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1 Columbia College Annual Report

2 The Year in The Class of 2017 Our Incoming First-Year Students Numbers 1,094 new College students 15% are the first-generation in their families to attend college 48 U.S. states represented 46% male 54% female 4,525 College students 46% of students declared two or more programs of study Top Majors Economics Political Science Psychology Biological Sciences English Top Concentrations Psychology Mathematics Political Science History Philosophy Ethnic Diversity as self-reported White (42%) African-American (13%) Native- American (3%) Other (2%) Latino (13%) Academic Diversity by first choice major on application Social sciences (28%) Arts and humanities (20%) Languages (7%) 117 students received departmental honors >50 students were awarded fellowships 11 students became Fulbright Scholars >100 student advising visits per day made by College students 1,514 career counseling sessions attended by College students 2,218 students attended a Career Fair, networking event or workshop 272 student clubs and organizations 38 performance 36 cultural 34 religious/faith-based/spiritual 31 Greek organizations 30 activism 23 service 19 publications 18 special interest 16 international 13 academic/pre-professional 9 politics 5 philanthropy Top countries represented outside the United States South Korea China United Kingdom Canada India Asian/Asian-American (27%) Undecided (4%) Sciences (41%) 47 countries represented by citizenship or place of schooling 16% international students by citizenship or place of schooling 2 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

3 Financial Aid Making Columbia Affordable The Class of 2013 Career Education and Post-Graduation Total cost of education $45,028 + $2,220 + tuition fees $11,496 + room and board $2,898 + books and personal expenses $521 = new student fees $62,163 19,995 Center for Career Education (CCE) job postings 195 employers conducted on-campus interviews through CCE 469 employers participated in CCE Career Fairs $38,580 Average financial aid award % of College students received a financial aid award >$92M in scholarships awarded to College students 77.3% employed or attending graduate school Post-graduation plans as of six months post-graduation Employed (58.7%) Graduate school (18.6%) Global Programs Columbia College Around the World Top employer choice TEACH FOR AMERICA Seeking employment (9.8%) 290 College students participated in study abroad programs Top study abroad destinations France 21.0% United Kingdom 16.2% China 10.3% Top graduate school choice COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY Other (7.3%) Spain 7.2% Top languages studied abroad Argentina 5.9% French Spanish Chinese Italian German 4 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

4 Giving to Columbia College Fiscal Year $1.28 million raised for Columbia College on Columbia Giving Day $17.3 million raised for the Columbia College Fund $32.7 million donated to Columbia College 914 donors gave on Columbia Giving Day >11,900 donors gave to the Columbia College Fund >17,000 donors gave to Columbia College Columbia College Fund Allocation Core Curriculum (14%) Student services (30%) 1,086 alumni/students made their first gift 1,748 total Columbia College affiliates made their first gift Internship stipends (1%) Financial aid (55%) 6 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

5 Accolades Faculty Accolades Columbia faculty members are recognized within the University and across the world for their outstanding scholarship and cutting-edge research, which they bring into the classroom so students can gain new perspectives and learn from leaders in the field. Below are just some of the awards and honors that our faculty received in Across campus and around the world, Columbia College students, alumni and faculty are recognized for their scholarly pursuits. Among their achievements in were receiving Fulbright Grants, being awarded MacArthur genius grants and being named great teachers. Students also excelled in their academic departments, in the Core Curriculum and as campus leaders. Aldo and Jeanne Scaglione Publication Award for a Manuscript in Italian Literary Studies Awarded annually by the Modern Language Association of America to an author of an outstanding manuscript dealing with any aspect of the languages and literatures of Italy, including Medieval Latin and comparative studies, or intellectual history if the work s main thrust is clearly related to the humanities. Teodolinda Barolini, the Lorenzo Da Ponte Professor of Italian, for her manuscript Dante s Lyrics: Poems of Youth and the Vita Nuova American Academy of Arts and Sciences The American Academy of Arts and Sciences is one of the oldest and most prestigious honorary societies and is a leading center for independent policy research in the United States. Election to the academy is considered one of the nation s highest honors. Donald Hood, the James F. Bender Professor of Psychology John Huber, Professor of Political Science Herve Jacquet, the Adrain Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Duong Phong, Professor of Mathematics American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow The American Association for the Advancement of Science is an international nonprofit dedicated to advancing science for the benefit of all people. David Madigan, E.V.P. for Arts and Sciences, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Professor of Statistics American Mathematical Society The fellows program recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field. Dorian Goldfeld, Professor of Mathematics Herve Jacquet, the Adrain Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Chiu-Chu Melissa Liu, Professor of Mathematics Mu-Tao Wang, Professor of Mathematics Association for Humanist Sociology Book Award This annual award is given for books in sociology or an interdisciplinary social science that approach their subjects from a humanist perspective. Alondra Nelson, Professor of Sociology, for her book Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination C. Wright Mills Award Awarded by the Society for the Study of Social Problems to a book that best exemplifies outstanding social science research and a great understanding of the individual and society in the tradition of distinguished sociologist C. Wright Mills. Shamus Khan, Assistant Professor of Sociology, for his book Privilege: The Making of an Adolescent Elite at St. Paul s School Cinema du Reel Grand Prize Special Mention and Intangible Heritage Award Awarded by the Cinema du Reel, the international film festival of visual anthropology and social documentation that was established by the Bibliotheque Publique d Information de Centre Pompidou together with the Centre for Scientific Research and the Ethnographic Film Committee to promote documentary cinema. Shelly Silver, Associate Professor of Professional Practice in Visual Arts, for her film Touch Commission Internationale de Diplomatique Awarded by the international society, which is dedicated to the study of documentary records. Adam Kosto, Professor of History Dido Sotiriou Award The award, established by the Hellenic Authors Society, is presented to a foreign or Greek author whose writing highlights the interaction between people and cultures through cultural diversity. Mark Mazower, the Ira D. Wallach Professor of World Order Studies; Chair of the Department of History French-American Foundation and Florence Gould Foundation s 25th Annual Translation Prize Awarded annually to three people to reward their superior English translation of French works. Richard Howard 51, the Professor of Professional Practice of Writing in the Faculty of the Arts, for his translation of When the World Spoke French by Marc Fumaroli French Légion D Honneur The order is the highest decoration in France and is given to foreign nationals who have served France or the ideals it upholds. Joseph Stiglitz, University Professor Golden Goose Award Awarded by a coalition of lawmakers and science, business and education leaders to honor scientists whose oddball research leads to public benefits. Martin Chalfie, the William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of Biological Sciences, for his Nobel Prize-winning work on green fluorescent protein, a tracking tool that comes from jellyfish. Graduate Student Mentoring Award This award, a student initiative, is given by the Graduate Student Advisory Council to commemorate excellence in the mentoring of Ph.D. students. Carol Gluck, the George Sansom Professor of History; Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures 8 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

6 Faculty Accolades Faculty Accolades Great Teacher Award Distinguished Columbia Faculty Awards Nature s Five to Watch in 2013 Russell Sage Foundation Visiting Scholar Established in 1949 and given annually by the Society of Columbia Graduates to two outstanding teachers, one from the College and one from Engineering, as selected by the society. Columbia College: Stuart Firestein, Professor of Biological Sciences; Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences Columbia Engineering: Shih-Fu Chang, the Richard Dicker Professor of Telecommunications; Professor of Computer Science; Senior Vice Dean for the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science Guggenheim Fellowship Often characterized as midcareer awards, Guggenheim Fellowships are intended for those who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts. Stuart Firestein, Professor of Biological Sciences; Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences Ben Marcus, Associate Professor of Writing Marc Van De Mieroop, Professor of History Jordan Schnitzer Book Award Awarded by the Association of Jewish Studies to recognize and promote outstanding scholarship in the field of Jewish Studies and honor scholars whose work embodies the best in the field: rigorous research, theoretical sophistication, innovative methodology and excellent writing. Rebecca Kobrin, the Russell and Bettina Knapp Assistant Professor of American Jewish History, for her book Jewish Bialystock and Its Diaspora Karl Deutsch Award for Comparative Research and Theory Awarded every three years by the International Political Science Association at its World Congress of Political Science, this award is considered the highest in the field of comparative politics and honors a prominent scholar engaged in crossdisciplinary research in the study of the field. Alfred Stepan, the Wallace S. Sayre Professor of Government at the School of International and Public Affairs and the Department of Political Science; Director of the Center for Democracy, Toleration and Religion Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy in the Field of Thought and Ethics The Kyoto Prize is presented annually to individuals who have contributed significantly to the scientific, cultural and spiritual betterment of mankind. Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, University Professor in the Department of English and Comparative Literature Letitia Woods Brown Memorial Book Award Awarded by the Association of Black Women Historians for the best book, anthology and article about African-American women s history. Alondra Nelson, Professor of Sociology, for her book Body and Soul: The Black Panther Party and the Fight Against Medical Discrimination Lionel Trilling Book Award This award is given annually to a faculty author whose work upholds a level of excellence commensurate with that of Lionel Trilling 25. Boris Gasparov, the Boris Bakhmeteff Professor of Russian and East European Studies and Professor of Slavic Languages, for his book Beyond Pure Reason: Ferdinand de Saussure s Philosophy of Language and Its Early Romantic Antecedents These awards, established in 2005 by the University, are given annually to recognize and reward faculty members for attributes beyond their scholarship and research. Recipients are recognized for their teaching and mentoring skills. Frances A. Champagne, Associate Professor of Psychology Jean Cohen, the Nell and Herbert M. Singer Professor of Contemporary Civilization in the Core Curriculum Giuseppe Gerbino, Associate Professor of Music, Chair of the Department of Music Don J. Melnick, the Thomas Hunt Morgan Professor of Conservation Biology in the Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology; Professor of Anthropology and Biological Sciences, Director of the Center for Environment, Economy and Society Rosalind C. Morris, Professor of Anthropology Gerard Parkin, Professor of Chemistry Caterina Pizzigoni, Associate Professor of Latin American History Ovidiu Savin, Professor of Mathematics Melissa Schwartzberg, Associate Professor of Political Science Joseph Slaughter, Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature MacArthur Fellow The MacArthur Fellows Program awards unrestricted fellowships to talented individuals who have shown extraordinary originality and dedication in their creative pursuits and a marked capacity for self-direction. Terry Plank, the Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences Mark Van Doren Award for Teaching Named after Mark Van Doren, this annual award recognizes outstanding teaching on the part of a faculty member who teaches Columbia College students. Nicholas Dames, the Theodore Kahan Professor of Humanities; Chair of the Department of English and Comparative Literature National Academy of Sciences The National Academy of Sciences is committed to furthering science in America, and its members are active contributors to the international scientific community. Scientists are elected by their peers to membership in the academy for outstanding contributions to research. Mark Cane, the G. Unger Vetlesen Professor of Earth and Climate Science; Professor of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics; Deputy Director of the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Department Chair of the Earth & Environmental Science; Associate Director of The Earth Institute Terry Plank, the Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences National Institute of Health High Risk-High Reward New Innovator Award The New Innovator Award supports investigators who are within 10 years of their terminal degree or clinical residency, but who have not yet received a Research Project Grant (R01) or equivalent N1H grant, to conduct exceptionally innovative research. Wei Min, Assistant Professor of Chemistry National Science Foundation CAREER Award The CAREER program supports junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacherscholar through outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of their organizations. Marcel Agüeros 96, Assistant Professor of Astronomy Nature is a weekly international journal publishing the finest peer-reviewed research in all fields of science and technology on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. Rafael Yuste, Professor of Biological Sciences and Neuroscience for his Brain Activity Map Project, which aims to record all electrical activity from every neuron in a circuit. Orden Pour le Mérite of the Federal Republic of Germany The organization, founded in 1740 by Frederick the Great, recognizes excellence in science, scholarship and the arts. The organization has only 36 foreign members. Caroline Walker Bynum, University Professor Emerita Packard Fellow in Science and Engineering This program was established to allow the nation s most promising professors to pursue science and engineering research early in their careers with few funding restrictions and limited reporting requirements. Tiffany Shaw, Assistant Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences and of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics Padma Bhushan Prize The prize, conferred annually by India s president, is given in recognition of distinguished service of a high order to the nation and is one of the highest civilian awards given in India. Gayatri Spivak, University Professor Presidential Teaching Awards Established in 1996, the Presidential Teaching Awards honor the best of Columbia s faculty for the influence they have on their students development and their part in maintaining the University s reputation for educational excellence. Lucie Brock-Broido, Professor of Writing in the Faculty of the Arts Gil Eyal, Professor of Sociology Barbara J. Fields, Professor of History Rocco A. Servedio, Associate Professor of Computer Science Prince Albert I Medal The Prince Albert I Medal is awarded to a scientist who has made outstanding contributions to the enhancement and advancement of the physical and/or chemical sciences of the oceans. Arnold L. Gordon, Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences, for his pioneering work on global ocean currents Prince of Asturias Award for Social Science This prize is awarded by the Prince of Asturias Foundation to individuals, entities or organizations from around the world who make notable achievements in the sciences, humanities and public affairs. Saskia Sassen, the Robert S. Lynd Professor of Sociology; Co-Chair of the Committee on Global Thoughts Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Young Leader Awards The award recognizes leaders aged 40 or under for their exceptional contributions to improving the health of the nation. The award also signals the winners strong potential for leadership Prabhjot Singh, Visiting Assistant Professor of International and Public Affairs Each year, the Russell Sage Foundation invites a number of scholars to its New York headquarters to investigate topics in social and behavioral sciences. Catherine Fennell, Assistant Professor of Anthropology Yao Lu, Assistant Professor of Sociology Simons Investigator Award These inaugural five year appointments offer $100,000 annually to support scientists in the long-term study of basic research. Igor Aleiner, Professor of Physics Sloan Research Fellowships Awarded annually by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for early career scientists and scholars whose achievements and potential identify them as the next generation of scientific leaders. Wei Min, Assistant Professor of Chemistry Simha Sethumadhavan, Associate Professor of Computer Science Wei Zhang, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Social Science Research Council The Social Science Research Council nurtures new generations of social scientists, fosters innovative research and mobilizes necessary knowledge on important public issues. Ira Katznelson 66, P 02, the Ruggles Professor of Political Science and History, named President Special Award from the American Sociological Association A special award to commemorate the 50th anniversary publication of The Urban Villagers: Group and Class in the Life of Italian-Americans by Herbert J. Gans, a seminal work on urban theory and practice that draws on participant-observation of the Italian-American community in the West End of Boston on the eve of urban renewal. Herbert J. Gans, the Robert S. Lynd Professor Emeritus of Sociology; Special Lecturer in Sociology U.N. Committee for Development Policy The committee s 24 members include academics from around the world who are nominated by the U.N. secretary general and appointed for three-year terms. Jose Antonio Ocampo, Professor of Professional Practice in the Faculty of International and Public Affairs, named Chair U.S. Department of Energy Early Career Research Award Supports the development of individual research programs of outstanding scientists early in their careers and stimulates research careers in the disciplines supported by the Department of Energy Office of Science, including the fields of advanced scientific computing research, biological and environmental research, basic energy sciences, fusion energy sciences, high energy physics and nuclear physics. Ozgur Sahin, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences and Physics, for his research titled Assembling Microorganisms into Energy Converting Materials Welch Award in Chemistry The Houston-based Welch Foundation gives this award annually to recognize basic chemical research. Louis E. Brus, the Samuel Latham Mitchell Professor of Chemistry; Professor of Chemical Engineering, for his pioneering work and discovery of quantum dots, semiconducting nanocrystals with unusual electronic and physical properties 10 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

7 Alumni Accolades Alexander Hamilton Award The Alexander Hamilton Award, the highest honor paid to a member of the College community, is presented annually by the Columbia College Alumni Association for distinguished service to the College and accomplishment. Jonathan D. Schiller 69, P 01, P 06 Dean s Leadership Award The Dean s Leadership Award is presented to individuals who demonstrate extraordinary fundraising or class leadership during a reunion year. Andrew S. Borrok 93 Jonathan S. Lavine 88, P 16 A. Paul Neshamkin 63 Gerald Sherwin 55 Young Alumni Service Award The Gerald Sherwin 55 Young Alumni Service Award honors individuals who have demonstrated exceptional service to Columbia College s young alumni community. The award is presented at the annual Young Alumni Fund Spring Benefit. Nathania E. Nisonson 03 Michael J. Novielli 03 John Jay Awards The John Jay Awards for distinguished professional achievement are presented annually at the John Jay Awards Dinner. Proceeds from the dinner benefit the John Jay National Scholars Program, which aims to enhance academic and extracurricular experiences for outstanding first-year Columbia College students. Thomas Cornacchia 85, P 17 Katori Hall 03 Kai-Fu Lee 83, P 12 Michael J. Schmidtberger 82 George Yancopoulos 80, P 16 President s Cup The cup is awarded annually to an alumnus/a for contributions to his or her class reunion the previous year. Peter Arthur Hatch 92 Richard E. Witten 75 Award for Volunteer Leadership The Richard E. Witten 75 Award for Volunteer Leadership salutes extraordinary and innovative fundraising efforts by a volunteer over a period of two to four years. Alexandra C. Feldberg 08 Prizes in the Core Curriculum James P. Shenton Prize in Contemporary Civilization Established in 2004 in memory of Professor James P. Shenton 49, this prize is awarded annually to the Columbia College student who is deemed by the faculty to have written the best essay in Contemporary Civilization. Reid Jenkins 14, Darwin and Freud and the Revolution of Things Wonderful Prizes in Science and Mathematics Richard Bersohn Prize Established by Professor Louis Brus, who was a student of Professor Bersohn, this prize may be awarded to the Columbia College, General Studies, or Columbia Engineering student majoring in the chemical sciences who is deemed by the faculty to have demonstrated outstanding achievement as a scholar and as a researcher. Julia Oktawiec 13 Computer Science Department Award This prize is awarded annually to computer science students for scholastic achievement and in acknowledgment of their contributions to the Computer Science Department of Columbia College, and to the University as a whole. James Nugent 13 Madhavan Somanathan 13 Henri Stern 13 Bridges and Sturtevant Prize in Biological Sciences Established in 2012 in honor of Calvin Bridges (Class of 1912) and Alfred Sturtevant (Class of 1912), whose pioneering studies as Columbia College undergraduates laid the foundation for our understanding of genes and the way they behave, this prize is awarded annually to a graduating senior whose experimental or computational research is deemed by the faculty to have been both highly original and fruitful. Georgia Squyres 13 Prizes in the Social Sciences Charles A. Beard Prize in History Established in 2003 by the history department, this prize is awarded annually to a graduating senior who is judged by the faculty to have written a thesis of superior distinction in any historical field and period. Elisa Quiroz 13, The Solidarity Network: A Transnational History of Chilean-American Human Rights Activism Charles A. Beard Prize in Political Science This prize is awarded annually to the student who writes the best paper in Political Science. It was established in 1963 by the Honorable Albert Levitt. Shelley Liu 13, A Haven Across the Border: Ruggedness and its Effect on Transnational Rebellion, thesis Carl B. Boyer Memorial Prize Academic Honors General Academic Prizes Prizes in the Core Curriculum Thomas J. Katz Prize Established by friends and colleagues of Professor Katz, this prize may be awarded to the Columbia College, General Studies, or Columbia Engineering student majoring in the chemical sciences who is deemed by the faculty to have demonstrated outstanding achievement as a scholar and as a researcher. Cyril Bucher 13 Established in 1978 by Mrs. Carl B. Boyer in memory of her husband, this prize is awarded annually to the student with the best essay on any topic in history of science or mathematics as judged by a faculty committee. Claire Sabel 13, Intellectual Curiosity: Hans Sloane as an Architect and Artifact of Natural Knowledge in Early Modern Europe Chanler Historical Prize Valedictorian and Salutatorian These honors are awarded to the two graduating seniors who are most distinguished in their overall academic achievements. Students eligible for valedictorian and salutatorian are nominated by faculty to the College Committee on Honors, Awards, and Prizes on the basis of high GPA and the strength, breadth, depth and rigor of their academic achievements, as well as on the evidence of their intellectual promise, character and achievement outside the classroom. Leah Friedman 13, valedictorian Yoshiaki Ko 13, salutatorian Albert Asher Green Memorial Prize Established in 1913 by Mr. and Mrs. Asher Green in memory of their son Albert Asher Green (Class of 1914), this prize is awarded to a senior who has been in good standing for at least three years and who has made the best record of scholarship. Joel Dierbeck 13 David B. Truman Alumni Award Established in 1970 in honor of David B. Truman, former dean of the College, this prize is awarded annually by the Columbia College Alumni Association to the Columbia College senior who has made the most distinguished contribution to the academic affairs of the College. Simon Jerome 13 Joshua A. Feigenbaum Prize in Literature Humanities Established in 2004 by Joshua Feigenbaum, this prize is awarded to Columbia College students who have exhibited excellence in Literature Humanities. Maxwell Nelson 15 Miriam Rosen 15 Wallace A. Gray Prize in Literature Humanities Established in 2004 in memory of Professor Wallace Gray, this prize is awarded annually to the Columbia College student who is judged by the faculty to have written the best essay in Literature Humanities. Jack Klempay 15, Agriculture and Growing Up: Milk and Wine in Genesis and The Odyssey Dean Hawkes Memorial Prize in the Humanities Established by a committee of the Class of 1943 in memory of Dean Herbert E. Hawkes, this prize is awarded to members of the junior class who are judged to be the most deserving on the basis of work in the humanities. Sara Lavenhar 14 Leah Wajnberg 14 Jonathan Throne Kopit Prize in Logic and Rhetoric Established in 1997 by Mrs. Ina Cohen in memory of her husband, Jonathan Throne Kopit 68, this prize is awarded to a student who has exhibited excellence in University Writing. Fabio DeSousa 16 Alfred Moritz Michaelis Prize This prize is awarded to the graduating student who has completed most proficiently the sequence of physics courses corresponding to the sequence given by the late Professor George Wendell. It was established in 1926 by Mrs. Jeannette Michaelis in memory of her son, Alfred Moritz Michaelis (Class of 1920). Samuel Kohn 13 Professor Van Amringe Mathematical Prize Established in 1910 by George G. Dewitt (Class of 1867), this prize is awarded annually to Columbia College students who are deemed most proficient in designated mathematic subjects. Ha-Young Shin 16 Yifei Zhao 15 Sicong Zhang 14 John Dash Van Buren Jr. Prize in Mathematics This prize in mathematics is awarded annually to the Columbia College graduating senior with the top examination scores in subjects prescribed by the Mathematics Department. It was established in 1906 by Mrs. Louis T. Hoyt in memory of her nephew, John Dash Van Buren Jr. (Class of 1905). Sung Chul Park 13 Established in 1877 at the bequest of J. Winthrop Chanler (Class of 1847), this prize is awarded to a senior who submits the best essay on a topic that addresses the history of civil government in America. David Fine 13, Closing the Circle: The Ratification of the Genocide Convention in the United States Taraknath Das Foundation Award Established in 1957, this prize is awarded annually to a degree candidate for excellence in Asian studies, particularly in the history and culture of India. Lewis West 13 Albert Marion Elsberg Prize Established in 1912 by Mrs. Albert Elsberg in memory of her son Albert Marion Elsberg, this prize is awarded to a student who has demonstrated excellence in modern history. James Wiseman 13 Lily Prize in History A gift from Professor James Shenton 49 in honor of his mother, this prize is awarded by the history department for academic achievement in a field of history other than that of the United States. Myrsini Manney-Kalogera Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

8 Prizes in the Social Sciences Prizes in the Humanities Garrett Mattingly Prize Alan J. Willen Memorial Prize Earle Prize in Classics Richmond B. Williams Travelling Fellowship Established in 2003 by the history department, this prize is awarded annually for a senior thesis of superior distinction in any historical field and period. Eric Kutscher 13, The Public Health of Promiscuity: Regulating Gay Bathhouses During the Outbreak of AIDS in San Francisco and New York City Sanford S. Parker Prize Funded since 1980, this prize is awarded in memory of Sanford S. Parker 37 to the Columbia College senior entering graduate study in economics who shows promise of original work and demonstrates boldness of thought and commitment to excellence. The recipient is selected for having a wide range of interests, a kind heart and a generous spirit. Yuxiao Huang 13 Sanford S. Parker Summer Research Prize Established in 1980, this prize is awarded to rising Columbia College seniors majoring in economics and preparing to undertake independent research. Evan Munro 14 Joonwoo Park 14 Adam Stansell 15 Xiaoshi Yang 14 Samantha Zeller 14 Edwin Robbins Academic Research and Public Service Fellowships Established in 1991 by Edwin Robbins 53, these fellowships are designed to encourage Columbia College students to pursue careers in teaching, academic research or public service. A summer stipend is provided to four students who wish to engage in historical or political science research, or to participate in an internship with a governmental office, agency or other public service organization. Matthew Chou 14 Emily Dreibelbis 14 Romine Prize Nicole Dussault 14 Jake Obeng-Bediako 14 Established in 1996 by John Romine in honor of his brother David Estabrook Romine 86, this prize is awarded annually to two students majoring in economics: one for the best economics seminar paper and the other for the best honors thesis. Steven Iglehart 13, The Role of Regional Housing Correlation in the Financial Crisis (seminar paper) Lorna Zhang 13, Market Reaction to Patent Litigation Verdicts and Patent Appeal Results (honors thesis) Phyllis Stevens Sharp Fellowship in American Politics The Phyllis Stevens Sharp endowment fund, established in 2005, provides stipends to political science students to support research in American politics or policymaking or otherwise uncompensated internships in a government office, agency or other organization serving the public. Bianca Capone 16 Melissa Fich 15 Caroline Phelps Stokes Prize Jiawen Tang 15 Established in 1910 at the bequest of Caroline Phelps Stokes, this prize is awarded annually to the Columbia College or Barnard College student who has written the best essay on any topic concerning the rights of man. The topic was selected in correlation with course or seminar work and approved by The Stokes Prize Committee. David Baruch 13 Established in memory of Alan J. Willen 64, this prize is awarded to the Columbia College student who wrote the best seminar paper on a contemporary American political problem. The selection is made jointly by faculty representatives in the departments of history and political science. Grace Rybak 13, Bankrolling the Bench: Independent Expenditures in State High Court Elections Myra Kraft Prize for Exceptional Practical Experience in Human Rights Advocacy Established in 2013 to honor the memory of Myra Kraft, wife of Trustee Emeritus Robert K. Kraft 63, this prize is awarded to the rising Columbia College senior majoring in human rights who submits the best proposal for a human rights internship, and is intended to be used to help defray the expenses of the internship. Erica Bower 14 Myra Kraft Prize for Superior Academic Achievement in the Study of Human Rights Established in 2013 in memory of Myra Kraft, wife of Trustee Emeritus Robert K. Kraft 63, this prize is awarded to the Columbia College student majoring in human rights who has the highest grade point average and a superior record of academic achievement in human rights. Carrie Montgomery 13 Prizes in the Humanities Senior Thesis Prize in Art History and Archaeology Established in 2002 as a gift from Philip E. Aarons 73, this prize recognizes an outstanding senior thesis by a major in the Department of Art History and Archaeology. Isabel Losada 13, Pilgrimage and the New Jerusalem: A Reconstruction of the Enameled Plaques of St. Martin s Cathedral in Ourense, Spain Charles Paterno Barratt-Brown Memorial Prize This prize is awarded in memory of Charles Paterno Barratt-Brown 83 to the Columbia College senior judged by the English department as having excelled in critical writing in a scholarly field. Michelle Dawson 13 Dino Bigongiari Prize Established in 1954 in honor of Professor Dino Bigongiari, this prize is awarded annually to the senior who has written an outstanding essay on Italian civilization or whose work in the regular Italian courses is judged most worthy of distinction. Isabel Losada 13 Bunner Prize Established in 1896 in honor of Henry Cuyler Bunner, this prize is awarded to the Columbia College student who submits the best essay on a topic dealing with American literature. Peter Conroy 13, The Master Before Himself: In Search of Henry James Douglas Gardner Caverly Prize Established in 1994 in memory of Douglas Gardner Caverly 68, this prize is awarded to a graduating senior for outstanding performance in classics. Gavin McGown 13 Established in memory of Mortimer Lanson Earle (Class of 1886), a professor in the classics department, this prize is awarded annually to a Columbia College student for excellence in sight translation of passages of Greek and Latin. Gavin McGown 13 James Gutmann Prize in Philosophy This prize is awarded annually to a graduating Columbia College senior in philosophy who plans to pursue graduate work in the field. Sanford Diehl 13 John Vincent Hickey Prize Established in 2004 by Dr. Helene J.F. de Aguilar in honor of her brother John Vincent Hickey, this prize is awarded to the Columbia College student judged by the department of English and comparative literature to have submitted the best essay on Irish, English or American poetry. Amanda Gutterman 13, Do You Believe Me Yet? : Staging Education in Milton s Comus Adam Leroy Jones Prize in Logic Established in 1934 by Mrs. Adam Leroy Jones in memory of her husband, an associate professor of philosophy and director of University Admissions from 1909 to 1934, this prize is awarded to a Columbia College student for the best essay on any topic in the philosophy of science or in the foundation of logic. Eric Shapiro 13, Reliability, Evidence, and Uncertainty: A Synthesized Theory of Decision-Making Helen and Howard R. Marraro Prize Established in 1972 in honor of Professor Marraro, this prize is awarded annually to students with academic distinction and promise in any academic discipline concerned with Italian culture. Casey Ross 14 Ernest Stadler Prize for Excellence in the Study of Classical Antiquity This prize is awarded annually to graduating Columbia College seniors judged by the faculty to have demonstrated academic excellence through course work and the writing of a senior essay on some aspect of the history or culture of the classical world. It was established in 2006 in memory of Ernest Stadler, who had a lifelong commitment to the study of classical antiquity. Aaron Primero 13, thesis on Columella s hexameter poem on gardening Kyle Radler 13, Creeping Visions: Hamlet, Aeneas, and the Surrounding Image Networks Deutscher Verein Prize in German Established in 1917 in memory of Mortimer Lamson Earle (Class of 1886), a lecturer and professor in the classics department, this prize is awarded annually to the Columbia College junior or senior who submits the winning essay on a prescribed topic in German literature. Samuel Walker 14, Die große Fracht Susan Huntington Vernon Prize This prize is awarded by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and the Hispanic Institute of Columbia University to the Columbia College senior who has demonstrated excellence in the study of Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American literatures and cultures. Established in 1941 by a member of the noted family of Hispanophiles at a time when most university teachers and literary critics were men, this award was originally endowed as a means of encouraging young women in humanistic pursuits at the college level. Karina Yu 13 Established in 1988 at the bequest of Richmond B. Williams 25, this fellowship is awarded annually to Columbia College juniors majoring in English for summer research requiring travel. Lara Anderson 14 Bernando Sarmiento-Hinojosa 14 Jennifer Schmeyer 14 Kai Schultz 14 Prizes in the Creative and Performing Arts Academy of American Poets Poetry Prize This prize is awarded annually to the Columbia College student who submits the best poem or group of poems during the academic year. Rebecca Liu Xu 14 Karen Osney Brownstein Writing Prize This prize is awarded to graduating seniors who have written a single piece or a body of work distinguished in its originality of concept and excellence of execution. It was established in 1991 by Neill H. Brownstein 66 in memory of Karen Osney Brownstein. Yanyi Luo 13, 56th Battalion No Survivors Nicholas Pierce 13, His Daddy Calls Him Michael Abigail Struhl 13, Dream(e)scape George William Curtis Prize This prize is awarded to Columbia College students for excellence in the public delivery of English orations. The fund for this prize was established by Samuel Putnam Avery (Class of 1896) in honor of George William Curtis, who was involved in and committed to civil service reform. Ankeet Bal 16, The Beauty of Science Arthur E. Ford Poetry Prize Established in 1980 by Mrs. Doris Ford in memory of Arthur E. Ford, this award is given to the student who submits the best collection of poems. Andy Nicole Bowers 13 Philolexian Prize Fund This prize was established in 1904 by the Philolexian Society for excellence in debating, essays, short stories and poetry. Yanyi Luo 13 Austin E. Quigley Prize This prize for outstanding artistic and intellectual achievement is awarded to Columbia College seniors majoring in drama and theatre arts. Established in honor of Austin E. Quigley, dean of the College from 1995 to 2009, the prize is funded by Nobel Laureate Richard Axel 67, University Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics. Lorenzo Landini 13 Kyle Radler Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

9 Prizes in the Creative and Performing Arts Richard and Brooke Kamin Rapaport Summer Music Performance Fellowship Established in 1993 with a gift from Brooke Kamin Rapaport and Richard A. Rapaport 69, these summer music fellowships are awarded to support summer opportunities for Columbia College students who are particularly gifted in musical performance, composition or conducting. Joseph Betts 15 J.D. Nathan Chan 15 Maria Diez 15 Anna Dugan 14 Vicente Hansen 15 Javier Llaca 16 Phi Beta Kappa Annalise Perricone 16 Amalia Rinehart 14 Jennifer Schmeyer 14 Caroline Sonett 14 David Su 14 Madeleine Tucker 15 Louis Sudler Prize in the Arts This prize is awarded annually to the student deemed by the faculty to have demonstrated excellence in performance, execution or composition in one of the fields of artistic endeavor. Averi Israel 13, Tuzina (We Dance), documentary film Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer Prize Established in 1926 as a gift of Maximilian Foster, this prize is awarded to the student who has written the best English lyric verse. Andy Nicole Bowers 13 Each year, 10 percent of the senior class is inducted into Phi Beta Kappa by faculty who are members of the society. Two percent is elected in November and 8 percent in the spring. Selection is based not only on academic achievement but also on evidence of intellectual promise, character and achievement outside the classroom. Junior Phi Beta Kappa Travis Baseler 13 Kevin Crowley 13 Jason Bell 13 Tyler Benedict 13 Caitlin Brown 13 Woo Chang Chung 13 Peter Conroy 13 Hannah Deresiewicz 13 Joel Dierbeck 13 Frederic Dulson 13 Leah Friedman 13 Matthew Gladstone 13 Senior Phi Beta Kappa Mary Allen 13 Sanford Diehl 13 Janine Balekdjian 13 Timothy Barker 13 David Baruch 13 Celia Bell 13 Catherine Bentivoglio 13 Ravi Bhalla 13 Julie Bodenmann 13 Andy Nicole Bowers 13 Claudia Brodsky 13 Steven Castellano 13 Alice Chang 13 Dorothy Chen 13 Monica Chen 13 Po Linn Chia 13 Gyu Won Choi 13 Declan Conroy 13 Michelle Conway 13 Lauren DeMaria 13 Schuyler Dickey 13 Mary Escherich 13 Dafna Feith 13 Harrison Flager 13 Adam Formica 13 Ze ev Gebler 13 John Greene 13 Leah Greenstein 13 Ridhima Guniganti 13 Nico Gurian 13 Amanda Gutterman 13 Cecilia Hackerson 13 Asher Hecht-Bernstein 13 Allison Heimann 13 Andrew Heinrich 13 Sherilyn Hellberg 13 Alexzander Hudson 13 Elizabeth Jacob 13 Mary Kircher 13 Yoshiaki Ko 13 Cynthia Harris 13 Yuxiao Huang 13 Samuel Kohn 13 Gavin McGown 13 Gerard Ramm 13 Tucker Kuman 13 James Laird 13 Diana Lee 13 Sarah Lee 13 Michael Li 13 Siran Li 13 Ethan Lowenthal 13 Albert Lui 13 Devan Luster 13 Allison Malecha 13 Dan Margulies 13 Ian Marsanyi 13 Grace McCarty 13 Christopher McGinn 13 Alexander Mendez 13 Emma Meyers 13 Laura Milmed 13 Jonathan Moed 13 Julia Monk 13 Kelsey Musselman 13 Billy Rees 13 Rotem Rusak 13 Matthew Salant 13 Katharina Shaw 13 James Wiseman 13 Daniel Natkie 13 Susan Ou 13 Silvia Park 13 Sung Chul Park 13 Dean Perfetti 13 Steven Pfau 13 Elizabeth Power 13 Tzipora Quint 13 Soo Hyun Rhee 13 Giancarlo Roma 13 Sara Rosenberg 13 Christopher Ruenes 13 Mila Rusafova 13 Grace Rybak 13 Ehsan Sadeghi 13 Stephanie Sarbanes 13 Matthew Schelke 13 Charles Shafaieh 13 Ian Shirley 13 Sharon Shum 13 Gabriela Siegel 13 Alexander Simmonds 13 Rui Su 13 Joshua Tobin 13 Noelle Van Rysselberghe 13 Nicholas Warther 13 Lewis West 13 Lindsay White 13 Patrick Woolsey 13 Sharon Wu 13 Shuang Xu 13 Karina Yu 13 Samuel Zakay 13 Helen Zhang 13 Lorna Zhang 13 Departmental Honors Departmental honors may be awarded to up to 10 percent of the graduating students in a given major whose academic performance in the discipline is determined by the faculty to warrant special recognition. African- American Studies Maryam Aziz 13 American Studies Timothy Barker 13 Louise McCune 13 Anthropology Nataya Friedan 13 Ethan Kogan 13 Melissa Marichal 13 Matthew Martinez 13 Architecture Ava Amirahmadi 13 Art History Jeremy Bleeke 13 Jessica Redmond 13 Jacob Stavis 13 Biological Sciences Brendan Barry 13 Steven Castellano 13 Monica Chen 13 John Palmer Green 13 Janelle Liu 13 Ariana Lott 13 Lindsey Mitrani 13 Thomas Nguyen 13 Reed O Connor 13 Stephanie Sarbanes 13 Katharina Shaw 13 Georgia Squyres 13 Eugenia Uche-Anya 13 Chemistry Alice Chang 13 William Kender 13 Albert Lui 13 Dan Margulies 13 Classics Lindsay White 13 Comparative Literature and Society Sherilyn Hellberg 13 Creative Writing Andy Nicole Bowers 13 Silvia Park 13 Dance Ariana Lott 13 Drama & Theatre Arts Tara Pacheco 13 Earth and Environmental Sciences Adam Formica 13 East Asian Languages and Cultures Po Linn Chia 13 Erik Grossman 13 Economics Travis Baseler 13 Ravi Bhalla 13 Hadi Elzayn 13 Asher Hecht-Bernstein 13 Yuxiao Huang 13 Susan Ou 13 Jason So 13 Richard Sun 13 Matthew Yeaton 13 Samuel Zakay 13 Lorna Zhang 13 Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology Julia Monk 13 English and Comparative Literature Nathan Ashe 13 Jason Bell 13 Peter Conroy 13 Michelle Dawson 13 Schuyler Dickey 13 Meredith Foster 13 Amanda Gutterman 13 Cynthia Harris 13 Ethnicity and Race Studies Sherill-Marie Henriquez 13 Tara Reed 13 Film Studies Annalise Cooper 13 Nicholas Tyson 13 France and Romance Philology Frederic Dulson 13 Cynthia Harris 13 History F. Elias Boujaoude 13 John Eckels 13 Benjamin Eckersley 13 Jacob Goldenberg 13 Elizabeth Jacob 13 Maria Lomaka 13 Claire Sabel 13 Gabriela Siegel 13 James Wiseman 13 Latin-American and Iberian Cultures Declan Conroy 13 Karina Yu 13 Linguistics Zuzanna Fuchs 13 Mathematics Rankeya Datta 13 Daniel Kang 13 Rayleigh Lei 13 Eden Prywes 13 Joshua Tobin 13 Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies Catherine Bentivoglio 13 Lewis West 13 Music Christopher Ruenes 13 Philosophy Dorothy Chen 13 Sanford Diehl 13 Allison Heimann 13 Gavin McGown 13 Marilyn Robb 13 Eric Shapiro 13 Physics Woo Chang Chung 13 Kevin Crowley 13 Jungsik Park 13 Maggie Tse 13 Political Science David Baruch 13 Hyun Jee Cho 13 Sam Gelb 13 Andrew Heinrich 13 Sarah Lee 13 Richard Medina 13 Alexander Merchant 13 Grace Rybak 13 Evan Welber 13 Patrick Woolsey 13 Psychology David Halpern 13 Yoshiaki Ko 13 Kevin Montiel 13 David Rhee 13 Jennifer Smerling 13 Slavic Languages Matthew Schantz 13 Sociology Felicia Bevel 13 Stephanie Grilo 13 Statistics Michael Discenza 13 Zuzanna Fuchs 13 Sustainable Development Rebecca Smith 13 Urban Studies Cecilia Hackerson 13 Tieisha Tift 13 Women s and Gender Studies Kellie Foxx-Gonzalez Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

10 Fellowships More than 50 Columbia College students and alumni were awarded fellowships in These included 11 Fulbright Grant winners, 13 National Science Foundation recipients and two Goldwater Scholarship recipients. Students received fellowships to work and study at Columbia, across the country and around the world. Listed on the following pages are the College recipients. Fellowships for Graduate Study Harry J. Carman Fellowship Established in 1949 in honor of Dean Carman, this fellowship is awarded annually for advanced study to a Columbia College senior who exhibits intellectual promise. Yoonjin Ha 13 Herbert Deresiewicz Summer Research Fellowship Established this year, this fellowship provides the opportunity for a Columbia College student to engage in full-time laboratory research on the Morningside Heights campus in one of the following departments: biological sciences, biomedical engineering, chemistry or chemical engineering. Matthew Tsim 16 Jarvis and Constance Doctorow Fellowship Established in 2005 by Jarvis and Constance Doctorow, this fellowship is awarded annually to a student for study at St. Edmund Hall, Oxford University. Matthew Jacobs 13 Henry Evans Travelling Fellowship Established in 1928 by Mrs. Henry Evans in memory of her husband, Henry Evans (Class of 1881), this prize is awarded annually to graduating seniors who are planning to undertake a creative research project that requires travel. Gerard Ramm 13 Euretta J. Kellett Fellowships Established in 1932 at the bequest of Euretta Jane Schlegel, this fellowship provides two consecutive years of study at Oxford University or Cambridge University for two Columbia College graduates who have shown exceptional proficiency in the study of liberal arts. Adam Formica 13 Gavin McGown 13 Holthusen-Schindler Scholarships Established through a bequest from the estate of Lenore Holthusen in memory of her late husband, Henry Holthusen (Class of 1915, Class of 1917L), this scholarship provides financial support to current seniors and alumni with financial need who are continuing their education at Columbia University s Law School. Declan Conroy 13 Gena Miller 09 Special Undergraduate Fellowships Arthur Rose Teaching Assistantship Awarded to a senior in the College who is to assist the work of a member of faculty in one of the departments that contribute to the courses in Contemporary Civilization and the humanities. It was established in 1958 by Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Rose in memory of their son Arthur Rose. Roko Rumora 14 Norman Toy III 14 Class of 1939 Summer Research Fellowships Established by the Class of 1939 in honor of the 50th anniversary of its graduation, this scholarship is awarded to students pursuing independent research or work in ongoing laboratory projects during the summer. The scholarship grants students the opportunity to pursue their intellectual goals, gain valuable research experience and cultivate stronger relationships with a faculty member. Priom Ahmed 14 Margarete Diaz Cuadros 14 Emma Gilheany 14 Alexa Semonche 14 Yifei Zhao 15 Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program The Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship Program provides valuable research training, faculty mentorship and financial support for undergraduate students who wish to pursue a Ph.D. and a career in the professoriate, and whose intellectual and social commitments embody those of the late Dr. Benjamin Mays. Fellows are accepted during their sophomore years and receive a yearly stipend and summer research funding for each of two summers. Kelly Luis 15 David Luna 15 Lauren Rangel 15 Giovanna Sánchez-Esquivel 15 Shondrea Thornton 15 Richard Lewis Kohn Travelling Fellowship Established in 1959, this fellowship is awarded annually to a well-qualified student to supplement work with study during junior year in Great Britain. Chioma Ngwudo 15 Solomon and Seymour Fisher Civil Liberties Fellowship Established in 1989 by Solomon Fisher 36 and Seymour Fisher 45, this fellowship is awarded annually to a Columbia College student to work during the summer at the Legal Department of the American Civil Liberties Union National Office in New York City. Celina Aldape 14 Andrew Gonzalez 15 National Fellowships Carnegie Endowment for International Peace Junior Fellowship The endowment offers 10 to 12 one-year fellowships to uniquely qualified graduating seniors, who work as research assistants to the endowment s senior associates. Yusuf Ahmad 12 Critical Language Scholarships Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Critical Language Scholarship Program offers fully-funded intensive summer language institutes for U.S. university students in 13 critical foreign languages. Catherine Bentivoglio 13 Connie Chen 14 Katherine Haller 15 Regie-Jesus Mauricio 15 Fulbright Grant Morgan Romey 15 David Van Winkle 14 Lewis West 13 Patrick Woods 15 Sponsored by the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, the Fulbright Program provides funding for students, scholars, teachers and professionals to undertake graduate study, advanced research, university teaching and teaching in elementary and secondary schools. John Bailey 12 Janine Balekdjian 13 Caitlin Brown 13 Serena Dasani 13 Scout Katovich 11 Krizia Lopez 13 Aaron Primero 13 Katharina Shaw 13 Elizabeth Shen 11 Lewis West 13 James Wiseman 13 Core Scholars Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship Established by Congress in 1986 to honor Senator Barry Goldwater, who served his country for 56 years as a soldier and statesman, including 30 years of service in the U.S. Senate, The Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program awards scholarships to college students who intend to pursue careers in science, mathematics and engineering. Nilay Kumar 15 Tyler St. Denis 15 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship The oldest graduate fellowship of its kind, the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program recognizes and supports outstanding graduate students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines who are pursuing researchbased master s and doctoral degrees at accredited United States institutions. Diana Cai 11 Nicholas Camp 09 Matias Fernandez 08 Kaitlyn Gaynor 10 Jonathan Huggins 12 Catherine Insel 10 Madeleine Jensen 12 Summer Lindsey 10 Emma McGlennen 11 Sofia Pacheco-Fores 12 Julian Pilowsky 12 Pawel Przytycki 11 Julia Reuben 11 Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans Established in recognition of the contributions New Americans have made to American life, this fellowship supports the graduate educations of 30 permanent residents, naturalized citizens or children of naturalized citizen parents. Nishant Batsha 10 Each year the Core Scholars Program invites anyone who has taken a Core course to reflect on the materials of the Core Curriculum by creating a Core Reflection. Students who create exceptionally creative and well-executed reflections are honored as Core Scholars. Winners Alessio Mineo 14, Zwischen Sein und Allison Scott 15, The Price of Terror Kun Oskar Yao 14, The Tripartite Prelude Gabriella Zacarias 16, Birth of an Intellect Honorable Mention Colin Ross 16, The Death of Camilla 18 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

11 Student Life Awards Columbia College students are recognized for their leadership and contributions to the Columbia community in eight categories through King s Crown Leadership Excellence Awards. Select honorees also received the Dean s Award for Leadership Excellence in their category, indicated by an asterisk, and named awards for extracurricular achievements. Students who demonstrated achievement in their academics and extracurricular activities were honored as Senior Marshals. Named and Class Day Awards are given to members of the senior class in recognition of their outstanding contributions to Columbia College. King s Crown Leadership Excellence Awards Bridge Building Maryam Khadijah Aziz 13 Adwoa Nyeekua Banful 13 * Catherine Bentivoglio 13 Sau Wai Chan 15 Morgaine Gooding-Silverwood 14 * Leah Greenstein 13 Walter Jean-Jacques 14 Laura Quintela 14 Gerardo Romo 14 Civic Responsibility Michele Acheampong 13 Carmen DelValle 13 Mytra Haerizadeh 13 Brandon Lewis 13 Amanda Matos 13 * Zoe Maria Ridolfi-Starr 15 * Melissa Meriwether von Mayrhauser 13 * Columbia Spirit Adrian Alea 15 Nicole Bartnik 13 * Will Hughes 13 Ryan Mandelbaum 13 Matthew Martinez 13 Jason Chris Tejada 13 * Scarlett Tohme 14 Helen Uju Ofoche 13 Community Building Ryan Cho 13 Alexander Donnelly 14 Marita Inglehart 14 Josh Johnson 13 Robbie Lyman 15 Denise Machin 13 Krystal Martinez 13 * Chinenyenwa (Chi Chi) Mpamaugo 13 Ethics and Morality Mounia Abousaid 15 Elizabeth Angeles 13 Maggie Brommer 13 Evan Burger 13 Steven Ray Castellano 13 * Adam Deutsch 13 Samantha Leigh Goldfarb 14 * Rachel Schenkel 14 * Bob Sun 14 Health and Wellness Kainee Simone Aguilar 15 Jacqueline Bryk 13 Sherill-Marie Henriquez 13 Alexzander A.J. Hudson 13 Allison Paula Levin 13 * Dean Perfetti 13 Steven Pfau 13 Jose Ricardo-Moreno 13 Sofia Vassiliev 14 Indelible Mark Julia Chen 14 Alicia Cio a 13 Asher Hecht 13 Andrew Heinrich 13 Ariana Lott 13 Gavin McGowan 13 * Daniel Omachonu 16 Lakota Pochedly 13 * James Edward Ramseur 13 * Innovation and Enhancement Loxley Bennett 15 Liam Bland 15 Nelson Castano 14 Ben Harris 14 Roniquee Marksman 14 Senior Marshals Michael Adame 13 Emmanuel Arnaud 13 Janine S. Balekdjian 13 Daniel Bonner 13 Elias Boujaoude 13 Andrea Collazo 13 Michael Discenza 13 Abril Dozal 13 David Fine 13 Fiona Georgakis 13 John Palmer Greene II 13 Eli Grober 13 Karishma Habbu 13 Cecilia Hackerson 13 Mytra Haerizadeh 13 Andrew Hitt 13 Alexzander A.J. Hudson 13 Will Hughes 13 Jose Andres Jaime IV 13 Mary Kircher 13 Brandon Lewis 13 Yanyi Luo 13 Denise Machin 13 Ryan Mandelbaum 13 Grace McCarthy 13 Carrie Montgomery 13 Melissa Peterson 13 Michael Rady 13 Eleanor Stein 13 Steele Sternberg 13 Richard Sun 13 Named and Class Day Awards The Alumni Association Achievement Award The prize is awarded annually to the member of the Columbia College senior class who is judged to be most outstanding for qualities of mind, character and service to the College. Steven Ray Castellano 13 The Alumni Prize This prize is awarded by the Columbia College Alumni Association to the Columbia College senior judged by classmates to be the most faithful and deserving. Stephanie Ann Grilo 13 The Charles H. Bjorkwall Prize Established by Ottle Emma Bjorkwall in memory of her brother Dr. Charles H. Bjorkwall, this prize is awarded annually to a member of the Columbia College graduating class for unselfish service to the College community. James Edward Ramseur 13 Charles M. Rolker Prize This prize is awarded to the member of the Columbia College graduating class who is judged by classmates to be most worthy of special distinction because of scholarship, participation in student activities or any combination thereof. Adwoa Nyeekua Banful 13 Columbia College Scholar Athlete Award This award is presented from time to time by the Office of the Dean to the graduating Columbia College student who has distinguished himself or herself as a varsity athlete and scholar. Catherine Meili 13 Edward S. Brainard Memorial Prize This prize is awarded to the member of the Columbia College graduating class who is judged by classmates to be most worthy of distinction for qualities of mind and character. Maryam Khadijah Aziz 13 Leonard A. Pullman Memorial Prize This prize is awarded to a Columbia College senior who displays those qualities of outstanding scholarship and significant service to the College exemplified in the life of Leonard Pullman 62. Gavin McGown 13 The Milch Prize Established by Dr. and Mrs. Henry Milch, this prize is awarded to a Columbia College junior who, by leadership in extracurricular as well as scholastic activities, has, in the judgment of instructors and classmates, done the most to enhance the reputation of Columbia College. Morgaine Gooding-Silverwood 14 Richard H. Fox Memorial Prize This prize is awarded to a Columbia College senior who has shown for the College the greatest interest and helpfulness. The student must have participated in some non-athletic activities and must be one who combines intelligence with a kindly interest in his or her fellows. Allison Paula Levin 13 The Robert Harron Award Awarded to a Columbia College junior for qualities of grace and generosity, this prize was established in memory of Robert Harron, who, in the course of his 30 years of service at Columbia, was assistant to the president and director of University Public Relations. Samantha Leigh Goldfarb 14 The Robert Lincoln Carey Memorial Prize The prize is awarded annually by the Columbia College Alumni Association the Columbia College senior who, through a combination of leadership qualities as exercised in the non-athletic extracurricular program of the College and outstanding achievement in the academic program of the College, best exemplifies the ideals that Robert Lincoln Carey sought to engender in the students of Columbia College. John Palmer Greene II 13 Robert Shellow Gerdy Prize This prize is awarded to a Columbia College senior who throughout the undergraduate years has made a significant contribution as a member of the staff on one or more College student publications, especially Jester, Columbia Review and Spectator. Melissa Meriwether von Mayrhauser 13 The Stanley I. Fishel/Zeta Beta Tau Prize This prize is awarded to a Columbia College fraternity member who has demonstrated leadership, academic achievement, and participation in athletics or other campus activities. Jason Chris Tejada 13 Van Am Prize Established by the Class of 1898 on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, this prize is awarded to a Columbia College sophomore most distinguished for service, character and courtesy in relations with faculty members, fellow students and visitors. Zoe Maria Ridolfi-Starr Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

12 Volunteers Volunteers play a critical role within Columbia College. Not only do they serve as advocates and champions for the College but without their support, the College would not be the vibrant place it is. Alumni volunteers interview students for admission, practice interview skills with students, contribute to Class Notes for Columbia College Today, conduct peer-to-peer solicitations for the Columbia College Fund, help to plan Alumni Reunion Weekend and much more. Parent volunteers serve as ambassadors for the Parents Fund, soliciting gifts from fellow non-alumni parents to support the College s mission of continually improving the complete College experience for every student. We thank all of the following volunteers for their time and generosity. Leadership The members of the Columbia College Board of Visitors and the Columbia College Alumni Association Board of Directors commit to promoting the best interests of the College within the University community, the city and the public sphere. Board members support Dean James J. Valentini and offer him high-level counsel, expertise and perspective on the best ways to advance the College s mission. Listed on the following pages are the volunteers serving in this fiscal year, , with the exception of the Senior Fund Committee. Columbia College Board of Visitors Chair Yale M. Fergang 87 Vice Chairs Victor H. Mendelson 89 Alexander Navab 87 Current Members Matthew Jon Assiff 89 Kyra Tirana Barry 87, P 17 Andrew Singer Borrok 93 James T. Brett 84 Eli Bryk 78, P 07, P 08, P 10, P 13 Thomas William Cornacchia 85, P 17 Alexandra Wallace Creed 88 Gene I. Davis 75, P 05, P 07 Neil and Diane Exter P 14 Allen I. Fagin 71 Emeriti Members James H. Berick 55, P 84, P 92 Robert Berne 60 Michael S. Bruno 43 Lisa Landau Carnoy 89 Geoffrey J. Colvin 74, P 08, P 10, P 14 Abigail Black Elbaum 92 Lawrence K. Grossman 52 William R. Host 60, P 86, P 89 Martin S. Kaplan 61, P 89 Robert L. Friedman 64 Thomas H. Glocer 81 Sandra H. Kim Hoffen 87 Jeffrey D. Knowles 71, P 08 Arthur Henry Kohn 84, P 13 Brian C. Krisberg 81, P 17 Benjamin B. Lopata 72, P 06, P 08 Francisco Javier Lopez-Balboa 82, P 13, P 15 Victor M. Lopez-Balboa 82, P 14 Tracy V. Maitland 82 Mark E. Kingdon 71, P 09, P 16 Dennis H. Langer 71, P 04, P 08 Jonathan Scott Lavine 88, P 16 Francisco A. Lorenzo 61 Janet R. Lorin 95 Conrad H. Lung 72, P 04 Philip L. Milstein 71, P 09, P 10 Carlos R. Muñoz 57 Robert M. Rosencrans 49 Sami W. Mnaymneh 81, P 12, P 14, P 17 Renan Pierre 86 J. Michael Schell 69 Michael J. Schmidtberger 82 Lisa and David B. Stanton 77, P 09, P 11 Stephen S. Trevor 86 M. Glenn Vinson Jr. 67 Rory Leandrew Wilfork 97 Michael B. Rothfeld 69, P 06, P 08 Charles W. Santoro 82, P 13 Phillip M. Satow 63, P 88, P 96 Robert J. Speyer 92 Alan L. Stein 52 Daniel E. Straus 78, P 10, P 14 Michael L. Winchell P 03, P 06, P 10 Richard E. Witten 75, P 10 Ex Officio Members Michael P. Behringer 89 Ira Brett Malin 75, P 11, P 17 James J. Valentini Faculty Members Karen Barkey Emlyn Willard Hughes Student Members Daphne Lee Chen 14 Matthew Chou 14 Michael John Fox-Moles Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

13 Columbia College Alumni Association Board of Directors President Kyra Tirana Barry 87, P 17 Executive Committee Officers Mark Lemle Amsterdam 66, P 07, P 10 Michael P. Behringer 89 Craig B. Brod 77 Geoffrey J. Colvin 74, P 08, P 10, P 14 Committee Chairs David Paul Filosa 82 Leslie Gittess 88 Scott H. Koonin 02 Jess H. Drabkin 79, P 09 James P. Gerkis 80 Brian C. Krisberg 81, P 17 Ira Brett Malin 75, P 11, P 17 Andrew David Lorber 04 Eric Arthur Mendelson 87, P 17 Gerald Sherwin 55 Executive Committee Officer and Committee Chair Laura A. Lopez 92 Daniel S. Tamkin 81, P 12 Board Members Rohit Thomas Aggarwala 93 Jean-Marie L. Atamian 81, P 12, P 16 Adam Christopher Beshara 96 Eric J. Branfman 69, P 06, P 09 Michael O. Braun 70, P 09 Gerrard Patrick Bushell 83 Joan Marie Campion 92 David Donner Chait 07 Frank Samuel Cicero 92 Camille Warmbrodt DeLaite 01 Christopher V. Della Pietra 89 Richard Neil De Los Reyes 97 Burtt R. Ehrlich 61, P 07 Michele Ann Esposito 96 Derek Fairchild-Coppoletti 94 Alexandra Claire Feldberg 08 Stephanie Ann Foster 12 Alicia D. Guevara 94 Ellen Maura Gustafson 02 Justin Marcel Ifill 06 Francis Phillip 90 Theodore Urwitz Schweitzer 91 Douglas Robert Wolf 88 Sherri Pancer Wolf 90 Stephen Jacobs 75 David A. Javdan 90 Michelle Estilo Kaiser 87 Frederick G. Kushner 70, P 03, P 06 Andrew Zachary Lebwohl 04 Barry A. Levine 65, P 95, P 97 Stephanie Yu-Yi Lung 04 Julie Menin 89 A. Paul Neshamkin 63 Nathania Ellsworth Nisonson 03 Columbia College Alumni Association Board of Directors Michael S. Oberman 69, P 10 Roy William Pomerantz 83 To Trinh M. Quan 93 Elizabeth Victoria Robilotti 99 Dean James J. Valentini Affiliate Members Randy William Berkowitz 04 Alan Michael Freeman 93 Christopher Leelon Jones 07 CCW Representative Shelly Jennifer Eversley 91 Stacy Michelle Rotner 99 Teresa M. Saputo-Crerend 87 Steven P. Schwartz 70 Roxann Sherri Smithers 99 Kevin Tung-Sun Kong 95 Pauline Lem 83 Barnard Siheun Song 07 Jonathan Scott Sobel 88 Genevieve Marie Thornton 02 David F.A. Walker 80 Anne-Marie Wright 89, P 17 Calvin Datze Sun 08 Honorary Permanent Members James E. Brandt 79, P 08, P 13 Conrad H. Lung 72, P 04 William E. Oliver 64 LAACU Representative Olson Elias Aguirre 07 Living Past Presidents Robert Berne 60 Geoffrey J. Colvin 74, P 08, P 10, P 14 Richard D. Friedlander 60 Martin S. Kaplan 61, P 89 Henry L. King 48 Brian C. Krisberg 81, P 17 Philip L. Milstein 71, P 09, P 10 Carlos R. Muñoz 57 Charles John O Byrne 81 Harvey Rubin 54, P 82, P 87 Ex-officio Kathy Okun P 07 Bernice S. Tsai 96 Laurence H. Rubinstein 60 Joseph B. Russell 49, P 74 Phillip M. Satow 63, P 88, P 96 Bernard Sunshine 46, P 79 Eric D. Witkin 69, P 09 Faculty Member Robert David Friedman P 13 F or me, it all comes back to financial aid. It is important that the Columbia experience remains available to all students, regardless of their family s financial status. That means continuing the College s need-blind admissions policy and providing students with competitive financial aid packages. I was a beneficiary of this policy. When you support the Columbia College Fund you re directly supporting our financial aid program. You re really giving someone the gift of a Columbia education. Michael P. Behringer 89 Student Members Zichao Kang 14 Daniel Nathan Liss 16 William Arthur Maxfield 14 Staff Members Susan Chang-Kim, Chief Planning and Administrative Officer; Associate Dean of Columbia College Jessica L. Marinaccio, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid Theresa Martinez, Interim Dean of Student Affairs Michael E. Pippenger, Dean of Undergraduate Global Programs/Asst. VP for International Education Allen Rosso, Executive Director of the Columbia College Fund Kavita Sharma, Dean of Career Education Kathryn B. Yatrakis P 94, P 96, P 05, Dean of Academic Affairs and Senior Associate Vice President for Arts and Sciences 24 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

14 Young Alumni Young Alumni Fund Advisory Board and the Columbia College Young Alumni Association focus on the most effective ways to inform and engage young alumni (those who graduated within the last 10 years). YAFAB focuses on developing the fundraising strategy for the Columbia College Young Alumni Fund while the CCYA board organizes social events to keep alumni involved and engaged. The Senior Fund educates and connects with the senior class on the importance of giving back. Young Alumni Fund Advisory Board Co-chairs Randy William Berkowitz 04 Julia Elizabeth Feldberg 10 Members Michael Adam Accordino 07 Tala Tiffany Akhavan 13 Brian Matthew Benvenisty 08 Ganesh Harish Betanabhatla 06 David Donner Chait 07 Steven Matthew Cytryn 06 Samantha Megan Feingold 07 Alexandra Claire Feldberg 08 Lauri Janet Feldman 09 Jacob Dean Goren 12 Lisa Rachel Heffner 06 Jesse Scott Horwitz 10 Wei-Jen Hsieh 08 Ian Alexander Jay 05 Arvind Sridhar Kadaba 07 Kristin Elizabeth Kramer 09 Katherine Janet Marshall 12 Andrew Thomas O Connor 07 Jeremy Paul Reich 09 Charles E.T. Roberts 12 Joseph Joy Saia 10 Diana Benton Schechter 05 David Alan Seidman 06 Isaac Peter Silverman 09 Anusha Sriram 10 Zachary Swid Susel 11 Andrew Diego West 13 Demetrios Peter Yatrakis 05 Vesal Yazdi 11 Columbia College Young Alumni Association Board President Calvin Datze Sun 08 Vice President Robyn Andrea Carrie Burgess 10 Executive Committee Matthew Lemle Amsterdam 10 Anna German 07 Members Zila Reyes Acosta 11 Daniel Kornel Amzallag 11 Paul Anthony Arias 12 Natasha Avanessians 12 Nicole Carmen Cata 11 Sonya Chandra 11 Marisa C. Cornejo 12 Ralph Joseph DeBernardo 09 Mary Martha Ferrari Douglas 11 Brittany Nicole Dubose 08 Lauren Dwyer 11 Volunteers Tala Tiffany Akhavan 13 Vikas Anand 11 Jessica Ann Best 09 Jennifer Summer Hsia 06 Ashley Christina Lherisson 12 Stephanie Ann Foster 12 Asalia Goldberg 12 Gairy Christopher Hall 11 Stephanie Hart 12 Simon Gregory Jerome 13 Eylul Kayin 12 Emily Beth Lampert 10 Alexandra Marchyshyn 10 Mrinal Mohanka 12 Brittney Marie Nagle 12 Negin Navab 12 Dane Arthur Cook 12 Julie Ann Hall 13 Saketh Reddy Kalathur 13 Senior Fund Committee Christin Macchiarola 10 Clifford Andrew Massey 10 Erik Christopher Nook 12 Kathleen Ann Reckling 07 Charles E.T. Roberts 12 Daniel Jonathan Shapiro 07 Randy Subramany 12 Akito Timothy Terasaki 12 Kenneth Lee Tong 08 Barry Weinberg 12 Allyson Werner 12 Adam Kuebitz 12 Alexander Samuel Rosen 11 Chair Maria Elaine Sulimirski 13 A s an active alumnus, I take great pride in the accomplishments and success of the College and still benefit from the experience of attending such an amazing institution. Gairy Christopher Hall 11 Executive Committee Ruth Angrand 13 Daniel Israel Bonner 13 Genevieve Daisy Chow 13 Hannah Yael Deresiewicz 13 General Committee Tala Tiffany Akhavan 13 Suzanne Bella Byowitz 13 Jeanie Chen 13 Andrea Miriam Collazo 13 David Asher Fine 13 Noel Siqi Duan 13 Richard Andres Fineman 13 Stephanie Ann Grilo 13 Alisa Yi Lu 13 Larissa Angela Garcia 13 Amanda Claire Gutterman 13 Julie Ann Hall 13 Alexzander James Hudson 13 Diane Amanda Jean-Mary 13 Iman Anil Nanji 13 Alexander Joon Park 13 Andrew Diego West 13 Kelsey Kats 13 Stephanie Nass 13 Tomasz Otlowski 13 Richard Sun 13 Ashely Marie Zambito Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

