very nce of jou o hnk only NO 1 RCE STRAW of Else, y darlng, bu Jou should hnk soees of jourself, nnd ever SALE OR EXCHANGE No 1 of c" rlco sraw for sale, or wll exchanco "As for Else" Rosale connued, a? for sable anure Enqure Qoug he had no spoken, "one us hnk Sng Loy or a planaon Molllll of ber You know how serably poor 2197-lwe are, nnd Else canno bear o l pour She us have fne hngs abou her, and fne hngs o wear Tha s why she s so happy n London (J, Jack, why are jou no a lch an?" "Bu jou wll hold ou agans Lady Crnlgend, nnd wnl for e Rosn? "You nro pressng ho lngs no y Angers" "Roslcv jou wll wa?" O, wl ry Jack wll ry over so hard" Jack and Rosale had been swee hears n chldhood, and her lkng had grown up no a unly passon on one sde, nnd o as uch love on no oher as would havo ade a qulo happy unon f joung people gh only be pered o anage hngs n her own way And f hal been Jacks luck o succeed o nn unencubered esae, hngs gh have been so anaged by hs parcular couple of joung lovers As hngs were Lady Cragend had deerned o play Provdence, and her cphdlc renderng of ho par hreaened o becoe dsasrous, No sooner dd sho lenrn fro her broher ha Jack Wesbako had been o see ll ulo Rosale lhan ho wo grls weo ordered up o own, he alng old ans proesaons nowhsandng Rosale had been unous a frs, nnd non coplan always Ye he was no nsensble of he aracons of ho career whch her un desgned for her Sho had e Jack n Kensngon Gardens, as we havu con, and had prosed o ry o wa frr h o y over ko hnrd " a so sorry ha le you drlvo ou oday, y dear," sad Lady Cragend, when Rosale Joned her aun "Why?" asked Rosale, raher wear y - q Because Lord Mounchevlo called, nnd a que ceran ha was no o hear an o?e? woan alk" "Bu Eslo could havo alked o h " "And so Eslo dd, y dear Rosale Bu Lord Mounchevlo dd no coe hero o alk o Else was on jou ha ho called" "O, aun, a red of hearng abou Lord Mounchevlo Surely, havo old h all ha he wanb o know," "O, Rosale, y dear," sho asked, "how any e are hee who ake he frs No for answer? The lle wod n Lord Mounchevlo wans o lur s Yes" "And wha ho wll connue o hear s No, no, no, o ho end of he chaper "Wha nonsense! wll bo vors before Jnck Wesbrake recovers h-helf-, nnd ean 1 o ge jou arrlol for he Coronaon " And y ow n wshes coun for n h-)- hen?" "O, don sake e, Rosale Your wshes nro o coun for everyhng, excep where Jack Wesbrake cornea n Mcro ao no racks and hubscrews n hs house, can nssuro you a o gong o pu you n he bolng ol of ho play, oven f you don ary Lord Mounchevlo" Tha s very good of jou, Jlu," ld Rosale, wh a ber lle laugh "The only orure jou reserve for e, uppose, s a serable arrlag" lookng no a rror, her shoulders bare, n loose whe san dress sweepng around her, he profuse ruddy lnlr, crowned by a Jewelled corone, whch sho ou neren gleas "How queenly jou nre" sad Elsb "See, hs s how jou wll look a jour weddng" She sezed a largo bouque fro he dressng able and assued he aude of brdesad Rosale drew n her breah verj cnselj--, and connued o coneplae herself n he lrror, "Whj should Lo d Mounchevlo have lef hese Jewels, Eslo? "How should know? You can ark h when he calls Shall we send for he dsrc essenger?" And here were no ore eengs by he Round Pond SHE WORE SOCKS A lehly nlcd woan was drven n her brougha up o he curb n fron of,1 fashonable Jewelers esablshen on Chesnu sres recenly The fooan hasened o open ho carrage door for her, hu us she ullgb:d her skrs caugh on he hnge, nnd here wns agenerous dsplay (f llngerfe and hosery So conspcuous was he ncden ha he aenon o h passers-by wns araced, and people could no help bu noce and coen upon he fac ha he woan, nrenu uf wearng sockngs, had on whe looks, such as lle chldren wea- - Ths accdenal dsplay was sarlng, o uy he leas One an who ook n ho suaon dd no see suprs"d He s eployed n a sore where nul hosery s sold P llzgbbons, for Dsrc No 1 "Los of woen are wearng half-ho- se now," he sad, " suppone coolness s he objec o be desred, lu: hs j woan has deonsraed ha an ex- -, posure s soees bound 10 occur Sll, ha wouldn happen ofen How do hey keep e up? Whj wh go-or- s, of pourse garera such ur en wear, only uch lgher nd coe delcae" rllaele-phl- Record "Look here," Bald he an who had purchased a lo n Groundsoehurs whou havng gone prevously o nspec he place, "jou say n all jour adverseens ha here s a beauful naural lake n he lddlo of ho suburb Whero s ho lake?" "My dear sr," responded he real esao agen, "you ough o seo ho en ncre pach of ground over here Jus afer a ran! Chcago Trbune A $2000 BELT for $5,00 The Dr M Alden Elrrrlc "Bel (wh sus- - &Jz Pnsory s guaraneed o possess rn all he urs:vs properes of he esnenslve bels now sold by docors and urugg! gves a very song curren of elecrcy andlseally regulaed Bound o supersede ohers Can be had fro he underslrned only no auds; nn dscoun Clrcula free Address Plerco Clecrlc Co, 20Q Pos S San Frarlco Sen free o Hawa for 6GOO MPROVED ulffl,kewao and he work n he ajory of cases s progressng very favorably Prncpally hrough he effors of nspecor Francs 1233 has been subscrbed o lay he governen sewer n Rver sree fro lereanla sree n u pon abou 200 fee above Kukul, and also 200 fee n Kukul sree The ppe fo- - he sewer s on a salng vessel and Jus as soon as she arrves lf eewer wll bo lad The copleon of he sewer n lo s rapdly pung a very dangerous poron of he cy no good sanary condon because he propery owners are ore wllng o connec n ho sewer nnd ge rd of he cesspools whch a he bes were a nusance on "O, Else oo, lpve jewels never accoun of ho de waer rasng an knew bow fllng loved he ll now" he o overflowng a es Tho new ceen ran dran a Kevva-l- o whch s nearlng copleon ha conpleelj draned he srees whch forerly were flooded, nnd Ward sree whch was lree fee n waer and ud s now copleely dry The cesspools whch gave so uch roublo by overflowng due o hs floodng have ceased beng a enace o he publc n general Repors of nspecors J McQueen, for Dsrc No 1 Or dered, 1S2; fnshed, 163; old orders llnlbhe, 16, Toal nspecons, 930 A G Hchcock, for Dsrc No, 2 Ordered, 1H7; fnshed, 89; old orders fnshed, 4 Toal nspecons, 337 J W Francs, for Dsrc No 3 Ordered, 314; fnshed, 311; old orders fnshed, 16 Toal nspecons, 1020 Ordered, 217, fnshed 205; old orders fnshed,, S Toal nspecons, 1026 E E Allen, for Dsrc No 5-- Odercd, 211; fnshed, 206 Toal n speeons, 1414 J Vvlchaves, for Dsrc No 6 Ordered, 190; fnshed, 1S9: old orders fnshed, 12 Toal nspecons, 1009 N P Jncobson, for Dsrc No? Ordered, 378; fnshed, 347; old orders j fnshed, 74 Toal nspecons, 1314, 1 Nugen, for Dsrc No 8 Ordered, 199; fnshed, 91, Toal nspecons, U T W Carroll, for Dsrc No 9- - Ordered, S20; fnshed, 411; old qrders fnshed, 24 Toal nspecons, 1131, J J Donnelly, for Dsrc No 10 Ordered, 174; fnshed, 145; old orders fnshed, 4D Toal nspecons, 1208 P Mcarab, for Dsrc No 11 Ordered, 140; fnshed, 135; old orders fnshed, 1 Toal nspecons, 1750 C B Knney, for Dsrc No 12 Ordered, 64; fnshed, 53, old orders fnshed, 11 Toal nspecons, 354 The banana planaons along he Wnlklkl road