THE CORBOULD GENEALOGY. The original maps of Norfolk and Suffolk are included at the end of the pdf file.

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1 THE CORBOULD GENEALOGY The original maps of Norfolk and Suffolk are included at the end of the pdf file.

2 dorbou16 P The first rant by ihe College o Ams.bndon. &rbon1ii. The second grant by the College of Arms. London. The unrecoded arms used Ria quartering Obbard. College of Arms, London.


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5 NOTE. HS is a connected genealogy in seventeen sections. (35 Should any reader find further facts relative to these Corboulds, or to their antecedents, descendants, or collaterals, the writer would be very glad indeed to receive at the address below such further information, as it is intended to publish a supplementary volume concerning these other Corboulds later on. Space is provided in the book for additions to the genealogy; it is hoped that every Corbould will there punctually record each important family event as it happens, and will, if possible, notify the writer who is keeping a current general register of the family. George C. B. Poulter, Collingwood Place, Camberley, Surrey. vii

6 V. v. V. V. V. X. X. X. X1. X11. X V. XV. XV. XV. XV. Appendix A. B. C. D. E. F. CONTENTS. PAGE i


8 SECTON. CORBOULD OF THORNDON RCHARD CORBOLD, born c. 395, dwelt at Horham, co. Suffolk, near the home of the following William Corbald, of Occold (which lies three miles west of Horham). No other instance of the spelling of the name in this form occurs previously so far as wide and careful search has revealed. To the writer, it is the earliest known recorded instance of the fixation of the name still in use, that is, the first syllable COR or GOR being used with BALD, BOLD or BOULD; but see Appendix A. The first fact recorded of Richard was a dispute concerning the Manor of Horham which ended in a lawsuit to which he and Sir William Brandon were parties in or about the year Judging by the evidences still at Occold, William Corbald seems to have been a person of substance ; though Richard of Horham was described in the lawsuit as a yeoman. WLLAM CORBALD of Occold, Suffolk, b. circa 14j0, died c He and his wife were buried in a monumental tomb (which has an inscription in Latin of six verses) at Occold churchyard, a mile and a half from Thorndon where the family afterwards settled. There is a brass to his memory in St. Michael's Church, Occold. He married JOAN... (her house was burgled in j 22, as Henry V granted a pardon in June of that year to Christopher Pyrson of Thorpe St. Peter's, Suffolk, who, with John Paynter, broke into the house of Joan CORBOLDE, widow, at Occolte, Suffolk, and stole fifteen pence, a qr. of black damask 118, and two sets of ivory beads 218). They had issue :- JOHN CORBOULD of Thorndon, Suffolk, born c. 1480, d. in j 5 8. Will dated 30 July 1 j j 7 ; probate granted at Bury St. Edmunds 19 Feb., j j 8. Married ALCE, born c. j oo, bur. at Thorndon 8 Apr. 5 j 8, sister of Robert GLDERSLEVE of Thorndon, and had :-. ALCA CORBOULD, born c Married at Thorndon, Oct. 1542, WLLAM ROWE, and had :- a. MARGARTA ROWE, bapt. at Thorndon Oct WLLAM CORBOULD, born c. 1j2j, of whom presently. 3. GREGORY CORBOULD, born c. 1j30, of whom hereafter. 4. THOMAS CORBOULD, born c. 1 j 33. Mentioned in his father's will. He had a son JOHN, who was living in j j 8. Vide " CORBOULD OF DEBENHAM " (Section X). 5. JOHN CORBOULD, born c. S 36. Menuoned in his father's will. He had a son THOMAS. Page 1

9 CORBOULD OF OCCOLD. RCHARD CORROLD, of Horham, Suffolk, born c William Corbald, of Occold, m. Joan..., Suffolk, c living in ~ohh Corbould, of m. Alice Thorndon, Suffolk. Gildersleve. Died in 1jj8. i Alicia, William, Gregory, of Thomas, m. Wm. who had Thorndon, m. born c. Rowe. children. Ann Allin John. Robert. Henry, Elizabeth, Alicia, Margaret, Richard, of d. young. d m. John m. Thos. Thorndon & Calver. Hingens. Cotton, m. Prudence Jessope. Elizabeth others. Thomas, of Anna, John, Mary, Sarah, Richard, Mrs. Cotton and bapt. m. Ann m. Edw. m. Thos. d Palmer. Mendlesham, Braham. Knapp. Seaman. m. twice. Richard Elizabeth, John Thomas, Francisca, Corbould, Mrs. Stannard. had 14 Mrs. Hawes. of Cotton children. and Mendlesham, m.mary... ~ic'hard, of Susan, m. Mary, rn. Elizabeth, m. Cot ton, Chas. John Thomas Barker, b. 1666, m. Browne. Rivett. of Stanton. twice daus. lllllll Thomas, Rev. John, Martha, Mary, Susan, Richard, 8 others. d of Mendlesham, Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. b. 17x4. m.marystinnet. Dent. Gilman. Macro. i Thomas, George, of John, of Elizabeth, Mary, Richard. of Horham, Lombard Street, Foster Lane, b m. Rev. Had son m.mary London. London. Rd. Chilton. and 2 daus. Fuller James, of 8 others. John, George, Ann, Mary, Thomas Richard, pswich, b b b b b b. 1717, bapt d i ' James, of Speen, Eli z. Rich. Thos. Geo. Jas. Henry, Charlotte, Thomas b. 1799, d b b b b Phillipson, b Page 2 i

10 6. ROBERT CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 20 Aug This is the first Corbould entry in Thorndon Registers, which commence in 153 j and are some of the oldest in England. 7. ELZABETH CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 3 Nov WLLAM CORBOULD of Thorndon, yeoman, born circa 1125, d. 1611, bur. at Thorndon 10 Jan He married MARANA..., d. 1612, bur. at Thorndon 2 June He surrendered lands to Edward Brame at the Lete Court of the Manor of Little Thorndon 9 Jan. 1600, and held Thorndon church lands in 1607 at a rental of E~, being released Ej conditionally on " daubinge and splintinge the building of a new house, finding and layinge the thatche at his own proper cos tes and charges." He paid his rent till 61 ; but in 1612 the " widdowe Corbolde " pays it, thus confirming the. 161 burial of William in the registers, and that the burial of Mariana Corbould, widow, in 1612, was that of Mrs. William Corbould, as the churchwardens' accounts no longer mention payment by a Corbould. His will (at Bury) is dated 29 Sep. 1610, and probate was granted 24 Apr Her will (at Bury) was proved in They had issue :-. LAURENTUS CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 2j Mar. j j9, bur. at Thorndon, 26 Mar., j j EDWARDUS CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 2j Mar. j j9. 3. JOANNA CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 13 Aug MARGARTA CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 23 Feb. 1565, bur. there 13 June 1j66. j. DOROTHY CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 3 May j 67. Bur. at Thorndon 8 June j67. Another Dorothy C. married at Thorndon 2j Oct. 1601, John Crane, and had a son John, bapt. at Thorndon 13 June 1602; 6. JOHN CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon Dec. j GREGORY CORBOULD, the younger, of Thorndon, bapt. at Thorndon 2 Feb. j70, bur. at Thorndon ~j March At a Lete Court of the Manor of Little Thorndon " Gregory Corbould-on part of Aspal " is mentioned in the Rolls. He married st, on 3 May 1j91, at Thorndon, ELZABETH WOOLEE, who was bur. at Thorndon 9 May 161. He married nndly, at Thorndon 9 Aug. 1612, MARGERY SAVAGE, who was bur. at Thorndon 2 Apr By his 1st wife, Gregory Corbould had :- a. HESTER CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon j March j98. 2a. ANTHONS CORBOULD, twin with Amia, bapt. at Thorndon 16 Aug. 1601, bur. at Thorndon 4 Dec a. AMA CORBOULD, twin with Anthonis, bapt. at Thorndon 16 Aug a. JOHN CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 17 March ja. THOMAS CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 25 Jan The will of Thomas C. of Cotton, yeoman, was proved 15 Apr a. ANNA CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon tj Jan Page 3

11 8. EDWARD CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 10 May THOMAS CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 18 Sep. 57j. 10. ELZABETH CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 12 Apr AMA CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 8 Apr. j 82. GREGORY CORBOULD, the elder, of Thorndon, born c. 5 30, son of John and Alice Corbould, paid subsidy on land at Thorndon in 5 66 and At a Lete Court of the Manor of Little Thorndon he paid a fine to Queen Elizabeth. He was then a dweller and landowner in Occold ; but seems to have moved in later years to Thorndon. He was buried at Stoke Ash, near Thorndon, in Gregory pastured his animals at Stannell Green, Manor of Little Thorndon, in He married at Thorndon 30 July 1563, ANN ALLN, who was buried at Thorndon 4 July They had issue :-. HENRY CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 25 Feb. 564, bur. there, 30 March ELZABETH CORBOULD, bur. at Thorndon 9 Feb ALCA CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 7 Jan. 5 66, m. at Thorndon 21 Aug. 1jg8, JOHN CALVER. 4. MARGARET CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 16 July Married at Thorndon 3 Oct. 1602, THOMAS HNGENS. Thos. HENGEAMS was bur. at Thorndon 7 Nov The name is possibly that of HENCAMS, a family formerly at Mellis, near Thorndon. 5. JOHN CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 28 March j73, bur. at Cotton 4 March WLLAM CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon Dec RCHARD CORBOULD, b , of whom hereafter. 8. MARANA CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 6 Dec , d. young. 9. MARANA CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 6 June 591. Married at Thorndon, 3 July 1614, EDMUND SHELDRAKE, who was bur. at Thorndon 5 May They had:- a. ELZABETH SHELDRAKE, bapt. at Thorndon Apr Married at Thorndon 27 Sep. 1642, SAAC FRENCH, who died in Jan. 1660, and was bur. at Thorndon. ra. MARGARETA SHELDRAKE, bapt. at Thorndon 14 Dec a. JOHN SHELDRAKE, bapt. at Thorndon 5 Apr. 1623, Died in or before a. JOHN SHELDRAKE, bapt. at Thorndon 13 Apr ELZABETH CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 23 Sep. 1593, bur. there 16 Dec WLLAM CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 7 March 1j9j. Buried at Cotton, 12 Jan The date of his marriage to MARA BRDGES is not known. They had :- a. MARA (BRDGES), bapt. at Thorndon 21 Jan Page 4

12 RCHARD CORBOULD, of Thorndon and Cotton, both in Suffolk, -7th child of Gregory and Ann, was bapt. at Thorndon 13 May 1~82. Paid shlp money for " Hensmalls " and a further sum for his own land in to Charles. Buried at Cotton 3 Aug. 16j 8. n his will, now at Somerset House, he mentions two sons, Thomas and John, and two daughters, Mrs. Mary Knapp and Mrs. Sarah Seaman. He married at Thorndon 19 Feb. 1610, PRUDENCE, bapt. at Thorndon 9 Jan. j 80, bur. at Cotton 4 Aug. 16j j, younger dau. of Roger JESSOPE, of Thorndon and of kin to the Bartle Frere family. They had :-. THOMAS CORBOULD, b. 161, of whom presently. 2. ANNA CORBOULD, bapt. at Thorndon 8 Feb She, or one of her sisters, married SMON DAVY, and had a son ROBERT, mentioned in the will of his uncle John Corbould. 3. JOHN CORBOULD, of Thorndon and Cotton, gentleman, bur. at Cotton 22 Dec Will dated 9 Dec. 1692, probate granted j May He married in 16j 2, ANN, bapt. at Thorndon in 163, dau. of JOHN BRAHAM. Six years later he was left the Thorndon estates by his father. John Corbould left his wife E4o and Lj yearly, the executors being Richard Corbould the younger, and Edward Frere of Wickham Skeith. They had :- a. JOHN CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton 4 Dec. 16j 3. Believed to have died in 166j. 4. MARY CORBOULD, born 161j, married EDWARD KNAPP, a widower with four children, and had :- a. EDMUND KNAPP, who received a pecuniary bequest from his uncle John Corbould. j. SARAH CORBOULD, born 1616, married at Cotton 7 July 1641, THOMAS SEAMAN, progenitor of the Seamans of Coddenham. The Cotton estates were surrendered to Thomas and Sarah Seaman by her brother Thomas Corbould in They had two sons and six daus., who are mentioned in the will of their uncle John Corbould. 6. RCHARD CORBOULD, of Cotton, b. 1617, d. 1636, bur. at Cotton 22 NOV His death is recorded in Cotton Manorial Rolls, 1637, at Moyses Hall, Bury St. Edmunds, and Thomas Corbould is mentioned as his brother. 7. A DAUGHTER, married... PALMER, and had a son, who received a legacy under the will of his uncle and godfather, John Corbould. THOMAS CORBOULD, of Cotton and Mendlesham, yeoman, bapt. at Thorndon 21 July 161. Paid Ship Money to Charles in , and Hearth Tax on two houses at Cotton and one at Mendlesham in 674. Heir of his brother Richard. Thomas Corbould surrendered his lands in 1641 to Thomas and Sarah Seaman. Buried at Thorndon 3 Nov He married 1st ALCE..., who was buried at Cotton 10 Jan. 1643, having had two sons and one dau. He married zndly, BRGTT or BRDGET..., who was buried at Cotton 2 May On 9 Feb. Page 5

13 1647, they were possessed of " Harts " at Cotton, which remained in the family for more than 120 years. t formerly belonged to the Hart family, and was in 1921 owned by Miss Goodrich, of St. John's, Palgrave, and is now known as " Cotton Lodge." By Bridget he had further issue. n all he had nine children :-. RCHARD CORBOULD, b (see section 11). 2. ELZABETH CORBOULD (or CORBOLL), bapt. at Mendlesham 23 Feb Married... STANNARD. She received legacies both from her uncle John and her brother Richard Corbould. - j. - TOHN CORBOULD, bapt. at Mendlesham Jan THOMAS CORBOULD, of Harts, Cotton, yeoman, bapt. at Cotton 14 July Was left Harts, with remainder to his son John, by his uncle John in He voted at the election in 1710 for Sir Thomas Hanmer, Sir Philip Palmer and Sir Robert Davers at Cotton. Bur. at Cotton 3 March Will dated 16 Feb. 1712, proved 6 May 1713, and witnessed by Andrew Black, Mary Strutt and Richard Scotchmere. He married MARY..., buried at Cotton 14 Nov They had 14 children:- a. JOHN CORBOULD, who was left the copyhold " Harts " at Cotton by his father in Bur. at Cotton 27 Aug Married at Cotton 30 Jan. 1718, MRAM OLDFELD, of Mendlesham, and had a son :- ~b. JOHN CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton 27 Feb la. MARY CORBOULD, left an annuity by her father. 3a. THOMAS CORBOULD, mentioned in his father's will. 4a. ELZABETH CORBOULD, bur. at Cotton 23 Oct >a. WLLAM CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton 26 May 1700; mentioned in his father's will ; bur. at Cotton 14 March Married MARY..., who was bur. at Cotton 28 Oct William and Eliza " had :- ~b. RCHARD CO~BOULD, bapt. at Cotton 25 May 1728, bur. there 9 June a. MARTHA CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton, 2j Jan a. ROBERT CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton 24 Aug. 1703, bur. at Cotton 16 Sep a. RCHARD CORBOULD, died young, bur. at Cotton 24 April TWN DAUGHTERS, died in infancy, and were bur. at Cotton in oa. a. MARGARET CORBOULD, twin with Susan, bapt. at Cotton 30 Nov a. SUSAN CORBOULD, twin with Margaret, bapt. at Cotton, 30 Nov a. MARTHA CORBOULD, d. in infancy, bur. at Cotton 30 March a. BRDGET CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton 4 April The family continued to live at Cotton till the close of the 18th century. THOMAS CORBOLD married CHRSTANA..., who was buried at Cotton 4 April 1780, having had :-() THOMAS, d. in infancy, bur. at Cotton June 1774 ; (2) JAMES, d. in infancy, bur. at Cotton 8 June 1780 ; (3) THOMAS, d. in infancy, bur. at Cotton 24 June Page 6

14 j. FRANCSCA CORBOULD, and had a daughter BRDGET, who was to receive monies under the will of her great-uncle, John Corbould, when she was BRGTTA CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton 2j Aug. 16j. 7. PRUDENCE CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton 21 Sep. 16j4. 8. MARY CORBOULD, born SARAH CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton in 16j9. Married... LANMAN, and had four children, who each received a legacy under the will of their greatuncle, John Corbould. bapt. at Cotton 16 Sep Married.. HAWES, Page 7

15 MSTRES s ELZABETH CORBOULD, born Daughter of Richard Corbould of Cotton, Suffolk. Page 8

16 SECTON 11. CORBOULD COTTON RCHARD CORBOULD of Cotton and Mendlesham (see Section ), bapt. at Cotton 12 Aug. 1638, bur. at Cotton 10 Feb Married MARY..., who died in His will is dated 28 Aug and witnessed by Leonard Deane, John Duck and Wm. Chambers ; probate granted 9 April He had issue :-. RCHARD CORBOULD of Cotton, Suffolk, gentleman, b. 1666, owned Harts at Cotton in 1692 and a copyhold estate called Wades Yards, which he surrendered in Churchwarden at Cotton from 1720 to Died in his 80th year, and was buried at Cotton 24 June Voted at the election in 1710 for Sir Thomas Hanmer, Sir Philip Palmer and Sir Robert Davers at Cotton. His first wife was MARY SMTH (SMYTH on old pedigree), whom he married by licence at Bardwell, Elmswell or Stanton, 27 July She died a few years later, having had one son :- a. THOMAS CORBOULD, d. in infancy, bur. at Cotton 22 April He married zndly, MARTHA..., bur. at Cotton 24 Oct. 174j, and by her had further issue :- za. REV. JOHN CORBOULD, B.A. See Section a. MARTHA CORROULD, Mrs. DENT, of whom later. 4a. MARY CORBOULD, legatee of her grandfather Richard Corbould. Married... GLMAN. ja. PENELOPE CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton 7 July Legatee of her grandfather Corbould. 6a. DOROTHY CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton 3 Oct Legatee of her grandfather Corbould. Married in PAGE, and had an only child :- b. MARTHA PAGE, legatee of her aunt Mrs. Collison in 791. Married... BARTON, of Bury St. Edmunds. 7a. ELZABETH CORBOULD, b. 1704, bapt. at Cotton 17 Aug Died unmarried. Legatee under the will of her grandfather Corbould. Her portrait became the property of her great-nephew Richard Corbould, and descended to the present possessor, Mr. Chilton R. Corbould, of Ashtead. 8a. SUSAN CORBOULD, b. 17oj, bapt. at Cotton 7 Oct. 17oj. Legatee of her grandfather Corbould. She resided in the parish of St. James, Bury St. Edmunds, in Married at Mendlesham or at St. Mary's, Bury St. Edmunds, 28 Oct. 1732, by licence, WLLAM MACRO, of Barrow Hall, and of Great Saxham, Suffolk, gent., b. 1710, and had :- Page 9

17 ~b. WLLAM MACRO, of Barrow Hall, gent. Married.. and had :- C. JOSEPH MACRO, legatee of his great-aunt Mrs. Collison, and of his 2nd cousin Digby Dent. 2b. MARY MACRO, legatee of her aunt, Mrs. Collison, in Married by licence at Barrow 23 July 1760, JOSEPH FYSON, of Worlington, - son of Joseph Fyson, senior. jb. ELZABETH MACRO, b. 1744, legatee of her aunt Mrs. Collison. Died Bur. at Otten Belchamp. Married by licence at Barrow 29 Feb. 1764, WALDEGRAVE BREWSTER, of Bevingdon House, Otten Belchamp, Essex, gent., b. 1734, d. in May 1781, aged 46, bur. with the other members of his family at Otten Belchamp. He was the 2nd son of James Brewster of Otten Belchamp (b. 1703, d. 1770, m. Frances, b. 170j, d. 1767, dau. of Richard Coppen), grandson of James Brewster of Bulmer, gent. (who was bapt. at Castle Hedingham, Essex, in 16j ), and gt. grandson of John Brewster (b. 1609), who was the son of William Brewster by Mary, dau. of John Wells, Esq., of London. The above K'illiam Brewster was the son of William Brewster, Steward to the 16th and 17th Earls of Oxford, by his wife Anne, dau. of Sir William Clopton of Liston Hall, and grandson of Robert, gt. gd. son of John, and gt. gt. gd. son of William Brewster of Rushmere (temp. Hen. V) by his wife Mary, dau. of Wm. Harvey, Esq., of Oulton. The arms of the Brewsters are :-Sable a chevron ermine betw. three estoiles argent, with the crest of a leopard's head erased, and motto " VeritC soyet ma garde." Waldegrave and Elizabeth Brewster had issue :- C. WALDEGRAVE BREWSTER, d. in infancy. 2c. WALDEGRAVE ROBERT BREW STER, of Ot ten Belchamp House, Belchamp Otten, b. and bapt. 177j, legatee of his gt. aunt Mrs. Collison. Died without issue in 1798, aged 23. Bur. at Otten Belchamp. - 3c. WLLAM BREW STER, of Brighton, surgeon ; d.s.p., when this branch of the Brewsters became extinct. 4c. ANN BREWSTER, d. unm Bur. at Otten Belchamp. jc. MACRO BREWSTER, d. unm. 6c. CHARLOTTE BREWSTER, of the p. of St. Clement, pswich. She was left E1,2 j o by the will of her 2nd cousin Digby Dent. Died in Bur. at Otten Belchamp. Married JOHN NEWMAN, gent., of Kelvedon, Essex, who d. in 1837, and was bur. at Otten Belchamp. His will was pr. 6 Sep by Chas. Newman, Esq., of Little Coggeshall, Essex, and Wm. Brewster, of Brighton, surgeon. Page 10

18 7c. ELZABETH BREWSTER, legatee of her 2nd cousin Digby Dent in qb. ANN MACRO, married 1st by licence at Barrow, 12 April 1769, EDWARD CHAPMAN, of the parish of St. Edward, Cambridge, b She married zndly, EDWARD GREEN, Esq., and had issue :- C. ANN HALFHYDE GREEN, legatee of her gt. aunt Mrs. Collison. She married grdly, PETER STERLNG KELTY. 9a. ROBERT CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton 28 Jan. 1706, bur. at cotton 14 Dec oa. ROBERT CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton 21 Nov. 1708, bur. at Cotton 23 NOV ~. ROBERT CORBOULD, of Finningham, Suffolk, bapt. at Cotton 21 Dec n 1724 he was apprenticed, as Robert Corbould son of Richard Corbould of Cotton, Gentleman, to Edmund Mayer of Finningham, Suffolk. Bur. at Cotton 25 May He married by licence of the Archdeacon of pswich 24 Sep. 1735, MARY LEMAN of Charsfield, Suffolk, and had :- ~b. JOHN CORBOULD, d. unmarried after Legatee in the will of his aunt, Mrs. Collison. la. ANN CORBOULD, bapt. at Cotton, 14 Jan a. RCHARD CORBOULD, b. 714, ancestor of the Corboulds of Bath. See Section V. 14a. PLEASANCE CORBOULD, of pswich, d By her will dated 30 Nov and proved in London 9 Aug. 1791, she divided her property among her kin, and empowered her nephews William Corbould and Digby Dent to sell her estates at Hargrave, Suffolk. Married... COLLSON, who d. before SUSAN CORBOULD, m. CHARLES BROWNE of Mendlesham, and had issue :- ~a. CHARLES BROWNE, residuary legatee of his grandfather, Richard Corbould. 3a. ELZABETH BROWNE 4a. DOROTHY BROWNE ja. MARY BROWNE. Legatees under the will of Richard Corbould. 3. MARY CORBOULD, of pswich. Mentioned in her father's will. Married at Earl Stonham Church, z 5 Oct. 1687, JOHN RVETT, gent., of Earl Stonham Manor, Suffolk, of kin to the Rivett-Carnacs, baronets. 4. ELZABETH CORBOULD, married THOMAS BARKER, of Stanton, Suffolk, and had issue :- a. JOHN BARKER, residuary legatee of his grandfather Richard Corbould, and legatee of John Corbould. Page 11

19 2a. ROBERT BARKER, legatee of his grandfather Corbould, and also of John Cor bould. ja. ELZABETH BARKER 4a. SUSAN BARKER Legatees of their grandfather Corbould. ja. MARY BARKER MARTHA, daughter of Richard and Martha CORBOULD, was a legatee of her grandfather Corbould. She married a brother of Captain Sir Digby DENT (knighted at St. James's Palace 19 May 1778), and had one son :- DGBY DENT, Esq., M.A., of pswich, Suffolk, b ; educated at pswich Grammar School, and Scholar of Peterhouse, Cambridge, admitted j May 1742, aged 18, matric. 1743, B.A. 174j-6, M.A. 1749, Fellow 1747-j6; d. 17 Nov. 1799, aged 76, bur. in his father's vault in St. Clement's Church, pswich, 22 Nov. By his will, dated 20 May 179j, proved (with 6 codicils) in London 29 Nov. 1799, he left his estates at Withersdale and Bromeswell, both in Suffolk, ancestral silver ande1,ooo to Richard " son of my first cousin George Corbould." To the Rev. R. Corbould Chilton he left all his houses and lands in the parish of St. Clement, pswich. Commodore Digby Dent m. Sophia Pitt, 3rd dau. of Adm. F. G. Drake, and granddau. of Sir Francis Drake, Bt., by his wife Elizabeth, eldest dau. of Sir Henry Pollexfen, kt., by his wife Maria, dau. of George Duncomb,* Esq., of Shalford, grandson of Roger Duncombe, Esq., of Litlington Park, Bedford. Mrs. Digby Dent's sister Harriett Pitt, m. 6 Nov., 1762, Brownlow, jth Duke of Ancaster, son of Peregrine, 2nd Duke, by his wife Jane, dau. and co-heir of Sir John Brownlow,t Bt. *Jane (descendant of his brother Richard), dau. of the Rev. Thomas Duncumb, M.A., B.D., last of thefive ( ) consecutive Duncumbe Rectors and Patrons of Shere, m. Alfred Poulter, only brother of H. G. Poulter of Collingwood Place, Camberley, whose eldest son H. 0. Poulter m. MARA MAGDALENE CORBOULD ; see Section X. tfrom him descended Bishop Brownlow North (Lichfield 1771, Worcester 1774, Winchester 1781). One of the nieces of the Honble. Mrs. Brownlow North was Miss Elizabeth Poulter (Sayer family), who m. the Rev. James Ogle and he was of kin to Miss Annie Middleton Wilson, the second wife of EDWARD HENRY CORBOULD, R. ; see Section V. Page 12

20 GEORGE CORBOULD. Banker, Goldsmith, Artist and Engraver. 172j Page 13

21 SECTON 111. CORBOULD MENDLESHAM REV. JOHN CORBOULD, B.A., son of Richard and Martha Corbould (see Section 11), b. 19 June 1698, bapt. at Cotton 30 June 1698; educated at King Edward V's Grammar School, Bury St. Edmunds, 7 3, Queens' College, Cambridge, admitted 1715, aged 17, and at Peterhouse, Cambridge, migrated 1717, A.B. 720 ; took Deacon's Orders at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, London, 23 Sep ; was appointed Curate of Mendlesham, 19 June 1723, and ordained Priest, 2j Sep. 726, and is believed to have been appointed Rector of Kettlebaston, co. Suffolk, 31 July 173. He held the curacy of Mendlesham till D. j Dec. 73 3, aged 3 j. Bur. at Mendlesham Church, in the Corbould vault, 6 Dec Married at Cotton, by licence, 8 June 724, MARY STNNET, b. 1700, d. 2 Mar. 1760, aged j9, bur. at Mendlesham, 29 March 1760, niece of Thomas Smyth, Esq., of Bacton, SuRolk. Richard Corbould of Cotton was bondsman at this marriage. They had six children :-. THOMAS CORBOULD, b See Section V. 2. GEORGE CORBOULD, of Cotton, Suffolk, and the p. of All Hallows, Lombard Street, London, artist-engraver, banker, Liveryman of the Goldsmiths' Company, London, b. 6 May 17zj, bapt. at Cotton 3 June 172j. Apprenticed in 1739 to Thomas Ramsay, of p. St. Edmund the King and Martyr, Lombard Street, artist-engraver, banker, citizen and goldsmith (who died in 1756, when letters of administration were granted to his daughter Ann Corbould). D. Dec. 1766, aged 41, bur. in the Corbould vault at Mendlesham Church, Suffolk. Will dated 7 Oct The pearl brooch which belonged to and was worn by George Corbould, was given by his gt. granddau. Charlotte to her father R. T. Corbould in t has been lost in recent years. The " Chilton " ring, another much-valued heirloom, was lost by R. T. Corbould in 1847 in his garden at Norwood. Geo. Corbould married 4 Oct by licence, at Gipping Chapel, near Stowmarket, ANN (bur. at St. Edmund's, Lombard Street), dau. of the afsd. Thomas RAMSAY, and had :- xa. JOHN HARVEY (or HENRY) CORBOULD, b. 2 Aug. 17j, bapt. at St. Edmund's, Lombard Street, as " John Harvey C." 18 Aug. 17j, d. 7 May 17j 2, bur. at St. Edmund's, Lombard Street, as " John Henry C.", 10 May za. GEORGE CORBOULD, b. 28 June 17jz, bapt. at St. Edmund's, Lombard Street, 15 July 17j2, d. 23 July 1752, bur. at St. Edmund's, Lombard Street, 26. July Page 14

22 3a. ANN CORBOULD, b. 2 NOV. 1753, bapt. at St. Edmund's Church, Lombard Street, 11 Nov. 1753, d. 15 Jan at 12 p.m., bur. 22 Jan. at slington Chapel. Married at St. George's Church, Hanover Square, London, 10 May 1774, WLLAM DAVES, of Williamson's Place, St. Marylebone, Mdx.? gent., who by his will dated 12 Feb left houses on Maida Hill, at Williamson's Place, and in Little James Street, Marylebone, to his wife Ann. Wm. Davies was the son of William Davies of Llanidloes, co. Montgomery, gent., by his wife Mary, dau. of... Glynne, Esq. Wm. and Ann Davies had issue :- ~b. WLLAM GLYNNE DAVES, b. 20 Mar. 1775, d. 9 Feb a. MARY CORBOULD, b. 8 NOV. 1754, bapt. same day at St. Edmund's, Lombard Street, d. 4 Mar. 17j9. ja. THOMAS CORBOULD, b. 13 Dec. 17j j, bapt. at St. Edmund's, Lombard Street, 21 Dec. 175 j, d. 26 Nov. 17j6, bur. at St. Edmund's Church, Lombard Street, 28 Nov a. RCHARD CORBOULD of Fitzroy Square (Section V). 3. JOHN CORBOULD, of p. of St. Vedast, Foster Lane, London, b. and bapt. at Mendlesham 10 Oct. 1726, artist-engraver, d. 19 Feb. 1775, aged 49. Married at Christ Church, Newgate Street, London, 30 April 175, RUTH WHTCHURCH, and had six children, ANN, RUTH, SUSAN, another child died in infancy, MARY (b. 27 Mar. 1712, d. 26 April 1771)~ and a son :- 6a. JOHN CORBOULD, of Foster Lane, London, artist-engraver, b. 18 Aug. 175 j, legatee of his great-aunt Mrs. Collison in 1791, d. 5 NOV Married SARAH CAREY, who died 7 Mar. 80 j, having had :- ~b. JOHN CORBO-ULD, artist-engraver, b. 20 April He was last seen walking towards Hackney Marshes. There is a small portrait of him in the possession of Mr. C. R. Corbould. He married MARY BOTT, and had four daughters :- C. ANNE ABBOTT CORBOULD, b. 20 July c. SARAH CORBOULD, b. 7 Jan. 1805, d. 7 Aug., b. CHARLES CORBOULD, b. 10 Feb He was an artist-engraver and lived in Foster Lane, London. Engraved the design for the banner of the Huguenot Society. He gave a supper at the New London Tavern to celebrate his coming-of-age, during which his cousin, R. T. Corbould, wrote, composed and sang a song in honour of the event. Died 12 June 182j. Married JANE PLMPTON, and had three daughters :- Page 15

23 C. JANE CORBOULD, d. 20 Dec. 1839, bur. in Camberwell churchyard 24 Dec. Married CHRSTOPHER SOLLET CHESSMAN. (Arms : Arg. a fess gules betw. three chess rooks sable). gc. JUDTH CORBOULD, d. in ELZABETH CORBOULD, bapt. at Mendlesham 29 May Died young. j. MARY CORBOULD, b. 28 Oct. 1728, bapt. at Mendlesham 19 Nov. 1728, d. 4 April Married the Revd. RCHARD CHLTON, Vicar of Mendlesham, Suffolk. He married zndly, 29 April 1765, ANN SEAMAN, of Mendlesham, who was of kin to his first wife. Rev. Richard and Mrs. (Mary) Chilton had :- a. REV. RCHARD CORBOULD CHLTON, B.A. Cantab., b. 1762, privately baptised by his father at Mendlesham, 4 Dec., 1763 ; descended from King Edward 11 of England ; educated at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge. While an undergraduate, he was author of a tract, well known in its day, called " Ten Minutes' Advice to Freshmen," and of the prints " College Fagging," " Lecture Room Attention " and " The Master of Arts." A contemporary account states that " his pedestrian powers were extraordinary ; he was a person of very considerable abilities, highly cultivated taste, and of great information. Though ardent in his pursuits, he was of a mild and benignant disposition, and examplary in the duties of his profession." Patron and Vicar of Mendlesham. He died at Mendlesham Vicarage, 28 Oct. 816, leaving the advowson of Mendlesham and the estate at Cotton, formerly in the Corbould family (but belonging to the Chiltons by purchase), to the three daughters of the Rev. Jacob Chilton of Ufford, one of whom became the wife of Richard Thomas Corbould. He married SOPHA, dau. of the Rev. Thomas WALKER, of Stony Stratford, Northamptonshire. 6. RCHARD CORBOULD, b. and bapt. at Mendlesham 12 Nov., 1730, apprenticed in 1744 to George Smith, of Stowmarket, and died in 1814, bur. in Paddington churchyard. He had one son and two daughters :- la. RCHARD CORBOULD, d. unmarried. 2a. MARY CORBOULD, married Mr. CHANDLER, and had a daughter CHAR- LOTT E. 3a. LETTCE CORBOULD, married RCHARD ANNSS, and had three sons :- RCHARD, EDWARD and SAMUEL. Page 16

24 of Fitzroy Square, London. From a miniature by W. E. Corbould, after W. A. Boehm, R.A. Ceramic enamel portraits shewn at the 1st exhibition of the Royal Academy at Somerset House, by R. Corbould. Page 17

25 RCHARD CORBOU~D, the left-handed landscape and portrait painter, aet 42. Page 18

26 GEORGE JAMES CORBOULD. Artist Engraver By Henv Bone, R.A., painter in ename1 to King George 111. Page 19

27 SECTON V. CORBOULD FTZROY SQUARE RCHARD CORBOULD, of Holborn, London, gent., 4th son of George Corbould (see Section 111), was born in the parish of St. Edmund, Lombard Street, 18 April 1757, bapt. at St. Edmund's Church, 24 April 17j 7; articled to Mr. Maris ; was a left-handed painter in oils and water-colours of portraits, landscapes, still life and historical subjects, miniatures on enamel and ivory, also on porcelain, and an etcher; but best known as a prolific illustrator of works of poetry and fiction. Between 1776 and 1817 he exhibited OO landscapes at the Royal Academy, 4 at the Free Society of Artists and 27 at the British nstitution. Farington the Diarist recorded that Richard " Corbold " called on him (2 April 1807) and brought a picture entitled " The Bard," "which was much pleased, with. Corbold told me that He was a pupil of Maris and resided with Him in Glanville Street, in the year 1773 in the House in which at that time resided." Died at Highgate, Middlesex, 26 July 1831, and was buried with his wife at St. Andrew's Church, Gray's nn Road, Holborn. His will, dated 28 May 1831, and witnessed by W. and B. Bousfield of Chatham Place, was proved in London 19 Aug., Married 11th Jan at St. Andrew's, Holborn, CHARLOTTE, b. in the p. of St. Dunstan, Fleet Street, 13 Aug. 1762, d. of dropsy 25 May, 1802, dau. of Thomas PHLLPSON of London and Old Calgarth Hall, Windermere, gent., by his wife Mary (d. 7 Jan. 1818, aged 86, bur. at Gray's nn Lane). Arms of Phillipson alias Thelwall of Crook Hall and Colegarth, Westmoreland :-Gu: a chevron betw. three boars' heads, couped, erm. tusked or. Crest :-Out of a mural coronet or, a plume of seven feathers, four arg. and three gules. Mrs. Corbould was a cousin of Benjamin West, P.R.A., wife of James Heath, A.R.A. and sister of Mary, 2nd Mr. and Mrs. Corbould had issue :-. RCHARD THOMAS CORBOULD, b See Section V. 2. GEORGE JAMES CORBOULD, artist-engraver, of Davis Street, London, b. in the parlsh of St. Andrew, Holborn 27 April 1786, exhibited 4 historical paintings in the Royal Academy , and 5 engravings at the Suffolk Street Galleries in Apprenticed to his uncle James Heath, A.R.A., the line-engraver, and followed in his steps. Died of apoplexy Nov at a.m., and was buried at Trinity Churchyard, Gray's nn Lane, London, 10th Nov. Will pr. in London in Nov HENRY CORBOULD, F.s.A., of whom presently. Page 20

28 HENRY CORBOULD, F. S.A. From a bas-relief by his son, E. H. Corbould. MARY, dau. of Thomas PCKLES, and wife of Heilry Corbould, F.S.A. Page 21

29 4. CHARLOTTE CORBOULD, b. 16 March 1790, d. at Monks Hall, Syleham, Suffolk, at p.m. 12 Aug THOMAS PHLLPSON CORBOULD, b. 19 Jan. 1792, d. in infancy. HENRY CORBOULD, F.s.A., of 70, John Street, Fitzroy Square, London, W., painter of landscapes and miniatures, was born in the p. of St. Andrew, Holborn, 11 Aug., 1787, studied painting with his father, and was at an early age admitted a student of the Royal Academy under Fuseli, where he obtained a silver medal for a study from the life. While at the Academy he was the contemporary and friend of Chantrey, Wes tmacott, Flaxman, Stothard and West. His first picture, " A Study," was exhibited at the Royal Academy in n 1808 he showed " Coriolanus." Hy. Corbould frequently sat as a model to Benjamin West, and is " St. John " in two of West's paintings in the National Gallery. A large part of his life was occupied in drawing from ancient marbles, including those in the collections of John, Duke of Bedford, and the Earl of Egremont, and the vast collections in the British Museum, which alone occupied thirty years. His highly finished drawings of the Elgin Marbles were afterwards published, and are now in the dept. of Prints and Drawings in the British Museum. He made the drawings for an edition of Camden's " History of England," and in 1838 designed the diploma of the Manchester Unity of the ndependent Order of Oddfellows. He was a member of the Dilletanti and Antiquarian Societies. Rough water-colour sketches of the " Great Britain one penny black,"the world's first adhesive postage stamp, were made by Sir Rowland Hill in 1840, and from the rough sketches thus provided, a finished drawing was made by Henry Corbould, who followed the general desi~n of a medal by William Wyon. Mr. Corbould's drawing pleased Queen Victorla so much that by her special desire this portrait was to be used for all British postage stamps during her lifetime and those of a number of the colonies. The original sketches are now in the collection of His Majesty the King. One of E. H. Corbould's reminiscences gives us an interesting insight into Henry Corbould's household at Great Coram Street, Russell Square, in H.C. said to his son, " Now, Ned, you will be butler tonight, and counting yourself and Frank as men, we shall be a dozen. Put out two dozen of port and have half a dozen in reserve under the sideboard. Here are the labels for the guests with their names and addresses on, so that the hackney carriage-drivers know where to deliver them." t is related that early on the following morning one driver arrived back to say that the occupants of his conveyance had been fighting and had got their labels torn off, so he didn't know where to deliver them. The nearness of Great Coram Street to the country was illustrated by the fact that E. H. Corbould saw a fox followed by hounds and huntsmen, and killed in a brewer's dray in that street opposite his father's house. Henry Corbould won a bet at his Club that he would shoot a certain number of snipe within a given number of minutes. When asked where he had shot them, he replied " n the marshes round Westminster." Page 22

30 His sons Edward and Frank one day borrowed a pony from a field on the north side of Euston Road, and having ridden up to Highgate to visit their grandfather, Richard Corbould, and finding the house apparently deserted, they got in through a window; They found their grandfather in bed covered only by a sheet. He told them that his nurse had said " You'll be dead by the morning, so will lay you out now." Then she made off with his blankets, and the servants fled too, afraid of being left alone with a corpse. Fortunately Richard Corbould was of hardy stock, and he survived for some years after that event. A contemporary biographer records that Henry Corbould was " devotedly attached to his profession, and his liberality and kindness to his brother-artists, when they required his assistance, was long remembered." When he was riding from St. Leonards to Hurst Green in Sussex, on his way to marry Mary Anne, b. 9 April 1787, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Wale of Curzon Street, Mayfair, widow and cousin of Sir Francis Chantrey, Kt., D.c.L., M.A., R.A. (to whom Sir Francis left his large fortune in trust, and afterwards to form the " Chantrey Bequest "), during the severe frost on 8 Dec. 1844, he had an attack of apoplexy, and died at Robertsbridge at 2.30 a.m., on the 9th, and was buried on 14th Dec. within the parish church of Etchingham, Sussex, where there is a tablet to his memory. His obituary notice records that " the arts have sustained a severe loss by the death of this excellent artist. He was surpassed by few in professional knowledge ; no painter of his time was more thoroughly acquainted with drawing ; and his copies from the antique may be referred to as models of accuracy and truth... Henry Corbould was eminently distinguished by courteous and gentlemanly manners ; his person was fine and manly, and his countenance remarkably handsome." Between 1802 and 1840 he exhibited 44 historical paintings and drawings in the Royal Academy, 21 at the British nstitution and 3 at the Suffolk Street Galleries. Will proved in London in Jan He married at St. James's, Hampstead Road, MARY, b. 1786, d. 31 March 1827, bur. at St. James's Chapel, Hampstead Road, dau. of Thomas PCKLES, gent., and had :-. JULA CORBOULD, b. July 1814, d. 17 Dec EDWARD HENRY CORBOULD, R.., see Section V. 3. ROSNA CORBOULD, b. 7 April 817, d. 10 Jan FRANCS JOHN CORBOULD, of Sydenham Place, Upper Sydenham, Kent, and Sonning Lodge, Reigate, Surrey, M.D. Aberdeen, F.R.C. S. Eng., L.R.C.P. Lond.; M.R.C.S.,.L.S.A. 1841, F.Med.S. Lond. Born 25 Feb Godson of Sir Francls Chantrey, Kt., R.A. Educated at the Palace School, Enfield, under Dr. May. He exhibited great ability as a sculptor; but was induced, chiefly by the counsel of his godfather, to adopt the medical profession. He was appointed Surgeon in the P. and 0. Company's Service, but left it on hearing that the 1851 Exhibition Building was to be moved from Hyde Park to its present site, and commenced private practice at Sydenham. He con- Page 23

31 HENRY HEATH CORBOULD, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S.A. Lond Page 24

32 tinued in practice there for 21 years without holidays. On moving to Reigate he stored his family silver, pictures and furniture at " The Pantechnicon " for 3 days, not renewing the insurance premium ; in that short space - of time the whole of it was destroyed by fire. He died of angina pectoris (aggravated by riding a tricycle) at Reigate 12 March 1884, aged 65, and was buried at Reigate. His will was proved 29 April 1884 at E36,joo. Married at the British Embassy, Paris, 22 Feb. 1849, MARA, 2nd dau. of William M. HOLLS, Esq., J.P., of Brighton. She died without issue, 24 Sep By her will, pr. in London, she left Lj7,771, mostly to members of the Corbould family. 5. ELVNA CORBOULD, b. 28 April 1820, d HENRY HEATH CORBOULD, of 9, Barnsbury Place, slington, M.R.C.S. Eng. 1843, L.S.A. Lond. 1847, twin with Alfred, b. 2 Nov His career was settled in the following manner :-His father on entering the nursery observed that he was playing with a file and a toothbrush, on the handle of which he had filed a longitudinal groove crossed by transverse ones along which he smeared his finger. He asked his son what he wanted to be, and was told " should like to be a dentist." His father went out, and whilst riding met his doctor and explained to him his boy's desire to become a dentist and enquired what was the proper course for him to adopt. The doctor replied " Just send him to a medical school and if he fails in all his exams. you can make a dentist of him." This course was adopted; but he became a general practitioner. He died 19 Dec at j, Tynedale Place, slington. Will proved 25 Jan Married 23 April 848, ANN (of 6, Ruvigny Mansions, Putney, b. 823, d. j Feb in her 97th year ; will pr. in London 12 Mar. 1919)~ dau. of Lieut. James KER, R.N. (b. 1784, d. 1846, bur. at Minehead, Somerset) by his wife (m. 8 j) Mary, sister of Admiral Sir James Scott, K.c.B., and dau. of Thomas Scott of Ham Common, Surrey, Raeburn and Glenluce, Scotland. Mrs. H. H. Corbould was a sister of Mrs. Aster Corbould, aunt of both Capt. and Mrs. Frank Ker Corbould, and cousin of her own son-in-law, Col. C. Forbes Bell. They had :- a. ELVNA MARY CORBOULD, of 24, Queen Square, Bath, b. 27 April Authoress of " Studies in Elocution," " Sidelights on Shakspere," books for children, and a series of handbooks on knitting (by" E.M.C."), which attained great popularity 60 years ago. Married MARK ANTHONY ROBNSON, of Brighton, L.R.C.P. Edin. 1882, L.R.C.S. Edin. and L.M (St. Thomas's Hospital). He died without issue at Brighton 9 Dec. 9, and was buried at Ditchling, Sussex. Page 25

33 CORBOULD AND KER MARRAGES. ADAM KEK. Robert Ker, m. Mary Barkley. Barkley 1 Adam Ker, b. Eliza Ker, -- Commander John Ker, R.N., b. 1716, Ker , changed m. 1st... m Ann Royall, his name to Keen, and who d Carr in 1771, tndly... m Eliza Dyer. Tarrant, and had 7 children. A Lieut. James Ker, R.N., b. 1784, Elizabeth Royall Ker, b. 1786, m hfary, sister m. 8 Rear-Admiral Chris topher of Admiral Sir Rell, C.A. James Scott, K.C.B. John ~dg'ar Ker, ~lizaleth Ro yall Ann ~er, Chris topher Bell, b. 1817, m. Ker, d. 1914, m. b. 1823, b. 1814, m. Elizabeth Cans- Aster Richard d Margaret Forbes. dale Wassell. Chi1 ton Corbould. m. Dr. Henry Heath Corbould. 1 Elizabeth = Capt. Frank Ker i Annie Rose = Colonel Christopher Forbes Mary Corbould, R.N.R. Corbould, Bell, of Liverpool, b. Katharine b. 1854, , d Ker. d Page 26

34 ;?a. ANNE ROSE CORBOULD, of j, Normanton Avenue, Sefton Park, Liverpool, b. 6 Aug. 18j4, d. 7 Feb. 1930, interred at Allerton cemetery, 10 Feb Married at St. Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, 8 April 1880, her cousin, Colonel CHRSTOPHER FORBES BELL, who was born 14 April at Birkenhead, educated at King Edward V's Grammar School, Norwich, under the headmastership of Dr. Jessopp, ; lived in Birkenhead and Liverpool, raised and was first Colonel of the " Liverpool Scottish " (10th Scottish, King's Liverpool Regiment), which adopted the Forbes tartan (omitting 2 narrow black lines) in honour of their first Colonel ; partner in hlers and Bell, Merchants, Liverpool ; Vice-President of the Heswall Hospital, Liverpool ; a freemason ; d. at Liverpool 7 July 1921, bur. there. Will proved in London 9 Sep He was the 1st son and 2nd child of Christopher Bell, of Birltenhead, b. 1814, by his wife Margaret, dau. of William Forbes, of Peterhead, Aberdeen. His grandfather, Rear-Admiral Christopher Bell, c.b., married in 18, Elizabeth Royall (b. 1786)~ dau. of Commander John Ker, R.N., by his wife Ann Royall. Col. Bell was descended from the Bells of Suffolk, and had issue :- ~b. ETHEL MARGARET FORBES BELL, b. 28 Jan. 1881, at Liverpool. 2b. MAJOR HENRY CORBOULD FORBES BELL, 73rd Carnatic nfantry, ndian Army, retired ; b. at Liverpool 8 Sep. 1882, educated at Liverpool College and the Royal Military College, Sandhurs t. Served in South Africa 1902 (medal with four clasps), and in the Great War (Mesopotamia, 1917). Past Master of the Perseverance Masonic Lodge No Married at St. Jude's Church, South Kensington, London, 28 Sept. 1921, HELENA JANE, dau. of Charles Octavius PHLLPS, of Mexico City, by his wife sabel Barbara Robertson. They have one son :- C. PETER FORBES BELL, b. at Heswall, Liverpool, 17 Sept jb. EVELYN FORBES BELL, b. at Liverpool, 5 Feb a. HENRY FRANCS CORBOULD, of Clifford House, Shaldon, Devon, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., and 1st M.B. London, 1880, Charing Cross and St. Bartholomew's Hospitals 1879 ; b. 9 Jan. 859 ; appointed to the British Guiana Medical Service, then House Physician and Res. Acc. at Charing Cross Hosp., and Asst. Demonstrator of Anatomy at Charing Cross Hosp. Medical School. Died unm. at Shaldon 11 June LVill pr. in London 30 June. 4a. WALTER EDWARD CORBOULD, artist, of 6j, Waldemar Avenue, Fulham, London, S.W.6., b. 28 Aug at slington. Pupil of his uncle E. H. Corbould, R.. ; educ. at South Kensington Art Schools, Great Page 27

35 Tichfield Street Government Schools and Hatherly's in Newman Street. Later studied at the Academy School, Antwerp, for 2 years, then at the Academy of Arts, Munich, Exhibitor at the Royal Academy, Burlington House, London. 7. ALFRED HCHENS CORBOULD, twin with Henry, b. 2 Nov Between 1844 and 1863 he exhibited 20 portraits at the Royal Academy. Died at his residence, 86, Warwick Gardens, Middlesex, j Dec Letters of administration granted 5 Feb Married at Fulham 3 Oct. 1848, MARY GRACE (of 2j, Brook Green, Hammersmith, d. 8 March, 1895, probate of her will being granted in London 17 April to Henry Eddowes Keene, bank manager, and Valton Corbould, artist; value of estate &7,483), dau. of Samuel Browne KEENE, solicitor, of Furnival's nn and pswich, by his wife Mary, dau. of John Sparrow of the Ancient House (otherwise Bishop Sparrow's House), Buttermarket, pswich, which was occupied by the Sparrow family for three centuries. Mrs. Corbould was the sister of Charles Samuel Keene ( ), the distinguished " Punch" artist, and had :- ~a. DOROTHEA MARY CORBOULD, of Cedar House, Marloes Road, Kensington, and afterwards of 19, Earls Terrace, Kensington, authoress and novelist, b. 1849, d. unm. ~j Dec. 1928, shortly before the publication of her last book. Will proved in London 19 Jan za. ALFRED CHANTREY CORBOULD, artist, of 8, Pembroke Road, Kensington, W., b. 13 July 1852, author and illustrator of "The Corbould Sporting Alphabet." Celebrated for his drawings of hunting and other sporting scenes. Exhibitor at the Royal Academy. Joined " Punch " staff in 1871 aged 18, and remained till He was war correspondent for " The Graphic " in the Russo-Turkish War and was present at the Plevna siege. t was at this period that he adopted his particular style of dress, which he continued to the end of his life :-A fancy vest buttoned up almost to the collar, flat white tie with horse-shoe pin, black blocked felt hat, half the height of a top hat, with flat brim and crown, very tight trousers and red sash, single-breasted coat with no lapels or outside pockets. This costume, associated with his height (about 6-ft. 3-in.) gave him an unusual and striking appearance, and his loud and cheery laugh dominated any gathering he was in. As a raconteur he was always appreciated at the Savage Club and was a great favourite with his fellow-artists. He and Phil May were kindred spirits. t was at the Savage Club that the great likeness between the late Dr. Nansen, the famous explorer, and Dr. Victor Corbould was noted, shewing that the Scandinavian type persists in the Corboulds. n Chantrey Corbould's studio were many mementos of and portraits by artist friends. He died 25 March 1920, and was buried at Golder's Green, London. Administration of his estate was granted in London 16 May, Page 28

36 Married at Kensington in 1884, SDNEY ANN JONES, b. 24 April 18..., and had an only child :- ~b. FRANCS CHANTREY CORBOULD, b. 24 Aug Lived abroad. 3 a. Ro SALND KATE CORBOULD, of 30, verna Court, Kensington, W. 8., formerly of Cedar House, Marloes Road, Kensington. Superintendent of the Female Staff, General Post Office, London. B D. unmarried at verna Court, 30 Nov Bur. at Golders Green, London, 5 Dec Will pr. in London at L2,083, 21 Jan. 1930; Richard Francis Keene, executor. 4a. CHARLES ROSSLYN CORBOULD, d. aged 17. 5a. WALTON CORBOULD, of 12, Woodgrange Avenue, Ealing, Mdx., b. at Eldon Lodge, Victoria Road, Kensington, 28 Dec. 18j9, educ. at Woodbridge, Suffolk. Artist. llustrated several books for children, and was for some time on the staff of " The World." A water-colour portrait by him of his uncle Charles S. Keene is in the National Portrait Gallery. He died at 2, Woodgrange Avenue, 3 April 9 9, and was buried at Hampstead ~j April. Married at Winchelsea, Sussex, 28 Dec. 896, ANNE HEPHZBAH (NANCY), b. in London, dau. of William Webb WLSON, by his wife Hephzibah Young, and had :- ~b. DOROTHEA MARY ROSALND CORBOULD, b. at Hampstead, 8 Jan ; d. there 8 Jan b. CHARLES ROSSLYN CORBOULD, now in the Wanganui River district, New Zealand, b. at Hampstead 5 Jan. 1904, bapt. there, educ. at Wantage School. Settled in New Zealand, March b. ALLAN HENRY FRANCS CORBOULD, of 12, Woodgrange Avenue, Ealing, b. at 25, Dartmouth Park Road, London, N.W., 5 July 1908, educ. at Wantage School. A wireless operator in the Merchant Service. 8. ANNA CORBOULD, b. 1827, d. 13 April ELZABETH MARY CORBOULD, d. in infancy. Page 29

