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3 Contents Order of Proceedings 4 Welcome by the President and Vice-Chancellor 5 About the University of Leicester 6 Congratulations from the Chancellor 7 A Message from the Students Union 7 A Guide to Academic Dress 8 A Guide to the Ceremony 10 History of the Mace 11 Music at Leicester 12 Congratulations Class of Welcome to your Alumni Association 14 Honorary Awards 16 University Distinguished Teaching Fellows 19 Prizes and Awards 20 Ceremony Details 26 Declaration of Geneva 67 Share your experience #LeicesterGrad17 3

4 Order of Proceedings Organ Recital by Simon Headley, Cathedral Organist, Leicester Cathedral, and music from the University Brass Ensemble, conducted by Kieran O Riordan (see page 12) Academic Procession (The congregation is asked to stand) National Anthem (The congregation is invited to join in the singing of the National Anthem) Opening of Congregation by the Chancellor The Right Honourable The Lord Grocott (The congregation is asked to sit) Welcome from the President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle, CBE, FBA, FRSE Conferment of Honorary Award and Response* Conferment of Degrees Conferment of Honorary Award and Response^ Musical Interlude Conferment of Degrees Address by the Chancellor Closure of the Congregation by the Chancellor Academic Procession (The congregation is asked to stand until the procession has left the Hall) * Friday afternoon only ^ Except Wednesday afternoon, Thursday morning and Friday morning 4

5 Welcome by the President and Vice-Chancellor As President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Leicester, it is a great pleasure to welcome you all to our degree congregations. This is a time of celebration for all of us and I very much hope that you find it an enjoyable and memorable occasion. Each congregation is an opportunity to mark your achievements and acts as a bridge between the end of your studies and the beginning of the next stage of your lives; be it further study, a working career, or perhaps a chance to travel and learn more about the world around you. Across the degree ceremonies, we have graduates who have engaged with the University in different ways. Many will have studied on campus full-time or part-time, while others from all over the world will have completed distance learning programmes and may be visiting the University for the first time. It is a particular pleasure for me to extend a warm welcome to all of you on behalf of everyone at Leicester. The University of Leicester is a leading international university which is committed to delivering excellence in research and teaching. A degree from this University is a major achievement which I am confident will benefit you throughout your careers. Leicester graduates now number over 170,000 worldwide and we are very proud of their many achievements. In future years, I hope that you will wish to keep in contact with the University of Leicester by sharing the news about the University around the world; attending alumni events; through further study with us, or by simply returning to campus to visit. You will always find a welcome here, and I wish you every success for the future. Best wishes, Professor Paul Boyle CBE FBA FRSE President and Vice-Chancellor 5

6 About the University of Leicester A University College was established in Leicester as an enduring war memorial for the people of Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland following the First World War. It admitted its first students, nine women, in 1921 and remained a small society of about 100 students until In the period that followed, the College gained recognition from the University Grants Committee and every aspect of its life began to develop rapidly. On 1 May 1957, the College gained full degree-awarding powers and was granted its Royal Charter, becoming the University of Leicester. The University has now established itself as a prominent member of the international academic community, with worldwide links in teaching and research. It is internationally-renowned for the discovery of the remains of Richard III and the revolutionary technique of DNA genetic fingerprinting. It houses the biggest university-based space research group in Europe. Leicester also has specialist research centres in Bioengineering, Medical Humanities and Landscape and Climate, with others under development. The University is committed to offering an extensive programme of undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses which are firmly rooted in a strong research culture. The University continues to invest in new methods of teaching and learning, using the latest communications technology for the benefit of its students. During the past two decades, the University has experienced a period of significant growth, particularly in respect of postgraduate students. There are around 21,000 students registered on accredited programmes, with almost half of these registered for postgraduate qualifications. The University is committed to widening participation and offers a diverse range of foundation degrees, continuing education courses and professional development programmes. Students from approximately 150 countries are currently studying at the University. The University works closely with business and industry and, particularly in the fields of Medicine, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering, has established links with company research and development programmes. It has an international reputation for research across a wide range of activities. Academic staff of the University act as advisers to the British and international governments and other organisations. The quality of the University s graduates is one of its major assets and those graduating today demonstrate not only their personal achievements, but also the University s success and high academic standards. They will be well placed to make a contribution to society in the 21 st century and to demonstrate the benefits of higher education to the wider community. 6

7 Congratulations from the Chancellor The Right Honourable The Lord Grocott is a Leicester graduate and former academic, television presenter and Labour MP. As MP for the Wrekin, he served as Deputy Shadow Leader of the House, adviser to the Leader of the Opposition and Foreign Affairs Spokesman. He was Parliamentary Private Secretary to Tony Blair from 1994 to He stepped down from the Commons in 2001 and was made a life peer, and from 2002 to 2008 he served as Government Chief Whip in the House of Lords. He was installed as the University s Chancellor in January This is a memorable occasion, celebrating achievements of which you should be very proud. Your degree from Leicester will stand you in great stead going forward in your careers, whatever path you choose to follow. I greatly enjoyed my time at Leicester where, indeed, I met my wife, and it is a well-known fact that students make life-long friends whilst at university. Today is also a day for celebration with the families and friends who have supported you during your studies. Good luck in the future, many congratulations and enjoy your day. The Right Honourable The Lord Grocott The Chancellor A Message from the Students Union Congratulations to you on this very special day. Graduation is a wonderful way to celebrate the completion of your studies and reflect on your time at the University of Leicester. It s a day to celebrate with family, friends and loved ones, so really do make the most of it. The award you receive today will stay with you for the rest of your life, and it may well be the most valuable and beneficial investment you will ever make. Wherever you go, whatever you do, your award from the University of Leicester will be with you, so treasure it. I hope you will look back at your time at the University with fondness. On behalf of everyone at Leicester Students Union I want to wish you all the best for the future. Please stay in touch as we re always happy to hear from you and find out how things are going. The very best of luck for whatever the future may hold. Rachel Holland Students Union President

8 Uni Univer Gow University of Leicester Ac Gown: 1 MA / M MEngMan FDegArts Leicester A Guide to Academic Dress Dress / Gown: 1 BA MEngMan BSc BSc DMus LLBMBBS MEd BEng 1. FDegArts BEd LLM LLM BMedSci MEd LLD MRes MBBS FDegSci MBBS BSc MBA Members of the academic BEd procession wear the BEng academic dress MEng BMus MBA MEd BA Postgrad Cert / Dip LLM MBA MBBS LLB MChem/MMaths/ MPhys Distinguished MRes Honorary Fellow MEng BMus BEng BEd MEng BMus BEng Gown: BMedSci 3 EngD EngD DSocSci Gown: 3 DSc EngD LLD DLitt DSocSci MPhys DMus LLDPostgrad Cert / Dip MD MChem/MMaths/ MPhys DLitt EdD MEngMan Gown: 1 DSocSci MA / MPhil MSc EdD MD Medicine EdD 2 Gown: 1. BSc MBBS MEng BMus MA / MPhil BA BEd MRes MSc 1. MEng BMus Doctor of Education Doctor of Clinical Psychology MSc MBA LLM Gown: FDegSci DSc Administration LLB DSc Distinguis Doctor of Engineering MBA MEngMan MEd 2.Gow MA / BSc Master of Education LLD MBAMaster of Business MRes BA 1 DSo Academic Dr MD MBBS FDegArts Master of Arts / MEd Master of Philosophy BEng EngD DSc Doctor of Psychology / EngDDSocSci DSocSci DSocSci MEd LLB Doctor of Social Science LLM / Master of Social Science MBBS Gown: 2 LLM University of Le BSc DoctorEngD of Philosophy EngD DClinPsy Distinguished Fellow DoctorHonorary of Music MA / MPhil MEngMan DSc DSocSci MEngMan University o EdD Distinguished Honorary Fellow DPsych / DPsych DPsych /DClinPsy EdD PhD 2DClinPsy PhD /DClinPsy Gown: FDegSci Gow Academ MD MD Letters DistinguishedDistinguished Honorary Fellow Honorary Fellow Doctor of Doctor of DSc EngD PhD LLD PhD Gown: 3 3 Gown: 3 MEng Gown: MPhys Doctor of Science LLD Distinguished Honorary Fellow DMus DLitt DMus DClinPsy / DPsych PhD MD FDegArts DMus LLD DSc DLitt g D DMus Gown: 3 EdD DSocSci DClinPsy / DPsych BSc MRes 3. LLD MRes Distinguished DoctorDSc of LawsDSc Honorary Fellow MChem/MMaths/ MChem/MMaths/ MChem/MMaths/ Postgrad Postgrad / Dip Cert / Dip ad / Dip Cert ci Cert MEng MPhys D MRes MChem/MMaths/ MPhys Gown: Postgrad3Cert / Dip EdD MRes BMedSci DLitt DClinPsy / DPsychDClinPsy / DPsych EdD PhD PhD LLD MEng BMus MEng BMus LLD Chem/MMaths/ MPhys MEng BMus M MBA MEd DClinPsy / DPsych MRes MEng LLM Gown: 3 MBA BEng DLitt 1. associated with the university from which they graduated, creating the rich variety of colours you see at the ceremony. PhD EdD 2. MSc MSc MEngMan MEngManMEngMan 2 3. The wearinggown: of academic robes can be traced1. back to medieval 2. MA / MPhil MSc MEngMan Europe, when all students were in clerical orders. Today, the robes MBBS BA BSc LLB MSc worn by graduating students, academics and dignitaries form a distinctive element ofuniversity the graduation regalia. University of Leicester of Leicester University of Leicester MSc ds BEng MEng BMus MSc Academic Dress a/2017 Dress /2017 Dress /2017 Academic dress comprises aacademic gown, coloured hood and a hat,academic the LLM MBA MEd shape and colour of all of which differ from institution to institution. University of Leicester MBBS LLB Gowns for graduating students at Leicester are traditionally black, Academic Dress /2017 exceptllm those for recipients of2.a PhD, which MEd are MBA red. colour and LLM MBA MEd MEd Gown: 2 Gown: TheMBA Gown:LLM pattern of hood varies depending on the award received. MA / MPhil MA / MPhil MA / MPhil MSc 1 MSc MSc MEngMan MEngMan Gown: LLB MRes Academic Dress /2017 MA / MPhilMA / MPhilMA / MPhil Arts FDegSci FDegSci FDegSciMA BSc / MPhil Man FDegArts FDegSci MBBS University of Leicester Gown: 2 2 Gown:Gown: 2 Gown: own:gown: 1 Gown: BSc M LLB Academic Dress /2017 BSc FDegSci Master ofllm Engineering Management M MBBS 8 MRes LLD MRes DLitt

9 Gown: Gown: 1 FDegArts FDegSci BSc DegSci LLBMSc Gown: 1 BSc 1. Gown: 2 FDegSci MEng BMus BA FDegArts BSc MSc Postgrad Cert / Dip LLM Gown: 1MEngMan Master of Laws MRes LLM FDegArtsBSc Master of Research MEd MBBS FDegArts BSc FDegSci MEng LLM BMus BA MBBS MEng LLB DClinPsy / DPsych :1 BEd BMedSci PhD Gown: 2 Gown: 3 FDegArts FDegArts BEng DClinPsy / DP MEng BMusLLM BSc Universit BAMBBS BMedSci LLB Postgrad Cert / Dip MBBS EdD Acad DSocSc MChem/MMaths/ MRes MPhys MEng BMus BEng LLD MRes DSc 1. MRes MEng MEng MEngGown: BMus Medical BEd BEng 3MEngManand MA /BMus MPhil MASurgery / MPhil MEngMan Bachelor of Sciences Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of M MChem/MMaths/EdD PhD Postgrad DClinPsy Cert / Dip/ DPsych FDegSci FDegSci BMedSciBSc BSc MPhys PhD MD Gown: 3 MChem/MMaths/ MChem/MMaths/ MChem/MMaths/ Gown: 3 LLM Gown: 3 Postgrad Cert / Dip Postgrad Cert / Dip BMedSci BMedSci MBA LLM MEd MPhys MEd MPhysMEd MPhys DClinPsy / DPsych EdD PhDDSocSci EngD DClinPsy Postgraduate Diplomas Foundation Degree Foundation Degree DSocSci / DPsych DClinPsy / DPsych PhDMBBS PhD EdD MEng MBBS and Certificates BA LLB in Science LLB inba Arts MEng MEng MEng MRes EngD MRes DSocSci BEd BEd BEng BEng EngD MEng BMus MEng BMus DSocSci MB EngD DSc MEng BMus D Gown: Gown: 2 2 MEng Postgrad CertLLM / Dip Bachelor of Science MBBS MBA MA / MPhil MBBS DSc MChem/MMaths/ MPhys BMedSci EngD Gown: 2 Gown: MEng Master Master of Engineering LLDof Chemistry / Master of DLitt Computer Science / Master of LLM MBA MEd MEd Geology / Master of Mathematics / Master of Physics EngD MChem/MMaths/ Bachelor of Engineering Bachelor of Laws MEng Postgrad Cert / DipBEd BMus BEng MA / Gown: MPhil MEngMan 1 BEng 1 MSc MPhys Gown: EngD DClinPsy / DPsych DSocSci EdD BSc FDegSci MRes BEd MRes BEd LLB Master of Science MBA Gown: 3 BEng LLB PhD Bachelor of Arts 1. PhD LLB FDegSci MChem/MMaths/ MPhys BEd BA MEng BMus MBBS MEngMa LLB MChem/MMaths/ LLD MPhys MEd MEngMan MA / MPhil Gown: 1 MSc BA d Cert / Dip MBBS ci Gown: 1 Academi Postgrad BMedSci MSc BSc Gown: 2 MRes MA / MPhil MBA BMedSci MEd MEngMan MRes Gown: 2 FDegSci Gown: 2 BSc University o 2. BA 1 Gown: BSc FDegArts LLM FDegSci MEng BMus MA / MPhil BEngMBA MEngMan MSc BEdMEd Gown: 1 MBBS FDegArts LLB LLM MA / MPhil MEngMan / MEd Academic Dress /B BEd MBBS FDegArts BEng Ac BA LLM MA BA / MPhil MEngMan MA / MPh University of Leice 1. Gown: 2 own: 1 Univer MEngMan MRes LLD EngD 9 DSocSci

10 A Guide to the Ceremony The degree congregation brings together the University community for the purpose of conferring degrees or awards on our qualified students. It is a time of celebration and pride, where, together, we mark graduands achievements as they come to the end of their journey with us. This July, students will be graduating from the University across eight ceremonies held over four days. The ceremony will be live-streamed on the University s website. Relive the experience after the ceremony; The Academic Procession Each ceremony commences with a procession comprising senior University officers, local dignitaries, members of Council and Senate and recipients of honorary degrees. The University s Chancellor is the last to ascend to the stage, preceded by the University Mace Bearer, and once the platform party is in position, the National Anthem is sung and the Chancellor declares the degree congregation open. Conferment The main and most important part of the ceremony is the conferring of degrees or awards. Students are invited across the stage one by one to be presented to the Chancellor, or the President and Vice-Chancellor, or a Pro-Vice-Chancellor. Awards The award given to each graduating student is based on the level of their study and subject of their course (see the guide to academic dress on page 8). Honorary Graduates The ceremonies may also incorporate the conferring of honorary degrees and awards. These are given to leading figures who have made an outstanding contribution in their field. Teaching Fellows In recognition of inspiring contributions to teaching and curriculum innovation and development, University Distinguished Teaching Fellowships are also awarded at some degree ceremonies. Glossary Council: The Council is the University s supreme governing body. It has 25 members, a permanent majority of whom are lay members, which means that they are neither staff nor students of the University. Council is chaired by a Pro-Chancellor. Senate: The Senate is the University s principal academic board. Senate is concerned with directing and regulating the academic life of the University. The Chancellor: The office of Chancellor is held by a distinguished individual from academia or public life. President and Vice-Chancellor: The President and Vice-Chancellor is the chief executive officer of the University. Provost and Pro-Vice-Chancellors: The Provost and Pro-Vice-Chancellors each have responsibility for major areas of policy; some are also Heads of College. They assist the President and Vice-Chancellor. Registrar and Chief Operating Officer: The Registrar and Chief Operating Officer is secretary to Council and head of the professional services and is responsible for the administration of the University. 10

11 History of the Mace Ceremonial maces derive from the maces originally used as weapons. From the middle of the 13 th century, maces were carried by the Sergeants-at-Arms to protect the monarch, but with the demise of heavy armour, they began to take on a ceremonial role. Cities and organisations throughout the country were increasingly granted the right to have their own ceremonial maces. For many universities, the ceremonial mace is a feature of official processions, particularly on occasions such as degree ceremonies. At these events, the University Mace represents the internal authority of the officiating officer to confer degrees, the independence of the University from external authority, and the historic and ceremonial significance of graduation itself. Our Ceremonial Mace and Staves In November 1957, Gerald Benney, a leading London designer and one of the most outstanding and influential British Goldsmiths of the second half of the 20 th century, was engaged to design and produce a University Ceremonial Mace and ten Usher s Staves. The Mace and Staves were presented as part of a gift to the University from Leicester City by the Lord Mayor and City Council of Leicester on 1 May The robes for the Chancellor and two Pro-Vice- Chancellors were also presented to the University on this occasion. The Mace, which at the time was considered to be of modern design, is three feet, eight inches in length and has a rectangular head with rounded edges formed in silver. It was made in sections and then assembled with the head containing the City s coat of arms on the reverse of a panel bearing the University arms. The Staves are seven feet long, having a rectangular and hollow head containing a fire-gilt book seen from both sides. The head is supported by a forked pillar on a black beech stem with a ferrule of silver. They were first used on the visit of HM The Queen on 9 May 1958 to open the new Students Union Building. Gerald Benney was awarded an Honorary MA by the University on 30 March

12 Music at Leicester Music at the University of Leicester is organised by the University Music Association (MA) which is affiliated to the University s Students Union. Seven groups make up the Association: Band and Gig, Big Band, Chamber Choir, Chorus, Concert Band, Orchestra and Voices. Music at Leicester is a student-led activity. Currently the Concert Band and Big Band are conducted by students and some items are conducted by students in the programmes of Orchestra and Chorus. In all, some 450 students are involved in music at the University. Each group gives one main concert per term but there are many other performances, including lunchtime Soundbites at Attenborough Arts Centre, events at local residential homes, charity and student balls given by Big Band and a myriad of carol singing events leading up to Christmas. The University Gospel Choir, Voices, competes in University Gospel Choir of the Year. There are performance opportunities at the University, so any students who come to study here can continue their musical interests. There are currently music scholarships, financed by alumni of the University and by the Philharmonia Orchestra, which are awarded each year on a competitive basis, with tuition provided by visiting teachers. There is also a conducting class, where potential leaders of the various groups are identified and taught individually and in Philharmonia Master Classes. Programme of Music The following selection of music will be performed before each degree congregation: Jean-Joseph Mouret arr. Fred Mills Henry Purcell arr. Marcel Dupré Eugène Gigout arr. David Saint Nicolas Jacques Lemmens Percy Grainger arr. Stanhope Oliphant Chuckerbutty George Gershwin arr. Giles John Ireland Processional Kieran O Riordan Johannes Brahms The National Anthem Recessional Marc-Antoine Charpentier William Walton Rondeau Two Trumpet Tunes Grand Choeur Dialogué Marche Triomphale Shepherd s Hey Paean Four tunes for Five, by George! Alla Marcia Summer Fanfare Gaudeamus Igitur Te Deum Prelude Crown Imperial Musical Interludes Tuesday 11 July, 11am and 3pm Rhian Knott (Zerlina) and Liam Karai (Don Giovanni) members of the University Chorus La ci darem la mano You ll lay your hand in mine dear from Don Giovanni by Mozart Wednesday 12 July, 11am and 3pm Bethany Hill, Rhian Knott, Holly Mullvey and Liam Karai members of the University Chorus Suave sia il vento On your voyage may the winds be gentle from Cosi fan tutte by Mozart The University Chorus is a choir for singers of all abilities who perform a wide range of music from pop songs to musical theatre and on to choruses from the great choral works with the University Orchestra. The University Chamber Choir is an auditioned group of experienced singers who perform a wide range of challenging repertoire. The choir has recently performed in Berlin and Venice on tour, at the De Montfort Hall and Royal Festival Hall with the Philharmonia Orchestra. Thursday 13 July, 11am and 3pm The University Chamber Choir conducted by Roxy Sommerfield. Ave Verum by Saint-Saens Friday 14 July, 11am and 3pm The University Chorus and members of the University Orchestra conducted by Dr Paul Jenkins. Hallelujah from the Messiah by Handel 12

13 Congratulations Class of 2017 Did you know we continue to offer you support and guidance after you graduate? Starting out after university can be tough, but our experts in the Career Development Service are here to help. Our award-winning service is available online, by phone or in person. You will have access to: A range of paid permanent and fixed-term graduate jobs and internships across the UK and abroad Including exclusive roles for University of Leicester graduates One-to-one support throughout your application process, including CVs and application forms Interview and assessment centre preparation Exploring further study options The main benefit of the internship was that I was able to secure a permanent position with the company as a marketing assistant, which... [was] an area which I was interested in pursuing in the future. Lauren Bingley, BA Ancient History and Archaeology For further information e: t: +44 (0) w: Guidance if you don t know what to do next International graduates of our University also have access to a range of resources designed to support you to find jobs and internships across the globe. To access these services along with information about the latest events and opportunities specifically for graduates, visit and login to MyCareers to upgrade to a graduate account. 13

14 Welcome to your Alumni Association Your relationship for life is just beginning... Your graduation means more than just the culmination of your studies. Today, you become an alumnus of the University of Leicester and are welcomed in to this exclusive family. We see this as a relationship that lasts a lifetime and hope you will feel the same way. The University of Leicester adds more than 4,000 new alumni to its family every year, and this ever-growing network has now reached over 170,000 members both in the UK and overseas. It s a great resource that you can call upon at any time and the Development and Alumni Relations Office (DARO) is here to help you make connections and to keep in touch. We aim to create and sustain connections with alumni and hope that you want to get involved and will want to contribute to your university for years to come. Whether it is through your business expertise, by offering guidance and mentoring, work placements and internships to current students, or by making a philanthropic gift to the University, alumni can have a long-term, positive impact on Leicester and its students. Alumni Association Membership There are a wide range of opportunities available for you now that you are a member of the Alumni Association, including exclusive event invitations, careers advice, alumni publications, library access and sports centre membership. You will also be kept up to date on University and alumni news with our annual alumni magazine and social media pages, which are easy to join. The Development and Alumni Relations Office is here for you. Please tell us about your future successes, we would love to share them with your fellow alumni and if you feel that you have a contribution to make to the University please do get in touch with us. We re waiting to hear from you!