nve all been nduced o pu her respecve pelses n a uch beer sae of sanaon by rasng uw cung nouses, uesrojng suacus ana sheds and generally cleanng up, Tho Earl of Rossljn wll ac n lu counry nex season under ho nae of Jaes Ersklne, He spen a forune of (1,500,000, and has snce been church snger, organs, ravelng salesan nnd feale personae! Such o rush o fregh car buldng was never before known Thousands nro beng bul nnd orde are covvf ng n Alos every ralload copany n ho Uned Saes and Canada has gven orders BUSNESS CALNA HARNESS SHOP For S opp Club Sables: P O box 791 HOTELS THE PACFC HOTEL 1182 Unon S oppose Pacfc Club Newly furnshed roos: osquo proof; elecrc lghs; ho nnd cold waer; flrs-as- s able board Mrs lana, Prop JEWELER THOS LNDSAY Mfg Jeweler and wachaker; 530 For SL; Love bldg; laes n noveles MESSENGER SERVCE TERRTORAL MESSENGER 8ER-VC- Unon SL nr Hoel; Tel 361 Man MUSC COOK8 MUSC SCHOOL Love bldg, wll hold suer er durng Julv and Augus 2200 f ANNS MONTAGUE TURNER Vocal nsrucor; "Mlgnon, 1024 Berea-nl- a S "OLAN QUNTET E P Hafeld Mgr Musc for all occasons E K Knos sudo; Tel M 231 MOANA QUNTET CLUB Musc for nl occasons Leave orders Berg-sro- Musc Co; J S Ells Mgr WHAT WOMEN LKE Marrlago s ofen a falure becauso en and woen do no undersand each oher Here are soe hngs whch pleaso a woan: To bo called sensble To bo coplened on beng well dressed To bo old ha she s fascnang To be old ha sho proves u an by her copanonshp To depend on soe an and nree she s rulng h To be reaed sensbly and honesly and no ns a buerflj--, wh no head or hear To be loved and adlrcu by n an who s srong enough o rulo and subdue her and ake hs way her way To fnd hannlness n belnr rulel hv nn nellec ha she can look up o adrngly and one o who her own nd bows n reverence A an s pleased To have a woan love h To have a sof, genle, agnec hand allevae ho pan of an achng head To have a woans hand sooh away ho careworn expresson and wrnkles fro hs brow To have a woans srengh o help h ver he weal: places n lfe THER WORDS STUCK Henry Yllen Mark Twan wab n Egyp Sh ho Vce Presden Ee May one dnj u ranged wh a frend o ee Secreary J H Fsher h a one of he pyrads Treasurer The la- - j J D Hol er engaged wo old bu experenced W G Ashley Alala o gude h o he place, flu T, E Wall uakrs nerwad conlalned Hn n1ll he had soe knowledge of her nnlvo lu,;, le nu uoreanu anj hng ha hs gudes had sad o h "ou should have hred jounger en, Mr Cleens old h "Theso oohless old fellows alk only gu Arabc DRECTORY EVENNG HOURS Her aun broke n: "So ha jou are well arred before he Coronaon, H2LP WANTED shall prove o be he bes aun n ho WORK OF SANTARY aorneys MUSC wcld Bu Jack Wesbrake! O! no, WANTED Ofllce work by well cu cacd an Address X X, lls of STENOGRAPHERS The Hound Pond n Kensngon ndeed" OFFCERS N JULY KELLETT A R0BN8ON Aorneys-a-Law- ; E K KAA Teacher o srng nsru Roos 11 and 12, Magoon ens; sudo Love Dag on a flee 223-l- Gardens never refleced a ore saely bldg; Phone Man 193 Telephone Man 231 "Whj-- llae your achne pu n condon fgure, a ore beauful face, or ora, Rornlle, jou are acually cry for nea work We repar he bes ng" abundan ruddy har han he flguru sad Else, as he one slsfer rh VOLUNTARY AD TO EXTENSON M BROOK8--Aorne- y: roos MLLNERY SPECAL NOTCES nnd cheapes For posons leave and he face and he glowng, loosely el no he ohers boudor for cofor Spreckels bldg; Tel Man 344 jour address wlfl us "l hough confned, and BOWERSMERCHANT PATROL rebellous locks of Horn- jou were such n slony OF 8EVERS HOLDNG LODG- HAWLEYS MLLNERY PARLOR8 WASHNGTON LGHT CO - CARLOS A LONG Aorney; 15 Tho laes n llnery, ec; Boson Uo Uelllngha leared grl a sure jou NG HOUSES TO REGULA- SL; Tel 81 Mala bldg: Tel 264 Man CONFDENTAL AGENCY Copeen wachen furnshed for bus- F E KNGS LST "Wha a lucky dog a" sad Jack TONS DRANAGE nld o so, and had such news fu ou J M DAVD80N Aoroey-a-Law- j PLUMBNG ness houses nnl resdences, Offce, Wusbrake o hself 10 "Wha news?" nsked lusull;, Kaahuanu S drvln? 178 Bereana b, Tel Whe 991, RENT "Wha s ha )ou are sayng Jack" ANTONE PLARE8 & CO Plubers 1 ears P O lox 284 Ncely furnshed housekeepng roos " was jus repeang o yself hov Why, Lord Mounchevlo called" Followng s he repor of C Tra-:- BULDERS and Tnshs All knds of sanary n Coage Grove beauful jou are, and how grea Lord Mounchevlo agan? Well cy sanary work Sewer connecons a offcer, for he ouh MeDONALD A LANG8TON Conracors and Bulders: 08 Unon B specaly Charges o su he Fve-roo- COTTAGE Kng Place; hng s ha jou are beauful flr wha has he lef?" Jf July, 1902; es Corner Vneyard and Ea WANTED $20 c, and bow good U of you o - - "J n ho v, gong nwny Durng an1 he onh 21 applcaons o WANTED To purchase uprgh pano, u here, where can agan ell jo, when he l f wll by o unle, buld have been receved and 17 of BCYCLE REPARNG PHY8CAN8 Address, sang prce, ec, "J," LEASE whn hnk and feel" h p fed hlx "se n y hand, nd he have been approved have also P O box f LOTS a he Beach; 18 jears o run "1 ddn hnk jou sad half as uch approved 3 sad: wlshd o bow jou hese, pers appled Mss for prevous C A COWAN 1186 Unon SL, opp, DR 8LOGGETT Eye, Ear Noso and Good bahng $75 o $100 per as ha, Jack And, really,! us never, never ee ou here agan" y Rclllugha The? arc he o Jul) Pacfc Club; sundres, ec 1 Thoa; offce a Eye and Ear nfrary, Jewels ln j ear One applcaon s n wfe, wll wear he hands of he Alakea S Hours 9 a o a ho coronaon BROKER8 4 p FOJ SALE "Oh, has all nonsense, jou know Survey Deparen and a holdng Wll jou keep he for e for a day SALE One largo bay horse, suable for express wagon, hack or fa- COTTAGE, barn, bah house, all new, snuffed ou by an old aun who p nvesgaed, and he oher wo are n 4, Bprechels bldg and Throa; 1146 Alakea S SALE We are no gong o have our lovj four, no of whch have no or je been E J WALKER Coffee Broker; roo DR WM G ROGER8 Eyo Ear, Nose wo?" "Bu Lord Mounchevlo has nn ly use and wo wagons, ono nearly a he Beach; 3800; ers $130 pens o rch and o own a le N volaon of regulaon No 2 Two wfe" new Address G, hs offrce down, blancc, $25 per onh on K a b of " bulders whou pers have been CARRAGE8 J REAL E8VA E "No a hs oen of course" f jenr pe "Hu faher s agans us, oo nofed o fle her applcaons and, -j,-,,? eldov "Then he wshes o arry PNWrW Vnvl-- jou, Else" Jack" have done o B Ob wrr-- Fne carrages, wagons, harness P E R 8TRAUCH Real Esa SALE Horse, harness and uusl F E KNG, "Jus because jour aun ses h Sx cesspools have been locaed elur nr wh! Tpreana near For S handled o bes advanage; houses "O, wsh he dd Wouldn Jup ng ness wagon; aro s good and knd, Coage Crove, Kng Sree agans us, Rosle (an brng he onh, all ousde he sewer rened; loans negoaed; oney 111 a hs offer a abous f yau CLOTHG guaraneed For sale cheap En round f 1 can brng he esae round, ls oa bes secures 32 Capbell Block, 316 For sree are no, nnd lke Jewels oo Jus Fve buldngs have been oved or QU: 1316 For sree 2209 lw nnd hngs hs rghng heselves THF KA8H CO, LTD Two sores look RENT a hese!" and Else ouched n lke anjhlng, don jou know? Whj