37 SECTON V. CHLTON CORBOULD RCHARD THOMAS CORBOULD, of Tallymore, near Cheshun t, Herts, eldest son of Richard and Charlotte Corbould (see Section V), born 24 Nov. 1783, was bapt. at St. Andrew's Church, Holborn, London. n 18j 2 he wrote in his Diary that he had a clear recollection of going to the City Road Chapel at the age of 7 (1790) and seeing the Rev. John Wesley, who was born in He was elected into the service of the Governor and Company of the Bank of England on 16 June 1803, appointed Head of the Dividend Ofice some years later, and retired on a life pension in n the following year Mr. Corbould went to visit his cousins the Pelham Corboulds at Hoxne and Syleham. On 24 June as he was walking to Hoxne Abbey, a cart overtook him and the driver, a complete stranger, asked if he were a Corbould, adding " You have a Corbould face, sir," Persistence of type, again. When cing William V opened New London Bridge on Aug. 1831, Mr. Corbould gave a banquet in celebration at his residence at Bankside, at whlch 150 guests were present. He was, like his cousin, the Rev. R. Corbould Chilton, a remarkable pedestrian, and frequently walked from London to Otley House, Suffolk, where he for some time resided. At an advanced age he would walk more than 15 miles a day. He died at his home near Cheshunt, 28 March Married at Ufford, Suffolk, 3 Sep. 1810, MARY CHLTON, b. 2 Oct at Ufford, d. at p.m. 18 Oct. 18 j 3, bur. at All Saints' Church, Norwood, Surrey. She was 17th in descent from cing Edward 111 of England, being the third daughter of the Rev. Jacob Chilton, Rector of Eyke, co. Suffolk, by his wife, Frances Seaman, of Brockford, Suffolk. Mrs. Corbould was one of the three patronesses of hlendlesham and owners of the Cotton estate formerly belonging to the Corbould family. They had :-. ASTER RCHARD CHLTON CORBOULD, artist, b. 17 Sep. 181, bapt. at St. George's Church, Bloomsbury, and at Easton, Suffolk. A celebrated painter of cattle and landscapes. He exhibited 3 5 paintings in the Royal Academy, 32 at the British nstitution and 48 at the Suffolk Street Galleries between 1842 and He died at his residence 11, Phillimore Terrace, Kensington, 3 Oct. 1882, and was bur. at Hampstead. Will pr. in London, 14 Dec Married at Claygate, Surrey, 27 April 848, ELZABETH ROYALL KER, who died 15 Jan ; will pr. in London 7 Oct She was the youngest child of Lieut. James Ker, R.N. (b. 1784, m. in 1815 Mary, sister of Admiral Sir James Scott, K.c.B., and dau, of Thomas Scott, of Ham Page 30

38 Common, Surrey, Raeburn and Glenluce, Scotland, who was descended from the Duke of Buccleuch's family) ; granddau. of Commander John Ker, R.N. (b. 1756, m. 1783, d. 1814), by his wife Ann Royal1 (d. 1804j ; gt. gd. dau. of Robert Ker and of his wife Mary Barkley ; and gt. gt. gd. dau. of Adam Ker, descended from the family of the Duke of Roxburgh. Mrs. Aster Corbould was the sister of Mrs. H. H. Corbould, and aunt of Mrs. F. K. Corbould (her dau.-in-law) and of A. R. Corbould, who married Col. Forbes Bell (her cousin). They had issue :- a. CHLTON RCHARD CORBOULD, of Trevona, Ashtead \TToods, Ashtead, Surrey, bapt. at Claygate, Surrey. Head of his branch of the Corbould family. Educ. at Harris's School, \KTindsor. Joined the firm of N. M. Rothschild & Sons, bankers, St. Swithin's Lane, London, in Nov and retired in June za. ADRAN HENRY CORBOULD, of Glendower, Alum Chine Road, Bournemouth, bapt. at St. Peter's Church, Southwark. Educated at Harris's School, Windsor. Joined the firm of N. M. Rothschild & Sons, bankers, St. Swithin's Lane, London, in Jan He died at Bournemouth 15 July 1921 ; will pr. in London 5 Oct. 1921, at L11,223. Married at Newport, Monmouth, 3 June 1891, FRANCES LLLY, of Lavender Lodge, Manor Green Road, Epsom, d. 17 July 1929, will pr. in London 19 Nov. 1929, eldest of the six daughters of Charles CULLUM, of Newport, Monmouth, and had issue :- ~b. ELLEN ROYALL CORBOULD, of Crossekeys, Elstree, Herts, b. at Forest Hill, 6 April Served in a Red Cross hospital and later worked at the Royal Naval Cordite Factory, Holton Heath, during the Great War. Unmarried. 2b. ERC CHLTON CORBOULD, mechanical and electrical engineer ; b. at Yale Cottage, nglemere Road, Forest Hill, London, 4 June 1896, educ. at Margate and Exeter. Joined 217th Hampshire Regt. (T.) Nov. 1914, and was later gazetted Lieut. ndian Army and attached to the 44th Divl. Signal Coy., Sappers and Miners. Served in ndia, Mesopotamia and on the N.W. Frontier of ndia during the Great War, also in the Afghan War of Demobilized Joined the firm of H. L. Rochat & Co., Bombay, as an engineer in 192. Resided in Bombay until 1925, when he went to Calcutta as Manager of the Calcutta branch. Founded and became Managing Director of the firm of H. L. Rochat & Co. (Calcutta), Ltd., mechanical and electrical engineers and machinery importers, of Norton Buildings, 2, Old Court House Corner, Calcutta, in Married in Bombay 5 June 1924, MARE THERESE, b. posthumously 12 Oct. 1905, dau. of Charles Douglas SHARMAN, an Australian, descended through his mother from the Threlfall Page 31

39 family. Mr. Sharman was one of the victims of bubonic plague during the great outbreak in Bombay in 1905, and marriedmarie Ada, b. in Mauritius, dau. of Louis Noel Banchillon, of Marseilles, who was married in Mauritius to Louisa Nancy, only dau. of Captain Bird, an Englishman, who on retiring from the Navy became a sugar planter in Mauritius and amassed a considerable fortune. Mrs. Sharman married zndly, in 1915, William Glads tone Edwards, a mechanical engineer, of Newcas tle-on- Tyne. Mrs. Corbould's only sister, Marie Simonne, married in Bombay, Fritz Mat zinger, of Zurich, Switzerland. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Corbould have issue :- C. MARE YVONNE CORBOULD, b. in Bombay 8 Aug. 192j, educ. at Loretto School, Shillong, Assam. 2c. MARE JOAN CORBOULD, b. in Calcutta, 3 Nov. 1926, educ. at Lore tto School, Shillong. 3c. MARGUERTE MARE DENSE CORBOULD, b. in Calcutta, 26 April 1928, educ. at Loretto School, Shillong, Assam. 4c. PATRCA MARY DOROTHY CORBOULD, b. in Calcutta, 12 June JC. FRANCS RCHARD CHLTON CORBOULD, b. in Calcutta, 3 June b. KATHLEEN ADRENNE CORBOULD, b. at Forest Hill in Married at Bournemouth, in Nov. 1919, HUGH STANLEY HOP- CRAFT, of Crossekeys, Woodcock Hill, Elstree, Herts, b. in 893 at Chipping Ongar, Essex, educ. at St. Paul's School. He was gazetted Lieut. in the King's Shropshire Light nfantry, and served in the Great War from 1914 to 1916, when he lost his left leg in the battle of the Somme. He is the son of Lucignon Hopcraft, and a great-nephew of General Garibaldi, the talian patriot. There is a tradition that the Garibaldis are descended from Garbald the Viking, and therefore possibly of kin to the Corbould family. Mr. and Mrs. Hopcraft have an adopted daughter, SHELA ANNE HOPCRAFT, b a. KATHARNE CHARLOTTE CORBOULD, of Trevona, Ashtead, Surrey. qa. ERNEST EDWARD CORBOULD, of Epping, N.S.W., b. at Kensington, London, went to South Africa, and afterwards to Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. He subsequently purchased farms in the Wellington, Clarence River and Camden districts of New South Wales, and retired in 924. Died at Poplar Private Hospital, Epping, New South Wales, 2 June Married by special licence, 26 Jan. 1883, by Rev. Dr. Fullerton, to ALCE MAUD MARY EVERSLEGH, who was born at Yass, N.S.W., shortly after the lawlessness Page and 32serious riots had been quelled on the

40 goldfields there, and on being taken to the registrar at a time of patriotic enthusiasm, the name originally chosen for her was changed on official suggestion, which the parents fell in with, and the Registrar thereupon named the child after the second daughter of Queen Victoria. She is the daughter of Robert Eversleigh, Gold Commissioner for New South Wales and Mining Engineer, who was born in London, and held many important posts in Australian gold mining companies, by his wife Mary Magdalene Marryat, a descendant of the naval Marryats of Asheldham, Essex, and of kin to the multi-millionaire Australian Rands through her mother Elizabeth Rand of Tillingham, Essex. n character Mrs. Eveisleigh closely resembled her near relative Mrs. Elizabeth Fry, philanthropist and reformer, the third daughter of John Gurney, Esq., of Earlham Hall, Norwich, the Quaker banker. They had :- ~b. LEUT. GORDON CLARENCE CORBOULD, Royal Australian Navy, b. 16 April 1888, educated at the High School, Sydney, which, on account of his early intellectual development and remarkable memory, he left while quite young, and joined a well-known firm of solicitors in Sydney. n his short life he accomplished much ; apart from his vocation, law, his avocations and interests show his versatilityextensive foreign travel, architectural design and drawing, music, Egyptology, and electrical engineering. He was a voracious reader. He won several prizes for swimming and was a sound cricketer. A noted rifle shot, his successes commenced at the age of 10, when he was in the Waverley Volunteer Cadet Corps. On the outbreak of the Great War he gave up what promised to be a brilliant career as a lawyer, and having a love of the sea, which was probably inherited from the Marryats, Scotts and Kers as well as the Corboulds, he joined the Navy. n September 1914 he was drowned in submarine A.E.2 (believed to have been torpedoed), unmarried, aged 26 years. zb. SYBL MARJORE CORBOULD, b. at Sydney, N.S.W., 4 Sep A talented musician. Competing successfully from the early age of 13 in the various examinations at Sydney High School, she qualified as a public school mistress. She married, while still a girl-student at Sydney, WALTER ALFRED CARTER, son of Alfred Carter of London, England, analytical chemist and pharmacist, also a freemason, and has issue. jb. ESPERANCE DOROTHY CORBOULD, of Asheldham, Essex Road, Epping, Sydney, N.S.W., b. at Sydney 12 May 189j, and was educated there, passing her examinations with honours. She Page 33

41 has made a special study of economics and industrial law, and is in close contact with the political and industrial life of Sydney to an advanced degree. ja. LEOPOLD ASTER CORBOULD, of Ladymead, Moorland Avenue, New Milton, Hants, educ. at Harris's School, Windsor. Clerk at Westminster Bank, Ltd., 41, Lothbury, London, Feb ; retired through illhealth in a. CAPTAN FRANCS KER CORBOULD, R.N.R., of Preston Pans, Chandlers Ford, Hants, b. 30 March Educ. at Harris's School, Windsor. Joined the R. M.S.P. Co. in 889 and rose to the rank of Commander n 1902 he went to the relief of the inhabitants of St. Pierre after the great volcanic eruption, and received the thanks of the French Government. Served in the Great War from 1914 to n September 1915, when in command of the " Deseado," he successfully led the convoy of 17 ships, with 18,177 officers and men and 3,002 horses on board, from Southampton to Alexandria. On the completion of this voyage the following message was signalled to him " Captain Corbould, thank you kindly-the Deseado has been my mainstay all along. wish you the best of luck. B.G.B. (ship's code name)." He had two narrow escapes from " U " boats, one coming within two yards of his ship. His health was much impaired as the result of war service, and he died 3 April Will pr. in London 18 May An American tribute (from, Broadway, New York) :-" Captain Corbould was one of those rare souls who make the world a happier place because of their abounding good humour and willingness to live and let live. Above all he was an object lesson in the way he took the rough with the smooth, always with a smile on his face and a kindly thought for others in the bargain. Humanity, Captain Corbould never lost sight of; and his passing is indeed a great loss." He married at Amwell, Herts, 28 Dec. 1899, his first cousin, ELZA- BETH MARY KATHARNE (of Ladymead, Moorland Avenue, New Milton, Hants), youngest child of John Edgar KER, of St. Margaret's, near Ware, Herts (b. 1817), by his wife Elizabeth Cansdale Wassell (who d. 19oj), and granddau. of Lieut. James Ker, R.N. (b. 1784, m. r 8 5, d. 846)by his wife Mary, dau. of Thomas Scott, of Ham Common, Surrey, Raeburn and Glenluce, Scotland, and sister of Admiral Sir James Scott, K.C.B. 2. CHARLOTTE MARY CORBOULD, b. 8 Feb. 1813, d. 2 March CHARLOTTE MARY CORBOULD, of Huntroyde, near Burnley, Lancs., b. 6 March 816, d. unmarried 12 Jan. 898 ; will pr. in London 4 Feb EDWN THOMAS CORBOULD, b. 29 NOV. 1817, d. 9 May Bur. at Ufford, Suffolk.. JULA FRANCES CORBOULD, b. 30 July 1819, d. 6 Sep Bur. at Ufford. 6. GEORGE CORBOULD, b. 12 May 1821, d. j April 822. Bur. at Ufford. Page 34

42 EDWARD HENRY CORBOULD, By Mrs. T. H. Weatberh. R.. ANNE MDDLETON, dau. of Thomas WLSON, and wife of E. H. CORBOULD, R.. By E. H. Corbould, R.. RDLEY EDW. ARTHUR LAMOTHE CORBOULD. By E. H. Corbould, R.. Page 35 VCTOR A. L. E. CORBOULD, M.D., M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P By T. Marfinc Ronaldson, 1927.

43 SECTON V. EDWARD HENRY CORBOULD, R.. EDWARD HENRY CORBOULD, R.., of Eldon Lodge, Victoria Road, Kensington, London, b. j Dec. 181 j at No. 6, Great Coram Street, Russell Square, London, eldest son of Henry Corbould, F.S.A. (see Section V). He was educated at the Palace School, Enfield, under Dr. htay. Following in the footsteps of his forefathers who had for three generations been well-known artists, he adopted art as a profession and became one of the most distinguished historical painters of his time. He was a pupil of Henry Sass and a student at the Royal Academy. His first original design was in water-colour, the subject being the fall of Phaeton from the Chariot of the Sun. For this design he was awarded the gold sis medal of the Society of Arts in n the following year he was again successful, winning the same prize for a model of a chariot race as described by Homer. These designs were then exhibited at the Royal Academy. At this time he had already shewn a design from Spenser's " Faerie Queene" at the exhibition of the Society of British Artists. n 837, Mr. Corbould joined the New Society of Painters in Water Colours, and for many years contributed works to that gallery, chiefly subjects from Chaucer, Spenser and Shakes ere. One of the earliest (now at Norbury Park, Dorking) was the assembling o P the pilgrims in the yard of the Tabard nn, Southwark. n 1842 Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort visited the galleries of the Royal ns ti tu te, opposite Marlborough House, and purchased a water-colour painting by Mr. Corbould, then a young member of the nstitute. Many of his works were subsequently purchased by Queen Victoria and went to Osborne House and Buckingham Palace. He was a prizewinner at two exhibitions in Westminster Hall. His picture of Floretta de Nerac, the first love of Henry V of France, was purchased by Queen Victoria, and presented by her to the Emperor William, then King of Prussia. Two ictures were acquired by the Princess Royal (Empress Frederick). The painting P rom Tennyson's " Morte dyarthur " was purchased in 864 by Queen Victoria and presented by her to the Princess Louise. n that year, Mr. Corbould made, under the immediate superintendence of Her Majesty, a design for a piece of plate, to stand three feet high, as a christening present to the late Duke of Clarence. n 8 j, Sir Charles Phipps called on Mr. Corbould at his house in Rutland Gate and asked him whether he would accept the post of drawing master to the Royal children. He commenced work at Buckingham Palace on the first anniversary of the Duke of Connaught's birthday. " remember," said E.H.C., " the Duke of Wellington coming across from Apsley House and presenting the little Prince Arthur with a sword he had worn during the Peninsular campaign, saying : ' Take Page 36

44 this, my little Prince, for am sure you will become a soldier.' " He painted the Prince Consort's portrait while staying with the Court at Balmoral Castle. His picture of Lady Godiva was bought by the Government of New South Wales as an example of English water-colour painting, and now hangs in the National Gallery at Sydney. He retained the post of nstructor of Drawing and Painting to the Royal Family for 20 years. King Edward V made his first purchase of a work of art in the acquisition of a picture by E. H. Corbould. Between 183 j and 1874 he exhibited 17 paintings in the Royal Academy. He sent 2j0 drawings to the nstitute, and only in 1898 did he retire from active membership, when his colleagues placed him on the honorary list. He watched the development of art in England for 70 years, himself taking a share in it ; but never seeking to " advance " with change of taste. t is as an illustrator that he will be remembered. He was one of a group who made wood-drawing and bookillustration a living and moving art in the middle of the last century. King Edward V accepted a picture of" Edward V and his tutor, Richard Cox, Bishop of Ely,"t sending E.H.C. in return a signed portrait of himself, with a letter which is now in the library of the Australian Club, Sydney, to which it was presented by Dr. Victor Corbould. He executed four large sepia drawings () Boadicea calling on the Gods of Pridain to succour her against the Romans, (2) King Richard meeting the Kentish nsurgents under Wat Tyler, (3) King Henry's welcome to London after Agincourt, (4) Queen Elizabeth going to Tilbury. These designs were made for proposed statuary to occupy the four pedestals on Blackfriars Bridge. They were to have been 32 feet in length; but the cost, Ljz,ooo each, prevented their execution, although their designer offered to help the Corporation of the City of London to the extent of modelling them himself. The pedestals remain unoccupied to this day. W. H. Corbould bought these drawings and presented them to the Australian Club at Sydney, where they are hung in the library. He also presented E. H. Corbould's " Knight of King Arthur's Court, from Chaucer " to the Queensland Club, Brisbane. n his early married life he lived in Charlotte Street, Fitzroy Square, and one day his wife, who was looking out of the window, said " Ned, think you had better go across the street and tell old Mr. Landseer," who is at his door, that his servant has gone out. Ask him to come in here till the rain stops and his servant returns. He is an art critic and it might do you some good to get to know him better." So he was brought in ; he was very deaf and had the embarrassing unconscious habit of quietly but quite audibly voicing his innermost thoughts ; his ordinary speaking voice was big and resonant, much like the growl of a certain animal at tbishop Cox's daughter, Mrs. Macro, of Bury St. Edmunds (see Section 11) had a son, Thomas Macro, also of Bury St. Edmunds, who was High Sheriff of Suffolk in 1701, and had issue :-. Dr. Cox Macro. 2. Mary Macro, m. 1711, John Wilson of Broomhead, York. Their only son was John Wilson (1719-xl) the celebrated antiquary. *John Landseer, A.R.A. (d. 1852, aged Y), father of Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, R.A., Charles Landseer :R.,A.., Thomas Landseer, A.R.A., and Henry Landseer, the Australian artist. Page 37

45 the Zoo. E.H.C. shewed him the work which he was engaged on, telling him that he was sending it to the forthcoming exhibition. Landseer said " Yes, yes, very nice indeed-very clever " (and sotto voce, " don't like it a bit "), then growling and grunting aloud, he said " You are a very young man. hope you will sell it " (sotto voce : " which you never will do if you live to be a hundred "). E. H. Corbould lived the rest of his life in Kensington. One Sunday, when returning with his father from the service at Westminster Abbey, he pointed through the trees near Knightsbridge Barracks, and said " Do you see those scaffold poles? Well, that is the new house am having built in Rutland Gate." His father dryly remarked, " Well, Neddy, always thought you were a donkey, but never dreamed you were such a fool as to build a house so far out of London. Who do you imagine will come so far to see your work? " When the house was finished, E.H.C. went to sleep in it for the first time on a Saturday night. Early on Sunday morning he was awakened by a manservant from a house opposite who enquired whether he had a gun. " No? asked because thought if you had, sir, could shoot a hare which is in my garden and we could share it." n the summer of 1904 Mr. Corbould fell down a flight of stone steps, and died as a result of his injuries at Kensington, 18th Jan. 190j, in his 90th year. He left a nett personalty of Ej, j 8. By his will he desired the Queen to accept the best water-colour painting in his possession. A contemporary account describes Mr. Corbould as a " courteous gentleman and a charming personality, whose achievement must take its place in any record of British art." Nine water-colours, being scenes from the Opera Undine, as well as two otherb, " Henry V " and " The conoclasts of Basle," remain in the possession of the Ex-Emperor Wilhelm of Germany at Doorn, Holland ; but the German Government took possession of Corbould's " Floretta de Nerac," which is now at the Castle of Babelsberg. His Majesty the King has many of Mr. Corbould's works. Fourteen watercolours and an oil painting are in Buckingham Palace, a portrait of the Prince Consort (by H. L. Smith after Corbould) and two pictures are at Windsor Castle, and there are three pictures at Osborne. E. H. CORBOULD married st, 28 Sep. 1839, his second-cousin-once-removed, FANNY JEMMA, b. 22 July 814, d. 19 Feb. 1850, 2nd dau. of the engraver Charles HEATH, and granddau. of James Heath, A.R.A., historical engraver to King George 111, King George V and King William V. Mrs. Corbould was a first-cousin of Admiral Sir Leopold George Heath, K.c.B., A.D.c., J.P., of Anstie Grange, Holmwood, Surrey, a second-cousin of Admiral Sir Herbert Leopold Heath, K.c.B., M.v.o., A.D.c., and of Ma or-general Sir Gerard Moore Heath, K.c.M.G., c.b., D.s.o., R.E., and an aunt o i! Professor Sir Frank Heath, Kt., Ph.D. They had :-. JEMMA CORBOULD, b. in London 28 July 1840, educated with her sisters sabel and Julia at Rushen Abbey, Ballasalla, -Castletown, sle of Man ; Page 38

46 at Miinster, Westphalia, and Berlin, where they were invited to the Palace by the Empress Frederick (Princess Royal) and saw the ex-kaiser, then a baby; d. at 41, Bryanston Street, W., 30 Oct. 1913, bur. at Kensal Green Nov. Married at St. Mary Abbots Church, Kensington 29 April 862 FRANCS JOHN WYBURD, artist, of 41, Bryanston Street, Portman Square, W., b. in London 4 Dec. 1827, educ. at Lille, France ; exhibited 32 paintings in the Royal Academy between 1846 and 1880, and was a member of the Society of British Artists ; d. in London 30 Nov. 1909, bur. at Kensal Green ; will proved 26 Jan ; son of William Francis Wyburd, of London, and Sarah Crozier his wife. They had :- a. MMA MARGARET WYBURD, b. in London 6 March 1863, d. unm. at 12, Westbourne Terrace Rd., W., 14 Jan. 1929, bur. at Kensal Green. 2a. ETHEL MARA WYBURD, b. in London 9 May 1864, d. unm. at 41, Bryanston Street, W., 24 Oct. 1910, bur. at <ensal Green. Will pr. 22 NOV a. LEONARD FRANCS WYBURD, of 87, Wigmore Street, London, W., and 20, Upper Berkeley Street, W., senior partner in Leonard F. Wyburd, b. at 41, Bryanston Street, W., 12 June Married at St. Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, 14 July 1900, ELEANOR OLDERSHAW, b. at 22, Arundel Gardens, W., 20 Dec. 1876, awarded the Ordre de la Couronne and the MCdaille de la Reine Elisabeth by the King of the Belgians for services rendered to interned Belgian soldiers in Holland during the Great War, dau. of the Rev. Walter Apsley BATHURST, M.A., by his wife Emma Mortimer Brutton. They have :- ~b. MAJOR HENRY NEVLLE CORBOULD WYBURD, of 20, Upper Berkeley Street, London, W., now serving in the Queen's Westminsters and Civil Service Rifles, b. at, Cambridge Street, London, W., 27 May 1901 ; educated at Charterhouse ; junior partner in Leonard F. Wyburd. Married at Brompton Parish Church, 30 Oct. 1926, JOCELYN MARY, b. at Northwood, Middlesex, 7 Sep. 1903, educ. at Downe House, Downe, Kent, dau. of Major George Lawrence Ashley DODD, of Otley House, Otley, Suffolk (and his wife Geraldine Marie Lace, of Broom Lodge, Bracknell, Berks), only son of George Ashley Dodd, Esq., J.P., M.A., and grandson of George Dodd, Esq., D.L., M.P. for Maidstone for many years. They have :- C. GLES NEVLLE FRANCS WYBURD, b. at j4, York Street, London, W., 8 June b. LEUT. DEREK BATHURST WYBURD, R.N., b. at, Cambridge Street, London, W., 9 Oct. 1904, educ. at Osborne and Dartmouth, gazetted Lieut. 15 Nov Page 39

47 2. SABEL FANNY CORBOULD, b. 16 April 1843, d. 29 June 191 j. Married GEORGE HARRS HAYWOOD, of 8, Cottesmore Gardens, Kensington, sometime director of Yates, Haywood & Co., and of the Rotherham Foundry Co., d. at Torquay zj Nov. 190j ; will proved in London 21 Dec. 19oj, resworn at % 3,j 89. Son of George Haywood, of Rotherstoke, Rotherham, Yorlts. They had :- a. EVELNE MARY CORBOULD HAYWOOD, b. at Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick, 7 July 1868, bapt. at Brentford. Member of the Society of Women Artists ; exhibitor at the Royal Academy ; formerly on Council of the Royal Society of Miniatures ; painted portraits of King George V., Queen Victoria, Prince Henry of Battenberg and others. n the Diamond Jubilee year of Queen Victoria's reign she painted her Majesty's portrait, which was set in diamonds and sent to the Emperor of China by the Queen as a souvenir of the occasion. Married at St. Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, Aug. 1895, CUTHBERT FREDERCK ELLS (now CORBOULD-ELLS), of 11, Victoria Square, Reading, Berks, Esq., J.P. (Oxon. 1909, Herts 1924) ; educ. at Eas tbourne College, and Berlin University ; Solicitor, partner in Corbould-Ellis & Mitchell ; b. 17 Nov. 1866, bapt. at Richmond, 2nd son of the late Frederick Startridge Ellis, of Torquay, Devon, by his wife Catherine Augusta Flora, dau. of William Moates of Epsom ; grandson of Joseph Ellis of Richmond, Surrey, by his wife Elizabeth Blake, dau. of William Moates of Southwark ; and a gt. gd. son of Charles Ellis of Abbots Bromley, by his wife Mary Godwin. Mr. Corbould-Ellis is a nephew of Alderman Sir John Whittaker Ellis, Bt., M.P., J.P., of Byfleet, Surrey, and of Solent Lodge, Cowes, Lord Mayor of the City of London They have :- ~b. END MARY CORBOULD CORBOULD-ELLS, b. at Hammersmith 28 April 1896, bapt. at Chiswick Ch. ; an artist ; educ. at Sandgate, Kent, Freiburg in Breisgau and Paris. Married at Stevenage, Herts, j Nov. 191 j, COMMANDER JOHN HERBERT PERCVAL SOUTHBY, R.N. (gazetted Cmdr. 31 Dec. 1926, and passed through special course, R.N.C., Greenwich), elder son of the late Rev. W. P. Southby and Mrs. Southby of Gerrards Cross, Bucks. They had :- C. PRSCLLA JUNE SOUTHBY, b. at Chelsea Sep. 1916, bapt. at S tevenage. ZC. ROSEMARY EVELNE SOUTHBY; b. in London 7 Sep. 192j, bapt. at Ower Moigne, near Weymouth, Dorset, Nov. '92j. This marriage was dissolved in Page 40

48 Mrs. E. M. C. Southby married zndly, at Bromley, Kent, 21 Au~. 1930, LEUT. CMDR. HARRY PHLPOT KOELLE, R.N., b. at Bournemouth 16 Aug ; educ. at Osborne 1915 ; and the R.N.C., Dartmouth ; served in the Great War (2 medals) ; sailed with H.R.H. the Prince of Wales in H.M.S. Renown on his tour to America ; promoted Lieut. Cmdr. 16 Aug ; son of the Rev. Constantine Philpot Koelle, M.A., Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, 898 (B.A. 2nd C1. Th. Tri. 894) ; Rector of Wickford, Essex ; by Hebe, his wife. They have issue :- 3c. EVELNE JEAN KOELLE, b. 7 Aug [Commander Southby m. zndly, at Hong-Kong, 3 Jan. 193, Elisabeth Jessie, widow of Duncan Story, and dau. of the Rev. Prof. Walter Lock, D.D., Warden of Keble College, Oxford, and Jane Cecil his wife, eldest dau. of Canon Charles Heathcote Campion, B.A. Oxon, one of the Campions of Danny, co. Sussex.] 2b. LESLEY HOWARD CORBOULD-ELLS, of 68, Station Road, London, s.w.13, late of Dial Cottage, Chessington Road, Ewell, Surrey. b. at Kensington 8 Jan. 1899, bapt. there ; educ. at Oundle, Northants, and Christ's College, Cambridge. Served in the R.F.C. 1917, and was gazetted Lieut. Royal Engineers Married at St. Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, 2 Feb. 1927, JOAN MARGARET, b. at Kensington 24 April 1902, bapt. at St. Mary Abbots 10 June 1902, dau. of Dr. Edwin Alfred BARTON, of Hereford, and Margaret Ellen his wife (of Streatham), and has a son :- C. DAVD CORBOULD-ELLS, b. at Knaresborough Place, South Kensington, 20 Dec. 1927, bapt. at St. Mary Abbots, Kensington, 11 Feb b. ALSON SYBL CORBOULD-ELLS, b. at Crowmarsh Giffard, Wallingford 27 Aug. 1903, bapt. there ; educ. at Welwyn and Mill Hill (private schools). Married at Stevenage, Herts, 24 May 1923, MAJOR DONALD CLTHEROE WLSON, D.s.o., R.F.A., b. at Cottingham, East Yorks, 18 May 188j, bapt. there. Educ. at Stubbington House, Fareham, at Harrow and at the R.M.A., Woolwich. Son of George Thorp Wilson (of Folkestone and Mentone, who d. at Little Thorpe, Folkestone z June 1932 ; will pr. in Sept ate103,771) by Louise Adde his wife, of Hitchin, and a descendant of Thomas Macro, of Bury St. Edmunds, High Sheriff of Suffolk 1701 (vide Sections 1 and V). 2a. EDWARD HOLROYD HAYWOOD, of 46, Lexham Gardens, Kensington, London, W.8., b. 6 Aug at the residence of his grandfather, George Haywood, Rotherstoke, Moorgate, Rotherham, Yorkshire. Page 41

49 Educated at Worthing College , Bradfield College 88 j -87, and at Sablt-sur-Sarthe, France, Director since 900 and Chairman of Yates, Haywood & Co., Ltd., ronfounders, Rotherham. Elected on livery of the Worshipful Company of Dyers, London, 895, to the Court of Assistants 1916, Renter Warden , Prime Warden Elected to Common Council, Corporation of the City of London, 1905 (re-elected to Dowgate Ward 21 Dec. 193 ). A City Corporation Governor of Bridewell and Bethlem Royal Hospitals A City Corporation Trustee of Mitchell City of London Charity and Educational Foundation ja. HARRS EDGAR CORBOULD HAYWOOD, b. June 1871, d. 4 Jan a. RONALD ERNEST HAYWOOD, of Springvale, Putney, b. 3 Aug. 872, educated at Worthing College and at Bradfield College. Joined the firm of Sir Theodore Angier, shipowners, and became superintendent. Elected on livery of the Worshipful Company of Dyers. Died at Roehampton, 29 Sep Will pr. in London 7 Nov at &19,492. Married at the Royal Hotel, Henley-on-Thames 4 Sep. 1909, JOYCE GRENDON, who is descended.from the ancient family of de Grendon which, it is said, came over with William the Conqueror from the village of Grendon in Normandy, and settled in Warwickshire, where they owned lands on which is now built the village of Grendon, and also lands at Tewkesbury. The arms of the family are in a window of the ancient church at Grendon, Warwickshire, and at a church in Rouen. Sir Ralph de Grendon, Kt., Sheriff of London, was of this family. They had :- ~b. NORMAN VCTOR HAYWOOD, b. 29 May Educ. at Dulwich College, and at Emmanuel College, Cambridge (matric. 1931). She married zndly, 11 June 1914, MAJOR CHARLES EDWARD NEWTON, b. 14 Aug. 873 ; educated at the City of London School, and in France ; admitted a Solicitor in April 1900, and appointed Town Clerk of the Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell 1923 ; joined Artists Rifles 892 and served continuously till 1920, demobilized 1919, gazetted Brevet Major in the King's Birthday Honours List 1919 for services rendered in the Great Mar. He was appointed President of the Metropolitan Town Clerks' Association Member of the Executive of Society of Town Clerks. Member of the Royal Corinthian Yacht Club, and of the Constitutional Club. A freemason : member of the Rosemary Lodge. Major and Mrs. Newton reside at Old Denne Cottage, Warnham, Sussex, and have issue. ja. SOBEL MAY STEWART HAYWOOD, b. 2 May 1874 at Riversden House, Strand-on-the-Green, Chiswick, bapt. at Chiswick, educ. at Kensington High School, d. at 32, Malbrook Road, Putney, s.w.15, 24 Nov Page 42

50 Married at St. Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, 17 April 1907, SAMUEL PRESTLEY JOHNSTONE, author, b. at Kensington, W., 13 Jan. 1878, educ. at St. Paul's School and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, d.s.p. at May Cottage, Princess Road, Bournemouth, 28 Feb. 1918, bur. at Bournemouth j March, son of Henry Harris Johnstone of Kensington, and his wife Mary Jane Benyon. 6a. MMA LLAN HAYWOOD, b. j July 1877, at 8, Clarendon Road, Kensington, W., bapt. at St. Stephen's Church, Gloucester Road, W., educ. at Kensington High School. Miniature Painter. Exhibited at the Royal Academy, Royal nstitute, Walker Art Gallery at Liverpool, and the American Water Colour Society, New York. Student of Dramatic Art. Married at St. Mary Abbots Church, Kensington, 16 Oct. 1906, THOMAS HERBERT WEATHERLY, F.R.c.o., of j, Launceston Place, Victoria Road, Kensington, W., b. 4 June 1877 ; educ. at the Choir School of St. Peter's, Eaton Square, S.W. ; studied at the Royal Academy of Music. Organist of St. Mary's, Paddington Green ; Metropolitan Church, Toronto ; Central Church, Toronto, Canada ; and St. John's, Wilton Road, London. Organ recitalist ; member of the Council of the London Society of Organists, 1932 ; has written anthems, songs and church music, also for orchestra, organ and pianoforte, including " Fantasia in C sharp minor," " Suite," " Sursum Corda " Son of James and Catherine Weatherly. They had issue :- ~b. BARBARA CORBOULD HAYWOOD WEATHERLY, b. 4 Feb. 1918, d. 8 Feb JULA CORBOULD, b. 24 May 1847, d. 20 May EDWARD H. CORBOULD married zndly, 7 Aug. 185, ANNE MDDLETON (b. 1828, d. June 1866), dau. of Thomas WLSON, of Douglas, sle of Man, and his wife Maria Alicia, dau. of Richard Thompson and Ann his wife, dau. of Jonathan, gd. dau. of John, and gt. gd. dau. of William Hepple, of Thornborough, who was the son of James Hepple, of South Middleton ( j 40). Mrs. Corbould was the niece of John Martin, the distinguished artist, and was descended from the Ogles, Bertrams, and Ridleys of Willimoteswick, in Tynedale, Northumberland, of whom was Nicholas Ridley, the martyr-bishop of London. They had issue :- 4. RDLEY EDWARD ARTHUR LAMOTHE CORBOULD, of 29, Victoria Road, Kensington, and South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria, gent., b. 16 Oct. 1854, educ. at Harris's School, Windsor, d. unm. at South Yarra, Melbourne, 12 April Admon. granted 31 Aug j. VCTOR ALBERT LOUS EDWARD CORBOULD, M.D., M.R.c.s., L.R.C.P. 1894, Fell. Med. Soc. Lond., of 8, Victoria Road, Kensington ; for 12 years on the staff of Charing Cross Hospital, London. Educated at Epsom College j, and at Charing Cross Hospital Medical School. Matriculated Page 43

51 1884, Prel. Sci. for M.B. Lond. Univ ; gained entrance scholarship at Charing Cross Hosp. B. 12 April 866. H.M. Queen Victoria graciously permitted H.R.H. Princess Louise to be godmother at his baptism, as a special mark of royal favour to his father. Demonstrator in physiology to Sir Frederick Mott, K.B.E., M.D., F.R.S. (vide RUPERT CORBOULD, Sect. X). Sometime resident obstetrical officer at Charing Cross Hospital, after which period he practised for thirty years in Kensington, starting with the help of H.R.H. Princess Louise, Duchess of Argyll, the Duke (then Marquis of Lorne) becoming one of his first patients. Besides the appointment at Charing Cross Hospital, he has held various others at Victoria Hosp. for Children, Hon. M.O. Kensington Dispensary, Princess Louise Hospital, Michie Red Cross Hosp. and Hon. Med. Adv. Kensington Br. Charity Org. An eminent freemason. Founder and sixth Master of the Charing Cross Hospital Lodge. n the Cavendish Chapter became Z (1910) and designed their silver charity box. Perfected in the S tudholme Chapter Rose Croix. Founded the Celsus Chapter Rose Croix. Preceptor and Knight Templar. Prior and Knight of Malta, St. Andrew's Conclave. Knight Companion of the Order of the Red Cross of Rome and of Constantine. K.H.S. Sen. Gen Great Aide-de-camp to the Supreme Grand Master in Great Priory of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Palestine, Rhodes and Malta (1930) and a Masonic Knight Hospitaller of that order. n the Mark Degree, Master of the Studholme Lodge (1928). Ark Mariner Studholme (N) Member Old Epsomian Lodge. Supreme Council 3 Degree. Granted London Chapter rank Died at Coleherne Court, Kensington, j Feb Funeral service at St. Stephen's, Gloucester Road. nterred at Golders Green, 17 Feb. Will pr. at L10,538. Married 10 Oct. 1896, AGNES MAUD MARY, dau. of the Rev. Henry Charles WYATT (Priest, St. Bees Theological College). She was " SSTER MAUD " of Charing Cross Hospital, and had charge of the Marie and St. Martin's Wards, and latterly of the Alfred Ward. She died at 8, Victoria Road, Kensington, 14 Jan. 1931, and a Requiem Service was held at St. Stephen's Church, Gloucester Road, W., on 16 Jan., interred at Brookwood Necropolis. E. H. CORBOULD married jrdly, 5 Jan. 1868, ANNE MELSS (d. 13 Feb. 1901, will pr. 15 March 1901), 3rd dau. of E. L. SANDERS, of New Ross, co. Hereford, and of Clifton. She was a granddau. of George Meliss of Perth, by his wife Helen, eldest dau. of Thomas Stewart of Steeland (by his wife Mary Brough, heiress of Boghall), and granddau. of Allan Stewart (d. of wounds received while serving under Prince Charles Edward in 174j), who was the 3rd son of Allan Stewart, d. 171 j, and grandson of James d. 1690, 2nd of the 12 sons of Alexander Stewart, 4th Chief of nvernahyle, by his wife, a dau. of Duncan Stewart, 7th Chief of Appin, whose great-grandmother, Margaret Macdonald, claimed descent from Robert 11. of Scotland. These Stewarts of Appin trace their lineage back to King Fergus B.C E. H. Corbould had further issue :- 6. ROSNA MARY CORBOULD, Mrs. CORBOULD-POTT, b. 16 Oct Married Page 44

52 CHLTON RCHARD CORBOULD, of Ashtead, Surrey. WALTER EDWARD CORBOULD. Artist. At the age of 73. Younger son of Henry Heath Corbould. Page 45 CAPTAN PELHAM S. CORBOULD,.A.

53 in 1896, REGNALD HENRY POTT, of, Scarsdale Villas, London, W.8., and had issue :- a. ROSEMARY CONSTANCE POTT, b. 6 July 1897, d. 3 Feb za. AVRL CORBOULD POTT, b. 19 April 1905, educ. at Bedales and at London University (Slade School). Exhibited at New English Art Club, Now teaching at Benenden School. ja. PRUNELLA CORBOULD POTT, b. 6 May 1910, educ. at Bedales, Lausanne and Byam Shaw School of Drawing and Painting. Exhibitor at the Royal Academy, CAPTAN PELHAM STEWART CORBOULD, of Thruxton Down House, near Andover, Hants. Born at Kensington, 28 Sep Educ. at St. Paul's and All Saints' School, Bloxham (cricket X ). Joined 20th Middlesex (Artists') Volunteer Rifles, now 28th Middlesex Regt., in 1898, and was awarded the battalion recruit prize for general efficiency. Was studying for the ndian Civil Service when the South African War began. Joined the C..V. and sailed with them for Africa in Jan Took part in operations in the Cape Colony, Orange Free State and Transvaal. Received the Freedom of the City of London. Entered the Royal ndian Engineering College, Cooper's Hill, in 1901 and passed out (3rd of his year) in Entered the mperial Forest Service and was first posted to Jabalpur, Central Provinces. Shortly afterwards placed in charge of the Saugor ForestDivision. His next charges were Mandla, Bilaspur, Seoni, North Chanda and Raipur. While in charge at Raipur he became seriously ill and had to go to Europe in April From 1906 to 191j he served in the Nagpur Rifles, and was promoted Lieut. ndian Army Reserve of Officers, Sep On j Aug he mobilized with the 4th Batt. Royal Berks Regt. Posted to the 108th nfantry at Bombay, 5 Dec Appointed J.P. and Magistrate 1st Class, also Cantonment Magistrate at Deolali, Kirkee and Poona. Gazetted Captain (permanent) in the ndian Army Reserve, Sep Station Staff Officer, Deolali, 2 Dec. 191j to 22 June Attached to 3rd Sappers and Miners, Aug Demobilized in April 1919, returned to Civil duty and was in charge of the Damoh, South Mandla and Nimar Divisions. From Oct to Sept in charge of the Saugor Forest Division. Granted Volunteer Officers' Decoration by Gazette of ndia, 13 May Retired from service of Govt. of ndi:t, 20 July Freemason (E.C. & R.A.). He married 1st 20 Feb. 1907, at Bombay Cathedral, MARY SWNHOE, b. in 882, d. in London 7 Oct. 1928, dau. and heiress of Robert OBBARD, Esq.,.C.S., Judicial Commissioner, Central Provinces, ndia (b. 8 5 o), son of General H. S. Obbard (d. 1891), by his wife Jane Swinhoe. Mrs. P. S. Corbould's mother was a daughter of Lieut. Colonel George Hustwaite Wright (d. 1889, m. Mary Pearce), and granddau. of George Wright (b. 1801, d. 1884, m. Elizabeth Prettyman, b. 1800, dau. of Philip Hustwaite of Potton, Bedford, by his wife, Christine Robertson) who was the 2nd son of William and Diana Wright of Burnham Thorpe, Norfolk. Page 46

54 They had issue :- ~a. ELEEN DAPHNE CORBOULD, b. at Raipur n Nov. 1912, educ. at Godolphin School, Salisbury. na. AURETTE CERSE CORBOULD, b. at Deolali 26 April 1916, educ. at Godolphin School, Salisbury. 3a. ALAN STEWART CORBOULD, b. at 4, Frere Road, Kirkee, ndia, 23 Oct. 918, educ. at Stubbington School, Fareham, under Sir Montagu Foster, and at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth (1932). Captain Corbould married rndly, in 1930, MONA, only dau. of Major Richard ELEY, of Andover, Hants, late Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Page 47

55 CORBOULD BATH. RCHARD CORBOULD, b. 1714, d. 13 March William Corbould of Eye Clint and Syleham, Suffolk. Married Sarah Welton, widow. Pelham Corbolld of Hoxne Abbey, d. there 5 Oct Married a dau. of Dr. Rutter Pelham Corbould of Monks Hall, Syleham. His wife Catherine married zndly, James Walne. ~lizabeth, m. John William Corbould, of Chancery Lane, London. Theobald. Married Eleanor Wright. 1- Thomas, of Dr. Pelham, John, of Jesse, of Elizabeth, d. 21 Mar. Bath, d. Devizes, d. before Bath, d May d. 10 Dec Mar Thomas, of Bath, brewer, b. 1818, d. 8 Apr Robert Rutter, of Long sland, New York. William, b. 14 Apr Died at Ballarat, Australia, 24 Jan Susan, Thomas, of John Margaret Robert William m. Wm. Bath, Charles, Jane, m. Rutter, Henry, Hancock. brewer. of Bath, Dr. Exell. of Devizes. of Bath, brewer. d Rev. Wm. Capt. Hy. Lieut. Wm. Walter Rev. Kenneth John Robert, Pearce, Hy., b. Wilfrid, Kearton, b b , d b Francis Peter Laura Anthony William ' 1 Wilfrid Marion, Mary Kenneth, Robert, Paul, b. b Denise b b b John Monica Mary Elisabeth Anne Teresa, Michael, Anton y, Mary, Dorothea, Frances, b b b b b b Page 48

56 SECTON V. CORBOULD OF BATH The youngest son of Richard and Martha Corbould (see Section 11) was RCHARD CORBOULD, b. 1714, bapt. at Cotton 26 April 1714, d. 13 March 1814 in his 100th year, having had two sons :-. WLLAM CORBOULD, of Eye Clint and Syleham, Suffolk, b. circa 1740, d. after Married by licence at Syleham, 22 Dec. 77 1, SARAH WELTON, of Eye, widow, and had two daughters, the elder married Mr. KNEWTT of Stradbroke, and the younger married Mr. THEOBALD of Syleham. 2. PELHAM CORBOULD, of Monks Hall, Syleham, now a farmhouse, born c He was famous for his lavish hospitality, and this was continued by his widow CATHERNE... until her death at the age of 90. She married zndly, James Walne, of Monks Hall, who died aged 95. R. T. Corbould in his diary describes Mr. and Mrs. Walne as " a pair of the most hospitable people in Suffolk or any other county." On the death of Mrs. Catherine Walne the following verses appeared in the " pswich Journal " :- Syleham, indeed, a heavy loss deplores! But not alone ; for every parish round, \Valne7s name, if not his residence, adores, And owns a loss with sympathy profound. 0 have join'd the hospitable board, And often view'd the venerable pair ; Exulting that their gifts they could afford, And so much bounty from their substance spare. One soul directed both ; let who would come, A friend or worldling, both alike appear'd, And never guest but found himself at home, n gladness welcom'd, and in sorrow cheer'd. t seemed a favour to partake their fare, And such abundance greeted ev'ry guest, That was their heaven, promptly to prepare A room for feasting and a room for rest. Page 49

57 P Nor care nor overty had need to fawn, Or cringe or proud and ostentatious aid ; A look, a word, from " Aunt " or " Uncle " Walne, The very fears of poverty allay'd. Dear, good old man! Thy years so honor'd blest would the moisture from thy forehead wipe ; And still, beside thee, with an honest jest, Enjoy the social converse with a pipe. Sustain his years ye kindred souls who own The honour due to age and manly worth ; There is, know, a coveted renown, A boast of heaven and a scorn of earth. Springing from sources that 've not explored, There is, of human worth, a saintly dread ; But if " Aunt Walne " were honor'd and adored, T'were less than human, not to weep her dead. Pelham and Catherine Corbould had issue :- la. PELHAM CORBOULD, of Hoxne Abbey, born c. 176j, of whom presently. 2a. ELZABETH CORBOULD, born c. 1766, married by licence at Syleham, Suffolk, 2j Sep. 1792, JOHN THEOBALD, of Starston, Norfolk, and had with 4 others :- b. PELHAM THEOBALD, alive in 81. 2b. ELZABETH THEOBALD, also living in WLLAM CORBOULD, of Southampton Buildings, Chancery Lane, London, born c. 1768, d. 5 June, 81. His will, dated 28 May 181, was proved in London 3 June 8 2 by Eleanor his widow, and Francis Swann of Southampton Buildings. Married at St. George's Church, Hanover Square, London, 5 Oct. 1797, ELEANOR WRGHT, of Southampton Buildings, who by her will dated 30 June 184j and proved in London 22 March 1849, left the whole of her property in Chancery Lane to her husband's nephew, John Corbould of Bath, in trust for her grandchildren (the children of her deceased son and daughter-inlaw). They had :- b. WLLAM JOHN CORBOULD, of Southampton Row, London, born c. 1799, d. at Hackney. Married LOUSA HOLLOWAY, who d. in London aged 34, and had :- 2c. ELEANOR CATHERNE CORBOULD, of whom presently. Page 50

58 3c. ELZABETH CORBOULD, Mrs. CORBOULD- JONES. Married... JONES, who m. rndly, abroad,... She had 2 daughters :- ~d. GERTRUDE 2d. ELEANOR CORBOULD-JONES, m... 4c. WLLAM CORBOULD, d. young. jc. EMMA CORBOULD, d. young. ELEANOR CATHERNE CORBOULD, 2nd dau. of William John Corbould, was born in She married FREDERCK MORRS, of 22, Milsom Street, Bath, son JONES, married... of Frederick Morris, of Holloway House, Bath, gent. (d. there 12 March 187j ; will pr. at A3 5,000) by his wife Cecilia Byron..., of 3, Gay Stzeet, Bath (d. at Ealing, 27 April 1887). They had issue :-. ELEANOR JULA MORRS, b. at 22, Milsom Street, Bath, April 1860, d. 5 Dec. 1907, will pr. in London 18 Jan Married at St. John's, Lower Weston, Somerset, 16 July 1886, WALTER ALLEN SHEPPARD, of Kin ston Road, Manvers Street, Bath, b. 14 Sep at Paradise House, We1 K s Road, Bath, elder son of Thomas Sheppard of Bath (by his wife Frances Alice, dau. of Frederick Morris), who was the 5 th son of James Sheppard of Bath, and a brother of James Sheppard, c.e., of Bath, and of Monte Video, Uruguay. Mr. Sheppard, who is of kin to the de Selincourts of Rustington Hall, Sussex, has six sons :- a. ~ N D LEUT. ALLEN CECL SHEPPARD, of 8, Bennett Street, Bath, b. at 2, Bloomfield Crescent, Bath, 23 July 1887, bapt. at St. Luke's Church, Bath. Educ. at King Edward's School, Bath, and Lewisham House School, Weston-super-Mare. Enlisted in Motor Machine Gun Service in May Gazetted 2nd Lieut. in Royal Tank Corps, June 1917 and served in France in the Great War for about two months, when he was invalided home with an eye injury. nvalided out of the Army, July Automobile Engineer. Married at St. John's Church, Truro, 26 Jan. 1914, MAY GWAVAS, dau. of William Henry TROUNCE, of Saskatoon, Sask., Canada, and has :- ~b. ALAN CECL VVAN SHEPPARD, b. at Regent's Park, London, 7 Jan. 1918, bapt. at St. Luke's, Bath. 2b. SHELA GWAVASHEPPARD, b. at Bath 20 July 1920, bapt. at Old Widcombe Church, Bath. za. CLAUDE MORRS SHEPPARD, of Montreal, b. Dec at Midford, near Bath, bapt. at Wellow, Somerset. Married. No issue. He served in the Great War as Sergeant in the Canadian nfantry. ja. CAPTAN NORMAN LOVEL SHEPPARD, of Finchley, London, b. at Midford, Somerset 20 Feb. 1891, bapt. at Wellow ; served in the Great War in the Canadian nfantry and Royal Flying Corps. Married ADELA HOBBS, and has :- Page 51

59 4a. CAPTAN BERTRAM KNGSTON SHEPPARD, of Downend, Bristol, b. at Bath 15 May 1893, bapt. at St. Mary's, Bathwick. Served in the Great War. Gazetted Lieutenant Somerset Light nfantry, and was later transferred to the ndian Army. Promoted Captain (Gurkhas). Married CONSTANCE REED, from whom he obtained a divorce. They had one daughter and a son MORRS JULAN SHEPPARD. 5a. LEUT. THOMAS WLFRED SHEPPARD, of Rajahbhat Tea Estate, Dooars, ndia, b. at Castle Cary, Somerset, 16 June 1896, bapt. there. Educated at King Edward's School and Victoria College, Bath. Tea Planter. Served in the Great War with the North Somerset Yeomanry for two years. Gazetted Lieut. Royal Tank Corps, and 8 months later was attached to the Royal Air Force, in which he served for one year. Married- at Calcutta, ndia, 18 Oct. 1928, B.L.E., dau. of W. G. PEARCE, of Pill, Somerset, and has one son :- ~b. WALTER PEARCE SHEPPARD, b. at Calcutta, 8 Sep. 1931, bapt. at Rajahbhat T. E., 27 Oct LAWRENCE JULAN SHEPPARD, of Sydney, N.S.W., Australia, b. at Bath 10 Dec ; bapt. at St. Mary's, Bathwick. Unmarried. Hoxne Abbey is built on the site of a wooden chapel in which the body of St. Edmund lay until its removal to Bury St. Edmunds. The tradition of the place asserts that King Edmund hid from the Danes under a bridge over the river Dove, now called Gold Bridge, and that a newly-married couple, crossing the bridge by moonlight, saw the reflection of the King's golden spurs in the water, and betrayed him. St. Edmund accordingly pronounced a curse on every couple who should cross the bridge on their way to be married ; and a wide circuit was made by any prospective bride and bridegroom in order to avoid it. The following legend, apparently concerning the Pelham family, ancestors of the Corboulds of Hoxne, has been handed down through several generations of the Corboulds of Bath : One of the Pelhams was knighted. His son would not marry the heiress chosen for him by his father, who disinherited him in consequence. Soon after this the Press Gang got hold of him as a young man ; but he deserted and got away abroad. He came to England a few years afterwards in disguise and was known in Bristol as " the dark gentleman who rode a white horse." PELHAM CORBOULD resided at Hoxne Abbey at the close of the 18th century. He was born c. 176j and died at Hoxne Abbey j Oct By his wife, a daughter of Dr. RUTTER, he had :-. DR. PELHAM CORBOULD, of Redenhall-with-Harleston, Norfolk, and later of Bath, born c Believed to have retired from the medical profession on his succession to the business of " Pelham C~rbould,"~ brewers, maltsters, distillers, and merchants, of Harleston, Norfolk. Churchwarden at Reden- hall in 85. Died at Redenhall 2 March 864, will proved at Norwich 20 May Married MARY..., of Great Yarmouth, who died there 10 July 884 aged 86. Her will was proved at Norwich by C. A. Ducket, Esq., M.D., on 20 Sep They had :- Page 52

