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2 This year marks the 95th Honors Convocation held at the University of Michigan since the first was instituted on May 13, 1924, by President Marion LeRoy Burton. On these occasions, the University publicly recognizes and commends the undergraduate students in its schools and colleges who have earned distinguished academic records or have excelled as leaders in the community. It is with great pride that the University honors those students who have most clearly and effectively demonstrated academic excellence, dynamic leadership, and inspirational volunteerism. The Honors Convocation ranks with the Commencement Exercises as among the most important ceremonies of the University year. The names of the students who are honored for outstanding achievement this year appear in this program. They include all students who have earned University Honors in both Winter 2017 and Fall 2017, plus all seniors who have earned University Honors in either Winter 2017 or Fall The William J. Branstrom Freshman Prize recipients are listed, as well recognizing first year undergraduate students whose academic achievement during their first semester on campus place them in the upper five percent of their school or college class. James B. Angell Scholars students who receive all A grades over consecutive terms are given a special place in the program. In addition, the student speaker is recognized individually for exemplary contributions to the University community. To all honored students, and to their parents, the University extends its hearty congratulations.

3 Martin A. Philbert Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Honored Students Honored Faculty Faculty Colleagues and Friends of the University It is a pleasure to welcome you to the 95th University of Michigan Honors Convocation. On behalf of the academic leaders on the Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint campuses, I thank you for joining us today. The Honors Convocation is an important University tradition that recognizes and celebrates the outstanding academic achievements of undergraduate students from all three of our campuses. Today we proudly recognize students whose deep learning and dedication to inquiry have led them to outstanding academic accomplishment. These students have a passion for learning: a willingness to challenge themselves, to question orthodoxy, and to seek new solutions to challenging problems. They exemplify what we mean by the leaders and best. The University s mission statement includes our commitment to developing leaders who will challenge the present and enrich the future. The students we are honoring give life to that commitment through their purposeful engagement with the world. Today we also honor a group of distinguished faculty members who have joined us for this ceremony. Recently recognized by the University for their outstanding teaching and scholarship, they represent the many individuals in our community who inspire, challenge, and support our students. As we congratulate our students, we also recognize, with deep appreciation, the parents, family members, and friends who have nurtured and supported these remarkable students. The University of Michigan shares the pride you feel in their accomplishments. With you, we look forward to the contributions they will make to the future. Congratulations and Welcome! Martin A. Philbert Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

4 ORDER OF EXERCISES What Does It Mean to Be Free in a World Such as Ours? How does the desire for freedom intersect with civil and human rights, the pursuit of truth, and efforts to address pressing national and global problems? What roles might individuals, collectives, universities, and broader social movements play in the pursuit of freedom in today s world? Carillon Selections Prelude *Processional *The National Anthem Welcome Honors Convocation Speaker Presentation of Honors Students Tiffany Ng University Carillonist and Assistant Professor of Music School of Music, Theatre & Dance University of Michigan Trombone Choir David Jackson Director and Professor of Music School of Music, Theatre & Dance Trumpet Voluntary Composed by Jeremiah Clarke James Kibbie University Organist and Professor of Music School of Music, Theatre & Dance Goitsemang Lehobye, soprano Master of Music Performance Candidate, School of Music, Theatre & Dance Martin A. Philbert Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Anushka Sarkar Senior, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts University Honors Martin A. Philbert Susan Borrego Chancellor, University of Michigan-Flint Daniel Little Chancellor, University of Michigan-Dearborn Robert M. Sellers Vice Provost for Equity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer Presentation of Wallenberg Fellowship and Thurnau Professors Martin A. Philbert 2 * Please stand

5 Honors Convocation Speaker Musical Selections Deborah Loewenberg Ball Arthur F. Thurnau Professor William H. Payne Collegiate Professor of Education, School of Education Research Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research Lady of the Harbor Composed by Lee Hoiby, text by Emma Lazarus Goitsemang Lehobye, soprano Master of Music Performance Candidate, School of Music, Theatre & Dance Bernard Tan, piano Master of Music Performance Candidate, School of Music, Theatre & Dance Convocation Address Closing *The Alma Mater *Recessional Mark S. Schlissel President Martin A. Philbert The Yellow and Blue Composed by Michael W. Balfe James Kibbie and the audience (see music and lyrics on page 104) Toccata from Symphony V Composed by Charles-Marie Widor James Kibbie *Those who are able are asked to stand for portions of the program asterisked (*). At the conclusion of the program, the audience will please remain standing until the platform party has left the auditorium. We are grateful to the Provost s Council on Student Honors for their role in planning this event. Council members include: Barry Fishman, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Professor of Education and Professor of Information; Matt Lassiter, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Professor of History and Professor of Urban and Regional Planning; Robert Megginson, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Professor of Mathematics; Dana Muir, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Robert L. Dixon Collegiate Professor of Business and Professor of Business Law; Barry Rabe, J. Ira and Nicki Harris Family Professor of Public Policy, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Professor of Public Policy, Professor of Environmental Policy, Professor of the Environment and Professor of Political Science; Aaron Ridley, Professor of Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering and Director of Academic Program; Kathleen Sienko, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of Academic Program; Meg Sweeney, Arthur F. Thurnau Professor, Associate Professor of English Language and Literature, Associate Professor of Afroamerican and African Studies, Director of Academic Program and Associate Professor of Women s Studies. The Council is sponsored by Vice Provost Robert M. Sellers and coordinated by Assistant Vice Provost Mary E. Boyce. We would like to thank Melody Racine, Interim Dean and Associate Professor of Voice, School of Music, Theatre & Dance, for her expert assistance in choosing the student soloist for our ceremony. 3

6 HONORS CONVOCATION SPEAKERS Anushka Sarkar Senior, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Anushka Sarkar, a senior from West Bloomfield, is majoring in political science and minoring in law and policy in the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. As Central Student Government student body president, Anushka leads a student body of 45,000, manages an $800,000 budget, and gives voice to students priorities and concerns to the University administration and regents. Among other initiatives, she has advocated for affordable health care for students, stronger punitive measures for perpetrators of hate crimes, and a nighttime student-run ride-sharing service. She founded and chaired the Wolverine Consulting Group, which helps student groups with leadership development, fundraising, and other organizational functions. She served on U-M s Edward Ginsberg Center Student Advisory Board and interned at the Washington, D.C.-based public relations and government affairs firm Dewey Square Group, where she contributed to messaging campaigns for businesses and political organizations. She worked with Hillary Clinton s presidential campaign, both as an assistant to the deputy national finance director and as an intern in the Hillary for America headquarters in New York. Following graduation, she plans to travel and live spontaneously, work on a 2020 presidential campaign, and then enroll in law school. Deborah Loewenberg Ball Arthur F. Thurnau Professor William H. Payne Collegiate Professor of Education School of Education Research Professor, Survey Research Center Institute for Social Research Professor Ball, a University of Michigan faculty member since 1996, was named a Thurnau Professor in 2000 in recognition of her contributions to research on teaching and teacher education. She holds three degrees from Michigan State University: a bachelor s degree with highest honors in French and elementary education, a master s in teacher education, and a doctorate in curriculum, teaching, and education policy. She taught elementary school for more than 15 years and continues to teach mathematics to elementary students each summer. She served as dean of the School of Education from 2005 to 2016 and has directed TeachingWorks, a national organization dedicated to improving the quality of beginning teaching, since Professor Ball has authored or co-authored more than 150 scholarly publications and has also developed distinctive collections of video records of practice that are broadly used to study the work of teaching. She is a fellow and current president of the American Educational Research Association, a fellow of the American Mathematical Society, and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the National Academy of Education, and the National Science Board. She also serves on the Mathematical Science Research Institute Board of Trustees. The American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education presented her the Edward Pomeroy Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teacher Education in 2014, and, in 2017, she received the International Mathematics Union Felix Klein Medal for lifetime achievement in mathematics education research. 4

7 RHODES, MARSHALL, AND CHURCHILL SCHOLARSHIPS Rhodes, Marshall, and Churchill Scholarships are among the world s most prestigious academic awards for graduate students. Since the estate of British philanthropist Cecil John Rhodes established Rhodes Scholarships in 1904, 27 University of Michigan alumni have studied as Rhodes Scholars at Oxford University. Thirty-two Americans are named Rhodes Scholars each year. Marshall Scholarships, founded by an Act of Parliament in 1953, finance opportunities for young American scholars of high ability to study in the United Kingdom. The scholarship commemorates the humane ideals of the European Recovery Program (Marshall Plan) and funds one or two years of study. Thirty-one Marshall Scholarships are awarded annually to American students who demonstrate potential to excel as scholars, as leaders, and as contributors to improved UK-US understanding. The Churchill Scholarship started in 1963 with three awards and has since grown to 14. It provides funding to American students for a year of Master s study in science, mathematics, and engineering at the University of Cambridge, based at Churchill College. The scholarship was set up at the request of Sir Winston Churchill in order to fulfill his vision of US-UK scientific exchange with the goal of advancing science and technology on both sides of the Atlantic, helping to ensure our future prosperity and security. The Churchill Scholarship has been called the most academically challenging of the UK scholarships. In total, 13 students from Michigan have now been named Churchill Scholars. We proudly recognize the following students who were endorsed by the University of Michigan this year: Nadine Jawad Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy Yiran Liu College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Lauren Shepard College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Jonathan Williams College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Kallen Schwark College of Engineering Prateek Sharma College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Rhodes Recipient Rhodes Finalist Rhodes Finalist Marshall Finalist Rhodes Finalist Churchill Nominee Churchill Nominee 5

8 RAOUL WALLENBERG FELLOWSHIP Inspired by the spirit of Raoul Wallenberg, the Wallenberg Fellowship is awarded in the spring of each year to a graduating senior of exceptional promise and accomplishment who is committed to service and the public good. The fellowship provides $25,000 to carry out an independent project of learning or exploration anywhere in the world during the year after graduation. The Fellow will engage in a self-designed and selfdirected area of exploration or project of experiential learning. Through an active and immersive year-long experience, and by connecting in meaningful ways with the lives of other people and communities, the Wallenberg Fellow will prepare to make a difference in the world. The Fellowship honors Raoul Wallenberg (B.S.Arch. 35), one of the most illustrious graduates of the University of Michigan. At U-M, Wallenberg was recognized for the excellence of his academic work, his eagerness for knowledge of the world and for understanding others, and for his intrepid independence and resourcefulness. He left Ann Arbor resolved to be actively engaged in life. Ten years later, as a Swedish diplomat during World War II, Wallenberg coordinated the rescue of tens of thousands of Jews in Budapest, Hungary. He disappeared after he was arrested by Soviet authorities. One of the great heroes of the 20th century, Raoul Wallenberg shows that even under the most daunting circumstances, one person can make a difference. The University of Michigan would like to express its deep appreciation to U-M parents Jon and Lili Bosse and U-M alumnus Bert Askwith (B.A. 31). Jon and Lilli Bosse s generous gift initiated the Wallenberg Fellowship in In 2014, Bert Askwith generously created the Mary Sue Coleman Endowed Fund for the Raoul Wallenberg Fellowship to support future generations of Michigan students who are inspired by Wallenberg s legacy, and to honor President Coleman s leadership during her tenure at U-M. The Raoul Wallenberg Fellowship recipient and finalist this year are: Meagan Malm Stephen M. Ross School of Business Faith Cole College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Wallenberg Recipient Wallenberg Finalist 6

9 2018 THURNAU PROFESSORS The Thurnau Professorships were established in 1988 to recognize and reward faculty for outstanding contributions to undergraduate education. The professorships honor tenured faculty members who, through their commitment and investment in undergraduate teaching, have had a positive impact on the intellectual development and lives of students. Arthur F. Thurnau, for whom the Thurnau Professorship is named, attended the University of Michigan from fall of 1902 until spring of He studied a liberal arts curriculum, but he did not graduate. This was not uncommon for the time, and although his three brothers also attended the University of Michigan, only one of them graduated. In his two years here, Arthur completed 58 credits of French, German, history, English, rhetoric, politics, and economics. He also was a member of the Theta Delta Chi fraternity and sang in the Freshmen Glee Club. Arthur later returned to Chicago, and worked as an ad man, selling advertising space in various magazines and newspapers. In this role, he eventually rose to the position of vice president and western manager for the firm Paul Block, Inc. He was actively involved in U-M alumni events in Chicago, even trying to arrange a football game between the Wolverines and the University of Chicago Maroons during that period of time when Chicago was part of the Big Ten Conference and Michigan was not. He also put his organizational talents to work during World War II by creating events to encourage the sale of government bonds. Arthur Thurnau s generosity to the University of Michigan began in 1966, and continued through the rest of his life. Upon his death in 1979, his estate created the Thurnau Charitable Trust to support the University of Michigan. Since 1988, these funds have been used to support the Thurnau Professorships. Thurnau Professors receive $20,000 grants to support activities that enhance teaching. It is this important recognition for faculty that Arthur F. Thurnau so generously provided for and that the University of Michigan celebrates. The University is pleased to recognize this year s Thurnau Professors. 7

10 Eric F. Bell Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Professor of Astronomy Professor in the Honors Program College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Professor Bell is a remarkable undergraduate instructor in his own classrooms and a leader in educational innovation at the department and college level. His achievements with large courses such as Introduction to Astronomy, Aliens, and From the Big Bang to the Milky Way demonstrate the impact of his creative approach to teaching. He has successfully embedded active, team-based, collaborative work into these courses in a way that has led to greater learning gains for all students, including those typically underrepresented in STEM. Furthermore, he spearheaded department-wide use of concept inventories in introductory courses that provide a standardized view of what students learn, and this data informs faculty as they revise curricula. A colleague notes that around 2011 he began translating his skills with big astrophysics data sets to the realm of learning analytics, not only discovering important patterns in student performances in large courses, but helping to inspire and train other faculty members. Beyond astronomy, Professor Bell has played an active role in several U-M initiatives dedicated to identifying and encouraging the broader use of pedagogies that help students from a wide range of backgrounds to succeed. His inclusive practices extend to his lab, where over the last eight years he has mentored 30 undergraduate students, a far greater number than faculty typically undertake. His chair calls him a true pioneer in making this natural science accessible to the many students who love our field. Jason P. De León Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Associate Professor of Anthropology College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Widely recognized as an outstanding instructor of undergraduates, Professor De León is a master of the small seminar, the mid-level writing course, and the massive introductory course. In his Introduction to Anthropology, roughly 400 students learn how to think about race and ethnicity in new ways, realizing that people have deployed these categories very differently across time and space. Faculty colleagues laud his unusually broad integration of archaeology, sociocultural anthropology, biological anthropology, and linguistics and consider him an ambassador for the discipline. Professor De León pulls students into his thought process and teaches them how to redefine problems and solve them in unexpected ways, writes his chair. Dozens of undergraduate and graduate students learn how to analyze, curate, and preserve material remains in his lab, and he has collaborated even more closely with students in the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. Professor De León finds ways to make his students personal passions part of his larger research goals, creating a vibrant community of students energized by each other s work and inspired to collaborate. Working on his Undocumented Migrant Project, students receive resources and support to develop their skills as writers and researchers, as well as opportunities to attend professional meetings, coauthor papers, and install art exhibits. As one student writes, It was always about more than just teaching for him. It was about helping students develop critical thinking tools in order to become fundamentally engaged citizens. 8

11 Jason P. McCormick Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering College of Engineering To show civil and environmental engineering students how structural systems are designed and how they can fail, Professor McCormick co-pioneered an entirely new approach. Students use virtual reality to visualize and interact with components from multiple angles in a 3-D lab, so they can feel how massive loads are carried down from structure to foundation. Students highly appreciate the advantages of more fully understanding design limitations as they embark on careers in industry. They have three times selected Professor McCormick for the American Society of Civil Engineers Student Chapter Faculty Award, and they have requested more use of such learning approaches in the curriculum. In addition to being a patient and accessible instructor, Professor McCormick devotes considerable energy to engaging with students as a faculty advisor to teams that compete in national competitions for earthquake engineering and steel bridge projects. Beyond technical expertise, his mentorship extends to teamwork and the cultivation of diverse new generations of young leaders. Under his guidance, the Steel Bridge team went from having no female members to women regularly holding leadership roles in technical areas like design, fabrication, and project management, wrote one student. His attention to developing an inclusive pipeline of talent extends from supervising undergraduate research students to outreach to local elementary and middle school populations, and his How Much Will Your Bridge Hold? workshop is the most popular part of the MConneX Xplore program for alumni that is hosted annually by the college. Ellen H. Rowe Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Professor of Music School of Music, Theatre & Dance Recognized as an outstanding teacher in multiple settings, from private piano instruction to ensemble directing, Professor Rowe has fostered distinguished recording, performing, and teaching careers for numerous students. The first female chair of a major university jazz department in the world and one of the only female conductors of a top-ranked jazz ensemble, her commitment to making the performance, study, and teaching of jazz more inclusive and diverse has especially bolstered female students confidence and persistence in a largely male-dominated field. The dean lauds her concrete and repeated steps to build a sense of teamwork, mutual support, and collegiality within the department. Under Profesor Rowe s guidance, U-M has recruited more female jazz students than any other comparable program in the nation due in large part to her tireless outreach efforts. These include a partnership with Detroit s Carr Center; participation as a guest composer, arranger, conductor, and adjudicator at high school and college jazz festivals; and organization of a biannual tour by U-M Jazz Ensemble students who perform two to three concerts or clinics a day and visit communities and schools that normally cannot afford to invite guest teachers. Professor Rowe has also been an innovator at the curricular level. She developed six new courses and created a new Bachelor of Fine Arts degree one of the first of a handful nationally that enables students to major in jazz and gain teacher certification, considerably raising the bar for jazz training for public school music teachers. 9

12 10

13 REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY Michael J. Behm Mark J. Bernstein Shauna Ryder Diggs Denise Ilitch Andrea Fischer Newman Andrew C. Richner Ron Weiser Katherine E. White Mark S. Schlissel Grand Blanc Ann Arbor Grosse Pointe Bingham Farms Ann Arbor Grosse Pointe Park Ann Arbor Ann Arbor ex officio EXECUTIVE OFFICERS Mark S. Schlissel President Martin A. Philbert Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Sally J. Churchill Vice President and Secretary of the University E. Royster Harper Vice President for Student Life Kevin P. Hegarty Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer S. Jack Hu Vice President for Research Timothy G. Lynch Vice President and General Counsel Jerry A. May Vice President for Development Kallie Bila Michels Vice President for Communications Andrew Rosenberg Interim Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Marschall S. Runge Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs Cynthia H. Wilbanks Vice President for Government Relations Susan E. Borrego Chancellor, University of Michigan-Flint Daniel Little Chancellor, University of Michigan-Dearborn 11

14 DEANS AND REPRESENTATIVES Michael Barr Cathleen Connell James Dalton Scott DeRue Thomas A. Finholt Alec D. Gallimore James L. Hilton Patricia D. Hurn Andrew D. Martin Jonathan Massey Laurie K. McCauley Elizabeth Birr Moje Gunalan Nadarajan Jonathan T. Overpeck Lori Ploutz-Snyder Melody Lynn Racine Marschall S. Runge Michael J. Solomon Lynn Videka Mark D. West Joan and Sanford Weill Dean of Public Policy, Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy Interim Dean, School of Public Health Dean, College of Pharmacy (represented by Associate Dean Vicki Ellingrod) Edward J. Frey Dean of Business, Stephen M. Ross School of Business Dean, School of Information Robert J. Vlasic Dean of Engineering, College of Engineering University Librarian and Dean of University Libraries Dean, School of Nursing Dean, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Dean, A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning Dean, School of Dentistry (represented by Senior Associate Dean Stephen Stefanac) Dean, School of Education Dean, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design (represented by Associate Dean Elona Van Gent) Samuel A. Graham Dean, School for Environment and Sustainability Dean, School of Kinesiology Interim Dean, School of Music, Theatre & Dance Dean, Medical School (represented by Executive Vice Dean Carol Bradford) Interim Dean, Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies and Vice Provost for Academic Affairs Graduate Studies Dean, School of Social Work Dean, Law School 12

15 ACADEMIC DRESS AND CUSTOM The colorful gowns and hoods worn by faculty members at commencement and other academic ceremonies represent the degrees, disciplines, and alma maters of the wearers. The American academic costume tradition, imported from England, dates to Colonial days. Gowns Bachelor s or master s degree gowns traditionally are black, as are many doctoral gowns in the United States. Some universities prescribe that their graduates wear gowns of another solid color such as blue, crimson, or green. Gowns differ in sleeve cut and trim. For example, the bachelor s gown has long, pointed sleeves while the master s gown has oblong sleeves. Doctoral gowns, with their distinctive bell-shaped sleeves, feature velvet panels down the front and around the neck, as well as crossbars of velvet on the sleeves. Colored trim denotes the field or discipline in which the degree was earned. Usually only a single degree from one institution is indicated by a garment. If more than one degree is held, the gown and hood of the higher or highest degree usually are worn. Hoods The hood most precisely describes the wearer s level of degree earned, the major field of learning, and the alma mater. The level of the degree held is indicated by the hood s shape and size and the width of its velvet or velveteen trimming. The bachelor s, master s, and doctor s hoods are 36 inches, 42 inches, and 48 inches long, respectively. The velvet trim is two, three, and five inches wide, with the narrowest being for the bachelor s hood and the widest for the doctor s hood. The color of trim on the hood, as on the gown, identifies the major field of learning in which the degree was awarded. The hood is lined with the official colors of the college or university conferring the degree. Caps Caps vary in style from the traditional black mortarboard to eight-, six-, and four-corner tams, and Elizabethan-style caps. The mortarboard may be of any appropriate material, such as cotton, poplin, rayon, or silk, to match the gown. Velvet is reserved for holders of doctorates. 13

16 MARSHALS OF THE UNIVERSITY ACADEMIC COLORS 14 Mika LaVaque-Manty Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Associate Professor of Political Science and Philosophy Director, Honors Program College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Chief Marshal Valeria Bertacco Arthur F. Thurnau Professor Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science College of Engineering Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Initiatives Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies Assistant Chief Marshal Leigh A. Woods Professor of Theatre and Drama School of Music, Theatre & Dance Assistant Chief Marshal The colors of the various disciplines are as follows: Architecture and Urban Planning blue violet Business Administration drab Dentistry lilac Education light blue Engineering orange Environment and Sustainability russet Fine Arts brown Information lemon Kinesiology sage green Law purple Literature and Arts white Medicine green Music pink Nursing apricot Pharmacy olive green Philosophy dark blue Public Health salmon pink Public Policy peacock blue Science golden yellow Social Work citron Mingled colors distinguish combined curriculums.

17 UNIVERSITY FLAGS The flags behind the platform are arranged in the order in which the schools and colleges they represent were founded. As the audience faces the flags, the arrangement from left to right is the following: College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Medical School Law School School of Dentistry College of Pharmacy College of Engineering Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies A. Alfred Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning School of Education Stephen M. Ross School of Business President s flag University flag Regents flag School for Environment and Sustainability School of Music, Theatre & Dance School of Nursing School of Public Health School of Social Work University of Michigan-Flint University of Michigan-Dearborn School of Information Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design School of Kinesiology Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy THE UNIVERSITY MACE The University s mace, a symbol of authority, is carried at the head of academic processions on such important ceremonial occasions as commencements, convocations, and inaugurations. The mace being used today was given to the University in 1968 by the Senior Board, representing all the undergraduate schools and colleges. Crafted of red oak and trimmed with silver, the mace features the seals of the University and of the State of Michigan. Also engraved on the mace are the names of the University Presidents. 15

18 16

19 JAMES B. ANGELL SCHOLARS Students who achieve an A record (all grades of A+, A, or A-) for two or more consecutive terms are recognized as James B. Angell Scholars. The student must have taken a minimum of 14 credit hours each term, including at least 12 credits elected on a graded (A-E) basis. 10 TERM ANGELL SCHOLARS Paul Andrew Giessner, B.Mus.A., B.S.E.Elec School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor College of Engineering, Ann Arbor 9 TERM ANGELL SCHOLARS Kayla Cerise Mathes Maxwell Robert Morrison Timothy Mark Peterson, A.B., B.Mus. School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor 8 TERM ANGELL SCHOLARS Mark Paul Adams, B.B.A. Vivian Joy Anderson, B.Mus. Megan Elizabeth Cansfield, A.B. Jennie Journeaux DeBlanc, B.S. Madeline Lee Endres Rylie Anne Haupt, B.S.N. Brooke Donna Huisman, B.S.E.B.E. Zachary Aaron Kirkpatrick, B.S.N. Kevin W. Landwehr, B.B.A. Bennett Andrew Magy, B.S. Karl Marco, B.S., B.S.E.C.S. Janice E. McCoy Anna Justine Munaco, B.S.E.I.O. Christopher James Nichols, B.Mus. Tsukumo Niwa, A.B., B.Mus. Dean Joseph Robinson Daniel Matija Schwartzberg, B.F.A. Sarah D. Taipalus Austin Edwin Waara, B.S. Claire Lillie Yerman Kevin Pan Zhu, B.S. Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor School of Nursing, Ann Arbor College of Engineering, Ann Arbor School of Nursing, Ann Arbor College of Business, Dearborn College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor College of Engineering, Ann Arbor College of Arts and Sciences, Flint College of Engineering, Ann Arbor School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor School of Education and Human Services, Flint School of Kinesiology, Ann Arbor Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor 17

20 7 TERM ANGELL SCHOLARS 18 Casey Thomas Aman, B.S. School of Kinesiology, Ann Arbor Jacob Ronald Anderson, B.S. College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Kate Arnson, B.S.E.Civ College of Engineering, Ann Arbor Kristin A. Ball College of Arts and Sciences, Flint Jason Bittker Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor Sheila Chan, A.B. College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Hannah Beryl Clague School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor Daniel P. Conrad College of Education, Health, and Human Services, Dearborn Ariana Rose Corbin School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor Sean M. Croskey College of Engineering and Computer Science, Dearborn Lisa I-Min Doong, B.S.N. School of Nursing, Ann Arbor Teagan Lianna Faran School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor Daniel Jonah Fendrick, B.Mus. School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor Colleen Marie Gaffney College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Geoffrey Archard Gamm Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, Ann Arbor Thomas P. Garton College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor John Richard Gatti College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Matthew David Gilbert College of Engineering, Ann Arbor Andrew Meltzer Gitlin College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Elana Robyn Goldenkoff School of Kinesiology, Ann Arbor Sarah Brittany Henzlik, A.B. College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Ellie Homant College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Reed Wesley Hostrander College of Engineering, Ann Arbor Jamie Louise Huizinga College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Khadijah Taha Hussain College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Eric Y. Hwang, B.S. College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Nolan Matthew Kavanagh College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Hannah Jade Kelley-Watkins College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Marianne Elizabeth Khouri, B.S. College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Zephie Onalee Kineman School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor Dylan Graham Lawton College of Engineering, Ann Arbor Carmela Leone School of Nursing, Ann Arbor Maxwell Weihao Li, B.S.E.Elec College of Engineering, Ann Arbor Hope Xingyi Lu, B.S.N. School of Nursing, Ann Arbor Bret Franklin Magliola School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor Nicholas Alexander Mastruserio College of Engineering, Ann Arbor Cody James McKay College of Engineering, Ann Arbor Zachary Robert Meves, B.S.E.Aero College of Engineering, Ann Arbor Madalyn K. Moon College of Arts and Sciences, Flint Lauren Elizabeth Murphy School of Information, Ann Arbor Charles Alexander Nino College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Olivia E. Oudsema, A.B. College of Arts, Sciences, and Letters, Dearborn Theresa M. Pickell, B.S. College of Arts and Sciences, Flint Danielle Rose Rabie, A.B. College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Kristen Danielle Raue College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Trevor James Rees College of Engineering, Ann Arbor Natalie P. Schaefer College of Education, Health, and Human Services, Dearborn Kallen Matthew Schwark College of Engineering, Ann Arbor Jonas Emmanuelabraira Sese, A.B. College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Sharon Yingen Shen School of Nursing, Ann Arbor Alexander Lindshau-Ming Shiang, B.S. College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Elisabeth Silver College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Rebecca Ann Singer School of Nursing, Ann Arbor Lauren Elizabeth Smith College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor

21 Carl Frederick Steinhauser Emily Claire Thibeau, A.B. Jessica Lynn Todsen Akemi Tsutsumi Rioboo Gavin Cornelius Uitvlugt Jade Eliya Varineau Matthew Waldmann Hayley Walton Benjamin Edward Weil Sierre Marie Wolfkostin Xinyue Xu, A.B. Kevin Tang Yang Audrey Rose Young, B.F.A. College of Engineering, Ann Arbor College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor College of Engineering, Ann Arbor College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor College of Engineering, Ann Arbor College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor College of Literature, Science, and the Arts, Ann Arbor Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor School of Kinesiology, Ann Arbor Stephen M. Ross School of Business, Ann Arbor School of Music, Theatre & Dance, Ann Arbor 19

22 20

23 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - ANN ARBOR A. ALFRED TAUBMAN COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PLANNING Yichen Dong 2 Leah D. Hong 3 Lejia Li 2 Matthew B. McDonald 4 Elly Anna Qing Ling Ngoh 4 Natsume Ono 3 Sarah Jordan Turkomani, B.S. 4 Mia Reynolds Voevodsky 2 Jacob M. White 2 PENNY W. STAMPS SCHOOL OF ART & DESIGN Lindsey Valleda Abdale-Beadle, B.F.A., B.S. 3 Zoe Black 6 Ashley Megan Bock 2 Fee Lia Christoph 3 Eva Jasmine Cohen, B.F.A. 3 William Wakefield Coulter, A.B. 4 Phoebe Eleanor Danaher 2 Sunsae Renee Davis 3 Danielle M. DeMarco 3 Ophelia Ruyu Deng 5 Maya Deshmukh 3 Laura Desimine 2 Alicia Odile Finnorn 2 Jordyn P. Fishman 3 Madeleine McLean Fougere 2 Stephanie C. Francalancia 2 Kelsi Sky Franzino, B.F.A. 2 Marisa Alexandra Fulper, A.B. 2 Yiyi Gao 5 Erica Leigh Gavan, B.F.A. 2 Natalie Giannos 2 Elizabeth J. Graves 3 Carson Liam Hart 2 Sophie Stone Hochwald 3 Taylor Li Houlihan 3 Willa Hua 2 Joseph Anthony Iovino 2 Olivia Thompson Kinker 2 Addie Kramer, A.B. 2 Tyler Phillip Krantz 3 Paul Christopher Kubicek 2 Margaret Anne Lemak 3 Emanuel Papageorgiou 2 Alexandria Ariel Pompei 2 Elizabeth Reeck 3 Gus Schissler 4 Jonah E. Shifrin 2 Kathryn Ann Spak 3 Hollyann F. Stewart 3 Yang Tian 2 Ana Janice Vincent 3 Yin Zhi Wang, A.B., A.B. 2 Isabelle H. Wilson 3 Jiahui Zhu 2 Abigail Ziemkowski 2 STEPHEN M. ROSS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Arjan Mustafa Abar, B.B.A. 2 Mark Paul Adams, B.B.A. 8 Paige Elizabeth Aresco 6 Donald Bailey, Jr. 3 Matthew A. Balsei 3 Andrew J. Barber 2 James N. Bargmann 3 Matthew Brian Bauerbach 5 Sarah J. Bellamy 3 Sirisha Sravanthi Billa 2 Jason Michael Bittker 6 Alexander Joseph Bolstrum 3 Matthew G. Boyle 3 Ryan Patrick Byrd 2 Tianyi Chai 3 Luke G. Chandra 2 Dingan Chen 2 Letao Chen 2 Sage Chen 3 Kenzi Cheng 3 Bharat Chopra 2 Alanna Marie Clark 3 Matthew Cline 3 Kaitlin A. Colvin 2 Sophia J. Coplan 2 Pierre-Alexandre Jean Albert Gustave de Smet IV 4 Zhibin Deng, B.B.A., B.S. 5 Caleb Ernest Doane 3 Susan Huixian Doong 2 Alexander J. Dudek 2 Daniel Louis Eilender 2 Joshua Estell 2 Brandon Fazal 2 Jacob H. Feuerborn 3 Kevin D. Fietsam 3 Nate Fisher 2 Jason James Friedberg, A.B., B.B.A. 2 Zachary J. Friedman 2 Daniel L. Fuhrer 2 Le Yin Gan 2 Ajey Gangwani 3 Grant T. Geiger 2 Amanda Gerdts 3 Emily Rose Glazer 2 Zoe B. Glick 2 Abigail M. Goettelman 2 Emily Rebecca Gorman 6 Cole Aspen Greenberg 2 Lucy M. Grierson 2 Naomi K. Grossman 3 Matthew Guella 2 Jonathan T. Halpern 2 Aliza S. Herz 2 Jonathan A. Hochberg 2 Luke H. Hoffman 2 Yaqi Hu 2 Daphne Huang 3 Leo Ting En Huang 2 Megan Therese Hull 5 21

24 STEPHEN M. ROSS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Peter D. Jen 2 Kevin Jiang 3 Jason G. Jin 3 Dante Kabat 2 Anmol Kapur 2 Benjamin J. Katz 2 Kenneth R. Kernen 3 Matthew J. Kikkert 2 Mallory D. Klar 2 Bronson P. Knowles 3 Anurag Koduri 4 Max A. Kozlowski 2 Jarrell Hou Ku 2 Eliza Keller Laramee 4 Rob Lawrence 3 Rachel L. Levine 2 Sydney Liberman 2 Andrea Lin 2 Phillip R. Lodzinski 2 Kent Lui 2 Trey Steven Lundmark 3 Kate I. Lytchakov 3 Annie Anni Ma 3 Hannah Zhuohui Ma 2 Shafic Mackie 3 Matthew Edward Massicotte 3 Steven L. Meng 3 Ryan L. Metzger 2 Jason Miller 2 Ryan M. Montgomery 2 Alissa M. Moore 2 Radwan Adnan Munkarah 2 Stav Gil Nachum 5 Erik Grenwell Nesler 3 Cameron Brandt Newman 2 Dylan M. Nycz 2 Jeffrey Ohl 2 Gabrielle K. Otto 3 Daksh Patel 2 Heli J. Patel 2 Shane Corey Perlin 2 Justin Poliner 2 Rishi Prasad 2 Aaron Scott Rabinowe, B.B.A. 2 Andrew K. Reed 2 Jack N. Reese 2 Lucas V. Reynolds 3 Jacob A. Riberi 3 Jillian Marie Rogers 2 Nico Romero 2 Calvin Rong 3 Madison C. Ross 3 Paul S. Rozek 2 Michael J. Salciccioli 2 Agustin M. Scriven 3 Eric Donghyuck Seo 5 Alisha P. Shah 2 Isha Shah 3 Parth Shah 3 William F. Shao 2 Justin Sherman 2 Jared Silber 3 Kyle Thomas Slovis 5 Katherine Carrigan Stankey 5 Jordan Isaiah Stanton 2 Jason William Styles 3 Jason Wei-Wei Su 2 Pooja Lakshmi Subramaniam 3 Mihir Surapaneni 3 Tala Mohamad Taleb 3 Michael Jiaming Tang 5 Craig I. Tarnopol 3 Junsei Tei 3 Zachary Haupt Teiger 4 Alena N. Tonne 3 Matthias Erik Toomel 3 Connor M. Tullis 2 Lillian A. Vorse 3 Benjamin Wachtel 3 Taylor N. Wade 2 Robert W. Wagman 3 Hannah Wang 3 Isaiah O. Wartell 3 Caylin Elizabeth Waters 4 Mitchell B. Watsky 2 Louis Waxman 2 Josh P. Weissman 3 Claire M. Westerlund 3 Andrew Thomas Westphal 3 Alexandre Sherman Bernard Wiggins 2 Gianni V. Wile 2 Tyler Christopher Winterich, B.B.A. 3 Benjamin C. Wolf 3 Sierre Marie Wolfkostin 7 Daniel Y. Yang 2 Kevin Tang Yang 7 Claire Lillie Yerman 8 Chelsea Anna Young 2 Johnny Zonghao Young 5 Peijia Yu 2 Bethany J. Zalewski 3 Victor T. Zeng 3 Ella Zhang 3 Andrew J. Zhou 3 Kevin Zhou 2 SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Kaitlin Rose Boe 2 Tristan Marie Clark 4 Ranna Bassam El-Khatib 2 Jumanah Noor Khan 2 Riitta Tuulikki Niemela 3 Anne Marie Wang 2 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION 22 Colleen Marie Bertoni 2 Delaney Clarissa-Ruth Brewer 2 Arianna Catherine Mae Dixon 2 Vanessa V. D Souza 2 Nicolette Jenna Gold 3 Julia Rosslyn Gwizdz 2 Macy Elizabeth Holmberg 2 Abigail Marie Hultgren 2 Tiffany Huynh 4 Hannah Lily Klayman 2 Ariel Ruth Martin 2 Fatima H. Mohamed 3 Ellen Renee Nulty 2 Kathryn Nicole Pelton 2 Kaley Elizabeth Peterson 3 Brenna Elizabeth Potter 6 Gabrielle Anna Rubinstein 2 Miranda R. Schaffer 2 Alison Emily Shoemaker 2 Judi Siyaj 3 Madeline Stagner 3 Athena Maria Stavropoulos 3 Abigail Ruth Stull 2 Carly Rachel Taub 3 Dominique Marie Tencza 3 Siobhan Linda Walsh 3 Jessica Jordan Wolma 2

25 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Yaman Mohammad Abdulhak, B.S., B.S.E.C.S. 3 Eytan J. Adler 2 Anselm Saung Adrian Anak Christopher 4 Youssef Mohamed Afify 2 Arushi Agarwal 3 Evan James Agattas, B.S.E.C.S. 5 Ashok Khare Aggarwal 4 Vinayak S. Ahluwalia 3 Athulya Ajoykrishnan 3 Joshua Algranati 2 David C. Allen 3 Jonathan J. Altes 2 Divyang Mayank Amin 2 Ryan Andrew Aoki 2 Ryuji Spencer Arimoto 2 Ashton Armstead 2 William R. Arnold 2 Kate Arnson, B.S.E.Civ 7 Ayush Arora 2 Tarini Arte 2 Arjun Arunasalam 3 Michael Maher Arwashan 4 Adam James Assink 5 Nadia Teresa Auchus 2 Kieran John Baack 2 Jeremy M. Babinet 2 Soyeon Baek 3 Cecile M. Baeza 3 Yunsheng Bai, B.S.E.Comp 4 Sravan Balaji 2 Chase Aidan Barlow 2 Marissa E. Barnes 2 Ryan Douglas Barnhart 3 Adrien Beaufils 3 Corinne Elizabeth Beemer 3 Ross Bernard 2 Joe Bertha 2 Cormac Andrewgalvin Bevins, B.S.E.Mech 3 Jake Olson Biegger 4 Nicole Blakkan-Esser 2 Tristan M. Blanzy 2 Nathan Herschel Block 2 Anders J. Boberg 2 Carson Boden 2 Samuel Boling 2 Keaton Christopher Bonds 2 Paul Chomic Bonnen 4 Blake Kristin Bormes 2 Colin M. Bott 2 Samantha L. Braham 2 Benjamin G. Brandstadt 3 Margaret Braunreuther 5 Joseph R. Brenner 3 Stephanie Marina Brereton, B.S.E.I.O. 3 Keith Minoru Brodek 4 Sabrina Inger Halima Brogren 3 Adam C. Brown 3 Brendon M. Brown 2 Martin Alexander Brown 2 Michael Irwin Brown 3 Peter W. Bruchnak 2 Robert D. Buechler 3 Michael R. Burton 2 Sara Jordyn Cahn 2 Albert R. Cai 3 William K. Campbell 2 Yizhou Cao 3 Jordan Todd Carlson 3 Cooper Jay Greenwalt Carpenter 2 Rohan S. Chandran 3 Eric Kaimeng Chang, B.S.E.Mech 3 Jasmine C. Chang 3 James Hok-Him Chau 2 Alex H. Chen 2 Austin Ku Chen 3 Enya Chen 2 Han Chen 2 Lili Chen 2 Lynn Chen 3 Michelle Chen 2 Victor Chen 5 Xinheng Chen 2 Zheng Chen 3 Kai Ren A. Cheng 2 Patrick James Chirumbole 2 Nicole Chiu, B.S.E.M.S. 2 Tae Ho Cho 2 Yunseok Choi 5 Timothy Chon 2 Patrick Chong Jin Hua 3 Brian Chu 3 Shihcheng Andrew Chu, B.S.E.Mech 2 Hyun A Chung 2 Long Kiu Chung 2 Alexa Leigh Cichon, B.S.E.Ch E 5 Julia May Clark 5 Jack Olson Claucherty 3 David Scott Cleveland 6 Val Coldren, B.S.E.Mech 3 Christine Elena Collins 2 Kelly M. Conlon 2 Nicholas J. Connelly 2 D Arcy Elaine Cook, A.B., B.S.E.Ch E 2 Kyle Keith-Alan Cooley, B.S.E.C.S. 3 Matthew Howard Cosby 2 Joseph T. Costello 2 Rodrigo Cuba 2 Joshua T. Cukier 3 Trever Thomas Cullen 2 Sahil Sanjiv Dagli 3 Yue Dai 3 Philip Dakin 2 Hristo Dragomirov Dakov 2 Michael Benjamin Daly 4 Ryan Michael Danko, B.S.E.B.E. 3 Stuart Richard Daudlin 5 Evan Richard Davis 3 Brenton Allan DeGeer 2 Ryan Matthew Delaney 3 Marissa Nicole DeLang, B.S.E.Ch E 3 Bethany Rose DeMarco 2 Andrew William Denniston 3 Travis Garvin Deprato 2 Michaella Marie DeRubeis, B.S.E.Civ 2 Seraj N. Desai 3 Erin C. Deutschman 3 Yifan Ding, B.S.E.Mech 4 Emily Rose Dixon 2 Elijah Dobos 2 Nicholas Tyler Donovan 3 Matthew William Dorow 4 Matthew Walker Dreisbach 2 Wendy Du 2 Samuel Albert Duerr IV, B.S.E.I.O. 4 Allyson Irene Dugan 5 Emily Kate Durisin 2 Max Dykhuizen 3 Allison K. Easton 3 Thomas Eberle 2 Chelsie A. Eiden 3 Henry Ellis 3 Raymond S. Engle 3 Marina Engstrom 3 Sahil A. Farishta 2 Taylor A. Feddersen 3 Alexander David Feleo 3 Nathan Robert Fenner 6 Michael Edward Ficaro 3 Michael Anthony Fisher 2 Raymond Fok 2 Claire E. Foley 3 Taaron M. Foote 2 Christina Marie Fosheim-Hoag 4 Andrew Ward Fountain, B.S.E.I.O. 5 Andrew James Fox 2 Benjamin Joseph Freed 3 Carolina Hennig Frey 4 Austin Seth Friedant 6 Chen Fu, B.S.E.Elec 3 Justin Ming Fu 5 Lucy Gao 2 Mingjie Gao 3 Emily Marie Gargulinski, B.S.E.Clim 2 Zachary M. Gdowski 3 Tiancheng Ge 2 Michael Joseph Geiger 3 Nathan Patrick Giha 4 Matthew David Gilbert 7 Eric Taylor Gilkey 2 Madeline Anne Gilleran, B.S.E.Mech 2 Tasha Alexis Gillum, B.S.E.I.O. 2 Alexander Girgis 3 Alex Jason Glassman, B.S.E.I.O. 3 Nicholas Anthony Gloria, B.S.E.Aero 3 Louis Joseph Goedker 4 Alec H. Goldberg 3 Zhaojie Gong 3 Rashmika Goswami, B.S.E.C.S. 6 Matthew Aidan Grant 3 Kevin Jay Green, B.S.E.Mech 2 Robbie Seth Greenberg 2 Stefan F. Greenberg 2 Kevin Paul Greenman 4 Abigail Elise Grobbel, B.S.E.C.S. 2 Michelle M. Gu 2 Yide Gu 3 Shuvro Guha 2 Edric Guo 3 Utku Gurkan 5 23

26 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING 24 Shariq Syed Hafeez 3 Daniel Dwight Haley 2 Max Hamilton 2 Zhuoran Han, B.S.E.NERS 4 Cameron R. Hanlon 2 Eric Hao 3 Zhijian Hao 3 Chun He 2 Jiaqi He 3 Lukas Jensen Heberling 4 Lauren Elizabeth Heibeck, B.S.E.I.O. 3 Casey A. Hempel 2 Kathryn Victoria Henry 2 Fernando Hernandez 2 Rahul Hingorani 6 Chris Hoang 2 Matthew Hoberman 2 Nicholas Hodgman 3 Adam Nicholas Hoef 5 Evan D. Hoffman 2 Ambria M. Hopfe 2 Reed Wesley Hostrander 7 Rachel S. Hsu 3 Jingyao Hu 2 Daniel J. Huang 4 Minghui Huang 4 Steven Lingxiao Huang 3 Thomas Edward Huang 2 Gwendolyn Rita Hubbard, B.S.E.Civ 2 Malcolm Pablo Hudson 2 Brooke Donna Huisman, B.S.E.B.E. 8 Brianna Coren Hutchison 2 Jin Soo Ihm 3 Caleb Jeffery Irvin 2 Emily Jean Iwanski 5 Amolak S. Jhand 2 Jason Yang Ji 3 Andy K. Jiang 2 Perry Jiang 2 Xinyun Jiang 3 Yifan Jiang 3 Jose Antonio Jimenez Rocha, B.S.E.Comp 3 Shen Jin, B.S.E.Elec 3 Michael Gustav Johnson 3 Ryan T. Johnson 2 Timothy Mark Johnson 3 Caleb M. Jones 2 Shivani Joshi 3 Austin R. Kaczmarek 2 Sarah L. Kalasky 3 Nicholas William Kamp 3 Nathan Patrick Kane 4 Peter Henry Kaplan 2 Anisha Kapoor, B.S.E.I.O. 5 Matthew David Karas 5 Trenton Davis Karle 2 Sharang Sanjay Karve 2 Andrew Edward Keene 2 Patrick Kevin Kenney 4 Julia Florence Kerst 6 Trevor Kieras 3 Kyung Ryul Kim 2 Samuel Chong Kim 2 Taeho Kim 6 Ryan H. Klein 2 Christopher R. Knebel 3 Joshua D. Knebel 3 Christian Alexander Kneubel 4 Paige Lynne Kohrs-Herwig 2 Noriyuki Kojima 3 Kevin Alan Kolstad 4 Fanzhong Kong 2 Dominik Alexander Konik 6 Ilkka Kalevi Kovanen, B.S.E.I.O. 5 Matthew Kramer 3 Joshua Davis Kremers 4 Vladimir Krokhmal 3 Connor Joseph Krupp 6 David A. Kucher 3 Chris Kuenzer 3 Abhishek Kumar 3 Eamon Wolfgang Phelps Kummert 4 Varun M. Kutirakulam 3 Peter Duke Larsen, B.S.E.C.S. 4 Matthew Ryan Latshaw 4 Katy Li-Wah Lau 2 Dylan Graham Lawton 7 Brianna Marie Lax, B.S.E.Ch E 4 Il Jae Lee 2 Perry Lee 4 Evan Christian Leppink 5 Adam W. Ley 2 Jonathan M. Li 3 Kevin Li 2 Keyang Li 2 Maxwell Weihao Li, B.S.E.Elec 7 Qinye Li, B.S.E.C.S. 2 Renze Li 3 Tsz Hei Li, B.S.E.I.O. 2 Zidong Li, B.S.E.Elec 3 Andong Luis Li Zhao 5 Shurong Liang 3 Alexander C. Lin 3 Sabrina Lin 4 Kathryn Marie Lindstrom, B.S.E.Ch E 2 Stephen James Lisius 2 Anthony Liu 2 Catherine Ziyu Liu 2 Enya Liu 3 Junlin Liu 2 Kevin Liu 4 Megan Lifei Liu 3 Tong Liu, B.S.E.C.S. 6 Yuheng Liu 2 Joseph Lorenzetti 2 Ericka E. Lozon 2 Tianle Lu 2 William Zeyong Lu 2 Yang Lu 2 Ziwen Lu 2 Jeremy Lua 4 Gary J. Luo 2 Xiao Kai Luo, B.S.E.Aero 6 Joshua Lustig 2 Andrew Li Ma 5 Connor Reed Mackey 5 Anne Keiko Magnus, B.S.E.Civ 2 Mohammed Minhajuddin Majid 3 Bogdan Alexandru Manga 3 Karl Marco, B.S., B.S.E.C.S. 8 David Hunter Mark 2 Nicholas Alexander Mastruserio 7 Katherine Anne Matton 3 Kyle May 4 Michael Alexander May 6 Alec Michael McCarthy 2 Patrick Joseph McCauley 6 Cody James McKay 7 Leo J. McManus 3 Dilara Meli 3 Victoria J. Memmesheimer 3 Gaole Meng 2 Zachary Robert Meves, B.S.E.Aero 7 Andrew Min 5 Nathan Kyle Minsk 2 Antony Miranghi 2 James Hemingway Mitchel 4 Taylor Parker Moon 2 Charlie Hoban Moore 5 Lee Alton Moore 3 Albert Morgese 5 Devin Joseph Morrow 2 Alyssa J. Moy 3 Anna Justine Munaco, B.S.E.I.O. 8 Mary Kathleen Munsell 6 Sangam V. Munsiff 3 Corin Nicole Murphy, B.S.E.I.O. 3 Arthi Nadhan 3 Owen E. Nakatani 3 Christopher William Naughton 5 Nathan Ng 3 Minh Nguyen 2 Samir Vahdat Nooshabadi 4 Douglas Riley Nordman, B.S.E.Mech 3 Naia North 3 Cristina Nicole Noujaim 3 Kaelan J. Oldani 3 Thomas Charles Oliver 5 Ashley Elizabeth Oman 2 Timothy James O Neill, B.S.E.I.O. 5 Ian Michael Orourke 5 Jamie Nicole Ostrowski 2 Kelly Marie O Toole 4 Jordan L. Page 2 Shih An Pan 3 Kartik Pandit 3 Samuel Andrew Parham 4 Miheer Vivek Patankar 2 Preet Prakash Patel, B.S.E.C.S. 2 Sharvil Amit Patel, B.S.E.Comp 5 Yatri Jayesh Patel 3 Spencer Robert Paulissen 3 John Joseph Payne, B.S.E.C.S., B.S.E.Mech 2 Bjorn L. Pearson 2 Eric S. Pendergast 3 Wenhao Peng 2 John Alden Penington 3 Lakshmanan M. Periakaruppan 3 William Townley Perry 3 Mitchell Thomas Pfennig 2 Hanna Gail Pfershy, B.S.E.B.E. 4 Alexander Philpott 3

27 Timothy Fernando Pichardo 2 Robert C. Pilat 2 Roxanne Z. Pinsky 2 Joshua Polzin 2 Hailey Nicole Porter 2 Sasawat Prankprakma 6 Kiran Palat Prasad 2 Haley Marie Prout 4 Jackson Pruitt 2 Rohan John Punnoose 3 Brian Andika Purnomo 2 Jingyu Qian 3 Jingyi Qing 2 Adam S. Raine 2 Panyakorn Rakpanitmanee 6 Andrew L. Ramacher 2 Vinod Kumar Raman 4 Patrick James Ransford, B.S.E.Mech 2 Kaushik Rao 2 Kishore B. Rao, B.S.E.Comp 4 Jacob W. Rasmussen 2 Alissa Noelle Recker, B.S.E.M.S. 2 Nicholas J. Recker 3 Swetha Pradeep Reddi 3 Stephen Jeremy Redding 3 Trevor James Rees 7 Amir Tanvir Refai 4 Vishnu Rengaraj 2 Grant Alexander Reszczyk 3 Kyle Robert Reynolds, B.S.E.Mech 2 Grayson Alexander Rice 3 Nicholas J. Riesterer 2 Evan Scott Rinder 2 Austin C. Riopelle 3 Nathan A. Riopelle 3 Emily Elise Rizzi, B.S.E.M.S. 2 Joseph J. Rodgers 3 Peter J. Rohrer 2 Russell Rose 2 Andrew M. Rosen 3 Jessica Lois Rosenblum 4 Samuel Jacob Rumack 2 Mario Vincenzo Russo 3 Kevin William Rychel 6 Sesh Raghav Sadasivam 5 Joseph Saginaw 5 Saswat Swarup Sahoo 4 Vincent Joseph Salpietro, B.S.E.Mech 4 Joshua P. Sampson 2 Tyler Krain Sandberg 5 Meng Sang 2 Shea Sanvordenker 3 Bing Bawadiman Schaefer 2 Jacqueline Sarah Schafer 2 Hannah Rose Schapiro, B.S.E.I.O. 2 Maria C. Schiavone 3 Celine A. Schlueter 3 Anna Jacoba Schmeissing 2 Anna Theresa Gallo Schmidt 2 Carson Andrew Schmidt 2 David A. Schmidt 3 Steven Patrick Schulte 4 Caroline M. Schumb 2 Kallen Matthew Schwark 7 Jacob H. Schwartz 2 Evan R. Scott 2 Grant Severyn 2 Chengjia Shao 3 Shengting Shao 2 Ankita Sharma 3 Yue Shen 2 Justin A. Shetty 3 Lyndon Shi 3 Deanna Shih 2 Curt Mitchell Silverthorn 6 Grant Richard Simons 2 Matthew J. Sims 3 Arshdeep Singh 3 Tanvir Singh, B.S.E.C.S. 2 Philip Aaron Sisk 3 Alexander J. Skillin 2 Julia Nicole Slatin 4 Brennan Smith 3 Christian Edward Smith, B.S.E.C.S. 5 Hayley M. Smith 3 Eric Michael Solarz 2 Alexandra L. Spence 3 Mark Anthony Spencer 5 Alan J. Stahl 2 Andrew Joseph Stefan 2 Carl Frederick Steinhauser 7 James M. Stieber 3 Cameron Robert Stitt 2 Amy Elizabeth Stoddard 4 Benjamin Stoler 3 Adrian Bradford Stoll 4 Christopher A. Stowell 3 Madison Elizabeth Strauss, B.S.E.Mech 2 Pascal Sturmfels, B.S.E.C.S. 6 Magel Powei Su 2 Vishal Subrahmanyam 5 Lingfeng Sun 2 Qihan Sun, B.S.E.Comp 4 Xuetong Sun 3 Yufan Sun, B.S.E.C.S. 2 Raymond M. Surya 2 Christian Arthur Svetnicka, B.S., B.S.E.C.S. 4 Matthew Edward Sweers 3 Christopher Joseph Swenson 5 Cody Allen Symons 3 Daniel Takayama 2 Derek Tan 3 Hanzhou Tan 2 Sijie Tan 2 Shengpu Tang 4 Kevin Tao 3 Sixu Tao 2 Joseph C. Taylor 3 Jackson T. Teener 3 Tassapon Temahivong 4 Aidan H. Terhune 3 Dharmesh K. Thakkar 3 Aye Mya Thandar 4 Danyel P. Tharakan 2 Joshua Paul Thariath, B.S.E.I.O. 6 Sreeram Thirupathi 2 Charlotte M. Thomas 2 Erik Michael Thomas, B.S.E.B.E. 6 Jason S. Thompson 3 Xuanzhe Tian 2 Randall Lackritz Ticknor 3 Meagan M. Tobias 2 Jessica Lynn Todsen 7 Andrew Carl Toennies 4 Michael Toennies 4 Alice R. Tracey 2 Stacey Renee Valentine, B.S.E.Civ 3 Michael Paul Veksler 2 Rhea Verma 3 Andrew M. Vernier 3 Allison Vittert 2 Carrianna Rose Voellm 2 Abhay M. Vora 3 Davis John Vorva, B.S.E.C.S. 5 Angelo Onorio Vozza III 4 Matthew Waldmann 7 Rachel P. Wallace, B.S.E.Ch E 2 Anni Wang 2 Feite Wang 3 Guangyu Wang 2 Jiachen Wang, B.S.E.C.S. 5 Jing Wang 2 Kangjin Wang 3 Kangxu Wang, B.S.E.C.S. 2 Yin Wang 2 Zhu Wang 3 Zijian Wang 2 Zizhao Wang 3 Zizhen Wang 3 Allison Elizabeth Ward, B.S.E.M.S. 5 Peter Wei 2 Noah Joseph Welker 3 Kevin Donald Werme 2 Nathaniel James Wernert 2 Luke Douglas Westrate 6 James J. Wich 2 Joshua Hans Wilhelm 4 Howard Willard 3 Gregory Ebling Willett 5 Gerrit Scott Williams 2 Chad T. Wilson 2 Jeremy D. Wink 2 Eric Dale Winsor 5 Jack S. Wisbiski 2 Michael Wong 2 Tommy Wong 2 Kaitao Wu 2 Lawrence Jeffrey Wu 4 Tianyi Wu 3 Wenyi Wu 2 Xinyi Wu, B.S.E.I.O. 4 Haoran Xiao 3 Zhitong Xie 2 Zeyu Xiong 3 Alan Chenyi Xu 3 Austin Xu 5 Weilin Xu 3 Connor Lucero Yako 2 Reed Martin Yalisove 3 Jack L. Yang 2 Jin Yang 4 Kevin Yang 4 Shijia Yang, B.S.E.Comp 2 William Yang 2 Yichao Yang, B.S.E.C.S. 4 Mo Yao, B.S.E.I.O. 4 Michelle Yi 2 Yucheng Yin 2 Alex Jeffrey Ying, B.S.E.Elec 6 Nicholas J. Young 2 Eric Y. Yu 3 Jianrong Yu 3 Colin Yule, B.S.E.E.P. 6 Samuel Noah Zack 3 Gabrielle Zacks, B.S.E.Mech 2 Andersen Zhang 4 Chaolun Zhang 2 25

28 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Dehao Zhang 3 He Zhang 2 Jeffery Zhang 2 Meng Yuan Zhang 3 Minmin Zhang 2 Xiyu Zhang, B.S.E.B.E. 5 Yang Zhang 2 Yetong Zhang 4 Yier Zhang 2 Zeyu Zhang 2 Zhizhou Zhang 3 Changjian Zhao 3 Raymond Zhao 3 Xiyu Zhao 2 Anthony Q. Zheng 2 Kevin Zheng 2 Liping Zhong 2 Cindy Zhou 2 Zhining Zhou 3 Alexander Reijie Zhu 3 SCHOOL OF INFORMATION Nicole Jazmin Ackerman-Greenberg 5 Carly Michele Belloff 3 Julie Frances Burke 5 Haoliang Cai 2 Alissa Chan 4 Allan M. Chen 5 Jack R. Clegg 3 Joseph Lakin Constantino 2 Maximilian Maria Kolbe Darr 4 Colleen Feola 4 Kelly June Fischer, B.S. 2 Mackenzie Ledare Francisco 2 Luis Carlos Gago 2 Gabriella Gazdecki 2 Julia Grant, A.B., B.S. 3 Amanda Grayson, A.B., B.S. 2 Zoe Anne Halbeisen 5 Rebecca Naomi Henry 2 Madison Huffman 3 Sabine Anne Hutter 2 Jin Hong Jessica Kim, B.S. 2 Margaux Elizabeth Klein 2 Uriel Annette Lee 3 Julia Locke 6 George Lu 3 Adam Mason 3 Jessica Brooks Mathis 6 Carly Matz 2 Keely Meyers 2 Danielle L. Meyerson 5 Paige Darcy Mittenthal 3 Lauren Elizabeth Murphy 7 Bharat Raj Nair 2 David Nguyen 3 Roy Okerstrom 2 Catherine Elizabeth Olson 3 Diana Kweehyun Oum 3 Brendan Paul 2 Brandon Punturo 3 Ibrahim A. Rasheed 2 Kendra Repo 3 Chase Nicholas Richmond, B.S. 3 Kevin Matthew Rothstein 2 Zachary Benjamin Sherman 3 Len Jake Shirase 5 Elle Leora Shwer 3 Mingda Tang 3 Angel Lina Tsai 3 Mara Jane Varady 2 Abbey Marie Warren 3 Joanna Darci Weingast 3 Alissa Louise Wilson 3 Julia Shuyue Wu 3 Taylor Marguerite Wynn 3 Benjamin Zimmerman 3 SCHOOL OF KINESIOLOGY 26 Elijah James Adams 3 Alexa M. Alonso 2 Casey Thomas Aman, B.S. 7 Hayley Marie Barker, B.S. 2 Joshua Ryan Bender 2 Alyssa Ranae Bolen 2 Cassidy Ray Bouse-Eaton 2 John William Bridenstine 2 Rachel Nannette Byrd 2 James A. Campbell 2 Avneet Singh Chadha 3 William Christopher Coffman 2 Erica Frances Colton 2 Katherine Fitzgerald Conklin 2 Jessica R. Cummings 3 Mohan Dong 2 Thomas Allen Dozeman 3 Samuel Jacob Elrad 3 Robert Abraham Flom, A.B. 2 Katherine Esther Fuller 3 Stephanie Joy Galczyk, B.S. 2 Wesley J. Gawel 3 Spencer R. Gilbert 2 Lucas Cole Glassman 2 Elana Robyn Goldenkoff 7 Madeline Rose Goodson 3 Madison Anne Goon 3 Emily Mina Grossman 3 Ellie Anne Grupenhoff 2 Christina Joy Hanson 2 Micah Harris 3 Allison Rose Honet 2 Lydia Chen Hsu 3 Joshua Benjamin Klein 2 Alexis N. Kraniak 2 Emily Marie Krueger 4 Emily Tullis Latham 2 Edward Ross Lilienfield 5 Jesse Dante Lippin-Foster 3 Sydney Gabrielle Lipsitz 2 Alexander J. Lorenz 2 Amir Essa Mashni 3 Levi F. Mazza, B.S. 2 Marin Emily McInerney, A.B. 2 William Francis McPherson, A.B. 2 Jordan Erik Menczer 3 Margaux Ciara Mistor 2 Hollis Angel Moore 2 Tess Ann Morales 2 Andrew Evan Myers, A.B. 3 Christopher Naubert, A.B., A.B. 2 Corbin Thomas Neumann, A.B. 3 Lindsay Yee-Leng Patterson 2 Seraphina Gabrielle Provenzano 5 Stephanie Marie Rasmussen 3 Rachel Sydney Roth 2 Haleigh Ann Rowe 2 Cameron Francis Rubino 4 Brett A. Rudnitsky 2 Serena Saake 5