alered so ns o confor o he sanary regulaons STRAW HAT Hoel S and cor For & noe SALE Fne lo on College Hs, sprng, n wo Jews e " revealng a onro n perfec 100 x louj cash, SUUU W l ualun blaze of perlous sones have ade 337 nspecons durng "n wo j cars e Bu Jack, aun DENTST ( f Rosale hod been n readng person he onh S of whch were exanaons of los and new buldngs ALBERT B CLARK, DDS Cor E MORKUCH 14 Hoel S, nr Nuuanu FelL sraw, panaa has sbjb a o be arred for he ca a she gh have hough or he dcclan GASOLNE ENGNE SALE 44 naon" lon of ha saesan who sad " Thlrj cerfcaes for resnuran, hoel or lodgng house lcenses have been nnd Mller; hours 9 o 4 TALOR8 horsepower gasolne engne, n WATERHOUSE 4 PODMORE, 39 S "Look here Rosle shall go down only knew one woan who would no perfec condon Apply o M L Kng S cor o Behel, are offerng: jour fahr and shall ell h DR DERBY Dens; For nnd Hoel ake onej-- nnd she (00k Jewels" appled for and 23 have been ssued Ss; Gas adnsered or exracng ALBERT BERNDT Talorng and re Sh Supernenden of The Hono once ore Fow hngs are beween y u Then here gh have been anoher Seven arc held unl he places have parng; Elks bldg, 616 Mller SL lulu Clay Co, Ld, elephone, whe and ; nnd he shall Know how jou no chance for Jack COTTAGE of 4 roos Wesbrake been pu no sanary condon ENGNEERS a Walklkl beng persecued by 2321, or o Caslo & Lansdale, hs hs down Bu San she looked a he splendd nrrnv Of he cerfcae appled for pror per, nnd " of glerng genwald Bldg 2165 RESDENCE of Fred wealh and wns T P fasclna o July 1 hree have been graned nnd E TAPPAN TANN ATT Cvl and SL OF MAU, LAHANA Waer-hous- Wjllle S, Nuuanu Valley, Oh, plnse don do anjhlng nf he ed j sx arc sll lelj elecrcal engneer; ofllce, roo 4, SALE 1 Lodge & Shpley power near he Rapd Trans Ternus knd f ou really love c Faher "Wc wll ry he on wh our now The nuber of aduls whch can be Spreckcla Block; resdence, 1313 SUGAR E8TATES, MAGNFCENT lahe, 1 drll press, 1 ppe cuer, would Jus fly no one of hs anrus gowns," cred ElRle drawng lodged her bj law n slo-c- hee buldngs llcens- - Wlder Ave; Tel Mnln 132 SCENERY, BEAUTFUL DRVES, cus up o sx nches; all new achnes, now on hand n Honolulu; no AGENTS her dressng roo ed s SS7 SHPPNG FACLTES, ETC "O, Else, hese us go back o Four foral coplans have been ENGRAVERS Phoenx nsurance Co of Harford, Lord Mounchevlo" fled and hree nusances have been DRAY AGE W BEAKBANE also one sea launch V Pan, Coluba Bar-Loc- Typewrers "Of course, hey abaed, Card engravng and one case s n hand us We can send sapng; roo 2 Ele bldg Punabou 2126 he back n he ornng by dsrc rve noces have been serv G H DUNN Express and drayage; essenger FOn 8ALE Coral rock for fllng Address M Duncan, a Bullen of- ry for sxpence Hu ed and he nusance n each case was Ag Wlder and 113 jou Bhll EXPRE88 abaed whou furher prosecuon he on frs shall alo J ol j Three noces o reove ducks hav MERCHANTS PARCEL DELVERY STABLES fce f even f jou pnch e o deah for been served The e has no je Behel SL, opp Waverley blk; Tel afcrwads" 621 expred Blue; pkgs BSMARCK called for 8TABLE3 CO, LTD and deld Walluku Maul Now vehcles, lve A few- TO LET - nues laer, Rosale, seze Thry-hre- e 30-dnoces o connec o he sewer have been served n rages aend arrval and bj a gullj passon of hurry, HARNESS SADDLERY sock Prces reasonable Car- so deparure Jho- - J fvjjl,4 of all regular seaers a Kahulal and Maalaca Baj ORDER rg fro Poneer Sablea Ele--1 gan urnous; Telephone No 126 GENERAL 8TORE3 LAHANA STORE Luber, Whole-- sale Lquors, Merchandse C R Olsen, Manager PHYSCANS DR WLLAM PETER8 Physcan and surgeon; Lahalnn, Maul HOTELS WALUKU HOTEL Walluku Ges B Scbracder, prop Flno grounds nnd bes accoodaons 3200 pr day NOTARY PUBLC G H DUNN Noary Publc Conveyances, Depuy Tax Collecor, Legal Docuens Offce Governen bldg Wakk nn ON THE BEACH SPECAL RATES TOURSTS A FAMLY RESORT Coages and pleasan roos, Aerca? and European Plan Excellen Cusne and Servce Specal weekly or onhly raes Bes o Surf Bahng and Canoeng all he year round Ho and Cold Waer Bahs Bouffe, Lvery, Elecrc Lghs L H DEE, Propreor Rng up Phone Rod 71 Honolulu nvesen Co Real LMTED Esae and nsurance Agens OFFCER3: A V Gear Presden JUDD BULDNG, MERCHANT 8T PROPERTY BOLGHT 80LD; re, rvn PLATE GLASS N8URANCE Fne Job prnng a he Bullen offce v - - UWUfcW rf3f ; "a,- - 1

7 7 Be a Man Aong Men Are You he Man You Ough o Be? Are You as Srong a You Look7 Or Have You Weak Nerves, Fallng or Lo Val Power, Wase of Srengh, Varcocele, Poor Meory, Dull and Supd Feel-ng- Los Abon, Weak Bask ard a General Breakng Down of Your Manly Powers? Have you docored whou benef? la your soach runed wh drugs and your oney wased? Are you red o n5f ryng useless reedes? Then coa o e have a posve and ceran cure Tor you n r a ( Dr McLaughlns Elecrc Bel You pu on when you go o bed nnd sleep peacefully under he nfluence of s warng valzng pow You awake full of abon, wh n healhy desre o acklo your days work Each day you gan new lfo fro, and goon begn o feel yor-sel- f a an nong en Each sypo of your rouble gradually dsappears, srengh akes ho place o weakness, and your lfe s ade happy by he resoraon of your old healh and vgor CURE Toale, Marn Co, Cal Jan, gjj Dr,M McLAl,GllllN Dear Sr OnacnulJ no agne h lege of juflfrlnc hrough ro anach rouble an raw rua was auhrcrj o ae Jruglrranl Uach rup realan anj Jl rarn whou h JH rek grew wh lh all anjaala JgulJ rk your ell ago, n lrw Java coulj (lng away y can, anj repor lwu)an n hn onh a naw an er wa enrely cured, an lel eer han ha J lor Severl ol v rlenjj have ahce purchased your helu, woulj no par wh ne lor,eco coulj no ge anoher --Youra JOHN S GMY ns,n n, ruly, ucj hu ja K YOU SHOULD THY T Send for y book abou reelljol senjhlaj, DR M H A WONDERFUL 000 Marke S Snn Busness Noces CALL Republcan Convenon Terroral Noce s hereby gven ha n accordance wh ho provsons of Secon 2 o Arlclo 5 of he Rules and Regulaons of he Republcan Pary of he Terrory of Hawa, he Terroral Cenral Coee has fxed Monday, he frs day of Sepeber, 1902, a 10 oclock a as he e, an Progress Hall, n Honolulu, as ho placo for holdng ho nex Terroral Convenon Tho delegaes eleced o such convenon nro accordngly requesed o asseblo a sad lo and place for he purpose of proulgang a plafor; o nonae a canddae, for Delegae o Congress; and o ransac such oher busness as ay be brough beforo he Convenon Uy order of ho Coee Terroral Cenral A Q M ROBERTSON, J FSHE, Charan Secreary Daed Honolulu, T, Aug 4, 221Cd PAYMENT STOPPED All pares arc warned agans negoang draf No "f drawn Augus 2d, 1902, by Rober Wallace on Hnd lolph & Co, of Honolulu, n favor of K Norlshukl, for ho su of $120 Payen of sae has been soppod 2117-S- Our Soda Waer GNGER ALE, CREAM 60DA, KOMEL, ROOT BEER, Ec, s sweeened by he use of pure cane sugar We use no cheap subsue, ONE REASON WHY OUK BEVERAGES ARE TUB BE8T TUB MOST POPULAR Prop delvery anywhere and everywhere n he cy and Walklkl Consoldaed Soda Waerworks Copany, Telephone Man 71 Works 601 Ld For Make a Good presson By havng your phoo oken My work s of ho