15 Fundraising Many alumni offer their time and efforts to raise money for the Columbia College Fund. Members of the Fund Development Council solicit leadership-level gifts from their peers while encourage classmates to support the College Fund. Undergraduate Campaign Council volunteers lead efforts for the Campaign for Undergraduate Education. We thank these volunteers for their invaluable assistance, without which the College would be unable to achieve its financial objectives. Listed on the following pages are the fundraising volunteers serving in this fiscal year, Class of 1957 Daniel I. Davidson P 97 Arthur T. Meyerson Carlos R. Muñoz Paul A. Zola Class of 1958 James L. Bast Ernest Brod Donald A. Chambers Charles R. Feuer Harvey S. Feuerstein Marshall B. Front P 91 Class of 1959 Stephen L. Buchman Theodore W. Graske Stanley J. Goldsmith Elliott G. Gross Peter Gruenberger Morton H. Halperin Laurence E. Harris Paul R. Herman P 97, P 98 Stanley Keller Raymond D. LaRaja P 01 Steven Jonas Robert A. Levine P 91 Lawrence N. Margolies P 89 Howard J. Orlin P 85 Sheldon Raab Stanley Rabin Michael J. Tannenbaum P 99 Alvin I. Thaler P 86 Arthur J. Radin Sidney S. Rosdeitcher Irwin Sharkey Carl L. Stern P 91 Mark A. Weiss P 88 Leo E. Zickler Columbia College Fund Development Council Class of 1960 Robert Berne Laurence H. Rubinstein Co-chairs James P. Gerkis 80 Theodore Urwitz Schweitzer 91 Members Philippe Adler 86 Jean-Marie L. Atamian 81, P 12, P 16 Kyra Tirana Barry 87, P 17 Michael P. Behringer 89 Robert Berne 60 Ganesh Harish Betanabhatla 06 James E. Brandt 79, P 08, P 13 Michael O. Braun 70, P 09 Craig B. Brod 77 Michael C. Brown 80, P 06 Joan Marie Campion 92 Frank Samuel Cicero 92 Steven Earl Coleman 83, P 15 Geoffrey J. Colvin 74, P 08, P 10, P 14 Jess H. Drabkin 79, P 09 Burtt R. Ehrlich 61, P 07 Michele Ann Esposito 96 Leslie Gittess 88 Brian C. Krisberg 81, P 17 Barry A. Levine 65, P 95, P 97 Ira Brett Malin 75, P 11, P 17 Evan Miller 78 Francis Phillip 90 Teresa M. Saputo-Crerend 87 Michael S. Satow 88 Daniel S. Tamkin 81, P 12 Jay N. Woodworth 65 Raymond H. Yu 89 Class of 1961 Michel Araten Edvin Auzenbergs William N. Binderman P 90 Philip S. Cottone P 80 Class of 1962 Paul R. Alter Lester V. Hoffman Class of 1963 Stephen E. Barcan Henry R. Black Peter W. Broido Philippe J. de la Chapelle Burtt R. Ehrlich P 07 Stanley N. Futterman P 89 Oscar Garfein P 91 Richard E. Kobrin Burton Lehman Stephen R. Clineburg P 88 William H. Goebel Michael S. Lubell P 02 Thomas J. Gochberg P 00 Mickey Greenblatt Jerome H. Grossman P 98 Martin S. Kaplan P 89 Stanley N. Lupkin P 89 Edward J. Pressman A. Paul Neshamkin Thomas Edward O Connor Francis J. Partel Joseph M. Lane Francisco A. Lorenzo Robert Elliot Pollack P 87 Jeffrey H. Rudell James L. Spingarn P 89 Peter D. Yatrakis P 94, P 96, P 05 Gary S. Rachelefsky P 94, P 01 Class of 1946 Bernard Sunshine P 79 Class of 1951 Willard Block Mark N. Kaplan Harvey M. Krueger Class of 1965 Michael L. Cook Laurance J. Guido P 00 Joel Heymsfeld Class of 1966 Mark Lemle Amsterdam P 07, P 10 Paul J. Hyman Barry A. Levine P 95, P 97 Edward C. Malmstrom Thomas A. Chorba Michael Garrett P 98 Michael A. Schlanger Frederick H. Shuart P 96 Stephen N. Steinig Martin Lee P 96 Maurice Rick Reder Jay N. Woodworth Robert H. Yunich Richard L. Zucker Class of 1954 Richard K. Bernstein Norman Kahn Class of 1955 Laurence Eberhardt Balfus William H. Epstein P 83 Aaron S. Hamburger Richard E. Kameros Ronald H. Sugarman Allen I. Hyman P 85, P 88 Richard D. Kuhn Donald L. Laufer Albert J. Thompson Lewis J. Mendelson Robert I. Pearlman Gerald Sherwin Class of 1956 Stephen K. Easton Daniel H. Link Stanley Soren P 86 Class of 1967 Carlton Carl Jeffrey D. Nightingale P 00, P 05 Jenik R. Radon P 95 Robert Jay Rosenberg P 99 Class of 1969 Eric J. Branfman P 06, P 09 Richard G. Menaker Michael S. Oberman P 10 J. Michael Schell Eric D. Witkin P 09 Class of 1970 Michael O. Braun P 09 Leo George Kailas Frederick A. Rapoport P 02 Charles I. Silberman P 08 Class of 1971 Vincent R. Bonagura Philip L. Milstein P 09, P 10 Dean D. Porter P 98 Edward C. Wallace P 12, P Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

16 Class of 1972 Lewis Stanley Fischbein Robert J. Grey Richard A. Kurnit Class of 1973 Michael H. Byowitz P 13 Donald Norman Jensen Raymond J. Vastola P 07 Class of 1974 Joel D. Almquist Frederick C. Bremer Class of 1975 Barry S. Berger P 14 James P. Dolan Frank Paul Bruno Geoffrey J. Colvin P 08, P 10, P 14 Stephen Jacobs Robert D. Katz P 04, P 08 Robert P. Knapp Mark G. Lebwohl P 04 Ira Brett Malin P 11, P 17 Randolph C. Nichols George Louis Van Amson P 13, P 15, P 17 Robert C. Schneider P 07 Class of 1985 John Michael Casanova Brian Scott Cousin Class of 1986 Philippe Adler Dennis S. Chi P 15 Class of 1987 Kyra Tirana Barry P 17 Christopher J. Crovatto Yale M. Fergang Sandra H. Kim Hoffen Karen B. Harris Mark Aaron Rothman Arthur G. Larkin Michael Douglas Parent Lee Ilan Michelle Estilo Kaiser Thomas Gregory King Anthony Joseph Lugo Jonathan Daniel White P 14 Eric Ezekiel Wolf Edward Athan Zahos Jill Keller Mitchell Peter James Ross Teresa M. Saputo-Crerend Marc Alan Schwartz Richard Denis Simonds David M. Walker Suzanne L. Waltman Class of 1976 John C. Connell P 13, P 16 Stephen M. Davis Class of 1977 Craig B. Brod Mark H. Goldberger Class of 1978 Thomas A. Bisdale Charles V. Callan Class of 1979 James E. Brandt P 08, P 13 Jeffrey M. Davis P 08 Class of 1980 George A. Anagnos Michael C. Brown P 06 Jeffrey M. Field P 12 James P. Gerkis Class of 1981 Jean-Marie L. Atamian P 12, P 16 Edmund Kit Man Chan Mark Hillary Hansen Class of 1982 Louis A. De Chiara David Paul Filosa Class of 1983 Bertrand Jacques Alexis Gerrard Patrick Bushell Class of 1984 Philip L. Hirschhorn Neel Lane Kenneth Eliot Howitt P 13 Vincent P. Mazzeo Daniel J. Goldschmidt William F. Gray P 11 John R. Flores P 04, P 07, P 10 Evan Miller Jess H. Drabkin P 09 George James Florakis K. Ivan F. Gothner Lionel B. Ivashkiv Keith L. Krasney David Michael Leahy P 13 Brian C. Krisberg P 17 Jay Y. Lee P 11, P 11, P 15 Randal K. Quarles Prem A. Lachman Philip M. Smith Steven Earl Coleman P 15 Robert Harding Davis John P. Perfetti P 13 Daniel William Sexton Douglas W. Neuman Mozelle W. Thompson David Gruenstein Dominic Anthony Petito P 13 Matthew L. Nemerson Mark D. Silverschotz Brooks J. Klimley Fernando Ortiz P 09, P 14 Kevin C. Matthews P 10, P 12 Rafael E. Padilla P 17 Ian M. Parmiter Bruce G. Paulsen Scott S. Solomon Daniel S. Tamkin P 12 John A. Tsanas Arthur Staub P 17 Eric Lee Epstein Joseph Keeney Louis Vlahos P 12, P 14 David B. Stanton P 09, P 11 Christopher C. Sten Joseph F. Staffetti Lance A. Warrick P 16 David F. A. Walker Donald C. Lewis Roy William Pomerantz Class of 1988 Nairi Checkosky Balian P 16 Mónica C. Byrne-Jiménez Carlos V. Cruz Jeremy E. Dickstein Leon Bernard Friedfeld Class of 1989 Regina Tizabi Ajodan Matthew Jon Assiff Michael P. Behringer Stephanie F. Bernik Stephen Matthew Borstelmann Class of 1990 M. Adel Aslani-Far Ben Cosgrove David A. Javdan Class of 1991 Lee Robert Benaka Michael Alan Camacho Robert Michael Cooper Class of 1992 Heather Benson Richard B. Brosnick Joan Marie Campion Class of 1993 Nassir A. Azimi Jaishree Capoor Andrew Jay Ceresney Jamie Allan Cesaretti Class of 1994 Alicia D. Guevara Alex Samuel Metzger Leslie Gittess Daniel Adam Goldberger Stefanie F. Katz-Rothman Patrick Michael Killackey Brandon K. Laughren Michael David Christopher V. Della Pietra Jody Collens Fidler Daniel Paul Futterman David Bruce Gordon Bonnie Jean Host Emily Glickman Meyerson Francis Phillip Robert Alan Schweitzer Virginia Wood Cornish Stephen Fealy Michael R. Feldschuh Frank Samuel Cicero Clare Deegan-Kent Peter Arthur Hatch Alan Michael Freeman Karla P. Lema Amy Jane Longo Douglas Bendix Meehan Matthew John Ripperger Stacey Jacovini Storm Kelvin Yatsun Leung Michael S. Satow Carl J. Schaerf Jonathan Scott Sobel Mark P. Timoney Donna Herlinsky MacPhee P 17 Susan Anne Marchiano Alexander Ian Margolies Lashauna B. McIntosh Jennifer Fudge Ryan Renny C. Smith Melissa Landau Steinman Richard Clement Weil Sherri Pancer Wolf Thomas Xavier Fritsch Anselm C. Fusco Paul Seungpyo Hong Robert J. Kent Adam Reid Meshel Claire M. Shanley Rachel Melissa Mintz Ana Geneder O Brien Rita Diana Pietropinto-Kitt To Trinh M. Quan Hank Laroi Torbert Patrick O. Tsang Douglas Robert Wolf William Cheung Woo Jeffrey Adam Udell David Andrew Winter Christina Ying Raymond H. Yu Claude Anthony Mattessich Theodore Urwitz Schweitzer Dana Ying-Hui Wu Laura Reid Weinfeld Melissa Marie Reilly Andrew Alan Schmeltz Thad Andrew Sheely David Allen Shimkin Phillip P. Winiecki 30 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

17 Class of 1995 William Henry Cann Raymond Chan Dmitry Goykhman Dara Jean Marmon Sebastian E. Seiguer Tiffani L. Shin Class of 1996 Michele Ann Esposito Stefanie Frances Lally-Ardrey David J. Lee Class of 1997 Dorraine Theresa Burrell Alison Catherine Donohoe Class of 1998 Jeannette Rachel Jakus Daniel Jean-Baptiste Class of 1999 Alisha Nicole Alexander Lauren Rosenberg Gershell David Spencer Karp Class of 2000 Alexandra Fitzgerald Conway Neal David Kravitz Jason Elliot Halper Bryan Michael Allen Latham Benjamin Scott Kornfeind Adam Vu Nguyen Seema Rattan Kinra Jacob Howard Kupietzky Caitlin Pannese Kevin Masri Lawi Ingride Richardson Kevin Hongkao Liau Amrit Nagpal Donald Jerome Scott Jeremy Alexis Tamanini Cristina Lucci Rosenberg Stacy Michelle Rotner Sameer Ahmed Shamsi Yong-Kyoo Rim Christopher Joseph Totman Anil M. Shivaram John Michael Ogle Bill Yialamas S. Adam Spiewak Chi Wah Tillberg Laurent Andre Vasilescu Daniel Seth Vogel Class of 2001 David Andrew Matteini Vijay Mohan Elizabeth Estrada Rahn Alisa Wood Nathania Ellsworth Nisonson Michael John Novielli Tamar Simon Class of 2004 Daniel Shai Goldman Stephanie Yu-Yi Lung Andrew Jungwon Sohn Richard Englund Tosi Class of 2005 Stephanie Katsigiannis Benecchi Daniel J. Binder Carlos Augusto Cuevas Margaret Aldredge Cullum Jeffrey Mark Engler Class of 2006 Ganesh Harish Betanabhatla Michael Charles Brown Class of 2007 Michael Adam Accordino David Donner Chait Class of 2008 John Francis Baumann Jeremy Paul Colvin Jeffrey Michael Conn Alexandra Claire Feldberg Amalia Goldvaser Elizabeth Levine Greene Kurt Joseph Hahner Ryan Foster Heath Mallory Ann Jensen Lisa Rachel Heffner Thomas H. Rudy Samantha Megan Feingold Keith Hernandez Joshua Solomon Lipsky John Anthony Mascari Neda Navab Christine Gabriella Ortiz Isabelle Charlotte Levy Scott Eugene Mitchell Keren Rebecca Mizrahi Arash Najafi W. Garner Robinson Samuel Christopher Schon Gregory Scott Winchell Arvind Sridhar Kadaba Andrew Thomas O Connor Timothy William Paulin Charles Pippen Jeffrey Sidney Silberman Calvin Datze Sun Philip Aaron Sandick Diana Benton Schechter Michael Willis Vary Demetrios Peter Yatrakis John Adrian Zaro Robert Francis Compton Perry John Patrick Shekitka Glenn Junior Thompson Michael Samuel Toledano Alex Topkins Class of 2002 Franklin Olakunle Alaran Amoo Paul Eun Kee Choi Katharine Griffin Conway Ellen Maura Gustafson Sonia Hirdaramani Scott H. Koonin Genevieve Marie Thornton Class of 2003 Julie Bennett Ashton Eleanor Louise Coufos Michael Christopher Foss Eric Adam Kriegstein M y time at the College was notable for the close friendships I developed, the faculty who mentored me and the outstanding education I received. Despite the uncertainties of post-college life and the stress of building a meaningful career, I have still been able to feel as though I m part of a supportive community because of my involvement in the Columbia College Alumni Association. Dr. Ingride Richardson 00 Class of 2009 Michael Jeffrey Drabkin Thomas Samuel Meister Leo Peter Nolan Class of 2010 Matthew Lemle Amsterdam Kathryn Rachel Appleton Sarah Miriam Baker Clay Everett Bartlett Michael Joseph Bossetta Isabel Juliana Broer Adam Brownell Bulkley Daniela Cassorla Maggie Kathleen Cebular Andrew David Colvin Class of 2011 Zila Reyes Acosta Zachary Wasim Ali Daniel Kornel Amzallag Sarah Yael Brovman Graham Arrington Carney Sonya Chandra Alexander Contratto Alexandra Jamie Coromilas Nathan Pirakitikulr Preston Michael Pohl Jeremy Paul Reich Maximo Americo Cubilette Tess Olivia Finkel Patrick John Foley Charlotte Elizabeth Freinberg Madeleine Goldstein Ting Ting Guo Matthew Nolen Harold Alexa Davies Hubbard Joseph Eggleston Johnson Betty Bokyung Kim Erica Danielle Dorfman Arielle Teryn Fox Princess Nikia Francois Juan Jose Gascon Lalit Ramesh Gurnani Gairy Christopher Hall Meghan Harker Sara Josephine Jacobs Jeremy Daniel Schwartz Chelsea Morgen Ward Clay Prescott Wiske Emily Beth Lampert Alexandra Marchyshyn Dennis Michael Martin Clifford Andrew Massey William Henry McDavid Shanice Marisa Naidu Daniel Armando Nassar Michael Edward Paranac Valerie Sapozhnikova Damali Slowe Sarah Khan Andrew Jeong-Won Kim Caitlyn Shea Malcynsky Beth Adena Malin Scott Allen Maxfield Michael Mirochnik Kerry Morrison Amanda K. Olivo Alison Nicole Zamora Caitlin Louise Stachon Pierce Hans Stanley Anna Victoria Suarez Michael Ian Topol Scott Shu Wang Sarah Marybelle Weiss Jeffrey David Witten Alexander Samuel Rosen Nicholas John Standish Zachary Swid Susel Dhruve Vasishtha Karen Jeanette Woodin Lauren Zanedis 32 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

18 Class of 2012 Renuka Kaori Agarwal Elaine Ashby Baynham Felicia Bishop Cornelia P. Brandfield-Harvey Elizabeth Ann Chu Kenneth H. Durell Laura Erstad Stephanie Ann Foster Elyssa Rose Goldberg Jacob Dean Goren Katherine Hamm Ashwini Sridhar Kadaba Ashley Christina Lherisson Mrinal Mohanka Brittney Marie Nagle Charles E.T. Roberts Samuel Ernest Roth Josephine Ruiz-Healy Arianna Sanders Jenny Schiff Matthew Russell Siegfried Charles Stam Emily Cardinal Tamkin Mahrah Taufique Alana Margaret Tung Parents Parents are a vital part of the Columbia College community. The Parents Leadership Council helps to raise financial support for the Parents Fund from non-alumni parents while also creating a parent community within Columbia. Parents Leadership Council Class of 2013 Hannah Yael Deresiewicz Matthew Philip Jacobs Venkat Kim Kausik Bennett Brown Rosnick Undergraduate Campaign Council Co-chairs Arthur Henry Kohn 84, P 13 Members Robert Berne 60 James T. Brett 84 Michael H. Byowitz 73, P 13 Eli Decatur Casdin 03 GS Stephen H. Case 64, P 92 Michael L. Cook 65 Paul Croitoroo 79 GS, P 08 Abigail Black Elbaum 92 Susan Kay Feagin 74 GS Yale M. Fergang 87 Annette Morrell Grant 83 Barnard, P 12, P 17 Robert J. Grey 72 Peter Arthur Hatch 92 Russell Cushman Horowitz 88 Larry J. Lawrence 69 GS Mark E. Kingdon 71, P 09, P 16 Richard A. Kurnit 72 Prem A. Lachman 82 Jonathan Scott Lavine 88, P 16 Francisco Javier Lopez-Balboa 82, P 13, P 15 Victor M. Lopez-Balboa 82, P 14 Conrad H. Lung 72, P 04 Deborah A. Marshall 79 GS Adam Reid Meshel 92 Philip L. Milstein 71, P 09, P 10 Americo Carmine Nardis 98 Dominic Anthony Petito 77, P 13 Michael B. Rothfeld 69, P 06, P 08 Elizabeth D. Rudolf 74 GS Richard Sun Charles W. Santoro 82, P 13 Phillip M. Satow 63, P 88, P 96 Michael Samuel Solender 86, P 17 Daniel S. Tamkin 81, P 12 Stephen R. Tobias 10 GS Kyriakos Tsakopoulos 93 George Louis Van Amson 74, P 13, P 15, P 17 Edward C. Wallace Jr. 71, P 12, P 14 Michael L. Winchell P 03, P 06, P 10 Richard E. Witten 75, P 10 Daniel Morton Ziff 96 Dirk Edward Ziff 88 Anonymous Gamal Aziz and Amal Felaya P 17 Emile and Gael Bacha P 15 Gregory Balian and Nairi Checkosky Balian 88, P 16 Lyndie Benson P 15 William and Mary Bliss P 05, P 07, P 13 Jonathan 87 and Susan Bram P 14, P 17 Carlton Calvin and Mary Blodgett P 17 Joseph and Mara Carieri P 15 Paul and Hyoshin Chang P 17 Eric and Marie Docter P 17 Lisa Ehrlich P 15 Ronald and Allison Espeseth P 15 Neil and Diane Exter P 14 Philippe Garinois and Georgia Garinois- Melenkiotou P 14 Michael Gollner and Faith Savage P 15 Charles and Alexandra Gottdiener P 17 George and Debra Heinrich P 13, P 16 Thomas and Julie Hirschfeld P 16 Margarita Inserni P 16 Carl and Valerie Kempner P 16 Bijan and Delia Khosrowshahi P 16 Mark and Elizabeth Kogan P 15 Ronald Kremnitzer and Amy Sklar P 17 Duncan and Irene Lee P 16 Zhiyuan Li and Yuqing Jing P 17 Roger and Carol Maxfield P 99, P 11, P 14 Cyril Meduna and Maria Ferre P 16 Gilbert Menna P 15 Kenneth and Jo Merlau P 16 Thomas and Joanne Murphy P 13 Christopher and Lori Nawn P 16 Robert and Deborah Dupire-Nelson P 17 Dominic Ng and Ellen Wong P 16 Greg and Hanna Ostroff P 15 Robert Ouimette P 16 Neil and Mika Parekh P 15, P 17 Mitchell and Lauren Presser P 15 Harry Whitehouse and Wendy Rabinov P 14 Steven Rosenblum and Monique Witt P 16 David Sabel 72 and Margaret Conklin P 13, P 16 Stephen I. and Elizabeth S. Silverman P 10 Star Soltan P 17 Thomas Steiner and Maureen Ferguson P 16 Dean and Denise Vanech P 14 Alejandro Vollbrechthausen and Lucila Robert P 16 W e proudly support the Parents Fund because we want every Columbian s experience to have as much impact on their lives and be as positive as our sons (Andrew 13 and Marc 16) experiences have been. The growth of the Parents Fund contributes directly, as we see it, to the academic and personal growth of our sons and their peers. Our participation in the Parents Fund also has made us closer to the parent community; we enjoy seeing our fellow parents at our meetings and, most importantly, cheering on our beloved Lions at Homecoming! Dr. George and Debra Heinrich P 13, P Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

19 Ambassadors Ambassadors are spokespeople for Columbia College and play a vital role in advancing the College s reputation. Members of the Alumni Representative Committee interview prospective students for the College while Columbia College Today class correspondents write the quarterly Class Notes columns for their classes, connecting alumni to one another and to the College. Dean s Pins recipients lead efforts for reunion planning, the Columbia College Women mentor undergraduates and Center for Career Education Volunteers give their time to help our students excel in job preparation. Listed on the following pages are the volunteers serving in this fiscal year, , with the exception of the Alumni Representative Committee and Center for Career Education Volunteers. Alumni Representative Committee or More Interviews Barry Carl Ableman 85 Roger David Ajluni 89 Regina Tizabi Ajodan 89 Peter A. Aldea 75 Mark A. Allen 71 James Vincent Anthony 97 Philip Bayer Arbolino 68, P 93 Antares T. Au 01 Philip F. Averbuch 63 Peregrine Hopkins Beckman 84, P 16 Lee Robert Benaka 91 Joel I. Bennett 77 Barry H. Bley 64 Thomas C. Bolton 64 Richard J. Boyd 71 Steven J. Brandl 77 Jeffrey H. Broido 55, P 87 Orlando Campos 96 Ernesto Joaquin Carames 85, P 16 Stephen F. Carty 85, P 15 Kevin Walter Cassidy 93 Kevin George Chapman 83 Michael Young Cho 85 Henry Choi 94 Lindsey Frost Cleary 09 John Christopher Cody 89 John C. Connell 76, P 13, P 16 Kyle H. Cooke 12 Kathleen Rose Cornelsen 10 Thomas E. Costigan 79 Eleanor Louise Coufos 03 Gianna E. Cricco-Lizza 08 Tamara Aziza D Anjou-Turner 01 Hannah D Apice 12 Edward Warwick Daw 86, P 16 Thomas C. Detscher 58 Robert H. Douglas 70, P 11 Bruce L. Edwards 80, P 13 Howard Falberg 54 Anna Ai Fang-Hamm 04 Steven Douglas Fernandez 97 Adam Wainstone Fischer 85 Frederick Seth Fisher 84, P 13, P 17 Mitchell Laurent Flax 09 Leo W. Fraser 73 William C. Frye 59, P 91 Arthur Ira Garfinkel 67, P 14 Peter A. Garza-Zavaleta 75 Arthur J. Geller 81 Alan S. Goldman 80 William Cox Goldstein 09 Arthur S. Graham 42 Vincent J. Grasso 72 David Christopher Gray 96 Jessica Anne Gresko 05 Peter A. Grossman 79, P 05, P 08 Ting Ting Guo 10 John C. Gustafsson 83 Robert S. Hand 56 Matthew Nolen Harold 10 David William Harrison 83 Derrick Lynn Hatcher 88 Seymour L. Hendel 53 William C. Hudgins 72 Oriana Marjorie Isaacson 09 Leroy R. Jaret 60 Rebecca Grant Jenkins 91 Zachary David Jones 07 Jerome F. Kaiser 67 Stanley P. Kaplan 82 Steven B. Kaplan 74, P 04, P 06, P 09 George I. Karp 72, P 05 Richard M. Kleid 53 Richard A. Klein 81 Jordan Andrew Konig 98 Darin Lee Kragenbring 91 Christine Eun-Hye Kwon 10 Prem A. Lachman 82 Hilary Jacquelynne Larson 97 Edward K. Law 86 Elizabeth Arwen Leicester 87, P 16 Immanuel Lichtenstein 42 Paul C. Lin 90 Laurence P. Lubka 76 Cindy Amanda Luk 10 Karen Sara Madorsky 92 Ronald M. Maenza 57 Jonathan Ronen Maimon 10 Clifford Andrew Massey 10 Bridget Therese McGinn 88 Christian Lewis Meininger 82, P 10, P 11, P 15 Byron L. Moger 78, P 12 Nina Louise Monfredo 11 Daniel Isaac Morenoff 96 Denis S. Neuhut 70, P 03, P 05 Jade Marie Noble 12 Alumni Representative Committee Andrew D. O Toole 92 Thomas H. Reuter 78, P 07, P 11 Stephen G. Rice 67 Michelle L. Rivera 88 Charles E. T. Roberts 12 Lewis Robins 53, P 90 Steven D. Roth 77, P 12, P 16 Louis P. Rothman 57, P 85 Toshihiko Saito 86 Simon Guadalupe Salas 79 Robert R. Salman 61 Miriam Rachel Haag Schachter 11 Donna Renaud Schober 88 Paul Schwarzbaum 84 Barry M. Scotch 61, P 96 Thomas Edward Scotti 85, P 16 Denis Michael Searby Interviews Mariana Teresa Acevedo 96 Pooja Agarwal 02 William C. Albert 65 Robert L. Aldisert 78 Fignola D Alembreta Alexandre 12 John Dean Alfone 97 Antoinette Annmarie Allen 12 Glenn Wolf Alper 85 Christine Iva Anderson 11 Robert I. Appel 69 Michael Argenziano 88 Joshua Brett Arthur 04 David A. Atkins 82 Denisha Bacchus 12 Nairi Checkosky Balian 88, P 16 Geoffrey Joseph Banker 10 Jacob Aaron Barandes 04 Richard Angelo Hebron Barzaga 10 Elaine Ashby Baynham 12 Paula Lynette Bennett 11 Mark E. Berger 66 Edward F. Berliner 74, P 06, P 09 Marc R. Berman 77 Michael S. Billig 76 Daniel J. Binder 05 Eugene Alexander Birman 09 Ana I. Blaze 92 Ruby K. Bola 03 Douglas James Boorstein 03 Edward Philip Bratter 87 Allen B. Breslow 61 Charles Franklin Britton 05 Harlan J. Bruner 95 Patrick W. Caddeau 87 Josefina Hui-Teh Shen 89 Lawrence Michael Silo 84 Hyun Bo Sim 96 Jack W. Singer 64 Robert R. Siroty 56 Leslie Helene Smartt 85 Thomas Spencer 89 Stephen N. Steinig 65 Christopher C. Sten 77 George L. Stern 58 John Peter Stigi 84 Wayne Boynton Stoltenberg 90 Michael Robert Strauss 81, P 15 Francine Chiu Lan Tan 10 William R. Tempest 65, P 95 Isidore Tepler 76 Cynthia Elizabeth Tolosa 10 Antonio Cajigas 83 John J. Callahan 79 Ahmet Can 88 William Henry Cann 95 Maya Erika Carless 99 John Michael Casanova 85 Maria Elena Celis-Jeanseaume 95 Edward A. Cespedes 88 Eapen M. Chacko 69 Matthew Bruce Chaldecott 00 Edmund Kit Man Chan 81 Philip Wingho Chan 08 Jessica Ann Chen 06 William Y. Chen 77 Edgar Cheng 94 Boin Cheong 09 Dennis S. Chi 86, P 15 Adria Kim Chiu 01 Young-Hwa Cho 11 Joseph Kurian Choorapuzha 05 Thomas Chow 94 Tsz-Ming Chow 97 Allen J. Chun 75 Herbert William Clegg 02 Bradford Arthur Clements 04 John Ray Clemmons 99 Jeffrey Bryan Coalson 95 Adam S. Cohen 86 Margaret Cheng Conley 98 Stephen T. Conway 69 Dane Arthur Cook 12 Matthew Beryl Cooper 88 Amanda Leigh Cormier 12 L.G. Cornacchia 82, P 15 Benjamin H. L. Tsang 76 Derek F. Turner 12 Robert Charles Urban 83 Laura Esther Usiskin 05 Joseph John Valenti 05 Gabriel Grados Villamar 09 Frank Virzi 77 Ralph B. Wagner 55 Eric Thomas Wakin 84 Thomas E. Weaver 90 David Lee Weisoly 92 Jonathan Daniel White 85, P 14 Lawrence A. William 62 Douglas Robert Wolf 88 Helen Y. Wu 89 Scott Michael Zaloom 09 Tao Zeng 10 Robert Thomas Cottingham 88 Sharik Currimbhoy 02 Eric W. Dannemann 67 Diva Arun Datwani 10 Megan P. Davidson 09 Jeffrey M. Davis 79, P 08 Wade Taylor Davis 94 Richard Neil De Los Reyes 97 Omar Dessouky 00 Mary Martha Ferrari Douglas 11 Stephen M. Drimmer 67, P 90 Emilie Rovito Dubois 04 Stephen M. Dubrow 66, P 01 Kambiz Ebrani 82 David Gary Edelstein 07 Steven Leslie Eitelgeorge 93 Ilona Dangoule Eken 98 Carl Lawrence Engel 08 Raymond Neal Englander 68 Sarah A. Engle 12 Teresa Enriquez-Wornow 89 Frederick Joseph Ernst 88 Ryan Fateh 09 Michael Adam Feldman 84 Bernard D. Fishalow 67 John R. Flores 78, P 04, P 07, P 10 Elizabeth Foydel 12 Yitzchak Francus 84, P 16 Joshua B. Friedman 81 Gregory J. Fry 82 Alissa Rae Funderburk 12 Ryan Charles Gaglio 05 John A. Geanuracos 81 Ella Geyman 89, P Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

20 Alumni Representative Committee Alumni Representative Committee Alec Gabriel Glucksman 08 Joel R. Glucksman 73, P 00, P 08 Michael Damian Godwin 99 Edward R. Gray 80 Lloyd M. Green 82 Jonathan Andrew Greenberg 84 Harlan T. Greenman 79, P 12 Philip E. Greenspan 94 Gairy Christopher Hall 11 John Dominic Hamill 08 Christine D. Han 08 Christian P. Hansen 74 Kenji Harahata 80 Robert Hardman 70 Don C. Hare 77 Alexander Robert Harris-Hertel 10 Lawrence S. Harte 53, P 88 Alexandra Bennis Hartman 05 Rebecca Roelofs Hartog 07 Arthur G. Hatzopoulos 76 Phelps S. Hawkins 75 John Martin Henrich 97 Joseph Percy Hill 94 Sonia Hirdaramani 02 Howard M. Hoffman 81 Kelly Hostetler 11 Tom Xi Hou 11 Jacob Harris Hupart 05 Douglas A. Hutt 78, P 09, P 11 Thomas Ichniowski 74, P 03 Hiroko Imaeda 04 Maria Elizabeth Insalaco 09 Sara Josephine Jacobs 11 Stephen Jacobs 75 Mark J. Jarrett 73, P 15 Gary E. Jenkins 75 Jason Ryan Johns 01 Michael H. Johns 60 Alan S. Johnson 73, P 08 Samantha Dara Jouin 89 John William Judge 87 Boyko Traychev Kabakchiev 08 Kristopher Edward Kaliebe 92 Stephen Michael Kane 80, P 08 John M. Kang 88 Eric David Kanter 85 Alex Oliver Kardon 07 Amanda Michelle Karl 09 Hillel J. Karp 71, P 04, P 06, P 10 Sarah Rebecca Katz 97 Timothy Ayers Kelly 89 Roman George Kernitsky 62, P 03 Swati Khurana 97 Han Kim 85 Jae Yeon Jennifer Kim 06 Jane B. Kim 96 Jong Bum Kim 86, P 16 Patrick Junghwun Kim 99 Barry M. Klayman 74 Robert P. Knapp 74 Rishi Kodali 12 Kevin Tung-Sun Kong 95 Mario Konrad 84 Marvin Koren 58 Howard Lawrence Kreger 90 Jeffrey S. Krulwich 65, P 05 Charles de Young Kubal 08 Mary A. Kuo 92 Christine Wenly Lai 95 Melissa Leigh Lawton 94 Nathan Howard Lebwohl 79 Benjamin David Lederer 97 David Sang Hak Lee 98 Edward Nien-Chih Lee 99 Johnathan Fames Lee 96 Taek Gyu Lee 09 Anthony J. Leitner 65 Molly Louise Leiwant 08 Howard L. Lemberg 69 Nathan Matthew Lenz 11 Peter Paul Leone 83 Stephan Robert Leone 61 Amy Ruth Levenson 93 Myron M. Levitt 78 Alexander Lew 12 Peter Nicholas Lewin 01 Aaron Isaac Liskov 11 Marci Lobel-Esrig 89 Don Boyden Long 04 James Patrick Long 08 David James LoVerme 09 Lucio Lozza 83 Yin Yin Lu 12 Zhen Lu 10 John Patrick Lyons 93 Jacob Ma-Weaver 09 Jennifer A. Madrid 92 Karen A. Mahoney 88 Michael Angelo Maldonado 96 Evan Andrew Malter 96 Rebecca Anne Markowitz 07 Sabrina Marie Martinez 08 John Peter Mastando 93 Scott Charles Matasar 92 Eli Selvage Mather 04 Alan M. Mayer 72 Vincent P. Mazzeo 76 Renato Mazzolini 69, P 14 Marc H. McCann 88 Erick Mendoza 12 Ashley Stratton Miller 99 John P. Miller 88 Michael L. Mirer 02 Raul Mitrani 82, P 13 Mrinal Mohanka 12 David Lawrence Molko 04 Mark Albert Momjian 83, P 15, P 17 Scott Andrew Moncur 04 Robert A. Morantz 63 James L. Mullin 77, P 06 Peter John Muniz 86 Colleen Ann Myers 07 Negar Nabavinejad 94 Emily Nagel 12 Diana Moreinis Nasser 87 Rachel Ainsworth Neugarten 04 Samuel Adam Neuhut 05 Martin J. Newhouse 70 Anne Rifka Ngo 04 Alissa Ochs 07 Zinelle Adella October 96 Alyson Maureen O Hara 95 Chimezie Nwabueze Ozurumba 01 Donna M. Pacicca 87 Kabita Parajuli 10 Joseph P. Paranac 76, P 10 Peter Park 86 Sarah Helen Parker 09 David Hoantee Peng 83 Alicia Milan Pentz-Lopez 00 Raymond Anthony Perez 86 Howard E. Perlstein 64 Jarrod Perry 07 Robert Francis Compton Perry 07 Alexa Petrelli 12 Amanda Pickering 12 Gary R. Pickholz 78 Anthony P. Piscitelli 78 Nicholas James Kozai Pleasants 12 Elana Yael Poulter 99 Jacob Dubow Press 01 Robert A. Rabinoff 69 Steven Alan Rabinowitz 84 Marnie Gabrielle Rackmill 04 Rithambara Ramachandran 12 Mayra Alejandra Ramirez 09 Brian Carl Ratzel 84 Lauren Briggs Rennee 09 Alison Strickland Rini 98 Andrea Jane Roberts 03 W. Garner Robinson 05 Ralph M. Rodriguez 82 Ricardo E. Rodriguez 80 Caitlin Eileen Rogers 12 Joseph Benjamin Rome 07 Adhemir Hector Romero 07 Timothy Scott Rood 88 Richard John Rosivach 92 Mitchell J. Rotbert 82 Clark D. Rowley 85 James Peter Rubin 82 Philip Samuel Rubin 83 Andrea Grace Russell 10 Neil S. Sader 80 Martin S. Saiman 53 Omer Subhan Salamat 01 Camille Salcedo-Watson 12 Matthew R. Salinger 83 John P. Santamaria 77 Sean Rafael Santini 86 Edward B. Savage 81 Nicole Alyssa Savery 11 Elliot M. Schachner 80 Jack E. Schachner 69, P 08 John Robert Schneider 07 Mark S. Schnitzer 80 Peter Schnur 89 Lee Barry Schutzman 03 Robyn Schwartz 03 Ariel Rica Schwartz-Siller 04 Michele Lee Scott 07 Amanda Lauren Sebba 09 Alexandra Dika Seggerman Interviews Donia Maged Abdelaziz 12 Athar Masood Abdul-Quader 08 Marla Elizabeth Abodeely 94 Kathleen Carr Adams 06 Evelyn Adwoa Addo-Wallace 02 Ram Ahluwalia 01 Yusuf Shaan Ahmad 12 Anna Ahn 09 Emily Katherine Ahn 12 Bree Allis Akesson 01 Randi Michelle Albert 90 Kelly Suzanne Alderson 00 Jessee Cheyne Alexander-Hoeppner 04 Bertrand Jacques Alexis 83 Eloy Alfaro 01 Diana Semel Allen 90 Abraham Hart Allison 11 Tatiana Seijas 95 Ben-David Seligman 90 John Russell Shafer 05 Melissa Jane Shafer 12 Donald H. Shapiro 65 Patrick T. Sharkey 73 Jeremy C. Sharpe 72 Alyssa Gulzar Shivji 09 Adam S. Sieff 11 Ernest L. Siew 59 Ethan Tsvi Siller 04 Yolyn Meimei Sim 04 Stefana Simic 08 Bradley Skaf 10 Kirill Skok 10 Joshua Sanford Smith 07 Roxann Sherri Smithers 99 Shalom Sokolow 10 Irwin D. Sollinger 60 David I. Soloway 03 Ian Spafford 10 Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein 12 Jerome J. Spunberg 73, P 04, P 12 Gregory M. Staples 81 Vighnesh Subramanyan 12 Wally Suphap 01 Daniel S. Tamkin 81, P 12 Derek Christopher Taylor 86 Christopher Riddick Terhune 96 Peter Thompson 12 Ana Luisa Toledo 89 James H. Tolpin 81 Robert Paul Travis 98 Natalie Chien Tso 89 Ayo Rosaura Alston-Moore 11 Charles Daguerre Alvare 79 Defne Audrey Amado 03 Vikas Anand 11 Beril Tari Anavi 03 Jasmine Allegra Andino-Skinner 08 Anthony Allen Andrione 95 Paul Anthony Arias 12 Michael J. Aroney 77 Samir Arora 03 Isabel Willoughby Ashton 98 Richard Sik-Wing Au 94 David Joseph Austerweil 02 Andrea Mafalda Avolio 00 Shree Sameer Awsare 11 Dayana Delvalle Azuaje 10 Samuel Yong-Joon Bae 90 Amber Tunnell 12 Alexandrina A. Tzanova 09 Gregory R. Vanderheiden 81 Paul Verna 87 Nida Vidutis 12 Robert L. von Zumbusch 60, P 01, P 04 John Philip Vota 82 Thomas V. Wagner 77 Edward M. Waller 64 Phyllis Wan 99 Brian Nicholas Webster 02 William Lawrence Weiss 84 Wen Wen 12 Richard S. Werksman 54 Robert L. Werner 77 Madison Claire Whitmore 10 Kenneth E. Wile 77, P 08 Sean L. Wilkes 06 Jonathan M. Winter 80 Clay Prescott Wiske 09 Edward Jay Wolf 76, P 14 Sherri Pancer Wolf 90 Leonard Wolfe 56 Karen Jeanette Woodin 11 Wesley Yip 12 Yi-Yi Chang Younkin 00 Vincent W. C. Yuan 67 Mischa Alessandro Zabotin 85, P 17 Terence M. Zaleski 74, P 07 John M. Zamora 79 Jessica Wong Zen 07 Lauren Bauer Zinman 90 John H. Bailey 12 Daniel P. Baker 76, P 07, P 10 Richard D. Balekdjian 80, P 13 Carmen Rosalyn Ballard 08 Alex Bamberger 10 Burke Paul Banda 94 Lauren Barbara Baranco 06 Chirag Rashmi Barbhaiya 02 Gabriella Barbosa 08 Rocco Joseph Barone 95 Victoria Barr 12 Max Abraham Bauer 07 Alan C. Bavley 74, P 15 Jessica Becker 10 Alexander Sevan Bedrosyan 12 Melis Behlil 96 Deborah Beim Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

21 Alumni Representative Committee Alumni Representative Committee Christopher Michael Belz 06 Nicholas Moreau Bender 03 Gilad Yair Bendheim 11 Stephanie Katsigiannis Benecchi 05 Jamie Lansingh Bennett 95 Arnold J. Benton 53, P 05 Elizabeth Sarah Berger 09 Laurence Dara Berger 69 Stuart M. Berkman 66, P 05 Jonathan Moshe Berliner 09 Carlos Andre Bermudez 04 Joseph Bernstein 84 Alejandro Gabriel Berthe-Suarez 03 Lee Saara Bickley 95 Matthew Hoover Birkhold 08 Stephen Charles Blair 11 Jordan L. Blinder 82 Sarah Canzoniero Blutter 00 Stephen J. Boatti 70 James Earl Boggan 71, P 12 Jordan Boggan 12 Christopher Bolat 07 Paul Laszlo Bollyky 94 Bernardo Bonowitz 70 Katherine Borowiec 12 Amitabha Bose 94 Julia Hannah Bosson 11 Allan G. Bowdery 66, P 02 Carolyn Stanford Braff 07 Leonard M. Braman 02 Cornelia P. Brandfield-Harvey 12 Joshua Andrew Branfman 09 Allon Yagoda Brann 10 Adam Joseph Brickman 07 Chloe Swain Brighton 08 Ernest Brod 58 Ethan Yitzhak Brovman 09 Mary Browning 98 Robert Michael Bruce 03 Laura Bscher 12 Hannah Debra Budnitz 01 Thomas Andrew Bueltmann 01 Maximilian Bulinski 08 Mark Richard Bures 91 Caitlin Marie Burk 12 David Michael Burkoff 99 George Burton 59, P 87 Hillary Brooke Busis 10 Kaitlyn Busler 10 Peter A. Buxbaum 77 Jeseog Jason Byeun 12 Arlette Patricia Cabrera 06 M y father, Paul 58, set a powerful example of giving back to the College through service and I looked to emulate him by creating my own path of giving back. Serving as a Columbia College Today class correspondent for the last five years enabled me to stay in touch with old friends (many of whom I count among my closest), reconnect with others and get to know classmates I didn t know well during college. It also deepened my connection to and appreciation for my class and the school as I follow classmates accomplishments in the arts, journalism, science, medicine, business, law and government. Betsy Gomperz 93 Peter Louis Cachion 85 Frances Catherine Callaghan 10 Paul Izak Campion 03 Christian Xavier Capasso 07 Pablo Esteban Cardenas 03 Timothy David Carini 97 Doris Elizabeth Carrion 09 Antonio Castaneda 99 Lauren Marie Castillo 10 Maria Valentina Castillo 09 Linda Pyo Cavalier 96 Brenda Lil Cepeda 07 Courtney Nicole Cesari 04 David Donner Chait 07 Grace Karyee Chan 09 Stephen Chan 12 Sunny Chan 02 Victoria Wai-San Chan 09 Catherine Shiu Chang 98 Tinna Eliza Chang 96 Maiya Sarah Chard-Yaron 06 Sherri Ann Charleston 01 Calvin Chen 07 Cara Chen 05 Xinyi Chen 04 Whitney Benton Chiate 96 PHOTO: FAYFOTO Courtney Jean Chin 10 Krysten Allana Chin 08 Victor Dick-Hong Chin 97 John P. Chinkel 62, P 98 Bryan Dennis Chiou 10 Ann Chiou-Williams 93 Michael Wonsung Cho 07 Dong-Wook Choi 06 Paul Eun Kee Choi 02 Cleo Beichen Chou 10 Shawn S. Choy 03 Terence Choy 07 Ishwara Chrein 02 James Christopoulos 03 Elizabeth Ann Chu 12 Tracy Chung 08 Johanna Lynn Cinquegrana 06 Eren Civan 12 Ashley Bricken Cleek 07 Brenden James Cline 11 Kayla Rae Cobb 11 Austin Nathan Cohen 11 Maxwell Lee Cohen 08 Roger J. Cohen 74, P 09 Steven Earl Coleman 83, P 15 Madeleine Elizabeth Compagnon 10 Dawn Annamarie Concepcion 89 Molly Michael Conley 10 Richard S. Conn 71, P 07, P 10, P 12 Rosalee Belinda Connell 99 Jeremy Scott Constancio 10 Katharine Griffin Conway 02 Mary Bauman Cook 04 Rachel Heather Cooper 08 Ellie Jean Coromilas 09 Ben Cosgrove 90 Laurence A. Cove 55 Charles Corwin Coward 68 Susan Loring Crane 89 John Martin Crofoot 83 Margaret Aldredge Cullum 05 Kristin Ames Cummings 11 Michael J. Cunningham 81, P 11 Wayne A. Cypen 72 Alexandra Klara Daggett 06 Phie-King Dai 85 Weicheng Dai 11 Tania Francesca D Alberti 01 Timothy John Dalton 88 Joseph Daly 12 Ambika Ashok Dani 11 Julie Bitici Darwent 95 Joanna Dee Das 05 Riddhi Dasgupta 07 Marina Evgenia Daskalopoulou 09 Amba Mitra Datta 03 Shiva Arun Datwani 12 Stuart Graham Dearnley 01 John Carlo DeChellis 10 Clare Deegan-Kent 92 Chelsea Margot del Alcazar 11 Kate Francesca Deland 09 Mark Phillip DeLaura 08 Karyn Elizabeth Delay 10 David Jon De Matteis 99 Jared William DeMatteis 05 Brianna Tia Desire 11 Lainy M. J. L. Destin 00 Krish Achuthan Devidoss 01 Juliana Carole DeVries 11 Alda M. Dhingra 91 Abdallah Diagne 12 Nicholas Michael DiCarlo 07 Shanshan Ding 08 Heather Anne Salter Doherty 01 Sean T. Doherty 93 Yves-Richard Dole 02 Paige Virginia Donnelley 09 Megan Connell Donovan 10 Erica Danielle Dorfman 11 Anushree K. Doshi 09 Yelena Dudochkin-Berry 98 Pravin U. Dugel 84 Noelle Ashley Dunphy 01 Kenneth H. Durell 12 Lauren Dwyer 11 Holly Marguerite Dykstra 12 Sabilah Eboo 09 Martin D. Edel 72 William M. Eisner 97 Megan Elizabeth Eliot 00 Howard Elman 75 Eleonora Ilkova Encheva 07 Donald James Engleman 68 Mila Erer 11 Candice Tienshing Ersoy 94 Moises Guillermo Esparza 11 Max Esteves 12 Jeremy A. Falk 02 Michael Edward Falk 89 Aaron Miness Farber 05 Martin S. Farber 71, P 05 Peter J. Feibelman 63, P 98 Greer Caitlin Feick 11 Roy Yom-Tov Feldman 09 Colin Lee Felsman 09 Jaye Jennifer Fenderson 00 Deborah Feng 12 Daniel Robert Ferreira 83 Anna Fineberg 10 William M. Fink 12 Tess Olivia Finkel 10 Joshua S. Finkelstein 82, P 16 Chad Barrett Finley 94 Juliana Ilvento Fitzpatrick 08 Maciej Flakowicz 08 Adam Hart Flomenbaum 10 Danielle A. Flores 04 Erin Elizabeth Flynn 12 Andrea Folds 12 Lawrence Hom Fong 88 Ivy Camille Fortmeyer 11 John Kerim Frager 08 Juny E. Francois 91 Monica Vera Frassa 03 Russell T. Frazer 78 Jonathan L. Freedman 78 Arthur Merrimon Freeman 95 Peter Garfiel Freeman 96 Charlotte Elizabeth Freinberg 10 David C. Freinberg 78 Mitchell B. Freinberg 73, P 10 Cameron Sloan Friedman 10 David J. Friedman 78, P 09, P 15 Meir Friedman 97 Chieh-Lin Fu 87 Richard Frederick Fudge 10 Robert L. Gabel 69 Andrea Edoardo Gabriele 12 Elan Gada 07 Jeffrey Scott Gale 96 Nathan Gardner-Andrews 01 Thomas Joseph Gaynor 86 Barbara D. Geary 87 Alan M. Gelb 59, P 13 Steven H. Gendler 80 Charles S. Gershman 05 Ali Gheissari 79, P 14 Samir Pradeep Ghia 06 Salvatore Joseph Giambanco 85 Yelena Giderman 08 Siobhan Marielle Gilbert 09 Lauren Rose Gilchrist 06 Langham Gleason 84 Michael Peter Glick 04 Sophie Greene Gloeckler 12 Bradley S. Gluck 83 Holly Cathleen Glynn 09 Leonard R. Goldberg Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

22 Alumni Representative Committee Alumni Representative Committee Hallie Suzanne Goldblatt 00 Shifra Margalit Goldenberg 10 Daniel Shai Goldman 04 Stephen R. Goldman 66 Sydney Goldsmith 60 Erik Todd Goluboff 86, P 15 Nicole Belson Goluboff 87, P 15 Julia Ruth Rudser Gonzales 10 J. Oscar Gonzalez 82 Eva Marie Gonzalez-Ruskiewicz 10 Marla Leslie Goodman 01 Kevin Arthur Gould 12 Kimberly Nicole Grant 03 Karen Elizabeth Graves 00 Joseph A. Greenaway 78 Jessica Tanzer Wright Greenberg 12 Jonathan Greenberg 71, P 06 David Lazar Greenhouse 07 Pamela Skopp Greenwood 91 James J. Griffith 48 Roy Foster Griffith 98 Geoffrey Eric Grossman 08 K. Elizabeth Guercin 91 Mesut Gul 12 Nicholas D. Gulati 08 Jessica Sijia Guo 10 Joy Guo 11 Don David Guttenplan 78 Samra Saadia Haider 01 Daniel Abraham Halevy 90 Katherine Hamm 12 Tracy Anne Hammond 97 David Tong Han 85 Elliot Jin Han 98 Li Dong Han 08 Hilary T. Hanchuk 81, P 15 Brendan Anthony Hannon 11 Marya Rosette Hannun 09 Benjamin George Hansen 08 Marisa Jaye Harary 06 Katharine Julia Harlow 05 Stephanie Hart 12 Helaine L. Harte 88 Ruben Harutunian 05 Alexa Andrea Hawrysz 06 Mark Edward Hay 12 Katherine Smith Helfet 06 Erin Christen Henderson 05 Candise Liu Henry 12 Thomas Patrick Herman 87 Erin Kipling Hill 10 Jonathan Yates Hill 11 Linnea Lockwood Hincks 10 Eric Michael Hirsch 09 Joshua Cooper Hirschland 08 Jorge E. Hirter 85 David Tien-Yin Ho 94 Allison Ellis Hobbs 10 James Edward Hoffman 98 Timothy Charles Hogan 81 Christopher David Holst 96 Michele Hyun-Gi Hong-Polansky 90 Brian Donald Horneck 07 Jack Hou 06 Lawrence Adam Howitt 85 Paul Png Je Hsiao 12 Aaron Hsieh 09 Amy Huang 11 Leslie Shauling Huang 11 Stephanie Zee Huang 96 Scott Haaga Hughes 08 Elizabeth King Humphrey 88 Naomi Chi-Chia Hung 07 Claire Rae Hunsaker 00 Christopher M. Hunt 81 Mee Youn Hwang 11 Sarah K. Hwang 07 Brian Thomas Ingram 09 Gregory Scott Ingram 04 Catherine Shanley Insel 10 Luis Alonso Iraheta 10 Dylan Samuel Isaacson 11 Subash Subramanian Iyer 07 Henry James Jackman 88 Rachel Grant Jackson 99 Stephen Carl Jansen 91 Mark R. Jarrell 82 Dominique M. Jean-Louis 09 Bryant Jenkins 96 Robert Joseph Jenkins 03 Charles Fox Jennings 91 Madeleine K. Jensen 12 Jessica Jeewon Jeong 10 Anuj Jhunjhunwala 11 Emily Clark Johnson 10 Camilla M. Jackson Jones 94 Katherine Gail Jorda 03 Afiya Monifa Jordan 00 Emily Rose Jordan 09 Rohan Jotwani 12 Sara Katherine Just 88 Mariya Kagan 07 Edward Harold Kahn 88 Michelle Estilo Kaiser 87 George Kalbouss 61 Anthony Donghun Kang 95 Joseph Joo Kang 04 Meredith Adaire Kaplan 06 Geoffrey Karapetyan 07 Samuel L. Katz 86 Aryeh Leib Kaufman 04 Geremy Saul Kawaller 96 Anna Aoife Keane 05 Gerard F. Keating 75 David Michael Keeffe 03 Nicolas Andrew Kelemen 94 Nicholas Frome Kelly 09 Victoria C. Kenneally 93 Kristine Kennedy 91 Sana Khalid 11 Mary Therese Killackey 94 Andrew Jeong-Won Kim 11 David Churl Kim 85 In Sue Kim 11 Joongi Kim 87 Yoo-Na Kim 11 Melissa Victoria King 06 Gayle Wrede Kirkpatrick 90 Satoshi Kitahama 91 Yoku Kiuchi 04 Rachel Helen Kiwi 05 Ronald H. Kluger 65 Christophe Alain Mathieu Knox 95 Elizabeth Bicket Koch 08 Mary Katherine Kochlefl 89 Leyla Alev Kokmen 94 Hayley Jares Kondon 90 Mariya A. Konovalova 05 Tyler Korff 08 Yasmine Anne Koukaz 09 Justin Jared Krane 04 Alicia Rose Kravitz 06 George Alexander Krebs 09 Stuart K. Kreitman 79, P 14 Ali Charly Krimmer 11 Elizabeth Harrison Kubany 91 Paul S. Kulig 75 Shefali Kumar 11 David S. Kung 84, P 16, P 17 Sheldon J.J. Kwok 12 Nikola Dobrinov Kyuchukov 10 Daniel Mark Laifer 89 Jenny Lam 07 Isaac Guillermo Lara 11 Diego Laserna 07 Sadia Latifi 09 Peter Kazanjian Law 08 Margot Ashley Lazow 11 Nhu-Hanh Thi Le 95 Albert Ren Lee 07 Beatrice Eng Lee 09 Cynthia Sun Hee Lee 10 Danny Lap Lee 95 Douglas Yang Lee 86 Euiyoung Lee 12 Karen Chung Lee 92 Kyu-In Lee 11 Robin Soyeon Lee 12 Palmer Stuart Leff 12 Brian Scott Legum 00 Kenneth K. Lehn 71 Jessica Mills Leiken 08 Gregory Thomas Lembrich 00 Elizabeth Ann Weeks Leonard 93 Rachel Hart Lesser 06 Eric LeSueur 06 Karen Leung 10 Scott Ross Levin 12 Alison Spatz Levine 07 Arvin Levine 71 Adam J. Levitt 90 Joshua Aaron Levy 94 Donald C. Lewis 83 Juliana Wolf Lewis 09 Ashley Christina Lherisson 12 Sixuan Li 08 Edwin En-Wei Liang 06 Kevin Hongkao Liau 97 Adam Seth Libove 03 Benson Lieber 72, P 06 Andrew Zachariah Liebowitz 06 Su Ann Lim 12 Weilun Lim 11 Bishupal Limbu 00 Dulcie Lin 96 Richard Zu-Sheng Lin 84 David Jonathan Linton 95 Lynne Ilya Lipkind 91 Samantha Beth Litt 06 Daniel Michael Litvak 08 Wendy Shuang Liu 99 Graciete Tingsum Lo 03 Paula Frida Lobeck 06 Laura A. Lopez 92 Liliana Lizeth Lopez 97 Enrique A. Lopez-Ona 74 Christopher Jason Lorn 10 Johanna Lou 12 Dana Rochael Lowe 94 Abbe David Lowell 74 Luis David Lucas 08 Nina Lukina 12 Stephanie Yu-Yi Lung 04 David R. Lyle 83 Jennifer Lynn Ma 04 Nicole Marie Macellari 99 Christopher Lawrence Macies 09 Donna Herlinsky MacPhee 89, P 17 Jesus Evaristo Madrid 12 Ella Magun 12 George Patrick Mahoney 01 Nadia Nuzhat Majid 02 Solangel Maldonado 93 Ira Brett Malin 75, P 11, P 17 Anna Caroline Malkan 11 Avanti Niraja Maluste 08 Lauren Elisabeth Mancia 05 Leeza Mangaldas 11 Brian S. Marcus 12 Lisa Rachel Margulies 05 Nancy Allen Markhoff 87 David Gary Markowitz 91 Joshua Aaron Marks 03 Bradley Ian Brustman Marshall 09 Aileen Torres Martin 93 Gabrielle Marx 12 Jennifer Aline Mayer 09 John Russell Mayfield 68 Christine Parlamis McAllister 94 David C. McAvoy 77 Megan Alyssa McCullough 02 Wendy McElhoe 06 Laura Marie McGarry 10 Keating Patrick Joseph McKeon 12 Robert Hugh McLaughlin 94 Chaitanya Babu Medicherla 12 David Medovoy 07 Ryan Aaron Meek 05 Richard J. Melita 66 Steven Joshua Melzer 05 Eric Arthur Mendelson 87, P 17 Victor H. Mendelson 89 Lekha Saraswathy Menon 10 Hasan Shamsh Merali 06 Samara Bernot Meshel 92 Frederick M. Meyers 81 Emily Glickman Meyerson 90 Robert E. Meyerson 66 Keith Miao 12 Donald Kirk Miller 84 Sean Jeffrey Miller 92 Benjamin Philip Mills 06 Bryan Richard Miltenberg 07 Orly Mishan 94 Vedant Misra 09 Nuriel Moghavem 11 Marialaura Garza Molina 94 Jason Barrett Mollin 91 Brian Thomas Moon 02 Seon Hye Moon 07 David Nicholas Morgan 12 Emil Mottola 74 Tina Musa 09 Udita Malhoutra Nabha 90 Cho Myint Naing 06 Cristina Najarro 10 Louis Anthony Napoli 83 Joshua R. Nathanson 94 Roxanna Dee Nazari 97 Nudd Hisham Nazer-Al Tayyar 02 Andrew Craig Neuschatz 93 Paul John Nevins 68 Dianna L. Ng 07 John Andrew Ng 11 Augustine Minh Thong Nguyen 91 Matthew Don Nguyen 07 Erik Christopher Nook 12 Alexandra Catherine Nowakowski 05 Abigail Land Oberman 10 Kraig Harry Odabashian 00 Efemena Anne-Marie Odu 10 Vanessa Gerrard Ohta 10 Jeffrey Kakui Oing 86 John P. O Loughlin 81, P 12, P 15 Nicole Oparaeke 11 Deysy Ordonez-Arreola 10 Kelly Rose O Reilly 12 William Alexander Organek 10 Diane Bauer Orlinsky 88 Patricia Maureen Orozco 08 Vernon L. Outlaw 81, P 07 Frederick H. Pack 69 Rafael E. Padilla 80, P 17 Matthew Sung Hyun Paik 02 Stephen Pan 02 Ji Won Park 87 Sungwan Park 99 Amanda Holley Parsons 10 Henry Mikolaj Paszko 83, P 12 Helly Niranjan Patel 08 Maxine Natasha Paul 10 Iricel Elizabeth Payano 09 Ronda Racha Penrice 93 Diego Salim Perez 99 Bernard R. Perlmutter 86 Matthew Phan 05 John Vance Phelan 85 Michael Edward Pignatello Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

