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1 by Rhonda McKinnonzel by Rhonda McKinnon nee Hazel

2 by Rhonda McKinnon nee Hazel Growing up in the suburb of Dolls Point between some of the history, people and places. Maree Rhonda Bluey

3 Rhonda McKinnon 2017 Front Cover: My Home, 16 McMillan Avenue, Dolls Point NSW, Australia 2003 Back Cover: 16 McMillan Avenue, Dolls Point NSW, Australia 2008

4 Chapter Contents Page Preface Illustrations 1 Early History 1 2 Dolls Point 2 Dolls Point Soldier 3 Transport 4 McMillan Avenue 6 3 Local Identities Arthur Thomas Davies Clarence the Clocker 12 William Henry Minton 12 Simon 'Peter' Depena 13 Percy Cyril Cunningham 14 Harry Lindsay Eden 14 Sister Dulcie Lois Oldfield 15 Herman Burton Primrose 16 Edmund William Reynolds McMillan 16 The Dunny Man 17 4 Places of Interest Aqua Flora Park 18 Baths and Beaches 18 Dolls Point Baths 19 Pilgrim's Boatshed and Baths 19 Pemberton's Ramsgate Baths 20 Churches St Andrews Church of England 21 St Finbars Church 21 Ramsgate Methodist Church 22 Sans Souci Baptist Church 22 Clubs St George Sailing Club 23 Georges River Sailing Club 23 Dolls Point Sporting Clubs 25 Dolls Point Park 25 Hotels Prince of Wales 26 Scarborough Hotel 28 Primrose House 28 Schools Sans Souci Public School 29 St Finbars School 31 Sans Souci Pre-School Kindergarten 32 St Laurences College 32 Theatres Ramsgate Odeon Theatre 32 Caringbah Drive-In 33

5 5 News Sans Souci-Sandringham-Dolls Point Clareville Avenue 98 Dicken Avenue 100 Gannon Avenue 102 Ida Street 102 Malua Street 104 McMillan Avenue 104 Minton Avenue 109 Norman Avenue 110 Primrose Avenue 110 Russell Avenue 115 Sanoni Avenue 123 Vanstone Parade 126 Waldron Street 127 Dolls Point Village Newspaper 128 Sans Souci Busy Bees Barton Electorate 129 Frederick Albert McDonald 129 Thomas John Ley 130 Leonard James Reynolds 130 Herbert Vere Evatt 131 Endnotes Dolls Point Electoral Rolls Sources Index

6 Preface The question has often been asked What is your earliest recollection in life? Over the years I have tried to recall that moment and the same picture always comes to mind. I was standing at the front gate of my home at 16 McMillan Avenue, Dolls Point in 1948, waiting for my sister to come home from school. I would have been 4 years old and my sister Maree, 6 years of age. Reginald and Emily (nee Cairncross) Hazel my parents, had purchased this home in 1946, after my father returned from naval service in the Mediterranean. Many servicemen began buying or building houses at Dolls Point in the years following World War Two. A baby boom began in the area and the village of Dolls Point grew rapidly over the next decade. I grew up in this era and enjoyed the pleasures of living in this beautiful seaside suburb. We took a short trolley bus ride to school each week day and weekends were spent in our playground at Dolls Point Park. We were never short of a friend as the streets of Dolls Point were lined with children of the same age. Some of these friendships have lasted a lifetime. I thank my parents for choosing Dolls Point as the place to raise their children. The wonderful memories I have of Growing up at Dolls Point needed to be told. Rhonda McKinnon July 2017

7 Illustrations Dolls Point Aboriginals 1 John Betts Land 1 Russell Avenue Joseph Brokenshire Collection 2 Dolls Point Shopping Centre 3 Dolls Point Soldier 4 Steam Tram Sandringham 5 Trolley Buses at Dolls Point 5 Trolley Bus Timetable 5 Diesel Bus Circular Quay to Dolls Point No 302 & No Aerial view of Sans Souci peninsular Home Units McMillan Avenue, Dolls Point 11 Arthur Thomas Davies Clarence the Clocker 12 William Henry Minton 12 Simon 'Peter' Depena 13 Percy Cyril Cunningham 14 Harry Lindsay Eden 14 Sister Dulcie Lois Oldfield 15 Herman Burton Primrose 16 Edmund William Reynolds McMillan 16 The Dunny Man 17 Postcards of Aqua Flora Park 18 Dolls Point Baths Rockdale Library Collection 19 Pemberton's Ramsgate Baths 20 Coles New World Supermarket 20 St Andrews Weatherboard Church Hall Joseph Brokenshire Collection 21 St Finbars Church and School at Sans Souci 22 Sans Souci Baptist Church 22 George's River Sailing Club Event G.R.S.C. Board of Directors Dolls Point Athletic Club Swimming Champions 25 Kiosk and Refreshment Room at Dolls Point Park 26 Prince of Wales Hotel Joseph Brokenshire Collection 27 Scarborough House Dolls Point 28 Primrose House Sans Souci Primary School c Sans Souci School 1926 McKinley Family Collection 30 Sans Souci School Junior Red Cross St Finbars School Sans Souci 31 St Laurence College, Dolls Point (Advertisment) 32 Ramsgate Theatre Programme Ramsgate Odeon 33 Drive-In Theatre 33 Opening of new road from Ramsgate to Sans Souci 68 Rev. Frank Wilde 80 H.E. Coles and son Max 92 Sans Souci Busy Bees 128 Frederick Albert McDonald 129 Thomas John Ley 130 Leonard James Reynolds 130 Herbert Vere Evatt 131

8 Early History Dolls Point is a beachside suburb, seventeen kilometers south of Sydney on the shores of Botany Bay. It is also called Sandringham and is bound by Sans Souci and Ramsgate. It was in the Municipality of Rockdale until the amalgamation with Botany Bay Council on 9 September 2016 and they are now known as Bayside Council. Development of the area dates originally from the late 1800s, although little growth occurred until the 1920s. The origin of the name is unclear but legend has it that it was named for an escaped convict who took shelter in the grim landscape to hide from the authorities. Another legend is that it was named after an old fashioned surveyor s term. The third theory is that the area was named after Lady Dorothy Doll Robinson, the wife of the Governor of New South Wales, Sir Hercules Robinson. The area was originally a deserted landscape of saltbush and sheoak trees and considered uninhabitable although Aboriginals were known to gather on the reserves. As European settlement increased and the hunting grounds decreased, they retreated further up Georges River. Dolls Point Aboriginals In April 1840 John Betts acquired 140 acres of land bound by Waldron and Sandringham Streets and the foreshore of Georges River. i This parcel of land had previously been granted to George Pashley, a former convict, by Sir Richard Bourke in Pashley had failed to take up the grant, known as Honeysuckle Beach and he died in John Betts was a free settler, who had arrived in 1828, ii resided with his wife Mary, the daughter of Rev Samuel Marsden, at The Vineyards, Parramatta. He was a public servant, horticulturalist and a land owner. John Betts bought up land in the land boom of the 1840s and died in John Betts Land 1

9 Dolls Point Russell Avenue Joseph Brokenshire Collection The centre of our little village was a triangle junction at the corner of Russell Avenue and Clareville Avenue, with a bus shelter on the bend of Clareville Avenue. These were the days of corner stores and we were lucky enough to have a newsagent run by Roy and Kathleen Jolly. This was the shop we went to for our daily paper, all school needs including Clag glue then later Perkins paste, sheets of coloured cardboard for projects, ink, pencils, rubbers, sharpeners and even crepe paper and balloons for parties. My sister Maree and I had the job to go to this newsagent to buy the Sunday papers. Kathleen died in 1955 and Roy then married Nancy Taylor. Roy died in On the opposite corner was a grocery store run by Cecil and Joan O Brien. O Brien s store in later years become a doctor s surgery. Next to the grocery store was Elsie Black nee Heiden's hairdressing salon. Elsie died in 1992 Across the road from these stores was a milk bar run by Aubrey and Eileen Wall. They sold fruit and vegetables and a small range of groceries on one side of the shop. A couple of café type tables in the middle of the shop and milk shakes, drinks, lollies and ice creams were sold on the other side. Sue Trivett and I had a treat on the weekend when we acted like adults and had an ice cream sundae at the café tables. This shop had a residence at the back and upstairs was used for ballet classes. Around the corner in Russell Avenue beside the milk bar was a panel beating shop, later owned by Whitbreads. When we walked past this factory the smell of spraypaint was always very strong. On the other side of Wall's shop in Clareville Avenue lived the Loveridge family. Bert Loveridge was a fireman and he also sailed in the 16ft skiffs at George s River Sailing Club. At the Dolls Point junction there was an island in the middle with a water bubbler. The council always kept the trees and shrubs in this area very neat. A few blocks down from Mr Wall s milk bar was a vacant block, which housed a statue of a soldier. 2

10 Dolls Point Soldier This statue was made, circa 1917 by Richard Taylor Snr, a stonemason, who lived in Sandringham Street, near Clareville Avenue. He had two sons Richard and William Taylor, who served in the Great War of The Dolls Point soldier was originally placed at the junction but was later removed to No.30 Clareville Avenue. This block was called The Camp a weekender owned by Lucy Reynolds ( ) until her death in 1940, then taken over by her sons Stanley and Harold Reynolds. The condition of the statue deteriorated over the years and eventually fell from the plinth. The Reynolds brothers sold this land to Vera Nagle in She owned the general store opposite and when she retired built a new home on this block. Vera Nagle, husband Robert and mother-in-law Gertrude, had the shop near the bus stop. This was a general store that supplied our green groceries. They also ran a kiosk in Dolls Point Park. Mr Nagle would wheel his barrow full of supplies down our street each Sunday. Mrs Nagle s shop had a large lolly counter and every day after school we would frequent this counter that had a wooden step in front of it. She made toffees in patty cases, put them on a tray and if you picked the one with an X on the bottom you received a free toffee. She also made her own iceblocks in bakelite cups. This was the shop that we purchased our crackers for Empire Day. She displayed them in the front window for the few weeks prior to the event. Selling groceries on Sundays was forbidden and if Mum ran out of an item on Sunday, Mrs Nagle always wrapped the item up in newspaper. This is where we also bought a loaf of bread each day, no sliced bread in those days. We also asked for the tissue paper that the apples were wrapped in, so that we could use it as toilet paper. Mrs Nagle tended to be a bit of a stern lady who always wore a full apron and her shop played a big part in our life. Next door to Mrs Nagle s shop was the butcher. This shop was run by Bill Linton and his son Wid. A big chopping block stood in the middle of the shop and there was a cool room with the big heavy door. This shop had a residence attached with a large fenced paddock, where shops were later built to the corner. On the other side of Mrs Nagle s store, was also a paddock, where a service station was later built. We were fortunate enough to have several services for the Dolls Point community. The Rockdale Mobile Library commenced in May 1955 and at regular times parked in Clareville Avenue opposite Mrs Nagle's shop. This area was also used for the Mobile Tuberculousis Xray Van that visited a couple of times a year. This service was for all ages and was a simple exercise of entering the front door of the van, standing at the xray machine for a minute or so and then exiting out the rear door. Rockdale Mobile Library Dolls Point Shopping Centre

11 On our corner was a grocery store run by Walter and Amy Harper. This shop supplied our weekly grocery order. I can remember in the mid 1950s a new freezer arrived in the shop and was filled with packets of frozen peas and beans and later frozen fish fingers, amazing! This would have been about the time we traded our ice chest in for a brand new Kelvinator refrigerator. It was always fun to go to this shop after school and buy a penny s worth of broken biscuits. The biscuits were supplied in large square Arnotts tins that were assembled in a stack on the counter. Each type of biscuit had its own tin, Iced Vo Vos, Monte Carlos, Scotch Fingers, Ginger Snaps, Saos and Adora Cream Wafers. The shop changed hands several times before it was managed by Mrs Connelly (who had a daughter Lynette) and then to Brian and Merle Parkhill. After they sold the shop it was converted to a hairdressing salon owned by Barbara Woodbridge, Todd Woodbridge s mother. The Dolls Point junction was the centre of our suburb. This is where we caught the bus to school and work, where we socialised with our friends and also where we did our shopping. Transport The steam trams were replaced by the trolley buses in 1937 and ran to Rockdale via Kogarah. They were double decker buses that ran on electricity and had two poles on top that connected to the wires. The bus route from Rockdale and Kogarah was along Rocky Point Road to the punt, then did a loop and turned down Fontainebleau Street. Sometimes when it made the right hand turn into Fontainebleau Street the poles came off the wires and the conductor had to put them back. The Trolley bus depot was on the corner of Rocky Point Road and Ritchie Street. I can still remember the faces of some of the conductors. We also had a diesel bus service to Circular Quay via Mascot (302 Route). We used this bus to visit our family at Mascot and when we went to the Royal Easter Show at Randwick. The Dolls Point Soldier 4

12 Steam Tram at Sandringham Trolley Buses at Dolls Point Trolley Bus Timetable Diesel Bus Circular Quay to Dolls Point No.302 & No.303 5

13 McMillan Avenue By the 1920s the area was well known for holiday resorts and picnic outings and this lead to the growth and population of the suburb. Several of the streets in Dolls Point crossed over Clareville Avenue and had access to the beachfront at one end and a cul-de-sac at the smaller end. Many of the residents were fishermen and oyster farmers. In 1930 the residents of McMillan Avenue were: Montrose - AMOR, Charles Ward (painter) and Victoria Eliza (nee Cunningham) Boronia - BRETT, James Arthur (potter) and Vera CAMPBELL, Archibald John Charles (fisherman) and Mary CUNNINGHAM, Andrew Peter (painter), Julia Ann and Percy (painter) HARRIS, Leonard John (oysterman) and Dorothy Agnes Mary KONZA, William Arthur (postal employee) and Lillian Mabel NOSWORTHY, William Alex (furnaceman) and Edith Norwood PRIMMER, Frederick William (labourer) and Ivy Mary Anne May Thrum- RAMSAY, Joseph (plumber), Margaret and William Welsh (engineer) Thrum - STENSON, Catherine (sister of Margaret) Roseville - STUART, Sylvester Stonehouse (moulder), Rose Maria, Francis Edward (carpenter) and Stella Theresa (clerk) THORNBER, Thomas Robert (cabinetmaker) and Charlotte Gladys Elselyn -TRIMMER, Joseph (warehouseman) and Elsie May TYRRELL, Frederick George (brassfinisher) and Mary (nee Scott) Allawah - WILLIAMS, William Frederick (compositor), Frederick Carson (clerk) Alice Ethel During the 1930s and 1940s, after the depression and particularly when the servicemen returned from war, land and housing sales increased. This allowed more employment in the area as the suburb became more residential. During this time gas, electricity and telephones were new conveniences connected for the residents. Aerial view of Sans Souci Peninsula

14 By 1954 more houses had been built in McMillan Avenue and the residents were: East End HESSELL, Charles James (no occupation) and Ruby Mildred MERCER, Leslie Reuben (fisherman) and Phyllis Alberta 1 HEIDEN, Charles Alfred (labourer) STRUTT, Frederick James (plumber) and Myrtle Victoria 1a WILCOX, Lucy Rosabel 3 ROSEWORNE, Lawrence Charles (tanner) 4 DENT, Clarence (baker) and Gwendelyn Marsden 5 DERN, Alfred Ernest (shopkeeper) and Heather Joan & FORD, Colin Francis (pastrycook) 7 MICHAEL, Colin Martin (carrier), Mary Shomar and Joseph (labourer) 8 CARTWRIGHT, Thomas (carter) and Phyllis Marie Rose 10 STOKES, Norman George (case maker) and Moira Clare 12 GORDON, Walter William (mail officer) and Mavis 14 TRIVETT, Alan Dudley (despatch manager) and Phyllis Maud 16 HAZEL, Reginald John (tanner).emily Martha and Stanley Victor (pensioner) 17 BERNIE, Charles Leonard (accountant) and Joan Catherine 18 COLLINET, George (accountant) and Eileen 19 PHILPOTT, Walter John (sales engineer) & Sylvia Mary 21 BROWN, Marguerite Eleanor (retail draper) 22 LARKIN, John Henry (engineer), Florence Maude and Eva Mabel Catherine (mother) 24 COOK, John Edwin (fireman) and Agnes Reid 25 KEATING, Robert Richard (storeman) and Gladys Joyce TYRRELL, Frederick George (brassfinisher), Mary and Gwenyth Shirley (shop assistant) 26 WILSON, Mervyn Stewart (soldier) and Emily Rita 28 MESSENGER, Ernest Albert (ship s crew), Edna Annie and Donald Ernest (seaman) 29 HOWARD, Kevin James (aircraft engineer) and Gladys 30 FURLONG, William George (butcher) and Mary Agnes 31 THORNBER, Thomas Robert (public servant), Charlotte Gladys and Merle Ransom (Stenographer) West End 32 WILSON, Norman Stanley (french polisher) and Imelda Frances 33 MATCHETT, George Herbert (storeman), Winifred Maude and Herbert J W (RAAF) 35 PANTLIN, George Bayliss (labourer) and Madge Frances 37 MASTERS, William Patrick (ground engineer) and Edna May NOSWORTHY, Edith Norwood 38 BARTON, Eric Reginald (clerk) and Elizabeth Gowland 39 PRIMMER, Alfred Anthony (butcher) and Ivy Mary Anne May 40 AMOR, Harold (painter) and Myrtle Lillian Gladys CUNNINGHAM, Percy (painter) 41 GILES, James Henry (motor driver) MCCAUGHTRIE, Allen (no occupation) RAMSAY, William Welsh (engineer) and Rhoda 42 WILLIAMS, Frederick Carson (clerk) 43 HART, Sydney (taxi driver) and Constance Betty 45 STUART, Sylvester Stonehouse (moulder), Marie Rose (teacher), Stella Theresa (clerk) and Frances Alice 7

15 Residents 1958 McMillan Avenue Hart Furlong Nagle Shop Cook Cooper Hazel Gordon Ford 4 3 Mercer

16 We lived in Elselyn, at No.16 McMillan Avenue, a two bedroom brick home. Our street was located between Russell Avenue and Sanoni Avenue, an unpaved street scattered with houses that had vacant blocks (paddocks) beside them. The street was divided in two with Clareville Avenue crossing between the long end and the shorter end. I can remember most of the people that lived in the street, particularly the families from the east end of the street. The Mercer and Dent family homes faced Cook Park on our side of the street. Fred and Myrtle Strutt lived on the opposite side facing the park with their children Alma who married Sid Young, Freddie, Wendy who married Harry Abraham and young Alan. I remember having a few feeds off the grape vines that grew around their verandah. The family moved to Greenwell Point where Fred died in 1988 and Myrtle Strutt died in I vaguely remember James and Vera Brett in No.3, who made pottery. The Michael family, who later purchased this home, had big trucks and supplied us with tyres for our bonfires. In the early 1960s the Allen family moved into this house, they also had large trucks. Alfred and Alma Dern and daughter Heather lived in No.5. They worked in the grocery shop on the corner of Clareville Avenue and McMillan Avenue, which was owned by Walter and Amy Harper in the 1950s. The Dooley s house was another new addition to the street at No.6. Alf Dooley was a policeman and they moved to the Wollongong area. This house was later purchased by Gib and Marj Darby. I can remember when the Cartwright s house was built at No.8. They had two daughters Margaret and Cathy. Margaret married Don Selmon and Cathy married Wally Clements, two local boys. Mrs Cartwright was a nice quietly spoken lady, who died in 1982 and her husband Tom, who was a trucking contractor, died in Colin and Gladys Carter and family lived in No.10 but later Norman and Clare Stokes moved into this house. They had nine children, Norm, Sue, Peter, Elizabeth, Dianne, Kathy, Teresa, Donna and Kevin. Norm was always working under cars or trucks and son Normie followed in his footsteps. Wally and Mavis Gordon lived next door to the Stokes family and they had two daughters Maureen and Marianne. Between No.7 and No.17 was bush, with a laneway going through to Russell Avenue. Eric Berry s safe factory was situated in the laneway. Turnbull s house, where fishing nets always hung over the front porch, was on the corner of Russell Avenue and this laneway. A vacant block of land near the laneway was used for our bonfire each Empire Day, on 24 May each year. In the weeks before, we cut down bushes from near the creek in Horbury Street and dragged them home to build our bonfire. We purchased our crackers from Mrs Nagle s shop, they included bungers, sky rockets, tom thumbs and the pretty ones such as Mount Vesuvius, Roman Candles and sparklers. Our next door neighbours in No.14 were Alan and Phyllis Trivett. They had four children John, Ross, Phillip and Suzanne. Phyllis married Athol Palmer in 1961 and they lived in Russell Avenue. Sadly Phyllis died in Brian and Merle Parkhill operated the corner store for a few years before it was converted into a hairdressing salon. In the early 1960s the Parkhills purchased No.14 McMillan Avenue and they lived there with their children Cherie, Trevor and Karen. Brian died at Taree NSW in 1995 and Merle died in Our other next door neighbours built their house some years after we moved in. They were George and Eileen Collinet, who had two sons Jimmy and Anthony and daughter Mary who was born after they moved in. They moved to Kogarah and then later to Kingscliffe. Eileen died there in 1991 and George 9

17 died on the Gold Coast in George had a sister Jean who married Bert Elliott. They lived at Zetland and built their house at No.27 where they lived with their children Carmel, Robert and Jean s father. Bert died in 1979 and young Robbie died in Norm and Millie (nee Collinet) Wilson, lived in the short-end of McMillan Avenue. They had two daughters Joan and Betty and a son Brian. Norm Wilson, a french polisher who made our bedroom wardrobe, worked at F. R. Wolstenhome at Rocky Point Road, Kogarah. George and Eileen Collinet our neighbours sold their house to Ralph and Noela Greenstein. They had two daughters Lyn and Lee. They moved to Budgewoi on the Central Coast, where Ralph died in 1993 and Noela in Opposite our house in No.17 lived the Bernie family. Charles and Joan had children Bronwyn and Paul and some years later had twins Mark and John and then another son David. Charles Bernie, worked at Hygenic Containers. He had a car and each afternoon he piled the kids into for a ride around the block. We loved this daily treat as not many families owned cars at this time. The family later moved to Sans Souci. Charles died in 1996 at Fairlight and Joan died at Manly in In No.19 lived Wal and Sylvia Philpott with their two sons Richard and Alan. Number 21 was a rather large brick home where George and Catherine Avice Bradford and their daughter Jean lived. Later the Pausey family bought this property. Robert and Dot Pausey did not have children so treated the kids in our street like their own. They were one of the first in the street to own a TV set so we were allowed to go over to their house every afternoon to watch the Mickey Mouse Club. They owned a weekender at Springwood and sometimes took a few of us children up there for the weekend. Next to them No.23 was a vacant block for several years before a house was built for Mrs Cooper, an elderly lady and her daughter Elsie. Next to the Collinet s house, No.20 was a vacant block and this was our playground where we spent many a time practicing our play acting and held concerts with the kids in the street. It was a good spot for our cubby house and playing cowboys and indians until Aubrey and Eileen Wall, from the corner milk bar, built a house on it and moved in with their children Tony, Bobbie and Barbara. In No. 22, a weatherboard house, lived the Larkin family. They lived there together with John's mother Eva and their two sons Terry and Bruce. Terry died 1968 aged 21 years. Ted, a fireman and his wife Agnes Cook lived in No.24 with their sons Howard and Grant. Next door lived the Wilson family. Mr Wilson was the man who fixed everyone s wireless. They had two daughters Lucy and Christine. On the other side of the street in No.25 lived the Tyrrell family. Frederick (George) and Mary had a son Robert and three girls Joyce, Shirley and Jeanette. Joyce married Bob Keating and had a daughter Christine, they lived at Kogarah Bay. Shirley married Arthur Smith and lived in Bonanza Parade, Sans Souci. Mary s sister Gladys and her husband Harold Howard lived in No.29, he died in They had a son Jimmy who married Jill Emery from Sanoni Avenue. Directly behind the corner store, No.31 was owned by Thomas and Charlotte Thornber who lived there with their daughter Merle. Jack and Mavis Greenhalgh owned this beautiful brick house in the 1960s. Opposite this house was No.28 where Ernest and Edna Messenger lived. They sold the house to Mr and Mrs Cullen in the late 1950s. The street eventually filled up with houses except for the laneway that took up No. 9 and 11. Reg and Bonnie Trevitt, together with their children Naida, Karen, Roger, Bronwyn and Mr Harris (Bonnie's father) moved from Hornsby to their new home at No.7. Don and Doreen Gurnett built their home at 10

18 No.13, also Ane Van Der Linden, moved into the new house at No.15 and this filled up our end of the street. McMillan Avenue in my earlier years was a great street to grow up in, when it was made of clay and there were very few cars but plenty of kids. We enjoyed playing cricket and marbles with the boys, hopscotch, skipping and jacks with girls. These were the days we had goods delivered to the door. We had to put a container with a cloth cover out each night for the milkman to fill with milk. Daily the baker came down the street in his horse and cart to deliver the bread. We also had deliveries of rabbits, fruit and vegetables, ice, coal and clothes props. By the late 1950s milk and sliced bread came in packaging and supermarkets were introduced. It was not until the late 1960s that the houses at the park end of the northern side of McMillan Avenue started to be sold to make way for home units. The face of this street is very different today to street that I grew up in. Home Units McMillan Avenue Dolls Point 11

19 Local Identities Arthur Thomas DAVIES Clarence the Clocker Arthur Thomas Davies was born on 26 March 1912 at Rockdale NSW. He was the fourth child of Ernest Edward Davies, a carpenter, and his wife Constance nee Hall. He grew up in Redfern NSW and worked as a bread carter and a milkman in the 1930s. On 8 December 1936 at St Patrick s Church, Kogarah NSW, Arthur married Edna May Mitchell. They had a daughter Carol and a son Brian, and the family resided at 20 Sanoni Avenue, Dolls Point NSW. Arthur was no taller than five feet high (153cm), and as I remember, strutted along with a pigeon toed walk. He always wanted to be a jockey but never obtained a licence. In 1942 he formed an association with Tommy Smith and became a racecourse clocker. He previewed the racing program for 2KY Radio Station, and in 1957 co-opted into Channel 9 Television Station. His nickname Clarence the Clocker came from Bing Crosby s song The Horse Told Me which opened the television show on Saturday mornings. He worked with Ken Howard and Pam Burling nee Bunyan and later with Johnny Tapp. Clarence the Clocker s race tip segment always commenced with his cheeky, Okay, girls, down with the broom and up with the skirts. It is claimed that Edna intensely disliked horse racing, and they separated in In 1977 he suffered the first of two strokes, which affected his speech and movement. He continued with the longest running, locally produced show in Australia until his retirement in Arthur, who was well known as Clarence the Clocker with his felt hat and binoculars. iii He died on 4 August 1984 at Kanwal NSW and cremated at Woronora Crematorium. William Henry MINTON William was born in 1883 at Braidwood, NSW, son of William Minton and Eliza Ann Flack. He married Elsie May Duproy in 1913 at Waverley, NSW. They had four children Dorothy, Leslie, Ronald and Warwick. He died on 24 June 1942 in St George Hospital and his residence was 273 West Botany Street, Rockdale at that time. He was buried in the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood NSW. He was a master builder in the St George district, and records show that he built several homes in Minton Avenue between 1938 and

20 Simon Peter DEPENA Simon known as Peter was born on 19 June 1889 at Ramsgate NSW, son of Anselmo De Pena and Agnes Smiley. He married Irene Lillian Royall on 8 April 1914 at Rockdale NSW. He passed his Junior Commercial Certificate in 1905 at Kogarah Superior Public School. At the time of his marriage his occupation was stated as carpenter. After their marriage they lived at Camden, Campbell Street, Ramsgate NSW. They moved to 1130 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci NSW until 1931 then to 156 Russell Avenue, and later to 177 Russell Avenue, Dolls Point NSW. Peter was a builder/carpenter in the St George area. He served as an Alderman on the Rockdale Council from 1928 to As he lived close by, he was often seen on a bench seat in Dolls Point Park. He was a friendly man who was a local identity in Dolls Point. He was living at 126 Russell Avenue, Dolls Point at the time of his death. He died at St George Hospital on 6 January The funeral service was held at St Andrews Church, Sans Souci and he was cremated at Woronora Crematorium. 13

21 PERCY Percy Cyril CUNNINGHAM Percy was born in 1896 at Armidale, NSW, son of Andrew Peter Cunningham and Julie Ann nee Palmer. Percy married Laurel Ivy Green, 1915 at St Peters (divorced 1922), iv married Jessie M Orange, 1923 at Newtown (divorced 1928), v then married Ruby Laura Argent, 1929 at Paddington (divorced 1940). He was a painter by trade and had a business with his brother Sydney Herbert Cunningham until they were declared bankrupt in vi Percy enlisted in the Australian Army on 25 October 1940 at Paddington and was discharged on 15 December vii Percy lived with his sister Victoria Eliza Amor at 40 Mc Millan Ave, Dolls Point. He was a daily identity, shuffling around the village of Dolls Point. He never spoke to anyone but was a harmless man. Harry Lindsay EDEN Harry was born in 1943, son of Harry Percival Leonard Eden and Phyllis Ena Harriet nee Westaway. He was the twelfth of sixteen children in the family. He was educated at Sans Souci Public School and Kogarah Boys High School. The family resided in Primrose Avenue, Dolls Point and their house fronted the waterfront. Most of the sixteen children grew up with the beach as their playground. He married my cousin Carolyn Rose Player and they had two children Peter and Kim. Carol was also a Dolls Point girl, who lived down the road from Harry in Clareville Avenue. He was well known in the Dolls Point community, mainly for riding his horse around the beach and surrounding areas. Harry became a household name when he played 81 first grade games of football, mainly as a forward for Eastern Suburbs (Roosters) and St George (Dragons) between 1969 and He played under coach Jack Gibson in the 1971 grand final for the Dragons. He was regarded as a very tough competitor on the field. viii Harry died on the 14 December 2006 at St George Hospital and was buried at Woronora Cemetery. 14

22 Sister Dulcie Lois OLDFIELD Dulcie Oldfield was known to many as Sister Dulcie or Aunty Dulcie. She was born on 23 August 1926 at Mena Hospital, Mosman NSW, daughter of Arnold Eric Oldfield and Winifred Ada Farr. The family lived at Mosman before moving to Brighton Le Sands in 1930, then to Bexley and finally to Sans Souci in Her parents bought the historical house Denbeigh at 1 Plimsoll Street, Sans Souci. They changed the name of their home to Joyhome, and this house also became a children s holiday home. Over 200 children have been recorded as staying there. Dulcie commenced school at Brighton Public School, but completed 3 rd to 6 th class at Sans Souci Public School. She then went to St George Girls High School until she gained her Intermediate Certificate. It was at this time she was a champion in swimming and athletics. At the age of 14 years she went to East Sydney Technical College and in 1944 completed an A.S.T.C. (Associate of Sydney Technical College in Commercial Illustration) At the age of 16, Dulcie was baptised and became a member of the Sans Souci Baptist Church. In 1945 she became Deaconess to the church and was known as Sister Dulcie. She held this position for nine years, responsible for the children s work and assisting with pastoral care. In 1954 she went to Burwood Baptist Church as Deaconess for twelve months. It was at this time Sister Dulcie held Sunday School on Sunday afternoons in Dolls Point Park (Peter Depena Park). We would love to receive the little texts that she gave out each week. In 1955 Dulcie went to London to a Baptist Congress, which became an ongoing commitment every five years. During these years she was associated with Shoreditch Baptist Tabernacle, and then had the opportunity to visit USA. In 1957 she was awarded the Master of Religious Education in USA, and then returned to Australia to take up the position with the NSW Youth Department. Dulcie was an expert in All Age Sunday School programes and this took her to many areas of Australia, assisting with Christian Education. Dulcie s travels were self-funded, as her father had set up a trust to enable her to be self-sufficient. She had great rewards in Papua New Guinea, where an All Age Sunday School was commenced at Baiyer River Mission Station in While there she had a number of falls and when she returned she complained that her knees were sore and she had pain between her shoulder blades. She was diagnosed with a spinal tumor which required major surgery to have it removed. In 1975 Dulcie had to retire, after eighteen years of working in the field of Christian Education, to care for her elderly father. She taught Scripture at Sans Souci and Ramsgate Public Schools for over 50 years. She also continued to work at the Kids Klub at Sans Souci Baptist Church. Dulcie Lois Oldfield, L.Th, M.R.E., A.S.T.C., died on 12 March ix 15

23 Herman Burton PRIMROSE Herman was born at Warialda, NSW in 1876, son of Charles Herman Burton Primrose and Sarah Maria Clissold. He married Primrose Queenie Bedford on 27 January 1904 at Annandale, NSW. They had four children Herman, Sybil, Noel and Gloria. He was Chairman of St George District Hospital, and a Kogarah solicitor. In 1930 he served as president of the Kogarah Golf Club. He died at his residence Langunya, Belgrave Street, Kogarah, NSW on 16 February 1943 and was cremated at Woronora Crematorium. Edmund William Reynolds McMILLAN Edmund was born at Bathurst, NSW in 1874, son of William Laird McMillan and Rebecca Ann Burfoot. In 1898 he married Louisa E Russell at Balmain North, NSW. They had four children Edna (b1899), Doris (b1902), Langer Edmund (b1907) and Olive (b1909). He commenced his career as a junior at Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney. He also was employed by Norton, Smith & Co., and then for Mr Langer Owen, K. C., Sydney. He established his own real estate business at 10 Castlereagh Street, Sydney and then Rockdale, NSW in Edmund McMillan was well known for the developments in Sandringham. The first five years of his career in real estate was spent holding a number of successful auctions in this area. His slogan was The farms and farmlets of today will be the towns and suburbs of tomorrow. At this time, he was living at Frederick Street, Rockdale, NSW, he was involved in the forming of NSW Combined Cricket Association, and served as Honorary Treasurer. From he served as Alderman on the Rockdale Council, then held the position of Assessor for a further nine years. He was also President of the Rockdale School of Arts for three years, President of the St George Bowling Club for five years and Vice-President of the Bowling Association of NSW. His name was embroidered on the Bexley Patriotic Flag for the War Effort in The people of Bexley paid one pound to have their name embroidered on the flag for this fundraiser. At this time he was also listed as a Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer at Rockdale, with his private address being Wangarra Dunmore Street, Bexley. By 1920 the family were residing at Wangarra Primrose Avenue, Sandringham. In 1926 whilst working at St George Star-Bowkett Societies, Station Street, Rockdale, was a victim of a theft from the offices. He died on 20 August 1929 at the age of fifty five years, and at the time was residing at 15 Ashton Street, Rockdale. 16

24 The Dunny Man We always found a card left by the Dunny Man at Christmas A Merry Christmas to you all With plenty of good cheer And may you have prosperity Throughout the coming year. And though the police keep order There s no more useful man Than the chap who calls at daybreak And juggles with the can. We leave your pan quite clean And try not to make a mess We leave our verses every year And wish you all success. Your Municipal Dunny Man. In return we left a couple of bottles of beer for the good deed that he had done all year. 17

25 Places of Interest Aqua Flora Park This pleasure ground was a popular attraction for many residents of Dolls Point and other areas. Situated on Clareville Avenue and backing onto Waldron Street, this private park housed both water features and gardens, with further attractions being introduced at later times. Albert Royce leased the three acres of land for the park in He worked tirelessly to create Aqua Flora Park and it was opened to the public in September A large wooden beam at the entrance bore the name of the park and most of the structures were made of rough cement. The many ponds housed varieties of goldfish and carp with the colourful water lilies floating on top. Native orchids and ferns were in and about the premises making splendid displays. Kangaroos, emus and monkeys in this private zoo, some bred at the park, were a highlight of the day for the children. One of the nostalgic memories most people have of their visit to the park is the refreshment room that served light meals, Devonshire teas and ice creams. The tables were situated among the fernery, making an enjoyable eatery. Albert Royce died in 1952 and Mrs Royce continued managing the park until 1956 when Aqua Flora Park closed after 22 years. Postcards of Aqua Flora Park BATHS AND BEACHES Dolls Point on the foreshores of Botany Bay, has been used for many activities. From early days to the present fisherman have used these waters for their occupation. In the late 1800s boatsheds and refreshment rooms formed part of the beachfront. Sailing has been a popular sport in these waters for many years, with two sailing clubs being formed in the 1920s and still operating successful businesses today. Dolls Point Park forms part of this foreshore and was the area that combined swimming and picnics for locals and visitors. The baths, beach and the park at Dolls Point was where I spent a large part of my childhood with my friends and family. 18

26 Dolls Point Baths At a Rockdale Council meeting in 1932 it was hinted that 500 would be loaned by a Dolls Point resident for the purpose of constructing a shark proof swimming pool at Dolls Point but this was rejected by the council. During the next decade proposals were put to council for the erection of baths at Dolls Point but it was not until May 1947 that the council received a grant from the Government of 350, being half the cost of constructing these baths. In March 1949 A. E. Robb, Deputy Town Clerk, called for tenders for the supply of material, driving of piles, fixing of timber framework and wire mesh. In the early 1950s these baths were constructed adjoining the wharf and they become part of the playground for the local children. Over many years my uncle Stan fished from the corner of these baths and I had the job of providing the bait by catching poddy mullet with an oyster bottle and bread, in the nearby creek, then running them over to him. We were never short of bream, flathead or whiting and also blue swimmer crabs. Mrs Nosworthy could always be seen fishing on the wharf. On hot nights our family would retreat to these baths to cool down. We were very fortunate to have these amenities at our doorstep. Dolls Point Baths - Rockdale Library Collection Pilgim s Boatshed & Baths Frederick Selmon ( ) was an oyster farmer and about 1888 built a boatshed with refreshment rooms on the waterfront at Sandringham. The Lamb family took over this boatshed about Then in 1928 the boatshed was taken over by Norman Ike Pilgrim and it became a successful business that offered hire boats, sales and repairs. It also had a refreshment room and sold oyster. 19

27 Rockdale Council opened the free shark-proof baths beside the boatshed in 1931 and Pilgrims maintained these baths for many years. Pemberton s Ramsgate Baths A privately owned swimming baths was built on the corner of Ramsgate Road and The Grand Parade. The owner Mr Pemberton opened the indoor baths with a 50 metre pool in October In March 1925 another pool was added and then in 1926 a children s pool was included. The saltwater for the pools was pumped from Botany Bay. Diving boards and a large slippery dip were there for the enjoyment of the swimmers. These baths were not only used by the general public but for swimming training, club carnivals and school events. The highlight of a swimming day was when the children dived for the pennies that Pop Pemberton threw into the pool. The reception area housed a small zoo of birds and monkeys in cages. The kiosk was the place to go after a swim, as hot chips, scallops and apple fritters were among the popular items. Ramsgate Baths were closed after the season ended. Coles New World Supermarket was then built on this site. Pemberton s Ramsgate Baths Coles New World Supermarket 20

28 CHURCHES St Andrews Church of England In the 1890s, as part of the Parish of St Pauls, Kogarah, Anglican Sunday School classes commenced in the Cricket Pavilion, a tin shed on William Pritchard s property in Vista Street, Sans Souci. Adult services also began in an outbuilding of the Sans Souci Hotel, these being later transferred to the pavilion. In 1902 two allotments of land on the corner of Rocky Point Road and Sandringham Street were purchased, and a small weatherboard hall was erected by voluntary labour. St Andrews outgrew the original wooden building and four blocks of land on the corner of Rocky Point Road and Rawson Street were purchased in x The hall continued to be used for community activities until it was sold to make way for a Mobil service station. I remember attending Sunday school in the wooden hall in the early 1950s. St Andrew Church still stands today and holds many memories of the weddings and funerals conducted in this church by Rev. Hallahan and Rev. Ctercteko. St Andrews Weatherboard Church Hall Joseph Brokenshire Collection St Finbars Church The Catholic community of Sans Souci were part of the Parish of St Patrick Church, Kogarah. The parents of the school were concerned for their safety of their children going to and from school and asked for a church/school to be erected at Sans Souci. Residents raised the money to buy land in Broughton Street, Sans Souci. This site was opposite the property owned by the Sisters of Mercy, from the Diocese of Wilcannia Forbes, which was used as a retreat xi 21

29 St Finbars Church School was opened in 1926 and was used as a school during weekdays and a church on Sundays. In 1959 further additions were made to the church and to the school, to accommodate the increase in the congregation. xii St Finbars Church and School at Sans Souci Ramsgate Methodist Church Ramsgate Methodist Church began in 1915 in a temporary weatherboard building on Rocky Point Road, Ramsgate near Targo Street. A permanent church was erected in In 1977 the Presbyterian, Congregational and Methodist churches formed the Uniting Church. Sans Souci Baptist Church The mother church for the Baptist community in the St George district was the Kingsgrove Baptist Church, founded in It was responsible for funding Mission Halls (without resident ministers), where meetings were held by visiting preachers and lay readers. As the attendees increased a Mission Hall was established in Russell Avenue, Sans Souci and in 1908 an application was submitted for full church membership. It remained in Russell Avenue until a new church was opened in 1921 at the corner of Rock Point Road and Hillview Street, Sans Souci. xiii Sans Souci Baptist Church 22

30 CLUBS St George Sailing Club In late 1897 the residents of the Sans Souci and surrounding districts decided to form a Sailing club: About twenty-five boats, hailing from Georges River and Botany Bay, engaged in a series of very interesting and attractive evolutions off Sans Souci and Sandringham yesterday afternoon, preliminary to the formation of a sailing club in that locality. Mr. James Gannon was commodore, and his yacht Wanderer led the way. A fresh nor'-easter, which tampered the heat considerably, made the outing a most enjoyable one. Upon returning home a meeting was held in the Sans Souci Hall for the purpose of starting the new club. There were about 70 residents of the surrounding district present. Mr. Gannon, who presided, was unanimously elected commodore; Mr. Fred Thomas, jun. hon. sec.; and Mr. Maclardy, hon. treasurer. A strong committee was also chosen. The club is to be known as the St. George Sailing Club. Mr. Gannon promised to give a valuable trophy for competition directly matters were fairly under way. xiv The first regatta was held on 22 December 1897 with fifty boats competing. They held their meetings in various places and in 1927 decided to lease Hughes Boatshed for this purpose. In 1931 new premises were built adjacent to the ferry ramp. In 1964 the clubhouse was demolished to make way for the Captain Cook Bridge and new premises were built in its present position. St George Motor Boat Club broke away in 1921 and Georges River Sailing Club in 1927 to form their own clubs. St George Sailing Club continued to maintain a large membership and still remains an active club today. Georges River Sailing Club At a meeting in the Paragon Hall, Sandringham, on 8 June 1927, a sailing club to be known as the Georges River Sailing Club was formed. Donations to the amount of 50 were handed in. Office Bearers for the season were - Patron, Mr. F. Selmon; President, Mr J. McCowage; Commodore, Mr. S. Anderson; Hon. Secretary, Mr. J. McGowan; Asst. Secretary, Mr. S. Singleton; Hon. Treasurer, Mr. G. Selmon; Committee, Messrs. G. Oberg, L. Whitehead, H. Holyoake, M. Conway, A. Stanbury, J. Walker, and A. Honeyfield. xv It was reported: The Georges River Sailing Skiff Club, an off-shoot from the old St. George organisation, which gained affiliation a few weeks ago with the N.S.W. Skiff Council by one vote, after a wordy warfare, has not made the progress anticipated by the Selmon family. The new organisation started off with a fanfare of trumpets, by promising rich cash prizes in addition to boats having a comfortable clubhouse of their own at Doll's Point. All these inducements have not troubled the majority of the boat owners of St. George, who are sticking loyally behind the original body, as it is claimed at San Souci, Sandringham and Kogarah Bay, that there is no need for two distinct clubs. Georges River made a new move the other day, and again came a cropper. It offered 50 for an interclub race in December, of which 25 is to go to the winner. St. George again decided not to accept the bait of golden notes. It claimed that the move was one designed to induce another to leave and go to Doll's Point. Old sailing men, who have been with St. George for twenty years assert that if those who are offering rich cash could give today it seems strange that they did not do so when, members of the original body. Georges River has only a boat registration of four skiffs, and these are owned in the one family Selmon. They are Sutherland, Kurnell, Forby and Joyce. The last belongs to son-in-law Singleton. 23

31 St. George on the other hand has a bigger membership than usual. It is paying away good cash with valuable trophies for 23 races. xvi A corrugated tin boatshed was purchased on the northern shores of Sandringham Bay, and converted into a Club House. xvii Georges River Club House at Dolls Point was officially opened on 10 December 1927, with a large attendance of members and representatives of Sailing Clubs. Commodore Sid Anderson welcomed the visitors among whom were the Mayor of Rockdale, Ald. J. Gardiner; Ald. A. Baxter, Ald. G. Barton, J. Sharpe, President of Balmain Regatta; A. Hamilton (Middle Harbour); F. Deedy (Drummoyne); H. Price, (Port Jackson), and A. Waterhouse (North Sydney). xviii The club grew over the years and began to include social activities for the members and families. A regular fortnightly cabaret was held in the ballroom on a Saturday night, which included novelty dances and the music supplied by Arthur Smiths band of Merrymakers. Cricket matches were also a regular event with various other clubs and business companies. Members and family picnic days to Towra were a frequent event on the agenda. The club acquired a billiard table, which introduced another sporting item for the members. Over the years several other activities were introduced. I remember learning Judo at the club in the 1950s. The club also had their own G.R.S.C. football team who played in the St George Rugby League District competition. In 1962 the club was gutted by fire. The dining room was untouched so the club continued to operate using the dining room area as the main club until the building was refurbished. Georges River Sailing Club Event 1972 G.R.S.C. Board of Directors

32 Dolls Point Sporting Clubs Several sporting events were held at the Sandringham Pleasure Grounds in the late 1800s. Pigeon shooting was a popular activity. There were many sporting clubs in the Dolls Point area in the early 1900s including Dolls Point Athletics Swimming Club. This Dolls Point Athletics Swimming Club was formed in October 1914, and used Sans Souci Baths for all races. xix The membership was open to all members of the St George District. Many of these members served their country in the Great War years. The club held carnivals for the National Belgian Relief Fund. Dolls Point Athletic Club Swimming Champions L-R S. Reynolds (50 yards breast stroke), A. Hatchman (50 & 100 yards), H. Montague (diving) Dolls Point Park - Peter Depena Reserve The park was our playground in the 1950s, and our youth was spent in various parts of these grounds. It spread from Cook Park, around the foreshore of Botany Bay to Carruthers Drive, and bound by Malua Street and Russell Avenue. As I lived in McMillan Avenue it was a short walk to the bottom of the street and into the park. The summer-sheds were placed at several parts of the park, they were open brick buildings divided into four sections by walls with a table and bench seats in each quarter. We frequented the shed near the creek, the closest to our street. Our school holidays were spent having picnic lunches in the summer-sheds and playing on the swings, slippery dips and razzle dazzle, no rocket in our days. The Waradiel Creek, is a storm water drain, which runs through the park from Russell Avenue out into Botany Bay. In response to the application of Mr. H. Munro of Doll's Point to Rockdale Council for some repairs to the creek adjoining his property, Overseer Berry has reported that a dry rubble wall should be constructed, making a retaining wall for the path, and a permanent bank for the creek, at a cost of 17/10/0. As Mr. Munro will benefit by this work, it was decided to approach him with respect to a quota of the cost. xx The George River Sailing Club is situated beside the creek which flowed into Botany Bay. From the bridge (halfway along the creek) to the entrance of the bay was mostly tidal and was ideal for catching poddy mullet with pieces of bread in an oyster bottle. 25

33 Dolls Point swimming baths are near the sailing club. These baths were rather large with a wharf on one side. The baths became our playground where we swimming before and after school most days in the summer. Afterwards we would sunbake in the sand dunes which were between the bridge and the sailing club along the edge of the creek. There were three kiosks in Dolls Point Park, one at the back of the Appleby's house in Russell Avenue that opened out into the park, between McMillan Avenue and the creek. The other kiosk was on the other side of the creek near the bridge and was operated by Mr Nagle. He would wheel a barrow down to the kiosk every Sunday morning filled with drinks and lollies from the general store in Clareville Avenue owned by his wife. The third kiosk was a shop in Russell Avenue, opposite Primrose House. This shop sold hot food, sandwiches, ice creams and had a tea room on the side facing onto the park. Kiosk and Refreshment Room at Dolls Point Park Courtesy of Rockdale Library Local Studies Section The park was dotted with coral oak and sheoak trees, Norfolk pines also lined the foreshores. This park was used for family picnics and company Christmas picnics. As children, we were fortunate enough to join into these picnic days and enter the running races, sack races and three legged races. We would also line up to receive the presents and show bags that were handed out. Sister Dulcie from the Baptist Church held a scripture group in the park each Sunday afternoon. We would enjoyed listening to her and receiving a rectangular scripture card with a bible message. On Saturday afternoons at the water's edge we would often see an adult immersion baptism conducted by the Jehovah Witnesses. The foreshores of Dolls Point were always full of activities, swimming, fishing and sailing just to mention a few. Between Dolls Point baths and Sandringham baths (Pillies), was the area used where the fishermen pulled in their nets. HOTELS Prince of Wales Hotel William Rust built the Prince of Wales Hotel at Sandringham, originally Stripper's Point. He named this area Sandringham after his birthplace in Norfolk, England. The hotel, with a landscape of Norfolk Island pine and Moreton Bay fig trees, housed several buildings similar to Swiss chalets. In 1880 he replaced these buildings with a two storey construction, which catered for formal diners, and accommodation for guests and honeymooners. William and Emma Rust expanded their attractions with 26

34 the development of pleasure grounds beside their hotel. Horse-drawn carriages were used until the opening of the Illawarra Railway in 1884 to bring picnickers and holiday makers to this area. In 1886 they sold the hotel to travel overseas. Prince of Wales Hotel Joseph Brokenshire Collection There were several licensees take over this business in the following years. I remember in my younger years, this hotel being called Lousy Les s Pub. Leslie Howard Ritchie took over as licensee in the early 1930s. In the following years he introduced boxing, wrestling and bands as entertainment. The name and licence of the Prince of Wales Hotel was sold in 1952 to Michael Eugene Moylan for 56,000. Les Ritchie died in The hotel became known as Mick Moylans and with its prime location on the shores of Botany Bay was often used for patrons in the summer for dining and watching the entertainment. The closing hours of hotels changed from 6pm to 10pm in 1955 this allowed for nightly entertainment. The beer-garden in the winter housed open fires to keep the patrons warm while watching the talent quests, showgirls and rock and roll bands. Parents with children often parked their cars under the Moreton Bay fig trees and had a drink in their cars, while watching their children play. The Douglas men also sold their fish to the locals under the big Moreton Bay fig tree nearby. 27

35 In 1961 Mick Moylan's was rebuilt and renamed Hotel Sans Souci. Mick died in 1969 aged forty nine and the hotel continued to be the venue for entertainment. In 1993 developers demolished the hotel for the present day apartments. Scarborough Hotel James Eve purchased six blocks of land at the end of Russell Avenue in 1889, from Alfred George Carruthers. He erected a two storey building that would accommodate forty couples, as his intention was to operate it as a hotel. He applied for a publican's licence in 1891 and named the business The Scarborough Hotel. The hotel struggled from the start and he later transferred the licence to Stephen J Byrne. The business had a heavy loss in the 1893 Depression and the licence was not renewed. xxi Scarborough House Joseph Brokenshire Collection Primrose House After James Eve surrendered the licence of the Scarborough Hotel in 1893 it was leased as a residence to several notable tenants. These included J. H. Carruthers MLA, who resided from Frederick T. Wimble being the longest tenant, used the grand location lined with Phoenix Palm trees and Norfolk Island Pines, for garden parties, picnics, boating and excursions. The Wimbles renamed the property Scarborough House, and they remained there until 1913, when they moved to Drummoyne. James Eve died in 1911 and after the Wimbles left the premises remained empty and suffered some vandalism. The executors of Eve's estate sold the property to James Trout in He reapplied for a hotel licence and this was taken up by William Lincke. In 1919 the property was transferred to the Red Cross and used as a convalescent home for the returned servicemen, mainly with long term injuries. In the grounds Army tents were erected for up to three hundred men. 28

36 By 1921 the Scarborough Red Cross Home became the property of Dr Barnardos Homes. Thousands of orphaned or abandoned boys came from England to make a new start in Australia. Alexander Allan, a coal merchant, purchased the property in 1926 and once again tried to convert it into a hotel. In the Great Depression of the 1930s the property was leased to the Trustees of Christ Church, St Laurence, of Sydney. It operated as St Laurence College, boarding school for boys. The college ceased to operate in 1934 and was handed back to Alexander Allan, whose wife sold it to St George District Hospital in The building became known as Primrose House, after the Chairman of St George District Hospital, Herman B. Primrose, a Kogarah solicitor. It was used as a convalescent unit of the St George Hospital. In the mid 1990s it became the headquarters of South Eastern Sydney Area Health Services. In 2016 NSW Health abandoned a plan to convert the property into a dialysis unit, as the renovations would be too costly. The local community were concerned that this historical home would be turned over to developers. Fortunately the property was sold to the Presbyterian Church Trust for Scot's Boys College and will be used as a boy's college once again. Primrose House 2016 SCHOOLS Sans Souci Public School The school was opened in 1885 with the first teacher being William Ross. It was an unlined wooden schoolhouse 24 x 16 feet, sufficient floor space for 48 pupils. The furniture consisted of desks and forms over 10 foot long. A closed-in verandah was used as a hat room and wash room. The school was enlarged and in 1920 divided into Primary and Infants Departments. I was enrolled at this school in 1950 and enjoyed my kindergarten year with Miss O Donoghue. I had wonderful years at this school where I made many lifetime friends. The school had memorable teachers such as Miss Bridle (Headmistress), Miss Fieldhouse (Deputy Headmistress), Miss Vipond, Mrs Lake, Miss Bertram, Miss Lillian Frost, Mrs Brett, Mrs Fleming nee Bergeest, Mrs Blair nee Henry, Miss McLaren (Headmistress), Mr Hamilton (Headmaster) and Mr Skelton. Leslie Annie Bridle ( ) was born on 6 July 1904, at Rosevale Tumut NSW, daughter of Henry Ernest Bridle and Annie May Franklin. Miss Bridle was related to Miles Franklin of Brindabella Station who wrote My Brilliant Career. She transferred from Taree Infants School to Sans Souci 29

37 Infants School as headmistress in Leslie Bridle died on 24 May 1988 at St Vincent Hospital, Sydney NSW. Lila Fieldhouse ( ) was born in Sydney on 4 October 1903, daughter of William Harold Fieldhouse and Clara Jane Larkin Reed. Miss Fieldhouse was a student at St George Girls High School. She lived at Farr Street, Rockdale then moved to Arncliffe. She was a member of the St John s Dramatic Society and had roles in their productions. In 1933 she was transferred from Sans Souci Infants School to Mortdale Infants School, but must have transferred back to Sans Souci as Deputy Mistress circa By mid 1950s she was residing at Cronulla and was a member of the Cronulla Dramatic Society Productions, taking the role of Lady Stawholme in Fresh Fields in Lila Fieldhouse died 18 May 1995 and her ashes are placed in Henry Lawson Gardens, General Bushrock 10, Garden A/01, Woronora Cemetery NSW. Each year we looked forward to the school fete, which started at Ramsgate with a procession of marching bands, floats and community groups. When Captain Cook Bridge was built it became extremely difficult to hold a procession down Rocky Point Road, because of the volume of traffic. The school also had various groups supported by the children, Stewart House, Red Cross and the Bird Guild. Sans Souci Primary School c1925 Sans Souci School 1926 McKinley Family Collection 30

38 Sans Souci School Junior Red Cross 1952 St Finbars School The school was established in 1926 when Sans Souci was still a part of the parish of Kogarah. Fr John Driscoll, parish priest of Kogarah, arranged for the Sisters of St Joseph, who had a convent and school in Kogarah, to open this second school in the parish. By 1930 there were 135 children enrolled at the school. In 1936 the Sisters of Mercy Wilcannia-Forbes Congregation, who had the convent opposite the school, took over the running of the school. By 1960 the school had 188 pupils and were taught by just four sisters and by 1969 enrolments had reached 234. The Sisters of Mercy withdrew from the leadership of the school in December The school is currently staffed entirely by lay teachers and principal. xxii St Finbars School Sans Souci 31

39 Sans Souci Pre-School Kindergarten This pre-school in Clareville Avenue, Dolls Point was opened in 1951 with a waiting list of 36 pupils for enrolment. xxiii The school was located adjacent to Aqua Flora Park. It held an annual fete which the locals enjoyed. The premises were also used as a voting booth for the Barton Electorate. St Laurence s College Alexander Allan, a coal merchant had tried to convert Scarborough House into a hotel in The onset of the Great Depression forced Allan to lease it to four Trustees of Christ Church, St Laurence, of Sydney. In the early 1930s, Scarborough House was opened as St Laurence s College, a boarding school, under the headmastership of Rev. K. D. Roach. The school close in 1934 and the site was sold to the St George District Hospital in It was then used as a convalescent and rehabilitation centre. xxiv Advertisement in The Daily Express (Wagga Wagga NSW) Fri 31 Jan 1930, p 3 THEATRES Ramsgate Odeon Theatre By the mid 1920's Ramsgate shopping centre had developed, and included no less than thirty three shops. There were five grocery shops, three green grocers, four butchers, a billiard saloon, a doctor, two dentists, several clothing and specialty shops and a branch of the Government Savings Bank. It also had the district s most up to date Picture Theatre, on the corner of Rocky Point Road and Alice Street. The Palace was built in 1922 by Cecil Owen, who in the 1940s went into partnership as Owen and Sellers and later became known as Ramsgate Odeon. The theatre was used for various functions including community singing on Wednesday nights in the 1930s. Residents chose either Friday or Saturday to go to the pictures. The theatre was sold to the Acme Theatres in 1951, who then sold to the Odeon chain. xxv In the late 1950s I remember going to the theatre to watch Johnny O Keefe perform live. The introduction of television in 1956 caused the closure of Ramsgate Odeon in The theatre was converted into Tom the Cheap, the first supermarket in the district. It was later demolished and now houses apartments. 32

40 Ramsgate Theatre Programme 1931 Ramsgate Odeon Caringbah Drive-In On 19 December 1956 came the opening of Caringbah Skyline Drive-In. xxvi This opened up another avenue of entertainment, not only for the residents of the Shire but also for the people of Sans Souci, Dolls Point and Ramsgate areas. As Captain Cook Bridge had not been built at this time, a short trip on the punt was necessary to get to the Drive-In at Taren Point. The Caringbah Drive-In closed in 1988 and the land was sold for commercial development. Drive-In Theatre 33

41 SANS SOUCI SANDRINGHAM - DOLLS POINT NEWS PIGEON PICNIC AT SANS SOUCI On Saturday last a few friends of Mr J. R. Yorke invited that gentleman to a day's shooting, at Sans Souci and but for the weather would have spent a most enjoyable day. All the arrangements had been made with due regard for a satisfactory consummation. Mr Rust had been instructed to prepare a dinner worthy of the occasion, and this he did in his very best style, putting on the table a really splendid feed, to which, and its liquid accompaniments, the company did substantial sportsmen's justice. The Sydney contingent travelled to the scene of action by a bus which had been specially chartered for the occasion, and the ground was reached in comfort before noon. There's no doubt at all about the suitableness of Sans Souci for a picnic of this sort; and there's equally little doubt of the fitness of Mr and Mrs Rust for the position of Host and Hostess on such occasions. This time there was an extempore shed put up, and made weather tight with plenty of boughs and a large sail; and fortunate was it for the shooters that this had been done, for otherwise they would never have been able to keep their powder dry. As it was they congregated under this very welcome shelter, and there they were provided with a plentiful supply of Battle Axe, and other creature comforts, to which from time to time they did apply themselves, as was very necessary, by reason of the inclement weather. The shooting consisted of three matches, of five shooters on each side, the respective captains being Messrs A. Davis and Longfield and the first match fell to the Sussex team, which killed sixteen birds out of their twenty four, against only eleven dead ones scored by their opponents. In the second match Mr Longfields aide came off victorious, with sixteen to fifteen and the third was won by Mr Longfield's side also, with fifteen birds to credit out of twenty, their opponents accounting for only one less. It will be seen that the shooting improved, toward the end and considering that the birds were good and the wind very high, the performances of most of the shooters may be considered very satisfactory. Early in the day, Mr Tricke was the crack shot, killing all his birds in the first match and in the afternoon Messrs Williams, Longfield and Kavanagh were the champions, each killing all his birds in the last match. The rival captains shot well throughout the day, killing eleven birds apiece out of fourteen, as also did Mr Kavanagh. Next to these came Messrs Tricke and Williams with ten, and Messrs Yorke and Manton with eight. After the first match the party dined right royally; Mr Alfred Davis being in the chair, with the guest on his right and for some time the work of feeding went merrily on. This being concluded, the chairman proposed Mr Yorke health in a nice little speech, to which Mr Yorke made a neat and suitable reply, and concluded by proposing the health of Mr Alfred Davis, the oldest shooter present after which shooting was resumed, despite the steadily increasing rain. The afternoon was pleasantly spent of course it would be when all the party were determined to enjoy themselves, and make each other happy, and when the shooters separated, it was with a hearty wish to meet again soon for a similar purpose at Sans Souci. Mr Yates kindly and impartially performed the duty of umpire and the trapping other arrangements, were as well carried out, as the weather would possibly permit. Bell s Life in Sydney and Sporting Chronicle, 23 October 1869 EXCURSION TO SANS SOUCI - A numerous company of gentlemen yesterday visited Sans Souci, a pretty point of land near the mouth of George's River, which during the last few years has become a favourite place of resort to many who have made its acquaintance. But the principal object of the excursion was to see the Seven-mile Beach, which forms the western shore of Botany Bay. Most of the gentlemen who accepted the invitation of the Hon. Thomas Holt meet at The Warren and after breakfast started on their journey, some in carriages and buggies, and some on horseback. The latter mode of travelling is the more agreeable to those who are used to the saddle, for the roads are rough and the tracks too narrow for a pair of horses. Among the company were his Excellency the Govornor of this colony (the Earl of Belmore), his ExceIlency the Governor of Queensland (Colonel Blackall), Sir James Martin, Colonel Carthew, the Rev. S. C. Kent, the Rev. George King, the Hon. John Hay, the Hon. George Allen, and several other members of the Legislature. The route is through the village of Cook's River, to which, from Sydney, there is one of the best macadamised roads in the colony. The 34

42 village itself does not give much evidence of taste, but being on the banks of a river, and with good natural features, by a little intelligent municipal action it might be made an attractive place. From the dam to Sans Souci the distance by road is about four miles and a half. The road however is heavy and somewhat rough, although it is undergoing a gradual improvement. To go by way of the beach it is necessary to leave the main road about a hundred yards beyond the dam, and, turning to the left, ascend a hill which at first sight does not seem to lead to anywhere in particular. One might fancy it was a piece of wild uninhabited country, but that some of the big logs are plastered over with blue posters announcing to the electors of Canterbury Stephen is in the field. A piece of the crown of this hill has been excavated wide enough to allow vehicles to pass, and this cutting forms the entrance to Muddy Creek Road, which is well defined all the way to Patmore Swamps. These swamps, which extend (parallel with the beach) to Sans Souci, are well known to a few of our keenest sportsmen as a place where years ago they shot wild duck and kangaroo, but most of our readers have probably only heard of them in connection with the question of water supply. From the head of those swamps to the Sevenmile Beach there is a bridle-track over about half-a-mile of undulating sandy country, covered with stunted shrub and bush flowers. There are marked trees the whole distance.... Sydney Morning Herald, 31 December 1869 GEORGE S RIVER - On Saturday last, about 250 gentlemen, including members of the Ministry, both Houses of Legislation, University Professors, scientific and literary gentlemen, and manufacturers, assembled at Sans Souci, on the invitation of the Hon. Thomas Holt, of the Warren, and from thence were conveyed up George's River, on a voyage of inspection as to the probabilities of getting our water supply from that quarter. An elegant repast was served on board, and various toasts proposed and responded. The steamer proceeded up the river about 15 miles, and returned to Sans Souci about 4pm. The guests left for town about 5pm. Sydney Morning Herald, 12 September 1870 CORONER'S INQUEST Yesterday forenoon, the City Coroner held, at the Sans Souci Hotel, Sans Souci, on inquest touching the death of an elderly man, named Thomas Gray. Alexander Smith deposed that he was a shellgatherer, and resided at Pelican Point, Botany Bay; the dead body viewed by him in the shed attached to the Sans Souci Hotel, he had recognised as that of a man named Thomas Gray, who was fifty-six years of age, a native of Scotland, and unmarried; deceased was a labourer, and had been for sixteen or seventeen years in this colony; he also resided at Pelican Point, Botany Bay; witness had known deceased for thirty-five years, and ever since he came to the colony they had resided together, with the exception of two years, for about fifteen years; deceased was not a sober man, but witness very seldom saw him drunk; he could take a great quantity of drink; he had enjoyed, very good health, but for the last few years he had complained of his stomach, and bad digestion; for the last week or two he complained, when walking, of shortness of breath, and a pain in the breast; he was with witness at Sans Souci Hotel on Tuesday last, and had four nobblers of brandy; that was all witness saw him drink; deceased was sober; they went home together; deceased did not then complain of anything; he took some medicine when he went home for the pain in his breast; a man named Douglas was with them at Sans Souci Hotel; there was no quarrel between them; deceased lived in a hut close to witness; Gray went to his hut about 8 o'clock at night, saying he hoped he would have a better night's rest than he had had the night before; deceased told witness that the medicine he had taken was senna and salts; the next time witness saw deceased was about 8 o'clock on Wednesday morning, in Douglas's hut, close to his own; he was then sitting on a sofa and witness asked him how he felt; a woman named Hughes, witness, and deceased were the only persons then in the room; deceased replied, in answer to his question, that he had had a very bad night's rest, and that he had had to get up out of bed through shortness of breath and sit at the fire-place with his blanket round him; witness remained in the house, and in about half an hour after he entered Mrs. Hughes called out to him and drew his attention to deceased; on looking round he saw him as if he were going off into a faint, with his head thrown back and making a gurgling noise in his throat; immediately before that he had been talking; witness caught him in his arms and laid him on the sofa; he did not speak, and died almost immediately afterwards; nothing occurred on Tuesday evening or on Wednesday morning to excite or annoy deceased. The woman Hughes was examined, but her evidence was merely corroborative. Dr.Sedgwick, having been sworn, gave it as his opinion 35

43 that death had resulted from disease of the heart. The jury returned a verdict in accordance of the medical testimony. Sydney Morning Herald, 6 January 1871 On the 9th instant, at St. Paul's Church, Sydney, by the Rev. Canon Stephen, CONRAD PHILLIP, eldest son of C. P. BRACK, of Sans Souci, to CHRISTIANA, the youngest daughter of JAMES WISEMAN, Waterloo. Sydney Morning Herald, 10 February 1871 On the 18th instant, at her residence, Rose Cottage, Sandringham, near Sans Souci, Mrs. A. SELMON, of twin daughters. All doing well. Sydney Morning Herald, 21 October 1871 A fatal boat accident occurred at Sans Souci last Monday evening at 8 o'clock. It appears that a labourer residing at Kogarah, named Robert Poole, together with one William Smith, left Sans Souci in a dingy to go up George's River. Both parties had a quart bottle of rum with them. Whilst crossing a place called Carter's Island the dingy suddenly capsized, and Poole sank and was drowned. Smith swam ashore, after great exertion. The body of Poole was recovered at 10 o'clock on Tuesday morning by a man named Douglass, near the scene of the accident. Australian Town & Country, 7 September 1872 A DEATH IN A BLACKFELLOW S CAMP The City Coroner, to-day, held a magisterial inquiry at the San Souci Hotel, San Souci, respecting the death of an aboriginal named Billy Jawbone, aged 56 years, who died suddenly, at a hut occupied by a number of other aboriginals, at San Souci, George's River. George Forsyth deposed that about 12 o clock last Sunday he proceeded to a hut at Kogarah Bay, and there saw deceased's body, lying dressed on a bed without any marks of violence on it. One of the aboriginals stated that after having his breakfast deceased went outside and lay down on the grass. About ten minutes afterwards he was found dead. He had been drinking, after having been off the drink for a fortnight, but had commenced drinking again on last Saturday night. An aboriginal named Joey Timberi, deposed that deceased came from Shoalhaven about a month ago, and lived with witness' tribe ever since. Deceased had been drinking heavily, and last Saturday night had two or three nobblers. He was not drunk. There was no quarrelling nor did deceased disturb their camp. He complained of a pain in his arm. On Sunday morning deceased ate heartily of meat and bread. He went outside, and ten minutes after witness found him dead. Dr. Sedgewick deposed that from his examination of the body, which he was able to make (decomposition having set in), and from the statements of Joey Timberi and James Bodong, the cause of death was disease of the heart. The coroner found that death had arisen from natural causes. Evening News (Sydney NSW) 12 December 1877 BOTANY BAY FESTIVITIES The shores of Botany Bay never presented a more gay and lively appearance than yesterday, for there could not have been less than 5000 or 6000 persons at Sandringham, San Souci, La Perouse, and other holiday resorts in this historic locality. The new steamship Australian conveyed about 250 excursionists from the Circular Quay to Sandringham, where there was assembled almost an equal number of persons who had reached this picturesque locality by road. In the pavilion at Sandringham, the Ashfield brass band discoursed eloquent music for the votaries of terpsichore, while Mr. J. G. W. M'Curdy, proprietor of the Prince of Wales Hotel, attended to the requirements of the excursionists. About a quarter of a mile from Sandringham is San Souci, now a favourite watering retreat, on account of its salubrity and beautiful scenery. The San Souci races, at host Blake's Hotel pleasure retreat, attracted upwards of 2000 persons from Sydney and the surrounding locality. There were six races, and Mr. Blake's horses won most of the prizes. Unfortunately a heavy rain storm came on at the close of the day, and nearly, all the pleasure seekers got drenched on their homeward journey. The return trip of the Australian was marred by nearly all the passengers being afflicted with sea sickness and owing to the lumpy state of the sea, and a head wind, Sydney was not reached until 8.45 p.m. Evening News (Sydney NSW) 27 December

44 THE KOGARAH-SANS SOUCI TRAMWAY The recently constructed tramway line from Kogarah to Sans Souci and Sandringham was opened for traffic on Saturday. There was no formal ceremony in connection with the opening, but the occasion was taken advantage of by the promoters of a land sale to hold an auction at Doll's Point, and consequently there was a considerable passenger traffic over the line in the afternoon, as a large number of people attended the sale. The term tramway, as applied to this line, is somewhat of a misnomer, as it is nothing more nor less than a light surface railway, of a type which would prove very useful in many of the country districts of the colony. It differs only from the ordinary railway in the cheapness of its construction, and the fact that it runs for the greater part of its distance along the road and is not divided or fenced off in any way. Some eight years ago, long before the present Illawarra line was constructed, the natural beauties and advantages of the neighbourhood led to the proposition for a tramway to render the district accessible to the inhabitants of the metropolis, and a line from St Peters to Sandringham was actually surveyed, and its construction promised by Mr. Sutherland, who was then, as now, Minister for Works. However, the residents in St Peters seem, for some unexplained reason, to have objected to the tramline passing through their midst, and the matter was allowed to drop. The Illawarra line having in the meantime been constructed, Kogarah became the nearest point at which the residents could take train for Sydney, and the landowners of the district having made a very liberal offer to the Government, the construction of the tramway or railway was commenced about nine months ago. The sum of 6000 was contributed towards the cost of the line by the land owners of the district as well as a free gift of the land necessary for the construction of the line. A number of the so-called un-employed were engaged upon the line when it was first commenced, but as it was soon found that they were totally unfitted for the work they were replaced by regular employees of the Railway Department, who were thus engaged, instead of being thrown out of employment by the reductions made in the working staff of the railways. With this skilled labour the line has been rapidly constructed in a creditable and serviceable manner, under the superintendence of Mr. Shellshear, District Engineer of the Existing Lines Department. The rails used on the line were old ones taken from the Windsor railway line, but which still appear to have a good deal of wear left in them. There were no special engineering difficulties to encounter in the construction of the line, the road along which it travels being for the most part level. The steepest gradient on the line is 1 in 22, and the sharpest curve on a radius of five chains. The line is laid with ordinary wooden sleepers, and ballasted with sandstone obtained from a quarry at Kogarah. The district to which the line provides access is already well known to residents in Sydney, and there is no doubt that the completion of the line will lead to a large increase in the number of visitors to the many beautiful sports on the George's River. The line starts from the platform at Kogarah Station, so that the change from the train involves but little inconvenience to passengers. After leaving the platform the line passes up Grey-street and through the rapidly-rising township of Kogarah, until the Rocky Point-road is reached, along which the line continues for some distance. The neighbourhood is fast emerging from a state of primaeval bush into a thickly settled district, and every here and there, as the tram passes along, neat cottages and gardens, with, in many cases, nourishing orchards, are to be seen. The first stopping place is Ramsgate-road, a distance of 1 mile 40 chains from Kogarah, and here the line divides itself into two parts and forms a loop-line, one portion turning to the left down Russell-avenue and the other portion continuing along Rocky Point-road. The usual course taken by the trams is to continue straight along the Rocky Point-road to Sans Souci, a distance of 3 miles 21 chains from Kogarah. At Sans Souci the first glimpse of the beautiful waters of the George's River is obtained, with a splendid view of the opposite shore at Taren Point, which was formerly known as Cummins Point. This point forms a portion of what is well-known as the homestead of Mr. F. S. E. Holt. After leaving this lovely spot the line keeps close to the shore of the George's River, passing for some distance through Cook Park, until Sandringham is reached, about half a mile from Sans Souci. A series of splendid panoramic views are to be obtained from here, and by walking to the end of Doll's Point, a short distance off, a full view of the magnificent curve of seashore known as Lady Robinson's Beach can be obtained. Opposite Doll's Point the line turns up Russell-avenue, a recently-cleared road, passing through, and at present, almost unoccupied portion of the district, until the Rocky Point-road is reached, where the loopline terminates. The line is divided into three sections - the first from Kogarah to Ramsgate-road, the second from Ramsgate-road, round the loopline to Sans Souci and Sandringham and back to Ramsgate-road, and the third from Ramsgate-road to Kogarah. The fare charged on each section is 3d. by ticket or 4d. cash; so that the round journey costs 9d. by ticket, or 1s. cash, the Department, with its usual moderation, only 37

45 charging 33 per cent extra for the privilege of paying in cash. The total distance from Kogarah round the loopline and back to Kogarah is 7 miles 15 chains, and the round journey is accomplished in about 40 minutes, or an average speed, including stoppages, of 10½ miles per hour. The actual length of line constructed is, however, only 4 miles 65 chains. It is intended to work the line with light engines and ordinary railway carriages, pending the construction of special rolling stock. The ordinary tramway motors are said to be unsuitable for the work, as owing to the narrowness of the wheel flanges they are liable to go off the line on the slightest provocation. On Saturday, however, there was a curious admixture of rolling stock - tramway motors and cars, light railway or contractor's engines, and ordinary railway carriages, all being pressed into the service to convey the heavy passenger traffic. The line proved, for a new railway, remarkably smooth and easy to travel upon and the heavy passenger traffic was worked without any serious interruption taking place. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 12 September 1887, page 4 SARGEANT V. FRATER This was an action entered by George Sargeant against John Frater, of Sans Souci, to recover 20 damages for the bite of a dog. By consent, a verdict for plaintiff for 13 was entered. Sydney Morning Herald, 11 August 1891 DOLLS POINT REGATTA Today and on Monday an aquatic carnival will be held at Dolls Point, Sandringham. The races are four:- All-comers' Handicap Skiff Race (light skiffs) All-comers' Handicap Skiff Race (club skiffs), Working Sails Handicap Race for Licensed Fisherman's Boats, All-comers' Handicap Sailing Race. The heats will be rowed off to-day and the finals will be decided on Monday. For the first two races the following entries have been recoiled. Club Skiff Race: C. Matterson, H. Schuman, W. Strainey, James Wray, A. Atkinson, J. Mantova, T. Emo, R. Bishop, J. Bishop, T. Carter, A. Cormack, H. Bourne, J. Littlejohn, G. Ward. Light Skiff Race: C. Matterson, H. Messenger, C. Messenger, M. Elson, J. Bishop, T. Carter, A. Cormack, H. Bourne, G. Ward, J. Wray. Sydney Morning Herald, 16 April 1892 CRAWFORD - In memory of my dear Mother, Margaret Crawford, who died at her residence, Palmerston House, Quarry Hill, Sandhurst, on the 9th of July, Gone but not forgotten. Inserted by her loving daughter, Elizabeth Eleanor E. Byrne, Doll's Point, Sydney. Bendigo Advertiser, 9 July 1892 ROWLEY June 9 at Doll's Point, Kogarah, Elizabeth, widow of the late George Rowley, solicitor, Sydney. Sydney Morning Herald, 11 June 1894 KOGARAH Telephone Office at Sans Souci. This council met on Monday, when the Mayor (Alderman Myles M'Rae. JP) occupied the chair. The secretary of the Postal Department wrote stating that as there was no immediate prospect of a telephone office at Sans Souci paying expenses, one could not be established there at present. It was decided to write and point out the high charge made for the delivery of messages from Kogarah, and also to ask Mr. Carruthers to urge the matter again. Sydney Morning Herald, 12 October 1894 WHERE TO SPEND CHRISTMAS THE HISTORIC SPOT SANS SOUCI The most historic and certainly the most beautiful watering place in the Australasian colonies is Sans Souci, on the shores of Botany Bay; and it is strange that so few people, not actually resident in the city, 38

46 know anything of its existence. Sans Souci (meaning overlooked or without care) was so named many years ago by the late Thomas Holt, who, seeing its unmatched natural beauties, marvelled at its being so overlooked or neglected by the citizens of Sydney. Latterly, however, owing to direct tram communication, the place is more frequented by the Sydney public, though only on holidays, to any extent, and doubtless when the inland people become more aware of its beauties and the facilities of transit to and fro, they will be more lavish of their patronage. And it is for the information - principally, of country visitors that this is written. There are hundreds of people inland, worn down by toil and the terribly exhausting heat, who require a change to the seaside, where with a new atmosphere, a more favorable temperature, and the luxury of sea bathing, they, may restore their lost energies. And of all the places about Sydney, and it certainly abounds in many, there is none to compare with lovely Sans Souci. It has the appearance as it is of being one of our very oldest settlements. It is within almost a stone's throw just across the mouth of the George's River, where Captain Cook landed, and on which stands the monument to that immortal incident; and across the bay is La Perouse, with its monument dedicatory to the memory of the ill-fated commander of that name, who finally sailed from this anchorage to meet with all his companions, a mysterious unknown fate in the South Seas. Every inch of the shores hereabout is historic ground, and added to this is the fact of the beauty of marine landscape, with glorious facilities for exploits by land and water. The hotel at Sans Souci, a historic landmark in itself, has drifted into the hands of a man who thoroughly understands the kind of accommodation required by visitors; and no more homely or acceptable accommodation can anywhere be found. A visitor can secure every attention and absolute retirement, rest, and privacy, those essentials which are too often in vain looks for when seeking to escape from the turmoil and the strife of the madding crowd. Fishing, oystering, boating, bathing, shooting, &c., are the pastimes, and boats are always available for aquatic excursions of every kind. The tram now runs from Kogarah Station, meeting every train to and fro, so that one can reach the city any day or night in a few minutes. Before deciding on any place for visiting or honeymooning, Sans Souci should be looked to. It is a glorious spot - a perfect heartsease that would rejuvenate any one. A wire or letter to the proprietor of the Hotel Sans Souci, will always meet with prompt attention. Australian Town & Country Journal, 15 December 1894 AN UNWELCOMED VISITORS At the Newtown Police Court yesterday, before Mr Giles, S.M., James Peter Hellior, age 19, was charged with having maliciously inflicted grevious bodily harm on Mary Turner, at Doll's Point, Kogarah, on the 4th instant. Accused pleaded not guilty. Mr L Gannon appeared for the prosecution. Dr Bucknell stated that he found prosocutrix, when she was brought to him on the evening of the 4th instant, suffering from a wound several inches long under the eye, from which he extracted three lengthy splinters of wood. She had also several abrasions on other parts of the face. Mary Turner stated she was employed as a domestic servant at Mr Gannon's, Doll s Point, Kogarah. On the evening of the 4th instant accused came to the house and inquired if Mr Gannon was at home. Receiving an answer in the negative, he walked away as Mrs Gannon appeared on the scene. Shortly afterwards accused returned and repeated the question as to Mr Gannon being at home. Receiving the same answer, he picked up a piece of wood and threw it at her, striking her on the face. Accused was committed to take his trial at the next court of gaol delivery. Bail was allowed. Sydney Morning Herald, 8 February 1896 SLY-GROG SELLING Sergeant Matthews proceeded against Alice Ludolff in the Newtown Police Court yesterday before Captain Fisher, SM, for having, on the l6th instant, at a house formerly known as the Scarborough Hotel, Doll's Point Sandringham, sold whisky without holding a license. Subinspector Elliott conducted the prosecution. Accused was defended by Mr Wallace. Sergeant Matthews stated that about 2 pm on the l6th instant he was in Russell's-avenue, Doll s Point, Sandringham. Constable Cruickshank came out of the building formerly known as the Scarborough Hotel. Witness returned with him into the building. In one of the rooms a man named Orlando was sitting at dinner with a tumbler containing whisky in front of him. Witness rang the bell, defendant 39