15 Stay in touch and keep your details updated e: t: +44 (0) w: University of Leicester Did you know that this exclusive family includes many notable graduates, including politicians, actors, poets, authors, comedians, entrepreneurs and even a Princess? Meet some of your fellow University of Leicester alumni below: Selina Nwulu Modern Language Studies, 2008, Writer and Poet Selina was named Young Poet Laureate for London in 2015 and has performed all over the UK and Europe, recently publishing her first collection of poems entitled The Secrets I Let Slip. Will Tudor English BA, 2008, Actor Post-graduation, Will has pursued an acting career and has appeared in TV dramas including Channel 4 s Humans and ITV s Mr Selfridge. Will also portrayed Little Finger s spy Olyvar in HBO s hit series Game of Thrones. Natalie Bennett Mass Communications MA, 2001, Leader of the Green Party Natalie is a former editor of The Guardian Weekly and was former leader of The Green Party of England and Wales. For the first time, The Green Party gathered more than one million votes in the 2015 General Election under Natalie s leadership. 15

16 Honorary Awards The University will confer honorary degrees on the following individuals in recognition of their outstanding achievements. Michael Attenborough Michael Attenborough was born in London and educated at Westminster School and the University of Sussex, where he was President of the Drama Society, graduating with a degree in English in Over a forty-five year period as a theatre director and artistic director he has worked at many of the country s most prestigious and influential theatres, including the Leeds Playhouse, the Young Vic, the National Theatre, the Royal Court, as Director of the Hampstead Theatre, (during which period the theatre won thirty three major awards), the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Almeida Theatre, where he served as Artistic Director from 2002 to In 2012, he was presented with the Award for Excellence in International Theatre by the International Theatre Institute. He stepped down from the Almeida to concentrate on a free-lance directing career; this has included productions in Australia and Washington, as well as touring productions in the UK and new works for the Hampstead Theatre and the Chichester Festival Theatre. He is Director Emeritus of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), and holds an honorary degree from the University of Sussex, where he is Honorary Professor of English and Drama. He was appointed CBE in the 2013 Birthday Honours for services to theatre. In July 2009, the University of Leicester awarded Michael Attenborough the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters. His relationship with the University now includes his Patronage of the University s Attenborough Arts Centre, named after his late father Lord Attenborough, who was the original Patron. He is also, with his uncle Sir David Attenborough OM, a Patron of the University s centenary celebrations. Charles Bishop Charles (Chas) Bishop worked in a range of operational and marketing roles in five visitor attractions across the UK, including Madame Tussauds and Alton Towers, before joining the National Space Centre team in 1999 at a time when a disused sewage works in Leicester had been declared the ideal location for the Millennium Landmark project for the East Midlands. The National Space Centre is now the UK s largest attraction dedicated to space exploration and science. He became Chief Executive of the charity s operating company in 2001, launching the Visitor Attraction (2001), NSC Creative (2008) and the National Space Academy (2012) as its three strategic business units. He is Chairman of Leicestershire Promotions Ltd and a Trustee of the King Richard III Visitor Centre, and works closely with the UK Space Agency on recruitment and skills development needs for the space sector. He was Chairman of the East Midlands Tourism Council from , and has done consultancy work for Government on issues of skills development and communication within the space industry. He is also a Trustee of the Association of Science and Discovery Centres. 16

17 Gordon Campbell Gordon Campbell was born in Surrey but received his school education and attended university in Canada. He obtained his doctorate from the University of York in 1973 before commencing his academic career as Lecturer in English at the University of Aarhus. He then moved to the University of Liverpool, before joining the Department of English at University of Leicester in He was appointed Reader in Renaissance Literature In 1987, and to a Chair in Renaissance Studies in He is currently Fellow in Renaissance Studies. He has a particular interest in John Milton, and his publications include editions of Milton s complete poems as well as of selections of poems and individual works. He has also published across a much broader range of cultural history, including art, architecture, Biblical studies, classical antiquity, garden history, legal history, historical theology and the Islamic world. He has made professional visits to more than 70 countries and acted as international relations advisor to the University for 17 years. He also served as the University s Public Orator from 2004 to In 2010 he published Bible: the Story of the King James Version and The Holy Bible: Quatercentenary Edition (ed), and embarked on a worldwide programme of lectures and consultations. At present he acts as an historical consultant for a Museum of the Bible being built in Washington DC. He was made a Fellow of the British Academy in 2001, and is also a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, the Linnaean Society, the Royal Historical Society, the Royal Geographical Society and the Royal Asiatic Society. He is an Honorary Fellow (and past president) of the English Association and a Corresponding Fellow of the Southern African Society for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. Nicholas Green Nicholas Green was educated at King Edward VI School, Birmingham, and was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Laws by the University of Leicester in He pursued postgraduate studies in Canada, obtaining his LLM degree from the University of Toronto in He began his professional life as a lecturer in law at the University of Southampton, where he completed a PhD in He was called to the Bar at the Inner Temple in 1986, and completed his pupillage in At the Bar he specialised in all aspects of European, competition and regulatory, international, administrative and constitutional law. He appeared before all levels of the domestic English courts and in international courts and tribunals, including many cases heard before the European Court of Justice. In 1998 he was appointed Queen s Counsel. He was elected Chairman of the Bar Council of England & Wales in 2010, and in 2011 he became joint Head of Chambers at Brick Court Chambers in London. He was knighted upon his appointment as a judge of the High Court of Justice (Queen s Bench Division) in Between 2011 and 2016 he was Chairman of the Advocacy Training Council and in 2015 was appointed to sit as a Chairman in the Competition Appeals Tribunal. He served as Vice-Chair of the International Committee of the Judicial College and as a Presiding Judge for the South Eastern Circuit in He has been Honorary Professor of Law at the University of Leicester since

18 Surinder Sharma Surinder Sharma was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and moved to the UK in 1965; he has lived in Leicester ever since. He attended Gateway Grammar School and studied Law at the University of Kent. He began his professional career with the Commission for Racial Equality in 1978, and has worked in the diversity and inclusion field for over 35 years. His career has taken him to a variety of different organisations, including the BBC, the Littlewoods Organisation and Ford Motor Company (Europe). He was elected as a Councillor at Leicester City Council in 1983 and appointed a Justice of the Peace in the same year; he served as a magistrate until He served as a Commissioner at the Equal Opportunities Commission from 1999 to 2007, where he chaired the Legal Committee, and was appointed in 2004 as the first National Director for Equality and Human Rights at the Department of Health, serving until He now chairs the Leicester Race Equality Centre. He was a diversity and inclusion consultant globally and to Novartis AG from 2005 to He is a Trustee of UNICEF UK and of the National Space Centre, and serves as an Independent Person at Leicestershire County Council and chairs the National Governing Council of the Health and Social Care BME Staff Network. He is a Member of the Ministry of Defence Diversity Advisory Panel, a Member of the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills Equality Advisory Group and member of the Council of Aston University. He was appointed as an Honorary Alderman of the City of Leicester in 2013 and served as High Sheriff of Leicestershire in 2016/17. He holds Honorary Professorships at the University of Wolverhampton and the University of Manchester Business School and is an Honorary Visiting Fellow in the School of Media, Communications and Sociology at the University of Leicester. H. Eugene Stanley Eugene Stanley was born in Oklahoma City and obtained a BA degree in Physics from the Wesleyan University in 1962 and his PhD from Harvard University in He was appointed Assistant Professor of Physics at MIT in 1969 and was promoted to Associate Professor in He was appointed Hermann von Helmholtz Associate Professor in 1973, in recognition of his inter-departmental teaching and research with the Harvard- MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology. In 1976, he joined Boston University as Professor of Physics and Associate Professor of Physiology. In 1978 he was promoted to Professor of Physiology and in 1979 to University Professor. His main research focus has been the anomalous behaviour of liquid water in bulk, nano-confined, and biological environments. Since 2007 he has held joint appointments with the Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering Departments at Boston. In 2011, he was appointed William F. Warren Distinguished Professor. He is a member of the US National Academy of Sciences and the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, and is an Honorary Member of the Hungarian Physical Society and an Honorary Professor at Eotvos Lorand University (Budapest). He is also Honorary Professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies, University of Pavia, and at Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest. He is chair of the National Academy of Sciences/Keck Centre Futures Initiative on Complexity, and is an active member of the NAS Committee on Forefronts of Science at the Interface of Physical and Life Sciences, charged with finding ways of fostering useful collaborations between physicists and life scientists. 18

19 University Distinguished Teaching Fellows Distinguished Teaching Fellowships will be conferred on the following at these ceremonies: Professor Nicholas London In recognition of his long-term commitment to the development of undergraduate medical education at the University and his outstanding leadership in the redesign of the MBChB curriculum. Dr Colin Hewitt In recognition of his innovative approach to the development of teaching within the School of Biological Sciences, as well as an outstanding contribution to the student learning experience across the institution in the areas of assessment and feedback and quality assurance. Dr Emma Staniland In recognition of her imaginative contribution to teaching and learning within the School of Arts, in particular her passion for sharing her knowledge and expertise in innovative ways to inspire learning and enhance the student experience. 19

20 Prizes and Awards College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology Shamma Khanam Aslam GlaxoSmithKline Child Health Prize 2017 Samuel Christopher Barnes Mark Sims Prize for Laboratory Excellence 2017 Kate Brown Annette Cashmore Prize 2017 Hebe Grace Carmichael Henry Walter Bates Prize 2017 School of Biological Sciences Experimental Project Prize 2017 Chee Kay Cheung College of Medicine, Biological Sciences & Psychology Prize for Excellent PhD Performance 2017 Mohammed Emtiyaz Raza Chowdhury Oxford University Press Achievement in Biosciences Prize 2017 Christopher Clements Arthur Watts Prize in General Practice 2016 Philip Hammersley Gold Medal 2017 Lauren Claire Coles The Freda Redford Prize in Cardiovascular Sciences 2017 Jodie Collins Psychology Undergraduate Dissertation Prize 2017 Jennifer Ann Collins Sydney Brandon Prize and Medal in Psychiatry 2017 Eleanor Mary Day Peace Cotton Prize 2017 Catherine Louise Evans Psychology Undergraduate Project Prize 2017 Toby Evans School of Biological Sciences Prize for Creativity and Innovation 2016 Maryum Farooq Sir Robert Kilpatrick Prize 2013 Phase I Prize 2014 The Very Reverend Derek Hole Prize in Cardiovascular Medicine 2017 Prize for Academic Excellence 2017 Joshua Fleming Oxford University Press Achievement in Biosciences Prize 2017 Jack Gibbs Phase I Prize 2015 Alice Greenway School of Biological Sciences Analytical Project Prize 2017 Charlotte Louise Claire Grey-Wilson School of Biological Sciences Prize for Creativity and Innovation 2016 May Fund Prize in Biochemistry 2017 Margaret Wallace Henry Prize 2017 Royal Society of Biology Top Bioscience Student Award 2017 Nitika Gupta Medical Physiology Prize 2017 Joseph Hamm School of Biological Sciences Education Research Project Prize 2017 Karl Anthony Holden Elective Prize 2017 Philippa James Esteemed Peer Prize 2017 Emma Leanne Jones College of Medicine, Biological Sciences & Psychology Prize for Excellent PhD Performance 2017 Laura Jones Physiological Society Undergraduate Prize 2017 Oliver Jones Noel Everson Surgical Prize 2014 Reshma Joseph School of Biological Sciences Analytical Project Prize 2017 Thomas Kimpton School of Biological Sciences Analytical Project Prize 2017 Eva Maria Krockow College of Medicine, Biological Sciences & Psychology Prize for Excellent PhD Performance 2017 Charles Jonathan Kruczko-Cousins Novartis Second Year Module Prize 2015 Kerry Long John MacVicar Prize and Medal 2017 Asad Malik Biological Sciences (Neuroscience) Prize 2017 Olivia Marsh Sluckin Prize 2017 British Psychological Society Undergraduate Award 2017 Laura Rose Martin Roche-Pharmaceuticals Prize 2015 Abbie Laura Massaro College of Science and Engineering Prize 2016 Hannah Jade May Elective Prize 2017 Tina Mistry Peter Sneath Prize 2017 Christopher Mitchell School of Biological Sciences Prize for Creativity and Innovation 2015 School of Biological Sciences Experimental Project Prize 2017 Sonal Modhwadia Dr Sunil Handa Prize in Haematology Research 2017 Jonathan O Doherty Sir Robert Kilpatrick Prize 2012 Tresidder Prize 2013 Adaobi Afoma Ojiakor Medical Microbiology Prize 2017 Hannah Orme Peace Cotton Prize 2017 Himanshu Patel Medical Biochemistry Prize 2017 Esha Prakash John and Hilary Hearnshaw Diabetes Prize 2016 Samuel James Resendez School of Biological Sciences Prize for Creativity and Innovation 2016 Niraj Samani BMA Prize for Clinical Excellence 2017 The Very Reverend Derek Hole Prize in Cardiovascular Medicine 2017 Jonathon Sheen Amir Gulamhusein Prize 2015 Shauna Catherine Silvey Biological Sciences B.Sc. Prize 2017 Claire Briony Smith Alec Jeffreys Prize 2017 Olivia Anna Nadine Speed School of Biological Sciences Prize for Creativity and Innovation 2015 Aiswarya Veena Thomas Bert Thurston Prize 2017 Hanny Tran School of Biological Sciences Prize for Creativity and Innovation

21 Jason Lewis Walke Ballantine Prize 2014 Ade Clifford Waterman Elective Prize 2017 Joseph George Wheeler BMA Prize 2013 Jodie Withall School of Biological Sciences Prize for Creativity and Innovation 2016 Madeleine Frances Sophia Wynn School of Biological Sciences Experimental Project Prize 2017 College of Science and Engineering Emad Muteb R Alharbi Computer Science Best Technical Project Prize 2017 Christina Angelou Photonis Prize for Physics 2016 Ahtif Anwar British Computer Society Prize 2015 Rehan Asghar Computer Science 2nd Year Project Prize 2014 Yasha Asley Mathematics Departmental Prize 2015 College of Science and Engineering Prize 2016 IMA Prize 2017 Kerry Marie Ballantine College of Science and Engineering Prize 2015 Stewardson Essay Prize 2017 Ellen Bishop Michael Read Memorial Prize 2015 College of Science and Engineering Prize 2016 Ibrahim Bocus J N Frears Prize 2016 Jack Robert Bonnewell Micropalaeontological Society Student Award 2017 Ethan Bonthron Norman Pye Prize 2017 Charlotte Bouldin Departmental Prize in Physics and Astronomy 2017 Joseph Bridges Computer Science 2nd Year Prize 2015 Best Final Year Computing Project Prize 2017 Computer Science 3rd Year Prize 2017 Harry William Buttery Raymond Hide Prize 2015 Emily Cannell Geography Head of Department Prize 2017 Esther Chidowe William Kirk Prize 2017 David Turnock Memorial Prize 2017 Christopher Thomas Davies Photonis Prize for Physics 2015 Departmental Prize in Physics and Astronomy 2017 Ciaran Deasy Computer Science 2nd Year Project Prize 2015 Oishi Deb British Computer Society Prize 2017 Navinderpaul Singh Dhiman Computer Science 1st Year Prize 2014 Alice Rebecca Dwyer London Petrophysical Society Prize 2017 Vafa Eslami Mehdi Abadi Modelling and Computation Prize 2017 Eulalie Eurielle Garrigues Computer Science Best Student Prize 2017 Computer Science Best Software Project Prize 2017 Goergeuos Gobrial I.Mech.E Best Student Certificate 2014 Frederic Barnes Waldren Prize 2017 R A Grierson Prize 2017 Robert Gossington University of Leicester Engineering Department Project Prize 2016 TWI Best Student Prize 2016 Abigail Jennifer Herbert Stuart Trippett Prize 2014 Stephen James Himson PESGB Individual Mapping Award 2015 Matthew Huetson Best Third Year Project 2017 James Patrick Kelly Goldsmith Prize 2017 Dmitrii Khramtsov Best Computer Science Distance Learning Technical Project Prize 2017 Naome Patricia Kinsey PESGB Individual Mapping Award 2015 Andrew Bernard Knell Bruce May Dissertation Prize 2017 Anita Lad May Computer Prize 2017 Qiao Lin Actuarial Science (DL) Student Performance Prize 2017 Federica Rosaria Lisa Waters Ltd Prize 2017 Keith Seng Yim Low I.Mech.E Best Project Certificate 2017 Callum Joseph Middleton Airbus Space Science Prize 2017 Vance Rupert Moore Institution of Engineering and Technology Prize 2017 Institution of Mechanical Engineers Prize 2017 Mobin Idrees Muhammad Best Computer Science Distance Learning Student Prize 2017 Elliot Murray British Computer Society Prize 2014 College of Science and Engineering Prize 2015 May Computer Prize 2017 Best Project Prize 2017 Best Final Year Prize 2017 Mostafa Nabi Computer Science 2nd Year Project Prize 2015 Samy Narrainen Computer Science Departmental Prize 2015 Computer Science 2nd Year Project Prize 2015 Brett Nial Geology Alumni Society Prize 2017 Kyle Grant Maitland Nicholls J N Frears Prize 2015 Leisa Jayne Nichols-Drew Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Best Student Performance Prize 2017 Kolawole Odediran Computing with Mangement Project Prize 2017 Chunling Pan Departmental Matlab Prize

22 Amrin Patel Mathematics Departmental Prize 2015 Mathematics Departmental Prize 2016 Geometry and Algebra Prize 2017 Khadeeja Patel Dunlop Polymer Engineering Division Chemistry Prize 2017 Nikita Patel Norman Pye Prize 2017 Robert Peck Departmental Prize in Physics and Astronomy 2017 Stefan Peplinski J N Frears Prize 2015 Kary Kawai Poon Oxford University Press Prize for Achievement in Chemistry 2015 Charlotte Pughe Raymond Peacock Prize 2015 Hunter Medal 2017 Dunlop Polymer Engineering Division Chemistry Prize 2017 Rowan Reynolds Interdisciplinary Science Year One Distinguished Performance Prize 2014 Jaspreet Kaur Sandhu Departmental Prize in Physics and Astronomy 2017 Simran Kaur Sandhu Mathematics Departmental Prize 2014 IMA Prize 2017 Best Fourth Year Project 2017 Andrew Shaposhnikov Actuarial Science (DL) Student Performance Prize 2017 Dawen Shi Computer Science Best Technical Project Prize 2017 Laila Hemed Sood Shikely Mathematics Departmental Prize 2015 Mathematics Departmental Prize 2016 Best Third Year Project 2017 Stuart Ian Simpson-Smith Dennis Field Award 2017 Marie Clare Taylor Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Best Dissertation Prize 2017 Blaize Kurian Thomas Computing with Mangement Project Prize 2017 Morgan Thomas Celltech Prize 2017 James Thresh Institute of Measurement and Control Prize (East Midlands Section) Andras Gabor Till I.Mech.E Best Project Certificate 2017 Katy Tobin Interdisciplinary Science Graduate Prize 2017 Interdisciplinary Science Year Three Project Prize 2017 Laura Ann Ward BNOC-CONOCO-GULF Prize 2016 MICROMINE Exploration Award 2016 Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining Prize 2017 The East Midlands Geological Society Beryl Whittaker Prize 2017 Daniel Christopher Watters Samuel and Rachel May Prize in Physics 2017 Dominic Wentworth-Linton J N Frears Prize 2015 Timothy Westby Geography Head of Department Prize 2017 Samuel Williams British Geophysical Association Prize 2016 Peter Wooldridge Rhoda Bennett Prize 2017 Rachel Carol Wyles Geography Head of Department Prize 2017 College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Hassan Al Lawati Head of Department s Prize for Best Economics Student 2016 Syed Naman Ali May Fund Prize 2017 Dareen Al-Khoury Best Distance Learning Dissertation Prize 2017 Caroline-Jane Anastasi M.Sc. Educational Leadership Academic Achievement Prize 2017 Katherine Angell Alan McWhirr Dissertation Prize 2017 Sarah Ann Bean Claire Nicholson Memorial Prize 2017 The Fiona Moore Prize for Family Law 2017 Rebecca Jane Bishop Prix de la Fondation Pro Helvetia 2017 Chelsea-Ann Bretherton Ilya Neustadt Progression Prize 2016 Paulina Anna Broda The Fiona Moore Prize for Family Law 2017 Jessica Brophy PGCE Secondary Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize 2017 Tabitha Mary Isabelle Brown Leicestershire Law Society Prize 2017 The Leicester Law School Prize 2017 The Leicester Law School Jubilee Prize 2017 Bradley John Butler Foundation Degree in Security and Risk Management Best Overall Student Prize 2017 Linlin Cao Translation Studies Excellence Prize 2017 Jaishal Jitendra Chauhan Best performing B.Sc. Accounting and Finance Student Prize 2015 Jessica Amy Clarke Arnold Wycombe Gomme Prize 2017 Igor Daoud Best performing B.Sc. Accounting and Finance Student Prize 2017 Micha Davis Luke Herrmann Prize 2017 Bronte Laura Dawson Humanities Prize 2017 Vanessa Wendy Day M.Sc. in Criminology and Criminal Justice Best Dissertation Prize 2017 Jaspreet Kaur Dhaliwal Best BA in Management Studies Graduate Prize 2017 The Gibson Burrell Prize 2017 Connor John Doyle College of Arts, Humanities and Law Prize 2015 West End Memorial Prize 2017 McWilliam Memorial Prize 2017 Premio Cervantes 2017 Chantelle Abigail Drakard H J Dyos Prize 2017 Alastair Fillingham J H Plumb Prize