23 Alumni Representative Committee Alumni Representative Committee Charles Pippen 08 Claude S. Poliakoff 60 Marya E. Pollack 87 Richard E. Polton 70 Gabrielle Fulton Ponder 97 Yale Sands Popowich 86 Maor Amcis Portnoy 03 Neeraj Bahadur Pradhan 06 William J. Prasifka 80, P 12 William Thomas Prasifka 12 Alan J. Preis 64 Laura Anne Prendergast 88 James P. Pritchard 82 Robert A. Pruznick 73, P 11 Innokenty Pyetranker 10 Steven Michael Quackenbush 85 Conrad Ramos 82 Gabriel Rangasammy 12 Gloria Gwoyu Rasmussen 11 Evan Bruce Ratner 85 Jason Raylesberg 12 David J. Reich 85 Samuel Cory Reisman 10 Samantha Jordan Reitz 10 Mike Haiyun Ren 04 Thomas Wuellner Reno 12 Robin Stephen Resnick 68 Matthew James Reuter 07 Timothy Joseph Reuter 11 David Josiah Ribner 06 Julian Richers 12 Martin Eliot Ritholtz 68 Samantha Alix Ritter 10 Morgan Amanda Robinson 08 Misha Park Robyn 04 Stephen B. Rodner 64 Khalil Zueh Romain 12 Anthony Romano 73 Michael George Romey 85, P 15 David Estabrook Romine 86 Robert Patrick Rooney 89 Stephanie Claudine Rosales 08 Alexander Samuel Rosen 11 C. Zachary Rosenberg 09 Richard Asher Rosenblum 68 Alexander Rosenstein 94 Matthew Graham Roskot 04 Adam D. Rothberg 81, P 17 Samantha Ariel Rotstein 07 Sara Elizabeth Rubenstein 02 Michael Jonathan Rubin 04 Adam S. Rubinson 88 Thomas H. Rudy 06 Francesca Rufin 12 Thomas W. Russell 99 Jonathan Silver Rutchik 86 Denis Joseph Ryan 87, P 18 Andrew V. Rybin 02 Kenneth L. Sacharin 79, P 09 Alan J. Saffran 81 d Patrick M. Sages 81 Usha Abhijit Sahay 12 Jennifer Ann Salant 09 Khalil Hatem Al Salem 04 Peter John Samponaro 69, P 03 Carmen Suzel Sanchez 90 Avram David Sand 09 John Benjamin Sarlitto 12 Luis A. Saucedo 05 Juliet Savits 12 Meagan Alexis Scales 10 Andrew Jan Scheineson 09 Lorin Michael Scher 01 Jenny Schiff 12 Ralph Schmeltz 63, P 93 Dennis Solomon Schmelzer 06 Kirsten Lea Schneider 02 Martin H. Schreiber 87 David Zachary Schwartz 12 Jessica Rachel Schwartz 11 Marc Alan Schwartz 87 Paul K. Schwarz 61, P 02 Nicholas Reilly Scodro 09 Emily Louise Seidman 04 Karen Adele Sendler 94 Rachel Vineberg Shannon-Solomon 12 Peter B. Shawhan 75, P 05 John Patrick Shekitka 07 Ruth Sher 12 Paul Trevor Sheridan 00 Brewer Shettles 79 Cynthia Xin Shi 11 Siyi Shi 12 Olivia Shu Hang Shih 11 Sungbo Daniel Shim 10 Tiffani L. Shin 95 Anil M. Shivaram 95 Mary Shorey 12 David K. Shu 94 Jeffrey Sidney Silberman 08 David D. Silvera 86 Joel M. Silverstein 76 Paige Frazier-Burr Sinkler 88 Elizabeth Reza Skelly 92 Jonathan Samuel Skolnik 90 Stuart C. Sloame 61, P 09 Adam Louis Small 04 Elliot Edward Smalling 11 Terrance Lander Smith 08 Burton B. Smoliar 64, P 90, P 92 Reva E. Snow 92 Lindsay Sara Sohacheski 08 Nickolas Anthony Solaro 03 Daniel Solomon Solender 87 David Louis Patrick Solimano 06 Stuti Somani 09 Ji Seon Song 99 Julie Song 09 Sean Andre Spence 10 Caitlin Louise Stachon 10 David B. Stanton 77, P 09, P 11 Steven Michael Stastny 88 Arthur Staub 82, P 17 Beth Debra Stein 02 Walter Alan Stein 63 Bruce D. Steinberg 78, P 17 Emanuel Hossein Steiner 05 Warren R. Stern 74 Stephen B. Sobel 54 Madeleine Elizabeth Stokes 08 Lara Stolman-Watzky 91 Ina Ilieva Stoyanova 02 Katherine Mary Stricklan 03 Randy Subramany 12 Destiny Christine Khalil 11 Stephanie Summerhays 09 David Su Sun 99 Lazarus N. Sun 81, P 17 Sriya Kanthi Sundaresan 11 Himabindu Suresh 05 Lars Erik Svanberg 06 Jefferson S. Svengsouk 90 Michael Joseph Sweeney 02 Jon Loren Swergold 91 Emily Cardinal Tamkin 12 Annie Tan 11 Tao Tan 07 Nikhilesh Tandon 04 William F. Tanenbaum 60, P 95, P 96 Gabriel P. Tang 80 Benjamin Lazer Felsinger Teitelbaum 08 Steven A. Teitelbaum 77 Shalini Thareja 12 Arita Vandana Thatte 09 Ayanna Tene Thompson 94 Max Heller Tierman 10 Thomas Jesse Timberlake 12 Nickolay Panaiotov Todorov 97 Timothy Michael Todreas 83 Andrew J. Treitel 92 Jonathan Aaron Treitel 05 Samuel Eli Turich 92 Sharmila Hainum Tuttle 96 Jeffrey Adam Udell 89 Sean Manning Udell 11 Meena Govind Untawale 01 Sharyn Marissa Uy 00 Ellen Vaknine 89 Jason Edward Valenstein 01 Laurent Andre Vasilescu 99 Andres Vedova 09 Angela Maria Velez 10 Jachele Maryal Velez 11 Rachel Fay Vishnepolsky 10 Anna Louise Vlasits 09 Laura Elizabeth Waelbroeck 12 Brian Biggers Wagner 06 Barry Waldman 81 A. Jardine Wall 09 William A. Walsh 89 Angela Wang 12 Tammy Wang 03 Yihe Wang 08 Dakota Philip Ward 12 Lindsay Kaye Warren 06 James Hilton Watson 02 Kerry Lorraine Watson 10 Erica Weaver 12 Catherine Sheppard Webster 87 Victoria Louise Webster 02 Marius A. Wechsler 81 Mark A. Wehrly 73 Peter Y. Wei 05 Barry Weinberg 12 Laura Reid Weinfeld 92 Daniel Benjamin Weinstein 04 Genna Brick Weinstein 01 Joshua Seth Weinstein 00 Matthew Ian Weinstein 95 Stephen Howard Weinstein 91 Lauren Mary Weiss 11 Edda Natanya Weissberg 90 Robert Leonardo Welsh 98 Helen Saito Werbe 11 Alexandra Beatriz Werner 10 Timothy James Wexler 99 Benjamin R. Wheeler 01 Matthew Steven Wilder 12 Stephanie Amelia Wilhelm 11 David Antonio Williams 07 Ellen Sue Winer 87 David Andrew Winter 89 Sarah Katherine Withers 06 Edward Joel Wladis 97 Ron K. Wolner 77, P 13, P 15 Lisa Li Wong 92 Phatrabhorn Wongthaveepkij 11 Sally Sue-Ling Woo 99 William Cheung Woo 88 Tabitha P. Wood 12 Jennifer Hays Woods 93 Matthew Scott Wosnitzer 01 Anne-Marie Wright 89, P 17 James Glover Wright 09 Yuqi Matthew Xia 05 Liesl M. Yamaguchi 06 Belle Yan 12 Alice T. Yang 09 Allison Liao Yang 09 Shu Yang 10 Emily Yau 07 Erica Yen 05 Miyako Tomisato Yerick 12 Juneyoung Lynn Yi 05 Bill Yialamas 97 Thomas Yih 95 Duygu Yilmaz 12 David Pu Yin 09 Rui Yin 11 Tiffany Karen Ying 07 Suk Joong Yoon 93 Peter Allen Younkin 99 Denise Dan Yu 12 Jin-Young Ashley Yu 03 Salah Michael Zalatimo 01 Laura Raquel Zander 87 Veronica Soledad Zaragovia 04 Lisa Louise Zebrowski 01 Yasmin Anissa Zerhouni 01 Jiahe Zhang 12 Liang Zhao 04 Zhong Zhuang 12 Emily Joy Zibart 03 Katherine Anne Zien 04 Maryam Zohny 06 Adam Scott Zucker 06 Columbia College Today Class Correspondents (in class year order) Robert D. Zucker 41, P 68 Melvin Hershkowitz 42 Giulio D Angio 43 S. William Friedman 44 Charles M. Gilman 45 Bernard Sunshine 46, P 79 John Weaver 49, P 05 Mario A. Palmieri 50 George B. Koplinka 51 Lewis Robins 53, P 90 Howard Falberg 54 Gerald Sherwin 55 Stephen K. Easton 56 Herman D. Levy 57 Barry Dickman 58 Norman M. Gelfand 59, P 01 Robert A. Machleder 60, P 91, P 98 Michael R. Hausig 61 John S. Freidin 62 A. Paul Neshamkin 63 Norman A. Olch 64 Leonard B. Pack 65 Richard O. Forzani 66 Albert Zonana 67 Arthur B. Spector 68, P 06, P 08 Michael S. Oberman 69, P 10 Leo George Kailas 70 James E. Shaw 71, P 08 Paul S. Appelbaum 72, P 03 Marshall Barry Etra 73, P 09 Frederick C. Bremer 74 Randolph C. Nichols 75 Clyde A. Moneyhun 76 David J. Gorman 77 Matthew L. Nemerson 78 Robert C. Klapper 79, P 08 Michael C. Brown 80, P 06 Kevin J. Fay 81 Andrew B. Weisman 82 Roy William Pomerantz 83 Dennis Scott Klainberg 84 Jonathan Daniel White 85, P Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

24 Columbia College Today Class Correspondents Dean s Pin Recipients Everett Weinberger 86 Sarah Ann Kass 87 Eric Anders Fusfield 88 Emily Miles Terry 89 Rachel Cowan Jacobs 90 Margaret Kim 91 Olivier Paul George Knox 92 Betsy Gomperz 93 Leyla Alev Kokmen 94 Janet R. Lorin 95 Ana Simone Salper 96 Sarah Rebecca Katz 97 Sandie Angulo Chen 98 Laurent Andre Vasilescu 99 Prisca Bae 00 Jonathan R. Gordin 01 Sonia Hirdaramani 02 Michael John Novielli 03 The classes of , 1947, 1948, 1952 and 2011 are handled by Columbia College Today staff. Angela Evagelia Georgopoulos 04 Claire Christie McDonnell 05 Michelle Oh Sing 06 David Donner Chait 07 Neda Navab 08 Alidad Adam Damooei 09 Julia Elizabeth Feldberg 10 Sarah Chai 12 Tala Tiffany Akhavan 13 Class of 1968 Ross D. Ain P 01 Paul A. de Bary P 05 Ira E. Goldberg P 08 Peter Janovsky Class of 1973 Michael H. Byowitz P 13 Steven L. Cantor Richard A. Canzonetti Stephen J. Flanagan P 08 Russell B. Needham Nigel S. Paneth John Dennis Roy P 95 James R. Shorter Gregory M. Gall Eric H. Holder Jr. Marc E. Jaffe Donald Norman Jensen John Hendry Slattery Arthur B. Spector P 06, P 08 Masahiko Taketomo Alan D. Zucker Robert A. Pruznick P 11 Steven Sims Raymond J. Vastola P 07 Dean s Pin Recipients Class of 1943 Giulio D Angio Class of 1948 Robert Silbert Class of 1978 Timothy John Alvino P 99, P 06 Steven J. Bargonetti Thomas A. Bisdale Gary W. Blackman Mark A. Blackman Robert D. Blank Ric Douglas Burns Charles V. Callan Joseph E. Cosgriff Ted L. Faraone John R. Flores P 04, P 07, P 10 Jonathan L. Freedman David C. Freinberg Joseph Giovannelli Joseph A. Greenaway Jr. Sinclair C. Haberman P 18 Thomas F. Mariam Matthew L. Nemerson John C. Ohman Mark D. Silverschotz Class of 1953 Peter A. Fauci William A. Frosch George S. Lowry Class of 1958 Morris Amitay P 87 James L. Bast George Bear Ernest Brod F. Rick Brous P 95, P 98 Donald A. Chambers Thomas Peter Ettinger P 86 Charles R. Feuer Harvey S. Feuerstein Marshall B. Front P 91 Class of 1963 David M. Alpern Douglas C. Anderson Charles T. Angell P 83 Lawrence Apple Stephen E. Barcan Henry R. Black Peter W. Broido Stephen R. Clineburg P 88 Edmond M. Coller S. Robert Contiguglia P 92, P 94 Gerald P. Dwyer Richard Eisenberg Staats M. Pete Pellett Richard M. Phillips Lewis Robins P 90 Stanley J. Goldsmith Paul A. Gomperz P 93 Elliott G. Gross Peter Gruenberger Morton H. Halperin Laurence E. Harris Paul R. Herman P 97, P 98 Stuart L. Huntington Robert R. Jespersen Steven Jonas Howard L. Freese William H. Goebel Doron Gopstein Robert M. Heller Richard Juro P 89 Sidney P. Kadish P 96, P 06 Bruce S. Kaplan Robert K. Kraft P 94 Michael S. Lubell P 02 Donald L. Margolis A. Paul Neshamkin Lawrence D. Neuman P 98 Jules L. Ross James Steiner Robert A. Levine P 91 Lawrence N. Margolies P 89 Bernard W. Nussbaum P 93 Howard J. Orlin P 85 Sheldon Raab Stanley Rabin Arthur J. Radin Sidney S. Rosdeitcher Irwin Sharkey Carl L. Stern P 91 Thomas Edward O Connor Francis J. Partel Gary S. Rachelefsky P 94, P 01 Barry Jay Reiss Phillip M. Satow P 88, P 96 David B. Saxe Ralph Schmelt P 93 Harvey A. Schneier Walter Alan Stein Geoffrey A. Thompson Benjamin Tua P 98 Class of 1983 Frank C. Antonelli Gerrard Patrick Bushell Kevin George Chapman Nathaniel H. Christian P 11 Steven Earl Coleman P 15 Robert Harding Davis David A. Einhorn Class of 1988 Nairi Checkosky Balian P 16 Mónica C. Byrne-Jiménez Ashley Beth Charnoff Alexandra Wallace Creed Jeremy E. Dickstein Leslie Gittess Daniel Adam Goldberger Shari Hyman Sara Katherine Just Class of 1993 Adrian Bordoni Benjamin Edward Besley Paul Francis Bua Andrew Jay Ceresney Jamie Allan Cesaretti Jack Jia-Horng Chen Grissel Seijo de Garcia Eric Lee Epstein Andrew J. Gershon Steven N. Greenfield Geoffrey Ho P 17 Robert Charles Hughes P 12 Edward Michael Joyce Joseph Keeney Stefanie F. Katz-Rothman Patrick Michael Killackey Brandon K. Laughren Jonathan Scott Lavine P 16 Jennifer Wright McCarthy Patrick Thomas McMorrow Matthew J. Murabito Stanley Judah Nachamie Regina Ehren Noch Alan Michael Freeman Nina Li Hong Yumi Christina Koh Karla P. Lema Amy Jane Longo Rachel Melissa Mintz Ana Genender O Brien Daniel S. Loeb Gary William McCready Mark Albert Momjian P 15, P 17 Roy William Pomerantz Barry W. Rashkover Elliot Bruce Sloane George Peter Wilson Michael S. Satow Carl J. Schaerf Stephanie A. Schwartz Jonathan Scott Sobel Mark P. Timoney P 15 Douglas Robert Wolf William Cheung Woo Rita Diana Pietropinto-Kitt To Trinh M. Quan Andrew Alan Schmeltz Thad Andrew Sheely David Allen Shimkin Neil Martin Turitz 46 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

25 Dean s Pin Recipients Columbia College Women Class of 1998 Jason Kyle DeLuca Yelena Dudochkin-Berry Natalie Keron Edwards Brooks Herman Class of 2003 Samir Arora Katherine Day Benvenuto Eleanor Louise Coufos Michael Christopher Foss David Michael Keeffe Class of 2008 Paul Abelkop Lahila-Carina Barzola Noah Paul Cooper Michelle Nicole Diamond Brittany Nicole Dubose Gabriella Leah Fridman Marcos Raul Garcia Joanna E. Herman Jeannette Rachel Jakus Daniel Jean-Baptiste Adam Vu Nguyen Michael John Novielli Rajeev Mahendra Patel Carter Miliken Reum Justin Brent Sellman Tamar Simon Olivia Abigail Gorvy Elizabeth Katherine Hormann Scott Haaga Hughes Anna Clare Lindow Joshua Solomon Lipsky Neda Navab Christine Gabriella Ortiz Columbia College Women Board Zila Reyes Acosta 11 Mary Dorothy Baird 11 Mentoring Program Volunteers Donia Maged Abdelaziz 12 Katharine Doran Abrams 10 Zila Reyes Acosta 11 Jonida Afezolli 09 Renuka Kaori Agarwal 12 Sajaa Sameeha Ahmed 10 Amy Lin Ahn 00 Nadia Al-Aydi 93 Michelle Lyn Andujar 13 Jessica Maria Atrio 01 Abigail T. Auslander 11 Tinuola Omobolade Awopetu 99 Mary Dorothy Baird 10 Allyson B. Baker 95 Rebecca Elise Balter 07 Helen Bao 13 Kyra Tirana Barry 87, P 17 Andrea Corina Basora 87 Roberta Malee Bassett 92 Christina Rachel Baumel 05 Jacqueline Monaco Bavaro 88 Elaine Ashby Baynham 12 Selby Buresh Drummond 09 Michelle Estilo Kaiser 87 Genevieve Saphier Belfer 96 Stephanie Katsigiannis Benecchi 05 Jennifer Berry 87 Jenn Bildersee 98 Jennifer Lynne Blum 06 Mary Ann Bonet 10 Constance Elizabeth Boozer 13 Anne-Marie B. Brillantes 89 Elizabeth Anne Broderick 04 Ellen Melissa Broido 87 Clare Felicia Buck 13 Jaishree Capoor 93 Lisa Landau Carnoy 89 Nicole Carmen Cata 11 Anne Christine Cataldo 08 Prapti Chatterjee 12 Maria Chavez 07 Dorothy Chen 13 Jeanie Chen 13 Monica Frances Chen 13 Maritsa Ena Cholmondeley 03 Cleo Beichen Chou 10 Donald Jerome Scott Jeremy Alexis Tamanini Andrew Tarlow Topkins David Benjamin Steinberg AnnaMaria Mannino White Dawn Marie Zimniak Timothy William Paulin Charles Pippen Terrance Lander Smith Calvin Datze Sun Glenn Junior Thompson Michael Samuel Toledano Siheun Song 07 Erica Clauss 11 Emily Dianne Combs 03 Erin Conway 11 Oana R. Cornis-Pop 03 Wadad Nadim Cortas 01 Golriz Dadedel 02 Melissa Ann Danaczko 06 Ambika Ashok Dani 11 Mary Eleanor Teresa Davis 09 Manju Tracy Chacko Dawkins 01 Michelle Elizabeth Dawson 13 Karyn Elizabeth Delay 10 Ana Teresa Diaz 08 Fernanda Diaz 11 Mary Martha Ferrari Douglas 11 Erica Stone Drennan 11 Noel Siqi Duan 13 Diana Renee Duarte 09 Brittany Nicole Dubose 08 Collette Patrece Eccleston 99 Ilham Elkatani 13 Sarah A. Engle 12 Michele Ann Esposito 96 Shanan Terale Essick 07 Tess Olivia Finkel 10 Caitlin Finley 13 Jeanelle Aleke Folkes 05 Allison Genevieve Fortune 07 Stephanie Ann Foster 12 Arielle Teryn Fox 11 Jennifer A. Fredricks 92 Molly Hopkins Friedensohn 05 Alissa Rae Funderburk 12 Adriana Citlalli Garcia Ceja 13 Ahiza Navarro Garcia 10 Amparo Garcia 05 Taylor Gattinella 12 Fiona Rhiannon Georgakis 13 Kristina Anne George 07 Elizabeth Catherine Gill 08 Leslie Gittess 88 Lacey Patricia Gleason 12 Maryl Blechman Goldberg 07 Elizabeth Sara Gordon 08 Lauren K. Grattan 08 Jessica Anne Gresko 05 Stephanie Ann Grilo 13 Irem Gunay 10 Ting Ting Guo 10 Stephanie Satoye Hagio 06 Hillary Frances Haley 96 Katherine Haein Han 09 Margaret Grace Hannon 05 Virginia J. Harnisch 87 Margaret Jennifer Harty 01 Amanda Lynn Hernandez 08 Erin Kipling Hill 10 Yizhou Hong 12 Bonnie Jean Host 89 Jocelyn Rose Hyman Howard 13 Katherine Gandolfo Howitt 13 Wei-Jen Amy Hsieh 08 Alexa Davies Hubbard 10 Carly Laurien Hugo 06 Elizabeth Jean Hutchins 08 Maria Elizabeth Insalaco 09 Alexandra Jacunski 11 Marta Anna Jakubanis 10 Shari Tamar Jawetz 02 Emily Clark Johnson 10 Tiffany Win Jung 10 Stephanie Denisse Jurburg 12 Amanda Kahn-Kirby 95 Michelle Estilo Kaiser 87 Nicole A. Kamra 12 Leora Metzenbaum Kelman 09 Crystal Hana Kim 09 Rachel Helen Kiwi 05 Hannah Leosa Klain 13 Patricia Alejandra Klaric 13 Kara Kohn-Gardner 13 Gabrielle Kozlowski 13 Ali Charly Krimmer 11 Joanne Ng Kwong 97 Christina Lambiase 12 Elizabeth Candace Lamoste 10 Christine Michele Leddy 08 Kassandra Marriel Lee 13 Kristina Alexandrovna Lee 13 Molly Louise Leiwant 08 Ashley Christina Lherisson 12 Xiaoxu Li 13 Jennifer Shih-Wei Lin 96 Hephsibah Mayim Loeb 01 Liliana Lizeth Lopez 97 Jennifer Lou 98 Johanna Lou 12 Youxi Ma 09 Nicole Marie Macellari 99 Donna Herlinsky MacPhee 89, P 17 Caitlyn Shea Malcynsky 11 Beth Adena Malin 11 Leeza Mangaldas 11 Ann Helen Mathews 94 Amina McKenzie 12 Elizabeth M. Merrill 07 Emily Glickman Meyerson 90 Elizabeth Barbara Miller 07 Meredith G. Milstein 09 Michaela Amparo Morales 12 Jessica Lynn Mullin 06 Pia Naib 06 Aseel Nabeel Najib 12 Neda Navab 08 Aditi Kumar Nim 09 Regina Ehren Noch 88 Alexandra Catherine Nowakowski 05 Kathryn Marie O Neal 97 Annette Marie Ostling 94 Susan Ou 13 Alexandra Celestia Owens 11 Donna M. Pacicca 87 Katie Kingsbery Palmer 07 Maryam Ivette Parhizkar 09 Danni Pi 11 Marya E. Pollack 87 Katherine Polson 02 Pamela Jean Quinlan 05 Patricia Alice Reilly 13 Andrea Scott Reising 00 Theresa Jane Rice 90 Ruth Marie Rivera 07 Elizabeth Victoria Robilotti 99 Amanda Saks Robinson 03 Lindsay Blair Rodman 05 Erin M. Rodriguez 05 Emily Glaser Ross 06 Valeriya Andreyevna Safronova 12 Brenda Salinas 12 Amy Beth Salomon-Kohn 92 Manideepa Sarkar 04 Shira Schindel 11 Laura T. Schnaidt 06 Donna Renaud Schober 88 Julie Anne Schwartz 88 Shoshana Elizabeth Schwartz 08 Lauren Fischer Schy 08 Mitra Nikou Sexton 96 Claire M. Shanley 92 Julia Mariko Shannon 03 Rachel Elizabeth Sheppard 13 Abigail M. Druck Shudofsky 04 Joanna Luce Siegel 07 Sophia H. Sim 92 Stephanie Lauren Simon 06 Jessica Kate Soberman 08 Tesia Amaris Sommer 06 Siheun Song 07 Karla Sosa 13 Chanel Janette Soto 12 Martha Ann Sparks 01 Anusha Sriram 10 Louise Ulrich Stewart 11 Yenny Su 13 Adriana Ivette Suarez 02 Maria Elaine Sulimirski 13 Olivia Rani Tandon 09 Mahrah Taufique 12 Zahrah Meher Taufique 09 Genevieve Marie Thornton 02 Elizabeth L. Toplin 88 Namrata Tripathi 01 Devyn Ariel Tyler 13 Susan Helen Upton 87 Ellen Vaknine 89 Angela Maria Velez 10 Amanda Grace Veraldi 09 Kathryn Margaret Vreeland Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

26 Columbia College Women Center for Career Education Volunteers Chelsea Jean Walsh 03 Josephine Wei 13 Julia Logan Werb 06 Allyson Werner 12 Noreen Y. Whysel 90 Elizabeth Suzanne Wild 06 Debra Margaret Williams 91 Whitney Anne Wilson 07 Chenni Xu 08 Denise Yablonovich 08 Heidi H. Yang 93 Shu Yang 10 Shana Marie Yearwood 11 Young Hee Yoo 09 Elizabeth May Yuan 96 Lauren Zanedis 11 Center for Career Education Volunteers Jonathan Charles Abbott 84 Donia Maged Abdelaziz 12 Justin Douglas Abelow 90 Michael Adam Accordino 07 Sajaa Sameeha Ahmed 10 Christine Iva Anderson 11 Harini Angara 07 Paul Anthony Arias 12 Natasha Avanessians 12 John D. Babb 75 Blar Bajraktari 92 Allyson B. Baker 95 John Francis Baumann 08 James Bauserman 11 Nicole Ashley Beach 10 Adam Quincy Beatty 89 Nicole Eileen Bode 01 McClain Kyle Braswell 06 Molly Judith Braverman 09 John S. Brecher 73 Victoria Ann Bresnahan 10 Ernest Brod 58 Michael Charles Brown 06 Louis Brusco 81 Nicole Carmen Cata 11 David Donner Chait 07 Warren Chang 92 Cara Chen 05 Daniel Benjamin Chen 02 Victor Dick-Hong Chin 97 Laura Vickers Chittick 97 Ishwara Chrein 02 Nathaniel Hawthorne Christian 11 Sydney R. Clark 12 Judah Levi Cohen 85 Andrew Lamar Combs 98 Dane Arthur Cook 12 Elena Ann Cooper 09 Marisa C. Cornejo 12 Ben Cosgrove 90 Eleanor Louise Coufos 03 Daniel Francis Crowley 06 Kristin Ames Cummings 11 Stephen E.H. Dance 02 Mark L. Davies 71 Nicholas Robert DeGasperis 07 Adrian Paul Demko 07 Jeffrey A. Derman 92 Stephen Daly Distinti 05 Philip Jay Dolin 83 Erica Stone Drennan 11 Brittany Nicole Dubose 08 Lauren Dwyer 11 Mitchell Scott Eitel 84 Robert Marc Ettinger 04 David Joseph Feig 11 David Joseph Feith 09 Stephanie Ann Foster 12 Kristin Allegra Francoz 08 Andrew Joel Freedman 95 Michael J. Friedman 65 Nancy Friedman 87 Robert E. Friedman 69 Mario Domenico Gabriele 12 Chee Kin Gan 05 Pierre Samy Gergis 12 Anna German 07 Matt Getz 12 David Gibian 12 Lea Joelle Goldman 98 William Anthony Gouveia 97 Joseph A. Greenaway 78 Charlotte Chapin Hall 08 Gairy Christopher Hall 11 Ken Mark Harada 05 Nidhi K. Hebbar 12 Alvin K. Hellerstein 54 Vania Herdoon 08 Mariely Hernandez 07 Leonard Harris Hersh 84 Marvin Hidalgo 03 Erin Kipling Hill 10 Joshua Cooper Hirschland 08 Tom Xi Hou 11 Robert Laurence Howell 01 Jennifer Summer Hsia 06 Kevin Huang 11 Richard Bo Huang 12 Gregory Malcomb Hughes 08 Matthew Richard Hughes 01 Carly Laurien Hugo 06 Kate Elizabeth Hurwitz 07 Oleg Alexander Ilitchev 04 Melissa Ann Im 11 Jodi Beth Innerfield 09 Kunihiko Phillip Ishikawa 80 Rahul Jain 08 Nugzari Abraham Jakobishvili 00 David A. Javdan 90 Srilekha Sita Yasodhara Jayanthi 11 Neil D. Jensen 79 Christopher Leelon Jones 07 Fun-Chen Jesse Jou 06 Nina Jasmine Judar 00 Amanda Kahn-Kirby 95 Jonathan Leon Kaiser 10 Raji Kalra 97 Gyan Kapur 09 Daniel Rollings Karlin 01 Samuel L. Katz 86 Nabeel Iqbal Kaukab 98 Catherine Anne Kenworthy 06 San Kim 06 Jaclyn Klatsky 09 Arthur Henry Kohn 84, P 13 Hai-Yin Kong 06 Peter Alexander Korbel 04 Nicholas Ian Kovalevich 04 Douglas A. Kravitz 05 George Alexander Krebs 09 Mark Krotov 08 Robert Kunzweiler 97 Michael Kurish 12 Emily Beth Lampert 10 Philippe K. Lampietti 84 Philip C. Lang 59 Benjamin Meier Lawsky 92 Ahyeong Grace Lee 07 Danny Lap Lee 95 Eileen Sonmee Lee 08 Hefei Li 12 Kevin Hongkao Liau 97 Anna Clare Lindow 08 Benjamin B. Lopata 72, P 06, P 08 Francisco Javier Lopez-Balboa 82, P 13, P 15 Kristin Leigh Lorieo 02 Janet R. Lorin 95 Alexandra Lotero 12 David James LoVerme 09 Steven Eric Lowenthal 11 Yin Yin Lu 12 Stephen Andrew Luban 12 Zachary Jacob Luck 06 Otto X. Magdanz 10 Danielle Maged 89 Leeza Mangaldas 11 Igor Margulyan 04 John Peter Mastando 93 David Andrew Matteini 01 Claire Christie McDonnell 05 Jennifer Marie McGovern 99 Matthew Alvarez McMillan 03 Steven Joshua Melzer 05 Eric Arthur Mendelson 87, P 17 Julie Menin 89 Adam Reid Meshel 92 Keith Miao 12 Alaina Margarette Miller 09 Alexandre Maximilien Millet 12 Mrinal Mohanka 12 Coleman James Moore 10 Erik Nicholas Moss 03 Jessica Lynn Mullin 06 Ayinwi Roselyn Muma 06 Brittney Marie Nagle 12 Shanice Marisa Naidu 10 Moses Nakamura 12 Mychel J. Namphy 90 Scott Michael Napolitano 99 Mallika Narain 11 Neda Navab 08 Negin Navab 12 Anchit Nayar 12 Daniel Stephen Neczypor 08 Todd Nelson 12 Thomas James Nero 89 Rachel Ainsworth Neugarten 04 Michael John Novielli 03 John Michael Ogle 97 Orlando Ortiz 81, P 15 Nicholas Lewis Orton 03 Isaac H. Palmer 74 Sara Film Partridge 11 Saahil Patel 12 Anthony Patterson 11 Timothy William Paulin 08 Mitchell Evan Peck 91 Danni Pi 11 Alexandra Corinne Pitz 12 Roy William Pomerantz 83 Stephen Robert Powers 98 Monica Joy Quaintance 10 Matthew Philips Radley 00 Srinidhi Raghavan 06 Paloma Ramirez 97 Dacia Ann Read 08 Kathleen Ann Reckling 07 Charles E.T. Roberts 12 Lauren L. Roberts 90 Kurt William Roeloffs 84 Robert Joshua Rosen 03 Paul Louis Ross 83 Stacy Michelle Rotner 99 Adam S. Rubinson 88 Thomas H. Rudy 06 Eric Isaac Sadur 10 Charles Alvaro Saliba-Revuelto 00 Ra anaa Kamaria Samad 12 Jared Isaac Sandberg 90 Michael S. Satow 88 Nicole Alyssa Savery 11 Jesse Schechter 98 Jessica Rachel Schwartz 11 Shoshana Elizabeth Schwartz 08 Lauren Fischer Schy 08 David Alan Seidman 06 Samantha Joan Settembre 06 Christopher Burke Shay 07 Jun Hao Rosalyn Shih 11 Yelena Shuster 09 Adam S. Sieff 11 David Jonathan Sims 09 Scott T. Sinawi 96 Elliot Bruce Sloane 83 Margaret Alexandra Smalley 12 Thomas Peter Smejkal 10 Jacqueline Kris Smith 12 Jonathan Scott Sobel 88 Andrew Jungwon Sohn 04 Michael Samuel Solender 86, P 17 Chanel Janette Soto 12 Ambalika Sudan 07 Nicholas Robert Summers 05 Xiang Tan 09 Jeremy James Theodore Tapp 11 Jasmine Feng Ting 06 Robert Brian Tobkes 05 David Toledano 05 Jeffrey Adam Udell 89 Anne Ulevitch 00 George Louis Van Amson 74, P 13, P 15, P 17 Michael Vitrano 12 Brian Biggers Wagner 06 Sarah Coburn Walters 98 Michael Wanetik 12 Justin Andrew Weinberg 09 Jeffrey Allan Weinberger 83 Genna Brick Weinstein 01 Norbert H. White 87 Steffan Wheeler Wolfe 09 Karen Jeanette Woodin 11 Rowland Rossini Yang 11 Alison Nicole Zamora 09 Brad Alan Zelnick 94 Feng-Ting Susan Zhang 06 Yi Zhang 07 Jason Robert Zuckerbrod Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

27 Donors More than 17,000 donors, including alumni, parents, friends and members of the Class of 2013, gave to Columbia College during Fiscal Year These donors, together with donors to other University departments that support our students, including Arts & Sciences, Athletics and the Columbia Libraries, during the same period, helped provide an even more exceptional undergraduate experience for College students. Whether their gift was in support of annual giving, campaign priorities, reunion, an award dinner, planned giving or another area, they had a great impact on the lives of our students. Leadership Gifts and Pledges Leadership Gifts Leadership donors play a vital role in ensuring Columbia College students success. Their generosity helps inspire fellow alumni, parents and friends to support undergraduate education. In Fiscal Year , we were pleased to welcome new and returning leadership donors, who helped us surpass our goal. $2,500,000 $4,999,999 H.F. Lenfest $1,000,000-$2,499,999 Sharon and Charles T. Angell 63, P 83 Anonymous Armen A. and Janette Avanessians P 12, P 16 $750,000-$999,999 Steven A. and Roberta B. Denning P 06 $500,000-$749,999 Roger E. Alcaly Steffi M. and Robert Berne 60 Qinfu and Daniel Zhiyao Ding $250,000-$499,999 Anonymous (4) Kyra Tirana Barry 87, P 17 and David B. Barry 87, P 17 Jennifer and Michael Barry 89 April Benasich and James L. Melcher 61, P 90 Donald and Vera M. Blinken David Carnoy and Lisa Landau Carnoy 89 Jolyne Caruso-FitzGerald and Shawn P. FitzGerald 80, P 17 $100,000-$249,999 Anonymous (2) Avery B. and Andrew F. Barth 83, P 16 Daniele D. Bodini P 06 David Boies Susan and Jonathan D. Bram 87, P 14 Laura Y. Chang and Arnold Chavkin 74 Ming Chung Liu and Yan Cheung Martin J. Cicco 78 Frank Samuel Cicero 92 Kenneth D. and Maria C. Cole P 10 Stacey R. and Gene I. Davis 75, P 05, P 07 Gary and Ellen Davis P 15 Barbara I. and Joseph H. Ellis 64 Neil and Diane Exter P 14 Katherine G. Farley and Jerry I. Speyer 62, P 92 Maarit and Thomas H. Glocer 81 Alan Howard Jeanne B. and Jonathan Scott Lavine 88, P 16 Cheryl and Philip L. Milstein 71, P 09, P 10 Donna and Philip Satow 63, P 88, P 96 Nancy L. and Thomas W. Cornacchia 85, P 17 Jun Guo Gao and Qingfeng Cui P 16 Chunxian Wei and Zhi Dou P 16 Canning and Elizabeth Fok P 13 William J. and Krisiti J. Geary Louis A. Goodman 65 Geoffrey and Annette Grant P 12, P 17 Ann F. Kaplan and Robert A. Fippinger Kevin King and Meridee Moore P 13 Suning and Fenglei Fang P 04 Gunter Hamm and Anna A. Fang-Hamm 04 Luisa T. and Erhard R. Fernholz Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden 81 Aryn and Matthew S. Grossman 98 Bernard Hirschhorn Felicia and Benjamin Horowitz 88, P 11, P 16 Ruth and Arthur Kohn 84, P 13 Leonard Langenscheidt 12 Daniel S. Loeb 83 John Howard MacBain P 12 Donald L. Margolis 63 Rene Plessner 60 Gabriele Quandt P 12 Anla Cheng Kingdon and Mark E. Kingdon 71, P 09, P 16 Ella M. Foshay and Michael B. Rothfeld 69, P 06, P 08 Marilyn and James H. Simons Robert K. Kraft 63, P 94 Ruthanne M. Ruzika 81, P 16 Jonathan D. Schiller 69, P 01, P 06 Ravi M. Singh 88 Chunxian Wei P 16 John and Gemma White P 04 Elizabeth and Richard E. Witten 75, P 10 Ehsan Yarshater Charles W. Santoro 82, P 13 Lisa and Bernard T. Selz 60 James M. Shadek 75 Patricia L. and Laurence A. Shadek Rosemary F. and Thomas F. Shadek 73 Stephen I. and Elizabeth S. Silverman P 10 Marcia Dunn and Jonathan S. Sobel 88 Mark D. Sonnino 82 Esta Eiger Stecher Patrick Suppes George D. Yancopoulos 80, P 16 Stephanie and Danny O. Yee 77, P Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

28 Leadership Gifts $50,000-$99,999 Shelley Fox Aarons and Philip E. Aarons 73 Anonymous (2) Matthew Jon Assiff 89 Samara Bernot Meshel 92 and Adam R. Meshel 92 Andrew Singer Borrok 93 Patricia Patton-Brett 87 and James T. Brett 84 Harold Brown 46 Jason M. Brown John Calicchio P 83 Charles Robert Cantor 63 Margaret and Stephen H. Case 64, P 92 Elaine I. Chan and Peter N. Hiebert 71 Robert F. Coviello 67, P 99 Constantine Michael Dakolias Dimitris and Mikaella Daskalopoulos P 09 Gale L. and Shelby M.C. Davis Jurrien P. Dean 69, P 99 Karen and Robert Leslie Deresiewicz 79, P 13, P 16 James Henry Dignan 91 Aimee Jo Felton-Freedman and Jonathan Freedman 78 Donna and Yale M. Fergang 87 Lois Goldring Beatrice C. Goldschmidt 32, P 64 Maya and Lawrence E. Goldschmidt 64 Tamar B.K. and Eric S. Goldstein 80, P 16 Henrietta and John Goelet Ravindra Nath and Padmavathy Guthikonda Jinduk Han 85 Gedale B. Horowitz 53 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation James S. Kaufman 81, P 13, P 15 Donald L. Keene 42 Heather O. Kerzner 91 Srilakshmi and Srinivas Kodali Brian C. Krisberg 81, P 17 Paul LeClerc and Judith Ginsberg Nicholas Paul Leone 88 Benjamin B. Lopata 72, P 06, P 08 Francisco Javier Lopez-Balboa 82, P 13, P 15 Victor M. Lopez-Balboa 82, P 14 Tracy V. Maitland 82 Julie and Edward C. Malmstrom 65 Lisa and Victor H. Mendelson 89 Kenneth and Jo Merlau P 16 Othon K. and Kally Mourkakos P 17 Carlos R. Muñoz 57 Ali Namvar 91 Lauren A. and Americo C. Rick Nardis 98 Alexander Navab 87 Lori and Christopher M. Nawn P 16 Thomas and Maria Nevitt 82, P 10, P 13, P 16 Jeanine and Roland Plottel 55, P 84 Michael A. Pucker 83, P 14 Cary L. Queen 71, P 15 Fa Liang Qui Elizabeth and Harold E. Robertson P 15 Corinne and Robert P. Rooney 89 David J. and Susie Sainsbury Michael S. Satow 88 Margaret Sung and Michael J. Schmidtberger 82 Harvey Mitchell Schwartz Peter W. Schweitzer 60, P 90 Thomas W. Smith Lisa and David B. Stanton 77, P 09, P 11 George R. Stephanopoulos 82 Kenneth Maher Stuzin 86 John Joseph Vaske 88 M. Glenn Vinson Jr. 67 Mary J. Wallach Lisa Young and Matthew Jon Assiff 89 Leo E. Zickler 58 Leadership Pledges Leadership pledges enable Columbia College to make plans and to allocate funds to critical priorities. We are pleased to recognize donors who made a new pledge of $50,000 or more in Fiscal Year $1,000,000-$2,499,999 Charles Robert Cantor 63 Kerstin Carlvant-Boysen Jun Guo Gao P 16 $500,000-$749,999 J. Louis Anon 76 Susan and Jonathan D. Bram 87, P 14 Suning and Fenglei Fang P 04 $250,000-$499,999 Armen and Janette Avanessians P 12, P 16 Kenneth D. and Maria C. Cole P 10 $100,000-$249,999 Shelley Fox Aarons and Philip E. Aarons 73 Laura B. and Steven E. Coleman 83, P 15 Donn and Sharon B. Davis 88 Karen and Robert Leslie Deresiewicz 79, P 13, P 16 Benjamin H. Gerson Alan Howard Sung Hoon Kim 90 Gunter Hamm and Anna A. Fang-Hamm 04 Phyllis and Eugene L. Gottfried 50 James H. Miller 70 Hamen S.H. and Phyllis M.W. Fan P 13 Lori and Christopher M. Nawn P 16 Richard A. Kurnit 72 Nicholas Paul Leone 88 John Howard MacBain P 12 Paul Christian McCormick 78, P 10, P 14 Sanjay and Falguni Nayar P 12 Cheryl and Philip L. Milstein 71, P 09, P 10 Kevin King and Meridee Moore P 13 Mark D. Sonnino 82 Marcia Dunn and Jonathan S. Sobel 88 Martin J. Rabinowitz 53, P 79, P 87 Senta A. and Abraham A. Raizen 38 Elizabeth and Harold E. Robertson P 15 Kenneth Maher Stuzin 86 Isidore Tepler 76 $50,000-$99,999 Benita and Henry R. Black 63 Steven Boothe 99 Caitlin and Thomas Patrick Brown 92 Laurence E. Harris 58 Donald L. Margolis 63 Emil Joseph Polak Bart Turtelboom T he 25th reunion is a milestone. What really made it distinctive for me was how 1988 came together to accomplish something unprecedented. My fellow Alumni Reunion Weekend co-chairs, Reunion Committee members and classmates encouraged and motivated one another to make Columbia a philanthropic priority. It was inspiring to see so many people unite in support of such a worthwhile effort. It meant a lot to me to contribute to the class effort, and at the same time, to help create a scholarship in memory of my friend and [business] partner, Rich Ruzika 81, who will be greatly missed. Jonathan S. Sobel Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

29 Endowed Funds Endowed funds provide support that will exist in perpetuity to ensure that Columbia College offers students the best possible undergraduate experience. Our talented students have the opportunity to learn from world-class professors, immerse themselves in the Core Curriculum and pursue their goals without being burdened by the cost of their education. We are pleased to recognize endowed funds established in Fiscal Year Louis and Theonie Aslanides Scholarship Fund Gift of Estate of Peter Aslanides 62 Kyra Tirana Barry and David Barry Scholarship Fund Gift of David B. Barry 87, P 17 and Kyra Tirana Barry 87, P 17 The Class of 1975 Neil Selinger Memorial Scholarship Fund Gift of the Class of 1975 Kim Family Fund Gift of Anonymous Myra H. Kraft Prizes in Human Rights at Columbia College Gift of William Vincent Campbell 62, P 04, P 13 and Robert K. Kraft 63, P 94 Frank A. Lloyd Jr. Scholarship Fund Gift of Estate of Frank A. Lloyd Jr. 45 Alumni Gifts Alumni support is critical to advancing Columbia College s mission. The generosity of College alumni enables Dean James J. Valentini to enhance programs and resources that benefit College students. Donor Recognition John Jay Associates The John Jay Associates program recognizes alumni, parents and friends whose cumulative annual giving to the College and Athletics totals $1,500 or more. Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 The Class of 1984 Scholarship Fund Gift of the Class of 1984 The Class of 2005 Scholarship Fund Gift of the Class of 2005 The Endowed Fund for the Core Curriculum Gift of Anonymous Laura and Steven Coleman Scholarship Fund Gift of Laura Berkman Coleman and Steven Earl Coleman 83, P 15 Herbert Deresiewicz Summer Research Fellowship Fund Gift of Karen and Robert Leslie Deresiewicz 79, P 13, P 16 Avram Drori Scholarship Fund Gift of Avram Jason Drori 04 Abraham and Lee Golden Scholarship Fund Gift of Michelle Mercer and Bruce Golden 81 Hellenic Student Fund Gift of Anonymous Hoffen Family Scholarship Fund Gift of the Hoffen Family Foundation Alan Howard Science Fellowship Fund Gift of Alan Howard Nawn Family Scholarship Fund Gift of Christopher and Lori Nawn P 16 The Friends of Rich Ruzika Scholarship Fund Gift of Founders: Armen A. Avanessians P 12, P 16; Thomas William Cornacchia 85, P 17; Jonathan Scott Sobel 88; and Richard E. Witten 75, P 10, together with other friends of Rich Ruzika 81 Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund Core Faculty Fellows Fund Gift of the Morris and Alma Schapiro Foundation Solender Family Fund Gift of Holly Fogler and Michael Solender 86, P 17 Tepler Family Scholarship Fund Gift of Isidore Tepler 76 TOMS Core Faculty Fellow Fund Gift of Anonymous Wang Family Scholarship Fund Gift of Philip Pei-Fan Wang 70 Yatrakis Scholarship Fund Gift of Demetrios Peter Yatrakis 05 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 For Fiscal Year , the minimum membership levels for recent graduates were Dean s Circle $5,000 for classes between 1999 and 2012 Member $1,500 for the Class of 1998 $1,000 for classes between 1999 and 2003 $500 for classes between 2004 and 2008 $250 for classes between 2009 and 2012 For Fiscal Year , the minimum membership levels for graduating seniors were Dean s Circle $1,000 or more John Jay Associates $250 $999 Donor Up to $ Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

30 Donor Recognition Class prior to 1940 Friends The Friends donor roll includes non-alumni, non-parent donors who contributed $1,500 or more to support the undergraduate experience through gifts to Columbia College, Athletics, Arts & Sciences and the Columbia Libraries. Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Beatrice C. Goldschmidt 32, P 64 Abraham A. Raizen 38 Defining Gifts Gifts to the Columbia College Fund include outright cash gifts, pledge payments and matching gifts and are designated to annual priorities. Reunion Giving Total Gifts and Commitments from Reunion Classes includes all gifts and new pledge commitments to the College, Athletics, Arts & Sciences and the Columbia Libraries from reunion classes. It includes outright cash gifts, matching gifts, new pledge commitments and cash payments on pre-existing pledges. It does not include payments on new pledges made in the same fiscal year. John H. Beeman 39 Benjamin F. Levene 38, P 66 Charles F. Alfano 39 Jacob S. Badiner 34 Edward C. Biele 39 º Philip Kramer Bondy 38 LeRoy L. Champion 37 John L. Davis 36 Solomon Fisher 36, P 62 Class of 1940 Elizabeth Bell Friou 38 Albert D. Jordan 39 º Jerome Kurshan 39 Omar Legant 35 Anthony R. Mascia 38 David W. Mason 39 John McCormack 39 º Millard L. Midonick 34 Louis V. Nannini 38 Fay L. Papas 34 John B. Pegram 38 David A. Perlman 39 Bernard R. Queneau 30 William W. Ragsdale 37 Howard Stanley Roe 31 Richard Scheib 36 Clifford P. Seitz 34 Lawrence E. Walsh 32 The listed on the following pages volunteered during the fiscal year. Lloyd Ulman Lester Bernstein James A. Frost Franklin N. Gould Herbert J. Kayden P 75 John R. Farrell Wilfred Feinberg P 72 Arthur Joseph Albon P. Man John S. Ripandelli Emanuel Salzman Jeremiah Stamler Victor H. Streit Class of 1941 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Wm. Theodore de Bary P 68 John M. Freund William N. Hubbard Edward Alexander Margaret J. Batiuchok A. Bruce Burns John J. Castronuovo P 70 Carl D Angio Arnold J. Hoffman H. Roy McArdle Sigmund John Montgomery Charles M. Plotz P 75 Ulrich P. Strauss Robert S. Wallerstein 58 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

31 Class of 1942 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Donald L. Keene Class of 1945 Enoch Callaway Lawrence S. Finkelstein Henry R. Shinefield Bernard E. Small Melvin Hershkowitz Edward C. Kalaidjian P 82 Henry C. Beck Albert G. Blasewitz Walter C. Boschen Nicholas W. Cicchetti Selwyn Epstein Warner A. Finney Aaron Frankel Harold Gabel º Leonard I. Garth Edward Gibbon Arthur S. Graham º Paul E. Hauck Robert J. Kaufman Carole Jean Kiachif Gerald H. Klingon Immanuel Lichtenstein Barbara W. Massey R. Stewart McIlvennan Reinhard G. Pauly Albert A. Rayle William C. Robbins John A. Rogge Arthur E. Smith P 71 º Arthur W. Wellington Charles C. West Edgar W. Winslow Albert S. Beasley P 72 Anthony J. Borgese Robert J. Bussan Mario E. De Orchis Louis J. D Errico Jack J. Falsone Charles M. Greenwald Margaret R. Grometstein Melvin M. Grumbach Carl K. Hammergren Hobart G. Hansen Howard B. Henderson Benjamin R. Kaplan Donald T. Kasprzak Arthur W. Knapp Richard B. Krakaur Martin Kurtz Herman Levy David H. Lewis Paul H. Lewis James L. Lubkin Bertram J. Malenka Gordon L. Mathes Alan Sherwood Medoff P 78 Servando Mejia Ernest H. Morgenstern John C. Nelson George J. Neuman Roger Newman Arnold B. Ritterband Francis R. Russo º Warren Saunders Howard M. Schmertz Ernest Schwartz Howard N. Seckler Norman J. Selverstone Clarence W. Sickles Howard F. Thurman Anthony Vasilas Karl E. Wallach Burton L. Wise Harry M. Woske George T. Wright Alvin M. Zucker Reunion Year Giving Class of 1943 Jean M. Steinschneider Edward C. Broge Walter Budko º Giulio D Angio Henry Delfiner John Digirolamo William C. Folsom Class of 1944 George L. De Coster Gerard A. Forlenza P 76, P 78 Richard M. Garten Anthony M. Imparato Allison Ensign Leininger Herbert M. Lukashok Leonard Maldonado Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $5,635 Morton Pomeranz Benjamin Senitzky Walter C. Spiess º Leo Stern William N. Stokes Ernest E. Tucker Richard J. Farber P 71, P 75 John K. Spitznagel Jay Topkis Theodore T. Bayer Van Dyk Buchanan Rudolph A. Carboni Herbert T. Dike Mildred S. Donohue Philip E. Duffy Wilton S. Entwistle S. William Friedman John K. Guck Alfred Hamady Oscar Harkavy Henry Rolf Hecht Theodore R. Jackson Sidney Kelly Richmond Kotcher Bruce Mazlish P 91 Stefan A. Ochs Joseph O. Piscetta Louis W. Pitt Homer D. Schoen Albert L. Seligmann Total Gifts and Commitments $6,990 George C. Wagener Edwin R. Wallace Bernard A. Weisberger Maurice S. Spanbock William C. Struning Maurice J. Terman Vance W. Weaver P 77 Edward Weingart Edward L. Zega P 77 Class of 1946 Bernard Sunshine P 79 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Harold Brown Stephen M. Krane Irwin Nydick Irving Paul Ackerman Lawrence Aronson Alan Berman David H. Chafey Howard M. Cohen James A. Conover Francis F. D Aiuto Reginald G. Damerell Robert J. DeSesa Oscar A. Devera James W. Falk P 75 Class of 1947 Lawrence N. Friedland Frank E. Iaquinta Stanley D. Robinson Anne Sherr S. Irving Sherr º Richard M. Friedenberg Milford Fulop Edward H. Gaines James W. Gell Warren Glaser Walt L. Glickenhaus Robert Greiff P 79 David J. Hamerman Arthur Haut Richard D. Heffner Herbert M. Hendin Bernard Sunshine P 79 Melvin Horwitz Jacob S. Israel Fred M. Kafka Peter Kougasian Arthur Lazarus George K. Levinger Richardson Kilbourne Noback Leon J. Quinto º Lawrence S. Ross P 80 Malcolm L. Sampliner David S. Sanders August E. Sapega Burton M. Sapin Raymond S. Shapiro P 83 Marcel Silberman Martin Silbersweig Seth J. Solomon Albert Starr Fritz R. Stern P 71 Niel Wald Barnett Zumoff 60 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

32 Class of 1947 Class of 1949 Arthur Ashkin Paul S. Barr Cyrus J. Bloom P 85, P 93 George H. Borts Allen S. Brower Joseph V. Bruzek Albert Burstein P 75 Richard O. Carlson Alfred J. Casagrande William Citterbart Reunion Year Giving Class of 1948 John F. Eagan Byron M. Dobell Stephen Kern Firestein P 84 Robert Alan Frosch Nicholas Giosa P 76 Jules L. Gladstone Robert T. Gundersen Marcel M. Gutwirth Robert S. Jampel Donald Kirchhoffer Martin Klein Walter C. Frey George L. Kline Peter LaForte John F. Lippmann Robert L. Lovett Asbjorn R. Lunde George C. Mani Samuel B. McDowell Arthur M. Michaelson Paul J. Miller P 77 Irving Moch P 89 Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $24,825 Albert Mowlem William I. Rosenzweig Joseph P. Rumage William I. Silvernail Bertram M. Sussman Egon E. Weck Charles G. Wootton Total Gifts and Commitments $28,873 George Dermksian Fred A. Freund Robert B. Johnson Charles L. Schultz R. Wayne Blessing Arthur A. Feder Philip Aisen Peter Z. Allen William E. Anderson Thomas N. Beadie John C. Beaven P 82 Allyn M. Bengtson Frederic S. Berman Thomas F. Buckley Arnold Dale Bull Thomas R. Chamberlain William Chinowsky Richard B. Chodosh Robert W. Daisley Henry Darlington Malcolm G. Delacorte Takashi Kako Christian T. Knoeller Frederick W. DeVries Arthur V. Dunn William A. Farren P 81 Donald M. Friedman P 82, P 85 Ezra H. Friedman Arthur L. Galub º Rhoda Galub R. Campbell Geeslin Judah Gribetz P 77 Edgar M. Housepian P 80, P 82 Colin A. Hughes Roland N. Jungeblut John O. Kessler Robert C. Knapp Marvin M. Lipman P 86 Michael A. Paglia Albert E. Koska Vincent A. Mandracchia Stanley Matejka Eugene D. McGahren Paul R. Meyer P 87 Arthur J. Nolan Charles William Olson Demetrios C. Pappas Joseph J. Patrizzi Ralph M. Perhac Herbert E. Poch Donald A. Porter º Joan B. Porter Lila Jentiles Prounis P 83 Howard B. Radest Eugene T. Rossides P 84 A. Nena Ratermann Edward P. Reardon Robert S. Rees Julian M. Rolandelli Joseph B. Russell P 74 Alfred L. Scherzer Charles A. Sobel Roy C. Stoner Gene F. Straube Charles L. Tucker Clifford H. Urban Richard A. Von Glatz Robert L. White Charles R. Wright Walter E. Young Anthony S. Arace Peter A. Arturi Robert M. Berk John H. Bottjer David N. Brainin Richard V. Bronk Richard J. Calame Durham Caldwell Richard D. Clark Thomas J. Colven Lambros Comitas John C. Cooper Charles C. Currie º Ethan I. Davis Sears E. Edwards Joseph E. Egyed Yale Enson Robert Feldman P 86 Class of 1949 Daniel S. Ahearn Rudolph L. Cutino Robert L. Felson Sidney Fink Philip T. Fleuchaus Paul A. Flinn Joseph J. Fusco J. Bruce Gilman Herbert Goldman P 74, P 79 James J. Griffith Walter J. Henry Robert L. Herman Samuel L. Hoch Paul R. Homer Perry M. Hudson Richard R. Hyman Eric Reed Johnson Roger R. Jury Henry L. King Walter B. Kirkman Robert M. Rosencrans Bernard Korman Charles Kougasian Michael J. Lichtenstein Frank I. Marcus Arthur A. Mathiasen Robert W. McClellan P 77 Theodore Melnechuk Joseph P. Mercurio Joseph Paul Meredith Frederick R. Messner P 73 Robert C. Miller John A. Moran º Fred B. Morrison Ezio A. Moscatelli James G. Nugent Leonard Ornstein º Theresa Ornstein John F. Patten Bernard B. Polak Stanley N. Rader Seth Rubenstein P 78 Robert Silbert Chester H. Smiley Laurence A. Spelman Monteagle Stearns John F. Steeves Robert M. Steiner Murray Strober George A. Swisshelm John C. Thomas George H. Vachris George J. Wino George R. Woolfe Class of 1950 Daniel Malcolm P 82 Bertha R. Betts P 93, P 95 Robert W. Goldsby Michael A. Loeb James J. Ward P 82, P 85 Constantine J. Ballos Patrick Barry Dermott M. Breen Richard W. Brunstetter Thomas F.S. Buckley John J. Chew John H. Cole Noel R. Corngold Donald P. Dallas Norman Dorsen Robert H. Drachman Roger C. Duvoisin Philip L. Ferro Robert C. Frederiksen Roland M. Glenn Enoch Gordis Eugene L. Gottfried Mehran Goulian P 90 Frank Graham Ralph P. Gray Irwin Gribetz P 77 Ronald M. Hall George W. Hanson James B. Horton William G. Horton Joseph L. Kassel Robert D. Kennedy Edwin Kessler Leonard Kliegman Joseph A. Koerner Edward C. Kramer Irving Kushner P 81 Jerry J. Lasser George J. Leacacos Charles Londa Glenn D. Lubash P 83 Alexander H. MacDonell John H. McCutcheon Joseph L. McDaniel Joseph A. Mehan John T. Nelson Robert O Neil Mario A. Palmieri Harry W. Pauley P 79 Edwin W. Peters Bernard E. Prudhomme F. Brian Quinlan Dudley F. Rochester Raymond Scalettar Alois E. Schmitt Thomas H. Sebring John S. Shearer Richard L. Siewert Norman N. Skinner Walter Ross Smith Roberto E. Socas Edward J. Straka Arthur L. Thomas Gordon V. Thomas Rudolph H. Weingartner P 80 Robert I. Weissmann John M. West Malcolm F. Wheeler P 81 Gregory Perrine Williams L. Anthony Zega Henry Zukowski 62 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

33 Class of 1951 Willard Block Willard Block Theodore D. Bihuniak W. Fred Kinsey Joseph V. Ambrose Denton C. Anderson Victor H. Auerbach Donald A. Beattie Armin Behr Fred S. Bernard Herman Bieber William A. Billingham James S. Blundell Joseph I. Boylan Klaus M. Bron Gerald P. Brophy Joseph A. Buda Thomas S. Colahan Leon N. Cooper Robert Cowen P 82 Richard J. Drachman P 87 Chester M. Edelmann Jr. º Harvey M. Krueger Mark N. Kaplan Richard N. Priest Peter T. Suzuki Joseph T. Elliott Robert H. Flynn P 80 Stanley M. Freid Glenn M. Friedman Jennings Mason Gentzler Alfred M. Gomez Stanley L. Grossman John A. Handley Alfred B. Harbage Edward P. Hardy John C. Harms Donald Holden Richard T. Houghton Richard J. Howard Thomas J. Joyce George B. Koplinka Walter E. Kurkela Stanley G.Y. Lee Marlene L. Tanzer Paul A. Wallace Miles J. Lourie Ralph L. Lowenstein P 80 Richard Lynn Michael W. Mangino James B. McNallen Warren Nadel Albert A. Nork Gonzalo I. Pardo Alfred Petrick Jack I. Raffel Robert B. Raup Robert M. Reiss Merritt N. Rhoad Allan W. Robbins º Gilbert L. Rogin Stanley I. Schachter Peter H. Schiff Elliott B. Sherwood Robert T. Snyder William R. Solomon Robert G. Spiro P 86 Frederick C. Stark Leonard A. Stoehr David A. Tice P 84 Arthur S. Verdesca P 85 Milton Viederman P 84 Peter Vignoli Ernest H. von Nardroff H. Elliot Wales P 81 Immanuel Wallerstein Harold B. White Richard Wiener David Wise P 87 Thomas E. Withycombe P 84 Albert M. Wojnilower Class of 1952 Robert S. Hartman James F. Hoebel Neil B. Holbert A. Thomas Houghton Mark F. Hughes P 88 Marvin P. Jassie Gerald Kahn Robert E. Kandel Gabriel Kaszovitz George A. Kateb Jerome Sidney Kaye P 92 Thomas C. Keating Alexander L. Kisch P 98 Earl L. Koller P 87, P 89 John J. Krajcir Sergius S. Kuharsky P 91 Fred J. Lagomarsino Mark G. Lake John Laszlo Reunion Year Giving Class of 1953 Arthur S. Leb P 84 Leung Lee Carol F. Lewine P 89 Martin R. Liebowitz Stephen M. Lobell Roy A. Lutter Conrad H. Massa Carl F. Meier Kenneth H. Meierdierks Arnold I. Meisler Alden Mesrop Everett P. Messmer Robert Morixe Peter J. Notaro Andre J. Ognibene John W. Oplinger Richard N. Ott Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Gedale B. Horowitz Denis M. Andreuzzi David S. Dana Saverio J. Panzarino Umberto C. Paolucci Lee J. Guittar Gordon G. Henderson Emil F. Pascarelli Frederic M. Philips Michael Pinto Sidney Prager P 76, P 82 John E. Putalik Theodore F. Reff Ralph W. Richter John H. Ripperger P 94 Matthew Rosenshine Thomas M. Sagges James P. Santos George Satran Henry P. Scarupa Ralph S. Scherer Donald C. Schiller Stanley G. Schultz Howard S. Schwartz Jerold Schwartz P 03 Donald N. Scofield Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $135,918 Richard M. Phillips Edwin Robbins Daniel C. Seemann Rex B. Shannon Philip J. Shea Herbert J. Steinberg P 78, P 83 Robert Stuart Sava Ivan Tchok Claudewell S. Thomas P 83 Melvin Tresser George L. Tucker Julius C. Ullerich Lawrence S. Van Bellingham Robert A. Walker Richard H. Weber º Robert E. Williamson Frank R. Wright Roger E. Yanow Charles W. Young Albert L. Zucca Total Gifts and Commitments $376,508 Class of 1952 A. James Bach Arnold D. Burk Peter A. Fauci William A. Frosch Albert L. Huber Staats M. Pete Pellett Attilio L. Bisio P 85 Lawrence K. Grossman Richard C. Ma P 89 Henry L. Parsont Robert P. Adelman P 78 Robert D. Rhodes P 87 Dutro Blocksom Richard H. Broun Bruno J. Bellinfante John R. Benfield William H. Broer Geoffry G. Brown Roy E. Brown P 01 Daniel B. Drachman Carol Avery Haber, P 85 Edward Buonocore Harry H. Chandless N. David Charkes P 82 Glenn N. Danziger Joseph A. Di Palma George William Hunter Henry R. Schmoll Stanley A. Dorf David A. Drachman Thomas E. Federowicz P 81 Dudley Ferris Martin Finkel P 84 Richard C. Wald P 87 Dudley Flamm Ernest B. Furgurson Filippo B. Galluppi George I. Gordon P 81 Edward J. Haase John J. Condemi Arthur B. Hessinger Wendell B. Hatfield James R. Higginbottom Gustavo A. Alfaro Stanley A. Alt P 85 Elliot H. Auerbach George O. Barth Arnold J. Benton P 05 Charles M. Bredehoft Bert A. Brine Richard A. Brooks Carlos M. Canal Peter N. Carbonara P 86 Richard A. Lempert William W.T. Won P 88 Richard A. Koomey John H. Marchesi Ernest A. Chambers Joel B. Danziger P 00 Ralph G. DePalma P 86 David R. Edwards Peter Eilbott Arthur H. Elkind Bernard L. Epstein Angel I. Ferrer Morton Freilicher Francis J. Froehlich Donald L. Fagan Walter J. Nitardy James T. Sherwin Augustus M. Fulk Bernard H. Gastrich Donald A. Gerber Eugene Goodheart P 89 Donald P. Greet Martin U. Gutstein P 83 Lawrence S. Harte P 88 Eliot S. Hearst P 91 Sol B. Heckelman Seymour L. Hendel Michael I. Sovern P 77 Donald L. Hymes Allan E. Jackman Larry Janofsky Jeh V. Johnson T. Embury Jones George I. Juergens George E. Junghanns Frank A. Kafker Jay B. Kane Richard M. Kleid 64 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