47 came in, Constable Cruickshank told the defendant that he was a constable in plain clothes, and that witness was Sergeant Matthews, also that he (Cruickshank) had seen defendant serve Orlando with whisky, for which she had received from Orlando 6d. Witness asked her if that was true, and she replied Yes, but he is a boarder. Witness asked if she or her husband held a license. Her husband came into the room and said he held a club license, and that Orlando was an honorary member of that club. Orlando interjected that he was not, and was only there as a boarder, and paid for his meals as he got them. Defendant then said that she did not sell the liquor, but gave it to Orlando. Cruickshank reminded her that she had taken the 6d in payment, whereupon she fell upon her knees and cursed Orlando. Alfred Orlando, a private detective, stated that he was lodging at the Scarborough Hotel on the l6th instant. While witness was having dinner Constable Cruickshank came in and asked for dinner saying he was in a hurry. Defendant asked witness if he had any objection to a gentleman dining with him. Witness said he had not. Cruickshank entered, and sat at the table. Witness paid 1s 6d to defendant for his dinner. Defendant left the room. Shortly afterwards witness rang the bell and asked for a whisky, for which witness paid the defendant 6d. James Ludolff stated he was the occupier of premises at Dolls Point known as Scarborough House. The place was carried on as a club, and a copy of the rules (produced) was hung up in three rooms of the building. Witness produced a minute book containing particulars of the meetings of the club held since its inception. Witness was secretary. A resolution was passed on the 6th April last by the club as follows - There having been several applicants for board and residence, it is resolved that all boarders, whether casual or permanent, shall be hon. members during their stay at the house. The club contained l55 members. Witness did not receive any salary for the office of manager and secretary, but received in turn board and lodging for himself and family until such time as the club was in a stronger position. When Orlando came he asked witness what his terms were. Witness replied, 21s per week. Orlando said he might stay for a fortnight, and gave the name of Smith. Orlando further said that he was travelling for the good of his health, and had been on the Hawkesbury River for some time. While Orlando stayed at the house, witness always called him by the name of Smith. Witness produced an honorary member's ticket of the club drawn in favour of a Mr Smith, which ticket witness gave to Orlando when he took up his abode in the house, in accordance with the rules of the club. Captain Fisher said even if it were a genuine club the members of such a club had no right to pass a resolution making boarders members of the club. If that were allowed all the boarding-houses in Sydney would be turned into clubs, and could thereby sell liquor. Defendant was ordered to pay a fine of 30 and costs in default three months imprisonment. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 April 1896 A BOGUS CLUB - FINES OF 30 IN TWO CASES At the Newtown Police Court yesterday, before Mr Johnson, SM, Inspector Elliott proceeded against Jean Max Ludolff of Doll s Point, Sandringham, for having on 31st December, 1896, he then not being the holder of a license or the agent or servant of the holder of a license authorising the sale of liquor under the Licensing Act of 1882, did in a house known as the Scarborough Club, Doll's Point, sell two bottles of colonial beer contrary to law. Leslie Holland was also charged with a similar offence in the same premises on the 4th January, Mr Wallace, who appeared for the defence, said he would admit the sale of the liquor, but to a member of the club. The Magistrate said he would have to show that the club was not a bogus one. Sergeant M Cole, an inspector under the Licensing Act, stated that on the 31st December last he went to Doll's Point with Constable Scott and a man named Ridgway. To the latter he gave a marked half crown and two bottles, and told him to go into defendant's premises with certain instructions. Witness went to the bar window of the premises and looked through a pane of glass, from which position witness saw the defendant Ludolff in a stooping position behind the bar counter. He lifted a bottle like the one produced in court and placed it on the counter. He then filled the second bottle. Witness saw Ridgway pay the half-crown 40

48 over to Ludolff. The latter returned it, as he had no change, and when Ridgway came out he gave witness the bottle of beer. Witness tasted the liquor, and threw it out, and sent Ridgway back to get them refilled in order to effect a second sale. On the 4th January, 1897, witness again went to the premises with Ridgway, to whom he gave a half-crown and two bottles. Witness went into the bar and said to Ridgway, What have you in those bottles? He replied, Beer. Witness said, What did you pay for it? He said, Holland has the money. Holland denied having received it, and said that Ridgway was a member of the club. Holland at witness's request produced two lists of members of the club. Witness looking at the lists and found that Holland was down as the proposer of Ridgway, and he (Holland) having previously told witness that he did not know who proposed Ridgway, witness said, How is it that you told me that you did not know who the proposer of Ridgway was? To which question he did not reply. Witness said to Holland, What part do you take in the club. He replied that he took the chair and that Mr and Mrs Rudolff (sic) being out of town he was there in their interest. He further said that Ridgway had paid only 6d into the funds of the club. The premises were not licensed. Jean Max Ludolff, residing at Doll's Point, stated that the club was formed on the 16th January, 1896, by about 100 gentlemen. Operations started on the 1st February of that year. It was agreed at the first meeting that witness should make arrangements to obtain a suitable premises to carry on the business. Witness was afterwards elected steward and secretary that was at a meeting of members. The club was carried on according to the rules. Members were nominated and elected, three days intervening between nomination and election, and every name on the roll was that of a genuine member. Ridgway was proposed by witness. At the time Ridgway had not the money, and witness paid the entrance fee for him upon his promising to repay it. To the magistrate: Witness received no salary. The premises belonged to the Perpetual Trustee Company, and rent of 1 a week was paid. Other evidence having been given, Mr Johnson said he believed in clubs conducted on proper lines, but he had not the slightest hesitation in saying that this club was a bogus one, and was simply an attempt to evade the Licensing Act. It also opened up a means of selling liquor at all hours of the day and night, Sunday as well. He would order each of the defendants to pay a fine of 30, together with costs of Court and 35s. witnesses' expenses, in default, four months imprisonment. Sydney Morning Herald, 16 January 1897 BRUTAL DOG FIGHT A disgraceful exhibition of larrikinism was witnessed on the beach near Kogarah (near Sydney) on Sunday morning. A large crowd of men met to bring off a previously arranged dog fight. The place chosen was a portion of the beach between Lady Robinson's Beach baths and Doll's Point, a place where the police would under ordinary circumstances be unlikely to disturb the onlookers. It is reported that a crowd of about 400 men was present. The canines, representing St Peter's and Randwick respectively, were splendid specimens, and fought for an hour and a half for a reputed stake of 50. The Warwick Examiner and Times QLD, 10 April 1897 LETTER TO DAME DURDEN Moorefields, Kogarah. Dear Dame Durden - I have been very interested reading the letters from the little girls which you publish in the Town and Country Journal. I hear, too that a prize has been promised for the best letter, so Í would like to compete for it. We live at Moorefields, Kogarah, and have a grand view of the historic Botany Bay. There is a creek not far from here where the poor blacks showed Captain Cook water. About a quarter of a mile away is a lovely sandy beach. Lady Robinson's Baths (so called after the wife of one of our Governors) are not far from here. We sometimes go there for a dip in the briny, and I am learning to swim there. We have a dear little pair of ponies named Jessie and Nelly, and sometimes go for drives to Sans Souci and other places. Sharks have often been caught close to the beaches, and I have heard that it is dangerous for people to go paddling about in the water there. We went to Port 41

49 Hacking a few weeks ago, and enjoyed the trip very much. It is one of the many pretty places about here. Often we go in the tram and spend an hour or two at Sans Souci, Sandringham, or Doll's Point, all on the shores of Botany Bay, where there are sandy beaches, swings, and at the former place lovely salt water baths just finished. The boys from the Public School are taken there every week to be taught swimming. I spent part of my Christmas vacation at Katoomba, where we went to see Nelly's Glen. The scenery was grand. The Leura Falls are very lovely. Down in the gullies are wonderful fern groves and masses of brilliant Christmas bush. Another interesting place was the Echo-tree. The echoes sounded quite plainly, so that at first I thought it was some persons mocking us from the other side; but now, I know the sound came from a rock that throws the voice back, and produces the echo. I hope my letter is not too long, so I will now conclude, and remain dear Dame Durden, your little friend. Madeline Moore. (Dame Durden: I like this simple little letter, write to me again, Madeline) Australian Town and Country Journal, 29 May 1897 ST GEORGE SAILING CLUB On Saturday last a large number of people interested in sailing assembled at the invitation of Mr George Walker, at Sans Souci, the object being to form a sailing club on George s River. There were some 30 boats ranging from 18ft. to 24ft. present, the crews in all numbering about 200. At 4 p.m. the numerous craft fell into line. Mr James Gannon, of Doll s Point, acting as commodore, his first signal being to form squadron from his custom-built 3-rater Swan Hilda, his second signal being Follow me in line then Form two divisions, his fourth being Form abreast to starboard to commodore, and his fifth Rendezvous at Sans Souci. The course sailed was into Botany Bay till opposite Doll s Point, when boats went about and returned to Sans Souci. On landing the company adjourned to Frater s pavillion, where a meeting was held and the club was formed under the title of St George Sailing Club. The officers elected were: Commodore, Mr James Gannon; treasurer, Mr M Dardy; hon secretary, Mr Fred Thomas; committee, Messrs. Hunter, Holdsworth, S. Geddes, T. Douglas, F. Gannon, H. Munroe, George Walker, J. Gannon and M Dardy. Mr James Gannon, who occupied the chair, promised to donate a trophy valued at 5. 5s to the club. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 November 1897 MR CARRUTHERS AT SANS SOUCI The late member for St. George held a meeting in the hall at Frater's Hotel, Sans Souci, last evening. The chair was taken by Dr. Carroll. On the platform were Messrs. W Pritchard, Clement Lewis, and other gentlemen. The hall was well filled. Great cheering welcomed Mr. Carruthers, who said it was almost superfluous to make a set speech to people in whose midst he had so long dwelt. The best test of a man's fitness to represent people in Parliament was that he represented the people amongst whom he lived. A report had been spread that he intended to desert the electorate. He had had no such intention. A man who was unfit to represent the place where he lived was unfit to represent any other. The usual vote of confidence was passed with loud cheering. Sydney Morning Herald, 13 July 1898 Mr & Mrs Mildwater and Family of Lady Robinson Beach, return their most sincere thanks to the numerous kind friends, also to teachers and scholars of the Sunday-school for their expressions of sympathy, by letters, telegrams, cards and floral tributes received in their recent sad bereavement. The St George Advocate, 4 February 1899 NEW ARRIVALS Mr. Munro, of Doll's Point, Botany Bay, has taken Mr. Meadmore's cottage, furnished, for a couple of months. He arrived at the end of last week. Sydney Morning Herald, 25 March

50 THE GEORGE'S SAILING CLUB The race under the above club's flag set down for this afternoon will be a class B handicap over the course from Sans Souci round westward of piles off Tom Ugly's Point, round Eclipse buoy, past westward of piles off Tom Ugly's Point to markboat off Dolls Point, back to Sans Souci, thence to Dolls Point again and finish at Sans Souci. The following entries have been received and handicaps allotted: Diadem, 16ft. (J. Grant), scratch; Beulah, 16ft. (W. Kennedy), 1 minute; Edith, 14ft. (T. Douglas), 2 minutes; Vera, 14ft. (J. Mainaem), 3 minutes; Euchre, 14ft. (A. Duncan), 3 minutes. The club steamer Eclipse will leave Sans Souci at 3.30 to follow race. Sydney Morning Herald, 17 November 1900 CHURCH NEWS - CHURCH OF ENGLAND The new school church of St Andrew's, San Souci, was dedicated for Divine service by the Archbishop on Saturday afternoon last, and the opening services were continued on Sunday when the Rev T Dixon preached. The church is centrally situated near the loop and is therefore of easy access for the residents of San Souci, Sandringham, Dolls Point and Ramsay-road. It is of neat design built of weatherboard, and capable of seating 150 persons, The site cost 43 the erection of the building 140, and the voluntary services rendered by Mr J C Alderson in connection with the building of the church has been recognised at a meeting of the residents as being equivalent to a donation of 50, making a total cost for land and building of 233. Sydney Morning Herald, 10 May 1902 Some time ago the fishermen of Sans Souci approached Mr Carruthers and asked him if it were not possible for them to have their fish conveyed to Sydney at the same rate as the fishermen at Como had their fish carried to Sydney. Mr Carruthers has received a letter from the Railway Commissioners pointing out that fish from Sans Souci is liable to a tramway charge to Kogarah station, which is 3d per small basket and 6d per hamper and box, which accounts for the difference in freight as compared with the traffic from Como. Sydney Morning Herald, 4 July 1904 ACQUITTED John Douglas, a fisherman, was acquitted on a charge that he did, at Sans Souci, on April 6, steal a fishing net, the property of Albert Smith. Mr L Gannon appeared for accused, who said he was the father of 17 children, and had resided at Sans Souci for the last 40 years. Sydney Morning Herald, 17 May 1905 SANS SOUCI PROGRESS ASSOCIATION The Progress Association is working hard to induce the authorities to drain Sandringham swamp. A deputation which waited on the Rockdale Council has reported that the aldermen are fully aware of the importance of the project. Of course this is only preparing the way for a deputation to the Government. The association is also trying to induce the Railway Commissioners to run the Sunday morning tram from Sandringham to Dolls Point, and the attention of the Premier, who happens to be the member for the district is to be called to the fact that the Government wharf at Sans Souci is out of repair. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 December 1905 CAB COLLIDES WITH A TRAM - TWO MEN INJURED About 8 o'clock last evening a cab collided with a tram near Endeavour-street, Kogarah, with the result that two men were injured, one seriously. The tram was bound from Kogarah to Sans Souci, with a fair number of passengers. On approaching Endeavour street, a horse attached to a cab shied, and before the driver could obtain control of the animal it crashed into the side of the car. The shaft smashed a door of the tram and struck a passenger named Clement Lewis (40), a canvasser, residing at Vista-street, 43

51 Sans Souci, in the right side, severely injuring him. The conductor, Harold Clark, was also a victim of the collision, but he escaped with slight hurts. The injured men were conveyed to the Kogarah Hospital by the police, and Lewis was admitted for treatment in a critical condition, Clark, after having his wounds dressed, was able to go to his home at Doll's Point. The horse was considerably knocked about, and the cab and tram were slightly damaged. Sydney Morning Herald, 3 January 1906 The Sans Souci Progress Association some little time ago asked the Railway Commissioners to remove the Doll's Point waiting room from its present position in the small triangular reserve to a position on Clareville Avenue, a few yards further on. The Department asked the opinion of Rockdale Council on the matter, and that body decided that no good purpose would be served by the removal of the room, which, they recommended, should remain as it is. St George Call, 10 February 1906, p10 SANDRINGHAM SNAPSHOTS Shortly after noon last Monday, Kogarah Fire Brigade received a call to Clareville-avenue, Sandringham, where a bush fire had occurred. About 4 acres of bush and 6 panels of fencing, belonging to Mrs. Alston, were burnt out. In response to the application of Mr. H. Munro of Doll's Point to Rockdale Council for some repairs to the creek adjoining his property, Overseer Berry has reported that a dry rubble wall should be constructed, making a retaining wall for the path, and a permanent bank for the creek, at a cost of 17/10/ -. As Mr. Munro will benefit by this work, it was decided to approach him with respect to a quota of the cost. St George Call, 3 November 1906, p9 WATTS - COLLIS, October 11, at St Andrew's, Sans Souci, by the Rev R A Wilson, rector of St Paul's, Kogarah, Charles Edward of England, to Ada May (Dollie), only daughter of J E J Collis, of Sans Souci. Home papers please copy. Sydney Morning Herald, 22 November 1906 ROCKDALE The Public Works Department has notified the Rockdale Council that it has been resolved by the Ministry to expend the sum of 4000 on the construction of a road from President's avenue, Brightonle-Sands to Doll's Point, thus providing a drive along Lady Robinson's Beach. The trustees of Scarborough Park have effected a great many improvements in that park, which should be highly appreciated. The sea retaining-wall is to be continued up Doll's Creek, and taken as far as Russell'savenue. Sydney Morning Herald, 30 January 1907 A wedding was solemnised by the Rev. H. R. A. Wilson in St. Andrew's Church. Sans Souci, on Thursday, April 23, when Miss Jessie Selmon, eldest daughter of Mr. Selmon, Brighton, Sans Souci, was married to Mr. F. Stelzer, of Sandringham. The bride wore a cream dress and an embroidered veil over a wreath of orange blossoms, also a brooch set with opals, and carried a white bouquet, gifts of the bridegroom. The bridesmaids were in attendance, Miss M. Selmon (sister) and Miss Freda Aldrich (cousin), both of whom wore cream dresses and hats to match. Their brooches and bouquets wore gifts from the bridegroom. Mr. Hutchison, of Cobar, acted as groomsman. Sydney Morning Herald, 9 May 1908 STRAYING CATTLE AGAIN I had to drive eight cows out of my garden, and one of these creatures nearly killed a child, wrote a Sans Souci resident to Kogarah Council, and under such circumstances I think we are entitled to some attention from these straying cattle. The council recognised this as one of many such complaints 44

52 which they were endeavouring to remedy. Come down my way, said an alderman to the inspector, and you can get two or three at any time. The inspector promised increased activity. Sydney Morning Herald, 20 June 1908 OPENING OF CARRUTHERS DRIVE GOVERNOR TO PERFORM CEREMONY Along the western foreshore of Botany Bay between Doll's Point and Brighton, there was recently completed a road about 3½ miles long. The surface being covered with ironstone gravel makes an ideal road for cycles, motors, and the lighter horse drawn vehicles. Out of compliment to Sir Joseph Carruthers the Rockdale Council has called it Carruthers Drive. With every southerly blow for years past the embankment of sand has rendered any municipal attempt at road making futile. To overcome this a strongly constructed fascine hedge of ti- tree has been made for the whole distance, while on the beach Marram grass has been planted between the beach and the road a sloping lawn, planted with shade trees, is designed, to accommodate the holiday-maker. On February 26, the road will he declared open by Sir Harry Rawson. It is the intention of the council to invite the State Ministery and the Railway Commissioners, also the neighbouring councils. The Automobile Club is to be asked to accompany the Governor in a run to Doll s Point and thence along the drive to Brighton. Arrangements are in hand for the presentation of a souvenir to his Excellency, which will take the form of an inscribed silver shield. Sydney Morning Herald, 12 February 1909 DISTRICT DEATHS The sad death of Roy Poynter, fourth son of Mr. and Mrs. Hector R. Munro of Myee, Doll's Point, took place on Saturday morning between 7 and 8 o'clock. It came as a great and severe shock to all his family who were unaware of any serious affection of the heart. He was greatly respected by all who came in contact with him, being of a naturally quiet and unassuming disposition. He had been working late at the office for two nights previous, and returned home apparently in his usual health. Next morning he told his sister be was going for a stroll on the beach, before having his bath. He did not intend bathing in the bay. Not returning at the usual time, his mother became anxious and sent his brothers and sisters in search of him, also ran over to the beach herself and found that he had suddenly expired on the beach. All efforts were made to restore animation but these were not successful. Dr. Lamrock arrived and after examination pronounced life extinct the cause being heart failure. Great sympathy has been shown for his sorrowing parents and family, many hundreds of tokens of sympathy having been sent to the house. The funeral took place at Woronora Cemetery, Sutherland on Monday afternoon, a large number of relatives and friends were present. A very impressive service was conducted by Rev. H. Wilson at the graveside, and many were moved to tears at the thought of a young man just beginning life, cut off so suddenly. The chief mourners were : Mr. Hector R. Monro (father), Cecil and Ray Monro (brothers), W. Monro, F. Monro, L. Keep Dr. Carruthers, W. Evans, W. S. Suttor (uncles), P. and E. Carruthers, J. Cargill, M. Deane, E. R. Taylor, J. Voysey, C. J. Wallis (Director, Messrs, Winchcombe, Carson & Co., Ltd.), H. Bell, C. Vider, J. Stavenhagen, H. P. Chater, A. Chowne, S. Wallis, R. L. Mitchell, J. Comans, S. Anderson, K. Jackson, R. Armstrong, W. R. Bremner, E. H. Sawyer, G. R. Sawyer, V. Parkinson, E. J. Price, G. Cathcart, L. Everett, W. Albert, A. Field, V. Stimson, J. C. Selmon, A. Chapman, H. Dowsett, and H. Simpson (staff of Messrs. Winchcombe Carson & Co., Ltd.), Messrs. J. Crawford, W. Richardson, Dr. Lester, P. Pring, J. C. Gannon, F. Gannon, senr., G. Gannon, L. Langdon, A. Langdon, D. Maddison, C. Abraham, G. Richardson, C. W. Lincke, M. Wyatt, G. Wimble, T. Lackey, W. Balcombe, A. Richards, C. H. Halstead, H. Clarke, R. Evans, W. Harris, H. Hughes, W. Dixon, C. Harris, W. Hickson, H. Little, E. Needs, B. Amess, D. Keep, and W. Palmer. Many beautiful floral tributes were sent from friends, relations, and fellow officers. St George Call, 20 February 1909, p5 45

53 ALLEGED TWO-UP SCHOOLS At the Newtown Police Court yesterday, before Mr. Smithers, S.M., John Douglas, aged 33, and George Orange, aged 39, both fishermen, were charged with having played at the unlawful game of two up, at Sans Souci, on Sunday, March 28. Constable Tracey stated that in consequence of something he heard he went to Sans Souci, in company with Constables Prior and Lambert, on Sunday. He saw a number of men going into some bushes near the picnic grounds. Constable Prior went in the direction of the bushes, and about a dozen men ran away in all directions. Prior had the two accused in custody when witness came up. Constable Prior stated that the 12 men were kneeling down in a ring, and were playing two up. They had the kip produced, and they were tossing pennies in the air. The defendants tossed pennies, and they also made bets. Witness rushed the ring, and they scattered in all directions. Witness caught the two accused. He found 9d in the ring, and also a pack of cards. Douglas dropped the kip that witness picked up. The two accused gave evidence, denying that they were playing two up. Douglas stated that he was playing cards, and Orange said he was only looking on. To the Magistrate: What was picked up as a kip was only a chip of wood. The accused were each found guilty and were sentenced to be imprisoned for 14 days. Notice of appeal was given. Sydney Morning Herald, 31 March 1909 Mr. J. Garlick now lives at Doll's Point. On Saturday afternoon recently he caught within sight of his house (three in party) 53 red bream, three yellow tail, two cuttlefish, one leather jacket, and a two-foot shark. Sydney Morning Herald, 14 April 1909 George Orange and John Douglas, fishermen, appealed against a conviction and sentence of 14 days hard labour imposed upon them by Mr G H Smithers, S. M, for playing two-up at Sans Souci on March 28 on the ground mainly that their conviction was against evidence, and that the evidence disclosed no offence. Mr J W Abigail appeared in support of the appeal. His Honor said it must be understood by everyone that this sort of thing, two-up, was not to go on, and that the law was strong enough to put it down. The appeal was dismissed, and the conviction upheld with 3 3s costs. Sydney Morning Herald, 26 May 1909 DISTRICT DEATHS The death of Martin Henry (Harry) Little, an old resident of Doll's Point and Sans Souci district for the past 21years, took place at St. George's Cottage Hospital, Kogarah, on Thursday last, 17th June. The deceased, who was 54 years of age; was a native of Isleworth, England, and leaves a widow and three daughters to mourn their sad loss. The funeral took place at Woronora Cemetery, the last sad rites being conducted by the Rev. A. B. King, and was followed to the last resting place by a large number of relatives and friends. St George Call, 26 June 1909, p6 LITTLE GIRL SCALDED Grace Creswell, a State child, aged 6½ years, and living at Doll's Point, Sandringham, upset a vessel containing hot water at her residence yesterday and received severe scalds about the thighs. She was taken to the St. George Cottage Hospital and admitted. Sydney Morning Herald, 8 November

54 ROCKDALE MUNICIPALITY Scarborough Ward REQUISITION TO MESSRS. HEGERTY. BEEHAG, AND CRAWFORD. December 30, 1907 Gentlemen, We, the undersigned ratepayers of Scarborough Ward of Rockdale Municipality, do hereby make a request that you will allow yourselves to be nominated for the position of Aldermen at the forthcoming election. And we promise to use our influence and give our vote on your behalf, feeling that you have done your duty in the past, and we have every confidence in your doing it again in the future. W.Pritchard, Vista-st., Kogarah Henry Reuter, Rocky Point-road John Schofield, Rocky Point-road Joseph Twiss, Beach-st., Rockdale John Twiss, Beach-street, Rockdale Henry Fraser, Mitchell-st. John E. Smith, Mitchell-st. T. A. Baseley, Mitchell-st. G. O. King, Mitchell-st. G. Day, Mitchell-st. T. Smith, Mitchell-st. Charlotte Arnold, Rocky Point-road Henry Soames, Rocky Point-road Peter Moore, President Avenue J. A. Saunders, J. P., Cross-st., Rock. Joseph Bowmer, West Botany-st. Benjamin Bowmer, Bay-st., Rockdale Herbert R. Brighten, Rocky Point-rd. John Mill, Rockdale G. W. Dreaper, Napoleon-st. A. Monro, Doll's Point M. S. J. Lamb, Sandringham Hector Monro, Doll's Point Fred. T. Wimble, Doll's Point Walter J. Harris, Doll's Point J. S. Smith, Doll's Point J. A. McMasters, Austral-st. Samuel Stageman, Doll's Point W. A. Davis, Sandringham Charles W. Lincke, Sandringham F. Selmon, Sandringham Thomas Willmot, Sandringham Harold S. Clark, Russell-av., Doll's Pt. Albert Ikin, Bonanza Parade T. 0. Springfield, Sandringham H. Woolnough W. H. Fitzgerald, Kogarah J. A. Campbell, Russell-avenue E. D. Cooper, Russell-avenue A. E. Stelzer, Clareville-avenue, Sand. A. Menges, Clareville-avenue Mary Hayder, Clareville-avenue Charlotte Lee Smith, Alice-st. J. N. Dillon, Park-rd David Keep, Scarborough Park M. Conway, Scarborough Park Lilly Beazley, Ramsgate-road Halkitt H. Neaves, Ramsgate Mrs. Nesbitt, Ramsgate Keane Meurant, Ramsgate James Marx, Carroll's Hill Philip Batchelor, Marshall-st. H. Holyoake, Herman-st. J. McMill, Bonanza Parade E. Seage, Herman-st. A. A. Young, Herman-st. G. G. Dick, Vista-st. M. Malley, Sandringham S. Cresswell, Russell Avenue H. Quirk, Napoleon-st. John Frater, Sans Souci A. Richards, Sans Souci 47

55 PUNT WANTED AT SANS SOUCI As a means towards relieving the congestion that occurs at Tom Ugly's Point ferry crossing George's River on the Main South Coast-road, Ald. Hegerty suggested at last meeting of the Rockdale council that another punt should be established between Sans Souci and Commons Point. This ferry would possess the advantage of having the tram to Sans Souci as a connection, and would also be a big factor in developing that portion of Rockdale municipality and the shire of Sutherland. Alderman Taylor, M.L.A., pointed out that the department had this scheme under consideration already and the council decided to emphasise its necessity by a letter on the matter. Sydney Morning Herald, 22 April 1910 A GOOD SAMARITAN Many good wishes have been expressed to the donor of the seat for those waiting for trams at the Doll's Point stopping place on the Sans Souci tramline. The donor is Mr. F. E. Munro, of Russell Avenue, and his example might well be followed on this and other district lines. St George Call, 31 December 1910, p2 ABORIGINAL REMAINS An employee of the Water and Sewerage Board, Walter Alexander Clarke, while digging a trench for some pipes yesterday in The Avenue, Sans Souci, came across what appear to be a human skull and bones. The remains seem to be those of an aboriginal. The upper jaw - the lower is missing - possesses a remarkably fine set of teeth in perfect preservation. Sydney Morning Herald, 22 March 1911 WEDDINGS On Thursday, 13th April, at Kogarah Presbyterian Church, a pretty wedding took place, the bride being Elizabeth, daughter of the late Mr. Hickson, Doll s Point, and the bridegroom, John Cutting Gordon, son of P. L. Gordon of Wallace-street, West Kogarah. The bride, who was given away by her brother, Mr. W. Hickson, wore a handsome dress of white silk, draped with Limerick lace, pearl trimmings, and silk cord, the long train being caught with a large true lovers knot of pearls. She wore a beautiful tulle veil, arranged over a coronet of orange blossom, and carried a white shower bouquet, which, together with her amethyst necklet were gifts of the bridegroom. She was attended two bridesmaids, the Misses K. Macrae, and Morrice, cousins of the bridegroom, who wore dainty dresses of white shower of hail muslin, trimmed with malines and guipure lace, and relieved with white satin ribbons, white crinoline hats, trimmed with pink and blue, respectively, they carried pale pink shower bouquets, gifts of the bridegroom, who also presented them with amethyst brooches. The two little Misses Beryl Hyem and Mysie Bennett, nieces of the bride, acted as train bearers, wearing dainty frocks of white silk; they carried crooks and wore gold bangles, also gifts of the bridegroom. The bride's going away dress was of ashes of rose chiffon cloth, aluminium trimmings and silk fringe, which was worn with a large black velvet hat. Mr. George Gordon, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. After the ceremony, the bridal party and guests adjourned to Brett's Hall where the usual toasts were honored. St George Call, 22 April 1911, p4 To the Editor of The Call. Sir, Whilst not exactly cattle fanciers down our way, the residents have plenty of opportunity of viewing the four-legged devastators indigenous to Dolls Point. While residents may merely object to the strays doing up their front gardens during the day, they profoundly protest and say hard things of the 48

56 authorities who permit them to execute a peal of bells beneath the suffering residents bedroom windows in the early morning hours. Have we an Inspector and if so, where is he? Yours etc. ONE OF THE BOYS. Doll's Point. St George Call, 6 May 1911, p6 TREE PLANTING AT DOLL'S POINT One of the most successful functions ever held at the Point, was the general expression of opinion on last Saturday's tree-planting function at Doll's Point. This event had been engineered by Messrs. Finlay, E. Munro, and Ald. Crawford, and invitations were extended to all residents to Come and plant a tree and thus help to adorn the foreshore drive. The other trustees also lent willing assistance to the scheme, and the result was as stated, notwithstanding the wintry weather. In all 91 trees were planted, and at the conclusion of work an adjournment was made to Mr. Munro's residence, where refreshments were handed round to the big gathering, with Messrs Munro and Crawford as hosts. Occasion was taken to felicitate Mr. J. C. Gannon on his elevation to the chairmanship of the trust vice the late Mr. Samuel Cook. St George Call, 17 June 1911, p3 NEW FERRY SEEVICE For 30 years past, and from many successive Governments, the residents in the Cronulla district have been endeavouring to obtain a ferry service to connect up Sans Souci with Taren Point, more familiarly known, perhaps, as Commons Point, and so to provide a direct route through from Sydney to Cronulla and the surrounding country. It has remained for private enterprise to carry out this work, and on Eight Hour Day the new ferry service was started, and three boats are now running. Sydney Morning Herald, 5 October 1911 SANS SOUCI POST OFFICE At the last meeting of the Kogarah Council, Ald. Harper complained that a regular postman should be attached to the Sans Souci post office. He pointed out that the postmistress had a difficulty in getting a boy for the work. The council endorsed Ald. Harper's complaint, and decided to write the authorities on the matter. Sydney Morning Herald, 27 April 1912 ST. GEORGE SAILING AND MOTOR BOAT CLUB The proposal of the executive of St. George Sailing and Motor Boat Club to erect a substantial club at Sans Souci is being heartily taken up. The proposal necessitates a capital of 6000, and land of the value of 700 has already been secured at Rocky Point. The scheme provides for residential quarters, locker accommodation for the crews (which this season it is estimated will number nearly 300, library and reading room, billiard-room, tennis and bowling greens. At the club s recent annual ball, prizes won during the past season were presented to the winners by President Martin, and on behalf of members Mr Tom Donald (president of the Sydney Flying Squadron) presented Mr. J. W. Swaindon (Hon. Secretary) with a handsome gold Waltham watch, Mr. R U Steenbhom (Hon. Treasurer) with a silver epergne, and Mr A Bird (assistant secretary) with a gold medal. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 July

57 PTOMAINE AGAIN - A SANS SOUCI PICNIC - NÎNETEEN MEN ATTACKED On Sunday night, while the party of picnickers from Clifton Gardens were being treated at Sydney Hospital, the St. George Cottage Hospital, Kogarah, was attending to the needs of 12 men, who were also suffering from ptomaine poisoning. The 12, who yesterday morning were allowed to proceed to their homes, were members of a party of 19, all Pyrmont timber workers, who had been spending the day at Sans Souci. They lunched at about mid-day, the meal consisting of ham, tongue, salad, fruit, and jellies, none of which, it is stated were tinned. For the earlier part of the afternoon, no ill-effects were felt, but towards 3 p.m. the driver of the bus in which the picnic party had gone to the place, became ill. The others did not realise that he was poisoned until they all began to feel ill, and in a few minutes everyone of the party were on the ground in a state of helplessness. The picnic was being held in a secluded spot, and no one observed the plight of the 19 men who lay about in extremes of pain and sickness till nearly sunset, when the bus driver, though still very bad, managed to hitch up his horses and pack his sick friends into the waggon. He then drove with all speed to the St. George Cottage Hospital, where 12 of the men were accommodated, being too bad to proceed home. The other seven returned to their homes, and were treated by local doctors. The condition of the men is not critical. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 October 1912 PROPERTY- SALES The Sylvia Estate, at Sans Souci, was submitted by Messrs. M'Millan and Freeth on Saturday afternoon, with satisfactory results. There was a good attendance, and spirited bidding resulted in 20 out of 28 blocks being sold at prices from 15/ to 23/ per foot. Sydney Morning Herald, 17 December 1912 ELECTRIC LIGHT AGAIN The following letter was read at last meeting of Rockdale Council, from Mr. J. Garlick, Doll's Point, Sandringham: As a ratepayer of Rockdale I desire to respectfully draw the attention of your Council to the above newspaper paragraph and to ask the Council to kindly take into consideration the urgent need of some better lighting service than that provided by the Aust. Gaslight Co. Whatever opinion may be held respecting the present street lighting service, there is no doubt whatever that the private service in this district is very unsatisfactory indeed. An inspection at Ashfield, where the City Council's light has been adopted, will show an infinitely better street lighting system also. The Council is doing good work under difficult circumstances and with a small income, but I trust that its other activities will not prevent it from giving earnest consideration to the question of obtaining an electricity supply for the residents, to replace our inadequate gas service. The paragraph referred to in the letter reads: The installation of electricity at Newtown for lighting purposes is giving general satisfaction. Referring to the matter in his annual report, the Mayor (Ald. Rigg) said there was an ever-increasing demand for current for lighting and power, by private residents and business firms. The present estimated candle-power of lights for street lighting was 87,240 as against 26,765 when the Municipality was lighted by gas. The Mayor (Ald. Broe) stated that this was a big proposition, and before a decision could be arrived at the Council should agree to visit some of these up-to-date suburbs where electric light was freely used, at night, which the Council decided to do. St George Call, 22 February 1913, p1 50

58 KITH AND KIN LONG LOST FRIENDS - INQUIRIES FROM ENGLAND The subjoined list of inquiries for missing friends believed to be in Australia or New Zealand is culled from 'Lloyd's Weekly News.' Anyone knowing the whereabouts of the persons mentioned is requested to communicate with the editor of 'Lloyd's Weekly,' or of this paper: WIMBLE (HANNAH), nee RADFORD, was last heard of Dolls' Point, Sandringham, Sydney, 1910, Sister Elisabeth asks. The Daily News Perth, 3 May 1913 SCHOOLBOY'S DEATH - CHARGE OF - MANSLAUGHTER A young man named Allan Mepstead, a labourer, was yesterday committed by the Acting City Coroner (Mr. J. W. Fletcher) to stand his trial at the Court of Gaol Delivery next September on a charge of manslaughter, This finding was the outcome of an inquest regarding the death of a schoolboy, Stanley Hope, 11, which occurred on May 30, the effect of compression of the brain from an extra- dural hemorrhage. In evidence James Greenhalgh, 12 years old, of Sans Souci, said that on the afternoon of May 29 he and the deceased boy passed the Rockdale Council's quarry on their way home from school. Two men, unknown to them, were near the corner. In passing witness coughed. One of the men said, What's up? to which the boy replied, Nothing. The man then said, I'll kick you. No, you won't, replied the boy, as he quickened his pace. There upon the stranger threw a stone at him, which missed its mark, but whizzed by the deceased boy. The latter, thinking the missile was meant for him, returned a shot. Then the man threw a larger stone. Both boys ducked, but the deceased rose too soon, and was struck on the left temple. His head bled profusely, and he kept moaning, Oh, my head! Witness took him to the gate of his home. Allan Mepstead, in court, he identified as the man who threw the stone. Mrs. Francis Hope said that she bathed her son's head in cold water and boracic acid, bandaged the wound, and laid him on the bed. But as he began to cry, and his face became pallid, she took him to the doctor in a tram. The doctor telephoned the hospital, but there was no vacant bed. So he told witness to return home, and put cold packs on the boy's head. Next morning she was warming some milk for the boy, when, on going to his room, she found him to be red in the face, and breathing heavily. She rang up the doctor, who arrived a few minutes before the boy died. Dr. Stratford Sheldon, who made a post-mortem examination, told the Court that it would not take a very great blow to cause the injuries sustained by the deceased. Had a common operation been performed, very likely the boy's life would have been saved. Allan Mepstead gave evidence, that, while working in the gravel quarry, some boys came by. One throw a pebble. Witness picked up what he thought was a piece of clay, and hurled it in the direction of the boys, not meaning to hit any of them. He didn't notice whether it struck anyone. I was on the best of terms with the boys about there, he added. Allan Mepstead was acquitted. Sydney Morning Herald, 5 June 1913 A BOAT SHED COLLAPSES A boat shed at Doll's Point, owned and occupied by Mr. G. Harris, completely collapsed last Saturday night, at 10 o'clock. The structure which was mostly of galvanised iron, measured about 30x25, and for some time past has had a dangerous list to starboard, caused through the sand being washed away from the supporting piers. Recently the Government built a stone wall in close proximity to the boatshed to act as a breakwater for the road, and the sea, breaking in off this wall, has been responsible for the collapse. 51

59 Most of Mr. Harris's boats were out on the beach at the time the shed collapsed, and therefore, were not damaged. Nevertheless the damage will probably run very near a hundred pounds, as the shed will have to be completely rebuilt. St George Call, 18 October 1913, p4 THE LATE Mr. W. E. RUST The district has lost one of those types of sturdy Englishmen, who have done so much pioneer work in this country, in the person of Mr. Rust. His career was eventful, full of romance (at the telling of which he was an artist), and at the same time full of that spirit of well doing that meant success to any district in which his energies were expended. Mr. Rust was born at Sandringham, Norfolk, Eng., in 1828, and for a number of his youthful years followed the sea. (His seafaring exploits were so numerous that they would take pages to tell). He tried his hand at the Californian diggings, and afterwards on the Turon in this part of the world. Settling down he found employment at Botany, and in about 1863 took over the license of the Sans Souci Hotel, which he kept for a number of years, and then built and opened the Prince of Wales Hotel, at Sandringham. Mr. Rust also built a number, of fine residences in the district notably Ellesmere, for many years the home of Sir Joseph Carruthers, and Denbigh, the present home of Capt. Chapman. He was one of the first agitators for a school and post office, and also contributed liberally with others towards the cost of the Sans Souci tram. At one time 175 acres, extending from the hotel to Doll's Point, belonged to him. Prior to coming to Sans Souci, Mr. and Mrs. Rust, who were married at St. Phillip's, Church Hill, by Archdeacon Cowper, lived at Petersham, and Mr. Rust often referred to his having assisted in the building of a shed, which for some years was used as a temporary railway station. The funeral took place at Rookwood on Tuesday, October 28, the Rev. J. G. Wilton performing the last sad rites. Among those present were: Messrs. Jaques, Commins, G. Hughes, Burgess, Frank, Crawford, F. Smith, H. Smith. F. Bird, A. Bird, Pfeoffer, Souter, H. Moyse, Lawrance, Lincke, Dillon, Plazzie, English, Capt. Chapman. Wreaths were received from the following: Sir Joseph and Lady Carruthers, Mr. A. Jaques, Capt. Chapman, Mr. Herb Commins, Mrs. Hamilton and daughters Mrs. Bird and family, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith, Lucy and Roger Moag, Miss Commins, Mrs. Haughton, and Mrs. Fraser. St George Call, 8 November 1913, p4 BUSH FIRE AT DOLL'S POINT - EXPERIMENTAL FARM IN DANGER A fire occurred in Norman's bush, adjacent to the Experimental Farm, on Monday night at about 9 o'clock, and having gained a good hold before it was discovered, presented a magnificent sight. People flocked from all parts of the neighbourhood to the scene of the conflagration, and the male portion of the community was soon busy fighting the fire with green bushes and bags, but with a stiff southerly fanning the flames they could not check its progress. It was streaking for the fence that surrounds the Experimental Farm, where the pedigree gander had his head on the ground and his tail in the air, as if he had given up all hope, and the Brussels sprouts were toasted brown with the heat. Soon it seemed as if all hope was gone for the fence, and the fire fighters began to draw off for a spell, when some fellow, with a brain like Edison's, suddenly shouted the last resource all hands to the pump, and he pointed a soot covered finger to where the Blixon pump stood out gleaming in the firelight. With a shout the men ran towards it and soon they had the flywheel doing 2000 revolutions to the minute, with four men on the handle. But, alas, the hose was not long enough, and would not reach to the fire. Later the wind began to ease down and the men abandoned the purr and returned to the attack with the bushes, beating the fire out. It was a great save, and everybody was dry but the pump. The fire waggon was ordered, but it did not turn up. Perhaps it was too far for the horses. St George Call, 15 November 1913, p3 52

60 CASUALTIES - SAVED HER SISTER May Campbell, 14, in attempting to save her little sister from being run over by steam tram, sustained a fractured arm and other injuries. It is stated that, a steam tram was proceeding along Griffith.-street, Sans Souci, on Thursday evening at a fair speed, when a little girl, two years of age, toddled right on to the tram line. It appeared as though nothing could save the child from death by being run over, when May Campbell dashed into the roadway and secured the child. She immediately tried to save herself, but was a little too late, for the tram knocked her over. She was thrown clear of the rails, but did not escape scatheless. She was subsequently admitted into the Kogarah Hospital by Dr. Woodward. The child was practically uninjured. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 November 1913 ON VACATION Mr. W. Waudby, of the Government Printing Office, is at present enjoying a five week vacation at his camp down at Doll's Point. Mr. Waudby started employment as a lad in the Government Printing Office over twenty years ago, and worked himself up by sheer merit to the position he now holds. Referring personally to Mr. Waudby one is struck with his keen sense of humour generosity, hospitality and genial manner. His visitors on Sunday morning, to congratulate him upon his holidays, included Mr. Gannon, Athough he has his faults, He is really very fond of sport And when invited always halts. In everything Bill's out to win, But he is far from fat. And every morn, he scrapes his chin, And dons the wide rimmed hat. But you should hear dear Billy sing. The echo you'll never lose, And if ever I offer an intro to Bill, 'Tis a thing you shouldn't refuse. (Warkus Wobblespear) St George Call, 27 December 1913, page DEPARTURE OF YE OLDE SEA BREEZE Our Doll's Point correspondent informs us that President W. Waudby's Sea Breeze is about to be removed to a more secluded spot up the river. Some of the yokels of Doll's Point will greet this bit of information with tears in their eyes as big as half crowns. In a little chat last Sunday Waub stated that the reason he was departing from his most cherished camping spot was because there were too many buildings going up around him. When they start to build houses here, says Waub this camp is about as much use to me as a wooden leg to a ballet dancer, so I'm quitting. I'm not being deported; Charlie and I are going up to Como, where we intend to live the simple life on a most lavish scale. We will have a boat and everything pertaining to sport and enjoyment (except pongelo), we don't want any pongelo. The jargon shall be left at home, so tell mother I'll be there. BOY'S PLUCKY ACTION While bathing at Doll's Point last Sunday morning, a boy named Samuel Scadden, aged 10 years, got out of his depth, and not being able to swim, was soon carried out into the stream by the strong current that races past Doll s Point. His cries, however, attracted the attention of a lad named Phillip Taylor, of Russell Avenue, Dolls Point, who dived in, fully clothed, and bravely brought the boy to the shore. Phil Taylor certainly deserves some recognition for his meritorious action as this is the second boy he has saved at this bathing place. St George Call, 11 April 1914, p3 53

61 OFF TO CAMP. A contingent of Dolls Point rustics led by General Blixon, put off for their Easter camp at Boat Harbour last Friday morning, and they aroused considerable interest among a large party of villagers who assembled on the beach to give them a hearty send off. At six o'clock on Friday morning the whole population of Dolls Point was aroused from its peaceful slumber by the sound of a strong voice coming from the direction of the E.F. But it was soon discovered that it was the voice of General Blixon who was massing his men for the march down to the beach, where Fred Selmon's launch was waiting to take them across the pond. At seven o'clock all eyes were turned on the track that leads down to the beach, and a shout of applause rent the air as the heavily laden contingent was sighted staggering down the track with the intrepid Blixon marching in front beating time with a rusty frying pan. St George Call, 18 April 1914 p5 SANS SOUCI. On Tuesday evening a well attended meeting was held at the Public school, Sans Souci, with the object of forming a branch of the National Rifle Reserve. Captain Chapman was voted to the chair, and Captain Tickle, of the Rockdale Rifle Club, was present. It was decided that a branch of the Rockdale Rifle Club formed, and that drill nights should be Monday and Tuesday at 8 o'clock. It was resolved that one parade a week should be compulsory, as it was explained that non-attendance at drills for three compulsory consecutive drills would entail forfeiture of membership. Captain C. E. Bird was elected to represent the Sans Souci unit. Forty five members were enrolled. An enrolling officer will be present at each parade, commencing Monday next. Sydney Morning Herald, 25 February 1915 A BALLAD OF BOTANY BAY. Wing thee this verse in its majestic flight, Grace with a melody these words I write. Of Botany Bay, Australia's orb of splendour, And the blacks that stood on Kurnell to defend her. And all the old world watched the fearless crew Of that famous little ship, whose captain knew That where sky and ocean met far in the west, A new land Australia awaited his quest. A new land with its portals opened wide, A land within which shall prosperity bide, Those Kurnell blacks knew he had come to stay, When Captain Cook landed in Botany Bay. Bill Biffinswipe, Doll's Point. St George Call, 23 May 1914, p7 54

62 ACCIDENTS AT DOLL'S POINT On Friday morning a baker's cart, belonging to Mr. Allen, of Kogarah, capsized, in Clareville Avenue, pinning the driver underneath, and it was only with the help of Mr. Geo. Russell and several other people who were about at the time that he was able to extricate himself. He was not without injury, however, and had to be taken into Mrs. Russell's house until medical aid was called. The sanitary waggon also had an accident in the next street (Sandringham- road), caused through the horse suddenly dropping dead. It is said that the animal's death was, due to bad chaff. The chaff sold these times is nothing more than chopped up second hand mattress straw and is bad enough to kill anything, even rats. St George Call, 24 July 1915, p6 DANGEROUS FIREARMS A girl residing between Ramsgate and Doll's Point, near the beach, was out walking on Saturday last, when she was shot in the hand by some person unknown with a revolver or pea rifle. Of course, in all probability, it was an accident as no sane man would, do such a thing. The fact of the matter is some game hunter has been stalking deer in the nearby forest, and seeing the young lady from a distance has mistaken her for one of those gentle creatures, and had a shot at her. It did not injure the girl very much fortunately. These local sportsmen should and will have to be more careful when out hunting with a loaded blunderbuss. St George Call, 14 August 1915, p5 MEN OF THE DARDANELLES Private William Alfred Rodden, who died of illness at Alexandria, was a single man, 22 years of age, and the adopted son of Mr. and Mrs. Shrugg, of Glenelg, Dolls Point, Sandringham. He was a drummer in the band of the 18th Battalion, 5th Brigade, and left Sydney on June 25. After being in the firing line for a few days he was attacked with dysentery, and was admitted to the Alexandria General Hospital on September 9, and died on September 21. Previous to joining the Expeditionary Forces he was employed by David Jones, Limited. He was a member of the Dolls Point Cricket and Swimming Clubs, and was one of the boys of the Kogarah Continuation School. He took a keen interest in all branches of sport. Sydney Morning Herald, 11 October 1915 DOLL'S POINT ATHLETIC CLUB The above club contested a 50 yard breast-stroke handicap at Alexander's Sans Souci bath's, with the following results -Final: G. Pulle, 4s 1; G. Hawkins, scr, 2; D. Aird, scr, 3. Sydney Morning Herald, 31 January 1916 SERGEANT C. O. HARPER Alderman and Mrs. George Harper, of Sans Souci, have received news that their son, Sergeant C. O. Harper, has been wounded in France. Sydney Morning Herald, 12 August 1916 PRIVATE REG. COLVIN Private Reg. Colvin, son of Mr and Mrs John Colvin of Sans Souci has been wounded in France. Sydney Morning Herald, 21 August 1916 DOCTOR SUED FOR DAMAGES The case was concluded in which Selena Ann Bradbury, of Rocky Point-road, Sans Souci, sued William Johnstone Binns, surgeon, for 1000 damages for alleged negligent and unskilful treatment of a fracture of the hand and wrist. Mr. Garland, K.C., and Mr. Collins, instructed by Mr. K. A. Beeby, appeared 55

63 for the plaintiff; and Mr. Shand, K.C., and Mr. Davidson, instructed by Messrs. Salwey and Primrose, for the defendant. The jury returned a verdict for the defendant Sydney Morning Herald, 31 August 1916 PRIVATE F. W. MAUDE Private F. W. Maude, of Sans Souci, is a prisoner of war in Germany. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 September 1916 PRIVATE V. THOMAS Word has been received by private cable that Private Vic Thomas (Field Ambulance, A.A.M.C), son of Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas, of Sans Souci, has been wounded in France. Sydney Morning Herald, 30 November 1916 BOAT SWAMPED LONG SWIM IN HEAVY SEA - A NARROW ESCAPE A boating accident occurred in Botany Bay yesterday. A party of six young men set out from a boatshed at Sans Souci in a small sailing boat named Elsie, for a cruise around Botany Bay. There was a strong wind and a choppy sea at the time, and when the party was off Towra Point the sea began to break over the small vessel, and she was soon swamped. The occupants were thrown into the water. A strong sea was running and the nearest land at Doll's Point was over a mile and a half away. They set out to swim ashore, and after a desperate battle two of them succeeded in landing at Doll's Point. Of the other four nothing was seen, and the worst was feared. However, at last night they were discovered by the search boats at Towra Point. They were in an exhausted condition, but otherwise were unharmed. The names of the occupants of the boat were; Bert J. Williams, Michael Williams, Frederick Mallet, Edward J. Melley, Alfred Willet, Frederick Cairncross. Sydney Morning Herald, 30 December 1916 MILITARY MEDAL Corporal Sidney Vincent, son of Mrs T Evans, of Alice-street, Sans Souci, has been awarded the Military Medal for bravery in the field. He was wounded in France, and is now in hospital in England. Corporal Vincent sailed with the first contingent, and went through the whole of the Gallipoli campaign. Sydney Morning Herald, 4 June 1917 Mrs. Heaton, Sans Souci, has been notified that her son, Corporal Raymond Heaton, is suffering from gas poisoning in France, His father, Private S. Heaton, is on active service. Sydney Morning Herald, 11 June 1917 REAL ESTATE NOTES OF THE WEEK Mr. Ernest C. V. Broughton has within the last week or two had many inquiries for building allotments and cottages. His late sales include two cottages and land, Wattle-street, Mortdale, one for 285, and the other for 260. A cottage and land, Russell-avenue, Doll's Point, 155 Four allotments, Railway Estate, Toongabbie, 233; an allotment with 43 feet frontage to Alison-road, Cronulla. 119; and an allotment, Belmore Township, 106. Smaller allotments were also sold at Guildford, Meadowbank, and Balgowlah Manly. Sydney Morning Herald, 28 July 1917 MEMORIAL TO FALLEN SOLDIERS A movement is on foot at Doll's Point Sandringham, to erect a monument to perpetuate the memory of soldiers from Sandringham and Sans Souci, who have forfeited their lives in the Empire's cause. 56

64 Towards the end a meeting will be held at the residence of Mr. R. Taylor, Sandringham Road, tomorrow (Sunday) at 4 o'clock, at which a cordial invitation is extended to all interested to be present. It is proposed to form a committee, when an endeavour will be made to raise funds sufficient to purchase a statute already completed by Mr. Taylor. St George Call, 20 October 1917, p7 ON ACTIVE SERVICE UEBEL -In loving memory of my dear husband Pte Charlie Uebel l9th Battalion, killed in action Passchendaele. October 8, 1917, after two years active service. One of Australia s best. The saddest day is yet to come When the boys come marching home. And we miss from among the cheery crowd Our dear daddy Inserted by his loving wife and children, Charlie, Arthur, Joyce, Ronnie of Dolls Point. UEBEL -In loving memory of my dear son in law, Pte Charlie Uebel, 19th Battalion, killed in action. Passchendaele October 8, 1917, after two years active service. He fell a hero in the deadly strife, He fought so bravely, he laid down his life Inserted by his loving mother in law. Mrs Turner, Kogarah. Sydney Morning Herald, 8 October 1918 Private Edward Wareham Eames, died from effects of gunshot wound in tho groin, on November 11. He was a great grandson of the late Commander Richard Sadleir, RN the first mayor of Liverpool. At the time of his enlistment, he was in the employ of the Public Construction Branch, and was the only son of Mr. W. F. Eames of Sans Souci. Sydney Morning Herald, 24 December 1918 SANDRINGHAM. SOLDIERS' HOME FORMERLY A PUBLIC HOUSE What was till recently the Scarborough Hotel, at Doll's Point, Sandringham, is now a well-equipped Red Cross convalescent home for wounded soldiers. Sister Boniface is in charge. The one brick with about 40 rooms overlooks Botany Bay, and there is accommodation for a considerable number of men. The attractions of the place include fishing, swimming, and boating. In the home itself, there is a billiard table, the gift of Mr. Garnsley, a previous occupant of the promises. The home is reached by tram from Kogarah. Sydney Morning Herald, 1 August 1919 NEW CONVALESCENT HOME This afternoon, at 8 o'clock, Lady Davidson, O.B.E., will officially open the Scarborough Red Cross Convalescent Home at Dolls Point. Sydney Morning Herald, 6 September THE CHURCHES. LETTER FROM THE ARCHBISHOP A commencement has been made this week in the erection of a Baptist church and school by the Home Mission Society of the Baptist Union at Ramsgate, Sans Souci. Sydney Morning Herald, 3 July

65 DISTRICT DEATH The death of Mrs. Gannon, wife of Hon. J. C. Gannon, K.C., M.L.C., occurred at Doll's Point, Sandringham, on Tuesday. She had been in ill-health for some time. The funeral, which was largely attended, took place on Wednesday, at Sutherland Cemetery. St George Call, 4 December 1920, p2 KOGARAH-SANS SOUCI TRAM TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD Sir,-Referring to your account in this morning's issue of the derailment of the Kogarah Sans Souci tram last Saturday, I wish to point out that the event is of more public importance than it would at first appear - other derailments, a broken axle and breakages of the parts of engines on this line are recent, and noticing the speed that is usually maintained, one can easily understand it and recognise the apparent fear and dismay of some passengers on some trips - sometimes of a morning, and always in the busy parts of the evening, the trams are disgracefully overcrowded and over driven. Years ago, I believe, a timetable was adopting, providing sufficient stopping places to ensure a safe and timely journey to catch the train at Kogarah, but of recent years every new subdivision is granted a new stop, with the result that, although at times the tram misses the train, the actual tram travelling time must be illegal and positively unsafe. The expansion of the district between Kogarah and Sans Souci of recent years has been very large and continuous, and it deserves better and safer tram transit. Something should at once be done by reducing the number of stoppages, or by running extra trams, and by a complete overhaul and renovation of the hauling machinery. By these means some degree of comfort may be extended to the people on this large and growing service. The tram, which runs on the open roads, acquires at times the pace of some trains, and the demands of hill climbing send the trams round most dangerous curves at the fullest speed. I believe that if the higher railway authorities were seized of the foregoing facts soon some remedy would be adopted. As to the night- time supervision at the Kogarah end of this service, and the state of the cars, I will say nothing, but will leave it to the responsible officers to make report if required. I am, etc., TRAVELLER. Sans Souci. PS - It is to be hoped that expert investigation may tell us if the broken axle was the cause or the result of the accident. Sydney Morning Herald, 10 February 1921 SERIES OF ACCIDENTS A series of accidents took place at Kogarah on Saturday afternoon last when a steam tram nearly ran through a shop window, after smashing a sulky, killing the horse, and injuring Miss Peatfield, of Kogarah. As the tram was leaving the railway yard on its way to Sans Souci, the horse, which was approaching from an opposite direction, shied and ran into it, throwing the occupants of the sulky, Mr. Peatfield, who has a shop in Kogarah-parade, and his daughter, on to the ground. While proceeding to the locality the St. George Ambulance ran over Mr. Harkness, Chandos-street, North Sydney, injuring his left leg. Mr. Harkness was conveyed to the St. George Hospital, but before the ambulance returned Miss Peatfield walked to the hospital, and was treated for slight injuries. Mr. Peatfield escaped with a few abrasions, but the sulky was badly smashed. Considerable time elapsed before the tram was replaced on the rails. Sydney Morning Herald, 30 January 1922 STEAM LAUNCH CAPSIZES At about 6.30 last night a small steam launch, owned by Mr. Willam Small, of Sans Souci, capsized and sank in George's River, opposite Tom Ugly's Point. Mr. Small, together with two other persons who occupied the launch, was thrown into the water. Fortunately all three could swim, and they 58

66 managed to reach the ferry punt which crosses the river at this point. The accident was caused by the launch colliding with the iron rope attached to the punt. Sydney Morning Herald, 5 June 1922 TO HELP THE HOSPITAL - A SEA LEOPARD The Secretary of the Hospital informs us that Messrs. Hayward Bros., of Doll's Point, Sans Souci, on Monday afternoon last, shot a big fish in the water, which proved to be a Sea Leopard, 11 ft. 74 inches long, weighing about half a ton, and being wounded it savagely made towards the boat in which they were fishing, when one of the brothers again fired, killing it. They generously handed over same to the Hospital Authorities, who have it now on view from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., until Sunday night next, at Thornton's new dressing shed, Sandringham. A SMALL FEE OF 6d. IS CHARGED Proceeds in aid of the St. George District Hospital. Naturalists seldom have such an opportunity, and the general public will be equally delighted with this wonderful specimen from the vasty deep. St George Call, 18 August 1922, p4 CHILD'S NARROW ESCAPE Knocked down by a motor bus, one of the wheels of which passed over her hair, Dorothy Marie Morris, 6 years of age, sustained a broken jaw and other injuries on Rocky Point-road, Sans Souci, yesterday afternoon. The little girl was returning from school to her home in Campbell-street, Kogarah, and was crossing the road when the accident happened. She was taken to the Kogarah Hospital. Sydney Morning Herald, 20 November 1923 TAREN POINT PUNT - TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD Sir, Yesterday, the 6th instant, 5000 visitors journeyed to Cronulla. All motor traffic had to go via Tom Ugly's Point, which meant a congestion of that road and congestion at the punt. The punt at Taren Pointroad crossed occasionally from Sans Souci to Taren Point with an occasional vehicle aboard, the reason being that the road connecting the punt with the main highway to Cronulla, about a mile in length, has been allowed to become almost impassable. Originally a beautiful tarred metal track was laid down the whole length, but that was some years ago. Now it is a series of hard pointed corrugated holes, some 12in deep. Motorists have endeavoured to negotiate it by running the near side wheels on the grass on the sides of the road, but even that is impossible now. The road is used by the motor service cars running between Rockdale and Cronulla almost exclusively, but one scarcely ever passes without seeing a car laid up on the bank side. Last week I had the temerity to use it, and as a result one of the axles of my car was broken, and it had to be towed in. I have written the Minister for Local Government, the member for the district, and the shire president, and have also offered to head a subscription list to have the work done without any cost to the shire. Cannot something be done? The punt is being run at great expense practically empty, while the punts at Tom Ugly's Point are congested for the very reason that the Taren Point punt, which was installed to help them, is unavailable owing to the bad state of the road making it practically inaccessible. I am, etc, Jan. 7. H. R. ABIGAIL Sydney Morning Herald, 8 January 1924 Miss Lonsdale, whose fine services as head mistress of the girls' side of the Primary School have been widely appreciated by parents, has been transferred to the position of head mistress at Sans Souci, where she took up duties yesterday. Miss Lonsdale was in Dubbo fifteen years ago as an assistant teacher for a considerable time, and she has now completed four years as head mistress. She will be very much missed by a large circle of friends, who will be pleased to hear that she will be in Dubbo during the coming weekend, leaving again on Monday morning, The Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate, 22 January

67 BARNARDO GIRLS - ARRIVE BY EURIPIDES - A SUCCESSFUL SCHEME Fifty Barnardo girls arrived at Sydney yesterday by the steamer Euripides, and were welcomed by representatives of the New South Wales branch of the Barnardo Homes and the New Settlers' League of Australia. Arrangements had been made by the league to extend an official welcome at Trinity Hall, Miller's Point, to the girls, but owing to the late hour at which the steamer arrived it was found necessary to postpone the function until 10 o'clock this morning. Although the scheme of bringing Barnardo boys and girls to New South Wales is in its infancy it has achieved success. Reports regarding the 221 boys and 32 girls already settled in the State have been most satisfactory, failures being almost unknown, and the number of applications received has been greatly in excess of the supply available. At the conclusion of the official welcome, the girls will be taken to Scarborough House at Sans Souci, and tomorrow the guardians to whom they have been allotted will call and take charge of their respective wards. Sydney Morning Herald, 21 February 1924 SHOCKING ACCIDENT - MAN KILLED BY STEAM TRAM A man, walking through the darkness to his home, and trampling along the tramline in Cook Park, Sans Souci last night, was run down by a steam tram enroute to Kogarah and killed. The man, Harry Fleet, aged 48 years, of Bonnie Doon, The Avenue, Sans Souci, was employed as a car painter by the Railway Department, and he was apparently travelling along between the rails as a short cut to his home. The darkness was almost impenetrable, and the driver of the tram engine saw nothing of the man. He felt a bump, however and pulling up the locomotive, went back along the line, supposing that he had struck a boulder, and wondering whether there had been any damage to the rails. He was horrified to find the body of the man lying alongside the rails. The corpse was conveyed to the City Morgue by the St George District Ambulance. Sydney Morning Herald, 16 May 1925 PIC-NICKERS Will have a grand opportunity of purchasing a water frontage block right at Doll's Point, Sandringham, on Saturday, the 26th November. Messrs. Peach Bros., auctioneers, of Kogarah, and 76 Pitt Street, Sydney, have fixed the date for the auction sale of the Pic-Nic Park Estate, comprising 11 water frontage reserve blocks to Cook Park, and road frontage to Russell Avenue, together with 76 residential allotments fronting Russell Av., Gannon Avenue, Malua Street and Sandringham Street. The Estate is well and truly named, being located right in the Pic-Nickers' area, with bathing, fishing, boating, good beach for the children, close to tram waiting shed and Prince of Wales Hotel pleasure grounds. Easily reached by tram from Kogarah or Rockdale stations along the beautiful Carruther's Drive. Note the date, Saturday, 26th November. St George Call, 14 October 1921, p5 INJUNCTION TILL THE HEARING Allport v Behn. (Before Mr. Acting Justice Maughan.) On behalf of the plaintiff in the suit of Charles Ernest Allport against Leslie Behn, on application was listed for hearing for an injunction restraining the defendant from opening or being connected with the Scarborough dairy and milk run, now being conducted by him, or with any other dairy or milk run within a two miles radius of the boundaries of the Doll's Point dairy and the milk run conducted by one Ralph Smith, on August 5 last, for the balance remaining of a period of 5 years from the said date. Mr. E. F. McDonald (instructed by Mr. A. A. Hamilton) appeared for the plaintiff; and Mr. Collins (instructed by Mr. Eric Howard) for the defendant. 60

68 Plaintiff's case was that on August 5 last he agreed to purchase from the defendant the dairy business at Ramsgate, known as Doll's Point dairy, for 550 on certain terms. Under the agreement the defendant covenanted not to open or be connected with a dairy or milk run within a radius of two miles of the boundaries of the said dairy for a period of five years, and that he would also take 50 gallons of milk daily from him at 2/- a gallon. Plaintiff alleged that the defendant had committed breaches of the agreement, hence the suit. His Honor, by consent, granted an injunction, as asked, till the hearing of the suit or further order of the Court. Sydney Morning Herald, 12 November 1924 PICNIC PARK ESTATE Longside the Shores of Botany Bay Picnic Park at Doll's Point lay, With boating and fishing all within reach, And a beautiful stretch of White Sandy Beach. On Boxing Day Monday, The day after Xmas, Our Salesman '11 be On the job after breakfast. Looking right out thro' Botany Heads, Watching the Fishermen swinging their leads, Tree planted Avenues for cool shady walks; Where lovers have been wont, to linger and talk. Five Pounds Deposit Puts a block in your reach; Get your plan right away, From Auctioneer Peach. The Spot made for romance But be it understood, Mix romance with finance You're sure to do good. There'll be seats for the ladies, In a large cool marquee: And hot water galore, To brew cups of tea. Get along to the sale Be there early and smart; And secure your block Of Picnic Park. The Sale will be held, Wet or fine be the day; So make sure of your homesite, On the shores of the Bay 61

69 GIRL DRAGGED BY MADDENED HORSES - A DREADFUL EXPERIENCE Alma Sheen, aged 11 years, of Sandringham, was dragged for a quarter of a mile by a pair of maddened horses last night. The child's clothes were stripped from her, and her right arm was broken, and her body was a mass of bruises and lacerations. The little girl was leading the horses by a rope, which she had attached to her right wrist. When near Cook Park, Sans Souci, the animals suddenly took fright and bolted. They galloped madly along the road, dragging the child behind. The weight of the girl's body tugging at the rope, and her sharp cry of pain as she fell, further alarmed the horses, causing them to increase their speed. At one stage the child was thrown against a telegraph post as the animals swerved, and then ricocheted off this obstacle onto a nearby gatepost. The force of the impact snapped the post. The animals then shot off in another direction, kicking and rearing in an effort to rid themselves of the inert object behind them. The child was almost unconscious when the animals galloped off the road into a patch of scrub, thorns, and stumps, tearing the remnants of clothes from the child and wounding her badly. Then, as they almost collided with a tree, the animals came to a standstill. They stood together for a brief period, quivering with fear, and were about to make off again when a pedestrian, waiting at an adjacent tram stop, rushed to their heads and freed the child. He carried her to a nearby house, and her wounds were hastily staunched. The St. George Ambulance conveyed the injured child to the St. George Hospital. Sydney Morning Herald, 25 November 1925 SELMON - The Relatives and Friends of Miss EMMA and JESSIE SELMON, MRS SARGENT and FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. J. SELMON and FAMILY, Mrs. STOCKDALE and FAMILY, Mrs. FRED. SELMON and FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. R. HUMPHREYS and FAMILY, and Mr. and Mrs. F. ALDRICH and FAMILY are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved FATHER and GRANDFATHER, Amos SELMON: to leave his late residence, Rocky Point-road. Sans Souci, THIS DAY, at 3.15, for Kogarah Station, thence to Church of England Cemetery, Sutherland. ERNEST ANDREWS and CO., Funeral Directors. Sydney Morning Herald, 23 December 1925 MAN SCALDED James Bowes, aged 40 years, of Northcote street, Sans Souci, scalded himself badly about the lower limbs when he overturned a kettle of water which he was boiling at the St. George Sailing Club's camp, Laugarma, early yesterday afternoon. Members of the club rendered first aid, and summoned the St. George Ambulance, which took Bowes to the St. George's Hospital. Sydney Morning Herald, 25 January 1926 SANS SOUCI TRAM - UNPROFITABLE LINE - LOSS 26,000 Recently a deputation waited on the Minister for Railways (Mr. Flannery), protesting against the proposed discontinuance of combined rail and tram tickets on the Kogarah - Sans Souci tram service. Mr. Morris (secretary to Railways) has written to Mr. Cahill, M.LA, pointing out that during the past three years there has been a loss of 26,000 in the line three years. The position is, said Mr Morris, that something less than one-third of the cost of this line was contributed some 40 years ago by interested land owners to secure the construction of a tramway, which promised to be unprofitable, and has proved to be so. Its maintenance having become a serious charge upon the State, as is clearly indicated by the loss of 26,000 in the last three years. Under these conditions a continuance of the combined rail and tram weekly and season ticket concessions is entirely unbusinesslike, and renders the expenditure of further money upon this line for improvements inadvisable. 62

70 With regard to the statement that it is proposed to alter the existing route of trams which flow proceed from Kogarah to Doll's Point, via San Souci and Sandringham, and from Doll s Point to Kogarah, via Russell- avenue, the proposal is to termínate certain trams at Sandringham, and return them to Kogarah, via Sans Souci, which will shorten the journey time of passengers from Cook Park, Taren Point, and Sans Souci to Kogarah, and enable more satisfactory train connections to be made. In the case of those trams which will run to Doll's Point, the question of the route of the return journey will be considered when the wishes of the majority of passengers concerned are ascertained. Sydney Morning Herald, 26 March 1926 TRAM DRIVER KILLED WHEN ENGINE OVERTURNS CONDUCTOR IS INJURED Sydney, Thursday. A sensational tram accident occurred between Kogarah and Ramsgate this morning. It appears a steam tram left Kogarah for Sans Souci and when starting up a slope of Carroll's Hill the engine suddenly left the rails and continued running on the roadway for about 20 yards. It pulled the leading car off also. The coupling bar then snapped and the engine crashed into an electric light pole, turning completely round and landing on its side. The driver, Leslie Slayter (41), was pinned to the ground and when extricated was found to be dead. Charles Waghorn, the conductor, suffered fractures of both thighs and cuts to the face and hands. Three compartments of the front car were smashed to matchwood. Conductor Waghorn was on the footboard of the first car at the time. The cause of the derailment of the engine has not yet been ascertained. Barrier Miner (Broken Hill NSW), 1 April 1926 OBITUARY MR. ALLAN HAMILTON The death of Mr. Allan Hamilton, the veteran theatrical manager, took place yesterday at his home in The Promenade, Sans Souci, near Kogarah. Before his long career in this country Mr. Hamilton, was for some years lessee of the Corinthian Theatre, Calcutta, and during part of his extended residence in that capital directed both the principal theatres there. Seeking a cooler climate, he reached Australia in 1886, just as the late Robert Brough and Dion G. Boucicault were starting their memorable ten years' partnership as lessees of the Sydney Criterion and the Melbourne Bijou theatres. He accepted with them the position of general manager. When this brilliant combination was dissolved in 1896 by the departure of Mr. Boucicault for London, Mr. Hamilton remained as business manager for Mr. and Mrs. Brough during the production of a long succession of clever modern comedies, ceasing only a little before the death of Mr. Brough in During this second decade Mr. Hamilton's intimate knowledge of India and the East led him to originate the idea of brief Eastern tours. Several of these were made by the Broughs (strongly supported) in India, China, and the Straits Settlements, under his guidance. When Herbert Flemming and Beatrice Day starred with Robert Brough in 1905, Mr. Hamilton, who had visited London more than once to assist in purchasing new pieces, was once more in charge on the business side, and remained with this popular combination until Mr. Flemming passed hence in During a period of years subsequently Mr. Hamilton was lessee and manager of the Palace Theatre, Sydney, and formed the Hamilton Dramatic Company. Beatrice Day, Mrs. Brough, Lizette Parkes, Harry Plimmer, and Reynolds Denniston drew large audiences all over Australia and New Zealand at this time ( ) in the comedy Nobody's Daughter ; and the director ultimately concluded his tenancy of the Palace and retired on a considerable fortune. Apart from his theatrical ventures, he introduced Leslie Harris, the English entertainer, Mme. Lydia Yeamans Titus in her baby songs, and other starring artists in the concert room. Since his retirement Mr. Hamilton has visited England five or six times, and early in 1915 he handed over to the Belgian Refugees Committee for the duration of the war a fine house and grounds at 63

71 Torquay, Devonshire. His final visit to England took him there just before last Christmas, during an unusually severe winter, and although he remained in Brighton, Sussex, to secure greater sunshine, the climate sowed the seeds of a fatal illness. The sufferer returned to Sans Souci last April, and under the tender care of Mrs. Hamilton (formerly admired on the stage as Maggie Forde) began apparently to recuperate, but the improvement proved only temporary. The late Allan Hamilton, who knew a surprising number of celebrities all over the world, will be widely and affectionately remembered here alike by artists and playgoers. At the time of his death he was 71 years of age. The funeral leaves his residence tomorrow at 1.30 for the South Head Cemetery, where it is due about 3 o'clock. Sydney Morning Herald, 13 July 1926 INVITATION CABARET An invitation cabaret, arranged by Mr. and Mrs. W. Stephenson, was held at St. George Palais de Danse, Rocky Point-road, Ramsgate on Saturday, 24th inst., to augment the funds of the forthcoming bazaar, in connection with St. Finbar's new church at Sans Souci. The tables were artistically decorated with iceland popies, sweet peas, and jonquils, and afternoon tea was served by a number of the lady assistants who will be attached to the Refreshment Stall at, the bazaar. Instrumental and vocal items were rendered by Miss Rheinberger, Miss Mullarkey, Miss Souter, Mr. Frank Harper, and Mr. Jack Grace. Many valuable gifts and cash donations were received. Amongst those present were Rev. Father Hannan, Mr. and Miss Howell, Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Gorrell, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Dinan, Mr. and Mrs. Lamph, Mr. and Mrs. Palazzi, Mr. and Mrs. Grace, Mrs. Grace, sen., Mr. and Mrs. Newland, Mr. and Mrs. Hatfield, Mesdames Miller, Kenny, Donohue, McGrath, Souter, Murphy, Brown, Madden, Wall, Woods, Corben, Payne, Latham, Atkinson, Devitt, O'Meara, Tuffey, Quinn, F. Kelly, Fogarty, Blythe, Misses Stewart, Power, Donohue, Stephenson, Duffy, Cullen, Woods, Corben, Payne, Timms, Rule, D. Kelly and Maskey, Messrs. W. and J. Tuffy, Lonergan, Stuart and Riggs. The Catholic Press, 29 July 1926 BUSH FIRES Many Outbreaks The return of warm and sultry weather yesterday was responsible for numerous outbreaks of bush and grass fires in the suburbs. Firemen in practically every suburb were kept busy and they succeeded in preventing serious damage to property. The bush on 18 acres of land off Kendall- Street, Sans Souci, was destroyed about 4 o-clock yesterday afternoon. Other small outbreaks occurred at Drummoyne, Longueville, Mosman, Carlton, Oatley, Harbord and North Sydney. Sydney Morning Herald, 18 October 1926 Stokes McGown. Limited, capital 20,000, to acquire the business of sports goods manufacturers now carried on at Sans Souci under the style of Stokes and Co. First directors: R. Stokes, A. N. McGown, and R.B. Ludowici. First managing director: R. Stokes. Registered office, Nelson-street, Sans Souci. Sydney Morning Herald, 11 November 1926 SKIFF CAPSIZES Young Men's Desperate Swim Owing to their 14ft sailing skiff, the Edna, in which they were proceeding to the St. George Sailing Club's races on Saturday afternoon, shipping a heavy sea and overturning off Sans Souci, four young men were flung into shark-infested waters. Two succeeded in swimming ashore, and the others were rescued after they had been hanging on to the craft for nearly three hours. The occupants of the skiff were:- Albert Sales, aged 21 years, of HercuIesroad, Brighton-le-sands; Leslie Sleigh, of The Avenue, Brighton-le-sands; Harold Williams, of Palmerston-street, Kogarah; and Albert Carroll, of Shirley-street, Kogarah, 64

72 When the Edna turned over the crew endeavoured, unsuccessfully, to roll her back again, and were forced to grip the sides. They were, about two and a half miles from the shore, and failed to obtain any response to their signals for assistance. Sleigh and Sales therefore decided to swim to the beach for help for their companions. The task they had undertaken was most difficult, and taxed fully their strength and courage. In the choppy sea they were flung about like corks. Still they fought on, and just had sufficient strength to crawl on to the sand before they collapsed. It took them several minutes to reach Mrs. Shaw's house, in Caruthers Drive, Dolls Point, a distance of about 400 yards, and when they did so they again coliapsed at Mrs. Shaw's feet. Mrs. Shaw helped them inside, and after giving them stimulants and warm clothing, communicated with the St. George Ambulance. The ambulance men were quickly on the scene, and after continuing the treatment commenced by Mrs, Shaw, conveyed the men to St. George District Hospital. The ambulance officers stated that the men probably owed their lives to the prompt treatment given by Mrs. Shaw, as they were in a serious state of collapse. Sergeant Dean and Constable Hibbard went out in a motor launch to search for the other two men, who were left clinging to the skiff. Meanwhile, however, their plight was observed by Dr. Binns, of Kogarah, who was passing along the Drive. He notified Mr. A. Pilgrim, a boat proprietor. With his son Leslie, Mr. Pilgrim set out in a motor launch, and rescued Williams and Carroll, who by this time were almost exhausted. They were holding on to the skiff with difficulty. They were taken to the Hotel Sandringham, and after receiving treatment were able to proceed to their homes. Sydney Morning Herald, 22 November 1926 NEW BRIDGE ACROSS COOK'S RIVER - READY THIS YEAR The bridge over Cooks River at the back of Ascot Racecourse, which will place Mascot and Rockdale within easy distance of each other, and give vehicle traffic a thoroughfare from Botany-road to Brighton-le-sands and Sans Souci-is expected to be ready for use before the end of the year. A start was made with the bridge in October, 1925, and work has gone on smoothly ever since. Only one pier has now to be built, and with it in position, the erection of the single steel bascule span, of which the bridge will consist, will not take long. The approaches on either side of the river are almost completed. The bridge will be 470 feet long, and will cost 25,000. Sydney Morning Herald, 22 June 1927 LEGLESS MAN INJURED MOTOR DRIVER ARRESTED A motor car crashed into an invalid chair at Sandringham on Saturday afternoon, the occupant of the chair, George King, 40, of Bonny-street, Sans Souci, had his right shoulder dislocated. He was taken by St. George District Ambulance to the St. George District Hospital, and admitted by Dr. Mallam. About a year ago; King was run over by a tram at Kogarah, and was so severely injured that both of his legs were amputated. The police subsequently arrested the driver of the motor car, and charged him with having driven the car while under the influence of liquor. Sydney Morning Herald, 26 September 1927 WOMAN'S DIVE INTO SHALLOW WATER - NECK DISLOCATED Mrs. Doris Kearns, aged 21 years, of Mort's road, Mortdale, was very seriously injured yesterday when she dived into shallow water at Doll's Point, Sandringham. She was taken by the St. George Ambulance to the St. George District Hospital, where she was admitted in a critical condition. Her injuries included severe concussion and dislocation of the neck. Mrs. Kearns's dive was witnessed by her husband and some friends, who rescued her in an unconscious condition from the water. Sydney Morning Herald, 27 January