29 Michael Lawrence Schwartz 2 Shera Lynn Shevin 2 James Henry Shipman, B.S. 2 Beth Ann Shrosbree 4 Amelia Ellen Simpson 2 Jacob Brian Slominski 3 Kristen Alexandra Stiffler 2 Paulina Rachel Vokulich 2 Austin Edwin Waara, B.S. 8 Jacob Tyler Wakai 2 Kyle Alexander Walker 2 Caroline Joan Walsh 4 Chase Dalton Winningham 2 Sophie Hannah Wittenberg 3 Xinyue Xu, A.B. 7 Erika Yasuda 3 Carly Anne Zebelian 5 Jacob Jeffrey Zupancic 2 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS Louisa C. Abbott 5 Philip Michael Abdoo 4 Emma Christina Abed 3 Lindsay Erin Abrahams 3 Katherine Unity Ackley 2 Emily Nina Adams, B.S. 2 Paulina Marie Hodges Adams 2 Rebecca Adams 2 Adedolapo Valerie Adeniji, A.B. 2 Kavya Adiga 5 Jesse N. Adler 2 Jessica M. Agee 2 Isabella Rose Agrusa 4 Hassan Ahmad 2 Roksana Ahmadzadeh 3 Jabir Ahmed 2 Riya Ahuja 3 Kiran Ajani 3 Elizabeth Claire Albano 5 Serge B. Albarian 2 Chloe Alberta 6 Asma Raad Alhassani, A.B. 3 Zainab Binti Ali Ahmad 2 Taim-Allah Al-Jarrah 3 Osama Adnan Alkhalili 2 Alison Noel Alkire 6 Noah Samuel Allanoff 2 Samantha C. Allen 3 Tahany Alsabahi, A.B. 2 Nathan M. Amann 3 Lahin Malik Amlani 2 Benjamin Christopher Anderson 2 Jacob Ronald Anderson, B.S. 7 Matthew Joseph Anderson 2 Olivia J. Anderson 2 Tara C. Andrews 2 Andrew Jeremy Angel 4 Meenakshi Anilkumar 2 Natanie Jolene Anilovich 3 Yasmine A. Ankouny 3 Rebecca Rae Anmave 2 Samuel Jameel Ansara 2 Eva Antebi-Lerman 5 Bailey D. Appel 2 Jawad A. Aqeel 3 Sujai S. Arakali 3 Anna E. Argento 3 Will Arnuk 2 Anthony Charles Aronovitz 2 Zachary Richard Arrington, A.B. 2 Mohsin A. Arsiwala 2 Brandon Bassam Askar 4 Kalana S. Athukorala 3 Madison Clare Atkinson, B.S. 2 Ivyanne Marie Augustine 4 Abby L. Austin 2 Shaylyn Darby Austin 4 Eden Nicole Axler 3 Emily B 5 Paige Alexandra Baal 5 Sanika Hemant Babtiwale 2 Paula Elizabeth Babula 2 Amanda M. Bachand 2 Soyoung Back 3 Emily Louise Bacon 2 Florence Bacus 2 Shivani Bafna, A.B. 2 Matthew H. Bageris 2 Brooke Lynn Bagnall 4 Tianning Bai 2 Ross Anthony Baiers, A.B. 4 Adela L. Baker 3 Chloe Eden Bakst 4 Sarah Elizabeth Banister 2 Andrea Kiley Banner, B.S. 2 Diego Israel Barcala-Delgado 2 Elizabeth Mary Barnes 4 Patrick Michael Barnes 2 Abigail Pauline Barondess 2 Molly A. Bartlett 2 Spencer Clayton Bartok 5 Michael Frederick Barton 4 Claire Victoria Bartosic 3 James Cameron Batchik 2 Amber Loren Bates 2 Allison E. Batka 3 Casey Norbert-Harrison Batterbee 3 Lauren Frances Battle 2 Haleigh Marie Bauer 3 Michelle Marie Baum 6 Alexandra Rautbort Bayer 2 Tara Marie Bayer, A.B. 2 Nathan M. Baylis 2 Adam Jacob Bean 5 Stephanie Rose Beaton 2 Jonah Arthur Beck, A.B. 3 Peter Carl Christian Beck 5 Andrew Timothy Beddow 3 Rachel Catherine Beglin 6 Pareenaz Behbahani-Nejad 3 Sara Jayne Benson, A.B. 4 Sydney H. Bentley 3 Theresa A. Benton 2 Kevin Mitchell Berardino 5 Brendan Thomas Berg, B.S. 4 Julia Berg 2 Michael Connor Berg 2 Alanna J. Berger 2 Hunter Nicole Berger 3 John Daniel Bergeson 2 Rivka Y. Bergman 2 Anna Leah Bergson 2 Neala Conlon Berkowski, A.B. 2 Daniel Michael Berkson 3 Melissa Shira Berlin 2 Alexis Hope Bernstein 3 Carli Hannah Betman 3 Sebastian Theodor Betzer 2 Graham Thomas Bevier 2 Noor D. Bhagwagar 2 Starr Rose Bialk 2 Nolan Roger Bick 2 Logan Alexander Bickel 5 Angelina Kathleen Bielby 5 Anna Patricia Billiard 2 Madeline M. Billups 2 Evan M. Binkley 3 Alexis M. Birge 3 Megan Louise Birleson 2 Lance Tyler Bitner-Laird 3 Rachael Lorraine Bittick 4 Megan A. Bloem 3 Emily W. Bloom 2 Olivia A. Bloomhuff 3 Jesse Carolyn Blumberg 2 Kate Goldie Marie Blumenstein 4 Susannah L. Boersma 2 Murali Krishna Bollampally 2 Victoria Bortfeld 3 Melvin Scott Bouboulis, A.B. 5 Adam McErlean Bowen 5 Perry Bower 3 Stuart T. Brabbs 3 Ozema Valeria Braddock, A.B. 3 Shira Brandhandler 5 Cole Brandser, B.S. 2 Riley K. Branigan 2 Laura A. Brasseur 2 Hannah Brauer 2 Samantha Marie Breecher 3 Luke Patrick Brennan, B.S. 6 Natalie Colette Brennan 6 Jocelyn Brickman 4 Olivia Rae Brinks 6 Ryan James Britton 4 Aaron Frederick Brodkey 3 Elizabeth Ann Broene 4 Sarah E. Broner 3 Jeffrey S. Brooks 2 Buddy Brosky 2 Noelle Broussard 2 Aliya Nicole Brown, A.B. 5 Allison Marie Brown 3 Christina Nicole Brown 2 Ezra A. Brown 2 27

30 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 28 Melisa Brown 2 Colleen Anne Buckley 5 Lily Catherine Buday 5 Taylor Buist 4 Camille Alyssa Bulte, B.S. 2 Jordan H. Bultsma 2 Amanda Grace Burcroff 2 Logan Chanse Burley 2 Rachel E. Burnstine 2 Shannon Burton 3 Felicity Rebecca Mary Cain 2 Samuel Alyn Cain 3 Alison Marie Campbell 2 Ian M. Campbell 2 Meryn G. Campbell 2 Megan Elizabeth Cansfield, A.B. 8 Sean Matthew Cantrell 4 Mengyang Cao 3 Troy Cao 2 Christina Antoinette Capodanno 2 Ryan James Capouellez 4 Mariah Christine Cardenas 6 Christine E. Carethers 2 Kaleigh E. Carlone 2 Natalie M. Carlson 2 Haley Michelle Carpenter 4 Ermioni Sofia Carr 2 Katelyn Marie Carroll 2 Jessica Susan Carruthers 4 Emily Renee Carter 4 Madelynn R. Carter 2 Jacqueline Renate Caserio 3 Hannah Jane Castillo 4 Lea E. Cattaneo 2 Patrick Ryan Cecil 3 Ivo Hector Cerda 3 Gregory T. Cervenak 2 Rachel Jo Cevigney 3 Rachael Marisa Chait 3 Madison Rachel Chajson 2 Sheila Chan, A.B. 7 Anjali Chandra 2 Sandra Eve Charipper 5 Benjamin H. Charlson 3 Jonathan Chasin 2 Andrew C. Chen 2 Daniel Chen 2 Haoyu Chen 5 Hsin-Tzu Chen 2 Noah L. Chen 6 Shibo Chen 2 Soverno Chen 2 Tianyi Chen, A.B. 2 Tiffany Youling Chen 5 Zechun Chen 2 Alex Cheng 2 Shijie Cheng 2 Anna Beatrice Rose Chewter 3 Robert Newbern Chiperfield III 2 Preston Chloupek 2 Alyssa Nicole Chojnacki, A.B. 4 Lauren Michelle Chojnacki 2 Sanjna Sujit Chokshi 3 Maria Alexa Cholack 5 Hannah R. Chosid 2 Andrew Yehia Chouman 2 Thalia Maria Chrysanthis 5 Alan Chu 2 Grace Chu-Yuan Chu 4 Jen Lyn Chung 2 Kalen Renae Church 2 Natalie Cieslak 2 Kristin Elizabeth Cimmerer 5 Dan Liviu Ciotlos 3 Christopher Clark 2 Danielle Elise Clark 2 Rachel A. Clark 3 Hebe Amazon Petra Clarke 5 Jordan Leigh Cleland 2 Jeffrey Paul Clemence, Jr. 2 Caroline A. Clingan 3 Daniel S. Cluxton 2 Aoife Coady 2 Bradley S. Coan 2 Dahlia N. Cohen 2 Daniel Harris Cohen, A.B. 2 Rachel Ilana Cohen 2 Samantha B. Cohen 2 Hannah S. Cohn 2 Faith Helen Cole 6 Sheridan Jayne Cole 2 Heather P. Colley 2 Colby Wellington Collier, Jr. 3 Anna Katherine Collins, A.B. 2 Melissa S. Connop 3 Hannah E. Connors 2 Alexander J. Cooke 3 Sarah I. Cooke 2 George Cooper, B.S. 3 Emily Price Coplan 3 Heather Cornett, B.S. 2 Mackenzie N. Cosand 2 Dominic Anthony Coschino 5 Sharo Glany Costa, B.S. 3 Sophia Cotignola 4 Sarah Nell Court, A.B. 4 Eric Dean Cousineau 4 Catherine E. Cox 2 Nathan Craft 2 Cameron J. Craig 3 Megan Leslie Crane 3 Christiana L. Cromer 2 Jack Patrick Cronyn 2 Haley Catherine Cropper, B.S. 4 Sophie Cucci 2 Clara Marie Cullen, B.S. 5 Paige Devin Cupelis 2 Diana Lee Curtis 3 Ethan Robert Curtis 3 Isabel Anne Cusack 4 Jennifer Colleen Cushman 4 Noah Samuel Cutler 5 Joseph Imad Dakki 3 Chaitanya Dandu 3 Alice Nicole Danelia, A.B. 3 Anne Danicek, B.S. 4 Steven Daniel Danko 2 August Shane Danz 2 Nicole Marie Danz 4 Caroline M. Darr 2 Kristen Lanna Datta 3 Evan P. David 3 Zachary Scott Davidson, A.B. 5 Anna E. Davis 2 Monica Marie Davis 2 Arielle L. Dayan 2 Marten David De Boer 3 Dhriti Deb 2 Jennie Journeaux DeBlanc, B.S. 8 Alexander Deighton 2 Danielle Paige Dejournett 3 Carli Ann Delecki 2 Patteson R. Delk 3 Julia Christine DeMarco 2 Andrew William Demko 5 Melissa Annbarbara Deneau 3 Wisteria Deng 4 Zhewen Deng 2 Evan M. Dennis 3 Claire Isabella Denson 2 Kallisse Rhyonnah Dent, B.S. 6 Laurel E. Dentinger 2 Claire M. Denton Grenchik 3 Paige DeRue, A.B. 2 Parth Mayank Desai 3 Lauren Christine DeSantis 2 Megan Nicole DeSilva 2 Nicole Susan Desjardins, B.S. 2 Sabrina Michelle Deutsch 3 David Benjamin Deutschman 2 Charles P. Devlin 3 Marielle Remy Dewicki 2 Evan Sandeep Dholakia 2 Michelle Diaz 2 Mary Evans Dickerson 2 Elizabeth R. Ditullio 2 Olivia L. Divak 2 Katherine D. Dodge 3 Alexander Christian Doherty 3 Trevor Patrick Dominique 2 Olivia Claire Donatelli, A.B. 2 David Dorsky 3 Marianna Joanne Dorta 2 Rylee Sue Doucette 2 Liam Thomas Dougherty 4 Paul J. Dougherty 2 Mark Augustine Dovich 5 Haley Mazzei Dow 2 Caylee A. Drangel 3 Jewel Drigo 2 Natalie Drobny 2 Courtney S. Drucker 3 Marianne K. Drysdale 2 Jeremy P. D Silva 2 Ailiya Duan 3 Emily Christine DuChene 2 Clare Elizabeth Duckworth 2 Austin Dudas 2 Katherine C. Duggan 2 Matthew Rashid Dunn 4 Erin Elsa Dunne, A.B. 3 Sena Nurhan Duran 6 Morgan Elizabeth Durow 5 Olivia Brianne Dworkin, A.B. 3 Adam Jeffrey Eckburg 5

31 Sydney Edelstein 2 Adam Ethan Efrem 2 Jack T. Eichman 3 Nourelhoda A. Eidy 2 Julia Ann Eisenberg 2 Kaitlyn Lily Eisenshtadt 4 Alison R. Elgass 2 Moustafa Hussam El-Kashlan 3 Jacob O. Emery 2 Elizabeth Suzanne Erkkinen 4 Sarah Erpenbeck 2 Patrick Joseph Eschbach, B.S. 2 Daniel J. Evans 3 Sylvie Evarts 2 Tabitha Jane Faber 4 Eva Elizabeth Fall, A.B. 2 Vinson Boxuan Fan 2 Ali Ahmad Farhat 5 Sara Navaid Farooqui 3 Penelope Clare Farris 2 Julianne Marie Fava 5 Dana Elise Feldman 6 Leslie Monroe Fellwock 5 Zofia M. Ferki 3 Rachel S. Ferko 2 Elizabeth R. Fernandez 2 Maria Ficaro 2 Nadia Sarah Finkel 2 Cagla Firat 2 Corey N. Fischer 3 Jonah David Fisher 3 Rebekah Fisher 3 Sarah Rose Fisher 4 Rachel Julia Fishman 2 Caleb James Foerg 2 Rebecca Melissa Fong 2 Molly Mae Force, A.B. 2 Meredith Eve Fox, A.B. 2 Christian M. Foxworthy 3 Sydney Ann Houser Foy 2 Ashley Francis 3 Allison Frankel 2 Anna Elise Fraser 3 Christopher Steven Fredricks 2 Taylor Lauren Freeburg, B.S. 5 Jacqueline Rita Freeman 2 Hannah French 2 Abrielle Fretz 3 Brandon Alan Freudenstein 6 Kurt James Frick 2 Kathryn Sarah Friedman, A.B. 4 Caroline Frommelt 3 Emily C. Frucci 3 Isabel Frye 2 William Dennis Fuerst 2 Olivia Claire Furano 2 Emily S. Furstenberg 3 Emily Janice Furtado 2 Madison Erica Fyke 2 Max Theodore Gaegauf 2 Colleen Marie Gaffney 7 Esti Gajda 2 Taylor Li Galdi 2 Benjamin Bruce Galen 4 Matthew Chase Gallatin 2 Nicole Galleberg 2 Zach Gan 3 Mufeng Gao 2 Yi Gao 2 Zhongren Gao 6 Scott R. Garber 2 Alexander Hugo Garcia 2 Lisa Michelle Garcia 2 Tess A. Garcia 2 Ashley Nicole Garity 2 Logan Robert Garlo 3 Thomas P. Garton 7 Fallon V. Gates 3 Christina Gatti 3 John Richard Gatti 7 Camille Louise Gazoul 2 Mathilde Panayota Geannopulos 4 Fasika M. Gebru 2 Liam Geduldig 3 David K. Geering 2 Ameya Krishna Gehi 4 Gina Carolann Genova 2 Kara M. Genther 2 Melissa Marie George 2 Maia Beth Gersten, B.S. 5 Zoe Gerstle 4 Rachel Alina Ghosh 4 Gregory Michael Giancana 4 Sarah M. Giles 4 Noah Peter Gillen 2 Josephine E. Gilmore 2 Audrey Marie Gilmour 2 Heather Christine Gin 3 Austin Kesten Girelli 3 Andrew Meltzer Gitlin 7 Isabel Glass 2 Skylar Marie Gleason 5 Max Gleit 2 Rachel Anne Glick 2 Andrew Gobis 3 Nell Helana Godellas, A.B. 4 Cedric Goh 2 Jared Benjamin Goldberg 6 Joseph Paul Goldberg 3 Rachel Hannah Goldman, A.B. 2 Samantha R. Goldstein 3 Jenny Diyun Gong, B.S. 2 Gladys Aimee Gonzalez 3 Laura Elaine Goo 5 Meagan Julia Gooding 2 Maxwell Christian Goodwin 2 Jillian Gordner 3 Alexandra Ali Paige Gordon 2 Kyle Gordon 3 Jordan Elizabeth Gottlieb 2 Anna Kristina Graff, A.B. 2 Brett Thomas Graham 3 Maria M. Graham 2 Richard Daniel Graney, A.B. 4 Colette Greenbaum 3 Erin P. Greenberg 2 Shayna Shari Friedman Greenley 2 Sari Hope Greifer 4 Avneet K. Grewal 2 Jonathan Samuel Grey 2 Emma R. Greydanus 2 Alyson Elizabeth Grigsby 2 Rachel Lauren Gringlas 3 Katherine A. Grissim 2 Colleen Ruth Grogan 3 Amanda Gross 2 Xin Gu 2 Yanqing Gui 3 Lauren Addie Guindi 2 Sanuri Wijewickrema Gunawardena 3 Trisha S. Gupte 2 Sarika Danielle Gurnani, B.S. 6 Katyanna R. Guthrie 2 Jimin Ha 2 Katherine Hadley 2 Neha Hafeez, B.S. 2 Isaac N. Haft 2 Talia Hafter 2 Alison Rosee Hahn, A.B. 2 Jalal Rami Haidar 2 Azeem Haider 6 Ameen Hakimianpour 2 Matthew Haldeman 2 Christopher John Hall 2 Melissa Gabrielle Hall 3 Nicole Katharine Hallacy 4 Nathan John Halquist 3 Stan Halstead 2 Lauren Nicole Halter 2 Tashi Hammer 2 Wu Han 4 Allison E. Hand 2 Faheem Handoo 4 Ryan James Hannegan 3 Alexander Hansen 2 Daniel Robert Hansen 4 Matthew James Hansen 2 Christa A. Hansma 2 Edward Samir Harake, Jr. 2 Leah C. Hardy 2 Fiona Elain Harkin-Newsome 2 Eric Thomas Harmon 2 Matthew C. Harmon 2 Meghan Mackenzie Harrington 2 Daniel Joseph Harris 6 Noah P. Harrison 2 Claire C. Hartman 2 Venesa Haska 2 Joshua Scott Hasler 4 Spencer Reece Haupert 5 Arman E. Haveric 2 Kristen Thompson Hayden 3 Benjamin Matthew Hayes, A.B. 2 David A. Hayse 3 Xiuzhu He, A.B. 6 Yipeng He 3 Kendall F. Hecker 2 Isaak Andrew Hedding 2 Joshua L. Hedgecock 3 Anna Xinh Heim, A.B. 2 Karyn Lee Heissenbuttel 3 Abigail Lynn Hellmann, A.B. 2 Jean Anne Heng 2 Elizabeth Lauren Hentschel 3 Sarah Brittany Henzlik, A.B. 7 Eliana Rachel Herman 6 Rachel Hertzberg 3 Samuel Herwig 2 Lillie M. Heyman 3 Madeline Mary Hibbs-Magruder 5 Luke Michael Higgins 6 Katherine Elizabeth Hill 3 Sophie Flicop Hill 2 Eve Emily Hillman 2 Jacob Edward Hilton 3 Adam J. Hilu 2 Lindsay Ann Hiser 2 Liza A. Hochberg 2 29

32 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 30 Nicole E. Hocott 3 Nathan Hodge 2 Natalie Ann Hodgkiss 4 Sarah Hodgman 2 Ronus Hojjati 2 Laura Hollander, A.B. 2 Keegan J. Hollyer 2 Ellie Homant 7 Phoebe Aidan Hopp 5 Faith Julianne Horbatch, B.S. 2 Gwen Olivia Hornaday 2 Alyssa Ann Horstman, B.S. 2 Anna Jane Horton 2 Ella Horwedel 3 Ryan James Horwitz 3 Nathan J. Houghteling 2 Sophie R. Hourihane 2 Chase Manchester Howell III 2 Jessie Marie Hoxie 5 Kevin Hu 2 EJ Huang 3 Haiyang Huang 3 Haoran Huang 4 Jinzhen Huang 2 Lillian Huang 5 Peng-Huan Huang 2 Ruizhe Huang 3 Yaoqi Huang 2 Elena Pearl Hubbell 2 Kyra Alyse Hudson 2 Casey Lauren Huhndorff 2 Jamie Louise Huizinga 7 Candace Hulbert 3 Danielle Bowman Hunter 5 Kimberley Anne Hupperich 4 Kelsey Marie Hurt 3 Aaiz Hussain 2 Khadijah Taha Hussain 7 Sarah A. Hussain 3 Eric Y. Hwang, B.S. 7 Irene S. Hwang 2 McKenzie Jean Hyde 2 Courtney E. Hylant 3 Samantha K. Ilagan 2 Lily Anne Indenbaum, A.B. 2 Pasquale Infante 2 Alex Michael Ingraham, B.S. 2 Jamie Lauren Isacoff 2 Rafik Issa 5 Ruchita Iyer 3 Jessica Lynn Jackowicz 2 Jenna Jacobs 2 Leah Michelle Jacobs 2 Aditi Jagadish 3 Gavin F. Jager 2 Danielle Christine Jahnke 2 Chetali Jain, B.S. 2 Shannon Kathryn Jajko 5 Dimitar Aco Jakimovski 4 Cooper D. James 2 Emily Ethel Jameson 2 Parker D. Janson 2 Eliza Rae Jarman, B.S. 2 Stephen N. Jasina 3 Naveen Jasti 5 Rasha Muhamed Jawad 2 Sharanya Bhavani Jayachandran 2 George Anthony Jayne 2 Natalia Marie Jenuwine 3 Ella Jermyn 3 Jane Yaeyoung Jho 3 Jiahui Ji 3 Yanyu Jia 4 Zekun Jia 2 Yingsi Jian 3 Edith Jiayu Jiang, A.B. 2 Lucy Jiang 2 Yixi Jiang 3 David Jin 2 Wenyu Jin 4 Helen Marie Joa 2 Allison M. Johnson 2 Claire Elizabeth Johnson 2 Kinsey J. Johnson 2 Kyle Johnson 6 Ben Johnsrude 2 Megan Johnston, A.B. 3 Madison Marie Jones 3 Casey Misung Jong 3 Yael Joseff, A.B. 2 Emily Rose Joseph 3 Jeremy Justin Jueng 3 Dora Juhasz 2 Amanda Caitlin Juntunen 6 Luca Juuhl 3 Namrata S. Kadambi 3 Mohamed Ryan Kady, B.S. 4 Carly Kahan 3 Aviva Rachel Kahn 2 Jason Kahn 2 Solomon A. Kahn 2 Sanela Kalakovic, B.S. 3 Alfred Kalantar 3 Priyanka Kale 2 Haley R. Kalis 3 Alyssa Grace Kalsbeek 4 Rachel Nicole Kammerzell, A.B. 3 Adam D. Kamps 2 Anna Kang 2 Anthony James Kang 6 Kason T. Kang 2 Madison Kanstoroom 2 Charles Kanter 2 Megan Rose Kaplan 2 Gabriel Philip Kardia 2 Razeen Karim 3 Colton M. Karpman 3 Neil Kasarla 2 Kayla Marie Kaszyca 2 Deion Allen Kathawa, A.B. 2 Joshua Sam Katz 2 Sophia Madeleine Kaufman 3 Suzanne Kaufman 4 Nolan Matthew Kavanagh 7 Anthony J. Kayany 2 Alexandra Kazarian 2 Nita A. Kedharnath 3 Ciara Henry Keegan 2 Darcy Camille Keh 3 Gwendolen Keller 2 Brett E. Kellett 3 Aaron Carl Kelley 2 Shannon Edain Kelley 5 Hannah Jade Kelley-Watkins 7 Olesia Kellezi 2 Alexander Edward Kellner 2 Mary Jo Kelly 3 Beatrice L. Kelly-Andrews 2 Lauren Kelsey 2 Whitney C. Kemp 2 Michael J. Kendrick 2 Madison Kent 3 Jonathan B. Kenter 2 Jacqueline Joy Kessel 2 Courtney Louise Kessler 2 Rida M. Khan 3 Marianne Elizabeth Khouri, B.S. 7 Sai Kilaru 3 Brendan Thomas Killian 3 Clara H. Kim 2 Daejin Kim 2 Do Hun Kim 2 Dowon Kim 2 Jaeyoon Kim 3 Megan Kim 4 Melissa Suh-Hee Kim 2 Monica Kim 3 Nicole H. Kim 3 Preston B. Kim 2 Suzie Kim 5 Taylor L. King 3 Bernadette Rose King Fitzsimons 3 Sierra N. Kirks-Cler 2 Anna H. Kittendorf 2 Jonah M. Klausner 3 Aubrey K. Klein 2 Molly Rachel Klein 5 Hannah Marie Klemkow, A.B. 3 Nicholas James Kline 6 Rebecca J. Kline 3 Nolan Timothy Klunder 4 Carleigh L. Klusman 3 Karissa Tjet Knapp 2 Margaret Claire Koester 2 Jaclyn Faith Kolbert 2 Vineeth Reddy Kommidi 4 Max Kontorovich 4 Hyun Jung Koo 3 Alexander James Kopko 4 Jacob E. Kopnick 3 Sydney H. Kornbleuth 3 Kayla N. Kornoelje 2 Alesha Kotian 3 Sarah E. Kowalski, B.S. 4 Jesse Kozler 4 Ethan Patrick Krajewski 2 Joshua Levi Krasney 3 Jacob Moses Kraus 2 AK Krauss 5 Sarah Nicole Kreger, A.B. 2 Tomas Andreas Krepostman 2 Julia Marie Kropa 2 Ryan Kirkman Krueger 2 Hailey Elisabeth Kruger 2 Elizabeth Anne Kruse 2

33 Rachel Margaret Kubiak 2 Clare Victoria Kucera 3 Anshul Kumar Kulkarni 4 Rhea Kulkarni 3 Yusef Kunji 5 Jared Holden Kunkel 3 Emma Nicole Kuske 3 Annmarie Helen Kuzel 3 Hanna Ha-Jin Kwon, B.S. 5 Nayeon Kwon 2 Sarah Kwon 3 Michele Kathleen Laarman 4 Dana LaBuda 2 Susan Pamela LaMoreaux, A.B. 2 Nicole Paige Landau 4 Adam J. Landy 2 William Singer Lane 3 Allison Fraser Lang, A.B. 6 Doyle Lu Lang 2 Sean Gerrit Lang 2 Sharon Lang 2 Nicholas James Lanzetta, B.S. 3 Gabriella Marie Lanzi 3 Connor Sabo Laporte 4 Margaret Larin 6 Kallan Marie Larsen 4 Sydney Elizabeth Lash 2 Cody J. Laskowski 3 Kathryn Latto 2 Tommy C. Lau 2 Julia H. Lauer 3 Thierry Michel Laurens 4 Christina Hai-Dang Le, B.S. 4 Elizabeth T. Le 2 Sebastian Elijah Leder Macek 3 Christina Lee 2 Jae Heon Lee 2 Jeffrey K. Lee 4 Jerin Lee, A.B. 2 Jessica Jean Lee 2 Ji-Hyung Lee 3 Josie H. Lee 2 Nam Joo Lee, B.S. 2 Sage Alexandra Lee 2 Serenity Lee, A.B. 2 Won Seok Lee 3 Rebecca Shira Leeman 2 Kendall Lynn Lehmann 3 Minjie Lei 3 Luc Thomas LePottier 3 Ryan Alexander Levin 2 Jordan Anthony Levine, B.S. 2 Joseph Louis Levy 3 Micah A. Levy 4 Blacker Li 2 Daniel Junjie Li 3 Jessica Li 2 Jiaxu Li 2 Joyce S. Li 3 Xinshan Li 4 Xuenan Li 5 Yicheng Li 2 Zifan Li, B.S. 6 Charles M. Liberato 3 Michael John Lichomski 4 Eunice Lim 2 Sarah McDonald Lime 4 Melissa Lin, B.S.Chem. 6 Tasha Audrey Lin 2 Xiwen Lin 2 Yaoyang Lin 2 Yeqing Lin 4 Julia Lauren Linder 5 Ingrid Ita Lindquist 2 Hayley Kathleen Lindsey 2 Rachel Elizabeth Lipa 4 Corey E. Lipton 2 Ijoni Lisha 4 Christopher Stephen Litts, Jr. 2 Ruifan Liu 3 Sophia Z. Liu 2 Xinglian Liu 3 Yichun Liu 2 Nicole Marie Lococo, A.B. 4 Wei Chi Loh 4 Niomi Rose London 4 Benjamin Robert Loomis, B.S. 3 Sofia A. Lotsoff 3 Sean David Louzon 2 Tyler Jonathan Loveall 5 Alexis Christine Low 3 Jeffrey Lu 2 Raymond Lu 2 Wenxi Lu 2 Yi Lu 3 Alexander Sean Lubbers 2 Maria L. Luciani 3 Olivia Luciani, A.B. 6 Derrick K. Lui 2 Esther Luo, B.S. 2 Yuanhang Luo 2 Yuchen Luo 4 Jenna Eve Luth 2 Shayna Lutz 3 Andy Q. Ly 2 Noah Edward Lybik 2 Seamus Lynch 2 Sloane M. Lynch 3 Kyra P. Lyngklip 2 Jeremy Vincent Lynn, B.S. 6 Rachyl Elyzabeth Lyons 4 Sara Lehua Ma, B.S. 5 Merissa Wynne Maccani 3 Shale J. Mack 2 Stephanie Anne Madigan, A.B. 3 Sarah Ali Mageed 4 Craig James Maggio, A.B. 2 Bennett Andrew Magy, B.S. 8 Dana Mahinbakht 2 Lucas L. Maiman 2 Savannah Ryann Major 3 Ellie J. Makoul 2 Melony Arden Malkin 2 Sydney Gail Maloney 2 Alexandra S. Manaila 2 Sophia Manduca 2 Tatum G. Mannion 2 Jenna L. Manske 3 Alexandra Isabell Mansour 3 Yuzhou Mao 2 Joshua Louis Margolis 5 Ashley Mark 2 Hannah E. Markby 2 Moses I. Markowitz 2 Carly R. Martin 2 Madison Glyn Martin 3 Anthony J. Martinez 2 Katherine Taylor Marx, A.B. 3 Tyler James Marx 4 Eli B. Masjedi 3 Shawn Singh Matharu 2 Chloe Noelle Matovina 6 Gabriel Alberto Matute 2 Lauren E. May 3 Edwin Joseph Mayes 3 Mallory Cate McCarthy 2 Noah McCarthy 3 Sean Thomas McCarthy 4 Paul Linner McClure 3 John Luke McGuinness McCormack 2 Monica Sheree McCoskey 3 Joey John McCusker 3 Merin Kathryn McDivitt 3 Kasey McDonald, B.S. 3 Riley Evan McFarlin 2 Bobby P. McGovern 5 Deirdre Jennings McGovern 2 Amy Diane McGregor, A.B. 2 Melanie K. McKenna 2 Kaitlin Elizabeth McKernan 5 Julia Mary McMahon 3 Nicholas McMillen 2 Maggie Elizabeth McMillin 5 Isabel Irene McMullen, A.B. 4 Ryan Stewart McNassor 5 Noah Alexander McNeal 5 Korrin Sierra McNeil, A.B. 2 Allison Claire McWeeney, A.B. 5 Mitchell J. Mead 2 Jessica R. Meadows 2 Lindsey Marie Medd 3 Alexis K. Megdanoff 2 Stephen Daniel Mehr 3 Tamar Yusim Meltzer 2 Jenna Victoria Menard 4 Madeleine Kay Mendelow, A.B. 2 Eric Francois Mettetal 2 Katelyn B. Meyer 3 Meredith Meyer 5 Emily Marie Miiller 6 Emily A. Milanowski 2 Vincent Richard Milazzo 2 Allison Marie Milen, B.S. 3 Ethan Miles 2 Daniel Sulla Minahan 2 Francis Cristobal Misra 2 Eileen R. Misterovich 3 Andrew Mitchel 5 Amber Mitchell 2 Rio Mizuno 4 Jennifer C. Moco 2 Lara Kate Moehlman 3 Nureen Hanisah Mohamad Zaki, B.S. 2 Reza Imtiaz Mohammed 2 Nitesh Mohan 3 Eric James Montag, A.B. 2 Leighton M. Moore 3 James Morang 2 Anna Christine Morgan 2 Francine Stephanie Moriguchi 6 Anna Christine Morrison 5 Adam Michael Morton, A.B. 2 Elena Sica Mosher 6 Drew Edward Moss 2 Jennifer J. Moss 2 Julia Walpole Moss 3 Benjamin M. Moy 3 Sari M. Muallem 2 Hayley Anne Mullen 3 31

34 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 32 Danielle Maria Mullis 3 Ashley N. Munger 2 Kelsey Arlene Muniz 5 Clara R. Munkarah 3 Katie Munson 4 Griffin Murray 2 Jakob Yates Naegeli 3 Vivek Nair 4 Mary Amir Najjar 2 Daniel Stanley Nathan 2 Amanda Navarre 2 Yuka Naya 5 Ermelinda Ndoka 2 Kirsten Danielle Neal, A.B. 2 Amanda Glyn Nelson, B.S. 2 Hannah Elaine Nelson 5 Julian Michael Neshewat 3 Marissa Dawn Newblatt, A.B. 2 Rhees R. Nickel 2 Jacob Niculcea 2 Sai Vineet Nimmagadda 3 Charles Alexander Nino 7 Madison Taylor Nirenstein 2 Sarah Rebecca Nisenson 3 Akira Nishii 3 Timothy Michael Nold 5 Meghann Norden-Bright 2 Gabriella Norwitz 2 Elsy Nouna 3 Claire Novelly 2 Taylor Gabrielle Null 2 Abigail Nutter 2 Alexandria Paris Nylander 3 Maeve C. O Brien 3 Rosemary Elizabeth O Brien 2 Maureen Makiko O Bryan 2 Mary B. O Byrne 2 Anne Elizabeth O Connell 2 Aidan O Connor 3 Anne Ryan O Connor 2 Cynthia Ellen O Connor 2 Margaret Esther O Connor 3 Margaret Mary O Connor 2 Ariel Elise Odlum, B.S. 2 Devin O Donnell 2 Nathaniel Ojo 2 Matthew David Olgren 5 Ashley Rebekah Olney 4 Reinholdt Holly Olson II 4 Aaron S. Orelowitz 2 Donovan L. Orow 2 Michael Robert Orrange 2 Kathryn Grace Orwig, A.B. 4 Audrey L. Orwin 2 Roi Orzach 3 Caroline Diana Oska 5 Bobak Movaghar Ossareh 4 Ryan Michael Otero 4 Xiaowei Ou 3 Erika Ouchi 3 Takahiro Ouchi 3 Tristayn McKee Owen 3 Jaryd C. Pacis 2 Deeksha Mandarke Pai 3 Monica Ajit Palande 2 Itai Palmon 2 Jane Pan 3 Gregory Gabriel Pandelis 2 Shobhana Panuganti 2 Zoe Rae Pappas 4 Ellen Marie Paquet 2 Alexandra Paradowski 2 Ariana Paredes-Vincent, A.B. 2 Sonia Parikh 5 Nicole A. Parisi 2 Eunice Park 2 Isabel Park 3 Breanne Celia Margaret Parker 2 Sarah Parkes, A.B. 3 Sophie M. Partington 2 Maeve Margaret Pascoe 2 Caroline Marie Passal 4 Samantha Marie Pastewski, A.B. 2 Aakash D. Patel 3 Neil Umesh Patel 2 Rohin Kirit Patel 2 Sonoma Mahendra Patel, B.S. 2 Reine Elise Patterson 6 Cheyenne Kristine Paulson 2 Cameron B. Pawlik 3 Isabella Layla Paydar 2 Madison Lena Pazner 2 Claire Peabody 3 Nicole R. Pearce 2 Bree Frances Peilen, A.B. 2 Alexandra Marie Peirce 2 Konrat Pekkip 3 Aaron James Heflin Pelo, A.B. 2 Sarah Christi Peng, A.B. 4 Romeo Perez 3 Natalie P. Perkins, B.S. 5 Grace Lauren Pernecky, A.B. 6 Jamie Elise Pescovitz 4 Avery Britvec Peterson 4 Bryce Fabian Peterson 4 John Callender Petrie 5 Zachary Jason Piech, A.B. 4 Jennifer Sue Pieczynski 2 Hannah N. Pierce 2 Madeleine A. Pierpont 3 Katie Lynn Piispanen 4 Lizzie Pijanowski 5 Rachel Perrin Pinkelman, A.B. 2 Reid Frederick Pinkham, B.S., B.S.E.Elec 2 Benjamin Michael Pinsky 2 Austin J. Piontkowski 3 Sirawich Pipatprathanporn 4 Doug Piper 2 Rachel Lynn Piper, B.S. 3 Piriyakorn Piriyatamwong 3 Clark William Pitcher, B.S. 4 Pooja Polamarasetti 3 Bryan Landon Polan 2 Matthew P. Polgar 2 Aaron Andrew Pollack, B.S. 2 Justine Pollack 3 Anna Polumbo-Levy 2 Arjun Ponduri 2 Ivona I. Popova 2 Rebecca Ruth Portman 3 Oliver N. Pourbaba 2 Quinn Michaela Powell 4 Tyler Scott Powell 2 Kaitlin Prakken, A.B. 2 Deepasri Prasad 3 Vidur T. Prasad 2 Matthew Joseph Prazuch 2 Olivia Preissle 2 Clayton D. Price 2 Sydney Helen Prince 2 Madison Lynne Prinzing, A.B. 3 Harriet Grace Prior 2 Erinn Lee Promo 3 Samantha Carey Pulgini 5 Anshul Vinod Puli 3 Christopher Donald-Collin Pumford 2 Jasmine Marie Purtell 2 Prashant Puttagunta 2 Matthew John Qemo 3 Kathryn Y. Qin 2 Krystal E. Qin 2 Yinan Qiu 2 Grecia Quiroga 6 Miclan Quorpencetta, A.B. 2 Tonela Qyli 3 Danielle Rose Rabie, A.B. 7 Rachel Savits Rabinovitz 2 Matthew Jacob Rabinowitz 5 Conor D. Rafferty 2 Avinash Shanmugam Rajasekaran 2 Asavari A. Rajpurkar 3 Elena A. Ramirez-Gorski 3 Lindsay Paige Randolph 2 Shashank Keshav Rao 5 Tyler Ryan Rapp, A.B. 2 Gregory Raskind 4 Julia Faye Raspbury-Greenspan 2 Akash Rastogi, B.S. 2 Kristen Danielle Raue 7 Alexander Haddad Raveane 4 Emma C. Reck 2 Dana Louise Rector 2 Olivia Paige Reed 2 Michael John Reh 5 Kiersten Jo Reinhold, A.B. 4 Sarah Lindsey Remer 6 Yicheng Ren 2 Sarah Michelle Resnick 2 Seunghyo Rhee 2 Jordan Miller Rich 4 Jordyn M. Richman 3 Emma Louise Richter 3 Natalie Christina Ricklefs 2 Maeghan Reilly Ridenour 2 Sarah Kristin Ridzy 3 Tyler Riese 2 Nolan Riley 2 Charles R. Rinderle 2 Michelle Ripari 4 Mary J. Risch 2 Madeline Taylor Risius 3 Jeffrey Charles Riskin, B.S. 2 Joshua Bruce Ritzema 4 Livia Rivera 3

35 Catherine Rose Robeson 3 Emma Laine Robinson 3 Paul Michael Rock 2 Allyson Jaymes Rodriguez 4 Alexandra Katharina Rogers 2 Elise Beate Rometsch 3 Bethany Grace Rookus 5 Samuel Jesse Rosenberg 2 Alexa Rose Rosenstein 2 Matthew Steven Rosenstein 2 Cole Michael Rossato 2 Gabrielle Ilana Roth 2 Rachel Rothstein 2 Jon Rubenstein 2 Ryan M. Rubi 2 Charlie Edward Ruiz, A.B. 2 Cody Alexander Rump 2 Maya Russeau, B.S. 2 Sean D. Russell 2 Kathryn Elizabeth Russner, A.B. 5 G Ryan 2 Mak Yew Mun, Ryan, B.S. 6 Lauren Grace Rysztak 3 Aiya Hassan Saad 2 Emily Sara Sabia 2 Meher Sabri 4 Malika Singh Sachdev 2 Savina Sahgal 2 Justin Singh Sahota 3 Keerthi K. Sajja 2 Anah Marie Salgat 2 Tate James Salisbury, A.B. 5 Jacob Daniel Sallen 2 Ariella Cecilia Salter 2 Matthew Samaan 2 Brian Samimi 2 Meghan Emily Samyn, A.B. 6 Emma A. Sand 2 Safia Khadija Sayed 5 Alexander B. Saylor 3 Paul G. Sayour 3 John Dali Schaefer 2 Steven Schaefer 2 Gabriel Ethan Schat 3 Haley Summer Schatz 2 Sarah E. Scheflow 2 Jonathan Scher 2 Brennan Mark Schilling 3 Kendall Grace Schissler 2 Jennifer L. Schlafhauser 2 Katalin Ann Schmidt 4 Nicholas J. Schmidt 2 Madeleine Elizabeth Schmitter 4 Henry William Schnaidt 2 Leah Rachel Brown Schneck 2 Jamie Erin Schneider 5 Seth Schostak 2 Marilyn Elizabeth Schotland 2 J.C. Schroeder 2 Terra Schroeder 2 Kathryn Marie Schubert 5 Rachel B. Schwab 3 Courtney Jean Schwabauer 2 Caroline Hamilton Schwartz 2 Ean Chase Schwartz 3 Corrinne I. Scieszka 2 Korey Wiersma Searle, B.S. 6 Joshua B. Segal 3 Noah Segal 2 Jennifer Lee Semaan 2 Jonas Emmanuelabraira Sese, A.B. 7 Sahil Singh Sethi 2 Cher Sha 3 Amol Atul Shah 5 Romil Sunil Shah, A.B. 2 Nikhil Shankar 2 Prateek Varun Sharma 6 Upamanyu Sharma 2 Caroline Kathryn Sharp 3 Madeleine E. Sharp 3 Shannon M. Shaughnessy 2 Jane L. Sheedy 2 Nathan Zhixuan Shen 2 Susanne N. Sheng 2 Eve Lauren Sherbin, A.B. 4 Arielle Sheres 2 Anne Mathilde Sherfield 3 Kayla Sherman 3 Samantha H. Sherman 2 Serena Marie Sherry 2 Mengjie Shi 4 Alexander Lindshau-Ming Shiang, B.S. 7 Manna Shintani, A.B. 3 Taylor Nicole Shotwell 2 Gavin Shrestha 2 Uthman M. Shukairy 2 Rachel Shutty 3 Ruby Ghada Siada 6 Jack C. Sibel 2 Jamie Siegal 2 Emily Jane Siegel, A.B. 4 Lauren Alice Siegel 2 Brianne Angeline Sieja, A.B. 3 Nicole Susan Sigmon 2 Hally Rose Silberg 5 Nicole Sara Silberman 2 Elisabeth Silver 7 Brittany Rose Silverman 2 Maxwell D. Silvers 3 Ilana Rebecca Silverstone 3 Nathan Sim 2 Drew Simon 2 Nicholas Austin Simon 2 Sophia Marie Simon 2 Jamie Austin Simpson 3 Alexander I. Sims 2 Aishawarya Singh, B.S. 3 Evan Richard Sirls 3 Aliza Joelle Sitrin 3 Ashton J. Skillman 3 Addie Mills Skinner 3 Caroline J. Skiver 2 Gabriel Wylie Slater 2 Grace J. Slifkin 2 Alexandra Smith, B.S. 2 Alexis G. Smith 2 Anna Rose Smith, B.S. 2 Delaney Lee Smith 5 Julia Rae Smith, A.B. 2 Lauren Elizabeth Smith 7 Raivynn Smith, A.B. 2 Sofia Smith 2 Allie Snider 3 Julia Anne Snider 4 Payton Emily Solk 3 Devraj K. Som 2 Khyati Harshita Somayaji 3 Hee Jae Song 3 Yanmeng Song 2 Suraj J. Sorab 2 Abrianna Jacquelyn Soule 3 Michael James Spak 5 Ari Michael Spellman 4 Emily Kathryn Spence 3 Samantha Nicole Spindler 2 Sophia Elizabeth Mei Sproul 2 Kelly Gale Sprouse, A.B. 4 Timothy R. Spurlin 2 Sofia Squatriti 5 Amar Srinivasan 2 Neha Srinivasan, B.S. 2 Pranav Srinivasan 6 Griffin Teresa St Onge 4 Austin W. Stamford 2 William Paul Stampfl 2 Elizabeth Bates Stanley 4 Olivia Katharine Statman 4 Alexandra M. Stavros 2 Clara J. Steeby 2 James Leo Stehlin, Jr., A.B. 4 Logan K. Steiert 2 Jennifer Susan Steiger 2 Liesl Cozette Stemas 3 Sophie E. Stempel 2 Peyton L. Sternfeld 2 John Mitchell Stevelinck, Jr. 3 Madison A. Stewart 2 Matthew K. Stewart 2 Aubrey Stickland 5 Meike Kristin Stoldt 5 Jared M. Stolove 3 Andrew Stomper 2 Madison Stoms 2 Adam Jason Stone, A.B. 6 Stephanie Christine Stoneback 3 William P. Strickland 2 Tate Robert Strobel 2 Anthony Christopher Struthers- Young 4 Cole Patrick Stuart 3 Rebecca Giok Sim Su 2 Alex Rosen Sugerman 3 Carolyn Eunjin Suh 4 Nadeen Nasser Sukhon 2 Ellen Orla Victoria Svaerdh 2 Eryka Swank 2 Molly Elizabeth Swayze 4 Emily M. Swisher 2 Troy Michael Swodzinski, B.S. 2 Sara M. Swords 2 Sarah Marie Sykes 2 Anet Kristine Szatkowski, B.S. 5 Ethan Benjy Szlezinger 3 Colleen Tolentino Tacubao 2 Gabriel Dominic Tallent, B.S. 2 Greta Beatrice Tamkus 4 Karen Tze Hui Tan, A.B. 6 Jacob Forrest Tanner 2 Annalisa Laura Tarizzo 3 Rebecca Tarnopol 5 Nikhil Tase 6 Ava Tavrazich, A.B. 6 Sandra Ehrhardt Taylor 2 Victoria L. Taylor 2 Levi Aaron Teitel 2 Madison Max Tenebaum 5 Jeremy P. Tervo 3 Joshua Daniel Thelen 2 Jonathan S. Theros 3 33

36 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 34 Kaela Delaney Theut 2 Emily Claire Thibeau, A.B. 7 Austen Lynn Thomas 3 Sharon Susan Thomas 2 Hannah Marie Thoms 3 Ralph L. Tiglao 2 Andrea L. Tillotson 2 Niharika Tiwari 2 Tess Woerner Tobin 3 Peter J. Tolsma 2 Nicholas Tomaino 3 Benjamin Joseph Tomkovicz 2 Fengyi Tong 2 Annika Marie Topelian 3 Anna M. Topping 2 Hai Tran Bach 4 Benjamin Travers, B.S. 4 Elizabeth Ann Traves 2 Julia Kathryn Triezenberg 3 Kimberly Truong 3 Grace Elizabeth Tsaloff, B.S. 3 Luke B. Tsuhara 2 Akemi Tsutsumi Rioboo 7 Madeline Maude Turner 2 McKenna Turrill 4 Ella Watts Tutlis 2 Jack James Twarozynski 4 Adrian Twiss 2 Jean L. Tyan 2 Abigail R. Ufkes 2 Gavin Cornelius Uitvlugt 7 Lily Alexandra Upp 4 Emma Jean Urbain 4 Rachel Cari Uretzky 4 Michael James Utz 2 Lia Ann Vallina 5 Olga Van Bolt 2 Taylor Rose Vandenberg 2 Madeleine Jane Vandenbrink 3 Christopher Andrew Vanetten, A.B. 2 Robert Storen Vanfaussien 5 Jade Eliya Varineau 7 Sivanthy Vasanthan 3 Gina Rose Vasey 3 Rhianna R. Vergeer 3 Emerson L. Verrier 2 Katarina Vickovic 2 Alexander Vidinas 3 Martina V. Villalobos 2 Kali Jane Vitek, A.B. 5 Kate Vogel 2 Ryan Anthony Voisich 2 Alexa Marie Volpe 3 Daniel Joseph Vonarburg 5 Justin B. Vorhees 3 Alexander Christopher Votta 2 Shivam Rajan Vyas 2 Madeline Emily Waara 3 Alyssa Catherine Wagenmaker 2 Maximilian Wagner 3 Noah Charles Waldman 2 Meher Walia, B.S. 2 Alyssa Anne Wallace 4 Margarete Wallner 4 Benjamin William Walsh 4 Hayley Walton 7 Jennifer Eileen Waltz 4 Austin C. Wang 2 Elizabeth E. Wang 2 Haihang Wang 5 Hannah F. Wang 3 Julia Wang 3 Mengxi Wang 2 Ruochen Wang 3 Xing Hao Wang 4 Emma Augusta Ward 4 Matthew H. Ward 3 Michael David Ward 2 Gabrielle Camille Wasilewski, A.B. 2 Elise M. Wassink 2 Margaret Wasvary 3 Kayla Rose Waterman 2 Kate Watkins 2 Benjamin Edward Weil 7 Robert Jacob Weinbaum 4 Lauren Weinberg 2 Lauren Haley Weisfeld 3 Lauren Elizabeth Weiss 2 Jacob Louis Wellner, A.B. 3 Brianna Wells 2 Brianna Paige Wells 2 Jennifer Wen 2 Kelly Kennedy Wester 3 Michael Anthony Whalen 3 Nicole Catherine White 2 Rebecca White 2 Anna Katherine Wibbelman, A.B. 2 Alex Bloomdahl Wilf 3 Allie Wilk 2 Jacob Anthony Wilk 5 Grace G. Wilkins 2 Nicole Michelle Wilkinson 5 Melissa Ann Winch 5 Kailey Hai Winston 2 Maren E. Wisniewski 2 Kendall Phillips Wiss, A.B. 2 Eleanor McDade Withers 2 Charlotte Wittels 2 Hunter E. Wojtas 2 Jaclyn Lee Wold, B.S. 3 Charley Rae Wolfe 3 Ryan Sam Wolfson 5 Claudia K. Wong 3 Darin Presley Wong 2 Hazel Lok Tsin Wong 3 Jason Kin Keong Wong 2 Helen L. Woolcock 2 James R. Worthington 3 Gillian L. Wright 3 Kay M. Wright 3 Dongxue Wu 4 Han Wu 5 Shunhao Wu 2 Ziyi Wu 3 Minna Wybrecht 6 Victoria Wystepek 5 Brian Xiao 5 Shuyuan Xiao 3 Zijian Xie 2 Gabrielle Eve Xilas 4 Esme Xu 3 Haojun Xu 2 Jiaqi Xu, B.S. 3 Nicole P. Xu 3 Yunjia Xu 2 Ziheng Xu 6 Zijing Xu 2 Chenyu Xue 2 Johnathan Yan 2 Aneesha Sunil Yande 3 Jennifer Yang 3 Lucy Yang 3 Tianyu (Justin) Yang 5 Yi Yao 2 Huda Yasan 2 Eunice Wen Xi Yau 4 Sahr Yazdani 2 Tiantian Ye 2 Julia M. Yee 2 Emma R. Yergin 3 Prathusha Yerramilli 2 Jiaxi Yin 3 Olivia Yin 2 Rebecca J. Yin 3 Andrew Yale Ying, B.S. 5 Sienna Yoo 2 Jae Hoon Yoon 2 Justin Gunwoo Yoon 4 Maya Youness 4 Andrew Lachlan Young 2 Julia Young 2 Jenna Elyssa Yousif, B.S. 2 Paul Antonio Yousif 2 Peter Christian Yousif 2 Arin Yu 3 Carrie Yu 2 Chelsea L. Yu 3 Joyce H. Yu 3 Tina Yu, A.B. 4 Jiayin Yuan 2 Sandra Nijmah Zadeyeh, A.B. 2 Joshua D. Zales 2 Mohamad Adnan Zawahra 3 Maryellen Catherine Zbrozek 4 Isaiah Zeavin-Moss 6 Matthew David Zeilbeck 4 Isabelle A. Zelaya 3 Jalen Scott Zeman 2 Anthony Zhadanov, A.B. 3 Amanda Zhang 3 Amy Zhang 2 Coco Zhang 3 Haoyi Zhang 2 Jessica Zhang 5 Mengying Zhang, B.S. 2 Nelson Xuzhi Zhang 2 Robin Zhang 3 Shangjia Zhang 3 William Mingyuan Zhang 3 Jason Y. Zhao 3 Jessica Zhao 3 Mingduo Zhao 3 Julie Zheng 2 Yang Zheng 2 Hongting Zhu 2

37 Kevin Pan Zhu, B.S. 8 Kevin Yue Zhu 5 Nathan Zhu 2 Peiyun Zhu, B.S. 2 Xiaoya Zhu 2 Yimeng Zhuang 3 Lana Rae Ziegler 3 Zoe Zimmerman 2 Charles Zinn 3 Noah Alexander Zipper 2 Kathryn Marie Zoller, A.B. 2 Henry Zou 2 SCHOOL OF MUSIC, THEATRE & DANCE Jesse Arlow Aaronson 3 Taylor Mackenzie Adams 2 Benjamin Paul Ahlers 3 Sophia Minouche Allen 2 David Jonathan Alvarez III, B.F.A. 4 Maya I. Alwan 2 Sean P. Anderson 2 Vivian Joy Anderson, B.Mus. 8 Emma Cecily Ashford 2 Hannah Louise Baiardi 2 Matthew A. Baker 3 Marco Antonio Bertuccelli 6 Sara Ann Burgess, B.F.A. 2 Stuart Ross Carlson 2 Shea I. Carponter-Brode 2 Tin Wing Jaime Cheung 2 Fee Lia Christoph 3 Allison Chu 5 Amy Ciardiello, A.B., B.Mus.A. 2 Hannah Beryl Clague 7 Michaela Rose Clague 2 Kevin Michael Corbett 2 Ariana Rose Corbin 7 Benjamin Jason Cormier 3 Cullen June Coty O Neil 4 Emily Ann Davidson 2 Sunsae Renee Davis 3 Sawyer Denton 2 Jovany Anderson Dorsainvil 3 Peter J. Ecklund 2 Madeline Lee Endres 8 Rachel Jenna Epperly 4 Teagan Lianna Faran 7 Daniel Jonah Fendrick, B.Mus. 7 Jiakung Victor Feng, B.Mus., B.S. 2 Daniel William Flick 2 Peter Cameron Formanek, B.F.A. 5 Alaina M. Galasso 3 Amber C. Galvano 2 Erica Leigh Gavan, B.F.A. 2 Paul Andrew Giessner, B.Mus.A., B.S.E.Elec 10 Peter Francis Goggin 3 Anna Claire Golitzin 3 Jessica Magdalene Gomes-Ng 3 Lisa F. Gudan 3 Michael James Halloran 3 Scott Alexander Hankins 2 Noah James Henriksson 2 Cassandra Huerta 3 Jonathan C. Hull 3 Taylor Marie Isberg, B.Mus. 3 Benjamin Thomas Jackson 4 David George Kamper 2 Maureen Patricia Kelleher 3 Mickenna R. Keller 2 Katherine Baker Kelley, B.F.A. 3 Noah Benjamin Kieserman 2 Patrick Timothy Kiessling, B.Mus.A. 4 Zephie Onalee Kineman 7 Emily Rebecca Kirven 3 Aviva Y. Klein 3 Nicholas G. Kneupper 3 Nevada Riley Koenig 5 Jasmine Kuo, B.Mus. 2 Malhar B. Kute 3 Matthew R. Lamb 2 Thomas Julian Simon Laub 3 Elise Lorraine Lawrence 3 Christine Hija Lee 3 Yejoo Lee 3 Luna Serena Lemus-Bromley, A.B., B.F.A. 3 Lauren Nicole Liebman 3 Bret Franklin Magliola 7 Anna Leigh Catherine Markowitz 3 Larissa Marten, B.F.A. 2 Kayla Cerise Mathes 9 John Burt Mathews III 2 Devon K. Mccleskey 3 Pablo Melcher-Ordonez, B.Mus. 2 Selena Christiane Moeljadi, B.F.A., B.S. 5 Maxwell Robert Morrison 9 Catherine A. Moss 2 Jin Nakamura 3 Megumi Louise Nakamura 4 Christopher James Nichols, B.Mus. 8 Tsukumo Niwa, A.B., B.Mus. 8 Rebecca F. O Brien 3 Asana Michelle Onishi 2 Charles Davidburns Patterson 2 Timothy Mark Peterson, A.B., B.Mus. 9 Elliot James Polot 3 Molly Thomas Radosevich 2 Luis Enrique Rangel DaCosta 5 Emmett Connell Rapaport 4 Alexandra Sophia Re 2 Devika L. Reddy, B.Mus.A. 5 Kasia Genevieve Reilly, B.F.A. 2 Alice H. Risov 2 Dean Joseph Robinson 8 William A. Robinson 2 Jacob Wayne Rogers 5 Ryan Scott Rosenheim 2 Marina Sakellakis 2 Alicia H. Samson 3 Grace Flora Santamaria 6 Ellen Joyce Sauer 4 Brittany Schloskey 2 Karalyn Jeann Schubring 3 Daniel Matija Schwartzberg, B.F.A. 8 Yoonji Seo, B.Mus. 2 Claire C. Seymour 3 Audrey Camille Shepherd 2 Griffin J. Silva 2 Ellen Tsai-Wei Sirower 2 Daniel Patrick Skib 3 Kaitlyn Jordana Soloway 2 Isabel G. Stein 4 Robert C. Stine 2 Justin D. Stobart 2 Karina Rosalyn Stribley, B.Mus. 2 Rong Sui 2 Caroline Swanson, B.Mus. 5 Katherine Elizabeth Thomas 3 Caroline-Michele Lao Uy 2 Michayla Jane Vantreeck, B.F.A. 2 Beth Ann Wardell 5 Christopher Thomas Washington 4 Isabel Morgan Wayner 4 Maitri A. White 2 Nina M. White 2 Kiara Williams 2 Florence Ying Wai Woo 3 Audrey Rose Young, B.F.A. 7 Benjamin Harrison Zang, B.F.A. 2 35