34 Class of 1953 Class of 1954 Nathan Kornfeld George F. Kwass Ronald W. Landau John D. Leahy Stanley M. Levin Ulrich Merten Arthur Michaels David Miller P 83 David A. Nass William J. Owen John D. Pallone Peter Park P 88 Raymond W. Philipps John H. Plate Class of 1954 Richard K. Bernstein Norman Kahn Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Edward Cowan P 90 Robert A. Prendergast Robert L. Prosser Stephen G. Reich Harry Rice David M. Richman Lewis Robins P 90 Anthony C. Robinson Benjamin P. Roosa Jules L. Ross John J. Ruisi Martin S. Saiman Nicholas P. Samios Bartlett M. Saunders Ronald Schaffer Richard E. Kameros Ronald H. Sugarman Norman Scher Ronald G. Schmidt Barry Schweid Stanley L. Sklar Kenneth N. Skoug Donald A. Smith Louis Soloway James Steiner Donald K. Tenney Frank V. Thiemann John Thierjung Lawrence Ralph Van Gelder Frank E. Vitiello Robert B. Wallace Albert J. Thompson John H. Timoney P 88 Philip P. Bonanno Richard E. Kameros Peter Del Valle I thought I knew a lot about Columbia when I entered on scholarship in 1949 but what I did not know was that I would soon be required to read books I did not know existed, encounter teachers who were as smart as could be, meet people from all over, make lifelong friends, treat myself to the arts and pleasures New York offered and happily become what I recognized as a new and improved person. I support the Columbia College Fund today so that other kids might have the same great, wonderful Columbia College experience that I had. Gordon Henderson 53 Julian A. Waller Karl L. Walter P 96 Robert S. Walzer Elliot Weser Howard R. Williams Peter G. Wilson Herman Winick Julian Wolpert Aristide R. Zolberg º Vera L. Zolberg Joseph M. Zorawick Norman Kahn Kamel S. Bahary Walter A. Bossert P 86 Milton R. Edelin Bennett L. Aaron Lee R. Abramson G. Norman Anderson Anthony Anton Salvatore A. Anzalone John Arcidiacono Joseph E. Arleo Stephen M. Bailes David J. Bardin Carl Emmett Baylis Edmund B. Bellinger Richard K. Bernstein Henry Clay Black Joseph Blanc Jack N. Blechner Jack H. Bloom Thomas J. Bowen Bernd Brecher Charles Brecher William J. Bucci James B. Burger Demetrios Caraley Bret A. Charipper Rudolph Clarence Morton A. Cohen Burton Cooper Herbert L. Cooper Richard A. Daniel P 86, P 88 Milton H. Dunsky Class of 1955 Laurence Eberhardt Balfus Aaron S. Hamburger Sandra L. Muscillo Alan B. Fendrick º Alvin K. Hellerstein Robert A. Reynolds Charles A. Ehren Ralph H. Espach P 92 Howard M. Esterces Howard Falberg Stanley Fellman Clifford R. Franklin Lester H. Friedman P 83 Herbert H. Frommer David Gerstein Bruce Glaser Alfred I. Grayzel Joshua F. Greenberg Herbert G. Hagerty James F. Hays John M. Hirst Theodore J. Hoffberg Bert S. Horwitz Frank J. Hutter David Jolkovski Irwin E. Jones Lawrence G. Kastriner Peter B. Kenen º Regina H. Kenen James E. King Donald E. Klein Lawrence A. Kobrin P 92 Arnold Koslow John A. Lees Elliot Leiter P 91 Allen I. Hyman P 85, P 88 Richard D. Kuhn Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Roland Plottel P 84 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Anthony Viscusi P 85 Ronald H. Sugarman Sally J. Thomas John H. Timoney P 88 Arthur J. Lesemann William W. May James McConnell Joel E. Miller P 88 Harry W. Nagel Michael R. Naver Richard J. Onorato Karl H. Perzin Donald R. Pevney P 85 Edward L. Raab Anthony Reso Theodore H. Reuter Howard P. Roffwarg Frederick J. Rohloff Marc Ross Gerald I. Roth Joseph Rozin Walter J. Rubinstein William S. Saperstein P 92 William W. Scales Robert E. Schaefer Lawrence L. Scharer Paul E. Schneck Robert F. Schneider Paul L. Schulman Jay W. Seeman Charles E. Selinske Nicholas Senio A. Joshua Sherman º Donald L. Laufer Lewis J. Mendelson Robert L. Simis Daniel Sitomer Peter P. Skomorowsky Frank H. Skopowski Walter J. Slipe Stephen B. Sobel Theodore B. Spiegel John F. Spraker Harold B. Stevelman P 85 Charles N. Tartanian Thomas M. Tencza º Saul Turteltaub Vito R. Vincenti P 90 Richard E. Wagner Don M. Wardlaw Earl M. Warman J. Stuart Warner Robert A. Weber Manfred Weidhorn Albert Weinfeld P 92 Richard S. Werksman Joel Jay West P 90 Paul T. Wilson Stephen M. Winber David Wolf George Yourke Robert I. Pearlman Gerald Sherwin 66 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

35 Class of 1955 Class of 1956 James H. Berick P 84, P 92 Ezra G. Levin P 85 Stanley B. Lubman Herbert Lewis Cooper William H. Epstein P 83 Aaron S. Hamburger Ralph B. Wagner James B. Appel Laurence Eberhardt Balfus Robert Bernot P 92 Jeffrey H. Broido P 87 Robert B. Brown Stanley Friedman Robert E. Hanson Allen I. Hyman P 85, P 88 Harold S. Kushner Donald L. Laufer Elliott Manning Judah M. Maze Ronald Paul McPhee Lewis J. Mendelson Harry N. Scheiber Gerald Sherwin Berish Strauch P 82 Robert J. Thonus Stephen K. Easton Daniel H. Link Stanley Soren P 86 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Socrates Nicholas Edward Botwinick Elias Schwartz Edward Villanueva Richard J. Hiegel Leonard Karasyk Stephen K. Easton J. Philip McAleer Lee J. Seidler Franklin A. Thomas James A. Amlicke David G. Angus Roger Dean Asch P 89 Abraham Ashkenasi Theodore S. Baker Mervyn H. Balsam Robert D. Banz Charles D. Barnett Sheldon Basch William B. Benjamin Richard B. Bloomenstein Stanley B. Blumberg Julius I. Brown Richard C. Carr William B. Cass Peter J. Chase George C. Christie Mortimer M. Civan Toni Coffee Herbert J. Cohen Jung Ja Lee Cohn Anthony Coppola Laurence A. Cove John P. Crocker Walter J. Croll Robert B. Dillingham Theodore Ditchek Alan Ditchik Burton T. Doremus Martin S. Dubner Ronald Dubner Harris Epstein Lary Lea Faris Milton J. Finegold Herbert L. Finkelstein Paul R. Frank Jack B. Freeman Herbert Straus Gardner Charles E. Garrison P 89 Michael B. Goldstein Norman Goldstein Alfred M. Gollomp Martin Gottfried Elliot M. Gross George E. Gruen Ralph L. Gutmann Alan M. Hoffman Lawrence L. Hoffman P 81 Michael Hollander Daniel B. Hovey James R. Hudson Leslie L. Isaacs Boris G. Ivovich Gareth M. Janney Herbert A. Johnson Sven A. Johnson Marilyn Kaback Costas Katsigris Gordon I. Kaye Robert H. King Jacob H. Kirman Bernard Kirtman Richard Bruce Knapp Richard D. Kuhn Harold L. Kundel Robert E. Kushner P 87 William G. Langston P 86 Abbott A. Leban Ivan E. Leigh Herbert M. Levine Arthur L. Liberman Mathew R. Loonin Robert Loring P 89 Monte Stewart Manee Richard I. Mazze Milton P. Merritt Norman Michael William F. Mink Paul L. Mitchell Martin W. Molloy Ramon A. Monge Frances J. Moore Thomas E. Morton Stewart F. Musket John A. Naley Nelson Thomas Nordquist Beryl Nusbaum P 83 Peter H. Oden Nathan A. Olshin Neil D. Opdyke P 84 Barry P. Pariser Farrell G. Patrick Robert I. Pearlman John W. Pearman Frank R. Pike Gerald M. Pomper P 89 Joseph V. Porcelli P 98 Judd C. Posner Irene Preiser Peter I. Pressman Wallace M. Previ Michael D. Pybas Daren A. Rathkopf Richard Reichler Morton C. Rennert Merrill Ring Donald Rivin Norman Robbins Jesse Roth Albert E. Sacknoff Joseph N. Savino Gerald Schamess Bernard Stanley Schwartz Harold Seider Charles K. Sergis P 92 Edward M. Siegel Gordon Silverman Alan R. Sloate Harvey E. Solomon Manfred L. Spengler Ronald M. Spitz Michael Standard George R. Stark Roger D. Stern Lewis B. Sternfels David A. Stevens John B. Stuppin David Sulman Ralph W. Tanner Gerasim Tikoff P 87 J. Robert Tuthill Michael T. Vaughn Constantin Vichey John D. Wagner Richard Waissar P 90 Gerald M. Wehmer Henry C. Weinstein Guy Kevin Whitfield Henry D. Wolf P 88 Michael Allen Berch P 04 Frederic H. Brooks P 83 John Z. Censor Nicholas L. Coch Max D. Eliason Calvin Ackerman P 88, P 89 Arnold M. Adelberg Constantine Andricos Martin A. Arkowitz William J. Armstrong º Martin Asness Arthur Bank P 84 Werner F. Barth Chauncey I. Bartholet Giora Ben-Horin Joseph Berzok Alan C. Black P 80 Jesse A. Blumenthal P 85 Marcus B. Blumkin Roy Boelstler Travis H. Boles Jordan P. Bonfante Charles W. Bostic John R. Bottino Jerome W. Breslow Alan Broadwin Charles H. Brown P 80 Ralph I. Brown Robert Cabat P 86 Philip D. Carmichael Stuart F. Cartoon Guy T. Castle Philip G. Cavanaugh Anthony N. Ciccariello Dennis B. Clark Gerald L. Fine P 83 Joseph P. Governali Robert E. Horn Ralph S. Kaslick Peter Martin Klein W.J. Turner L. Cobden Lawrence Cohn E. Thomas Comstock Charles M. Culver Ernest D. Cunningham Allan B. Deering Melvin A. Eisenberg Robert B. Erichson Walter L. Faust William W. Fischer P 98 Arthur L. Frank Daniel Arthur Freeman Newton Frohlich Gerald Galst John T. Garnjost William W. Garretson David Goler Warren H. Goodman Dale T. Granger Robert D. Green Joel H. Gross John J. Grossbaum Robert S. Hand Frank F. Harding Axel Heyman George M. Hidy Frederic W. Hills P 07 Joshua Hollander P 86 Donald Horowitz P 88 Morton A. Jaffe Philip R. Liebson Daniel H. Link Robert E. Paaswell Alan Press Robert Rywick Harold A. Just P 88 Richard S. Kanter Jack L. Katz Gerald S. Kaufman Irwin S. Kaye Jerry L. Kerkhof Stanley M. Klein David J. Kleinke John D. Knowlton Thor H. Kuniholm Fredric R. Kutner Leo F. Laporte Victor Levin Fred I. Lewis P 88 James M. Linebarger Frederick Lippman Ralph C. Longsworth Frank A. Maresca Jay H. Martin Jack L. Massau Peter M. Mayer Michael P. Melnick Michael M. Metzger Robert E. Milburn Michael H. Moerman Carl W. Norden Mark R. Novick Joost J. Oppenheim Ronald S. Paul Alvin F. Poussaint Sassoon Shahmoon Michael D. Spett P 90 Daniel M. Telep Taylor N. Thompson William B. Zboray Harold R. Powell Edward H. Rabin David H. Rabinowitz Solomon E. Robinson Norton A. Roman P 93 Stephen A. Rosenthal Stephen Ross Donald L. Roth P 92 Melvin Rubenstein Neil B. Ruderman Peter Satir Aaron Satloff P 84 Gerald E. Schattner John J. Schlager Gunther W. Schmitt Jonas Schultz David I. Schuster Harry Schwartz P 86 Stephen O. Schwartz Philip O. Shapiro Melvin M. Sigman Robert R. Siroty Edward H. Smith Henry M. Sobell Joseph J. Sofhauser Stanley Soren P 86 Anthony J. Sossi Joseph W. Spalding Richard E. Spann Ronald J. Stein 68 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

36 Class of 1956 Class of 1957 Richard G. Steinfeld Stanley D. Stier Fred Strassburger Burton D. Strumpf Jerry M. Sturman Class of 1957 Howard Sturtz Michael F. Sullivan Kenneth R. Swimm Paul K. Taormina Gershon Vincow E. Kirby Warren Ernst B. Weglein P 87, P 88, P 94 Bernard Weiss Marlys Hearst Witte Carlos R. Muñoz Arthur T. Meyerson Paul A. Zola Leonard Wolfe Lowell S. Youman Seymour M. Zivan John H. Norton P 92 H. David O Brien Harold Ohlson George D. Patterson Mauro J. Pittaro Robert H. Popolow Stanley Raubas John Peter Reiner P 86 Jerome H. Rettig Arthur E. Rifkin Beverley Robinson Alan S. Rosen Richard T. Rosen Samuel N. Rosenberg Thomas J. Rowan Seymour S. Sadinoff Salvatore J. Salibello Leon Satran John G. Scandalios Julius Schachter P 91 Lewis I. Schainuck Elliott S. Schwartz Shalom H. Schwartz Milton D. Seewald Robert B. Shapiro Yitzhak J. Sharon William R. Shebey M. Leon Skolnick P 87 Peter Spaulder Jerome M. Stein Myron Stein Herbert L. Strauss Stanley F. Taback Benjamin Tell John A. Terzakis Jacques E.P. Ullman Harry Vazquez Gerald R. Weale Robert B. Weinberg Edward A. Weinstein P 84, P 87 Gerald M. Werksman Thomas W. Wilson Elroy H. Wolff Alan J. Zuckerman P 94 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Carlos R. Muñoz Reunion Year Giving Class of 1958 Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $188,278 Total Gifts and Commitments $433,716 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 James R. Barker Kenneth A. Bodenstein Louis L. Hoynes George W. Lutz Laurence B. Orloff James L. Bast Ernest Brod Donald A. Chambers Charles R. Feuer Harvey S. Feuerstein Marshall B. Front P 91 Stanley J. Goldsmith Elliott G. Gross Peter Gruenberger Morton H. Halperin Laurence E. Harris Paul R. Herman P 97, P 98 Steven Jonas Robert A. Levine P 91 Lawrence N. Margolies P 89 Howard J. Orlin P 85 Sheldon Raab Stanley Rabin Arthur J. Radin Sidney S. Rosdeitcher Irwin Sharkey Carl L. Stern P 91 Mark A. Weiss P 88 Leo E. Zickler Peter L. Anker Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Bernard W. Nussbaum P 93 Leo E. Zickler Arne J. Aadland A. Gary Angleberger Richard J. Cohen P 87 John B. Ahouse Robert B. Alter Joel B. Altman Anthony I. Antonio Ward J. Armstrong George M. Atkinson Ernest Atlas Stanley M. Barnett Arthur L. Baron Richard L. Berger Harvey Biala Lawrence W. Boes P 98, P 01 Haig E. Bohigian Robin B.S. Brooks Richard J. Brower Ralph T. Brunori P 81 Bruce R. Buckley Francis M. Butterworth Linda Z. Buxbaum P 84 Anthony P. Cappelli F. Gerard Cirencione Daniel I. Davidson P 97 Edward M. Dwyer Edward R. Heiser Donald E. Clarick P 83 Martin G. Cohen Stanley Cohen Felix A. Conte Wilfrid W. Csaplar James J. Dealy Norman Decker Joseph Diamond William D. Dobrowolski Rhonda S. Donat Richard A. Drever Douglas Eldridge Robert Dale Ensor Joseph Feldschuh P 91 Alfred D. Fierro Alan I. Fine Stanley Finer Jerry Bernard Finkel Robert Flescher Salvatore L. Franchino Albert Friedes Bertram M. Kantor Neil R. McLellan Stephen E. Ronai Denis B. Frind Alan M. Frommer P 86, P 91 Stephen S. Fybish Martin F. Gardiner A. Malcolm Gimse William L. Goldenberg Edward A. Groobert Erich Stephen Gruen C. Richard Guiton James V. Harwood Ronald B. Hellman P 92 Donald L. Hicks John L. Hirsch Sanford Hirshen º John W. Holmes Sydney Robert Julian Gerald A. Kahn Alvin Kass P 87, P 95 William P. Kenealy Robert A. Klipstein Steven E. Kornguth P 87 John Wellington Ronald Kushner Donald K. Larsen Edward S. Lazar Harold Lecar P 86 George Leibowitz Lewis B. Leventhal Herman D. Levy Peter C. Loder Jonathan Darby Lubin Anthony G. Lubowe Ronald M. Maenza Glenn Mamon Richard M. Marks P 04 John F. Masloski Maurice I. May Lawrence C. Menconi Henry S. Metz Kenneth A. Moss Arnold Nachmanoff P 86 David S. Neft Paul D. Newcomer Ernest Brod Marshall B. Front P 91 Laurence E. Harris Howard J. Orlin P 85 Sidney S. Rosdeitcher William A. Schwartz P 87 Anonymous Stanley J. Goldsmith Peter Gruenberger Ralph C. Stephens Walter D. Berkowitz P 86 Robert A. Levine P 91 Mark A. Weiss P 88 Stuart Bregman F. Rick Brous P 95, P 98 Donald A. Chambers Peter F. Cohn P 93 Barry Dickman Carl Frischling Thomas D. Abrams P 90 Howard Allen Allen Appel Richard H. Bakalor Henry F. Barbour Peter S. Barth James L. Bast George Bear Paul A. Gomperz P 93 Howard S. Gruber P 89 Joel S. Karliner P 88 Maurice Joseph Katz Michael O. Lesch P 89 Arthur S. Levine Martin M. Beskind Mario J.A. Bick Joseph D. Bloom Emilio J. Bontempo Carl H. Braren Ronald L. Bub Ira S. Carlin Roger A. Castiglione Lawrence N. Margolies P 89 Irving R. Michlin Spencer N. Miller Eiji Ota Richard S. Pataki P 84 Arthur J. Radin Ronald H. Chalmers Joseph D. Coogan Robert A. Cornell P 86 Robert J. Croan Jerold D. Cummins David A. Damstra O. Townsend Dann Leonard G. Dauber P 86, P 87, P 92 Frank Safran P 97 Milton M. Stein P 88 Carl L. Stern P 91 Elliot A. Vogelfanger Robert S. Waldbaum Eli Weinberg Donald J. Deditius Chester A. DiLallo Joseph Dorinson Richard H. Dreiwitz George Ehrenhaft Thomas Peter Ettinger P 86 Martin R. Feldman Benjamin Feldshuh 70 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

37 Class of 1958 Class of 1959 Daniel Fernandez Herman M. Frankel Richard A. Frankel Harvey S. Feuerstein Richard A. Gatti Morton W. Goldman Robert Goldstein Ira D. Goodman Charles Goodstein Stuart N. Gottfried John T. Gregg Elliott G. Gross Leonard W. Gruenberg Peter C. Guthery Ronald A. Hadge Frank Haims Peter W. Halbert Morton H. Halperin Robert L. Hartman James H. Hastings E. Thomas Henkel Frederick D. Hess John C. Hirsimaki Floyd H. Hollister Ernest Holsendolph Rudolf Hradecky Class of 1959 Class Agent Stephen L. Buchman Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Alan Russell Kahn P 95 Stuart L. Huntington Peter A. Hutchinson Eugene M. Inouye Robert R. Jespersen George Jochnowitz Steven Jonas Stephen A. Jurovics Julian Katz P 88 Ronald H. Kessel Gerald T. Keusch Stephen S. Klatsky P 81 Stephen F. Konigsberg Marvin Koren Henry I. Kurtz Melvin N. Lechner William Y. Lee Joel R. Levine Paul J. Levine Lawrence Levy Henry T. Lew Edwin M. Lipton Edward Loizides Linda F. Lynn James C. Mahony James A. Margolis P 02 Thomas J. McAndrews Kenneth P. Scheffel Robert S. Stone P 91 Gerald Medoff Stanley Meyers William Morrill David James Nahon Nick L. Nicholas Ian Nisonson P 84, P 86, P 88 Emily Fowler Omura P 98 Peter H. Ostrander George J. Pappas M. Keith Perry º William Phillips Joe P. Poe Howard B. Presant Sheldon Raab Eduardo M. Ramos Kenneth D. Rapoport William Reichel Richard M. Rickert Walter R. Romanchek Robert Stanley Rosen Alan L. Rubinstein Barnett P. Schiffman Sheldon Schlaff Robert H. Sebald Gustav Seliger P 92 Irwin Sharkey Franklin H. Shavlik Paul F. Sheridan Stuart D. Siegell P 90 Fredric J. Silverblatt Jay W. Smith Arthur L. Solar Henry A. Solomon Alfred R. Stauffer George L. Stern Kenneth J. Stern James Marsh Sternberg Theodore H. Story Edmond Strainchamps Ronald B. Szczypkowski P 88 Gerald Waldbaum Richard J. Waldman Morton Weinstein Lorna Weinstock George A. Wertheim Calvin G. Wiggins Donald E. Wilson Richard M. Zakheim Martin L. Zelin John Zerner Arthur Zimmerman Leonard A. Zivitz P 90 Benjamin F. Adams John R. Allen Eugene Appel David M. Bady Samuel H. Bahn William M. Bailey Peter Bang Joseph L. Bearman Herbert A. Berkoff Norman W. Bernstein Ernest L. Bial Henry G. Bisgaier Robert L. Bonn P 93, P 96 Jay R. Brandstadter Harris J. Brodsky M. Rudolph Brody Saul N. Brody º Michael D. Bromberg George Burton P 87 N. Joseph Calarco Clive Chajet Henry B. Chapin David M. Clark John L.E. Clubbe Benjamin J. Cohen Raymond N. Cohen Edgar W. Copeland Simeon David Herbert M. Dean Vincent H. Demma Charles A. Doyle Arnold S. Edelstein Stephen F. Eilperin P 96 Daniel Ein P 03 Bob I. Eisenstein Edward C. Elson Richard M. Engelman P 94 Murray Epstein P 01, P 03, P 07 Giles P. Erickson John L. Erlich P 87 Richard L. Felder Bernard H. Feldman Joshua Fierer Lewis D. Fineman Gerald H. Friedland Frank M. Gatti Maurice Gell Alvin L. Goldman Lowell A. Goldsmith P 88 Jerry Goodisman Irwin Greenspan P 94 Donald H. Griffin Sidney H. Gruber Gerald W. Grumet David A. Heymsfeld Roald Hoffmann Benjamin Huberman P 91 Eric G. Jakobsson Ben Janowski Ira H. Jolles Leslie T. Jones Jack Victor Kahn Joel S. Karen Wallace B. Katz George W. Kaufman Charles H. Kellert George S. Klavens P 87 Gerald Kleinerman Morton Klevan P 88 James R. Kniskern Joseph B. Krieger P 97 Richard T. Lacoss Robert B. Laibowitz Placido D. Lavalle Edward Lebowitz P 87 Harvey I. Leifert Paul D. Lenner James R. Levy Ira M. Lieberman Frederick Lorber Bayard T. Ludlum Laurence S. Marks David R. McNutt Richard A. Merrill Bennett Miller David C. Miller Joseph H. Mittel Arthur Mollin P 91 Marvin I. Moschel Patrick Mullins Uriel Nauenberg Joel I. Nelson Ronald L. Neschis Arnold A. Offner Ralph G. Oriscello Barry David Peck P 91 Jerold M. Perlman Robert F. Pettit Bernard H. Pucker P 83 Charles D. Raab Joseph R. Ramos Frank L. Ranhofer Walter Reichel Joel M. Rein Ira L. Rezak Riordan J.A. Roett J. Peter Rosenfeld Allen G. Rosenshine Andrei M. Sarna-Wojcicki P 05, P 08 Bruce M. Schlein Walter F. Schnabel Howard L. Schwartz P 85 Ernest L. Siew Ira Silberman Thomas Silbiger Bennet Hugh Silverman Matthew J. Sobel Joel B. Solomon Harold M. Stahl Bruce M. Stave P 92 Daniel Alan Stein Louis E. Stephens Herbert Barry Stern P 07 John J. Stine Alvin I. Thaler P 86 James H. Thomas Samuel J. Tindall Stephen Joel Trachtenberg P 97 Richard Tyler Jerry Wacks P 91 Martin S. Wasserman Gerald David Weintraub Myles N. Weintraub Paul M. Winick Isser Woloch P 92 Edward R. Wolpow P 89 Arthur S.M. Wood Ralph W. Wyndrum Edward J. Young Alexander E. Zagoreos Michael P. Zimmerman Theodore W. Zuk Stephen L. Buchman William C. Frye P 91 S. Sidney Mandel Barry C. Cooper Class of 1960 Robert Berne Laurence H. Rubinstein George Asch Stanley Feld Ira Friedman P 88 James A. Goldstein Theodore W. Graske William M. Herrlich P 79 Paul B. Kantor Stanley Keller Allen D. Klein Raymond D. LaRaja P 01 Philip S. Matthews David Rosand P 88 David W. Sloan George P. Spelios Michael J. Tannenbaum P 99 John A. Vassallo Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Robert Berne Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Rene Plessner Bernard T. Selz Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Peter W. Schweitzer P Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

38 Class of 1960 Class of 1961 Robert M. Fischbein P 93 Robert A. Machleder P 91, P 98 Elliott M. Abramson Stephen B. Brown Lawrence Gould Robert Abrams P 98, P 09 Robert M. Anderson Stephen H. Cooper Peter D. Fischbein P 16 Daniel S. Shapiro Bow Lum Lee Paul D. Feldman P 87, P 90 Andrew O. Feuerstein Harris E. Markhoff P 87 Robert A.M. Stern P 90 G. Juris J. Miller John B. Pegram Ian M. Reiss Stephen D. Solender P 86, P 87 Irwin D. Sollinger Irwin H. Young Michel Araten William N. Binderman P 90 Philip S. Cottone P 80 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 George M. Perry Douglas H. McCorkindale Burtt R. Ehrlich P 07 Stanley N. Futterman P 89 Thomas J. Gochberg P 00 Patricia Tarallo Mickey Greenblatt Jerome H. Grossman P 98 Martin S. Kaplan P 89 George M. Gehrman Richard Neel Hung-Hsi Wu Joseph M. Lane Francisco A. Lorenzo Michael A. Abrahams Donald I. Altshuler Alan B. Ashare Janet Augenbraun Albert S. Axelrad Bruce H. Bank Robert E. Berlind Robert A. Berselli Allen J. Bodner Peter N. Bogdan John H. Boone Neil H. Brenner Stephen I. Brown James W. Cahouet º Victor Chang Eldon R. Clingan Donald B. Cohen P 90 Richard F. Collamore Richard E. Comeau Arthur M. Delmhorst Theodore Demetriou P 90 Joseph J. D Erasmo Karl P. Donfried P 00 Ronald Efron Irwin R. Etter º Bruce Ettinger Byron L. Falk Harold Federman Frederick S. Feiner Richard Feingold Alan L. Feld Robert L. Feldt Robert I. Fisher P 99 Eric W. Fried Joseph P. Fried Richard D. Friedlander William Hallam Fuld Ralph R. Galdo Joseph A. Giacalone Peter Glassgold David M. Gordis Peter R. Goulazian Robert L. Graham John P. Grundman John S. Gubbings Robert M. Hersh Gary A. Hershdorfer P 92 Jay M. Jackman Leroy R. Jaret Daniel A. Jezer Thomas M. Job Frederick C. Johnson Elliott J. Kaback Martin D. Kane Joel L. Kanter Alfred I. Kaplan Michael D. Katz Stephen Z. Kaufman Richard E. Kerber David Q. Kirk Lawrence E. Kirsch Ivan R. Koota Lawrence D. Kornreich Michael A. Kubishen John Lamparello Norman H. Lane Lawrence A. Lefkowitz Harry A. Lenhart Stephen C. Lerner P 00 Thad G. Long Saul Lubkin P 09 Robert D. Malkin Neil D. Markee Theodore C. Martin Claudio L. Marzollo Miles F. McDonald F. Douglas McKnight Laurans A. Mendelson P 87, P 89 Alvin S. Michaelson Andrew M. Milano G. Franklin Miller P 87 Michael Millman Robert A. Mogil Paul T. Nagano Robert I. Oberhand Stephen A. Ollendorff James T. O Reilly Thomas Joseph Palmieri P 93 Robert J. Partlow Harry Peltz Martin S. Piltch Werner L. Polak Claude S. Poliakoff John S. Pyke Stephen Reich Barton Reichert Edward J. Rigney N. D Arcy Roche Richard S. Rodin P 92, P 94, P 97 Arthur S. Rosenbaum Jack Rosenthal Judah L. Rosner Laurence H. Rubinstein Vincent J. Russo Coleman R. Sachs Stephen C. Scheiber Jerome H. Schmelzer Daniel J. Schwartz P 95 Jonathan Schwartz Joseph E. Schwartz P 90 Myron Schwartzman William F. Seegraber David A. Shub P 95 Eckehard P. Simon Frank A. Siracusa Steven B. Sitzman Martin Sterenbuch Jeffrey Stewart P 84 Frederic M. Suffet Steven L. Teitelbaum P 98 Orlin E. Trandahl Ivan P. Vamos Michael V. Villano Robert L. von Zumbusch P 01, P 04 Stephen F. Wang P 93 David L. White Michael L. Wolk Frank P. Zmorzenski Joseph M. Lane Anthony W. Adler Bruce R. Alter Edvin Auzenbergs Arnold Chase Philip S. Cottone P 80 Leonard B. Aberbach Arnold Abrams Leonard J. Adams James J. Ammeen P 86 Ian Baldwin Eugene S. Bardach P 95 Erwin W. Bedarf Robert S. Bernstein Donald Seidner Bialos David M. Blicker º Edward M. Block Avrum Z. Bluming Michael M. Bourdrez Allen B. Breslow Jose A. Cabranes Vincent P. Calabrese Bruce Carroll Fred R. Cekella William Chororos Richard Civita John T. Cocking James J. Collins Philippe J. de la Chapelle Robert Desiderato Morris Dickstein P 88 Burtt R. Ehrlich P 07 Frank J. Fata Steven M. Feierman William H. Eckert P 95 Stanley N. Futterman P 89 Thomas J. Gochberg P 00 George Kalbouss Howard H. Kaminsky P 87 Roger K. Field David A. Freeman David C. Furman Oscar Garfein P 91 Peter J. Giovine P 97 Vincent D. Godino Thomas A. Green William Grossman P 89 Richard M. Hall P 08 Michael R. Hausig Ira Hayes David I. Hirsch Hillel J. Hoffman Gregory M. Howe Togwell A. Jackson John L. Jainchill Charles L. Johnson Richard J. Johnson P 92 Robert E. Juceam Herman W. Kane P 97 Allen P. Kaplan Edward M. Kaplan David Karp Bruce S. Kerievsky Peter King John A. Kirik Arnold L. Klipstein Rudolph E. Knudsen Martin S. Kaplan P 89 Doug Kendall Leslie S. Levine Paul A. Lusman P 93 Stuart B. Newman P 00 David Konstan Martin J. Krubit Werner O. Kuhn Norman A. Kurnit Richard V. Lates Maurice B. LeCroy Andrew S. Levine Alexander T. Liebowitz P 99 Jonathan J. Liebowitz Raymond S. Lopat Robert B. Luehrs Joseph L. Mairo Harvey J. Mandel P 92 Stanley M. Mandel P 88 Martin B. Margulies Barry J. McCallion Edwin J. McCreedy Eugene F. Milone Arthur M. Morris J. Anthony Mountain Stanley L. Nash P 98 George A. Nikolaieff Ira S. Novak Winston B. Paley Llewellyn Patrick Pascoe Joel H. Pitt Robert Elliot Pollack P 87 Monroe S.Z. Rabin William L. Parker Robert R. Salman Bruce D. Shoulson P 90, P 95 G. Phillip Smith Robert M. Randall Christopher J. Reilly George Wilson Reithoffer Donald F. Roberts Richard F. Roberts Ethan S. Rofman Marc E. Rosen Joseph G. Rosenstein Paul F. Rovetti David N. Rubin Jeffrey H. Rudell Edward B. Saloman Benedict H. Saurino John W. Scanlon John S. Scannell Kaspar R. Schroeter Allan J. Schwartz David Schwartz Joseph S. Schwartz Arthur E. Schwimmer Barry M. Scotch P 96 Stephen D. Shappell Joseph J. Sheveck Leonard M. Silverman P 92 Steven S. Simring Stuart C. Sloame P 09 Norman R. Solberg Jeffrey L.G. Sonking 74 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

39 Class of 1961 Class of 1962 George W. Souls Ernest A. Stagg Michael A.G. Stocker Samuel Strober Alan L. Tanenbaum Class of 1962 Paul R. Alter Lester V. Hoffman Fred H. Teger Arnold W. Thomas Adolf Frederick J. Toborg Howard M. Trotzky P 91 John O. Wall Richard E. Kobrin Burton Lehman Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more William V. Campbell P 04, P 13 Jerry I. Speyer P 92 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Stephen L. Berkman Leopold Swergold Hayden W. Ward Robert Allen Weiner Warren N. Weir David Michael Wilson Arthur L. Wisot Stanley N. Lupkin P 89 Edward J. Pressman Burton Lehman Thomas E. Vasell Russell F. Warren James V. Bruni Robert S. Dickstein Harvey J. Goldschmid P 99 Barton Nisonson P 03 Loren D. Ross Horace M. Spaulding Stuart K. Witt David C. Zanick James L. Spingarn P 89 Peter D. Yatrakis P 94, P 96, P 05 Charles F. Lyons P 91 Jeffrey E. Mandula Steven B. Marcus Joseph McLaughlin Ronald C. Meyer Robert M. Meyers Robert Willard Milgram Jeffrey S. Milstein David A. Nachamie Charles H. Nadler David A. Nathan Joseph B. Nozzolio Louis S. Olenick Morris Orzech Reunion Year Giving Class of 1963 Stephen E. Barcan Henry R. Black Peter W. Broido Bernard M. Patten Edward J. Pressman Harry J. Quayle Tobias D. Robison P 95 John R. Roche Stuart Rosenbluth William N. Ross P 01 Peter M. Sager Bernard M. Sarrel Richard J. Schwartz Daniel R. Shackman Michael J. Shapiro Peter G. Shrager Stuart H. Silverman P 96 Stephen R. Clineburg P 88 Michael S. Lubell P 02 A. Paul Neshamkin Andrew Smith Robert E. Sobel Alfred E. Spiro H. James Stark Michael Stone P 91 Franz N. Stoppenbach Franklin G. Strauss Edward D. Surovell Yen T. Tan John Tavantzis David T. Tucker Ralph J. Ursillo Anthony W. Valerio Joseph R. Vasselli Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $1,988,213 Thomas E. O Connor Francis J. Partel Gary S. Rachelefsky P 94, P 01 Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Charles T. Angell P 83 Robert K. Kraft P 94 Phillip M. Satow P 88, P 96 Stanley L. Waldbaum Michael S. Waters Hal Watson Albert J. Wax Herbert B. Weinblatt Barnet M. Weinstock Irving L. Weissman William R. Weissman Robert H. Weitzman Lawrence A. William Ronald K. Williams Robert H. Winter P 89 Allen Young Total Gifts and Commitments $6,052,561 Michael T. Charney Salim S. Dallal P 89 Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Donald L. Margolis Russell C. Baccaglini P 92 Bernard Balick Lee A. Black Stephen M. Blitz Lawrence D. Horowitz Richard E. Kobrin Philip M. Lapin Phil S. Lebovitz P 90, P 92 Frederick T. Modell Martin S. Rapaport P 09 Milton Sherman P 90 James L. Spingarn P 89 Robert S. Umans John C. von Leesen Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Charles Robert Cantor Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Michael Fishbein Francis J. Partel Maynard Rabinowitz P 87 David E. Angstreich Paul H. Asofsky Leslie H. Ault James M. Balquist Alan J. Barnes Victor R. Beauchamp Stephen N. Bell Alan M. Bernstein B. Barton Blanchard Harold Paul Block Charles F. Bowers David M. Brothers P 94 Michael S. Cahan William R. Chenitz P 02 Harvey R. Chertoff Edward Chin John P. Chinkel P 98 David M. Chipman David R. Cohen George C. Collins Walter S. Congram Melvin D. Cooper Richard B. Curtis William R. Davidson Gerald M. Debonis P 97 Lawrence E. Devore J. Philip Eggers Robert S. Ehrlich Jerry Engelberg Richard T. Evans Howard M. Felperin Daniel Fife John S. Freidin Frank Bennett Friedman Gerald S. Garfinkel Antonio Gebauer P 90 Robert K. Gedachian Herbert Gerstein Frank A. Giargiana Frank Gibbs Zvi Y. Gitelman P 93 Paul A. Gitman P 91 Robert B. Glassman º David S. Goldfarb Christopher P. Haakon Richard A. Hansen Robert L. Hatcher Howard Jacobson P 06 John P. Javsicas Robert W. Johnson Robert P. Kaminsky John L. Kater Martin S. Kaufman P 91, P 99 Roman George Kernitsky P 03 Harvey S. Kerrich Peter J. Kindlmann William A. Kirk Melvyn H. Klein Ralph D. Kopperman Jack Henry Kunin Arthur S. Lebowitz Barry H. Leeds Sidney S. Letter Melvyn B. Levine P 88 Frederick P. Lewis Edward S. Little Lawrence S. Loewinger Don B. Long P 04 Henry R. Black Elliott A. Greher Robert M. Heller Robert E. Johnson Philip F. Averbuch Peter W. Broido James Cleven Gerald P. Dwyer David M. Alpern Doug C. Anderson Thomas A. Bailey Stephen E. Barcan Stephen R. Clineburg P 88 S. Robert Contiguglia P 92, P 94 Richard Eisenberg Richard M. Gochman Robert M. Kornreich Roberta L. Frank, P 95, P 97 Howard L. Freese Peter J. Gollon Sidney P. Kadish P 96, P 06 Jerry L. McIntyre Richard Juro P 89 Huai Han Kung P 04 Aaron F. Malakoff David H. Pittinsky Robert A. Prenner Donald William Putnoi Howard N. Spodek P 92 David H. Stern A. Paul Neshamkin Gary S. Rachelefsky P 94, P 01 Harvey A. Schneier Benjamin Tua P 98 Luis M. Villaronga J. Bruce Wechsler Robert K. Whelan 76 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

40 T he Class of 1963 gave the largest 50th reunion gift in Columbia College history. My classmates and I wished to repay Columbia for the extraordinary impact it has had on all our lives. As our Columbia College Today class correspondent and the reunion chair, I had the immense pleasure to reconnect with hundreds of my old friends and to get them talking to one another once again. We have found that we share the view that our Columbia education, and especially the Core Curriculum, has given us a unique foundation to succeed in the many paths we have followed. A. Paul Neshamkin 63 Class of 1963 Robert A. Ratshin Barry Jay Reiss Victor J. Revenko Steven Rinner James M. Rodgers Robert Rodvien Elihu I. Rose Elias Rosenblatt Michael G. Rothenberg Barry J. Salzberg P 94 Charles F. Savage David B. Saxe Class of 1964 Gustav A. Sayer Lee T. Scher Ralph Schmeltz P 93 Jerald O. Seelos Henry Ascher Sellner P 93, P 96 º Albert M. Shapiro Steven J. Shirk Robert M. Shlaer Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Joseph H. Ellis Frederick S. Sierles Martin L. Smithline Sherwood R. Spelke Stanley Sperber Walter Alan Stein Steve Stollman Daniel E. Subotnik P 97 Jeffrey Super Francis J. Sypher Geoffrey A. Thompson Frederick Gary Toback Richard C. Tuerk Franklin Tugwell Robert A. Vogel Alan Wallach Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Anonymous Stephen H. Case P 92 Lawrence E. Goldschmidt Richard M. Weisman Richard J. Wells Alan J. Wilensky P 92 Carey W. Winfrey Richard E. Winslow Harvey T. Wolfman Lester H. Yassky Gilbert Zicklin Nicholas Zill P 02, P 06 Paul L. Zimet Roy S. Adaniya John N. Ake Geoffrey R. Akst Steven H. Allister Lawrence Apple Joseph Austin Applebaum Bruce A. Baiter Arnold I. Barkman Malcolm J. Barnett David R. Barrett Robert M. Bilenker Jeffrey S. Blau Jacob A. Bloom Michael Hendrix Bowler Stephen F. Brady Myron D. Brenner Mark Bridger Burton A. Brody Michael S. Bumagin William A. Burley Steven M. Cahn Ezra H. Cohen Edmond M. Coller C. Jeffrey Cook P 93 Philip J. Cramer F. Lowell Curtis George A. Dalley Richard B. du Busc Jack Ebetino Arthur M. Eisenson Ira S. Epstein Michael S. Erdos Peter J. Feibelman P 98 Stephen Albert Feig Joel M. Felner Ephraim S. Fischbach Joseph A. Fisher Harley M. Frankel Philip H. Friedman Andrew D. Glassberg P 04 Jerry D. Glickson James J. Glynn William H. Goebel Richard P. Goldwater Doron Gopstein Eugene H. Gover P 02 Joseph J. Greco Alan R. Greengrass Dov M. Grunschlag P 94 Edward S. Hanzelik Peter A. Highberg David G. Hitlin Thomas C. Homburger Stephen M. Honig Farhad Idjadi Alan P. Jacobs Robert E. Jacobs James B. Johnson P 91 Bernard J. Kabak Bruce S. Kaplan John R. Karlberg James H. Katzoff Laurence J. Kettner Paul I. Kimmel Edward T. Kosberg Conrad P. Kottak P 93 Victor R. Krause P 91 Joel Krosnick Eugene M. Laks Barry J. Landau Stephen B. Langfelder Paul M. Lehrer Conrad L. Levenson Robert S. Levine Thomas C. Lewis Lawrence Litt Lee E. Lowenfish Michael S. Lubell P 02 Jay S. Lustig Victor Margolin Donald T. Martin Kenneth M. Master Charles Erich Miller Richard P. Miller John D. Moorhead Robert A. Morantz Seymour H. Moskowitz Joel Moses Paul W. Muench P 89 Paul E. Murphy Lawrence D. Neuman P 98 Melvin D. Newman P 91 David Norris Gary W. Nyman Thomas E. O Connor Richard F. Olivo Peter J. Orenski David W. Orme-Johnson Chester W. Osborn Kenneth R. Ostberg Seymour Packman C. Ward Parshall Robert J. Parson Robert M. Podell Robert J. Pollet Lawrence M. Polsky P 08 Kalmon D. Post Richard Anthony Prager P 90 Rudolph J. Quirini Josef S. Raboy Peter J. Radley Albert E. Raizner Allison F. Butts Richard A. Epstein P 98 Arthur N. Rettig Peter C. Canellos P 96 Arthur L. Frank Jonathan R. Cole P 96 Judith C. Anderson Michael L. Barnett John J. Cirigliano Steven A. Clifford P 98 Anthony P. David Samuel H. Aronson Jorge L. Batista John Becker Martin E. Berger Joseph M. Berl Frederick Betz Charles M. Bleiberg Barry H. Bley David A. Blumenthal Thomas C. Bolton Richard R. Bonner Martin M. Breiner Richard E. Cahn Thomas P. Lewis P 01 Carl M. Lieberman Richard A. Daynard Roy M. Fleischmann Joel W. Goldsmith Thomas A. Jorgensen P 94 John H. Langbein P 03 Arlan A. Cohen Allen H. Collins Daniel H. Coren Charles J. Danek Robert M. Dankoff Avi Y. Decter Kevin G. DeMarrais Jonathan F. Edelbaum Phillip A. Eisenberg Paul C. Eklof Jeffrey R. Ellis Jesse A. Epstein Harvey Fischer Daniel S. Press P 00 James McGroarty Joseph W. O Donnell P 92, P 05 Joe Kuniaki Ozaki Ira Roxland Nicholas Rudd º Mark R. Fontaine Gerald M. Freedman Harold G. Freedman Bennett R. Freiberger Michael Belais Friedman John C. Gillespie David Alan Glanz Allen I. Goldberg Barton D. Goldberg Robert S. Goldfarb Larry Goldman Mark Goldschmidt Leslie H. Gordon Michael L. Silverstein P 99 Stephen D. Singer Peter D. Trooboff P 97, P 00 Alan C. Weisenberg Paul N. Zeitlin Charles Robert Goshen Arthur M. Greenbaum Ronald I. Greenberg William R. Gussman Richard W. Hanft Don W. Hebard Matthew D. Heller P 09 Jesse M. Hellman Paul A. Heyman Sheldon E. Hochberg Clark F. Hoyt Bruce M. Hyman Stanley J. Isser P Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

41 Class of 1964 Class of 1965 Martin G. Isserlis Neal Henry Jacobs Howard A. Jacobson Andrew Janovsky Russell A. Jelinek Gilbert N. Kahn P 04 Mitchell L. Kamen Melvyn M. Kassenoff Paul R. Kateman P 89, P 93 Judith W. Katz-Leavy P 90, P 02 Steven A. Kesselman Joseph A. Klaits Jack G. Kleinman P 91, P 95 Richard D. Krentz Frederick W. Krug Joseph G. Kunkel Christopher P. Lang Beril J. Lapson Jeffrey Lass Edward N. Leavy P 02 º Jack S. Leitner Allen H. Lerman David L. Levin David B. Levine Howard B. Levine Class of 1965 Michael L. Cook Laurance J. Guido P 00 Joel Heymsfeld Stephan H. Levitt Gerald N. Levy Leo S. Levy Erik Lewis Arnold L. Licht Stephen C. Lieber Burt H. Liebman Peter D. Lowitt Robert P. Mai Kenneth W. Matasar P 92 Nathaniel H. Mayer Daniel J.B. Mitchell Richard A. Muller P 08 Robert P. Nash Bernard R. Neustadt Daniel A. Nussbaum John W. O Grady P 04 Gerald W. Ostarch Damon D. Panels Kenneth A. Parker Lawrence N. Parker Arthur L. Penn Algernon A. Phillips Kenneth L. Pinsker Jay Michael Portnow Barry A. Levine P 95, P 97 Edward C. Malmstrom Michael A. Schlanger Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Louis A. Goodman Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Edward C. Malmstrom Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Michael L. Cook Robert F. Donohue Charles D. Mayer W. James Murdaugh James R. Riley Michael L. Tapper Alan J. Preis Joseph J. Prijatel Lester Reich Mark E. Ritchey Peter R. Robrish Stephen E. Rock Stephen B. Rodner Victor J. Rogosa Raymond P. Roos Stephen Rosenberg Steven B. Rosenfeld Jeffrey G. Rosenstock P 94 Ronald N. Ruberg Joel R. Rudikoff Andrew Russakoff Edwin N. Schachter Daniel P. Schechter P 93 David J. Schiller P 00 Maurice Schmir Steven G. Schulman Robert J. Seltzer Barry E. Shapiro A. Robert Sherman William Shorr Jack W. Singer Stephen N. Steinig Jay N. Woodworth Robert H. Yunich Jay N. Woodworth Carl F. Siracusa Burton B. Smoliar P 90, P 92 Jeffrey J. Sol Ralph H. Speken Irving J. Spitzberg Harvey W. Spizz Stephen F. Stander Edward C. Steinberg Jeffrey B. Stone Peter M. Thall Jorge A. Uribe Jack S. Ventura Stephen B. Vogel Richard J. Waldinger Richard F. Walker Edward M. Waller Steven H. Wasserman Jonathan M. Weiss Ivan M. Weissman Donald B. Westmore Michael C. Wimpfheimer P 95, P 99 Paul R. Wolfson Michael R. Wollman P 91, P 93 Gerald E. Zuriff Douglas W. Barnert Allen H. Brill James E. Bush Jan de Vries Alan H. Fenton P 97 William C. Albert David F. Bantz Joel Berger Peter R. Bierstedt Martin J. Blank James T. Boosales Paul J. Brantingham Leslie I. Brisman Joel A. Budin P 93 Michael A. Bush P 03, P 09 Dan Carlinsky Edward N. Carrol Ronald J. Chevako Eric N. Clausen Benjamin E. Cohen Frederick C. Collignon P 95, P 98 Thomas L. Crystal Steven J. Danenberg Paul F. D Angelo David R. Denby P 00 Elliot N. Dorff P 89 Arthur J. Eaves Kenneth C. Ehrlich Edward J. Faeder Ralph J. Falkenstein Neil E. Farber Andrew Fisher Ernest W. Fisher Arnold D. Fleischer James H. Fleisher Michael J. Friedman Simon Friedman Peter S. Fudge P 89 Dean C. Gamanos Charles M. Garbowsky Alan I. Green P 16 C. Thomas Gualtieri Laurance J. Guido P 00 David R. Halperin Stephen D. Hoffman P 92, P 95 Edward V. Geist Alan J. Gelenberg Jonathan W.M. Gold Joseph B. Goldstein William L. Goring P 97, P 99 Jacques J. Gorlin P 94, P 01 Kenneth R. Graham Michael Martin Griffin P 09 Norman G. Guimond Robert W. Gunn Jacqueline M. Haber P 02 David B. Heisler Robert L. Henn Barry M. Herman Peter W. Herman Gad J. Heuman Joel Heymsfeld Alan L. Hopenwasser Geoffrey M. Horn Terry T. Howard Gerard F. Hug Paul J. Hyman Michael Jacoff Harry M. Johnston John J. Kalamarides David S. Klein Ahovi E. Kponou Gerald D. Kruglik Jay D. Kuris Alex E. Lancaster Richard H. Lansing Brian A. Lauer P 04 Harvey L. Lefkowitz Mitchell J. Leibowitz Arnold S. Lesser Michael A. Lew L. Michael Krieger Luis Lainer P 01 Martin M. LeWinter P 91 A. Howard Matz P 93, P 02 Michael E. Newell Reuel B. Liebert Lester Lockspeiser John J. Long Gerald P. Marinoff P 02 Robert E. Mattingly Patrick J. McElhinney Edward A. Merlis Stephen A. Merrill Christopher J. Morren Rafael E. Mulet James J. Mummery P 95 Joseph G. Nalven Stuart A. Newman Richard H. Nichols David Obelkevich Claudia Oberweger P 92 Thomas E. O Brien David Alton O Steen Leonard B. Pack Jonathan E. Paul Bruce C. Peck Robert E. Price Richard A. Rappaport P 07 David Keith Rassin Gordon T. Risk Noah Robbins Arthur J. Roberts Walter O. Rom Richard L. Rudich Peter G. Sack P 02 David M. Sarlin Russell W. Schoch Thomas O. Schroeppel Waldemar Schulz Benjamin D. Schwartz Charles A. Schwartz Jonah W. Schein Neil E. Silver P 95 Elliot R. Wolff Gary S. Schwartz Stanford N. Sesser Steven K. Shama Martin J. Shulman James E. Siegel J. Donald Smith Neil A. Smith Thomas M. Sobel Brian Edward Stepherson Carleton W. Sterling David M. Stewart John S. Strauch Robert J. Szarnicki Gregory V. Tarsy Andrew P. Tashman Daly D. Temchine Robert Trauner Robert L. Turner Pierre F. Vautravers Leo A. Vozel Peter R. Wallenstein Brian K. Wangsgard Bernard A. Weinstein P 06 William J. Wertheim Richard F. Wertheimer Clayton C. Wilkie Gregory Philip Williams P 92 Kenneth L. Wolf P 01, P 03 Leo R. Wollemborg P 97 Barry K. Woodward Peter A. Wriede Robert H. Yunich Harvey S. Zarren David J. Zegarelli Barry A. Levine P 95, P 97 Arthur G. Rosen Dennis J. Selkoe Robert A. Kronley Anthony J. Leitner Stephen N. Steinig 80 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

42 Class of 1966 Class of 1966 Mark Lemle Amsterdam P 07, P 10 Thomas A. Chorba Michael Garrett P 98 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Stuart W. Hankins Michael W. Kamen P 01 Martin Lee P 96 Maurice Rick Reder Richard L. Zucker Eric W. Sparre Anthony F. Starace Stephen A. Steiner Thomas L. Strausbaugh Jonathan H. Sunshine Paul M. Suratt Daniel J. Tanner James L. Taylor David F. Tilman Simon M. Trutt Harris A. Turkel Walter R. vom Saal Philip M. Warner P 97 Jonathan F. Weil Steven J. Weinberg Steven F. Weinstein P 00 Earl E. Werner James L. Wunsch Barry S. Coller P 92 Mark Lemle Amsterdam P 07, P 10 Richard G. Beggs Neill H. Brownstein P 13 Anthony B. Helfet P 06 Earl Franklin Jones Paul J. Kastin P 01 William H. Roach P 04 Richard L. Zucker John M. Braver Edwin L. Doernberger John C. Doody Eben I. Feinstein Daniel Gardner P 98 Michael Garrett P 98 Herbert A. Hochman Myron L. Kaplan Robert F. Lautin Lai-Sung E. Leung David C. Lindeman Robert E. Meyerson Harvey Kurzweil P 95, P 00 Michael D. Stephens William Jerrold Paul Alexander D. Trifunac Edward B. Wallace Class of 1967 Jeffrey D. Nightingale P 00, P 05 Robert Jay Rosenberg P 99 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Robert F. Coviello P 99 M. Glenn Vinson Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 L. David Hillis Alfred G. Jackson P 09 Robert Jay Rosenberg P 99 Gary M. Breissinger Paul A. Brooke David L. Dorenfeld Jeffrey Warren Herrmann Joel I. Klein Bruce Eben Pindyck P 03 Robert G. Segel William H. Abrashkin P 05 Oliver W. Acheson James S. Ader T. John Akamatsu John L. Akula Joseph H. Albeck Jeffrey H. Albert George D. Appelbaum Kenneth Lee Ascher Alexander Auerbach Thomas T. Beeler Mark E. Berger Stuart M. Berkman P 05 Cameron Birnie Howard L. Blank Allan G. Bowdery P 02 Ronald F. Brookshire Thomas W. Brunner P 95 Daniel M. Bumagin Richard A. Charlat John C. Chendo Thomas A. Chorba Charles F. Christensen Joseph D. Cohen Robert J. Conway Alex M. Corey Peter T. Costa Paul G. Cotton Peter Michael Crain Alan Creutz Kenneth Marc Dauber Brian K. Dillon Russell G. Donaldson Peter J. Dranginis P 03 John M. Dudgeon Jonathan Ecker Rella Levenstein Feldman P 01, P 05, P 09 Edward Laurence Fink Richard O. Forzani Anthony N. Fragola David A. Freedman Daniel J. Friedenson Daniel Friedlander P 93, P 95 Michael H. Friedman P 09 Michael T. Gengler James E. George Michael Gertner Alan R. Gilmore Barton M. Gipstein Stephen R. Goldman Philip Goldstein Eric F. Gould Daniel G. Gover William S. Greenfield P 04 Michael V. Gregory P 93 Robert J. Gurland Joshua D. Gutman P 97 Thomas J. Harrold Tod H. Hawks Howard D. Hirsch Alan H. Hirschberg Reed A. Hutner Max Emil Ibsen Peter B. Imrey Adam Jilling Calvin H. Johnson William L. Karp John Stewart Konheim Marc I. Kusnetz Fred L. Lang P 95 James M. Larson Martin Lee P 96 Eugene J. Leff Michael J. Leibowitz Frederick Andrew Lerner Stephen A. Lesser P 17 Kenneth F. Levene Mark L. Levine Joel B. Lidov Peter L. Lief Charles A. Lieppe P 91 Roger L. Low Beal A. Lowen P 94 Peter A. Manley David C.C. Matthew Jeffrey C. May Allan I. Mendelowitz Richard D. Mosak Dean L. Mottard P 03 Rolf V. Myhrman Lawrence W. Nelson Frank B. Newell Stanley Ocken Reinaldo B. Perez Robert A. Picarello Marvin R. Pilo Charles W. Pitchford Michael J. Prival Robert Ready Maurice Rick Reder James L. Resnick Jay H. Riemer Kenneth C. Rollston James B. Rosenberg P 96 Alexander D. Ross Paul H. Saenger P 04 William S. Samuel Bruce D. Sargent Steven D. Schimmel John Randolph Sealey Richard H. Senter P 01 Thomas L. Sheldon P 96 Stephen C. Siegel Roy A. Solomon Edna C. Southard Robert R. Costa P 12 David H. Fields P 96 Julian R. Geiger Douglas J. Good Michael T. Jackson P 99 Jenik R. Radon P 95 Roger Lehecka P 13 Stephen G. Rice Charles H. Wimer P 16 William T. Brown Stephen A. Ferriss Bernard D. Fishalow Philip S. Greco Stanley E. Adelman Alan R. Altman Martin E. Andrucki P 99 William D. Anscher Clement E. Armi P 17 Craig W. Barry Edward C. Bermant Marc A. Bernstein Roy J. Bernstein Lawrence L. Besserman David M. Blanchard Gerhard Botha John W. Boyd Daniel A. Bradburd Curt P. Bramblett Melvin E. Brender Jeffrey M. Brensilver Arthur A. Guffanti Robert D. Kalter Clifford R. Kern Robert S. Klein Laurence Bresler Paul E. Broches William D. Brown Jonathan L. Buller Bruce E. Burgeson Raymond F. Burghardt J. Sean Callahan Alan Candiotti º Carlton Carl Bruce C. Chattman Albert Mei-Chu Cheh P 95 Aristos Christou Robert Carl Ciricillo Roger C. Clarke Marshall S. Clough Kenneth L. Cohen L. Keith Cohen Jonathan E. Kranz John F. O Connor P 97 Martin W. Oster P 99 Stanley H. Rosenbaum John M. Cregor Gino Crocetti Richard S. D Abate Joseph P. D Afflitti Eric W. Dannemann John K. Dema P 08, P 09 Robert H. Dichter Clifford P. Dobrin Leigh C. Dolin Joseph W. Duffy Connie W. Elsberg Paul M. Epstein John K. Exter Henry W. Fayne P 99 Robert W. Federico Seymour S. Feld P 10 Bennett D. Flax P 09 Dean I. Ringel Theodore S. Sims Stephen M. Sachs Brant E. Fries David E. Galinsky P 00 August Ganzenmuller Arthur Ira Garfinkel P 14 Richard R. Gerbeth Martin M. Goldstein Mark S. Golub P 11 Anthony F. Greco Guy B. Gugliotta Peter Gyenes Eugene M. Hamond Christopher J. Hartzell Neil F. Hawks Elliott D. Hefler P 01 William M. Heinbach William F. Herrick Robert G. Hickes P 97 º 82 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

43 Class of 1967 Class of 1968 Laurence J. Iacueo Amnon Igra Michael A. Ingber Richard H. Isaacson James F. Israel Jonathan W. Jarvik Harold I. Jawetz P 95, P 99, P 02 Jerome F. Kaiser Leonard W. Kaplan Franklin S. Karasick Lawrence M. Karen Bruce F. Kawin Jeffrey A. Kay P 97 Gilbert Nye Kerlin Gordon L. Klein Andrew J. Kolstad Adam Kotlewski Jan Kouzmanoff Leonard W. Kram Kenneth B. Kramer P 95, P 03 Michael F. Lane David E. Langsam Richard W. Leonard Mark I. Levy P 93, P 95 Jerrold S. Lozner P 96, P 01 Reunion Year Giving Class of 1968 Leo R. Makohen John B. Marino Richard S. Mason Howard A. Mayer George E. McCabe James McLendon Michael James Mehlinger Charles Miller Robert B. Miller Mark Minton David L. Mogen David L. Morash Kenneth J. Morgan Billy D. Nave William Allan Nettleship Jeffrey A. Newman P 02, P 04 Jeffrey D. Nightingale P 00, P 05 Kay-Tiong Oen Gary L. Olson Lewis Perin John R. Pitkin Carl F. Prestfeldt Nathern Barry Priddy Joseph F. Purcell Elia J. Racah Paul C. Raso Robert C. Rosenberg Bernard A. Rosner P 06 Richard H. Rubin Robert T. Rudy Alan A. Sachs Stephen W. Salant Charles Edward Saydah Paul W. Schaffer Mark A. Schlesinger Edwin A. Schlossberg Joseph A. Schneider Leslie J. Schreyer Daniel G. Schwartzberg Anthony J. Sciolino Nicholas Z. Scoville Kenneth M. Settel P 15 John A. Settle John R. Seybold Donald P. Shapiro P 03 Robert L. Shapiro David B. Shaw Arthur G. Silvers Robert Spierer Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $73,378 Stephen L. Stern James S. Suekama Richard R. Szathmary Peter A. Szego Frank L. Tedeschi Richard T. Tomar Anthony M. Tosi Wilbert D. Tress Stephen N. Vogel Jesse S. Waldinger Joseph H. Walter Nathan Wasserstrum Harold S. Wechsler Stephen L. Weiner Gerald S. Weinstein Thomas E. Werman Robert William West Richard A. Westin Edward C. Yasuna Steven J. Zellick Steven L. Zimmerman Arthur R. Zingher Albert Zonana Total Gifts and Commitments $96,857 Raymond Neal Englander Donald James Engleman John Paul Feher Peter M. Finkelstein Judson B. Fisher Alan Andrews Forsyth Douglas Alan Freundlich Janet Furman Paul K. Gallagher P 97 Ira E. Goldberg P 08 William John Gordon Leslie D. Gottesman Neil Herbert Gozan Joseph Lucas Graf Peter Alan Greene P 99 Scott Mel Hammer L. Gordon Harriss P 99 William C. Heffernan Charles David Hendricks William L. Henrich P 97 Andrew L. Herz Allan P. Hillman Donald C. Hubert Leslie Alan Jackson Mark Douglas Jacobs Peter Janovsky Charles I. Jarowski Stanley H. Johnston Chun-Min Tony Kao P 02 Kenneth Roland Kaufman Steven Joel Kaufman Donald Maurice Keddell Jeffrey L. Kestler Barry Jerome Klassel Thomas Arthur Koster Jonathan B. Kotch P 01 Michael Kronstadt Jeffrey Alan Kurnit Clifton Alfonzo Latting Bruce Levin Robert Merrill Levine Lloyd Clark Loomis Daniel Louis Lorber Arthur T. Lyman David Baruch Malament Athanasios Mallios Bruce H. Margon Ronald Phillip Matross James E. McClellan Ira Alexander McCown James David Meltzer Stephen Sumner Mills Richard D. Mirel Douglas Alan Motz Richard Ragsdale Mudge Lance Director Nagel Michael Ede Newmark P 06 Jeffrey Norman Nichols Samuel Norich Roger Eliphalet Nott Newbold Noyes Michael Robert Olneck Lawrence H. O Neill Leonard A. Oppenheim P 01 Nigel S. Paneth William Brent Parmer Patrick O. Patterson Ronald Mark Pristin Robert E. Pszczolkowski James Mc Donald Purvis Russell Joseph Ricci Richard Jay Ross P 06 Steven Jay Ross John Dennis Roy P 95 Howard S. Scher Arthur Edgar Schmidt Thomas Stephen Seligson Alan Harvey Seplowitz Ethan Daniel Shapiro Edward F. Siegel Robert Charles Siegel P 98 Jon Robert Snyder James Edward Songer Elliott Joseph Spanier John Roderick Staffier Lawrence S. Stallman Peter John Stathis Edward George Stroh Lawrence E. Susskind Dorothy Terry John Leroy Thilly Kenneth J. Tomecki P 98 Michael G. Tracy P 06 Sol Martin Usher Robert Manuel Wald P 12, P 16 Stephen Wang William Paul Warren Edward Allan Weathers Alan Zachary Weiss Wayne S. Wild Gregory F.T. Winn Robert L. Wolfe Leo Russell Wong Edward K. Wright Leon Wyszewianski Edgardo Luis Yordan P 07 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 William H. McDavid P 08, P 10, P 14 Michael Stephen Hindus P 91 Class of 1969 Eric J. Branfman P 06, P 09 Richard G. Menaker Michael S. Oberman P 10 J. Michael Schell Eric D. Witkin P 09 Thomas Dey Sanford P 98, P 00 James R. Shorter Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Michael B. Rothfeld P 06, P 08 Jonathan D. Schiller P 01, P 06 Ross D. Ain P 01 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Jurrien P. Dean P 99 George L. Bernstein Francis W. Costello John Mihran Davis William John Abodeely P 94 Richard L. Ahearn Richard Faunce Andrews Gerald Sidney Bahr Alphonse John Baluta Guy Michael Barbolini Paul A. de Bary P 05 Jan Henryk Kalicki Franklin David Lowy P 05 Robert Barnes Peter John Benitez Henry Berger Arthur Marc Berman Albin Leonard Beyer Fred L. Block Arthur V. Nealon Russell B. Needham Arthur B. Spector P 06, P 08 Arthur Randolph Bregman Daniel Joseph Brooks Steven Eugene Brown John F. Burns David C. Carlson Robert Howard Carlson Alan D. Zucker Daniel B. Carr Ina C. Cohen Joseph DiBenedetto Anthony Vincent Ditaranto Patrick Dumont Thomas Ehrenberg Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Charles Douglas Bethill Peter Buscemi Peter S. Lerner P 17 Jerome L. Avorn P 08 J. Michael Schell Eric J. Branfman P 06, P 09 Richard G. Menaker Michael S. Oberman P 10 Joel Scharfstein P 11 James P. Alloy P 03 Martin F. Domres Roger E. Podesta 84 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