73 WEDDING SELMON-HODGEKISS A wedding was celebrated at St. Andrew s Church, Sans Souci, on February 4, when Miss Ivy Hodgekiss, youngest daughter of the late Mr and Mrs A. E. Hodgekiss, of Nowra, was married to Mr. George Selmon, eldest son of Mr F Selmon, of Sandringham. The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. Gardiner. The bride, who was given away by Mr A Norman, of Croydon, wore a gown of white marietta trimmed with heavy silver lace, and a large silver rose on the hip. Her hand embroidered tulle veil fell from a coronet of orange blossom over a brocaded silver train, which was lined with pale pink georgette, and finished with a horseshoe of pearls. The shower bouquet was of sweet peas and tuberoses. Miss Eileen Selmon and Miss Violet Baker, the bridesmaids, wore frocks of white georgette and silver lace, and pale blue crepe de Chine and silver lace, respectively. Little Joan Singleton, the trainbearer wore ivory crepe de Chine and silver lace, The flower-girl was Miss Kathleen Graham, who wore a frock of pink crepe de Chine and silver lace, and carried a basket of asters. Mr. Stan Green was best man, and Mr. James Morris, grooms- man Later the bridegroom's sister, Mrs E Edwards, received the guests at the Paragon Hotel, wearing a frock of bola de rose crepe de Chine, and carrying a bouquet of red roses. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 March 1928 CONTRACTS Erection of St. Andrew's Anglican Church at Sans Souci. Messrs. Burcham Clamp and Finch, architects. Messrs. S. W. and R. C. Potter, of Wentworthville, builders. Sydney Morning Herald, 28 November 1928 TWO SPEED-BOATS COME INTO COLLISION - RACING AT KOGARAH When Yvonne and Miss St. George, two speed-boats, racing in the Norm Edney Trophy event at Kogarah Bay on Saturday afternoon came into collision, Yvonne was almost cut in two. Her owner and driver, Mr. W. Drane, of 37 Mary-street, St. Peters, suffered shock, and was taken by the St. George Ambulance to the St. George Hospital. Miss St. George was driven by her owner, Mr. W. Shevill, of The Promenade, Sans Souci, who is commodore of the St. George Motor Boat Club. The event was providing an exciting race. Miss St. George was overtaking the other speed-boat, and just as the two were rounding Carr's Pile the collision occurred. The bow of Yvonne tore through the other craft, which immediately began to sink. Although both drivers remained at their helms, their mechanics were flung overboard, but were quickly rescued. Sydney Morning Herald, 3 December 1928 NEWSBOY KILLED Ernest Campbell, 12, of Russell-avenue, Sandringham, was selling papers on a tram travelling towards Doll's Point, yesterday morning, when he attempted to spring from the tram to another as they were passing. Falling between the two he suffered fatal injuries, his right arm being almost severed, and his neck fractured. After being taken by the St. George Ambulance to the St. George District Hospital, where a formal pronouncement of death was given, the body was taken to the City Morgue. Sydney Morning Herald, 23 January 1929 NEW ANGLICAN CHURCH - ST. ANDREW'S, SANS SOUCI Despite the wet weather on Saturday afternoon there was a large attendance at the ceremony of laying the foundation stone of a new Anglican church at Sans Souci. Hitherto the adherents of the church have worshipped in a temporary building in Rocky Point-road but this has long since become inadequate to accommodate the evergrowing number of parishioners, and the church committee decided that a new church, with accommodation for 200 persons should be created at the corner of Rocky Point-road and Rawson-street. The ceremony was performed by Bishop Coadjutor D'Arcy-Irvine. Among the visitors were Rev. J. Brown (Methodist), Rev Dr Watson (Baptist), Rev. J. Finch (Congregational). Sydney Morning Herald, 4 March

74 GOLDEN WEDDING In celebration of their golden wedding, Mr and Mrs J E Bradbury, of Richmond, Sans Souci, entertained at their residence last Saturday. The guests were received by the hostess, who was presented with a bouquet of tuber roses and frangipanni. The marquee where seventy guests were entertained at supper, was decorated in a scheme of gold flowers. Among those present were Mr and Mrs T A Frost, Mr and Mrs A J Jones (Brisbane), Mr and Mrs L Bowen, Mr and Mrs Neville Montague, Mr James Henderson, Dr H N Bridge, Mr and Mrs R G Bartlett, Mrs Christensen, Mr John Williamson, Mr and Mrs J Hall, Mr John Williamson, junior, Mr and Mrs Beard,Mr J Head, Mrs Watson, Mrs Fraser senior, Mr and Mrs Fraser, Mr and Mrs J Bradbury, junior, Miss Bradburv, Mr and Mrs Atterton Mr H Bradbury, Mr S Bradbury, Mr and Mil Cadwallader, Miss Clarke, Miss Frost, Miss Selman, Mr and Mrs Frost, junior, Mr T Frost, junior, Mr and Mrs Pattenden, Mr and Mrs Davis, Miss Barney, Mr W Bradbury, Mr H Bradbury, junior, and Miss Mills. Sydney Morning Herald, 13 April 1929 SANS SOUCI TRAMWAY - ELECTRIFICATION ADVOCATED A meeting of the local public bodies was held at Kogarah on Tuesday to formulate a campaign for securing the immediate electrification of the Kogarah-Sans Souci tramway. Mr. Butler, M.L.A., said that if the line was electrified it would yield a profit instead of a loss of 15,000, which, he had been informed, resulted last year from operating the antiquated steam service now in use. Fares had been increased 127 per cent, but with an electric service 50 per cent, of the present operating cost would be eliminated. A committee of five was appointed to begin the campaign. A public meeting will be held on May 29 in the Ramsgate Picture Palace. Later a deputation will wait upon the Minister for Railways. Sydney Morning Herald, 25 April 1929 FACTORY DESTROYED - Fire at Sans Souci. EXPLOSION OF CARTRIDGES Exciting incidents occurred during the course of a fire which destroyed a sporting goods factory at Sans Souci last night. The damage is estimated at about Nearby residents were obliged to leave their homes shortly after the fire broke out. Later they took the precaution of removing their furniture and personal effects into the street. Soon after the fire brigades had set to work a packet of cartridges exploded, and bullets whizzed close to several of the firemen. No one was injured, however. The factory was owned by Stokes, McGowan, Ltd., and was situated at the rear of Mr. Richard Stokes' home, Plimsoll and Nelson streets, Sans Souci. Twelve men were employed in the factory, where sporting apparatus of every description was manufactured. Shortly after 7 o'clock Mrs. Stokes informed her husband that she could hear the crackling of flames. He then found that a section of the large factory was ablaze. Mr. Stokes said subsequently that he immediately tried to raise the local telephone exchange to summon the nearest fire brigade, at Kogarah, but it was between five and six minutes before he succeeded in giving the alarm. Fire brigades from Kogarah and Rockdale, in charge of District Officer O'Toole, reached the scene about a quarter of an hour after the fire was discovered. By that time the factory was alight from end to end. The firemen concentrated on saving the surrounding houses, three of which were in danger. The fire apparently originated in a section of the factory where a large stock of composition cork, for the manufacture of cricket balls, was stored. This substance blazed furiously, and the wind quickly carried the flames to other parts of the building. When the fire was subdued little remained of the factory, or its contents. Much valuable machinery was lost, and a heavy stock of footballs, cricket balls, and other sports requisites was burnt. 67

75 The factory and contents were partly covered by insurance with Manufacturers' Mutual Insurance, Ltd. Sydney Morning Herald, 30 May 1929 PEA-RIFLE ACCIDENT While cleaning a pea-rifle at his home in Rocky Point-road Sans Souci on Saturday, William Dodds, 17 years shot himself accidentally through the chest. The bullet narrowly missed his heart, and Dodds was admitted to St. George District Hospital in a serious condition. He had been unaware that the rifle was loaded. Sydney Morning Herald, 27 January 1930 Opening of new road from Ramsgate to Sans Souci The Premier, Mr Bavin (centre), about to cut ribbon. The Mayor of Rockdale (Ald E G Barton) is on his right, and the Mayor of Kogarah (Ald W Whitfield), on his left. The road, which extends from Ramsgate to Sans Souci, has cost 55,000 Ramsgate and Sans Souci were gaily decorated on Saturday afternoon when the Premier (Mr. Bavin) opened the new concrete road from Ramsgate-rd to Rocky Point. Mr. Bavin was welcomed on behalf of the municipalities by Alderman Whitfield (Mayor of Kogarah) and Alderman Barton (Mayor of Rockdale) at Ramsgate-avenue. Later at a dinner at Pemberton's Hall, Alderman Barton commented on the delay in converting the district's antiquated tram service to the electric system. The residents hoped that when the present depression had passed, and the finances were in a more prosperous state, the Premier would assist them to get an electric service. Mr. Bavin, in replying, said that, while the Government had not been able to electrify the tram service, he could advise the ratepayers to keep on hoping. (Laughter.) He saw no reason why they should abandon hope. As you all know, the Government is faced with very grave financial problems and conditions, Mr. Bavin continued. These arise not out of our own actions, but from the actions of the whole of the people in the past. They were altogether too extravagant. At the same time I have not the slightest doubt that Australia is going to recover from the existing depression. It is only temporary. If the people would only stand up to it they would soon find that it had passed away, and that they were again enjoying prosperity. Existing conditions make it difficult for the Government to assist local efforts, though nothing would give Ministers greater pleasure than to help people who are willing to help themselves. It had been a great pleasure for him to attend a function which represented a great advance in local progress as well as in the spirit of co-operation. 68

76 The section of road opened on Saturday was carried out by the Main Roads Board's day labour organisation. The length is one mile 1000 yards, the width from Sandringham-street to Sans Souci 99 feet, and the remainder 66 feet between building lines. A daily average of, approximately, 1000 square yards of pavement was laid throughout the work, with a peak output of 1820 square yards. This output was the fourth highest square yardage output for one day by day labour, being exceeded at Lyons-road, Drummoyne, and Hornsby Section III, where outputs of 1890, 1850, and 1849 were recorded. Final cost will amount to 54,992, Including resumptions, alterations to tram tracks, gas and water mains, and other services. Sydney Morning Herald, 17 February 1930 GIRL CRICKETER MARRIED A 3 o'clock last Wednesday afternoon it seemed as though the larger portion of the people of Sans Souci had gathered at St. Andrew's Church. One of the best known girls of the suburb, and one of the greatest girl sports of Sydney, darkhaired Fernie Schevell, was being married to Mr. W. Blade, of Bondi, and the many friends she has made in the sporting world rolled up to wish her well. Members of the Sans Souci Ladies' Cricket Club, of which she and her sisters are shining lights, were all there, clad in sports wear and blazers, and armed with cricket bats to form an arch and a guard of honour for the bride and her groom as they left the church. The bride wore a frock of white satin, over which fell billows of cut tulle, caught to the head with sprays of orange blossom. The bridal bouquet was a sheaf of gladioli and frangipanni. Miss Rene Schevell, the bride's twin sister, was the only bridesmaid. Sydney Morning Herald, 20 February 1930 TWO MEN ADRIFT IN BOTANY BAY Two men, who had sought to reach the shore on a raft after the steamer Favourite had run on a sandbank, were helplessly adrift on Botany Bay this morning. The steamer Favourite, carrying about 150 passengers, ran her usual mid-week excursion on Botany Bay. Before this was completed she ran aground. Frank Brydon, of Brighton, and Arthur James Bolton, of Sans Souci, set out on the raft to secure assistance, but soon got into difficulties. Their plight was observed by residents and the Kogarah police were notified. Constable Hickling, accompanied by Mr. Edwards, a local resident, requisitioned a motor launch and set out in pursuit. After some hours they succeeded in getting ashore. It was feared that they had been swept out to sea. Meanwhile the passengers on the Favourite had been taken ashore in launches. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 May 1930 BABY'S BODY FOUND - Murder Suspected Detectives who are inquiring into the discovery at Sans Souci yesterday of an infant's body are awaiting an examination of the remains by the Government Medical Officer today. The case is possibly one of murder. The body was found in a suit case in a thick clump of ti-tree scrub by a man who was gathering wood. The man saw the small suit case projecting from a heap of debris, beneath which it had evidently been hastily buried. Plainclothes police of the Kogarah division took charge of the remains, which were greatly decomposed. A superficial examination led to the opinion that it was the body of a child aged possibly 12 months. It was wrapped in a cream shawl of good texture. It is hoped that the Government Medical Officer will be able to certify whether death was due to foul play or to natural causes. Sydney Morning Herald, 6 November 1930 ST. LAURENCE COLLEGE St. Laurence College is a Church of England School for day boys and boarders, and is ideally situated for the country boy. Right at the end of Russell Avenue, Dolls Point, on the south-western shores of 69

77 Botany Bay, the college faces the sea and commands a glorious view of George's River, and the whole of Botany Bay. Adjoining the school are many acres of public park, while thousands of pine land ornamental trees add to the beauty of the site. The aim of the school is to provide a sound primary, and secondary education that makes for real character which trains and develops the boy on a definite religious basis, and so benefits him physically, mentally and morally for his work and place in life. Rev. K. D. Roach B.A., formerly chaplain of St. Peter's School, Barcaldine. Queensland, and Assistant Master, Collegiate School of St. Peter, Adelaide, is the Principal. Sports, cricket, football, tennis and swimming, are all well catered for. Full particulars can be obtained from the secretary, Mr. E.C.A. Wilkinson, A.I.C.A., Cathcart House, l1c Castlereagh Street, Sydney. Goulburn Evening Penny Post, 9 January 1931 KETCH OVERTURNS Sydney, Monday Night. Two fishermen were drowned in Botany Bay this afternoon when a ketch overturned in a squall. The victims were: Sydney Walker (32), of Dolls Point, George Guest (67), of Bexley. Richard Carson, who was also in the boat, swam ashore with Guest, and courageously returned for Walker whom he brought to land, artificial respiration was applied without result. A fourth man Edward Perkins, reached the shore with difficulty. Barrier Miner (Broken Hill NSW), 10 February 1931 MAN FOUND DEAD George Frederick Thorp, 68, was found dead in a house in Malua-street, Dolls Point, yesterday evening. He had a bullet wound in his forehead, and a pea-rifle was lying alongside him. Sydney Morning Herald, 23 February 1931 UNUSUAL PROSECUTION The first prosecution in this State under the section of the Fisheries Act which prohibits the taking of worms from closed waters was undertaken against James Douglas, a fisherman, of Sans Souci, at the Kogarah Police Court yesterday. Douglas was fined 1 on one charge and 10/- on another, and was ordered to pay 16/- costs. Sydney Morning Herald, 8 April 1931 CANOE JOURNEY Two Sans Souci Swimmers W. Gribble, carpenter, and O. Duncan, boat builder, who live at Sans Souci, recently built a canoe, which they named the Sans Souci, and in which they paddled from Botany Bay to Watson's Bay, through Sydney Heads, a few days ago, the journey occupying 10 hours. They have fitted air and water tight compartments in the canoe, and propose to take the canoe to Gundagai at the end of this month and paddle along the Murrumbidgee and Murray Rivers to Murray Bridge (S.A.), about 1270 miles. A limited quantity of food will be carried, and traps and guns will be used to secure game. Both are members of the Ramsgate Swimming Club. Sydney Morning Herald, 28 September 1931 SANS SOUCI TRAM The State Transport Board has informed the Chief Secretary (Mr. Gosling) that it could be definitely stated that the discontinuance of the Kogarah Sans Souci tramway and its replacement by a motor omnibus service, was not at present contemplated by the board. There was no likelihood of the discontinuance of the trams being given effect to in the near future. Sydney Morning Herald, 4 March

78 FIRE AT KOGARAH Mishap in Smoking of Fish. A draught of air blowing burning sawdust from an iron plate in a fish-smoking room in a house in Barton-avenue, Sans Souci, was responsible for a fire on Saturday. When the fire brigades from Kogarah and Rockdale, under District Fire Officer O'Toole arrived, the building was well alight, but the firemen saved practically the whole of the house, with the exception of the smoking room. Mr. Robert Walter Pilgrim is the owner. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 May 1932 FEDERAL LABOUR PARTY Mr. R. M. Beaton, candidate for Kogarah, will speak at The Loop, Sans Souci, in Tuffy avenue, Sans Souci, and at the corner of Clairville and Russell avenues. Sydney Morning Herald, 7 June 1932 OBITUARY MR. JAMES LYDON Mr. James Lydon, headmaster of the Sans Souci Public School for the past 10 years, died yesterday in his 65th year, following an illness of only a few days' duration. Mr. Lydon was a foundation Past-Master of Lodge Sans Souci, a prominent member of the St. George Bowling Club, a supporter of the Red Cross Society, and various charitable organisations, and for some years a warden of St. Andrew's Church, Sans Souci. The interment will take place this afternoon in the Woronora Cemetery, following a service at the residence, the Boulevarde, Sans Souci. Sydney Morning Herald, 9 September 1932 SANS SOUCI TRAMWAY In a letter to the Editor of the Herald, Mr. Ralph C Dixon, referring to the recommendation of the Transport Advisory Committee for the discontinuance of the Kogarah - Sans Souci tramway, says that the service would pay if run in a business-like manner. He suggests that the old steam engines should be scrapped, and replaced by motor engines; that trams should be run from the loop via Russell-avenue to Sans Souci, thus obviating the necessity for employing signalmen at the crossing; and that economies in other directions could be effected, Sydney Morning Herald, 18 November 1932 SANS SOUCI SHOOTING WOMAN CHARGED Ethel Florence Mullarkey, 30, domestic duties, who is alleged to have fired a revolver shot which struck a member of a party that was trying to repossess a motor car from her home at Sans Souci on November 26, was committed for trial from the Kogarah Police Court yesterday, by Mr. Stevenson, S.M., on a charge of having maliciously inflicted grievous bodily harm on Horace Clive Robinson. Bail was fixed at 40. Robinson stated that, acting under instructions, he had got into the driving seat of the car, which was being towed into the street from a garage at defendant's residence at The Boulevarde. Defendant and an elderly woman were present. Defendant rushed into the house, and, on coming out, produced a revolver, which she fired. He felt a stinging pain in the hip, from which, next day, a bullet was extracted. After being shot he heard her say to another man, If you don't get out, I'll shoot you, too. William George Oldham stated that defendant had ordered him not to take possession of the car. The elderly lady, he added, took the revolver from the defendant. Sergeant Colvin said that when he interviewed the defendant, she told him that she thought the men were burglars. Sydney Morning Herald, 14 December

79 CRUSHED TO DEATH SYDNEY, Saturday - Crushed to death between a vehicular punt and the stone ramp at Taren Point, near Sans Souci today, Thomas Quinn (7), of Zetland, was frightfully mutilated. The lad was spending his holidays with his uncle and was to have returned home to-day. Barrier Miner, Broken Hill NSW, 7 January 1933 MR. J. N. DILLON Mr. Joseph Napoleon Dillon, who died at Sans Souci recently at the age of 80 years, was a grandson of the late Chevalier Peter Dillon, who in 1826 found the wreckage of the Boussole and the Astrolabe (vessels commanded by La Perouse, the French navigator) on the reefs of Vanikoro, an island to the north of the New Hebrides. The late Mr. Dillon was one of the oldest residents of the St. George district, and was born in Pitt-street, Sydney, on the site of the Lyceum Theatre. The remains were interred in the Roman Catholic portion of the Woronora Cemetery, the Rev. Father O'Driscoll, assisted by Fathers Hannan and MacCarthy, conducting the service at the graveside. Deceased is survived by his widow and three sons. Sydney Morning Herald, 13 March 1933 WOMAN ACQUITTED Ethel Florence Mullarkey, 30, married woman, was charged with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm on Horace Clive Robinson. It appeared that Robinson and two other men went to Mullarkey's residence at Sans Souci to repossess a motor car. It was alleged that as Robinson was leaving in the car a shot was fired At the conclusion of the Crown case the jury returned a verdict of not guilty and added a rider that when any person went to repossess a motor car he should be accompanied by a policeman. His Honor said he agreed with the jury's rider. Mullarkey was discharged. Mr. M. A. A. Kirkpatrick appeared for Mullarkey. Sydney Morning Herald, 14 March 1933 TRAM KILLS COW - Steam Engine Derailed The engine of a steam tram was derailed in Sans Souci last night, when it struck a cow, which had strayed on the lines. The tram was travelling at a moderate speed along Rocky Point-road about 11 o'clock, when the accident occurred. The cow watched the approaching tram stolidly and took no notice of blasts on the whistle. The driver was unable to stop the heavy tram, and it crashed into the animal. It was killed instantly by the impact. The engine of the tram was thrown from the rails, and the driver was hurled forwards, but he saved himself from injury by nutting his hands in front of him. Passengers in the following car were hardly affected. Sydney Morning Herald, 9 August 1933 MAN'S THROAT CUT - Glass Splinter in Car Crash SYDNEY, Sunday. With blood streaming from a gash in the throat caused by a splinter of glass from a shattered windscreen, Allan Robertson, of Dolls Point, was extricated from the wreckage of his car at Blakehurst last night in a critical condition. Robertson, his wife and three children had a remarkable escape from death, when his car collided with another and overturned. All were injured, but Mrs. Robertson and the children recovered after treatment. The other car was only slightly damaged. The Canberra Times, 14 August

80 SWIMMER'S COLLAPSE SYDNEY, Dec. 8 Oswald Jones (63) of Russell-avenue, Sandringham, collapsed while swimming at Doll's Point, Sans Souci, this morning. He was assisted ashore by his daughter, who, with the help of nearby residents, endeavoured to revive him, but he was found to be dead. The Western Australian, 11 December 1933 Santa Claus has appeared in many and varied places. Early in the month he wandered through the bush at Doll's Point, Sandringham, with a big load on his back, to meet all the children belonging to the Hurstville district. A gum tree festooned with Christmas decorations was the centre of attraction, and coloured parcels were given to each child and a small gift for each mother. A ventriloquist and musicians entertained the party after the Christmas tea had been enjoyed. Sydney Morning Herald, 28 December 1933 ST. GEORGE PRIMARY SCHOOLS The St George Primary Schools carnival was held in the Ramsgate Baths yesterday. Sixteen schools were represented there were 272 entries and the attendance was about A diving display by W Lucas was greatly appreciated. Sans Souci won the St George Cup easily in the point score which was as follows - Sans Souci 74 points Oatley 11 points Hurstville 8 points Results: Senior district championship, 50yds: S. Parker (Sans Souci) 1; L Burford (Sans Souci), 2; J Greenhalgh, (Sans Souci), 3. Junior district championship 50yds Pinkerton (Sans Souci), 1; C Romer (Sans Souci), 2; J Carroll (Oatley), 3. Age Championships - 14 years, 50yds L Burford (Sans Souci), 1; A Anderson (Sans Souci) 2; K. Gallagher (Blakehurst), years 50yds F Parker (Sans Souci) 1 R Davis (Kogarah) 2, D Byrnes, (Sans Souci) years 50yds K Bradley (Hurstville) 1; R Geitfelt (Sans Souci) 2; G Bagnall (Hurstville) years 33yds L Pinkerton (Sans Souci) 1; A Carroll (Oatley) 2; J Stevens (Oatley) years 33yds H Dodd (Sans Souci) 1; G Lundberg (Sans Souci) 2; B Fuller (Sans Souci) 3. 9 years and under 25yds G Irving (Sans Souci) 1; V Burke (Sans Souci) 2; P Teague (South Hurstville) 3. Senior breaststroke 33yds F Parker 1; J Dodd 2; B Smith (Bexley) 3. Junior breaststroke 33yds L Pinkerton 1; C Romer 2; R Collins (Bexley) 3. Senior backstroke 33yds L Burford 1; N Morris (Sans Souci) 2; K Greenhalgh (Sans Souci) 3. Junior breaststroke 33yds A Watson (Sans Souci) 1; C Romer 2; L Pinkerton 3. Senior relay Sans Souci 1; Hurstville 2; Oatley 3. Junior relay Sans Souci 1; Bexley 2; Rockdale 3. Senior diving S Warner (Oatley), 1; G Glossop (Oatley) 2; J Hunter (Bexley) 3 Junior diving L. Kenny (Sans Souci) 1; R Downie (Kogarah) 2; A Watson (Sans Souci) 3. Sydney Morning Herald, 24 March 1934 KOGARAH-SANS SOUCI TRAMS Mr. P. J. B. Mansell says in a letter to the Editor of the Herald. that if the Commissioner of Transport (Mr. Maddocks) would make one round trip in the Kogarah-Sans Souci steam tram, particularly on a wet day, it would convince him of the necessity of an electric tramway service. Sydney Morning Herald, 25 May 1934 SANS SOUCI TRAMS - Proposed Electric System It was learnt in official circles that a conference will shortly be called by the Transport Commissioner (Mr Maddocks) and local interests in the Sans Souci and Kogarah districts to discuss the question of the tram service in the district. There is a proposal that the services should be converted to an electrical system. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 May 1934 MOTOR COLLISION Before Judge Sheridan Alan Campbell Robertson of Malua street Dolls Point sued Eileen Stafford of Moore Street, Lidcombe, claiming 200 for alleged negligence in the driving of a motor car. The action arose out of a collision 73

81 between two cars at the intersection of Belmore-road and Princes Highway Blakehurst. His Honor awarded Robertson 65. Mrs Robertson claimed 100 damages and was awarded 25. Mr L J Herron (instucted by Messrs Faithful Maddock and Baldock) appeared for Mr and Mrs Robertson and Mr W B Simpson (instructed bv Messrs Abbott Tout Creer and Co.) for Eileen Stafford. Sydney Morning Herald, 7 June 1934 Alderman Who Triumphed - Over Color (sic) Prejudices SYDNEY, Saturday A triumph over color! That, in short, is the story of the career of Ald. S. P. Depena, J.P. the dark-skinned gentleman of Rockdale Council. In a country where 'White Australia' is on everybody's lips, there must be many conscious and unconscious color prejudices. But charm of manner, a winning personality, an integrity beyond question, and a flair for oratory have helped Ald. Depena to overcome all those prejudices and become possibly the only 'colored' alderman in Australia. It was at the unanimous wish of his council that the Government appointed him a justice of the peace. For the past 14 years he has served as a juror at the Sydney Quarter Sessions, and in all that time he has never been challenged by an accused. In 1928 he was elected an alderman for Scarborough Ward, and in 1931 he was again returned. He was born at Ramsgate 45 years ago, and his birth was the first registered in the district. His father, a naturalised British subject, was an African, and his mother an English woman. Both were highlyrespected residents of Ramsgate. Ald. Depena was educated at Sans Souci Public School and Kogarah High School. An all-round sportsman, he has trophies for sailing, boxing, football, running, and billiards. Few people, in fact, can equal his record in sport. He was, for a time, commodore of the St. George Sailing Club, and has been vice-president of several football clubs. As a champion lightweight boxer, 'Peter' Depena was well known in the city. He is a carpenter by trade. The Mail, Adelaide, SA, 15 September 1934 MAN DRAWN INTO MACHINE - LEG AMPUTATED Slipping while operating a clay-mixing machine at the Sutherland Tile Works at Sutherland on Wednesday, Norman Silkman, of Sans Souci, was drawn by the left leg into the machine. Before his companions could stop the machinery and extricate him his leg was severely crushed. Silkman, who remained conscious throughout the ordeal, showed remarkable fortitude while his workmates were freeing him. He was removed to hospital, where his leg was amputated above the knee. His condition is critical. Singleton Argus, 12 October 1934 GEORGES RIVER CLUB Commodore s Day will be held on November 25 at the clubhouse Dolls Point commencing at 11 am. Entries for the 16ft skiff races are - Burrawang (F Selmon) Windy (S Singleton) Sutherland II (G Selmon) Rose (P Burrows) Splinters (N Stibbard) Miss Dorrie (F Primmer) Uralla (L Ives) Entries for 10ft skiffs Jean III, Peter Pan, QP, Rawhiti, Arget, Cygnet, Felix, Verona, Elva, NSW, Wandeen, Hopalong, Echo, Dawn, Quest, Windy, Furious,Charis, Jean II, Avro. The race for the oyster farmers launch championship is creating interest. Sydney Morning Herald, 24 November 1934 NEW BUS SERVICE Railway to Doll's Point. Commencing tomorrow a new departmental bus service will run between the central Railway Station and Doll's Point, via Taylor square, Darlinghurst, Kensington, Mascot, Brighton-le-sands, and Ramsgate. It will replace the existing privately operated service between Doncaster-avenue, Kensington, and Ramsgate. Sydney Morning Herald, 8 December

82 ARTERY SEVERED Peter Manning, 35, of Napoleon-street, Sans Souci, was the victim of a peculiar accident yesterday morning at Doll's Point, and only the prompt action of ambulance men from the St. George station saved him from bleeding to death. Manning was standing in the water while some fishermen nearby were dragging in their net. A stingray was entangled in the mesh, and, after dragging it clear, the fishermen flung it back towards the water, and it struck Manning on an arm. The spike penetrated an artery, and blood gushed from the wound. He had lost much blood by the time the ambulance arrived. A tourniquet was applied, and Manning was taken to the St. George Hospital. Sydney Morning Herald, 6 March 1935 REMOVING A GOAT - A Policeman's Problem TACTICS THAT FAILED The removal of a goat from a roadway seems a simple enough task. A Kogarah policeman who had to do it thought so, until he started to try. The goat normally a peaceful animal, recently planted itself determinedly in the middle of a road at Doll's Point, Sans Souci, and showed a disposition to defend its rights against all comers. The first the police knew of this wilful flouting of the law was when an enraged motorist complained that the duco on his car had been damaged by a charging goat. Constable Bradbury was ordered to remove the menace. The constable found the offender, a veteran warrior, who had been staked on a vacant piece of land. The rope, however, was long enough to allow the animal to wander on to the roadway. It looked easy to pull the rope, so the constable pulled, the goat did not move an inch. The constable tried diplomacy, but no amount of coaxing would move the goat. The constable chided he argued he tried threats, but the animal was unmoved. Then when the constable had decided that nothing would induce movement in the stubborn animal, it was galvanised into action and gave him more movement than he had bargained for In fact, it made a wild charge at him. The constable felt that the time for half measures had gone, so he drew his baton and brought it down with all his force on the goat's head, all he achieved was a broken baton. The goat merely shook itself. The situation was desperate when the goat's owner arrived. He undid the rope, and the goat walked off quietly at the heels of its master. Sydney Morning Herald, 4 April 1935 ROCKDALE BATHS In regard to the proposed construction of three shark-proof enclosures along Botany Bay foreshores, in the Rockdale municipality, namely, at Ramsgate, Doll's Point, and North Brighton, the Doll's Point Ratepayers Association informed the Rockdale Council that it had appointed a special committee to investigate the proposal to construct baths in that area, and the committee recommended that the baths should be built 50 yards north of the present pier at Doll's Point. The South Scarborough and Sans Souci Progress Association protested against the building of baths at North Brighton and Ramsgate while the municipal baths at Brighton-le-sands were still losing money. The association asserted that the new baths would mean further burdens to the local ratepayers. Sydney Morning Herald, 20 April 1935 TROLLEY BUS ROUTES TO REPLACE STEAM TRAM The two routes suggested by the Transport Commissioner, Mr. Maddocks, for the trolley bus routes to replace the Kogarah-Sans Souci-Sandringham steam tram, has been adopted by the Rockdale Council. As they were getting the new service after years of agitation, the aldermen deemed it unwise to make any further suggestions to these routes which are as follows: (1) From Kogarah Station, via Railway Parade and Rocky Point Road, to Frater's Avenue to Taren Point punt, returning via Rocky Point Road, Gray Street, Railway Parade to Kogarah Station. (2) From Kogarah Station via Railway Parade to Gray 75

83 Street, Rocky Point Road, Russell Avenue, Napoleon Street, Ida Street and Clareville Avenue, returning via Russell St., Rocky Point Road, Gray Street, and Railway Parade to Kogarah Station. When traffic is light a loop system will be operated passing as near as possible through the centre of population. Construction and Real Estate Journal (Sydney, NSW: ), Wednesday 20 May 1936, page 6 KOGARAH STEAM TRAMS - Electrification Agitation M.L.A. URGES TROLLEY BUSES Mr J C Ross MLA at a meeting at Kogarah on Wednesday night said that the Kogarah-Sans Souci tram service would not be electrified and that trolley buses would be installed. The meeting was convened by the Mayor of Kogarah (Alderman Battye) to resume agitation for the electrification of the line. Mr Ross said that during the last three years he had been annoyed and delayed in his work by continual agitation for electric trams. Public meetings and numerous requests for deputations to the Government only tended to hamper the Transport Department at arriving at a satisfactory decision. Kogarah would have had a modern transport system long ago it had not been for the people themselves and several aldermen in delaying a final decision. All he wanted to see was that the people in the outlying areas of the district were satisfactorily, cheaply, and comfortably served. It did not mean that because 5000 persons had signed a petition for electrification they particularly wanted that service, but that they wanted to get rid of the antiquated steam trams. The steam trams had lost 250,000 since 1902, while there was 53,000 worth of capital involved in them. Mr Ross said he was interested more in the general expenditure of the State Government than in providing benefit to a few. He was sick of the continual hampering by interested parties and if he was left alone to do his work, Kogarah would immediately have a new modern system. There was no advantage in the Commissioner (Mr Maddocks) being ridiculed and insulted at public meetings. That was only another factor in delaying progress. The Mayor of Kogarah (Alderman Battye) denied that only interested parties were present at the meeting. He said that more public meetings would be held. The people would not submit to the Government and take just what was given to them. The meeting decided among other things to urge the desirability of an electric service and to ask Mr Ross to arrange a deputation to the Premier. Sydney Morning Herald, 21 June 1935 POLICE COURTS TROUBLE OVER SOLDIERS PASS Before Mr Flynn S.M. at the Kogarah Police Court yesterday, Robert Armstrong, 40 hairdresser, was charged with assaulting Aubrey Leneva Carey, a tram conductor, at Kogarah on July 25. Carey said he was a conductor on the Kogarah-Sans Souci tram and at 7.40am on July 25 defendant boarded the tram, later pushing his returned soldier pass to Carey s face, saying Have a good look at it this time. When the tram was reaching Kogarah, Carey said defendant hit him in the face and over the eyes and nose resulting with him being off duty for four days. Armstrong said he was a returned soldier and used the tram very frequently. Although he was well known to Carey as the possessor of a pass, he said the latter had demanded to see it on every occasion, and had stated he would report him if it was not shown. Defendant said Carey swore at him when the tram arrived at Kogarah and a fight ensued. Mr Flynn S.M. said it was the duty of tram conductors to be conciliatory with travellers and treat them with respect. It was obvious Carey had stressed the point of seeing defendant soldiers pass on each occasion he used the tram, even though he knew he possessed one. Mr Flynn added conductors should not be too insistent on viewing soldier passes where the travellers were well know. 76

84 Defendant was bound over to be of good behaviour for 12 months, in default seven days imprisonment. He was also ordered to pay 6/7/6 expenses, to be paid at the rate of 5/- per fortnight. Sydney Morning Herald, 3 August 1935 POLICE COURTS - UNLICENSED HOSPITAL At the Kogarah Police Court yesterday, Cecily Ethel Mary Werry was fined 10, indefault 21 days imprisonment, for having conducted a private hospital in Napoleon-street, Sans Souci, without a licence. Detective Gee said that he asked Werry why she had not obtained a licence, and she said that she did not think it was necessary if only one patient was in the hospital at a time. She said she thought any qualified nurse was allowed to have an occasional patient at her home. Detective Gee said that all the equipment at the hospital was clean and modern, there being no suggestion by the police that anything improper was being done. Werry had been previously cautioned by the Department of Public Health, and told that she should obtain a licence. Sydney Morning Herald, 17 August 1935 TREES INTERFERE W1TH BUSES The Department of Road Transport informed Rockdale council that it was proposed to run double decker buses on the route between Central Station and Dolls Point On the section from Brighton le Sands the trees overhung the roadway and would damage the buses The council was asked to lop these trees and decided to do so. Sydney Morning Herald, 24 August 1935 HUMAN SKULL FOUND IN NET SYDNEY, Friday. A fisherman at Sans Souci reported a grim catch this morning when he hauled in his net and found it contained a human skull. It is thought the head had been in the water for several years. There is a likelihood that there will be some difficulty in establishing identity, Canberra Times, 5 October 1935 POLICE COURTS TROUBLE IN TRAM Before Mr Reed S.M, at the Kogarah Police Court yesterday, Frederick James Strutt, 28 plumber, was fined 1 for using indecent language to a tram guard on the Kogarah-Sans Souci tram. Gerhart Phillip Junk, tram conductor, said defendant used the language complained of when he asked for his fare. Strutt had been previously fined on two occasions for assault. Sergeant Weidemere said there had been numerous complaints regarding passengers using indecent language and interfering with the duties of conductors on this steam tram. Plainclothes policemen had been placed on the tram on several occasions to stop this practice. Sydney Morning Herald, 23 October 1935 SULLIVAN HOUGHTON-DEW When Phyllis Houghton-Dew, youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. F. Houghton-Dew of North Sydney, was married yesterday, she dispensed with the customary bridal veil, and instead, bound her hair with a chaplet of sweet scented frangipani. John Patrick Sullivan, of Sandringham, was the bridegroom, and the ceremony was performed at St. Cuthbert's Church, Kogarah, by Rev. Evans. The bride's gown of magnolia satin had the train cut in one with the skirt, and she carried a sheaf of gladioli and frangipani. A frock of carnation pink satin was worn by Mrs. J. C. Ross, the matron of honour, while pink gladioli and blue delphiniums formed her halo and bouquet. Captain William Dunn was the best man, and the wedding toasts were honored at the Corrimal Hall, Dolls Point. Truth, 20 December 1936 p24 77

85 RESIDENTIAL AREA SOUGHT The Kogarah Council has decided to seek permission from the Local Government Department to declare the area between Ramsgate road and Sans Souci a residential area. It was a1so decided to ask that the frontages to Rocky Point-road should be closed to objectionable trades, so that the area would be purely a shopping centre. Sydney Morning Herald, 3 January 1936 HORSE DROWNED - Dashes Through Punt Gate SYDNEY, Wednesday While Andrew Notthing, a baker of Sans Souci, was serving a customer today, his horse attached to the cart standing in front of the premises became frightened and bolted. The animal dashed wildly along the main road towards Taren Point punt, on George's River. The punt was on the other side of the river, and the horse hurtled through the gate and crashed into the water. The cart sank immediately dragging the horse with it, and the animal was drowned in 20 feet of water. The Canberra Times, 6 February 1936 TROLLY BUSES. REPLACEMENT OF TRAMS KQGARAH - SANS SOUCI DECISION In accordance with the policy announced yesterday, of introducing electric trackless trolly buses in the metropolitan area where conditions permit it, the Transport Commissioner (Mr. Maddocks) had decided that trolly buses are to replace the existing steamways in the Kogarah-Sans Souci area. Mr. J. C. Ross, M.L.A., received an official notification from Mr. Maddocks to this effect yesterday afternoon. The Commissioner added that he was prepared to make an immediate commencement on the work. Some months will necessarily elapse, said Mr. Maddocks, before chassis can be manufactured or imported and bodies built for the new vehicles. An immediate start can be made on the erection of poles and other work incidental to the establishment of a trackless trolly system. Mr. Maddocks added that he was perfectly satisfied from his experience overseas that the introduction of a trackless trolly system to serve the Kogarah-Sans Souci area would meet with public appreciation and add materially to the popularity of the district. It had been found that where these vehicles had been introduced there had almost invariably been a marked increase in the amount of transport, offering. There was evidence abroad of a general tendency to replace trams by either trackless trollys or compression ignition omnibuses. Sydney Morning Herald, 14 March 1936 TROLLY BUSES - TENDERS TO BE CALLED The Commissioner for Transport (Mr. Maddocks) informed a deputation, introduced by Mr. J. C. Ross, M.L.A., yesterday, that it was hoped to have the trackless trolly motor bus service in operation between Kogarah and Sans Souci by the early spring of this year. The Commissioner intimated that it was also proposed to extend certain of the services from Kogarah to Rockdale, according to the amount of patronage that was offering. Steps he said, could be taken at once to call for tenders for the chassis, which would have to be imported. The bodies would be built locally. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 April 1936 TROLLEY BUSES - 22 TO BE PURCHASED KOGARAH-SANS SOUCI SERVICE The Commissioner for Transport (Mr. Maddocks) announced yesterday that orders had been placed with Leyland Motors, Ltd., Siemens (Aust.) Pty., Ltd., and A.E.C. Pty., Ltd., for the supply of chassis 78

86 for double- decked trolley buses, which would be utilised to provide a service in substitution for the existing steam tramway between Kogarah and Sans Souci. The service, he said, would be extended to include Rockdale. Twenty-two vehicles were being obtained and the major portion of the chassis and the whole of the bodies and the trolley wire for the overhead equipment would be manufactured locally. Plans for the sub-station and trolly bus depot were nearing completion; the survey for the overhead wiring had been finished, and the poles were now on the site ready for erection. The Commissioner added that he anticipated that the trolley bus service would be in operation by October next. Sydney Morning Herald, 9 May 1936 TROLLY BUSES - CONTRACTS LET - NEW TYPE APPROVED The Transport Commissioner (Mr. Maddocks) yesterday let a contract to Messrs Ritchie Brothers, of Auburn, for the construction of 21 all-metal bodies for the trolly buses to be placed in service in substitution for the Kogarah-Sans Souci steam tramway. A contract has also been placed with Mr. Syd. Wood, of Bankstown, for the construction of a composite trolly bus body. The bodies of these vehicles will differ from any of those hitherto built in Australia, and will be modelled on those in use in Newcastle-on-Tyne, England. They will have two stairways and a front and rear entrance and exit, allowing for a free flow of traffic right through the vehicle, which will facilitate loading and unloading during peak traffic. This type of vehicle attracted the attention of the Commissioner when at Newcastle-on Tyne, during his recent tour of investigation overseas. Sydney Morning Herald, 13 June 1936 CENTRE STREET LIGHTING The St. George County Council has refused an application by Rockdale Council that centre street suspension lighting be installed along parts of the new Rockdale to Sans Souci trolley bus route. The chief electrical engineer of the County Council (Mr. E. P. Thompson) has reported that there was bad holding ground along this route, and poles would not be able to stand too much loading. It was proposed to use the trolley bus poles, but the wiring for the lighting was just as heavy as trolley bus construction. Mr. Thompson said poles in Fontenbleau-street had already pulled over as a result of the bad holding ground. Sydney Morning Herald, 22 December 1936 COMPLAINT AGAINST NIGHT TENNIS A resident of Darley-street Sans Souci has complained to Kogarah Council that a nuisance is being caused by the playing of tennis late at night on a court in that street. The writer stated that play continued on some nights until five minutes past midnight, and up to on Sunday nights. The voice of the umpire was annoying, also the large glaring lights. If the council took no action he would apply in the law courts for an injunction against late play. Alderman Bertram said at the last council meeting that he lived two doors from the court and considered that there was no cause for complaint. The letter was formally received. Sydney Morning Herald, 6 January 1937 SHARK BIT BOTTOM FROM LAUNCH BUT MEN STILL LIVE After a shark had bitten a huge hole in their 16ft. launch in the middle of Botany Bay before dawn today, two men spent nearly four hours up to their necks in water, and in terror of the shark's return. In 79

87 spite of their danger, however, they kept up their spirits by joking. They were in constant fear of the shark's return, but having left several of its teeth in the vessel's planks it probably suffered as big a shock as the men. The men were: Albert Cree (54), fisherman, of Kogarah, and John Blacksall (72), of Brighton le Sands, who had joined Cree for a day's fishing. It was a wonder we were not eaten by the shark, but the probability is that the monster injured itself and feared to return said Cree later. How we escaped drowning in the circumstances is almost a miracle. In their open launch, the two men left Brighton shortly after 3 a.m., intending to fish off Cronulla. On board for bait was a baby shark, two feet long, and they think this, attracted the big shark which attacked them. The Attack - The heads had almost been reached when they heard a loud swish in the water with a suddenness that sent them sprawling. The shark crashed into the vessel. Its teeth sank in to the halfinch planks, about a foot of which were torn away by its powerful jaws. Several teeth were left embedded in the woodwork. Blacksall found himself lying across a small petrol tank, and Cree was stretched across the middle of the launch, which almost capsized. By quickly rolling to the other side, however, they prevented this. Water was pouring in. In three minutes the launch had sunk to the gunwale. It was reputed to be unsinkable, and by kneeling on the bottom and remaining motionless they were able to remain in the sub merged boat but they saw with alarm that they were being washed slowly out to sea. To keep up their spirits the men exchanged joking remarks about their prospects of being helped across 'the Great Divide' by the saints. When dawn broke they saw that they were alone in the bay. The shark did not return, but every minute they expected that they would be drowned. When the crew of the yacht Minerva finally saw their plight, it quickly reached the scene. Cree, at last overcome by his efforts to attract help, was then practically unconscious. He and Blacksall were hauled on board and the launch was towed to Doll's Point and beached. Cree and Blacksall were horrified when they saw the size of the huge hole in the bottom. The Daily News Perth WA, 4 February 1937 THE CHURCHES ACCEPTS RECTORSHIP OF SANS SOUCI The Rev. Frank Wilde, who, for the past six years, has been the rector of Springwood, with Glenbrook, has accepted the rectorship of Sans Souci, with Langlea. He entered St. John's College, Armidale, in 1910, and was ordained deacon in 1912, after having gained the Th. L. diploma, and was ordained a priest in His first curacy was at Tamworth, where he left in 1915 for Walgett as vicar. In 1917 he was appointed to the parish of Emmaville, in the New England district. Coming to the Sydney diocese in 1922, he was curate at Picton, and went to Parramatta in 1925 as curate of St. John's, with special oversight of Harris Park. In 1927, Harris Park, with Rose Hill, was created a parochial district, and Mr. Wilde was appointed its first vicar in He was nominated rector of Springwood, with Glenbrook, Sydney Morning Herald, 20 February 1937 FISHERIES PROSECUTION In the Kogarah Police Court yesterday, before Mr. Oram, S.M., Archie Orange, of Rawson-street, Sans Souci, was charged under the new Fisheries Act with having used an unregistered net in Kogarah Bay, for prawning. Orange was fined 5/-, with 8/- costs. Sydney Morning Herald, 26 March 1937 BAND MUSIC Doll's Point Reserve: Sunday, 3 p.m., the Rockdale Municipal Band (Mr J C Walker) Sydney Morning Herald, 17 April

88 FOUR GIRLS INJURED Four girls were knocked down by motor car in Rocky Point-road, Ramsgate, yesterday morning, and three of them were admitted to hospital. They were:- Veronica Christie, 16, Alice street, Ramsgate, head injuries; Patricia Wells 16, Sans Souci, probable fractures of the skull and left leg; and Van Stannard, 15, Ramsgate-avenue, Ramsgate, probable fractures of the pelvis and spine. Elsie Bray, 14, of Selmon-street, Sans Souci, was treated for an injury to a hand and shock, and was allowed to leave. The girls were standing under a shop awning waiting for a tram. When it stopped, they began to cross the road, and were knocked down by a car travelling in the opposite direction. The driver said that he had not been able to see the girls approaching. St. George District, Ambulance conveyed them to the St. George District Hospital. Sydney Morning Herald, 28 May 1937 LAST STEAM TRAMS - Manning by Retired Officers SUGGESTION BEING CONSIDERED A suggestion that the oldest living ex-steam tram employees should man the trams on the Kogarah-Sans Souci service on the last journeys before the changeover to trolly buses on July 3 will be considered by the Retired Railway and Tramway Officers' Association at a meeting on Thursday. The proposal was made by Mr. T. Fitzpatrick, of Mortdale, in a letter to the Herald. The secretary of the Retired Railway and Tramway Officers' Association (Mr. H. Crawford) said he thought that it would be a nice gesture, and would add interest to the change-over ceremony if the steam trams on the last journeys were manned by the oldest ex-steam drivers and guards. His association would probably place the proposal before the Department of Road Transport and Tramways. The Deputy Commissioner for Road Transport (Mr. C. N. Neale) said that the suggestion would be considered. COACH DRIVER'S MEMORIES Mr. C. J. Selmon, of Rocky Point-road, Kogarah, recalled how, 50 years ago, his coach run from Kogarah to Sandringham had been forced out of operation by the steam tram service which, in its turn, will be superseded by trolley buses on July 3. In Mr. Selmon's day Sandringham was a popular seaside resort. The tram's first carriages, which carried holiday-makers, were old train cars. The tram often ran out of water, and had to be filled from nearby wells. DEATH OF FIRST DRIVER Mr. Henry John Devlin, who has died at his home in Clareville-avenue, Sandringham, at the age of 82 years, was the first man to drive the old Kogarah steam trams, 50 years ago. He drove trams in the service for two years, before being transferred to locomotives. Sydney Morning Herald, 8 June 1937 ROCKDALE-SANS SOUCI SERVICE The Deputy Commissioner for Road Transport and Tramways (Mr. C. N. Neale) stated yesterday that he approved the proposal that retired employees, who had been engaged in the operation of the Kogarah- Sans Souci steam tramway, should be included in the celebrations associated with the inauguration of the trolley bus service. He suggested that retired employees who desired to attend should communicate with the secretary of the Retired Officers' Association (Mr. H. Crawford, of 48 Sackville-street, Bexley), before Friday, June l8. Mr. Crawford would then discuss the matter with the department. Sydney Morning Herald, 12 June

89 LAST STEAM TRAM WILD SCENES - SCRAMBLE FOR SOUVENIRS Trolly Buses Begin. Excited souvenir hunters stripped the last steam tram from Kogarah to Sans Souci early yesterday morning electric light globes, windows, stanchions, and even doors were taken as mementoes. A throng of men, women, and children jostled each other in an endeavour to make the last trip on the steam tram. Several persons sought to obtain a precarious footing on the running-boards, but were ordered off by the police. The tram, consisting of an engine and three cars, left the Kogarah station shortly before 1 a.m. to the accompaniment of cheers, whistles, and the blowing of motor horns an escort of between 50 and 60 motor cars convoyed the tram. At the first steep incline the load proved too great for one engine and another had to be requisitioned, the journey being completed with a double-header. Constable Dunn, who was riding alone on the footboard of one of the cars, was struck by a motor and forced from his position. His thigh was badly bruised and he received attention from ambulance officers. He had to go off duty. Sydney Morning Herald, 5 July 1937 TRIPLE OPENING CEREMONY - CROWD OF 90,000. Between 90,000 and 100,000 people witnessed the inauguration of the Rockdale - Kogarah - Sans Souci trolly bus service by the Premier (Mr. Stevens) on Saturday, and bade farewell to the Puffing Billy steam tram service, which had been in use between Kogarah and Sans Souci for half a century. The four miles of route were lined with people; many thousands of motor cars were parked along the highway, and there was an attractive procession of decorated trade vehicles. The first function was at Kogarah railway station, where the Premier cut a purple ribbon. The official party then boarded trolly buses and, travelled to Rockdale, where another ribbon was severed. The party was then conveyed to Sans Souci, where in the late afternoon, further speeches were delivered. FLEXIBLE TRANSPORT The Premier outlined the Government's plans for meeting the transport problem in Sydney, as published in the Herald last Wednesday. He said that last year trams and buses in Sydney transported 317,211,048 passengers more than 37,866,000 miles. For that service the passengers paid 3, and 9376 drivers and conductors were employed. Our policy, he said, has been to provide the most flexible system of transport to meet the everincreasing needs of the people. In the past five years we have instituted many improvements and in the near future greater changes are contemplated gradually our trams will be substituted by motor buses and trolly buses, but if fares are to be kept down that change, must be gradual, while millions of pounds worth of rolling stock is scrapped and capital for the new equipment is provided. During the past few years we have been able to write down each year the capital of our transport services and to reduce fares. We are determined to keep fares at their present level and they will not be increased in consequence of the recent increase in wages. Mr Stevens said the total cost of the new trolly bus service, which would be operated by 16 vehicles, was and a staff of 54 men would be employed. The old steam service necessitated a staff of 56. During its half century of operation a loss had been shown each year the total loss having been The Premier added that more than 50 per cent, of each completed trolly bus had been manufactured in Australia. Mr J C. Ross. M.LA, said that with up to-date transport it would be impossible to hold back the Kogarah district. The Mayor of Kogarah (Alderman Battye) presented to the Premier a goldmounted blotter, containing the seal of the Municipality of Kogarah 82

90 Other speakers included the Mayor of Rockdale (Alderman F. W. Beehag), the acting Commissioner for Transport (Mr. C. N. Neale), the deputy Mayor of Kogarah (Alderman E. H. Trollope), the deputy Mayor of Rockdale (Aldermen Maguire), and Mr. J. J. Cahill, M.L.A. Other guests were Messrs. H. J. Bate and C. O. J. Monro, Ms. L. A, A. Lane M.L.A and Dr. Eli Webb. M.L.A., and aldermen and councillors of the immediate and surrounding municipalities. Sydney Morning Herald, 5 July 1937 TESTATOR'S FAMILY MAINTENANCE Mrs. Ada May Watts, a daughter of the late Mrs. Alice Mary Collis, formerly of Sans Souci, applied for an order under the Testator's Family Maintenance Act, in respect of her mother's estate. Mrs. Collis, a widow, died in November, 1935, at the age of 87 years, leaving an estate of By her will she gave the applicant 100 and the residue to her two sons, in equal shares. The applicant is 57 years of age, and her husband is 77. The Court made an order that applicant receive 1 a week. Mr. E. W. Wickham (Instructed by Messrs. George A. Raves and Poole) appeared for the applicant, and Mr, A. J. Moverley (instructed by Mr. F. C. Bryant) for the executors. Sydney Morning Herald, 4 September 1937 STEAM TRAMS TO BE BURNT After serving along the Kogarah to Sans Souci route for 50 years, the old discarded steam trams are to be burnt to enable old iron to be salvaged from them. The purchaser has asked the Rockdale Council, for permission to burn the trams where they stand at Doll's Point. The burning would be supervised by officers of the fire brigade to see that nearby houses were not damaged. The mayor (Alderman F. W. Beehag) said at the meeting that it was a pity to burn so much wood when families could use it for fuel. Most of the wood was cedar. Permission was granted. Sydney Morning Herald, 4 September 1937 ELECTION POSTERS - Electric Light Poles Used Before Mr. Scobie, S.M., at the Kogarah Police Court yesterday, Max Thomas, of Evans Street, Sans Souci, was fined 1 with 2/2/- professional costs, and 8/- court costs, for having pasted bills on electric light poles owned by the St. George County Council. Defendant pleaded guilty. Mr. McLaughlin (for the council) said defendant had been seen pasting bills on a pole in Forest Road, Arncliffe. Defendant had admitted he knew it was an offence. He was posting the bills for the forthcoming elections. Mr McLaughlin said the council had great trouble because of the posting of bills, and had to meet the expense of removing them. The offence was not confined to one political party. Sydney Morning Herald, 4 September 1937 SCHOOL TEACHERS CHANGES IN STAFFS - TRANSFERS AND APPOINTMENTS The Education Department yesterday announced the following changes in the teaching staffs of New South Wales schools - Miss I Frost - Randwick to Sans Souci Sydney Morning Herald, 1 December 1937 MAN BITTEN BY CATTLE DOG At the Kogarah Small Debts Court yesterday. William Smith, carrier, of Mill Street. Carlton, claimed 10 damages from Herbert Selmon, barber, of Alice Street. Sans Souci, for injuries caused by Selmon's kangaroo cattle dog. Smith said he delivered a case of fruit to Selmon's home, and as he was leaving the dog bit his right leg and tore his trousers. A big scar had been left, and witness said he would carry it to his grave. The dog was very savage. 83

91 Selmon said his dog was lying on the ground, when Smith trod on its paw. He had the dog at Court, and was prepared to allow any test to be made of its savageness. Mr. Wells, S.M. gave a verdict for Smith for 8/8/6, with 1/1/- costs. Sydney Morning Herald, 17 December 1937 HOLIDAY LITTER - TO THE EDITOR OF THE HERALD Sir - Mr Gilder's complaint regarding this matter is published in your issue of the 11 th inst., is typical of what is to be found in practically every seaside resort around Sydney. Like Mr Glider, I live at Sans Souci adjacent to a beautiful park, which is the rendezous of week-end trippers and motorists. It is quite the usual thing; to find each week-end that the roadways, gutters, and footpaths are littered with all kinds of rubbish, Mr Glider mentions, and no attempt appears to be made by the civic authorities to bring the people to a proper sense of their civic duty. The position has become even worse since the rivalry between the various icecream companies has increased, resulting in the various kinds of paper bags, cartons, sticks and wooden spoons being cast to four winds. If natural good manners and culture of the average tripper or motorist are lacking and no municipal authorities should patrol the resorts in their areas and take action with those who carelessly distribute rubbish on the streets and footpaths. If the cost of such patrol is considered too great, then it is suggested that the various councils co-operate and provide a flying squad to institute a campaign around the various beaches. As the position stands at present, it appears to be quite within the law to scatter litter, and no decently disposed citizen dare protest. I am, etc, MRS. H. COLLIS. Sans Souci, Jan. 15. Sydney Morning Herald, 18 January 1938 REMAINS OF MAN Believed to be Enmore Resident. Through the identification of a tan shoe and a sock on the foot of the one leg and portion of the body of a man found in the net of fishermen in Botany Bay, Detective Miles, of Kogarah, believes that the remains were those of Wilson Frederick Caughey, 50, who disappeared from his home in Enmore Street, Enmore, on February 24. Yesterday police dragged Botany Bay, off Doll's Point, for the remaining portions of the body. It is believed that Caughey fell from his boat while fishing. Sydney Morning Herald, 3 March 1938 NEW TEAMS Several new clubs and teams will figure in the competitions. Vice Regal has entered two teams. It is three years since the Vice Regal teams competed in the cricket fixtures. On Saturday the Vice Regal teams played grading matches, and Miss Edna Medcalf, who gained her interstate colours when Vice Regal were playing in previous years, was in excellent form. After a long absence from the game, Miss Medcalf scored 52 and took five wickets for 16. Walter Cavill's firm has entered a team for the first time this season, and St. George Club is completely reorganised. Many of the former Sans Souci players, who were State premiers for years, have come back into the game, including Miss Rene Shevill. Another Sans Souci player who showed to advantage, with St. George on Saturday was Miss Rene Duggan, who bowled finely. The St. George team should do extremely well this season with this additional strength, and Miss L. Jamieson, the new honorary secretary is working hard to organise the club efficiently both as a playing unit and as an administrative group in the district Y.W.C.A. Teams. Sydney Morning Herald, 22 September 1938 LATE MR. W. E. SMITH The estate of Mr William Ernest Smith, oyster lessee, formerly of Dolls Point, Cooks River, has been sworn for probate at 39,454. Mr Smith, who died on July 3 at the age of 72, left his wife an annuity and a residence for life, and the rest of his estate for his daughter, Mrs Harriett Alice Allen. Sydney Morning Herald, 20 December

92 MAN ATE CHIPS WHILE DRIVING Charles Albert Penny, of Sans Souci, was fined 30/- with 5/6 costs, in the Traffic Court yesterday for dangerous driving. Constable Johnson said he approached Penny in General Holmes Drive, North Brighton on January 7, and told him his car had been swerving from one side of the road to the other. Penny said he had been eating and did not regard his conduct seriously because there was no other traffic about. Witness said Penny added: You can't drive a car and eat fish and chips too. Sydney Morning Herald, 9 February 1939 CRUSHED UNDER TRACTOR Militia Trainee Killed. Henry Faulkner 33 of Malua Street, Dolls Point was killed when driving a military tractor on to a railway truck at the Alexandra goods yard on Saturday. Faulkner who was a militia trainee was helping to load a special train to take troops to Woonona camp for training. The tractor capsized as it was being run on to the truck, Faulkner was crushed beneath it. The Central District Ambulance took him to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where he died. His injuries were a fractured skull and a broken spine. Sydney Morning Herald, 20 February 1939 DEATH WOOLNOUGH, July 14, 1939 at St George's Hospital, Charles, beloved husband of Caroline Woolnough, of 27 Bonanza Parade, Sans Souci, and father of Herbert, Tom, Len, Daphne, Sylvia (Mrs. Guise) Joyce, and Leslie, aged 53 years. Sydney Morning Herald, 15 July 1939 NEW CONVENT Work had begun on the erection of a new convent of The Lady of Mercy in the Promenade, Sans Souci, to cost approximately 11,000. It has been designed by Mr B Millane of Kogarah, who explains that the only ornamental features to be introduced in the building will be in the chapel, which will include a special type of moulded bricks designed specially for the job. The convent will be two storeys high, with the kitchen block, community room, music and art rooms and chapel on the ground floor, and sleeping quarters on the first floor. Mr R. M. Bocock is the builder. Sydney Morning Herald, 18 July 1939 LOSS ON TROLLY BUS SERVICE Rockdale-Sans Souci Route. The Transport Department has informed Rockdale council that the new trackless trolly bus service on the Rockdale-Kogarah-Sans Souci route which has replaced the old steam trams has shown a loss in the last 12 months of 800. This was stated by the department in reply to a request that the department should contribute substantially towards the reconstruction of Russell Avenue, Ramsgate. The council had pointed out that this road was crumbling badly as a result of the heavy traffic by the buses, and had only been originally constructed for much lighter traffic. The council stated that it had been estimated that it would cost more than 7000 to reconstruct it in concrete. The department said that in view of the heavy loss on the service it could not make a large contribution. Sydney Morning Herald, 26 July SHARKS AT DOLL'S POINT Two sharks, said to be about 7ft long, appeared in about 3ft of water at Dolls Point, about four miles from the point where Farrin was attacked yesterday afternoon. As they were approaching three young girls paddling in the sea, several women on the beach screamed to the children to rush back to the beach. 85

93 The girls saw the sharks close to them as they were leaving the water. Later the sharks swam out into the bay. Sydney Morning Herald, 24 January 1940 CAR AND LORRY COLLIDE TWO PERSONS KILLED ORANGE, Friday. Shirley Lozell, aged 12, of Evans Street, Sans Souci, and her brother, Mr. Leslie Lozell, aged 26, of the same address, were killed at 7 o'clock last night in a collision between a car and a lorry loaded with wood, at Cheeseman's Creek, 14 miles from Orange. Six persons in the car were travelling to Forbes to spend the Easter holidays there. The collision caused the car to run off the road and twice overturn. Shirley Lozell received severe head injuries and was killed instantly. Her brother, a married man, who has left a widow and two children, received a fracture of the base of the skull, and died in the Orange Base Hospital at 3 o'clock this afternoon. Mrs. F. Lozell, also of Evans Street. Sans Souci, is suffering from a fractured collar bone a fractured rib and severe shock, Mrs S Crompton, of Ismay Avenue, Homebush, from severe bruises and shock; and Miss Crompton, of Ismay Avenue, Homebush, from fractured left arm and shock. The other occupant of the car Mr. Crompton, jun. escaped injury. Sydney Morning Herald, 23 March 1940 PROPOSED OIL REFINERY FARMERS FEAR POLLUTION - Effect on Oyster Reels A guarantee will be sought by oyster farmers that oyster culture waters will not be polluted by effluent if an oil refinery is established at Yarra Bay. This was one of the decisions of the annual conference of the N.S.W. Oyster Farmers' Association at Doll's Point yesterday. The Minister for Lands, Mr. Sinclair, is reported to be favourable to granting a lease of Crown lands at Yarra Bay for a refinery. Mr. T. C. Roughley, special research officer of the Fisheries Department, warned delegates that if effluent from such works reached Botany Bay it would be of great detriment to oyster farms. Provision should be made for a penalty of 50 a day for as long as pollution continued. We have been too complacent in the past about, the possible pollution of our bays and rivers, he said. OYSTER PAGEANT SUGGESTED He considered that there should be a pageantry at the opening of the annual oyster conferences, like there was at Colchester, England. The Chief Secretary. Mr. Tonking, who opened the conference, said (the fisheries officers and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research were doing valuable work for the industry. Experiments were bring made in bamboo cultivation for the growing of oysters in place of mangrove slicks. The chairman, Mr. C. W. Phillips, said that last year 43,000 sacks of oysters were marketed in New South Wales, and the return to the growers had been 100,000. Many improvements in methods of cultivation were urgently necessary. The growers had paid to the department 10,000 in lease rentals, and he considered that portion of that sum should be set aside each year for research into growing methods and conditions. It might be possible to discover a synthetic stick for oyster culture. One hundred and fifty delegates from all parts of the State consumed 6,000 oysters during the conference. Sydney Morning Herald, 27 March

94 GIFT OF TRUCK A two and a half-ton truck was given to the military authorities at Victoria Barracks by Mr. J. Toyer, of Sans Souci, yesterday. The Army will gratefully accept any gifts of suitable motor vehicles. Sydney Morning Herald, 16 July 1940 BRENNAN-PATTERSON - The Engagement is announced of Jessie, elder daughter of Mr. R. G. Patterson, of Burma and Mrs R. G. Patterson, of Sans Souci to Harold Neville youngest son of Mr and Mrs J. A. Brennan of Sans Souci. Sydney Morning Herald, 8 January 1940 MOTOR CAR AND BICYCLE COLLISION Through collision between a bicycle and motor car near Dolls Point, Donald Bruce Patterson was seriously injured. Patterson alleged that the collision was caused by Edward Cooper s negligent driving of the car. Patterson claimed damages. The jury returned a verdict for plaintiff and awarded 140 damages. Mr E Little and Mr J S Ferrari (instructed by Mr Alan Cupit) appealed for plaintiff and Mr Watt KC and Mr G D Quin (instructed by Mr John Hickey) for defendant Sydney Morning Herald, 19 November 1940 SCHOOL WANTED AT RAMSGATE The Ramsgate Parents and Citizens Association will hold a meeting at Ramsgate Park Infant School at 8 p.m. on Monday to demand a primary school at Ramsgate. At present 600 children travel from Ramsgate each school day to Kogarah, Sans Souci, and Brighton-le-Sands. Mr. H. S. Arthur, secretary of the association, said last night that deputations, petitions, and other representations to the Government had been fruitless. The schools which Ramsgate children travelled to had far too many pupils. The classes each had an average of 50 children, although the Teachers Federation had declared that a teacher could not teach efficiently more than 35. Sydney Morning Herald, 25 April 1941 WOUNDING CHARGE ACQUITTAL Alexander Edward Anderson, 51, fitter, was acquitted, in the Quarter Sessions yesterday, of having maliciously wounded Archibald John Orange at Sans Souci on May 1. The Crown alleged that during a dispute about the war, Anderson had jabbed Orange about the head with an oyster-knife. Anderson, in evidence, denied that he had attacked Orange. He said that Orange was a skilled fighter. His record is 12 fights and 12 knock-outs, he added. I would sooner challenge Joe Louis than him.'' Sydney Morning Herald, 11 July 1941 ENGAGEMENT MISS MAVIS DODD, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Dodd, Sans Souci, Sydney, whose engagement to Mr. Frank J. Morris, R.A.N., eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Morris, New Farm, Brisbane, is announced. The Courier, Brisbane, 7 August 1941 PILGRIM - November 18, at a private hospital, Alexander Robert Pilgrim, late of boatshed, Sandringham, dearly loved husband of Maude Alice Pilgrim, and dear father of Norman, Leslie, Stanley, Archie, Irene, and Keith, aged 55 years. PILGRIM -The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. M. A. PILGRIM, Mr. and Mrs. N. PILGRIM, Mr. L. PIIGRIM, Mr. and Mrs. S. PILGRIM, and DONALD, Mr. A. PILGRIM, also IRENE, and KEITH PILGRIM, are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly loved HUSBAND their dear FATHER and GRANDFATHER, Alexander Robert Pilgrim, late of Boat Shed Sandringham which will leave the Presbyterian Church, Derby Street, Kogarah THIS WEDNESDAY after service commencing at 1 p m 87

95 for the Crematorium Woronora. Floral tributes to church. J and C HARDY, A F D A Phones LW5834 and LU1551 PILGRIM -The Relatives and Friends of Mrs T. BIRNIE, Mr. and Mrs. D. MACPHERSON, Mr.s G. HOWARD, Mr. and Mrs. J. THOMPSON, and Mr. and Mrs. W. MACPHERSON, and their FAMILIES, are invited to attend the Funeral of their dear BROTHER IN LAW and UNCLE, Alexander Robert Pilgrim; which will leave the Presbyterian Church, Derby Street Kogarah THIS WEDNESDAY after service commencing at 1 p.m for the Crematorium Woronora, J and C HARDY A F D A PILGRIM - LODGE SANS SOUCI No 442 UGL OF NSW -Officers and Member are invited to attend the Funeral of the late esteemed Member Brother A.PILGRIM, Regalia. For further particulars see family notice G T TOYER WM, W S RICHARDS Secretary. Sydney Morning Herald, 19 November 1941 RESTRICTIONS ON WATER - Drastic Economies Begin Most householders yesterday put into effect the drastic new restrictions on the use of water, which were imposed by the Water Board on Wednesday. These restrictions are: The use of water for any domestic purpose except sanitary flushing is prohibited except between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.: prohibition of most hot-water systems; the flush in sanitary pans is to be reduced to a maximum of two gallons; permits to water rare plants are withdrawn; the depth of plunge baths is not to exceed four inches; water for sporting purposes is prohibited; business consumers are to effect a reduction of at least five per cent; watering times for market gardens are reduced by one hour daily. There were numerous complaints yesterday from shift workers in munition factories that, it would be impossible for them take baths during the week because they would be either asleep or at work during the hours when the domestic use of water is permitted. No relief for night workers is provided in the regulations, as drafted. It is expected that they will be gazetted by the Government this afternoon. Until they are gazetted there can be no prosecution for failure to observe the restrictions. WATER TANKS The president Mr. Upton, at the request of members of the board, is investigating the possibility of householders obtaining, at a reasonable cost, galvanised iron tanks for the storage. The vice-president, Mr. T. D. Kelly, stated that he had made some inquiries and had found that tanks at reasonable prices were almost unprocurable. The board has asked every householder who can to put down bores to get water for gardening and other household purposes. Experience, however, has shown that bore water in the metropolitan area is limited chiefly to the low lying areas on the foreshores and to some portions of the northern suburbs. Water can be had at 10 or 20 feet almost anywhere on the lower slopes or valleys between Rose Bay and Sans Souci. This area was for many years the source of the Sydney water supply, and is now supplying about 8,000,000 gallons daily for industrial purposes. This supply of subterranean water is showing signs of depletion because of the prolonged drought. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 January 1942 HUMAN ARM FOUND As Ronald Maltby, of Sans Souci, and William Abbott, of Bexley, were fishing yesterday afternoon near the Sans Souci baths, they recovered the left arm of a human being. Broken and in the state of 88

96 decomposition, the arm was taken to the Kogarah Hospital, where a doctor was unable to state whether it belonged to a male or female. It is in the City Morgue. Police hold that the arm is possibly the remains of either Arthur Bridges 16, of Hurstville, or Ronald Bishop 17, of Marrickville, who were drowned four miles further Up the river on Thursday. Sydney Morning Herald, 9 March 1942 RUBBER MINE IN SANS SOUCI GARDEN Two Sans Souci Boy Scouts, Jim Bates and Bernard Walker, were given permission by the owner of a house to collect some old rubber heels in a garden for the rubber drive. The heels were made in Japan, and marked Peace. and Benito. When the boys started digging in the yard they came on huge numbers of heels and in two days uncovered about 6 cwt. They are still in rich rubber ground, and will continue mining tomorrow. The heels were discovered when a fence was being erected. They were apparently buried by the former occupant of the house. Cairns Post Qld, 29 July 1942 DOUGLAS - March 28, 1942, result of accident, Edward Douglas, of 63 Kendall Street, Sans Souci, beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Douglas and brother of Dolly, Jinnie, Billie, Jimmie, Jack, Conk, Violet, and Stella Sydney Morning Herald, 30 March 1942 DOUGLAS -The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs W DOUGLAS, Mr and Mrs C MILLER, Mr and Mrs K AUSTIN, Mr and Mrs W DOUGLAS JUNR, Mr and Mrs JIM DOUGLAS, Mr and Mrs JACK DOUGLAS, Mr and Mrs A DOUGLAS, Mr and MRS A CHAPMAN, Mr L CHAP MAN Mr and Mrs L LE BRITON and FAMILIES are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved SON their loving BROTHER, BROTHER IN LAW and UNCLE, Ted Douglas to leave his late residence 63 Kendall Street, Sans Souci THIS TUESDAY after service commencing at 2 pm for the Church of England Cemetery Woronora CHARLES KINSELA PTY, LTD A F D A Taylor Sq, Darlinghurst. Sydney Morning Herald, 31 March 1942 MAGUIRE (nee Iris Heslehurst) - May 28 at Rosslyn private hospital Arncliffe to Iris and John of Sans Souci, a daughter (Judith Maxine). Sydney Morning Herald, 5 June 1942 SYDNEY SHARKS SYDNEY, Thurs Last night a 10ft. blue whaler shark was caught at Delaney's boatshed, Sans Souci. The shark had been in the vicinity of the shed with another for about two weeks. Delaney said that the shark pulled his boat for more than 100 yards. The Daily News, Perth, 13 January 1944 SYDNEY, Mon The Rev. J. Green had just commenced service in the Baptist Church at Sans Souci last night when a large kangaroo entered. Efforts to coax it out failed and two attendants were forced to drag it from the church. The Daily News, Perth, 14 February 1944 ZEITSCH (nee Hill) - June 29, at King George V. to Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Zeitech. Of Alice Street, Sans Souci, a daughter (Wanda Grace). Sydney Morning Herald, 1 July 1944 CHINAMAN RELIEVED OF WHITE MAN'S BURDEN SYDNEY, Sunday A Chinaman was assaulted and robbed by another Chinaman this morning outside a hut adjoining his market garden at Sans Souci. 89

97 Ah Tung (65) of San Souci, was seen in the company of another Chinaman shortly before the robbery occurred. Ah Tung, who is now in St. George's Hospital, told the police that the other Chinaman had said to him, Do you work for the white man? Ah Tung replied, Yes. The other Chinaman then struck him and robbed him of 10. The Canberra Times, 29 October 1945 HUNTER-KING - July 30, at Pacific Hospital, Brighton, To Mr. and Mrs. Hunter-King of Sans Souci -a daughter. Sydney Morning Herald, 4 August 1945 WOMAN RESCUES YOUTH FROM DROWNING SYDNEY, Wednesday.-Two brothers, Kevin Hawkins (19) and Barry Hawkins (14), of Sans Souci, were rescued from the Georges River, Sans Souci, today, by a 23 year-old woman. The lads had been fishing in a skiff, which overturned. Mrs. Lorna Heath rowed a small boat to the middle of the river and assisted them. Sydney Morning Herald, 18 December 1947 NO PARALLEL IN AUSTRALIAN CRIME It was stated in the Quarter Sessions today that a forgery by Lewis Norman Edney, of Sans Souci, 21, was very cunning, and had no parallel in the Australian and New Zealand police records. Edney pleaded guilty to two charges of forgery and two of uttering. It was stated that he deposited 100 in the Union Bank, and after altering the figure in his passbook, withdrew 400. Mr. Dovey said that Edney was led to his actions by his infatuation for an older woman. He was remanded until Monday for sentence. Sydney Morning Herald, 13 December, 1947 SIDELIGHTS ON THE SHOW It was children's day at the Show yesterday, and samples were in great demand... Youngest contestants in the varied riding events for children were Kerry Hunter-King, of Sans Souci, aged 2½ years, and Gloria Fenton, of Goulburn, aged 4 years. The judge. Mr. K. McK. Duncan, awarded both children a blue ribbon. Sydney Morning Herald, 31 March 1948 WEDDING BELLS SHAW - IVES The marriage of Miss Lorrie Ives, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. Ives, of Sandringham, to Mr. Alwyn Shaw, son of Mr. and Mrs. Shaw, of Fairfield St., Fairfield, was solemnised at St. Andrew s Church of England, Sans Souci, on April, 17 by the Rev. K. Shelly, of Chatswood. The bride presented a charming figure in a white moss crepe with bustle effect, and wearing a cut tulle veil, and carried a bouquet of roses, frangipani and carnations. The bridesmaid, Miss Dorothy Ives, sister of the bride, was frocked in pale green moss crepe and carried a bouquet of talisman rosebuds. Mr. Phil Singlelon, of Sandringham, was bestman. During the signing of the register Miss Marie Clarke beautifully sang Because.'' The reception was held at Harris' Hall, Ramsgate, the guests being received by the bride's mother, who chose a frock of jacaranda blue with black accessories, and was assisted by the bridegroom's mother, wearing royal blue ensemble with black accessories. 90

98 The chairman was Mr. Stan Shaw, and the usual toasts were sincerely honoured. During the cutting of the cake I Love You Truly was rendered by, Miss Dot Walker. The handsome three tiered cake was a wedding present from Mrs Singleton, of Sans Souci, who also made it. Other vocal items at the reception were tendered by Misses Marie Clarke and Renie Pierce, and Mrs. H. Gallant. The newly-weds later 1eft on.their honeymoon to be spent at Blackheath and Jenolan Caves. The Biz, Fairfield, 29 April 1948 FOURTH MARRIAGE AT 76 SYDNEY, June 11: The marriage of two old-age pensioners, Mr. Samuel Roughsadge (78), of Ramsgate, and Mrs. May Gleeson (76), of Sans Souci, took place at Kogarah Central Baptist Church yesterday. It was Mrs. Roughsadge's fourth marriage. She is the mother of six children. Mr. Roughsadge is a widower and has a son and a daughter. After the ceremony Mrs. Roughsadge said: I'm glad we're married, I'm pretty excited in spite of my age. It's not often there's a bride as old as I. It's in your old age that you need a companion most of all. The West Australian, Perth, 12 June 1948 MAN DIES AFTER QUARREL WITH NEPHEW Police are investigating the death of a man who died suddenly at Dolls Point last night. Shortly before his death the man, who is alleged to have suffered from heart disease, had a quarrel and a fight with his nephew. The dead man was Daniel Charles Wood, 54, of Malua Street, Dolls Point. Police were told that Wood and his nephew, Mr. Cecil Hayward, 42, had lived together. Shortly after Hayward had returned home last night, a quarrel had taken place between the two men. It was alleged that Wood picked up a motor-car pump and belaboured Hayward with it, inflicting injuries to his head and face. In the struggle both men had fallen to the floor. Shortly after they had risen again, Wood is said to have collapsed and died. Sydney Morning Herald, 31 August 1948 ELWYN FRANKS, 20, of Harris Street, Sans Souci, was killed when he was setting out to celebrate his 20th birthday with a party of motor-cyclist friends. There were seven young men riding motor cycles in the party. While riding along the Hume Highway, Bass Hill, Franks swerved to dodge a motor truck, and his cycle crashed into another motor truck coming towards him. Franks had his right leg almost torn off, his skull fractured, and other bones in his body broken. He died almost instantly. John L. Parker, 21, of Fontainbleau Street, Sans Souci, who was riding behind Franks, collided with Franks's cycle as it was hurled from the side of the motor lorry. Parker escaped with minor abrasions. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 May 1949 FIVE MORE POLIO CASES FROM NSW REPORTED Five more N.S.W cases of poliomyelitis were reported to the Health Department yesterday. An official of the department said there had been 53 cases notified this year. In the corresponding period of last year there were only seven. Yesterday's cases were all males. Their ages were 36, 31, 14, 9, and 3½. They came from Doll's Point, Mascot, Neutral Bay, Mudgee, and Dungog. Sydney Morning Herald, 24 January

99 BABY FLOWN TO 12,500ft - In Bid To Cure Cough A nine month old baby boy was taken to 12,500 feet over Sydney yesterday in the front cockpit of a Gipsy Moth plane to try to cure him of whooping cough. The child was Max Coles, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Coles, of 152 Russell Avenue, Sans Souci. He made the two hour flight dressed in heavy woollens, and for most of the time was fast asleep in his father's arms. The flight was made in the Truscott Flying Club's flying doctor Moth, Robin, which has made many mercy flights in the Northern Territory, with Dr. Fenton at the controls. Yesterday Mr. W. Burns, an honorary instructor to the Truscott club, and an R.A.A.F. friend of Mr. Coles, piloted the plane. While the plane was up, Mrs. Coles and her two small daughters waited anxiously at Bankstown airport. We decided to try the flight on the advice of two doctors, said Mrs. Coles. The baby has had injections, but they did not cure him. When the Moth returned, Mr. Coles said: The baby whimpered a little on the way down from 12,000 feet, but this was because of the change of air pressure in his ears. As the change in air pressure is supposed to help his complaint, I was glad to see him cry a little. When we made our glide into the aerodrome Max was sleeping again. The Truscott club equipped Robin with special supplies of oxygen and a mask to fit the baby, in case of emergency, but these were not needed. Mr. Coles did not know, however, that his friend would be piloting Robin until they arrived at the airport. Mr. Burns said that if Max was not better tomorrow, he would take him to a higher altitude in a twin-engined Avro Anson plane. Sydney Morning Herald, 10 December 1949 FLIGHTS SOUGHT FOR MANY WHOOPERS Dozens of harassed mothers with children suffering from whooping cough yesterday tried to book seats for their sick children aboard a plane which was to take another young sufferer on a high altitude flight in search of relief from the complaint. Because of a misunderstanding many mothers were unable to get their children aboard the plane. The Avro Anson was originally chartered by Mr. H. E. Coles, of Sans Souci, to take his 9 months old son Max on a high altitude flight. On Friday the child and his father flew to 12,500 feet in a Truscott Flying Club plane. Yesterday Mr. Coles reported Max had enjoyed his best night's sleep for weeks. Yesterday afternoon Mrs. Coles accompanied her husband and baby son in the Anson to 20,000 feet. When the aircraft returned to Bankstown they reported Max's breathing seemed easier, and his general condition improved. Mr. W. Burns, an honorary instructor to the Truscott Club, was again the pilot yesterday. The manager of the Truscott Club, Mr. B. Rees, said Mr. A. Aberline, of West Wyalong, the owner, had made the Anson available for another whooping cough flight for children today. The plane will take eight small children in charge of a doctor or nurse on a high altitude flight on, Sunday afternoon, he said. Inquiries concerning the flight would be taken at FU5123. Sunday Herald, 11 December