60 a. WLLAM CORBOULD, of 72, Regent Road, Great Yarmouth, d. at Hoxne, Suffolk, 18 Oct Probate of his will was granted in London 19 Feb to Jane Plowman, widow. 2. JOHN CORBOULD, of Margate, Kent, and 8, Oxford Row, Bath. Born at Palgrave, Norfolk, and afterwards lived at Diss, Norfolk, and 7 and 32, Milsom Street, Bath. As a small boy he was talcen by his father (who always wore breeches, long stockings and shoes with buckles) to Nonvich Cathedral and was shewn a very old monument to an ancestor of the Corboulds. n 1880 only the surname remained on this ancient tablet. He died 4 May 872 at 8, Oxford Row, Bath. His will is dated 5 Jan. 867, and was proved at Bristol Nov by Frederick Morris, jun., of 22, Milsom Street, Bath. 3. JESSE CORBOULD, of Southbroom Place, Devizes, Wilts, and 37, Broad Street, Bath, gent., d. at Devizes 10 Dec. 1884, will pr. at Salisbury 21 Jan by J. A. Smith and G. Salway. He married Mrs. NAOM HUNT, a widow with four children. She owned property in Devizes, including 11 and 12, Britley. She died at Devizes 18 Nov. 187j. Her will, dated 3 Dec. 1874, was proved at Salisbury 24 March ELZABETH CORBOULD, died before THOMAS CORBOULD of the Bluecoat School and Corbould's Academy, and of 16, Crescent Fieids, Bath, died at Bath, 3 March The Pelham Corboulds and the Corboulds of Fitzroy Square had not met for many years when George James Corbould the Artist was walking in Bath with a friend named Smith, who began talking about surnames. Corbould turned to his companion and remarked " Go where you will, you'll always find Smiths but you rarely see the name Corbould anywhere." He had no sooner said this when his friend replied " Do not be so sure of that, for what do you read over that doorway." t was " CORBOULD'S ACADEMY." Thos. Corbould married...cousns, who d. at Bath 13 March i871, having had :- a. THOMAS CORBOULD, b. 1818, of whom later. za. ROBERT RUTTER CORBOULD, of Long sland, New York. c. 1853,..., and had:- Married ~b. MARY CORBOULD, of Long sland, New York, born c Married in 1877, a. WLLAM CORBOULD, b. at Bath 14 April Married 3 April 1858, JULA AUGUSTA SGNELL, of Bristol (aged 19). Sailed shortly afterwards, with his wife, in a 300-ton wooden sailing ship n,ooo or 14,000 miles, for the goldfields of Ballarat, Australia. She died at Ballarat 3 Sep. 1876, aged 36. He died there 24 Jan aged 86, leaving issue :- Research in 2008 shows that it was spelt "Signall", not "Signell". Page 53

61 See page 53 re: Signall ~b. ROBERT RUTTER CORBOULD, b. at Ballarat 27 March Educated at Ballarat College. Lived at Mildura, Australia. Married at Ballarat, May 1883, CLARA LOUSA BEAN, and has :- South Melbourne College C. HAROLD SGNELL CORBOULD, b. at Ballarat 14 May Scholar of Melbourne College for three years. 2c. RENE VERA CORBOULD, b. at Ballarat' 19 Feb jc. CHARLES CORBOULD, b. at Ballarat Educ. at Mildura, Victoria. 4c. NOEL BEAN CORBOULD, b. at Mildura, educ. there. Served in the Great War jc. CLARENCE PELHAM CORBOULD, b. at Geelong, Victoria. Educ. at Wesley College, Melbourne. Served in the Great War c. MOLLY MARAN CORBOULD, b. at Melbourne c b. WLLAM HENRY CORBOULD, b. at Ballarat 4 Nov. 1866, educ. at Ballarat College ; Mining Engineer and Metallurgical Chemist ; Life Member of the American nstitute of Mining and Metallurgy ; Member of the Australian nstitute of Mining and Metallurgy ; Member of the Australian Chemical nstitute. Was on the Broken Hill silver fields 188j, and afterwards visited Great Britain, the United States, Austria, Japan, France, Canada, Germany and China for the purpose of studying mining, geological formations and metallurgical works. n 1893 he walked from Freemantle, Western Australia, to the Coolgardie goldfields (some joo odd miles). On the field, water was selling at S. to 2s. per gallon, a lb. loaf of bread cost S. 6d. ; the price of everything else was in the same proportion. n recent years he was the directing spirit, in its early period, of Mt. sa Mines, Ltd., Queensland, a company with a capital of 3,000,000 shares of E each. The proved ore reserve, which is the fundamental asset of the business, already places Mt. sa as one of the greatest lead-zinc deposits of the world, and this can be increased at any time as the full extent of the ore-bodies have not as yet been delimited. t has been necessary to expend over ~3,j4o,ooo to develop and equip Mt. sa on a scale commensurate with the importance of the mines, and in order to ensure that production costs will compare favourably with any producer of first rank importance. n an article headed " The Makers of Mt. sa," one of the leading Brisbane newspapers recorded that Mr. J. C. Miles found Mt. sa ; but it was left to Mr. W. H. Corbould to bring it to the notice of the big international mining groups of the world, and he it was who had the technical knowledge and suffi- Page 54

62 cient imagination to see the wealth of the ore, and to realize that only capital reckoned in millions could exploit successfully the low-grade deposits. He married at Folkestone, Kent, England, UNA RUBNA, of Sydney, New South Wales, dau. of Lieut. Henry DODDS, R.N. (who settled in N.S.W., and took up land there), and had issue :- C. VOLET UNA CORBOULD, b. at Kensington Gate, London, W.8., 28 Jan. 1898, d. there 17 Feb. 898, aged 20 days. Bur. in London. 2c. EVELYN UNA CORBOULD, b. at Perth, Western Australia, in Married in 1923 at Government House, Rabaul, Territory of New Guinea, Lieut.-Cmdr. DY SON STANDSH HORE-LACY, R.N. (retd.), occupier and sole owner of Garua sland, Talasea, T.N.G., who served in the Great War. He is the son of Lieut.-Colonel Leslie Fraser Standish Hore, M.c., of Luburua, Kavieng, T.N.G., Barrister-at-Law, Resident Magistrate at Rabaul, who served in the Great War with the 2nd Australian Light Horse in Gallipoli and France, by his wife Emily Josephine, b. 1874, one of the three survivors of the wreck of the S.S. " Quetta" in 1890, eldest daughter of Dyson Lacy of St. Helens, near Mackay, Queensland. Lt. Col. L. F. S. Hore is the son of Colonel Hore. Dyson Lacy was born at Newark, Notts, in 1836, and died at Sydney, N.S.W., in 1927, aged 91. He was a pioneer of the grazing industry in Queensland. On July he was married at Wetheral, Cumberland, to Frances Emilia, dau. of Commander Joseph rwin, R.N. (b. 1792, d in his 99th year), who was the 3rd son of Thomas rwin of Justicetown and Solport, Cumberland. Cmdr. and Mrs. Hore-Lacy have issue :- ~d. JOHN DYSON HENRY HORE-LACY, b. at Rabaul, T.N.G., 25 May d. MCHAEL FRANCS HORE-LACY, b. at Rabaul, T.N.G., 15 Nov jc. ERC HENRY CORBOULD, b. at Sydney, N.S.W., 9 Feb Twin with Harold. Educ. at King's School,* Sydney. 4c. HAROLD EDWARD CORBOULD, b. at Sydney 9 Feb Twin with Eric. Educ. at King's School, Sydney. *E. J. Corbould, B.A., and R. H. Corbould (Section X) were educated at the King's School, Canterbury, and E. H. Corbould and H. E. Corbould (above) were educated at the King's School, Parramatta, N.S.W., two of the oldest schools in England and Australia respectively. The school near Sydney was founded in 1832 by Bishop Broughton, who named it after his old school in Kent. Page 55

63 THOMAS CORBOULD, brewer, of 22, Corn Street, Bath, b. 1818, d. 8 Apr JANE KEARTON, Wife of Thomas Corbould, of Bath. MARGARET JANE, daughter of Thomas and Jane Corbould, of Bath, and wife of Dr. Edmund Exell, of Sheffield. Page 56

64 3 b. FRANCS ALFRED CORBOULD, b. at Ballarat 16 July 1868, married MAUD..., and has :- C. WLLAM WESTMAN CORBOULD, b. at Sydney 1898, educ. there. Served in the Great War. 2c. MABEL CORBOULD, b. at Sydney qb. EMLY JOSEPHNE CORBOULD, b. at Ballarat 10 Jan Unmarried. Lives in Australia. jb. ADA ELZABETH CORBOULD, b. at Ballarat 14 April Unmarried. Lives in Australia. 6b. MARY ANN AUGUSTA CORBOULD, b. at Ballarat 2 May Unmarried. Lives in Australia. THOMAS CORBOULD, of 22, Corn Street, 26, Stall Street, Southgate Street, and Beau Street (Counting House), Bath, brewer, eldest son of Thomas Corbould of Bath, was born in Member of the Royal Cumberland Masonic Lodge (the oldest in Somerset). Died at Bath 8 April 861, aged 43 ; will dated 26 NOV. 8j 9, proved at Bristol on go April Married JANE KEARTON, an rish lady, and had issue :-. SUSAN CORBOULD, married WLLAM HANCOCK, an artist, of Bath, son of Alderman Edward Hancock, of Bath. They went to America and had several children. 2. THOMAS CORBOULD, of Bath, brewer, b. 28 Feb. 1844, died at Bath in Sept Married LUCY, dau. of John Edward PKE, Esq., sometime Governor of H.M.'s Prison at Bath, and had :- a. THOMAS ALEXANDER CORBOULD, Veterinary Surgeon, of Scott City, Kansas, U. S.A. Unmarried. za. LUCY MAUD CORBOULD, married ARTHUR EDWARD BALL, Company Managing Director, of Grasmere, Hayesfield Park, Bath, and had :- b. KATHLEEN LUCY MARY BALL, b. 16 Oct. 1894, d. s.p. at Bombay. Married JOHN EDWARD KNG, Cotton Broker. 2b. MARJORE EDTH MAUDE BALL, b. 22'April Unmarried. 3. JOHN CHARLES CORBOULD, of 29, Russell Square, Brighton, and of Bath, brewer, b. 27 May 1846, died unmarried j May 1926 at 7, Cleveland Place West, Bath. Will pr. at Bristol 21 Aug by A. E. Ball. 4. MARGARET JANE CORBOULD, b. at Bath 28 Oct. 1848, d. at Sheffield in July Married at Bath, EDMUND EXELL, M.R.c.s., L.R.c.P., physician and surgeon, 38, Rock Street, Sheffield. Dr. Exell was born at Bath 26 Nov. 844 and died 8 March 9 2 ; will proved 2 April 912 at Sheffield. They had :- a. HARRY EXELL, L.R.c.s., L.R.C.P. Edin. 1896, L.F.P.S. Glas , of 2, Burnaby Street, Langsett Road, Sheffield, b. at Ashford, Kent 7 Feb. 1870, educ. at Sheffield Medical School. Married LLAN WAN of Sheffield, b. 29 Sep. 1877, d. March 1931, leaving issue :- Page 57

65 ~b. GEOFFREY EXELL, b. at Sheffield 17 June 1906, bapt. at Pitsmoor Church, Sheffield, educ. at Retford Grammar School and Sheffield University. Medical Student. 2b. KENNETH EXELL, architect (A.R..B.A. 1933)~ of 47, Struan Road, Sheffield, b. at Sheffield 9 July 1908, bapt. at Pitsmoor Church, Sheffield. Educ. at Retford Grammar School and S heffield University. jb. REGNALD EXELL, b. at Sheffield 22 April 1911, bapt. at Pitsmoor Church, Sheffield. Educ. at Birkdale School, Sheffield. qb. DENS EXELL, b. at Sheffield 20 Jan. 1916, bapt. at Pitsmoor Church. Educ. at Birkdale School, Sheffield. Automobile Engineering - Student. - za. EDMUND CHARLES EXELL, M.P.s., partner in Exell Bros., Manufacturing Chemists, 20 Bank Street, Sheffield, b. at Ashford, Kent, 26 March Educ. at Sheffield Grammar School. D.s.p. 17 Nov Married 28 Aug. 1914, MNNE, dau. of.. ROBERTS, Registrar, of Sheffield. 3a. WLLAM EXELL, b. at Yeovil, Somerset, 22 Aug. 873, educ. at Sheffield Grammar School. Married at Old Southgate, London, 27 July 1907, HELEN CELA, dau. of John Samuel ABBOTT, of Palmer's Green, London, and has :- ~b. ARTHUR EXELL, b. at Winchmoor Hill, London, N., 11 May Bapt. at Winchmoor Hill. Educ. at the Merchant Taylors' School, London. Automobile Engineer. 2b. CLFFORD EXELL, b. at Winchmoor Hill, N., 18 Sept. 1913, bapt. there. Educ. at the Merchant Taylors' School, London. 4a. ARTHUR EXELL, M.P.s., partner in Exel Bros., Manufacturing Chemists, 20, Bank Street, Sheffield, b. at dle, Yorks, 8 Dec. 187j. Married at Old Southgate, London, 3 June 191, BLANCHE, dau. of John Samuel ABBOTT, of Palmer's Green, London, and had :- ~b. NORMAN EXELL, b. at Sheffield 2 Oct. 1913, bapt. at St. Augustine's Church, Sheffield, 2 Nov Educated at Magdalen College School, Brackley, Northants, and Sheffield University. Medical Student. ja. ROBERT EXELL, b. at dle, Yorks, 8 Sep Married at Birmingham, ALCE WOOD. 6a. MARGARET EXELL, b. at Morsbro' Dale, Yorks, 8 Sep Unmarried. 7a. THOMAS HAROLD EXELL, b. at Sheffield 16 Jan. 1882, d. there 2 Oct a. BERTHA EMMA EXELL, b. at Sheffield 7 Aug Married in 191, FREDERCK MOORE, Chartered Accountant, of Sheffield. He died at Psalter Lane, Sheffield, 24 Apr. 1920, leaving issue :- Page 58

66 ~b. EDMUND MOORE, b. at Sheffield 6 Jan Retford Grammar School. Educated at J. ROBERT RUTTER CORBOULD, of Devizes, Wilts, b. 27 Oct Died at Devizes 28 June 1914, bur. there. Married in America, where his wife and only child died. 6. WLLAM HENRY CORBOULD, of Bath and Midsomer Norton, Somerset, d Married in 1880, FRANCES MARY (of 2, Bathwick Street, Bath, b. 22 July 18~6, d. 30 Jan. 1927, bur. at Carshalton, Surrey ; Letters of Administration granted in London 17 March 1927)~ dau. of John Compton HUSSEY, Esq., of Clatford Hall, Marlborough, Wilts., by his wife Susannah Pearce, granddau. of Sir Christopher Slade, and descended from the Husseys of Salisbury, the Comptons of Compton Wynyates (Marq. of Northampton) and from King Edward 11 through his fourth son John of Gaunt. They had issue :- a. REV. WLLAM ROBERT CORBOULD, of Carshalton Rectory, b. at Tiverton, Devon, 16 Dec Educ. at Bristol Grammar School and Lichfield Theological College ( 902). Ordained Deacon 1904 and Priest 1905 by the Bishop of Bristol. Appointed Curate of All Saintswi th-all-hallows, Bris to , St. Michael, Basings toke 906 ; St. John the Baptist, Bathwick, Rector of Carshalton, Surrey, since The cross with jewels, which is worn by archpriests of the Orthodox Church of Russia, was bestowed on him in 192j. n 1930 he was created a Knight Commander of the Order of the Most Holy Sepulchre by the Patriarch of Jerusalem. za. CAPTAN HENRY PEARCE CORBOULD, Royal Army Service Corps, of The Rectory, Carshalton, b. 3 Sep at Midsomer Norton, Somerset, educ. at Bristol Grammar School. Served in France 191 j- 8 and with the Army of Occupation, Rhineland, Awarded the French Medaille d'honneur (avec glaives en vermeil) and mentioned in despatches. Late representative of the British American Tobacco Company in Belgium. Now representative of the Polytechnic Touring Association in France. 3a. LEUT. WLLAM HENRY CORBOULD, Coldstream Guards, b. at Midsomer Norton, Somerset, 6 April 1884, educ. at Bristol Grammar School. Served on the Western Front, France, Manager of the South African Branch (London) of the British American Tobacco Company. Died in Kent, 14 May 1922, bur. at Carshalton. Will pr. in London 7 July Married by Rev. W. R. Corbould at St. John Bapt., Bathwick, 24 June 1908, LAURA TRYPHENA (of 115, Park Lane, Carshalton), 3rd dau. of Edward Augustus GREEN, of Rochfort House, Rochfort Place, Bath, and Stow-on-the-Wold, Gloucester, descended from the Stafford- Northcotes, Earls of ddesleigh, and had :- Page 59

67 Lady Mary Stuart m. Sir William Graham. Sir Robert draham of Fintry m. Janet, dau. of Sir Richard Lovell. Robert ~raham of Fintry m. Lady Elizabeth Douglas. Sir David Graham of Fintry m. Lady... Graham. William Graham of Fintry m. Catherine, sister of Cardinal Beaton. Sir David draham of Fintry m. Hon. Margaret Ogilvy. David Grahgm of Fintry m. Barbara, dau. of Sir James Scott. David Grahhm of Fintry m. Mary dau. of Sir James Halliburton. James Grahhm of Fintry m. Ann, dau. of Colonel Hay. David ~rahdm of Fintry m. Anna Moray and had r son and lo daughters. Robert ~ raiam of Fintry m. Margaret, dau. of Sir William Murray. Robert Graham of Fintry m. Margaret Elizabeth Mylne. John ~rahab of Fintry, and of Grahamstown, Cape of Good Hope, m. Johanna Catherine, dau. of Rodolph Cloetk, of Westerford, Cape of Good Hope. Helen ~hribtian Graham, m. the Hon. Justice Henry Cloet6, LL.D., of Woodstock Cape of Good Hope. ~ajor-~encral Henry Daniel ClijetC, nspector-general of Police, Madras Presidency. Helen ~arah Woodbine Cloet6, m. Frederiy James Walker. Hilda woodbine Walker, m. Rev. K. J. K. Corbould, Rector of Lound, Suffolk. ri Six children, Page 60

68 ~b. FRANCS WLFRD PAUL CORBOULD, b. at Ashton Gate, Bristol, 25 Jan Educ. at Westminster School. Now of the Polytechnic Touring Association. zb. PETER MARON CORBOULD, b. at Golders Green ~j Aug. 1914, bapt. at St. Michael's Church, Golders Green. Educ. at Westminster School. 3b. LAURA MARY DENSE CORBOULD, b. at Bath 10 May 1917, bapt. at St. John Bapt., Bathwick. Educ. at the Convent High School, Carshalton, Surrey. qb. ANTHONY KENNETH CORBOULD, b. 27 May 1918 at Bath. Bapt. at St. John Bapt., Bathwick. Entered at Westminster School. jb. WLLAM ROBERT CORBOULD? b. posthumously at Wallington, Surrey, 7 June 1922, bapt. at All Saints' Church, Carshalton. Entered at Westmins ter School. 4a. WALTER WLFRD CORBOULD, b. at Midsomer Norton in Educ. at Bristol Grammar School. Died in a. REV. KENNETH JOHN KEARTON CORBOULD, of Lound Rectory, L.TH. 1913, b. at Midsomer Norton, Somerset, 8 April Educated at King Edward's School, Bath, Lichfield Theological College ( 9 ) and - at the University of Durham. Ordained deacon 1913 and priest 1914 by the Bishop of London. Appointed curate of St. Mark's Church, Hamilton Terrace, London, , St. Matthias, Earls Court Rector of Lound, Suffolk, since Married 14 April 1921, HLDA WOODBNE, dau. of Frederic James WALKER (of 47, Upper Hamilton Terrace, London, N.W., and The Old Hall, Felixstowe, Suffolk, Director of the London Power Co., Ltd. son of Dr. Walker of London), by his wife Helen Sarah Woodbine, dau. of Major-General Henry Daniel Cloett, nspector-general of Police, Madras Presidency. Maj. Gen. Cloett was a son of the Hon. Justice Henry Cloett, LL.D., of Woodstock, Cape of Good Hope, by his wife Helen Christian Graham of Fintry, and a nephew of General Sir Abraham Josias CloetC, K.C.B., K.H. Mrs. K. J. K. Corbould is descended, through her mother, from Henry V of England, Robert 111 of Scotland and William of Nassau, Prince of Orange. They have issue :- ~b. JOHN ANTONY CORBOULD, b. at Hamilton House, St. John's Wood, London, N.'rV., 7 Feb. 1922, bapt. at St. Mark's Church, Hamilton Terrace, London, 6 March b. MONCA MARY CORBOULD, b. at 33, Kensington Mansions, London, S.W., 18 June 1923, bapt. at St. Matthias' Church, Earls Court, London, 16 July Page 61

69 jb. MARY DOROTHEA CORBOULD, b. at 7a, Philbeach Gardens, London, S.W., Nov. 192j, bapt. at St. Matthias' Church, Earls Court, 3 Dec. 192~. qb. ELSABETH FRANCES CORBOULD, b. at Lound Rectory, near Lowestoft, 5 Feb. 1928, bapt. at the Church of St. John Bapt., Lound, 7 March j b. ANNE TERESA CORBOULD, b. at Lound Rectory, 15 Oct. 1930, bapt. at the Church of St. John Bapt., Lound, 3 Nov CORBOULD, 6b. MCHAEL b. at Lound Rectory, 29 Sept. 1932, bapt. by the Rev. W. R. Corbould at Lound Church, 20 Oct Page 62

70 SECTON V. CORBOULD OF PSWCH THOMAS CORBOULD (see Section ), bapt. at Cotton, Suffolk, j Dec. 1724, was the eldest son of the Rev. John Corbould, of Mendlesham. Thomas Corbould, or Gorble, married (vide Corbould of Speen MSS) MARY, b. 1729,bapt. at Horham 9 Nov. 1729, eldest dau. of William FULLER (who bore arms : Arg. three bars and a canton gules) and Bridget his wife, both of Horham, Suffolk ; they had :-. WLLAM CORBOULD, b. 1757, bapt. at Horham in 1761, d. 1817, bur. at Nacton, Agent and Steward at Broke Hall to Sir Philip Broke. Married st, 8 April 1797, at Nacton, Suffolk, MARY GOLDNG, and tndly, at Nacton, 21 Oct. 1803, ANN GROOM COOKE. 2. THOMAS CORBOULD, of Woodspeen House, Newbury ( ), b. at Horham, Suffolk, bapt. there 2 Aug. 1758, d Bur. within the Presbyterian Chapel at Newbury. By his will, dated 10 Dec. 1813, he left the whole of his property, including Woodspeen House and lands in the parish of Speen, to his wife. By a codicil, dated 2 April 1814, he bequeathed to his wife the Harris of Speen estates, which he had then recently purchased. Married by the Rev. J. M. Wood at St. Bride's Church, Fleet Street, London, 6 Oct. 1795, MARY (of Woodspeen House, Newbury, ), b. 6 Jan. 1764, bapt. 7 May 1764, d. ~j Dec aged 76, bur. within the Presbyterian Chapel at Newbury, eldest of the seven children of Thomas GLES (of Newbury, b. 1738, d. 27 April 1782 aged 44) by his wife Abigail Kimber (b. 1734, d. 21 Dec aged 39). Portraits of Thomas and Mary Corbould are in the possession of Miss Julia A. M. Corbould. By her will, dated 29 Dec. 1840, Mrs. Corbould devised Woodspeen House and lands in Speen to her nephew James Corbould of Speen. 3. MARY CORBOULD, bapt. at Horham 13 Feb BRDGET CORBOULD, bapt. at Horham 10 Oct j. JOHN GORBLE or CORBOULD, bapt. at Horham 14 Oct. 764, bur. at Horham 24 March 76 j. 6. ELZABETH CORBOULD, bapt. at Horham, 4 Oct JOHN CORBOULD of Bentley, Hants, 1807, bapt. at Horham 31 Dec Died c Bur. at Reading, Berks. Married..., who died after 83 j, and had :- a. JOHN CORBOULD, b. 10 Feb. 1814, educ. at Woodspeen House School, 1827, and later was an assistant master. Died at Wokingham 2 Jan Bur, in his father's grave at Reading. Page 63

71 na. HARRET CORBOULD, b. 17 April a. JAMES CORBOULD, of Wokingham, Berks., b. 10 Oct. 18x8, educ. at Woodspeen House School (1830). Usher and Assistant Master at Farningham, Kent, c Died before 189j. Married SARAH (? EAST), of Barkham Road, Wokingham, who died at Fan$cross Park, near Crawley, Sussex, 10 July 189j. Administration of her estate was granted in London, 30 Aug. 1895, to Thomas East. 8. JAMES CORBOULD, bapt. 12 Feb. 1772, d. before Oct JAMES CORBOULD or GORBLE, of Horham and pswich, both in Suffolk, resided at Nacton till the death of his wife c. 1800, and later at Newbury, Berks, bapt. at Horham 4 Sep. 1774, d. Jan. or Feb. 1807, and was buried under the floor paving within the Presbyterian Chapel, Newbury. n his will, pr. 19 Oct. 1807, and witnessed by Ruth Giles and Richard Drewe, he is described as " late of pswich." Married ELZABETH..., who died c. 800, leaving issue :- ~a. ELZABETH CORBOULD, bapt. 17 March 1795, married at St. Bride's Church, Fleet Street, London, by the Rev. T. M. Jones, 20 Nov. 181 j, WLLAM BOYCE. n later years she lived at Woodspeen House, Newbury. D.s.p. after za. JAMES CORBOULD, of Woodspeen House, Newbury. (See next page.) Page 64

72 JAMES CORBOULD OF SPEEN. B D. 188j. Aet. 8j. Page 65

73 SECTON X. CORBOULD OF WOODSPEEN HOUSE JAMES CORBOULD, of Woodspeen House, Newbury, Berks, gent. (see revious page). B Bapt. 9 Mar Whilst walking along the Suffo k coast near his home at pswich in June 181 j, he heard the guns of the battle of Waterloo. Headmaster of Woodspeen House School. Several of his grandchildren still remember him as a very upright old man with silvery-white hair, light blue eyes and a clear pink and white complexion. His portrait (the figure in black) may be seen, done in stained glass, in a window in the chancel of St. Mary's Church, Speenhamland. He was also churchwarden there for 19 years. D. at 6, St. Mary's Place, Speenhamland, 2 March 885, aged 8 j, and was buried in Speen churchyard. Will pr. at Oxford 24 March 1885, re-sworn 1886, nett personalty E6,10l. He was married by licence at St. Mary's Church, Speen, near Newbury, by the Rev. John Nelson, in the presence of LVilliam Giles and Richard Dibley on 16 Jan to LYDA, bapt. 26 Oct. 1800, d. 24 March 1868, aged 67, bur. at Speen, dau. of William GLES (of Newbury, bapt. 30 Oct. 1769, d. 23 Dec. 840 aged 71), by his wife Maria Munvell, whom he married about 1792 at Newbury Parish Church. Mrs. James Corbould was a niece of Mrs. Thos. Corbould. James and Lydia Corbould had 10 children :-. MARY CORBOULD, b. at 3.10 p.m. 20 Oct. 1821, bapt. at the Presbyterian Chapel, Newbury Nov. 1821, d. j Feb Married JAMES HENRY GODDNG, of j j, Northbrook Street, Newbury, b. 3 Dec , d. 20 April 1884, organist of St. Mary's Church, Speenhamland and St. Nicholas's Parish Church, Newbury (where there is a stained glass window to his memory), son of James and Lucy Godding, of Speen, and had :- a. MARY ELLEN GODDNG, of Ellerslje, London Road, Speenhamland, Newbury, b. 30 Dec. 8 j 6, bapt. 4 Jan. 8 j 7. Member of the Education and Relief Committees of the Corporation of the Borough of Newbury. War work : served in Red Cross V.A.D. No. 44 (Berks), and helped to run very successful soldiers' club. Chairman of North Ward, South Berks Womens' Unionist Association. za. JAMES HENRY (HARRY) GODDNG, of Ellerslie, Speenhamland, Berks, b. 14 June 18j 8, bapt. 20 June Educated at Woodspeen House School, Newbury. Trustee of Savings Bank and United Speen Charities ; for some years Poor Law Guardian ; gave to the town of Newbury the clock-house erected in the Broadway, Speenhamland, Hon. Sec. Newbury Branch, Navy League, During the Great War joined the Veterans' Defence Corps, and was appointed P Page 66

74 Hon. Sec., Vegetable Products Committee (Newbury branch) for sending vegetables to the Fleet, did tractor ploughing and herb drying, and worked in food office. 3a. JESSE LYDA GODDNG, b. 24 July 1860, d. at Newbury 4 June 1889 ; m. 24 April 1888, by the Rev. W. H. Corbould at Newbury Parish Church, THOMAS WEBB, MUS. Bac., F.R.c.o., of Stanmore, Donnington Square, Newbury, organist at Shaw Church, and had :- ~b. CAPTAN OLVER STANLEY WEBB, M.c., R.E., A.M..M.E., Civil Engineer, now in Public Works Department, Singapore ; b. at Newbury 14 March 1889, bapt. by Rev. W. H. Corbould at Newbury Parish Church 30 Apr. 1889, educ. at Kingswood College, Grahamstown, and at Rhodes University College, Grahamstown, South Africa. As he was preparing for the A.M..C.E. exam. (to be taken in Feb. 191j) the Great War broke out, and he voluntarily enlisted in Dec and had four and a half years' continuous service in France. Gazetted Captain in the Royal Engineers, April Awarded Miiitary Cross, Jan Mentioned in despatches May Married OLVE LETTCE, b. 3 Feb. 1891, dau. of the Rev. Thomas Lewis JONES, B.A., Queens' College, Cambridge, Vicar of St. David's, Glanadda-cum- Penrhosgarnedd, Bangor, 888, d. 1900, and Hannah Mary, his wife. They have two sons :- C. BRAN WYKEHAM WEBB, b. 26 June 1921, educ. at Monkton Combe School, Bath. LC. HUGH BASL WEBB, b. 28 June 1926, educ. at Monkton Combe School, Bath. 2. THOMAS CORBOULD, b. at 7 p.m. 13 Sep. 1823, bapt. 12 Oct by Dr. Penrose at Speen Church. Died at 10.4j p.m. 21 May 1826, aged 2 years and 8 months. Buried by the Rev. John Kitcat, 26 May 1826 at the Presbyterian Chapel, Newbury. 3. JAMES GLES CORBOULD, b. at 9.10 p.m. 5 Nov. 1827, bapt. at Speen Church by Mr. Harrison on Sunday 2 Dec D. 25 Feb. 1828, bur. at the Presbyterian Chapel, Newbury. 4. REV. EDWARD JAMES CORBOULD, M.A. Oxon., b. 18 NOV. 1828, bapt. at Speen ; educated at Woodspeen House School, then at Rugby School (entrance Feb. 1843), and at Wadham College, Oxford, where he matriculated 9 June 1847, B.A (4th Class Lit. Hum. 3rd Class Maths.), M.A. Oxon. 18j4. Ordained Deacon 18j 3 and Priest 1854 by the Bishop of Lichfield to the curacy of Buxton, which he held till 1857, curate of Barcheston, Warwickshire 8 j 7-60, Headmaster of Woodspeen House School ; Afternoon Lecturer at St. Mary's, Speenhamland ; curate of Charlwood, Surrey , St. Andrew-with-St. Mary Bredman, Canterbury , Harbledown ; Vicar of St. Mary's Church, Page 67


76 Teynham, Kent, from 1878 till he retired in 1908 and returned to Woodspeen House, Newbury, where he died 11 Nov. 1918,within a week of his 90th birthday, and was buried at Speen. Will pr. at Oxford 21 Jan at E3,194. Woodspeen House, which had been in the family for 104 years, was then sold. Married at St. Mary's Church, Speen, 10 June 8j 7, JULA, b. 2j April 822, d. 23 June 1902 at Teynham Vicarage, bur. at Teynham, 5 th dau. of John and Elizabeth HTCHCOCK. On leaving Teynham (28 th April 1908) Mr. Corbould was presented with an album containing the names of the 264 parishioners who subscribed a purse of gold " as a slight token of their esteem and affection, and their appreciation of his thirty years of faithful minis try among them." The Rev. and Mrs. E. J. Corbould had :- a. EDWARD CORBOULD, b. and d. in a. JULA ANNE MOSS CORBOULD, of Harewood Cottage, Cold Ash, near Newbury, Berks, b. 16 Feb. 18j9. ja. EDWARD JAMES CORBOULD, B.A. Oxon. Born at Woodspeen House, Newbury, 5 Aug. 861 ; educated at the King's School, Canterbury ; scholar of Hertford College, Oxford, 1880, matriculated 19 Oct. 1881, B.A Schoolmaster at St. Andrews and later a private tutor. Died unmarried 10 March 1899, aged 3 8. Administration granted in London 30 April a. RUPERT HENRY CORBOULD, of 2, Nottingham Terrace, Marylebone Road, London, N.W.. An ecclesiastical artist. Born at Woodspeen House, Newbury 6 June 1866, educated at the King's School, Canterbury from Entered the Studios of Mr. Alfred 0. Hemming, a well-known artist in stained glass, in 88 j, and since Mr. Hemming's death in 1907 has carried on the same work, during which time he has executed many important windows throughout the United Kingdom and abroad. Fellow of the British Society of Master Glass Painters. Married in 1907, SABEL HAMLTON, L.R.A.M., pianist, d.s.p. 8 Feb. 1921, will pr. in London 24 March 1921, dau. of the late G. T. SOLEY, shipowner, of Liverpool, and sister-in-law of Sir Frederick Walker Mott, K.B.E., M.D., F.R.c.P., F.R.S. She was descended from the rish Hamiltons. j. GEORGE GLES CORBOULD, M.R.C.S. Eng., L.S.A. Lond., of 17, Bridge Street and 22, Berkeley Square, Bristol, b. 12 Jan Bapt. at St, Mary's, Speenhamland, Newbury, 3 Feb D. 18 May 1895, bur. at Arno's Vale, Bristol. Will pr. in London 19 June 895. Educated at Woodspeen House, Newbury. Came to Bristol when quite young and was (after the old-fashioned custom) apprenticed to Mr. John Grant Wilson, a well-known surgeon, of 7, Bridge Street. On the completion of his medical education at Bristol and King's College, London, he qualified in 185 j, and was appointed House Surgeon at Stockport nfirmary. Commenced private Page 69

77 practice at Bristol in 18j6. Was for many years on the staff of Bristol Dispensary and at the time of his death was one of the Hon. Consulting Surgeons there. Married on 3 Mar. 18j 9 at Clifton Parish Church, ELZABETH (b. at Bristol 25 Aug. 1831, d. ~j Oct. 1897, will pr. in London 16 Nov. 1897)~ 4th dau. of the said John Grant WLSON, and eventually succeeded to his practice. J. G. Wilson was born and married in Barbados and owned estates there, and later came to England to study medicine and surgery at Guy's Hospital, London. He was descended from the Alleynes of Barbados through his mother Lucy Reynold, eldest dau. of Dr. Grant Ellcock and Elizabeth Reynoldia his wife, daughter of Reynold and Lucy Alleyne. They had :- a. MARY OSTREHAN CORBOULD, of 6, Richmond Hill, Clifton, Bristol, b. 14 April ELZABETH WLSON CORBOULD, of j 3, Eccleston Square, London, S.W.1, b. 20 Sep Married 5 July 1884, the REV. JOHN DAVD- SON MUNRO MURRAY, M.A., who was born in 18j3 in the West ndies, educated at Clifton College and at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he gained the Crosse and Lightfoot University Scholarships, and obtained a second-class in the Theological Tripos in Together with Bishop Bickersteth of Japan, he was one of the first members of the Cambridge Mission at Delhi. ll-health and failing eyesight necessitated his withdrawal, and soon after his return to England he was in 88 appointed Vice-Principal of Wells Theological College, where he remained six years. ncreasing blindness caused him to resign office in 887. n 889 he was appointed Vicar of Nynehead, Somerset. He died suddenly in London 10 Dec. 1894, and was buried on j th Dec. at Nynehead. They had issue :- b. DOROTHY BRUCE MURRAY, B.D. (Hons.), Man., June 193, educ. at Bedford High School. Honours Certificate in Cambridge Higher Local Exam. 9oj and 906. Scholar of Newnham College, Cambridge Second class Honours in the Medi and Modern Languages Tripos in French and German First woman Bachelor of Divinity, Manches ter University. Secondary school and private teaching Since then she has been engaged in social and church work. 2b. ELEANOR MYSE BCKERSTETH MURRAY, educ. at Bedford High School. n 1917 she started a company of Girl Guides at Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks, and was in charge of it for nearly 8 years. n 1923 she founded a Ranger Company and became District Captain. She entered the Royal Manchester College of Music in 1926, obtaining the class "A " Teacher's Diploma (violin) in July b. CAPTAN BERNARD ALLEYNE MURRAY, M.c., of The Beeches, Hertford, b. 13 April Educ. at Marlborough College and Page 70

78 SR WLLAM BAKER, kt., of Bayfordbury, m. Mary, dau. of Jacob and Mary Tonson. Juliana, = () William Baker, Esq., of (2) dau. of Bayfordbury, M.P. Thos. Penn, of Stoke Poges, Bucks. = Sophia, 3rd dau. of John and Lady Henrietta Conyers of Copt Hall, Essex. William Baker of Bayfordbury, b. 1778, m. Estina, dau. of Robert Fagan, Consul General of H. B. M. for Sicily and Malta. William Robert Baker, of Bayfordbury, J.P., D.L., m. Anna Emma Katherine, dau. of Henry Fynes Clinton, a descendant of Edward Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln, K.G. i William Clinton Baker, of Bayfordbury, J.P., m. Edith Mildmay Ashhurst, dau. of the Rev. Henry Lewis Ma jendie. Katharine Edith, m. 1908, George William Cole- Hamilton, Esq., J.P. Colonel George Baker of Bayfordbury, b. 1794, d. 22 Dec. 1859, m. Caroline Julia, dau. of Col. John Barker, of Clare Priory, Suffolk. - i Major-General William Thomas Baker, of Bayfordbury, b. 1830, d. 1890, m Frances Caroline, 2nd dau. of the Rev. William Corbould-Warren, and granddau. of the Rev. John Corbould, M.A., of Bracon Ash, Norfolk. issue. 1 Katharine Letitia, m. 1930, Captain Bernard Alle yne Murray, M.c., only son of the late Rev. J. D. M. Murray, M.A., by his wife Elizabeth Wilson, 2nd dau. of George Giles Corbould, M.R.c.s., L.S.A. 1 Page 71

79 later studied French and learnt riding at Versailles. Joined the nns of Court O.T.C., passed in signals, Whitsun 1914; mobilized with the nns of Court O.T.C. August 1914 ; 2nd Lieut. in Notts Yeomanry 13 Sep. 1914; Egypt 191j ; left for Salonica Oct. 191 j ; in the retreat from Serbia, later in the Struma Valley ; 1916 Lieut. ; May 1917 appointed to command 7th Mounted Brigade Signal Troop, returned to Egypt June 9 7 and served through Allenby's advance from Gaza to Aleppo ; Captain April 1918 ; demobilized Aug. 1919, and subsequently transferred to General Reserve Royal Corps of Signals. Admitted Solicitor June 1920, memb. Law Society, Honours at Final, Broderip Prizeman and gold medallist (the best conveyancer of the year) ; partner in Corbould, Rigby & Co., jo, Welbeck Street, Cavendish Square, W. Married on ~j th Jan. 1930, at Bayford Church, Hertfordshire, KATHARNE LETTA, b. 21 April 1909, eldest dau. of George William COLE-HAMLTON, Esq., of Hacketts, Brickenden, Herts, B.A. Selwyn College, Cambridge, J. P. co. Herts, late Basutoland Mounted Police, member of the Constitutional Club ; b. 12 Sep. 1875, the heir next after certain living persons and their issue (if any) to the Barony of Mountflorence (see pedigree of the Earls of Enniskillen), by his wife Katharine Edith (m. 2j April 1908), younger dau. of the late William Clinton-Baker, Esq., of Bayfordbury, Herts, and sister of Admiral Sir Lewis Clinton- Baker, K.C.B. Mrs. Murray is descended from King Edward of England through the Courtenays, Earls of Devon. They have issue :- C. KATHARNELZABETH MURRAY, b. at The Beeches, Hertford, 7 May a. JOHN EDWARD CORBOULD, of j j, York Terrace, London, N.W.., and, Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, W.., b. 27 June 186j. Educated at Clifton College. Solicitor (admitted Dec. 1886, memb. Law Society, honoursman at Final). Senior partner in Corbould, Rigby & Co., of, Henrietta Street, Cavendish Square, W.. Member of the Windham Club, St. James's Square, S.W.. He died unmarried j Sep. 1922, suddenly, aged 5 7, and was buried at Arno's Vale, Bristol. Will pr. in London 16 Nov at Egj, REV. WLLAM HENRY CORBOULD, TH.A.K.C.L. (18j 8), b. 14 April 1833, bapt. 12 May 833 at St. Mary's, Speenhamland, educated at Woodspeen House, Newbury, during the headmastership of his father, and at King's* College, University of London. He was ordained priest in 1859 and appointed to curacies at Middleton and Rhodes, both in Lancasl~ire. n 1871 he became Vicar of Ramsbottom, near Manchester, a living which he held for 22 years. He was a pioneer of Page 72

80 REV. WM. HY. CORBOULD, Vicar of Ramsbottom. Page 73

81 the "open church movement," and sacrificed each year an income that might have been his own, in order that every seat in the church might be free to all. Died unmarried at St. Paul's Vicarage, Ramsbottom, 8 May 893 ; bur. there 23 May ; the service being conducted by his life-long associate, the Rev. John Cox Edghill, D.D., Chaplain-General to the Forces, in the presence of jo clergy and a very full congregation. On Sunday z~st, references to his kindly and useful life were made in the various local churches and chapels, the Baptist Pastor stating that " Mr. Corbould's removal is a loss common not only to the town but to the whole neighbourhood generally... he considered humanity first and was full of sympathy and benevolence, a true and generous friend to the poor." Further tributes were paid by the Bishop of Manchester, and by the Roman Catholic clergy through Father 07Riordyn, who publicly rendered tribute to his " kind and genial manner and high character.".. " He kept people together." Administration of his estate (value E1,621) was granted inlondon, 9 June FREDERCK CORBOULD, see Section X. 8. LYDA CORBOULD, b. July 1836, bapt. at Speenhamland Church, 3 July 1836, died at Ramsbottom Vicarage, unmarried, ~j May Bur. at Speen. 9. JAMES ALFRED CORBOULD, b. at about 8 a.m. Feb Believed to have died the same day. Bur. in the Presbyterian Chapel, Newbury. 10. A SON, born and died 29 April Page 74

82 FREDERCK CORBOULD, of Niton. B D Page 75

83 SECTON X. CORBOULD OF NTON FREDERCK CORBOULD (see Section X) of Blenheim House, Ventnor, and of Niton, sle of Wight, brewer, wine shipper and merchant, b. 28 Aug. 834, bapt. 21 Sep by the Rev. -. Meeking at Speenhamland Church. Educated at Woodspeen House School, Newbury, during the headmastership of his father. Churchwarden at St. Catherine's, Ventnor. Died 8 May Bur. at Niton. Will proved in London on 20 July 892. He married v st, 23 Dec. 1857, MARA (b. 18 Feb. 1835, d. 27 March 1882, bur. at Niton), dau. of William WNTERBOURNE of the City of Oxford (by his wife Maria Robertson), whose family held lands at Aston in the parish of Bampton, Oxfordshire, and is traditionally said to have derived its name from the village of Winterbourne, Berks. Assisted by her nine surviving children, Mrs. Corbould made by hand the embroidered carpet in the chancel of Godshill Church, sle of Wight. He married zndly, by licence, at St. Catherine's Church, Ventnor, 16 Aug. 1886, JANE ELZABETH, b. 18~9, who d. 25 May 1889 aged 30, and was bur. at Ventnor, dau. of John LNTON. They had one child who died in infancy. By his first wife Frederick Corbould had 10 children :-. LYDA FANNY CORBOULD, b. 23 Dec. 1858, d. at Winnipeg 14 July Married at Edgware Road, London, 26 Oct. 1878, JOHN SHELDS, of Broomhedge, reland, Cheshunt, Herts, and Winnipeg, Canada, b. 15 Nov. 1844, d. 5 July 1923, leaving issue :- - la. JAMES SHELDS, b. Oct at Hendon, Middlesex. Surveyor at Winnipeg. Enlisted in the 79th Cameron Highlanders of Canada and volunteered for active service on the outbreak of the Great War in Aug. 1914, came to England in Nov. 1914, and was sent to France early in Brigade Sergeant Major, 5 th Batt. 48th Highlanders (Toronto). Was in the first Battle of Ypres, when the Canadians were surrounded by the enemy. The officers of his battalion were killed, and the non-coms. of whom he was one, had to carry on. This was before the days of steel helmets, and he was severely wounded in the head by five pieces of shrapnel, sent to hospital in England, and on recovery was sent to Shorncliffe, where he was appointed Staff Sergeant, which rank he retained until the war was over. Married at Streatham Hill, London, 17 Feb. 1916, AGNES TAYLOR, of Coatbridge, Scotland, and had :- ~b. KATHLEEN CORBOULD SHELDS, b. 13 Oct at Winnipeg. Page 76

84 2b. JOHN SHELDS, b. Dec at Winnipeg, d. there 29 Nov b. LYDA FANNY SHELDS, b. at Winnipeg 27 Nov qb. ALBERT JOLLFFE SHELDS, b. at Toronto 2j Nov a. MARA SHELDS, of 615, Mulvey Avenue, Fort Rouge, late of 109, Cauchou Street, Fort Rouge, Winnipeg, b. 12 Feb at Hendon, Middlesex, Secretary. Served in the War Office, Whitehall, London, during the Great War. 3a. JOHN SHELDS, b. 8 Sep. 882 at ver Heath, Bucks. Lately of Winnipeg, Canada, now of Newchurch. Married at Newchurch, sle of Wight, 17 Aug. 1928, EMLY, 3rd dau. of \villiam and Mary GROVES, of Newchurch. 4a. LYDA SHELDS, twin with Mary, b. Mar at ver Heath, Bucks, married at Winnipeg, 24 June 1908, GEORGE BLOMFELD BARKER, of Barker Block, Melita, Manitoba, Canada, formerly of Ashfield-cum- Thorpe, Suffolk, England (b. there), son of Lemon Barlter (b. at Ashfield) by his wife Sarah Ann Blomfield, the youngest son of John Barlter (b. at Ashfield, c. 8 10) by his wife... Nestling. They have issue :- ~b. GEORGE SHELDS BARKER, of Winnipeg, b. 16 April 1909, Melita Collegiate ns ti tute and Manitoba University (graduate 1931). 2b. JOHN BLOMFELD BARKER, b. 26 July Educ. at Melita Collegiate nstitute, Manitoba. 3 b. HAROLD ALEXANDER BARKER, b. 2j NOV Educ. at Melita Collegiate nstitute. 4b. EDWARD CORBOULD BARKER, b. 2j Feb at Melita, Manitoba. j a. MARY SHELDS, twin with Lydia, b. Mar. 884 at ver Heath, Bucks. Married at Winnipeg, 23 May 1930, ALEXANDER DODDS, of Winnipeg, late of Haddington, Scotland. 2. JAMES CORBOULD, of Woolescote Lodge, Ventnor, sle of Wight, b. at Blenheim House, Ventnor 20 April 1861 ; educ. at Woodspeen House, Newbury, during the headmastership of his grandfather and of his uncle. n 1876 he commenced a voyage round the world in the " Plassy," and as third in command helped to bring the ship safely through the great Bermuda hurricane of On this voyage scurvy broke out, and the " Plassy " was so much damaged by terrific seas that it took six months and a half to complete the return voyage compared with the normal sailing period of 21 days. He saw the " Atalanta " capsize in the hurricane and she was never spoken again. By an odd chance the wreck of her sister ship H.M.S. Eurydice off the sle of Wight in 1878 was witnessed by Miss Elizabeth Holbrook who afterwards became his wife. n 892 he succeeded to his father's business ; later this was sold outright to Long & Co., Ltd., of Portsmouth. Mr. Corbould is a member of the Yarborough Masonic Lodge No. j j, and was for 28 years Hon. Sec. of Page 77

85 Ventnor Sailing Club. On coming ashore he became an enthusiastic infantry volunteer and in one year wone6j worth of prizes for rifle shooting. Churchwarden at St. Catherine's, Ventnor, where he was married on 16 October 882 to ELZABETH, b. at Oberon House, Ventnor, 27 May 860, third and youngest dau. of Joseph HOLBROOK of Oberon House, Ventnor, and Wellow, in the parish of Shalfleet, sle of Wight, who was born at Calbourne, and died at Ventnor, bur. there, a descendant of the naval family of Holbrook of Newtown, which was settled at Calbourne in the 16th century. Mr. Holbrook married, at Newchurch, Anne, b. 28 May 1828, d. at Ventnor 11 April 1896, bur. there, eldest dau. of Jacob Fowler of Berelay, Niton (b. 179j, d. at Berelay Dec in his 81 th year, bur. at Niton), by his wife Jane (b. and bapt. at Niton in 791, d. at Berelay 20 Jan. 880 in her 89th year, bur. at Niton), elder dau. of Thomas Whitewood of Niton by Jane Arthur his wife. The Whitewood family, which is recorded in Niton registers for 200 years, resided at Rookley in the parish of Godshill in the 17th century, and the Arthurs were at Niton as early as Both through the families of Holbrook and Whitewood, Mrs. Corbould is connected with that of Urry, resident at Thorley since the 6th century. Mrs. Joseph Holbrook's sister, Mary, is now in her 98th year. They had issue :- a. MARA MAGDALENE (MADGE) CORBOULD, b. 27 June 1883, bapt. at St. Catherine's Church, Ventnor j Sep Artist : landscapes and portraits. Educ. at St. Boniface School and Ellerker College, Richmond Hill, Surrey. Died at Collingwood Place, 29 March 1929, bur. at Speen. Married at Teynham Church, Kent, by the Rev. E. J. Corbould, HORAT ORLANDO POULTER, of Collingwood Place, Camberley, gent., b. at Collingwood 29 Oct ; member of the Law Society since 1904 ; memb. of the Medico-Legal Society since n 1910 he (as a tyro) won with the highest possible score the 1st prize in the Colt Revolver Competition, at Bisley Camp. n 191 he won the N.R.A. bronze revr. medal (County Assn.) at Bisley. n 191 and 1912 he won the gold medals and revr. championships of the London and Middlesex Counties R.A. at Bisley. n and - 3 he won the gold medals and revr. champshs. of the S.L.R.C. at Bisley. n 1912 he won the bronze and in 1913 the gold medal and revr. champsh. of the N.L.R.C. at Bisley. n 1912 he was selected for the team of four to represent the United Kingdom in pistol shooting in Olympic Games at Stockholm and was there awarded 2 bronze medals (team) and a special certificate of merit (individual). Enrolled Ulster Volunteer 9 Feb Honorary Agent r z Feb. '914- Page 78

86 n July 1914 he was Captain of the Whitehead Team (A-C) at Bisley which beat the Territorial Force. Volunteered for active service 6 Aug. 1914, and several times later, but was not actually enlisted until Was conjointly with Mr. Huxley (who at his own expense supplied the iron target frames and targets) honorary instructor in revolver shooting to the officers of two infantry brigades in October and November 1914 at Bisley Camp and supplied the ammunition free. Army Marksman (Rifle). Served as a private (sometime acting L.Corpl., unpaid) in infantry, Royal Fusiliers (front line France and Belgium ). Honorary nstructor (revr.) 37th Divisional M. M. P. in France during rest times from trenches in During another 3 days rest period, on 24 July 1918, the respective A.P.M.s arranged a revolver match in which he beat Corporal C. D. Nicholson (80th Divn. U.S. Army), champion military revolver shot of the United States Army. He was severely wounded by machine gun fire at the taking of a village east of Caudry a fortnight before armistice, and was discharged from hospital 13th March 1919 category B 111 with life pension (confirmed), and transferred to army reserve April Eldest son of the late Harry George Poulter, of Collingwood Place, gent., by his wife Kate, fifth daughter of Robert Briant, and cousin of Geor e Grossmith the actor, and Joseph Wells, D.c.L., Vice-Chancellor o P the University of Oxford. They had issue :- ~b. GEORGE COLLNGWOOD BROWNLOW POULTER, b. j NO~ Co-opted Member of the Records and Ancient Monuments Committee of Surrey County Council, and of the Historical Records Committee of Frimley and Camberley Urban District Council, '934. Elected a Member of the Society of Genealogists, Author of " The MacCrimmon Genealogy," " The Wilsons of Barbados," " The Golden Farmer," and " The Later Highwaymen of Baghot Heath." Member of Comunn na Piobaireachd (which records the history and publishes ancient tunes of ceol mor, and maintains advanced classes for army pipers at Edinburgh Castle). Life Member of the English Twenty Club and of the Surrey XX Club, Bisley. Memb. of the Executive Committee of the Surrey County Miniature Rifle Association. Hon. Secretary of Chobham and District Rifle Club, and late Chairman of its Finance Committee. Shoots for West Surrey, Chobham and Worplesdon. Bell medal, Vice-President of the Surrey County Chess Association 930-4, and a member of the Council since 1933 ; Surrey county player. Member of the Council of the Middlesex County Chess Associa- Page 79