38 SCHOOL OF NURSING Bailey N. Abney 2 Jaclyn Elizabeth Allen 5 Megan L. Arbor 2 Kaitlin Joy Baker 2 Sarah Elizabeth Barber 3 Kendall M. Billig 2 Brooke Borowski, B.S.N. 2 Emily Morgan Brewer 2 Brittany Marie Brodie 2 Audrey Nicole Brookins 2 Cierra R. Buist 2 Natalie Alexis Burke 2 Nicole Leann Burns 5 Diana Lynn Charboneau 2 Katrina Coley 2 Caitlin Anne Cunningham, B.S.N. 3 Kaitlyn Marie DeGrace 2 Elaine Marie Desenfants, A.B., B.S.N. 4 Haley Christine Diedrick 3 Jennifer Leigh Dimitrief, B.S.N. 3 Lisa I-Min Doong, B.S.N. 7 Katie Nicole Douglas 2 Jennifer Ann Feutz 2 Lauren Elizabeth Filler 2 Jenna Marie Frega, B.S.N. 3 Merideth Naomi Freiheit 5 Jennifer Alana Gabbard 2 Hanna Erin Gelov, B.S.N. 2 Christine A. Grawe 3 Brittany Lynn Gray 3 Julie Iona Green 2 Elizabeth M. Grifka 3 Jane Hagemann 3 Paige Marie Hall 3 Laura Madeline Halprin 2 Douglas Keith Ham III, B.S., B.S.N. 3 Sarah Elizabeth Hampel, B.S.N. 2 Corinne Naticalelia Hauck 3 Rylie Anne Haupt, B.S.N. 8 Sarah Herndl 5 Sarah Elizabeth Hoffman 6 Jennifer Shira Horowitz, B.S.N. 2 Rachel Michelle Horton 3 Baylie Elizabeth Houchin 3 Jayne J. Hubscher 2 Megan Hunter 4 Mikaela Renee Jaklic 4 Allison Kathleen Juchartz 2 Savanna Kirk 5 Zachary Aaron Kirkpatrick, B.S.N. 8 Katherine Ann Kohrman, B.S.N. 3 Heather A. Kudialis 2 Anna Elizabeth Latterner 2 Carmela Leone 7 Olivia R. Livernois 3 Hope Xingyi Lu, B.S.N. 7 Reagan Marie Maisch 5 Amanda Mascolo 2 Kathleen M. Mazur 3 Rachel Lyn McAuliffe 2 Madelyn L. Mccartin 3 Kaeley Jordan McGrane 2 Emma Navarro, B.S.N. 4 Meghan Ostrander 2 Kathryn Parkhurst 3 Juliet Elise Paterson 2 Adriana Preciado-Diaz, B.S.N. 3 Clare Romano 2 Sydney K. Ross 2 Angela Lynn Rysdyk 6 Madison Sabbath 4 Victoria Rose Sanderson 2 Katelyn Mackenzie Scudder 5 Alyssa Marie Sheehan 2 Sharon Yingen Shen 7 Rebecca Ann Singer 7 Michelle Rei Smith, B.S., B.S.N. 4 Morgan Mackenzie Smith 2 Elizabeth M. Swartz 3 Jenna Marie Swets 4 Kathryn Sarah Szczechowski 2 Demetria De Shaunt Ol Thompson 3 Julie M. Tillotson 2 Kelsey Elizabeth Uppleger 2 Madison Kate Vanallsburg 3 Stephanie E. Walker 2 Matthew Ryan White, B.S.N. 2 Winna Wu, B.S.N. 3 Karina Jan Zanyk McLean 3 Xianyi Zeng 2 Mackenzie Zierau 5 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Angela Chen 3 Noemi Garg 3 Joshua Goerge 2 Troy Halseth 6 Jonathan M. Pham 3 Kirsten Grace Smith 5 Kelly Yang 3 GERALD R. FORD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY 36 Thomas Michael Aiello 4 Carolyn Leigh Ayaub 2 Caleb Scott Beavers 2 Garrett Michael Burton, A.B. 2 Tyler David Coady 4 Marena Jeanette Dieden 3 Daniel Distler 6 Lauren Farrell 6 Geoffrey Archard Gamm 7 Caroline Grace Garau 2 Ethan John Hopper 4 William Wayne Horne III 3 Robert James Joseph 3 Emily Kabeshita 2 Ruby Evatopol Kirby, A.B. 4 Chen Liang 5 Elizabeth Warner Makuch 3 Joshua Craig Martin 2 Talha Aziz Mirza 2 Lydia Murray 2 Rhea Elizabeth Ninan 2 Lisa Rochelle Pomeranz 3 Connor Paul Priest 4 Madeline Cunningham Riley, A.B. 2 Jill Emily Rosenfeld 5 Jordan Sandman 5 Swathi S. Shanmugasundaram, A.B. 2 Anna Mae Silver 3 Jordan Alexander Silverman 2 Alana Rachel Spellman 3 William Bruce Stewart 3 Cina Vazir-Zadeh, A.B. 6 Andrew Jacob Watkins 2 Eric McCord Wriston 2 Emily Grace Yerington, A.B. 4 Hohyun Yoon, A.B. 3

39 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Lily Renee Carlson 2 Jacob Michael Cutler 5 Amani Danielle Echols 4 Abagail Jeanne Edwards 2 Afeefah Asim Khan 2 Lyric Quentin Kleber 2 Emily Elizabeth Koptyra 2 Sydney Rayna Aurora Korsunsky 2 Kelly Frances Martinek 5 Julia Tess Montag 3 Lahari Nandikanti 4 Anjali Nemorin 5 Halimat Shadia Olaniyan 2 Elizabeth Lauren Paver 2 Morgan Rachel Suntken 2 Sheridan Tobin 3 Cristal Valle 4 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - DEARBORN COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCES, AND LETTERS Kawther K. Abdallah 3 Nadia T. Aboumourad 3 Anam Ahmed, B.S. 2 Gadir T. Algahim 2 Asmaa Q. Al-Khshali, A.B. 5 Madeline C. Allen 2 Ola H. Altahan 2 Ahmed A. Amin 2 Ahmed H. Amine, B.S. 2 Ava M. Andrews 2 Haley N. Ankony 2 Mariam Aoun 4 Niko R. Armstrong 2 Grant M. Baker 2 Jenna M. Barnes 2 Mariam A. Bazzi 2 Sarah M. Braden 2 Matthew C. Brandin 3 Rebekah L. Card 3 Rachal M. Chehouri 2 Andra Cristiu 3 Jessica Cristiu 3 Andrew M. Daulton 3 Dima A. Elhorr 2 Samantha O. El-Khatib 2 Melanie A. Elliott 3 Wassim W. El-Sayed 4 Jordan M. Ewald 6 Destiny A. Flowers-Fayad 2 Miranda M. Geisinger 5 Veronica L. Gerios 4 Jeffrey R. Glavin 2 Zoe L. Grenfell, A.B. 2 Muhammad Haidous 2 Sondos A. Hajar 2 Evan W. Hawver 2 Robert L. Hendricks 3 Samantha R. Higdon 2 Rachel J. Holthus 5 Fatme A. Hourani 5 Md. M. Hussain 2 Ali I. Ibrahim 2 Huda H. Ismail 3 Ban M. Jomaa 2 Jamil Jomaa 4 Lena N. Juratli 2 Ramy Y. Karnib 2 Nicole A. Kilikevicius 3 Christopher J. Kotcher 5 Jenna M. Kroepel, A.B. 3 Alexandria L. Lawrence 4 Madison M. Lazarek 3 Christian J. Ledford 4 Melissa M. Levesque 3 Benjamin D. Lewis 3 Amima S. Mahmood 3 Anastasey N. Manolatos 5 Frank A. Mejia 2 Malak M. Nasser, B.S. 5 Selena M. Nehmeh 2 Eric C. Nelson, B.S. 3 Brian A. Newlin, A.B. 2 Rachel R. Olah, A.B. 3 Leah C. Oldham 2 Gabriella M. Oudsema 4 Olivia E. Oudsema, A.B. 7 Nicholas P. Paron, A.B. 5 Brianna G. Patrick 3 Emily L. Pruitt 2 Kennedy D. Quinn 2 Ravikumar Ramasami 2 Syed S. Raza 2 Hebah H. Reda 2 Brock A. Rowberry 6 Zeinab S. Saad 3 Savona Safaoui 2 Kevin C. Saybolt 3 Rebeca M. Simu 2 Yasmeen S. Sobh 3 Skylar R. Steel 4 Zaynab Taher 4 Hannah E. Turnbull 5 Noah D. Vowell 2 Brian A. Welch 2 Ellie R. White 3 Zariea M. Williams 4 Samuel J. Wilmarth 2 Rebekah M. Wilson 3 Mallori E. Young 3 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS William H. Allen 6 Alec P. Argenta, B.B.A. 3 Mahdi I. Baydoun 3 Jacob A. Brown, B.B.A. 2 Ricky T. Christian 3 Kailyn G. Delonis 5 Vivian Dinh 3 Sam Hazime 2 Jacob D. Kempton 4 Jared T. Kling 3 Brendan P. Landwehr 5 Kevin W. Landwehr, B.B.A. 8 37

40 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Meaghan E. Landwehr 3 Patrick P. Mochol 2 Alexander M. O Connor 2 Tyler D. Stevens 2 Zachary J. Tavierne 3 Alyssa N. Van Scoy 3 Gabriela B. Wilson 2 COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, HEALTH, AND HUMAN SERVICES Sara C. Agne 6 Sarah A. Bloem 2 Hannah A. Bowman 3 Riley J. Brown 2 Daniel P. Conrad 7 Sayrd K. Coradazzi 4 Jessica H. Doan 3 Kelsey N. Griffin 3 Elissa V. Hoffman 4 Matthew T. Hundley 2 Melissa D. LeVan 3 Allison L. Liddane 2 Maryam Majeed 2 Riley B. Pigott 3 Dana S. Sandakli 4 Lana S. Sandakli 4 Natalie P. Schaefer 7 Kara D. Snyder 4 Damien E. Strohschein 2 Megan L. Swick 2 Ciara R. Zuke 2 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE Mike Alameh 2 Travis H. Bates 3 Vincent J. Boscheratto 3 Bryan J. Brauchler 3 Zachary D. Bustamante 4 Breana R. Cappuccilli 2 Chase D. Croletto 2 Sean M. Croskey 7 Jordan M. Delaney 2 Joshua D. Dunn 5 Leonard Dziubinschi 3 Owen G. Ekblad 2 Scott A. Grishaber 2 Lance A. Gurka 5 Samer Habeel 2 Dwight A. Herman 5 Kayleigh M. James 3 Baasanjav Jargalsaikhan 2 Dima Khanafer 4 Jacob P. LaBeau 2 Brandon M. Lee, B.S.E.M.E. 2 Griffin J. Leisenring 3 Erica L. Magnuson 2 Stephen W. Mara 6 Lutulu T. Mbiye 2 Andrew J. McDonald 2 Rami M. Nazarko 2 Sarah I. Overbeck 4 Nathan A. Ozog 2 Michael V. Pappas 2 Rishi Patel 3 Kyle M. Pham 4 Dominic A. Retli 6 Kathleen L. Rubenson 2 Elham H. Sader 2 Casey J. Saenz 2 Michael F. Schigelone 4 Carl L. Shearer 2 Shihab M. Shihab 2 Jasnoor Singh 3 Joshua J. Smallish, B.S.E.M.E. 3 David C. Sohn 2 Keith R. Stokely 4 Max J. Theisen 2 Kenneth Topolovec 3 Michael Ustes 3 Alvin Wang 2 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - FLINT COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 38 Noor R. Abdalla 6 Sofia Ahsan 4 Abdul M. Almounajed 3 Mohammed K. Alsarraj 6 William H. Babka 2 Kristin A. Ball 7 Meghan L. Barriger, B.F.A. 3 Audrey E. Beauchesne 2 Charis R. Blatt 4 Erin N. Boensch 3 Sarah M. Bratton 2 Sarah M. Briggs 2 Danielle R. Brownell 2 Renee L. Burson, B.A. 2 Shelby L. Coates 2

41 Daniel T. Corder, B.A. 2 Kayla Y. Csapo 2 Maranda M. Dahl 2 Abigail P. Darnall 2 Amanda A. Darzi, B.S. 2 Bryley M. DeFriez 2 Randeigh J. Dickinson, B.A. 2 Alexis E. Edmonds 2 Nicolas M. Emerson 3 Kristen N. Eynon 2 Bassem R. Farah, B.S. 6 Hayley O. Gabriel 2 Michael D. Gearhart 3 Rachel A. Grech, B.A. 5 Hannah J. Griffin 2 Cody K. Hatfield-Myers 5 Courtney R. Hibbeln 2 Patricia T. Houbeck, B.A. 4 Nathaniel L. Hudson 5 Matthew J. Hyatt, B.A. 3 Connor J. Juvonen 2 Dahlia A. Kassel 3 Brianne L. Kaufherr 3 Sarpreet Kaur 2 Noah T. Knutson 3 Nicholas A. LaRosa 2 Kaitlyn R. Leach 3 Felicity C. Long 2 Caitlyn G. Mansour 3 Sydney N. Markel 2 Kayla M. Massaro 2 Kyle N. Mayer 3 Janice E. McCoy 8 Kyle T. McElhiney 2 Nicholas G. McIntyre 2 Corbin R. McKay 3 William J. McNamee 2 Michael T. Mead, Jr., B.S. 2 Rebecca M. Miller 2 Avery Q. Mitevski, B.S. 4 Madalyn K. Moon 7 Andrew M. Mrazik 2 Christine M. Nogaj, B.F.A. 2 Molly I. Ockert, B.A. 2 Michelle N. O Dell 2 Austin D. Ogle 3 McKenna M. Page 2 Michael J. Pajtas 2 Krysten R. Perkins, B.S. 2 Korren A. Phillips, B.A. 2 Theresa M. Pickell, B.S. 7 Zachary J. Pinder 3 Lauryn A. Poupore, B.A. 2 Daniel M. Ragan, B.S. 3 Katye P. Reed, B.A. 5 Amanda L. Rocheleau 4 Robert J. Ruddy 2 James R. Ruff 2 Dane A. Salisbury 2 Kaitlyn E. Sallans 3 Makenzie S. Schroeder 3 Trevor R. Sexton, B.S. 6 Zachary J. Sharpe 3 Amneh Sheikh-Khalil, B.A. 2 Abdur-Rahman Siddiqui 2 Katelynn R. Slater 2 Brandon G. Sproule 2 Madilynn S. Stapleton 4 Olivia E. Storch, B.S. 4 Ashley J. Symons 2 Austin C. Tripp 3 Mohammad A. Tuleimat 4 Madelyn A. Vamossy 3 Henry J. Vargo 2 Daniel P. Victor 2 Yifan Wang 4 Jordan M. Wetherell, B.S. 5 Carly A. Wykes 3 Alexander J. Zilinski 3 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN SERVICES Jessica D. Bonardelli 4 Emily M. Bubnar 3 Fanta Doumbia, B.S.W. 4 Christopher J. Dunning 4 Marrissa L. Flanagin 5 Fallyn M. Foster 2 Lynsey N. Gennaro, B.S. 3 Samantha Gorman 3 Kristine R. Goschka 2 Janis M. Herberger, B.S.W. 2 Stephanie L. Ladd 2 Amanda L. Lucas 2 Sarah C. Markee 4 Mariah M. Minzey 3 Brittany A. Naumiec 5 Sydney M. Perrin 2 Gina D. Richards 2 David E. Sanchez-Courter, B.S.W. 3 Briana M. Shanafelt 2 Shelby J. Smith 3 Gabrielle R. Staudacher 2 Holly E. Stemm 2 Brya D. Stinson 2 Sarah D. Taipalus 8 Breeyn A. Tinkle, B.S.W. 4 Alexandria E. Wade 2 Stacey L. Weidner 4 Hope M. Wells 2 Olivia M. Williams 3 Michaela A. Wilson 3 SCHOOL OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS AND STUDIES Lina A. Abutalib 2 Haleemah A. Albashrawi 2 Anas A. Alghamdi, B.S. 3 Hannah M. Bawardi 2 Kayla M. Conger 2 Madisen K. Cousins 3 Dillon B. DeLoye, B.S. 3 Evelyn A. Gagnon 3 Louis G. Haase 2 Jillian C. Heidenreich 5 Katelyn N. Hintz, B.S. 2 Hannah A. Karczewski 2 Morgan A. Kelly 3 Patricia A. Kennedy 3 Garrett M. Knickerbocker 2 Andrea M. LaRocque 2 Alyssa N. Logie 2 Paige P. Macay, B.S.N. 2 Kristin R. Mazzola 2 39

42 SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Rebecca L. Bade 5 Ashley R. Born 3 Hane Cho 2 Joylynn Clement 3 Shannon M. Cody 3 Carisa R. Collins 2 Ryan J. DuCharme 2 Zena A. Elkady, B.B.A. 2 Joseph E. Foguth, B.B.A. 2 London A. Haught 3 Lawrence D. Jasinski, B.B.A. 3 Connor S. Krish 4 Cameron A. McIntosh 2 Sydney L. Parvin 2 Elijah J. Pettus 2 Natalie A. Roland 3 Garrett S. Smith 4 Michael T. Themm 2 Bethany R. Trites 2 Carryn E. White 2 Emily L. Williams, B.B.A. 2 Devyn K. Wylam 3 SCHOOL OF NURSING Dallas M. Blank, B.S.N. 2 Dustin L. Blom 2 Stephanie C. Bruscha, B.S.N. 3 Michael A. Burton, B.S.N. 3 Rachel M. Chacko 2 Jessica L. Creason 2 Katie A. Edwards 3 Danielle B. Emerson 5 Kathryn H. Flaherty, B.S.N. 3 Michael R. Foster, B.S.N. 2 Lauren E. Glanz, B.S.N. 3 Samantha E. Haas, B.S.N. 2 Meghan E. Huebbers, B.S.N. 3 Haley M. Kantola 3 Kaitlyn E. Kenyon, B.S.N. 3 Holly N. Kopaniasz, B.A. 2 Courtney L. Kramarz 2 Christopher M. Kuchta, B.S.N. 3 Megan E. Martinbianco, B.S.N. 3 Danielle L. Masters, B.S.N. 3 Vanessa R. Nelson, B.S.N. 3 Maxine E. Paraventi, B.S.N. 3 Madison K. Parnell 3 Jenna S. Paul, B.S.N. 2 Michelle A. Randazzo, B.S.N. 3 Cassandra A. Slackta 2 Sydney M. Spielmaker 2 Catherine Sutcliffe, B.S.N. 3 Amanda J. Wilbur, B.S.N. 2 Maureen R. Wilkie, B.S.N. 2 40

43 UNIVERSITY HONORS The University Honors designation is awarded to students who earned a 3.5 grade point average or higher during a term. The student must have taken a minimum of 14 credit hours during the term, including at least 12 credits elected on a graded (A-E) basis. Students who achieve University Honors designation for both the winter 2017 term and fall 2017 term are recognized at Honors Convocation. Seniors who achieve University Honors for at least one of these two terms are recognized at Honors Convocation. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - ANN ARBOR A. ALFRED TAUBMAN COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PLANNING Markus Bruno Boynton Joseph Chase Mitchell Carter Curtiss Ethan Aahron Davis Emily Elizabeth Delius Yichen Dong Alyssa Ann Fellabaum Jessica Leigh Golden Jingya Guan, B.S. Leah D. Hong Yoonwon Kang, B.S. Courtney Grace Klee Mitchell Jon Lawrence Sia Ma Matthew B. McDonald James C. Montgomery, B.S. Julia Muntean Christopher Michael Myefski Elly Anna Qing Ling Ngoh Natsume Ono Brandon L. Persico Henry Edward Peters Caroline Christine Ann Petersen Emily Doris Post Jacqueline M. Pothier Lucas Jay Rigney, B.S. Peyton Elizabeth Steurer Arthur William Straw, B.S. Rong Tang Rachael Tsai Sarah Jordan Turkomani, B.S. Mia Reynolds Voevodsky Ellery Christine Walker, B.S. Jacob M. White Qinwei Wu, B.S. Yangtian Yan Chin-Hsi Yu Jiashi Yu, B.S. Siyuan Zhang PENNY W. STAMPS SCHOOL OF ART & DESIGN Laurel Dawn Aaronson Lindsey Valleda Abdale-Beadle, B.F.A., B.S. Katie Rose Adler, A.B. Lizzy Albinson Brooke Jami Alpart, A.B. Regan Elizabeth Anderson, A.B. Olivia Arau-McSweeney Abigail Marie Barrera Calla Lee H. Beers Emma Raynor Benzie, A.B. Hannah Grace Blaauw Zoe Black Stephanie Caroline Bloom Ashley Megan Bock Rowan Susan Borninski Alison Ann Elaine Burnell Cassidy Elise Carpenter Alexa Ann Caruso John Vincent Chaney Roseanne Ruo Xi Chao Sarah Bo Chen, A.B., A.B. Suyi Chen Katrina Pei Shan Cheung Agnes Chiu Fee Lia Christoph Sara Elizabeth Ciaramella Clare Margaret Coburn Eva Jasmine Cohen, B.F.A. William Wakefield Coulter, A.B. Natalia E. Cuevas Emily Kyle Dahuron, A.B. Phoebe Eleanor Danaher Alexa Marie Deford Danielle M. DeMarco Ophelia Ruyu Deng Maya Deshmukh Harsha Samuel Ganesh Devaraj, A.B. Marisa Vidaluz Diamond, B.F.A. Katie Dillon Tarik Octavio Dobbs Mallory Caitlin Donahue Alexandra D. Eason Yazmon Santoi Ector Brooks Krahenbuhl Eisenbise Sara Elizabeth Eskandari Victoria Kaye Essex Alicia Odile Finnorn Jordyn P. Fishman Emily Rose Ladd Fitzgerald Madeleine McLean Fougere Stephanie C. Francalancia Kelsi Sky Franzino, B.F.A. Marisa Alexandra Fulper, A.B. Marjorie Gaber Yiyi Gao Isabel Garcia Erica Leigh Gavan, B.F.A. Grace Gebhard Natalie Giannos Grace Giordano Sindhu Giri Megan Alyssa Gizzi 41

44 PENNY W. STAMPS SCHOOL OF ART & DESIGN Elizabeth J. Graves Grace Kathryn Guevara Srishti Gupta Robyn Han Anna Frances Hardig Kinsey Harvey Lap Yeung Jordan Hau, B.F.A. Madeline Grace Helland Anna Jane Herscher Ellen June High Sophie Stone Hochwald Taylor Li Houlihan Willa Hua Brian Li Huang, A.B. Jennifer Weixin Huang Sophia R. Hullinger Joseph Anthony Iovino Bonnie Antoinette Jiang Karli Ann Johnson Kate Elizabeth Johnson Megan A. Jones Anna Elizabeth Kaiser Emma Jane Killeen Mackenzie H. King Olivia Thompson Kinker Hannah Klapper Una Koh Kellie Kohler Kalli Anna Kouf, B.F.A. Natalie J. Kraepel Addie Kramer, A.B. Tyler Phillip Krantz Paul Christopher Kubicek Sally Lee Stephanie Lee Emily Legleitner Margaret Anne Lemak Rosalie Li Senna Alex Lim Maya A. Littlefield-Wilkinson Heidi Mae Liu Shengyuan Liu Xinyi Liu Hannah Christine Mabie Shannon Danielle Maiers Reed Delaney Lee Marting Gisela Victoria McDaniel Siena Audra McKim Sarah A. McNamara Larkin Meehan Holly Huckins Meers Shelby Meyer Olivia Nicole Meyers Sarah Anne Neff Justin L. Ni Abby Rose Olsen Emanuel Papageorgiou Jason Pi Elizabeth A. Ploch Alexandria Ariel Pompei Sarah Maurine Posner, A.B. Elizabeth Louise Post Katherine Raymond Elizabeth Reeck Noah John Rick Morgan E. Salvano Gus Schissler Grace Soo Young Schock, A.B. Ellen Casimira Seidell Sydney Freeman Shaffer Stephanie Noelle Sim Liana R. Smale Kathryn Ann Spak Cole Andrew Stabnick Hollyann F. Stewart Julia Elaine Stocki Yang Tian Fiona Elizabeth Berns Tien Annie Turpin Alexandria Noel Valdes Anna Vanderberg Ana Janice Vincent Daniel Adam Vincenz Yin Zhi Wang, A.B., A.B. Zhaozhao Wang Lian Wen Marel Wardrop Isabelle H. Wilson Paige Allyse Wilson Allison Winnik Po Yee Wong Cindy Xuan Gillian Rose Yerington Victoria Zakrzewski, A.B., B.S. Alexandrea Rose Zang, A.B. Jiahui Zhu Abigail Ziemkowski Claire Isabel Zimmeth STEPHEN M. ROSS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 42 Arjan Mustafa Abar, B.B.A. Ehsen Abdul-Kabir Harrison Abramowitz Brandon Daniel Acca Aditya Achanta, B.B.A., B.S. Elyse Adamo Mark Paul Adams, B.B.A. Alex Ahdoot Syed Anwar Ahmad Julie Ahn Sung-Joon Ahn Antara Ajjampur Elijah Nicolai Akhtarzad Anya T. Amin Vishal Amin Michael G. Anderson Tyler Erik Anderson, B.B.A. Carolyn Marie Andonian Tommaso Davide Angelini Akshada Adamya Apte Paige Elizabeth Aresco Derek Samuel Ash Elizabeth L. Atwood Ramsha Rahmat Awan Connor Albert Baechler James Richard Baenen, B.B.A. Avantika Bagri Donald Bailey, Jr. Shivani Bakre Matthew A. Balsei Aditya Banerji Andrew J. Barber James N. Bargmann Ross Ebner Barlow Lindsey Brooke Barrison Sydney Claire Bartell Megan Elizabeth Bauer Matthew Brian Bauerbach Jacob G. Becker Nicholas Becker Aakash Beesabathuni Briana Lauren Beger Lynne S. Bekdash Julia Pearl Belke Sarah J. Bellamy Alexis Hannah Berman Andrew David Berman Avery Bernstein Samantha Caitlin Bernstein Kathleen Margery Bird George Bistolarides Jason Michael Bittker Peter Andrew Bogle, Jr. Anurag R. Bolneni Alexander Joseph Bolstrum Sofia Bonito Adam Michael Boorstein, B.B.A. Eric Andrew Boyle Matthew G. Boyle Maxwell James Bradley Max Marcus Brandl Michael Benjamin Braunstein Max Brenner Ryan Connor Brice Adam Yeager Brodnax Franklin Bromberg Daniel L. Bronska Samuel A. Bugaieski Andrew Lees Bull II

45 Suril Butala Brandon P. Byer Ryan Patrick Byrd Amy Cai Mark W. Calcagno Maria Ann Callaghan Matthew Emerik Canna Forrest Yue Cao Matthew Harris Caplan Robert James Carey Colin Carmona Marie Suzanne Carozza Theodore Edward Caruso Amol Carvalho Cameron Casey Mark Joseph Castellano Daniel Joseph Cayo Kara Therese Cendrowski Nicholas Jake Ceraso Tianyi Chai Eleanor Angeline Chalifoux, B.B.A. Jeffrey Steven Chan Justin Chan Luke G. Chandra Christina Wen Chang Alec Gray Chapman Sarnath Srivatsan Chari Alexa Evangeline Charles Andrew Quinn Charlton Colin Lawrence Cheesman Dingan Chen Haoyang Chen Jennifer Chen Letao Chen Regina Sheoya Chen Sage Chen Debbie Hong-Yee Cheng Kenzi Cheng Ilene Cheung-Cheng Katherine Elizabeth Chilton, B.B.A. Hirsh Kumar Chitkara Nikita A. Chitnis Michael Chon, B.B.A. Bharat Chopra Anuja Chowdhury Paul Daniel Christ III Jaime M. Chusid Amanda Morgan Ciancio Alanna Marie Clark Andre Deodat Clejan Brian S. Clements Matthew Cline Cameron Coane Maxwell T. Cohen Samantha Taylor Cohen Nathan C. Cole Jackson Peter Collis Kaitlin A. Colvin Donald Taylor Conner, Jr., B.B.A. Avery K. Conybeare Arielle Erma Copeland Jared Copeland Sophia J. Coplan Trevor Coughlin Autumn Marie Coulter Matthew John Cox Katherine Marie Curran John W. Cygan Yue Dai Gabriel Alonso Davila Coleton H. Dawson Matthew David de La Fe Pierre-Alexandre Jean Albert Gustave de Smet IV Jared Scott DeGroat Chaghig Demirjian Zhibin Deng, B.B.A., B.S. Elizabeth Spear Deodato Jacob John Derry, B.B.A. Monali Bankim Desai Samir B. Desai, B.B.A., B.S.E.C.S. Heather Franziska Desino Evan Andrew Dillon, B.B.A. Kristin DiMambro Lily M. Dipietro Caleb Ernest Doane James P. Dolan Michael Joseph Domiano Shawn Dong Thomas Matthew Donovan Christopher Charles Dooley Susan Huixian Doong Franklin George Downing III, B.B.A. Quan Du Alexis Dubreuil Alexander J. Dudek Nicole Melissa Duran Kelsey Laurel Ebeling, B.B.A. Andrew Kenneth Efimoff Dylan Ehrnst Hannah B. Eibner Gordon Eides Daniel Louis Eilender Brady J. Engel Jake Eriksen Tomas Martin Espinosa Joshua Estell Chazz Estelle Ethan Christopher Evans-Silverman, B.B.A. Simon Fahlander Michelle A. Fan Justin Peixu Fang Elizabeth J. Fawley Brandon Fazal Casey Jean Fealko Ariana Sarah Feder Jared Feldman Jonathan Abraham Felker Ryan Marc Fellman Andrew Felman Briana Feng Chloe May Ferguson Jacob H. Feuerborn Kevin D. Fietsam Andrew Brett Fink Jeffrey Scott Fischer Jonathan R. Fite Stephanie Marie Fotouhi, B.B.A. Chad Marshall Friedberg Jared C. Friedberg Jason James Friedberg, A.B., B.B.A. Emily Hannah Friedman Zachary J. Friedman Matthew S. Fryefield Daniel L. Fuhrer Paige Gagnon Le Yin Gan Jineet Atulkumar Gandhi, B.B.A. Vinayak Ganesh Shreeya Thakur Gangal Ajey Gangwani Maximillian C. Garcia Evan Samuel Garfinkel Kevin James Gay Joe Gazzarato Grant T. Geiger Megan Ann George, B.B.A. Amanda Gerdts Jordan Mitchell Gertzman Ahmad Tareq Ghazal Adam Christopher Giacomelli Rajeev Ginjupalli Thomas Andrew Girdler Michael Glatstein Emily Rose Glazer Zoe B. Glick Katherine E. Goda Riya Goel Shaleen Goel Abigail M. Goettelman Jonathan Hillel Goldenberg Joel Shepsel Goldstein, B.B.A. Robert Eytan Goldstein Ashley N. Gorman Emily Rebecca Gorman Anna Maria Gorzalski Dhara Jayesh Gosalia Samantha R. Gould Gauri Govil Gregory Peter Graham Nancy Ann Graham Anna Wolcott Gray, B.B.A., B.S.E.C.S. Cole Aspen Greenberg Zachary Haim Greenspan, B.B.A. Rowan Grewal Kathryn Ann Grier Lucy M. Grierson Benjamin Pierce Grissim Naomi K. Grossman Lakshmi Sridhar Guduguntla Mallik Murthy Guduguntla, B.B.A., B.S.E.Mech Matthew Guella Amanda Guo Naman Gupta Tarushi Gupta Angela Gutman Danielle Bessey Gutman Austin Haag Shana Jaye Haddad Sarrah Shabbir Hakim Graham Halperin, B.B.A. Jonathan T. Halpern Sarah Lindsey Hansen Alina Haque Chase C. Hardin Gabriel D. Harris Emily J. Harvey Archibald Samas Hauck Connor Hawley Griffin Haymes Emma Alice Hays Mia A. Heard Alexander R. Hedge Emma Rebecca Heiden Brian Robert Heiligenthal Madeline Heller Kelsey Henjes 43

46 STEPHEN M. ROSS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS 44 Oliver Daniel Henry Emily Catherine Herard Raul Omar Hernandez Calderon, B.B.A. Joseph T. Hertgen Aliza S. Herz Jennifer Ashley Hill Karishma Arun Hingorani Jonathan A. Hochberg Eldar Hoessel Cassandra Dell Hoffman, B.B.A. Luke H. Hoffman Kerri Anne Hogarth Addi Hollinshead, B.B.A. Jueui Hong Elyse Taleen Hovanesian Amy Y. Hu Vivian Yuanyuan Hu Yaqi Hu Daphne Huang Leo Ting En Huang Xiaoyi Huang Alexander Michael Hubers Megan Therese Hull Adam Jeffrey Humerick Carlton Lynn Hunter Farhad Hussain Andrew Cook Hyde Peterson Ianakiev Michael Yongkyun Im Conor James Irwin, B.B.A. Samuel L. Iryami Keishiro Sean Iwasaki Rohit Iyer Gabrielle Paige Izhakoff Sarah Maria Jabbour Jamie R. Jacobson Shriyance Jain Jessica Sara Jakoby Michael Mulqueen Jamieson Jonathan Dennis Jan Robert Thomas Janeway Peter D. Jen Kevin Jiang Claire Madeline Jilek Jason G. Jin Alexandra Haydon Johnson Corey Johnson, B.B.A. Erin Elizabeth Johnson Kenneth Johnson Wilson Joseph Jones Anthony F. Jonikas Andrew Scott Kahn Vijita Kamath Mobeen M. Kambod Bhavya Kapa, B.B.A. Juhi Harit Kapadia Aniruddha Kappagantu Anmol Kapur Adrian Gobind Karnani, B.B.A. Mitchell Jacob Kasselman Sean Katon Benjamin J. Katz Jordan Alexander Katz, B.B.A. Jordan Daniel Katz Grant Samuel Kaufman Arjun Kaushal Elayna Marie Kaylor Joseph Trevor Kemeny, B.B.A. Jonah Joseph Kemp Matthew Benton Kennedy Kenneth R. Kernen Samanth Ketha Sachin Satish Ketkar Ramis Said Khan Ameya Anand Khare Matthew J. Kikkert Ayleen Kim Dae Hee Kim Hyunjin Kim Irene Kim Jacklyn Kim Justin Chungman Kim Matthew Jaehyun Kim Suji Kim Yaeji Kim Ryan Scott King Jashan Daniel Kishore Shira Nehama Kitay Mallory D. Klar Kathleen Anne Kleabir Emma Sarah Klein Audrey Klomparens Maria Nicole Klots Benjamin Karl Knapp Keith James Knopp Bronson P. Knowles Anurag Koduri Sanjay Koduvalli Alison Beth Koff Mario Koje Ketan Subrahmanya Konanur Oliver Kornberg Prarthana Devi Kotagiri Prasanth Sai Kotha Daniella Elizabeth Kotlyar Adam Scott Kozek Jenna Leigh Kravitz Jarrell Hou Ku Nicholas A. Kuchar Jack R. Kuczmanski Joe Kuderer, B.B.A. Tanvi Kulkarni Avirath Kumar Samuel Joseph Kuznetsky Peter B. Kwitny William Bradley Laffrey Tracy Mei Lai, B.B.A. Peter Tague Lally Megan Katherine Lam Kaitlin Amberly Lambert Brett Ray Lancaster Catherine Alice Lanchak Dylan William Lange Eliza Keller Laramee Rob Lawrence Emily Rose Laws Ally P. Lazarus Brian (Juhyuk) Lee Chia-Yen Lee Dan Lee Sonia B. Lee Courtney E. Lepine Caitlin Danielle Leroux Steven Allen Lesha, Jr. Austin John Lessnau, B.B.A. Jacob S. Levin Mac Benjamin Levin William Matthew Levin Coby Todd Levine Justin Skyler Levine, B.B.A. Rachel L. Levine Kelly Anne Lewis, B.B.A. Cary Li Precilla Li, B.B.A. Tony Li Sydney Liberman Andrea Lin Michael Lin Cara Lisser Fenglin Liu Grace Liu Laurie Liu Richard Cong Liu Tiffany A. Liu Erin Nicole Loch Phillip R. Lodzinski Praveen Loganathan, B.B.A. Iuliia Lomakina Santiago Lostao Jason Z. Lu Kent Lui Courtney Rochelle Luk Trey Steven Lundmark Alisha Leena Luthra Ethan Aaron Lutz Michael A. Lutz Clayton Joseph Lyons Kate I. Lytchakov Annie Anni Ma Hannah Zhuohui Ma Hei Tung Fiona Ma Shafic Mackie Mara Curran Maclean Madison Rae MacRitchie Aayushi Chandresh Madani Daniel Paul Madion Tyler Makhani Varun Malhotra Maria Elisa Malinowski Courtney Jean Maliszewski Kyle John Mallon Meagan Kelly Malm Devon Maltz Nishitha R. Malugari Andrey Malyugin Diksha Manglani Zachary Mason Manheimer Jens Mariager Matthew Edward Massicotte Jonathan P. Mattos Justin Patrick McCarthy Abhishek J. McFarland Grace M. Mcgill Tanvi Mehta

47 Andrew Junhua Mei Joseph Mekhael Gohar Melkonyan Peri Lauren Mendelsohn, B.B.A. Gloria Meng Steven L. Meng Benjamin Noah Metzger Jacob Morgan Metzger, B.B.A. Ryan L. Metzger Kamala Meyyammai Meyyappan Jason Miller Michael James Miller, B.B.A. Jonni Mills Daniel Bruce Miron Alex Mitchell Mikaila Jae Mitchell, B.B.A. Simon Yifan Mo Devesh Modi Kunj Paulin Modi Nagendra Sai Mogasala Matthew Joseph Montaquila Ryan M. Montgomery Ryan Kurtz Moonka Alissa M. Moore Krunal R. Moradiya Ronald Mordkovich Leah Mariska More Carlie Allison Morrow Abhimanyu Muchhal Thisal Mudalige Sabrina Karen Mui Aditya Mukundan Tyler Mulier Conor John Mulvey Francesco Antonino Munaco, B.B.A. Radwan Adnan Munkarah Chanel Larae Murff Hopper Murray Ujwala Chikkatur Murthy, A.B., B.B.A. Andrew C. Murtland Stav Gil Nachum Ishan Srinivas Naidu Rahul Rakesh Nair Colleen Regina Natzke, B.B.A. Tristan Neeb Asher Michael Nelson Cameron Brandt Newman Kenta Andrew Nomoto Kai Christopher Norden, A.B., B.B.A. Dylan M. Nycz Evan M. Oesterle John Adam Oettinger Jacob L. Offir Jeffrey Ohl Jacqueline Lily Olofson Paige Elizabeth O Piela Veronica Orellana Rabi Osagie Madison Oshefsky Gabrielle K. Otto Matthew Adrian Overberg Maria Starr Pagnucco Jasmine Palakurthi Michael Joseph Palazzolo Alexander Pan Joseph Angelo Panella Jay Tushar Parekh Bhavik Himaxu Parikh Austen Christopher Colton Park, A.B., B.B.A. Byeungwook Park John Forbes Parker, Jr., B.B.A. Courtney Anne Parr Natalie Anne Pasicznyk Bhavik P. Patel Daksh Patel Heli J. Patel Kaivalya Tushar Patel Keny C. Patel Meghnee Jatin Patel Nisha M. Patel Rayna Deepak Patel Shivam Patel Sona Rattnadeep Patel Karolina Liucija Pazdrazdis Zachary Caleb Peltz Frank Sen Peng Ashley Peper Shane Corey Perlin Bradley J. Pineless Sandra Junko Plamondon Alison Platinsky Cara Elisabeth Pliakas, B.B.A. Shreyas Poddar Alexander Cullen Podges Justin Poliner Jake Robert Pothast Madisen Mae Powell Nicholas M. Pozsar Deepika Pradeep Rishi Prasad Austin Priebe Zoey Regina Provenzano Nicholas Donald Pung Geet V. Punjabi Michael Puza Nicky Xinyi Qiu Aaron Scott Rabinowe, B.B.A. Chelsea Mei Racelis Pranav Raj Lucian Ramnarase Craig J. Ramsdell Anna Rose Ranger Shreya Ranjan Benjamin Bhanu Rathi, B.B.A., B.S. Gautham Ravi Eli Isaac Ravid Casey Ann Read Vamsi Teja Gottigundala Reddy Andrew K. Reed Jack N. Reese Daniel Charles Reilly, B.B.A. Michael John Revord, Jr. Lucas V. Reynolds Jacob A. Riberi Yishai Ribon Christina Irene Ridella Allison I. Rivi Lauren Sylvia Roberto, B.B.A. Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Jr. Michael D. Roehmer Aaron Jacob Roer Jillian Marie Rogers Nico Romero Calvin Rong Nathanial Ian Rosenblum Dustin Jeremy Ross Madison C. Ross Jaclyn Taylor Roth Paul S. Rozek Sloane Rubin Enrique B. Ruiz Daniel Rush Nolan M. Rynecki Hannah Gail Sabey Michael J. Salciccioli Allyson P. Saltzman Keeyan Cameron Sanjasaz Austin Nicholas Santangelo Abhiram Sastry Yash Sathe Matthew Manuel Sattam Sarah Jessica Schachner Matthew Perry Schmidt Natalie Anne Schmidt Jordan Schwimmer Jack Hunter Scott Lauren Legrand Scott Agustin M. Scriven Noah Eric Seligson Lori Semerciyan Eric Donghyuck Seo Keshia Samantha Setiawan William Niles Sexton III, B.B.A. Kayla Nicole Shafran Alisha P. Shah Isha Shah Jeet Kamlesh Shah Nisarg Akhilesh Shah Parth Shah Shyam S. Shah Adam Shalem Ali Khare Shammout William F. Shao Jack Solomon Shapiro Heather Shen, B.B.A., B.S. Jackson Albert Shepherd Justin Sherman Atulya Arya Shetty Courtney Burke Shier, B.B.A. Youha Shin Jared Silber Kevin Austin Sinetar Devan K. Singh Henna Leone Singh Rohan Sinha Jake Alexander Sliman Kyle Thomas Slovis Aaron Joseph Small Alyssa Brooke Smiley Benjamin Gates Smith Lauren Augusta Smith, B.B.A. Nolan J. Smith Andrew Thomas Soenksen Jacob R. Sokol Jeffrey Solomon Ankur A. Somani Rama Somayajula Tracy Morgan Sonnabend Alexandra Sonya, B.B.A. Christian Thomas Speier Matthew Spinelli Shreeya Srinivasan Raina Srivastava Shobit Dayal Srivastava Owen Charles Staiger Katherine Carrigan Stankey Jordan Isaiah Stanton 45

48 STEPHEN M. ROSS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Nicole Deanne Stark Mitchell G. Stathakis Glen Reid Stegman Alex Steilen Micah Stein Anika Devi Stephen Jake Rowan Steslicki Sammy D. Stone Jonathan Raymond Stoneback Isaiah Jon Stone-Wheatley Sarah Ann Stormzand Robert Stout Crede Strauser Madeline Elizabeth Stroin Ryan William Strong, A.B., B.B.A. Jacob Patrick Stropes John Courage McLaren Stroud Rachel Kathleen Stuhldreher Jason William Styles Jason Wei-Wei Su Pooja Lakshmi Subramaniam Sita Subramanian Alexander Jonathon Sudolsky Mihir Surapaneni Blaise Xavier Surhigh Alyssa Devi Sutanto Thejas Komarraju Suvarna Kyrstin Elizabeth Swan Brooke Lauren Swartz Wiktor Tomasz Szrek Husain Idris Taher Tala Mohamad Taleb Karan Talreja Anna Tamshinsky Helen Bin Hong Tan Michael Jiaming Tang Ankitha Taranath, B.B.A. Craig I. Tarnopol Junsei Tei Evan Teich Zachary Haupt Teiger Vince P. Tierney Ryan James Tish Kyle Patrick Tobias John Tobin Brad Tongco Alena N. Tonne Matthias Erik Toomel Cheok In Tou Thao My Tran Amy De Trenh Stephanie Anne Trierweiler Jacqueline Tsontakis Rachel Nora Tucker, B.B.A. Ethan S. Tuckman Connor M. Tullis Jamal Hussein Turfe Mahfus Uddin Rebecca Hailey Uhr Rahil Shiraz Ukani Samuel G. Ungerleider Zachary Scott Vance Ryan James Vanslyck, B.B.A. Danielle Joy Vanzura Andrew Brandon Vaysman Max J. Vorcheimer Lillian A. Vorse Benjamin Wachtel Taylor N. Wade Robert W. Wagman Lauryn Brianna Walker Garrett Alexander Wallace Nicholas David Walsh Alexander Francis Wang Christopher Hao Wang, B.B.A. Hannah Wang Zhiyi Wang Zixuan Wang Isaiah O. Wartell Jake Garret Wasserman Caylin Elizabeth Waters Erin Martha Watkins, B.B.A. Mitchell B. Watsky Louis Waxman Joseph J. Weber Max Wei Jacob Adam Weinberg, B.B.A. Merrick I. Weingarten Mary Elizabeth Weipert Alex Samuel Weiss Suzanne Lee Weiss Josh P. Weissman Benjamin L. Wellek Jonathan D. Wellek Nolan Allan Wendling Claire M. Westerlund Andrew Thomas Westphal Tess M. Whitaker Thomas Max Wiegman Nicole Wiesenfeld Alexandre Sherman Bernard Wiggins Gianni V. Wile Justin Michael Williams Matthew R. Williams, A.B., B.B.A. Tyler Christopher Winterich, B.B.A. David Eyal Woldenberg Benjamin C. Wolf Sierre Marie Wolfkostin Corinne Wong Vanessa Wong Sarah Kristine Wood Tim Worley Ross Michael Wright Anbang Wu, B.B.A. Chuxin Wu Howard Hao Wu Langsi Wu Gaohua Xia Sarah Xie George Xu Yue Xu Nikki Yadon, B.B.A. Daniel Y. Yang Jeff Yang Jennifer Anne Yang Katherine Ye Yang Kera Yao Yang Kevin Tang Yang Kimberly L. Yang Ryan Y. Yang Claire Lillie Yerman Gary Ka Hou Yeung Isabelle F. Yono Chelsea Anna Young Johnny Zonghao Young Amy Yu Boyang Yu Peijia Yu Agnieszka Monika Zajac Bethany J. Zalewski Julia Zazove Victor T. Zeng Matthew Stephen Zero Katelin Lee Zetzman Connie Xinyi Zhang Ella Zhang Jeffrey Zhang Jennifer Zhang Kevin Zhang Richard Ming Zhang Yiwei Zhang Jeffery Zheng Sarah Sun Zheng Andrew J. Zhou Cindy Yang Zhou Kevin Zhou Charlotte Sarah Zukauckas Gregory Cole Zuroff Zachary Adam Zymet 46

49 SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY Carley Rose Ames Kaitlin Rose Boe Harneet Kaur Braich Tristan Marie Clark Colleen Anna Doran Ranna Bassam El-Khatib Joseph Belgica Eusebio Natalie Farah Jumanah Noor Khan Caitlyn Alexandria Kiernan Katrina Lee Lovett Meredith M. McEachern Alice Ou Katharine Anne Paramo Marissa Pascarella Anne Marie Wang Christy Marie Weidmayer SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Tess Elizabeth Adams Cecilia Marie Bala Tyler Barkacs Colleen Marie Bertoni Delaney Clarissa-Ruth Brewer Madeleine David Caughey Austin Alexander Chin Brittney Nichole Crawford Arianna Catherine Mae Dixon Jennifer Lynn Dixon Jessica Lynne English Sharae D. Franklin Kristina Maria Garza Anastasia Stacey Georginis Nicolette Jenna Gold Julia Rosslyn Gwizdz Lauren Ann Heide Charles Held Jennifer Grace Hogue Macy Elizabeth Holmberg Abigail Marie Hultgren Alexis Breeanna Huyck Tiffany Huynh Tianjia Jin Samantha Kadian Rachel Lauren Kestenberg Hannah Lily Klayman Emily Lauren Konkel Nicole Taylor Krings Jessica Yi-Ching Ma David Ellis Mack Ariel Ruth Martin Nicholas Joseph Maternowski Ricky Mei Elynor Grace Michel Fatima H. Mohamed Emily Anne Murray Ellen Renee Nulty McKenzie Lee Ogden Corey Mathew Ortiz Victoria Paternoster Kathryn Nicole Pelton Kaley Elizabeth Peterson Brenna Elizabeth Potter Dimitri James Robert Przeslawski Laura Ann Rall Gabrielle Anna Rubinstein Miranda R. Schaffer Alison Emily Shoemaker Carly Rose Silverstein Judi Siyaj Madeline Stagner Athena Maria Stavropoulos Ashley Danielle Stern Abigail Ruth Stull Carly Rachel Taub Dominique Marie Tencza Guadalupe Ventura Siobhan Linda Walsh Jessica Jordan Wolma COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Yaman Mohammad Abdulhak, B.S., B.S.E.C.S. Austin Gilden Abdun-Nabi Sara Ann Abraham James Abrams Mark Barret Adamaszek, B.S.E.Ch E Michael Adams Brendan D. Adkins Eytan J. Adler Alexander Mark Adrain Anselm Saung Adrian Anak Christopher Arushi Agarwal Evan James Agattas, B.S.E.C.S. Ashok Khare Aggarwal Vinayak S. Ahluwalia Moe Ahmad, B.S.E.C.S. Paul Ahnn Sam Aidala Athulya Ajoykrishnan Paul Eniola Akande, B.S.E.Mech Engin Cem Akdemir Sinem Akinci Saruf Alam Trevor Paul Alberts Daniel Scott Alers Paul Chris Alexopoulos Joshua Algranati Mohamad Nazeer Alhalabi Saeed Ahmed Saif Mohammed AlJaberi, B.S.E.Mech David C. Allen Michael James Allen Anaflavia Almendras Reyes Usama Al-Qadi Jonathan J. Altes Divyang Mayank Amin Foivi Amparioti Chanon Amphan Yifu An Yilei An, B.S.E.C.S. Charles Thomas Anderson Peter Andreasson Rico Charles Angell, B.S.E.C.S. Hariprasad Annamalai Lauren Alyssa Annes, B.S.E.I.O. Ahsan Ahmad Ansari Andrew Xiang Ao, B.S.E.B.E., M.S.E. Ryan Andrew Aoki Elaine Terese Apaza, B.S.E.C.S. Kirsten Apel Michael A. Apone Pranavi Aradhyula Ruby Araj Raghu Arghal Kate Arnson, B.S.E.Civ Sion Gil Aronoff Ayush Arora Tarini Arte Arjun Arunasalam Michael Maher Arwashan Kathleen M. Ascrizzi Adam James Assink 47

50 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING 48 Alexander Atkinson Calista Aurelia Atmadja Sumayya A. Atmeh, B.S.E.Mech Austin Michael Avery Joshua Aviles, B.S.E.Aero Kieran John Baack Jeremy M. Babinet Cecile M. Baeza Noah Joseph Bagazinski Yunsheng Bai, B.S.E.Comp Reid J. Bailey John Franklin Baker Mike Baker Tyler James Baker Sravan Balaji Anjali Umesh Balani Kyle Francis Balog, B.S.E.I.O. Pranita Sri Balusu Daniel Paul Bannigan Iris Bao Wenbo Bao, B.S.E.Elec Aya Talal Barakat, B.S.E.Elec Ari Peter Baranian Bryce Cole Barlow, B.S.E.Mech Chase Aidan Barlow Brian Kent Barnes Ryan Douglas Barnhart Alistair Barrell, B.S.E.C.S. Melissa Marie Barros Thomas Andrew Bartlett Annie Rose Bashaw, B.S.E.Comp Hannah Lynn Bashore Patrick Michael Bassett, B.S.E.Ch E Aditi Batra Christopher Jack Bauer Natalie Marita Baughan Natalie Baxter Adrien Beaufils Corinne Elizabeth Beemer Henry Dietz Beh Thomas Richard Bejin Sanjana Belani Mackenna Anne Bell, B.S.E.Env Zachary J. Beller Sai Bharath Bendi Maya Ben-Efraim Austin Roger Benoit Divans Beqi Jacob D. Bergamin Ross Bernard Joe Bertha Cameron Lester Beversluis Cormac Andrewgalvin Bevins, B.S.E.Mech Ethan M. Bezzina Shriharimurt Bhaskaramurthi Janyu Jaimini Bhatt, B.S.E.Aero Sarika Bhatt Nirvan Bhattacharyya Rishi S. Bhuta, B.S.E.C.S. Kevin Bi Corey Alexander Biddle, B.S.E.Ch E Neha Shankari Bidthanapally Jake Olson Biegger David Robert Bielski Arun L. Bishop Jay E. Blackwell Brendan Charles Blake Tristan M. Blanzy Nathan Herschel Block Nicholas Bloem Anders J. Boberg Adam Lee Bogart Christopher Ayre Boggs, B.S.E.C.S. Sarah Elizabeth Bohen, B.S.E.Env Daniel Thomas Bohnett Samuel Boling Sahit Bollineni Ceyda Bolukbasi Spruce Nekoosa Bondera Michael Bondin Keaton Christopher Bonds Peter J. Bongiorni Blake Kristin Bormes Garret Nicholas Borton, B.S.E.Aero Chidi Marie Bosah Connor Giggey Boschert Colin M. Bott Matthew Steven Bott Emmett McGlone Boyle John Edward Bradley Sutton Louis Bradley Samantha L. Braham Benjamin G. Brandstadt Casey Enea Brantner Brandon Brathwaite Margaret Braunreuther Joseph R. Brenner Stephanie Marina Brereton, B.S.E.I.O. Keith Minoru Brodek Sabrina Inger Halima Brogren Adam C. Brown Andrew Chu Brown Angela T. Brown Brice Alexander Brown, B.S.E.Ch E Hannah M. Brown Martin Alexander Brown Michael Irwin Brown Peter W. Bruchnak Josiah Stephen Bruner Daniel Luis Bruni Jiaqing Bu, B.S.E.Elec Cameron Buccellato Reed Augustus Buchholz Winston Budiman Robert D. Buechler Joseph Bernard Buiteweg Alan Burggren Courtney Julia Burns Zachary Burns Joseph Charles Bursten Michael R. Burton Kyler Dane Bush Nicholas Anthony Busuito Christopher Jons Buswinka Salwan Butrus Hallie H. Byles Valli C, B.S.E.C.S. Melissa Andrea Cadena Albert R. Cai Eddie Cai Jiongsheng Cai Drew Emil Calcaterra, B.S.E.B.E. Heather Ann Calcaterra Harris Calhoun Seamus M. Callaghan Sarah Callan Linnan Cao Yizhou Cao Maxwell Emerson Caplow Christopher Nicholas Cardoso, B.S.E.I.O. Dylan J. Carleton Kenny Carlsen, B.S.E.Elec Jordan Todd Carlson Rachel Caron Andria Murphy Carpenter, B.S.E.Ch E Cooper Jay Greenwalt Carpenter James William Carpenter, B.S.E.Nav Ivan Jose Carrasco Alex Takuya Carroll Chase Alexander Carto John W. Carvill Jordan Kelly Case Trevor L. Casey Dylan Joseph Cash Katharine Casselton Charlie Castelli Luis Omar Castillo Zachary James Cavazos William Michael Cayo, B.S.E.C.S. Mikaela Marie Cesario Jad K. Chaar Terry Chairul, B.S.E.I.O. Amanda Lee Chamberlain, B.S.E.Mech Matthew Scott Chamberlain Anna Katherine Chambers Che Chan Eric Chan Laine Katherine Chan Rohan S. Chandran David Chung-Po Chang Eric Kaimeng Chang, B.S.E.Mech Jasmine C. Chang Jason Kyle Chang Jiang Chang Joy Catherine Chang, B.S.E.I.O. James Michael Chapman James Hok-Him Chau Bradley Joseph Check Alex H. Chen Andra Yuting Chen Austin Ku Chen Derek M. Chen Dong Yi Chen Han Chen Haoyang Chen, B.S.E.Elec Jenny Chen, B.S.E.C.S. Jiexin Chen, B.S.E.Mech Jinlei Chen, B.S.E.C.S. Joyce Chen Keyu Chen Lili Chen

51 Lynn Chen Mengjie Chen Michelle Chen Nicole Alexandra Chen Rui Chen, B.S.E.Comp Sarah Christine Chen Troy Yian Chen Valerie Li-Chi Chen, B.S.E.Mech Victor Chen Xinheng Chen Yitong Chen Zheng Chen Zhengxu Chen, B.S.E.C.S. Zhexuan Chen Zhiyi Chen, B.S.E.Mech Kai Ren A. Cheng Janani Chinnam Patrick James Chirumbole Nicole Chiu, B.S.E.M.S. Tae Ho Cho Daniel J. Choi, B.S.E.C.S. Dong Il Choi, B.S.E.I.O. Janghoon Choi Jukyung Choi Yunseok Choi Patrick Chong Jin Hua Brian Chu Shihcheng Andrew Chu, B.S.E.Mech Hyun A Chung Long Kiu Chung Joanna Lena Ciatti Alexa Leigh Cichon, B.S.E.Ch E Mitchell Dennis Cin Haley E. Clafton Julia May Clark Jack Olson Claucherty David Scott Cleveland Jacob Samuel Close Benjamin Leonard Cohen Rebecca Lauren Cohn, B.S.E.M.S. Val Coldren, B.S.E.Mech Christine Elena Collins Courtney Noelle Congdon, B.S.E.I.O. Kelly M. Conlon Nicholas J. Connelly Aidan Joseph Connolly Danielle Connolly, B.S.E.C.S. Cassandra Lynn Cook, B.S.E.I.O. D Arcy Elaine Cook, A.B., B.S.E.Ch E Kyle Keith-Alan Cooley, B.S.E.C.S. Mitchel J. Coon Jacob Russell Cooper Palmer Corbett Michael John Corcoran, B.S., B.S.E.C.S. Benjamin Gabriel Greenley Corson Guilherme Costa Nascimento Joseph T. Costello Connor Joseph Coughlin, B.S.E.C.S. Charles Gregory Coutteau, B.S.E.I.O. Rachel Lynn Couvreur Carson Summers Covell, B.S.E.C.S. Margaret Alice Covello, B.S.E.Ch E Joseph Andrew Craig Tamara Michelle Craven, B.S.E.I.O. Daniel Jurgens Crecca Geoffry Michael Croley Rodrigo Cuba Zhengyuan Cui Joshua T. Cukier Bryan Todd Culbert Trever Thomas Cullen Thomas John Cummings Andrew Joseph Custer, B.S.E.B.E. Dina Rachel Cwagenberg Sahil Sanjiv Dagli Yue Dai Jennifer Lynne Dailey, B.S.E.C.S. Philip Dakin Hristo Dragomirov Dakov Elizabeth Ann Dale Michael Benjamin Daly Ayana Tsyrenovna Dambaeva, B.S.E.B.E. Ethen H. Daniels Ryan Michael Danko, B.S.E.B.E. Travis A. Dantzer Aditya Das Stuart Richard Daudlin Troy Nathaniel Dean Stefano Joseph DeBellis, B.S.E.Mech Julia Carol Debolt Sotirios Dedes Matthew Timothy Dee Lindsay Thomas Deffarges Brenton Allan DeGeer Megan Renee Dehart Tyler Jason Del Rose Ryan Matthew Delaney Marissa Nicole DeLang, B.S.E.Ch E Antonia Deller Bethany Rose DeMarco Maria C. DeMuri, B.S.E.Civ Binghao Deng Andrew William Denniston Travis Garvin Deprato Michaella Marie DeRubeis, B.S.E.Civ Seraj N. Desai Matthew Ryan Deschaine, B.S.E.Mech Erin C. Deutschman Neal Ashok Dev, B.S.E.NERS Joseph Michael Diberardino Rachel Rose Dienstag, B.S.E.I.O. Maria Dimayorca Yifan Ding, B.S.E.Mech Emily Rose Dixon Elijah Dobos Wade Russell Dodge Almira Ebru Dogruyol Tal Dohn Richard John Doktycz Caitlyn Anne Dolan Sam Dolphin Steven Domagalski Paul Simon Domanico Brian Michael-Anatoli Domanski Kostya Kevin Dombrovski Jeffrey Dominic Benjamin Pesach Solomon Donitz Conor J. Donohue Joseph Walsh Donohue Nicholas Tyler Donovan Matthew William Dorow Jason Dou Matthew Walker Dreisbach Allen Jerry Du, B.S.E.Elec Wendy Du Yan Du John David Dubois, B.S.E.C.S. Veronika Dubravec Isaac Edward Dubuque Garrett W. Duckworth Samuel Albert Duerr IV, B.S.E.I.O. Allyson Irene Dugan Christopher Louis Dulzo Emily Kate Durisin Ian Williammiller Duvall, B.S.E.C.S. Max Dykhuizen Andrew David Dykstra Adam J. Dziedzic Allison K. Easton Alissa Marie Ebenhoeh, B.S.E.B.E. Thomas Eberle Samuel Joseph Edwards, B.S.E.Nav Chelsie A. Eiden Jack H. Eisentrout Jose Rone Habaradas Eisma Lainie E. Eisner Joshua Naif Ejbeh-Agby, B.S.E.C.S., B.S.E.Mech Matthew Lawrence Elani Jack Thomas Elder, B.S.E.Aero Lucas Alden Elenbaas Reebehl George El-Hage, B.S., B.S.E.Aero Michael A. Ellis Nasim S. Emamdjomeh, B.S.E.Ch E John William Emaus Elvhin Joseph Jimenez Encarnacion Raymond S. Engle Nicholas Robert English, B.S.E.Nav Marina Engstrom Nnamdi Collins Enwereuzo Murat Ersalman Aydin Fakhimi Eskafi Alexander Neil Eskenazi-Gold Nathan Estell Nathan Richard Estes, B.S.E.I.O. Alec Leon Evan, B.S.E.I.O. Joshua T. Fagerlin Duncan Robert Fairbanks, B.S.E.Comp John X. Fan Zixing Fan, B.S.E.Ch E Wenjie Fang, B.S.E.C.S. Sahil A. Farishta Olivia Rose Fassezke Aneeqa Fatima Ryan Nicholas Fattal Ryan Faulkner Stephen Joseph Fedak, B.S.E.Ch E Taylor A. Feddersen Nolan Kim Feeny Aaron William Fein, B.S.E.I.O. Saul Anthony Feit Alexander David Feleo Rachel Beth Fenberg Shi Hao Feng Nathan Robert Fenner Cara A. Ferguson Patrick John Ferris Julian Andres Fiallo Michael Edward Ficaro Noah Samuel Fidel Nataly M. Figueroa Cameron L. Fish Michael Anthony Fisher Peter Dallas Fitchen Joshua T. Fitzpatrick 49