hghes qualy and prces reasonable J J Wllas, Take elevaor n Boson Block MAPS Kaua, Oahu, Maul, Molokal, Lanal, Hawa, Ec, ec 6e of 5 aps, $ CENTS EACH Oo sals a oflce o THE EVENNG BULLETN French Laundry buu, Corner of Uereanla Avenue and Punchbowl Sree All Work Done by Hand ree LACE CURTANS A SPECALTY Lrf; J ABADE, Propreor Telephone Bu 3552 F YOU WSH TO ADVERTSE N NEWSPAPERS! X ANVWCRQ AT ANYTMU Call on or Wre EC DAKlS ADVERTSNG AGENCY 64 & 65 Merchans fxch--ge j? SAN PMNrSCO CAL 2 Mclaughln, Francsco, Legal Col Noces MORTGAGEES NOTCE OF E- CLOSURE 8ALE n accordance wh he provsons of a ceran orgage, ade by J W A lcdhouse, pary of ho frs par, E a Kcdhouse, he wfe of sad pary of ho frs par jonng heren, o The Frs Aercan Savngs and Trus Copany of Hawa, Led, a corpor aon exsng under and by vrue of uo laws of he Terrory of Hawa, he pary of he second par, daed he 27h day of Noveber, 1901 recorded Lber 227, pages noce s 356-3S- hereby gven ha he orgageo nends o foreclose he sae for cond on broken, he of boh prncpal and neres Noce b lkewse gven ha afer he expraon of hreo (3) weeks fro he dae of hs noce, he propery conveyed by sad orgage wll bo ad versed for sale a publc aucon a ho aucon roos of Jaes V Morgan n Honolulu, on Monday, he 1s day of Sepeber, 1902, a welve oclock noon of sad day Furher parculars can be had of Thopson & Fleng, aorneys for orgagee Daed Honolulu, Augus Sh, 1902 THE FRST AMERCAN SAVNGS TRUST COMPANY OF HAWA, LMTED, Morgagee The preses covered by hs orgage conss of: All hose wo ceran los, peces or parcels o land suae a Kalkl, Honolulu aforesad, and beng los G and 7 n block 39 of he Kaluk Trac, nnd ho sae preses conveyed o he sad pary of he frs par by deed daed March 1s, 1901, and recorded n Lber 21C, on pages 497 and 498 Togeher wh all and sngular ho eneens, heredaens and appurenances uno he abovo descrbed preses belongng or n anywse ap peranng, and also all he esae, rgh, le and neres of ho sad pary of ho frs par of n and o ho above descrbed preses and every par and parcel hereof wh he ap purenances 221C-3- SHERFFS SALE NOTCE Under and by vrue of a ceran c ccuon ssued by Lylo A Dckey, Seeqnd Dsrc Magsrae of Honolulu, sland of Oahu, Terrory of Hawa on ho 8h day of July, A D 1902, n he aer of T, Davlcs and Co pany, Led, vs Nakabayashl, 1 ;au, on hn 11h day or Juy, A 1902, leved upon and shall expobo fur sals and sell a publc aucon, o ho hghes bdder, a ho Pollco Saon, Kalakaua Hale, n sad Honolulu, a 12 oclock noon of Frday, ho 15h day of Augus, A ) 1902, all he rgh, le and neres of sad Nukn-bayas- n nnd o he followng descrbed personal propery, unless ho judgen nnd cos of execuon aounng o eghy-egh- nnd dollars neres, coss and y expenses nro prevously pad: General erchandse conssng l canned goods, has, shoes, wenrlng an parel, crockery, culery, ec, ec; alo couner scale and show case See "nvenory" ol sad propery n y offce CHAS F CHLNGWORT, Depuy Sherff, Tcr of Hawa Honolulu, Oahu 2197 July 14, 22, 31; Aug 7, 14 CREDTOR3 NOTCE Tho undersgned, assgnee of llonolulu aln and Wall lapor Copany, Led, successor o McKechnlo aln and Wnll Taper Copany, Led, un der deed of assgnen, daed July 21, 1902, hereby gves noce o all credors of sad Honolulu Tan and Wall Taper Copany, Led, o (lla her clas wh proof of he sno n he offce of lobcrsan & Wlder, Sangen-walbuldng, Cy of Honolulu, whn sxy days fo lo dae hereof, or hey wll be debarred fro parcpang n any dvson of ho nsscs Ml persons ndebed n sad Honolulu Tan and Wall Taper Copany, L rd, aro requesed o ako edae payen of sae o ho undersgned a sad offce Daed Honolulu, July 21, 1902, T JAMBS, Asslgnoo of Honolulu Tan and Wall Taper Co, Ld 2200 July 21, 31; Aug 7, H, 21 Fne job prnng a he Bullen offce Cossoners Noce of Sale Valuable -- of- Ranch Propery and Sock -- on he-- sland o Lana NOTCE S HEREUY OVKN na he undersgned, a Cossoner duly apponed by he Hon Oeorge D Oear, Second Judge of he Crcu Ccur of he Frs Crcu, n ha ceran cause pendng n equy n he Crcu Cour of he Frs Crcu, beween O KLNST, Tlalnlff, and W H TAN nnd EL8E S V NEUMANN, and ohers, ncrvenors, defendans, o sell and ake arrangeens for nnd conduc he sale of ceran propery here nafer se forln, and descrbed nnd beng an undvded s ) share and neres of he snld W 11 Tan and Ellse S V Neuann, n and o he propery, real and personal, forerly belongng o he esae of Waler M Gbson, deceased, and suae and beng on he sland of Lanal, Terrory of Hawa, wl sell a Tubllc Aucon a he fron door of he Ccur House, Alllolanl Hale, so called, n he Cy of Honolulu, sland b Oahu, nnd Terrory of Hawa aforesad, on Saurday, he sxeenh (lclh) day of Augus, 1902, a 12 of ha day, hrough Wll E Fsher, Auconeer, he undvded s ) share or neres of he sad W H Tan and Ellse S V Neuann, sad defendans, of, n and o he followng propery real and personal, all forerly belongng o he esae of Waler M Gbson, deceased: Fee Sple Frs All ha rac or parcel ol land suae on he sland c Lanal, conanng Fve Thousand Egh Hun red and Nney-seve- and (C acres, and known as he Abupuaa of lalawnl, and coprsed n Royal Tacn No 1093 Second All ha rac or parcel o land suae on he sland o Lanal, conanng One Thousand Egh Hun dred and Tweny-nn- e (1829) acres, and known as he Ahupuan of Keallu, and coprsed n Royal Tacn 7144 Thrd All oher lands suae on he sland of Lanal o whch he sad Waler M Olbson was sezed on he 14h day o Augus, A D 1EE2, wh her rghs, caseens, and appurenances Fourh All ha rac of land sua ed on he sland o Lanal, known as he Ahupuaa of Mauna-le- conanng 34423S acres Royal Tacn C775 conveyed o sad Waler M Gbson by deed o A J Carwrlgh, Execuor Ffh All ha rac of land sluao on he sland o Lanal, descrbed d lloyal Tacn 3045, conanng 128 acres, conveyed o sad Waler M Gbson by deed of W Beder, daed Sepeber 27h, 1875, o record n lber 43, fol 3S9 Sxh AH of hose racs cf land suaed on he sland of Lanal, descrbed n Royal Taen 3029, conanng an area of 23CCS acres, and all he le conveyed by deed of Kellbue, c a, o Waler Murray Gbson, daca Augus 20h 187C of record n lber 15 fol 330, and n deed of Kenlakua o Waler Murray GlbBon, daed Deceber 7h, 1877, of record n lber 51, fol 3S9, and n deed fro Kealakua o Waler Murray Gbson doed Augus 23d, 1S7C, of record n lber 40 fol 329, Sevenh All hose parcels of land suae on he sland of Lanal, conveyed o sad Waler M Gluson by deed of Ullaa Tnahao, and anoher, daed Noveber 27h, 1SS0 Eghh All oher parcels of land d he sland of Lanal belongng o he sad Waler Murray Glbson on w abou he 31s day of Augus, 1887 Nnh All ha land descrbed n lnyal Taen Gran 2903, conanng 52 acres, conveyed o W M Gbson by Tuupal, by deed daed Aprl 24, 18C4, recorded n lber 20, fol 24 Tenh All ha land descrbed n nnl Cosson Award 3417B, conveyed by Knalka and ohpra o W M Gbson, by deed ned March 7, 1805, recorded n lber 19, fol 274 Elevenh All hn land descrbed n L C A 10038, conanng 7 acres, conveyed by Kalole o W 41 (111)8011, by deed daed June 2, 18C5, ol record n lber 19, page 407 Twellh All ha land descrbed n L C A 3417, conveyed fjy Mnhoe and