87 tion. Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, Camberley Chess Club, since 1927, and winner of the championship silver medal in that year. 2b. CHARLES GEOFFREY BROWNLOW POULTER, 318th A.A. S/L Coy., R.E. (T.), b. 14 Jan Surrey county service rifle. shot, and also shoots for West Surrey, Royal Engineers (Guildford), and Chobham. Second in Surrey Group R.E. service rifle championship in both 1932 and Runner-up Westlake Cup 1932 and winner of \Vestlake Cup Member of English and Surrey XX Clubs. Bell Medal R.E. silver medals for service rifle shooting N.R.A. Donegall Badge Surrey County R.A. bronze medal, Class " A " National Roll of Marksmen j. Hon. Sec. Royal Thgineers (Guildford) Rifle Club. Plays chess for Camberley. za. VOLET ELZABETH CORBOULD, educ. at St. Boniface School and Ellerker College, Richmond Hill, Surrey. Married in 1908, PERCY HARRY ANGUS EAMES, of Newcastle-on-Tyne, son of Richard Eames of Fareham, Hants, grandson of William Eames, member of the armigerous family of Eames of Hampshire and Somerset. They have :- ~b. OLWYN MYFANWY VOLET EAMES, b. in Wales, 18 June b. MARTN PERCY JAMES EAMES, of Coobang, Parkes, N.S.W., b. 12 July 1910, educ. at Colston's School, Bristol. Settled at Traingie, N.S.W., Australia, in Sept ja. HUBERT JAMES CORBOULD, of 1j2, David Street, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, Accountant, b. at Ventnor,. of W., 25 April 1886, educ. at Colston's School, Bristol, Member of the Yarborough Masonic Lodge, No. 5 j. Married at Montreal, Canada, 24 Sep. 1922, MLDRED KATE, b. at Dean, 4th dau. of Francis ATTRLL, of Dean, Whitwell, by his wife Fanny, dau. of \Villiam and Charlotte Attrill of Jobsons, Niton, and granddau. of Daniel Attrill of Dean, Whitwell, b. 1822, d. 12 July 1895, bur. at \Vhitwell,. of W., and his wife Mary Fleming (d. 1894). They have one son :- ~b. FRANCS JAMES CORBOULD, b. at Sudbury, Ontario, Feb. 1930, bapt. at the church of the Epiphany,*Sudbury, 14 June MARA MUNVLLE CORBOULD, b. 15 Jan. 1863, educ. at " The Hurst," Andover, and in London. Married, as his 2nd wife, at Ventnor, 6 June 1886, HENRY JAMES HOEY, nland Revenue Dept., of Southampton, and later of Glasgow, Aberdeen, Craigellachie and Brighton, son of Patrick Hoey, by his wife, a member of the ancient and arn~igerous family of O'Neil. Mr. Hoey, who d. 29 Oct. 1927, had married 1st Henrietta Elizabeth Worthington of Ventnor, who d. 10 Nov. 883 aged 3 2, bur, at Ventnor ; they had one child who died in infancy. Page 80

88 By his 2nd wife, he had issue :- a. MARA HOEY, b. in Scotland, 30 March Married 17 Sept GEORGERNEST RYDE of Hove, Sussex, gent. She served throughout the Great War at a V.A.D. Hospital in Brighton. 22. ELLEN HOEY, b. in Scotland, 8 Aug. 1888, d.s.p. 18 March Married 18 Oct. 1920, PERCY EDWN SMTH, of Leamington Spa, Warwick. 32. HENRETTA HOEY, b. at Craigellachie, Scotland, 6 Feb Art Class Teachers' Certificate (South Kensington, 10 March 1913). Commendation, National Competition, Board of Education, 9 o. London City and Guilds Certificates. On the formation of the Women's Royal Air Force, she was gazetted Assistant Administrator, and appointed Assistant Technical Superintendent, 2 Aug Demobilized, 30 Nov Married 16 Sep. 1922, JOSEPH STUART DARRACOTT, of The Laurels, Cargate Avenue, Aldershot, Worshipful Master ( 932) of the Palma Virtuti Masonic Lodge, No During the Great War from 191j to 1918 he served in France in the Artists' Rifles and the Hampshire Regiment, gazetted 2nd Lieut., and was wounded. He is the adopted only son of the late Thomas Darracott, of Flexbury, Cargate Avenue, Aldershot, Hants, Esq., C.C. and J.P. (Hants), C.C. (Cornwall), Governor of Aldershot Hospital, member of the Society of Friends, who d. 2 Aug. 1932, will pr. Oct at k18,448, and his wife Annie Maria Shepherd. They have :- b. THOMAS MCHAEL DARRACOTT, b. 25 Aug b. JOHN MUNVLLE DARRACOTT, b. 7 March jb. JOSEPH CORBOULDARRACOTT, b. at Aldershot 22 Feb a. PATRCK HENRY MCHAEL HOEY, of Oakdene, The Avenue, West Wickham, Kent, b. at Brighton 12 Oct. 1896, Executive Officer, nland Revenue Department, Somerset House, London. Staff side Secretary, nland Revenue Dept., Whitley Council, July 1920 to date. Hon. General Secretary, Civil Service Confederation (membership 5,600) Nov to date. At his school at Brighton he was in the 1st X cricket and football, captain of school house, holder of OO yds. running record for 8 years, member of his school chess team, also of nland Revenue chess team. He enlisted in the Queen's Westminsters in Jan ; but was demobilized in Sept. 1916, owing to heart disease. Married 30 June 192, JOAN EDTH SAMS, of London, and has issue :- xb. PATRCA MARY HOEY, b. 17 June Page 81

89 5a. THOMAS O'NEL HOEY, of Banbury, Oxfordshire, of the Civil Service, formerly of Lloyd's, b. at Brighton, 16 July 899. Attested Aug Joined up 7 Jan Served in the 10th Batt. Royal Warwickshire Regt., and also in the Oxfordshire Hussars. Wounded near Lille Aug. 1918, also wounded near Malplaquet (4 miles from Mons) 7 Nov Discharged as disabled 28 Feb Married 6 Sep. 1928, EDTH BEATRCE CORNLEY, of Coventry. 6a. ROBERT LEE HOEY, of the Royal Air Force, b. at Brighton 29 May 1903, served with the Shanghai Defence Force during the disturbances in China in Married 3 April 1926, ADA PHYLLS FREEMAN, of Glouces ter. 4. MARY CORBOULD, b. 14 Feb. 1864, educ. at the Benedictine Priory of the Sacred Heart, Ventnor. Died at Manchester 7 Nov Married in 1886, COLON^ ALBERT EDWARD JOLLFFE, R.G.A., of 20, Reynard Road, Chorlton-cum-Rardy, Manchester, served with the 4nnd Division B. E. F. France 9 6, some time Commandant of Prisoners-of-War Camp, youngest son of Jonathan Jolliffe, of Luccombe and Bonchurch, sle of Wight, b. 1818, d. 28 Jan. 1897, bur. at Bonchurch, by his second wife Frances (b. 1824, d. 14 March 1911, bur. at Bonchurch), dau. of Arthur May of Luccombe, b. 1784, d. 22 July 8j 9, bur. at Bonchurch, and Jane his wife (b. 1800, d. 21 Dec. 1877, bur. at Bonchurch). They have :- ra. ROSA MARY JOLLFFE, b. at Ventnor 9 Aug Married at Bonchurch, sle of Wight, 3 Dec. 1912, VCTOR GEORGE MARTN, of Rose Bank, West Didsbury, Manchester, Managing Director of the Aerowater Supply Company, Manchester and Liverpool, and has issue :- ~b. BARBARA BETTY MARTN, b. at Whalley Range, Manchester, 9 OC~ b. PAULNE MARY MARTN, b. at Whalley Range, Manchester, 2 Aug VOLET CORBOULD, b. 17 Feb. 865, d. 24 March 1865, bur. at Ventnor. 6. ANNE MARTHA CORBOULD, of Scatwell, Higham, Kent, b. 7 March 1866, educ. at Newport, sle of Wight, Dibdin in the New Forest, then at King's Lynn, Norfolk and in London. Throughout the Great War she served at Great Hermitage V.A.D. Hospital, Higham. Married at St. Mary's Church, Brighton, Sussex, 10 May 1902, JOHN (AN) NMMO, electrical engineer, of Higham, b. at Milton-of-Buchanan, co. Stirling, Scotland, son of William Nimmo, of Penicuik, Midlothian, and of his wife Agnes Haggart, of Balquhidder, co. Perth, Scotland. 7. FREDERCK CORBOULD, an engineer at Woolwich Arsenal, b. 19 Sep. 1867, seriously injured in motor accident, Woolwich, Married in 1897 at St. Andrew's Parish Church, Sonning-on-Thames, Berks, ELSE HLMA Page 82

90 d. at Salfords, Redhill, Surrey, 16 July 1934, dau. of Francis BROWN, of The Old Deanery, Sonning-on-Thames, and of Melbourne, Australia, and gt. niece of the Rev. Principal Robert Bren, C.M.S., of Reading. They had :- a. ELSE MADELNE CORBOULD, of Hilma, Salfords, Redhill, b. at Blackheath, S.E., 13 Aug During the Great War she joined No. School of Aeronautics at Reading, was subsequently engaged in detailing and tracing at John. Thornycroft's at Basingsto$e, and is now with the Monotype Corporation, Ltd. 8. ALFRED GLES CORBOULD, of 39, Sundorne Road, Charlton, S.E.7, b. at Blenheim House, Ventnor, Jan ; with Messrs. Copestake, Crampton and Co., 10, Cheapside, London, E.C., for the past 44 years. Married at St. Luke's Church, Old Charltbn, S.E.7, 31 Aug. 1912, MARY ALCE, b. 10 March 1874, eldest dau. of Captain gilliam Henry PARK, shipowner, and his wife Catherine, and granddau. of Mungo Park, Esq., M.D., London, who was a son of Captain Mungo Park, R.N., of Fowlshiels, Yarrow, Selkirk, sometime a physician at Peebles, the celebrated African traveller and author, a friend and neighbour of Sir Walter Scott, Bt., and Commander of the Niger Expedition of 1801, by his wife, the eldest dau. of Thomas Anderson of Selkirk. 9. SSTER BEATRCE ROBERTSON CORBOULD, one of the Anglican sisterhood at St. Michael's Home, Bloemfontein, South Africa, b. 22 Oct Educ. at the Benedictine Priory of the Sacred Heart, Ventnor, and at a London hospital. 10. SSTER AGATHA CORBOULD, of Royston, Herts, a Roman Catholic nun, b. 13 April 1879, educ. at the Benedictine Priory of the Sacred Heart, Ventnor. Page 83

91 John, living in Edward, of Debenham, Suffolk, b. circa 1560, d. 29 Aug Married Christian..., d A&, m. hoda as, of Bildeston, Holbrook, and ~ohn, 1625, Thos. Debenham, Suffolk, gent. Married m. Pascall. Grissella, dau. of Wm. Lynne, of Mistley. Bridget! Warde. - A Griscill, ~homas, John, Mary William, Eiz. Anne, John Corbould, son, b. 1628, b b. 1633, b b b b b. 4 Aug. 1627, d. b. & d. m. Robt. m. Mary? Clarke. Clarke. Brooke. John, of ~rboke, bur. 1709, m. Honour... Robt., Peter, William, John, of ~amkel, Thomas, Francis, Honour, d d Brooke, bapt. bapt. bapt. bap t. bapt. m. twice arkh ha, AA~, ~ohn,' of 8, Dove Lane, Norwich, cdar~es. bapt. bapt. bapt. at Brooke zo June bapt Married Ann Miller Ann, b. 1766, Rev. fohn, of Hungate Lodge, Weston Longville, d. unm. 31 Jan. and Bracon Lodge, Bracon Ash, b. 1768, d aet. 77. Married Elizabeth, on1 y dau. of Rev. Thos. Warren. ~ieht. Rev. ~hos. ~ aj Anne, r Charles, ~ralces, John d Mrs. Ban- b b Warren. father. 1 ~ohn, ~a thhrine, Rev. john Frances Julia, b m. Col. G.A. Warren. Caroline, m. Capt. Way, c. B. m. Maj. Gen. C. J. R. W. T. Baker. Fulford. Rev. William Corbould- Warren, m. Anne Cubitt. 2 others Edward, m. ROS~ H. M. Davis. 4 others. Page 84

92 SECTON X. CORBOULD OF DEBENHAM THOMAS CORBOULD (see Section ), fourth child of John and Alice Corbould of Thorndon, was born circa He was mentioned in his father's will. n the Subsidy Return (Suffolk, 5 68) occurs the name Thomas Corbold-the customary spelling of the name at that time at both Thorndon and Debenham. One of the Corboulds of Debenham was a beneficiary under the will of his godfather, a Corbould of Thorndon. He married MARGARET..., and had issue :-. JOHN CORBOULD, living in ALCE CORBOULD, bapt. at Debenham in j EDWARD CORBOLD or CORBOULD, of Debenkam, Suffolk, born c. 1j63. Married CHRSTAN CORBELL " of Debenham paid Ship Money. He died 29 Aug. 1630, leaving issue :- a. THOMAS CORBOLD or CORBOULD, of Bildeston, Holbrook, and Debenham, Suffolk, gentleman, described in the Ship Money Returns 1639/40 as Mr. CORBOLLE of Holbroke. Extracts from his book of genealogical notes are given here. He records that on " 24 August Thomas Corbould was married unto GRSS (ELLA) LYNNE one of the daughters of William Lynne of Mistley in the County of Essex on the xxiiii day of August in the year of our Lord God 1624 : we were married att Bradfield in the County of Essex." He died 20 Aug and was buried in the chancel of Stutton Church on 21 Aug. His will (1659) is at Somerset House. She was buried at Stutton 14 June They had issue :- ~b. Thomas Corbould noted that in " Aprill 1627, Griss(el1a) of me..., who died 3rd Oct n 1639/40 " WDOW the said Thomas.. was the 10 daie of Aprill 1627 delivered of a goodly man childe but yt was born dead : she fell in travayle YY when went to London... 2b. He continues : " October 628, Grysilla Corbould the daughter of me Thomas Corbould was borne att Bildeston in Coun : Suff on the sixt day of October 1628 about xii of the clock att mydnight or rather a little after... my ffather and Thos. Smith Godfather Goodwiff... wife were godmothers my aunt was... my daughter was baptised ye 16 day of October." GRS- CLL CORBOULD died 10 Sept There is a monument to her and her husband in the south aisle of St. Mary Stoke Page 85

93 QUARHAMS, STUTTON. RESDENCE OF JOHN CORBOULD (b. 1633, d. 1699). HALL. Note small Tudor drawings on wall. Page 86

94 Church, pswich. She married in 1614, ROBERT CLARKE, gent., Town Clerk of pswich, who was born in 162j and died 10 Nov He was the son of Robert Clarke, gent., of pswich (d. 26 Dec. 164j) and of his wife Mary (d. 7 Nov. 1627) dau. of Chr. Ballard of pswich. They had :- C. ROBERT CLARKE, b. 16~4, executor of the will of his uncle John Corbould. zc. JOHN CLARKE, executor of the will of his uncle John Corbould. Believed to have lived at Stratford, Suffolk. jc. ELZABETH CLARKE. 3b. " THO : CORBOULD sonne of me Thomas Corbould of Bildeston was borne there on the 6th day of September 1630 Anno Caroli Regis Sexto : his mother had been sick and kept her chamber j weekes and was wounded full weake : she fell in travayle after was gone to.. was delivered before got from.. '. God declared his great power and mercy." THOMAS CORBOULD paid Hearth Tax at Debenham in 1674, and died in There is a monument to him in St. Mary-le-Tower Church, pswich. qb. On the title page of Thomas Corbould's book is written " May My sonne JOHN CORBOULD was borne att Bildeston the first day of May about sunsett : and was baptised the 9th May : the witnesses were Jo : Cole, fr. Harvey, Mrs. Binning, Goody YY JOHN CORBOULD of Quarhams, Stut ton, and Holbrook, Suffolk, gent., paid Hearth Tax as " Mr. Corbold of Holbrook " in He purchased Quarhams (now belonging to Mrs. H. G. Parry Okeden of Stutton House, pswich) from Thomas Purplet, or Pirplett, gent., of pswich between 1664 and 1699 ; this estate was bought by Samuel Barnardiston. He was a churchwarden at Holbrook in He died in 1699, and was buried in the chancel of Stutton Church in His will, dated 19 May 1699, directs that Quarhams was to be sold. John Corbould married MARY CLARKE of pswich, who was left lands in Stutton and Holbrook (part believed to be Markewells*) by her husband for life with remainder to their daughter Elizabeth... f Mrs. Mary Corbould was bur. at Stutton Sep. 172j, having had issue :- C. ELZABETH CORBOULD, living in c. MARE CORBOULD, bur. at Stutton 28 Nov *Robertus Markewell, juror of the town of Stutton, was mentioned in an nquisition of Edward 111. Page 87

95 gc. EDWARD CORBOULD, bur. at Stutton 28 Nov c. MARE CORBOULD, bur. at Stutton 7 Dec jc. GRZELLA CORBOULD, bapt. at Stutton 1687, bur. at Stutton 8 Nov c. JOHN CORBOULD, bur. at Stutton, 18 April c. EDWARD CORBOULD, bur. at Stutton 8 April c. JOHN CORBOULD. (John and Samuel Gorbold were voters at Debenham in 1710). Married MARY..., and had :- ~d. JOHN CORBOULD, bapt. at Holbrook d. SARAH CORBOULD, bapt. at Holbrook d. MARY CORBOULD, bapt. at Holbrook qd. SUSANNA CORBOULD, bp. at Holbrook jd. SHADRACH CORBOULD, bp. at Holbrook d. ELZABETH CORBOULD, bp. at Holbrook j b. " My daughter MARY CORBOULD borne 19 Aug. G j ~ at Bildeston about... before one of the Clock in the afternoon : a lusty child." She died unmarr. Her will.was proved at pswich in b. " My sonne WLLAM was borne on Wednesday half an hower after X of the clock in the... the nineteenth of July 1637 and was baptised 23 August." 7b. " My daughter ELZ : CORBOULD borne ye 4 July 1641 being Sonday about 2... in the afternoon in Holbrook, she was baptised 11 July at Stutton Equ.", for " conveniency of nearness " according to the register. She died unmarried and was buried in the chancel of Stutton Church, ~j May b. " My daughter ANNE CORBOULD 8 of the clock October 19 was bap : No : 1643." was born on ye... about ta. "ALCE corbould my sister married [at Debenham! to THOMAS PASCALL of... on the daie of... Anno dni 162j. And att Michaellmas after they went and lived at... e... (illegible) in Essex, in my land wherein Thomas Keyes dwelt." on the... day of July 3a. " July My brother JOHN CORBOULD in the year of our Lord God 1626 was married unto BRDGETT (WARDE) att Bury St. Edmunds." n the same book is a copy of the Marriage Bond of John Corbould (23 July 1626) previous to his marriage with " Bridgett Warde one of the daughters of Mary Warde Widdowe" with the rest in his brother's handwriting :-" John and Bridget abovesaid were married before the month went out." Page 88

96 JOHN CORBOULD of Bildeston, "gentleman and grocery7' paid Ship Money in His will, dated 1646, is at Bury St. Edmunds. He had issue :- ~b. " 4 Aug My brother John Corbould's sonne was borne at Bildeston in Suff the ffourth day of August 1627: he was baptised on the 14th day of the same moneth and named JOHN : my ffather Edw : Corbould Jo : Sayer ye Widdowe Warde and Griselle my wife were witnesses t is believed that this John moved from Bildeston to Brooke. See " CORBOULD of BROOKE " on next page. Page 89

97 SECTON X. CORBOULD BROOKE. THOMAS CORBOULD, of Bracon Ash, Norfolk and? Gray's nn, London, yeoman, b. 1630, d. Feb Married in 1667, ELZABETH (? GOWER), b. 1639, d Both are buried at Bracon Ash. MATTHEW CORBOULD, d. 24 Oct. 1698, bur. at Brooke. JOHN CORBOULD, believed to be the son of John and Bridget of Bildeston (see previous page), died in 1693, and was buried at Brooke. He had issue :-.... JOHN CORBOULD, of Brooke, bur. at Brooke Aug , bur. 21 March 173. They had :- a. PETER CORBOULD, bur. 3 Jan at Brooke. za. WLLAM CORBOULD, bur. at Brooke 6 April a. JOHN, of whom presently. 4a. SAMUEL CORBOULD, and had :- Married HONOUR bapt. at Brooke 11 Sep Married... ~b. ELZE CORBOULD, bapt. at Brooke 16 April ga. THOMAS CORBOULD, bapt. at Brooke a. FRANCS CORBOULD, of whom presently. 7a. HONOUR CORBOULD, bapt. at Brooke 13 Oct. 1701, bur. at Brooke 3 May a. ROBERT CORBOULD, bapt. at Brooke 6 Dec JOHN CORBOULD, of Brooke, Norfolk, 3rd son of John and Honour, was born in 1688, d. at Brooke 14 Dec. 1766, bur. there. Married 1st MARY..., who d. circa 1730 and was buried at Brooke. He married zndly, at Norwich Cathedral, June 1736, SARAH COPPNG, of Wymondham, widow. By his first wife he had :-. MARTHA CORBOULD, bapt. 10 Jan at Brooke. 2. ANNE CORBOULD, bapt. 10 Sept at Brooke. 3. JOHN CORBOULD, of whom hereafter (Section X). 4. CHARLES CORBOULD, bapt. 30 Jan at Brooke. 30 Jan Bur. at Brooke Page 90

98 FRANCS CORBOULD of Brooke and Kirstead, both in Norfolk, 6th son of John and Honour, bapt. at Brooke 8 May 1699, d Will dated 27 March 174j (Norwich) ; Mrs. C., the widow, Rev. John Leman of Kirstead and Saml. Caley of Berghampton, executors. He married MARY..., and had :-. JOHN CORBOULD 2. MARY CORBOULD 1 i- ~entioned in their father's will. 4. THOMAS CORBOULD, bapt. at Brooke 8 March 1736, bur. at Brooke 24 March HONOUR CORBOULD, mentioned in her father's will. Married c. 174j, SAMUEL JAMES WLMOT, of Norwich, late of \Vorcestershire, and had :- a. MARGERY WLMOT, d. at Exeter in Administration, Exeter, April Married PROWDE LONGDLL, of St. Botolph, Aldgate, London, master and owner of a ship, who died in 1829, having had :- ~b. MARY LONGDLL. 2b. PYNSON WLMOT LONGDLL, solicitor, Gray's nn Road, London, legatee under the will of John Corbould the Merchant. Died May Married? SELNA..., and had :- C. SELNA LONGDLL, of 36, Belgrave Road, St. John's Wood, Middlesex, d. there 27 March 1876 aged 66. Administration granted 14 Aug c. PYNSON LONGDLL, merchant, m., 26 June 18~2, HARRET, dau. of George Blackiston ROBNSON, Esq. 3c. MARY ADELLE LONGDLL, living in 1876, m. FREDERC PFEFFEL, a merchant, of Frankfort, and had 8 children. 4c. EMLY LONGDLL, living in 1829, m. a retired Austrian officer. 5 c. LEUT. EDWARD BEN JAMN LONGDLL, 24th Madras Native nfantry, d. unm. in ndia 1851 or b. BENJAMN PROWDE LONGDLL, of 3j, Essex Street, St. Clement Danes, Strand, London, and p. of St. Sidwell, Exeter, surgeon, H.E..C.S., d.s.p. at Exeter in Married his cousin ELZA- BETH CHARLOTTE WLMOT, q.~. za. JOHN WLMOT, solicitor, London. Married (?ELZABETH) WLMORE,* of Halesowen, Worcestershire, and had :- ~b. ELZABETH CHARLOTTE WLMOT, d.s.p. at Uxbridge in 18j2 aged 74. Married her cousin Dr. BENJAMN PROWDE LONGDLL. *Thomas Wilmer, Esq., of Dudley, married Martha, seventh daughter of Edward Sutton, 9th Lord Dudley, and had a daughter Elizabeth, who married Gilbert Jellians, gent., of Dudley, and they had a daughter Martha, who married, 5 May 1682, Pynson Wilmot, gent., of Lower Mitton, co. Worcester. Page 91

99 ja. ROBERT WLMOT, partner in the firm of Corbould and Wilmot, 8, Dove Lane, Norwich, married MARGARET MARTN, of Norwich, and had :- ~b. ROBERT CORBOULD WLMOT, partner in the firm of Corboud and Wilmot, 8, Dove Lane, Norwich. Died unmarried. 4a. DR. SAMUEL WLMOT, a surgeon, b. at Norwich in 17j, d. at Datchet, Bucks, 18zj, Will pr. in Jan Married MARTHA RUSSELL, who d. at Exeter in 1840 aged 78, having had :- ~b. JOHN CORBOULD WLMOT, d. unm. 2b. ROBERT WLMOT, married... 3b. BENJAMN WLMOT, of the nner Temple, Esq., Barrister-at- Law, married ELZABETH SACHE, and had :- C. CLEMENT HEATHERLEY WLMOT, Civil Engineer, of Rio de Janiero, Brazil, who had :- ~d. LEWS E... WLMOT, of San Paulo, Brazil, Page 92

100 SECTON X. CORBOULD BRACON LODGE. JOHN CORBOULD (see Section X) of 8; Dove Lane, Norwich (1783), p. of St. Peter Mancroft ( ) and St. Gregory ( ), one of the City Fathers of Norwich (admitted to the Freedom of the City 4 July 1789), gentleman and merchant, partner in the firm of Corbould and Wilmot, 7, Dove Lane, Nonvich, b. at Brooke, 1720, bapt. at Brooke 20 June 1720, purchased Bracon Lodge, Bracon Ash, Norwich, 8 Aug. 176j, enarged it in 1798 and there erected a serpentine kitchen-garden wall. Retired from business c. 1788, with a considerable fortune and went to reside at 65, St. Giles Street, Norwich. Died 8 June 1801 aged 81 and was buried in the chancel of Bracon Ash Church. He made a wise distribution of part of his fortune during his lifetime. His will is dated 30 May 1801, proved P.C.C. 10th Oct. 1801, Jno. Corbould jnr., and William Foster, gent., of Norwich, executors, witnessed by William Forster, S. Hatfield and Wm. Whittred, pr. at under L~o,ooo. By this will he left L4,j 5 o to his dau. Ann, LOO to P. W. Longdill, Ej each to all nephews and nieces, all real estate to his son John. He married c. 765, ANN (aged 20), d. 27 Nov. 791, aged j 6, bur. in the chancel of Bracon Ash Church, dau. of... MLLER, of Bracon Ash, and had issue :-. ANN CORBOULD, b. 1766, d. unm. 31 Jan at St. George Tomband, Norwich, aet 77, and was bur. in Bracon Ash Church. Will pr. in London, 20 Feb. 1843, value of estate E9,ooo. 2. REV. JOHN CORBOULD, M.A., of Hungate Lodge, Weston Longville and Bracon Lodge, Bracon Ash, b. in the parish of St. Peter Mancroft, Norwich, 20 April 768, bapt. at St. Peter Mancroft Church 24 April 1768, educ. at Pembroke Hall, Cambridge (B.A. 1790, M.A. 1793). Ordained by the Bishop of Norwich, deacon 29 Sep. 1790, priest 5 June Appointed curate at Tacolneston 29 Sep. 1790, and curate of Weston Longville 22 Nov (by the Rector, Rev. Jas. Woodforde, extracts from whose entertaining diary are given in Appendix E.) ; Rector of Bawdeswell Oct. 1807, and Rector of Eccles-next-the-Sea 31 Oct. r808. Patron of the rectory of Strumpshaw-with-Bradeston, in the incumbency of the Rev. William Nelson (d. 8 2). Succeeded to Bracon Lodge, Forncett and Wreningham estates under the will of his father in Died 3rd July 1810 at Bracon Lodge and was buried in the chancel of Bracon Ash Church. Married 6th Feb ELZABETH, b. 8 Feb. 1769, bapt. 12 Feb. 1769, lived at 8, Chapel Field Road, St. Giles, Norwich (183 ), d. 2 Jan. 8g 2 aged 82, bur. in the chancel of Bracon Ash Church, only dau. of the Rev. Thomas WARREN, LL.B. (Caius College, Cambridge), Rector of Tasburgh ' Page 93

101 MSS ELZABETH CORBOULD, Dau. of the Rev. Thomas Corbould, Rector of Tacolnes ton. Page 94

102 7j 7-97, Rector of Tacolneston (acquired the advowson after being presented to the living), b. 1730, d. at Norwich 27 Sep., bur. in the chancel of Tacolneston Church 3 Oct (by his wife Elizabeth, b. 1729, bapt. 2 Jan. 1731, m. 1757, bur. at Tacolneston 18 Oct aged 87, dau. of James and Elizabeth Fuller), and granddau. of John Warren* of the p. of St. George Tombland, Norwich, bur. at Tacolneston 28 Sep. 7j 3, by his wife Mary, bur. at Tacolneston 27 Feb The Rev. J. Corbould's will is dated 10 July 1810, and was proved in London April His trustees (Eliz. Corbould, his widow ; Philip Meadows Martineau and Rev. Edward Mellish) sold Bracon Lodge on 14 May 1813 to the Rev. Thomas Trench Berney of Bracon Ash. The Rev. and Mrs. John Corbould had :- a. LEUT. JOHN WARREN CORBOULD~ 20th Madras Native nfantry, H.E..C.S., b. 22 Oct. 1794, bapt. at St. Gregory's, Norwich 28 Oct. 1794, cadet 1811, 2nd Lieut. 11 June 1812, Lieut. 28 Nov. 1817, ret. 7 July Unmarried. Lost at sea, July Administration granted to his mother 7 Feb a. REV. THOMAS CORBOULD, B A. Cantab, of Tacolneston Rectory, b. 11 May 1796, bapt. 14 May 1796 at St. Gregory's Church, Norwich, educated at Norwich Grammar School (member of the Valpeian Club) and at Benet College, Cambridge, ordained deacon at Norwich Cathedral 27 June 1819 and licensed to the parish of Upton, Norfolk. Ordained priest at Norwich 5 Oct Curate at Martham to Rev. George Pearse 10 Sep Afterwards lived in Norwich. Rector of Tacolneston from 28 Oct. 18j 8 till his death there 28 Jan. 869 aged 72. Buried in Bracon Ash churchyard. Will proved at Norwich, 11 May 1869, by his brother Edward and his brother-in-law Rev. Hy. Banfather, at under ~20,ooo. Married by licence at Martham Dec. 1826, HANNAH, of Martham, Norfolk, spinster, b. 1793, d. 23 Nov. 187~ aged 82, sister of Capt. George Edward FRANCS, of Martham Grange, Norfolk, 77th Regt. of Foot and the East Norfolk Militia. The Rev. Thomas and Mrs. Corbould had issue :- ~b. ELZABETH CORBOULD, of 43, All SS. Green, Norwich, b. 26 Dec. 1827, d. unm. 18 Nov. 190j, and was bur. at Bracon Ash. Will pr. at Norwich 5 Feb at E36,109. 2b. ANNE CORBOULD, b. at Upton 20 Dec. 1828, d. in her 8th year, bur. in Martham Church. 3a. MARY ANNE CORBOULD, vide " BANFATHER " (Section XV). 4a. CHARLES CORBOULD, b See " CORBOULD OF ORLLA " (Section XV). *Descended from William, first Earl of Warren and Surrey, by his wife Gundreda, dau. of William the Con- The seventh earl was granted the castle and honour of Eye in Suffolk, and the manors of Grantham and?zzli, co. Lincoln. Page 95

103 ja. FRANCES CORBOULD, b. 21 June 1800, bapt. 9 July 1800 at St. Giles, Norwich. Died young. 6a. EDWARD CORBOULD, of Weasenham, and afterwards of Heigham, Norwich, gent., b. 24 March 1802, bapt. at St. Giles' Church, Norwich, 7 April 1802, educated at Norwich Grammar School (member of Valpeian Club) and at Emmanuel College, Cambridge (1823). Died at Heigham, unm. 4 Feb. 1878, aged 7j, bur. in Bracon Ash churchyard. Will dated 29 Jan (codicil 27 Aug. 1877), pr. at Norwich 11 March Personal estate sworn under Ejj,ooo. 7a. FRANCES CAROLNE (FANNY) CORBOULD, b. Oct. 1803, bapt. at St. Giles's Church, Norwich, d. unm. 8 Jan. 82j, bur. at Bracon Ash. 8a. REV. WLLAM CORBOULD-WARREN, B.A., b. at Bracon Lodge, Norfolk, 27 July 806, bapt. privately at Bracon Ash 3 Aug. 806, received into the congregation 19 March 810, educated at Norwich Grammar School (member of the Valpeian Club) and at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. n 1836 the Crown, presumably by lapse, presented him to the Rectory of Tacolneston, which he held till his death 30 Aug. 8 j 8. He assumed the additional arms of Warren by a grant of the College of Arms in 18~3, and by a decree dated 19 July 1813, p London Gazette, changed his name to CORBOULD-WARREN on succeeding to the advowson and Tacolneston Hall in trust for life under the will of Elizabeth Catherine (nce Howard), widow of his uncle the Rev. John Warren, Rector and Patron of Tacolneston. His will, dated j Sep. 8 j 7, was pr. 16 Dec. 8 j 8 by his widow. He married 12 June 839, ANNE (b. 29 Dec. 1812, d. 20 Oct. 1864), dau. of Sir William CUBTT, kt., of Dilham, Norfolk, and of pswich, C.E., F.R.S. (1830), President of the nstitute of Civil Engineers, Chief Engineer of the S.E. Railway, and of Messrs. Ransome, pswich. Mrs. Corbould was a sister of Joseph Cubitt, c.e., and an aunt of Lady Mackwor th. They had issue :- ~b. JOHN CORBOULD, b. 19 Jan., d. 2 April zb. KATHARNE CORBOULD-WARREN, b See "WAY, OF SPAYNES HALL " (Section XV). jb. REV. JOHN \V. CORBOULD-WARREN, LL.M., J.P. See " CORBOULD- WARREN OF TACOLNESTON " (Section XV). qb. FRANCES CAROLNE CORBOULD-WARREN, of 7, Western Parade, Southsea, b. at Tacolneston Aug. 1845, died at Southsea 9 May 1899, bur. at Bishops Stortford 14 May. Will proved in London 17 June Married at Saugor, ndia, March 1870, MAJOR-GENERAL WLLAM THOMAS BAKER, of Bayfordbury, b. there 3 Oct. 830, bapt. at Bayford Church j Feb. 83. He joined the zth Foot (Suffolk Regt.) and served in South Africa 1853 (medal), and the Page 96

104 Afghan War , his regiment forming part of the 3rd Brigade, 2nd Div., commanded by General Maude, V.C. Received the Afghan medal and was promoted Brevet Lieut.-Colonel July 1881, commanding 2nd Batt. of his regiment. Retired 14 July 883, on which date he was gazetted an Honorary Major- General. Member of the Junior United Service Club and of the Bishops Stortford Masonic Lodge. Died at Bishops Stortford 3 Aug. 1890, bur. there 8 Aug. Major-General Baker was the 3rd son of Colonel George Baker, who was born at Bayfordbury 8 Jan. 1794, and served as an Ensign of 16th Lancers through the Peninsular War (medal with 2 clasps; taken prisoner by the French, exchanged 2 years later). Geo. Baker fought at Waterloo as an Ensign, aged 21, and was awarded the medal. n 1830 he was appointed H.B.M. Commissioner for determining the boundary between Greece and Turkey, and received the Greek Order of the Redeemer. Col. George Baker, who died at Bath 22 Dec. 1859, married at Clare Church, Suffolk, 27 Feb. 1824, Caroline Julia, dau. of Col. John Barker, of Clare Priory. Col. Baker was the 7th son of William Baker, Esq., M.P., of Bayfordbury (gt. gt. gt. grandfather of Mrs. B. A. Murray, see Section X). Gen. and Mrs. Baker had issue :- C. EVELYN FRANCES BAKER, b. at Cork 29 Sep. 1876, bapt. at Youghal Church, co. Cork 17 Dec Married at Bombay 26 Aug MAJOR RCHARD PLUNKETT, R.A.V.C., of 3, Kimbolton Avenue, Bedford, who was born at Ashbourne, co. Meath in June 1875, bapt. at Ratoath, educ. at Castle Knock, co. Dublin. He served in the South African War , the Great War and in Mesopotamia Major Plunkett is a son of Richard and Christina Plunkett of Meath, reland, and grandson of Laurence Plunkett. They have issue :- ~d. WLLAM RCHARD PLUNKETT, b. at Mussoorie, ndia, ~j May Educ. at Bedford School. Student of Civil Engineering. 2d. FRANCES LORRANE PLUNKETT, b. at Naini Tal, ndia, 7 OC~ j b. JULA CORBOULD-WARREN, of Hughenden Terrace, Salisbury, b. at Tacolneston, 16 Oct. 1846, bapt. there, d. at Lyme Regis, Dorset, 4 April 1890, bur. at Bemerton, Wilts, 7 April. Will P-. in London 28 April Page 97

105 Married at Jubbulpore, ndia, 20 Sep. 1870, CAPTAN CECL JOHN RUSSELL FULFORD, B. s.c., b. 8 April 845, who was shot by a native fanatic and died of wounds at Peshawar 4 May 882, bur. there ; he was the eldest son of Admiral John Fulford, R.N. (d. 1888, m. sabella, dau. of John Russell of Edinburgh) and grandson of Lieut. Colonel Baldwin Fulford, J.P., of Great Fulford, Exeter, whose famiy has resided at Fulford slnce Saxon times. Captain Fulford was descended from King Edward through the Courtenays, Earls of Devon. They had issue :- C. LEUT. REGNALD JOHN RUSSELL FULFORD, b. at Bomballa, ndia, 18 July 1871, educated at Wellington College and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Gazetted Lieut. Middlesex Regt Died at Quetta, ndia, in Nov. 1892, bur. there. 2c. EDTH SABELLA FULFORD, b. March 1873, d. at Bedhampton, Hants, 27 June 1900, bur. there 29 June. JC. LETTCE ANNE FULFORD. of Orchard Close, Porlock, Somerset, b. at Bemerton, Salisbury. Unmarried. 4c. MARJORY CLARE FULFORD, of Orchard Close, Porlock, Somerset, b. at Camberley, Surrey. Unmarried. 6b. EDWARD CORBOULD-WARREN, of Bracon Lodge, Bracon Ash, Norfolk, b. 5 April 1848, became entitled for life under the will of his uncle Edward Corbould of Weasenham, to the income of his residuary estate. Re-purchased Bracon Lodge, 23 July 885, from G. W. F. Loftus. Died at Bracon Lodge, 2 March Left Bracon Lodge to his wife for life, and afterwards to his second son William. Married 28 Aug. 1878, ROSE HENRETTA MACKARNESS, d. 21 Aug aged 71, youngest dau. of the Rev. Frederick DAVS, and had :- C. ROSE CATHERNE CORBOULD-WARREN, b. Z July Married 2j NOV. 1914, CAPTAN JAMES SYDNEY GRANVLLE KAY, of Cuckoofield Cottage, Bracon Ash, Norfolk, b. 7 May 1875, served in the Great War and was gazetted Staff Captain 24th (2nd Sportsman's) Batt. Royal Fusiliers ; wounded ; three medals. Captain Kay is the only son of Capt. James Kay, of St. Leonard's House, Westbourne Terrace, London, W. 2c. LEUT. COLONEL EDWARD CORBOULD-WARREN, R.A. (ret. r926), of Tidworth, b. at Cheriton Bishop, Devon, 21 May 1881, served in the South African War (medal with 3 clasps), Lieut. R.F.A. 1908, Capt. R.A. 3 Aug. 1912, awarded Royal Humane Society's Medal for saving life in the river Goomtie at Belaspur ; served in the Great War in Mesopotamia and at the siege of Kut-el-Amara under General Townshend ; mentioned in despatches 5 times, 3 medals ; created Brevet Page 98

106 Lieut. Colonel Married in ndia, Oct. 1908, MAR- GARET JOAN, elder dau. of the late Canon Edward STEWARD, M.A., of The Close, Salisbury, and Boyton Rectory, Codford, Wilts. Canon Steward was born in 185, educated at Haileybury and Magdalen College, Oxford, and married Margaret Knyvet, only dau. of the Rev. Herbert Wilson, 13th child of the Rev. George Wilson, of Kirby Cane, Norfolk (by Anna Maria his wife, dau. of the Rev. Charles Millard, Chancellor of the Diocese of Norwich), a descendant of King Edward 11 through the Bourchiers. They have issue :- ~d. MARGARET CORBOULD-WARREN, b. 11 Oct at Shrinagar, ndia. 2d. JOAN CORBOULD-WARREN, b. at Woodlands, Bracon Ash, Oct c. WLLAM CORBOULD-WARREN, of Ewell, Tacolneston, late of Bracon Lodge, Norfolk, b. 3 May 1883, served with the 3rd Essex Militia in the South African War (medal); retired East Bengal tea planter; served in the Great War with the 23rd Battalion Royal Fusiliers (Victory and General Service Medals), wounded 2 June 1916 ; transferred to ndian Army Reserve (66th Punjabis), served in the North-West Frontier Campaign 9 9 (medal). Married, 3 July 1926, MARY JESSCA, elder dau. of Major Norman Chichester PERKNS, Wiltshire Regt., late Deputy Commissioner, Pakokku, Burma, and Mrs. Perkins, of The Grange, Ewell, Surrey, and granddau. of the late Major- General E. N. Perkins, Bengal Staff Corps. Mrs. Corbould-Warren's second-cousin Lieut. Cmdr. R. P. C. Hawkins married in 1929, Enid Helen, only dau. of the Rev. J. W. Corbould-Warren (q.v.). They had issue :- ~d. EDWARD NORMAN CORBOULD-WARREN, b., named and d. 20 OC~ d. RCHARD CORBOULD-WARREN, b. at 19, Bentinck Street, W.., 19 June c. WNFRED ALCE CORBOULD-WARREN, of The Rectory, Thwaite St. Mary, near Bungay, Suffolk, b. 10 July 188j, m. 15 July 1925, CAPTAN LONEL WLLAM CAMPBELL GWYN, b. 16 Sep. 878, eldest son of Lieut. Colonel Herbert Lionel Gwyn, R.A., of Hove, Sussex (b. 2 April 1839, d. Sep. 1887) by his wife Grace, dau. and heir of Colonel Robert Campbell, 40th Regt. Page 99

107 Major-General E. N. Perkins, Bengal Staff Corps. Robert and Sarah Ann Obbard. Major Norman. Alice, m. General H. S. General Thomas Chiches ter Caesar Obbard, b Obbard, of Perkins. Richard Exmouth. Hawkins. -1 Mary Jessica, m. Edward Maud Robert William Corbould-Warren, Caesar Ellen = m. in 1896, Obbard, now of Tacolneston, Hawkins, J. P. Lieut. Col. Esq.,.C.S. gt. grandson of the Rev. i Owen J. Obbard. John Corbould, Rector of Rawdeswell and Ecclesnext-the-Sea. Richard Pennell Caesar Mary Swinhoe Obbard, Hawkins, m. Enid Helen, b. 1882, d. 1928, m. in only dau. of Rev. J. W. 1907, Capt. Pelham S. Corbould-Warren, M.A., J.P., Corbould. now of Caistor Hall, gt. grandson of the Rev. John Corbould, Rector of Bawdeswell and Eccles-next- the-sea. Page 100

108 Col. H. L. Gwyn was the j th son of Commander William Gwyn, R.N., J.P., of Tasburgh Lodge, Norfolk, by his wife Mary, dau. of Edward Rudge, of Fakenham. JC. BEATRCE HARRET CORBOULD-WARREN, b. 8 Oct Unm. 6c. MAY FRANCES CORBOULD-WARREN, of Akaroa, Christchurch, New Zealand, b. 8 July 1889, m., 31 July 1917, GEOFFREY GORDON RCHARDSON, who died J March b. MARY CORBOULD, b. 6 May 1850, d. 14 Feb. 8j. 8b. MARY CORBOULD-WARREN, b. 19 July 185, d. 4 NOV. 1921, m. 20 Feb. 1874, LEUT. COLONEL WALTER JOHN BOYES, b. 18 Jan. 1841, gazetted Ensign 21 May 185 8, promoted Major 12th Foot (Suffolk Regt.) July 1881, 'Adjutant of 2nd Batt., and served in Afghan War of 1879 (medal and clasp) as D.A.A.G. on staff of Lieut. General Maude, v.c., commanding the Peshawar Division. He was transferred to the Yorkshire Regt. in 1881 and retired 2 May 883, on which date he was gazetted an Hon. Lieut. Colonel. He served in the Jowaki Expedition (medal and clasp), and wrote a pamphlet called " Personal Reminiscences." After retiring from the service, he settled in Canada, but returned to England later, to take up the appointment of Secretary of the Royal ndian Engineering College, Cooper's Hill, which he held for many years. He died 2 May 1917, having had eleven children :-- C. WALTER BAYNES BOYES, b. in ndia 1875, d. in Canada c. JAMES ERNLE BOYES, banker, of South Africa, b. in ndia 21 Dec. 1876, educ. at Blacltheath Proprietary School, d.s.p. in South Africa Dec Married HENRETTA HOWES. jc. ELLEN MARY BOYES, of, Connaught Mansions, London, S.W.1, b. at Simla, ndia, 24 Jan. 1877, bapt. there. 4c. CHARLE SELWYN BOYES, engineer, b. at Murray, ndia, 12 June 1878, bapt. there, educ. at Cranleigh School. Married in Egypt, FLORENCE WEST, and has issue :- JC. OLVA BOYES, b. at Murray, ndia, 12 Nov. 1879, bapt. at Rawal Pindi. Married at All Saints' Church, Cairo, Egypt, 30 Nov. 1912, JOHN MONTAGU ELLS LANGTON, B.A., Cantab., M..Mech.E., of Tantah, Liphook, b. in London 23 Feb. 1873, bapt. in St. Bartholomew's Hospital Chapel, London, educ. at Westrninster School and at Trinity College, Page 101

109 Cambridge ; Chief Mechanical Engineer, Egyptian State Railways He is a son of John Langton, of London, and a grandson of Henry John Langton, of Bexley, Kent. 6c. ROBERT NARNE BOYES, b. and d. at Windsor in c. JOHN EDWARD WARREN BOYES, M.c., of 18, Baehler's Mansions, Gezira, Cairo, Egypt, b. at Windsor 24 June 1882, bapt. at Windsor. Educ. at mperial Service College, Windsor. Civil Engineer. Served in the Great War in Gallipoli M.E. F., Egypt and Palestine E.E. F. Mentioned twice in despatches. Won the Military Cross Order of the Nile, 4th Class (Egypt). Gazetted temp. Capt. R.E. He married 1st at Cairo, Egypt, 27 Oct. 1910, BEATRCE ETHEL, b. at Amritsar, ndia, 5 Aug. 1887, d. at Cairo in 1914, dau. of Lieut. Colonel Thomas Hall PLUMER, who was a first cousin of the late Field-Marshal Viscount Plumer, G.C.B. He married zndly, in London, 12 July 1927, EDTH CAROLNE, b. in London 21 Sep. 1878, dau. of J. R. B. SMART, R.N., of Cranbourne, Dorset, and his wife Anna Maria, dau. of the Rev. Bryett Turner. By his first wife he had issue :- d. JOHN CECL LESLE BOYES, R.N.V.R. (1932)~ b. 26 Feb. 1914, educ. at Charterhouse (in 2nd soccer team). Now studying accountancy. 8c. NORA ORLLA BOYES, b. in Canada Unmarried. 9c. MARK BOYES, b. at Bishops Stortford, Essex, 1884, died unmarried in OC. CECL EDWARD CUBTT BOYES, of the Eastern Telegraph Co., b. at Lee, Essex, 16 Sep. 1886, bapt. at St. Mildred's Church, Lee, educ. at St. Mark's School, Windsor. Died at Tottenham, Middlesex, 3 Dec Will proved in London 31 Dec Married VOLET LEMON, now of Looe, Cornwall, and had :- ~d. MARY BOYES. 2d. BETTY BOYES. C. WLLAM REGNALD BOYES, b. at Blackheath, Kent, Sep. 1890, bapt. at Christchurch, Lee Park, educ. at St. Mark's School, Windsor, and at South Kensington. Appointed engineer in Public Works Dept., Punjab, but resigned, and is now in practice as an engineer. Served with the Bengal Sappers and Miners in the Great War in Mesopotamia, through the Siege of Kut. Gazetted temp Capt. R.E. Married at Haslemere, Surrey, 6 June 1919, MAY, b. at Dulwich, dau. of Lieut. Colonel Thomas Hall PLUMER, Northamptonshire Regiment, of Feock, Cornwall, late Com- Page 102

110 mandant of the 1st Hyderabad Contingent of nfantry (by Ethel Frances Saunders his wife), granddau. of Charles Plumer, of Cheltenham, gt. gt. granddaughter of Sir Thomas Plumer, Master of the Rolls (who had been one of Warren Hastings's counsel at his im eachment), and descended from the old Yorkshire family o P Plummer of Bedale. Mrs. M. R. Boyes is a sister of the late Mrs. J. E. W. Boyes. They have issue :- ~d. THOMAS PLUMER BOYES, b. at Gurdaspur, ndia, 28 Nov. 1920, bapt. at Haslemere in April rd. JOHN TERRL BOYES, b. at Lahore, ndia, 21 Feb. 1925, bapt. at Lahore April gb. ELZABETH CORBOULD-WARREN (Mrs. Cotton, Pine Haven, Purbeck Road, Parkstone, Dorset), b. at Tacolneston, 25 Oct. 18~2, bapt. there. Married at Ferozepore, Punjab, ndia, 23 Dec. 1873, COLONEL FRANCS FREDERCK COTTON, of, Downfield Road, Clifton, Bristol, who was born at. Saugor, ndia, 7 Aug. 1843, educ. at Addiscombe College, gazetted 2nd Lieut. 8 June 1860, Lieut. Colonel (Royal Engineers) July r 888 and retired on that date. He served in the Bhootar Campaign (medal), and died 14 Oct at Clifton, Bristol, bur. on Oct. 18 at Shirehampton, Bristol. Will pr. at Bristol. Col. Cotton was the son of General Henry Cotton of Agra, who was in command at Agra during the ndian Mutiny, by his wife Sophia Barbara, widow of Colonel Cole broo ke. They had one daughter :- C. EDTH SOPHA COTTON, b. at Ferozepore, ndia, 4 Sep. 1874, bapt. there. Unmarried. lob. CHARLES CORBOULD-WARREN, b. 6 Jan. 1854, d. 21 Feb. 18j4. Page 103

111 SECTON XV. BANFATHER. MARY ANNE CORBOULD, of Norwich, eldest dau. of the Rev. John Corbould of Bracon Ash (see Section X), was born 25 Sep. 1797, and bapt. at St. Gregory's Church, Norwich, j Oct ; d. at Sprowston 3 Jan. 1818, bur. there. She and her sister Frances were known as " The Belles of Norwich." She married in Jan the REV. HENRY BANFATHER, B.D., Vicar of. Sprowston and Rector of Beeston St. Andrew, Norfolk, b. 4 June 1794, Headmaster of Norwich Grammar School , d. at South Lodge, Sprowston, 30 Sep. 188j aged 91, bur. at Sprowston ; will pr. at Norwich 26 Nov. 88 j at E 3,247. While still a young man he was selected to preach the funeral sermon for the Princess Charlotte (d. 6 Oct. 1828)~ dau. of George 111. This was considered a great distinction by the cathedral dignitaries. They had :-. REV. HENRY WLLAM BANFATHER, B.A., Cantab., b. at Norwichin 835, educ. at King Edward V Grammar School, Norwich, and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Ordained deacon 1860 and priest 1861 by the Bishop of Ely. Rector of Blunsdon St. Andrew, Wilts, from 1887 till he died there, 12 Feb Will proved in London, 7 July 1900, further admon. granted in London 14 June 19. Married at Oxford, FRANCES MARA (of Danbury Lodge, Worthing, b. in London 12 Dec. 1828, d. at Worthing, 29 May 1910, will pr. 18 Nov. 1910)~ dau. of John S. SMTH, and widow of Colonel J. C. COOPER. They had issue :- a. MARON GERTRUDE BANFATHER, of Penshurs t, Blackwater, sle of Wight, b Married EDGAR THORNTON, who was born in 1871, and died without issue at Eastbourne, 29 April 1910 ; will proved in London 18 July 1910 at &4j, FANNY CAROLNE BANFATHER, b. at Norwich 23 Aug. 1836, d. unm. at Boreham, Essex, 29 April 1928 aged 91, bur. at Boreham. Admon. London 3 Sep MARY EMMA BANFATHER, b. at Norwich 15 June 1837, bapt. privately at Norwich, d. at Boreham, Essex, 2 Sep. 1928, aged 91, bur. there j Sep., will pr. in London at &,40o. Page 104

112 Married at S rowston Feb. 1868, HENRY BANKS SPENCER, M.D. (London), of Ox i! ord, b. at Chippenham, Wilts, 5 April 1834, educ. at Queenwood and King's Colle e, London, d. at Boreham, Essex, 20 March 1912, bur. at Boreham, son o Dr. Henry Spencer, of Chippenham, and had :- B a. MARGARET MARY SPENCER, of Woodstock, Clandon, Surrey, b. at Oxford 16 Dec. 868 ; m. at Oxford 8 July 1886, OCTAVUS HOLMES BEATTY, M.A. (Oxon.), LL.B. (Dub.), of the Middle Temple, Esq., Barris ter-at-law ( 9 May 886), of, Dr. Johnson's Buildings, Temple, London, E.C., and 5, Elm Grove, Wimbledon, S.W. 9, b. at Maranhiio, Brazil 18 May 1864, educ. at Armagh, reland, and Exeter College, Oxford ; d. at Guildford 23 June 1924, will pr. 24 Oct ; son of Paken ham William Beatt y, of Mount Pleasant, co. Louth, reland, (by his wife Octavia Hall, of MaranhZo, Brazil ; a descendant of Robert Beatty of Springtown, co. Longford, by his wife Anne, dau. of Capt. Henry Pakenham of Pakenham Hall, Wes tmeath (b. 6 ), ancestor of the Earls of Longford. Mr. Beatty was of kin to Earl Beatty of Jutland, Dr. Beatty of H.M.S. Victory, and Claudius Beatty, who fought at the Battle of the Boyne and is said to have saved the life of King William 111. They had :- ~b. MUREL MARGARET BEATTY, b. at Oxford 12 Nov. 1889, m. 6 June 9 Paymaster-Commander WALTER HALL MEDD, O. B. E., R.N., who served in the Great War and was gazetted P. Cmdr. 18 Feb. 1925, son of the Rev. George Tate Medd, A.K.c.L., Vicar of Whitchurch, Aylesbury, Bucks, and has :- C. ELEANOR MARGARET ANNE MEDD, b. at Wimbledon 19 March 1912, bapt. at St. John's Church, Wimbledon. 2b. CLAUDUS HUGO BEATTY, b. at Wimbledon July 1891, educ. at King's College School, Wimbledon and W ye Agricultural College, Kent. Enlisted, and served in East Surrey Regt., and London Regt., invalided out. Died at Guildford as result of motor accident at West Clandon, Surrey 16 July 1920, bur. at West Clandon. Admon. granted in London 13 Aug jb. ARTHUR PAKENHAM BEATTY, b. at Wimbledon 19 Feb. 1893, educ. at King's College School, Wimbledon, and W ye Agricultural College, Kent. During the greater part of the War of he served in the British Red Cross attached to the French Army at the Frc.nt. Married at Bois Colombes, Paris, 13 March 1920, SMONE - E.M.A., dau. of Jules Xavier LENGRAND, ingdnieur m6tallurgiste, of Dunkerque. They have :- C. CLAUDUS JEAN PAKENHAM BEATTY, b. at Bois Colombes, Paris, 26 Dec. 1922, educ. at King's College School, Wimbledon. Page 105