100 FREE PLANE TRIPS FOR MORE WHOOPERS A wealthy country garage proprietor has decided to make his private plane available free of charge to children suffering from whooping cough. Mr Alfred A. Aberline, of West Wyalong, will take 20 children on high altitude flights in his twinengined Anson tomorrow in an attempt to cure their whooping cough. The flights will be made from Mascot. The plane will be piloted by Mr W. Burns, a former RAAF member. Mrs Aberline said today that her husband had offered his plane free of charge because he was so pleased with the progress made by nine months old Max Coles, of Sans Souci, after a flight in the plane last weekend. The Argus, Vic, 17 December 1949 SPEERIN, Mabel Marion - April 20, 1950 at a private hospital of 52 Napoleon Street, Sans Souci, beloved wife of the late James Speerin loved mother of Jean (Mrs Lumsden) and dear step mother of Tom, Florence, Irene, Ethel, Myee, Doris and Ken, aged 76 years. SPEERIN-The Relatives and Friends of the late MABEL MARION SPEERIN of 52 Napoleon Street, Sans Souci are invited to attend her Funeral which will leave our private Chapel Seven Ways Rockdale This (Friday) Morning after service commencing at 9 30 o clock for the Crematorium Woronora. J and C HARDY A F D A., Rockdale and Hurstville. Sydney Morning Herald, 21 April 1950 MORE HELP ON WAY TO FIX CAR Another tradesman has joined the group who will help fix ex-serviceman Gilbert Smith's smashed car - but the tradesman doesn't know it yet. He is Mr. Bill Dodd, panelbeater and manager of the Sans Souci Auto Body and Welding Company. Mr. W. G. Dodd, Bill's father, told the Herald last night: You tell Mr. Smith to bring his car to 705 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci. Bill will go right on with it. He doesn't know about the job yet, but I'll see that he does in the morning. Smith paid his life's savings for a second-hand car on Monday. Half an hour later it collided with a lorry and was wrecked. Smith said later that he had given up smoking and that his family had saved in many small ways to help pay for the car. Smith wears an iron support on his left leg because of a wartime injury. Since Smith's misfortune with his car was reported, the following things have happened: - The man from whom he bought the car called at Smith's home and said that he could forget a small balance owing. - A returned soldier motor mechanic rang the Herald and offered to repair the mechanical defects in the car free. - Then yesterday Mr. Dodd, proprietor of the Associated Trade Journals Company, rang the Herald to offer his son's services. That bloke Smith's had a tough break. I lost a brother in the First World War and another brother was wounded in the leg. A sister of mine served as a nurse right through the First World War, so I'm pretty sympathetic to ex-servicemen, Mr. Dodd said. Bill worked on aircraft in this last war. If Mr. Smith's car is in ribbons, Bill can fix it. Sydney Morning Herald, 4 May 1950 We understand Windsor is to lose another of its popular ministers, in the Rector, Rev, R. T. Hallahan, who has received an appointment to Sans Souci. During his term at Windsor, Rev. Hallahan has made very many firm friendships extending widely beyond the confines of his own congregation, and gained, a. general esteem as a minister and a citizen, so that the news that he is to leave Windsor is 93

101 generally regretted, and he and his family will take with them the very good wishes of the community for a happy time and fruitful ministry in his new charge. Windsor and Richmond Gazette NSW, 17 May 1950 TRESTON - On June 2, to Mr. and Mrs. Tom Treston, of Sans Souci, New South Wales, a daughter, Ann Patricia. Cairns Post QLD, 26 June 1950 PLANE CRASH AN ACCIDENT Coroner Finds The City Coroner, Mr. A. N. Bott, yesterday found that Norman Robert Ellis, of Hillcrest Street, Homebush, died from injuries accidentally received when his aeroplane crashed at Pelican Point, near Cronulla, on May 11. Ellis was flying a Tiger Moth. Wreckage was buried in mud and Ellis's body was recovered next morning from more than four feet under the surface. Evidence given on the first day of the hearing showed that Ellis was flying in a prohibited area. John Hayward, an oyster farmer, of Sans Souci, said yesterday he was working an oyster lease in Botany Bay when he saw the aircraft about 2,000 feet up. It made a slight left-hand turn and then dropped almost perpendicularly. Hayward said he then heard something like a dull explosion about three-quarters of a mile away. The aircraft was practically submerged in mud and its tail was bent over, Hayward said. Sydney Morning Herald, 11 July 1950 TRUCK CRASHES WITH FAMILY OF TEN The parents and two of their eight children in a utility truck suffered minor injuries last night when the truck ran off the Prince's Highway at Waterfall. The father, Leslie Sutton, 34 suffered head injuries, the mother Rebecca Sutton, 35, injuries to head, chest and legs and shock, and Phillip, 10 and June, 12 both injuries to the head and shock. The family were returning from Berry, on the South Coast, to their home in Russell Street, Sans Souci, when their truck ran into a culvert four feet deep. Sutton told Sergeant Lober, of Helensburgh police, that the lights of an oncoming car had dazzled him. A doctor from the Waterfall Sanatorium nearby treated the injured before St. George Ambulance took them to hospital. Sydney Morning Herald, 31 October 1950 BLACKOUT WAVE - 94 AREAS In a continuous wave of blackouts lasting from 7.12 a.m. till 6.25 p.m. yesterday 94 districts were without electricity for up to two hours. The Electricity Commissioner Mr. H. G. Conde, said last night that he did not expect today's blackouts to be as bad. This evening we expected the blackouts to last well into the night, but the output improved during the peak hour, he said. Tomorrow I think the blackouts should not extend beyond 9 a.m., providing there are no further breakdowns. Mr. Conde said he expected the first suburbs to be affected this morning would be Carlton, Kogarah, Allawah, Kingsgrove, Sans Souci, Balmain East, Redfern, and Alexandria. Yesterday's blackouts had been caused by the breakdown of a Bunnerong boiler, and poor output from the Newcastle and Cowra power stations. A 20,000-kilowatt generator at Ultimo was also still being repaired. At the Wollongong greyhound races last night, 2,500 people stood in darkness during a half-hour blackout. The dogs had just passed the finishing post after the first race when the blackout occurred. Sydney Morning Herald, 4 November

102 DOUGLAS John -January at his residence 8 Toyer Avenue Sans Souci dearly beloved husband of Ada Ellen Douglas and loved father of George (deceased) Ada (Mrs K Allen) Thomas, Lily (Mrs Seggie) Percy, Lydia (Mrs Townsend) John, Nellie (Mrs Eather) and Frederick aged 73years. At rest DOUGLAS - The Relatives mid Friends of Mrs Ada Ellen Douglas and family, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved Husband and their dear Father and Father-in-law and Grandfather JOHN DOUGLAS to leave his late residence 8 Toyer Avenue, Sans Souci on Monday Morning after service commencing at 9 30 o clock for the Church of England Cemetery Woronora. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED Sydney Morning Herald, 6 January 1951 FISHING AND WHERE BOTANY BAY: Catches up to 26 flathead, to 41b, were made on the Bunnerong drift. Small teraglin were caught around the shoal buoy at Kurnell GEORGE S RIVER: Bream, flathead, whiting, and crabs are plentiful on the flats at Sans Souci and Woolooware. In the deep water at Sans Souci, bream are biting well, but sharks are troublesome. Bream are also biting well at the bight at Como in front of the green boatshed. From Lugarno up, bream are off. Small luderick are biting on most recognised grounds up to the Moons where 105 were caught by one party early in the week in shallow water. Sydney Morning Herald, 12 January 1951 PARKHILL - In loving memory of my dear mother who passed away, January 31, Sadly missed by her loving daughter Florence Bowness, Sans Souci. Sydney Morning Herald, 31 January 1951 HUGHES -The Relatives and Friends of the late Mrs MARY HUGHES are kindly invited to attend her Funeral to leave St Finbar s Church, Sans Souci, This Morning at 9 15 o clock for the Catholic Cemetery, Botany Sydney Morning Herald, 31 January 1951 MORTON WHITE Mary McKenzie second daughter of Mrs A M Morton and the late Rev H A Morton of Waverley (N.S.W.) to Jack Kenneth son of Mr and Mrs W White of Sans Souci (N.S.W.). The Argus (Melbourne Vic), 3 February 1951 TALKS PROMISED ON BASE FOR SEAPLANES Mr. D. D. Cross, Liberal M.L.A. for Kogarah, told a protest meeting last night that the Civil Aviation Department would not proceed with its plans to resume land at Sans Souci for a seaplane base until interested parties had conferred. The parties would be the Civil Aviation Department, the Rockdale Council, the Main Roads Board and the residents of the district. The meeting, attended by 500 residents of Rockdale and Sans Souci, was held in the open air at Sans Souci. PROTEST MOTION It passed a resolution protesting against any resumption of land or foreshore areas for a seaplane base. A committee of local residents will be formed to protest to the Minister for Air and Civil Aviation, Mr. T. W. White. Mr. Cross said that Mr. White had assured him that nothing would be done to resume the land until the conference had taken place. The site of the proposed base is 15 acres on the George's River. The Department of Interior, acting as agent for the Civil Aviation Department, has asked 11 persons in the area to put a price on their homes. The Deputy Leader of the Federal Parliamentary Labour Party, Dr. H. V. Evatt, whose electorate- Barton includes the proposed site of the base, described the plan as hastily conceived, arbitrary and bureaucratic. Sydney Morning Herald, 3 April

103 POLICE SEEK RELATIVES Sergeant Graham, of Kogarah Police (LW5051), would like to contact relatives of Cecil Gayford Cubitt, 76, who died this morning in his room at 1430 Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci. Sydney Morning Herald, 13 July 1951 MEIGAN Rosanna - April 13, 1952, at her residence 63 Fontainbleau Street, Sans Souci, relict of Patrick Meigan, loved mother of Michael, Francis, John, Rosaleen (Mrs Langan), and James, dear mother-in-law of Rene and Margaret, aged 92 years. Requiescat in pace. MEIGAN -The Relatives and Friends of the late ROSANNA MEIGAN of 63 Fontainbleau Street, Sans Souci are invited to attend her funeral which will leave the Church of St Finbar, Broughton Street, Sans Souci, tomorrow (Tuesday) Morning at 10 o clock for the Catholic Cemetery Waverley. Requiem Mass for the eternal repose of her Soul will be celebrated tomorrow (Tuesday) Morning at 7 o clock. Sydney Morning Herald, 14 April 1952 ENGAGEMENT CUNNINGHAM - BARCLAY The engagement is announced of Marie, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. C Barclay, Bateman's Bay, to Sergeant Noel Cunningham, eldest son of Mr and Mrs. W. G. Cunningham, Sans Souci, Sydney. The Canberra Times, 14 November 1952 GRACE BROS NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD Song and Dance Contest (10 and under) Lorraine Simmons (Drummoyne) 92 (1) Helen Harrison (Bankstown) 91 (2) Delwyn Boyd (Sans Souci) 90 (3) Sydney Morning Herald, 22 January 1953 CASINO BRIDE TO LIVE AT SANS SOUCI Somerville, Casino A couple recently married in Casino will live at Sans Souci, Sydney. They are Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred McKee, who were married in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, Casino, by Pastor J Gibbett. Formerly Lorna Evans, the bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. Evans, of Springgrove, via Casino, and her husband is the second son of Mrs. E. J. McKee, and the late Mr. W. McKee, of Sans Souci. The bride's frock was of brocaded satin over shell pink taffeta and featured a tulle and guipure lace yoke and a full train. The three tiered fingertip length veil was held in place by orange blossoms and the bouquet consisted of orchids, carnations, tuberoses and freezias. Mrs. Dawn Cook was matron of honour and John Evans was best man. The wedding reception was held in the Scouts' Hall. The honeymoon is being spent touring Queensland. Northern Star (Lismore NSW), 29 September 1953 TEENAGERS - Defeat of Drobny in the Wimbledon singles final today would make Ken Rosewall the youngest non-english titleholder, by four days. Rosewall was born on November 2, 1934, and is thus 19 years 243 days. When Sydney Wood (US) won on a forfeit on July 5, 1931, he was 19 years 247 days. I spoke on the phone yesterday to the most thrilled woman in Australia Mrs. A. Rosewall, of Sans Souci, Sydney, mother of our Ken. Between daily chores in her home and her husband's grocery, she found time to send a good luck cable to Ken. Mrs. Rosewall had hoped to speak to Ken by phone after the match, but found she couldn't get through until 2 am. (London time). A bit late for a teenager, she said. (A teenager who, by this time tomorrow may be singles champion of the All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club though where croquet comes in heaven knows, unless it s when Drobny goes through the hoop.) But she, her husband and Mrs. Rosewall, sen, will listen to every stroke played tonight. No party, just the three of them, sitting round a big fire. Patriots will be cheered to know that the latest news on Ken it came in two letters from him to his mother yesterday is that he is very 96

104 happy and very well. Asked whether he was satisfied with his game, Mrs. Rosewall replied: He never writes a word about tennis. All Australia will be keeping its fingers crossed for the Rosewall family tonight. The Advertiser Adelaide, 2 July 1954 STAHL - The Relatives and friends of Mrs Adelaide Stahl, Mr and Mrs F L Watkins (Terrigal), Mr Joe Stahl, Mr Wilford (Bob) Stahl (122 Russell Avenue Sans Souci) are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly loved Husband and their loved Father and Father In law ALBERT JOSEPH (Snow) STAHL to leave St Finbar s Church, Sans Souci on Monday Morning at 9 o clock for the Catholic Cemetery, Botany. Requiem Mass will be celebrated on Monday at 7 o clock. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS, Seven Ways, Rockdale Phone LA2777 (4 lines) Sydney Morning Herald, 31 July 1954 FISHERMAN LOSES FORK In Kogarah Court of Petty Sessions yesterday, Mr. F. C. H. Tompson fined a professional fisherman 4 and ordered that his long handled fork be forfeited to the Queen. Norman Douglas, 45, of Kendall Street, Sans Souci, was charged with using the fork to take worms from a recognised hauling ground (Towra Logs, Botany Bay) and using insulting language to Constable Owan Lyall Griffiths, of Blakehurst, on July 27. Douglas pleaded not guilty. The prosecution, the second of its kind recently, was launched under Regulation III of the Fisheries and Oyster Farms Act, Sydney Morning Herald, 7 October 1954 V.J. SKIPPER WAS TAUGHT BY HAYWARD Bob Taylor, who won the South Perth Yacht Club's V.J class race in Erratic on Saturday, was tutored in the art of sailing by Billo Hayward at the Sans Souci Yacht Club in Sydney. Taylor was forward hand for Hayward's grandson in a V.J. yacht and before coming to Perth several months ago he won two races for forward hands in Sydney. His win on Saturday, however, was his first as skipper of his own boat. Taylor's brother, Graham, who also is a V.J. enthusiast and still lives in Sydney, was forward hand on the V.J., Radiant, which competed in the Australian championships on the Swan River three years ago. The West Australian, Perth, 4 November 1954 HARRIS, Margaret. December 29, 1954, at The St. George Hospital, of 5 Lawson Street, Sans Souci, dearly loved wife of Henry Carrington Harris, loved mother of Stephen, Sydney, Neville, and Eileen (Mrs Bennett), dear mother-in-law of Irene, Madge, Marge, and Raymond, and fond grandmother of Bernard, Warren, Wayne, Garry, Barbara, Stephen, Judith, and John, aged 65 years. Sydney Morning Herald, 30 December 1954 HARRIS -The Relatives and Friend of Mr H C Harris of 5 Lawson Street, Sans Souci and family are invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved Wife and their dear Mother Mother-in-law and Grandmother MARGARET HARRIS which will leave our Private Chapel Seven Ways, Rockdale, This (Friday) Morning after service commencing at 9 15 o clock for the Crematorium Woronora Sydney Morning Herald, 31 December 1954 NEWSBOY KILLED BY LADDER SYDNEY, Wednesday - A young paper boy died when a ladder crushed his skull, the City Coroner's Court was told today. The boy intended to use the ladder to retrieve a newspaper he had accidentally thrown onto the roof of a customer's home. The Coroner Mr Letts found that the boy, Graham Barry Molloy, 15, of Horbury Street, Sans Souci, died accidentally on September 23. Constable Kevin Edward Cook, of Kogarah, said he went to Rocky Point Road, Kogarah, and saw Molloy's body lying in a side passage of a house. A large, heavy tripod 97

105 type builder's ladder was lying nearby. Mrs Barbara Newman, who lives in Rocky Point Road, said she believed Molloy had tripped on a clothes peg as he carried the heavy ladder down the side passage. The Canberra Times, 7 November 1957 STATE LOTTERY RUSULTS Lottery 4436 First Up A Toyer, Hairdresser, Sans Souci. The Canberra Times, 25 November 1959 Clareville Avenue PROPERTY SALES Messrs Batt, Rodd, and Purves sold on the ground, last Saturday, 12 lots of Clareville. Sans Souci at prices ranging from 15s to 62s per foot, total, s 3d. Mr Harnett, Sans Souci, Clareville, lot 2, sec 1, having 60 feet frontage to Clareville Avenue, 198. Sydney Morning Herald, 28 March 1885, p8 On the application of Mr. Stelzer and others, backed up by Ald. Crawford, a lamp to be erected in Clareville Avenue and Sandringham-road. St George Call, 10 June 1911, p7 WELCOME HOME A large number of relatives and friends of Driver P. 0. Williams, met at the home of his parents, Haigham, Clareville Avenue, Sandringham, last week, to welcome him home, and spent a very pleasant evening. Driver Williams left Sydney on 18 th November, 1915, with the 14th Battery, 5th Field Artillery Brigade, and returned, by the 'Runic,' arriving overland from Melbourne, on Wednesday, 11th inst. Driver F. C. Williams, who was in the same battery, and Sapper R. T. Williams, are expected back very shortly. St George Call, 21 June 1919, p5 WELCOME HOME. At 'Higham,' 'Clareville Avenue, Sandringham, on Thursday, 21st August 1919, a large number of friends gathered to welcome home Drivers Orlando and Carson Williams, and Private Richard Williams, sons of Mr. and Mrs. W. Williams, after a long period of active service in France and Belgium. Orlando and Carson were with the artillery, and Dick with the Railway Unit. The house was gaily decorated inside and out, and the large number of enthusiastic friends who put in an appearance, speaks volumes for the popularity of the boys and their parents. A real Australian welcome was accorded the boys, after which dancing, singing and games were indulged in, and altogether a most enjoyable evening was spent by all. Mr. and Mrs. Williams are both well known for their very valuable assistance in all charitable and patriotic causes, and are to be congratulated on the splendid record of service achieved by themselves and their soldier sons. St George Call, 6 September 1919, p5 98

106 TRAM ACCIDENT A very sad accident occurred at Clareville Avenue, Sandringham, on Tuesday afternoon through the result of a little boy, Jimmy Saville, 10 years old, jumping on the tram coming from the sheds. He slipped and the wheels passed over one of his legs, which later had to be amputated at the St. George District Hospital. He is in a very serious condition. St George Call, 13 December 1919, p1 STARK - June 13, 1930 at his residence, Inglewood, Clareville avenue, Sandringham Frank Noble, beloved husband of Sophia and loving father of Alfred, aged 61 years. By request, no flowers Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Saturday 14 June 1930, page 1 MOTOR CYCLIST KILLED James McCracken, 39, of Clareville avenue, Sandringham, was fatally injured yesterday when his motor cycle and a motor lorry collided in George's River-road, Enfield. He was taken to the Western Suburbs Hospital, but died within a few minutes. Sydney Morning Herald, 19 January 1935, p16 The engagement is announced of Miss Kathleen Grace, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grace, of 13 Clareville Avenue, Sandringham to Sgt. Harold J. 'Doc.' Webster, son of Mr. & Mrs. H. C. Webster, of Bourke. Western Herald, 20 April 1945, p1 HODGKINSON, John Francis - December 31, 1948 at his residence 48 Clareville Ave, Dolls Point, husband of the late Emma Hodgkinson and loved father of Lewis and stepfather of Sydney, George and Thomas Winn aged 65 years. Sydney Morning Herald, 3 January 1949 DAMAGES FOR LOST FINGERS Valda Margaret Pinkerton (18), of Clareville Ave., Sandringham, was awarded 920 damages in the Supreme Court to- day. Miss Pinkerton had claimed 5,000 damages from O.T. Pty. Ltd., for the loss of three fingers on her right hand, which were crushed while she was working a lemon peeling machine. She told the Court that her hand so embarrassed her that she hid it from view. The Mercury (Hobart TAS), 3 May 1949 WOMANS S VAIN BID TO SAVE HER SHOP Mrs. T. G. Templeton, 47, was burned about the face and hands while trying to save property when her shop and home in Clareville Avenue, Sandringham, caught fire yesterday. A kerosene heater is believed to have started the fire while Mrs. Templeton was out. When she saw smoke she ran to fight the fire. The flames spread so quickly that a telephone linesman working nearby urged her to leave the place before she was trapped. She ran back again to try to save some of her belongings, but the flames swept over her face and hands. In the street, she collapsed from shock. St. George Ambulance took her to the St. George Hospital, but she refused to go inside. The shop and dwelling were burned out. Sydney Morning Herald, 23 August 1951, p4 STRETTON, Arthur Alexander - July 30, 1952 of 64 Clareville Avenue Sandringham beloved, husband of Lily Mary and dear father of Sydney, Lily (Mrs L Lambert), Arthur, Grace (Mrs S Watters), Reginald, Alan, Sylvia (deceased), Edward, Sybil (Mrs C Brierly) and Hazel aged 78 years. Sydney Morning Herald, 31 July

107 DICKEN AVENUE NEWS VOLUNTARY WORKERS' CAFE Sandringham Cottage Completed Mr. George Fuller will perform the ceremony of opening Private Bethel's Cottage, Corbettville, Dicken Avenue, Sandringham, on Dec, 8 at 3 p.m. The cottage has been called Corbettville as a small tribute to the memory of the late Mrs. W. F. Corbett, formerly one of the vice-presidents of the Voluntary Workers' Cafe. The land was donated by Messrs. McMillan, Dicken and Primrose, and the Voluntary Workers' Cafe has been responsible for the expense of building the cottage, the voluntary workers being members of the railway construction branch. A gift evening organised by the ladies of Sandringham and surrounding districts was held during the week to help stock their stall at the bazaar to be held on the opening day, the proceeds of which will be devoted to furnishing Private Bethel's home. The Voluntary Workers' Cafe was represented by Mrs. Bissett Amess, Mrs. Ellis Gulliver, and Mrs. Wilson. The function was held in McMillan and Freeth's Hall at Rockdale. Artists who assisted included Mesdames Hambley, Miller, Blue, Butterficld, Misses Davis, Stiffe, Pettit, and Sail. Mrs. Ellis Gulliver was presented with a bouquet by the promoters. Mr. Bert Fahy will play at the Voluntary Workers' Cafe next Wednesday. Sunday Times (Sydney), 25 November 1917 SANDRINGHAM - DICKEN AVENUE Vacant Lots, 45 and 46. The Beach Estate, total frontage of 18ft to Dicken avenue, by 141ft depth Torrens. Good building blocks. Gas, water, and electric light available. Right at tram. 2 minutes from water. Sydney Morning Herald, 24 December 1926 THE ENGAGEMENT is announced of Miss Kitty Vincent, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Vincent, of Kurrajong, and formerly of 'Eucalpti,' Arncliffe and Mr. Cyril Grimes, second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Grimes, of 'Bywong,' Dickens Avenue, Sans Souci. Windsor and Richmond Gazette NSW, 21 October 1927 HANDEL - February 14, 1929, at his residence, Ladnah, Dickens-avenue, Sandringham, Frederic George Handel, beloved husband of Eva Catherine Handel, and loving father of Frederick, Eva, and Dorothy, aged 65 years. HANDEL The Relatives and Friends of Mrs EVA C HANDEL and FAMILY are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her late beloved HUSBAND and their loving FATHER, Frederick George Handel, which will leave his residence, Lednah, Dickens-avenue, Sandringham, THIS (FRIDAY) AFTERNOON at 2 o clock for the Church of England Cemetery, Woronora, by road. Charles Kinsela, Funeral Directors, No 2 Regent Street, Kogarah. Phone LW3061 Sydney Morning Herald, 15 February 1929 JOLLY -The Relatives and Friends of the Family of the late FLORENCE JOLLY of 25 Dicken avenue. Sandringham, are invited to attend the funeral of their dearly loved MOTHER Florence; which will leave our Private Chapel THIS MONDAY at 2 p m for the Church of England Cemetery Woronora by road. J and C HARDY Funeral Directors, Seven Ways Rockdale. Phone LW5B34 Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 14 October 1935 The children of the late FLORENCE JOLLY of Dicken avenue, Sandringham, sincerely thank all friends and relatives for sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Sydney Morning Herald, 16 November

108 CARBIS - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. LILLIAN CARBIS and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved HUSBAND and their FATHER. Henry John; to leave his late residence, 11 Dicken-avenue. Sandringham, THIS AFTERNOON, at 3.15 o'clock, for the Church of England Cemetery. Woronora. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS, LIMITED, Newtown. CARBIS - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. ALEX. CARBIS and FAMILY (Nowra), Mrs. M. CORAM, and Mr. and Mrs. A. BERGIN and FAMILY (Rozelle). are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved BROTHER and UNCLE, Henry John CARBIS. For details see family notice. Sydney Morning Herald, 20 June 1936 CASUALTIES IN COUNTRY Although there were comparatively few serious motor accidents in Sydney during the week-end, an unusual number of casualties was reported from the country. Five people were injured, one seriously, when a motor service coach got out of control and overturned on the steep decline approaching Paddy's River yesterday. The casualty list was: Hamilton Collis, of Dickens avenue, Sandringham, lacerated wounds to both legs and shock, admitted to a private hospital at Moss Vale; John Moore, 43, of Portland-street, Rose Bay, abrasions to face and shock; Lilian Moore, 29, of same address, abrasions and shock; Alfred Turner, 35, of West Ryde, abrasions to the hands and face; and Harry Coe, of Canberra the driver, injuries to the right shoulder. Frederick Yeaman brought the passengers, other than Collis, on to Sydney in another car, and at the intersection of Thomas and Edwin streets, Croydon, his car came into collision with a motor cycle, the rider of which, Robert Aubrey Lambert, of Forest-road, Glebe, suffered a probable fracture of the skull. Albert Whiteman, 19, of Bay-street, Tempe, who was riding pillion, suffered concussion. They were taken by Western Suburbs Ambulance to the district hospital. None of the occupants of the car was injured. Sydney Morning Herald, 13 July 1936 SALMON - January 4, suddenly, at her residence 10 Dicken Avenue, Dolls Point, Margaret Pearce widow of the late J Salmon and dearly beloved mother of Jack, Wilfred (deceased) Maud (deceased) Charles. Kathleen, Ruby, Thomas, Minie, Gretha (By request no mourning.) Sydney Morning Herald, 6 January 1939 The Relatives of the late EVA C. HANDEL, of Dickens Avenue, Sandringham, wish to THANK relatives, kind friends and neighbours for wreaths, cards, letters and expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Sydney Morning Herald, 27 September 1939 BOWNESS - July , at St. George District Hospital, Kogarah. Harry Vivian Bowness, of 6 Dicken Avenue. Sans Souci, dearly beloved husband of Florence and dear father of Marshall and Douglas, and son in law of Mrs. F. Parkhill, aged 65 years. Sydney Morning Herald, Monday 30 July 1945 BOWNESS - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs Florence M. Bowness and Family, of 6 Dicken Avenue. Sans Souci, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved Husband and their dear Father, Harry Vivian Bowness to leave the Kinsela Chapel, Seven Ways, Rockdale, This Monday, after service commencing at 9.45 a m., for the Presbyterian Cemetery. Woronora. Charles Kinsela Pty., Ltd. A.F.D.A., Seven Ways, Rockdale. LX3353 Sydney Morning Herald, 30 July 1945 Mrs FLORENCE BOWNESS and SONS, MARSHALL and DOUGLASS of 6 Dicken Avenue, Sons Souci, sincerely THANK the relatives, friends, neighbours, also the management, staff and employees of Latex Products, of Annandale, for their kindness, sympathy, letters, telegram, and floral tributes in the loss of her dear husband and their dear father Harry Vivian. Kindly accept this as our personal thanks. Sydney Morning Herald, 11 August

109 RECENT SALES J Harrison Pty Ltd Evans Street, Sans Souci, 65, Alfred Street, Ramsgate, 250, two blocks, Clareville Avenue, Sandringham, 220, Frater's Avenue, Sans Souci, 250, Clareville Avenue,.Sandringham. 110, Dicken Avenue, Sans Souci, 210, McMillan Avenue, Sans Souci, 285, Clareville Avenue, Sandringham, 320 Sydney Morning Herald, 12 October 1946 IN the Will of LILLIAN ISABELLA CARBIS late of 11 Dicken Avenue Dolls Point, Sandringham near Sydney in the State of New South Wales, Widow. Application will be made after 14 days from the publication hereof that Probate of the last Will and Testament dated 28th January 1941 of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to Alexander John Carbis one of the Executors named in the said Will. Cedric Alan Francis Cahill the other Executor therein named having renounced Probate and all notices may be served at the undermentioned address. All creditors in the Estate of the deceased are hereby required to send in particulars of their claims to the undersigned Cedric A Cahill Proctor, For the Executor, 109 Pitt Street Sydney. Sydney Morning Herald, 24 January 1947 DEATH APPLETON, George Christopher, April 8, 1950 at a convalescent home Blakehurst and late 13 Dicken Avenue Dolls Point, beloved father of Frederick, Edna and Chris, aged 61 years. Sydney Morning Herald, 10 April 1950 GANNON AVENUE NEWS NARROW ESCAPE - Another motorist narrowly escaped injury early this morning when the panel van he was driving crashed into an iron telephone post near the North Goulburn Railway Bridge. He is Kenneth Chriss, of 8 Gannon Avenue, Sans Souci. Chriss' vehicle skidded on loose gravel while rounding a sharp bend at the bridge. The roadway is being repaired in this area. The impact snapped the post in two. A section of the broken post speared into the roof of the vehicle. The nearside of the van was extensively damaged. Goulburn Evening Post (NSW: ), Friday 29 January 1954, page 3 IDA STREET NEWS Ald. Hegerty was responsible for having the following motion carried at Thursday's meeting: that 25 be expended in repairing Clareville Avenue with white metal, between Ida-street and Prince of Wales Hotel. St George Call (Kogarah, NSW: ), Saturday 19 November 1904, page 5 CONGRATULATIONS The Rockdale Council had before it on Thursday night a claim for compensation from Mr. McNeill, baker, for injury to his horse when driving in Ida-street, Sans Souci. Under the plan, by which an insurance company takes the responsibility for all claims of this kind, Mr. McNeill's case was settled in a manner satisfactory to him, to the veterinary surgeon whose services had to be secured, and indeed to all parties concerned. Mr. McNeill's case, had been satisfactorily settled by the Mayor by payment of 13/10/0. Whereupon all parties may be congratulated, the Council, Mr. McNeil, and possibly the horse, who despite its having a kind master, may not be ungrateful, like many as invalid for being given a period of absolute cessation from the business duties of life. In the above category of course the Insurance Company might not be included, though, at the same time, it has professed its extreme gratification at the arrangement made with the Council. St George Call (Kogarah, NSW: ), Saturday 16 April 1910, page 4 102

110 MAN SHOT AT SANS SOUCI On Saturdav morning Stanley Lionel Brooks, about 30 years of age, a single man, lately residing with his sister at Ida street, Sandringham, shot himself through the heart with a double-barrell shotgun. Earlier in the morning the deceased borrowed the gun from Mrs Stockdale, the keeper of the refreshment room, with the object, as he started of putting in the day shooting. He was seen carrying the gun, by a butcher s boy, in the direction of Gun Point, and about a half hour later the body was found by George Hughes on a grassy slope, near the water. The butt of the gun had been securely fastened to a clump of bushes, and death was apparently instantaneous. In the decease s pockets was found a workman s railway ticket, Sandringham to Redfern, and a note. The deceased was a recent arrival in the Sans Souci district. The body was conveyed to the City Morgue. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 14 April 1913, page 10 SALUBRIOUS SANDRINGHAM A choice corner block of land having 40ft. to Clareville Avenue by 365 to Ida Street, and 40 ft. to Waldron St., will be offered at auction by Peach Bros., at the Real Estate Booms, 26 Castlereagh Street, on Thursday next, 16th of February. An ideal spot being only two minutes from the glorious George's River, and Sandy Beach, and two minutes from tram stop. Splendid prospective value. St George Call (Kogarah, NSW: ), Friday 10 February 1922, page 4 ACCIDENT TO CONST. COLLESS Constable Adner Colless, of Rockdale, met with a serious accident last Wednesday afternoon, about 4.20 p.m., at the corner of Rocky Point Road and King Street, Rockdale. He was knocked down by a motor car belonging to Mr. Herbert Sydney Freeman, of Ida Street, Sans Souci, and driven by Arthur Thomas Edwards, of Drummond Street, Belmore. He was carried along Rocky Point Road for some distance by the motor car and then came in contact with one of Bushells tea waggons, which passed over him, receiving internal injuries. St. George Ambulance conveyed him to the district hospital, Kogarah where he was admitted. Last information received states there is a slight improvement in the constable's condition. Edwards not holding a license or permit was afterwards arrested. St George Call (Kogarah, NSW: ), Friday 11 May 1923, page 3 SKELETON FOUND - BURIED IN SAND The skeleton of a child was discovered buried in the sand at Sandringham yesterday afternoon by William Taylor, of Garden-street, Kogarah. Taylor, who is an employee of the Kogarah Council, was carrying out excavation work at the foot of Ida-street, Sandringham, when the scoop which he was using unearthed the human remains. They were handed over to the police, and were subsequently removed to the city morgue. The skeleton is apparently that of a child about seven or eight years. The appearance of the bones indicated that it had been buried in the sand for many years. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Thursday 14 March 1929, page 12 MACINANTE - The Relatives and Friends of Mr JOSEPH MACINANTE of 94 Ida street, Sans Souci are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved WIFE Millison Martin Walton MACINANTE to leave St Patrick s Church, Kogarah THIS MONDAY at 2.30 p m for Catholic Cemetery, Long Bay road, Coogee. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 18 September 1933, page 7 BOY DROWNED AT ETTALONG Canoe Overturns GOSFORD, Sunday - Bryant Fulljames, 6, of Ida Street, Sans Souci, was drowned when a canoe in which he was riding overturned off Pretty Beach, Ettalong, yesterday. Gunner Harold Arthur Swinfield, of Forest Road, Botany, was with him in the canoe. The accident occurred when the boy stood up and the canoe overturned. Swinfield was in the water for 10 minutes 103

111 before being rescued He held the boy up and tried to place him on the upturned canoe, but the boy slipped and was swept away in the current. Sergeant E Benson and Constable R Ashton of Woy Woy and 20 men in boats dragged for the body until dusk on Saturday, and in drenching rain all day today, but the body was not recovered. To-morrow morning large fishing nets will be shot to try to locate the body. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 3 July 1944, page 3 DAVIS, Vincent Jerome 8th April, 1949, at his residence, Aurora, Ida Street, Sandringham, beloved husband of Doris and dear father of Pauline, Peter, Josephine, Ann, Mary, William, and Michael. Aged 55 years. Requiescat in pace. Sun (Sydney, NSW: ), Friday 8 April 1949, page 20 FULLJAMES, Ernest Albert - November 4, 1951 (result of accident) of 90 Ida Street, Sans Souci dearly loved son of Mr and Mrs E G Fulljames loved twin brother of Ron and of Brian (deceased) dear grandson of the late Mr and Mrs J Fisher and of Mr and Mrs E Fulljames aged l8 years. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 5 November 1951, page 14 SILVER WEDDING SELMON-HODGEKISS - February 4, 1928 at St Andrews Church, Sans Souci by Reverend A J Gardiner, George Charles to Ivy May. Present address 101 Ida Street. Sans Souci NSW. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Wednesday 4 February 1953, page 28 MALUA STREET NEWS CRUSHED UNDER TRACTOR - Militia Trainee Killed. Henry Faulkner 33 of Malua Street, Dolls Point was killed when driving a military tractor on to a railway truck at the Alexandra goods yard on Saturday. Faulkner who was a militia trainee was helping to load a special train to take troops to Woonona camp for training. The tractor capsized as it was being run on to the truck, Faulkner was crushed beneath it. The Central District Ambulance took him to the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where he died. His injuries were a fractured skull and a broken spine. Sydney Morning Herald, 20 February 1939 O'DONNELL, Thomas.-June 17, 1954, at his residence, 18 Malua Street, Doll's Point, late of Surry Hills, dearly beloved husband of Agnes and fond brother-in-law of Kit, aged 82 years. Requiescat in pace. O DONNELL - The Relatives and Friends of the late THOMAS O DONNELL of l8 Malua Street, Doll s Point are invited to attend his Funeral to leave St Finbar s Church, Sans Souci this day after prayers commencing at 1 30 p m for the Catholic Cemetery Rookwood. O DONNELL - The Relatives and Friends of Fred Wood, George Wood, Mr and Mrs W Leonard, Mrs W Wood, Mr and Mrs V Stanley, Mrs M Hayward and of Ted Tierney and families are invited to attend the Funeral of their esteemed Friend THOMAS O DONNELL. For funeral particulars see family notice. Sydney Morning Herald, 18 June 1954, p20 MC MILLAN AVENUE NEWS WILLIAMS - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. WILLAMS and FAMILY, of McMillan avenue, Sandringham, late of Bexley, are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved DAUGHTER-IN LAW, Doris Winifred; to leave her parents' residence. Kulgoa-avenue, Ryde, THIS DAY, at 3 p.m., for Field of Mars Cemetery. Sydney Morning Herald, 14 May

112 PRATT - The Friend«of Mr and Mrs A NOSWORTHY, McMillan avenue, Dolls Point are invited to attend the funeral of their beloved MOTHER, Eliza Pratt to leave McMillan avenue Dolls Point, Sandringham THIS DAY at 12 45, for Kogarah Station thence to Church of England Cemetery, Woronora. Funeral train leaves Central Station T J ANDREWS Funeral Director PRATT - The friends of Mr and Mrs. F H FIELD and FAMILY of Sanoni Avenue, Dolls Point are invited to attend the funeral of their beloved MOTHER and GRANDMOTHER, Eliza Pratt, to leave McMillan avenue, Dolls Point, Sandringham, THIS DAY at for Kogarah Station, thence to Church of England Cemetery, Woronora. T J ANDREWS Funeral Director PRATT - The Friends of Mr and Mrs R W PRIMMER, McMillan avenue Dolls Point are invited to attend the funeral of their beloved MOTHER and GRANDMOTHER Eliza Pratt, to leave McMillan avenue Dolls Point THIS DAY at for Kogarah Station, thence to Church of England Cemetery, Woronora T J ANDREWS Funeral Director PRATT - The Friends of Mr and Mrs W J BENNETT, Clareville-avenue, Dolls Point, are invited to attend the funeral of their beloved MOTHER, Eliza Pratt, to leave McMillan-avenue, Dolls Point, Sandringham, this day at for Kogarah Station, thence to Church of England Cemetery, Woronora Sydney Morning Herald, 7 June 1926 BRETT - September 30, 1926, at St George District Hospital, Kogarah, Janet Shiels (Nettie), beloved wife of James Arthur Brett, of Boronia, McMillan avenue, Sandringham, aged 36 years BRETT - The Relatives and Friends of JAMES ARTHUR BRETT, of Boronia, McMillanavenue, Sandringham, and of MR JACK BARRETT are kindly invited to attend the funeral of thcir beloved WIFE and SISTER, Janet Shields (Nettie), which will leave the Mortuary Chapel, Mr. Charles Kinsela, 143 Oxford-street, Sydney, THIS SATURDAY, at 2.30 p.m., for the Waverley Cemetery. (Friends meet at cemetery gates at 3.15 p.m. CHARLES KINSELA, Funeral Director, 143 Oxford Street,Sydney. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 October 1926 SANDRINGHAM On Saturday, September 28, at 3 p.m., Peach Bros, will also submit 15 lots, being the remaining water frontages and attractive residential sites of the popular and convenient seaside resort, with tram passing and connected with Kogarah station. The lots are in the Rockdale Municipality, and sale will be held from Lot 25, at the corner of Clareville and McMillan avenues. Title Torrens, easy terms, with only 10 per cent, deposit, and the balance by 12 monthly instalments. Lithos are available from any of the offices of the spectators. Sunday Times, 8 September 1929, p16 SANDRINGHAM CLAREVILLE-AVENUE, Corner of McMillan-avenue. Steam Tram passes door. One-story Weatherboard and Fibro SHOP and BRICK DWELLING attached, having iron roof. The shop has the interior walls lined with sheet iron, ironite floor, and contains saltroom and cooling chamber. The dwelling, which is built of brick (tuckpointed), has verandahs front and rear, and contains hall, diningroom, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, and laundry. LAND. 97ft 6in to CLAREVILLE-AVENUE by 120ft along MCMILLAN-AVENUE on one side, and a depth of about 119ft 9in on the other side TORRENS TITLE. (About 55ft of land on corner is vacant, and could be utilised as a business or residential site.) Sydney Morning Herald, 26 November 1930, p24 105

113 BUSINESS OF THE WEEK Richardson and Wrench Ltd, report having sold during the week vacant land at the Boulevard, Miranda, for 50. At the company's auction sale yesterday a brick cottage, No 38 Marlborough-street, Leichhardt, was sold at 400, subject to approval. The following were passed in at the prices stated Sandringham, Clareville-avenue, corner of McMillan-avenue weatherboard and fibro shop and brick dwelling, 1200, Mortdale, St Catherine-street (adjoining No 48), off Mort's-road weatherboard cottage, 300, Oatley, No 38 Mulga-street. Brick cottage, 600. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 November 1930 STENSON - May l8, 1933, at 41 McMillan-avenue, Dolls Point, Sandringham, Catherine Stenson, beloved sister of Mrs. Margaret Ramsay, aged 74. Sydney Morning Herald, 20 May 1933 FIELD - The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs T. H. FIELD and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved MOTHER and SISTER Irene Pearl to leave the residence of her aunt Mrs L Nosworthy, 37 McMillan-avenue Dolls Point THIS DAY after service commencing at 1.15 p.m., for the Church of England Cemetery Rookwood per motor service. T. J. ANDREWS Funeral Director Enmore- road. Phone L2873, Newtown FIELD - The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs. E Nosworthy, Mr and Mrs F PRIMMER and FAMILY, Mr and Mrs W J BENNETT and ALF and Mr and Mrs A PRATT and FAMILY of Haberfield are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved NIECE and COUSIN Irene Pearl Field See Family Notice. FIELD - The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs G FIELD and FAMILY, Mr and Mrs C. E. FIELD and FAMILY and of Mr CROFTS are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved NEICE, COUSIN and his GRANDDAUGHTER Irene Pearl Field to leave 37 McMillan's-avenue Dolls Point this DAY after service commencing at 1.15 p.m. for the Church of England Cemetery Rookwood. T J ANDREWS Funeral Director Sydney Morning Herald, 13 February 1935 STUART - A Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of the late SYLVESTER RICHARD STUART will be celebrated at St. Patrick's Church, Kogarah, THIS (Monday) MORNING, at 7 o'clock. STUART - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. And Mrs. SYLVESTER STUART and FAMILY, Roseville, McMillan-avenue, Sandringham, informed that the Funeral of their late beloved SON and BROTHER. Sylvester Richard Stuart, will leave St. Patrick's Church, Kogarah, THIS (Monday) AFTERNOON, at 2.15 o'clock, for Woronora Cemetery. Sydney Morning Herald, 6 January 1936 CUNNINGHAM - The Relatives and friends of Mr ANDREW PETER CUNNINGHAM and FAMILY of 48 McMillan Avenue Sandringham (late of Armidale) are invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly beloved WIFE and their loving MOTHER Ann Julia; to leave our Funeral Home, 24 Enmore Road, Newtown THIS AFTERNOON at 3.15 o'clock for the Church of England Cemetery Rookwood. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED Sydney Morning Herald, 2 April 1938 CAMPBELL - September 24, 1940, at her daughter s residence, 102 McMillan Avenue. Cook Park. Doll. Point, Florence Ada Campbell, dearly loved mother of May, Jessie, James, Alice, Myrtle and Phyllis, aged 63 years. Note: There was not a number 102 in McMillan Ave, maybe 102 Cook Park, as she was living with her daughter Myrtle Strutt. Sydney Morning Herald, 25 September

114 REAL ESTATE. MARKET IMPROVES ON LAST WEEK J F HEGERTY and CO, Rockdale -Vacant land Bertram Crescent, Kogarah, 150, brick cottage Montgomery Street, Kogarah 535, brick cottage Washington Street, Rockdale 1,075, brick cottage Dunmore Street, Rockdale,1100, weatherboard cottage McMillan Avenue, Sans Souci 550, vacant lots Toomavara Street, Kogarah 1,000, weatherboard cottage and land Wilson Street, Kogarah 550, brick cottage Pasadena Street, Brighton 950. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 November 1940 PRIMMER - February 13, 1941, at his residence, 39 McMillan Avenue, Sandringham, Frederick William Primmer, dearly loved husband of Ivy and fond father of Dorothy, Frederick, Alfred, Hubert, Jack, and Gordon. PRIMMER - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. IVY PRIMMER and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved HUSBAND and their dear FATHER, Frederick William; to leave 39 McMillan Avenue, Sandringham, THIS AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock for the Crematorium, Woronora. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS LIMITED Sydney Morning Herald, 14 February 1941 CUNNINGHAM - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. W. Palmer. Mr. and Mrs. A. Gray, Mr. and Mrs. S. H. Cunningham, Mr. and Mrs. C. Amor, and of Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Cunningham and their Families, and of Mrs. E. Matters are invited to attend the Funeral of their dear Father, Grandfather, and her dear Brother, Andrew Peter Cunningham, of 48 McMillan Avenue, Sandringham, which will leave our Private Chapel, Seven Ways, Rockdale, This Wednesday at 3.15 p.m. for the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. J. and C. Hardy. A.F.D.A., Rockdale and Hurstville. Sydney Morning Herald, 7 February 1945 APPROACHING MARRIAGE DURKIN LARKIN On Saturday, July 20 (10.30 Sydney time), at St. Patrick's Church, Kogarah N.S.W., Florence Maud, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Durkin, of 91 King street, Boulder, to John Henry, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Larkin, of 16 McMillan avenue, Sans Souci. Kalgoolie Miner WA, 19 July 1946 LARKIN, James Henry - April at his residence 16 McMillan Avenue, Sans Souci James Henry Larkin beloved husband of Eva and loving father of John, aged 72 years. LARKIN -The Relatives and Friends of Mrs Eva Larkin and son John of 16 McMillan Avenue, Sans Souci are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved Husband and his loving Father JAMES to leave the Kinsela Chapels Seven Ways, Rockdale, this Thursday at 3 p m for the Catholic Cemetery, Woronora. CHARLES KINSELA PTY LTD A F D Sydney Morning Herald, 3 April 1947 AMOR, Charles Ward -September 14, 1947 (result of accident) at the St. George Hospital, of 48 McMillan Avenue, Sandringham, dearly loved husband of Victoria (Torrie) and dear father of Harold, Edna (Mrs. Stewart) and Raymond, aged 53 years. AMOR.-The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. V. E. Amor and Family are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly loved Husband and their dear Father and Grand- father, CHARLES WARD AMOR, of 48 McMillan Avenue, Sandringham, which will leave our Private Chapel, Seven Ways, Rockdale, this Tuesday, after service commencing at 1.15 p.m., for the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. J. and C. HARDY, A.F.D.A., Rockdale and Hurstville. Sydney Morning Herald, 16 September

115 WALLET containing bank and ration books, also money. Lost city Rew. 3 McMillan Avenue, Dolls Point. Sydney Morning Herald, 25 October 1947 HUTCHISON, Mary Alice July 6, 1948 at her daughter s residence 41 McMillan Avenue Dolls Point beloved wife of the late Alfred Hutchison and dear mother of Rhoda (Mrs Ramsay) Alfred, Mabel (Mrs Blight) and Ethel (Mrs Maloney) aged 78 years HUTCHISON The Friends of Mr and Mrs W Ramsay and Family, Mr Alfred Hutchison and of Mr and Mrs Ted Maloney are invited to attend the Funeral of their dear Mother, Mother in law and Grandmother MARY ALICE HUTCHISON of 41 McMillan Avenue, Dolls Point which will leave our Private Chapel Seven Ways Rockdale, This Thursday after Service commencing at 2 30 pm for the Northern Suburbs Crematorium, J and C Hardy AFDA Rockdale and Hurstville Sydney Morning Herald, 8 July 1948 STUART, Rose Marie - May 1, 1949 at her residence 45 McMillan Avenue, Sans Souci. Rose Marie Stuart dearly loved wife of Sylvester Stuart and loved mother of Marie, William, Stella, Francis, Sylvester (deceased), Eileen (Mrs J Dening), Rose (deceased) and Jean (Mrs J Culbert), aged 77 vears. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 May 1949 TREASURE CHEST PRIZE of 5/- for the Code of 1, February 11, has been won by Dorothy Moore (13), 4 McMillan, Avenue, Doll's Point. Sun (Sydney, NSW: ), Sunday 11 March 1951, page 10 HOWARD, Harold James - November 22, 1951 (suddenly) of 29 McMillan Avenue Sans Souci dearly loved husband of Gladys dear father of Kevin loved brother of Mavis, Norman and George aged 46 years. HOWARD - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs Gladys Howard and of Mr Kevin Howard of 29 Mc Millan Avenue Sans Souci are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly loved Husband and his dear Father HAROLD JAMES HOWARD which will leave our Private Chapel Seven Ways Rockdale Tomorrow (Saturday) Morning after service commencing at o clock for the Crematorium Woronora. J and C HARDY A F D A Rockdale and Hurstville Sydney Morning Herald, 23 November 1951 PERMANENT Work wanted for 15cwt Utility owner driver EZ952, STOKES 10 McMillan Avenue, Dolls Point Sydney Morning Herald, 13 February 1952, p13 DERN, Alma Grace March 22, 1952, at her residence, 5 McMillan Avenue, Sans Souci, dearly loved wife of Eric and dear mother of Desmond (decd.) and Heather, requiescat in pace. DERN - The Relatives and Friends of Mr Eric Dern and of Miss Heather Dern of 5 McMillan Avenue Sans Souci are invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved Wife and her dear Mother ALMA GRACE DERN which will leave our Private Chapel Seven Ways Rockdale This Mondav at 2 45 p m for the Catholic Cemetery, Woronora. J and C HARDY. A F D A Rockdale and Hurstville Sydney Morning Herald, 24 March 1952 WILLIAMS, Alice Ethel - May 28, 1952 at a private hospital of 42 McMillan Avenue, Sans Souci, relict of William Frederick Williams loved mother of Elsie (deceased) Orlando (deceased) Dick, Fred, Allan, Arthur, Harry (deceased) and Belle, aged 89 years. WILLIAMS -The Relatives and Friends of the late ALICE ETHEL WILLIAMS of 42 McMillan Avenue Sans Souci are invited to attend her Funeral which will leave our Private Chapel Seven Ways 108

116 Rockdale This Thursday after service commencing at 2.30 p.m. for the Church of England Cemetery Woronora. J and C, HARDY A F D A Rockdale and Hurstville. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 May 1952 MINTON AVENUE NEWS REAL ESTATE ACTIVITY IN THE SUBURBS Carlton Realty Coy Carlton - New brick cottage Minton-avenue Sans Souci 775 Sydney Morning Herald, 13 February 1937 Mr. W. H. Minton, of 273 West Botany Street, Rockdale, is to erect a brick cottage in Minton Avenue, Sans Souci, at the cost of 900. Construction (Sydney, NSW: ), Wednesday 29 May 1940, page 16 MISSING FROM PERTH - ELECTRICAL ARTIFICER H. C. PORTER, of St. Alban-street, Abbotsford, is reported missing from H.M.A.S. Perth. He joined the Perth in 1940, and was in the Mediterranean. He took part in the battle of Matapan and the evacuation of Greece and Crete. Electrical Artificer Porter was the only grandson of the late Mrs. E. Porter, of Watt-street, Newcastle, and son of Mrs. M. Page, of Minton-avenue, Sans Souci. Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners' Advocate (NSW: ), Saturday 2 May 1942, page 3 KELLY - February 9, 1943, at her parents' residence, 14 Minton Avenue, Sans Souci, Daphne Agnes Kelly, dearly loved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Kelly and dear sister of Fred and Vince, aged 25 years. Requiescat in pace. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Wednesday 10 February 1943, page 12 KELLY - August 27, 1946 (suddenly) at his residence, 14 Minton Avenue, Sans Souci, James Frederick Kelly, dearly loved husband of Catherine, and dear father of Daphne (deceased), Fred and Vince, aged 57 years. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Wednesday 28 August 1946, page 24 KELLY - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. C. A. Kelly, Mr. Fred Kelly, and of Mr. Vince Kelly are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly loved Husband and their dear Father, James Frederick Kelly, which will leave his late residence, 14 Minton Avenue, Sans Souci, This (Thursday) Morning, at 10 o'clock for the Catholic Cemetery, Woronora. KELLY - Officers and Members of the George's River Sailing Club are requested to attend the Service for the late Senior Vice-President, James Frederick Kelly, who passed away on Tuesday, August 27, The service will be held at 14 Minton Avenue, To-day, Thursday. The Funeral will leave for Woronora Cemetery at 10 o'clock. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Thursday 29 August 1946, page 16 SILVER WEDDINGS FOWELL - MCGRATH September 6, 1924 at Mary Immaculate Church Waverley by Rev Fr Corrigan OFM, Oliver Edward to Margaret Mary. Present address Minton Avenue Doll s Point. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Tuesday 6 September 1949, page 14 Mr. and Mrs. G. Pynt moved this week from Bondi to their new home at 18 Minton Avenue, Doll's Point. The Hebrew Standard of Australasia, 20 July 1950, p10 109

117 Mrs C M FLANAGAN and FAMILY of 19 Minton Avenue, Sans Souci wish to sincerely thank relatives and friends (especially Mr and Mrs Gehrig) for kindness and expressions of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Please accept this as our personal thanks. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Wednesday 10 June 1953, page 30 NORMAN AVENUE NEWS PICNIC PARK ESTATE. Operations are proceeding very rapidly towards getting the fourteen acres at Doll's Point, Sandringham, lately owned by the late W. C. Norman, into shape for a subdivision early in November. There will be water frontages available to Cook Park Reserve, as well as frontages to Russell Avenue, Malua Street, Sandringham Street, Norman Avenue and Gannon Avenue. We understand that nearly 100 lots will be offered by Messrs. Peach Bros, by public auction. Further particulars of the sale will be advertised later. St George Call (Kogarah, NSW: ), Friday 26 August 1921, page 7 Peach Bros. submitted at auction in the Real Estate Rooms, on Thursday...vacant land, Normanavenue, Sandringham, In conjunction with C. S. Ward and Co., 230. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Saturday 20 October 1923, page 13 Raine and Horne. Sandringham Brick cottage, Russell Avenue, 1275; vacant lot, Norman Avenue, 135. Construction & Local Government Journal, 31 August 1927, p8 WHITE - September , at a private hospital, Hildred May, dearly loved wife of John White, of 11 Norman Avenue, Sandringham, aged 36 years. WHITE - September , at a private hospital, Hildred May, dearly loved daughter of Mrs A. Thompson, of l1 Norman Avenue, Sandringham, and dear sister of Arthur, aged 36 years. WHITE - The Relatives and FRIENDS of Mr JOHN WHITE and of Mrs. A. THOMPSON, and Mr. and Mrs. A. THOMSON Junior are invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved WIFE, her dear DAUGHTER, and their dear SISTER, Hildred May White, late of 11 Norman Avenue, Sandringham, which will leave our Private Chapel, Seven Ways. Rockdale, THIS MONDAY, after service commencing at 1.30 p.m. for the Crematorium Woronora. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 23 September 1940, page 8 JOHNSON -The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs Fred Johnson and John, of 11 Norman Avenue Dolls Point are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved infant Son and his dear Brother, Peter William to leave the Metropolitan Funeral Home Railway Parade Burwood This Day after Service commencing at 9 30 am for Woronora Crematorium. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Saturday 28 December 1946, page 25 PRIMROSE AVENUE NEWS WILLS AND ESTATES. Thomas Joseph Condon of Primrose avenue, Sandringham (near Sydney), baker, who died on May 5, left, by will dated January 21, 1921, personal property in Victoria of a gross value of 7,200, in addition to property in New South Wales of a value of 1,303, to his children. The Argus, Melbourne Vic., 18 January

118 RYAN - June 2, at Royal Alexandra Hospital for children, Camperdown. Julia beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs Ryan of Allendale, Primrose-avenue. Sandringham, aged 2½ years. R.I.P Sydney Morning Herald, 5 June 1924 IRWIN, (nee Dorothy Campbell).- January 20, at her mother's residence, Primrose-avenue, Sandringham, to Mr and Mrs Charles Bramwell Irwin, a daughter (Dorothy Elizabeth Theresa). Sydney Morning Herald, 27 February 1926 MAN'S BODY RECOVERED, The body of Herbert Hobbs, who was washcd off a punt which was being towed from Pelican Point to Sans Souci on Tuesday morning, was found floating near Pelican Point early on Saturday morning by Constable Kinkead, of Sans Souci, and Mr. Archibald Campbell, of Rocky Point-road, Sans Souci. Hobbs was a married man, residing at Primrose-avenue, Sans Souci. He was 37 years of age, and a native of New Zealand. Sydney Morning Herald, 5 April 1926 ASHLEY - February 6, at his residence, Primrose-avenue, Sandringham, Henry, dearly loved husband of Margaret Ellen Ashley, late of Ashley-street, Bendigo, Victoria, aged 73 years. Bendigo papers please copy. Sydney Morning Herald, 7 February 1929 McCABE - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. CHRISTOPHER McCABE, of Primrose-avenue, Sans Souci, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of his late beloved WIFE, Catherine; which will leave Private Funeral Parlor of Mr. Charles Kinsela, 7 Five Ways, Rockdale, THIS (Thursday) MORNING, at 10 o'clock, for the Catholic Cemetery, Woronora, by road. CHARLES KINSELA, Funeral Director. Sydney Morning Herald, 28 March 1929 SILVER WEDDINGS - BROWN-DUPONT April 27, at St. Thomas' Church of England, Doornfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa, Emmeline Dupont to Gustave Emile Brown. Wangarra, Primrose-avenue, Sandringham, N.S.W. Sydney Morning Herald, 27 April 1929 BURGESS - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs FREDERICK BURGESS and Mrs ASHTON are invited to attend the Funeral of her loving HUSBAND and her beloved BROTHER IN LAW to leave Primroseavenue, Sans Souci THIS DAY at 2.15 pm for Church of England Cemetery, Woronora by road per Motor Service T J ANDREWS Funeral Director. Sydney Morning Herald, 15 June 1929 EXHIBITION BY DAVIS CUP PLAYERS To assist the Rockdale Distress Fund, tennis exhibitions will be given by well-known players at No. 7 Primrose-avenue, Sandringham, on Saturday afternoon. The matches are:-2.15, J. Willard and C. Willard v G. R. Reid and N. Peach: 3 p.m,, J. Crawford v A. Willard; 3.45, J. Willard and A. Willard v N. Peach and J. Crawford; 4.15, J. Crawford and C. Willard v G. R. Reid and A. Willard; 5 p.m., C. Willard v G. R. Reid. Sydney Morning Herald, 19 November 1930 PLANE STRIKES FLAGPOLE FLYING IN THICK MIST PASSENGER KILLED, PILOT INJURED Howard Jolly, 39, of Mona-road, Darling Point, was killed instantly, and Reginald Robinson, 27, of Primrose-avenue, Sandringham, was critically injured in an aeroplane smash at Nielsen Park yesterday. Both men were returning from Tamworth in an all-metal Moth aeroplane, owned by Jolly's employers, the Queensland Probate Insurance. Company, when bad visibility, due to heavy rain, caused them to collide with a flagpole. The aeroplane nose-dived onto the rocks below, and was completely 111

119 wrecked. Robinson, who has been for some time employed as Jolly's pilot, was at the controls of the aeroplane during the flight down the coast. Visibility was bad all the way down, and by the time the machine was over the harbour, and almost at the end of its run, the mists became so dense that it was necessary to drop to a lower altitude. Skimming low over the water, Robinson appeared to be making safe headway when suddenly the machine swung round with a terrific jolt. Robinson, who remained conscious throughout the ordeal which followed, said that he realised at once what had happened. The flagpole, which stands 150 ft. high on the headland at Nielsen Park, had come into contact with the right wing of the machine. Singleton Argus, 16 March 1931 RETURN THANKS Mr. C. F. COLLINS and FAMILY. Primrose avenue, Sandringham, desire to THANK all relatives and kind friends for letters, cards, floral tributes, and expressions of sympathy. Sydney Morning Herald, 20 November 1931 COLLINS - October 31, 1931, at her residence, 18 Primrose avenue, Sandringham, Mary Frances, beloved wife of Charles Frederick Collins and beloved mother of Mary, Frank. Laurie. Jim and Ada. R.l.P. COLLINS The Relatives and Friends of Mr. CHARLES FREDERICK COLLINS, Mr. and Mrs THOMAS SULLIVAN, Mr. and Mrs CHARLES FRANCIS COLLINS, Mr. and Mrs. LAURIE COLLINS, Mr and Mrs. JAMES COLLINS, Mr. and Mrs. REGINALD ROBINSON, and FAMILIES, are invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved WIFE and their loving MOTHER and GRANDMOTHER, Mary Frances Collins; to leave her late residence, 18 Primrose-avenue, Sandringham. THIS MONDAY, at 2 p.m., for Catholic Cemetery, Woronora, by road, motor funeral. Train leaves Central Station, No. 12 platform, at 1.46 p.m. Sydney Morning Herald, 2 November 1931 BEGBIE - April 15, 1932 at Parramatta District Hospital, Vera Frances Begbie, beloved wife of A. Begbie and beloved mother of Alex, Babbs and Bonnie, aged 33 years. BEGBIE. - April at Parramatta District Hospital,Vera Frances Begbie, beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs H A Doyle of Primrose avenue, Sandringham, aged 33 years. Sydney Morning Herald, 16 August 1932 BEGBIE - The Relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs H.A. DOYLE of Primrose-avenue, Sandringham are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved DAUGHTER Vera Frances Begbie to leave William Metcalfe and Co's Parlours, 117 Church street Parramatta, on MONDAY AFTERNOON at 2.30 for Church of England Cemetery Rookwood. WILLIAM METCALFE and CO LTD, Funeral Directors BEGBIE - The Relatives and Friends of Mr A. BEGBIE and FAMILY are kindly invited to attend the funeral of his dearly beloved WIFE and their MOTHER Vera Frances Begbie, to leave William Metcalfe and Co's Parlours, 117 Church street, Parramatta on MONDAY AFTERNOON at 2.30 for Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. WILLIAM METCALFE and CO LTD, Funeral Directors, Parramatta Sydney Morning Herald, 16 April 1932 DOYLE - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs ALICE DOYLE and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved HUSBAND and their father Harold Allard to leave his late residence Inglewood 9 Primrose avenue Sandringham THIS SATURDAY at 2 p m for Church of England Cemetery, Woronora. By road. WOOD COFFILL LIMITED Sydney Morning Herald, 18 November

120 COLBRAN - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs EDITH RODAH COLBRAN and FAMILY are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved HUSBAND and their FATHER Samuel Thomas Colbran to leave his late residence 85 Primrose-avenue Sandringham THIS DAY at 2.20 p m for Church of England Cemetery Woronora. Motor Funeral, ERNEST ANDREWS and CO., Chapels Australia street Newtown. Sydney Morning Herald, 5 March 1935 PUGH - The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs P J B MANSELL and FAMILY of Primrose avenue, Sandringham arc invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved NIECE Eileen Elizabeth Pugh to leave her late residence 3 Hixson street Bankstown TOMORROW SUNDAY after service commencing at 1. 0 p m for Church of England Cemetery Rookwood, per motor service. T J ANDRFWS Funeral Director. Sydney Morning Herald, 27 June 1936 PRESTON - The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs. H. PRESTON and FAMILY, of 85 Primroseavenue. Sandringham, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late beloved SON and BROTHER, Harold; to leave St. George's Hospital, Kogarah. THIS MONDAY, at 10 a.m., for Catholic Cemetery, Woronora. WOOD OOFFILL LIMITED, Motor Funeral Directors, Sydney Morning Herald, 3 August 1936 PRESTON - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. and Mrs. H, PRESTON and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved SON and BROTHER, Noel Barry: to leave 84 Primrose avenue, Sandringham, THIS TUESDAY, at 10 a.m. for Catholic Cemetery, Woronora, by road. Sydney Morning Herald, 11 August 1936 HARDY - January 21, 1937, at her residence, 5 Primrose-avenue, Sandringham, Louisa May, dearly beloved wife of Ernest John, and mother of Eric, Jean. Ted, Doris, Gordon, and Lottie, aged 41. Sydney Morning Herald, 22 January 1937 POOLE - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. LILA POOLE, of 40 Banks-street. Kogarah, are invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved HUSBAND Stanley Thomas; to leave our Chapel, 4 Carringtonavenue, Hurstville, THIS WEDNESDAY, at 2 p.m, for Church of England Cemetery, Woronora. WOOD COFFILL LIMITED. POOLE - The Friends of Mrs. W. J. GRICE, of No. 8 Primrose-avenue, Sandringham, are invited to attend the funeral of her dearly beloved BROTHER, Stanley Thomas Poole. See family notice for further particulars. Sydney Morning Herald, 26 May 1937 COLLINS - July 10, 1978 at his residence l8 Primrose Avenue Sandringham, Charles Frederick Collins loving father of Frank (deceased) Mary, Jim and Ada, aged 68 years. COLLINS - The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs T SULLIVAN, Mrs T COLLINS, Mr and Mrs L COLLINS, Mr and Mrs J COLLINS and Mr and Mrs REG ROBINSON (Perth) are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved FATHER and GRANDFATHER Charles Frederick Collins, of Primrose Avenue, Sandringham which will leave our Private Chapel Seven Ways Rockdale THIS TUESDAY at 2 p m for the Catholic Cemetery, Woronora. J and C HARDY AFDA, Rockdale and Hurstville Sydney Morning Herald, 12 July 1938 KENNIFF - March 28, 1942, at private hospital, Kensington, Michael Joseph Kenniff, of 3 Primrose Avenue, Doll's Point, relict of the late Teresa Kenniff, dear father of Victor (Jerusalem), and grandfather of Joan, aged 82 years. Requiescat in pace. KENNIFF Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of the late Mr. MICHAEL JOSEPH KENNIFF, of 3 Primrose Avenue, Doll's Point, will be celebrated at St. Finbar's Church, Sans Souci, THIS 113

121 (Monday) MORNING, at 7 o'clock, The funeral will leave the church at 9.30 o'clock for Woronora Cemetery. W. N. BULL PTY. LTD., A.F.D.A. Telephone, LA2858. Sydney Morning Herald, 30 March 1942 TRUSTY - September at Adelong, Mable Percy Trusty of 90 Primrose Avenue Sandringham, beloved wife of the late William Trusty and dear mother of Estelle, Dorothy and Ted. TRUSTY - The Funeral of Mable Percy Trusty of 90 Primrose Avenue, Sandringham will leave St Andrew s Church of England, Rocky Point Road, Sans Souci This (Monday) Morning after service commencing at clock for the Crematorium Woronora. J. and C Hardy A FDA Rockdale and Hurstville Sydney Morning Herald, 17 September 1945 SMITH. The Relatives and Friends of Sgt. and Mrs. A. J. Smith and Allan, of 3 Primrose Avenue, Sandringham, are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved Daughter and his dear Sister, Margaret Dorothy; to leave the Baptist Church, Hillview Street, Sans Souci, This Day, after service commencing at 1 p.m., for the Baptist Cemetery, Woronora. Metropolitan Burial and Cremation Society, Railway Parade, Burwood. UJ Sydney Morning Herald, 30 March 1946 SKOTT - August 26, 1946 at his residence 94 Primrose Avenue Doll s Point, Edward George dearly beloved husband of Ada and fond father of Bert, Les, Vera and Roy aged 71 years Privately cremated on August 27, 1946, Sydney Morning Herald, 28 August 1946 McINERNEY May Evelyn - June 28, 1950 at her residence 12 Primrose Avenue Doll s Point. Dearly loved mother of Angela and Reg (deceased), dear mother-in-law of Lil and grandmother of Roma, Valerie, Aileen, Reg, Mervyn, Betty, Jack, Leo and Bob. See Friday s Herald for Funeral announcement. Sydney Morning Herald, 29 June 1950 THROWN IN CREEK Club Official Robbed Two men bashed the treasurer of the George's River Sailing Club last night, threw him into a creek, and stole about 40 from his case. The man, Jack Rollinson. 36, of Primrose Avenue, Sandringham, was admitted to St. George Hospital with severe shock and injuries to the head. Club members said the shock of the cold water revived Mr. Rollinson and probably saved him from drowning. He crawled 200 yards from the creek back to the clubhouse, Mr. Thomas Dougherty said. I heard him calling, 'Tom, Tom, they jumped me, Tom. I ran out from the clubhouse and held him up, but he lost consciousness again. Mr. Dougherty said. He had been sandbagged. The social secretary of the club, Mr. A. Milne, said: About 30 of us went looking for the thugs. Mr. Winn Whitby, of President Avenue, Brighton, said: The treasurer generally carried the money from subscriptions and functions for charity out of the club every Wednesday and Saturday night. The thugs must have known this. It's a pity we didn't get them, he said. Sydney Morning Herald, 21 June 1951 SANTA CLAUS Are You Santa? - They All Asked Mr. Clauss. All day yesterday, starting at 6.30 a.m., children telephoned Mr. E. M. Clauss, of Primrose Avenue, Sandringham, and asked: Are you Santa Claus? Last night, Mr. Clauss rang the Herald and asked: What am I to do? He said that at least 60 children, aged about three and four, phoned his home yesterday and last night. 114

122 This morning when I was out of the house my wife answered the phone and the children were very disappointed I was not there, Mr. Clauss said. They told her they would ring back tonight and they did. Here it is six days before Christmas and 60 children rang today. What's going to happen on the remaining days? They ask me am I Santa Claus and then tell me what they want and ask me to be on time. So what can 1 do? 1 can't tell them I'm not Santa, because obviously their mothers have found my telephone number in the directory. I think I'll continue telling them I'm Santa Claus. All I was frightened of was that some old crank might put me in for misrepresenting myself. They're only little tots, and they tell me there will be a piece of cake and a glass of wine waiting for me when I deliver their toys on Christmas Eve. So what can 1 do? Sydney Morning Herald, 20 December 1951 BOUGHT GUN FROM MICK Sydney. - A man told Mr. Debenham, S.M., that he had bought a 303 Army rifle from a man named Mick. The transaction took place in a hotel, he Debenham fined the man who said he bought the rifle, 10 for having had it in his possession. He also fined him 5 for having had 64 rounds of live ammunition. The man is Donald Thomas McKiven, 21, rigger, of Primrose Avenue, Doll's Point. Barrier Miner (Broken Hill NSW), 14 January 1953 DEATH WRIGHT, Gladys May - May 6, 1953 (suddenly) dearly loved daughter of Corrie and the late Fred Long of Primrose Avenue, Sandringham. Sydney Morning Herald, 9 May 1953 CLAUSS, Esther May - December 20, 1953 at her residence. 87 Primrose Avenue. Sans Souci, dearly loved wife of William, dear mother of Marion (Mrs. A. Hall), Vera (Mrs. J. Fuller), and Wilma (Mrs. G. Squires). At rest. CLAUSS - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. Bill Clauss, of 87 Primrose Avenue, Sans Souci, and Family are invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved Wife and their dear Mother. ESTHER MAY CLAUSS, which will leave our private. Chapel, Seven Ways, Rockdale, This Monday, after service commencing at 2.30 p.m., for the Church of England Cemetery. Woronora. Sydney Morning Herald, 21 December 1953 BENNETT, Percy Henry - August 2, 1954, at his residence 14 Primrose Avenue. Doll's Point, dearly loved husband of Louise Amy Bennett and loved father of Constance (Mrs. Lindsay) and Cyril. BENNETT - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs L A. Bennett, of 14 Primrose Avenue, Dolls Point, and Family, are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly loved Husband and their dear Father, Father in law and Grandfather, PERCY HENRY BENNETT, which will leave our Private Chapel, Seven Ways, Rockdale, This Tuesday, after Service commencing at1 p m for the Crematorium, Woronora. Sydney Morning Herald, 3 August 1954 RUSSELL AVENUE NEWS DEATH WISDOM - December 1, 1900, at her residence, Russell-avenue, Doll's Point, Sans Souci, the wife of E. S. Wisdom, of a son (stillborn). Sydney Morning Herald, 15 December

123 HUMAN REMAINS FOUND Whilst engaged in excavation work on Tuesday morning at Russell Avenue, Sandringham, W. A. Clark, an employee of the Water and Sewerage Board, discovered human remains, about three feet below the surface of the road. The bones were taken to Kogarah Police Station by Sergt. Mason, and appear to be those of an aboriginal. The skull is in an excellent state of preservation, showing a full set of regular teeth. The finding of aboriginal bones is no uncommon occurrence along the shores of Botany Bay, where what was known as the Wollongong tribe were at times known to dwell. The Coroner has been apprised of the discovery. St George Call (Kogarah, NSW: ), Saturday 25 March 1911, page 7 It is not generally known that Mr. J. C. Gannon, K.C., M.L.C., besides being an expert fisherman with both rod and line, is a very keen and persistent shark-hunter. His home in Russell-avenue, Doll's Point, Sandringham, is only a stone's throw from the waters of Botany Bay, and often in his leisure hours he puts out in a skiff, armed with the requisite tackle, and accounts for a man-eater. In the last 10 years he has caught nearly 50 sharks. Sun (Sydney, NSW: ), Monday 13 January 1913, page 6 PHILLIPS February l8, at his residence. Russell avenue, Doll's Point, Sandringham (suddenly), Walter John, youngest son of the late John Phillips, Apsley Terrace, Surry Hills. Interred in Woronora Cemetery, February 19. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Saturday 27 February 1915, page 14 SAMWAYS - August 1, 1917, at Russell-avenue Sandringham, Cornelius, beloved husband of Margaret Samways, aged 72 years. SAMWAYS - The Funeral of the late Mr. CORNELIUS SAMWAYS will leave Russell-avenue, Sandringham, THIS DAY, at l p.m, for Woronora Cemetery. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Friday 3 August 1917, page 5 Driver A. Fry, of Bayswater, Russell Avenue, Sandringham, returned by the Nestor,'' on Tuesday last, after over three years active service. He was tendered a welcome home at his residence the following evening. Captain Charles McIntosh, and Lieutenant Robert (Rex) Bruce, well known residents of St. George District, are returning by the Ormonde, which reached Freemantle this (Friday) morning; after 5 years active service. Prior to enlisting, Captain McIntosh was connected with the Railway Department, while Lieutenant Bruce was a member of The Call Proprietary. St George Call (Kogarah, NSW: ), Saturday 20 December 1919, page 4 RIFLE ACCIDENT On Monday last, Frederick Fisher (15) residing with his parents at Russell Avenue, Dolls Point, Sandringham, was knocking berries off a bush at Taren Point, with the butt of a rifle, when the weapon exploded, and the bullet entered his chest. On being taken to St. George District Hospital, he was found to be in a serious condition. This (Friday) morning however, he is reported to be progressing favourably. The bullet has not yet been extracted. St George Call (Kogarah, NSW: ), Saturday 3 January 1920, page 6 NORMAN - December 5, 1920, at his residence, Russell-avenue, Dolls Point, Sandringham, William C. Norman, in his 71st year. Melbourne and New Zealand (Dunedin) papers please copy. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 6 December 1920, page 8 LOST, at Cook's Park, Doll's Point, Gold Chain, with sovereign pendant, gunmetal watch, keepsake. Finder handsomely rewarded. Return T. Roberts, Russell-avenue, Doll's Point, Sandringham. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Friday 31 December 1920, page 5 116

124 TRAM SMASH SIX PERSONS INJURED AT KOGARAH. - BROKEN ENGINE AXLE Six persons including the following were injured in a stream tram accident at Kogarah on Saturday afternoon Mrs JESSIE BURKAT, 41 of Russell avenue, Sandringham (cut on chin necessitating several stitches) Mrs VIOLET GORMAN, 28 of Austral street, Sans Souci (suffering severely from shock). ERNEST MOLENEAUX, 13 of Doll s Point road Sandringham (bruises to the face and facial bones) Conductor Doherty, 34 of Redfern (bruises to the body and fractured ribs). The driver and a woman passenger also were injured but not sufficiently to go to the hospital. Consisting of two cars and an engine the tram drew out from Kogarah railway station at about quartet to 6, bound for Sans Souci. It had not proceeded far when the rear axle of the engine broke, throwing the engine off the rails. With the splintering of woodwotk and breaking of glass the leading car crashed into the back of the engine which was forced on its side into the embankment at the edge of the road. The tram was loaded with passengers, who were mostly thrown from their seats and badly shaken, and great confusion followed. Doherty, the conductor, was thrown heavily to the ground against the back of the engine. About 200 yards away, the crash was heard at the Kogarah railway station. The night officer communicated with Dr Elliott, of Carlton, who arrived several minutes later. Within a quarter of an hour The St George District Ambulance was conveying the injured persons to the local hospital. From here they were reported to be doing well. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 7 February 1921, page 7 RILEY - June 7, 1921, at Weona, Russell-avenue, Sandringham, Robert George Douglas, the dearly loved son of. Douglas and Clara Riley, Thursday Island, aged 14½ years. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Thursday 30 June 1921, page 8 DR. BARNARDO'S HOMES - BOYS LEAVE ENGLAND The first contingent of 50 boys for the New South Wales branch of Dr. Barnardo's homes left England by the Berrima on Thursday, and should arrive about the second week of October. As there has been a great deal of difficulty in securing a suitable farm property, the committee has decided to take the boys to Scarborough House, Russell-avenue, Sandringham, the property purchased from the Red Cross Society, and they will remain there until a country property is acquired. The house committee is furnishing Scarborough House for the reception of the boys. Those who are prepared to give beds, etc, are asked to call upon the organising secretary, Post Office chambers, 114A Pitt-street. Sydney Morning Herald ( ), Saturday 27 August 1921, page 13 Dame Margaret Davidson, accompanied by Mrs. Egerton, yesterday afternoon opened Scarborough House, Russell-avenue, Sandringham as Dr. Barnardo's Home. Sydney Morning Herald ( ), Tuesday 29 November 1921, page 8 PRATT, The Friends of Mrs Anthony Pratt, late of Stanmore and Redfern, are invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved husband, to leave his late residence 138 Russell avenue, Sandringham, This Day, at 1.30 p.m., for Kogarah Station, thence to Sutherland Cemetery. PRATT, The Friends of Mrs and Mrs W A Pratt of Newcastle, Mr and Mrs A Pratt of Leichhardt, Mr and Mrs A Nosworthy of Sandringham, Mr and Mrs F W Primmer of Sandringham, Mr and Mrs W J Bennett, Mr and Mrs T A Field of Arncliffe, are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved father, to leave his late residence 138 Russell avenue, Sandringham, This Day, at 1.30 p.m., for Kogarah Station, thence to Sutherland Cemetery. 117