23 Zoe Firth Arnold Wycombe Gomme Prize 2017 Ilja Fjodorov R. L. Borthwick Prize 2017 Andrew Robert Gallagher The Freshfields Prize for Competition Law and Policy 2017 Gillian Anderson Galway Level 3 Prize in Archaeology (DL) 2017 Jonique Gaynor Best Distance Learning Student Prize 2017 Amar Singh Gill Arthur Pool Memorial Prize 2017 Derek Deadman Prize 2017 Vassilios Goulielmos Sweet & Maxwell Prize 2015 Jordan Green Dorothy Buchan Ancient History Dissertation Prize 2017 Shehzadul Haq Jan Grodecki Conflict of Laws Prize 2017 Samia Zuffar Haq Best 2nd Year BA Politics Student Prize 2016 Liam Hawksworth Prix Wallonie Bruxelles International 2015 Alexander Hazell Best performing B.Sc. Accounting and Finance Student Prize 2016 Samia Hersi Best 1st Year BA Politics Student Prize 2015 Kathryn Sarah Hollins Leslie Sykes Prize 2017 Swiss Council for the Arts Book Prize 2017 Tasmina Hussain Ronald L Meek Memorial Prize 2017 College of Social Science, Arts and Humanities Prize 2017 Penelope Margaret Immins Humanities Prize 2017 Hoi Man Grace Ip Linklaters Prize 2017 Mahdieh Irvine-Naderali Freeths LLP Law with French Prize 2015 Elizabeth Gillian Jackson Dr Wallace Henry Prize 2017 Waddington Prize 2017 The Waddington Joint Degree Prize for English 2017 Arthur Humphreys Memorial Prize 2017 William Henry Johnson First Year Archaeology Prize 2015 Emilia Andrea Kapas Premio Hispanidad 2014 Gurprit Kaur Roger Benedictus Memorial Prize in Employment Law 2017 The BHW Law Prize 2017 Roseanna Kettle Garner Prize 2017 Waddington Prize 2017 Evangeline Ruth Kirkham Dr Rees Powell Undergraduate Prize in Sociology 2015 Emily Knight School of Museum Studies Distance Learning Prize 2017 Professor Eilean Hooper-Greenhill Prize 2017 Vartika Kumar The Waddington English Language Prize 2017 Hei Yin Lai Beth Rollason Prize 2015 Naomi Lloyd-Wakeman Mediacom Economics Prize 2017 Derek Deadman Prize 2017 Claudia Fabia Losty Dame Rosemary Cramp Dissertation Prize 2017 Joshua Malone Most improved BA in Management Studies student Prize 2017 Cian Marnell Best MBA Student by Distance Learning Prize 2017 Eleanor Martin American Studies Prize 2017 Professor J. Simmons Prize 2017 Linda Jean Mawer Humanities Prize 2017 Debra Ann McDermott Outstanding Doctorate in Social Sciences Prize 2017 Cameron McEachern M.Sc. Security and Risk Management Best Overall Student Prize 2017 John Benyon Prize 2017 George Robert Miller West End Memorial Prize 2017 Lauren Rachael Mintey PGCE Primary Oustanding Student Prize 2017 Emily Minton BA Criminology Outstanding Citizen Award 2017 George Moran Jean and Arthur Humphreys Prize 2017 Alan Morton Peter Baxter Prize 2017 R M Banks Prize 2017 Arthur Humphreys Memorial Prize 2017 Sylvie Mostyn-Dignan Prix de la Délégation générale du Québec à Londres (2) 2017 Aiden Mould American Studies Second Year Prize 2015 Sandro Murru Best Distance Learning Masters Dissertation Prize 2017 Oliver William John Upton Nash F and M Kesner Prize 2015 Dr D T Williams Memorial Prize 2017 Adaugo Ogbunude Best Specialist Masters student by Distance Learning Prize 2017 Frances Claire Melissa Oldfield Derek Paul Downey Memorial Prize 2017 Ann-Marie Orridge Best 1st Year BA International Relations Student Prize 2015 Best 2nd Year BA International Relations Student Prize 2016 Maurice Hookham Prize 2017 Olayemi Anuli Otukoya Prix de la Délégation générale du Québec à Londres (1) 2017 Olaloye Odunayo Oyedotun The Gateley PLC Equity and Trusts Prize 2017 The 36 Bedford Row Prize 2017 James Packer F and M Kesner Prize 2015 Professor W H. Brock Prize 2017 Melissa Jane Page School of Management Introduction to Accountancy Prize 2015 Martin William Paisley M.Sc. in Security and Risk Management Best Dissertation Prize

24 Paraskevas Vasileios Panagakos Ian Bradley Prize 2017 College of Social Science, Arts and Humanities Prize 2017 Aleksandar Pasagic Best Distance Learning Masters Student Performance Prize 2017 Viran Kantibhai Patel Best performing B.Sc. Accounting and Finance Student Prize 2015 Best performing B.Sc. Accounting and Finance Student Prize 2016 Best performing B.Sc. Accounting and Finance Student Prize 2017 Frances May Payne Scarman Prize 2017 BA Criminology Best Overall Student Prize 2017 Brandon Pickard The Fiona Moore Prize for Family Law 2017 Natalie Polley Professor W H. Brock Prize 2017 Holly Reeve American Studies Dissertation Prize 2017 West End Memorial Prize 2017 Arthur Pool Memorial Prize 2017 Ralph Davis Prize 2017 Thomas Adam Revell Waddington Prize 2017 Medieval Research Centre Prize (in memory of A.G and A. L Postles) 2017 Vicky Rittinghaus Ashton Prize 2017 Andrew John Rogers Samuel and Rachel May Prize in Archaeology 2017 Anna-Marie Sale American Studies Dissertation Prize 2017 Benjamin Dominic Savelli Sociology Best Performance Prize 2015 Sociology Best Performance Prize 2016 Anne Witz Third Year Prize 2017 Ishani Sinha School of Management Introduction to Accountancy Prize 2015 Marie Smith The Jim Fanning Prize 2017 Luke Stowe John Wacher Dissertation Prize in Roman Studies 2017 Marija Sulce Prix de la Fondation Pro Helvetia 2014 Bethany Marie Sutton Prix de l Ambassade de France 2014 Anna Tarlaga Prix Wallonie Bruxelles International 2017 Prix de l Ambassade de France 2017 Ravine Walker The 3 Verulam Buildings Prize 2017 Zhen Wang OUP Achievement in Business Prize - M.Sc. Management, Finance and Accounting 2017 Zoe Michelle Whannel Professor Susan Pearce Prize 2017 Ross Willett PGCE SCITT Outstanding Academic Achievement Prize 2017 Phoebe Charlotte Witt Leicester Literary and Philosophical Society Prize 2017 Deanna Mary Wright First Year Archaeology Prize 2015 Joshua Thomas Wynn Jean and Arthur Humphreys Prize 2017 Jiaqi Zhang Best performing B.Sc. Accounting and Finance Student Prize 2016 Zhi-Nan Rebecca Zhang Media and Communication Best BSc Dissertation Prize 2017 Media and Communication Best BSc Level 3 Student Performance Prize

25 25

26 Order of Procession Tuesday 11 July, 11am Two Marshals Students Union Sabbatical Officers Academic and Related Staff Two Marshals Members of Council and Members of Senate Distinguished Honorary Fellows of the University Professor Michael A Chamberlain Dr John Foster Mr Ian Imlay, MBE Public Orators Dr Paul Jenkins Mr Nigel Siesage Academic Registrar Mr Geoff Green Honorary Graduand Mr Michael Attenborough, CBE Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Julie Coleman Professor Sarah Dixon Professor Paul Monks Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council Dr Bridget Towle, CBE, DL President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle, CBE, FBA, FRSE University Mace Chancellor The Right Honourable The Lord Grocott 26

27 Tuesday 11 July 11am College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Presented by the Head of College, Professor Julie Coleman Doctor of Philosophy Clare Canning Laura Diaz Ramos Matthew James Mandich Jess Angus McCullough Douglas James Mitcham Julia Salome Nikolaus Ryan Todd Nutting Giacomo Savani Eric Daniel Tourigny Eleonora Zampieri Master of Arts Archaeology and Heritage Eric Van Mai Daniel T Melone Richard Purves Art Museum and Gallery Studies Rhiannon Flood-Mccaw Megan Anne Wolf Heritage and Interpretation Rachael Gilbert Emily Knight Historical Archaeology Aaron Clemens Melinda Cole Klein Melinda Pacheco Patrick Dianne Elizabeth Tompkins Learning and Visitor Studies in Museums and Galleries Sara Wajid Museum Studies Francesca Bouaoun Kayleigh Boyle Charlotte Mary Hamilton Chamberlain Kelsey Dalrymple Rosanna Felicie Auckland Evans Holly Fisher Nataly Gabra-Mariam Abigail Louisa Godfrey Isobel Rose Highmore Yvonne Jaeschke Emma Kate James Adlene Claudette Joseph-Martinez Tom George Juggins Marta Mas Serra Melinda McPeek Jessica Ellen Petheram Judith Hazel Savage Leah Street Chloe Nicola Turner Michalis Michael Varelias John Sam West Darla Leanne Williams Agata Wozniak Master of Science Learning and Visitor Studies in Museums and Galleries Stefania Margarita Manola Museum Studies Phillip Ian Robinson Tanja Roeskar Zoe Michelle Whannel Postgraduate Diploma Archaeology and Heritage April MacKey Iliff Learning and Visitor Studies in Museums and Galleries Laura Jane Butcher Ekin Samer Museum Studies Colette Louise Bush Ka Lam Chan Wai Kei Chan Yuk Lan Cheng Elaine Farrell Yuen-Fan Leung Tsz Shan Lo Claire Gabrielle Eithne Murray Tessa Jane North Joanne Elizabeth Pegrum Edgar Ernesto Santini Velez Chu Wing So Nim Sun Coral So Chi Hung Tsang Jennifer Annette Wells Postgraduate Certificate Historical Archaeology Lori Allegra The Classical Mediterranean Christine Renee Pyy White Bachelor of Arts Ancient History and Archaeology Michaela Bar Charlotte Bennett Chloe Louise Bolsover Jennifer Louise Cousal Elizabeth Davis Holly Elizabeth Haryluck Leslie Charles Law Joseph Michael Murray Frederick Thomas Edward Padgham Daniel Joseph Polignone Lindsay Alexandra Reinhardt Jayne Robinson Leah Vecchio Rajinder Virk Conner Watts Annabel Sarah Rose Wheeler Noah Woodhouse Ancient History and Classical Archaeology Kayleigh Jade Bates Kathleen Mary Guess Laura Georgina Holtom Louise Maarten Ancient History and History Matthew Aikens Holly Eleanor Blake Vaishnavi Dayanand Bongale Jessica Amy Clarke Harry Matthew Collins Jasper Durbin Harry Thomas Durrant Zoe Firth Jordan Green Courtney Rose Gunn Harry Hawley Abigail Joanne Judge Eleanor Keighron Thomas Ian Kenny Jacob Lappin Sadiq Thomas Manning Samual Tom Penn Ted Richard Roberts Luke Stowe Jade Wenlock Ancient History and History with a Year Abroad James Mitchell Donhue Alexander Owen Watkinson Archaeology Christopher Roy Allen Katherine Angell Martin Austin Joseph Michael Bartholomew Katherine Bostock Amanda Bray Georgina Philippa Clipstone Guilherme D Andrea Curra Imogen Drake Andrew Fewster Gillian Anderson Galway Petur Hansen Claudia Fabia Losty Nicholas James Mellor 27

28 Elizabeth Potts Ffion Marie Rogers Adam James Tripp Stephen Von Dadelszen Deanna Mary Wright Archaeology with a Year Abroad Shannon Rose Ashleigh Charlotte Bishop Andrew John Rogers Bachelor of Science Archaeology William Henry Johnson Rachel Ann Naulls Archaeology with a Year Abroad Laura Breeds Harry Richard Murray Francis Diploma of Higher Education Archaeology Matthew John Gladwin Brayshaw Conor Dowd Stephen John Hatton Sarah Hunter Lisa Rae Louise Lane Debbie Lewis Natasha Jayne Stanyer Stanyer Catherine Wollweber Certificate of Higher Education Ancient History and Classical Archaeology Paul Alexander Munro Tessa Frances O Neil Tara Jayne Zhang Archaeology Franklin Hobby Albro Laure Michelle Bonner Matthew James Devine Emiel Klumper Danielle Lee Knights Michael Mulheron Magali Perrault Jonathan Patrick Walsh Rachael Young College of Science and Engineering Presented by the Head of College, Professor Paul Monks Doctor of Philosophy Fouad Elrafaie Ali Alameer Walid Ben Mansour Robert Harry Goodall Yahaya Zayyana Ibrahim Hani Khalil Ismail Jalil Hussein Kareem Sharmilah Kuppusami Omolara Oluwaseun Okunuga Gong Pan Rikesh Panchal Rena Simayi Grace Sykes Catherine Mary Traynor Helena Elizabeth White Master of Philosophy Javier Garcia Lopez Master of Science Environmental Informatics Moza Khalaf Said Al Riyami Forensic Science and Criminal Justice Kassandra Elizabeth Aldridge Carly Balk Eileen Buitrago Perez Lara Marie Chetcuti Scott Allen Cohen Deanna Mohammed Elwir Kirstie Farmer Jasveen Gill Stacy Harrison Linda Jones Ruth Wairimu Muhoro Leisa Jayne Nichols-Drew James David Oliver Aimee Leanne Peachey Rachael Stammers-Hart Marie Clare Taylor Geographical Information Science Joseph Greenaway Yuanping Liu Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Thelma Maposa Postgraduate Diploma Environmental Informatics William Ntoina Erimoi Geographical Information Science Leshi Ge Master of Chemistry Chemistry Sefkan Serdar Altuntop Robert Charles Amesbury Polly Ash Alexander Black Leanne Blount Saranvir Braich Robert Burrell Niall Matthew Canavan Katie Fegan Annabel Jane Felton Daniel Carl Francis Joshua-Paul Gledhill Jasmine April Groves Benjamin David Hills Kulvinder Kaur Samuel Lyth Edward Mortimer Martin Mugglestone James Kieran Simpson Norris Samson Oyebanjo Ryan Phelps Charlotte Pughe Oliver Smith Abed Tarapdar James William Trowers Luke Jordan Urry Neil Samuel Wade Taylor Ann Ward Alistair McEwan Watson Arjun Yogan Matthew Young Chemistry with a Year Abroad Rachael Louise Cooney Paul Judge David James Martin Abdirashid Abubakar Obsiye Hannah Louise Walker Adam Welham Chemistry with a Year in Industry John Carey Megan Elizabeth Greaves Chemistry with Forensic Science Jack Paul Ganley Kim Anh Le Bilqees Shaikh Chemistry with Forensic Science with a Year Abroad Rachel Emma Byrne James Luke Hoare Kary Kawai Poon Chemistry with Forensic Science with a Year in Industry Federica Rosaria Lisa Pharmaceutical Chemistry Joanna Mary Barker Benjamin James Fifoot Beth Stone Adam Thomas Pharmaceutical Chemistry with Year in Industry Klara Daily Daniel John Groom Abigail Jennifer Herbert Sylvia Lok-Sim Ho Kevin Sheppard Morgan Thomas Master of Geology Applied & Environmental Geology Emma Louise Collins Lawrence John Collins Keiran Doyle Benedict Raeder Laurence James Shotliff Rosalind Walker Laura Ann Ward Geology Emma Aspinall Sarah Bullivant Phillip Michael Oliver Hammerson Stephen James Himson Naome Patricia Kinsey Jessica Lily Llewellyn Sophie Emily Page Richard Taylor 28

29 Elliot Thomas Samuel John Thompson Peter Wooldridge Geology with Geophysics Martyn Patrick Steel Bachelor of Science Applied & Environmental Geology Marco Carlo Dallavalle Alice Rebecca Dwyer Melanie Ebling Luke James Morgan Adam Gregory Takeda Stephens Rachel Taylor Bethan Louise Williams Luke John Williams Chemistry Robert Brackfield Ellie Louise Campbell Alysia Anna Fjodor James Matthew George William Gerry Mariam Kargbo Faizah Kassim-Momodu Tsz Fung Koo Tsz Wing Lai Wing Yi Li Guoda Liepuoniute Thinh Ngoc Nguyen Eleeza Opoku Asare Khadeeja Patel Sainish Sharma Demetra Kyriacou Yerani Chemistry with Forensic Science Ying Ki Chan Ho Sing Martin Cheng Felipe Chin Lucy Anne Dilley Ione Drage Tsz Kwun Lam Cheuk Lun Ng Zaklina Ewa Osmenda Jacopo Piovesan Chloe Smith King To Wong Geography Nathan Joshua Albon Thomas James Benson Emily Charlotte Diana Bentley Joseph Paul Bygraves Aaron Carlse Cecily Ruth Scarlett Edwards Andrew Grimsdale Tristan Harris Matthew James Hayes Georgia Hull Loretta-Ann Jilks Milo Joseph Kenny Andrew Bernard Knell Joseph Nicholas Marangos Lauren Ellen May Nikita Patel Charles Richard Pope Francesca Jane Rounding Lewis Twum Remy Veness Oliver John Ward Amy Wright Rachel Carol Wyles Lewis Young Geography with a Year Abroad Hannah Victoria Burlison Holly Miranda Coxon Jessica Jones Geology Maitha Sulaiman Abdullah Al Aghbari Douglas Ian Allan Elliot Charles Bryant Anthony Bea Baharier Joshua Charles Banning Connor Wade Botterill Jennifer Bramhall Christopher Brayshaw Kirstin Bylholt Victoria Cook James Daniel Dodds Nicole D Urban-Jackson Samuel Esprit Andrew John Malcolm Evans Robert Fitch Jonathan Frank Foster Sorrel Emily Goodreid Victoria Ireland Owen Calum Edward Jackson Alexander Richard Ian James Lucy Janus Natasha Keeble Rhian Knott Luke Matthew Lambourn Gina Margaret Rose Lewis Charlie Matthews Tara Alice Moore Brett Nial Natasha Alice Padgett Haydn John Payne Siobhan Pile Eleanor Poole Joel Jonathan Prestwich George Louis Roberts Stuart Ian Simpson-Smith James Skilton Brandon James Stock Robert James Waltham Chloe Jane Webber Geology with Geophysics Abigail Holly Anderson Daniel Burgess Alexander Peter Champion Niall James Cushing Elizabeth Gibney Benjamin Paddon Kiefer Floyd Paterson Daria Prihradska William Simpson Samuel Williams Geology with Palaeobiology Jack Robert Bonnewell Sophie Crump Scarlett Mary Jarvis Jennian King Pharmaceutical Chemistry Elizabeth Alice Charles Radhika Chauhan Alexander James Fahey Williams Emily Machin Ismail Ali Mahomed Mili Ajitkumar Shah James Spencer Sophie Elizabeth Watson Bachelor of Arts Geography Victoria O Adeyi Soraiya Ali Jack Allen Sadie Myra Alleyne Joseph Christopher Bailey Ella Barrett Ellen Bishop Ethan Bonthron Harriet Brown Emily Cannell Hannah Coupland Bethany Cox Elliot Fisher Leeam Goss-Layani Sam Hogg Chloe Elizabeth Hoyle Lewis Michael Johnson Chloe Hannah Knight Shrija Bhagat Koiri Peter Lang Charlotte Lawson Dior-Jade Lewis Jonathan David MacQueen Victoria McGowan Jake Xavier Evans Newman Robin Newport Alun George Pinder Megan Rawstron-Rudd Rebecca Elizabeth Reed Henna Shah Georgiana Horatia Grace Simmonds Anthony Speight Jack Peter Leslie Stoddart Jack Edwyn David Dickson Stokes Elizabeth Thompson Katie Rebecca Thurlow George Tunnacliffe James William Scott Turnock Timothy Westby Emma Rebecca Warner Wiffin Sorcha Woodcock Francesca Worboys Jasmin Alana Youell Human Geography Natalie Bennett Harry William Bradshaw Ruth Holt Ella Johnson Jack Oliver Maloney Isabel Georgia April Mansfield Caroline Lucy O Brien Charlotte Wilson Human Geography with a Year Abroad Esther Chidowe Neil Alan Ribey 29

30 Order of Procession Tuesday 11 July, 3pm Two Marshals Students Union Sabbatical Officers Academic and Related Staff Two Marshals Members of Council and Members of Senate Distinguished Honorary Fellows of the University Professor Michael A Chamberlain Dr John Foster Mr Ian Imlay, MBE Professor Ken Pounds Public Orators Dr Paul Jenkins Mr Nigel Siesage Academic Registrar Mr Geoff Green Honorary Graduand Professor H. Eugene Stanley Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Sarah Dixon Professor Paul Monks Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council Dr Bridget Towle, CBE, DL President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle, CBE, FBA, FRSE University Mace Chancellor The Right Honourable The Lord Grocott 30

31 Tuesday 11 July 3pm College of Science and Engineering Presented by the Head of College, Professor Paul Monks Doctor of Philosophy Mohammed Abdulrahman Ahmed Alabdullatif Abdullah Mahfodh M Alshanqiti Reza Baserinia James Stephen David Blake Xinpu Chen Samuel Peter Cox Ian Michael Griffiths Benjamin Edward Stanley Hall Antoine Pierre René Jeanjean Stephanie Louise Ford Jinks Ahmet Kaya Emre Kemer Hammed Adeniyi Lawal Xin Li Caroline Elizabeth Meakin Daniel Morrison Peter David Norton Nkemdilim Anulika Ofodile Michael James Samuel Perry Younis Abid Husien Sabawi Oliver James Sutton Ali Tabatabaeian Nimavardi Stuart Matthew Robert Turner Alexander Varatharajah Maria-Theresia Walach Ruhao Wu Master of Philosophy Rachel Anna Henson Sadie Elizabeth Holmes Master of Science Actuarial Science Mithaq Omran Ayoub Abdelkarim Qiao Lin Catherine Lee Mello Advanced Computer Science Shayma Omar A Abdulshakour Emad Muteb R Alharbi Mona Sahan Alotaibi Ali Fahad Al-Qahtani Muhammad Anwar Yumin Bao Ahmad Jaber Hadam Mayahi Chika Fidelia Ikelionwu Dmitrii Khramtsov Philip Mwikya Mathoka Viktor Mazur Germain Ndeko Mirindi Joyal John Peter Haneh Abdulghany Saleh Rhel Karl Roosevelt Smith Panupong Srithonratkul Jie Sun Advanced Computer Science with Industry Roman Quijano Luna Dawen Shi Advanced Electrical and Electronic Engineering with Industry Surabhi Chille Advanced Mechanical Engineering with Industry Yash Vinayak Date Advanced Software Engineering Zhao Liu Nilotpal Mallick Muhammad Mobin Idrees Advanced Software Engineering with Industry Fola-Dami Joseph Eyitemi Eulalie Eurielle Garrigues Kin Fung Martin Hui A B M Golam Morshed Shawon Cloud Computing Huda Al-Zadjali Sriram Sabarish Bommisetty Cheng Huang Bingxiong Lin Xin Xiong Cloud Computing with Industry Vijay Muralidharan Reliable Embedded Systems Paul Rimmer Benjamin Wheare Software Engineering for Financial Services Weilun Chen Jin Gong Andrew Gray Zhantao Mao Daoyao Xu Software Engineering for Financial Services with Industry Timothy Mubiru Shatabdi Dutta Roy Web Applications and Services Erno Eskojuhani Koliseva Web Applications and Services with Industry Dinu-Iulian Popovici Postgraduate Diploma Actuarial Science Phoebe Achieng Achola Aazma Farooqui Michael Joyce Geoffrey Kiandua Emenyi M Thambura Andrew Shaposhnikov Advanced Computer Science Nagasri Ankam Agile Software Engineering Techniques Malik Mohamed-Abdul Adim Elgabroun Web Applications and Services Anthony Donovan Johnson Postgraduate Certificate Actuarial Science Abel Akinsanya Advanced Computer Science Zhipeng Wang Ziyi Yu Agile Software Engineering Techniques Kamil Lenart Management Yaswanth Kumar Kotni Web Applications and Services Shiva Prasath Palani Jose Luis Pareja Salinas Master of Computer Science Computer Science Barjoneil Grant Daniel Holder Master of Engineering Aerospace Engineering Daniel Jonathan Armstrong Michael Brooker Lauren Carroll Ike Shingirai Chitima Anton Sameera Fernando Joshua Fleming Robert Gossington Gregory Hilary Farida Ibrahim Abdalla Jamie Jagger Tendai Trevor Kachale Eeva Karner Thomas Ivor Mowbray Lishman Philip Steven Noble Parthil Patel 31