113 qb. ~ N D LEUT. DESMOND HENRY BEATTY, b. at Wimbledon 17 Aug. 1894, educ. at King's College School, Wimbledon, and Hertford College, Oxford. Died on active service (East Surrey Regt.) in 7 Stationary Hospital, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, 2 Feb. 19 5, bur. there. Will proved in London, 27 April a. EDTH ELLEN SPENCER, b. at Oxford, 23 Nov. 871, bapt. at St. Peter'sin-the-East, Oxford. Married at Chelmsford in April 1925, BERNARD RCHARD THEODORE GRNDLE, of the nner Temple and 9, Curzon Street, Slough, Bucks, Esq., C.B.E. (1930), M.A. (Oxon.), Barrister-at- Law (5 July 1905), b. at Kensington, London, 10 June 1879, bapt. at Kensington Pro-Cathedral, educ. at St. Paul's School and Queen's Colle e, Oxford, Assistant Secretary of the War Office, Whitehall, and P rom April 1933 Comptroller of Lands, War Office, younger son of the late Edmund Samuel Grindle by his wife Eleanor Chadwick. 3a. MARY GERTRUDE SPENCER, b. at Oxford 22 Oct. 187j, unm. 4. REV. EDWARD HENRY BANFATHER, M.A., b. j Dec. 1842, educ. at Sprowston Grammar School and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Gazetted Lieut. 99th Wiltshire Regt., and was quartered in Natal in 1865 and St. Helena in He was devoted to horses and riding, and sustained several injuries when riding in races. Served in the " Stafford House Commission " between Turks and Russians, and was wounded. On his return to England he was ordained deacon and priest by the Bishop of Ripon in 1879 and appointed curate of Batley, Yorks. Curate of St. Mary's, Long Stratton, Norfolk Rector and Vicar of pt. of Felmingham, North Walsham, Norfolk, Rector of Rackheath, Norfolk. Knight of the Primrose League. Died at Rackheath Rectory, near Norwich, 29 Nov aged 68. Probate of his will was granted to Sir Edward Paulet Stracey, Bt., and others, at Norwich 18 Jan Married ALCE EVELYN (of Tewin Water, West Tarring, Worthing, b. at Percy House, Eltham, Kent, in Sept. 1872), dau. of Lewis Whitmore BURNAND, M.A., Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, of 14, Park Crescent, Worthin, Sussex, first cousin of Sir Francis Cowley Burnand, Kt., editor of 5, " Punch. Mrs. Banfather's gt. gt. grandfather, Jaques Olivier Paul Burnand, a bill broker, of Moudon, Vaud, Switzerland, settled in London, c. 1770, and was one of the Lutheran " Burnands dits de Chavannaz." They had issue :- ra. EDWARD HENRY BURNAND BANFATHER, of 69, Craven Gardens, London, s.w.19, b. at Coltishall, Norfolk, 5 March 18 6, bapt. at St. Paul's Church, Worthing, Sussex, educ. at Lancing Co P lege and at St. George's, Windsor. Lieut. Essex Regt. 191 j -19. Page 106

114 Married at St. Cuthbert's Church, Earls Court, 16 March 1923, DOROTHY CRAG, b. at Guatemala City 6 Dec. 1894, dau. of Bertram K. PEARSE, Esq., of Guatemala City, in the Central American Republic, and has :- xb. EDWARD BERTRAM BANFATHER, b. at Earls Court, 2 April b. STELLA PEARSE BANFATHER, b. at Wimbledon, 18 May b. LONEL ASHTON BANFATHER, b. j April Page 107

115 SECTON XV. WAY, OF SPAYNES HALL. KATHARNE CORBOULD-WARREN, of 14, Wynnstay Gardens, London, W., eldest daughter of the Rev. Wm. Corbould-Warren (see Section X), b. at Tacolneston 30 Jan. 1842, d. at Cranleigh, Surrey 23 Nov. 1923, bur. at Heene, Worthing. Married 3 Aug. 1864, COLONEL GEORGE AUGUSTUS WAY, C.B. (1896), J.P., of Spaynes Hall, Essex, b. 6 March 1837, educ. at Eton, entered Army 18j 5, Lieut. 1858, Capt. 1867, Major 187j, Lieut. Col. 1881, served in the Punjab Frontier Force, Commandant 7th D.C.O. Rajputs, served in the Mashud Waziri exped (medal and clasp) and Akha exped (mentioned in despatches), d. 19 Oct. 1899, bur. at Heene, Worthing ; will pr. 23 Jan ; son of the Rev. Charles John Way, M.A. Trin. Coll. Camb., of Spaynes Hall, Essex, Rector of Boreham and Chaplain to the Duke of Atholl. They had issue :-. GEORGE JOHN WAY, of Stegi, Swaziland, South Africa, b. at Nagode, Peshawur, ndia 7 Aug ; educ. at Felstead. Unmarried. 2. LEWS NORMAN WAY of Spilfeathers, ngatestone, Essex, b. at Jubbulpore, ndia 23 April 1867 ; educ. at Sherborne ; d. at Spilfeathers 24 Dec ; will proved in London 3 April 1929 Married in London 7 Jan. 895, UNA MARGARET, b. at Mingbool, Victoria, Australia, served in V.A.D. during the Great War from 1914 to 1918, dau. of Malcolm MACKNNON, Esq., of Broadford, sle of Skye, and Mingbool, Australia (by his wife Mary Margaret, dau. of Edward MacCallum, Esq., of Ardro, Argyllshire), and granddau. of Charles Mackinnon, Esq., of Broadford, by his wife Una, dau. of Malcolm Nicolson, Esq., of Usabost, sle of Skye. One of Mrs. Una Mackinnon's seven brothers was Alexander Nicolson, Esq., M.A., LL.D. Edin., Sheriff Substitute of Kircudbright and later of Greenock, the eminent Greek and Gaelic scholar and poet, who revised the Gaelic Bible and wrote "The Lay of the Beanm6hr: a Song of the Sudreyar," "The Misty sle of Skye " and " Memoirs of Adam Black." They had :- a. LEUT. RODERCK NORMAN WAY, R.F.A., b. at Spilfeathers 17 Oct. 1896, educ. at Harrow, and R.M.A. Woolwich ; on passing out of Woolwich in 1915 he was gazetted to the R.F.A. and attached to the 28th Battery, 9th Brigade, Meerut Division. Went to France in May 191 j, and in Dec. was ordered to Mesopotamia with his battery to join in the relief of Kut. Killed in action 13 Jan. 1916, while serving as observation officer during the battle of Orah. za. UNA KATHARNE MARY WAY, b. at Spilfeathers 11 July 1899, and was a land worker during the Great War. Page 108

116 Married at Fryerning Church, ngatestone, Essex, 7 Jan. 1922, LEUT. CMDR. FRANCS CHARLES HARRSON, D.S.O. (1917), R.N. (ret. 1929), of nnstead, Newdigate, Surrey, and the Naval and Military Club, London ; b. 893 ; educ. in the training ship " Conway " and at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth ; served in the European War (desp., D.S.O. and bar, Croix de Guerre), and was present at the attack on Zeebrugge. They have issue :- ~b. SUSAN HARRSON, b. at Southsea 20 Oct b. JANET HARRSON, b. at Spilfeathers 5 Feb a. LEWS MALCOLM WAY, b. 19 NOV. 191 ; educ. at Sherborne School, and at St. Catherine's College, Cambridge (matric. 1930, 2nd class English Tripos, June 1933). 3. RUPERT EDWARD WAY of The Croft, Abbot's Wood, Guildford, late of Russia, mining engineer, b. at Jubbulpore, ndia, 30 June 868, d.s.p. at Greylands, Guildford 27 April 1933 ; bur. at Woking. Married in 1904, ROSALA TANENBAUM of Vladikafkas, Russia. 4. MABEL KATHERNE WAY (LADY BNGLEY, o.b.e.), b. at Saugor, ndia 19 Dec. 869, member of the ndian Joint War Committee of the British Red Cross Society and the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, served in the War Hospital at Guildford as a member of V.A.D.6, Surrey, , and was awarded the British Red Cross Medal for Home Service. Married at Umballa, ndia, 12 Aug. 1893, LEUT. GENERAL SR ALFRED HORSFORD BNGLEY, K.C..E. (1918), C.B. (~J), Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of The Cause y, Cranleigh, Surrey ; b. 28 Ma r 186j, educ. at St. Edward's School, Oxford, and the Royal Military Col ege, Sandhurst ; Lieut. Leinster Regt. 88 j ; ndian Staff Corps 1887 ; Capt..A. 1896, Major 1903, Lieut. Col. 1906, Bt. Col. 1910, Col. 1911, Major-General 19 5, Lieut.-General 1920 ; employed on plague duty, Bombay (thanks of Govt., Kaisar--Hind medal 1st class) ; D.A.A.G. Headqrs. Staff, ndia ; Dep. Sec. Army Dept. Govt. ndia ; Commandant 7th D.C.O. Rajputs ; General Staff Officer, 1st Grade Hqrs. Staff, ndia ; Dep. Adj. Gen. Hqrs. Staff, ndia, 1914 ; Brigade Commander 1911 ; Chief Staff Officer, Suez Canal Defence Force ; Sec. Army Dept. Govt. ndia ; retired Colonel of the 3rd Bn. (D.C.O.) 7th Rajput Regiment, April Served in Burma (medal with clasp), China 1900 (desp., brevet Major, medal with clasp), E ypt and Mesopotamia in Great War of (desp., prom. Major-~enerj for distinguished service in the field, Japanese Order of the Rising Sun) ; Gold Medal of the United Services nstitution, ndia, 896 ; Governor of Cranleigh School, the Royal School for Officers' Daughters and of St. Catherine's School, Bramley ; County Controller for Surrey Voluntary Aid Detachments ; member of the Council of the Surrey Archzological Society; author of a series of handbooks on the races recruited in the ndian Army ; member of the United Service Club ; eldest son of Peregrine Taylor Bingley (who d. 1886) and his wife Alice, only dau. of Page 109

117 Capt. John Wentworth Austen, and granddau. of Sir Henry Edmund Austen, Kt., J.P., D.L., of Shalford House, Surrey, a gentleman of the Privy Chamber. They have issue :- a. BARBARA BNGLEY, b. at Simla 9 March Married at Peshawar, ndia, 9 Nov. 1921, LEUT. COLONEL EDWARD HUMFREY VERE HODGE, M.D. (Cantab. 1928), B.A., M.B., B.CH. (Cantab. ~O), M.R.C.S. Eng. 1908, L. 1908, M. 1927, R.C.P. London ;.M.S. ; educ. at Oakham School, Clare College, Cambridge, and at St. George's Hospital ; now Civil Surgeon, Bengal ; late Opth. Asst. Ho. Surg. and Ho. Phys.St. George's Hosp., and Clin. Asst. Gt. Ormond St. Hosp. Children ; served in the Great War, France and East Africa ; part author of Birch's " Management and Med. Treatm. of Children in ndia " 7th ed. They have issue :- ~b. PHYLLDA BNGLEY VERE HODGE, b. at The Causey, Cranleigh, 17 March j. WNFRED WAY (LADY WLLCOCKS), b. at Saugor 4 April 1871, did war work in England and was for six months with the Church Army Huts in France, ; awarded British War Medal. Married at Saugor, ndia, 29 July 1889, GENERAL SR JAMES WLLCOCKS, G.C.B. (1921), G.C.M.G. (191 j), K.C.S.. (~J), D.S.O. (1887), LL.D. (Amherst, U.S.A.), Grand Officer of the Legion of Honour (France), Colonel of the Loyal Regiment ; b. April 8 j 7 (4th son of Capt. W. Willcocks, H.E..C.S., and brother of Sir Wm. Willcocks, the distinguished engineer) ; educ. at Easton, Somerset ; entered Army 1878 ; Capt. Leinster Regt ; Major 1893 ; Lieut. Colonel 1899 ; Col ; Major-General 906 ; Lieut. General 908 ; General 19 6 ; served in the Afghan Campaign (medal), Waziri Exped. 88 (desp.), Soudan Campaign 1885 (medal with clasp and bronze star), Burma Exped (medal with 2 clasps, desp., D.s.o.), Chin Lushai Exped (clasp), Munipoor Exped (desp. clasp), as A.A.G. with Tochi Field Force 1897 (desp., medal, clasp, brevet of Lt. Col.) ; as 2nd in Command, -West African Frontier Force , local Col. Sep ; in command of Ashanti Field Force, relief of Kumasi 1900 (Brevet of Col., K.c.M.G., recd. Freedom of the City of London and a sword of honour, mentioned in the King's Speech at the opening of his first Parliament) ; served in Field Force in South Africa 1902 (medal and clasp) ; commanding Nowshera Brigade, ndia , Peshawur Division , Zakha Khel Exped. 1908, Northern Army ; commanded ndian Army Corps in European War (desp. twice) ; Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Bermuda ; author of " From Cabul to Kumassi " 1904, " With the ndians in France " 1920, and " Romance of Soldiering and Sport " 1923 ; member of the Naval and Military Club ; d. at Bharatpore 8 Dec ; will pr. in London 16 May They had :- ra. MAJOR JAMES LUGARD WLLCOCKS, D.S.O. (1918), M.c., late Royal Highlanders (Black Watch) ; b ; educ, at Cheltenham College ; Page 110

118 served in the European War (despatches, D. s.o., M.c.) ; retired in 1922 and entered Colonial Civil Service ; now Assistant Commissioner, Kenya ; member of the Naval and Military Club. Married in 1916, MUREL KATHLEEN, dau. of the late Colonel Gordon PRCE,.M.s., of Ootacamund, ndia, and has :- ~b. WENDY WNFRED WLLCOCKS, b. at Bermuda 5 Nov CHARLES GREGORY WAY, b. 9 Sep 872, bapt. at Saugor, ndia, d. 2 Oct. 873 at Moulsham, Chelmsford. 7. SYBLLA WAY (LADY BARROW), b. at Chelmsford 22 May Served in the War Hospital at Guildford as a member of V.A.D.G (Surrey) and afterwards at the Haslemere Convalescent War Hospital, and was awarded the British Red Cross Medal for Home Service. Married 4 June 1902 GENERAL SR GEORGE DE SYMONS BARROW, G.c.B., K.c.M.G., ndian Army (retd.), of 37, Holland Villas Road, Kensington, iv.14, and the Cavalry Club ; b. at Naini Tal, ndia, 25 Oct ; educ. at Stubbington House ; passed out of R.M.C. Sandhurst, " with honours " 1883 ; gazetted to 88th Connaught Rangers 23 Aug ; appointed to 4th Bengal Cavalry (now 2nd Lancers) 886 ; Personal Assistant to Mily. Member of Council ; Waziris tan Expedition 1894-j, orderly officer to Lieut. General Sir W. Lockhart ; passed out of Staff College, Camberley 1899 ; A.D.C. and A.M.S. to Commander-in-Chief in ndia ; China Expedition 1900 ; Police Commissioner, Pekin (thanks o? Chinese Govt., and mention in despatches) ; D.A.Q.M.G. Army Headquarters ; D.A.Q. M.G. Eastern Command ; G.S.O. Lucknow District ; nstructor, Staff College, Camberley , and Staff College, Quetta ; Commandant 3 j th Scinde Horse ; Special Service, Manchuria, 1913 ; served in the Great War as Chief Staff Officer, Cavalry Division, Cavalry Corps, X Corps, and First Army ; commanded S t ndian Cavalry Division, 7th Division, Yeomanry Division, 4th Cavalry Division, XXV Corps, Desert Mounted Corps, and North Force (comprising all troops British and Foreign in Palestine and Syria) ; promoted Colonel, Major-General for distinguished service in the field, C.B. 191 j, K.C.M.G. 1918, K.C.B. 1919, nine mentions in despatches ; Commander of the Legion of Honour (France) ; Order of the Nile, 2nd Class ; operations against the Milli Kurds 1918 ; Afghan War 1919 ; G.O.C. Peshawur District ; Adjutant-General in ndia 1923 ; G.O.C. in C. Eastern Command, ndia, ; Lieut. General 1920 ; General 192j ; A.D.C. General to H.M. The King ; Colonel 14/20 Hussars and 14 P.W.O. Scinde Horse; G.C.B ; retired 1929; author of " Life of General Sir Charles Monro." Sir George is a son of the late Major-General de Symons Barrow, and has one son and one daughter :- a. SYBLLA MARY DE SYMONS BARROW, born at Carnberley, Surrey, 29 Dec. 1908, Married at Holy Trinity, Brompton, S May 1932, Page 111

119 CAPTAN FRANK MCCALLUM, M.c., 9th Gurkha Rifles, youngest son of the late Lieut. Colonel D. McCallum, R.A.S.C., and Mrs. McCallum, of Edinburgh. They have :- ~b. ANGUS DE SYMONS MCCALLUM, b. at Mussoorie, ndia, 26 May za. LEUT. DAVD DE SYMONS BARROW, b. at Camberey 7 Dec ; educated at Stowe School and the R.M.C., Sandhurst. Gazetted to the 2nd Bn. The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment, Aldershot, 29 Jan Promoted Lieut. 29 Jan KATHARNE WAY, b. at Spaynes Hall, Great Yeldham, Essex, 3 Oct During the Great War she worked at the free buffet for soldiers and sailors at Waterloo Station, and for the Hospital Stores Dept. Married at Christ Church, Simla, ndia, 23 Jan. 1904, COLONEL JAMES MORRS COLQUHOUN COLVN, v.c., of Catchbells, Stanway, near Colchester, and the Junior United Service Club ; b. at Bijnor, N.W.P., ndia, 26 Aug ; educ. at Charterhouse and at the R.M.A., Woolwich (Pollock Gold Medallist), and joined the Royal Engineers on 27 July He served in the Chitral Relief Expedition in 1895 with the 4th Coy. Bengal Sappers and Miners (ndia medal 1895, with clasp " Chitral Relief Force "), and on the North West Frontier of ndia, with the Malakand Field Force , taking part in the operations in Bajaur, in the Mahmund country, and in Buner. He was mentioned in despatches (London Gazette, Jan. 1898)~ received a clasp (Punjab Frontier ) and was awarded the Victoria Cross. The London Gazette, dated 20 May 1898, records that on the 16 Sep at the village of Bilot in the Mahmund Valley on the ndian- Frontier (C... after Lieut. Watson [v.c.] had been incapacitated by his wounds from further effort Lieut. Colvin continued the fight and persisted in two more attempts to clear the enemy out of the dark and still burning village. He was conspicuous during the whole night for his devotion to his men in the most exposed positions, under a heavy fire from the enemy." n he served in South Africa as Special Service Officer, and also on the Staff, was mentioned in despatches (London Gazette, 22 Aug. 1902) and was given the Brevet of Major. He qualified for Staff Employment, and received the Queen's medal with three clasps (" Transvaal," " South Africa 1901 " and " South Africa 1902 '7. He passed out of the Staff College, Camberley, in 1909, and was Staff Captain, Army Headquarters, Simla, from 11 April 1903 to 15 March 1906 ; General Staff Officer, 2nd Grade, Quetta Division, from 7 May 191 to 2 NOV ; Lieut. Col. 18 Jan. 1917, and Commandant 3rd Sappers and Miners, Kirkee, ndia. Retired in Colonel Colvin is the elder son of the late James Colquhoun Colvin, Esq., of the Manor House, Sutton Veny, Wiltshire, who was in the Bengal Civil Service and was awarded the ndian Mutiny medal as a defender of the House Page 112

120 of Arrah, and of kin to Sir John Russell Colvin, Lieut. Governor of N.W.P. in the ndian Mutiny, Sir Auckland Colvin, K.C.S.., Sir Sidney Colvin and Sir Elliot Graham Colvin, K.C.S.. His mother was Camilla Fanny Maria, eldest dau. of the Rev. Edward Morris. They have two sons and one daughter :- a. KATHARNE CAMLLA COLVN, b. at Simla, ndia, 3 Jan. 90 j. Married in London 27 July 1929, as his 3rd wife, LEUT. COLONEL NOEL MONSON DE LA POER BERESFORD-PERSE, D.s.o., R.A., of the Army and Navy Club, b. 22 Dec. 1887, educ. at Wellington College, the R.M.A. Woolwich, and Staff College, Camberley ; served in the Great War (D.s.o. 1918), and afterwards became G.S.0.2 War Office in Directorate of Military Training ; son of the late Colonel William John de la Poer Beresford-Peirse, and nephew of Sir Henry Beresford-Peirse, 3rd Bt. 2a. LEUT. JAMES BAZETT (HAMSH) COLVN, b. at Heytesbury, Wilts, 27 Oct. 1910, educ. at Charterhouse (Cadet pair and Ashburton V, Bisley 1928) and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst (service rifle V, 2nd highest average in 1930). Gazetted to the West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales's Own) 28 Aug ; promoted Lieut. 28 Au~ a. ZND LEUT. JOHN ALEXANDER (SANDY) COLVN, b. at Quetta, Baluchistan, 9 July 1913 ; educ. at Charterhouse (Captain of Fencing, Cadet pair, and Ashburton V, Bisley 1929), and at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst (Captain of Fencing). Gazetted to the Unattached List, ndian Army, and attached to the Royal Sussex Regiment, EHRET WAY, of Bhusawal, Bombay Pres., ndia, b. at Murree, Punjab, ndia, Sep. 1877, educ. at City and Guilds Engineering College and Taafe Valley Railway Workshop ; employed in construction of the bridge over the Banas River on the Nagda Muttra line (now part of the Bombay and Baroda Railway) and subsequently on the North Western and G..P. Railway, ndia. Died at Broads tairs 29 Aug ; bur. at Heene, Worthing ; administration of his estate granted in London 12 March Married at Belgaum, ndia, j Sep. 1906, CLARCE MOGENE, who was born at York, and during the Great War worked for the Y.M.C.A., dau. of Surgeon-Major-General Alfred Malpas TPPETTS, M.R.C. s., A.M. s., of 14, St. Andrew's Road, Southsea, by his wife, Mary Elizabeth sabella de Courcy, dau. of Colonel Charles Deacon, c.b., 46th Regt. General Tippetts was born 5 April 1832, joined the Army Medical Service in 1854, and was appointed to the 7th (Royal) Fusiliers. He took part in the battles of Alma and nkerman, the siege of Sebastopol (medal with three clasps and Turkish medal), and ten years later, 1866, joined the 1st Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. He served as a Surgeon-Major in the Afghan War of , was in charge of the hospital at Gozo during the Egyptian Campaign of 882, and died at Southsea on 16 Aug Page 113

121 He was a son of James Berriman Tippetts, Solicitor, of London, and a grandson of Obediah Tippetts of London, weaver, a member of a family which is said to have originated here in one of the settlements of Flemish weavers, the name being derived from Theobald. They had :- a. DRUSLLA MARY WAY, b. at Simla, ndia, 2 June z908, educ. at the Grove School, Highgate, and at the Slade School of Art, London University, for three years. Married 24 Sep. 1932, LEUT. DERRCK GORDON HARNGTON HAWES,.A., who was born at Murree, ndia, 22 May 1907, educ. at Wellington College (awarded the King's Medal as Head of the School in 192j) and at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst (awarded the Norman Medal as the senior cadet qualifying for the ndian Army in 1926) ; gazetted 2nd Lieut., Unattached List, ndian Army, 29 Jan. 1927, and attached to the 2nd Bn. Seaforth Highlanders for one year ; appointed in April 1928 to the 2nd Bn. 14th (Duke of Cambridge's Own) Punjab Regiment (Brownlow's Pun jabis). He is the only son of Colonel Charles Howard Hawes, D.s.o., M.v.o., of Kelston, London Road, Camberley, by his wife, a dau. of Lieut. Colonel Andrew Pennell Williamson, 25 th Cavalry, ndian Army, of co. Tip erary, by his wife Leila Kathleen Cobbe, descended from the Saxon P amily of Cobbe of co. Kent. Colonel Hawes was born at Lucknow 3 Aug. 871, educ. at Wellington College, was gazetted to the West Yorkshire Regt. in 1891, and the 3rd Punjab Cavalry (now z~rd Cavalry) 189j ; served on the North West Frontier of ndia 897 and Tirah (medal and three clasps) ; was in charge of the King's ndian Orderly Officers (M.V.O. 1913) ; served in Mesopotamia in the Great War ; appointed Brigade-Major, 6th Cavalry Brigade, in July 1915 ; was present at the battles of Ctesiphon, Retreat to Kut, and Ali-el-Gharbi ; with Kut Relieving Force, battles of Shaik Saad, Wadi, Hannah and Dujailah (D.s.o., desp.), operations on the Euphrates 1918 (desp.), on the Tigris, battle of Huwaish Oct. 918 (bar to D. s.o.) ; Afghan War 1919 (desp.) ; promoted Colonel in 1921, and retired in Colonel Hawes is a son of Major-General William Harington Hawes, B.S.C., who served throughout the ndian Mutiny Campaign , at Lucknow and Cawnpore, and died in a. LEUT. LEWS DURAND WAY, b. at Simla, ndia, 2 Oct. 1910, educ. at Hill Crest, Frinton, for j years, at Wellington College for j years, and the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, where he was captain of the athletic team in 1930, in which year at the Triangular Contest (Sandhurst, Moolwich and Cranwell) he won the OO yds. in the remarkable time of 9 4/j th secs. Leaving Sandhurst as an under-officer, he was gazetted to the 1st Bn.. Northumberland Fusiliers, York, on 28 Aug. '930. Page 114

122 At Colchester in 193 he won the OO yds. individual championship of the Northern Command. He was promoted to the rank of Lieut. 28 Au~ a. PHYLLDA EHRET WAY, b. posthumously at Kensington, London, 19 OC~ Mrs. Ehret Way married zndly, at Chelsea Old Church, 22 NOV. 1932, Major Joseph Douglas Wells, o.b.e., M.B., CH.B. (Edin. 190j), R.A.M.C.T. (ret.), of Sheirdayes, Billericay, Essex, M.O.H. Billericay, member and formerly President of Edinburgh Royal Medical Society, late Senior House Surgeon at Walsall District Hospital and Resident House Surgeon, out pat. dept., Edinburgh Royal nfirmary, who served in the British and talian Exped. Forces during the Great War as a Captain, R.A.M.C. Page 115

123 SECTON XV. CORBOULD-WARREN OF TACOLNESTON OLD HALL. REV. JOHN WARREN CORBOULD-WARREN, LL.M., J.P. (Norf ), of Tacolneston Old Hall, Norwich (see Section X), b. 28 Oct. 1843, educated at Norwich Grammar School till 861, and at Downing College, Cambridge, matric. at Emmanuel College 862, LL.B. 867, LL.M. 1879, and at Lichfield Theological College, 1867, ordained deacon 868 and priest 869 by the Bishop of Ripon, curate of Yafforth, Yorkshire , Rector of Tacolneston , Patron of Tacolnes ton for 50 years, d. 19 Aug Married 14 Jan. 867, MARA LOUSA, dau. of Henry RAYNES, M.R.c.s., L.s.A., of Potton, Bedfordshire, by his wife Martha Race, and had :-. EDTH MARGARET CORBOULD-WARREN, of Wood~~ te, Framingham Earl, Norfolk. Unmarried. 2. ELZABETH CATHERNE CORBOULD-WARREN, b. 3 April 1869, d. at Framingham Earl, Norfolk, unm., 6 Nov., and was bur. at Tacolneston 8 Nov REV. JOHN WARREN CORBOULD-WARREN, M.A., J.P. (Norf.), of Caistor Hall, Norfolk, b. 30 June 1870, educ. at Felsted and at Downing College,Cambridge (matric. 891, B.A. 1894, M.A. 899) and at Ely Theological College 894. Ordained deacon 1895 and priest 1897 by the Bishop of Salisbury. Appointed curate of Broadwinsor 89 j -8, and Blechingle y, Surrey Vicar of Dersingham Patron of Tacolneston. Rector of Caistor-with-Markshall from Lord of the Manor, Patron and sole landowner of Caistot St. Edmund. Married in 1896, AGNES ELZABETH, dau. of the late James Stephen Edward LA FONTANE, Esq., J.P., of Berkhampstead and of Constantinople, by his wife Helen, dau. of Benjamin Barker, and had :- a. JOHN DEREK (DEREK) CORBOULD-WARREN, b. 1899, cadet at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Died in Surbi ton Cottage Hospital, 10 July 1917, the result of a riding accident at Sandhurst, near Camberley. za. END HELEN CORBOULD-WARREN, b Married at Caistor, Nonvich, 12 Sep. 1929, Lieut. Cmdr. RCHARD PENNELL CAESAR HAWKNS, R.N. (rettred), b. 27 Dec. 1899, son of Edward Caesar Hawkins, Esq., J.P., of Shelton Hall, Long Stratton, and gt. gt. gt. grandson of Sir Caesar Hawkins, 1st Bt. Page 116

124 Lt. Cmdr. Hawkins is a first-cousin-once-removed of Mrs. Wm. Corbould-Warren. Lt. Cmdr. and Mrs. Hawkins have issue :- ~b. DANA ELZABETH HAWKNS, b. at Caistor Hall, Norwich, 24 NOV FLORENCE MARON CORBOULD-WARREN, b. 1872, d. 25 April HELEN MAUDE MARY CORBOULD-WARREN, married at Tacolneston, j Aug. 1897, Capt. GEORGE LYNDON BOMFORD, J.P. (Meath 1908)~ of Oakley Park, co. Meath, reland, b. at Oakley Park 29 Sep. 1867, served in the Great War from 1914 to 1919, son of the late John Francis Bomford, Esq., J.P., of Oakley Park, by his wife Elinor, dau. of the late Rev. Lyndon H. Bolton, of Priorsland, co. Dublin. Captain Bomford's sister, Elinor May, married in 1892, Hugh Golding Constable, grandson of the landscape painter, John Constable, R.A., of Woodbridge, Suffolk. They had :- xa. ELEANOR LOUSE BOMFORD, d. young. za. CAPTAN GEORGE WARREN BOMFORD, 2nd Bengal Lancers, b. at Oakley Park, Kells, 25 April 1900, educ. at Clifton College. 3a. EVELYN MAUDE BOMFORD, married at Kells, reland, 30 Aprii 1924, WLFRED BAMFORD, engineer, Nigerian Railways, and has :- b. PETER CLFFORD BAMFORD. 2b. A son, b. in Dublin 29 May DOROTHY ANNE CORBOULD-WARREN, of Salisbury Road, Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand, married at Tacolnes ton, the Rev. EVELYN BEAUMONT B URNABY, M.A., Christ's College, Camb., b. 24 Feb. 1872, ordained deacon 1895 and priest 1896 by the Bishop of London, appointed curate of St. Mary's, Bryanston-square, London, 895-7, and of Hampstead 897, Vicar of Chittoe, Milts, d. at Old Hall, Tacolneston, 10 Nov aged 40, will pr. 3 Feb He was a son of the Rev. Sherard Beaumont Burnaby, M.A., Vicar of Hampstead. They had :- a. SYLVA MAUDE BEAUMONT BURNABY, of Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand, b. 22 July 1907, m. MLTON GLYMAN, and has :- 2b. PAMELA BURNABY GLYMAN. 2a. HUGO PHLP BEAUMONT BURNABY, of Richmond, Nelson, N.Z., b. 14 Oct a. PATRCA MARGARET BEAUMONT BURNABY, of Richmond, N.Z., b. 23 Dec Page 117

125 CHARLES CORBOULD, EsQ., of Orillia Page 118

126 SECTON XV. CORBOULD ORLLA, CANADA. LEUT. CHARLES CORBOULD, R.N. (retd.), of " Bracon," Orillia, Canada, 3rd son of the Rev. John Corbould (Section X), b. at Bracon Ash, Norfolk, 2 May 1799, bapt. at St. Giles's Church, Norwich, 8 May One of his earliest recollections was of Lord Nelson dining with his father at Bracon Ash Rectory prior to the great admiral's departure on the voyage that culminated in the battle of Trafalgar. At the age of thirteen he joined the Royal Navy as a midshipman in the battleship H.M.S. Elizabeth, commanded by Post Captain Gower, and sailed to the Mediterranean to join the fleet then blockading Toulon. He subsequently served at the siege of Algiers and the blockading of Venice. He met the Duke of Wellington, and at Elba was spoken to by the Emperor Napoleon. At the close of the war, Lieut. Corbould retired from the Navy and matriculated at Emmanuel College, Cambridge, in 1823, later qualifying as an attorney and solicitor. He practised as an attorney at 8, Gray's nn Square, London, from 1829 to 837. He also qualified for the Canadian Bar. When he retired from practice in England he settled at York Mills, Canada, and there engaged in extensive farming and milling projects. On the outbreak of the Mackenzie rebellion, Mr. Corbould took an active part in the defence of Toronto, and was stationed at the Bank of Upper Canada until the trouble ended. Some years later he moved from York Mills to Orillia, where he died on 11 Dec in the 94th year of his age and the 5 3rd of his marriage. Bur. at Orillia. He was one of the oldest freemasons in the Dominion. Married at Toronto in 1840, MARY, 2nd dau. of Surgeon-General William DURE, K.H., M.D. (3rd in Command, Army Medical Dept. 26 Sep. 1814), who on being ordered to Canada was stationed at York (now Toronto). The Duries are an old Scottish family, their history going back to the time of Mary, Queen of Scots. They had issue :-. CHARLES CORBOULD, of Orillia, Ontario, Barrister-at-Law and Solicitor, b. at York (now Toronto) in 1840, bapt. there, educ. at Toronto University and Osgoode Hall ; called to the Ontario Bar in 1870 ; practised in partnership with Judge Jellett at Picton, Ont., till 1879, then removed to Orillia, where he remained till his death, 14 Dec Bur. at C. of E. cemetery, Orillia, 17 Dec. He was local solicitor for the Grand Trunk Railway. Page 119

127 Married at Picton, Ont., 18 Dec. 1872, MARY MARSHALL, only dau. of D. BARKER, Esq., Picton, Ont., whose family were U.E. Loyalists and who left the States and pioneered in Prince Edward Country. They had issue :- a. CHARLES DURE CORBOULD, of 246, Montrose Street and 301, Somerset Building, Winnipeg, Chartered Accountant, member of the nstitutes of Chartered Accountants of Winnipeg and Manitoba, b. 2j Dec at Picton, Ont., bapt. there 27 Jan. 87j, educ. at Orillia and at Toronto University, passing 2nd in final Exam. as a C.A. ; started to practise at Winnipeg Winner of Gowans Special Award for best game in Canadian Provincial Chess Championship Married at Winnipeg, Manitoba, 3 Sep. 1907, FLORENCE JANE, only dau. of Colonel Herbert SWNFORD, C.A.S.C. militia (served in Reil Rebellions of 1870 and 88 j), and had :- ~b. ~ARY SWNFORD CORBOULD, B.A., 246, hiontrose St., Winnipeg, b. at Winnipeg 10 June 1908, bapt. there 2 July 1908, educ. at Winnipeg and at Manitoba University (B.A. 1929). 2b. CHARLES HERBERT CORBOULD, b. 20 Jan. 1911, d. of scarlet fever 31 May jb. JOHN DURE CORBOULD, b. 18 Dec. 1914, d. of scarlet fever 26 Feb. 191j. qb. THOMAS PHLP CORBOULD, b. 19 March 1916, d. of scarlet fever June j b. HELEN FLORENCE CORBOULD, of 246, hlontrose St., Winnipeg, b. 22 June 1918 at Winnipeg, bapt. there 24 July 19 8, educ. there. She is an accomplished musician, and has won several prizes in music festivals, in which over ~o,ooo persons took part. 2a. MARY HELENA CORBOULD, 3 j 1-13 St., N.W. Washington, D.C., U.S.A., b. at Picton, Ont. 4 March 1877, bapt. 8 April 1877, educ. at Orillia, Ont., and Moses Taylor Hosp., Scranton Pa. (graduate 1902). Married at Orillia, 24 Aug. 1910, PHLP RUPP, M.D., PH.D. (Chem.), who practised as a physician in New York for many years, prior to his appointment as Associate Chemist in the U.S. Govt. Dept. of Agriculture, where he is now engaged in research work on bacterial metabolism. No issue. 3a. MABEL KATE MARSHALL CORBOULD, B.SC., of Athens, Athens County, Ohio, U.S.A., b. 10 July 88 at Orillia, bapt. there 3 Aug. 88, educ. at Orillia and at the Margaret Morrison Carnegie School of Technology (B. SC. June 1909), appointed Demonstrator, Fleischman Yeast Co., and joined the Dept. of Milling and Baking Technology at the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station at Wooster in April 1914 ; she was the head of this Dept. for several years. Page 120

128 Married at Wooster, Ohio, 29 April 1929, JOHN J. CRUMLEY, of Athens, Ohio, PH. D. Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, A.B. University of Chicago, Associate State Forester of Ohio Agr. Exp. Sta. ; author of text book " Constructive Forestry." No issue. 4a. ETHEL VDA CORBOULD, b. 29 April 1883 at Orillia, Ont., bapt. there go May 883, educ. there, secretary to the head of the Department of Biology at the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station at Wooster, U.S.A. Unmarried. ja. BEATRX GRANT CORBOULD, of Glendale, California, U.S.A., b. 4 Nov. 884 at Orillia, Ont., bapt. there 7 Dec. 884, educ. at Orillia and at Pittsburg College (graduate). Authoress. Died unm. at Glendale, California, 13 Feb a. EDWARD BARKER CORBOULD, of the Abitibi Power and Paper Co., roquois Falls, Ontario. n charge of the railway which conveys pulp logs. B. at Orillia, Ont., 12 Aug. 1890, bapt. at Orillia 10 Sep. 1890, educ. there. Was goalkeeper for hockey team which won ntermed. O.H.A. champ. Orillia 1914, Sen. N.O.H.A. champ. roquois Falls, '923. Married at Carleton Place, Ontario, 8 Sep. 1926, OLVE JANE, only dau. of James ALLEN, of Carleton Place, and has :- ~b. FRANCES MARON CORBOULD, b. 27 Jan at roquois Falls, On t. 2. HELENA CORBOULD (Mrs. Walker, zj7, Poplar Plains Road, Toronto), b. 14 Jan. 1843, at Richmond Hill, Toronto. Married at Orillia, Ontario, > Sep. 1863, JAMES WALKER, of Orillia and Toronto, b. at Stockton-on-Tees, Yorkshire, 2 April 183, d. at Toronto 8 Aug. 1901, eldest son of Richard Walker, of Stockton-on-Tees, Esq., J.P. (N. Riding, Yorks), and brother of Wm. Eden Walker (q.v.). They had issue :- a. RCHARD EDEN WALKER, M.D. (Toronto), L.R.c.P., L.R.C.S. Edin., L.F.P.S. Glas., of New Westminster, British Columbia, physician and surgeon, b. at Orillia 26 Dec. 1864, educ. at Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario, and Trinity University, Toronto (since amalgamated with the University of Toronto). Elected President of the B.C. Medical Association in 1902, and President of the Medical Council of Canada in Member of the Senate, University of British Columbia. n 1899 he became Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of British Columbia, A.F. and A.M. Died at New Westminster, British Columbia, 27 Aug. 1923, bur. there 29 Aug. Page 121

129 Married at New Westminster, 28 Dec. 1893, HELEN MATHLDE, b. at San Francisco, California, U.S.A., 23 Jan. 1871, dau. of Joshua Atwood Reynolds HOMER, Esq., M.P., of New Mestminster, by his wife Sophia K. Wilson (b. in Nova Scotia). Mr. Homer was born in Nova Scotia of United Empire Loyalist stock, and arrived in New Westminster in 1859, when the city was founded. He was one of the prominent early pioneers, and established the first sawmill to cut timber in British Columbia. He was the first member to be elected by New Westrninster to the first Legislative Council of the Crown Colony of B.C., , and after that colony entered the Confederation he was elected M.P. for New Westminster in the Dominion House of Commons Dr. and Mrs. Walker had :- ~b. JAMES CHARLES EDEN WALKER, B.SC. (F), of New Westminster, B.C., b. there 22 Oct. 1894, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral there, 9 Dec. 1894, educ. at University School, Victoria, B.C., and College of Forestry, University of Washington, Seattle, U. S.A. Graduated Bachelor of Science in Forestry. Forest Engineer. On Active Service from Aug till 11 Feb with rank of Lieut., but did not go to France owing to ill-health. Served in 104th Regt. Westminster Fusiliers, 29th Bn. C.E.F. (2nd Canadian Division), Railway Service Guards and j th Canadian Garrison Regt. (Quebec). General Service medal, b. MNNA HELEN WALKER, b. at New Westrninster, B.C., 20 May 896, bapt. Aug at Holy Trin. Cathedral there, educ. at Bishop Strachan School, Toronto, Ont. Married at Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, 27 Sep. 1919, CAPTAN WALTER HENRY RAKES, of the Bank of Montreal, 122j Douglas Street, Victoria, B.C., who served in the Great War from 191 j to 1918 with the Cavalry, and Royal Air Force, and retired with the rank of Captain, Canadian nfantry. He is the son of Henry Raikes, Esq., of Barrie, Ont., and later of Whennock, British Columbia, who m. 14 June 893, Frances Mary, dau. of Arthur Ardagh, Esq., M.D., of Barrie, Ont., and grandson of Walter Raikes of Ontario. Mr. Walter Raikes was the 4th son of George Raikes, H.E..C.S. (by his wife Marianne, dau. of saac Currie) and a nephew paternally of Lady William Fitzroy and maternally of Raikes Currie, Esq., M.P., J.P., D.L., of Minley Manor, Hants. Mr. George Raikes was the 4th son of Thomas Raikes, Governor of the Bank of England, by his wife Charlotte, dau. of the Hon. Henry Finch, son of Daniel, Earl of Winchelsea. Page 122

130 Capt. and Mrs. W. H. Raikes have two sons :- C. HENRY JOHN EDEN RAKES, b. at New Westminster, B.C., 20 Aug. 1920, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral there Oct. 1920, educ. at Monteray School, Victoria, B.C. 2c. WALTER EDEN RAKES, b. at Vancouver, B.C., 23 Feb. 1927, bapt. at St. Mark's Church, Vancouver, 15 June b. MARY WALKER, of Vancouver, B.C., b. at New Westminster 4 July 1900, bapt. at Holy Trin. Cathedral, New Westminster, 26 Aug. 1900, educ. at Bishop Strachan School, Toronto, Ont., and graduated at the Nursing School of the Vancouver General Hospital. qb. JOHN EDEN WALKER, M.B., of Vancouver, B.C., b. at New Westminster 22 Oct. 1901, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral there, educ. at the Duke of Connaught High School, New Westminster, and the University of Toronto, where he graduated M.B. Member of Alpha Omega Honorary Medical Fraternity. Physician and Surgeon. On Attending Staff of Vancouver General Hospital. j b. WLLAM EDEN WALKER, of Vancouver, B.C., b. at New Westminster, B.C. 23 May 1905, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral there, educ. at the Duke of Connaught High School, New Westminster, and the Royal Military College, Kingston, Ont. On staff of Royal Trust Company, Vancouver, B.C. Married at St. Mary's Church, Vancouver, B.C., 22 Aug. 193, DOROTHY CHESHYRE, dau. of Henry Cheshyre JANON, of Vancouver, B.C. 2a. MARY WALKER, of 2j7, Poplar Plains Road, Toronto, b. at Orillia 27 April 1866, bapt. at Orillia, educ. at St. Luke's Hospital Medical School, New York, graduated 2 Feb. 1897, and nursed in New York for 10 years. Unmarried. 3a. CHARLES WALKER, of Toronto, Canada, b. at Orillia, Ont., 27 Feb. 868, bapt. there, educ. at Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. Manager of the Queen Street and Augusta Avenue Branch of the Dominion Bank, Toronto. Member of the onic Lodge A.F. and A.M. Married at Toronto, 2j June 8gj, VOLET LUCY, dau. of Frederick MONTZAMBERT, Esq., C.M.G. (1916),.S.O. (1903), M.D. (Edin.), D.c.L., F.R.c.s.E., Director-General of Public Health (with the rank of Deputy Minister), Sanitary Adviser of the Government of Canada, Knight of Grace of the Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem 191, Hon. Member of the National Academy of Medicine (Mexico), Hon. Fellow of the ncorporated Society of Officers of Health of England, and of the Socittt Fransaise dyhygi2ne, Fellow of the mperial Sanitary nstitute, President of the American Public Health Association 1907 (life member of its Executive Council), member of the Executive Council of the Page 123

131 Canadian Branch of the British Red Cross Society, President of the Canadian Medical Association , President of the Canadian Branch of the St. John Ambulance Association , Governor of the Royal Victorian Order of Nurses of Canada. Dr. Montizambert was born at Quebec 3 Feb. 1843, bapt. j March at the Anglican Church there, educated at Upper Canada College, Toronto and Edinburgh University, and entered Public Health Service of Canada in Principal Medical Officer, Quebec Military District, during Fenian Raid, 1866 (medal and clasp). On j June 186j he married Mary Jane, dau. of the Hon. William Walker, Legislative Councillor of Quebec, by Margaret Bell his wife. He was the second son of Edward Lewis Boucher de Montizambert by his wife Lucy rwin, dau. of Chief- Justice Bowen. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Walker had issue :- rb. LEUT. NORMAN EDEN WALKER, b. at Toronto j Oct. 896, bapt. there Nov., educ. at Upper Canada College, Toronto. On staff of Confederation Life nsurance Co., Toronto. Enlisted in Jan Gazetted Lieut. 124th Bn. C.E.F. overseas, Aug Served in France from March 1917 ; killed in action at Vimy Ridge, 13 April Unmarried. 2b. MARY HELEN WALKER, of Toronto, b. there 14 July 1898, bapt. there 7 Aug., educ. at Bishop Strachan School, Toronto. Librarian, Toronto Public Library (Boys' and Girls' House Dept.). 3b. CHARLES HAROLD WALKER, Barrister-at-Law, of Toronto, b. there June 1900, bapt. there 24 June, educ. at Upper Canada College, Toronto, the Royal Military College, Kings ton, and Osgoode Hall, Toronto. Married at Toronto, 23 Feb. 1929, DOROTHY MARGARET, dau. of Lisgar L. LANG, of Winnipeg, by Rethea his wife, and has :- C. ANN ELZABETH WALKER, b. at Toronto j Feb qb. BERTHA VOLET WALKER, b. at Toronto 8 June 1902, bapt. there 11 July, educ. at Bishop Strachan School, Toronto. Married at Toronto, z6 Feb. 1924, JOHN KETH BRADSHAW CROMBE, of St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, son of David Bradshaw Crombie, and has :- C. CHARLES KETH CHRSTOPHER CROMBE, b. at Detroit, Mich., U.S.A., 2 Feb. 1926, bapt. there. 2c. DENS DAVD CROMBE, b. at Montreal, Canada, 6 Jan. 1928, bapt. there. JAMES WALKER, of Ottawa, Canada, b. at Orillia, Ont., 9 Feb. 873, bapt. there, educ. at Trinity College School, Port Hope, Ontario. Manager of the mperial Bank of Canada, Ottawa, Ont. A freemason. Page 124

132 Married at Toronto, Ont., 12 June 190j, MARJORE MORNA, dau. of Angus MORRSON, of Toronto, Ont., by his wife Harriott Jane, dau. of Colonel John Stoughton Dennis, c.m.g., and has issue :- b. DOROTHY EDEN WALKER, of Toronto, Ont., b. at ngersoll, Ont., j Aug. 1906, bapt. at Toronto. Married at Toronto, DR. A. RALPH WLKNS, of Toronto, son of Mathue and Mary Wilkins. 2b. JOHN LEONARD WALKER, of the Bank of Montreal, Ottawa, b. at Kenora, Ont., 30 Sep. 1909, bapt. there, educated at Sault Ste. Marie Collegiate nstitute, Ont. ja. WLLAM WALKER, of 217, Poplar Plains Road, Toronto, b. at Orillia, Ontario, 3 June 1876, bapt. there, educ. at Trinity College School, Port Hope. Manager of the City Hall Branch of the Dominion Bank, Toronto. Member of the onic Lodge A.F. and A.M. Unmarried. 3. MARY LOUSA CORBOULD (Mrs. Walker, The Cottage, West End Grove, Farnham, Surrey), b. 20 June Married at Orillia, Canada, 8 July 1871, WLLAM EDEN WALKER, of Riftswood, Saltburn-by-the-Sea, Yorks, Esq., J.P., C.C. (N. Riding, Yorks), b. 20 Oct. 1842, Chairman and Managing Director of Walker, Maynard and Co., of which firm he was one of the founders ; it has since been amalgamated with Dorman, Long and Co., Ltd. He died at 4, Carlton Terrace, Scarborough, 9 Jan. 1930, in the 88th year of his age and the j 9th year of his marriage. Probate of his will was granted at Llandaff 24 March 1930, value of effects in EnglandE77,031. He was the 3rd son of Richard Walker, of Stockton, Durham, Esq., J.P., and a brother of James Walker of Orillia (q.v.). They had issue :- a. MARY EDEN WALKER, near Dorchester. b. May Married... CLARKE. Resides 2a. CAPTAN CHARLES CORBOULD WALKER, B.A., of Lonsdale, Ardsier, nverne~s, Scotland, b. at Coatham, Redcar, 20 June 1875, educ. at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A.). Served in the South African War as a Lieut., in the 4th Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, and subsequently in the 1st Bn. of the same regiment. Gazetted Capt. 2nd Bn., 6 March 1911, and went to France with his regiment on the outbreak of the Great War. Killed in action at Le Cateau 26 Aug Will pr. in London. Married at nnerleithen, Peebles, 1911, LUCY JANE, of Bennan, Pineridge, Farnham, Surrey, dau. of Sir Michael Grieve THORBURN, Kt., J.P., C.C. (for jo years), of Glenormiston House, nnerleithen, Lord Lieutenant of Peebles, Chairman of Peebles County Council, member of Scottish V in international rifle matches. Sir Michael holds the freehold of his estate on condition that he gives the reigning Sovereign one red rose " when he passes that way." Page 125

133 CHAPMAN AND WALKER MARRAGES. Abel CHAPMAN = m. grdly, Hannah Gaskin. Mary Chapman, m. John Walker, of Wallsend, Northumberland. of Whitby, = m. zndly, Elizabeth, dau. of John WALKER. John Chapman, of Whitby. Abel Chapman, of Stokesley Hall, Aaron 'chapman, of and of Whitby, Yorks, b. 1717, Whitby, b m Elizabeth, dau. of Wakefield Simpson.! 1 Richard James = m... Chapman. Joseph Barker Chapman, Walker. Walker. m. Louisa Agnes, dau. of Thomas Simpson. ~aies Walker, ~illiah Eden ~ohn Elihbeth, m. Edward Henry m. Helena, dau. Walker, m. Mary Chapman Eden i Chapman, of Carr of C. Corbould. Louisa, dau. of C. Walker. Walker Hall, Whitby. Corbould. 1 ~ajor' Francis = m. ~aiah Melanie Gerald Walker. / Walker. 1 Marguerite ~ardld Francis Rupert Laton Helen Walker, Walker, b Walker, b b Page 126

134 This condition was duly honoured in July 1923, when he handed the King a rose from his garden on the occasion of his visit to Peebles War Memorial. Sir Michael Thorburn married sabella Holgate, dau. of Adam Brown of Glencotho, Peebles. Capt. and Mrs. C. C. Walker had :- b. MARY SABEL WALKER, b. 23 OC~ b. CHARLES WLLAM EDEN WALKER, b. 4 March 1915 posthumously. ja. MAJOR WLLAM EDEN WALKER, B.A., of The Red House, West Byfleet, Surrey, b. 23 Aug at Coatham, Redcar, bapt. there, educ. at Eton and at Trinity College, Cambridge (B. A. 899). Managing Director of Walker, Maynard and Co., Ltd. Served in Salonica during the Great War as Major, j th Bn. Durham Light nfantry. Married at Holy Trinity Church, Brom ton, 8 Dec. 1921, SYBL MARY, b. at Saltburn-b y-the-sea, elder dau. 04 Ralph Townshend HUGHES, Esq., J.P. (N. Riding, Yorks), of Red Lodge, Saltburn, Yorks, and niece of Sir Alfred Collingwood Hughes, 10th Bt., J.P., of East Bergholt, Suffolk, a member of the ancient Welsh family of Hughes, directly descended from Beli Mawr (or the Great) King of Britain. Major and Mrs. W. E. Walker have :- b. RALPH EDEN WALKER, b. 20 June 1923 at 3, The Vale, Chelsea, bapt. at S tanwix, near Carlisle. 2b. CLVE EDEN WALKER, b. 21 March 1927 at 13, The Vale, Chelsea, bapt. at Chelsea Old Church. jb. LOUSE WALKER, b. 29 May 1931 at the Red House, West Byfleet, bapt. at West Byfleet Church. 4a. MAJOR FRANCS GERALD WALKER, B.A., of Llanishen, Cardiff, b. at Coatham, Redcar, 29 Nov. 882, bapt. there, educ. at Eton and Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A.), Served in the Great War as a Major in the R.A.S.C. Admitted a Solicitor in Nov Partner in the firm of Williams, Glads tone and Gaskell, 100, St. Mary Street, Cardiff. Married at St. Gabriel's Church, Warwick Square, London, S.W.1, April 1912, SARAH MELANE, dau. of John Chapman WALKER, of Whitby, Yorks, and of Highfield House, Cheddar, Somerset, J.P. (N. Riding Yorks), by his wife Maria, eldest dau. of Major-General Benson, Madras Army. They have issue :- rb. MARGUERTE HELEN WALKER, b. 30 June 1914 at Saltburn, bapt. there in 19x4. 2b. HAROLD FRANCS WALKER, b. Jan at France Hill Drive, Camberle y, Surrey, bapt. at St. Michael's Church, Camberley in 916. Educated at mperial Service College, Windsor. Page 127