125 PRATT, Masonic Lodge United Service, No 24 U.G.L. The Officers and Members of the above Lodge are invited to attend the Funeral of their late Brother Anthony Pratt, to leave his daughter s residence, 138 Russell avenue, Dolls Point, This Day, at 1.30 p.m., for Kogarah Station, thence to Sutherland Cemetery. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Thursday 27 April 1922, page 7 KERSHAW - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. EMMA KERSHAW are kindly invited to attend the funeral of her beloved husband Thomas, to leave his late residence Russell avenue, Dolls Point, This Day at 1.45 p. for the Waverley Cemetery, arriving at Cemetery Gates 3.15 per Motor Service. KERSHAW - The Relatives and Friends of THOMAS and FANNY KERSHAW, of Clareville-avenue, Doll's Point, Sandringham, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved FATHER, Thomas, to leave his late residence, Russell-avenue, Doll's Point, THIS DAY, TUESDAY, at 1.45, for the Waverley Cemetery. CHARLES KINSELA. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Tuesday 18 July 1922, page 7 SHUGG - November 9, 1922, at his residence Glenelg, 147 Russell-avenue, Doll's Point, Sandringham, Stephen, beloved husband of Elizabeth Shugg, aged 68 years. (Adelaide and Melbourne papers please copy.) Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Friday 10 November 1922, page 8 FIRE AT SANDRINGHAM A fire occurred at the home of Mr J. C. Gannon, K.C., barrister, of Russell-avenue, Sandringham, at 5 a.m. to-day. The kitchen, with contents, was destroyed. Sun (Sydney, NSW: ), Saturday 9 June 1923, page 5 THOMPSON - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. arid Mrs. WILLIAM THOMPSON are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved SON, Rossi, to leave their residence, 170 Russell-avenue, Sandringham, THIS FRIDAY, at 1 p.m., for Methodist Cemetery. Woronora. By road, per motor service. CHARLES KINKELA Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Friday 7 August 1925, page 7 CLAUSEN - The Relatives and friends of Mr and Mrs GEORGE CLAUSEN, Mr and Mrs W T CLAUSEN and FAMILY, Mr and Mrs G TERRY, Mr and Mrs. GLASSOP and FAMILY, Mr and Mrs C HARPER and FAMILY, of Russell avenue, of Dolls Point, Mrs OLIVE MCINTOSH and Miss ROSIE MCINTOSH, and, are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly loved MOTHER and GRANDMOTHER, Maria V Clausen, to leave Motor Funerals Mortuary Parlours, 30 City Road, City, THIS AFTERNOON, at 1.45 for Church of England Cemetery, Woronora, by road per Motor Service. Friends travelling by 1.50 train from Central Station alight in Cemetery. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 7 June 1926, page 7 BURNETT FAMILY FATHER'S DEATH - WIFE AND DAUGHTERS HURT Had Bert Burnett, that happy, popular Sydney Hospital casualty room attendant, who died a few weeks ago after 15 years of service, been alive and on duty on Saturday night he would have been called upon to enter in. the casualty book the names of his wife and two little children. His youngest daughter Rona, lies at death's door. Mrs. Burnett, 37; Hazel, aged 16; and Rona, aged 9, of Russell's-avenue, Doll's Point, Sandringham, were in the car which collided with a telegraph pole in Anzac-parade on Saturday night. Eastern Suburbs Ambulance rushed the victims to Sydney Hospital, where it was found that Mrs. Burnett was suffering from shock and continuous. Rona sustained a fractured skull, while Hazel, possibly, has a broken neck. It was not known until to-day that the victims were the family of the late Mr. Albert Burnett, Frank Burnett, as widely known as his brother Bert, died some months ago. Frank had been a gate porter at Sydney Hospital for several years. Sun (Sydney, NSW: ), Monday 16 July 1928, page

126 BURROWS, The Relatives and Friends of Mrs Henrietta (Ettie) Burrows, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her late dearly beloved husband Frank Gosnell, to leave his late residence Ceramic, Russell and Norman avenues, Doll s Point, this afternoon at 2 o clock, for Methodist Cemetery, Rookwood, Old Portion by road, per Motor Service. Friends travelling by Funeral Train, please alight at No. 1 Platform in Cemetery. BURROWS, The Relatives and Friends of Mrs J T Burrows of Enfield (late of St Peters and Petersham), are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved son, Frank Gosnell, to leave his residence, Ceramic, Russell and Norman Avenues, Doll s Point, this afternoon at 2 o clock for Methodist Cemetery, Rookwood, Old Portion by road, per Motor Service. BURROWS, The Relatives and Friends of Mrs G P Hinds, Mrs Florrie Burrows, Mr and Mrs Herb Burrows, Mr and Mrs Ted Burrows, are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late dearly beloved brother, Frank Burrows, to leave his residence, Ceramic, Russell and Norman Avenues, Doll s Point, this afternoon at 2 o clock for Methodist Cemetery, Rookwood, Old Portion by road, per Motor Service. BURROWS, The Relatives and Friends of Mrs H Surman and family are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly beloved son-in-law and brother-in-law, Frank Burrows, to leave his residence, Ceramic, Russell and Norman Avenues, Doll s Point, this afternoon at 2 o clock for Methodist Cemetery, Rookwood, Old Portion by road, per Motor Service. BURROWS, The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mr J C Ross and Mrs Dew of Doll s Point are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved friend Frank Burrows, to leave his residence, Ceramic, Russell and Norman Avenues, Doll s Point, this afternoon at 2 o clock for Methodist Cemetery, Rookwood, Old Portion by road, per Motor Service. BURROWS - Lodge Sans Souci No 442 U G L NSW Officers and Brethren are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of their late beloved Brother Frank Burrows, to leave his residence, Ceramic, Russell and Norman Avenues, Doll s Point, this afternoon at 2 o clock for Methodist Cemetery, Rookwood, Old Portion by road, per Motor Service. Regalia at graveside. H J Sherringham W M S Jollife Sec. BURROWS - Sans Souci Lawn Tennis Association Members of above association are invited to attend the Funeral of their late Member, to leave his late residence Russell avenue, Sandringham this day at 2o clock. C R Smith President E Joliffe - Hon. Sec. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Thursday 15 November 1928, page 11 BOTANY BAY TRAGEDY - CORONER'S FINDING The deaths of Sidney Alfred Walker, 32, of Russell-avenue, Sandringham, and George Guest, 67, of Vivian-street, Bexley, who were drowned in Botany Bay, near Ramsgate, on February 9, were investigated by the City Coroner, Mr. E. A. May, at the Coroner's Court yesterday. At the conclusion of the inquiry he returned a finding of accidental drowning. Edward William Perkins, a labourer, said that he left Ramsgate beach, accompanied by the two deceased and Frederick Castles, in a 16-ft sailing skip on a fishing expedition for Kurnell. At about 1.30 p.m. the party was returning to the beach, and he was in charge of the boat. When about 70yds from the shore he attempted to take the vessel in stern first. A heavy sea suddenly swept over the boat, and a sharp gust of wind caught the sail. The boat overturned. He assisted in dragging the two deceased on to the overturned boat. Again the skiff overturned, and the men were flung into the water. The anchor ropes and the sail became entangled around his legs, but he managed to free himself. The mast of the boat had snapped when it capsized, and he believed that it might have struck Guest in falling. 119

127 Castles informed the coroner that when the boat overturned he took Guest ashore, and returned for Walker. Guest had a wound in his forehead. Although artificial methods of respiration had been applied, neither man recovered. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Saturday 21 February 1931, page 11 Mrs DOROTHY WALKER and Mr. and Mrs THOMAS and EATHER and FAMILY, of 92 Russell avenue, Sandringham, desire to THANK relatives and friends for their kind expressions of sympathy and floral tributes in their recent bereavement in the loss of her dear husband, Sidney Alfred Walker. Mr. and Mrs. A. WALKER, of 53 Etela street, Belmore, wish to return THANKS to relatives and friends, employees of Tooth's Brewery, especially Mr. Castles for his wonderful heroism, principals and employees of Penfold's Wines. Ltd., for cards, letters, and telegrams, floral tributes, and kind expressions of sympathy in the recent sad loss of their dearly beloved brother. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Thursday 19 February 1931, page 8 FATAL FALL FROM TRAM Falling from a tram in Rocky Point-road, Sans Souci, early on Saturday morning, Herbert Walter Stroud, 47, of Russell-avenue, Sans Souci, sustained a fractured skull, from which he died shortly after in St. George District Hospital. Sydney Morning Herald, 27 April 1931 PLEA FOR TRAM - Kogarah-Sandringham. A large deputation representative of the municipal councils of Kogarah and Rockdale, and other public bodies in the locality appeared before the Transport Advisory Committee yesterday in support of the claim that the tramway between Kogarah and Sandringham, which is operated by steam power, should be retained, but electrified. The Kogarah Council, it was asserted, was spending thousands of pounds on reclamations, baths, and street and other improvements. Sandringham was a seaside pleasure resort for thousands of people, especially on holidays, and at the weekends. The tramway had been responsible for the growth of the district. It would be brought thoroughly up to date by electrification, which would also lessen costs of operation and of road maintenance. The idea of buses was opposed on the ground that the street would be packed with the vehicles during peak hours, that there was no provision for parking at Kogarah, and that they were unsuitable for the aged and young. In order to obviate dangerous crossings, it was suggested that the tramway route should be altered to run from Kogarah, via Montgomery street, thence via Russell avenue to Sandringham, returning via Gray street. The committee adjourned until to-day. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Wednesday 7 September 1932, page 10 GANNON - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs IVY GANNON and FAMILY are invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved HUSBAND and their FATHER Guy Leslie GANNON to leave St. Patrick's Church Kogarah THIS TUESDAY, at 2 p.m. for Catholic Cemetery, Woronora. WOOD COFFILL LIMITED GANNON -The Members of The Dolls Point Rate-payers Association are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their late Associate GUY LESLIE GANNON to leave his residence Russell, avenue, Sans Souci THIS DAY at 2 p m for Roman Catholic Section Woronora. T W RATTIGAN President V SIMPSON Sec Sydney Morning Herald, 1 February

128 WEST - July 8, 1945, Leonard Charles West, of 82 Clareville Avenue, Sandringham, dearly loved husband of Gertrude and dear father of Meryl (Mrs. A. Hunter), Evelyn (Mrs. E. Rose), Arthur, Frank, and Albert, aged 59 years. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 9 July 1945, page 10 BENNETT, Grace - July 26, 1950, at her residence, 110 Russell Avenue, Sans Souci, dearly loved sister of Edie (Mrs. Nosworthy), Rene (Mrs. Garner), Ivy (Mrs. Primmer), William Pratt, Alfred Pratt, and loved aunt of Alfred Primmer, aged 59 years. At rest. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Thursday 27 July 1950, page 20 BENNETT - Relatives and Friends of the late Mrs GRACE BENNETT, of 110 Russell Avenue, Sans Souci, are kindly invited to attend her Funeral; to leave our Private Chapel, 2 Carrington Avenue, Hurstville, this afternoon, after service commencing at 2.45 o'clock, for the Church of England Cemetery, Woronora. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Friday 28 July 1950, page 16 HUGHES Mary -January at her daughter s residence 37 Russell Avenue Ramsgate dearly beloved mother of Mary (Mrs J Shanahan) John Francis and Vincent aged 81 years. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Tuesday 30 January 1951, page 18 BATES -The Relatives and Friends of the late ROBERT OSWALD BATES of 124 Russell Avenue, Doll s Point are invited to attend his Funeral which will leave our Private Chapel Seven Ways Rockdale This Monday after service commencing at 1pm for the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 19 March 1951, page 16 STONELL, Albert James - July at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, late of 16 Russell Avenue, Sans Souci dearly beloved husband of Gertrude and loving father of Albert and fond sister of Alice (Mrs V Gilson) aged 57 years. STONELL, Albert James -July at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, late of 16 Russell Avenue, Sans Souci, fond brother in law of Ernest and Maude Drury. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 16 July 1951, page 14 HEIDEN, Ruth Edith. July 23, 1951 (suddenly) at Wallacia, of 79 Russell Avenue, Sans Souci, dearly loved wife of Frederick, loved mother of Charlie, Ruth (Mrs. Young), Elsie, Pearl (Mrs. Horne), dear mother-in-law of Reginald and Jack, fond grandmother of Kenneth and Elsie, aged 56 years. HEIDEN, Ruth Edith. July 23, 1951 (suddenly) at Wallacia, of 79 Russell Avenue, Sans Souci, beloved sister of Edward (deceased), Alfred (deceased), Ernest, Evelyn (Mrs. H. Marley), Stella (Mrs. C. Harris), and dear sister-in-law of Eva, Ann, Herbert, Charlie, and Mena, aged 56 years. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Tuesday 24 July 1951, page 18 Mrs. Ruth Edith Heiden, wife of Mr. Frederick Heiden, of 79 Russell Avenue, Sans Souci, passed away suddenly at Wallacia on July 23 at the age of 56 years. The funeral left her late residence for the Church of England Cemetery, Rookwood, where the remains were interred on July 24. Nepean Times (Penrith, NSW: ), Thursday 2 August 1951, page 2 MAN TO GET BACK 1,000 FOUND IN BOOKMAKER'S BOX The Chief Judge in Equity, Mr. Justice Roper, ruled yesterday that a builder was legally entitled to the return of 1,000 which he had given to a starting-price bookmaker as security for bets. The money was found in a safe box at the City Tattersall Club. It was deposited there by the late Paddington s.p. book-maker, Alfred Edward Levy. The builder, Joseph Orr, of Russell Avenue, Dolls Point, claimed that the money belonged to him. 121

129 In June, Orr obtained an interim injunction restraining any persons from taking the 1,000. The Court was told that on May 11, 1950, Orr gave Levy 1,000 as security for betting transactions. Levy had died on October 21, 1950, and probate of his estate had been granted to his ex-wife, now Mrs. Jane Lane. Levy's deposit box at the City Tattersalls Club was found to contain 7,950 in notes, including 1,000 done up in a separate parcel. Attached to the parcel was a note, signed by Levy, which read: I have received from J. Orr the sum of 1,000 as security, for any business that may be transacted between us. Orr asked Mrs. Lane to give him the 1,000 back, but she did not do so. Later, the Official Receiver was appointed trustee of Levy's estate. Mr. J. K. Manning (for the Official Receiver) argued that Orr was not entitled to the recovery of the money because such a transaction with an S.P. bookmaker was illegal. ACT NOT APPLICABLE Mr. Justice Roper held that Orr was legally entitled to the money. Levy had merely held the money as bailee, his Honor said, and no betting transactions took place between May and October, 1950, which would have entitled Levy to keep all or part, of the 1,000. Section 16 of the Gaining and Betting Act did not apply to Orr's transaction, he said. [Section 16 of the Act says that no action or suit shall be made at law or in equity to recover money won by betting or deposited in the hands of a stake-holder to abide the result of a bet.] Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Tuesday 25 September 1951, page 7 PHILIBERT, Victor Joseph - October 6, 1952 died at 115 Russell Avenue, Sans Souci aged 78 years. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Tuesday 7 October 1952, page 14 PHILIBERT - The Relatives and Friends of Mr and Mrs. Arthur Beaumont, and of Mrs. S. Davy, of 135 Russell Avenue. Sans Souci, are invited to attend the Funeral of their dear Friend. VICTOR JOSEPH PHILIBERT: which will leave Our Private Chapel. Seven Ways. Rockdale. This Wednesday after service commencing at 1 p.m. for the Salvation Army Cemetery. Woronora. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Wednesday 8 October 1952, page 22 SHANAHAN - On October 8, at 57 Russell-avenue, Sans Souci, N.S.W., John, son of the late Timothy and Ellen Shanahan, of Noorongong, Victoria, beloved husband of Mollie, and father of Jack, Moya (Mrs, Lahiff), Patricia (deceased), Tony, Sheila (Mrs. Larkins) Terry, Claire (Sister Maria) and Bernard. R.I.P. Age (Melbourne, Vic.: ), Tuesday 14 October 1952, page 8 HARDMAN - The Relatives and Friends of Mr. George Hardman and Family of Dolls Point, are invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly beloved Wife, their loving Mother, Daughter, and Daughter-in-law and Sister, IRENE MAY; to leave St. Patrick's Church, Prince's Highway, Kogarah, This Day, Wednesday, at 10 a.m., for the Catholic Cemetery, Botany. Requiem Mass will be celebrated for the repose of her soul at 7 o'clock this morning. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Wednesday 1 April 1953, page 30 KERSHAW, Emma, March 31, 1953, at her residence, 118 Russell Avenue, Dolls Point, relict of Thomas Kershaw, beloved mother of Thomas (deceased), loved mother-in-law of Frances, and fond grandmother of Thomas, John, Emma, Beatrice, Harry and David, aged 93 years. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Wednesday 1 April 1953, page 30 KERSHAW - The Relatives and Friends of Mrs T Kershaw of 118 Russell Avenue, Dolls Point and Family are invited to attend the Funeral of her dear Mother in law and their dear Grandmother EMMA 122

130 KERSHAW, which will leave our Private Chapel Seven Ways, Rockdale This Thursday after service commencing at 2 p m for the Waverley Cemetery. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Thursday 2 April 1953, page SCOTT, Emma, Apr at her residence 98 Russell Avenue Dolls Point, dearly loved wife of James Waddell Scott, loved mother of George, Mary (Mrs Tyrrell), Robert, Gladys (Mrs Howard), Stan and Seth, dear mother-in-law of Olive, George, Iris, Harold (deceased), Marion and Gertrude, aged 71 years. SCOTT - The Relatives and Friends of Mr J W Scott of 98 Russell Avenue Dolls Point, Mr and Mrs G Scott, Mr and Mrs G Tyrrell and Family, Mr and Mrs R Scott and Family, Mrs G Howard and Family Mr and Mrs Stan Scott and of Mr and Mrs Seth Scott are invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved Wife and their dear Mother, Mother In law, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. EMMA SCOTT, which will leave our Private Chapel Seven Ways, Rockdale This (Saturday) Morning after service commencing at 10 o clock for the Crematorium Woronora. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Saturday 4 April 1953, page 28 GOODTIME CARAVANS, Hire and sales berth Hunters Spec 5cwt Towbars fitted. 177 Russell Avenue, Dolls Point LW6688 Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Wednesday 13 May 1953, page 23 FRASA, Mary H (Joy) - December at The St George Hospital of 131 Russell Avenue, Sans Souci, dearly loved wife of Mervyn loved mother of Pamela and Judy, fond daughter of Mr Wallace Campbell and the late Margaret Campbell, dear sister of Jack, Tom, Bob, Wal and Don and loved daughter-in-law of Mr and Mrs J H Frasa, aged 31 years. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 7 December 1953, page 14 GROGIN, William, March 25, 1954, at his residence, 112 Russell Avenue, Sans Souci, beloved husband of Florence May Grogin and loved father of Violet May, Herbert John and Beryl Ida, aged 48 years. At rest. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Friday 26 March 1954, page 22 GROGIN - The Relatives and Friends of the late WILLIAM GROGIN are kindly invited to attend his Funeral; to leave his late residence, 112 Russell Ave., Sans Souci, this afternoon, after service commencing at o'clock for the Eastern Suburbs Crematorium. LABOR MOTOR FUNERALS Seven Ways, Rockdale. Tele. LA2777 (4 lines) Sydney Morning Herald, 26 March 1954 STAHL -The Relatives and friends of Mrs Adelaide Stahl, Mr and Mrs F L Watkins (Terrigal), Mr Joe Stahl, Mr Wilford (Bob) Stahl (122 Russell Avenue Sans souci) are kindly invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly loved Husband and their loved Father and Father In law ALBERT JOSEPH (Snow) STAHL to leave St Finbar s Church Sans Souci on Monday Morning at 9 o clock for the Catholic Cemetery, Botany. Requiem Mass will be celebrated on Monday at 7 o clock. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Saturday 31 July 1954, page 56 SPENCE, Emily Priscilla, September 29, 1954, at Hurstville of 162 Russell Avenue, Dolls Point, relict of George Wallace Spence and dear mother of Mavis (Mrs Seddon) Claude Cyril and Laurie aged 74 years SPENCE -The Relatives and Friends of the late EMILY PRISCILLA SPENCE of 162 Russell Avenue Dolls Point are invited to attend her Funeral which will leave our Private Chapel 388 Forest Road, Hurstville, To-morrow (Friday) Morning after service commencing at 9.15 o'clock for the Crematorium, Woronora. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Thursday 30 September 1954, page

131 SANONI AVENUE NEWS DOLL'S POINT WEDDING The wedding bells have been ringing very loudly down this way during the last few weeks. The local clergy has had so many knots to tie during the last few days that he is beginning to get corns on his hands. The latest Doll's Pointean to hop onto the wedding waggon is Dick Evans, son of old Dick, engine driver, and well known on the sudden jerks. Young Dick did the deed last Tuesday, and now lives in the house that George built in Sanoni Avenue. When asked how he likes the change, he says This is the life. St George Call, 17 July 1915, p6 WAR CASUALTIES KILLED Advice has been received that Private Charles Uebel, son of Mrs. Uebel, of Sanoni avenue, Doll's Point, Sans Souci, was killed in action on October 3. Sydney Morning Herald, 17 January 1918 A FIFTY EGG INCUBATOR, in good order, 2, J. Walker, Sanoni Avenue, Sandringham. Sydney Morning Herald, 26 July 1919, p3 Mr. J. LONGTON Mr. Joseph Longton died yesterday at his residence in Sanoni-avenue, Sandringham. He was in his eightieth year, and was mining manager at Lucknow, Sunny Corner, Captain's Flat, and also Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, he leaves three sons and three daughters. Sydney Morning Herald, 26 June 1923 The death has occurred of Mr. Alex Tapp, the 20-year-old son of Mr and Mrs David Tapp, of Sanoni Avenue, Sandringham, and at one time resident in Glen Innes. The deceased young man was on the staff of a bank at West Wyalong, having recently been transferred from the Hurstville branch. A little more than a fortnight, ago he underwent an operation for appendicitis, and it was thought that he was progressing satisfactorily, but complications developed. A fine sportsman, of excellent physique and enjoying a wide popularity the death is a particularly sad one. A younger brother and a sister survive. The deceased's mother was a Miss Wesley, a sister of Mrs. W. A. Dibley, of Glen Innes. Glen Innes Examiner, 18 October 1927, p4 YOUNG CYCLIST INJURED Through his bicycle colliding with a motor car in Regent-street, Kogarah, yesterday, Geo. Field, 15, of Sanoni-avenue, Sandringham, suffered general abrasions, a fractured left ankle, and, probably a fractured skull. St. George Ambulance took him to St. George Hospital. Sydney Morning Herald, 10 January 1931 MR. J. S. SMITH Mr. James Samuel Smith, aged 78, of Sanoni-avenue, Sandringham, who died at a private hospital on Saturday, was a member of a family of pioneers in the oyster industry of the State, and he owned Gwawley Bay, Sylvania, in the Sutherland shire, as an oyster lease. For more than 60 years he was engaged in fostering oyster culture on the George's River. With his father, deceased used to gather oysters in deep water by the old dredge and tongs method. He has left a widow and six children. The burial took place at the Church of England Cemetery, Woronora. Sydney Morning Herald, 8 September

132 OBITUARY MR. FREDERICK RIDDLE, DOLLS PT After an illness extending over three years the death of Mr. Frederick Riddle occurred on 4th inst. at his daughter's residence, 39 Sanoni avenue, Dolls Point, fortified by the rites of Holy Church. Born in Hobart, Tasmania, on November 10, 1856, the late Mr. Riddle came to New South Wales at an early age, and on September 8, 1882, married Miss Caroline Few at Lithgow. After residing in Lithgow for about 10 years Mr. Riddle moved to Mudgee, where he remained for 33 years. The late Mr. Riddle had been an employee of the N.S.W. Government Railways for a great number of years, and for over forty years had worked on the Mudgee line. Recently he had lived at Dolls Point, and prior to his illness had taken a great interest in the activities of St. Finbar's Church, Sans Souci. The chief mourners were Misses Mitchell, Tulk, Casson, Bright, D. Riddle, Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. Hurst and sons, Miss I. Riddle (granddaughter), L. Riddle (grandson), E. Tulk (grandson), A. Everett, Miss Lillian Courtney, Mr. Parkhill, Mrs. Dunlop and Mr. F. Mitchell. The funeral arrangements were in the hands of W. N. Bull Pty. Ltd. Catholic Freeman s Journal, 1 April 1937, p42 LOVEDEE - July 7, 1946, at his residence, 47 Sanoni Avenue, Sandringham, Arthur James (Jim) Lovedee, dearly beloved husband of Nellie and loved father of Jack and Irene, and dear brother of Jack, George, and Alf, aged 60 years. Sydney Morning Herald, 8 July 1946, p16 SEARCH FOR WHITE WIFE OF NEW GUINEA NATIVE A white girl was living among natives in a remote part of New Guinea in 1944, Mr. E. W. Emery said yesterday. Mr. Emery, an oyster farmer, living in Sanoni Avenue, Dolls Point, said he had seen the girl when he was in charge of an R.A.A.F. supply lugger in He believes his information may help 12 men who sailed yesterday for New Guinea to solve the legend of a white woman on an island. The men, who are in the former coastal steamer Gippsland, will try to find a white woman survivor of a sailing ship wrecked 50 years ago. The sailing ship ran aground on a reef off Misima Island. Mr. Emery said that the white girl he saw might be a daughter of the survivor. This is Mr. Emery's account of his discovery of the girl: In January 1944, he was taking petrol from Milne Bay to an emergency airstrip at Kwaipomata when bad weather forced him to anchor in San Rogue Passage on the south coast, of New Guinea. His native boss boy brought two natives and their kekenies (wives) from the local native village to examine the lugger. One of the kekenies was a white girl of about 19 or 20, with long golden hair and blue eyes. The white girl could speak only the local New Guinea language Motu and was very shy at the sight of white men. She wore a grass skirt with a singlet over the upper part of her body. 'I got the surprise of my life when I saw a white girl come aboard.' said Mr. Emery. 'I was a bit disgusted to see she was apparently married to the native with her. She was a pretty girl, weigh in about 8st. 61b., and she certainly wasn't an albino.' The Courier Mail, Brisbane QLD, 30 June 1947 ACASON, Frederick Cassini. July 27, 1949, at St. Vincent's Hospital, late of 35 Sanoni Avenue, Sans Souci, dearly loved husband of Annie and loving father of Douglas and Kath, aged 80 years. Sydney Morning Herald, 28 July 1949, p12 Pilot's Body Sinks In Swamp After Crash The pilot of a Tiger Moth was killed when the plane power-dived into mudflats at Pelican Point, on the southern edge of Botany Bay yesterday. His body is buried in the mud and had not been recovered last night. A party of police working against the rising tide, failing daylight, and sodden ground, had to abandon operations until this morning. 125

133 The dead man is N. Ellis, 28, of Hillcrest Street, Homebush, an ex-r.a.a.f. pilot, who had had 1,500 hours flying experience. He was alone in the aircraft when it crashed at about p.m. During the night the tide rose over the spot. Nothing was left of the aircraft but wreckage strewn over a radius of 30 yards in desolate and difficult country, a mile from the nearest road, across water-soaked salt marshes. The police uncovered the body, which was buried four feet deep in the mud, but were unable to remove it. After the crash the fuselage was buried in the mudflat three feet over the rear cockpit. Searchers found no sign of the engine, which is thought to be about 12 feet down in the mud. Mr. E. Emery, 19 Sanoni Avenue, Doll's Point, said he and half a dozen other men working on oyster beds half a mile away saw the Moth approaching from the direction of Bankstown, at an altitude of about 2,000 feet. As it came overhead it began to lose height quickly, Mr. Emery said. The pilot cut the motor to idling speed, but it continued to fall. At about 500 feet the pilot suddenly revved up the motor, and the plane dived straight at the mudflats at full bore. It disappeared behind some trees and then we heard a dull explosion. We then called the police. The police party, led by Sergeant W. Burrows, of Kogarah, and Sutherland ambulancemen reached the spot soon after 2 p.m. and began digging. They used a jeep and later a bulldozer in an attempt to get equipment in from the road, but both were bogged down in the mud and, had to be abandoned. The aircraft belonged to Morris Air Services, Bankstown. Sydney Morning Herald, 12 May 1950, p1 GRAHAM, Angus -December O at Terrigal of 3 Sanoni Avenue Doll s Point beloved husband of the late Elizabeth Graham dear father of Vincent and Myrtle (Mrs W Longton), loved father in law of Gladys and William and fond grandfather of Joan and Diane. South African papers please copy. Sydney Morning Herald, 22 December 1950, p12 SMITH, Clara Maria, January at Nowra Hospital, of Cook Park and Sanoni Avenue. Dolls Point, dear mother of Ethel (Mrs. Fitzgibbon), and of William and Edward Hayward, aged 84 years. Sydney Morning Herald, 6 January 1953, p14 JONES - The Relatives and Friends of Mr Henry Reginald Jones of 17 Sanoni Avenue Sans Souci and family are invited to attend the Funeral of his dearly loved Wife their loved Mother, Mother in law and Grandmother FLORENCE ARELIA MARY to leave the Metropolitan Funeral Home Cnr Princes Highway and Bestie Street, Rockdale This Day after service commencing at p m for Woronora Crematorium. METROPOLITAN BURIAL AND CREMATION SOCIETY Rockdale LX6066 Sydney Morning Herald, 25 August 1954, p40 VANSTONE PARADE NEWS SLY - GROG FINE Alexander Robert Pilgrim, 48, boat proprietor, was fined 30, in default 60 days imprisonment, for having sold liquor without a licence, at Pilgrim's boatshed, Vanstone parade, Sandringham. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Monday 3 July 1933, page 4 126

134 DAVIES - January 25 at 70 Vanstone parade, Sandringham, to Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Davies - a son (Thomas Norman). Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Tuesday 30 January 1934, page 8 DAVIES April 22, at 70 Vanstone Parade, Sandringham, to Mr. and Mrs. N. G. Davies a son, (Barry Richard). Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Saturday 9 April 1938, page 10 FORGED PETROL TICKETS -Man Fined 75 and Sent to Gaol A fine of 75 and a sentence of four months imprisonment were imposed on Herbert Joseph Bolton, of Vanstone Parade, Sandringham, at the Central Police Court yesterday on a charge of having had in his possession 1,500 forged petrol ration tickets for two gallons each. Mr Reed, CSM said that Bolton's offence was grave. Conservation of petrol was imperative Evidence was given that Bolton had admitted that, since Christmas 1940 he had sold 3,552 two-gallon forged petrol tickets for 3/- each. Mr Lamaro (for the defendant) said that war restrictions had hit garages heavily, and Bolton had had to close his business. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Wednesday 11 March 1942, page 10 WALDRON STREET NEWS L. J. HOOKER PTY. LTD., after auction: -Sandringham, Waldron Street, old brick cottage and 3 acres land (conj. Harry Mills and Co.). 1,400. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Saturday 3 October 1942, page 5 CARROLL, Lena - July 22, 1948 at her residence 34 Waldron Street, Sans Souci, dearly beloved wife of Cecil Roy Carroll and loved mother of Cecil aged 83 years. At rest. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Friday 23 July 1948, page 12 LOTTERY RESULTS Sydney - Lottery 2025 resulted: First, 91560, S. L. Brown. 85 Pitt Street, Sydney; second, 86487, Easter Egg syndicate. S. Milton, care of Hub Ltd., Pitt Street, Sydney; third, 85425, G.S.D. syndicate, Miss D. Griffiths. 116 Sutherland Road, Beecroft: fourth, 35750, Homeward Bound syndicate, Mrs. E. Erickson, 11 Central Avenue. Como; fifth, Who Knows syndicate. A. Campbell, 45 Waldron Street. Sandringham., Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW: ), Monday 20 March 1950, page 8 PICKERING, Imanuel Francis - January 21, 1951 (suddenly), at Kiama, of 16 Waldron Street. Sandringham, dearly loved husband of Catherine, dear father of Frank. George, and Jennifer At peace. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Tuesday 23 January 1951, page 18 PICKERING -The Relatives and Friends of Mrs Catherine Pickering and Family of 16 Waldron Street, Sandringham are invited to attend the Funeral of her dearly loved Husband and their dear Father IMANUEL FRANCIS PICKERING which will leave Our Private Chapel Seven Ways Rockdale This Wednesday after Service commencing at 1 p m for the Crematorium Woronora. Sydney Morning Herald (NSW: ), Wednesday 24 January 1951, page

135 This small local monthly newspaper was produced between It contained stories of local history, current events and advertisements. The name of the publication changed from Dolls Point Village to On the Line in An article covered in the March 1995 edition: Busy bees make money NOT honey for charity. Sans Souci Busy Bees In 1958 a group of mothers whose children were finishing school decided they would keep in touch by meeting monthly for lunch at a Sans Souci Park. A one of the luncheons a discussion was raised about St George Crippled Childrens School needing equipment and had no Auxiliary. This group decided to swam into action to raise funds for this school's needs calling themselves the 'Busy Bees'. After 26 years and $50,000 support to St George Crippled Childrens School the State Government granted the recognition and status of a charity organisation. By 1995 the Sans Souci Busy Bees had raised over $100,000 through in-house raffles, fetes, street stalls and various other activities. They helped charities such as SIDS (cot death), DEBBRA (cotton wool babies), South Haven Activity Centre, Skin Bank, Sylvanvale, Cairnsfoot School, Childrens Cancer and Leukemia, Prince of Wales Childrens Hospital, M.P.S. Society for Musco Polysaccharide Diseases and St George School, Rockdale. Sans Souci Busy Bees 128

136 Barton Electorate The Barton Electorate, was formed in 1922, and named after Sir Edmund Barton, Australia s first Prime Minister. It covers much of the St George area and is bound by Georges River, Cooks River and the shores of Botany Bay. Frederick McDonald the Labor candidate, was the first to win this seat and held it until 1925 when he was defeated by Nationalist, Thomas Ley. Frederick McDonald challenged the result, and claimed that Thomas Ley tried to bribe him. Mysteriously Frederick McDonald disappeared on his way to see the Premier Jack Lang. It is claimed that Thomas Ley had him murdered. Subsequently, Ley left for England where he was convicted of another murder. He was sentenced to hang but was commuted, on the grounds of insanity, to Broadmoor Lunatic Asylum, where he died in F A McDonald (ALP) T J Ley (NAT) J T Tully (ALP) A Lane (UA) H V Evatt (ALP) L J Reynolds (ALP) W T Arthur (LP) L J Reynolds (ALP) J M Bradfield (LP) G F Punch (ALP) R McClelland (ALP) N Varvaris (LP) In 2009 the electoral boundaries changed and the suburbs now contained within the Barton Electorate include: Arncliffe, Banksia, Bardwell Valley, Beverley Hills, Beverly Park, Bexley, Brighton-le-Sands, Carlton, Carss Park, Dolls Point, Earlwood, Kingsgrove, Kogarah, Kogarah Bay, Kyeemagh, Monterey, Ramsgate, Ramsgate Beach, Rockdale, Sandringham, Sans Souci, Turrella, Undercliffe, Wolli Creek. xxvii Frederick Albert MCDONALD Frederick was born in 1872 in Australia, and educated in public schools and University of Sydney, graduating as a teacher. He rose to become President of the Teachers Federation of New South Wales He contested the new seat of Barton for the Labor Party in the 1922 Federal Election and defeated the Nationalist member for the abolished seat of Illawarra, Hector Lamond. He remained in parliament until 1925, when he was defeated by Thomas Ley the Nationalist candidate. He challenged the result in court, claiming that Ley had tried to bribe him. On 15 April 1926 Frederick McDonald disappeared on his way to a meeting with the Premier of NSW, Jack Lang, to discuss a proposal to have the election result declared void. His body was never found 129

137 Thomas John LEY Thomas Ley was born in 1880 in Bath, England and emigrated to Australia in 1886 with his widowed mother and three sibblings. He attended Crown Street Public School in Sydney until he was ten; then he worked as an assistant in his mother's grocery store. As he had been taught shorthand, he became a junior clerk-stenographer in a solicitor's office at aged 14 years. He married Emily Louisa Lewie Vernon in 1898, the year she came to Australia from England. They were active in politics, she in the International Suffrage Movement, and he as a New South Wales State and Federal politician from 1917 to During the 1925 Federal campaign Ley had unsuccessfully tried to bribe his Labor Party opponent, Frederick McDonald with a 2,000 share in a property at Kings Cross in return for withdrawing from the ballot. McDonald instead publicly revealed the attempted bribe. Ley won the election, and McDonald took the matter to court, but disappeared in mysterious circumstances. The case against Ley collapsed for lack of evidence when McDonald failed to appear. Thomas Ley returned to England to start a new life with his mistress Maggie Brook, after his defeat in the 1928 election. During World War Two he was arrested and convicted for black marketeering. In 1946 he was tried for the murder of John Mudie, but escaped the noose and was declared insane and Broadmoor Asylum, where he died in xxviii Leonard James REYNOLDS Len Reynolds was born 19 November 1923 at Harden NSW, son of Reginald William Reynolds and Myra Evelyn Brown. He married Sylvia Jean Brown in 1946 at Randwick NSW. He was educated at University of Sydney and became a teacher. Len enlisted in the RAAF on 23 February 1943 and was promoted to leading aircraftman on 18 December He served at Morotai during 1945 and was discharged on 8 March He entered politics and preceded H. V. Evatt for the Federal seat of Barton for the Labor Party from 22 November 1958 until 26 November He preceded Bill Arthur for the seat of Barton again from 25 October 1969 and was succeeded by Jim Bradfield on 11 November xxix Len died on 14 July 1980 and was cremated at Woronora Crematorium. xxx 130

138 Herbert Vere EVATT Herbert known as Bert or Doc was born 30 April 1894 at Maitland NSW, son of John Ashmore Hamilton Evatt and Jane Sophia Jeanie Gray. He married Mary Alice Sheffer on 20 November 1920 at Congregational Church, Mosman NSW. He attended East Maitland Superior Public School, then onto Fort Street High School. He continued onto St Andrew s College and graduated in He was unable to enlist in the services because of his poor eyesight. He became a prominent industrial lawyer in Sydney, working mainly for trade union clients. In 1925 Evatt was elected as an Australian Labor Party member for Balmain in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly. He was reelected as an Independent Labor candidate in 1927, and served in the Legislative Assembly until In 1930 he was elected as the youngest ever Justice of the High Court of Australia. He resigned from the High Court and went back into politics in He gained the Federal seat of Barton in the House of Representatives and in 1941 became Attorney-General and Minister of External Affairs (Foreign Minister) under John Curtin. He became deputy leader of the Labor Party after the 1946 election, under the leadership of Ben Chifley, until He became leader of the Labor Party from In 1960 the Labor Government appointed Evatt as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, and was seen as a means of giving him a dignified exit from politics. In 1962 he was suffering from stress and retired from the bench. Doc Evatt died on 2 November 1965 at Forrest, Canberra ACT. xxxi 131

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140 Dolls Point Electoral Rolls This database covers the people on the electoral rolls in the streets of Dolls Point between 1930 and It notes year of birth and death if known, and identifies persons who served in the forces. From these electoral rolls it was noted that house names seemed to disappear from the late 1940s. It was also noted in the early 1940s the house numbers changed (by approximately six numbers) in some streets. During the 1940s as the servicemen returned from the war, some married and bought or built their home in this area. Streets began to fill with new houses and this could be the reason for the house numbers to change. It was also noted that by 1963 home duties for the wives began to decrease and occupations were shown. By 1963 home units and villas appeared in the addresses on the rolls. Among the residents of Dolls Point lived notable people of various occupations, fishermen, oyster farmers, actors, journalists, cartoonists, tanners, brushmakers to name a few. Streets of Dolls Point covered: Carruthers Drive Clareville Avenue Dicken Avenue Gannon Avenue Ida Street (east from Napoleon Street) Malua Street McMilllan Avenue Minton Avenue Norwood Avenue Primrose Avenue Russell Avenue (east from Napoleon Street) Sanoni Avenue Skinners Avenue Vanstone Parade Waldron Street

141 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 ABBOTT Charles Denvitts 12 Clareville Ave Clerk ABBOTT Susie 12 Clareville Ave TRANBY ACASON Annie Louise 35 Sanoni Ave CHOAT ACASON Douglas Oswald 35 Sanoni Ave Clerk X UK X ACASON Frederick Cassini 35 Sanoni Ave Traveller X UK ACASON Kathleen 35 Sanoni Ave ADAMS George Joseph 132 Russell Ave Fibrous fixer 1935 ADAMSON Doris May 16 Minton Ave PORTER ADAMSON Harold Alfred 16 Minton Ave Cabinetmaker AGNEW Paul Henry 120 Clareville Ave Electrical fitter 1963 AITKEN Jean Wilhelmina Horene, Clareville Ave GUTHREY AITKEN Percival Graham Horene, Clareville Ave Storeman ALCHIN Eva Florence Mabel 10 Minton Ave WILLIAMSON ALDRICH Francis Ernest 2/143 Clareville Ave Butcher X ALDRICH Joan Marcelle 2/143 Clareville Ave BOULTON ALEXANDER Jessie Yvonne 21 Clareville Ave SAILLARD ALEXANDER Jessie Yvonne 12 Clareville Ave SAILLARD ALEXANDER John James 12 Clareville Ave Assistant accountant X ALLAN Stella Harriett Corimal Hall, Russell Ave ALLEN Edward Henry 3 Mc Millan Ave Motor driver ALLEN Edward James Sanoni Ave Carpenter X ALLEN Edward William Sanoni Ave Oyster farmer ALLEN Harriett Alice Sanoni Ave SMITH ALLEN Norma Winifred 3 Mc Millan Ave FRANCIS ALLEN Patricia Alice 3 Mc Millan Ave Paymaster's assistant sp STACKPOOL ALLEN Reginald Edward 3 Mc Millan Ave Motor driver 1963 ALLEN William Ernest Sanoni Ave Oyster farmer 1954 ALLEY Alfred Ernest Underwood Camp, Cook Park Labourer

142 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 ALLISON Effie May 101 Russell Ave WARTON ALLISON George Archibald 101 Russell Ave Grocer AMOR Charles Ward Montrose, 48 McMillan Ave Painter AMOR Harold 40 Mc Millan Ave Painter AMOR Harold 48 Mc Millan Ave Painter AMOR Myrtle Lillian Gladys 48 Mc Millan Ave YOUNG AMOR Myrtle Lillian Gladys 40 Mc Millan Ave YOUNG AMOR Noel Victor 40 Mc Millan Ave Grocer AMOR Raymond Charles 40 Mc Millan Ave Metal polisher AMOR Victoria Eliza 48 Mc Millan Ave CUNNINGHAM AMOR Victoria Eliza 40 Mc Millan Ave CUNNINGHAM ANDERSON Annie Winifred Russell Ave Shopkeeper ANDERSON Eva May 24 Sanoni Ave NEGUS ANDERSON Henry Godfrey 16 Mc Millan Ave Launch driver ANDERSON Howard Percival 7 Carruthers Drive ANDERSON John Martin 24 Sanoni Ave Carpenter ANDERSON John Robert 24 Sanoni Ave Fitter and turner 1963 ANDERSON Miriam Veronica 35 Waldron Street 1963 AUSTIN sp GARDNER, ANDERSON Norma Jean 24 Sanoni Ave Dressmaker Reginald Henry ANDERSON Norrie Frank 35 Waldron Street Service adivsor ANDREW Lillian 140 Russell Ave Florist ANDREW Robert Henry 140 Russell Ave Florist X ANLEZARK Ivy Isabel 5 Waldron Street Machinist BATES ANTHONY Elsie Emily Dicken Ave BERESFORD ANTHONY William Alexander Dicken Ave APPLEBY Mildred 173 Russell Ave HARRIS APPLEBY Nellie Isabel 173 Russell Ave CHRISTIE APPLEBY Roland James 173 Russell Ave X sp BOURKE, John APPLEBY Ruby Joyce 173 Russell Ave Cashier "Jack"

143 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 sp HOLLEYWELL, APPLETON Beryl Therese 99 Russell Ave Colin APPLETON Charles Russell Ave APPLETON Christopher Gerald 13 Dicken Ave X APPLETON Florence Caroline 99 Russell Ave HORTON APPLETON James Percival 99 Russell Ave Crane driver X APPLETON Maureen Dorothy 13 Dicken Ave WHITE ARDLEY Maureen Winifred 3 Carruthers Drive Nurse 1943 LEACH sp MCDONALD, ARMAN Barry Stewart 79 Russell Ave Chainman 1958 Isabel Janice ARMAN Frances Rubena 79 Russell Ave ARMAN Gaston 79 Russell Ave Lithographer X ARMSTRONG Catherine Watt 18 Minton Ave FORSYTH ARMSTRONG Frederick George 18 Minton Ave Engineer 1949 X ARMSTRONG Lily Irene 85 Clareville Ave GRIFFITHS ARMSTRONG Margaret Mitchell 18 Minton Ave Stenographer 1949 ASHDOWN Margaret Peel 30 Gannon Ave DAVIS ASHLEY Margaret Ellen 1 Primrose Ave ASPINALL Douglas William 81 Clareville Ave Plumber ASPINALL Joan 81 Clareville Ave MENNIER ASPINALL John 81 Clareville Ave Welder 1958 ASPINALL Mary Wilkie 81 Clareville Ave 1963 CHURCH sp SIMMONS, David Charles Laurence ASPLET Mary Doris Ann 113 Clareville Ave ATKINSON ASPLET+A336 Walter Charles 113 Clareville Ave Engineer ATKINSON James 94 Ida Street Clerk ATKINSON Lettie 94 Ida Street ATKINSON Mavis Helen 94 Ida Street ATTARD Stella Mary 28 Sanoni Ave 1958 AUSTEN Dorothy Eileen 10 Carruthers Drive COLE sp MILLER, Arthur Leslie

144 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 AUSTEN Kerrie Anne 10 Carruthers Drive Stenographer 1963 AUSTEN William Harrington 10 Carruthers Drive Analyst X AVERY Alexandria 18 Primrose Ave WICKHAM AVERY Stephen Henry 7 Dicken Ave Clicker AVERY Stephen Henry 87 Primrose Ave Clicker AVERY Stephen Henry 18 Primrose Ave Clicker BAGGS Lloyd Malcolm 6 Sanoni Ave Toolmaker X BAGGS Mabel 6 Sanoni Ave MYERS BAILLIE Mary 9 Carruthers Drive Shop assistant BAILLIE Victor Royle 9 Carruthers Drive Storeman BAINES George Richard 98 Cook Park X BAINES Ruby Wilhelmina Sanonia, Cook Park ORFORD BAKER Arthur William 177 Russell Ave BAKER Ivy May 177 Russell Ave SNOW BAKER Mary Osborn 1 Malua Street BAKER Stanley George Lister 1 Malua Street Draftsman X BALDWIN Arthur Richard 118 Russell Ave Carpenter DENHAM, sp1 BALDWIN Maude Evelyn 118 Russell Ave LOCKIE, De Carteret Cecil BALL Beatrice Matilda 91 Russell Ave MOIR sp GREENHALGH, BALL Mavis Alice 91 Russell Ave Dressmaker Jack BALL Ronald William Russell Ave Butcher BALL Thelma Constance 91 Russell Ave Machinist 1937 BARKER Daphne May 28 Minton Ave NEEMES BARKER Harold Alfred 28 Minton Ave Compositor X Commmercial BARKL Harold Wyndham 102 Russell Ave Agent BARKL Lily 102 Russell Ave MADDEN BARNES David William 105 Ida Street Labourer BARNES Ernest Walter 144 Russell Ave Motor mechanic

145 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BARNES Hand Rachel "May" 144 Russell Ave LESTER BARNES James Campell Addison 11 Dicken Ave Bricklayer BARNES Leslie William 144 Russell Ave Electrical contractor BARNES Lillian Eunice Mercer 11 Dicken Ave CARBIS BARNES Margaret Alice Mary 105 Ida Street HOLLOWAY BARNES May 92 Primrose Ave 1933 BARNES May 87 Primrose Ave BARNES May 7 Dicken Ave 1931 BARNES Valerie June 144 Russell Ave HAWKINS BARNES William 7 Dicken Ave Labourer BARNES William 92 Primrose Ave Labourer 1933 BARNES William 87 Primrose Ave Labourer BARNSLEY Valerie 1 Sanoni Ave 1930 BARRACLOUGH Elsie Burns 5 Skinners Ave WHARRIE BARRACLOUGH Frederick Ronald 5 Skinners Ave X BARTLE Arthur 1/145 Clareville Ave Fitter BARTLE Edna 1/145 Clareville Ave FOWLE BARTLETT Bruce William 73 Clareville Ave Carpenter BARTLETT Helen Irene 73 Clareville Ave CLIFTON BARTON Elizabeth Gowland 38 Mc Millan Ave BARTON Eric Reginald 38 Mc Millan Ave Clerk X BASHFORD Edward Harrington 18 Minton Ave Welder BASHFORD Margaret Cecelia 18 Minton Ave 1943 FAZAKERLEY BASKERVILLE John Ernest 81 Russell Ave Patternmaker BASKERVILLE John Ernest 86 Primrose Ave Patternmaker BASKERVILLE Sophie Emma 81 Russell Ave LAWS BASKERVILLE Sophie Emma 86 Primrose Ave LAWS BASTOCK Arthur Henry 87 Russell Ave Confectioner X BASTOCK Ida Joyce 87 Russell Ave 1943 BASTOCK Rose Minnie 87 Russell Ave

146 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BATE Barbara Helen 12 Clareville Ave 1958 BATE Peter John 12 Clareville Ave Teacher 1958 BATES Alfred Augustus 124 Russell Ave Printer BATES Alfred Augustus 145 Russell Ave Printer BATES Barbara Joyce 145 Russell Ave Clerk 1963 BATES Edward Alfred 145 Russell Ave Garage employee BATES Elizabeth Ruth 124 Russell Ave PEARSE BATES Ellen 5 Waldron Street BATES Joyce Noel May 145 Russell Ave WEST BATES Reuben Charles 124 Russell Ave Printer X BATES Robert Oswald 124 Russell Ave Journalist X BATES Samuel Thomas 124 Russell Ave Painter BATES Sarah Ann 124 Russell Ave BATT Helen Drumcondra, Dicken Ave BATT Stanley Oliphant Dicken Ave Master mariner BAUDER Carl 3 Waldron Street BAUDER Elsie May 3 Waldron Street WALTERS BAUDER Jack Frederick 9 Vanstone Parade Assembler X BAUDER Josephine Florence 9 Vanstone Parade WALLACE BAYER Donald Arthur 32 Mc Millan Ave Driver BAYER Joan Caroline 32 Mc Millan Ave FORS BAZELEY Mabel Amelia 18 Sanoni Ave Machinist RIED BAZELEY Thomas Charles 18 Sanoni Ave Waterside worker BEATTIE David 34 Primrose Ave Telephone technician X BEATTIE Eileen Betty 34 Primrose Ave DENT BEATTIE John Colvin 145 Clareville Ave Manager X BEATTIE Marcia Florence 145 Clareville Ave BLAXELL BEATTY Sarah Ann 97 Russell Ave BROOKS BEAUMONT Arthur McDonald 135 Russell Ave Public servant X

147 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BEAUMONT Josephine 135 Russell Ave NANCARROW BEAVAN/BEAVEN Harold Frederick Leonard 21 Norman Ave Coffin maker BEAVAN/BEAVEN Iris Irene 21 Norman Ave DALTON BEAVER Pamela Madeline 18 Minton Ave Ledger machinist 1958 FARLEIGH BEAVER William Wilfred 18 Minton Ave Police constable 1958 BECKER Irene Jane 4 Malua Street BALL BECKER Norman Kingston 4 Malua Street Car dealer BECKHAUS Florence Marie Malua Street HOLLAND BECKHAUS John Norton Malua Street Govt. service BEDFORD Cecil William Edward 14 Gannon Ave Panelbeater X BEDFORD Marjorie Florence 14 Gannon Ave 1963 FULLER BEER Annie Susanna Aurora, Clareville Ave & Ida St BREWER BEER Arthur Henry Aurora, Clareville Ave & Ida St Dentist BEER Gweneth Ethel Aurora, Clareville Ave Clerk 1933 BEER Kathleen Avis Aurora, Clareville Ave Typist BEETEN Susan 38 Clareville Ave BELL William Henry 153 Russell Ave Bootmaker BELSHAM Annie Maria 14 Sanoni Ave LAWTON BELSHAM Philip Ernest 14 Sanoni Ave BENDER Marie Helene 10 Malua Street Nurse sp WALSHE, Eric Russell Wentworth sp PITTAWAY, Leonard George BENJAMIN Cecil Herbert 10 Dicken Ave Grocer X BENJAMIN Isabel Joyce 10 Dicken Ave 1949 RICKETTS BENNETT Cyril 14 Primrose Ave Chemist BENNETT Gilbert Russell Cnr Clareville & Russell Ave Storekeeper BENNETT Grace 37 Mc Millan Ave BENNETT Grace 110 Russell Ave

148 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BENNETT Louise Amy 88 Primrose Ave SCHRADER BENNETT Manuel George 6 Mc Millan Ave Leather dresser BENNETT Margherita Evalina 14 Primrose Ave TOCOVENKO BENNETT Percy Henry 88 Primrose Ave Accountant BENNETT William John 37 Mc Millan Ave Traveller Commerical BENNETT William John 110 Russell Ave traveller BENTON Lilian May 1 Norman Ave 1958 BERNIE Charles Leonard Campbell 17 Mc Millan Ave Accountant BERNIE Joan Catherine 17 Mc Millan Ave LYONS BERRILL Leonard Robert Meredith 88 Ida Street Public servant X BERRISFORD Inez Edith 35 Waldron Street DUNN BERRISFORD Jack 35 Waldron Street Manager X BERRY James Andrew 78 Clareville Ave Motor driver 1963 BERTHOLD Henry Charles Mallet 111 Ida Street Dry cleaner X BERTHOLD Joan Miriam 111 Ida Street HIGGINS BERTRAM John Ewan 11a Norman Ave Salesman BERTRAM John Ewan McDonald 11a Gannon Ave Agent BERTRAM Rhoda Francis 7 Malua Street BLOXHAM BERTRAM Rhoda Francis 11a Norman Ave BLOXHAM BERTRAM Rhoda Francis 78 Clareville Ave BLOXHAM BERTRAM Rhoda Francis 11a Gannon Ave BLOXHAM BERWICK Allan Thomas 88 Clareville Ave Panelbeater BERWICK Shirley June 88 Clareville Ave WICKS BETHEL Miriam Georgina Corbettville,17 Dicken Ave HENDERSON BETHEL Robert Thomas Henderson 17 Dicken Ave Labourer X BETHEL Thomas Stanley Corbettville, 17 Dicken Ave Clerk X X BETTINI Amy Elizabeth 157 Russell Ave TAYLOR BETTINI James Henry 157 Russell Ave Labourer

149 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 sp MONTGOMERY, BEVERIDGE Mildred Jessie 6 Carruthers Drive John Frederick BIAGGINI Henry Charles 1 Skinner Ave Waterside worker BIAGGINI Lena 1 Skinner Ave WILLIAMS BIDEN Arthur George Lewis 11 Malua Street BIDEN Nellie 11 Malua Street 1949 PEARSE BIGG Sarah Ann Clareville Ave BIGG Sarah Ann 104 Russell Ave BIGNELL Beryl Jean 1 Waldron Street PROPERT BIGNELL Stanley Hewitt 1 Waldron Street Teacher X BILLS Edward George 29 Minton Ave Clerk BILLS Una Gwenda May 29 Minton Ave BRIDDICK BINDSLEV Norma Irene 8 Norman Ave 1954 FROST BINDSLEV William Valdemar 8 Norman Ave Railway employee 1954 BIRDSALL Beverley Ann 47 Sanoni Ave Machinist 1963 BLACK Alexander McGregor Waldron Street Printer BLACK Alexander McGregor 108 Russell Ave Painter BLACK Elsie May 108 Russell Ave Hairdresser HEIDEN BLACK Heather Margaret Renton, Waldron Street Stenographer 1949 BLACK Jean Mary Renton, Waldron Street BLACK Jean Miller Renton, 33 Waldron Street MCGREGOR BLACK Jean Miller 53 Waldron Street MCGREGOR BLACK Neil Renton Renton, Waldron Street Reader X BLACK Noel Frederick 1 Gannon Ave Ground engineer BLACK Patricia 1 Gannon Ave Bookkeeper LULHAM , BLACK Robert Renton, 33 Waldron Street Ship's carpenter BLACK Robert 53 Waldron Street Ship's carpenter BLACKMAN Chandos Stratton 42 Clareville Ave Paymaster X

150 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BLACKMAN Nancy Elizabeth 42 Clareville Ave 1963 KNIGHT BLAIN Grace Irene 43 Sanoni Ave 1937 GREEN BLAIN Grace Irene 28 Sanoni Ave GREEN BLAIN Grace Irene 45 Sanoni Ave GREEN BLAIN Hugh 43 Sanoni Ave Metal worker BLAIN Hugh 28 Sanoni Ave Metal worker BLAIN Hugh 45 Sanoni Ave Metal worker BLAIN Robert Russell 28 Sanoni Ave Salesman 1943 BLAIN Stewart 45 Sanoni Ave Labourer 1958 BLAYNEY George Leslie 30 Minton Ave Factory manager BLAYNEY Winsome Patricia 30 Minton Ave 1963 COONEY BLOCH Edith 10 Malua Street Secretary BLORE Annie Margaret "Madge" St Lawrence College, Russell Ave sp TYRIE, Peter Lancelot BLOXHAM Margaret Kate 11 Norman Ave HOWARD BLOXHAM Margaret Kate 11 Gannon Ave HOWARD BLOXHAM Maude Erle 11 Norman Ave HUNTLEY BLOXHAM Maude Erle 78 Clareville Ave HUNTLEY BLOXHAM Rupert Matthew 11 Norman Ave Traveller X BLOXHAM Rupert Matthew 78 Clareville Ave Salesman X BLYTHE Jack 30 Gannon Ave Salesman BLYTHE Muriel Daisy 30 Gannon Ave BOARD Alan Eric 32 Gannon Ave Clerk X BOARD Elsie 32 Gannon Ave MANSFIELD BOLLARD Dorothy Sarah 8 Malua Street YEWDALL BOLLARD Frederick Cecil Thomas 8 Malua Street Clerk BOLLARD Geoffrey John 8 Malua Street Electrical fitter 1958 BOLLARD Grace Winifred 31 Gannon Ave LAWS BOLLARD Gwynneth Norma 8 Malua Street Clerk sp FORD, Eric BOLLARD William Nelson 8 Malua Street Saw doctor BOLLARD William Nelson 31 Gannon Ave Saw doctor

151 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BOLTON Ethel Jean Elizabeth 9 Vanstone Pde WINTER BOLTON Herbert Joseph "Barney" Vanstone Pde Motor mechanic BOLTON Terence William 9 Vanstone Pde Clerk BOND Gloria Lorna 111 Clareville Ave BOND Lewin Bertram 111 Clareville Ave Traffic officer X BONES Charles Samuel Clareville Ave Assembler BONES Charles Sydney Clareville Ave Typefounder BONES John Thomas 11 Clareville Ave Printer X BONES Marion Maude Josephine 11 Clareville Ave Machinist sp BEACH, Dudley Barnard BONES Maude 11 Clareville Ave BOOTH Dorothy Mary 2 Skinners Ave BOOTH Leslie 2 Skinners Ave Motor mechanic BORDER Elizabeth Procter Devon, Cook Park TUTCHER BOTHWELL Dorothy Edith 42 Clareville Ave HAILER BOTHWELL Walter Arthur 42 Clareville Ave Grocer BOULTWOOD Ella May Maud 177 Russell Ave WALTERS BOURNE Annie Millicent "Nancy" 110 Russell Ave KING BOURNE Annie Millicent "Nancy" 31 Mc Millan Ave KING BOURNE Annie Millicent "Nancy" 137 Russell Ave KING BOURNE Elaine May 137 Russell Ave 1963 HIRST BOURNE Frederick Harold 110 Russell Ave Storeman BOURNE Frederick Harold 31 Mc Millan Ave Storeman BOURNE Frederick Harold 137 Russell Ave Storeman BOURNE Frederick Keith 137 Russell Ave Ironworker BOURNE George 137 Russell Ave 1943 BOURNE Harold George 45 Clareville Ave Truck driver BOURNE Jacqueline Yvonne 137 Russell Ave 1958 LILLIE BOURNE Jean Elizabeth 45 Clareville Ave OLIVER BOVIS Bert Lindsay 76 Clareville Ave Director X BOVIS Norma Ellen 76 Clareville Ave DILLON

152 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BOWLER Grace Maude 83 Russell Ave BISHOP BOWLER Neil 83 Russell Ave Proof reader BOWLER Thomas 83 Russell Ave Storeman BOWLER Thomas Raymond 83 Russell Ave Case maker BOWNESS Douglas Ralston 6 Dicken Ave Radio mechanic X BOWNESS Florence May 35 Dicken Ave PARKHILL BOWNESS Florence May 6 Dicken Ave PARKHILL BOWNESS Harry Vivian 35 Dicken Ave Rubber mechanic BOWNESS Harry Vivian 6 Dicken Ave Rubber mechanic BOWNESS Nancy 6 Dicken Ave Clerk COOK BOWYER Louisa Elizabeth 41 Sanoni Ave BENHAM BOWYER Vincent James 41 Sanoni Ave Labourer X BOXSELL Gloria Constance 73 Cook Park Machinist 1943 sp TILL, William Roy sp2 WILLIAMS, Thomas William BOYD Hugh Winstanley 143 Russell Ave Carpenter X BOYD Nancye Joan 143 Russell Ave BRIERLEY BOYLE Irene Sadie 33 Gannon Ave 1963 BOYLE Jack William 33 Gannon Ave Soldier X BOYNE Augustus Gerald 60 Clareville Ave Sales manager X BOYNE Ruth Stanford 60 Clareville Ave WATSON BRADFORD Catherine "Avice" 21 Mc Millan Ave ROBERTSON BRADFORD George 21 Mc Millan Ave Foreman X BRADFORD Jack 25 Malua Street Radio technician 1963 BRADFORD Jean Elizabeth 21 Mc Millan Ave Telephonist 1949 BRAIN Edward 45 Clareville Ave Transport driver BRAIN Genevieve Jean 23 Clareville Ave MCGILL BRAIN Hilda May 45 Clareville Ave GOWER BRAIN Thomas Spencer Clareville Ave BRAMWELL Phillis Lesley 14 Sanoni Ave Machinist 1943 sp BURKE, Bruce Alan

153 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BRETT Francis 38 Clareville Ave Storekeeper BRETT Gwynneth Alan 28 Clareville Ave 1954 BRETT James Arthur 3 Mc Millan Ave Potter BRETT Mary May 38 Clareville Ave DUGGAN BRETT Peter Brabazon 28 Clareville Ave Traffic officer X BRETT Vera Boronia, 3 Mc Millan Ave SEWARD BRIDGER Eva Muriel 83 Clareville Ave ANDERSON BRIDGER William Thomas 83 Clareville Ave X BRIDGLAND Florence Mary Strathbogie, Cook Park BRIDGLAND Stanley Charles Strathbogie, Cook Park Secretary X BRIGGS Alan Thomas 104 Russell Ave Motor driver BRIGGS Irene Sylvia 104 Russell Ave SMITH BRISCOLL Ambrose Godfrey Carruthers Drive Motor driver 1930 BRITTON Maurice William 161 Russell Ave Labourer 1943 BRITTON Phyllis Amelia 161 Russell Ave 1943 TURNER BROOKS Edna May 100 Ida Street SHARPE BROOKS Kenneth Charles 100 Ida Street Driver BROWN Allan Samuel 25 Waldron Street Fellmonger BROWN Charles Andrew 31 Mc Millan Ave Draftsman BROWN Charles William 1 Primrose Ave Fettler BROWN Charles William Jnr 1 Primrose Ave Builder's labourer BROWN Dorothy Elizabeth 138 Russell Ave HARRIS BROWN Edward Ronald 12 Dicken Ave Oyster farmer BROWN Elizabeth Margaret 21 Mc Millan Ave GALE BROWN Elsie Beatrice 12 Dickin Ave COOK sp1 PALMER, William Cyril George, sp2 ATKINS, William BROWN Elsie Josephine 12 Dicken Ave Tailoress Henry

154 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BROWN Gordon Malua Street Caretaker 1934 BROWN Henry Arthur 12 Dicken Ave Labourer X BROWN Kathleen Joyce 21 Mc Millan Ave 1943 BROWN Lillian Mary 31 Mc Millan Ave BROWN Louie Malua Street 1934 BROWN Margaret Mary 1 Carruthers Drive 1963 MURRAY BROWN Marguerite Eleanor 21 Mc Millan Ave Retail draper BROWN Mary Ann 1 Primrose Ave 1949 BROWN Mary Jane 11 Dicken Ave 1943 BROWN Nell Phyllis Joan 25 Waldron Street Clerk STRACHAN BROWN Nora 19 Gannon Ave 1963 BROWN Rachael Kathleen 12 Dicken Ave Machinist BROWN Ross Allan 1 Carruthers Drive Driver 1963 BROWN Thomas Henry 12 Dicken Ave Retired BROWN Walter Malua Street French polisher 1934 BROWN William Alfred 12 Dicken Ave Labourer BROWN William John 138 Russell Ave Labourer BROWN William Thomas 21 Mc Millan Ave Carpenter BROWNE Gladys Mary 49 Sanoni Ave Telephonist BROWNSMITH Bertise Joseph 143 Clareville Ave sp EDWARDS, Matthew Harris, sp2 LANGLEY, Charles Sydney sp WILKINSON, Gerald Sidney BROWNSMITH Grace Maude 143 Clareville Ave WINDSOR BRUCE Albert Edward 177 Russell Ave Retired BRUSTOLIN John 1 Gannon Ave Boilermaker BUCKLAND Carol Ann 20 Sanoni Ave 1963 DAVIES BUCKLAND Colin Eric 20 Sanoni Ave Ironworker 1963 BUCKLAND Elva Cecily 26 Primrose Ave CARTWRIGHT BUCKLAND Leon George 1 Carruthers Drive Student Pastor 1958 BUCKLAND Norma Clara 1 Carruthers Drive Clerical 1958

155 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BUCKLAND Owen Mountford 26 Primrose Ave Company director BUCKLEY John Kitani, 18 Dicken Ave Pattern cutter BUCKLEY Kathleen Dorothy Kitani, 18 Dicken Ave SALMON BUCKLEY William George Thomas 6 Mc Millan Ave Patternmaker X BULL Arthur Henry 2 Clareville Ave Tram conductor X BULL Arthur Henry 134 Russell Ave Tram conductor X BULL Arthur Henry 159 Russell Ave Tram conductor X BULLIMAN Ada Gladys 138 Russell Ave sp NEAL, William 1933 Owen BULLIMAN Elizabeth 138 Russell Ave WATTS BULLIMAN Lordia Selina 138 Russell Ave WAPLES BULLIMAN Percival Joseph 138 Russell Ave Labourer X BULLIMAN William John Joseph 138 Russell Ave Labourer BULLOCK Charles Romano, Clareville Ave Steward BULLOCK Violet Romano, Clareville Ave BROOKES BUNGATE Jessie 12 Clareville Ave BURFORD Beatrice May 93 Clareville Ave LAWRIE BURFORD John Percy 93 Clareville Ave Tram conductor BURGESS Evelyn May 37 Mc Millan Ave PRATT BURGESS John 37 Mc Millan Ave Labourer BURKE Bruce Alan 60 Clareville Ave Smallgoods agent BURKE Cecil Alexander 19 Norman Ave Pastrycook X BURKE Gladys 19 Norman Ave BEANEY BURKE Jean Elizabeth 60 Clareville Ave 1963 BRADFORD BURLAND Lillian Rose Clareville Ave MCLEOD BURLAND Sydney John Clareville Ave Butcher BURNS Harold Bruce 16 Skinners Ave Salesman X BURNS Jeanette 1 Carruthers Drive 1954 REVELL BURNS Patricia Beatrice 16 Skinners Ave 1954 CARR BURNS Stanley Lawrence 1 Carruthers Drive Press hand 1954

156 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BURTON Florence 109 Clareville Ave BURTON Gladys Stella 6 Skinners Ave BURTON Henry Raymond 102 Russell Ave Glass cutter BURTON Valerie Beatrice 102 Russell Ave GRIMSHAW BUSHBY Sidney Herbert 22 Minton Ave Engineer BUSHBY Violet May 22 Minton Ave ROYSTON BUSHELL Dorothy Frances 19 Gannon Ave BROWN BUSHELL Vivian John 19 Gannon Ave Labourer X BUTTEL Henry 4 Waldron Street BUTTON Joan Kathleen 43 Waldron Street HARRIS BUTTON Joan Kathleen 15 Waldron Street HARRIS BUTTON Sydney 43 Waldron Street Toolmaker X BUTTON Sydney 15 Waldron Street Toolmaker X BYRNE Dulcie June 28 Dicken Ave MAYBURY BYRNE John 77 Clareville Ave Bricklayer 1930 CADMAN Rita May 13 Carruthers Drive JOHNSTON CADMAN Walter Jack 13 Carruthers Drive Engineer CADY Alice Edna 89 Clareville Ave WHITE CADY Allen James 89 Clareville Ave Auto mechanic CADY Allen James 73 Cook Park Auto mechanic CADY Heather May 89 Clareville Ave SCOTT CADY Isaac 89 Clareville Ave Labourer CADY Les/Leo Isaac 89 Clareville Ave Motor mechanic CAFFERKY Cora Scott 13 Dicken Ave NORRIS CAFFERKY Michael Francis 13 Dicken Ave X CAHALAN Cyril Raymond or Cecil 19 Dickin Ave Cabinetmaker X CAHALAN Edward Clarence 19 Dickin Ave Carrier CAHALAN Florence Gertrude 19 Dickin Ave TABOR CAHALAN Ralph Arnold Frederick 19 Dickin Ave Paper ruler CAHALAN William Edmund 19 Dickin Ave Labourer CAHILL Adrian John 16 Clareville Ave Electrical fitter 1963

157 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 CAHILL Carol Jan 16 Clareville Ave 1963 ANTHONEY CAINES Ronald George 20 Primrose Ave Fitter CALLAN Edna Pearl Cnr Clareville & Russell Ave KELLS CALLAN George Frederick Cnr Clareville & Russell Ave Grocer CAMP Colin Herbert 143 Russell Ave Bus conductor X CAMP Irene Linda 143 Russell Ave WILLIAMS CAMPBELL Archibald John 6 Clareville Ave Plasterer CAMPBELL Archibald John Charles Mc Millan Ave Fisherman CAMPBELL Archibald John Charles 49 Waldron Street Fisherman CAMPBELL Archibald John Charles 49 Waldron Street Fisherman CAMPBELL Archibald John Charles 45 Waldron Street Fisherman CAMPBELL Archibald John Charles 15 Waldron Street Fisherman CAMPBELL Archibald John Charles 17 Waldron Street Fisherman CAMPBELL Archibald John Henry 45 Waldron Street Wharf labourer CAMPBELL Charles Thomas 6 Clareville Ave X CAMPBELL Donald Frederick William 131 Russell Ave Carpenter CAMPBELL Edith Caroline 49 Waldron Street JACKSON CAMPBELL Edith Caroline 45 Waldron Street JACKSON CAMPBELL Edith Caroline 17 Waldron Street JACKSON CAMPBELL Edward Keith 110 Russell Ave Boilermaker 1963 CAMPBELL Elizabeth Edith Mary 45 Waldron Street CAMPBELL Elizabeth Ellen 6 Clareville Ave CAMPBELL Florence Mary 16 Clareville Ave CAMPBELL Francis Charles 17 Waldron Street Waterside worker 1958 CAMPBELL Ila 7 Clareville Ave WORGER CAMPBELL Ivy May 6 Clareville Ave DODGE sp1 WHITAKER, Kenneth Valentine sp2 CATFORD, Alfred

158 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 CAMPBELL John Bolt 7 Clareville Ave Builder CAMPBELL John Ernest McGregor 135 Russell Ave Shop Assistant X CAMPBELL John Ernest McGregor 131 Russell Ave Shop Assistant X CAMPBELL John Ernest McGregor 6 Mc Millan Ave Salesman X CAMPBELL John James Samuel 75 Cook Park Labourer CAMPBELL Margaret Victoria Ann 131 Russell Ave ROBERTS sp FRASA, Mervyn CAMPBELL Mary Harriet Joyce "Joy" 131 Russell Ave John CAMPBELL Patricia Mildred 131 Russell Ave Saleswoman NASH CAMPBELL Robert William 131 Russell Ave Machinist 1937 CAMPBELL Thelma Jean 110 Russell Ave 1963 GREEN CAMPBELL Violet Sernia Truth 75 Cook Park HANSELL CAMPBELL Wallace Angus 131 Russell Ave Storeman X CAMPBELL Walter Angus 131 Russell Ave Carpenter X CAMPION Hazel Margaret Bridget 78 Clareville Ave LOWRIE CAMPION William Leonard 78 Clareville Ave Brassfinisher X CANN Charles 38 Clareville Ave Storekeeper CANN Edna May 38 Clareville Ave HYDES CARBIS Alexander John 11 Dicken Ave Butcher's labourer X CARBIS Henry Lillian, Dicken Ave Slaughterman CARBIS Lillian Lillian, Dicken Ave MERCER CARBIS Lillian Eunice Mercer 11 Dicken Ave Clerk sp BARNES, James 1943 Campbell Addison CAREY Verlie Aileen Princes of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave CARLETON Ethel May 14 Sanoni Ave UEBEL CARLETON Frederick James 14 Sanoni Ave Teacher Employment CARR Dorothy Caroline 6 Waldron Street officer 1949 CARRICK Raymond Palmer Cook Park Battery assembler X CARROL Lila 132 Russell Ave 1935

159 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 CARROLL Cecil Roy 34 Waldron Street Tanner CARROLL Lena 34 Waldron Street PEARCE CARTER Colin Marshall 4 Mc Millan Ave Labourer X CARTER Gladys Olive Janet 4 Mc Millan Ave 1949 HAYHOW CARTWRIGHT Phyllis Marie Rose 8 Mc Millan Ave CLERKE CARTWRIGHT Thomas 8 Mc Millan Ave Contractor CARVEN Charles Henry Stuart 145 Russell Ave Knitter CARVEN Charles William Stuart 145 Russell Ave Furniture trade CASE Shirley Winifred 17 Dicken Ave Telephonist 1963 CASEY Arthur Burton 153 Russell Ave Carpenter X CASEY Leah 153 Russell Ave BAINES CASEY Leslie James 23 Clareville Ave Fitter 1954 CASEY Mona Haslam 23 Clareville Ave RAVENSCROFT CASEY Roy Angus 153 Russell Ave Breadcarter X CASEY Vera 153 Russell Ave CASEY Walter James 23 Clareville Ave Hospital theatre asst CATER Bruce Clinton 12 Clareville Ave spray painter X CATER Mona Isabelle 12 Clareville Ave 1958 BROWN/WHITE CAUKILL Brenda Mary 10 Malua Street Clerk CLAPHAM CAUKILL William Patrick Mark 10 Malua Street Manager CAVENDISH Jack 84 Ida Street Fitter CAVENDISH Lewis John 84 Ida Street Piano mechanic CAVENDISH May 84 Ida Street RHODES CHALFONT Jack 1 Clareville Ave Gasket maker CHALFONT Leila Mavis 1 Clareville Ave LINE/MARRIOTT CHALMERS Helene Margaret 64 Clareville Ave Bookkeeper 1963 RUSSO CHALMERS Ronald Maurice 64 Clareville Ave Service mechanic 1963 CHAPMAN Ann Elizabeth Primrose Ave 1930 CHAPMAN Margaret 26 Minton Ave Clerk 1958 CHARTERS Alan Nelson 62 Russell Ave Bank officer

160 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 CHILDS Beryl Jean 95 Russell Ave GALLAGHER CHILDS Frederick James 95 Russell Ave Cabinetmaker X CHISHOLM Rona Estelle 11 Sanoni Ave sp WILLISON, 1943 Frederick Charles CHRISTIE Alma Louisa 15 Gannon Ave Checker 1943 COOPER CHRISTIE Ivan Allan 49 Sanoni Ave Electrical fitter CHRISTIE Marjorie Jean 49 Sanoni Ave THOMING CHUNG Shirley Waldron Street CLARK Essie Una Mildred 3 Primrose Ave 1954 CLARK Marjorie Phyllis 3 Primrose Ave LEWIS CLARK Thomas 3 Primrose Ave Fitter and turner X CLARKE Catherine Sophia 106 Clareville Ave ASBURY CLARKE Elizabeth Eileen 1 Primrose Ave FAULKNER CLARKE James Richard 106 Clareville Ave Carpenter 1954 CLARKE Joyce Olive 111 Clareville Ave 1949 BRENNAN CLARKE Peter Lorne 111 Clareville Ave Metal polisher 1949 CLARKE Samuel James 106 Clareville Ave Carpenter CLARKE Stanley George 1 Primrose Ave CLAUSS Esther May 12 Clareville Ave MAGUIRE CLAUSS Esther May 87 Primrose Ave MAGUIRE CLAUSS William Frederick 12 Clareville Ave Dealer CLAUSS William Frederick 87 Primrose Ave Dealer CLEAVER Francis Alfred 7 Mc Millan Ave Salesman CLEMENT Thomas Charles 35 Cook Park Painter X CLEMENTS Walter William 8 Mc Millan Ave Dogman 1963 CLIFFORD Dorothy Hurlingham 177 Russell Ave CLIFFORD James Alfred 5/145 Clareville Ave Transport foreman CLIFFORD Una Merle 5/145 Clareville Ave JONES, sp2 GAULD CLIFTON Dulcie Eileen 85 Clareville Ave NEWMAN CLIFTON George Frederick Herbert 85 Clareville Ave Motor driver X CLINCH Clifford 68 Clareville Ave Wool classer 1949

161 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 CLINCH Edith Ford 68 Clareville Ave FYFFE CLINGAN John Albert 20 Waldron Street Toolmaker X CLINGAN John Lawrence 20 Waldron Street Draughtsman 1963 CLINGAN Kenneth William 20 Waldron Street Draughtsman 1963 CLINGAN Mavis Irene 20 Waldron Street BUTTON COHEN Brian 64 Clareville Ave Cabinetmaker 1954 COHEN Patricia Valentina 64 Clareville Ave 1954 MCDEVITT COLBRAN Alfred Armitage 136 Russell Ave Boiler attendant X COLBRAN Arthur Ernest 19 Clareville Ave Labourer COLBRAN Arthur Ernest 85 Primrose Ave Labourer WORSWICK sp2 COLBRAN Clarice 102 Russell Ave SUTTON, Thomas 1933 Edwin WORSWICK sp2 COLBRAN Clarice 22 Clareville Ave SUTTON, Thomas 1934 Edwin COLBRAN Edith Rodah 136 Russell Ave BRAY COLBRAN Edith Rodah 19 Clareville Ave BRAY COLBRAN Edith Rodah 85 Primrose Ave BRAY COLBRAN Harry Sampson 136 Russell Ave Labourer X COLBRAN Harry Sampson 19 Clareville Ave Labourer X COLBRAN Harry Sampson 85 Primrose Ave Labourer X COLBRAN James Albert 85 Primrose Ave Labourer X COLBRAN Percy Valentine 136 Russell Ave Labourer COLBRAN Robert Charles 136 Russell Ave Labourer X COLBRAN Samuel Thomas 136 Russell Ave Fisherman COLBRAN Samuel Thomas 19 Clareville Ave Fisherman COLBRAN Samuel Thomas 85 Primrose Ave Labourer COLBRAN William Thomas 102 Russell Ave Labourer COLBRAN William Thomas 22 Clareville Ave Labourer COLE Francis Frederick 153 Russell Ave Contractor X COLE Keith Ernest 188 Russell Ave Milk vendor X