52 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING 50 Peter James Flanagan Megan Rose Flint, B.S.E.B.E. Peter Michael Fogel, B.S.E.B.E. Raymond Fok Claire E. Foley Kevin Edward Foley, B.S.E.Civ, B.S.E.Env Taaron M. Foote Rachel Nicole Forsyth, B.S.E.Ch E Christina Marie Fosheim-Hoag Preston J. Fossee Ashley E. Foster Andrew Ward Fountain, B.S.E.I.O. Kimberly Marie Frauhammer, B.S.E.Clim Morgan Elaine Freeby Carolina Hennig Frey Austin Seth Friedant Chen Fu, B.S.E.Elec Justin Ming Fu Ashwin Yujiro Fujii, B.S.E.C.S. Sidnie Rachael Futerman Manav Gabhawala, B.S.E.C.S. Adam Scott Gaboury Cameron Gagnon, B.S.E.C.S. Jan Kristyn Gagstetter Devin James Gallagher, B.S.E.M.S. Hannah Marie Cox Gannon, B.S.E.B.E. Lingyun Gao, B.S.E.Elec Lucy Gao Mingjie Gao Kathryn Lynn Garelli, B.S.E.C.S. Emily Marie Gargulinski, B.S.E.Clim Zachary M. Gdowski Tiancheng Ge Michael Joseph Geiger Evelyn Seavoy Gendron, B.S.E.I.O. Bradley Scott Geordt Matthew V. George Colton Gerber Paul Joseph Gerisch Benjamin John Getz Yusuf Kamal Ghani, B.S.E.I.O. Christopher Gabriel Gidley, B.S.E.B.E. Nathan Patrick Giha Matthew David Gilbert Molly Elizabeth Gilbert Eric Taylor Gilkey Madeline Anne Gilleran, B.S.E.Mech Maeve C. Gillis Tasha Alexis Gillum, B.S.E.I.O. Brendan Robert Gimby Alexander Girgis Max Jared Gittelman, B.S.E.C.S. Robert Brett Gitten, B.S.E.Aero Alex Jason Glassman, B.S.E.I.O. Nicholas Anthony Gloria, B.S.E.Aero Austin Scott Glover, B.S.E.Mech Grant Lyon Glover Steven Edward Godbold, B.S.E.C.S. Levi Stanislaw Godin Louis Joseph Goedker Alec H. Goldberg Leora Esther Goldbloomhelzner, B.S.E.B.E. Benjamin D. Golder, B.S.E.Mech Elijah Goldin Caleb Glen Goldstein Megan Marie Gomba, B.S.E.B.E. Zhaojie Gong Evan Licup Gonzales Todd Goodall, B.S.E.C.S. Amy Elizabeth Goodell, B.S.E.Mech Mara Gordon Tali Gorokhovsky Jessica M. Goshorn Rashmika Goswami, B.S.E.C.S. Matthew Aidan Grant Benjamin Jacinto-Mcmurrer Greaves, B.S.E.Mech Kari Lucille Green, B.S.E.C.S. Kevin Jay Green, B.S.E.Mech Lauren Green Max A. Greenbaum Robbie Seth Greenberg Stefan F. Greenberg Daniel H. Greenblatt Kevin Paul Greenman Abigail Elise Grobbel, B.S.E.C.S. Grant Gerard Groshek Maxwell Relles Gross Trevor Michael Gross Esther Gu Michelle M. Gu Yide Gu Erin Guder Seguin Joseph Guerrero Shuvro Guha Trevor Lewis Gullstad Brian Z. Guo Derek Guo Edric Guo Vedant Gupta Utku Gurkan Aaron Michael Haack Samuel M. Habbo-Gavin George Marcos Hadjicharalambous Shariq Syed Hafeez Maggie Hafers Daniel J. Haines Daniel Dwight Haley Colin Michael Halow Max Hamilton Alexandra Hannah Hamlock Fang Han Heming Han Xu Han Zhuoran Han, B.S.E.NERS Vinay Vishwanath Hanasoge Drew Colman Hanley, B.S.E.Elec Cameron R. Hanlon Wyatt Josiah Hanna Lucas George Hansen Eric Hao Justin Hao Yifan Hao, B.S.E.Comp Zhijian Hao Kunal Chandrakant Haria Genan Harissa Megan Elizabeth Harkema Cameron J. Harris Stuart R. Hart Robert O. Hatch Chun He Jiaqi He Wen He Alaina Lenore Headrick Lauren Elizabeth Heibeck, B.S.E.I.O. Casey A. Hempel Kathryn Victoria Henry Fernando Hernandez Giuliana Herrera Benjamin J. Hesse Samantha Hidajat, B.S.E.Mech Rahul Hingorani Jessica Hirsh Lauren Elise Hix Iris Ho Matthew Hoberman Nicholas Hodgman Adam Nicholas Hoef Andrew Donald Hoffman Brandon Peter Hoffman, B.S.E.Mech Evan D. Hoffman Trevor James Hoffman Stephanie Christine Hoglund Carson Lewis Hoke Joel Holland Kaitlyn Sharon Holmstrom, B.S.E.Mech Jhuree Hong Kristin J. HooSang Matthew Christopher Hopkins Mackenzie Rose Horton Reed Wesley Hostrander Yijun Hou, B.S.E.Comp Stein Jeffrey Housner Jason Samuel Hoving, B.S.E.Mech Maximilian P. Howarth Ryan Hrinya Justin Lin Hsieh, B.S.E.Comp Herbert Hsu Pheebe Hsu Rachel S. Hsu Sean Hsu Christopher Hu Jingyao Hu Weifeng Hu Xiaoer Hu, B.S.E.M.S. Xinyu Hu Michael Hua Chengyang Huang Daniel J. Huang Eric Lee Huang, B.S.E.Comp Jiale Huang Minghui Huang Olena Lanxin Huang, B.S.E.C.S. Steven Lingxiao Huang Thomas Edward Huang Yanda Huang, B.S.E.Comp Zanhua Huang Jaren P. Hubal Gwendolyn Rita Hubbard, B.S.E.Civ

53 Carli Huber Robert Carr Huddleston, B.S.E.Comp Christopher Michael Hudson Abigail Huff Austin Taylor Huffman Jenny Yoonkyung Huh, B.S.E.Ch E Brooke Donna Huisman, B.S.E.B.E. Colin Patrick Huls Chandler James Humphrey Josiah Benjamin Humphrey Audrey Elizabeth Hunt Claire Victoria Husselbee Lauren Alexandra Hutchins, B.S.E.Mech Brianna Coren Hutchison Jae Hyun Hwang, B.S.E.Mech Jin Soo Ihm Ritsuma Albert Inaba Marissa Inga Edward Ionescu Caleb Jeffery Irvin Jackson Curtis Irwin Jean Yves Ishimwe, B.S.E.Elec Emily Jean Iwanski Brendan Lawrence Jackson Ross Loyd Jackson Kevin M. Jacobs Sydney Susanne Jacques Adithi Jagannadhan Prateek Jain Suraj Jaipalli, B.S.E.Ch E Saif Jamal Vineet Jammalamadaka Noa Jeremias Amolak S. Jhand Jason Yang Ji Andy K. Jiang Cheng Jiang George Jiang Jianan Jiang Kevin Cai Jiang Perry Jiang Xinyun Jiang Yifan Jiang Zhang Jiang Jose Antonio Jimenez Rocha, B.S.E.Comp Allen Jin Shen Jin, B.S.E.Elec Yezhi Jin Andrew R. Johnson Jeremiah Lee Johnson Michael Gustav Johnson Nathaniel Johnson Ryan T. Johnson Timothy Mark Johnson Holly Isobel Johnston, B.S.E.I.O. Caleb M. Jones Eric T. Jones Sean Christopher Jones Shannon Laura Jones Justin John Joseph Shivani Joshi Samuel Wayne June Jeremy Isaac Kach Austin R. Kaczmarek Joshua Edmund Neugebohr Kahn Sachie Kakehi Sarah L. Kalasky Nicholas William Kamp Dennis Kanarsky, B.S.E.Comp Kartikeya Kandula Nathan Patrick Kane Peter Henry Kaplan Anisha Kapoor, B.S.E.I.O. Taruna Kar Matthew David Karas Pande Putu Adysti Kardi Moksh Jagdish Karira Trenton Davis Karle Sunny Karnan, B.S.E.B.E. Landon Charles Kartes Sharang Sanjay Karve Youssef Hesham Abdelmaged Katamish, B.S., B.S.E.C.S. Nolan Maisheng Kataoka Michael Eran Katz Christian Daniel Kavouras Sisira Kavuri Celia Grace Keany, B.S.E.Ch E Michelle Elizabeth Kearney Yeabsera Kebede Emma Amelia Keegan Andrew Edward Keene Ishi Medora Keenum, B.S.E.Env Ramana Keerthi Emma Cecilia Kellenberg Callewaert Adam Michael Keller, B.S.E.Elec Christopher Bruce Kelley Walter Thomas Kelso III Patrick Kevin Kenney Julia Florence Kerst Jason Daniel Kertayasa Danielle R. Kessler Richard N. Khalily Pranav Surendra Khambete, B.S.E.Mech Mohammad Rahat Khan Sheehan Hasan Khan Neil Khandwala Azzaya Khasbaatar Zaid Nazih Khatib Saad S. Khatri Kevin Daniel Khosrovaneh, B.S.E.Mech Tarun Salim Khubchandani Trevor Kieras Anusha Kikkeri Ji Hyun Kim Jung Hyuk Kim, B.S.E.Mech Justin Seokyoung Kim, B.S.E.C.S. Kyungjun Kim Samuel Chong Kim ShinDong Kim Taeho Kim Yoonjoo Kim Yusun Kim, B.S.E.Ch E Mason Michael Kinter, B.S.E.Ch E George C. Kitromelides Noah A. Kleedtke Ryan H. Klein Abby Kleinheksel, B.S.E.Env Michael C. Klettner Harriet Emilee Knapp, B.S.E.Ch E Christopher R. Knebel Joshua D. Knebel Christian Alexander Kneubel Luke E. Knowles Joshua Tyler Knox Paul Knudsen Eileen Katherine Kocherlakota Eva Marie Koester, B.S.E.Env Robert T. Kohring Paige Lynne Kohrs-Herwig Noriyuki Kojima Kevin Alan Kolstad Mahmoud M. Komaiha Fanzhong Kong Dominik Alexander Konik Irina Kopyeva Nicholas Alan Kortman Rahul Krishna Kosgi John Michael Koster, B.S.E.C.S. Amit Kothekar Ilkka Kalevi Kovanen, B.S.E.I.O. Wyatt Shane Kowall, B.S.E.Mech Richard Joseph Kraay Matthew Kramer Madison Francis Kraniak Joshua Davis Kremers Vladimir Krokhmal Alexander P. Krueger Connor Joseph Krupp Rachel Fiona Krupp Christopher Alexander Krystek II Kevin Andrew Kuang, B.S.E.C.S. David A. Kucher Chris Kuenzer Kevin James Kulat Grant Kulik Mehul Bhushan Kulkarni Akash Jayanth Kumar Eamon Wolfgang Phelps Kummert Sumitro Kurniawan, B.S.E.I.O. Varun M. Kutirakulam Cassandra Jean Kuyawa Emily H. Kwapis Karan Kwatra Gilbert Russell Ladd V, B.S.E.C.S. Mitchell Bradley Lafaive Joseph Andrew Lafayette Shariq Lalani, B.S.E.Mech Gerald Benjamin Lam Tianmu Lan, B.S.E.Comp David Ross Lapidus Alexander Scott Laporte Tyler Andrew Laredo Peter Duke Larsen, B.S.E.C.S. Connor James Larson, B.S.E.D.S. Dayna Linda Larson Marc Reuben Lashner Umang Amit Lathia Derek Doug-Kit Lau Katy Li-Wah Lau Will Haven Laughner Nathan Gerard Lawera Dylan Graham Lawton Brianna Marie Lax, B.S.E.Ch E Gregory Lazar Austin Binh Le Hankyeol Lee, B.S.E.NERS Il Jae Lee Jaegeun Lee Jaehwan Lee James Lee Justin Lee Marcus Lee Perry Lee Evan Christian Leppink 51

54 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING 52 Evan William Lerner Catrina Ayaka Letterman Rachel Mary Levenson, B.S.E.M.S. Bradley William Levin Robert Benjamin Levy Zachary John Lewandowski Robert Lewis Ryden Christopher Lewis Zenon P. Lewyckyj Adam W. Ley Alan Yaohang Li Dora Lingfan Li, B.S.E.Elec Eric Yang Li Hanxiang Li, B.S.E.Aero Hermione Li Jiaoyang Li Jonathan M. Li Kevin Li Kevin Li, B.S.E.E.P. Keyang Li Maxwell Weihao Li, B.S.E.Elec Qinye Li, B.S.E.C.S. Renze Li Siying Li, B.S.E.Comp Tsz Hei Li, B.S.E.I.O. Weiyang Li Xiang Li, B.S.E.I.O. Yi Li Zhongshu Li Zidong Li, B.S.E.Elec Zihan Li Zixuan Li Andong Luis Li Zhao Shurong Liang Junren Liao Dashiell Jonah Lieberman Rebecca K. Lies Jasen Liman Alexander C. Lin Beldon Chi Lin Erinjen Wu Lin, B.S.E.C.S. Sabrina Lin Timmy Lin Yuhan Lin Nicholas Joseph Linck Daniel Akira Lindenmuth Kathryn Marie Lindstrom, B.S.E.Ch E Bogart Lipe Jonathan Lipworth, B.S.E.C.S. Stephen James Lisius Aaron Y. Liu Bryan Q. Liu Catherine Ziyu Liu Christina Yan Liu Enya Liu Jason Liu Junlin Liu Kaiwen Liu, B.S.E.Mech Kevin Liu Liang Liu, B.S.E.Aero, B.S.E.C.S. Megan Lifei Liu Tong Liu, B.S.E.C.S. Vicki Liu, B.S.E.C.S. Xiaoshu Liu, B.S.E.Elec Xieyang Liu, B.S.E.C.S. Yifei Liu, B.S.E.I.O. Yuheng Liu Yuzhang Liu Albert Lo Colin James Lockareff, B.S.E.C.S. Jenna Michelle Locricchio Duane Robert London, B.S.E.Elec Issac J. Loo Bailey Leigh Lopez Ricardo Lopez Brendan P. Lount Bassel Mowia Louzon Nicholas John Lowe, B.S.E.Env Quincy Joseph Lowman IV Jordan A. Lozinski Ericka E. Lozon Aaron Chiwei Lu, B.S.E.Aero Anyu Lu Tianle Lu Timothy Lu, B.S.E.I.O. William Zeyong Lu Yang Lu Ziwen Lu Derek Lukacs Kern Luo Xiao Kai Luo, B.S.E.Aero Yawen Luo, B.S.E.C.S., B.S.E.NERS Yijun Luo Yiting Luo Joshua Lustig Dylan Quincy Lynch Jenna Marie Lynch Andrew Li Ma Brian David Ma, B.S.E.C.S. Lingnan Ma, B.S.E.C.S. Connor Reed Mackey Brendan G. Macklem Anne Keiko Magnus, B.S.E.Civ Jack Brennan Magri, B.S.E.Env Mohammed Minhajuddin Majid Elizabeth Anne Malan Ibraheem Abdul Haadi Malik Justin Malin Robert P. Malinas Joseph Malle Rohan Mallya Bogdan Alexandru Manga Marissa Renee Maniaci Jasmine Lynne Mapes Karl Marco, B.S., B.S.E.C.S. Nicholas Carter Patrick Mariam Brent Harrison Marieb David Hunter Mark Jacob Alexander Marks, B.S.E.C.S. John Edmund Marks, B.S.E.Ch E Christopher Paul Marsh Spencer Bruce Marshall Rebecca Paige Martin Marissa Susin Martinelli Nicholas Joseph Martinelli Janera Joy Martinez Guillermo Daniel Marxuach Brandon Todd Mason Klaudia Mastela, B.S.E.I.O. Nicholas Alexander Mastruserio Klara Mateju Anvya Mathur Michael Mattheakis Kevin Matthews Katherine Anne Matton Jeremy J. Maurice Colin May Kyle May Michael Alexander May Alexander J. Maynard James A. Mcauliffe Quinn Raymond McCabe, B.S.E.C.S. Alec Michael McCarthy Andrew John McCaughna, B.S.E.Aero Patrick Joseph McCauley Liam McCollum, B.S.E.Nav Madeline Clare McCormick, B.S.E.I.O. Scott Michael McCormick Austin Matthew McDowell, B.S.E.ESSE Bennet W. McGlade Patrick Shay McGrath Miles Johnson McGruder Cody James McKay Leo J. McManus Mary Quinn McMeekin, B.S.E.Mech Joseph A. McMullen Bryan Kehoe Meade Morgan Kathryn Meade Samantha Michelle Meister, B.S.E.I.O. Dilara Meli Victoria J. Memmesheimer Kayura Alana Mendonza Gaole Meng Andreas Mentzelopoulos Georgios Mentzelopoulos Lincoln Merrill Zachary Robert Meves, B.S.E.Aero Gregory J. Meyer Fernando Mezquita Machado, B.S.E.Civ Eric James Mier Alexander Hardy Mieth Dmitri Mihaliov Catherine Ellen Milford Isaac Miller, B.S.E.Aero Justin William Miller Ryan Jacob Miller Spencer Richard Miller Jared R. Millman Andrew Min Nathan Kyle Minsk Antony Miranghi Cameron Daniel Misko James Hemingway Mitchel Erin S. Mitchell Noah Innes Mitchell-Ward, B.S.E.Elec Eray Mitrani Sotirios-Aris Mitropoulos Isaya Miyata Abhilash Modepalli

55 Jane Ellen Modes, B.S.E.Mech Miguel Angel Molina, B.S.E.C.S. Marc Monahan Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz David Brendan Moody, B.S.E.Elec Charlie Hoban Moore Lee Alton Moore Nathan Moos Baker Andrew Moran Maxwell Joseph Morgan, B.S.E.C.S. Albert Morgese Matthew Dennis Morgott Mac Morris Nicholas James Morrison Devin Joseph Morrow Jessica Helen Mosier Joseph Michael Moss Raphael Hazlehurst Moura Samuel A. Mousigian Sabyasachi Mowar Alyssa J. Moy Elliot Ross Mueller Priscilla Mukudan Anna Justine Munaco, B.S.E.I.O. Alexander Henry Mundorf, B.S.E.B.E., M.S.E. Mary Kathleen Munsell Sangam V. Munsiff Raghav Muralidharan Casey Claire Murphy Corin Nicole Murphy, B.S.E.I.O. Felicia Ann Murry Zach Mused Sean Michael Muyskens, B.S.E.Ch E Jacob Dylan Myers Matt Myers, B.S.E.C.S. Ibraheem Nadeem, B.S.E.Elec Arthi Nadhan Cyrus Parsa Najarian Ayano Nakamura Owen E. Nakatani Min Ji Namkoong, B.S.E.E.P. Amika Pijush Nandi, B.S.E.I.O. Lucas Tyler Nash Stuart Thomas Nath Christopher William Naughton Rishabh Nayak Bahru Loul-Teshome Negash, B.S.E.C.S. Olivia McQuinn Nelson Jolene Xin Wei Ng Nathan Ng Minh Nguyen Son Xuan Hong Thai Nguyen, B.S.E.C.S. Jiaqing Ni Yanchao Ni, B.S.E.I.O. Elizabeth Victoria Nielsen, B.S.E.Ch E Christopher Michael Niemann Christine Xu Nisula Hannah Lee Noble Zachary S. Nofzinger Gregory T. Noma Nicola Leilani Nomura Samir Vahdat Nooshabadi Douglas Riley Nordman, B.S.E.Mech Madeleine Grace North, B.S.E.B.E. Naia North Connor Norton Tochi Nwogu Braden I. Nyberg Rafal Ogorek Joseph Seung-Min Oh, B.S.E.Mech Lauro Sebastian Ojeda Ashwin Ojha Ryan Patrick O Keefe, B.S.E.Comp Kaelan J. Oldani Ryan M. O Leary Thomas Charles Oliver Jeffrey Olmsted, B.S.E.I.O. Ashley Elizabeth Oman Eric Guy O Neill Timothy James O Neill, B.S.E.I.O. Anthony William Opipari III Alexis Nicole Opsasnick Ian Michael Orourke Aaron Thomas Osborne, B.S.E.C.S. Michael Steven Oshatz Kelly Marie O Toole Heya Ouyang Kenneth Francis Ozdowy Derin Ozen Riley Christine Pacella Marilyn N. Padua Cross H. Pagano Jordan L. Page Colin M. Palacios-Rolston Skanda Palani Sneha Reddy Palle Sara Kathryn Palmerton, B.S.E.Env Shih An Pan Zimeng Pan Michael Andrew Panagos Kartik Pandit Bryce Joseph Paputa Peter Michael Paquet Zachary Alexander Parent Elijah Patrick Parham Samuel Andrew Parham Jovana Paripovic Andrew Park, B.S.E.I.O. Sarah Allison Park Elaine Parkanzky John Alexander Parker Geoff Parkes Anvitha Paruchuri, B.S.E.C.S. Miheer Vivek Patankar Alisha Patel Dhara Patel Dillon Mehul Patel Heli J. Patel Mihir Vrajesh Patel Monica Hasit Patel, B.S.E.B.E. Nirmal Nilesh Patel Nisha Manoj Patel Preet Prakash Patel, B.S.E.C.S. Ronak P. Patel Sharvil Amit Patel, B.S.E.Comp Shilpen Minesh Patel Varun B. Patel, B.S.E.Comp, B.S.E.Elec Yash Suresh Patel, B.S.E.Aero Yatri Jayesh Patel Ishan Patney Brent Thomas Patterson Spencer Robert Paulissen Justin Jerome Pawloski John Joseph Payne, B.S.E.C.S., B.S.E.Mech Olivia Annmarie Pellerito Alexa Raye Peltier Eric S. Pendergast Joshua Kraig Pendleton Luke A. Pendleton Weilun Peng, B.S.E.Mech Wenhao Peng Yixiao Peng John Alden Penington John Frederick Penner Alvaro Ivan Perez Casinelli Lakshmanan M. Periakaruppan Shubhankar Peshin Fernando Pessoa de Queiroz de Sa Charles Peterkins Kate Alexandra Peterson Lauren Elizabeth Peterson, B.S.E.Comp Zachary A. Peterson Hunter Pfeiffer Mitchell Thomas Pfennig Hanna Gail Pfershy, B.S.E.B.E. Mayme E. Philbrick Scott Alexander Phillips, B.S.E.Mech Alexander Philpott Adrianna Jean Pierce, B.S.E.Elec Hank Isaac Pinter Charles Frank Pinzone, B.S.E.Mech Ronnie Frank Pires Stone Matthew Evan Pirone Jacob Place Abigail Frances Plummer Jeremy James Policht Joshua Polzin Hailey Nicole Porter Tejas Prahlad Sasawat Prankprakma Kiran Palat Prasad Meghna Prasad Megan Renee Pregler, B.S.E.Mech Madeline Price Ethan T. Prober Haley Marie Prout Jackson Pruitt Sophia Pryor Julia Marie Pudar Rohan John Punnoose Brian Andika Purnomo Jingyu Qian Yiming Qiang, B.S.E.I.O., B.S.E.Mech Jingyi Qing Bo Qu Joshua Peter Quinn Ian Christopher Raber, B.S.E.Mech Kevin Thomas Rabideau, B.S.E.C.S. Adam Dirk Racette Zayd Radha Evan B. Raeker Chaaru Lily Raghavan, B.S.E.Aero Vaishnavi Raghu Raman Michael Conrad Rahhal Adam S. Raine William Benwood Rainey Shwetha Rajaram Panyakorn Rakpanitmanee Michael Ralph Nithya Saraswati Ramamurthy Vinod Kumar Raman Adithya Ramanathan Gustavo Ramirez 53

56 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING 54 Lennox Gill Ramsey, B.S.E.I.O. Patrick James Ransford, B.S.E.Mech Akshay Thota Gururaj Rao Ashwin Pranav Rao Kaushik Rao Kishore B. Rao, B.S.E.Comp Jacob W. Rasmussen Ruta Virginia Raulickis Shantam Milind Ravan Amy Elizabeth Rechkemmer Alissa Noelle Recker, B.S.E.M.S. Nicholas J. Recker Swetha Pradeep Reddi Stephen Jeremy Redding Abhinav Alavalapati Reddy Adithya Srinivas Reddy Sarah Redman Maria Redoutey Trevor James Rees Joh Michael Reeves Paul Alan Reggentin Megan Ashley Rejc Patrick W. Renner, B.S.E.C.S. Grant Alexander Reszczyk Ana Marie Reyes Kyle Robert Reynolds, B.S.E.Mech Grayson Alexander Rice Connor Brian Rich, B.S.E.Aero Benjamin Solomon Richer, B.S.E.Mech Matthew Gary Riedel, B.S.E.I.O. Julie Marie Rieland Nicholas J. Riesterer Evan Scott Rinder Tyler Michael Ringler Austin C. Riopelle Nathan A. Riopelle Emily Elise Rizzi, B.S.E.M.S. Joseph J. Rodgers Olivia Bancroft Roe Samuel Rohrer, B.S.E.Comp Petra Marina Romano Lieber Benjamin Ethan Roodberg, B.S.E.C.S. Michael J. Rose Russell Rose Andrew M. Rosen Jessica Lois Rosenblum Saiful Baharin Roslan Luke Ross Matthew Elliot Ross Rachel Anne Ross Julia Roth Zhiming Ruan Zachary J. Rubin Paul Eve Ruble, B.S.E.Mech Michelle Grace Ruffino Justin Keith Ruloff, B.S.E.C.S. Samuel Jacob Rumack Mario Vincenzo Russo Lee Kakuyon Rutledge, B.S.E.C.S. Shannon Marie Ryan Kevin William Rychel Caroline Saab Rahul Sachdeva Vikram Sachdeva Roya Michelle Sadaghiani, B.S.E.I.O. Sesh Raghav Sadasivam Collin Sageman Joseph Saginaw Saswat Swarup Sahoo Guadalupe Gustavo Salazar Bassel Rateb Salka Isabelle Marie Salley Vincent Joseph Salpietro, B.S.E.Mech Natalie Elyssavong Salton, B.S.E.Ch E Sharmila Katianna Samaroo, B.S.E.Ch E Joshua P. Sampson Ariel Miriam Sandberg Tyler Krain Sandberg Meng Sang Shea Sanvordenker Anish Saraogi, B.S.E.I.O. Aparna Sarkar Elijah James Sattler Kristina Marie Satullo Kanika Saxena, B.S.E.C.S. Evan Alexander Scaccia Nicholas James Scalise Jacqueline Sarah Schafer Matthew Stephen Schafer Hannah Rose Schapiro, B.S.E.I.O. Joshua Henry Scharf Jordan Schebil Max Harrison Scherer Maria C. Schiavone Zoe Erin Schlessel Celine A. Schlueter Steven Craig Schmatz, B.S.E.C.S. Anna Jacoba Schmeissing Anna Theresa Gallo Schmidt Carson Andrew Schmidt David A. Schmidt Jacqueline Kay Schmiedeler William Schmitt Christopher Raymond Schmotzer, B.S.E.Comp Bridgette Schneider Cole Schneider Noah Schnitzer Emily Jo Schuitema, B.S.E.Clim Brian James Schultze, B.S.E.Mech Kallen Matthew Schwark Jacob H. Schwartz Jenna Lauren Schwartz Samantha Clare Schwartz Tyler J. Scoggin Evan R. Scott Marcus Segedin Caroline E. Sempere Liem Ellen Setiawan Christina Lynn Shabet Devesh Mayur Shah Shikhar Shah, B.S.E.Aero Nicholas Andrew Shahin Elise Ariel Shanholtz Declan Patrick Shannon Chengjia Shao Shengting Shao Tianhao Shao, B.S., B.S.E.Elec Weizhao Shao, B.S.E.Mech Nora Dean Shapiro Ankita Sharma Chad Sharp Blake Shaw Cody David Sheffels Abdulrahman Shehadeh Kevin Xu Shen Shikun Shen, B.S.E.Env Yiran Shen Yue Shen Allison Shenton Harleen Shergill Anavir Ganesh Shermon, B.S.E.I.O. Justin A. Shetty Fangzhou Shi Lyndon Shi Megan J. Shibley Trevor Alexander Shick Calvin Shih Deanna Shih Brandon Joshua Shimiaie Gabriel N. Shlain Hanna Noz Shokouhi Lisa Dawn Shrosbree, B.S.E.Ch E Ava Alexis Shuttie Tyler David Siegel Ryan Alexander Sierzega Jacob Miles Sigler Curt Mitchell Silverthorn Nicholas Daniel Simon Grant Richard Simons Matthew J. Sims Arshdeep Singh Karan Veer Singh, B.S.E.C.S. Navraj Singh Tanvir Singh, B.S.E.C.S. Deeptanshu Singhvi, B.S.E.C.S. Jessica Sirias, B.S.E.I.O. Philip Aaron Sisk Pavitra Siva Sandeep Siva, B.S.E.C.S., B.S.E.Mech Jacob Arthur Sjogren Alexander J. Skillin Joseph Lee Skinner Nichole Slater Julia Nicole Slatin Brennan Smith Christian Edward Smith, B.S.E.C.S. Hayley M. Smith Jordan D. Smith Max Smith Raymond D. Smith-Byrd Chloe Smither Kevin Frederick Smoot, Jr., B.S.E.I.O. Sarah M. Sober Zack Soenen Hannah Soifer Eric Michael Solarz Aadit Somany Matthew Todd Somers, B.S.E.I.O. Abrielle Rose Sommers Jiawei Song James William Spain, B.S.E.Nav

57 Joshua L. Spalter George Harrison Spears, B.S.E.Mech Madison Elizabeth Speck Alexandra L. Spence Mark Anthony Spencer Jennifer Lynn Spiegel Calvin David Spring, B.S.E.Ch E Srividhya Sridhar, B.S.E.Elec Karthik Srivatsan Miranda Lillian St. Amour David Allan St. John William Reed Stager Elizabeth Jeffers Stallings, B.S.E.Env Ashlynn Marie Stanley Amanda Mele Stark Carter Brent Starr Kelly Eileen Starry, B.S.E.I.O. Andrew Joseph Stefan Andrew Joseph Stefanik Elena Stefanko Alexandria Nicole Steiner Carl Frederick Steinhauser Christopher Stephens Riley Quinn Sterian Thomas M. Stewart Robert Bruce Stewart, Jr. James M. Stieber Jaret R. Stillman Cameron Robert Stitt Sean Michael Stockwell Amy Elizabeth Stoddard Benjamin Stoler Christopher A. Stowell Hannah Marlies Strat Eli L. Straus Madison Elizabeth Strauss, B.S.E.Mech Grace Stridick Katie Rose Stroh, B.S.E.Env Pascal Sturmfels, B.S.E.C.S. Michael James Stypa Guankun Su Magel Powei Su Manuel Ignacio Suarez Lunar Vishal Subrahmanyam Nishanth Hari Subramaniam Amanda Mei Sugai, B.S.E.Elec Kanji Sugimori Brendan R. Sullivan Nabeel Muhammad Sumbal Lingfeng Sun Qihan Sun, B.S.E.Comp Taylor Moor Sun Weitao Sun, B.S.E.Aero Xuetong Sun Yufan Sun, B.S.E.C.S. Michael James Sutton Christian Arthur Svetnicka, B.S., B.S.E.C.S. William Swain, B.S.E.B.E. Benjamin Michael Sweeney Matthew Edward Sweers Christopher Joseph Swenson Nigel Graham Swenson Leila Marie Syal Cody Allen Symons David Christopher Szefi, B.S.E.Aero Craig P. Tacey Daniel Takayama Reesha S. Talati Chunke Tan Derek Tan Hanzhou Tan Sijie Tan Xiaofan Tan, B.S.E.C.S., B.S.E.I.O. Haoyang Tang Sunbochen Tang Yixiang Tang, B.S.E.M.S. Kevin Tao Sixu Tao Ravindra Tatineni Neal Matthew Tatum, B.S.E.Elec Joseph C. Taylor Duncan Neil Taylordean Samantha Bunting Taylordean, B.S.E.Mech Jackson T. Teener J. Zachary Teitel Mark Thomas Tenenholtz Richard Ru-Chian Teng Aidan H. Terhune Kathryn Marie Teske Erica Lynn Tevere Dharmesh K. Thakkar Aye Mya Thandar Rohan Thanedar Danyel P. Tharakan Joshua Paul Thariath, B.S.E.I.O. Vincent Thieu Trevor Todd Thill, B.S.E.I.O. Sreeram Thirupathi Jacob Daniel Thoma Erik Michael Thomas, B.S.E.B.E. Jonathan Thomas Diana Cook Thompson Jason S. Thompson Malcolm Perry Thompson Clayton William Thorrez Sonia Sunil Thosar Xuanzhe Tian Randall Lackritz Ticknor Meagan M. Tobias Jessica Lynn Todsen Andrew Carl Toennies Michael Toennies Elizabeth Wing-Yun Tom Evan Michael Tomita, B.S.E.I.O. Maximilian Tomas Topel Trevor A. Toros Jon Toto Phillip Steven Towne, B.S.E.Mech Alice R. Tracey Deanna Tran, B.S.E.C.S. Rebecca Dylan Trattner Jourdon Avery Tribue, B.S.E.Mech David Jonathan Trimas Teresa Ellen Tripodi Ariane Rose Troschinetz Pearl Truax Derek Michael Trumbo Amy Elizabeth Tseng Carissa Anne Tsouchlos Kaiwei Tu Yuen Tung, B.S.E.C.S. Kevin Turaczy Andrew Turek Ali Turfah Sophia R. Turner Carlye Ruth Tysk, B.S.E.I.O. Muhammad Umair Emily Anne Upton, B.S.E.ESSE Emilio Urias Karthik Urs Justin Charles Ursaki Sach S. Vaidya Alan Vaisberg Russo Khushi Bharat Vakharia Lauren M. Valente Stacey Renee Valentine, B.S.E.Civ Carlos Ernesto Valls, B.S.E.Aero Kenny Van, B.S.E.Mech Nikko Mateo Van Crey David Ho Van Dyke Joseph Bradley Van Houten Michelle Yumi Vander Lugt Sarah Joy Vanderheuvel William Hodge Vandini Nicholas Aaron Vandyke Athreya Varadarajan, B.S.E.C.S. Daniel Joseph Vargovick, Jr., B.S.E.D.S. Logan Ray Vear Michael Paul Veksler Chuckry Prasad Vengadam, B.S.E.C.S. Siddharth Venkatesan, B.S.E.Comp Rhea Verma Andrew M. Vernier Kenneth Anthony Vi, B.S.E.I.O. Brittany Nicole Vill Julia Clare Villanueva Samidha Visai, B.S.E.C.S. Alexandra Vita Allison Vittert Vijay Sai Raj Vobbilisetty Carrianna Rose Voellm Carlos Eduardo Volante Silva Abhay M. Vora Davis John Vorva, B.S.E.C.S. Angelo Onorio Vozza III Jonathan Clifton Vredenburg Archan P. Vyas Gaurav Vyas David G. Waier Matthew Waldmann Thomas C. Walkinshaw Kathryn Leigh Wallace Rachel P. Wallace, B.S.E.Ch E Margaret C. Waltrip Matoska Waci Waltz Betty Wan Alexander Anhong Wang, B.S.E.C.S. Anni Wang Dazhi Wang Eric Shawn Wang, B.S.E.C.S., B.S.E.D.S. Feite Wang Fucong Wang Guangyu Wang Jiachen Wang, B.S.E.C.S. Jihong Wang, B.S.E.M.S. Jing Wang Jingyuan Wang, B.S.E.I.O. Junhao Wang, B.S.E.D.S., B.S.E.I.O. Kangjin Wang Kangxu Wang, B.S.E.C.S. Sarah Patricia Wang Yanzhe Wang Yifei Wang Yin Wang 55

58 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Yingchen Wang Yi-Shun Wang, B.S.E.Mech Yuxi Wang, B.S.E.I.O. Zhu Wang Zijian Wang Zizhao Wang Zizhen Wang Alec Waples-Dexter Allison Elizabeth Ward, B.S.E.M.S. Russell Liam Warila Thomas David Warner Adam J. Wasserman Jack Parker Watts Philip A. Wdowiak Brian Matthew Weber Nicholas Andrew Weber Kyle Douglas Webster Melyssa R. Wei Adam J. Weidman, B.S.E.NERS Ezinwo Ibifuro Weli, B.S.E.Mech Noah Joseph Welker Zachary David Welker Tyler Katherine Wellik, B.S.E.Mech Tianhong Wen Jacob Michael West Christopher Stanton Weston Luke Douglas Westrate Daniel Edward Wiessner Tyler Jacob Wiitanen, B.S.E.Mech Joshua Hans Wilhelm Austin Whitington Wilks Howard Willard Gregory Ebling Willett Gerrit Scott Williams Zachary Williams Chad T. Wilson Daniel Lytle Wilson, B.S.E.C.S. Declan James Winship Eric Dale Winsor Christian Paul Wire Jackson Kemp Wireman Jack S. Wisbiski Derek J. Witcpalek Candace R. Wiwel Kyle Thomas Wojcik John Richard Wolfe Alden J. Wong, B.S.E.C.S. Isabelle Wong Michael Wong Tommy Wong Yin Ning Wong Colton Jeffrey Wood, B.S.E.Mech Daniel Scott Woodworth, B.S.E.C.S. Jeffrey Michael Woolstrum, B.S.E.NERS Courtney Madison Wright John Wright, Jr. Alexander James Wrocklage, B.S.E.Civ Chenfei Wu Douglas Hong Yu Wu Kaitao Wu Kathie R. Wu Lawrence Jeffrey Wu Maxwell James Wu Muting Wu Richard Wu, B.S.E.C.S. Rosa Liang Wu, B.S.E.C.S. Tianyi Wu Wenyi Wu Xinyi Wu Xinyi Wu, B.S.E.I.O. Ziyou Wu Brock Patrick Wyman, B.S.E.I.O. Chengpei Xi, B.S.E.Elec Haoran Xiao Zhitong Xie Zeyu Xiong Alan Chenyi Xu Austin Xu Cheng Xu Dapeng Xu, B.S.E.C.S. Hardy Xu Julia Wenqian Xu Weilin Xu Connor Lucero Yako Reed Martin Yalisove Alina Yan Eric Yang Haoxin Yang Jiaming Yang Jin Yang Kevin Yang Lingene Harvey Yang Sarah Tingjen Yang, B.S.E.I.O. Shijia Yang, B.S.E.Comp William Yang William Tianyue Yang Yi Wei Yang Yichao Yang, B.S.E.C.S. Kevin Craig Yanos, B.S.E.Mech Mo Yao, B.S.E.I.O. Brinda Nandini Yarlagadda Namik Kaya Yarman Ella Suzanne Yazbeck Chunan Ye, B.S.E.C.S. Jason Ye, B.S.E.Mech Yuxuan Ye Mustafa Ozkan Yerebakan Madhurima Yerra Michelle Yi Celina Hyunjoo Yim, B.S.E.Ch E Yucheng Yin Alex Jeffrey Ying, B.S.E.Elec Nicholas George Yoo Flora Haejung Yoon, B.S.E.Aero Michael Fielding Yost Nicholas J. Young Paul Young Hayden Spencer Youngs, B.S.E.Mech Eric Y. Yu Jianrong Yu Sophia Wendy Yu Xiaochen Yu, B.S.E.C.S. Daniel Yuan Dean Yuan Jiazheng Yuan, B.S.E.C.S. Colin Yule, B.S.E.E.P. Samuel Noah Zack Gabrielle Zacks, B.S.E.Mech Jonathan Edward Zarger, B.S.E.Elec Brendan T. Zauel Daniel Zeiberg Jessica Zeisloft, B.S.E.C.S. Bowen Zeng Andersen Zhang Ashley Zhang Bingxin Zhang Boyang Zhang Chaolun Zhang Chengming Zhang Cheryl Jiaxue Zhang, B.S.E.Elec Chi Zhang, B.S.E.C.S. Dali Zhang Dehao Zhang Emmie Illene Zhang Harry Zhang He Zhang Hengjia Zhang Jeff Zhang Jeffery Zhang Jiawei Zhang, B.S.E.M.S. Kevin W. Zhang Linwei Zhang Meng Yuan Zhang Mengxuan Zhang, B.S.E.Aero Mingxiao Zhang, B.S.E.B.E. Minmin Zhang Shiyu Zhang Silva Zhang Tianjun Zhang Xiyu Zhang, B.S.E.B.E. Yang Zhang Yetong Zhang Yicheng Zhang Yier Zhang Zeyu Zhang Zhizhou Zhang Zhongyuan Zhang, B.S.E.B.E. Changjian Zhao Hongfeng Zhao, B.S.E.B.E. Raymond Zhao Xiyu Zhao Zexuan Zhao Anthony Q. Zheng Liping Zhong Amy Zhou Cindy Zhou Sunny Maozheng Zhou, B.S.E.Comp, B.S.E.E.P. Zhining Zhou Alexander Reijie Zhu Joseph W. Zimmer, B.S.E.C.S. Mathias Zink Koelle Jack Spencer Zohoury Garrett Cody Zuck Allison Susan Zweng John Charles Zwick, B.S.E.I.O. Elizabeth Neeltje Zwier 56

59 SCHOOL OF INFORMATION Dania Abdulhamid Nicole Jazmin Ackerman-Greenberg Robert Daniel Alterman Jose Ignacio Alvarez, B.S. Edward John Anderson Renee Rose Armstrong Allison Danielle Arnold, B.S. Christian Jacob Baird John Hunter Baldwin, Jr., B.S. Kevin Patrick Barlow Sarah Jane Barnitt, B.S. Emily Grace Behnan Carly Michele Belloff Matthew Edward Benjamin, B.S. Hana Rose Bezark Ilma Bilic Bari Rachel Blitzer Eric Bellec Blohm Nicholas Jacque Boesel Jonathan Robert Bracci Robert Landin Bracci Emma Kai Burger Julie Frances Burke Amelia Grace Cacchione Haoliang Cai Megan Elizabeth Carroll, B.S. Alissa Chan Rachel Chang Hunter Kenyan Charvat Allan M. Chen Yuxuan Chen Luke Peijeng Cheng Mackenzie Rosenzweig Chyatte Jack R. Clegg Matthew Isaiah Clynes Danielle Brianne Colbert Amos Emery Cone Joseph Lakin Constantino Benjamin Crabtree Maximilian Maria Kolbe Darr Salvatore Francis Digioia Shaefer Leonard Drew Andrew Joshua Ehrenberg Morgan Colleen Feeney Colleen Feola Emma Theresa Fink, B.S. Kelly June Fischer, B.S. Mackenzie Ledare Francisco Paco Gallardo Olivia Priscilla Gardella Owen Edward Gatto Gabriella Gazdecki Allyson Mary Goldstein, B.S. Samara Wynne Gould Julia Grant, A.B., B.S. Amanda Grayson, A.B., B.S. Josue Guevara, B.S. Erick Guillen, B.S. Lauren Elizabeth Guldan, B.S. Maher Dean Hachem, B.S. Karan Hallon Rebecca Naomi Henry Samantha Elizabeth Holzhauer Shizhong Hu Zi Huang Sabine Anne Hutter Ethan Mark Jannott Ryan Jacob Jimenez, B.S. Alex Vance Kahan Samuel Jacob Karmin Kennedy Jack Kaufman Stephanie Kerner, B.S. Maheen Akbar Khan Thomas Walter Kidd David Kim Jin Hong Jessica Kim, B.S. Rachel Jinhee Kim Margaux Elizabeth Klein Jonathan Dimitre Kontorousis, B.S. Andrea Madison Kopitz Miroslava Kovacova, B.S. Jacob Walter Kreinik Juliana Lam Travis Paul Latchaw II, B.S. Haemin Lee Hanheum Lee Uriel Annette Lee Jamie Lauren Leeds Brandon Ross Levine Shane Cameron Levine Jesse Aaron Liebenthal, B.S. Brian Liggio Julia Locke Meagan Emily Londa George Lu Anna Rose Ludka, B.S. Taylor Pearl Lundeen Peter Joseph Mack Tanya Jignesh Madhani Adam Mason Jessica Brooks Mathis Carly Matz Amanda Leigh McLeod James Brennan McQuillan, B.S. Logan James Meyer, B.S. Danielle L. Meyerson Paige Darcy Mittenthal Samantha Moross Lauren Elizabeth Murphy Bharat Raj Nair Phuong-Cat Dinh Ngo, B.S. David Nguyen Madeline Josephine Nowicki Joseph Preston Obarzanek, B.S. Roy Okerstrom Chalse Okorom Catherine Elizabeth Olson Sara Rose Otto, A.B., B.S. Diana Kweehyun Oum Cathy Park Brendan Paul Wade Kilpatrick Penman Brandon Punturo Ibrahim A. Rasheed Lorraine Mei Rasmussen, B.S. Samantha Joan Reilly, B.S. Kendra Repo Rachel Jean Richardson Chase Nicholas Richmond, B.S. James Patterson Roeser Alyson Paige Rosenberg Kevin Matthew Rothstein Jaclyn Bess Rudolf Joana Rushiti Anna Elizabeth Scheppele Stephanie Veronica Schouman Mariel Victoria Setton Kelly Elizabeth Shashlo Zachary Benjamin Sherman Gillian Hope Shields Charles Shin Len Jake Shirase Elle Leora Shwer Lauren Rachel Sigurdson Joanne Yearie Sin, B.S. Dave Raj Singh Abigail I. Snyder Jessica Mollie Stuart Abigail Elizabeth Suldan Nealon Aaron Suthersan Lauren Hava Tahari Mingda Tang Angel Lina Tsai Mara Jane Varady Jessica Bao Vu Fernando Wang Hanshen Wang Molly Amanda Warden, B.S. Abbey Marie Warren Avery Wallis Wein Ava Lindsay Weiner Joanna Darci Weingast Nathan Isaac Wellek Jacob Greenberg Wellins, B.S. Ashley Aaron White, B.S. Imani T. Williams, B.S. Alissa Louise Wilson Olivia Flynn Withers Julia Shuyue Wu Tara Georgiana Wu, B.S. Yuting Wu Taylor Marguerite Wynn Jessie Zhao, B.S. Benjamin Zimmerman 57

60 SCHOOL OF KINESIOLOGY 58 Keith Johnston Abdenour, A.B. Elizabeth Ayumi Abe Caroline Ellory Abrams Max Barry Adamo Michael Philip Adashek, A.B. Melanie Allan Melody Ray Allyn Erin Rosemary Almony Alexa M. Alonso Matteo M. Althoen Casey Thomas Aman, B.S. Cara Marie Anderson, B.S. Samantha Savides Andrew Margaret Kezia Armstrong, B.S. Moira Elizabeth Armstrong Lorena Balic Hayley Marie Barker, B.S. Rachel Lynn Barrett Joshua Ryan Bender Michael Roy Benedetto Matthew Jacob Benedict, A.B. Harry Jason Benjamin Justin David Bergman Breanna Alexis Berka Sabrina Ann Bernardo Jared Berson Maggie Bettez Justin Robert Bockholt Katharine Dale Bohlmann Gian Mathieu Bonello Ahad Amin Bootwala Julie Kaila Boris Nina K. Bourdeau Cassidy Ray Bouse-Eaton Caroline Elizabeth Bowman Candace Margaret Brecht, B.S. Joshua Steven Broner Sophie Leigh Brown Quentin David Buckley, A.B. Rachel Nannette Byrd Jordan Marc Camina Meghan Anne Campano James A. Campbell Suzanne Marie Cardosi Marie Louise Carp Michael Abraham Casden Matthew Stephen Cassar Avneet Singh Chadha Talia Maria Chiarelli, A.B. Katherine Mieko Chinn, B.S. William Christopher Coffman Erica Frances Colton Katherine Fitzgerald Conklin Colleen Erin Conroy, B.S. Claire Costa Kaitlyn Ford Cozens, A.B. Jessica R. Cummings Jared Matthew Dacosta Jack Vincent Daffada Charlie Daley Hannah Gordon Dalton Kailey Danaher Connor D. Daugherty Dylan Garrett Deitch Haley Dennison Daniel Lucas Dideriksen Alyssa Rose Dillon Hailey Lucie Doctor Mason P. Dominowski Mohan Dong Sarah Elizabeth Doyle Thomas Allen Dozeman Abigail Rae Drumright Adrian Eacker Okpalefe Oluwatobi Edevbie Emiljan Elezi Samuel Jacob Elrad Julian Erdos-Steinberg, A.B. Christopher Michael Fcasni Griffin Feinberg Jacob Feldman Alex Fial Benjamin Louis Fidelman, A.B. Robert Abraham Flom, A.B. Ross Andrew Florin Megan Elizabeth Fogel, B.S. Kieran Stephen Clay Foreman Molly Elizabeth Forrest Devlin Joseph Francis Mikenzie Raye Francis Jacob Seth Freed Sarah Quinn Fried Grant Froling Katherine Esther Fuller Adena Nicole Gabrysiak Stephanie Joy Galczyk, B.S. Wesley J. Gawel Dylan Gelobter Zachary Alan Gerndt Spencer R. Gilbert Lucas Cole Glassman Madelyn J. Goblirsch Elana Robyn Goldenkoff Alex Goldstein Dorothy Z. Goldstein-Stahl Jerry Goosenberg Shane Kelly Gordon Liliana A. Gorsuch Alissa Rae Gosen Carina Elizabeth Grain Ethan M. Grayeb Emily Mina Grossman Ellie Anne Grupenhoff Alexa Taylor Guest Kelly Nicole Hafers Diante Harris Micah Harris Kathleen Kelly Hartwig Samantha Hawke Nina Marguerite Hendler Rose Jenna Henkin, B.S. William Donald Hennessy Thomas Guy Henry, A.B. Danielle Anne-Marie Hogarth Hunter Millet Holsinger Brianna Marie Holt Allison Rose Honet Lydia Chen Hsu Xufeng Hua Mallory Anne Hudson Arielle Elise Iafrate Jacob Roy Ignasiak Madeline Patricia Jackson Sarah Elizabeth Jackson, A.B. Zachary Ryan Jaeger, B.S. Jaelyn Mae Jennings Joanne Tien Jiang, B.S. Delaney Victoria Jodice Elan Madison Johnson Jessyca Anne Judge Justin Kaplan Ryan Andrew Kapustka Konstantinos Christos Karabetsos Elizabeth Ann Karr, B.S. Jessica Sydney Katz Samuel Alan Katz, A.B. Kayla Fay Keane Zachary Martin Keeney, A.B. Abigail G. Keessen Brianna Kelly, A.B. Donna Lee Kert Eleni G. Kioussis Joshua Benjamin Klein Maya M. Kohavi Brandon Marc Kosikov, A.B. Jacob Kostner Alexis N. Kraniak Mattea Marie Krasicky Emily Marie Krueger Daniel Paul Kubert, A.B. Kyle A. Lacroix Lindsey Marie LaForest Kaylee-Marie Margaret Landers Annalise Kathryn Lane Emily Tullis Latham Evelyn Annette Lechner Rachel Dara Leibovitz Patrick Obrien Lelich, A.B. Alexander David Lemire Cooper Maxwell Lev Brandon Eric Levine Bailey Elizabeth Lewis, B.S. Aron Liebig Edward Ross Lilienfield Kathy Hyunchae Lim Jesse Dante Lippin-Foster Sydney Gabrielle Lipsitz Kendra Kellie Lohan Alexander J. Lorenz Sydney Lovins Anne Elizabeth Lowell, B.S. Daniel Louis Maentz McKenna Elaine Mahacek Bree Marie Marich Amir Essa Mashni Levi F. Mazza, B.S. Kellye Christine McGlumphy Marin Emily McInerney, A.B. Connor Shea McNamara, A.B. Charles Dale McPeters, A.B. William Francis McPherson, A.B. Hunter Joseph Mejaly Jordan Erik Menczer Nathaniel Brandon Messenger Matthew N. Meyerink

61 Darby Olson Middlebrook, B.S. Fellipe Mikami Ellen Margaret Miller Garrett Charles Miller Justine Navarre Miller, A.B. Hollis Angel Moore Tess Ann Morales Sophia R. Mordini Noah Samuel Morris Kyle Patrick Mueller Alexandra Murray Andrew Evan Myers, A.B. Matthew Robert Nagy, B.S. Christopher Naubert, A.B., A.B. Alexander Reed Needelman Riley Nelson Corbin Thomas Neumann, A.B. Aren Eugene Newby Shanze Noorani Andrew Anselm Nyquist Zachary Allan Ohs Adam Michael Olszewski, B.S. Sarah Panone Yogesh Dhirubhai Patel Lindsay Yee-Leng Patterson Brandon R. Penoyer Sean Bradley Penoyer Brooke K. Perras Amanda Kathryn Peters Marion Anne Philippe Jaclyn Michelle Pontell Samuel Lewin Popper Samantha Lea Pratt Jake Presto Seraphina Gabrielle Provenzano Nate Pruitt, A.B. Zainab Rasheed Stephanie Marie Rasmussen Chandler Sloane Reiter Megan Reiss Remer Madeline Paige Reyes Paula Andrea Rodriguez Danielle Antoinette Rogers, A.B. Nadia Roohparvar Sam Taylor Rosenblum Rachel Sydney Roth Owen M. Rothman Haleigh Ann Rowe Brett Stephen Rubenfire Brett A. Rudnitsky Sarah B. Rudo Kateri Rose Rybicki, B.S. Serena Saake Richard S. Sanna Oliver Edgar Scherick Jacob Cole Schreiman, A.B. Samuel Jennings Schroeder Michael Lawrence Schwartz Amanda R. Shah Thomas Joseph Sheppard Shera Lynn Shevin Peining Shi James Henry Shipman, B.S. Beth Ann Shrosbree Eric Joseph Shubitowski Nell Frances Shuldiner Ryne Alexander Sieracki, B.S. Amelia Ellen Simpson Shelby Patricia Sims, A.B. Matthew William Singelyn, A.B. Sam Sirotkin, A.B., B.S. Orion Siu Allison Lauren Skaggs, A.B. Brendan Michael Skinner Alyssa Nicole Sloan Jacob Brian Slominski Dana Marie Smith, A.B. Grace Smith, B.S. Ryan Patrick Smith Tryn Elizabeth Smith Alexandria Elizabeth Snell James P. Sotiroff Blaise Anthony Stearns Kristen Alexandra Stiffler Courtne Irene Stuk, A.B. Joshua T. Sullivan Rachel Ann Sullivan, B.S. Megan Takahashi Joseph Robert Templin Jenna Marie Trubiano Austin Patrick Turner Dino Tzavaras Evelyn Jaye Vandewege Rece Anthony Visnaw, A.B. Paulina Rachel Vokulich Claudia Jo Vredeveld, B.S. Austin Edwin Waara, B.S. Jacob Tyler Wakai Kristen Leilani Walczak Nikki Lynne Wald Kyle Alexander Walker Jennifer N. Weeks Nicole Wehner Olivia M. Wellington Jason Weng Kyle Richard White Connor Williams, B.S. Nicholas Jon Wilson, A.B. Cameron Keith Wing Chase Dalton Winningham Sophie Hannah Wittenberg Landon Ian Wood Nathaniel William Wright Xinyue Xu, A.B. Erika Yasuda Carly Anne Zebelian Jacob Jeffrey Zupancic COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS Lucy Rose Aaron Zoe Aaron Samantha Nicole Aaronson, A.B. Hala Issam Abbas Louisa C. Abbott Madeleine Destiny Abbott Ali Abdallah, B.S. Samantha Abdallah, B.S. Youstina S. Abdallah Philip Michael Abdoo Rasha F. Abduljaber Emma Christina Abed John Sullivan Abernethy Maham Abidi, A.B. Azhar Aboubaker Zina N. Abourjeily Lindsay Erin Abrahams Orly E. Abrams Allison J. Abrutyn Yasmine Abushukur Shane Gillian Achenbach, A.B. Katherine Unity Ackley Casey Warner Adams Charles Grant Adams Emily Nina Adams, B.S. Paulina Marie Hodges Adams Rebecca Adams Tessa Emily Adams, B.S. Tyler W. Adams Alexandria Diane Adamski Emily Abigail Addy Adedolapo Valerie Adeniji, A.B. Kehinde Oluwasolape Adeniyi Lindsey Martin Ades Oluwatosin Adeyemi Kavya Adiga Jesse N. Adler Maeva Adoumie, B.S. Danielle M. Affrunti Nicole Leigh Afton Cooper Agar Aniruddh Anand Agarwal Samantha Jaye Agin Isabella Rose Agrusa Ellie Ahearn Jai Paul Ahluwalia Sonia Vikas Ahluwalia Hassan Ahmad Noor Sabah Ahmad, B.S. Rana-Armaghan Khurshid Ahmad Tanjeev Ahmad Syarafina Adilah Binti Ahmad Nasir Roksana Ahmadzadeh Fahmida Ahmed Jabir Ahmed Yusuf Ahmed Amina Aamir Ahsan Riya Ahuja Kiran Ajani Sahithi Akasapu, B.S. Jay Akolkar Sriakhila Akula Arjun Shiv Alagappan, B.S. Rommy Munther Alaiwat Anjali Christine Alangaden Mina Sarah Al-Ansari 59