135 3b. RUPERT LATON WALKER, b. 30 March 1920 at Saltburn-by-the- Sea, bapt. there in WLLAM CORBOULD of Toronto, b. at York Mills (now Toronto) 25 Feb. 1846, bapt. there ; educ. at Upper Canada College ; on staffs of Bank of Montreal and Bank of Hamilton, and appointed Manager of Banks at Listowel, Simcoe and Wingham. Like the other members of his family he was deeply interested in all branches of art. Died at Wingham, Ont., 2j June 1905 ; bur. there (C. of E. Cemetery) 27 June. Married at Listowel, Canada, 9 Jan. 874, ELLEN ST. LEGER (now of Toronto), b. at " Woodlands," Fredericton, New Brunswick, in 1849, dau. of Hugh Josiah HANSARD (an officer in the British Army, who settled in New Brunswick and bought the estate " Woodlands " near Fredericton) by his wife Margaret Bell, and had issue :- a. CONSTANCE DURE CORBOULD (Mrs. Dickinson, 10, Wilfrid Avenue, Toronto), b. Oct. 874, bapt. at Listowel in 874 ; educ. at Simcoe ; married at Goderich 18 June 1907 by Rev. M. Turnbull, to EDMUND LNDSAY DCKNSON, Esq., K.c., b. at Cornwall, Ont., 8 j j, educ. at Trinity University, Toronto (qualified in law 878, gold medal), practised as a barrister in Wingham and Goderich ; in the latter place holding high office as a Royal Arch Mason ; d. at Goderich j March Mr. Dickinson was of United Empire Loyalist stock, his father being James Dickinson, Esq., M.D., of Cornwall, Ont., and his mother a daughter of Bishop Mountain of Quebec, and granddau. of Jacob Mountain, D.D., Bishop of Quebec (b. in Norfolk 1750, educ. at Norwich Grammar School and Caius Coll., Camb.). No issue. 22. LAUREL EVA CORBOULD, b. 31 May 1876, bapt. at Listowel, d. at Estevan, Sask., 6 Jan. 1930, bur. there 8 Jan. Married at Port Arthur, 26 Aug. 1907, by Rev. C. M. Hedley, to ALFRED ARTHUR MCLEAN, Manager of a branch of the Canadian Bank of Commerce in Saskatoon, Sask., and previously Manager at Estevan, Sask. ; of an rish family, long settled in Canada. No issue. 3a. MARGUERTE ST. LEGER CORBOULD, b. at Listowel 29 Aug. 1878, bapt. there, educ. at Simcoe, married at St. Paul's Church, Toronto, by the Rev. Canon Cody, 28 Aug. 1915, LEUT. HUBERT JOHN WALKDEN, educ. at Bradfield College, England, later joined the Canadian Bank of Commerce, Watson, Sask. n 191j he enlisted in the 3rd University Corps Princess Patricia's Canadian Light nfantry and served overseas in that year. He was wounded at Passchendaele in 1916, transferred from a hospital at Etaples to Norfolk War Hospital, Norwich. Being unfit for further active service, he was appointed Paymaster to the Canadian Royal Air Force, a post which he held until peace was declared. No issue. Page 128

136 4a. GORDON HERBERT CORBOULD, b. 18 Sep. 879, d. Feb j. GORDON EDWARD CORBOULD, K.c., M.P., of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, b. 2 Nov at York (now Toronto), Canada. Educ. at Upper Canada College, Toronto ; called to the Bar, British Columbia, 882 ; Conservative member for N.W. District June 890. Barrister-at- Law, Solicitor and King's Counsel. Oldest Bencher of the Law Society of B.C., of which he was elected Treasurer on the death of F. C. S. Parley, K.C. Freemason for 35 years. Died at New Westminster, B.C., 14 Aug. 1926, in his 80th year, and was bur. there in the C. of E. cemetery 16 Aug. Married 1st in England, 1877, ARABELLALMOND, dau. of Major William DOWN, 1st Madras Fusiliers. She d. in 1894, having had 8 children. n 1901, he married zndly, C. M. E., widow of W. A. WRGHT, and dau. of Sir Matthew Crooks CAMERON, Kt., Chief Justice of the Common Pleas, Ontario, by his wife, Charlotte Ross Wedd, of Maidstone, Kent, England. By his first wife, Mr. Corbould had :- a. LEUT. COLONEL GORDON BRUCE CORBOULD, of New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada, b. at Southampton, England, 6 Oct Served with the 2nd Bn. (S.S.) Royal Canadian Regiment in the South African War Member of the Canadian Contingent which attended the coronation of King Edward V in Served in the Great War (in France ). Commanded 1st Bn. the Westminster Regt. (N.P.A. M.), British Columbia, A stockbroker. Married MAUD AGNES, dau. of Alexander and Agnes Henderson CHARLESON, and has :- ~b. GORDON CHARLESON CORBOULD, b. at New Westminster, B.C., Canada, 2 June 1909, bapt. 7 July 909 at Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, B.C. Clerk in the Bank of Montreal. Unmarried. 2b. DONOVAN DURE CORBOULD, of New Westminster, B.C., b. there 19 Jan. 191, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, 27 April 191. Clerk, Canadian Bank of Commerce. 3 b. KENNETH BRUCE CORBOULD, of New Westminster, B.C., b. there 18 March 1913, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, 26 June qb. SHRLEY MAUD CORBOULD, of New Westminster, B.C., b. there 12 June 1922, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, 29 Nov a. LLLE MAY CORBOULD, of New Westminster, B.C., b. at Toronto, Ont., 16 June 879, bapt. and educ. at New Westminster, d. there 22 Dec. 1922, bur. at C. of E. cemetery 24 Dec. Married at St. Barnabas' Church, New Westminster, 17 April 1907, ETHELBERT OLAF STUART SCHOLEFELD, of Victoria, B.C., 4th son of the Rev. Clement Stuart Scholefield, and had :- Page 129

137 ~b. GORDON STUART SCHOLEFELD, b. at Victoria, B.C., 2 June 1908, bapt. at Christ Church, Victoria, B.C., 5 July Clerk, Bank of Montreal. 2b. JOHN SCHOLEFELD, b. at Victoria, B.C., 24 Dec. 1909, bapt. at Christ Church, Victoria, B.C., 16 March Clerk, Canadian Bank of Commerce. jb. LAWRENCE CLARKE STUART SCHOLEFELD, b. 7 Oct. 1911, d. 15 June 1914, bur. 16 June at C. of E. cemetery, Victoria. qb. ERK DAWSON STUART SCHOLEFELD, b. at Victoria, B.C., Feb. 1915, bapt. at Christ Church, Victoria, B.C., 26 April a. NELLA ALMA CORBOULD, of New Westminster, B.C., b. there 15 April 88, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, by the Ven. Archdeacon C. A. Wood, 29 June 881 ; educ. at Bryn Mawr, Toronto, Ont. Married at St. Barnabas' Church, New Westminster, 7 Feb. 923, Major JAMES ALFRED MOTHERWELL, Chief Supervisor of Fisheries for British Columbia under the Federal Govt. of Canada. 4a. MARY ADELE CORBOULD, b. 17 Jan at New Westminster, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral there 19 July 1883, d. at N.W. 27 Feb. 1885, bur. at C. of E. cemetery 29 Feb. la. GRACE MLWOOD CORBOULD, of New Westminster, B.C., b. there 16 Nov. 1884, bapt. there (at Holy Trin. Cathedral) 8 Feb. 885, educ. at All Hallows School, Yale, B.C. Married at St. Barnabas' Church, New Westminster, 16 Oct. 1907, VYVYAN CHARD BRMACOMBE, of North Vancouver, B.C., and has four sons :- ~b. EDWARD CHARD CORBOULD BRMACOMBE, of North Vancouver, B.C., Canada, b. at Vernon, B.C., 27 Jan. 909, bapt. at St. John's Church, Enderby, B.C., 17 Feb. 1909, educ. at Alberni High School. On staff, Cable Station, Midway, Pacific Ocean. 2b. ROBERT DOUGLAS BRMACOMBE, of North Vancouver, B.C., b. at Enderby, B.C., 7 Jan. 1910, bapt. at St. John's Church, Enderby 27 Jan. 1910, educ. at Port Alberni, B.C. jb. HUGH DOWN BRMACOMBE, of North Vancouver, B.C., b, at Enderby, B.C., 28 April 1912, bapt. at St. John's Church, Enderby, 22 May 1912, educ. at British Columbia High School. Clerk, Canadian Bank of Commerce. qb. RAFE SHERME BRMACOMBE, of North Vancouver, B.C., b. at Port Alberni, B.C., 25 April 1920, bapt. at St. John's Church, Port Alberni, 16 May Educ. at North Vancouver, B.C. 6a. MARON CLARE CORBOULD, of New Westminster, B.C., b. there 3 Feb. 886, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster 28 March 1886, educ. at All Hallows School, Yale, B.C. Married at St. Barnabas' Church, New Westminster, 28 Dec. 1910, FREDRC WLLAM ANDER- SON, C.E., of Vancouver, B.C., son of William Anderson, of Ottawa, Canada, and has issue :- Page 130

138 ~b. FRANCES MARON CORBOULD ANDERSON, of Vancouver, B.C., b. at Kamloops, British Columbia 22 Oct. 1911, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, 28 Feb. 1912, educ. at New Westmins ter. 2b. WLLAM PATRCK ANDERSON, of Vancouver, B.C., b. at Kamloops, B.C., 7 June 1913, bapt. at St. Barnabas' Church, New Westminster 7 Sep. 1913, educ. at British Columbia High School. Clerk, Bank of Montreal. 7a. MONCA VERA ARABELLA CORBOULD, of New Westminster, B.C., Canada, b. there 27 Dec. 1887, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, 5 April 888, educ. at All Hallows School, Yale, B.C. Married at St. Barnabas' Church, New Westminster, 19 Sep. 1910, HAROLD VERNON (REX) ARDAGH, son of the Hon. Justice Ardagh, of Barrie, Ont., and has :- ~b. JOHN CORBOULD ARDAGH, of New Westminster, B.C., b. there 25 June 191, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster, 30 July 191, educ. at St. Michael's College, Victoria, B.C., clerk, Bank of Montreal. 2b. EDWARD VERNON ARDAGH, of New Westminster, B.C., b. at Barrie, Ont., 9 Sep. 1915, bapt. there, educ. at Burnaby High School, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. 8a. CHARLES EDWARD BERNARD CORBOULD, c.e., of Kamloops, B.C., b. at New Westminster 27 April 890, bapt. at Holy Trinity Cathedral ; educ. there, and at St. Andrew's College, Toronto, and Toronto University. Civil Engineer, Dominion Government Water Power and Hydrometric Bureau. Commissioned Lieut. 47th Bn. Canadian Expeditionary Force, 28 Sep Arrived in France April 1916, wounded (left forearm) July 1916, seconded to R.F.C. 3 Jan. 1917, served in France and Egypt with R.F.C. Ceased to be seconded to R.F.C. 3 Feb Demobilized 7 Nov When at St. Andrew's College, Toronto, he won prizes and medals for boxing, running, basket-ball and rifle-shooting. At Kamloops be has won cups and prizes for golf. Lieut. C. E. B. Corbould married in London, England, 21 May 1919, ALMA HETTY, 2nd dau. of Arthur GEE, and has :-, rb. BETTY HELEN CORBOULD, b. at Kamloops 16 June 1921, bapt. at St. Paul's Church, Kamloops 30 Oct. 1921, educ. at Kamloops School. 2b. NORAH JEAN CORBOULD, b. at Kamloops 15 April 192~~ bapc at St. Paul's Church, Kamloops 5 July b. MARGARET GRACE CORBOULD, b. 11 March 1929 at Kamloops (twin with Joan Alma), bapt. at St. Paul's Church, Kamloops 29 Sep Page 131

139 qb. JOAN ALMA CORBOULD, b. at Karnloo s 11 March 1929 (twin with Margaret Grace), bapt. at St. Pau 's Church, Kamloops, 29 Sep jb. PATRCA MARY CORBOULD, b. at Kamloops 9 Aug. 1930, bapt. 17 Sep at St. Paul's Church, Kamloops. P Page 132

140 SECTON XV. HERALDRY THE CORBOULDS. (A) JOHN CORBOULD. Only the descendants of John of Braconash are entitled to bear the arms set out in the first recorded grant to this family by the College of Arms, vizt., Arms :-Sable on a Pile between Two Ravens in Base Or a Raven of the Field. Crest : On a wreath of the Colours Two Arms embowed in Armour with Gauntlets proper each charged with a Rose Gules and grasping a sword fessewise point towards the Dexter also proper pendant from the blade by a Chain an Escocheon Or thereon a Raven Sable. Motto :-" Sola virtus invicta." [NOTE.-Five generations of the Orillia (Canada) branch of the family, descended from the above John (through Charles b. 1799), are legally entitled to bear these arms, and apparently have not recorded ; it behoves the survivors of them to prove and record their lineage from him at the College of Arms, Queen Victoria Street, London, Eng., while the Church and other registers are still intact.] (B) () RC. CORBOULD (unrecorded). Arms :-Or, a Raven proper display'd. Crest :-On a Chapeau an Elephant of the ndies proper. [NOTE.-Richard Thomas Corboud, born 1783, discarded the cap of maintenance of his ancestors, but used the same crest on a wreath instead. One of the old seals is still in the family, and is now in the possession of L. A. Corbould of New Milton, Hants.] (B) (2)... CORBOULD (unrecorded). Arms :-Two Lions. [Position and colours not now known. Another version gives " A Lion."] Crest : Out of a Crown a Raven's Head. [No~~.-This is a very old tradition of the Corboulds of Hoxne Abbey and Bath, mentioned on account of the general accuracy of the other traditions of this branch, and that, possibly being a grant to an ancestor on the distaff side, it may be of use in tracing the lady's male ancestry.] Page 133

141 (C) PELHAM STEWART CORBOULD. The second grant recorded by the College of Arms, London. Arms :-Sable, a fesse chequy azure and argent, between four buckles, three in chief and one in base or. Mantling :-Sable and Argent. Crest :-On a wreath of the Colours, a Corbie proper holding in the dexter claw a buckle Or. Motto :-" Corbeau le detiendra." (D) The above arms " C " quartered with those of OBBARD by the College of Arms, London. (E) WLLAM CORBOULD-WARREN. Grant recorded by the College of Arms, London, on the occasion of William Corbould, Clerk in Holy Orders, changing his surname to Corbould-Warren. To the original arms of his family (the first grant, see " A " above) he was empowered to add, by quartering, those of Warren ; and the new grant, dated 814, is as follows :- Arms :-Quarterly and 4, chequy ermine and azure, two flanches or, each charged with a cross patce fitchte gules (for Warren) ; 2 and 3 sable, on a pile between two ravens in base or, a raven of the field (for Corbould). Upon the escutcheon is placed a helmet befitting his degree, with a mantling azure and argent ; and for his Crests :-() Upon a wreath of the colours, upon a rock proper, a wyvern argent, winged barry of six ermine and azure (for Warren) ; (2) upon a wreath of the colours, two arms embowed in armour withgauntlets proper, each charged with a rose gules and grasping a sword fesseways, point towards the dexter also proper, pendant from the blade by a chain an escutcheon or, thereon a raven sable (for Corbould) ; with the Motto :-" Sola virtus invicta." Page 134

142 APPENDX A The tradition of their descent from Gerbald or Garbald the Dane (see Appendix B) is consistently held by all branches of the family ; until recently some of these branches, it is believed, had not met or corresponded with one another for two hundred years. There are two other traditions. One is that Garbald, or possibly an earlier forbear, sailed to Egypt, and that he was the first of his race tovisit ndia andcathay; although, so far as is known to the writer, no one of this name appears in records relating to Egypt, ndia, or China, Tacitus mentions Domitius Corbulo, who died in A.D. 67 and was Nero's Commissioner in Parthia, Persia. The other tradition, very strong in some branches, is that centuries ago a Corbould became one of the highest dignitaries of the Church ; he may have been William Corboyl, Archbishop of Canterbury, who died 2 Nov. 3 6, having crowned King Stephen at Westminster Abbey on 26th Dec. in the previous year. n the 11th century in England there were seven distinct people differing only slightly in name from that of the Viking Gerbald or Garbald, and those of the more modern Corbold ( 39 j), Corbald (14j o), Gorbould (1639), Gorbold ( 71 ), Gorble (1724)~ Curbuill (Percy cart.)* and Corbould (1410 to the present day). n appendix D, note Parson Moodforde's spelling " Carbould" in 1794-the name is still pronounced so by rustic Suffolk and Norfolk, and the sound cannot be distinguished from the first two syllables of Garboldisham. The seven were :-. GERWALD or GEROLDUS, who owned land near Carleforda, Suffolk, revious to the Domesday compilation. The Teutonic Gerwald is derived rom the Old Saxon " gdr," Old English " ghr " and Old Norman " geirr," a spear, and the Old Norman " vald," might or power. Progenitor of the living Garrould family, who descend through the 6th century Garolds of Beccles, Suffolk. 11. CORBY of CORBE in Picardy, France : spelt CORBNE in Hollinshed's copy of the Roll of Battle Abbey (Corbyn and Corbold are variations in the name of one person in a deed dated 1632 : there are several other instances of the alternation of these two names, one is that of Thomas Corbould, living in 1j90, signing for a legacy under the will of his father as Thos. Corbyn ; also the surname of John " Corborne " freeman of Norwich j 02 may be another variant) ; in Leland's copy he is bracketed with Corbet, who was Robert the 3rd son of 111. HUGH CORBEAU of Normandy who was living in Sir Bernard Burke wrote that this is "one of the few families still existing, who trace, in the male line, an undoubted descent from an ancient race of the same name in Normandy." John Corbould of Brockdish, Suffolk, spelt his name Corbough in his will dated *Chaucer writes of " quirboilly," that is, " cuirbouilli," the strong armour made of boiled leather, and from this word one authority conjectures that the surname of William Curbuill might have been derived. P Page 135

143 APPENDX B THE CORBOULD LEGEND GERBALD, HS TREASURE Gerbald having come back from the Mediterranean Sea with much gold treasure and other spoil and still more ships, glad with success, to Friesland, was angered because whilst he was away it had been planned that he should obey the new customs of coming and going at the will of his brother overlords, and of placing shares of spoil in the Common Barn for them and the free folk to share, and he takes witness at once. By two faithful h6s-carls he sends tidings by the word to those who were angry for the like cause to come to him. Many came to him. After a feast of welcome, Gerbald spake these words :-" Kinsmen and Faitkful Friends. Our ancient freedom is about to be taken from us, shall we fight for it, or leave our land? f we stay as we are we shall be shorn of our rights. We have sailed the open seas and brought back the fishes that live in them which belong to the fisherman since no man owns the seas. We have taken from weaklings what they had neither the strength nor the wit to hold, and by the cunning of our own northern wit, matched in fair fight against the sluggards of the south, we have come by many a sound ship, many a weapon to aid us in the fight or chase, and many a gay trinket to adorn our women. Are we to give the first fruits of all these to men who stay at home andchew the cud of idleness? say No, and again No. Then the wise ones mooted, and counselled that as they had had more than enough of seeing the dew of Woden flow from their own kith and kin, and as most thought to sail to other lands, each should choose for himself. They put this to Gerbald, and he resolves to go to Bnglelande, to which land he is no stranger, and he spake again :- " Who sails the westernway? " Who fares with me to Englelande? Many of our kin are there and have made part of it ours. Guthrun is there, and Thordi his very shadow is near Hedleaga, and let them look to it, for they speak evil of us without truth ; but there, they are too small fishes for my net!" " t is a friendly land, its lakes and rivers are free to our ships. We will first sail up the Dufva, which they call Waveney, past the first ford to the place they call Skbl in our own tongue. The folk in that part of Bnglelande are ruled over by one king-there is talk of an Overking, but his spears seem blunt, and the overlords strive among themselves there as here. t our kinsmen who live on the Page 136

144 fq::.,. * gw; :-+J..a,,., y*.. f,;.:. -' ;: gt,..;,'st:: ; -4 %Aa.. t ~. {TG;.;;.' L ; 1 -!.,.' ':. -z.yl,.- A ~,.~~.'.~--Z' b rl *'.,&.;.. T.J.;:' t'-'..';$,..) 7.. ikp i.71: 2,.. &! ' 41, ~b:e7'.. :npn\'krl nail a water ajwr drawing, by the S t d Engraving 6.. Ltd.. Lmdca. BY W. E. CORBOULD after E. H. CORBOULD, R.X. Page 137

145 V. AELVRC OF GERBOLDSHAM who held Garboldisham, Norfolk, in The area of his land and its rating appear in Domesday Book. V. GODBOLD, held lands at Wiston, Suffolk, in the time of King Edward the Confessor ; in King John's time these lands passed to the Horksleys. The Lordship of Neyland included part of Suffolk and, besides other lands, the Essex villages of Great and Little Horkesley, the latter was held in the zth year of King John's reign by Robert son of Philip de Horksley and continued in that family for many generations. The Priory of St. Peter at Little Horksley was founded by Robert de Godebold and was formerly a cell in the Abbey of St. Martin of Troarn, Normandy, the Abbots of which had many curious dealings with Little Horkesley--one was the exchange of Horkesley Parish Church for lands which the Priory of Bruton held in Normandy. Until the end of the reign of James the Corboulds of Bardwell, Suffolk, apparently spelt their name either Godbold or Corbold-as they chose at the moment. V. GOBAUDE, the Norman, came over with William the Conqueror, and is in Leland's Copy of the Roll of Battle Abbey. V. CUBALD or CUTHBALD, who held lands in Suffolk in the time of King Edward the Confessor ; vide Domesday Book. Cuthbeald became Cu'beald. Susan CUBAUD was living in Suffolk in Walter COBALD, living at Monk Soham in 1310, and at Thorp, Suffolk, in 133 j, married before 1335, Johanna..., and had Geoffrey COBALD, who lived at Weybred and Fressingfeld, Suffolk, in The latter married before 361, Alice..., and they had a son John COBALD, b. circa 360, who lived at Weybred Thomas COBALD was elected Mayor of Great Yarmouth, Suffolk in n 1379 he bequeathed to the High Altar at Yarmouth his " best holiday vestment there to be used as long as it shall last : to Martin Wodesyde chaplain, one missal, two vestments and a chalice." After his decease they were to go to St. Mary's altar in that church and there to continue for ever. William COBALD, clericus, chaplain at windham (Wymondham), Norfolk, died 1464, leaving Lj towards the building of Windham Church. William COBALD of Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, died c His will, 1442, is at Bury. He married Annabella..., who died c Her will, 1433, is at Bury. James COBALD, clericus, Rector of Barsham, Suffolk, in 14jo ; Vicar of Mutford, Suffolk, Page 138

146 northern coast of Gaul spake truly when was with them not many days agone, things may so happen in Bnglelande that such men as we, relying on our strong arms, daring to put our fate to the hazard, can turn the way of battle as we will if we but be there in time." " Who sails the westernway? " This and more spake Gerbald, and his words were gravely marked for he was a fighter famed and feared, a mighty navigator and a very cunning man. Many plan to go with Gerbald, and, an even east wind springing up with a fair sea, forty ships sailed to Bnglelande, and ten more ships with them laden with gear and treasure, on the first faring : on the second faring, the same forty sailed and five laden with gear and treasure, and five were sailed to Viborg to bring back woollen cloth. Some plan to go to Norway, for there lived Gerbald's own kinsman Rol, him they called Robertus when he took Gisla to wife. Rol liked a fight more than most ; but he did not like a blow on the head whilst he sle t and bootless fighting all day ; and as there was no end to that, he sailed to 8aul. From him came Robertus, and Gulielmus, and from them came Hamon, and Ricardus who took to wife his kinswoman Gunilda. Some fared to the fiords, but their sons lived no better under Eric Bloody-axe. Some plan to sail to celand and the further land. And to the Western sles fared Kerbal, the bold Lion, with Einar and Armuinn of the torn face who made music. Some plan to sail to the South. But Gerbald commanded that a few shall stay with those older ones who had dwelt so long on the land that they had in sooth become as the birch trees, and to uproot them now to fare oversea to new lands would go hard with them ; besides, some must stay to tell tidings, and their thralls must be there to tend beacons. Now, in the springtime of two years before, Gerbald had sailed up the Waveney River and had seen that the land was fertile and fair ; and he had seen and desired someone who was fairer still, Elswitha, the young and most comely golden-haired daughter of a Saxon king who was friendly, and so was she. At glepja never was the way with Gerbald or his kin, so he was twice welcome to go back ; and to this place fares Gerbald full of purpose, the place now called after him Gerboldisham, for the Saxon gave him, with Elswitha, (these) lands as a dowry on a solemn oath and promise, and took witness before all, that when Gerbald the Dane was borne to Valhalla, Elswitha his wedded wife should not fare with the lands, or ever become heritage, and that she should remain free to say yes, or no. And Helwis half-sister of Gerbald offered herself, and was held, in gentle thraldom to that end, and yet not all for the liking of her brother. She had her will ; but was soon free and a wedded wife, as all saw would happen. - - At that place Gerbald abided most of his life, always faring back to these new lands after many voyages. Page 139

147 Gerbald and Elswitha had three sons and some daughters. One bright day she slowly spake these words " t grows dark, Gerbald, keep us together." Then the Gods took Elswitha, the kindest and fairest of women. Never lived one more faithful than she. As became a king's daughter she was brave beyond belief, yet without any defence in herself, and she was gracious to all-even to her thralls. From the first to the last Gerbald knew that he was well wedded, and now he was filled with sorrow, and others were too. Woe worth the day; but it was doomed so. After all, everyone must bear his own burden. Soon after that, Gerbald dreamed that a golden light filled his hall in the night, and Thor's black raven and two golden ones settled on his bed, and the loemingi flew silently round them. On the next night he dreamed the same. On the third night he dreamed that the three ravens came and were settling again, when al.1 went black, and up rears the Devil* himself with his baleful light at the foot of the bed. Gerbald laughed outright at him in scorn, and spake these words :-" am master here : will that you fare to the place whence you came." But the wise ravens knowing his power and anger flew at him and tore, till there was no longer strength in it, the Devil's left arm which he had uplifted,-and what he then lost Gerbald gained-and the Devil fared shrieking away and nevermore has been seen by Gerbald's kin. For, so long as they are just, they, as is not given to all men, have power over the spirits of darkness, power to heal, power over the left as over the right.t They are foresighted men and women and dream truthsome of them know things without the telling. Then the golden light came back, and he heard the loom call out clearly to him that he should live seven times as many days as he had seen ravens in all that night. So on the morrow he called his sons to be alone with him and told them of his dream, and got ready. To the eldest Thorbald he gives great silver treasure, gear, many bags of sceattas, and many ships, and bids him sail away after a score of days to where the land is fruitful, and yet always to tell tidings with his brothers and to hold himself ready to fare to their aid in times of need. Men came from Thorbald. To the second Kolbald who was the father of Codbeald, he gives lands, treasure, many bags of sceattas, gear, and a score of big ships, and counsels him to use some of them for trading with near countries, and not to wantonly quarrel with any of the overlords in Bnglelande as was his wont, and not to slay more of them than needs be, so that in fighting times he and his men would be able to sway the battle as would serve them best. To the youngest Garbald who was the father of Aelfric, Cubbeald and Corbeald, and who, like Elswitha, helped the weak and was never first in stirring strife, and yet was like Gerbald, his father, a fighter in very sooth when once he had started, he spake these words : " Fare in Bnglelande as thy wit and will are, and lead the *" Hell herself," in one version. Compare meaning of the German word " Kohold." t Vide Appendix C. Page 140

148 folk to become useful men in all ways." To him he gives treasure, many bags of sceattas, one ship and much land. This was Garbald the Christian. And then ~erbald commanded them all to continue to fight fairly and be just men, and to do nothing that should make their name of less fame and honour; and to try to agree amongst themselves, yet all could see that they would not; and that his old round war-shield, which was faced with gold on which was marked the head, the wings, the body and the legs of Thor's Raven, and the back of which was ma15 spiot, was to be upheld ready by the eldest of his sons and their sons ; and that that sign, Thor's Raven, was to be known by all of them as a token for their coming together when needs be. And then he told them where he had hidden great wealth in a place not open. He commanded them to use it only in times of great need, and as used all must work to set back what was taken out. He told them of its power and that sometimes overkings would be moved to the will of another by it ; and that the hiding-place must be known only to three at one time, his sons or their sons, and if one died then the next in wisdom or kinship must be told and no other, and though she be of the very nearest in kinship seldom must it be told to a woman, and never to a woman not of kin. f the three agree that it shall be used, let it be used ; if not, then they must fight until one be killed and another chosen in his place, and again until they do agree. Gerbald minded the bodings, and thought that about now would be the meet time to tell them to his sons if they did not know. He warned them that Grimr, who always foretold truth, had said " What Gerbald has, his sons' sons shall lose through the idle chatter of a woman ; and after two and fifty score of years they shall find it again, and more, through another woman of kin who shall dream truth. Sons after sons will be venturers over the great seas and men will come from them ; though none too many. Some will be drowned, but not while fishing." Thorbald, Kolbald and Garbald, each for all, spake these words :-" All that you have told us we hear : we will hold it." And on the one and twentieth day after his dream, Across the forever Across the ice-cold frozen wastes Across the great silence From beyond Valhalla, Elswitha beckoned to him. They who stood beside know that Gerbald fared to her gladly in peace. & had the hellshoon fitted to his feet ; and out of the water up on to dry land by where they had buried Elswitha, his ship was drawn, and the heavy stones put in it to upright it ; then he was laid in it, and the howe heaped over them both. He was well remembered, for he was a just man and unafraid ; he trusted in nothing but his own daring and hardihood. He was always willing to fight, and always fought fairly. Such was Gerbald the King's Thegn. So live. Qod grant u$ all good da~s tvithout enit. 2Jnten. Page 141

149 APPENDX C Both ambidexterity and left-handedness are to be found in a marked degree among members of all branches of the family. Richard Corbould, the left-handed landscape artist, was born in 17j7. His great-grandsons Chilton and Walton Corbould being ambidextrous and left-handed respectively. His great-great-granddaus., Evelyn Forbes Bell and Kathleen Adrienne Hopcraft are left-handed. Peter Forbes Bell is also left-handed. The Corboulds of Bracon Ash include many : Frances Marion Corbould Anderson and her cousin Norah Jean Corbould are left-handed, and the latter's sister Joan Alma Corbould is ambidextrous. Their aunt, Mrs. Motherwell (nee Nella Alma Corbould) was left-handed when young. The late Derek Corbould-Warren was ambidextrous, and his aunt, Mrs. Bomford (nce Maude Corbould-Warren), is very leftahanded. Edith Sophia Cotton, Marjory Clare Fulford, Mrs. Hawes (nce Drusilla Way) and Phyllida E. Way are ambidextrous, and their cousin Nora Orillia Boyes is left-handed, so too is William Walker of Toronto. GeOrp This is also a marked characteristic of the Corboulds of Bath and Speen. G. Corbould of Bristol was ambidextrous (as were other members of his branc ) and his great-great-nephew George C. B. Poulter has an equal facility of use of both hands. Page 142

150 APPENDX D EXTRACTS FROM THE DARY OF PARSON WOODFORDE Reprinted by kind permission of the editor Johq Beresford, Esq., and of the publishers Messrs. Humphrey Milford, Oxford University Press. Feb. 10, Monday... we took a Walk to Hungate Lodge, and paid our respects to Mr. and Mrs. Carbould, who came there to reside on Thursday last and were married that Morning at Tacolneston by Mrs. Carbould's father the Revd. Mr. Warren, and was the first time of our ever seeing either of them. They behaved very friendly to us as well as politely and appear to be very agreeable, pleasant People. We were treated with Chocolate & Wedding Cake. Mr. Carbould is a Clergyman and Son of a Mr. Carbould... at Norwich.... He has retired from business about j. or 6. Years, and with a fortune of at least ~ j Thousand. Pound. He has only two Children one Son & one Daughter. Feb. 14, Friday... This being Valentines Day, gave to the Children of my Parish... each a penny and gave in all j3... Mr. Carbould gave one halfpenny to each... Feb. 19, Wednesday... Mr. and Mrs. Carbould with a Miss Carbould, Sister to Mr. Carbould (an agreeable young Lady) made us their first Visit... They drank a dish of Chocolate... Mrs. Carbould was dressed very fashionably. Miss Carbould in a habit as she came riding single. Mr. & Mrs. Carbould came in a very elegant Gig indeed with a very good horse in it. Feb. 23, Sunday... at Church... the new Bride Mrs. Carbould & her Sister in law Miss Carbould, they sat in my Seat in the Chancel. Mar. 12, Wednesday... Mr. Carbould and his brother in law a Mr. Warren a Clergyman... dined & spent the Afternoon with us... We had for Dinner some Skaite, Ham & Fowls, a whole Rump of Beef boiled &c, a fine Hen Turkey ros ted, Nancy's Pudding & Currant Jelly, Lobsters, Bullace & Apple Tarts, Cheese with Radishes & Cresses. We dined in the Study & drank Coffee & Tea in the Parlour. After Coffee... played one Pool at Quadrille. Mar. 17, Monday -... Mr. and Mrs. Carbould, Miss Carbould and a little boy by name Longdale a relation of Mr. Carboulds made us a morning Visit. Apr. 4, Friday... dined with Mr. & Mrs. Corbould... and a Master Longdale, related to Mr. Corbould. We had for Dinner, Codfish & Shrimp Sauce, Pea-Soup, Fillett of Veal ros ted & boiled Tongue, Mutton Steaks, frilled oysters, Currant & plain Puddings, a green Goose rosted, Maccaroni &c. Page 143

151 Apr. 7, Monday... Mr. & Mrs. Carbould are gone out for a few Days to make a Wedding Visit to Mrs. Corboulds Brother at Castor near Yarmouth*. May 30, Friday... Mr. & Mrs. Corbould, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Senr., Mr. Willm. Warren and his Wife, came in three Carriages, to our House... June 9, Monday... After Tea this Evening we walked up to Mr. Corboulds & spent about an hour with him & his Wife, old Mr. Corbould & Miss C. Mr. Corbould very lame in the Gout in both Legs. June 18, Wednesday... Mrs. Corbould met with a sad Accident at the Assembly last Night during Tea-Time. A Tea Kettle of boiling Water was by some Accident... overturned into Mrs. Corboulds lap, but providentially did not scald her, she was obliged to leave the Assembly Room directly... July 14, Monday... Between Tea & Supper we walked to Hungate Lodge and there saw old Mr. Corbould & Mr. Howlett in a little back Room smoaking their Pipes & drinking Port-Wine. Mr. & Mrs. Corbould we met as they were taking their Evening ride in their Gig. July 15, Tuesday... n the Evening we walked u to Mr. Corboulds... After Tea we got toquadrille... Old Mr. Corbould ost Shilling, hegrumbled abt. it. Aug. 2j, Monday... We walked to Hungate Lodge, and there dined & spent the Afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Corbould, Miss Corbould... We had a very genteel Dinner -... stewed Tench, Veal Soup, best part of a Rump of Beef boiled, 2 rost Chicken and a Ham, Harrico Mutton, Custard Puddings, backed Mutton Pies, Mashed Potatoes in 3. Scollop Shells brown'd over, Roots 2. Dishes... Rabbitts fricasseed... Couple of Ducks rosted, Trifle... blamange, Cheesecakes, Maccaroni, and small Ras berr y-tartle ts. Desert of... Peaches, Nectarines and three kinds of Plumbs... Sep. 30, Tuesday... we walked to Hungate Lodge and drank Coffee & Tea with Mr. [and] Mrs. Carbould, Mrs. Corbould's Brother, a Mr. John Warren a Clergyman, and Mr. Girlings eldest Son who had been shooting with Mr. Corbould all the whole morning. P Old Jan. 10, Saturday... As we walked to Hungate, we met Mrs. Corbould and her little Boy in the Arms of his Nurse, coming to make us a Visit, but being near Hungate, they went back to Hungate with us. Feb., Sunday... Miss Corbould went off Yesterday for Norwich from Hungate-Lodge, to reside at her Fathers... am very sorry for it, as she promised to be so good a Neighbour., *f the diarist had been a Norfolk man he would have known chat there were two parishes of Caistor in the county, and that the Warrens lived in the nearer one, Caistor St. Edmund-otherwise known as Caistor-next-Norwich. Page 144

152 June 7, Sunday.... we took a Walk to Hungate Lodge to enquire after Mr. & Mrs. Corbould, they having been nearly killed last Night coming from Nor- wich in their high Gig - Some part of the Carriage breaking let down the same, which frighting the Horses, they ran away. Mr. and Mrs. Corbould both jumped out, and very fortunately neither of them recd. any injury. The Horses ran two or three Miles before they were stopped. Nov. 16, Monday... Mr. and Mrs. Corbould made us a late Morning Visit. engaged Mr. Corbould this Morning to be my Curate for the ensuing six Months, to begin on Sunday next, at the rate of thirty Pounds per Annum with all Surplice Fees... Dec. 24, Thursday.... Mr. & Mrs. Corbould return back to Norwich on Saturday.... They have their poor Neighbours to dinner to Morrow being Xmas Day. Feb. 11, Thursday... Young Longdale from Mr. Corboulds called... to borrow a Horse to go out a coursing with a Party from Hungate. May, Sunday... Mrs. Corbould went to Norwich to day to stay there till she is brought to bed. May 12, Thursday... Mr. Corbould gave us a Call this Morning... His Wife has made him a present of another Son - Mrs. Corbould finely. July 17, Sunday... Mr. Corbould served Weston Church this Aft. at 2. o'clock... Miss Woodforde went with Mr. & Mrs. Corbould in their new Chariot, which is very handsome. Aug. 7, Sunday... Mrs. Corbould was so frightened at Church by a Bat flying about the Church, that she was obliged to leave. Aug. 24, Wednesday... we took a Walk to Hungate Lodge and spent about half an Hour with Mr. and Mrs. Corbould. We met... an elderly Lady from Yarmouth by name Manning, a Relation of Mr. Corboulds.... Aug. 26, Friday... Mr. and Mrs. Corbould with Mrs. Manning called on us this Morning, eat some Harvest Cake & had some Mead. Parson Moodforde records that during the night of the th/~ 2 th September 1796 he dreamt of various things and of a soldier, and in particular of old Mr. Corbould ; and that during Monday morning (12th Sep.) a raven flew over the Rectory " all of which tokens are supposed to bode no good." This association of the raven with a Corbould before certain events is of interest as it confirms the age-old family tradition and supers ti tion. Page 145

153 APPENDX E. A CENSUS OF BRTHS, MARRAGES AND DEATHS N THE CORBOULD FAMLY DURNG THE FRST THREE DECADES OF THE 2 0 CENTURY. ~ ~ Year ' '905 go O '9' ' Births. Marriages Deaths. 2 Killed in Action. Page 146




157 GENERAL NDEX. Page Abbott, Blanche ,, Helen Celia John Samuel.. 58 ~dhiscombe College Aelvric (Gerboldisham) Agra Albert, H.'R.H..'prince' (the Prince Consort).. a. 37 Aldershot Hospital Allen, James Olive Jane (Mrs. Corbould) 21 ~lii~ne, Elizabeth Reynoldia.. 70,, LUCY.. 70 ~e~nold' bf ~aibados 70 ~lli:, Ann 4 Ambidexterity of'ihe c0r'bou~dh ' 142 American nstitute of Mining and Metallurgy American tribute to Capt. F. K. Corbould American Water Colour Society 43 Amherst University, U.S.A Ancaster, Duke of Anderson, Frances Marion Cor- bould y7 ~redric w~.,'c.e. 130, 7 Marion Claire (nte Corbould).. 130,, Thomas, of Selkirk 83,, Wm. Patrick Andover, Thruxton Down House 46 Annis, Edward.. 16,, Lettice (nee ~orbbuld) 16,, Richard, jun... 16,, Richard, sen ,, Samuel Antwerp Academy School.. 28 Apsley House Ardagh, Arthur, M.D ,, Edward Vernon.. 131,, Frances Mary (Mrs. Raikes).. 122,, Harold Vernon (dex).. 3,, Hon. Justice, of Barrie, Ont ,, John Corbould.. 131,, Monica Vera A. (nee Corbould) Ardro, Arg yllshire 108 Argyll, Duchess of ('H.R.H:' P.rincess Louise), buys Corbould ptctures Argyll, Duke and Duchess of.. 44 Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders.... 2J Arms of the ~orbbulds 133, 34 and frontispiece Army Medical Service Arthur, Jane (of Niton).. 78 Artists Rifles.. 42,46, 81 Ashbourne, co. ~eath a. 97 Page Asheldham, Essex a. 33 Ashford, Kent Ashtead. Surrev.... Z Assarn, 'Shillong, Lore t to School 52 " Atalanta " Athens, Ohio, U.S.A... Atholl, Duke of, Rev. C. J. w;; chaplain to.., At trill, Charlotte,, Daniel,, Fanny,, Francis....,, Mary (nee Fleming),, Mildred K.,, William.... Aus ten, Alice (Mrs. Peregrine Taylor Bingle y),, Sir Hy. Edmund, D.L.', of Shalford,, Capt. John wentworth ' Australia, Mount sa, Queensland,, SouthYarra Australian Chemical nstitute,, Club, Sydnev..,, nst. of Mining and Metallurgy,, Light Horse.. Babelsburg Castle Bacton, Sufiolk Baker, Anna Emma Katherine (nte Clinton).. 71,, Caroline Julia (nee Barker) 71, 97,, Edith Mildmay ~shhurst (nte Majendie).. 71,, Estina (nee Fagan).. 71,, Eveyn Frances.. 97,, Frances Caroline (nte Corbould-Warren).. 71, 96,, Col. George....71,97,, Juliana (nee Penn).. 71,, Katharine Edith (Mrs. Cole-Hamilton) 71, 72,, Mary (nte Tonson).. 71,, Sophia (nee Conyers).. 71,, William ,, Wm.,M.P... 71, 97, Sir Wm ,, Wm. Clinton.. 71, 72,, Wm. Robert.. 71,, Maj. Gen. ~m.' 'Thos. 71, 96, 97 Ball, A. E ,, Kathleen Lucy Mary 17,, Lucy Maud (nte corbou~d') 57,, Marjorie Edith Maude.. 57 Ballarat, Australia.. g 3, 54, 57 College 5 4 ~alzoral Castle, E. H. Cbrbouid stays with Court at Bamford, Evelyn Maude (nte page Bornford) PeterClifford.. 117,, Wilfred ; Banchillon, Louis Noel.. 32, Y Louisa Nancy (nte Bird).. 32,, Marie Ada.. 32 Banfather, Alice Eve1 yn (nee Burnand).. 106,, Dorothy Craig (nte Pearse) ,, Ed. Bertram.. 107,, Rev.Ed.Hy.,M.A ,, Ed. Hy. Burnand 106,, Fanny Caroline.. 104,, Frances Maria (nce Smith) ,, Rev.Hy.,B.D. 95,104,, Rev. Hy. Wm., B.A. 104,, Lionel Ashton 107,, Marion Gertrude.. 104,, Mary Anne (nee Corbould) 95, 104,, Mary Emma 104, Oj Stella Pearse ~ a & of England 30, 122 Barbados, Alleynes of.. 70 Barker, Ben jamin.. 116,, Caroline Julia {~rs. Baker).. 71, 97,, D., of Picton, Ont. 120,, Edward Corbould.. 77,, Elizabeth., 11, Z,, Geo. Blomfield,, Geo. Shields. a m e 77 77,, Harold ~lexand;;.. 77,, Helen (Mrs. La Fontaine) 6,, John , 77,, Col. John of Clare Priory 7, 97,, John Blomfield a. 77,, Lemon -. 77,, Lydia (nee ~hieids). 77,, Mary.. 2,, Mary ~a'rshall' ' (Mrs. Corbould).. 120,, Robert ,, Sarah Ann (nte Blomfield) -. 77,, Susan..... Z Thomas, ~iikle y, Mary 26 Barnardiston, Samuel Barrow, Lieut. David de Symons 12,, Major-General de S ymons,, Gen. Sir Geo. de Symons, G.C.B. 111,, Lady (nce Sybilla wa;j S ybilla Mary de S ymons ~iirow Hall..,. 9, 10 Barsham, Suff Page 150

158 Joan Margaret 41 Margaret Ellen Martha... page Barton. Dr. Edwin Alfred.. 41 a 9 Basutoland Mounted Police.. 72 Bath Bathurs t. Eleanor Oldershaw (Mrs. Wyburd).. 39., Emma Mortimer (nee Brut ton) Rev. Walter Apsley.. 39 Bat tenburg. H.R.H. Prince Henry of. portrait by E. M. Corbould-Haywood Battle Abbey. The Roll of Bawdeswell Rectory Bayford Bayfordbury Beaton. Cardinal Catherine.. 60 Beatt y. Anne (nce Pakenham) 105 Arthur Pakenham Claudius Claudius Hugo Claudius Jean Pakenham 105 Lieut. Desmond Hy Dr.,ofH.M.S.Victory 105 Earl. of Jutland Margaret Mary (nce Spencer) Muriel Margaret 105 Octavia (nce Hall) Octavius Holmes. LL.B. 105 Pakenham Wm Robert. of Springtown Simone E. M. A. (nce Lengrand) 105 Bedales School 46 Bedford High School School Beeston St. Andrew. Norfolk 104 Beli Mawr. King of Britain Bell. Annie Rose (nce Corbould) Christopher Rear-Admiral Christopher. C.B Col. Christopher Forbes Elizabeth Royal1 (nee Ker) 27.. Ethel M. Forbes Evelyn Forbes.. 27 Helena Jane (nee ~hilli~sj' 27 Major H y. Corbould Forbes 27 Margaret (nee Forbes) 27 Margaret (Mrs. ~ansard)~ 28 Margaret (Mrs. Walker) Peter Forbes Suffolk Family Bemerton. Wilts Benedictine Priory of the Sacred Heart Bengal Cavalry. 4th (now 2nd Lancers) Civil Service 112 Lancers. 2nd Sappers and Miners Stai-F Corps... a 99.. Maria (Mrs. Walker) Benson. Mai. Gen Beresford. John.. 43 Page Beresford.Peirse. Lt. Col. N. M. de la Poer. D.S.O Sir Hy.. Bt Katharine Camilla (nee Colvin) Col. Wm. J. de'la Poer 13 Berghampton Berkhampstead Berney. Rev. Thos. Trench.. 95 Bertram family Bickersteth. Bishop. of Japan.. 70 Bildeston. Suffolk Bingley. Lt. Gen. Sir Alfred Horsford. K.C..E., C.B Alice (nte Austen of.. Barbara (Mrs. Vere.. Lady (nte ~abel Shalford) Hodge) Katherine Way) Peregrine Taylor Binning. Mrs Bird. Capt.. R.N Louisa Nancy 32 ~Lkdale School. ~heffieid.. 58 Bishop Strachan School. Toronto Bishops Stortford Black. Andrew Blackfriars Bridge. statuary for 37 Blackwater.. of W Bloemfontein. St. Michael's Home 83 Bloxham. All Saints' School.. 46 Bluecoa t School. Bath.- 13 Boehm. W. A.. R.A Bolton. Rev. Lyndon H Elinor (Mrs. ~ornfordj 17 ~dmballa. lndia Bombay. ndia Cathedral.. ~6 ~o'hford. Dorothy Eileen, Y Eleanor Louise.... Elinor (nee Bolton), Elinor May (Mrs.. Cons table)... Evelyn Maude (Mrs Bamford). Cap t Geo Lyndon. J P... Capt. Geo. Warren.... Helen M. M. (nee Corbould-Warren).. Joan Anella.... John Francis. J. P.. of.. John Lyndon. Bone. Hy., R.A., portrait of G J. Corbould.... Boreham. Essex Bott. Mary Oakley Park.. Bourchier family.. Bousfield. W. and B... Bowen. Chief Justice Lucy rwin Wm Boyce. Eliz. (nce Corbould).. Boyes. Arthur Beatrice Ethel (nce Plumer).... Page Boyes. Betty Cecil Edward ~Lbitt Charles Selwyn Edith Caroline (nee Smart) 102 Ellen Mary Florence (nce West) O Henrietta (nee Howes) or James Ernle John Cecil Leslie John Edward. M.C John Terril Mark Mary Mary (nee Corbould Warren).. O May (nee Plumer) 102 Nora.. 01 Nora 0riil;a Olivia Robert Nairne 102 Thomas Plumer Violet(n6eLemon) Walter Walter Baynes Lieut. Col. alter' john 101 William Reginald Winifred.. 01 " Bracon. " Orillia. Canada.. 9 Bracon Ash. Norfolk Bracon Lodge , 96, 98, 99 Bradfield. Essex.. 85 Bradfield College Braham.. Ann John Brame. Edward Brandon. Sir W..... Bren. Rev. Principal Robert.. 83 Brews ter. Anne Charlotte.. 10 Elizabeth 10.. Frances 10 James 0 John 10.. Macro. 10 Mary 0.. Robert.. 0 Waldegrave 10.. Waldegrave Robert William.. 0 Briant. Robert Kate Bridges. Maria Brigh ton Brimacombe. Edw. Chard Corbould Grace Milwood (nce Corbould) 30.. Hugh Down.. 30.> Rafe Sherme.. 30,, Robert Douglas 30 s Vyvyan Chard Bristol Grammar School British Columbia Univ. Senate nstitution. London Museum. Hy. Corbould's drawings n.. 22 Page 151

159 page Brockford.. 30 Broke, Sir philid ' 63 Broken Hill silver fields.. 54 Brooke, Norfolk 89, 90, 91, 93 Brough, Mary, of Boghall.. 44 Broughton, Bishop, founded school Brown, Adam, of Glencotho, Pee bles.. 127,, Elsie ~ i k (M;s. a Cor- bould) 82, 83,, Francis ,, sabella Holgate Browne, Alicia.. 11,, Charles..,, Dorothy.. 11,, Elizabeth.. 11,, Mary.. 11,, Susan Brownlow, Sir John.. 12 Brutton, Emma Mortimer 39 Bryn Mawr, Toronto rjo B.S.C. (ndia). 98 Buccleuch. Duke of.. 31 Buckingham Palace Burma, Pakokku... a 99 Burnaby, Dorothy Anne (nte Corbould-Warren) 17,, Rev. Evelyn Beaumont, M.A ,, Hugo Philip Beaumont 17,, Patricia Margaret Beaumont ,, Rev. Sherard Beaumont, M.A..... ~,, Sylvia Maude Beaumont 7 Burnand, Alice Evelyn.. 106,, family of Chavannaz.. 106,, Sir Francis Cowley ) Jacques 0. P ,, Lewis Whitmore, M.A. 106 Burke, Sir Bernard Bury St. Edmunds 37,41, 52, 88, 136,, King Edward V's School Byam Shaw School Cais tor Hall, Norfolk.. 6, 7,, St. Edmund, Norwich 116, 44 Calcutta 31, 32 Caley, Samuel.. 91 Calver, Alicia.. 4,, John Cambridge, Benet College.. 9 5,, Caius College 93, 128, Christ's College 41, 7, Clare College.. 10,) Corpus Christi College 43, '04, 106,9 Downing College.. 6,, Emmanuel College 42, 96, 116, 119,, Newnham College 70 sa, 7 Pembroke Hall Peterhouse 93 12, 4, 7 Queens' College..14, 67,, St. Catherine's College.. 109,) St. John's College 70 page Cambridge, Selw yn College.. 72,, Sidney Sussex College.. 16, Y Trinity College 101, 108, 125, 27 Camden's History of England, illus. bv H. Corbould.. 22 ~ameron,'~harlot te Ross (nce Wedd) 129,, C.M.E. (first Mrs. Wright, then Mrs. Corbould) Sir Matthew Crooks 129 ~akeron Highlanders of Canada 76 Campbell, Grace (Mrs. Gwyn) 99, Col. Robt Campion, Canon Charles Heath- cote, of Danny 41,, Jane Cecil Canadian Bank of Commerce.. 128, 129, 130,, Expeditionary Force 122, 124, 31. nfantry.. 51,, Medical ~ssoci'ation 124,, Royal Air Force.. 28 Carey, Sarah Carr, otherwise Ker, Adam.. 26 Carter, Alfred ,, Sybil Marjorie (nce Corbould).. e. 33,, Walter Alfred.. 33 Castle Cary Castle Hedingham, Essex 10 Castletown, Rushen Abbey.. 38 Carshalton, Convent High School 6,, Rectory, Surrey.. yg Chambers, Wm. 9 Chandler, Mary (nce ~d~bouldj ' 6 Chandlersford, Hants Chantrey, Sir Francis, R.A., godfather of F. J. Corbould, M.D... 23,, Lady (nee Wale) Chapman, Aaron, of Whitby.. 126,, Abel, of Stokesley Hall and Whitby.. 126,, Abe1,ofWhitby.. 126,, Ann ,, Edward ,, Edward Hy. of Carr Hall ,, Elizabeth (nce Simpson).. 126, Elizabeth Eden (nee Walker) 26, 9 Hannah (nce ~askinj 26,, John, of Whitby 26, Joseph Barker.. 126,, Louisa Agnes (nce Simpson) 26,, Mary (Mrs. J.' ~ alk~rj 26 Charleson, Agnes Henderson 29,, Alexander.. 129, a Maud Agnes (Mrs. Corbould) Charlotte, H.R.H. The Princess 104 Charterhouse School.. 39, 102, 3 Chaucer's word, quirboilly., 3 5 Cheltenham College.... O Page 152 page Cheriton Bisho Devon Chessman. C. l'.. :: 2,, ~ane (nce Corbould).. 16 Chicago University Chilton, Ann (nce Seaman).. 6,, Frances (nee Seaman) jo,, Rev. Jacob...16, 30,, Mary.. 30,, Mary (nee ~orbould) 16,, Rev. Richd ,, Rev. Rich. Corbould. 2, 16 Sophia (nee Walker) 16 ~l;iiton Ring, The.. 14 City of London School 42 C. T.V Clatford ill, ~Yrlboroi~h Clare Priory 71, 97 Clarence. H.R.H. The ~ & of e 36 Clarke, Elizabeth 87,, Griscill (nee ~o;bould)' '86, 87,, John.. 87,, Judith 87,, Martha ,, Mary.. 87,, Mary (nl; ~allird) 87. Mary Eden (nce ~ alkeij 2 5 Robert ~li?tton College ,117 Clinton, Anna Emma Katherine,, Edward, Earl of Lincoln 7, HenryFynes Clinton-Baker, Katharine Edith (Mrs. Murray).. 72,, Adm. Sir Lewis, K.C.B ,, Wm Cloete, Gen. Sir Abraham Josias, K.C.B ,, Helen Christian (nce Graham).. 60,, Helen Sarah ~o;dbine 60,, Hon. Justice Henry, LL.D. 60,, Maj. Gen. Hy. Daniel.. 60,, Johanna Catherine (Mrs. Graham) ,, Rodolph Clopton, Sir Wm ,, Anne Coatham, Redcar.. 125, 127 Cobald, Alice ,, Annabella ,, Geoffrey, ,, James ,, Johanna , John ,, Thomas ,, Walter ,, William (d. 1441) William (d. 1464) ~;Lbe family of Kent ,, Leila Kathleen (Mrs. Williamson) Coddenham... 5 Coldstream ~uardh.. 59 Cole, Jo Cole-Hamilton, Geo. Wm...71, 72,, Katharine Edith (nce 7 Baker)..7, 72 1: Katharine ~etiiia (Mrs. Murray).. 71,72