44 Class of 1969 Class of 1970 Harvey E. Bernstein David G. Borenstein P 04 Andrew Bronin David D. Burrows Jeffrey L. Glassroth Jerry I. Gliklich Stephen A. Kals Dwight E. Lee James S. Marker Stephen Miller Emanuel Organek P 10 Hart Perry Michael Rosenblatt William D. Sleeper David B. Turner Eric D. Witkin P 09 Michael O. Braun P 09 Leo George Kailas Frederick A. Rapoport P 02 Charles I. Silberman P 08 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Philip Pei-Fan Wang Lawrence A. Aaron Jonathan R. Adelman Robert I. Appel David M. Arnold Kirk J. Bachler George W. Baker Peter L. Behr John H. Bernson Bruce D. Bettinger Lorne S. Birch Leland E. Black William Boone Bonvillian P 14 Marc H. Bornstein James D. Boyce David Bradley Michael A. Braudy Jonathon F. Brauer P 02 Michael M. Brodsky Robert G. Brookshire Paul D. Casper Peter W. Clapp Richard R. Conte Stephen T. Conway James F. Davis Robert P. Davis George W. Dent P 00, P 04 R. Bruce Dickson Thomas M. Divine P 03 Mark L. Drucker º James R. Eller Jeffrey E. Escher Antonio D. Favetta P 98 Arthur M. Feldman John E. Fogarty Miles D. Freedman Samuel A. Friede Robert E. Friedman Mark J. Furey Robert L. Gabel John B. Gaguine John Thomas Garnevicus P 01, P 03 Bruce J. Gillers P 98, P 04, P 06 William R. Giusti Henry M. Gold Howard B. Goldman Jesse A. Goldner Dean H. Goossen David C. Green Kenneth Bruce Harlin Edwin A. Harnden James E. Hawco Stephen T. Hazam Joshua R. Hochberg Peter R. Hoffmann P 04, P 09 Edward J. Hyman Henry S. Jackson William E. Kelly Lawrence William Koblenz Erwin Kolodny Ross C. Kory P 01 Alan Kouzmanoff Thomas H. Kramer Mark H. Leeds P 02 Howard L. Lemberg Francis N. Levy George Peter Lindsay James W. Llana Warren H. Llewellyn John W. Lombardo Bernard L. Lorge Richard W. Lounsbury James G. Lu Gary I. Mason P 08 William P. Morgan Robert R. Mueller Jerry Nagler John D. Nagy Charles E. Novitski Hilton M. Obenzinger David B. Parshall P 01, P 06 Lee T. Pearcy Richard E. Pearl Jay L. Pearlberg P 97 Gary F. Perkins John E. Peterson Jeffrey M. Pines P 08 Lake Polan Robert A. Rabinoff David A.H. Rapaport Richard A. Rapaport Marc S. Rauch David L. Reitman Thomas N. Rescigno Alan P. Romanczuk Oren Root Richard F. Rose David Evans Rosedahl David J. Rosen Gary B. Rosenberg P 97 Ronald R. Rosenblatt Robert Rubinstein P 08 Irving H. Ruderman Stephan P. Salisbury Joseph P. Santosuosso Jack E. Schachner P 08 Donald Proctor Schenk Jonathan R. Schiffer Mark R. Schiffer Steven Shabad Wendell S. Sharpe Herbert C. Shelley Richard J. Sherr Gerald W. Speca Stephen E. Steindel P 99 Alan L. Sullivan Peter J. Tobiason Billy T. Tracy P 95 George K. Turi David A. Ucko John Peter Uehara Steven L. Valenstein P 01, P 02 Mark R. von Sternberg Roger A. Walaszek P 04 Conley E. Ward P 03 Nicholas Fox Weber James M. Weitzman Ronald H. Wender Rodney A. Werner Lawrence M. Wolfson Richard T. Wyatt George S. Wynns Alan M. Yorker Joel D. Ziff Richard A. Goodman James L. Goldman Robert Hardman Emanuel Ax John C. Boyle Michael O. Braun P 09 Michael John Bucuvalas Steven M. Cohen David A. Aborn Saul M. Abrams Louis M. Alpern Frank H. Arlinghaus Thomas W. Baker Thomas S. Barrett Jonathan P. Beck Michael J. Benari Albert H. Bergeret Lester W. Blair Jeffrey W. Blake Stephen J. Boatti David D. Bogorad Michael F. Bradley Arthur D. Bramble Joseph A. Callerame Eli Cohen Eugene E. Coppola Manuel R. Cords Sheldon H. Danziger P 04 Steven L. Demby Joseph F. DeRosa P 91 David E. Donohue John Stephen Dydo Peter B. Elliott Samuel Estreicher Daniel L. Feldman William T. Fenton David R. Finck Joel E. Frader Bernard A. Josefsberg Arthur Kokot Frederick G. Kushner P 03, P 06 Stephen G. Peterson Robert A. Fitzgerald Bruce M. Fogel Patrick J. Foy Barry I. Franklin P 10 James L. Frazier Galen Gart Joseph L. Gerver Frederick M. Gibson Jonathan A. Glickstein P 04 Jay A. Goldberg Lawrence C. Goldsmith Dennis A. Graham Joel G. Greenspan Lynwood W. Hammers Franklin Augustin Hedberg Eugene D. Hill Hoyt R. Hilsman Harold T. Hodes Peter K. Hoffman Oscar Abraham Jaeger Peter G. Joseph Leo George Kailas John J. Kane Stephen D. Kerzner P 98 Robert M. Kile Anthony L. Kiorpes Jerrold L. Kleinstein Michael R. Klekman Theodore Kuzen Mark E. Pruzansky P 04, P 07 Stephen Ross P 02, P 07 Steven P. Schwartz Alan M. Solinger Peter N. Stevens Lewis B. Lane Robert G. Launay Andrew L. Lautin Peter Y. Lee Paul E. Lehner P 04 Leonard F. Levine Michael P. Link William C. Longa Richard D. Mamelok Alan E. Marks Lawrence M. Massimo Andrew R. Mayrer Michael G. Melzer Howard A. Mergelkamp P 90 Frank S. Merritt James H. Miller Joel Alan Mintz Frank Motley Randy J. Mound Bruce H. Nagle Calvin T. Nakata Denis S. Neuhut P 03, P 05 Martin J. Newhouse William H. O Brien P 10 Michael J. Passow James Joseph Periconi P 02 Richard E. Polton William N. Post John X. Probolus Terrence P. Sweeney Mark R. Thall Jonathan M. Weisgall P 04, P 07 Jacob J. Worenklein P 93 Dov S. Zakheim P 00, P 05 Michael J. Quinn David Ludlow Rice Steven D. Riskin Arthur W. Rossiter Philip A. Russotti Edwin Palmer Rutan Lawrence D. Ryan Bruce H. Schneider Jonathan A. Schnitzer P 98 Peter N. Schubert William Michael Schur Sanford R. Schwartz Harry Shamoon David Simon Sokolow Paul R. Spike Joseph Spivack Joseph C. Stillman Frederick J. Suchy J.M. Sullivan Ronald V. Szumilas Robert S. Taddonio Harold J. Vinegar P 13 Darrell D. Walker Frederic P. White Douglas A. Williams Theodore S. Wirecki Geoffrey M. Zucker 86 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

45 Class of 1971 Vincent R. Bonagura Philip L. Milstein P 09, P 10 Dean D. Porter P 98 Edward C. Wallace P 12, P 14 Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Mark E. Kingdon P 09, P 16 Philip L. Milstein P 09, P 10 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Cary L. Queen P 15 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Peter N. Hiebert Jeffrey D. Knowles P 08 Edward C. Wallace P 12, P 14 Irwin H. Warren Dennis H. Langer P 04, P 08 Robert L. Meyer P 09 Peter G. Samuels Gregory A. Wyatt Leslie H. Lepow P 11 David H. Margulies P 13 Lashon B. Booker John A. Carey Eric A. Lindow P 08 Vincent R. Bonagura Lambert H.K. Chee Alan M. Cooper P 08 Duncan N. Darrow Milton K. Erman P 98, P 99 Neil C. Feinstein Mark A. Allen Thomas P. Antenucci Steven R. Arakawa Paul G. Arnest David C. Aron Philip S. Bartolf P 04 Richard S. Belous Edward A. Betancourt Marc D. Binder Alfred R. Boff James Earl Boggan P 12 Joseph Boorstein P 03, P 06 John W. Borek Steven Boss Richard J. Boyd Jonathan Brent P 96 Mitchell V. Brodey Stanley N. Caroff Steven M. Chervin Ed M. Chin Terence L. Chorba Terrence Jay Cohen Myron P. Gutmann P 05 John D. Hughes Robert J. Hunt Hillel J. Karp P 04, P 06, P 10 Richard Owen Levine Philip G. Nord P 04 Richard S. Conn P 07, P 10, P 12 Kenneth R. Cowan Joseph E. Czekala Mark L. Davies Timothy J. DeBaets Joseph A. DeBonis P 02 Eric L. Deitchman Paul M. Deringer Howard Dolinsky James G. Driscoll Lawrence J. Drooks Andrew D. Dunn Harvey R. Dym Jerome P. Ehrlich George R. Eisenberger Edward Eitches P 13 David J. Ellis Lloyd D. Emanuel Arthur F. Engoron George R. Falco Martin S. Farber P 05 James P. Fenton P 04 James R. Petersen Eli A. Rubenstein P 05 Anthony T. Schiro Jan Arthur Schwartz P 07, P 09 Michael J. Shane Shlomo Shinnar P 05 Leonard S. Fischer Jeffry T. Fowley Terry R. Gibson Lawrence Goldberg P 03 John D. Goodson P 00 James M. Goodwin Lawrence E. Gordon James R. Gorman Jonathan Greenberg P 06 David Lloyd Greene Peter C. Hamlin Edward J. Holland David H. Hunter John P. Icenogle Alain Joffe George P. Kacoyanis John S. Kantor Keith Daniels Kaufman Michael Kempster Anthony M. Kestler Paul V. Kroskrity Michael B. Kusin P 97 Ernest B. Thompson Lawrence Stephen Weiss Lee H. Zell Harlan A. Kutscher Michael Myer Landa Eugene Bourne Lefevre Stanley W. Leff David Morrison Lindley Francis G. Lu John D. Macdonald Stephen A. Malone Joseph Gregory Mandel Norman M. Marck P 08 Larry Marshall Gary F. Marton Robert Nathan Mayer Richard H. Michaelson Julio H. Montero Richard B. Moss Nicholas K. Moy David S. Muntz Richard P. Neiss James E. Nofziger Ronald K. Nudelman Michael W. O Donnell Class of 1971 Martin H. Olesh Nai-Phuan Ong Thomas F. Payton Robert M. Pu James J. Raggio James E. Reed Neal J. Rendleman Alfred Jason Richter Vincent J. Rigdon Julio Rivera Neal Rosen Ronald H. Rosenberg P 99 Class of 1972 Roger G. Rosenstein P 00, P 03 Lewis Elliott Rosenthal Steven Joseph Ross P 08 Gary R. Rotenberg Joshua M. Rubenstein Alex P. Sachare Henry W. Sanger Steven J. Schleifer P 02 Errol A. Segall Howard V. Selinger P 03, P 05 David E. Shack Peter R. Shapiro James E. Shaw P 08 David B. Siegel P 05 Melvin Silberklang P 07 Arthur E. Smith Robert H. Smith Charles P. Staver P 05 Richard C. Steinman Frederick P. Stern Robert A. Sternbach Raphael B. Stricker Benjamin Suckewer John K. Sutherland Lewis Stanley Fischbein Robert J. Grey Richard A. Kurnit Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Benjamin B. Lopata P 06, P 08 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Robert J. Grey Richard A. Kurnit David G. Sabel P 13, P 16 Charles P. Starkey Richard E. Waldhorn Peter V. Darrow P 04 º Gary A. Szakmary P 04 Joshua D. Cohn Philippe Dumont Jack L. Feinberg P 09, P 17 A. Scott Anderson Paul S. Appelbaum P 03 Soly Baredes Joshua I. Barzilay John T. Belk Michael A. Bell Paul R. Betz Thomas P. Bonczar David D. Brown Jackie J.H. Chuong Eugene J. Cornell Jonathan K. Crary Stan Crock Rick L. Danheiser Bruce I. Jacobs Shepard R. Hurwitz John J. Kearns Edward M. Lane P 01, P 05, P 09 I. Kenneth Davis John H. Dawson Paul D. Demartini Carl L. Distefano Armen H. Donelian W. Christian Drewes P 00 Alan M. Ducatman Robert J. Dunne Martin D. Edel Arthur F. Ensroth Jeffrey C. Fereday Julian M. Fifer Lewis Stanley Fischbein Paul V. Fitzgerald David S. Leibowitz Fredrick W. Luzietti Neil R. O Hanlon P 04, P 17 William L. Flynn William P. Germano Michael B. Gerrard P 03, P 05 Samuel Gladstone Charles H. Green Jonathan J. Groner P 03 Jerome E. Groopman P 07 Richard J. Gudaitis Richard B. Halperin Nathaniel Saltonstall Heiner Henry C. Herfindahl Robert G. Hibbert Jan K. Horn Steven Jeffrey Howitt Toshihiko Taketomo Lawrence P. Teitelbaum P 08 Mathew A. Thall Kamil Ugurbil Richard W. Vals David D. Verhoff Don F. Wong Kenneth D. Zeitler Steven G. Zimmerman P 08 Rafael P. Pastor Gary M. Pepper William C. Hudgins Robert P. Hymes Lane Ittelson Neil A. Izenberg Jeffrey L. Jackson Steven C. Jenning Richard Joffe David J. Karp George I. Karp P 05 James C. Katz P 05 Thomas K. Kristiansen Robert B. Krumme Harlan Lachman Samuel N.B. Landsman 88 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

46 Class of 1972 Class of 1973 Laurence J. Lasoff Jeffrey C. Laurence Gregg K. Leduc Thomas M. Leitch Mark J. Lesky Jonathan Levi Benson Lieber P 06 Thomas F. Love Gerard E. Lynch P 02 James Macgill Richard M. Macksoud Craig A. McPherson Steven R. Meshnick Christopher J. Moroney John E. Mulligan Reunion Year Giving Class of 1973 Oliver D. Neith Douglas B. Oliver Curtis R. Olsen Gregory J. Palermo Gerard J. Papa Vincent F. Phillips Gregory P. Photiadis James H. Reeves Allan David Reiss Eric M. Reuben Richard J. Ripley P 01 Gerald J. Robinson James A. Romanosky Eugene Richard Ross Richard A. Roth David L. Ryan James J. Sabella P 06 Charles L. Sachs Steven J. Schacter P 05, P 10 Mark S. Schultz Allan H. Schuster Franklin A. Sciacca Amram R. Shapiro Steven R. Shapiro Jeremy C. Sharpe Michael J. Shereff Myron Ralph Siegel Steven S. Silberblatt Robert B. Silberman David Michael Stern Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $131,899 Josef Judah Stern William M. Stone Mark B. Taubman Douglas C. Thompson John S. Tilney Thomas A. Tracy Eric M. Tucker Stephen Wise Unger P 98 Richard H. Valliere Douglas W. VanderHoof Greg Vitercik P 15 Robert W. Wallace P 08 James R. Wilentz John Yergan Total Gifts and Commitments $369,804 Steven M. Hornstein Robert M. Iassogna Alexander P. Ierokomos Albert L. Ingram Frank Irizarry Marc E. Jaffe Mark J. Jarrett P 15 William F. Jones Gary S. Katzmann Robert A. Katzmann Barry A. Kelner Bruce R. Kieffer Jeff K. Kowalski Mitchell E. Kronenberg Austin Harrison Kutscher James F. Lafargue Peter Martin Lefferts Theodore C.M. Li P 07 Edward G. Luban David B. Malman Stuart C. Mangel Thomas C. Melo Steven F. Messner Elliot M. Meyerowitz Laurence H. Miller James F. Minter Peter Jude Niemiec Steven T. Oney Stephen F. Pellino Gregory J. Peterson Maurice Peterson William L. Pollack Robert A. Pruznick P 11 Timothy Bell Raser David J. Ritchie Elliot W. Robinson Henry W. Rosenberg Bruce A. Rush William H. Schmidt Frederic P. Schneider Jerry Sebag William Chapman Sharpe Robert A. Shea Andrew B. Short John J. Sidtis Maurice Michael Silverman Steven Sims Allan H. Solomon R. Ernest Sosa Jerome J. Spunberg P 04, P 12 Ross E. Staffeldt Stewart E. Sterk James E. Thomashower Michael S. Thompson Richard J. Troiano Mark A. Turco Dale T. Umetsu Paul F. Van Lent Louis P. Venech Michael Waldron Carl R. Weinberg Jerome R. Weiner Phillip M. Weiss P 10 Steve Jay Wolf P 05 Stephen K. Woods Anton Zauner Michael H. Byowitz P 13 Donald Norman Jensen Raymond J. Vastola P 07 Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Thomas F. Shadek Class of 1974 Joel D. Almquist Frederick C. Bremer Geoffrey J. Colvin P 08, P 10, P 14 Robert P. Knapp Mark G. Lebwohl P 04 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Philip E. Aarons Michael H. Byowitz P 13 Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Arnold L. Chavkin Richard A. Canzonetti Mitchell B. Freinberg P 10 Mark K. Glasser Eric H. Holder Nicholas R. Lubar Finbarr J. O Neill P 06 Raymond J. Vastola P 07 Marc Ian Gross Donald James Jackson P 10, P 14 Alfred J. Medioli William Charles Miller Ira J. Helf Donald Norman Jensen Robert B. Simon Alan R. Bell P 12 James W. Callanan Jeffrey L. Gross Roberto E. Alonso Michael Amdurer Herbert W. Baker Erik H. Bergman Samuel S. Blumenthal William W. Bratton Martin Brower Walter Emerson Brown Arie Bucheister John A. Butler Peter D. Isakoff Paul J. Kaliades Nanda S. Kirpekar P 15 Alfred F. Cain Andrew C. Casterline John A. Chan Eugene A. Charon Curtis W. Church David A. Colangelo Jonathan S. Dabbieri Francis J. Dermody R. Bruce Dewey Patrick F. Dolan Alex C. Li Robert J. Schiller Ravi T. Venkateswaran Thomas K. Donaldson John T. Donelan Mark R. Dosch Eugene S. Drucker Edward C. Dunn William G. Fenley David R. Ferguson Leo W. Fraser Gary H. Friday P 15 Gregory M. Gall Michael V. Vitiello George Geller Steven J. Glaser Sander L. Glatt P 03 Bradley Dale Gooch Scott M. Gordon Howard N. Gould P 12 Steven S. Greenberg Fred E. Hallal Ronnie L. Heifetz Jeffrey Walter Herrmann I support the Core because even 25 years later, I feel that it helps define me, not so much by the books themselves as by the conviction that there is always more to learn and that the great works are a worthy place to start. So not only did Columbia introduce me to my first Core but it also motivated me to create new Cores of my own formulating for myself and to return to the original Core along with my high schoolaged son, as we both read some of the same works I did at Columbia. Sharon Bowden Davis Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

47 Class of 1974 Class of 1975 Rodman W. Benedict Edward S. Kornreich P 05 Daniel E. Angius P 08 Frank Paul Bruno Gerald Krovatin Mark G. Lebwohl P 04 Charles A. Leiwant P 06, P 08, P 11 George Louis Van Amson P 13, P 15, P 17 David A. Melnick P 03 Alan P. Parnes Kevin J. Ward P 11 Peter Sullivan, P 07 Barry S. Berger P 14 James P. Dolan Stephen Jacobs Robert D. Katz P 04, P 08 Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Richard E. Witten P 10 Ira Brett Malin P 11, P 17 Randolph C. Nichols Robert C. Schneider P 07 Marcos A. Delgado Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Eugene I. Davis P 05, P 07 James M. Shadek Joel D. Almquist Frederick C. Bremer Geoffrey J. Colvin P 08, P 10, P 14 Jonathan W. Cuneo Robert M. Adler Michael S. Alexander Anthony C. Austin Myles S. Baer P 13 Joseph S. Barone Anthony J. Barreca William A. Berk Edward F. Berliner P 06, P 09 Bryan H. Berry Douglas M. Birch David R. Black Steven L. Blumenthal Peter Burnham Boody Bruce T. Brennan Richard A. Briffault Peter C. Budeiri Robert A. Cantone P 10 Evan B. Carton Peter W. Chen Anthony J. Christopher Charles Dewey Cole Sylvester Conyers Joseph DeCarlo P 08 Edmonde P. DeGregorio Ralph Carl DeJuliis Pasquale A. DeVito Leon S. DilPare Dana D. Dlott Daniel L. Dolgin Ismael Dovalina Patrick W. Dowd Jonathan G. Draper Martin E. Hale Barry M. Klayman Robert P. Knapp Salvatore Lanuto Wilfrid Dubois Steven Dworkin Thomas M. Eccardt Erik A. Eriksson Henry B. Ewert Thomas F. Ferguson P 03, P 07 Vito J. Ferrante Evan B. Forde Victor M. Fortuno Gary S. Friedman Max Friedman George J. Georges Diane Goldkopf P 10 Daniel A. Gonzalez Stanley L. Goodman Frank Graffeo Joel H. Halio Michael J. Hanrahan Christian P. Hansen Tracy K. Healy P 03 Anthony C. Herrling John B.A. Hostage Thomas Ichniowski P 03 Joseph T. Ippolito Robert N. Israel Bram L. Jacobson Garrett Mck Johnson Michael A. Jozefczyk Joseph Kanon Steven B. Kaplan P 04, P 06, P 09 Richard Koo P 05 Abbe David Lowell Stephen R. Lynch P 08 Paul F. Marino P 08, P 12 Stephen R. Seidel P 15 James S. Kort P 06 Kenneth M. Krug Chris J. Kulkosky Scott G. Kunst Frank Lau Paul E. Lemanski Rex H. Levang Robert Eugene Levitz Saul Levmore Stewart L. Levy Michael J. Lombardi John A. Malmberg Matthew J. Marano Theodore J. Markowitz Charles C. Martorana Paul E. McCormack Hunter L. McQuistion Erwin Mermelstein P 01, P 03 Asher H. Miller Emil Mottola Robert F. Murphy Tobias C. Nascimento Jonathan H. Oberman Stephen M. O Connor P 14 Frank A. Palmeri James F. Pleasants P 12 Raymond C. Reed Richard C. Richter Burton L. Rochelson Israel Rosado Alan B. Rosenberg Mitchell Rosenberg Lawrence E. Stam P 12 William R. Stein Edward H. Vazquez Andrew Wang Bruce B. Rosenstock James E. Rouen Michael A. Rozza Frank Russo Bruce E. Schaeffer Daniel J. Schnaidt P 06 Steven M. Schonfeld P 03 Jason M. Shargel John R. Shea Laurence A. Silverman Michael D. Slater John T. Slough George B. Smithy Eliot Martin Solomon Douglas E. Speed Warren R. Stern Zev Stern Peter N. Stoll John L. Sullivan Howard S. Tom Michael A. Trittipo Jean-Pierre D. Van Lent Carlos A. Vega Harvey E. Weiner Richard Windels William John Wisniewski David G. Wolinsky Peter J. Zegarelli Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Ira Brett Malin P 11, P 17 Stephen Jacobs Walter G. Ricciardi P 06 Randolph C. Nichols Joseph Polizzotto Barry Sorrels P 09 Peter D. McCann John D. Babb David B. Cassidy Louis Dalaveris Peter A. Aldea Paul A. Argenti P 12 Spyridon P. Arsenis Harold B. Aspis P 05 John G. Atwood Michael S. Behar Michael J. Boylan P 09 Gary A. Brill P 12 Thomas A. Campbell Joseph J. Cervone Joel E. Chodos P 15 David C. Colby Louis J. Cortelezzi Michael J. Craig Kevin J. Creeden James P. Dolan Michael S. Dulberg Michael Middleton Dwyer Bruce J. Einhorn P 04 Andrew R. Farber Joseph B. Fernandez Stanley B. Fertig Edward Firouztale Alan M. Fixelle Michael M. Flagg Benjamin A. Fleischner Robert R. de la Vega Desmond P. Foynes Lloyd N. Friedman Benson D. Forman Miguel A. Franco Peter A. Garza-Zavaleta Guy Golembiewski Marc J. Gottridge Rima Grad, P 02, P 12, P 15 Neil David Gross Jorge de Jesus Guttlein William J. Havlena Michael P. Hirsh Elliot S. Hollander Peter J. Holliday William Hong Walter P. Hus James J. Hyde John M. Jemerin Gary E. Jenkins Robert D. Katz P 04, P 08 Barry S. Kolatch Jonathan E. Kolitz Richard Koretz Steven Krasner Eric W. Kristensen Paul S. Kulig Irving J. Kuznetzow Frank Lancellotti Charles R. Gwirtsman Jeffrey L. Kessler Anna Kornbrot Robert S. Levine Frederic Mark Levy Steven D. Lidofsky Robert Lopez Thomas J. Losonczy P 08 Theofanis G. Mamouneas Jose Andres Martinez Scott McConnell Alan Mechanic Paul R. Michael Philip E. Mihlmester Edmund A. Mikalauskas Ferdinand J. Milano Brian L. Miller Steven J. Miller Robert L. Morgan Albert J. Mrozik Ralph V. Nofi Thomas J. Plotz P 06 John A. Randall Westley H. Reeves Michael N. Rosen Dwight J. Rosenstein Stephen J. Rosow William M. Ross Philip Roth Edward Kutler P 07 Joseph A. Lipari Edward D. Pagani William F. Ryan Irving Schenkler Kenneth A. Scherzer Robert C. Schneider P 07 Jeffrey N. Siegel Kenneth J. Slutsky John H. Smith P 08 David J. Spector Aaron A. Stein P 02 Mitchell B. Stein Richard P. Stein James M. Steven Andrew M. Sustiel Michael L. Szarvasy Joseph M. Tibaldi Wayne T. Turner Alex A. Van Adzin Frederick S. Vondy Floyd A. Warren Robert A. Wazevich Gary Hal Weiss John L. Yee Peter G. Zurflieh 92 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

48 Class of 1976 Class of 1977 Stephen M. Davis Kenneth Eliot Howitt P 13 Douglas W. Neuman Mozelle W. Thompson Stephen M. Davis J. Ezra Merkin P 07, P 09, P 11, P 16 Isidore Tepler Mozelle W. Thompson Craig B. Brod Mark H. Goldberger Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Danny Ong Yee P 15 Daniel J. Goldschmidt William F. Gray P 11 Dominic Anthony Petito P 13 David B. Stanton P 09, P 11 Christopher C. Sten Daniel P. Baker P 07, P 10 Robert I. Bressman Arnold Nicholas De Monico Robert J. Giusti P 12 Douglas R. Murphy-Chutorian Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 David B. Stanton P 09, P 11 Bruce B. Bank Terrence A. Corrigan Robert Benjamin Czekanski John P. Demas Mark C. Abbott Myles Barry Astor Joseph H. Avery Edward J. Bastyr Hasan Bazari P 06, P 10 James A. Berger Patrick J. Bergin Gerald F. Bigelow Michael S. Billig Bruce J. Black Robert S. Brager James P. Bruno David S. Carroll P 11 Henry J. Cohen John C. Connell P 13, P 16 Richard A. Cooper Anthony R. Corea Philip H. Corradini Michael J. DeBusk Tom Deutsch Burton F. Dickey P 16 Laniel Dubose John F. Egan Richard J. Eichler P 14 Robert K. Erlanger Steven A. Fiamengo Bruce M. Filak Joel I. Gedan Douglas M. Halsey Fan-Cheong Kung Robert Kenneth Mehmel P 17 Allen P. Fineberg Robert E. Furno Steven P. Galasky Dennis M. Gibbens Michael T. Gilbride Edward J. Gindi Mark Giosa Jeffrey M. Glassman Donald T. Goldblatt Brad M. Goldman Steven L. Goldstein P 11 Arturo B. Gonzales-Alfonso Marc Troup Goodman P 13, P 14 Dennis K. Goodrich Steven E. Greene P 16 Arthur G. Hatzopoulos David S. Hershkowitz Arthur E. Herzog Mark M. Hoffman Kenneth Eliot Howitt P 13 Toomas Hendrik Ilves Michael J. Imperiale Francis A. Jacobyansky Mark C. Joseph David A. Kagan Lawrence M. Katz Richard W. Katz Howard Miller Robert J. Miller Michael P. O Connor Richard E. Rohr Andrew S. Kerr P 10 Gary A. Klingsberg Roland John Koestner Brad D. Koozman Jon Kevin Koplin George Krasowski Barry C. LaBoda Wilfred Lee Bruce M. Levine Geoffrey M. Levitt Laurence P. Lubka Joseph G. Lurio P 06 Jeffrey D. Malkan Sanford R. Malz Jonathan S. Margolis Lawrence J. Markovitz John C. Markowitz Lucas C. Matthiessen Vincent P. Mazzeo Kevin M. McCoy Anthony G. Messina Briane Nelson Mitchell P 06 Andrew A. Nat Chung Cham Ng Roy E. Plotnick Louis G. Putterman Eric Rieder Benjamin H.L. Tsang Allen L. Weingarten Edward Jay Wolf P 14 Isidro De J. Rivera Juan Rivera Walter Rivera P 02 Gregory Joseph Rumore P 13 Michael J. Sackler P 06, P 15 William S. Schechter Thomas A. Schwartz John P. Sesek Michael E. Shaff Steven R. Shea Irving C. Sheldon Joel M. Silverstein Sander L. Singer Larry Smith Eric C. Sokoloff Charles D. Spinosa Paul A. Talbot Sam L. Teichman Thomas G. Thompson Timothy N. Tracey William J. Umscheid Robert L. Utz Luke M. Vaughan Jay Weiser Donald B. Willard Michael E. Wise Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Lawrence S. Bellone Craig B. Brod William Y. Chen David Gruenstein William Y. Cheng James L. Mullin P 06 Steven D. Roth P 12, P 16 Dudley N. Williams Joseph L. Harris David J. Landes P 18 Peter E. Callegari Mark H. Goldberger T. Walter Heiser Efrain Agosto Brian K. Alberts Andrew R. Alexander Steve F. Apollon Michael J. Aroney Norman A. Back Edward H. Baker Gregory F. Ball Lawrence A. Bauer Harold J. Bauld P 09 Michael D. Beck Russell Edward Behrman Peter J. Beller Barry G. Bergdoll Marc R. Berman Eric M. Bjork Maxwell G. Bloche Robert P. Boatti Harry Joseph Bodnar Nicholas Louis Bogen James C. Camparo Mark T. Carroll Michael G. Caruso Frank V. Castello Paul Chaconas Mark Krueger Jose R. Leites Robert E. Martinez Min Choi Leslie A. Cohen Kenneth C. Coignet Michael W. Collins Joseph A. Cornelius Anthony B. Dardis Mark L. Denton William G. Dorsey Charles I. Edelsburg A. Joshua Ehrlich James J. Fee Jeffrey R. Fine P 13 Thomas P. Gale William Geissler Leonard M. Glynn Arthur H. Gold Jay K. Goldberg Matthew G. Goodman Michael Gordon David J. Gorman Andrew J. Greenspan Kenneth E. Gregory Martin Gross Gairy F. Hall P 11 Philip B. Hemily Fredric J. Matlin Scott F. Morgan Brent M. Rosenthal Charles J. Hillenbrand Hilary J. Hinzmann Kenneth J. Hoffman Bart K. Holland Barry S. Hyman Edward G. Izzo Alan H. Kadish Michael Katzman Kevin L. Kehoe Robert J. Kent Daniel G. Kottke Martin L. Kutscher P 13 Alan J. Lawitz Paul H. Liang Stewart D. Lipner Hiram Lopez Jon M. Lukomnik Jose Maldonado Michael J. Mallazzo John C. Mark Thomas E. Martin John A. McAuliffe David C. McAvoy Bruce H. Micley Mark R. Milner Joseph A. Walker Isaac B. Weisfuse Kimball Pratt Woodward John M. Monahan Franco A. Mormando Lawrence J. Moss James M. Mullen P 07 Stephen G. Murphy Donald M. Olson Michael Bornstein Oren James J. O Toole Richard J. Otter Peter G. Palys Kevin L. Pehr Dennis Patrick Quinn Mark A. Reid Gary Rosenberg Andrew Sama Daniel N. Sang John P. Santamaria Anthony T. Saviano Peter Dincin Schneider Caleb A. Schwartz John W. Siegal William B. Smithy Jeffrey I. Stein Christopher C. Sten Jerry K. Strauss 94 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

49 Class of 1977 Class of 1978 Jay T. Suemori Samuel D. Sweet Leonard P. Swyer Frank M. Tamarin Reunion Year Giving Class of 1978 Thomas A. Bisdale Charles V. Callan Steven A. Teitelbaum Thomas V. Wagner James Kai Ti Wang Robert L. Werner John R. Flores P 04, P 07, P 10 Evan Miller Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Martin J. Cicco Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Jonathan L. Freedman George C. Whipple Kenneth E. Wile P 08 Neal L. Wolkoff Ron K. Wolner P 13, P 15 Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $206,396 Matthew L. Nemerson Mark D. Silverschotz Mark D. Wray Sotos K. Yannopoulos Total Gifts and Commitments $621,951 Robert P. Kerker Conrad D. Kiechel Yasumasa Kikuchi James A. Kilcommons Thomas E. Korosec Emanuel L. Kouroupos Stuart L. Kricun Frederic M. Lahey Kenneth Mark Laracuente P 13 Anthony LaRocco Gregory F. Leghart Michael S. Lehmann Philip J. Lemanski Myron M. Levitt Richard A. Lynch David J. Margules Thomas F. Mariam Daniel C. McCorkle Robert M. McCullough Kevin A. McHugh Richard Bruce Medoff David Michael Melamed Charles J. Meltzer Solomon N. Merkin P 09, P 15 Mitchel Mernick James J. Milbauer Alan B. Miller Wayne H. Miller Howard H. Mizrachi Jeffrey A. Moerdler Robert L. Moshman Edward M. Newman Terrence J. O Connor Vincent S. Panella Paul S. Phillips P 12 Anthony P. Piscitelli Alvin C. Powell P 10 Alan C. Reingold Thomas H. Reuter P 07, P 11 Andrew L. Rider Timothy C. Riedler Rolando F. Rodriguez Frederick L. Rosenstein Allen J. Rothman Joseph T. Schifilliti Daniel J. Sedlis Ian J. Silverman David C. Skinner Kenneth W. Smith Daniel M. Steigman Ann C. Stein William M. Strauss Peter J. Szeibel Gregory T. Tadduni Eugene Tanaka Jack P. Tom Peter H. Triandafillou Paul A. Tumbleson Kevin E. Vitting James J. Vornov Lyle G. Walsh Spencer D. Warncke Dane B. Wesley Henry Wong John Y.L. Wong Samuel G. Wong Steven N. Zaris Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Eli Bryk P 07, P 08, P 10, P 13 Jonathan L. Kolatch P 09, P 14 Paul Christian McCormick P 10, P 14 Evan Miller Daniel E. Straus P 10, P 14 Class of 1979 Sinclair C. Haberman P 18 Joseph D. Mark P 11 Nicholas J. Serwer John R. Slosar Bruce D. Steinberg P 17 James E. Brandt P 08, P 13 Jeffrey M. Davis P 08 Jess H. Drabkin P 09 George James Florakis Brooks J. Klimley Fernando Ortiz P 09, P 14 Joseph F. Staffetti Lance A. Warrick P 16 Timothy John Alvino P 99, P 06 John W. Gastler Howard B. Levi David J. Spinosa P 15 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Robert Leslie Deresiewicz P 13, P 16 Peter K. Honig Donald F. Simone Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 James E. Brandt P 08, P 13 Brooks J. Klimley Robert D. Blank Charles V. Callan Jeffrey L. Canfield David M. Cohen P 17 Allan R. Cox Alberto M. Acosta Michael O. Adelman Christopher J. Allen Lawrence Victor Amsel Gary D. Becker Jeffrey A. Becker Ronald G. Belcher Thomas A. Bisdale Michael A. Blaustein George G. Bloom John Alexander Bodkin P 12 Marc Bogatin Kevin F. Burns Bennett A. Caplan P 11 Edmund A. Debler Alfred G. Feliu John R. Flores P 04, P 07, P 10 David C. Freinberg David J. Friedman P 09, P 15 Danny Chen William Kuang-Yu Chen Robert F. Crochelt Brian D Agostino David W. Danner Anthony J. DeAngelis Carlos O. Del Alcazar P 11 Christopher W. Dell Alex Ralph Demac Howard L. Distelman Evan B. Dreyer Sanford P. Dumain Chris E. Duval Thomas D. Eisen Joseph Giovannelli Michael J. Glanzer P 16 David H. Glaser Don David Guttenplan Byron L. Moger P 12 Donald P. Endrizzi Falk Engel Ted L. Faraone Paul J. Feldman Danilo S. Feliciano Edward T. Ferguson Peter J. Ford Michael F. Forlenza Bruce W. Fraser Russell T. Frazer Robert C. Freeberg Lawrence Carl Friedman Stuart R. Gaffin Charles H. Geneslaw Mark D. Silverschotz Chester D. Zahn Stephen R. Goodnough Wendell M. Graham Joseph A. Greenaway William G. Harrison Hilary I. Hertan James Maynard Hill William L. Holden Sigmund Hough Scott H. Jacobs Eric A. Jonas Robert G. Josephs P 15 Seth Josephson Vasilios Karabinis John T. Kavanaugh David J. Hachey Timothy F. Howe Francis J. Aquila Jess H. Drabkin P 09 Raymond J. Dorado John C. Czajkowski Jeffrey M. Davis P 08 Howard D. Green Harlan T. Greenman P 12 Stephen K. Ackerman P 16 Rolando T. Acosta P 11 Joseph P. Armao Erik James Ashbaugh Swenson Perry A. Ball Peter R. Lasusa Dale W. Lum George James Florakis Michael P. Kelly P 14 Timothy J. Gilfoyle De Moyle Howell George M. Jirotka Thomas M. Kelly Nathan Howard Lebwohl David E. Bauer Richard C. Boldt Abraham J.J. Brandwein David A. Brower P 16 William G. Buchholz Paul Dennis O Connor Eugene W. Schatz Robert Edward Schoen P 16 Mark J. Thompson Chester P. Lee Shiun Ling Dario McDonald Jonathan I. Mishkin Charles J. Carrier Lloyd S. Carroll Richard A. Cooper Thomas E. Costigan Rodney Cromartie Joseph J. Simone D. Bradford Reich Robert Riederman P 11 Michael D. Daswick Mark A. Demitrack Jeffrey S. Deutschman John A. Don Mark A. Eberle 96 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

50 Class of 1979 David E. Epplett Michael A. Faillace Joseph M. Ferullo Gary E. Filosa Eric L. Fremed P 17 David Paul Friedman P 16 James D. Fry James M. Gentile Ali Gheissari P 14 Andrew N. Greenwald Steven R. Gustavson Lawrence H. Hanau Roger W. Heighton Ethan M. Heisler Larry E. Hirschfield Sidney C. Holt Timothy O. Horrigan Allan Hoving Marc W. Jensen P 12 Neil D. Jensen Thomas B. Johnson Daniel P. Jones Henry R. Jost Martin R. Joyce Perry L. Kamel Scott A. Kamen Daniel B. Kaplan Steven P. Karas Ralph Keen John D. Kelly Jerome B. Kisslinger Thomas A. Kligerman Mitchell N. Kotler Gilead I. Lancaster Peter C. Laterza William Lee Jeffrey Taylor Light Jack J. Lipari Lawrence J. Lubitz P 11, P 16 Byron O. Magafas Matthew A. Marion Jeffrey M. Marks Michael Steven Marx David Edward Matarasso Hugh A. McKenna Thomas H. Mellins Richard S. Milford Clint Eugene Miller Oscar Alejandro Montero Robert L. Montgomery Robert D. Mullaney Patrick J. O Gara Richard P. Ouellet Thomas J. Pacicco John J. Pagano Jeffrey Scott Pollak Donald M. Rattner John J. Rearick Robert V. Rubin C.A. Rutkowski Steve Sabba Kenneth L. Sacharin P 09 Simon Guadalupe Salas Larry Stevens Sandberg Peter R. Scaglione Uli Schamiloglu Douglas F. Schwandt Gary C. Schwedock Peter Brett Scoliard Alan Seife P 14 Mindaugas A. Senulis Steven C. Shahan Andrey S. Shaw P 11 Adam M. Shub Henry H. Silliman James R. Simcoe Richard H. Sinkoff Charles Skop Paul H. Sonnenschein Donald L. Spencer Harold M. Sternburg David B. Stirk Gerald B. Stoughton P 16 Andrew L. Sunshine P 14 George V. Sweeting Tomas T. Szoboszlai Thomas M. Takach F.J. Troncelliti Servio J. Tuero Roman Vasserman Ismael A. Velez Michael Verderame Howard N. Wallick Lance A. Warrick P 16 Kenneth L. Weissman Class of 1980 Michael C. Brown P 06 James P. Gerkis David Michael Leahy P 13 Kevin C. Matthews P 10, P 12 Jeffrey M. Field P 12 K. Ivan F. Gothner Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Shawn P. FitzGerald P 17 Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 George D. Yancopoulos P 16 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Eric S. Goldstein P 15, P 16 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Eric M. Blattman Fernando A. B. Prado Michael C. Brown P 06 James P. Gerkis Jerome H. Chin P 12 J. Eric Nelson P 10 David Michael Leahy P 13 Michael C. Riordan Vincent Rocco Saladini Mark S. Schnitzer Keith L. Krasney Rafael E. Padilla P 17 Ian M. Parmiter A.J. Sabatelle Thomas M. Zollo Bruce G. Paulsen David F.A. Walker George A. Anagnos Patrick J. DeSouza Joseph Costagliola George L. Curtis Bruce L. Edwards P 13 Christopher E. Flynn James Chungwoo Kim Darren J. Magda Kevin C. Matthews P 10, P 12 Jeffrey C. Ward T he College provided me an intimate environment within which I had the opportunity to learn from members of the faculty, especially James Shenton 49, who were genuinely committed to teaching undergraduates. The College also helped me to appreciate that the tendency to essentialism in matters relating to race, national origin or gender is antithetical to a society that aspires to truth or justice. Lori, my wife and my partner in all things, and I want to do our part to help expand the family of those who have had the privilege of a College education. Craig Gurrian 79 Philip J. Adkins P 15 Ehsan Ahmed Leslie A. Allen Robert J. Alpino John K. Avanzino Kevin C. Barrett Alexei R. Bayer Jeffrey H. Bogursky P 16 Gregory F. Breen Brian T. Brown Kent E. Butler John J. Cambareri Miguel Caridad Michael J. Casey Sean P. Clerkin P 09 Gerard Anthony Compito Francis J. Connolly Dennis T. Costakos Joseph P. Daly Boris A. Datskovsky Mark N. Diller Eric F. Dubow Mark Julian Duchovic Thomas A. Dunder Larry E. Elder Charles Fiske Emery Richard J. Fairfield Jeffrey M. Field P 12 Jeffrey Fisher David M. Fleischner Robert J. Freer Brett M. Friedman P 16 James G. Gallagher Richard L. Gans Daniel O. Georges Craig L. Godshall Alan S. Goldman Daniel LaRue Gross Jeffrey Woods Harrison Simon Harvey Raymond J. Hawkins Samuel C. Hoi Albert C. Hsu Kunihiko Phillip Ishikawa Kamil Ismail Lionel B. Ivashkiv Arondel M. Jones Stephen Michael Kane P 08 Adam R. Kasanof Diogenes P. Kekatos Matthew Pierce Kennedy David B. Koff Keith L. Krasney Christopher R. LaRosa Carlos J. Lopez Kenneth S.K. Lum Ronald J. Maddalena Loris A. Magnani Jay A. Marcus Peter G. Maslak Mark D. Mason Stephen M. McGrath Joseph McKenna Thomas W. McNamara John C. Metaxas Daniel D. Miller Jose L. Morin Ralph D. Morrison David C. Moss Jon C. Olson Christopher C. Owens Rafael E. Padilla P 17 Bruce G. Paulsen Gerard J. Pendrick Robert C. Pini Mark S. Pollack Bruce G. Pottash P 15 William J. Prasifka P 12 Richard A. Prieto Thomas Gerard Rice 98 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

51 Class of 1980 Class of 1981 David E. Ross P 13 Chih Y. Shih P 16 M. George Stevenson John M. Wilkie Don W. Joe Stephen J. Masiar Mark Jay Rosen Rajeev M. Talwani Elliot M. Schachner Timothy B. Smith Gabriel P. Tang Jonathan M. Winter Robert W. Kanarkiewicz Daniel R. McCarthy Elliott M. Rosenstein Christopher C. Tauss James R. Schachter P 11 Garry B. Spector Ariel D. Teitel Leo J. Wolansky Thomas F. Killeen Denis J. McInerney Jeffrey S. Roth John Lawrence Tone Richard J. Schechter Marshall S. St. Clair Herbert L. Thornhill P 12 Shing-Chiu Wong Hyetae Kim P 15 Charles R.H. Miers Adam D. Rothberg P 17 Barrie R. Tron Kenneth D. Scheff Steven M. Stein David Clark Tseng Jay H. Ziffer Hyun Chong Kim Maurice Morales Fache Douglas G. Sadownick Andrew S. Untch John F. Schutty David M. Steiner David F.A. Walker David L. King Athol W. Morgan Joseph Sbiroli Giovanni B. Vitale David Lee Sherman Scott P. Steinmann Ronald H. Weich Edward H. Klees Edward J. Moroni Stephen G. Schneider Barry Waldman Ronald A. Koatz Benjamin Nudelman Joerg N. Schwartz Marius A. Wechsler Class of 1981 D. Stave Kohtz Kris V. Kowdley Adrian R. Krainer Vernon L. Outlaw P 07 David R. Palasits Richard S. Peltz Geoffrey I. Shapiro Richard W. Silbert P 17 Alexander C. Simotas Gerald L. Weinhouse Richard B. Werner Michael D. Wilder Jean-Marie L. Atamian P 12, P 16 Mark Hillary Hansen Brian C. Krisberg P 17 Jay Y. Lee P 11, P 15 Randal K. Quarles Scott S. Solomon Daniel S. Tamkin P 12 Timothy M. Landry Alan H. Lessoff Marc Allen Lipsett Robert B. Lowenfels Armando Perez-Velasco Samuel R. Pesin Keith P. Purpura Richard D. Quadri Glenn J. Smith Gregory G. Smith Gary Mitchel Spiegel Michael J. Spithogiannis Martin T. Wilner Davies Wong David B. Wright Danny Yip Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Thomas H. Glocer John V. Luisi Robert T. Maddox P 16 Noam E. Marans P 13 Nessim Rahmey James S. Rector Eliseo T. Rojas Michael J. Sproat Michael Robert Strauss P 15 Lazarus N. Sun P 17 Vladimir I. Zlobinsky Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Bruce Golden Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 James S. Kaufman P 13, P 15 Brian C. Krisberg P 17 Paul J. Maddon Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Daniel S. Tamkin P 12 Thomas N. Tryforos Class of 1982 Louis A. De Chiara David Paul Filosa Prem A. Lachman Philip M. Smith Arthur Staub P 17 Jean-Marie L. Atamian P 12, P 16 Marc B. Mazur P 12, P 15 John A. Tsanas Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Charles W. Santoro P 13 Mark D. Sonnino Edmund Kit Man Chan Clayton E. Jones P 17 William M. Carey Harvey D. Cotton P 11 Stephen D. Klein Howard L. Katz David J. Glass William B. Grogan Edward M. Krishok Michael J. Lane Randal K. Quarles Oscar Shamamian Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Francisco Javier Lopez-Balboa Victor M. Lopez-Balboa P 14 P 13, P 15 Tracy V. Maitland Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Joseph A. Cabrera Douglas Jon Hepworth R. Gregg Nabhan David E. Sipiora Thomas Michael Nevitt P 10, P 13, P 16 Michael J. Schmidtberger George R. Stephanopoulos Kevin J. Fay Alfred A. Austin Christopher Michael Peter Jackson Eric I. Daum P 15 Robert J. Meislin P 12 Mitchell G. Etess Peter M. Gerstman Mark A. Berti Elliot S. Cafritz Joseph W. Donovan Donald F. Ferguson Timothy M. George Yigal Litvin Chandrasekar Venugopal Michael A. Bass Kevin L. Best Pedro C. DeAzambuja John R. DeNatale Steven Evans P 14 Paul G. Feinman Marc Gertler Lawrence E. Goettisheim Louis A. De Chiara Frederick S.K. Ling C. Dale Turnipseed Anthony J. Bosco Frank T. Boyle Robert P. Canning P 17 Yu P. Chin Chris Christophorou K.D. Cooper Kevin R. Costa Thierry Desmaris Nicholas A. Deutsch Brad R. Diller Peter J. Downs P 04 Luc Droal Francis L. Ellis Jonathan C. Elsen Eric Feldstein John J. Filak John H. Fousek Joshua B. Friedman John A. Geanuracos Arthur J. Geller Richard P. Gentile Robert F. Gookin Daniel H. Gordis Mark Hillary Hansen Richard W. Hayes Brian E. Hoffman Howard M. Hoffman Timothy Charles Hogan Arnaud Bastien Paul I. Chang Vincent Donnabella James M. Doona David Paul Filosa Edward M. Fox Lloyd M. Green Mark R. Jarrell Aaron D. Kugelmass William Gary Lemberg Edward Lopez P 11, P 14 Raul Mitrani P 13 Randy T. Pearce Thomas Gerard Seaman Rajan Sekaran Arthur Staub P 17 James J. Uebbing John Michael Vassos Andrew B. Weisman Sean Francis D Arcy P 14 Kyle G. Escherich P 13 Howard Gershen Lewis M. Horowitz 100 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

52 Class of 1982 Class of 1983 Eric D. Altholz David A. Atkins Deepak Awasthi Gilfred Bauer Geoffrey C. Bayliss Gary I. Bergel Jordan L. Blinder Christopher King Bowen Larry J. Braverman Stephen M. Brockmann Michael J. Brown Peter C. Brown Robert Kendall Brown Michael D. Bruce Francisco J. Calvo Stuart A. Caplan Steven J. Casiano James S. Connolly Matthew J. Connors Benjamin Cortijo Fred J. Costello David F. Crandall Patrick L. Cropper Andrew J. Cytroen Steven H. Dane Maximilian F. Dietshe Aimery F. Dunlap-Smith Raphael L. Edelman David L. Fishman Douglas R. Fletcher Kenneth R. Fougere Marc A. Fox Reunion Year Giving Class of 1983 Gerrard Patrick Bushell Steven Earl Coleman P 15 Michael S. Friedman Samuel Friedman Alan J. Garten Edward Gelles Elan Gerstmann Jay M. Goldring Kenneth C. Goodsell Gustaf C. Hansen Asher A. Harris Louis J. Hector P 14 Bernard David Horn Daniel James Horwitz Bruce M. Hulse Nobuhisa Ishizuka Robert Alfred Jaeckel Edner Jean-Baptiste Douglas L. Jicha Lester W. Johnson Richard A. Joselson Ira N. Kalfus Joseph L. Kannry Mark Kenneally Steven Koppel Jerome M. Korman William T. Korn David K. Krane Tomas R. LaCosta Mark L. Laponte Jeffrey H. Lautman Scott D. Levy Richard C. Li Kee-Hak Lim Robert Harding Davis Eric Lee Epstein Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Andrew Francis Barth P 16 Daniel S. Loeb Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Michael A. Pucker P 14 Charles H. Loomis Thomas Jerome MacDermott David Makovsky Arthur L.L. Malkani John N. Mastrodimos Steven A. McGinty Thomas J. McNally Brian C. Mehmel Howard G. Mendel Gavin W. Miles Jonathan M. Miller Mitchell R. Miller Mark Monane Alexander P. Moon Mark O. Morris Peter J. Mozarsky Daniel J. O Connor Paul I. Oh Karl S. Okamoto John T. O Keefe C. Jefferson A. Parker Nicholas Pepe Michael A. Pergolizzi David Leslie Peterson Conrad Ramos Maurice F. Rasgon Rolon A. Reed Harlan G. Rich Paul J. Riordan Salvatore V. Sampino David B. Schacher William N. Schilit Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $628,841 Joseph Keeney Roy William Pomerantz James C. Shehan Ronald K. Simons Christopher J. Sjoholm Gavin C. Smith Philip M. Smith Steven D. Spence Geoffrey S. Stern Robert S. Stone Robert J. Strauch P 12 Andrew T. Sumereau J. Douglas Summa Kenneth P. Sun Randolph W. Symington Michael D. Szumski Daniel J. Tobin P 17 Christopher M. Tortora Amanullah A. Vazir David M. Vitiello Salvatore S. Volpe James Mellon Walton Liam T. Ward John Thomas Wehba Wallace David Wentink David C. Wilkes William Alan Wilson Gregory B. Winter Stephen R. Yardumian John M. Yee Henry J. Young Jason D. Zweig Total Gifts and Commitments $878,312 Stefan Antonsson Thomas Mac Laren Bow Frank C. Antonelli Linus S. Abrams Marcus W. Brauchli Victor D. Cha Jaeyoung Laurence Chang Kevin George Chapman Bertrand Jacques Alexis Gonzalo Ignacio Arcentales Gil Nicholas Aronow Martin David Avallone Andrew James Barovick Peter Paul Barrasso Ronald A. Blum Roger Barak Blumberg Andrew Botti Christopher P. Boyle Jeffrey Louis Braker Kevin Burrows Gerrard Patrick Bushell Antonio Cajigas Stephen Paul Cambor Peter Michael Catapano Nathaniel H. Christian P 11 Robert Harrison Clarick Christopher Rowland Clifford David Clemens Coplan Anthony M. Corbisiero Scott C. Dawson Robert Leo Dellangelo Mark Louis DeLotto Mark Andrew Devlin Kevin M. Doherty Philip Jay Dolin Robert Sanford Drew David A. Einhorn David Robert Eskra Stephen Peter Huntley-Robertson George Peter Wilson Kenneth Chin Eric Lee Epstein George Robert Fryer John Charles Gruendel John Daniel Hite Carl Faller Seth Jonathan Farber Jeremy Jacob Fingerman Peter F. Fumo Benjamin D. Geber Michael Samuel Gelber Andrew J. Gershon Daniel Louis Gordon Richard Charles Gordon Jonathan Clark Green Steven N. Greenfield John M. Griffin Justin Avery Haber Myles Robert Hansen David William Harrison P 17 Paul J.M. Hauptman Edward Francis Hayes Lawrence Louis Herman David Samuel Hershey-Webb Charles Phillip Hess Luke R. Hill Robert Charles Hughes P 12 Roberto Emilio Izquierdo Daniel Adam Jaffe Thierry M. Jahan Robert Emanuel Kahn Peter Shin Kay Mark L. Kerman David Abram Klein Yu Jin Ko William Raymond Massey Barry W. Rashkover Edward Michael Joyce Joseph Keeney John F. Kiernan Michael Raymond McCarthy Basil M. Michaels Kevin Richard Kohnstamm Edward Steven Koral Frank Koumantaris Peter Kronenberg Carl Andrew Laske Douglas B. Lavin Brian Clark Lazarow Frederic Gordon Leeds Paul Daniel Lerner Gregory Charles Levine Mark Robert Licht Jonathan Edward Lichtmacher James Lo Mark Frederick Lulka Stuart Gerry Lutzker P 15 David R. Lyle Joseph R. Manghisi John H. Masterson Nicholas Henry Mayer Kevin P. McCollister Gary William McCready Joseph Patrick McGowan Frank Camillo Messina Andrew J. Meyers Robert Morelli Albert Morgillo David Newman Robert Zygmunt Orlowski Martin F. Ottomanelli Nicholas Louis Paone Mark Steven Warner Othon A. Prounis Michael Rosenberg Tai H. Park Ramon Edgar Parsons Robert Lee Pash Henry Mikolaj Paszko P 12 Elliot Quint Christopher T. Rankin Mark Jason Ravina David G. Ritchie Bruce McRae Robertson John A. Rogovin Philip Samuel Rubin James Armando Santoro Friederich W. Schulte Reynolds Johnson Scott-Childress Gardner Benjamin Semet Lawrence A. Silverman Peter Todd Simonson Darius T. Sollohub Roderick Vincent Starkie Ted Samuel Storey Joseph Carlin Sullivan Jeffrey Evan Thomas P 12 Robert Charles Urban Drew Mitchell Velting Michael Weinsier Anthony Jay Whalen David Yee Gregory Jay Zentner Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Steven Earl Coleman P 15 Conrad Joseph Goerl Geoffrey Ho P 17 Elliot Bruce Sloane Michael John Cataldo P 08 Robert Harding Davis Peter Paul Leone Mark Albert Momjian P 15, P 17 Roy William Pomerantz William Schultz P Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

53 Class of 1984 Class of 1984 Philip L. Hirschhorn Neel Lane Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Arthur Henry Kohn P 13 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 James T. Brett John P. Perfetti P 13 Louis Vlahos P 12, P 14 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 James Carlton Gorton Michael John Hall Rupert X. Li Hyun Park P 13 Najmuddin S. Patwa John P. Perfetti P 13 Dean Peter Perry Laurence Pettit Brian Daniel Peyton Cary Glen Pfeffer Frank Jack Piccininni Michael Eli Plottel Gregory L. Poe Nathaniel Polish Stephen Edwin Pratten Benjamin Aaron Pushner Steven Alan Rabinowitz Brian Carl Ratzel Jan F. Rebalski Michael Eliot Ripps Theodore William Rodriguez-Bell Gideon Avram Rosen P 14 Sean MacDonald Schwinn Brian Francis Scullion Philip Segal Daniel William Sexton Joseph N. Shams Mark David Siegel Lawrence Michael Silo Mark Jonathan Simon David Mason Stewart Thomas Joseph Sugrue David James Tasker Stephen David Taylor David Charles Terhune Jack Steven Triolo Mark P. Trolice Matthew Viederman Steven David Waldman James C. Wangsness Thomas William Watson Stuart York Weich Marc Steven Wenger David Arthur Westrup Michael Whang Thomas John Winkler David Wisen Kent Thomas Withycombe John Joseph Witkowski William R. Wolfe Scott C. Wood-Prince Joseph Michael Youcha Adam D. Zimmerman Jonathan Andrew Greenberg Jay Philip Lefkowitz Kurt William Roeloffs Derek J.T. Adler Jens Christensen Pravin U. Dugel John Kang Robert Lee Brian Francis Xavier Murphy James Eliot Satloff Class of 1985 Class Agent Jonathan Daniel White P 14 William Ezra Basri Joseph Michael Bossolina Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Thomas William Cornacchia P 17 Richard Bradley Alsop P 16 Paul Gisbert Auwaerter Joseph Bernstein David H. Godfried George Diedrich Gristede Edward Joseph Ho Brian C. Kennedy Howard Mark Kleinman Richard Michael Manion Glenn Allan Ramsdell Richard A. Robinson Paul Schwarzbaum David Brian Stafford JogiRaju Venkata Tantravahi Edwin Michael Trayner James Donald Weinstein Chase B. Welles Carlton Edward Wessel Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Jinduk Han P 17 Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Frank Paul Nocco Colin Roger Redhead Lawrence D. Slaughter Jonathan Charles Abbott Michael B. Ackerman Madhu Alagiri Pierre Richard Arty Andrew Shawn Ascher Scott Avidon David Ethan Bank Andrew Howard Baraff Peregrine Hopkins Beckman P 16 Adam Joshua Belanoff Ira James Belcove Christopher P. Betts P 15 Mark Stephen Binder Jeffrey Nathan Binstock Warren Stephen Blatt Michael J. Bozzo Richard Joseph Brody Paul R. Burke Richard Paul Campo P 15 Antonio C. Cancio Brian L. Clew Daniel A. Cohen Matthew Stanley Cooper David Justin Cowan William Francis Dahill Willie Eugene Dennis Armand Martire Diaz J. Philip Donahue Thomas Edward Dyja Nauder Faraday John Thomas Feeney Michael Adam Feldman Paul Neal Fiedler Daniel Jeremy Fish Frederick Seth Fisher P 13, P 17 John Andrew Flaherty Paul Foglino Thierry Linh Fuller Sabato Carl Fusco Gary Wayne Garberg Thomas Joseph Gilman Michael Andrew Goldman Edmond Gong Henry Alexander Goodrow Douglas Norman Gordin William Joseph Goritski Eldridge Fuller Gray Frederick Walter Griffith Reginald H. Henderson Leonard Harris Hersh Edward Charles Hewitt Philip L. Hirschhorn Michael Clay James Lawrence Timothy Kane Sanjay Kantu William Joseph Kavaler Dennis Scott Klainberg Daniel Erik Kremens David S. Kung P 16, P 17 Christopher G. Lacopo Frank Frederick Lang David Barclay Lazar Robert Bruce Leb Hyun Suk Lee Peter E. Levesque Douglas Alan Lindgren Elias Lolis Michael Joseph Mahelsky Thomas Christopher Mandia Robert Peter Marcovitch Jay Solomon Markowitz Giampiero A. Martignetti Roland P.W. Matthews William J. Maxwell David S. Mazella John Matthew McGovern Robert James McKee Glenn Eliot McKeown Donald Patrick McMahon Kenneth Alan Merkatz Glenn Scott Meyers Donald Kirk Miller Douglas Nelson Mintz Daryl Keith Neff Evan J. Nisonson Kenneth Ofori-Atta John Joseph Paggioli Joseph R. Pangallozzi Martin G. Friedman Gary Howard Jacobs P 15, P 17 Geoffrey Orin Kalish John Michael Casanova Paul Gerard Myers Michael George Romey P 15 John Joseph Keller Sebastian Ronald Sperber P 16 Jonathan Daniel White P 14 Nelson Kyu Ahn Frederick Charles Conley Brian Scott Cousin Peter Adam Drucker P 15 Richard Michael Froehlich John William Adelman Gerald Mark Alexander Amr Osman Aly Victor Rene Araya Matthew Norbert Bartels Jay Allan Barth David Marc Baskind Jonathan Lyle Beller Joshua Ethan Hyman Eric David Kanter David Churl Kim Han Kim Jeffrey Louis Lautin Shrikant Sure Bhamre Daniel Jay Blumenthal Joseph Ernest Bruno Charles Joseph Butler Gregory Adrian Butler John G. Campi Mark T. Canning Joseph M. Caporale Serle Kevin Levin Nathaniel Isaac Margolis Danyal Ozizmir Daniel Cuper Poliak Michael Finian Reilly Ernesto Joaquin Carames P 16 Stephen F. Carty P 15 Kyran Edmund Cassidy Andre George Castaybert Michael Frank Cautillo Rene Chalom Michael Young Cho Jamsheed Kairshasp Choksy Saiya Heidi Remmler Ralph Joseph Sutton Mischa Alessandro Zabotin P 17 Danny Chu John Conlon Kenneth Sungho Cooke Pace Daniel Cooper P 16, P 18 Joseph John Dapello Jeffrey Brian Davis Samuel Ray Denmeade Ben A. DiLullo 104 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