62 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 60 Sami Mohamed Alaramy Elizabeth Claire Albano Serge B. Albarian Sommer Albert Chloe Alberta Alyiah Al-Bonijim Shaelyn Albrecht Christina Marie Alexander, A.B. Abdulla Omar Alhalmy Asma Raad Alhassani, A.B. Aftab Ali Ahmed H. Ali Farhan Syed Ali Zainab Binti Ali Ahmad Taim-Allah Al-Jarrah Osama Adnan Alkhalili Alison Noel Alkire Chase Michael Allen, B.S. Kristy Allen Samantha C. Allen Tahany Alsabahi, A.B. Farid Alsabeh Katie Anne Altman, A.B. Oluwatosin A. Aluko Anna Maria Alvarado Kariana B. Alvarado Santiago Jose Alvarado Siba Alzohaili, A.B. Sara Ruth Ama Nathan M. Amann Oyundalai Amarsaikhan, A.B. Louise Valentine Amat Farrah Mary Ameen Amirah Amer Devon Tyler Amesse, A.B. Sajni H. Amin Najeebullah Amini Lahin Malik Amlani Bianca Ysabela Ruiz Anciano Christopher James Anderson Jacob Ronald Anderson, B.S. Matthew Joseph Anderson Olivia J. Anderson Natalie Brooke Andrasko Lane Elizabeth Andrews Sarah Wyler Andrews Seth Andrews Tara C. Andrews Amy Alison Androw Tamara Michelle Anez, B.G.S. Riley Paige Angarella Andrew Jeremy Angel Sabrina Lynn Angel Harrison Drew Angoff Patricia Marie Aberilla Angus Meenakshi Anilkumar Natanie Jolene Anilovich Yasmine A. Ankouny Samuel Jameel Ansara Marguerite Eloise Ansorge, B.S. Max J. Anstey Eva Antebi-Lerman Max Anthony Hannah Apostolou, B.S. Vineela Appalaneni Bailey D. Appel Madeline Rose Apple Jawad A. Aqeel Brittney Aileen Arafat Sujai S. Arakali Hunter Ryan James Arcand Anna E. Argento Davis Palmer Argersinger, B.S. Jesse Martin Arm, A.B. Andrew Michael Armada Caroline Armour Justin M. Armstrong Lily Kaye Arnett Cameron J. Arnold Devon M. Arnold McKinzie Elise Arnold, B.S. Will Arnuk Akul Arora Shruti Arora Zachary Richard Arrington, A.B. Mohsin A. Arsiwala Timothy D. Arvan Nicole Renee Arvanitis Andrew L. Asbeck Betelhem Tsegaye Ashame Angela Nushaw Ash-Rafzadeh Jason Ashville Brandon Bassam Askar Alekos Dean Askounis Courtney Suzanne Asman, B.S. Arman Ata Astani Shawki A. Atassi Kalana S. Athukorala Madison Clare Atkinson, B.S. Rachel Atkinson, B.S. Harish Atluri Miriam Attal Zain Attar Zechariah Hasan Attar, B.S. Mitchell Drew August Alexis N. Aulepp Josiah Randall Ault, B.S. Shaylyn Darby Austin Christina Charleen Avery, B.S. Ruthvik Preetam Avvari Niclas Axeheim, B.S. Helena C. Ayan Mohammad Hamza Azam Michelle Kate Azar, B.S. Ruth D. Azaria Elizabeth Catherine Azevedo Attaullah Azim Adam Azlan Lyna Azzouz, B.S. Emily B Paige Alexandra Baal Stephanie Elise Baar Alexis Arden-Marie Babbitt Taylor Jennifer Babcock Kriti Babu Paula Elizabeth Babula Amanda M. Bachand Madison Skye Bachman Soyoung Back Emily Louise Bacon Florence Bacus Grace Elizabeth Badagliacca Julia Samantha Baer Shivani Bafna, A.B. Matthew H. Bageris Brooke Lynn Bagnall Tianning Bai Ross Anthony Baiers, A.B. Edward Seung Jae Baik, A.B. Jacob David Bailey Samantha Patricia Bailey Susan Page Bailey Srikar Baireddy Sandra Bajc-Dimitrov Patricia Eleni Bajis Aaron Moshe Nucum Baker Adela L. Baker Ashley Noelle Baker, B.S. Catherine R. Baker Dylan J. Baker Hannah Marie Baker Jordyn R. Baker Michael Christopher Baker Krithika Balakrishnan Mayura Balakrishnan Darshana Balasubramaniam, B.S. Bailey Ann Balinski Kristen Ball Tara Ballouz Caroline Baloga Akshay Bamzai Hallie M. Banc Sarah Elizabeth Banister Andrea Kiley Banner, B.S. Danielle Anna Tony Baratz Diego Israel Barcala-Delgado Melinda Jeanne A. Barcelon Marine Therese Yvette Barjol Jennifer Grace Barker, A.B. Rebecca Taylor Barlow, B.S. Elizabeth Mary Barnes Melissa Jane Barnes Patrick Michael Barnes Jonathan Wald Barnet, A.B. Lindsay Ann Barnett Alana Brooke Barofsky Abigail Pauline Barondess Noah James Barry Jacob Gregory Barsen David Thaddeus Bartek Dylan Jessica Barth Callie Marie Bartkowiak Carissa N. Bartkowiak Elena D. Bartlett Molly A. Bartlett John Avery Stassen Bartman Spencer Clayton Bartok Michael Frederick Barton Sarah Therese Barton Claire Victoria Bartosic Heya Grace Batah James Cameron Batchik Amber Loren Bates Allison E. Batka Casey Norbert-Harrison Batterbee

63 Lauren Frances Battle Haleigh Marie Bauer Mary Douglass Baum Matthew Reid Baum Michelle Marie Baum Wynona Bautista Elizabeth Bryan Baxter, A.B. Megan Adele Bayagich, A.B. Zeinab H. Baydoun, B.S. Laboni Bayen Alexandra Rautbort Bayer Tara Marie Bayer, A.B. Nathan M. Baylis Nikita Rukmani Bazaj Haley Jane Beach Adam Jacob Bean Meghan Elizabeth Beard Noah J. Bearman Stephanie Rose Beaton Asif Y. Becher Anna Teralyn Beck Gabrielle Marie Beck Jonah Arthur Beck, A.B. Julia Beck Peter Carl Christian Beck Kate N. Becker Amanda Michelle Beckham Theresa Beckley-Amaya Brian Joseph Beckwith, A.B. Christian Hal Beckwith Alexander Harrison Bedard, B.S. Andrew Timothy Beddow Rachel Catherine Beglin Pareenaz Behbahani-Nejad Rachel Beir Danielle E. Belanger Noha Mustapha Beleh Jasmine Amber Bell, A.B. Sydney Marie Bell Alycia Christina Bellino Milena Danielle Beltramo, A.B. Niccolo Anthony Beltramo Joseph John Beneducci IV Elisabeth Rose Benham JD Benison William John Benjamin IV, B.S. Alexa Bennett Alexandra Rose Bennett, B.S. Brandylyn Nicole Bennett Daniel J. Bennett, A.B. Elizabeth Anne Bennett Francesca Jade Bennett, A.B. Emma Jeanne Benninghoff Christina Frances Benson Ellery B. Benson Matthew J. Benson Sara Jayne Benson, A.B. Sydney H. Bentley Theresa A. Benton Kevin Mitchell Berardino Famke Martine Antonia Berendsen Jacqueline Joy Berens Brendan Thomas Berg, B.S. Julia Berg Michael Connor Berg Alanna J. Berger Daniel Berger, B.S. Hunter Nicole Berger Jackie Berger Morgan M. Bergstrom Stephen Francis Berkemeier, A.B. Dana H. Berkowitz Neala Conlon Berkowski, A.B. Grant Reavis Berkshire Daniel Michael Berkson Jessica M. Bernard Alexis Hope Bernstein Rachel A. Bernstein Rebecca Elizabeth Bernstein Alexis Berry Hayley Elizabeth Berson Kelly M. Bertoni Amber Nicole Besonen Carli Hannah Betman Sebastian Theodor Betzer Mary Beuckelaere Kaitlyn Elizabeth Beukema Nick Bevacqua Graham Thomas Bevier Noor D. Bhagwagar Sonya Bhan Arthi Dhatreecharan Bharadwaj Prachi Bhardwaj Zainab H. Bhindarwala Yannis Bi Starr Rose Bialk Nolan Roger Bick Logan Alexander Bickel McKenna Nicole Bidelman, A.B. Angelina Kathleen Bielby Kaitlyn Marie Bieniek Natalie Rose Bigelow Sydney Paige Bigelow, B.S. Michael William Bila Fatima Bilal, B.S. Adrienne D. Bilbao Megan Taylor Bilbao Sarah Catherine Bilello, A.B. Mark Donald Bilger Anna Patricia Billiard Madeline M. Billups Evan M. Binkley Bryce Joesph Birchmeier Alexis M. Birge Megan Louise Birleson Isabelle Birt, B.S. Renisha L. Bishop, B.G.S. Dylan R. Bitensky Lance Tyler Bitner-Laird Johann Roll Bittner Caroline Lapins Black Mitchell Siefer Black, A.B. Kayla Lanae Blackburn Justin M. Blackman Brody Christopher Blair Isabelle H. Blanchard Roxanne Blanchette Erin Harley Blankstein Constance Saralyn Ross Blatt Jessica Bleiweis Abbey Blender Ryan Elizabeth Blihovde Hailey Blinkiewicz Megan A. Bloem Lucy Hannah Blonstein Emily W. Bloom Olivia A. Bloomhuff Joshua Mandl Blum Jesse Carolyn Blumberg Kate Goldie Marie Blumenstein Noah Isak Blumenstein Benjamin Andrew Blythe Joy Boakye Michael Jacob Boctor Amalie Bodd, A.B. Alexandria Kae-Rindfleisch Bodfish Mallory Jordan Bodker Storm Ryan Boehlke Joseph Thomas Bogart Mary Eileen Bogdan, A.B. Caleb L. Bohn Jami Jo Bohrer Laine Kay Boitos Anthony L. Bokshan Allison C. Boland Caitlin Marie Boland Maria Lukas Boldt Kevin Bollinger Kayla Rae Bomeli Sarah Elizabeth Bonello Alexandria E. Bopp Claire Elise Borchers William Bradford Borden Alexandra Charlotte Borghi, A.B. Morgan Chuo Borjigin-Wang Carly Michelle Bornstein Maximillian Artem Borovik Mateusz Tomasz Borowiecki Brianna Chelan Borrello Daniel Joseph Borsuk Victoria Bortfeld Peter Walter Bos Kimberly Marie Boshart, A.B. Andrew K. Boskovich Melvin Scott Bouboulis, A.B. Zoe E. Boudart Alex Bourdeau Tracy Lynn Bourgon Adam McErlean Bowen Jacqueline Nicole Bowman Jessica Elizabeth Bowser Sydney L. Box Mitchell Jamesgould Boyce, B.S. Kenna Boyd Mary Margaret Boyd Stuart T. Brabbs Caroline Frances Bracey Ozema Valeria Braddock, A.B. Mikaela R. Bradley John Joseph Bradtke Rowan Brady Sean Patrick Brady, B.S. Alborz Bral Sharie Patrice Branch Shira Brandhandler Jack Brandon Cole Brandser, B.S. Riley Elizabeth Brantley Glory Ann Brar Laura A. Brasseur Sarah Bratton Hannah Brauer Connor Joseph Brazeau Marlee Anne Breakstone Jane A. Bredahl Samantha Marie Breecher Kira Marie Breeden Austin Todd Brehob, B.S. Luke Patrick Brennan, B.S. Natalie Colette Brennan 61

64 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 62 Elisabeth Brennen, A.B. Giuliana Bresnahan Victoria Morgan Bridges Jason Louis Brill Elizabeth Joyce Brines Annalise N. Brinks Olivia Rae Brinks Matthew Joseph McDonald Britton Ryan James Britton Aaron Frederick Brodkey Meghan Kate Brody Elizabeth Ann Broene Katherine Nicole Bromm Brenna C. Bromwell Sarah E. Broner Diarra Khari Brooks, A.B. Elliott Brooks Madison Renee Broton Aaron Michael Brown Alexander Carter Brown Aliya Nicole Brown, A.B. Allison Marie Brown Christina Nicole Brown Corinne Amanda Brown Ezra A. Brown Genevieve Windisch Brown Jordan Rachel Brown Kaitlyn M. Brown Mary Catherine Brown, A.B. Melisa Brown Natalie Brown Rebecca Lynne Brown Sara Rene Bruce Jordan Bruder Ella Mall Bruining Katharine Brumfield Tayler Vaughn Bruni Vincent Joseph Bruno Clare Rose Brush Claire Alison Bryan, A.B. Jordan Paul Bryan, B.S. Lauren Jane Bryden, A.B. Julia Joan Bublitz Thomas Ashby Buck Macklin Frank Buckler, A.B. Caroline Julia Buckley Colleen Anne Buckley Lily Catherine Buday Andrew J. Budziak Kyle Jeremy Buffin, B.S. Benjamin Chase Bugajski Taylor Buist Jessica Paige Bukiet Abhiram K. Bukkapatnam Gabrielle Bulic, A.B. Patrick Joseph Bulinski Kaylie Ashlynn Bullock Victoria Ann Bullock Camille Alyssa Bulte, B.S. William Francis Bund IV Jackson E. Bunis Ian Bunting Brynn Walker Buonocore Ashley Lauren Burch Amanda Grace Burcroff Guy Jonathan Burke Sirenna Lee Martinez Burks Logan Chanse Burley Jacob Edward Burlingame, A.B. Kelly Nicole Burns Krista Maureen Burns, A.B. Halley Marie Burnside Rachel E. Burnstine Brent Allen Burrows Abbigayl Elizabeth Clare Burtis Shannon Burton Davina Kwamboka Buruchara, A.B. Carly Jo Burwell Alexandra Rose Bushway Cassidy Michelle Butler Claire Elizabeth Butler Leah Nicole Butler Marissa Christine Butler Emily Louise Butte, B.S. Claire Dehaven Butz Logan R. Bye Nia Dangel Byrd, B.S. Zoe Byun Abrielle Marie Cacciaglia Piaofan Cai Emily Marie Cain Felicity Rebecca Mary Cain Samuel Alyn Cain Ashley Frances Calcagno Philip E. Caldwell Kara Grace Callaghan Devon Michelle Callaro TaNisha Cameron Kathryn Anne Cammell Alison Marie Campbell Meryn G. Campbell Sarah Marie Campbell Christian Beckett Campe, A.B. Claudia Cristina Campos, A.B. Robert Cleo Canfield III Ethan Michael Cannaert Cara Elizabeth Cannella Dominique E. Cannis Blake P. Canowitz Megan Elizabeth Cansfield, A.B. Sean Matthew Cantrell Mengyang Cao Xiyu Cao Natalie L. Capatina, B.S. Matthew Aaron Caplan Cara Lynn Capoccitti Christina Antoinette Capodanno Ryan James Capouellez Skylar B. Capriola Mariah Christine Cardenas Michael Christopher Cardinal, A.B. Christine E. Carethers Flaminia Carfagna Ellie Katherina Carl Kaleigh E. Carlone Brian Majeska Carlson, B.S. Elizabeth Anne Carlson Haley Michelle Carpenter Allison Marie Carroll, A.B. Katelyn Marie Carroll Katharine Bradley Carroll Jessica Susan Carruthers Karly Anne Carson Austin Joseph Carter Emily Renee Carter Jack Clint Carter Madelynn R. Carter Will Simpson Carter Christina N. Cartwright, B.S. Ethan Michael Cartwright Lauren Rose Caruss, A.B. Colin Rafferty Case Jacqueline Renate Caserio Caelen J. Caspers Kevin James Casperson Mario Jonathon Cassem Hannah Jane Castillo Eva Caston Katelyn Catino Lea E. Cattaneo Kelley Catton Brannon Patrick Cavanaugh Ashley Erin Cawthon Ellen Clair Cealey, B.S. Erin Brigid Ceballos Theadora Jane Ceccarelli Chloe Lena Cecchini Patrick Ryan Cecil Madelyn Celovsky, B.S. Isabel Noelle Ceniza Arianna Emmanuelle Cerqueira Rachel Jo Cevigney Rachael Marisa Chait Jacob David Chajson Madison Rachel Chajson Samuel Alexander Chalfin Azurae Azjai Chalk, A.B. Paul J. Chamberlain Anna Chameli Kimberly Ho-Yun Chan Kit Ying Grace Chan Sheila Chan, A.B. Elias Hazen Chandarlis Ruchica Chandnani Adithya Chandrasekaran Aaruran Anthony Chandrasekhar Gowri Chandrashekar Henry Charlie Chang Jungwoo Chang Won Young Chang Zoie Chang Ilana P. Char Hussein Charara Sandra Eve Charipper Benjamin H. Charlson Jonathan Chasin Jennifer Anne Chasseur, B.S. Sarah Chauhdry Andrew C. Chen Andy Chen Anthony Ejong Chen Carol Chen Daniel Chen Elaine Cassandra Chen, A.B. Gong Chen

65 Haoyu Chen Hsin-Tzu Chen Jessie Jia Yun Chen Justin L. Chen Kathleen Chen Lingding Chen Nina Haoying Chen Noah L. Chen Rex Chen Shibo Chen Shuying Chen, A.B. Soverno Chen Tiffany Chen Tiffany M. Chen Tiffany Youling Chen Victor Gong Chen William Chen Xi Chen, B.S. Yinqi Chen, B.S. Yuan Chen, B.S. Zechun Chen Zui Chen Alex Cheng Daphne Hsu Cheng Shijie Cheng Maria V. Chernitskaya Brittani Weiling Chew, A.B. Anna Beatrice Rose Chewter Cheng Chi Vivienne Chi Rishindra Paul Chinta, A.B. Robert Newbern Chiperfield III Zachary L. Chipman Jacob T. Chludzinski Casey Alexandra Chmura Steven T. Cho Kheshven Chockalingam Gina Choe, B.S. Adrian Wing-Ho Choi, B.S. Alexandria Isabella Choi, B.S. Jennifer Yunjung Choi Olivia Choi Alyssa Nicole Chojnacki, A.B. Lauren Michelle Chojnacki Sanjna Sujit Chokshi Maria Alexa Cholack Dominic Andrew Chomchai Niketh Chandra Chopra Hannah R. Chosid Tzu Yun Chou Nuzhat Akmal Choudhury Rohini Choudhury Andrew Yehia Chouman Christopher Hanlin Chow Samuel E. Christensen, B.S. Caitlin Erin Christian Caroline Elizabeth Christie, A.B. Sophia Christos Thalia Maria Chrysanthis Cindy C. Chu Grace Chu-Yuan Chu Shahzaib Chughtai, B.S. Chloe Soon Chung Kalen Renae Church David Krzysztof Cichocki Christine Marie Cieslak Natalie Cieslak Kristin Elizabeth Cimmerer Steven Cioffi Kara Ciorciari Dan Liviu Ciotlos Sylvia Ciszek, A.B. Catherine Arielle Clark, B.S. Christopher Clark Danielle Elise Clark Hudson Clark Kayla Rene Clark Meghan Leigh Clark Rachel A. Clark Zachary Michael Clark, B.S. Hebe Amazon Petra Clarke James J. Clarke Marisa Angela Clarke Nell C. Clasby Jordan Leigh Cleland Jeffrey Paul Clemence, Jr. Kenna Mackenzie Clements Caitlin Elizabeth Climes, A.B. Keith Michael Cline Kevin Harrison Cline, A.B. Caroline A. Clingan Sophia Katherine Cloherty Charlotte Taylor Close JonMarco Finn Cloutier Joseph T. Coates Mayra Cobian Maxwell Peter Cocco Kyle Paul Cochrane Amanda Blair Cohen Annie Jill Cohen Caroline Hayley Cohen Daniel Harris Cohen, A.B. Emily Sandra Cohen Isabel R. Cohen Matthew William Cohen Phoebe Rose Cohen Rachel Ilana Cohen Sydney Rachel Cohen Hannah S. Cohn Hunter R. Cohn Danielle Elizabeth Colburn Ethan Henry Cole Faith Helen Cole Alexander Arthur Coletta Kyle P. Coletta Heather P. Colley Colby Wellington Collier, Jr. Anna Katherine Collins, A.B. Avery Mitchell Collins Stephen Gerrit Collins, B.S. Zachary Alexander Colton Michelle Renee Conklin Emily Conn Andrew Ryan Connelly Bridgette Conniff Rachel Soohing Connolly, B.S. Melissa S. Connop Meghan Christine Connors Madeleine Conrad Taylor Conroy Sarah Conwisar Ian Keith Cook, A.B. Savannah Latulippe Cook Alexander J. Cooke Sarah I. Cooke George Cooper, B.S. Savannah Elizabeth Cooper Zerses Cooper Emily Price Coplan Rachel Elizabeth Core, A.B. Emily Marie Cornelius Olivia Cornet Heather Cornett, B.S. Dominique Loren Cornitcher Andrew Mighion Cornwall Alexander Richard Coryell Mackenzie N. Cosand Dominic Anthony Coschino Carli Nicole Cosenza Lindsay Rose Cossey Sharo Glany Costa, B.S. Emily Ann Costello Sophia Cotignola Alexandra Blair Cott Sarah Nell Court, A.B. Michael Joseph Cowdin John Patrick Cowhey Annie Y. Cowman Catherine E. Cox Julia Cozzette Karlie A. Cradock Annmarie Facca Craig Cameron J. Craig Megan Leslie Crane Mara Elyse Cranis Thomas Cribbins, A.B. Rachel Emily Crittenden, B.S. Jake Benjamin Croman Christiana L. Cromer Nathan Hershman Cronin Jack Patrick Cronyn Haley Catherine Cropper, B.S. Caroline R. Crosby Christopher Anthony Crowder John Thomas Crowley, A.B. David John Crudder, A.B. Lucretia Cucereavii Ye Qian Cui Clara Marie Cullen, B.S. Brigid M. Cummings Nicole Joan Cuneo Amanda Alden Cunningham Paige Devin Cupelis Emily E. Currier Diana Lee Curtis Ethan Robert Curtis Kristen Kay Curtis Isabel Anne Cusack Sara Rose Cusack, A.B. Jennifer Colleen Cushman Caroline Jacqueline Cusinato Francesca Marie Cusumano Noah Samuel Cutler Amogh Krishna Daduvai Barbara Alyse Dahlmann Weidong Dai, B.S. Rowan Daiksel Joseph Imad Dakki Maya Nicole Dalack Evan Patrick Dale, A.B. James M. Dale Andrea Marie Dalimonte Anthony Michael Dalimonte, A.B. Maire Elizabeth Daly Maysa Riad Damen Sophia Frances Damman Summer Damra Nathaniel Jared Damron Emily Catherine Damstetter Oana Eleonora Danciu 63

66 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 64 Chaitanya Dandu Alice Nicole Danelia, A.B. Madeleine M. Danes Anne Danicek, B.S. Amanda Valentina Daniels Peter J. Dankert, Jr. August Shane Danz Nicole Marie Danz Rae Rose Darga, A.B. Alexis Yvonne Darmon Caroline M. Darr Samuel David Dart Sanjay Kumar Das, B.S. Arun Basel Datta, A.B. Kristen Lanna Datta Yash Kailesh Dave Evan P. David Julianna Jean Davidek Jill Alexis Davidson Zachary Scott Davidson, A.B. Adelia Nia Davis, B.S. Anna E. Davis Chanelle Davis Elizabeth Roberts Davis Leah Elizabeth Davis Leah J. Davis Lindsey Davis Margaret Lange Davis Monica Marie Davis Erica Marcella Dawson Zahra Dawson Erin Alexa Day Arielle L. Dayan Marten David De Boer Liliana D. De Leon, A.B. Ashley Laura Dean Jason Michael Dean Mikela Grace Dean Laurel Dearborn, A.B. Ella Paige Deaton, A.B. Dhriti Deb Rumi Deb Kathryn Rose Debartolomeis Jennie Journeaux DeBlanc, B.S. Robert Bernard Deblander III Hannah D. Dehetre Alexander Deighton Charles Herbert Dejonge Danielle Paige Dejournett Gabrielle Dela-Cruz James M. Delaney Joseph Louis Delave Amanda Catherine Delekta Madeleine J. Delgado Patteson R. Delk Ariel Julia Dellinger Paige Alison Demet Evelyn Alani Demirjian Isabel B. Demiroz Alicia Nicole DeMitchell, B.S. Andrew William Demko Melissa Annbarbara Deneau Jo Deng Wisteria Deng Zhewen Deng Nicole Elizabeth Denha Alexander Alton Dennis, B.S. Evan M. Dennis Claire Isabella Denson Hayley Marr Dent Kallisse Rhyonnah Dent, B.S. Laurel E. Dentinger Claire M. Denton Grenchik Miles Raleigh Denudt, B.S. Kate E. Deoliveira Elizabeth Diane Depentu Joseph A. Depetrillo Caitlin O Rourke Dermody Nicholas Thomas DeRoos Paige DeRue, A.B. Natasha Desai Parth Mayank Desai Rohan Pinakin Desai, B.S. Sajani Desai Lauren Christine DeSantis Megan Nicole DeSilva Nicole Susan Desjardins, B.S. Frankie Desmond IV Danielle Destiny Kaicey Katherine Dettmann Sabrina Michelle Deutsch David Benjamin Deutschman Anna Louise DeVeaux Charles P. Devlin Sean Ryan Dew Marielle Remy Dewicki Aastha K. Dharia Evan Sandeep Dholakia Michelle Diaz Jacob James Dibbet Micaela Kassandra Dick Joshua Dicker Mary Evans Dickerson Andrew J. Dicks Samantha Ann Dickson Sarah Dieck Carolyn Dimitry Zachary Zivko Dimovski, B.S. Vanessa T. Dinh Lindsay N. Dinowitz Shouri Dirks Elizabeth R. Ditullio Olivia L. Divak Elizabeth Porter Dixon Justin K. Do Sneha Dodaballapur Katherine D. Dodge Siddhant Dogra, B.S. Alexander Christian Doherty Jake P. Doherty Elizabeth Anne Dokas Erin Catherine Dolan Monica Paige Dollive, A.B. Grace Ann Dolot Jacquelin Marie Doman Trevor Patrick Dominique Nathan Guenther Donaldson Olivia Claire Donatelli, A.B. Sheng B. Dong Vaidehi Satish Dongre Marcus Donnelly Christina Sayuri Donovan Krysten Marieshaw Dorfman, B.S. Tara Y. Dorje Nitikorn Dornjandaeng, A.B. David Dorsky Marianna Joanne Dorta Taiwo Adeyemi Babatunde Dosunmu, A.B. Rylee Sue Doucette Hannah Maureen Dougherty Liam Thomas Dougherty Matisen Douglas Mark Augustine Dovich Haley Mazzei Dow Kevin Matthew Doyle Stephanie E. Doyle Caylee A. Drangel Alexandra Draybuck, B.S. Marjan Antoni Dresaj Jacqueline Marie Dressler, A.B. Jewel Drigo Hannah Leigh Driks Sabine J. Dritz Natalie Drobny Aislinn J. Droski Donovan Gerald Drouillard Courtney S. Drucker Darra Fayth Drucker Marianne K. Drysdale Evan Rahul Dsilva, A.B. Jan Du, A.B. Ailiya Duan Jeane Em DuBose, A.B. Emily Christine DuChene Clare Elizabeth Duckworth Brendan Duff Katherine C. Duggan Matthew Rashid Dunn Erin Elsa Dunne, A.B. John Alexander Dunne Ronald Carrier Duquette Sena Nurhan Duran Emily Elaine Durie Morgan Elizabeth Durow Adam Robert Durudogan Emily Austin Dworkin Olivia Brianne Dworkin, A.B. Alex M. Dworman, B.S. Emily Lois Dyke Kendall T. Dyke Jesse William-Penrod Dzombak, A.B. Alexandra Chloe Eastman Erich Kristian Eberhard, B.S. Matthew J. Eby Adam Jeffrey Eckburg Logan Riley-Dane Eckhardt Sydney Edelstein Madeleine Newcombe Eden, A.B. Anthony N. Edgar Eleonore Corey Edgell Anna Noel Edgington Adam Ethan Efrem Ceren Ege Giuliana Eggleston

67 Noah Harrison Ehrlich Lucas Alexander Ehrlinger Emily M. Eicher Jack T. Eichman Tyler William Eilenberg Julia Ann Eisenberg Sophia Elizabeth Eisenberg, A.B. Katelyn Lyle Eisendrath Kaitlyn Lily Eisenshtadt Jacob Paul Eisenstein Mekenna Eileen Eisert Samia Tasnim Elahi Zain Mary El-Amir Katelyn Rose Elder Moustafa Hussam El-Kashlan Maria J. Elkin Shannon R. Elkins Jessi Alexa Ellin Brittney Joyce Elliott, B.S. Christian John Taylor Elliott, A.B. Aspen Ellis, B.S. Hannah Carolyn Ellis Kawkab Moussa El-Moussaoui Zeinab Elreichouni Joshua Vance Elsenbroek Nicholas Donald Elton Dabel Cynthia Emebo Jacqueline Louise Emmons Victoria Anne Eng, B.S. Yadonay Abraham Engeda Hannah Christian Engle, A.B. Isabel Anna Englehart Victoria R. Engler Stephani Lynn Englund Jacob Michael Ennis Jordan Leigh Ensz Jessica Sue Epplett Danielle Marlee Epstein Hannah Elizabeth Epstein Joseph Henry Epstein Kylee Rae Erickson, A.B. Brooke Erlich Jangul Erlon-Baurjan Miriam Ernest Sarah Erpenbeck Claire Elizabeth Erwin Patrick Joseph Eschbach, B.S. Michelle Espiritu Lydia Kay Essenmacher Leila Khalil Eter Maya Khalil Eter Daniel J. Evans Hannah Megan Evans Madelyn J. Evans Stephanie Ann Evans Sylvie Evarts Gabrielle Jerise Ezell, B.S. Jessica Elizabeth Ezell Michael J. Fabatz Maria Christine Fabrizio Jamie Fadden Mariam Faiq Michael Falbo Aliya M. Falk Eva Elizabeth Fall, A.B. Elizabeth Quinn Falter, A.B. Samuel David Falter Rebecca Elizabeth Falzon Christian Paul Falzone, B.S. Michael Y. Famurewa Vinson Boxuan Fan Curtis Yu-Ping Fang Kai Fang, B.S. Chase Mitchell Fanning Kevin Michael Fanning Edmund Justin Fannon Rebecca Farag Joseph Meir Farber Alexander J. Farell Lauren Carole Farfel, A.B. Mahmoud Sherif Farghal Ali Ahmad Farhat Colin Christopher Farmer Afshin Farokhrani, B.S. Mahum Farooqui Sara Navaid Farooqui Penelope Clare Farris Lucie Farrugia Paul Edward Fatum Julianne Marie Fava Kayla Anna Fedewa Dana Elise Feldman Helena Feldman Zachary Robert Felker Jenna Breanne Felkey Austin Wyatt Fellows Leslie Monroe Fellwock Rachel Nicole Feltman Morgan Claire Fenton Nicholas Michael Fenton Cordelia Anne Fenwick Henry P. Ferber Laurenne Elizabeth Ferber Kaufman Andrew Michael Ferguson, B.S. Zofia M. Ferki Rachel S. Ferko Elizabeth R. Fernandez Shannon Victoria Ferrie Christopher John Ferrill Alexander James Ferruggia Amelia Grace Feuka Emily Feuka, B.S. Cassandra Callaway Fields Jeanette Figueroa David Filanovsky Elizabeth Jo Fineman Tyler Ryan Fink, B.S. Amy Lynn Finkel, B.S. Nadia Sarah Finkel Gabrielle Finkelstein Kyle John Finnegan, B.S. Francis D. Fiore Lucas Fioretti Cagla Firat Corey N. Fischer Matthew Conor Fischer Nathan Fischer, A.B. Matthew Richard Fischman Abigail Ann Fisher Austin Timothy Fisher Emily Rachel Fisher Jonah David Fisher Rebekah Fisher Sarah Rose Fisher Emily Jane Fishman Rachel Julia Fishman Molly Louise Fishter Erin Taylor Fitch Caroline Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, B.S. Allison Hallie Flack Katelynn Christine Flaherty Alora D. Fleenary Olivia Danielle Flessland, B.S. Joshua Ian Flink Christina Dorothea Flom, A.B. Brittany Nicole Flores Olivia Camille Floto, A.B. Alexis Marie Flowers Michael James Flynn, A.B. Thomas A. Flynn Sarah M. Fodor Caleb James Foerg Elana Peri Fogel Sarah Hannah Fogel Zachary Chapman Fogel, B.S. Kayla Marie Fong Rebecca Melissa Fong Adrienne Nicole Fontan Zachary Hansen Foos, A.B. Molly Mae Force, A.B. Kaitlin M. Ford Erik Franklin Forkin Michael J. Forrest Giovanna R. Fortuna Rachel Lynne Foshee Cameron Timothy Foss Juan Carlos Fossas Bryan Joshua Foster Hannah Elizabeth Foster Sherilyn Rose Foster Amy Josephine Foster-Gimbel Katherine Anne Foudy Anthony Lance Fowlkes, A.B. Kelsey Shay Fox Meredith Eve Fox, A.B. Christian M. Foxworthy Sydney Ann Houser Foy Ashley Francis Murilo Badia Francisco, A.B. Madelyn Kathryn Franco Chris A. Francu Kyle Everett Franson Anna Elise Fraser Tanner Fraser Reilly Frauchiger-Ankers J Son Frazier Samantha Rae Frebes Christopher Steven Fredricks Taylor Lauren Freeburg, B.S. Ian McCormick Freeman Jacqueline Rita Freeman Austin Oritsegbubemi Fregene Claire B. Freimark Hannah French Abrielle Fretz Brandon Alan Freudenstein Ben Freund Kurt James Frick Andrew Fridenberg Gabriel Marcus Frieberg Kathryn Sarah Friedman, A.B. Noa Keren Friedman Carly Rochelle Friedrich, A.B. Mason Scott Friend Piper Friend Evan J. Fritts Kristen Patricia Frogner Caroline Frommelt Meaghan Elizabeth Frost Emily C. Frucci 65

68 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 66 Emma Fruchtman Mitchell Jacob Fruchtman Katherine Rose Fry Michael Christian Fuhst Cassandra Leigh Fulton, A.B. Kiya L. Fulwood Courtney Nicole Funk Michael Pinney Funkhouser Olivia Claire Furano Emily S. Furstenberg Lorraine M. Furtado William Robert Fusillo Madison Erica Fyke Nick Gabry, B.S. Aryamaan Gaddam Max Theodore Gaegauf Colleen Marie Gaffney Kaila Rose Gagne Natalie Grace Gaines Hannah Marie Gairdner, B.S. Sahar O. Galal Taylor Li Galdi Benjamin Bruce Galen Lauren Kathleen Gallagher, A.B. Sarah Christine Gallagher Will Rylan Gallagher Matthew Chase Gallatin Nicole Galleberg Claire Pamela Galligan Bianca J. Gallina Kristen Taylor Gallub, B.S. Sofia Evelyn Gambini Alex Logan Gamza Germaine Ling Yan Gan, A.B. Zach Gan Alex Anthony Gandhi, B.S. Lynn Gao Shiliang Gao Yi Gao Yilin Gao, B.S. Zhongren Gao Zihao Gao, B.S. Mohamed Ali Garada Bhavana S. Garapati Scott R. Garber Alexander Hugo Garcia Alexis M. Garcia Kyle Austin Garcia Lisa Michelle Garcia Rosa Erendira Garcia-Hernandez Catherine W. Gardey George Wayne Gardner III, A.B. Josephine Mae Gardner Jackson Garey Justine Garfinkel Ashley Nicole Garity Kelly Garland, A.B. Seth W. Garrett Thomas P. Garton Brittany Marie Gates Fallon V. Gates Kaitlyn Mikail Gates Christina Gatti John Richard Gatti Madeleine Maryse Gaudin Claire-Elizabeth Margaret Gawel Karissa M. Gawronski Arwa T. Gayar Yara Gayar Julia Rose Gaynor, A.B. Camille Louise Gazoul Mathilde Panayota Geannopulos Fasika M. Gebru Liam Geduldig David K. Geering Abby Jill Gefen Ameya Krishna Gehi Vanessa Marie Geiger, A.B. Noa Shapiro Gelb Amanda Beth Gelfarb, A.B. Andrew Todd Geller Brendan Thomas Genaw Adele Seavoy Gendron Gina Carolann Genova Kara M. Genther Ryan Connor Gentil, B.S. Alexander P. George Emily George Melissa Marie George Ryan William George Joanna E. Gerberding Graham Michael Gerdes, B.S. Cole Joseph Gerlach Zoe I. Gerndt Mariel E. Geron, A.B. Aliza Reeve Gersing Maia Beth Gersten, B.S. Zoe Gerstle David Jerome Gertler Sophie Rose Geyer Mohamed Baqer Hassan Ghandour Marya Ghazzi Biswash Ghimire Rachel Alina Ghosh Saheli Ghosh Francesca L. Giacona George Nicholas T Gianacakos, A.B. Gregory Michael Giancana Erin Patricia Gibson Jacob M. Gibson Ryan Thomas Gietzen Olivia Fikse Gignilliat, B.S. Sarah M. Giles Thompson Young Gilhuly Alyssa Monet Gill Breanna Renee Gilland Ryan Gillcrist Noah Peter Gillen Maeve E. Gillette Mackenzie Gillis Kyrsten Suzanne Gilmartin Josephine E. Gilmore Heather Christine Gin Devyn R. Ginsburg Hannah Ginsky Morgan Brikell Ginter, A.B. Austin Kesten Girelli Amelia Margaret Girgenti Arooshe Pahooja Giroti Andrew Meltzer Gitlin Jake Ellis Glaser, A.B. Ivy Gleason Sarah Bailey Gleason Skylar Marie Gleason Max Gleit Stephanie Elizabeth Glenn Rachel Anne Glick Jessica Gloger Melina Rose Glusac Andrew Gobis Nell Helana Godellas, A.B. Danielle Godick Celeste May Goedert, A.B. Peyton Elizabeth Goethe Katherine Lilian Goff Cedric Goh Shayan Golafshani Alexander J. Gold Robin Emily Goldbaum Jared Benjamin Goldberg Joseph Paul Goldberg Noah Aaron Goldberg Elyse M. Goldblum Sam Goldin Lucas Eliot Goldman Maya L. Goldman Rachel Hannah Goldman, A.B. Samantha R. Goldstein Samuel Vihan Gollapudi Andregina Marilou Gomez, A.B. Amalia Elvira Gomez-Rexrode, B.S. Samantha Gondy Jenny Diyun Gong, B.S. Madeleine Rose Gonte Adrian Alejandro Gonzalez Laura Elaine Goo Tyric Trey Goode Meagan Julia Gooding Cameron Mackenzie Goodman, B.S. Melissa Y. Goodman Maxwell Christian Goodwin Jillian Gordner Alexandra Ali Paige Gordon Avery Gordon Cheryl Ruth Gordon Ilana Bara Gordon Kyle Gordon Kevin Patrick Gorman Natan Judah Gorod, A.B. Victoria Elizabeth Gorom, B.S. Jordan Elizabeth Gottlieb Benjamin Robert Gould Hannah Elyse Gould Pranav M. Govindaraju Sahar Gowani Stephen Blake Graber, B.S. Bradley Adam Graboff Aria Autumn Grabowski Anna Kristina Graff, A.B. Shelby Jade Graff Brett Thomas Graham Charles W. Graham Jerry Graham, B.S. Kathryn Ann Graham Maria M. Graham

69 Megan Ruth Graham Nathan James Graham Gillian Leah Graifman Madison A. Graifman William John Grakul Richard Daniel Graney, A.B. Gilad Granot, A.B. Nicholas P. Grant Olivia S. Grant Morgan Marie Grantner, A.B. Katia Graves, A.B. Jackson R. Gray Janelle Lee Gray, A.B. Philip Andrew Grecco Anne Michelle Grech Noah Greco Stephanie Sharon Elaine Green, A.B. Taylor Lauren Green Colette Greenbaum Gillian Mara Greenbaum Jack Greenbaum Amanda Chelsea Greenberg Erin P. Greenberg Michael Greenberger Elizabeth Leigh Greenblatt, A.B. Holden S. Greene Jonathan Ross Greenfield Stefanie A. Greenfield Natalie Doris Greenhalgh Gabrielle Marie Gregg Olivia K. Gregg Claire Hardy Gregory Jordan D. Gregory Mia Gregory Andrew Heinrich Greidanus Natalie Elizabeth Gale Greifer Sari Hope Greifer Edward S. Grella Jasdeep Singh Grewal Jonathan Samuel Grey Emma R. Greydanus Isabelle Bruch Griffith Courtney Brooke Grimaldi Daniel Brian Grimes Rachel Lauren Gringlas Katherine A. Grissim Colleen Ruth Grogan Samuel Groh Parker Durant Groom Alix Taylor Gropper Kayla Rose Grose Amanda Gross Sylvanna Leah Gross, A.B. Yosef Gross Anne L. Grossbauer Kyra J. Grosse Madeline Clare Grossi Sari W. Grossman Natalie Elizabeth Grove Ryan Elizabeth Grover Coltrane K. Groves Joshua Bryce Gruber Xin Gu Amanda Kay Guarino Emma K. Guarino Kelly Guerin Ellen Elizabeth Guerra Yanqing Gui Lauren Addie Guindi Erica Ray Gumkowski Bavica Choudhary Gummadi Amanda Lestari Gunawan Sanuri Wijewickrema Gunawardena Olivia Diane Gunther Daniel Guo Tianlin Guo, A.B. Zhihao Guo Anushka Gupta Kanav Gupta Keshav Gupta Nitya Gupta Trisha S. Gupte Jonathan Kemal Gurkan Azba Gurm Zoya Gurm Sarika Danielle Gurnani, B.S. Harsh Y. Gusani Katyanna R. Guthrie Marc Gabriel Gutierrez, B.S. Megan Rae Gutman, B.S.Chem. Kathleen Grace Laynes Guytingco, A.B. Amanda Marie Guzman Juyeon Ha, B.S. Alexander Stephen Haab Madison R. Haas Kaylyn Alyssa Habet, B.S. Jenna Marie Hach, A.B. Abigail P. Hackett Bethany G. Haefner, B.S. Neha Hafeez, B.S. Talia Hafter Tyler Todd Hagen Casey Willow Haggerty Paul Hagopian Alison Rosee Hahn, A.B. Fatima Sarah Haidar Jalal Rami Haidar Julia Aseel Haidar Azeem Haider Sumaiya Haider Ashley Arnail Hails Claudia Ingrid Haimovici Katia Michelle Hajjar, B.S. Nadia N. Hakim Audrey S. Halim Christopher John Hall Katherine Emma Hall Kayley Irene Hall Melissa Gabrielle Hall Nicole Katharine Hallacy Emily Paige Halperin Sondra Lynn Halperin Robert Andrew Halpern, B.S. Stan Halstead Katrina Berta Hamann, A.B. Ashley Marie Hamersma Aaron J. Hamlin Tashi Hammer Gabrielle Hammoud, A.B. Maya Hammoud Rawan Hammoud Zachary C. Hampel Amanda Leigh Hampton Sarah Marie Hampton Marina Han Patrick Clement Han Wu Han Zhuang Han Alexandra Elise Hanania Allison E. Hand Faheem Handoo Ryan James Hannegan Alexander Hansen Casey Margaret Hansen Daniel Robert Hansen Julian A. Hansen Matthew James Hansen Christa A. Hansma Timothy S. Hanson Pei En Hao, B.S. Julia Nicole Harbison Scott Garrett Hardin Zane A. Harding Grant Benjamin Hardy Fiona Elain Harkin-Newsome Olivia Marie Harlan Eric Thomas Harmon Helena J. Harmon Matthew C. Harmon Genevieve Pierson Harner Remy Lauren Harnick Meghan Mackenzie Harrington Michael Patrick Harrington Dania J. Harris Daniel Joseph Harris Daniel Philip Harris Hailey L. Harris Julia Charlotte Harris Marguerite Harris Rebecca Lindsey Harris Stephanie Josephine Harris Colleen Jo Harrison Maia Ilyse Harrison John Hartert Joseph T. Hartert Justin Michael Hartline Laude Elmer Hartrum IV, A.B. Kieandra Renna Harvey Daniel Jay Harwood, B.G.S. Osama Magdy Hashem Siddik Bilal Hashmi Venesa Haska Joshua Scott Hasler Anis Fairuuz Hassan Brenna R. Hattler Siobhan Bernadette Haughey Spencer Reece Haupert Alexa Kathryn Haupt Maya Naomi Hausammann Olivia T. Hauserman Arman E. Haveric Daniel Anthony Haw Meredith Hawkins Benjamin Charles Hawthorne, B.S. Kristen Thompson Hayden Benjamin Matthew Hayes, A.B. McKenzie Morgan Hayes, B.S. Michael Joseph Haynes David A. Hayse DaRon Gerard Haywood, A.B. Olivia S. Hazlett Xiuzhu He, A.B. Yipeng He William Jakob Hearn Kendall F. Hecker Matthew Dov Hecker Isaak Andrew Hedding Joshua L. Hedgecock Caitlin Bernice Heenan 67

70 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 68 Robert Andrew Hefter Sara Margaret Heidenreich Julien Elizabeth Heidt Jessica Rae Heifetz, A.B. Anna Xinh Heim, A.B. Allison Cheryl Heimberg Caroline Grace Heins Kate O Kelley Heinz Karyn Lee Heissenbuttel Abigail Lynn Hellmann, A.B. Sydney Pauline Helsel, A.B. Nicklas Michael Helton Humza Hassan Hemani Michael John Hendrickson Jean Anne Heng Logan Henry Elizabeth Lauren Hentschel Sarah Brittany Henzlik, A.B. Gabrielle C. Herbst Chloe Gardner Herl, A.B. Eliana Rachel Herman Sarah C. Herman Maryam Munther Hermez Banesa Hernandez Evan Daniel Hernandez, A.B. Elizabeth Anne Herr Etienne Michelle Herrick Connor Douglas Herrington Jennifer Drew Herrman Haley Logan Hershey Benjamin Hershfeld Nickolas J. Hershman Megan Ellese Hertel, A.B. Mac Hertz Jacob Ben Hertzberg Rachel Hertzberg Alyssa Danielle Herwatt, A.B. Samuel Herwig Alexandra Elizabeth Herzog, A.B. Jordan Frederick Heuser Anna Marie Heyblom, B.S. Lillie M. Heyman Zachary Thomas Heyse, B.G.S. John Hibbard Abigail J. Hibbler Amanda Crusoe Hibbler Madeline Mary Hibbs-Magruder Katelyn Michelle Hicks Bridget Elizabeth Higgins, A.B. Lauren Elizabeth Higgins, B.S. Luke Michael Higgins Megan Mary Higgins Eman Hijab, B.S. Imadeddin Aouni Hijazi Joseph Patrick Hildebrand Katherine Elizabeth Hill Sophie Flicop Hill Sophia Carmen Hillesland Eve Emily Hillman Jacob Edward Hilton Adam J. Hilu Lindendeary Emeraldo Himawan Elizabeth O Brien Hinckley Mai Qiang Hipsley Abigail Jean Hirsch, A.B. Aviva Hirsch Mitchell Harris Hirsch Noah Michael Hirschl Leah Frances Hirsh Abby Louise Hirst Kristen Hiser Lindsay Ann Hiser Eleanor L. Hoag Lauren Sydney Hochhauser, A.B. Nicole E. Hocott Nathan Hodge Gabrielle Julienne Hodges Hannah Elizabeth Hodges Sarah Hodgman Katherine M. Hoekstra Hunter Kline Hoensheid Mallory Anne Hoevet Tamara Kivelson Hofer, B.S. Lauren Louise Hoff David James Hoffa Grayson Dondis Hoffman Mitchell Hoffman Sophia Emily Hoffman Summer B. Hoffman Elexis J. Hoffmann Kenton A. Hoffmann McClane Newell Hofheins Connor H. Hogan Emily Martz Hogan Zachary William Hoisington Ronus Hojjati Mary Scout Holaday, A.B. Anastasia Marie Holland Matthew Luther Holland Laura Hollander, A.B. Jeremiah R. Hollis Keegan J. Hollyer Olivia Jane Hollyer Shea Marie Holman, A.B. Catherine Lynn Holt, A.B. Ellie Homant Emily Michelle Honet, A.B. Ethan Yihan Hong Yujie Hong Kira Nicole Hawk Hooker Evan Hoopingarner Coleman Hopkins Phoebe Aidan Hopp Faith Julianne Horbatch, B.S. Adam Cole Horn, B.S. Elizabeth Anne Horn Nicholas A. Hornburg Katherine M. Horning Samuel Raymond Horrocks Alyssa Ann Horstman, B.S. Anna Jane Horton Ella Horwedel Olivia Lane Horwedel McKinley Kate Horwitz Ryan James Horwitz Sean Walter Hou Meghan Marie Hough Liam P. Houlihan, A.B. Rami Rashad Hourani Sophie R. Hourihane Jordan N. Howcroft Chase Manchester Howell III Jessie Marie Hoxie Terri Hsieh Angela Hsu Shannon Frances Hsu Yu Ting Hsu Jing Hu Yixin Hu Ailun Huang Cathleen Huang E.J. Huang Haiyang Huang Haoran Huang Jeanie Huang, B.S. Jinzhen Huang Justin Huang Lillian Huang Peng-Huan Huang Ruizhe Huang Siang-Siang Huang Yaoqi Huang Yu-En Huang Elizabeth Hubbard Lauren Margaret Hubbard Martin Milton Hubbard Mitchell D. Hubbard Elena Pearl Hubbell Jasmiyne Kathi Ann Hudson Lauren Hudson Mitchell Lee Huffstickler, A.B. Casey Lauren Huhndorff Molly N. Huisingh Brooke A. Huizenga Jamie Louise Huizinga Candace Hulbert Alex Hulka Genevieve Joann Hummer Peter James Hunt Courtney R. Hunter Danielle Bowman Hunter Emily Allison Hunter, A.B. Jaewon Hur Kanghoon Eric Hur, A.B. Caroline Stirling Hurd Janae Michelle Hurd Owen Hurley Sean Hurley Kelsey Marie Hurt Laiba Husain, B.S. Aaiz Hussain Khadijah Taha Hussain Sarah A. Hussain Sydney Joan Hutnik Eric Y. Hwang, B.S. Irene S. Hwang Jae Min Hwang Emily E. Hyde, B.S. McKenzie Jean Hyde Courtney E. Hylant Mathew Iacone Alaa A. Ibrahim, B.S. Ammar F. Ibrahim Mirela Ibrahimovic, B.S. Samantha K. Ilagan

71 Anna R. Ilivicky David Howard Immerman Lily Anne Indenbaum, A.B. Pasquale Infante Abigail Ingber Alex Michael Ingraham, B.S. Sabrina Misaki Inoue Bernard Joseph Insalaco Nicole M. Ireland Isabella Alysse Isaacs-Thomas Jamie Lauren Isacoff Ergest Isak, B.S. Malak A. Ismail Ayah Said Issa Rafik Issa Benjamin Green Iuliano Bruna Carolina Iunessanches Naresh Iyengar, A.B. Ruchita Iyer Farris Jaamour Emma Grace Jabour, A.B. Connor B. Jackett Jessica Lynn Jackowicz Lauren Jackson Yoav Jacob Jenna Jacobs Jonathon Robert Jacobs Jordan June Jacobs Leah Michelle Jacobs Leslie Anne Jacobs Rebecca Rose Jacobs Sofie Elisabeth Jacobs Danielle Paige Jacobson Jenna M. Jacobson Elizabeth Sales Jaffe Aditi Jagadish Vignesh Jagathese Gavin F. Jager Danielle Christine Jahnke Chetali Jain, B.S. Shannon Kathryn Jajko Dimitar Aco Jakimovski Djordje Jaksic Nikola Jaksic Jamalina Binti Jamaluddin Firdaus Hafizi Bin Jamaludin Sree Jambunathan Cooper D. James Eleanore Savannah James Emily Ethel Jameson Kevin Jang Young Tae Jang, B.S. Alexandra Jankulov, B.S. Parker D. Janson Eliza Rae Jarman, B.S. Pravalika Jarugula, B.S. Kyle Cordell Jarvi Stephen N. Jasina Brooke Felicia Jasman, B.S. Naveen Jasti Ali Kamel Jawad, B.S. Rasha Muhamed Jawad Sharanya Bhavani Jayachandran George Anthony Jayne Savannah L. Jelneck Cooper Charles Jenkins Hannah Mae Jenkins Callie Ann Jensen Natalia Marie Jenuwine Konrad W. Jeppesen Ella Jermyn Brian Robert Jernigan Veer M. Jhaveri Jane Yaeyoung Jho Jiahui Ji Kaiwen Ji Yanyu Jia Zekun Jia Yingsi Jian Edith Jiayu Jiang, A.B. Jessica Yishin Jiang Lucy Jiang Yingxue Jiang, A.B. Yixi Jiang Laura Jimenez David Jin Helen Marie Joa Selena Joarder Emily Louise Johanson Allison M. Johnson Briana R. Johnson Camille B. Johnson Christina Noelle Johnson, A.B. Claire Elizabeth Johnson Haley Gifford Johnson Ingrid Magdalena Johnson, A.B. Jessica Lyn Johnson Kale B. Johnson Katelyn Elizabeth Johnson Katelyn Marie Johnson, A.B. Kathryn Elizabeth Bouvier Johnson Kirsten Rose Johnson Kyle Johnson Margaret Johnson Morgan Ellyn Johnson, A.B. Taylor Lian Johnson Ben Johnsrude Megan Johnston, A.B. Kellon Johnston-Roper, A.B. Alexis Kimberling Jones Audrey Jones Courtney Elizabeth Jones Madison Marie Jones Michael Stephen Jones Taylor Marche Jones, A.B. Tyla Marchelle Jones, A.B. Wyatt Walker Jones Casey Misung Jong Zoey J. Jopling Cassandra Blair Jordan Alec Thomas Josaitis, B.S. Yael Joseff, A.B. Emily Rose Joseph Tarana D. Joshi Rajeev Hira Jotwani Sydni Suzanne Joubran Kaytlyn Joya Priya C. Judge Jeremy Justin Jueng Dora Juhasz Brittany R. Jullie Mina Juma Rebecca Jun Alex Jung, B.S. Amanda Jung Jessica Nicole Jung Josie D. Junkin Amanda Caitlin Juntunen Peter Henry Jurasek Mark Daniel Juriga, B.S. Luke Mario Justice Luca Juuhl Reema Mai Kaakarli Nelli Kaartinen, B.S. Malak Ali Kabalan, A.B. Namrata S. Kadambi Md Mohaymin Kadir Mumta H. Kadir Akhila Kadiyala Mohamed Ryan Kady, B.S. Judy Kafelghazal Benjamin Emmanuel Kagan, A.B. Carly Kahan Aviva Rachel Kahn Solomon A. Kahn Kendall M. Kaiser Sanela Kalakovic, B.S. Tabassom Kalami, A.B. Tyler Edward Kalanquin Alfred Kalantar Joseph Kalas Priyanka Kale Claire Rozann Kaliban Haley R. Kalis Alyssa Grace Kalsbeek Sophia Bee Kalt Tarun Kalyanaraman Addison Eleanor Kamb Arian Naze Kambakhsh, A.B. Gauri M. Kambhatla Rachel Nicole Kammerzell, A.B. Adam D. Kamps Nathan Mitchell Kamradt Harrison James Kane Stacy Chie Kaneko Anna Kang Anthony James Kang Junghoon Kang, A.B. Kason T. Kang Samuel Kang, B.S. Kelsea Elizabethjean Kangas, B.S. Madison Kanstoroom Charles Kanter Hannah Maud Kanter, A.B. Madelyn Jessica Kantor Hava E. Kaplan Megan Rose Kaplan Aditi Kappagantu Briana Samantha Karcho Gabriel Philip Kardia Ayesha Karim Razeen Karim Nadia Maria Karizat Winifred Alice Karoub Jaynie L. Karp Colton M. Karpman Alexander C. Kasdan Isabel Serena Kashi Mikayla L. Kasparian Sebastian E. Kasparian Kayla Marie Kaszyca Deion Allen Kathawa, A.B. Isha Kathuria Maxwell Henry Katseff Hannah Ray Katshir, A.B. Hannah E. Katz Jordan Alexander Katz Samantha T. Katz Chad A. Katzelnick Emily Samantha Kaufman 69

72 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 70 Rebecca Kaufman, A.B. Sophia Madeleine Kaufman Suzanne Kaufman Meghna Kaul Allison Kavanagh Nolan Matthew Kavanagh Anthony J. Kayany Lilit Kazazian, B.S. Vasiliki Nick Kazdaglis Audrey Maeve Keaney Aidan Joseph Kearns Andrew Keating, A.B. Michael Francis Keating Nita A. Kedharnath Adam James Keefer Noah D. Keeler-Seiser Catherine Rose Keeling Brian Andres Keener Simon G. Keep Darcy Camille Keh Gwendolen Keller Brett E. Kellett Aaron Carl Kelley Shannon Edain Kelley Hannah Jade Kelley-Watkins Olesia Kellezi Alexander Edward Kellner Collin John Kelly Mary Jo Kelly Matthew Ryan Kelly Ryan Christopher Kelly Sean Kelly Beatrice L. Kelly-Andrews Anna Kelman Lauren Kelsey Whitney C. Kemp Alexander Roman Kendig, A.B. Michael J. Kendrick Kelly Jaclyn Kendro Katherine Riegle Kennedy, A.B. Reilly Kennedy Jimmy A. Kenney Madison Kent Rowan Carl Kent Carly Madison Keough Emma Rose Kerr, A.B. Rachael Louise Kerr, A.B. Morgan A. Kesman Jacqueline Joy Kessel Ray B. Kethledge Cameron Joseph Keuning Tali Khain Komel Khan Rida M. Khan Shahera Khandaker Marianne Elizabeth Khouri, B.S. Anastasios Xristos Kiafoulis Ryan Daniel Kibler, B.S. Elizabeth Anne Kiekover Quynh Vu Kieu Sai Kilaru Brendan Thomas Killian Kevin P. Killian Caroline Sara Sammataro Kim Clara H. Kim Daejin Kim Do Hun Kim Dowon Kim Erin Grace Kim Esther Kim Evelyn Kim Hie Kim Hyeji Kim Jaeyoon Kim Jennifer Jihye Kim, A.B. Jina Kim, B.S. Jung Yul Kim Megan Kim Melissa Suh-Hee Kim Minjee Kim Monica Kim Nicole H. Kim Soobin Kim, B.S. Sophia Kim Suzie Kim Taepyo Kim Theo Kim You Jeong Kim Yun Jung Kim, A.B. Lauren Elizabeth Kimmel Jenna Kindwald Mira Kinebuchi, B.S. Alexander David Kinel Taylor L. King Bernadette Rose King Fitzsimons Levi Kenneth Kipke, B.S. Cooper Kirby Justin Kirk Sierra N. Kirks-Cler Gabrielle Elise Kirshman, A.B. Mariah Slack Kitchin Anna H. Kittendorf Alex Bret Klausner Jonah M. Klausner Ivy Klee Madison Jo Klee Kyla Simone Klein Molly Rachel Klein Nicole G. Kleinsorge Sarah Hasni Klem Hannah Marie Klemkow, A.B. Nicholas James Kline Rebecca J. Kline William Paul Klinenberg Brook T. Klingel Zoe Klion Stephanie Anne Klokiw Reid Klootwyk, A.B. Andrew James Klump, B.S. Nolan Timothy Klunder Carleigh L. Klusman Karissa Tjet Knapp Zachary Paul Knapp Alexander Johntripp Knight Janae Elise Knight Megan L. Knittel Paulina Knoblock, A.B. Noa Knoerl-Morrill T.C. Knowles Raven Knudsen Alma Marie Knutson Matthew Younguk Ko, B.S. Hassan Kobeissi Claire Kathryn Koerschner, B.S. Margaret Claire Koester Gi Beum Koh Liza Joy Kohlenberg Mia S. Kohler Audrey Lucia Koi, A.B. Erin Margaret Kokoszka Jaclyn Faith Kolbert Alexandria Catherine Kolenda, B.S. Nicholas Xavier Kolenda Zoe H. Kolender Isabelle Kong Chantal Genevieve Konopka, A.B. Maya Konstantino Max Kontorovich Alexandra Paige Konwinski Hyun Jung Koo Nicholas Reid Kopff Alexander James Kopko Jacob E. Kopnick Justin Leonard Korfhage Sydney H. Kornbleuth Dana Louise Kornmeier Kayla N. Kornoelje Corey Richard Kosmin Taylor Elise Kost, A.B. Stephanie A. Kostolansky Devki Bharat Kothari Krsna Kim Kothari Alesha Kotian Shuhan Kou Samira Kouchakzadeh, B.S. Lily Elizabeth Kovach Sarah E. Kowalski, B.S. Scott Thomas Kowalski Jesse Kozler Maura Rose Kraemer Liza Nechama Kraff Alison Frances Kraft Mackenzie C. Krage Ethan Patrick Krajewski Kiera Jade An Krashesky, B.S. Joshua Levi Krasney Jacob Moses Kraus Michelle Lee Kraus William Steven Wannamaker Krause A.K. Krauss Trevor John Krayer Joshua Edward Krease, A.B. Sarah Nicole Kreger, A.B. Joseph Michael Kreindler Josh Kreitz Anthony Joseph Krempa Tomas Andreas Krepostman Katherine Kreshek Brandon Krevoy Joseph Peter Krieger, A.B. Zachary Charles Kriesberg, A.B. Vivek Krishnan, B.S. Abygail Rae Kritta Julia Marie Kropa Ryan Kirkman Krueger