32 Shane Perera Max Silvester Ajaypal Singh Ryan Williams Eddie Wilson-Hebben Aerospace Engineering with Industry Daniel Burrows Hannah Louise Dunn Goergeuos Gobrial Daniel Charles Hambidge Muhammad Ahsan Malik Electrical and Electronic Engineering Zhuoping Cao Tianyu Tao General Engineering Jacob Peter Farrimond Jaroslav Postnikov General Engineering with Industry Daniel Mark Mears Mechanical Engineering Owen John Cassidy Sean Ali Cornwall Thomas Dawson Thomas Gibbs Jamie Gollins Muhammad Muzammil Bin Hasnuden Muhamad Akmal Bin Muhamad Azan Kyle Grant Maitland Nicholls James Andrew Owen James Robert Parrott Aleesha Patel Thomas Quaye Hari Dharshan Srihar Shamas Tawasooli James Thresh Nicholas John Watts Dominic Wentworth-Linton Mechanical Engineering with Industry Alexander James MacDonald George Shapland Edward James Smith Master of Mathematics Mathematics Rayhaan Bhikha Anna Burn Charlotte Corfield Vafa Eslami Mehdi Abadi Jonathan Franklin Eures Atticus Lawrence Hall-Mcnair Sian James Alexandra Leonard Daniel James Middleton Dominic Oram Chelsea Rose Rosser Simran Kaur Sandhu Nimret Kaur Shinh Janharpreet Singh Luke Christopher Thwaites Eliyas Woldegeorgis Mathematics (with a Year Abroad) Agalyah Sathanantham Master of Physics Physics Robert Ross Bosley James Edward Campbell Katrina Jade Cheshire Dillon Cobley Christopher Thomas Davies Ian Michael Doggett Dominic Fenlon-Smith Ryan Garratley Tomas Holesinsky Amelia Hunter Matthew Jupp Sidak Singh Kohli Thomas Mansfield Jason Stuart Moore Darren Nutting Robert Peck Joseph Phelan Harneet Sangha Taranpreet Kaur Sohal Benjamin George Swithenbank-Harris Emma Thomas Katherine Esther Ward Ben Warne Mark Anthony Willis Physics with a Semester Abroad Alexia Patricia Margaret Southern Physics with Astrophysics Kerry Marie Ballantine Thomas James Benham Harry William Buttery Gregory Alexander Childs Mohammad Nahid Chowdhury Angaraj Duara Yianis Goodman Benjamin Philip Griffiths Soheb Firoz Mandhai Christopher David Younger Moore Sunil Mucesh Samuel James Wallace Waters Daniel Christopher Watters Physics with Astrophysics with a Semester Abroad James Bernard Galloway Kieran Andrew Yeomans Physics with Planetary Science Christopher Thomas Pain Physics with Space Science and Technology Christopher Dodds Benjamin Foxcroft Zoe Harrison Callum Joseph Middleton Adelheid Thiemann Master of Science Interdisciplinary Science Rowan Reynolds Chris Ringrose Interdisciplinary Science with a Semester Abroad Ryan Connor William Hunt Bachelor of Science Computer Science Mohammad Zen Akhtar Ashley Allott Ahtif Anwar Rehan Asghar Arandeep Bains Jordan Basran James Richard Boorman Chun Wai Chiu Tinotenda Emillio Chivende Matthew Clark Phoebe Clarke Ryan Benjamin Culyer Demosthenis Demosthenous Hoi Yip Fung Umar Ghari Sathya Ghelani Jack Robert Goodwin Carl Griffiths Konstantinos Hadjigeorgiou Mark William Hardwick Christopher Humphrey Zaryab Shoaib Khan Rohan Kumar Michael Lynch Athanasios Maniotis Hitesh Mankani Vinod Priyesh Mavji Fatima Mustafa Jakub Nicewicz Neal Odedra Josiah Onasile Riordan Panayides William Robert Peck Dinesh Pun Amir Sabra Sandip Paudel Sharma Zygimantas Stancelis Paddy Steed Bing Wu Computer Science (Industry) Ciaran Deasy Irfan Nazib Jiwa Anita Lad Shriya Malhotra Elliot Murray Mostafa Nabi Samy Narrainen Silvestras Saracevas Algis Hajime Sulcas Computer Science with a Year Abroad Vijay Modasiya Martynas Vaitkus Computing Antony Ching Karl Kristjan John Daniel Gwilym Alfred Howard Thomas Richard Leech Stephan Demitrios Minos Jack Owen Amal Ruparelia Kacey Benson Sherrard Ross Matthew Tarrant 32

33 Tin Ioi Vong William Shung Wai Yuen Computing with Industry Cara Bateman Joseph Bridges Amar Chavda Navinderpaul Singh Dhiman Computing with Management Oghenetare Carissa Kelechi Arigbodi Pavithran Devaharan Emmanuel Bassey Ephraim Nikhail Antonio Fernandes Zahra Gangji Nojan Hassanzadeh Aderinsola O Oguntade Gavin Man Hey So Vinny Mariam Vijoy Yichao Wang Wing Sing Martin Wu Computing with Management (Industry) Ikwesiri Adeda Miles McFadyean Kolawole Odediran Blaize Kurian Thomas Wing Yee Yeung Financial Mathematics Ibrahim Oladayo Babayale Nuo Chen Qiao Chen Zhiye He Jun Li Xuxia Luo Zoya Memon Arun Nighah Aaron Mawuko Opoku Fei Pan Shianne Scott Haonian Shi Laila Hemed Sood Shikely Jiajunji Song Yang Wu Chafei Xiao Yao Zhang Chen Zhou Interdisciplinary Science Mark Inch Eoin Mansfield Mathematics Eleonora Alonefti Yasha Asley Ismini Aspri Jennifer Barrie Bradley Bennett Akhil Bist Connor Bloodworth Glafkie Christodoulidou Rajpal Dhoofer Mark Evans Jake Gimson Matthew Stephen Green Matthew Huetson Hannah Jenkins Sarekha Kanda Zain Qamar Rashid Bhatti Khan Marta Urszula Kiermasz Anisha Lad Anthony Luciani Amrin Patel Nimi Patel Darcie Hannah Perrin Harvinder Singh Purawal Joseph Redshaw Joshua James Riddaway Yasin Sheikh Athena Louise Sheppard Yosef Samuel Sugarman Juhi Verma Carrie Louise Young Mathematics and Actuarial Science Ioulia Andreou Leslie Barkers-Obua Grace Coleman Meklit Solomon Demamu Dalvinder Gill Rabi Ah Ummi Kalthum Hanafiah Jessica Hargun Kaiyi Huang Weihong Huang Kieran Paul Humphrey Sanjeevan Singh Jheeta Kathy Kelly Samir Khimani Zeeshan Khowaja Karan Kumar Ming Chun Lee Anisha Mistry Wame Mogotsi Surupa Sunando Mukhopadhyay Danielle Notley Chunling Pan Dk Siti Nur Khoirunnisaa Pg Hj Johari Maria Stylianou Jignesh Suba Prashant Tailor Wai Ching Tsai Tsz Ming Wan Yufan Wang Ki Hung Yan Julian Yau Ho Yin Yeung Zhiqian Zhang Mathematics (with a Year Abroad) Hannah Burkinshaw Reuben William Dyce Jake Mark Galt Natasha McDonnell Joshua Finlay Myles Ryan O Donnell Sneha Sagar Mathematics with Economics Henry Mansun Chen Hamzah Dawre Nicholas Frost Mathematics with Management Yanping Wei Sylvia Werner Natural Sciences Katy Tobin Physics Christina Angelou Akash Bhagran Muhd Adli Syafiiq Bin Mohd Abdoh Thomas William Bladen-Hovell Saira Jayne Bryndia Boardman Rohan Bonage James David Cole Beaumont Coles Lucy Collins Daniel John Cornick Elinor Davies Henry De Viell Pantelitsa Dimitriou Jack Joseph Hall Thomas Michael Hall Cristian Leon Hipwell James David Jeacock Arran Johnson Michalis Marios Theocharis Kalavazides Jack Kemp Constantinos Koizi Nicol Latsia Jack Charles Mihill Marco Muccio James Roger Phillips Neel Popat Alexander Robinson Jaspreet Kaur Sandhu Samuel Shipside Vladyslav Verminskyi Laurence Wilkinson David Rhys Williams Cherrelle Wynter Physics with a Year in Industry Connor Duffy Physics with Astrophysics William James Baxter Matthew Birch Cameron Bond Christopher Anthony Ciaran Broughall Dominic Burchall Jed Dominic Dickinson Edward Harris William Hooper Manpreet Kaur Kundi Hannah Victoria Musson Sarthak Nayak Jessica Patel Ryan Renshaw Falan Paige Rose-Jones Thomas Sharif Daniel Andrew Smith Physics with Nanotechnology Gabija Petrauskaite Shumina Yasmin Uddin Physics with Planetary Science Abigail Samantha Hickman Matthew Thomas Edward Pain Physics with Space Science and Technology Daniel James Robson 33

34 Physics with Space Science and Technology (With a year out in industry) Charlotte Bouldin Martin Romankiw Bachelor of Engineering Aerospace Engineering Mona Abdelatti Haroun Abdulkadir Abubakar Husnain Ali Daniel Bennett Tsz Ting Jessie Chu Luc Cook Linden Dixon Usama Elmolla Daniel Forster Gary Chi Him Lau Pui Yee Lau Timothy Lewis Owen Andrew Llewellyn Benjamin Bernard Paul Loncle Tsz Wing Lui Matthew James McGall Edward Messinger Ross Moroney Elvis Enyinnaya Ohajianya Edmundas Povilavicius Kevin Sinniah Andras Gabor Till Brandon Troak Communications and Electronic Engineering Jack Alexander Hall Electrical and Electronic Engineering Hardeep Singh Hanspal Tze Kuan Huang Syed Yunus Hussain Runmin Kuang Xiang Li Kian Najarian Yang Shen Ajit Singh Kesheng Wang General Engineering Joseph Fereday Zaryawb Hussain Akmal Khan Benjamin Rimmer Alexandra Erin Williams Mechanical Engineering Dawit Abraham Ibrahim Yousef I Aldlaigan Malallah Mohamed Allawati Mohammed Abdulaziz A Alowaied Ibrahim Bocus Wei Shung Chin Robert Cumming Nathan Hanson Raheel Ahmed Iqbal Misthaul Islam Thomas Brendan Kane Low Keith Seng Yim Amit Keshwala Gavin Lau Yasin Mamodohanif Izzad Sulaiman Bin Mohd Izhar Vance Rupert Moore Nawaz Sharif Musthafa Shoban P Umang Patel Thomas John Pownall Tyrell Dion Tremain Ranger Zack Roberts Nareg Seropian Sami Ahmed Shah Paramvir Sidhu Kit Lam Keith Wong Mechanical Engineering with Industry Steven Forsyth James Patrick Kelly Edward Monk Alexander Chibuike Somtochukwu Obinali Poonam Parmar Balpreet Kaur Rihal Matthew Street Matthew Robert Weston Software and Electronic Engineering Crispin Akomea-Agyin John Effiong Esu Jascurun Sandhu Software and Electronic Engineering with Industry Oishi Deb 34

35 Order of Procession Wednesday 12 July, 11am Two Marshals Students Union Sabbatical Officers Academic and Related Staff Two Marshals Members of Council and Members of Senate Distinguished Honorary Fellows of the University Professor Michael A Chamberlain Mr Ian Imlay, MBE Public Orators Mr Nigel Siesage Academic Registrar Mr Geoff Green Honorary Graduand Professor Surinder Sharma, DL Chairman of Leicestershire County Council Councillor Janice Richards High Sheriff of Rutland Mr Craig Mitchell Lord Lieutenant of Leicester Jennifer, Lady Gretton, JP Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Julie Coleman Professor Philip Baker Professor Jon Scott Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council Dr Bridget Towle, CBE, DL President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle, CBE, FBA, FRSE University Mace Chancellor The Right Honourable The Lord Grocott 35

36 Wednesday 12 July 11am College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Presented by the Head of College, Professor Julie Coleman Doctor of Philosophy Matthew Keith Blake Hilary John Crowden Renato Rodrigues Da Silva Stephanie Gordon Margaret Hanly Inès Hassen Hawkar Muheddin Jalil Hemn Namiq Jameel James Johnson Brenda Gean Mortimer Andrew James Ollerton Jane Elizabeth Rowling Nawzad Abdullah Shukri Master of Arts Diplomatic Studies Tagbo Ejikeme Carly Elise Lee Matthew McGlinchey Maria Chiara Montesin Dillon Osafar Seetram Celsus Andrew Williams English Local History and Family History Keith Michael Hanley John Lucas Pullin History Matthew Zekavica Human Rights and Global Ethics Kristina Benic Belavic Tamara Ellen Nkhata International Relations and World Order Paul Thomas Anthem Jan Daniel Binschik George Mwenya Chellah Robert Crawford Elisabeth Maria Farny Alexandra Kata Hati Sean Heron Muhammad Usman Iqbal Jadoon Raveen Janu Peter Manson Mehria Shahriar Alice Yvonne Wako Joseph James Walker International Security Studies Timothy Michael Bailey Alexander Henderson Philip Hill Eric Holm Omar Kabboul Albertus Jacobus Meintjes John Moriarty Aleksandar Pasagic John Francis Quinn Ben Walker Politics of Conflict and Violence Ekwutoziam Ashiedu Utulu Kathrin Vornholt Master of Science Security, Conflict and International Development Christophe Henri Berthoud Iain Christopher Blackwood William George Brame Rinret Dangwam Dabeng Mark Wayne Dixon Suzanne Emily Fenton Florence Kayemba Ibokabasi Maren Paige Moon Sandro Murru Martin Rix Tadius Gregory Samveka Postgraduate Diploma History Aidan Thomas Gerard Weldon Human Rights and Global Ethics Kelechi Kate Ogah International Relations and World Order Charlotte Forbes International Security Studies David Gordon Fearon Postgraduate Certificate English Local History and Family History Johanne Brookes International Security Studies Lorna Frances May Swinyard-Jordan Security, Conflict and International Development Ann Nyambura Kithaka Bachelor of Arts American Studies Stephanie Louise Alves Akintomiwa Fafowora Luca Virag Kiss Polly McComb American Studies with a Year Abroad Lewis Ambury Georgina Ashley Lucy Aspell Tamsin Barber Cameron Ross Bonser Madeleine Edwards Madeleine Grainger Max Longley Eleanor Martin Joseph Matthews Aiden Mould Courtney Louise Mower Miriam Prever James Roberts Isabel Barbara Leah Rodgers Anna-Marie Sale Contemporary History Eve Courtney Ashton Jack Brooks Sophie Clarke Eleanor Margaret Clifford Steven Alyn Gibbs Izabella Holmes Megan Elizabeth Jeans Blain Killoran Rhys Langford-Johnstone Harry Denis Charles Morris Kiera Jayne O Connell Benjamin Pearce Henry Strevens History Ruth Adcock Andrew Ryan Ming-Hui Anderson Olivia Ash Charlie Paige Brittany Bacchus Imogen Anna Barber Emily Grace Barnes Craig Batt John Vaun Beattie Meredith Grace Bell Siobhan Bennett Abigail Alicia Black Vanessa Rachel Joy Bruce Hollie Ellen Button Abasi Carby Laura Carrington Fiona Case Katherine Cassidy 36

37 Jack Morton Clark Rebecca Clarke Elaine Cleland-Awity Reece Colley Peter Michael Connor Matthew George Crawley Jack Curtis Henry John Cutts Gil Red Davies Shakeel Daw Eleanor Day Niamh Deane Jaipreet Deo Chantelle Abigail Drakard Jonathan George Drake Harriet Rose Eagle Rebecca Edwards James Philip Elias Harriet Grace Evans Gena Louise Fellowes Matthew Ferris Alastair Fillingham Estevan Fortin Henry Peter Fuhrmann Oliver James Garlick Ellena Georgiou Callum Gibson Rebecca Gillard Christopher Gray Thomas George James Green Megan Gronow Ciara Groves Aimee Rose Hayward Samuel Alan Hooton Amy Hopes Amelia Humphris William Hunt Max Aaron Hurst Zain Ismail Marcus Joyce Kalpreet Kaur Alexandra Jill Kerrison Kiri Keys Sean Lane Robert Oliver Leech Imogen Long Huw Timothy Mabe William Joseph Mahoney George Sidney McCusker-Bland George McDonald Tom Moore Rhys Kieron Morrow Benjamin Mower Dale Edward Mulderrig Roda Musa Oliver William John Upton Nash Georgina-Marie Nunn Bethan Colette Mary O Brien Rebecca Charlotte O Brien Amy Elise Parfitt Callum Parker Hazel Gemma Parkinson Jack Ryan Pears Andrew James Permain Dickon James Perryman Luke Pillar Natalie Polley Alex Pollock Belisa Prekulaj Jake Price Jennifer Purdom Connor Alan Rainey Natalie Ann Rodgers Christopher James Rogers John Rowland Connor Roxburgh Daniel Ryan Emilia Ryan Giles Saar Gabriella Lucy Schiavi Liam Sheridan Emily Smith Fearn Smith Ryan Smith Laura Stankeviciute Charles Peter Stansfield Alex Stavrou Calum Stewart Samuel William Stewart Sarah Elizabeth Marya Taylor Bryn Thomas Alexandra Anne Thompson Sophie Thompson Sean Thurgood Richard Philip Tomlinson Ross Samuel Tyrie Lucy Charlotte Unwin James Watts James Whitby Joshua Thomas Whitton Kelly Natalie Wilson Sarah Louise Wood History and American Studies Jack Cluer Sophie Julia Dorothy Alice Dinnie Matthew Goddard Laurence Thomas George Herbert Joshua Matthews Kieran Michael Moore History and American Studies with a Year Abroad Alicia Claire Bacon Amy Baldock Ross Andrew Baldwin Verity Anne Bonnar Bowman Amy Carpenter Abigail Deborah Dawson Sophia Louisa Hall Emma Heald Charles George Lammin Dominic McDonaugh Michael David Powell Holly Reeve Jacob Thorburn Francesca Tomlinson History and Archaeology Abigail Rhiannon Button Amy Katherine Edwards Elena Sofie Ghiggino Ashleigh Goss Isobel Holly Jayne Moss Alexandra Rickinson Alice Rose Thynne History and Politics Joshua David Bayliss Jemma Belliveau Sarah Brook Josef Butler Robert Collingridge Georgina Hannah Daffern Ali Douas Zara Jayne Fennell Ilja Fjodorov Peter Anthony Fleming Rebecca Forbes James Hall Cameron James Harris Eleanor Hennerley Kieran Hewitt Harvir Kaur Khaira Shyam Kotecha George Robert Miller Andrew Moth Robert Nowell Michael Anthony James Oatway Joshua William Harry Pibworth Hajira Piranie Bradley Price Joseph Pringle Amy Ffion Robinson Katherine Louise Rowson John Richard Sweeny Jack Taylor Hamzah Teladia Ferdinand William Valentine Willans History and Politics with a Year Abroad Benjamin Malaihollo-Sheppard Sandrise Mazodila History with a Year Abroad Grace Elizabeth Chew Ella Jane Curtis Katie Morticia Gumbrell Simon Harbit Laura Owen Jack Saville Mark Thompson International Relations Naden M Ali Al Khadar Sulekho Asad Rebecca Bugg Malick Cham Augustus William Davidson Beatrice Florence Fowler Pervin Hussein-Patel Sergio Henrique Iank Do Prado Matthew Kavanagh Jessie-Latisha Kivuitu Wing Sum Elisa Li Holly Ann McGrath Georgia Mae Moulder Blessing Chiamaka Obiorah 37

38 Ann-Marie Orridge Duygu Serin Gregory Simon Shaw Roisin Sheehy Tamar Simmonds Daniel Smart Anjay Karim Sorefan Benjamin Swann Mafine Sylla Laura May Thomas Georgi Todorov Todorov Eleonora Tosin Tahsin Nahid Moosa Umar Mariam Vaidya Yucong Wan Rebecca Willoughby International Relations and History Natalie Campbell Kai Sum Chan Joshua Finch Nicole Isabella Hawkins Nicholas Ben Jackman Kit Yu Lui Dominic John Mawdsley James Packer Matthew Peters Omar Saleem-Khan Divya Laxmi Sharma Fei Wu International Relations and History with a Year Abroad Thomas Batt Adam Moffatt Politics Waquar Akram Harry Baker Nicole Boahene Asomah Fariha Choudhury Levi Crisp Arva Gilbey-Jones Samia Zuffar Haq Samia Hersi Alexandra Innes William George Jankowski Katherine Alice Jardine Patrick Lawton Carys Leaves James David MacMaster Daniel Moone Olivia Mushigo Thomas Hamilton Robinson Suraj Samant Ayobami Sanni Robert James Lawrence Scottorn Politics and Economics Adeluyi Aderogba George William Bascom Pierce Bramley Fabbiha Chowdhury Adrian Coker Sonia Deol Rhian Elias Thomas Forrester Benjamin Hamer Ismael Hossen Sophie Husselbee Brandon Johnson Rohit Malhi Arthur Benjamin Manser Amir Hassan Jemal Nabi Emeka Onwordi Valter Qarri Atheer Qassim Yi Zhang Politics and International Relations Marija Sulce Politics and Sociology Natalie Jessica Coltman Abigail Hutchinson Daniel West College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology Presented by the Head of College, Professor Philip Baker Bachelor of Science Biological Sciences Carolyn Achia Hafsa Ali Usman Ashfaq Kinjal Babla Charles Bright Kristiana Brink Laura Elizabeth Buchanan Eve Victoria Burns-Thomas Harry Harry Cain Smaragda Christou Sofia Christou Emma Louise Cowan Henrietta Croke Amy Elizabeth Dickens Cynthia Emmanuel Benjamin Evans Chloe Gemma Featherstone Jodie Ferguson Emma Gibbs Amy Godleman Nancy Ella Howarth Samantha Hutchinson Oscar Khan Chloe Georgia Langley Kieran Lewin Oliver Lomax Jonathan Edward Patrick McGrath Abdirahman Ahmed Mohamed Charlotte Mugliston Alexandra Victoria Parker Rachel Richardson Jonathan Rexford Fletcher Rogers Hashvi Satish Shah Riddhi Shukla Shauna Catherine Silvey Raveena Angela Kaur Singh Lydia Smith Ramiya Subathiran Sarah Sutherland Charlotte Taylor Maria-Myrsini Tzioni Sarah Wilkie Jack Willows Joshua Adam Wray-Mitchell Ana Zadel Biological Sciences with a Year in Industry Alice Greenway Biological Sciences (Biochemistry) Sultan Ahmed Kathryn Heather Alliband Yasemin Ece Alpdogan Ishaaq Altaf-Haroon Chloe Baker Jordan Charles Breslin Edward Anthony Brown Justin Ofosu Dankwa Joshua Fleming Catherine Louise Gregory Charlotte Louise Claire Grey-Wilson Rasyidah Binti Haji Rahmad Kelsey Holpin Thulasi Jayadeva Nisha Kataria Amanpreet Kaur Shilpa Kumar Samuel Lee Josephine Mensah-Kane Mohammod Samad Miah Okeroghene Gabrielle Okevbie Obiuwevbi Sarah Katherine Pallett Serina Patel Samuel James Resendez Shona Sibley Harriet Ann Sorrell Thomas Strachan Amuchechukwu Ughaonu Man Cheng Vong Jodie Withall Madeleine Frances Sophia Wynn Biological Sciences (Biochemistry) with a Year Abroad William Henry Thomas Bowers Amie Louise Briggs Rosie Ann Waters Biological Sciences (Genetics) Nikita Aujla Dhillon Toby Evans Jordan Francis Kieran Riach Hamilton Vivienne Wing Huen Li Cicely Isabella Proudlock Claire Briony Smith Hannah Marie Stafford Poonam Hitesh Thakkar Oliver Jack Thompson Yim Zhe Yang Biological Sciences (Genetics) with a Year Abroad Anju Joby 38