54 Class of 1985 Class of 1986 Daniel Neal Duncan P 16 Ronald Jay Dupont Mark Lawrence Fallick Ignazio Fazio Eric Gregory Fifer Kalman Joseph Fortoloczki Mark Alan Fox Jonathan Bruce Friedman Patrick Hughes Gaughan Erik Samuel Gaull Aaron Andrew Gerow Paul David Getzels Salvatore Joseph Giambanco Jared August Gollob Neil Todd Handelsman Karen B. Harris Ian Michael Herzberg Rosemary E. Hoban Victor Chen-Hsi Hou Lawrence Adam Howitt Class of 1986 Philippe Adler Dennis S. Chi P 15 Raymond Scott Ingersoll Aaron David Jaffe Gregory Thomas Jarrin Barry Jacob Kanner Chulsoo Kim John Frederick Kreinheder Delbert Juk-Leung Kwan Joseph John Lang P 17 Kenneth Chen-Li Liao Grace M. Lim John Adrian Lunn Laurence Bruce Lurio A. Leo MacDougall Shahid Mahmud Peter Maloney Brian B. Margolis Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Kenneth Maher Stuzin Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 John Gregory Chachas Patrick C. McGarrigle Kevin John McCarthy Jonathan Thomas McGrain James D. Merriman Howard Lee Meyerson Michael Douglas Parent Eric Ezekiel Wolf Tanmoy Mukherjee Michael Samuel Solender P 17 Erich Arnold Midlik Gregory Douglas Mills Luis Manuel Miniet Nicholas Grant Monroe Mark Richard Moroses Ira Nathan Morris Martin Jeffrey Moskovitz Carmelo Michael Nina Michael Steven Novotnak James Samuel Nowick Nicholas H. Noyes Heather Nicol Paxton Seth David Radwell Howard Steven Rappaport David J. Reich Mark Aaron Rothman Clark D. Rowley John Austin Ruvane Noah Daniel Sabin Daniel Marks Salzer Edward Athan Zahos Stephen S. Trevor Daniel Wolf Savin David Richard Schellhase Mark Paul Scherzer Barry Martin Schwartz Thomas Edward Scotti P 16 Richard Glen Shipman Stuart Singer Steven Sirtis Leslie Helene Smartt Samuel Hand Speers Robert Forman Spiera Harry W. Jacobs Summers Joseph Matthew Titlebaum Timothy B. Tomasi Brian Christopher Toolan Stephen Potter Udry David E. Von Kaenel Paul Michael Wiener David Alexander Zapolsky P 15 Sergio Akselrad Carol Christine Amirian Dorina Amoroso Arthur George Angulo Bruce David Austern David Beddoe Blaikie Vincent Finbar Blood Joel David Bloom Ellen M. Bossert Andre Gabriel Boudousquie John Brynjolfur Brynjolfsson Robert Y. Casper Daniel Joshua Chenok Glenn Irwin Chernigoff Kornylo Demetrius Chorny Leofwin Steven Clark Adam S. Cohen Brian Clifford Cohen Marc Eric Cooper Aaron Michael Cooperband Robert A. Cordano Anthony W. Cresap Meghan F. Cronin Angelo Anthony Cuonzo Edward Warwick Daw P 16 Theodore Alfred Downes-LeGuin Paul Neely Edison Jonathan Seth Einbinder Stephen Michael Eliseo Bernard Charles Eydt Keith Alexander Farrell Amy Jessica Fastenberg Stephen Ring Finegold David Finkelstein Steven R. Fisher Denis Michael Fitzgibbons Michael Eric Fleiss James Fletcher Eloise L. Flood Mark Normand Fortier Michael Anthony Francesconi Robert John Genco Richard Wayne Goggins Michael Jean Goldfischer Mark Asher Gorny Eric Joseph Grannis James Francis Hogan Lofton Phillip Holder William David Host Ming Jiao Hsia Steven Carl Huskey Henry Jaffe Theodore Alan Kenney Alain Kodsi John William LaRocca Eric Anton Laug David Allen Lebowitz Mark Lebowitz Adrian Tae-Jin Lee Mark Ashley Lewis Mark W. Lewis Paul Xavier Lima Harry William Lipman Jennifer Liu Timothy Norman Thomas Lubin F. Thomas Luongo David Alexander Macdonald Joshua David Maremont David Matthew McCarty Gregory Paul McNulty Philip H.R. Nevinny Thuyen Tan Nguyen Karl Ochi Kevin C. O Connor Michael Rudolf Okada Michael Douglas Parent Joseph Charles Peiser Michael A. Petralia Daniel Harold Pomerantz David Martin Poppe Michael Ewing Purves Roberto Giovanni Ragone Frederick Ramos Richard St. Clair Ripley William Rodino Nancy Rodriguez-Bell Meryl S. Rosofsky Joshua Hotaka Roth Jonathan Silver Rutchik Toshihiko Saito Gary Joseph Salvucci You Sung Sang Mark Lange Satlof Keith Brian Seidenberg Mark Delane Settles George Conley Shea David D. Silvera David Allen Skoog Thomas Edward Sobczak David Laurence Spievack Neil Zachary Stern Laurence Nathan Stiefel John William Sullivan Christopher Karim Tahbaz Andre Taylor Joshua Hunter Thurman Gary William Title Gregory Jon Tobias Daniel Jay Traub John Edward Tyrrell Paul Anthony Vercesi Rachel Terner Vogel Everett Weinberger Russell Joseph Wilson Paul E. Wojcicki Scott Ross Yagoda Thomas William Yanni Thomas Scott Zaubler William Emanuel Zuckerman Philippe Adler Joyce Chang Frank Fiorito Samuel L. Katz Merideth Schlesinger Rosh Michael Ira Gottdenker Steven Lieblich Peter John Muniz Pankaj K. Sinha P 17 Steven Scott Stuart Dennis S. Chi P 15 Kevin Anthony Quinn David Ernest Radvany Anthony David Tutrone Howard Jonathan Bashman Peter DiIorio Andrea B. Edenfield Nisonson Matthew Epstein Jong Bum Kim P 16 Arthur G. Larkin David Michael Lieberman Steven E. Marder William Charles Seligman M y wife, Yvette, and I are so pleased to have established a scholarship committed to the success of Columbia s students. As a beneficiary of the College s needblind admissions policy, it is particularly rewarding to give back when so much has been given to me on so many levels. Patrick McGarrigle Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

55 Class of 1987 Kyra Tirana Barry P 17 Christopher J. Crovatto Yale M. Fergang Sandra H. Kim Hoffen Lee Ilan Michelle Estilo Kaiser Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Kyra Tirana and David Benjamin Barry P 17 Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Jonathan D. Bram P 14, P 17 Peter James Ross Teresa M. Saputo-Crerend Marc Alan Schwartz Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Patricia Patton-Brett Yale M. Fergang Alexander Navab Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Sandra H. Kim Hoffen Michelle Estilo Kaiser Scott Keith Edwards Peter James Ross Teresa M. Saputo-Crerend Andrew L. Anker Richard Denis Simonds Nancy Silver Basri David Andrew Aloise Shawn Stephen Bergerson P 17 Sara Canfield Carpenter Steven R. Abrahamson Robert S. Albery Arif Hyder Ali Theodore Allegaert Stephen D. Amitay Sandhya Elizabeth Asirvatham Nadeem Babar Dora M. Baer Bethanie L. Baker-Henderson Daniele Baliani Jeffrey Andrew Bartos Mariam Lia Berlak Joseph Michael Bernstein P 16 Karen Leah Bernstein Randal Scott Bessolo Ritu Birla Sharon I. Block Steven David Bloom Michael E. Liebowitz Eric Arthur Mendelson P 17 Michael Stephen Markhoff Nancy Allen Markhoff Marc Alan Schwartz Divya Singh Amy Lynn Smith Jeffrey B. Elikan Lauren K. Kearney Matthew James Minnetian Robin Gail Newberger Robert Alfred Boland Thomas Newton Bolling Mary Booth Sally Patrone Brajevich Edward Philip Bratter Laura R. Brumberg Shawn Michael Budde Cornelius Donald Buschi Patrick W. Caddeau Rajat Chander Cecil D. Chang Panithaya Chareonthaitawee Jill Levison Chenok Esther K. Chung Richard C. Clew Ian Davidson Cole Christopher J. Crovatto Ellen Sullivan Crovatto Anne Russell Redhead Luciano Siracusano Margot Lynn Schwartz Garth F. Stein Suzanne L. Waltman George Matthew Stone Donna M. Pacicca Jonathan I. Seckler P 17 Daniel Solomon Solender Tristan Bromley Davies Joseph Vincent DeGaetano Christina Lynn Diaz Jay Manuel Dipasupil William Patrick Donovan Luis Alberto Duany David Jeffrey Eisenman Howard M. Endelman Donna M. Evans Matthew M. Evans Ralph William Falzone Andrea P. Feicht Jose Marcelo Fernandez Morgen Lockwood Fleisig Mark S. Foss Anne Long Fraenkel-Thonet Carol R. Freeman Jonathan Michael Freilich Richard Denis Simonds David M. Walker Suzanne L. Waltman Song Yong Yu P 17 Ralph M. Stone Shelly L. Friedland Nancy Friedman Chieh-Lin Fu Gerri Ann Gold Leonard R. Goldberg Gregory M. Gonzalez Andrew J. Goode James Jeremiah Haggerty James Rumrill Hammond Virginia J. Harnisch Edward Alexander Hoffman Anna Lee Hom Anthony John Hornof Kevin A. Hovland Ellen Krott Hummel Lee Ilan Christine Mary Jamgochian-Koobatian Class of 1987 Norma Matthew Johnson Pamela Susan Johnson Thomas C. Johnston J. Hannah Jones John William Judge Annmarie Jurczak Robert W. Kennedy Elizabeth Ann Kessler Irine J. Kim Thomas Gregory King Jonathan S. Klavens David Kornguth Linda Wang Kornguth Susan Jill Kraham Jordan Scott Kushner Richard Dennis LaCava Lynne Marie Lada-Azer Isabelle M. Lanini Ilene Susan Lederman Elizabeth Arwen Leicester P 16 Reunion Year Giving Class of 1988 Nairi Checkosky Balian P 16 Mónica C. Byrne-Jiménez Jeremy E. Dickstein Leslie Gittess Maurice Lloyd Levy Descartes Li Chang Sun Lim Lloyd Lim Isabel Parlett Lipscomb David J. Little Joseph Tiang-Yau Liu Patrick Anthony Malizia Rosa E. Marchand Patrick Edward McCabe Margaret E. McCarthy John Patrick McCrea Carlos Manuel Meletiche Linda Carol Mischel Antoinette S. Mitchell Augustus Moore Walter B. Morris Christa Susanne Myers Gifford Kodo Nakajima Diana Moreinis Nasser Daniel Adam Goldberger Stefanie F. Katz-Rothman Patrick Michael Killackey Brandon K. Laughren Jonathan P. Nelson Melanie Elizabeth Noble Edward Todd Novakoff Ellen E. Pack Ji Won Park Julie H. Persily Bruce James Philipson Jonathan K. Pollack Barclay Victor Powers Margaret Ann Poxon Joshua Lee Prober Philip James Rados Eric J. Rashba Rachel D. Repetto Fausto A. Salazar Dawn Corrine Santana Martin H. Schreiber Winston Murray Sexton Pamela Ann Silberman Allison Soffer Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $2,711,239 Kelvin Yatsun Leung Michael S. Satow Carl J. Schaerf Jonathan Scott Sobel Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Jonathan Scott Lavine P 16 Ravi M. Singh Dirk Edward Ziff Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Benjamin Abraham Horowitz Jonathan Scott Sobel P 11, P 16 Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Nicholas Paul Leone Michael S. Satow John Joseph Vaske Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Nairi Checkosky Balian P 16 Sharon B. Davis Douglas Robert Wolf Christopher G. Sommer John Leung-Kar Sun Yau-De Dick Sung Michel Ottone Taddei Michael Francis Telesca Albert Edward Telfeian Philip Kin-Wah Tham Tudor Roberts Tien Laura Ting Susan Helen Upton Frank Van Orman Brown Anna Maria Vitek Leslie Birgit Vosshall Catherine Sheppard Webster Winston Alan Willis Ellen Sue Winer Jeanne S. Woo David H. Yum Laura Raquel Zander Total Gifts and Commitments $19,883,895 Mark P. Timoney Douglas Robert Wolf William Cheung Woo Alexandra Wallace Creed Leslie Gittess John M. Kang Regina Ehren Noch Joel Ackerman Laura Rosenfeld Barnes Edward A. Cespedes Paul Francis DeFrino Catherine A.C. Froman Steven Kantor Stefanie F. Katz-Rothman Abha Jain Sinha P 17 William Cheung Woo Karen A. Mahoney Frank J. Marinaro Theodore S. Seltzer Claire Elizabeth Theobald 108 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

56 Class of 1988 Class of 1989 Kristine Abbi Barakat Lawrence Neal Barshay Philip Joseph Berkowitz Anthony V. Calenda Hugh Geoffrey Crane Marc Claude DiLorenzo Dawn Starr Adelson Salma Hasan Ali Nikos David Andreadis Michael Argenziano Milton Carl Assang Erica C. Avrami David L. Barres Jonathan A. Bassett Jacqueline Monaco Bavaro Jessica Carleton Bendinger Michael Thomas Bissinger Craig Davis Blackmon Roger G. Bowers Megan Elizabeth Bowles Stephen T. Briones Christopher Robert Browne Cristina M. Brusco Mónica C. Byrne-Jiménez Ashley Beth Charnoff Antonio Chimienti Jeffrey Howard Cohen Matthew Aaron Cohen Eve Jordan Combemale Whitney Connaughton Matthew Beryl Cooper Robert Thomas Cottingham Karmen Isa Couret Alicia K. Cozine Anthony Peter Daniels Jessica Davidson-Miller Robert Louis Debernardo Theodore M. Diament Jeremy E. Dickstein Gina Rose DiGiovanna Graham Gibbons Dodds Daniel Robert Drenger Lindsay S. Dunckel Christopher Stephen Dunlavey Brita V. Edman Ellen Ehlers Lauren Peretz Eisen Lauren V. Farber Rachel Jean Finkle Tina Fischer Benjamin Fried Steven E. Kavanaugh Patrick Michael Killackey Ellen Ostrick Knight Arthur J. Lynch Jacqueline Lynch Lawrence Hom Fong Dennis Arthur Fordham Peter Graf Foster Karin Lyn Fraser Christopher Creighton French Amy Esther Friedman Eric Anders Fusfield Cornelia Lucia Gallo Stephen Michael Galpern Valencia Christine Gayles Michael Thomas Girouard Ruth K. Glazer Jacob Alexander Goldberg Daniel Adam Goldberger Grant S. Goldstein David Lewis Gutterman Jacqueline P. Hall-Martin Helaine L. Harte Kristin Wheeler Henikoff Dilcia Pena Hill Marten Loring Hirsch Laurence Holzman Mary Krysten Hommel Elizabeth King Humphrey Andrew D. Hyman Shari Corinne Hyman Mitsuhiko Inaba Mary Inagami Charles Peter Ippolito Henry James Jackman Rebecca Jaffe Wallace Todd Johnson Sara Katherine Just Leah Karliner Nancy Anne Kauder Ryuta Kawahara Deborah Jane Kazis James Kelly Sharon Faye Koren-Cohen Sharon Jane Kuong Arthur G. Lacerte Andrew Francis Lane Michael Thomas Lavelle Kelvin Yatsun Leung Jennifer Kathryn Lynch Brett H. Miller Matthew J. Murabito James Clemens Murphy Patience N. Okolie Diane Bauer Orlinsky Jill Audrey Levey Ian Michael Levine Felicia L. Levinson P 17 Danielle Simon Lewis Martin Isaac Lewison Peter E. Lukowitsch Jennifer Karen Lynn Scott D. Marantz James C. Maroulis Susan E. Marples Luis E. Martinez Elizabeth Smedley Massey Marco Materassi Eileen P. McCarthy Jennifer Wright McCarthy Anna Sheen McClelland Bridget Therese McGinn John Paul McHugh Michael Thomas McLaughlin Andrea Mia Sharon D. Moshavi Gerald T. Mullarkey Lauren Ann Mullen Marcia Lee Narine Adam B. Nathan Roger Keith Neustadt Jodi Lynn Oh Jennifer Hirsh Overton Keith A. Pardue David S. Patchefsky Joy Marie Poole Laura Anne Prendergast Aaron M. Pressman Margaret A. Priestley David C. Putelo Richard P. Puttre Sarah Curtis Richmond Diane M. Ridley-White Alicia J. Rieger Claudia Kraut Rimerman Jonathan M. Rosand Jonathan Allan Roskes Jennifer A. Rosner Jonathan R. Roth Ramona Lilla Prioleau Richard A. Ritter Martin Jay Scheck Lawrence David Trilling Daniel Gerard Walsh Jane Yoo-Sun Yang Harry Rothenberg Stephen L. Sagner Luis R. Sanchez Carl J. Schaerf Deborah L. Schenfeld Kathryn E. Schneider Donna Renaud Schober David B. Shapiro Hal S. Shapiro Jacqueline Wentworth Shire Carsten W. Sierck Diane K. Silverman Steven D. Silverstein Michael W. Smith Laurence V. Sopala Elizabeth Dupont Spencer John Stamatis Laura Sue Steinberger Aaron M. Stern Kevin F. Sullivan Sarah Sullivan Joyce J. Sun Timothy Clark Tash Alexander J. Taylor Mark P. Timoney Jennifer G. Tower Piero A. Tozzi Ilana Volkov Jill Gibbs Wacker Jennifer A. Wallace Peter S-Y Wang Joseph Eric Wanner Khalid Syed Wasti Jonathan Allen Weiss Romina Field Weiss Ian M. de Buy Wenniger Batia Mishan Wiesenfeld P 14 Betsy Jane Witten Mako E. Yoshikawa Kay Kyungsun Yu Regina Tizabi Ajodan Matthew Jon Assiff Michael P. Behringer Stephanie F. Bernik Stephen Matthew Borstelmann Michael David Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Michael Isaac Barry Lisa Landau Carnoy Daniel Paul Futterman Alexander Ian Margolies Renny C. Smith Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Matthew Jon Assiff Victor H. Mendelson Robert Patrick Rooney Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Jeffrey Louis Kateman Josh Andrew Krevitt Michael P. Behringer Christopher V. Della Pietra John Patrick Connor Scott M. Huntsman Frank Peter Seminara Donna Herlinsky MacPhee P 17 Brian James Thomson Anne-Marie Wright P 17 John MacPhee P 17 Mark Robert Miller Thomas James Nero Elizabeth Merritt Zimels Stephen Matthew Borstelmann Daniel Corcoran Susan Loring Crane Ashima Aggarwal Dayal Roger David Ajluni Regina Tizabi Ajodan Joel Avram Alter Seth Louber Antiles Amy Fara Asch Gregory Gil Ballard Amy Danielle Bardack Nicholas N. Bavaro Adam Quincy Beatty Maria Christina Benedetto-LaPlaca Wendy Brandes P 11 Richard A. Brook Douglas B. Cabot Andrew Neil Cadel Jason Edward Carter Andrew Yuan-Sung Cheng Thomas Kam Chu Cynthia Leigh Cohen Jonathan Evan Cohen Jesus Escobar Lee Steven Feldman Daniel Paul Futterman Roberts Latvis Grava Jason R. Huemer Ahpaly Jean Coradin Michael David Alessandro C. De Giorgis Brian Felix Domitrovic Duchesne Paul Drew Christina Barbara Dugger Sarah Evans Dunn Jonathan Collett Dwyer Ninel Dynov Matthew Xavier Engels Teresa Enriquez-Wornow Jennifer Winslow Eremeeva Cathleen Carmen Ess-Lamar Jody Collens Fidler Rebecca L. Fine Jonathan Eli Fischer Jordan Christopher Foster Sarah Patricia Galbraith Lauren B. Gilbert Peter Stephen Ginsburg Souren George Ouzounian Luis R. Penalver Jennifer Fudge Ryan Mark Eric Siegel Emily Miles Terry Jared Bradley Goldstein Edward Seipp Goltra David Bruce Gordon Neil M. Gorsuch Michelle Marie Graham H. Rebecca Grutz Daniel Henry Halberstam Anne Kelly Hall Karen Dawn Harris Ronald Charles Hatcher Michelle Marie Henshaw-Marble Nicholas Sebastian Herman Wanda M. Holland Greene Bonnie Jean Host Niloofar R. Howe Elisabeth Sara Jaschik Daniel S. Javitch Patricia Omodele Johnson Karen Yuri Mochizuki Kano Jeffrey Adam Udell David Andrew Winter Raymond H. Yu Raymond H. Yu Jaime Mercado Graham Laurence Trelstad P 16 Julie M. Trelstad P 16 William A. Walsh David Andrew Winter Robert Blair Kaplan Jeffrey Dresser Kelley Timothy Ayers Kelly Dineo Khabele Angela Koh Kim P 17 Adam Michael Klotz Mary Katherine Kochlefl Adam Robert Koffman David Kooby Jill Tannenbaum Korn Robert Buchman Kresberg Timothy Luke Kwong Daniel Mark Laifer David Wayne Lankford Robert Jon LaPlaca Gregory David Lee Mi-Kyoung Mitzi Lee Sara Ellie Lesch Ellen Carol Leuchs David Adam Leventhal 110 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

57 Class of 1989 Class of 1990 Tajlei Zoe Levis Jill Pollack Lewis Marc Emile Liebeskind Benjamin Jay Lieblich Anita Lin Marci Lobel-Esrig Scott William MacCormack Susan Anne Marchiano Michael Mavrides Anne Laura McClanan William Thomas McGee Adam D. Melnick Joel Mendias Steve Angelo Metalios Jennifer Grace Miller Cindi Beth Mishkin Cristina Louise Mitchell Anne Louise Moch Class of 1990 M. Adel Aslani-Far David A. Javdan Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Sherri Pancer Wolf Jan A. Castro Tolomy Erpf Jeffrey Evans Mosburg Katherine D. Movius Ilona Nemeth Kimberly Sautelle Neuhaus Maria Louisa Nieves Angelo Michael Ninivaggi P 17 Jennifer Mignon Nixon Patrick Thomas Nolan Brian Robert O Connell Carolyn Jee-Young Oh Allan Jonathan Pantuck Edieal Jacob Pinker Elizabeth R. Pleshette Andrew Vincent Polk Christian Paul Porwoll Huma Asmat Quraishi Catherine Lizabeth Racco Paul Benjamin Radvany Emily Glickman Meyerson Francis Phillip Elizabeth Melcher Luckett Wayne Boynton Stoltenberg Bernard Mayer Ravina Joanna Lapkin Ravina Carol Elizabeth Remy Christopher Payne Reohr Amy W. Rinzler Sarah Eleanor Roediger-Bowman Judith Romero-Rackohn Roger Ian Rubin Kirk David Ruddy Daniel A. Scharf Naomi Ptachewich Shapiro Duke Sang Shin Gina Nobuko Shishima Richard D. Smith Richard Lee Sohn Stephanie Jo Spencer Thomas Spencer Robert Alan Schweitzer Richard Clement Weil Wendy Hayward Wendling Marian F. Wright Evan Harris Spring Martin Joel Strauss Mary Lynn Trifaro-Palega Jeffrey Adam Udell Ricardo Martin Urbano Ellen Vaknine Elizabeth Anne Waksman Christopher Sebastian Walsh Daniel Philip Waxman Henry David Weitzner Matthew Alan White Sarah Ingrid Wolpow Ann Meehyung Woo Helaine K. Worrell Laura Wilcox Yavitz Christina Ying Mark Zielinski Mark P. Zoland Sherri Pancer Wolf Bennett William Cale Colin Campbell Joseph Thomas Capone Christine Alynn Carey Michael Jon Cashton Beverly Lynn Castaldo Catherine L. Censor Ellen Inyoung Cho Alexander Philip Choi Jung Wook Choi Sarah Hanley Church EveAnna Dauray Collins Carl Jeffrey Comuniello Ben Cosgrove Rachel Cowan Jacobs Julie Bibb Davis Jeannine Jo Deloche Ijeoma Acholonu Ejeh Jonathan Andrew Epstein Paul John Estuar Annabel Elizabeth Fan Julie Ann Fishman Kristin Raphaele Willey Fitzgerald Monica Wechsler Fried Kristin Ann Friedholm-Bissinger Sheryl Beth Galler Gregory Anthony Gittens Ann Elizabeth Godzwon Elliott Thomas Graham Adam Jeffrey Grais John J. Graves James Wilkinson Harper Anne Hayes Hartman Jennifer L. Harvey Walter R. Haynie Joseph D. Henry Katerina Mae Hulme David G. Hunt Chin Hur Kevin Sung Hwang Marjorie Alice Innocent David A. Javdan Soterios John Johnson Vivian Helena Jonokuchi P 14 Andrew Steven Katz Michael H. Kinstlick Beth Kissileff Hilary Nover Klein Michael Van Cleef Knopoff Naomi Kobayashi Hayley Jares Kondon Gabriel Joseph Kra Daniel J. Lee Jessica Suzanne Lee Wei-Nchih Lee Miriam Lefkowitz Marc Edward Levarn Marianne Sharko Levin Mark David Levin Adam J. Levitt Labrini C. Liakonis Paulette Michele Light Nina Davidovich Litvak Yong Jiang Liu Yvonne Karen Look Erika Rogers Marino Laura Jill Marks Andrew Webster Martin John Casley Matthews Daniel Noah Max Susan Roediger McDonough Shalabh Mehrish Peter Meier Emily Glickman Meyerson Jean Carla Miller Caroline Parsons Moore Pamela Aileen Morris Sean Malachy Mullen Joseph V. Myers Udita Malhoutra Nabha Mychel J. Namphy Jill Mazza Olson Susie Grant Owen Gloria Y. Pak Gregory Palega Karen Shaina Parmett Brooke Suzanne Penders Jonathan Penders Sczerina A. Perot Charles Francis Preusse Melissa Yvonne Raciti-Knapp Michael Christopher Raemore Jeffrey Paul Rake Alice Higgins Rice Lauren L. Roberts Ashley Roeca Alejandra Paola Rossetti-Ryan Gerson Rothschild Salim Samuel Aviva Beth Schein Judith Michele Shampanier Laura Rachel Shaw-Frank Yi Chieh Shiuey Jeremy Simon Jonathan Samuel Skolnik Deborah Snyder Catherine W.H. So Melissa Landau Steinman Anette E. Strbanovic Naomi Goldfrank Talish David George Thanassi Julie Schwartz Weber Tracy Silverman Weissman Noel Carlyle Williams Karin Patricia Wurapa Joseph M. Yaffe Christopher Towne Young Eric Ejek Yu Lauren Bauer Zinman M. Adel Aslani-Far Dorcas Wright Gardner Sunhee Lee Francis Phillip Natasha Margolin Steinman Christoph Heiner Westphal Caroline Eve Andersen Craig Lloyd Chodash Gayle Wrede Kirkpatrick Ted Elias Tsekerides Class of 1991 Lee Robert Benaka Michael Alan Camacho Robert Michael Cooper Virginia Wood Cornish Stephen Fealy Michael R. Feldschuh Thomas Xavier Fritsch Paul Seungpyo Hong Claude Anthony Mattessich Theodore Urwitz Schweitzer Dana Ying-Hui Wu Rizwan Mohammad Akhter Christopher George Alexander Tina Bose Andrea Chasin Lisa Beth Cohen Michael Brian Kanner Sung Hoon Kim Devon Joan Martin Andrew I. Miller Margaret Mary Munnelly Blondel Andrea Pinnock Theresa Jane Rice John Fred Roddy Robert Alan Schweitzer David Pierce Terry Greg Torborg John Vito Vincenti Richard Clement Weil Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 James Henry Dignan Heather O Brien Kerzner Ali Namvar Christopher Edward Beach Annmarie Julia Della Pietra Andrew A. Fink Ronald Wayne Holt Hugh James Lawson Theodore Urwitz Schweitzer Stephanie Ruth Aaronson Justin Douglas Abelow Brian D. Amkraut Piamsook Angkeow Isaac-Daniel T. Astrachan Jason D. Au David B. Axinn Alisa Babitz Emily Elizabeth Baldwin Bartley Glenn Barnett Samuel Mather Bisbee Sydney Ann Blattner Anita Jahan Bose Barbara Ilyse Bratter Aili W. Bresnahan Laura M. Brodin Scott Howard Buitekant Michael Christopher Burns Mark J. Buxbaum Michelle Yvette Byrd Donald F. Donahue Nicholas Peter Gianakouros Robert Goldstein Lee Robert Benaka 112 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

58 Class of 1991 Class of 1992 Michael William Biard Jeffrey Snyder Burge Behar Cami Daryl Giles Colden Robert Michael Cooper Alexandra S. Diamond Stephen Fealy Thomas Xavier Fritsch Joshua Adam Greenwald Paul Seungpyo Hong Jenji Leslie Kohan Julie Ann Levy Andrew Roberts McFarland Kenyatta Monroe-Sinkler Esther R. Sholes Leif Siklossy Mary Lande Zamore Heather Benson Joan Marie Campion Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Frank Samuel Cicero Frank Samuel Cicero Peter Arthur Hatch Adam Reid Meshel Claire M. Shanley Laura Reid Weinfeld Gregory Mac Abbruzzese Laurel Daniels Abbruzzese Carmi D. Abramowitz John S. Baick Daniel Alan Balsam Adam F. Barrison Joel D. Barron Scott Hall Bennett Kim Deborah Berman Florence Laura Berwind Brent Howard Bessire Jennifer Anne Beubis Jodi W. Bienenfeld Ana Mara Bilik Michael Kevin Block John D. Blumenthal Michael T. Borenstein Heather Elizabeth Gordon Brownlie Jeremy Alan Buchman Derek Edward Cain Jennifer Marie Carmona David Michael Charytan Jack Cheng Sonya H. Cho John H. Chun Chien-Li Chung Peter G. Ciemins Chapin Clark Jonathan Mitchel Cohen Virginia Wood Cornish Sara Elizabeth Cosgrove William Alfred Council Patricia Colon Cumiskey Seth Hammond Dailey William H. Day Christopher Samuel Derosa Brian Robert Derro Jed Karsten Diemond Julie E. Dinnerstein Peter James Dizikes Ronald Edmund Dizon Suri Lyn Duitch Thomas Karl Dunlap Angela Mignon Eaton Juliet K.M. Eck Nicole Diane Edgecombe Noah Charles Elkin Robert Philip Endelman Shelly Jennifer Eversley Lisa Carol Fein Michael R. Feldschuh Darren Foster Finestone Cory Seth Flashner Victoria Anne Frye Catherine Georgia Geanuracos Drew Adam Geller Michael David Gitman Michelle Jacobson Goldberg Seth Tobias Goldsamt Carey Keith Green Pamela Skopp Greenwood K. Elizabeth Guercin Izhar Harpaz Gabrielle Kleinman Haskell Daniel Joseph Henkin Michael Clay Herrick Samantha Kahn Herrick Elizabeth Hong-Geller Allen Huang Amy Eleanor Hudson Melanie Beth Jacobs Stephen Carl Jansen Lori DeBenedictis Jimenez David Alexander Kaufman Nicole A. Kawachi Catherine Lydia Keohane Jananne Khuri Jonathan David Knapp Ilana Porat Koch Robert Andrew Kolker Darin Lee Kragenbring Anna Nabiha Kraske Rochelle Marie Krause Lara Meredith Krieger Iris Kurman Daniel J. Lee Yi-Horng Lee Jose Silvio Leon Andrea Hope Lewinter Laura Jane Lewison Lynne Ilya Lipkind David-Marc Londoner Heather Lubov Kevin John Lyskowski Joshua S. Machleder Pamela Beatriz Madrid Jared William Magnani Alexander J. Maldutis Carl D. Marci David Gary Markowitz Murray R. Markowitz Wendy Meredith Marston Simone Wendy Mayer Connie A. McVey Christopher Glover Mehta James S. Mendelson Scott Meserve Jefferey E. Michaelson David Michael Morris Thomas P. Morrissey Francis William Moyer Nicole Dejong Newendorp Marielle Oetjen Daniel Henri Orenstein Marc Peter Oshima Mary Elizabeth Pattillo Liezl K. Gonzales Peterson Susan M. Pitocchi John Mark Poneros Joseph Martin Priesmeyer Raymond Stanley Puzio Paula Akiko Radetzky Eileen Ann Reardon Thomas Hartley Rechtschaffen Stefan Victor Reyniak Bonnie D. Rosenberg Marc Ravel Rosenblum Joel Benjamin Rubenstein Reade H. Ryan Elizabeth Anne Sallinger Joshua David Saltman Sara Schachter Ilan Alexander Scharfstein Jessica Noelle Scheckton Robert Edward Scheinberg Erica Catherine Schlaug Matthew Dean Segal Catherine Allison Sellers Pearl H. Seo Ilona Slusker Michael Joseph Socolow Tara Kreidman Steinberg Lara Stolman-Watzky Andrew D. Stone Jon Loren Swergold Laura Kristine Sylvester Lara Bonham Tabac-Sheridan Thomas A. Tak Frank Pruden Tipton Nora Zabel Tossounian Joseph Toth Samuel William Trotzky Susy Tsang-Foster Mary Elizabeth Vig Stephen Howard Weinstein Benjamin J. Whalen Jessica Anne Williams-Burns Sarah Pennyquick Windle Elizabeth Lara Wollman Dana Ying-Hui Wu Thomas Heesue Yang Adam Daniel Zalma Michael Angelo Zibello Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Adam Reid Meshel Samara Bernot Meshel Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Abigail Black Elbaum Hilary R. Hatch Peter Arthur Hatch Benjamin S. Appen Tracy Pierce Bender Thomas Patrick Brown Leslie Chang Dennis H. Manalo Roberto A. Glik Nancy L. Hunter Manu S. Rana Karen Chung Lee Joseph K. Brady Lydia Christina Callaghan Joan Marie Campion Negar Anna Ahkami Sarah Aibel Clay Carmichael Arnold Alexis Barros Heather Benson Richard James Bernard Lara Ellen Bernini Ana I. Blaze Clifford Fowler Blaze Aaron Douglas Bossler Joshua Michael Botkin Ted S. Bronstein Richard B. Brosnick Sarah-Jane Brumm William Melchoir Burke Latonya Michelle Carter Philip Chang Warren Chang Matthew Alan Clarke David A. Clifton Karl A. Cole-Frieman Cressida Connolly Kimberly Tyson Crone James Hoge Daine Nicholas E. Primavera J. Harris Dew Jeremy R. Feinberg Soohwan Kim Kirsten Nicole Danis Joseph Francis De Simone Peter D. Dimaggio Jennifer Lockwood Dodson Molly Ellen Eagan Marcy Brian Engler Erik Adam Feig Sean Patrick Feren Philip Fischer Sharon R. Flanagan Michael J. Fleming Deirdre M. Flynn Tanya Elizabeth Froehlich Julie Lynette George Frederic John Giordano Reginald Timothy Griffin Rachel Ann Hall Theodore S. Hartman Caleb Harry Hellerman David Anthony Hong Deborah Ann Hordon Bradley James Hutton Patricia Nanus Ireland Christopher Lee Jahn Aaron J. Lebovitz Julian H. Liau Laura A. Lopez Arjun Jayaraman Caroline Baumann Kahn Kristopher Edward Kaliebe Tonya Keusseyan Judith Sun Kim Scott Alan Kitzman Olivier Paul George Knox Jeffrey Bernard Kobrin Dara-Lynn Kubovy-Weiss Michael L. Kudler Sarmistha Kumar Mary A. Kuo Chun Lam Benjamin Meier Lawsky Laurie Nicole Lebrun Cheryl Anne Leclerc Song Seunghae Lee Timothy Julius Levy Zorayda Lopez Eve Daniele Losman Tami Luhby David Samuel Mandell Lucinda Celinette Martinez-Desir Scott Charles Matasar Donna Teresa Myers Laura Reid Weinfeld Patricia Louise Matthews Jonathan David Meyer Ron Lee Meyers Benjamin G. Miller George M. Miller Jennifer Kimberly Miller Douglas M. Minotti Marie Mutsuki Mockett Megan A. Moran Kellie Lachielle Morris Jeffrey Omar Noles Alexander J. Oberweger Mary Agnes O Donnell Hulme Noam S. Ohring Marina Olshansky Kathy Park Bryan Jacob Pennartz Alicia A. Perla Rachel Ann Peterson Lourdes Giselle Prado Anita Malkani Prakash Sayuri S. Rajapakse Maria Evelyn Ramirez Jurgens James Bradley Randleman 114 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

59 Class of 1992 Monica Marianna Ratliff Saul M. Richter Neil Marshall Rosenhouse Richard John Rosivach Julie Lynn Rottenberg Michael David Sant Ambrogio Clare Freda Saperstein Mary Frances Schmidtberger Spencer Harris Schneider Stephen Lev Seliger Reunion Year Giving Class of 1993 Andrew Jay Ceresney Jamie Allan Cesaretti Alan Michael Freeman Karla P. Lema Claire M. Shanley Joshua L. Soldati Joshua Harry Sternoff Michael T. Stewart David Franklin Stone William Arthur Strong Nica Bettina Strunk Huijin Choe Tak Junichi Tamai Josh E. Taylor Amy Jane Longo Rachel Melissa Mintz Ana Geneder O Brien Rita Diana Pietropinto-Kitt Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Andrew Singer Borrok Kyriakos Tsakopoulos Dennis Michael Lafferty George Arthur Hassan Julia Catherine Hassan Jay Don Johnson Andrew Alan Schmeltz Tobin J. Teichgraeber Willie King Tellis Andrew J. Treitel John N. Tribolet John William Tullai Charulata Venkatesan James Nicholas Vinci Kristina Von Kessel Thongbay Vongpaseuth Ann Nelson Weilbaecher Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $184,471 To Trinh M. Quan Melissa Marie Reilly Andrew Alan Schmeltz Thad Andrew Sheely Suk Joong Yoon Timothy Tai-Min Chen Jennifer Anglade Dahlberg Jason A. Smith Rohit Thomas Aggarwala Anthony F. Apollaro Penny S. Apollaro Jason Scott Auerbach Ian Richard Carroll Andrew Jay Ceresney Jamie Allan Cesaretti Joseph G. Del Toro Amanda Gayle Aaron Ramone Antwan Alexander Benjamin Wickliff Alsup Eric V. Alto Laphillia Lockhart Andrews Nicole Martine Angiel Jonathan James Arbolino Risa Diemond Arbolino Adam Flanders Ducker Bonnie K. Dwyer Yukiko Ueno Egozy Alan Michael Freeman Molly Sellner Harris Mei-Huai Melony Heh Anuj Kumar Jain Ezra Jacob Kenigsberg Garrett Sutton Ashman Benjamin Zero Atkins Jessica Jean Auth Rodman Charles Azar William Basso Alyson Jill Berliner Alice Bers Benjamin Edward Besley Joel Jay Lusman George Miller Rachel Melissa Mintz Ana Geneder O Brien Juliet C. Park Rita Diana Pietropinto-Kitt To Trinh M. Quan Pavani Kalluri Ram Susan Schmeidler Blum Laura Cook Blumberg Adrian Bordoni Rebecca Lynn Boston Peter Gerald Brady Robert Eamon Briscoe Colette Ingrid Brown Maria Elena Cabral David Lee Weisoly Gregory Aaron Wiessner Kimberly L. Williams-Shuker Millicent Sue Wilner James Richard Woody Gregory M. Yahn Vanessa R. Yolles Connie Yu-Pampalone Christopher C. Zander Total Gifts and Commitments $215,241 David Allen Shimkin Melissa Marie Reilly Sharadchandra Anantha Samy David Allen Shimkin Robert Tu-Yun Tsai Robyn Beth Tuerk Hans Wynand Van Der Sande Ellen Andrea Weinstein Roberto S. Woldenberg Joseph Carlo Calcagno Jaishree Capoor Andrew P. Carroll Kevin Walter Cassidy Daniel Alexander Charlick Jack Jia-Horng Chen Ann Cheng-Fox Christina Chew Class of 1993 Betty Chu Alan Douglas Cohn Kevin Patrick Connolly Steven Michael Conway Deborah Renee Cook Elizabeth Winfrey Craft Joel B. Cramer Jennifer Cristine Croft Rosalind Petrona Dear Matthew John DeFilippis Isaiah David Delemar Dallas Steven DeLuca Daniel Matthew Donshik Althea Beaton Ducard Sandra Fahy Rachel Jennifer Feinstein Adam Seth Fels Surani R. Fernando James William Feuerborn Michael Lloyd Fleischer Renny Fong Eliza J. Gallo Alisia Renea Gill Yitzhak Eliahu Gitelman Srilakshmi Kottai Gnanasekaran Betsy Gomperz Alexander N. Greiner Jessica Grace Hamilton Patricia Lynn Hoffman Diego Andres Hoic Nina Li Hong Jeremy A. Hough Class of 1994 Siobhan Hughes Chaumtoli Huq Miguel Angel Iriarte Sandra Christine Johnson Crystal Dawn Jordan Anne Sidney Kahn Peter Farzad Kamali Lydia Yunsil Kang Elizabeth Cara Kaplan Alexander Khutorsky Dennis Daniel Kiely Bo-Kyung Kim Sonya Wheaton Kim George O. Kolombatovich Nicholas Charles Kottak Eugene Leonard Kukuy Grace Lang Gregory Hobart Lang Marguerite S. LaPunzina Jennifer Anne Larrabee Joseph William Laszlo Brian David Ledahl Karen Myra Lee Amy Sarah Budin Leifer Karla P. Lema Kristi M. Lemm Grace Kim Leung Laurence Jay Levine Noah Levy Luci K. Leykum Yong Liang Nina Ellen Lieberman Geoffrey S. Lipari Judy Yi-Li Liu John Patrick Lyons Michelle D. Major John Peter Mastando John Paul Mathews Jeremy David Matz David McCarthy Gage Charles McWeeny Douglas Bendix Meehan Anna Meytina Michelle A. Mignano Joon-Hong Minn Diana Morales-Bories Stephen Morfesis Rhanda K. Moussa Natascha Nassimi-Shaer Walailux Nethin-Adcock Andrew Craig Neuschatz David Tat-Chee Ng Tam Ngo Sara H. Niego Kristina A. Nye Heather Jean O Donnell Kathryn Rose O Donnell-Schlater Kerry James Ogle Nkemakonam Okpokwasili Hillel Ira Parness Ari Evan Perlman Alexander Peterhansl Giao Q. Phan Seth William Pinsky Martin Anthony Pitts Raj Punwaney Tammie Rosen Purow Jill Gottesman Rippon Richard Christopher Romero Jason D. Rosenbury Eric Daniel Roston Mark D. Rutstein Joseph Maron Saba Nadya Birnholz Sagner Steven H. Sanchez Rebecca Joy Schaffer-Neitz Grissel Seijo de Garcia Thad Andrew Sheely David Daniel Sherwood Michele Ann Smith Marc Ethan Steinberg Bradley Scott Stone Matthew Eric Streem Caroline Y. Suh Jin Suk Christopher David Tessin Jenny Tsang Erika Tullberg Catherine Rose Van Dusen Marielena Villar Jonathan J. Walsh Christopher Robert Warren Arthur Kingsland Weise Karen Marie Wieting Louis Donlan Wilson Judy Ching-Chia Wong Jennifer Hays Woods Alicia D. Guevara Matthew John Ripperger Stacey Jacovini Storm Phillip P. Winiecki Raymond Kofi Amanquah Mark D. Coady John Fredrick Klosek Aaron Jonathan Katzel Brad Alan Zelnick Nina Zipser Gabor Balassa Clara Soojee Chae Regina Chi Gene Fang Daniel Isaac Franklin Yasunobu Kyogoku Amy Heechong Lee Matthew John Ripperger David Herbert Robbins Shelley Schneiderman-Ducker Blake Anthony Spahn William Sean Trainor Patrick O. Tsang Johnny Wu 116 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

60 Class of 1994 Class of 1995 Deborah Birnbaum Abrams Claudia Aguirre Elizabeth Paula Akoma Janet Balis Allen Antony Lee Ambroza David L. Aromando Maxine Nicola Ashby-Thompson Jonathan Aspell Richard Sik-Wing Au Katherine Mina Bailey Jocelyn Scheffel Ballantine Shahzad Aziz Bhatti Casey Day Blair Darcelle Bleau Paul Laszlo Bollyky Jonathan Bonne Jennifer Nicole Brodie Barbara Maria Caraballo Rebecca Castillo Malancha Chanda Tsung-Wen Chen Edgar Cheng Thomas Chow Steven Brad Cohen Sandra Contreras Cynthia Zamora Daniel Byron James DeBord Catherine Yatrakis Economakis Nicola Muir Fabens Dylan Nicholas Farnum Chad Barrett Finley Stephen L. Fischer Rachel P. Flamm Francois Drey Furstenberg Roy Richard Gal Patricio Eduardo Garavito Miguelina German Parmatma Singh Greeley Philip E. Greenspan Erik Scott Groothuis Marina G. Groothuis Raphael Solomon Grunschlag Katherine Laurie Gutman Shannon James Halkyard Kathryn Harlow Alexandra Hankin Hart Tina Yu Huang Kristel Kalissaar Hunt Christopher Anthony Hutmaker Winston Paul Jeune Imara Jones Mary Krohn Kamplain Nicole Tristan Kassell Lara Rebecca Kaufman Jennifer Lyn Kelley Jean Louisa Kelly Mary Therese Killackey Jenny E. Kim Leyla Alev Kokmen Henry B. Koo Joel Jacob Kornberg J. Shawn Landres Sergio V. LaPorta Chi-Chun David Lee Sherry Shuan-Yi Lin Allegra Wechsler Lowitt Cara Rachelefsky Luse David Christopher Luse Guillermo Marroquin Ann Helen Mathews Marc Maximov Robert Hugh McLaughlin Francesca Contiguglia Mercier Alex Samuel Metzger Ritu Metzger Wei Wayne Miao Orly Mishan Laura Jacobs Montenegro Jonathan Mooser Monique Williams Morris Colin Marshal Mulcahy Negar Nabavinejad Vanessa Antonia Neumann Vera Liza Noriega Barbara Michelle Novak Nkiruka Ramona Nwokoye Eric Andrew Older Matthew Stephen Owens Elliot Michael Regenstein Ilana Haiken Richmond Estelamari Rodriguez Susannah Claire Rosenstock Russell David Sacks Robert-Paul Sagner Mark Daniel Salzberg Andrew K. Sandoval-Strausz Alan E. Scott Benjamin Kiger Scott Tania Cochran Secor Karen Adele Sendler Richard Thomas Spencer Matthew Alec Spielman Stacey Jacovini Storm Rebecca Petrush Streeter Jenny C. Su Belkis Talarico Kathryn Ann Terry Ayanna Tene Thompson Nancy Tom David Emmett Topkins William Vasiliadis Catherina Villafuerte Daniel Stephen Volchok Martin Eric Vulliez Denise Heather Wallen-Grant Richard Rhinehart Waterfield Charles Herman Watson Christopher Maged William Brett Francis Williams Daniel Edward Wilson Phillip P. Winiecki Jeremy Matthew Workman Kimberly Kelly Yao Jonathan Scott Young Hunki Yun Rebecca Chana Amaru Leslie Yesenia Arias David Anthony Attanasio Allyson B. Baker Frank Hugh Basloe Brian Christopher Bassett Colleen M. Bassett Jamie Lansingh Bennett Kimberly K. Benson Lee Saara Bickley Wayne Gregory Billings Julie Bitici Darwent Michael Brian Buchsbaum Berena Rocio Cabarcas William Henry Cann Maria Elena Celis-Jeanseaume Maria Dolores Chapa Wen-Hwei Chu Raymond Paul Chung Viviana Cristian Lara Lyn An Dao-Wong Arun Kristian Das Madeleine Emmanuelle Dassule Maria Antigone Doiranlis Elizabeth Graeme Stewart Dowd Malik Ducard Jennifer Anne Dunham Class of 1996 Dawn Lisa Eastmond Mark Curtis Filstrup Brian Terrence Flynn Justin Robert Fossbender Arthur Merrimon Freeman Sandeep Gangadharan Adlar García Luis Humberto Garzon Hannah Cranley Glass Jennifer Lew Goldstone Dmitry Goykhman Nicholas John Graham Siri Atma Greeley Owen Peck Grover Samantha Dresser Hardy Wendy Ann Harris Emily Nienchu Hu Mala Iqbal Robert Evan Jawetz Judith Joseph Jenkins Katherine Kao Fay Kastrinos Elizabeth Kim Taeriah Kim Anne Labowitz Klee Michael David Klug Christophe Alain Mathieu Knox Kevin Tung-Sun Kong Catherine Elizabeth Kursch Franco Fai-Hung Lai Robert J. Lee Susan Suwen Liang Tricia Ann Lipani Sarah Lorge Butler James Andrew Luria Peter Wah Mach Adriana Kaczaraj Malone Peter John G. Maris Raymond George Markoff Dara Jean Marmon Axel S. Martinez Patricia A. Matos-Guslawski William Parks McKoy Roosevelt Montas Denise Conanan Nacu Alyson Maureen O Hara Anne O Brien Angeles Silver Pai Kenton Mitchell Pierce Michael Vincent Quinn Kaara Radon Wren Ketcham Rex Jason Paul Rosen Michael Joseph Sadowski Sumi Kay Sakata Noam H. Saxonhouse Roxanna Z. Sherwood Tiffani L. Shin Adina Lea Shoulson Irene Shu Victor Lloyd Smith Matthew Hamilton Soden Andrew Somosi Michael Henry Stanton Andrew Allan Steinberg Lillie Elliotte Stewart Michael Richard Strange Newman Joshua Sund Vivian Sund Jeremy Sidney Szerlip Nicholas John Szerlip Noah Daniel Tepperman Luis Tovar Thaddeus James Tracy Tatyana Tsinberg John Valente Rachel Elizabeth Victor Alexander Villari Trung The Vuong Bruce Charles Wacha Georgia Althea Gayle Wallen Rinda Ann Wardle Andrew Stuart Wein Wendi Ann Winkler Ying Hui Yen Class of 1995 Michele Ann Esposito David J. Lee Raymond Chan Sebastian E. Seiguer Anil M. Shivaram Numjit June Boonyasai Lehv Spencer A. Lehv Ruby Kam Woo Helen Pandelia Zalantis Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Charles W. Cho Michele Ann Esposito Li Lu Elie Levine Jody Alpert Levine Omar Sayed Raymond Chan Tama Brooks Klosek David J. Lee Rocco Joseph Barone Michael Paul Chavira Stephen Hong Choe Kei Wah Chua Ruth Halikman Franklin Janet R. Lorin Jason Akim Lovelace Cindy Zee Michel Juwa Nguy Susan Ahn Park Sebastian E. Seiguer Anthony V. Mollano Kara D. Mollano Christopher John Gwiazda Jodi Michelle Kantor Eugene Kim Thomas Robert Kitt Nicholas Kukrika Eric John Roth Caleb J. Weinstein 118 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

61 Class of 1996 Class of 1997 Mariana Teresa Acevedo Uchenna Cletus Acholonu Lisa J. Alderson Barbara Iole Antonucci Patrick Donovan Armstrong Eileen Deborah Barish Elizabeth Tanenbaum Baron Lara Abigail Bazelon Eric J. Berger Adam Christopher Beshara Reyn Edward Cabinte Orlando Campos John Albert Cardinale Julie Lynne Carrozo James Sumter Carter Linda Pyo Cavalier Catherine Cha Jason Frank Chechitelli Chatchada Chiamprasert Whitney Benton Chiate Shien Chiou Derrick Ka-Yin Choi Victor Tsepon Chong Nihara Karim Choudhri Lisa Michelle Courtney Claudia Silverman Dale Moha Samir Desai Amy Abigail Ellenbogen Adam Robert Fields Jennifer Elise Fishbein-Ruiz Terrence John Fitzgibbons Class of 1997 Alison Catherine Donohoe Jason Elliot Halper Peter Garfiel Freeman David James Frost Melissa Jean Gajarsa Bobbi Basant Gajwani Evonne Jacqueline Gallardo Stephen Michael Gargiulo Christopher Michael Glaros Ronen Mills Glimer Jordan Behling Grant James Patrick Grate David Miguel Gray Avram Elia Green Stephane Gruffat Juliette Hart Christian Joachim Hepfer Alison Carter Hills Nichelle Lorraine Holder Elizabeth Anne Hondl Stephanie Zee Huang Daria Laurana Ibn-Tamas Ravi Sardovia Iyer Kunal Jajoo Bryant Jenkins Heather Lynn Jensen Mohit Sourabh Kasibhatla Leila Kazemi Arbi Khodadadi Sang-Jin Kim Neil Kothari Amy Weiss Kramer Stefanie Frances Lally-Ardrey Bryan Michael Allen Latham Kevin Hongkao Liau Matthew Gordon Lasner Joe F. Lau Diana Hwa-Jin Lee Jeanette Anne Lee-Jimenez Matthew Edward Lenzen Mark N. Levine Abigail Sara Lewis Joseph C. Liao Jason Kenneth Lill Anthony Namil Lim David B. Lin Dulcie Lin Joshua Jeremy Lozner Julia Bartel Lyon Adam Eric Lyons Lydia Markoff Hilary Dustin Mathews Elena Maydan Joseph Young McCoin Andrew C. McGibbon Klancy Elizabeth Miller Lila Regina Mills Bich-Nga Huu Nguyen Michael David Okon Megan Katherine O Toole Kay Jung Park Tammy Park Michelle Naomi Patron Dennis Ignatius Paul William Owens Payne Charles Rhyee Amrit Nagpal John Michael Ogle Sarah Elizabeth Tanner Robbins Arva Franke Rogers Edward L. Rosenfeld Brian Lincoln Shaffer Jason Keith Shames Jennifer Shields Frederick Harrington Shuart Daniel Lawrence Stein Lahnie S. Strange Kelly Corinne Suh Anne Kathleen Sutherland Henry Tam Carl Yukio Tamura Francis Nicholas Telesca Anastasia Yatrakis Thanopoulos Richard Albert Thompson Bernice S. Tsai Alice Yu-Ting Tseng Sharmila Hainum Tuttle Ethan Joseph Twer Jill Fromson Van Beke Nalin Vanasin Sonia E. Varlamos Audrey L. Viola Brett Karl Walter Timothy Clayton Wood HaYoung Yuhan Justin Edmond Zaglio Ann Obringer Zipkin Bill Yialamas Justin Nicholas Alevizos Erich G. Anderer David Jonathan Bauer Michael Eric Beck Benjamin Joshua Adler Philip Malachi Alberti John Dean Alfone Tjoyia Aliprandis James Vincent Anthony Elmer Bautista Arguilla Khalid Husani Barnwell Premila Bhat Cristina Elisa Bonaldes Emily Ann Breon James C.M. Brust Dorraine Theresa Burrell Laura Suryun Cha Diane Cha-Loo Elena Park Chang Joyce Fiona Chapnick Candice Schuen Chen Hoong-San Chen Irene Ai-Ling Chen Susanna Yuen Shan Cheng Laura Vickers Chittick Gotham Chopra Tsz-Ming Chow Zelock Chow Steven Johamore Clarke Rushika Marion Conroy M. Luisa Cruz Danielle Marie Dandrige Jill P. Davidson Theodore Robert DeBonis Jenny Tien Diep William M. Eisner David Jonathan Bernstein Mi Yong Cho Richard Neil De Los Reyes Alison Catherine Donohoe John O Donnell Enright Jeremy Daniel Feit Steven Douglas Fernandez Robert Aaron Finkelstein Nathan Samuel Fox Daniel Evan Friedman Ryan Peter Gabriele Elbert Garcia Rebekah Elizabeth Gee Pradip Kumar Ghosh Jonah Scott Goldstein Graham Laird Goodkin Rokeia Gravley Lauren Pamela Grodstein Alice Yung-Ti Guh Jason Elliot Halper Tracy Anne Hammond Malla Haridat Timothy J. Hogan Adam David Honig Harold Sung-Kai Huang Nicola Louise Hudson David Chang Ishizawar Jonathan Bertram Jacobs Lia Marie Johnson Gary Edward Kaplan Sungmee M. Kim Benjamin David Lederer Danielle Marie Lee Eric Lee Mimi Shon Lee Anthony Lemaire Bryan Michael Allen Latham Joseph M. O Connor John Michael Ogle Nathan Reza Sadeghi-Nejad Kevin Hongkao Liau Peter T. Lin Philip Cheng Lin Rebecca Johansson Locke Sonia Lowenberg Steven C.Y. Lum Betsy Pei-Chi Luo Brian David Maguire Alyson Elizabeth Maloy Jacinto D. Maquera Zaharah R. Markoe Alice Barzun McLean Victor Lim Meer Erin Emily Mendelson Carolyn Bass Mezvinsky Rohit Mukund Modak Matthew Edwin Morningstar Junedale Yuka Nishiyama Diego Jose Olego Ryan Scott Ornellas Allison Beth Orris Maggie Catherine Osdoby Katz Steve William Pagan Manish Sharad Parikh Catherine Young-Eun Park Jisoo Park Suzanne Jae Park Michael Edward Pignatello Naveena Ponnusamy Robert Paul Quatrone Daniel Wonyong Ro Angela Carol Robinson-Pinon Brian Sauvigne Claire Fenton Simmonds David Jude Simmonds Bill Yialamas Francis Bumatay Ruffy Satyen B. Sangani Orli Shaham-Robertson P 11 Jay Sheng Scott Eric Sherman Dorothy Katz Sonnenburg Ungsuman Soti Kevin Paul Stambaugh William Peter Stasiulatis Sanoj Stephen Wayne Thomas Steward Joshua Geoffrey Summers Nicholas Lovett Syrett Emily Joyce Tan Adam Maccabee Trachtenberg Jeremy Hopkins Trelstad Charles Y. Tseng Alexander Hung-Ming Tu Paul Aaron Tuchmann Erki Viirand Rachel Anne Viscomi Stephanie Kara Vogel Palma A. Volino McCormick Michael Hod Wachsman Andrew Yung-Ching Wang Matthew Wang Carl Thomas Watson Edward Joel Wladis Edward Joseph Yaeger Jane Elizabeth Zagajeski Katherine Lee Zucker Peter Adrian Zuercher Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Michael Trattner Feldman John David Rodin Rachel Levine Rodin Reunion Year Giving Class of 1998 Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $68,854 Total Gifts and Commitments $281,771 Kenneth Bradley Chapman Douglas Scott Horowitz Matthew Noah Rothfleisch Kevin Che-Yen Chang Amrit Nagpal Roger Wu Jeannette Rachel Jakus Daniel Jean-Baptiste Benjamin Scott Kornfeind Adam Vu Nguyen Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Matthew Stewart Grossman Donald Jerome Scott Jeremy Alexis Tamanini Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Americo Carmine Nardis 120 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

62 Class of 1998 Class of 1999 Brooks Herman Joanna E. Herman Scott David Ostfeld Charles D. Balsamo Lee Meredith Clifford Samer Nadim Cortas Jay Arun Adya Michelle Hyun Ahn Alejandra Montenegro Almonte Jason Michael Anderson Hasna W. Ansari Isabel Willoughby Ashton Timothy Daniel Baer Dominick Paul Balsamo Catherine Romero Barber Jennifer Lerner Belasco Ezra Ashley Berkowitz Jaydeep Mukesh Bhatt Lucio Biase Ruth Sharon Bieler Mary Browning Lauren Elizabeth Brust Kelley Buechel Lisette Camilo Shahida Michelle Carethers-Danier Rebecca N. Carr Catherine Shiu Chang Jonathan Adam Yun Tsin Chang Sana Selima Chehimi Jeffrey Steven Cohen Andrew Lamar Combs Louis Padron De Leon Dennis Michael Degnan Jason Kyle DeLuca Kapil Rajendra Desai Jacob Matthew Dobkin Karen Leskly Dobkin Yelena Dudochkin-Berry Afari Kwasi Dwamena Michael Richard Miller Adam Vu Nguyen Melissa Joan Scott Isaac Erwin Dweck Natalie Keron Edwards Stephanie Engel Julie Miranda Feldman Justin Graham Garrett Paul William Gately Ilya Y. Gertsberg Matthew Benjamin Gilman Marissa Greenberg Keith Daniel Hays Robert Tait Hermanson Joshua David Nelson Hess Stephen Charles Hilger James Edward Hoffman Joo Hong Timothy Benton Howell Jesse Woodson Isom Jacie Loren Jacobowitz Jeannette Rachel Jakus Erica Hearns Jalil Jaren Casazza Janghorbani Daniel Jean-Baptiste Jan Victor Johansson Jeremy Todd Kamras Ann Margaret Kansfield Sayed Mustafah Khwaja Arnold Won Kim Suehyun Christen Kim Jordan Andrew Konig Benjamin Scott Kornfeind Jeremy Roger Lang Damaris Liliana Lara Ronald George Lehman Veronica May Lei Dennis Marques Machado David Morris Mack Sue Soung-Hae Shin Liora Rachel Spiess Andrew Tarlow Topkins Thomas Edward Marvin Grigoriy Mashkevich Alessandro Mazzotta Erin Lynne McConkey Peter A. McGee Stephanie Hope Meade Chloe Helene Metz Edward Cuny Miller Elizabeth Hunt Milton Sanjay Ramu Mitta Tanya Ireti Nebo Nicole Olivea Nembhard Kate Tyra Olivier Anton S. Orlich Taylor Matthew Ortiz Christopher Frank Paldino Aurelie Paradiso Scott Charlton Parkes Karuna Bhikhu Patel Sara F.A. Pedersen Daniel S. Pianko Melissa Epstein Pianko Stephen Robert Powers Sheila Marie Pozon Dahlia Jacobs Prager Maria Angelica Raptis-Kosmidis Joshua David Ratner Rekha M. Reddy Alison Strickland Rini Reena Zalota Russell Nasr Melanie Bianca Samarasinghe Jeffrey Samuels Tara Rust Samuels Adalis Sanchez Dayce Anthony Schrieber Shirah Schwartz-Jacobs Donald Jerome Scott Ahuva Luba Rachel Seiferas Karen Beth Septimus Brook Llewellyn Shepard Vanessa Catherine Sherman Robert Shih Ann Kyungah Shinn Erica Anne Siegel Elana Faye Sinensky Charles Taylor Sisk Chaya Wolman Slain Rina Bersohn Spiewak Maxim Strongin Judith Ann Sznyter Jeremy Alexis Tamanini Robert Paul Travis Stephen Tin-Yui Tsang Jonathan Bernard Tua David William Tuffy Megan K. Van Linda Sarah Coburn Walters Katherine Gallagher Ward Geoffrey Stephen Warren Amy Rachel Wein Michael Joseph Weinberger Stephan David Whitaker Lyla Cloud Wohl Gordon K. Wong Howard Yih-zan Wu Matthew Marcus Yospin Julie Leeat Yufe Etan Gil Zellner Noah L. Zucker Lauren Rosenberg Gershell David Spencer Karp Jacob Howard Kupietzky Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Lori Ann Alvino McGill Steven Earl Boothe Philson S. Yim Member $1,000 $3,499 Yan Dai Jeremy Stuart Dean Lauren Rosenberg Gershell Jennifer Lynne Johnson Patrick Junghwun Kim Donor Up to $999 Daniel Gonzalo Alarcon Alexander Kaufmann Ames Rohit Bansal Joseph Elliot Bartel Daniel M. Baum J. Matthew Beckerleg Seena Robin Berg Bonnie Felice Berger Samuel Alfred Berger Slaten G. Bickford Kerry Marie Billings Jessica Maureen Black Caitlin Pannese Stacy Michelle Rotner Sameer Ahmed Shamsi Benjamin Maxwell Freeman Charles Syl Leykum Steve Daewon Kim Jacob Howard Kupietzky Abraham Han-Chang Lee Abdolmohsen Malaki Ashley Stratton Miller Saul Bryan Blecker Marie E. Brown Wendy En-Lok Brown Daniel M. Brunello Adrienne Michele Buckley David Michael Burkoff Sarah Lindemann Buthe Torello Howard Calvani James Frederick Carson Young Joon Chae Andrew Wendell Chen Xi Lun Chen S. Adam Spiewak Chi Wah Tillberg Laurent Andre Vasilescu Anthony Munoz Jennifer Maxfield Ostfeld Martin Mraz Caitlin Pannese Felix Jiyong Park Elizabeth Victoria Robilotti Stacy Michelle Rotner Dina Michelle Cheney Subbarao Choudry Tamara Baxt Clemmons John Ray Clemmons Laura Michelle Colarusso Amy Blum Cole Eleisa Potter Coster Alison Goss Coviello Cristina Teresa Cue Rochelle Monique Dalton Tarik Hashim Dalton Angelina E. Davis-Lipman Jeremy L. Selman Nina F. Tannenbaum Laurent Andre Vasilescu Kani Oliver Yo David Jon De Matteis Tiana Angelique Demas Michael Benjamin Dorenfeld Collette Patrece Eccleston Kamryn Theresa Eddy Jason William Eng Barbara Rutkowski Eustice Luc Alexis Ferran Christopher Lee Ferris Heather E. Folsom Caroline Meckler Gertler Sahil Tejas Godiwala M y husband, Scott Ostfeld 98, 02L, 02 BU, and I met in an art history class at Columbia and spent many afternoons studying at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We are happy to know that our support provides opportunities for current students to receive an excellent education in the greatest city in the world. Jennifer Maxfield Ostfeld 99, 00J 122 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