73 Hailey Elisabeth Kruger Conner Krumholz Elizabeth Anne Kruse James Michael Kryza Jun Beom Ku Rachel Margaret Kubiak Clare Victoria Kucera Arushi Kuchhal Ali Schiano Kudej Michelle Anne Kujat Kelsey Kulka Anshul Kumar Kulkarni Rhea Kulkarni Sanika Sanjeev Kulkarni Anjali Kumar Zachary Kumar Wilson Kung Yusef Kunji Jared Holden Kunkel Katie Rose Kunkel Ning Kuo, B.S. Nora Kuo Aleksander Kupe Yuki Ellen Kurosu Sarah Anne Kushner Emma Nicole Kuske Ayah Kutmah Ashley Kwon, A.B. Hanna Ha-Jin Kwon, B.S. Madeline Kwon Nayeon Kwon Sarah Kwon Stavroula R. Kyriazis Caitlin LaBo Dana LaBuda Nicholas Jay LaCerva Kayla I. Ladis Elizabeth Lorna Ladwig Hannah Lahti, A.B. Jamie L. Lai Andrew C. Lake Elizabeth Clare Lake Ryan Blaire Lakin Si Wan Lam, A.B. Vishal Lamba Hannah Michelle Lambert Thomas Michael Lammers Susan Pamela LaMoreaux, A.B. Nicholas Alexei Lamping, B.S. Anthony R. Lamus, A.B. James Z. Landau Nicole Paige Landau Adam J. Landy Hannah G. Lane William Singer Lane Allison Fraser Lang, A.B. Doyle Lu Lang Sean Gerrit Lang Sharon Lang Natalie Faye Langnas Josh Lank Nicholas James Lanzetta, B.S. Gabriella Marie Lanzi Tiffany Lauren Lao, B.S. Zoe Korrina Lapham Connor Sabo Laporte Margaret Larin Valentina Larrivey Elyssa Larsen, A.B. John Patrick Larsen IV, A.B. Haley Ann Larson Sarah Ann LaSata Sierra Joe Lash, A.B. Sydney Elizabeth Lash Cara Lynne Laskowski Cody J. Laskowski Patrick John Lass, A.B. Taylor Lass Kathryn Latto Tommy C. Lau Julia H. Lauer Ashley Nicole Laukhuf Thierry Michel Laurens Scott Weston Lautner Arielle Melissa Lawlor James Joseph Lawniczak, B.S.Chem. Catherine Florence Lawton Christina Hai-Dang Le, B.S. Elizabeth T. Le Yvonne Le Delaney R. Leach Anna S. Lear Katherine Cleone Leary, B.S. Amanda Susan Leasure Sara Irene Lebow Sophia Elyse Leclair Sebastian Elijah Leder Macek Alex Daebum Lee Calvin Andrew Lee Chris Hyunjoong Lee Christina Lee Corrina Wan Yee Lee David E. Lee DewRina Lee, B.S. Edmond Lee Hans Lee Hyun Eui Lee, A.B. Jan Di Lee Jeffrey K. Lee Jenny Lee Jerin Lee, A.B. Jessica Jean Lee Ji-Hyung Lee Jinwoo Lee Jung Woo Lee, B.S. Lauren Lee Margaret Geling Lee Matthew Thomas Lee Nam Joo Lee, B.S. Sage Alexandra Lee Serenity Lee, A.B. Sophie Hyunju Lee Sumin Lee Troy Allen Lee Young Lee Yun Joo Lee Rebecca Shira Leeman Bryanna Margaret Leenknegt Kyle Anne Lefkowitz Jacob Leflein, A.B. Kymberley Elana Leggett Madison Mackenzie Lehman Tate Elizabeth Lehmann Minjie Lei Yuxiao Lei Kassidy Gabrielle Leibowitz Jessica Autumn Leininger Cameron Aris Fry Lekas David Byron Lemasters Sophie Anna Lemisch, A.B. Annabel Sophie Lemke Briana Marie Lennox, A.B. Brooke Lennox Sophia Abigail Leon Molly Elizabeth Leonard Sophia E. Lepore Luc Thomas LePottier Jenna Lerg Emily T. Lerner Morgan Paige Lerner Rebecca Ann Lerner Joseph D. Lesada, A.B. Ezra Douglas Lesser Christopher Andrew Letteer Christy Leung Jessica Kung Leung, A.B. Noa Levi Selin Levi Ethan Theodore Levin Jeremy Isaac Levin Ryan Alexander Levin Jordan Anthony Levine, B.S. Rivkah Levine Jessica Natalie Leviton Samuel Ari Levitt Jordan Matthew Levy Joseph Louis Levy Micah A. Levy Emma Lewis Madisen Claire Lewis Megan Ruth Nowak Lewis Patrick Graham Lewis William David Lewis, A.B. Blacker Li Daniel Junjie Li Jennifer Li Jiaxin Li Jiaxu Li Joyce S. Li Katherine Jia Li Katie Xiaoou Li, B.S. Lesley Li Lu Li Robert Li Shuaiji Li, B.S. Vanessa Li Wayne Li Xuenan LI Yaoyao Li Yicheng Li Zifan Li, B.S. Ziyang Li Kathryn Madeleine-Anna Liang Erica Augustina Liao, A.B. Charles M. Liberato Margot Alessandra Libertini Michael John Lichomski Conner Edwin Liddle Sydney Lieberman Sabrina A. Lieghio Logan Joshua Light Samantha Ryan Light Eunice Lim Kah Jun Lim Tony Lim Lily Lima Samantha Leontina Lima Sarah Madeline Limb, A.B. Sarah McDonald Lime Melissa Lin, B.S.Chem. 71

74 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 72 Muzi Lin Rachel Xunye Lin Tasha Audrey Lin Vivian Lin, A.B. Xiamiao Lin Xiwen Lin Yaoyang Lin Yeqing Lin Yiwen Lin Yu-Chen Lin Lily Anne Linares Taylor Lind Sarah Jordyn Lindenberg, A.B. Julia Lauren Linder Hayley Kathleen Lindsey Olivia L. Linson Rachel Elizabeth Lipa Benjamin G. Lipkin Molly Nicole Lippitt Corey E. Lipton Zoe Iliana Lis Rachel M. Lissner Christopher William Lithen Adam Michael Litman Jason M. Litt Savanah Litton Christopher Stephen Litts, Jr. Katelyn Nicole Lituchy Andrew Zong Liu Jiachang Liu Jiangqiong Liu Linda Jin Liu, B.S. Mengyao Liu Rachel Madeline Liu Ruifan Liu Simeng Liu Wanying Liu, B.S. Xinglian Liu Xinyi Liu Yichun Liu Yiran Liu, B.S. Yue Liu, B.S. Yunyi Liu, A.B. Yun-Yu Jennifer Liu Zixuan Liu, A.B. Catherine Louise Livingston, A.B. Nicole Marie Lococo, A.B. Abraham David Lofy Elizabeth Angeline Lohr Nichole Jean Lohrke, B.S. Chiara Lommer Alexander London Niomi Rose London Deryl E. Long Kaycee Long, B.S. Jessica Longe, A.B. Bradon Longman Benjamin Robert Loomis, B.S. Seb Loonen Tania Lopez, B.S. Elena Louise Lorenzana, B.S. Sofia A. Lotsoff Margaret Carole Lott Jacob Bernard Lourim, B.S. Sean David Louzon Tyler Jonathan Loveall Alexis Christine Low James Anthony Lowell III Noah Stark Lowenstein Hilary Julie Lowitz Bo Lu George Kaiming Lu, B.S. Jeffrey Lu Jiayue Lu Larissa Shen Lu Michelle Jingnan Lu Raymond Lu Samantha S. Lu Vincent Lu Wenxi Lu Yi Lu Alexander Sean Lubbers Max Lubell Rebecca Carolyn Lubow Erica Margaret Lucas, B.S. Shae Marie Luch Maria L. Luciani Olivia Luciani, A.B. Peter Joseph Lucido III Jessica Lynne Luftig, A.B. Avery Mancheuk Lui Derrick K. Lui Cassidy Lukaart Anna Kazimiera Lukasinski Alan Robert Lundgard, B.S. Esther Luo, B.S. Johnny Luo Sylvia Luo Yuanhang Luo Yuchen Luo Megan Elizabeth Luptowski, A.B. Jenna Eve Luth Shayna Lutz Sophie Elizabeth Lutz Andy Q. Ly Noah Edward Lybik Anne Reilly Lynch Rebecca Ann Lynch Sloane M. Lynch Jeremy Vincent Lynn, B.S. Julia Cohen Lynn Mackenzie Paige Lynn Emily Elizabeth Lyons, A.B. Rachyl Elyzabeth Lyons Hope Xin Ma Kevin Ma, B.S. Sara Lehua Ma, B.S. Shannon N. Maag Natalie N. Maas Merissa Wynne Maccani Samuel Thomas MacDuffie Shale J. Mack Mandy Jo Madagame, A.B. Siddharth Suresh Madapoosi Maheshram Madasamy Erin Elizabeth Madden Stephanie Anne Madigan, A.B. Nathaniel Maekawa Lakyrra Yavonne Magee Sarah Ali Mageed Craig James Maggio, A.B. Bennett Andrew Magy, B.S. Jessica Niashna Maharaj, A.B. Kit Maher, A.B. Dana Mahinbakht Moiz S. Mahmood Syeda Zaynab Mahmood Zainab Mahmood, A.B. Jack K. Mahon Luke John Mahoney Maureen S. Mahoney Hannah Joanne Maier Lucas L. Maiman Mohamed El Habri Maiza Savannah Ryann Major Rohini Majumdar Michael Jeffrey Makarewicz, B.S. Alexander Omeed Makkinejad Ellie J. Makoul Kelli Lynn Malcolm, A.B. Diya Malhotra, B.S. Andrew David Malick Melony Arden Malkin Emma Carol Mallers Lucas David Mallery Sydney Gail Maloney Iman Mamnoon Alexandra S. Manaila Amanvir Singh Mandair, A.B. Olivia Rose Mandell Sophia Manduca Nicole Manga Tessa Mecoli Manilla Zoe Scarlett Mankes Mackenzie E. Manley Ann Christine Mann Gabriel Lucien Mann Jennifer Erin Mann Erika Leann Mannie Tatum G. Mannion Jenna L. Manske Alexandra Isabell Mansour Akhila Sunita Manu Megan Uchechi Manu Rebecca Clarice Marchant Kate Lynn Marciniak Anna H. Marcus James Isaac Margard, A.B. Jacob Samuel Margolies Joshua Louis Margolis Asher Solomon Margulies Alayna K. Margulis Meghan Marie Marias Elizabeth Marics Diana Cecilia Marino Ashley Mark Hannah E. Markby Danielle Sophie Markel Moses I. Markowitz Sarah Preminger Marks Spencer James Marlow Kathrine Marie Marous, B.S. Alyssa Christine Marquette, B.S. Jacqueline Renee Marsack, B.S. Laura Largo Marsh

75 Riley A. Marshall Ryan David Marshall Carly Ann Marten Andrea Irene Martin, B.S. Carly R. Martin Duna Ai-Ling Martin, B.S. Ethan Edward Martin Katherine Martin Madison Glyn Martin Margaret Walker Martin Peter A. Martin Katherine Taylor Marx, A.B. Eli B. Masjedi Emma M. Mason Matthew Mason Tansy Anna Massey-Green Anastasia Marie Masters Devyn Masterson Julia Celene Mastracci Shawn Singh Matharu Katherine Marie Mather Aaron Michael Matheson John Zachary Mathew Mackenzie Jane Mathias Jaime Arial Mathis, A.B. Sami Matin Chloe Noelle Matovina Lauren Beth Matson Bryce John Mattheiss Claire Nicole Mattson Gabriel Alberto Matute Jessica A. Matz Julia Brett Maxman Lauren E. May Sophia Claire May Anna Grace Mayer, A.B. Edwin Joseph Mayes Alec Mayhan Mohamed N. Mazeh Nadia Mazlan Amanda Celia Mazzoli Rachel E. Mazzotta Nicole Emma McAlvanah Margarett Sha Lisa McBride Madeline Mae McCabe Noah McCarthy Sean Thomas McCarthy Steven Montaville McCarty Trevor McCarty Stuart McCloskey Paul Linner McClure Brooke L. McCollum John Luke McGuinness McCormack William Christopher McCormack Monica Sheree McCoskey Abigail Schmidt McCulloch Melissa Mae McCurry Joey John McCusker Merin Kathryn McDivitt Kasey McDonald, B.S. Ryan Neil McDougald Madelyn Kaye McEachern Riley Evan McFarlin Aine McGehee Marley Bobby P. McGovern Deirdre Jennings McGovern Amy Diane McGregor, A.B. Ryan Howard McGriff, A.B. Jenna Christine McGuire Judge Parker McKee Melanie K. McKenna Megan Nicole McKenzie Kaitlin Elizabeth McKernan Kayla Janay McKinney Sydney McKinstry Jennifer Theresa McLenon Julia Mary McMahon Justin Leonard McMahon Michael A. Mcmain Kylee Alison McManus Nicholas McMillen Maggie Elizabeth McMillin Isabel Irene McMullen, A.B. Madison Alexis McMurtry Natalie F. McMyn Chloe Hardin McNamara, B.S. Ryan Stewart McNassor Noah Alexander McNeal Molly Marie McNeely Korrin Sierra McNeil, A.B. Maxwell Tang McQuaid Hannah N. McQueen Allison Claire McWeeney, A.B. Mitchell J. Mead Jessica R. Meadows Molly Mearns Mallory Catherine Mecklenburg Lindsey Marie Medd Jennifer Kera Meer Alexis K. Megdanoff Vikash Mehan Hayley Marie Mehr Stephen Daniel Mehr Sejal Mehta Jacqueline Barrie Meier Nicholas Ryan Meier Julia Beatriz Meireles, B.S. Liam James Meisner-Driscoll Daniela Lewin Mejia Tariq A. Mekkaoui Franny Louise Melampy Manuel Melendez Alyssa Joye Meller, B.S. Reid William Melton, A.B. Ariella L. Meltzer Tamar Yusim Meltzer Muhammad Memon Jenna Victoria Menard Rebecca J. Mendel Lacey Cadence Mendelson Zoe Leigh Mendelson Monna Dawn Meng Qianya Meng Mitchell Edward Mengden, A.B. Arthur Deam Mengozzi Illyanna Diane Mensah Julia Aisling Menzel-Smith Jazmine Mercado Katherine Elizabeth Mercer Lloyd Joseph Mercier Gary H. Merer Katarina Merlini, A.B. Madeline Sophia Merlino Madison Olivia Mervis Sebastian Mesa Zachary Mettel Eric Francois Mettetal Katelyn B. Meyer Meredith Meyer Dylan Rose Meyers Erica J. Meyers Elaine Miao Ryan Alexis Middleman Emily Marie Miiller Vincent Richard Milazzo Henry Joseph Milek Allison Marie Milen, B.S. Corey Campbell Miles, A.B. Ethan Miles Stephanie Lauren Miles, A.B. Michaela Marie Milillo Abigail Christine Miller, B.S. Angie Margaret Miller, A.B. Delana Rianne Miller Ethan Daniel Miller Katelynn Rose Miller Katie Ellysse Miller Nicole Marie Miller, A.B. Owen Majid Miller Patrick McCarten Miller Pearson M. Miller Michael Miller-Perusse Kenan Alexander Milliean Kelly Dianne Milliner Justin Stuart Millman Mason Mills, A.B. Daniel Sulla Minahan William D. Minck Zachary Aidan Miner Hillary Morgan Minkoff Armaity Jamshid Minwalla, A.B. Paul Miriani Stephanie Lynn Misevich Sophie L. Mishara Muhammad Amirul Aiman Bin Mispan Haralambos James Missler Eileen R. Misterovich Daniyal Mistry Andrew Mitchel Amber Mitchell Kellen M. Mitchell Ramia Renee Mitchell Stephen Mitchell Tanisha Mitra Zoe Mittman Emily Miu Rio Mizuno Emily Kathryn Mlynarek Xinhui Mo Cassandra Kathleen Mocek, B.S. Jennifer C. Moco Jack Modrzejewski Lauren Beata Moehle, A.B. Lara Kate Moehlman Nureen Hanisah Mohamad Zaki, B.S. Wardah Shafiqah Mohammad Fadil, B.S. Reza Imtiaz Mohammed Jonathan Michael Mohan Nitesh Mohan Nurul Hazita Mohd Azmi, B.S. Kathryn Elise Molinaro, A.B. Robert John Molnar Patrick William Monaghan, A.B. Peter J. Monaghan Maria Elizabeth Monberg, B.S. Carly Mondry Eric James Montag, A.B. Taylor May Moody 73

76 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 74 Andrew P. Moore Katherine J. Moore Katherine Stewart Moore Leighton M. Moore Taylor Lenae Moore Shelby Joy Moored, B.S. Sydney Erin Moosekian Isabel J. Moran James Morang Anna Christine Morgan Devan Morgan, A.B. Jordyn Madoriarnetta Morgan, B.G.S. Taylor Michelle Morgan Melany C. Morgenstern Ishihito Mori Jasmine Michelle Morigney Francine Stephanie Moriguchi Alina Moroz Molly Jane Moroz, B.S. A.J. Morris Anna Christine Morrison Adam Michael Morton, A.B. Matthew Hayden Morton Elena Sica Mosher Clara Leah Moskowitz Drew Edward Moss Julia Walpole Moss Justin Moss, B.S. Craig Motola Krishna Kaul Motta Beau David Mourer Cleo Alaia Moursi Benjamin M. Moy Jack G. Mu Sari M. Muallem Eman Azra Mubarak Erica Mucci, B.S. Alexander Mueller Anthony Jiries Mufarreh Aifa Binti Muhammad Radzi Hunter Michael Muirhead Rebecca Mukena Yumba Nicholas John Mularoni Katelyn Rose Mulcahy Megan Rose Mulhinch Ciaran Donal Mulkern Alexander Joseph Mullen Hayley Anne Mullen Kayce J. Mullett Connor K. Mulliken Morgan Alexandria Mullins Danielle Maria Mullis Lakshman Kiran Mulpuri, B.S. Erin Danielle Mulshine Alexis Elizabeth Mulski Nikita Sanjeev Mungarwadi Ashley N. Munger Kelsey Arlene Muniz Clara R. Munkarah Felipe Esteban Munoz Bronte Chanel Munson Katie Munson Srikar Munukutla Sitara Murali Alyssa Marie Murphy Griffin Thompson Murphy Shannon F. Murphy Griffin Murray Lauren Claire Murray, B.S. Sarah M. Musson Stephanie Victoria Mustonen Mary C. Muter Henry Thomas Mut-Tracy, A.B. Riaz Nabi Vidhya Nadarajan Alexandra Lyn Nadel, A.B. Noreen A. Nader Jakob Yates Naegeli Natalie Nagpal, B.S. Giriyja Nair, B.S. Vivek Nair Mary Amir Najjar Tejashree Nallapati, A.B. Archana Nallasivam Taehyun Nam, A.B. Syed A. Naqvi Ashta Narain Jay Singh Narula Kendra L. Nash Fatima Nasir Ali Hussein Nasser Daniel Stanley Nathan Sierra Michelle Nathanson, A.B. Alejandro Navarrete Yuka Naya Ermelinda Ndoka Kirsten Danielle Neal, A.B. Melissa Lauren Neal Erin Rose Neaton Alyssa Justine Nedell Marlee Rose Neff Olivia Ruth Negris Katarina J. Nehrkorn Rachel Neitzke Abbey R. Nelson Amanda Glyn Nelson, B.S. Brett Thomas Nelson Brian Cole Nelson Hannah Elaine Nelson Julian Michael Neshewat Christian Harold Neubacher Cosima Neumann Emma Neuwirth Marissa Dawn Newblatt, A.B. Shaw Ann Newman Grant Andrews Newsome Mariah Lanae Newton Clarrise May Kymm Ng Thien-Quy Dinh Ngo, A.B. Chau Thiquynh Nguyen Theresa C. Nguyen Juliette Ni Yusra Niazi Amy Meihong Nichols Rizzo Nichols Alex Nickel Rhees R. Nickel Eric Andrew Nicolau, B.S. Jacob Niculcea Annie Nie Natasha O. Nielsen Alexandra A. Niforos Amar Mohan Nigam Amanda Nicole Nikho Cyrus Nikolaidis, B.S. Amanda M. Nilsen, B.S. Sai Vineet Nimmagadda Charles Alexander Nino Madison Taylor Nirenstein Sarah Rebecca Nisenson Akira Nishii Amos J. Nissley Emily Kathryn Nistad Daoheng Niu Carly Ann Noah Ryan Longo Nolan Timothy Michael Nold Shannon Wajma Noori Meghann Norden-Bright Alexa Marie Norman Molly Prince Norris Jacob Paul Norton Katelyn McNeeley Norton, A.B. Gabriella Norwitz Elsy Nouna Alhakam Nouri Claire Novelly Pablo Nunez Abigail Nutter Jenna Nutter Alexandria Paris Nylander Rachel O Lexa Marie Oakeson Kayla Marie Oberleiter Mary Margaret O Brien Laura M. O Brien, B.S. Maeve C. O Brien Matthew Lawrence O Brien Rosemary Elizabeth O Brien Trish O Brien Maureen Makiko O Bryan Anne Elizabeth O Connell Aidan O Connor Anne Ryan O Connor Cynthia Ellen O Connor Margaret Esther O Connor Margaret Mary O Connor Elise Anne Odell Ariel Elise Odlum, B.S. Rory Daniel O Donnell Ryan Richard O Donnell, A.B. Jesse Annarose Offenhartz Joon-Young Oh Rachel Farrah Ohayon Sydney Victoria Ohl Elisabeth Temitayo Ojo, A.B. Nathaniel Ojo Kathryn Carol O Keefe Chiedozie Oguguamakwa Okorie, B.S. Helen Chin O Leary Matthew David Olgren Elizabeth Mary Oliphant Ashley Rebekah Olney Alena Marie Olsen Christopher Olson

77 Reinholdt Holly Olson II Steven William Olthoff Briley C. Oly Nicholas James Omichinski Michael Thomas Ong Regina Onishchenko Mason Robert Opp Russell Kagan Oppenheim Nicholas Bennett Oram Aaron S. Orelowitz Josephine Shannon Oren Trevor Orginski Amy Rachel Orlov Nathaniel James Orlowski Donovan L. Orow Michael Robert Orrange Katherine Lenore Ortiz Kathryn Grace Orwig, A.B. Audrey L. Orwin Roi Orzach Kimberly O Shaughnessy, A.B. Caroline Diana Oska Sandra Rene Oska, B.S. Bobak Movaghar Ossareh Meredith Greta Ostermann Ryan Michael Otero Maxwell X. Otiato Reina Otsuka Isabelle J. Otto Xiaowei Ou Erika Ouchi Takahiro Ouchi Ryan Michael Ouderkirk, A.B. Yuzhou Ouyang Nathan Louis Overend Sarah Elizabeth Ovresat, A.B. Tristayn McKee Owen Clarisse A. Owens McKinley Carlton Owens, A.B. Xavier Joshua-Ezell Owens Keisuke Ozeki Jaryd C. Pacis Hayley Rose Padden, A.B. Carly Jade Padgett Colin W. Page Kevin Jerome Paggeot Daniel George Paglia, B.S. Deeksha Mandarke Pai Chris Pak Monica Ajit Palande Matthew J. Palathingal Benjamin Arthur Palleiko Cayla Rose Palmer Jeremiah Michael Palmer Itai Palmon Jane Pan Pauline Lining Pan, B.S. Yusong Pan, B.S. Anisha Pancholi Gregory Gabriel Pandelis Reena Pang Karin Pangestu, A.B. Winson Pangestu, B.S. Krittika Pant Rebecca Pantis Shobhana Panuganti Victoria Christine Pappas Ellen Marie Paquet Alexandra Paradowski Ariana Paredes-Vincent, A.B. Nishi Parikh Sonia Parikh Cavin Hojun Fedor Park, A.B. Eunice Park Hoon Park Isabel Park Jaemin Park Joseph Park, B.S. Aidan Saybrooke Parker Breanne Celia Margaret Parker Jalin Armon Parker Sarah Parkes, A.B. Jeremy S. Parks Michella Lee Parlett Madeleine C. Parsnick Quinn Partridge Rachel Annette Pasche Maeve Margaret Pascoe Laura E. Pasquale Rennie Marcella Pasquinelli Matthew Jared Past, B.S. Samantha Marie Pastewski, A.B. Aakash D. Patel Charmi R. Patel Neil Umesh Patel Nilay Patel Niraj Bipin Patel, B.S. Nisha Patel Reeya Arvind Patel Richa T. Patel Rishi Amrish Patel Rohin Kirit Patel Sahil Pyush Patel Shivam Mukund Patel Simmy Saurin Patel, B.S. Sonoma Mahendra Patel, B.S. Nancy Pateqi Pragathi Pathanjeli Mayank Sunit Patke, B.S. Elise A. Patrick Lauren N. Patrick Hannah Bianca Patterson, B.S. Julia Joan Patton Michael Christopher Patton Cheyenne Kristine Paulson Shauna Nichole Paulson Kavin Pawittranon Cameron B. Pawlik Isabella Layla Paydar Sebastian Paz Kitschke Madison Lena Pazner Claire Peabody Nicole R. Pearce Zoe A. Pearlman Emma Elizabeth Pearson Matthew Joseph Pecoraro Bree Frances Peilen, A.B. Alexandra Marie Peirce Konrat Pekkip Aaron James Heflin Pelo, A.B. Kara Courtley Peltola Benjamin Peltz Sarah Christi Peng, A.B. Anthony Ridder Pennoyer Katherine Christina Penrod Meridith Star Pensler Ashley Lauren Pepple Cameron Aaron Peres Romeo Perez Olivia Ross Perfetti Natalie P. Perkins, B.S. Allison Lily Perlman Naomi Sima Perlman Grace Lauren Pernecky, A.B. Victor Anthony Pernicano Gabriella Juliet Perozo Laurie Elyse Perrin Paige Mackenzie Perry Shannon Leigh Perry Rachel Olivia Persky Jamie Elise Pescovitz Laraine C. Pesheck John David Pestenariu Taylor Olivia Peterman Lila Peters Madeleine Adriana Peters, A.B. Avery Britvec Peterson Bryce Fabian Peterson Eric Peterson Rebecca Helen Peterson Hall, B.S. Brandon Reid Petras John Callender Petrie Hannah Lee Pettibone Allison Michele Pfeiffer Minhanh H. Pham Camille Victoria Phaneuf Chrystian David Phillips Dylan Bradley Phillips, A.B. Henry Fontaine Phillips Matthew Girard Phillips Kevin Phoenix Dylan Piacelli Graham John Piazza Cayla Marie Pichan, B.S. Emily Joy Pickup Zachary Jason Piech, A.B. Jennifer Sue Pieczynski Hannah N. Pierce Madeleine A. Pierpont Katie Lynn Piispanen Lizzie Pijanowski Kurt Pilon Jason David Pinho Rachel Perrin Pinkelman, A.B. Reid Frederick Pinkham, B.S., B.S.E.Elec Benjamin Michael Pinsky Neena Faye Pio Austin J. Piontkowski Sirawich Pipatprathanporn Doug Piper Rachel Lynn Piper, B.S. Taylor Lynn Piper Piriyakorn Piriyatamwong Clark William Pitcher, B.S. Kaitlyn Morgan Pizzani, A.B. Margaret Elizabeth Plank Jennifer Plascencia Lopez Zoey C. Plonka Alexandra Plosch Eric Charles Podhorez, B.S. Nicole Michelle Pohlman, B.S. Pooja Polamarasetti Bryan Landon Polan Rishika Rao Polasani, B.S. Allison Sarane Poles Matthew P. Polgar Rebecca Sarah Polinsky Shelby Miriam Polisuk, B.S. Aaron Andrew Pollack, B.S. 75

78 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 76 Emery Pollack Justine Pollack Katie Jennifer Pollack Dominic Louis Polsinelli Annie Polson Julia Jacqueline Pompilius Arjun Ponduri Brandon Bingham Pope Donald S. Popke Ivona I. Popova Gregory Adam Popper, B.S. Rebecca Ruth Portman Christopher L. Posada Ajilan A. Potter Natalie Sarah Ni Qing Potter Abigail Potts Sean Pourian Allison Elizabeth Powell Katherine Powell Nolan Powers Alexander H. Powning Jacob Jerome Pozin Pallavi Arvind Prabhu Sharmila U. Prabhu Kaitlin Prakken, A.B. Deepasri Prasad Jaik Prasad Shivani Prasad, A.B. Sonali Prasad Vidur T. Prasad Logan Allan Pratt, A.B. Matthew Joseph Prazuch Blake Catherine Prentice Clayton D. Price Spencer James Price, B.S. Jordan Jay Priest Riley Prince, A.B. Sydney Helen Prince Justin Cole Princer Madison Lynne Prinzing, A.B. Harriet Grace Prior Zoe Proegler Erinn Lee Promo Alexander Anthony Prosi Erin Elizabeth Provagna, A.B. Abigail Celeste Provenzano Noah Maxwell Provizer Anshul Vinod Puli Christopher Donald-Collin Pumford Daniel Joseph Purcell, A.B. Spencer Dylan Purdy Alinah Jeanne Purdy-Sachs Connor H. Puritz Wyatt J. Puscas Prashant Puttagunta Jennifer Leigh Pysz Emmalynne Noel Pytlowany, B.S. Afreen Fatma Qadeer Austin Hana Qasawa Matthew John Qemo Yining Qian Edmund Men Qiao, B.S. Hannah Lucy Qin Kathryn Y. Qin Yinan Qiu Joshua I. Qu Susie Qu Anthony Matthew Quail Leyi Quan, B.S. Tanner Wayne Quinn Reed Anton Quint, A.B. Grecia Quiroga Miclan Quorpencetta, A.B. Tonela Qyli Mohammad Rashed Rabaa, A.B. Shaheer Muwafaq Rabbaig, A.B. Madeline Rebecca Rabe Danielle Rose Rabie, A.B. Matthew Jacob Rabinowitz Joshua Stuart Rabotnick Melanie Lou Racenstein Caroline McKeen Rafferty, A.B. Conor D. Rafferty Michael Richard Ragnone Fahim Anjum Rahman, A.B. Jasmine Leanza Rahming Alexander S. Rai Victoria Rai Caleb Daniel Rainey, B.S. Elliott Rains, A.B. Avinash Shanmugam Rajasekaran Sneha Rajen Niharika Rajesh, B.S. Asavari A. Rajpurkar Rishika Ramireddy, B.S. Abby Marie Ramirez, A.B. Elena A. Ramirez-Gorski Emma Rose Randall, B.S. Seth Randall Lindsay Paige Randolph Hannah Fredrikasofia Rane Rebecca Nicole Range, B.S. Nadia Imtiaz Rangwalla Shalini Mohan Rao Shashank Keshav Rao Zhiqing Rao Margaret C. Rapai Tyler Ryan Rapp, A.B. Benjamin W. Rappoport Gregory Raskind Akash Rastogi, B.S. Sneha Rathi Kristen Danielle Raue Adam Matthew Rauh Hannah R. Rauh Alexander Haddad Raveane Ananya Ravi Andre Jamal Ray, A.B. Hannah R. Ray Trina Ray Olivia Ann Raykovich Daniella R. Raz Arwa I. Raza, B.S. Darian Michael Razdar Lexie Rechan Dana Louise Rector Mariam Hassan Reda Anusha Reddy Maanasa Alavalapati Reddy, B.S. Nolan Richard Redetzke Jacob Michael Reece, A.B. Arlyn Elizabeth Reed Aubrey Celina Reed Jordan Virginia Reese Claire Eileen Regan, A.B. Michael John Reh Talis Lawrence Rehse, B.S. Sarah I. Reich Courtney Elizabeth Reid, B.S. Griffin Andrew Reinecke Kiersten Jo Reinhold, A.B. Kassidy Raye Rejent Sarah Lindsey Remer Madison Lynn Remick Huize Ren Tom Young Ren Yubo Ren Aaron Michael Renberg Alec Robert Rennard Sage Willow Renstrom-Richards Thomas Repasky Matthew Mason Rephen Lauren Reshef, A.B. Michael J. Resnick Sarah Michelle Resnick William Louis Ressler Lauren Reveal Catherine Marrone Reynolds, A.B. Holly M. Reynolds Alec James Reznich Katherine A. Rice Margot Parsons Rice Alyson Rich Jordan Miller Rich Haley Marie Richardson Raha Lois Richardson, B.S. Caroline Richburg Allison Marcia Richey Jordyn M. Richman Emma Louise Richter Natalie Christina Ricklefs Robert Gabriel Ricotti Sarah Kristin Ridzy Shannon Michelle Riedel Tyler Riese Sarah Elizabeth Riesterer Chloe A. Rifat Joe Riggs Miranda Rae Riggs Graham Pellegrom Riley Nolan Riley Tirzah Sinai Riley Caroline Rimmer Charles R. Rinderle Erin P. Ringel Mary J. Risch Madeline Taylor Risius Jeffrey Charles Riskin, B.S. Wouter P. Ritsema Aubrey Marie Ritz Cole Eugene Ritzema Joshua Bruce Ritzema Livia Rivera Syed Muhammad Rizvi Carolyn May Robbins, A.B.

79 Kendra Deanne Robbins Danielle Lauren Roberts Crystal Robertson Catherine Rose Robeson Cailean Annette Machree Robinson Emma Laine Robinson Joshua Caleb Robinson Tyler Robinson Larissa Jean Etta Robinson-Cooper Lauren A. Robisch Jenna Esther Roby Paul Michael Rock Conor James Rockhill Daniel McElroy Rockwell, A.B. Michael Rockwell, B.S. Allyson Jaymes Rodriguez Ryan A. Rodriguez Alexandra Katharina Rogers Elizabeth Marie Rogers Ryan Lee Rogers, B.S. Sophia Angela Rogg Diego Alvaro Rojas Salvador Scott Mitchell Rollin Hannah E. Romain Peter Andrew Romero Elise Beate Rometsch Audrey E. Rompon, A.B. Bethany Grace Rookus Emma J. Rooney Hannah Rosenbaum Brandon G. Rosenberg Matthew Walter Rosenberg, A.B. Michael Rosenberg Samuel Jesse Rosenberg Liza Morgan Rosenbloom Alexa Rose Rosenstein Matthew Steven Rosenstein Elana Yael Rosenthal Rebecca Roumell Rosenthal, A.B. Anne Catherine Rosett Sabrina Xin Ross Cole Michael Rossato Jennifer Leigh Rossman Daniel Roth Gabrielle Ilana Roth Brandon Rothberg Brooke Lauren Rothberg, B.S. Talia Chloe Rothman, A.B. Caroline Haley Rothrock Elizabeth Phebe Rothschild Noa Rothstein, A.B. Rachel Rothstein Jaime Sara Rotsky Alison Joy Rousseau Taylor Lynn Rovin Erica Faith Rovner Rachael Elizabeth Rowley Trini Roxas, B.S. Adreesh Roy Elizabeth Ann Roy Anupama Roy-Chaudhury Jenny Ruan Bryce Rubenstein Jon Rubenstein Lacey C. Rubin Adam Ezra Rubinstein Mira Helen Ruder-Hook Samantha Barbara Rudini Charlie Edward Ruiz, A.B. Roxanne Krystina Ruiz Jason Henry Rumsey Maya Russeau, B.S. Cory Russell Emily P. Russell Jonathan Russell Sean D. Russell Jasmine Christine Russell-Yeh Kathryn Elizabeth Russner, A.B. Sadie Laurenrose Rutman Caila Ann Ryan, B.S. G Ryan Mak Yew Mun, Ryan, B.S. Michael James Ryan Adrianna Ryba Abraham Bajracharya Rycus Christine Elizabeth Rysenga Lauren Grace Rysztak Max Rysztak Aiya Hassan Saad Erin Wilcox Saada Emily Sara Sabia Meher Sabri Malika Singh Sachdev John Michael Sack Ben Sadis Omer E. Saeed Andrew Safran, B.S. Jordan P. Safran Savina Sahgal Matthew Ming Saia Kirin Saint Keerthi K. Sajja Abdulmalik Saleem Tate James Salisbury, A.B. Natalie Rose Salive, A.B. Vonica Faiz Sallan, A.B. Ariella Cecilia Salter John Harrison Salter Matthew Samaan Brian Samimi Rachel Samitt Swathi Nuggehalli Sampath Rohit R. Sampathi Cassandra Jade Sample Daphne Johanna Samuel Meghan Emily Samyn, A.B. Kaithlyn Jacinto Sanchez Emma A. Sand Isabella Rose Sanders Eric Sands Isabel Mae Sandweiss Priya Bhageerathy Sankaran George Louis Santangelo Hen Haim Sapir, B.S. Jacqueline Adel Saplicki-Lausell, A.B. Arshpreet Kaur Saraan Ankit Kumar Saraswat, B.S. Alia A. Sareini Aashima Sarin Anushka Sarkar Danielle Moy Sarns Erkina Kalmurzaevna Sartbaeva Zachary Jacob Saruna, A.B. Swara Manasa Sarvepalli Emily Saturno Claire M. Saunders Claire Savard Kendall Marie Savona Mohak Prem Saxena Safia Khadija Sayed Alexander B. Saylor Elizabeth A. Saylor Paul G. Sayour Dylan Thomas Scelza, B.S. Emma S. Schaap Jared Schacter Alessandra Leah Schade John Dali Schaefer Krista Schaefer Christine Lynn Schafer Haley Ann Schafer, A.B. Jeffrey Schare Gabriel Ethan Schat Haley Summer Schatz Samantha Schechner, A.B. Samantha Lee Schefka Sarah E. Scheflow Mila Beth Scheinberg, B.S. Jonathan Scher Tracy Lillian Scherdt Jared Jules Schifman Zachary Ross Schildcrout Brennan Mark Schilling Noah M. Schlachter Kelly Ann Schlansker, A.B. Jane C. Schmid Alexandra Juliet-Brinkman Schmidt, A.B. Emma R. Schmidt Katalin Ann Schmidt Kathryn Claire Schmidt, B.S. Kylie Maria Schmidt Autumn R. Schmitz Henry William Schnaidt Samuel Benjamin Schnapp Leah Rachel Brown Schneck Bailey Alexandra Schneider Ethan Schneider Jamie Erin Schneider Madeleine Ekeberg Schneider Allie Scholten Seth Schostak Marilyn Elizabeth Schotland Connor Austin Schram Eli Sachse Schrayer Henry Leor Schreibman Melanie Marie Schroeder, B.S. Terra Schroeder Kathryn Marie Schubert Jamie Brooke Schulman Brandon Schulte Elyse Schultz, A.B. Ryan J. Schulz Marlena Sage Schuster, A.B. Rachel B. Schwab Courtney Jean Schwabauer Audrey Marie Schwartz Beth Sara Schwartz Caroline Hamilton Schwartz Emily Rebecca Schwartz Jeffrey George Schwartz, A.B. Lauren Rose Schwartz, A.B. Evan Charles Schweitzer, A.B. Rebecca Leigh Schwutke Samantha Sciancalepore Corrinne I. Scieszka Evan Jeffery Scieszka Elizabeth K. Scott Olivia Lenore Scott 77

80 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 78 Josefina Maria Scriven Korey Wiersma Searle, B.S. Kayla Linn Sebest, A.B. Kaleena Ariana Sedghi Matthew S. See Olivia M. See, A.B. Meredith Seewald, A.B. Joshua B. Segal Summer Kristin Segar Christopher J. Seger Matthew Martin Sehrsweeney, B.S. Cydni Elle Seifert James David Seiner Dominic Anthony Seipenko Cooper Judd Seligson Heather Nicole Sell Julia Elizabeth Selsky Adam J. Seltzer Harrison Seltzer Jennifer Lee Semaan Michal Sigal Sered-Schoenberg Felix Serlin Jonas Emmanuelabraira Sese, A.B. Sahil Singh Sethi Dakota Sevcik Cher Sha Sandy Shaba Chelsea Shackelford, A.B. Clare Megan Shafer Amol Atul Shah Miloni Anand Shah Mira Vijay Shah Romil Sunil Shah, A.B. Shivang Sarju Shah Tanha Shah, B.S. Rana Shahani Muneeb Shaikh Haleemah Jaber Shajira Ryan A. Shami El Hussain Shamsa Neda Shanawani Alexandria Joy Shand Maya Shankar Nikhil Shankar Priyanka Shanmugasundaram Mingzhe Shao Jordan Lindsay Shapiro Olivia Jane Shapiro Lana Sharba Jasmine Mayank Sharma Prateek Varun Sharma Upamanyu Sharma Caroline Kathryn Sharp Madeleine E. Sharp Ryan D. Sharrar Abhishek Sushil Shastry Lloyd Shatkin Shannon M. Shaughnessy Allison Michele Shaune Alyssa K. Shaw Ross Allen Shaw Dana E. Shay Megan Ramsey Shaya Molly Shea Jane L. Sheedy Afreen Sheikh Nathan Zhixuan Shen Yiting Shen Mena Shenouda Joshua Shenwick Robert Jeremy Shepherd, A.B. Nathan Sheppard, B.S. Anna Michal Sherbin Eve Lauren Sherbin, A.B. Natalie Victoria Sherer, A.B. Arielle Sheres Anne Mathilde Sherfield Eric Sherman Kayla Sherman Samantha H. Sherman William David Sherman Serena Marie Sherry Udit Janak Sheth Arthur Shi Mengjie Shi Alexander Lindshau-Ming Shiang, B.S. Anna Bronwyn Shields Harrison Ambrose Shiels Jaclyn Yale Shifrin Marvin Sonting Shih Swarna Shil Sang Eon Shim Sarah Phyllis Shim Kazuma Shimanaka Allison Elizabeth Shimmel Marika Shimomura David Dongyoon Shin, B.S. Manna Shintani, A.B. Lillian Mae Nedde Shipp, B.S. Taiga C. Shirai Andrew Ross Shlafmitz Margaret Flynn Shope Jordan Shore, B.S. Michelle Sarah Shoshiev, B.S. Taylor Nicole Shotwell Tatyanah A. Shoudy Gavin Shrestha Uthman M. Shukairy Jacob Shulkin Zachary Noah Shulman Hannah Lee Shuman Molly Jane Shure Rachel Shutty Ruby Ghada Siada Jack C. Sibel Kailee Erin Sibley Zohaib Raees Siddiqi Elliane M. Siebert Jamie Siegal Emily Jane Siegel, A.B. Lauren Alice Siegel Brianne Angeline Sieja, A.B. Nicole Susan Sigmon Matthew Nicholas Sila Zachary Nathaniel Sila Hally Rose Silberg Nicole Sara Silberman Elisabeth Silver Peyton Elizabeth Silver Jared Troy Silverberg Brittany Rose Silverman Hannah Claire Silverman Harry Silverman Maxwell D. Silvers Andie Nicole Silverstein Mariah Michelle Silverstein Ilana Rebecca Silverstone Hannah Joonghwa Sim Nathan Sim Brittany Brianna Simmons Eric Simmons Hanna Elaine Simmons Jonathon Simmons, A.B. Brandon Lawrence Simon Drew Simon Lindsey Carner Simon Nicholas Austin Simon Sophia Marie Simon Eli Gerald Simons Elena Theopisti Simopoulos Jamie Austin Simpson Alexander I. Sims Samantha Scout Sims Rachael Mary Sincich Kimberly Poppy Sinclair, B.S. Aishawarya Singh, B.S. Gurleen Kaur Singh Sagar Singichetti Cassandra Singler Srujana Sinha Evan Richard Sirls Amanda R. Sivin Ashton J. Skillman Addie Mills Skinner Nicole Elisabeth Skinnion Caroline J. Skiver Jonah Fox Sklar Rachel Dorothy Sklar, A.B. Jeremy Skvarce Gabriel Wylie Slater Aidan Kelly Slavin, A.B. Grace J. Slifkin Charles Leider Sloane Tyler Chase Sloman Henry Slone Emily Corryn Sluiter, B.S. Katharine Nicole Smesko Clara Smiddy Alexander R. Smith Alexandra Smith, B.S. Alexis G. Smith Anna Rose Smith, B.S. Ashley Lynn Smith, A.B. Ashton A. Smith Brigitte Nicole Smith David Jordan Smith, B.S. Delaney Lee Smith Elena C. Smith Emily Joan Smith Jasmine Breonna Smith, A.B. Julia Rae Smith, A.B. Lauren Elizabeth Smith Lindsay Rae Smith, A.B. Mariah Nicola Smith Nicole Smith

81 Raivynn Smith, A.B. Randal Stephanie Smith, A.B. Ravenna Jochelson Smith Kellen Jianshan Smithson Kyle Mitchell Smola Katharine O. Smyth Cody Daniel Snavely, B.S. Evan R. Snerson Allie Snider Julia Anne Snider Margerie Louise Snider Michael David Snyder Alexandria Sobczak Zoe Rose Soble Noor Sohail Emily Sohn, A.B. David Andrew Sokol Payton Emily Solk John Doyle Soltis Matthew Solway Devraj K. Som Khyati Harshita Somayaji Sydney S. Someck Madeline Justine Somers Virginia Eletha Somers Timothy Mack Sommerfield, Jr. Heidi Marie Sommers Jessie Qianyan Song Paul Song Steven Song Yanmeng Song Suraj J. Sorab James Michael Sorrells Alexa Rae Sotiroff Ashley Fermina Soto Abrianna Jacquelyn Soule Noah David Soumekhian Naseeb Allie Souweidane Katrina Carolyn Claveria Soyangco Kellie Lynn Spahr Michael James Spak Kellie Nicole Spector Ari Michael Spellman Michael Sperling Ana Cristina Spies Allison Paige Spihlman Bradley Michael Spilka Samantha Nicole Spindler Leah Janine Spivey Anna Danielle Spoto Jessica A. Springstead Sophia Elizabeth Mei Sproul Kelly Gale Sprouse, A.B. Timothy R. Spurlin Sofia Squatriti Aparna Sridaran Maithreyi Srikanth Amar Srinivasan Neha Srinivasan, B.S. Pranav Srinivasan Calin Thomas St-Henry, A.B. Griffin Teresa St Onge Emma Catherine St. Pierre Emily Elizabeth Stack Austin W. Stamford Allison J. Stamm Kenneth Todd Stamper William Paul Stampfl Charlotte Leanne Stanbaugh Maeve Stargardt Mickayla Cameron Heart Staten, A.B. Olivia Katharine Statman Alan Jeffrey Stautz Hannah Marjorie Stechschulte Clara J. Steeby Samantha K. Steele Natalie Geraldine Steers Robert Paul Stefanski, Jr., A.B. Kyle Charles Stefek, A.B. Thomas Christian Steffens Paul Andrew Steffes James Leo Stehlin, Jr., A.B. Logan K. Steiert Jennifer Susan Steiger Madeleine Marie Steiger Eliza Jane Stein, A.B. Hannah Faye Stein Rina Leah Steinberg Clea Justine Steir Daria Stelmak Liesl Cozette Stemas Palmer Stemmler Sophie E. Stempel Aysha Stephenson, A.B. Justin Daniel Stern, A.B. Karlin Alana Stern Summer Stern Peyton L. Sternfeld John Mitchell Stevelinck, Jr. Amanda Gail Stevens Danielle Sungeun Stevens Katherine E. Stewart Madison A. Stewart Aubrey Stickland Matthew Cary Stieg Emily R. Stillman David Parker Stimson Caroline B. Stinebaugh Rebecca Ann Stolar, B.S. Meike Kristin Stoldt Jared M. Stolove Elizabeth Jane Stolze Madison Stoms Adam Jason Stone, A.B. Corbin M. Stone Stephanie Christine Stoneback Brady Patrick Stonesifer Finntan R. Storer Jack Alexander Stover, B.S. Jack Strachan, A.B. Rebecca Yuht Wah Strauss, A.B. William P. Strickland Grant Richard Strickler, B.S. Emily N. Stringham Roxane Louise Strobel, B.S. Tate Robert Strobel Emily Grace Stroh Ashton Chenonceau Strother Anthony Christopher Struthers- Young Cole Patrick Stuart Evan D. Stuber Hannah Frances Student Verity R. Sturm Rebecca Giok Sim Su Alex Rosen Sugerman Carolyn Eunjin Suh Esther Suh Nurul Farhana Suhaimi Julia Alyce Suhajda Ariana Sulejman Noor A. Sulieman Katherine Marie Sullivan, A.B. Dylan Summers Julia Louise Summitt Jonathan Michael Sumner, A.B. Daniel Shimoon Sung Elena Sung Panarin Sungkboon Sophia Brooke Sunkin Mithil Suryadevara Ronak Sutariya Brian Sutherland Gerald Brian Sutton, A.B. Ellen Orla Victoria Svaerdh Emily Louise Svitek Kristin Nicole Swad Audrey Swain Neel Swamy Eryka Swank Molly Elizabeth Swayze Megan Sweeney, B.S. Nicholas W. Sweet Zachary A. Swift Evan J. Swinehart Emily M. Swisher Troy Michael Swodzinski, B.S. Rizwan Hammad Syed Shabber Haider-Hamdani Syed Neil Patrick Sykes Sarah Marie Sykes Anet Kristine Szatkowski, B.S. Catherine Barbara Szkop Ethan Benjy Szlezinger Riva Grace Szostkowski, A.B. Matthew P. Szuromi Julia Szydlowski Jordan Christine Taber Alexander Karim Tabet Colleen Tolentino Tacubao Melanie Sheryl Taetle Kevin Kaivon Taheri Sam Alexander Takowsky Marie Elizabeth Talarico, A.B. Jalal Hassan Taleb Noah S. Talerman Gabriel Dominic Tallent, B.S. Greta Beatrice Tamkus Colin Pao Koon Tan Josephine Chow Ying Tan, A.B. Karen Tze Hui Tan, A.B. Xiao Tan Yevheniia Tananko Brittany Alexandra Tang Kaiyuan Tang Kejia Tang Samantha Tannenbaum Jacob Forrest Tanner Eric J. Tao Joseph George Taranto, B.S. Robert John Tarchinski Emma Targett Annalisa Laura Tarizzo Skyler Christopher Tarnas, A.B. Rebecca Tarnopol Kevin A. Tarta Nikhil Tase Nicholas Aaron Tata, A.B. Bradley Eric Tauber Ava Tavrazich, A.B. 79

82 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 80 Rachel Erin Taylor Sabian Mae Taylor Sandra Ehrhardt Taylor Victoria L. Taylor Sierra Morgan Teadt Nicole Ashley Teddone Sarah Rose Teich Benjamin Teisman Levi Aaron Teitel Rachel Isabel Teitelbaum Anna Dabney Ten Have Madison Max Tenebaum Danny M. Teng Lawrence Francis Teng Warren Jen Teo, A.B. Kaleb Jonathon TerBush, A.B. Jeremy P. Tervo Victoria Sarah Thach Hanitha V. Thamminana Natasha Thapa Serena Anna Thariath Joshua Daniel Thelen Leslie M. Thelen Jonathan S. Theros Emily Claire Thibeau, A.B. Charlotte Ann Thill Shrikar Thodla, B.S. Patrick J. Thoelecke Jacklyn Sabina Jeanette Thomas Rebecca Thomas Sharon Susan Thomas Madison L. Thomas-Little Allison R. Thompson Christen Johnae Thompson Christopher Scott Thompson Holly Thompson, A.B. Jessica Kelley Thompson, B.S. Leo Thompson Natalie Kay Thompson Patrick Ian Thompson Hannah Marie Thoms Rhona Catherine Thomson Taylor Alivia Thorn, A.B. Naveena Thota Patrick Daniel Thrasher Spencer Lloyd Tibbals, A.B. Kelly Louise Tick Logan M. Tidstrom Clara Therese Tift Ralph L. Tiglao Blake K. Timmerman Zachary David Tingley Julissa Tinoco, A.B. Sakina Abbas Tinwala Peter Nicholas Sean Tirella Lauren Ayako Tischler Niharika Tiwari Maria Tjilos Tess Woerner Tobin Kevin Tocco, A.B. Jamie Su Lin Toh Levent Toksoz, B.S. Josephine Tolin Nicholas William Tolksdorf Grace A. Toll Peter J. Tolsma Nicholas Tomaino Nicole M. Tomczak Benjamin Joseph Tomkovicz Danielle Hayley Tondreau, A.B. Fengyi Tong Emily Tony Kevin Julian Toolan Annika Marie Topelian Austin M. Topkis Kelsey Kay Toporski Anna M. Topping Jeffery Torano Heather F. Torkel Ilana Jill Torma Katelyn Hope Torres, A.B. Madeline Claire Torres Peter Joseph Tortora Blake Palmer Toth, A.B. Sarah Beth Toubman Jayson Ufuoma Toweh, B.S. Rebekah Townsend Jakob Alex Trachtenberg April Nicole Tracy Collin Lapco Tran Kuong Chanh Tran, B.S. Michelle Kim Tran Nancy Hoai Tran, B.S. Phy Khanh-Phuong Tran Benjamin R. Trask Benjamin Travers, B.S. Breanna Nicole Travis Sydney Nicole Treichel Julia Kathryn Triezenberg Kimberly Truong Nicole C. Trush Grace Elizabeth Tsaloff, B.S. Demetrios Iason Tsirukis Erika Tsuchiya Nicole Y. Tsuno Akemi Tsutsumi Rioboo Madi Tun Tahmeed Rezwan Tureen Madeline Maude Turner McKenna Turrill Anna May Tushman Hadley Elizabeth Tuthill Ella Watts Tutlis Jack James Twarozynski Adrian Twiss Jean L. Tyan Grant Edward Tyburski Isabella Rayne Tysse, A.B. Adriana Isabelle Tzalel, B.S. Jennifer Nkiruka Ude, B.S. Kristina Rose Udell Abigail R. Ufkes Muhammed E. Ugur Grace Molinari Uhl Sara Uhlenbecker, A.B. Gavin Cornelius Uitvlugt Antonia Ulfers William Rex Underwood, A.B. Adam Michael Ungar Emily Unger Lily Alexandra Upp Emma Jean Urbain Rachel Cari Uretzky Kevin Michael Urlaub, B.S. Michael James Utz Chinwendu Uzosike Evan Vacchiano Janki Kamlesh Vaghasia, B.S. Lia Ann Vallina John Joseph Van Dalsem Schuyler C. Van Den Broek Max Paul Vanantwerp Taylor Rose Vandenberg Paul Vander Lucas Paul Vander Lee, B.S. Tianna Marie Vander Missen, A.B. Alexander Michael-Bartha VanderKlipp Maddie Vanderlaan Nicholas Vanderlaan Jennifer Ann Vanderlinde, A.B. Morgan Diane Vandevelde Samantha M. Vandrisse Christopher Andrew Vanetten, A.B. Robert Storen Vanfaussien Steven David Vaniwaarden Erica Lynne Vannest Zoe E. Vanslooten Lauren VanWagoner Jensyn Joyanna Vanzalen Alejandra Marcela Vaquiro Valencia Jenna Varcak Anne-Marie Varga, A.B. Katherine T. Vargo Jade Eliya Varineau Sivanthy Vasanthan Gina Rose Vasey Hillari Elisabeth Vashaw Abigail Irene Vaughn Audrey A. Vaughn Charles B. Vazquez Rubina Rachell Veerakone Nithin Sri Vejendla Anthony Miles Velez Ryan Thomas Vennard Alec Ettore Ventrice Georgeanne P. Verbeek Ryley Jean Verde Daniel Verderese, B.S. Rhianna R. Vergeer Mandy Kathleen Versalle Lauren Cristina Vesprani Calvin Paul Vick Amanda Marie Victory Matteen Aaron Victory, A.B. Alexander Vidinas Alex Vidro Nicholas Brand Viers, A.B. Martina V. Villalobos Kimberly Lisette Villegas Maxim Alex Vinogradov Mackenzie Anne Visser Kali Jane Vitek, A.B. Kate Vogel Hannah S. Vogelsang

83 Zachary James Vogt, A.B. Ryan Anthony Voisich Alexa Marie Volpe Ashley Julia Volpert Hanna Elisabeth Von Bernthal Paul Von Specht-Embach Daniel Joseph Vonarburg Nupur Mayank Vora Justin B. Vorhees John Vorwald Alexander Christopher Votta Shivam Rajan Vyas Samuel Phyllip Vyortkin Madeline Emily Waara John Thomas Wacnik Cooper Wagner Maximilian Wagner Zachary Michael Wahl Madison Anne Walczak Lindsey E. Waldie Noah Charles Waldman Kurt William Waldowski, B.S. Meher Walia, B.S. Amanda Jane Walker Delaney H. Walker Alyssa Anne Wallace Marchelle Julia Wallace-Hill, A.B. Andrew Barry Wallen Zachary M. Walljasper Margarete Wallner Caitlin Walrath Amber Lee Walsh, A.B. Benjamin William Walsh Aaron Matthew Walt Hayley Walton Jennifer Eileen Waltz Richard Y. Wan Michelle Wander, A.B. Aileen Ren Wang Elizabeth E. Wang Haihang Wang Hannah F. Wang Haochen Wang Jason Lingxiao Wang, B.S. JinCheng Wang Julia Wang Julie C. Wang Mengxi Wang Ruochen Wang Xiaolei Wang Xing Hao Wang Yuhan Wang Kayla Wanous Emma Augusta Ward Matthew H. Ward Michael David Ward Jennifer Michelle Wardell, B.S. Daniel Y. Warner William Patrick Warner Jessica Renee-Yi Warpup, A.B. Sarah Jessica Warschun Julia M. Warsecke Gabrielle Camille Wasilewski, A.B. Margaret Wasvary Kayla Rose Waterman Kate Watkins Lauren E. Watkins Makayla Watros Alexa Elena Watson Carolyn Anne Watson Suzanne Helen Wdowik Lydia Lucille Weatherly, B.S. Owen L. Webb Jessa Lillian Webber Jenna Gloria Weberman Miao Zi Wee, B.S. Alexandra Elizabeth Wehbe Annamarie Grace Wehby Maximilian Anthony Wehner Jialiang Wei Joseph Wei, B.S. Kyrinna Jade Wei Xueqi Wei Benjamin Edward Weil Kevin Patrick Weimer Leah Weinstein Jessica Weinstock Rebecca L. Weintrob Emilie Lauren Weisberg Lauren Haley Weisfeld Miranda McFarlin Weismantel, B.S. Alexander Phillip Weiss Brooke Morgan Weiss Jordyn Marlee Weiss Lauren Elizabeth Weiss Mickey Weiss Corey Wellik, B.S. Jacob Louis Wellner, A.B. Alex Katherine Wells, B.S. Brianna Wells Brianna Paige Wells Matthew Louis Wells Nicole Whitney Weltmann Anna Grace Wendorf Michael-Henr C. Wentzel Cameron James Werhane Casey R. Werman Michael West, B.S. Kelly Kennedy Wester Megan Kennedy Wester Therese Mary Westman Emma June Weston Kaley Morgan Wetekamp Mackenzie Wetekamp Daniel Max Wexler Michael Anthony Whalen Madison Anne Wheaton Tiffany D. Wheeler Lydia Whitbeck Andrew Paul White Brooke Erin White, A.B. Davis A. White James Douglas White, A.B. Rebecca White Ryan Jeffrey White, A.B. Waverly S. White Kaitlyn Whiteley Erica Lynn Whiting Brendan R. Whitney Allyson Elizabeth Whitsett Jagdish Whitten Anna Katherine Wibbelman, A.B. Gwendolyn P. Wibbelman William Andrew Wiener Anna Emilie Wierda, A.B. Olivia Wiese Alexandra Melanie Wieser Edward Wijaya Emily Louise Wilbar Kate L. Wilcox Samuel P. Wilcox Katherine Therese Wilcoxson, A.B. Kiersten Anne Wilde Sarah Catherine Wildermuth, A.B. Katelyn Amanda Wilensky Meredith Jeanette Wiles, A.B. Alex Bloomdahl Wilf Raymond Arthur Wilger Margaret Hannah Wilk Elan Spencer Wilkenfeld Nicole Michelle Wilkinson Kaley Renae Willaert Rachele E. Willard Noah Francis Willett Iman William Allison Marie Williams Hadiya M. Williams Isabelle C. Williams Karl Matthew Williams, A.B. Sophie Christine Williams Sydni Williams Elexa L. Willison Kristen Celeste Willmer Joshua Bain Wilner Matthew Scott Wilner Jake William Wilson Melissa Ann Winch Anna Grace Winegarden Ayla Lillian Wing Nicole Emily Winig Haley Marie Winkle Alexander Gerard Winks Jack Harris Winograd Kailey Hai Winston Bianca Jane Winward, A.B. Alexandra May Wisbiski Juliet D. Wishner Alec Joshua Wishnie Kendall Phillips Wiss, A.B. Eleanor McDade Withers Charlotte Wittels Shea M. Wittig Eamon Joseph Wizner, A.B. Patrick Burr Wojtala Hunter E. Wojtas Jaclyn Lee Wold, B.S. Nani A. Wolf Charley Rae Wolfe Gabriel Nicholas Wolfe Jordan Bernard Wolff Ryan Sam Wolfson Marie Margaret Wolverton, A.B. Ariana Meiling Wong Claudia K. Wong Darin Presley Wong Hazel Lok Tsin Wong Jason Kin Keong Wong Jen Sheng Wong Claire Elizabeth Wood Justine Aziza Wood, A.B. Melissa C. Wood Olivia Rose Wood Zachary Daniel Woodman Rachel Elaine Woods Trevor D. Woods Veronica K. Woods Tristan Woodsmith Helen L. Woolcock Ashley Renee Woonton James R. Worthington 81