160 page Colebrooke, Col ,, Sophia (Mrs.), later Mrs. Cotton Collison, Pleasance (nee Corbould) Cols ton's School, Bris to Coltishall, Norfolk Colvin, Sir Auckland, K.C.S.. 3,, Camilla Fanny Maria (nte Morris).. 113,, Sir Elliot Graham, K.C. S ,, Lieut. Jas. Bazett.. 13,, Jas. Colquhoun, of Su t ton Ven y ,, Col. Jas. Morris Colquhoun, V.C ,, Lieut. JohnAlex... 1x3,, Sir John Russell 13,, Katharine (nee Way).. 2,, Katharine Camilla (Mrs. Beresford- Peirse).. 3,, Sir Sidney Comptons of Compton Wynyates 59 Connaught, H.R.H. thedukeof 36,, Rangers Constable, Elinor May (nce Bomford).. 117,, Hugh Golding 17,, John, R.A. 117 Constitutional Club.. 72 Conyers, Lady Henrietta 7,, John Sophia (Mrs. Baker) 71 ~dake, Ann Groom.. 63 Coolgardie Goldfields Cooper's Hill, Royal.E. College 46, O Cooper, Frances Maria (nce Smith), later Mrs. Banfather ,, Col. J. C Coppen, Frances 10,, Richard 10 Copping, Sarah 90 Copt Hall, Essex.. 71 Corbeau, Hugh.. 35 Corbet Corbie. 35 Corbine Corbough '35 Corborne Corbould, Ada ~li'zibeth' '. 57,, Adrian Henry 31,, Sister Agatha.. 83,, Agnes Maud Mary (nce Wyatt) ,, Alan Stewart.. 47,, AlfredChantrey.. 28,, Alfred Giles 83,, Alfred Hichens 28,, Alice (b. 1500)..,, Alice(bapt.1~62).. 85, Alice.. 5,, Alice Maud ~ a(nee r ~ Eversleigh).. 32,, Alice (Mrs. Pascall) 8 8,, Alicia (b. 1521)..,, Alicia (b. 566).. 4,, Allan Henry Francis 29,, Alma He t t y (nee Gee) 3 Page Corbould, Amia ( 5 8 2).. 4,, Amia (1601) ,, Ann (d. an infant).. 5,, Ann (nce Allin).. 4,, Ann (nce Braham).. 5,, Ann(b.1710).. 11,, Ann(b.1753).. 15, Ann (b. 1766).. 93,, Ann (nce Ramsay) 4,, Ann (nce Miller).. 93,, Ann (nee Ker).. 25,, Ann Groom (nee Cooke) 63,, Anna (1606). 3,, Anna(b.161~)..,, Anna (b. 1827).. 29,, Anne (b. 1643).. 88,, Anne (bap. 1719).. 90,, Anne (1745).. 91,, Anne(b.1828).. 95,, later Corbould-Warren, Anne (nee Cubitt).. 96,, AnneAbbott.. 15,, Anne Teresa.. 62,, Annie Hephzibah (nee Wilson) ,, Annie Martha.. 82,, Annie Meliss (nee Sanders) ,, Annie Middleton (nte Wilson).. 12, 35,, Annie Rose.. 26, 27,, Anthonis.... 3,, Anthony Kenneth 6,, Arabella Almond (nte Down) ,, Aster R. Chilton..26, 30,, Aurette Cerise.. 47,, Sister Beatrice Robertson ,, Beatrix Grant.. 121,, Betty Helen.. 131,, Bridget (b. 1708).. 6,, Bridget (b. 1762).. 63,, Bridget(Mrs.). 5,, Bridgett (nte Warde) 88,, Brigitta (b. 165 ).. 7,, Catherine.. 49,, CatherineMary.. 15,, Charles (bap. 1721) 90,, Lieut. Charles (b. 1799) 95, '18, 119,, Charles (b. 1888).. 54,, Charles (b. 1787).. 15,, Charles (b. 1840).. 19,, Chas. Durie.. 120,, Charles E. Bernard, C. E... 31,, Chas. ~erbert. '.. 120,, Chas. Rosslyn.. 29,, Chas. Rosslyn (b. 1904) 29,, Charlotte (c. 1770).. 16,, Charlotte(b.1790).. 22,, Charlotte (nce Phillipson) ,, Charlotte Mary (b. 1813) ,, Charlotte Mary (b. 1816) ,, Chilton Richd Page 153 Page Corbould, or Corbell, Mrs. Christian ,, Christiana.... 6,, C.M.E. (nce Cameron) 129,, Constance Durie.. 128, Donovan Durie.. 129,, Dorothea Mary.. 28,, Dorothea Mary Rosalind 29,, Dorothy (born 1567) 3,, Dorothy (Mrs. Crane) 3,, Dorothy (Mrs. Page) 9,, Dorothy Esperance.. 33,, Edward (born c. 5 63) 8 5,, Edward (1573).. 3,, Edward (d. 1669).. 88,, Edward (d. 1698).. 88,, Edward (b. 1802)..9 5,96 s3 Edward (b. and d. 1858) ,, Edwardus (b. 1559) 3,, Edward Barker.. 121,, Edward Henry, R.. 12, 23, 35, 36, 37,> Edward James, B.A. 55, 69,, Rev. Edward James, M.A. 67, 78, Edwin Thos... 34,, Eileen Daphne.. 47,, Eleanor (nce Wright) 50, Eleanor Catherine 50, 5,, Elisabeth Frances.. 62,, Eliza (1728).. 6,, Elizabeth (b. 543).. 3,, Elizabeth (1579) 4,, Elizabeth (bur. 58 j ' 4,, Elizabeth (nce Woolfe) 3,, Elizabeth (b. 1593) 4,, Elizabeth (b. 1639) 6,, Elizabeth (b. 1641) 88,, Elizabeth (1699).. 87,, Elizabeth (nee?gower) 90,, Elizabeth (d. 1701).. 6,, Elizabeth (Mrs. Barker) ,, Elizabeth (b. 1704) 8, 9,, Elizabeth (b. 1727) 16,) Elizabeth (bap. 1744) 88,, Elizabeth (Mrs. James C.) d ,, Elizabeth (Mrs. J. Theobald).. 50, Elizabeth (b. 1767) 63,, Elizabeth (b. 1795) 64,, Elizabeth (Mrs. Corbould- Jones).. 51,, Elizabeth (d. before 1861) ,, Elizabeth (nte Warren) 93,, Elizabeth (b. 1827) 94,95,, Elizabeth (nce Holbrook) ,, Eliz. Mary ,, Eliz. Mary Katharine (nce Ker).. 34,, Eliz. Royall (nce Ker) 30,, Eliz. Wilson , Elize(bap.1723).. 90,, Ellen (b. 1806).. 5,, Ellen Royal1.. 31

161 Page Corbould, Ellen St. Leger (nce Hansard) ,, Elsie Hilma (nte Brown)..82,83 $, Elsie Madeline.. 83,, Elvina ,, Elvina Mary.. 25,, Emily Josephine.. 57 Emma ,, Eric Chilton.. 31,, EricHy ,, Ernest Edw... 32, Ethel Vida.. 121, Evelyn Una.. 55,, Fanny Jemima (nce Heath) ,, Florence Jane (nee Swinford).. 120,, Frances ,, Frances Caroline (Fanny) , 7 Frances Lilly (nte Cullurn) ,, Frances Marion.. 21,, Frances Mary (nce Hussey) ,, Francis (bap. 1699) 90, 9,, Francis Alfred.. 57 ) Francis Chantrey.. 29,, Francis J., M.D... 23, Francis Jas. (b. 1930) 80,, Capt. Francis Ker, R.N.R , 34, Francis R. Chilton.. 32,, Francis W. Paul.. 61,, Francisca (b. 1649).. 7,, Frederick (b. 834).. 74, 75, 76,, Frederick (b. 1867) 82,, George(b.1725) 12, 13, 4,, George (b. 1752).. 14,, George (b. 1821).. 34,, George Giles 68, 69, 70, 71,, George James.. 20,, Lieut. Col. Gordon Bruce ,, Gordon Charleson.. 129,, Lieut. Gordon Clarence 3 3,, Gordon Edward, K.C. 29,, Gordon Herbert.. 129,, Grace Milwood.. 130,, Gregory (b. 5 30).., 4,, Gregory (b. '570) 3,, Griscill or Grysilla (b. 1628) ,, Grisella (nce Lynne) 85,, Grizella (bap. 1687) 88,, Hannah (nee Francis) 95,, Harold Edw. a. 55 not Signall,, Harold Signell.. 54,, Harriet ,, Helen Florence 120,, Helena (Mrs. wake;)' 121,, Henry (b. 564).. 4,, Henry, F.S.A. 20, 21, 22,, Dr. Henry Francis 27,, Dr. Henry Heath.. 24, 25, 26,, Capt. Henry Pearce.. 59 Page Corbould, Hester.- 3,, Hilda woodbine (nce Walker) ,, Honour (born c. 1660) 90,, Honour (bap. 1701) 90,, Honour (born c. 1722) 91,, HubertJames.. 80,, sabel Fanny.. 40, sabel Hamilton (nce Soley) ,, James(d.1780).. 6, 3 James (b. 1772).. 64,, or Gorblt, James (b. 1774) >, James of Speen (b. 1799) 63, 64, 65, 66,, James of Wokingham 64,, James(b. 1861).. 77,, James Alfred.- 74, James Giles.. 67, Jane (nce Plimpton) 13,, Jane (d. 1839) 16, Jane (nce Kearton).. 57,, Jane Eliz. (nee Linton) 76,, Jem~ma,...38, 39, Jesse,.. a 53, Joan (1522)..,, Joan Alma.. 132, Joanna (b. 563).. 3,, John (b. 1480).. 9% John (1533)..,, John (b. 1536)..,, John (1558).. 85,, John (b. 1568).. 3,, John(b.1573).. 4,, John (m. 1601) 3,, John (b. 1602).. 3 y9 John (1604).- 3,, John (m. 1626).. 88,, John (b. 1627) 89, 90,, John (b ),) John (1641) :: 8i,, John(b.1653).. j,, John (b. 1688).. 90,, John (d. 1692).. 5,, Rev. John, B.A. (b. 1698).. 9, 4,, John (d. 1709).. 90,, or Gorbold, John (1710) 88,, John (b. 1719) John (be 1720) 90, 93,, John (b. 1726).. J,, John (1745).. 91,, John (bap. 1730).. 88 John(b.1755) : or Gorble, John (b. 1764).. 63 John [d. 1~6;)' 6 :: Rev. John, M.A. id. 1768) 71, 93, 100 9# John (b. 1769).. 63,, John (b. 1779).. 5,, John (d. after 179 ),, John of Bath 51, 53, John of Diss and Bath,, John (b. 1814) ki,, John (b. and d. g41j ',, John Antony 2,, John Charles (b. g46)' 57,, John Durie Page Corbould, John Edward.. 72, s John Harvey (or Henry) 14,, Lieut. John Warren 95., Tohn Wm Judith.. ;6 Julia (b.181;).. 23 Julia (nte Hi tchcock) 69 Julia (b. 1847) 43 Julia Annie Moss.. 69 Julia Augusta (nce Signell) Julia Frances.. 34 Katharine Charlotte 32 Kathleen Adrienne 32 Kenneth Bruce Rev. Kenneth J. Kearton 61 Laura Mary Denise.. 61 Laura Tryphena (nte Green).- 59 Laurel Eva Lauren tius -. 3 Leopold Aster 34 Lettice (c. 1749).. 16 Lillie May Louisa (nce ~ollowa;j 50 Louisa(b.1832).. 50 nee Signall Lucy (nce Pike) 57 Lucy Maud (Mrs. ~ i l ) 57 Lydia (nce Giles),. 66 Lydia (b. 1836).. 74 Lydia Fanny.. 76 Mabel K. M., B.Sc Mabel 57 Margaret ( 5 it) Margaret (b. 570).. 4 Margaret (b. 704) 6 Margaret Grace.. 3 Margaret Jane.. 57 Margarita Margery (nce Savage) 3 Marguerite M. Denise 32 Marguerite St. Leger 128 Maria (nte Hollis) Maria (nce Winterbourne) Maria Magdalene.. 2, 78 Maria Munville.. 80 Mariana (b. 584) 4 Mariana (b. 59 ) 4 Mariana (d ) 3 Marie (d. 1678).. 88 Marie (d. 1669).. 87 Marie Joan.. 32 Marie ThCrese (nee Sharman).. 31 Marie Yvonne.. 32 Marion Claire Martha (Mrs. Dent).. 9, 12 Martha (bap. 1716).. 90 Martha (b. 1701)., 6 Martha (d. 1708).. 6 Martha (d. 1745).. 9 Maud Maud Agnes (nce Charleson) Mary(b.1615).. 5 Mary (b. 1635).. 88 Mary(b. 1658).. 7 Mary (nce Clarke).. 87 Page 154

162 Corbould, Mary (Mrs. Rivett) page,, Mary (d. 1721) 6, 9,, Mary (Leman) 11., Mary (nee Smith).. 9, Mary (Mrs. Gilman) 9,, Mary (d. 1730).. 90,, Mary (born c. 1718) 88, 7 Mary(d.1728).. 6,, or Gorble, Mary nce Fuller (b. 1729) 63, 9 Mary (nce Pickles).. 23,) Mary (b. 1728).. 16,, Mary (bap. 1735).. 88,, Mary (1745).. 91,, Mary (nte Stinnet) 1 4,, Mary (c. 1747).. 16 yy Mary ( ).. 15 Y, Mary (b. 1754), Mary (b. 1760) e m ti, 9 Mary nee Giles (b. 176~) 63, y Mary (Mrs.).. 52 Y, Mary(b.1821).. 66,, Mary (nce Golding) 63,, Mary (nce Bott).. 5,, Mary (nce Durie).. 9,9 Mary(b.1850).. O > 3 Mary of New York (b. 1854) 5 3, ) Mary (Mrs. Jolliffe) b: ,9 Mary Adele 130,, Mary Alice (nee ~arkj 83,, MaryAnne.. 95,104,, Mary Ann Augusta 57,) MaryDorothea.. 62, Y Mary Grace (nce Keene) , 7 Mary Helena Mary Louisa (Mrs. Walker) ,, Mary Marshall (nte Barker) ,, Mary Ostrehan 70,. Mary Swinford > Mary Swinhoe (nte Obbard).. 46, OO, Michael.. 62,, Mildred K. (ACe At trill) 80,, Miriam (nce did field) ' 6, > Molly Marian 54,, Mona (nce Eley). 47 Y, Monica Mary 61,, Monica V. Arabella.. 3,, Naomi (nce Hunt) 5 3,, Nella Alma.. 130,, Noel Bean ,, Norah Jean 131, Olive Jane (nce ~llei)' r, PatriciaMary.. 132, Patricia M. Dorothy 32,, Pelham (born c. 1741) 49,, Pelham of Hoxne Abbey (born c. 1765).. 50, 52,, Dr. Pelham , Pelham Clarence.. 54,, Capt. Pelham Stewart 46,, Penelope.. -, Peter(d.1710) a ,, Peter Marion (b. 9 14) 6 Page Corbould, Pleasance ,, Prudence (nce Jessope) m ,, Prudence (b. 1654) 7, Rene Vera ,, Richard (born c. 39 5),, Richard (b. 5 82).. 4, 5,, Richard (b. 1617).. 5,, Richard (b. 1638).. 6, 9,, Richard (b. 1666) 9, 12, 14,, Richard (b. 1714). Also Section 1, 49,, Richard(b.1728).. 6,, Richard (b. 1730).. 16,, Richard (c. 1745) 6,, Richard (b. 1757) 15, 18,20,23 9, Richard Thomas 15, 20, 30,, Ridley E. A. Lamothe 3 5,43,, Robert (b. 5 39)..,, Robert(b.1703)..,, Robert (bap. 1706).., 90,, Robert (b. 1708)..,, Robert (b. 1709)..,, Robert Rutter (m. 1853) 53,, RobertRutter(b.1853) 59,, Robert Rutter (b. 1862) 54,, Rosalind Kate.. 29,, Rosina ?, Rosina Mary.. 44 Rupert Henry 69 :: Ruth (nce whitchurih) 5,, Ruth (d. in infancy).. 5,, Samuel (bap. 1690) 90,, or Gorbold, Samuel (1710).. 88,, Sarah (b. 16;k).. 5,, Sarah (b. 1659).. 7,) Sarah (prev. Mrs. Copping) ,, Sarah (bap. 1733).. 88, 9 Sarah (nee East).. 64,, Sarah (nce Carey) d ,, Sarah (nce Welton).. 49,) Sarah(b.1805).. 15 :: Shirley ~aud' Shadrach 88 '.. 129,, Sidney Ann (nce Jones) , Susan (Mrs. Browne) r,, Susan (b. 1704).. 6,, Susan (b. 1705).. 9,, Susan (Mrs. Hancock) 57,, Susan (d. in infancy) 5,, Susan ,, Susanna (bap. 737) 88, 3 Sybil Ma jorie. a 33,, Thomas (born c. 1533), 2, 84, 85,, Thomas (born c. 1 37),, Thomas(1575).. 4,, Thomas (b. 1606).. 3,, Thomas (b. 161 )..,, Thomas (1646)..,, or Corbolle, Thomas (m. 1624) - - 7,, Thomas the younger,, Thomas (b. 1630) 87, 90,, Thomas(bap.1692) 90 Corbould, Thomas (d. 1694).. 9,, Thomas (b. 1724) 14, 63,, Thomas (bap. 1736) 91,, Thomas (b ).. 15,, Thomas(b.1758).. 63,, Rev. Thomas, B.A... 95,, Thomas(b.1818)..j3,57,, Thomas (b. 1823).. 67,, Thomas (b. 1844).. 57,, Thomas (d. 1871).. 53,, Mrs. Thomas (ncc Cousins) 5 3,, Thomas Alexander 5 7,, Thomas Philip.. 120,, Thomas Phillipson.. 22,, Una Rubina (nce Dodds) 5 5,, Dr. Victor 28, 35, 37, 43,, Violet (b. 1865).. 82,, VioletEliz.(Mrs. Eames) 80,, VioletUna(b.'18~8j' 55,, Walter Edward.. 27,, Walter Wilfrid.. 61,, Walton ,, William (b. 1450)..,, William (b. 525), 2, 3,, William (b. 1575) 4,, William (b. 595).. 4,, William (b. 1637).. 88,, William (b. 1700).. 6,, William (d. 1710).. 90,) William (born c. 1740) 49,, William (b. 1757).. 63,, William(bornc.1768) 50,, William (d. young) 5 1,, William of Hoxne.. 5 3,, Rev. William, B.A. (b. 1806).. 96,, William (b. 1828).. 3,, William (b. 1846).. 128,, William Henry.. 59,, Rev. William Henry 67, 72, 73, Lieut. William Henry William Henrv (b. 866) ~gibould-~llis, Rev. William kobert William Robert (b. 1922).. 61 William Westman 57 Ailison Sybil. 41 9, C. F.. 40, David ,, Enid Mary Corbould.. 40,* Eveline M. Corb0uld.. 40,, Joan Margaret (nce Barton) 41 Lesley Howard.. 41 ~oriauld-warren, Agnes Eliza- beth (nce La Fontaine).. 16,, Beatrice Harriet O,, Charles.. 103,, DorothyAnne 117,, Edith Margaret 6, Edward.. 98, Lieut. Col. Edward, R.A... 98,, Edward Norman 99, Y Enid Helen.. 16 ' Page 155

163 Page Corbould-Warren, Elizabeth (Mrs. Cotton) 103,, Elizabeth Catherine 16,) Florence Marion 17 7, Frances Caroline 71, 96,, Helen M. Mary 7,, Joan , 7 John Derek 116,, Rev. J. Warren, LL.M. (b. 1843) 96, 116 7, Rev. J. Warren, M.A. (b. 1870) a, Julia.., Katharine y9 Margaret 96, ,, Margaret Joan (nce Steward) 99,, Maria Louisa (nee Ra ynes) 16,, Mary(b. 1851)" 101,, Mary Jessica (nte Perkins) 99, OO,, May Frances 101,, Richard , Rose Catherine 98, Rose H. M. (nee Davis).. 98,, Rev. William.. 71, (prius Corbould) Rev. William 96,, William (b. 1883) 99,, Winifred Alice 99 Corbould's Academy, Bath. 5 3 Corboulds of Bardwell, Suffolk 36 Corbould Legend, The Corboulds, persistent racial type 28, 30 Corbould, Rigby and Co. 72 Corbould, various spellings of.. 34 Corboyl, Wm., Archbishop of Canterbury Corbulo, Domitius. a. 135 Corby and Corbyn,. 35 Cornle y, Edith Beatrice 82 Cotton, Edith Sophia.. 103,, Elizabeth (nte ddrbould- Warren) ,, Colonel F. F. 103,, General H y. of Agra 103,, Sophia Barbara (Mrs.).. 103,, co. Suffolk 4, 5, 9, ', 14, 16, 30, 63 Courtenays, Earls of Devon 72, 98 Cox, Richard (Bishop of Ely) 37 Cranbourne, Dorset Cranleigh, Surrey 108, 109, 110 Cranleigh School.. 101, 109 Crombie, Bertha Violet (nee Walker) ,, Charles K. C ,, David Bradshaw 124,, Denis David John Keith B ~ib);wmarsh Giffard Crozier, Sarah Crumley, John J., Ph.D ,, M. K. M., B.Sc. (nte Corbould) Crystal Palace, Page Cubald or Cuthbald Cubaud, Susan ( 272) Cubit*, Anne (Mrs. ~orb;;ld, later Corbould-Warren) 96,, Joseph, C. E ,, Sir William, F.R.S Cuirbouilli....,. 135 Cullum, Charles ,, Frances Lilly Currie, saac ,, Marianne (Mrs. Raikes) 122,, Raikes of Minley Danes, The, at Gold Bridge Darracott, Annie Maria (nte Shepherd).. 81,, Henrietta (nee Hoe y) 8,, John Munville 81, Joseph Corbould 8,, J. Stuart , Thomas. 81 ys Thomas ~ichael.. 81 Dartmouth, R. N.C... 39,41,47 Datchet, Bucks.. 92 Davies, Ann ,, William ,, Wm. Glynne.. 15 Davis, Rev. Fredk. 98,, Rose H. M Davy, Anna (1612) 5,, Robert (1632).. 5,, Simon (1610) 5 Deacon, Colonel Charles, C.B... 3,, Mary Eliz. Tsabella de Courcv ~ Deane, Leonard ( 706) e m 9 Debenham,Suffolk.. 85,87,88 Delhi, Cambridge Mission.. 70 Dennis, Harriott Jane (Mrs. Morrison).. 125,, Col. John Stoughton, C.M.G Dent, Digby (b. 1723) 12,, Captain Sir Digby.. 12,, Martha (nce Corbould) 9,, Sop!a Pitt (nte Drake) 12 " Deseado..... a 34 de Selincourt of Rustington Hall Devizes ,59 Dibley, Richard Dickinson, Constance Durie (nce Corbould).. 128,, Edmund Lindsay,,, K.C James, M. D Dilcam, Norfolk Dilletanti Society Diss, Norfolk Di tchling, Sussex.. 25 Dodd,George,D.L.,M.~.'.. 39,, Geo. Ashley, J.P.. a 39,, Major Geo. Lawrence Ashley 39,, Geraldine M....a 39 Jocelyn Mary.- 39 ~dbds, Alexander ,, Lieut.Henry,R.N... 55,, Mary (nee Shields).. 77 Una Rubina ~dkesda~ Book Dominion Bank, Toronto 123, Page Doqm, Helland, Corbould picturs at.. 38 Dorking, Norbury Park 36 Douglas, Lady Elizabeth 60 Down, Arabella Almond.. 29,, Major William Downe House, Kent a 39 Drake, Elizabeth.. 12,, Admiral F. G. 12,, Sir Francis, Bt. 12,, Harriett Pitt 12 Sophia Pitt 12 we, Richard Dublin, Castle Knock.- 97 Trinity College ~;>k, John (1706) s o 9 Ducket, C. A., M.D Duke of Cambridge's Own Pun jab Regt. (Brownlow's Pun jabis) 4 Duke of Connaught High School, New Westminster Dulwich College Duncombe, Duncomb, Duncumb, George ,,,,,, Jane (Mrs. Poulter) 12,,,,,, Maria... 12,,,,,, Roger. 2,,,,,, Rev. Thomas 12 Durham Light nfantry. 127 University ~Gie, hlary(mrs.corbould).. 119,, Surg. Gen. Wm., K. H., M.D Dyer Dyers, Worshipful Company of (London) Eames, Martin P. J. 80,, 0lwynM.V. 80,, Percy H. A. 80,, Richard ,, Violet Eliz. (nce Corbould) 80,, William.. 80 Earl Stonham Manor.... Earlham Hall, Norwich East, Sarah ,, Thomas 64 East Middlesex Regt. (7;;h ~odtj 95 East Norfolk Militia.. 95 East Surrey Regt. 105, 106 Eas tbourne College 40 Easton Eccles-nex t-the-sea.. 93 Edghill, Rev. Cox, D.D Edinburgh University 108, 115, 123 Edmund, King 52 St. of Bury.. 52 ~dkard the Confessor, King 36 Edward, King ,,, King, ancestor of Fulford family.. 98,, 111, King, ancestor of Rev, R. C. Chilton.. 16, 30,, 111, King ,, 111, King, ancestor of the Corboulds of Carshalton ,, V, King, and his Tutor, picture by Corbould 37 Page 156

164 Page Edward. V. H.M. King. buys his first picture (by Cor- bould) a - 37 Edwards. Marie Ada Wm. Glads tone 32 EE~. Mona (Mrs. P. S. corboild) 47 Major Richard 47 ~liin Marbles. H y. ~orbould'6 ' drawings of Eliz. Re ynoldia (nee Alle yne) Dr. Grant.. 70 Ellcock... LUCY ~e~nold' ( ~ r. s Wilson).. 70 Ellerker Coll., ~ichmond Hill Charles.. 40 Ellis. Catherine Flora (nee Moates) Cuthbert ~redehik Cor- bould Elizabeth lake* ince Moates) 40. Frederick startridge Sir John Whittaker. Bt., M. P Joseph Mary (nee Godwin) 40 ~Akeld. Palace School 36 Enniskillen. Earls of.. 72 Epping. N. S. W Epsom College.. 43 Essex Militia (3rd).. 99 EssexRegt Etchingham. Sussex Eton College Eurydice. H. M.S Eversleigh. Alice M. M... 32,? Mary Magdalene (nee Marryat) Robert Arthur (b 1875) 58 Arthur (b. 1908).. 58 BerthaE.(Mrs.Moore) 58 Blanche (nce Abbott) 5 8 Clifford Denis.. 58 Dr. ~dmuhh (b.;844) 57 Edmund Chas Geoffrey Dr. Harry 57 Helen Celia (nce ~ibott)' ' 58 Kenneth Lilian (nce Wain).. 57 Margaret Margaret J.(nte Corbould) 57.. Minnie (nce Roberts).. 58 Ewell. Surrey. The Grange.. 99 Exell. Alice (nce Wood) Norman Reginald.. j8 Robert Thomas H William Exeter. St. Sidwell EyeClint. Suffolk Eyke Fagan. Estina (Mrs. Baker).. 71 Robert ~iienham. Norfolk page Farington the diarist. mentions Corbould.. 20 Felixstowe. The old Hall.. 61 Felsted School Fergus. King.. a - 44 Finch. Charlotte (Mrs. Raikes) Daniel. Earl of Winchelsea 22.. Hon. Henry Finningham Fintry. Grahams of Fitzroy. Lady William Fleming. Mary Folkestone. Kent.. 55 Forbes. William of ~etdihead 27 Margaret (Mrs. Bell) ~dlbes- ell (vide Bell).. 27 Fornce t t Fors ter. William Foster. Wm Fowler. Anne Jacob Jane (nte Whitewood) 78.. Mary Fox. hounds and huntsmen in Great Coram St., London 22 Framingham Earl. Norfolk.. 6 Francis. Capt. Edw Hannah (Mrs. i3brbould) 95 Free Society of Artists. London 20 Freeman. Ada Phyllis 82 Freemantle. W. Australia.. 54 Freemasonry French. Elizabeth 4.. saac... 4 French Government thanks Capt. F. C. Corbould Fressingfield. Suffolk Frere family Frere. Edward.. 5 Fry. Elizabeth (nie Gurney) 33 Fulford. Great. nr. Exeter 98 Lt. Col. Baldwin.. 98 Capt.Ceci1J.R Edith sabella.. 98 sabella (nce Russell) 98 Admiral John Julia (nie Corbould- Warren) Lettice Annie 98 Marjory Clare Lieut. Reg. J. Russell 98 Fuller. Armorial bearings 63 Bridget Elizabeth James Mary (Mrs. ~orbbuld) 63.. William. of Horham 63 Fullerton. Rev. Dr. 32 Fyson. Joseph 10.. Mary Garbald the Viking Garboldisham.. 35 Garibaldi. ~eneral'.. 32 Garrould family.. a. 34 Garua sland. Talasea. T.N.G. 55 Gaunt. John of Page 157 Page George V. H.M. the King Gerbald or Garbald. the Dane German Government has Corbould picture Germany. Empress Frederick of. acquires Corbould pictures 36.. Ex-Emperor Wilhelm of. has Corbould ptctures Gildersleve. Alice.... Robert.. ~ires. Abigail (nte ~imbkr).. Lydia (Mrs. Corbould) Maria (nce Munvell) 66 Mary (Mrs. Corbould) 63 Ruth Thomas.. William.. :: Gilman. Mrs. Mary Gipping Chapel Glenormiston House. nnerlei then Glyman. Barry Peter Burnaby 7 Milton Pamela Burnaby Sylvia M. Beaumont (nee Burnaby) 117 Glynne. Mary Gobaude the Norman Godbold or Godebold Godding. James.. : xi; James Henry (b. 1819) 66.. James Henry (b. 1858) 66.. Jessie Lydia (Mrs. Webb) 67 LUCY.. 66 Mary (nye ~orl;ould) 66.. Mary Ellen.. 66 Godolphin School. Salisbury 47 Godshill Church carpet 76 Godwin. Mary 40 Golding. Mary Gower. Elizabeth (Mrs. Cor- bould) David 60.. Sir David Post Captain. R.N. ~iiham. Helen Christian 60 James 60 John Robert SirRobert William Sir William Grahams town. S.A. 60 " Graphic. The. " A. C. ddrbouid. war correspondent.. 28 Great Yarmouth. Suffolk.. 36 Green. Ann..... Ann ~alih~de.. X.. Edward.... Edward Augustus Laura Tryphena (Mrs. Corbould).. 59 Grendon. Joyce family. Normandy and Warwickshire.. 32 Sir Kalph de.. 42 ~ikdle. Bernard R. T., C.B.E Edith Ellen (nee Spencer)

165 Page Grindle, Edmund Samuel Eleanor (nee Chadwick) 06 ~rhssmith, ~eorge Gurkha Rifles, 9th Gurney, Elizabeth... a 33,, John of Earlham Hall 33 Guy's Hospital Gwyn, Grace (nte Campbell) 99,, Lt. Col. Herbert Lionel 99, O,, Capt. Lionel Wm. Campbell ,, Mary (nee Rudge) O,, Cmdr. William, R.N... O,, Winifred Alice (nce Corbould-Warren).. 99 Hackney Marshes Haggart, Agnes (Mrs. Nimmo) 82 Haileybury College Halliburton, Sir James 60,, Mary.. 60 Hampshire Regiment.. 31, 81 Hancock, Susan (nce Corbould) 57 William ~ihsard, Ellen St. Leger (Mrs. Corbould) 128,, Hugh Josiah 128,, Margaret (nte Bell).. 28 Hargrave Harrison, Lieut. Cmdr. F. C., D.S.O., R.N , Janet ,, Susan.. 109,, ~ n K. a M. (hie way) 108 Harrow,?chool.. 41, 108 " Harts at Cotton.. 6 Harvey, fr... 87,, Mary.. 10,, William Hatfield, S Hawes, Bridget - a 7,, Col. Charles ~bkard, D.S.O ,, Lieut.~.~.~.'.. 114,, Drusilla Mary (nte Way) 14,, Francisca (nce Corbould) 7,, Maj. Gen. Wm. Haring- ton Hawkins, Alice (nee Perkins).. OO,, Sir Caesar, Bt ,, Caesar Richard OO,, Diana Elizabeth J, Edward Caesar 00, 6,, Enid Helen (nte Corbould- Warren) 99, roo, 116,, Maud Ellen (Mrs. Obbard) ,, Lieu t. Cmdr. Richard P. Caesar 99, 100, 116 Hay, Ann (Mrs. Graham of Fintry) 60,, Colonel Haywood, Edw. Holroyd.. 41,, Eveline Mary Corb0uld... 40, George of Rotherstoke 40 J, George Harris.. 40 y9 Harris E. Corbould 42 Page Haywood, sabel Fanny (nee Corbould).. 40,, sobel May Stewart 42,, Joyce (nte Grendon) 42,, Mima Lilian.. 43, Norman Victor.. 42,, Ronald Ernest.. 42 Heath, Charles, the engraver.. 38,, Fanny Jemima(Mrs. Corbould).. 38,, Prof. Sir rank, Kt. 38,, Maj. Gen. Sir Gerard Moore, K.C.M.G... 38,, Admiral Sir Herbert L., K.C.B ,, James, A.R.A. 20, 38,, Admiral Sir Leopold G., K.C.B Mary (nce Phillipson) 20 ~dhle~, Rev. C. M Heene, Worthing 108, r 3 Heigham 96 Hemming, ~lfred ' Henry V, King, ancestor of Mrs. K. J. K. Corbould.. 61 Hepple, Ann y7 James.. 43,, John ,, Jonathan.. -,, William, of Thorn borough Hill, Sir Rowland, 1st adhesive postagestamp Hingens (Hengeams or Henicams), Margaret nte Corbould.. 4 Thomas Hi&hcock, Elizabeth ,, John Julia Hi tlhin.. 41 Hobbs, ~ deia ( M;. sheppard).. 5 Hodge, Barbara (nee Bingley) 10,, Lieut.Col.E.H.V.,M.D. O,, Phyllida Bingley Vere.. 10 Hoey, Ada Phyllis (nte Freeman) 82,, Edith Beatrice (nte Cornley) 82,, Ellen ,, Henrietta ,, Henrietta Eliz. (nte Worthing ton.. 80,, Henry Jas... 80,, Joan Edith (nte~ams).. 81,, Maria ,, Maria Munville (nee Corbould).. 80,, Patricia Mary.. 81,, Patrick.. 80,, Patrick Hy. ~ichael 81,, Robert Lee.. 82,, Thomas O'Neil.. 82 Holbrook of Newtown and Cal bourne 78,, Anne (nce Fowler).. 78,, Eliz. (Mrs. Corbould) 77, 78,, Joseph.. 78,, Suffolk.. 85, 87, 88 Hollins hed.a 34 Hollis, Maria ,, Wm. H..,.. 25 Page Holloway, Louisa (Mrs. W. J. Corbould) Homer, Helen Mathilde (Mrs. Walker).. 122,, J.A.R.,M.P Sophia K. (nce Wilson) 22 H&. East ndia C. S Hopcraft, Hugh Stanley.. 32,, Kathleen A. (nee Corbould) 32,, Lucignon.. 32,, Sheila Anne.. ~2 Hore, Colonel S5,, Emily Josephine.. 55, Lt. Col. L F. S Hore-Lacy, Lt. Cmdr. Dyson Standish, R.N... jj i 9 Evelyn Una (nce Corbould) J.D. H M. F s ~oihatn, Suffolk. 63, 64 ~orkesle~, Manor of (1440).. Philip de Robert ,, Gt.andLittle, Essex 1j6 Hove. Sussex /' ~owes, Henrietta (Mrs. J. E Hoxne Abbey. 30, 50, 52 Hughes, Sir hlfrid Collingwood, Bt. 127,, Ralph Townshind.. 127,, Sybil Mary (Mrs. Walker) Humphrey Milford, Oxford u&. Press Hungate Lodge Hunt, Mrs. Naomi a. 53 Hurst Green, Sussex.. 23 Hussars 14/ Hussey, Frances Mary (Mrs. Corbould).. 59,, John Compton.. 59,, Susannah (nte Pearce) 59 Husseys of Salisbury Hustwaite, Christine (nte Robertson).. 46,, Eliz. Prettyman 46,, Philip ddesleigh, Earl of hlers and Bell mperial Bank of Canada mperial Service College, Windsor 102, 127 ndian Army, Carnatic nfantry ( )9 Gurkhas ,, nfantry, 108th (Bombay).. 46,, Medical Service.. ), Nagpur Rifles.. 46,, Sappers and Miners 3rd.. 46,, 44th Div. sigs Y ) Staff Corps ndian Mutiny 103, 112, 114 nns of Court O.T.C Page 158

166 page pswich, Suffolk 10,, 12, 28, 64, 86, 87,, The Ancient House (Bishop Sparrow's) 28,, Grammar School.. 12,, St. Mary-le-Tower.. 86,87,, Journal rwin, Frances Emilia a. 55,, Cmdr. Joseph, R.N ,, Thomas, of Justicetown 55 Janion, Dorothy Cheshyre.. z 3,, Hy.Cheshyre Jellett, Judge, of Picton, Ont. 19 Jellians, Gilbert, of Dudley.. 91,, Martha (Mrs. Pynson Wilmot) Jessop, Dr. of Norwich.. 27 Jessope, Prudence ,, Roger.. 5 Johns Hopkins Univ., U.S.A Johnstone, Hy. Harris.- 43,, sobel May Stewart (nte Haywood) , Mary Jane (Benyon) 43 Samuel Pries tley.. 43 ~Aiiffe, Col. A. E ,, Frances (nte Way).. 82,, Jonathan.. 82,, Mary (nte ~orb;r;ld).. 82,, Rosa Mary (Mrs. Martin) 82 Jones, Eleanor Corbould.. 5,, Gertrude 5 1,, Olive Lettice (M&. w eb) 67,, Sidney Ann ,, Rev. Thomas Lewis 67 Rev. T. M Justice town Kamloops, B. C. 131, 132 Kay, Capt. James ,, Capt. James S. Granville 98,, Rose Catherine (nee Corbould -Warren).. 98 Kearton, Jane Keen Keene, Charles Samuel of " Punch ".. 28, 29,, Henry Eddowes 28,, Mary (nte Sparrow) 28,, Mary Grace... 28,, Richard Francis 29 Samuel Browne.. 28 lit^, Ann ,, Peter Sterling Kelvedon, Essex. 10 Kensington High ~choil'..42,43 Kenya,.. Ker, Adam...26, 30,, Ann ,, Ann ~o~all' '...27,3,, Barkley.. 26,, Eliza.. 26,, Elizabeth ~ansdale' '. 26,, Elizabeth Royal1.26, 30,, Elizabeth M. K.. 26,, Lieut. James, R.N..25, 30,, Cmdr. John, R.N..27,3,, John Edgar.. 26,, Mary , 31 page Ker, Mary (nee Scott).. 25,, Robert , 31 Ker and Corbould marriages (chart) 26 Ker and Scott families.. a - 34 Ke ttlebaston Rectory 14 Ke yes, Thomas King, John Edw... e m 57,, K. L. (nte Ball).. 57 King's College, London 72, 04,, School 105, 106, ~ing" Edward's School, Bath 51, 52, 61 King's School, Canterbury 55, 69 Sydney.. 55 ~inzs Shropshire Light nfantry 32 Kirby Cane, Norfolk.. 99 Kirstead, Norfolk 91, Kitcat, Rev. John.. 67 Knapp, Edmund.. 5,, Edward 5,, Mary Knewi t t, Mrs. (nte Corbould).. 49 Koelle, Rev. C. Philpot 41,, Enid M. Corbould Ha ywood).. 41,, Evelyn Jean 41,, Lt. Cmdr. H. P., R.N.' 41,, Hebe.. 41 La Fontaine, Agnes Eliz ,, Helen (nte Barker) 6,, J. S. E., of Berkhampstead.. 16 Lacy, Dyson ,, Emily Josephine.. 55,, Frances Emilia.. 55 Lancers, 16th..... a 97 Lancing College Landseer, Charles, R.A. 37, Sir Edwin Hy., R.A: ' 37, Henry (the Australian artist).. 37, John, A.R.A: ' a ,, Thomas, A.R.A. 37 Lang, Dorothy Margaret.. 124,, Lisgar L ,, Rethea (Mrs.) Langton. Hy. John ,, J. M. E ,, John.... OZ Olivia (nce Bo yes).. 01 Lanman, Sarah (nte Corbould) 7 Left-handedness of the Corboulds 140, 142 Leinster Regt , 110 Leland Leman, Mary....,, Rev. John 91 Lemon, Violet Lengrand, Jules Xavier S. E. M. A. 105 ~icciield Theological College 59,. 6, 6 Linton, Jane Eli? ,, John Liphook Liston Hall Lis towel, Canada Litlington Park, Bedford.. 12 Liver pool College ,, Heswall Hospital 27 Page 159 Liverpool Scottish (10th King's Page L. Regt.).. 27 Lock, Elisabeth Jessie.. 41,, Jane Cecil (nte Campion) 41,, Rev. Prof. Walter, D.D. 41 Lockhart, Lt. Gen. Sir W Loftus, G. W. F London, Corporation of the City 42 London Churches- St. Andrew, Gray's nn.. 20 St. Andrew, Holborn 20, 22, 30 St.Bride,FleetStreet..63,64 Christ Church, Newgate Street 5 City Road Chapel.. 30 St. Dunstan, Fleet Street.. 20 St. Edmund, Lombard Street 14, 15, 20 St. George, Bloomsbury.. go St. George, Hanover Square 5, 50 slington Chapel St. James, Hampstead Road 23 St. Jude, S. Kensington 27 Kensington Pro-Cathedral 106 St. Martin-in-the-Fields 14 St. Mary Abbots.. 41 St. Marylebone Trinity Churchyard, Gray's nn 20 St. Vedast, Foster Lane.. 5 London. Dyers, Worshipful Co. of 42,, Eldon Lodge, Kensington 36,, Foster Lane.. 15,, Hampstead Vicarage.. 7 London Hospitals- Charing Cross... 27, 43, 44 Great Ormond Street.. O Guy's Kensington Dispensary.. 44 King's College Princess Louise St. Bartholomew's.. 27, O St. George's St. Thomas's Victoria Hosp. for Children 44 London, Lord Mayor of 4d,, Regiment 105,, Savage Club ,, Society of Organists 43,, South Kensington Art School ,, Suffolk Street Galleries 20,, University (and see King's Coll.) Longdill, Dr. Benjamin Prowde 91,, Lieut.EdwardB... 91,, Elizabeth C. (nte Wilmot).. 91 Emily ,, Harriet (nte Robinson) 91, Margery (nee Wilmot) 9, Y Mary ,9 Mary Adelle 91,* Prowde 91 Y7 Pynson.. 91,) Pynson Wilmot.. 91, Selina.. 91,, Selina (Mrs.).. 91 Longford, Earls of Lound Rectory.. 61, 62

167 Louise, H.R.H. Princess (Duchess of Argyll) buys Corbould plctures.... Louise, H.R.H. Princess i~uchess of Argyll) godmother to Dr. V. Corbould.. Lovell, Janet.. Sir ~ichaid ~d;al North Lancashire Regt. Lu burua, Kavieng, T.N.G. Lynne, Grisella,, William.... MacCallum, Angus de Symons >) Col. D...,Y Edw. of ~ idro..,, Capt. Frank, M.C. 7y Maly Margaret 7y Sybilla M. de S. MacCrimmon Genealogy Macdonald, Margaret Mackinnon, Charles....,7 Malcolm...., Y Mary Margaret (nee MacCallum) Una (nce Nicolson) Una Margaret.. ~apkworth, Lady.... McLean, Alfred A.....,, Laurel Eva (nke Cor- bould) Macro, Ann..,, Dr. Cox,, Elizabeth.,, Joseph.., Mary..,, Mary (Mrs. ~'iison),, Mrs. of Bury..,, Susan,, Thomas, High sheriftm ',, Thomas, of Bury..,, William jun... William, sen... hiid ras Madras Fusiliers....,, Native nfantry, 20th 5 24th 9 9 9,, Magdalene College School.. Majendie, Edith Mildmay A. (Mrs. Baker)..,, ~ev. Manchester, Bishop of,, Unity of ~ddfelldws, Hy. ~ewis.. 3 University.. Manitoba University 77, Margate.. Maris the artist Markewell, Robertus Markwells estate.. Marlborough College Marryat, Mary Magdalene.. Marryats of Asheldham, Essex Martham.... Martin, Barbara Betty..,, John, the artist..,, Margaret (Mrs. Wilmot),, Pauline Mary,, Rosa Mary (nce ~olliffej,, Victor George.. page Martineau, Philip Meadows.. 95 Matzinger, Marie Simonne (nce Sharman) 32 Fritz ~a:de, General Sir Fredk. F., V.C., G.C.B.. 97, 101 Mauritius 32 May, Dr., of ~nfiild 36,, Phil Mayer, Edinund.. Medd, Eleanor M. ~nn'e' 105,, Rev. George Tate.. 105,, Muriel Margaret (nce Beatty).. 105,, P. Cmdr. Walter ~ali,' R.N Medical Council of Canada Melbourne, Australia 32, 83,, College.. 54 Meliss, Annie ,, George, of Perth.. 44,, Helen Helen (nte Stewart).. 44 ~kiita, Manitoba Mellish, Rev. Edw.. a 95 Mendlesham.. 4,5, 16, 30 Merchant Taylor's School, London 58 Metropolitan Town Clerks' Assn. 42 Mexico City.. 27 Middlesex Regt Midsomer Norton. a 59 Mildura.. 54 Miles, J. C Millard, Anna Maria (Mrs. Wilson) Rev. Chas. a. 99 ~iler, Ann Mingbool, Victoria, Australia 108 Minley Manor, Hants 122 Mistle y, Essex.. 85 Moates, Catherine Flcra 40,, ElkBlake.. 40,, Wm. (of Epsom) 40 Wm. (of Southwark) 40 ~Znk Soham, Suffolk Monkton Combe School.. 67 Monteray School, Victoria, B.C. 23 Montizambert, Edw. Lewis Boucher de.. 124, y Fredk.,C.M.G.,M.D. 123,, Lucy rwin Bowen) (nte.. 124,, Mary Jane (nee Walker) Violet Lucy (Mrs. Walker) 123 Montreal, Bank of , 125, 128, 129, 130, 31 Moore, Bertha Emma.. 58,, Edmund.- 59,, Fredk Moray, Anna...,.. 60 Morris, Camilla Fanny (Mrs. Colvin) ,, Cecilia Byron.. 51,, Rev. Edward.. 113,, Eleanor C. (nte Corbould) 5,, Eleanor Julia (Mrs. W. A. Sheppard).. 51 Page Morris, Frances Alice.. 51,, Fredk. of Bath.. 51,, Fredk. jun. of Bath.. 53 Morrison, Angus, of Toronto 125,, Harriott Jane (nce Dennis).. 125,, Marjorie Morna (Mrs. Walker) i Motherwel1,Maj. Jas.~kd Y9 Nella Alma (nce Corbould) 130 Mott, Sir Fredk. Walker, K.c.B.'~~, 69 Mountflorence, Barony of.. 72 MountPleasant,co.Louth Mountain, Bishop, of Quebec.. 128,, Rt. Rev. Bishop Jacob, D.D Munich, Academy of Arts.. 28 Munvell, Maria , Murray, Capt. Bernard Alleyne, M.C... 70,7 1,, Dorothy Bruce, B.D. 70,, Eeanor M. Bickersteth 70,, Elizabeth Wilson (nte 1 Corbould) 70, 71 i,, Rev. John D. Munro, M.A ',, Katharine Elizabeth.. 72,, Katharine L. (nee Cole- Hamilton) 71, 72, 97 Murray, ndia Mutford, ~uffolk* ' Mylne, Margaret E... Nacton.. Nansen, Dr..... Napoleon, Emperor.. Nassau, Wm. of, Prince of Orange, ancestor of Mrs. K. J. K. Corbould National Portrait Gallery, London, C. S. Keene's portrait by Corbould Nelson, Admiral Lord,, Rev. John....,, Rev. Wm. (d. 1812).. Nestling, Miss (Mrs. Barker).. Newbury Clock House..,, Parish Church (St. Nicholas)..,, Woodspeen House Newcastle-on-Tyne.. New English Art Club Newman, Charles,, Charlotte. John, N& south Wales.... New Society of Painters in Water Colours.... Newton, Maj. Charles Edw...,, Joyce (nee Grendon) New Wes tmins ter, B.C. 121, 122, 123, 129,,, Holy Trinity Cathedral 122, 123, 129, 130, New York New Zealand, Wanganui River Dist Page 160

168 Page Ne yland. Lordship of Nicolson. Alexander. LL.D ,. Malcolm Una (Mrs. Mackinnon) Annie Martha (nce Corbould) 82.. John (an) NigerExpeditionof Nimmo. Agnes (nte Haggart).. 82 Wm ion.. of W North. Bishop Brownlow 12 North Somerset Yeomanry 52 Northampton. Marquess of.. 59 Northamptonshire Regt Nort humberland Fusiliers Norwich. The Belles of Norwich Cathedral. ancient Corbould monument in Cathedral St. Peter Mancroft Church.. 93 All Saints' ~h;rch gj.. St. George Tombland Church St. Giles's Ch St. Gregory's Church K. Edw. V's Grammar School Notts Yeomanry Nynehead. Somerset Oakham School Oakley Park. Kells. ~eaih.. 17 Obbard. Gen. H. S OO Jane (nte Swinhoe) 46 Mary Swinhoe 46. OO.. Robert..C.S. 46. OO.. Mrs. Robert (nte Wright).. 46 Occold Church.... Ogilv y. Hon. Margaret.. 60 Ogle. Elizabeth.. 12 Rev. James and Bertram families.. 43 Ohio Agric. Exp. Sta. at Wooster Okeden. Mrs. H. G. Parry.. 87 Oldfield. Miriam.. 6 Ootacamund. ndia Open church movement.. 74 Orillia. Canada O'Riordyn. Rev. Father.. 74 Osborne.. of W...39,4 House.. of W oode Hall. Toronto Otley House. Suffolk 30 Otten Belchamp 10 Oulton.. 10 Oundle School.. 41 Oxford Exeter'College Hertford College Keble College.. 41 Magdalen College 99 Queen's College Wadham College 67 Oxfordshire Hussars Page Page. Mrs. Dorothy.. * - 9. Martha (Mrs Barton) 9 pikenham. Capti Hy Palmer. Mrs. (nee Corbould) 5 Park. ~a therine Mary Alice.. Mungo. M.D..... Capt Mung0.R.N..... Capt Wm. Hy. Parley. F. C. S.. K.C... Pascall. Alice (nce Corbould).. Thomas Paynter. John.. Pearce. B. L. E... ). Mary W. G..... mala Dorothy Craig.. Pearse. Bertram K., of Guate- Rev Geo.. ~libles Pelham family.. Penn. Juliana (Mrs. Baker).... Thos., of Stoke Poges Maj. Gen. E. N. 99. Mary Jessica Maj. Norman Chichester 99. Penrose. Rev. Dr Perkins. Alice Perth. W. Australia Peshawar.... Pfeffel. Fredk..... Mary ~hklle (Aie Longdill).. Phillips. Chas. Octavius.... Helena Jane sabel Barbara (nce Robertson) Phillipson. Charlotte Thomas phi;sps. Sir Charles Pickles. Mary Thomas Lucy Picton. Ont Pike. John ~dwaid.... Pirplett or Purplett. Thos. " Plass y ".. Plimpton. Jane.. Plumer. Charles Ethel (Mrs. ~oiei).... Ethel Frances (nte Saunders).. Sir Thomas (Master of.. May (Mrs. W. d.'~o~e;j the Rolls) Lt. Col. Thos. 1-iill.... F. M. Viscount. G.C.B. Plummer. of Bedale Plunkett. Christina Evelyn Frances (nte Baker)..., Frances Lorraine.... Laurence..,, Richard. of ~eath,. Major Richard Wm. Richard ~o'l'le xfen. Elizabeth.... Sir Henry.... Page 161 page Pollexfen. Maria 12 Porlock. Somerset Postage stamp. 1st adhesive. drawing by H. Corbould 22 Pott. Avril Corbould.. 46 Prunella Corbould 46 Reginald Henry 46 Rosemary Constance Rosina Mary (nee Corbould).. 44 Poul ter. Alfred 12 C. G. B Elizabeth.. 12 G C. B H G H K M. M. (ice ~dr'bould) Presbyterian Chapel. Newbury Price. Col. Gordon..M.S Muriel Kathleen.. Primrose League Princess Patricia's Canadian L. nf. 28 " Punch. " Sir Francis C. Burnand 106 A Chantrey Corbould 28.. C. S. Keene Pun jab Cavalry (~3rd Cav.).. 14 Pun jabis. 66th Purplet or Pirplett. Thos Pyrson. Christopher.... Quarhams. Stutton Quebec Queen's R.W.S. Regt Queen's Wes tmins ters and Civil Service Rifles Queensland Club. Brisbane.. 37 Quetta " Quetta " wreck of Rabaul. T. New Guinea.. 55 Rackheath Rectory. Norfolk Raikes. Charlotte (nce Finch) Frances Mary (nte Ardagh) George.H.E.1.C.S Henry Henry den Marianne (nce Currie) Minna Helen (nce Walker) Thomas Walter 22.. alter ~ hkn Capt. Wm. Hy th D.C.O Thomas family Maria Louisa (Mrs. Corbould-Warren) 16.. Martha (nte Race) ~a'j~uts. Ramsay. Ann Ramsbot tom Vicarage. Lancashire 72 Rand. Elizabeth Raynes. Dr. Henry Retford Grammar School.. 18 Rhodes University College. Grahamstown.. 67 Richardson. Geoffrey G... O