63 Class of 1999 Class of 2000 Charles Maxwell Goldschmid Traci Michelle Goldstein Muneesha Goyal Michael Charles Grant Aaron Nathaniel Greco Suzanne Beth Greenstein Jonas Scott Hafkin Heather Lorraine Harrell Sadarias Eugene Harrell Alexander Yao Hawson Sharmaine Tang Heng Carissa Byrne Hessick Geofrey Edward Hildrew Robert Charles Hora Katherine Bygrave Howe Lauren Joo Hwangbo Louis Roland Hyman Rachel Grant Jackson Renee Marie Jackson Vikash K. Jain Rikki Alyse Javitch Marta Emilia Karamuz Neal Alexander Karnovsky David Spencer Karp John-Christopher Khoury Peter Jinwon Koh Kelley Arlene Kreitz Lea Miller Kronenberg Class of 2000 Alexandra Fitzgerald Conway Neal David Kravitz Peter Benjamin Kuhn Todd Jaime Lao Peter Choon Lee Eli Lehrer Shelby Clare Leuin Nancy MiKyung Lin Jennifer Ching-Yee Lin-Liu Jared Duncan MacDonald Janice Cruz Mandac Jodi Marie Materna Ingrid Matias Jennifer Marie McGovern Stephen McGrath Ami Mehra Justin Michael Meshberg Avidan Meyerstein Hisataka Muto Scott Michael Napolitano Joshua Adam Nash Bradley Keith Neuberg Allan Kar-Chun Ng Gregory Alexis Nihon Andrew Young Park Christine Chae-Eun Park Hayley Poserow Sarah Elizabeth Potter Megumi Shibata Rinaldi Emily Chapman Roller Kevin Masri Lawi Ingride Richardson Albanery Roman Lisa Jo Rose Cristina Lucci Rosenberg Jacob David Rosenschein Kerri-Ann Rudd Thomas W. Russell Jacob Alexander Sadikman Nilam Ajit Sanghvi Andrea Sansotta Jason Scott Saretsky Farzad Sarmast Benjamin Seth Schneider Colleen T. Schroeder Theodore Frederic Schroeder Melissa Lee Schwab Anne Berkowitz Sekel Joshua William Shaevitz Amee Manoj Shah Sunita Rajesh Shah Sameer Ahmed Shamsi Karin Kuan-Hui Shih Justin Benjamin Shubow Guillermo Martin Silberman Jamie Silver Aaron Edward Silverstein Terryl Osbert Simeina Paul M. Smith Riann Allison Smith Yong-Kyoo Rim Christopher Joseph Totman Roxann Sherri Smithers Yevgeniy Sokolovskiy S. Adam Spiewak Russell Mark Steinthal Jonathan Craig Stone Victor Stone Gary Scott Sultan David Su Sun Hung Chi Tran Irina Lubomirova Vala Trinke Ann Vaughan Marysol Sanchez Velamoor Jordan C. Wand Courtney Renon Washington Wendy Waxman David Zvi Werblowsky Marisa Naomi Wheeler Nandini Ramnath Wilcke Daniel Lars Wolven Laura Pairu Woo Sally Sue-Ling Woo Richard Bing Wu Jennifer Yang Suzzanne H. Yao Leslie Suzanne Zahm Jessica Zimbabwe Donor Up to $999 Ali Ahmad Amy Lin Ahn Han Jin Ahn Kelly Suzanne Alderson Marissa Hurwitz Alguire Antoinette Marie Allen Brian George Andrews Sabrina Antonietta Artale Prisca Bae Lystra Batchoo Andrew Paul Bautista Maya Raphaela Bernstein Sean Reed Boggs Kathleen Carroll Boyd Daniel Joslyn Brown Steven James Brown Nadia L. Carter Hui-Yuan Nelson Chan Won Kyung Chang Bradley Fredrick Clement Sander Kreger Cohan Brendan Collin Colthurst Alexandra Fitzgerald Conway Joel Christopher Daniels Autumn Shashauna Davidson Krista Ann Deitemeyer Lainy M.J.L. Destin Aaron Joshua Dobish Gered Christopher Doherty Alicia Renee Dooley Michael David Dwork Michael David Edelstein Megan Elizabeth Eliot Jaye Jennifer Fenderson Kimberly Dawn Fisher Rosalee McCarthy Francis Tara Chitra Gangadhar Michael Patrick Glynn Andrew Lawrence Goldberg Hallie Suzanne Goldblatt Sarah Beth Grafman Laura Schoe Grosshans Scott Russell Grossman Daniel Benjamin Guggenheim Nathan Hale Tu Harris Samuel T. Hirzel Sam Harold Horng Andrew Chih-Chun Huang Evan Hale Hutchison Michael Edward Hutchison Omosede Sharlet Idehen Shana Elena Inofuentes Nathaniel Scott Jacklin Matthew A. Jacobs Susan Jennings Kantari Susan Isabel Kaufman Shalinee Khurana Charles F. Kim Elizabeth Anne Kopley Kevin Masri Lawi Gregory Thomas Lembrich Gregory Bertram Lemmons Rahel Adina Lerner Eric Jonathan Leskly Daniel Dane Levin Joseph Michael Levine Mira Lew Bishupal Limbu Ching-Hao Howard Lu Claire Chi Lui Melissa Maldonado Katherine Bergstrom Mark Arif Amirali Mawji Imma Concetta Mazzella Sami Mesrour Cyrus Alexander Modanlou Theodore Perlick Molinari Richard Lup-Duc Moy Ellen Eunha Nam Isaac Nesser Kraig Harry Odabashian Eric S. O Dell Joseph Andre Pabon Jennifer Jean Park Alicia Milan Pentz-Lopez Russell Squier Perkins Gita Pillai David Jonathan Pisapia Molly Frances Pulda Jenny Y. Raj Anthony Ramirez Shivani Ratnakumar Ann Marie Reding Israel Rocha Jordan Michael Rosenbaum Daniele Faye Sahr Charles Alvaro Saliba-Revuelto Kathleen Breslin Samuel Christopher James Sandersfeld Jacqueline Kit-Ling Seidel Chad James Shampine Michael Edward Shen Paul Trevor Sheridan James Michael Showalter Abigail Krauser Shrier Isaac Dorfman Silverglate Penelope Joy Sinanoglou Catherine Skokowski Margaret Rose Sledge Kerry Martin Smith Jonathan Daniel Solomon Sarah Michelle Spatz Vanessa Margot Stanley-Miller Jason Michael Streem Marina Anastasia Tasopoulos-Chan Cliff Irvine Taylor Adina Hope Teitel Kahn David Tiomkin Eden Abigail Trooboff Goldman Lindi H. Vanderwalde Gregory Joseph Ventresca Daniel Seth Vogel Eric A. Wandler Paul Manning Wehn Daniel John Weix Daniel Woodlin Mandy Gil Wynn Heidi Nina Yeung Brian Young Yoon Jon-Claude Zucconi Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Chandler Byron Bocklage Matthew Seymour Greer Kerry Nguyen Yim Neal David Kravitz Yong-Kyoo Rim Salil Seshadri Class of 2001 Michael Victor Brown David Andrew Matteini Vijay Mohan Elizabeth Estrada Rahn Alisa Wood Member $1,000 $3,499 Cie-Jai Brown Elizabeth Boylan Byington Usama Nadim Cortas Armand Jamal Dawkins Peter John Freuler Robert Ian Hoffman Nugzari Abraham Jakobishvili D. Seth Kammerman Whitney Weems Mogavero Katherine Eileen Muhlenkamp Maja Koziol Orekar Ingride Richardson Lendell Thompson Christopher Joseph Totman Rolando Carlos Villanueva Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Kathleen Lynch Keeffe Steven Millerman Member $1,000 $3,499 Ram Ahluwalia Christina Lee Alexander Michael Victor Brown Audrey Yin-Yung Chen Akhill Chopra Daryl Win-Kong Ng Tajar Samuel Varghese Manju Tracy Chacko Dawkins Camille Warmbrodt DeLaite Joshua Max Feldman Matthew Richard Hughes Stefanie Sharon Jay Alastair Wood Alisa Wood Suzy Kim Lee David Andrew Matteini Vijay Mohan Elizabeth Estrada Rahn Shawn Thekkekara Tamika Denise Thompson Niketh Varadaraj Velamoor 124 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

64 Class of 2001 Class of 2002 Donor Up to $999 Leah Camille Aden Eric M. Allbin Lauren Michele Anderson Nana Yaa B. Anyane-Yeboa Tsvi Yaakov Aranoff Noa Miriam Yemini Arias Roderick Leopold Arz Paul Evan Babchik Alexander Robert Baker Kendrick Kazuhiko Bales Sara Elizabeth Batterton Negeen Roshan Ben-Cohen Jason Osborne Billy Michael Jason Bilsborough David Melbourne Blum Nicole Eileen Bode Christopher John Brady Hannah Debra Budnitz Benjamin Louis Cahan Maureen Margaret Carroll Sarah Howe Case Kristina Sujin Chae Ramsey Chamie Peggy Lynn Chan Jenny S. Cheung Debra C. Chow Raphael Victor Cohen Brie Alexis Cokos Wadad Nadim Cortas Adam David Crocker Emil Czechowski Andrew Victor Danberg-Ficarelli Helena Daras Stuart Graham Dearnley Andrew Rouge Dennington Heather Anne Salter Doherty Phillip Nicholas Druce Ruth Duchatelier Marc Joseph Dunkelman Patrick James Durkan Dina Epstein G. Sean Escola Alexander Ira Eule Georgia Mollie Ewen-Campen Louisa Antonia Fennell Mark Anthony Fichera Caroline Devin Fitzpatrick Patricia Fogle Nathan Gardner-Andrews Teresa Genao-Harding Caroline Brooks Giordano Colleen Kau anoe Goldberg Leigh Stacy Goldstein Marla Leslie Goodman Israel Moses Gordan Jonathan R. Gordin Daniel Isaac Gorlin Kate Jillian Grossman Michelle Maria Grzan Brian C. Gum Samra Saadia Haider Ambia Nicole Minor Harper Scott Adam Hefler Louis Dominic Hellebusch Laura Miriam Heller Matthew Donovan Hill Lauren Brooke Hoelzer Emily Elizabeth Huters James Daniel HuYoung Sterling Mah Ingui Maurice Parkman James Stefanie M. Jean-Baptiste Jane Jung-Ah Jhun Jason Ryan Johns Alexandra Alston Jost Nazreen Karim Avery Viener Kastin Serj Alex Khachaturian Kevin Y. Kim Min H. Kim Amy Frances Kimpel Matthew Reiss King Sarah Friedberg Krohn Jon Wakiya Krug Michael Frederic Krug Andrew Kugajevsky Steven Anthony Kurosko Patrick John Kuznia Michael Carl Larsen Erika Lee Lazar Jonathan Robert Lemire Noah Todd Lichtman Dean Chih Lin Hung-Hsuan Lin B.B. U.-Ning Liu Lauren Abraham Mahoney Michael Shawn Mahoney Cristine Maisano Beth Rogers Maoui Shuemein Mar Anne Marquit Mariel Teresa Martinez James Lee Massey-Kim Leopoldo Domenico Matarazzo Shannon Elizabeth McCrudden Michael Mohan Merley Nancy Patricia Michaelis Douglas Broekhof Miller Maury Adam Miller Kissura Lenn Mondesir Paul Vignolo Munson Rahmila Nadi Heather B. Nelson Thomas Joseph Nelson Emeka Ofodile Christina Chinwe Okereke Sam David Oppenheim Chimezie Nwabueze Ozurumba Andrew Pagano Jisun Lee Park Meelan Nick Patel Francisco Ricardo Perez Richard James Plotkin Sanetta Dequette Ponton Jacob Dubow Press Jesse Seth Prupas Despina Psillides Andrew Seh Young Pyo Greta Ravitsky David Rease Amy Yi-Hwa Reisenberg Joseph Paul Rezek Benjamin Randall Ryan Rabia Saeed Omer Subhan Salamat Michael Stuart Scheinkman Lorin Michael Scher Matthew George Schultz Corrina Lee Schultz Amy B. Siemens Sell Peter Thomas Sloan Abena Slowe Omar Slowe Michael Adam Smith Adam Michael Sokol Wally Suphap Lucy Tamar Tovmasian Jeannie D. Tran Namrata Tripathi Neal Hua Tsay Andrea Clare Villanti Jonathan Elias Vogel Ellen Frances Volpe Amelie Elisabeth Von Zumbusch Victoria Vron Morgan Elizabeth Webber Laura Claire Weingarten Genna Brick Weinstein Matthew Thomas Whitman Sheldon Eric Wong Matthew Scott Wosnitzer Irena Zolotova Franklin Olakunle Alaran Amoo Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Ryan S. Chang Stephen E.H. Dance Member $1,000 $3,499 Franklin Olakunle Alaran Amoo Paul Eun Kee Choi Jaclyn Allison Chu Donor Up to $999 Pooja Agarwal Jeffrey Michael Anderson Joyce Chang Anderson Aryea Leib Aranoff Kaylan Alice Baban Chirag Rashmi Barbhaiya Shampa Saira Bari Brendan Reid Beier Ksenija Alexandrovna Boutov Kanika Marie Brooks James Lee Cain Michael Joseph Castiglione Daniel Benjamin Chen Kara Beth Chenitz Leo Yu Yuk Chiu Rosalind Ming Kay Chow Ishwara Chrein Fabian Raga Chrobog Jeffrey Seth Colen Aurele Alfie Danoff Tami Joy Deeb Demetri E. Dimitriadis Gareth Holland Eckmann Emily C. Erstling Uchenna Umoja Evans Chris Felicetta Christine Kagahastian Fernandez Seth Alan Gale Marjorie Sasson Gindi Marnie Glassman Gale Kara Paulette Goldman Aaron Payne Goldsmid Agne Baranauskaite Grigas Ellen Maura Gustafson Daniel Milton Hammerman Paul Eun Kee Choi Katharine Griffin Conway Nicholas Alexander Kalikow Katharine Griffin Conway Zecki Amir Dossal Jesse Warren Folit Golomb William D. Hunter Othniel Binley Harris Sonia Hirdaramani Peter Holik James Peter Houtsma Benjamin Alderson Howell Hector Han-Li Huang Sarah Hsu Hsiao HuYoung Justin George Jamail Shari Tamar Jawetz Cate Elizabeth Jenkins Raegan Mary Johnston Elizabeth Ryan Jonckheer Fiona Kanagasingam Ari Daniel Kandel Jacqueline Elaine Karp Charles Mikel Katz-Leavy Emma Sophie Katznelson Leah Perrin Katznelson Jarrett Paul Keys Som Hunter Kharazmi Nathan Dean Kiel Jane Sun Kim Michael Minhee Kim Sunnie Kim Taryn Alyssa Laeben Kenneth Rafael Lantigua Michelle Bertagna Leavy John Jong-Hyun Lee Peter Yi-Lin Lee Seung Hee Grace Lee Sara Stein Lichtman Derek Ka-Lin Lo Calvin S. Look Kristin Leigh Lorieo Karina Bloom Lubell Ellen Maura Gustafson Sonia Hirdaramani Scott H. Koonin Grace Young Eun Lee Everett Sterling Miles Genevieve Marie Thornton Elizabeth Auzins Magness Nadia Nuzhat Majid Nicholas Arnold Manheim Elizabeth Felicity Matory Jonathan Rafi Matz Derrick Adam Mayo Nathan Winslow McNeil Lissette Ivonne Melo Cassie J. Mogilner Fernando Montero Robert Edward Mook Adrienne Dawn Moran Joseph David Moreno David Hoffman Myers Elisabeth Jill Neubauer Bradford Brewer Nugent Abhilash Girish Patel Catherine Joan Perkins Daniel Stanley Perotti Cheyenne Jenny Picardo Patricia Sims Poole Caroline Fitzgerald Puri Azhar Quader Dhaya Ramarajan Ian Robert Rapoport Aaron Shamus Raskin Amber Lee Reed Joshua Reich Angela Mae Richardson Stephan Johannes Ritter Bronwyn Conwell Roantree Cameo Beth Roehrich Jorge Tomas Roman Avidan A. Ross Giulianna Karin Ruiz Scott H. Koonin Genevieve Marie Thornton Stefanie Tsen Ilene Janet Weintraub Lewis David Russell David Victor Sack E. Maxwell Saffian Carina Hyatt Schoenberger Brooke Seidelmann Oliver Hamilton Sellers-Garcia Miriam Aviva Sheinbein Sheethal N. Shobowale Nicholas John William Singer Lachlan McGalliard Smith Graig Jamal Springer Beth Debra Stein Crystal Theresa Stewart-Clarke Juan Carlos Stolberg Matthew Dean Stratton Eric Robert Tang Emily Kathryn Taylor Sawan Sadhanandham Tivakaran Purdy Rachel Tran Roya Vakil Adam Jeffrey Valenstein Kevin C. Vee Sarah Elizabeth Wagner-McCoy Matthew Daniel Waldman Bruce Wang James Hilton Watson Daryl Mark Weber Mariel Louise Wolfson Christopher Glenn Wong Alisha Yadali Tarigh S. Yusufi Evan Bass Zeisel 126 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

65 Reunion Year Giving Class of 2003 Eleanor Louise Coufos Michael Christopher Foss Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Robert Michael Bruce Eleanor Louise Coufos Caylei T. Vogelzang Member $1,000 $3,499 Kwamena Nortey Ocran Aidoo Samir Arora Jennifer Marie Baskin Katherine Day Benvenuto Thomas Jerome Enright Donor Up to $999 Ayesha Samina Abdul-Quader Matthew Edward Aiello-Lammens Bram M. Alden Avery Marie Alpha Defne Audrey Amado Bobbie Jennifer Andelson Thomas Edward Anderson Alexander Angert Yonatan A. Appelbaum George John Arnaoutakis Justin Marc Assad Paul Elvin Barnes Jessica Hoffmann Beard Daniel Benjamin Berghoff Douglas James Boorstein Ethan Hepner Brodie Marva Claudette Brown Jarvis Lamar Buckman Adam Seth Bush Raffaele Cardone Joseph M. Catsam Gladys Chang Jamie Clayton Chanin Shawn S. Choy James Christopoulos Philip Chu Alfred Young Chung John Henry Church Katherine Wei-Yue Chuy Stephany Grace Collamore James Patrick Collins Monica Ann Conley Eric Adam Kriegstein Nathania Ellsworth Nisonson David Michael Keeffe Andrew David Shannahan Charlotte Fulton Sergeant Evans Rachel Michel Flax Lauren Callan Harrison Brett Clement Harriss Scott Ronald Hunter Kristin Lynn Connors Frank Vincent Coppola Colleen Marie Cusick Emily Anne Doyle Abby Jacobs Drubetsky Lindsay Colbert Dunn Mary Elizabeth Ebner Allison Nicole Enriquez-Buehler Hans Peter Erickson Gregory Gunderson Ferguson Benjamin Isaac Fishman Wesley Paul Flamer-Binion Diana Rose Flynn Michael Christopher Foss Matthew Benjamin Fox Monica Vera Frassa Jill Krista Freedman Olivia Cynthia Freeman Annemarie Elizabeth Gallagher Raquel Chaya Gardner Jordan Elliott Genut Ryan Nathaniel Ghan Barry Evan Goldstein Reena Nicole Goldthree Elizabeth Leigh Gould Danielle A. Grant Kimberly Nicole Grant Amy Lynn Greenstein Rajib Guha Hunter Edward Hackney Bari Gayle Handwerger Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $67,906 Michael John Novielli Geoffrey Michael Williams Jeffrey D. Wong Nyssa Michelle Lee Erik Nicholas Moss Nathania Ellsworth Nisonson Alec O Doherty Matthew James Pierce Carter Milliken Reum Reina Marlene Hardy Tara Hastings Michelle Ellen Hodara Joseph Michael Hoepp Patrick Gwynn Holder Scott Joseph Hopson William Chang Hu Joshua Fay Hurvitz Nathaniel Bigelow Jacks Dawn Marie Jackson Matthew Bryan Jayjack Robert Joseph Jenkins Zulaika Nesa Jumaralli Deborah Ann Kaplan Megan Helen Keane-Tarchichi Jessica Ann King Charles Philip Edward Kitcher Jonathan Robert Klein Jessica C. Kornberg Haley Kaye Krug Jacob Eli Kurlander Adam Benjamin Kushner Jennifer Lauture Christiana Maria Lazo Lorraine Min-shan Liang Adam Seth Libove Scott P. Libson Steven Ling Yoni A. Liss Christina Michelle Liu Joseph Hurley Lyons Jessica Lynn Macari Total Gifts and Commitments $99,271 Gregory Michael Schill Jonathan Maxwell Schwartz Gaurav Shah Brett Kramer Shawn Lauren Kornreich Shawn Catherine Beauregard Sheehy Peter G. Macchia Shyam Madhavan Jason Gregory Magnus Michelle Lynn Mahlke Joshua Aaron Marks Mariam Masheeb Alissa Michelle Mathis Matthew Alvarez McMillan Anne Catherine Melzer Derek Patrick Mitchell Shelly Mittal Raamla Abdullahi Mohamed Caitlin Louise Mooney Amelia Maginley Moore Blair Wells Morris Thomas Paul Mosher Zachariah Thomas Munoz Beth Eide Murphy Michael John Novielli Susan Chioma Nwankpa Jaime Lynn Oliver Jennifer Navidad Ongchin Nicholas Lewis Orton Rajeev Mahendra Patel Eric Michael Patterson Andrea Herbst Paul Jeffrey Gordon Peate Stephanie Lee Peng Lisa Olga Franciska Pettersson Michael Anthony Poropat Johanna Susan Quinn Erin Mariel Rada Class of 2003 Rachel Meredyth Ragovin-Polonsky Raphael Nanda Rajendra Sarah Austin Robinson Ansley Morgan Roche Sara Ann Rudow Courtney Maureen Ryan Marlow Lynne Schindler Amy Christine Schulz Lee Barry Schutzman Michelle D. Schwartz Robyn Schwartz Gil Bennett Selinger Class of 2004 Justin Brent Sellman Jennifer Jill Sheardown Tamar Simon Eric Joshua Siskind Nemanja Z. Slavkovich Craig Andre Smart Kyle Bradford Smith David I. Soloway Winston Hsin-Haw Song William Alexander Specht David Benjamin Steinberg Jonathan Ari Stern Jacquelyn Lee Strycker Seulgey Kim Suh Beril Tari Anavi Nicole Alexandra Tartak Warner Katie Rose Teesdale Vikram Thomas James Martin Thompson Scott Patton Tift Julia Cristina Topik Gregory Anthony Vaca Anand Prasanna Venkatesan Kevin Edward Verge Adam Gray Waytz Shay Raquel Weiner William Francis Welch Elizabeth Anne Wermer AnnaMaria Mannino White Jonathan Gable White Ryan Gordon Wilner Maria Sau Man Wong Christina Pfenning Wright Megan M. Yee Zayd Mohamed Zahid Emily Joy Zibart Daniel Shai Goldman Stephanie Yu-Yi Lung Andrew Jungwon Sohn Richard Englund Tosi Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Randy William Berkowitz Avram Jason Drori Anna Ai Fang-Hamm Andrew Zachary Lebwohl Member $500 $4,999 Rishad Ahmed Vignesh Mohan Aier James William Campbell Yuko Chitani Joseph Hyung Tae Choi Robert Marc Ettinger Joseph Stewart Fischel Donor Up to $499 Puja Ahluwalia Bennett Patrick Allen Elizabeth Hammell Anderson Joshua Brett Arthur Benjamin Lipman Austin Rian Jensine Balfour Sophia Funkhouser Beal William Timothy Miles Bean Nathan Octavio Berger Carlos Andre Bermudez Jordan Daniel Brafman Gerald Brant Charles Colin Brinkman Elizabeth Anne Broderick Brandon Winthrop Burd Dominic Michael Cairo Xinyi Chen Catherine Grace Chung Comana Monica Cioroiu Nicholas Ryan Clements Thomas Edward Gorman Katherine Elise Griffith Reena Sheen Kim William Andrew Langer Christine Hiu-Man Lee Michael Lee Ashley Elizabeth Lewis Hunter Amanda Elizabeth Craft Christopher David Davies Natalie Catherine Davies Eleanor Wiske Dillon Luke Anthony Donatelli Sarah Phillips Dove Brian John Doveala Julia Ann Drzycimski Emilie Rovito Dubois Julianna Dudas Katrina Adrianna Durbak Noah Allan Elbogen Andrew Leo Farrell Laura Fisher Danielle A. Flores Ean Wesley Fullerton Jennifer Yee Yan Fung Vincent James Galgano Elissa Puay Sie Gaw Angela Evagelia Georgopoulos Jorge Andres Livermore Andrew David Lorber Hamesh Mahesh Mehta Robert Bradley Mosher Timothy Clark Murray Sarah Harper Nobles Jordan Elliot Pace Melissa Del Carmen Gibb Adam Leonard Gidwitz Michael Peter Glick Daniel Shai Goldman Christopher Charles Guerin Youngmie Han Ben Harris Helen Harris Jeffrey Philip Henretig Craig Benjamin Hollander Emma Catherine Hoyt Hiroko Imaeda Daniel Gregory Jacobs George Andrew Johnston Sabreena Karim Joshua Yale Karp Rona Behar Karp Adam Kyle Kaufman Todd Keryc Christopher Kiyoung Kim Eric Requenez Beau Randall Russo Colin Daniel Speaker Kai Andrew Szakmary Richard Englund Tosi Daniel Benjamin Weinstein Weigang Yuan Anna Battis Kogan Nathaniel Smith Kogan Tamar Kornblum Nicholas Ian Kovalevich Lee Carl Kowitz Justin Jared Krane Christina Michelle Kubacki Andrea E. Channing Kung Starrett Shirley Teng Kwok Joshua Ross Laurito Michael See-Yuen Lee Ross Michael Leff Marie Adele Lehner Mindy Shulman Levine Brigitte Benacerraf Libby Ellen Kathleen Lowrey Stephanie Yu-Yi Lung Christine Vu Luu Alexandra Auzins Magness 128 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

66 Class of 2004 Class of 2005 Wendy Martinez Keelin Maureen McDonell Thomas McMenemy Scott Andrew Moncur Kimberly Nicole Morgan Elisabeth Ann Morris Solomon Moshkevich Elizabeth Reshma Mulaikal Shiva Nagalingam Rachel Ainsworth Neugarten Patrick John Cushman O Grady Matthew Benjamin O Hanlon Sung-Min Park Christopher Neill Parker Jason Wyatt Parsont Denaka Lorraine Perry Annie Pfeifer Jason Stuart Pruzansky Class of 2005 Stephanie Katsigiannis Benecchi Akshat Chandrakant Pujara Megha Pallavi Ralapati Stephanie Ann Reeder Mustafa Shafi Riffat Naeun Rim Misha Park Robyn Luis Oscar Rohena Matthew Graham Roskot Manideepa Sarkar Brian Adam Schaitkin Rebecca Abram Scheck Elizabeth Schilowitz Christina Tobajas Schmid Matthew Logan Schmid Ariel Rica Schwartz - Siller Aaron Charles Schwartz Deborah Schwerdt Emily Louise Seidman Jeffrey Mark Engler Amalia Goldvaser Marina Severinovsky PeterPaul Elhamy Shaker Kenneth Adam Sherman Tricia Bozyk Sherno Ethan Tsvi Siller Catherine Ashleigh Silver Adam Louis Small Eric Andrew Smith Anna Linden Sochynsky Sogol Davina Somekh Guillermo Lieberman Stampur Mary L. Steffel Adrienne Diane Strickler Kelly Lorimer Swanston Michael Wei-kwun Tai Monica Ina Tai Esti Tahina Tambay Nikhilesh Tandon W. Garner Robinson Philip Aaron Sandick Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Matthew Craig Grossman Ling Wu Kong Demetrios Peter Yatrakis Valorie Ann Thorson Daniel Edward Touff Evan James Tryforos Jeffrey Jeng-Haw Tsai Ching Yen Tsao Miklos Chai Vasarhelyi Ashley Clare Vereschagin Ian David Volner Julianna Maria von Zumbusch Michael Burk Waln Haozhe Wang Bradley Fleegler Weinstein Vivian Lee Weiss Britney Alexis Williams Lindsay Brooke Wilner Erica Ashley Wolff Catherine Jade Yee Audrey Victoria Yu Demetrios Peter Yatrakis John Adrian Zaro Charles S. Gershman Evangeline Angela Geskos Susanna Giboni Samuel Wilton Goldberg Amalia Goldvaser Margaret Lee Grando Elizabeth Levine Greene Jacob Robert Grice Kurt Joseph Hahner Margaret Grace Hannon Alexandra Anne Harman Alexandra Bennis Hartman Ryan Foster Heath Rachel Sarah Hutt Alexia Simon Jacobs Charlotte Elizabeth Jacobs Matthew Luis Jalandoni Jinyuan Jin Nick Steven Kaluk Rebecca Sara Karp Natalie Beth Katzin Rebecca Kee William Patrick Kee Benjamin D. Kenigsberg Rachel Helen Kiwi Kalli Alexander Kofinas Mollie Melissa Kornreich Anne C. Koski David Loyal Krohn Carrington Hart Lee Dave Leung Andrew Lee Lin Janeth Lopez Jonathan Lee Lorenzen Samuel Elias Luciano Lauren Elisabeth Mancia Matthew Craig Mandelberg Ali Marc Manigat Olivier Antoine Manigat Lawrence Manis Marisa Marconi Silvia Georgieva Marinova Joshua Seth Marks Michael Minier Marsh Fareed William Melhem Cedrick Juan Francesco Mendoza-Tolentino Katharine Watson Millet David Thomas Mills Scott Eugene Mitchell Keren Rebecca Mizrahi Kavior Korea Moon Christopher John Morten Steven William Mumford Andrew Bradley Nightingale Alexandra Catherine Nowakowski Joseph Favier Obermaier Moira Donnelly O Toole Christina Helen Pamies Brianne Elizabeth Pardini Lauren Elizabeth Parmington Stephen T. Poellot Norman Schlebach Porras Pamela Jean Quinlan Brendan Thomas Quinn Dara Lynne Raskin John Wesley Reuter Tracy Lind Reuter Paul Andrew Reyfman W. Garner Robinson Aaron Stuart Rosenberg Nicolas Rosenthal Matthew Frank Rotman Nicholas Spencer Rudd Ezra Shragai Samet Philip Aaron Sandick Diti C. Sangoi Elizabeth Virginia Sanseau Anitta Caridad Santiago Luis A. Saucedo Benjamin Hayman Schneer Jaime Beth Schwartz Emily Manning Schwarz Alexandra Dika Seggerman Max Jacob Shterngel Lizet L. Shuja Adam Michael Siak Maia Selinger Sidon Gemma Sieff Justin Booth Slaughter Peter David Smick Kathryn Scott Struthers Peter Joseph Surdel Syga De Thomas David Toledano Andrew Parsons Tolve Christopher Drew Tonetti Salwa Touma Hao Chi Tran Michael Willis Vary Jennifer Weber Rebecca Susan Weber Peter Y. Wei Stuart Jonathan Weinstock Meredith Ann Wilkes Daniel Isaac Wolf Elizabeth Kabak Wolf Heather Chelsey Wollin Paul Joseph Wright Jonathan Patrick Yee Erica Yen Member $500 $4,999 Anya Boutov Charles Franklin Britton Michael Militar Camacho Joseph Kurian Choorapuzha Ravi R. Desai Patrick Morley Dunn Jacob Harris Hupart Donor Up to $499 Jason Ryan Auguste Michelle Karen Alves Andrea Danielle Amaro Dean John Arnaoutakis Marc Nathaniel Aspis Anjam Bahl Golden James Baker Andrzej Baraniak Isaac H. Bauer Raisa Belyavina Stephanie Katsigiannis Benecchi Michal Benzaquen Ian Alexander Jay Mallory Ann Jensen Douglas A. Kravitz Neel Krishnan Isabelle Charlotte Levy Matthew Lawrence Lippert Stephen Andrew Malcolm Alexandra Charlotte Sylvia Berkman Jeremiah William Bertz Robert Rashad Biggers Daniel J. Binder Meredith D.I. Boak Charles David Boillot Joshua William Booth Will Michael Boylan-Pett Dustin James Brauneck Nicole Marie Bryant Paul Alexander Burkey Michelle Marie Cammarata Cody Marcus Carr Arash Najafi Miriam A. Rahali Pedro Rivero Diana Benton Schechter Grace C. Sterritt Yuma Terada Caroline Tuquyen Vu Sarah Julie Cattan Merlin Chowkwanyun Kevin Joseph Coco Andrea Elisabeth Cortes-Comerer Diana Blair Crum Carlos Augusto Cuevas Margaret Aldredge Cullum Harmony Dawn Davis Anjali Kaushlesh Dayal Jared William DeMatteis Brian E. Dorsey Elizabeth Donnelly Down Kathryn V. Ebner Jana Winslow Whiting Carmen Kate Yuen John Adrian Zaro Sean H. Zhao Edward Bernard Eckert Rajeev Sankarprasad Emany Jeffrey Mark Engler Inna Michelle Fabrikant Aaron Miness Farber Rachel Natalie Feinmark Joseph Adam Feldman Yuly J. Finkelberg Yael Tamar Foss Stephen Mark Foster Tanya Eve Franklin Joshua Eli Freed Molly Hopkins Friedensohn Caryn Waterson Gehrke M y academic and social experience at the College shaped and enriched my life. Supporting the College is my way of giving back to make sure future Lions have access to the same great experience I did. While our tenure as students at Columbia is ephemeral, we never lose our status as alumni. My involvement allows me to continually interact with the people who make the Columbia community great. It s an honor to help change the lives of those who are going to help change the world. Carlos Cuevas Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

67 Class of 2006 Class of 2007 Ganesh Harish Betanabhatla Michael Charles Brown Thomas H. Rudy Gregory Scott Winchell Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Francesca Bodini Member $500 $4,999 Zachary H. Bendiner Ganesh Harish Betanabhatla Tyler Randolph Boyd Caitlin E. Brodie Michael Charles Brown Leslie Alexandra Cohen Lauren Krista DeLauro Donor Up to $499 Catherine Dailey Agricola Mindy Ann Allen Gregory Matthew Alushin Ian David Anthony Conall Prakash Arora Diana Day Auguste Mary Kate Bacalao Carly Bronson Baratt Katelyn Marie Beaudette Caroline Chapman Beck Christopher Michael Belz Joshua Jacob Berliner Daniel Oren Blau Thomas Steven Boorstein James Stedman Bradley Marcela Doris Calidonio Michael Campagnuolo Elizabeth Whidden Carey Spencer Jinkai Chang Sophea Chau Bosco Tung Leung Cheng Xiao Hui Star Chin Peter William Chromiak Nattha Chutinthranond Christina Nicole Ciardullo Tiffany Simone Clarke Emily Louise Conroy-Krutz Sekou Sithandive Cox Katelyn DelGallo Crawford Carter Christopher Crosby Steven Matthew Cytryn Melissa Ann Danaczko Ashley Claire Davidson Matthew Gregory Dean Michael Hugh DeFazio Danielle Frances D Onfro Laura Allison Dresser Robert Steven Denning Brett D. Fieldston Marc Edward Gold Lisa Rachel Heffner G. Justin Hulog Justin Marcel Ifill Jae Yeon Jennifer Kim Caroline Bierbaum LeFrak Ian Ross Drexler Michael John Fasciano Philip Driggs Fileri Alisa G. Frohman Judd Stephen Gartenberg Christopher Patrick Garvie Nell Susannah Geiser Emily Wing-Hing Lo Gibson Chloe Good Stephanie Satoye Hagio Marisa Jaye Harary Emily Paige Hawkins Alexa Andrea Hawrysz Margaret Blodgett Hayden Charlotte Anne Herring Simon Lea Katherina Hinderling Thomas More Hochleutner Jennifer Summer Hsia William Norris Hubbard Robert E. Johnson Fun-Chen Jesse Jou Sharon Kam Leah Jee Hae Kang Aaron Isaac Karp Michael Roman Kasper Beth Erin Katz Tova Esther Katz Lisa Maria Kebejian Daniel Alexander Kessler David Jonathan Kim Daria Kliot Alan Kravitz Lily Laux Michelle J. Lee James William Leo Eric LeSueur Brittany Levy Aaron Michael Maczonis Wendy McElhoe Seemant Nandana Menon Jessica Lynn Mullin Alisa Inoue Nakamine Stephanie Carla Riggio Mathew Scott Rothway Edwin En-Wei Liang Andrew Browning Lichtenberg Alexander Kusnetz Lieber Andrew Zachariah Liebowitz Jocelyn Naomi London Karen Monica Lopata Ted Michael Malawer Robert Andrew McNamee Robert Leslie Meyerhoff Ashley Sparrow Miller Benjamin Philip Mills Brianne Nelson Mitchell Heather Elizabeth Moylan Lawrence Andrew Mumm Gopi Kamlesh Nayak Benjamin Jerome Neuwirth Prosper Chidi Nwokocha Akinwale Olatokunbo Ogundipe Theodore George Orsher Raquel Alicia Otheguy Clint Michael Palermo Daniel Raphael Paluch Hilary Joy Parsons Jessica Carmen Perez Peter Petraro Marc Philip Pimentel James Donahue Pool Neeraj Bahadur Pradhan Lucy Qiu Kimberly Marie Ramos Lauren Elizabeth Randall Akshay Vishal Rao David Josiah Ribner Bret William Rodysill Emily Glaser Ross Isabelle Elisabeth Ruebenacker Thomas H. Rudy Aaron Irwin Schiller Andrew William Stinger Gregory Scott Winchell Jennifer Lauren Schnidman Samuel Christopher Schon Marissa Joanna Seamans David Alan Seidman Morgan Marie Sellers Daniel Seong-Joo Shin David Linfield Simons Michelle Oh Sing Amanda Rose Smear Matthew Alexander Smith David Louis Patrick Solimano David Justin Sonnenborn Cara Rose Spitalewitz Heather Lukey Stevenson Melissa Sum Semara Ari Thomas Ian Albert Tonks Paige Elizabeth Valenta Jaclyn Vary Carolyn Jennifer Vine Kathryn Margaret Vreeland Dean Paul Anthony Weber Joshua Pozen Weigensberg David Clark Whittemore Sean L. Wilkes Lauren Kelly Willoughby Mary Quirk Wolfe Brian Samuel Wolfson Yvonne Maylin Woon Robert Oakley Wray Liesl M. Yamaguchi Maiya Sarah Chard-Yaron Andrew Patrick Ziccardi Adam Scott Zucker Kelly Zuckerman Seth Bernstein Zuckerman Michael Adam Accordino David Donner Chait Member $500 $4,999 Michael Adam Accordino David Donner Chait Samantha Megan Feingold Brendan Francis Gleason Donor Up to $499 Jacob George Abbott Suselina Herminia Acosta David Adelsberg Monica Erin Ager Allison Renee Alter Giovanni Alvarez Joseph Carmine Anzalone Lenora Christine Babb Allison Turza Bajger Daniel Patrick Bajger Zoe Alexis Barry Matthew David Barsamian Stephany Cecelia Baum Laura Nicole Berghoff David Koichiro Berlin Aaron Joseph Berman Carolyn Stanford Braff Christian Patrick Brink Francesca Caroline Butnick Christian Xavier Capasso Bradley David Caracausa Tyler Francis Case Amy Lynne Cass David Nicholas Catalinotto Brenda Lil Cepeda Calvin Chen Sharon M. Chin Scott Chisholm Michael Wonsung Cho Kevin Gontsun Chow Terence Choy Michelle Meehae Chu Stephen Daryl Chu Alison Elizabeth Cordova Stephanie Corona Charlotte Clara Cowles Holly Talbot Cronin Colleen Rebecca Darnall Riddhi Dasgupta Christine Raine DeLong Matthew Ryan DeLorenzo Samantha Megan Feingold Keith Hernandez Keith Hernandez Milena Kachar Arvind Sridhar Kadaba Geoffrey Karapetyan Andrea Maureen Derricks Nishant Kumar Dixit Xiao Xiao Dong Katelyn Scarlett Doyle Marybeth Duckett Tricia Ebner Margaret Elizabeth Edwards Katherine Darcy Elgin Eleonora Ilkova Encheva Tara Erer Shanan Terale Essick Laura Marie Ewing Aryeh Ethan Falk Christina Fang Elizabeth Jeane Ferguson Rachel Chaya Fleisher Melissa Lynn Flores Allison Genevieve Fortune Thomas Alan Fuchsman Kristina Anne George Anna German Laura Elizabeth Gladstone Matthew P. Glynn David Lichtenstein Goldin John Kirk Goza Adam Joseph Graver Esther Gweon Edward Beardsley Hambleton Stefan Jack-Oliver Hasselblad Jessica Mariah Hertz Andrew David Herzog Aimee Nichole Higby Jamie Leigh Hinman Amy Gevrey Hopkins Lauren Ann Hou Chalina Tyana Howell-Trent Naomi Chi-Chia Hung Subash Subramanian Iyer Patrick Jarenwattananon Bradley Brice Jenson Marcus Andrew Johnson Arvind Sridhar Kadaba Andrew Thomas O Connor Kacy Michelle Krisman Andres Dass Patacsil David Seymour Schor John Patrick Shekitka Victoria Teresa Joseph Brian David Jump Michelle Lee Kalaw Adam Craig Kaufman Thomas Roddy Keenan Sareena Khera Dean Alan Kinports Raymond George Koytcheff Kimberly Anne Krisman Alexander Krul Benjamin Samuel Kutler George Lambrou Joseph Paul Lazar Nicole Lynn Learned Peter Charles Lederman David Park Lee Joyce Mai Lee Peter Lee Tamara Lee Lenis Daria Sergeevna Leonyuk Casey Alexandra Levine Ilana Aliza Lewis Benjamin Chun Yeung Li Feng Jiao Li Thomas Marpun Lightcap Kathleen Considine Lombard Peter Anthony Luccarelli Cassidy Chea Luitjen Alex Maffeo James Francis Mahon Michael Margello Jessica Marksbury David Rocco Mazzuca Ryan Timothy McChristian Kelly Elizabeth McConnell Mary Teresa McCue Katherine Dudley McGrath Ramie Elizabeth Merrill Susan Rottenberg Millenky Stephanie Kimiko Miller Christin Leigh Mone Tao Tan Bryan Shih-Liang Tsu Tiffany Karen Ying Jessica Wong Zen Lauren Anne Morford Gavriel Mullokandov Lacie Nicole Nelson Ian Andrew Nussbaum Andrew Thomas O Connor Alissa Ochs Calder Nelson Orr Christina Vasiliki Papadopoulos Jonathan Ralph Pastore Jarrod Perry Robert Francis Compton Perry Rhiannon Pimentel Rosanna Sarah Platzer Natalia Premovic Walter Teddy Rahmey Vanessa Ramirez Matthew James Reuter Monique Soraya Rojas Samantha Ariel Rotstein Matthew Scott Rubin Mary Katherine Rutledge Leah Rachel Field Sandals John Robert Schneider Peter Safer Shalek Daniel Jonathan Shapiro Zoe Elizabeth Shea Alexander Jervy Smith Ping Song Siheun Song Jonathan Adam Stern Samuel Henry Sternberg Ambalika Sudan Scott Trevor Sugimoto Hilary Sullivan Christine Lin Talamini Jonathan Michael Talamini Robert Stuart Thomson Dustin Richard Tillman Jonathan Paul Truppman Jonah K. Van Bourg 132 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

68 Class of 2007 Class of 2008 Akhila Malini Vasthare Theresa Elyzabeth Villarson Katerina Nikolayevna Vorotova Scott Waddell Andrew Mark Walther Reunion Year Giving Class of 2008 John Francis Baumann Jeremy Paul Colvin Jeffrey Michael Conn Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Geoffrey Eric Grossman Member $500 $4,999 John Francis Baumann Edward Palmer Beaulac Paula Kuang Cheng Jeremy Paul Colvin Jeffrey Michael Conn Jesse Oren Cooper Donor Up to $499 Paul Abelkop Atossa Araxia Abrahamian Adoma Frema Adjei-Brenyah Jessica Lynn Aldridge Nicole Marie Amerian Carmen Rosalyn Ballard Samuel Ross Barnett Andrew Mallin Barza Lahila-Carina Barzola Alexander Kames Bauman Brian Matthew Benvenisty David Boaz Berman Matthew Lynch Berninger Benjamin Russell Bernstein Matthew Hoover Birkhold Diana Tess Braham Lindsay Anne Brandt Alisa Brem Chloe Swain Brighton Laura Marie Brunts Brandon James Buckley Charles Levi Burton Jason Bush Francesca M. Caballero Kayleigh Rose Campbell Brittney Anne Carfora Andrew James Hayden Ward Alan Charles Weeth Alana Corin Weiss Marissa Lee Weldon Tobin Alexander White Alexandra Claire Feldberg John Anthony Mascari Neda Navab Alexandra Claire Feldberg Gabriella Leah Fridman Weston Hamilton Friedman Nicholas Zachary Hammerschlag Benjamin George Hansen Tyler Korff Anne Christine Cataldo Priyanka Vinod Chablani Tyeisha Hillana Chavis Stephanie SoJung Choo Anthony Patrick Constantino Noah Paul Cooper Rachel Heather Cooper John Louis Davisson Timothy Peter De Swardt Michelle Nicole Diamond Ana Teresa Diaz Candice Tiffany-Ann Donaldson Mary Dooe Laura Elizabeth Duane Megan Patricia Duff G. William Edmondson Carl Lawrence Engel Daniel Carl Erickson Julia Beth Fierman Noah Louis Fischer Juliana Ilvento Fitzpatrick Maciej Flakowicz Henning B. Fog Augusta Fowler Foshay-Rothfeld Seth Jason Wiener Courtney Lynne Wilkins James Leighman Williams Whitney Windmiller Fitzgerald John Woolcott Gifts to the Columbia College Fund $34,346 Christine Gabriella Ortiz Timothy William Paulin Charles Pippen Thomas E. Langer Jessica Chuh-Ga Lee Anna Clare Lindow Megan Marie Lundy Neil Singhvi Mehta Jason D. Novick April Natalia Franz Andrew Jacob Freimuth Ari S. Freisinger Adam Jared Fried Andrew Evan Gallagher Marissa Raquel Garcia John Lawrence Gardner Rachael Ingrid Gargano Anton Roman Glamb Alec Gabriel Glucksman Madeleine Amelia Gondek-Brown Elizabeth Sara Gordon Olivia Abigail Gorvy Lauren K. Grattan Brian A. Grossman Nicholas D. Gulati Dominic Nicholas Hackley Christine D. Han Li Dong Han Lauren Alexandra Hanna B. Ashby Hardesty Madeline McHale Hartzell Taylor Samuel Harwin Katharine Lauren Head Vania Herdoon Nikkie Zanevsky Marco Luigi Zappacosta Total Gifts and Commitments $46,618 Calvin Datze Sun Glenn Junior Thompson Michael Samuel Toledano Christine Gabriella Ortiz Charles Pippen Terrance Lander Smith Calvin Datze Sun Michael Samuel Toledano Emily Fossen Tvetenstrand Alison Louise Hillier Renuka Marie Hines Benjamin David Hoffman John Andrew Holten Elizabeth Katherine Hormann Wei-Jen Amy Hsieh Gregory Malcomb Hughes Scott Haaga Hughes Christopher Michael Hunter Shannon Nicole Hunzicker Benjamin Sangho Hur Irina Ikonsky Rahul Jain Christina Leigh James Yewande Ayowunmi Jegede Tareva Leselle Johnson Helen Victoria Juden Boyko Traychev Kabakchiev Allison Michelle Kade Julia Ann Kalow Jonathan Avraham Kamran Joshua Zev Kaplan-Marans Michael Jared Kashan Benjamin W. Kelemen Jacqueline McNeill Kelly Daryl Lian Kleiman Lindsey Major Knowles Amy L. Krakauer Jacob Max Kriegel Charles de Young Kubal Marissa Ann Lalli Peter Kazanjian Law Jordan William Ledy Ji-In Jean Lee Jessica Mills Leiken Molly Louise Leiwant Shelby Yvonne Leland Sixuan Li Edward Dershiun Liao Joshua Solomon Lipsky Yun Liu James Patrick Long Jeremy Paul Lopez Brett Anthony Loscalzo Magda S. Losonczy Diem-Mi Lu Christine Elder Macgregor Ian Duncan Mactavish Chelsea Sayuri Maeda Michael Philip Malfettone Marisa Lee Marcellino Aimee Leigh Martin Andrew Haig Martin Dalinez Martinez John Anthony Mascari Class of 2009 Michael Jeffrey Drabkin Thomas Samuel Meister Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Meredith G. Milstein Member $250 $4,999 Lauren Accordino Joshua Lee Banker Edward Sellers Elijah Chaffetz Allison Leigh Cohen Megan P. Davidson Michael Jeffrey Drabkin Donor Up to $249 Juveria Abdullah Michael Miller Abrams David Oluyemesi Alade Rosemary Almonte Shoyinka McKen Charles Stuart McMillan Shimon Morduchowitz James David Mulcahy Neda Navab Joanna Christine Nebab Daniel Stephen Neczypor David Anton de Bary Nee Jessica Laurel Nepom Andrew Paul Ness Kim Lien Nguyen George Chapman Olive Heather Elizabeth O Neil David Alexander Papiasvili Diana Choate Patterson Dana Wade Pavarini John Staman Peet Henry Wright Perkins Joseph Kyle Petrelli Katherine Polanco David Thomas Priest Guanhua Puah Jane Taylor Pucher William Kenneth Purdy Stanimir Momchilov Rachev Uttam Keshav Rao Ciji Glynn Rich Zachary Arthur Richard Jamie Lynn Richardson Leo Peter Nolan Nathan Pirakitikulr Mitchell Laurent Flax Philippe Fossaert Zachary L. Glassman Jared Brian Hecht-Bernstein Alex Horn Jaclyn Klatsky Kristophor Ross Alspach Monique Andrea Alves Thomas Cunningham Anawalt Wyatt Brennan Angelo Sam Lesser Roberts Jacqueline Marie Rogers Lisa M. Rohrs Amanda Leah Rosencrans Katharine Johanna Ruskin Sana Saleh Margaret Helen Sarna-Wojcicki Christopher M. Sauer Stefan Savic Talia Tobi Schaap Daniel Matthew Schachter Andrew Schlesinger Ingrid Elise Scholze Noah Gilbert Schwartz Lauren Fischer Schy Antrice Cheri Scott Nihar Jayprakash Shah Anushka Sunil Shenoy Mikhail Shklyar Jeffrey Glen Shrader Jonathan Siegel Jeffrey Sidney Silberman Stefana Simic Danielle Slutzky Elizabeth Sophia Smith Thomas Austin Stevenson Madeleine Elizabeth Stokes Alexandra Stylianos Preston Michael Pohl Jeremy Paul Reich Kristin Elizabeth Kramer Sara Alexandra Mancini Thomas Samuel Meister Aditi Kumar Nim Preston Michael Pohl Gregory Angelo Pupo Christopher Arkin Salina S. Bakshi Haleta Zewdu Belai Sara Ann Chandoha Bennett Stephen English Sutton Felipe Jesus Tarud Colleen Diane Taylor Kristen Lee Teatom Benjamin Lazer Felsinger Teitelbaum Alana Hinda Teman Nicholas Hingston Tenev Matthew Lewis Thier Glenn Junior Thompson Aaron Scott Tolkin Kenneth Lee Tong Alex Topkins Christopher Robert Tortoriello Nikhil Trikha Bianca Stephanie Tylek Ana Sophia Valdez Christine Wang Mimi Xinyuan Wang Thomas Stephen Weldon Gillian Brianna White Robert Joseph Wile Kara Helen Worsley Robert Leyuan Wu Yan Yan Naijun Yang Anny Zhou Yvette Francine Zimering Jeremy Daniel Schwartz Chelsea Morgen Ward Jeremy Paul Reich Cody Edward Steele Tiffany Yuk-Leung Tang Kyle Joseph Thurman Eliav Israel Bitan Daniel Mark Blank Christopher Bonilla Downing Bowers Bray 134 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

69 Class of 2009 Class of 2010 Michael Ioshua Brener Ethan Yitzhak Brovman Mary Catherine Bullock Lilly Burns Colin MacKay Cameron Jessie Alice Cammack Stephanie Venecia Capellan Austin Carr Lorenzo Oscar Casertano Maria Valentina Castillo Jamie Joy Chen Lucy Hai Yuan Chen Allen M. Childs Megan L. Choy Lindsey Frost Cleary Matthew Raymond Clements David B. Collier Nicholas Ryan Cummins Ralph Joseph DeBernardo Donna Dorose Desilus Selby Buresh Drummond Ethan Stanley Dyer Aaron Ture Edmonds Samantha Rachel Elghanayan Courteney Daniel Ervin Alan Jason Feder Lauri Janet Feldman Colin Lee Felsman Charles Daniel Ferraro Joshua Saul Friedman Max Meyer Friedman Peter Kenneth Gallotta Emma Olivia Gillespie Eduardo Gonzalez Stefanie Elizabeth Goodsell Gabriel Grados Villamar Emily P. Griffin Class of 2010 Matthew Lemle Amsterdam Adam Brownell Bulkley Daniela Cassorla Andrew David Colvin Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Matthew Lemle Amsterdam Joshua Maxwell Grossman Maxime Rachel Harnik Brittany Louise Hazelwood Marlaina Ann Headley Mindy Kalya Feldman Hecht Matthew Ross Heiman Rebecca Sarah Hersch Isabel Hiciano Eric Michael Hirsch Alexander P.C. Howard Jeffrey S. Hull Oriana Marjorie Isaacson Amanda Michelle Karl Gregory Keilin Ashley Blair Kim Alexandra Davis Klingenstein Maya Victoire Koenig Clark Garbo Koury George Alexander Krebs Sadia Latifi Madeline Patton Lazaris Juliana Wolf Lewis Raymond Lim Jiadai Lin Luke Liu Allison Pratt Lounes David James LoVerme Eric Andrew Lukas Brandon Ikaika Satoshi Luke Katherine Anne Marple-Cantrell Ron Mazor Erin Caitlin McMahon John Paul Zagroba McManus Andrew Robert McNellis Gena Rose Miller John McKinley Mimms Jordan Emma Mintz Patrick John Foley Matthew Nolen Harold Alexa Davies Hubbard Clifford Andrew Massey Joshua Morris Milstein Joseph Pasquale Mizzoni Mitchell Moreis Hillary Cyd Mow John Evan Mucha Brian Thomas Mulligan Carly Nathanson Mitchell Burke Newman Elizabeth Thao Nguyen Nguyen Leo Peter Nolan Cecily Ann Northup Heather J. Oh Sara Ovadia Grace Eunhae Park MaryAlice Laird Parks Timothy Thomas Pennucci Sierra Joy Perez-Sparks Jeff Petriello Nathan Pirakitikulr Ilona Celia Potiha Rebecca Mary Pryor Gautam Punukollu D. Max Puro Arvind Ravichandran Michael Brian Roberts C. Zachary Rosenberg Eric Philip Rosenblum Samantha Francis Rothberg Shaun A. Rowatt John Patrick Ruddy Rachael Nicole Ryan Joseph Allen Scarlata Andrew Jan Scheineson Samuel John Scioscia Amanda Lauren Sebba Derek Adam Seehausen Katherine Eleanor Shaffer Alexios Ilias Shaw William Henry McDavid Shanice Marisa Naidu Daniel Armando Nassar Valerie Sapozhnikova Nicholas John Shea Brandon Stuart Shulman Yelena Shuster Isaac Peter Silverman Kabir Ananda Merton Singh Ravinder Harkirat Singh Ian B. Solsky Avery Marie Sorrels Michael James Stennis Robert James Stewart Charles Scott Strickland Jacob Daniel Summerhays Elizabeth Tarras Zahrah Meher Taufique Rebecca Hyers Taylor Isabel Doyne Teitler Arita Vandana Thatte Daniel Abraham Toledano Christina Yinchieh Tzeng Daniel Urban Kevin Andrew Wakefield Nathan Henry Walcker Chelsea Morgen Ward Xiao Wei Cristina Theresa White Rodman Guion Williams Ronald Doherty Williams Clay Prescott Wiske Vincent Yam Allison Liao Yang David Pu Yin Daniella Shayna Zalcman Alison Nicole Zamora Katherine Huaxing Zhang Ariel Dana Zucker Jason Robert Zuckerbrod Michael Ian Topol Sarah Marybelle Weiss Member $250 $4,999 Sarah Miriam Baker Nicholas William Barron Clay Everett Bartlett Adam Brownell Bulkley Robyn Andrea Carrie Burgess Andrew David Colvin Julia Elizabeth Feldberg Cameron Sloan Friedman Donor Up to $249 Dario Ryan Abramskiehn Yasmin Fatima Afsar Kathryn Rachel Appleton Belinda Archibong Atanas Valeryev Atanasov Dayana Delvalle Azuaje Mary Dorothy Baird Tara Elise Barrett Richard Angelo Hebron Barzaga Matthew Kevin Bashaw Melissa Anna Batres Nishant Batsha Timm Ingvar Baur Nina Theresa Beary Ryan George Beppel Hannah Livingston Biddle James Leonard Bogner Shlomo Michael Bolts Mary Ann Bonet Michael Joseph Bossetta Sarah Jessica Brafman Corey Joseph Bregman Isabel Juliana Broer Kaitlyn Busler Austin Quill Byrd Frances Catherine Callaghan Sarah Jane Case Daniela Cassorla Lauren Marie Castillo Maggie Kathleen Cebular Elizabeth Tsu-Hua Chang LeAnn Valarie Chavez Shirley Chen Cleo Beichen Chou Alexander Emilio Ciliotta-Young Michael Brendan Cloney Emily Cuomo Cole Veronica Krystyna Couzo Alexandra Covino Joseph Jackson Cross Ting Ting Guo Alexa Davies Hubbard Tate James Jackson Derek Stephen Jancisin Xin Jiang Jonathan Joseph Mann Clifford Andrew Massey William Henry McDavid Francesca Joan Crozier-Fitzgerald Jacob Edward Cushnie Diva Arun Datwani J. Grahme Deasy Ryan Diego Delgado Jennifer Dev James William DeWille Justina Dillon Megan Connell Donovan August Irenee Starbuck du Pont Robert William Duff Grace Schaeffer Duffy Brian William Dunn Katie Elizabeth Dunn Kristen Nicole Edney Buck Anthony Ellison Sarah El-Tamer Natalia A. Escobar Lena Fan Leah Slote Feuer Tess Olivia Finkel Parker James Fishel Jessica N. Flores Patrick John Foley Richard Frederick Fudge Andrea Gallardo Elizabeth Anne Gemdjian Lauren Beauchamp Gentry Madeleine Goldstein Julia Ruth Rudser Gonzales Irem Gunay Xi Guo Kathryn Elizabeth Haley Jacob Solomon Hartman Susanna Katharine Heinz Michelle Aracelys Herrera Erin Kipling Hill Allison Ellis Hobbs Sybren Marten Hoekstra John Jacob Horneff Louis Kreber Miller Daniel Armando Nassar Michael Edward Paranac Evelyn Pui Lum Phan Joseph Joy Saia Valerie Sapozhnikova Margot Bess Schacter Ali Nayel Shafei Samuel Michael Horowitz Derek Joshua Hou Clement Huyghebaert Paul Vincent Imperatore Catherine Shanley Insel Gabriela Jara Destin Keith Jenkins Conrad Adolphus Johnson Emily Clark Johnson Joseph Eggleston Johnson Rebecca Tinsley Johnson Catherine Anne Kaelin Nadi Nina Kaonga Lisa Kawamoto Kelley Ann Kearns Charles Matthew Kerr Erica Leigh Kestenbaum Lori Nora Khrimian Betty Bokyung Kim Elizabeth Molly Kobak Jordan Alexander Kobb Berk Koca Daniel Arden Kromolowski Nishi Kumar Christine Eun-Hye Kwon Adam Mark Lampell Emily Beth Lampert Jill Elizabeth Larson Austin Tyler Lawrence Sarah Braidy Lebovitz Allison Robin Levinson Jing Shi Li Kerry Li Ying Chuan Li Esther Lifshitz William Joseph Lipovsky Daniel Lipsitz Adriana Maria Lopera Christopher Jason Lorn Macklin Robert Loughrey Anastasia Mimina Lugo Mendez Bradley Skaf Kirill Skok Caitlin Louise Stachon Ellison Elisabeth Thomas Michael Ian Topol Sarah Marybelle Weiss Geoffrey Samuel Winchell Jeffrey David Witten Caitlin Elizabeth Lynch Christina Macchiarola Alexandra Katherine Marchyshyn Dennis Michael Martin Laura Marie McGarry Raul Roberto Mendoza Lekha Saraswathy Menon Francesco Eric Michelassi Zachary Christian Mondesire Weiyi Mu Natasha Naayem Abhijit Kapali Nagaraj Nathaniel Baron Nagy Shanice Marisa Naidu Cristina Najarro Jessica Anne Nevitt Abigail Land Oberman David William O Brien Vanessa Gerrard Ohta Niket Pandey Alexander Paul Parets Anthony Guiuan Pascua Corey Erik Perez Paul Frederick Peterson Cooper Alexander Pickett Ashley Wilcox Platt Innokenty Pyetranker Sean Michael Quinn Michael Ross Ramone Anne Katherine Reilly Arianne Catherine Richard Yvan Antonio Rosa Niyati Roy John Jianfei Ruan David Philip Salant Tiffany Renee Sanchez Meagan Alexis Scales Lauren Anne Schaffel Daria Hyla Schneider Niko Brian Scott Ryan Joseph Scully 136 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