ohers o W M Gbson, by deed dnel January 30, 1SG7, and recorded 111 lber 24, fol 202 Threenh All ha land descrbed n Royal Tacn 47CC conveyed by nnd Wahle o W 51 Gbson, by deed daed June 25, 1874, of record n lber 39, fol 398 Foureenh1 All ha land descrbed n Royal Taen 4707 L C A 10011, conveyed ly John S Gbson o W M Gbson, by deed daed July 17, 1870 of record n lber 47, fol 49 Ffeenh All ha land descrbed n Royal Taen 3031 o Kcalna conveyed by K Kaalna o W 51 Gbson, by deed daed May 25h, 18S5, recorded n lber 95, fol 129 Leases Frs All leases of land on ho sland of Lanal held by sad Waler Mur ray Gbson on Augus 31s, 1887, so far as he had he rgh o assgn he sao whou ncurrng any forfeure, Second All he propery conveyed by Frederck Hayseden on January 24h, A U 1891 o w: Tha ceran ndenure of lease of he Ahupuaa ol Knok and Taoal, on he sland Lanal, ade by and beween ho Co ssoners of Crown Lands, of he llrs par, and snld Frederck Hayseden of he second par, daed Deceber 19h, 1890, of record n lber 12S, fols 27C-27- Thrd Lease No 1CS of Kealla Taawlll and Kaao conanng S3CJ acres, exprng Juno 23d, 190S, au- MEoTlRJNllo nsruens Fled for Record Aug, 6, Hank of Hawa W C Achl Tllel A Wggns J H Uoyd AM T A Decker 51 K Cook M T lrand 51 J Tavno 1) Meropolan co C 1) Hofganrd & Co US Meropolan Co C Hufgaard & Co Agr A 51 Caldcra L C Green 51 F Godfrey jno Kldwell D W C Achl Mrs A Tresldge D Kapuaa Ah Fook L Ah Fook T Ah Hung CM S K Kane e nl S, Dole ) Kaaha Kaahanklnl e al 1), H, Kaahaaknl e al S 51, Daon ) S 51 Daon Kaahaaknl e nl L nsruens Fled for Record Aug 7 Ah Fook e al To Lu DAlp Kualll Jno Tanluhl D Kaa! c al E A Knudsrn 1) Recorded July 31, 1902 Anne Kenwc o Yuen Wen Hlnc; lease; neres n poron R T G597, Kll 70, corner Mnunakca and Tauah sreeb, Honolulu, Ohu; hry years n (100 Hook 233, page 490 Daed February C, 1902 Anne Kenwell o Yuen Wen Hlng; lease; neres n Taen 458C, corner Bcrcnna and Kekaullko sreer, Honolulu, Oahu; hry years B?50 Jook 233, page 492 Daed Aprl C, 1902, T Oznw o T 5asuda; rgh of way: sx fee rgh of way near Lllha sree; $1 for fve years Hook 233, page 339 Daed July 30, 1902 T Masda and wfe o Haanaka, rusee; orgage; pece land, Young sree, Honolulu, Oahu, poron Ap 1 o 11 T 225S, Kll 2133, Ap, 2, T 2397, Kul 1405, Hauhaukol, Honolulu, Oahu; J210UO Hook 230, pagu 289 Daed July 30, 1902 Eugene T OSulllvan o T Masudn; assgnen of lensc; pece land, buld-lugs-, ec Honolulu, Oahu; Jn llool; 233, page 193 Daed Sepeber 21, 1901 T Manlla o Haanaka, rusee; chael orgage; leasehold, ec, wlcl, Honolulu, Oahu; 21wu Uook 230 page 293 Daed July 30, 1902 T Malda o H Haanaka, rusee; chael orgage; household furnure ec, Young sree Honolulu, Oahu; wllel saloon furnure, offce furnure; $2,83151 Book 230, pagu 293 Daed July 30, 1902 T Masda o Haanaka, rusee; chael orgage; cossons, profs, earnngs; Book 23C, pagu 297 Daed July H Haannka o K KobayaBhl; power of aorney; general powers Hook 235, page 310 Daed July C 51 Allen nnd husband o Ellnn Who; bll of sale; leasehold For sree Honolulu Oahu; $3,500 Hook 235, page 343, Daed July 20, 1902 Recorde Augusf 1, 1902 Lul N Kaaka o Klkln; deed; neres n Kul 7o27, and pece land He-cl- Koolaupoko Oahu; $1 ec Hook 238, page 207 Daed Aprl Kaluna and wlfo o Klka; deed: n eres n Aps 1 nnd 2 and 1 M acres land, lccla, Koolaupoko, Oahu; $25 Hook 23S, page 20S Daed July 10, 1902 Klkla o Wlla Henry; deed; Kul 7027, Ap 1, Heela, Koolalpoko, Ovu; 275 Hook 238 page 209 Daed July 28, 1902 "Wha akes you call your ule Tng Tons;?" " nds np of de happy days when was workln fol soo o de gcncn a do club," answered Krasus Tlnkley When 1h dlvln da ule has o alk o h Jes abou e sae as de gce wns amn o de balls when dey was o play e gae" Washngon Sar Weekly edon of he Bullen, $1 a year nual renal $150, payable n ndvancc Fourh caso No 220 Manann, con anng 7973 acres, exprng Noveber 1s, 1907, annual renal JlflO, payable n advance Ffh Lcaso No 279 of Kaunol, conanng 78C0 acres, exprng Febuary 9, 1907, annual renal $230, payable n advance Personal Propery Frs All hoso flocks of sheep on ho 20h day of June, A D 1902, or horcabos or xed ages and soxos, on sad day depasurng, runnng or beng upon ho sad sland of Lanal, and alo all ha herd of cale and all horses, on sad 20h day of June, 1902 nlso depasurng and runnng upon ho sad sland of Lanal on sad day, al forerly belongng o he Esae or Waler 51 Gbson, deceased, ogeher wh all ho naural ncrease of ho sad flock and herds, and also all ho wool hen upon he ald sheep, and whch has snce ha e been produced fnd shorn fro 6ald sheep and her bald ncrease, save and excep sucn sheep, cnlo and wool as lavo been bold wh he consen of ho sad planff Second, All wool presses, wagon, cars, harnesses, ools, plcens, chael and effecs, belongng o sad Waler Murray Gbson on sad Augus 31s, 1S87, suaed on he sland or a sad e, and now n and upon sad lands or nny of he The flocks of sheep and her ncrease aro now esaed a abou head The herd of cale wh her n crease are now esaed n abou 21) head The herd of horses wh her n crenso aro no weslaed a abou 210 nead Tho leases no unexpred run fro now o 1900 and 1908 Tor furher parculars apply o ha Cossoner Ters, Cash n U S Gold Con, nnd conveyances n expense of he purchaser Daed, Honolulu, June 2S 1902 A BARNES, Cossoner 218C Juno 30: July 3, 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24,28, 31; Aug 4,7, 11, Oceanc Seashp Copany TME TABLP Tee seaers o hs Una wll arrve and leave hs por a h,aunndlr: PROM SAN FRANCSCO SAN FRANCSCO ALAMEDA AUG 8 ALAMEDA AUG 13 SERRA AUG 20 SONOMA AUG 19 ALAMEDA AUG 29 ALAMEDA, SETT 3 SONOMA SETT 10 VENTURA SETT 9 ALAMEDA SETT 19 ALA5EDA SETT 24 n connecon wlk he salng or ee above seaers, e agens are prepared o ssue, o nendng pssengers, coupon hrough ckes y any fro ral--oa- Ban Francsco o all pons n he Uncd Saes, anu fro New fork by any seashp lno o all European pors FURTHER PARTCULARS APPT TO W G rwn & Co, Ld GENERAL AGENTS OCEANC E S CO Aercan-Hawaa- n S S Co DKECT 8ERVCE DETWEN NEW YORK HAWAAN SLS, va Pacfc Cou SSALASKAN, o sal abou AUGUST 20h S S CALNAN, o sal abou SEPT 15h S S AMERCAN, o sal abou OCTOBER 15h Fregh receved a Copanys wharf 4 2d S Souh Brooklyn, a all es Fro Snn Frnnclco S S NEVADAN, o sal AUGUST 28h S S NEVADAN, o sal OCTOBER 9h S S NEBRASKAN, o sal OCTOBER 30h Fro Honolulu o Snn PranclHCo S S NEVADAN, o sal AUGUST 9h S S NEVADAN, o sal OCTOBER 20h Fro Scule nnd Tnooa S S HAWAAN, o sal AUGUST 10h For furher parcular apply o C P MORSB, Cnrl Frlh Agen Occdenal AGENTS H HACKFELD & CO, Ld H ONOLULU Pacfc Mal Seashp Go and Orenal Seashp Co and Toyo Ksen Kasha esers of he above copanes wll call a Honolulu and leave hs por on or abou he daes below enoned JAPAN CHNA FOr SAN FRANCSCO KOREA AUG S PEKNG AUG 11 COPTC AUO 16 GAELC AUG 20 HONGKONG 5ARU AUO 2G DORC SEPT 12 CHNA SETT 6 NPPON 5ARU SEPT 10 GENERAL NMATON H HACKFELD & Canadan-Ausrala- n APPLY Royal Mal Seashp Copany eaen o he above ne, runnng la connecon wlu he CANAD H PACFC RALWAY CO beween Vancouver B C and