84 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 82 Molly Rose Worthington, B.S. Sara Amelia Wortmann Nicole Austin Wozniak Phoebe G. Wraith Brittany Marie Wright Gillian L. Wright Kay M. Wright Michael John Wright Daniel Kelly Wu Dongxue Wu Han Wu Juliet Cin-Lu Wu, B.S. Justin S. Wu Katty Wu Maylyn Wu Nancy Wu Ruohan Wu Shunhao Wu Xuerui Wu Yifan Wu Yvonne Yin Wu Ziyi Wu Benjamin J. Wurman Alena Malin Wurster Austin Santi Wutt Minna Wybrecht Victoria Wystepek Joyce Xia Daniel Xiang Brian Xiao Shuyuan Xiao Di Xie Tianyi Xie Gabrielle Eve Xilas Vickie Xin Zhaohui Xiong Esme Xu Haodong Xu, A.B. Haojun Xu Jiaqi Xu, B.S. Nicole P. Xu Qishen Xu Yue Xu, B.S. Yunjia Xu Ziheng Xu Chenyu Xue Ruiling Xue John W. Yaeger Alex Yager, A.B. Erin Yamaguchi Kun Yan Wei Yan, A.B. Aneesha Sunil Yande Bingjian Yang Ellen X. Yang, B.S. Jennifer Yang Johnathan Yang Lucy Yang Peixin Yang So Young Sarah Yang Tianyu (Justin) Yang Xi Yang, A.B. Xiaotong Yang Xiting Yang Ying Yang Yuyang Yang Evon V. Yao Yi Yao Yuan Yao Drake Alexander Yarian Huda Yasan Megan Yasuda Eunice Wen Xi Yau Patrick Yau Sahr Yazdani Ji Ye, B.S. Tiantian Ye Yaxin Ye Ariana Yea Julia M. Yee Katherine Jueying Yeh, A.B. Samantha Louisa Ginn Yeo Emma R. Yergin Prathusha Yerramilli Brianne N. Yeskey Yat To Yeung Bingqian Yi Jiaxi Yin Olivia Yin Rebecca J. Yin Andrew Yale Ying, B.S. Lan Ying Justin Gunwoo Yoon Sean Yoon Maya Youness Ally Grace Young Andrew Lachlan Young Christopher James Young Connor J. Young Darren Young Emily Young Jason Charles Young Julia Young Jenna Elyssa Yousif, B.S. Paul Antonio Yousif Peter Christian Yousif Arin Yu Carrie Yu Chelsea L. Yu Dongming Yu, A.B. Guangting Yu Jesica Yu Joyce H. Yu Kehan Yu Kelly Kali Yu Meishan Yu, A.B. Tina Yu, A.B. Yang Yu Yifan Yu Zhen Yu Jiayin Yuan Winnie Yuen Zeynep Yurdoglu Tessa Julia Yurko Megan L. Zabik Sandra Nijmah Zadeyeh, A.B. Elise Rebekah Zagore Ina Zaimi Natalie Patricia Zak Sarah A. Zaki Joshua D. Zales Annie J. Zalon Alexander Zapien Haley Zapolski Trent Zaranek Justin Zarka Mohamad Adnan Zawahra Maryellen Catherine Zbrozek Isaiah Zeavin-Moss Abraham Jeffrey Zeiger, A.B. Matthew David Zeilbeck Isabelle A. Zelaya Garrett Hunter Zelin, B.S. Jalen Scott Zeman Anthony Zhadanov, A.B. Amanda Zhang Amy Zhang Carol J. Zhang Coco Zhang Haoyi Zhang Jason Chenxi Zhang, B.S. Jessica Zhang Jiaqi Zhang Joshua Zhang Lihu Zhang, B.S. Melody Chuyao Zhang Mengrui Zhang, B.S. Mengying Zhang, B.S. Nelson Xuzhi Zhang Nina Zhang Peter K. Zhang Quan Zhang Robin Zhang Shangjia Zhang Sherry Zhang William Mingyuan Zhang Yucong Zhang Zhexuan Zhang, B.S. Anne P. Zhao Hunter Frederick Zhao Jason Y. Zhao Jessica Zhao Katherine Zhao, A.B. Le Zhao, B.S. Mingduo Zhao Wenli Zhao, B.S. Yichangle Zhao Yimeng Zhao Julie Zheng Shudi Zheng, A.B. Yang Zheng Yijia Zheng Michael Zhong Sheng Zhong Arnold Hao Zhou Jingyi Zhou Lillian Zhou, A.B. Shibing Zhou Zihao Zhou Diana S. Zhu Hongting Zhu Jaclyn Zhu Jiabin Zhu, B.S. Kevin Pan Zhu, B.S. Kevin Yue Zhu

85 Lilia Z. Zhu Peiyun Zhu, B.S. Shuangning Zhu, B.S. Tonghao Zhu, B.S. Windy Zhu, B.S. Xiaoya Zhu Yi Zhu Yimeng Zhuang Joseph Mitchell Ziegelman, A.B. Lana Rae Ziegler Alexa I. Zielinski Lauren Zielinski Claire Elizabeth Zimmer, A.B. Michael James Zimmer, A.B. Craig James Zimmerman, A.B. Gretchen Elizabeth Zimmerman Luke Andrew Zimmerman Michael G. Zimmerman Natalie Jill Zimmerman Zoe Zimmerman Cole Zingas Charles Zinn Noah Alexander Zipper Michael Zlonkevicz IV Zachary Elon Zola Kathryn Marie Zoller, A.B. Nicholas Nathaniel Zoppi Amber Zou Henry Zou Jake Harry Zuckman, B.S. Benedetta Zunino Emily Marie Zuo Tingting Zuo Jillian Paige Zurdosky Annamarguerite Rose Zvetan Mary C. Zweng Carly Paige Zwiebel SCHOOL OF MUSIC, THEATRE & DANCE Sofie Hana Aaron Jesse Arlow Aaronson Cole P. Abod Emma Lee Aboukasm Taylor Mackenzie Adams Devin Michael Aebi Benjamin Paul Ahlers Jack Harry Alberts Liam Edward Allen Sophia Minouche Allen David Jonathan Alvarez III, B.F.A. Maya I. Alwan Isabella D. Amador Julian Huth Amberg Sean P. Anderson Vivian Joy Anderson, B.Mus. Leanne Jenelle Antonio Sagar Anupindi Martijn K. Appelo Jocelyn Rose Aptowitz Emma Cecily Ashford Mallory Kate Avnet Elyakeem Ben Avraham Hannah Louise Baiardi Matthew A. Baker Maya E. Ballester George Elaine Barnhouse Alayna Ann Baron Jennifer Marie Barretto Charles W. Bartlett Eliana Mei-Xing Barwinski Johanna Irene Baumann Carly M. Behrendt Kourtney Yvonne Bell Giovanni Cyrano Bellegarde Samuel Bell-Gurwitz Rachel Johanna Berkowitz, B.Mus., B.S. Marco Antonio Bertuccelli Alexandra Berube Zoha Bharwani Emily A. Bice Nathan Roderick McMichael Bieber Emma Martin Biggert, A.B., B.Mus. Griffin William Binnicker Amanda Taylor Blackson Nicole Danielle Bocchi Hayley Lenore Boggs Blake Roman Bojewski Alexandra Butler Brassard Timothy James Brewer Summer Helena Brogren Rebecca J. Brookens Joe Broom Lisa Mariana Brown Eli Christopher Bucheit Sara Ann Burgess, B.F.A. John Kyle Byrne Alyssa Marie Campbell Christopher King David Campbell Tristan Harrison Cappel Sofia Paula Carbonara Stuart Ross Carlson Shea I. Carponter-Brode Yu Hin Bryan Chan Rachel Yu Chen, B.Mus. Tin Wing Jaime Cheung Fee Lia Christoph Allison Chu Amy Ciardiello, A.B., B.Mus.A. Steven James Ciasullo, A.B., B.F.A. Hannah Beryl Clague Michaela Rose Clague Kurt Allen Clare Cydney Corinne Clark Hailey Sara Cohen James Andrew Colburn Kevin Michael Corbett Ariana Rose Corbin Benjamin Jason Cormier Emily Anne Cotten Annelisa Caroline Crabtree, B.Mus. Erin Olivia Croom Spencer Larue Croy Austin John D Ambrosio Conner Mark Darling Tori Lynne Darnell, B.Mus. Emily Ann Davidson Lydia Riess De Leeuw Alexandra Bean Deamant Michael J. Deep Sawyer Denton Katharine Anna Derringer Joshua Devries Marisa Vidaluz Diamond, B.F.A. Liam Howells Dilenschneider Peter Donahue Jovany Anderson Dorsainvil Sam G. Dubin Matthew Skyler Durham Madeleine Eaton Peter J. Ecklund Sten Anthony Eikrem, B.F.A. Madeline Lee Endres Herbert L. Entrekin Rachel Jenna Epperly Rebecca Claire Epstein-Boley Michaela Celine Esteban Timothy Lewis Everett Benjamin Paul Factor, B.F.A. Julia B. Fanzeres Teagan Lianna Faran Nataniel Farrar Katrina Fasulo, B.Mus.A. Danielle Elise Fattore Daniel Jonah Fendrick, B.Mus. Jiakung Victor Feng, B.Mus., B.S. Cailin Mali Ferguson Julia Lauren Fertel James Alan Fischer Matthew Adam Fleisher Carmen Gagliardi Flesher Daniel William Flick Conor Faherty Flynn Julia G. Foran Peter Cameron Formanek, B.F.A. Joseph Arthur Fortino Sara Jean Frost, B.F.A. Alaina M. Galasso Amber C. Galvano Jillian Garner Erica Leigh Gavan, B.F.A. Adellyn Geenen Edward Jonathan Gibson Paul Andrew Giessner, B.Mus.A., B.S.E.Elec Aaron Hector Ginns Peter Francis Goggin Anna Claire Golitzin Jessica Magdalene Gomes-Ng Julian James Goods Alyssa Anne Gorman Madeleine Aurie Gotschlich Katrina L. Granger 83

86 SCHOOL OF MUSIC, THEATRE & DANCE 84 Martinus Joseph Gray, B.Mus. Benjamin J. Green Andrew Jay Grossman Cathrine K. Gu Lisa F. Gudan Michael James Halloran Samuel Akira Hamashima Scott Alexander Hankins Dayton John Hare Lindsay Marlene Harkins, B.S., B.T.A. Aurora Haziri Noah James Henriksson Zola Madison Hightower Lauryn Alexandria Hobbs Melanie Grace Holt Marissa Dory Honig Amere Quran Horton Jessica Yue Hu Cassandra Huerta Jonathan C. Hull Daniel Anthony Iammatteo, Jr., B.Mus.A. Taylor Marie Isberg, B.Mus. Yoshiko Iwai Benjamin Thomas Jackson Liam Thomas Jackson Chardanae C. Jameson Adam Michael Jank Emily Jie Ji Sarah F. Jordan Nicole Danielle Joslin Madeline Marie Joss Adam Kahana David George Kamper Annamarie Kasper Maureen Patricia Kelleher Mickenna R. Keller Katherine Baker Kelley, B.F.A. Meredith Lane Kelly Matthew Edward Kemp Audrey Grace Kennedy Lauren Isabella Kenner Samuel Robert Kidd Noah Benjamin Kieserman Patrick Timothy Kiessling, B.Mus.A. Zephie Onalee Kineman Alex M. King Trevor Ambrose King Emily Rebecca Kirven Aviva Y. Klein Saralyn Blair Klepaczyk Nicholas G. Kneupper Nevada Riley Koenig Samuel Koeppe Caitlyn Rachelle Koester, B.Mus. Abbey Christa Kojima, B.F.A. Brian Kosiadi Krit Kosoltrakul Emilie Desiree Kouatchou Amanda Kuo Jasmine Kuo, B.Mus. McKenzie Kurtz Malhar B. Kute Thomas Lacy Nicholas Mathew Laenen, Jr. Matthew R. Lamb Ian Joseph Lang Thomas Julian Simon Laub Nicole Marie Lawnicki Elise Lorraine Lawrence Christine Hija Lee Daniel Kenji Lee Yejoo Lee Luna Serena Lemus-Bromley, A.B., B.F.A. Erez Levin, B.Mus.A. Oren Levin Rosalie Li Lauren Nicole Liebman Tiffany Loe Simon Lohmann Simon Lawrence William Longnight Sophia Charlotte Madorsky Bret Franklin Magliola Arun Rajesh Mangrulkar Hannah B. Marcus Anna Leigh Catherine Markowitz Larissa Marten, B.F.A. Kayla Cerise Mathes John Burt Mathews III Emmett Kieffer Mathison Leah Rochelle Mattfield, B.F.A. Aline Mayagoitia, B.F.A. Aimee Morgan McAnulty Kyle Nelson McClellan, B.F.A. Devon K. Mccleskey Braden Andrew McConnell Julia Rose McDermott Deirdre A. Mckeever Pablo Melcher-Ordonez, B.Mus. Noah W. Meltzer Madison A. Miller Monica Rachel Miller Adam Joseph Millstein Paula Anne Modafferi, B.F.A. Selena Christiane Moeljadi, B.F.A., B.S. Madison Montambault, B.Mus. Jolie A. Moray Maxwell Robert Morrison Rikki Morrow-Spitzer, B.Mus. Catherine A. Moss Kirsten Elizabeth Mossberg Kelsey Marie Murphy Grace Elizabeth Nagelvoort Jin Nakamura Megumi Louise Nakamura Bum Namkoong Christopher James Nichols, B.Mus. Tsukumo Niwa, A.B., B.Mus. Anna Y. Nordmoe Sarah Norton Rebecca F. O Brien Asana Michelle Onishi Connor Patrick O Toole Henry Barrett Pakela Graham Thomas Palmer Riley Palmer, B.Mus. Peeravich Panlertkitsakul Daniel Alan Passino, B.Mus. Charles David Burns Patterson Jo Ellen Pellman Gian Perez Michael Perlman Leah Pernick Timothy Mark Peterson, A.B., B.Mus. Helen Anne Peyrebrune, B.Mus. Nyah V. Pierson Wilson M. Plonk Elliot James Polot Noie Porat Sarah Edith Prendergast Camille Elise Primeau Commodore Cantrell Primous III Molly Thomas Radosevich Rasika Raghavan Luis Enrique Rangel DaCosta Emmett Connell Rapaport Nicholas Adam Rathgeb, B.Mus. Sophie Kayleen Raymer Alexandra Sophia Re Devika L. Reddy, B.Mus.A. Mason D. Reeves Everett Reid Kasia Genevieve Reilly, B.F.A. Connor J. Reinman Nina Renella James Renfer Jordan Samuel Rich, B.F.A. Jasper Richter, B.F.A. Alice H. Risov Dean Joseph Robinson William A. Robinson Rennia Jani Rodney Jacob Wayne Rogers Karl Augustine Ronneburg, B.Mus. Ryan Scott Rosenheim Samuel Dylan Ross Eric Alan Rothacker Madeline Elizabeth Rouverol, B.F.A. Rebekah Grace Ruetz Jesse Maxwell Sacks Jacqueline Saldana, B.T.A. Alicia H. Samson Jordan Leighton Samuels Grace Flora Santamaria Jerrold Peter Scattini III Andrew Donald Schafer Soultana Lauren Schiavi Ryan S. Schildcrout Brittany Schloskey Jessica Marie Schloskey Alice Elizabeth Schmitz Abigail Kathryn Schneider Karalyn Jeann Schubring Daniel Matija Schwartzberg, B.F.A. Alyah Chanelle Scott Matthew Benjamin Sena Annelise Claire Senkowski Yoonji Seo, B.Mus. Joseph R. Serafini Claire C. Seymour Nicholas William Shafer, B.F.A. Lindsey Diana Sharpe Nina Shekhar

87 Audrey Camille Shepherd Sydney C. Shepherd Jennifer Shin Kathryn Claire Shonk, B.F.A. Justin-Hosa Benjamin Showell Zachary Ryan Siegel Samuel Isaac Siegel-Kassover, B.F.A. Isabel Maria Signoret Ellen Tsai-Wei Sirower Daniel Patrick Skib Laureana Katherine Smith Carly Annette Snyder, B.F.A. Elizabeth Jean Snyder Kaitlyn Jordana Soloway Lucas Sunwoo Song Emily Mi Soong Isabel Springer Maxwell Aaron Stein Sierra Leonie Stephens Christine Stinchi Robert C. Stine Justin D. Stobart Brianna Stoute Gregory Kan Strasser, B.F.A. Sarah Catherine Straw Karina Rosalyn Stribley, B.Mus. Joshua S. Strobl Elliott Robert Julian Styles Ayal Benjamin Subar Jacob H. Sugarman Rong Sui Alain L. Sullivan Caroline Swanson, B.Mus. Liliana Ziolo Talwatte Michaela Mae Tanksley, B.F.A. Tanner Robert Tanyeri Kathleen McDermott Taylor Anna Elizabeth Thompson Hayley M. Tibbenham Margaret Grace Tigue, B.Mus. Julia Timko, B.T.A. Halli Rose Toland, B.F.A. Maxwell Tsao Caroline-Michele Lao Uy Celia van den Bogert Mason Glander Van Gieson Caroline Clarkson Van Liere Michayla Jane Vantreeck, B.F.A. Evan Anthony Veasey Audrey Page Vogelsang Nathan Noah Walhout Christopher John Walker Patrick J. Walker Ellen Jean Wallace, B.F.A. Theresa Margaret Walle Katherine Esther Higgins Ward Beth Ann Wardell Christopher Thomas Washington Laurel Elizabeth Young Wellman Amy Elise Wensley Emily Elizabeth West John Matthew West, A.B., B.Mus. Steven Wezelman Megan Lynn Wheeler Maitri A. White Nina M. White Sophia Ann White Matthew William Whitehead, B.Mus. Phillip Lake Wilburn Thomas James Wilcox Matthew Neol Curtis Wildman Tiffany C. Wilkins Aaron H. Willette Kiara Williams Rebecca A. Williamson Amanda Wilson Florence Ying Wai Woo Abigail Lydia Worth Evan James Wright Hsihting Wu Tiffany Wu Diane Li Yang Martin F. Yang Jane Ye Sungwoo Yoon Audrey Rose Young, B.F.A. Natan Zamansky Benjamin Harrison Zang, B.F.A. Jiyuan Zhang Aidan Ignacio Ziegler-Hansen, B.F.A. Claire Isabel Zimmeth SCHOOL OF NURSING Lindsey Susan Acker Nancy-Anne Ackley, B.S.N. Jessica Lynn Alexander Brooke Noelle Allgeyer Lauren E. Almy Megan L. Arbor Matthew Armstrong, B.S.N. Lydia Elaine Arthur Emma Catherine Auty, B.S.N. Pavan Rama Babu Kaitlin Joy Baker Sara Elizabeth Balint Sarah Elizabeth Barber Victoria Lee Bearse Karina Marie Becker Kara Rae Benner Karl Berkemeier Ashley N. Bernklau, B.S.N. Kendall M. Billig Madeline Elise Binz Emily Anna Bish Emily Margaret Black Anna Marie Blockowicz Brooke Borowski, B.S.N. Hannah Rose Bouwhuis, B.S.N. Emma McCallum Allyson Brant Emily Morgan Brewer Taylor Marie Bringard Brittany Marie Brodie Audrey Nicole Brookins Lauren Elizabeth Bryant Paige K. Buhl Cierra R. Buist Natalie Alexis Burke Katie Ann Burmester Nicole Leann Burns Nicole Judith Bush, B.S.N. Abigail Theresa Carrier Shardonnai Carvin Kristi Lynn Casale Yeanah Cha Tiffany Chang Caitlin Michelle Choi Jessica Jisun Choi Ju Yeon Choi Zachary Michael Chornoby Alexis L. Ciszewski Katrina Coley Jolene Michelle Cook Elizabeth Marie Coolidge Kaycee Lynn Crist Chloe G. Crowley Caitlin Anne Cunningham, B.S.N. Brianna Curran Makenna Rae DeBuck Kate Deegan Lilly Katherine Deerin Kaitlyn Marie DeGrace Elaine Marie Desenfants, A.B., B.S.N. Tess Susanne DeWulf Haley Christine Diedrick Jennifer Leigh Dimitrief, B.S.N. James Anderson Ditomassi Lisa I-Min Doong, B.S.N. Katie Nicole Douglas Jessica L. Driscoll Lauren Elise Edmonds Sara Khalil Eter Olivia Anne Failla, B.S.N. Alex John Fauer, B.S.N. Jennifer Ann Feutz Lauren Elizabeth Filler Bri Taylor Finley Elizabeth L. Flood Hayley G. Flores Emma Rose Kathryn Folkema Jaclyn Marie Fontaine, B.S.N. Kiley Ann Fravel Jenna Marie Frega, B.S.N. Merideth Naomi Freiheit Marissa Jae Frent Jennifer Alana Gabbard Helen Elizabeth Galliani Grace Patricia Gasior Annemarie Lynn Gebhard Katherine Elaine Geffken Emma Margaret Gell Hanna Erin Gelov, B.S.N. Emma N. Gill Lauren Ann Giurlanda 85

88 SCHOOL OF NURSING 86 Hanna Strongin Glanzman Elizabeth A. Grabis Christine A. Grawe Brittany Lynn Gray Alexis Kathryn Green, B.S.N. Elizabeth M. Grifka Lindsay Marie Grzegorzewski Katherine Mae Hackeling, B.S.N. Jane Hagemann Laura Madeline Halprin Douglas Keith Ham III, B.S., B.S.N. Olivia Agnes Hamilton Sarah Elizabeth Hampel, B.S.N. Corinne Naticalelia Hauck Rylie Anne Haupt, B.S.N. Brianna Danielle Hawkins Jacqueline Olivia Helland Sarah Herndl Austin Joseph Hill Isabella Hill, B.S.N. Kara Jean Hoffman Sarah Elizabeth Hoffman Jennifer Shira Horowitz, B.S.N. Rachel Michelle Horton Baylie Elizabeth Houchin Jayne J. Hubscher Christine Marie Hucal, B.F.A., B.S.N. Megan Hunter Taylor Noelle Jaaska Mikaela Renee Jaklic Allison Kathleen Juchartz Rosemary Cecilia Kaloustian Lauren M. Kavanagh Jonah Matthew Kazmierski Mitchell D. Keefer Meghan E. Kelly Amanda Lee Kessel Gloria Eunjin Kim Savanna Kirk Zachary Aaron Kirkpatrick, B.S.N. Marisa Leigh Kitsch Katherine Ann Kohrman, B.S.N. Izabela Kosiba Alicia Ann Krebs Caroline Elizabeth Kremers Heather A. Kudialis Abigail Louise Lafrate Sydney Marie Lagestee Mckenna M. Landis Olivia Michelle Lang Shawn Lapiana Kaitlin Day Lavallee, B.S.N. Julia P. Lawson Audrey Le My Thao Le Sophia Giah Lee, B.S.N. Samantha Elizabeth LeFevere Dana Mei Lehman, B.S.N. Carmela Leone Ivy Li Sophia C. Li Casi Margaret Lisecki Olivia R. Livernois Hope Xingyi Lu, B.S.N. Erik Wood Lukkari Reagan Marie Maisch Andrew Joseph Malik Elise Marvin Amanda Mascolo Madelyn Paige Maue Kathleen M. Mazur Kayla M. Mcbride Madelyn L. Mccartin Claire V. Mccrimmon Kaeley Jordan McGrane Margo Marie Medenbach Hannah C. Miller Erin Leigh Misch, B.S.N. Ashley Miu Julia Grace Montgomery Rhodene Michellene Mullings, A.B. Emma Navarro, B.S.N. Megan Anne O Rourke Christina Oshana Meghan Ostrander Jacqueline Pakulski Abigail Palisin Caley Panton, B.S.N. Kathryn Parkhurst Kevin C. Pasquale Juliet Elise Paterson Kathleen Z. Peng Anna L. Piccione Emily Marie Plave Marisa Anne Polsinelli Nicholas Steven Popp Katherine Powers Adriana Preciado-Diaz, B.S.N. Alexander Edward Proudfoot Olivia Katherine Quinn Alexandra Ellen Raklovits, B.S.N. Sofia Carolina Ramirez Samantha Kay Rapanos Alexandra Paige Reehorst, B.F.A., B.S.N. Anna Rose Reinhart, B.S.N. Allison Emily Reiser Alexandra Jeanne Richlich-Resendiz Alaina Rose Riker Alexandra R. Rincon Jane Elizabeth Roach Grace Harker Roberts Christina Renee Rockwell Mackenzie Marie Roggenkamp Clare Romano Joan Rosello Sydney K. Ross Jordan A. Rosset Adiel Jenna Rothstein, B.S.N. Madeline Cari Jean Roty Madison Sabbath Rachel Fay Sabin Rebecca Leigh Sarkos, B.S.N. Jaclyn Marie Schaumburger Megan Therese Schulte, B.S.N. Samantha Jean Schwartz, B.S.N. Samantha Kay Scoggin, B.S.N. Katelyn Mackenzie Scudder Matthew Ronald Selleke Zeineb Selmane Alyssa Marie Sheehan Sharon Yingen Shen Caroline Louise Sheppard Emily Shiau Xin Shu Bernadette Siklosi Rebecca Ann Singer Lauren Marie Skidmore Awbreigh Layne Slagle Lehna Smallwood Michelle Rei Smith, B.S., B.S.N. Morgan Mackenzie Smith Annaliese Snider Nina Angela Solis Chae Stellrecht Rachel Christine Stephanak Taylor Elizabeth Stone, B.S.N. Elisabeth Jane Stromberg Elizabeth M. Swartz Katherine Swartz Jenna Marie Swets Amber Lynn Sword Chandler Grace Tarrant Alyssa Susan Taylor, B.S.N. Demetria De Shaunt Ol Thompson Julie M. Tillotson Mia Nicole Townsel Zoe Tullis, A.B., B.S.N. Kelsey Elizabeth Uppleger Alexis Marie Valenciano Madison Kate Vanallsburg Meredith Vanessen Alina Varghese Danielle Marie Vieni Stephanie E. Walker Madeleine Kathleen Walsh Abigail M. Walters Elisabeth Creighton Ware, B.S.N. Collin David Watkins Molly Kay Wawro Mary J. Weber Matthew Ryan White, B.S.N. Jessika Krystyna Wiercinski Chelsey Morgan Williams, A.B., B.S.N. Samone Tashanikka Williams, B.S.N. Amanda Paige Winey Rachel Marie Wittenbach Kimberly Wong Winna Wu, B.S.N. Hollis Celine Wyatt, B.S.N. Angela Louise Wysocki Taylor Brooke Yendick Woojung Yi Tara Suzanne Young, B.S.N. Crystal Ann Zair Karina Jan Zanyk McLean Mary Killeen Zawlocki Jessica Q. Zhang Mackenzie Zierau Jennifer Ann Zybert, B.S.N.

89 COLLEGE OF PHARMACY Angela Chen Christopher James Codd Courtney Marie Fedeson, B.S. Noemi Garg Pirinka Venelinova Georgiev, B.S. Joshua Goerge Troy Halseth Katherine Elizabeth Jaje Kan Chit Lam Ran Ming William Ni Jonathan M. Pham Rachel Kathryn Russ Kirsten Grace Smith Lillian Wang Kelly Yang Yue Yuan GERALD R. FORD SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY Thomas Michael Aiello Thomas Francis Allen, A.B. Joseph Edward Ambrose, A.B. Molly Batyah Aronson Mario Andres Arribas Carolyn Leigh Ayaub Alexa Marie Baglione, A.B. Riyah Amina Basha Caleb Scott Beavers Dylan Shane Bennett Julia Margaret Berthel David Charles Bluhm Paige Vallely Brogan Maxwell Scott Bultman, A.B. Garrett Michael Burton, A.B. Kyle Steven Butler John William Chambliss Vineet Chandra Evan Velarde Charney Tiffany Y. Chau Tierra Christian Joseph Daniel Cianciola Tyler David Coady Victoria Lee Colbert Roland Davidson, A.B. Marena Jeanette Dieden Daniel Distler Bridget Colleen Doyle Grace Dunn Lauren Farrell Peter Samuel Fawley William Henry Feuer Emily Erin Fulks Geoffrey Archard Gamm Caroline Grace Garau Adele Mychael Goldberg, A.B. Daniel Charles Greene Samuel Jack Griffiths Nicholas Paul Guisinger Stephanie Mary Gusching Jakob H. Haber, A.B. Areeba Haider Andrew Hiyama Joshua Lawrence Hoffman William Wayne Horne III Gloriela Iguina-Colon Ibrahim A. Ijaz Ross Jablon Nadine Kamel Jawad William Alan Jermyn Robert James Joseph Emily Kabeshita Aditi Katti Talia Gabrielle Katz Samantha Caitlyn Kennedy Sarah Maria Khan So Jung Madeline Kim Ruby Evatopol Kirby, A.B. Nicole Katherine Kozlowski George David Lancaster Cara Ruth Levy Clara H. Li Chen Liang Tiffany Eilin Loh Elizabeth Warner Makuch Joshua Craig Martin Christopher James Mayer Molly Catherine McInerney Camelia Nabil Metwally Talha Aziz Mirza Lydia Murray Rhea Elizabeth Ninan Audrey Beth Pittman Lisa Rochelle Pomeranz Connor Paul Priest Grace Pynnonen Zoha Qureshi Caitlin Elizabeth Reedy Kate Lauren Reinertson Madeline Cunningham Riley, A.B. Grace Perille Riordan Grant Gilbert Rivas Stephen Anthony Robards Aleah Nicole Rogalski Jill Emily Rosenfeld Theresa Marie Ross Jordan Sandman Swathi S. Shanmugasundaram, A.B. Ilan Siegel, A.B. Anna Mae Silver Jordan Alexander Silverman William Macaulay Solmssen Alana Rachel Spellman Graham Adam Steffens, A.B. William Bruce Stewart Ashley Danaia Huifen Tjhung Cina Vazir-Zadeh, A.B. Andrew Jacob Watkins Ella Barry Webb Francesca Werner Chandani Kiran Wiersba Emma Casey Will Ashley Ann Wilson Renzi Wise Eric McCord Wriston Emily Grace Yerington, A.B. Hohyun Yoon, A.B. SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Caroline Elizabeth Adams Christina Noelle Alaniz Hussain Mohammad Ali Lily Renee Carlson Jacob Michael Cutler Amani Danielle Echols Claire Elana Fendrick Zoe Ruth Finer Korin Marie Fletemier Kristine Terry Green Cassidy Johnson Lysette Kathryn Kessler Afeefah Asim Khan Ji Hyun Kim Lyric Quentin Kleber 87

90 SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH Emily Elizabeth Koptyra Sydney Rayna Aurora Korsunsky Kelly Frances Martinek Charlotte Gaddis Masucci Nicholas Darrol Miller Julia Tess Montag Kayla Marie Muschong Lahari Nandikanti Anjali Nemorin Madeleine Claire Nicholas Halimat Shadia Olaniyan Christian Corpuz Paneda Elizabeth Lauren Paver Madison Pearl Polay Ali Safawi Kylie Ann Schafer William Alexander Schwartz Noah Jacob Shohet Caroline Ella Spartin Morgan Rachel Suntken Cristal Valle Madison Elizabeth Van Epps Doria Leah Weiss Roen Micayla Wheeler Danya Nicole Ziazadeh UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - DEARBORN COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCES, AND LETTERS 88 Kawther K. Abdallah Julie A. Abner, A.B. Maha J. Abouarabi Nadia T. Aboumourad Anam Ahmed, B.S. Mehak Ahmed Mohamed H. Akhdar, A.B. Zainab Q. Al Kushaly Besmiah L. Al-Ansari Batoul Alawie Omar Alazem, B.S. Zahra T. Albawaneh Ghadah Z. Alderwish, B.S. Gadir T. Algahim Malkah M. Ali Raana A. Ali Yousuf M. Ali Asmaa Q. Al-Khshali, A.B. Madeline C. Allen Timothy R. Allen Nashwah Almri Fatimah S. Alshara, A.B. Ola H. Altahan Ahmed H. Amine, B.S. Ava M. Andrews Jordan K. Anheuser Haley N. Ankony Mariam Aoun Johnathon D. Apardian Niko R. Armstrong Masooma Asghar Jessica N. Atanasovski John Atlas, A.B. Grant M. Baker Amy K. Bakerjian Jenna M. Barnes Ali A. Baydoun Bahijah M. Bazzi, A.B. Mariam A. Bazzi Rami S. Beydoun, B.S. Katlyn M. Blassic Austin M. Blevins Austin W. Booms Fatima I. Boussi Nichole C. Bowman Sarah M. Braden Danielle E. Brewer Emily M. Burcroff Lindsey S. Burns Grace C. Burrell, B.S. Elizabeth C. Bury Rebekah L. Card Ruby C. Chacon Noor El-Hoda I. Chammout Sarah A. Chamseddine Rachal M. Chehouri David Choy Alexandrea B. Cochran Alexandra K. Coklow Grace E. Cole Molly E. Concannon, A.B. Katherine E. Conrad Joannes Paula R. Cupino Rana J. Dabaja Mansour M. Daoud Andrew M. Daulton Tyser M. Dawoud Monica M. De Roche Dylan M. DeClue Shurab Dhar Deanna L. Dib Emily J. Eccleton Ralph El Badaoui George R. Elemont, A.B. Diane A. Elhorr George J. Elkhoury Melanie A. Elliott Wassim W. El-Sayed Jordan M. Ewald Reem B. Fakherddine Nichole M. Ferrell Destiny A. Flowers-Fayad Aleksa B. Fortuna, B.S. Ahmed A. Ftouni Youmna M. Gabr Danielle M. Gale Omitra C. Gates Garrett H. Gault Miranda M. Geisinger Yassmine Ghassani Zeina M. Ghoul Dominique M. Giraud, A.B. Jeffrey R. Glavin Andrea L. Gonzalez Chloe A. Grabowski Lea T. Green Zoe L. Grenfell, A.B. Mark L. Grisa Nida Haider Sondos A. Hajar Rola M. Hammoud Zahraa Harb, A.B. Sarah L. Hassani Evan W. Hawver Tyler T. Hay Daniela Hernandez Samantha R. Higdon Timothy A. Hollman Emily J. Homeister Fatme A. Hourani Brenden A. Hoy Janay S. Hughes MD M. Hussain Sean M. Hyde Ali I. Ibrahim Huda H. Ismail Nadia Jaffal Eric J. James Hussein B. Jeafar Victor A. Jimenez

91 Aaron H. Johnson, A.B. Ban M. Jomaa Jamil Jomaa Scott T. Jones Hiba H. Jouni Lena N. Juratli Bader Kadri, A.B. Ramy Y. Karnib Heaven L. Kayal Griffin E. Kiegiel, A.B. Nicole A. Kilikevicius Jordan T. Kinney David Kniffen, A.B. Christopher J. Kotcher Jenna M. Kroepel, A.B. Mouhamad Kurdi Thomas M. Latimer, A.B. Alexandria L. Lawrence Madison M. Lazarek Christian J. Ledford Timothy D. Lee Rachel L. Leonard Justin H. Leslie Melissa M. Levesque Alec D. Londal Kathryn E. Long Robert D. Lucas Casey G. MacLean Amima S. Mahmood Mary Makled Zeinab Y. Makled Camila R. Mallad Daniel S. Mano Anastasey N. Manolatos Matthew M. Maraldo, B.S. Meera C. Martin Sarah A. Martin Fatima M. Mashrah Yasmeen Z. Massiri, B.S. Jacob E. McElmeel Ariel B. Middlebrook, A.B. Shuntay M. Moore Jake Moreno Anthony B. Mottley Abdallah M. Moughni Heather M. Murphy Katherine E. Mysliwiec Mohamed A. Nasrallah Batoul A. Nasser Malak M. Nasser, B.S. Desirae L. Nelson Eric C. Nelson, B.S. Elizabeth I. New Brian A. Newlin, A.B. Alisa F. O Brien Rachel R. Olah, A.B. Brian P. Oldani Leah C. Oldham Diana S. Ollaik Noor M. Omar Elmasri Rachel Oncza Gabriella M. Oudsema Olivia E. Oudsema, A.B. Khadeeja Paracha Nicholas P. Paron, A.B. Brianna G. Patrick Austin M. Patterson Aileen R. Peer Kimberly L. Pham Tess M. Phaneuf, A.B. Matvey A. Polin Rabab Qamar, A.B. Ravikumar Ramasami Elizabeth R. Raupp Hebah H. Reda Fareeha E. Rehman, B.S. Rafey A. Rehman Adnan N. Restum, B.S. Hannah M. Riley Maya D. Robinson Mariah A. Rodriguez Rebecca A. Rooney Brock A. Rowberry Zeinab S. Saad Savona Safaoui Jay E. Sands Kevin C. Saybolt Emily C. Schmidt Andrew J. Schwank Sarah M. Sebai, B.S. Lily F. Seccombe Dustin J. Shaeffer Addison M. Shay, B.S. Rebeca M. Simu Mohamed H. Slim Katelin P. Smith Matthew A. Snella, A.B. Keri L. Snyder Mariam G. Sobh Yasmeen S. Sobh Belle M. Sobolewski, A.B. Grejsi Sofroni Weston D. Spence Marie Suehrer Danielle J. Sugai, A.B. Fatima A. Sulaiman Zaynab Taher Kaitlyn E. Tatro Tareq H. Tayyan Jaycee M. Tenn Gregory W. Thomas Eric R. Thomason Morgan M. Topolewski, A.B. Mariam Toure Katherine L. Truitt Hannah E. Turnbull Keri S. Turner Nasreen I. Ugharadar Zana Vulaj Hannah B. Wagner, A.B. Anna Wahl Nicholas J. Weigandt Brian A. Welch Joseph T. Wellinski Julia M. Wells Ellie R. White Courtney E. Williams Theren J. Williams Zariea M. Williams Samuel J. Wilmarth Rebekah M. Wilson Jordan L. Wohl Alexander Woodliff Amal S. Yafai Sadia Yaqoob Nadia R. Yousif Noor A. Zein Jesse Y. Zhou, A.B. COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Rana M. Abdelkhaliq Anik Ahmed Yahya M. Aiyash Amal A. Al Zadjali William H. Allen Alec P. Argenta, B.B.A. Mirna A. Balaghi Maya Bazzi, B.B.A. Rabih M. Bazzi, B.B.A. Talal A. Bazzi Natalie Boleski Lesya Bonev Lance Brohl Jacob A. Brown, B.B.A. Maureen Bunney, B.B.A. Patrick Carney Sarah G. Casement Menn Chen Ricky T. Christian Dante C. Cicchelli Ian B. Deetz Michael R. Delagarza Kailyn G. Delonis Myrka P. Diaz-Lopez Vivian Dinh Hassan A. Doghman Kristen T. Domez Andrew M. Dubel Michael Dworakowski Mohamad A. Elarab Matthew D. Elder Natalie E. Erickson Mona G. Fawaz, B.B.A. Anthony D. Fick Sean C. Fisher Jeffrey J. Gahman, B.B.A. Ryan P. Gliwa Gabrielle M. Gray Sarah J. Hachem Dionne A. Harris Hannah G. Hartge Sam Hazime Randy X. Ho Scott D. Howard Parris L. Hunter 89

92 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Maryann Hurtado Paul E. Husak Nour A. Ismail Emily R. Jennings Arthur B. Johnson Samuel L. Kassab Jacob D. Kempton Hiba A. Khatoun Jared T. Kling Brendan P. Landwehr Kevin W. Landwehr, B.B.A. Meaghan E. Landwehr Niko Z. Laput Afifah J. Latif Winston D. Lazarte Anastasia M. Llamas George R. Loeper Marisa J. Lorenzetti, B.B.A. Brett M. Macek Marilyn A. Manchell Emily J. Mayes Colin P. Meldrum, B.B.A. Kalvin R. Merrill Patrick P. Mochol Maryam H. Mohammad-Saleh, B.B.A. Genaro Murillo Ibtesam K. Mustafa David C. Naczas Sean A. Nowak Kira E. O Brien Moinuddin M. Patel Rishi S. Patel Shivam H. Patel Kristjana Pecaj Hien Q. Phan Joseph M. Piotrowski Maria M. Radu Hawraa Ridha Chad R. Roehm Kimberly C. Ryan, B.B.A. Matthew S. Scheppele Vinu Sebastian Matthew J. Shafer Hadeel Shkoukani Avi Singh Rakan O. Soubra Sidney A. St. Germain Tyler D. Stevens Reilly J. Sullivan Dominic L. Terhaar Zunaira Tufail Alyssa N. Van Scoy Amy E. Wilson Rachel M. Witherspoon Eric R. Young Salma H. Zayed, B.B.A. Brandon Zetouna COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, HEALTH, AND HUMAN SERVICES Abdullatif G. Abdulghani Sara C. Agne Ahamima Akther Zahra Alamery Hajer A. Alchalabi Khulood A. Almawri Zahra B. Al-Tiwainy Lia N. Andreassi Sarine A. Arslanian, A.B. Amal H. Ashabi, A.B. Batoul Baiz Linda Bazzi Sarah A. Bloem Rochelle J. Blum Riley J. Brown Lila Chami Naideen N. Charara Kasmere A. Cheek Hannah E. Cole Jenine L. Conners Sayrd K. Coradazzi Aaron S. Danigelis, A.B. Alexa R. DiCarlo Jessica H. Doan Niveen A. Elder, B.S. Kelsey N. Griffin Donya I. Haidar Nawal Jamal Hallani Fatima H. Hassan Elissa V. Hoffman Matthew T. Hundley Hosn M. Hussain Rana Ismail Danielle F. Leroux Melissa D. LeVan Sara M. Liegey Christal J. Medel Sefat Musleh Courtney M. Newby Asiah A. Obad Thomas J. O Donohue Riley B. Pigott Julia L. Potas, A.B. Fatimah M. Ridha Dana S. Sandakli Lana S. Sandakli Natalie P. Schaefer Anna E. Simpson, A.B. Natelege M. Sims Kara D. Snyder Damien E. Strohschein Megan L. Swick Paige I. Tapp Francis M. Teevin Amanda A. Tokko Kaitlin E. Tracy Sharon Y. Williamson, A.B. Robin M. Wilson Ciara R. Zuke 90

93 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE Mustafa Abdulkareem Hashim A. Abdulla, B.S.E.E.E. Maher N. Aboudaye Heba E. Abu-Kwaik Mohammed A. Abusabha Eahab H. Abu-Shtayyah Mustafa A. Adil Matthew J. Agius Erik D. Aittama Said S. Al Bahri, B.S. Abdulmalik F. Al Hinai Yahya H. Al Hinai, B.S.E.MF.E Husam S. Al Mamari Sara M. Al Mandhari, B.S.E.B.E. Owace A. Aldais Yousuf A. Algaradi Mohammed Aljadiri Ali A. Aljebury, B.S.E.E.E. Ismail A. Alkahali Qais A. Alkirsh, B.S.E.E.E. Mohamed S. Almaweri Seba A. Alnajjar Falah O. Alsakkaf Noor Alsamarai Thergam M. Alshara Thomas J. Anderson Farah Bakri Christopher M. Bargman Mitchell E. Bartoszyk Mohamed Y. Baydoun Elias A. Bazzi Kenny S. Bean Daniel C. Becht Ryan J. Beesley David J. Bennett Kylee L. Bezeau Michael J. Bowyer, B.S.E.E.E. Earle J. Braley Nicholas D. Bratto Bryan J. Brauchler Patrick Bremer, B.S. Alexander C. Burchart Zachary D. Bustamante Breana R. Cappuccilli Ayah H. Chebli Stephanie Chung, B.S.E.M.E. Nicholas R. Ciszewski Damian M. Cox Chase D. Croletto Sean M. Croskey Anthony F. Debacker, B.S.E.M.E. Cecilia M. DeBoever, B.S.E.I.E. Jordan M. Delaney Andi Diko Nazariy Y. Dumanskyy, B.S. Joshua D. Dunn Leonard Dziubinschi Mohamad W. El Yassine Lina Elder, B.S.E.M.E. Brendan G. Enszer Ameen H. Fahs Abdelkader M. Fares, B.S.E.M.E. Firas A. Farran Noah Fenton Brendan J. Ferracciolo Brandon T. Foster Rommel B. Gabrito Peter J. Garmo Matthew J. Geisinger Julianne P. Gerring Mohammad K. Ghali Scott A. Grishaber Lance A. Gurka Samer Habeel Mohamad H. Hachem Mowaffak A. Hajhassan Ayah Hamad Ricardo D. Hansknecht Chad B. Hanson, B.S.E.M.E. Scott Hartzel Muhammad A. Hassan Riham A. Hazime, B.S.E.M.E. Bryan S. Henley, B.S.E.M.E. Morgan A. Henson Dwight A. Herman Wisam Hillawi, B.S.E.E.E. Nicholas K. Hitchcock Justin L. Hoyt, B.S. Asseel M. Hubaishi Shelbi L. Ibach, B.S.E.B.E. Nicholas N. Ibrahim, B.S. Kayleigh M. James Issam K. Jassim Georgette Javarinis Zain N. Jawad Yasser B. Jeafar Kumar G. Johnson Ayman Joudi Kyle S. Kantebet, B.S.E.M.E. Colette R. Keyser, B.S. Diaa Khalil Dima Khanafer Joshua C. Kiefer, B.S.E.B.E. Timothy Kleinow Mohamad A. Kobeissi Matthew S. Konishi Adam W. Konja Matthew R. Kosmalski Jacob T. Kremm Jonathan J. Krug Zakary A. LaButte Maryam I. Lakhani John W. Lauch Aaron M. Lebovic Brandon M. Lee, B.S.E.M.E. Griffin J. Leisenring Rodney L. Lewis, B.S. Christine F. Li Maoxu Liu, B.S.E.E.E. Rodolfo Lozano Joshua M. Lupo David W. Lytle Jason M. Magyari Mohamad A. Makki Mark A. Malkowski, B.S. Fatima A. Mallad Stephen W. Mara Mizuki Matsui Hussam Y. Mawari, B.S.E.B.E. Lutulu T. Mbiye Benjamin J. McAllister Carrie L. McClanahan Kody R. McCollum Paul J. Mckeighan Marcus P. McSweeney Hussein Mdaihli Hidekazu D. Miura Jonathan D. Mohn Evan J. Mosley Mehde J. Moubarak Mustapha M. Moussilimani, B.S.E.B.E. Alexander R. Nash Rami M. Nazarko Caroline D. Neighbors David R. Orzel Jennifer E. Orzel Lauren E. Osmialowski Sarah I. Overbeck Nathan A. Ozog Nicholas A. Ozog, B.S.E.M.E. Michael V. Pappas Jay N. Patel, B.S. Meet V. Patel Rishi Patel Ryan J. Perkins Kyle M. Pham Benjamin J. Phillips Geno A. Phillips, B.S.E.M.E. Robert R. Piepsney Matthew A. Pownall Nadine Reda Valeria Reyna-Altamirano Hunter G. Rimatzki, B.S.E.M.E. Nicholas J. Rize Maya S. Rogowski, B.S.E.M.E. Kathleen L. Rubenson Justin D. Rujan Robert D. Ruta Elham H. Sader Casey J. Saenz Wajieh A. Salman Hussein M. Sayed Michael F. Schigelone Aaron M. Schmid Garrett W. Sculthorpe Megan L. Sellars Carl L. Shearer Ryan J. Sheen Shihab M. Shihab Kyle R. Shinaberry Priya N. Shinde Ibrahim N. Shohatee Tamara H. Siblini, B.S.E.B.E. Ian E. Simon Jasnoor Singh Joshua J. Smallish, B.S.E.M.E. David C. Sohn Austin C. St. Peter Matthew T. Stachowiak Amy N. Stefanovski Steven N. Stefanovski Lamyra A. Stevenson, B.S.E.M.E. Keith R. Stokely Stephanie M. Suter 91

94 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE Osama Tariq, B.S.E.M.E. Jakob L. Taylor Max J. Theisen Joshua A. Tirla Kenneth Topolovec James M. Trent, B.S.E.M.E. Bailey R. Tuffs Mark Ufimzeff, B.S.E.E.E. Michael Ustes Mitchell W. Valla Max S. Vancil, B.S.E.E.E. Daniel J. Vanden Berg Alex M. Vann Daniel J. Vera-Burgos Gaspare A. Vitale Kelsey L. Vukas Omar A. Wahab Alexander J. Wahl Yanzhen Wang Anitra M. Wells Ryan Wilk Meredith A. Williams Connor J. Winton Thomas J. Wolsek Jingxuan Yu Jared J. Zella UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - FLINT COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 92 Noor R. Abdalla Yahya S. Abdelhay Obada Abdulrazzak Radhika Agarwal Leena Ahsan Sofia Ahsan Alaa A. Al Rashid Ahmed H. Alaiwat Alexander R. Alarie Noor D. Alawwa Masa Al-Harastani Andrea Aliatim Nabeal M. Aljabban, B.S. Candice Allen Deema Almansour Abdul M. Almounajed Lamis A. Alqafshat Mohammed K. Alsarraj Hailey N. Andres Jessica D. Argue, B.A. Kyle P. Arthur Salvatore D. Ausiello Jacob Z. Babb Jenilee L. Bailey Deema Bakleh Kristin A. Ball Meghan L. Barriger, B.F.A. Justin H. Beatley Curr esha M. Beatty Audrey E. Beauchesne Joshua L. Beebe, B.S. Jeffrey T. Bellinger, B.S. Tawney A. Bergeron Kathleen E. Berta Adam J. Bishop, B.S. Charis R. Blatt Erin N. Boensch Taylor J. Boes Alexander B. Bowden, B.S. Elizabeth C. Bowen Timothy F. Brandt Sarah M. Bratton Jared T. Braun Sarah M. Briggs Clinton L. Brinker Brooke M. Briones, B.A. Connor M. Brooks Ryan M. Brown Danielle R. Brownell Ashton M. Burke Renee L. Burson, B.A. Kaitlyn N. Campbell Brittnie K. Cannon Megan N. Cate Jason P. Clark Kyle R. Clark, B.A. Nicholas D. Clark Christian X. Cleis Zackary J. Clor Shelby L. Coates Matthew J. Cocagne Kaitlyn R. Cook Savannah R. Coomer Thomas K. Cooper Daniel T. Corder, B.A. Stephany M. Corneillie, B.A. Kaitlyn D. Coughlin, B.A. Isabella M. Cronley Gerald A. Crowe Kayla Y. Csapo Anne L. Curle, B.F.A. Rand Daboul, B.S. Thomas M. Daffern, B.A. Maranda M. Dahl Abigail P. Darnall Amanda A. Darzi, B.S. Gabrielle David Shannon R. de Ruiter Bryley M. DeFriez Danielle N. DeJonge Daniel C. DeLong Sierra Q. Dennis Marissa C. Dent, B.A. Randeigh J. Dickinson, B.A. Nicholas L. Doyon Kelle E. Dyke, B.A. Andrew J. Eisengruber, B.F.A. Mohamed T. Elaswad Ryan A. Ellison Moussa I. Elston Lina A. Eltahir Tyler W. Elton Nicolas M. Emerson Courtney E. Eudy Kristen N. Eynon Bassem R. Farah, B.S. Bridget S. Farmer Ashlynn S. Feige, B.A. Haleigh E. Fischer, B.A. Kathryn A. Fishwick Jack D. Foelker Joshua J. Forte Cody T. Fowler, B.A. Haoran Fu Gina R. Garavaglia Morgan A. Gasso Michael D. Gearhart Carolina Goncalves Fernandes Jared R. Graves Ashleigh N. Gray Skylar M. Gray Rachel A. Grech, B.A. Hannah J. Griffin Felicia L. Hall, B.M.E. Anthony M. Hansen Michael G. Hansen Nicole R. Hart Rebecca R. Hatfield, B.A.S. Cody K. Hatfield-Myers Abigail C. Hauch Rachael K. Havens Casandra W. Hayek Zachary M. Hayes

95 Jade Henckel David B. Henderson, Jr. Melissa Hertlein, B.S. Alexander L. Holbrook Samantha D. Hortop Patricia T. Houbeck, B.A. Lauren E. Houston, B.S. Kaitlyn P. Howarth, B.A. Megan P. Hubarth Nathaniel L. Hudson Madeline M. Hundley Matthew J. Hyatt, B.A. Samantha N. Ingerson, B.A. Jordan T. Inman, B.S. Emyin A. Isa Hyunjin Jae Zachary A. Janson Samantha A. Jeffrey Luke P. Jeries, B.S. Claire B. Jess Abdelmajid M. Jondy, B.S. Jeffrey S. Kabel Joseph M. Kako Megan M. Kalandyk Beckett J. Kartsounes Dahlia A. Kassel Brianne L. Kaufherr Sarpreet Kaur Dennis R. Kellogg Corey A. Kennelly, B.S. Alhana H. Khobeir Noah T. Knutson Brett T. Kovel Karleigh A. Krist Terra M. Kruse Richelle M. LaBarge Austin A. LaFave Connor R. Lafferre Joslyn V. Lambaria, B.A. Eion L. Lange Joseph D. Lange Maxamilliano L. Lange Nancy M. Lareau Nicholas A. LaRosa Kaitlyn R. Leach Daniel J. LeBlanc, B.S. Margaux V. Linden, B.A. Warren A. Lissner Azaria R. Lively-Doll Felicity C. Long Miss Marcie K. Lueck Daniel R. Lunsford Kaitlyn B. Maitland Caitlyn G. Mansour Alyssa N. Margetson Sydney N. Markel Steven Martin Adrienna S. Martinez Kayla M. Massaro Anthony J. Maxwell, B.S. Jillian E. May, B.A.S. Kyle N. Mayer Taylor C. McClain Jason M. McCormick Janice E. McCoy BreyAn A. McEachin, B.S. Kyle T. McElhiney Morgan A. McFarlin Nicholas G. McIntyre Corbin R. McKay Michael T. Mead, Jr., B.S. Emily L. Meixsell Sergio A. Mendoza Rebecca M. Miller Shae liha N. Miller, B.A. Avery Q. Mitevski, B.S. Lauren D. Mixon Rachel A. Modafferi Yousra A. Mohamed Madalyn K. Moon Jaslyn L. Morris, B.S. Ali O. Mukhtar Tiffany E. Muma Robert D. Muter, Jr., B.S. Jordan B. Nash Michael J. Nazarian, B.S. Jacob J. Neighbors, B.S. Kristina M. Neuville Kate L. Nitowski Christopher R. Noelle, B.S. Christine M. Nogaj, B.F.A. Miah J. Norris Devon C. O Brien Rachel L. Ockerman Molly I. Ockert, B.A. Austin D. Ogle Emily A. Olmstead, B.A. Michael J. Pajtas Lauren V. Pallas, B.A. Jordan P. Pavlica Ashley M. Payne Connor R. Peake Krysten R. Perkins, B.S. Kaitlyn L. Petrone Korren A. Phillips, B.A. Leslie A. Phillips Theresa M. Pickell, B.S. Hannah N. Pifher, B.S. Zachary J. Pinder Lauryn A. Poupore, B.A. Alexandra M. Powers Rachel A. Powers Jacob T. Prim Alexis D. Putney, B.A. Daniel M. Ragan, B.S. Andrew N. Ravi Kamalraj Katye P. Reed, B.A. Rebecca L. Revesz Timothy K. Richards Chelsea L. Richardson, B.A. Emily J. Robinson Jessica C. Robinson Karlie S. Robinson, B.A. Rebecca J. Robinson, B.S. Miles M. Roblyer Amanda L. Rocheleau Mollie V. Rouse, B.F.A. Robert J. Ruddy James R. Ruff Courtney N. Ruggles Megan J. Rye Seema Sabbagh Sania Sajid Dane A. Salisbury Mustafa R. Saoyleh, B.S. Russell D. Sauter Evan C. Schlaud Dennis A. Schluckbier Joseph I. Schmidt Makenzie S. Schroeder Jason M. Scimemi, B.S. Brianne L. Senter, B.A. Trevor R. Sexton, B.S. Lamees I. Shamieh, B.S. Yazeed I. Shamieh Zachary J. Sharpe Amneh Sheikh-Khalil, B.A. Raneem Shukairy Safa Shukairy Nicayla L. Shumaker Abdur-Rahman Siddiqui Ella K. Sinclair Shannon H. Skalecki Katelynn R. Slater Brent A. Smiles Heather E. Smith Samantha L. Smith Timothy L. Somers Brandon G. Sproule Amber L. Stabenau Madilynn S. Stapleton Lea M. Stites, B.S. Daniel J. Stohlin Olivia E. Storch, B.S. Stephanie Sustaita Ashley J. Symons Michael A. Szczepanski Mohammad A. Tahboub, B.S. Anna O. Taylor Torey T. Thurlow, B.S. Jared J. Tippett, B.S. Ashley N. Toton-Trombley Jennifer R. Tourgee Huyen N. Tran Breanna M. Tribelhorn Austin C. Tripp Vy H. Truong Mohammad A. Tuleimat Tylyr N. Turkovics Madelyn A. Vamossy Chloe A. VanTol Sydney R. VanWormer Henry J. Vargo Taylor A. Vensko Daniel P. Victor Matthew J. Wagner, B.S.E.G. Melissa K. Walker, B.A. Christopher D. Wandor, B.S. Yifan Wang Taylor M. Washe, M.S., B.A. Mikayla N. Waters Alexandra J. Welty Jamie J. Westrick Jordan M. Wetherell, B.S. Kristal M. Whitehead Davidson E. Williams Jacob V. Willoughby Kyle J. Willoughby Nicholas R. Wills Paul A. Wixson Samantha J. Wolf, B.S. Wayne R. Wood II Mary E. Wooley Tonya M. Wright, B.A.S. Justin A. Wrubel Carly A. Wykes Wendy A. Yahr, B.S. Isaac A. Young Kristin R. Zajko Chelsey B. Zappella Konstantinos N. Zaravelis Alexander J. Zilinski 93

96 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN SERVICES Emilee P. Anderson Alandra A. Bell, B.S.W. Kayla S. Bender Jessica D. Bonardelli Angela B. Bonham Emily M. Bubnar Joshua P. Cambri Willie E. Cannon, Jr. Andrew J. Chambers Courtney A. Clymer Toni A. Cobbin Sarah I. Couturier, B.S.W. Destiny C. Crawford, B.S.W. Tracy M. Davis Quinn J. Deisler Jacquelynn A. Deneau Fanta Doumbia, B.S.W. Christopher J. Dunning Carietta K. Durham Erica A. Everett Jessica A. Finch Marrissa L. Flanagin Elizabeth M. Fleming Rachel M. Fleming Fallyn M. Foster Hannah N. Freeman Nina M. Galilei Lynsey N. Gennaro, B.S. Samantha Gorman Kristine R. Goschka Mezon Green Makinzie R. Grimmer Hannah R. Hamblin Shacoya D. Harrison, B.S.W. Janis M. Herberger, B.S.W. Kirsten A. Hetzer Melissa G. Howe Katherine D. Jones Nicole K. Kalowick, B.S.W. Amanda L. Kirkwood Paige M. Kreiner Melissa K. Kubes Stephanie L. Ladd Amanda L. Lucas Sarah C. Markee Andrea M. Markell, B.S.W. Karli M. Maurer Kelvin J. McDonald Diane C. McKenzie Rebecca L. McNeill Danielle L. Mickus Wendy C. Mikat Mariah M. Minzey Chad W. Montague Brittany A. Naumiec Harleigh O. Owens Sydney M. Perrin Kayla R. Pidd Mariam M. Rabah Morgan E. Reed Amanda L. Richard Gina D. Richards Samantha Richter Rahma M. Rizk David E. Sanchez-Courter, B.S.W. Kathrin A. Schuster Dayonna A. Scott, B.S.W. Samantha M. Segnitz, B.S.W. Victoria S. Seitz Briana M. Shanafelt Allison R. Shaw Stephanie N. Shaw Angelia F. Smith Chelsea A. Smith Shelby J. Smith Gabrielle R. Staudacher Holly E. Stemm Taylor E. Steward Betty J. Still Tara M. Stimson Brya D. Stinson Tori K. Stokes Leah J. Stoner Sarah M. Sydor, B.S.W. Sarah D. Taipalus Shannon M. Tedhams Christen L. Thomas Tyslee T. Thomas Breeyn A. Tinkle, B.S.W. Alexandria J. Ulmo, B.S.W. Tina Vang Alexandria E. Wade Caitlynn H. Wagner, B.S. Stacey L. Weidner Hope M. Wells Deborah D. Williams Olivia M. Williams Michaela A. Wilson Allyson M. Young SCHOOL OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS AND STUDIES 94 Bennete Z. Abrahim, B.S. Lina A. Abutalib Haleemah A. Albashrawi Hamad M. Alenezi, B.S. Anas A. Alghamdi, B.S. Yazeed M. Alharbi, B.S. Hussain M. AlHussain Mohammed A. Aljafary, B.S. Zainab S. Alkhadrawi, B.S. Osama M. Alkhudhayr, B.S. Sierra A. Allport Saleh A. Alomari, B.S. Zainab H. Alradhi Reem A. Alshebib Hamad S. Altaysan, B.S. Lyith F. Bamollem, B.S. Sosha B. Barnett, B.S. Hannah M. Bawardi Winona L. Briggs, B.S. Lisa B. Caras, B.S. Deidra Carter Malaka U. Cegers Amber E. Champagne, B.S. Madisen K. Cousins Lindsay T. Covert, B.S. Cayla E. Cucci Kaitlyn M. Davidson Dillon B. DeLoye, B.S. Tabitha S. Dluge James G. Dunavant, B.S. Mary E. Everett Calla L. Fantin John Michael P. French, B.S. Evelyn A. Gagnon Taylor R. Gilbert Paulina O. Gjurashaj, B.S. Natalie M. Golden Stacey M. Gubert, B.S. Louis G. Haase Carlie Harms, B.S.N. Brittany D. Harvey, B.S. Jillian C. Heidenreich Brian J. Higham Montgomery L. Hinson, B.S. Katelyn N. Hintz, B.S. Kareen R. Houghtaling, B.S. Rana A. Irsheid Nicoletta M. Jones, B.S. Hannah A. Karczewski Morgan A. Kelly Patricia A. Kennedy Garrett M. Knickerbocker Hannah R. Lee, B.S. Niyah Lewis Madison D. Liley Alyssa N. Logie Paige P. Macay, B.S.N. Alissia D. Martinez Katharine L. Matus Kristin R. Mazzola Jobi N. McCarthy Emily D. McKanna, B.S. Anthony T. McRoberts Amber N. Miller, B.S. Samantha L. Nemer Hannah Newman Matthew J. Okenka Deanna M. Patrosso, B.S. Evan S. Philburn, B.S.