70 Class of 2010 Class of 2011 John Gray Seiler Brittany Ashley Shannon Damali Slowe Eric Michael Smith Michael Thomas Paschal Snyder Sarah Rachel Soffes Shalom Sokolow Class of 2011 Zila Reyes Acosta Zachary Wasim Ali Daniel Kornel Amzallag Graham Arrington Carney Sonya Chandra Member $250 $4,999 Zachary Wasim Ali Michael S. Bruno Daniar Chukin Marcello Enrico Cricco-Lizza Kristin Ames Cummings Alexa Leigh Davis Katherine Elizabeth Durnan Donor Up to $249 Zila Reyes Acosta Bayode Rashune Adafin Josefina Maria Aguila Andani Rosana Alcantara-Diaz Daniel Kornel Amzallag Forrest Anderson Mollie Elizabeth Andreae Alexandra Angelo Christopher Wade Austin Alexandru Bancu Jason Karl Banos Mahfouz Basith Javed Romen Basu-Kesselman Gilad Yair Bendheim Benjamin Daniel Berger Kristin Marianne Berry Perri Ormont Blumberg Daniel Bracey Thomas Moore Brosens Sarah Yael Brovman Jacqui Brown James Harold Brown Ian Spafford Jeffrey Kimball Spear Anusha Sriram Pierce Hans Stanley Peter Neumann Stoll Abigail Elizabeth Stone Anna Victoria Suarez Amar Pradip Teredesai Alexandra Jamie Coromilas Arielle Teryn Fox Princess Nikia Francois Lalit Ramesh Gurnani Gairy Christopher Hall Lauren Dwyer Arielle Teryn Fox Gairy Christopher Hall Sara Josephine Jacobs Andrew Jeong-Won Kim Dehui Kong Kevin Holting Kung Joshua Eugene Brown Ryan Andrew Bubinski Cara Rachel Buchanan Erika Ermelinda Canas Elissa Cashman Hanna Beth Cassorla Nicole Carmen Cata Matthew Celano Sumedha Vinod Chablani Christopher Arthur Chan Daria Alexandra Chirkov Young-Hwa Cho Michal T. Cohen Bradley Leo Collins Erin Conway Jessica J. Coppola Alexandra Jamie Coromilas Benjamin Ronald Cotton Nicholas Cox Colleen Veronica Cunningham Weicheng Dai Tanisha Dee Daniel Cynthia Elizabeth Tolosa Angela Maria Velez Benjamin David Velez Rachel Fay Vishnepolsky Stefan Emil Vutescu Mark Jeffrey Wade Paul Michael Wallace Scott Shu Wang Sara Josephine Jacobs Sarah Khan Beth Adena Malin Scott Allen Maxfield Michael Mirochnik Christopher Lopez Beth Adena Malin Scott Allen Maxfield Michael Francis McKeever Michael Mirochnik Caitlin Ann Mullins Mary M. Ocampo Suzanne Marie Davies Chelsea Margot del Alcazar Brianna Tia Desire Juliana Carole DeVries Keianna Alysha Dixon Erica Danielle Dorfman Mary Martha Ferrari Douglas Abigail Dubin-Rhodin Moises Guillermo Esparza Sanaz June Fazeli Greer Caitlin Feick David Joseph Feig Sarah Christine Ferguson Alexandra Rutledge Fisher Louis William Fisher Camilla Holanda Fonseca Learned Michael Foote Ivy Camille Fortmeyer Princess Nikia Francois Allison Rae Fremed Laura Emilia Gabriele Claudia Alexandra Gallego Benjamin Hirsch Weingarten Christopher Richard Williams Alex Bril Yagoda Shu Yang Lusia Alexeivna Zaitseva Svetlana Vladimirovna Zaitseva Kerry Morrison Amanda K. Olivo Nicholas John Standish Zachary Swid Susel Dhruve Vasishtha Kevin Roberts Lucas Cameron Soto Zachary Swid Susel Liana Juliet Tedesco Joshua Shu Wan Lucy Ruo-Bi Xin Keva Garg Julia Garrison Juan Jose Gascon Daniel Stephen Gentile Mary Ghadimi Anna Ginzburg Samantha Danielle Glover Gaia Delphina Goffe Tristan Nicolas Gondek-Brown Dino Joseph Grandoni Catherine Campbell Gray Diana Seave Greenwald Joy Guo Lalit Ramesh Gurnani Julia Kaller Halperin Meghan Harker Tania Angelica Harsono Charles Gladstone Hruska Kevin Huang Karen Huynh Mee Youn Hwang Melissa Ann Im Dylan Samuel Isaacson Maggie Johnson Marianna Maxine Johnson Gillian Kemmerer Destiny Christine Khalil Bommy Jeong Kim Christine Sheila Kim Hannah Kligman Katherine Elizabeth Klymko Daniel Kotzen Zachary S. Kourouma Anne Terry Kramer Timothy Jason Lam Kimberly Bliss Laughman Max Lautmann Miguel Angel Lavalle Margot Ashley Lazow Justin Sy Lee Kyu-In Lee Benjamin Harold Leiwant Adina Rose Levin David Colin Levkoff Guanyu Li Emiddio Pietro Licursi Nicole Locantore Courtney Loftin Sabine Anne Louis Abigail Maida Lowin Zoe Sarah Lubitz Liming Luo Katherine Theresa Lupica Elizabeth Lucia Lyon Marco Daniel Machado Class of 2012 Stephanie Ann Foster Jacob Dean Goren Dean s Circle $5,000 or more Leonard Langenscheidt Member $250 $4,999 Paul Anthony Arias Natasha Avanessians Stephanie Ann Foster Jazmin Marie Fuller Linda Christine Magana Natasha Makarova Caitlyn Shea Malcynsky Colleen Margaret Malone Brendan Martin Dustin Martin Warren Alexander McGee Meredith Mead Aastha Samir Mehta Alexa Robyn Meyer Andra Liana Mihali Stephanie Katherine Mitchell Nuriel Moghavem Gabriel Urenda Mohr Alexander Christian Moll Katherine Camila Montelione James Kyungjun Moon Nathaniel Edward Mormann Miguel Angel Morocho Andrew Michael Morris Kerry Morrison Mallika Narain John Andrew Ng Akua Nketia Nantale Janet Nsibirwa Millicent Adeola Olawale Amanda K. Olivo Alexandra Ortiz Alicia Morgan Outing Taylor Robert Owens Sara Film Partridge Sejal Patel Christina Hyde Patterson Ashwini Sridhar Kadaba Brittney Marie Nagle Catherine Greenman Katherine Hamm Stephanie Hart Ashwini Sridhar Kadaba Michelle Anne Pena Scott Michael Peters Jason Jon Pflueger Clifton Leavitt Pope Pawel Franciszek Przytycki Maria Elena Elizabeth Quintana Angela Radulescu Javier Amado Ramos Lauren Elizabeth Raulerson Kyle Edward Robinson Jerelyn Judith Rodriguez Tomas Eduardo Rodriguez Alexander Samuel Rosen Carmen H. Rosenberg-Miller Michael Seth Rosman Rajkaran Singh Sachdej Gabriel Martin Saltzman Alicia Adelle Samuel Parinitha Rajalakshmi Sastry Nicole Alyssa Savery Miriam Rachel Haag Schachter Jeffrey Harold Scharfstein Jessica Rachel Schinazi Julian Zhi-Han Seek Caroline Nancy Seery Samantha Lee Seto Artemis Georgia Shaw Elizabeth Shen Zachariah Thomas Sheppard Adam S. Sieff Kyra Jaclyn Siegel Anne Marie Skylis Anna Michaela Snyder Charles E.T. Roberts Jenny Schiff Rishi Kodali Vivian Luo Sonal Gopinath Mallya Matthew Russell Siegfried Nicholas John Standish William Augustus Blount Stewart Matthew Alan Stotler Lucy Catherine Stowe Margot Stuchin Eugenio Guillermo Suarez Nina Priya Sudarsan Thomas Sun Sriya Kanthi Sundaresan Annie Tan Erin Tao Jeremy James Theodore Tapp Christina Tekie Maria Laura Torre Gomez Laura Elizabeth Trujillo Sean Manning Udell Dhruve Vasishtha Trevor Antonio Vaz Meghan Caroline Von Rembow Sahil Vora Michael Weisbuch Helen Saito Werbe August Jordan Williams Noelle Lauren Williams Nicholas Yoke Hin Wong Karen Jeanette Woodin Stephanie Yagi Vesal Yazdi Carolyn Marie Yim Lauren Zanedis Vanck Lin Zhu Max Giacobini Zinner Alana Margaret Tung Kristin Spaulding Simmons Charles Stam Emily Cardinal Tamkin Akito Timothy Terasaki 138 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

71 Class of 2012 Donor Up to $249 Donia Maged Abdelaziz Michie Christine Adachi Jonathan J. Eisen Max Esteves Kevin Reed Lester Ashley Christina Lherisson Isabel Ricker Charles E.T. Roberts Senior Gifts Under the leadership of the Senior Fund Committee, the Class of 2013 contributed to the most Renuka Kaori Agarwal Shreya Agarwal Emily Katherine Ahn Robert Eyckmans Nicolas Faber Betsy Feldman Charles William MacBain Ella Magun Fernando Mancias Daniel Rodriguez Caitlin Eileen Rogers Samuel Ernest Roth successful Senior Fund in Columbia College history, raising more than $25,000 from more than 750 donors. And as part of Dean James J. Valentini s Challenge, 293 seniors pledged Adam Akant Antoinette Annmarie Allen Yerson Arvelo Deborah Feng Corey Fernandez William M. Fink Christopher Marconi Nicole Leila Marsh Katherine Janet Marshall Sara Michelle Salzbank Arianna Sanders Zoe Sansted to contribute for three years, to encourage two friends to do the same and to have their gifts matched 1:1 by an alumnus/a. Gifts to the Challenge were matched by Gene Davis 75, P 05, Narine A. Atamian Dorothy Evert Baker Jennifer Baker Elaine Ashby Baynham Alexander Sevan Bedrosyan Lena Hazel Bell Melissa Dorey Bermudez Patrick Kevin Blute Katherine Borowiec Cornelia P. Brandfield-Harvey Zachary Brill Devin Maureen Briski Daniel Martin Campos Joseph Brendan Cassara Sarah Chai David William Chao Xu Chen Joseph Chervenak Gilbert Choi Carson Mcaden Christus Elizabeth Ann Chu Eren Civan Michele Cleary Dominic M. Condello Caroline Regina Constable Dane Arthur Cook Marisa C. Cornejo Carolyn J. Costa Kathryn Cwynar Andrew D Antonio Hannah D Apice Stephen Ameer Davan Adriana R. devries Abdallah Diagne Brendan Doyle Kenneth H. Durell Zakary Kent Dychtwald Holly Marguerite Dykstra Josefina Leticia Freaney Alexander Clark Frouman Taylor Gattinella Paula Elizabeth Gergen Amin Ghadimi Sophie Greene Gloeckler Zachary Glubiak Elyssa Rose Goldberg Nicole H. Goldhaber Alexa Candice Goldson Amanda Goodhart Jacob Dean Goren Kevin Arthur Gould Sahil Tarun Gupta George Kenneth Haines Ji Seung Han Alison Elizabeth Hard Mark H. Heil Candise Liu Henry Mark Christopher Holly Yizhou Hong Syed Subbir Hossain Madeleine K. Jensen Erin Delaney Kampschmidt Nicole A. Kamra Eylul Kayin Evan J. Kearney Elizabeth Kipp-Giusti Samuel Klug Erik Gustav Kogut Adam Kuerbitz Bradley Howard Kuklis Emily A. Kwong Harry H. Lang Maria Lantigua Sean M. Leahy Robin Soyeon Lee William Scott Leonard Michael Mazzullo Keating Patrick Joseph McKeon Sophie Isabel Meislin Erick Mendoza Kyle M. Merber Keith Miao Evan James Miller Mrinal Mohanka Alessia Morales Ross Edward Morand David Nicholas Morgan Elizabeth Sandifer Munroe Sam Alexander Mysock Emily Nagel Brittney Marie Nagle Negin Navab Anchit Nayar Todd Nelson Stephanie Ngai Andrew Thienson Nguyen Vincent Ning Erik Christopher Nook John Haley Nordin Margaret H. O Connor Chloe Oliver Christina Arielle Ortiz Sofia Pacheco-Fores Christopher Joseph Papes Milesh Patel Petros Dimitrios Petridis Jeremy Pfau Nicholas James Kozai Pleasants Benjamin Mark Popeck Nana Kofi Quakyi Maria Margaret Elizabeth Quincy Daniel Klein Reef Julian Richers Nadia Sariahmed Desiree L. Scherf Jenny Schiff David Zachary Schwartz Melissa Jane Shafer Catherine Slowik Alexander Quentin Smith Keith Dewayne Smith Christen Marie Soden Vighnesh Subramanyan Mahrah Taufique Stephanie Tecca Brandon Christopher Thompson Peter Thompson Arthur Tsoi Alana Margaret Tung Derek F. Turner Abbey Elizabeth Vandersall Nida Vidutis Maryann Vlahos Dili Wang Paul R. Wang Yinuo Wang Erica Weaver Allyson Werner Elizabeth Mary Wicks Kurt Owen Williams Cornelia Wolf Wilson Briana Lynn Wong Wesley Yip Denise Dan Yu Katherine Zee Kevin Luyao Zhai Jing Jing Zhao P 07. Charles Santoro 82, P 13 provided an additional matching gift in recognition of the Class of 2013 s high level of participation. Dean s Circle $1,000 or more Tala Tiffany Akhavan Noel Siqi Duan Hadi Stephen Elzayn Michael Harlan Kahn Isabel Mary King Iman Anil Nanji John Jay Associates $250 $999 Bianca Marie Beam Sarah Schrager Gitlin Samara Rachel Bliss Matthew David Bocci Suzanne Bella Byowitz Andrea Miriam Collazo Dafna Miriam Feith Donor Up to $249 Mohammed Khalid Abdelrahim Michael David Abramson Michele Josephine Acheampong Michael James Adame Adebayo Adufe Adesomo Ifiok Akpandak Angela Azuka Akwule Camille Marie Albouy Julie Elaine Alexander Lucas Miguel Alvarado-Farrar Jasmine Tiffany Alves Jennifer Alzate Lily Robin O Leary Amadeo Ava Amirahmadi Nana Yaa Agyeiwaa Amoh Mallory Eve Anderson Molly Cox Andrews Michelle Lyn Andujar Elizabeth Angeles Ruth Angrand Anonymous Yulia Antontseva Esther Borsodi Araya Maximiliana Arco Amanda Claire Gutterman Justin Paul Hines Tania Hung Kelsey Kats Michael William Kaufman Michael Hynes Ard Joshua Arky Emmanuel Hiram Arnaud Reuben Long Arnold Derek Jojo Arthur Jeremy Rouah Ascherman Nathan Ashe Maryam Khadijah Aziz August Benjamin Baer Jasmine Kaur Bahd Jennifer Bai Vinesha Diana Baker Jesse Franklin Bauer Bakker Taylor Lorraine Ball Adwoa Nyeekua Banful Jeremy Edouard Banon Ginny Wenjing Bao Helen Bao Brian Nicholas Barbour Grecia Herrera Barboza Nicolas Samuel Barragan Lauren Marie Barriere Brendan Charles Barry Helene Sophie Barthelemy Max Charles Bartick Nicole Monika Bartnik Alexander Joon Park Carolyn Ruvkun Olivia Charlotte Santoro John Bernard Kenney Allison Levin Cassandra Huguette Nozil Ryan Michael Singer Maria Elaine Sulimirski Richard Sun Travis Andreas Baseler Peter Batesko Jared Ian Baum Nellie Christian Beach Heriselda Begaj Peyton Wesley Bell Yamira Kechi Bell James Allen Bennett Holly Frances Balsley Berlin Margaret Mary Bermel Felicia Janine Bevel Yohana Berekhet Beyene Ravi Paul Bhalla Rohan Bhandari Lewis Lester Bibler Michael Lowenstein Bier Samantha Brooke Billy Anna Costelloe Birinyi Max Anthony Blachman-Gentile Alexander Dana Black Jeremy Allen Bleeke Julie Sandrine Bodenmann Rachel Strauss Bodzy Daniel Ian Boiarsky Daniel Israel Bonner Andrew Diego West Samuel Zakay Ashley Marie Zambito Constance Elizabeth Boozer Michaelangelo Borghi Hannah Murray Botkin F. Elias Boujaoude Veronique Stella Bourassa David Randolph Bowles Sean Ryan Brackett Nicole Genesis Brambila Heather Elizabeth Braunagel Christopher Kozal Brennan Sarah Lanore Breves Jocelyn Nicole Briggs Elizabeth Anne Brigham Melanie H. Broder Claudia Brodsky Maggie Paxson Brommer Jordan Rachel Brooks Caitlin Alice Brown Jacqueline Aviva Bryk Cyril Bucher Clare Felicia Buck Aya Kate Buckley Sameea Najam Butt Matthew Steven Byrd Nina Maria Caldas Margaret Roberta Campbell 140 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

72 Senior Gifts Senior Gifts Stone Cao Spencer Anthony Andrew Capalby Nicholas K. Caros Randolph Ronald Carr Jacquellena Toni Carrero Thomas John Caruso Zara Elizabeth Castany Steven Ray Castellano Constance Bianca Castillo Isadora Cerullo Bhavna Chadalavada Claire Elicia Chamberlin Kelvin K. Chan Wilfred W. Chan Dorothy Chen Fan Chen Jeanie Chen William Chen Kenneth Cheng Shai Matthew Chester Po Linn Chia Chatchapon Chiaravanond Marina Sofia Chiesa Ryan Woon-Ho Cho Boyoon Choi Catherine Sunmi Choi Genevieve Daisy Chow Hannah Amparo Christ Seng-Hwan Chun Katherine E. Chung Woo Chang Chung Alicia Renee Ciocca Mark Adam Cisco Rebecca Haley Clark Jasper Lee Clyatt Charlotte Elizabeth Coates Trevor Samuel Cohen John Mario Colella Alex Mandela Collazo Jason Eric Collazo Erin Morrissey Connell Aida Ann Conroy Declan Thomas Conroy Peter James Conroy Michelle Nicole Conway Samuel Reid Coolidge Curtis Evan Cooper Julian Blake Cowan Vivian Lehecka Coyne Elizabeth Ann Crowe Kevin Thomas Crowley Nicholas Alexander Crucet Ian Joseph Cummins Allie Marie Curry Anthony Coletti da Costa Raeye Ayehu Daniel John Baron Daniels John Brandon Darin Sarah Kate Darville Serena Suresh Dasani Grantland Loverme D Avino Chelsea Loren Davis Michelle Elizabeth Dawson Dana Lee DeFilippo Isabel Natalia del Canto Carmen Lucia Del Valle Juan Ramon Deliz Margaret Mary Dengler Neeti Deoras Hannah Yael Deresiewicz Anthony Patrick DeSabato Bridget Ann DeSandis Katherine Walker DeSandis Brian Thomas DeVeau Nirav Vijay Devnani Elyse Marie DeWitt Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal Jessica Nicole Dickerson Essane Diedro Loweye Diedro Sanford Laurence Diehl Joel Dierbeck Michelle Susan Diop Michael Andrew Discenza Alejandra Beatriz Dominguez Michael Stephen Donohue Ryan Patrick Doyle Abril Dozal Kathryn Elise Drexler Mary K. Duff Fiona Duffy Spencer Sanford Duhaime Frederic James Dulson Robert Frederick Dyar John Philip Eckels Benjamin Chung-Ying Eckersley Raymond James Ehlers Tracy Anne Einstein Nicole Altagracia Estevez Juan Esteban Estrada Ayelet M. Evrony Samantha Brooke Falotico Mark Philip Feigen Mark Simon Fernandes Maria Cristina Fernandez Nicholas Vittorio Ferraresi Alexander Scott Fields Stephanie Nathalie Figueroa David Asher Fine Richard Andres Fineman Caitlin Finley Morgan Reiss Firestein Clifford Fischer Talia Lauren Fisher Harrison Robert Flager Phillip Douglas Fletcher Shuang Hong Shan Cie Fok William John Hill Ford Mary Frauenheim Nataya Friedan Claire Jen Fu Zuzanna Fuchs Stephanie Gaillou Derek Rui Gao Adriana Citlalli Garcia Ceja Andrea Catalina Garcia Vargas Ismael Garcia Larissa Angela Garcia Mia Rose Garrett Megan Patton Gaughn Sam Gelb Fiona Rhiannon Georgakis Nicholas John Gerst Nathaniel Jaroslav Gery Leland Alexander Gill Erin Louise Gillingham Derion Deshon Givens Matthew Joseph Gladstone Mackenzie Elizabeth Gloven Andrew Thomas Godinich Sue Lynn Goh Brandon Kukilakainalu Golden Jacob Hayim Goldenberg Daniel Ynez Gonzalez Maricela Diana Gonzalez Robert Wren Gordon Tamar Gottesman Andrew Grabfelder Steven Anthony Grassa John Palmer Greene Allegra MacLeod Greenland Quentin Douglas Grigsby Stephanie Ann Grilo Eli Beckett Grober Matthew Martin Grumbach Samuel Kai Grunblatt Ridhima Rao Guniganti Nico Gurian Marla Elena Gutierrez-Patterson Gregory George Guttas Spencer Richard Gyory Yoonjin Ha Karishma Ajit Habbu Charles Talbot Hack Mytra Haerizadeh Sharay Jean Hale Julie Ann Hall David Jacob Halpern Won Seok Ham Martin Wilson Leon Hamery Emily Grace Hamilton John Lubeen Hamilton Eric Seung Han Ji Yoon Jenny Han Alexander Lee Hare Cynthia Kramer Harris Kristina Marie Harris Lacey Nicoti Harris-Coble Dahlia Maha Hassan Ashley Martine Hastings-Robinson Lindsey Victoria Hastings-Spaine Mitchell Thomas Hayes Omar Hakim Hayes Thomas August Hecht Asher Max Hecht-Bernstein Kristin Elizabeth Hehir Allison Marie Heimann Sherilyn Nicolette Hellberg Maud Marie Henderson Sherill Marie Henriquez Simone Nicole Henry Edward Heras Julian Hermann Ian Matthew Hillman Shunsuke Hirose Nisha Rosita Hollingsworth Helena Honig Katherine Maria Hoppenjans Daniel Taylor Horenstein Patricia Lange Howard Katherine Gandolfo Howitt Can Hu Yuxiao Huang Christian Hubbard Robert Andrew Pond Hubbard Alexzander James Hudson Lisa Hwang S tudents must get into the habit of giving back to the College from a young age rather than waiting until they get their first substantial paycheck. Giving back to Columbia is not a one-time event, but a lifelong obligation to ensure Columbia continues to provide the highest quality experience to all students. I want to contribute to creating a culture of giving back among Columbia students. William Arthur Maxfield 14 Steven Andrew Iglehart Kendy Ng Cheong Sang Imrith Maya Harris Inamura Averi Lorae Israel Ranae Marwan Jabri Elizabeth Claire Jacob Matthew Philip Jacobs William Bradford Jacobs Olivia Thomas Jaffe Alexander Victor Jasiulek Monica Madrigal Jean Diane Amanda Jean-Mary Phillip Jerez Simon Gregory Jerome Rega Jha Kevin Jiang Alejandra Belicia Jimenez Lillian Jin Zixi Jin Kacie Virginia Johnson LaRaye Nicole Johnson Malcolm Marcus Johnson Zebulun Gearhart Johnson April-Sky Kehew Johnston Alexander Erdwien Jones Isabella Epstein Joslin Susan Joyce Zachary Aaron Kagan Justin Abram Kahn Takeshi Benjamin Kaji Saketh Reddy Kalathur Irene Lenehan Kalbian Eunice Kang Thessalia Kapetanos Venkat Kim Kausik Samantha Jeanne Keller William Theodore Kender In Hak Kim Jeeseok Kim Jiyoung Kim Mary Roberta Kircher Hannah Leosa Klain Patricia Alejandra Klaric Richard Michael Kleban Hannah Abigail Kloepfer Keegan James Sarmiento Kloer Yoshiaki Ko Samson Jonathan Koelle Aaron Philip Kohn Samuel Joseph Kohn Lydia Jane Kopecky Dean Kowalski Gabrielle Kozlowski Elizabeth Foye Kuenstner Anirudh Kurpet Kumar Alexis Anna Kurmis Eric James Kutscher Sarah Silby Kwok James Andrew Lake Alison Cristina Lam Lorenzo Landini Emily Louise Lanois Michael Andrew Laracuente Stephen LaRouere Patrick Joseph Lawlor Gillian Marie Lawrence Frances Louise Lawson Harper Evans Leahy Diana Katherine Lee Gregory Lee Sarah Lee SuJin Lee Andrew Charles Leonard Andrea Paulina Levy Brandon LaShay Lewis Victoria Wolf Lewis Michael Li Xiaoxu Li Andrew James Liang Misty Yu Meng Liang Jeremy Scott Lilly Andrew Fox Lillywhite Jieun Lim Yeun J. Lim Jeremy Michael Liss Peinan Liu Shelley Xuan Liu Maria Lomaka Dylan Daniel Lonergan Erin Virginia Longinotti Esteban Lopez Maria Isabel Lopez Cristian Hall Lopez-Balboa Ariana Lott Nehemiah Matthew Loury Alisa Yi Lu Kristine Jiayun Lu Gabrielle Renae Lucero Albert Ya-Po Lui Caroline Ann Lukins Alexander Michael Luntz Yanyi Luo Devan Ross Luster Alberto Javier Luzarraga Daniel Lawrence Lynn Taleen Alexandria MacArthur Denise Marie Machin Antoinette Larie Mack Renee Muyoka Maina Allison Elizabeth Malecha Megan Alexandria Maloney Edson Uziel Mancilla Ryan Franklyn Mandelbaum Olivia Jayne Mann Christopher Gabriel Manna Dan Reuel Vogel Margulies Dylan Paul Marshall Jasmine Marie Martin Casey Elizabeth Martinez Krystal Jazmin Martinez Matthew Patrick Martinez Natalia Theresa Martinez Noelle Griffin Martinez Amanda Raquel Matos Karl Angel Menendez Mayer Maria Toni Mazzarino Grace Anne McCarty Louise Marjorie McCune Caroline Catherine McDonough Alexander Riley McHale Robert Nicholas McKinley Richard Alexander Medina Catherine Meili Alexander Gregory Mendez Jennifer Mendez Norita Ngwahbo Mengu Alexander Dudley Merchant Gabriel Metzger Emma Elisabeth Meyers Graham Meng-Xun Miao Genet Micael Mark Micchelli Aidan Henderson Miles Geneva Louise Miller Natassia Brooke Miller Nicholas Robert Mills Devon Azeezah Minerve Nicholas Mark Mingrone 142 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

73 Senior Gifts Senior Gifts Alexia Renee Minto James William Pagels Zachariah A. Reitano Mason Daniel Silber Devyn Ariel Tyler Sebastian Miguel Vivancos Lindsay Ayres White Michael Yip Yiu Lindsey Mitrani Alexander George Palmer David W. Rhee Alexander Willem Simmonds Jessica Ann Phaovibul Tyler Agata Voss Eric Byron Williams James Jun Yoon Jonathan Ezra Moed Sheila L. Palmer Marilyn Gabriela Robb Brittany LaJoy Simmons Nicholas Christopher Tyson Robert Vulfov Caitlin Mary Williamson Marielle Young Julia Dina Monk Pan Pan Natalie Jane Robehmed Paige Jacquelyn Simmons Eugenia Nnedinma Uche-Anya Ella Frances Wagner Devon Rose Winer William Young Jose Luis Montelongo Kahini Sameer Parekh Allegra Anglesey Roberts Tyler Ambria Simpson Chichi Oshioriame Udochi John Edward Walkovik Patrick Laughlin Woolsey Jeongyoon Yu Kevin Montiel Amy Inhee Park Jonathan Roy Roberts Carly Sage Slater Melissa Alejandra Vallejo Lucy Xinke Wang John Albert Wright Karina Janis Yu Lauren Elizabeth Monzon Jungsik Park Kyle Samuel Robertson Clio Cords Sleator Alexandra Case Van Amson Lindsey Madison Ward Charles Jingyuan Wu Qian Yu Jose Ricardo Moreno Sung Chul Park Katherine Lunt Robinson Kimberley Crystal-Jane Small Noelle Lily Van Rysselberghe Evelyn Suzanne Novick Warner Sharon X. Wu Ylena Zamora-Vargas Samantha Rose Moreno Kristina Marie Parsons Jeanette Rodriguez Brandt Allen Smallwood Melissa Vargas Samantha Rachel Warren Yijun Wu Hedan Zeng Peter Charles Morphos Will Alexander Patterson Orlando Ruben Rodriguez Hillary Blaire Smith Russell Parker Varriale Caitlin Wei-Ming Watson Jennifer Lindsay Wukawitz Natalie Rose Zerwekh Jamnah Gennae Morton Gregory Charles Paul Jorge Andre Rojas-Zamalloa Rebecca Rose Smith David Vasquez Michael Anthony Watson Benjamin Eric Xiao Helen Jingyu Zhang Dominic Edward Luke Moss Adam Pencz Miles Xavier Roldan Mackenzie Briene Palmer Snead Benjamin Friant Veilleux Caitlin Welsh Watterson Xiao Xiao Anna Marta Zielinska Austin Nabil Moukattaf Megan Elizabeth Pennock Cameron Robert Ross Jacob Samuel Snider Dinorah Villalobos Cavazos Josephine Wei Shuang Xu Anthony Zou Chinenyenwa Stephanie Mpamaugo Helen Sophia Mueller John Daniel Murphy Michael Matthew Murphy Kelsey Ione Musselman Danielle Lili Naghi Stephanie Nass Joseph David Nathan Daniel Lee Natkie Giampietro Nattino Donnalie Ninjamnah Nelson Lauren Elizabeth Nevitt Simone Tran Nguyen Alexandra Christianna Nichols Dane Perry Nickerson Michael William Notaro Gilbert Nunez Isaac Odei Nyarko Reed Marshall O Connor Helen Uju Ofoche Soo Min Oh Juan Leandro Ohannesian Christine Elizabeth O Hara Jacob Thomas O Hara Brendan Foley O Hearn QueenDenise Okeke Julia Oktawiec Stefan Paul Olson John Thomas O Mara Daniel Vincent O Neill Jonathan Orea Sarah Ortega Emily Anne Ostertag Tomasz Otlowski Susan Ou Ian Major Overton Morgan Leah Owens Tara Nicole Pacheco Diatre Michael Padilla Dean Cosmo Perfetti Melissa Susan Peterson Robert Benjamin Petito Steven Thomas Pfau Hoa Minh Pham Philippe Pierre-Antoine Blake Alexander Pinell Thomas Anthony Piscina Matthew Jan Piziak Alejandro Gabriel Plana Molly Sam Plotkin Michael Lucas Poage Ariel Eve Pollock Netanya Isabel Pollock Joseph Pomp Diana Pou Ottenwalder Kevin Glynn Powers Aaron Cabrera Primero Graham Gabriel Pupo Emmanuel Anthony Quaidoo Katie Yijia Quan Tzipora Nira Quint Arielle Radin Michael Evan Rady Aditya Raina Michael Alexander Ramadei Gerard Curtis Ramm Andrew Landers Ramos James Edward Ramseur Rebecca McFarlan Randall Meriam Raouf Catherine Grace Rawls Syed Mustafa Razvi John Fitzgerald Ready Chod Reankittiwat Jessica Devin Redmond Billy Raymond Rees Tehreem Rehman Patricia Alice Reilly Nicole Dicker Ross Marie Rudnicki Christopher Matthew Ruenes Mila Borisova Rusafova Benjamin Lorish Russell Grace Leila O Hara Rybak Claire Conklin Sabel Anna Elisabeth Sacks Rana Leila Sahar Matthew Steven Salant Nashoba Krishnamurthy Santhanam Emilio Alejandro Santiago Isaac Melquisedec Santos Jesse Santos Steven Aurelio Santos Stephanie Lena Sarbanes Rebecca Ruthanne Schloemann Nicholas Rupert Scott Nicolette Elaine Scott Nazli Deniz Seftali Samuel Disson Segal Gerlin L. Serrano Meagan Danielle Servin Jianning Shao Eric Joseph Shapiro Diana Shapoval Rahul Sharma Ashley Yih-Chii Shaw Katharina Stephanie Shaw William Quinn Shelton Rachel Elizabeth Sheppard Tyler James Sheridan Yekaterina Sherman Ian Andrew Shirley Caitlin Anne Shufelt Sharon Shum Robert Max Sigmon Lucy Maryam Siguenza Paul Snyder Hyoun Ju Sohn Karla Sosa Leighton Lemar Spencer William L. Stamatis Dominique Mackenzie Star Jacob Marc Stavis Chantal Stein Eleanor Sarokin Stein Michaela Christine Steinbach Henri Jules Stern Steele David Sternberg Isabel Whitney Stillman Colin James Stokes Robert Lowell Stone Steven Harris Strauss Caroline Frances Strickland Yenny Su Eva Noemi Suarez Jasmine Ayana Sudarkasa Cher Wee Aloysius Tan Liam James Tansey Caroline Joy Tatem Julia Rose Tejeda Tara Nicole Templin Jaclyn Nicole Testani Copatrick Thomas Hannah Jane Thomas Anne Phillips Tickell Joshua Paul Tobin Marielle Rose Torres Cosima Elisa Travis Jonathan Trujillo Tyler Andrew Trumbach Florence Tsai Meng-Jer James Tsay Maggie Tse Evan T. Tsembelis Rachel Mary Turner Anthony John Villamagna Sergio Villar Christina Paola Vinces Eva Gayle Vinegar Bernardo Ribeiro Viotti Natalie Louise Weiner Andrew Peter Weiss Evan Daniel Welber Jessica Sally Werlin Stephen Arthur West Dean James J. Valentini s Challenge Michael David Abramson Jordan Rachel Brooks Michele Josephine Acheampong Cyril Bucher Michael James Adame Clare Felicia Buck Tala Tiffany Akhavan Aya Kate Buckley Jasmine Tiffany Alves Matthew Steven Byrd Ava Amirahmadi Nicholas K. Caros Ruth Angrand Steven Ray Castellano Maximiliana Arco Isadora Cerullo Reuben Long Arnold William Chen Jeremy Rouah Ascherman Marina Sofia Chiesa Nathan Ashe Ryan Woon-Ho Cho Maryam Khadijah Aziz Catherine Sunmi Choi Jasmine Kaur Bahd Genevieve Daisy Chow Jennifer Bai Woo Chang Chung Jeremy Edouard Banon Jasper Lee Clyatt Lauren Marie Barriere Trevor Samuel Cohen Peter Batesko Andrea Miriam Collazo James Allen Bennett Erin Morrissey Connell Yohana Berekhet Beyene Aida Ann Conroy Ravi Paul Bhalla Declan Thomas Conroy Samantha Brooke Billy Nicholas Alexander Crucet Anna Costelloe Birinyi Serena Suresh Dasani Samara Rachel Bliss Grantland Loverme D Avino Rachel Strauss Bodzy Michelle Elizabeth Dawson Daniel Israel Bonner Dana Lee DeFilippo Constance Elizabeth Boozer Isabel Natalia del Canto Hannah Murray Botkin Carmen Lucia Del Valle F. Elias Boujaoude Margaret Mary Dengler Veronique Stella Bourassa Neeti Deoras David Randolph Bowles Hannah Yael Deresiewicz Nicole Genesis Brambila Brian Thomas DeVeau Christopher Kozal Brennan Nirav Vijay Devnani Maggie Paxson Brommer Jessica Nicole Dickerson Jason Inkyu Yang Justin Chih-Ta Yang Jossie Jackeline Yashinskie Matthew Richard Yeaton John Yuksel Yetimoglu Michael Andrew Discenza Alejandra Beatriz Dominguez Noel Siqi Duan Frederic James Dulson Robert Frederick Dyar John Philip Eckels Benjamin Chung-Ying Eckersley Hadi Stephen Elzayn Samantha Brooke Falotico Mark Philip Feigen Dafna Miriam Feith Nicholas Vittorio Ferraresi David Asher Fine Richard Andres Fineman Morgan Reiss Firestein Talia Lauren Fisher Shuang Hong Shan Cie Fok William John Hill Ford Mary Frauenheim Claire Jen Fu Zuzanna Fuchs Andrea Catalina Garcia Vargas Larissa Angela Garcia Sam Gelb Fiona Rhiannon Georgakis Nathaniel Jaroslav Gery Matthew Joseph Gladstone Andrew Thomas Godinich Maricela Diana Gonzalez John Palmer Greene Allegra MacLeod Greenland Stephanie Ann Grilo Nico Gurian John Joseph Zucchi Megan Aleksandra Zutter Amanda Claire Gutterman Karishma Ajit Habbu Mytra Haerizadeh Julie Ann Hall David Jacob Halpern Emily Grace Hamilton Ji Yoon Jenny Han Alexander Lee Hare Dahlia Maha Hassan Lindsey Victoria Hastings-Spaine Asher Max Hecht-Bernstein Maud Marie Henderson Simone Nicole Henry Ian Matthew Hillman Justin Paul Hines Helena Honig Katherine Maria Hoppenjans Katherine Gandolfo Howitt Alexzander James Hudson Lisa Hwang Kendy Ng Cheong Sang Imrith Averi Lorae Israel Elizabeth Claire Jacob Matthew Philip Jacobs Olivia Thomas Jaffe Monica Madrigal Jean Diane Amanda Jean-Mary Simon Gregory Jerome Rega Jha Lillian Jin April-Sky Kehew Johnston Alexander Erdwien Jones 144 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

74 Senior Gifts Isabella Epstein Joslin Susan Joyce Justin Abram Kahn Saketh Reddy Kalathur Kelsey Kats Venkat Kim Kausik Samantha Jeanne Keller William Theodore Kender John Bernard Kenney Mary Roberta Kircher Patricia Alejandra Klaric Richard Michael Kleban Hannah Abigail Kloepfer Lydia Jane Kopecky Elizabeth Foye Kuenstner Anirudh Kurpet Kumar Eric James Kutscher Sarah Silby Kwok Alison Cristina Lam Michael Andrew Laracuente Frances Louise Lawson Sarah Lee Andrew Charles Leonard Allison Levin Andrea Paulina Levy Brandon LaShay Lewis Victoria Wolf Lewis Jeremy Michael Liss Cristian Hall Lopez-Balboa Alisa Yi Lu Alexander Michael Luntz Daniel Lawrence Lynn Denise Marie Machin Allison Elizabeth Malecha Ryan Franklyn Mandelbaum Christopher Gabriel Manna Dylan Paul Marshall Casey Elizabeth Martinez Natalia Theresa Martinez Noelle Griffin Martinez Amanda Raquel Matos Maria Toni Mazzarino Grace Anne McCarty Richard Alexander Medina Norita Ngwahbo Mengu Alexander Dudley Merchant Gabriel Metzger Emma Elisabeth Meyers Lindsey Mitrani Bobak Moazami Julia Dina Monk Dominic Edward Luke Moss Austin Nabil Moukattaf Chinenyenwa Stephanie Mpamaugo Helen Sophia Mueller John Daniel Murphy Michael Matthew Murphy Kelsey Ione Musselman Danielle Lili Naghi Iman Anil Nanji Donnalie Ninjamnah Nelson Lauren Elizabeth Nevitt Alexandra Christianna Nichols Christine Elizabeth O Hara Jacob Thomas O Hara Stefan Paul Olson Tomasz Otlowski Tara Nicole Pacheco Pan Pan Kahini Sameer Parekh Alexander Joon Park Kristina Marie Parsons Gregory Charles Paul Robert Benjamin Petito Steven Thomas Pfau Alejandro Gabriel Plana Kevin Glynn Powers Aaron Cabrera Primero Graham Gabriel Pupo Katie Yijia Quan Arielle Radin James Edward Ramseur John Fitzgerald Ready Chod Reankittiwat Zachariah A. Reitano Marilyn Gabriela Robb Jonathan Roy Roberts Cameron Robert Ross Carolyn Ruvkun Claire Conklin Sabel Anna Elisabeth Sacks Matthew Steven Salant Nashoba Krishnamurthy Santhanam Emilio Alejandro Santiago Olivia Charlotte Santoro Jesse Santos Stephanie Lena Sarbanes Nicolette Elaine Scott Gerlin L. Serrano Ashley Yih-Chii Shaw Katharina Stephanie Shaw Rachel Elizabeth Sheppard Tyler James Sheridan Mason Daniel Silber Jacob Samuel Snider Karla Sosa William L. Stamatis Henri Jules Stern Caroline Frances Strickland Yenny Su Eva Noemi Suarez Jasmine Ayana Sudarkasa Maria Elaine Sulimirski Richard Sun Cher Wee Aloysius Tan Julia Rose Tejeda Joshua Paul Tobin Jonathan Trujillo Tyler Andrew Trumbach Meng-Jer James Tsay Maggie Tse Evan T. Tsembelis Devyn Ariel Tyler Jessica Ann Phaovibul Tyler Eugenia Nnedinma Uche-Anya Alexandra Case Van Amson Russell Parker Varriale David Vasquez Eva Gayle Vinegar Sebastian Miguel Vivancos Lindsey Madison Ward Evelyn Suzanne Novick Warner Michael Anthony Watson Caitlin Welsh Watterson Josephine Wei Evan Daniel Welber Andrew Diego West Stephen Arthur West Devon Rose Winer Patrick Laughlin Woolsey Sharon X. Wu Yijun Wu Matthew Richard Yeaton Michael Yip Yiu James Jun Yoon Marielle Young Karina Janis Yu Qian Yu Samuel Zakay Ashley Marie Zambito Ylena Zamora-Vargas Hedan Zeng Helen Jingyu Zhang Anthony Zou Parent Gifts Parents are a vital part of the Columbia College community. The 45 parent families who serve on the Parents Leadership Council work to inspire their fellow non-alumni parents to raise financial support for the Parents Fund. They also create a community for College parents by hosting welcome receptions, lectures and other special events. Gifts to the Parents Fund allow parents to enrich students undergraduate experience by supporting the Core Curriculum, providing stipends for student internships, enhancing financial aid and providing funds for extracurricular activities and events. Through their generosity, parents help all College students to grow academically as well as personally. Class of 2017 Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Geoffrey and Annette Grant P 12 Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Anonymous Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Othon and Kally Mourkakos Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Neil and Mika Parekh P 15 Robert and Deborah Dupire-Nelson Ravinder and Sunanda Agarwal P 12 Anissa Abi-Dargham James Chin and Janice Lau Tycho Sleator and Marina Cords P 13 Daniel and Bianca Costin Alan and Daphne Crosswell P 11, P 14 John Fitzgerald and Georgia Crozier P 10 Dominick and Kimberly Fulgieri Dieter Gloeckler and Lynne Greene P 12 William and Cynthia Goebelbecker Hendrik and Corinna Hamann George Hripcsak and Barbara Reiser Hansen Lau and He Young-Joo Kevin and Rosanna Kenny Jeffrey and Robin Kent Harvey E. Corn and Ruthanne Kurtyka Amnon and Yael Landan P 10 Kyonghoon Lee and Mikyung Kim-Lee P 16 Bruce and Barbie Lieber P 15 Wilson Maldonado and Maria Ambrosio Dennis and Elana Markovitz P 13 Roger and Eileen Marks Thomas Merwin and Ellen Kaufman P 14 Hamid Mohtadi and Fahimeh Zarrin P 14 Rashmi Ray and Reshmi Mukherjee Dimitrios Petridis and Elpida Sapidou- Petridis P 12 Ronald J. Scheidel and Deborah L. Brosovich James B. and Denise M. Speta Philip and Candi Stamm Dharmarao and Roja Thapi Hitesh and Sangita Verma Yunlu Wang and Nancy Zheng Zhelin and Ai Mei Xu Zhen and Wen-Shing Yu 146 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

75 Class of 2016 Parents A t Columbia, I pursued my academic passions. I made lifelong friends. The activities I participated in gave me invaluable leadership experience. It s exciting to see my children, one a recent graduate and the other just beginning her Columbia odyssey, being similarly shaped. I am proud to volunteer for an institution that, while certainly distinguished during my undergraduate years, has reached greater prominence in the years since my graduation. Supporting the College and the Parents Fund is a tangible way to thank Columbia and to perpetuate for future Columbians, regardless of their means, all that is unique and special about alma mater. Ira Brett Malin 75, P 11, P 17 Marilyn Abrams Lloyd Palmer and Joanne Collins Neil Feldstein and Judy Bauer Claude and Gayle Fernandez John Abrefah and Rita Derkyi-Abrefah Akbar and Janet Ahmadi Myles and Sharon Akabas P 14 Paul Alexander and Evelyne Martial Chiaka Amadi David and Kimberly Ambrose Carmelo and Kim Amenta Laura Anderson Jett Chucks Anyanso Akindele and Kehinde Ayodele James Bailinson and Nancy Gibson Michael and Debra Barnet Juana Barrera David and Sarah Beckerman Bradford Garton and Jill Lipoti Daniel and Diane Greene Joseph and Mary Marshall Young Ro and Hye Lee Lawrence and Beverly Colbourne John and Lois Cole Evan and Carol Collins Kaye Condon Patrick and Louise Connors Charles F. Mathieu and Mary Costantini David Cox and Judith Nentwig Karen Crane William Crane German and Maria Creamer Eli and Roberta Cricco-Lizza P 08, P 11 David and Angela Crispi Avelino and Gracita Cruz P 07 Devora Cruz Ronald Segall David and Hallie Swanson Jeffrey and Bonnie Terrill Siegfried and Wendy Gross Allex and Melinda Gruman Antonio Gutierrez and Lynn Patterson P 13 Robert and Tonya Hendrickson Scott and Lori Henry Mark and Elizabeth Hepsworth Thomas and Debra Hoffman Steven Hoffmann Raymond Horton and Jacqueline Dinan Charles and Suzanne Hoyle Kinan Hreib and Marina Kamenakis William and Carol Humphrey James and Ann Hurt Peter and Winifred Hussey Alfred Beech and Genevieve Kenney John Daniel and Mary McCaffrey-Daniel Robert Ingram and Katherine Halton Judith Bell John Davenport Claire Injeian Melvin and Lydia Bell Steven and Darnell Depaoli Jeffrey and Karen Jaycox P 14 Michael and Florence Bellamy Jeffrey and Maureen Devlin Eric and Dori Jones Class of 2016 David and Sharon Belser Jose A. and Eysa Marquez Bengochea Alicia Bergstein Letty Diai Philip and Cornelia Dobitsch Francis and Liane Dougherty Grantley and Carla Joseph Roy and Mini Joseph Srdjan and Gordana Jovicic Dean s Platinum Circle $250,000 or more Gurmeet Bhatia John Douglas Walter Judge and Jean O Neill Armen A. and Janette Avanessians P 12 Jun Guo Gao and Qingfeng Cui Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Anonymous P 11 Chunxian Wei and Zhi Dou Ruthanne M. Ruzika John Bonnell and Mary Floden Teresa Borchard Don Boroughs and Deborah Hart Dean and Gayle Boyher Carol Brice Robert Edelstein and Judith Fine-Edelstein Patience Elliot Hamid Erfani and Afsaneh Ghazizadeh Gary Wortman and Joy Every Thomas Fegers Mr. Zhong Kang and Ms. Lu Lin Mehmet Karaaslan and Selda Odabasi Lawrence and Kristin Kast Laszlo Offertaler and Noemi Kedei Rosa Kedir and Gibrel Mustefa Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Anonymous Kenneth and Jo Merlau Christopher and Lori Nawn Jeannie Brown Robert Thomas Brown Richard Browner and Lois Brodeur Elizabeth Field Mark and Vicki Fisher Sophia Flores Carl and Valerie Kempner Thomas and Marianna Kennedy Debbie Kenyon Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Anonymous Bradley and Randi Butwin George and Debra Heinrich P 13 William and Robin Hubbard P 06, P 10 Jonathan Ellen and Margaret de Lisser Edmund and Maryellen Feeley Alan and Marleigh Gleicher Margarita Inserni Alejandro Vollbrechthausen and Lucila Robert Bijan and Delia Khosrowshahi Duncan and Irene Lee Robert Ouimette Soo Man and Jamie Lee Daniel and Silvia Leeper P 14 James and Katie Loss Louis Lupin Sergio Renault Carlos and Mona Lu Jonathan Blackman and Kathleen Schuler Tsu Wang Steven Rosenblum and Monique Witt Thomas Steiner and Maureen Ferguson Cyril Meduna and Maria Ferre William B. and Ann K. Sacher Inder and Deepa Singh Michael D. Bills and S. Sonjia Smith Colin Bruce and Lavern Bentt-Bruce Mark Bryan Piotr Buczek and Joanna Piechniczek-Buczek Mark and Laura Cahal Stanley G. and Hazel S. Calvin Victor and Berta Castano Manuel and Sharon Ceneta Benjamin Chan and Susan Baer Warren Chang and Haesun Koo Rahul and Sanjana Chaturvedi Yi-Gong Shen and Hsiu-Fen Chen Michael and Eva Chow Mark and Janet Cieslak James and Pamela Click Clement Fondufe and Anne Yakum-Fondufe Andrew and Lorraine Foster, III Harvey and Carine Fram Frederick and Elaine Freibott Wenli Gao Pedro Garcia and Maria Diaz-Pines Robert and Bernice Geiger P 14 Johnnie Gibson Lorenzo and Sonja Gibson Evan Goldstein and Barbara Pino Farhad and Colleen Golestan Ajei and Minni Gopal Stefen and Tisha Gray Jeffrey Green and Annie Jaisser Andre and Paule Khoury P 12 Donald and Jeong-Min Kim Geunbum and Byungnam Kim P 15 Ki Young and Mi Ok Kim Kevin and Cathleen Kinne Lewis and Melissa Kirk Dmitri and Ekaterina Klimentova Kevin and Theresa Knight Jason and Sharon Koutcher P 01 Phillip and Janet Krasinski David Krason and Lusha Liu Lisa Kroah Anthony and Mary Krut James and Mary Lawrence Meloney Lawrence 148 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

76 Class of 2016 Parents Class of 2015 Paul and Nellie Lazour Joseph Lehar and Nora Ghillany Ming Lei and Lu Wang Mary Leibforth Jason and Susana Leniski Francisca Leon Hedda Leonardi Norman Lepor and Helen Jacobs-Lepor Jun Li and Hui Qian Weidong Li and Xiaodong Wen Xiaoming Li and Yumei Wang Yizhong Liao and Jun Fang Charles and Alison Lifland Dezheng Liu and Yueshan Zhang Qiang and Xin Liu Irwin Loew and Maureen O Connell Gerardo Lopez and Tulia Salcedo Peter Luccarelli P 07 James and Carol Lyon P 11 James and Donna MacCabe Ann Magee Thomas and Andrea Mahan Joyce Makansi Daniel and Mary Markham David Marks and Pandora Stoianoff George and Shelina Martin Leopold and Gemma Matarazzo P 01 Donald and Lisa Mazur Nathan Jacob and Ruth Mazurek Michael and Julie McDonagh Neil McGuffog Laurie McKenzie John and Cynthia McKeon David and Laura Mead Thomas and Mary Mehigan Lemma Merid and Etaferahu Sime Dominic and Marjian Messinger Jeffrey and Patricia Miron Scott and Layla Mocio Rosendo Molina Diana Moriatis Andrew Mullins and Theresa Grant Fernando and Molly Multedo Veronica Munoz Frank Murphy Gerard and Annamarie Murphy D Arcy and Michelle Myjer Bradley Nager and Diane Keast Robert Namba and Stephanie Eng-Namba Gary J. and Lyric H. Naquin Sidharth and Shilpa Nayar David and Cora Neslin Thomas and Chandra Niemann Marla Onishi P 09 Eduardo and Cheryl Ortiz Bonnie Ott Walter and Sherri Paller Charles Pao and Linda Hsu Jungae Park Stella Paul Anthony Perricone and Toby Greenberg Lewis Peterson and Margaret Stohl Petko Petkov and Sashka Petkova Brian and Denise Pianucci Ellen Pochedley P 13 Jon and Julia Poll Giovan Profita and Alessandra Badioli Wei Qian and Kejuan Peng Changge Qiao and Jing Yang Ameer Qureshi and Milagros Ariza de Qureshi Dominga Ramos Bruce Randall Edwin and Leilani Raquel Curtis A. and Kathy Ray Maija Rejman Robin Rivers Clement and Lynn Robbins Scott Robbins and Valerie Estess David and Gail Robinson Peter and Janet Robinson Mark and Jean Rodrigues Si and Hannah Roh Marlon and Serina Rosenbaum Alan G. and Ada P. Rosmarin Eric and Pamela Rosow Jeffrey Ross and Natasha Cabrera Dino and Jennifer Rossi Cheryll Rothery Dana L. and Lisa Thornton Roy Alex and Michelle Rubin Gregory and Susan Rutherford Matthew Sadof and Mindy Domb Michael and Carole Sampson Gerald and Lauren Santoro Thomas and Lorraine Santoscoy Bennet and Judythe Schonfeld James Schumacher and Debbie Bookchin Richard and Yingyu Schwartz Steven Scipioni Benjamin P. and Theresa Secrest Jose and Cynthia Seijas-Gonzalez Duane and Sandra Shelton An Shen and Yanwen Wan-Shen Scott Shinsky Valerie Shinsky Raymond T. and Carmen Shrum Gerald Silva and Laura Demaria Michael and Doreen Sinzer Colin Skeete James and Andrea Small Andrea Smallwood Patrick and Lynnae Smith Rafaela Sosa Rodney and Elizabeth Sparkman Robert G. and Sara Springer Wayne and Sylvia Stater Jack and Lisa Stock Thomas and Robin Summers Xiaowu Sun and Yongwen Jiang Andrew Swain and Marsha Dulac-Swain Shelley Swearingen Wenqing Tan and Hua Li Jack Warren and Janet Tew Adam and Janice Thacher Roger Thomas and Jacqueline Hunter-Thomas Paul and Brenda Thordarson Peter C. and Carrie Tilton Manuel and Esperanza Valle John and Stephany Vivadelli Paul W. Bodor and Melina Antigone Vourlekis Stephen and Shereen Walter Stephen and Eva Wan Jane Wang Paul and Cheryl Waters Billy and Tammie Watkins Gene W. and Catherine B. Weber Larry and Sharon Weil Joseph and Yvette Weiner Mark and Julie Wiles Eyajife Williams Patrick and Christina Wolf Gang Xiao and Yan Sun P 13 Congjian Xu and Xiaoli Tong Jian Xu and Na Chen Clarence and Maria Zachery Abbas Zaher and Randa Shoeb Xumiao Zhao and Zhi Gao Yongsen Zhao Qun Zhou and Liying Yan Jeffrey Zimmerman and Sharon Weinberg Michael and Jacqueline Zunica Dean s Gold Circle $100,000 $249,999 Gary and Ellen Davis Dean s Silver Circle $50,000 $99,999 Harold and Elizabeth Robertson Dean s Circle $25,000 $49,999 Anonymous Nicola and Teresa Galluccio Emile and Gael Bacha Lyndie Benson-Gorelick Joseph and Mara Carieri Carol Blue Edmund A. Geller Jeffrey Bowman and Bonnie Brownell Brian Cooper and Margueritte Murphy Jungchul Bae and Haekyung Kim Li-chung Chen and Yir-chung Liu John and Michele Donley Leonard J. and Gail Elmore Raymond Gagne and Meredith Harrington P 13 Roger Long Oystein Aasaaren and Berta Cassels Hauge Saadiq and Sadiya Abdul-Karim P 10 Essam and Hayam Aboubakr Yves Alexandre and Frederique Alexandre-Robin Timothy and Kimberly Allaman Wendy Alvarado Paul Anderson and Sharon Bennett Jaime and Joan Angulo Yuko Arita Mary Arnstad Jong Yoon Bae and Jong Moun Song Bing Bai and Hongjie Ding Nikola and Olgica Balac Robert and Bonnie Baldwin James and Carole Barrall Lynne Bartlett Emilia S. Bauleke Mikhail Belchikov Gary and Anna Bellesheim Michael Gollner and Faith Savage Mark and Elizabeth Kogan David and Catherine Cuthell Ronald and Allison Espeseth Gilbert Menna Lim Ngan and Brenda Chiu Timothy and Susan Pecaro Ronald and Priscilla Waldheger P 13 Wayne and Rachel Perkins George and Sandra Marsh Douglas Ng and Mary Nee Carlos Tejera and Dale Sindell Janet Remien Jung Chul Rhee and Hye Kyung Oh Marc and Amy Rosenberg Stanley and Janice Beutler Puneet and Vipra Bhasin Paul and Ellen Blake Kimberly Bland William and Joanne Boyd LaSonya Bradley Coryse Brathwaite Todd J. and Laura Brophy Harold Burger and Barbara Weiser Mark and Betsy Burrows John Byerly and Sabine Kost-Byerly Philip and Julianna Caggiano Wilfredo and Belinda Caraballo James and Lisa Carey Thomas Carlson and Cynthia Hustad Thomas and Margaret Chace Donald and Jeanne Chadwick Wing Hung David Chan and Mi Kuen May Cheng Hyok and Meeyoung Chang Anthony and Jessica Chen Frederick Lui and Mary Koo William and Kathryn Schultea Greg and Hanna Ostroff Mitchell and Lauren Presser Bret Walker Richard and Jane Springwater Adam and Carrie Slivka Michael and Heidi Stock Sam Tao and Mingfang Ting P 11 Ward Wheeler and Elise Broach Douglas and Kathleen Winger Keith and Robyn Zimmet Yu Jun Chen and Liu Zhen Guan Hakim and Irena Cherchari Gary and Chui Cheung James and Janice Chiou Young Seoung Cho and Mira Kim Monsur and Ayesha Chowdhury Angelina Chu George and Kathy Cipolletti Gad and Michal Cohen Douglas and Gunilla Combs Donald and Norah Conners Tito and Monica Contreras William and Margaret Cook Robert and Christine Cordova Michael Cunningham and Jane Whittendale S. Michael and Sharon M. Dearman Jane DeBevoise Thomas and Catherine DeMuth Sunny DeWakar Lucy Diby 150 Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report

77 Class of 2015 Parents Class of 2015 Parents Arend Dikkers and Deborah Durkin John and Anne Donnal Peter and Amy Dunkle Andres and Christine Lopez William and Charlesanna Ecker Alan and Erica Edelman P 11 Lisa Ehrlich Richard and Viviane Mellen Fred and Susan Eisner Richard and Sandra Ellenbogen Charmaine Emelife Ronald and Jane Eversole Patrizio and Maria Facheris Paulo Fontes and Monica Mollerstrand Christina Fox Gerald and Amy Freisleben Silvia Furia David and Rebecca Gabriel P 12 James Gaffey and Yris Mejia Ana Garcia Freddy and Miriam Garcia Sanford and Gwen Garrett Gary B. and Janet F. Gegan Ronald Getto Barry Girkins Moshe Gittelson and Clare Rubin John and Susan Gleeson Steven and Colleen Glynn Daniel and Sheila Goggin Janusz and Zuzanna Golec Andrzej and Elizabeth Gosek Rima Grad P 02, P 12 Sharon Gray Eric and Ellen R. Greenberg Mark and Mary Grace Gudis Supratik Guha and Monisha Ghosh Albert Gutierrez and Maria Bouza-Gutierrez Charlotte Hagan Mark Hainline and Barbara Gittleman Jihad Hajal and Marie Haddad Chung and Soona Hom Neil and Susan Horner Abbett Howland and Mary Hall Yunsun Huh Terry and Cathy Hutchins David and Pilar Hyman Sorin and Diana Ionita Elaine Jackson Maria Jaramillo Judith Jensen Cheol Hae and Young Hye Jo Duksung and Hae Joh Robert and Evelyn Johnson Alok and Sabita Jolly H. Thomas Lloyd and Jane Kamp Linda Keiles Andrew and Victoria Kessel Jamal and Shehnaz Khan Daniel Kim and Susan Lee Juhan and Eunsoon Kim Seakyoung Kim Karen Kimball P 10 James and Eileen Krach Scott and Jeanna Kufferath Ajit and Debika Kumar Anantasubramania and Arundhati Kumar Byoung-Mok and Connie Kwon Craig and Donna Lakian Regan Lakritz Enders and Sarah Lam Martha Laposata Aurel Lazar and Paik-Kee Low P 12 Mathew and Susan LeBlanc Chia-Chang and Wen-Hsing Lee Marshall Lee and Martha Vanderhoop Leslie Leigh Larry and Marsha Lemons Han Leng and Gexin Wang Philip Y. and Helena Leung Jeffrey Levy and Heather Roseborough P 12 Baoguo Li and Xia Zhao Xiao and Hong Li Ming and Helen Li Warren and Jennifer Liao Mark Lin and Yang Zuo William and Andrea Lindemann Ruben Lomeli and Lori Ramirez Hang Lu Zuoxuan Lu and Yingli Tian Martin Lueck and Nancy Traversy Dave and Gail Mahoney Amit Maity and Deepika Bagga Howard Silberthau and Susan Mandel Philip and Sylvia Marchese Jorge and Roxana Marcone Anthony and Nonye Mbionwu Alice Medalia Matthew M. and Janice Meehan Peter and Elizabeth Merritt Dale Meyer William Micheo and Luisa Marcial Byung Woo Min and Hee Jung Lee Kiyohiro and Ritsu Mitsui Elbashir Karrar and Badria Mohamed Timothy Moles Tama Montgomery Jerry and Sabina Morris Douglas and Diana Murray Alexander and Alison Nalle Naresh and Bronwen Narsiman Belen-Piedad Navarro John T. and Cathleen Nestor Lorie Newman Onyeka and Omayeli Ngwudo Timothy Noah John and Denise Nwaezeapu Jeffrey and Catherine O Connell Jamal Oghaz and Fariba Sharifan Olivier Pacton and Tamara Gorgas Pacton Chennapan Padmanaban and Hemalatha Chennapan Debra Parker Judith Perlman John and Ursula Perry Michael and Patricia Pesanello Joseph and Marcie Place Marsha Pottash Karen Pratt Thomas and Julia Quinn Paul Quintas and Bethia Straus Maricela Rascon Charles Rathbun and Nina Moser P 08 Arthur and Patricia Raynes John Redmon Jeffrey and Rachel Rembrandt Angqing Ren and Yan Gao Lisa Rhode Theresa Riley Eliezer and Jennifer Rivera Erika Robinson Mario Rocha-Herrera Alexandra Roddy Myungsun Roh Alan Rosen and Susan Levy P 11 Timothy Ross and Joan Fryxell Indrajit and Sushma Roy Daniel and Janice Ryan Fausat Salami Nicholas and Juanita Santoro Brion and Shari Sarachan Robert and Candace Savoie Philip Schipani and Dawn Meyer Daniel R. and Deborah Schnur Edward Smith and Amilia Schrier P 13 Kathryn Schwartz Marco Scuri and Patrizia Callari Tamer and Elif Seckin Roger A. and Sally Serena Dongming Shen and Min Chen Lixin Shi and Yan Sun Wei Shi and Yujun Gao Kevin and Julie Shimoda Kevin and Lisa Silverstein Richard and Lorie Skudalski Neal and Jeannette Solomon Xuejun Song and Nancy Wang David and Linda Sotnick Nigel and Deborah Souza-Okpofabri Frank Spear P 10 Scott and Un Steele Michael and Cecilia Steger Sarah Stookey Kerry Sulkowicz and Sandra Leong Alan and Maria Suridis Samuel and Marlene Swetland Xiaoli Tang and Yonghong Zhou Sorin and Liliana Tapai Creighton Tevlin and Mary Foland Claude and Claudette Thomas Sherry Thompson Thomas and Susan Thompson Christopher Thorn and Joan Verdon Daniel and Diane Tierney Thomas Tolan and Mary Pardini John and Diana Tomasulo Alton and Gail Tribble Chin Pang Tse and Jia Yi Kuang P 13 William Tuddenham and Irene Tong Paul J. Tuinkiewicz Dennis and Pamela Vandercook Srinivasa Varathan David and Maureen Vaughn Vincenzo Verderame and Jyoti Vederame William and Patricia Veith Dianne Veling Rima Villaret Greta G. Wallace Zhenyu Wang and Xiaohong Xu Ralph Wangler Franklin Washington and Rutlandra Hodges Rom Watson and Susan Bazett Yingzhong Wen and Guifang Zhao Charles White Ana Wiswell Meheret Woldetsadik and Tsegereda Giorgis Yam and Fiona Wong Lawrence Wyborski and Sylvia Buie-Wyborski Eric Xiong and Jane Liu Hongguo Xu and Michelle Zhang-Xu Michael Xu and Jean Jiang Zhi-Xiang Xu and Rui-Xun Zhao Xiaosong Yan and Hui Liang Andy and Wenlin Yang P 13 Quan Yang and Xin Qian Makwan Yiu and Meiling Yip P 13 Mingdong Yuan and Laura Wang Defu Zeng and Yanfei Chen Jian Zhang and Jie Huang Jizhong Zhang and Yueming Liu Lin Zhang and Nancy Liu Xinnong Zhang and Jinghua Tao Hong Zhao Weiyan Zhao and Xun Wang Zhishen and Ya Zhao Zhu-Ping Zhou and Ping Yu W hen we saw how engaged and excited our daughter, Allie 15, was at Columbia and learned about the opportunities available to her through the Core Curriculum and the robust and diverse programming, we welcomed the opportunity to give back. We reprioritized our charitable giving with the hopes that our philanthropy could ensure that the Core and the limitless opportunities afforded through a Columbia education remain intact and are available to all students. Joseph and Mara Carieri P Columbia College Annual Report Columbia College Annual Report