Sydney, NBW, and callng a Vcora, B C Honolulu, Suva, FJ and Brsbane, are DUE AT HONOLULU on or abou he daes below saed, vz: ra Vancouver anu Vcora, B C Fro Sydney and Brsbane (For Brsbane and Sydney) (For Vcora and Vancouver, B O) MOWERA AUO 30 AORANO AUO 27 AOUNG SEPT 27 5OANA SEPT T4 Through Tckes ssued fro Honolulu o Canada, Uned Saes and nrope For Fregh and Passage and all general nforaon, apply o Fne Job Prnng a he Bullen offce PUGET 80UND-HONOLULransfer wh G N Ry, N P R- - and C P ROUTE Connecng Drec whou R Lowes raes o fregh fro all easern pons; shores possble e 8 S EUREKA, fro Seale, on or abou 8 S TAMPCO, on or abou AUGUST 1 For furher nforaon address L E BEEBE, 2 Brewer Buldng, Honolulu AGENT HAWAAN SL8 Globe Nav Co, Ld, Seale, Wash; P W Rocheser, 308 Marke 8L, 8 FJ Agens of above rjads, wll furnsh nforaon CE THEMONEXPRESSGO Safes, Panos, Furnure MOVED Drays for Fregh and Luber Our represenave eea all locos ng seaers fro ho Coas, and w, check baggage on all ougong-aeaf- ra Whe and Black Scd For Sale Offce wh Evenng Bullen, 11 Kng sree Tel 88 f LARSEH, Mff When You Wan a C-L-U- -B RNG UP THM LVERY BOARDNG and SALES STABLES, : : 518 T OTE Bable Thoue, 109 Man Hack Sand, Phones 319 and C H UELLNA Honolulu lroa proved and odern SUGAR Ha JNERY of every capacy and d crlplon ade o order Boler worl nd RrVETED PPES for lrrlgalo purposes specaly Parcular aea on pad o JOB WORK, and rpaln xecued a shores noce Dr Archbald N Snclar Offces Roos Boson buld ng For Sree Telephones Ȯffce, Man 385; Ha dcnco, Whe 2861 Hours 11 a o 1 p ; 3 o p, n; 7 o 8 p; Sundays, 12 o 3 p P O Box 801 The Bullen, 75 cens per onh CO, TO P M 8 8 CO AGENTS Theo H Davlcs & Co, Ld, Gcnl Afcne GLOBE NAVGATON COMPANY, LTD Works R LTD MANUFACTURED FROM PURK DSTLLED WATER : : : Delvered o any par o cy by coureous drvers Oahn ce and Elecrc Co KEWALO TELEPHONE BLUE 1151 HOFFflAN & narkhan Beaver Lunch Roos For S, be Queen and Merchan Breakfas, Lunch and Dnner 8erved Kverynlng frs-clas- Coplee ln Key Wes and Doesc Cgar alway on hand H J, NOLTE, Propreor, M Phllos & Co Wholesale porer and Jobbers European and Aercan Dry Goods For and Queen Ss DECKER, FERNES & GO, Real cae Agens We also ake a specaly of enlargn Phoograph" RENT8 COLLECTED Offce, or Souh and Kng Srees P O Yo 321: Phono 252 Man THE ORGNAL HAWAAN QUNTET and GLEE CLUB W B Jones Manager Musc for nl occasons Leavo orders n Hawn News Co, Musc Dep, and a 113 Had: Sand sless He C11 Save y Hers r a JT1 8 VnO JOSS TH CONTNENT no Sa Francsco- Porlad THE TRANS DALY FROM SAN FRANCUGB TWO TRANS DALY FROM PORTL flo THREE DAYS Only FOUR DAYS o New YorM, fllban Palace Sleepers Buffe, Eok ag and Lbrary Cars, wh Baraa kop and Pleasan Readng Roo Dnng Cars (Meals Free Reclnng Chars Pullan Ordnary Sleeper H LOTHROP, General Agen l Thrd sree, Porland, Orego 1 W HTCHCOCK General Agen, Ko 1 Mongoery S, San Fyanelaea fc LOMAX O P 4k T A, 1471 Oaha, Nebraaka Hawaan Traways Co Te Table KNG STREET LNE Walklkl o Town and Palaa Cars leave Walklkl a 3:15, C:00, G:1D and C:30 a, nnd every S nues hereafer unl 11:00 p ro The 11: S and 11:45 p go o Rfle Range only Rde Range (Pawaa) o Town Cars leave Pawaa n 5:01, C:0, 6:13 and C:ll a and every 15 nues hereafer unl 11:19 p For and Kng Ss Corner for Palaa Cars leave n 5:18, 6:18, 6:33 and 6: 18 a nnd a nervals hereafer n 11:33 p Palaa for Town and Walklkl Cars leave a 5:08, 5:38, 5:53 and 6:08 a, and every 13 nues hereafer unl 10:23 p ; hen a 10:5;, p 111 The 11:0S p n fro Palaa runs o awan only, excep on Saurdays, when goes o Walklkl For and Kng Ss Corner for Walklkl Cars leave a 3:27, 5:57, 6:12 and 6:27 a, and a nervals hereafer unl 10M2 p ; hen a 11:12 p n The 11:12 p goes o Pawaa only, excep on Saurdajs, when runs o Walkk Pawaa o Walklkl Cars leavo a 5:26 a n and every 15 nues hereafer unl 10:56 p ; hen a 11:26 p ERETANA STREET NUUANU VALLEY Punahou Sables o Town and Valley Cars leavo Punahou Sables a 5:30 n,, for own only, and for Town and Valley a 5:40, 5:50, 6:10, C:20, 640, 7:00 and 7:20 a and hereafer a ho even hour, a 10 nues nnd a 30 nues pas he hour unl 10:10 p Oahu College for "own and Valle- y- Cars leave n 6:30, 6:50, 7:10 and 7:40 a and hereafer a 20, 40 and 50 lnus pas each hour unl 9:60 p n For and Queen Ss Corner for Nuu- - anu Valley Cars leavo a 6:15 a and every 10 nues hereafer unl 10:35 p u Nuuanu Valley o Town Cars leave Nuanu a 6:10 6:30 and 6:50 a, and a nervals of 10 nues hereafer unl 10:50 p, For and Queen 8ls Corner for Puna hou Cars leavo a 6:05, 6:23, 6:45 and 7:05 a, n, and every 10 nues hereafer unl 11:05 p, The cars leavng a 6, 35 and 45 nues pas he hour run o Punahou Sables; hose leavng a 15, 25 and 65 nues pas he hour run o Oahu College The las car for Oahu College leaves own n 9:25 p, Telephone o All Pars of he blnd konattvery STABLES REALAKEKUA, - HAWA J G HENRQUES, PROP Horses and Carrages For Excursons To he Volcano or be Mounan An excellen chance la offered (01, ours o 6EB THE COUNTRY Carrage ee he d d Mun lk k Kallua and ake passengers overland o Hooken, where he seaer la O R & L Co TME TABLE fro and afer January , TRANS STATONS 0AV DALY (Ouwuj; 11 Sun DALY lsua DALY DALY AM AM AM PM PM Honolulu, :a 9:11 11:05 Jll pv Purl Cy,, s, rl 11:4a 147 sa f-- Eva Mll - ool aa 4:01 sn WB,, lo:s Wllu l 40 Kahuku :! Sl STATONS, DALY (lawa) Sua DALY DALY DALY AM AM PM PJ4 abuln, j: aw Walalua Olo : Walanaa :o EwaMlll Ho :! 1:05 4:1a PanlClv j l :y 4:1 r a SMTH, Hooolulu, V 1:11 1:01 l:o Qenl Pass H Tcke Al, Q P DNSON Supernenden Prary, Secondary or Terary Blood Pose) naumlr CanA n M r4 al aaa aa a!; pa a lan kw, 14414a raa a4 Mll k aaa a4 M1" fallx U a,, Soak, fkrau nu rpr fela frs nn a Mr Mr al U WJj Br a b h!u au, no Cook J Reedy Co lauala Yeraa,llllarraalarMa u aaaa4 Ha w V avaaa " Baon llun saoto " - - a jjkxzo&

8 A T& paper bags --4 lb o 20 lb square boo WRAPPNG PAPER, Manla, n shees or rolls, all szes and weghs, WRAPPNG PAPER, Sraw, n bundles Twne Dlnder, Sprng, Wrappng, Fan cy Colored Sea sland We have Jus rcceucd a new sock of all nboo es and can show a os coplee lne E O HALL & SON, Ld A DOWN TO DATE LNE TRUNKS, DRESS SUT GASES, Ec ALL OF THE CONVENENCES TRAVEL ARE NOW OPEN YOUR NSPECTON, C R COLLNS, 82 and 84 SOUTH KNG STREET GR Ahlec Tournaen And Fsc Carnval a THE ORPHEUM Saurday Evenng, Aug, 16h, W"jn4y j- - wmtw- J1w r""v"w yygryt" 4 M4vU, gjh!" r "SVNH The Mauly Ar of e wll he deonsraed b) Honolulus bee xuus of boxng Mar-qalhewen The Man Hen of he eenlng wll he a Oloxe Cones, of Queeusbur) Rules,, JACK WEEDAY PHL KAMSKY There wll he seeral pcllnlnarles, aong he beng A FOUR-ROUN- CONTEST BETWEEN ULYSSES HARRS GRANT SNOW for he Mddlewegh Chaponshp or Hawa ALSO A FOUR-ROUN- CONTEST BETWEEN SPDER JACKSON JACK EDWARDS for he Lgh egh Chaponshp of Hawa PRCES AS FOLLOWS: Sage Seas led o Box Seas, 200 Orchesra 150 Dress Clrcl Gallery T TOUCHES THE SPOT We wan you o order a doun of our Manlla Anchor Lager s new n Honolulu hu faous hroughou he Eas Pure, pale and delcous n flavor A ase wll connce )OU ha s he beer