162 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 COLE Keith Ernest 153 Russell Ave Labourer X COLE Lucy Mary Elizabeth 153 Russell Ave WHITE COLE Lucy Rosa 153 Russell Ave sp CASEY, Roy 1936 Angus COLE Marie Helen 153 Russell Ave BROOK COLEMAN Beryl 157 Russell Ave MILWAIN COLEMAN Donald Gordon 30 Primrose Ave Aircraft engineer COLEMAN Donald Gordon 28 Clareville Ave Aircraft engineer COLEMAN Edith Elizabeth 30 Primrose Ave FRECKLETON COLEMAN Edith Elizabeth 28 Clareville Ave 1963 FRECKLETON COLEMAN Horace Newman 6 Norman Ave Wool classer COLEMAN John William Marriott 157 Russell Ave Machinist COLEMAN Nelma Mary 6 Norman Ave ANDERSON COLES Harold Elkington 152 Russell Ave Garage prop X COLES May Elkington 152 Russell Ave ALLEN COLES Ralph Frederick 152 Russell Ave Clerk 1963 COLES Violet 152 Russell Ave APPLEBY COLGRAVE Harriet Younge 12 Clareville Ave COLGRAVE Tasman Allan 12 Clareville Ave Motor engineer X COLLIGAN Harry John 125 Clareville Ave Student 1963 COLLINET Eileen 18 Mc Millan Ave FLYNN COLLINET George Daniel 18 Mc Millan Ave Accountant X COLLINET Phillip Francis 27 Mc Millan Ave COLLINS Charles Frederick Primrose Ave Storeman COLLINS John Thomas 129 Clareville Ave Financier COLLINS Lawrence Cornelius Primrose Ave Labourer COLLINS Marie Catherine 129 Clareville Ave ROBERTS COLLINS Mary Frances Primrose Ave ROBINSON COLLIS Edwin 7 Dicken Ave Signwriter X COLLIS George William 7 Dicken Ave Painter COLLIS Hamilton "Pat" 7 Dicken Ave Plumber

163 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED COLLIS Phoebe Laurel 7 Dicken Ave ROSE COLLIS Ruth Dorothy 7 Dicken Ave Saleswoman COLVIN Daisy Frances 11 Carruthers Drive BEAVIS COLVIN George 11 Carruthers Drive COMPTON Elsie Elizabeth 1 Malua Street CONNELLY Marcella Genevieve 8 Clarevile Ave CONNER James 9 Carruthers Drive Architect 1963 CONNER Joan Georgina 9 Carruthers Drive 1963 CONNOLLY Patrick James 78 Clareville Ave Oxy welder CONNOLLY Samuel Wallace 5 Primrose Ave Blacksmith ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 sp BIRSE, William Duncan CONNOLLY Sarah Ellen 5 Primrose Ave WHEELER COOK Agnes Reid 24 Mc Millan Ave PATERSON Princes of Wales Hotel, COOK Anna Frederica Clareville Ave Housemaid 1930 COOK Beatrice Pilcher 18 Gannon Ave WRIGHT X COOK John Edwin 24 Mc Millan Ave Fireman COOKE Kathleen Maude 75 Clareville Ave COOKE Thomas Walter 75 Clareville Ave Butcher X COOKE Thomas William 75 Clareville Ave Butcher COOKSLEY Alice Bertha 9 Sanoni Ave SCHROEDER COOKSLEY Gordon Henry 9 Sanoni Ave Grocer COOKSLEY Gordon Henry 42 Clareville Ave Grocer COOKSLEY Veronica Catherine 42 Clareville Ave BRADY COOMBES Frank James 42 Waldron Street Insurance agent X COOMBES Frank James 35 Waldron Street Insurance agent X COOMBES Frank James 7 Waldron Street Insurance agent X COOMBES Frank James Jnr 35 Waldron Street Storeman X COOMBES Frank James Jnr 7 Waldron Street Storeman X COOMBES Irene Winifred 42 Waldron Street MORRIS COOMBES Irene Winifred 35 Waldron Street MORRIS COOMBES Irene Winifred 7 Waldron Street MORRIS

164 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 sp ANDERSON, COOMBES Marie Leona 35 Waldron Street 1954 Arthur Davis COOMBES Shirley Ruth 35 Waldron Street MOYLE COOMBES Shirley Ruth 7 Waldron Street MOYLE COOPER Albert 2 Norman Ave Rubber worker X COOPER Annie Anwyl 23 Mc Millan Ave COOPER Annie Elsie 23 Mc Millan Ave COOPER Elbert Leonard 170 Russell Ave Vet surgeon 1943 COOPER Ellen Princes of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave 1935 COOPER Ethel May 5 Primrose Ave ROBARDS COOPER Frank 5 Primrose Ave Hat blocker COOPER Gwendoline Maud 2 Norman Ave COOPER Lance Albert 2 Norman Ave Ship joiner 1963 COOPER Olive Marie 170 Russell Ave 1943 COOPER William Arthur 170 Russell Ave Optometrist 1943 COPE Alfred Clyde 82 Ida Street Greengrocer X COPE Irene Violet 82 Ida Street GIBSON COPE Ronald Barrie 82 Ida Street Boot clicker 1958 COPELAND Florrie 74 Ida Street 1930 CORAM Elizabeth Lavinia 74 Ida Street REES CORAM Henry 74 Ida Street Labourer CORLISS Alma Muriel 122 Russell Ave Saleswoman 1958 GANNON CORLISS Leslie James 122 Russell Ave Sheetmetal worker CORN Leah 25 Gannon Ave Stenographer CORN Leon Leibish 25 Gannon Ave Draftsman CORNISH Alfred 10 Clareville Ave Boilermaker CORNISH Alfred William 10 Clareville Ave Boilermaker 1943 CORNISH Frances Florence 23 Clareville Ave CORNISH Josephine 10 Clareville Ave THOMPSON CORNISH Kevin Warren 65 Clareville Ave Manager

165 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 CORNISH Norman Ernest 10 Clareville Ave Clerk CORNISH Rita 23 Clareville Ave WOODS CORNISH Rita 10 Clareville Ave WOODS CORNISH Shirley 65 Clareville Ave ISMAY CORNISH Walter George Snr 23 Clareville Ave CORNISH Walter George Snr 10 Clareville Ave Matress maker CORNISH Walter George Jnr 10 Clareville Ave Lab assistant X CORNWELL May Agnes 12 Minton Ave MUSTOW CORNWELL Stanley Raymond 12 Minton Ave Plumber COSTIN Beauchamp Stacey 5 Dicken Ave Farrier COSTIN Gladys Doreen 5 Dicken Ave BUTLER COSTIN Maxwell Stacey 2 Dicken Ave Electrical fitter COSTIN Reginald Thomas 5 Dicken Ave Paint worker COTTER Catherine Isabel 161 Russell Ave REID COTTER Margaret Locke 14 Waldron Street 1958 BRANSDON COTTER Raymond William 161 Russell Ave Moulder COTTER Roeliff Garrett 14 Waldron Street Leather classer COTTON Mary 17 Clareville Ave 1963 COUBROUGH Keven Walter 81 Russell Ave Boilermaker 1954 COUBROUGH Stella Caroline Jessie 81 Russell Ave HILAIRE COUBROUGH William Henry 81 Russell Ave Motor driver COULTHART Janette Margaret 13 Norman Ave 1963 PRICE COULTHART Robert John 13 Norman Ave Bank officer 1963 COURTNEY Bernard Richard 30 Clareville Ave Butcher X COURTNEY Bernard Richard 31 Clareville Ave Butcher X COURTNEY James 31 Clareville Ave COURTNEY James 30 Clareville Ave COURTNEY Lillian Margaret Mary 30 Clareville Ave COURTNEY Lillian Margaret Mary 31 Clareville Ave COURTNEY Mary Ellen 30 Clareville Ave COURTNEY Mary Ellen 31 Clareville Ave

166 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED COX Albert Edward 132 Russell Ave Labourer COX Amy Letitia 48 Mc Millan Ave COX Frederick James 132 Russell Ave Labourer ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 sp MCCORMICK, William John COX Hazel 34 Cook Park JERRAM COX Wallace Victor 34 Cook Park Engine driver X X COZENS Doris Rita 23 Sanoni Ave Stenographer MOORE COZENS Richard Robert 23 Sanoni Ave Aircraft engineer CRAKER Barbara Nea 85 Primrose Ave HETHERINGTON CRAKER Charles John Stewart 85 Primrose Ave Engineer CRANSTON Robert Duff 73 Cook Park Radio technician 1963 CRATCHLEY Victor Mervyn 20 Gannon Ave Tailoress X CRATCHLEY Violet Maree 20 Gannon Ave NOBLE CREARY Arthur Ernest 26 Sanoni Ave Bus driver CREARY Valerie 26 Sanoni Ave Process worker CREARY Winifred Annie 26 Sanoni Ave MEREDITH CREIGHTON Alice Irene 1 Norman Ave MURPHY CREIGHTON Doris Ethel 5 Norman Ave NOAKES CREIGHTON Eric 5 Norman Ave Salesman CREIGHTON John Russell Mandell 1 Norman Ave Motor driver CREIGHTON Violet Alice 1 Norman Ave GORDON CRISS Catherine Thomson Cnr Norman Ave & Russell Ave BURNS CRISS Dora Alma 8 Gannon Ave MORGAN CRISS Gordon Everitt 39 Mc Millan Ave Plater CRISS Jessie Alice 8 Gannon Ave Milliner CRISS Kenneth Pitt 8 Gannon Ave Storeman X CRISS Stanley Braid 8 Gannon Ave Tobacco worker X CRISS Stanley Braid Cnr Norman Ave & Russell Ave Tabacco worker X CRISS Warwick Beverley Philip 8 Gannon Ave Blind fitter CROCKER Gladys Sussanah 98 Cook Park Examiner

167 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 CROCKER Herbert Leslie 98 Cook Park CROFTS Maie Prince of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave 1931 CRONIN Dorothy May 6 Waldron Street HUGHES CRONIN Harry Austin 6 Waldron Street Traveller CROOK Annie Elizabeth 91 Clareville Ave CROOK Beryl Elizabeth 91 Clareville Ave Typist 1954 sp KERIN, Brian Denis CROOK William Henry 91 Clareville Ave Clicker X CRUISE John Michael 158 Russell Ave Panelbeater CRUISE Joyce Clare 158 Russell Ave QUINN CULBERT Jean Veronica 12 Sanoni Ave CULBERT John Anthony Joseph 12 Sanoni Ave X CULLEN Alfred Lionel 28 Mc Millan Ave X CULLEN Kathleen Berenice 28 Mc Millan Ave MEAKES CULLEY Clarice Sylvia 30 Sanoni Ave HADDOCK CULLEY George Douglas 4 Dicken Ave Butcher X CULLEY Marguerite Winifred 4 Dicken Ave CLACHER CULLEY Reginald Hamilton 30 Sanoni Ave Electrical mechanic X CUMMINGS Linda Amelia 32 Cook Park Packer sp MANSFIELD, 1935 Joseph Henry CUNNINGHAM Andrew Peter 48 Mc Millan Ave Painter CUNNINGHAM Ann Julia 48 Mc Millan Ave PALMER CUNNINGHAM Percy 48 Mc Millan Ave Painter X CUNNINGHAM Percy 40 Mc Millan Ave X CUNYNGHAME Allan 94 Russell Ave Boilermaker CUNYNGHAME George Francis 94 Russell Ave Lineman X CUNYNGHAME Nora 94 Russell Ave O'GORMAN CUNYNGHAME Reginald William 94 Russell Ave Postal assistant CURNOW Jean Winnifred 62 Russell Ave 1958 LORYMAN CURNOW Kevin Raymond 62 Russell Ave Metal polisher

168 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 DACEY Fay 11 Carruthers Drive 1963 GIETZELT DACEY Gregory John 11 Carruthers Drive Electrical inspector DAHMS Ernest Charles 5 Gannon Ave Truck driver DAHMS Pearl Elizabeth 5 Gannon Ave NELSON DALGLEISH Ada 21 Gannon Ave GOSS DALGLEISH Kenneth Maxwell 21 Gannon Ave Sales manager DANIELS Eva 179 Russell Ave Shopkeeper ROSENBERG DANIELS Solomon 179 Russell Ave Shopkeeper DARBY Gibbon Whitfield 6 Mc Millan Ave Trade union organiser X DARBY Marjorie Alice 6 Mc Millan Ave DARLINGTON Edith 18 Gannon Ave 1963 DARLINGTON James Jnr 18 Gannon Ave Motor engineer 1963 DARLINGTON James Snr 18 Gannon Ave Motor engineer DARLINGTON Mabel Susannah 18 Gannon Ave WOODS DARLINGTON Pauline 18 Gannon Ave Stenographer DAUNT Arthur "Paddy" 8 Skinners Ave X DAUNT Elizabeth 8 Skinners Ave WEAVER DAVID Rita Constance 28 Sanoni Ave Clerk 1963 DAVIDSON Donald James 22 Dicken Ave Fitter DAVIDSON Nancye Margaret 22 Dicken Ave WARD DAVIES Ada Rose 70 Vanstone Pde SKIPPER DAVIES Arthur Neville 49 Waldron Street Assistant accountant DAVIES Arthur Thomas 20 Sanoni Ave Bread carter DAVIES Aubrey Milburn 3 Carruthers Drive Marine engineer 1949 DAVIES Audrey Kathleen 49 Waldron Street LONGMAN DAVIES Colin Joseph 70 Vanstone Pde Radio mechanic DAVIES Daisy Mary 70 Vanstone Pde MALOUF DAVIES Daisy Mary 10 Vanstone Pde MALOUF DAVIES Edna May 20 Sanoni Ave MITCHELL

169 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 DAVIES Evaline Jane Clareville Ave 1943 WRIGHTSON DAVIES Frederick Norman 41 Sanoni Ave Cutter DAVIES Herbert Edgar William 61 Clareville Ave Bank messenger X DAVIES Isaac Franklin 70 Vanstone Pde DAVIES Isaac Llewelyn Clareville Ave Carrier DAVIES Joan Margaret 41 Sanoni Ave DAVIES Muriel 61 Clareville Ave DAVIES Norman Gwynn 70 Vanstone Pde Window dresser DAVIES Norman Gwynn 10 Vanstone Pde Window dresser DAVIES Thomas 161 Russell Ave Engineer 1958 DAVIS Charles Sydney 20 Malua Street Salesman 1958 DAVIS Doris Louise 108 Ida Street WOOD DAVIS Ian Robert 122 Russell Ave Accountant 1963 DAVIS Janet Dorothy 122 Russell Ave Typist 1963 SHAW DAVIS Josephine Mary 108 Ida Street Machinist 1958 DAVIS Juletta Mary 108 Ida Street 1963 DAVIS Madeline Gertrude 108 Ida Street DAVIS Margaret Ann 108 Ida Street Bank clerk 1958 DAVIS Mary Louise 108 Ida Street Trained nurse 1958 DAVIS Pauline Theresa 108 Ida Street Bank clerk sp MURPHY, Joseph DAVIS Peter Jerome 108 Ida Street Survey assistant X DAVIS Peter Jerome 108 Ida Street Surveyor X DAVIS William 39 Mc Millan Ave 1954 DAVIS William John 108 Ida Street Fitter and welder DAVY Annie Sophia 135 Russell Ave ROSS DAVY Richard Edward 135 Russell Ave X DAWES Mavis June Elizabeth 102 Ida Street 1958 DAWSON Kenneth Reginald 22 Gannon Ave Cabinetmaker DAWSON Kenneth Reginald 27 Gannon Ave Cabinetmaker DAWSON Ruby Clare 22 Gannon Ave BUSHELL

170 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 DAWSON Ruby Clare 27 Gannon Ave DAY Florence Eva 26 Minton Ave 1963 DAY Jack Morris 11 Minton Ave Carpenter DAY Maud 11 Minton Ave FARRALL DAYMAN Mary Henrietta 8 Clareville Ave PEARCE DAYMAN William 8 Clareville Ave Overseer DE COQUE Roy Kenefich Waldron Street Mill Manager X X DE SOZA Jack Gannon Ave DE SOZA John Allan 6 Gannon Ave Station assistant 1963 DE SOZA Marion Ruth Gannon Ave ALEXANDER DE VERE Cecil Francis "Dick" 101 Russell Ave Storekeeper X DE VERE Coryphine Emily 101 Russell Ave DONOVAN DE VERE Frank 101 Russell Ave Grocer DENING Eileen Mary Harriett 19 Clareville Ave STUART DENING John 19 Clareville Ave Grocer DENNETT Emily 5 Norman Ave DENNETT Frederick William 5 Norman Ave DENNIS John Joseph 34 Cook Park Tram conductor 1943 DENNIS Kathleen Gertrude 34 Cook Park COYLE DENOVAN Florence Mary 101 Russell Ave 1936 DENT Clarence 4 Mc Millan Ave Baker DENT Gwendolyn Marsden 4 Mc Millan Ave BLACKETT DENYER Samuel Richard Henry 16 Primrose Ave Fitter DENYER Vera Phyllis 16 Primrose Ave MCKINVEN DEPENA Grace Lillian 126 Russell Ave Machinist 1963 DEPENA Jean 7 Malua Street 1954 BOYCE DEPENA Jean 11 Primrose Ave BOYCE DEPENA Laurie David 156 Russell Ave Storeman packer X DEPENA Laurie David 11 Primrose Ave Car dealer X DEPENA Lillian Irene 156 Russell Ave DEPENA Lillian Irene 177 Russell Ave

171 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 DEPENA Lillian Irene 126 Russell Ave DEPENA Neville Frederick 156 Russell Ave Carpenter X DEPENA Peter Joffre 156 Russell Ave Apprentice DEPENA Raymond George 126 Russell Ave Carpenter DEPENA Simon Peter 156 Russell Ave Carpenter DEPENA Simon Peter 177 Russell Ave Carpenter DEPENA Simon Peter 126 Russell Ave Carpenter DERN Alfred Ernest 5 Mc Millan Ave Shopkeeper DERN Alma Grace 5 Mc Millan Ave Shop Assistant DERN Heather Joan 5 Mc Millan Ave Shop Assistant sp FORD Colin Francis DEVIR Adelaide Daisy 9 Sanoni Ave BURCHAM DEVIR John Patrick 9 Sanoni Ave Storeman DEVLIN Henry 109 Clareville Ave Engine driver DEW Ethel Emmeline 147 Russell Ave Manufacturer DEW Ethel Emmeline 1 Gannon Ave Manufacturer DEW Florence Emma 147 Russell Ave DEW Florence Emma 1 Gannon Ave DEW Maude Clara 147 Russell Ave DEW Maude Clara 1 Gannon Ave DEW Phyllis Marjorie 150 Russell Ave sp SULLIVAN, John Patrick DICKSON Kathleen Emily 133 Russell Ave Clerk SHANNON DICKSON Robert Noel 133 Russell Ave Bank officer DIGGINS Brian 24 Waldron Street Public servant 1963 DIGGINS Hilda 24 Waldron Street DIGGINS John 24 Waldron Street Security officer DILLON Albert Francis 161 Russell Ave Vet surgeon X DILLON Enid Joyce 161 Russell Ave LEE DINSDALE Kevin Richard 21 Sanoni Ave Crane driver X DINSDALE Lorna May 21 Sanoni Ave YEO DODD Barbara Aitken 9 Sanoni Ave JOHNSTONE

172 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 DODD Joseph Simmonds 9 Sanoni Ave Fitter 1931 DODRIDGE Edgar Montague 17 Malua Street Taxi driver X DODRIDGE Edna 17 Malua Street BRAY DOEPEL Annie Rose 34 Cook Street EGAN DONAGHUE Charles John Clareville Ave Labourer DONAGHUE Doris Irene 107 Clareville Ave Shop Assistant sp SELMON, James Frederick DONAGHUE Mabel Stewart 107 Clareville Ave MACKENZIE DONAGHUE Mabel Stewart 93 Clareville Ave MACKENZIE DONAGHUE Mary May Clareville Ave DONAGHUE William Edward 107 Clareville Ave Labourer DONAGHUE William Edward 93 Clareville Ave Labourer DONAGHUE William Frederick 107 Clareville Ave Constable DOOLEY Alfred 6 Mc Millan Ave Police constable X DOOLEY Jean Ellen 6 Mc Millan Ave 1958 CHARCHA DOPSON Louisa Mary Prince of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave Cook 1930 DOUGLAS James Ernest 142 Russell Ave Carpenter DOUGLAS Valerie Edith 142 Russell Ave NICHOLAS DOWD Henrietta 15 Minton Ave JENKINS DOWD Robert Henry 15 Minton Ave Fitter DOWNEY Elsie Mabel 13 Minton Ave DOWNEY Francis James 13 Minton Ave Meat inspector DOWSE Jean Annette Clareville Ave Dressmaker DOWSE Lindsay Hamilton 80 Clareville Ave Salesman X DOYLE Alice Beatrice Inglewood, Primrose Ave BEARD DOYLE Brian George 48 Clareville Ave Labourer 1963 DOYLE Harold Allard Inglewood, Primrose Ave Engineer DOYLE John Thomas 138 Russell Ave Process worker 1954

173 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 DOYLE Raymond Inglewood, Primrose Ave Warehouseman X DOYLE Valerie Marie 138 Russell Ave Stenographer 1954 KNIGHT DRAIN Emily 2 Skinners Ave DRAIN Maureen 8 Skinners Ave Receptionist 1954 DRAIN Robert 2 Skinners Ave Assembler DRAKE Arthur Gordon Primrose House Wardsman DREW Douglas Gabriel 8 Norman Ave Director X DREW June 8 Norman Ave STAHL DUNK John Dennis 75 Ida Street Carriage builder DUNK June Ellen 75 Ida Street Bank clerk NORTHAM DUNN Linda 38 Clareville Ave Colourist DUNNE Beatrice 27 Clareville Ave ALLEN DUNNE Beatrice 24 Clareville Ave ALLEN DUNNE Edward 24 Clareville Ave Packer X DUNNE Frederick John 27 Clareville Ave spray painter DURANT Alice Mary 16 Malua Street ALLAN DURANT Cyril James 16 Malua Street Librarian DURANT John James 16 Malua Street Assembler 1958 DWYER Cecil Francis 1 Malua Street School teacher 1954 DWYER Daisy Margaret 1 Malua Street 1954 CHARLTON EADE Arnold Walter 5 Dicken Ave Organiser X Collector public EADE Arnold Walter 101 Cook Park service X EADE Joyce Eileen 101 Cook Park Stenographer 1949 EADE Maurice Arnold George 101 Cook Park Fitter and turner EADE Nevart 5 Dicken Ave EADE Nevart 101 Cook Park EAGAN/EGAN Josephine May 34 Cook Park EAGAN/EGAN Mary/Myra Alphonsus 34 Cook Park EASTERBROOK Doreen Helen 48 Waldron Street LOY EASTERBROOK Richard 48 Waldron Street Carpenter

174 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 sp TODD, Sydney EATHER Avril Nerida 27 Malua Street Waitress Thomas EATHER Lillian Elizabeth 92 Russell Ave BRADLEY EATHER Lillian Phyllis 92 Russell Ave Boot finisher sp POPE, Lance H EATHER Thomas 92 Russell Ave Labourer EATHER Thomas George 2 Clareville Ave Labourer EDEN Dawn Margaret 8 Dicken Ave 1963 VIDLER EDEN Harry Percy Leonard 86 Primrose Ave French polisher X EDEN Harry Percy Leonard 20 Primrose Ave French polisher X EDEN John William 8 Dicken Ave 1963 EDEN Phyllis Ena 86 Primrose Ave EDGE Elizabeth Mary 3 Clareville Ave Clerical EDGE Enid Fay 3 Clareville Ave Machinist POLLOCK EDGE Eric Alexander 3 Clareville Ave Truck driver 1958 EDGE James Arthur 3 Clareville Ave Labourer 1963 EDGE Joseph Alexander 3 Clareville Ave Labourer EDGE Phyllis Emma Barbara 3 Clareville Ave CASTLE EDGE William Joseph 3 Clareville Ave Electrician 1958 EDWARD Alexander Roy 87 Clareville Ave Carpenter 1943 EDWARD Dorothy Eileen 87 Clareville Ave Storekeeper 1943 EDWARDS Albert 20 Norman Ave 1933 EDWARDS Alfred Norman 74 Cook Park Coremaker EDWARDS Arthur Henry 94 Clareville Ave Coremaker X EDWARDS Beryl 3 Sanoni Ave 1943 COOKE EDWARDS Beryl 9 Sanoni Ave COOKE EDWARDS Clarence Griffiths 6 Norman Ave Milk vendor 1958 EDWARDS Edith Anne 7 Sanoni Ave 1935 EDWARDS Ernest Albert 100 Clareville Ave Oysterman EDWARDS Ernest Albert 94 Clareville Ave Oysterman EDWARDS Ethel 20 Norman Ave 1933 EDWARDS Frederick James Albert Clareville Ave Oysterman X

175 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 EDWARDS Frederick James Albert 3 Sanoni Ave Oysterman X EDWARDS Gladys Fanny Clareville Ave SELMON EDWARDS Gladys Fanny 94 Clareville Ave SELMON EDWARDS Henry Roy 7 Sanoni Ave Brickmaker EDWARDS Iris Mary 72 Clareville Ave ENSOR EDWARDS James Fergne 72 Clareville Ave Army X EDWARDS Jean Vilia 6 Norman Ave 1958 RYAN EDWARDS Joyce Ruth 75 Cook Park HORNE/SMITH EDWARDS Nina 118 Russell Ave 1958 EDWARDS Rosina Ellen 26 Waldron Street EDWARDS Stanley Alfred 75 Cook Park Bar manager EDWARDS Veronica Daphne 74 Cook Park KEEN EDWARDS William Ernest 100 Clareville Ave Labourer EGAN Cletus Joseph 2 Malua Street Carpenter EGAN Helen "Nell" 2 Malua Street ROBERTSON EGGLETON William James Martin 73 Clareville Ave ELIAS George Mansour 106 Russell Ave Hawker 1949 ELIAS Melia George 106 Russell Ave 1949 ELLIOTT Herbert Vincent 27 Mc Millan Ave Foreman ELLIOTT Mercia Jeanne 27 Mc Millan Ave COLLINET ELLIS Alexander Charles 112 Russell Ave Furnaceman 1937 X ELLIS Claude Vivian 2 Dicken Ave Engineer ELLIS Claude Vivian 123 Clareville Ave Manager ELLIS Ernest Henry John 11 Clareville Ave Labourer X ELLIS Ethel Matilda 2 Dicken Ave ELLIS Ethel Matilda 123 Clareville Ave ELLIS James Cumming 28 Sanoni Ave Labourer ELLIS Mary Alice 11 Clareville Ave JACKSON ELLIS Matilda Valmi 2 Dicken Ave ELLIS Ruby Meryl 28 Sanoni Ave MOSS

176 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HODGE, sp2 ELYARD Monica Elizabeth Margaret 93 Clareville Ave BELLENGER, Cedric ELYARD Walter Raleigh Graham 93 Clareville Ave Enameller EMERY Clarice Margaret 27 Sanoni Ave GOWER EMERY Clarice Margaret 7 Sanoni Ave GOWER EMERY Dorothy Jessie 19 Sanoni Ave WILLIS EMERY Edward 19 Sanoni Ave EMERY Leith 27 Sanoni Ave Labourer EMERY Leith 7 Sanoni Ave Labourer EMERY Mona Joyce 19 Sanoni Ave Leather trade 1943 sp GRANT, Norman Muir EMMERSON Hettie 175 Russell Ave FAGERLUND EMMERSON Ray 175 Russell Ave Electrical engineer X ENGLISH Louis Francis Cook Park Launch driver X ERICKSON Barry 15 Malua Street Usher 1958 ERICKSON Lois Vicki 15 Malua Street 1958 EVANS Eileen Mary Pender Malua Street MCBEAN EVANS Thomas John 9 Gannon Ave Aircraft inspector 1943 EVERETT Arthur Charles 39 Sanoni Ave Salesman EVERETT Doris May 39 Sanoni Ave RIDDLE STEVENSON, sp2 BROUGHTON, Paul EVERETT Eileen Doris 8 Sanoni Ave PATTERSON EVERETT Lawrence Charles 8 Sanoni Ave Shoe repairer X EVERINGHAM Clive Bernard 22 Gannon Ave Metal merchant EVERINGHAM Theresa Sheila "Tess" 22 Gannon Ave FITZPATRICK EWINGS Alan John 8 Vanstone Parade Carpenter 1958 EWINGS Hazel Florence Louise 8 Vanstone Parade GRIFFIN EWINGS John Mathias 8 Vanstone Parade Manager EWINGS Margaret Rose 24 Dicken Ave Machinist 1963 PAULL X

177 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 EWINGS Ronald George 8 Vanstone Parade French polisher EWINGS Ronald George 24 Dicken Ave French polisher EXON Ernest 17 Clareville Ave Warehouseman EXON Ernest James 17 Clareville Ave Fitter EXON Harold 17 Clareville Ave Sheetmetal worker EXON Reginald Clareville Ave Ironworker EXON Reginald Percy 17 Clareville Ave Storeman EXON Winifred Annie 17 Clareville Ave BOWLEY FABRY Ethel Emma 16 Gannon Ave MCKINLEY FABRY Mountiford Frederick 16 Gannon Ave FAGERLUND Ella 175 Russell Ave SIMMONS FAHEY Thomas William 132 Russell Ave Grocer 1930 FAIRALL Percy Charles 31 Cook Park Upholsterer FAIRALL Percy Charles 30 Cook Park Upholsterer FAIRFAX Leslie Roy 23 Minton Ave Motor mechanic FAIRFAX Lola Mary 23 Minton Ave Typiste SHEEHAN FAIRWEATHER Alan William 171 Russell Ave Furniture trade X FAIRWEATHER Enid Hilary 171 Russell Ave FARMER Bernard Wallace 159 Russell Ave Storeman X FARMER Constance Agnes 159 Russell Ave POTTS FARMER Margaret 159 Russell Ave MCKEE FARMER William Charles 159 Russell Ave FARNSWORTH Ellen Myra 1 Dicken Ave WILLIAMSON FARNSWORTH Vivian Robert 1 Dicken Ave Boilermaker FAULKNER Alice Mary (Agnes Mary) 16 Clareville Ave BEVETIZIE FAULKNER Doreen Veronica 9 Primrose Ave GILLIGAN ANDERSON sp2 FAULKNER Elizabeth White 1 Gannon Ave BLACK, Thomas Alan

178 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 ANDERSON sp2 FAULKNER Elizabeth White 2 Malua Street 1936 BLACK, Thomas Alan FAULKNER Frank Ernest 9 Primrose Ave Gas inspector FAULKNER Henry Frederick 27 Clareville Ave Milk carter FAULKNER Henry Frederick 1 Gannon Ave Metal polisher FAULKNER Henry Frederick 2 Malua Street Bus conductor FAULKNER Mabel 1 Gannon Ave FAULKNER Mabel 27 Clareville Ave FAULKNER Violet Blanche 27 Clareville Ave Machinist 1930 FAULKNER Water Henry 27 Clareville Ave Milk carter FAULKNER Walter Henry 1 Gannon Ave Milk carter FAULKNER Walter Thomas Albert 16 Clareville Ave Milk vendor FAWCETT Elizabeth 1 Malua Street FAWCETT Elsie Elizabeth 14a Malua Street 1954 sp MITCHELL, Sidney A FAWCETT Joan Irene 14a Malua Street sp LYONS, Ronald sp PECK, Harold FAWCETT Joyce Sylvia 1 Malua Street Postal duties Phillip FEENEY John William 24 Gannon Ave Manufacturer FEENEY Phyllis Irene 24 Gannon Ave CROWN FELTON Ellen 74 Cook Park FELTON Frederick William 74 Cook Park Carpenter FENN Annie Maude Prince of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave FORD FENN Edgar Prince of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave Motor driver FERNS Alfred 60 Clareville Ave Labourer X FERNS Elizabeth 60 Clareville Ave COOK FETHERSTON Mary Ada 130 Russell Ave RATTIGAN FIELD George William Henry 41 Sanoni Ave Labourer FIELD Irene Pearl 41 Sanoni Ave Shop Assistant

179 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 FIELD Reine Pearl Glasgow, 41 Sanoni Ave PRATT FIELD Sarah Ann 147 Russell Ave FIELD Thomas Henry Glasgow, 41 Sanoni Ave Carriage painter FIRKIN Ada Joyce 69 Clareville Ave Saleswoman ENGLISH/MOIN FIRKIN Reginald Herbert 69 Clareville Ave Builder FISH Irene Gladys Linda Waldron Street GERBER FISH Victor William Waldron Street Fitter FISHER Dudley 57 Clareville Ave Boilermaker FISHER Glen Iris 57 Clareville Ave FORBES FLANAGAN Charlotte Mary 19 Minton Ave MANN FLANAGAN Charlotte Patricia 19 Minton Ave FLANAGAN Frank 19 Minton Ave Moulder FLANAGAN Hazel 19 Minton Ave 1958 MELVAN FLANAGAN Henry Andrew 19 Minton Ave Fitter FLANAGAN John Grady 19 Minton Ave Labourer FLANAGAN Keith James 19 Minton Ave Fitter and turner FLANAGAN Norman John 19 Minton Ave Motor mechanic X FLEMING Annie 85 Primrose Ave HOLLIDAY FLEMING Annie 83 Primrose Ave HOLLIDAY FLEMING Annie 28 Primrose Ave HOLLIDAY FLEMING Sydney Augustus 85 Primrose Ave Signwriter FLEMING Sydney Augustus 83 Primrose Ave Signwriter FLEMING Sydney Augustus 28 Primrose Ave Signwriter FLETT David Albert 16 Sanoni Ave Welder X FLETT Rita Therese 16 Sanoni Ave FLEWIN Geoffrey Harold William 109 Clareville Ave Electrician FLEWIN Mary Elizabeth 109 Clareville Ave NEVILLE FLINT Joseph 171 Russell Ave Motor boat driver 1943 FLOYD James Ernest 28 Minton Ave Salesman 1963 FODEN Edith 188 Russell Ave CUBBON

180 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 FORAN Elsie Thomasine 49 Clareville Ave DUKE FORBES Annie Louisa 19 Clareville Ave KEAST FORD Colin Francis 5 Mc Millan Ave Pastrycook FORD Daphne Sarah 11 Dicken Ave BEACH FORD Heather Joan 5 Mc Millan Ave Shop Assistant DERN FORD Henry John 11 Dicken Ave Representative FORD Mary Agnes 106 Russell Ave Shop Assistant FORDYCE Alexander 13 Dicken Ave Clerk FORDYCE Bertha Irene 13 Dicken Ave DIBLEY FORMOSA Betty Olive 1 Waldron Street WILLIS FORMOSA Ray Patrick 1 Waldron Street Manager FORREST Benjamin Henry 141 Russell Ave Boner FORREST May 141 Russell Ave Process worker FOTHERGILL Mary Ellen 3 Dicken Ave 1949 * FOTHERGILL Wilfred 3 Dicken Ave Shopkeeper 1949 FOWELL Edmond John 7 Minton Ave Clerk FOWELL Joan Margaret 7 Minton Ave Calculator operator sp CUTTING, Winston Earl FOWELL Margaret Mary 7 Minton Ave MCGRATH FOWELL Oliver Edward 7 Minton Ave Mechanic FOX John 37 Sanoni Ave Labourer FOX Lily Theodosia 37 Sanoni Ave MCKINNON FOYLE John 1 Gannon Ave Company manager 1954 FOYLE Violet Madge 1 Gannon Ave 1954 BLACK FRANCIS Albert Waldron Street Labourer FRANCIS Elizabeth Waldron Street FRANK Joseph Thomas Kareela, Clareville Ave FRANK Percy 7 Mc Millan Ave Labourer 1937 FRASA Mary Harriett Joyce 131 Russell Ave CAMPBELL FRASA Mervyn John 131 Russell Ave Toolmaker FRASER Clara Rosina 9 Dicken Ave HAYWARD

181 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 FRASER Gwendolyne Joyce 134 Russell Ave MCNAMARA FRASER Maud Matilda 23 Malua Street Machinist FRASER Victor George 23 Malua Street Rigger FRASER Vincent Leo 9 Dicken Ave Collector FRAZER Esme Edith 111 Ida Street WARD FRAZER Norman James 111 Ida Street Assistant supt X FRECKELTON Angela Catherine 2 Primrose Ave FRECKELTON Angela Catherine 30 Primrose Ave FRECKELTON Angela Irene 30 Primrose Ave Shop Assistant FRECKELTON Bertram Thomas 2 Primrose Ave Fertiliser worker FRECKELTON Bertram Thomas 30 Primrose Ave Fertiliser worker FRECKELTON Fay Sylvia 90 Ida Street Clerk 1958 WARE FRECKELTON Kenneth Edward 90 Ida Street Welder 1958 FRECKELTON Maria Noeline 30 Primrose Ave Machinist sp HARRISON, 1958 Edward Leslie St Lawrence College, sp WILKINSON, FREEGARD Lily May Russell Ave Robert FREEMAN Isabella 11 Norman Ave 1937 FREEMAN Keith Albert Harris 17 Norman Ave Contractor X FREEMAN Margaret Alice Trembath 17 Norman Ave WATSON FREEMAN Walter Albert 147 Russell Ave Commercial traveller FRYETT Florence Mary 177 Russell Ave CRADDOCK FRYETT Richard George 117 (?) Russell Ave Labourer FULLJAMES Ernest George 99 Ida Street Storeman X FISHER sp2 FULLJAMES Harriett Emma May 99 Ida Street GRAHAM, Edwin John FUNSTON Alexander 111 Clareville Ave Cleaner X FUNSTON Edna Mabel 111 Clareville Ave SHORT FURLONG Mary Agnes 30 Mc Millan Ave PERT FURLONG William George 30 Mc Millan Ave Butcher

182 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 FURNESS Kenneth Bruce 9 Gannon Ave Clerk X FYFE Alice 12 Malua Street 1963 GADD Harold Gordon 47 Clareville Ave Fitter X X GAFFNEY Ella Mary 106 Russell Ave HUGHES GAFFNEY Ella Mary 179 Russell Ave HUGHES GAFFNEY Ella Mary 172 Russell Ave GAFFNEY John Joseph 106 Russell Ave Shopkeeper GAFFNEY John Joseph 179 Russell Ave Storekeeper GAFFNEY John Joseph 172 Russell Ave Storekeeper GAFFNEY Joyce Mabel 179 Russell Ave Clerk GAMBRARDELLA Peter 2 Malua Street Foreman 1963 GANNON Ellen May 122 Russell Ave GANNON George Eric Reynolds 15 Gannon Ave Stereotyper GANNON Georgina Ivy Norwood Ave GADD GANNON Georgina Ivy 15 Gannon Ave GADD GANNON Georgina Ivy 47 Clareville Ave GADD GANNON Guy James 6 Mc Millan Ave Electrical fitter sp ORR, Joseph Herbert GANNON Guy James Harold 157 Russell Ave Electrical mechanic GANNON Guy Leslie Norwood Ave GANNON Gwendolyn May 6 Mc Millan Ave TURNBULL GANNON Gwendolyn May 157 Russell Ave TURNBULL GANNON Maxwell Keith 122 Russell Ave Bricklayer GARDINER Evelyn May 101 Cook Park GARDINER Garry Francis 100 Clareville Ave Wool sorter 1963 GARDINER Gordon Francis 100 Clareville Ave PMG employee X GARDINER Mary Theresa 100 Clareville Ave 1963 CONNERY GARDNER Archibald 87 Clareville Ave Carpenter 1930 GARDNER Gertrude Magdalene 3 Malua Street QUILKEY GARDNER Gertrude Magdalene 37 Gannon Ave QUILKEY GARDNER Gertrude Magdalene 18 Malua Street QUILKEY

183 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 GARDNER Henry William 32 Sanoni Ave Constable 1963 GARDNER Jean 87 Clareville Ave Shopkeeper 1930 GARDNER Leslie Edgar 3 Malua Street Fitter GARDNER Leslie Edgar 37 Gannon Ave Fitter GARDNER Mary Cecilia 32 Sanoni Ave BYRNES GARDNER Norma Jean 118 Clareville Ave ANDERSON GARDNER Norma Jean 112 Clareville Ave ANDERSON GARDNER Reginald Harry 118 Clareville Ave Electrical fitter GARDNER Reginald Harry 112 Clareville Ave Electrical fitter GARLAND Elnora 94 Russell Ave 1954 GARLICK Edith The Haven, Norman Ave SAMPSON GARLICK Edith 11a Gannon Ave SAMPSON sp HEELEY, Dudley GARLICK Jessica Anne The Haven, Norman Ave Clarence GARLINGE Cecil Frederick 8 Carruthers Drive Engineer X GARLINGE Hazel Florence 8 Carruthers Drive HODGES GARMONSWAY Bruce Gemmell 3 Carruthers Drive Salesman GARMONSWAY Pauline Muriel 3 Carruthers Drive Comptometrist 1963 ALLAN GATENBY Charles Alexander 10 Gannon Ave Manager GATENBY Dorothy Janet 10 Gannon Ave DUNN GEARY Arthur Nial Barry 21 Minton Ave Labourer X GEARY Dawn 21 Minton Ave Stenographer 1963 GEARY Jean Margaret 21 Minton Ave KENNEDY GEDDES William Joseph 112 Russell Ave Truck driver 1954 GEHRIG Betty Florence 17 Minton Ave GEHRIG Conrad Laurence 17 Minton Ave Engineer X GERALD Florence Elizabeth 27 Cook Park 1943 GIBBINS Harold Roy 40 Waldron Street Driver GIBBINS Rae Florabelle 40 Waldron Street NEWMAN GIBSON Frank Morgan 129 Russell Ave Tennis court prop

184 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 GIBSON Jean 129 Russell Ave ROBSON GILBERT Harold William 16 Waldron Street 1958 GILBERT Harry Leslie 5 Primrose Ave Painter GILBERT Mahala Hilary 5 Primrose Ave LAMBERT GILBERTHORPE Hughie Frank 1 Primrose Ave Crane driver GILES James Henry 41 Mc Millan Ave Motor driver GILMOUR Gordon 27 Malua Street Police force 1949 GILMOUR James Pinkerton 68 Clareville Ave Carpenter GILMOUR Kenneth William George 9 Minton Ave Toolmaker GILMOUR Louisa Mary 68 Clareville Ave OAG GILMOUR Margaret Ann 27 Malua Street 1949 MORTON GILMOUR May Jessie 9 Minton Ave PEDDER GILROY Ethel Mary Headsview, 76 Clareville Ave LEWIS GILROY William James Headsview, 76 Clareville Ave Architect GILSHENEN Elizabeth Olive 5 Malua Street GILSHENEN Joseph Clyde 3 Malua Street Storeman X GILSHENEN Joseph Clyde 5 Malua Street Storeman X GILSHENEN Joseph Clyde 5 Malua Street Storeman X GILSHENEN Joseph Clyde 3 Malua Street Store X GILSHENEN Joyce Irene 3 Malua Street UEBEL GILSHENEN Joyce Irene 14 Sanoni Ave Secretary 1931 UKBEL GILSHENEN Joyce Irene 3 Malua Street 1949 UKBEL GILSHENEN Judith Mary 3 Malua Street Sales assistant 1963 GLAZEBROOK John Robert 92 Primrose Ave Machinist GLENN Alice 1 Malua Street 1937 BOOTH GLENN Benjamin McCleave 1 Malua Street GLOVER Arthur 77a Cook Park Motor driver GLOVER Arthur 70 Clareville Ave GLOVER Beatrice 77a Cook Park GLOVER Beatrice Minnie 70 Clareville Ave

185 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 GLOVER Gloria Jean 70 Clareville Ave PURCELL GLOVER William Reginald 70 Clareville Ave Plasterer X GOBERT Gloria 115 Clareville Ave MCDOUGAL GOBERT Kevin Francis 115 Clareville Ave Salesman X GODDARD Edward John Henry 104 Russell Ave Labourer X GODDARD Elaine Frances 104 Russell Ave Machinist GODDARD John Thomas 7 Malua Street Labourer X GODDARD John Thomas 104 Russell Ave Labourer X GODDARD John Thomas Jnr 104 Russell Ave Labourer X GODDARD Norman William 104 Russell Ave Motor mechanic GODDARD Vera Mervyn Frances 7 Malua Street TAYLOR GODDARD Vera Mervyn Frances 104 Russell Ave TAYLOR GODWIN David Henry Kenville, 43 Sanoni Ave Labourer X GODWIN Louie Ellen Kenville, 43 Sanoni Ave GOLDEN Betty Mary 26 Sanoni Ave Secretary 1963 GOLDFLAM Elizabeth 23 Norman Ave Medical student 1954 MOSES GOLDFLAM Esther 23 Norman Ave 1954 GOLDFLAM Jack 23 Norman Ave Storekeeper GOODALL Leslie Charles 30 Gannon Ave GOODE Dellburn May 5 Dicken Ave WEBBER GOODE Douglas Alexander 5 Dicken Ave Carpenter X GOODISON Beatrice Alice Norman Ave CREW GOODISON Garfield Norman Ave Clay Maker X GOODWIN Albert Gordon 177 Russell Ave Manager GOODWIN Bertha Elizabeth 127 Clareville Ave BONE GOODWIN Frank Leonard 127 Clareville Ave Carpenter GOODWIN Hazel Joyce "Bonnie" 177 Russell Ave BAKER GOODWIN Leonard James 127 Clareville Ave Carpenter X GOODWIN Leonard James 3 Zealander Street Carpenter X GOODWIN Olwyn Evelyn 127 Clareville Ave 1949 GOODWIN Olwyn Evelyn 3 Zealander Street

186 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 GORDON Gertrude 156 Russell Ave SKORUPA GORDON Gertrude 160 Russell Ave SKORUPA GORDON Janet St Lawrence College, Russell Ave 1931 GORDON Joseph 156 Russell Ave Tailor GORDON Joseph 160 Russell Ave Tailor GORDON Mavis 12 Mc Millan Ave HOCKLEY GORDON Walter William 12 Mc Millan Ave Mail officer X GORMAN Mary Agnes 7 Sanoni Ave 1935 GORMAN Sidney Norman Valentine 177 Russell Ave Caterer GOSS Walter Prince of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave Barman 1930 GOSWELL Henry George 99 Ida Street Bookbinder X GOSWELL Henry George 1 Gannon Ave Bookbinder X GOSWELL Mary Proctor 99 Ida Street ANDERSON GOSWELL Mary Proctor 1 Gannon Ave ANDERSON GOSWELL Percy Baden 24 Clareville Ave Bodybuilder GOSWELL Rosina 24 Clareville Ave ANDERSON GOW Arthur George 179 Russell Ave Fitter's mate 1958 GOW Barbara Joan 179 Russell Ave 1958 THOMAS GOWER Clarice Margaret 27 Clareville Ave sp EMERY, Leith GOWER Doris Irene 27 Clareville Ave Shop Assistant GOWER Louisa 27 Clareville Ave PORTER GOWER Louisa 112 Russell Ave PORTER GOWER Louisa 7 Sanoni Ave PORTER GOWER Walter John 138 Russell Ave Labourer GRACE Cecilia 13 Clareville Ave sp BLOXHAM, Alan E GRACE Clementina 13 Clareville Ave BIRTWELL GRACE Constance Patricia 13 Clareville Ave Telephonist GRACE Edward James 13 Clareville Ave Motor engineer 1930 GRACE John 13 Clareville Ave Builder

187 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 GRACE Josephine 13 Clareville Ave Typist X GRACE Kathleen 13 Clareville Ave Clerk 1943 GRACE Teresa Eileen 13 Clareville Ave sp BOND, Hugh Gayton GRACE Winifred 13 Clareville Ave Ledgerkeeper GRAHAM Agnes 3 Sanoni Ave 1949 GRAHAM Archibald Roy 4 Gannon Ave Methods engineer x GRAHAM Barbara Walker Meandetta, Clareville Ave GRAHAM Clarice Emily 48 Clareville Ave GRAHAM Claude Septimus 29 Clareville Ave GRAHAM Doris Irene 4 Gannon Ave 1963 GRAHAM Eulalie Lilian 29 Clareville Ave BARR GRAHAM Franck Anthony 48 Clareville Ave Motor mechanic 1954 GRAHAM William John Clyde Meandetta, Clareville Ave Clerk GRANT Arthur Jnr Bayview, Malua Street Labourer GRANT Marjorie Lillian 159 Russell Ave Dressmaker 1937 GRAY Frederick John 16 Sanoni Ave Clerk X GRAY Frederick John 99 Cook Park Manager X GRAY Harriet Jean 16 Sanoni Ave HAYWARD GRAY Harriet Jean 99 Cook Park HAYWARD GRAY Hilda 104 Russell Ave WATERHOUSE GRAY John 104 Russell Ave Stereotyper GRAY Phyllis Isabel 12 Minton Ave HARVIE GRAY Thomas Edward 12 Minton Ave Bank officer GREEN Alfred Henry 1 Malua Street Clerk GREEN Beatrice Josephine 18 Skinners Ave TREVOR GREEN Louie Ellen 43 Sanoni Ave 1932 GREEN Nellie 43 Sanoni Ave Shop Assistant 1934 GREEN Walter Aloysius 18 Skinners Ave Bus driver

188 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 GREENHALGH Jack 91 Russell Ave Metal spinner GREENHALGH Mavis Alice 91 Russell Ave BALL GREENSTEIN Noela Philip 18 Mc Millan Ave GREENSTEIN Ralph 18 Mc Millan Ave Salesman X GREGORY James Alfred 5 Dicken Ave Police constable GREGORY Victoria Stella 5 Dicken Ave O'SHEA GRIBBLE Annie Clareville Ave FRAZER GRIBBLE Joseph William Ramona, Clareville Ave Carpenter X GRIBBLE Lorna Esma Clareville Ave sp LEWIS, Samuel H 1931 K GRIBBLE William Clareville Ave Storkeeper X GRICE Hilda 8 Primrose Ave POOLE GRICE William Joseph 8 Primrose Ave GRIFFIN Albert Colin 8 Vanstone Parade Toolmaker 1954 GRIFFIN Dorothy Mary 10 Vanstone Parade RICHES GRIFFIN Joyce 27 Clareville Ave DUNNE GRIFFIN Joyce 24 Clareville Ave DUNNE GRIFFIN Theo Francis 10 Vanstone Parade RAN X GRIFFIN William Allen 24 Clareville Ave Dental mechanic X GRIFFITHS Colin 3/145 Clareville Ave Upholsterer X GRIFFITHS Elaine 3/145 Clareville Ave Clerk 1963 GRIFFITHS May 3/145 Clareville Ave DENT GRIMES John Sydney 4 Dicken Ave Salesman GRIMES John Sydney 96 Primrose Ave Turner GRIMES John Sydney 2 Primrose Ave Turner GRIMES Maude Edith 4 Dicken Ave WHITNEY GRIMES William Thomas Henry 4 Dicken Ave Manager GRIMSON Amy Irene 9 Carruthers Drive 1954 MILLER GRIMWOOD Myra Lillement 175 Russell Ave WALTERS GRIMWOOD William Everard 175 Russell Ave Contractor GRISINGER Madge Beatrice 12 Dicken Ave 1958 BROWN

189 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 GRISINGER Robert John 12 Dicken Ave Labourer EATHER sp2 GROGAN Dorothy May 92 Russell Ave WALKER, Sidney 1943 Alfred GROGAN Roy Patrick Charles 29 Clareville Ave Shopkeeper GROGAN Roy Patrick Charles 92 Russell Ave Labourer GROGIN Florence May 112 Russell Ave GROGIN William 112 Russell Ave Labourer sp2 WILLIAMS, John Henry J nee HUNT GURNETT Donald Mc Millan Ave Fireman X GURNETT Doreen May Mc Millan Ave FARRIN HAGGATH Jessie Victoria 77 Cook Park HILL HALL Marjorie Jean 138 Russell Ave 1935 HALL Mary Edith Ann 104 Russell Ave COLBRAN HALL Robert Richard 77 Cook Park HALL Robert William 104 Russell Ave Labourer HALTON Johanna 1 Mc Millan Ave FITZGIBBON HALTON Norman Alton 1 Mc Millan Ave Tanner X HAMILTON Arthur Ernest 1 Sanoni Ave Barman HAMPSON Harold Frank 92 Russell Ave Waterside worker X HAMPSON Kitty 92 Russell Ave 1943 POWELL HANCOCK Albert 147 Russell Ave Labourer HANCOCK Charlotte 147 Russell Ave WAKEMAN HANDEL Eva Catherine Lednah, 9 Dicken Ave HANKS Emma 4 Clareville Ave OLIVER HANKS Leslie John 4 Clareville Ave Clerk X HANKS Stewart Arthur 4 Clareville Ave Carriage builder HANKS William Arthur 4 Clareville Ave Traveller/Clerk HANN Linda Grace 125 Clareville Ave

190 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HANN Lionel Frederick 125 Clareville Ave Medical practitioner HANN William Frederick 125 Clareville Ave Joiner X HANNA Malcolm John Archibald Allendale, Primrose Ave Plumber HANNA Mary Ellen Allendale, Primrose Ave DREW HANNAH Barbara 137 Clareville Ave Shopkeeper HANNAH Catherine 137 Clareville Ave Shopkeeper HANNAH Martha Edna 136 Russell Ave HANNAH Michael 137 Clareville Ave Hairdresser HANNAN Archibald Burland 1 Gannon Ave Soap maker HANNAN Catherine Amelia 21 Gannon Ave GAHAN HANNAN Catherine Amelia 23 Gannon Ave GAHAN HANNAN Mavis Mary 1 Gannon Ave DOWNEY HANNAN Samuel Henry 21 Gannon Ave Soap maker HANNAN Samuel Henry 23 Gannon Ave Soap maker HANSON Dorothy Annie 167 Russell Ave WILKIE HANSON Ronald 167 Russell Ave Gardener HARDIE Archie Robert 2 Waldron Street Radio mechanic X HARDIE Clare Elizabeth 2 Waldron Street SHARKEY HARDING Alma May Elizabeth St Rathmore, Norman Ave PRIOR HARDING Harry St Rathmore, Norman Ave Plumber HARDMAN Amy Mary 132 Russell Ave 1958 HARDMAN George Alfred 33 Gannon Ave Labourer HARDMAN Peter Joseph 132 Russell Ave Fitter and turner 1958 HARDY Edward Ernest 5 Primrose Ave Machinist X HARDY Edward Ernest 2 Gannon Ave Machinist X HARDY Ernest John "Jack" 5 Primrose Ave Painter X HARDY Hannah Louisa 5 Primrose Ave SMITH HARDY Hannah Victoria Dorothy 2 Gannon Ave LEWIS HARDY Margaret Cameron 2 Zealander Street MCVEA

191 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HARDY Patrick Caton 2 Zealander Street Fitter X HARPER Amy 42 Clareville Ave HARPER Clarice Estella 163 Russell Ave CLAUSEN HARPER Claude 163 Russell Ave Fitter X HARPER Lawrence 47 Waldron Street HARPER Muriel Ann 47 Waldron Street DALGRAINS sp MCCORMICK, HARPER Olga Belberdere 163 Russell Ave William James HARPER Walter 42 Clareville Ave Grocer X HARRANG Allen Neil 75 Cook Park Labourer HARRANG Dorothy Iris 75 Clareville Ave sp STANLEY, Henry sp GODFREY, HARRANG Elsie Grace 75 Cook Park Process worker Norman Richard HARRANG Ethel May 10 Sanoni Ave MILLEN HARRANG Ethel May 14 Sanoni Ave MILLEN HARRANG Gloria Irene 75 Cook Park HARRANG Judith Ann 75 Cook Park Machinist sp MELLIES HARRANG Leslie Hilton 10 Sanoni Ave Porter HARRANG Leslie Hilton 14 Sanoni Ave Porter HARRANG Sydney Clarence 75 Clareville Ave Gardener HARRANG Sydney Clarence 75 Cook Park Gardener HARRANG Sydney James 75 Clareville Ave Gardener X HARRANG Violet Grace 75 Clareville Ave BULLEN HARRANG Violet Grace 76 Cook Park BULLEN HARRINGTON Edward Michael 78 Clareville Ave Motor driver X KING sp2 HARRINGTON Sylvia May 78 Clareville Ave BROWN, Frederick 1937 Joseph HARRIS Alice Catherine 14 Skinners Ave JOHNSTON HARRIS Arnold James 57 Clareville Ave Clerk HARRIS Beatrice Alice Norah 2a Skinners Ave KAY HARRIS Benjamin Bernard 15 Sanoni Ave Forrester X

192 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HARRIS Charles Joseph 184 Russell Ave Labourer HARRIS Charles William 184 Russell Ave Labourer HARRIS Dorothy Agnes Mary 1 Mc Millan Ave HANDEL HARRIS Dorothy Australia 12 Skinners Ave MOWLL HARRIS Eliza Elvira 173 Russell Ave NEEVES HARRIS Emma 184 Russell Ave HARRIS Graham 2a Skinners Ave Industrial photographer 1963 HARRIS Harold Robert 14 Skinners Ave Clerk HARRIS Jane Ann 57 Clareville Ave HARRIS Jill Rollison 15 Sanoni Ave Office assistant HARRIS Kaye 2a Skinners Ave Secretary 1958 HARRIS Leonard John 1 Mc Millan Ave Oysterman HARRIS Murray Benjamin 15 Sanoni Ave Forest officer X HARRIS Olaf Llewelyn 2a Skinners Ave Signwriter HARRIS Rita May 15 Sanoni Ave FREEBURN HARRIS Robert John 173 Russell Ave HARRIS Walter James 171 Russell Ave Carpenter HARRIS William John 12 Skinners Ave Wool scourer HARRISON Lizzie 79 Clareville Ave HARRISON Maria Noeline 30 Primrose Ave Machinist 1963 HARRISON Robert Henry 79 Clareville Ave Mechanic HART Constance Betty 43 Mc Millan Ave DREW HART Sydney 43 Mc Millan Ave Taxi driver HARTMAN Irene Edith 106 Ida Street MAYNARD HARTMAN Robert William 106 Ida Street Company executive HARVEY Arthur Russell 77a Cook Park Dyers assistant HARVEY Helen Kate 77a Cook Park RUSSELL HASELDEN Ernest Henry George's River Sailing Club Caretaker X X

193 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HAWKINS Charles Clareville Hall, Clareville Ave 1931 HAWKINS Frank William 177 Russell Ave Machinist X HAWKINS Frederick Henry Clareville Ave Labourer HAWKINS Garry Norman Frederick 4/143 Clareville Ave Lube operator 1963 HAWKINS James Alfred 13 Clareville Ave Airport fireman 1963 HAWKINS Lillian Joan 13 Clareville Ave 1963 HAWKINS Margaret Dalley 177 Russell Ave Packer HAWKINS Ruby Mary Maud 144 Russell Ave HAWKINS Sylvia Olive May 4/143 Clareville Ave UPTON HAYDER Frederick Henry Clareville Ave Labourer HAYDER Henry Louis Clareville Ave Clerk HAYDER Mary Clareville Ave ROUNHIE HAYWARD Annie Ella Horena, Clareville Ave MCBRIDE HAYWARD Cecil Alan Malua Street X HAYWARD Clara Rosina "Edna" 142 Russell Ave sp ARSCOTT, 1937 Ebenezer James HAYWARD Edward Clareville Ave Oyster lessee HAYWARD Edward 142 Russell Ave Oyster lessee HAYWARD Elsie Maud Clareville Ave APPS HAYWARD Elsie Maud 142 Russell Ave APPS HAYWARD Mary Ann 97 Russell Ave MADDOCKS HAYWARD Mary Ann 18 Malua Street MADDOCKS HAYWARD Mary Ann Olive 25 Malua Street MADDOCKS HAYWARD Mavis Lillian 32 Cook Park FAIRALL HAYWARD Thomas Charles 23 Malua Street Electrician HAYWARD Thomas William 32 Cook Park Oysterman HAYWARD William Horena, Clareville Ave Oyster lessee HAYWARD William Allan 25 Malua Street Carpenter HAYWOOD Harold George 19 Malua Street Labourer X HAYWOOD Janet 19 Malua Street WATSON HAZEL Emily Martha 16 Mc Millan Ave CAIRNCROSS

194 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HAZEL Reginald John 16 Mc Millan Ave Tanner X HAZEL Stanley Victor 16 Mc Millan Ave X HEALEY Mary Clareville Ave MARSHALL HEALEY May Catherine Kareela, Clareville Ave ELGAR HEALEY Ruth Thelma Clareville Ave BOWMAN HEALEY Thomas Edward Clareville Ave Dairy farmer X HEALEY William Edward Clareville Ave Labourer 1943 HEARN Stanley Raymond 30 Mc Millan Ave Firefighter 1958 HEASLIP Elsie 145 Clareville Ave WHISKER HEASLIP William Thomas 145 Clareville Ave Clerk HEATH Elizabeth Annie 44 Clareville Ave Shopkeeper HEATH Thomas Clareville Ave HEELEY Dudley Clarence 9 Gannon Ave Bio operator HEELEY Jessica Annie 9 Gannon Ave GARLICK HEELEY Raymond 9 Gannon Ave Fitter 1954 HEESH Anthony Charles 12 Primrose Ave Draftsman HEESH Charles Herman 90 Primrose Ave Clerk X HEESH Charles Herman 12 Primrose Ave Clerk X HEESH Estelle Alice 90 Primrose Ave TRUSTY HEESH Estelle Alice 12 Primrose Ave TRUSTY sp SADLER, Hugh HEESH Margaret Estelle 90 Primrose Ave Stenographer 1954 Tulloch HEIDEN Charles Alfred 1 Mc Millan Ave Labourer HEIDEN Charles Alfred 79 Russell Ave Labourer HEIDEN Elsie May 79 Russell Ave Machinist sp BLACK, Alexander McGregor HEIDEN Frederick Carl 79 Russell Ave Driver X HEIDEN Ruth Edith 79 Russell Ave MCDERMOTT HEISER Emanuel Mordecai 85 Clareville Ave Pattern maker HELLYER Edith Ada 11 Sanoni Ave KEEPENCE HENDERSON Jeanette Daisy 82 Ida Street Typist 1963 BETTS

195 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HENDERSON Peter David 82 Ida Street Linotype operator HENDRY Frank Russell 28 Clareville Ave Engineer X HENDRY Joan Bertha 28 Clareville Ave Milliner 1958 HENDY John Mc Alman 4 Malua Street Manager HENDY Mavis Lillian 4 Malua Street MILLAR HENN Allan Edward 83 Clareville Ave Butcher HENN Avis Coad 83 Clareville Ave ANTHONY HENN Edward William Robert 83 Clareville Ave Boot finisher HENN Elwyn Robert 83 Clareville Ave Bootmaker HENN Elwyn Robert 102 Ida Street Bootmaker HENN Joan Beryle 83 Clareville Ave 1954 DAWS HENN Joan Beryle 102 Ida Street HENNESSY Colin Gerald 98 Russell Ave Fitter X HENNESSY Elsie Campbell 98 Russell Ave WALLIS HENNESSY Emily 98 Russell Ave LAYNTON HENNESSY George Gerald 98 Russell Ave Chemist HENNESSY Ruth Rosemary 98 Russell Ave Stenographer 1958 SAYERS HENRY Arthur Geddes 84 Clareville Ave Draftsman X HENRY Emily Maria Maude Clareville Ave HENRY Emily Myra Clareville Ave Nurse Telephone HENRY Harold Newton Murraba, Clareville Ave mechanic X HENRY Lorna Maud 84 Clareville Ave WILSON HENRY Ruth Edith Clareville Ave HENRY Walter Rutledge Clareville Ave Student X HERTZBERG Lillian 96 Ida Street 1963 HERWIG Leonard Charles 9 Primrose Ave Manager X HERWIG Phyllis Edna 9 Primrose Ave BENJAMIN HESSELL Charles James 34 Mc Millan Ave HESSELL Ruby Mildred 34 Mc Millan Ave HALE HETERICK Roy Warren 12 Clareville Ave Carpenter

196 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HEYWOOD Carrol Isobel Jean 18 Gannon Ave 1958 HEYWOOD Thomas Clarence 18 Gannon Ave Flight engineer 1958 HIBBERD John 144 Russell Ave Retired HIBBERD Marion Russell Ave PENMAN HIBBERD Thomas Russell Ave Retired HIBBERD Thomas 11 Clareville Ave Retired HIBBERD Thomas George Russell Ave Tram employee X HICKEY Alice Mary 15 Norman Ave STREETING HICKEY David Amos 15 Norman Ave Carpenter HICKSON Ethel May 47 Clareville Ave HICKSON William Cuthbert 47 Clareville Ave Ironmonger HIGGINS Josephine Florence 13 Norman Ave SEAEGG HIGGINS Marcella Clarice 8 Carruthers Drive COLE HIGGINS Raymond Lindsay 8 Carruthers Drive Panelbeater X HIGGINS Ruth Miriam Mc Millan Ave SALMON HIGGINS Ruth Miriam 23 Clareville Ave SALMON HIGGINS Ruth Miriam 10 Dicken Ave SALMON HIGGINS Ruth Miriam 111 Ida Street SALMON HIGGINS Thomas Henry 23 Clareville Ave Labourer X HIGGINS Thomas Henry 10 Dicken Ave X HIGGINS William Kenneth 13 Norman Ave Toolmaker HIGGISON Bertha Ann 143 Russell Ave COOPER HIGGISON Kevin Roy 143 Russell Ave Transport driver X HIGGISON Muriel Joyce 143 Russell Ave Boxmaker sp KENNEDY, James 1943 Finlay HIGGISON Walter Henry 143 Russell Ave Packer HIGGISON William Humphreys 143 Russell Ave Salesman HILAIRE Caroline Amelia 100 Russell Ave COOPER HILAIRE Caroline Amelia 79 Russell Ave COOPER HILAIRE George Edward Sydney 100 Russell Ave Truck driver HILAIRE James 100 Russell Ave Fireman

197 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HILAIRE James Ernest 100 Russell Ave 1954 HILL Gweneth Nancye 2 Vanstone Parade WHEELER HILL Wallace John Ward 2 Vanstone Parade Egg vendor X HILLS Herbert Joseph 3 Minton Ave Engineer X HILLS Malinda Hope "Lyn" 3 Minton Ave GARLICK HILLS Patricia Lynn 3 Minton Ave Typist sp DAVEY, William 1963 Arthur HINDLE Edith 19 Norman Ave MADDEN HINDLE John Erick 19 Norman Ave Mechanic X HINTON Elaine Doris 47 Clareville Ave FRENCH HINTON Eric Mervyn 47 Clareville Ave Steward X HISSEY Mary Carmel 22 Sanoni Ave 1958 HISSEY Ronald Clyde 22 Sanoni Ave Spray painter X HITTMAN Catherine Cadbry 16 Waldron Street 1954 PICKERING HITTMAN Hubert Edward "Hugh" 16 Waldron Street Optical mechanic X HOCKING Rubina Jessie 32 Cook Park/Riverside Drive MILLER HOCKING William James 32 Cook Park/Riverside Drive Mechanic X HODGES George Norman 4 Primrose Ave Kalsomine maker HODGES George Norman 32 Primrose Ave Kalsomine maker HODGES Gladys Amy 4 Primrose Ave TAYLOR HODGES Gladys Amy 32 Primrose Ave TAYLOR HODGES Gordon Frederick James 4 Primrose Ave Textile turner HODGES Gordon Frederick James 32 Primrose Ave Textile turner HODGES John Richard (Jack) 4 Primrose Ave Truck driver X HODGES Josephine Marie 4 Primrose Ave 1954 FIGUCIO HODGES Josephine Marie 32 Primrose Ave 1958 FIGUCIO HODGKINSON Emma 85 Primrose Ave HODGKINSON Emma 100 Cook Park HODGKINSON Emma 92 Primrose Ave

198 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HODGKINSON Emma 44 Clareville Ave HODGKINSON John Francis 85 Primrose Ave Labourer HODGKINSON John Francis 100 Cook Park Labourer HODGKINSON John Francis 92 Primrose Ave Labourer HODGKINSON John Francis 44 Clareville Ave Labourer HODGKINSON Louis William Francis Clark 100 Cook Park Labourer X HODGKINSON Louis William Francis Clark 92 Primrose Ave Labourer X HODGKINSON Louis William Francis Clark 44 Clareville Ave Labourer X HODGKINSON Louis William Francis Clark 48 Clareville Ave Labourer X HODGSON Ellen 116 Russell Ave 1949 HOGG Geoffrey Maxwell 12 Sanoni Ave Bank officer X HOGG Leda Gertrude 12 Sanoni Ave CALLIS HOGG Thelma Jean 22 Clareville Ave 1937 HOGG Walter Norman 22 Clareville Ave Carpenter 1937 HOKIN George Frederick 94 Ida Street Boot repairer HOKIN Kevin 94 Ida Street Labourer HOKIN Mary Edith 94 Ida Street GEORGE HOKIN Norman 75 Clareville Ave French polisher 1954 HOKIN Valerie 94 Ida Street Machinist 1958 HOLDER Beatrice 170 Russell Ave MONAHAN HOLDER Stanley 170 Russell Ave Carriage builder HOLDSWORTH James Tabor Cook Park Labourer X HOLLAND Brian Reginald 154 Russell Ave Soldier 1963 HOLLAND Patricia Clare 154 Russell Ave Stenographer 1963 HOLLEYWELL Beryl Therese 99 Russell Ave APPLETON HOLLEYWELL Colin 99 Russell Ave Process worker X HOLLIS Lillian May 12 Sanoni Ave DALTON HOLLIS Peter Renold 12 Sanoni Ave Carpenter 1958 HOLLIS Reginald Henry 12 Sanoni Ave Dealer HOLLOWAY Arthur James 10 Gannon Ave Process worker 1954 HOLLOWAY Valerie Winifred 10 Gannon Ave Machinist PRICE

199 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HOLT Raymond Charles 15 Primrose Ave Machinist X HOLT Violet Emily 15 Primrose Ave HARRANG HONEYMAN Jean Emmaline 19 Clareville Ave FORBES HONEYMAN Leslie Richard James 19 Clareville Ave Jeweller HOOD Audrey 109 Clareville Ave Calculator operator 1949 HOOD Caroline 109 Clareville Ave FROW HOOD Harry Leslie 109 Clareville Ave Labourer HORGAN Alfred William 102 Russell Ave Welder HORGAN Thelma Ruth 102 Russell Ave THORNCRAFT HORNE John Gregory 108 Russell Ave Motor driver X HORNE Pearl Edna 108 Russell Ave 1954 HEIDEN HORNE William John 75 Cook Park Cleaner 1963 HORNER Cecil Norman 25 Malua Street Driver 1963 HORWITZ Elfriede 150 Russell Ave HORWITZ Selig 150 Russell Ave HOUSE Samuel Arthur 102 Cook Park HOUSTON Gweneth Madeline 5/143 Clareville Ave Stenographer 1963 HOUSTON Kathleen Madeline Ruth 5/143 Clareville Ave MAHER HOWARD Gladys 98 Russell Ave HOWARD Gladys 29 Mc Millan Ave SCOTT HOWARD Gladys Waddell, Russell Ave Lith feeder SCOTT HOWARD Harold James Waddell, Russell Ave Brass finisher HOWARD Harold James 98 Russell Ave Brass finisher HOWARD Harold James 29 Mc Millan Ave HOWARD Kevin James 29 Mc Millan Ave Aircraft engineer HOWARTH Christina Mary 106 Russell Ave KNUTH HOWARTH Ivy 106 Russell Ave Cutter HOWARTH Thelma 106 Russell Ave Textile worker HOWARTH William George 106 Russell Ave Grocer HOWELL Leonard Jarvis 2 Mc Millan Ave ABC Employee sp HAIGH, Cecil Thomas Melville

200 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 HOWELL Mary Agnes 2 Mc Millan Ave HARDY HUBBARD Ethel May 26 Dicken Ave Shirt finisher LITTLE HUBBARD Oswald Norman 26 Dicken Ave Machinist X HUME Jack 23 Clareville Ave Duco sprayer HUME Lucy Jane 23 Clareville Ave FERRIER sp HOGAN, Timothy HUME Marjorie Aileen/Ellen "Marge" 23 Clareville Ave Book-keeper Daniel HUMPHREYS Lillian Pearl 18 Clareville Ave Dressmaker HUMPHRY Maria Terezia 47 Clareville Ave 1963 TERDIK HUMPHRY Paul Stanley 47 Clareville Ave Medical practitioner 1963 HUNTER Arthur 101 Russell Ave Soldier 1943 HUNTER Meryl Margaret 101 Russell Ave WEST HURREN Irene 129 Russell Ave PILGRIM HURREN Patrick Arthur 129 Russell Ave Process worker THOMPSON sp1 DE VAUX, sp2 HURST Isabella Julia 161 Russell Ave COULTER, sp3 HURST, Adrian Thomas HURST Yvonne 161 Russell Ave IBLE Harold Claude 23 Norman Ave Bricklayer IBLE Mary Irene 23 Norman Ave CANDY SMITH, sp2 IFFLAND Ida Mary 8 Sanoni Ave HIBBERD, Thomas George ILLINGWORTH Doris 100 Russell Ave Presser 1954 INGHAM Arthur 87 Clareville Ave Storekeeper X INGHAM Janet McKenzie 87 Clareville Ave INGLE Charles Bruce 20 Malua Street Medical practitioner INGLE Shirley May 20 Malua Street BOURNE IRWIN Clarice Vera 78 Cook Park KINKADE

201 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 IRWIN Henry Eric 78 Cook Park Mechanic ISMAY Dorothy Hyde Primrose Ave HOLMESBY ISMAY Florence Margaret 10 Dicken Ave BIGNALL ISMAY Harold Richmond Primrose Ave Contracting painter X ISMAY Mansel William 10 Dicken Ave Painter IVES George Ernest Lawrence 33 Sanoni Ave Cabinetmaker IVES Gladys Mary Ann 33 Sanoni Ave SURBEY IVISON Kathleen Maude 55 Clareville Ave WALLACE IVISON Leslie Raymond 55 Clareville Ave Ice vendor IVISON Thomas 55 Clareville Ave Blacksmith JACKSON Catherine Aqua Flora Park, Waldron Street 1943 CAREY JACKSON Edith 8 Clarevile Ave JACKSON Howard Keith 32 Waldron Street Engineer JACKSON John Fraser Kareela, Clareville Ave Engineer X JACKSON Laurel Joy 32 Waldron Street JOHNSTON JACKSON Minna Kareela, Clareville Ave 1937 FRANK JACKSON Norman Silas 8 Clarevile Ave Butcher JACKSON Ruby Dorothy May 100 Russell Ave HILAIRE JACKSON Stephen Henry Aqua Flora Park, Waldron Street Carpenter JACKSON Sydney Francis 100 Russell Ave Lorry driver 1958 JACOBS Helen Bovill 23 Minton Ave WANLESS JACOBS James Raymond Edward 23 Minton Ave Storekeeper JAMES Edward 3 Malua Street Slipper blocker 1943 JAMES Edward 28 Gannon Ave Slipper blocker JAMES Ethel May 3 Malua Street 1943 WRIGHT JAMES Ethel May 28 Gannon Ave Textile worker WRIGHT JAMES Robert Elias 39 Waldron Street splint mechanic x JAMES Robert Elias 11 Waldron Street splint mechanic x JAMES Stella Maris 39 Waldron Street ROGERS

202 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 JAMES Stella Maris 11 Waldron Street ROGERS JAMESON Gladys Lillian Cook Park BERRY JAMESON Noel William Cook Park Painter JARMAN Donald 12 Carruthers Drive Clerk 1949 JARVIS Arthur George 21 Clareville Ave Public servant X JARVIS Arthur George 138 Russell Ave Tram conductor X JARVIS Barbara Edna 21 Clareville Ave SCAFIDI JARVIS Barbara Edna 138 Russell Ave SCAFIDI JARVIS Kelsie 12 Norman Ave LARKIN JEAVONS-FELLOWS Frank Sydney 9 Norman Ave Machinist X JEAVONS-FELLOWS Jean Margaret 9 Norman Ave WATSON JENSEN Joy Mary 102 Clareville Ave RIVETT JENSEN Victor George 102 Clareville Ave Pattern maker X JOHNS Edward John Sanoni Ave 1930 JOHNS Louisa Sanoni Ave 1930 ROSEVEAR JOHNSON Alfred Lawrence 11 Norman Ave Stonemason X JOHNSON Bert 2 Clareville Ave Labourer X JOHNSON Bert 134 Russell Ave Labourer X JOHNSON Bert 159 Russell Ave PMG Linesman X JOHNSON Bridget Winifred 132 Russell Ave JOHNSON Carl Axel 145 Russell Ave Telephone mechanic JOHNSON Cecil William Russell Ave Storekeeper JOHNSON Charlotte Mary Russell Ave JOHNSON Dulcie Irene 145 Russell Ave MATTHEWS JOHNSON Margery 11 Norman Ave PRICE JOHNSON May 2 Clareville Ave JOHNSON May 134 Russell Ave JOHNSON-WINDSOR Aileen Beatrice 10 Skinners Ave ALLAN JOHNSON-WINDSOR Allan 10 Skinners Ave Fitter and turner 1963 JOHNSON-WINDSOR Claude Reginald 10 Skinners Ave Shopkeeper X

203 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 JOHNSTON Catherine 24 Sanoni Ave Waitress 1931 JOHNSTON Catherine 12 Skinners Ave HUMPHREY ELSLEY, sp2 JOHNSTON Dorothy Florence 16 Skinners Ave JEBB, Arthur, sp3, 1949 POLGAR, Ferenc JOHNSTON Evelyn Mary 3 Skinners Ave MULLHOLAND JOHNSTON Gordon Richard 10 Sanoni Ave Salesman 1958 JOHNSTON Harold Andrew 20 Minton Ave Electrical welder JOHNSTON Henry 12 Skinners Ave Mariner JOHNSTON Hughie 24 Sanoni Ave Moulder X JOHNSTON Joseph Richard 10 Sanoni Ave Painter JOHNSTON Neville William 10 Sanoni Ave Lift driver 1958 JOHNSTON Norman Wing 16 Skinners Ave Diamond setter 1949 X JOHNSTON Phyllis Emily 10 Sanoni Ave RODWAY JOHNSTON Ruth Elizabeth 20 Minton Ave MCHUGH JOLLY Florence Edgely, Dicken Ave JOLLY Florence Jnr Edgely, Dicken Ave Clerk JOLLY Fred Edgely, Dicken Ave Engineer JOLLY Fred Alan 25 Dicken Ave Coppersmith 1963 sp HUMPHREY, Herbert Francis JOLLY Kathleen Irene 25 Dicken Ave HANSON JOLLY Kathleen Rose 93 Russell Ave HUNT JOLLY Nancy Ray Madge 93 Russell Ave TAYLOR X JOLLY Roy John James 93 Russell Ave Accountant X JOLLY Willis Edgely, 25 Dicken Ave Type repairer JONES Alfred Edwin Gannon Ave Metal polisher JONES Alfred Edwin 132 Russell Ave Metal polisher JONES Alfred Hector 101 Cook Park Skin dealer X JONES Beryl Mavis Joyce 68 Clareville Ave 1943 GILMOUR JONES Clifford Morton 7 Malua Street spray painter JONES Edith Isobelle Colbrook, Sanoni Ave JONES Edith Isobelle 132 Russell Ave

204 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 JONES Florence Auerlia Mary 161 Russell Ave JONES Florence Aurelia Mary 5 Mc Millan Ave FAULKNER JONES Florence Aurelia Mary 49a Clareville Ave FAULKNER JONES Florence Aurelia Mary 17 Sanoni Ave FAULKNER JONES Florence Beatrice 186 Russell Ave Teacher JONES Gwendoline Amy 101 Cook Park GARDINER JONES Harold Vincent 26 Minton Ave Labourer X JONES Harold Vincent 28 Minton Ave Labourer X JONES Harry Reginald 161 Russell Ave Dresser JONES Henry Reginald 5 Mc Millan Ave Hosiery mech JONES Henry Reginald 144 Russell Ave Hoisery mech JONES Henry Reginald 49a Clareville Ave Hosiery mech JONES Henry Reginald 17 Sanoni Ave Aircraft engineer JONES Leonard Keith 7 Malua Street Motor driver JONES Lillian Grace 186 Russell Ave Stenographer JONES Lillian Reid 186 Russell Ave ELVY JONES Margaret 49a Clareville Ave Typist 1949 THOMPSON JONES Matthew Bosey Rathgar, 51 Clareville Ave Tobacco worker JONES Oswald 186 Russell Ave Electrician JONES Phyllis Eva 26 Minton Ave FLOYD JONES Phyllis Eva 28 Minton Ave FLOYD JONES Stanley Reginald Hipkiss 49a Clareville Ave Naval Rgt X JONES Verda Claudine Rathgar, 51 Clareville Ave NELSON JORDAN Amy Winifred Victoria Amelyn, 25 Clareville Ave WEST JORDAN Leonard John Amelyn, 25 Clareville Ave Clerk X X JULEFF Beatrice Mavis Mentrose, 86 Primrose Ave Shop Assistant sp MILLS, Arthur John KABLE Frederick John 5 Norman Ave Salesman