169 Page Richardson, May Frances (nce Corbould-Warren) 01 Ridley, Bishop Nicholas.. 43 family of Willimoteswick 43 ~ivett, John ,, Mary Rivet t-carnac Robert 11, King di Scotland , King of Scotland.. 60~61 ~dlerts, Minnie Robertson, Christine sabel Barbara.. 27,, Maria Robinson, Elvina Mary (nte Corbould).. 25,, Geo. Blackiston.. 91,, Harriet (Mrs. Long- dill).. 91 Dr. ~ ark~nihon~ 25 ~o&at and Co., H. L. 31 Rookley, Godshill Rotherham, Yorks.40,41 Rothschild and Sons, N:M Rowe, Alicia....,, Margarita.,, William.... Roxburgh, Duke of Royal Academy- Alfred Chantrey Corbould, exhibitor 28 Alfred H, ~orbould, ' exhibgs 20 portraits at.. 28 Aster R. C. ~orbould' exhibits 35 paintings at.. 30 Edw. Hy. Corbould, exhibhi 17 paintings at 37 Eveline M. Corbould Haywod;l, exhib G. J. ~orbould; 'exhibits 4 his- torical paintings at.. 20 Hy. Corbould, student (silver medallist) at R.A., and exhibits 44 historical pain tlngs 22, 23 John Wyburd exhibits jr paintings.. a - 39 M. L. Haywood, exhibits.. 43 P. Corbould Pott exhibits.. 46 Portraits by R. Corbould of Richd. and Charlotte Corbouldshewnat~stexhibition 17 R. Corbould exhibited roo landscapes W. E. Corbould, exhibitor.. 28 Royal Air Force.. 52, 82, 122,, Army Medical Corps.. 115,, Army Ordnance Corps.. 47,, Army Service Corps 59, 12, 127,, Army Veterinary Corps.. 97,, Artillery.. 98, 99, 113,, Canadian Regiment.. 129,, Corinthian Yacht Club 42,, Corps of Signals ,, Engineers 41, 67, 80, 102, 103, 12,, Field Artillery.. 108,, Flyingcorps.. ~,J,~,, Fusiliers 7th Foot 79, 113,,,, ~3rd Bn. 99,, y9 24th Bn. 98 page Royal Garrison Artillery (T).. 82,, Highlanders (Black Watch) 10,, Humane Society's Medal 98,, ndian Engineering College, Cooper's Hill.. 46, O,, nstitute.. 43,, Military Academy, ~ooiiich 41, 108, 112, 113,, Military College, Sandhurs t 27, 98, 109, 111, 112, 13, 114, 116,, Military College, Kingston, Ont , 124,, Navy 25, 27, 30, 31, 98, 101, 102, 119,, Naval College,. Dartmouth 09,, Naval Volunteer Reserve 02,, School for Officers' Daughters.. 109,, Sussex Regt ,, Tank Corps... 51, 52,, Victorian Order of Nurses, Canada ,, Warwickshire Regt., 10th 82 Royall, Ann (Mrs. Ker).26, 27 Rudge, Edward, O Mary ~ ; k b School ~ Rupp, Mary Helena (nte Corbould).. 120,, Philip, M.D., P~D. 120 Rus hmere.. 10 Russell, sabella (~dinb;;~h) 98,, John 98 Martha i~rs. wilmoij ' 92 ~issia, Orthodox Church of.. 59 Rutter, Dr Ryde, Geo. Ernest.. 81,, Maria (nce ~ o e ' ~ j.. 8 Sache, Elizabeth (Mrs. Wilmot) 92 St. Andrews St. Andrew's College, Toronto 3 St. Boniface School.. 78,80 St. Catherine's, Ventnor 76, 78 St. Catherine's School, Bramle y 09 St. Edward's School, Oxford St. George's School, Windsor 106 St. Luke's Hosp. Med. School, N.Y St. Michael's College, Victoria, B.C St. Paul's School, London 32,43, 106 St. Pierre, volcanic eruption.. 34 Salisbury, The Close Salway, G Sams, Joan ~dith Sanders, A. M ,, E. L Sass, Hy Saugor, ndia 96, 103, 109, 10, Saunders, Ethel Frances Savage, Margery 3 Sawmill, The first in* ' ~ritiih Columbia Sayer, Jo Scholefield, Rev. Clement Stuart 129,, Erik Dawson Stuart 30,, Ethelbert Olaf Stuart 129,, Gordon Stuart.. 30 page Scholefield, John ,, Lawrence C. Stuart 30 y9 Lillie May (nce Corbould) Scinde Horse, 35th Scotchmere, Richd... 6 Scott, Barbara.. 60,, Sir James ,, Adm. Sir James, K.C.B. 25, 26, 30,, Mary.. 25, 26, 30,, ThomasdiRaeburn 25, 30 Sir Walter, B t ~cztt City, U.S.A. - * 57 Seaforth Highlanders 114 Seaman, Ann.. 16,, Frances.. 30,, Sarah Thomas ~eikirk.. 83 sepulchre, order bi the Most Holy 59 Sharman, Chas. Douglas Marie Ada (nte Banchillon) yy Marie Simonne.. 32 Marie ThCrese.. 31 sh:f?ield ,, Grammar School.. 58 University ~heihrake, Edmund.... 4,, Elizabeth -. 4, John (b. 16;;).. 4,, John (b. 1627).. 4,, Margareta.. 4 Mariana ~hgherd, Annie Maria.. 81 Sheppard, Adela (nte Hobbs) 5,, Alan Cecil V ,, Lieut. Allen Cecil.. 5,, Capt.BertramK... 52,, B. L. E. (nee Pearce) JZ,, Claud Morris.. 5,, Constance (nce Reed) 52,, Eleanor J. (nce Morris) 5,, Frances Alice (nce Morris) y James, C.E., of Bath 5,, John ,, Lawrence Julian.. 52,, May Gwavas (nce Trounce).. 51 Morris Julian 5 2 1: Capt. Norman ~oveii 5,, Patricia ,, Sheila Gwavas.. 5,, Thomas ,, Lieut. Thomas W. 5 2,, Walter Allen.. 51 Walter Pearce ~hgborne School 108,109 Shields, Agnes (nee ~a&r).. 76,, Albert Jolliffe.. 77,, Emily (nee Groves).. 77,, James ,, John (b. 1844)' '.. 76,, John(b.1882).. 77,, John (b. 1918). a 77,, Kathleen Corbould 76, Lydia (Mrs. ~lomfield ' Barker) Page 162

170 Signall not Signell page.. Lydia Fanny (b. 1~21)' 77.. Mary (nee odds ).. 77 Signell. Julia Augusta Shields. Lydia Fanny (nce Corbould) Maria Sirnla. ndia man) Louisa Agnes (Mrs. Chapman) Thomas Simpson. ~lizabeii (Mrs. Chap- Wakefield ~k'+e. 1sle of Slade. Sir Christo her Edith Caroline 102 J.R.B..R.N Ellen (nee Hoey) Frances Maria (Mrs. Slade School. Longn Univ Smart. Anna Maria (nceturner) 102 ~zith. Banfather) George. of Stowmarket 16.. J. A John S or Smyth. Mary 9.. Percy Edwin.. 81 Thos sgyth. Th0s Snipe shooting at Westminster 22 Society of Arts. sis Gold Medal 36 Society of British Artists. Cor- bould exhibits Society of Friends Society of Women Artists.. 40 Soley. G. T sabel Hamilton (Mrs. Corbould).. 69 Solport. Cumberland Somerset Light nfantry.. 52 Somerset Regt., 2nd (40th Regt.) 99 Sonning.on.Thames. The Old Deanery Southby. Elisabeth Jessie (nce Lock) Enid M. ~orbould 40.. Cmdr.J.H.P.,R.N. 40 Priscilla June Rosemary Eveline 40 ~igth Rev. W. P. 40 Devon Regt., 46th.. 13 Southsea.. 96 Sparrow. Bishop 28,, John Mary Sparrow's House. otherwise The Ancient House. pswich.. 28 Spaynes Hall. Essex Speen. Harris of. 63 Manuscripts St. Mary's Speenhamland. St. Mary's 66. ' b9. 72 Spencer. Edith Ellen (Mrs. Grindle) Dr. Henry Henry Banks. M.D Margaret Mary (Mrs. Beatty) page Spencer. Mary Emma (nce Banfather) Mary Gertrude Sprowston Grammar School 106 Stafford House Commission Stafford-Northcote Stannard. Eliz. (nte Corbould) 6 Stannell Green. Thorndon.. 4 Stephen. King Steward. Canon Edw.. M. A Margaret Joan (Mrs. Corbould-Warren) 99,, Margaret Kn yvet (nce.. Alexander. of nverna- Wilson) Stewart. Allan h yle Duncan. of Appin.. 44 Helen 44 James Mary (nee Brough) Thomas.. 44 Stinnet. Mary.. 14 Stockport nfirmary.. 69 Stoke Ash. Thorndon Stony Stratford. Northants.. 16 Story. Duncan 41.. Elisabeth Jessie ii~e Lddk) 41 Stowe School Stracey. Sir Edw. Paulet. Bt. 06 S tradbroke.. 49 Stratford. ~uffolk ' S tru'mpshaw-wi th-brades ton Rectory.. 93 Strutt. Mary Stuart. Lady Mary Stubbington House School. Fareham Stutton. Suffolk Stutton House. pswich 87 Sudbury. Ontario.. 80 Suffolk Regt. (12th ~ ooij 96. O Suffolk St. Galleries. London Surrey Archaeological Society Surrey V.A.D Sutton. Edward. 9th Lord Dudley 91.. Martha.. 91 Swann. Francis Swinford. Florence Jane (Mrs. Corbould) Col. Herbert sy&ey. N.S.W Sydney High School Syleham. Monks Hall Taci tus.... a. 35 Tacolneston Tacolneston Old Hall Tallymore near Cheshunt.. 30 Tanenbaum. Rosalia Tasburgh Rectory.. 93 Taylor. Agnes.. 76 Teynham. St. Mary's 68. kg. 78 Thelwall otherwise Phillipson to Theobald. Elizabeth Elizabeth (nce Corbould).. 50 Page 163 page Theobald. John Pelham Mrs. (nte Corbould) 451 Thompson. Ann (nce Hepple) Maria Alicia a * 43 Richd Lucy Jane (Mrs. C. ~darburn. sabella H. (nee Brown) Corbould Walker) 2 5 Sir Michael Grieve.. 25 ~iarndon Thorn ton. Edgar Marion Gertrude (nce Banfather) Thorp. Suffolk Threlfall family Thwaite St. Mary Rectory.. 99 Tidworth 98 Tippetts. Clarice i: (1st ~ r. w; s then Mrs. Wells). 3.. Surg. Mai. Gen. A. M. 3,, James B Mary Bliz.. 'de C. (nee Deacon) Obediah Tiverton. Devon.. 59 Tonson. Jacob Mary Public Library ~dionto Highlanders. 48'th.. 76 Toronto University Traingie. N. S.W Trinity College School. Port Hope. Ont Troarn. Abbey of St. Martin. Normandy Trounce. May Gwavas.. 51 Wm. Hy ~iinbull. Rev. M Turner. Anna Maria (Mrs. Smart) Rev. Bryett Ufford Umballa. ndia United Empire ~o~alisis' University School. Victoria. B.C. 22 Upper Canada College Upton. Norfolk.- 95 Urry family of ~horle y' '.. 78 U.S.A. Govt. Dept. of Agriculture Valpeian Club. Norwich Vancouver Ventnor.. of W Victoria. H.M. Queen. designs a piece of plate portrait painted by E. M. Corbould Haywood 40 buys Corbould pictures 36.. her appreciation of 1st stamp Wain. Lilian (Mrs. Exell).. 57 Wale. Daniel

171 Page Wale, Elizabeth ,, Mary Anne.. 23 Walkden, Lieut. ~ubert' john.. 128, Marguerite St. Leger (nce Corbould).. 28 Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool 43 Walker, Ann Elizabeth.. 124,, Bertha Violet.. 124,, Charles.. 123,, Capt. Charles ~bibould 125,, Charles Harold 124,, Charles Wm. Eden.. 127,, Clive Eden ,, Dorothy Cheshyre (nee Janion).. 123,, Dorothy Eden.. 125,, Dorothy Margaret (nee La%) ,, Dr... 61,, ~lizabeth ~dek (Mrs. Chapman).. 126,, Major Francis Gerald 26, 27,, Frederic Jas... 60,, Harold Francis 126, 127,, Helen Mathilde (nee Homer).. 122,, Helen S. woodbine (nte Cloe tt).. 60,, Helena (nte ~orbould) z, 26,, Hilda Woodbine (Mrs. Corbould) ,, James (b. 1831) 121, 126,, James (b. 1873).. 124,, James C. Eden, B.Sc. 122,, John, of Wallsend.. 126,, John Chapman 126, 127,, John Eden, M.B ,, John Leonard.. 125,, Louise.,.. 127,, Lucy Jane (nie Thorburn) ,, Margaret (nee Bell).. 24,, Marguerite Helen 126, 127,, Marjorie Morna' nte Morrison) ,, Maria (nce Benson) 127,, Mary (b. 1866).. 123,, Mary (b. 1900) 123,, Mary Eden ,, Mary Helen ,, Mary sabel ,, Mary Louisa (nte Corbould) 125, 126,, Minna Helen (hirs. Raikes) ,, Lieut. Norman Eden 24,, Ralph Eden ,, Richard 121, 125, 126,, Richard Eden.. 121,, Rupert Laton 126, 128,, Sarah Melanie (nce Walker).. 126, 127,, Sophia ,, Sybil Mary (nie Hughes) 27,, Rev. Thomas.. 16,, William (b. 1876).. 125,, Hon. William, of Quebec 24,, William Eden (b. 1842) 121, 123, 126 page Walker, Major William.Eden (b: 1877).. 126,127,, W~lliam Eden (b. 1905) 123 Walne, Mrs. J. (prius Mrs. Pelham Corbould) Wan tage School War Office, London Warde, Bridget ,, Mrs. Mary Warnham, Sussex Warren name and arms added to his own by Rev. Wm. Corbould 96 Warren, Eliz. (Mrs. Corbould) 93,, Eliz. (nce Fuller).. 95,, Eliz. Catherine (nte Howard) ,, John ,, Rev. John ,, Mary ,, Rev. Thomas, LL.B... 93,, and Surrey, Gundreda, Countess of.. 95,,,, William, Earl of 95 Washington University, U.S.A. 22 Wassell, Eliz. Cansdale.. 26 Waterloo, Battle of.. 66, 97 Watson, Lieut., V.C Waverley Volunteer Cadet Corps 3 3 Way, Arthur ,, Charles Gregory ,, Rev. Charles John, M.A. 108,, Clarice mogene (nee Tippetts) ,, Drusilla Mary (Mrs. Hawes) 14,, Ehret.. 113,, Frances (M'r;. ~oliiffe).. 82,, Col. Geo. Augustus, C.B. 108,, Geo. John ,, Jane.. 8 2,, Katharine '(nee ~orbould Warren) 96, 108,, Katharine (Mrs. Cblvin) r z,, Lieut. Lewis Durand.. 14,, Lewis Malcolm.. 109,, Lewis Norman.. 108,, Mabel ath he tine' i ~ a d ~ Bingle y) ,, Phyllida Ehret.. 115,, Lieut. Roderick Norman, R. F.A ,, Rosalia (nee Tanenbaum) 09,, Rupert Edward.. 109,, Sybilla (Lady Barrow),, Una Margaret (nte Mackinnon) ,, Una Katharine Mary (Mrs. Harrison) 08,, Winifred (Lady ~iilcock;)' 10 Weasenham 96 Weather1 y, ~arbiia ~orbbuld H: 43,, Catherine.. 43 a 43,, James.. -,, Mima Lilian (nce Haywood).. 43 ~cgb, Thomas Herbert 43 Brian Wykeharn 67,, Hugh Basil ,, Jessie Lydia (nte Godding) page Webb, Olive Lettice (nee Jones) 67,, Capt.O.S.,R.E. 67 Thomas.. 67 ~khd, Charlotte Ross Wellington, F. M. the Duke of 36, 19 Wellington College 98, 113, 114 Wells, Clarice mogene (nte Tippetts) ,, John.,.. 10,, Joseph, D:C.L. a. 79,, Major Joseph Douglas, O.B.E Mary 10 wills ~heologicai Gllege.. 70 Welton, Sarah (Mrs. Wm. Corbould).. 49 Wesley, Rev. John.. 30,, College, Melbourne.. 54 West, Benjamin, P.R.A. 20, 22,, Florence (Mrs. C. S. Bo yes).. O West Yorkshire Regt... 3, 14 Westmacott, Sir Richard, R.A. 22 Westminster Abbey ,) Bank, Ltd Fusiliers. Canada 122,, Regt. (canada).. 29 School O westmoreland, Old Calgarth ~afi 20 Wes ton Longville a 93 Weybred, Suffolk Whitchurch, Ruth.. 15 Whitchurch, ~~lesbur~,' 'Bucks 105 Whitewood, Jane (nce Arthur) 78,, Jane (Mrs. Fowler) 78 Thomas ~hstred, Wm Wickham Skeith.. 5 Wilkins, Dr. A. Ralph.. 125,, Dorothy Eden (nte Walker) Y Mary ,, Matthue Willcocks, Gen. Sir James, G.C.B. 10,, Major James Lugard, D.S.O. 10,, ~ady (nk Wihifred" Way) ,, Muriel Kathleen (nce Price) ,, Capt. W., H.E..C.S. O,, Wendy Winifred..,, Sir William William the Conqueror ,, 111, King ,, King of Prussia, given a Corbould picture by Queen Victoria 36 Williamson, Lt. Col. A. ~enneli ' 14,, Leila Kathleen (nee Co bbe) 114 Wilmer, Elizabeth (Mrs. ~elliani) 91,, Martha (nte Sutton) 91 Thomas, 91 ~imore, Elizabeth 91 Wilmot, Benjamin ,, Clement Heatherley 92,, Elizabeth (nee Sache) 92,, Elizabeth (nee Wilmore) 9,, Elizabeth Charlotte.. 91 Page 164

172 page Wilmot, Honour (nte Corbould) 91,, John.. 91,, John ~&ould' ' 92,, Lewis E ,, Margaret (nce Martin) 92,, Margery (Mrs. Prowde Longdill) ,, Martha (nce Jellians) 91,, Martha (nce Russell) 92,, Pynson.. 91,, Robert 92,, Robert ~orbouid 92,, Dr. Samuel ,, Samuel James.. 91 Wilson, Ailison Sybil (nce Corbould-Ellis).. 41,, Anna Maria (nce Millard) 99, Annie He hzibah 29,, Annie Miidleton.. 43,, Major Donald Clitheroe, D.S.O. 41,, Elizabeth (Mrs. G.G. Corbould) 70, 71,, Rev. George - a 99,, George Thorpe. 41,, Hephzibah ,, -Rev. Herbert.. 99,, John,theantiquary 37,, John, of Broomhead, York 37,, John Grant.. 69,, Louise Adkle 41 ;,, Lucy Reynold 70,, Margaret Knyvet.. 99,, Maria Alicia (nee Thompson).. 43,, Mary(nteMacr0).. 37,, Sophia K ,, Thomas...a 43 page Wilson, William Webb.. 29 Wiltshire Regt. (99th Foot) 99, 106 Winchelsea, Daniel, Earl of 122 Windham Club 72 Windsor Castle ,, Harris's School 31, 34, 43,, mperial Service College 102,,, St. Mark's School.. Winnipeg, Canada.. 76, 77, Winterbourne, Berks,, Maria (b. 8 ',, Maria (nce Robertson) William is t;n, ~uffolk.... Wodesyde, Martin, priest Women's Royal Air Force Wood, Alice (Mrs. Exell)..,, Ven. Archdeacon C. A. Rev. J. hl. ~godbrid~e, Suffolk.... Woodforde, Rev. James 93, 135, 43 Woodlands, near Fredericton 28 Woods~een - House School. 6$, 64, 66, 67, 69, 72, 76, 77 'foolfe, Ehz. a. 3 World, The ", W. ~orbould on staff Worthing ,, College Wreningham Wright, C. M. E. (nce Cameron, later Mrs. Corbould) 29, Diana ,, Eleanor (Mrs. Wm. Corbould) page Wright, Eliz. Pret tyman (nce Hus twai te).. 46,, George ,, Col. Geo. Hustwaite.. 46,, Mary (nce Pearce).. 46,, W. A ,, William, of ~uriham Thorpe.. 46 Wyatt, Agnes Maud Mary.. 44,, Rev. Henry C W yburd, Lieut. Derek Bathurst, R.N ,, Eleanor Oldershaw (nte Bathurst).. 39,, Ethel Maria.. 39,, Francis John.. 39,, Giles N. F. a. 39 yy Major Henry N. Corbould ,, Jemima (nce Corbould) 38,, Jocelyn Mary (nte Dodd) ,, Leonard Francis 39,, Mima Margaret 39,, Sarah (nee Crozier) 39,, William Francis 39 Wye Agric. College, Kent 105 Wyon, Wm Wymondham, Norfolk.. 90, 136 Yeovil York Mills (now Toronto), Canada , 128 Yorkshire Regt Youghal, co. Cork Young, Hephzibah Zeebrugge Zurich Page 165



MISTRES s ELIZABETH CORBOULD, born Daughter of Richard Corbould of Cotton, Suffolk. Page 8

MISTRES s ELIZABETH CORBOULD, born Daughter of Richard Corbould of Cotton, Suffolk. Page 8 MISTRES s ELIZABETH CORBOULD, born 1704. Daughter of Richard Corbould of Cotton, Suffolk. Page 8 SECTION 11. CORBOULD COTTON RICHARD CORBOULD of Cotton and Mendlesham (see Section I), bapt. at Cotton 12

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Burials of members of the Beaumont family at St. Mary s Church, Coleorton

Burials of members of the Beaumont family at St. Mary s Church, Coleorton Burials of members of the Beaumont family at St. Mary s Church, Coleorton The following has been transcribed by Samuel T Stewart from information left in the archives of John Crocker ( local historian)

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Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Bushell VC, DSO

Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Bushell VC, DSO Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Bushell VC, DSO Biography Lieutenant Colonel Christopher BUSHELL VC DSO. 7 th Battalion, Queen s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). Killed in Action 8 th August 1918 aged 30 years.

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A WASHINGTON TOKEN. BY WILLIAM C. WELLS. A WASHINGTON TOKEN. BY WILLIAM C. WELLS. T the present time, when England and the United States are preparing to celebrate the century of peace between the two nations, ancl the Manor House of Sulgrave,

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Descendants of Thomas Colston

Descendants of Thomas Colston Generation 1 1. THOMAS 1 COLSTON was born about 1716. He married Elizabeth Humphries, daughter of Thomas Humphries and Elizabeth Colwell, on Mar 30, 1741 in Stonehouse, She was born in 1715 in Stonehouse,

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Victor Spencer Bowater Liveryman and Other Members of the Bowater Family

Victor Spencer Bowater Liveryman and Other Members of the Bowater Family Victor Spencer Bowater Liveryman 1891 1967 and Other Members of the Bowater Family Victor Spencer Bowater joined the Glovers Company as a Liveryman in 1915 and remained on the Livery until he died in 1967,

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Ernest Frederick Walden

Ernest Frederick Walden Page 1 Ernest Frederick Walden Ernest Frederick Walden was born in 1899. He was the youngest child of William Frederick Walden and Mary Ann Walden, nee King. William was born in St George s-in-the-east,

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The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe

The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe Research by Sheila Holmes Updated July 2014 Sheila Holmes The Battle Family from 1745 Samuel is the earliest known member of the Battle family. It is believed that Samuel

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Edmund Rice ( ): Edmund 101, and 102 Years of the Edmund Rice (1638) Association

Edmund Rice ( ): Edmund 101, and 102 Years of the Edmund Rice (1638) Association Edmund Rice (1594-1663): Edmund 101, and 102 Years of the Edmund Rice (1638) Association Michael A. Rice, Treasurer Edmund Rice (1638) Association, Inc. Edmund s Early Life in Suffolk Born 1594 (possibly

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William Lachlan Mac Macquarie Redfern (27 Jul 1819 Sydney - 30 Jun 1904 Westminster, Eng.)

William Lachlan Mac Macquarie Redfern (27 Jul 1819 Sydney - 30 Jun 1904 Westminster, Eng.) William Lachlan Mac Macquarie Redfern (27 Jul 1819 Sydney - 30 Jun 1904 Westminster, Eng.) Surviving son of surgeon William Redfern First child with Sarah Wills. Announced in Sydney Gazette 31 July 1819.

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Private George Nicol Scott

Private George Nicol Scott Private George Nicol Scott - 1031126 Canadian Infantry, Quebec Regiment Killed in action 1st October 1918 Enlisted 236th Battalion Fredericton, New Brunswick, 2 July 1917 Sancourt British cemetery, France,

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Second Lieutenant John Walter Hanstock ( ).

Second Lieutenant John Walter Hanstock ( ). Second Lieutenant John Walter Hanstock (1899-1918). 12 th Field Company Royal Engineers. If in some smothering dreams, you too could pass Behind the wagon that you flung him in My friend, you would not

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(Patrick) Basil Barlow ( )

(Patrick) Basil Barlow ( ) (Patrick) Basil Barlow (1885-1917) 36 Patrick Basil Barlow (who seems to have been known as Basil) was born in Bloomsbury, London in 1885. He was the son of Sir Thomas and Lady Ada Barlow who married on

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Descendants of Thomas Scrase b1806

Descendants of Thomas Scrase b1806 Generation 1 1. Thomas Scrase-1. He was born 1806 in Wivelsfied, Sussex. Occupation 1841 in Farmer. He died on 29 Sep 1848 in Ditching, Sussex. Harriett Holford is the daughter of John Holford and Sarah

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Hope Cottage, the Bow Garret and William Turner

Hope Cottage, the Bow Garret and William Turner Hope Cottage, the Bow Garret and William The purpose of this document is to explore the possibility that a building in the garden of a terraced house on Market Street Denton is in fact a late 18 th century

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CRAIG Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFCraigCudby) CRAIG and CUDBY Family History

CRAIG Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFCraigCudby) CRAIG and CUDBY Family History CRAIG Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFCraigCudby) CRAIG and CUDBY Family History John Thomas CRAIG B 25 September 1866 Upper Hutt New Zealand D 01

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Harry Thompson ( ) (aka Harry Jowett)

Harry Thompson ( ) (aka Harry Jowett) Harry Thompson (1889 1926) (aka Harry Jowett) Harry Thompson was the illegitimate son of Annie Thompson. He was born in the Union Workhouse in Stanley near Wakefield. His mother married the widower William

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Descendants of Thomas Stonestreet

Descendants of Thomas Stonestreet Generation. THOMAS STONESTREET was born about 630 in Birchden in Withyham, Sussex, England. He died in Oct 706 in Newport Hundred, Charles, Maryland. He married Elizabeth Butler, daughter of Thomas Butler,

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St. Peter s Churchyard, Meavy, Devon. War Grave

St. Peter s Churchyard, Meavy, Devon. War Grave St. Peter s Churchyard, Meavy, Devon War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 14591 GUNNER J. R. WILSON 5TH BDE., AUSTRALIAN FIELD ARTILLERY. 2ND DECEMBER, 1918 Age 24 A Soldier And A Man James Reginald WILSON

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SYKES Hutt Valley Wellington Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Sykes Child)

SYKES Hutt Valley Wellington Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Sykes Child) SYKES Hutt Valley Wellington Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Sykes Child) George SYKES and Jane CHILD Family History George SYKES B about 12 March 1815 Arksey

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Some of the Known Descendants of Edward Chapman b. ca 1637 England

Some of the Known Descendants of Edward Chapman b. ca 1637 England 1 Some of the Known Descendants of Edward Chapman b. ca 1637 England [This is a draft version of a work in progress. It is thought to co ntain error and surely is not com plete.] Most of the following

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The Booth family. East View Lightcliffe

The Booth family. East View Lightcliffe The Booth family East View Lightcliffe The headstone for plot LL 14 in St Matthew s Churchyard, Lightcliffe, WRY At the foot of this memorial inscription there is a Fred Booth who died in the USA. How

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7455 PRIVATE H. D. FLETCHER 13TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 29TH JULY, Codford War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 7455 PRIVATE H. D. FLETCHER 13TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 29TH JULY, 1917 Harry David FLETCHER Harry David Fletcher was born in Sydney around 1885. No birth registration

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CARTMEL PRIORY CHURCHYARD ARCHIVE. Cross on plinth. Decoration and inscription very worn.

CARTMEL PRIORY CHURCHYARD ARCHIVE. Cross on plinth. Decoration and inscription very worn. POSITION See Plan J1 Cross on plinth Decoration and inscription very worn. In Memory of EDMUND FRIEDRICH WILLIAM NEUER Born May 17 th 1872 Died March 14 th 1873 AT SAN LUIS POTOSI MEXICO Interred here

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BENNINGTON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFBenningtonCotter)

BENNINGTON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFBenningtonCotter) BENNINGTON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFCotter) BENNINGTON and COTTER Family History Norman Joseph BENNINGTON B 1875 New Zealand D 29 October

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NAMES M1 TAYLOR Richard POSITION See Plan M1 Table Tomb HERE LIES THE BODY OF RICHARD TAYLOR of CHURCH TOWN WOOLLEN DRAPER who departed this life the 27th day of January Anno Domini 1732 in the 78th Year of his Age M1 TAYLOR

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Charles Dean (Doox) Prangley

Charles Dean (Doox) Prangley Charles Dean (Doox) Prangley 1897 1916 Birth and Family Charles Dean Prangley was born on the 16 th March 1897 at 90 Harley Street in London. His father was Charles Wilton Prangley who at the time of his

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Descendants of John Thornton

Descendants of John Thornton Generation 1 1. John Thornton-1 was born about 1473 in Cheshire, England. He died in Gernford in Middlesex. He married Dorothy Chelsam, daughter of Chelsam. She was born about 1475 in Chelsam, Surrey,

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CERTIFICATE APPLICATION 1 BRANCH: VANCOUVER Applicant Title The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 Fax (416) 591-7506 Email:

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Born 1787 Married 2 18 Nov 1824 Marylebone Church Susan Caroline ELLIS Died 12 Mar 1838 Dublin, Ireland

Born 1787 Married 2 18 Nov 1824 Marylebone Church Susan Caroline ELLIS Died 12 Mar 1838 Dublin, Ireland James WEALE Born 1787 Married 2 18 Nov 1824 Marylebone Church Susan Caroline ELLIS Died 12 Mar 1838 Dublin, Ireland Susan Caroline ELLIS Baptised 23 Jul 1796 St Thomas Apostle, London Died Mar Qt 1855

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St Gabriel s Churchyard, Middleton Junction, Lancashire. War Grave

St Gabriel s Churchyard, Middleton Junction, Lancashire. War Grave St Gabriel s Churchyard, Middleton Junction, Lancashire War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 7112 DRIVER A. WADSWORTH AUST. ARMY SERVICE CORPS 6TH NOVEMBER, 1918 Arthur WADSWORTH Arthur Wadsworth was born

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These are probably his sisters Ann, Mary (who later married George Lambley) and Elizabeth.

These are probably his sisters Ann, Mary (who later married George Lambley) and Elizabeth. Ebenezer 1911 Eight households were headed by people descended from chocolate-maker John Kipling (b 1788) and his wife Sarah Hinkins, via two of their sons Joseph (b1811) and Ebenezer (1814). John was

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UNIV ONLINE CATALOGUES 1 The village of North Cerney is situated in Gloucestershire a few miles north of Cirencester. University College bought the living of the parish in 1753, out of the fund created in 1714 by John Radcliffe

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Anthony Dean Hargreaves ( )

Anthony Dean Hargreaves ( ) Anthony Dean Hargreaves (1895 1975) Anthony Dean Hargreaves was one of three brothers who volunteered to serve in WW1. Anthony attended Kildwick School and later worked in one of the local mills. He was

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Descendants of Daniel & Naomi Blasdel/Blazdell In Phippsburg, Maine by 1764 And Georgetown, Maine in 1790 by Beatrice K. Reynolds

Descendants of Daniel & Naomi Blasdel/Blazdell In Phippsburg, Maine by 1764 And Georgetown, Maine in 1790 by Beatrice K. Reynolds Descendants of Daniel & Naomi Blasdel/Blazdell In Phippsburg, Maine by 1764 And Georgetown, Maine in 1790 by Beatrice K. Reynolds Christopher Blasdel, son of Daniel and Naomi (Tukesbury) Blaisdel of Amesbury,

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CORDLEY William Bains born: - died: - practice: chemist and druggist in Colchester education: - other information: -

CORDLEY William Bains born: - died: - practice: chemist and druggist in Colchester education: - other information: - CORDLEY William Bains born: - died: - practice: chemist and druggist in Colchester 1878-1894 education: - other information: - CORFIELD Walter F other information: elected onto Colchester Medical Society

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Fried Chicken and Chocolate Cake. The Story of Youngs Tea Room,

Fried Chicken and Chocolate Cake. The Story of Youngs Tea Room, Fried Chicken and Chocolate Cake The Story of Youngs Tea Room, 1909-1944 The story of Youngs Tea Room begins with Margaret Shorter Youngs. The family name was sometimes given as the more familiar Young,

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WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History

WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History Francis Howard (Frank) WILKIE B 1870 New Zealand D 1945 New Zealand

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Margaret Findlater or Ower ID 3528 Cadet

Margaret Findlater or Ower ID 3528 Cadet Margaret Findlater or Ower ID 3528 Cadet Early Life: Margaret Findlater was born in Perth on 15 December 1810 to parents James Findlater and Janet McLauchlan. She was the eldest of 12 known children. Her

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Surname First Date of Death Note

Surname First Date of Death Note Surname First Date of Death Note BENTHAM Elizabeth 30 October 1930 69 years, widow of John BENTHAM John 23 August 1920 71 years, of C/Goolams BENTHAM Thomas Edward 05 December 1985 Born 25 Nov 1914 BOLLAND

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GOSS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGossHulbertCollett)

GOSS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGossHulbertCollett) GOSS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGossHulbertCollett) GOSS and HULBERT and COLLETT Family History William George GOSS B 17 June 1863 Exeter Devon

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Bloomsbury Bliss September 22 30, 2018

Bloomsbury Bliss September 22 30, 2018 Bloomsbury Bliss September 22 30, 2018 Our previous Bloomsbury Revisited quickly sold out and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Our participants appreciated our focused tour agenda which offered opportunities

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The Rackham Family of Campsea Ashe

The Rackham Family of Campsea Ashe The Rackham Family of Campsea Ashe Research by Sheila Holmes July 2014 Sheila Holmes The Rackham Family The Rackham family have lived in East Suffolk for at least 7 generations. It seems that members of

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High Wycombe Cemetery, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. War Graves

High Wycombe Cemetery, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. War Graves High Wycombe Cemetery, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 2401/A PRIVATE A. E. KING 9TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 13TH AUGUST, 1916 The Lord Gave And The Lord Has Taken Away

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St. Bridget s Churchyard, West Kirby, Merseyside. War Graves

St. Bridget s Churchyard, West Kirby, Merseyside. War Graves St. Bridget s Churchyard, West Kirby, Merseyside War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 4162 PRIVATE A. LALLY 25TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 2ND AUGUST, 1917 Age 32 He Gave His All For Others His Loving Sister

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Bennochy Cemetery, Kirkcaldy, Scotland. War Grave

Bennochy Cemetery, Kirkcaldy, Scotland. War Grave Bennochy Cemetery, Kirkcaldy, Scotland War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 521A PRIVATE F. TORSON AUST. MACHINE GUN CORPS 23RD SEPTEMBER, 1918 Age 39 Frederick TORSON Frederick Torson was born in Stockholm,

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County Borough of Bournemouth Book of Remembrance New entries for the Centenary year Commemorations, 2014

County Borough of Bournemouth Book of Remembrance New entries for the Centenary year Commemorations, 2014 County Borough of Bournemouth Book of Remembrance 1914-1918 New entries for the Centenary year Commemorations, 2014 At the start of the Centenary Commemorations in 2014, the names of 14 Moordown men, originally

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Descandants of Roger Banks b Abt1591

Descandants of Roger Banks b Abt1591 Generation 1 1. ROGER BANKS-1. He was born Abt. 1591 in Ripe, Sussex, England, United Kingdom. He died Abt. 1651. MARY LOU UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1591 in Ripe, Sussex, England, United Kingdom. ROGER

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Great Holland All Saints baptisms

Great Holland All Saints baptisms ARNOLD John Samuel Alice 03 May 1801 5 ARNOLD John Samuel Alice 18 Jul 1802 6 ARNOLD James Robert Ann 31 Oct 1802 6 ARNOLD Ann Robert Ann 30 Sep 1804 7 ARNOLD John Samuel Alice 07 Apr 1805 A twin. 7 ARNOLD

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West Wall Paintings. Archbishop Laud ( ) after Sir Anthony Van Dyke

West Wall Paintings. Archbishop Laud ( ) after Sir Anthony Van Dyke West Wall Paintings 1 Archbishop Laud (1573-1645) after Sir Anthony Van Dyke Archbishop of Canterbury (from 1633) and close adviser to Charles I. His attempt to anglicise the Scottish church led to his

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Sutton Veny War Graves. World War 1

Sutton Veny War Graves. World War 1 Sutton Veny War Graves World War 1 Lest We Forget 14873 DRIVER F. J. HILL AUST. ARMY SERVICE CORPS 20TH APRIL, 1919 CWGC Headstone for Driver F. J. Hill is located in Grave Plot # 84. L. 4. of St. John

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The Berry family. Continued from part 1

The Berry family. Continued from part 1 The Berry family Continued from part 1 1911 onwards And so the 1911 census records for the various Berry families read as follows:- John Berry s family Martha Berry Mother 71 Widow Raymond Berry Son 43

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J.J. Lankes Papers, (bulk , 1942)

J.J. Lankes Papers, (bulk , 1942) 1 of 9 J.J. Lankes Papers, 1907-1988 (bulk 1922-1934, 1942) Administration Information Creator J.J. Lankes RBR Illus. L2 1907 Extent 2 letter-size document cases, 1 legal-size document case. 1.5 linear

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CARTMEL PRIORY CHURCHYARD ARCHIVE. Some wear; badly stained. POSITION See Plan D1 Headstone Some wear; badly stained. IN LOVING MEMORY OF ANNE the devoted Wife of GEORGE MEABY LL.D of Cartmel Grammar School who died March 16th 1879 Aged 70 Years. Also in dutiful

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FULL NAME Alexandrina Victoria. DATE OF BIRTH May 24 th, 1819 PLACE OF BIRTH

FULL NAME Alexandrina Victoria. DATE OF BIRTH May 24 th, 1819 PLACE OF BIRTH QUEEN VICTORIA FULL NAME Alexandrina Victoria DATE OF BIRTH May 24 th, 1819 PLACE OF BIRTH EARLY LIFE Upon Victoria s father death, she became the heir apparent, since her three surviving uncles, who were

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Descendants of Thomas BOBBET Elle Eddy Tested James Terry Bobbitt 2011

Descendants of Thomas BOBBET Elle Eddy Tested James Terry Bobbitt 2011 Generation 1 1. Thomas BOBBET-1 was born in, Suffolk, England. He died in Coney Weston, Suffolk, England. Notes for Thomas BOBBET: Thomas Bobbet Will Probated 1 Apr 1624 Ixworth, Suffolk, England Wife

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Additional Information about the families of Adeline Cotton Crump and James Crump. Type of Info Data Source of Data

Additional Information about the families of Adeline Cotton Crump and James Crump. Type of Info Data Source of Data Additional Information about the families of Adeline Cotton Crump and James Crump Type of Info Data Source of Data Date of birth 11 Oct 1861 Death certificate ~1865 1930 census ~1861 ~1861 Oct 1861 Place

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Dec. 20, Feb. 17, 1912

Dec. 20, Feb. 17, 1912 15 N BAKER, JOHN BAKER, MARY ELIZABETH Feb. 12, 1840 June 19, 1839 Dec. 20, 1920 Feb. 17, 1912 Father Mother 15 N BAKER, MERLE CONDON MOORE 1881 1957 Wife of J.P. Baldwin 13 S BALDWIN, ANNIE M. May 4,

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Dunmore (Old) Graveyard

Dunmore (Old) Graveyard Dunmore (Old) Graveyard Townland: Dunmore (Bleach Road) Parish: St John s Parish Ownership: KK Co.Co. Rothe House No: TG09c BG No: 195 RMP No: 14-58-02 Geolocation: E 648906, N 660804 (ITM) 52.696162,

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John Horsfield Simpson ( ) Alfred Simpson ( )

John Horsfield Simpson ( ) Alfred Simpson ( ) John Horsfield Simpson (1895 1916) Alfred Simpson (1897 1917) Alfred Jack (30) John (Jack) and Alfred were brothers - the sons of Robert and Emma Simpson (nee Bretherton) of 1 Tower Street, Turton. (17)

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Descendants of John Levett

Descendants of John Levett Generation 1 1. JOHN 1 LEVETT was born about 1740 in Stepney, Middlesex, He died before Mar 24, 1819 in Barking, Suffolk, He married Deborah Nock, daughter of Tobias Nock and Catherine "Kitty" Fletcher,

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The Berry family. In memory of JONAS SUTCLIFFE of Lightcliffe who departed this life September 24 th 1804 aged 31 years.

The Berry family. In memory of JONAS SUTCLIFFE of Lightcliffe who departed this life September 24 th 1804 aged 31 years. The Berry family As previously recorded the grandfather of the WW1 Berry soldiers John Berry (7 th February 1840 1869) was the son of William and Nanny Berry. William Berry had been baptised at St Matthew

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BURNETT BURIALS Burial Date First Name Rel'n Male Rel Female Rel Surname Age Abode Notes

BURNETT BURIALS Burial Date First Name Rel'n Male Rel Female Rel Surname Age Abode Notes 26 Feb 1592/3 John CONMBE Junr. [BTs] 11 Jan 1595/6 Anne dau of Wylliam DAYSON? Rector [BTs] 25 Feb 1605/6 Mary wife of Powell DAY [BTs] 19 May 1611 Agnes wife of John CONMBE [BTs] 24 Oct 1611 Gillian?

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James Sharp ( ) and his Children, a Prominent Family in Victorian Dartford

James Sharp ( ) and his Children, a Prominent Family in Victorian Dartford James Sharp (1808-83) and his Children, a Prominent Family in Victorian Dartford St Edmund s Pleasance in East Dartford contains the Sharp family tomb, just inside the entrance from Great Queen Street.

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Mary Irene MARTIN, b. Aug. 1889, nurse, married + Harry WATSON, they moved to Detroit, Michigan, and back to Calgary after retirement

Mary Irene MARTIN, b. Aug. 1889, nurse, married + Harry WATSON, they moved to Detroit, Michigan, and back to Calgary after retirement Updated Feb 2017 Martin Family Joseph Alexander MARTIN, born Nov. 1854-56 in Ontario, died 1930 in Stettler, AB and is buried in Our Lady of Grace Cemetery, Castor, Alberta, Plot E, 020. + Mary, born Jan.

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GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS LOGIEBRIDE KIRKYARD. WSHS Recorders: Margaret Brown, Rae Imrie, Allan and Eleanor Scott

GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS LOGIEBRIDE KIRKYARD. WSHS Recorders: Margaret Brown, Rae Imrie, Allan and Eleanor Scott GRAVESTONE INSCRIPTIONS LOGIEBRIDE KIRKYARD WSHS Recorders: Margaret Brown, Rae Imrie, Allan and Eleanor Scott 1 Propped against mort-house wall: 1831 Erected by JOHN ROBERTSON and HELEN ALLAN Gibbistown.

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Descendants of Thomas J. LOE 2 MAY 2004

Descendants of Thomas J. LOE 2 MAY 2004 FIRST GENERATION 1. Thomas J. LOE was born about 1792 in NC (?Robeson). In Butler Co, AL by 1841 when wife Elnora (Elena) joined by letter as member of Sweetwater Primitive Baptist Church on 18 SEP 1841.

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North Merchiston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Grave

North Merchiston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Grave North Merchiston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 77 PRIVATE D. MACKENZIE 2ND BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 22ND SEPTEMBER, 1915 Age 30 Gone But Not Forgotten Donald (Daniel) MACKENZIE

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Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 Non Conformist Records WEDMORE WESLYAN METHODISTS BANWELL CIRCUIT - BAPTISMS from 1800 1801 Jun 25 STRICKLAND Matthew s.o. Joseph and Hannah Strickland (born 16.6.1801). 1802 Mar 29 NICHOLLS Armelle d.o.

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BRADING. St Mary. Brading Isle of Wight Published by J & E Harwood, London August Illustrations Collection Reference: BRA070.

BRADING. St Mary. Brading Isle of Wight Published by J & E Harwood, London August Illustrations Collection Reference: BRA070. BRADING St Mary Brading Isle of Wight Published by J & E Harwood, London August 1840 Illustrations Collection Reference: BRA070 Parish Registers Key BAP: Baptisms MAR: Marriages BUR: Burials BAN: Banns

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Register Report for Samuel Watson Williams

Register Report for Samuel Watson Williams Generation 1 1. Samuel Watson Williams-1 [1, 2, 3, 4]. He was born 1833 in Hopkins Co., KY. He died 1913 in Crittenden Co., KY. Prudence Edmondson is the daughter of Samuel Edmondson and Matilda Dorris

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John James Burton. Pioneer of 1844 by sea. compiled by Stephenie Flora

John James Burton. Pioneer of 1844 by sea. compiled by Stephenie Flora John James Burton Pioneer of 1844 by sea compiled by Stephenie Flora John James Burton b. 19 Feb 1816 Sheldon, Devonshire, England 15 Sep 1879 Portland, Multnomah Co, OR buried Yamhill-Carlton

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Guide to the Negatives of Scott and Wilkinson in the Cambridgeshire Collection

Guide to the Negatives of Scott and Wilkinson in the Cambridgeshire Collection Guide to the Negatives of Scott and Wilkinson in the Cambridgeshire Collection 1. Introduction This Guide relates to a collection of around 200 mainly glass negatives and 20 prints deposited in the Cambridgeshire

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Family of Henry Martindale and Elizabeth Gillibrand

Family of Henry Martindale and Elizabeth Gillibrand Family of Henry Martindale and Elizabeth Gillibrand Name: Henry Martindale Birth: 10 Mar 1816 Up Holland, Lancashire, England Death: 1879 Chorley, Lancashire, England Father: Thomas Martindale (1786-1840)

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The STILL family- from Sussex to Canada

The STILL family- from Sussex to Canada The STILL family- from Sussex to Canada Mark Boleat Large-scale migration between countries is sometimes thought to be a modern phenomenon. It is clearly not. Somewhat surprisingly, my own researches into

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GUIDE TO THE LANE FAMILY PAPERS PVMA Library GUIDE TO THE LANE FAMILY PAPERS PVMA Library GENEALOGY OF THE LANE FAMILY taken from Susan Minot Lane by Joseph Peter Spang III (1990), and An Imperfect List of Descendants from Job Lane, Wm. Lane of Dorchester,

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The family history of Thomas Charles BOYLE and Sylvia Ethel GILES

The family history of Thomas Charles BOYLE and Sylvia Ethel GILES Chapter Four Children and descendants of Thomas and Georgina BOYLE (Weblink Thomas Charles Boyle and Sylvia Ethel GILES) (Weblink to parents Thomas Boyle and Georgina Miles) Thomas Charles BOYLE B 16 May

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The Rule Against Perpetuities Applied to Trusts

The Rule Against Perpetuities Applied to Trusts Washington University Law Review Volume 9 Issue 4 January 1924 The Rule Against Perpetuities Applied to Trusts Frederick Vierling Follow this and additional works at:

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Donnell, Wm. A. Graveyard By Dave Hallemann

Donnell, Wm. A. Graveyard By Dave Hallemann By Dave Hallemann This destroyed graveyard with its many fieldstones and scattered monuments is located in T40 R5 S15 NE¼ of the SW¼. There appeared to possibly be as many as 40 graves with 10 graves per

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Private Joseph Fearnley Wigglesworth ( ). 7 th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment.

Private Joseph Fearnley Wigglesworth ( ). 7 th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment. Private Joseph Fearnley Wigglesworth (1890-1918). 7 th Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment. The headstone for Private Joseph Wigglesworth. Joseph Fearnley Wigglesworth was born in Drighlington on December

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Torrisholme Cemetery, Westgate, Morecambe, Lancashire. War Grave

Torrisholme Cemetery, Westgate, Morecambe, Lancashire. War Grave Torrisholme Cemetery, Westgate, Morecambe, Lancashire War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 8972 PRIVATE J. CLARKE AUSTRALIAN ARMY MEDICAL CORPS 16TH NOVEMBER, 1916 Age 36 John CLARKE John Clarke was born

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Gottlob and Friedrich Waidner

Gottlob and Friedrich Waidner The Descendents Of Gottlob and Friedrich Prepared by John T. Carmel, Indiana 07 November 2000 Table of Contents Descendant Tree for Gottlob and Friedrich...2 Register Report: Descendents of Gottlob and

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FIDDIANS WHO WENT TO AUSTRALIA FIDDIANS WHO WENT TO AUSTRALIA Over the past 150 years a number of members of the Fiddian family have chosen to move to Australia and set up home there. Interestingly, the 30 or so individuals that made

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Page 1 of 7. 1 Scottish Heraldic Seals. In cadency a crescent generally denotes a second son. Descent from. 2 Scottish Heraldic Seals.

Page 1 of 7. 1 Scottish Heraldic Seals. In cadency a crescent generally denotes a second son. Descent from. 2 Scottish Heraldic Seals. The arms used by Henry Charteris, Merchant, Bookseller and Printer in Edinburgh, being: a shield of arms: On a fess a crescent all within a royal tressure, 1 prove his descent from a second son of Charteris

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Sutton Veny War Graves. World War 1

Sutton Veny War Graves. World War 1 Sutton Veny War Graves World War 1 Lest We Forget 63720 GUNNER WILLIAM HARDACRE CAREY AUSTRALIAN FIELD ARTILLERY 16TH OCTOBER, 1918 Age 20 Commonwealth War Graves Headstone for Gunner W. H. Carey is located

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Richard Slack ( )

Richard Slack ( ) Richard Slack (1886 1965) Richard Slack was born on Silsden Moor, an area in the hills between Silsden and Bradley, and was one of seven children. The family moved to Farnhill when his father, Richard

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Stone Family Papers,

Stone Family Papers, Stone Family Papers, 1747-1889 A Guide to the collection at the Connecticut Historical Society Collection Overview Repository: Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Connecticut Creator : Stone family

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Rev. Samuel Rutherford

Rev. Samuel Rutherford Rev. Samuel Rutherford Minister of Anwoth 1627 1638 Portrait of Samuel Rutherford c.1740's which hung in Anwoth Parish Church. Plaque above the doorway of the Anwoth Old Kirk. Born : c.1600 Nesbit (now

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Sutton Veny War Graves. World War 1

Sutton Veny War Graves. World War 1 Sutton Veny War Graves World War 1 Lest We Forget 6871 PRIVATE A. E. PROUD 21ST BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 14TH NOVEMBER, 1918 AGE 35 CWGC Headstone for Pte A. E. Proud is located in Grave Plot # 32. I. 11. of

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Durrington War Graves. World War 1

Durrington War Graves. World War 1 Durrington War Graves World War 1 Lest We Forget 4680 PRIVATE R. DALEY 23RD BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 11TH DECEMBER, 1916 Age 26 Too Far Away Your Grave To See But Not Too Far To Think Of Thee Commonwealth War

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GEORGE NICHOLSON BRADFORD VC GEORGE NICHOLSON BRADFORD VC BORN: 23 April 1887 (Darlington, Durham) DIED: Killed in VC Action 23 April 1918 (Zeebrugge Raid) VC ACTION At a time when Allied shipping was coming under increasing attack

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Descendants of William Turnbull 13 October 2012

Descendants of William Turnbull 13 October 2012 Descendants of William Turnbull 13 October 2012 I. William TURNBULL was born (date unknown). William TURNBULL had the following child: A. William TURNBULL was christened on 27 Jun 1740 in Stracathro, Angus,

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WICKHAM MARKET TM WICKHAM MARKET TM 30192 55706 WW1-31 WW2-9 WW2 Civilians - 4 With acknowledgement to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission WW1 Casualties Awards Rank Number Service Unit Age Parish

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Cleveland Family. Moses 1 Cleveland (c ) and Ann (Winn) Cleveland

Cleveland Family. Moses 1 Cleveland (c ) and Ann (Winn) Cleveland Moses Cleveland Josiah Cleveland Cleveland Family Josiah Cleveland Abigail Cleveland Ruth Adams Abigail Parker Lucy Goodell Hattie Hall MOSES 1 CLEVELAND (C1622-1702) M. (1648) ANN WINN JOSIAH 2 CLEVELAND

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ANDREW ERSKINE was born in 1775 and married ELIZABETH (JANET) TURNBULL in POLMONT STIRLINGSHIRE circa Children to the marriage were:

ANDREW ERSKINE was born in 1775 and married ELIZABETH (JANET) TURNBULL in POLMONT STIRLINGSHIRE circa Children to the marriage were: Hello Brian. This is what I have collected over the years from various sources. My Marion was definitely born in 1809 as her death cert shows her age at death in 1879 as 69. The Marion born 1802 probably

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St. George s Churchyard, Fovant, Wiltshire. War Graves

St. George s Churchyard, Fovant, Wiltshire. War Graves St. George s Churchyard, Fovant, Wiltshire War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 SECOND LIEUTENANT A. E. GRAY AUSTRALIAN REINFORCEMENT 28TH OCTOBER, 1918 Age 29 Dearly Beloved Husband Of Esme Loving Father

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Collamore Collection, Old Sturbridge Village Research Library 1 Old Sturbridge Village Road Sturbridge, MA

Collamore Collection, Old Sturbridge Village Research Library 1 Old Sturbridge Village Road Sturbridge, MA Collamore Collection, 1735-1872 1960.6 Old Sturbridge Village Research Library 1 Old Sturbridge Village Road Sturbridge, MA 01566 508-347-0204 Collection Overview Repository: Old Sturbridge Village Research

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li John Smith Purdy, Medical Officer & Lieutenant Colonel ( ) MUSEUM VICTORIA COLLECTIONS Page 1 of3

li John Smith Purdy, Medical Officer & Lieutenant Colonel ( ) MUSEUM VICTORIA COLLECTIONS Page 1 of3 Page 1 of3 MUSEUM VICTORIA COLLECTIONS Medal - Purdy Memorial, 1936 Photographer: Rodney Start Source: Museum Victoria Copyright Museum Victoria I All Rights Reserved (Licensed as All Rights Reserved)

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Algonquin Civil War Veterans Charles Clearman aka Kjalman (Swedish Name)

Algonquin Civil War Veterans Charles Clearman aka Kjalman (Swedish Name) Charles Clearman aka Kjalman (Swedish Name) Date of Birth: 1820 about Nativity: Ruttenberg, Sweden Parent (Father): Parent (Mother): Enlistment Record: 141st Illinois Infantry, Co. A Residence: Dundee,

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The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416)

The United Empire Loyalists Association of Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) The United Empire Loyalists Association Canada 50 Baldwin Street, Suite 202, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1L4 Telephone (416) 591-1783 1 BRANCH: Colonel John Butler (Niagara) Branch Applicant 1. Name in full.

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