you wan o drnk, and he bes n he arke Hade a Dobbs Kerry, New York LOVEJOY Sfc Cor Nuuonu and Merchan 8u A CO, Albcr W Pajno of langor, Me, s s expeced ha before long he 7uUbl he oldes praccng lawyer New York fre depaen wll gle a lu he counry He s 90, sll wres prachal es o elecrc noo Are apparaus The frs es s under- 1 legble hand and does hs own offce rark Besdes hs regular law pracce be s conneced n an offcal capa and poelbly also o a hook uj ladder sood, wll be appled o n hoseeur ly wh any corporaons, ruck f s found o work salsfac-roll- y upon hese lgher ehlcles he Karf von Walderseo of Gerany s sao powe wll be red on he en akng a rp luough Texas for ho glues, whch wlgh n he neghborhood of 7000 or 8000 pounds purpose of nvesgang he rale and alo quany o supply for a drec hlprnen of beef cale fro he Veekly edon of he Bullen, V a aunehes o Gerany,year J TELEPHONE 308, NEW TO-DA- Y NOTCE Subjec o n call ssued by he Terroral Cenral Coee, he new )ls rlc Coee of he Fourh Dsrc wll ee for organzaon a 11 oclock a, on Frday, Augus 8h, 1002, n Waerly Hall, corner Hoel and Beh-e- l srees C, L CHABBH, Charan Fourh Dsrc Coee W CONRV, Secreary 2218-l- NOTCE Subjec o a call ssued by he Re publcan Cenral Coee, he ebers of he New Dsrc Coee of he Ffh Dsrc wll e for organzaon a 11 oclock a Frday, Augus 8, 1902 n he Ele buldng, Ho-U- l sre, a Republcan headquarers O CARTER W J COEHO Charan Secreary 2218-l- QUEENS HOSPTAL NOTCE Fro and afer oela), he lsllng hours a he Queens Hospal wll be fro 1 o 4 oclock and 6 o 7:30 oclock p and no slorh wll be allowed heond hese hours, exce p by specal persson JOHANNES F ECKAHDT, Supernenden R O CRTS MO Resden h)slclan Queens Hoplal, Augus 7, l- CROOKED TESTMONY OF ALLEGED ACCOMPLCE (Connued fro Page 1) h he gh alk all le pleased and speak hs nd freely The sae an, howeer ordered he defendan no o answer nn qu slon whn asked nbeu hs hub Second Mae Nelson had esfed ha he u he prsoners hub n geng he knfe nway fro h Cossoner dll, whle bndng er he oher wnesses, saed ha On would he l d whou hall Oo was dressed aculaely n a black ornng su, wen lug n sand up collar wh hlak necke er n well laundeel whe shr A sle he poles was eer hourlng on hs lps, whch fequcnl broadened o express paronzng ndulgence oward he nled Saes Anrne) and he ner precr SHPPNG MooJy Tljr,,, Wdndar Tursdar,, Fflr Surdajr,,, Saaday,, Monday,,, NTELLGENCE TDES l !,, SV O J4, J 44 6 J 41A M! r 6 a o w 10 A M M! J H-- J 9 10 p a p o n S Ml 4 H o jo jo! 8 S, 1 o 4 04 ) Frs quarer of he oon on he 10h, 6:64 p Tdes fro bo Uned Saes Coas and Geodec Surcy Tables, The des a Kahulul and Jllo occur abou an hour earler han a Hawaan Sandard Te s loh 30 slower han Greenwch e, hel; ha of he erdan of Tba lo whsle blows a 1:30 p, whch s ho sae as Greenwch Oh O 8L SHPPNG Wednesday Augus 0 Schr Mfha Nelson, Chrsansen, a unaluu, ARRVED 1urday, Augus 7 Sn Walalale lllz fro Hawa pors, a 4U a, Sr NMdan, Weedun, fro Ka hulul DEPARTED Wednesday, Aug f A k Edward May, Haron, for San lnnlsfo Thursday, AK 7 A, sp, George Curs, llende, for Sun Krnclsco, n 3 p SALNG TODAY Sr Kul, llruhn, for Xuwlllwlll and Koloa, all and passengers onlj,, Hunapep Makawcll, Wnlcn Klnln and Nllhn: a ", p n, S Nllhau, Pdesen for fauloa, a 4 p Sr Helce Ncholson, for Mnhu Konn Paauhnu Kkalnu Oukala, Lull phhoehoe and Papaule, a p 111 SALNG TOMORROW Sr Mnuna la, Slnersnn for 10 halun Monlncn, Konn and K purs, a 12 n KNG EDWARDS FATEFUL TUES DAY Ths waer s aken fro he faous Volcanc Sprngs suaed n he Dsrc of Puna, slanl of Hawa, where for years has been used by people lvng on he lands as a cure for Kldnof roubles The old Hawaan nn whch has for long a The prncpal lnc ccns n he lfe o Arrangeens have been ade Hs Ma been n falar flguu n Nnnl Row, Je j Kng Edward V hae wh he Founan Soda Works happened on a TuesdJ xlz on wnc rudely orn una) fro her old as Tles-d- of Nov hs cy o ac as our dsrbung agens Send all order o 9, 1841 Hs MnJeM) was sorlaes, ne Topgallan and he Sebasan luh, b) he ug born; on Tucda), Jan :, 1842, he Roer lls was bapzed; on Tuesduy, March 10, ornng a abou 8 oclock She was 3 SCn he was arred, on Tucsh), aken oer o he arne ralway and Dec 8, 1SG3, he was apponed a FOUNTAN e-b- r s a presen sandng hgh and clr), of he Prly Councl; on Tuesdaj, TERMS: un rng he ulude of sns whch Nn , was dellely usur-- One Case of 100 Boles haw hereofore been hdden b he ll11(,(1,l lln(1 conraced Uphold (pns) 8S0 urk waers of he harbor feer: on Tuesduy Feb he One Case of SO Boles The old Knlnlloa, ono he rack aended he puhlle hankrglvlng ser-le- e (pns) $425 shp of he Hawalhn na), a he for hs 11 cover) : on Tuesday, Jan one n whlh he faous evpedllonvo 2 Ulll he sne ledcd o he houe; Saoa wus uh, s gong o end her on Tuesdu), Jan he ())ul days n he gnonous exsence as Sandard wus hosed a Marlborough an ol unk The old esse wll ed nnny House for he n e, and ol Tnsels) June hs Majesy under repars bfue she wll he n shape Her wen an operaon for pdl)phlllls WANTS - - sdes ne now owred wh such n 1111 M excepon hove-nloo he For Wan Colun See Page Sx dense angle of arne growh he d cans l) be sled ha was resul o l)lng n he Row for scwrnl on Monday (July ) ha he SPECAL NOTCES cars ha she looks ore lke d arne agrculural Kng susaned a fne Hre of he lef g exhbon N han paella luough ssng hs foong THESE HOT DAYS he only hng else n her hold nro large whle descendng he spral sulrase ha brngs cofor and refreshng quanes of waer whch s slowly a Weleslun Manor dlng n vs o coolness s Pachecos Dandruff Kler A Unon Darber Shop rcklng ou Unogh her leaky seas he lae llron lerdlnand de Rohschld l he Lance, As lo hull of ho old essel s a wry oolll and saunch one, however has RENT been l ed woh whle o repar BUNCOED THREE ncely he n hs end she wll fls furnshed osquo nne her uoo srapel Tn her old op proo roos 1400 Punchbowl S Heres 11 c u sor) old a he coence,-n lper wll be sllpped of" and new shees dl of De Aeaden) l) uv clalls and our operaors are graduae denss 01 he schools pu 011 As she s leakng cosldr-ablshe wll also have o he caulked Dnng he llelglan hu craze un ANTCPATON W Rder of Glouceser Mass n ho U, S or he world Wo havo a larger exenslel before she s seawolhy agen saff han any oher denal offce n he cy; we have sold n eouuon a pnlr of he anals, wh he recoendaon Durng he progress of a prohbon OUTDONE ha he; were eeulous nllpll-ers,- wave " ha swep over Rocheser N he bes plae workers, crown and A few days laer a neghbor V, soe weuy-flvcoee of he cy 13 are srcly up o dae years ago, he ox-- brdge specalss, and n fac all 1 When Wlla Rockefeller had ap found he an who had bough he cd popular feellfg resuled n ho branches of densry as pracced by penlllls Dr McUrncy was called la hares holdng one of he up h) he apponen of a o perfor he necessar) operaon eas and nddesslng n lgorous an fahers who were epowered o nves-guag- We can save Afer hs rcoery Mr Rockefeller The an was red n ho fnco "s0"" ho lccehed he docors bll n duo course, unua waa lol jou oney on you den "clso suaon and al nud as he