39 Biological Sciences (Microbiology) James William Emerton Okikioluwa Fagbemi Sidra Rahman Alexandra Mae Wood Biological Sciences (Microbiology) with a Year in Industry Declan Grewcock Tina Mistry Biological Sciences (Neuroscience) Al-Fahad Abdul-Mumuni Manpreet Singh Atwal Kamil Dawid Barczak Kishen Chahwala Fatmata K Daramy Jadesola Ogheneyerovwome Dinakin Natasha Hopwood Kerr Horn Jeniffer Jeyakumar Asad Malik Colette Clare Milbourn Ramandeep Singh Tousher Mungur Sze Nga Pang Anna Parsons Vithoosheka Ragunathan Shajia Shahid Ellie Rebecca Sturmey Biological Sciences (Physiology with Pharmacology) Sharon Adebisi Simra Ahmed Kate Caroline Athaide Oreoluwa Adeshewa Bakare Naomi Ball Latiqua Shanae Barthley Ross Linden Baxter Kwan To Alfred Chan Mohammed Emtiyaz Raza Chowdhury Anna Elaine Frances Collins Joshua Cooke Kiara Isabel Delos Santos Bethany Griggs Sofia Jabeen Laura Jones Tharshan Karunakaran Thomas Kimpton Charles Jonathan Kruczko-Cousins Laurene Lambert Chae Yeon Lee Jerry Lumumba Lauren McKay Ashvati Nair Eulin Osei-Kuffour Anisha Patel Monica Rani Samuel Rose Sakina Fatima Sabir Mohammed Layiq Sediqi Natalija Sekanic Casey Shortall Neruja Sritharan Philippa Katherine Wade Lydia Amy Wales Hope Elizabeth Weir Bethan Jo Yapp Biological Sciences (Zoology) Zoe Blinko Hebe Grace Carmichael Katie Doull Joseph Hamm Samuel Harvey Shama Johns Lucy Grace King Rebecca Maddern Zachary Mason Michael Mills Simon James Penny Oliver Seabrook Hannah Jane Sellers Sean Anthony Storer Jack Richard Walker Biological Sciences (Zoology) with a Year Abroad Bethan Elaine Mason Medical Biochemistry Aisha Alade Emmen Ali Immaculata Shinduja Aloysius Angie Anifalaje Ellie Louise Arnold Sapana Bhandari Alexander Keith Brown Pisitkorn Charoenmins Chun Ho Cheng Ka Yee Chu Amelia Cotterill Lauren Elizabeth Sara Einchcomb Enanga Mosele Eko Bethany Rebekah Hill Olivia Louise Hill Nicole Caroline Hylton-Davies Mark-Adam Kellerman Bethia Darlene Owusu Kirwan Man Chun Denis Ma Tasnim Mohammed Natalie Georgina O Connor Elizabeth Ogunbayo Raeesa Hamid Parkar Himanshu Patel Mariam Patel Mohammed Raza Hannah Marie Smith Daniel Uwuoruya Medical Biochemistry with a Year in Industry James Freed Hannah Louise Mizen Medical Genetics Lilas Al Boushi Aisha Yousef A Alhumoudi Laura Blanco Kate Brown Christopher David Chapman Mohammad Hussaini Reem Khalifa A A Ismail Claudia A Micieli Dinesh Murugathasan Panagiota Paganopoulou Timea Beata Rambacs Sara Saleem H Saleem Thivakar Sri Kandakumar Benita Peone Thambipillai Eleanor Jane Aoife Weyell Kathryn Angela Alice White Medical Genetics (European Union) Anita Maria Walencik Medical Microbiology Sacha Christine Devlin Anna Fournadjieva Zainab Khote Adaobi Afoma Ojiakor Kalisha Patel Anika Wisniewska Medical Physiology Amber Ahmed-Issap Hannah Ajayi Deborah Albert Muhammad Rehman Ali Tanisha Oghenekevwe Amahwe Thomas Richard Ashcroft Jack Bishop Jack Chapman Louisa Katy Davis Jovanpreet Dhaliwal Chiara Ellis Dominic Keir M Foster Marie-Sophie Gomm Nitika Gupta Melanie Hayward Bhumika Hirani Khalima Jawaid Rebecca Johnson Harvey Kane Mashuda Khandokar Noor-Un-Nisa Khalid Malik Alex Arjun Jas Singh Mankoo Christopher Mitchell Fatma Mohamed Lauren Morgan Mowaninuolajesu Ojo Ma Arllen Orias Elinor Grace Pulman Grace Charlotte Pymm Radhika Rana Eden Richardson Harry Vincent William Rostron Abdulahi Mohamud Salah Victoria Jane Scott Asimah Soma Ka Wing Yim Medical Physiology with a Year Abroad Olivia Anna Nadine Speed 39

40 Order of Procession Wednesday 12 July, 3pm Two Marshals Students Union Sabbatical Officers Academic and Related Staff Two Marshals Members of Council and Members of Senate Distinguished Honorary Fellows of the University Professor Michael A Chamberlain Mr Ian Imlay, MBE Academic Registrar Mr Geoff Green Lord Lieutenant of Leicester Jennifer, Lady Gretton, JP Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Philip Baker Professor Jon Scott Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council Dr Bridget Towle, CBE, DL President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle, CBE, FBA, FRSE University Mace Chancellor The Right Honourable The Lord Grocott 40

41 Wednesday 12 July 3pm College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology Presented by the Head of College, Professor Philip Baker Doctor of Medicine James Dyer Umasankar Mathuram Thiyagarajan Sarah Philip Raguwinder Singh Sahota Doctor of Philosophy Hussein Mohammad Abbow Muhammad Adnan Jack Benedict Aidley Mohammad Emad Al Madadha Dalia Muhammed H Alammari Youssef Ali D Alaofi Marwh Gassim M Aldriwesh Alia Abdulaziz Alfi Samy Taha Abdo Alghadban Ibtihal Abdulhadi Majeed Al-Karaawi Izzat Abdulsatar Mezher Al-Rayahi Kamla Khalfan Said Al-Salmani Dimitra Aravani Usha Aryal Thangesweran Ayakannu Shaun Richard Barber Bethan Louise Barker Saeed Mohammed Noori Taher Bebane Sanjay Bhandari Chee Kay Cheung Shui Hao Chin Lewis Couchman Nathaniel Jude Davies Laura Delfino Abdulsalam F O Elfowiris Amar Mohamed Elhadi Eltweri Laura Margaret Mary Flavell Ruth Angela Hartley Robert Francis Harvey Giles Mortimer Hayward Zeki Ilkan Chinenye Oluchi Obiageri Iwuji Emma Leanne Jones Ramiar Kamal Kheder Eva Maria Krockow Wenjing Liao Rubar Hussein M.Salih Timothy Robert MacKrill Sarah Emily Melford Charles Patrick Rourke Milano Joseph Peter Morley Katherine Louise Morris Jotyar Jassim Muhammed Hastyar Hama Rashid Najmuldeen Sharina Binti Omar Rhiannon Kate Owen Saleha Patel Adam Peall Emma Pearson Nicola Eve Deborah Perrin Abdur Rauf Hannah Ryder Chin Yang Shapland Ricky Mark Trigg Christopher Jason Richard Turkington Julian Wang Andrew Weaver Lyndsey Claire Wright Enjie Zhang Zinah Dheyaa Razzaq Zwaini Doctor of Clinical Psychology Francesca Harrison Jennifer Louise Weedon Doctor of Psychology Shona Adams Philippa Jane Appleton Andrea Dennison Azmaira Mawji Nazira Ismail Mawji Sean Liam Mark Slater Master of Philosophy Chloe Louise Edridge Malgorzata Grazyna Wegrzyn Master of Research Applied Health Research Jatan Parmar Clinical Sciences Shalin Ashokkumar Parekh Master of Science Bioinformatics Yousef Mohammed Alghamdi Lee Daniel Brannan Simon Bray Matthew Byott Kenneth William Condon Emma Croot Rory Cunnison Kricy Kochiyil George Roween Ghazzawi Ngure Kagia Supatcha Sassanarakkit Eoin Vaughan Clinical Sciences (Mountain Medicine) Lawrence Rory Kidd Debbie Angela Simon Richard Bryan Simon Diabetes Sohail Anjum Abbas Yousef Almiri Tawfik Amer A Besheya Vera Labelle Nicola Jane Nuttall Charles Odiase Mohammed Roshan Janet Marie Singleton Medical Statistics Dominique Akong Agbor Tarh Shehzad Inayat Ali Nishal Bhupendra Jaicim Claire Louise Kenna Psychology of Work Nga Yee Monica Tang Master of Arts Integrated Provision for Children and Families in Early Years John William Astbury Angeline Conaghan Conaghan Sally Jill Etheridge Regina Catherine Ferriter Victoria Joyce Hannay Sharon Harris Claire Louise Hunter Jacqueline Dawn Lanham Janice Maddison Helen Christina Morris Faith Stringer Amy Catherine Tallis Danusia Taylor Marie Walker Allison Lorraine Warner Social Work Mayowa Bimpe Layeni Annjanet McKerral Harjinder Perihar Postgraduate Diploma Clinical Sciences (Mountain Medicine) Alison Claire Ellwood Nick Haslam Heather Mae Storey Rianne Dirkine Corrien Van Der Spek Hazel Jane Watchorn 41

42 Diabetes Ali Abd Alraheem Zaheer Babar Lesley Drane Hassan Muzzamil Frederik Pieper Integrated Provision for Children and Families in Early Years Andrea Varga Psychology of Work Emily Sarah Dixon Gabriella Micallef Ching Man Amanda So Benedict Blakey Postgraduate Certificate Clinical Sciences (Mountain Medicine) Alex Bewick Thomas Bradley Abigail Harper Elizabeth Jayne Irvine Helen Jayne Jefferies Timothy Kelly Richard Anthony Moss Matthew Smith Diabetes Vikas Das Mahesh May Matti Ibrahim Jazrawi Christina Murray Goderick Roberts Mark James Sage Psychology of Work David Vincent Scothern Bachelor of Science Applied Psychology Maria Afanaseva Rehab Mohammed Banafa Sophie Jane Buckley Jodie Collins Olawande Fafunso Christie Louise Ghent Sarah Hunt Maudisa King Amelia Katherine Pinion Amna Shehzadi Psychology Edmund Horatio Addy Ruhel Ahmed Tasnim Ahmed Rhian Margaret Ainscough Simisola Elizabeth Ajayi Rawan Abdullah Said Al-Mujaini Jessica Ammah Daniel Barby Akash Barolia Amy Benning Arifa Bhanwadia Daniel Brewer Ella Louise Brian Amy Jo Broadhead Harry Edward Brown Janine Buckley-Ankrah Jessica Cantrell Yiu Chun Chan Charlene Charlerie Ka Yuet Chow Edwyn Chung Man Chun Chung Rachel Mary Cowell Rebecca Jane Cox Louise Crook Rhaea Davis Eleanor Mary Day Dylan Hugh Deehan Gemma Faye Dineley Marie-Jo Hadia Djedje Tilly May Eggleston Celine Erorh Andreas Evagorou Jacqueline-Marie Ferdinand Maisie Ruth Flatt Ilana Louise Foreman Celine Forrest Rebecca Marie Frost Ammarah Gaffar Harpreet Gosal Pooja Govan Caspian Haidarieh-Zadeh Sophie Ann Hall Shezre Hashmi Molly Heathcock Mollie Henstock Demar Hercules Edith Hewitt-Wright Aisleen Hodges Lucy Howlett Selina Fizah Hussain Morenike Igoh Sylvana Jafar Yetu Eunice Jiya Mehak Preet Kaur Harsimran Kaur-Bhat Thomas James Keens Charmaine Kayizi Kilonzo Anil Kumar Olivia Kwakyewaa-Gyamfi Zainab Laher Nikita Lalji Caroline Lambert Natalia Laverty Baralle Chi Kei Leng Rebecca Holly Leventhal Arl James Leyson Paige Rhiannon Jane Lindo Themis Loizou Carla Brianne Long Courtney Lucas Nimrat Kaur Mahil Rand Mansour Olivia Marsh Abbie Laura Massaro Iffah Sakinah Mohamad Saiful Khadijah Mohammed Lowri Mordecai Josephine Kate Moxham Caitlin Rose Murphy Iqraa Nabi Giulia Cristina Newbery Alexander Robert Norman Nova Nusrat Alam Vanessa O Connell James Michael Ogley Olohitai Ijenifa Ohonyon Sofinari Omo-Ikerodah Isabelle Osborne Lauren Otchelio Luke Parry Viran Raaj Patel Jennifer Helen Peach Thomas Penny Joy Perry Dk Noor Afiqah Pg Kasmirhan Eleanor Caitlin Pilkington Lorna Frances May Powell Rohit Prasad Tanzeela Kauser Qayum Priya Rai Pola Raich Emily Helen Ralph Labib Ramzan Emily Louise Roberts Whitney Robinson Elemawusi Azalea Rockson Kona Rogers Jasmine Ronsisvalle Kate Sanders Elizabeth Sargent Annabel Lucinda Scally Sharika Shah Haseenah Aysha Kauser Shamim Anisha Sharma Claire Shaw Constantinos Sianis Jordayne Simmonds Abhijeet Singh Abigail Victoria Skinner Lok Wa So Rachel Jenny Spittle Daisy Stannard Selina April Street-Soden Aisha Tayub Kirandeep Kaur Thandi Marion Dolcie Thorpe Claire Elizabeth Toomey Beverley Eneode Ugwu Erika Vainikonyte Lucy Voller Katie Susan Walker Hannah Watts Harry Wentworth Jacob Woulfe Hiu Yan Yeung Tsz Yan Yung Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience Khoula Afzal Josie Chan Wai Ki Chen Kieran John Clarke Bradley Dearnley Varun Deshpande Curtis Stephen Evans Lauren Rebecca Harper Ruairidh James Hinchcliffe 42

43 Isabel Del Mar Hita Millan Monira Mubaarak Ebryl Kimonie Nicholls Stephanie Nicholls Cecily Eve Pepper Aaminah Rahman Emma Jane Settery Eve Taylor Lowri Gwyneth Williams Psychology with Sociology Moyinoluwa Ololade Akinpelu Kyle Jordan Commander Diekolola Erinle Catherine Louise Evans Amy Louise Eyre Seerat Ghory Ikra Hameed Hediye Karakus Natasha Claire Lowe Shereena Makkar Abisola Ogunledun Raveena Panchhi Georgina Daphne Patrick Elpha Mary Perkins Terrie Louise Spencer Serena Yasmin Welham Bachelor of Science (Intercalated) Sherna Firdaus Adenwalla Samuel Christopher Barnes Bethany Claire Barraclough Lucy Elizabeth Bleazard Kathryn Joanne Brown Elliot Thomas Byford Michael David Cannon Alysha Careless Lucy Ruth Chambers Lauren Claire Coles Emily Crawley Peter Dudley Gregory Stephen John Duncan Mavis Ann Fernandes Joseph Bryan Gardiner Oliver Jack Gorrigan Marsha Sandra Green Jack Hasler Gemma Louise Hawkey William Henry Hunt Reshma Joseph Francesca Leone Heather Louise Lund Callum MacKay Sidra Muhammad Madha Samir Basant Makwana Roisin Alexandra McCarthy Sonal Modhwadia Tanushree Motiwale Amy Nuttall Hannah Orme Ruth Beatrice Caroline Pattiata Laurence Peters Gina Nazifa Popal Esha Prakash Emily Rose Ratford Stephanie Laura Rees Isobel Lorna Ritchie Liam David Sanders Rishi Sarania Jonathan Michael Sheldrake Jessica Caitlin Sidney Jessica Speller Lucy Taylor Neil Thakrar Aiswarya Veena Thomas Clare Tomlinson Simon George Turpin Nataya Wathanasin Alice Elizabeth Margaret White Georgina Yan Jeremy Yarrow Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Omar Abuwarda Rebecca Acres Briony Adams Deepa Aggarwal A Isyah Hani Binti Ahmad Zubaidi Saqib Ijaz Ahmed Iza Akhtar Atinuke Akinmolayan Edward George Alcorn Holly Jane Andrews Matthew Archer Philip James Paul Arkley Rajay Arora Angeli Michelle Arthur Shamma Khanam Aslam Tega Victor Ayara Matthew David Baguley Victoria Baird Rhiannon Jane Ball Justin Donald Barron Lloyd Brown Aleksandra Paulina Brzuszek Joel Benjamin Caughey Kimberly Sook Kim Chok Christopher Clements Jennifer Ann Collins Victoria Ruth Cowell Alison Cox Chloe May Crofts Isla Grace Cantlay Cruickshank Emma Jane Daly Huw Davies Jonathan James William Delf Harjit Dev Debanand Dey Ashley Douglas Esther Eden Joel Martin Edwards Laura Jane Edwards Lee Elzubeir Tze Chun Fan Leila Fananapazir Maryum Farooq Sean Joseph Farrelly Faisal Faruque Olivia Marie Flaherty Giselle Franklin Rose Garner Jack Gibbs Daniel Stuart Gill Maheen Gill Dominic Gordon-Walker Andrew David Gray Nikita Gulati Iqra Gulzar Mohammed Nurul Haque Bhaven Deep Heer Karl Anthony Holden Michael George Holder Elizabeth Amy Houghton Christopher Houlton Lisanna Cornelia Huisman David Robert Hurt Dolapo Jasmine Igboin Shiraz Iqbal Mohannad Irshad Hazeera Ishaq Samuel Lewis Jack Philippa James Rachel Alice Jennings Ryan Lee Jennison Oliver Jones Jola Karaj Kunal Khushalbhai Arun Kirupananthavel Amy Patricia Kunicki Emmanuel Odartei Lamptey Georgina Elizabeth Latcham Lilian Suh Lih Lau Annie Jane Lea Michael Lea Olivia Catherine Leafe Hannah Elizabeth Lee Chadwick Jacob Alexander Lisle Qiang Lin Loh Kerry Long Adam Longley Flora Eve MacDonald Christine Elizabeth MacFadyen Nur Najah Binti Mahmood William Stephen Manning James Marshall Laura Rose Martin Tony Martin Namita Mary Mathews Hannah Jade May Anna McClune Thomas James McCormack Mark Steven Miranda Simon James Benjamin Mitchell Christopher Molloy Khalid Moosa Joseph Morley Krishant Kumar Muthu Kumar Fatimah Nasrullah Nicole Norman Gemma Oades Jonathan O Doherty Su Yin Oh Keisha Sarika Patel Lubna Patel Misha Patel Sima Patel Suraj Pathak Olivia Phillips Kyriaki Pieri 43

44 Anand Radhakrishnan Nursyafizan Amalina Binti Rahamzan Arvind Rammohun Marina Anne Ransome Mohammed Usman Rashid Chelsea Isabelle Margaret Constance Redclift Thomas Samuel Reilly Julie Riechmann Karim Essam Adly Fahmy Rizkalla Nicholas Oliver Leigh Robson Sam Romaine Ian Rowley Philippa Jane Laetitia Royston-White Niraj Samani Mini Sardar Freya Alice Satchell Matthew Scholey Sarah Elizabeth Scott Lisa Shah Elizabeth Sharkey Bethany Sharp Jonathon Sheen Timothy Donald Sherwin Heena Sisodia Harriet Smith Philip James Smith Georgia Southwood Alison Jeanette Sparke Mark James Studley Muhammad Ajwad Bin Sulaiman Abigail Atta Akua Booh Takyi Emily Taylor Dixa Thakrar Tiraan Thambipillai Helena Tharp Alexandra Thatcher Alexandra Jayne Thompson James Thyng Zaccharie Brice Tyler Layla Vania Harini Shahana Vijayenthiran Melanie Vine Aikaterini Vlachou Jason Lewis Walke Andrew James Walker David Walker Ade Clifford Waterman Daniel Thomas Watts Joseph George Wheeler Jacob White Sophie Lara White Jonathan James Wilkes Andrew Peter Williamson Joseph Michael Willis Lee-Wei Wong Jake George Wright Elizabeth Sue Chyn Yong Nur Ammar Nina Binti Zulkifli 44

45 Order of Procession Thursday 13 July, 11am Two Marshals Students Union Sabbatical Officers Academic and Related Staff Two Marshals Members of Council and Members of Senate Distinguished Honorary Fellows of the University Mr Ian Imlay, MBE Public Orators Dr Angus Cameron Registrar and Chief Operating Officer Mr David Hall Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Sarah Dixon Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council Dr Bridget Towle, CBE, DL President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle, CBE, FBA, FRSE University Mace Chancellor The Right Honourable The Lord Grocott 45