97 Christian T. Pumphrey, B.S. Samantha L. Quinlan Nicholas P. Ranville Julie C. Reed, B.S. Paul M. Reyes Chelsea D. Roberson, B.S. Sarah A. Roberts, B.S.N. Evan J. Satterlee Hannah M. Schubring Melisa A. Shafer Christopher M. Shea Olivia K. Smith Dakota M. Sturgess, B.S. Madison L. Sutherland, B.S. Sarah D. Thurston Mahgan E. Tomalia, B.S. Stephanie L. Tucker, B.S. Ali F. Tunker April E. Van Ochten Megan M. VanSickle Eljesa Vitija Jordan D. Weld Macy R. Wieber Bianca N. Young, B.S. SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Andrea R. Ailing, B.B.A. Yousef K. Alamiri, B.B.A. Saud G. Alanazi, B.B.A. Abdullah S. Albayk George W. Allen, B.B.A. Hassan A. Almuhanna, B.B.A. Hawra A. Almukhreq Mortda A. Alubidan Kyle M. Arrowood Rebecca L. Bade Brett R. Bandyk, B.B.A. Nicholas D. Beaune Tyler Borkowski Ashley R. Born Madison E. Brown Adam M. Burkitt, B.B.A. Anna L. Campanella Ashley M. Chapman, B.B.A. Hane Cho Joylynn Clement Shannon M. Cody Kendra N. Dean, B.B.A. Nicole R. Dehar, B.B.A. Mariah L. Dominguez Ryan J. DuCharme Zena A. Elkady, B.B.A. Michael A. Engle Joseph E. Foguth, B.B.A. Joseph R. Gardner Garrett L. Gauthier, B.B.A. Kylie M. Gilkes Heidi H. Gulla Holly H. Gulla, B.B.A. Adham V. Habbas Bryan M. Halpin, B.B.A. Deema K. Hasan Hunter J. Hewitt Chun Hin Hui, B.B.A. Alvin M. Jabero, B.B.A. Jodi L. Jaruzel, B.B.A. Lawrence D. Jasinski, B.B.A. Jeffrey T. Karaba Travis Kerton Clarian M. Kmetz Urundi A. Knox Connor S. Krish Xin Lin Matthew E. Lindhurst, B.B.A. Nicholas T. Long, B.B.A. Brandon R. Love Jerald M. Mathis, B.B.A. Nicholas J. Matthies Alexander H. McCliment Madison E. McCrum Alex J. McDougall Cameron A. McIntosh Austin J. McKenzie Benjamin A. Molter Raghad A. Muhiyaddin Dillon J. Murray Olivia Norfolk Yuchen Ouyang Jody L. Palmer, B.B.A. Sydney L. Parvin Elijah J. Pettus Derek J. Piotrowski, B.B.A. Caroline F. Rishmawi Courtney E. Rogers, B.B.A. Natalie A. Roland Weston Schwab Alexandria E. Scipione Craig A. Sensabaugh Garrett S. Smith Jacob A. Soto Benjamin L. Soukamneuth Douglas A. Swift, B.B.A. Hutheyfa M. Tabbah Drey K. Taylor, B.B.A. Michael T. Themm Stephen A. Thibeault, B.B.A. Jeffery P. Tipton, B.B.A. Bethany R. Trites Moira L. Tuttle Edward L. Upchurch Jevon D. VanWagoner Edward F. Walterhouse II Bryce A. Watts Chelsie A. Welch, B.B.A. Emily L. Williams, B.B.A. Melissa A. Williams Precious A. Williamson-Murray Devyn K. Wylam Luobin Xi, B.B.A. Sixiong Xiao, B.B.A. John R. Yeglinski, B.B.A. Nanxi Zhang, B.B.A. SCHOOL OF NURSING Andrea L. Ackerman Heather M. Andrews, B.S.N. Kayla N. Bailey Bradley S. Bessette Dallas M. Blank, B.S.N. Ginette V. Brambilla, B.S.N. Stephanie Bruma, B.A. Stephanie C. Bruscha, B.S.N. Elizabeth S. Bundy Michael A. Burton, B.S.N. Rachel M. Chacko Devon M. Chalut Tyler J. Clack, B.S.N. Lauren M. Climie Brandon N. Clingan, B.S.N. Jessica L. Creason Matalyn M. Crosby Alisha M. Demo Anna V. Dettman Gabriel Z. Dicks Jessica C. Duggan Caitlyn Duhonich Stephanie L. Dunlap Katie A. Edwards Sara B. Elmore, B.A. Elizabeth M. Elston, B.S.N. Danielle B. Emerson Shanel J. Famularo Kathryn H. Flaherty, B.S.N. Michael R. Foster, B.S.N. Lauren T. Fox Diamond D. Gill, B.S.N. Lauren E. Glanz, B.S.N. 95

98 SCHOOL OF NURSING Melanie A. Glenn Taylor N. Grabow Samantha E. Haas, B.S.N. Joshua T. Haines Adam R. Halls, B.S.N. Richard A. Hammill Camille E. Harris, B.S.N. Aaron N. Harvey Laura G. Hernandez Jena L. Howe Chelsea M. Hudson Meghan E. Huebbers, B.S.N. Hannah J. Jacobsen, B.S.N. Haley M. Kantola Kaitlyn E. Kenyon, B.S.N. Holly N. Kopaniasz, B.A. Alysia K. Kowalczyk, B.S.N. Christopher M. Kuchta, B.S.N. Chelsea K. Layman Lauren R. Longbucco Jessika Maatta, B.S.N. Megan E. Martinbianco, B.S.N. Danielle L. Masters, B.S.N. Sarah J. McCarter Alexandra K. Miller Kellie L. Murdock, B.S.N. Vanessa R. Nelson, B.S.N. Chelsea E. OConnell Maxine E. Paraventi, B.S.N. Madison K. Parnell Aakash Patel Jenna S. Paul, B.S.N. Matthew W. Place II Tyler J. Price-Bell Michelle A. Randazzo, B.S.N. Amber N. Rochefort Lauren C. Rogers Anna M. Rosario Stephanie C. Ross Rylee A. Rubio Andrew D. Sanborn Joan R. Santellan Sarah E. Satkowiak, B.S.N. Amy R. Schroeder Faith K. Shelton Cassandra A. Slackta Chelsea M. Smith Sydney M. Spielmaker Haley C. Stowe Catherine Sutcliffe, B.S.N. Travis J. Vowell, B.S.N. Jason J. Warczinsky Amanda J. Wilbur, B.S.N. Maureen R. Wilkie, B.S.N. 96

99 WILLIAM J. BRANSTROM FRESHMAN PRIZES First-term freshmen who rank in the upper five percent of their class within their school or college are awarded the William J. Branstrom Freshman Prize. The student must have taken at least 14 graded credits during the fall 2017 term to be eligible for this award. Please remember to pick up your personalized book prize. Check for book prize locations. UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - ANN ARBOR A. ALFRED TAUBMAN COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE AND URBAN PLANNING Haley Marie Mayes PENNY W. STAMPS SCHOOL OF ART & DESIGN Breanna Lynn Boersma Emily Elizabeth Considine Kate Grabowsky Dani Grafton Ansleigh Joyce Hamilton Eliana Faith Harrison Claire Allison Smith Marin Tarnowski STEPHEN M. ROSS SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Sabina Anand Zeinab Ayoub Ayoub Samuel Alec Bennett Matthew Cleeman Kendall Lindsey Cohen Anita L. Datta Thomas Edward Dye Grant David Ebner Ryan Gregory Fiedler Justin Scott Fineberg John Michael Gadbois Jake Michael Gandolfo Meghan Ariana Ghosh Joshua Matthew Green Riya Gupta Maxwell Heller Halaina Jimenez Justin Keller Nilay Rajendra Kulkarni Varun Madan Joseph George Makkar Matthew Manzo Yue Meng John Anthony Molino Jack Andrew Mollin Muhammad Jonah Nawabi Desiree Franchesca Neveau Yehee Oh Shannon Victoria Ors Emily Ann Otto Alana Papa Conrad Pentaleri Katherine Elizabeth Plassman Matthew Robinson Emily Lauren Rosenfeld Jonathan Lee Rotbard Jeongwon Ryu Jonathan Salkeld Bryan Flynn Sauer Meryl Schaffer Annika Renee Severson Varis Shnatepaporn Brooke Isabelle Sidon Alex Prem Sooch Daniel Nathan Stein Michael Dylan Sternbach Garrett Stoler Christopher Michael Streng Jacqueline Wei Sun Alexa Tran Jordan Tran Timothy Trudeau Jung Tuan Katie Y. Xu David Zhang 97

100 COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING George William Adamson Adolfo Philip Apolloni Eyad Adel A Babtain Joseph Thomas Berman Ankit Bhargava Matthew T. Blischke Alexander Kachun Henri Bosch William J. Bostick Zachary Christopher Carey Bryan Chehanske Chiu Yau Cheung Jacqueline Renee Clemons Andrej Coleski Trena Datta Jonathan Cole Demeter Christopher Dong Matteo Thomas Dristas Samuel Ori Ephraim Alexander Knapp Erf Allison Feng Jared Matthew Fishman Michael Daniel Flanagan Jacob Charles Florian Lindsey Furness Justin Lee Gifford Dean Aviv Golan Matan Gabriel Gottesman Louis Flavio Cesar Gouirand Colton Ward Graham Trevor Ray Gravely Alexander Matthew Greer Helena Gregg Roy Hagglund Victor Jay Hao Hunter Jay Harloff Ryan Michael Heaney Megan Ann Heydrick Sean H. Higgins Jacob Yale Hoffman Huai-Che Hsiao Mitchel Mittraang Huang Frank Yuande Jiang Halla Chung Kabat Adam Kim Jason Kim Junhwan Kim Karl Matthew Koenig Daniel Kortemeyer Jacob Richard Krach Nicholas Kroetsch Mikayla Taline Kurkjian Matthew Christopher Kvasnica Aric Martabano Landy John Martabano Landy Utsav Amit Lathia Eileen Li Brian Lin Ken Hao Lu Ho Him Felix Lui Dan Maguire Geoffrey Robert McVey Ethan Stewart Mook Alexander Napolov Rupal Nigam Alexey Nigin James Menno Nykamp Makarand Parigi Nishant Mukesh Patel Eric John Pearson Lydia Fern Peters Shaunak M. Puri Sarah Caroline Puzycki Philip A. Rabideau Jack Clayton Rademacher Dominic Anthony Ramire Matt Ratanapanichkich David Christopher Ratze Marshall Montgomery Rhea Abigail Maria Riesmeyer Ian Hunter Robinson Matthew Austin Rodeman Drimik Roy Chowdhury Liam Russell Ishaan Rajendra Sabnis Mateo Daniel Sanchez Riley June-Marie Schnee Erich Shan Omer Vaqar Siddiqui Angad Singh Ike Smith Alex Y. Song Gregory Theodore Su Akshay Subramaniam Kevin Tang Kasidit Thammajinda Radu Tolontan Yu-Chian Tsai Leo Tunkle Noah Matthew Tutt Rahul Vohra Alexander John Waye Adeline Emily Wihardja Allison M. Wilcox Michael Jeffrey Wolf Jeanie Yesi Yao Mackenzie K. Young Jianbin Zhang SCHOOL OF KINESIOLOGY Molly Susan Baechler John Karm Banna Jack Farrell Juliana Claire Kugelmas Brandon Chang Lee Alexander Sawyer Phillips Lindsey Jane Reich Madeleine A. Ross Connor Patrick Towne COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS 98 William Russell Abel Carly Rose Abrahams Rana-Azhan Khurshid Ahmad Sandra Dunia Alaziz Rachel Nicole Alessio Amir Ali Hannah Jo Anne Allbery Yasser Almansour Basil Alsubee Natalie Marie Antenucci Natalie Diane Austin Amber Aylsworth Mollie Frances Bakal Lia Barbara Baldori Nicholas Michael Baumel Leah Annabel Berns Duoming Bian Mikayla O Connell Bird Carson James Blodgett Sydnie Pearl Boule Paul Brandfonbrener

101 Jacob Alexander Brenner Molly Anne Breslow Hailey Shea Brew Taema Brinjikji Kirsten A. Brinkmeier Megan Elizabeth Busch Sebastien Butler Isabella Magdalena Hughey Buzynski Kellee Stevens Byard Gavin Teahen Carpenter Nicole Carrieri I Hun Chan Allina Rosy Chang Alyson B. Chatterjee Austin Hyunglock Choi Yeonjeong Chu Dylan Youngho Chung Carly J. Cooper Emily Rose Crabtree Catherine Joanne Crosby Lauren Chiara Croxton Colin Michael Cusimano Ella A. Daniels Dibyadarshi Dash Joshua Emmanuel Degraff Andrew Joseph Delave Grace Nicole Dellorto Emmaline Camille DeMartini Alyssa Dern Tanvi Dhananjay Deshmukh Isabella May Diblassio Margo Ilyse Dickstein Owen James Doane Olivia Clair Drlik Carly Elizabeth Duris Julia Marie Ebben Summer Jewell Edwards Hannah Elizabeth Engelman Noelle Celeste Enkema Ethan Douglas Ervin Alexandra Lina Falkenberg Yang Fan Remy Sophie Farkas William Lee Fealko IV Catharine Elizabeth Fennessey Kyra N. Fichman Natalie Marie Fill Brigid Fitzpatrick Lucy Freeman Tyler Patrick Fuelling Fareah F. Fysudeen Andrew Zane Gardner Catherine Garton Bellina Juniper Gaskey Abigail Elizabeth Gawthrop Benjamin William Gerstein David Kumar Ghosh Amytess Fatema-Marguerite Girgis Dustin Gladstone Carly Layne Gordon Reid William Gordon Dilyn Reese Grabell Gillian Morais Graham Maximillian Joseph Grahl Joshua Harry Green Solomon Aaron Gruse Camryn Jean Grussmark Lauren Marie Guido Marit Anne Gulbrandson Bavish Gummadi Milan Sunil Gupta Drisha K. Gwalani Christopher C. Hafke Brianna Paige Hall Max Hammer Spencer Hanson Nicholas Hariskos Charissa Marie Hasper Lindsay Scott Hasson Alice Rose Hill Nicole Hallie Hirsh Timothy Van Hoang Nicholas Hoffman Annika Christiane Hoffmann Hannah Jayne Hubert Krystal Seungwon Hur Jack Thomas Imesch Simone A. Jaroslaw Alexa Elise Jelley Connor Timothy Jenkins Larkin Amelia Johnson Rahul Kak Amanda Rose Kaplan William Christopher Kardasis Kasey Karol Ranganath Gururaj Kathawate Ellie N. Katz Jacob Albert Katzman Dalia Sarah Kaufman Olivia Geiger Keden Ross Preskin Kempner Nikhita Khosa Elias Ramzi Khoury II Ju Young Kim Ishpreet Singh Kohli Joseph M. Kuczmanski Katherine Kuhlman Rachel Amanda Lawlor Sophia A. Leitner Grace Li Shuangzhe Lin Faraz N. Longi Noah Luntzlara Tess Eve Lusson Michael Adam Lyons Allison M. Malkowski Noah Roy Marcotte Olivia Grace Mathiesen Marya Rose Matlin-Wainer Samuel Roland Paul Maves John Robert McCartney Luke Joseph McGill Caroline Alice McInerney Madeline Theresa McLaughlin Kaitlin Rose McWilliams Daniela Erin Levenson Mirell Hannah Heesoo Moon Clare Elizabeth Morrissey Chloe Nicole Morse Isabel Ruth Murray Karuna Chambless Nandkumar Olivia Ellison Nickel Elizabeth S. Nicolin Hannah Nicole Niemi Rebecca Nitschelm Marisa O Gara Mariam Oluwafunmilayo Oloko Alexandra Whitley Owens Abha Panda Jin Hyun Park Jinhyung Park Krishna Jitendrakumar Patel Ankeeta Patil Karina Rebecca Peters Raymond Joseph Pistonetti Micah Chaim Pollens-Dempsey Angel Mae Polzin Joseph R. Pongrac Nicholas Dietrich Preuth Jiankai Pu Claire Sofia Purdy Frosilda Pushani Niki N. Qureshi Haadiyah Rabbani Katherine Alfonsa Raguckas Kavon Mehdi Rahmani Julliana Ramirez-Matias Meghana Reddy Ranabothu Amy Clara Ransom Philip Noah Rapoport Sebastien Alistair Rivest Shayna Mae Roble Leor Z. Rosen Jonah E. Rosenblum Christine Roskowski Angela M. Salacata Estrella Raquel Salgado Shachi Urmil Salvi Laura Elizabeth Sanderson Sanjana Keerthi Sathrasala Kyle Jay Schaubroeck Jordan Ari Schuler Jordan Kendall Silar Emily Simroth Garrett Cole Smith Kayla Rose Smith Sydney Leigh Smith Olivia Lorraine Smyth Julia Emileva Stavreva Bailee Rose Stirn Joshua Samuel Stotzky Roksolana Sudyk Yuyi Tang Thomas Tay Katherine G. Taylor Olivia Nicole Thomas Grace Elizabeth Tremonti Sophie Erika Underwood Brianne Jill Vandyke Emily Cecilia Vanhaitsma Neha Vazzalwar Claire Elizabeth Volkert Nathan Douglas Wagner Emily Marie Wall Dawson Wang Kenneth Zhiyi Wang Wendy Wang Shawn Michael Waynick Emily Ann Webber Rebekah Rose Cleo Weeks Arynne Wegryn-Jones Andrew Chao Yang Wei Claire Elizabeth Weil Grant Carlton Weldon Mark James Whitton Brett Raymond Wirta Sarah Wish Julia Gaynier Wolf Emily Kathleen Wolhart Emily Agnes Wrobel 99

102 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS Jessica Li Wu Xige Wu Lillian Jiaying Yang Olivia Yie Michael Yu Young Amanda Shian Zhang Eric Zhang Shuyang Zhang Lawrence Zhao SCHOOL OF MUSIC, THEATRE & DANCE Michael Andrew Berg Kelli Daugherty Grant Flick Logan Anthony Frewen Stephanie Ariel Guralnick Evan Stone Harper Connor James Higley Samuel Garrett Himes Michelle Yi-Yun Ho Gene Hotta Hee Yun Jeon Anastasia Koorn Alexandra Elizabeth Kzeski Neil McCaffrey Ian Roy Nataro Hannah O Brien Conrad David Sager Samuel Benor Sussman Saawan Pandey Tiwari Adrian Wong SCHOOL OF NURSING Rebecca Lindsey Barrie Rebekah Elizabeth Busscher Reagan Cloutier Sarah Elizabeth Dickey Hadley Ann Hermon Hyunhee Jeong Michelle Lynn Jonik Kelly Rae Keen Yena Kim Carsen Lynn Koviak Wei Vivian Li Tessa Quinn Nosanchuk Rashad Keith Prendergast Hannah Anderson Reuland Jillian Nicole Yassay UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - DEARBORN COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCES, AND LETTERS Dwia B. Alsafi Nicolas T. Anderson Alexandra M. Audia Charles R. Aughenbaugh Matthew D. Bonasso Christopher J. Burgess James A. Carzon Katrina N. Castillano Lana K. Charara Ethan J. Covert Larissa C. Dean Sultan A. Elhaj Lena W. Hakim Ashraf Hammoud Lara Harp Yasmeen A. Khalil Danial A. Khan Michael L. Lozoya Hannah M. Mackie Benjamin E. Niemann Joshua M. Polgar Kai D. Ren Anna C. Schmidt Jared J. Self Ian M. Smith Leo C. Sullivan Tanuja A. Tase Erin L. Thomas Brianna N. Westpfahl Ginan Yazbek Mohamed H. Zaher 100

103 COLLEGE OF BUSINESS Garrett R. Goshorn Husain A. Haidri Hannah M. Johnson Sydney M. Mckee Armen M. Movsesian Sara A. Pomponio COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, HEALTH, AND HUMAN SERVICES Claire M. Lareau Brittany L. Mitton Kailey T. Simms COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND COMPUTER SCIENCE Khansa S. Alhaidi Melissa C. Denstaedt Isaac F. Hampshire Victoria L. Hebda Leila M. Ismail Fawaz Noel K. Jensen Atharva S. Kuthe Jia Jun Marcus Lee Joshua S. Miller Long H. Nguyen Faisal A. Peracha Nicole E. Piontek Jean-Jethro M. Quejadas Alexander J. Rosati Ryan A. Sawinski Sidney N. Stainbrook Aniket Suri Ryan M. Sutton Jana M. Taleb Brendan M. Williams Spencer A. Wong Cameron M. Zinn UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - FLINT COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Jordyn R. Alger Leila Almounajed Lindsay M. Bandt Georgina S. Brown Hannah L. Clark Karry E. Collins Dawson C. Crane Hannah R. Deloney Parker T. Faubert Johnathon D. Garber Alexis R. Hawk Nellie R. Heller Koyasha B. Kent Bumsik Kim Benjamin A. Koning Kassidy L. Krist Molly M. Kwasny Sadie E. Lawrence Melanie J. Lodge Mallory R. Lucas Savanna K. Mowl Hayden S. Norris Nina C. Patterson Jessica L. Pavlik LeighAnna T. Peck Benjamin D. Rainear Alexa E. Ringle Hayden D. Ruff Frank J. Schaefer IV Tayler R. Stevens Christina O. Straham Ryan J. Suttle Trevor A. Swickard Marwa Tahboub Ruining Tao Grace R. Turner Ahana Vinayak Alicia R. Wagner Cameron E. Whalen Hailey M. York 101

104 SCHOOL OF EDUCATION AND HUMAN SERVICES Kierstin B. Jakubos SCHOOL OF HEALTH PROFESSIONS AND STUDIES Erin G. Cummings Lindsay K. Duckworth Jacob C. Hungerford Vorice L. Patterson SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT Alyssa N. Erickson Hannah E. Hodgkinson Hunter S. Johnson Justin A. King Austin R. McIntosh Giorgia T. Pasqui Paul A. Richardson SCHOOL OF NURSING Kylie M. Auernhammer Ashley N. Fox Megan A. Ihrig Alexandra D. King 102

105 103

106 104

107 95TH ANNUAL HONORS CONVOCATION HONORS RECIPIENTS ADDENDUM MARCH 18, 2018 UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - ANN ARBOR JAMES B. ANGELL SCHOLARS COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING Joseph Lorenzetti 3 Roxanne Z. Pinsky 3 COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS Yuxuan Bao 3 Hannah Joonghwa Sim 2 UNIVERSITY HONORS SCHOOL OF KINESIOLOGY Deven J. Bhatt COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS Rebecca Rae Anmave William John Chatterson Vanessa Fong Mckenzie D. Hanigan Jordan Allen Hite Emma Genevieve Kilbane Danielle Marie LaJoie Hanan Li Katherine M. Summers Amanda Hope Trau Kate Lee Van Loveren UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN - DEARBORN JAMES B. ANGELL SCHOLARS COLLEGE OF ARTS, SCIENCES, AND LETTERS Zariea M. Williams 5 Monica M. De Roche 2

108 Statement on Freedom of Speech and Artistic Expression Thank you for attending this program. The University of Michigan strives to create a truly open forum, one in which diverse opinions can be expressed and heard. It is the right of members of the University community, speakers, artists, and other invited guests to express their views and opinions at the University. We will protect the right of individuals to speak or perform, and the rights of those members of the University community who wish to hear and communicate with an invited speaker or artist. Protesters also have a right to express their opposition to a speaker in appropriate ways, both within the confines of this building and outside the facility. However, protesters must not interfere unduly with communication between a speaker or artist and members of the audience. If the hosts of this event or University representatives believe that protesters are interfering unduly with a speaker or performer s freedom of expression, those protesters will be warned. If the warnings are not heeded and the interference continues, then the individuals responsible may be removed from the building. We reaffirm these policies in order to most fully protect the rights of free expression for speakers, performers, and protesters alike, as set forth by our Civil Liberties Board in our Student Handbook, and in accordance with the U-M Standard Practice Guide; Regents Ordinance Article XII, Section 1; and state statutes. Nondiscrimination Policy Statement The University of Michigan, as an equal opportunity/ affirmative action employer, complies with all applicable federal and state laws regarding nondiscrimination and affirmative action. The University of Michigan is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all persons and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status in employment, educational programs and activities, and admissions. Inquiries or complaints may be addressed to the Senior Director for Institutional Equity, and Title IX/ Section 504/ADA Coordinator, Office for Institutional Equity, 2072 Administrative Services Building, Ann Arbor, Michigan , , TTY , institutional.equity@umich.edu. For other University of Michigan information call FPO

109 THE YELLOW AND BLUE Sing to the colors that float in the light; Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue! Yellow the stars as they ride thro the night, And reel in a rollicking crew; Yellow the fields where ripens the grain, And Yellow the moon on the harvest wain; Hail! Hail to the colors that float in the light; Hurrah for the Yellow and Blue!


RESULTS OF J. D. KELLY COMPETITIONS, PAST YEARS RESULTS OF J. D. KELLY COMPETITIONS, PAST YEARS 2017 J. D. KELLY COMPETITION RESULTS Level 1, Piano, Grades 1-3 Advait Mahale, student of Judith Fairchild Anna Beth Bagley, student of Zoe Lin and Raymond

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Prepared by William Cavanaugh and Carl Rosenberg, Co-Chairmen Updated April 2011

Prepared by William Cavanaugh and Carl Rosenberg, Co-Chairmen Updated April 2011 POLICIES AND PROCEDURES Newman Student Award Fund Prepared by William Cavanaugh and Carl Rosenberg, Co-Chairmen Updated INTRODUCTION This award program is named in honor of the late Robert Bradford Newman,

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William Flint's Descendants. Helen E. Turner

William Flint's Descendants. Helen E. Turner William 's Descendants by Helen E. William - Unknown Martha Uwin - Unknown John 1728 - Unknown Eliza Fearnehough - Unknown William 1731 - Unknown Elizabeth 1738 - Unknown Martha 1742 - Unknown Hannah 1745

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9th ANNUAL DINNER & AWARDS CEREMONY photo album 9th ANNUAL DINNER & AWARDS CEREMONY photo album Inductee Margaret Abernethy CITATION read by Anne Lillis Fitzgerald Chair of Accounting University of Melbourne nominated by Anne Lillis Fitzgerald Chair

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Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong

Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Architecture Date of visiting board: 14/15 May 2015 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee:

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Married 1/20/1897. Clarence Irving Wright B. 6/27/1907 D. 2/12/1992

Married 1/20/1897. Clarence Irving Wright B. 6/27/1907 D. 2/12/1992 Edmond Wright B. Brownville, NY, March, 1833 D. Lindley, NY 9/12/1887 Sarah A. Bagley 1833 1909 William Wortman B. 11/21/1829 D. 6/14/1888 Mary McGowan B. 5/13/1841 D. 12/4/1895 Married 1857 Married 12/11/1872

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Princeton University

Princeton University Princeton University HONORS FACULTY MEMBERS RECEIVING EMERITUS STATUS May 2017 [ 1 ] The biographical sketches were written by staff and colleagues in the departments of those honored. [ 2 ] Contents Faculty

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Descendants of: Page 1 of 7 Lyle Wesley Whelan

Descendants of: Page 1 of 7 Lyle Wesley Whelan Descendants of: Page 1 of 7 1st Generation 1. was born on Apr. 10, 1905 in Lenawee Co, MI and died on Jan. 1, 1992 in Tipton, Lenawee Co, MI. He married Alice Mae Randall on Feb. 9, 1929. Alice Mae, daughter

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AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities

AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Sponsorship Opportunities 2018 AIA DC and Washington Architectural Foundation Jody Cranford jcranford@aiadc.com AIA DC 800-818-0289 2018 SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES 10/20/17 ANNUAL PARTNERSHIPS Annual Partnerships offer sponsorship

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President Emeritus and Professor James F. Barker, FAIA. Nominee s Address: Clemson University, School of Architecture, Lee Hall 3-135

President Emeritus and Professor James F. Barker, FAIA. Nominee s Address: Clemson University, School of Architecture, Lee Hall 3-135 Honorary Membership Nomination Narrative Nominee: President Emeritus and Professor James F. Barker, FAIA Nominee s Address: Clemson University, School of Architecture, Lee Hall 3-135 City/State/Zip: Clemson,

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Awards for Research and Creative Work

Awards for Research and Creative Work American Institute of Graphic Artists, South Carolina InShow Award Wesley Cook [Weser] Savannah Ray [Weser] Ashley Cook (2) [Weser] American Society of Interior Design, Carolinas Chapter Suphakarn Khammuangjai

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September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O O C T O B E R 2 2 A T 3 : 3 0 P M I N C O M E R A U D I T O R I U M

September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O O C T O B E R 2 2 A T 3 : 3 0 P M I N C O M E R A U D I T O R I U M September 2014 Honors News U N I V E R S I T Y O F M O N T E V A L L O A R T I C L E S : Remembering Rachel, p. 1 Digital signage, p. 1 Honors Orientation, p. 2 New website, p. 2 Events, p. 3 Peer Mentors,

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Attles Crest Avenue Family: Christopher Tricia Work: x228 Christopher 06/10/1997

Attles Crest Avenue Family: Christopher Tricia Work: x228 Christopher 06/10/1997 Ackerman 770-555-3498 555 Miller Street Alpharetta, GA 30005 Home Fax: 555-1212 Family: tmelcher@tlehs.com Ernie Cell: 123-456-7890 john@gmail.com Work: 123-789-4563 x2345 Susan Cell: 404-123-4567 john@tlehs.com

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DESIGN & BUILD DAY. University of Central Missouri Tuesday, April 5, 2016

DESIGN & BUILD DAY. University of Central Missouri Tuesday, April 5, 2016 DESIGN & BUILD DAY University of Central Missouri Tuesday, April 5, 2016 1 9:30 What s Out There for You? Explore the types of jobs, work responsibilities, and continued education opportunities available

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Quality Building Award 2018 Results Released New Category Introduced and Number of Jurors Increased to Enhance Industry Representation

Quality Building Award 2018 Results Released New Category Introduced and Number of Jurors Increased to Enhance Industry Representation To: Daily News / Property News Editors RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE Quality Building 2018 Results Released New Category Introduced and Number of Jurors Increased to Enhance Industry Representation 18 June 2018

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Chester le Street ASC Spring Open Meet (Under ASA Laws & ASA Technical Rules) Saturday 23 rd & Sunday 24 th April Licensed Meet - No.

Chester le Street ASC Spring Open Meet (Under ASA Laws & ASA Technical Rules) Saturday 23 rd & Sunday 24 th April Licensed Meet - No. EVENT 52 Mens Open 100m Butterfly 1. James Keyworth 17 Chester Le S 1:03.43 29.99 2. William Morris 13 Tynemouth 1:05.24 29.91 3. Aidan Brown 13 Bo Stockton 1:05.42 30.61 4. Christopher Heppell 16 Chester

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Graduate Concentration in the History + Theory of Architecture

Graduate Concentration in the History + Theory of Architecture Graduate Concentration in the History + Theory of Architecture School of Architecture College of Design NC State University Concentration in History + Theory 12.03.2017 1 Program Description Comprising

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Jag Mohan Humar Symposium

Jag Mohan Humar Symposium Jag Mohan Humar Symposium On Earthquake Engineering June 15 2011 Ottawa, Canada Sponsored by: Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carleton University

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2018 Australian National Senior & Youth Championships

2018 Australian National Senior & Youth Championships Individual Match Timetable TIME Tuesday 10 July Wednesday 11 July TIME Event Round Event Round 16:30 U21 Mixed Doubles 1 16:30 Men's Doubles 1 Mixed Doubles 1 U21 Men's Doubles 1 17:00 17:00 Mixed Doubles

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Class No. Class. Name (E)

Class No. Class. Name (E) 1 S1-Joy 2 AU Yu Yin Sylvia 2 S1-Joy 21 LAM Sze Hang Iain 3 S1-Joy 24 LEUNG Kin Long 4 S1-Joy 25 LEUNG Lap Yin 5 S1-Joy 33 WONG Ho Yan 6 S1-Joy 36 YAU Chun Wang Keith 7 S1-Love 1 CHAM Tung Yiu 8 S1-Love

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For 2018 AIA Rhode Island Board of Directors

For 2018 AIA Rhode Island Board of Directors For 2018 AIA Rhode Island Board of Directors Following candidates have been nominated by the 2017 Board: Officers Vice President/ President-elect Daniel A. Kwasniewski, AIA (2018) Treasurer Timothy Kennedy,

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Eccles Centre for American Studies Writer s Award Photobook,

Eccles Centre for American Studies Writer s Award Photobook, Eccles Centre for American Studies Writer s Award Photobook, 2012 2017 Inside Front Cover Page Blank Introduction The creative impact of the British Library s collections is nowhere more evident than in

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AYAC MEMBERS (as of July 1, 2016)

AYAC MEMBERS (as of July 1, 2016) AYAC MEMBERS (as of July 1, 2016) Lauren Hackney; Chair CMG Landscape Architects 2011 MArch + MLA, University of Virginia Emily Miyares; Vice-Chair Manuel Zeitlin Architects 2011 MArch, University of Virginia

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Fareham Nomads All Time Top 20 Swimmers

Fareham Nomads All Time Top 20 Swimmers As of January 1 st 2011 Times for a 25m Pool (no split times) 50m Backstroke, Female 1 0323 Clegg Hannah 29.75 12/02/00 2 0373 Lothian Hannah 31.39 07/06/08 3 0362 Corben Joanna 31.61 28/10/00 4 0137 Teasdale

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Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c.

Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c. 1) Nutbrown, John [1643c.-1698] Stephenson, Elizabeth [1645c.-1709] (? 1.1) Nutbrown, Joseph [1671-xxxx] 1.2) Nutbrown, John [1672-xxxx] 1.3) Nutbrown, William [1674-xxxx] 1.4) Nutbrown,

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Joanna L. Dyl. Department of History, University of South Florida 4202 East Fowler Avenue SOC 107 Tampa, FL (813)

Joanna L. Dyl. Department of History, University of South Florida 4202 East Fowler Avenue SOC 107 Tampa, FL (813) Joanna L. Dyl Department of History, University of South Florida 4202 East Fowler Avenue SOC 107 Tampa, FL 33620-8100 (813) 974-6219 jdyl@usf.edu EDUCATION Ph.D. in History, Princeton University, 2006.

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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 4 p.m. 9 p.m. 4 p.m. OPRAH WINFREY THEATER OPENS 4:30 p.m. 5 p.m. WELCOME AND REMARKS F Kinshasha Holman Conwill, deputy director, F Michelle Joan Wilkinson, museum curator, F Marcia

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Dr. Sallye Jeannette Sheppeard

Dr. Sallye Jeannette Sheppeard Dr. Sallye Jeannette Sheppeard December 7, 1942 - November 21, 2017 Celebrating the Life of Dr. Sallye Jeannette Sheppeard Saturday, November 25, 2017 2:00 p.m. Broussard s Chapel Beaumont, Texas Gathering

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Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 6/23/2014 to 7/18/2014 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Highland County, Ohio Court Schedule Report from: 6/23/2014 to 7/18/2014 MAGISTRATE CYNTHIA WILLIAMS Tuesday, June 24, 2014 Tuesday, June 24, 2014 1 13DR0214 TUTTLE, ARCHIE DARRYL vs TUTTLE, HEIDI 10DS0245 TUTTLE, ARCHIE DARRYL Kornman, Sharon Ann TUTTLE, HEIDI BUCKMASTER, JASON vs BUCKMASTER, MARIA HEARING 2:00 pm 10DR0080

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board University of Bath

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board University of Bath Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board Date of visiting board: 09/10 October 2014 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 10 June 2015 1 Details of institution hosting course/s

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Licensed To: Grosse Pointe South H.S. HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER 6.0 7/1/2015 Page 1. Meet Results. Maren Kuban (7) Jack Fritz (7) Nadia Valka (8)

Licensed To: Grosse Pointe South H.S. HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER 6.0 7/1/2015 Page 1. Meet Results. Maren Kuban (7) Jack Fritz (7) Nadia Valka (8) Licensed To: Grosse Pointe South H.S. HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER 6.0 7/1/2015 Page 1 Event # 1 Mixed 100 ree 8 & Under 1:33.76S A Red Run Golf Club Aiden Stapels (8) Maren Kuban (7) Jack ritz (7) Nadia Valka

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BOB GOLDIN MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Merit Awards- $500 BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2016 Section Director Amy Stonich, AICP Past Section Director Dana C. Privitt, AICP Vice Director for Administration/Finance Charles Smith, AICP Vice Director of Programs Co-Chairs Stephanie

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THE FIELD GUIDE TO CONNECTING WITH STUDENT LEADERS THE FIELD GUIDE TO CONNECTING WITH STUDENT LEADERS AIAS FORUM OVERVIEW AIAS FORUM, the largest architecture and design conference that the AIAS puts on each year, offers students the opportunity to learn

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Meet Eligibility Report Dual Meet - NJBL & PFY Oct Oct-14 [Ageup: 12/1/2014] Yards

Meet Eligibility Report Dual Meet - NJBL & PFY Oct Oct-14 [Ageup: 12/1/2014] Yards Licensed To: Sussex County YMCA HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER 6.0 10/20/2014 Page 1 Female Sydney Agnello 37.71Y 58.80Y 45.41Y 45.63Y Judy Almidani 52.57Y Skylar Andrade 2:39.70Y 1:03.91Y Haily Babitz 1:12.50Y

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The Paul and Renate Madsen

The Paul and Renate Madsen An Extraordinary Legacy: The Paul and Renate Madsen Professor of Scandinavian and Germanic Studies Thank you For your generous gift to strengthen and perpetuate teaching, research, and outreach in Scandinavian,

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THE PLOWDEN MEDAL. (Notes to the Nomination Form)

THE PLOWDEN MEDAL. (Notes to the Nomination Form) THE PLOWDEN MEDAL (Notes to the Nomination Form) 1. The Plowden Medal, established and endowed by the Royal Warrant Holders Association, in memory of The Hon Anna Plowden CBE. (Short biography is at Annex

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Timestamp Teacher Name Student Full Name is awarded this Certificate for... Subject 5/18/ :31:34 Amy Herron Jerret Stone History Whiz World

Timestamp Teacher Name Student Full Name is awarded this Certificate for... Subject 5/18/ :31:34 Amy Herron Jerret Stone History Whiz World 5/18/2016 11:31:34 Amy Herron Jerret Stone History Whiz World History 5/18/2016 11:36:06 Amy Herron Lavern Heimann Best In Class Health 5/23/2016 11:13:47 Amy Herron Daniel Keeling Best In Class Health

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1) Scott, Samantha H 20 2) Tray, Zoe F 21 3) So, Isabelle Y 20 4) Yuan, Claire 21

1) Scott, Samantha H 20 2) Tray, Zoe F 21 3) So, Isabelle Y 20 4) Yuan, Claire 21 Rosemary Hall HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER 7.0-5:32 PM 12/1/2018 Page 1 at - 12/1/2018 Results - at session 1 Event 1 Girls 200 SC Meter Medley Relay : 2:03.67 S 2/15/2017 S. Scott, I. Peel, I. So, L. Hawkins

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Habits of Devotion: Catholic Religious Practice in Twentieth Century America (Edited). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2004.

Habits of Devotion: Catholic Religious Practice in Twentieth Century America (Edited). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2004. JAMES M. O TOOLE History Department 31 Quisset Brook Road Boston College Milton, Massachusetts 02186 Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts 02467 (617)696-2712 (617)552-8456 E-mail: james.otoole@bc.edu EDUCATION

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Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture 2009-10 Annual Report. acsa ARCHITECTURAL EDUCATION AWARDS 2009-10 Award Winners From The President About ACSA The Association of Collegiate Schools of

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COUNTY OF KANE. Michael E. Madziarek, CIAO, Member Geneva, Illinois Timothy J. Sullivan, MAI, SRA (630)

COUNTY OF KANE. Michael E. Madziarek, CIAO, Member Geneva, Illinois Timothy J. Sullivan, MAI, SRA (630) COUNTY OF KANE BOARD OF REVIEW County Government Center Kevin J. Schulenburg, RAA, Chairman 719 South Batavia Avenue, Building C Michael E. Madziarek, CIAO, Member Geneva, Illinois 60134-3000 Timothy J.

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/tj!r. Architectural Solutions, LLc. March 31, AIA Louisiana The Louisiana Architects Association 521 America Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802

/tj!r. Architectural Solutions, LLc. March 31, AIA Louisiana The Louisiana Architects Association 521 America Street Baton Rouge, LA 70802 Architectural Solutions, LLc Alan Broussard Architect AJA NCARB P. 0. BOX 61 Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 Email > alanbroussard@hotmailcom March 31, 2015 The Louisiana Architects Association Attn: Mr. Kevin

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Appendix A The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) Second Quarterly General Meeting 2010

Appendix A The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) Second Quarterly General Meeting 2010 Appendix A The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) Second Quarterly General Meeting 2010 Minutes of the Second Quarterly General Meeting 2010 held on Wednesday, 24 June 2010 at 7:00 pm at the HKIA

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UKZN academic receives Herschel Medal Award for 2013 from the Royal Society of SA.

UKZN academic receives Herschel Medal Award for 2013 from the Royal Society of SA. 26 November 2012 UKZN academic receives Herschel Medal Award for 2013 from the Royal Society of SA. The Royal Society of South Africa recently announced UKZN s Professor Johannes van Staden, FRSSAf as

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Descendants of Ralph Emerson Oltman, Sr. Murray W. Oltman

Descendants of Ralph Emerson Oltman, Sr. Murray W. Oltman Descendants of Ralph Emerson, Sr. by Murray W. Table of Contents Foreword...2 Descendant Tree of Ralph Emerson...3 Register Report of Ralph Emerson...15 Outline Descendant Tree of Ralph Emerson...22 Index...24

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PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP ARCHITECTURE HONG KONG May 2016 ROBERT GORDON UNIVERSITY, ABERDEEN PORTFOLIO DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP ARCHITECTURE 18 20 May 2016 HONG KONG CONTENTS Section 1: Section 2: Section 3: Section 4: Section 5: Section 6: Section 7: Portfolio Development Workshop Student/Parent

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MOTIONS 2:30 PM 5:00 PM


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20TH ANNUAL HISTORYMAKERS AWARDS BANQUET Celebrating 20 Years of Community Confidence, Determination & Spirit September 15, 2016

20TH ANNUAL HISTORYMAKERS AWARDS BANQUET Celebrating 20 Years of Community Confidence, Determination & Spirit September 15, 2016 20TH ANNUAL HISTORYMAKERS AWARDS BANQUET Celebrating 20 Years of Community Confidence, Determination & Spirit September 15, 2016 Gang Ding International Corporate Award ABC s Fresh Off the Boat Produced

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic

The Hong Kong Polytechnic The Hong Kong Polytechnic University recently presented its Outstanding PolyU Alumni Award to seven alumni to recognize their remarkable professional accomplishments and significant contributions to their

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AIR TRAGECTORY DIVISION B AIR TRAGECTORY DIVISION B 1 ST (FIRST) PLACE: Brewton Middle School (Team 1); Will Terrell 2 ND (SECOND) PLACE: Our Lady of the Valley (Team 2); Olivia Marino, James Lee 3 RD (THIRD) PLACE: Our Lady of

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Assistant Professor of History, James Madison University (2012-Present) Ph.D. History, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, 2011

Assistant Professor of History, James Madison University (2012-Present) Ph.D. History, The Graduate Center, City University of New York, 2011 Evan Friss Department of History James Madison University 58 Bluestone Dr., MSC 2001 Harrisonburg, VA 22807 443-414-2233 frissej@jmu.edu www.evanfriss.com ACADEMIC POSITION Assistant Professor of History,

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Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, FAIA Judson A. Kline, FAIA

Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, FAIA Judson A. Kline, FAIA Presented By: Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, FAIA Judson A. Kline, FAIA This program is registered with the AIA/CES for continuing professional education. As such, it does not include content that may be deemed

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Graduation Candidates for May and August (as of 4/25/2018)

Graduation Candidates for May and August (as of 4/25/2018) Graduation Candidates for May and August (as of 4/25/2018) Program Name Anderson,Anna Corrine Anderson,Bethany Lee Anderson,Brandon Michael Anderson,Olivia Grace Arneson,Tyler Patrick Austin,Steffani Ann

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St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery

St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery is located at the intersection of Ellery s Sideroad and Highway 93, just outside the village of Wyebridge where the former St. Andrew

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C Lbs. Souderton Novice and Class Midget. Champion. 2nd Place. 3rd Place. 4th Place BYE. Hunter Crookhan BYE. Hunter Crookhan Sepa

C Lbs. Souderton Novice and Class Midget. Champion. 2nd Place. 3rd Place. 4th Place BYE. Hunter Crookhan BYE. Hunter Crookhan Sepa Novice and Class Hunter Crookhan Sepa Andrew Vines Lower Merion Kaden Buchler Dylan Mercadante Nolan Roberts Cole Swierczek Norcheser Sam Schatean 269A 269 270 270A Hunter Crookhan Andrew Vines 8-4 Nolan

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA exploratory board to Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University Date of visiting board: 10/11 October 2016 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 7 December

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Franklin County Page: Calendar For Honorable DAVID L HOVEN

Franklin County Page: Calendar For Honorable DAVID L HOVEN Report : CZR0002 MISSOURI JUDICIARY Date: 23-Jun-206 Friday 06/24/206. 5AB-PN00723 LUCAS S FULTS V CANDICE V MURPHY Filing : 09-Nov-205 PETP LUCAS S FULTS APET JOSEPH W PURSCHKE RESP CANDICE V MURPHY ARES

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The Urban Future of Portsmouth

The Urban Future of Portsmouth The Urban Future of Portsmouth University of Portsmouth Industry and Alumni Breakfast Thursday 12 May 2016 From 8.30am to 9.45am (breakfast served from 8.00am onwards) Spinnaker Tower, Gunwharf Quays,

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TIBOR VARADY University Professor Emeritus CEU Department of Legal Studies

TIBOR VARADY University Professor Emeritus CEU Department of Legal Studies CEU RENEWS We have a community which shares a spirit of openness. This spirit has sometimes been shaped alongside history, sometimes in spite of history. This spirit needed and needs a home. TIBOR VARADY

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to The University of Sheffield

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to The University of Sheffield Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to The Date of visiting board: 5-6 October 2017 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 9 February 2018 1 Details of institution hosting

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CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY Kenmore and D istr ict H i s t o r i c a l S o c t y i e I n c A research project of KENMORE AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC Researched by Judy Magub OAM May 2015

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KIEFER FAMILY TREE INDEX KIEFER FAMILY TREE INDEX 1. IGNATIUS KIEFER 6--1830/10-15-1913...page 1 (Husband of Elizabeth Marx) 2. ELIZABETH MARX KIEFER 4-1830/11-12-1921................... page 2 (Daughter of Xavier Marx &? Lyons;

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Franklin County Page: Calendar For Honorable DAVID L HOVEN


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THIRD YEAR AWARD LIST THIRD YEAR AWARD LIST 2017-2018 Medal in Law Paul Socka Medal in Law Second Highest Sting Elana Friedman Medal in Law Third Highest Sting Sarah Faber Dean s Gold Scholar Paul Socka Dean s Silver Scholar

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MISSOURI JUDICIARY Franklin County. Calendar For Honorable DAVID L HOVEN


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1) Hindley, Bella 22 2) O'Leary, Cha A 20 3) Baldari, Alessandra T 18 4) Henig, Isabelle M 18

1) Hindley, Bella 22 2) O'Leary, Cha A 20 3) Baldari, Alessandra T 18 4) Henig, Isabelle M 18 Cornell University HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER 7.0-12:37 PM 1/19/2019 Page 1 Event 1 Women 200 Yard Medley Relay Team Relay Seed Time Finals Time 1 Yale University-CT A 1:44.76 11 1) Hindley, Bella 22 2) O'Leary,

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Principal Award Honor Roll all 4 Nine Weeks

Principal Award Honor Roll all 4 Nine Weeks Award Honor Roll all 4 Nine Weeks 4th Grade Dawson Anderson Caelan Alford Hunter Austel Kayli Avila Alexis Beeler Gabe Bell George Burhenn Bailee Cobb Elliott Cummins LIlli Davis Emily DeVault Ciara Dollens

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Courtney Miller Bellairs BIO AREAS OF EXPERTISE

Courtney Miller Bellairs BIO AREAS OF EXPERTISE Courtney Miller Bellairs cmillerb@umn.edu 301-785-8655 BIO Courtney Miller Bellairs is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the School of Architecture at the University of Minnesota. She received a B.S. in

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Board of Visitors Meeting: October

Board of Visitors Meeting: October Board of Visitors Meeting: October 19-20 2017 Location: 5 th Floor (Plenary Hall) School of Human Ecology Present: Dean Soyeon Shim, Debra Alder, Stephanie Anderson, Cathy Atkins, Brenda Chamberlain, Brooke

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Page 1 of 8 Licensed to Sonny Werblin Rec. Center - Site License HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER 3.0 01-21-2011 09:19 PM RUTGERS SWIMMING & DIVING INVITE - 01-21-2011 to 01-22-2011 Werblin Recreation Center Home

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Month Day Communion Ministers Lector Sacristan Servers Cantor Gift Bearers Ushers

Month Day Communion Ministers Lector Sacristan Servers Cantor Gift Bearers Ushers Dec 31 Dan Dust June Probst Macy Michels Sandy Brackney Family 6:30 PM Adam Donsbach Julia Probst Tim Brummer Gracey Koester Adam Donsbach June Probst Ron Donsbach John Beckman Dan Dust Rita Mette Jan

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Appendix A The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) First Quarterly General Meeting 2009

Appendix A The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) First Quarterly General Meeting 2009 Appendix A The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) First Quarterly General Meeting 2009 Minutes of the First Quarterly General Meeting 2009 held on Thursday, 26 March 2009 at 7:00 pm at the HKIA Premises

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Giving Is Good. for the Soul. The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss

Giving Is Good. for the Soul. The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss Giving Is Good for the Soul The Life and Legacy of Charles and Shirley Weiss by Grace Camblos Commissioned by The Graduate School, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Charles and Shirley Weiss

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3 Targonski, Maryellen 18 Duke University-NC. 1 Quinn, Kirby E 19 Duke University-NC. 6 Croxton, Hannah North Carolina Wilmington-NC

3 Targonski, Maryellen 18 Duke University-NC. 1 Quinn, Kirby E 19 Duke University-NC. 6 Croxton, Hannah North Carolina Wilmington-NC Duke University HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER 5.0-1:36 PM 10/25/2014 Page 1 Event 1 Women 1 mtr Diving Name Age School Finals Score 1 Targonski, Maryellen 18 Duke University-NC 290.18 2 Quinn, Kirby E 19 Duke

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Annual Scholarships & Awards Ceremony

Annual Scholarships & Awards Ceremony The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture Annual Scholarships & Awards Ceremony Thursday, May 31, 2018 In the Gallery Gordon A. Gebert, interim dean Bernard and Anne Spitzer Tuition Scholarship

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Notice Imprint Harbin City Trace International Summer School. About Program. Faculty Members

Notice Imprint Harbin City Trace International Summer School. About Program. Faculty Members 2018 Imprint Harbin City Trace International Summer School About Program Notice The 3 rd Imprint Harbin City Trace International Summer School will run for 10 days during July 8 to 28 in 2018 organized

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Mug Race Parallel (Qualifications) (Men) Unofficial ranking. Rank Bib USA ID Name Year Region Club Run 1 Run 2 Time Gap

Mug Race Parallel (Qualifications) (Men) Unofficial ranking. Rank Bib USA ID Name Year Region Club Run 1 Run 2 Time Gap Mug Race 2018 Parallel (Qualifications) (Men) TECHNICAL DELEGATE Connolly Kevin REFEREE Flecchia Chris CHIEF OF RACE MacNeilage Reed COURSE CHIEF Moritz Raymond START REFEREE Rondeau Jason FINISH REFEREE

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Continue the conversation on Twitter using hashtag: #taubmancollege

Continue the conversation on Twitter using hashtag: #taubmancollege Continue the conversation on Twitter using hashtag: #taubmancollege AIA HURON VALLEY CHAPTER AWARDS AIA HURON VALLEY CHAPTER AWARDS JURORS: BRAD ANGELINI / OWNER, ANGELINI AND ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS, ANN

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Month Day Communion Ministers Lector Sacristan Servers Cantor Gift Bearers Ushers

Month Day Communion Ministers Lector Sacristan Servers Cantor Gift Bearers Ushers April 1 Jake Bohnhoff Brenda Kroeger Jerry Goeckner Levi Beckman MM Paul Flood Dusty Beckman Gina Westendorf Jacob Beckman April 2 Brian Slifer Bob Niemerg Phyllis Jansen Alan Waldhoff Rex Borries MM Greg

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Workshops and Seminars in Sykes Student Union

Workshops and Seminars in Sykes Student Union Room Assignments Workshops and Seminars in Sykes Student Union Name Room Finding Your Form Jane Satterfield and Ned Balbo. 257 Experimental Variation on Syllabics Tony Barnstone 10A A Lyrical Masonry Tara

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Princeton University. Honors Faculty Members Receiving Emeritus Status

Princeton University. Honors Faculty Members Receiving Emeritus Status Princeton University Honors Faculty Members Receiving Emeritus Status May 2010 The biographical sketches were written by colleagues in the departments of those honored. Copyright 2010 by The Trustees of

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Appendix A The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) Second Quarterly General Meeting 2008

Appendix A The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) Second Quarterly General Meeting 2008 Appendix A The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA) Second Quarterly General Meeting 2008 Minutes of the Second Quarterly General Meeting 2008 held on Monday, 23 June 2008 at 1:00 pm on 75th Floor

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Apex United Methodist Church

Apex United Methodist Church Apex United Methodist Church A Family of Faith Communities 2017 Nominations Team Report Charge Conference November 20, 2017 2017 Nominations Team Tim Catlett (Chair) Owen Barrow (Vice Chair) Jeff Hadley

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School of Architecture ARCHITECTURE. For a new generation of architects UNDERGRADUATE

School of Architecture ARCHITECTURE. For a new generation of architects UNDERGRADUATE School of Architecture ARCHITECTURE For a new generation of architects UNDERGRADUATE Hands-on Scholarships Our courses BSc (Hons) Architecture K100 3 years full-time Standard offers A levels ABB BBB or

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The Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York Awards Ceremony. October 13, Faculty House. Columbia University

The Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York Awards Ceremony. October 13, Faculty House. Columbia University The Archivists Round Table of Metropolitan New York Awards Ceremony October 13, 2011 Faculty House Columbia University THE ARCHIVISTS ROUND TABLE OF METROPOLITAN NEW YORK AWARDS CEREMONY 2011 Thursday,

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Dana Wright, Director of Academic Program Development

Dana Wright, Director of Academic Program Development Academic Program Development 2614 University Hall (MC 10) 601 South Morgan Street Chicago, Illinois 60607-7126 January 19, 2016 TO: FROM: Ilene Harris, Chair Senate Committee on Educational Policy Dana

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8:00am Anne Marie Warren (cup) Ann Duncan Volunteer Harold Fackler Volunteers (4) Volunteers (2) Solemnity of Mary Sharon Popham (cup) John Proctor

8:00am Anne Marie Warren (cup) Ann Duncan Volunteer Harold Fackler Volunteers (4) Volunteers (2) Solemnity of Mary Sharon Popham (cup) John Proctor Dec. 31 Gina Gregory (plate) 6:00pm Vigil Gary Dykhuis (cup) Jenny Kendrick Macy Barr Kevin & Rhonda Roberts John Proctor Usthers Solemnity of Mary Lauren Ray (cup) Judy Sipes Isaiah Pierce Gary Knott

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All Saints Ministry Schedule December 2013-February of 6

All Saints Ministry Schedule December 2013-February of 6 All Saints Ministry Schedule December 2013-February 2014 1 of 6 12/7/2013 + Cal Marcoe Derek Bernson Bob Aschbacher Saturday + Sue Bosk Theresa Marcoe Dayton Bernson 4:30 + Terry Humpula Pat Meyer Dylan

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LANDLORD TELEPHONE PROPERTY ADDRESS. Park Place Apartments Bell Ridge Rd. James Abbott 423-794-0769 & 202-5148 Ronald Anderson 423-913-1273 Beaver Hollow Apartments 423-926-5806 800 Swadley Rd. Park Place Apartments 423-926-5090 1319 Bell Ridge Rd. Black Hawk Management 423-753-7461

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2013 GHJA Junior Equitation Standings

2013 GHJA Junior Equitation Standings 2013 GHJA Junior Equitation Standings updated 11/5/13 1st Caleigh Cianci 66.5 2nd Lexi Ruppel 56 3rd Kristina Hodge 55 4th Ashley Scott Armstrong 51 5th Samantha Barton 50 6th Noelle Johnson 48 7th Allison

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100.00% Vote For % % %

100.00% Vote For % % % Page 1/7 FRANKLIN COUNTY PROP. P BEAUFORT / LESLIE FIRE DIST. DIRECTOR 2 2 14,655 Number of Precincts 8 Precincts Reporting 8 631 YES 10,216 69.71% NO 4,439 30.29% UNION R-XI PROP. WILDCATS Number of Precincts

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Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to Coventry University

Royal Institute of British Architects. Report of the RIBA visiting board to Coventry University Royal Institute of British Architects Report of the RIBA visiting board to Coventry University Date of visiting board: 22 & 23 November 2018 Confirmed by RIBA Education Committee: 19 February 2019 1 Details

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DANCING AGGREGATE TROPHIES DANCING AGGREGATE TROPHIES ANNA & NINA VERETENNIKOVA CUP Classical Ballet,Song & Dance, Demi- Character or Character Solos 7 and under 9 years. MADONNA & LEANNE BENJAMIN CUP National Dance, Demi- Character

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PAL Track Meet JH Level 2013

PAL Track Meet JH Level 2013 Points By School Place School Points 1st St Mary s 86 2nd Sts Simon and Jude 54 3rd St Cecilia 33 4th St John s Episc 28 5th Blessed Sacrament 20 6th Our Lady of Fatima 18 7th St Barbara 14 8th St Joachim

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State 4-H Horse Contests Results 2016

State 4-H Horse Contests Results 2016 State 4-H Horse Contests Results 2016 Junior Crafts-Art Kit/Pattern/Blueprint Kassandra Crabtree Wayne 1 Andrea Cooksey Washington 2 Savannah French Henderson 3 Sydney Rose Cobb Owen 4 Junior Crafts-Art

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