205 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 KABLE Ruth Edith 5 Norman Ave HENRY KAHN Dora Dorette Rosin 164 Russell Ave Machinist KAHN Gustav 164 Russell Ave Cleaner KAY Henry John 26 Sanoni Ave Knitter KAY Valerie 26 Sanoni Ave CREARY KEATING Gladys Joyce 25 Mc Millan Ave TYRRELL KEATING Robert Richard 25 Mc Millan Ave Storeman X KEECH Harry 1 Norman Ave Foundry foreman KEECH Sylvia 1 Norman Ave THOMPSON KELLAWAY Joan Ma'netta 1 Waldron Street EVANS KELLAWAY Reginald Henry 1 Waldron Street Barman KELLS Elsie Jane Russell Ave KELLS Eric Soloman Russell Ave Storeman KELLY Barbara Ann 14 Minton Ave 1963 SCULLER KELLY Cecil 8 Waldron Street Grocer X MORTIMER sp1 KELLY Daisy Gwendoline 7 Primrose Ave HADFIELD, Vincent, sp2 KELLY, William John KELLY Frederick James 14 Minton Ave Clerk KELLY Joyce Mary 8 Waldron Street NIXON KELLY Lena Millicent 7 Primrose Ave Teacher WHARTON KELLY Paul Raymond 7 Primrose Ave Manufact engineer X KELLY Vincent Leonard 14 Minton Ave Clerk X KELLY William Mortimer 7 Primrose Ave Student KEMP Betty Joan 5 Clareville Ave Machinist LAWLER KEMP Edith Mary 74 Cook Park 1935 KEMP Edith Mary Waldron Street 1936 KEMP Leslie James 5 Clareville Ave Boat builder X KENNEDY Minnie 7 Malua Street WILSON

206 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 KENNEDY William Henry 7 Malua Street Greengrocer KENNIFF Michael Joseph 3 Primrose Ave Independent means KENNIFF Teresa 3 Primrose Ave O'HARE KEOGH Beryl Mavis 25 Clareville Ave WRIGHTSON KEOGH Leslie Stephen 25 Clareville Ave Plumber KERR Arthur Desmond 104 Russell Ave Cleaner X KERR Nona Mary 104 Russell Ave SMITH KERSHAW Emma 118 Russell Ave SAYCELL KERSHAW Frances 118 Russell Ave SUMMERS KILPATRICK Olive May 103 Ida Street KING Gloria 176 Russell Ave Clerk NELSON KING Patricia 98 Russell Ave 1958 KING Ronald James 176 Russell Driver X KINKADE Harriet Emily 78 Cook Park FAWCETT sp1 KIRK Elsie Elizabeth 10 Malua Street COMPSTON, Phillip Henry KIRK John Dalton 10 Malua Street Technician KITTO Francis John 6 Clareville Ave Capper 1954 KITTO Sylvia Lillian 6 Clareville Ave DODGE KNAPP Russell Alexander Hall 18 Malua Street Butcher KNAPP Winifred 18 Malua Street 1958 FISHER KNIGHT Eleanor Joy 74 Clareville Ave 1958 DOUGLASS KNIGHT Harold John 109 Clareville Ave Metal polisher KNIGHT Jean Davidson 109 Clareville Ave 1954 GORDON KNIGHT Leonard Albert 74 Clareville Ave Taxi proprietor X KNIGHT Lillian 74 Clareville Ave KNIGHT Marjorie Jean 1 Carruthers Drive 1963 KNIGHT Neville Albert 74 Clareville Ave 1958 KNIPE Albert Keith Rupert 1 Malua Street X

207 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 KNIPE Ethel May Constance 1 Malua Street 1954 KNOX Carmel Patricia 13 Dicken Ave 1954 QUARRELL KNOX Edward 13 Dicken Ave Carpenter 1954 KNOX Mary Gowland 38 Mc Millan Ave KOKORZYCK Henryk Jan 26 Sanoni Ave Process worker 1954 KONZA Lillian Mabel Mc Millan Ave PYE KONZA Lillian Mabel 7 Sanoni Ave PYE KONZA Lillian Mabel 49a Clareville Ave KONZA William Arthur Mc Millan Ave Postal employee KONZA William Arthur 7 Sanoni Ave Postal employee KONZA William Arthur 49a Clareville Ave Postal employee KRINKS John Sydney 108 Russell Ave Salesman X KRINKS Teresa Mary 108 Russell Ave MEADE KYTIE Phyllis 12 Norman Ave JARVIS LACY Edward John 11 Malua Street Company director LACY Ilma May 11 Malua Street MORRISON LACY Robyn Lorraine 12 Norman Ave Typist 1963 LAKE LACY Stephen Richard 84 Ida Street Clerk 1963 LADHAMS Ethel May 2 Clareville Ave WRIGHT LADHAMS Frederick George 2 Clareville Ave Moulder LAMB Neil Stanley 90 Ida Street 1949 LAMBERT Leslie Charles 13 Sanoni Ave Milk carter LAMBERT Lily Myrtle 13 Sanoni Ave STRETTON LAMPE Dorothy Jean/Doris 1 Norman Ave 1943 BAINES LAMPE Harold Milburn 1 Norman Ave Iron worker LAMPE Sylvia Morveau 87 Clareville Ave Stemmer 1949 LANGAN Dulcie Viola 85 Russell Ave Typist 1958 NEWELL LANGAN James 85 Russell Ave Cutter LANGAN Leslie Patrick 85 Russell Ave Labourer LANGAN Rosaleen Veronica 85 Russell Ave MEIGAN

208 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 LANHAM John Thomas 38 Clareville Ave Shopkeeper x LANHAM Ruby Margaret 38 Clareville Ave BEETON LANTRY Anna Maria 11 Sanoni Ave 1963 COFFEY LANTRY Paul Francis 11 Sanoni Ave Pharmacist LARKIN Eva Mabel Catherine 16 Mc Millan Ave MERRICK LARKIN Eva Mabel Catherine 22 Mc Millan Ave MERRICK LARKIN Florence Maude 22 Mc Millan Ave DURKIN LARKIN James Henry 16 Mc Millan Ave Retired LARKIN John Henry 16 Mc Millan Ave Research worker 1943 LARKIN John Henry 22 Mc Millan Ave LARKINS Ronald Kenneth 85 Primrose Ave Motor mechanic 1949 LAWLER Arthur Morgan 5 Clareville Ave Drainer LAWLER Dorothy Gladys 5 Clareville Ave Dressmaker sp ROBB, Richard Ernest LAWLER Enid April 5 Clareville Ave SANDERS sp CARTWRIGHT, LAWLER Joyce Maureen 5 Clareville Ave Machinist Benjamin LAWLER Mavis Elizabeth 5 Clareville Ave Machinist sp LEATHAM, Alan 1943 John LAWLER Norman Leslie 5 Clareville Ave Plumber 1949 LAWLESS Gladys Irene 48 Mc Millan Ave COX sp 2 DUNDAS, LAWLESS Gladys Irene 132 Russell Ave Robert James LAWS Adeline 81 Russell Ave SOUTH LAWS Arthur George 81 Russell Ave Tile layer LAWS Irene Isabella 81 Russell Ave CARBIS LAWS John Joseph 81 Russell Ave Tile layer LAWSON Nell 1 Gannon Ave 1949 LAWTON Ronald James Clareville Ave Carpenter X LAYARD John Antony Willstell, Norman Ave Engineer LAYARD Mabel Elizabeth Willstell, Norman Ave LEACH George Leslie 2 Malua Street Upholsterer X

209 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 LEACH George Leslie 3 Carruthers Drive Upholsterer X LEACH Herbert Wilfred 177 Russell Ave Labourer X LEACH Joy Isabel 3 Carruthers Drive BEEHAG LEACH Mavis Ellen 177 Russell Ave FEAR LEARY Douglas George 170A Russell Ave Assurance agent X LEARY Priscilla 170A Russell Ave 1949 ORR LEATHAM Allan John 5 Clareville Ave Drainer X LEATHAM Mavis Elizabeth 5 Clareville Ave LAWLER LEAVER Ivor 114 Russell Ave Weaver X LEAVER Winifred Jean 114 Russell Ave MCMURTRIE LAWS, sp2 LEE Adeline Eva 81 Russell Ave WALCH, Albert LAWS, LEE Adeline Eva 86 Primrose Ave WALCH, Albert LEE Jessie Elizabeth 85 Russell Ave 1931 BUNDY LEE Percival Henry 7 Malua Street Engine driver LEE Thomas 85 Russell Ave Labourer 1931 LEE Winifred Mary 7 Malua Street LEECH Inez Marguerite 17 Gannon Ave WILLIAMS LEECH Marcus Albert Edwin 17 Gannon Ave Welder teacher LEHMANN Frances Elizabeth 47 Clareville Ave GADD LEHMANN Otto Richard 47 Clareville Ave Plasterer LEHNER Reginald Benjamin 161 Russell Ave Labourer LENTON Harold 29 Gannon Ave Carrier LENTON Irene May 29 Gannon Ave Office worker WALSH LEONARD Ethel Elsie 97 Russell Ave LEONARD Ethel Elsie 23 Malua Street LEONARD William 97 Russell Ave Motor driver LEONARD William 23 Malua Street Taxi proprietor LESLIE Emmeline Clarissa 112 Russell Ave MYLES sp2

210 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 LESLIE James Horne 112 Russell Ave Labourer LEVENBERGER Mabel Beatrice 16 Mc Millan Ave 1934 LEVENBERGER Otto Ernest 16 Mc Millan Ave Mechanic 1934 LEVERTON Norman McIntosh 179 Russell Ave Shopkeeper X LEVERTON Vida Emily Margaret 179 Russell Ave RENWICK LEVINSON Charlotte 156 Russell Ave Process worker LEWIS Adina Druscilla 81 Clareville Ave TURNBULL LEWIS Adina Druscilla 82 Clareville Ave TURNBULL LEWIS Beryl Florence 96 Russell Ave LANE LEWIS Frederick Lancelot Clareville Ave Oyster merchant LEWIS George Henry 120 Clareville Ave General hand LEWIS Gladys Maud 120 Clareville Ave LEWIS Hannah Louisa 6 Primrose Ave LEWIS James Archibald 81 Clareville Ave Joiner LEWIS Joan Beryl 31 Clareville Ave 1963 SMITH LEWIS John 35 Cook Park Machinist LEWIS John Edward Sinclair 2 Gannon Ave Lorry driver 1954 LEWIS John Edward Sinclair 31 Clareville Ave Clerk 1963 LEWIS Laura 3 Primrose Ave 1943 LEWIS Noel Herbert 17 Dicken Ave Agent X LEWIS Samuel Henry Clareville Ave Oyster lessee LEWIS Samuel Morten D'Albydhll 81 Clareville Ave School teacher LEWIS Una Hesperia 17 Dicken Ave 1958 LEWIS Violet May "Girlie" 81 Clareville Ave Typist LEWIS William Edward 21 Gannon Ave Labourer sp STELZER, Raymond Clyde LEWIS William Thomas Allan 96 Russell Ave Builder X LEWY Milton Louis 14 Sanoni Ave Engineer 1958 LEWY Ruth Hamilton 14 Sanoni Ave BROWN LINTON Hannah Rose 31 Sanoni Ave PAYTEN LINTON Mary 31 Clareville Ave ROBINSON

211 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 LINTON Paula Elizabeth 31 Clareville Ave LINTON William James 31 Clareville Ave Butcher LINTON William James Jnr 31 Clareville Ave Butcher X LITHERLAND Alwin Scott 28 Clareville Ave Engineer LITHERLAND Doreen Maud 28 Clareville Ave Stenographer 1949 O'SHEA LIVINGSTONE Gwendoline 147 Russell Ave 1963 FLOOD LIVINGSTONE William Stanley 147 Russell Ave Taxi driver 1963 LOADER Joyce Irene 10 Sanoni Ave HARRANG LOADER Thomas Arthur 10 Sanoni Ave Ironmoulder LOCKIE Esme Evelyn 118 Russell Ave LONG Caroline Primrose Ave LONG Geoffrey Paul 124 Russell Ave Shipwright LONG Gladys May Wiwurri, Primrose Ave LONG John Fredrick Richard Primrose Ave Cake baker LONG Sylvia Elsa 124 Russell Ave WATERS LONG Thomas Henry 124 Russell Ave Insurance inspector X LONGFIELD Ida Violet 141 Clareville Ave WILLIAMS LONGFIELD Robert Thomas 141 Clareville Ave Baker X LONGQUIST Henry Ernest 30 Waldron Street Foreman X LONGQUIST Patricia 30 Waldron Street HARRISON LONGTON Ada Louise 1 Sanoni Ave AMES sp CAINES, Ronald LONGTON Mary Louise Sanoni Ave Harry LONGTON Myrtle Henrietta 1 Sanoni Ave GRAHAM LONGTON Myrtle Henrietta 3 Sanoni Ave GRAHAM LONGTON William 3 Sanoni Ave Timekeeper LONGTON William 1 Sanoni Ave Timekeeper LOONEY Leo James 4 Sanoni Ave Labourer X LOONEY Valerie Malvirna 4 Sanoni Ave 1949 MURPHY LOONEY Valerie Malvirna 12 Primrose Ave 1954 LORD Audrey Norma 4 Dicken Ave

212 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 LORD Phyllis Elizabeth 16 Mc Millan Ave LEWIS LORD Phyllis Elizabeth 21 Gannon Ave LEWIS LORD Phyllis Elizabeth 104 Russell Ave LEWIS LORD Ronald Henry 4 Dicken Ave X LORD Walter 16 Mc Millan Ave Textile worker LORD Walter 21 Gannon Ave Textile worker LORD Walter 104 Russell Ave Greengrocer LOUGHEED Ada Martha Clareville Ave CUTLER LOUGHEED Ada Martha Clareville & Sanoni Ave CUTLER LOUGHEED Frederick Carmia Clareville Ave Clicker LOUGHEED John Frederick 45 Sanoni Ave Clerk LOVEDAY John Richard 13 Dicken Ave Greengrocer SAVAGE sp2 LOVEDAY Philomena Maud 18 Dicken Ave HURT, John Henry, sp3 EDWARDs, 1936 Francis Michael LOVEDAY Thomas Arthur Richard 18 Dicken Ave Clerk LOVEDEE Alfred 47 Sanoni Ave Crockery packer X LOVEDEE Ellen Catherine "Nellie" 47 Sanoni Ave SLEEMAN LOVEDEE James Arthur 47 Sanoni Ave Packer LOVEDEE John Edward 47 Sanoni Ave Motor mechanic LOVERIDGE Albert James 30 Clareville Ave Engineer LOVERIDGE Barbara Olive Charles 30 Clareville Ave CRONAU LOWE Elizabeth Ethel 93 Clareville Ave LOWE Lily Louisa 177 Russell Ave 1963 LUMLEY Doris/Emma 8 Sanoni Ave BULLIMAN LUMLEY William Thomas Clarence 8 Sanoni Ave Labourer LUMSDON John 104 Ida Street Manufacturing chemist LUMSDON John 74 Clareville Ave Manufacturing chemist

213 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 GILL sp1 LUMSDON Mabel Lizzie Lock 74 Clareville Ave MILLER, Percival J GILL sp1 LUMSDON Mabel Lizzie Lock 104 Ida Street MILLER, Percival J LUNDBERG Axel Argyle, 28 Sanoni Ave Tailor's cutter X LUNDBERG Hilma Carlson Argyle, 28 Sanoni Ave Cutter and Designer sp LARSON, Alexander John LUNDBERG Margaret Argyle, 28 Sanoni Ave AITKEN LUNDBERG Pearl Campbell Gilchrist Argyle, 28 Sanoni Ave Teacher LUTTON Dorothy Irene 5 Mc Millan Ave sp BLYDE, James M LUTTON Ethel Louisa 85 Primrose Ave CARTER LUTTON Ethel Louisa 5 Mc Millan Ave CARTER LUTTON Frank Edward 85 Primrose Ave Labourer X LUTTON Frank Edward 5 Mc Millan Ave Labourer X LUTTON Mary Edna 85 Primrose Ave Paper bag maker sp WINN, George 1933 Charles LUTTON Mary Edna 5 Mc Millan Ave sp WINN, George Charles LUTTON Terrance Robert 5 Mc Millan Ave Labourer LUTTRELL Ella Blanche 85 Primrose Ave JONES LUTTRELL William Leslie 85 Primrose Ave Labourer X LYONS Dennis 10 Malua Street Mechanic 1958 LYONS Joan Irene 16 Malua Street FAWCETT LYONS Ronald 16 Malua Street Carter MABBOTT Harriet Sunley, Cook Park SUNLEY MACDONALD Joan Beverley 12 Waldron Street Clerk POLLARD MACDONALD Lord Edward Gray "Ted" 12 Waldron Street Bus driver X MACDONALD Lynnette Jean 12 Waldron Street Packer sp MACKS, William 1958 Ernest MACDONALD Mabel Frances "May" 12 Waldron Street OHMA

214 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 sp POLLARD, Joan MACDONALD Raymond Edward 12 Waldron Street Salesman 1963 Beverley MACGILLIVREY Angus Beaton 12 Clareville Ave X MACINANTE Joseph 94 Ida Street Hairdresser MACINANTE Millison Angela 94 Ida Street WALTON MACKEY Ann Jane 9 Primrose Ave CONLON MACKEY Charles 9 Primrose Ave Traveller MACKEY Michael Reginald Joseph 9 Primrose Ave Radio mechanic MACKEY Patricia Ann 9 Primrose Ave MACRAE Margaret 10 Malua Street 1963 MACRAE Robert 10 Malua Street Fitter 1963 MADDEN Edward William Culbert 15 Clareville Ave Nurseryman X MADDEN Marjorie Alice 15 Clareville Ave CROFT MADRERS Joan 14 Malua Street BISHOP MADRERS John Charles 14 Malua Street Accountant X MANNING Alice Annie 2 Clareville Ave 1943 MANNING Francis 16 Clareville Ave Labourer MANNING George Patrick 16 Clareville Ave Labourer MANNING George Patrick 49 Sanoni Ave Labourer 1937 MANNING Joseph 16 Clareville Ave Motor mechanic 1934 MANNING Mary 16 Clareville Ave MANNING Percy Loretta, Clareville Ave Boilermaker MANNING Percy 2 Clareville Ave Boilermaker MANSELL Lily Villata, 7 Primrose Ave MANSELL Percy James Baker 7 Primrose Ave Estate agent MELVIN sp2 MANSFIELD Evelyn Joyce 22 Malua Street CASSIN, Ronald John MANSFIELD Jean Shirley 40 Clareville Ave DEWHURST MANSFIELD Reginald Keith 40 Clareville Ave Pilot X MANSFIELD Ronald Sydney 22 Malua Street Compositor MARK Alfred 156 Russell Ave Accountant

215 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 MARK Beatrice 156 Russell Ave MARSDEN Doreen Alma 34 Waldron Street WILSON MARSDEN Max Augustine 34 Waldron Street Fitter and turner MARSDEN Percival Fred 12 Skinners Ave Woodworker X MARSDEN Ronald Thomas 34 Waldron Street Boilermaker MARSDEN Violet 12 Skinners Ave MARSHALL Charles Frederick 85 Russell Ave Tile layer X MARSHALL Christina 85 Russell Ave SAINTY MARSHALL Henry 85 Russell Ave MARSHALL Henry Herbert 85 Russell Ave Tile layer MARTIN Alan Leighton 38 Mc Millan Ave TV technician MARTIN Rita May 14 Norman Ave GIBBS MARTIN Roy Francis 14 Norman Ave Naval officer X MARTIN Ruth Margaret 38 Mc Millan Ave 1963 JOHANSON MASON Adeline Hazel 17 Sanoni Ave 1963 MASON Eileen 116 Clareville Ave MASON Eileen 110 Clareville Ave MASON Walter James 116 Clareville Ave Industrial chemist MASON Walter James 110 Clareville Ave Industrial chemist MASTERS Edna May 37 Mc Millan Ave CARNE MASTERS Edna May 28 Gannon Ave CARNE MASTERS Harold William 96 Clareville Ave Fitter and turner MASTERS Helena Turner 96 Clareville Ave MEREDITH MASTERS William Patrick 37 Mc Millan Ave Ground engineer MASTERS William Patrick 28 Gannon Ave Ground engineer MATCHETT George Herbert 23 Mc Millan Ave Storeman X MATCHETT George Herbert 33 Mc Millan Ave Storeman X MATCHETT Herbert Joseph 33 Mc Millan Ave RAAF MATCHETT Winifred Maude 23 Mc Millan Ave HANSEN MATCHETT Winifred Maude 33 Mc Millan Ave HANSEN

216 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME CUNYNGHAME, WW1 WW2 MATHER Mary Holly 94 Russell Ave Pastrycook sp1 MATHER, William Lawrence sp2 RAWSON, 1943 Trevor William MATHEW Ida May 3 Carruthers Drive BAKER MATHEW Percival 3 Carruthers Drive Crane driver MATTHEWS Ethel May 145 Russell Ave HAYES MATTHEWS Gladys May 15 Primrose Ave RALLS MATTHEWS Henry Edwin 15 Primrose Ave Mechanic MAYNARD Margaret Letitia 106 Ida Street MAYNE Dorothy 5 Norman Ave GREY sp BIRCH, Rupert W T MAYNE Roy (Daniel Joseph Peter) 5 Norman Ave spraypainter X MCCALLUM Andrew Stewart 78 Clareville Ave Aircraft fitter MCCALLUM Ethel Maude 177 Russell Ave 1963 MCCALLUM Rhonda Eileen 5 Malua Street 1958 WYNN MCCARROLL Joan Martha 74 Clareville Ave 1963 MCCARROLL John Arthur 74 Clareville Ave Sales rep 1963 MCCARTHY Jean Clara 9 Malua Street ALLEN MCCARTHY Justin Henry 9 Malua Street Tailor X MCCARTHY Margaret 53 Clareville Ave MCCASKILL Colin Fred 12 Curruthers Drive Radio tech X MCCASKILL Patricia Lucille 12 Curruthers Drive WRIGHT MCCATHIE Gloria Wilhelmina 80 Ida Street JUNK MCCATHIE John Henderson 80 Ida Street Drycleaner X MCCAUGHTRIE Allen 41 Mc Millan Ave X MCCLEMENTS Mavis Irene 15 Primrose Ave 1949 HANSEN MCCLEMENTS Richard George Chaplin 15 Primrose Ave Student 1949 X MCCLOUGHAN Edna Dorothy 35 Waldron Street 1963 SOUTHCOMBE MCCORMICK Amy Letitia 132 Russell Ave COX MCCORMICK William John 132 Russell Ave Labourer

217 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 MCCOWAGE Beatrice Lydia Talofa, Cook Park LEDGER MCCOWAGE Dorothy Hartley Talofa, Clareville Ave MCCOWAGE Dorothy Hartley Talofa, Cook Park MCCOWAGE Hazel Vivian Talofa, Clareville Ave Dressmaker MCCOWAGE Joseph Talofa, Cook Park Independent means MCCOWAGE Norman Edward 80 Clareville Ave Clerk X MCCRACKEN Emily Winifred LYNCH sp2 The Pines, 79 Clareville Ave WITCHENDALE, William Henry MCCRACKEN James The Pines, 79 Clareville Ave Carpenter X MCDERMOTT Edward Malua Street Labourer MCDERMOTT Edward 79 Russell Ave MCDERMOTT Mary Ann Elizabeth 79 Russell Ave SIMPSON MCDERMOTT May Edith Malua Street sp FOSTER, Leslie W MCDERMOTT May Edith 79 Russell Ave sp FOSTER, Leslie W MCDONALD Alexander 19 Clareville Ave Wool scourer MCDONALD Anna 19 Clareville Ave CONNELLY MCDONALD John 1 Carruthers Drive 1943 MCDOWELL Adell Margaret 98 Russell Ave MCDOWELL John 98 Russell Ave Union official 1963 MCGILLICUDDY Clement Paul 2 Malua Street Motor mechanic MCGILLICUDDY Ellie Clare 2 Malua Street MOORE Corrimal House, Clareville MCGOVERN Margaret Ave Nurse 1930 HICKEYs p1 MOLLOY, George sp2 MCINERNEY, MCINERNEY May Evelyn 12 Primrose Ave James

218 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 MCKAY Mary Jane 16 Skinners Ave 1958 MCKEE Donald 5 Primrose Ave Driver 1958 MCKENZIE Gordon Keith 7 Norman Ave Photo finisher MCKENZIE Mary 7 Norman Ave Shop assistant DEAN MCKENZIE Patricia Shirley 146 Russell Ave HYNES MCKENZIE Ronald Keith 146 Russell Ave Taxi proprietor MCKEOWN Elsie Beatrice 58 Clareville Ave PHILLIPS MCKEOWN Elsie Beatrice 62 Clareville Ave PHILLIPS MCKEOWN James Thomas 58 Clareville Ave Boot op X MCKEOWN James Thomas 62 Clareville Ave Boot op X MCKIE Douglas Edward 93 Clareville Ave Boilermaker MCKIE Fanny Harvey 93 Clareville Ave TAYLOR MCKINVEN Edith Margaret 16 Primrose Ave 1958 STUART MCKINVEN John Baxter 18 Primrose Ave School teacher sp2 HAMMOND, 1949 Gladys Mary RUSHTON, sp2 DENYER, Samuel MCKINVEN Vera Phyllis 18 Primrose Ave Richard H MCLAUGHLIN Margaret Eileen 16 Primrose Ave 1963 MCKINVEN MCLAUGHLIN Raymond John 16 Primrose Ave spraypainter 1963 KENNEDY sp1 MCLEOD Sylvia 20 Cook Park HOOKE George sp2 MCLEOD, Philip 1930 Charles MCNAMARA William Graeme 161 Russell Ave RAN 1954 MCNEILLY Leslie Douglas 117 Clareville Ave Builder MCNEILLY Thelma Joyce 117 Clareville Ave WARD MCNIVEN Neville Earl 88 Ida Street Carrier 1954 X MCNIVEN Valerie Evelyn May 88 Ida Street MORRIS MCPHEE Kenneth Francis 82 Clareville Ave Seaman 1943 MCPHEE Margaret Esther 82 Clareville Ave 1943 X

219 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 MCPHERSON Desmond William 22 Primrose Ave Labourer MCPHERSON George Raymond 85 Primrose Ave Process worker MCPHERSON George Raymond Primrose Ave Process worker MCPHERSON James 4 Norman Ave Carrier MCPHERSON Thelma Grace 85 Primrose Ave BEAKE MCPHERSON Thelma Grace Primrose Ave BEAKE MCPHERSON Violet Lily May 4 Norman Ave REID MCTERNAN Joan 106 Ida Street MCTERNAN William James Leo 106 Ida Street Bus driver X MEAKES Marjorie Teresa 28 Mc Millan Ave TUBBS MELBOURNE Bertha 18 Waldron Street WILSON MELBOURNE Claude Ronald 18 Waldron Street Labourer MELDRUM Maisie 153 Russell Ave LEVY MELDRUM Ronald Henry 153 Russell Ave Labourer MELTON Priscilla Esther 119 Clareville Ave MELTON Victor Bathurst 119 Clareville Ave Accountant MELVILLE Florence May 165 Russell Ave ELVY pic sp BAKER, Robert MELVILLE Florence Victoria 165 Russell Ave Dressmaker Walter MELVILLE Jack 165 Russell Ave Fly hand MELVILLE James Boyd 165 Russell Ave Sterotyper MELVILLE James Pope 165 Russell Ave Clerk MELVILLE William 165 Russell Ave Electrical fitter MELVILLE William Elvy 165 Russell Ave Railway officer X MERCER Leslie Reuben Mc Millan Ave Labourer X MERCER Phyllis Alberta Mc Millan Ave CAMPBELL MESSENGER Donald Ernest 28 Mc Millan Ave Seaman MESSENGER Edna Annie 28 Mc Millan Ave MESSENGER Ernest Albert 28 Mc Millan Ave Ship's steward X MICHAEL Betty Margaret 3 Mc Millan Ave 1958 MICHAEL Colin Martin 3 Mc Millan Ave Carrier

220 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 MICHAEL John Bruce 3 Mc Millan Ave Carrier 1958 MICHAEL Joseph 3 Mc Millan Ave Labourer MICHAEL Mary Shomar 3 Mc Millan Ave MIDDLETON Leslie Walter 49a Clareville Ave Process worker MIDDLETON Sylvie Gwendoline 16 Mc Millan Ave BATES MIDDLETON Sylvie Gwendoline 17 Sanoni Ave BATES MIDDLETON Sylvie Gwendoline 49a Clareville Ave BATES MIDDLETON Walter Clarence 16 Mc Millan Ave Labourer MIDDLETON Walter Clarence 17 Sanoni Ave Labourer MIDDLETON Walter Clarence 49a Clareville Ave Labourer MILHAM John Walter Leslie 98 Cook Park Labourer X MILHAM Mary Zillah 98 Cook Park BOWER MILLER Doreen Patricia 14 Dicken Ave 1963 LEWIS MILLER Edith 136 Russell Ave 1943 MILLER Estella Muriel 11 Clareville Ave HATTER MILLER Frank Richard 92 Ida Street Master carrier MILLER Jack 11 Clareville Ave Labourer 1943 MILLER Jean Rita 92 Ida Street HOUSTON MILLER Jessie Unity 153 Russell Ave DE CARLE MILLER Thomas Owen 32 Cook Park Manchester buyer X MILLER Tom 11 Clareville Ave Actor MILLER Walter George 14 Dicken Ave Machinist 1963 MILLER William John 153 Russell Ave Grocer MINNS Doris Mary 8/145 Clareville Ave Manageress 1963 SWAN MINNS George William 8/145 Clareville Ave Chef MITCHELL Peter 101 Cook Park Salesman MITCHELL Sidney Arthur 163 Russell Ave Compositor X MITCHELL Violet May Blanche 163 Russell Ave FAULKNER MITTON Kenneth Chris 3 Primrose Ave Clerk X MITTON Pauline Joyce 3 Primrose Ave Stenographer 1963 NIXON

221 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 MOLLOY Betty Joyce 10 Primrose Ave MARSDEN MOLLOY Mervyn George 10 Primrose Ave Toolmaker MONTGOMERY Gregory John 132 Russell Ave Panelbeater 1963 MONTGOMERY Janice Lillian 132 Russell Ave Clerk BAKER MONTGOMERY John Frederick 6 Carruthers Drive Salesman X MONTGOMERY Kathleen Elsie 87a Primrose Ave O'BRIEN MONTGOMERY Kevin Roy 87a Primrose Ave Teacher MONTGOMERY Mildred Jessie 6 Carruthers Drive BEVERIDGE MONTGOMERY Nellie Agnes 6 Carruthers Drive DICKER MOONEY Cecil Edward 104 Clareville Ave Cook MOONEY Darcy George 104 Clareville Ave MOONEY Fannie Beatrice 104 Clareville Ave WATKINS MOORCROFT Elvina Annie 85 Russell Ave MOORCROFT George 85 Russell Ave Bricklayer MOORE Arthur Roy 107 Ida Street Electrica contractor MOORE Dorothy Mildred 4 Mc Millan Ave SELBY MOORE Sylvia May 107 Ida Street KITCHIN MOORE Thomas Gillan 4 Mc Millan Ave Clerk MORGAN Ada Florence Leicester, 33 Cook Park Machinist MORGAN Alice Eliza Clareville Ave BAIRD MORGAN Donald Michael Clareville Ave Storekeeper MORGAN Edward Arthur 33 Cook Park Clicker X MORGAN Florence Maud Leicester, 33 Cook Park MORGAN Frederick James Jnr Leicester, 33 Cook Park MORGAN Frederick James Jnr 19 Dicken Ave Clicker MORGAN Frederick James Snr Leicester, 33 Cook Park Clerk MORGAN Gladys May 8 Gannon Ave MORGAN Grace Edna 33 Cook Park Machinist MORGAN Phyllis Ida Leicester, 33 Cook Park CAHALAN MORGAN Phyllis Ida 19 Dicken Ave 1905+E CAHALAN

222 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 MORLEY Arthur Cecil 137 Russell Ave Commercial Artist MORLEY Arthur Cecil 139 Russell Ave Commercial Artist MORLEY Arthur Cecil 141 Russell Ave Industrial artist MORLEY Arthur Cecil 139 Russell Ave Artist MORLEY Dorothy Florence 141 Russell Ave HOLIDAY MORLEY Dorothy Florence 139 Russell Ave Kindergarten assistant HOLIDAY MORLEY Florence Ethel Mary 139 Russell Ave CLEMENTS MORLEY Frank Alfred 139 Russell Ave Brass finisher MORRIS Frederick James 88 Ida Street Jockey 1954 MORRIS Leslie Norman 161 Russell Ave Labourer 1954 MORRIS Reginald Keith 105 Ida Street Printer X MORRIS Reginald Keith 75 Clareville Ave Public servant X MORRIS Ronald Keith 75 Clareville Ave Joiner MORRIS Ruby Irene 105 Ida Street BLUNDELL MORRIS Ruby Irene 75 Clareville Ave BLUNDELL MORRIS Valerie 75 Clareville Ave MCKILLOP MORRISON Josephine 122 Russell Ave Stenographer 1963 MORRISON Ross Westland 122 Russell Ave Mechanic 1963 MORSE Ronald Charles 96 Ida Street Silk screen printer 1963 MORTIMER Katherine Hamilton 20 Gannon Ave 1963 MORTON David 27 Malua Street Plumber X MORTON Henry Sidney 27 Malua Street Moulder MORTON Oriel Grace 27 Malua Street HARMAN MORTON Robert David 27 Malua Street Labourer 1963 MOYLAN Colin Clifford 102 Russell Ave Railway employee MOYLAN Lydia Jessie 102 Russell Ave HUME MOYLAN Mavis Emilie 30 Minton Ave WESLEY

223 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 MOYLAN Michael Eugene 30 Minton Ave Publican X MOYLAN Michael Eugene Princes of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave Publican X MURCUTT Allan 10 Minton Ave Clerk WILLIAMSON, sp1 MURCUTT Ethel Maud Elizabeth 10 Minton Ave FORD, Edward W, sp2 MURCUTT, Alfred Leslie MURCUTT Fay 10 Minton Ave GLOHE MURPHY Angela Jane 4 Sanoni Ave MURPHY Angela Jane 12 Primrose Ave MURPHY Angela Jane 42 Primrose Ave MURPHY Joseph 108 Ida Street Salesman MURPHY Pauline Theresa 108 Ida Street DAVIS MURRAY Attle Frederick Cook Park Civil servant X MURRAY Charmaine Elizabeth 12 Malua Street 1963 MURRAY Chasselles William 141 Clareville Ave Moulder X MURRAY Clara 3 Clareville Ave MURRAY Ernest William 3 Clareville Ave Painter 1943 MURRAY Ernest William 2 Clareville Ave Fitter's assistant MURRAY Gladys Adelaide 2 Clareville Ave LEUALLEN MURRAY James Duncan, 9 Sanoni Ave Printer 1932 MURRAY Kathleen 5 Carruthers Drive DOUGLAS sp GILLIGAN, MURRAY Laurine Thelma Cook Park Vincent William MURRAY Margaret Duncan Duncan, 9 Sanoni Ave MURRAY Marlene 17 Dicken Ave 1963 CASE MURRAY Neville Ashley 5 Carruthers Drive Carpenter X MURRAY Neville Clarence 5 Carruthers Drive Radio technician 1958 MURRAY Nicholas Joseph 1 Carruthers Drive Clerk X MURRAY Patricia Jeanette 1 Carruthers Drive 1963 HILL

224 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 MURRAY Stanley McKinnon 12 Malua Street Postal officer 1963 MURRAY Thomas Mervyn 17 Dicken Ave Butcher 1963 MUTCH Elma 4 Vanstone Parade Private secretary 1963 NEILSON MUTCH Robert 4 Vanstone Parade Secretary X NAGLE Gertrude Mary 29 Clareville Ave APPLETON NAGLE Robert Marshall 29 Clareville Ave Carpenter X NAGLE Vera Ethel 29 Clareville Ave THORPE NAGLE Vera Ethel 36 Clareville Ave THORPE sp BEAUMONT, NANCARROW Josephine 135 Russell Ave Arthur McDonald NASH Kenneth James 35 Waldron Street Store assistant 1949 NASH Lucy 177 Russell Ave SMITH NAVEN Stephen Michael 96 Ida Street PMG Linesman 1963 NAYLOR Idrys Elaine 11a Gannon Ave Typist 1963 DIXON NAYLOR Lawrence Ralph 11a Gannon Ave Storeman NELSON George 176 Russell Ave Engineer NELSON Gloria Sylvia 176 Russell Ave Clerk sp KING, Ronald James NELSON Henry John 33 Cook Park Leather dresser X NELSON Ivy Kathleen Rathgar, 51 Clareville Ave Milliner sp CRAWFORD, Herbert Sydney NELSON Melvyn 176 Russell Ave Mechanical engineer NELSON Norah Margaret 53 Clareville Ave O'CALLAGHAN sp DAHMS, Ernest NELSON Pearl Elizabeth Rathgar, 51 Clareville Ave Charles NELSON Royce Maxwell 176 Russell Ave Clerk X NELSON Thomas Rathgar 51, Clareville Ave Retired NELSON Thomas Francis 53 Clareville Ave Builder NELSON Thomas Taylor 51 Clareville Ave Retired NELSON Winnie 176 Russell Ave HEALEY NESBITT Beatrice May 68 Clareville Ave Waitress

225 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 NESBITT Maurice George 68 Clareville Ave Fitter NEWELL Elizabeth 137 Russell Ave 1931 NEWELL Elizabeth 137 Russell Ave 1934 NEWELL Elizabeth 139 Russell Ave NEWLAND Beatrice Mary Norman Ave NEWLAND Bertie Edward Norman Ave Clerk X NEWLAND George Thomas 79 Russell Ave NEWMAN Elizabeth Mabel 40 Waldron Street Clerk WATTERS NEWMAN Peggy Laurel 34 Waldron Street LEE NEWMAN Vernon 34 Waldron Street Manufacturing engineer NEWS David William 30 Mc Millan Ave Representative NEWS Shirley Eleanor 30 Mc Millan Ave 1963 MILLER NICHOLAS Alexander 142 Russell Ave Confectioner NICHOLAS Helen Catherine 24 Malua Street RICHARDS NICHOLAS Viola Victoria 142 Russell Ave Confectioner AITKEN/HARVEY NICHOLLS Edna Maude 1 Sanoni Ave FIELD sp COLE, Theodore NICHOLLS Ella Hastings 151 Russell Ave Dressmaker James NICHOLLS Robert 1 Sanoni Ave Skin classer NICHOLSON Jane Louisa Clareville Ave 1930 NOSWORTHY Edith Norwood 37 Mc Millan Ave PRATT NOSWORTHY William Alex 37 Mc Millan Ave Furnaceman O'BRIEN Cecil William 106 Russell Ave Grocer O'BRIEN Gordon Geoffrey 158 Russell Ave Grocer O'BRIEN Joan Mary 106 Russell Ave HOOPER O'BRIEN Patricia Elizabeth 158 Russell Ave O'CONNOR Annie Margaret 4 Skinners Ave Forelady 1954 O'DONNELL Raymond Andrew 18 Primrose Ave Salesman X O'DONNELL Thomas Woodville, 18 Malua Street Carter O'DONNELL Wilma Emily 18 Primrose Ave

226 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 OLIVER Emily 4 Clareville Ave MOORE OLIVER Walter 4 Clareville Ave OLIVER William John 4 Clareville Ave Electrician OLSEN John Harry Lot 59, Waldron Street Painter-docker OLSEN Mabel Zelma Lot 59, Waldron Street SOLDERBLOM O'MALEY Alice Emily Jesmond 90 Primrose Ave ORANGE Florence 136 Russell Ave WHITE ORANGE George Albert Jnr 136 Russell Ave Fisherman O'REILLY Eileen Mary 42 Waldron Street HORSBURGH O'REILLY Ivan James 42 Waldron Street Engineer ORR Joseph Herbert 172 Russell Ave Builder ORR Joyce Mabel 172 Russell Ave GAFFNEY ORR June Berenice 170A Russell Ave MILNE ORR William 170A Russell Ave Carpenter OSBORNE Charlotte 100 Russell Ave 1943 O'SHEA Denis James 35 Gannon Ave Oxywelder O'SHEA Marion 35 Gannon Ave MCCUBBIN OVERALL Beryl May 20 Dicken Ave DONALDSON OVERALL Gordon Leslie 20 Dicken Ave Fibrous plasterer PADROTTA Henry Leslie Waldron Street Bricklayer X PAGE Beatrice Louisa 135 Russell Ave ROSS PAGE Doris Edna 135 Russell Ave 1937 PAGE Dulcie Mildred 49a Clareville Ave 1943 PAGE James Edwin Ainslie 135 Russell Ave PAGE Maud May 16 Minton Ave PAIN Mary 101 Cook Park PALLISTER Amy Annie 129 Clareville Ave DOYLE PALLISTER Leslie Jack 129 Clareville Ave Butcher PALLISTER Toni 57 Clareville Ave School teacher FISHER PALMER Charles Lin Mar, Malua Street Cleaner PALMER Charles 2 Malua Street Caretaker

227 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 BROWN sp2 PALMER Elsie Josephine 12 Dicken Ave ATKINS, William 1937 Henry PALMER Margaret Ann Lin Mar, Malua Street BURNS PALMER Margaret Annie 2 Malua Street BURNS PALMER William Cyril George 12 Dicken Ave Labourer X PANTLIN George Bayliss 44 Mc Millan Ave Labourer PANTLIN George Bayliss 36 Mc Millan Ave Labourer PANTLIN Kay Violet 36 Mc Millan Ave 1963 COLEMAN PANTLIN Madge Frances 44 Mc Millan Ave 1943 MCDONALD PANTLIN Madge Frances 36 Mc Millan Ave MCDONALD PAPWORTH Allan Lawrence 3 Norman Ave Machinist PAPWORTH Daphne Mary 3 Norman Ave WALDRON Dunsandel, Carruthers sp WILLINGALE, PARKES Alma Dora Minnie Drive Examiner John Henry PARKHILL Brian Edward 14 Mc Millan Ave Bread carter X PARKHILL Charles Canberra, Clareville Ave Stillman PARKHILL Fanny Canberra, Clareville Ave MERYMENT PARKHILL Merle Agnes 14 Mc Millan Ave BLACK PARRY Carolyn Georgina 14 Sanoni Ave Typist 1963 HOUGH PARRY Robert James 14 Sanoni Ave Labourer 1963 PARSONS Alice 16 Clareville Ave MORLEY PARSONS Charles 16 Clareville Ave Oil blender PARSONS Charles 16 Clareville Ave Cabinetmaker PARSONS Ethel Annie Emily 79 Clareville Ave BROWN PARSONS Herbert Roy 16 Clareville Ave Labourer X PARSONS Jack Bernard 12 Clareville Ave Engineer PARSONS Leonard Harry 16 Clareville Ave Carrier PARSONS Marie June 16 Clareville Ave ANTHONEY PARSONS Marjorie Elizabeth 12 Sanoni Ave BEDFORD PARSONS William C/o F Selmon, Cook Park Wool classer PARSONS William 79 Clareville Ave Wool classer

228 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 FRASER sp2 PART Jessie 12 Clareville Ave BUNGATE, William 1943 James PASCOE Barry James 87 Clareville Ave Metallurgist 1954 PASCOE Gladie Muriel 87 Clareville Ave WAKEFORD PASCOE James Thomas 87 Clareville Ave Engineer PASCOE Marilyn Rebena 87 Clareville Ave Stenographer 1958 PASFIELD Harry Osborne Clareville Ave Tanner PASFIELD Samuel Henry Clareville Ave PASSMORE Frederick George 15 Gannon Ave Police officer PASSMORE Margaret Sulifan 15 Gannon Ave BOARD sp STELL, Arthur Frederick PATINO Alice May 97 Russell Ave MCKENZIE PATINO Alice May 20 Clareville Ave MCKENZIE PATINO Arthur Furness 97 Russell Ave Plasterer PATINO Arthur Furness 20 Clareville Ave Plasterer PATTERSON Barbara Ann 11 Sanoni Ave 1958 WILLISON PATTERSON David Mare 11 Sanoni Ave Fireman 1958 PATTERSON Donald Bruce 8 Sanoni Ave Machinist X PATTERSON Donald Bruce 15 Dicken Ave Machinist X PATTERSON Eileen Doris 8 Sanoni Ave Machinist's assistant sp EVERETT, 1943 Lawrence Charles PATTERSON Isabel 8 Sanoni Ave Sales assistant 1949 ANDERSON PATTERSON Isabel 15 Dicken Ave Sales assistant ANDERSON PATTERSON James William 8 Sanoni Ave Truck driver PATTERSON James William 8 Sanoni Ave Fireman 1958 PATTERSON Margaret McLaws 8 Sanoni Ave MATHESON PATTERSON Mona Jane 8 Sanoni Ave ANDERSON PATTERSON William James 8 Sanoni Ave Labourer PAUSEY Dorothy Lena 21 Mc Millan Ave TURNER PAUSEY Robert Tom 21 Mc Millan Ave Turner and fitter X PAYNE Alice 143 Clareville Ave 1963

229 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 PAYNE Frank 11 Cook Park Fitter 1943 PAYNE Gordon 143 Clareville Ave 1963 PAYNE Irene May 11 Cook Park 1943 GODDEN PAYNE Kitty 11 Cook Park Stenographer sp NEWTON, Harold PAYNE William Richard 85 Russell Ave Labourer 1931 PEACOCK George Henry 107 Clareville Ave Gardener PEAKE Vera Christina Primrose Ave Hairdresser PEARCE Charles Joseph 147 Russell Ave Linesman sp WHEELER, Arthur James PEARCE Christina Flora 147 Russell Ave FREEMAN PEARCE David James 8 Clarevile Ave Labourer PEARCE Dorothy 147 Russell Ave Forewoman 1949 PEARCE Dorothy Irene 31 Sanoni Ave Typist 1958 PEARCE Edith Violet 147 Russell Ave Machinist PARKER PEARCE Elizabeth Orpen 8 Clarevile Ave FINCH PEARCE Harry 31 Sanoni Ave Clerk PEARCE Harry Jnr 31 Sanoni Ave Journalist 1954 PEARCE Irene Matilda 147 Russell Ave Florist PEARCE Joseph 147 Russell Ave Dealer PEARCE Mary 147 Russell Ave Machinist PEARCE Mary Henrietta 8 Clareville Ave Stemmer PEARCE Susie Irene 31 Sanoni Ave CURTIS PEARSON Edna Elizabeth 10 Gannon Ave Machinist PEARSON George Robert Procter 1 Malua Street Aircraft engineer 1958 PEARSON John George Benthom 157 Russell Ave Engineer PEARSON Mary 157 Russell Ave COLLISON PEARSON Winifred Ada 10 Gannon Ave PEASE Mary Alma 37 Waldron Street TOOHEY PEASE Stanley Leyden "Darby" 37 Waldron Street Timberworker PEATTIE Elizabeth Emily Edgecumb, Cook Park PEATTIE Robert Dalziel Edgecumb, Cook Park Ship master

230 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 sp LUCKIE, Bruce PECK Elaine Margaret 14 Malua Street Clerk 1958 Lennox PECK Harold Phillip 1 Malua Street Teacher X PECK Joyce Sylvia 1 Malua Street FAWCETT PEDDER Joseph 9 Minton Ave Painter PELHAM Donald Andrew 4 Clareville Ave Electrical fitter 1958 PENDLEBURY Elizabeth 16 Mc Millan Ave 1933 MASON PENDLEBURY Herbert 16 Mc Millan Ave Labourer PENISTONE Arthur Ronald 77 Cook Park Constable PENISTONE Hilda Alice 77 Cook Park NICHOLDS PENNY Charles Albert 44 Clareville Ave Chainman PENNY Lillian Muriel 44 Clareville Ave LITTLE PEPPER Charles Henry 14 Gannon Ave Carpenter PEPPER Joan Olga 14 Gannon Ave THOMPSON PERCIVAL Bruce Dennis 72 Clareville Ave Factory manager PERCIVAL Emily May Lorne, Clareville Ave SAUNDERS PERCIVAL Emily May 100 Russell Ave SAUNDERS PERCIVAL Frederick Thomas Lorne, Clareville Ave Sheetmetal worker X PERCIVAL Frederick Thomas 100 Russell Ave Sheetmetal worker X PERCIVAL Shirley 72 Clareville Ave 1963 RAAHAUGE PETTY Helen Marion 2 Waldron Street 1958 PETTY John William 2 Waldron Street Advertising clerk 1958 PHEENEY Ella Dorothy 27 Clareville Ave CHILDS PHEENEY Leslie Frederick 27 Clareville Ave Press hand X PHELAN Edward Francis 134 Russell Ave Pipe fitter PHELAN Ivy Evelyn 134 Russell Ave MCNAMARA PHILIBERT Victor Joseph 135 Russell Ave Tanner PHILLIPS Harold Stephen 3 Dicken Ave Sheetmetal worker PHILLIPS Sadie Mildred 3 Dicken Ave PHILLPOT

231 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 PHILLIPS Shirley Irene 3 Dicken Ave Typist 1958 PHILLPOTT Margaret Agnes Elizabeth Clareville Ave HICKSON sp PILGRIM, PHILLPOTT Ruth Esme 47 Clareville Ave Artist Norman Donald PHILPOTT Sylvia Mary 19 Mc Millan Ave CHAMBERS PHILPOTT Walter John 19 Mc Millan Ave Sales engineer PICKERING Catherine Cabry 24 Waldron Street 1949 FRANCIS sp2 HITTMAN, Hubert Edward PICKERING Imanuel Francis 24 Waldron Street X PIGGOTT Alan 89 Russell Ave Welder PIGGOTT Valerie Mabel 89 Russell Ave Machinist TAYLOR PILGRIM Alice Maud Boatshed, Cook Park MCPHERSON PILGRIM Alice Maud 129 Russell Ave Boatshed propretor MCPHERSON PILGRIM Archibald Alexander Clareville Ave Oyster lessee PILGRIM Archibald Alexander 129 Russell Ave oyster farmer PILGRIM Irene Vanstone Parade Shop assistant sp HURREN, Patrick Arthur G PILGRIM Leslie Harold Boatshed, Cook Park X PILGRIM Marie Jean 129 Russell Ave DRANE PILGRIM Norman Donald Cook Park Oysterman PILGRIM Norman Donald Clareville Ave Oysterman PILGRIM Norman Donald 93 Primrose Ave Oysterman PILGRIM Norman Donald 6 Primrose Ave Oysterman PILGRIM Rebecca Jane Clareville Ave LEES PILGRIM Ruth Esmay 93 Clareville Ave PHILLPOTT PILGRIM Ruth Esmay 6 Primrose Ave PHILLPOTT PILGRIM Stanley Clifford Boatshed, Cook Park Oysterman PILGRIM William Douglas Clareville Ave Retired X PINKERTON James William 93 Clareville Ave Carpenter PINKERTON James William 78 Clareville Ave Ship's joiner

232 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 sp DRANE, Leslie PINKERTON Joan Catherine 78 Clareville Ave Tablehand 1949 Arthur PINKERTON June Lydia 78 Clareville Ave Tablehand sp NICOL, John 1949 Tomkins PINKERTON Lawrence James 78 Clareville Ave Bricklayer X PINKERTON Lillian May 93 Clareville Ave CHRISTIE PINKERTON Lily May 78 Clareville Ave PINKERTON Margaret Dell 78 Clareville Ave PIPER Annie Lavina 120 Russell Ave MULLIGAN PIPER John Donald James 120 Russell Ave Retired PLATT June Margaret 19 Gannon Ave Typist 1963 BRADBURY Service station PLATT Walter Raymond 19 Gannon Ave assistant 1963 PLAYER Dorothy Myrine 22 Clareville Ave MESSENGER PLAYER Leo 22 Clareville Ave Carpenter and joiner PLAYER Leo Harold 114 Clareville Ave Salesman X PLAYER Valda Rose 114 Clareville Ave HAZEL POLLARD Norah 101 Russell Ave WHITE POLLARD Reginald Alfred 101 Russell Ave Storekeeper X POOLMAN Mabel Matilda 177 Russell Ave MARTIN POPE Alene 37 Sanoni Ave 1954 POPE Betty Ellen 37 Sanoni Ave 1949 sp WILSON, James Louis POPE Elleanor May 37 Sanoni Ave SALLAWAY POPE James John Percival 37 Sanoni Ave Storeman POPE John Darrell 37 Sanoni Ave Metel spinner POWER Austin Alexander "Albert" 100 Russell Ave Labourer X MCCANN sp2 PREECE Elvira Elizabeth 177 Russell Ave MATTHEWMAN, 1934 Albert PRESTON Harold 85 Primrose Ave Labourer

233 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 PRESTON Muriel Nellie 85 Primrose Ave O'BRIEN PRICE Eileen Mary 13 Norman Ave O'GRADY PRICE Frank Henry 10 Dicken Ave Engineer 1958 PRICE Henry Richard 13 Norman Ave Foreman PRICE Una Maud 10 Dicken Ave 1958 BUCKLEY PRIDE Bertie John William 4 Sanoni Ave Tram conductor PRIDE Freda May 4 Sanoni Ave ARNOLD PRIMMER Alfred Anthony 110 Russell Ave Butcher X PRIMMER Alfred Anthony 37 Mc Millan Ave Motor mechanic X PRIMMER Eileen Josephine 39 Mc Millan Ave CONNOR PRIMMER Frederick William 39 Mc Millan Ave PRIMMER Frederick William 39 Mc Millan Ave Labourer PRIMMER Gordon Alexander 39 Mc Millan Ave Printer PRIMMER Hubert Newman 39 Mc Millan Ave Metal polisher PRIMMER Hubert Newman 39 Mc Millan Ave Metal polisher PRIMMER Ivy Mary Anne May 39 Mc Millan Ave PRATT PRIOR Barry John 18 Clareville Ave Driver 1963 PRIOR Colleen Phyllis 18 Clareville Ave Typist 1963 BOLTON PROOPS Evelyn Lillian 141 Russell Ave GLOHE PROOPS Leslie Phillip 141 Russell Ave Metal machinist PRZIBELLA AnnIe 25 Gannon Ave FURZEY PRZIBELLA Otto Albert 25 Gannon Ave PUGH Rebecca Villata, Primrose Ave DUCKWORTH sp HARWOOD, PURNELL-WEBB Dorothy Prudence 92 Russell Ave Clerk Norman Charles PURNELL-WEBB Lewis 92 Russell Ave Public servant X PURNELL-WEBB Lewis 92 Russell Ave Apprentice 1954 PURNELL-WEBB Mary Alfreda 92 Russell Ave BENNETT sp MYNOTT, Allan PURNELL-WEBB Rosemary 92 Russell Ave Clerk George PURSEHOUSE Joseph Henry 87 Clareville Ave Storekeeper PURSEHOUSE Olive Mary 87 Clareville Ave NOWLAND X

234 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 PYNT Elsa Ruth 18 Minton Ave WOLFF PYNT Gerald 18 Minton Ave Journalist X QUIDDINGTON David Ross 159 Russell Ave Audit clerk X QUIDDINGTON Leonie Annie 159 Russell Ave sp2 CRAIG nee SCOTT QUIGLEY Sylvia Hope 39 Mc Millan Ave Handbag maker 1958 COOKE QUINLAN Herbert Austin Gannon Ave Traveller C/- Mrs Anderson, Russell QUINLAN Herbert Austin Ave C. Traveller QUINN Desmond Ronald 156 Russell Ave Carpenter X QUINN Doris Elizabeth Ann 156 Russell Ave PICKERING RAE Oliver Cecil Romano, Clareville Ave Navel seaman X RAE Oliver Cecil 5 Mc Millan Ave Navel seaman X RAE Violet 5 Mc Millan Ave BULLOCK RAIT William Watt 10 Malua Street Clerk 1958 RAMSAY Beryl 4 Waldron Street BUTTEL RAMSAY Eric Leonard 41 Mc Millan Ave Instrument maker RAMSAY Joseph Thrum,41 Mc Millan Ave Plumber RAMSAY Margaret Thrum, 41 Mc Millan Ave RAMSAY Norris Wentworth 4 Waldron Street Bank clerk RAMSAY Rhoda 41 Mc Millan Ave MURPHY RAMSAY William Welsh Thrum, Mc Millan Ave Engineer X RANDALL Edith Mary 17 Dicken Ave RANDALL Thomas Alfred 17 Dicken Ave Boilermaker RANCK Eva Clarice Horene, Clareville Ave FAUSTMAN RANCK William Andrew Horene, Clareville Ave Wicker worker RASTALL Elsie Evelyn 12 Gannon Ave TOBIN RASTALL John Noel 12 Gannon Ave French polisher RATCLIFFE Alfred Henry 78a Cook Park Overseer

235 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 RATCLIFFE Barry 3 Waldron Street Clerk 1963 RATCLIFFE Gweneth Fay 3 Waldron Street 1963 ROGERS RATCLIFFE Marjorie 78a Cook Park DARLEY RATTIGAN Ethel Adelaide 130 Russell Ave BEST RATTIGAN Thomas William 130 Russell Ave Hospital official RAVENSCROFT Lillian Mavis 22 Clareville Ave RAVENSCROFT Norman 22 Clareville Ave Station hand RAVESE Nolene Lesley 13 Vanstone Parade PERRY RAVESE Vincent 13 Vanstone Parade Fencing contractor X RAWSON Lillian Pearl 8 Mc Millan Ave HANSELL RAWSON Thomas Barnes 8 Mc Millan Ave RAYNER John Clayton 7 Gannon Ave Felt hat maker RAYNER Peggy Jean 7 Gannon Ave MCPHEE REA Mavis Amelia 17 Clareville Ave Maid 1963 COTTON REA William Eric 17 Clareville Ave Wardsman REGAN Eileen Olive 12 Sanoni Ave AITKEN REGAN Joseph James 31 Clareville Ave Butcher REGAN Joseph James 12 Sanoni Ave Butcher REID Jean Mary 161 Russell Ave Accounting sp CROMPTON, machine operator Norman James REVELL Emily Barbara 1 Carruthers Drive FORBES REVELL Herbert Harold 1 Carruthers Drive Hotel manager RICHARDS George Thomas 78a Cook Park Electrical engineer RICHARDS Gladys Myrtle 78a Cook Park BUCHANAN RICHARDS Joyce Lydia 78a Cook Park Clerk sp O'REILLY, William RICHARDS Keith George 78a Cook Park Salesman X RICHARDS Valda Amy 78a Cook Park Typist O'REILLY RICHES Albert George 18 Clareville Ave Clerk

236 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 WILLIAMS, sp1 RICHES Beatrice Rose 18 Clareville Ave O'DWYER, Richard Patrick RICHES Lily Mary Elizabeth 10 Vanstone Parade BENSON RIDDELL Jack Stuart 7 Carruthers Drive Engineer X RIDDELL Jean Alma 7 Carruthers Drive ANDERSON RIDDLE Caroline/Catherine 39 Sanoni Ave FEW RIDDLE Constance Clareville Ave LEABEATER RIDDLE Constance 13 Dicken Ave LEABEATER sp EVERETT, Arthur RIDDLE Doris May "Dolly" 39 Sanoni Ave Charles RIDDLE Ernest Clareville Ave Grocer X RIDDLE Ernest 13 Dicken Ave Grocer X RIDDLE Frederick 39 Sanoni Ave Retired RIED Adolph Maximillian 18 Sanoni Ave Carpenter X RIED Mabel Amelia 18 Sanoni Ave Machinist sp BAZELEY, Thomas Charles RIED Mabel Mary 18 Sanoni Ave COOK RIGONI Christina 90 Ida Street RIGONI Cristinas 50 Clareville Ave RIGONI Irene Joan 90 Ida Street Clerk RIGONI Mario Joseph 90 Ida Street Truck driver 1954 RIGONI Matteo 50 Clareville Ave Labourer RIGONI Peter 90 Ida Street Tabacco worker 1954 RILEY Linda Mabel 20 Gannon Ave PRICE RILEY Martha Roger 6 Malua Street ROBSON RILEY Ronald Wesley 6 Malua Street Metal worker X RITCHIE George Francis Prince of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave French polisher RITCHIE Jessie May Prince of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave ECKERSLEY RITCHIE Leslie Howard Princes of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave

237 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 RITCHIE William Henry Princes of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave ROACH Kenneth Douglas St Lawrence College, Russell Ave Priest ROBB Dorothy Gladys 5 Clareville Ave Bread carter ROBB Grace 7 Primrose Ave BANKS ROBB Lilly Edna 7 Primrose Ave Clerk ROBB Walton James 7 Primrose Ave Sheetmetal worker ROBB William Harold 7 Primrose Ave Sheetmetal worker ROBERTSON Allan Campbell 21 Malua Street Lift attendant X ROBERTSON Betty Florence 122 Clareville Ave HOATH ROBERTSON Betty Florence 116 Clareville Ave HOATH ROBERTSON Elna Soger Willstell, Norman Ave SIMONSEN ROBERTSON Isaac Alexander Willstell, Norman Ave Lino operator ROBERTSON Martha Clareville Ave CREMEN sp1 ROBERTSON May Winifred 21 Malua Street MURPHY, Joseph P ROBERTSON Richard Frederick Jnr 122 Clareville Ave Cutter X ROBERTSON Richard Frederick Jnr 116 Clareville Ave X ROBERTSON Selina 21 Malua Street COLLINS sp2 ROBINSON Ada Clair Peronne, Primrose Ave WALLER ROBINSON Agnes Wilhelmina 12 Minton Ave SORENSON ROBINSON Arthur Henry 13 Waldron Street Station assistant 1958 ROBINSON Beth Caroline 41 Waldron Street Stenographer sp WHELDON, Edward John ROBINSON Grace Angeline 41 Waldron Street SANTWYK ROBINSON Horace Ernest Arthur 41 Waldron Street Carpenter X ROBINSON John Frederick 12 Minton Ave Storeman ROBINSON John George "Jack" 12 Minton Ave X

238 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 ROBINSON Keith William 34 Waldron Street Salesman 1949 ROBINSON Martha 84 Clareville Ave 1949 ROBINSON Reginald Ross Peronne, Primrose Ave Air pilot ROBSON Agnes 6 Malua Street ROGAN Elizabeth Maude 100 Russell Ave WREN ROGAN Ivy Eileen 100 Russell Ave 1937 KAHN ROGAN John Henry 100 Russell Ave Carter ROGAN Patrick Alexander 100 Russell Ave Mechanic X ROGERS Alfred George Clareville & Russell Ave ROGERS Blanche 25 Dicken Ave JOLLY ROGERS Elizabeth Clareville & Russell Ave 1935 ROGERS Florence Cynthia Clareville & Russell Ave Storekeeper ROGERS Herbert James 25 Dicken Ave Sub Foreman fitter ROGERS Jack Eldred Victor 25 Dicken Ave Poultry farmer X ROGERS Jessie Elizabeth Beatrice 25 Dicken Ave FAIRBAIRN ROLLINSON John Francis Leslie 12 Primrose Ave Carpenter X ROLLINSON Roma May 12 Primrose Ave MURPHY ROSE Ann Bell 62 Clareville Ave HARPER ROSE Harry Norman 62 Clareville Ave Industrial chemist ROSEWORNE Annie 87 Primrose Ave LANGFORD ROSEWORNE Lawrence Charles 3 Mc Millan Ave Tanner ROSS Doris 116 Russell Ave HODGSON ROSS Gwendoline Ella 150 Russell Ave DEW ROSS Hugh Edward Chalmers 16 Waldron Street Engineer ROSS James Clyde 150 Russell Ave Clothing manufacturer X X ROSS Jessie Elizabeth 132 Russell Ave ROSS Mollie Margaret 16 Waldron Street GILBERT ROSS Ronald Hamish 116 Russell Ave Radio technician X ROUTH Christine Mary 78 Ida Street SIMONSEN

239 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 ROUTH Gordon Martin 78 Ida Street Process engraver X ROWE Gertrude Cairnes 85 Primrose Ave EWINS ROWE Gertrude Cairnes Primrose Ave EWINS ROWE Nellie Alfreda 85 Primrose Ave Secretary ROWE Nellie Alfreda Primrose Ave Secretary ROWLANDS David 162 Russell Ave University lecturer 1963 ROWLANDS Patricia Elizabeth 162 Russell Ave 1963 ROWLEY Dorothy Margaret 153 Russell Ave BOWLES ROWLEY Reginald Cyril Arthur 153 Russell Ave Engineer X ROWLING Emma Patience 25 Clareville Ave JAMIESON ROWLING Sidney 25 Clareville Ave Dental surgeon ROYCE Albert Waldron Street Manufacturer STONE, sp2 ROYCE Wyniford Alice Waldron Street WILKINSON, Thomas William ROYLE William Arthur Kirkaldy Prince of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave Agent X RUDD Mary Isobel "Mollie" 79 Clareville Ave Insurance agent RUDWICK John Alfred Sheldon Court 2/145 Clareville Ave Textile worker RUDWICK Marjory Yuelba Sheldon Court 2/145 Clareville Ave ORME RUHNAU Alfred Arthur 11 Clareville Ave Tookmaker 1963 RUHNAU Antonia Amalia "Toni" 11 Clareville Ave CONRADY RUHNAU Frank Joseph 11 Clareville Ave Panelbeater RUHNAU Gordon Frank 11 Clareville Ave RUHNAU Harold Henry 11 Clareville Ave Teacher 1958 RUSSELL Duncan McLean 121 Clareville Ave Engineer RUSSELL Pauline Iris 121 Clareville Ave MEALEY RUSSO Francesco 81 Russell Ave Carrier RUSSO Hilda May 81 Russell Ave HOLLIS

240 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 RYAN Barry Denis 5 Minton Ave Dairy hand 1958 RYAN Elizabeth 5 Minton Ave ALLPORT RYAN Herbert Alphonsus 5 Minton Ave Clerk/Magistrate RYAN James Bernard 5 Minton Ave Public servant RYAN James Edwin 77a Cook Park Fitter RYAN James Edwin 71 Clareville Ave Fitter RYAN Joyce Edna 77a Cook Park GLOVER RYAN Joyce Edna 71 Clareville Ave GLOVER RYAN Joyce Lillian 100 Russell Ave HILAIRE RYAN Peter Gregory 5 Minton Ave Dairy farmer 1958 RYAN Shirley Florence Amelia 102 Cook Park Waitress PHILLIPS RYAN William James 100 Russell Ave Mail Officer 1949 SADDLER (BROWN) Hector Kareela, Clareville Ave SAILLARD Adeleine Jessie 12 Clareville Ave PART SAILLARD Cedric Wilfred 12 Clareville Ave Cabinetmaker SAILLARD Donald 12 Clareville Ave Builder's labourer 1958 SAILLARD Malcolm 12 Clareville Ave Cabinetmaker 1958 SALMON Gretha Davis 23 Clareville Ave Labeller sp WILSON, Herbert 1933 James Labeller/Syphon sp WILSON, Herbert SALMON Gretha Davis 10 Dicken Ave repairer James SALMON Margaret Pearce Kitani, 10 Dicken Ave SALMON Peter James 18 Dicken Ave Storeman SALMON Ruby Margaret Kitani, Dicken Ave Chair cleaner SAMPSON Hilda 21 Malua Street PHILIP sp LAVERS, Gordon Vincent SAMPSON Stanley Maurice 21 Malua Street Boilermaker X SAMUELSON Dorothy Irene 36 Waldron Street Nurse COOMBES SANDERSON Joan Elsie 102 Clareville Ave HOCKEY SANDERSON William Alfred Alexander 102 Clareville Ave Welder SANG Roy 38 Waldron Street Shopkeeper X X

241 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 SANG Sylvia 38 Waldron Street 1963 QUAILEY SARGEANT Joseph William 91 Primrose Ave Textile worker SARGEANT Joseph William 10 Primrose Ave Textile worker SARGEANT Lorna May 91 Primrose Ave SWANSON SARGEANT Lorna May 10 Primrose Ave SWANSON SAVILL Emeline Alice 137 Clareville Ave KING SAVILL James Albert 137 Clareville Ave Labourer X X SAVILL William 137 Clareville Ave Labourer SAWYER George 12 Clareville Ave Dealer 1936 SAWYER George 87 Primrose Ave Dealer/Labourer SAWYER George 18 Primrose Ave SCAFIDI Barbara Edna 21 Clareville Ave Machinist SCAFIDI Beryl Mary 21 Clareville Ave ANDERSON SCAFIDI Beryl Mary 21 Clareville Ave ANDERSON SCAFIDI Dominico Joseph 21 Clareville Ave Clicker SCAFIDI Edward Frederick 21 Clareville Ave Tailor's trimmer SCAFIDI Edward Frederick 21 Clareville Ave Tailor SCAFIDI Harriette Bertha 21 Clareville Ave BRONNER SCAFIDI Jane 21 Clareville Ave Machinist SCAFIDI Joseph 21 Clareville Ave Tailor SCAFIDI William Robert 21 Clareville Ave Cigar maker X SCHRADER Cyril Phillip 88 Primrose Ave SCHRADER Cyril Phillip 14 Primrose Ave SCHROEDER Alma Iris 8 Sanoni Ave SMITH SCHROEDER Joseph Reginald 8 Sanoni Ave Boilermaker SCHWEICKLE Essie/Bessie 140 Russell Ave 1963 ROBINSON SCHWEICKLE Neville Clifford 140 Russell Ave Transport driver X SCOTT Alva Louise 163 Russell Ave ADAMS SCOTT Arthur Lawrence 169 Russell Ave Engineer SCOTT Arthur Lawrence 163 Russell Ave Engineer SCOTT Barbara Joan 113 Clareville Ave Hairdresser 1954

242 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 SCOTT Beatrice Louisa Eva 171 Russell Ave AUSTIN SCOTT Daisy May 89 Clareville Ave BOXSELL SCOTT Emma 96 Russell Ave HILL sp FAIRWEATHR, SCOTT Enid Hilary 169 Russell Ave Clerk Alne William SCOTT Frank Harold 22 Malua Street Milk vendor SCOTT George 96 Russell Ave Hawker SCOTT George John 171 Russell Ave Manufacturer SCOTT Gertrude Ivy 31 Mc Millan Ave FUCHS SCOTT Gertrude Ivy 34 Clareville Ave FUCHS SCOTT Gertrude Ivy 38 Clareville Ave FUCHS SCOTT Gertrude Ivy 98 Russell Ave Machinist FUCHS SCOTT Hilary May 159 Russell Ave HARRIS SCOTT Hilary May 169 Russell Ave HARRIS SCOTT Hilary May 171 Russell Ave HARRIS SCOTT Iris Ethel Banks 134 Russell Ave MERCER SCOTT James 96 Russell Ave Timber worker SCOTT James Mark 89 Clareville Ave Wireworker SCOTT John Charles 22 Malua Street Chemist SCOTT Louisa 109 Clareville Ave SCOTT Nellie Amelia 22 Malua Street O'BRIEN SCOTT Reginald 10 Minton Ave Taxi driver SCOTT Reuben James 159 Russell Ave Manufacturer SCOTT Reuben James 169 Russell Ave Manufacturer SCOTT Reuben James 171 Russell Ave Company director SCOTT Rita Maud 10 Minton Ave SCOTT Robert 134 Russell Ave Warehouseman SCOTT Seth James 96 Russell Ave Type repairer sp DEAN, Margaret Claire SMITH, sp2 BUSCHBY, Charles

243 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 SCOTT Seth James 98 Russell Ave Tyre repairer SCOTT Seth James 34 Clareville Ave Butcher SCOTT Seth James 38 Clareville Ave Butcher SCOTT Stanley Waddell, Russell Ave Boilermaker SCOTT Stanley 98 Russell Ave Boilermaker 1949 SEARSON John Denis 63 Clareville Ave Butcher 1963 SEARSON John Francis 63 Clareville Ave Traveller SEARSON May Alice 63 Clareville Ave O'TOOLE SEDDON Mavis Florence 162 Russell Ave SPENCE SEDDON Neville Alwyn 162 Russell Ave Public servant SELLERS Arthur Thomas 96 Ida Street Knife maker SELLERS Violet May 96 Ida Street HARRISON SELMON Clifford Edward "Buddy" 105 Ida Street Wool classer BOXELL sp SELMON Daisy May 73 Cook Park SCOTT, James M BOXELL sp SELMON Daisy May 89 Cook Park SCOTT, James M SELMON Denis Frederick John 103 Ida Street Electroplater 1958 SELMON Desmond Erle 101 Ida Street Signwriter SELMON Donald James 93 Clareville Ave Truck driver SELMON Doris Irene 105 Ida Street DONAGHUE SELMON Eileen Cook Park SELMON Eileen Mary 99 Ida Street SELMON Frank Cook Park Oysterman X SELMON Frank Ernest 103 Ida Street Oysterman X SELMON Frank Ernest 103 Ida Street Oyster farmer X SELMON Frederick Cook Park Oyster lessee SELMON George Charles Weona, 101 Ida Street Oysterman SELMON George Charles 101 Ida Street Oysterman SELMON Ivy May Weona, 101 Ida Street HODGEKISS SELMON Ivy May 101 Ida Street Oysterman HODGEKISS SELMON James Frederick Clareville Ave Oysterman

244 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED SELMON James Frederick 105 Ida Street Oysterman SELMON Juanita Irene May 103 Ida Street Fur machinist ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 sp WOOD, Norman Clifford SELMON Margaret Rose 93 Clareville Ave CARTWRIGHT SELMON Mary Eileen 100 Clareville Ave SELMON Mary Eileen 103 Ida Street SELMON Maxwell George 101 Ida Street SELMON Phyllis Edna May 103 Ida Street FURNESS SELMON Warren Lee 101 Ida Street Optician 1958 SELVAGE Albert Sydney 17 Gannon Ave Taxi proprietor SELVAGE Katherine 17 Gannon Ave DEVENNEY SELVAGE Raleigh 17 Gannon Ave Lithographer 1958 SERVICE Susannah 7/145 Clareville Ave BINDON SHANNON Bernard William 16 Gannon Ave Salesman SHANNON Jessie Isabel 16 Gannon Ave BROOKS sp DICKSON, Robert SHANNON Kathleen Emily 16 Gannon Ave Machine operator Noel SHARMAN Annie Catherine 188 Russell Ave BACKHOUSE SHARMAN Dudley Roy 188 Russell Ave Labourer SHARP Feiga Leia 156 Russell Ave SHARP Jack Eldred Victor 156 Russell Ave Clothing cutter SHAW Albert Leonard 37 Clareville Ave Storeman SHAW Alwyn Herbert 33 Sanoni Ave Shop Assistant X SHAW Alwyn Herbert 37 Clareville Ave Salesman X SHAW Beatrice Ellen 37 Clareville Ave 1963 HURST SHAW Edgar Michael "Nick" 77a Cook Park Process worker X SHAW Elizabeth Dunsandel, Carruthers Drive SHAW Lorrie Gladys 33 Sanoni Ave IVES SHAW Lorrie Gladys 37 Clareville Ave IVES SHAW Neita Mary 77a Cook Park HAGGATH SHEEN Bridget Cook Park KILLIBY

245 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 SHEEN Thomas Cook Park Farmer SHEPHERD Ada May 153 Russell Ave BELL SHEPHERD Frances Kathleen 159 Russell Ave FARMER SHEPHERD Henry Thomas 159 Russell Ave Storeman 1963 SHEPHERD William Frederick 153 Russell Ave Manufacturer SHIPTON Catherine 37 Sanoni Ave WRIGHT SHIRRIFF Dorothy Mary 2 Dicken Ave WARD SHIRRIFF Frank Stuart 2 Dicken Ave Linotype operator SHIRRIFF Samuel Dickens 2 Dicken Ave Photographic strp? SILLATO Peter Paul 28 Sanoni Ave Clerk 1963 SILLATO Rita 28 Sanoni Ave Clerk 1958 SIMMONS Evelyn Cora 108 Russell Ave MERRITT SIMMONS George 10 Malua Street Factory worker 1958 SIMONSEN Adolfine Constance 20 Norman Ave SIMONSEN Harold Rex 10 Norman Ave Bootmaker SIMONSEN Joy Colleen 10 Norman Ave Stenographer 1958 SIMONSEN Lorna Fay 10 Norman Ave Account machine 1963 SIMONSEN Ray 20 Norman Ave SINGLETON SIMONSEN Ray 10 Norman Ave SINGLETON SIMONSEN Wilhelm Carl August 20 Norman Ave SIMONSEN William Adolf Sager 20 Norman Ave Optician SIMONSEN William Adolf Sager 10 Norman Ave Optician SIMPSON Barbara June 58 Clareville Ave 1958 THOMPSON SIMPSON Reginald Robert 58 Clareville Ave Driver 1958 SINGLETON Charlotte Anne 35 Clareville Ave SCOTT SINGLETON Dorothy Joyce 77 Clareville Ave 1949 HAMNETT SINGLETON Gertrude 77 Clareville Ave BYRNE SINGLETON Joseph 77 Clareville Ave Coal lumper SINGLETON Joseph 35 Clareville Ave

246 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 SINGLETON Joyce Gertrude 77 Clareville Ave Machinist SINGLETON Keith William 77 Clareville Ave Furnace assistant SINGLETON Margaret Rose 35 Clareville Ave HEAGNEY SINGLETON Phillip Sidney 35 Clareville Ave Labourer X SINGLETON Robert Joseph 77 Clareville Ave French polisher X SINGLETON Ronald George 35 Clareville Ave Army X SINGLETON Sydney 35 Clareville Ave Labourer/Oyster farmer X SINGLETON Winifred Sophia 35 Clareville Ave SELMON SKELLON Edna May 6 Minton Ave ANGUS SKELLON Pauline Rosemary 6 Minton Ave Teacher SKELLON William Henry 6 Minton Ave Bench hand X SKORUPA Anni 150 Russell Ave HORWITZ SKORUPA Max 150 Russell Ave Manufacturer SKOTT Ada Mary Primrose Ave SKOTT Edward George Primrose Ave X SLEET Beryl Alice 13 Clareville Ave MADGWICK SLEET Ernest Alfred 13 Clareville Ave Garage proprietor SLENDER John Graham 154 Russell Ave Clerk SLENDER Jonathan Thomas Elliott 154 Russell Ave Engineer SLENDER Kathleen Elizabeth 154 Russell Ave DAVIS SLIMON Thomas Buchanan Marandetta, Clareville Ave Plumber X SMALL Beryl Leila 49 Sanoni Ave Teacher SMALL Hazel Joyce 31 Sanoni Ave 1963 HARPER SMITH Albert Edward George 21 Gannon Ave Car builder X SMITH Alfred William 10 Malua Street Boiler attendant 1958 SMITH Arthur 79 Clareville Ave 1958 SMITH Arthur James Morrison 25 Mc Millan Ave Instrument fitter SMITH Clara Sanoni Ave HAYWARD

247 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 SMITH Clara Maria 100 Cook Park HAYWARD SMITH Clare Ellen 66 Clareville Ave MEAD SMITH Constance Edith 177 Russell Ave SMITH Doreen Olive 6 Skinners Ave BURTON SMITH Douglas Raymond 8 Skinners Ave Truck driver X SMITH Edna Stella Vanstone Parade CROUCH SMITH Edward Herbert 6 Skinners Ave Public servant SMITH Edward John 37 Gannon Ave Fireman 1963 SMITH Elizabeth McIntosh 22 Sanoni Ave SMITH Emily Sanoni Ave SMITH Ernest 22 Sanoni Ave Manager SMITH Ethel Althea 37 Gannon Ave SMITH Ethel Althea 37 Gannon Ave SMITH Eva Aileen 7 Dicken Ave HANDEL SMITH Eva Aileen 102 Russell Ave HANDEL SMITH Eva Aileen 9 Dicken Ave HANDEL SMITH Eva Aileen 60 Clareville Ave HANDEL SMITH Frank Ernest Vanstone Parade Sand blaster SMITH Frederick James "Slacker" 60 Clareville Ave Oyster farmer X SMITH George Henry 7 Dicken Ave Oysterman SMITH Gwenyth Shirley 25 Mc Millan Ave Shop Assistant TYRRELL SMITH Hannah 21 Gannon Ave GILLESPIE SMITH Henry John 12 Sanoni Ave Educational officer SMITH James Samuel Sanoni Ave SMITH Jean 24 Minton Ave SMITH SMITH Jean Marion 56 Clareville Ave ELDER SMITH Jessie 9 Vanstone Parade 1958 SMITH Jessie Olive 47 Waldron Street 1943 FERNHOUT SMITH John Cecil 37 Gannon Ave Fireman SMITH John Cecil 37 Gannon Ave Fireman