46 Thursday 13 July 11am College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Presented by Dr Angus Cameron, School of Management Bachelor of Arts Banking and Finance Qikun Cao Nicholas Champ Botian Chen Nan Chen Shunan Chen Chung Chun Kan Jason Xiaohui Du Linford Frimpong Ya Gao Jordan Kareem-Komolafe Yan Li Yi Li Yiran Liao Jiabin Lyu Yan Ming Muhammad Ibrahim Ali Niazi Nik Aqil Bin Nik Aminuddin Olivia Nzegbulem Raaj Raniga Tong Sun James Thomas Wing Tung Tsang Lingyu Wang Mingxi Wang Renhui Wang Xu Wang Yiru Wei Zhenwei Wu Shudi Yin Qian Yu Tong Yu Zhongshen Zhang Yuxiang Zhao Shile Zhou Business Economics Jeffrey Amisi Maria Ines Amorelli Sachin Arora Anisha Nikki Chawla Dilen Dattani Joshua Frank Davies Varundeep Dhunna Christopher Ford Lewis Fowler Umar Ali Galia Mohammed Khaliel Yuchen Li Luc Tu Ly Penny Louise Marshall Syed Mujtaba Masroor Ikhlas Matloob Hei Yan Mok Kachi Samuel Monu Ben Nicholas Mott Oluwadurotimi Oluyemi Julius-Junior Oweka Abdulrasheed Oyeleke Oyewumi Manraj Singh Panesar Keone Rio Patel Adrianna Piasecka Maxwell James Pope Thomas Skedge Ka Wai Tong Ben Oliver Patrick Tyrrell Catherine White Jake Edward Kwabena Yeboa Xianpeng Zhou Economics Rebecca Jane Acres Kennedy Adamu Christian Lars Anders Ahlqvist Agatha May Akora Nazanien Ashouri George Atkinson Nengi Ezinne Michelle Ayika Moosa Mohammed Bahadur Tom Bailey Emily Rose Ballinger Robert Berry Sukhvinder Bhamra Otis Lemar Samuel Blackstock Derry McGregor Blyth Robert Castle Demian Castroda Matthew Thomas Clewett Andrew Cuttle Sani Mohammed Dangote Zak Ditta Jacob Foad Bakhtiyar Forazi Lewis Mitchel Gill Ross Cameron Grant Garima Gurung Sumayyah Ibrahim Vanessa Ighomereho Ifeanyichukwu Ikpeazu Umair Iqbal David James Jones Laura Jones Ummar Khan Christopher Mansfield Jamie Matheson Adam McGowan Zati Amani Mohd Zulfekar Michael Neil Moult Liam Patrick Murphy Aurel Nazmiu Florence Rose Nevin Owain Nolan Morenike Ogunseye Adetokunbo Adetomiwa Ogunwusi Ilkem Ozturk Craig Frederick Charles Pearce Roshni Popat George Andrew Rhatigan William Richardson Stephen Robertson Simon James Robinson Bilaal Shafi Benjamin Ellis Sinclair Celine Smith Uchechukwu Ugwu Monish Abraham Varghese Amritpal Singh Virdee Geraldine Chiu Wing Wong Joseph Yates Wooi Ling Yong Bo Wen Yu Economics with a Year Abroad Isabelle Sophia Haviland Eastley Tian Le Ekenechukwu Silverline Ojiako Mohammed Hasan Sajid Economics with a Year in Industry Sahra Ulusow Financial Economics Joseph Oluwatomini Adeyemi Farhan Ahmed Ilayda Aktas Joel Kwesi Asante Amoah Nicholas Astley Cameron Atkinson Krishan Bahia Catherine Berry Haojian Chen Ying Chen Zhiyin Chen Adam Dilke-Wing Yashi Fang Moshopefoluwa Oluwabukola Folayan Ryan Anthony Hall Jessica Cassan Harrison Haidar Ali Hussain Omair Karatella Saanwal Noor Muhammad Tatenda Tareen Muzanenhamo Muhammad Sadi Noor Tinopiwanashe Nyamapfene Rukewhe Oghenede Flora Ndidi Ogundu Kosisochukwu Orah Olamide Oluwatobi Orolugbagbe Paraskevas Vasileios Panagakos 46

47 Saajan Pandit Ashish Patel Henal Vasanji Patel Bhavita Punja Steven James Quarrell Umesh Ramanan Oskar Alain Rutz Benjamin Antonio Sammut Shiyi Shen Arunan Sivanesan Andrew Smart Makhinur Talgatova Yiqi Tong Danielle Townley-Moss Ka Lok Joe Tsang Kyle Whelan James Willis Nga Man Wong Wei Wu Yingyi Wu Yang Xiao Yuqing Xu Miao Yu Mohammad Subhaan Zafar Management Studies Manal Aarif Mahadik Mustapha Nasiru Aboki Anshul Agarwal Petr Alekseev Tushaar Amit Mehra Ahsan Alexander Anderson Ehizuelen Darryl Munachiso Arabome Ryan Awbery Ayandoyinmola Ayandosu Luke Ballard Manjot Kaur Bamrah Sheela Begum Richie Bendela Richard Thomas James Benson Lionel Kehinde Cardoso Liam Alexander Cater Cheuk Yi Chan Chenghao Chen Qiao Chen Qiaoqun Chen Wing Sze Cheung Hiu Ki Chu Jasper Kwan Ngo Chu Daniela Conrad Jake Corlett Nguyen Hung Dang Jaspreet Kaur Dhaliwal Marie Claire Dickinson Yuanji Ding Evelyn Queenie Abigail Dixon Lehan Premith Edirisinghe Tashan Edward Paisley Sasha Esterhuizen Theo Esterhuizen Liwen Fei Yue Fei Xue Feng Jacob Gardiner Simran Ghesani Joel Giuffrida Oliver Gnandi Ksenia Gruneva Ying Gu Suhaiba Rabiu Gwarzo William Harrad Shuk Ching Nataly Hau Sin Laam Rosemary Ho Jack Holmes Tingting Hong Yating Hong Ishwar Partap Singh Jhikka Cheuk Man Kan Stefanos Kimon Kouris Adedapo Ladipo Yee Ting Lai Suet Ki Lam Sarah Leung Brian Wai Shing Li Huashen Liang Zhenjun Lin Suiying Liu Chun Yin Joshua Lo Ka Wai Calvin Lo James Lucey Jonathan Sam Lummis Joshua Malone Yuan Meng Nadia Maria Mosnegutu Oussama Nibrasse Angel Oblitey Adepitan Odubajo Joseph Osei-Bonsu Andrew Owusu-Aninakwah Melissa Jane Page Sophie Elizabeth Palmer Liucen Pan Qianyun Pan Ho Chit Ian Pang Hashim Parvez Vivek Patel Thang Trung Pham Sangita Prithviraj Sharma Michula Shewane Ranawakaarachchie Christopher George Read Jack Riordan Danestan Robin Nimalraj Yi Ru Randhir Singh Sandhu Charanjit Saroya Rory Scrimgeour Hitarth Shah Amritveer Singh Evandeep Singh Turna Ishani Sinha Karandeep Singh Sodhi Wai Shing Suen Chun Yin Alexander Tam Louis Mofeyintoluwa Thompson King Ho To Ho Yin Oscar Tsang Shirley Sozinha Vinda Fanyu Wang Shengnan Wang Chun Hei Hanrik Wong Hiu Yung Wong Man Ching Stephanie Wong Shuhua Xu Huimin Yao Nok Hei Jonathan Yau Xiaohui Ye Kerui Yu Yang Yu Min Zhang Qi Zhang Yidi Zhang Yunpeng Zhang Yuzhe Zhang Yaqian Zheng Management Studies (Finance) Fisayo Elizabeth Adebajo Amro Mohammadmukhtar M Alsafh Amrit Bath Wing Yan Chan Yu Hin Chan Eric Da Cunha Devesh Vinod Daswani Jasmin Dayal Beritan Demiroglu Ruijia Fan Hibo Habsai Yehuan Hu Yinhan Jiang Dong Woo Kim Kenneth Koranteng Shih Chi Kuo Jordan Jon Lewis Jianing Li Wing Joe Li Yuemeng Li Lok Yi Lo Yasmaine Malcolm Karan Narwani Timothy Ndungu Taiwo Tamara Ogbe Jeremy Ogbeifun Samuel Ogundayo Sherifat Moturayo Ojikutu Godwin Onyinah Aiden Pestell Semhar Petros Dk Nina Armanirah Pg Abd Rahman Ella Mary-Isobel Phillips Tongran Qu Kajol Rana Maria Da Paz Rato De Oliveira Reema Raval Umaefarva Shah Jesutofunmi Solola James Stephen Thornton Maonan Tian Joshan Uppal Saathula Varatharaj Mirha Wasim Ka Chung Wong Frederick Yeboah-Smith Yuhan Zhou Management Studies (Marketing) Azza Abdulla Thanyaporn Anantasilp Nafeesa Arshad Alisha Bains Ali Hasan A Boukhamsin 47

48 Rebecca Cawley Lok Yan Chan Xiaotong Chen Rhea Brijmohan Daga Sheila Emeter Joana Essien Ronaldo Foster Cara Mechelle Franklin Ben Garton Oliver David Harrison Eugene Ho Lydia Jane Hockley Chloe Howard Hoi Ki Hui Nathaniel Kerr Eleftheria Koutsouridaki Siu Lun Lee Ching Lam Leung Huixia Li Sze Pui Li Chun Yan Jason Lo Tsz Ho Lo Suleen Chow Mok Rory Monon Amanda Lisa Mswaka Dyah Ayu Irbach Shabrina Musa Mutinta Ng Andu Konstantia Pala Samuel Payne Darren Plange Katie Victoria Rance Prabhleen Kaur Sahota Rajat Sharma Oladipupo Oluwaseun Sobodu Sageera Thavendrarajan Bernard Tsui Nadezda Valova Yuen Hang Wong Stacey Kareen Yam Tsz Kwan Yu Adelina Desimirova Zakova Syed Zain Zaman Bazena Zdanovska Management Studies (Organisation Studies) Nosakhare Tamaratare Agwoje Lubaba Chowdhury Ahmed Ruiya Dai Qiying Mai Adam Mateusz Ziolek Management Studies and Economics Muhammad Tamir Ahmed-Choudhury Awg Md Wazien Naufal Bin Awg Azmain Yu Gu Catrina Marie Hall Iwona Janasik Xuechun Jin Chau Hei Diana Lam Matthew Liddell-Young David Samuel McTague Viktorija Mineikyte Modupe Motunrayo Yetunde Murphy Mary Chiamaka Okorie Avina Panchasara Himal Patel Artemis Rizoglou Amandeep Sanghera Navreet Thind Andrew Frederick Vaughan Shun Hin Yip Management Studies with a Year Abroad Niall McGuire Management Studies with Politics Derrick Igbokwe Romanos Kapelis Ming Hin Joshua Lui Alexander William Parker Marsh Olakitan Naomi Olufisan Bachelor of Science Accounting and Finance Adedoyin Afolabi Omayma Abdullah Ali Al Nabri Georgia Begg Ziyan Bi Sean Bonsu Sadiq Bunu Haonan Cai Yik Ping Chan Shanza Chaudhary Jaishal Jitendra Chauhan Ruyu Chen Ying Ying Chow Emily Crowney Igor Daoud William Doherty Saratu Bashir Ahmad El-Rufai Xiao Feng Rachel Fisher Po Ying Fung Yuheng Gan Zanyang Gong Rukayya Ibrahim Hadejia Alexander Hazell Kris Hope Emily Hughes Ousman Hussain Moin Ishaq Wing Yan Lam Aramide Lapite Lyna Mun Chien Lee Hanxin Li Suqi Li Yiping Liang Shiyun Liu Hoi Chun Norris Ma Muhammad Mashrur Huimin Pan Moksha Patel Viran Kantibhai Patel Si Qun Qian Prabhjot Singh Shergill Eden Louise Smalley Palihenage Minuri Jithmini Tissera Ruoxi Wang Fan Hui Zeng Jiaqi Zhang Linna Zhao Jingyi Zhong Ying Zhou Banking and Finance Ka Shing Chong Amar Singh Gill Prithpal Singh Gore Po Yan Ip Lifeng Lin Yin Kiu Liu Ali Mehdi Muhammad Siyu Ren Inderdeep Singh Artemiy Sinyukov Lou Wang Adam Ward Scarlett Rose Waters Oliver Jack Webb Alexander Wells Business Economics Ben Felstead Zhenkun Luo Elliot Jack Moresby Moore Libby Shambrook Economics Sharmake Abib Abraham Adams Sami Ahmed-D Souza Jonathan Ashcroft Catherine Ashley Viraj Bhawsar Jamie Bolton Callum Philip Burston Hiu Lam Chung Oliver Fitzwater Wai Him Fung Harry Garman Andrew James Gilbert Daniel Howley Awais Khursheed Mohamed Shahin Latif Liban Mohamud Lydia May Palmer Krupa Popat Andreas Psaras Emily Louise Russell Christos Singh Julius Thomson Reece Aaron Weston Economics with a Year in Industry Tom Gillett Financial Economics Safwan Abdullah Ahmed Debra Agboola Fikriye Ahmet Damilola Anderson Dhruve Bhoombla Alexander Carvell Tsz Yin Chang Oliver James Paul Cockell Ghaneswaran Gnanalingam Lucy Hamwijk Adeel Hasan Tasmina Hussain Michael Idowu Ameer Issa Chenai Jakachira Alina Khan 48

49 Naomi Lloyd-Wakeman Rabiah Mahmood Tyrone McLean-Bell Mahad Abdirahman Ali Mire Yasir Mushtaq Hassan Oni-Orisan Hareena Kaur Purewal James Thorns Cho Yiu Wong Yunhao Zhu Human Resource Management Marcy Angulety Curline Ince Jocelyn Westcott Napier Joyce Onyango Urs Weisskopf Diploma of Higher Education Human Resource Management Areej Alam Kam Fai Lau Yim Ho Leung Jia Xuan Fidia Lim Pui Yan Doris Liu Ian Dacosta Vaughan Professional Diploma Professional Diploma in Management Jade Clake Laurence Ingabire Paty Hyberto Kamenga Paulina Anthony Mwanga Pamela Awuor Ongoma Dawn Eloise Soleyn Robert Tomasuolo Certificate of Higher Education Human Resource Management Stephanie Whittle Professional Certificate Professional Diploma in Management Andrew Gahagan Paul Omuomo Oduor 49

50 Order of Procession Thursday 13 July, 3pm Two Marshals Students Union Sabbatical Officers Academic and Related Staff Two Marshals Members of Council and Members of Senate Distinguished Honorary Fellows of the University Mr Ian Imlay, MBE Dr Adrian Weston, MBE Public Orators Mr Nigel Siesage Registrar and Chief Operating Officer Mr David Hall Honorary Graduand Mr Charles Bishop Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire Jennifer, Lady Gretton, JP Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Julie Coleman Professor Sarah Dixon Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council Dr Bridget Towle, CBE, DL President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle, CBE, FBA, FRSE University Mace Chancellor The Right Honourable The Lord Grocott 50

51 Thursday 13 July 3pm College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Presented by the Head of College, Professor Julie Coleman Doctor of Philosophy Olukorede Abiona Eric Akobeng Sara Alizadeh Miyandoab Gareth Spencer Brown Marco Checchi Rikke Duus David Mark Fletcher Sneha Gaddam Tewodros Makonnen Gebrewolde Nermeen Mohamed Abd Elaziz Harb Polina Khrennikova Hidayet Kislali Laura Jane Knight Nikolaos Kontogiannis Xin Li Li Lin Tanisha Raeann Mitchell Mate Marton Racz Maria Vlachou Michael Wuest Guangyi Xin Syed Haider Ali Zaidi Doctor of Social Science Helen Askey Karsten Jensen Robert Warren King Maria Lashley Debra Ann McDermott Stephen Onyisi Ojeh Yim-Ling Sung Perihan Yavash Master of Philosophy Fan Li Alena Zhulyaeva Master of Research Labour Market Studies Colin John Linton Master of Business Administration Ulunma Rosemary Abalogu Mina Nafea Waheeb Abd Boctor Ahmed Abdelbaky David Abodo Mohamed Ibrahim Fahmy Abdelmola Abohemed Kamal Mohamed Mohieldin Aboureida Abeer Abu Suleiman Ibrahim Ali Abudayeh Kenneth Kwamina Acquah Adewale Adebanjo Abiodun Adelekan Olufemi Nathaniel Adeyemo John Chukwuemeka Adigwe Ejiro Blessing Agboaye Santa Maria Aguti Deborah Mawuse Agyemfra Mohammad Ghassan Rafiq Ahmad Mohamed Mostafa Ismail Ahmed Adenike Oluwafunke Ajayi Temitope Akinsanya Oluwakemi Ganiat Akinsinde Ayman Al Chami Bissan Al Ramahi Mayes Al Thani Taher Alagha Muhi Alden Miteb Hamad Al-Driwish Rayed Hassan Alfaraj Noof Al-Fehaidi Ahmed Algeneady Hussain Al-Haddad Ahmed Al-Hinity Mohamad Al-Jumiah Graeme John Allott Ala Ahmad Ali Almahameed Mustafa Mohammed Attia Alqazaz Ibrahim Hamdan M Alshuraifi Amer Al-Soudani Saad Abdullah Alumair Muthanna Mohammed Suliman Amro Ioannis Androulakis Lloyd Kobena Hagan Annobil Godwin Asiateba Iyad Atieh Bassem Attia Linda Akweley Ausekre Antranik Aywazian Alexander M. Azrour Fatima Baba-Kenchi Mark Paul Babington Fahd Ahmed Saeed Baghozah Mohammed Saleh Balahwal Temitope Luqman Balogun Boyd Banda Cynthia Erica Banson Ajit Barot Maryam Bayi Feras Baykly Ibrahim Bello Brinsley Benjamin Lena Beshlian Abu Bockarie Yasser Bourdkani Mlandzeni Boyce Christian Osvaldo Antonio Bruno Emanuel Bstieler Razaak Adekunle Adebambo Busari Eduardo Jesus Cuello Cerini Yee Loy Chan Frank Chibesakunda Gift Chinonye Chikwendu Ifeanyichukwu Kingsley Chime George Christou Arinze Samuel Chukwudile Mary Akweley Cobblah Edward Colver Andreas Constantinides William Francis Cunningham Mohamed Abd El Hamid Darwish Khairy Kris Llewellyn Davies Jawole Ainka Davis Mireille Dawalibi Annique Marie Dawkins Majdi Dayyat Kongahage Vajira Arawinda De Silva Ramon Adewale Delegun Nicola Della Porta Abdullah Dhafar Maria Dicou Keramet Donmez Emma Naomi Dorman Anson Walter Dsilva Jane Obiajulu Duruoha Ibrahim El Hassanein Mohamed Hany Abdulmonaam Elalaily Ahmed El-Khashab Mohamed Hani El-Rafie Mai Mohamed Kamal Helal Elsharkawi Ahmed Hafez Abdelsalam Elshiekh Jolene Elwerr Mohamed El-Zoghby Waleed Etman Yetunde Ololade Fadumila Dinazelda Abiba Azevedo Fernandes Menushika Bernadette Silohsa Fernandopulle Nicola Jane Firth Anne-Marie Clothilda Fisher Ramzi Anthony Ghammachi Joseph Mokaya Gichana John Mbugua Gitagia Venkata Prabhakar Satish Gojji Chamindra Manish Goonewardene Marcella Vanessa Griffin Andre Grima Pamela Maria Gutierrez Edith Akosua Gyamfi Ahmed Hadhoud Robert Sylvester Hall Omar Halwani Mohamed Tahar Hamimi Ranesh Handunnetti Rannulu 51

52 Sarah Harvey Amr Hassan Walid Hassan Chamil Buddhika Hathurusinghe Vanessa Naomi Haye Suhaib Hilal Lee Hoi Ki Herman Muge Sinem Hooper Kevin Michael Hoy Hussein Hussein Fahmy Lucy Alali Ibanichuka Elsayed Ismail Elsayed Mohamed Ibrahim Alexsandra Ogadimma Ihechere Vasiliki Iliantzoglou Maria Ioannou Shuichi Ishibashi Cheryl Elizabeth Jackson Shellyann Jackson Mohamed Nabavi Jeseem Aneil Kumar Jhumat Helen Louise Jones Titilola Itunu Jude-Egbuwe Mary Mukulu Kai Rabie Kalash Lana Kan An Valentine Kanyanta Navin Kumar Karra John Kennedy Kasawuli Mouhammad Anwar Kassas Liana Kayali Betija Kedem Klompus Evelyn Kevin-Annan Marwan Mohd Mustafa Khamis Lydia Wanjiru Waruguru Kibaara Danushka Andrew Kodituwakku Tim Koerner Leow Kok Liang Danny Ioannis Kokkotos Dimitrios Kontopanagos Shyam Jagdish Kotak Diana Kulabako Kahadawa Arachchighe Chathura Sanjeewa Kumarasinghe Manal Kurdi Esther Kwansah Efi Kyriacou Paola Kyriakou Mark Lambert Rosie Victoria Vincentini Leach Pang Li Qiang Giasemi Liapi Michael Ephraim Likongwe Joe Logan Pritam Pius Lopes David Loveday Fidelia Obioma Lucky-Ekeka Tung Hie Luk Winstone Lungu Mukasa Samuel Lutalo Bwalya Mildred Lwando Ray Nah Lye Raed Madanat Amer Maithalouni Irene Njeri Makumi Cian Marnell Rami Massoud Lucy Mbao Mataka Paul Leonard Matheson Zavion Mattis Ryan Sean McGloin Gautam Mehta Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim Metwally Edward Adjeman Prempeh Miezan Jones Mwagogo Mlolwa Muntser Yehdego Ibrahim Mohamed Haitham Abdulrheem Mohammad Yahya Morad Alexandros Moulis Julien Francois Mulowayi Kasonga Zubaida Musah Robert Mutebi Miliswa Judith Mvoko Julius Maluki Mwandai Ivon Mwangala Davis Mwangi Cynthia Mwila Paulo Jose N.R Madeira Almeida Winnie Nambeya Ayman Nasr Regai Ngwenya Jasmin Nielsen Humphrey Okechukwu Nwugo Hope Debbie Nyagomo Dereck Tafadzwa Nyakupinda Geoffrey Gekonge Nyambongi Roger O Carroll Oluyemisi Oluremi Ogbaro Oluwakemi Omobolanle Oggar Kehinde Ololade Oke Ogheneriere Okoro Ademide Abraham Oladeinde Olopade Oladipupo Abimbola Susan Eunice Akinyi Oloo Ayodele Atinuke Olunloyo Temitope Oluwaseun Onamade Eghosasere Osunde Gifty Naa Amorkor Adom Otchere-Mensah Utibe Otu Otuekong Adwoa Owusu-Abrokwa Alexandros Papadamos Daniel Anasili Papka Filippos Papoutsis Roxani Peiou Stephanie Marie Priscilla Perraud Olga Philippou Teisha-Ann Donicia Pinnock Tishan Asela Priyankara Maithree Widanage Shahabuddin Quadri Syed Ryan Oneal Reece Andrew James Reed Jason Mark Noal Rieman Jason Rigby Graham Richard Rivers-Brown Susan Margaret Rivers-Brown Manuel Santos Milagre Rodrigues Rockline Rodrigues Sanfrancisco Jasen Devi Rungasawmi Antoine Sabbak Anastasia Salamandrani Moni Samia Melinda Samuel Oumilladevi Sathan Farhan Sattar Ioannis Savvides Ibrahim Zuhair Hasan Sawalha Kasun Alaka Sellahewa Mohammad Shaheen Joy Ajuma Shaibu Bindu Sharma David Peter Simon Josephine Simuyandi Namposya Simwanza Maria Skampoura Christopher Robert Zen Merlin Chase Slocombe Shaun Christopher Smith Katherine Sarah Sodipo Rui Benjamim Alfredo Sondeia Keith Spiteri Ian Surtees Adunola Ibukunoluwa Taiwo Lorraine Templeman Ioanna Theodorou Loukas Theodorou David Ebukmfon Thomas Elizabeth Thomas Steven George Turner Kingsley Ekene Uka Maryam Dangiwa Umar Zainab Ibrahim Umara Iniobong Umoru Assen Vassilev Vassilev Richard Vaughan Sukaina Sajjad Virani Bojan Vukovic Jonathan Wade Ian Wanga Shantha Aruna Warnakulasuriya Kasun Anuradha Weligamage Jason K. Weste Roger Anthony Williams Prudence Wisdom Mohamed Elsayed Abdelrazek Ahmed Youssef Mohammad Zakaria Alghuruz Yamen Walid Zarnaji Master of Science Banking and Finance Man Jiao Business Analysis and Finance Hassan Al Lawati Clinical Criminology Chinelo Zita Ebunam Sara Wazifdar Criminology & Criminal Justice Jonathan Mark Amos Marina Bozani Vanessa Wendy Day Emily Charlotte Grace David Rodney Wilkin Finance Ismail Osman Ahmed Hamad Gbemisola Alabi Paa Kofi Ankomah 52