held ho hare a o who slven power work We wll o suon ell you n advance pod, drawng a check, wen o pay he lengh he was shakng hs dlsengnged wluwse before he Aong exacly hoso wha your work wll cos by a h coun lu person n ho conversaon whch followed appendcs was es wo!" ho was sa)lng "You don Sn" Wlder, well known o all FuM Plae of Teeh $500 fls n he beas "How- - uch s wo,who were uus cnllcd wa he lae free exanaon naurally her an hee Well, how uch s wo oerans as a czen of wealh and Gold Crowns "You old e," sad Mr Rockefeller, and wo?" n oxnspcralon he an nbh B0cla Pllon, as a an of he 500 "whle was sck, ne docor, ha ocry hrew he hare on he ground, wor " e ues sense or pnrase Brdge Work, per ooh 500 and body n ho world had a verfor ap urnng o he neghbor sad " bun unc a a w and good fellow generally, Gold Fllngs 100 pendx" coed agan Tho an who sold e Afer answerng any quesons bearng on hs personal knowledge of ho Slver FllllnfjS 50 "Wh a few excepons beleve he hares old e hey worn grea ha o be he case," answered he doc ulplers Why, he) can even add, naer under nvesgaon one of he or le alone ulply" olee fnally pu forward hs HO PLATES WW rc3j - raher "And ha sooner or laer," drec query: pursued wvn-rvas Mr Wlder, ho ol agnae, "every 0110 would A fr n Ge an) n paen, where dd you ge your conrols havo o bo Jrn, rg "ll U operaed on eher o cur u crauuk unc luu nuw RK"VV-s- unc B y Quck or preven he dsease" spnnng as a flash, varn fro he aeral and n"y l wh cocal Ufc!f, 1L hcrlousneas "Tha s he generally recognzed canno be bleached esll), cae hu s "Sas" reply: capable of beng d)ed wh good resuls XX-M- w opnon aong he edcal fraerny,1 "Please God, haven had )e!" All our nsruens are horounhlj was he answer s assered ha cloh anufacured "Well," sad Mr Rocfcllcr, rsng, fro hls fber s suable for alors Mark Twans "nnocens Abroad" uea oeore use "f ou wll pardon y sayng so lnngs, bed ckngs, curans, ec, A has been barred fro Russa becauso r 1 n 1 sees o o ha jou have a beor facory o anufacure such goods wll of ho ndscreon or hose characers NgW lfjtk DGllal nfors hng of han he Sandard Ol Co be esablshed a Ullbao, Span, vho wep over Adas grave Roo 4, Ele Buldng, Hoel Sree, p - pany," New York Tes Ladles n Aendance, p Copanes are beng fored all over Tho Whe Tower or Salonka, whch Hours, 8 a o 6 p The laes cure repored for excessve obacco sokng s he use of felds n Kansas, where a pressure s s now used as a barracks by Turksh he Sae o ndana o develop gas was Mss Sones hoe n Macedona, Sundays, 9 a o 12 coffee clgaees These are ade fron, found o range fro 500 o 9u0 pounds roops, We are now payng especal aen-!oo caerng o Tally Pares, Re- he leaf of he ree, no a copound of he ground bean CoffeQ-lea- f sokng The cob of runnlncr New York clv The are now abou 200 wells on cepons, Weddngs, ec, and he success s sad o possess he propery of - - ls J31G2 ner canla of nonulalon Tho he Spndle Top se la Texas, purlng o ha has aended our obacco effors o sokers an nense average of hreen oher ces s l please, dslke for he ogeher laor of obacco wh our repuaon pe capa The Bullen, 75 cens per onh for servng he bes ha he arke ffcrda, s a suffcen guaranee ha ALL WORK THOROUGHLY OUARANTEED we wll gue you perfec sasfacon We NO-PAhave he fnes dsplay M of he SPECALSTS baer grade of BAKERY GOODS and FYPreT0FT THE fne CHOCOLATE8 and BON BON9 vj ev LB T Tv7 erer pu on exhb here; we also carry HUYLERS CES and LOW UP-T- O DATE NEYS CHOCOLA ES and BON DONS PRCES as LOW as he LOWEST N WORK A3 GOOD AT SPECAL SALE L LJ BJLl B U THE THE CTY OF LADES WHTE PETTCOATS Whe Pecoas assue prlcularjporancc nowadajs, as dany foundaons for prey Suer gowns Ths week we offer a Thousand of he a HALF otwo-thrd- her Real Value You should see he Keel ho usln Could you ask beer? Hold up he garen and glance a he desgn Obscno ho rngs Exane he needlework, and hen he PRCE There are Whs Cabrc Pecoas, Vhle Musln Pecoa, 3 rows one wde ruffle 500 Torchorn nseron and Whe Cabrc Pecoas, edge 1,25 wh ebrodery edge 50c Whe Musln Pecoa, wh Whe Musln Pecoa, C rows heschng, 3ks 60C lawn flounce, hesched and ucked wln 4 Whe Musln Pecoa, nch ebrodery edge rows heschng, 2 ucks, wde Torchon lace 70c Whe Pecoa, hesched Whe Musln Pecoa and ucked, and wde wde double flounce wh de ls ebrodery 190 ebrodery edge 75c Whe Musln Pecoa, wde Whe Lawn Pecoa, 3 rows flounce, 3 ucks wh ebrodery nsn and edge $100 nd edge 200 Norandy lace nseron Also MANY OTHERS, ncludng a nrlcy of fne, handsoely red garens up o 8EVEN DOLLARS a correspondng reducons WHTNEY & MARSH, LTD Kawaakeakua Volcano Mneral Waer BOTTLEO AT THE SPRNGS AT PUNA BY H L WLLAMS & CO BEST ARLNGTON HOTEL OPPOSTE STREET, UNON U BLOCK, GOVERNMENT ANALYSS: Percen f!rlnpr US Calon Sold Chlorlno 00SC Sulphurc Acd Le Magnesa Slca Chlorne calculaed as sal S36 EDMUND C SHOREY Ches SODA WORKS A rebae of One Dollar wll be ade upon he reurn of shp png case and 100 boles TELEPHONE MAN 370 New York Denal Parlors The hgh class of work urned ou a he New York Denal Parlors every day couns and ore people are realz ng ha hey can ge beer worl and lower prces han anywhere else Each deparen ) charge o a spo THE ELTE CECREAM PARLORS ) Weekly edon of he Bullen, $1 a year JAS F MORGAN Auconeer and Broker 65 Queen S & Aucon Sale -- OF- Household Furnure ON FRDAY, AUGUST 8h, AT 10 OCLOCK A M, A he resdence of UH W HOW-Al Kng sree, Walklkl of ll-ksree, wll sell a Publc Aucon ho enlro lo of beauful Household Furnure, Echngs, Panngs, ugs, Sofa Pllows, Easy Chars, Parlor Chars, Mrrors, exra handsoe large round Koa Table, hand carved Teak-woo- d Screen, very old and rnro Japanese Vases, Trench Clock, Urc a Urac, Caned Teak wood lookcase, very largo handsoo Loungng Couch, wo handsoe hand carved Wrng Desks, hand ebrodered, very old and handsoo ndan Porere; largo collecon of odern and old Works o Leraure, Wcker Chars, anal Furnure, black Walnu and Brds Eye Maple led-roo- Furnure, old fashoned ahogany Shavng Sand wh Glass, Feaher Pllows, old Chna Dnng Roo Furnure, Kchen Uensls, Sove, Mea Safe, ce Box, Garden and Sablo Tools, wo seaed surrey, a runabou, Horse and Harness, and a largo collecon o choce Ferns, PalnB nnd Plans rurnluro on lew Thursday afer noon, Augus 7h JAS F MORGAN AUCTONEER SALE!! HERE AREMBARGANS FST offer a Prvae Sale, preses on Bereanla sree, adjonng resdence o C Husace Esq; 13 fee on Bereanla sree, 171 fee d?cp; prce $9000; one half cast, balance on orgage 7 per cen BECOND Preses 259 Knau S, a presen occuped by Mr A Lucas Propery has a fronage on Knau 8-- c 115 fee and a deph o 112 fee Dwellng coprses hree Bedroos, Parlor, Dnng roo, KlcBen, Bah, la 1 go Carrage House Prce $4500 Ters, one-hal- f cash; balance on n orgage a 7 per cen ne The lo has a rgh o way enrance o Bere-cn-la S THRD Preses on Knau S adjonng lo 2 Fronage on Knau S 106 fee, deph 121 fee Rooy dwellng on he lo Pres $4000 One hal cash, balance on norgago a 7 2 per cen ne Haa rgh of way o Bereanla S Furher parculars o JAS F MORGAN AUCTONER JAS F MORGAN Auconeer and Broker 85 Queen S V