248 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 SMITH John Donald 24 Minton Ave Tool fitter SMITH John Joseph 9 Vanstone Parade Radiator specialist 1963 SMITH John William 4 Skinners Ave Carpenter SMITH Joyce 10 Malua Street Clerk 1958 SMITH Joyce Eileen 8 Skinners Ave MANNING SMITH Kathleen Mary 14 Waldron Street 1963 SMITH Keith 56 Clareville Ave Foreman SMITH Mabel May 12 Sanoni Ave 1943 SMITH Marjorie Mary 4 Skinners Ave Shop buyer MCDERMOTT SMITH Maureen Beatrice 37 Gannon Ave 1963 SMITH Nellie Ethel "Bobbie" 77a Cook Park HARVEY SMITH Peter 22 Sanoni Ave Wood machinist 1963 SMITH Reginald Arthur 47 Waldron Street Storeman 1943 SMITH Reginald Arthur 92 Primrose Ave Storeman SMITH Reginald Arthur 8 Primrose Ave Storeman SMITH Richard Henry 77a Cook Park Clerk X X SMITH Stanley 8 Skinners Ave Metal worker SMITH William Ernest Snr Sanoni Ave SOUTH Eva Clara 91 Russell Ave SOUTH Eva Clara 100 Russell Ave SOUTHALL Clifford 6 Skinners Ave Assurance agent X SOUTHALL Florence Lillian 6 Skinners Ave BRIDGES SOUTHWORTH Elizabeth 30 Sanoni Ave 1943 SPENCE Claude Ivan 162 Russell Ave Labourer X SPENCE Emily Priscilla 162 Russell Ave EDWARDS SPENCE George Wallace 162 Russell Ave SPOONER Albert 56 Waldron Street Carrier 1954 SPOONER Patricia Joyce 56 Waldron Street Typist 1954 HARRIS SQUIRES George William 87 Primrose Ave Machinist 1949 SQUIRES George William 87 Primrose Ave Machinist

249 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 SQUIRES Wilma Hazel 87 Primrose Ave 1949 CLAUSS SQUIRES Wilma Hazel 87 Primrose Ave CLAUSS STAFFORD Jean 45 Sanoni Ave STAHL Adelaide 122 Russell Ave PICKETT STAHL Albert Joseph 122 Russell Ave Engine driver STAHL Joseph Albert 122 Russell Ave Labourer STAHL Joseph Albert 122 Russell Ave Labourer STAHL Milford "Bob" 122 Russell Ave Railway employee STALVIES Cyril Francis 31 Waldron Street Dental mechanic X STALVIES Elsie Marion "Pat" 31 Waldron Street PATTERSON STALVIES Janet 31 Waldron Street Teacher 1963 STANBURY Arthur William John 92 Ida Street Painter STANBURY Bertha Violet 92 Ida Street WILLS STANFORD Ernest Day 87 Clareville Ave Grocer X STANFORD Prudence Alice 87 Clareville Ave STANFORD Victor 87 Clareville Ave Shop Assistant X STAPLETON Kenneth Edward 7 Waldron Street Brushmaker STAPLETON Marie Leona 7 Waldron Street ANDERSON STARK Alfred Gregory Noble Ingewood, 48 Clareville Ave Clerk STARK Alfred Gregory Noble 52 Clareville Ave Clerk STARK Cecilie Maria Teresa 52 Clareville Ave BYRNE STARK Frank Noble Inglewood, Clareville Ave Grocer STARK Isobel Mary Inglewood, 48 Clareville Ave MADDEN STARK Sophia Sarah Inglewood, 48 Clareville Ave BYRNE STARK Sophia Sarah 52 Clareville Ave BYRNE STARR Irene May 73 Clareville Ave LANCE STARR Melvin Charles 73 Clareville Ave Fitters's assistant

250 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 STEBBING Arthur Ernest 5 Mc Millan Ave Bricklayer STEBBING Florence Isabel 5 Mc Millan Ave JONES sp ANTILL, Charles STEBBING Gladys Elizabeth 5 Mc Millan Ave Aircraft worker Henry Caldwell STEELE Benjamin John 3 Sanoni Ave Storekeeper X STEELE Marjorie (Peg) 3 Sanoni Ave MYERS STEER Frances Barbara St Lawrence College, Russell Ave Matron STELZER Raymond Clyde 86 (?) Clareville Ave Timber worker X STELZER Raymond Clyde 82 Clareville Ave Timber worker X STELZER Violet May 80 (?) Clareville Ave LEWIS STELZER Violet May 82 Clareville Ave LEWIS STENSON Catherine Thrum, 41 Mc Millan Ave STEPHENS James Roland Dacey 20 Primrose Ave Storeman STEPHENS Minerva Mary 20 Primrose Ave FRASER STEVENS Edna Theatrice Eileen 5 Norman Ave BISHOP STEVENS Ethel Joan 79 Clareville Ave HARRISON STEVENS Horace George 79 Clareville Ave Fitter STEVENS Veronica Alice 5 Norman Ave sp BARNING, Adolf STEVENSON Laura 15 Malua Street TOKI STEVENSON Thomas 15 Malua Street Musician STEWART Allan Anderson 47 Clareville Ave Miner X STEWART Clarissa Pearl Clareville Ave STEWART Edna Ruby Irene 40 Mc Millan Ave AMOR STEWART Edna Ruby Irene 138 Russell Ave AMOR STEWART Eveline Ethel 8 Primrose Ave WITHERS STEWART Harrison Ainslie 8 Primrose Ave Engineer STEWART Marie Louise 47 Clareville Ave LEHMANN STEWART William Bruce 138 Russell Ave Metal polisher STEWART William Bruce 40 Mc Millan Ave Metal polisher STEWART William John Clareville Ave Baker X

251 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 STIBBARD Henry Stephen 5 Mc Millan Ave Labourer X STIBBARD Henry Stephen 1 Mc Millan Ave Fisherman X STIBBARD Henry Stephen 136 Russell Ave Postal officer X STIBBARD Isobel 1 Mc Millan Ave 1937 ARNOLD STIBBARD Isobel 136 Russell Ave ARNOLD STIBBARD Norman David 12 Clareville Ave Labourer X STOKER Louisa 84 Ida Street CUNNINGHAM STOKES Moira Clare 10 Mc Millan Ave CROSS STOKES Norman George 10 Mc Millan Ave Case maker X STONE Edward Arthur "Ted" 8 Minton Ave Factory hand X STONE Joan 94 Ida Street Machinist 1963 WALKER STONE Kathleen Alice 8 Minton Ave DONNELLY STONE Reginald Albert Princes of Wales Hotel, Clareville Ave Groom X STONE William Ernest 94 Ida Street Driver 1963 STONEHAM Dorothy May 20 Malua Street DAVIS, sp2 HANDLEY, 1958 Raymond George STONEHAM William Algernon 20 Malua Street Salesman X STRETTON Arthur Alexander 60 Clareville Ave STRETTON Arthur Alexander 64 Clareville Ave STRETTON Hazel Elsie 64 Clareville Ave Embrodierer STRETTON Lily Mary 60 Clareville Ave DANIELS STRETTON Lily Mary 64 Clareville Ave DANIELS STROUD Emily Elizabeth 138 Russell Ave STROUD Herbert Walter 138 Russell Ave Finisher STRUTT Frederick James Stephens 1 Mc Millan Ave Plumber sp CONROY, James Patrick STRUTT Myrtle Victoria 1 Mc Millan Ave CAMPBELL STUART Eileen Mary Harriet 45 Mc Millan Ave Clerk DENING, John C STUART Francis Edward Roseville, Mc Millan Ave Carpenter

252 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 STUART Marie Rose 45 Mc Millan Ave Teacher STUART Rose Maria Roseville, Mc Millan Ave STUART Stella Theresa Roseville, Mc Millan Ave Clerk STUART Sylvester Richard 45 Mc Millan Ave Oyster lessee STUART Sylvester Stonehouse 45 Mc Millan Ave Moulder SULLIVAN Agnes 21 Mc Millan Ave School teacher 1963 BLACKLEY SULLIVAN Alfred James 21 Mc Millan Ave Sheetmetal worker X SULLIVAN Charles Thomas 4 Gannon Ave Accountant X SULLIVAN Elizabeth Rosetta 13 Minton Ave 1954 SULLIVAN Evelyn Florence Waldron Street WILLIAMS SULLIVAN John Hillier 13 Minton Ave Aircraft engineer 1954 SULLIVAN Malcolm Douglas Waldron Street Labourer X SULLIVAN Valerie June 4 Gannon Ave DURRANT SUTHERLAND Cherry Wilma Elaine 66 Clareville Ave Cig. Machinist 1963 sp HALE, Alan Leslie SUTHERLAND Gladys Nellie 66 Clareville Ave TOMBS SUTTON Cecil Robert "Benny" 11 Norman Ave Plumber SUTTON Constance Doreen 11 Norman Ave WHIFFIN SWAIN Alfred John Neville 1 Vanstone Parade Duco sprayer SWAIN Nora 1 Vanstone Parade CARRETT SWINDELLS Eric Campbell 2 Carruthers Drive Serviceman SWINDELLS Joyce 2 Carruthers Drive Shop Assistant LOWE SYDENHAM Edward 10 Waldron Street Clerk SYDENHAM Geoffrey Heathwood 128 Russell Ave Radio retailer X SYDENHAM Geoffrey Heathwood 169 Russell Ave Radio retailer X SYDENHAM Jean Lillian 128 Russell Ave 1954 HOWELL SYDENHAM Jean Lillian 169 Russell Ave HOWELL SYDENHAM Joan 10 Waldron Street ESTALL SZOMANSKI Eugenius 2 Mc Millan Ave Lecturer 1963

253 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 SZOMANSKI Victorine Winifred Margot 2 Mc Millan Ave ISON TALBOTT Mabel 77a Cook Park 1933 TALBOTT William Robert 77a Cook Park Grocer 1933 TANKO Hazel Elizabeth 60 Clareville Ave LARKMAN TANKO William Eric George 60 Clareville Ave Salesman TAPP David Alexander 49 Sanoni Ave Engineer TAPP David Wesley 49 Sanoni Ave Technician 1943 Insurance TAPP Frederick Riverview, Cook Park inspector TAPP Margaret Riverview, Cook Park TAPP Rose 49 Sanoni Ave WESLEY TAPPING Emma Margaretta 170 Russell Ave MACGREGOR TAPPING Sydney 170 Russell Ave Company manager TARRANT Annie Kestle Brae, Russell Ave TARRANT Walter Kestle Brae, Russell Ave Poultry farmer TASKER Doris Miriam Ramona, Clareville Ave FOHMSBEE TASKER Frederick John Ramona, Clareville Ave Electrician TAYLOR Adeline 157 Russell Ave TAYLOR Arthur James 157 Russell Ave Labourer X TAYLOR Bruce Roy 89 Russell Ave Teacher 1958 TAYLOR Colvin Talofa, 80 Clareville Ave Tool setter TAYLOR Dorothy Hartley Talofa, Clareville Ave MCCOWAGE TAYLOR Edward John Stanley Russell Ave Overseer TAYLOR Elizabeth Ada 138 Russell Ave 1934 TAYLOR Emma 79 Clareville Ave SPARKES TAYLOR Fedora Agnes 22 Gannon Ave CALDWELL TAYLOR Fedora Agnes 26 Gannon Ave CALDWELL TAYLOR Gertrude Elizabeth 39 Waldron Street TAYLOR Jack 100 Cook Park Supervisor TAYLOR Jack Colvin 79 Clareville Ave Clerk X

254 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 TAYLOR Jessie Dorcas 89 Russell Ave FLETCHER TAYLOR John Edward 157 Russell Ave TAYLOR Lona Catherine 100 Cook Park VICKERY TAYLOR Philip Cyril 157 Russell Ave Stoker X TAYLOR Raymond Samuel 9 Malua Street Labourer TAYLOR Raymond Samuel 22 Gannon Ave Labourer TAYLOR Raymond Samuel 26 Gannon Ave Labourer TAYLOR Roy Talmage 89 Russell Ave Transport instructor TAYLOR Valerie Mabel 89 Russell Ave Machinist sp PIGGOTT, Alan TAYLOR William John 39 Waldron Street TEMPLETON Barbara 137 Clareville Ave TEMPLETON Barbara Maria 137 Clareville Ave Shop Assistant 1963 TEMPLETON Thomas George 137 Clareville Ave Labourer THACKER Edna Caroline 75 Cook Park THACKER Reuben George 75 Cook Park Labourer X THACKRAY Daniel Edward 18 Dicken Ave Bootmaker X THACKRAY Edward Carlyle 109 Ida Street Accountant THACKRAY Margaret Jane 109 Ida Street HAGGARD THACKRAY Ruby Violet 18 Dicken Ave BUCKLEY/HOKIN THELANDER Dulcie Irene 49 Clareville Ave FORAN THELANDER James Henry 49 Clareville Ave Tram conductor THELANDER James Robert 49 Clareville Ave Police constable 1963 THELANDER Ronald Desmond "Buddy" 49 Clareville Ave Sheetmetal worker THOMAS Allan Wentworth 25 Clareville Ave Motor mechanic X THOMAS Bertha 176 Russell Ave HARRANG THOMAS Elizabeth Bedford Isabell Cook Park 1930 BLACKHALL THOMAS Francis Vivian 176 Russell Ave Sheep shearing expert THOMAS Jean Marie 12 Skinners Ave Clerk 1954 THOMAS Jessie Urquart "Daisy" 25 Clareville Ave

255 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 THOMAS Stephen William Charles Cook Park Delivery clerk THOMPSON Doris 1/143 Clareville Ave DEGAN THOMPSON Dorothy May 58 Clareville Ave ALEXANDER THOMPSON Edward Joseph 1/143 Clareville Ave Electrical assistant THOMPSON Henry George 3 Gannon Ave Tram conductor X THOMPSON Norma May 59 Clareville Ave Dental nurse sp STARK, John Francis THOMPSON Norma Myrtle 3 Gannon Ave Tailoress ROBERTSON THOMPSON Sarah 54 Clareville Ave HOCKLEY THOMPSON Sarah 58 Clareville Ave HOCKLEY THOMPSON Walter Scott 54 Clareville Ave Retired THOMPSON Walter Scott 58 Clareville Ave Retired THOMPSON William James 58 Clareville Ave Fitter THOMSON Elizabeth Mc Millan Ave THOMSON Ethel 21 Malua Street 1930 THOMSON Thomas Barron 21 Malua Street Hat renovator THOMSON William Archibald Mc Millan Ave THORNBER Charlotte Gladys Mc Millan Ave THOMPSON THORNBER Charlotte Gladys 31 Mc Millan Ave THOMPSON THORNBER Merle Ranson 31 Mc Millan Ave Stenographer THORNBER Thomas Robert Mc Millan Ave Cabinetmaker X THORNBER Thomas Robert 31 Mc Millan Ave Cabinetmaker X THORNTON Elsie May 14 Sanoni Ave TOWNER THORNTON Rupert Stanley 14 Sanoni Ave Manager THORP George Frederick 9 Malua Street Cook TICKELL Annie Mary Jane 90 Primrose Ave MORRIS TICKELL John George 90 Primrose Ave Traveller TIPPETT John Henry 1 Norman Ave Merchant seaman TIPPETT Phyllis Jean 1 Norman Ave Coil winder BENTON TOMPSON Judith Grace 31 Gannon Ave Stenographer 1958 BOLLARD

256 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 TOMPSON Keith Ian 31 Gannon Ave Turner and fitter 1958 TONKIES Hilda Mary 76 Ida Street SHEEHAN TONKIES Keith Peter 76 Ida Street Electrical inspector X TOYER Arthur Frederick 112 Russell Ave Hairdresser TOYER Linda May Josephine 112 Russell Ave HILL TRANBY Gloria June 12 Clareville Ave 1963 BALDERSTON TRANBY Henry William 12 Clareville Ave Machinist 1963 TRASS Alan Neville 7 Dicken Ave Aircraft engineer 1958 TRASS Alfred Neville 7 Dicken Ave Signwriter X TRASS Alice Amelia Huntley 7 Dicken Ave BULL TRASS Norman Frank 7 Dicken Ave Truck driver 1963 TRASS Ronald Norman 7 Dicken Ave Meat carter TREBELCOCK Norman John 81 Russell Ave Labourer X TREEVE Minnie 38 Clareville Ave DUNN TREEVE Norman Cyril 38 Clareville Ave Grocer TREVITT Bonnie Mavis Jean 7 Mc Millan Ave HARRIS TREVITT Reginald Cecil 7 Mc Millan Ave Blacksmith TRICKER Helen Mary 111 Clareville Ave TRIMMER Elsie May Elselyn, Mc Millan Ave GOLDFINCH TRIMMER Joseph Elselyn, Mc Millan Ave Warehouseman X TRIVETT Alan Dudley 14 Mc Millan Ave Despatch manager X TRIVETT Phyllis Maud 14 Mc Millan Ave MCEVOY TRUSTY Edwin George 90 Primrose Ave Clerk X TRUSTY Mabel Percy 90 Primrose Ave MORRIS TUCKER Cecil Thomas 31 Clareville Ave Butcher X TUCKER Gladys Myrtle 31 Clareville Ave EADY TUCKER Harold George 17 Dicken Ave Farmer TUCKWELL Reginald Godfrey "George" 27 Minton Ave Butcher TUFFY Johanna "Hannah" Toorak, Cook Park MULCAHY TUFFY John Anthony "Jack" Toorak, 27 Cook Park Engineer

257 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 TUFFY William Bede Toorak, 27 Cook Park Boot clicker TURNBULL Archibald Adolphus 12 Clareville Ave Fisherman TURNBULL Archibald Adolphus 157 Russell Ave TURNBULL Arthur William 153 Russell Ave Tile presser X TURNBULL Beatrice May 25 Minton Ave TIERNEY TURNBULL Bruce Henry 26 Minton Ave Shoemaker TURNBULL Bruce Henry 1 Minton Ave Shoemaker TURNBULL Douglas Faithful 26 Minton Ave Labourer STARR sp1 TURNBULL Elizabeth 12 Clareville Ave GOODMAN, Charles STARR sp1 TURNBULL Elizabeth Ellen 157 Russell Ave GOODMAN, Charles TURNBULL Florence Eva 26 Minton Ave REID TURNBULL Florence Eva 26 Minton Ave REID TURNBULL Florence Eva 1 Minton Ave REID TURNBULL George Robert 25 Minton Ave Bootmaker TURNBULL Hannah Druscilla 12 Clareville Ave Saleshand TURNBULL Hannah Druscilla 157 Russell Ave TURNBULL Kevin Edward 25 Minton Ave Clerk 1963 TURNBULL Olive May Kia-Ora, 100 Russell Ave BAKER TURNBULL Olive May 1 Mc Millan Ave BAKER TURNBULL Olive May 153 Russell Ave BAKER TURNBULL Peggy 26 Minton Ave Machinist GRIFFITHS TURNBULL Peggy 1 Minton Ave Machinist GRIFFITHS TURNBULL William Archibald Kia-Ora, 100 Russell Ave Fisherman TURNBULL William Archibald 1 Mc Millan Ave Fisherman TURNBULL William Archibald 153 Russell Ave Fisherman TURNER Alice Jane 29 Clareville Ave 1930

258 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 TURNER Arthur Vincent 27 Minton Ave Toolmaker X TURNER Dorothy 1 Malua Street 1937 TURNER Elizabeth 161 Russell Ave 1943 TURNER Frederick Arthur 136 Russell Ave Motor driver TURNER Grace Margaret 27 Minton Ave TUCKWELL TURNER Leslie Ernest 161 Russell Ave Labourer 1943 TURNER Martha Edna 136 Russell Ave BARKER TUXFORD Bruce Hastings 151 Russell Ave Analytical chemist TUXFORD Bruce Hastings 128 Russell Ave Analytical chemist TUXFORD Florence Ethel Mary 151 Russell Ave NICHOLS TUXFORD Heather Elaine 151 Russell Ave Clerical assistant sp FISH, John Joseph TUXFORD Judith Elaine 128 Russell Ave HUNT sp BLACK, Ross TUXFORD Laurel Roberta 151 Russell Ave Dressmaker Turtle TUXFORD Robert James 151 Russell Ave School teacher X TYDEMAN Frank George Dunswanald, Cook Park Jeweller TYDEMAN Frank George Malua Street Jeweller TYDEMAN Mary Elizabeth Dunswanald, Cook Park HOWE TYDEMAN Mary Elizabeth Bayview, Malua Street HOWE TYLER Charles Alexander 75 Clareville Ave X TYRRELL Frederick George 25 Mc Millan Ave Brassfinisher TYRRELL Mary 25 Mc Millan Ave SCOTT TYZACK Jessie Ann 177 Russell Ave 1963 U'BRIEN Catherine Marea 7 Primrose Ave HOLYOAKE U'BRIEN David John 7 Primrose Ave Tiler UEBEL Joyce Irene 14 Sanoni Ave Stenographer UEBEL Ronald Christian 14 Sanoni Ave Medical student VALENTIN Ellen 77a Cook Park sp HIGGS, Robert William

259 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 VALENTIN Ellen 25 Clareville Ave VALENTIN Geoffrey 25 Clareville Ave Clerk X VALENTIN Wilfred Ernest 77a Cook Park Carpenter VALENTIN Wilfred Ernest 2 Clareville Ave Carpenter VAN DEN DRIESSEHEN Edith 156 Russell Ave 1958 VAN DER LINDEN Ane 15 Mc Millan Ave Clerk VANCE Neville James 54 Clareville Ave Aero engineer VANCE Pamela Dorothy 54 Clareville Ave Clerk SWANTON VERDICH Charles Edward 85 Clareville Ave Labourer VERDICH Edward Carl Ingersol 125 Clarevile Ave Cabinetmaker VERDICH Sarah 125 Clarevile Ave DAY VILLIERS Ethel Muriel 3 Skinner Ave JOHNSTON VINE Irene Lot 57/54, Waldron Street TURTON VINE William Stuart Lot 57/54, Waldron Street Electrical VITALIS John 101 Russell Ave Shopkeeper 1963 VITALIS Nellie Elizabeth 101 Russell Ave Shopkeeper DUNN VOLKERTS James Wright 111 Clareville Ave Engine driver WADDELL James Joseph 27 Clareville Ave Ganger WADDELL Ruby May 27 Clareville Ave BLANCHARD WAINE Donald Asquith 73 Clareville Ave Dentist X WAINE Pearl 73 Clareville Ave GRIFFITHS WAKEFIELD Helen Hazel 1 Carruthers Drive 1963 MURRAY WAKEFIELD John Birkett 1 Carruthers Drive Car driver 1963 WAKELIN Robert Leslie 23 Waldron Street Radio engineer X WAKELIN Theresa Mary 23 Waldron Street Stenographer BROOKES WAKLEY Alan William 37 Waldron Street Taxi driver X WAKLEY Alan William 9 Waldron Street Taxi driver WAKLEY Beryl Minnie 37 Waldron Street MOUNTFORD WAKLEY Beryl Minnie 9 Waldron Street MOUNTFORD WAKLEY Sarah Ann 26 Waldron Street CAMPBELL

260 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 WAKLEY Violet May 26 Waldron Street Clerk X WAKLEY Wiliam Henry 26 Waldron Street Engineer WALDRON Annie Jane 3 Norman Ave WALKER Betty 102 Clareville Ave 1963 GUNN WALKER Dorothy May 92 Russell Ave EATHER WALKER Ethel 134 Russell Ave BOURNE WALKER Francis George 102 Clareville Ave Works manager 1963 WALKER Gladys Gertrude 8 Waldron Street STEWARD WALKER Ida Lillian Cook Park HIRST WALKER Ida Lillian 47 Waldron Street HIRST WALKER John William Henry 134 Russell Ave Supervisor WALKER John William Henry Cook Park Supervisor X WALKER John William Henry 49 Sanoni Ave Supervisor X WALKER Lancelot Edward 8 Waldron Street Electrical fitter WALKER Sidney Alfred 92 Russell Ave Machinist WALKER Stanley Henry Cook Park Butcher WALKER Stanley Henry 47 Waldron Street Butcher WALL Anthony John 20 Mc Millan Ave Customs clerk 1958 sp DAVIES, Merle Rita WALL Aubrey John 88 Russell Ave Salesman X WALL Aubrey John 20 Mc Millan Ave Clerk X WALL Aubrey John 101 Russell Ave Shop prop X WALL Barbara May 20 Mc Millan Ave Nurse assistant 1963 WALL Eileen Grace 88 Russell Ave BOWLER WALL Eileen Grace 20 Mc Millan Ave BOWLER WALL Eileen Grace 101 Russell Ave BOWLER WALL Elsie May 3 Clareville Ave MURRAY WALL Joseph Hart 3 Clareville Ave Dental student X WALL Robert James 20 Mc Millan Ave Electrical engineer 1963 WALLACE Catherine Ruby 34 Waldron Street INNES WALLIKER Brian Noel 8 Clareville Ave Linesman

261 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 WALLIKER Dorothy Janette 8 Clareville Ave 1963 WOLSTENHOLME WALLIKER Helena Turner 8 Clareville Ave MCCULLOUGH WALLIKER John Henry 8 Clareville Ave Mechanic X UK WALSH James 8 Clareville Ave Fireman 1930 WALSH Martha Mabel Marie 8 Clareville Ave BROWN WALSH Winifred May 138 Russell Ave 1937 WALTER Carl William 26 Primrose Ave Toolmaker WALTER Jane Cecelia 26 Primrose Ave Typist 1958 LINTON WALTER Wilhelmina Grace 84 Primrose Ave HARTLEY WALTER Wilhelmina Grace 26 Primrose Ave WALTER Willie 84 Primrose Ave Engineer WALTER Willie 26 Primrose Ave Engineer WALTERS William Hamilton 131 Russell Ave WANE Ivy Mabel Rosina 26 Waldron Street EDWARDS WANE Otto Henry 26 Waldron Street Office manager X WARD Fred Boatshed, Vanstone Pde Builder WARD Joseph Leonard 141 Clareville Ave Carpenter WARD June Dorothy Boatshed, Vanstone Pde DONEY WARD Leonard Joseph 141 Clareville Ave Labourer WARD Lillie 141 Clareville Ave HUTTON WARD Norman Boatshed, Vanstone Pde 1958 WARE Gladys Ruth 21 Gannon Ave WARE Hessell William Sandel 179 Russell Ave Clerk 1949 WARE Mary Joyce 21 Gannon Ave Typist 1963 Aeronautical WARE Walter George Thomas 21 Gannon Ave inspector 1963 WARREN Gordon Frederick 3 Skinner Ave sp FRASER, Edward George Neon sign mechanic X WARREN Harold Norman 3 Skinner Ave Railway clerk 1963 WARREN Maud 3 Skinner Ave PRATT WARREN Roma Evelyn Maud 3 Skinner Ave Trainee nurse 1963

262 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 WARREN Roma Jean 3 Skinner Ave JOHNSTON WARTON Ethel May 101 Russell Ave Shop Assistant MORLEY WARTON George Matthew 101 Russell Ave Grocer ABROOK WARWICK Rose Winifred 56 Waldron Street MARLIN, John WARWICK William Henry 56 Waldron Street Civil servant X WATKIN Ivy Bradbury 144 Russell Ave RUSSELL WATKIN John 144 Russell Ave Traveller WATSON John Boyd 97 Russell Ave Teacher WATSON Minnie Florence 97 Russell Ave HART WATTERS Arthur Edward 13 Sanoni Ave Labourer 1958 WATTERS Sheila Clareville Ave SPEERS X WATTERS Victor Francis Clareville Ave Clerk X WATTS Margaret Barbara 3 Curruthers Drive 1958 WEARNE Albert Ernest 177 Russell Ave Manager X WEARNE Evelyn Bessie 177 Russell Ave FEE WEAVER Horace James 2 Clareville Ave Tramway worker X WEAVER Madeline Petoria 2 Clareville Ave EATHER MALLEN sp1 WEBB Lillian Olive 1 Malua Street HUGHES, Charles WEBB William James 1 Malua Street Stores clerk WEBSTER Leslie Charles 49 Sanoni Ave Railway employee WEEKES Marjorie 7 Norman Ave MORRISON WEEKES Randall Scott 7 Norman Ave Clerk WEIR Barry John 36 Primrose Ave Clerk 1958 WEIR Dorothy Muriel Rose 6 Primrose Ave GRAY WEIR Dorothy Muriel Rose 36 Primrose Ave GRAY WEIR James Reston 6 Primrose Ave Smallgoodsman X WEIR James Reston 36 Primrose Ave Smallgoodsman X WEIR Reginald Thomas 7 Mc Millan Ave Suitcase maker sp1

263 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 WEIR Thomas 7 Mc Millan Ave Gardener WELSH Ada Dinah Waldron Street TOLHURST WELSH Walter Sealy Joseph Waldron Street Labourer X WELZEL Nancy Gloria Lorraine 9 Dicken Ave WELZEL Walter William Paul 9 Dicken Ave Clerk X WESLEY Alvinia Isabella 49 Sanoni Ave SCHERF WESLEY Andrew 49 Sanoni Ave Pastrycook WEST Albert John Boutcher 104 Russell Ave Hairdresser tobaconist WEST Albert John Boutcher 108 Russell Ave Hairdresser tobaconist WEST Annie May 104 Russell Ave BAXTER WEST Annie May 108 Russell Ave BAXTER WEST Arthur Sindel 101 Russell Ave Sheetmetal worker WEST Dulcie 101 Russell Ave 1943 KEMBREY WEST Edward Robert 108 Russell Ave Hairdresser X WEST Enid Elizabeth 108 Russell Ave BRUCE WEST Frank William 101 Russell Ave Sheetmetal worker 1943 WEST Frederick Noel 46 Clareveille Ave WEST Gertrude 90 Primrose Ave SINDEL WEST Gertrude 101 Russell Ave SINDEL WEST Leonard Charles 90 Primrose Ave Sheetmetal worker WEST Leonard Charles 101 Russell Ave Sheetmetal worker WEST Sydney Albert 108 Russell Ave Cabinetmaker X WEST Thelma Daphne 46 Clareveille Ave TAYLOR WESTERLUND Keith Erik 51 Sanoni Ave Patternmaker 1963 WESTON David Rounsevell 164 Russell Ave Field rep X WESTON Heather Maxine 164 Russell Ave 1949 WHEATLEY Alfred Reuben 6 Mc Millan Ave X UK

264 ELECTORAL SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 WHEATLEY Nellie Ethel 132 Russell Ave WHEATLEY Nellie Ethel 110 Russell Ave PLANT WHEATLEY Nellie Ethel 6 Mc Millan Ave PLANT WHEELER Arthur James 94 Primrose Ave Electrician X WHEELER Arthur James 4 Primrose Ave Electrician X WHEELER Edith Isobel 177 Russell Ave PITMAN WHEELER Vera Christina 94 Primrose Ave PEAKE WHEELER Vera Christina 4 Primrose Ave PEAKE WHIPP Brian Albert 29 Minton Ave Patternmaker WHIPP Fay 29 Minton Ave 1949 WHIPP Harold Evan 29 Minton Ave Seaman WHIPP Lucy Violet 29 Minton Ave BLANCH sp KELLY, Thomas Edward WHIPP Nola 29 Minton Ave Clerk SANSOM WHITE Hildred May 11 Norman Ave THOMPSON WHITE John Joseph 11 Norman Ave Dairyman WHITE John Thomas Nathan 188 Russell Ave WHITE Margaret 188 Russell Ave WHITE Margaret Malua Street 1933 WHITEHEAD Letchfield 37 Sanoni Ave Builder WHITESIDE Dorena 2 Waldron Street Clerk WHITESIDE Gladys Miriam 2 Waldron Street BRENCHLEY WHITESIDE Herbert 2 Waldron Street Business executive WHITTLE Doreen Doris 38 Primrose Ave 1958 WILLIS WHITTLE James Michael 38 Primrose Ave Printer FRANK sp2 WICKHAM Eva Janet 87 Primrose Ave SWAIN, Sydney sp3 HODDER, 1934 Francis Kevin WICKHAM John William Haratio 87 Primrose Ave Labourer WICKS Shirley Rose 1 Curruthers Drive 1958 BATH

265 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 WICKS Thomas Peter 1 Curruthers Drive Clerk 1958 WILCOX Lucy Rosabel 1a Mc Millan Ave WILDERBEEK Mary Elizabeth 14 Clareville Ave Radiographer 1958 WILLIAMS Alfred 18 Clareville Ave Retired WILLIAMS Alice Ethel Allawah, 50 Mc Millan Ave WILLIAMS Alice Irene 132 Russell Ave BULLIMAN WILLIAMS Blanche 18 Clareville Ave HENDERSON WILLIAMS Ethel Maud 18 Clareville Ave LOFTUS WILLIAMS Ethel Maud 18 Clareville Ave LOFTUS WILLIAMS Evelyn Janet Waldron Street 1930 MCWILLIAM HUNT sp1 WILLIAMS Florence May 112 Russell Ave Process worker GROGIN, William WILLIAMS Frederick Carson Allawah,50 Mc Millan Ave Clerk X WILLIAMS Frederick Carson 42 Mc Millan Ave Clerk X WILLIAMS Frederick Edward 132 Russell Ave Miner X WILLIAMS George Marcus Waldron Street WILLIAMS Henry Alfred "Harry" 18 Clareville Ave X WILLIAMS Henry Frederick 86 Ida Street Milk carter WILLIAMS James 1 Sanoni Ave 1930 WILLIAMS John Henry Joseph 112 Russell Ave Labourer Llandvand, 18 Clareville SMITH sp1 WILLIAMS Maria Ave LOFTUS, Jeremiah WILLIAMS Marie 86 Ida Street WIDGERY WILLIAMS Suzanne 100 Russell Ave 1963 WILLIAMS William Frederick Allawah, 50 Mc Millan Ave Compositor WILLIAMSON Alan Cleveland 28 Waldron Street Sales rep X WILLIAMSON Faye 28 Waldron Street WINTERTON WILLIAMSON Florence 1 Dicken Ave Stenographer

266 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 WILLIAMSON Henry Sydney Thomas 1 Dicken Ave WILLIAMSON William Keith 3 Carruthers Drive Taxi driver WILLINGALE John Henry Camp, Carruthers Drive Fitter WILLIS John Alfred 177 Russell Ave Commercial traveller WILLISON Frederick Charles William 11 Sanoni Ave Slaughterman X WILLISON Rona Estelle 11 Sanoni Ave CHISHOLM WILLMOTT Ethel May 2 Clareville Ave LUTTON WILLMOTT Thomas Patrick 2 Clareville Ave Pastrycook WILSON Alexandria May 67 Clareville Ave 1931 WILSON Annie Bertha Wilhelmina 18 Waldron Street FORBES WILSON Beatrice Julia 34 Mc Millan Ave SUMMERFIELD See Annie Bertha WILSON Bertha Wilhelmina 18 Waldron Street Wilhelmina WILSON Betty Ellen 37 Sanoni Ave WILSON Clara Evelyn Sanoni Ave WILSON David Grahame 10 Dicken Ave Electrician WILSON David James Taylor 10 DickenAve Shopkeeper WILSON Dorothy 6/177 Russell Ave Office worker 1963 WILSON Elizabeth Anne 35 Mc Millan Ave Comptometrist WILSON Emily Rita 26 Mc Millan Ave PARKES WILSON Florence Mary BENNISON WILSON Gretha Davis 18 Dicken Ave Supervisor SALMON WILSON Henry 84 Clareville Ave Clerk WILSON Herbert James Sanoni Ave Machinist WILSON Hilda Beatrice Montrose, Primrose Ave JULEFF WILSON Imelda Frances 35 Mc Millan Ave COLLINET WILSON Isabella Adelaide 100 Cook Park IVISON WILSON Jack Louis 37 Sanoni Ave Labourer WILSON Lillian Evelyn Sanoni Ave FLENTJAR WILSON Margaret Whyte 10 Dicken Ave WALLACE WILSON Mary Ann Josephine 162 Russell Ave

267 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 WILSON Mervyn Stewart 34 Mc Millan Ave Soldier X WILSON Mervyn Stewart 26 Mc Millan Ave Soldier X WILSON Norman Stanley 35 Mc Millan Ave French polisher WILSON Raymond Henry 104 Russell Ave Hatblocker 1963 WILSON Reginald Rupert Bertie Waldron Street Drainer WILSON Sidney William 5 Primrose Ave Painter WILSON Theresa 84 Clareville Ave WILSON Vernon Ross 162 Russell Ave Driver WILSON Walter Norman 18 Waldron Street Labourer WILSON William Henry Montrose, Primrose Ave Motor driver WINDSOR Jill 98 Ida Street CLUNAS WINDSOR John William 98 Ida Street Police officer WINN Dorothy Pearl Roberta 92 Primrose Ave WINN Dorothy Pearl Roberta 8 Primrose Ave Telephonist 1963 WINN George Charles 85 Primrose Ave Labourer X WINN George Charles 100 Cook Park Labourer X WINN George Charles 92 Primrose Ave Labourer X WINN George Charles 44 Clareville Ave Wharf labourer X WINN John Alfred "Alfie" 92 Primrose Ave Wharf labourer WINN John Alfred "Alfie" 8 Primrose Ave Waterside worker WINN Olive Jane 85 Primrose Ave SUTTON, sp2 MULLEY, Sidney 1933 Morris SUTTON, sp2 WINN Olive Jane 100 Cook Park MULLEY, Sidney 1934 Morris SUTTON, sp2 WINN Olive Jane 92 Primrose Ave MULLEY, Sidney Morris SUTTON, sp2 MULLEY, Sidney WINN Olive Jane 8 Primrose Ave 1958 Morris

268 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 WINN Sydney 85 Primrose Ave Labourer WINN Sydney 100 Cook Park Labourer WINN Sydney 92 Primrose Ave Labourer WINN Sydney 44 Clareville Ave Fisherman WINN Thomas 85 Primrose Ave Tile presser X WINN Thomas 100 Cook Park Labourer X WINN Thomas 92 Primrose Ave Labourer X WINNING Mary 125 Clarevile Ave SCIPIONE WINNING William 125 Clarevile Ave WOOD Bessie 4 Carruthers Drive WOOD Daniel Charles "Bull" Malua Street Taxi proprietor WOOD Ethel May 38 Primrose Ave WARD WOOD Frederick John 97 Russell Ave Labourer WOOD George Herbert 97 Russell Ave Clerk X WOOD Joseph Stuart 5 Mc Millan Ave Oyster lessee X WOOD Muriel Thelma Jane 97 Russell Ave BEATTY WOOD Nora 4 Carruthers Drive WOOD Oliver Felix 38 Primrose Ave Secretary manager WOOD Ronald 4 Carruthers Drive Wool sorter X WOOD Veronica 97 Russell Ave sp KENYON, George 1943 Thomas WOODBRIDGE Barbara Rose 130 Russell Ave ADAMSON WOODBRIDGE Kevin Reginald 130 Russell Ave French polisher WOODS Bernard Leigh "Tim" 11 Minton Ave AIF X DAY sp2 WOODS Phyllis Caroline 11 Minton Ave LUDDINGTON, Ernest George DAY sp2 WOODS Phyllis Caroline 11 Minton Ave LUDDINGTON, 1958 Ernest George WOOLFALL Herbert Thomas Weymouth, Primrose Ave Architect

269 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 WOOLFALL Muriel Grace Weymouth, Primrose Ave HALLIGAN WOOLLEY Julia Leicester, 33 Cook Park WORSWICK Jack 102 Russell Ave Labourer WRAY Olive Lillian 15 Sanoni Ave RIED WRAY Olive Lillian 18 Sanoni Ave RIED WRAY Wallace Joseph 15 Sanoni Ave Reader WRAY Wallace Joseph 18 Sanoni Ave Printer WRIGHT Anthony Robert 2 Minton Ave Mechanic WRIGHT Arthur Vincent 85 Clareville Ave Labourer X WRIGHT Heather 85 Primrose Ave 1949 LARKINGS WRIGHT Herbert Trevor 85 Primrose Ave Bank clerk X WRIGHT Horace George 24 Clareville Ave Mail officer X WRIGHT John 20 Gannon Ave Storeman WRIGHT Leonard Albert 2 Minton Ave Clerk X WRIGHT Martha Emily 2 Minton Ave TAYLOR WRIGHT Rosa Jean 2 Minton Ave NICHOL WRIGHT Rosetta Louisa 85 Clareville Ave HEISER WRIGHT Thelma Sanonia, 24 Clareville Ave JEFFERSON WRIGHT Vanda 20 Gannon Ave WYATT Arthur William 102 Cook Park Foreman WYATT Muriel 102 Cook Park Clothing machinist 1963 COLLINS WYNN Ian Gordon 5 Malua Street Photographer WYNN John Ferguson 5 Malua Street Electrician WYNN Mary Ann 5 Malua Street FERGUSON WYNN Thelma Kathleen 5 Malua Street MAGUIRE sp HICKS, Noel YEWDALL Betty Jean 8 Malua Street Clerk 1943 Harold YOUNG Alma Florence 1a Mc Millan Ave STRUTT YOUNG Audrey Grace 177 Russell Ave

270 SURNAME GIVEN NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION BORN/DIED ELECTORAL YEAR/S MAIDEN NAME WW1 WW2 YOUNG Beryl Agnes 81 Russell Ave 1943 CLIFFORD YOUNG Kenneth Oswald 177 Russell Ave Ironworker X YOUNG Mary Ann Elizabeth Clareville Ave BYRNE YOUNG Reginald Leslie Edgar 81 Russell Ave Labourer YOUNG Ruth Edith 81 Russell Ave HEIDEN YOUNG Sydney Ernest Clareville Ave Bread carter YOUNG Sydney Kevin 1a Mc Millan Ave Ironworker X ZIKMAN Esther May 82 Clareville Ave DEDDEN ZIKMAN Frederick Ebaldolf 82 Clareville Ave Wharf labourer

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281 Ralph, 60 T, 47 William, 36, 83 William Ernest, 84 Soames Henry, 47 Skin Bank, 128 Souter Miss, 64 South Eastern Sydney Area Health Services, 29 South Haven Activity Centre, 128 Speerin James, 93 Mabel Marion, 93 Spence Emily Priscilla, 123 George Wallace, 123 Springfield T O, 47 Squires G, Mrs, 115 St Andrew s College, 131 St Andrews Church, 13, 21, 104 St Finbars Church, 21, 22 St Finbars School, 31 St George Bowling Club, 16 St George Crippled Childrens School, 128 St George Girls High School, 15, 30 St George Palais de Danse, 64 St George Primary Schools, 73 St George Sailing Club, 23, 42, 62, 64, 74 St George School, Rockdale, 128 St John s Dramatic Society, 30 St Laurence College, 29, 69 St Patrick Church, 21 Stafford Eileen, 73, 74 Stageman Samuel, 47 Stahl Adelaide, 97, 123 Albert Joseph (Snow), 97, 123 Joe, 97, 123 Wilford (Bob), 97, 123 Stanbury A, 23 Stanley V, Mr and Mrs, 104 Stannard Van, 81 Steenbhom R U, 49 Stelzer A E, 47 F, 44 Stenson Catherine, 106 Stephenson W. Mr. and Mrs, 64 Stevens J, 73 (Premier), 82 Stibbard) N, 74 Stockdale Mrs, 103 Stokes Norman and Moira, 9 R, 64 Stokes Richard, 67 Stokes McGown. Limited, 64 Stonell Albert James, 121 Stretton Arthur Alexander, 99 Stripper's Point, 26 Stroud Herbert Walter, 120 Strutt Fred and Myrtle, 9 Frederick James, 77 Stuart Rose Marie, 108 Sylvester, 108 Sylvester Richard, 106 Sullivan John Patrick, 77 T, Mr and Mrs, 113 Thomas, Mr and Mrs, 112 Surman H, Mrs, 119 Sutton Leslie, 94 Rebecca, 94 Swaindon J W, 49 Swinfield Harold Arthur, 103 Sylvanvale, 128 T Tapp Alex, 124 Johnny, 12 David, Mr and Mrs, 124 Taree Infants School, 29 Taylor (Ald), 48 Nancy, 2 Phillip, 53 R, 45, 57 Richard and William, 3 Richard Snr, 3 William, 103 Teague P, 73 Templeton T G, Mrs, 99 Terry G, Mr and Mrs, 118 The Palace, 32 Thomas C, 56 Fred, 23, 42 Fred, Jun, 23 Max, 83 Vic, (Private), 56 Thompson J, Mr and Mrs, 88 William, Mr and Mrs, 118 Thomson A, Mrs, 110 Thornber Thomas and Charlotte, 10 Thorp George Frederick, 70 Tickle (Captain), 54 Tierney Ted, 104 Townsend Mrs, 95 Toyer A, 98 J, 87 Treston Tom, Mr and Mrs, 94 Trevitt

282 Reg and Bonnie, 10 Trivett Alan and Phyllis, 9 Sue, 2 Trusty Mable Percy, 114 Tully J.T, 129 Tung Ah, 90 Turner Mary, 39 Mrs, 57 Twiss John, 47 Joseph, 47 Tyrrell Mrs, 122 Tyrrell family, 10 U Uebel Charles, (Private), 57, 124 V Van Der Linden Ane, 11 Varvaris N, 129 Vernon Emily Louisa (Lewie), 129 Vincent A F, Mr and Mrs, 100 Sidney, (Corporal), 56 Vipond Miss, 29 W Waghorn Charles, 63 Walker A, Mr and Mrs, 120 Bernard, 89 Dorothy, 120 Dot, 91 George, 42 Sidney Alfred, 119, 120 Sydney, 70 Walker, J, 23, 124 Wall Aubrey and Eileen, 2, 10 Waradiel Creek, 25 Ward G, 38 Warner S, 73 Watkins F L, Mr and Mrs, 97, 123 Watson A, 73 Watts Ada May, 83 Waudby W, 53 Webster Harold J (Doc), 99 Werry Cecily Ethel Mary, 77 West Leonard Charles, 120 Whitbreads, 2 Whitby Winn, 114 White Hildred May, 110 John, 110 W, Mr and Mrs, 95 Whitehead L, 23 Whitfield W, (Ald), 68 Wilde Frank, (Rev), 80 Willet Alfred, 56 Williams Alice Ethel, 108 Bert J, 56 F C, (Driver), 98 Harold, 64 Michael, 56 Orlando, (Driver),98 Carson, (Driver), 98 P. 0. Driver, 98 R.T. Sapper, 98 Richard Private, 98 W, Mr and Mrs, 98 W F, Mr and Mrs, 104 William Frederick, 108 Willmot Thomas, 47 Wilson Mrs, 100 Norm, 10 R A, (Rev), 44 Wilson family, 10 Wimble Fred T, 47 Frederick T, 28 Hannah (nee Radford), 51 Wisdom E S, 115 Wiseman James, 36 Wolstenhome, 10 Wood Daniel Charles, 91 Fred, 104 George, 104 W, Mrs, 104 Woodbridge Barbara, 4 Woolnough Caroline, 85 H, 47 Wray J, 38 Wright Gladys May, 115 X Y Yorke J R, 34 Young A.A, 47 Mrs, 121 Sid, 9 Z Zeitech Lyle, Mr and Mrs, 89

283 16 McMillan Avenue 2008 Rhonda McKinnon, Sydney born spent the first two years at of her life at Mascot until her parents bought their home at Dolls Point. She attended Sans Souci Public School and then Moorefield Girls High School. After her marriage, together with her husband Bruce, bought their home at Loftus where they raised their two daughters. Genealogy has been her hobby for the past thirty two years. Together with a group of descendants she has assisted in producing three volumes of Meet the Munyards, a branch of her late husband's family.

The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe

The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe The Battle Family of Campsea Ashe Research by Sheila Holmes Updated July 2014 Sheila Holmes The Battle Family from 1745 Samuel is the earliest known member of the Battle family. It is believed that Samuel

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GOSS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGossHulbertCollett)

GOSS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGossHulbertCollett) GOSS Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFGossHulbertCollett) GOSS and HULBERT and COLLETT Family History William George GOSS B 17 June 1863 Exeter Devon

More information

WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History

WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History WILKIE Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFWilkieMabey) WILKIE and MABEY Family History Francis Howard (Frank) WILKIE B 1870 New Zealand D 1945 New Zealand

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POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson)

POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson) POULSON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Poulson) Carl Julius POULSON and Sarah JOHNSON Family History Carl Julius POULSON B 20 June 1860 Sweden

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TOOP Family. Family Notices. (1951, June 26). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : ), p. 10.

TOOP Family. Family Notices. (1951, June 26). The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : ), p. 10. (37524) COOM, Emma Sarah Ann b ; par Austin COOM & Emma DIXON; sp Alfred George TOOP (1864 - c1929), ch Gladys Mildred d 4-Mar-1955 (m GARD), Beatrice Amabel b 21-Mar-1891 307 d 16- Apr-1958 (m HANDFORD);

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CRAIG Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFCraigCudby) CRAIG and CUDBY Family History

CRAIG Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFCraigCudby) CRAIG and CUDBY Family History CRAIG Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFCraigCudby) CRAIG and CUDBY Family History John Thomas CRAIG B 25 September 1866 Upper Hutt New Zealand D 01

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St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Index John Harris St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth. Graveyard Guide Project

St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Index John Harris St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth. Graveyard Guide Project St John the Baptst, Moordown, Bournemouth Graveyard Guide Project FOLDER T ELSIE G. TALBOT 1899-1966 AGED67 FRANCIS J. TALBOT 1897 1979 AGED 82 DOUGLAS TALBOT (SON) 1925 1930 AGED 5 12/142 MARY JANE TARRANT

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Mary Irene MARTIN, b. Aug. 1889, nurse, married + Harry WATSON, they moved to Detroit, Michigan, and back to Calgary after retirement

Mary Irene MARTIN, b. Aug. 1889, nurse, married + Harry WATSON, they moved to Detroit, Michigan, and back to Calgary after retirement Updated Feb 2017 Martin Family Joseph Alexander MARTIN, born Nov. 1854-56 in Ontario, died 1930 in Stettler, AB and is buried in Our Lady of Grace Cemetery, Castor, Alberta, Plot E, 020. + Mary, born Jan.

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Local History Awards 2006 winners

Local History Awards 2006 winners Local History Awards 2006 winners Written Research Patricia Ingham Setting the pace in the Aged Care Industry: History of the League of Home Help for Sick and Aged (Inc) now known as Rosewood Care Group(Inc)

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grocery. Later they built a home just up the street at 1127 Haslage. Eventually as the children became adults they all acquired there own homes on Has

grocery. Later they built a home just up the street at 1127 Haslage. Eventually as the children became adults they all acquired there own homes on Has I am John Hillenbrand a grandson of Marie R (Eyerman) Hillenbrand. Marie was the sister of George, Emil, and Charlie. I know a little Eyerman family history and I would like to pass it along. The Eyerman

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Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill

Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill Miranda 39 Alexandra Street Hunters Hill No. 39 is a two storey brick bald-faced shop and residence on a corner on the peninsula in Hunters Hill. The building is Heritage listed as a property of some significance.

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FULL NAME Alexandrina Victoria. DATE OF BIRTH May 24 th, 1819 PLACE OF BIRTH

FULL NAME Alexandrina Victoria. DATE OF BIRTH May 24 th, 1819 PLACE OF BIRTH QUEEN VICTORIA FULL NAME Alexandrina Victoria DATE OF BIRTH May 24 th, 1819 PLACE OF BIRTH EARLY LIFE Upon Victoria s father death, she became the heir apparent, since her three surviving uncles, who were

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NAME BORN DIED AGE MEMORIAL NOTES GC /11/ /01/1961 NAME BORN DIED AGE MEMORIAL NOTES GC 1 GC2 RUTH ELLEN HALL WILLIAM DAWSON 18/11/1946 04/01/1961 GC 59 71 In loving memory of Ruth Ellen beloved wife of William Dawson Hall. At rest November 18th 1946 aged

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Richard Slack ( )

Richard Slack ( ) Richard Slack (1886 1965) Richard Slack was born on Silsden Moor, an area in the hills between Silsden and Bradley, and was one of seven children. The family moved to Farnhill when his father, Richard

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Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number = 3 rd issue (Weblink Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ)

Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number = 3 rd issue (Weblink Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ) Archibald LECKIE and Margaret WADDELL Group number 103-3 = 3 rd issue (Weblink 103-3 Leckie Waddell 1883 Dunedin NZ) Archibald LECKIE B 05 October 1854 Scotland D 29 November 1933 Dunedin New Zealand M

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Beginnings MELBOURNE AND WALLAN The Kelly Story starts three blocks from this historic exhibition at St Francis Church, Lonsdale Street. There, on Monday November 18, 1850, Father Gerald Ward married Ned Kelly s parents, John Red Kelly

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Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec

Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Descendants of Pierre Vibert Of Corner of the Beach, Quebec Keith McCallum 193 Wilson Avenue #310 Toronto, Ontario Canada M5M 4M8 1-Pierre Vibert-[3338] was born on 16 Oct 1814 in St. Mary, Jersey Island.

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Stan Taylor was born in 1891 at Tanja on the south coast of NSW. He was the last of sixteen children born to Thomas and Louisa Taylor, three of whom d

Stan Taylor was born in 1891 at Tanja on the south coast of NSW. He was the last of sixteen children born to Thomas and Louisa Taylor, three of whom d The milliner behind the Tracey Lord label is Irmgard Lyons (née Bunk) born in Weiden, Germany in 1931. She immigrated to Australia in 1954 and came straight to Canberra. Irmgard was a trained milliner

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W.G. Pickering (Daily News, 1 October 1929, p.6; Black, David, 1990, p.159)

W.G. Pickering (Daily News, 1 October 1929, p.6; Black, David, 1990, p.159) W.G. Pickering (Daily News, 1 October 1929, p.6; Black, David, 1990, p.159) William George Pickering (1869-1953) was born 20 September 1869 at Cecil Road in Enfield, 11 miles north of London, England.

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CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY CHAPEL HILL UNITING CHURCH CEMETERY Kenmore and D istr ict H i s t o r i c a l S o c t y i e I n c A research project of KENMORE AND DISTRICT HISTORICAL SOCIETY INC Researched by Judy Magub OAM May 2015

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Booklet Number 156 ROBERT SELBY GIBSON

Booklet Number 156 ROBERT SELBY GIBSON Booklet Number 156 ROBERT SELBY GIBSON 1892 1964 This booklet remains the property of Saint Andrew s Uniting Church. Please see a Guide if you would like a copy. 2 Saint Andrew s Uniting Church Corner

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The Berry family. Continued from part 1

The Berry family. Continued from part 1 The Berry family Continued from part 1 1911 onwards And so the 1911 census records for the various Berry families read as follows:- John Berry s family Martha Berry Mother 71 Widow Raymond Berry Son 43

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Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c.

Family Tree for John Nutbrown born 1643c. 1) Nutbrown, John [1643c.-1698] Stephenson, Elizabeth [1645c.-1709] (? 1.1) Nutbrown, Joseph [1671-xxxx] 1.2) Nutbrown, John [1672-xxxx] 1.3) Nutbrown, William [1674-xxxx] 1.4) Nutbrown,

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Lewin, Reginald Arthur.

Lewin, Reginald Arthur. Lewin, Reginald Arthur. ASC 1904-5 Cemetery or memorial details: Lone Pine Cemetery, Gallipoli, Turkey War Grave Register notes: Lewin, Lance Cpl..Reginald Arthur. 1714. 4 th Bn. Killed in action 6th/9th

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THOMAS CASEY ELIZA BOWLER BOWLER THOMAS CASEY & ELIZA BOWLER Thomas CASEY and Eliza BOWLER are my maternal 4 th Great Grandparents. Their son, Benjamin CASEY, is my 3 rd Great Grandfather who married Frances Maria MILLER. THOMAS CASEY

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Census for Watchfield April BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus?

Census for Watchfield April BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus? Census for Watchfield April 1901. BRO RG, A13/1127 Where the spelling or word is unclear I have marked thus? Alfred Collins 46 West Lodge. Groom Domestic Annie Collins 40 Alfred Baxter 35 Farm Worker Annie

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Soar Welsh Congregational Chapelyard, Seven Sisters, Wales. War Grave

Soar Welsh Congregational Chapelyard, Seven Sisters, Wales. War Grave Soar Welsh Congregational Chapelyard, Seven Sisters, Wales War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 284 GUNNER D. A. BRYANT AUST. HEAVY ARTILLERY 31ST JANUARY, 1919 Age 29 He Died For His Country s Sake David

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ALEXANDER ROBERTSON & JANET McKINNON ALEXANDER ROBERTSON & JANET McKINNON Alexander ROBERTSON and Janet McKINNON are my 4 th Great Grandparents. Their daughter, Mary ROBERTSON, is my 3 rd Great Grandmother who married Alexander McINNES. ROBERTSON:

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Roberts Family Story. Edward Roberts. Thomas Roberts. 1746: Born in St Neot, Cornwall. Edward was a tinner (tin miner).

Roberts Family Story. Edward Roberts. Thomas Roberts. 1746: Born in St Neot, Cornwall. Edward was a tinner (tin miner). Roberts Family Story Edward Roberts 1746: Born in St Neot, Cornwall. Edward was a tinner (tin miner). 1765: Married Sarah Keast on 9 th May 1765 or 1766 St Neot (born 1744 at St Neot / Baptised 6th January

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Ernest Frederick Walden

Ernest Frederick Walden Page 1 Ernest Frederick Walden Ernest Frederick Walden was born in 1899. He was the youngest child of William Frederick Walden and Mary Ann Walden, nee King. William was born in St George s-in-the-east,

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Compton Chamberlayne War Graves

Compton Chamberlayne War Graves Compton Chamberlayne War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 1993A PRIVATE S. ROSS 18 th BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 31 st MAY, 1918 Age 28 THERE S A LINK DEATH CANNOT SEVER LOVING REMEMBRANCE LASTS FOR EVER Sydney

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The Booth family. East View Lightcliffe

The Booth family. East View Lightcliffe The Booth family East View Lightcliffe The headstone for plot LL 14 in St Matthew s Churchyard, Lightcliffe, WRY At the foot of this memorial inscription there is a Fred Booth who died in the USA. How

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C16th Normandy Chateau Region: Normandy Sleeps: 18

C16th Normandy Chateau Region: Normandy Sleeps: 18 C16th Normandy Chateau Region: Normandy Sleeps: 18 Overview The C16th Normandy Chateau is situated in a green valley within walking distance of an ancient village. A long drive takes you up to the charming,

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Durrington War Graves. World War 1

Durrington War Graves. World War 1 Durrington War Graves World War 1 Lest We Forget 4680 PRIVATE R. DALEY 23RD BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 11TH DECEMBER, 1916 Age 26 Too Far Away Your Grave To See But Not Too Far To Think Of Thee Commonwealth War

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Dundas Museum and Archives. Finding Aid - Bertram Family Collection (C.0002)

Dundas Museum and Archives. Finding Aid - Bertram Family Collection (C.0002) Dundas Museum and Archives Finding Aid - Bertram Family Collection (C.0002) Generated by Access to Memory (AtoM) 2.3.1 Printed: July 10, 2017 Language of description: English Dundas Museum and Archives

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Torrisholme Cemetery, Westgate, Morecambe, Lancashire. War Grave

Torrisholme Cemetery, Westgate, Morecambe, Lancashire. War Grave Torrisholme Cemetery, Westgate, Morecambe, Lancashire War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 8972 PRIVATE J. CLARKE AUSTRALIAN ARMY MEDICAL CORPS 16TH NOVEMBER, 1916 Age 36 John CLARKE John Clarke was born

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C16th Normandy Chateau Estate Region: Normandy Sleeps: 26

C16th Normandy Chateau Estate Region: Normandy Sleeps: 26 C16th Normandy Chateau Estate Region: Normandy Sleeps: 26 Overview This beautiful chateau is situated in a green valley within walking distance of an ancient village. A long drive takes you up to the charming,

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Four Mersea Brown Brothers in WW1

Four Mersea Brown Brothers in WW1 Four Mersea Brown Brothers in WW1 1897 Emily (29) Charles (29) Charles (3) George (7) Elsie (5) Ethel (2) Charles and Emily BROWN - Tollesbury (1897) Charles BROWN and Emily OLIVER (and several previous

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Anthony Dean Hargreaves ( )

Anthony Dean Hargreaves ( ) Anthony Dean Hargreaves (1895 1975) Anthony Dean Hargreaves was one of three brothers who volunteered to serve in WW1. Anthony attended Kildwick School and later worked in one of the local mills. He was

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Northwood. Cemetery MEMORIALS FAMILY TRAIL Northwood Cemetery MEMORIALS FAMILY TRAIL ENTRANCE NEWPORT ROAD Memorials Map of Northwood Cemetery 1 2 3 4 Augustus Hamilton Harriet Fellows Henry Wheeler Harry Guy 6 7 8 9 Cust family Allan Cust Olivia

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Harry Thompson ( ) (aka Harry Jowett)

Harry Thompson ( ) (aka Harry Jowett) Harry Thompson (1889 1926) (aka Harry Jowett) Harry Thompson was the illegitimate son of Annie Thompson. He was born in the Union Workhouse in Stanley near Wakefield. His mother married the widower William

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Welcome to Hale House

Welcome to Hale House Welcome to Hale House Now its site is just a little rise of ground between the Community Medical Center and Peachtown School, and the old well is covered by concrete. No one has seen Hale House, one of

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SERVICE COMMERCIAL ZONES PART 16 SERVICE COMMERCIAL ZONES 1601 CS-1 Service Commercial (1) Intent This zone provides for most types of service commercial and related uses requiring large lots, location along major transportation

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MEN OF STOCKLAND WHO FOUGHT IN THE WAR AND WHO SURVIVED MEN OF STOCKLAND WHO FOUGHT IN THE 1914 19 WAR AND WHO SURVIVED BEARD John, Private 87478, Royal Field Artillery. Place of Residence Ham Farm. For details see Dalwood Great War Memorial CLAKE James, Private

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Fried Chicken and Chocolate Cake. The Story of Youngs Tea Room,

Fried Chicken and Chocolate Cake. The Story of Youngs Tea Room, Fried Chicken and Chocolate Cake The Story of Youngs Tea Room, 1909-1944 The story of Youngs Tea Room begins with Margaret Shorter Youngs. The family name was sometimes given as the more familiar Young,

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Generation: Published by Pauline Gibson 2007 Especially for Christine Bath

Generation: Published by Pauline Gibson 2007 Especially for Christine Bath Published by Pauline Gibson 2007 Especially for Christine Bath Margaret Montgomery (84) James Tate (80) Isaac George Tate (847) Jane Ri chardson (843) William 834 James 837 Jasper 835 John 840 Alexander

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BENNINGTON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFBenningtonCotter)

BENNINGTON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFBenningtonCotter) BENNINGTON Hutt Valley - Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVFCotter) BENNINGTON and COTTER Family History Norman Joseph BENNINGTON B 1875 New Zealand D 29 October

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WICKHAM MARKET TM WICKHAM MARKET TM 30192 55706 WW1-31 WW2-9 WW2 Civilians - 4 With acknowledgement to the Commonwealth War Graves Commission WW1 Casualties Awards Rank Number Service Unit Age Parish

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Victor Spencer Bowater Liveryman and Other Members of the Bowater Family

Victor Spencer Bowater Liveryman and Other Members of the Bowater Family Victor Spencer Bowater Liveryman 1891 1967 and Other Members of the Bowater Family Victor Spencer Bowater joined the Glovers Company as a Liveryman in 1915 and remained on the Livery until he died in 1967,

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SYKES Hutt Valley Wellington Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Sykes Child)

SYKES Hutt Valley Wellington Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Sykes Child) SYKES Hutt Valley Wellington Upper Hutt Family History Genealogy Miscellaneous Information (Weblink HVF Sykes Child) George SYKES and Jane CHILD Family History George SYKES B about 12 March 1815 Arksey

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High Wycombe Cemetery, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. War Graves

High Wycombe Cemetery, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. War Graves High Wycombe Cemetery, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 2401/A PRIVATE A. E. KING 9TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 13TH AUGUST, 1916 The Lord Gave And The Lord Has Taken Away

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Alexander Henry and Jane Robertson had the following child:

Alexander Henry and Jane Robertson had the following child: Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable Governor Patrick Henry of Virginia was your 7great uncle. I am pretty = sure of this. I want to find some more

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1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname

1881 Census. Household ID House name First Name Surname 1881 Census ID Household ID House name First Name Surname Relation to Head Condition Sex Age Profession County of Birth 1 1 Rd Thomas Cooper Head M M 46 Ag Lab 2 1 Elizabeth Cooper Wife M F 37 3 1 Elizabeth

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The family history of Thomas Charles BOYLE and Sylvia Ethel GILES

The family history of Thomas Charles BOYLE and Sylvia Ethel GILES Chapter Four Children and descendants of Thomas and Georgina BOYLE (Weblink Thomas Charles Boyle and Sylvia Ethel GILES) (Weblink to parents Thomas Boyle and Georgina Miles) Thomas Charles BOYLE B 16 May

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Cole Harbour Rural Heritage Society. Finding Aid - Barbara Bell fonds (Accession )

Cole Harbour Rural Heritage Society. Finding Aid - Barbara Bell fonds (Accession ) Cole Harbour Rural Heritage Society Finding Aid - (Accession 999.12.) Generated by Access to Memory (AtoM) 2.3.0 Printed: October 25, 2016 Language of description: English Cole Harbour Rural Heritage Society

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(Patrick) Basil Barlow ( )

(Patrick) Basil Barlow ( ) (Patrick) Basil Barlow (1885-1917) 36 Patrick Basil Barlow (who seems to have been known as Basil) was born in Bloomsbury, London in 1885. He was the son of Sir Thomas and Lady Ada Barlow who married on

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St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery

St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery St. Andrew s Presbyterian Cemetery is located at the intersection of Ellery s Sideroad and Highway 93, just outside the village of Wyebridge where the former St. Andrew

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Finis Creek Negro Cemetery Inquire and please, ask for permission to enter private property. Civil Township: Salt Fork in Saline County Quadrant Map: To Be Determined General Location: Marshall Congressional

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THE LIFE AND TIMES OF HENRY BEECHING OF PEMBURY. Written By: Edward James Gilbert-Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Date: March 16,2016 OVERVIEW

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF HENRY BEECHING OF PEMBURY. Written By: Edward James Gilbert-Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Date: March 16,2016 OVERVIEW THE LIFE AND TIMES OF HENRY BEECHING OF PEMBURY Written By: Edward James Gilbert-Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada Date: March 16,2016 OVERVIEW The name of Beeching is well-remembered in Tonbridge and Tunbridge

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Verna Reid. Women Between" Verna Maud (MacKay) Reid, U.E., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Photo (2003) courtesy of Verna Reid

Verna Reid. Women Between Verna Maud (MacKay) Reid, U.E., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Photo (2003) courtesy of Verna Reid Verna Reid Women Between" Verna Maud (MacKay) Reid, U.E., B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Photo (2003) courtesy of Verna Reid Verna s adult life has centred around her marriage to Craig Reid and their three children

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STAPLE FITZPAINE PARISH CHURCH BAPTISMS Surname Forename Baptism date Allen Oliver 25.09.1898 William & Sarah Bale Edgar 15.10.1899 Francis & Bale Francis 13.03.1898 Francis & George Banham Elsie 13.03.1898 Robert & Isabella Banham Hilda 22.04.1900 Robert & Isabella Barter

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All Souls Cemetery, Kensal Green, London, England. War Graves

All Souls Cemetery, Kensal Green, London, England. War Graves All Souls Cemetery, Kensal Green, London, England War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 6098 PRIVATE F. J. SLEEP 9TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 7TH NOVEMBER, 1916 Frederick James SLEEP Frederick James Sleep was

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THOMAS WILLIAM MILLER & MARY BENEDICTA HENVILLE THOMAS WILLIAM MILLER & MARY BENEDICTA HENVILLE Thomas William MILLER and Mary Benedicta HENVILLE are my maternal 4 th Great Grandparents. Their daughter, Frances Maria MILLER, is my 3 rd Great Grandmother

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Debenham Deaths in Australia

Debenham Deaths in Australia Debenham Deaths in Australia This index lists people with the surname Debenham, Debnam and some other variants whose deaths have been registered in Australia since the mid-19 th Century. There are no deaths

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JOHN CAMPS JANE ADAMS JOHN & JANE ADAMS John and Jane ADAMS are my maternal 3 rd Great Grandparents. Their daughter, Margaret, is my 2 nd Great Grandmother who married Samuel BLOW in 1878. : (French-Latin) Dweller at a camp

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Second Lieutenant John Walter Hanstock ( ).

Second Lieutenant John Walter Hanstock ( ). Second Lieutenant John Walter Hanstock (1899-1918). 12 th Field Company Royal Engineers. If in some smothering dreams, you too could pass Behind the wagon that you flung him in My friend, you would not

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Comely Bank Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland. War Graves

Comely Bank Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland. War Graves Comely Bank Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 66188 PRIVATE E. C. CAMPBELL 57TH BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 6TH FEBRUARY, 1919 Age 19 In Memory Of The Dearly Loved Son Of Mr &

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Bulford War Graves. Lest We Forget. World War PRIVATE F. J. BEATTIE 41ST BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 17TH APRIL, 1917 AGE 29

Bulford War Graves. Lest We Forget. World War PRIVATE F. J. BEATTIE 41ST BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 17TH APRIL, 1917 AGE 29 Bulford War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 1874 PRIVATE F. J. BEATTIE 41ST BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 17TH APRIL, 1917 AGE 29 The Lord Gave And The Lord Hath Taken Away Frederick Joseph BEATTIE Frederick Joseph

More information

Queensferry Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Graves

Queensferry Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Graves Queensferry Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 STOKER 3988 THEODORE GORDON JENNINGS WARD H.M.A.S. AUSTRALIA ROYAL AUSTRALIAN NAVY 12TH MAY, 1915 Age 19 Erected By His

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Twentieth Century Women

Twentieth Century Women Twentieth Century Women Patricia Kettner Marjorie Mutch Debby Lexier Evelyn Blankstein In Canada, women have been largely left out of historical narratives on architecture and design. For this reason,

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St. George s Churchyard, Fovant, Wiltshire. War Graves

St. George s Churchyard, Fovant, Wiltshire. War Graves St. George s Churchyard, Fovant, Wiltshire War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 18994 PRIVATE R. A. WHITTON AUST. ARMY MEDICAL CORPS 25TH OCTOBER, 1918 Age 38 He Lives With Us In Memory Still And Will

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Althol Hobbs (The Architect, vol.1, no.3, December 1939, p.19)

Althol Hobbs (The Architect, vol.1, no.3, December 1939, p.19) Althol Hobbs (The Architect, vol.1, no.3, December 1939, p.19) Athol Joseph Hobbs (1899-1979) was born 2 February 1899, the fourth child of architect Joseph John Talbot and Edith Ann Hobbs. In 1897 Talbot

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St Gabriel s Churchyard, Middleton Junction, Lancashire. War Grave

St Gabriel s Churchyard, Middleton Junction, Lancashire. War Grave St Gabriel s Churchyard, Middleton Junction, Lancashire War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 7112 DRIVER A. WADSWORTH AUST. ARMY SERVICE CORPS 6TH NOVEMBER, 1918 Arthur WADSWORTH Arthur Wadsworth was born

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Lars worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad for approximately thirty-five years before retiring.

Lars worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad for approximately thirty-five years before retiring. FIRST GENERATION 1. Lars Erick ANDERSON was born on September 24, 1839 in Ekeby, Orebro lan, Sweden. He was christened in September 1839 in,, Sweden - Lutheran Church. He was confirmed on August 5, 1855

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Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death

Swindon. World War II Civilian Deaths Family Connection & Address Date of Death Place of Death Other information. Surname Name Age at Death Swindon World War II Civilian s 1939-1945 Surname Name Age at Adams William 23 Of 41 Station Road, Wotton Bassett 19 September 1940 Victoria Hospital Barnard Mary Ann 62 Wife of Emmanuel John Barnard 17

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Algonquin Civil War Veterans Charles Clearman aka Kjalman (Swedish Name)

Algonquin Civil War Veterans Charles Clearman aka Kjalman (Swedish Name) Charles Clearman aka Kjalman (Swedish Name) Date of Birth: 1820 about Nativity: Ruttenberg, Sweden Parent (Father): Parent (Mother): Enlistment Record: 141st Illinois Infantry, Co. A Residence: Dundee,

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The. Dandy. Collective memories of the Dandy Pig illuminated sign and Dandenong Ham and Bacon factory. Pig

The. Dandy. Collective memories of the Dandy Pig illuminated sign and Dandenong Ham and Bacon factory. Pig Dandy The Pig Collective memories of the Dandy Pig illuminated sign and Dandenong Ham and Bacon factory The Dandy Pig was always a welcome to entering Dandenong - Mary Dandy Pig illuminated sign, in situ,

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JOHN [BANFORD] BENFIELD & MARY JOYCE JOHN [BANFORD] BENFIELD & MARY JOYCE John [BANFORD] BENFIELD and Mary JOYCE are my maternal 5 th Great Grandparents. Their daughters, Mary Ann BENFIELD and Margaret BENFIELD, are my 4 th Great Grandmothers.

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Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr:

Genealogy. 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan Married Helen Orr Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 1. Robert 1 Dun, d. 26 Jan 1783. Married Helen Orr 1760. Children of Robert Dun and Helen Orr: 2 i. Robert Dun, b. 4 Jun 1764. 3 ii. George Dun, b. 30 Dec 1768. 4 iii. Barclay Dun, b. 3 Mar 1771. 5 iv.

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North Merchiston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Grave

North Merchiston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Grave North Merchiston Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland, War Grave Lest We Forget World War 1 77 PRIVATE D. MACKENZIE 2ND BN. AUSTRALIAN INF. 22ND SEPTEMBER, 1915 Age 30 Gone But Not Forgotten Donald (Daniel) MACKENZIE

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Descendants of Robert Douglas

Descendants of Robert Douglas Descendants of Robert Douglas Generation No. 1 1. ROBERT 1 DOUGLAS was born Abt. 1815. He married ELIZABETH ROBERTSON. She was born Abt. 1820, and died 31 October 1903 in Walkerville, South. Notes for

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BLUNT Family. Agnes (nee HEADY); m(1) Qld. sp Timothy Stephens CURNOW ( ), ch Timothy Edwin; m(2) Qld.; sp Paul FRANCIS; d c1917.

BLUNT Family. Agnes (nee HEADY); m(1) Qld. sp Timothy Stephens CURNOW ( ), ch Timothy Edwin; m(2) Qld.; sp Paul FRANCIS; d c1917. (20422) BLUNT, Alice Mary par Edred Heady and Eleanor (nee SPINKS). (32871) BLUNT, Charles William b Roade, Northamptonshire, Eng.; par George and Emily Agnes (nee HEADY); d 18-Apr-1882 8 Brisbane, Qld.,

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Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON

Descendants of Henry Thompson WILSON First Generation 1. Henry Thompson WILSON, son of John B. WILSON and Sarah "Sallie" CAFFEY, was born on 28 Sep 1823 in North Carolina, died on 22 Jul 1910 in Henderson Co, TN, USA, and was buried in Antioch

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Aaron Gorton. Percy Palmer. William Tanner. Charles Appleby Walter Smith Fred Vernon William Maynard

Aaron Gorton. Percy Palmer. William Tanner. Charles Appleby Walter Smith Fred Vernon William Maynard Lest We Forget 1914 1915 1916 1917 Aaron Gorton Percy Palmer William Tanner Charles Appleby Walter Smith Fred Vernon William Maynard 1917 continued William Gorton Arthur Breadman James Appleby 1918 Ernest

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Grantham Cemetery, Grantham, Lincolnshire. War Graves

Grantham Cemetery, Grantham, Lincolnshire. War Graves Grantham Cemetery, Grantham, Lincolnshire War Graves Lest We Forget World War 1 515 PRIVATE W. B. JOHNSON AUST. MACHINE GUN CORPS 16TH MARCH, 1917 The Lord Gave The Lord Hath Taken Away Willie Banon JOHNSON

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MS-174, Sarah Betts Wheeler Papers

MS-174, Sarah Betts Wheeler Papers Collection Number: MS-174 Title: Sarah Betts Wheeler Papers Dates: 1839-1921 Creator: Wheeler, Sarah Betts, 1830-1919 MS-174, Sarah Betts Wheeler Papers Summary/Abstract: A collection of 19th and early

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Descendants of Joseph Hugh Ward 3 September 2017

Descendants of Joseph Hugh Ward 3 September 2017 First Generation 1. Joseph Hugh Ward 1 7 was born about 1843 in Ireland. 1 5,7 He served in the military on 28 May 1862 in Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA. 4 He departed in 1863 in Liverpool, Lancashire,

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George Geoffrey Lavater (Narrogin Observer, 11 April 1984, p.5)

George Geoffrey Lavater (Narrogin Observer, 11 April 1984, p.5) George Geoffrey Lavater (Narrogin Observer, 11 April 1984, p.5) George Geoffrey Lavater (1870-1938) was born on 2 February 1870 in Carlisle Street, St Kilda, Melbourne, the youngest son of Swiss-born George

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SWINDON S TITANIC CONNECTION Mr Benjamin & Mrs Ellen HOWARD SWINDON S TITANIC CONNECTION Mr Benjamin & Mrs Ellen HOWARD The list of passengers on board the White Star Liner RMS TITANIC clearly demonstrates that there were two people aboard who resided in Swindon.

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Whitehead Genealogy. First Generation. 1. Thomas1 Whitehead (#59) was born in Carter County Tennessee 1770.

Whitehead Genealogy. First Generation. 1. Thomas1 Whitehead (#59) was born in Carter County Tennessee 1770. Whitehead Genealogy First Generation 1. Thomas1 Whitehead (#59) was born in Carter County Tennessee 1770. He married Sarah unknown in Carter County Tennessee, 1796. At 43 years of age Thomas became the

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Table 1 RIGHT HAND SIDE BORDER 06/03/ /03/ /03/ /04/1931

Table 1 RIGHT HAND SIDE BORDER 06/03/ /03/ /03/ /04/1931 Table 1 RIGHT HAND SIDE BORDER RHSB1 STARBUCK Mum and Dad RHSB2 SUSANAH METTAM CONSTANTINE METTAM 06/03/1930 13/03/1942 86 In loving memory of our dear mother Susannah Mettam who died March 6th 1930 aged

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Winterbottom Family fonds

Winterbottom Family fonds Kamloops Museum and Archives Winterbottom Family fonds 2017.029 Compiled by Jaimie Fedorak December 2017 Kamloops Museum and Archives 2017 Title: Winterbottom Family fonds Dates of Creation: Physical Description:

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kirrawee A fresh perspective Sydney Int. Airport Botany Bay Wolli Creek Station Kangaroo Point Industry and Employment Zone Sutherland

kirrawee A fresh perspective Sydney Int. Airport Botany Bay Wolli Creek Station Kangaroo Point Industry and Employment Zone Sutherland kirrawee A fresh perspective Wolli Creek Station Sydney Int. Airport Botany Bay Kangaroo Point Industry and Employment Zone Sutherland South Village, Kirrawee 3 Cronulla Beach Westfield Miranda Kirrawee

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Tibbits Booster Newsletter

Tibbits Booster Newsletter Tibbits Booster Board AUG 2016 Tibbits Booster Newsletter Congratulations to Nancy Sprow, July Volunteer of the Month! Nancy has been a volunteer for Tibbits for approximately 20 years! She is a valuable

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John Smith & Margaret McDonald s arrival in Australia

John Smith & Margaret McDonald s arrival in Australia John Smith & Margaret McDonald s arrival in Australia In 1852 John Smith 23 & Margaret McDonald 21 arrived in Melbourne on the ship Theodore together with many other emigrants from Scotland. John & Margaret

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STAY ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA STAY ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA Sept 9 th to Oct 7 th 2018 LONG STAY ON THE FRENCH RIVIERA Cannes Villa Francia Residence SPECIAL DEPARTURE: SEPT 9 th to OCT 7 th - 2018 Studio accommodation from : $999 One-bedroom

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James Sharp ( ) and his Children, a Prominent Family in Victorian Dartford

James Sharp ( ) and his Children, a Prominent Family in Victorian Dartford James Sharp (1808-83) and his Children, a Prominent Family in Victorian Dartford St Edmund s Pleasance in East Dartford contains the Sharp family tomb, just inside the entrance from Great Queen Street.

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Villa Belles de Mai. Summary. Description

Villa Belles de Mai. Summary. Description Villa Belles de Mai Summary Tasteful Villa with Exclusive Private Swimming Pool, Near Beaches, adjacent Vineyards in charming harbour side Village of Marseillan, near Cap D'Agde on the Mediterranean coast

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