53 Evangelos Aslanidis Amar Benaissa Stephanie Casha Shirley Anne Colhoun Akim Anwar Galloway Mark Russell Hollinworth Yusufu Ishaku Dima Jamjoom Jayalakshmi Jowaheer-Sannassee Ivana Kalocaova Georgios Kalogiannis Mario Maximilian Benjamin Kempf Eduard Kulcsickij-Gut Charles Wambua Musyoka Alex Onuche Negedu Laura Elizabeth Nesbit Tarirai Nhanga Adaugo Ogbunude Phillips Alaba Olofinsawe Femi Omotaiye Olubukola Ayirat Oseni Idowu Peters Panagiota Petsa Igor Pisanko Thomas Quinn Ineta Raizberga Marie-Cecile Rodrigo Andrew John Turton Teshema Mellisia Warde Financial Economics Adama Lewis Human Resource Management and Training Susan Ackuaku Ama Serwah Agyekum Nazan Ali Ebere Gertrude Amaechi Manuel Agostinho Baltazar Gloria C Benjamin Partha Chakraborty Joyce Kar Ting Chan Yi-Chu Cheng Tsz Yan Chiu Weichen Dai Wen Dai Adaora Ozioma Ehiemobi Hanya Hossameldeen Mohamed Saleh Elghetany Maria Engerer Janis Rosa Greenaway Bernardette Grima Jareth Mark Grima Caroline Louise Harris Ines Kasper Gyorgyi Komeiner Lakshmy Menon Kunnambath Bo Lun Lau Hin Wai Lee Kexin Li Shuxin Liang Wenyi Liang Siyu Liu Niamh Anne Mc Namara Cara Rose McColman Rebeccah Wanjiru Njoroge Margaret Nyelong Mary Temitope Odianjo Nwamaka Tochukwu Okam Augusta Nkem Okpuno Lovelyn Okwara Amany Rashwan Bakhrom Rasulov Vicky Rittinghaus Julian Paul Rouche Maria Vanina Ruggeri Vasileios Skartsiaris Georgia Sotiropoulou Eirini Theodosiou Lorella Menza Uranie Ann Oghogho Usiagu Loretta Vlachos Yanni Wang Janice Juanita Wright Walker Wang Xiao Halima Saadia Yakubu Industrial Relations and Workplace Learning Jennifer Lynn Billingsley Shamyla Faisal Nyamupachari Vareta Management Habiba Aminu Binetou Bamba Jessica Diaw Ewuraba Oduguamba Essamuah Delores Nina Eugene Shengyang Guo Janefrancis Chinelo Ikenga-Metuh Barbra Nambuusi Oluseyi Victoria Omojola Aida Remach Luis Manuel Ferreira Ricardo Shamini Salvanathan Shyamini Sam Christiana Sita Farida Sayed Saiid Ahmed Soliman Seun Taiwo Fengyun Wang Kukule Kankanamge Tharun Wijayaratne Management, Finance and Accounting Man Cao Aixin Li Zhen Wang Jinqi Yang Marketing Nora Valerieva Fairweather Hana Ilkhechoie Susan Elizabeth Manley Jones Korrakoch Konggunpai Philip Christian Richard Lange Fujun Li Evaristo Mubanga Yun-Lun Peng Maria Luisa Perez-Zapater Andreea-Ilinca Popescu Aston Lewis Pryce Mostafa Mahmoud Kamel Saadeldin Daisy Sabbagh Kanyakorn Sayananon Guilou Yang Xintong Yin Yongming Zhu Performance Management and Workplace Learning Ahmad Bashir Abdel Hadi Sally Al-Nakshabandi Ririn Virdhanti Atmelia Conrad James Comer Hala Bassam A Khraisha Dimpho Kgakgamatso Ramagonono Yun Shi Police Leadership and Management James Michael Senior Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management Westley Robert Adams Bhawani Prakash Bundhun Stanley Penk Yim Cheong Tinos Tafadzwa Dube Hesham Gewely Henry Jung Cenk Kalfaoglu Viola Taniesha Pascal Gillian Justinian Primus-Wordsworth Alan Reilly Niamh Ann Smith Richard John Richard Stinson Khalifa Bakhit Saeed Thaloob Security and Risk Management Diego Andreu Ioannis Apostolou Terrence Jeffrey De Bruyn Jermaine Ricardo Francis Jerad John Haggarty Volker Jacobs Christopher Johnstone Chernor Kamara Ravi Khanna Maxwell Adam Mahama Ravi Manoharan Tavaziva Mazhara Cameron McEachern Colin Morrissey Martin William Paisley Daniel Rogozan Elie Saade Martin John Stairs Rasmus Petter Filip Tyrling Christa Leanne Unfried Terrorism, Security and Policing Maduwuba Paul Iheanacho Norhayati Mohamad Postgraduate Diploma Business Administration Wael Mourad Ahmed Abdel Samad Maryam Mohammed Ali Abel William Kwaku Afortude Valerie Ifueko Agberagba Redha Chawki Aggoun Haitham Ahmed Ehab Akhdar Yasser Mohamed Alnaqeeb 53

54 Paul Larbi Amoah Nonso Anyaegbuna Boakye Asare Taofeek Kolapo Babalola Rania Baliki Abdul Rehman Barok Vladimir Cauville Savvas Chatzidis Jonathan Richard Coates Habib Dabbagh Karim Dagher Bridget Edge Iris Grabowski Kristian Hlousek Melody Weilun Hsieh Mats Elve Hultqvist Muaiyed Jaber Lakmali Kumudu Kumari Kahandawaarachchi Shanmuganand Kanniappan George Kapalaula Tamer Fawzi Mohamed Karim Issam Khneisser Shigeo Kimura Nirmala Kolugala Eleni Konstantinou Ahmed Naeem Ibrahim Mahmoud Anita Montoute Muhamed Mujicic Mushuma Mulenga Geoffrey Kamau Ndegwa Emmanuel Nsekanabo Olusola Mosunmola Odunlami Ayodeji Alfred Olajide Mohamed Hamdy Ragab Omara Trevor Andrew Page Amjad Qasem Kanishka Veranja Senanayake Velathanthrige Cricenta Nilrukshi Seneviratne Mohammed Shaheen Wael Ibrahim Mohamed Fahmy Khalil Sharaf Nilesh Sharma Vasilios Stamatiadis Charalambos Theodorou Gemma Louise Thompson-Troupe Gilbert Tomani Patrick Varoujan Nan Xiang Clinical Criminology Helen Braithwaite Criminology Adeola Aregbeshola Criminology & Criminal Justice Cindy Felicia Daniel Maureen Ekwutosi Ibekwe Finance John Akrong Emiliia Hristova Stephanie Ursula Leitwein Spyridon Morfonios Marios Pashias Shamsideen Olasunkanmi Subair Human Resource Management and Development Shu Min Tan Human Resource Management and Training Layla Fatima Asgher Bhalloo Sameer Kapur Tik Sang Lam Nga Yan Lee Sijia Liu Man Song Helen Janine Thomas Yi Wang Zixin Wang Baibing Yang Yiwen Zhang Management Charity Ansong Bukonla Simisola Bright Adejoke Tinuola Fabiyi Bashar Ahmed Mahmoud Ibrahim Hafsat Tijjani Ibrahim Amit Krishna Karpe Sheila Lacuna Ademola Oluwayomi Oshodi Marketing Sherif Khalaf Ali Farrag Wadih Jabbour Titilayo-Ade E. Oyekunle Performance Management and Workplace Learning Zwiitani Highson Budeli Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management Miguel St Christopher Allen Ryan Ramjit Tie Xu Security and Risk Management Mervyn Anthony Steele Terrorism, Security and Policing Emuejevoke Oyeye Management Xiaoqiao Qu Cheng Zhang Management, Finance and Accounting Wenhan Shen Marketing Xiaojie Chen Postgraduate Certificate Business Administration Housam Osama Abaji Ramzi Abou Ghanem May Abou Taleb Babajide Olanrewaju Adams Hossameldin Adly Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Aseri Ahmed Al-Jubouri Nassif Bahou Mustafa Bait Es-Haq David Andrew Barker Adam Leszek Bialy Shehab Aldin Bin Yahya Seng Brendan Chee Kiong Dennis Cobbinah Ali Diab Blossom Ekanem Ebiefie Chantal El Hajjar Mohamed Elgaria Stuart Michael Farrell Unekwu Victoria Gideon-Achile Karen Greaney Indrajith Sanjeeva Serasinghe Gunawardena Olivia Louise Gane Harrison Marinos Ioannides Phivos Karayiannis Anthony Kwesi Kwashie Jurgens Jacobus Liebenberg Antoinette Mundopu Machiya Christopher Mead Alaa Megdadi Beena Merinol Abdulhameed Musthafa Felix James Mwase Devota Devota Nuwe Adedoyin Onigbinde Jidekene Ifediba Orakwue Frosoula Panteli Jennifer Petridou Sharpe Decosta Pierre Nithin Premachandran Ibrahim Ahmed Elsayed Ragab Omobola Ajoke Salako Shady Salama Emmanouil Skourtis Yisa Usman Diane Uwitonze Shinoby Veliyath Thomas Gerard White Dorraine Angella Williams Finance Akinwale Charles Adedayo Bishoy Samir Demian Fred Eddy Doe Shivani Gogna Wiam Abdu Mahmoud Mohamed Khalil Emmanuel Kwarteng Hui-Ching Lu Kashima Montoute Poovajagen Veerupen Susan Donodzo Zindoga Human Resource Management and Training Dimitra Kavouridou Ndomokidem Myra Sokari Management Omolade Tamunobubiebele Adeyela Gifty Alimah Blay Jinhui Huang Michelle Margaret-Ann Noray-Samuel Fiyinfoluwa Tunrayo Olorunsola Marketing Chelesa Rawlins Risk, Crisis and Disaster Management Michael Ochan 54

55 Edwin Van Gelder Security and Risk Management Philip Raymond Jones Cyprian Chigbo Okeke Bachelor of Arts Criminology Laura Allen Stephanie Archer Samuel Bowley Rebecca Boyle Charlotte Victoria Grace Brindley Skye Burke Emily Burrough Yuuka Benedetta Cantarella Manpreet Chana Alistair Crisp Stacy Dearden Elizabeth Alice Dowsett Maria Dumitrescu Christopher Dwerryhouse Erol Ertekinoglu Jade Elizabeth Fackrell Hajji Fall Alice Foster Paige Nicole Fox Chloe Jade Freeman Helena Garnett Georgina Emily Greensmith Nila Nerissa Guiste Phillip Harper Lucy Hatton Jo Elizabeth Hayes Thomas Harry Hayes Alex Emma Howell Bethany Humphries Stewart Lawrence Reay Jones Sundeep Kalsi Dhiren Kara Toni Jade Keal Emma Longford Charli Ann McAllen Lauren McSpadden Emily Minton Hannah Mary Mobberley Frances May Payne Aliyah Jay Beatrice Pettitt Hayley Jane Petts Sarah-Jayne Poulton Elise Joanne Pratt Thomas Lewis Reilly Hannah Shildrake Alexandra-Denisa Solomon Chelsea Victoria Stanyard Georgina Eleanor Rachel Stratton Olivia Taylor Chloe Rebecca Tedds Emily Elizabeth Wertans Cara Wilcock Stacie Lorenzo Williams-Gordon Katie Wynne Kamila Ydyrysbayeva Criminology (with a year abroad) Connor Liam Bradley Dwaine Seamus Giltrap Humanities and Arts Bronte Laura Dawson Penelope Margaret Immins Linda Jean Mawer Security and Risk Management Funso Akintokun Gary Robert Campbell Raymond Enebi Anthony Petroulakis Paolo Roberto Simionato Vojtech Vohanka Andrew Robert Williams Arts Foundation Degree Drug and Alcohol Counselling Heidi Rosemary Cresswell Drug and Alcohol Counselling and Treatment Emma Sarah Allman Edward Besley Colin William Brownjohn Lucy Burgess Joan Asiwome Danyo Debbie Fairlie Boyd Field Kieran Grant Robert Maurice Hayward Louisa Joanne Howells Kaizad Johnston Kay Kimberley Mandy Lynn Lee Heidi Marie Marshall Alison Payne Heather Phillips Nicholas James Shepley Penelope Jane Sheppard Samuel Skillen Marcus Anthony Standeven Gillian Twardochleb Stephen Walker Integrative Counselling Della Ann Cross Vina Radia Managing Voluntary and Community Organisations Rima Parker Kempeneer Michelle Elizabeth Walsma Security and Risk Management Shailendra Baichoo Roman Brenner Bradley John Butler Stephen Creghan Anna Maria Morbey Michael William Perridge Certificate of Higher Education Leadership and Business Management Jasrat Khan James Payne Gunars Strods Nathan Euburn Jon Thompson Managing Voluntary and Community Organisations Abdulahi Weheliye 55

56 Order of Procession Friday 14 July, 11am Two Marshals Students Union Sabbatical Officers Academic and Related Staff Two Marshals Members of Council and Members of Senate Distinguished Honorary Fellows of the University Dr Roger Bettles Professor Michael A Chamberlain Dr John Foster Mr Ian Imlay, MBE Registrar and Chief Operating Officer Mr David Hall Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Julie Coleman Professor Sarah Dixon Professor Iain Gillespie Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council Dr Bridget Towle, CBE, DL President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle, CBE, FBA, FRSE University Mace Chancellor The Right Honourable The Lord Grocott 56

57 Friday 14 July 11am College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Presented by the Head of College, Professor Julie Coleman Doctor of Philosophy Lawrencia Agyepong Oluwafunmilayo Bode Alakija Raniyah Mohammad A Almarshedi Mohammed Almulla Nada Alsaleh Kevin Cogswell Browne Alejandra Castano Echeverri Laura Louise Guihen Kyffin Thomas John Jones Rafael Mitchell Sihle Ndlovu Sacha Rachel Mason Sarah Rushdi J Taj Richard Talbot Ken Wang Doctor of Education Ahmed Mahmoud Ibrahim Baghdady John Philip Bridgman Stuart Anthony Mundy Michael Edwin Seal Master of Arts Communications, Media and Advertising Dareen Al-Khoury Jacinta Baksh Angelina Garrett-Cotton Tameika Samoya Kirby Natasha Ramjass Communications, Media and Public Relations Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa Linda Akhigbe Neressa Dennie Sabrina Duelken John Richard Duerden Oprah Francis Andaylia Junnalia Gay Jonique Gaynor Ekaterina Impe Rachel John Doreen Pauline Kambanganji Gladys Wambui Njoroge Ojonoka Hilary Osuman Kimberly Merkida Rojas Maurice Mwembe Sichone Emilia Pelagia Szczurek Contemporary Sociology Bilal Kilinc International Education Catherine Heins Boalch Ixchel Susannah Jeffers-Tobas Cephanie Keightley George Wesley Palmer Jeffrey Sidney Smith Daniel James Stamp Mass Communications Nathifa Carr Patrick Friesen Athanasia Gasparinatou Francisca Hector Heidi Hodgkins James Robert Howell Sabeeya Sophia Khan Ndidi Anne Kufreabasi Joellen Ramona Laryea Dakarayi Happymore Matanga Nthombikayise Queeneth Mdluli Jacha Mary Wairimu Michengi Titus Bonie Moetsabi Karen Noel Raycy Rousseau Rania Hatem Shaker Shamelia Thomas Yuting Wang Gina Welch Zilin Xia Media and Advertising Yan Chen Ku Nurul Atiqah Ku Ahamad Manyu Ning Media and Public Relations Jian Du Daitong Han Lanlan Hu Zirui Liu Ruiyan Sun Yawen Tan New Media and Society Adaku Pauline Abel-Osuji Yuhan Chao Danyan Huang Su Qiao Zhenqian Wang Morgan Waters He Zhou New Media, Governance and Democracy Michael Olumuyiwa Faloseyi Shazia Huma Khan Mary Itumbi Kiio Vandana Mohit Mwende Nyakiaro Njuguna Michelle Achieng Odhiambo Catherine Syonzau Wambua Kaja Wendorff Master of Science Educational Leadership Lesley Naomi Adeyeni Caroline-Jane Anastasi Mark Briffa Mark Andrew William Dunnell Amna Elsaadany Amanda Margaret Hasluck Susan Elizabeth Horrocks Arthur Mayhew Ryan Stuart Miles Owen James Murphy Jane Ann O Leary Lealand Ian Pearce Sonja Sutcliffe Aron Tanti Mary Helen Wade Maiken Walter Mary Grace Zammit Postgraduate Diploma Communications, Media and Public Relations Tamara Ruth Affiya Dillon Educational Leadership Catherine Camilleri Conrad Lloyd Jones Golda Alice Aliko Kavinya Hilary Shaw International Education Kevin Ross Hedden Mass Communications Shijia Cai Sudeshan Reddy Media and Advertising Muhammad Patel Xue Sheng Dongshu Wang Media and Public Relations Qinni Dai New Media and Society Xi Chen Nan Song Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Primary) Sidrah Akhtar Bethany May Anderson 57

58 Yasmin Ansell Jasleen Aulak Rebecca Bakewell Charlotte Banerjee Alexandra Barlow Lucy Denise Bass Alice Betournay Alice Faye Blain Abigail Brookes Abigail Brown Megan Bullock Inderjit Kaur Chahal Jessica Cheek Sophie Clent Halima Cooper Lee-Anne Cosgrove Laurissa Crane Kimberly Brook Drummond Rachel Edge Amelia Alice Ferguson Andrew Thomas George Rosie Christine Gillett Antonia Dawn Goater Samantha Elizabeth Graves Lauren Stacey Green Janine Laura Guyatt Richard Hallam Sarah Jane Harrison Emma Hassard Katherine Havis Aakifah Ismail Shona Johnson Amy Louise Jones Jessica Lynne Kelly Tammy Kingdon Vesna Knezevic Aleisha MacDonald Emily Charlotte Markley Kieran Matthews Emily Sarah McLean Lauren Rachael Mintey Jacob Izaak Moore Vanessa Nelson Alexander Paul Howard Owczarek Megan Elizabeth Palmer Asha Vanlila Parekh Lauren Patel Erica Adele Patrick Lucy Peden Eavan Phelan Mia Radbourne Laura Louise Reed Jessica Robins Rebecca Margaret Rotherham Lauren Katherine Rowe Abigail Savage Danielle Shelton Emily Grace Shephard Lucy Siddons Harshida Sikotra Carla Smith Tara Smith-Shelton Carrie Mae Stapleford Paul Alexander Stock Louise-Amy Thomas Rebecca Mary Twombley Sonal Umeria Sophie Waldram Megan Westray Hollie Youde Postgraduate Certificate in Education (SCITT) Alexander Ackers Claudia Agostino Aysha Aktar Eve Allden Glenn Attard Daniel Backhouse Asma Faiz Bade Fiona Bain Kausar Bapu Simon Barks Helen Beckingham Tayla Bertans Hayley-Jayne Black Heidi Botting Nicholas Bracey Penelope Kate Briant Natalie Brindley Sophie Brook Duncan Brown Shelley Calvert Abubakar Cassoojee Rebecca Catmur Alyssia Chapman Ashleigh Lola Clarke Liam Cope Laura Corke Megan Courage Claire Cundy Emma Davies Gareth Owen Davis Katie Davis Hannah Daynes Mikaela Jane Dean Angela Dearlove Lauren Dellar Vandana Dewshi Natalia Didcock Shaneen Digby Corrine Dixon Hannah Dooley Hollie Samantha Dummer Matthew Dunn Hannah Durrant Madhurima Dutta Carina Emmerichs Leanne Fairbrother Connor Farren Lauren Gaisford Daniel Goldfinch Ben Groves Rebecca Guest Toni Elizabeth Gutteridge Julie Hall Ellen-Marie Hand Jenna Harris Emily Harrison Ethan Hawkins Taylor Hill Charlotte Hughes Alex Jefferies Emma Jones Zara Kent Adam Khan Shelley King Alexandra Komissarova Christopher Lay Laura Catherine Linstead Matthew List Harriet Julie Ann Lohman Samuel David Marston Sian Matthews Harriet McKnight Gary Mills Ben Moinet Martin Moir Susan Jane Morris Aoife Murphy Jenneth Sara Musthaffa Kelly Nichols Christopher Norris Miku Oka Jennifer Louise Page Daniel Pallatt Kate Rose Peacock Alicia Peasley Akin Priestley Joshua Raxworthy Alexander Rayner Max Reboul Jordan Nigel Reed Elle Roche Teresa Margarita Roman Fernandez William Rosie Billy Sarsfield Nasreen Saudagar Katie Scott Rachel Sherwood Matthew Silverman Kelly Louise Sims Amy Skinner Charlotte Small Jessica Smith Roger Alan Starling Adrian Richard Stewart Emma Sullivan Anna Swindells Laura Taylor Grace Tillen Chloe Tofield Sean Treacy James Tuttle Sebastian Edward Paul Twigden Joanne Eve Upton Krishna Varia Rachel Warr Ashleighe Welland Laura Wharton Lisa Wilkinson Ross Willett Kelly Winsborough Erin Woodcock Lucy Woods Emma Young 58

59 Postgraduate Certificate in Education (Secondary) Elysia Allen Alysia Anderson Coral Lea Atkins Sara Firdows Ayub Fahima Aziz Louise Benson Jane Ellen Bingham Leanne Blackburn Hollie Bogg Agathe Marie Bonhommet Georgette Brookes Jessica Brophy Andrew James Duncan Brown Perry Brown Thomas Burt Zeekhra Bux Amy Louise Cook Thomas Cotterill Olivia Coxon Raheema Dassu Anna Davies Rosemary Anne Dawes Holly Ann Dawson Ruben Dehnen Huzaifa Abdussamad Dookanwala Smita Dsouza Zahras Duwahir Aaron Eason Karen Eaton Rebekah Abigail Marie Fant Jack Oliver Fawcett Harriet Angelica E Galpin Rebecca Gamble Chloe Hannah Garnham Victoria Geraghty Rosey Girling Harry Grace Jeffrey Ian Green Zuned Hajiali Jessica Harris Xiaoya He Jordan Heald William Hoey Lewis William Carl Holdcroft Lee David Holmes Kieran Hughes Sarah Elizabeth Ironside Ravinder Kandohla Shannon Kennedy Ciaran Kenny Reena Khirodhur Beatrice Angela Koufie Amy Rebecca Large Victoria Katherine Leonard Daniel Thomas De Sausmarez Lintell Rebecca May Liquorish Frances MacLeod Adam John Marriott Paul Derek Martin Matthew Phillip McIntosh Eve Melody Luke Miller Rebecca Miller Hari Pankaj Mistry Lauren Amy Ira Moran Aimee Nicola Morris Courtney Morson Holly Mary Beatrice Mulvey Paul Murray Laura Nicolle-Salvat Adam Oozeerally Tayla Courtney Owers Nikita Divya Patel Rupa Pithwa Lucy Olivia Pole Nadia Rawindaran Nair Staci-Ann Rojahn Nicolas Rousseau Kathryn Saadat Sachin Sandhu Rosanna Sandom Victoria Scott Abby Louise Shallow Samuel Sharp Sohail Ahmed Siddiq Juliet Simpson Shalini Singh Joseph Smith Hannah Sneddon Victoria Ann Speed Lauren Spencer Annabel Stevenson Matthew David Stocks Luke Taylor Sara Jane Tedds Daniel Luther Thompson Chloe Tween Deborah Underwood Jessica Vaghela Jane Wallace Alexander William Watts Davina Grace Burrow Whelband Daniel Whitehouse Sian Loren Whittingham Joseph Williams James Barry Williamson Kirsty Michelle Wilson Sophie Woolford Adam Frank Siu Woolley Mukti Varejlal Hira Morar Zavery Postgraduate Certificate Academic and Professional Practice Karam Aboud Hannah Rachel Bonfield Marian Carey Emily-Joy Dilley Marta Gasparin Deirdre Harrington Hannah Hawrot Bing Ji Nicholas Johnson Charlotte Elizabeth Leahy Ulrike Marx Paul Moore Rohit Pushpak Tapshum Narayan Marc Konrad Reichow Martin Rhodes Matteo Rubagotti Harold Ruiz Rondan Mark John Rutherford Krupa Samani Yukun Shi David Souto Parcero Robert Thornton Barbara Villa Marcos Communications, Media and Advertising Kathleen Dianne Westbrook Communications, Media and Public Relations Natasha Wilson Educational Leadership Georgina Mary Brice Amal Nayef Shabaneh Olga Stephenson New Media, Governance and Democracy Lissa Vanessa Joseph Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (Primary) Katie Goodwin Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (Secondary) Maryamo Mohamed Ashkir Jackson Hughes Rachel Johnson Shahzada Atif Niwaz Kathryn Oliver Callum Ware Professional Graduate Certificate in Education (SCITT) Hannah Greig Mary Powell Bachelor of Arts Media and Communication Sydney Lauren Anne Armstrong Su Yun Bahk Agata Buika Peiting Cai Ngai San Chan Binglun Chen Wing Sum Cheng Hin Ting Cheung Huizhong Chi Emily Victoria Elizabeth Cotton Yang Deng Rui Ding Simran Dosanjh Fatin Nabilah Feisal Katharine Fordham Natashya Dwijaya Halim Idegbua Higo Un Kit Ho Haiyang Hou Tianxiang Hu Eva Iacovou 59

60 Yuezi Kong Hei Yin Lai Ming Wai Lau Sin Ting Law Pengfei Lin King Kei Lo Sixi Lu Connor McCormack Kehinde Musa Olamide Miriam Odekunle Diana Hok Ka Or Man Yi Pang Yuxin Qian Matthew Roberts Abigail Sesay Hui Sheng Joseph Sherwood Meichen Shi Wai Shan Siu Ella Smith Reka Sornyei Jianxiang Sun Akseli Henrik Taimi Guoping Tan Jian Tang Tze Him Tang Jian Tian Anant Varman Danfeng Wang Xueqing Wang Zi Wang Arianne Wassall Jiazhen Wei Alice Wright Tianle Xi Jingqi Yang Waner Yang Dian Yu Jingyi Yu Tianhui Yuan Yuefei Zha Tian Zhang Zhi-Nan Rebecca Zhang Jiang Zhu Kelsey Hughes Faiza Hussain Katerina Ioannidou Christopher Fitzgerald Jones Evangeline Ruth Kirkham Callum MacKenzie Adrian Mogollon Diaz Elvina Acheampomaa Morgan Rovena Musiqi Reine Pascal Kursty N Guessan Titilayo Odumala Folasade Omojowo Marianna Papaleontiou Amy Alice Ellen Pepper Rhea Porter Nikita Prozorov Nichole Ramos Erin Rachel Fitzsimons Rawlings Jessica Elisabeth Roberts Benjamin Dominic Savelli Nisha Keshu Sidi Stephanie Smith Catherine Speirs Robert James Stewart Amisha Suba Rupal Valand Nadene Williams Meaghan Willis Amy Zala Bachelor of Science Communications, Media and Society Djuairato Jalo Keyu Yi Media and Society Rachael Temidara Adebiyi Bethany Robb Media and Sociology Rebecca Louisa De Santos Oluwasolape Oluyede Sociology Zahra Aziz Chloe Suba Catherine Barot Cindy Alysha Abigail Colondam Emily Rebecca Conlon Daniela Cusano Lucy Caroline Eden Katherine Lucy Fathers Alice Victoria Gibbins Benjamin Surinder Hart Shanice Naomi Haye Eve Hemingway Vienna Henry Samantha Cerys Hewett Alexandra Beth Holyoak 60

61 Order of Procession Friday 14 July, 3pm Two Marshals Students Union Sabbatical Officers Academic and Related Staff Two Marshals Members of Council and Members of Senate Distinguished Honorary Fellows of the University Dr Roger Bettles Professor Michael A Chamberlain Dr John Foster Mr Ian Imlay, MBE Professor Ken Pounds Public Orator Dr Paul Jenkins Mr Nigel Siesage Registrar and Chief Operating Officer Mr David Hall Honorary Graduands Professor Gordon Campbell Sir Nicholas Green Lord Mayor of Leicester Councillor Rashmikant Joshi Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Julie Coleman Professor Sarah Dixon Pro-Chancellor and Chair of Council Dr Bridget Towle, CBE, DL President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Boyle, CBE, FBA, FRSE University Mace Chancellor The Right Honourable The Lord Grocott 61

62 Friday 14 July 3pm College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Presented by the Head of College, Professor Julie Coleman Doctor of Philosophy Muna Abdulkadhim Nima Al-Abboodi Maryam Mahmood Hikmet Al-Attar Afaneen Abdulwahid Yaqoob Al-Dirawi David Maddock Emma Elizabeth Reddy Margriet Schippers Suzannah Eliza Shimwell David Wharton Emily Elizabeth Wilce Master of Laws Employment Law Michael Paul Arnold International Commercial Law Hieu Trung Huynh Hao Tian International Human Rights Law Mohamed Yahya Salim Shaziya Mahomed Hassam Karim Tayub Seyma Goktepe Law Amy Jane Stacey Public International Law Jordan Greenwood Master of Arts Applied Linguistics and TESOL Alejandro Acuyo Cespedes Said Ahmed Said Al Mayasi Andrew John Connolly Paul Rodney Crouch Adam Croxford Robin James Davies Johan Christiaan Troskie Dawson Shima Ghasemian Giovanni Licata Donna Cristina Moros Laubach Samavia Mumtaz Viviana Valeria Neira Inostroza Louise Pullen Christopher Redmond Kerry Aniki Daurett Sabazan Zeynep Senturk Asami Watanabe English Language and Linguistics Joann Bondin TESOL Xu Liu Dong Xu Jing Xu The Country House Tracy Dodson Fiona Jayne Shepherd Jordan David Smith Postgraduate Diploma Applied Linguistics and TESOL Christopher Edward Mason Satyajeet Pardivalla TESOL Nana Guo The Country House Wendy Wright Postgraduate Certificate Applied Linguistics and TESOL Muna Ali Tereka Trishana Brown Osama Essam Salah El-Din Elbeyaly Iman Diaa Mohamed Debbie Kemonia La Tanya Smith Film and Film Cultures Sijia Wu Teaching English for Academic Purposes Tim Dittmann Sarah-Kate Fletcher Lesley Flowers Stephen Paul Gillway Anthony James McHugh Bachelor of Laws Law Noreen Adjei Amric Singh Ahluwalia Omotola Taofeekat Ajibola Ayusha Ali Syed Naman Ali Jessica Allan Janki Amin Paige Archer Marium Arshad Ukey-Orim Kari Ashong Folarin Asolo Kieran Athow Ramonique Athwal Temidayo Banwo Bethanie May Baxter Sarah Ann Bean Louisa Mae Eaton Beckwith Sana Bhurtun Joseph Bradey Paulina Anna Broda Jonathan Daniel Brooks Shawana Christianah Brown-Kerr Nur Nisha Shehzadi Bte Mohamed Aowtab Khan Leanne Mary Campbell Leung Tung Chan Simrat Chhina Kuang Sheen Chin Xin Yi Grace Chua Shanshan Claxton Kimberley Ellen Clifton Rebecca Colton Cameron Stanley James Connolly Quek Kai Xian Darryl Andrew Arran D Cruz Maryam Dean Louiza Demosthenous Rajvinder Kaur Dhamrait Jasmin Kaur Dhonsi Mayowa Dosunmu Lois Scott Drury Navjot Duggal Susan Erbil Nkpoikana Meyen Etukudo Omotola Ibilola Faleye Methal Hidar Fayad Kathryn Mary Fitzmaurice Kristina Ford Andrew Robert Gallagher Lauren Garner Samuel Gates Rebecca Godinho Michael Goulielmos Lucy Madeline Gregory Joshua Gyasi Catriona Haines Shehzadul Haq Jake Hart Mustafa Hassan Anusha Ramchandra Hegde Imogen Higgins-Smith Lauren Hilton George David Hinchmore Bradley Hopkinson Fairoze Hoque Liam Hoskins Chelsea Hougham Harleen Hundal Omar Ali Hussain Saniya Iftikhar Magdalini Ioannidou Hoi Man Grace Ip Lary Jajou Bradley Johnson 62

63 Jordan Johnson Joseph Joukhadar Gordon Edward Robert Kallio Gurprit Kaur Annaelle Angelique Kebani Shaun Peter Kelly Olivia Kersey Davinder Khattra Agnieszka Koscielecka Charlotte Mun Cheng Kouo Loong Kristin Wai Mun Seon Kwak Siddarath Lakhanpaul Gurkirtan Lali Muhammed-Jubril Lateef Olayemi Hafsat Lawal Stephanie Leggett Carley Chantelle Lightfoot Qinpei Lin Bethan Sarah Mary Livings Stephanie-Ann Loaring Rebekah Lockwood Wei Shen Alexander Loh Owain Lord Abigail Lynch Hiu Lui Mak Ewomazino Malaka Subarna Manikkaratnam Harry Mann Antaneeta Mariathas Anthony Vickey Massey Manisha Susan Mathews Maureen Mbewe Remmy Mbugua Anna McCormack Connagh McCormick Joshua Luke McLean Alexandra Michael Marcus Miller Roisin Bethan Clipstone Mohr Alexander Moody Zoe Anne Morris Noa Murcia Fathmath Nabaha Gevanya Nagarajan Selina Shantini Naidu Kumail Nasser Josef Pascal Nalam Nastili Isabelle Qiao Xian Ng Ka Yui Ng Christine Doyinsola Ogunsola Joseph O Hearn Abiola Ojo Nafisa Omotara Olajide Oluwasikemi Abisola Olawale Rebecca Olokun Ayomide Oloyede Jenna Oppong Chima Chinomnso Chimere Orji Yasmina Ossai Stacey Owusu Katie Jayne - Palmer Nicolas Panayiotou Marieleni Papakosta Deviki Patel Mohammed Siraz Patel Maria Pavlou Ruth Rachel Perris Brandon Pickard Leonard Piprah Anna Pitta Ellis Jack Potter Samuel Pounds Mariam Raja Yasuri Opal Samsaraah Frances Ramoutar Imran Aly Rhemtulla Suhayl Saeed Zohal Safi Ahmad Saleem Jasamrita Sandhu Paramdeep Simran Sandhu Jaspreet Kaur Sangra Wangjye Satapornvanit Bintu Sanusie Sesay Zamzam Hassan Sheikh Dave Shewa Francesca Lucy Sims Manjoot Singh Shrina Kaur Sokhi Erna Soljanin Elisha Elisha Speck Georgia Scarlett Stock Milena Stras Thiran Sunder Nikolei Joseph Suray Benedict Jee Chiok Tan Derrick Wei Xiong Tan Yu Kit Tang Alexander Charles Taylor Daniel Taylor Rachel Claire Taylor Juvereya Teladia Hoo Nee Tey Tharanii Thiyagarajan Phebe Sapphira Thomas Adam Thomas Tilley Bikram Singh Tiwana Lucas Stefan Tomaszewski Georgia Tryfonidou Malinda Underdown Ahmed Kabir Usman Francesca Rose Vaughan Surbhi Verma Suhani Visana Eve Whitehead Holly Katherine Eleanor Lucy Whitehouse Oliver Wilson Hannah Maria Winslade Anne Carmen Wong Amy Wood Alexandra Zainuddin Siti Nurul Zahiah Binti Zakaria Aivaras Martynas Zigaras Nika Zupancic Law (Senior Status) Olajide Adewale Adepitan Christabel Selma Anafure Thavisha Manelsha Anthony Rahisha Latoya Augustine-Perry Rashmi Bale Tanya Baraich Carlo Cavaliere Michelle-Maureen Collins Muazzam Muhtari Dangana Halimah Demola-Seriki Dilvir Dhaliwal Bickrum Dhugga Charlotte Dickinson Casey Dorey Hugh Martin Everett Vicky Gregoriou Arman Grewal Ryan Leigh Hansen Shah Mehtab Singh Hundal Adaeze Igwebuike Brett Alexandra James Tariq Zehad Jomaa Imdad Junejo Archit Kapil Sofia Zai Khan Harkirat Khosa Leah Knowles Morgan Kenny Knox Rina Kojima Susan B Leong Bortenlanger Jamie Michael Levine Andrea Stewart Levstik Jessica Luong Adeel Malik Shawn Malik Pavandeep Kaur Mann Alison Mason Corrine Elizabeth Miller Nabeel Moallem Felicia Melanie De Oliveira Moutinho Harjeet Nahal Justin Brandon Kai-Yin Ng Uchenna Ijeoma Nnodu Adrian Oddoye Nelson Jose Pereira Oliveira Olaloye Odunayo Oyedotun Arti Patel Priyanka Meera Patel Claire Margaret Pennells Deanna Katherine Petricca Timothy George Alexander Plumbridge Weheliye Rage Updeep Singh Sangha Adam Sarnowski Kirshita Seevaratnam Dillon Leary Shields Samuel Shortt Jasmine Singh Vladimir Stojanovic Jaskaran Thind Michael Tibollo Matthew Austin Timms Sarah Wojcik Neil Zimmerman Law and Criminology Emil Samuel Agob Agobiani Jessamy Alice Bloom Kayleigh Joyce Falcus Jack Lewis Gamble Andrew Luke Gilligan Hilde Johanne Hellendoorn Peace Mwende Ituku Caitlin Mailman Faith Omebije 63

64 Jaspreet Panesar Georgia Philippou Minah Shah Anca Iulia Soare Law with a Modern Language Scayla Leanna MacKubick Nhangal Tolulope Oyewusi Law with a Year Abroad Bilal Abbas Omowunmi Jesulewa Victoria Adeyemi Catherine Isobel Buchanan Jessica Lottie Gilbert Lisa Goodrich Ieuan Lloyd King Nathen Harold Lockett Mwiche Nambela Afua Ofori-Darko Ekenna Ezinna Nwanyioji Oji Sylvia Kwamboka Ombati Callum Edward Phillips Eleanor Shute Serena Varatharajah Ravine Walker Law with French Law and Language Mahdieh Irvine-Naderali Law with Politics Tabitha Mary Isabelle Brown Abigail Hart Matthew Jackson Law Maîtrise Elizabeth Ahmad Pierre-Louis Hutt Weronika Kiebzak Juliette Petit Lucille Pontille Fabiana-Alexandra Popescu Alice Shaw Melanie Therese Johanna Van Der Heyden Bachelor of Arts English Carrie Ackrill Victoria Aderonke Adewunmi Shoaib Ahmed Oliver James Bagley Lerah Mae Barcenilla Alicia Boon Courteney Grace Brian Cian Brittle James Henry Butterworth Cheng Chen Aiman Chishti Emilie Charlotte Collier Madeleine Jemimah Crisp Keely Davis Sarah Dawe Ariane Holly Dean Ajoke Leticia Debola-Gbadebo Mandeep Dhillon Amina Drir Ellena Edwards Avgi Fasouli Eloise Sara Fry Natalie Garfield Hanna Geissler Jonathan David Peter Gilks Holly Gooch Claire Lorraine Hackett Rebecca Elise Hardy Joseph Harley - Easthope Amber Harrison Kirsty Jane Haywood Jonathan David Hope Jessica Hannah Hughes Sophie Anne Iliffe Ikram Jama Alice Pryde Jarman Frances Elizabeth Kathleen Jones Robert Jones Emily Kearney Janine Kettle Viktoriya Kisyova Assiah Kramez Vartika Kumar Beth Alexandra Langley Imogen Fay Tooley Leng Lok Yi Leung Mathew Lopez-Bland Charlotte Lord Abigail Mary Mailer Priyanka Makwana Luke McNamara Kaylee Merry Alexandra Mladenovic Amirah Mohiddin Fiona Morris Hayley Moss Yasmin Musse Alexander Hedley Graham Nicholas Bethan Lara Nutting Adam Page Rhiannon Pignoux Rajvee Purohit Matthew William Michael Redman Oliver Ryan Bethany Louise Shakesby Harvinder Singh Lisa Smalley Jemma Victoria Smith Anna Elizabeth Hamilton Stokes Jennifer Rose Turner Jade Vincent Callum Ward Ellis John Ward Molly Paige Washington Imana Marlie Watson-Parris Ellen Elizabeth White Phoebe Charlotte Witt Yuhan Wu Joshua Thomas Wynn Xinyi Zeng English and American Studies Jonathan Bruce Rachel Victoria Chapman Nishat Choudhury Harriet Hickman Clough Louise Catherine Dickson Sarah Ezekwu Jeremy Francis Sumner English and American Studies with a Year Abroad Joseph Franklin Eleanor Jane Howlings Thomas Edward Irvine Jennifer Isaaks Jackson Jeanette Chi Mun Nam Gregory Allan Wrobel Smith Joseph Temple English and History Emma Bramwell Charis Buckingham Agne Cerkute George Samuel Curson Daniel Flavel Joanna Elizabeth Grant Rosalind Emma Hicks Elizabeth Gillian Jackson Shannondeep Kaur Arundeep Khaira Jia-An Lee Frances Claire Melissa Oldfield Casey Leigh Ralph Chloe Smith Gabriella West Katherine Alice Whitehead English and History with a Year Abroad Khadija Nguanya Koroma Adam Oliver Smith Kristian Smith Faye Turner English with a Year Abroad Amy Elizabeth Albinson Emma Louise Beswick Charles Bird Emily Rose Bird Alicia Violet Brown Megan Georgina Cadwaladr Sophie Demetriades Roseanna Kettle Jemma Jane Malone George Moran Thomas Adam Revell Louis Marcellus Roberts Edward Rowbottom Lucy Morgana Rebecca Smith European Studies Claire Elizabeth Allchin Estelle Mary Irving Thomas Simon MacVicker Film and Media Studies Jonathan Dimmick Ero Frances Ejaife Yiwen Feng Mengting Hu Ruiling Jiang Rianna Jade Johnson Erika Kalacska Oi Ying Wat Callum Wynne Ningxin Zhang Film Studies and English James Bullen Jelena Djukic 64

65 Joshua Aaron Drewry Kelly Griffiths Simran Kaur Weronika Komorowska Maryam Rai Ashley James Riley Charlotte Christobelle Shears Callum Simms Timothy Philip Astley Phillipa Hardy Film Studies and Visual Arts Alan Morton Litongzhou Zhao French and English Rachel Kane Jiapei Yang French and Italian Jamal Hassan Kathryn Sarah Hollins Thaynara Lorrany Silva Santos Marcus Murray Alice Louise Perciato Modern Languages with Film Studies Cadi Haf Edwards Jonathan Fifer Giselle Giselle Gomez-Keating Modern Languages with Management Helen Gaden Henry Graham Grace Henry Sebastian Lopez Carnevali Elisha Lea Martin Aleksandra Nazarenko Olayemi Anuli Otukoya Chloe Jade Sunderland Spanish and English Karolina Magdalena Dyrda Ana Esteves Prata Charles Peter Goddard Translation and Interpreting Linlin Cao Yuling Lu Jingxin Yang French and Spanish Rebecca Jane Bishop Pooja Bokhiria Bethany Grace Carter-Bown Oliver Chesses Melissa Ann Cosgrove Jeni Gonpotlal Liam Hawksworth Bonnie-Rose Lancaster Jacob Lee Alice Lorenzato-Lloyd Sylvie Mostyn-Dignan Bethany Marie Sutton Anna Tarlaga Joshua Wells History of Art Gabriella Lucy Buccheri Micha Davis Elise Lauren Eivers Amy Smith Marie Smith History of Art and English Alice De Quidt Alexandra Peilober-Richardson Italian and English Aliki Tryfonos Italian and Spanish Emily Davall Connor John Doyle Rebecca Catherine Hyams Emilia Andrea Kapas Daniele Ronchetti Hannah Victoria Wake Jordan Elizabeth Lilian Wood Modern Language Studies Harry Bird Georgina Ruth Hirst Constantina Loizidou 65